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Title: One Shot [Now Showing: Love Never Found -PART 2]
Post by: stefy on April 04, 2007, 06:16:22 PM
No continuation just one chapter stories, the ending or more like the continuation is all up to your imagination. I have about 2 or 3 short stories up my sleeve but.... their all Yossi pairings. Feel free to post your short stories in here if you want to. Here's the first short story I have!

Btw The rest isn't finished yet so I might take sometime to post the others... and I'm friggin slow at these stuff let me warn you... That is unless I have a deadline to meet.

Anyways enjoy~



The Kiss [YoMiki] (
Our Little Secret [Yossi x Aya] (
Smile [Rika x Miki] (
Just Friends [Miki x Eri] (
My Thoughts, Your Thoughts [IshiYoshi] (
I Am Cool Teacher [TanaKamei] (
Just a Crush [Sayumi focused] (
Jenga Batsu Game [SayuEri] (
Photography 101 [Aika focused] (

Kamei Eri (


Title: YoMiki
Post by: stefy on April 04, 2007, 06:21:46 PM
[The Kiss]

"Yocchan! Stop right there!"

Yossi had finally stopped dead in her tracks after countless times the older called after her. Being best friends for years now, there was never a time when they got into an argument. Everyone in school envied their close friendship; "Yomiki" was what others would call them, the two top of the school. So why are they fighting now? No one knew the reason, which was why there was a huge crowd around the pair waiting for something big to happen a fight for example.


The taller turned to glare into the eyes of the shorter girl who was just a few meters away from her. Miki who noticed the crowd that was forming around them ran forward to Yossi, grabbed her arm and pulled her into the empty closet.

"What’s wrong with you? Wait so let me get this straight." Miki snapped staring right into Yossi's eyes as she continued, "Its ok for you to be with Ishikawa even though I don't like it, but its not ok for me to be with Aya-chan because you don't like it."


Yossi snapped back. Miki now looking even more pissed than before, she couldn't believe how her best friend was acting recently. She's been giving her new girlfriend a hard time, especially during futsal practice. Ramming the ball right at Aya instead of passing, purposely bumping into Aya when she walks past her and always giving Aya the death glare that she has never shown before.

"Yocchan, your being ridiculous. I'm not talking to someone so childish until you have some sense knocked into you." Miki began to turn and reach for the door but stopped when Yossi spoke up again.

"You don't like me going out with Rika-chan?"

"No" Miki replied firmly not turning around,


"Because.... you don't belong together!" She screamed, Yossi then grabbed her arm and turned her around to face her.

"But you belong with Aya?"

"No..." Miki replied quietly.

"Really..." Yossi was finding this amusing all of a sudden,

"Then why are you going out with her?"

"I... I don't know.." Miki whispered, "She's like a good friend I let kiss me once in a while.."

"You let all your good friends kiss you?"

Yossi questioned, mocking the girl in front of her at the same time curious as to what Miki's answer is. Surprised at the unexpected question, Miki looked up into Yossi's intensely burning dark eyes. She felt an excited shiver run though her body when she realized what Yossi was going to do next. Yossi was going to kiss her. She leaned in, their lips inches from each other. Yossi paused for a second, giving Miki a chance to pull away, but Miki didn't want to. She raised her head forward to meet Yossi's lips, and they kissed.

Both felt an electric serge run though them, everything exploded. It was like fireworks were exploding. Everything seemed to fit perfectly between the two. Miki felt more and more dizzier from all the emotions and heat running though her body. Yossi loosened her grip on Miki's arm and let one of her hand travel up to Miki's cheek caressing it, then entwined her hand around her neck and traced the skin down back of Miki's neck. Miki felt like she was about to lose consciousness, she was melting in the arms of Yossi. She had to touch Yossi back, which she did. Miki wrapped her arms around Yossi's neck, pulling her closer.

They finally broke apart, gasping for air ,breathing hard. They looked at each other in shock of what they had just done. Not knowing what had just happened between them. But they both knew that what ever it was, nothing was ever going to be the same again.
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Mikitty-saikou on April 05, 2007, 03:58:17 AM

I love it!  Even though it's fluff, I loveeeeeeeeeeee it~  It makes me all giggly and warm inside. ^_^
(and it's an automatic win for me, because I love YoMiki pairings :heart: )
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Mikan on April 05, 2007, 12:56:28 PM
I couldnt rememebr if I have read stuff by you before or not but I think I have. And I think I liked it. I liked it a lot. Just like Im liking these shot stories. Nice. Very nice XD

Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: orangesocks on April 05, 2007, 03:31:13 PM

I like how they cleared the air between them. Shame about Rika and Aya, though...I guess those two will just have to find comfort in each other(!)  :lol:
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: jenmoshka on April 05, 2007, 03:47:03 PM
YoMiki FTW!   :heart:   

Any Yossui staring fic wins for me (Yes I am that shallow that I will sit around and wait for the other 'shorts' you have since you mentioned Yossui pairings in all of them!)  Keep up the good work, definately enjoyed the first one!  ;D
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Wuffer on April 05, 2007, 04:43:16 PM
(Yes I am that shallow that I will sit around and wait for the other 'shorts' you have since you mentioned Yossui pairings in all of them!)

