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Title: [N46] THE BEST IN ME IS YOU (6/6) + UNFORGOTTEN PROMISE (CH11-15th FEB, 18)
Post by: wakaten on August 24, 2016, 10:32:04 AM
 :welcome oha.. i'm finally decided that i should post my first fanfic of NOgi46 here, (even I was doubted myself since i'm totally newbiehere) guide me please.. :nervous :panic:

(A/N: This is my very first fanfic, so, this is about Nogi46 members but mostly about WAKAREI since i'm their fan. any grammar errors please forgive me since english not my first language.



      In a dark room, there is a queen size bed. Lay small body; crouch while wrapped by white sheets, half of her face covered by her hand. Her face wet by cold sweats, like she just finish 100 km marathons. Sometimes, her beauty face wrinkled like she is in huge pain. As if she no longer can withstand the pains, she screaming. But no one ever came to calm her, to persuade and say ‘it is okay’. So her night just past like that; with pain, screaming and tears. Seem like she has been in that situation for long time. 

     When morning came, she wake up and washed up and got dressed. In front of mirror, she stopped and sighed while looking at some pictures in since that person the table. There is sad expression on her face. A second later, she got out from the room. And on the picture with two same height girl, smile as wide as they can, written ‘Reika & Waka will always be together~~!’ But, the same smile never flashed in that face wake up minute ago.

     Wakatsuki Yumi and Sakurai Reika; two best friends that never separate since the day they meet. Growing as an orphan teaches them to care for each other as much like a parent would do to their child. In simple words, they need each other. If one do the cook, one will do the dishes, if one do the study, one will work, if one being serious, one will be the humoring. Simply said, they complete each other. Together they laugh, together they cry.


           On a cold snowy road, Wakatsuki Yumi walking with a slow paced. The temperature is too cold that the breaths she exhaled almost turn to solid. She stopped for a while, fix her backpack and continue walking in slow paced. Sometime she hummed the song that was played on her earphone.

           On the opposite direction, two tall girls running all their might as three men are chasing them. One of them has brown long hair with white leather jacket while the other has short black hair with black jacket. Look like they’re in big trouble when one of the three men just feet away from them.

           BUCKK!! Everything so fast that the moment they realized, Wakatsuki Yumi already on the ground with almost all her things scattered around. The short hair girl in pinched when the policemen caught her. She fought back but failed.

           “Shii-chan, run!”  Shout the girl in black jacket to her friend, so she can escape. But then, something hit the man that capture her, hard enough that she can get away. For some moments she froze. In front of her eyes, the girls she just hit kick the other man ass when he came closer. He fell with outrageous pain. She cannot help but laugh. The other man came but he also received some treatment from the girl.

           “Run!” Tell the girl in black. Wakatsuki Yumi nodded in agreement before all three men get back to chase both of them.

           Sure that she was not chased, Wakatsuki stop and gasp her breath again. “Shit!” She too focused in beating the men to realize that she lost her backpack. Everything is in there. Now, it is useless in running away if they get her things. Moreover, she ended up in a place she never wants to be. Place that she never forget. ‘Reika..’       

           It was Christmas night when Wakatsuki and Sakurai Reika walked home after work. Well, the only one who is working is Wakatsuki, while Reika will study. It is their agreement after lots of argument. Reika never want to go to college alone without Wakatsuki, while Wakatsuki think that it was not affordable for them since college surely will need lots of money. And they are orphan. No one would able to support their studies, but someone absolutely needs to have high education. They promised to change their life since they were 15. So, with Wakatsuki toleration, Reika take in charge in studies.

           So, after class Reika will stop by Wakatsuki work place, a bakery shop called Hoshimina’s Bakery. That way, they able went home together. Sometimes, Reika would help Wakatsuki finished her works or just sitting by the window looking to outside or just do her works. Wakatsuki loved when Reika not disturbed her work. Not that because she dislikes it or her manager, Hoshino Minami got angry or what but because Reika would only cause commotion with her hyped personality. Well, it’s fun but well…

           “Nee Waka, when we will go home? It’s Christmas night you know, we should be sleeping comfortably right now.” Like always, Reika’s whimper will never end. Moreover, it is christmast night. It is holiday! Why would Waka working when she on holiday? Reika puffing her cheeks while looking at Wakatsuki who is mopping the floor. The shop will close in any minute as it already passed 10 at night.

           “Give me another five minutes please Reika. You have done nothing of your homework since you stepped in. If you cut your nag, work will be done.” Without looking at Reika and slowing down her pace, Wakatsuki reply. She knew she is right when Reika’s sigh was heard. However, she only can smile and keep continue her work before closing the shop. Her other two co-workers, Akimoto Manatsu and Fukugawa Mai already went home to spend their time with family or friends or lovers. She doesn’t mind that since she already used to it. Reika would understand it.

           After 10 minutes, Wakatsuki finished her work and they went home together. Cannot hide her joy, Reika jump around and hold Wakatsuki hand as she always did. Wakatsuki only smile looking at her only best friend excitement.

           “What would you give me this Christmas, Waka?” After moments of silent, Reika throw question. They keep walking while looking down to the ground.

           “Hurm, I’m not thinking ‘bout that yet.” Wakatsuki sigh in her own disappointment. She could sense Reika’s pouting mouth right now.

           “It is not fair, I already prepare the greatest present for you!” Released her hand from Wakatsuki’s grip, she stop walking. Make Wakatsuki to look at her. Like Reika, Wakatsuki stop walking.

           Maybe it is mean to confess but, she enjoys Reika angry face. Either she happy because of for the first time ever, Reika really give a thought on what to give for her? “Well, I haven’t had any day off this past week to go buy your gift, Reika.” Looking at Reika seriousness, she admit that she finally feel apologetic.

           “Mou….you don’t love me anymore..” Reika almost broke into tears when Wakatsuki grab her into warm hug. For some moment, they are silent in that position.

           “I’ll always do. Remember that.” In a whisper, Wakatsuki deny Reika claimed. “So, what present you would give me?” With a broad smile and a dimple on her right cheek, Wakatsuki cannot hide her excitement too.

           Just remember about her plan, Reika flashes her devilish smile. “Well, that can wait until we go home. Let’s sit first.”

           Having no choice when Reika pull her hand, they choose to sit under Christmas tree while leaned to each other. Even if they don’t talk, they enjoy that moment. Wakatsuki retrieved her drawing pad from her backpack and start her drawing current view. Night like a sky that filled with shiny stars except that was light from nearby town. She would give this a present to Reika. Her mind spoke to herself.

           “Nee Yumi, what would do if you were left alone in this world? Would you find another best friend?”

           Reika’s sudden question make Wakatsuki paused from her drawing pad for a moment before she continues to work on them. “I have you Reika. Why would I do that?” Sometimes, she only can smile regarding Reika childish thought.

           “What if..”

           “What if we stop playing what if? Maybe we could get some work done. Let’s be positive Reika.” Without Reika able to finish her words, Wakatsuki cut her and keep immersed in her drawing world. Reika just keep silent after that.

           Wakatsuki so into her drawing that she is not realized that a group of masked men wearing all black shirt walking closer to them. When she almost fall to the back due to losing Reika’s back, that time she realized that Reika already in one man with huge body.

           Due to her opponent size body, Reika unable to fight back or even moves around. There are three more masked men surround her and Wakatsuki. Looking at their body, they knew they won’t be able to safe.

           “Don’t fight! If not I will shoot this girl!” The men that hold Reika threaten Wakatsuki with his gun on Reika’s body. Wakatsuki does look terrifying. The public that also witnessed that incident also shocked and trembled in fear. Some did reach their phone and pushed some button but not even in a split of second, the phone was shot accurately without shed blood.

           Again, everyone have this dreadful look in their face. Scare to go into the situation anymore. Some try to run away with their lover. While Wakatsuki already panicked over the gun that pointed on Reika’s body.

           “Let her go please. If you want money, it is has with me. Just don’t hurt her.” Wakatsuki try to negotiate with the men while slowly walking closer to them. It’s was a mistake as other men already aware of her small movement and hit Wakatsuki back head. It made Wakatsuki fall to the ground.

           “Waka! Waka!” Reika struggled to escape from the grip when she saw that. That causes her to be hit at her back head too. The last thing she remembers is that, they just let Wakatsuki on the cold ground before her eyes and world went black.

           “Reika…” The sight of three men dragged their feet with Reika on their back and got into a white van make her tears fall. The last thing she would beg for is some help.

(A/N: Any critics and comments will be accepted since i’m new in this field. Too far from perfection, but it means there is still space of improvement. Thanks for reading.)  :bow: :bow:
Title: Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic)
Post by: ミサキ on August 24, 2016, 01:00:36 PM
Yeay finally WakaRei fic :inlove:
thank you for writing author-san, and please update soon :bow:
Title: Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic)
Post by: pretend_2besome1 on August 24, 2016, 01:01:38 PM
Welcome, welcome. This is nice, another Nogi fic and mainly WakaRei too  :mon squee:
 :w00t:  is that Nanamin and Maiyan from the Kodoku Kyoudai version I just read? Because I love them there  :yep:
Your grammar isn't bad at all but sometimes the English feels unusual and kinda choppy? And that's understandable since it's not your first  language. Maybe you can ask people to beta/proofread it for you to improve it.
I'm not complaining by the way, if anything I want you to keep going with the fic regardless of grammar and such.
Minami is the owner? Somehow I imagine her working lazily and complaining while being cute lol
WakaRei is being WakaRei, Reika with her childish antics and Waka being the serious one as usual. They're practically an old married couple with their dynamics  :wub:
Did Reika make a deal or do something? Because the "what if" question and the kidnapping seems like it's more than just a coincidence.
So what happened to Waka after the kidnapping? How long has it passed since? Because it looked like she's trying to carry on with her live but miserably. Did she give up searching for Reika?
Title: Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic)
Post by: chocolatepandastarlight on August 24, 2016, 03:00:50 PM
More nogi please! Thanks author san great job! Keep it up! :cow: :cow:
Title: Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic)
Post by: wakaten on August 24, 2016, 07:06:56 PM
Welcome, welcome. This is nice, another Nogi fic and mainly WakaRei too  :mon squee:
 :w00t:  is that Nanamin and Maiyan from the Kodoku Kyoudai version I just read? Because I love them there  :yep:
Your grammar isn't bad at all but sometimes the English feels unusual and kinda choppy? And that's understandable since it's not your first  language. Maybe you can ask people to beta/proofread it for you to improve it.
I'm not complaining by the way, if anything I want you to keep going with the fic regardless of grammar and such.
Minami is the owner? Somehow I imagine her working lazily and complaining while being cute lol
WakaRei is being WakaRei, Reika with her childish antics and Waka being the serious one as usual. They're practically an old married couple with their dynamics  :wub:
Did Reika make a deal or do something? Because the "what if" question and the kidnapping seems like it's more than just a coincidence.
So what happened to Waka after the kidnapping? How long has it passed since? Because it looked like she's trying to carry on with her live but miserably. Did she give up searching for Reika?

woww thanks for your kind comments,  :roll: will do better and my best next time.  O0 thanks for reading this simple fanfic of mine.  :oops:  :otomerika:  :cow: 

More nogi please! Thanks author san great job! Keep it up! :cow: :cow:

thanks for reading and nice comment.  :grin: well, i want to finish this faster. i hope...
Title: Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic)
Post by: wakaten on August 24, 2016, 09:06:58 PM
(A/N: Well the second part is coming in guys.  :cow: well, i'm grateful for all your kind comments and willingness to read my fanfic. Btw, I really want to end this story soon, i plan to make only five parts of this fic. but, we'll see how. anyway, enjoy this little piece from me  :bow:


        It is Christmas again. As if it never know the pain inside, Christmas keep coming without anyone asked. Like it is promising that, it will come again and again for another time, as people would always wait for it.

   And like always, Wakatsuki will work in her usual work place. It has been a year since the incident, but Wakatsuki still working at The Hoshimina’s Bakery which always full during Christmas or any festival with people taking their prior order mostly for their beloved one. Different then her usual spot, Wakatsuki now works at the counter.

   “Why not you take some holidays, Waka?” Akimoto Manatsu, also a worker in Hoshimina’s Bakery starts a conversation when she passed the counter. Somehow, there is the sympathy look on her face.

   “Yeah, you never take even a single holiday this year Waka.” Fukugawa Mai, a single mother who works as a baker also came in front when she no longer has order to bake.

   “It’s okay Manatsu, Maimai. I don’t even have thing to do at home. It is more comfortable like this.” Wakatsuki flashes a smile to her co-workers. Understand what they actually mean. She already grateful still able to work here even she no longer can do much. Well..

   Both of them silent with Wakatsuki Yumi answer. Of course she is willing to be here, having nothing to do is worse. She will only thinking about the past. They knew that girl for a long time. Wakatsuki never apply for a day off except it she has something to do. And that something never involves anyone except Reika.

   “So, Maimai. What will you do today?” Manatsu asked with her bright eyes, somehow looks like she’s tempting Maimai. Any men who saw this would be fished easily by her acts. 

   “Of course she would spend her time with her daughter. Not for someone like you, Manatsu.” Teases Wakatsuki as she would always knew Fukugawa Mai usual schedule. Akimoto Manatsu frowned in dissatisfaction. Wakatsuki and Mai just laugh looking at Manatsu old woman expression. Even so, Manatsu who is always create the mood for them.

   Their conversation was cut with some ringing from the front door that indicating more customers came in. Manatsu left to welcome two scary looking girls with all cool white and black attires. She beams a generous smile but quickly slipped off, too afraid to even speak. However, the two scary looking girls came straight to the counter before Manatsu could ask what they want. Soon after they came in, they hit the counter desk, hard enough to be heard by Maimai who already in the kitchen. Wakatsuki just keep her usual calm pose; not scared by two girls she met this morning.

   Like she doesn’t even scare, Wakatsuki stare straight to the two girls’ eye, challenging them in silent to do more. The girl with black short hair hissed a smile.

   “Is this yours?” The other girl with brown long hair took out a yellow drawing pad from a worn off brown backpack.

   Familiar with that object, Wakatsuki’s eyes glazed over the girls. She only can see a hideous smile over serious eyes.

   “Except from your dirty hand, yes they all mine.” She glare to the short hair girl she saved earlier. Of course she would remember her when the only thing she do is watching her fights. Maybe, it would be fast if they fought together.

   “And, is this your drawing?” The same girl browsed through the drawing pad and shows some same sketches. It is a picture of a pair of wings crossed with swords and gun in between. Well, that is the only same sketches in those drawing pad, so Wakatsuki don’t even shocked until they came to the last page. It is the portrait of a smiling girl. Sakurai Reika. It make Wakatsuki anger level went high.

   “What will you do if it is a yes?” Wakatsuki's eyes burn in fires “Do you have any connection to that drawing?” It is the last sudden thought that crosses her mind that moment. And the two keep quiet while looking to each other. They know what she meant.

   “Manatsu, I will go out for a moments.” Without words to the two girls, Wakatsuki walked out from the shop and followed by them.


   “How did you know this signature?” Without wasting anymore minutes, Wakatsuki throw a question. Too eager to receive some answers. The two girls looked at each other, puzzled. Either they’re shock with the sudden question or to the changes in Wakatsuki’s serious face as if she could end their life right away.

   “Just tell me!” Wakatsuki pinned the short hair girl to the wall, she no longer can cooperate with the silence answer for her questions.

   “Well, it is..”

   “It is your gang logo?” Wakatsuki drew their face closer until she can feel the trembled in the girl breaths.

   “Woa woa.. hold on there..” The other girl with long brown hair interrupted while came in between her and her friend. For a minute, they have a glaring
battle. Both don’t look like they will give up.

   “Stop both of you. We are not having eye battle here. So please calm down.” The short hair girl in white jacket finally voiced out and soothed the cold like ice situation.

   “First, we are not a gang. Second, it is the logo of the strongest clan in this prefecture.” The short hair girl explained in a calm voice. She brought Wakatsuki far from her friend, they seems like could fight any moment which she doesn’t want that to happen.

   “Nanamin!” The girl in black looks unsatisfying.

   “Maiyan, she helped me this morning. So I think, I could repay her like this.”

   The long brown hair girl called Maiyan just hissed in dissatisfaction but not saying anything anymore. She leans to the wall while letting Nanamin clear things up.

   “Noginozuka Bemazu, is the clan..”

   Before Nanamin able to finish her sentence, Wakatsuki left out a small laugh. “For some bunch of crazy gangs, the name is not suitable at all.”

   “I’m not a person who loves to lie.” Tell Nanamin with her scary low voice. Her eyes met with Wakatsuki eyes, make the shorter girl silence with her icy cold 
looking eyes. “We have been hunting their clan members for almost 8 months now; I can say that it was a success. And if you would mind to join”


   Once again, Nanamin was interrupted by Maiyan. Maiyan pulled Nanamin shoulder to the back. She wants to discuss the matter more. Obviously, Maiyan not agree on what Nanamin want to say just now.


   “It is true we need more people in our group but please..”

   “She is strong. I’ve seen it with own eyes.” Nanamin try to convince Maiyan. “We can be stronger this way Maiyan.”

   “Hey!” Wakatsuki interrupted their discussion. Even if they are whispering between each other, it is loud enough for her to hear it. “I know what you mean,
but thanks. No. Either they’re on bad side or you’re on good side. There is no difference for both of you.” Wakatsuki want to leave. “I don’t want to be like them.
Or you.” Then she left.

   “Wait!” Maiyan stopped Wakatsuki. “I know what you mean. But, let’s us show you something.”


   In a some warehouse, there is sound of gun shooting echoed in a place; lots of people doing their practice on shooting, sound of people having fist match to determine who is stronger than the others; the one who wins will be praised, respected and feared. But it doesn’t mean that winner will control everything. The one who leads all the fear looking men is sitting comfortably on a chair with throne on it; sleeping soundly. Her long hair fall to the shoulder gracefully, it make her looks so innocent. Yes, she is their leader despite being weak looking girls.

   “Boss!” A man who just entering their nest calls their leader. She frown her eyebrows, hate when people interrupting her peaceful sleeps.

   “We just discover their hiding place. They haven’t move out yet since two weeks ago. And I think they will, sooner or later.” He reported with serious face. Clearly look scared when his boss frowned like she could kill him.

   “Good. So, we just need a plan to stop them. They have been a trouble for a while. It’s time to terminate their life.” She smirks with devilish smile.

   And everyone answer in loud voice in unison. Agree on the leader decisions. And the leader; smiling seriously upon of the followers responses with eyes flared with eagerness like telling that, ‘Can’t wait to end everything.’


   That following day, Wakatsuki was brought by Nanamin and Maiyan to a warehouse that looks like have been abandoned for a long time. There is doubt on her face, cannot think what they actually think. But she calmed her own self that, she can defend if they plan to attack her or force on whatever reasons it is.

   “It’s okay Wakatsuki-san, we just want to prove that you’re wrong. We won’t kill you or whatever you’re thinking right now.” Nanamin just smile looking at Wakatsuki face while pushed the heavy door into their hiding place. Nanamin enter first, followed by Wakatsuki and Maiyan. The door was closed again.

   For a moment, Wakatsuki in awed. In front of her eyes right now, there is lot of dangerous things she never seen before. On the table, there are many kinds of gun that she can never name them. Also, jackets that are needed to shield them from gunshots. There is old punching bag on the right side, maybe a place to train their punching, boxing ring for fighting match.

   “So, what are you all doing actually? Rob a bank?” She can’t express her feeling well right now. Still is in shock. Frankly, she feels a chill inside her bone like she reserves her own death. She wants to leave as fast as she could.

   “Hey there.” A voice interrupted them from the upstairs. Two girls came out from nowhere, one of them taller than the other one. The taller girl throws an apple to Maiyan. Maiyan, however, skillfully received it even it was a sharp throw. They exchange smiles toward each other, except Wakatsuki who is unfamiliar with her surroundings.

   “I thought you two have dead after missing for a day!” Another girl came out, flashing very pretty smile to Maiyan. “And, who is this handsome looking girl?” Asked her when her eyes meet Wakatsuki’s.

   “This is Wakatsuki Yumi-san. She saves me from the men when we’re running away. Should thank her more.” Nanamin answer her with hand hanging on Wakatsuki shoulder; like they are close.

   “And this is Eto Misa, the charming dangerous girl.” Said Nanamin to the third girl came out. “And that is Takayama Kazumi and Noujo Ami, two weird best friends.” She pointed to the girls who are coming down. They flashed friendly smile to Wakatsuki.

   “You can call me Misa-Senpai since I’m the oldest and the most powerful girl here.” Misa came closer to Wakatsuki and attached their forehead together. In a glance, Misa does looks like a girl could get any men she wants with all her flirts. 

   “Hi!” Wakatsuki awkwardly stepped back. Too close for someone she just knew. Misa just smile teasingly.

   “And call us Kazumin and Ami.” Kazumin and Ami came closer and they bow to each other. They then continue with their chit chat in a low voice. If anyone saw this, they would think they’re a lover with all that intimate acts. Or maybe they are.

   “Wakatsuki.” Wakatsuki said in one sentence.

   “This is our gang. Most known as Solitude Sisters. I don’t know how you would define us, but this is what we do. We’re not like them.” After a long silence, Maiyan voice out while throwing her eyes to her surrounds. She meant to all of dangerous things Wakatsuki just saw. Since yesterday, she dislike the way Wakatsuki bad impression on them, she hate to be compared. 

   “We are hunting the Noginozuka Clan for a while now. They was known as strongest clan in this area, and..”

   “For what reasons you hunting them? The police are on their sides anyway.” Wakatsuki let out an annoyance expression.

   “How did you know?” They all answer in unison.

   “Well, they have money and power.. so, they can bribe anyone.” Wakatsuki just gave a simple answer.

   While they’re still on their introduction, two jeeps stopped in front of the old warehouse. Dozens of armed men came out from the jeeps and shoot the steel heavy door.

   “They’ve found us!” Shout Maiyan when she heard the first shot.

   “What do you mean?” Wakatsuki panicked over the shoots and with everyone running away, get ready with their own weapon. Nanamin is the fastest among them. In a second, Wakatsuki was pulled by Nanamin and was brought to the upstairs. She was forced to hide. Well, she will do that too. Maiyan and Misa hiding in the secret space under the floor together while Kazumin and Ami in the closet which looks like a wall. Nanamin and Wakatsuki climbed the hidden stairs that lead them to the ceiling they pulled the stairs afterwards.

   Silent; footsteps sound was heard coming up. There are too many men for them to fight, so hiding is the better strategy. Everyone hold their breath, never want to be found and killed. Any slightest movement could lead to danger. 

   Nanamin hold tight to her gun. Better save the bullets if you’re against many enemies. So do Maiyan, Misa, Kazumin and Ami. While on the other side, three people come in to the room where they are hiding. Wakasuki and Nanamin observe from the top. Two man with one girl.

   “Seems like they hiding well.” Tell the girl while checking every spots that are possible for hiding.

   “She is the boss of the gang. The girl on your drawing pad, I thought you knew her. We’re one of them actually. But for some reason, we’re out. Five of us, but now, we’re on their list” In a very low voice, Nanamin explained things to Wakatsuki who seems to space out for a while now.

   A girl with brown long hair with bangs cover half of her forehead known as Sakurai Reika looks around for one more time. The room looks messy but it have no space for hiding, everything too open for hiding. Except for.. She walked closer to the wall. There is little space in between them, and there is something stuck from the inside under the wall.

   “Hey, Ikuta. Come here. I think you should over look this.” She called another man who came right after she call.

   Ikuta Eri, a handsome man with black hair and fierce face look at what Sakurai pointed to him. He noticed that too. He took his gun out. He wants to open the closet but then he was stopped by Sakurai who just give ‘let them be’ signal. So without open up the wall, he shoots it at random points. After for a while, bloods flow under the pigeon hole. Someone was shot. Ikuta Eri looks so proud with his arrogant smile. He tuck his gun back to its place and link his armed on Sakurai waist. 

   “This is the final warning for all of you. Stay aside from our business, or same fate will meet all of you.” Sakurai warned them with intense low voice before she left with Ikuta. 

[A/N: I’m more sorry for Reika to make her look like a bad girl than Iku-chan as a killer.. sorry Reika. But, for sure, I will do something to clean your name. ;’( and Wakasama. Accept the reality please. One more thing is, I want to end this fic as soon as I could since I will be very very busy after this. But what more important is, I don’t want drag this any longer, it kills me inside!] :banghead:
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Post by: ミサキ on August 25, 2016, 10:59:40 AM
Waaaa...  :shocked*still shocked*
thank you for updating author-san and please make a happy ending for WakaRei :bow:
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Post by: pretend_2besome1 on August 26, 2016, 06:16:26 PM
So it’s been a year. I’m glad Waka has Manatsu and Maimai. And Manatsu met Kuroishi  XD
Okay, the second the leader was known as a woman, I knew it’s going to be Sakurai. She still sleeps everywhere, that didn’t change  :lol:
Won't be surprised if it’s Reika who named the clan, because Noginozuka Bemazu is not exactly scary like Waka said.
Misa-senpai and JouKazu! Misa-senpai, your filrting won’t work on Waka, she only got eyes for Reika.
What’s shocking is Iku-chan chara. So cold and she’s with Sakurai. Reminds me of that Nogibingo ep.
I don’t know who to pray for. How could you, Iku-chan?!  :OMG:
This chap brings lots of questions. Like how did Reika change so fast and so drastic in a span of a year? Was she brain washed or was she pretending with Waka? Where did Iku-chan come from? What’s his deal and role in all of this?
I hope Waka is strong enough, that’s just so much to take  :mon cry:
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holla everyone... :mon squee: i'm so gratefull for all the views i got from this forum. i'm touched from all your kind comments too  :on speedy: well i hope i can keep this momentum to update.  :mon trudge: hahaha.. well, all the question will be answered in next parts. so what is your opinion and expectation??  :mon innocent:
and i'm thinking if i can make it into five parts? idk....

and, if you find my grammars, or sentence confusing or what so ever, please do comments as it will help me in improving my english.  :cow:

THANK YOU VERY MUCH EVERYONE. i owe you all so much.. thanks and thanks again...

i love you all. because of you, this fanfic become real in my life.  :otomerika: :hip smile:

a/n: Somehow, i'm forget to post the second part on my tumblr. well maybe i will just posted it here in the future since i have not much followers too.  :roll: :roll:

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jezzz. holla, me again.. :grin:

i think i should hear your opinion regarding my writing styles. i think i'm weak in describing the members face and expression.  :oops:  :mon sweat: like i don't how to describe maiyan's face point and so on..  :mon cweepy:

so, what do you think should do to improve that skills of mine??  :mon innocent:

thanks again.
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(A/N: Hello everyone!! Third part is coming in your way  :welcome I'm sorry if this is below your expectation. feel free to comment any inconvenience of grammar, sentence structure or anything you feel not right  :shakeit: well, I'm far from perfectionist but it means lot of space for improvement right. Enjoy you reading everyone!  :cow:


   Kazumin wails her eyes out. It has been three days since her best friend; Noujo Ami was killed by Ikuta. The only thing she regrets is, she was there right beside Ami, but nothing she could do to protect Ami. But, till the end of her life, Ami still look at her with those round kind eyes.

   Everyone is sad. Maiyan could never say a thing after that incident, either Misa or Nanamin. Everyone has been silence since that day. Well, they know how important Ami to Kazumin. They have gone through a lot of things together. They never separate, that made the lost feels odd and hurts a lot.

   While Wakatsuki; gone missing after that. They never saw her again. The only thing Nanamin remember is; Wakatsuki look blank and feeling less, and she never knew or care where Wakatsuki go. Well, she is not one of them anyway.

   “I could never let her go! Not after she killed Ami.” Kazumin howls the same sentence over and over again. Tears never dry from her eyes. Maiyan just gave an apologetic look. Obviously feel sorry towards Kazumin but she can’t even say a word, not when she is not in Kazumin shoes.

   “I’m sorry Kazumin. But this is not the end; we can do something for that.” After all of the silence, Misa finally voices out. She hugged Kazumin, but she was pushed away. Kazumin never need her anyway.

   “I just need Ami! Not a sorry.” Kazumin walked out from their meeting room where everyone spent their previous horrible days.

   On the door, Kazumin almost bump into Wakatsuki, who is incidentally about the enter room. Kazumin lost for words but then she gives her fierce looks. She is not in her right mood to even smiles to a person she just know. 

   “I’m very sorry for your lost Kazumin.” Wakatsuki gives an apologetic looks to Kazumin before she enter the room and faced everyone. “I’m sorry for ran away just like that.” Obviously, they looked surprised. They thought they were dreaming when Wakatsuki came in, but it was real. Wakatsuki even bowed properly to them. Nanamin quickly jumped from the table and approached Wakatsuki.

   “I’m in.” And Wakatsuki look very serious. She meant her words. Again, they were surprised, more over for Nanamin. She never expects that coming.


   Days turn to weeks and weeks passing to months. It almost three months Wakatsuki spent most of her time in Solitude Sister’s place. She practiced her fighting skills with Misa who is an expert in boxing and other martial arts. She also learnt how to use guns from Nanamin who turns to be a very good shooter. ‘No one ever beat my skills in shooting’ at least that is what she claimed herself. Nanamin is so precise in her target, and that is what they said about Nanamin. While Maiyan? She is a pro in using swords, so she teaches Wakatsuki how to use swords. Not only swords, but other types of knife too. Never could expect that from her cool beauty face that she is very mean, ‘Maiyan is a person who could throw you a blade into your throat when she wanted to’; that is what Misa said why she afraid of Maiyan. And since Kazumin is a bomber, they don’t need extra bomber in their group as Wakatsuki said she never have enough braves to touch any dynamite. Moreover, her strength is more needed. So, they decided that Wakatsuki will learn every skill from each of them.

   Even it was for a very short practiced, Wakatsuki is fast learner and she could master all of the skills from them in a short period. They could see Wakatsuki give her all in their practice. Like Wakatsuki driven by something so strong, her dedication is unbelievable. It almost impossible for someone to master all the skills in short period but if that person is Wakatsuki, maybe it is possible.

   In her fighting practiced with Misa this morning, she even able to beat Misa until Misa gave in. Misa can no longer fight
and stranded on the corner of the boxing ring. She admits Wakatsuki winning after 10 minutes of fighting. She has enough skills but not strength which gives Wakatsuki benefit. Like she fighting ten person with same strength as her, Misa can never hold on any longer.

   That evening, Wakatsuki have shooting battles with Nanamin. They even bet on Nanamin will win in speed and points. Well, Nanamin did shoot faster and precise on the moving apples, everyone applause proudly for her. When it is Wakatsuki’s turn, she closed her eyes and shot every moving apple with same speed as Nanamin. Obviously, she won over Nanamin. They just can’t say any words but rolled their eyes in disbelief. While Wakatsuki give an action of blowing her gun.

   Maiyan’s turn come out that night. She undeniably nervous over Wakatsuki wins points today. Her natural white face turns to be even paler than ever. But she never loses her focuses over that 10 minutes battle which was drag to 30 minutes. In the last seconds, Kazumin drew out her swords and interrupt them. She pushed Maiyan away and stepped in her place. Her face is just too scary for Maiyan to reject her challenge for Wakatsuki. Maiyan who is already tired voluntarily step out from the ring. She joins Nanamin and Misa party with all the pizzas, cakes and apples; enjoying rare opportunity of Kazumin battle with sword. It’ll be fun.

   Looking at Kazumin serious face, they flashed a confidence smile. While Wakatsuki, she is not even smiling when she already have a tough long day. Her face like she just have bath, drenched in sweats. Maybe, her end will come faster this way.

   The battle between Kazumin and Wakatsuki starts with Kazumin attacks first. She never gave a chance for her opponent to fight back. With that continuous attack, Wakatsuki could never step forward. She kept retreat due to Kazumin fast movement and her frail defense. For the final blast, Kazumin swings her swords faster in order to eliminate Wakatsuki’s swords. And it’s just flying over Nanamin’s head which leave her in shock. Everyone just laughed with Nanamin funny face.

   Kazumin walked toward Wakatsuki who fall on the dusty floor. She gave a hand to help Wakatsuki get up. Without saying anything, they left out a laugh.

   “You’re great.” Wakatsuki finally accept her lost in Kazumin’s hand. She is too new in this sword thingy. 

   “10 years in Kendo, I learnt most of special skills there.”


   “So what actually had happen?” Nanamin lean against the door in Wakatsuki room. Since the day she joined Solitude Sister, she has move into their place. After all the fights today, she can no longer hide her curiosity over Wakatsuki sudden proposal to join their group months ago. Moreover, Wakatsuki too weird for her to even guess the reasons. 

   “What?” Wakatsuki who about to sleep turn her head to Nanamin but still with close eyes. She is too tired for this long day; all that serious fights to test her
readiness into their group. But of course, she will always win against them, except for Kazumin who was controlled by her anger for Ami’s death.

   “The reasons why you joined us.” Nanamin keep her voice low. She doesn’t want to wake all members in this late night. And because, only her interested to know; why Wakatsuki were here in the first place. 

   That question made Wakatsuki’s eyes opened. They exchange looks before Wakatsuki finally decided to wake up and face Nanamin properly.

   “I just want an answer.” She sighed heavily.


   “Sakurai Reika.”

   Now that Nanamin remember the drawing of Sakurai Reika in Wakatsuki’s drawing pad. “So you knew her.” Her eyes open unbelievable. She moves to Wakatsuki' bed and sits there.

   “Yes. For almost 6 years. We met in an orphanage and growing there. She is everything I only have. I though, she felt the same.” Wakatsuki hugged her own knees and brought it near to her chest. The pain inside her chest grew stronger. She wants to believe what her eyes saw three months ago, but her heart, keep trusting Reika. For the last time, she wants to give Reika chance to explain.

   For some reasons, Nanamin sympathized to Wakatsuki who looks so frail and fragile like she is in huge pain. Nanamin move closer, she hugged Wakatsuki. The only thing she heard is Wakatsuki cry. Never in her dreams would she expect to see this side of Wakatsuki who always stay calm, firm and very stoic. Who know Wakatsuki is this weak.

   After Reika kidnapping case, Wakatsuki never give up for her. She keeps searching for that person. The only clue she has is the tattoos on the men’s hand which she saw when they captured Reika. So, having that important hint, she went to police station, but they can’t help her. They were too scared of that clan; seems like they’ve been bribe by that clan. Even she was begged for them to help her, willing to pay as much as they want but the answer still a ‘no’.

   Since that, Wakatsuki never trust police anymore, she hate them. So, almost every night she having nightmare. But, Reika not by her side to calm her down anymore. And she decided that she will search for Reika on her own. Every night, before she went to sleep, she works out. She wants to be strong. Then, whenever she met any gangs, she will fight them, but never to kill. Checking whether they have the same tattoos or not, almost for a year, she live like a hell. Not even a second she forgave herself for loosing Reika. Not when she was there to protect Reika, to fulfill her promises to be there when Reika need her.

   All the things she feels make her want to die, but no. She wants to kill herself, but no. She is too scares to lose all their memorie. Too scared to kill Reika in her heart, after all it is all that left. So, she lives all she has like that. How she misses Reika warmth so much, how she longing for Reika voice so much.  How she regretted for not prepare any present for Reika that day. Only if she knew..

   Yes, only if she knows how to let go everything that happen as she should be. Only if she listens to what the police said. Only if she don’t know how to take everything inside.

   But it seems like, Reika never felt guilty for leaving her. And Wakatsuki want to hear the reason why Reika did that. She wants the answer so she can forgive herself for that day, and for all the miserable life she lives.

   “But we have to kill her.” Nanamin said calmly. “It was cruel but, that is what we have to do.” She understood Wakatsuki’s feeling; probably more severe than what Kazumin feel. Ami was gone, but Kazumin was left with good memories. But in Wakatsuki’s case, she suffered for more than a year, then being betrayed in front of eyes. It must be hurt.

   “Please, don’t do that.” Like a small child, Wakatsuki begging in small voice. Still, she can’t face the same loss twice.

   Nanamin sigh heavily. She have no words to utter when she know, they both in different situations. “But they have to pay the price of betrayal.” There is hate in her voice as she remembers how they ended up in this situation.


Back then..

   As usual, they spent most of their time in the warehouse and mostly in their own private practice room. Kazumin having her usual intimate chit chats with Ami, Misa doing her own practice on boxing; for some reasons she has been so into and obsessed with fighting. Thanks to her obsession, she is among the best fighters in the clan. Nanamin just doing some practice on her accuracy using darts on the wall. Most of her darts reach the bullseye’s point; so she quite proud of herself. Maiyan however, alone in the corner; looks so worry. She has been in that situation since they came in the room three hours ago.

   “They have my sister.” Maiyan stand up and kick the chair in anger, leaving everyone in shock.

   “What?” Nanamin asked while throwing her darts. Again, bullseye.

   “I said they have my little sister!” Maiyan cried in anger. Her face reddens which said she can no longer keep everything inside.

   “Miona? You mean Miona?” Nanamin looks surprised. She knew Maiyan have little sister but she never met her. Only knew Miona from Maiyan’s story how stupid and stubborn she is, and of course from photo.

   “Yes. Miona. She went missing almost three days now.” Maiyan sits again and look to the floor. Too worry for her little sister.

   “And who is they?” They asked in unison.

   “I don’t know..” Maiyan cry again in desperation. Even gentle stroke from Misa can’t keep her calm from thinking about Miona.

   “Did they know you have sister?” Kazumin asked in interrogation tone. They all move closer to listen and discuss the matter more.

   “They never know, but I think it got discover since they’re angry for me.”


   Maiyan, however went silent with Ami’s question. She looked everyone in the eyes. Guilt’s keep pricking her stomach stronger. “I said I want to leave.” She said in low tone as she knew they would surprise and disappointed at the same time.

   “You what?!” Precise as what Maiyan think, everyone stand up unanimously. Their face shows same expression. Shock. “You didn’t even tell us.” Misa does look disappointed at Maiyan decision. They’re the best friend from same age. Came in at the same time, even always practice together but what Maiyan said is just unacceptable.

   “I’m sorry Misa. But, I can hide this from Miona anymore. I think she is in danger when someone from the clan know this..”

   “And they knew already.” Misa repeats the fact that only they know Maiyan have little sister is no longer a secret. She’s clearly angry.

   “Misa. Maiyan have her own reasons. It’s not like we are in this clan forever.” Nanamin always have her own different ways of thinking despite her being younger than Misa. She always calm in whatever reason. “We only have to think how to get Miona back.” Kazumin and Ami nodded in agreement.

   “I’m sorry Maiyan.”

   “Me too.” They hugged.    

   “Any clues left behind?” Ami started the discussion and everyone start give serious face when Maiyan retrieved her phone from her pocket.



   As the message said in Maiyan’s inbox, Maiyan came right at the time. 5 o’clock at the deck. Alone. Well, actually they all comes despite it was said that they can kill Miona if they knew Maiyan is not alone. But, it is the same if they can keep their presence away from them.

   Waiting a signal to move into the ship from her waiting point, Maiyan looks like she can no longer hide her eagerness. She can never let anyone touch her only beloved sister. Not when she’s still alive.

   Same as Maiyan, everyone already stand by at their own spots looks so nervous too. Even though they have many killing mission from the highest rank, but when doing this secret mission make they scared.

   “Sniper one, ready.” Nanamin who serves as sniper number one gives her signal. From her highest spot, no one was discovered from nearby place. “It safe out here Maiyan.” She told through the earpiece that connects them together.

   “Same goes here.” Misa who is waiting at the side of the deck also gives her status. She is now disguised as some old man exercising in the morning but actually her eyes checking all the surrounding. Her distance quite far than Maiyan who is waiting right in front of the big ship.

   “Somehow, this water is too salty for me.” Kazumin interrupts their conversation soon after her head came out from the water. As their plan, Kazumin will sneak into the ship through the windows on the lower part of the ship. So, she and Ami have to swim about 500 meters before floating right at the ship. All of the scuba equipment was thrown into water and let it follow the water flow.

   “If it is too salty for Zuu, I guess it too much saltiness for me.” Ami finally gives her reports. Everyone just giggle through the earpieces. “And it’s too cold too.” From the earpieces, they also can hear Ami’s shivering from the cold. Again, they just can laugh. Having Ami as the comedy point sometime can release their stress.

   Maiyan looks at her vibrating mobile indicate that there is incoming mail. Her eyebrows wrinkled as she read the text.

   “What does it said Maiyan?” Nanamin who is always fast in noticing Maiyan’s expression through her sniper eyepiece asked in monotone. She knows something happen when she looks at Maiyan’s scary face. 

   “They asked me to enter.” Maiyan said in weak voice. She look at the mail again, there is Miona’s picture was attached under the mail. ‘Miona look so scared..’ “I will enter now.” She reports that to her team mates and typing the same sentence as a reply. ‘Just don’t hurt her.’ She adds at the end of her reply.

   “Be careful Mai..” Misa gives the last advice before sending Maiyan into the ship with her teary eyes. ‘please be safe Maiyan’. While Maiyan hoping for her sister safety, she’s praying for Mai to be able to get out from the ship in one piece. Misa get up when she saw Maiyan enter the ship without any trouble. “It’s time to get ready.” Misa change from her disguise outfit into her fighting outfit which she always wear when doing mission. She needs them as her spirits. She moves closer and careful to the ship.

   “I’m in.” Maiyan said in whispering tone.

   “It’s also clear out here.” Nanamin reports it again after making sure for the second time. She needs to move in too as Maiyan’s back up. She left her sniper
and go down to the deck from her spot on uppermost containers. She runs as fast as she can to reach faster at Maiyan’s point. It’s little bit complicated when there is only five of them on the team. Moreover, they don’t know how many people they have, and they don’t know who behind all this case.

   “Remove your earpiece.” The husky voice from Maiyan’s earpiece gives an order. Too loud for them to hear it as well.

(A/N: well, there is Miona in this part everyone. There will be some scene of Solitude Sister in the next part! Hope you enjoy this short continuation in part 3. I make it short as it will be more suspense. so, the fourth part well come in later. Thanks again!)
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thank you for updating~
woah... waka join the clan~ :cow:
RIP ami :cry: nah, let's prepare some revenge solitude sisters! :angry:
ugh... sorry author-san, my motherlanguange also not english (  ̄O ̄;)
please update~ 2 chapter to go!~ ヽ(・∀・)ノ
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I don’t know what to say to improve your skill when it comes to writing, I'm no expert either. Growing up, I learned English by playing RPG games. It “forced” me to understand English generally, otherwise I can’t finish the game. Then listening to songs with lyrics or watching movies with English subtitle also helped. Since this is more writing related, I suggest read many novels since the grammar is checked. Anything you can do that’s fun and light probably is good so you don’t feel too overwhelmed. You can’t learn it overnight after all, the more you read/hear the more you get used to it.

Nooo! Jou-san!  :on speedy:
Wakatsuki is strong. She can put aside her feelings and give her all to practice because she wanted answers from Reika.
I’ve been waiting for Zu’s kendo skill to be shown once I read the word “sword”.
I like this bromance between Waka and Nanamin  :mon determined:
Ah, that’s what the revenge is for. I’m guessing it didn’t end well with Miona, dying or not.
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helloww, Part 4 is done. this is longest part i ever wrote. maybe i'm manage to maintain this story in 5 parts? hope so :hip smile: . well, enjoy your reading everyone. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


   “Remove your earpiece.” The husky voice from Maiyan’s earpiece gives an order. Too loud for them to hear it.

   “Mai no!” They shouted together. It will be bad if Maiyan follows the other. “Just ignore him. Act like you doesn’t know!” Misa said while panting tired from  running. She reach the dock minutes after that. But it’s seem like the signal was gone on Maiyan’s side. They sigh in tense. They quicken their steps as everyone is worrying of Maiyan.

   “Girls. We’re in.” After some silence. Ami and Kazumin give a report. They able to climb into the windows without any problems. Luckily, there is no one “Opss.” Ami blurted out when two men discovered their presence. “Sorry girls. Gotta go.Over.” Kazumin and Ami went mute again. Some noise was heard as they fighting the men. They are doing it as fast and silent as they can; not to attract anyone to their place anymore.

   “I’m in.” It’s Misa’s turn to report. She came five minutes after Maiyan. In slow pace, she sneaked into the ship. Three men are guarding the door on the right. So, that’s the entrance since the other door left unguarded.

   In three seconds, all three men went down after receiving shots from Misa’s gun. Luckily, she use silencer as they need to undergo this secret mission quitely. “Three went down.” The entire event was updated.

   “I’m in.” Nanamin added while panting. Well, she is the furthest among them, and need to climb the stairs to. “Hi Misa senpai!” Nanamin added with smile when she shown up behind Misa, make the older girl’s eye widen in shock.

   “Find Mai.” All of them repeat in unison. Well, after many mission done together, it can be said that they know what to do without communicating or discussion. Laugh while running and shoot.

   On the other parts of the ship, Maiyan mute on what she saw in front of eyes. Miona was tied up onto some poles, forcing her to stand up with weak physical, unconscious. Looking at her little sister figure, she lost for words. Then she moves her eyes to the other figure. A man stands with his back facing her. Looking at the familiars back, Maiyan flinched. “Sakurai Kamata-san.”

   Hearing his name was uttered in tone of anger, Sakurai Kamata turns his body facing Shiraishi Mai. He left out a cruel laughter. Yes. He is the mastermind of the Miona’s abduction.

   “I won’t let you left in peace Maiyan. Not after you hold the most important position in the clan and if you left.. all your friends..” He left the sentence in question while playing with Miona’s face using his small knife.

   “Let her go Kamata. She knows nothing.” Maiyan can’t stand seeing Miona’s face being touched harshly. “I’m here. Kill me and let her go. All your secrets shall burry with me.”

   “Well, before that. I would love to watch some of your actions. For the last time.” Kamata sits on his big chair again while playing with his knife. “Ikuta.” He called out for Ikuta and Ikuta came out from the controlling room. He’s been watching everything through the CCTVs in the room.

   “I always want to have a battle with you Mai.” Ikuta slashing out two swords from its case. He throw one for Maiyan which was caught perfectly.

   “What if I won?”

   “Your sister will safe.”

   “What if I loss?”

   “Do I need to tell you the answer?”

   Well, both of her and Miona’s lives will end right here. That is the most obvious possibilities. Maiyan get ready with her fighting position. Fighting Ikuta Eri will be first for her. But, she knew nothing about that cold man. Never saw Ikuta fighting so she knew nothing about his skills. However, it might be her win since swords fighting is her specialty. 

   “Twelve men down..” Nanamin wipes her sweat with her back hand.    

   “Thirteen and still counting.” Kazumin said on the other line. It make Nanamin and Misa smile and rolled their eyes at the same time.

   “Fifteen.” Nanamin and Misa said simultaneously when three men came from their front and they shoot them soon after that. They did some high five proudly when Kazumin and Ami came from the other side to their meeting point with wet clothes. It makes sense since they’re swimming to come here.

   “They still want to keep their high pride.” Ami rolled her eyes up. Annoying with Nanamin’s high prides attitude. But Nanamin just smiles brightly, revealed her white teeth.

   “Now, Maiyan to the rescue.” Misa reminds their sole mission here. And here they are, ‘Maiyan to the rescue’.

   “Drop your sword.” It is such coincident that the moment they enter the room of hostage, Ikuta is facing back the door. Taking the situation as advantage, Nanamin points her gun to Ikuta’s head. Misa run to the Sakurai Kamata when the old man stands up to run. He received same treatment from Misa. Kazumin and Ami went to release Miona. She still unconscious but clean without injuries.

   Ikuta froze with gun pointed to his back head. Taking the threat seriously, he drops his sword. His eyes went back and forth searching for his men. Unfortunately, there are only him and Sakurai Kamata in the room. Well, Ikuta at least wanted to have some peaceful battle with Shiraishi Mai. Guess that is his mistake.

   However, in slow and neat movement, Ikuta reaching for small gun on his wrist which he always secretly tucked them there. It will always need in situation like this. He smirks. 

   Two shots were heard soon after the first shot was released.


   In Inochi wa Utsukushi Café, Sakurai Reika and Ikuta Eri was seen right on the corner of the café, looking outside of glass wall. The tattoo of two wings crossed with gun and swords was seen on his left hand, telling people of their surrounding that ‘don’t messed with him’ as they saw it. But, even without the tattoo, everyone would know who he is actually. They fear of him, even his handsome cool face doesn’t suit a face of a killer. Ikuta right hand reached out for Sakurai’s hand, he held it gently. His bright eyes showed that he savors every moment with her.

