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Author Topic: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi) 3-1-17 UPDATED [Chapter 7)  (Read 11175 times)

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This fic is made and inspired by two lords

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 and 5.5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Chapter 1

“Good morning” She cheerfully said amidst preparing her stuff for school and listening to her favorite band’s song. It was such a perfect day; bright and sunny and the temperature is definitely not that humid.

She can smell the food that her mom is preparing all the way inside her room and made her so keen to finish up her preparation. She pulled her towel from the cloth hanger and went straight to the bathroom to get herself a warm bath. She turned on the shower and gets herself clean while dancing to the tune of her favorite song. She heard someone calling her name as she gets out of the bathroom.

“Techi, are you prepared to go to school? Don’t get yourself late, ok?” A woman around her late 30’s called arranging the dining table as she laid aside plates with different kind of meals to choose from for breakfast.

“Yes Mom, I’m almost done here.” Techi murmured as she was putting on her socks and fiddling the ends of her uniform. Techi has short hair that goes beneath her nape, puppy-eyes that would make you melt if she gazes at you and just the perfect form of body that every girl would dream to have.

She received a mail from her phone and quickly took a glance to see who it was.

Miyu: I’ll be waiting in front of our locker room.
Miyu: Hurry up!
Miyu: ^_^

She didn’t reply but she giggled a little and took her bag and proceeded downstairs to grab some breakfast. She was flashing a smile in front of her mom and dad then prompt herself up to sit down by the chair near the kitchen. Her Mom gave her a kiss meanwhile her dad was too busy reading the paper. She immediately took the paper and gave the old man a big hug.

“You really know how to make your old man be ready for work.” He said while chuckling.

“Of course Dad, I’m just thrilled that I’m finally going to school again.” She explained while smiling happily.

“Look at that smile. How could we have this energy-filled and so eager daughter for the 1st day of school? Is she sick or are you even my daughter?” He interrogated while giving a sheepishly grin.

“Dad, stop it. Don’t ruin this perfect day for all of us.” She said while grabbing her Dad’s behind and hugged him a bit tight.

“Techi, you should go now. Save your father-daughter moment later.” Her Mom muttered while cleaning up the dishes and proceeded to hug her little girl.

“Bye Mom. Bye Dad, see you later.” She said while in a hurry putting on her shoes.

She jet away and ran like she was being chased down by someone. She cheerfully greeted everyone she passed by and with her gentle smile everyone manages to smile back.

“It’s going to be a beautiful start of this school year.” She yelled with enthusiasm.

A few blocks from where she’s standing she can finally see her school. The school building stood tall like a proud king sitting on his throne. Truly the school is a definition of perfection. It’s very neat. The landscapes are very pleasing to look at. Both the interior and exterior are very remarkable.

As she was waltzing her way a bunch of girls are staring at her and whispering their admiration towards her.

“Look, it’s Techi. She’s such an angel.” One girl said.

“She’s so cool. I want to confess my feelings for her.” Another girl said agreeing to the other girl beside her.

“Should we go and approach her? I’m a bit shy if we go and talk to her.” A girl said flustered while staring at Techi intensely.

Techi retreated a few steps backward and hurriedly went to the locker room. She doesn’t want the attention from other girls as she walked by.

“Why do I even have to deal with this thing all the time?” She whispered to herself as she marched down the hallway.  She tried to avoid looking at every girl that came across her path and just went as fast as she could to her locker. Upon arriving, a petite girl who’s flashing a smile gave her a big greeting.

“Techiko, I’ve been waiting for you for almost an hour.” She told whereas her hand was extending it to the bubbly girl’s other end who just got at the premises.

“Kuriiiiiii. I missed you so much.” She yelped with excitement.

“I miss you too and hey stop groping my chest. You’re so lewd” She exclaimed while swatting Techi’s hand for it to release her best feature.

Miyu has long jet black hair, a cute jelly ear that you would definitely notice upon seeing her the first time, an A++ proportioned body and definitely a blessed chest for others and Techi to ogle at. A lot of girls likes her too just like Techi and she’s been given the nickname the Princess of Chestnut since she always proclaimed to everyone her undying love for anything chestnuts.

“I missed those the most. Let me touch it, Kuri. Please?” She pleaded with her eye smile beaming its way for the other girl to admit defeat upon setting eyes on her.

“Don’t you dare tease me with that eye smile of yours? I would not give in to it.” She purred letting out a small laughter that only the two of them can hear.

“You are so cute whenever you scold me.” She murmured as her hands travels to Miyu’s hips all the way up to her chin.

“Can we stop with the body contact and people might think I’m your girlfriend.” Miyu said while getting flustered.

“I’ll just hold your hand till we reach our classroom. Is that ok?” She said swiftly holding the other girl’s hand.

“Crystal. Now let’s go now, we’ll definitely be late with all these commotions we’re having.”  Miyu purred then immediately walked a little faster to reach their destination.

It’s a block away from their classroom from the locker room so they’ll undeniably be seen by everyone at the hallway. There are some girls hanging by the corridor that gazes on both of them as they storm their way to class while others seems not to care at all.  Techi tries to hide her face whereas Miyu gave them a stare and girls would look down with disappointment. Girls are screaming Techi’s name and made the situation more awkward than ever.

“Your popularity is really getting out of hand. Maybe we should hire bodyguards next time.” Miyu exaggerated and chuckled.

Techi shrugged the situation and got in front to lead the way. She saw the 1-3 sign just above the door. She pulled the sliding door and went inside and to her surprise more girls are approaching her little by little. The sound of the bell rang loudly and that saved the poor girl from being encircled by her classmates. She advances to her seat which is the 2nd chair on the left beside the window.
 As she scan the whole classroom the only chair on her left is vacant and wondered if her seatmate is just late or rather skipping class. They were greeted by their homeroom teacher and they decided to introduce their selves one by one. When it was Techi’s turn all the girls were staring at her in awe and we can hear a lot of shouting from one side to another. The teacher scolded them and told them to knock it off. Class went smooth and Techi appears distracted with all the uproar that’s been going on.

 It’s just been the 1st day of school and she’s being stressed out by people trying to get to know her in an unusual way. She’s not surprised about it since it’s been like this ever since elementary. Girls liking her and giving her gifts or flowers. She appreciated it for a while but in due time she feels uneasy about it. She gets ten or twenty of love letters too piling inside her locker every single day. It may sound amusing but the “storing the letters to another place” is quite frustrating.  She wishes that she can just have a normal kind of school routine but I guess that won’t happen anytime soon.

 She snapped back to her usual state and focused on their subject. She flipped her textbook and wrote what is written on the blackboard. She suddenly got a folded piece of paper on top of her desk that was passed around from one girl to another. She took the paper and unfolded it so that she can read the message. It was from her best friend who diligently smiled back when she looked at her.


Let’s go eat at the rooftop so we won’t be pestered by those pesky fans of yours.

She nodded with agreement and smiled back. She put her things away and places it inside her bag. Their homeroom teacher mindfully handed out handouts that would help them out for the whole semester. A knock from the door could be heard and the sliding door being pulled gently. The principal stood outside and went in and skimmed the place. She come within reach of the homeroom teacher and explained about a transfer student that’s going to be on their class.

“Ok class, tone it down for a little bit. So today, we got a transfer student all the way from Nagasaki.” The Homeroom teacher said.

We can hear a lot of giggles and whispering from girls but Miyu and Techi doesn’t care at all and were just paying attention to what their teacher is about to say.

“I hope she’s pretty.’ One girl said.

“I hope she’s cool like Techi.” Another girl whispered.

“I want her to have Miyu’s best feature.” Another girl seated near the corridor murmured.

“What if she’s cooler than Techi?” One girl asked as she anticipates the new girl to come in.

“You can come in now.” The teacher calls her.

A girl with jet black long hair that extends all the way down to her shoulder and top it off with her cute bangs that hides her eyebrows, the flawless skin complexion that would be well-liked by lots of girls and even guys, her eyes that shows sleepiness but quite attractive to look at and her well-endowed body that every single person would want to grasped in their arms. Nevertheless she’s an angel to every man or woman’s eyes.

“Hello. I’m Nagahama Neru. I’m pleased to meet everyone.” She said in a soft voice.

Everyone was swayed and was swooning upon hearing her lovely speaking voice. The principal left the classroom as soon as Neru was introduced. Techi who wasn’t paying attention was caught by their teacher and called her.

“Uhm... Yurina! Since Neru is a new student, can you show her the school around after class?” The teacher said.

She was hesitant about it but she just agreed to it with dismay.

“Why do I even have to do this in the first place?” She asked herself letting out a big sigh.

“Neru, you can occupy that seat beside Yurina and we can now continue with our lesson.” The teacher said.

She paced her way to the fourth row and pulled the chair and prompt herself up to sit down. She took her pen and textbook and immediately hanged her bag behind the chair. She tilted her head to the right and greeted the girl beside her.

“Hi, I’m Neru.” She squeaked with her small little voice and her eye smile gleaming towards Techi.

There’s something about her voice or was it her smile or maybe that eye smile that is way too iridescent for Techi to fall off her chair and made everyone absorbed on her little blunder.

“I’m so sorry.” She said with embarrassment written all over her face.


so that was the first chapter

hope you liked it :thumbsup

and bet your votes if who'll be the pairings in here :rofl:
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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi)
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woah... another keyaki's fic :cow: thank you obrie-chan haha finally you posted it :cathappy:
techi is so popular,
“I miss you too and hey stop groping my chest. You’re so lewd” She exclaimed while swatting Techi’s hand for it to release her best feature
... and pervert too :roll:
i hope it'll be techimon  :twothumbs
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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi)
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“You are so cute whenever you scold me.” She murmured as her hands travels to Miyu’s hips all the way up to her chin.

this sentence left me speechless...  :cathappy:

but i'll vote for techi x neru  :wub:

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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi)
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“You are so cute whenever you scold me.” She murmured as her hands travels to Miyu’s hips all the way up to her chin.

this sentence left me speechless...  :cathappy:

but i'll vote for techi x neru  :wub:

^ we got 1 vote for nerutechi xD
woah... another keyaki's fic :cow: thank you obrie-chan haha finally you posted it :cathappy:
techi is so popular,
“I miss you too and hey stop groping my chest. You’re so lewd” She exclaimed while swatting Techi’s hand for it to release her best feature
... and pervert too :roll:
i hope it'll be techimon  :twothumbs

I'm the other half of Obrie and I'm really glad that you liked the first chapter.

We might post the 2nd chapter before the week ends.

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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi)
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merry christmas folks~  :thumbsup


Chapter 2


A soft tone coming from the alarm clock just by the desk table near the bed is blaring. A figure inside the blanket took out her hand and reaches for it to stop the buzzing sound.

 She wanted to sleep more but she needs to prepare her meal for today. Still wearing her pajamas, she immediately positioned herself sitting by the edge of her bed and yawned. She skimmed her room and its pitch dark all over the place making her sleepier. She took a penlight underneath her pillow and as it emitted light throughout the room she stood up and stepped out to make breakfast.