I'll definitely be waiting with you. ;D

The last three paragraphs were the best. Very romantic, and I mean reeeaaally romantic description of a kiss but it's all good. xD Nearly melted myself there.
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: rndmnwierd on April 05, 2007, 04:59:36 PM
Not a huge fan of Yomiki, but I liked the story. It's a promising start for this thread, I hope you post more.
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Blizzard on April 05, 2007, 05:37:18 PM
Count me in with Jen and Wuffer.  Anything with Yossui gets a thumbs up from me.  Can't wait to see more, stefy!
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: nkca_ on April 06, 2007, 04:46:51 AM
not really a fan of yomiki but it was a nice story nonetheless
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Owaranai_sLaVe on April 06, 2007, 08:50:52 AM
YoMikiiii~ I'm very happy when I read/see these two. I know this is a one shot thread, but is there more?

Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: stefy on April 06, 2007, 03:00:33 PM
Mikitty-saikou - Its supposed to be fluff... their one shot stories. But glad you loveeeeeeeeeeeed it~

Mikan - cool! A comment by the great Mikan-san~ I think you have read my stuff before when I just started... I think.. Anyways more coming right up!

orangesocks - Haha finding comfort in each other.. I guess so, its all up to you to decide!

jenmoshka - If your shallow... that probably means I am too for thinking of fic only revolving around Yossi, but I didn't say ALL will be Yossi fics just so far all I'v thought of are Yossi fics... but who knows maybe a TakaGaki fic will pop up somewhere.

Wuffer - Realllyyy??? Yay~ Thanks! Glad I made you almost melt hoho

rndmnwierd - Your more of a Tsuji x Kago shipper right? I too hope I'll post more tho... haha

Blizzard - Hope you like this next one then... together with jen and Wuffer. Thanks for reading! Btw... whats FWT?

nkca_ - thanks 4 reading... but don't worry its not all YoMiki that I have in mind tho.

Owaranai_sLaVe - More as in more YoMiki? ehh not at the moment but hope my brain works fast enuf for another YoMiki story...

wow... 9 comments in just one day... thats a first (for me) but anyways thanks! The next one... I'm just gonna post it and run.
Title: Yossi x Aya
Post by: stefy on April 06, 2007, 03:05:08 PM
[Our Little Secret]

"What are you doing"

Yossi casually ask as she hopped onto the bed and sat down opposite a girl who was concentrating very hard on counting a bunch of notes which she stacked neatly on the bed.

"Calculating how much I have left for this trip.." she replied without bothering to look at Yossi,

"He~e.. since when did Aya-chan care so much about money?"

"Last time we went shopping I spent so much.. Mikitan got angry"

"So how much do you have?"
Yossi leaned forward towards Aya to see the amount of money stacked in front of her.

"Not telling you."

"Oh come on!"

"Nope not telling."


Their little squabble continued for the next minute or so before Yossi finally gave up. She didn't really care how much money there was. The truth is Yossi was just so bored to death staying in her hotel room waiting for Rika to come back that she decided to bug Aya whose room was right next door. They weren't exactly close friends, but Aya was the closest form of 'entertainment' Yossi could find. Ai-chan would have been a better choice but Yossi was too lazy to go 2 stories up to her room. 

While watching Aya so concentrative on the deck of notes on the bed, a light bulb appeared in Yossi's mind. A very mischievous grin appeared on her face as Yossi snatched the bunch of notes and jumped out of the bed counting the amount of money in her hands.

"Yossi! Give it back!"

The roles switched this time, Yossi ran behind the chair seeking protection from it. Aya chased after Yossi in the fairly wide hotel room, jumping over the chair and dodging the small tables. They were both moving up and down the bed in circles, Yossi finally decided to give in and turned to face Aya.

"Ok Ok I.. Ow!" Yossi shrieked when she felt something knock into her.

Unexpectedly just when Yossi turned around to face Aya, she was attacked by the younger girl. Aya had pounced onto Yossi sending them both onto the bed with Aya on top of Yossi, their faces extremely close to one another. They both stayed in that awkward position for quite sometime, Yossi waiting for Aya to get off her. Aya on the other hand, looked lost in her own world, staring from Yossi's big beautiful eyes down to her thin yet lustful lips.


"erm... here's your money.. "
Yossi brought her hand, holding the stack of cash, up to their faces to give Aya back her money. Her weak attempt at getting Aya off her failed as Aya took the money and placed it aside still not budging from her position.

"You know... you can get off.."

Aya placed one finger onto Yossi's lips silencing the older girl. With that Aya moved on to touch Yossi's cheek and caressed it gently then traced down to Yossi's jaw line moving back to that thin and lustful lips, Aya traced it with her fingers and unknowingly licked her own. The person whom she fantasized over was right in front of her, and Aya couldn't just let this chance to touch her pass. Yossi was lost for words, she watched as Aya's fingers tickled her skin and the moment she saw Aya lick her lips, she lost it. It was as if she was hypnotized by Aya's little actions, Yossi lifted her head and kissed the girl on top of her.

Aya was shocked at the sudden kiss by Yossi but none the less, she returned the kiss. It was a gentle kiss, something that Aya has never experienced before. With Miki, it was always more of aggressive kisses, both fighting over who gets to be the dominant one. Yossi's kiss on the other hand was different, almost as if asking for permission to continue further. At that very moment Aya came to envy Rika. They both stayed in that position with their lips locked for several long seconds until Yossi made the next move. She wrapped her arm around Aya's waist and swiftly made a turn. Now it was Yossi who was on top of the younger.

In an instant, Yossi had unbuttoned Aya's blouse revealing a light pink bra. Her hand traveled up to Aya's face in spite of the temptations of moving a little lower, but first it was pay back. She traced Aya's face from her cheeks slowly moving down to her jaw line. She continued to head south and stopped just above her breast for a moment teasing the younger girl. Aya moaned into Yossi's mouth, begging for her to continue but that was when she broke the kiss and stared deep into the eyes of the soloist. She looked confused, staring from Aya's eyes down to her half fully exposed body.