   “It has been a little peaceful day from their disturbance.” Sakurai Reika said while pulls back her hand. She sips her macchiato but still avoiding Ikuta’s eyes. Odd to admit, but she never feels comfortable with this cold looking man, Ikuta, her right hand man who also her boyfriend.

   “I know.” Ikuta answers with hollow voice. He knows exactly what is wrong. “Reika-san.” He leans to the chair, searching for his girl’s eyes. “Why you still can’t accept my sincere love?” He asked the killer question again and again. His face shows a little disappointment but eyes asking a little sympathy and hope. Since Sakurai Reika becomes his girl, he never fails to ask the same question. Sometimes, he feels that Reika is not even with him even they were together. Her heart not belongs to him, not yet. 

   Reika gave a smile and small laugh. “I don’t know you’re talking about Eri-kun, we already dating for almost a year right?” Her eyes widen with excitement, covering all her inner feeling. “You just paranoid.” Reika gave a reassuring smile, telling that whatever Ikuta is thinking is wrong. She hopes that Eri will believe her act. It’s true that they’ve been dating for long time already but, that is not actually the true reasons.

   “Well, it is your father’s will to engage and marrying me. But it’s not your desire.” He stirred his coffee while stating the fact with calm face. He can never deny the only fact why Reika is his girlfriend now. Her father is their previous leader which why the reason Reika is their leader now after her father passed away. And it is his will for them to inherit all his business after he die, and Ikuta is his most trusted men.

   “It’s just your imagination Eri..”

   “This is your free cake miss, we giving out special treatment for our regular customer starting from today.” A waiter came with two piece of Frutilicios cake on their table. “Please enjoy your day miss.” She bowed to Sakurai and Ikuta. “I heard this is your favorite cakes Miss.”

   Sakurai looked up to the waitress when she heard a very familiar sweet voice. To her shock, that person is Wakatsuki Yumi who just smiling brightly with her black long hair. Reika flusters but quickly covers that by averting her eyes away from Wakatsuki and Ikuta who is too happy for the free cakes. Again she looks to the outside, but still she can see Wakatsuki’s reflection on the glass wall. She is so bright..

   “You have a very beautiful girlfriend Ikuta-san.” Wakatsuki said in a soft voice. She smiles again try to awaken friendly environment between them.

   “We’ll get marry this end of year.” Ikuta said in his cheerful voice. “Hopefully.” Without thinking much of the odd treatment he received, he is too proud of the compliments about her girlfriend.

   “Well, I guess she must be so lucky to have you as her husband.” Again she flashed her beautiful smile to Sakurai and Ikuta. It made them unsuspicious to her friendly act. “If you excuse me.” After minutes of couples of conversation, Wakatsuki bowed and left. 

   Since Wakatsuki left, Sakurai keep silent in her own world. Just nodded, smile and laugh as she always be to whatever joke Ikuta is saying. Ikuta, however, never suspected Sakurai’s odd behavior. He is too in love with her that he was even blinded by all the sweet acts.

   “They left on 6.45.” After Ikuta and Sakurai left, Wakatsuki reported it to Nanamin who waiting on the rooftop of the opposite building with her binocular. She glanced to her watch to make sure the time again. Right after they left, Wakatsuki throw away her apron, she runs out the café. She carefully follows Sakurai and Ikuta from behind and reported every little movement to Nanamin on the roof.

   Nanamin, wrote down everything she received from Wakatsuki who acted as new waiter in Inochi Café. It is easy as they never met Wakatsuki, unlike every one of them.

   Maiyan, Misa and Kazumin also jotted down their notes from their observation. As for their tasks, they observed all Ikuta’s men who guard them. It’s has been two weeks they followed Sakurai and Ikuta. Writing down all the exact time when the police do their round, when the traffic will occur, where all Ikuta’s men always do their guard, at what distance they will sit or what they always do. Every little event occurred in their surrounding was recorded.

   After the undercover mission come to end, they all go home using jeep. The tensed air could be felt insides the jeep Wakatsuki drives until reaching the warehouse. Even after they’ve being attacked months ago, Kazumin disagree that they should move from this place; since that clan expected that they won’t mess up anymore. It’s a plan.

   “So, we could attack them next weekend.” Kazumin decided on their plan after weeks of observation. She put down her binocular on the table. Everyone just went silent with Kazumin words. After Ami was killed, she is not like normal Kazumin anymore. Well, no one would ever go through all the loss she felt. So, they choose to let Kazumin do everything she wants to revenge Ami’s death.

   “We just need to assign everyone with their roles.” Maiyan said with her calm voice.

   “We only need only sniper for this mission. There are not many men guarding Sakurai when she is dating.” Misa voiced out her opinion. Everyone nodded; agree. “Kill their boss like stop everything.”

   The night went silence again. Everyone too engrossed with their thinking and all the risks they might face later on.

   It already passes 2 am in the morning, but Sakurai Reika never able to close her eyes. In her mind, the clear image of Wakatsuki with long black hair can’t even be erased. “Wakachu..” She hugged her pink blanket like she always did to Wakatsuki when they sleep. She closed her eyes, hoping for some peace to sleep, but all her sweets memories with Wakatsuki keep played on her mind.

   “Wakachu, I can’t sleep.” Reika complained. But as soon as she opened her eyes, there is only the scene of Wakatsuki sleeping soundly. On a same bed, they always sleep while facing each other. When she opened her eyes, she could see Wakatsuki peaceful face. ‘She must be tired.’ Sakurai thought to herself while playing with Wakatsuki short hair with boyish style.

   “I want you to grow your hair Wakachu. You look cute in long hair. Would you? I think you wouldn’t do that.” Sakurai just talked to herself. Hoping time will pass quietly like that and morning will come faster.

   “It’s ticklish Reika.” Wakatsuki catch Reika’s hand that played with her hair without even opened her eyes. She smile, revealed her dimple on her right cheek. “You have class tomorrow Reika.” She reminded Reika again. Well, for someone who study in college, Reika always forgetful. She needs Wakatsuki to remember all her daily schedule.

   “Haip..” Reika smiles and closed her eyes. With Wakatsuki brushed her cheeks, she fell asleep. She feels warm. And they fall asleep like that.

   Tears fall on Reika’s cheek. How she misses that moments, but everything is too late when she saw Wakatsuki this evening. There is no use in hiding anymore. And Wakatsuki’s smile like telling her that, I can’t forgive you anymore.

   “Waka ohaa.” Sakurai greets Wakatsuki as soon as she came out from the bedroom. Blueblack polka dot apron was seen on Reika’s body. Wakatsuki clearly looks shocked despite she just wake up and hard to regain her consciousness.

   “Waka ohaa..” Again, Reika greets Wakatsuki with her glorious smile and pulled her to sit on the dining table; forcing Wakatsuki to sit. Then Reika disappeared to the kitchen but came back second after that while carried a tray on her hand.

   “Happy birthday Wakachuuki.” Reika hugged Wakatsuki from her back and reveled something looking like a ‘cake’ on the table. Well, Reika loves to call her with that pun, it sounds so childish but yet cut. Even Wakatsuki forbid from calling her that since it is sounds so shameful. But still she won’t stop using that, only when they're alone.

   Wakatsuki eyes widen. Either she shocked for the surprised which Reika actually remember that or shocked due to the cake’s form that doesn’t look like a cake at all. But she still smiling beautifully and reply Reika’s hug. Grateful.

   “Thank you Reika.”

   For someone who never has anybody in their life, we will appreciate who ever show up and give us strength. That is what Wakatsuki teach her in this life. When Reika just turn 15, she is a daughter who is never needed by her own father. He never wanted a daughter. And, meeting Wakatsuki in orphanage made her realize that there are times when strangers like family, and family like a strangers. Now, the only family she has become her strangers again.


   Two weeks ago. Her life being a mess. She’s always being followed by some men who Reika knew they’re her father’s men when she saw the tattoo on their back hand. When she in colleges, they keep disturb her. Even though Reika don’t have any friends during her college years but for sure they will bring more problems later. Well, if Waka know this matter.. it will be bad. That is not the first time she met them, almost every day in this past week and she keep it as secret from Waka.

   “Please come home Reika-san. Your father waiting for you.” Said one man which she knew he is the most trusted men by her father. But once again, she kept ignoring him. Leave him in disappointment. But Reika knew, they only can disturb her when she’s in college since she always know how to ran away and manipulate them before she go home. But that day, the moment she reaches at Waka’s workplace to go home together, she saw some men with the same tattoo. Maybe, they just knew that is the place she always go after class and Waka still safe from their list. She reassures herself. And she went home alone after emailed Waka saying that she has too much homework and went home first. She can’t drag Waka into her problem. Too risky.

   The next day, she met them again. Truthfully, it has become more frequent than before; she met them more than five times a day even after so much avoidance. During class, they sneak into through the back door, even watching her through the window from next building using binocular, at café, and even at the library. She never breathes in peace. They much more like a bodyguard that she hates.

   “Please go home Reika-san. Your father is dying.” Again, the same men persuade her but the last sentence did attract Reika to listen more. She stops her steps and looks into his eyes. The man with cold gaze doesn’t even budge which she could tell it was not a lie. Her biological father is dying

   “Give me time till this Christmas.” Reika give a guarantee before she left. Well she has approximately a week to think about everything. Even so, they still wait for her at several places and for that week, she ignores Wakatsuki which she hates the most. But, as long as Waka is safe, it’s enough for her.

   “Make it like a real abduction. But please don’t hurt anyone.” Sent. Reika already decided it that day. By that anyone, she meant it as Waka. Her beloved person. It will be too obvious if she mentioned names. 

   It is Christmas night, but Waka still at her workplace so Reika decided to wait for her there. After so much ignorance she gave to Waka, she misses her Wakachu so much. Reika watched outside of the window from the bakery. From her views, she counts the men which stand obviously in her sight. Sigh, these men even doesn’t know to blend in public. Five men, maybe it’s enough to make scenes.

   It’s hard but she has too. Thinking back she already faced everything with Wakatsuki. Well, these past five years, the one who sacrifices the most is Wakatsuki. She works for her. Let her continue her study in college, feels tired for her, when she sick the one who take care for her is Wakatsuki. But when Wakatsuki hurts, she never has time for her due to her study plus Waka never let her skipped class for whatever reason. In Wakatsuki’s life, she is the burden which Wakatsuki have no rights to say no. Waka really wants to change their life, guess this is the proper reason to let Waka have her own life.

   And it is happening that Christmas night. Reika acts like she knew nothing and follows the flow which has been planned beforehand. But, no one ever noticed that she keep watching for Wakatsuki’s eyes. She already misses that beautiful eyes, already missed that beautiful face, already misses the dimple on Wakatsuki’s right cheeks. Everything about her is beautiful. She’s grateful to have person like Wakatsuki Yumi in her life. For once in her lifetime, she doubts if she ever deserves Wakatsuki’s presence in her life. 

   When the person who captured her pointed his gun to her body,Reika saw Wakatsuki flinched and almost gone mad. The man at Wakatsuki’s back also pointed his gun towards  Wakatsuki’s back head, feared that the small girl could harm them. He could pull the pin right any moments to end Wakatsuki life forever.

   ‘Someday, Wakatsuki will forget Reika in her life.’ Reika smiles bitterly when she just saw Wakatsuki body fall to the snowy ground after some hit at her back head. “I’m sorry.” Don’t know if her apologize can be heard or not but Reika still said it. “I’m so sorry Yumi.”

   The moment Reika woke up from her deep long sleep she already tied up in empty white space. Everything likes a de javu to her, this familiar all white space and there she can see a gun and a knife lay on the floor, not too far from her. Ah, she know what this mean, her father still want her to live like his daughter. 15 years living as Sakurai Kamata daughter always be a painful story for her. Since he always wanted a son to inherit all his wealth and business in the clan after he left. So he treat her like everyone else, he trained her how to fight, how to kill since she was only five, he even starve her to death as a punishment not to follow his orders. If he can’t have a son, at least he can make his daughter like that, even better.

   Right.. how a father could do that to his own blood. She always asked herself the same question, but never found her answer.

   But, 10 years living like that; was forced to fight, was pushed to kill, she never find any reasons to used violence and power against everything. She gave up to be a person she forced to be. So, she was sent to that orphanage. A place she called home. It was all happiness there, she love to be there, she love how she can be like normal teen in her school days, at least she pretended like she never know her previous life. Until finally, today she was bring here again. What an irony, we always gone back to square one, to the place we belonged. Isn’t we?

   “You want me to escape?” There is sinister smile of Reika’s face when she saw all the tools laid in front of her eyes like she is a mind reader. She struggle as she has to move her hand to the front. She observes the knot on her hand, a have a moment to think.

   “No I won’t” She shouts to her hearts, she doesn’t know who is listening so she just shouts. She knew there will be more surprised waiting for her if she was able to escape this one. She understands that too well. 

   “If you won’t, I will kill your friend. I guess you know who she is.” A familiar husky voice echoed in the white room from the speaker. Her father. With only his voice, he able to make her shivers in fear.

   Reika raised her head and stared straight. She doesn’t know where he is, but he’s surely watching all this. “Please don’t hurt her.” She pleaded with tears, like that can move a stone heart of her father but she knew tears won’t.

   “Then kill.” The door opened and a boy with small body was thrown in by someone. Her escape route, but he wasn’t tied up like her. Even he looks weak and thin; never underestimate the power of survival. Another victim of her father power, he can get anyone he wants as a victim of his anger. Anyone.

   “Either you kill him of be killed.” Her father said again firm and forceful.

   Right. Kill or be killed. Reika quickly stand up, run to the gun. Same as the boy with haunted looks in his eyes, like he have seen the worst. But she is faster, she hold the gun with her two hands. But he also pointed the knife to her face. See, never underestimate the power of survival. They both want to live, either her or him. Choose, kill or be killed. “Sorry.” And she chooses to kill. Reika pulled the trigger. Click. Again. click. “Damn. No bullets.” She drops the gun and run to him. He just stood still, the boy just wait for her. Wait for her to come into her death herself. Like she is too stupid to think.

   Well, 10 years being forced to practice with violent at least able to paid her up, at least for today battle of life. Reika gives a high kick to the boy’s head. He just falls helplessly with shocked eyes. Maybe he never expects her to do that, maybe he expects that she will come and stab herself with knife on his hand. Well he is the one with harm while she is just unarmed. She is just too fast for him.

   “I’m sorry.” Reika snatched the knife from his hand. He trembled while dragging his body away from her. Scared. She smirk with sinister smile, feel funny for his reaction. Reika cut the knot on her hand and walked away. She still won’t kill. 

   “Kill.” Her father’s voice yelled in anger that echoing in all places.

   “Right.” Reika turn to the boys and throw the knife and it penetrated into the boy’s throat like a dart. But he still looks at her with eyes in shock. Die in shock. Trained for almost 10 years in her life, no way she would forget all the treatment she received. This is the real Sakurai Reika, deeply hidden behind all her sweetness. This is her nature, burry in her pure blood. Without her willingness, she already became what he want her to be.

   “Now, let me go.”

   Reika was brought by his father men to his room. “He’s waiting for you patiently.” He said before open the door for her.

   Five years. She knew it. She walked in. There he is. Lie down wearily. So, it is true he is dying but still. He is still cruel even he’s dying.

   “He was shot by our girls two weeks ago.” The man beside her father’s bed said while looking down to the floor. His voice stays low. She knew him, he is the one who always following her. Ikuta

   “Your girls?” Her eyebrows furrowed with curiosity.

   “Traitor.” Ikuta said with his stoic cold face. Anger can be seen through his eyes, his mad for they did to his leader.

   Reika’s eyes went down to Ikuta’s right hand. He also got shot, maybe from protecting her father. She guesses. So that’s why he absent when they did the mission of abduction. The perfect plan of her own abduction.

   “Ikuta. Left us.” Sakurai Kamata said with his husky voice and giving hand signal for Ikuta to leave. Ikuta just follow his order right a person with no feeling and walked out. Sakurai Kamata then gives her sign to sit beside his unmoved body.

   Reika sits awkwardly. Their hands meet. More awkward moment.

   “I’m sorry for all this years. I’m never being good father for you.” He said with difficulties to breath. His sentence always got cut when he takes breath.

   Silent. Reika not even try to deny all his claims. All is the truth. She looked down to the floor, to wash away her pains. He just made her remembers all those painful days of her childhood which she never have. Not even once.

   “Here.” He grabs Reika’s hand and put some pieces of paper there. It is the photos of her and Wakatsuki. Reika looks to his eyes in shocked. So he always watched her at the orphanage. Capture all her sweets moments with her and Wakatsuki, during her high school days.

   Reika examines all the photos on her palm, emotionless. But it all the photos of them before they move out from the orphanage. Glad they did move out from there. Reika meet his father’s weak eyes.  For the first time she saw he smiles, never knew he could smiles. “I never showed it anyone. Let it burry with me.” He said again while close Reika’s hand that full with her photos.

   “But, please remember. This is your place. This is where you belong. You and that person can never be the same.”

   Right. That is the reality. She and Wakatsuki never similar. They just shared a short sweet mutual time together, but all the memories shall be buried inside her heart forever. The treasures which she will never ever show it to anyone. Even it is hurt so much.

   And the seconds after her separation with Wakatsuki, everything felt like hell. There are no moments she remember her. But, her father’s death from guns shot also left a deep scar inside her heart. Even if that person called dad never gives her proper loves to his only daughter, the reality Sakurai Reika now all alone can’t be change anymore. And now, she held the most position in the clan.

   Today, never knew that they will meet again after more than a year. Wakatsuki have long hair which so beautiful. Reika keeps the figure tightly inside her head which helps her to sleep after that. And her father’s most trusted man will become her fiancé. It already decided that Ikuta will become her husband, all the matters are time. The most thing she grateful is, Ikuta doesn’t know Wakatsuki.


   “I can be the sniper.” Wakatsuki raises her hand high up even before Nanamin would able too. “Let me prove my ability to all of you.” She said in convincing voice. Never give a chance for Nanamin to even speak up.

   It is already passes 3 in the morning but their meeting still on going with everyone being shocked of Wakatsuki decision. Nanamin mouth opened up a little, unlike everyone, she is the most surprised as she already know Wakatsuki story and she cannot read what actually on Wakatsuki’s head. And she seems immovable from her decision.

   “Trust me. I can carry this task better. Moreover, this is the only way I can prove my ability to all of you.” That is. It is her decision and no one ever change it. And Wakatsuki left from the room but was followed by Nanamin. Maiyan, Misa and Kazumin watch the two with unblinking eyes.

(A/N: Ohaa everyone. yess,, Finally they both met after more than a year  :deco: Now you know what happen to Reika. It’s just that is her nature.  :panic: So what your next expectation?  :hee:

I wrote the scenes of Solitude Sister while listening to Baretta. It gave me ideas.*wink wink*. Except there is no scene of Hori shot Maiyan. It’s full of betrayal if I would say. but, pity for Miona, i only mention her name without giving her scenes.  :kneelbow:

Part 5 will coming in soon. Or maybe not too soon, I have writer blocks symptom. Anyone know to cure this damn disease?)

Title: Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic)
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I don’t know what to say to improve your skill when it comes to writing, I'm no expert either. Growing up, I learned English by playing RPG games. It “forced” me to understand English generally, otherwise I can’t finish the game. Then listening to songs with lyrics or watching movies with English subtitle also helped. Since this is more writing related, I suggest read many novels since the grammar is checked. Anything you can do that’s fun and light probably is good so you don’t feel too overwhelmed. You can’t learn it overnight after all, the more you read/hear the more you get used to it.

Nooo! Jou-san!  :on speedy:
Wakatsuki is strong. She can put aside her feelings and give her all to practice because she wanted answers from Reika.
I’ve been waiting for Zu’s kendo skill to be shown once I read the word “sword”.
I like this bromance between Waka and Nanamin  :mon determined:
Ah, that’s what the revenge is for. I’m guessing it didn’t end well with Miona, dying or not.

THANKS for your anticipation. wish me could end this well.
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@pretend_2besome1 grateful for your advice. well, reading did help a lot. i used to be a gamers but it didn't last long.. i guess i underestimated the power of games, never knew it could help us.. jezzz  :banghead:

well, thanks again.
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Finally something good today! whew! i'm so tired and head can't stop aching! but thanks to this fic makes my day still awesome!!!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!! AUTHOR :D  :cow:  :cow:
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thank you! and please update last chapter(?) :bow:
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Finally something good today! whew! i'm so tired and head can't stop aching! but thanks to this fic makes my day still awesome!!!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!! AUTHOR :D  :cow:  :cow:

thank you so much for your beautiful comments,  :wub: never knew this can heal your tiredness  :tama-bye:

thank you! and please update last chapter(?) :bow:

next part will be coming soon.  :mon geek:

i'm sorry if this kind of dark and stressful fanfic are below everyone's expectation.  :err:
well, i'm bad with fluffy and romance kinda of things.  :mon mischief:

but i'll try to insert some sweet and romantics moments in the next part? or epilogue if i could do some??

thank you so much! :on slopkiss:
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Well, it worked for me because I like games. You can find something you like that’s related to English to make learning it more fun.

Oh no, Waka knew they’re in relationship and gonna get married  :scared:
Waka looks good with both short or long hair  :heart:
I feel kinda sorry for Iku-chan. Maybe if he is a girl it could work with less problems, but Reika is just too gay  :lol:
I thought Reika’s an orphan from the start like Waka, so that’s why I thought she could be brainwashed.
I blame all this mess on Reika’s father. If only he wasn’t so selfish  :mon mad:
I wonder what happened to Miona?
I hope Waka’s decision of wanting to be the sniper wasn’t because of what she saw in the cafe. She needs to let Reika explains first otherwise everything will be lost.
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Well, it worked for me because I like games. You can find something you like that’s related to English to make learning it more fun.

thanks again for your wonderful comments. i love it so much, i mean your comments.

Oh no, Waka knew they’re in relationship and gonna get married  :scared:
Waka looks good with both short or long hair  :heart:

yes, absolutely.. Waka always looks good in everything..  :ptam-vain: but since Reika love her (more) when she have longer hair. well i just wrote that way  :mon yo:

I feel kinda sorry for Iku-chan. Maybe if he is a girl it could work with less problems, but Reika is just too gay  :lol:

yap.. feel sorry for ikuchan too..   :mon sweat: now i read your comments i just get that feel and laugh at myself.. how can i forget reika gayness? so thats why she can't accept male ikuchan  :hiakhiakhiak:

I thought Reika’s an orphan from the start like Waka, so that’s why I thought she could be brainwashed.
I blame all this mess on Reika’s father. If only he wasn’t so selfish  :mon mad:

hahaha you're absolutely wrong. jezzz, :glasses: i admit i'm bad.. i love to make my readers thinking and then it's just wrong. am i that bad?  :mon sweat:

I wonder what happened to Miona?

about miona.. hurmm idk.. i just can't grip an idea to write about her.. but there will be explanation later i just can't spoiled it now. don't we? :wahaha:

I hope Waka’s decision of wanting to be the sniper wasn’t because of what she saw in the cafe. She needs to let Reika explains first otherwise everything will be lost.

about waka being sniper, you may think it that way... but we'll see soon.  :mon nyah:

thank you so much for reading this despite everyone have their own busy schedule..  :shy2:
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(A/N: I’m sorry for delaying this for almost two days.  Well is this… T.H.E  E.N.D?)

   Ikuta Eri, handsome man with cold eyes that can kill. Everyone in the clan feared him, Ikuta Eri, the most trusted man in the clan since previous leader until now. He is the merciless guy than always do what he thinks right and can end his problems which always mean the word of ‘kill’.

   They don’t say it right at his face but they do think he is a psychopath person. He gone mad for no reasons, and kills someone with anything he got on his hand; knives, blades, guns or even his own fist. He is an unpredictable person who can change depend on his mood. The second he laugh could be the first thing they scared of since he is a person who only laughs when he is mad. They knew they shouldn’t get into mess with this psychopath person.

   The reason why he always becomes the most trusted person is he always does thing ‘properly’ without thinking any longer but the end result is always satisfying. He follows order without any question; like a loyal handsome puppet. What should be done, need to be done; always be his motto of life.

   However, for someone who can heartless kill anyone, Ikuta Eri sometime not scary as they said. He know how to have fun, know how to enjoy life, know how to deal with girls even he never had any other than Sakurai Reika. She is the first for him. But, since he is the most unpredictable man, that made he’s the most feared man, maybe? He could change anytime he want depend on his mood.

   “How the sold of weapon this month?” Ikuta asked to the man who is checking the condition of the weapons. Too engrossed with his job to even notice Ikuta presence, he looks shocked.

   “Well, it did not decline but not also increasing. We got no new customer lately.” He reports in vibrating voice. Seeing Ikuta’s face unchanged, he sigh in relieve.

   “That’s a bad new.” Ikuta drop the gun he was just hold and grips the man’s jaw tightly made him hard to breathe. “Who doesn’t want to deal with us? We’re the most famous clan that sells the best weapons. We always have new people want our best weapons” Well the standard does make him mad. Except, when he always go mad for everything.

   “Well they said that we not like before, after Sakurai Reika-san take Sakurai Kamata-san leadership.” He tried to explain while shivering, the grip make him hard to even spell words properly. He saw Ikuta averted his eyes, looks away and released him from his tight grips. He let out a relieved sigh.

   “They said, we too soft nowadays. They lost their trust for a clan that was before strong but become weak like a girl. Because our leader is..”

   Bang. The loud shot was heard echoing in the whole warehouse space, shocking everyone from their own jobs. Their eyes widen in shock and unbelievable with what they just witnessed, but they just keep silent, have no ability to question and undone what have be done. Or they just to scare to received same fate as that dead body.

   The man who seconds ago alive now lying hopelessly on the ground with blood coming out from his head. One clear shot can be seen clearly on his forehead, his eyes wide open tragically, like he just saw his death. He did, before his life finally come to an end.

   Ikuta just saw the lying corpse without any expression on his face. He is emotionless. “Don’t say her name with your dirty mouth.” He snapped and walked away like nothing has occurred. And everyone just ignored the lying body. They saw, but they pretended not to care. That’s what happened when you messed up with him.


   “They said you shot another man of yours.” Sakurai breaks out the silent. As usual, they’re at the same café, have a date if you can say it is. Except Sakurai having a bad mood after what have happen. She can never accept what Ikuta always did with his power.

   “He is at fault.” Ikuta said monotonously and looks away.

   “Is it because of me?”

   “Who said that?” Ikuta glared with his fierce looks.

   “No one. It happened that I was there.” Lie. It is obviously lie. If she said that she heard from someone, that person would be found dead. Ikuta would kill him like he did before. Sakurai sighed heavily. Sometimes, she hates that side of Ikuta asides from he is to in love with her. Too obsess.

   “Let’s forget about that. We came here to have date.” Ikuta curled his upper lips and converted it into a smile. Like always, he reaching out for Sakurai’s hand.

   “Have a fun when you still can.” Wakatsuki mumbled while moving her rifle from Ikuta’s face into Sakurai’s. She is now stand by at the rooftop of the opposite building of the cafe counting every single moment before pulling the trigger and bullet will penetrate into her head. In Wakatsuki’s mind, there is still clear image of Ikuta do his random shot which killed Ami when she first arrived at Solitude Sister’s place back then. And also the scene where they’re holding hands; like right now still fresh in her memories. She cannot even erase that image from her memories which make her mad.

   “Waka..” It’s Nanamin on the other sides. Calling Wakatsuki with her low voice, almost whispering.


   “I know you have no intention to kill Sakurai..” Again, Nanamin speaks with a soft low voice. And she just made Wakatsuki taken aback. Shock. How should Nanamin knows that?

   “What does it mean Wakatsuki?” Kazumin sounds so surprised but she still control her voice. Everyone listen to their conversation through the earpiece.

   “They love each other Kazumin. Like you and Ami. Why not gives Waka chance for once? She needs an answer.” In a second, they were silent; like they’re thinking after what Nanamin said.

   “I have better plan.” Maiyan interrupt.

   Sakurai gives an unsatisfied looks before she just let Ikuta do what he wants before a shot was heard followed by the sound of broken glass. The glass smashed into thousand pieces by next three continuous bullets. Ikuta stands up, aware of that dangerous situation. But too bad, the second he wakes up, the bullet already penetrate into his body. Right into his left shoulder, a little bit higher than his heart; he would be dead if it is go lower. Not even able to balance himself, he just falls to the floor.

   Wakatsuki watched the scene from above, how panicked Reika is when her boyfriend got shot so suddenly. Sigh, she never able to end Reika’s life with her own hands. It is true that she have no intention to kill Reika, they have unsolved matter. But, she also wouldn’t dare to see her be killed by Nanamin. So, she thought her choice to be a sniper is good. 

   Sakurai who got panicked over that repeated gunshot kneeled down to help Ikuta. She pressed the wound to lessen the blood loss. She take her gun from her back with her other free hand. She looked around; searching for their man, but everything is so in messed. People in public run like crazy; run away from the unwanted death. Continuous shot was heard outside the café, she observes the situation more while her left hand pressing on Ikuta’s wound.

   Maiyan, Nanamin, Misa and Kazumin all release their shot. They’re all using guns with silencer in order to confuse them, they did confuse and just shot to the random direction; panicking over unknown source of the bullets while the Solitude Sister members hiding well among all running public. More shots were released and more men down due to the shot. Not surprised, they all ended at Ikuta’s men body. They won’t harm any public.

   After being an observer, Wakatsuki stands and runs with rifle on her back. She needs to reach there before they take her, before she went missing. So Wakatsuki run with all her might, down the stairs and jump over the wall. She has this determined look on her face. She will end it today. She wants an answer.

   “Shit.” Reika can only saw their men being shot, not their enemy. They’re hiding well. One of her men came in, maybe the only one save from fifteen she bring to guard her. She gives signal to replace her. She jumps to the outside through broken glass wall.

   While Wakatsuki ran from the other sides with her mask on, they bump right at the in front of the café, without thinking much Reika pointed her gun to Wakatsuki. Wakatsuki flinched and step back before another men came from Reika direction to protect her. She aiming her gun and shot him, but Reika who is panicked shots Wakatsuki at the same time; right to her chest.

   “Reika.” Wakatsuki calls out her name but it was just too late. She fell unconscious but still can hear her name being shouted anxiously before finally her sight went black. Reika.

   “Wakatsuki!” Nanamin and Maiyan shouted when they saw Wakatsuki was shot. Maiyan wants to shoot Reika back but Nanamin stop her. They run to Wakatsuki direction. Nanamin bring Wakatsuki on her lap while calling for her name few times. 

   Reika, on the other hand is speechless when she heard that name. She watched them being panicked over the person she just shot; unconscious, and when the mask was removed, she much more speechless. Wakatsuki. Her heart call for that person, hoping she was alive. When Reika no longer can detain her feelings, she ran away. 


   They arrived at their hideout 10 minutes later. Nanamin and Maiyan who carry Wakatsuki put her on the table. While Kazumin and Misa carry the wounded Ikuta, throw him under the basement. Nanamin who is too anxious of Wakatsuki condition get her undress. Luckily, they all wear the bullet-proof vests so the bullet stopped there, but the after effect could also harm her body. She searching for pulse on her hand and neck but nothing can be felt. She gives the emergency aid to Wakatsuki, pressing her chest and doing the CPR.

   “Calm down Nanamin.” Misa try to stop Nanamin from losing her mind. Since five minutes ago she keeps doing the CPR on Wakatsuki. Nanamin could pass out of lacking oxygen if she keeps doing that. Everyone wanted to do so; saving Wakatsuki from shock death, but it is more painful watching Nanamin like that and they all scared of losing their precious teammate too.

   “I can’t let her go.” Nanamin cry, shouts like a crazy girl, her action make everyone surprise but they just can’t say anything. It is very unusual of Nanamin to lose her calmness, she is a girl who always stays composed but now they know Nanamin actually fragile inside. “Wakatsuki, wake up. Remember your mission.” She hit Wakatsuki chest repeatedly when she can’t feel any pulse on her hand and neck. They might lose her at this point. “Remember your purposes here. Please hold on.” There are tears drop from her eyes. She keeps giving the motivation as she knows Wakatsuki still can listen her words.

   “Jezz, Nanamin. It’s hurt.” Wakatsuki coughs two three times gasping for air; finally regained her consciousness due to the hard blow she received on her chest. It is really hurt, but thanks for that she retrieved her heartbeat again. She smiles weakly to Nanamin.

   “Wakatsuki.” They all shouted in happiness and smile in relieved.

   “I won’t die we wear the bullet proof vest, remember?” She smiles, trying to ease their worriedness while looking at Nanamin teary eyes. Actually surprised by Nanamin action, never know she was important to her, to them. Undeniably, she feels warms with all the loves she received.

   “Stupid. You were shot in short distance. You could die from heart attack!” Misa almost shouts, mad at Wakatsuki carelessness. She slaps Wakatsuki’s shoulder; tears almost fall from her cheeks. But then she laughing at herself; how she also scared of losing more precious friends in her life. But now, she glad that their teammate is fine.


   While Sakurai Reika finally arrived at the warehouse after being picked up by her men 30 minutes ago. But, Ikuta Eri was taken by them, so she was tensed because of that. For what reasons they took Ikuta, they need to do something. She rushed into the warehouse, gathering all her men.

   “Track down the chip on Ikuta’s body.” She gives the order. Luckily her and Ikuta always being observed, it is always useful for situation like now.

   The person who is in charge of the technology quickly doing his job. His hand moves quick and fast on the keyboard, the red blinking point finally appear on his monitor, leaving him smiles proudly. It takes not more than 30 seconds to work on tracking people down.

   “Go get prepare yourself, we’ll raid their place two hours from now.” Another command was given by Sakurai Reika. And everyone spread out as fast as they can, they check on their available weapon, fills in the bullets in the magazine as much as they can. Everyone looks as tense as Sakurai Reika who just sits on her chair, emotionless.

   Since an hour ago, Reika’s mind is spacing out. The scene that just happened before her eyes still haunting her mind. She can’t think how that is possible. How it is that even possible? How Wakatsuki can be on their team? Did she just shoot her? Did she actually shoot her Wakatsuki. She’s her enemy but she love her..

On the other side..

   “They will find us, sooner or later.” Maiyan said. Much more like stated the facts. Well, she is one of them before, so she knew their way.

   Nanamin and Misa nodded in agreement. “We should finish our job faster.” They look at each other.

   “Waka can take in charge of Ikuta.” Kazumin voiced out her opinion. “He doesn’t know you.. so it would help.” Again, they reach an agreement of same opinion when everyone gives a little nod.

   “My pleasure.” Wakatsuki raised her hand high up, she just smiling while jumped from the table. “I just have to use my specialties. Haven’t shows it to all of you yet.” She smirks proudly while walked away. Everyone just rolled their eyes up.

   “Now, it’s time to get ready.” Maiyan take a lead after Wakatsuki left. Her battle mode; on. Her face now changes into seriousness. Everyone gathered around the table, without anyone never declared their position, they acknowledge of Maiyan abilities as a leader. They listen to her more, if not; they have to face Maiyan in Kuroishi mode for a week. It is scarier than being shot.

   “Kazumin, you should prepare your dynamite as much as you can. We have less people, using them would be a help.”

   “Haip. Roger.” Kazumin gives an okay signal.

   “Guard the entrance, put them on several place. Don’t use too much, enough to waste their time.” Maiyan told again.

   “Nanamin, you guard from upstairs. Shoot anyone who comes into your sight. Prepare as much as magazines you can. Don’t waste your time.” Maiyan turn to Nanamin who also nodded as okay. “I will help you to cover everyone’s back.”

   “Misa.” Maiyan looks at Misa. She takes a deep breathe before speaks again. “Guard the basement. Don’t let them approach the entrance. Please be careful.” She said with a worry expression on her face. Misa just smile.

   Everyone silence after listened to Maiyan’s order. Maiyan heave a deep sigh.

   “We maybe can clean our names, avenged Ami’s death..” Maiyan looks at her teammate’s face, to Kazumin who looks eager. “But, we might not able to get out from this war one piece.” She smiles, a bitter smile. She looks at her teammate face one by one, there is different looks in their eyes. Something she haven’t notice before.

   “I’m glad we finally come to an end.” Misa said in low voice, she’s smile but there is fear in her eyes but then the fears gone replaced by her determine looks. She approach Maiyan and put her hands on Maiyan’s shoulder.

   “Thanks to Wakatsuki.” Kazumin finally spoke out. If before she would blame Wakatsuki who came in incidentally on the same day they were attacked, but now thanks to her they’ve seen a little hope. She also does the same thing as Misa, put her hand around Maiyan’s shoulder.

   “Ahh, I know you’ll finally accept her in our group.” Nanamin left out a dry laugh. Also came in the circle and completing their bond together. 

   They smile brightly despite this is might their last time doing this thing together. Long time together as a team, they grateful they were fate to be in a team, grateful that they meet with each other. “Let’s do this!” They’re all shouts in one voice and wave their hand high to the air and scatter around to prepare their things. Now, they are ready to face whatever might come in their way. Alive or not, it is different story, at least they fight what for they should.

   “Hey. If I could ask a favor.” Nanamin said before she left. She looks down before she open her mouth. “Please, don’t touch Reika. Wakatsuki need something from her.” Nanamin gives a look up to her friends with hope in her eyes.

   “Simple matter.”

(A/N: Ahhhhah I’m finally reaching to this point,  :cow: there is still part 6 everyone! I’m actually made it in one part, but it is very long..tooo long, so I separate in into two parts  :deco:. There are more worth waiting for. Please be patient, alright? Okay, love yaa. :hip smile:)

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I think Reika did say she likes girl with long hair. Always so gay that captain  :lol:
Nah, many authors do like to tease their reader with plot twist/cliffhanger.
When you said we’ll see about the sniper, I immediately thought “oh maybe she’ll shoot Ikuchan instead.” although it was Maiayan's idea, right?
Reika shooting her Wakachu will probably make her guilty for a long time even when she didn’t mean to and Waka was alright.
So, Nanamin....she’s always quick to help/defend Waka and gets emotional about her more than the others. Does she somehow like Waka more than a friend?  :dunno:
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chapter 6 please! can't wait for the action! and of course wakarei too! :cow:
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   “Reika-san.” One of her man calls, waking her up from her daydream. “We’re ready.” He reports with a serious look. Sakurai nodded as she receives the info. He leaves soon after that.

   Reika stands up and look around. She observes all or her men. For the first after a long time, she questioned herself. What am I doing right now? She sighs heavily and walked down the stairs. For this war, three jeeps were prepared, full with the armed men. She walked into the third jeep and gives signal to move.


   In the basement, Wakatsuki sits facing Ikuta Eri who now was tied on a chair with his hand on the back; still unconscious. His wound was treated by her 10 minutes ago. She observes each inch on the cold man face. Right into her eyes, there is pain. Her heart ached too much that she no longer can hold on her insanity. She can’t wait for Ikuta to wake up anymore. She takes a pail of water full of ices from her side which she prepared beforehand. She splashed the water to Ikuta’s face; forcing him to rise. It is a success.

   His face is wet; he can feel the cold sensation that forcing him to open his eyes. Blurry sight, but he can see a slender figure of a woman with same height as his lover, Sakurai Reika. He smiles before her firms voice made him realized that he was bounded into a chair he was sits on.

   “Hi.” Wakatsuki greets the man that was tied onto a chair; looks confuse with his position. She smiles sarcastically when his eyes landed on her. “Remember me?”

   It takes a while for Ikuta to have a clear image of girl in front of him. “Ah, the girl at the café.” He finally come his sense, he laughs as his own stupidity back then. He moves around but it just makes his wrist sore from tight knots.

   “Yes. It is me.” Wakatsuki stands up and kicked her chair far. She took out a gun from her back, it a classic gun with six empty cylinders. She fills in one bullet and rolled it three to four times before unlocked into its place. She doesn’t know the position of the bullets itself. So, it is a game of luck.

   “Let’s place Russian roulette.” She tries to negotiate. An absolute offer with an absolute answer.

   “Why are you doing this?” He asks. Confused and fear. He just watches her through the corner of his eyes.

   “Buuuuub. Wrong answer.” It’s not an offer, it’s an order. He has no choice. Wakatsuki let out a fake laugh; like she is watching a fail variety show. She stepped in front Ikuta, playing with her gun, she threaten him quietly.

   “You have six chance with 1/6 possibilities being shot. Just answer with yes or no.” Wakatsuki cocked her neck and flick her tongue, which produces a small click sound. Her eyes meet with Ikuta’s nervous expression. She smiles mockingly.

   “You killed Sakurai Kamata.” Wakatsuki go straight to the point, not letting that man to even open his mouth to protest. No point of joking around too, they not have much time anyway. She gets ready to pull the trigger, her face turn serious.

   “Yes or no?” Wakatsuki brings their face close together with her hands pressing on his wound. Ikuta’s face wrinkled in pain. She knows how to play with him. But he just keeps silent while their eyes glued to each other, he not even bother to answer. 

   No answer. So Wakatsuki smiles and wait for two seconds before pulled the trigger.

   Click. He is safe. For now.

   Ikuta left out a sigh. Relieved. He never thought that this small girl ever serious with her game.

   And Wakatsuki just smile sinisterly. “Did you think I’m joking right now? I’m serious you know.” They back to their previous position, leaving 5 centimeters distances between their eyes. Her seriousness is clearly shown in her eyes which make Ikuta taken aback.

   “Again. You killed Sakurai Kamata.” She pressed his wound harder, make him more desperate to escape but he has nowhere to even moves.

   “1/5. Yes or no?” She still with her previous position. Standing there like they’re on their way to kiss each other. 

   “Why the answer is so important to you?” He asked back. Now he got courage to speak after he can’t find answer through her eyes. He looks partially confused, other half is he just don’t care.

   “Nice that you asked it now.” She sits on the chair again and playing around with her gun. “My friends, which I’m sure you know them. They were framed by someone. Said they killed a man called Sakurai Kamata-san, which I’m sure, you know him too.” She smiles at the end of her sentence threaten him silently. Like it is all the sweet bedtime story she told to some kids. Ikuta expression change a little bit, now he can grab the clear idea of this crazy game.

   “So you’re with them.”

   Nod. “Yes. I got some business to settle. We’ll see if you involved in it too.” Again, the same smile tucked on her lips. Like she is flirting with him. But, for sure, it is not. She is threatening him with all her sweetness. 

   “So, you wasted your second chance.” She pointed the gun back to its place. She won’t get distracted that easily if it is what he meant to do. She smirks, showing her evil side before pulled the trigger. 


   Again, he is safe. Ikuta breathe in, relieved. He almost got heart attack each time she unhesitatingly pulled the trigger, if he safe from the bullets, he maybe die due to heart attack. There is that probability.

   “So you scared of this game.” Wakatsuki let out her fake giggles at Ikuta obvious reflexes. His relieved expression too obvious just now which exposed his real inner conflicts; he is scared.

   “Back to our game. You killed Sakurai Kamata. 1/4.” Her tone change again. Wakatsuki right now is like a crazy psycho girl who just unpredictable, she laughs but second after that she turns serious. She looks into Ikuta with her serious stare, she is no kidding.

   Ikuta silence again while looking straight at the gun’s mouth and through the barrel, their eyes meet again. Counting all the possibility that might happen. And this girl is no kidding so serious. He can never distract her with his tactic. And her smiles? He can fall into her smiles each time she smiles, that precious dimple. But his chances get smaller each time she pulled the trigger.

   “My men will track me down anytime now. They will raid your place soon.” He tried to play with time. But it is true; there is a chip inside his boot that connects him to his men on their nest. They will find him soon. He finally able to smile when he saw she’s thinking hard, maybe finding a plan B. Not knowing that Wakatsuki already knew it. She left out a confidence smile again.

   “Ahh that can wait for later. Now you just waste your third chance. Will you able to see your men? I’m afraid you already a dead meat the moment they found you.”

   Ikuta’s face dropped down. He obviously can’t control his expression. He is scared. And Wakatsuki just jeered at him before once again aimed the gun to his head.

   Click. Again, he is safe but still almost got heart attack.

   “You have long life.” Wakatsuki commented while counting with her finger. Just playing with him by counting his chances. “How much left now?” She talked to herself. “Ah.. 1/3, I don’t think you will met them..” She pointed the gun to his head again. Her face turns to serious mode. No smiles, no more games. She wants to end this faster.

   Seeing that does make Ikuta wants to pee. All the cold sweats make his body shivering. Damn this girl. Their eyes met again and he can see the seriousness in it. He won’t last any longer.

   “You kill..” She stops and looks at his eyes again. “Sakurai..”

   “Yes. I kill him. I just want to take his leadership. But he never want to give it to anyone except her daughter..” He finally blurted out while closing his eyes, praying for his long life. “And I will kill his daughter too.” Ikuta looks straight into her eyes. He laughs when he saw an obvious surprised expression on her face.

   Wakatsuki was clearly taken aback for what she has heard. This man is really crazy, a psycho that she never expect him to be. She heard him laugh again, but she try as hard she can to stay composed. She can’t lose her mind right now.

   For a second, he let out a small laugh when he saw that girl stepped back from him. He can feel she is feared of him now.

   Ikuta smirk a sinister smile when the small gun successfully end up at his grip without they notice. At the corner of his eyes, he watched Sakurai Kamata being pointed with gun to his body while being force to kneel down, his back facing Ikuta. Taking advantage of the situation; he shot Sakurai Kamata. It hit directly on his chest. Ikuta never wasted the gold chance, it will ended faster this way.

    That old man groaned in pain on the floor before he passed out. All the girls give him an unbelievable looks. He just shrugged his shoulder and mouthed the words ‘He is old enough to die.’ And he smile like nothing have happen, like innocent man despite he just shot his own leader.

   Looking at the motionless body of Sakurai Kamata, Ikuta however have this evil smile on his lips. He is unusually happy looking at that body, and he wished that; the old man will die. He never feels this happy in his life. So he laughs hysterically leaving the girls with their surprised expression.

   Well, he doesn’t know when this feeling occurred in himself but he always wanted to be at highest in the clan. He wanted to be respected, but it cannot win against his desires to be the most powerful, to be the most feared by others. 

   Well, he has been in the clan since he was 15.. he witnessed everything what that old man did with his own eyes. He respected him, admired him for what he can do with his power. So, for almost 7 years in his life, he worked hard, he try his best, he want to be acknowledge by that old man to be his successor. He thought he had chance to achieve his dream since he has nobody except him to rely on; that old man trust Ikuta Eri with his life. But, how in the world that he can have a daughter?

   That fact makes him mad and angry. That Sakurai Kamata makes his dream shattered when he said he wants his only daughter to take over his place and Ikuta Eri can always be the most trusted person in Sakurai’s family. He can never accept that after what he have sacrifice for this clan. He can never allow a girl to snatch his dream. Doesn’t that old man know his dreams? He can never lower his head for a girl! Not ever.

   So he killed him. Ikuta Eri shot Sakurai Kamata behind his eyes. This is what they often said; don’t trust the outsider too much. Again, Ikuta smirks proudly. He aimed his gun to that old man head. He wanted to end his life right away.

   Bang! Bang!

   But, Nanamin is faster. She shot Ikuta before he could pull the trigger. The bullet hit precisely on Ikuta’s hand and made gun slips from his grip. He hunched in pain and anger. He wants to fight back but before he can do that, Nanamin quickly hit his back head with her gun. And he fell unconscious. 

   “It’ll be easier if you said so.” Wakatsuki stands straight and calm down her inner self. She can’t endure any second close to him.
   “So you heard his confession?” Wakatsuki talked to the camera which was put secretly behind stacks of book on the table. She takes the camera and turned it off. She smiles widely leaving Ikuta with his surprised expression; he seriously could get a heart attack with this girl games. Damn stupid game. Even if he is crazy, but he can’t do anything with his condition right now.


   Boom!! The loud crashed can be heard in the warehouse, their hideout. Sakurai’s men already arrived, but the girls already on their spots; ready to be attacked. As soon as the door was blown up, a bunch of men steps in. They’re all fully equipped with advanced weapon. Well, it is understandable since they do black market on it, so they have easy accessed on every weapons they want to use.