 She stretched her arms and legs and jogged a little as she heads to the kitchen. She flicked the on switch just beside the refrigerator for the lights to shine. She saw a note by the kitchen counter and reached for it to read.


I’m terribly sorry I haven’t prepared you anything for breakfast and lunch.
I might go home this weekend. Take care of yourself.

She was expecting this to happen and crumpled the note and threw it away in the trash bin. She let out a sigh and wondered what it would be like for her 1st day in school.

She went to take a look of her family photo hanging by the kitchen wall and still managed to give a smile despite of her early morning dilemma.

 “I think pancakes would be ok, I guess.” She murmured while checking the inside of the refrigerator and took out some eggs out of the tray.

She tiptoed and grabbed out some bowls and plates from the kitchen cabinet and placed it on the tabletop. She snatched a bag of flour and a bottle of yeast from the cupboard and waltzed her way down to the table. She let out a breath and started to fill up the bowl with flour and yeast. The way she cracked the eggs on her head made her smile as she poured the content to the bowl. She proximately whisked everything carefully but still gets herself dirty with all the flour all over her clothes and face. After the preparation, she opened the cabinet door under the sink and took a pan. She opened the burner and began to wait for it to heat up. She then scoops up a little amount of butter and lay it on the pan for it to melt. She grabbed a wooden spoon and scooped the right amount of pancake basting and poured it on the pan. She stood quietly, being patient before she lifts up the pancake to cook the other side. She shot a quick smile and laid the pancakes on the plate and repeated the process.

“Whew, I can finally clean myself up.” She mouthed as she shook her head and took a bite of the rest of the pancake on her plate.

Definitely the best pancakes she’d ever taste not even those from a pancake house would level to. She cleared her throat and took a sip of water. She stopped, running her hand to her shoulder, pounded it with her fist and massaged it a bit. She looked up and it was already 5:30 AM in the morning and hurriedly cleaned the kitchen and strode her way back to her room.

Realizing that she’s a mess and looking at her reflection through the mirror, she took out a fresh towel from her dresser and straightaway went to the bathroom. 

She took her clothes off one by one and proceeded inside to shower and pulled the shower curtain and a form of her silhouette is visible from within. She gently turned the shower knob clockwise and water sloshed all over her face and all the way down to her feet. It’s a refreshing feel that makes you submit as water runs down all over your body. She hummed a tune amidst scrubbing her body with soap and water and sat quietly on the stool. An hour passed by, she made her way out of the bathroom, continued walking to her room and looked straight in the mirror. Her eyes drifted looking at herself in the mirror from her face all the way down to her feet. She can see all the changes that have been happening to her, her waist shaping up curves then to her chest that are forming bumps that she can almost cup it.

“I’m a high school student now. I’ll definitely do my best!” She said to herself while giving out a grin.

She groomed herself for a while and wore her school uniform. She took out something inside her desk cabinet and placed it inside her bag. As she gets ready, she grabbed a book on top of her shelf and decided to read before she goes out of her house. It makes her more relax if she gets to read something then she can ponder about it while marching to school.

“You learn something new today.” She quipped, gently turning the page of the book.

A few minutes later, she strides to her doorway, wore her polished new shoes and went outside. She took out her key from her skirt’s pocket and locked the door. She saw a girl hastily running around the corner and wondered if she also goes to the same school.

“How I wish I could have someone to walk with going to school.” She said to herself while strolling her way to another block.

She imagined what it would be like for her 1st day and what kind of activities would they do for the rest of the semester. She’s delighted with all the invigorating and new experience that she’ll be encountering with her classmates and friends. She’s been wearing that brightening smile all the time and didn’t even notice that she’s lost. Being worried is the least thing she wants to feel but little by little it’s eating her up and she feels anxious about it. She wanted to ask but there seem to be no people to be found from where she is coming from. Her frantic expression is written all over her face as she sweats and sways her head away from left to right and checks the direction that her mom written on a piece of paper she left.

Not realizing, she bumped into someone and books flew out and scattered all over the cemented road.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there.” She said worrying about her situation and what’s happening right now.

She helped the little girl gather up her books and extended her hand so that the girl could stand up. The girl lets out a sigh manages to get up and her eyes glanced to the girl who bumped into her.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I’m sorry too. I’m just… in a hurry that’s why.” She smiled wryly.

She quickly smiled back and got a glance of the girl. She has long black shiny hair that appears to glisten when hit by sunlight, the smile she’s wearing is glimmering it’s so warm to look at and her perfectly round-rimmed glasses she’s been wearing makes her cuter that goes well with her matching school uniform. She’s quite striking for her feature that you might have mistaken her as a model. The only thing that lacks was her height but she’s definitely A+. She then realized that they both go to the same school.

“Err… Hi, I seem to be lost and I really don’t know how to get to school.” She blushingly blurted.

“You’re just in the right place. You just probably ran in circles and didn’t see that tall building over there.” The other girl murmured while pointing her finger to that exquisite prestige looking building just a few blocks from where they are.

“This is so embarrassing. I thought I was lost or something. Thank you.” She said eagerly taking the other girl’s hand and shaking it.

A beep from her cell came up and she quickly opened her bag to check it.

“I really have to go. I’m so sorry if I can’t walk you to school. If we do see each other again, I’ll make sure to patch things up. Bye.” The other girl said while waving her arm and hurriedly ran towards school.

“See you. Shucks, I didn’t even get her name.” She said with disappointment.

She frowned and it took her a long walk before she reaches the school gate. The school is definitely huge when you look at it. Lots of students are frolicking on different areas while others are getting ready to get to their class. It is an exquisite feeling for her to get in to this prestige all-girls school.  And yet, even more in her life than she could manage well, she felt the joy that she ever really wanted to have.

The bell rang loudly and students are pacing so fast to their respective classrooms. No one wants to be late on the 1st day of school but there are others who are just lazing around and not a care at all with deafening sound of the school bell. She needs to drop by the principal’s office first before she can attend her class. The hallway is quiet since everyone is inside their classroom as she treads her way to her destination.

Still a bit nervous, she grabbed the door knob with her right hand and twisted it clockwise for the door to spring open. She saw a figure seating down backwards to her and it appears that she’s speaking with someone on her cell. She sat quietly and patiently waited for the principal to get off her cell. A few minutes later, the principal ended the call and swiveled the chair to face her.

“Are you the new transfer student? I’m sorry for being rude a while ago about that call I had. It was another drama issue about my sister. Why am I even saying this to you? She explained while chuckling.

“Yes, I am. I’m pleased to meet you.” She purred in a very soft mellow voice, her head facing down and still nervous.

“You’ll be fine. Don’t you frown on me little girl. Keep your head up and smile.” She said with a sheepishly grin.

She smiled back and even her eyes are smiling that made the principal heart’s flutter for a second.

“That’s the spirit. So, I guess I need those forms and you’re ready to go. I’ll accompany you to your classroom and talk to your homeroom teacher. She explained reaching her hand to grab the forms and examined the form closely.

The principal signed the form, puts it on her inbox tray and stood up with a grin. She tapped the girls shoulder and welcomed her to Keyaki High. They walked their way to classroom 1-3 and the principal knocked at the door. She pulled the sliding door gently and smiled to the homeroom teacher. They talked for a bit, enlightening the class about the new student that they’ll be having from this day forward.

“Ok class, tone it down for a little bit. So today, we got a transfer student all the way from Nagasaki.” The Homeroom teacher said.

Her heart is beating loudly as she gets more nervous when the teacher is discussing about her transfer. She could also hear girls inside snickering and that made her more anxious of the situation.

“This isn’t the time to be nervous. I should be confident as I introduce myself to class.” She whispered to herself.

“You can now go in and introduce yourself now.” The homeroom teacher called.

She advances inside and scanned the whole classroom and her classmates as well. When she reached the teacher’s table she introduces herself calmly.

“Hello. I’m Nagahama Neru. I’m pleased to meet everyone.” She said in a soft voice.

She felt the warm welcome from her classmates and that made her anxiousness go away. She looked at the principal as she was leaving and bid farewell. The homeroom teacher seems to notice one student wasn’t paying attention.

“Uhm... Yurina! Since Neru is a new student, can you show her the school around after class?” The teacher said.

Neru’s eye drifted towards the girl who the teacher is calling. She figured that this girl might be their class representative or someone who’s in the student council.

 The teacher showed her where she’ll be seating and paced her way to her own chair. She pulled out her chair and sat with comfort, pulling out her pen and textbook inside her bag and hanged her bag behind her chair.

“I should probably greet her first and say thank you.” She said to herself trying to figure out how she’s going to break the ice.

She finally came up with the decision of greeting her and tilted her head to the right.

“Hi, I’m Neru.” She squeaked with her small little voice and her eye smile gleaming towards her seatmate.

Both of their eyes locked for a second and Yurina suddenly fell off her chair as she arches her back and that made the chair lean backwards.

“I’m so sorry.” She said with embarrassment written all over her face.

“I’m so sorry, Yurina.” She squeaked in her littlest voice that only she and Techi could hear.


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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi) UPDATED
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thank you for chapter 2!!! :cow:

Not realizing, she bumped into someone and books flew out and scattered all over the cemented road.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there.” She said worrying about her situation and what’s happening right now.

She helped the little girl gather up her books and extended her hand so that the girl could stand up. The girl lets out a sigh manages to get up and her eyes glanced to the girl who bumped into her.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I’m sorry too. I’m just… in a hurry that’s why.” She smiled wryly.

She quickly smiled back and got a glance of the girl. She has long black shiny hair that appears to glisten when hit by sunlight, the smile she’s wearing is glimmering it’s so warm to look at and her perfectly round-rimmed glasses she’s been wearing makes her cuter that goes well with her matching school uniform. She’s quite striking for her feature that you might have mistaken her as a model. The only thing that lacks was her height but she’s definitely A+. She then realized that they both go to the same school.

“Err… Hi, I seem to be lost and I really don’t know how to get to school.” She blushingly blurted.

“You’re just in the right place. You just probably ran in circles and didn’t see that tall building over there.” The other girl murmured while pointing her finger to that exquisite prestige looking building just a few blocks from where they are.

“This is so embarrassing. I thought I was lost or something. Thank you.” She said eagerly taking the other girl’s hand and shaking it.
but i'm a bit confused with these parts
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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi) UPDATED
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OMG TechiNeru fanfic and MonaRisa too.. what is gonna happen after this.. Keep going author ..I support you..

I wish there will be Yukanen too 😘
#NeruFans and I vote for TechiNeru ->it's still valid? 😂

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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi) UPDATED
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thank you for chapter 2!!! :cow:

Not realizing, she bumped into someone and books flew out and scattered all over the cemented road.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there.” She said worrying about her situation and what’s happening right now.

She helped the little girl gather up her books and extended her hand so that the girl could stand up. The girl lets out a sigh manages to get up and her eyes glanced to the girl who bumped into her.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I’m sorry too. I’m just… in a hurry that’s why.” She smiled wryly.