"uh... sorry!" that was all Yossi could say before she jumped off the bed looking extremely guilty and dashed for the exit, leaving a very aroused yet confused Aya laying on the bed.

*runs away*
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Blizzard on April 06, 2007, 06:39:17 PM
Ooh, Yossui/Aya (kinda).  Not a very common match up.  Not bad though.  They just got caught up in the moment, huh?  It happens.  You could do a one shot with Miki/Rika now just to get back at Yossui and Aya!   :D

I'm looking forward to more of these!  Oh, by the way, are you going to be continuing High of 85?  I really hope so!   :pleeease:
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: katatsumuri on April 06, 2007, 10:48:44 PM

 At that very moment Aya came to envy Rika.

Yes, I'm sure she did.
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: JFC on April 06, 2007, 11:43:25 PM
Just wondering, are these chapters within the same story, or are they each their own separate story?

Either way, they're both nicely done. :D
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: orangesocks on April 07, 2007, 02:42:58 AM
Ah, the Yossie/Aya one is a one-shot? WHY? Write more! One-shot part 2! 2-shot!

Now Aya's going to unleash all her pent up energy on Miki... :)
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Mikitty-saikou on April 07, 2007, 03:21:27 AM
*Reads latest oneshot fic again and again*

I'm with orangesocks, Make a 2-shot for it please~  *sets up a tent*  I'll be awaiting your next one-shots (or your continuation of theses xD)

Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Mikan on April 07, 2007, 03:37:06 AM
*runs away*

*runs after Stefy*

NO!!!! YOU CANT LEAVE IT THERE!!! *Force feeds perv cookie*
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Owaranai_sLaVe on April 07, 2007, 09:25:04 AM
¬___¬ Ugh, I'm kinda hating the words "One shot" now.
I liked the way you described the differences in Yossui's and Miki's kisses.

Mooooooorrrreee~ Pwease? *.* (haha and answer to your question: Yes, more YoMiki please... but more of this Aya/Yossui. Very interesting, sorta like "Nobody Knows it")

Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: haidokun on April 09, 2007, 02:38:12 AM


love it!!!!! it's a great one shot story.

Yossie X Aya

whehehehehe  :hee:
poor aya. shame on you, yossie, leaving aya like that.
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: stefy on April 09, 2007, 08:54:54 AM
Blizzard - I'm on it~ the next one is gonna be a Miki x Rika one and yes I'm working on High of 85... next chapter coming soon..

katatsumuri - hehehe of course she has to.

JFC - nope their not connected.. for me their not linked just random short stories that pop up in my mind. But if you want them to be connected then thats up to your imagination haha.

orangesocks & Mikitty-saikou - continuation of the Yossi x Aya pairing? Maybe I'll think of something.. I don't know, cuz I just write whatever that comes into my mind. (normally it comes when I sleep...)

Mikan - *coughcough* you know you didn't have the shove the whole cookie in... *coughcough* but too bad the next one is not a perv fic HAHA... I'll try to think of something...

Owaranai_sLaVe - Ahhhh I'm loving the title "Nobody Knows It" can I use it??..... I'm gonna use it haha! You don't mind right?

haidokun - Thanksss... But you know I'm still waiting for you to continue your fic? that valentine YoMiki fic.. cuz I loved that fic!!!

*Btw... this next fic is pretty simple... hope you guys are not dissapointed with this one..
Title: Rika x Miki
Post by: stefy on April 09, 2007, 10:22:15 AM

Morning, dance studio... during dance practice

She looked really sad. Miki saw Rika running out of the dance studio crying. Wiping away the tears that had just fallen from her long eyelashes, Miki was the only one who witnessed the beautiful dark skinned weeping.

Her long dark hair fell across her face as she looked down to hide her face, she tucked her hair back behind her ears and tried to calm herself down. Miki wondered what had made her cry while standing behind one of the narrow walls hoping not to get noticed. Though she wanted so badly to go over and take the older into her arms, telling her that everything was going to be alright. The reality was, they weren't exactly best friends. Although Rika did try to communicate with Miki, it always ended up in an argument of some kind with Miki resulting to call Rika 'kimoi' and hurting her feelings. Miki wished it wouldn't turn out that way but that was her, the great tsukkomi queen, she'd say things without thinking. Maybe someday their relationship will change but for now Miki was content to just stare at her beauty from afar.

Yossi poked her head out of the door, and walked up to Rika. Miki shifted her position squeezing further into the narrow corner so that Yossi would not notice her. Yossi was trying all ways to cheer her up. Bending low to meet Rika's face and looking at her. Miki desperately wanted to see what was going on with the girl she loved. Yes Miki Loved Rika she came to love her in time as she got to know how sweet and kind she was. Sure Miki knew plenty of other girls who were sweet and kind but none of them could match up to Rika's standards.

Miki looked back up at the scene in front of her, Rika had stopped crying and was listening to Yossi. Yossi was talking to her at times making little funny faces to try and make her laugh. Miki saw a ghost of a smile on Rika's face which made Miki smile a little as well.

Miki liked Yossi, she was fun to hang out with and a great listener. Although she did get jealous whenever Rika would attach herself on to Yossi once in a while. But she loved how Yossi was always so loyal to all her friends.