   “Ahhaa.” Watching everything from a monitor, Kazumin let out a dry laugh. She pushed one button on the control in her hand. Another loud sound can be heard echoing in all spaces. A small concussion can be felt at every place including in the basement.

   Four men were flung as the effect of the small explosion. It make the men scatter around, panicking over unexpected treatment they received. Kazumin laughs again and make Nanamin make a face due to her odd laugh.

   “Kazumin, please control yourself.” She said over their Bluetooth communication. It is true, Kazumin laugh sound so odd and weird, she herself already strange.

   “Sorry Nanamin.” Kazumin closed her mouth with her palm. Stopping herself from laughing again. Nanamin on the outside behind all the big boxes just rolled her eyes up.

   “Shit. They’re using dynamite Reika-san.” One of her man reported. Luckily, not many of their men were affected from that explosion. 

   “Be careful, and watch your steps.” Reika said fiercely, she’s in rage too.

   Another bunch of men come in. They observed the surrounding, no traces of people. Their enemy hiding well, almost invisible in their eyes. It made them anxious and scared so they just shoot randomly. It makes loud noise that can be heard down to the basement. Ikuta just smirk when he heard the shooting sound while Wakatsuki waiting impatiently. Pray for her teammate safety.

   Seeing the events, Nanamin released her shot which also revealing her position to the other side. And every shot was then directed to her. Luckily she has the big boxes as her shield. She exchanges eyes with Maiyan who still waiting at the end of corridor of same level.

   Kazumin flinched when she saw Nanamin being targeted. She pushed another button. Another explosion can be heard, the shooting stop for a while before it was continued by another men. Just like that, they able to decrease the number of men. It is all about strategies. Nanamin and Maiyan smile altogether, they now can start their move.

   Nanamin takes a precise observation before she shoots her target. Unlike their enemy, it all hit the target. More men went down from her shots. Same as Maiyan, she is guarding Misa who just below her position. She shoots whenever they move closer to the Misa’s position.

   Knowing that not much men she has now, Sakurai clench her fist. She hits the jeeps bumper, cannot hold her anger anymore. She steps in together with her men.

   “Kazumin. Stop.” Nanamin gives a signal when Sakurai comes to her sight. She continues her shoots but never aimed to Reika.   

   “I don’t think you will save.” Ikuta smirk sinisterly after lots of bangs was heard and felt. Only he and that girl were left under here. He exchanges looks with Wakatsuki who sits anxiously far at the corner. “We have more people.” Ikuta said again; provoking. But he actually silently tries to untie the knots. He moves his hand slowly, his smooth movement make the knot loosen a little bit, giving him more than enough spaces to release himself from the rope.

   Wakatsuki, whom too concerned over what happen upstairs not realized about Ikuta agendas. The moment she looks to Ikuta, a fist already directed to her. She falls when it hit directly on her face.

   “How..” Not able to think of that, Wakatsuki received another hit. She fails to stand up and gives Ikuta more chances to attack her. Two three punched was aimed at her body. Try to turn the table, Wakatsuki drag her body faster until she is has enough space to stand up. And now she’s already with her fighting stance.

   “Jezzz.. I’m not going to be soft with you.” Ikuta smirks again. He stepped in, blowing his high kick, but was restrained by Wakatsuki using her hand. She also gives a high kick. It hit Ikuta’s head. He just rolled to the ground but wake up quickly.

   He is fast. Wakatsuki remarks that point. It helps her to have more chance in attacking if she increased her speeds.

   Sakurai shoots to the upstairs, precise to Nanamin direction. The continuous shots hit on her rifle make the gun drop from her grips. Nanamin takes another gun which is smaller, she wants to aim to Reika but that fast girl already lost from her sight. She curses under her breath.

   Notice Nanamin mad expression, Maiyan quickly takes in charge. Searching for Sakurai Reika, but the moment she found her, she already being aimed by that girl. The shoots hits directly to her weapon and her hand. Maiyan is now bleeding due to shots she received. Damn, that girl too fast and precise.

   Realized the situation, Kazumin came out from monitoring room and replace Maiyan’s position to cover for Misa. But it’s too late, she miss Sakurai Reika again.

   “Misa senpai, it is time for you to shine brightly. Reika might reach your spot any time.” Kazumin report that as they have no choice and chance to move while being attacked by remaining men. Leave it to Misa-senpai.

   “She’s already here.” Well it is a fast reply but it’s true. Sakurai Reika already stands in front of her.

   “Well, I’m unarmed. No harm.” Misa shows her hand. Right no weapons, she was assigned with no weapon. Moreover, Reika is not for her to handle. She smiles like she’s not scared of a gun being pointed to her at all.

   Reika just examines Misa using her eyes. No harm. Well, she still won’t shot anyone, not by her gun. They only came to have Ikuta back.    “Then?” She throws away her gun, get ready to fight with Misa before she takes a glimpse of a door under Misa’s feet. So that’s where they isolate Ikuta. “Let me in.” She said strictly.

   “Ah, sure. But I’m here to guard it. So..” Misa get ready with her fighting stance, challenge the other girl to have a battle. Just after she get ready, a fist came in right to her face. Wow, not to this pretty face, she evaded it just right at the moment and pushed it with her back arm. She punched Reika right to her ribs make her groaned in pain. Misa smirks. Don’t underestimate a pretty girl like her.

   Received a blow from Misa does levelled up her rage more. Reika gives an outer kick.

   Misa dunked. That is the moments she saw a man came in; success in sneak into her area when she is busy with Sakurai. She slips out a small killing knife from her boot. Well, she did lie to Reika for not having any gun but she has knife as her weapon. She has no intention to hurt her anyway. Misa throw her knife, it breakthrough into his chest, he just fall helplessly.

   Realized her chance, Reika kicks Misa from the back, make the girl rolled far from her. Taking it as advantage, Reika quickly move to the door. She opened it. But the moment she opened it, Wakatsuki slender figure already stand there.

   “Well, she is all yours Waka, handle with care.” Misa said cunningly when she takes a glimpse of the situation between the two.

   Again, Sakurai is speechless. So it’s true, she with them but she is relieves; Waka looks alright after received her blow earlier. ‘But why should I worry for her? When she did betray her?’ Reika bites her lower lips at her own thought, fighting with her inner self.

        She catches the sight of Ikuta’s body lay on the ground behind Wakatsuki. She aimed her gun to Wakatsuki; again. Sakurai step forward, Wakatsuki retreat back until they’re finally in the basement. Left alone with Ikuta’s; unconsciously.

   Nothing was spoken since two minutes ago. They just stared to each other, no words. And Reika never shifts her gun from Wakatsuki’s head. While she only able stare into Reika’s face with watery eyes. If she need to say something.. She would say..

   “I’m glad you’re safe.” She said that. Finally, they’re able to face with each other. Wakatsuki smiles, a sincere one.

   For the first time ever, Sakurai Reika is hesitating, so she drops her gun. She dives into her eyes. How can, how can she still able talk to her like that. Is she just being grateful for her? Be thankful that she alive rather than mad at her after what she did?

   “Look Reika, please listen to me.” Wakatsuki step forward, it just makes Reika on her guard again. Wakatsuki walked to Ikuta, retrieved the camera he takes before when they’re fighting. But luckily, he already injured before so he has less stamina than her. Without Sakurai notice, she secretly reaching for the classic gun she used for Ikuta before this.

   “I just want you to listen to this.” She turned on the recording and shows it to Reika. The moments Reika’s eyes averted from her, she aimed her gun to her face it make the other girl taken aback. They’re now pointed a gun towards each other. Reika clearly surprised by that.

   “Still, you owe me an answer. I need to hear it from you.” Tears finally drop down from the corner of her eyes. She no longer can hold this, not in front the person she long to see so much, yet she’s has the eagerness to shoot her too.

   Reika, however still surprised with gun to her face. But, she is much more interested to the recording that now being played. She is motionless and emotionless while listening to the recording. Same goes with Wakatsuki, froze in position with gun aimed to Reika, her Reika. Their eyes still glued to each other.

   “So, it is all his lies?” Reika said, almost a whisper. She can’t believe what she just heard.

   Wakatsuki just nod. She has nothing to say either. She has done what should be done. What was left is their matter. She aimed her gun again with this determine looks; she would ended everything here.

   “I want an answer Reika!” Wakatsuki shouts with tears drop from her eyes.

   It makes Reika fell into solemnness. She never heard her shouts before, Wakatsuki never increase her voice towards Reika. Guess, she made her like that? Reika has this lonely smile in her face. How should she explain things? That she actually lied to her for whole of their friendship, since they meet each other. Everything full of lies, she is not an orphan; her father hates her. She is not a normal girl; she a girl trained to kill.

   “This is my life Waka..” Reika finally speaks. Wakatsuki nodded.

   “Then what am I?” Stutter in between her feeling, she asked. As much as she can, she tries not to cry again. Not in front of this girl.

   “You….” Reika lost for words. She observes each inch on Wakatsuki’s face, searching for answer. Wakatsuki to her is a very stoic person, she put pressure for herself in order to live, she lives most of her life alone, and so she needs that strength to survive. Never once in her life she saw Wakatsuki with that sad expression. Like she is so fragile and will broke into pieces any moments. No, she already broken, just waits the right time to be vanished by wind.

   Seeing Reika in silence, she left out a dry laugh. Bitter laugh. “Are you pretending with me?” She can’t, can look at her face even she missed her so much. “All this time? For almost seven years?” She looks down for two seconds. “Are you lying with me?” Her voice almost disappears in sadness. She can’t do this. Still, gun was aimed toward each other.

   Who knows, seven years ago, when they met in the orphanage.. They will finally come to a point of killing each other? Pointing guns towards each other while reminiscence all their memories? Like they don’t love each other, like they have become enemy for a long time. Who knows, a year ago.. When they
separated they will met again in this situation? Reach the point of no turning back. Would they regret of falling to each other back then if they know this will happen?

   Reika frozen. “It’s not like that Waka..” She stumbled under her breathes. She can’t stand looking at Wakatsuki sad face; she thought she is strong enough to hide it from her. Yes for everyone, but not in her eyes. She knew when Wakatsuki is sad.

   “You’re my happiness that I never have. I never meet anyone as you Waka.” Reika finally found her strength to speak. Their eyes meet again after a long time hiding from each other. She beams her smile.

   “You’re the only one I have, even if I’m bad, the best in me is you..” Her words finally come to its way. She still looks into Wakatsuki with a sincere looks contain love.

   “But, being with you.. it is not the place where I belong. This is place, I can’t deny it even if want to.” This times, it is Reika’s turn to have watery eyes. She looks down to her shoes. All of her miseries come all together at the same times.

   “I’m sorr..” She doesn’t know if she can have the forgiveness, but at least she should apologize for what she has done. What is the price of breaking someone’s heart? She doesn’t know that.

   “Reika..” Wakatsuki calls softly. She might be mad, angry for what Reika did back there, but she still unable to watch her blame herself.

   “My hand, my heart.. Will always open for you.” Wakatsuki looks up, into Reika’s eyes with tears. “I just need your answer. I have it now.” She smiles while wipes her tears with other hand. Guns still aimed towards each other.

   “Waka..” Reika is touching; almost cry in happiness with Wakatsuki’s sincere words. This girl; is too kind for a bad girl like her. Still, Wakatsuki is the best in her.

   “I love you Reika. I miss you. I can’t live without you. Just come home. Okay?” She cries while smiling. This tear is so unbearable. She has holds them for a long time already. She misses Reika so much; she loves her too much that she can’t live without her.

   Reika smiles, they both are smiling. With that they drop their gun and embrace each other.

        'Starting for today, let be together forever.'

         It is their silent promise, their heart talked in silent, and they nodded in silent. They don't need to voice out what their heart wants, they already know it. because what the hearts wants is what they actually loves to. 

   BANGG!! Loud shot can be heard under the basement.

A/N: Well thank you everyone for bearing with me since beginning until I reach this point of no turning back. i knot this is pretty boring fanfiction but still, thank you for bearing with me! I would like to thank all of your, my loyal readers, my silent readers (I know you read this) Thank you so much.  :bow:)

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 What's with the last statement?

They died? :mon cry: :mon cry:

And, sorry for being a silent reader... btw, It's good👏👏👍👍
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What's with the last statement?

They died? :mon cry: :mon cry:

And, sorry for being a silent reader... btw, It's good👏👏👍👍

i hope i can post the epilogue soon. there still epilogue. :glasses: thanks for passing my by first fanfic!  :luvluv1:
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It’s okay to feel that, this your first fic that you finished. Congrats!  :)

So there’s still something Ikuchan is afraid of…to die. I take it back when I said I kinda feel sorry for him. He wanted to kill Reika, there’s no forgiving him after that, nope.
Kazumin odd laugh  XD

Finally, the WakaRei showdown.
Waka  :pleeease:  her world crumbled apart because of the girl she loves, yet she still wants Reika to come home. There’s no other like Waka indeed, she’s the best.

Okay, so I know it’s not gonna end well somehow. And still won’t know who is it that got the bad ending until you post the epilogue.
There’s just too many possibilities since you pull a “Barrette” (the MV) ending there.
About Nanamin story, you can add it as however you like. In the epilogue or as a bonus side story after the epilogue. I’m just curious about it.
You can call me C (everyone can actually) so feel free.
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eh what about that eri?
please make an omake and thnk you for writing
Title: Re: The Best in Me is You (Nogizaka46 fanfic) [UPDATED EPILOGUE PART 1 -12 SEPT]
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 (A/N: I have a week off! And because I’ve sampling for my final year project in an isolate island after this holiday.. So I write a quick chapter of epilogue contain most of everyone life after that. Hope this is okay for you. Enjoy your reading!)


                It has been a week since Wakatsuki got her Reika back, since Reika shoot Ikuta at his hand because he's mad and wanted to stab Waka from her back; Reika just said that “No one could kill Wakatsuki but me.” such a cliché but she let Ikuta to takes her place as a leader in the clan as it is what he always wanted to be, and it has been a week since they last meet.

                Everyone agree that they would walk down their own path, Misa-senpai open her own fighting class, and her students are mostly girl because they need to protect themselves-never depend on boys. Misa must be really popular with her students even she is a girl but sometimes she has her manly sides too. She has that side of her believe it or not.

                Kazumin go back to her hometown at Chiba. She wanted to live her life without Ami peacefully. Everyone will support her, Wakatsuki gave her motivational words that “Even its will be hard but you will able do it and found someone else to cheer you up.”

                Maiyan? Don't know what happen to her. She just shrugged her shoulder when they asked what she wanted to do. “I will just go home.” She smile brightly, she never smile that bright before. Nanamin did asked her to live together but she just rejected that offer, said that she already have someone in mind.

                As for Nanamin... she wants to find her love too; kinda feels annoyed at Waka and Reika happiness after they reconciled. Like nothing had happen between them before. Such an unbelievable story that Waka just forget what Reika did to her. Sometimes Wakatsuki just being stupid Wakatsuki. She thinks that. So, after take times thinking what she wanted to do, she eventually said “I want to do what you do to Reika.” She said that when they’re alone and everyone has left on their way.
               “Hontoni?” Wakatsuki just laugh at her sentence. “So.. Why did you help me all this time?” Wakatsuki asks as their stride on their path. She always grips on Reika’s hand.

               “Hurm. I don’t know. I will tell you once I have them.” Nanamin laugh, tries to hide her awkwardness. She has her answer right now but she can’t tell her, not until she found her.

               “Ahhh don’t tell me you fall to my Waka.” Reika interrupt suddenly, she jeered at Nanamin and she clearly taken aback.

               “How can I?” Nanamin’s eyes widen in shock, she don’t expect them to have that thinking. Wakatsuki just laugh.

               Wakatsuki?? She just continues her normal life before she loses Reika. They become the usual stupid couple as like Nanamin said. Being able to sleep with Reika besides her already happiness for her and when she woke up and Reika still beside her, she called that heaven. She is happy and glad. And she work again at the Hoshimina's bakery, they readily accept her back after she left before.


                It has finish. I finally can come home, to my dear beloved sister. I stride along the familiar nostalgic road which I haven’t been for a long time. Long time since she knew about me. Well, she is my sister. Miona.

                We’re coming from different background, my mother remarried; so I have an instant younger sister, and her name is Miona. And I hate being at my own house, I don’t know why but maybe because there are strangers? And I never come home. Miona is a persistent girl, she always comes to me without any particular reason, mainly because she overstress about her homework. She followed me here and there, even stay at my place without permission with an excuse ‘I’m her sister.’

                 I can’t do anything about her and let her be, until I give up to not getting close to her. She knows how to make me laugh because of her stupid joke and imitations. So we meet more frequently at our special secret place; only we knew. But Miona never questioned me why I never come home anymore, she just being a little cute sister.

                 And here I am, at my own small place I call home. Since I move out from my parent’s house, I have my own small house; well you know ‘that’ kind of works made a lot of money. And we always spent most time here; our secret place, Miona are free to come anytime she wants.

                I stop in front of the main door. I saw a sandal, her sandal. I smile, happy that she still comes here despite what has happened approximately year ago.


                Bang! Bang! I’m speechless to what actually happen before my eyes. But I feel relieve when Nanamin shot Ikuta, he is a danger to us. After confirming that he is unconscious, I ran to Miona, I untied the knot behind her. She is weak, maybe haven’t eat for days.

                “Is she alright?” Misa came and help me to carry Miona. I just nodded.

                “And you?” I smile bitterly as an answer. How I should answer that? I feel like losing my heart for what has happen today, but overall I relieve. All matter to me is Miona condition.

               We bring her to my home, put her on her futon. She sleeps soundly. After sending everyone home, I sit there silently, watching her sleep intently. I miss her badly, we haven’t meet for months and in this bad situation, we meet. What would she say when she know who I am? What I’m doing with my life in order to make money? That her once good older sister which admires so much actually bad? But it is not my mistakes at the first place!


               I jumped from my chair when I heard her weak voice; I turned to her, waiting her next sentence. But it was all silent. I saw her spacing out; maybe try to regain all her memories for this three day. It must be hard for her.

               “Are you okay?” I asked after Miona being mute for minutes. I sit near to her and look into her, worried if she is sick.

               “Why are you doing this?”

               She looks down, probably disappointed of me. Well, I have hid this fact from her for a long time already. She hates this kind of thing but for me, this is the only thing I can do perfectly.

               I grab her hand, but she takes them away.

               “I hate you!”

              She turns around and lay with her back facing me, not to show her face and not giving me any chance to speak up. I sigh heavily; I knew this is will happen. I never have intention to drag her in this matter but she was dragged by. I walked out from the room, off the lamp and leave her there.

              “I will come home.” I said to myself, a promise before I close the main door. “I will finish what I have started.” And I walk out from my house.


             But I never knew she will be here after that. I never come here anymore since that day and I’m sure she won’t either; which makes me surprise that she still. I determined to finish my own problem to even come home. I inhaled deeply, trying to gain my courage to face her this time.
“Tadaima..” I chirp happily when I open the door. I catch a glimpse of her figure, sitting there doing her homework. She must be lying to our parents again each time she coming here that she will stay at her friend’s home. She turn around with a round shock eyes, I smile to her, try to ease my own nervous.

            “Miona.. I’m home.” I smile when I repeat my sentence again. I stand there on the main hallway like a statue, waiting for her reaction; patiently. I cannot read what is on mind. Did she shock? Did she still angry with me? I don’t know I don’t want to keep thinking about that.

            “Nee-chan!” Finally I can hear her voice. And she is running to me happily after a second of shock. Seeing her reaction makes me happy and I open my hand wide for her, waiting for her to come into me. She hugs me without delay.

           “Where have you been?” She asks with teary eyes.

           “Gomen.” I say while patting her head.

           “No, I’m sorry.” She said, make retreat. “I should listen to you that night. I don’t hate you.. I miss you.” She hugs me again. “Don’t leave again.” I heard it in between her cry.

            I hug her back and brush her back softly. “It is okay, I’m here, and I’ll never leave you again.”


            I nod. “Yes.” Everything has finished, I can finally meet you, face you proudly that I’ll become her sister again. I fulfill my promise.


                 Dusk falling very quick today, or time just leaving me behind while watching for a girl? I don’t know which one but it is already 6 and very late for the girl to play by herself, she is just around 5 or 6 years old. I watched her intensely; she is too engrossed in her sand castle to even realize she has late to come home. I chuckle to that cute view when she talks by herself about prince and princess.

                 I walk to her and squats in front her. She still doesn’t budge from her sand castle. I laugh again. “Hi.” I try to get her attention and she looks up to me. I amaze by the sight, she has beautiful eyes, like her.

                 She smiles to me before continue playing with the sands. And her smiles make me amazed once again. She has similar smile like her too.

                 “It is already late. It is dangerous for you to be out here.” I try to grab her attention again. That makes her stands up abruptly and wants to run after scanning her surroundings. I chase for her and she stops right after that, she turns to me with her scared expression.

                 “Why?” I squat to level our gaze. She almost crying while pointed into the direction she wants to go. I look to where she meant. There is a wild dog waiting at in front of a house, guarding with a fierce face. She must be afraid of that dog. What a cute little girl. I chuckle.

                 “Are you scared?” She nodded. I smile to ease her tension; I hold both of her shoulder. She almost is tearing up.

                 “What is your name?” I ask, seize the opportunity to be close with her.

                 “Fukagawa Nanami.” She answers me eloquently with her small mouth. I’m speechless upon what I heard even her voice is so small that I barely hear her but it is so clear. Don’t want her to notice my inner conflict, I smile again.

                “Well, we have same last name then.” I smile brightly, happy for that reason and she stops crying after that. “So Nanami-chan. Since we have same name, you have to be brave like nee-chan.” Our gazes still fixes at each other. She nods and I hug her, giving her a little comfort.

               “Nanami-chan, where is your house? Let nee-chan walks you home.” She silent tries to consider about my offer. “I’m not bad person you know.” I smile and laugh to ease her worries.


               I nod confidently.

               “But mom will mad if I bring stranger to our home.” She voice out her worries. So that makes her hesitate.

               “I’m not stranger. We have same name, don’t we?” I persuade her with my sulking face. She smile and nodded, taking my words. I hold her hand and stand up.

               “Let counts till three, and run as fast as you can okay?” She nods with her fear looking face. So cute. “I will never let go of your hand. Okay?” She nods as a return.

               “1, 2, 3!” And we run hand by hand. I heard her screaming when we reaching the dog point and she giggle happily when we past them. She has a very soothing laugh, like that someone. Then we walk to her home while talking about many things; mainly about her – favorite cartoons and foods. She never stops talking, that make me amused by how can she talks continuously like that? But I keep listen to her story like a sweet melody.

               “This is my house.” She pulls my hand signaling we have reaching her house. I know it actually.

               “Sokka..” I squat and our eyes meet. She has deep black calm eyes with an angelic smile. I guess she inherits those qualities from her?

               “Mou Nanami-chan. Where you gone? I’m worried.” A woman runs out from the main door. Her mom, it’s her; Fukagawa Mai. Looking at her slender figure makes me stand up in instant. She walked pass me and hug little Nanami, she must be worry crazily. I chuckle at the beautiful sight. She is beautiful, like the last time I saw her.

               “I’m sorry mom. I’ll never do it again.” She apologizes with sincere eyes. She is so cute; never fail to make me amused and happy. I standing there loyally, wait for them to finish their long encounter after day.

               “Okay! Promise me!” They made a pinky promise. I let out my soft laugh which makes her looks up to me. She has this surprised expression on her face. As expected. And I just bow to her lightly.

               “Nanami chan, can you go in first? Clean yourself okay?” Little Nanami gives a little nod to the instruction. She is an obedient kid – she runs straight into the house without looking back to me; she forgets about me just like that! That makes me sad but I think it is okay because she left me alone with her.

               We finally face each other. She looks into me with her furious eyes, I don’t know what she thinks but that stare makes me uneasy. So I look down with guilt.

               “Thanks for sending Nanami home.” She sounds so cold. I slightly nod. From the corner of my eyes, I can see she cross her arm on her body. I want to look at her but I can’t bring myself to doing that.

               “How are you?” Her unexpected question makes me startle and I look to her. She has this look of anxiety in her eyes. Why?

               “What?” I can’t get the exact meaning behind her question. She makes me nervous. She lean against the wall, sigh and pouting.

               “How are you?” She averts her eyes away from me, I can see she try to hide her shyness. I give my friendly smile, finally at my right mind. She is real.

               “I’m fine.” I move closer to her, she flinched to my moves but she didn’t restrain me, I guess it is okay. She is cold but I can tell she is waiting me to get close to her.

               “How are you?” I voice out, shove aside my nervous. She looks down, probably searching for a right answer. I can hear she sigh lightly. Am I doing something wrong?

               “I’m not okay.” She puts me in a halt with her answer. So I ask question at wrong timing.

               “You never come to me again after that day.” She looks away, refused to look into me. “You went missing just like that.. Without explanation.” She is hurt; I can tell that from her tone. I made her hurt.

               I bite my lower lips; holding myself from step closer to her. “I thought you never want to see me anymore.” I stops and searching for her eyes. “You run away from me.” I stating that little fact.

               “Baka Nanamin! I run because I want you to chase for me!” She shouts. I step back; surprise by her sudden confession and voice. She never raised her voice before this. So she is mad because I don’t chase her that day. The day where she run away and I just let her go then went missing.

              “I thought…” I’m stutter from my nervous. I can’t find the right words; I never want to be heard as an excuse. “Maimai..” I call her name for the first time. She looks to me; she has tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry.” I look down.


                That day, I’m doing my usual chores that I get from the leader of the clan. Finishing some men that intruded with our business. Me and Maiyan. We punched them, kicks them on several places until they’re weak enough to wake up and fight us back. We laugh at our own ability and strength to knock down some men by ourselves. I can tell that we are being feared by some people at this area, we have our own standards and achievement, and even we’re merely 17 years old girls.

               “Don’t interfere with our business again after this.” Maiyan said while pulled the hairs one of the men. He just nodded in fear. I let out my dry laugh, makes him more afraid of us.

               “If not, you will see our face again.” I kick his stomach when I walked past through him. It is Maiyan’s turn to laugh. We did a high touch after completed our tasks and walked away from the scene while chit chat.

              “Nanamin..” I heard someone called my name, a familiar voice. I look around and found a very familiar figure. Maimai, she is hiding behind a pole. I flinched and turn around to the scene earlier which is not too far from her spot. She is not watching those scenes right?

              “Nanamin..” She called for me again, demanding attention. I look at Maiyan, she shrugged.

              “Maimai.. It is not like what you saw.” I try to explain, even it might sound like a lie; it is a lie. She stepped back as I walked to her.

              “You know I hate this kind of things. Why did you involve in this kind of things?” She shook her head with disbelief. Maybe she tried to deny what she just saw, denying me.

              I take another steps to her, she stepped back again telling me that she don’t want me to get close to her. “Mai..” But she ran away from me before I reached to her. I want to chase for her but Maiyan grabbed my hand.

              “Give her time Nanamin, she need to be in right mind. You’ll make thing worsen.” Maiyan shook her head. I sighed, that is the only thing I can do in my state right now.

              And after that I keep watching her from a far. Wait for the right moments to approach her. but I don’t have the enough courage, I don’t even know how I should explain to her that I was in ‘this’ kind of thing long before we met, that I’m actually a bad girl whom she hates the most.

              How we actually attracted to each other and befriend at the first place? I don’t know, she just a fragile looking girl, so innocent and kind that need protection and care. Well, she is very kind actually, she hates violence the most – that is what she always said repeatedly which made me so hesitate to tell the truth about myself. And why she attracted to me when I’m already bad on the outside? I always wore the black jacket with tight jeans, it already reflecting my image.

               But for her “Nanamin is so cool, I like that side of Nanamin!” she only cheered for me when I once asked her that. “You’re so mysterious that you look so good in short hair. You’re so cool but sometimes you’re very adorable.”  She starts listing all the qualities she looks in me. Well, I’m surprised at first but cannot help but blushing hard. “I like how you blushing so easily like that.” She adds while pinching my red cheek.

               I cannot help to fall for her the moments we met. And I cannot help myself from distancing myself from her when I knew she actually hates violence – that is literally me. Hashimoto Nanami is equal to violence.

               I can’t approach her after all and just observed for her every day which later become years. I never show up in front of her anymore, try not to make her hates me even more.

               She found a man after that. He is better than me, is what I can say about him. With my bleeding heart, I watched their happy moments. But then, I knew, he left her when he found her pregnant of his child. That bastard, I’d want to kill him, but that will make her baby fatherless; so I restrained myself from doing that.

               If she thinks she was alone, she still has me without her notice. I took a very good care of her, well without her knowing. I paid a girl to help her when she has too many groceries to carry by herself, hired a boy to cheer her up when she feels down, I made her boss fired her just because the work is too heavy for a pregnant woman and find her suitable place to work at after that. I put several magazines about mom under her front door, making sure she read them all, seeking all the info about her and her baby health from her doctor after she meets them. I cannot help but to worry about her.

                And she gave birth to a very cute little girl. I can see that she was her happiness. Her true happiness, then I finally stops watching her. She is happy, she is not alone anymore, and she already has someone precious to her.

                A week before today, that is after we settle down everything and walked down our own path. This is my path, I choose to look out for my happiness again; well aside from my teammate, and this is my uppermost happiness.  I started to look up for her once again. Err not for her, but her beloved daughter. I never knew she named her after me. I observe her everywhere she go when she is alone, well Mai is working and will come home in the evening, and since she has little paid she cannot afford to hire someone to look after her. But I can tell she is a good daughter since she rarely going far from her home and play with strangers. She listens to her mom words very much.


                I move closer to her. Too close that our feet is touching. She flinched and look away from me. I grab her hand and bring it to my chest. She finally looks at me, maybe not expecting this simple gesture.

                “I’m sorry.” I whisper the words to her ear. I dive into her eyes telling her in silent that I’m sincere. We look into each other for a moment, she stay quiet whilst letting me dive into her.

                “At least you finally come to me.” I heard she said with a small smile tucked on her lips. It is the most beautiful angelic smile I ever seen. Her nose wrinkled more when she smiles, make her so cute.

                “Am I forgiven?”

                She takes a moment of thinking. “Nope!” She pouts, that makes my heart sunken more. “Not until you have dinner with us.” She let out her cunning smile which makes me relief, I nod in happiness.

                “Please don’t leave again.” She hugs me in sudden, make me blushing hard. She never fails make my heart losing its beat. I embrace her tightly, for a moment I want time to stop just to let us enjoying this warmth. “I miss you.” She said in between her deep breath.

                “I miss you too Maimai.” I can feel she tighten her grips on me, so do I.

                “Tadaima..” I said after we broke our long deep hug. I look into her eyes, she smiles.

                “Okaeri.” She smile brightly as a return, make a wrinkle on her nose and her eyes more obvious. She is the most beautiful I ever see. Fukagawa Mai.

                Well, if Wakatsuki will ask her last question again today. I have my answer why I help her getting her answer and Reika back. Because..

                I’m actually amazed by her determination in searching her answer while I’m just being a scaredy cat, running away from my reality and person I love so much. So I help her get her Reika back with a desire to keep chasing my love after she found her answer. She is someone who never give up fighting for what she wants, not even a second I saw her hesitate or scare of what might happen, if the answer she searching is not like what she hoping for, if Reika actually don’t love her anymore. She is stoic that whatever answer it is, she gonna accept them openly. But it is good for her that, they’re not disappointing one. She believes what she want to believe, turns out that it was true. Meeting Wakatsuki makes I realized that, it doesn’t matter what the outcomes is unless you try hard. She teaches me that simple fact of life.

              ‘Thanks Wakatsuki.’ I smile while following Maimai into her house and never let go her hand ever again.

(A/N: So everyone come home after their war. Maiyan back to her lil sister, and Nanamin back her place where she belong. Is this okay? Well, wakarei part will come in after this. But you know, i'm feeling down a bit due to their current relationship of 'just a friend'. :err: They used to call each other 'AIKATA THAT AIKATA THIS!  :ptam-cry:)

@ミサキ: So you know what happen to him. but I'll write it in a longer ver. for him later.. i'm not promising though  :hee:

@C: So here is the Nanamin part and a little bit about her past! And how is this???  :mon determined: Maimai made a second appearance her!  :luvluv1: i kinda miss her so badly these day.. and I think I'm falling into Nanamin more than i supposed to..  :k-inlove:

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Its Soo Awesome for me!! :D i like Maiyan  :heart: :heart: :heart:
Thanks Author!! You're soo cool!   :cow: :cow:
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thank you for omake~
glad to hear they have a happy ending^^
maiyan finally come home and aww :inlove: you add hashigawa pairing too.. :inlove:
eh? 'just a friend'? in nogizaka kojichuu isn't it? they said なかよし, isn't that character have same meaning as aikata? :?
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I’m surprised Reika didn’t kill Ikuchan, even more that she let him be a leader. Won’t it be a problem if Ikuchan wanted to have a revenge in the future? That guy is rather crazy after all.
Of course Misa-senpai would be popular with girls, she’s quite the womanizer  XD
I hope Kazumin finds her peace. Also, I’m glad Maiyan and Hori relationship is fixed.
HashiGawa scene reminds me of Tachinaori Chuu MV only it’s MaiMai instead of Maiyan.

Thank you for the epilogue. It’s more than what I expected especially the HashiGawa part. Initially I didn’t think much of HashiGawa because MaiMai has a daughter so I thought MaiMai wouldn’t be in the story much let alone has a past with Nanamin.
I miss MaiMai too, there’s no other like her.
Yeah, WakaRei doesn’t appear that close nowadays. I think Waka is really sensitive about the lesbian comment so she tried not to be so close to Reika so there won’t be rumors. But I’m sure they’re just as close as before behind the scene.
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(A/N: Hey guys I take longer time to post this part.. because basically yeah.. I doubt of myself, like… “This is not me! I’m not writing this kind of story.” Even I don’t know if you would think this is okay. I mean… this chapter, got little romance.. but for me, I can feel my fingers cringe too much.
But pardon me, I’m now experimenting my own writing styles. If you feel this ‘one person view’ is not right or sounds uncool.. just tell me, I can change it another way. Don’t feel shy at all. )


      If I need to name the kindest person in the world, it will be her. Wakatsuki Yumi, my Wakachuuki, my best friend, partner in live, ultimate love and everything.

      If anyone would be in her place, they will never do what she does. She brings back my own self, she brings me out from my place, put me in her very warm love and heart called home, treat me like nothing has happen between us. I'm grateful that she found me, that she still love me like I do. I'm thankful for everything she did to me which I think I would never repay her; I'll never let her go again that is FOR SURE.

      I watch her sleeping face intensely, memorizing each inch in her face, her moles under her eyes, her fallen hairs. How she still look gorgeous and cool? She always calm in every situation, even in her sleeps. I always amazed by this view, she has nice body line which I never realized she has this before, like she used to work out, maybe she is when we’re not together. Even the way sweats fall into her face, she looks even sexier. I slightly touch her body, savoring her tempting body with sexy muscles. I would do anything to be in this place again.

      "Why aren't you sleeping yet, Reika?" Her sleepy voice startle me, I thought she has sleeps. Well maybe she is before I disturb her earlier. 

      "Nothing, I’m just not sleepy." It is the truth, because I want to enjoy this moment a little longer.

      Without opening her eyes, she put her hand against my cheeks. I can feel her warmth. She brushes my cheeks lightly, it is very comfortable. She always did this when I can't sleep. I laugh, because I'm able to make her believe me. She was serious person anyway, take my words seriously.

      “Why are you laughing?" And she opens her eyes, make me surprised again. I can't help myself from laughing at her shocking sleepy face.

      “Nothing." I smile teasingly. She looks into my eyes. I did the same. There is no word between us but our hearts resonate with each other. I can feel her, so did her. I smile sincerely, grateful for this moment.

      "Thanks Waka." I said, I don’t know for how many time I thanked her, but I think I will never enough. Even myself think, I’m unforgivable. But she shakes lightly like she always do as she knew what I mean. "How can you still accept me after what I have done to you?" Since long ago, I always wanted to ask her that, even she always said that we'll never talk about this again; about what happen since I went missing. Let it be forgotten. But I can't. I wanted to know, everything. Even it might hurt her, hurt us.

      "We not gonna talk about this again, aren't we?"

      I just keep silent with my eyes stick solely into hers’; I wanted her to know that I'm serious. She return with a silent agreement in her eyes when our gazes met. Maybe searching why I want to know that so badly. Then she sigh slowly.

      "Because I love you."

      "I know." Here she comes with her usual answer. "That is a confession, not an answer." I try to not depressing her more by teasing her more. She flushed and flustered that I caught her off guard. That is not the case, because she always confesses her love every morning and night but still can feel shy? Moreover because I know, feel and sure that she has been hiding something from me since long ago, and I want to know what that is.

      We read each other’s eyes. I can see she is hesitating to call back the past. I know, and me too.. but I think everything needs to be settled between us. I can’t carry this unanswered question inside me. To walk down a better future, we need to clear things in the past; is what I at least think.

      "I was there when you raid their place for the first time." I heard she finally speaks with heavy tone.

      I'm shock but try to keep myself usual calm. I hold and brush her hand softly, I can feel her pain. She nods, like she can hear my inner question. And she smiles, reassuring me to listen more.

      "Right above you when you call Ikuta to do your job." She averts her eyes away from me; throwing away pain she wanted to forget. I reach for her hand and kiss them lightly saying I'm sorry and she smile. Again, our hearts listen to each other.

      “That time I know. You're just you. Just being a nice and kind Reika. You don't kill people. You won't dare, so you look away when he shot."

      So she saw through me. I'm so surprised of her ability to read through me. But I’m more amazed by her trust in me even after she knows who I am actually.

      "I'm just testing you all the time. I watched you from a far, wait for you to take action. And I know I'm right." She smiles.

      "You stalker!" But I’m actually happy and hyped that she pay close attention to me, that she has her eyes only for me.

      "You don't shot Nanamin and Maiyan when you have chance. You have that plenty of chance. And you play fairly with Misa, why don't you shot her when she just right in front of you?" It is questions but I don’t think I need to answer that, she has the answer in her. I’m pretty sure of it. I let her speaks more but still I'm flustered when she listing them one by one. Am I so obvious back there?

      "Back in the basement, you shot Ikuta.. Right onto his hand. Even he is really bad to you." She stops and looking into my eyes with her stern gazes. “Why don’t you just kill him?” There is unbelievable tone in her voice.

      But I’m the one that more shock. I still can’t believe this. How she manage to catch on the slightest things in me? And the last one. Yes of course I remember that one clearly.

      I finally drop my guns and moves into her warm hug. We both did the same. We hugged each other for the first time after a long time, I heard her cries on my shoulder, and she must be in huge pain all this time. I’m dumb if I think she was really okay even she said she is.  I pat her back slowly; try to shove away her sadness. “I would never left you again.” I promised.

      The moment we are too engrossed with ourselves that is the time I saw Eri reached out for a knife not too far from his spot. I saw he aimed that to us, to Waka direction actually. But I made my quick decision and point my gun to him instead before he able to do that. I shot him on his hand in a split of second. The knife plunked away making a clear clicking sound when it met with solid floor. He already wounded at the first place so I think it is more than enough.

      Waka broke our tight hug and looks at me in shock, I smile telling her that it is okay and enough. She nod before pulled my hand to go upstairs but I pulled back. “Let me talk to him.” I pointed to Ikuta, she nod and leaving both of us alone.

      I squat beside his weak body, he gives me his deadly glare but I just smile as a return. “Just be the good leader to the clan. This is my father legacy so please guide them well. No one can do that well than you.”

      He has a surprised look on his face; maybe never expect me to tell him that. Well, he become like this because can’t get what he wants to be, so I give him that. More than that, this is not for me, it doesn’t suit me at all. “And please, don’t disturb any of us again. Never.” I emphasize my last word so he would get it into him. I don’t wait for his answer, I don’t need them, and he heard me. I left him without any delay.

      So, that’s is why she never shot me too when she has chance, never question my actioned why I don’t shot Ikuta on dead spot. She has that trust in her towards me.

      "Everyone deserved a chance." I tell my simple answer - try to not debate with her but Waka just laugh at me. I give her my ‘What??’ look.

      "And that is why you shot me on the chest when you knew I have bullet-proof vest all along?"

      Ahhh, I think my mouth open without me notice. That is it. She saves that for the last.

      "When you already knew I'm the one who shot Ikuta when I carried the rifle?" I cannot content more surprise any longer. “Because practically that time, you all just to in love with each other and almost married.” She rolled her eyes in annoyance. So, she did jealous back there. I smirk. “But why don’t you kill me too? You don’t even know who am I at that time..”

      "Yadaaa Yadaaaa.." I roll my body all over the space I has on the bed out of satisfaction. I don't want to listen to her anymore. She makes me crazy. But it is just because I don't want to remember my biggest mistakes ever. I shot her on her chest when I detect she is the one who shots Ikuta who is my boyfriend at that time. Even if I’m aware that she has protection but I also know for that short distance shot could also bring her heart into shock and stopped. I will never forgive myself if anything happen to her. But I'm relieved that she is okay when I saw her at the basement. 

      "Why? You asked me first." She catches me by my shoulder and pinned me firmly. I can see her smirks when she able to end up on me. She is now on top of me. Our eyes meet, and my breath caught on my thumping heart and slows down. Our breaths moving in the same pattern. I can feel blood rushed to my cheek, luckily it is dark in the room so I'm sure she don't see that I’m so embarrassed right now.

      "I know you just being you Reika. Even if you're in that bad circle. You still can't bring yourself to do the bad thing." She whispers to my ears. I'm frozen by her simple tempting gesture.

      "I love that side of you even more." She leans to me, to kiss me and I'm frozen. This is not our first time being like this, but she never fails to make me nervous like this is our first time.

      I close my eyes, letting her takes charge of our situation now, like she always did. But after five seconds, our lips still not in contact and I heard her laughing instead. I open my eyes, I saw her smiling teasingly. So she just plays with me! Jeezzzz I had enough and I rolled her back when she off guard, too focused on her victory. Our position now changing I’m on my lead. She is now below me with both her hand pinned. I can see her gulping. 

      I chuckle at her funny expression which is so rare to see that. Maybe shock of my ability to make her off guard. This is the first time I'm leading. I smirk telling her how dare she making fun of me and she makes her sorry face soon after that. It is so cute and very rare to saw that side of her. Well, she is still girl after all. But no, I will not forgive her this time.

      "No one can kill you but me. And I can 'kill' you right now." I lean to her and whisper my words of threat. Despite of darkness, I can imagine the usual manly and ikemen Wakatsuki blushing hard over my deathly flirts. But she is not fighting back so I think it is okay?

      I lean forward, aiming for her tempting lips, she closes her eyes and I'm smiling like a bad girl. Well in other way, I am. I make a sudden change and aimed for her neck instead. I bite and suck them lightly; I can feel she squirms due to my sudden unexpected attacks.

      "Did I just kill you?" I whisper again with my tempting tone, there is no answer or deny so it must be yes then.

      I aim for her lips and bring our body closer we kiss passionately like we haven't kiss for a long time. Err we did not kiss after a long time so I guess it is okay to make further moves? I grab her neck, wanted to feel her warm body. Her hands move to my back. I expect her to grab me as return but no. She pulled the blanket and covers our body. The last thing I heard is her sweet chuckles. She is bad girl too sometime, but for sure.. I’m more baddass?

(A/N: Soo…. Is this chapter okay for you? Because my taste is little bit off. Since I rare read romance, so it’s hard for me to write this part. Any way… should we end this here? Or should I write another part to fill holes on my fic? I don’t mind writing more actually..
Mention that.. this is little announcement I need to make, I will make some make over for this fanfic, but it still will be in same part. The storyline still the same, I just decided to make it more systematically and proper. But I will inform you guys if I have time to work on it!!)

@C: Right.. misa senpai is womanizer.. i will fall with her if there is no waka..  :on bleed:
and you caught on that! yes,, it is in tachinaorichuu mv.. i get an idea by listen to them,..  :ptam-glow:
once again you're right.. waka is so sensitive.. i know they're not lesbian.. well, that kind of fan service actually make me happy. at least  :cool1:

@ミサキ: thanks for reading and never fail to stop by giving comments. it makes me hype!  :wigglypanda:
i don't know but translate said that it means close friend.. maybe it is same.. but aikata = partner give different vibe afterall! that is why i love them both!  :k-inlove:

@chocolatepandastarlight: Aww, thanks for reading. it is my pleasure anyway... for my own sake of fantasies.. :mon misch: hahaa i sounds so pervert..

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It’s good to experiment with your styles.
Just reading the opening and I’m already presented with Reika’s gayness  XD
Reika’s really lucky to be loved by Waka.

Of course, it’s easy to fall for Misa-senpai. She’s really pretty/charming and she knows it.
I don’t think WakaRei is a fanservice at all, I believe they really have a good relationship (whatever kind that may be). But Waka is probably afraid if the closeness will make Nogizaka look bad or something, that girl is super serious after all and she cares a great deal for Nogi so she's being careful.
And it’s okay if you want to end it here, it’s a good end. Although I wanted to see all the gang get together and see how their lives been since all that, be real friends and then maybe Nanamin can tell WakaRei her reason now. In other words, I just wanna see more HashiGawa  :lol:  but that’s just me, it’s really up to you.
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      It was late autumn that time, under a bridge, there is a small figure curling her body to retain all heat she could. Her face hidden between her two knees, small vibration can be seen through her body showing that she is freezing. It was late autumn which now waiting to enter winter so the temperature probably around 11ºC which her body can’t tolerate much with this windy and light rain. And she only wearing one piece of shirt, it obviously cannot help her retain all the heat she needed to live inside. Her sitting composure now fall by her side, she is laying down there with eyes slowly losing the light of hope.

      However, despite all the coldness wrapping her body and she have no hope of keep living; she still smiling. It is not a happy smile but she smile reminiscing all her memories she gained for today.

      She ran from her house, an orphanage which she literally can call home, but she can’t keep staying there. They might be provided her with everything she need, food, clothes, study, warm place and friends. But that is not what she wants, she dreamed of freedom. She wants to explore outside, she wants to know how the world out there. It is not like they didn’t let her going out but that’s not enough for her.

       The first place she went to is market, it is an ordinary place but for her she loves going there especially with her mother in the morning every weekend. She loves the commotion where everyone shouting to promote their product. The happiest thing occurs to her this morning is when an obaachan reward her with an ice cream as she help her carry all her groceries. She haven’t taste ice cream for a long time after her parents died due to an accident two years ago and left her alone in an orphanage. At first, she would cry her eyes out but she found that they will never come back no matter how hard she prays them to. And, she slowly accepting that people gonna leave anyway that is why she loves to be alone. She hates the feeling how loneliness can kill her when someone leave her. Being with people makes her paranoid because she afraid the lost, afraid the feeling of being alone after she laugh with someone.

      The second place she went to is a playground. She loves to watch people walked their dog in the morning and have a morning jog. She still remembers that her father used to bring her to nearby playground to have morning exercise. He always said that “exercise keep your body healthy. So you can live longer.” But he left her despite he is still young.

      Having enough things to watch at the playground, she wanders around the town. Enjoy watching people doing their activity. When she meet someone need her help, she would help them voluntarily either they reward her with something or not is different story. When she finds some empty wall, she would fill them with her drawing. She loves to draw, maybe that is why she loves observe people.

      Following where her small feet brought her, she somehow ended at a theme park. It just a small theme park but she thinks that her dream already fulfilled. She used to list them as the most places she wanted to go with her parents. But they weren’t here anymore, she need to fulfill her dream herself.  It is not like she blamed them for leaving her alone in this world but she needlessly to say that she hates how her parents makes promise to her yet not try to fulfill them. At the theme park, she just walked around watching people having fun. She loves when she can see all those smiling face.
      That was when she found herself being lost in the crowd of people in the town with empty stomach and low temperature. She cannot remember her way back to the orphanage since she just follows her small feet where they would bring her. But she didn’t panicked yet feel happy, isn’t this what she wants all her life? She wants this freedom, she feels jealous when she watching people walking freely from her windows in the evening. Always think that, why they didn’t allow all the kids to play outside from the house? Yet, after some time she understand why, because they have not enough people to observe us when we going out, incase if one of us went missing since lots of naughty kids in the house.

      So, she enjoy her little free time outside and ended up under a bridge just remember that her stomach has nothing except than that ice cream given by obaachan. And here she is, curling under the bridge waiting for death coming to her slowly. She expects death on her tenth year of life. She might be not dying due to overload hungry but also due to freezing. Maybe, she can meet her parents earlier this way; they might be waiting for her for a long time.

