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Author Topic: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc](Multipairing) - Ch. 13-A (23/11/17)  (Read 130176 times)

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Re: GunSword: Renai no Tsuzuki Saga [6th Arc (Sakamichi)] - Prologue (11/02/17)
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I love it. I hope Keyaki comes in sometime in the middle. :D

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Re: GunSword: Renai no Tsuzuki Saga [7th Arc (Sakamichi)] - Prologue (11/02/17)
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Oh you.

Lame Story ahead!

A Certain Love Story of a Cyborg Girl | Same Ground(Hiatus) | The Last Stand (On-Going)

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Here's the real update. ENJOY READING~!!!!!!!!


Final Chapter: Densetsu no Sakana

Phase A: Hammer and Anvil

City of Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Philippines; 6 days later, Sunday, 3:00 am

A large cargo ship, sailing across the night coast of South China Sea, has arrived at the Port of Currimao in Laoag City, the Northern Gateway of the Philippines. The supposedly entry point from the northern countries has been turned into a naval base used for importing and exporting arms, weapons, military vehicles and personnels, and guarding the land against any invasions from the sea, and serving as dockyard for warships and naval ships. Six anti-submarine frigates, four anti-aircraft corvettes, three anti-armor destroyers, two anti-ship battlecruisers, two anti-fortress battleships, and one nuclear-powered aircraft carrier guarded the Port of Currimao. At the coastline, four bunkers are stationed 100 meters apart, with six battle tanks are in standby. This kind of defense makes any attempt of invading the country or escaping from the country nearly impossible, whether it is from air or sea.

One patrol frigate approaches the cargo ship to inspect the cargoes. The frigate crews went to each container and using muon scattering topographic cargo scanners to inspect the containers.  After they see no suspiscious, they let the cargo ship enter. It passes through the gap of the defense line of the battleships before finally arrives at the port. After docking, the containers are unloaded from the cargo ship by the container crane then loading to the container-loading vehicles. Two purplish red containers were currently unloaded from the ship and being loaded to a single semi-trailer truck. The driver inspects the paper that contains the information of the goods he will deliver. He read the name of the destination of the delivery: Northpoint Alliance Motors Corp. After that, the truck runs to the silent nightly road.


Northpoint Alliance Motors Corp., Airport Road, City of Laoag, Ilogoc Norte, Philippines; Sunday, 4:00 am

After unloading the two purplish red containers, the semi-trailer truck leaves the building. Two forklift trucks are carrying the containers to the storage yard. Placing the containers beside the other ones, the trucks leave the place. After that, the lights inside the storage yard are switched off, which it followed by a several minutes of silence. Suddenly, two clicking sounds appeared on the purplish red containers, and then the doors were slowly opened. Later, a loaded gun came out from the container; pointing on each path in case of any personnels appeared. When no one’s coming, the gunner lowered down the gun.

“After ten hours of sitting inside the container in naked, we’re now finally here.” The girl said with a blush.

“Y-y-yeah. We are here now, Churi.” ‘Luckily there are no lights lit up, or else…’ Another girl in naked bashfully said.

I know guys we are all embarrassed from seeing each other naked in flat 10 hours. But right now, we still have a job to do. We should carry out our equipments and prepare for meeting with our informant. Yuria, Kumi, Paruru and Yuihan, please take out the heavy supply crates from the container.” The muted girl commanded telepathically.

“Hai~” Yuria, Kumi, Haruka and Yui went inside the container.

“Yurichan, ano, you’re beautiful.” Kumi bashfully said while carrying 3,000 kilograms crate.

“Ano, you too, Kuuchan.” Yuria blushed.

“You two, do that to your own room after this.” Yui monotonously said.

“Yui, you have such a fine abs, you know.” Haruka smiled.

“Y-you, you don’t have to say that.” Yui blushed. Then she saw Yuria and Kumi staring at her with a smirk plastering on their face. Yui raised her eyebrow before saying ‘nevermind’ then continued her work. Yuria and Kumi chuckled at Yui’s reaction.

The four powerhouse girls slowly put down the supply crate to the cemented ground. After setting the portable armory, Atsuko called everyone.

Ok, guys. Ready?