She quickly smiled back and got a glance of the girl. She has long black shiny hair that appears to glisten when hit by sunlight, the smile she’s wearing is glimmering it’s so warm to look at and her perfectly round-rimmed glasses she’s been wearing makes her cuter that goes well with her matching school uniform. She’s quite striking for her feature that you might have mistaken her as a model. The only thing that lacks was her height but she’s definitely A+. She then realized that they both go to the same school.

“Err… Hi, I seem to be lost and I really don’t know how to get to school.” She blushingly blurted.

“You’re just in the right place. You just probably ran in circles and didn’t see that tall building over there.” The other girl murmured while pointing her finger to that exquisite prestige looking building just a few blocks from where they are.

“This is so embarrassing. I thought I was lost or something. Thank you.” She said eagerly taking the other girl’s hand and shaking it.
but i'm a bit confused with these parts

Were you probably wondering who's the girl she bumped on the way to school, right? That would be answered on the succeeding chapters.

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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi) UPDATED
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how can i havent read this!
im in the verge of shipping techi with shida, but hey I think I like TechiNeru too
thank you for the fanfic

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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi) UPDATED
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sorry for the long wait


Chapter 3

Techi may have lost her balance but she quickly recovered from it. Her little mishap turned to be much cooler for her fellow classmates inside the classroom. Miyu showed a worried face at first and shrugged the whole thing when her best friend got her cool back.

“Ok, let’s get started with class.” The teacher said, starting to scribble down letters on the blackboard.

“Are you alright?” Neru asked; a smile floated to her mouth.

Techi’s body trembled a little. That tender, gentle voice still left with echoes of its original girlish tone.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” She said and still managed to sneak in a smile towards the new girl.

Apart from her lovely smile that lingers, she appears to be quiet and participates rarely on their discussion. She seems to be asleep all the time and not even the teachers notice it. Maybe they’re giving her a pass since it’s only their 1st day. Techi seems to be occupied and would glance at her new seatmate often.
4 hours just passed then the bell rang signaling everyone in the room that’s it finally their lunch break. They all stood up and said their goodbyes to their teacher and you can immediately hear the noise level hitting up the notch.
Girls at the front row decided to huddle up and formed a circle as they bring out their lunchboxes from their bag and gather up to eat and talk. Other girls went out to buy their food from the cafeteria. Miyu on the other hand marched down to Techi’s seat and extended her hand to invite her to eat at their usual place. Techi grabbed the other girl’s hand and stood up. She slightly glanced at Neru and she seems to be occupied by the other girls who seem to be interrogating her. They walk towards the door and went all the way up to the rooftop. Upon reaching the said place, they lie down on the cold concrete floor and toss their lunchboxes.

“So, how was the new girl, huh?” Miyu asked, sheepishly grinning all over Techi.

“What’s with that annoying face of yours?” Techi pouted and didn’t bother looking at her.

“I mean, you get to know her first hand among the others. Oh wait-- you didn’t even budge to get to know your seatmate?” Miyu asked again, that her eyes are gleaming and wanting some juicy answers from her friend.

“I told you I did not get a chance to talk to her since we are having our lesson.” She quipped and took a sip of water from her bottle.

“I give up but isn’t she a cute one?” Miyu shrugged while asking a follow up question.

“I think so too. By the way, can you accompany me when I go with her later? I might end up being boring to her when I tour her around the school.” Techi requested while changing the topic.

“Sure, I guess. What is up with you, Techi? You aren’t like this back on elementary.” Miyu murmured, still gazing at her friend while taking a bite of her sandwich.
“It’s not like that. I’m just having a hard time fitting in.” She lets out a sigh and bit her lip.

“You’re Miss Popular and even part of the basketball team in our school. That seems odd. But anyway, whatever floats your boat, Techi.” She muttered, reaching out her hand to pat Techi’s head.

“Thank you.” Techi quickly leaned her head on her friend’s shoulder. Miyu stroked her friend’s hair in a comforting manner and stayed that way till lunch break is over.

“Let’s go now. Class is about to start in a few.” Miyu mumbled, helping Techi to stand up as they walk towards the door.


Meanwhile, Neru just woke up from her well-deserved nap and was a bit dazed when other girls gathered around and confronted her asking a lot of question from what school did she went to, what kind of place is Nagasaki and others.

She politely answered every question with a smile while she ate her lunch. As soon lunch was over the girls dispersed and went to their respective seats. Neru took out her notebook and scribbled on it. Her sleepiness didn’t waned at all and the next class is about to start. She looked outside the window and the ray of light beamed all over eyes, distorting her view that made her wipe her eyes with her right hand. As she was wiping her face, Techi just arrived and sat down on her respective seat. Neru slanted her head to the right and bowed slightly to greet her. Techi did the same thing and smile back.

Soon class started again and both of them appears to be occupied with Techi taking notes while Neru lays her head down her desk and wanders. The teacher wrote down a problem on the blackboard for all of them to solve, when someone barged in.

“I’m so sorry Maam. I didn’t get to attend some subjects a while ago for I was in our Student Council meeting.” She apologized—bowing down repeatedly.

“I didn’t even notice that you were gone. Go ahead and take a seat Miss Imaizumi.” The teacher ordered and points her to a vacant seat.

Girls are snickering and looking at the girl who feels so embarrassed.

“Shorty, always making a scene.” A girl whispered.

“How can the teacher even notice her for the lack of her height?” A girl snickered while checking out the girl from head to toe.

She stormed her way to get a seat at the third row one seat behind from Neru. She bowed down her head, fixed her glasses—focusing now to the teacher muttering about the problem and how they could solve it with a formula that she’s about to teach.

 Imaizumi Yui, in spite of the lack of height, she’s one of those students that stand out when it comes to academics. She’s quite popular like Techi too and always had been approached by lots of students and teachers as well. She scanned the whole room and noticed a girl waving at her smiling wholeheartedly. She appears to recall the girl and gave out a big warm smile. She scrawled something on a piece of paper and passed it.


Hey, you’re the girl who got lost a while ago. I’m so sorry.
You are a new student, right? Hi, I’m Yui.

Neru read the note and replied.


That’s alright.
I’m Nagahama Neru by the way, but you can call me Neru.

Yui replied back and smiled.


I’ll make it up for you later.
You can call me Zuumin. ^__^

As she leaned her head to the back, passing her note to Neru, Techi was watching their exchanging of notes. Zuumin nervously let out a squeak and the whole class heard it. The whole class cackled and the teacher had to shush everyone and continued to teach them. It’s the 2nd time she got embarrassed just right after the incident that happened a few minutes ago.

“I feel so abashed. Why do I always embarrass myself in front of the whole class?” She whispered to herself.

She was speechless and tried to focus—diminishing all the bad thoughts inside her head. She listened attentively to their teacher as she discussed the lesson. In a little while their class just ended and everyone is relieved that they survived the 1st day of class. Some of their classmates are quickly fixing their things and preparing to leave meanwhile others are giddy, chatting about how their day went. Zuumin shook her head and put her notes and book inside her bag. She was about to have a conversation with Neru when someone called her out from the corridor.

“Zuumin, we need to hurry for our meeting.” The girl called, waving her left hand enthusiastically.

“I’ll be there in a minute. I’m sorry, Neru. I forgot about our SC meeting.” She apologized, bowing down her head.

“That’s ok; I have something to attend to right now so maybe next time, I guess.” She said then glancing over Techi.

Techi was a bit nervous and forgot about the tour and then remembered that Miyu would be there too to go along with both of them. She headed towards Miyu and quickly grabbed her hand.

“I’m so sorry, Techi. I might not get to accompany the both of you since I’ve being called by our president of our club. You’ll do fine, don’t worry about it. You might end up being friends too.” She smiled wryly.

Techi had a somewhat blank expression all over her face as Miyu left her all alone with Neru. She mustered up all her courage and silently took a step forward, to offer Neru her grand tour of the school. Neru nodded and was a little nervous too since both of them seems too bottled up with their shyness.

They made their way out to the hallway and started there. As they walk towards from one place to another, Techi gets panicky and mumbles the wrong words as they roam the whole area. Neru just nods with agreement and asked a few question and let the other girl described to her everything. They sometimes locked their eyes at each other and end up having an awkward moment from time to time. Techi is agitated and doesn’t want this kind of situation so she led Neru to a shed and rested there.

“Neru, I feel sorry for this boring tour that you have to experience. I’m not that really good with interacting with new people.” She makes an apology, her eyes fidgeting from left to right.

“I think you did well with the tour. It was well-explained and hmm… Yurina--” She murmured—her lips scrunching at the same time as her forehead.

“You can call me Techi, if you want to. I won’t mind.” She said, letting out a big sigh, and then stretched her hand out to shake hands with Neru.

“I think both of us are really not good when it comes to socializing with people. But this seems to be a good start.” Neru smiled.

The gaping silence spreads out and the two of them are just observing what’s happening on their surroundings. Techi resolves it by asking her how was her 1st day of class today. Neru diligently replied back and looks forward to having a wonderful experience here in Keyakizaka High.

“Let’s exchange mail or—do you have a LINE account?” Techi quickly asked.

However, Techi was suddenly called out by her teammates from the basketball club. She immediately ran towards them and greeted them. She was nodding a lot in front of her teammates and as soon as they were finished talking, she sprinted in the direction of Neru and apologized.

“This is probably the end of our tour. Hope you liked it and I’m so sorry.” She purred, scrambling her thoughts again.

“That’s fine. I quite enjoyed your tour and your company as well. See you, tomorrow!” Neru beaming a broad smile stretched across her face.

“Let’s go, Techiko. Hurry up.” Her teammates squawked.

“I’m coming and nice to meet you, Neru.” She managed to smile a little and left her all alone by the shed area.

Techi fled so fast and at that time Neru realized they forgot to exchange mail address. A buzz from her phone lingered and she took the call. Her smile that always floats over her mouth dissipated after that phone call she received. She jetted immediately to their classroom and took her things and went home.

A few hours later, basketball practice was over and Techi ran all the way to her classroom. She got there and saw Miyu was about to leave the premises.

“I was roped to practice by my teammates and I’m still glad you’re here.” Techi said, sweating all over the place.

“I was about to leave and thought you and Neru went ahead.” She purred while handing out a face towel to Techi.

“Oh shit—I forgot something.” She gasped.

“What was it?” Miyu asked—curious about what her best friend was about to say.

“Hmm… Never mind it’s not that really important.” She yelped.

They were about to exchange their mail address/LINE IDs when they were abrupt by her teammates. She might as well get it tomorrow before class starts.

“So, are you going to tell me what happened between you and the transferee?” Miyu interviews her again.

Techi told her what happened and was relieved that it turned out great for her and Neru. They walk their way out of school and still chatted about it. Both of them chuckling as the sun sets and the darkness sneaks it way out from the sky above.