Then Rika did something that shocked both Miki and Yossi, she hugged Yossi. Miki jumped out of her position and glared at the girls angrily. Yossi looked down at Rika and said something that Miki could hear before she tugged on Rika's hand and walked with her along the corridor towards the canteen downstairs. They both walked pass Miki, Yossi greeted Miki with a smile while Rika mumbled her hello as they passed her.

Miki never took off her gaze at Rika as she walked into the lift with Yossi. She still looked sad. Miki walked back into her room thinking of ways to try and cheer Rika up and a smile slowly appeared on her face as she ran in the opposite direction.


Afternoon... Hello! Morning studio, break time.

Rika walked down the hall way towards her dressing room, she stopped just in front of her door. Miki stayed hidden behind her dressing room door observing Rika's every move. Miki gazed at her again and saw Rika had a slightly surprised look as she bend down to pick up the bouquet of flowers lying on the floor in front of her door. She picked it up staring at it like she had never seen flowers before, Rika took a sniff of the sweet sent of the bouquet.

'Does she think Yossi gave it to her?' Miki didn't really care anymore; all that mattered was making Rika happy again. To make her smile.

Rika opened the card hidden between the flowers, "Don't cry anymore, your smile is everything to me."

A wide beautiful smile appeared on Rika's face. Now that was the smile that Miki loved to see. Seeing that smile brought butterflies in Miki's stomach, she opened her door the moment Rika stepped into her room. Miki sighed as she skipped away towards the studio all happy again.


I don't know if this can be a continuation of the Yossi x Aya fic... does it fit? But anyways hope you liked it.
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Mikan on April 09, 2007, 01:10:15 PM
Aww that was sweet.

*takes notes*

I could learn a lot from her (you). Maybe I should ask you for romantic advice.

For a moment I was thinking "Wow, Miki is a total stalker" haha. Sorry, it crossed my mind.

I think its cause we dont have much of them that CharMi and Yossui Aya fics are so popular
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: JFC on April 09, 2007, 05:02:29 PM
Aww that was sweet.
I need a dentist. ;D

For a moment I was thinking "Wow, Miki is a total stalker" haha. Sorry, it crossed my mind.
I thought the same thing! :wahaha:
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: len.chan on April 09, 2007, 10:49:11 PM
so so so...
Yossi and Aya was... new and exciting. I like it  :heart:
And, in the last one, Miki thinks that Yossi and Rika are together? (are they?)
Oh.. if you link both fics it could be interesting.. Miki and Aya being together, but Miki in love with Rika at the same time and then Aya falling for Yossi and Yossi and Rika being just friends while everybody thinks that they're together XDDD
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: orangesocks on April 10, 2007, 04:44:44 AM
Aww, I like Miki atoning for the wrong that she wrought upon Rika. I like this open-ended affair. It leaves a lot to the imagination. :)

...and I like to imagine Miki and Rika get together, of course!
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Owaranai_sLaVe on April 11, 2007, 05:14:49 AM
Taking from Mikan's note, stalkers are always cool.  O0

The flowers part made the chapter so sweet!

And sure.... i guess. Although I was refering to an oooollldd fic from the forum.

Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: MyDearYossi on April 12, 2007, 07:13:31 AM
Damn, why I didn't notice these earlier?

Yomiki :heart: I love it, of course.

Yossi x Aya: Have to say that I liked this too ;D altought I'm not Aya fan...  Somehow I like/love every couple if Yossi is part of it xD

And the last one was good too. Very sweet :D
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Amarghetta on April 12, 2007, 07:10:44 PM
And finally, I decide to leave a comment...

I'm definitely not a fan of YoMiki, but neither I go bashing it. The story was good, really.  And even if I don't like the pairing much, I'll definitely read anything with Miki in it. :D

I'm still having trouble imagining Aya x Yossi, though. It's a personal thing, nothing against the fic. It is cute, really sweet; but deep down I don't believe in it... Shame on me. 

But I do believe in Rika X Miki; even if it's harder to imagine. Probably because I like the idea of those two together.

I think the problem with me is that I tend to like unusual pairings the most, he. But don't be discouraged by this, your writing is ok, I'm probably just petty.
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: stefy on April 18, 2007, 03:09:33 PM
Mikan - Me? romantic advice? HAHAHAHAHA no wayyyy... what I write and what I say or do are probably 2 totally different things.

Mikan + JFC - I had unknowingly written Miki to become stalker-ish... yikes

- Nope Yossi and Rika aren't together in that last fic. But I like your concept tho.. it all adds up somehow.

orangesocks - Go ahead imagine away~

Owaranai_sLaVe - anything with flower are always sweet.. I guess... I don't like that happening to me tho HAHA

MyDearYossi - Yay new reader... and somehow I like the Yossi x Aya pairing too

Amarghetta - Thanks for e comment! But isn't the Yossi x Aya pairing unusual enough already?

NEXTTT.... hmm *hint hint* kind of an odd couple but they've been showing their close-ness on screen recently.
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: stefy on April 18, 2007, 03:18:25 PM
[Just Friends]

Eri was sitting at the corner of the room in the studio, flipping through a fashion magazine as she approached her. For some reason Eri looked different than normal. Her black hair seemed slightly brownish from the sun that shone in from the window, and it made her skin glow a little showing the beautifully tanned skin she had gotten from her recent phuket trip. She stopped walking and stood right in front of Eri.

"erm... Your blocking my light." Eri lifted her head up at the unexpected being looking slightly pissed at the intruder who blocked her source of light.

"Oh, sorry." She snapped out of her daze and turned swiftly to sit right beside Eri.