      She smiles again, not feeling scared of what might come to her today, and she has experienced lots things she wanted to. It is enough for her, and she can die peacefully. But, all the things that rewinds on her mind right now is the words from one of her friend when she found her secretly escaping from the orphanage this morning.

   “Nee! Make sure you come home!” That ‘friend’ is pouting but she couldn’t care less or more for it but to proceed with her plan. But her shirt was held by the other girl tightly. She sighs to the other girl act that annoyed her so much.

   “Make sure you come home! I’ll be waiting for you!” That ‘friend’ emphasized her words; make her feel guilty for a moment. She brushed her hand on her shirt, neither not wanting to hear more words nor to promise anything to someone she don’t know.

   She wouldn’t call her a friend, but she is the only one would talk to her even she never reply anything. They have lots of similarities, they came in almost at the same time, but that ‘friend’ came one week earlier than her. Their beds are side by side so before she went sleep, that ‘friend’ would always sings to her but most likely to herself since that is the song her parent always sang to her. That ‘friend’ would talk to her all of her worries even she feels weird that girl at her ten would have lots of worries. But that ‘friend’ never mad when she never replied anything. So, even if she don’t know that ‘friend’s’ name, can she call her a friend? At least at her last breath? Well, actually it is a lie, she knows her name since it was written on everyone’s bed but she just pretend not to know or to care. How irony it is because right now she want to listen to her singing before she can close her eyes peacefully. If before that ‘friend’ would tell her all her worries, right now.. she want to tell her some too. It is including, how she scared to be alone, how she appreciate meeting her, how she want her by her side right now.

      How funny it is because at this moment she remembers her? Wanting her to be by her side waiting for her last breath? She chuckles a little at herself. Right now, she wants to talk to her, wants to run to her and said she is here to fulfill her promise. But it is a waste; she can’t go home in her condition right now. She has no energy to even walk and it is too cold that she is freezing.

      “I’m sorry, I can’t go home.” She said weakly while closing her eyes. Her lips trembled so much that the words all jumbled. Her lips shaping a small weak smile, feeling satisfied if she died this way. But there are drop of tears at the corner of her eyes. She let out a big breath, a sigh that forming a cloud of vapor. Maybe her last breath. Her eyes were tightly shut down.

      Despite her thinking that she is dead, she can hear a fade turn clear footstep coming to her. Closer and closer. Is that death angel? She questioned herself but keep her eyes shut not even can open them up. She can hear that footstep stopping by her side. So he came to take her life. Take her, she willingly and volunteer to die. But instead, she feels her body being carried by him in bride style. Is this the way they take life? She questioned that to herself again, not even fighting when her life being taken.

      “You can’t die yet. At least not today.” It was a man voice, hoarse and dry. Somehow it sounds so comfortable and safe for her.


      The next morning she was woke up by a nice smell of food. Is she already in heaven that she was rewarded with nice food for her deed that she came at her early age? She smile in her sleeps thinking of that. But then a voice waking her up; loud and fierce. Remind her to have enough sleep but to wake up already.

      “Hey new girl! Wake up already, it is noon!” That girl scream loudly so she cannot help but open her eyes slowly and found that she was in a big room. Too big to be called as a room. Her eyes wander around the space, it is like she is in a mansion with classical design. She imagines this as a heaven before, maybe she really in a heaven but who is this two girl? She looked at the two girls with quizzical looks. They have same height, probably in her teen age. One of them have long brown hair while the other have short black hair. Both looks so scary to her that she don’t even dare meeting eyes with them.

      “Wake up.” The short haired girl yelled her as she looked at them with question in her face. She nodded before she get down from the big bed and follow the two girl into a kitchen; where she found a big table full of delicious and tempting food. Heaven.

      She sits on a chair where she was pointed to by the two girls which was at the single sit at end of the table. There are lots of girls surrounds the table full of food and they just look at her with weird gaze that make her awkward realized that she was sitting at the center. The two other girls sit at her side. She looks at them, asking for an explanation. But they just silently stare at the food waiting for something. So she bury all her question, she can ask them later.

      “He always serves us with nice food whenever new girl came in.”

      “Yeah, try to make her feel safe here.”

      “But of course, that is only tempo..”

      “Shut up, welcome your new friend nicely.”

      She heard them whisper to each other but it is too clear for her to listen to them before a man came in and shut them off. They then went silent. She looked up to the voice direction, he standing at the other end of the table. Their eyes meet but only for a second,  because she still feeling afraid. So, he is the one who saves her when she almost dying due to cold. She smiles to herself, proud that she makes a choice to escape the other day that she almost dying but it all makes her destiny better. She understands now that, a sacrifice is needed in order to meet with better life. She nodded at her own thinking.

      “Now let’s eat.” The man said and was replied by sound of fork and knife meeting with each other. She embrace herself to look to the man again as she can feel his eyes piercing her small head. Their gazes met again, this time she returns with a thankful smile. He nodded lightly, telling her to start eating.

      She gladly reaching for a fork and knife then starts eating crazily. She has been starving herself for almost two days if it is true that she unconscious for a day.

      After she was treated with a feast, everyone just went missing, leaving her with two same girls waking her up this morning. Right now they’re sitting on the sofa in a room full of books waiting for someone patiently. There are no words come out from each of them so she didn’t try to speak. The two girls are too intimidating for her, they never smile even once since they meet this morning.

      They stand up instantly when a man came in the room. She follows them, stand up and found that he is the same man as before. They bow so she bows too and beamed a smile to him. Somehow she felt indebted to him for saving her life, so a smile at least can pay him her gratitude.

      “Nanamin, Maiyan, please treat this new girl nicely, she is new here so you know what you should do right?” He said monotonously to the other girl.

      So their name is Nanamin and Maiyan, she remarks that in her head as she saw them nodded as a pleasure. The girl with short hair and stern face is Nanamin, and the girl with longer brown hair is Maiyan. She guessed that as he looks at them while he mentioning their name.

      “You, the new girl.” He turns to the small and squats down. She startle at first but try to stay composed; not wanting him to notice that she found him scary with a deep scar on his chin. “What is your name?” He asks as their eyes on the same level. His voice is so hoarse that she thinks that as scary as his scar.


      “Cut that.. just introduce to yourself to this girl later.”

      He didn’t wait for her to finish her sentence. But he just stands up and walked away from the room; left her with two girls in the air full of pressures. Of course she felt pressure, they’re not telling her anything, of where she might be right now, that full of girls around her age, maybe she is back in orphanage but different ones. Judging from today’s grand breakfast, now she didn’t mind if she was accepted to be here as one of them.

      She turns to the other girls who are now just in front of her. She cannot help but looks down when she felt their eyes on her. She doesn’t want to meet their scary eyes.

      “What is your name?” One of the girl asks her, her tone now are full of concern not as what she imagine them would be. The other girl squats in front of her. She grips on her shoulder lightly, making her to look into their eyes one by one. They’re smiling. She feels calm. 

      “What is your name?” The girl named Nanamin ask her again. She is clearly smiling to the small girl, making her more confused.

      “I’m..” She is totally confused, how they treat her so different to her right now. How they’re too cold with her this morning but now they are like a sister she never have. She can’t help but to think they have another agenda behind that friendly smile.

      “Don’t worry, think of us as your older sister. We will explain to you everything after this.” Maiyan said while squeezing the small girl’s hand. She wants her to feel safe.

      “Wakatsuki Yumi.” She said in a small voice after so much thinking and the two girls smile brightly to her, shushed away her negative thinking. Wakatsuki returns them with a smile.

      “Jaa.. make sure you remember your name because after this..” Nanamin turns the small girl’s body to her. So they can face each other. “Because they won’t call you with your name anymore.” Nanamin speaks as she looks into Wakatsuki with concern gaze. But she only makes the small girl more confused and afraid.

      “Here, we were trained to be an assassin. We are assassin too. But we won’t kill you as long as you do what we told to.” Maiyan now take turn in explaining things to her. Wakatsuki was clearly taken aback by her words. She clearly didn’t expect this from her. Her only memory of grand breakfast from today morning still denied her words.

      “That grand food just an act.” As she knew what Wakatsuki Yumi was thinking, Nanamin added more. Cannot help but sigh with the small girl naïve thinking.

      Now the small girl can take a grasp of real situation here. And the two girls just smiling weakly upon her reaction.

      “You can’t escape from here, unless you’re died.” She feels pity on how should she say that but Nanamin said that anyway. It was her job given by him. She looks away as the small girls starts to tear up, maybe feeling fear of her new destiny. And Maiyan starts to hug her tightly and rub her back slowly. She didn’t want the small girl to start wailing.


      The day she was brought here, change everything. She was teach how to fight by some man together with other girls. They all are coming from various background, but probably they are same with her.. have no one that will search for them. So that is why she still heard anything about people searching for her. Will they keep searching for missing orphan? She didn’t think so.

      They might be around same age, but most of them not befriend with each other. ‘Friends is not a choice for us to have’. Nanamin said that one day when she asked her why everyone look so fierce and scary. ‘We cannot afford to have friends.. unless we want to see them die. Here, everyone is competing with each other.’ Maiyan added.

      She doesn’t know why, even if they said that they are friends right? Maiyan and Nanamin look so close to her, but that time she still don’t have courage to ask and understand why. And, even if they never say anything, she will always stick with them, well probably because she doesn’t have any choice when Nanamin is the one who teach her using gun and Maiyan is the one who teach her using daggers.

      And she like being with them, even if, they will change in instant as they start training, Nanamin is the one who always showing her hard stern face on the outside when teaching her shooting. The first time she asks her why Nanamin change, she receives a punch on her cheeks. She don’t understand why would Nanamin punched her but after that she will never ask her anything again during their training and keep her face stoic emotionless as ever. Maiyan is the same as Nanamin, she might have that kind of cool beauty, easy to approach and friendly but Maiyan kind of more scary than Nanamin, at least Nanamin never throw her knife on her face or shot her whenever she failed hitting a target. Luckily, Maiyan is expert enough using knife or any kind of daggers so it ended up slicing her ears a little bit.

      Years of practicing, Wakatsuki Yumi improved a lot, she would always thanked Nanamin and Maiyan willing to teach her in her early days when other girls was teach and tortured by their mean and bad trainer. If before she never able to hit a still target, now she even able to shot a moving object while shut one her eye off, and of course Maiyan Spartans way of teaching using daggers make her better than herself.

      At her age of 12, she made her first kill. A young boy probably around 17 years old. Reason for her kills is, he is totally a jerk! They got lot of orders to kill him, but at first the orders was ignored by Akimoto sensei, the man with deep scar on his chin, but when they received dozens of order to kill him and the pay are getting higher day by day so Akimoto sensei simply sent her to kill him.

      Her first kill, it wasn’t perfect but she did it. She killed him during he was drunk. It was dark that night, but thanks to her capability and training in harsh environment, she kill him without any problem. Well not really without any problem because at first she plan to just stab him but he got lucky as her hand trembled a lot during the mission and the knife ended up on the floor. The sound of metal fall on the ground wake him up about the silent accompany in the dark. He quickly takes charge to her when he realizes a girl in front of him, trying to kill him. Even if he is drunk, his is much stronger than her 12 years old strength. They fighting for two minutes before she finally strangled him to death using her young energy, her desire to end his life are increased second after second when he smashed on her head using the wine bottle. She is bleeding but she is mad. He is dead within 30 seconds of breathless.

      That was her first kill, it wasn’t perfect but it is successful for the first timer like her. But the after effects are painful to her. She was only 12, but she had her first kill, and she couldn’t even forget about it. She is sleepless for more than one month because whenever she sleeps she would have bad dreams it was random nightmare. She couldn’t eat anything and ended up throwing up everything she swallows. Nanamin and Maiyan, strangely didn’t comment anything about her skipping her practice. They just let her stare blankly on the ceiling without doing anything.

      The verges of her pain are when she almost jumped from the mansion without her consciousness. She is sleeping that time, and as always she would have nightmare, she walked in her sleep to the window, she climbed the window and almost jumped from level three. She maybe will not die from the jumped but could break her bones. Lucky enough that Nanamin is awake from the sound of windows being opened. It takes her minutes to realize that the younger girl try to kill herself in sleep. Again, she received punches from Nanamin for doing stupid things by herself. But when Nanamin have enough punching her body and Maiyan just being bystander, Nanamin hugged her cry on her shoulder. For the first time, she realized that.. death is not a solution.

      ‘Person who destined to be dead will die anyway. The difference is we help to accelerate the death. And the person we kill is deserved to die anyway.’ Maiyan words change her way of looking at things after months of suffering and regretting things. That is true. Most of people they kill is someone who deserved to be dead on the alley, someone that useless to their family, community and country.

(A/N: So how is it? I’m sorry if it is too long to be a prologue, I didn’t imagine it can be this long but well here is it, my new idea. I’m still with my old genre of story.. it suits me more than romantic but I can promise you that this will fill with much more romance than before.

I make this approximately one month ago, I think I should finish my previous fiction before posting on this.. the vague idea is there but we’ll see, your comment might change the story line a little bit, so you can voice out your opinion and see it if I can make it better. Yeahhhh

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new fic!! I like all genres (except horror). so I'll enjoy your fic. from the titles I read has made me curious :roll:

poor waka.. it must be very hard in a young age you should do it :cry: but don't worry nanamin and maiyan will take care of you and make you become a stronger person, right?

Thanks for the new fic author-san. waiting for next part :deco:
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Hi! To tell the truth, I've been reading ever since the first story came out but stays a silent reader, now I'm going to change that because the new story is so good XD.

Poor Waka, she never thought that she'd ended up an assassin, but at least she has Nanamin and Maiyan with her. Also, Nanamin seems like a person who lets her emotion out by hitting something :banghead:.

Now I'm curious about what the other nogis would be (it will be awesome if some of them turns out to be assassination target). This will also have a pairing right?
I'll be waiting for the next chapter  :D
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Hmm about HashiGawa, I’m thinking maybe see how Nanamin is adjusting with Maimai and little Nanamin, like how will Maimai explains little Nanamin about the big one sharing her name and how well will she accept big Nanamin sudden presence in their life.
But like I said it’s okay if you end it there especially now you have a new story to focus on.

Nogi fic with action is always welcome  :yep:
I feel bad for Waka’s ‘friend’, I hope she get adopted by a good family.
Also poor Waka for wanting freedom but getting caught in the assassination business instead.
I’m liking the WakaMaiyanNanamin combination.
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(A/N: Sorry for the late  :bow: i should post this sooner but yeah, i got no time, barely breathing last week  :mon surr: . but here you are, first chapter. sorry if it below your expectation or too long. Leave comments as it will make my day and keep my spirit to update  :wub: :wub: !!



      NOGIKILLERS. Is what they was call. Nogi? Because they was situated in Nogizaka, but most people wouldn’t know about their present. People who usually need their service and skills often made it through newspapers; there was a code on newspaper advertisement. It was really easy actually, their customer only need to reply to one of their fake advertisement which selling for service.

      Only people who are in need will answer to their advertisement. They are not using any technologies like mail or phone but the order was sent through letter. That was a little bit risky but yeah; different address was used with different recipient. It was the basic they know, other than that, the people from above arrange it for them. Or someone who suits the task that require intelligence. The one who usually break the message was Akimoto Manatsu and Nakada Kana, the genius born from the crack. Simply because of they have the brain and can’t use power that much. Wasting them was not a choice from above.

      And of course, people like Akimoto sensei have his own cable, everyone know him with good and high position in the country. It is his mask to his country, but real bad people know what he actually selling. Service. He is doing that for money and lives.

      Killers from NogiKillers was because well they are the killers. Some would called themselves as respected killer as they only killed and terminate one’s live just because they’re jerk, useless which have nothing but to waste everything they have; people that their own family hates. Well, there was also exceptional where they kill someone who has rank, like minister, lawyer, doctor, named them all they have it in their list. Because these people are someone who act good on outside but stink inside. And other exception is, when you’re at high position and rank, surely there will be people wanted you to be dead. As simple as that. But for them, they didn’t care, they just doing their job and being paid. That is more important than caring for their target. Because that is what they made for, killing people for living. The concept that was grown in them is either you or your target will be dead. 

      The total of them are now 46 girls. 16 of them still a trainee and new, 20 of them are still in trial and 10 of them is the upper rank. The trial girls, is something everyone should scared of, because trial means.. If you failed to pass the test you will be terminate right away. The tests are quite easy for someone who is mean to be killer, because the only thing they need to do is kill. Yeah just kill, the method itself is not important but the target is what they should worry the most. If they are lucky enough, they will get cheap outsider to be killed. But if not, they need to kill the insider. The question is who is that insider?


      Two assassins to-be will be sent in a room, they call the room of destiny. Because it determined their fate, alive or dead. And they just need to kill. The quickest, strongest and aggressive will win the fight. At last, the 20 people from the trial will remain as 10 girls. Well as easy as that. That is how the girls will become permanent killers called Upper Rank Girls. And Maiyan words back there is true; they didn’t use their real name in here. The ranks represent themselves.

      But things not ended there, once you have become the permanent members, you need a rank. Any rank would be but not as last. The higher their target is the beneficial they will be. Come back to the base with good result (means you’re still alive) will get your rank higher. But if they didn’t come back, just assume there will be empty rank to be fighting for.

      For the 10 girls in upper rank… a word to describe them is professional. They didn’t afford a failure. They will always come back alive and without injuries. The way they finish their tasks or assignments also something should be proud of, they only need one day to finish them from given time. Usually, they will be given one week to do some research which for them quite long.

      And after 10 years of harsh training, Wakatsuki Yumi has climbed the leader drastically. She is the youngest and earliest to enter the upper rank at 15 years old. Everyone has killed tones of targets, but her? She is something different; hundreds of man was terminate by her hand. Personally, she has lots of request to kill. People want the best, and she was chosen to do the assignment. She has the monster in her; she will kill fast and without mercy. Never hesitates to end someone’s live in split of second. Because she never doubt why she should kill. Since then, she lives by following orders.

      She in the upper rank along with Nanamin and Maiyan, each was separated by one rank. The highest is still, Nanamin and second Maiyan and third is Wakatsuki. But they have something unsettle with their ranks. Three of them almost have close number or success kills but consider that she came later than most of other upper rank girls, she surely at different level of standards.

      She always takes the target that is ranked third. Well, the target themselves has rank according to their importance. The higher the target rank, the higher the pay and difficulties. And for Wakatsuki, she always takes the third. Not because she didn’t have the guts to kill the first but she just…

      “You take time choosing your target this time.” Nanamin came from behind while wiping her dripping sweat from fighting training two minutes ago. That is was before the list of target was display on the huge electronic target board. Usually, the shorter girl didn’t mind much about her target but this time, she surely takes time to stare at it which makes the older girl wonder why.

      “I will just take the usual one.” Wakatsuki said before walking passes Nanamin, she is done looking and it is Takayama Kazuo as her next target.

      “Nee! Why don’t you take the first?” Nanamin high voice stops everyone from their doing, including Wakatsuki who already sitting on the bench, getting ready to go home. Maiyan who is standing next to the ring, far from them also shock, Nanamin is not someone who will shout. She is as calm as the evening wind.

      “It was impossible for me.” Wakatsuki laugh it off awkwardly then packing her stuff in her bag pack.

      “Impossible? Is not something like professional assassin like you will say.” She laugh at the statement like she is looking down at her used to be apprentice. She walks to the ring and calmly enters the ring that used for fighting training. “Come here, settle it with me.” She challenged Wakatsuki with her low voice. The voice that no one would ever say no.

      “Nanamin! Are you serious?” Maiyan who is clearly shock by the sudden challenge try to wake up Nanamin from her madness. She never knows that this day would finally come. The day when Nanamin finally challenging Wakatsuki to fight in public; in front of all upper rank girls. She can’t say that her decision is wrong since these lately Nanamin seem so unsatisfied with the younger girl.

      Well, everyone would know that how hard Wakatsuki is pushing herself from rank 10 into the best three since she was 15. She keeps on challenging higher rank than her to fight. She never stops fighting everyone else and it has been a year she stop challenging at rank third. When everyone, expecting her to keep climbing the rank but she didn’t. It was a lie if Nanamin and Maiyan didn’t feel the anxiety at all, they do wait what Wakatsuki’s next step is.

      Some would assume that the reason why she stops is because there are Maiyan and Nanamin. Both of them are her trainer and she may be having kind of respect for both girls. Moreover, Nanamin and Maiyan have been there since forever. Ranking number one and two is their starting line. No one ever success taking those rank from them.

      For Maiyan, of course she knows what Nanamin feels. She feels degraded, she feels like Wakatsuki was looking down at both of them. Why didn’t take the rank when she capable of it. Two of them have been with Wakatsuki Yumi since the day she was taken here. They teach her everything they have, but for little girl like Wakatsuki, she is quick learner. She learnt more than what she was teach. And both of them know it exactly that Wakatsuki has surpassed both of them.

      That is not only their views, everyone in upper ranks also think the same. Since Wakatsuki enter the upper rank, everyone seems to look down at them. Saying that, Nanamin and Maiyan still there because, Wakatsuki never ever dared to challenge her two trainers.
      Maiyan takes a quick glance towards younger girls.

      Wakatsuki, still standing there does nothing. But of course she know and familiar with that tone. Taking moments of thinking, she chooses to ignore those words. This is not the first time Nanamin provokes her, but this is the first one in public. Maybe she can ignore it as she usually did.

      “Don’t you all think so?” Nanamin provokes other girls, she starts to be impatient to gain some supports. She glares at Ikoma, the one who always saying things she shouldn’t. Ikoma Rina’s words always make Nanamin mad but all this time, she still can take it.

      Ikoma, who gets the meaning behind the glare, starts to back off. Even if she always saying things like how Nanamin should be grateful with her rank just because Wakatsuki never challenge her, but she never dared say it in her face. Never knew that Nanamin know it was her who always setting fire inside other girls.

      “Well, it is not like that.” Ikoma shakes her head and hand vigorously. Try to defend from the killing glares.

      “Yes! We all think so!” On the other side of the ring, Inoue Sayuri voice out the opinion bravely. And everyone followed with a little nod. It makes Nanamin chuckles on how she finally able to make everyone honest. At least in front of her face.

      “Nanamin, you know you can do this outside.” Maiyan, still can’t accept the idea of finish their issue here.

      “You too Mai, don’t you think we should end it here? That girl should know her place.”
      “Yeah, we all want to know who is stronger. Who is number one, we want to see the fight.” Matsumura, the #9 also starts to have courage. She is usually the silent girl who always follows what was set up for her.

      “See?” Nanamin crossed her hand over her body with satisfaction. And Maiyan, starts getting nervous. She catches a glimpse of Wakatsuki small body. From behind, she knows that girl can’t take it any longer when everyone starts to support Nanamin and provokes her.

      This will be bad. Maiyan can feel where this will lead to when Wakatsuki finally turns her body to face all of them in the Upper Rank Training Room. Maiyan face palmed when Wakatsuki starts to take small steps towards the ring.

      “Are you really wanted to finish this at once?” She asked in her unusual low tone and tight jaw.

      The answer was seen through Nanamin confident nod. And Maiyan once again face palmed. This will be really bad. She looks at Wakatsuki who is now slowly walks into the ring. Wakatsuki stop in front of taller girl, having a tight pressure around them.

      “Wait a minute!” Maiyan suddenly scream and step in between Nanamin and Wakatsuki glare competition.

      “Nani?” Nanamin and Wakatsuki speak in unison. Both annoyed with Maiyan sudden interruption. She looks damn nervous, not like someone professional killer would be. Not how calm emotionless she supposed to be when she killed her target.

      “You should defeat me first before Nanamin. I am number two.” She looks up to Nanamin who is now totally flustered and shock.

      “That is not..”

      “You said it too right. We have same issue. So why can’t I?” Maiyan smirks while stepped into the ring and pushed Nanamin to the corner. She is now giving her fierce look to Wakatsuki who just stand still in her place. “Come Waka.” Without waiting for any answer for her question, she gets into her fighting stance; she clenched her fist tightly and gritted her jaw. 

      “I won’t waste my energy just to fight two people at once. If I beat Nanamin, it means I beat two of you. Isn’t it?” Wakatsuki glances to Nanamin at the side, silently forcing her to agree and nod. “It would be unfair for my second round. Right?” This time, Wakatsuki smirks to Maiyan. The slack in Maiyan stance proving Wakatsuki’s word is right. She could lose lot of her energy for her next fight, so why can’t she kill two birds with one stone?

      “She is right.” Nanamin step in and pushed Maiyan to the corner, making the other girl dumbfounded.


      “You can’t finish her, you know that too. Right?” Nanamin’s words almost fall into whisper and it silence Maiyan at once.

      Nanamin was true, she know it well that Maiyan can’t beat Wakatsuki colossal energy. So she keeps as bystander with the fight between Nanamin and Wakatsuki. It never make her at ease, her face wrinkles as much as she would have when she enter 80s.

      “Jaa, why don’t we start?” Nanamin getting ready with her fighting stance just like Maiyan. Both of them have same starting position. Nope, make it three with Wakatsuki too now with the same position. As expected from trainer and apprentice.

      They take two seconds to just look into each other eyes, both have fire in their eyes which will never erase when they’re fighting. And everyone starts to have close view to the fighting ring. They will never miss this legendary fight between Nanamin who always at the top between Wakatsuki who has beat as much as upper ranks girls just to climb the rank. Other previous girls were beaten by her too and they barely can stand up. That ignites the flames between upper girls that how Wakatsuki should take the top instead.

      It didn’t take Nanamin longer to charge into Wakatsuki, she has done more than that during their early day anyway. Few hits landed on Wakatsuki’s body but still she didn’t flinched. She takes all the punched calmly, like she used to be. Another outer kick turned Wakatsuki’s body to fall by her side. And Nanamin seize the opportunity to trap the girl under her. Another hit was blow to her face continuously, fast and heavy. But still, it never returned. Wakatsuki stay still.

      “Why?” In between her breathless voice, Nanamin questioned Wakatsuki. She asked again and again each time she hit her. Until Nanamin lost almost all of her energy just to spit her anger and outrage.

      “How should I know why when I never know it too?” Her words keep halting whenever she received punches from the older girl.

      “Then find the answer!”

      It was sent simultaneously with the heaviest and hardest blow towards Wakatsuki.

      “If you didn’t know, find it. Find it I say!” Nanamin’s madness finally reached the limit. But thank goodness that small body has taken it more than this before. She still can endure it no matter how mad Nanamin right now. Because that is what shaped little Wakatsuki into right now.

      “Teach me how!” But the pressure of searching the reason was huge than the blow itself. Why pushing her to the corner without teaching her how to? And Wakatsuki was turned on by that fact she just realized. That she was always teach by Nanamin and Maiyan how to face things. Up till now, she is doing what she was told to. How to end someone’s life, how to finish her tasks, how to fight, how to use knives and everything she know, was teach by them. Then how she would find the answer when they keep giving it to her?

      And the first blow was sent to Nanamin face, heavy enough to make her body fall to the side. Wakatsuki quickly stand up, she stagger a little bit but it didn’t failed her to urge towards Nanamin and give continuously hit to her body. The fast movement makes Nanamin paralyzed for second. She can’t find opportunity to even defend herself.

      “I am now.” Despite all the pricking pain in her body, Nanamin still able to smirk.

      But the whisper word was unheard to Wakatsuki who is now turning into madness. She has different level of madness than Nanamin just now. She can’t think it right when she is in that state. Nanamin knows it well so she keep it silent without defending anymore, just letting the younger girl to lash out all her anger all this time. But, without anyone realized it, she has this unusual satisfaction smiles on her face. 

      It was different to the audience side much more to Maiyan side when she realized that Wakatsuki never be like that. Wakatsuki they know never return any of Nanamin’s hit. She has endured it since forever. And why Nanamin still can smile after all that punches? That worries her the most.

      “Waka! Waka! That’s enough!” Even the loudest yell can’t stop her from her craziness. Maiyan can’t take it anymore so she jumped into the ring and separate Wakatsuki from Nanamin, just to find Nanamin still smiling with blood on her face. “Are you crazy?!” She glares at both girls.

      Maiyan’s yells awake her from her another self just to realize that she finally escape from her own cage of endurance. And the crowd also starts to cheer over Wakatsuki winning side. But there only thick silence between three of them with Nanamin still smirk for unknown reason and Maiyan still fuming over what has happen.

      Loud claps from upstairs silence all of them. They look up in instant just to discover Akimoto-sensei with two of his bodyguard. Like dominos effect, everyone keep silence and get stand up. They give 90 degrees of bow before lowering their head.

      “That was a fun fight. I should make it more frequent as a show.” Akimoto-sensei said after done clapping. He scratches his chin few times while thinking deeply. “Now the ranking has change isn’t it?”

      The question make Wakatsuki look up in disbelief. Did she just beat Nanamin? She looks at Nanamin, her state telling her all. She beat her. Wakatsuki heaves a deep sigh.

      “You will be number one starting from today. Looks like I didn’t have to force you to take number one target as for now. You have done it yourself.” He gone while laughing creepily, leaving everyone back to their normal state.

      Maiyan help Nanamin to walk down the ring while passing Wakatsuki who still lowering her head. She can’t face up to Nanamin until a touch on her shoulder awake her. It was Nanamin. She found a crook smile on Nanamin’s face and it makes her confused.

      “Sometimes, you need to break the wall in front of you. You have to. And you did it, right?” Nanamin smiles again before she finally missing at the entrance of training room.

      Everyone also gradually missing from the training room left only Wakatsuki standing inside the ring like a statue. She looks lost and confused. What is mean by she find it earlier? She can’t catch the meaning behind it. It makes her head confused even more.

      Right, Nanamin and Maiyan are her wall. She just breaks it. It has been that way since beginning. She can’t break the wall when it was thr only thing makes her feel safe and accepted. Safe from everything she found scary to her. Even if right now she already 20 years old, she still have the side of small child. The side she has been hiding from everyone but ‘family’. It was only shown when she was home.

      Her phone beeping signaling she received a message. In swift movement she swipe to read the message. ‘When will you come home?’ That simple one sentence makes her smile a little bit. Realize that it already dark outside. She step out from the ring and walk towards her backpack. She stops in front of target board before she gets out. In a glimpse, she read her new target.

      Nakamoto Reika.

      Is her new target. And without further ado, she shuts off the light in the training room and get out from their usual place of routine. Just to get home.


      HOME. Home is the only place she would act childish. Well because there are person would treat her the way it supposed to be when she was 10 years old. Wakatsuki lower down her hood to cover the bruises on her face from nearby passerby. She lives in an apartment where she will be assumed as normal girl.

      It has been two year since she moves out from the mansion. That is one of the advantages every upper rank girls get when they manage to break into the upper ranks. She enter the upper rank since she was 15 but, that time she still young and the pass can’t be given right away, not until she reach 18. And now, she relieve that she can go out anytime she want, feeling the wind as much as she can and dreams of freedom. But she still needs to go back to the mansion occasionally. The mansion has their practice room which can’t be accessed by other trainee easily. The practice room for upper rank girls is much more comfortable even if it situated underground.

      In just few swift movements, she opens the door into her home. As soon as she enters the house, she was attacked right away. Her neck was lock down, forcing her to bend her body lower.

      “Nanamin! It is hurt! Stop it!” She screams. Without looking at the culprit she already who will attack her like that. Only Nanamin will play with her like that.

      “Are you mad little girl? Huhh huh??” Nanamin teased Wakatsuki while knocking her head, not even concern about untreated wound on her face; well she wounded too but already was treated long time ago.

      “Itttaiii yo! Let me go, I need to shower.”

      Wakatsuki struggle for a while to escape from Nanamin but the lock never loose even a bit.

      “Nanamin! Let her go, she need to shower and treat that wound you put on her.” It was Maiyan who always break their childish fight. And as usual, Nanamin will obey her. Maiyan might be soft on outside but she turn on her kuroishi mode; she should pray she was dead by that time. And at home, Maiyan was like their older sister. Well, it does serve her when Maiyan is the oldest among them, and doing most of the chores at home.

      Wakatsuki rolled her eyes and stick her tongues as soon as Maiyan’s order was out. Before Nanamin catch her again, she run to her room to have a bath. While Nanamin just joined Maiyan on the table to have salad as late snack while waiting for Wakatsuki. But the thick pressure between them is noticeable when Maiyan only stares into distance, not even looking at Nanamin.

      “Are you mad?” Nanamin asks after moments of silence with her best friend. She glances at her side, checking Maiyan expression and it was flat which answers her question. She didn’t have to confirm it twice. Those silent said it all. 

      “Nope.” Maiyan answers it plainly.

      “Don’t lie, I know you are mad.”

      “Then why asking for more when you already knew it?” Maiyan drops her fork in her salad bowl, stopping Nanamin from munching and gaping widely.

      “So you are mad.” Her voices now turn into whisper and she looks away, dared to face Maiyan right now. Well, supposedly Maiyan will mad at her from this evening event. And deep there she mad at herself too.

      “You didn’t have to do that way, Nanamin. You hurt yourself to, and Waka.” Maiyan lower her head in disappointment.

      “I need to do it anyway. He knows how close we are and if I didn’t do that, he will do it in his way. You know how he does thing too.” Nanamin keep her voice low.

      “I know your intention. But it will be another way, right?”

      Nanamin sigh. Actually she can’t think other way. Well, it is funny to think that how fragile her inner self when it involved Wakatsuki and Maiyan. Two people who are close to her real damn much. It is not weird if Maiyan close to her, they are taken at the same time they already face everything since then; when only them and Akimoto-sensei in this business. They grew up together, so it was understandable but with Wakatsuki?

      It might be because she was the youngest back then during she was taken. Before this, the youngest when they were taken in is 13. Probably because she felt empathy to her? Maybe yes. Moreover, Wakatsuki remind of them when they first came at that young age. Because when she and Maiyan were taken into the mansion, they’re around her age too. So she gets the feeling. Lost, scared and need help.

      “I know she remind you of Asuka. Right.” Maiyan know what actually in Nanamin’s head. A little nod from Nanamin proving her is right. They might share the same feelings about little Wakatsuki back there, but to Nanamin, she knows it was more than what it supposed to be.

      Asuka is Nanamin little sister. She never met her, but only knows her from picture Nanamin show it to her. To Nanamin, Asuka is the only person she love, everything she have but the incident which killed Asuka, has change Nanamin a lot. From loving sister into mean and emotionless girl; that what she guess whenever Nanamin tell stories about Asuka. She could see the love in her cold empty eyes. Different story with Wakatsuki, they spent lot of time together, they trained, they fight, and they have witnessed everything about Wakatsuki when she is growing. It is like taking care of their little sister.

      “I’m hungry. What we will have for dinner?” Wakatsuki came into the kitchen feeling enlighten after having bath. Her short hair still wet and her bruise was cleaner.

      “Nothing. You came late so Nanamin finish it for you. And it as your punishment for hit her.” Maiyan said it plainly while putting her bowl into sink. Nanamin just laugh at Wakatsuki ‘it can’t be expression’.

      “It is not my fault Maiyan! She hit me first.” She whined.

      “Even so, it is not respectable to beat your elder. Right?” There she is, Maiyan in her semi-kuroishi mode while hands on her hips, her eyes widen. It makes Wakatsuki’s head down to the floor even more and Nanamin still laughing.

      “You deserve that.” Nanamin laughs again.

      “Come, let me treat your wound.” Having enough teasing the younger girl, Maiyan pulled her to the sofa and getting ready to treat her wound. Not much different than Nanamin’s injuries. Both bruised a lot but to Wakatsuki, it is nothing since she used to it.

      “Then who is your new target?” Nanamin casually ask as she starts to lie on the sofa and turn on the tv. 

      “I don’t know. Still didn’t work on the details. Maybe tomorrow.” Wakatsuki answers lazily. She hates talking about job when she is at home. That is her policy. Receives no replies from older girl, Wakatsuki glance to her left and found Nanamin already fell asleep.

      “As expected from sleepy head Nanamin.” Maiyan left out small laugh and was followed by Wakatsuki.


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thanks for update author-san.

sassuga! my ikemen :shy2: I like their relationship by the way. how to wakatsuki respect her elder and how did they take care of their younger sister.

poor nanamin.. I feel sorry about her sister :cry: who killed asuka?!!! :angry:

by the way who Nakamoto Reika? don't tell me if she's wakatsuki wife partner :mon suspect:

I'm curious what will happen with them and who's next member will appear in your fic. So please keep update author-san (you have to responsibility to me. lol *justkidding*)
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Is Reika going to be Waka's new target? wow this is going to be fun  :gyaaah:
rip Asuka  :cry: and Maiyan is like Nanamin and Waka's mom  :lol:
This is a good chapter, I'll be waiting for the next chapter  :cow:
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(A/N: I'm sorry for the very late update. surely I'm taking time but here it is, so what say you? and sorry again for no replies for previous part. nowadays i'm only stop by just to post and update. forgive me my loyal reader  :bow: :bow:  and don't forget to drop comments as it will keep my day and my spirit high!)



      SHE can’t sleep. That is what she remembers since she had her first kill. And it has been 8 years since then. Whenever she closed her eyes, she will be chased by her shadows, but weird enough, she was in the dark, where it was impossible for a shadow to follow her. And she always in fear, because she can’t run, she can’t do anything, she can’t scream, she can’t kill in her dream because what she saw is her own self. Deep in her dream, she scared of herself. The last she remember is, her dagger under her pillow already stuck on the wall of her room and she is bathing with sweats. She must have attempted to kill the shadow in her sleeps. It happens every time.

      There was one time; she almost killed Maiyan with dagger she gave her as present. But thank god Maiyan is quick enough to dodge the dagger the moment she entered the rooms – because the scream was loud and made her awake from her sleep and couldn’t help but to worry. It happen when she was first moved into this house, but now it seems so natural for them to hear the screams as part of their life. Nanamin is an exception because she is dead sleep.

      Again, tonight she is losing control of herself. Screaming in middle of night and throwing her dagger she usually keeps under her pillow. It takes her second to again realize that she just woke up from her nightmare at 3 in the morning.

      Even so, she already had her usual morning bath and a glass of warm milk as early breakfast on the floor next to Nanamin sleeping figure. Her movement is slow and swift even in the dark. She steals a glance at Nanamin on the sofa. It was dead silence and she could only heard Nanamin peaceful breath in sleep which she could say it make her assured. Nanamin presence is enough to make her calm and believe. Even Nanamin has her own room; she always ended up sleeping in the living room alone.

      Wearing her usual black training suit with hoodies, she walks out from the main door while lowering her hoodies. She didn’t want to be seen by anyone even it was impossible at this hour. With hoodies covering her face, she climbs down the stairs from 20th floor and running to the nearby park. Without making effort, she finished 50 rounds of jogs at 4 in the morning. It was her usual routine to exercise early in the morning. It is dead quite at the park and she loves the quietness, she loves the cold that run down her spines. It reminds that she still alive to feel the cold. Because sometimes she feels dead and doing these, helps her to forget of her own pain. Because doing something they could tell is bad and really sinful like killing someone is not giving them some peaceful life – is at the least she thinks only her experience those kinds of things. 

      At 5.30, she runs back to her apartment and pick up her car. It was a black sport car, small and practical enough for her to move around. Three minutes later, she already speeds up on the road heading to the mansion. 15 minutes later, she already reached the mansion and parked her car. It didn’t take her one minute to start her usual practice in the practice room. It is dark, yet she has no problem in moving around. Literally, she already gets used to the darkness and it is not a problem for her to memorize the place she has live for 10 years now.
      And the room was echoed with the sound of the girl lashing her anger and madness to the old punching bag. Even after hours of practicing; she didn’t even lost the focus her breathing rates also stay the same, low and steady. Her eyes also didn’t avert for a second – glaring at the punching bag as it is her target. Her face is wetted by her own sweats which proving her hours of practice give her some natural effect. Yet she didn’t stops there. She takes few sips of mineral water before continue with her shooting practice. Her stoic and stern face still didn’t change. She has the face of emotionless cold girl who can kill you only with her cold icy gaze.

      After 30 minutes in the shooting room, Nanamin joining her, she takes her usual position on Wakatsuki’s left side. Even the younger girl still focus on her practice, she didn’t have to turn around to look at the person who just arrived. She knows it by only the clicking sound of the gun Nanamin always used. They didn’t exchange words but be comfortable with the silence.

      It has been two hours since she starts practicing and she has succeeded to shoot hundreds of mannequin. Not until her name was announced from the speaker. She growled annoyingly at Manatsu’s voice from the speaker. Nanamin also stops when she heard the announcement which she thinks it is disturbing too. Their eyes meet but nothing was spoken by the two girls. Enough with exchanging small smiles, Wakatsuki offed to the room she was notified before with annoyance plastered on her sweaty face.

      Manatsu know it well once the girl enter her room she will shoot her deadly glare so she get herself ready with her own unsatisfied face. “I know you are too focusing with your practice Wakatsuki, but should I remind you again to never forget to take your target file?”  Manatsu reasoning right after Wakatsuki enter the room, didn’t give any chance for the girl to speak first. She only can smile when she saw the other girl flinched knowing her own fault. Well, the only flaw of perfect Number 1 NogiKillers is she a forgetful person. 

      “You will remind me anyway Manatsu. This is your job.” She replied nonchalantly while taking a seat. She was right and Manatsu can only pouting. “And where is the file?” She asked right away, didn’t care by the other girl overreaction.

      “Urgh can you sometimes spare me to win?” Manatsu groans but her hand already flipping some files on her desk before handed it to Wakatsuki which she didn’t wasting any more time to read the information about her latest target.

      Knowing the girl really well, Manatsu lean back, giving her some time reading and be ready of any question she would be asked later. Second after second Wakatsuki read the file; some frown emerged from her face clearly. The expression grows prominently as she flips another page. To her, the file surprisingly contained a lot of information which she didn’t care to read until last page and shoot Manatsu with her round shocking eyes. Manatsu, like she expecting the reaction just shrugged.

      “Whatever you’re thinking. The answer to it is yes. Your target this time is a girl.” Manatsu calmly answer the silence question given to her. Yes she knew it, because she second she got the information, she also have the same reaction. They rarely get girl as a target, nope never as the most important target.

      “Are you kidding me? I need to kill a girl? Anyone you have but me to kill her? you can just asked Ikoma to finish her.” But to Wakatsuki, the target to her known so weak and frail which she thinks more unbelievable was handed to her known as capable killer. Well, at least from the photo she scanned earlier. They didn’t have to give her this easy assignment. If killing a man is not a problem for her, then a frail girl is not giving her any problem.

      Feeling amused by the argument, Manatsu smirks and straighten her back. “Her price is 50 million if you really pay attention.”

      This time, Wakatsuki is clearly taken aback and astonished by another fact. Once again, she flips the file and continues where she stopped earlier.

      “If you intent to find another reason to kill her, forget that. They didn’t give any of that. There was only general information about her. But let me emphasize this for you, they need you killed her ASAP.” By her last sentence, Wakatsuki looks up to Manatsu, making sure with her unusual serious face.

      “Why?” Only one word managed to escape from number one NogiKillers.

      Manatsu shrugged. “Well, they might be really desperate to have her dead but, as your fellow informant I urged you to kill her quickly is because she is the public target.”

      The atmosphere grows drier once the word of public target was heard. Wakatsuki gives her ‘are you serious’ face and Manatsu just nod one time.

      “And I believe you already know that he hate failure, much more when the price is this high.” Manatsu shoot up from her seats and rooming around her coffee machine, making some coffee for herself. “Well, since you are the number one here and your target… well as you might think who she is a weak girl, so I think that is not a problem for you to finish her sooner than the other side would.”  Manatsu have a sip of her warm coffee while giving serious look to other girl.

      “And that other side is??”

      “The Akiha.” And it gives a dreadful silence before Wakatsuki finally laughing. She is actually can laugh.

      They not in situation Manatsu would think Wakatsuki would laugh, but she laughs anyway; an awkward dry laugh. It makes Manatsu feels absurd and intimidated because Wakatsuki laugh only mean one thing she will always feared. Because the present number one killer is not like other normal girl who will laugh because they feel it’s funny, but to Wakatsuki she meant it another thing that even genius girl like Manatsu cannot even digest what it is. That is why she feared it the most.

      To Wakatsuki, she is not laughing for any particular reason. But she just feels it is really funny to have a girl as a public target. By public target, they mean she is the target that will be killed by any of two ‘agency’ (if anyone would call them as agency of assasins). The fastest get the paid. Much more that, they even sent her to finish this small flies where she thinks and plan she would never wasting the chance. Don’t they already know who she is?

      With those dry awkward laugh, Wakatsuki walk out from the room, didn’t even pay Manatsu any glance – she grateful for that when Wakatsuki is in that state. When the number one killer lost from her sight, she heaved a long deep sigh and sits again.


      Nakamoto Reika, the sole heir of Nakamoto Group. Known as the largest Group in Japan because they involved in everything where the business is present. Named it, import export, automobile and manufacturer; well this group holds the largest stock in Japan because of their large scale of involvement in Japan business, as much as most respected group because they help a lot in Japan economy. Which is explain her why such girl have the highest price she ever had in 8 years of killing people for money.

      But it gives her another weird unpleasant feeling. So she didn’t plan to kill her  public as fast as that evening she received her assignment. She still wanted to know why; she is being targeted by both agency producing assassins. Well, for both NogiKillers and Akiha acknowledge their presence while others not. And they both have known as competitors in this circle of killing people for money.

      Back to her public target, because the only information she gets is too general; only contained her background such family, study, relationship and her position in that group. To her, it is more impressing as her target already holds such important position in the group at the age of 20. But that information never gives her what she wanted. A reason why to kill. To her, what has keeps her climbing the stairs of ranking is reason. Reasons why she need to kill her target. Once she has them, she will never hesitate to kill them. One reason is enough for her terminate their life, not like this; where for the first time in these 8 years, she feels hesitate to kill.

      So that evening, she spent most time observing her targets at the top of a building facing Nakamoto Group building. She was only accompanied by her Beretta; her favorite gun when she is undercover, a mask covering her face and not to be forgetting her binocular which help keeping her a good close distance with her target. Her routine of observing her target keep rotation for two weeks. She never gives up searching for a reason before she decides to terminate her life which until now she haven’t.

      Her public target named Nakamoto Reika never has different routine. She will always go out to work by herself with only on old driver; never accompanied by any bodyguards. She would have her lunch at usual café nearby her work place. At 5, she already waits in front of the building to be picked up by her driver. She would greet the old man cheerfully with her wide smiles that compliments her big eyes.

      While at night, Wakatsuki will disguise herself with her usual all black training suit which hard to be seen at night, still she has her hoodies as a cover, a Beretta and a binocular. Skillfully, she climbed on the roof of a house which two blocks away from her public target house; watching her public target intensely. Again, the assassin found it is real damn normal. Not as what she expected she might be seen. Because she always thought that, behind a normal person stands a stink heart doing stinks job. That’s what she always believes how a successful man would do behind his mask. But it was different with her new public target.
      She would only spent time on her study table facing open window letting her hair being swayed by night airs. Sometimes, she would smile for unknown reasons. For someone who already hold an important position in big group, she found her target a humble one because she still studying at one prestige university only at weekend because her weekdays was full with works at her family company.

      The more Wakatsuki searching for just a reason, she finds it impossible for her kill such innocence girl. But it is not of her choice, she only needs to kill or to be killed that’s it.

      The usual Monday, she still on the roof of opposite building facing Nakamoto Group building, 5 pm. She is waiting for her target to walk out her work place. Still, the number one NogiKiller, don’t forget to keep her public target surrounding safe. To make sure there is no trace of killer from Akiha. But that day, it was different. Even if she knew it well, whoever professional killer Akiha would sent she will avoid to be seen. That is what she always doing all these days too, avoid to be seen.

      But this time, they – nope, not they there is only one killer sent by Akiha, boldly showing herself in public. At least without showing her face is good, but no. Not even covering her face, she is really dare to point her gun carving with MS initial on it to Nakamoto Reika, her public target. By the initial MS she see from her binocular, Wakatsuki already knew who it is. Miyazawa Sae, Number One killer from Akiha. As expected by both agency chasing for 50 million dollar price of a public target; sending their best killer who never failed of miss their assignment for a weak target.