The next day, Techi and Miyu were chatting while they pace the long hallway till they reach their classroom. It’s still the same where girls ogle at both girls and admire them for their unfair beauty that they can’t attain. Techi scooted to her seat and wanted to greet Neru but she’s still not around. She saw Zuumin seated in front of Neru’ seat and was reading a thick old novel. She waited for her to arrive but thirty minutes later the teacher was already there in front of the corridor.

She let herself in, students rises up and greeted their teacher a good morning. The class started and Techi fixated herself listening to their teacher considerately.

Class ended and Neru didn’t arrive that day. Techi wondered why her new found friend didn’t go to school. The next day till Friday and still—Neru hasn’t shown up.
Their homeroom teacher was about to arrive too and class was about to start soon. Their teacher arrived, students says their greeting and sat down after.

“Yurina, one moment please.” The teacher summoned her.

“Yes? What can I do for you, Maam?” She asked.

“As you can see, Neru seems to be absent for a few days and I have no idea if she’s sick or something. Could you pay her a visit after class and might as well lend her some notes?” Their teacher requested, passing a piece of paper with an address scribbled on it.

Techi who’s been worried about Neru too nodded with agreement. She skimmed the piece of paper and was a bit astounded on what’s written. She dashed back to her seat and kept the piece of paper inside her pocket.


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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi) UPDATED 1-19-17
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What's written...?! Why is techi surprised? Is it the address? Or something else on the note...?  :panic:

I guess techi had been cool since a kid that even miyu had mentioned the difference

Techi’s body trembled a little. That tender, gentle voice still left with echoes of its original girlish tone.

This sentence gave me goosebumps  :cathappy:

Ps, otsukare!   :thumbsup A new update and i already want the next one! :deco: 

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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi) UPDATED 1-19-17
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“Let’s exchange mail or—do you have a LINE account?” Techi quickly asked.

However, Techi was suddenly called out by her teammates from the basketball club.
gah!! tech's teammates... :banghead:

oh! techi will visit neru... hope there's something happens  XD

please update soon!  :cathappy: :cathappy:
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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi) UPDATED 1-20-17
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@Kairi65: you'll eventually know with this chapter  :P

@ミサキ: Here an update!  XD

Since we took our time updating the last chapter

Here's the next chapter right away!


Chapter 4

The sound of the bell echoed all throughout the school and students somehow gained a little energy to lift their spirit up to go and grab something to eat whether it’s their prepared lunchboxes or the meal being served on their cafeteria. Just an ordinary day for everyone but it seems Techi is still puzzled about her visitation to the Nagahama residence after class. She and Miyu are in their usual spot on the rooftop, eating their lunches that led Miyu to ask her best friend again about the note their teacher gave a while ago.

“Your face a while was a bit—surprised or rather stunned when you read it. What’s that all about?” Miyu squealed with curiosity all over her face.

 “Let me finish my lunch first, alright? You always get yourself ahead first when there’s something new about me.” She quipped, scooping a spoonful of rice and portion of chicken meat in her lunchbox.

“By the way, that short little girl—what’s her name again? Ahh… Zuumin, she seems familiar. We went with her back in elementary, right?” Miyu asked, taking a sip from the straw punched in her juice carton she’s holding. 

“Yes, I think so.” She answered back quickly.

Techi put back her lunchbox inside her bag and let out a heavy sigh and told her friend about the note. She carefully took out a piece of paper from her skirt pocket and unfolded it and revealed what was written.

“Oh, she’s just a block away from your home. So what’s surprising about it?” Miyu asked, broadening her smile towards Techi.

“I wasn’t even aware that she just lived near our house. But somehow, I remember on the 1st day of our class that there’s someone moving on that very same house.” She explained.

“Yet I still wonder why she had been absent for 4 days and didn’t even inform the school about it.” Miyu wondered—while combing heir long black hair.

“Maybe it was an emergency or a private matter that can’t be discussed. We should stop wondering about it, though.” She murmured, pouting her face and gawking at her friend again.

“Since you’ll be visiting her, I might get jealous. You’ll have another friend aside from your beautiful best friend and your teammates from your club. Miyu boasted, cracking a loud laughter that could be heard above the rooftop.

“Shut up, Miyu. We should probably go now. Our next teacher is quite strict when it comes to tardiness.” She purred, hurriedly reaching her friend’s hand and dashes towards the rooftop door. She swings the door with all her might and hastens down all the way to their classroom. Both of them out of breath, like they sprinted from a race scurried to their seats and lay down on top of their desk for a second until their teacher arrives.


It was already 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the final sound of the bell that piercingly tells that class has just ended. It’s the start of the 1st weekend for everybody.

Students are thrilled to go somewhere from eating dessert in a café, singing their hearts out in a karaoke place. Some would see a movie with their friends or love ones meanwhile there’s one student who must braved herself to see what’s up with the transfer student. She took some notebooks to bring for Neru to copy the lessons she had missed for the past few days. When she was about to get up from her seat, a figure suddenly sprung out in front of her.

“Techi—I mean Yurina. Are you going to Neru’s house?” She squeaked with her little voice, fixing her glasses and can’t seem to look at Techi in the eye.

“Yes. Why?” She quickly responded.

“Is it ok—if I could go with you since I’m also a bit worried about her being absent for a while? And I also need to give out these handouts too.” She hesitantly asked with fingers fidgeting and her head bowed down looking at the floor.

“Sure, I guess. You’re Yui or—Zuumin, right?” She asked, smiling a little to lift the other girl’s face.

She nodded but she is still hesitant of lifting her head up to look at Techi in the eye. Techi stood up and gathered up her things and led the way. Zuumin a few inches away followed Techi like a stray little puppy finding its way home. They walked a short distance from their classroom to their locker and wore their leather shoes and went outside.

 Zuumin jittery and all, seems to distance herself from Techi from their long walk towards Neru’s home. On the other hand, Techi is a bit anxious how far Zuumin is and how she could crack the ice so that they can even have a good conversation between them. So she battled her shyness and grabbed Zuumin’s hand.

The girl was startled by Techi’s action and it made her trip. Techi gladly swooped in to catch her from her fall. Zuumin is now resting at Techi’s arm and her face seemingly closer to the other girl’s face. She blushed and swiftly stood up and fixed herself. She bowed down and apologized for her being a klutz.

“You don’t have to say sorry. I was a bit quick with my action and I wasn’t even aware of what I was doing.” Techi muttered, still nervous and can’t even look at Zuumin face to face.

“It was my fault. I do get startled a lot all the time.” She explained, wiping off the sweat on her forehead.

“I just wanted to shorten our distance and so that we could walk side by side but I wasn’t thinking through.” She purred, beaming a little smile.

Zuumin smiled back, nodded and walked with her side by side. They managed to have a conversation while strolling down the road. As they were walking their way to their destination, they spotted a group of performers at the roadside. They suddenly locked eyes with each other and seem to remember something.


Elementary Days

“Techi, wait for me.” A small figure calls out, running towards Techi.

“What’s the hold up, Zuumin?” She said—cheerfully smiling as the other girl makes its way to her.

“I’ve been practicing this new gag impersonation although—I need a partner on this one.” Zuumin asked—expressing her most beautiful eye smile she can show to her cheerful friend.

“Let’s check the video first before I decide to give in.” She immediately responded.

Both of them like gag impersonation and giggles at the moment whenever they get to watch great performers whether live on stage or in television. It’s like they built their own world where only the both them would understand each other. It’s one thing they wanted to do for a long time and they now have a chance to do it—in front of an audience and wow them with their gags. They practiced a lot after school and managed to even polish their act before the day of their presentation.

The day of the performance arrived. The inside of the gym is jam packed with lots of students seated comfortably on their own chairs; others are occupied chatting with one another as they wait for the performances to start. A tall slender figure went up the stage and brushes off her arms. She took the microphone at the stand and coughed a little.

“Good morning. Is everyone excited for this year’s festivity?” She screamed on the top of her lungs so everyone could hear it.

She got everyone’s attention and the noise level tone down a bit when she was discussing about the festival. After her opening remarks ended, a roar of claps from the teachers, staff and student could be heard from the inside of the gym. The festival is about to start and people at the backstage are quite giddy; some are tense that they might even forget their dance step meanwhile two girls seems to be focused and excited when they get to perform later.

“Did you practice your line this morning, Techi?” She asked with a broad smile.

“I think I’ll outperform you and get more cheer from everyone.” Techi murmured, pouting in front of her.

“That’s a lot of confidence level you have right now. We’ll definitely pull this off together.” She purred, extending her hand to squeeze the other girl’s hand.

They held hands together as they sneak in to watch the others perform. Some were singing as a group or just by themselves, others danced their way and expressed their feelings beautifully with their routine. Seated in front with the teacher is a figure that seem to ecstatic one performance to another.

“Hey look its Miyu.” Zuumin yelped, pointing her index finder to the front seats.

“She’s always happy and excited about everything she sees.” Techi dumbfounded—that made her shrug the nervousness she’s having before their performance starts in 20 minutes.

 20 minutes later. The same teacher who gave the opening remarks a while ago stood up and called out the final performance. Both of them made its way to the stage, bowed down and thanked everyone who were about to witness their show. The lights were dim and they started. Their act was superb from start to end and they really wowed the audience from their seats. A lot of students were chuckling and can’t even control their laughter. Some are even crying after bursting out their laughter and even made them stand up and clap for the duo. They were welcomed warmly and they did pull it off. Miyu clapped the loudest to show her appreciation for her friends.

“WE DID IT!” Techi yelled, hugging her little friend and twirling at the backstage area.

“I can’t believe it. Everyone loves our act. Can you slap my face, am I even dreaming?” She requested to her friend, beaming a smile like it was to explode anytime.

“Congratulations to the both of us. I am still thrilled that we managed to do that in front of a crowded place.”  Techi mumbled—with her smile full of bliss.
Everyone who performed on stage thanked them and sent out their congratulatory message to both girls. They exited their way from the backstage and waltz towards Miyu who’s been waiting for them on her chair.

“I’m giving you both a bag of chestnuts for your outstanding performance today.” She said—hands out a small pouch with chestnuts inside to both girls.

“I got goosebumps when we finished performing. I was a bit scared if the people would even laugh or not but I guess we did well.” Techi purred, giving out a hug to Miyu.

“Zuumin, I really love that one impersonation you did. It even made our homeroom teacher cry a little and was really helpless laughing beside me.” Miyu said, beaming a smile to both of them.

Zuumin did the impersonation and the three of them laughed so hard. They started to go out of the gym when suddenly a feint light from Zuumin’s phone lit up. She jetted first and took the call outside for the other girls not to hear the conversation. Techi can see that sudden change of Zuumin’s face after the call. Zuumin paced her way towards Miyu and Techi and told them she needs to go home for her mom would scold her again. They understood the situation and went along with it.

“There’s something bothering Zuumin whenever she gets a call from her mom.” Techi said, realizing that maybe their friend needs some help.

“I do notice it too but knowing our friend, she won’t even say a word about it. She would definitely smile to us and won’t even budge telling it.” Miyu said, looking from left to right as they walk.