Eri looked at her for a second, slightly surprised, before going back to reading her magazine. At the same time she was on the verge of panicking. 'What the.. Why is she here?' Eri thought to herself and decided to just forget about it continuing with her magazine.

She leaned over to look at what Eri was reading, some of her long dark hair falling in her face. She pushed them back behind her ear and noticed Eri twitched with nervousness written all over her.

"What’s wrong Eri-chan?" She asks as she tiled her head slightly to look at Eri.

"Mmm? Nothing... Nothing's wrong." Eri mumbled really fast.
'Maybe just that I’ve been watching your videos and fantasizing about you, and that now you’ve finally noticed me. I have no idea if I should follow my fantasies and make love to you right here or to run away from this very spot screaming as loud as I can.' Eri thought to herself in panic.

"You know what Eri-chan?" She asked as her hand traced from Eri's arm down to her lap and rested itself there. "I always found you very attractive."

Eri stared at her and gulped nervously "You have?"

"Of course! Your just so cute, and now you’ve grown up so much. Who wouldn't find you attractive?"
She gave Eri a sweet smile as her hand continued to travel slightly further before resting yet again this time on Eri's upper thigh.

"But your together with Gaki-san aren't you?"

"Gaki-san? We’re just good friends." Eri replied with her eyes widened as she looked down at how dangerously close the hand was to her crotch. This led her to slowly admire the body beside her. Eri's gaze wondered over the body, her lovely legs, the pretty tight little blouse she wore showing her well toned stomach, the blouse also complementing her upper body very well showing just a tad bit of cleavage and finally her eyes sparkly with a hint of mischief.

"Is that so? So... That means.. You and me? We can be more that just good friends huh?"

'Oh my god. Just kill me right here and now. I must be dreaming! Is she asking what I think she is?'   
Eri thoughts were interrupted as a familiar voice snapped her back to reality.

"What's going on?" Sayu walked over asking ever so innocently.

"No-n-nothing... Nothing...." Eri mumbled softly, mentally giving Sayu a whack in the head for intruding.

Beside her, Miki looked up at Sayu and smiled. "We were just talking about how good friends we are." She stood up and said and started walking away from the pair but not before giving Eri a wink and skipped off further down towards her dressing room with a self-satisfied smirk on her face.
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Amarghetta on April 18, 2007, 05:51:44 PM
Tricky! I was right at first and then I fell for your trap... :D Now, this is the kind of unusual I like. Of course, Yocchan and Aya is unusual enough; but believe me, I can do much worse in my head.  >:D
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: orangesocks on April 19, 2007, 12:01:23 AM
Ah! Mikitty hadn't even crossed my mind! I kept on thinking "RIKA!" for some reason... and the implied Gaki x Eri made me think of those Hakkan clips.  :D

But...damn! That Miki...! :luvluv2: Ah, if only Sayu hadn't interrupted their moment...

"Is that so? So... That means.. You and me? We can be more that just good friends huh?"

Gah! More, Stephy~!
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: haidokun on April 19, 2007, 04:58:30 AM
nice one shot! too bad sayu came.  :hee:

more more!

i'm still thinking for another story, stephy.  thanks for liking it!  :shy2:
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: rndmnwierd on April 19, 2007, 06:45:59 AM
AyaxYossui I love. MikixRika I totally love. ErixMiki I love in lolita costumes.

"But your together with Gaki-san aren't you?"
When I read that, I thought Eri asked it, so I went from thinking, 'Oooo, ErixMiki.' to 'What? Ai-chan?' And I do completely and totally ship the W pair. My OTP.  ;D
Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: Owaranai_sLaVe on April 19, 2007, 06:21:42 PM
Damn, what a freaking playa. <3~

Man, I don't care if Sayu was my best friend. If she interrupted at what COULD have been the BEST time (With Miki, no less), I would have straight out threw something fairly large at her or bit her head off. Tsk. Too bad Eri, too bad.

Title: Re: One Shot Stories
Post by: stefy on July 01, 2007, 01:42:42 PM
Amarghetta - Glad you fell for my trap hehe.. Lets see what I can do with my mind, but I doubt it'll be to your standards since my fav pair is the 2 from this next one shot. (I can only think of stuff involving these 2 most of the time)

orangesocks - Rika?... wonder why.. and I kinda miss the Hakkan episodes now even when I found it stupid at that time(tho it WAS pretty funny)

haidokun - so... any new fics in mind? I'm still waiting you know? hehe

rndmnwierd - Buahaha I see you fell for my little trap there too huh... Lolita aye... but.. but we can't see them in lolita costumes anymoree  :cry:

Owaranai_sLaVe - haha a little too vicious aren't we? Well Eri x Miki was nice but damn, to bad it started as quickly as it ended.

Its baaaaackk~
my 5th one shot.. IshiYoshi!! alrighttt finally managed to finish this, had quite a problem with this one. Cuz its totally different from my normal writing style, but it was a nice challenge anyways.
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[My Thoughts, Your Thoughts]

Why am I staring at her again?

I follow her every movement with me eyes, watching her walk around the room mingling with almost everyone. She must think I'm such a creep. Just look at how she's acting now, she probably knows I'm staring. Look at the way she shifts her eyes uncomfortably, and tries to have a conversation with Kei-chan and the way keeps giving me weird glances from time to time. But I can't help it, I just can't keep my eyes off of her. She's just too beautiful. The way her dark silky hair moves swiftly to one side when she turns. The way she gives that cute smile and covers her face when she's embarrassed. The way she moves, how she walked in such a poised manner to bring the food over to the table... Its just not possible to not look at her. I have no idea how I've managed to avoid her for all these years, I think I've fallen for her. No wait, I know I've fallen for her. Who wouldn't it's Rika-chan, the sweet, clever, cute, kind Rika-chan.