“REQUIP!” Everyone said. Light started to surround them, brighten the whole storage yard. After 30 seconds, all of the officers are wearing their respective modified uniform. Atsuko ordered everyone to prepare for 20 minutes. They went to the portable supply to get their own weapons and equipment.

“To think that this country have muon scanners. They really don’t like illegal immigrants. Luckily, Yuko-san tampered those scanners using her magnetism.” Rena said. She put her four lightsaber hilts to her thigh holster that was under her skirt.

“I must admit, their security is pretty tight. With those high-advanced ships roaming around the seas of Philippines, it may look like a giant dome covering the whole country.” Jurina said.

“Sasshi volunteered to stay in Japan to guard the country right? Also Erepyon?” Aki asked.

“Yup, she also said that she want to contruct a tower specializing for extradimensional scanning and transfer. And for that tower to be fully operational, she needs the Space Component.” Rie said.

“So after we’re done in this mission we should bring the Space Component back home.” Aika said.

“Yup, and also, she said that the tower would be the secured container for the Space Component.” Rie said.

“It’s been a long time since I lived here. How nostalgic.” Erica sighed.

“Erica-san, how long did you live in this country?” Yuko asked.

“14 years, I lived somewhere on the large island in Laguna de Bay. I loved the serene hills there.” Erica said.

Ne, Erica. That house…” Atsuko said.

“Yup, that’s our next destination after we meet our clandestine forces right?” Erica suspended her two soul weapons on her back then carried two nodachis on her hand.

“As far as I know, there are two individuals in that team, one of them is Atsuko-san’s cousin.” Airi said.

Yup, and to meet them. We need to create an attention. Kitarie, Akicha, Aichan, and Churi will you please open those two green containers.” Atsuko smiled at the four junior officers. Rie, Aki, Akane and Aika went to their respective container, and then revealed the hidden keypad on the container. After putting the correct 7-pin codes. The side of the containers opened revealing a set of sports bikes, ranging from lightweight to superbikes.

“Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, Yamaha, Ducati, Honda, MV Agusta; are you kidding me?” Mayu asked.

“Well, it’s our cousin’s gift for getting in Philippines without being detected.” Erica smiled.

“Reminds me of this country is known for their superior hover technology.” Akane said.

“Well, I imagined of all police forces with hovering police cars chasing wheeled bikes.” Airi smiled.

“This is interesting.” Yuki whispered to Mayu. She went to Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R and carefully inspected the body. “Really interesting, are all these bikes possessed advanced state-of-the-art technology?”

Yes. All of them are made from ultra-reinforced lightweight carbon-fibre coated titanium-magnesium frames for ultimate endurance and durability. Those bikes are equipped with gravity stabilizer technology, allowing us to riding on near-impossible roads, such as transmission cables or the side of the building; also, making our bike lighter by decreasing the gravitational attraction to the ground, allowing us to do any kind of tricks we think. They are also equipped with militarized technology such as radar, jammer, gps, and biometric technology that only us to use it, and mirage technology to hides our bikes as well as riders from any detection. Enough to challenge PNP’s ion plasma-propelled hover police hypercars and superbikes.” Atsuko explained. She went to Suzuki Hayabusa then inserted her right thumb to the fingerprint scanner near the speedometer. After three scans, the bike went on. When she saw the crates are completely empty, she flicked her finger, which the crate conflagrated extremely fast that even no ashes are left.

Now then, shall we start?


Cagayan Valley Road/Pan-Philippine Highway, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Province, Philippines; Sunday, 4:56 am

A group of police officers is currently patrolling in night. Their hovercars are gliding above the asphalt road while searching for the offenders and traffic violators. One of the police, sitting beside the driver, was holding a LIDAR gun. He points the gun to each hovercars he notice and read the car’s speed on the monitor.

They heard a series of roaring sound of engine that was increasingly louder as it getting nearer. The police officers suspect that there are some illegal racing of hovercars or hoverbikes. However, to their surprise, it’s not the thing they’ve expect. A series of high-powered wheeled superbikes suddenly appeared from behind and passingly dashed at high speed. The police officer who held a LIDAR gun surprised from what he read, 400 kilometers per hour.


Pan-Philippine Highway, Ilagan City, Isabela Province, Philippines; Sunday, 5:07 am

“Ah, here they comes!” Airi said. From their side mirror, they saw dozen of police hovercars chasing to them.