They decided not to talk about it and celebrated on a karaoke booth. It was the same old routine for them as the school year ends. The three of them still hangs out together in school; Zuumin at the meantime always went home early and kept skipping their hangouts after school.  Miyu and Techi always insist her to come and join them but they gave up after a lot of their invitations are rejected by their friend.

A new school year has started. Miyu and Techi are still classmates meanwhile Zuumin transferred to another class. Techi told Miyu to see Zuumin at their break time and offer her to eat lunch with her. They stormed all the way to Zuumin’s classroom at break time. They saw a lot of students from the the inside window reading their textbooks and not even minding their surroundings at all. They barged in and scanned the whole classroom. A little figure—now wearing glasses stood up and faced them.

“Hello guys, long time no see.” She said, still having that cheerful expression all over her face.

“ZUUMIN I missed you— we both missed you.” Techi shrieked, launching herself to get a hug from their friend.

“I miss the both of you too. So are you both classmates again?” She asked.

“Yes and we do have a lot of stories to tell—let’s go eat lunch upstairs.” Miyu mumbled, reaching out her hand and grabbing Zuumin’s.

“I’m sorry I can’t. I still have to study a lot and…” She whispered; didn’t even finished what she was about to say and she let go of Miyu’s hand.

Both girls were aghast with Zuumin’s approach and still can’t believe what just happened. They went to their hangout and ate quietly. Nobody uttered a word to each other. Miyu after taking a bite of her sandwich she muster the courage to talk about it.

“What’s wrong with Zuumin? It’s been a while since we’ve seen her and now she’s so distant to us.” Miyu questioned herself—watching Techi’s reaction would be.

“Maybe… I really don’t know but—she’s been aloof ever since we did that gag performance last year.” She uttered—looking down at the ground and a frown expression forms all over her face.

They swept the issue under the rug and never got to talk about it. They never got to hang out with Zuumin anymore. Techi started to be active in sports and became part of the basketball team. Zuumin in the other hand excelled in academics and music. She’s a part of the choir and also the student council too. The gap between their friendship grew bigger and bigger as time passed by. Whenever they see each other, Zuumin would be hiding herself or she would just look down on the floor. Techi would still smile at her and gets sad at the same time as they pass each other by. It’s been like this for 2 more years until today…


Zuumin took Techi’s hand, gripped it tightly and locked her eyes as she apologized.

“I’m so sorry for my actions 3 years ago. I really regret for our friendship to end just like that because of my stupid mom’s decision.” She explained.

Techi was quiet and listened to her as she continued her apology.

“Techi, I didn’t get to voice out what I really wanted but right now I am being brave enough to say what my mind and heart wants to say. I should have done this way back but I was so afraid of what I should say to you and Miyu. So I cowardly avoided and betrayed both of you.” She loosened up—her eyes are about to burst tears then Techi launched herself to hug her.

“I’m sorry too. I didn’t know what to do neither and we just let it slide and moved on. But to be honest, we really wanted to win you back and rekindle our friendship back. I was a coward too.” She cried, clinging to Zuumin then faced each other.

They suddenly heard the performers doing the act they did and instantly laughed like little kids.

“I miss you my frie—Zuumin.” Techi moaned while hugging her friend.

“I miss you too, Techiko.” She hinted, trying to reach Techi’s head and patted it a few times.

Both girls held hands together as they pranced their way to Neru’s house.

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Chapter 5

For Zuumin it was the longest moment she had with Techi as they walk together to visit Neru. 

They were just a few blocks away but suddenly a beeping sound alarms both girls as they hear it. Zuumin’s phone is ringing and she took the call amidst their walk to their destination.

“Looks like I can’t go and see Neru after all. Can you send my regards to her and also give these to her. My mom called and I needed to attend some matters with her. I’m so sorry.” She said—her face saddening up and turned a bit blue after that call.

She took out the handouts and handed it over to Techi. Before Techi could even say a word, she fled away hurriedly and only got to waved goodbyes to each other.

“See you on Monday, Techiko.” She screamed—a smile flashed across Zuumin’s face.

 Techi is all alone… again.  She was just a few blocks away from Neru’s house but she insisted of taking her things back to her home first and get dressed up then proceed to her destination.

 She chose an oversized white shirt, tight hugging black pants and a sling bag where she can put her notebooks and handouts that she’ll be lending out. She took a golden necklace hanging by the mirror on her desk to match her outfit. It took her a whole 30 minutes just to dress up and fix her hair. She checked for one last time if her outfit looks good and decided that this is a good fit and stormed down to ask permission from her mom. She told her mom that’s been in the kitchen the whole time that’s she leaving and would text her when she get there. Her mom kissed her goodbye and told her not to run late going home.

She finally approached the front gate of Neru’s house after a few pace from her house. She takes a look of the house and seems amazed that the outside looks really remarkable to look at. She rang the doorbell the first time and waited. No one answered to it. She rang it again for the second time and still no one answered. All she could think about is Neru or her family is probably out. As she was turning her back after ringing it for the second time; the doorknob slowly turning, the door gently opening and a figure from inside steps out to greet Techi. It was Neru, yawning while covering her mouth with her left hand.

“Neru, sorry if I disturbed you from your sleep. I’m here to lend my notes and some handouts that you might need when you get to attend class again.” She murmured—with a bit of shyness that lingers with her words.

“No worries, I was about to make some dinner too. Good thing you woke me up, maybe you could join me and have dinner tonight?” she asked, grasping the metal handle of the gate and letting Techi in.

“If it’s ok with you and your family, I guess.” She purred, smiling back.

“I’m all alone right now so it would be a delight if you’ll be accompanying me.” Neru smiled back.

“Let me just call my mom—. Hello Mom, I’m having dinner here with my schoolmate and so don’t bother waiting for me to eat dinner later.” She pulls out her phone and explained it to her mom.

The moment she enters the house, her curiosity piqued to a higher level and made her wonder how amazing this house could be from the outside all the way to the inside. Neru stares at the other girl who looks like astonished on what she’s seeing. Techi looks like a child visiting an amusement park and wanting to see the attractions from one area to another. Her smile shows with all the amazement that she’s having and wondered why there is such a place like this. She scanned the whole house graciously and her facial expression displays contentment all over her face. She forgot that she was in another home and when she snapped back to reality, comprehending what her face looks like, she was flustered.

“You’re the first person who seems to be flabbergasted what’s inside our house. It looks dull and plain to me.” Neru dumbfounded, leading Techi to their sofa seat.

“The decorations looks wonderful and even the vibe you can get inside feels welcoming.” Techi purred, still gazing at the whole living room.

 Neru sat close to her, skimmed at the notes and handouts and thank Techi for bringing it to her. She gripped Techi’s right hand and squeezed it a little. Techi smiled and immediately shifted to asking Neru why she skipped class for the past few days.

She beamed a smile towards Techi and told her about her mom being brought to the hospital due to overworking and she decided to stay with her mom for a few days.

“I’m really sorry if I didn’t tell our homeroom teacher about it. It was too hectic for me to attend to my mom’s need and I totally forgot about it.” She explained, beaming a smile and speaking with her calm and gentle voice.

“Our teacher got worried and she told me to visit you. I got worried too.” Techi purred, squeezing back Neru’s hand.

“I’m sorry for the trouble of you going here and lending me some notes for me to catch up. It’s so nice of you, Techi.” She smiled—scrunching her nose a little while swaying her head from left to right.

Techi suddenly remembered that they still haven’t exchanged e-mail address yet so she asked for it right after Neru’s explanation. She took out her phone from her pocket, pressed some buttons and as the light glows from her phone, she gave her biggest and warmest smile.

“Neru, we totally forgot exchanging e-mail addresses—here’s my address by the way.” She showed the phone to Neru and smiled again.

“I totally forgot about it too. Here’s my address.” She showed her phone as it displays letters and words from the phone screen.

After getting each other’s e-mail addresses, Neru pushed some of the buttons from her phone. Techi suddenly got a beep from her phone and she checked it.


Test..te—TECHI >.<

She looked at Neru still staring at her phone and she broadens a stiff smile after receiving a message. She decided to input a message to her even though it seems silly that they are communicating when they are just close together in one seat.




Isn’t it silly what we’re doing right now? 

Both girls locked their eyes and giggled at the same time. Their laughter echoed all over the living room as these two are really enjoying their time together like they’ve known each other for such a long time.

 Neru stood up and invited Techi if she wants to accompany her at the kitchen as she cooks. Techi nodded and tags along with Neru as they walk to the kitchen.

Neru led Techi to a vacant seat and grabbed an apron by the counter desk table. She opened the refrigerator door, knelt and took out some veggies from the crisper. She pulled the freezer door and scanned the inside—grabbed a portion of meat and closed the ref’s door. Meanwhile Techi—curious as a cat could be gazes at Neru as she prepares their dinner for tonight. She’s being so attentive on whatever movement Neru does from cutting the veggies up to the stir-frying of the meat. The smell of the newly cooked meal is all over the kitchen and it made both girls tummy grumble a bit and signaling that they are indeed really hungry.

 Neru took out some plates from the cupboard and laid it over the dining table. Techi pranced her way to the kitchen sink and washed her hands thoroughly. She took a sit right beside Neru and unfolded the napkin that’s been resting at the top of the dining table. Neru helpfully putting a cup of rice beside Techi’s plate and giving her a portion of mixed meat and veggies she cooked.

“Thank you. You seem to be good in cooking. The food really smells so good. Pardon me if I drool at it.” She jested, as she looks at Neru while she serves food to her.

“I’ve been doing this ever since I was 14 and its fine if you drool but I won’t be wiping off that happiness all over your face. I hope you’ll like the meal I just cooked.” She widely smiled— sat beside Techi and both of them started eating.

Both were quiet as they eat their meals but Techi seems to be overwhelmed by Neru’s cooking. It might be simple but the overall taste and appearance of it looks really superb. Neru noticed that Techi is enjoying and offered if she wants another cup of rice along with the mixed meat and veggies. A bit hesitant but she still managed to say yes—just like a little child who hasn’t even eaten for days.

“You really know your way to the kitchen. This is really good, Neru. Oh, I wish I could eat this at lunch all the time. I’ve been stuck with sandwiches and never get to eat home cooked food for lunch.” She explained while gobbling down her food.

“Uhm… If you want—I could bring lunch for you if you don’t mind. I do cook a lot and sometimes it makes me sad if it spoils.” She insisted.

“I feel like I’ll be troubling you all the time. I’m just saying about my daily lunch woes, don’t mind about it.” Techi murmured, looking down at the floor.

“Think of it as my way of thanking you for bringing me those handouts and notes today. I won’t take no for an answer.” She said, while locking her eyes towards Techi.

Techi felt trapped by Neru’s request and she just gave in. It was like she’s under her spell and she’ll definitely have no escape of talking her way out of it. Neru showing her grandest looking smile as she looks at her and it felt like a blinding light is shining through. Techi told her that she’ll be helping her wash the dishes as exchange for bringing her home cooked meals at lunch starting Monday. After doing the dishes, they went back to the living room and talked for a little bit.