      “Damn it!” She cursed under her breath once she spotted another party hunting for her public target. She shoot up from her place, damn it again when she only brought her Beretta which was really unsuited for far target. But that is the moment she heard a clear gun shot and followed by loud scream by the crowds. “SHIT.”

to be continued~~



new fic!! I like all genres (except horror). so I'll enjoy your fic. from the titles I read has made me curious :roll:

poor waka.. it must be very hard in a young age you should do it :cry: but don't worry nanamin and maiyan will take care of you and make you become a stronger person, right?

Thanks for the new fic author-san. waiting for next part :deco:

I'm glad your like this story. well, i'm not fond of horror too. so keep calm and read this fanfic. 

sassuga! my ikemen :shy2: I like their relationship by the way. how to wakatsuki respect her elder and how did they take care of their younger sister.

poor nanamin.. I feel sorry about her sister :cry: who killed asuka?!!! :angry:

by the way who Nakamoto Reika? don't tell me if she's wakatsuki wife partner :mon suspect:

I'm curious what will happen with them and who's next member will appear in your fic. So please keep update author-san (you have to responsibility to me. lol *justkidding*)

right.... So ikement of Wakasama, sometime i forget this is just character made by me because she is real ikemen anyway..  :ptam-glow:
in this part, i only reveal a little bit about who is she but well i'm sure you all can guess..  :onionwhip:

Hi! To tell the truth, I've been reading ever since the first story came out but stays a silent reader, now I'm going to change that because the new story is so good XD.

Poor Waka, she never thought that she'd ended up an assassin, but at least she has Nanamin and Maiyan with her. Also, Nanamin seems like a person who lets her emotion out by hitting something :banghead:.

Now I'm curious about what the other nogis would be (it will be awesome if some of them turns out to be assassination target). This will also have a pairing right?
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ouch, i'm touched. well, i know previous stories have lots of holes.  :lol: THANKS for commenting. You make my day!!! 
who would be target? Well you will know soon, probably you already know.

and OF COURSE this will have pairing. at least i will put (my plan) three pairing.. well, i think it is worth it for you if you keep reading.  :glasses: 

Is Reika going to be Waka's new target? wow this is going to be fun  :gyaaah:
rip Asuka  :cry: and Maiyan is like Nanamin and Waka's mom  :lol:
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Now you know right... sure they is, and here you are.. next chapter.. sorry for not replying any of your comment last time so i'm double reply.

(P/S: please update your story... i'm addicted to it by now...)

Hmm about HashiGawa, I’m thinking maybe see how Nanamin is adjusting with Maimai and little Nanamin, like how will Maimai explains little Nanamin about the big one sharing her name and how well will she accept big Nanamin sudden presence in their life.
But like I said it’s okay if you end it there especially now you have a new story to focus on.

Nogi fic with action is always welcome  :yep:
I feel bad for Waka’s ‘friend’, I hope she get adopted by a good family.
Also poor Waka for wanting freedom but getting caught in the assassination business instead.
I’m liking the WakaMaiyanNanamin combination.

Regarding HashiGawa pair, well you can wait it in here sooonnn. (i'm giving you spoiler!)  :on cigar:
yeah, me too! i'm still in doubt about WakaMaiyanNanamin combination when i wrote this actually but it does pay me a real good so i don't regretted any of this.  :hee:

and where have you been missing?!!! Just kidding
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The agency still use the old-school method for hiring them, nice.
Takayama Kazuo as her next target.
:O  Is that who I think it is (Kazumin)?
Why is the Nanamin in your fic always so caring towards Waka? It’s <3
Waka’s having doubts of killing Reika, that’s bad. For her.
And now things get out of hand so quickly.
They should revolt and kill Akimoto sensei if they want freedom, take over NogiKillers!

Lol I’m still around just not as often, real life is keeping me there  :bleed eyes:
I’ll wait for HashiGawa, yay!  :cow:
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new chapter :cow:

if true that next waka target is reika then this will be very complicated.
although I bet that waka will not kill her. but if waka couldn't kill reika, then she will die. "kill or to be killed"
argh.. you're so mean author-san :mon whine:

so there will be hashigawa pair.. how about maiyan? will there be naachan?

waiting for next chapter :)
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yo~ I think I miss 3 chapter :banghead:
even the perfect waka can be a forgetful person too XD
her next target is reika? I think waka is going to protect reika rather than kill her :D
please update soon wakaten-san :)
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      IT was really dark that evening though it just 6 pm and nobody strays around the road at this hour. Probably because the area is really far from the town and the house itself stand as a sole building in that area. Even though it is in developed area but the house looks like it is in remote area. Trees are highly surrounded the house and giving the vibe of how the owner loves the nature itself. But it also give the creepy feelings when it was swayed by the wind in the night, produce whistle sound each time the leaves meet each other. In front of the gate, a dog is loyally waiting for his owner, but he seems alert. His fur, stand straight like he waiting to take action but his eyes in doubt. His grey eyes are piercing on an object in front of him; the reasons why he seems so unstable.   

      Facing the dog, there is a figure; stands calmly with cold murderous gaze while leaning on the wall. The dim light from the front light on the door only exposing the light brown eyes which only saying one thing; the eyes could kill. There is a smirk on the figure’s lips when he takes a step forward with a needle like thing on his hand. As he is doing so, he also exposing himself to be seen much more clearly, but again, who is watching anyway? Just a dog.

      From the toe, he only wears black, a dagger tuck into his boot and a gun on his thigh. As he moves closer to the dog, his figure appears clearer and the dog keeps alert, step back as the figure closer to him. But he is not him, he is her, and she is Nanami. Girl that could kill in the darkness. Once again she takes a step forward and lowered her body to the dog. The dog growled deeply.

      “I’m sorry to do this to you, TaaKun, but I can’t let you interrupt my mission tonight. You know?” she said softly like persuading the dog to behave. Like he understood what she said, his figure become more relaxed but he still has fear on his face, he could sense the danger from the girl in front of him. He seems still in doubt while looking to her eyes. He senses the familiarity in her but at the same time, it is not. Even if he barks now, nobody will listen. His owner is not home yet. So she lowered down her eyes, leveling their eyes. The dog flinched back and wanted to bark but before he could do so, she already sunken the needle into his skin, tranquilized him with the anesthesia she always brought – well just in case.

      So the TaaKun the dog, fall to the ground effortlessly with a little groan could escape at very last minute. “Good doggy.” She said while patting TaaKun’s head. She grins like nothing before she is back to where she stand before, waiting for her next target in the dark.

      Just in perfect time, a man drove a car into the front lawn, parking his car with a smile on his handsome face. Not knowing, someone is already waiting for him. He steps out from the car and moves to other side. Once he open the other side of door, a woman hug him; happily.

      “Tchh, have fun when you still can.” She thought inwardly with a cunning smile plastered on her lips. She retreated a step hiding from the dim light; avoid to be seen by her target.

      “You know, Ami is very happy tonight.” A woman, called herself with Ami, cling to him like a drunken woman. She probably is, judging from her stagger and sluggish steps.

      “Oh, me too.” Takayama Kazuo, smile sheepishly as he brought her closer to him and open the door to his home. He pay a little glance towards his dog, though he was thinking his dog rarely sleeps early but he not really care about it when there is beautiful woman waiting to be entertained tonight. So he just ignored his dog without thinking much about it.

      Takayama Kazuo, a man who works at a bank, he normally went for work at 6 every morning and came back at late in the evening; sometimes he would stop by any pub. He still single, so nobody cared what he always do in the pub anyway, but usually he will grab any woman as his companion each night. The act is normal for single man. But something about him, interest some people whom are now just watching them silently… nope; she has already diminished in the thin air. Nowhere to be seen. 

      Entering his own house, Kazuo didn’t mind to switch on the light at all since he only could think about the woman in his embrace right now. Using his feet, he kicks the door to his room. Again, without mind to switch on the light, he hastily drops both of their bodies onto his queen size bed.

      Observing the act of the man from another side of darkness, Nanamin smirks slyly. Stealthily, she creeps through the hallways while sticking her body to the wall, skillfully avoiding the CCTV on every corner of the house. Her black leather boots barely making sound too. Reaching the room where Kazuo were last seen minutes before, she attached her ears closely to the half closed door; checking her target behavior before she could jump into action. And what they are doing is out of her business since she didn’t care about it anyway, even the sounds from their activity is too loud for her to handle. Yet, she just stands still.   

      An hour, two hours, three hours and she just wait there like a statue. She is waiting patiently for a good cue or she actually letting her target having fun for the last time before she could take away his life. Until there are no more sounds of ‘people making love’ she pushes the door using her finger; again barely making sounds. So, like before she crept into the room just to meet another darkness she used to. This is only making her assignment easier.

      She glances to the bed, where two huge bulks of blanket could be seen. Judging from different size of bulks, she assumed that the bigger one belonged to her target, Takayama Kazuo. Unlike before, she is now steadily walks closer to the bed, once again exposing herself to the moonlight that penetrates through the clear windows covered with silk curtain. Her shadow grew bigger as she completely exposed to the light. She watched her target emotionlessly before crouched down and slipped out her gun from it case.

      “Let’s end it here, Kazuo-kun.” She whispers to herself while attaching the silencer to the gun.

      In a split of seconds, she jumps towards her target as fast as wind could even blowing, pinning him to the bed. Feeling a huge burden on him, he opens his eyes, but just to find that he is completely immobile. He looks up, and his eyes widen as it didn’t meet with his expectation. He probably expects Ami to beg for more love treatment, but he is completely wrong. Much more when his eyes caught an object like gun glinting against the moonlight. Before a shout could escape his mouth, she closed his mouth forcefully.

      “I’m sorry to end our relationship like this Kazuo-kun.” She whispers to his ears and smiles like she is totally amused with her own game. The sentence caught his attention; his body grew weaker as he is familiar with the voice. But she just grins to his reaction that satisfied her. 

      “Right, I’m Yuki-chan..” She answered like she knew what he would say well.. if his mouth is available. She sighed playfully, while trailed her gun on his face up and down to his chin, just to scare him. She sighed again; her eyes now show tiredness only god knows how hard she actually pretending as an innocence girl without parents begging for his protection. And he brought her that easily to his house, which the reasons why TaaKun the dog don’t bark at her when he saw her; because he used to know her.

      What she is doing at his home was not acknowledge by him at all because at night, she would always put a sleeping pill into his coffee, just to avoid to be forced to sleep with him, knowing that he is the type of man that only cared for sex. While in the morning, she would prepared him breakfast, well as gratitude for saving her life from whatever her mind could think. Jezz, this man didn’t know what he actually facing, he brought the danger into his home, by himself. She was doing that routine almost every day, and he gladly accept the treatment from beautiful woman appeared before him. But what he didn’t know is, as soon as he went for work, she also went to work. Well, she is working too, aside that her works is tailing him around. So she followed him around just to be familiarized with his schedule.

      Takayama Kazuo, a normal office man who works at a famous bank. He is known as dedicated man with handsome looking face. To any girl, he is just as innocence as his looks. But what he is actually doing is unforgivable. Well, at least that is what someone was thinking. So that is why, she was paid to finish his life. His biggest crime is he is a corrupt bank officer. Working 8 hours each day with a bank is not actually his true identity except he was spied in his own company for another company. Well, everything has their rival. Even if his pay is high enough but it could never satisfy his lust at all, so when he was offered the job, he had accepted the deal without much thinking, which was his happiest moment ever; because he could get triple payments just for one job. What he needs to do is, sent them his company data, the security system, what is the weakness in the firewall. It is hard to detect who is doing the job when he is in charge for the security itself. He just needs to be careful, that’s all. But nothing stays permanent. His secret no longer a secret. How it was discovered, is none of her business anyway. What she knew is, she was paid to terminate a man’s life named Takayama Kazuo. And here she is, doing her assignment.

      “But sorry, my name is.. Nanami. The one who will finish your life.” She smiles eerily, scaring Kazuo so much until his eyes almost bulging out from it socket.    Listen to the sentence makes him more speechless. His face is now turns whiter. His was taunted; never thought or dreamt that his life would end this way. He glanced to his side, silently begging for Ami to wake up any second. But that stupid woman just snoring wildly, too drunk to even realize he is in between his life and death.

      Following his line of view, Nanami also glance to her side, her brows stick upward. “Your new toys?” She asked, but not demanding any answer from him since she already know his game. Well, that is what she is doing few days back too.

      Nanami brought their face closer together with the gun on her hand. “Bye bye.”

      She aimed for his head while using a white pillow as a cover. Good way to avoid the blood splattered to her clothes, since she is someone who particular about cleanliness too. She hates mess so much.  He tries to fight back by struggling under his blanket but nothing was successful. It just then, she pulled the trigger; releasing the bullet into his brain through the white pillow that soon turns red.

      Perfect crime by Nanamin the perfectionist.

      “O wa ri.” She mouthed the words silently and jumps from the bed. She then walked to other side; towards Kazuo’s company. She watched her pitifully. Pity to what will come for her tomorrow, not to mention that she will be the uppermost suspect of her masterpiece.

      “Sleeps well my dear.”

      Like how she came, that is how she left; perfectly move through the air without sound. People never call her Black without any reason. Again, she is expecting another issue about her on tomorrow’s news; ‘Black. Once again strike.’

      Nanami a.k.a Black, will always keep her assignment as clean as any bleach would make. Leaving any traces behind and then missing in the wind after finished her assignment. Her kills will always unsolved by any pros, either they are police or detectives. This is just added into the list. She smirks proudly.


      EIGHT YEARS as capable assassin, she knew it well, knew that a public scene would be worst. And take that into account, she didn’t want to finish her target in public. Either for her next target or now, she will never choose to make a scene in public. Because she know, that is the stupidest thing an assassin would do.

      But, today was an exception. Not because she really want to, but because the other side – her rival was really stupid to think about that. Despite her rival also an expert killer. She has heard the rumors about MS aka Miyazawa Sae who known as psychopath killer and it is not a joke. Miyazawa Sae, the girl who enjoy killing people, killing living things was her uppermost hobby – is what they claimed about her because she would kill everything that annoyingly pass in front of her. And Wakatsuki Yumi acknowledged that today. Miyazawa Sae is basically crazy to appear in public without covering her own face and aim the gun towards her, nope their public target without fear at all. 

      Yet, Miyazawa Sae still can grin upon what she plans, obviously she showing an ecstatic feeling on her face while her fingers pulling the trigger without thinking about it twice. BANG! The sound of her bullet passing through the barrel of her gun echoed in the air. The bullet however, not meeting any solid target. But enough to create a scene of people running away to save themselves from wild bullets. Again she grins toothily. Proud of her ability to make people feared of her. Even so, her eye was fixed on one person who is now cowered with fear.

      At the end of the roads, their public target named as Nakamoto Reika hugged her own knees and covered her ears from deafly sound of shootings. She turned to her left, to the street light that was marked with a bullet exactly where she stood earlier. Her face turn white as she saw her killer merges to her, this girl obviously aiming for her life. But she doesn’t have the courage to run too.

      Wakatsuki Yumi quickens her pace as she could hear the loud crowds. She leapt down the stairs from third floor to second floor. Reached the ground floor, she speeds up to the outside of the building. Her eyes are searching for only one thing and she met her answer on the opposite road. She flinched as she caught the view of Miyazawa runs towards her public target with gun on her hand. She ran to her without taking seconds of thinking. This is her assignment and she couldn’t afford to fail it or to watch it being snatched before her eyes. 

      Miyazawa Sae, clearly didn’t expect any uninvited killers as she saw Wakatsuki. Even Wakatsuki has masked on her face, but she could tell she is her rival only by looking at her eyes. She aims her gun to her rival.

      Right before Miyazawa could pull the trigger; Wakatsuki is much faster to notice her step and kicked the gun just in time. The bullet bounced off to the walls of some building. She then gives another outer kick towards Miyazawa neck, makes her lost balance with her own body. Before she could regain her usual pace back, Wakatsuki quickly grabs the hands of her target; forcing her to run behind her.

      Nakamoto Reika, however didn’t have any choice. Stands there and she might be dead any seconds, so she blindly follows whoever grabs her hands just to run. She looks up, but she could only see a sharp eye piercing her face. For some reasons, she got the feeling that whoever that person is; she will save her from that crazy shooter.
      Watching her target escaped together with her rival, Miyazawa cursed under her breath. Regained her sense back, she chased them while pushing through the crowds. Not even once she worried about her face being seen. She just blatantly shot the bullet to whomever block her ways.
      While to Wakatsuki, she always enjoy running but this time, with some burden in her hand, her speed seems was slowed down and she hated that. Somehow, she annoyed at this situation when she is running away from something, precisely from her rival. It left a deep scar to her pride. But it was the least thing she could do now, as it was her policy to not have any witnesses when she is doing her crime, and public was never a good choice. That was aside from she didn’t want her rival to take her prize of killing biggest target price ever. So, she could only run from any wild bullets of Miyazawa’s gun. Not until she feels the burden on her left arm grew heavier and heavier which eventually dragged her down to the side too. She looks to her left.

      To her shock, she could see her target wounded on the shoulder with blood oozing from the hole, redden the white blouse she wears. The wild bullets from Miyazawa must meet her on the way. “Are you okay?” Though she is not in the position why she would care for her target, but she asks anyway.

      Clutched to her wound, Nakamoto Reika didn’t mind to answer at all. Didn’t she saw she was shot by that crazy girl? She wanted to curse but the pain hindered her from doing so.

      Receive mute answer from her target and with Miyazawa already close to their place, Wakatsuki cannot think other way but to stop her rival from take any stupid action. So she merged to her, without fear of being shot.

      The two girls are now marched towards each other, one girl without mask have gun on her hand, while the other is totally vice versa. But the unarmed girl, keep running forward without being feared to be shot as the gun now being pointed to her. Just in time before the bullet touching her arm, she leapt to the side and bounced to the wall of a building, she twist her body in the air before releasing a fatal kick towards Miyazawa’s head. The other girl falls to the ground effortlessly.

      All the runs and the excessive moves make her panting harshly after that. She looks at the Miyazawa who is now struggle to gain her stabilities back but before she could do so Wakatsuki quickly grabs her gun and shots her on the back of her head. The shot makes a clear hole and the blood starts pooled around her dead body. Miyazawa Sae, The Number One killer of Akihabara now just a history.       
      Watching the girl who saves her earlier killed her shooter, makes her eyes widen in shock. She almost forgets the pain on her shoulder that time. Whatever the reason is, she could never accept the act of violence, not to mention taking people’s life. Even the people’s life is almost to be hers moments ago.

      “That is the price for playing with me.” Wakatsuki snarled at immobile Miyazawa. She wipes the sweat from her forehead and shifted her eyes from Miyazawa dead body to her surroundings. Once again she sighed upon what Miyazawa has created. A mess, totally a mess. But what more important is, her target is still alive, waiting for her to finish it. Ignoring all the eyes on her, she ran towards her target. Again, she forces her to run by dragged her behind.

      The girl was obviously looks dumbfounded at what had happen just now. The sudden shooting scene in front of her eyes, the runs and not to mention she is just being shot. She can’t thinking straight right now, so following her ‘savior’ was the safest choice even she got the chills that she is also a dangerous creature after what she has saw a moment ago. When reaching the underground parking, she once again was pushed to enter a black sports car. She wanted to ask but the face of her ‘savior’ saying that, she appreciated it if she didn’t ask anything at the mean time. So she keeps silence as much as she could.

      After shoving her target into her car, Wakatsuki quickly started the engine and exited through the back exits of the building; avoid to be caught in public. They need to run from the scene as fast as her sports car could bring them. She noticed that her target wanted to ask something but she jerked her eyes. Not wanting to talk at the moment, neither she has to explain to her or not. She should kill her, remember? In her head, the plan keep emerges from every corner, thinking how she should do her mission after this. That Miyazawa has created so much mess into her perfect plan. She hits the hon several times out of anger unconsciously, forgot that she is not alone in her car.

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Watching her target escaped together with her rival, Miyazawa cursed under her breath. Regained her sense back, she chased them while pushing through the crowds. Not even once she worried about her face being seen. She just blatantly shot the bullet to whomever block her ways.
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      SHE didn’t know what have gotten into her head when she is now trying hard to break a glass doors of a clinic with her other free hand holding to her target supportively. Not to mention that the clinic she broke into is just a small clinic, which makes no sense for her to save her target. But she needs to do it anyway. She glances to her side occasionally, checking her condition, low breathing rate, sweating profusely and pale face with less blood being pumped to her body which only mean, bad thing.

      The clock showing 4 am in the morning and it has been 8 hours since she was shot, the amount of blood she had lost are quite massive as well until her face almost turn white and she could only depend on her as support. But to Wakatsuki, she could leave her untreated but she didn’t. So that is why she drove her car 8 hours long until they reached to some remote area just to feel safe without no one tailing them. Don’t even realized the sun almost arise a new day.

      Nakamoto Reika’s breath rates are much slower than before, but her grips on the unknown girl to her stays tight like it was the only thing keep her alive. She watched her ‘savior’ act of breaking the glass door desperately. She wanted to stop her from doing unethically thing once again but at this moment she also desperately tries to survive on her own. Though sometime she wants to beg to her, ‘just bring her to a proper hospital’. But she just couldn’t, she didn’t have any energy left. She looks up to her savior’s face, she still has mask covering her identity but that is not what she wanted to care. Deep there in her heart, she feels something touch her heart, how she didn’t care at all when her hands bleeding so much from breaking those glasses, how she actually looks tensed up by looking at her condition. And whoever this person is, she is purely care about her. She smiles weakly upon her own thinking.

       Using the little energy she has, Nakamoto Reika grab the hand of her savior, stopping her from breaking glasses. “That’s enough.” She said weakly. That was the first sentence she ever spoken since last 8 hours too.

      Flustered by the words, Wakatsuki looks down to her side unbelievably. What she actually thinking? Just when she wanted to continue breaking the glasses, she heard another words from her.

      “That’s enough. Stop hurting yourself. I’m dying anyway.” Though she was not in right position to say so, she still could smile. Because at this moments, she could feel she will die anytime, soon. Her views almost blacked out completely since five minutes ago. Hurting herself just to save her is not worth anything.

      Seeing her target almost lost her sense of living, she ignoring the words and keep breaking the glass. Because to Wakatsuki, she can’t accept the fact that her target will die from someone else bullet. So, if her target was thinking that she hurting herself just to saves her, she is totally wrong. In her mind right now, she could only think a plan of how to kill her in proper way. Her target is like her trophy, her prides couldn’t afford it when her target was once was tainted by someone else.

      That is what she was doing right now, not try to save her life even if it seems so. She wants her to heal first before she could kill her like she always did to her other targets. She wanted to have a slightest of enjoyment killing her target and get her prize proudly. Though she knows, what her target is thinking are reversely, yet she didn’t mind to correct her anyway. She didn’t have to know that, what she thought as her savior is actually person who will end her life, any sooner. Then, Wakatsuki choose to keep quite.

      “What are you doing?!”

      Another voice from behind stop her action, just at the same time when her target finally flopped to ground helplessly as her grip on her shirt also loosening. She looks at her target back and forth with the girl who interrupted her job just now. Ignoring her target, she quickly took out her Beretta from her back and aiming it towards the interrupter. The girl withdrew few steps while hold up her hand above her head, showing her mean no harm.

      Wakatsuki moves forward to the girl, still has gun pointed towards her. She stops until she has a better view of her. Just a girl with 165cm height, has two moles on the corner of her lips one below and one above. She scanned her up and down until she was sure the girl means no harm to her.

      “Who are you?” She asked with a growl.

      “I’m Fukagawa Mai.” She answers, stuttered.

      Wakatsuki tilts her head, demanding more explanation. “And?”

      “I live next door, and saw your car come into my clinic.” She explained more, eyeing her small house not too far from her own clinic which reasons why she could reach her fast. Her eyes eyed on the shattered glass door of her pet clinic which she caught suspicious girl break into her clinic moments ago. That is when she caught a figurine laying on the ground. She looks sick. She runs to the body, disregard about the gun pointed to her.

      “Stops there!” Wakatsuki warned harshly. The girl named Fukagawa Mai stops abruptly before she could reach to the body. Wakatsuki takes the chance to move forward until the mouth of her gun touching the back of the girl’s head. “What are you doing?” Her voice sounds pressured.

      “She is sick. She needs to be treated.” Her voice vibrates in terror as she could feel the cold sensation from her head. There was momentarily silence and she continues. “I’m the doctor. I can treat her, if that is what you want to do.” She closed her eyes, silently praying for herself.

      “Then, open the door first.”

      Fukagawa Mai nods two three times, furiously as she scared to death of what might come to her if she objects the order. As she moves to the door, the gun also following her, stick to her head loyally. She catch a glimpse of girl on the floor in front of shock. Her eyes widen in terror. She is dying, is what she could conclude in a sentence.

      “Quick.” Wakatsuki urged the girl to be faster. She tried to stay composed as she grabs her target body from the floor and at the same time pointing the gun toward the girl’s head until they finally fully enter the clinic, a small old clinic to be exact. Carefully, she laid her target body on a worn sofa. 

      “And what could you do?” She asked in curious tone. She stills have the gun on her hand, but no longer pointed to the girl’s head.

      “Are you questioning me right now?” Fukagawa Mai suddenly enraged by the question, left Wakatsuki with quizzical looks. “I’m the doctor here. I’m the one who will save your friend here. It is my responsibility to do my best, and it is your responsibility to stay silent.” As she said that, she is actually gambling with her life. The girl in front of her, who knows what she  is actually capable of doing but she has the upper hand now with her skills in needed in this situation even the condition says otherwise when the gun in now pointing back at her face fearlessly. Fukagawa Mai gasped in terror but in few seconds, she gained her courage again.

      They stay in that situation for few minutes, Wakatsuki silently scanning the person in front of her.    Her brows upraised, astonished by the words of bravery just now. But then, she lowered her gun, allowing her to examine her target while her eyes still follow every move she made.

      Fukagawa Mai, even she is now in dead or live situation, she stays focus in her job anyway. Thoroughly, she examined her patient. She cleans the cut with some liquid Wakatsuki believed to be some alcohol. Again, Fukagawa Mai’s eyes widen as she found that the cut is caused by a bullet. She shots other girl some surprised looks but she got nothing as answer.

      “Your friend has lost lot of blood. She needs more blood, or not she won’t make it.” She summarized after some minutes of examination. “What type of blood she is?” She asked but again received no answer. She glared to the armed girl, demanding an answer.

      “Huh? How should I know?” Wakatsuki retorted she didn’t expect that fierce expression.

      “How can you don’t know your friend blood type?” She growled and her hands already on her hip as she furiously glared to other girl. She then sighs heavily. “Nothing worth ask you this.” She mumbles under her breath before she drew out blood from her patient, doing some simple blood test. “Type A huh?” She takes a moment of thinking before facing back the other girl.

      “As you know, this is just a small clinic. I don’t have blood supply here. So, either you go to the hospital in the town, get a blood or she died here.” She gives the choice in threatening tone. Her foot tapped to the floor, waiting for an answer impatiently. Someone would say she is brave to talk to someone with gun like that, but no one knows what actually runs inside her head right now. She must be crazy enough to act like this. 

      Wakatsuki stays silent; her face is unreadable as her eyes meeting the fierce glare from someone who supposed to afraid of her. This girl is absolutely something else, she thinks. “No need. My blood type is O. She could have my blood then.” She said nonchalantly as she tucked back the gun into its case as she passed the girl to walk to her target.

      Fukagawa Mai’s mouth agape at what she actually heard. Well, she didn’t see that answer coming from girl with weapon and killer face like her. Anyway, she smiles serenely. “So you do have some heart huh.”

      ‘Yeah, if that what it takes to make her alive so I could kill her later.’ Wakatsuki answers inwardly and takes seat beside her target. She glance to her side for a second, scanning her condition silently. And she could trust the ‘something else’ doctor right? She thinks but actually, she already bet her life and future when she said she would donate her blood a while ago which given the doctor so much chances to run away later. But she didn’t want to think some other option if this is what it takes to make her target alive so she could kill her later. Call her stupid, call her dumb or what so ever, but that is how she values her pride so much.

      In the same time, Fukagawa Mai is attaching some wires on both girls arm and connecting it with some machine that seems old. For some reason, Wakatsuki doubted her abilities doing some blood transfusion using old machine that barely working. Like she could read her mind, Fukagawa Mai shot her another fierce looks that shut off her thinking right away.

      After makings sure the wires connected into the right veins and artery of two people, she switched on the old machine and produce some loud sounds before it then sucking out blood from Wakatsuki’s right hand into her target left hand. Fukagawa Mai dusted of her hand proudly; proud that the machine that she was once thinking of throwing out, finally contributing something after a long time.

      Then she moved towards the wounded girl. She cuts the wound with scalpel, flow another bottle of ethanol on the wound along the way. Fifteen minutes later, a bullet was pulled out and she throws it on a metal petri dish. A moment after that, she already starts stitching on the wound. Not even once she seems afraid of what she may face later, or she actually didn’t want to think about it at the moment. 

      While to Wakatsuki, not even a second she averts her eyes from the doctor, even there is a time she amazed by her job, for not created more injuries and cleanly finishes her job. Deep there, she actually wants to clap for her but in what earth would an assassin doing that anyway?

      “Don’t you feel stuffy with the mask on? You could take it off. It is just me. If I need to call police, I could do that sometimes ago. You could trust me, or you could kill me later.” She said nonchalantly as she cleaning the wound on her patient. As soon she finishes the sentence, she could feel some eyes like dagger stab her back. But she means all of her words even it gamble with her life.

      One two times, Wakatsuki blankly stared at the girl with long black hair. Like she tries to read her true intention saying that, but half of her mind actually believes with the words because she could kill her later too. With a long sigh, she unmasked her own face. And honestly, she felt relieved because she never ever has her masked for eight hours long.


      MAIYAN is watching tv when someone open the main door and slammed it harshly. She didn’t have to make sure it twice just to know Nanamin is finally home from her assignment after a week off. She eyed to the clock on the wall, 11 pm and then she eyeing her fellow friend stomped in with her usual black wears with some blood on her face. She must get that during her mission before.
      Nanamin walked to the dining table, her face shows no emotion, her eyes is like a black hole that could suck everything into it. She takes out her gun, checking the bullets in the magazine, she stills have a few left.

      Looking at the emotionless act of Nanamin, Maiyan quickly run to her and hug Nanamin from behind. She snatched the gun and detached the components into several parts before throwing it on the table. The instrument that once has ability to end one’s life is now helplessly spread on the table.

      “Shuushhh Nanamin, it’s okay.” Maiyan brushed off Nanamin’s back softly. “You’re just doing your job. It is alright.. Just don’t kill yourself.” Again, she whispered the words of persuasion into Nanamin’s ear. And like usual she received no answer except a soft cry that barely escaped from Nanamin’s small mouth. And she is not even once look astonished by Nanamin who usually stay calm with no emotion but now she is nobody but a sinner. Maiyan, she has used to it.

      For few minutes, they stand just like that, with Maiyan hugs Nanamin from behind and the girl just cry with no tears fall from her emotionless eyes. Maiyan would hug Nanamin until she no longer heard of her cries and the body would stop from shivering.

      Who knows, behind the perfect killer of Nanamin, stands a very fragile girl that could cry. And who know, every each of her kills, she actually feeling guilty and hatred of herself. And who know that, she has growing up with the feeling more than 10 years in her 25 years old life.

      “Come, let me bathe you, clean you from this filthy blood on your face.” Maiyan’s whisper is like a magic that Nanamin never bother by it and gives some nod. Maiyan then grabs Nanamin’s hand, pulled her into the bathroom. Like a mom would care for her small baby, that is how she cares for Nanamin that looks nothing more like a baby whom need to be caressed by her mom.

      Slowly, she took off Nanamin’s shirts that stained by some blood and throw it under flow water. She sat her down into bath tub with warm water and showered her with hot water. She lovingly cleaned every blood stain on Nanamin’s face until it completely disappeared from her eyes. 15 years knowing the perfect assassin named Nanamin, she knows it really well that Nanamin actually hates seeing blood or what would remind her that she actually doing a devil’s job.

      Nanamin might be the assassin doing her job perfectly, but she also a girl with humane feelings. That she actually hates of seeing bloods that would only remind her, she killed someone with her own hands. Bloods, supposed to be her friends, assassin’s friend, as they see it daily, but to Nanamin’s she couldn’t slept with the blood stained on her body. She felt dirty until every time of her kills, she also wants to kill herself. Cut her ties with this world. But every of her trials were stopped. 

      Ashamed to admit, they both experienced the same thing. How it actually very painful for them to keep their life like nothing had happen, like they ever takes someone’s life with her own hand. Couldn’t sleep for days after the kill, even cannot swallowed food, even can’t see blood from the meat, and so they didn’t eat meat. They don’t eat meat because what they can see is only the fear that once wore on their target’s face. Both girls know themselves well, at times where Nanamin accomplished her mission, Maiyan would wait her home patiently even it takes day. Just to care for her, just to stop her from killing herself with remaining bullets, to persuade her that it was nothing, that she could go through this over and over again, that she need to keep living for each other. Even most of it is nothing but lies, she can’t live with it, and she can’t go through it, no matter how many times she was told that killing don’t stop everything, still she felt like killing herself. Because, that is the least she could do to appreciate the other effort of keeping her alive. How Maiyan would care for Nanamin, that is how Nanamin would do to her too. Shamelessly putting another lies to another which both of them knew it well but keep on believing it.

      After hours in bathroom, making sure no more proof of bad job, she drying the helpless Nanamin with white towel, and again has to pull her out from the bathroom into her room. She dried Nanamin’s short hair before dressed her with new cozy clothes. She seat her in front of big mirror, combed her hair into perfect unbalanced cut.

      “Look at yourself Nanamin-chan, you’re clean.” She patted Nanamin’s shoulder two times, forcing her to look at her very own reflection on the mirror. Maiyan’s lips cut into perfect beautiful smiles, assuring her fellow friend that her words are right. Though her eyes are blankly staring at her own unfazed emotion, she has used to the lies till it become nothing for her to utter the same sentence over again.

      Nanamin, again has no willing of protesting Maiyan’s words and look at herself in the mirror. She has white shirts on her body, no more terrifying blood. She is no longer dirty, she is clean. The blood is just her bad dream. As her eyes meeting with Maiyan’s clear brown orbs in the mirror, she replies the smiles with some nods.

      “Please, don’t ever thinking of killing yourself ever again.” Her voice trembled as she can never think of the facts that after every Nanamin’s success kill, she always thought of killing herself. She can never able to imagine that, if she wasn’t there to stop her from killing herself and she would left alone in this cruel dirty world. And every unsuccessful attempt of killing themselves filled by the fact that, if she killed herself, no one would able to stop the other from suicidal in the next time. How irony it is that, an assassin actually afraid of dying because the other would die after her.

      “I won’t Maiyan. I won’t leave you alone.” Like she knows what exactly the older girl is thinking, she grabs Maiyans’s hands on her shoulder, brought it into her own warmth chest and tighten Maiyan’s hug in the process. “We will be together until forever right.”

      “Yeah.” And she closed her eyes, enjoying some shorts lovely moments with Nanamin before some loud ringing disturbed both of them. Their eyes met, exchanging with the same thought. Who would call them in the middle of night using their home numbers? The phone is just for decoration, it never ringing since they ever lived in this apartment.

      Still, Maiyan walked to the phone outside of her room. Nanamin followed behind her but sits on the sofa on her way and turned on the television. Carefully, Maiyan picked up the call, her instinct telling her something not nice. So she keep silence as she put the object on her ears.

      “Moshi mosh. Nanamin, Maiyan?” Manatsu.

      “Yes, what is wrong Manattan?” Her brows furrowed furiously as her ears caught Manatsu’s trembled voice, she sounds so desperately in trouble.

      “Did you watch the current news?” Manatsu’s loud voice sometimes fumbled as she wants to delivere it as fast as she can to Maiyan.

      “I guess we are.” Maiyan lowered her voice as her eyes glanced towards Nanamin’s stiff body on the sofa with her eyes glued on the current news. She barely heard the news but her eyes seeing the sight clearly. From her spots, she saw some crowds running wildly and the video which she guesses was recorded by some witness on the scene shakes furiously.

      “What actually has happen?” She asked, finally curious with the linked between the news and sudden call she get from Manatsu. That is not her job to remind them just to watch news in the midnight.
      “Wakatsuki was in the news.”

      With the answer, Maiyan’s eyes widen in shock. She glanced at Nanamin once again; no wonder why she awkwardly stiffens on the sofa. “Arigatou ne Manattan” She dumped the phone on its place and runs toward Nanamin. She snatched the remote from Nanamin’s hand and switched off the news immediately.

      “There is nothing on the news Nanamin.”

      “That’s clearly something on the news.” Nanamin stands up, facing Maiyan with her red angry eyes. “Wakatsuki on it.” She said, although she knows Maiyan probably knew about it already. “Just give me the damn remote Maiyan!” She screamed, shocking Maiyan who before desperately trying to hide the object behind her back.

      “You’re not stable yet Nanamin, I don’t want you to be disturbed by it.” For some reasons, Maiyan have tears on her eyes, waiting to fall any seconds.

      “I know, but we have to know about it. She hasn’t come home for weeks now, right?” Nanamin’s voice softens as she saw tears on Maiyan’s face. And Maiyan, reminded by the fact, get soften. “Come, let’s watch it together Maiyan.” She pledged, pulling Maiyan closer and grab the remote from her hand. She then quickly switched on the television again.

      Maiyan, despite she is actually hurt by the shouts earlier, sits beside Nanamin and silently listen to the news and what she can conclude is, Wakatsuki is in real trouble.

      From the news, of course someone cannot tell who actually the masked girl, but for them, it was too obvious. And what shocking them more, every act of her was recorded by some passerby mobile phone. The event actually was started by Miyazawa Sae the very popular number one killer of their rival, then Wakatsuki ‘saving’ some girl from being shot. The video then went blurry but then was ended by the scene of Wakatsuki shot Miyazawa with her gun and run away.

      For reason that no one would recognize Wakatsuki’s face, they are relieved but the fact that she is now wanted by National police is something needs to be worried. Not to mention she was accused with the crimes of killing and kidnaping the heir of Nakamoto’s group, though the accusation much lighter than what it supposed to be.

      Maiyan look at her left, Nanamin showing no emotions and blankly stared at the television that now changed into some another useless midnight shows with low ratings. She hardly can tell what the younger girl is thinking, she does care for Wakatsuki but Nanamin is different than her.

      “Nanamin..” She called, cautiously shakes her body, awaken her from deep thinking just to hear some unexpected sentence.

      “I’m not in the news. They should show the news about my kills instead of this nonsense.” Nanamin turn to her right, meeting Maiyan unbelievable expression. It takes Maiyan some moments to realize what she actually talking about. Nanamin’s successful kills would always end on news with some titles ‘Another Strike from The Black.’ But now it’s not. So Maiyan could only making an O shape with her mouth then smiles sheepishly.

      “Give others more chances to appear on the news please Nanamin.” She laughed at her own jokes before stand up and walks to her room.

      “Can I sleep with you tonight?” Nanamin voice stopping the other girl from missing into her room. She turns around, read some unreadable expression on Nanamin’s face before give a small nod.

      “Come.” She smiles looking at Nanamin childishly walk to her. What more can she do for her very dearest friend when she is actually still didn’t heal from her own wound today and then was added with some worrisome news about their another one-third in wanted list. She also worried about that and having Nanamin as her company tonight would be helpful.

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chapt 4 :deco:

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please keep update author-san :)
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Keep telling yourself that excuse Waka, it’s in your instinct wanting to save Reika. You cannot deny the force of gayness lol
MaiMaiiii! I miss her so much in Nogi  :mon cry:
Waka careful, you’re pointing your gun on Nanamin’s potential future girlfriend/wife. Don’t mess with the holy mother, karma’s gonna get you  XD
All those NanaminxMaiyan moments  :deco:

I don’t think the management and WakaRei themselves will allow anything WakaRei to be real on TV (maybe Reika because she just can't help herself). They’re working so hard to make people think they’re just “friends” after all.
Yup, I ship many pairs in Nogi. Plus, WakaRei, HashiGawa and NanaMai are already popular, so I’m using the TakaSemaru sig since they’re actually one of my favs too.
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      BRIEFLY after the news of shooting event managed to make into headlines, the whole Japan turned into complete chaos. Nakamoto Group give their best to retain their soon-to be president girl back safe and sound. They got the best police in the country to work on their case, the best private investigator to investigate her abduction, but none of that produce desired result.

      They got no trace of where their soon-to-be president missing with masked person in black. The last proof they got is only when Reika was dragged forcefully with severe injury into basement of some building. They suspect them to be on the run from the back exit, but unfortunately the CCTV on that building was no longer in good maintenance. Reika was suspected to be kidnapped by unknown side who might want her to be dead based on what it was shown on the news or probably will used her to get what they want. 

      So, as the whole Japan went into obvious chaos, Nakamoto mansion was not much better. The whole mansion turns into a complete mess. Maids are pressured of serving their depressed employer upon the missing of important girl. But it not ended there; all workers also had to undergo some interrogation from the police and investigator with question that have no ending since last night. They never stop from come in for some interrogation with all the residence, search for small hint or probability that the mastermind could be one from them. But most of them just shake their head and some of them even crying. It makes the situation worse and harder for them to continue the investigation.

      The residence of Nakamoto’s mansions really can’t stay put, most of them are worried and talked many motives behind her abduction. Moreover, she will be officially declared as president of Nakamoto Group in two weeks away. That might be the biggest reason why she was targeted by some people with envy. She was kind, they said. Pity her that people’s greed and jealousy make her into some innocent victim. The wild discussion among the workers of Nakamoto residence seems unstoppable, all of them are purely worry for kind Nakamoto Reika, and they praised her from every corner. And all of the talks always ended by their holy pray that the young girl will be found sooner. They hope so.

      It was more chaos on the outside of the mansion. The journalists and reporter from every agency and television channels are desperate for some news from inside. Yet, the tall and sturdy gate never open for them, it will be too much headache if they let them in.

      In a big room that can be compared with normal house living room but clearly it was a main bedroom, there are five people was seem in deep thinking mode. Nakamoto Suzuki, the old man lying weakly on his bed keeps on blaming an old driver who supposed to fetch Reika from her workplace last evening, but for some reason, he was late. Both man probably in their same age.

      As much as he was blamed by his master, John also never stopped from apologized. Even if his master didn’t blame him for his mistakes, he already felt a strong guilt in his stomach upon what happen to his young mistress. If he came early as usual, this entire thing would not happen to her. So he keeps on bowing whilst utter words of sorry repetitively. He has served for Nakamoto family like for the rest of his life, this is might be his biggest mistakes ever and it cost another life to be forgiven.

      While a male caretaker who supposed to stop the old man from wasting his little energy also seems helpless doing so. How can he stop Nakamoto Suzuki from worrying about his own niece who supposed to be his next heir of Nakamoto Group? So, he just standing beside Nakamoto Suzuki but keep alerts from all probability he will face from the old man’s ignorance. This will be the last time, he thought.

      Away from the conversation of two men, the only girl in the room, Nakamoto Himeka seems like into her own deep thinking phase too. Like everyone else, she was worried about her older sister whereabouts. But she is not the person with ability and power to take action. She silently sips a cold tea served by their maid hours ago. But as silent as her sipping, she occasionally steals a glance towards a man stand beside the farthest window in the room. Her sympathy is solely for Ikuo, fiancé of her older sister. He is the one who talk the less since the news appeared on the television. In her eyes, Ikuo looks broken with some bandage on his fist; he smashed the walls once he heard of the news last night. He was totally enraged by it. 

      Unrealized with all the observation from girl with long hair sitting on the sofa away from him, he was only playing with silver rings on his ring finger. He was spacing out to where his fiancé might be. ‘Reika, where are you.’ He mumbled between his short heavy breaths. He needs to do something, he thinks as he paid a look at the corner of his eyes. Those people are not really taking action actually. He sighed when his ears again caught repetitive complaints by the old man. They only know how to blame each other.

      Ikuo stepped closer to them who have never-ending complaints that almost sound like they are quarreling. Aware by the tall man with black suits, Nakamoto Himeka watched him with pure curiosity. Wonder what he was going to do. His next sentence makes her lips twisted unconscious hideous smile which she not supposed to do.

      “Are you stupid?” The harsh curse by young man left a sudden agape from every man in that room. Ikuo hissed in annoyance. He didn’t care what punishment old man will give to him later. It is not his concern now. “We have to take action. Not pointing fingers toward each other.” He hides his nervousness by slipped his hand into pockets.

      The awkward silence fall in the room as the young man look into everyone’s eyes; like he was asking either his words right or wrong. And everyone just lowered down their gaze in acceptance, including the powerful Nakamoto Suzuki. Himeka can’t help herself from smirking; it is like watching a kitten scared of its owner.

      “It’s okay John, this is not your mistakes. Whoever planning on taking Reika, probably has it planned long time ago. It was our mistakes for not care for her tighter.” Ikuo rubbed his temple. His tones now were much calmer than before as Nakamoto Suzuki didn’t yell at him like he was expecting.

      “It depends on us how to handle this problem. Reika need to be here before the day she will be declared as official heir of Nakamoto group.” He was thinking to himself but it pouring louder without he realize.

      “So what are your suggestions?” Before Nakamoto Suzuki spoke the same question, Himeka is much faster. Her curiosity is higher than everyone in the room. She also now has serious expression.

      “Everything we could do.” Ikuo said, his emotionless eyes looking straight at the younger girl.

      “Yeah, everything it would take to return Reika to us again.” Nakamoto Suzuki agreed, giving absolute nod for the young man decision. “You do whatever it takes to bring her back.” Nakamoto Suzuki much more relaxed now as he can trust the young man words.

      “Yeah, we will pay 100 million dollar to anyone can bring her back to us. ALIVE.” Ikuo gaze harden as he spokes to the policeman through his cellphone. He conveyed his silent solid thought to everyone present in the room.

      They just finished the discussion of how to get her back to them, because whoever aiming for the top of Nakamoto Group are actually aiming for great prize in return. Because no matter how hard people try to deny, money has power, it could buy lives. On the side of the room, Nakamoto Himeka clasped her hand together; wishing for nothing will go wrong in their plan. She exchanged concern looks with the man in front of him.


      Akimoto sensei created a crooked smile as he saw the headline of the news this morning. ‘100 million dollar in return.’

      “So they tried to negotiate huh?” He commented and ended with cold laugh; as it was some joke made for him to laugh. But when the news suddenly changes into the last night news of shooting event, he clenched his fist and gritted his teeth.

      “What you want me to do.” After some moments watching the man with deep scar on his chin, Nanamin asked. She can’t help but twitched her brows in curiosity. How strange it is for him to meet her personally. And she can smell it was not for good thing.

      “Ahh the No.2!” Almost forget that he was not alone, Akimoto sensei straightening his back on the chair. He scanned the tall girl with eyes glistening in amusement, his face show that he was thinking hard inside.

      “You will always be my favorite girl.” He exclaimed, his finger tapping on the glass cover of his desk. “But the friend of yours which both of us know who..” He glared back at the television, Nanamin followed his vision. “She has created so much trouble for us, me.” His sentence hung in the air.

      “I’m sorry sensei.” Nanamin looked down before met his eyes again in determination. “But I’m sure she will finish her work soon. She will be back.”

      “If she was thinking to end her mission, she will end it last night.” His tone almost turns into a terrifying whisper. He pointed to the news that still playing last night shooting scene. He was proud she killed the girl whom supposed to be her rival, but for sure he is not happy watching her run away with her target. She could end it right away.

      “I’m sure she has her own way.” Nanamin reasoning, her eyes not falter an inch, she have watched enough news last night, until she can’t closed her eyes and just cling into Maiyan like a baby, worried where their little sister went missing. And of course, she can’t show the crazy waves inside her, it will make things worse, Akimoto sensei will not like it.

      “You know, I don’t tolerate failure.” He stopped, cooling down the anger before he could burst. Nanamin stay frost. “I totally hate failure.” He ignite his cigar, put between his lips and inhale on it. He exhaled a cloud of smoke to the girl face. If he not doing so, he probably can see she flinched a little bit.

      “She will finish it by today.” She said, confidently but much likely was her own assumption. It is just last night since it happen. 

      “I want you to finish it for her.” He said, leant forward to meet in eyes with the girl. Her eyes showed some hesitation. 