“Wow, what a fast response. They thought that no common police cars can catch a motorcycle moving at 400+ kph speed, so instead they match it with their own hypercars.” Erica said.

Just as plan, everyone!” Atsuko said.

“HAI!” Everyone readied their respective weapons. Watanabe Mayu riding Kawasaki Ninja H2 with Kashiwagi Yuki on backseat. Takayanagi Akane riding Ducati 1199 Superleggera with Furukawa Airi. Maeda Atsuko riding BMW S1000RR with Oshima Yuko. Ota Aika riding Suzuki Hayabusa with Takajo Aki. Matsui Jurina riding MV Agusta F4 RR with Matsui Rena. Yokoyama Yui riding Yamaha YZF-R1M with Shimazaki Haruka. Kitahara Rie riding Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade with Tonooka Erica.  Lastly, Yamamoto Sayaka riding Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R with Miyazaki Miho. The rest, Kizaki Yuria used her motorized skates and Yagami Kumi used her motorized skateboard.

“Now then, shall we start?” Erica jumped out of the motorcycle, allowing herself to be passed by police hovercars. Before they call a warning to the speed offenders, they surprisingly saw a girl jumped out of the vehicle.

Before the police hovercar were slow down, Erica suddenly vanished after her feet touches the ground. She instantly appeared alongside the hovercars.

“神鳴流「二刀連撃斬鉄閃」[Shinmeiryuu: Nitō Rengeki Zantetsusen (Gods’ Cry Technique: Dual Sword Successive Strike, Iron-cutting Flash].” Erica unsheathed her two nodachis from her back and slashing the two police hovercars. When she place her feet to the car, it suddenly splitted into two. The other police hovercar that was hit by her previous attack was also separated into two. Then she land on the top of the moving police hovercars.

I thought that you’ve killed them.” She heard Airi’s voice from her IRIS.

“Nah, I just disable their car.” Erica said. Several police officers started to shoot her, which she deflected all of it using her two swords. Kumi suddenly appeared from the fight and kicked the hovercar’s propeller, sending the vehicle crashing to the post.

“By slicing the car into two eh?” Kumi smiled. Erica flash-stepped back to Rie’s motorcycle. More police officers still shooting at them.

“This is annoying now.” Miho pulled something between her hands, revealing ultra thin strings.

“Angrebsstryke Kategori #01: Slangebøsse (Assault force Category #01: Slingshot)” With near precision, she disabled all of the hovercars by destroying all of the pulse propellers.

“Finally, all pipe down.” Miho retracted all the strings back to her bracelet.

“Wow, Myao-neesan is really annoyed.” Yuria said.

“Beats me.” Mayu said. She inspect the road for the remaining police forces they will encounter.

“Looks like later in the sunrise, the police will respond in full force, with SAF, SWAT and SRU in heavy package. Or worst, they may be even send Armed Forces of the Philippines” Rena said.

“Let’s meet them.” Haruka grinned.


NLEX/SCTEX Mabalacat Interchange, Mabalacat City, Pampanga, Philippines; Sunday, 5:57 am

The Generals of Japan SDF are now arriving at NLEX. As Rena’s prediction, 12 Philippine Air Force’s Boeing AH-64 Apache are currently chasing them along with some animal-like creatures with weird appearance.

“To think that they sending Chimerae against us. Kinda cute though.” Airi commented. One of the Apache helicopters fired salvo of missiles, which the girls avoid all of those missiles. Haruka jumped from Yui’s motorcycle and kicked the incoming missile, sending back to the attack helicopter. She instantly flash-stepped to the other helicopter, then firing sonic boom that destroys the helicopter. She threw her Bo to the nearest helicopter, smashing through the rear rotor. Haruka instantly appeared where the Bo is; then picked her weapon. She swing the Bo to the main rotor, causing the helicopter to plunging its destruction.

One of the Chimerae, with the head and front limb of a lion and rear limb and tail of a horse, lunged towards Akane and Airi’s ride. Akane tilted her motorcycle, causing the attack to be miss.

“I’m sorry to do this but I have no choice.” Airi fired several kinetic-powered bolts to the Chimera then exploded causing the flesh and blood to splatter. Erica instantly appeared, standing on the Rie’s motorcycle backseat. She resheathed her sword back, followed by ten Chimerae sliced from head to toe into two. Rie summoned arrays of sword, firing them to the rest of attack helicopters, destroying all at once.