“Neru, do you like to join me jogging tomorrow morning?” She suddenly asked.

“Sure I guess. How early are we getting up?” Neru asked.

“I think 5AM in the morning is ok. We could jog along the park for an hour or two. Are you ok with that?” She asked again.

Neru gives out small nods to it as she agrees for them to meet again tomorrow morning.

  Techi decided to go home and waved goodbye to Neru. She led Techi out to her gate and bid farewell. Both are smiling as they part ways, the distant started to grow and Techi’s figure disappears from Neru’s sight. She let herself inside the house and closed the door. She grabbed the handouts and notes lying on the table and went up to her room. She tosses it at her desk and sat on top of her bed. She reflects about something and lay down at the right side of the bed; putting her right thumb by her lips and nibbling to it. After a few minutes she fell asleep.

Techi arrives home and was greeted by her parents as she goes in. She smiled and told them about Neru being their neighbor, a new classmate that has been living in her province for quite some time and a new found friend.

 Her parents were listening to her attentively and they kept asking questions about her. It was like a quiz of some sort but Techi answered every little question that her parents asked. After the quiz show, she told her parents that she’ll be washing up and go to sleep after. They let the girl go and continued to watch television.

 Techi pulled the curtain window to cover up the whole room. She started to undress and grabbed her pajama that’s been lying at the floor. It’s her favorite pink PJs that whenever she wears it, she always end up having a good night sleep. With just her underwear she slipped the PJs to her head and buttoned it one by one. She pulled the pants all the way to her hips and folded the overlapping sleeves on both arms. She’s finally dressed up and ready for bed now.

“Maybe I should go call Miyu and tell her what just happened today.” She purred, yawning while she heads to her bed.

She lies down and stares at the ceiling. The deafening silence is all you can hear inside her room and it made her sleepier and just decided to give Miyu a call first thing in the morning. She grabbed her phone set the alarm to 4:30AM and dozed off. She still managed to smile right before she goes to dreamland.

The buzzing sound of the alarm clocks warns the girl that it’s time for her to wake up. She opened her eyes and pushed a button to stop the mad sound coming out from the clock. It was already 4AM and darkness covers up the whole room for the girl on top of the bed appears to be yawning repeatedly and still wants to get some decent sleep.

 She recollected that she would be jogging with Techi an hour later. The glow of light from her phone guided her to the door and searched for the light switch for her to turn it on. The brightness of the light got rid of the darkness in an instant and made the girl cover her eyes as light seeps in to her vision.

 She brushed her hair down and straightens it as she scanned her closet to look for clothes she can wear. Even though she’s still sleepy she made it out of her room, got to wash her face and brushed her teeth. She immediately let her down and took out a glass to fetch some water for her to drink. It was past 30 minutes and she quickly toasted some bread for them to eat when they get hungry after jogging.

 She waited till 4:55AM seated on the sofa at their living room and decided to go outside the house. She recalled the note her mom left a few days ago that she’ll be attending some work even though the doctor advised her not to overdo herself. Her mother is such a hardheaded person and didn’t take the advice at all. Neru decided not to ruin her morning and patiently waited for Techi to arrive. A few minutes later, a figure out of nowhere appeared in front of Neru’s vision.

“Good morning, Neru.” She smiled.


was what you thought XD

here's an extra chapter


Chapter 5.5

“Did I startle you?” I’m so sorry.” She bowed her down a few times and flashed a smile.

“It’s ok. I’m not startled. I was a bit surprised that you sprung out all of a sudden.” Neru murmured.

Techi gets closer to looked at the girl who’s been standing on her porch. She looks at her starting from her head all over to her feet and looks back again to her face and smiled widely. Neru still yawning a few times and she just noticed Techi smiling back at her. She got flustered by it and gave out a weak smile. She placed her hand in front of Techi and that signaled her about the toast she made a while ago.

“Techi, I made some toast for us to eat. It’s not much but this would be handy after we jog.” She purred, extending her right hand and giving a small paper bag with the sandwich inside it.

“Thank you, Neru. We better get going before the sun rises.” She took the paper bag and grasped Neru’s hand tightly and went to the park.

It is still dark as they arrive at the park. The grass a bit damp that is scattered around the whole area and chirping little birds on top of the trees are all you can see and hear. Not even a soul can be spotted and both of them got the whole park for themselves. It was aesthetic to look at as the only source of light they got is from the stars above and some lamp posts circled all over the place. Techi seems to notice that Neru brought a bag and got curious about it.

“Is it ok to ask about what’s inside that bag of yours?” Techi asked.

“Oh this one, I brought some towels and a blanket for later. I also got some bottled juice or water for us to drink.” She said, enlightening the whole moment to get rid of Techi’s little curiosity.

“You are such a little girl scout. Thank you and I do appreciate it. Let’s get started then.” Techi muttered, stretching her arms.

Neru giving a nod of agreement as she puts down her bag under the tree and joins Techi to do some stretching. After a few stretching of both their arms and legs they started to jog. Starting slow at first then finding their pace as they stride and ran a few laps till they lose their breath. Witnessing the sun rises as they went for their final lap is quite a pleasant feeling. More like a euphoric kind of sensation to start your day. Neru was the first one to reach the tree spot and took out the blanket inside the bag. She unfolds it and lays it down on the ground. She sits and grabbed the bottled water and offered it to Techi.

“Techi, come here for a second.” She yelled, in a soft gentle voice.

She heard the little voice coming out from Neru’s mouth. She trembled hearing her tender, gentle voice once again. It was like an angel singing to her and the only best thing that she can describe it when she heard her call.

“Thank you.” She quickly replied, releasing the cap from the tip of the bottle and gulping the liquid form inside little by little.

Sweat is all over Techi’s body from her round little face all the way down to her neck. Little droplets are formed and it drips down from her chin to her collarbone. The shirt she’s wearing is darkened as it absorbs her sweat all over her body. Techi sits down beside Neru as the girl offers her a towel to wipe her face off. Techi stretches her hand and got the towel and dabs her face first.

 It was a soothing feeling to get rid of the sweat that’s been all over her body. As she reaches her neck to wipe off the excess sweat, she got a glance of Neru laying down plates and taking out some food inside a small box she took out from her bag.

“I’m amazed that you got a lot going there inside that bag. You’re like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. It’s surprising to be honest.” Techi murmured, looking down and doesn’t even budge to look at the other girl’s face.

“Hope you would like what I have to offer. I’m just thankful for inviting me to jog with you today.” She offered one box filled with biscuits and sweets inside to Techi.

“Don’t worry about it and thank you for accepting my invite. I find it hard to jog alone and now that I have someone to tag along with me, I’m really happy about it.” Techi said, lifting her head up and tilting her gaze to Neru.

“I’m happy too. Oh—I also brought some juice here.” She offered— handing out the drink to Techi as she nibbles the biscuit she’s been holding for quite a while.
Neru with her right hand placed on her chin as she stares at Techi while they eat their snacks as the sun shines over them. She’s quite thrilled and fascinated as she observes whatever Techi is doing. Techi doesn’t seem to notice it since she’s occupied with her biscuit and sweets.  Neru prompt from where she’s seating and laid down on the blanket. She extended her hand upwards as she looks at the sun. Techi suddenly noticed the other girl’s movement and she decided to lay back.
“Do you like looking at the sky at day or at night?” Neru asked.

“I like both but looking at the stars seems more interesting. Gazing at the beautiful vast of darkness and the only thing that gives light are the stars above.” She said, still looking up at the sky.

“I like both of them too but I really love stargazing at night. It actually makes me feel relieved just looking at it and I could actually wander for hours with the aesthetic look hanging out at night. Everything looks so magical and I would definitely love to be lost within it.” Neru explained, shaking her head lightly and showing a smile.

She didn’t hear a reply from Techi that made her lean her head facing the other girl. Techi fell asleep and she was like a little innocent baby who got tired from her routine and dozed off all of a sudden without notice.

“Techi is really cute when you look at her from this distance.” She said to herself, admiring the other girl’s face.

She gently sits and not to wake Techi as she moves closer. Then Techi suddenly moves to her right facing backwards to Neru. She spots a little twig on Techi’s hair and contemplates whether she’ll remove it or not. She hesitates and reaches her hand to take the twig out. Looks like there are more of those twig that probably fell from the tree and she spots another one near Techi’s ear. She quietly removed it and tucked the other girl’s hair above the ear as she is a sound asleep.

 Techi didn’t even feel a thing and appears to lose all of her energy from their activity a while ago. She looks down at her and strokes Techi’s hair that is all over cheeks. She patted Techi’s forehead gently and fixed the other girl’s bangs. All of a sudden, Techi’s phone beeps and it almost startled Neru from her position. Opening her eyes upon hearing the faint sound coming from her phone; she realizes that she fell asleep and quickly got up and didn’t notice that Neru is beside her. She rubbed her eyes—with her vision still distorted and a blur, she manages to grab her phone and looks at it with eyes wide open.


HirateKaasan^_^:  Where are you? I’m about to prepare breakfast.

She quickly replied to her mom.

Techiko: I was out jogging with a friend.  I’m going home in a bit. ^_^

HirateKaasan^_^:  You should invite your friend for breakfast. I’m making pancakes.

After receiving that reply she asked Neru if she wants to join her and her family for breakfast.

“I might pass on this one. I have some errands to do but I’ll definitely accept your offer next time.” She smiled, even though she really wanted to come along and eat breakfast with her friend.

“See you in school on Monday I guess. We could talk in LINE if you still have questions about our lessons.” She responded, looking towards Neru who is still smiling at her.

They tidied their things up and went to their respective houses. They waved goodbye as they part ways from each other. Techi quickly recalling when she fell asleep and there’s that certain feeling that bothers her. She felt anxious remembering that Neru was talking about something and then she ended up sleeping at that moment.

“Argh... I’m so stupid.” She whispered to herself as she reaches her house.


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that techineru moment :inlove: :inlove:

thanks for the update and please update soon!! :cathappy: :cathappy:
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Chapter 6


Techiko: Good morning Neru~~

As she inputs it on her phone and gets ready to go to school. It’s Monday again and everyone have their own mindset when this day comes. Some would be blissful about it for they’ll be seeing their classmates and friends again; of course there would be others that would eventually feel blue because it’s another 5 days where teacher would terrorize them with more homework and projects to do. A few minutes she hears her phone leaving a pinging sound. She grasped her phone with her hand and looked at it.


Neruko: Good morning too, Techi.

I was cooking and getting prepared a while ago so I didn’t get to reply asap.

Techiko: Its ok, no worries… ^_^

I’ll be there in a bit to fetch you.
See you. xD

Neru pouted as she read Techi’s reply and thinking if she should still reply or not. 2 minutes later, she replied.

Neruko: Just ring the doorbell.
See you, Techi. 