A sigh escape me as I scanned the room trying to focus my attention onto something other than the girl sitting opposite of me. Half of the Hello! Project girls were gathered here in my little hotel room after our Hello! Concert, well most of the younger ones went back to their hotel rooms first. I sigh again and tried to concentrate on the TV screen which was showing Naki-kun in a fancy tux, SMAP X SMAP was on. I love watching the show, the SMAP guys cooking really delicious looking food for the guest or when they do hilarious little konto making fun of drama's and stuff. But for some reason tonight, I just can't concentrate on the show.


God she's staring again.

This is not good for my nerves at all, my heart is pounding so hard I think it might just jump out. I can feel her eyes burning holes against my back! Focus Rika focus. Just carry these boxes of pizza to the table, that’s all I have to do. I pay the delivery man(who seems to be distracted) his money and close the door, walking towards the table I kneel down to put the boxes of pizza onto the table. There job done! Now we can eat. But she's still staring at me! Not that I don't like it of course... It feels nice somehow. She doesn't stare at me like how every other guy stares at me, more like my chests rather then me though. But her stares are different, it's her eyes, it's filled with pride, gentleness, concern and... love. I don't think anyone's ever looked at me like that before, and I think I like that. And whenever she looks at me with those eyes, it somehow never fails to make my knees feel weak.

What's happening to me?


After 3 large pizzas and loads of beer, soft drinks for those under aged, everyone left the room one by one. With a really drunk Nakazawa Yuko having to leave with Kei-chan and a semi drunk Kaori by her side carrying her out, at the same time Kaori whispering away in the sweet sexy voice she gets whenever she's drunk. Rika was now the only one left in the room since she made it a point to help Yossi clean up the hotel room.


I know there are maids who would do the job for us when we check out tomorrow, but I just don't like the idea of anyone thinking that the girls from Hello! Project are just a bunch of drunkard party-goers. So while I cleared up the table filled with bottles and plastic plates, I kept turning to take a peek at her. I chucked a little when I saw how she was lazily picking up the litter from the floor. I picked up another litter from the table and found myself taking yet another glance back at her, I just love how Yocchan's muscles would tensed up a little when she'd reach over to pick up the glass bottle.

Yocchan walks over to to me stretching her arms out which held on to the big black garbage bag. I guess she's signaling for me to dump the plastic plates into the bag, the bottles were all thrown into another bag.

"So everything’s cleared?" I asked, and all Yocchan did was nod like she was in a trance, how cute.


That was fast, why can't there be more rubbish lying around? Then there would be more of Rika-chan to look at.

I wrapped up the bags and dragged the unexpectedly heavy bags towards the door, "erm.. I'll bring down the rubbish." I said, somehow that sounded awfully soft.

"I'll help you."

"Ok!", I replied a little too loudly, Rika gave a slight giggle. Boy, that was dumb of me..

I passed the bag with the plastic plates over to Rika-chan since it was lighter, don't wanna let her do so much work. And I handled the heavier bag with bottles while we both walked down toward the basement side by side.


Yabai this bag is heavier then I thought, but can't let Yocchan know that. We walked a little further to a small room at the end of the hall way. Wait stop stop stop! Its dark in there... Are you kidding me? The light doesn't work. Must we really go in? Well at least Yocchan's beside me, what could possibly go wrong. Right?

"Rika-chan? Coming?" She asks with her eyes looking into mine.

Dame, can't show her I'm scared of the dark. She'll think I'm such a weakling. Just smile at her, let her know I'm fine.

This is so weird, why am I acting like this? I don't even know if I like the way I'm acting or if I hate it. Everything she does makes me feel all tingly inside, the way she talks, moves, her warm smile, everything.

"Rika-chann", She waves her hand in front of my face trying to get my attention. I was lost in my thoughts while staring at Yossi, how embarrassing. I looked up at her and gave her a smile, "Sorry, I'm fine lets go."

I'm such a dork... How does Yocchan even stand me after all these years?
We walked back together, after dumping the trash in the little room, I did something stupid and extremely embarrassing! Hope Yossi didn't notice, how can she not notice.. She's already trying not to laugh right now.

"Naniyo-" , I whined

"I never... knew..... you afraid.... dark." , Yossi struggled with her words as she busted out laughing.

"Mou.... iiyo!" I stormed away in the opposite direction towards the staircase.

Yocchan no baka! Why does she treat me like this? She always makes fun of me like that... I have feelings too! But then when she looks at me with those big eyes....


Rika reached her floor and began walking towards her room in a daze while thinking of Yossi. Totally unaware of the figure that was jogging behind her, chasing after her. 


Damn! Why do I always end up doing this to her? Your such an idiot Yoshizawa Hitomi! I ran in the direction where my beautiful princess went to after I stood there laughing for so long, all alone. I just hope she doesn't reach her room before I get to her.. She probably wouldn't open the door even if I try to bang it open.

I see her walking slowly, nearing her hotel room. Run damn it, run! You didn't loose all those weight in futsal for nothing Yoshizawa. I did a full dash sprinted and stopped right in front of her between Rika-chan and her room door. phew.. I made it... now what?

"I'm sorry! Its just you were so cute being afraid of the dark and all and... and I.. I like you Rika-chan" I blurted out at top speed, wait a minute, what did I say? Did I just tell her she was cute? And that I like her?! That’s common among girls right? Oh please don't find me weird, please don't find me weird.