      “But.” She quickly refused. That is when she felt a strong pricking pain on her cheeks and her head forcefully turning to the side. 

      He just slapped her.

      For a moment, heavy air weighed their environment. Nanamin has come straight to her sense thanks to the sudden strong slap she received. She licked the corner of her lips and could taste blood dripping from it. Yet, her eyes stay cold.

      “Don’t cut my speech.” He tensed but recollected himself from his previous outrage. Nanamin waited silently for his next move.

      “The pay has increased. 150 million dollar. They wanted her to be terminated within this week.” He said, calmer than before. “Money could buy lives but money also can buy death.” He said to no one in particular. “This is what money could do to human.” He laughed dryly.

      The tense air in the room had unnaturally grown thicker as no one speaks; it was something Nanamin would hate the most when she was with the man. She could feel there is something unresolved within him, something that made her unsettled feeling in her twisted stomach.

      “And I’ve learnt that you grow some attachment with the number 1 girl.” He said, his hoarse voice sent some tremor to Nanamin’s nerve, she almost screamed if not because she still biting her lips. 

      Nanamin silently clenched her fist, dislike where this talk will go. “She was just a small apprentice of mine.” She denied in calm manner, trying hard not to expose the waves inside.

      “You know our rules.” He paused, checking the girl emotion. Cold, he smirked. “She failed her mission, and has put us into such danger.” The sentence hung in the air. He heaves a short silent breath before turned his chair from the girl. “Kill or to be killed.”

      Nanamin feel like the heavy stone was thrown at her; too heavy until her head almost break. As much as she wanted to deny, she can’t help but to agree; public was never a good choice to make a scene. And Wakatsuki, unfortunately was involved in it, though she can tell that, it is not her original plan. She was there at the wrong timing. But like it or not, it will also give them so much trouble, the enforcer will investigate this thing till they found an answer, not to mention that they are messing with the side that have stronger power than they are, Nakamoto Group would not stay silent until they make things clear on their side, buy the law, push the enforcer just to search for the answer..

      They can’t bear the risk if she was caught, it will affecting the whole organization with all the secrets in her head.. unless,
      “I want you to discard her nicely.”

      There was a deep hollow silent in the room.

      Nanamin’s expression didn’t show like she was surprised by it anymore, she could tell this is coming. But what she doesn’t expect is she is the one who was given the task. This is where the rules take place. ‘Kill or to be killed.’ Once you failed, paid it with your own lives.

      “Any objection?” He is not asking but challenging.

      “No. I will finish the task and discard the number 1 like you’ve asked.” She gritted her jaw and eyes penetrating the news that seems can’t stop from reviewing the same video over and over again. Her gazes hardened as it fall into the familiar figure; somehow she felt a slight annoyance slipped into her dark heart. 

      “Are you sure you can finish her? You lost the rank to her.”

      Nanamin felt like acid was splashed to her face, make it burning like crazy. She gritted her jaw. “I haven’t showed her my killer face. She soon will taste my bullet.”

      “Good. You will forever be my favorite girl.” He said before lightly waved his hand, signaling of no more talk and she shall disappear from his sight.

      Nanamin bow slightly before finally left from the room.

(A/N: As I typing this, I still haven’t decided on who should be the fiancé, I was thinking putting Misa senpai but at the same time I wanted to put Ikuchan. So, I just went with second choice. GOMENASAI… :bow: :bow:
Tell me your opinion guys  it will help keeping my spirit high!  :cow:Thanks for reading. :deco:) 


ミサキ: Haip, thank you for reading and commenting, again.. here the update.  :cow:


hei you made waka become a bad person :mon headbang: but I'm a little like it :roll:

oh i see, you're such sadistic person   :glasses:

maiyan~~ I also want to be pampered by her :mon inluv:

me tooo  :hee: even while i'm writing that scene, my heart scream for them

don't be worried nanamin. no longer maimai will come to you. But why nanamin wants the public to know about her skill to killing? I thought she hates to killing :?

please keep update author-san :)

How do you know Nanamin would come to Maimai?  :grr:
well, i think there will be answer soon to why Nanamin want her kill to be on the news. Stay tuned dude!  :deco:
haip, thanks for always commenting my dear reader.

C: Loll, that was something..
yes, I miss Maimai too, she is indeed Holy mother in Nogi.  :fainted:

Waka careful, you’re pointing your gun on Nanamin’s potential future girlfriend/wife. Don’t mess with the holy mother, karma’s gonna get you  XD
All those NanaminxMaiyan moments  :deco:

yeah, soon karma will get at her huhhh  :mon impatient:
yayy! i wanna write Nanamin scene as many as i can get before she grad and i'm gonna miss her like crazy.  :on cloudeye:

I don’t think the management and WakaRei themselves will allow anything WakaRei to be real on TV (maybe Reika because she just can't help herself). They’re working so hard to make people think they’re just “friends” after all.
Yup, I ship many pairs in Nogi. Plus, WakaRei, HashiGawa and NanaMai are already popular, so I’m using the TakaSemaru sig since they’re actually one of my favs too.

Yeah... too sad about that management, but at least please make a duet song for WakaRei. could they?
I think Waka is too cold to her all this time, my imagination  :k-crazy:
yeah, Nogi girls has too many shippable pair even myself can't decide on that,
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Yay, there’s Himetan! I was wondering if she’ll show up because Reika is using the Nakamoto name.
There’s always Ikuo with Reika in your fic, huh? I almost wanted to say “That poor guy who never gets the girl.”  :P
Nanamin don’t do it. You’re already feeling awful killing someone you didn’t know, if you hurt Waka, I’m worried you will not survive it. Just choose Waka and kill the Akimoto guy instead!

I doubt they’ll make a WakaRei duet song, but we can hope and pray for one. A WakaRei photo book will be great too.
Waka is kinda cold on-screen I suppose, still wanting to get away from that lesbian image I suppose when it’s with Reika  :smhid
Title: Re: [N46] THE BEST IN ME IS YOU (6/6) + UNFORGOTTEN PROMISE (CH 5- 4/1/17)
Post by: wakasama__ on January 09, 2017, 03:33:51 AM
an update :cow:

well my heart said that hashigawa will be paired. but If maimai shows up only to die.. how can you kill holy mother? :mon suspect:

the best assassin in nogikillers will fight (again). I bet that waka will protect reika.

I'm really waiting for this! please update soon author-san
Title: Re: [N46] THE BEST IN ME IS YOU (6/6) + UNFORGOTTEN PROMISE (CH 6- 19/1/17)
Post by: wakaten on January 19, 2017, 04:24:34 PM


      NANAMIN sat in her car doing nothing. She leant back to the seat as the rays from the sunset hurting her eyes and heaved a short breath. She hasn’t been here for long time, to the same river that changed her live. She looks straight to the river which reflecting orange color from the sun. It is beautiful, but it couldn’t heal her wound. The past still haunting her, still fresh in her mind, eating her brain nerves inside.

      Asuka. The name echoed through her mind. Asuka, her beloved younger sister. She closed her eyes, try to hold back the memories from coming out and hurt her once again. But she just couldn’t. She opened her eyelids, still looking straight and can see the back view of two people, sitting side by side on a wooden bench.


       “Nanamin.” Asuka asked after spent long silent with her sister. She didn’t look up to her, knowing it Nanamin too wouldn’t do so. So they just look at distance.

      “Hurm..?” Nanamin answered shortly after that while her hand unknowingly squeezing Asuka’s small hand, didn’t know either for her sister comfort or for her own. And she felt Asuka squeezed back, like she knew what actually going in her head.

      Today was not the usual day they would spend on usual spot. If usually they would sit there while playing with the water, feed on the birds, try to fly together with them, today was an exception.

      “What will happen after this?” Asuka’s question caught her attention.

      Nanamin looked at her side, shocked was displayed on her face for short moment. She was surprised at how Asuka could ask her such question in calm tone, but actually she was more surprised at her thinking, how kid at 5 years old can have same thinking like her? They are just 5 years apart. 

      “What will happen to us? Mom and dad, died. We got no home, no money, and I’m hungry Nanamin..” With her last words, Asuka hugged her sister from the side, like her stomach knew what to do, it grumbled loudly.

      Again, Asuka left her flustered. She didn’t know her sister could think that far. How much time she wasted at school instead of watching Asuka grew up? She kept silent. Asuka is true; their parents had died, literally two days ago. She still remembered it clearly, as she got home from school. She heard Asuka sobbing from inside. When she entered, her parent already dead, they were suicide by hang themselves to the ceiling. The worst part is they let Asuka watch they died from below, crying hard. That poor little kid knew nothing.

      The case was closed like that; their parent’s body was brought to the hospital for further investigation – they said. Police also doing their job; search the motives behind the suicide. But no matter how many times she asked, they don’t give the answer. And nobody care for them too. It is like, their parents dead doesn’t matter to them while it was vice versa. Or perhaps, they didn’t want them to know and it most likely.

      She never gave up and knew about it from the news at one shop which they incidentally passed by. It’s true, their parents attempted suicide, due to burden of having huge debt with black market but they left their daughter behind. ‘They should kill us too.’ Her inner voice said as she hugged Asuka close to her. 

      “It’s okay Asuka. We’ll still be toget.” It was then; their moment was disrupted by some harsh voice. They looked back, shocked at the men with scary face come closer to them. Nanamin managed to grab Asuka to her side.

      “Here they are the daughters of Hashimoto.” The bald man said. He has rings on his nose and ears, and scar slashed at one side of his eyes. He is the scariest among them. Nanamin withdrew, Asuka now behind her.

      “What do you want?” She stuttered, felt intimidated by their scary looks and gun on their side. They laughed.

      “Good that you asked.” The same man said. He exchanged look with his friends. “We need you to pay your parent’s debt. Can you?” For some reasons, they all laughed. “Maybe with your body?” He grinned devilishly as his eyes trailed off Nanamin’s body up and down. 

      “So, it was you all who killed my parent!” Nanamin snapped back with some courage came from nowhere.

      “No, it is not us. They kill themselves, we just said, they could die but I never thought they take it seriously.” He created a sad face, mocking her.

      “Bastard!” Nanamin couldn’t hold her anger anymore, she launched to them without thinking much.

      They seem surprised at her sudden action. She managed to bite one of the men on his thigh. He screamed while trying to kick her away, she was thrown away to the ground. Her head hurt, but she get back to her feet. But as she doing so, Asuka already on their hand. They laugh triumphantly like they just won dozen of golds.

      Nanamin looked at Asuka scared face, she felt sorry for her and regretted at her action earlier. But there was something different on her little sister gaze and she noticed Asuka readied herself to bury her teeth on the man’s arm.

      “Asuka, no!” She screamed but it already late. Asuka already bite him, strong enough to make him jolted on his feet and released his grip on Asuka. But it was on the wrong spot, they stand too close to the river so as Asuka escaped from them, she was thrown to the river. Nanamin gasped. “Asuka!” She ran to save her, but the men caught her.

      “Let me go! Let me go.” She shouted and struggled at the same time. Her sight went blurry from tears. She saw Asuka’s body gushed away by current. ‘She didn’t know how to swim.’ She cried inside. She felt her body turn to jelly, weaken by the fact she no longer saw Asuka from the surface. The grips on her body also loosen, but she still didn’t give so in swift and quick movement she plunged herself into the river while shouting.


      She thought she might dead when she decided to jump to the river, but apparently she is not. With her little conscious, she felt someone carried her from the water, both of them was wet. Whoever he is, he must be swim to save her. But she is too broken to care. “Let me go. Asuka.” She mumbled weakly.

      “Are you crazy? Come let me brought you home.” His hoarse voice has a little kindness.

      “Let me go. Save Asuka.”She still felt the tears ran down her cheek.

      “You won’t find her. It’s already dark. I will tell my man to find her next morning.” With the remnants of her strength, she opened her eyes and saw the deep scar on his chin.

      The next day she woke up, she felt huge pain in her heart, wishing yesterday was another bad dream of her. Yet, it is not merely a dream. It is reality, and Asuka has gone.

      “We found your sister’s body.”


      “Yes, whatever her name is. We found her body, she already dead.”

      She can’t remember for how long she cried and wailed for Asuka’s death. The pain now was replaced by anger and hatred. As far as she knew, she doesn’t even cry when her parents died. But Asuka was the last family she had and now she was gone. They killed her too. She wished, she can be dead too.

      She did try to kill herself, jump from the window, cut her hand, hung herself and drank dozens of drugs she can find. Until it can’t be counted for how many times a day she tried to kill herself, but he always stopped her from doing that.

      “You can’t die. Not now. Come. Let me help you avenge her death.”

      She still remembered the looks in his eyes, like he was offering light for her. Her tears stopped right away when she realized that was the only thing she wanted right now. Revenge. And from that point, she was like different girl. He gave her hope, he trained her how to fight, how to use gun, how to throw dagger perfectly to the target deathly points. He made her into a perfect killer.

      And he also gave her companion. Few days after she was brought into his mansion, he later brought another girl home. The girl was broken and wrecked with lots of cuts and bruises on her thin body. She is too thin until the bones stand out unnaturally from its frame. She learnt something from the girl; they had the same thing, wrecked and lost.

      They shared the same ambition. As much as she wanted to avenge her family’s death, Maiyan; the girl who appeared weak the first time they met but now had grew stronger also want to kill her step-father who abuse her and kill her mother. With the similarities, they had become his killers.

      He is Akimoto sensei, he not only saved her and Maiyan but he also saved many girls out there who same like her, lost and alone. He is the one who saved them from death, gave them hope to live, and he gave them purposes of living but what most important is, he even gave them home. Even though she knew what he teaches them are bad things. But she also knew if he wasn’t there for them, they probably already moved to another unknown world.

      Be loyal to him, is a way of payment for everything he did. And it has become a way to live too.


      Nanamin opened her eyes and wiped the tears that she unconsciously shed. She can’t remember when the last time she cried pure of heart ache like this. Yes, years have passed but the pain never ceased.

      She blankly stared at the river; sun had completely disappeared from the horizon.  Another day had ended and night once again started, but she can’t forget that river. The same river where her life changed, the same river where Asuka died, where she was saved, and where she had begun her new life as a killer.

      This river too had witnessed her first kill. She killed them here, with her own bare hand. How they made her parent get into the news, that is how she made them get into the headlines, dead and hung down from the bridge, and it had become her obsession, watching her victim in the news, it much more like her trophy of winning. She more than satisfied but too far to return to zero. She can’t go back to where ten years old Hashimoto Nanami was once a girl who loved her little more than her life; because she had lost the reason why she should love anymore.

      She slipped out her mobile from side pockets, in quick movement she type short message and sent them to Maiyan.

      ‘I have another assignment to do. Won’t be home for few days, don’t wait for me.’

      And the light in her eyes had changed; it was now blank and empty. The expression she had whenever she in her killing mode.


      THE SMALL GIRL open her eyelids, meeting with dark surrounding and smell of rotten rats that almost make her vomit which also pushed her back to her sanity. The smell too strong but she got up on her elbow anyway, feeling too weak to move her whole body.

      “What happen?” She asked that to herself while massaging her numb head. She felt too dizzy to remember of how she could arrive here. The last thing she remembered is, she was hit by her target’s bodyguard and Maiyan jumped in out of nowhere. It reminded her of her assignment, did she just fail?

      She analyze her surrounding again, a huge and cold warehouse which was occupied with single bulb high up in the ceiling, smell of rotten rats and the familiar yet strange atmosphere able to make her shivered. The criteria match well with the description of fate room which the girls always talk about, the room where a failure faced their punishment.

      “You almost ‘failed’ your assignment.” A familiar voice hit her like a bullet, emphasized the fact in a really low and cold voice, remind her of what she supposed to care the most. That affirmed her of what she is thinking right now.

      “Nanamin?” The small girl really wanted to make sure she heard it right. But she received no answer which she knew her style really well. “I’m sorry, I’m not ready.” She tried to get back to her feet, but the older girl jumped onto her body quick and rough enough to make her fall back to the floor. So, it is really Nanamin.

      “You almost ‘failed’ your assignment!” The older girl with short hair growled fiercely while pushing her dagger to the small girl throat, cut of her abilities to protest.

      Their eyes met but each of them have different aura, the small girl looked so scared while the older and taller girl looked much more confident.

      It didn’t take her anymore moves to give the answer she wanted the most. She really in the fated room, waiting to be punished of her failed assignment, her second assignment where she was forced to do it after she had long time to face the after effect of first kill. She wasn’t ready and hesitated when she had had accepted the task. But she went for it, knowing refused the task would do any good for her. They don’t have any choice either. But she guessed Maiyan knew what was going on in her mind. So maybe the older girl with long hair followed her during her assignment, saved her from being killed by her target, and not to mention Maiyan might kill her target as well.

      “I’m sorry.” She begged in a low voice, unable to move and eyes closed as the fire in Nanamin’s eyes makes her so scared of her own fate. She will be dead, kill or to be killed was their only rule and she failed.

      “You know our rule, kill or to be killed. He hates failure.” Nanamin whispered to the small girl ear, make her shivering more.

      “I know.” She admitted her fault, still unable to move afraid that any wrong move will cut her throat and sent her off to death angel. She still wanted to live and grow.


      Maiyan’s call grabbed Nanamin’s attention to her who right now stood side by side with a familiar man with deep scar on his chin, Akimoto Sensei. Like always, he looked pressure and tense but Maiyan looked concern. They talked about something, too slow for the girl on the floor to catch it, but Maiyan surely the only one who talked before the man finally nodded.

      “Chance.” He said before walked out through the metal door, leaving Maiyan alone on the upstairs. Maiyan gave a small nod to Nanamin before her gaze fall to the small girl under her friend; she looked too scared to even realize their surrounding and her presence since before.

      The small girl noticed a short paused as she heard someone call for Nanamin. She knew that voice but still can’t find any courage to open her eyes. She prayed for her long life inside. She felt Nanamin’s breath calmed down and the metal of her dagger were pulled away from her skin. She opened her eyes, but shocked as Nanamin grab her shirts with one hand and thrown her to the corner. Her back hit the hard and cold steel wall. The small girl winched in pain, she still hasn’t recovered from her previous injuries and the older girl added new one to it.

      The small girl saw the older girl walk to her with her dagger still in her hand. “Please, give me more chance. Please.” She pleaded; knowing by the looks in Nanamin’s eyes meant something bad.


      “PLEASE. DON’T KILL ME.” She pleaded nonstop; her hands moved furiously like she was shielding herself from something might hurt her. “Please.” She screamed loudly and this time her body jolted from where she lied before. Her face wetted by sweat and her body shivered like she just woke up from bed made up from snow.

      It took Wakatsuki seconds of analyzing and scanning her surrounding to make sure she is not in the room she scared the most even in most of her nightmares. A short sigh escaped her mouth when she realized she still in the same clinic she broke into this morning and a beautiful doctor saved her target. She wiped off the sweats from her face and try remembered every scene happen before she slept like a log.

      “Having nightmare?” Someone spoke in a low and weak voice. She wasn’t sure to whom the questioned was directed since the room was quite dark but with the help from street light from outside of the clinic which managed to slip into through the broken glass door, she saw her target that had been treated was actually talked to her. She saw a weak smile stamped to her lips.

      But she didn’t bother to answer it at all and lay back to the sofa where she had been in uncounted hours. Believe or not, she already lost track of how long she had stay here. Probably at least two days.

      “Don’t worry. My mom said if you can’t sleep, you can sing a song.” Her target chuckled before inhaled a short breath and heaved a sigh. Still, Wakatsuki didn’t paid any attention to her but when her target started to shift her position closer to her and touched her shoulder; Wakatsuki flinched to the sudden touch.

      “It’s okay, you can sleep.”

      Her sweet whisper was like a hypnotism that drifted her into her dreamland even deeper.

Kimi ga ite kurete hontou yokatta yo
Donna toki datte itsumo
Waratte irareru
Tatoeba, hanarete ite mo  nannen tatte mo
Zutto kawaranai desho
Watashi-tachi Best Friend
Suki da yo, daisuki da yo”

      And her singing was like a hole that swallow her into a world she never experience before, she felt warm, calm and safe like she was in home. Not home where she had Nanamin and Maiyan, but home where she still can be kid, little kid that had no worries.


      As usual, she still can’t sleep; it had been two weeks since she arrived in the orphanage. Two weeks since she had lost her parents in an accident. Every time she closed her eyes, the scene where their car was crushed by a truck and rolled in the highway kept haunting her, make her like a zombie in the night.

      “Can’t sleep?” A small voice interrupted her thinking; she didn’t look at the voice, knowing it is from the kid who arrived a week earlier than her. That girl always knew she can’t sleep but still asking.

      She rolled to her right, avoiding that girl.

      “You’re Yumi-chan right?”

      But that little girl kept insisting to talk to her, as she can felt a small movement on her bed, signaling that girl now had move besides her. She rolled her eyes in annoyance but still didn’t pay any look to her.

      “Well, my mom always said that.. if I can’t sleep, try sing a song.” She happily exclaimed, without knowing the other girl annoyed with her antics.

      “Do you want me to sing you a song? So you can sleep?”

      Though it is a question, but that girl didn’t wait an answer to start singing while patting her back. Somehow, it managed to make her slowly feeling sleepy and weirdly happy.

Kimi ga ite kurete hontou yokatta yo
Donna toki datte itsumo
Waratte irareru
Tatoeba, hanarete ite mo  nannen tatte mo
Zutto kawaranai desho
Watashi-tachi Best Friend
Suki da yo, daisuki da yo

      “My mom always sing me this song, she said this is our song. We are daughter and mother but we also best friend.”

      She barely heard that friend mumbled about her stories, every time she finished singing one verse of the song, she will talked about random things which she barely pay attention to it or never listen to it.

Konna osoi jikan ni GOMEN ne
(I'm sorry to bother you so late at night)
Hitori ja seppatsumatte kita no
(But I was at my wit's end, thinking all by myself)
Kimi no koe sukoshi kiketara
(I just need to hear your voice for a little bit)
(And I'll have the motivation to try harder)

      “I never have friends. Will Yumi-chan be my only friend?” But she is still half-awake to say that the pats slowly changed into a hug. She is too sleepy to resist the back hug from that girl and finally drifted into a real deep sleep she never had since two weeks she has been here.

      The next day she woke up, that friend still hugging her like a teddy bear and with a little push, she managed to escape from suffocating hug. For minutes, she stood by her bed, looking to that friend sleeping while nibble to a pink blanket. Did she just think of that girl as a friend now?

      Her eyes was filled with disbelief, how can she slept in that condition last night? And how she can sleep with that girl anyway? She failed to answer the entire question in her mind.

      She shook her head in pure disbelief while walked away from her bed. She had enough with that girl, and will no more wasting her time with her. As she walked to the door, she instinctively looked to that girl’s bed which just besides hers. No matter how many times she refused to befriend with other kids, that friend surely was something else and knowing her name wouldn’t be any pain right. She read the name quietly.


to be continued

(A/N: This is quite long, thanks for reading and your supports. So this almost reach the climax i think? XD. Tell me your opinion as that will keep my spirit high!!)


@C:  Thanks for your support!!
Yay, there’s Himetan! I was wondering if she’ll show up because Reika is using the Nakamoto name.
yeah i know right.. lately himetan managed to grab my opinion through mature image, i always think of her being such a kid. and i like nogibingo episodes where himetan and reika being sisters. that is so heart warming.

There’s always Ikuo with Reika in your fic, huh? I almost wanted to say “That poor guy who never gets the girl.”  :P
yeah, i was thinking the same think.. why Ikuo always appeared in my fic and got the jerk character? Maybe her appearance in Shakiism as a jerk got my eyes o him, err her actually. well, I must admit that, i like her in Shakiism,  :wub:

Nanamin don’t do it. You’re already feeling awful killing someone you didn’t know, if you hurt Waka, I’m worried you will not survive it. Just choose Waka and kill the Akimoto guy instead!
now you know why Nanamin can't she can't finish the real bad guy  :k-mad: and Nanamin is such loyal girl you know...

I doubt they’ll make a WakaRei duet song, but we can hope and pray for one. A WakaRei photo book will be great too.
Waka is kinda cold on-screen I suppose, still wanting to get away from that lesbian image I suppose when it’s with Reika  :smhid
right.. Waka is such cold in screen, sometimes i felt pity to Reika.. Such poor girl, but they are the best with such understanding towards each other.. mutual relationships i think? PHOTOBOOK WILL BE GREATTTTTTT.. :deco:

YEAYYY thanks for supporting me!

well my heart said that hashigawa will be paired. but If maimai shows up only to die.. how can you kill holy mother? :mon suspect:
lets see....  :glasses: somehow i like both idea. Hashigawa and Maimai will be killed, which one you like? Hahaha

the best assassin in nogikillers will fight (again). I bet that waka will protect reika.
yeah they will have proper fight this time maybe? :frustrated:

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Post by: wakasama__ on January 31, 2017, 05:21:57 PM
so this part of their past. they all have different stories but it really touching. the past of nanamin are really painful. finally I know why nanamin wants the public know about her :mon waterworks:
and wakarei ... They both are indeed always manage to get me a heart attack. reika really knows how to deal with waka. Although waka behave as if to be stoic but she felt very comfortable and enjoyed it. suddenly I remembered something about waka. at the hs yesterday, I read the live report from waka fans. He said that waka likes a girl! I do not know if it's true but clearly I was so speechless. In my mind now, wakarei is real! they love each other (not as a friend but as a lover)  :on gay: :on gay:
sorry for my late comment and thanks for update author-san.. :mon pray2:
Title: Re: [N46] THE BEST IN ME IS YOU (6/6) + UNFORGOTTEN PROMISE (CH 6-19/1/17) bonus
Post by: wakaten on February 18, 2017, 05:00:04 PM

Reika was watching tv while stuffing some snacks when the bells at front door ringing and turn out to be her best friend, Wakatsuki Yumi appeared with face without smiles.

"Oh yumi, what's wrong?" Reika asked in bewilderment as it has been so long she hasn’t come to her place; she closed the door behind as Yumi slided into her house and follow behind. Though she felt a little irritated by that cold attitude of her friend still she said nothing.

"I'm tired and I left the keys somewhere." said Yumi already dive on her stomach to the long couch.

"Do you want to shower?" Worried by Yumi's rare state, Reika asked, ready to get her towel.

"I need food." Yumi mumbled under her breath which sometimes sounds incoherent when she lay like that.

"Sokka. Can you wait little more? I will make you some." Reika already moving around her kitchen when she said that, leaving only her best friend in the living room with talking tv..

Reika didn't take long time to make simple food for her best friend, knowing dragging more time will make the other girl suffer even more. She didn't know what happen before Yumi came to her, but she planned on asking that later.

Putting the very simple pasta she could make with her limited cooking ability on the coffee table, Reika then touched her friend shoulder to wake her up. The soft touch is enough to make Yumi stand straight to the couch, blanking staring at her friend.

"Dinner is ready. Finish it." Reika smiled and sat back beside her friend; continue to enjoy what she delayed.

However, Yumi only looks back and forth between Reika and food on the table. "Why am I here?" She asked that to herself but it managed to catch Reika’s attention anyway.

"Maybe you just miss me." Reika replied with faint mischievous smile short after, taking the plate and presented it in front Yumi. "Finish it before it gets cold." It doesn’t take even a minute for her friends to devour herself with the white coloured paste she made.

Yumi was too occupied with the food that she doesn’t even raise her head to realize Reika watch her in amusement. Reika knew their schedule a lot tighter these days since the concert for 5th anniversary is around the corner but she couldn’t think any reason why her best friend would look so exhausted like that and even starve herself.

Its either her cooking abilities have improved or Yumi was too hungry because in just two minute, the plate already emptied. Her lips curved upwards, silently satisfied.

"I'm sleepy." Giving no chance for Reika to reach water for her, Yumi laid her head on Reika's lap, making the latter stunned by her act and frozen on spot.

Watching sleeping Yumi, Reika wondered if there any changes in her friends face since they first met last year that even until now the calm face managed to make her heart skip a beat.

"You must be too tired." Reika smiled to herself while caressed her friend's hairs, eyes still stuck at Yumi's face. Taking chance of the sleeping figure, Reika leant forward and planted a kiss on her friend's forehead, careful not to awake the girl from her dreams.
"You're so cold to me. Yet i miss you so much." Reika sighed as she remembered their last cat fight a week before.

Yumi was too furious at her for not taking care of herself and sprained her ankle when she was practiced alone. With the reason it was just a small injury, Reika didn't even tell anyone about it and mysteriously manage to put an act like she was not affected by it a little bit. But, Yumi was just being Yumi, she was fast to notice the little change in Reika when she avoid her eyes.

Of course she was scolded badly by Yumi who younger than her by a month. Sometimes Reika found it funny, because when Yumi seriously scolding her, she knew that is proving that she was someone important to her and this kind of small thing could win her attention she craved so much this past few years.

Wakatsuki Yumi she knew is really a serious girl. She takes everything seriously, like how she should react when Bananaman-san cracked a joke so she would be seen as funny yet beautiful or how she answered when they were accused being a couple. Others might not realize but Reika knew, Yumi had tried various way of reaction that she could barely listed but other way, Yumi looks beautiful to her eyes.

That was just a simple example of how serious Wakatsuki Yumi is, and Reika could handle that seriousness very well. Even to the level where their relationship was involved. Being Wakatsuki Yumi, their friendship was not something to be displayed to public and people shipped on them. Yumi once said to her in the past that,

'Our relationship is real, it is not something to be displayed and people make profit of that. So let’s keep this between us only.'

And Reika couldn't agree more. It is not like she dislikes the way staff from Bingo or Doko? make them as a 'to laugh' at materials because it also unexpectedly gave them so many shipper which crazily marked them as the perfect couple at the same time. But, yeah like Yumi said keep it only to themselves in their very private space.

Even so, Reika still can't control herself when Yumi cutely act to the camera and she so miserably failed to control herself at their verbal promise. When things went too wild, Yumi decided to distance herself from her. That was hurtful to be truth, but she guess that was the best for them because she knew, where this coming from.

With Yumi being so girly yet manly to other members like Zukkyun Manattan, or cute kouhai, Reika too determined to be the normal captain towards other members likes she purposely pair up with Ikuchan during danso episodes on Bingo past few months. Though the true reason behind it is, she actually wanted her friends to be jealous of them and retrieved their so called 'not to be displayed relationship' and just be straightforward.

But then, Yumi bluntly declared they already break up from that day. Though she knew, Yumi was taking advantage from the situation so that they will no longer targeted as a couple, still the agony are there, like they were seriously break up, though they are not really in relationship to begin.

Since then, Yumi purposely spent time more frequent with other members especially Manattan that she adored so much which also widen their distance. They barely meeting each other's eyes in the waiting room, barely talked to each other during practices and even more in their so called private space. How can they have private space and time when Yumi devoted herself wholly to make their relationship not to be displayed until she not noticed their relationship has sunken deeper than Mariana trench.

What is wrong with having friends more than friends but not yet lover? The crack in their relationship has affecting Reika focus in work which then lead her to be admitted to the hospital. News said that she has poor health till and unable to join midsummer concert last year but truth to be told, she was too heartbroken for Yumi.

As far as Reika remembered, Yumi don't even showed up to visit her when other members keep coming telling her stories so she won’t be sad to not participate the concert.

Well, not untill late at night, Yumi secretly coming to visit her. Reika sure it was not the first time since Yumi know exactly where she puts her dirty clothes and change to new one, Yumi even change the water in vase and sleep by her side till dawn then missing before she woke up. That day, Reika knew that Wakatsuki is really something different. And Reika secretly crazy in love with her again.

That was the last thing Reika remembered about Yumi warmth and care to her, so Reika no longer doubt that special friend of her and let everything just go by flow. Time will take care of everything for them.

So when Yumi finally showed at her door after long time, honestly Reika was happy even the other girl still cold as usual to her. But that was only her mask for not showing her feeling too obvious.

Reika don't remember of waking up in the middle of night and walked to her room because she might also sleep walking hence the last thing she remembered is she falls asleep with Yumi still on her lap.  Reika usually slept in the middle of queen size bed since it less lonely, but looking at how she was purposely laid at the left side of bed with the other side looks too neat for her, she guessed that Yumi moved her into her room and sleep side by side with her. Even Yumi also a girl, but she has that mysterious strength in her muscles too, which was not possible for the case to happen.

Reika couldn't stop grinning to herself as she dragged her body from dreamy blanket and make her way to the kitchen.

'Thanks for last night dinner. Don't forget to take your breakfast. -Yumi.'

Reika read the sticky notes on the table besides her breakfast prepared by Yumi. She can't stop smiling as she munched her sandwich with half cooked egg and hot chocolate. This is too great to be a reality but she silently hoping this reality always occurs to her. 

Took almost an hour to get ready for work, Reika now ready for her today's activities. Since they have birthday concert together with Nanamin's graduation concert next week, so their schedule a little bit pack which giving her no time to be lazed around her comfy bed as usual. But work is work and she enjoyed her works the most.

Reika arrived pretty early that morning well blame Yumi who make her feel so energetic than usual today and nobody in the lesson room aside from Yumi that seriously practicing. But when Reika wanted to open the door, she saw another figure that got blocked by door before so she chooses to watching them.

"You left your keys and phone last night." Manatsu handed out bunch of keys to Wakatsuki together with her mobile phone. Despite Manatsu was so normal that day, Wakatsuki however didn't look good at all with her presence, she seemed pressured.

Reika gasped at the scene. Now she knew why Yumi came to her place last night, she left her keys at Manatsu's, also the same reason why Yumi rang the bell, and not using the spare key she gave to her last few years. Reika's heart sunken even deeper but she can't even left.

"I know you're mad at me for last night. But please don't leave like that just before we had dinner." Manatsu said, pretty mad but she managed to control her voice not to make the other more pressured than she already had.

"I'm sorry." Wakatsuki answered briefly before she continued her lesson hinting Manatsu that she didn't want to talk anymore.

"Nee Waka. Let’s discuss a little bit more." But Manatsu don't gave up, she tucked her hand into Wakatsuki's arm but the latter quickly pulled back, quite harshly.

"Please don't act like this Akimoto. I don't want people to see us. They might misunderstand us for something else." Wakatsuki retorted and back off few steps, frustration obviously displayed on her face.

"I will act like it never happen and please be normal when others are here." She warned with extremely low voice, calmed herself down, know that rage would not get them anywhere. Distancing herself from Manatsu,Wakatsuki continue her lesson, no longer paying attention to the shorter girl who then choose to leave her alone.

Reika didn't expect Manatsu to leave that fast  so they met in front of the practice room. Manatsu then gave her annoying look before tightly close the door.

"I bet you heard everything." Manatsu smirked a little, feeling she can't deny what happen in lesson room when Reika pale face explain everything. She heard.

"A little bit." Reika fidgeting at her place know that she was guilty for eavesdrop their private conversation.

"So you know now, what happen between us. I hope, you can keep it as a secret.. well, you know how she is right?" Then Manatsu left, leaving Reika stunned and heartbroken at the same time.

'So thats why she was so cold to me.' Reika weakly mumbled to no one but herself, almost cannot believe at what her eyes and ears witnesses. If not because of the nearby chairs, Reika swore that she will turn to jelly right away.

'Everything makes sense now.' No matter how much she convinced her heart to just give up; still it was hard for her.

Like that, the whole day was so doomed for Reika. She was practicing like crazy, hoping that it would tear her mind away from Yumi, but no matter she go, Yumi’s eyes always found hers.

That might be her fault too, as she failed to act like nothing when Yumi asked her about her breakfast and Reika coldly answering before walked away. Of course Yumi will sense something was wrong with her and always keep an eye to her. Yet, Reika didn't want to admit that she was not okay.

Not until when everyone already gone to had their dinner, Reika still practicing, memorizing her lines as emcee for the concert later. Though she felt hungry as she also skipped her lunch today, but she didn't have enough courage to face her best friend either. So, using bento as excuse to other member, Reika now was left alone in the practice room.

Sure Reika can lie to other members, but Wakatsuki know exactly that Reika didn't bring any bento as she knew her the best.

"Do you have something in your mind, Reika?" Wakatsuki Yumi asked as she fixed her eyes to Reika's reflection on the mirror. Their eyes met merely seconds before the captain quickly broke the gaze.

"Nothing." Reika repeated her dance movement, making sure it was perfect. Even so, she noticed the eyes still on her.

"I brought your dinner. Please don't skip meal anymore, we need you to be there, Nanamin will be sad if you're absent in her graduation." Wakatsuki said before leaving the meal she brought in earlier near Reika' s backpack and left seconds after that.

Alone in the room again, Reika watched the door where Yumi has gone missing too. Though she appreciated that Yumi didn't dragged her interrogation, the small parts of her inner self wanted Yumi to spill everything to her, or at least stay with her.

'Well, she has Manatsu now.' Reika reminded herself as she hungrily devoured her meal; realize that she almost starved to death.

'And she a very caring person, so it’s not weird if she cares of me since we are friends.' However, the word friend that echoed in her head hurt so much.


"Reika, whats wrong?" Wakatsuki Yumi asked again on their way back. They have finished lesson 30 minutes ago, and Reika surprisingly missing faster than she thought as if Reika avoiding her. But Wakatsuki don't gave up and chased for her beloved friend, worry something might happen to her, though they walk in distance, she knew Reika fuming for some reasons.

"Nothing. I'm just tired." Still fasten her feet, Reika answered without looking back, know Yumi still carefully watching her. Maybe that answer was enough, because Yumi was silent after that.

"I'll stay here for now." Yumi said as she received curious glance from Reika when she is not showing any hint for leaving yet after they arrived Reika's apartment. She is not asking either, she telling her decision because deep there she was 100% sure they need proper talk.

Throw all of her belongings on the couch; Reika went to shower straight away. While Yumi pick them up and keep it in Reika’s room. She then roaming around the dimly lit room, searching nothing in particular but making sure Reika live a better life when she was not around.

But that girl still never changes the last time she remembered, the dirty clothes already mounted in the basket and scattered on the floor near washing machine. Wakatsuki tentatively collected them and put in right place. And after she satisfied, she moved to the kitchen, ready to prepare late dinner for both of them. Since they lost so much energy for daily dance routine which usually sucked all the energy out, the idea of late dinner always a bless.

Somehow, while making dinner, Wakatsuki Yumi weakly smiled. Feeling nostalgic whilst doing the same thing she haven't done for a long time. Before this, she always lodged in Reika's house she always taking charge of breakfast, lunch and dinner, as if she was the owner. She can do everything she want because Reika let her to, believe it or not, she also have her own room here even she never use it.

'My house is yours too, so you can freely come here anytime you want.' Said Reika when she first moved out from her parent’s house, at the same time giving the spare keys to her. And honestly, nothing made Wakatsuki happy like that ever.

But now, how long has it pass since last she was here? Sadly, Wakatsuki couldn't recall.

After she served their dinner which is just fried rice, Wakatsuki went to call for Reika because her friend strangely took longer time to bath. But, she found only Reika’s figure on the bed with all lights was off – well that kind weird for Reika since she always left the small lamp to enlighten the mood.

"I prepared dinner for you, want to eat?" Land at the edge of the bed, Wakatsuki asked, hoping Reika still not drifted too far in her sleep. Yet, her wish not granted, Reika not even move an inch.

"I guess I have to eat alone again tonight." Wakatsuki whispered to herself while fixing blanket on Reika's body as her friend easy to get cold. Then she went out and closed the door.

"Please stop caring for me Yumi, it will make me hard to let you go." Reika cried after Yumi left her alone again. She deeply felt sorry for not appreciating her friend efforts making dinner for her but she also can't bring her heart to receive any more kindness for her. Because Wakatsuki Yumi she knew, was the kind and caring girl. She care everyone more than herself. And Reika, was no difference, just a member Yumi care.

Finishing her dinner 5 minutes later, Wakatsuki keep Reika's portion in the fridge to be eaten later. She then took her short bath and ready to sleep.

"Maybe this is time for me to use the room." She sighed, feeling dumbfounded at what actually in Reika's head. And Wakatsuki didn't plan to let it off too far. She needs to know the source of Reika weird behavior lately


A week to go before their fifth anniversary concert, today they have first rehearsal at the stadium. So all members was very busy memorizing the songs arrangement, dance move, concert flow and even the stadium basement plan in order to accomplish their extravagant concert together with Nanamin graduation.

During this period, everyone was very focus and seriously practicing and planning the flow as they didn't want to ruin perfect momento for Nanamin.

"Do you have any question?" Reika asked to all the members after briefing about changes in the flow. She looked to everyone's eyes, making sure they all understand what she just said.

"If none, we can take a rest for now." And everyone dispersed after bowing to each other for good works. Reika is the last one missing to the backstage to grab some drinks before her steps then was stopped by loud scream.


The scream was followed by loud sound of something fall and broken, the spotlight just fall from the high ceiling which almost hit Reika if not because of Wakatsuki quickly grabbed her and they both fall to the floor not too far from the incident.

The staff then repetitively apologized for their recklessness but Reika just smile because she was at fault too.

"Look where you walk Reika! What if something happen to you?" Wakatsuki scolded Reika right away, she almost have heart attack from the incident.

"Then you should stop worry about me and take care of your Manattan instead." Reike retorted and pulled her hand from Yumi grasp, making the latter surprised. She then walk away, didn't want Yumi to see her tears.

Wakatsuki Yumi just stood at her spot, flustered by what she just heard; Reika raised her voice at her. "Am I too harsh?" She rubbed her face in regret. The more she tried to understand, the more she got confused.

After that, they barely making eye contact with Reika was obviously mad at Yumi who now deeply feeling guilty for some reasons. Well, she always scolded Reika but she never expects the usual ponkotsu Reika to ever reply like that.

With Reika constantly avoiding her by playing with other members and doing something else, Wakatsuki decided that she will talk to her once they were home.


"Reika, did something happen?" Wakatsuki asked once they stepped into Reika's apartment. She will not let this slipped off again just like last night.

"Nothing happen. I just tired." Reika dropped her thing on her way to bedroom, wanted to run from the Yumi once again. But it seems like she can't when Yumi keep following her, and she can't say no for coming to her place too.

"Then what’s wrong with you recently?" Wakatsuki already lost her mind, she grabbed Reika's hand before she could reach her towel and missing into bathroom.

"Then let me asked you, what is wrong with you? Keep coming into my house when you already have girlfriend? What if she misunderstood us? You don't want that right? You don't want everyone to misunderstand everything you do right?" Reika blurted as she tried to pull back her hand but the grips are so tight and they are now facing each other.

At the first glance, Reika could tell that Yumi was flustered and knew she messed things even more.

"Girlfriend? What girl?" She got more confused. "And are you telling me not to come anymore?" She looked into Reika's eyes, finding an answer but the latter averting again bit her lips in hesitation.

"Are you?" Wakatsuki enclosed their distance until they can feel each other’s breath. "Tell me the reason Reika." She was too desperate for answer at the same time fear for it.

"Then tell me, what are we Waka?" Reika braced herself to look into Yumi's, though it also means exposing her teary eyes.

"You know I can't explain with words, there are no right words to define us Reika." As much as she hurt seeing Reika crying, Wakatsuki hates herself for being too weak.

"Then proves it with acti.." Before Reika could finish her sentence, Wakatsuki already sealed their lips together. Reika stunned at her place, frozen with eyes almost bulged from its socket.

"Is that enough?" Wakatsuki asked after short and simple kiss, Reika still stunned at her place.

"I'm deeply sorry for what I have done all these years, I keep running away from us, keep denying that you're more than friends, and I’m really sorry for neglecting you Reika." She hugged Reika who gives no response pure to shock.

Reika blinked twice, cannot believe to what she just experiece till she can't even respond to the hug. "Then what about Manatsu?" She can't help but to ask pure to curiosity to what she witnesses before.

"What with Manatsu?" Wakatsuki grinned mischeviously and Reika knew she already know she doomed.

"Your girlfriend?"

"Are you jealous?"

"I am not."

"You are." Wakatsuki laughed, disbelief to the fact that behind Reika's weird attitude to her was jealousy.

"But seriously Reika, she is just friend who misunderstood my treatment."

"That’s because you're way tooo kind to everyone." Reika rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"That’s because they're too cute. I can't help but to be nice to them." Wakatsuki laughed again when Reika was cutely pouting, feeling jealous. Now she really enjoyed teasing Reika, who knows that clumsy yet cute girl know how to be jealous?

"Shut up Waka!"

"Hey where are you going? Let’s take bath together." Before Reika engulfed herself in bathroom, Wakatsuki already slide through the almost closed door.

(A/N: yeah I know I shouldn’t do this but please take it as bonus since I was in the middle of writing my thesis and almost have no time for update and I felt like relaxing a bit with this. But still, do tell me your opinion upon this short story.)

@wakasama__: yeah, even with simple things, WAKAREI always make me in shock

suddenly I remembered something about waka. at the hs yesterday, I read the live report from waka fans. He said that waka likes a girl! I do not know if it's true but clearly I was so speechless. In my mind now, wakarei is real! they love each other (not as a friend but as a lover)  :on gay: :on gay:

like seriously?? can i have the source of your reading too? hahah well it is not shocking anymore that waka like that, but i'm just hoping that, that  girl is truly reika and not just anyone else (because the members also a girl

well lets just pray to god that they are seriously real.  :deco: :deco:

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thanks for bonus fic :wigglypanda:

sht! I can imagine every sentences and it makes me can't stop giggling!!
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       “Thank goodness Reika-chan. The wound was not as deep as I think it would be.” Fukagawa Mai commented as she cleaning the wound on her patient and changed the bandage to new one to prevent infection.

      Reika nodded with a smile. A while ago, they had a brief time to know each other. She was told that they – she and her savior, had been here for two days now. And the doctor had to close her clinic because her clinic was in huge mess like it just being invaded by some intruders, but the true reason is she was shorthanded since her assistant, Naachan still on holiday.

      Reika had to apologize on behalf her savior’s nasty action of breaking the door several times but the female doctor that she was forced to call Maimai insisted it was nothing since her clinic was old and small, and she planned to make renovation in the future, the process was fasten by what had happen. Reika smiled to herself after Maimai had move from her seat to clean herself. Reika glanced to her side where she found her savior tensed with dark aura.

      Reika wanted to say something but seeing the tension around her, she decided to keep it for herself for now. Reika didn’t know her, but the girl with same height save her twice though she actually think the first one can be considered as an abduction but the fact that the other girl donated her blood just to save her from blood loss was a real deal. Her train of thought was then got cut by Maimai’s friendly voice.

      “Naachan is coming after this, and I told her to bring some shirts for both of you to change.” They exchanged smiles; Maimai always has the warm smile on her lips that Reika found was beautiful like angel.

      Maimai gave a look to the other girl who said nothing since two hours ago and signaling Reika to talk to her, she too can’t help but to notice there was something in the dangerous girl’s mind. The girl was too dangerous that she gambled her own life in the night just to hide the gun that always in the girl’s hand away from her sight, afraid that the moment the dangerous girl woke up, she would shoot her in the head. But it changes nothing since, the girl had another weapon which a combat knife slipped on her left boot, explained why she didn’t notice it at the first time. 

      Notice the hint, Reika nodded with a smile, understand of what the older girl meant before she again missing from her sight into her office facing the treatment room. Maimai probably too scared to be in the same room with the other girl whom until now she didn’t know her name. Deep there, Reika was scared too, but she was more than grateful to scare of her for saving her life. So she recollected her mind and sat side by side with her savior, pray that it was not a mistake. Yet, the first sentence she heard had made her stunned in her place.

      “Who are you?!”

      It was so fast that the moment Wakatsuki uttered the question is the same time she turned to Reika and forcibly pushed her down to the sofa. They are now lying down on the sofa with Reika below Wakatsuki and their distance was just an inch away, feeling each other breath.  If anyone saw them, people might think they were in the middle of something, except Reika had her wound being pressed with so much strength and knife on her throat.

      Reika felt her wound start to bleed again from the pressure. If it was not for the sharp knife on her throat, she will fight back but she had no other choice but to stay in that position awkwardly.

      “Who are you?” Wakatsuki repeated the same question, pressing harder on Reika’s body, not even second care blood that start dripping from her fingers. Eyes blared with some fire which Reika failed to see a while ago.

      “I thought you know me.” Reika struggled to answer, afraid that if she moves the knife will cut her off. She didn’t dare to look at the other girl’s face, too scared to meet in the eyes.