She puts down her phone by the desk table and reaches for her school uniform hanging inside the closet. The girl is still half naked with just a towel to cover her body. She opened the drawer where her undergarments resides and contemplates whether she’ll wear a white one or maybe something colorful. Even though if she wears a white one or a colorful one, no one would dare ask what color of their undergarments she is wearing on that day. It would be silly if someone tried to but it’s one of those things that Neru ponders sometimes.

 She gave up and just wore something that would feel comfortable for her. Wearing a bra was a hassle for her since clipping it from the back is quite tricky. Her mom used to help her back then but ever since her grateful mom works so hard all the time, their time together was lessened and from time to time it would make the girl sad and lonely. She got a hang of it in the long run after a few practices. Weird having that kind of mother-daughter moment if you ask me.

 After getting her undergarments worn she slid into her school uniform and brushes off the strand of hairs sticking to it. She straightens her hair while looking at the mirror; looking at the time on her watch strapped on her right wrist. She still has 10 minutes until Techi arrives on her front gate. She gets ready and grabbed the lunchboxes she prepared so early in the morning.


After receiving Neru’s response from her phone, she quickly ran towards the bathroom and took a bath. Her mom could hear the loud thud as she sprints inside and let out a sigh. Her husband reading the newspaper by the dining table saw it and just beamed a smile to her lovely wife.

“She seems so excited. That’s odd.” Techi’s dad said.

“It seems like she’s not feeling the Monday blues today. Isn’t that a great feeling?” She asked, smiling while laying down the plates filled with bread and eggs on top of it.

“Our little Techi is growing up so fast. Maybe we should—you know.” He winked, subtlety hinting her wife about something.

“Hey, it’s too early for this kind of discussion. Techi might even hear us talking about it.” She replied, as she pulls the chair and sits down beside her husband.

“Oh, come on, we could do schedule it later. I could leave early for work.” He said, holding her wife’s hand, squeezing it and begging her to his request.

They didn’t hear Techi going down as they were teasing each other from the dining table.  She was still wet from head to toe, draped only with her towel as she approaches them.

“I’m just going to grab some bread and get prepared. Do continue what you’re doing when I’m out of the house.” She smiled, gave her dad and mom a hug and went quickly to her room.

“Please be careful going up my dear. You might slip if you run upstairs.” Her mom muttered, as she bites on the bread she’s holding.
“Oh, kids nowadays.” He said, continued reading his paper.

Techi hastily wears her uniform and grabs her bag on top of her bed. She carefully went down the stairs and waves goodbye to her parents who are still probably continuing their teasing that she interrupted a while ago.  She has no idea what they’ve been doing but she didn’t mind.


Techiko: I’m coming. xD


Neru turns the door knob from the inside to let herself out. She took a red umbrella hanging by the window railings. It would be handy to bring it for it might be that hot and humid or maybe a sudden rainfall might occur. It’s better to be prepared after all since having a bipolar weather at times is crazy. As she waits for Techi to arrive she opens her phone and pushes the button of an application. She scrolls down to look for something and taps it. She listens to it attentively as she waits…

“Periodic Table 101”
suisui su iso heriumu
richiumu beririumu
hou hou houso kanso chisou
sansou huhuhu no husso
neon ga kirei da natoriumu
maguneshiumu aruminiumu
keiso ga rin rin rin io de en en enso
koko ni arugon kariumu karushiumu

sukanjiumu de tan tan chitan no banajiumu
kuromu mangan tetsu
kobaruto nico nico—

She recognizes a figure waving at her from a distance. It was Techi, with her white uniform gleaming so bright against the ray of sunlight. She closes down the app from her phone and slid it inside her skirt pocket. She grips on the bar handle of the gate and opens it. She smiles toward Techi and greets her a good morning.  Techi responses back and signal her that they should start walking to school.  Soon they arrive at school with only a few minutes left till the ring bells. They went to their lockers and saw Miyu waiting for them.


A girl waited until her watch read 7AM and then cautiously looked out from her window seat. She appears to be preoccupied with something as her thoughts wander. Sporting a short hair that runs down to her nape, splashed with hazelnut or chestnut color from the roots all the way to its tip. If she does flaunts her body figure she would unquestionably pass as a model. Although she’s part of the basketball team of their school and considered one of the coolest girls in school. She may be quiet and withdrawn at class but her smile would quickly melt your hearts out. Some girls are scared to approach her cause sometimes she gives out a mean look to others but there’s only one girl who knows her so well. Shida Manaka, the other half of what the whole school calls them as “Zakuru”.

“Risa, get rid of that poker face of yours. Others are getting scared of you.”  She said smiling, with her blue headphones still on her ears and decals from it seems to be peeling off.

“Hello, Mona. I was born with this face so they should just deal with it.” She purred, managing to put a smile on her face.

“You look pretty when you smile. So you better do it more often.” She murmured; positions herself to sit on Risa’s desk.

She held Risa’s face and gently brushes off the other girl’s hair. Risa on the other hand looks away but Mona insisted to look at her. She broke into a smile and didn’t mind if others are watching. It’s Mona that gives her the only reason why she even goes to school. And also her basketball team—that makes her anticipate for the practice sessions later after school. If it wasn’t for these two she would be doing nothing at home and bore herself to death. The bell rang loudly as class is about to start. She only has to endure 8 hours of it then she can finally practice with her team. She smiles and pushes back Mona to get her back to her seat as their homeroom teacher comes in.


The sound of the bell echoing inside their classroom made everyone’s frown turn to smile as they hear it. The teacher left and reminded them about their home works to be submitted tomorrow. Students happily responded and hurriedly packed their things as one by one they went out to their classroom door. Miyu who is with Zuumin approaches Techi who’s been talking to Neru right after class.

“Hello, Neru. Looks like both of you are getting close together. I’m feeling a bit jealous now.” She jokingly said, chuckling and looking towards Neru and Techi at the same time.

“Miyu, you’re still my best friend. The three of you are my friends so I both like all of you equally.” Techi explained, glaring at Miyu.

“That’s not what I see with the both of you. Anyways, Zuumin and I are going ahead to our club. Aren’t you going to your basketball practice?” Miyu glanced, as she asks Techi.

“I’m going—oh, do you want to watch me practice at the gym? It’s ok if you reject the offer.” She asked, facing Neru and giving off a weak smile.

“I still don’t have a club to attend to right now so I guess I’m in.” Neru murmured, scrunching her nose and smiles at the three of them.

“We really have to go now Miyu. We’ll be there at the gym later Techi and Neru. See you later.” Zuumin muttered, pulling Miyu from where she’s standing and left both Techi and Neru still seated on their respective chairs.

“I still have to submit some papers to the principal and I’ll go ahead to see you at the gym. Neru purred, still looking at Techi.

“I’ll go ahead to the gym. You could sit on one of the bleaches there and do give me a wave so I can see you.” She said, pushing her chair back as she stands; grabs her bag from her chair and waves goodbye to Neru.

Neru smiles back and stretches her arms as Techi leaves. She swiveled her position to the right and stood up, brushing off some pencil shavings that’s been resting on her skirt for quite some time. She grabs the paper she needs to submit and waltz her way to the principal’s office. After submitting the papers, she exited the office and went straight forward to the gym.

 A few students are watching from the bleaches as Neru approaches the area. She sees the basketball team from a far but doesn’t seem to see Techi at all. They were wearing a blue shiny jersey with shorts that is above their thighs. They look great and fit with those uniforms and some of them have great figures even if you look at them from afar. Maybe she doesn’t recognize her from that far distance. She went down a few rows and finally got to see Techi. She waves her hand enthusiastically as soon as she saw her friend. Techi waves back at her and immediately grab a ball and threw it towards the ring. The ball went in and it was a nice and flawless looking shot. Neru wanted to yell but decided to input a message on her phone for Techi.


Neruko:  shoot



Nice shot. >.<

Sorry it was a typo. T_T

Practice has ended. Techi and her teammates are all sweaty with all that running and shooting they did but it was a refreshing feeling for all of them. They decided to hit the shower but Techi hesitated and went ahead to approach Neru who’s been sitting at the bleaches the whole time.

“You didn’t tell me you’re the star player of the team. You look so great shooting those balls.” Neru exclaimed-- who appears that she can’t contain her blissful expression all over her face.

“Stop it. I’m not that really great. I’m just an average player. Wait till you see my other teammates when we get to play next month.” She staggered, her face flushed red with the compliment Neru just gave her.

“Ok, if you say so Techi. Go ahead and take a shower. I’ll wait for you outside.” Neru quipped, as she led her way up and exits the gym.

Techi ran to the shower room and wipes herself first. After getting rid of all the sweat all over her body, she grabs her towel from the towel rack and steps inside the shower. She could hear the other girls singing their hearts out while others are exiting and saying goodbyes to each of them. It was one of the nice 10 minutes of her entire life when she entered the shower room and she’s quite enthralled that practice today seems to go so well too. As soon as she finishes she hurriedly dressed up with her uniform again and ran towards to meet Neru. She didn’t expect Risa her other teammate at the door gym and calls her.

“Risa, I really envy your skills in dribbling. You should teach me next time.” Techi requested, looking at Risa like puppy begging for some food.

“Let’s do it next practice. I’ll definitely be hard on you on this so be ready.” Risa responded, showing a cool blank expression on her face.

“Thank you, Risa. So, are you waiting for Mona?” Techi said.

“Yes, I am. By the way, who are you talking to a while ago when practice ended?” She asked.

“Oh, it’s my friend from my class. I should introduce you to her.” Techi replied.

As they walk outside the gym door, Neru has been waiting for Techi facing the vast grassy area of the school. She didn’t seem to notice that Techi and Risa as they approaches her from behind. Techi taps Neru’s shoulder and as soon as Neru tilted her head she gasped. Risa on the other hand frantically blurted out Neru’s name.

“Neru!” She said.


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Chapter 7

“Risa” Neru exclaimed.

Techi seems puzzled and confused at the same time. She looks at them both and waits for someone to say something about it. She raised her head and cocked any eyebrow with curiosity. Neru started to break the ice by telling Techi why she knows Risa.

“She’s actually--” Neru stopped then continued talking.

“We both went to the same school 2 years ago that’s why Risa and I have known each other.” She explained, beaming a weak smile towards Techi and Risa.

“Yes. Remember that I was a transfer student last year, Techi. I didn’t know you’d be transferring here, Neru.” She smiled, still showing a derp kind of face to both of them

“My mom’s work got transferred so that’s part of the package deal that’s why I’m here.” Neru murmured; her eyes rolled back.

“Then maybe we can all celebrate since you two have been reunited.” Techi said out loud, her cheerfulness showing all over face.

Both girls just smiled and looked at each other. There’s a heavy feeling between both girls but Techi doesn’t seem to notice at all. They keep on looking away whenever they lock eyes with each other. Suddenly Mona arrives and patted Risa’s head.

“Is she bothering you, Techi?” She asked while nuzzling her face on Risa’s head.