We stood there for quite sometime, she looked so adorable trying to figure out what I just said. At the same time, waiting for her to figure out what I just said is killing me. And is it just me, or are we standing extremely close to each other? She's so close to me that I could smell the sweet flowery scent of her silky looking long hair when I took a deep breath. She also looks even more gorgeous up close, this fact I knew from the very beginning. Maybe I should back up just a tad bit.

'Gottsun' ... ite

"Are you alright?" She steps forward, diminishing the distance that I had just made between us, and gently places her hand on the back of my head.

Awkward position to be in, considering all the empty space around us. Not that I'm complaining, but fact is, I can feel my heart on the verge of pounding its way out of my chest. We stood in that position staring into each other's eyes for quite sometime, her hand now resting on my shoulder. Should I make my move? Can I make my move?

I bravely, slowly and extremely nervously placed one hand on Rika-chan's hip, and the other hand on her cheek, pulling her slightly more closer to myself. And I slowly lower my face closer to hers, checking her eyes to make sure this was ok. She was staring intently at me, and then.. She closed her eyes pouting her lips ever so slightly, probably giving me the 'OK' sign. My heart raced, jumping up and down and probably even went up to the moon and back just at that simple sight.

I closed my eyes and anticipated her lips on mine, it took a few seconds before I felt her soft lips pressed against mine. It was a sweet and simple yet passionate and amazing kiss, I wanted more, more of my Yocchan. So I tipped toed, wrapped my arms around her neck and pressed myself against her even more to deepen our very first kiss. During the best part of the kiss, I heard someone giggling.. strange Yocchan doesn't giggle like that.. besides, how could she giggle at this moment when our lips are locked onto each other?


"look Tan! Those two are finally... finally getting it on!"

"woo! Yocchan kakkoii~"

Both girls, very startled and terribly red faced, turn their head to see two other girls. One girl wrapped her arms around the other, while they both stared at their little make out session as if watching some interesting movie.

"Wait, how come SHE'S the one pinning Yossi against the door?"

"Who cares? I let you do that to me once in a while too don't I."

Miki argued with Aya facing her companion. Then, not wanting to ruin the(already ruined) moment between Yossi and Rika, Miki turned her attention back to the two..

"Go on go on continue, don't mind us, we'll be real quiet."


I turned away from the two peeping toms' hiding my face between Yocchan's shoulder and chest in complete embarrassment. Damn Aya-chan! Damn Mikitty! Why did they have to ruin this for me? And why are they here at THIS time anyway?! Hmm wait a second.. there's an empty room behind this door right behind Yocchan.. and the key's already in the lock....

"Want to continue this inside?" I tipped toed yet again to whisper sweetly into her ears only for her to hear. I didn't really wait for her answer, just twisted the key and pushed her inside before she could do anything about it.

"Goodnight girls.." I said as I gave the two outside my most devilish smile while closing my room door.


Fuaaaa~...... yikes I seriously had hair on my arms stand on end as I wrote this (in a good way of course)
BTW, Don't know if you guys would mistake this but, Gottsun is a sound effect in japanese similar to 'bang' or 'knock' (not Gottsuan short for Goto Maki) and ite I'm sure you all know means ouch in japanese..
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eri x miki <3, and yossie x rika, i am not particularly fond of this couple but i loved the story
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Cute IshiYoshi moment, funny GAM interruption...  :lol:
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Post by: Kreuz_Asakura on July 01, 2007, 07:26:01 PM was so fun!!!!
 :mon lmao: :mon lmao: :mon lmao:

"look Tan! Those two are finally... finally getting it on!"

"woo! Yocchan kakkoii~"

Both girls, very startled and terribly red faced, turn their head to see two other girls. One girl wrapped her arms around the other, while they both stared at their little make out session as if watching some interesting movie.

"Wait, how come SHE'S the one pinning Yossi against the door?"

"Who cares? I let you do that to me once in a while too don't I."

Miki argued with Aya facing her companion. Then, not wanting to ruin the(already ruined) moment between Yossi and Rika, Miki turned her attention back to the two..

"Go on go on continue, don't mind us, we'll be real quiet."

So hilarious!!
I really could imagine this part!!!

BTW...a Yossie/Maki would be great!!! (just a comment) :mon thumb:
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"Wait, how come SHE'S the one pinning Yossi against the door?"

"Who cares? I let you do that to me once in a while too don't I."

love the line!  :hee:

Kaori whispering away in the sweet sexy voice she gets whenever she's drunk.

i can imagine. hahaha

i like the cuteness of the whole fic. hehehe especially rika is trying her best not to look weak in front of yossie.  :nya:

good job.

i have to find my muse again to create another fic. hehehe
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"look Tan! Those two are finally... finally getting it on!"

"woo! Yocchan kakkoii~"
Aya and Miki at this point are = :rockon:
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I like this!

The title - "loop" = how the story comes full circle to Saki's mistake of catching the wrong train?

I wonder why you placed a selection of drabbles with each other.  Maasa's karaoke book is... not a karaoke catalogue but hieroglyphic? O_O  And ^___^ 'Anapiriwaiwaijuba-san'... how on EARTH did you come up with that?
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One shot.... drawing.

( (

Don't know what made me wanna go buy a sketch book and pencils to draw again (probably gotten the Eri fever). Considering the fact that I haven't been practicing my drawing for 3 yrs now.. I think it's not all that bad :P
But I think i made her eye's look like Kei-chan... DAMN IT!
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man, i've been missing out on a lot of fics lately...