“I can’t use lightning here. Two of the Chimerae have resistance to electricity.” Yuko gritted her teeth.

“Leave that to me.” Rena instantly disappeared from Jurina’s motorcycle. On the top of bull-like Chimera, Rena swung her lightsaber, slicing the body. She flicked her finger, causing the Chimera she sliced explode with the incoming Chimera unfortunately involved in the blast.

Atsuko saw a crimson butterfly passing by.

Everyone, we’re nearly reaching the rendezvous point.” As soon as she said it, she heard a female voice speaking in Latvian accent.

“Dimantu Cietoksnis (Diamond Fortress)” All of them saw five crimson butterflies gliding in the center of the highway. Ten meters before they approach those butterflies, the air slowly crystallized and formed into a crystal wall in which it slowly rises. After three seconds, four corners of crystal walls and ceiling are now surrounded the girls. The crystal walls refracts the light of the sunrise, preventing from being seen from the outside.

“We’ve unexpectedly thought you’ve come this early.”

“Far from our estimation of their arrival. Those Chimerae are hard to deal with.” Two girls appeared in front of them. One girl has two crystallized blade sitting on top of each of her gauntlet.

“Anyways, welcome to Valenzuela City. I’m your guide, Miyawaki Sakura.” The girl with crystal blade said. She let the crystal blades dematerialized, disappearing into thin air.

“And I’m Watanabe Miyuki. It’s good to see you again.” The scarlet-eye girl with Vertical Maneuver Gear said. “Sayanee!” Miyuki run to Sayaka and hugged her.

“Yo, Milky.” Sayaka replied with a hug to Miyuki.

“So how do we escape with this exitless diamond castle along with the pursuers outside?” Yuko asked.

“There’s one method.” Miyuki tapped the side of her eyeglasses.

“Milky, you’re planning to use that?” Erica asked.

“Actually, yes. I already marked the location where we land. So we can escape here without notice from the outside.” Miyuki closed her eyes then removed her eyeglasses.

Milky’s gift eh.’ Atsuko smirked.

Miyuki opened her eyes, revealing her scarlet-iris eye transformed into red-iris eyes with three tomoes.Then her left eye transformed from tomoe to biohazard symbol-like pattern overlapped by three straight tomoes while her right eye transformed into ripple-shaped pattern overlapped by three spiral.



Traffic Control Department, MMDA Headquarters, Makati City, Philippines; Sunday, 6:37 am

The room was filled with multitude of computers along with many monitors attached to one wall.

“So they’re here.” Sandara said. She leaning on the table while watching on one monitor that was capturing live image of the diamond fortress. The diamond fortress shattered into dust, revealing nothing behind.

So they’ve deciphered my message. Goodluck, Rena and your friends. They have expected your arrival and already finished preparing the trap if you try to save Minami Takahashi and Haruna Kojima on the day of their execution.’ Sandara went to the door and exited the room.


Unknown Location; Unknown Time

A 2nd year high school girl lying down on the grassy shore of the river. Her eyes are closed while contemplating something. She lift something right in front of her face, revealing four cards.

“It’s been three months since I’ve won that war.” She rotated her hand that holds the four cards to the back of her hand. A red snowflake-pattern embedded on the back of her right hand. After several minutes, she stood up and put the cards on the hip car holster.

Hey master, I think it’s time to go back, right?” She heard a childish girl voice from her mind.

“I know, Saber. Berserker, I need you later for my mission.” The girl said.

Understood, master.” She heard a deep girl voice.

“Lancer, Rider, you will be on stand by. Be ready when everything is not on our favor.”

As you wish, master.” She heard two male voices.

What about me, master?” A childish girl voice speaking from her mind.

“Just watch. Your powers are somehow too powerful for this mission.” She said.

Okay~” She heard a pouting sound that made her giggle.

“It’s time.”



(To meet you someday, was the last thing I will wish for.)
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Rushing it bcoz Ikumin is going to the Philippines next week? LOL

Lame Story ahead!

A Certain Love Story of a Cyborg Girl | Same Ground(Hiatus) | The Last Stand (On-Going)

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