“Mona, stop it. You know I get embarrassed when you do this in front of our friends.” Risa said, her face flushed red and keeps on looking down at the floor.

“Techi doesn’t seem to care and besides—Hi, I’m Mona and you are.” She asked while looking at Neru.

“Hello. I’m Neru, nice to meet you. Are you?” She replied and before she can even finish her question Mona quickly responded.

“Yes I am her girlfriend, nice to meet you too. Are you Techi’s friend?” Mona asked with a broaden smile all over her face.

“Yes. Both of you look great together by the way.” She said shifting her gaze now towards Techi.

Techi told Mona about both Neru and Risa’s reunion and asks her maybe they could go and celebrate it. Mona agreed about it and told them that she and Risa should be leaving now. They still have some matters to attend to. Techi waves goodbye to both of them while Neru and her thoughts seems to wander again.

“Are you alright, Neru? It’s odd not seeing you gleeful and cheery when meeting new people.” Techi asked who appears to be curious about Neru’s state.

“I’m alright. Don’t worry about me. I’m a bit surprised that Risa goes to this school.” She explained.

“She’s the one who I was about to tell you. Our star of the basketball team, if you managed to like the sport she’ll be a great instructor.” Techi murmured, still smiling and extending her hand to Neru.

“We should probably leave too. Miyu and Zuumin might run a bit late and told me that we should go ahead first without them.” She purred, while grabbing Techi’s hand.

“Then let’s go. Maybe we could drop by the patisserie shop and buy something sweet.” Techi responded-- her voice a bit weak but Neru can still hear it.

They left the school premises and off they went to the said shop. As soon as they step inside the shop, their eyes were gleaming and their mouth made them drool as if the bread and sweets inside the glass shelf glitters attracts them. They were browsing the whole store with a good-looking interior and the aroma of the fresh baked bread appears to draw them to get a seat. They decided to get a table and ordered a slice of cake for both of them. A slice of blueberry cheesecake for Neru and a slice of black forest cake for Techi. It comes with a tall glass of juice with a coaster under it as soon as their orders arrive.

“This looks really good. Do you like sweets, Techi?” Neru quipped.

“Yes. I do love to snack on them mostly at night. It does help me fight off sleepiness whenever I study and pull an all-nighter.” Techi said, as she slices her cake with a knife and stuffing a piece of the cake inside her mouth.

“Maybe I could bake you some next time.” Neru purred while drinking her juice.

“REALLY!?!” “Are you even for real, Neru. You’re definitely a house wife material.” She exclaimed, with her eyes bulging and her smile widening as she looks at Neru.

Neru blushes as soon as she heard Techi’s compliment about her. They continued to eat their cake while sharing stories with each other. An hour later they decided to go home and call it a day. Techi waves goodbye to Neru as she went inside her house. Neru waves back and let her in as soon as Techi turned her back from her.


With her blue headphones on and still listening to her loud music, she manages to cling on to Risa like she normally does. Her head leaning from the left on Risa’s shoulder and her left hand holding on to Risa’s other hand as they walk towards the stretch of the train station. They’ve been standing there for a while and other people seem to notice their display of affection out in the public as they walk by. Risa doesn’t mind at all but she appears to be dazed with her encounter with Neru. She tried the hardest to smile whenever Mona looks at her but she kept on thinking about something. When the train arrived, all of those thoughts disappeared in her mind. She went inside the train and led Mona to her direction.

“That Neru girl is really pretty.” Mona muttered as she presses down her phone to change the song on her playlist.

“Yep, she really is.” Risa replied, nodding at the same time.

“She would definitely be quite a catch in our school. I think both of them looks good together. What do you think?” She asked, referring to Techi.

“I think so.” Risa quickly replied, looking at the door as it closes.

She grabs Mona by the waist and held her closer. Mona gazes at her and just went with it. People who have been gawking at them in which at the very long stretch of the ride they seems to be nosy about it. They kept on staring at them at times but manage to do their own business.  They stayed like that until they reached their destination. Risa whispered at Mona’s ear that tickled the girl’s ear and at the same time her heart.

“I love you, Mona.”

But the look in her eyes appears to be not true at all. She can’t put away something that’s been troubling her after their basketball practice.  She decided to let go of it for now and cuddled closer to Mona who’s been inattentive of whatever Risa is feeling right now.


Techi grabbed her phone inside her bag as soon as she plopped on her bed. She unlocks it and scrolls up and down to check her messages. She saw Neru’s message and giggled while reading her little blunder. A chat notification pops out as she was reading it. It was Miyu.


Suzumon: Techi! Are you online right now?

Techi: Yes. Why? xD

Miyu appears to scribble something then another chat notification pops out. Techi read the word out loud as she sees it.


Suzumon added Techiko to the group.

Suzumon added Zuumin-Zuumout to the group.

Suzumon: There we go! >.<

Zuumin-Zuumout: Hello guys! ^_^

Techiko: What’s with the group chat?

Z: We should add Neru to the group too.

S: Oh, I forgot about her.

S: What’s her LINE ID again, Techi??

T: I’ll add her up. Wait a second.

Techiko added Neruko to the group.

T: There we go. Miyu you haven’t answered my question.

S: Relax, Techi. I just made this so that we would never be outdated whatever is happening to the four of us.

Z: I like some cake now *drools*

T: Oh… Ok.

T: You should try that patisserie shop we went to a while ago. The cakes are sweet and really tasty.

Z: Is that the one two blocks away from your house, Techi?

S: O M G ! ! My mom brought a bag of chestnuts.

S: I’m so happy!

T: Yes, that’s the one.

They’ve been chatting for a while then Neru suddenly responses on their conversation.

Neruko: Hello guys. zZzZzZ 

T: Hello, Neru.

S: Should I bring some? SHOULD I?

S: Do you want some chestnuts?

S: I’ll definitely bring some. ^_______________________^

Z: Miyu be quiet! xD

A few minutes have passed but Neru didn’t reply at all. Techi browses the app and messaged Neru.

T: Neruuuuuu?

N: Techiiii!

T: I read your message a while ago. Sorry I didn’t get to reply back.

N: It’s ok. Thanks for inviting me on your practice and eating cake with you as well. ^_^

T: No problem. We could eat with the others next time.

N: That would be great.

N: I’m a bit sleepy already. I’ll go to bed now.

N: Good night~

T: Alright. Good night Neru.

N: Night Techi xD

As soon as Neru logs off, Techi said her goodbye to both Miyu and Zuumin who’s been talking nonstop till now. She checks on her homework one more time and proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower. She took her phone with her and placed it on top of the toilet. She undresses, went inside and pulls the shower curtain. She hums her favorite song and sometimes dances to it with a cheerfully smile. She hears a faint sound from her phone and wiped herself first before grabbing it. She tucked her hair all wet and sticky in her ear and gazes at the screen. It was from Neru.


N: Would you like chicken or fish for lunch?

N: Also, come eat breakfast with me tomorrow after jogging.

N: Good night again. ^_^

Techi replied and smiled as she went inside her room. She took out her jammies, wiped herself and wore it before she catches a cold. She lies down on her pillow looking at the ceiling and tucked herself in. She slept a soundly as soon as she closes her eyes.


Techi and Neru have been doing the same morning routine ever since their first jogging. Neru would patiently wait for Techi at the porch to fetch her and they would jog for an hour. Techi would then eat breakfast with Neru that she prepares all the time. Techi’s parent appears to be concerned about it at first but hearing about Neru’s situation they just decided to let the kids do their thing.

 Sometimes Techi brings her uniform, takes a bath and changes to her uniform at Neru’s house in which Neru didn’t mind at all. They’ve been going to school together all the time. The only thing Techi does that changes whenever they arrive at school is her being distant to other people and not even smiling at all. She can only manage to pull that in front of her closest friends and teammates. Neru seems to notice that sudden cheerful girl magically turning into an aloof to others. She kind of gets the situation and to think that if she’s in Techi’s foot she would also hate all the attention. She just shows her smile when both of them are walking at the school entrance all the way to their lockers. 

Miyu appears to notice the unusual glow on Techi’s face whenever both of them arrive inside the classroom. She shrugged it at first and maybe both of them have really the same interest that’s why they get to hang together more. Plus they both live near each other so that’s one thing also. She wanted to ask Techi about it but decided not to. She decided to observe both of them and probably ask about it at the right time.

 Zuumin who brought her guitar today seems to be blissful and keeps on smiling as she sways her head from left to right. The girl can play one heck of a song and she also sings beautifully. Like an angel singing a lullaby. It’s relaxing and soothing to the ear.

“You seem to be cheerful today.” Neru greeted her with a smile and attentively listens as she sings.

“I actually got to play today. With someone I like.” She blushes, as she tries to pluck the chord of the guitar with her little finger.

Techi and Miyu got curious that made them interrogate the poor girl. Zuumin tried to tell them it’s a secret and forcefully made a failed wink gesture. All of them laughed at the girl’s attempt and tried to teach her the proper way of winking. It was another long day in Keyakizaka High.

A figure stands up as soon as the homeroom teacher goes in.

“Stand up, everyone. Let’s us greet our teacher a good morning.” She said, as she scanned the classroom from left to right.

They stood up and bowed down diligently to their homeroom teacher.

“Good morning, teacher!” They cheerfully said.

“Good morning. You may all sit down now. Thank you, Class Representative.” The teacher said signaling her and the whole class to sit down.

Mona who is still at Risa’s desk stands up and proceeded to her seat. Risa smiles at her as she reaches her end.

The girl who’s quite tall, a good physique that makes her admirable to look at and her face that is a real beauty that students on their school named her “the girl with a face that could launch a million ships”. She’s also part of the student council and one of the richest kid in their school, Make that one of the richest person in the whole country. Gossip says she has a mansion that is 5 times bigger than their school. There are others saying that she doesn’t need to study at all with all the money she got she can pay or even buy the school. The gossips have been spreading out like wildfire ever since the rumors started. There are good ones and bad ones but all in all, the only one who knows about her true self is her.

Sugai Yuuka.
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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi) 3-1-17 UPDATED [Chapter 7)
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Hello author-san~ New reader here~ I read like all 7 chapters at once (that was so intense! haha)
I like the story so far~ Techi and Neru getting closer and closer (sensing a jealous Suzumon here haha) and Za Kuuru dating each other!!!
I wonder what's with the weird atmosphere between Neru and Risa... Don't tell me...... they used to be...... lovers!?
HAHAHA I don't know just a guess~ but I would love to see some RisaNeru moments anyways~
Looking forward to the next update! Ganbare^_^

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Re: Futari Sezon [kykzk fanfic] (monerisatechi) 3-1-17 UPDATED [Chapter 7)
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@aozorachigau: You'll see more of Risa on the succeeding chapters. Can't say more about it, you just have to wait for our next update.  :lol:

@emprezz48: glad you like it. I really had a hard time coming up of what to write about them but I'm glad for my other half drowning me with lots of ideas for us to progress the story.

Chapter 8 is one of my favorite and we'll probably release it anytime soon. Thanks and  :welcome

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