      If Reika braced herself at that time, perhaps she will see a glint of sadness and hope in Wakatsuki’s eyes.

      “I need to know your real name.” Wakatsuki suddenly retreated and stand feet away from Reika, eyes hinting some guilt.

      Reika didn’t take much time to quickly stand on her own feet, scared of the girl might do soon. She can’t predict the girl like her anymore, not when her decision to talk to her was a clear mistake.

      “The song you sing last night.” Wakatsuki recalled. “How can two different person singing to the same song? Unless you both the same girl.” She reasoned with cold voice.

      But Reika was too busy and furious to even pay a little attention to Wakatsuki. She grimaced in pain when she realized her wound got worsens.   

      “Are you Sakurai Reika?”

      The sudden name that came out from Wakatsuki’s mouth had made Reika’s feet turned to jelly and fall to the old couch again, eyes blankly stared into distance, like she just saw a person woke up from death. “No one ever mention the name anymore.” It is true, so that’s why it caught her off handed and unable to control her tears anymore, it soon blurring her views.

      Wakatsuki leant to the wall for some support, though she hasn’t heard the answer but the sudden silent told her everything. That what she pray was coincident was just a pure coincident but it turned to be such cruel reality to her. She almost killed Reika, that old friend she only had back during her childhood.

      “Maimai, I brought the shirts, and why the door..” A girl came in with a bag of shirts on her hand but a knife flew to her face silenced her at once and it ended up cutting her hairs. Her face turned pale.

      It was too fast that the second Maimai came into the room again after she heard her assistant’s voice; she found the girl glued to the wall with knife stuck two inches higher than her head and some strands of her hair flying into the air. Maimai gasped while running to her pale assistant, she paid an unbelievable glare to the dangerous girl on her way but choose to ignore the girl for her much more important assistant. Bet that she must be in shock.

      “Naachan!” Maimai called her assistant few times but the girl named Naachan seemed out of her mind already to even hear the calls until a slap soon bring her back. Naachan gasped to the reality with tears glittered in her eyes. She hugged Maimai, glad she was alive again and the older girl calmly patted her back.

      “Shhh, it’s okay Naachan..” Again, Maimai shot a deadly stare to dangerous girl but she was softened when she realized the unstable state in the girl’s eyes. If she was in the right mind, she probably wouldn’t miss her target and Naachan will be dead by now, Maimai thought.

      MAIMAI has missing from the room long time ago with excuse to get something from her house which just 30 meters away from her clinic. Of course it was a lame excuse because she didn’t need her assistant, Naachan to follow her but Maimai sincerely thinks her two visitors seriously need to make up for what might happen during her absence this morning.

      Naachan, firstly dissatisfied when Maimai couldn’t make up a reason for dragging her along to her house when what she wanted to do the most is demanding an answer from Wakatsuki for giving her heart attack this morning but the girl say nothing than looked away.

      “I will explain to you later.” Maimai said while desperately dragged Naachan behind her and missing from the broken door. Naachan shot another glares to Wakatsuki who just sit by the window in Maimai small office, blankly stare to the outside.

      Now, only two of them were left in the clinic. Wakatsuki was sitting on the window, but she occasionally steal a glance towards Sakurai Reika who sat on the sofa in the main treatment room across the office where she was, sometimes she sighed and stare to outside again.

      Unlike Wakatsuki, Reika was clearly confused, her face sunk in between her knees. She had enough of crying and groaning, scared of what actually happen to her. In just two days, her perfect busy life was in mess, she was chased by killer who surely wants her dead, being shot, witness a cruel killing scene with her two eyes, being kidnapped and now bit by bit her past was revealed by that heartless girl she thought as her savior. She didn’t know how the girl knew her real name, but she can tell it will be do no good for her and her Nakamoto family and it scares her so much.

      Since long ago, Reika was told to not remind of her old family again as she now carry a big responsible or more likely burden to her for being main heir of the family. Nakamoto legacy surely prioritize their honor so anything that related to her past was deleted from every database existed in this country. So when someone threw out her real name, it sends terror down to her stomach.
      Whoever she is, she must be someone from her past since that is the only time Sakurai Reika was alive. But she can’t think of anyone, she was confident that her adopted father warned all residence of the orphanage about this thing. Except for one girl who manage to slip away two weeks before.

      “Yumi-chan.” She quietly recalled and paid a devastated look to girl. Her guess must be hit on the right place when her savior was flustered.

      Somehow, hearing the name with the same tone made Wakatsuki’s eyes gleaming with hope. She didn’t expect her to remember. 

      Reika formed a smile when her charged was confirmed with the other girl silence. Yes, it has to be only her to know and still used that name. “I thought..” Still Reika couldn’t process of what she should say because for her it sounds rude. She actually thought Yumi already dead. She sighed.

      “I waited for you that day.” She shamelessly confessed once she was calmer. The thought of meeting the girl named Yumi gave her comfort out of nowhere. And of course she waited for Yumi, not only that day, she always waiting for her to come back even it takes months or years even after she was adopted by Nakamoto family and forced her to forget her past.
      Indeed she deleted all her past but the name was not only her past. Wakatsuki Yumi was her only friend and it will forever remain in her memories. What her eyes couldn’t believe is the state she is in right now. Whatever Yumi went through must be cruel to even change once cute small girl into some kind of unbeatable beauty beast.

      Wakatsuki looked up, somehow can’t believe the confession, her lips curved a weak line of smile. “I’m sorry for not coming back. I just, couldn’t.” She looked down again, searching for words or excuse to be said. Should she just said that, she almost died that day and someone save her which then turn her into a girl that kill tons of live for the past 10 years? And two days ago, she supposed to kill Reika too but for some reason she can’t do that? Of course she couldn’t say so, even her appearance describe everything about her.

      Unconsciously, she bring her knees to her chest and buried her face in between, she silently cried, throwing all the guilt she carried in her deepest heart. She didn’t wish to meet Reika in her state right now, or she actually prayed she never met her again in this years, she didn’t want her to see her ruthless side.

      Wakatsuki looked up when she felt a hand reaching for hers. Her eyes met Reika’s warm gaze and smile, like she didn’t care about what she had done to her. Like Wakatsuki was hypnotized by the touch and gaze, she stood close to Reika with her two wobbly feet until they can feel each other hot breath. Without saying anything, Reika pulled Yumi into her embrace. She cried but Wakatsuki was too blank to response but she eventually return the hug.

      “I don’t know what you are but you save me twice and I miss you Yumi.”

      “I don’t think it was this easier looking for you Waka.” A familiar cold voice said, giving a rush of tremor in Wakatsuki’s blood.

      Wakatsuki’s body stiffened as her eyes catch a glimpse of Nanamin leant to the door with a hideous smirk on her lips. She quickly released their hug to turn around and protectively stand before Reika, giving the girl no chance to say a word. 

      With Wakatsuki alarming behavior, Reika could sense another danger was coming for her as she caught the tall girl equipped with two combat knives in her boot and gun in the holster. She gulped, when will people stop from chasing her? And what actually was wrong?

      “I guess you still didn’t know what happen on the outside right?” Nanamin cocked her head to one side. Still she had her unusual sinister smile. “Ahh, I thought you can go far but, you’re still my apprentice after all.” She had her one hand cover for her small mocking laugh.

      With Nanamin didn’t move from her spot, Wakatsuki stay and wait for more little time. Her hand still attached to Reika’s. 

      “While chasing for you, I’m thinking of what possible way out you would choose before finishing your target.” Received no answered from the girl, Nanamin continues to challenge her in most subtle way.

      “And since I taught you how to think of a way out.” She smirked as she remembering how she could be here in one night. “So you were really here, making love with a girl?” She looked pass her once used to be apprentice’s shoulder, towards the girl whom supposed to be dead by now. She smirked again, feeling amused by the fact that she found hard be accepted before.

      “Ahh, you still haven’t killed her?” Nanamin pretended to be shocked with her wide eyes and two hand covered for her mouth. She could win an Oscar award with that acting.

      Hearing that, Wakatsuki annoyingly clench her teeth and both fist as she cautiously closing their distance. “Stay there.” She whispered to Reika as she quietly stole a concern glance to her.

      As Wakatsuki told her, Reika stay back while watching her old friend silently making her way. Their eyes meeting at the half way and she sent an encouraging smile. 

      Wakatsuki stopped when they were separated by one meter and she was far enough from Reika to not overhear their conversation.

      “You came for her.” It was a statement, Wakatsuki had known all along that somebody will eventually come for Reika because she made a huge mess days ago so they had to make sure the target was terminated before they could claim the prize. It was expectable in this business.

      “You failed your assignment.” She supposed to be mad, but she has an unusual calmness in her voice, that alarmed the younger girl more.

      “You should listen to me Nanamin.” Wakatsuki thought, maybe she could negotiate.

      “I have seen and heard enough to judge.” She took out her knife and playfully threatening the younger one. She was serious.

      “If you’re coming for her, you need to walk over my body first.” Wakatsuki got tensed. Everything was so obvious now. Nanamin was after Reika, but she wouldn’t allow that as long as she was alive, and she didn’t plan to die anyway.

      Like a psychopath person, Nanamin was laughing. Somehow the sentence like a joke made for her to laugh. “Since when you’ve changed your career? You should be protector instead. But anyway, that’s was my original plan. Finish you first and she will be next.” Her laugh died as she fixed her stance and met in the eyes with younger girl as, her way of saying she was serious.

      Even if Wakatsuki expected that to come, but the sentence still able to make her off guard which she quickly hide it with a sickening smile, didn’t want Nanamin to sense a slight fear in her since she knew how serious the older girl right now. The fire in Nanamin’s eyes was different than what she saw during their first fight recently.

      That time, she was sure Nanamin just being Nanamin who always punched her face for doing something that made her lost patient. Nanamin was the kind of girl with short temper and Wakatsuki had grown used to that kind, because one thing she knew, Nanamin never released her final blast to her no matter how hard she tried. The older girl whom Wakatsuki respected so much is only teaching her lesson of life and she grateful for that.

      But now, there was only determination in Nanamin’s eyes, she will release that final blast today. Its either the younger girl could bear it as she usually did or not, because one thing she knew, Maiyan wasn’t here to stop her dearest friend, just two of them with their inevitable fight of life.

      “Shall we?” Nanamin’s face hardened as she threw a knife to Wakatsuki which the latter then catch it in mid-air. Nanamin was an expert killer, so she had enough observation in milliseconds to realize the younger girl was unarmed. And she was the kind of assassin that appreciated a fair fight, well they might use fist but it was wasting time and gun was just less fun. So she preferred knife which just 30 cm long, enough to send agony their victim.

      As soon as the knife fall into her grasp, Wakatsuki had herself readied in her fighting stance before paid a little glance towards Reika. Their eyes met and she shot an assuring smile to the girl. She only had one thing in her head; she will protect Reika with all her might.

      “That’s so admirable of you Nanamin.” Said Wakatsuki as she launched towards the older girl, but Nanamin was beyond ready to predict the first attack and slide almost at the same time. Wakatsuki flinched.

      “Not really.” Nanamin smirked again and slashed her knife sideways, Wakatsuki managed to jump out at very last minute.

      From spectator view, Reika could tell that the taller girl has the upper hand with inhumane speed and agility while Wakatsuki was in doubt. They have knives but they still used every parts of their body to restrain each other. Whenever Wakatsuki Yumi attacked once, the taller girl will return it triple. Wakatsuki slayed her knife higher but instead received knee kicks and punches on her ribs which sent her smashing the aquarium on the side. Yet is doesn’t fade her spirits as she quickly rose on her feet and fled to Nanamin, the latter then broke coffee table as she fall.

      In any minutes, the small space turned into completely mess. Broken chairs and table splattered everywhere, glasses from aquarium laid down together on the floor with dead gold fishes belong to Maimai, the doctor surely will go crazy if she look at their fate and Reika swore she saw the old wall from the heated fight. 

      “You’re weaker now Waka, love makes you so?” Nanamin wiped sweats that brittle from her skin, body full of bruises but she was nothing compared to Wakatsuki who looked far than wrecked. Fifteen minutes of fight undeniably sucked energy out from their body.

      “You surely talked a lot now..” Before Wakatsuki able to inhale refreshing breath, another high kick came to her face; she dunked and sliced Nanamin on her ribs as she sneaked beneath the older girl. The cheap attack was pretty severe when Nanamin’s black shirt ripped and blood dripped from the long cut.

      Taking advantage of Nanamin short impairment, she sent a nudge from the back. But Nanamin quickly recovered and turn around at the same time giving a slash towards Waktsuki. This time it gloriously cut the girl at her neck and blood oozing from the spot.

      The deep painful cut clearly took a place in Wakatsuki, she stumbled backward and met the broken aquarium as support; her sight got blurred for seconds.

      “What did I said? Never lose your focus.”

      Reika gasped when she witnessed the scene, she wanted to help Yumi but frost when her eyes meeting with deathly glare from Nanamin.

      “I should finish this sooner. Got a lot work to do.” She sheathed her bleeding combat knife, taking out her semi-automatic revolver, checking the bullet and stop half-way to give a threatening look to Reika who watching them all the time, sending the message ‘please patiently wait your turn’ before continued her steps towards injured girl. 

      Wakatsuki hissed in pain while pressing on her wound, luckily it does not strike at human fatal point which could send her to hell due to blood loss. “I can’t afford to fail.” She mumbled to herself while struggling to stand on her two feet before a low kick hindered her from doing so. She pitifully looked at the fish suffocated from lacking oxygen. Pathetic.

      “Who kill my fishes?!”

      A loud crack was heard and followed by strong thud when Maimai’s voice occupied the messy space.

      Wakatsuki weakly looked up in surprised, expecting Nanamin to aim at her but the view was then replaced by Maimai fuming face holding a flower without vase. Naachan at the back was totally flustered. Wakatsuki looked down and found Nanamin’s body lay together with pieces of broken vase. Maimai just hit Nanamin with a ceramic vase. Still, in that unconscious state, she was unbeatable. 

      Ignoring Maimai’s spooky eyes, Wakatsuki form a line of smile, admiring the older girl and being grateful at the same time. Admirable.

(A/N: Sorry for a very late update, I finished this part around a month ago but still need to be fixed, and here you are. So who you admire at the last? Nanamin or Maimai? And tell me, how you want this story to end? Like seriously, tell me what you want, a little romance or well idk, hahha. Feel free to drop critics guys!)


@wakasama__: Thanks for your support. glad that you like the bonus, sometimes i just want to write something randomly as a way to release tension (might as well write more).

Title: Re: [N46] THE BEST IN ME IS YOU (6/6) + UNFORGOTTEN PROMISE (CH7- 26/2/17)
Post by: wakaten on March 10, 2017, 10:54:48 PM

      “Reika, are you singing today?” Ikuta glanced over as she caught Reika walked down to their underground studio. “You wrote new songs?” Received no answer from the shorter girl, Ikuta leant back and saw Reika distributing music sheet to their band member. Seeing that, Ikuta knew her answer already, plus today is Wednesday.

      “I did. Just finish it last night. But no worries, you guys can rock it.” Reika put out her thumb confidently and passed the last sheet to Ikuta on the old dusty couch. Ikuta perplexed a little but once Reika quirked an eyebrow with such confidence she finally scan the paper. 

      “That’s look good. I can rest for today right?” Himeka, the girl with twin tail who nestled loyally in Ikuta’s arm happily chirped after took a brief time to read the notes and notice it is one man singer song. Reika didn’t need her and Ikuta to sing all of her songs too because every Wednesday of last week each month is a special day served just for Reika to sing.

      “Yeah, you can rest for today princess.” Ikuta smiled to her girl while patting her head, lovingly pampered same age, Himeka. The girl then snuggled back into Ikuta’s embraced.

      Reika’s lips curved upward to the usual scene she saw every day, though she not supposed to feel that when Ikuta used to be her lover too. But the past is the past and she has no left over feelings to the jerk like Ikuta anyway. They are now merely bandmates who enjoyed music like no other. That mutual agreement is more than enough.

      Reika then walked over her other bandmates whom tried to practice the song she just wrote. Mahiro, the guitarist expert and Maimai as a bassist and also the oldest in the band seems having no difficulties at all with the new song arrived and Reika satisfied with two of them. Soon after that, she checked Asuka, the youngest and passionate drummer in the band. The small face girl also skillfully slammed her drumstick and matching with Mahiro and Maimai tune. They have perfect combination, what was left now is only Ikuta, their lead vocalist together with Himeka. But since Ikuta was a pianist genius, she will never fail to replace Reika spot as keyboardist. Reika was sure about that so she flop her body into another couch at the corner of the room, silently singing the lyrics which only she knew inside her head.

      For a small unpopular band like The Lunatic – the one they called themselves, they used to perform at various place, either they were invited or wherever they go, they will always get thunderous applause from their spectator, but they never understand over Reika judgement to perform in a small park near the hospital like this every time she want to sing. Not only the park was little bit secluded from other people, it also was filled with old folks and sick people everywhere they landed their eyes on. It has been like this for almost one year already, yet they never get to question Reika, the one who in charge of their songs.
      Though deep there they’re hoping that Reika will spill everything in head, but the time seems never come. Reika don’t even say anything, so they believe that by stand by her side doing this thing together will make Reika realized of their concern. Maimai as the oldest in band was sure, by time Reika will disclose her true reason once she ready. While for Ikuta, the best she can do is silently back up her ex when she need her to.

      At early days, Reika used to fill in Ikuta’s spot for having severe cold and Himeka bad mood. Sure the clumsy girl messed up their songs with her nervousness and out tune voice. So they swore they never let her sings again even in small range people, but two months later out of nowhere, Reika insisted on singing again, and her chosen place was also the first time she messed up, which is this small secluded park.

      However, judging by her determination, her bandmates deeply pray she won’t ruin their performance again and as second chance for Reika to clean up her tarnished image. Surprisingly, Reika not only good but she also gets herself small circle of fans which of course erased all of her bandmates perspective on her.

      By time, all of their bandmates approved her request to sing every Wednesday in the final week of each month.

      As usual that morning, the park was filled by patients doing their routine of exercise and most of the patient are at golden age – the basic why they always called this place Old Folks Parks, and after setting up their entire instrument, they greet every people who happen to pass by their usual spot though less audience than they usual have does dispirited the desire a little bit. But seeing how happy Reika is, they encouraged each other with warm smiles.

      “Let’s do this for Reika.” Maimai mouthed the words to all of her bandmates she called family.

      “Ikuzo.” Asuka and Mahiro replied simultaneously, while Ikuta only nodded with eyes tied to Himeka who sat far away from them as audience this time.

      And as sun hiding within the clouds on sunny winter day, Reika’s healing voice starts to echo all the space. Once Reika sung her own song which they never heard of the lyrics but only the music, they knew the reason behind her intention. It is not usual deafening upbeat and depressing songs they used to perform, but it the song that could send everyone into their past of sweet memories and forget the problems they face in their life. It always like this every time Reika being front face, they reluctant of playing but as Reika sung, they felt relieved. The soothing lyrics matching well with the melancholic melody which when Reika sings, everyone was smiling. 

      It might look that they are the one who healing broken soul of their audience, but on the contrary, the smiles on every faces revived the deepest souls within themselves; unknowingly, each of them sincerely smiling. Indeed, music connects everyone who can listen, that is what they understand that time.

       “You girls can go home first, I have things to settle.” Reika waved as soon as they ended their performance, people gradually missing and they too started to tidy their things.

      “Good job today Reika-chan.” There come Maimai holy smiles.

      “Urgh, she always missing after we finish.” Asuka cannot help but grumbled at irresponsible attitude of Reika who missing right away and not helping them clean up. “Where would she go?” With her hands busily arranging her drum set, frown could be seen on her face clearly. Being the youngest in band, Asuka sometimes can be rebellious too. 

      “Sou da!” Mahiro replied with her thick Kansai-ben dialect but again her hands still busily cleaned up. 

      “Horra you two! It’s not like she was like that every day, give her chance to slack off too.” And it always Maimai whom stopped the two bickers against clumsy Reika. Indeed it was true, because every time they performed, she went missing into deepest part of the park, nowhere to be seen again as her small body swam into not too many old folks around.

      “Haip haip.” Both Asuka and Mahiro straightened their body like they received commands from their superior and made Maimai no longer can hold her laugh, three of them laugh together. Well, actually they don’t really mean the words they said. Being bandmates for almost five year already had them to understand each other personality and character.

      Under a tree, there is Sakurai Reika, the girl who appeared cheerful on stage but now anxiously clutching a hot pad, begging for some warmth in February. Hours passed by but she kept waiting for indefinite things she wasn’t sure herself. People who pass by her then eventually ignore her after greeting her with friendly acknowledging smile. If at early days they would always asked her why and she will always return with big smile which now they need no more than a smile to stay connected. Yet, Reika don’t even budge an inch from her spot, the usual spot she sat over a year now.

      Today was 22nd February, and exactly a year has passed since she met that person, the girl with snow cap that changed her whole perception against life, the girl who turned her into the present Sakurai Reika that once always doubting herself of what she do. The girl she doesn’t even knew her name.

      “It was a good song.” A girl at next bench besides her suddenly interrupted Reika’s train of thought for that day. But that time, Reika only glanced over annoyingly, feeling degraded by her sentence. She knew what the girl was talk about; obviously it is from her horrible singing today. It was not even good songs, she screwed up and even embarrassing her bandmates too before ran into deepest part of the park and cry for hours regretting why she even thinking she able to fill Ikuta and Himeka vocal for today.

      “I don’t know why you are crying. But I found your voice really beautiful, I wonder how many heart you have change?”

      Surprised by unusual calm voice, Reika find herself glanced curiously to her side, noting every point she could take from the girl appearances. She can’t help but to judge the girl for saying that. Reika, since she is the genius in the band, always has her own pride which she could never accept people views on everything involving music, and this girl can never break that tough pride of hers.
She must rarely see any band performance before; Reika smirked as the thought crossed her prideful mind. She don’t even need to mention the girl’s plain appearance with  a brown long coat to keep her body warm through cold winter and black snow cap covered her shouldered length hair, just the same as anyone else. Reika finally scoffed. 

      “I was thinking of refusing my surgery next week. Thanks to your singing, I found my courage to face it.” The girl turned to her, eyes stared straight passing Reika’s shoulder.

      For once, Reika stunned by the orbs that turn brown when the dim light glittered crossed it. And Reika was sure she wasn’t seeing things, the girl smile.

      “With your beautiful voice, I was sure, you’re beautiful too.” The girl sincerely said as she stood up and Reika again flustered on her spot as she watched the girl unfolded her plastic stick,. “If my surgery go well, can we met again? I will be here every Wednesday.” The girl smiled again, eyes looking into straight line but a smile plastered on her face, revealed a single dimple on her cheeks. Reika swore, it the most beautiful thing she saw in her life.

      “Sayonara.” The girl bowed before left with her stick stomping along the road as she slowly walk leaving Reika perplexed upon the view. The girl is blind. Somehow, Reika’s lips curved with a smile, now she has reason to believe with her words earlier.

      And that’s how she kept on waiting for the girl at the same spot once in a month. She couldn’t make it to every Wednesday since she was not lead vocalist in her band, but she was promised to sing every last Wednesday every month, her sole intention is she wanted to inspire anyone that came to watch or only listen to her song and today is a year after their memorable meeting. But the girl is nowhere to be found again, and Reika almost give up on waiting.

      The thought of the girl might not survived in her surgery last year did crossed her mind but she didn’t have any courage to accept it so she keep on waiting and praying that one day they would meet again.

      As the sun slides it ways to the west horizon, Reika sighed and lazily turned on her heels, her waiting again found no ending.

      “Are you Sakurai Reika?” A breathless voice stopping her steps and Reika turn almost instantly, hope of seeing the girl again but only to be disappointed again.

      “Yes I am.” Reika drew herself a smiling face as the girl with light brown hair walk to her.

      “I’m Nishino Nanase, can we talk little bit?” Nanase walked over Reika.

      Reika saw a glint of desperation in Nanase eyes and before she could answer, they already sat on her spot before. Silent enveloped two as Nanase not talking right away despite she looked like in rush before. “So, what can I help you?” Reika couldn’t stand the awkwardness.

      “Err, I don’t how to start..” She already here but Nanase was still contemplating on the idea of talked to Sakurai Reika.

      “About what?” Reika suddenly felt nervous by Nanase hesitation, like something big about to come. She watched the girl as she still doubting herself, isn’t she is the one offering the idea of talking? “I’m leaving then.” Reika already pulled herself up, ready to leave but Nanase grabbed her hand.

      “It’s about Yumi.”

      “Come again?” Frowned was seen on Reika face as the name reach her.

      “Eh, you don’t know her name?” Nanase looked up in surprised and Reika’s quizzical looks explained everything. “The blind girl who always sit there every Wednesday.” Nanase pointing towards another bench beside them, Reika follow her line of view and unconsciously sat back.

      “Her name is Wakatsuki Yumi.” Nanase fidgeting.

      Reika nodded, processing a piece of information inside her head but she was not really listening. Somehow, Nishino Nanase presence here telling her something bad is coming and she still unprepared. Along Nanase long story of how Wakatsuki Yumi got herself into severe accident years ago from saving a dog on the road that eventually turn herself into a helpless blind girl, Reika was drown in her own world and only able to catch Nanase last sentence.   

      “The surgery went well, but since then she never woke up and tomorrow will be her last chance.” 

      “What do you mean?” Without Reika realized her eyes swelled in tears and she is not alone in this case, Nanase too sobbing with her own story. Their eyes meet in split of second; there is a drop of relief in Nanase’s eyes which she doesn’t know where it came from. 

      “They decided to switch off the machine that supports her life.” Nanase almost choked with the sentence, tears streamed down her cheeks. Eyes still flickered with the last memories she could recollected during Yumi last week as energetic girl, though she was blind. Nanase couldn’t forget how joyful Yumi is at that time when she decided to finally undergo the surgery to fix her vision again.

      Nanase also couldn’t believe her hearing because it not only took her years of convincing but Yumi steel head is really hard to be break. Wakatsuki Yumi stays positive on how her blindness helping her heart to see more colours in her life. How irony it is because that time Wakatsuki Yumi was completely blind, what colours she expect to see other than darkness? So, as Yumi happily chirped that she will have her surgery, Nanase felt weirdly annoyed at herself because when she asked why, Yumi said a girl that sing in the park changed her mind, the singer gave her new light that she eager to watch. How a girl that Yumi barely know her face can change the stoic personality like Wakatsuki Yumi?

      Then eventually, Yumi was sent into surgery room with a smile on her lips, it hurt Nanase heart actually, afraid that she might never see that same smile again. And it turn to be true, though the surgery of fixing Yumi vision went well, but due to excess bleeding on her head from her previous incident, Yumi now in deep coma.

      By that week, Nanase found her feet already ran down to the park almost every week, searching for the girl with healing voice as Yumi described to her before. She asked people nearby, but they said it was the first time the band performed there and might never came back again. Yet Nanase don’t give up, because she believed that the promised the two girls made is something precious in its way. A year of searching for the singer, Nanase finally found her at the very last minute. Sakurai Reika is the only hope Nanase wanted to hang on, if Reika could change Yumi’s mind, she might also be able to tick off the dead brain of Yumi, because deep there Nanase confident, Yumi is waiting.

      “Can I meet her?” Reika’s voice quivered as the words slipped off her lips. Her view of Nanase nodded with a smile almost covered by her own tears. Who is this girl who took half of her life tears to be wasted merely in an hour? Reika wanted to know this Wakatsuki Yumi.

Can you come at the hospital near the park we performed today, tomorrow? Please.

      Reika was typing the message and sent it to Ikuta as two of them walk along the silent dimly light corridor, Reika slightly fall behind Nanase. She then slipped her smartphone into her side pocket. As they got closer to the room of meeting sleeping beauty Wakatsuki Yumi, Reika found herself sweating profusely that her hand was wet all the time. She quietly scan Nanase back, the girl hasn’t said anything ever since they stepped into the hospital aside from an order to follow her. Reika pondered how long Nanase have gone through this hardship alone? Because at this time, her feet almost gave out as her eyes catches a figure sleeping on the bed with wires all over her body and a machine flicking on her side, proof of her being living girl inside.

      “Please, make yourself comfortable..” Before Nanase could finish her words, Sakurai Reika already ran passed her without waiting anymore moment. Watching how the girl found her spot beside Yumi, Nanase quietly walked out and closed the door.

      It felt weird to Reika as she grabbed the girl hand into hers and all she can felt is warmth yet frozen, how weird it is? Thinking that how the girl only stranger in her life, yet it felt like the girl was something to her; something that filled the hole inside her soul, something that complete pieces of puzzle she long lost and something want to hold so dearly within her grasp. Wakatsuki Yumi completed her whole life with just a short meeting.

      “Hello there, Sakurai Reika des.” Reika suppressed the tears by biting her own lips. She couldn’t afford of crying in front of this girl. Not now.  “I never know your name, but I was told that you’re Wakatsuki Yumi. So from now on, I will call you Wakachuki!” Reika laughed while wiping the tears from her eyes. She smiled.

      “Still remember our first meeting? On the park last year? You promised to meet me again. I do wait for you every Wednesday you know?” Reika pouted and keep talking to herself, hoping that a piece of her words could reach Yumi’s subconscious mind. And just like that, Reika couldn’t stop from telling the sleeping beauty girl various story even got no responses she still won’t stop.

      “Actually, I’m not the lead singer in the bad, I’m keyboardist. But that day, my friends lost her voice, I filled her spot. Even that time I spoiled the song, I glad it reach your heart.”

      “Originally, I wrote all of the songs we performed.”

      “I came to sing here once in month on Wednesday. I want to meet you so badly.”

      “My birthday on May 16.”

      “If I was given chance chose my field of study, I want to study on history.”

      “You know, I’m the most poncotsu girl in the world. I always spilled hot chocolate every morning and I always lost my way to home.” Her laugh sounds so bitter. 

      “I’m spoil child.”

      By the time slipped past midnight, Reika already lay down beside Wakatsuki Yumi unmoving body. She wrapped her hand onto Yumi’s cold skin and slid herself under the same blanket unknowingly. For the last time, Reika sincerely prays that miracle will fall upon them and Yumi woke up the next day, lovingly stare at her, cheekily smile at her though she don’t know how the girl looks like but she just imagines how beautiful Yumi is. And all of her hopes play in her dreams once she drifted into the farthest land of reality.

      “Please wake up.” Tears unconsciously fall into her cheeks as she mumbled in her sleep. She was sleep talking, but it is her sincere request.

(THIS GONNA BE LONG A/N: Yeah i know i shouldn't do this so frequent but am i always wanted to write things that inspire, though this barely be one that inspire. And, as write this.. i can't write the ending, feel kinda hurt by what i'm might write, so i will leave it here. Yet, i don't know when i'm gonna continue this.. well, too much fic to take care of? Haahaha you all can surse at me LOL..
anyway, i will finish all those fiction soon, but that soon may be take time. will you wait? 

btw, i found a very interesting story about NOGI on tumblr, idk if i can do this but i'm gonna post the link here so you guys can check how amazing the story is.. (  :wub: :wub: )
Title: Re: [N46] THE BEST IN ME IS YOU (6/6) + UNFORGOTTEN PROMISE (CH7- 26/2/17)
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I'm really sorry for my late comment author-san :banghead:

I'm so glad wakatsuki finally knows who is reika actually. But why nakamoto group want to reika forget her past? who is nakamoto group? and who exactly sakurai reika? :?
FCKKKK! maimai you're the real MVP! thanks for saving my wakarei. only maimai could handle nanamin for real :onionwhip:
I'm so looking forward to the next part. I hope you still continue this fic author-san :)

about short story (i found us).
Thanks for making another fic about wakarei (again).
This is the first time I read a fic with story like this. I mean, this is the first time wakatsuki became sick. usually wakatsuki was cast into a tough woman, good-humored, mischievous (yankee), or being a male :lol: but I love it. This is really touching. I hope she wakes up from his coma soon. whether this fic has a part next?

Thank you author-san! Once again sorry my late comment :depressed:
Title: Re: [N46] THE BEST IN ME IS YOU (6/6) + UNFORGOTTEN PROMISE (CH7- 26/2/17)
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I like Ikuchan in Shakiism too, with Ikuo I can’t really like him because he has many girls. I can’t stand that kind of person  :nervous

Akimoto sensei knows how to manipulates people to kill for him. In a way it’s pretty smart of him to take those broken kids under his wing and make them loyal to him because they’re thankful of him somehow.

Oh, a one-shot. Waka, why are you asking Reika for food? It’s safer if you cook it yourself.
I can understand why Waka wanted to keep their relationship to themselves. It’s private after all. Also, Waka must have treasured it so much, she might feel it’s becoming less important if she doesn’t keep it between them.
It’s just frustrating for the shippers  XD

Really, Waka? You might as well kiss Reika if that’s how you’re gonna question her. But finally she knows Reika is that same girl.
And Waka, how dare you throw a knife to Naachan?? It’s Naachan for God’s sake!  :on redcard:
 :hiakhiakhiak:  OMG, priceless! MaiMai is something else. Now she only needs to switch Nanamin loyalty to her. And then Nanase can work her magic on Maiyan next.

I’m loving the IkuHime!  :wub:
Wakachu better be waking up if the one-shot has a sequel. The pokontsu captain and Nanase are waiting.

I know it’s late, but good luck with your thesis!
Title: Re: [N46] THE BEST IN ME IS YOU (6/6) + UNFORGOTTEN PROMISE (CH7- 26/2/17)
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I FOUND US: Last Part - Rewind That Day

      ‘Nanase, I like you.’

      Is what she always wanted to say, since long time ago. But she never had the courage. But once she had them, things started to crush in front of her eyes.

      “Shiraishi-san and I start to going out.”

      “Eh?” She hardly believed it.

      Shiraishi Mai, a kind girl who helped them a lot. Senior at their high school who help them to find a job, a stable job, giving them a place to settle when they first came to Tokyo, supported them when they still had nothing. Things so hard back then, but thanks to her.. everything become so smooth. But she knew, Shiraishi-san doing everything for Nanase, not for her.

      And so, she loses Nanase to that kind girl whom she respects a lot too.

      Wakatsuki gulped down, trying hard to smile and looked at Nanase. “That’s good.” She stuttered, realized this day will come.

      “Shiraishi-san confessed to me last night, I can’t turn her down... since she is tooo..”

      “Kind, right?” She smiled brightly, agreeing. “I hope things will going well with Shiraishi-san.”

      Nanase shyly nodded, without knowing what coming in the future are so contradicting with what they expected them to be.

      Shiraishi Mai who is so kind to them is actually a very obsessive and jealous girlfriend. She only appears kind on the outside but very abusive when it comes to her personal life.

      Meeting Nanase becomes harder after she moving out to live with her girlfriend. Their just built relationship might be the only reason for Nanase, but for Shiraishi, she tried to separate Wakatsuki from Nanase. She hates it when the people get more attention than herself. Even pouring some tea can become source of Shiraishi’s madness.

      “I told you before right?! Don’t see that girl again.” Nothing can stop her when she gets angry. She is not what Nanase and others always thought. Her hands always quicker than her words, slapping Nanase became her routine.

      “But Waka is my best friend, you know her too. She had a fever, I just came to visit her.” She begged for her girlfriend’s mercy, fear is all over her face. She doesn't want Wakatsuki to witness this, but it's too late. She willingly becomes Mai punch bag, like she has lost all her sense of pain.   

      “She is not like what you think, Nanase.” She glared at the subject of their argument, Wakatsuki who stand behind the door. Silently watching them with red angry eyes. They exchanged looks, acknowledged real feelings they had for Nanase. 

      Wakatsuki bite her lower lips, these events become more often nowadays, nothing can surprise her anymore. Although Nanase tried to hide things from her, she is not blind and stupid to notice that all the bruises from the ‘fall’ like Nanase always claimed almost all in palm shape. Shiraishi has gone too far when she started to hit Nanase like nothing.
      Wakatsuki never can stand it, she confronted Shiraishi, warned her, but everything came to square one, Nanase will be the only victim in this situation. Being the witness of this event become harder on her. She did tell Nanase, break up with that mean girl, leave Shiraishi for her own goodness. But Nanase never listens, not even once.

      “Mai-san is always so kind to us, this is the only way I can repay her kindness.” To Nanase, all the suffering she went through are worth to repay every Shiraishi Mai so called ‘kindness’.

      She once wished she was blind and deaf so she won’t watched her beloved best friend suffer and hear all her silent cries. Because her actions are no longer effective. And so, she just blankly stands there, watching Shiraishi hurts Nanase.

      ‘Why you never listen to me?’ She cried in her heart.

      “Please stay away from my life, Waka. Mai is more important to me now.” That is what Nanase mouthed to her during Shiraishi madness, receiving all the punches and slaps like nothing.

      So, she decided to step out from Nanase’s life just like what she asked for, her presence will only hurt Nanase.

      Though Wakatsuki wanted to stay away from their life, she just can’t stop caring for Nanase. Indeed, Shiraishi jealousy has been calmed down since then, but her obsessive and controlling side always there. To her, what was hers should be for her only, including Nanase’s love for the animal.

      That Shiraishi is crazy, is what Wakatsuki thought when she saw a familiar abandoned dog named Yasha, that Nanase always pet almost being hit by a car. The driver, whom none other than Shiraishi try to make it looked like an accident but in her eyes, she truly wants the dog to die.
      So, she jumped in, saved Yasha from being hit. Afterall, Nanase really adores that white dog with a red collar. At least, he can cheer Nanase up when she no longer there.

      Like she used to wish, she got blind from the hit. Lucky Yasha, his flexible body easily slid under the car, unscratched.

      “I’m sorry Waka, this is all my fault.”

      “I have broke up with Shiraishi-san. She has received punishment for her actions.”

      Nanase never stops from talked to Wakatsuki, always cheered her blind friend. It's always the same for two years.

      “Never give up Waka, you can get your vision back. I will always be here with you.” But everything no longer left an impact to the blind stuborn girl.

      Wakatsuki never told    Nanase, that how much she was hurt by her words back there. How can Nanase ask her to stay away from her life when she always loves her? But Wakatsuki can’t blame her since Nanase never realized her absolute feeling to her.

      “Lets’ have this surgery, I believed it can bring backs your vision.”

      ‘Can you please shut up?’ She really wants to say that. “It doesn’t matter anymore” she whispered.

      If there is one thing Wakatsuki will mad at Nanase, it is her loss of vision. It's okay to die, but what the point of living now when all she can see is darkness? Though she want to hate Nanase, she just can’t. They have gone through lots of things together for this whole 20 years, their friendship still matter to her although she can’t love Nanase the same way anymore. It was then she realized that the love is no longer there.

      For two years, she never spoke to Nanase anymore, even though she listen to her, Wakatsuki never respond to the words. Her persuasive words have become winds that passed by her face. She believed that Nanase is silently shed tears for her, she didn’t need to see to know that but lucky for her blindness, she can put her heart away firmly from Nanase’s words.

      Not until that Wednesday evening, when she walked at the park near the hospital. Where she heard a beautiful voice, giving hope by singing to everyone. She can tell that the singer is an amateur who can’t hide her anxiety. Behind that shaky voice, there is hope for someone to listen. But everyone seems like never care to her.

      Smiling, what an irony. She understands that feeling.

Love leaves a mark and disappears,
Its not a pretty thing,
Growing better at causing hurt,
We’ve just returned to before we met
Rewind to that day.

Love always ends abruptly,
Not noticing our hearts change,
We are conceited in our overconfidence,
Suddenly, our heads hurt
Rewind, someday.

      It was a very beautiful song, sang by a beautiful voice. Bet it the singer also beautiful, she wants to see it with her own eyes. Suddenly, she found her reason to keep living. And so, she promised to that singer, to meet her again, sooner.

      “Let’s have the surgery next week.”

      Nanase was smiling again, feeling relief.

      But again, things never went smoothly for Wakatsuki. She can’t wake up. For the first time in these two years, she want to answers to Nanase’s voice badly. Seems like her brain was used to that situation, to never reply to anyone even to herself. If before she prefered to die rather than be blind for the rest of her life, now she changed her opinion. She still has things she wants to do. She wanted to get out from this dullness.

      Tomorrow is her last chance. Is what she heard from Nanase. The doctors are giving up on her with no improvement in her condition.

      “Hello there, I’m Sakurai Reika.”

      “I know you’re strong person, Yumi-chan. Nishino-san said to me, you always be there for her. I think you’re very precious to her too. And you have me now too, I will stay here with you because I think I love you. Love can be blind too sometimes, I believed it now. So please, don’t give up.”


      If someone asked her, ‘Did you believed in miracles?’ the honest answer would be no. But now she desperately needs one miracle to happen, for her best friend to wake up, smile at her and talked to her like she always did.

I wish for more spare moments
It's not ingenious
If we let it pass in panic
We will lose sight of it

      Nanase looked at the clock on the wall, 2 hours left for them to be together. Sakurai has left while ago with her friends, giving her space to do her cleaning routine. While cleaning Wakatsuki’s body, she began to sigh again.

      All this time, she always blamed herself for what happened to Wakatsuki, if not for her, she will never be in this helpless state. Be it the accident that led to her blindness to the surgery which she believed will bring back her vision but she falls into dead brain instead. Based on the result, her vision is back though it was not as great as it was before her brain is unresponsive. In simple word, Wakatsuki is brain dead. She was listening, but unable to respond, though Nanase had tried many ways before. Still, nothing came out from it.

      Bringing Sakurai is her last resort. Wakatsuki will probably mad at her for doing this, knowing she followed her again that day. The day when she met with the singer and came back with a decision to undergo the surgery she always rejected.

      But why she felt a little bit conflicted? Seeing how much a stranger like Sakurai trying so hard for her friend, crying for her, acting like they know each other for a long time? Even they only know each other's name just a few hours ago.

      Like Sakurai said, love can be blind too. The same goes with her, always blinded with Shiraishi kindness to the point she forgot what most important for her, until everything became too late for her to regret.

      “Until when you want to sleep Waka? If you hate me that much, please wake up. Once you did, I promise I will never see you again.” She cry silently, controlling her own voice, trying to make her sound so tough. Although she is breaking inside again. What miracle is she wishing for?

I want to treasure the spare moments
And live leisurely
Affirming the nuances behind
Every day before progressing forward

      She didn’t need Wakatsuki to reply her, she knew her answer already. With Wakatsuki never talked to her anymore for these years, rejecting all the helps she offered, but she can be a normal kind girl to anyone but to her. Wakatsuki hates and blamed her for everything happen.

      But it was the moment it happen. Wakatsuki weakly squeezing her hand. The machine slowly starts showing a signal of her brain wave. She is responding. Wakatsuki finally responding. When she wanted to leave to call the doctor, Wakatsuki’s grips getting stronger, preventing her from leaving.

      “Don’t leave, Nanase.” Is the first thing Wakatsuki murmured with her open eyes. Nanase nodded as her fingers reaching the red button, calling the doctor.

      “This is rare miracle Nishino-san, to have brain dead patient wake up at her last chance, talking to you like a normal person did.” The doctor commented, smiling brightly. After received emergency signal from her office, she quickly ran here hoping it was not for any bad things. The first event she encountered the moment she came is the two best friends hugging each other while crying. Her used to be dead brain patient is actually sitting down on the bed, smiling at her.

      Indeed, it was a cliché miracle that only happen in tv dramas. Miracles that happen at the very last moment. What most important is, she is back.

      Unconsiously, Nanase walked to the window, giving Hashimoto-sensei full space to check on her friend. Looking down to where Sakurai is still singing and smiling cheerfully. She now can accept the fact that Sakurai’s voice has the power of healing. The people gather around her with smiles on every face proved it all. She sounded so sincere, maybe it is what bringing Wakatsuki back. Or was it the promise she uttered just now? Wakatsuki don’t want to see her ever again. Deep there, her heart ached so much.

      Sakurai fidgeting at her spot outside the room. It has been two hours she received the news, but still, she feels so scared. Unlike Nishino, she is completely stranger to the girl. She can’t hope Yumi will recognize her right away, and she fears that her existence is no longer needed there. So she stepped back.

      “Where are you going, Reika?” Ikuta grabbed her hand and pushed her inside. “Isn’t this what you really want?” then she left.

      The room fell into absolute silent once she stepped in, every eyes on her, surprised at her sudden appearance. Yet, she smiled awkwardly. “Konbawa.”

      “I guess my report is over,” Hashimoto-sensei announced.

      “I need my dinner.” Nanase weakly excused herself. Knowing this is probably the right time to step out before Wakatsuki hoarse voice halted her movement.

      “Nanase, thank you so much for never giving up on me, but I wished you take back your promise just now. I don’t hate you anymore, you will always be my best friend.” She gives her reassuring smile, proving her words.

      Nanase nodded, weirdly, the heartache she felt before disappear. “Of course, I can’t do anything without you too.” She said before leaving the room then exchange looks with the singer on her way out although the girl trying to hide behind her long hair.

      And now, only both of them are left in the room. Sakurai still standing awkwardly in front of the door. While Wakatsuki scanning her up and down for about five minutes.

      “You’re beautiful, Reika.” Their eyes met, there are unfamiliar warm feelings that make Reika smile as Wakatsuki help out her hand. “Come here.”

      Sakurai didn’t expect Wakatsuki will recognize her right away but she really grateful for that. Too grateful that her legs quickly ran to the girl, reaching her and clasped their hand together.

      Every touch become more familiar now. Like they have known each other for so long, too long that a hug after 15 minutes of first meeting didn’t feel weird at all. Like they’ve missed each other so much.

      “Why it takes you so long to come, Reika?”

      “I take it as ‘thanks for coming’, Yumi”

      Replying the hug, she nods. “Yeah, thanks for coming.”

      “What makes you wake up?”

      “I want to live again, treasure the moment I’ve wasted. Forgive Nanase and me.”

(A/N: I can’t believed I’ve left this site for too long and and have so much things to do with all my fics. Why I wrote so many fics? But anyway, other parts will follow soon after this.)



Wakachu better be waking up if the one-shot has a sequel. The pokontsu captain and Nanase are waiting.

I know it’s late, but good luck with your thesis!

aww, thanks for the wish, it ended and here I am.  :cow: this is the last part of it. i need to end this ASAP as i have so many fics to work on. LOL now i'm asking myself did i have that many ideas? thanks for comment.


bout short story (i found us).
Thanks for making another fic about wakarei (again).
This is the first time I read a fic with story like this. I mean, this is the first time wakatsuki became sick. usually wakatsuki was cast into a tough woman, good-humored, mischievous (yankee), or being a male :lol: but I love it. This is really touching. I hope she wakes up from his coma soon. whether this fic has a part next?

yeah yeah, i know what you talk about  8) 8) i even questioned myself about all the fics i wrote. (why why why)
i just somehow wanted to see the helpless waka and i satisfy myself with my own fics (hope it satisfy you too) btw this is the last part of it. others are coming soon  :hip smile:
Title: Re: [N46] THE BEST IN ME IS YOU (6/6) + UNFORGOTTEN PROMISE (CH7- 26/2/17)
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OMG Maiyan, why so scary to Nanase.... Damn that girl needs help :( :( :( As much as I love Maiyan I actually thinks that she would make a great villain so I'm still enjoying it so much XD
Back to the main story, I'm still laughing because the seems to be undefeatable Nanamin finally took a hit- from Maimai no less  :hiakhiakhiak: Maybe that's what she needs- a true hit to get her humanity back. I'm hoping she'd end up with Maimai at the end, it'll be really funny considering their first interaction   XD
Thanks a lot for the updates, I'll be waiting to read some more :cathappy:
Title: Re: [N46] THE BEST IN ME IS YOU (6/6) + UNFORGOTTEN PROMISE (CH8- 6/9/17)
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      MANATSU was sleeping in her room as she tossed around, feeling the sudden chill; her eyes shoot open and realized her now wide open window. That’s weird, she never forget to close them and it won’t open by itself since she lived on fourth floor condominium, except it was done by someone who skilled enough to climb up here. This sudden chill proved her intuition. Someone was here for something.

      When she just about to grab her gun she always kept under her pillow, a weight jumped on her, strong and fast enough to stop a weakling like her from yelping with one hand on her mouth and the other one pointing gun at her head. She struggled for her life before a familiar voice hit her.   

      “Don’t move.” Wakatsuki, the tough cold girl she always likes. Knowing that, her body relaxed, somehow blushed at their position right now. 

      “I need your help. I want information.” Wakatsuki released her grips and stands beside the bed, watching Manatsu putting her clothes in the dark before turn away, never knew Manatsu is kind of girl who would sleep in naked. It makes her embarrassed for some reasons. 

      Hearing that, Manatsu’s movement halt in midway, remember her long time promise together with her embarrassing sudden confession. She knew, Wakatsuki is not a kind who will ask for help but she is the only who has the most important role in their circle, so Manatsu was sure this way someday that girl will come to her, begging for her. She laughed inwardly. This day finally come.

      “I need a name, who gives you the order of my last target.”

      “Why?” There are long silences. Wakatsuki didn’t seem care to answer at all.
      Manatsu’s brows tied in a knot as she inhaled deeply. They both know it was almost impossible information to get. She scanned the girl who stands firmly before her. Several wounds covered her body; it looks so fresh that no doubt she just came from a death battle. It then reminded her of something. “What about Hashimoto-san?” their eyes met for brief seconds before Wakatsuki turn away, tensed. 

      “She still alive, well probably.” Wakatsuki answered after moment of thinking, it was the least info Manatsu need to know. “Anyway, I need a name.” Her voice and expression hinting some desperation, she didn’t need any more lengthy conversation. 

      Sighing, Manatsu turn to her laptop. She is calmly starts working on it but her eyes shaking with nervousness. This is something she rarely do and risking her own life for it. After all, what she chased for is that girl’s heart although there no guarantee on it.

      “You know, this is like suicide.” And she wants Wakatsuki to know her risk, how much she was sacrificed for her. She eyeing Wakatsuki beside her, fingers still dances on the keyboards. She sighed again, such cold hearted girl.

      “If it was you, I know you can cover your own traces. He won’t notice it right away.” Wakatsuki sounded 100% confidence of that. “That’s why I came to you.” Her voice faded at the end, showing how much she rarely or never compliments people. It indeed makes Manatsu grinning to ears upon hearing it, fingers work faster than before.

      “But.” Manatsu tensed. Even after five minutes which is the longest time she usually takes to hack on something, the security systems never approved her access although she was the one who created that security system, seems like that old man upgraded it by adding ten more firewalls behind that security without her concerns. His extra careful personality is now what she wanted to swore at. She needs to try with something else and it takes some times. Something she was sure Wakatsuki didn’t have. 

      Together with the drive to get Wakatsuki cold heart in her grips and strong temptation to look into confidential data which was always her dreams since ever, her fingers starts dancing at the fastest rate. Breaking the tightest security system using her own made ‘zukyun’ virus that will self-destruct when she log out later giving the victim no evidence of her invasion, and then cracking all the ten firewalls which was easier than before. After three minutes, the data are now presented in front of her desktop. Almost everything except a name. 

      Their eyes met, obviously Wakatsuki was unsatisfied with that and she can see the wounded girl slowly gritting her jaw. Such glorious scenery in her eyes, to watch Wakatsuki sharp feature at this close distance.     

       “Well, I think that’s enough.” Wakatsuki takes a short time to scan those data before transferring them into hard drive. That makes Manatsu jolted from her seat, that’s beyond her understanding, but before Manatsu could protest, Wakatsuki already safely slipped it in her coat pocket together with her gun. 

      “That’s it, the more you know, the more danger will come to you.” Ignoring Manatsu objection, she walked to the window and looked down, checking something.

      “Waka.” She walked to Wakatsuki, closing their distance, pulled the curtain together so it could cover their unusual intimacy. Still, Wakatsuki stand still, expressionless.

      “Manatsu, thanks.” She looked into Manatsu’s eyes. “But I think you should stop.” She caressed the latter’s cheek slightly; knows what exactly playing in Manatsu’s head since before but she choose to ignore it. There is a glint of guilt in her eyes.

      “But,” Manatsu wanted to say something before a light kiss from Wakatsuki makes her swallow back her words.

      When Manatsu just about to savor the kiss, Wakatsuki already pulled away makes her gasping for more and realized. It’s nothing more than just a token of appreciation.

      “You keep your promise, to help me if one day I need you. But I can’t give you what you want, I’m sorry.” She kissed her cheeks and looked down again, looking restless as if someone was waiting for her.

      Manatsu stepped back, feeling the pain suddenly piercing her heart. She analyzed the girl in front her. Wakatsuki look more human and her eyes are alive with something a killer shouldn’t have. The reason why she couldn’t finish her target. The same reason why Manatsu was blinded with her own wishful thinking.

      “You started to care for your target!” Manatsu gasped at the realization. When she avoiding her eyes, Manatsu already got her answer. Wakatsuki never told her to stop.

      “This is not like..”

      “This is not what you suppose to do Wakatsuki!” Manatsu managed to restrain herself from yelling. “They will never stop hunting you down.” And not even a bit the latter look affected by it.

      “That’s why I’m going to stop this.” Eyes filled with determination. “Listen. Don’t look for me anymore.” Ignoring the objection, Wakatsuki glanced at her watch, 3.00 am “She’s going to come right? And please, I never had been here.” Then, she jumped through the window again, leaving Manatsu looking perplexed. She truly didn’t ask for this. She was unprepared for this sudden heartache. 

      She want to sunk into her heartbroken feelings more. But a ring on her door reminded her of her regular visitor and didn’t allow her from doing that. She looked at the clock and grunted at the punctuality before stomped towards her front door in darkness.

      “Why rang the door when you have the keys Shiraishi-san?” Without looking at the person, she turned away to her room again.

      Appearing through the door is Manatsu’s regular visitor at 3 am, Shiraishi Mai with her playful smiles plastered on her face, the reason why Manatsu have no more spirit left to act like she gladly with her visits. But that’s exactly what Shiraishi wanted from Manatsu.

      “That’s because I love torturing Manattan.” Closing the door, Shiraishi Mai chuckled. Her regularity obviously proven when she swiftly without touching all the furniture in living room, although all space were wrapped with darkness and she didn’t have to be professional killer to do that if its mean her toy’s place. She closed the door as she came in.

      “I want to sleep, just do what you want.” Manatsu is not in her mood to entertain her new visitor, one is enough and she wanted to forget the rejection by sleeping.

      “I want you, Big Head.” Not going to allow that, Shiraishi Mai jumped onto the smaller girl, pinning both of her hands to the bed and grinning cockily. She loves this, teasing and bullying is what she made for, well only for this one girl.

      “Can you let me rest tonight? I’m tir...” A deep and rough kissed landed on her lips. Unprepared for it, Manatsu struggled for more space. But with locked hands and Shiraishi dominant strength, she couldn’t roam much but enjoy the kiss moment after. The pleasure she hopes to receive from Wakatsuki.

      “You have.. different scent tonight.” Shiraishi commented as she pulled away and sits at the edge, she groaned harshly as disproval; hates that when her toy doesn’t taste like usual. She pressing her forehead hardly, thinking.

      “Someone is here before me.” It takes her merely two milliseconds to notice the wide open window. Manatsu swore at herself, for forgetting to close them before.
      Shiraishi walked to the window and flicked the curtains a bit, giving her enough space to notice a black car nicely park under a tree facing Manatsu’s room. She couldn’t see clearly but sure there are two people inside black car below. Their eyes meet before the car was pulled away. Wait, she knew that car type and sound. Whoever the person is, they are waiting for her.

      “Nanamin?” Shiraishi mumbled to herself.

      “Shiraishi-san, it’s not what you might think.” Worried, Manatsu quickly closed the window and pulled the taller girl to sit on her lap; wanted to distract the girl’s attention from what going on in her room before. Shiraishi can be scary creature when she is jealous and she didn’t have much energy for that. She then wrapped Shiraishi’s hands around her waist, forcing the girl to look to her.

      “Manattan is here, right?” She giddily brushes her breast onto the other girl. Faking wide smile on her face, truthfully she hates doing this, only when she was forced to then she did it.

      And Shiraishi is the only one who plays that role. Always act like dictator outside so called their ‘playroom’ and bully her whenever she wanted to but at the end came to her right at 3 am just for pleasure with reason she is forever her toys. Sometimes, Manatsu was confused whether this is her room or not since Shiraishi usually dominating her and all space whenever she came. Yet, as much as she hates this, she cannot help but to play along with her owner.

      A woman never can sleep alone.

      “Right.” Mai smiled, erasing all traces of worries from her face and lifting Manatsu’s chin to her level. “Now you’re mine, Big Head!” She smiles mischievously as she locked their lips together and roughly chewing on them like they’re just a gum.

      “I hope that was the last time she kissed you, or I will kill her.” Shiraishi mumbled in between the kissed” She didn’t wait a reply but keep kissing.

      Not enough with long kiss, her hands started to roam around Manatsu’s body, easily reaching her butts, making her toy squeak at the bold movement. Unable to hold on Shiraishi’s weight and kissing force, Manatsu fell on the bed and so everything flowing like she wanted them to be.

      THE NEXT MORNING, Shiraishi Mai woke up earlier than Manatsu, looking around where all their clothes scattered on the floor. Although she had a wonderful treatment last night, she didn’t look happy with it since she knew Manatsu tried to stall her thought. It did work for her for whole night of course, but the moment she woke up an hour ago, her mind started to rewind everything she saw last night again.

      The gaze, it tries to convey something she wasn’t sure of. One thing for sure, she might know that person, probably within their circle or her enemy. Working as a killer, she has hundreds of people who wanted her dead. But that eyes looked so familiar; it didn’t have killing aura – so she scratched the enemy points, that person is from their circle who didn’t afraid of her which not many are left, aside from Nanamin, Waka and Manattan. Since Manattan with her last night, only two are left. But something is wrong, there are two people in the car, what she was confident is… Nanamin is not in the car although the car is hers. Waka? She felt uneasy about that matter.


      “Maiyan..” Manatsu squirmed under the blanket, mumbled the name she could only called without her being aware of. Mai laughed, glad Manattan can call her by her name although only in her sleep, and Manattan looked so cute to her too.

      “I won’t let anyone to touch my toy ever again” it was her promise. She leaned towards Manattan and gave her a light good morning kiss on the lips. Her expression tensed, feeling motivated out of sudden.

      “I need to go, see again.” She whispered into Manatsu ears before wearing her clothes, cleaning all the proof of her presence and silently left.

      Mai climbed the stairs and ran to rooftop. Once there, she stands on the edge, observing the surrounding using a binocular. Her movement stopped at one point, face hardened at what she just witnessed.

(A/N: Well, actually this supposed to be posted as Maiyan ft Manattan birthday special but it still not too late for that am I?)


OMG Maiyan, why so scary to Nanase.... Damn that girl needs help :( :( :( As much as I love Maiyan I actually thinks that she would make a great villain so I'm still enjoying it so much XD

if you enjoed it that much, i think you would like this one too? luckily she's always mean with manatsu..

Back to the main story, I'm still laughing because the seems to be undefeatable Nanamin finally took a hit- from Maimai no less  :hiakhiakhiak: Maybe that's what she needs- a true hit to get her humanity back. I'm hoping she'd end up with Maimai at the end, it'll be really funny considering their first interaction   XD
Thanks a lot for the updates, I'll be waiting to read some more :cathappy:

well thats maimai for nanamin  :cow: :cow:
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Unforgotten Promise
Chapter 9 - Long Night Journey

      Nanamin doesn’t know what happened to her, but she woke up that night with massive head ache and a woman besides her looking super worries. She didn’t understand why but later that woman who introduced herself as Mai appologized to her for hitting her with vase.

      Well, logically, she would kill any witness of her crime but then, she was too weak and head might exploded that time. The worst scenario ever is Wakatsuki is gone, ran away with her car that have all her weapons. She is literally unarmed, weak and she hates that. 

      Now, she stucked with the woman, at the passenger seat being forced to wear safety belt while she calmly driving her yellow old car and following all the fucking speed limits, stopped every time there are red lights when there are NOBODY on the road except them. Well, on that woman insistment before she forgive her for ‘hitting’ her, she supposed to help her to chase after Wakatsuki who is far ahead because referring to her, she is literally a patient uncapable of driving with dizzy head aside from no one can ever drive this yellow old car  than herself.

      Beside, ‘I’m already used to this valley road’ said that woman, hinting a proudness in her voice once she made a sharp turn running down the valley.

      But Nanamin don’t care.

      At this point, her plan supposed to be perfect, kill Wakatsuki and her target, disposed their bodies, get her payment and live her life lying to Maiyan for the rest of her life. That’s sound so great that she become so nervous at this time, Maiyan shouldn’t know about this mission.

      Nanamin look at her side, somehow that woman still look annoyed upon her dead fish and the fact that she still chasing after Wakatsuki. She never stop talking about how human shouldn’t kill each other, with that everyone can live in piece. Bwahhh, if that woman knew what’s going on in real world, she bet that woman will kill herself in instant.

      “I don’t know what happened between you and Wakatsuki but I don’t think you should kill her” Maimai will never give up until she have her answer, showing her calmness though she was scared as hell inside. This girl look more dangerous than Wakatsuki.

      Gritting her teeth, Nanamin look away, annoyed. If she had her gun, that woman will be dead long time ago.

      “You might not know this, but she told me to take care of you, Nanamin-san.” Maimai looked to her side, hoping Nanamin would change her mind. “Please, don’t let Nanamin die, she said.” Maimai recalled, the scene of Wakatsuki left after being treated by Naachan still fresh in her mind.

      Nanamin unconciously peeking to her side, don’t even look surprised with the words.
      “Is there no other way out aside from you kill her?”
      SCREEEECHHHH. The yellow old car crushed to the road side, almost slipped onto the valley if Maimai didn’t hit the break a second earlier.

      In the car, Maimai is breathless as the girl’s arm now strangle her neck threathening on killing her if she open her mouth again. With her back already crushed to the door, she has no more way out. Now she regretted her provoke.

      “Shut…your fucking..mouth up!” Yes, she didn’t need any gun to kill an ordinary girl. Oblivious to that woman pale face and begging eyes, Nanamin didn’t care to stop. She meant to kill.

      “Pleee…se” Maimai struggle for her life, move as much as she could but none of that could loosen the hands on her throat.


      Gun shot was heard. And Maimai never feel this grateful though she knew another danger is coming. To avoid from any wild bullets, Nanamin bring her body down onto the woman, forcing the woman to dunk as well. Through the side mirrors, Nanamin could see two black cars are approaching, each have a shooter. She is not alone, probably from Akiha, well thanks to Wakatsuki who now the most wanted killer among killers.

      Nanamin might a professional killer, but in this weaponless state, she couldn’t counter attack but attach her body closely to the woman she almost killed, praying they were given chance. Like rain, the bullets keep coming in their way, the side and back mirrors shattered from the cause.

      Maimai could only pray for her life under the girl’s body, their chest touching each other so brutally until she could listen to the girl’s every heartbeat, it sounded so beautiful, like it could blow up her entire world. She looked up, seeing the girl’s tensed face, each bead of sweat on her face seem so cool, and how it flow down through stranded hair, it was like morning dew, so cool yet refresing. And her lips, the way it parting looks so tempting. Is it weird, if under this storm of bullet, she feel the urge to kiss her? But before she could do so, the girl abruptly wake up, and screamed at her. She sigh between relieved and regret.

      “Drive!” Nanamin urged, looking back where the shooter is filling up bullets. They only have few seconds before its started again.

      And Mai didn’t waste a second, she quickly speed up, sigh away her ridiculous thinking away. Within minute, she already hit 120km/h, impressed the flustered Nanamin. “I used to be a drifter” She smirked, and Nanamin swear it was the most relieving things she ever heard but then, the bullets still aiming to their ways and she couldn’t do anything but cursed herself.

      “Shit” if only she had her gun…

      “Here” In that confusion, that woman handed her a gun. “Stole this from Wakatsuki, plan to use it on you if..” Nanamin quickly grabbed the black object, her eyes shining from excitement as she check the bullets.

       There are three and it was more than enough. “Thanks, and please drive safely” with that, she snaked her slim long body out through the window, balancing herself with that woman drifting, she didn’t know either that woman is a very good drifter or the shooter has bad eyes that the bullets barely touching her skin.

      Carefully, she aim then shoot.

      It hit the tires of the first car, it crashed a tree and blown up. Nanamin easily cheer up so do Maimai, she occasionally looking back, terrified at the explosion at the same time amazed with the girl’s skill. How she shouldn’t underestimate her.

      “There is sharp turn in hundred metre, wait for that” Maimai shouted, steering skillfully with her right hand while the other hand taking turn between gear and holding onto the girl’s thigh, worried if she might slip away due to her harsh drive, it has been five years since her last drift and she didn’t want it ended this way.

      Noted that, Nanamin start to aim for the last car, thanks to that woman skills, they managed to keep their distance from the shooter. She silently grateful for the hand on her thigh, though it hurt her pride a little but she will pretend not to feel it.

      “Ouchh,” one of the bullet cut her arm, lucky that it was not too deep. She quickly regained her focus as she wait for Mai signals.


      Then she shoot, it penetrate the front mirror and ended up in the driver’s head. The car then plunged into the valley and exploded before their eyes. Nanamin breath her excitement away while Maimai exhaled a deep relief and their eyes meet in between of grateful and joyness.

      “If I don’t kill her, someone else will” she looked up as some noise grab her attention but she saw nothing. “F*ck” the signal that connect her mobile with her car suddenly disconnect, the only clue she have is, Wakatsuki’s last location. But it always more than enough to her.


      She was having her early breakfast at her favorite café while revising the notes she missed last week since she need to attend bussiness trip to Myanmar when her smartphone blinked for new message. She unconciously groaned as she saw the sender’s name; Akimoto Father, but her finger swiped the message anyway.

      ‘Usual place at 8’

      She noncholantly peeked at her watch, 7.30 am, she has lots of time since their usual place is not far from her current spot but she want to have more time for herself, to walk while enjoying morning breeze. Its has been long time she haven’t walk around Tokyo, well thanks for her family bussiness that need her to sacrifice her own time and her college. So she sipped her last coffee, closed her book and left. Leaving the tips on her way out, didn’t bother to smile at the waiter at all.

      7.55 am, she arrived in front of tall building. Tucking her long straight hair behind her ear, she made her way up to highest floor, ignoring people who greets her along the way. She didn’t have bussiness with them, so she won’t waste her time on them.

      She quickly entered the room, pushed the door and revealed a familiar girl with short hair in bob style, recalled that she was the second informant of her father. The girl nod at her, signaling to her usual seat on the long table. She stands there, waiting for her father to arrive.

      In those short moment, their gazes meet which the later awkwardly looks away. Probably scared or respect but she believed its none of that, there is nothing as riduculous as that. Three minutes later, her father, Akimoto sensei arrived with his bodyguard, offering his firm smile of acknowledgment. She then sat down after him.

      “How can you didn’t tell me at all when you arrive?” He signaling his bodyguard to leave.

      “You have all my schedule father” he laughed at her flat remarks though she unsure where the humor is.

      “Why you call me here father? I still have class after this” she peek at her watched, recalled she need to study for her next test this afternoon as well, and he quickly turned to his second informant, giving her signal to start.

      The room turned dark and the projector slowly start to show image of two girls. Her brows furrowed, getting used to sudden changes and unfamiliar with the image each were represented with numbers, her father uppermost assasin. 

      “Why?”  She asked, the reason still blurry to her.

      Her eyebrows quirk in confusion. None of his silence answer her question. He looked at her second informant, passing turns to explain.

      “A week ago, this girl,” the image of 01 girl show up, “she failed her mission, and this 02 girl supposed to kill her for that.. but sadly, she didn’t do her job right” the figure quickly disappeared

      “What?” she laughed, somehow the story is ticklish. “How can they both fail their mission? They’re not supposed to fail right? What happen?” She can’t stop laughing, despite feeling the burning sensation at the pit of her gut at unacceptable story she just heard. As far as she concern, 01 and 02 represent how good they are, not otherwise.

      “Well, this things happen..”

      Then, a video popped out. “This 02 girl, even killed our killers from Akiha. Protecting the girl who failed to kill her target, betrayed us.” The second informant push the play button, presenting the video taken by their drone of the event last night.

      The dark room started to echoed with unstoppable bullets sound, screeching sound of tires against the wet valley road. But since it was too dark and windy, the recorder failed to catch the 02’s face clearly, but it still made her smirked, impressed at how hundreds bullet unable to kiss the 02 killer. Have enough prove to say the 02 girl is actually beyond good but choose not to do her mission for some reason.

      “Wait..” she interuped, halting the presentation. Unbothered to answer her father and the second informant confusion, she stand up, headed to glass wall, observe the view for seconds before pulling the curtain. Then she sat at her spot again, signaling the informant to continue where they stop. Now she could have clearer view.

      ‘Interesting’ she mumbled under her breath as the video ended up with second explosion, adding the loss into her calculations, two expensive cars, few weapons with four professional killers which for sure can be replaced. Nevertheless her lips curved upright.

      “Well, I need you to take over this assignment.” Akimoto sensei spokes, sounded so serious since they began. He escaped from his daughter’s eyes.

      “What? But why?” Albeit surprised at his sudden order, she quickly regained her composure, believe that her father always has reason to every moves he made though this was the first time she was sent on field. Usually, he only need her to solve the organization problems or negotiate for partnership, not doing dirty mission or completing unfinished job.

      He has his gaze fixated on her, the eyes she always saw when he killed someone in front of her eyes. Then she knew, he was dead serious.

      “So I need to kill them?” she was ready.

      “Nope, watch they kill each other or better record it for your own collection” she furrowed, confused at the order. “And if they didn’t, you know what should you do” he had his full trust in her, the daughter he had trained since she was five.

      She nodded, determined to make her father’s wish into reality. “But may I know why you need me for this… simple mission?” She asked when he was about to leave. He turned to her, giving her looks she never saw before. She didn’t know if she saw it right, but its as if he was petrified.

      “Because you’re number Zero, I need you to learn your past before you take over this organization.” Then he left leaving her with his second informant.

(A/N: Some HashiGawa moments in this part guys. Hope this could feed your hunger for their moments, actually this is what I’m about to spoil you guys from my prev update in other thread.

Anyway, I want to congrats Maimai and Asuka for their first movie appearance as leading role! and yeah, congratulations to my Wakasama as well for her to be released PB!!! I’M HYPED, MY WALLET IS READY TO BE SACRIFICED..

So, for Marikka graduation, part of me was sad.. I never think she will grad before Maiyan or any succesful and older 1st gen member.. yeah, this is true and reality bites. But part of me was happy for her, she could pursue her interest properly and we could at least have a sneak peak into what her future/post nogi will be like. And with her leaving us, she left more spot of other potential member to fill in.

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Woaaahhh..... My HashiGawa.. :mon squee:
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Chapter 10 – The girl and the woman

      WHEN THEY ARRIVED at the mentioned place in the evening, Maimai didn’t have any second doubt that she loved the urban life better, at least they have more trees than stressful people itself. “Do you live here?” Mai asked, a bit contemplated upon seeing the tall building, the price might be as high as the height too. Mai didn’t mind at all when her question left unanswered by the girl, somehow she has gotten used to it already.

      Unbuckled her seatbelt, Nanamin stepped out from the car, turn her way to the said building, brows knitting as she tried to squeeze out memories or information of this place, however, she has none. Seeing that, Mai rushed out too, chasing the girl.

      “Chotto! Don’t think you can go just like that!” Mai ran after the girl with a first aid kit in her left hand then grabbed the girl with her right. Using more strength,  Mai forcefully spun the girl around so she could face her properly. There, she could see a cut on the girl’s jacket with blood stain around it, just how it acquired her attention. Last night event might be blurry and bit dark to her, but she didn’t miss the sound of pain hissing and the smell of blood she has grew up with. And being a responsible doctor to her patient, she would never let it slip away easily.

      Squinting her eyes, find this is so funny, she snickered. “I can, and you better get lost now, they might come back..” Nanamin wandered around before landed on the ruined yellow car. Her gut telling her that they might find the car by now or sooner... “You better dispose that car,” she suggested in low voice, pulling away her arm as she said so.

      “You’re injured.” Grabbing the wounded arm, Mai soften. Plus, “I’m not afraid of that guys..” Mai added, actually glad that her thought coming out loud. Glanced up, they meet in the eyes for about thirty second. Nothing spoken but she knew the girl doubt her words.

      “If I am, I would not come this far when I know you will try to kill me too?” That’s sound more convincing than Mai thought it would be, honestly she didn’t think of it either. Putting an end toward this argument, Mai smirked as she heard exasperate sigh from the girl, she won this conversation when the girl end it with she won’t care anymore. Casually, she tried to stripe the jacket off the girl. 
      “Don’t!” Distressed by the sudden movement, Nanamin pulled away, never have this kind of intimacy while she was aware but before she could, the grips strangely feels tighter that she incapable to escape or because she started to feel pricky pain at the back of her head and her wounded arm?

      “Don’t be too stubborn, Nanamin-san. Soon, the painkillers from last night will lose its effect too and you might feel pain at any moment now” A glance at her watch, Mai estimated the time range of last time she gave the girl the pills. The accuracy shuts up the protest off Nanamin. 

      Hearing no response, Mai looked up. “Or, are you scared of disinfectant?” She giggled at the typical joke she said to any kids who came to her clinic, they usually concede after that. Just like this girl. A bit nervous, Mai pulled down the jacket halfway so she could have a better view of the injured area.

      Nanamin stiffen, eyes roamed wildly around the public, for the first time she care about what would they think about them. Tapping her foot, Nanamin wish this woman could end her silly treatment quicker, plus the sudden blow of wind that blew up the woman’s hair to her direction also kind of off-timing, couldn’t decide whether the mixture smell of sweat and vanilla scent from her hair is appealing or distressing.

      Applying the disinfectant while they were standing in the crowd are a bit enjoyable to Mai honestly. Who ever thought that she would appreciate the way her trained fingers brushing the girl’s arm, like they have some sort of power to tame the wild female tiger, or how she intentionally take more time to dress  the small wound using bandage rather than a plaster so she could have more time with the girl. Reaching three layers of strap up the wound, she strangely feel the urge to have more skinship with the girl too. Knowing how weird her inner thought has gone, Mai hurriedly finish her treatment over almost called nothing like deep injuries.

      “Its done,” Putting down her first aid kit, Mai try to be sounded as cheerful as possible, trying to deny the sudden sadness, because this might be their last time meeting each other. Wipe off her weird thinking for dangerous girl, Mai pulled up the jacket to where its positioned. But before she could finish, the girl swivel away, leaving her.

      “Hey,” Again, she chased her after two steps away, but this time a bit hesitated. Yesterday she just wanted to help this girl to get home then return to clean her messy clinic. And how she feel disappointed right is not part of her plan.

      “What now?!” Almost yelling, Nanamin gritted her jaw, held the anger just below her breath. If she is not mistaken, she saw a indication of sadness in the woman, confusingly reflect her own feelings.

      “Whatever is happening, just please..” Mai reached down to the girl’s finger, bring it up close to her face, tracing and memorize every old scar the girl had in her mind, wonder how much dirty work the girl have done yet she didn’t care anymore. She is not interested in her past.

      It is not an imagination that Nanamin quietly pay more attention to what the woman wanted to say yet she act like she didn’t care at all. “Just please go away..” She mumbled, acting the contrary to her perplexing desire. Its better this way.

      “No, just please come back one piece, I will treat you anytime.” Mai didn’t have any nerve to look up anymore as she heard a hard sigh. They both fell into deep silence, a silence that not even the hustle bustle metropolitan could break. Mai link their pinky fingers together, as if sealing the promise she made on her own.

       Feeling annoyed, Nanamin cut off their fingers, spin her heels towards her original destination before a girl with baseball cap incidentally push the woman from her back, making her off balance and tumble to her direction with a yelp.

      Trained with quick response, Nanamin swiftly intercept her from falling, but with weird stance, their lips unexpectedly landed on each other. Again, the evening breeze greeting them, blowing the woman long hair so close to her, fully covered their unexpected kiss. Thanks to that, Nanamin finally could decide how it actually smell so alluring to her.

      While she was thinking of another way to prevent their nose from roughly collide each other so she could enjoy her first kiss more, the woman pulled away in rush, regained her balance. Nanamin grumbled inwardly, walked away in response. That probably will be regretted.

      Cracking her own knuckles, Nanamin’s expression hardened. Come back one piece or not, she didn’t plan to fail either, its not her nature. So, there’s no need for that promise.

      Sauntered her way into the appartment, Nanamin overlooked Maiyan silver Porsche in the parking, climbed the stairs as soon as she found her destination on the first post box, avoid using full elevator though her head banging hard inside. What she knew is, she wanted to finish this soon, no matter how complicated it is.

      So when the door crack open slightly after two knocks and Akimoto Manatsu, the person she expect to see after noting the name on the post box at the lobby before, she push the girl onto the wall and closed the door behind. The informer jolted upon seeing her, failed to close the door after sensing the danger all over the killer’s body.

      “Tell me where she is!” Closing the distance, Nanamin strangled the informer stronger than she should have, almost choking the already weak small girl. But without she realized, Maiyan by now standing right behind her with shining knife aimed behind her neck. Only when the knife touching her skin through her ripped cloth then she back off, guessing that it was who she was asking for is now behind her.

      “Maiyan,” her lips twitch in amusement after a moment of shock, didn’t expect to meet her friend, Maiyan this soon much more in this place. “What are you doing here?” Quivered, Nanamin knew it was a stupid question to ask at this moment.

      “What ever you’re thinking doing, stay away from her,” with knife pointed to Nanamin’s face, she pulled Manatsu to her back protectively. “If you’re searching for Waka, she’s not here.”

      “So you knew..” All the pretense is gone, her lips pursed to one side as she lean to the wall, acting calm though all she lose is her balance.

      “Yes I know” The scenery she witnessed this morning; the picture of Nanamin and Waka as if most wanted person and the halfway video of shooting event which she guess happened last night considering from Nanamin’s state, was the basic to her accusation, nothing was sure, not until she heard from Nanamin herself.

      “You know, we are all partner in this business.. why the need of killing each other?” Snarled at her friend, Maiyan is breathless, actually found herself being doubtful.

      “She failed her mission, you know how much it cause to us,” it came out as a mocking scoff, weird when Maiyan herself doubting her action. Maiyan know the rules, know how the games carry on. “It’s not your business, I’m just doing my job.” pushed herself off the wall, Nanamin lost balance, silly mistake but she quickly recover, not the time to look weak.

      “You’re not fine” but enough for Maiyan to notice the paleness on Nanamin face, the latter laugh at herself, as if denying the obvious fact that she almost fall and Maiyan quickly hauled over, bring her friend into her embrace.

      “Nanamin!” But the girl already unconcious. The knife bounce on the floor, away from them three.

      It took Maiyan and Manatsu five minutes to carry Nanamin from the floor at the entrance to the long couch near the glass wall. After giving the girl a painkiller, they slouched on each other back, both sigh before drifted into pregnant silent until Maiyan smartphone beeping, indicate new mail. Maiyan briefly read it.

      -I’m sorry, we couldn’t save her, she passed away this evening. From Dr.          X-

      Out of curiosity, Manatsu glanced over, unintentionally saw the text, she looks up to Maiyan and notice the pool of unreadable emotion in her face. She wanted to ask but nothing seemly proper came out and before she could do so, Maiyan abruptly jerked up, pulling her hand together, feeling the insistment she followed right behind.

      “My mom died today,” they already in the main bedroom, heading towards the closet, Manatsu unable to hide her surprise, gasp as response. Mai just smiling at her, knowing what running in Manatsu big head.

      “I never kill her in the first place, we lied. Me and Nanamin. She saved me that day, I’m so grateful to her that day..” Her hands rummaged inside the closet; her official closet in Manatsu’s appartment, the latter just watching her, face deadpan, baffled at what she just heard.

      “I want her to suffer, just like me..” Mai smiled as she took her cloth out, one brow arched slyly as she asked Manatsu which one is good. Without knowing the reason the informer nod at whatever Maiyan shown her, never doubt Maiyan fashion sense.

      “When she finally died today, its like.. I’m free from my own regret, that’s why I don’t want Nanamin to feel the same.” She give up on asking Manatsu’s opinion, drawing out typical white jacket instead of many colors and style she have presented before. White is better than black, she thought as she pulled Manatsu out of the room.

      “Maiyan,” Manatsu halting, forcing the taller to turn to her with smile on her face.

      “Why you tell me this story, you know who am I, right?” Is what keep ringing in her head, the fact that Maiyan killed her parent not a new thing to her, its all in her record, however not the lie she just told. She fathom of how important first kill is to every killers in their organization. Thus, Maiyan telling her this story is quite confusing.

      “Aren’t this obvious?” She let out involuntary laugh before pulling the informer into her embrace, too sudden for Manatsu to response. Carressing the hair on big head, she whispered. “When she finally died, I want to live my life, have the love I couldn’t. Let’s live together from now on, will you?”

      Stiffen in Maiyan warm but firm embrace, Manatsu almost lost all her insanity, it felt like she is the only thing matter to Maiyan. She never thought Maiyan actually took her this serious, she always think of herself as Maiyan toys, place to vent out all her lust. But this, is out of her imagination. When Maiyan released the hug, she felt unexpected emptiness inside, craving for more.

      Before Manatsu able to say something, Maiyan already release her firm grips on her, attention to her friend. Nanamin has woken up, squirms around sluggishly before sitted on the couch, narrowing her eyes toward two people, sniffing something she don’t recognize before. Manatsu jolted back.
      “What are you?” Her gaze paced back between her friend and the informer. She might be unconcious before, but she is Maiyan’s friend and she knew Maiyan never be this close to the first informer. Now she recalled the way Maiyan try to protect the girl earlier, its annoy her in some way.

      “Don’t you know romance?” hand out the jacket to Nanamin, Maiyan returned the question with a sneer, somehow felt like she has won over the superior girl she ever know. Nanamin snickered, sounded like she seriously entertained by the word, none of the action concerned Maiyan who just give Manatsu a deep unexplainable look, the informer look away instead.

      Feeling awkward with only her laughing, Nanamin stand up, change her black jacket into Maiyan’s white jacket. She grumbled as she do so, unsatisfied with the choice but its better than her ripped one. She then limping toward the glass wall and lean on it. Looking at almost setting off sun outside, it gave her internal peace, great view here. She make a mental note to herself.
      “How is she?” Maiyan asked after seconds of quietness, judging from Nanamin’s tattered cloth, she wondered how much injuries had other side bears. She knew the two, the fight over the rank before is a prove of how far they could go, and this time she realized that the two already so near of killing each other. And she might lose the only treasures she have right now.

      “Waka?” Blinking, it took Nanamin few moments to comprehend that Maiyan actually asking about Wakatsuki, not her. “Still alive, probably.” Honestly, she don’t remember the next event after she was knock out by that woman, but her stolen car at least could prove her belief. “Why do you care about her anyway? She just a failure,” she growled, annoyed.

      “Its not about that,” Maiyan hesitated, she was in deep confusion, pressing hard her thumb on her wrinkle forehead.

      “We’re just his puppet, staining our hands so he could live his life peacefully while ours so fucked up.. the life he fucked up..” Both Nanamin and Manatsu stunned over what slipped through Maiyan beautiful lips, but they didn’t bother to object her though. Manatsu silently agreeing with a nod, part of it is true.

      “Indeed he is, but if not because of him, we might ended being even loser then we are now. I’m probably left dying in the river, and you..” eyes fixated at her friend, taking few seconds to mutter the word “prostituting for your whole life.. I got to revenge my parents and Asuka death too..” she stare outside, as her fingers touching the glass door, her lips pursed a bit.

      Again, Manatsu didn’t found any fault to disagree, although she never directly kill people but at least she acknowledge that they are nothing if not thanks to him. Thus, she just stay still, hoping to understand this drama.

      “I don’t want you to regret your action later, Nanamin” Maiyan said, without turning around and tear off her gaze on Manatsu, which making the latter blushing. “Just like me,” lifting her face, she found Nanamin eyes, gazing straight into her, effortlessly smashing her soul.

      “What regret, you don’t even kill your parents, plus she is nobody” she scoffed.

      “She finally died today,” Maiyan flatly announced. “I’m finally free” half-whispered, she set her eyes on Manatsu. The next five minutes was all silence. “Waka is like you to me, and I know you too..”   

      “I’m not,” breath away her shock, Nanamin mumbled; not convincing enough “and I won’t regret…” She whispered, slowly losing focus over a knowing woman figure down there. Somehow her lips crept into a smile, fingers started to draw random lines that later turn out to be that woman. “Romance…?”

      As she enjoying the scenery with the woman as the main character, four black cars suddenly came into frame, the woman hasn’t realized the new guest arround her yet, too engrossed with her broken car probably thinking how she could go back to her clinic, Nanamin speculate.

      Then, a girl with a mask and baseball cap exit from one of the car, talk with one of the man before approch the woman, easily gain her attention by pretend to ask question. From their gesture and how the woman kindly treat the masked girl, Nanamin knew the woman already in danger, yet her feet failed to receive command from her brain to just ran to the woman. Only when the masked girl cuffed the woman with a cloth which Nanamin knew will make her unconcious, she hastily dashed out, astounded both Maiyan and Manatsu which later follow pursuit.

      Nanamin knew this was coming, she knew they would not stop chasing after her or Waka until they have what they want, and she also acknowledged her biggest mistake is she has risked the woman by dragging into her dangerous business. Why don’t she killed the woman before? Its not like her at all.

      Once reaching the scene, the car already left, leaving no sign of crime at all except one obvious note on the car, a piece of the woman’s cloth.


      SHIT!! SHIT!! Lashing out her anger on the car, Nanamin knew she has missed the chance to save the girl, it was her mistake at first hand. Desperate for any trace she look around, and realized she had no clue about the men at all or the woman whereabout other than what she was instructed to.

      “Nanamin!” Maiyan and Manatsu arrived a moment after, a bit panic at Nanamin sudden rage.

      “I know you know where she is, I want the information, whatever it is I need it, even if it means I need to kill you!”

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Looking forward for nanasemaiyan couple gehehe

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Chapter 11 – HOME

      “Why are we here?” Reika asked as Wakatsuki pulled over the car under a tree, not far from a home, or an abandoned home enclosed with yellow caution tape, most likely a crime scene. There is no answer so Reika not bothers to ask anymore, the killer looks tenser than they first arrived and she still has other things she curious too.

      “Are we allowed to be here?” Before Reika finished asking, the killer already step out from the stolen Audi, growl in irritation. Yet, she followed right behind the killer, hasty as always.

      “Keep quiet!” and there the hissed, for walking too loud for a killer. Reika sighed, apologies in a whisper. Blame her clumsiness. Using dead tree branches, the killer hides the car, well enough to hide their traces from naked eyes.

      As they carefully walked to the crime scene the view getting much clear though with no light as dusk speeding up their way, make the killer look more desperate if Reika saw it right, unsure if it due to the darkness or her as a burden. Shakes all the worries, Reika calmly keep her pace behind the killer, reaching the front gate within seconds. There, Reika almost shriek when she saw what an apparently looks like a dog, marking with white chalk from the police works. Poor dog. Reika glance towards the killer making sure if the snort she heard was just her illusion.

      Once the door creaked open with only weak push, they were invited with a strong smells, too strong to be called stinky and Reika almost puke if not for a hankerchief handed by the killer. She mumbled a thanks while holding it up over her mouth, hopefully enough to prevent the smell and keep her breathing right.

      “They might not come here anymore but, don’t leave any of your prints” a firm warn before they continue, Reika could only hummed a yes. 

      Walking through the dark dusky hallway, prove of nobody was here these few days, Reika could see some marks of evidence from police jobs, too few for an enough so she come to a conclusion that whatever this work is, it was done by a pro. On occasional stare at every movement, she saw a smirk on the killer’s lips, making her anxious for some reason.

      “Is this your work?” She asked boldly, unable to retain her curious under control.

      “Not mine, someone I know” a quick answer by Wakatsuki, as if she could read what was in Reika’s mind. The latter slipped of an impression of impressiveness for the work, make the killer hold up her proudness.   

      Sneaking along the hallway, they reach the main room, where most number of evidence can be found, together with another chalk marking in people shape. Reika almost choke herself from surprise at the new reveleance, though just a mark without a real body, astonished of how the other girl could keep her calmness in check. The killer crossed over to the bed, leaving Reika glued to the floor near the entrance.

      “Why we’re coming here?” Obviously, Reika started to regret her own decision. The smell of dead body and the whole picture of the event start to irk her more.

      Ignoring Reika at the entrance, Wakatsuki keep on rummaging the desk near the bed, even though there are high possibility of whatever in there has been confiscated by the police, but she still working on small probability, they might be missed something.

      Found nothing on the desk, she went under the bed and working table before moved on to the book shelves on the corner. The books were arrange in alphabet orders for every genre, except for the last lowest row. Not so obvious but for someone as details as professional killer, Wakatsuki won’t overlooked any. She spent almost like three minutes there, the killer heave a long breath upon finding what she search for, wrapped with different book cover.

      “We’re coming for this” A proud smirk on her lips, relieved that coming here is not a waste, something she doubt at first. Reika raised her eyebrows, found nothing fascinating with a thin brown book.

      “Takayama Kazuo, which already dead” her eyes motioned towards the body mark, “is ordered by the same person like yours” she flipped a few pages, just a simple scan, noted what is where so its easy to find any info later.  “And whatever in this book might lead us to him..”

      In that moment, Reika was more flustered at the information rather than thrilled. “Takayama-san?” Disbelief was all over her face.

      “Yes, Takayama Kazuo, work as Finance Executive at Naka-mo-to,” her mouth agape at what she just remembered. Reika and this Takayama are in the same company – or used to be, considered the man now was dead. She missed the info at the first read last night. Rush and desperate are not good altogether.

      Rubbing nape of her neck, Wakatsuki let out an infuriate grunt  as Reika suddenly become emotional over the news and started to howl. Feeling totally annoyed, she unknowingly pulled Reika for an embrace, wanted to silence the noise. This Takayama probably an important person to her, is Wakatsuki initial thought.

      It was hard to move while supporting her weak friend shoulder by shoulder, but Wakatsuki has no more choice left if she want them to move from the place quicker. She has learnt that, its not good staying at one place too long.


      HOURS LATER, they already at an old two storey house. Not only the house, the neighborhood also apparently was abandoned for long time already. Wild trees grassed in at every available corner, made it hard to even walk, but thanks to that Wakatsuki didn’t need to cover the car anymore as she park it at the back.

      When they stride their way in the kitchen after the killer climbed through the broken window and open the door for Reika, the latter then recognized it as the orphanage they used to live in as a child. She glance over to the killer, demanding for an answer this time except from another repetition of ‘maybe a safe house’ when she asked for their next destination.

      Unable to fight her own sadness to the event before, Reika again can only follow behind the killer’s heel together with a soft tug to her shirt, afraid to be left behind.

      This house looks even more creepier than crime scene they visited hours ago, she still remember reading the headline on news few years back of how the orphanage fail to keep their business with too many unsettle loans with banks which lead to kids being sent to another orphanage, hope would help them to live. Though at that time, she fairly remember feeling any guilt with the shut down, but ironically now this is where they ended up with.

      Maybe the words of ‘safe house’ was correctly defined by the killer. HOME is where they eventually turn to after a rough road, Reika smiled at the sudden realization. Though nobody waiting for them, the warmness seems welcoming them, as if knew they will come home, is what Reika want to believe.

      “Tadaima..” with low voice, they chirped almost at the same time, getting familiar with the used to be their routine, flustered by it they shared nonchalant gaze before Wakatsuki torn it away, leading their way into the home, missed the smile on Reika’s plump lips.

      “Are we safe here?” Reika bite her own lips, blame her own nerves for slipping the words sound like a doubt. She glance to Wakatsuki, checking the killer’s mood, she only saw flatness.

      Reika then remembered something. “How you become like this?”

      Wakatsuki inhaled a deep breath; trying to stay composed before exhaling an answer. “Maybe I was too desperate to live,” not a joke but she snickered at the irony how she used to wish she was killed by the coldness back then, “but, this isn’t the right time to care about my life, any idea who want you dead?” She asked, looking around for any remnants of her memories, stole a glance at Reika behind her as she do so.

      Hesitate. Reika shakes, carefully follow right behind the killer afraid that something would jump behind her. The killer gave her a skeptic stare, unconvinced with the answer.

      “For someone young and rich like you, you might have long list of enemy, aren’t you?” Wakatsuki laughed dryly at her own joke, though it might sounds fake. “Don’t misunderstood me, but anyone would kill for 10 milion dollars” she smirked, find it interesting for Reika to be surprised at those amount, the girl jerked back as reflexes; as if suddenly remember that she originally the one who want to kill her. 

      “You don’t have to trust me if you don’t want to” Wakatsuki cooly replied, somehow mark an end to their longest conversation so far. They then proceed to walk into the living room, recollected this is the place where they usually eat a meal per day if lucky got two and where the older kids study for school with a life motto ‘no payment for knowledge’.

      But what was left were only spider webs all over the wall, make Reika poundered of how many years has it been since people last came here, acknowledge the fact that some real estate agents still trying to sell this place to people, unfortunately the rumour of how this house and neighborhood will give the resident bad luck always become the hindrance, hence no one ever dare to buy this house anymore.

      Nothing left on the first floor, so they attentively move to second floor, carefully stepping onto the old wooden stair that produce creaking sound at every light movement, feeling eerie, Reika stick her body close to Wakatsuki, ignoring the grumbles emitted from the killer. She step at exact spot as the killer, sometimes gawked at the fail broken wood after the killer tested its solidity for their own safety.

      Unlike the first floor, the second floor still have its original identity as master bedroom where kids sleeps all together on their small bed though most of the furnitures were covered with white plastic sheet, maybe ready to be moved out once new owner occupy the place but that seems never occur even in their dreams.

      Remembered where their beds were located, they easily found it at the end of the room next to each other, they share a knowing gaze, feeling nostalgic deep there.

      “I missed this bed..” cast off the white sheets away, Reika flung herself onto the bed only to be greeted by now familiar creaking sound, it attracts Wakatsuki’s attention with ‘what the..’ face but she just oddly laugh at Reika stupidness before embarrassedly looking away.

      Albeit Reika’s childish antic is interesting, but Wakatsuki seems more attracted to the window. She recollected to have this love-hate relationship with the window as her bed near it and she often spend most of her time envying other kids having fun at the playground every evening but when she feeling down, the blinking stars at night always cured her across the space just from her windows, kinda complicated relationships for kids at her age. 

      “We’re going to spend some time here, so you can rest for now.. hopefully no one will find us for few days..” It is unusual for the killer for offer a warm smile, but witnessing some break down in Reika just now somehow soften her heart even more. Wondered, how the families of her victims adapt to that kind of lost, must be terrible but she is nowhere to understand that, would some kind of guilt will make them up? She never know..

      “Why he was killed? He is kind to me..” Bitting hard her lips, Reika try to surpress her sadness.

      “I… I don’t know..” Weird, but she lost for words, though that kind of information usually made available for them yet she don’t think it is the right time to tell Reika.

      “Then why you’re helping me? Aren’t you supposed to kill me too?”

      “I’m wonder the same too” looking away, Wakatsuki hide her own battle of logic.

      There is long silent between them as Reika processing the words before she beg for another irrational wish to Wakatsuki. “Can I meet someone?”

      A pregnant silence now resides their mind, Wakatsuki’s cold scowl seems disagree with the idea and Reika know it right away to add another heavy plead behind her request.

      “He is not dangerous, I promise you..”

      “The person who want you dead, might be the person close to you” Wakatsuki firmly reminded, clenched her jaw as she trying to ignore the sudden burning flares in Reika’s eyes.

      “Plus, we know what you don’t know” Reika softly whispered the words, holding into the killer’s hand, diving deep into the sea of doubt, convincing and trusting the killer with her whole.

      “He love me, he won’t do that and I love him too, I miss him damn much..besides he might help us with this..” Her bright glittering eyes effortlessly blow up the killer tough soul.

      Wakatsuki don’t think she actually bought her words, neither one sounds so good to her, but her lips decide against her wills when she mumbled a vague ‘alright’. Her heart feels so tight. Not even the sky could heal her right now.

      Feeling happy for the consent, Reika jumped over the bed and tightly hugged the killer, unable to sense bitter smile engraved the latters lips.

      “Thank you so much,” Reika hold her gaze into the killer, mouthing the words with so much gratefulness before she crouch on her own small bed, finally found the peace to sleep.

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