My Thoughts, Your Thoughts: ISHIYOSHI AWESOMENESS

i love the shifting POV... great timing!

thanks for that great one shot... love it!!! <3
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Hey this ain't bad. And you haven't drawn for 3 years so I think it's actually pretty good :) I don't really see the Kei resemblance though.
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 :mon huh:  umm... who did you draw.?.   :grin: just joking, it's nice  :yep: 
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[I Am Cool Teacher]

Tanaka Reina, twirling her pen unconsciously, had her gaze locked onto the front of the class. For the past week she had been paying full attention to the figure standing in the middle of the classroom, facing Reina and the other seven classmates of hers. Never one to pay any attention to any lessons, as she was the re known outcast and occasional bad ass in HaroPuro School for Girls, everyone who noticed Reina actually interacting with the new substitute teacher was oddly disturbed by their suddenly attentive classmate.

"We're going to have a test today!" The object of Reina's sole attention said cheerfully as she placed a stack of papers on the table with a warm smile. "I hope all of you studied for it." She said stealing a quick glance over at Reina as she distributed the test paper to the class.

Reina froze in her seat, the pen that she had been playing with fell from her hand, not knowing what was meant by that little exchange of eye contact with her teacher. Could it be that Reina's teacher had been observing Reina all along? The thought of it just made Reina's whole body tingle with excitement. She wanted to start doing the paper immediately so that she'd yet again be noticed by the one person who she's been obsessed with lately. Searching around the table for her pen but to no avail, the pen had already rolled off the table and onto the floor while the test was going on. What a perfect way to get the teacher to look at her once more...

"Sensei! I dropped my pen!" Reina yelled grinning with her arm raised high up.

"Tanaka-san.. We just started, you can still go get it yourself." The older lady replied as she walked slowly towards Reina's pen.

"No way." Reina protested, disappointed at her reply, but then noticed how her teacher was still approaching her, slowly. She watched as the long haired brunette bent over in a poised manner picking up the pen. "Sensei you looked sexy right there." Reina blurted out loud. She didn't really bothered what the others were thinking about her right now; she was literally trembling with delight when she felt a soft hand gently held her own.

"This will be the first and last time I do that, ok?" She said softly. "And no cheating."

With that, the young teacher gave Reina back her pen and walked away slowly examining the rest of the students.


"I have two students who attained full marks for this test."

"Mitsui Aika" Upon learning one half of the top scorer in the test, all the students sighed in agreement. It was obvious that Aika would take the top spot as usual, the girl's unbeatable when it came to books and memorizing.

"And... Tanaka Reina! Sugoi ne~! You really did study for this!"


The whole class gasped in shock as they all turn back to look at Reina who stood up, right arm raised high with a peace sign, taking in all the glory of having managed to get the full attention of their beautiful substitute teacher, Kamei Eri. Perhaps they should let her be the teacher in-charge of the class now, since even the one most reluctant to study would get such marvelous results. 


I blame Yorosen for this. Yay! I'm BACK! ... well sorta. Considering how short this little fic is..
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Post by: strawb3rrykream on November 10, 2008, 04:23:09 AM
Damn that was cute!!! :lol:
Reina=awesomeness. Substitute Eri-sensei= :drool:
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Post by: Estrea on November 10, 2008, 05:13:18 AM
Not bad, got improvement. Haha. Cute story. So this was what you stayed up to write? Lol. Not too bad after all. :P

Now keep on writing now that you've restarted. No more lurking! Uwahahaha.
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Post by: ShikyoxYaiba on November 10, 2008, 05:30:32 AM
Oh my god, right when I read about Reina twirling her pen (which would inevitably lead to her dropping it) I just knew it'd be Eri. XD I loved that episode of Yorosen so much. In fact, I'll go rewatch it. Your fic just made me relive the cuteness. <3
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Post by: lil_hamz on November 10, 2008, 08:52:04 AM
Did something like that happen?? I only saw Aika twirling her pen, I think. Hmmmm who knows, she could have learnt the trick from Reina :D

Interesting theory about why Reina scored top marks. I agree that the teacher makes a whole lot of difference between liking a class and hating it.
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Post by: ringo-hime on November 10, 2008, 01:45:40 PM
cute~ XD
Reina studying cause of Kamei <3
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Post by: poets on November 10, 2008, 02:37:39 PM
tanakame... been to long sense i've read a story that centers them. Kinda miss them  :'(.... story was uber cute though  :heart: pen twirling reina = win win win
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Post by: meowz on November 13, 2008, 02:50:04 PM
I'm gonna second all those cute comments.  :P

I can't help but laugh whenever I see this 'I am cool teacher' line, esp. when watching yorosen  :lol: it just sounds so silly
It's hard trying to imagine ahoKame as a teacher of anything  :P (when I was watching it)

Somehow when I read your title the image of Kame saying 'I am cool teacher' just pops into my mind  XD
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Post by: stefy on November 16, 2008, 06:58:28 PM
Comments reply!

strawb3rrykream - And.. Permanent Eri-sensei will be :w00t: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

Essy - Got improvement? Yay yay~  :cow:

ShikyoxYaiba - i just totally HAD to write something after watching that episode. The TanaKamei moment there was just impossible to miss!

Hammy - The twirling is not the main part la! Why I keep retaining a year in school = cuz of dumbass teachers. If only there was a teacher like Eri around. I'd be in heaven by now. either that or I'd end up retaining even more...

ringo-hime - Possible no? Cuz normally it was Aika and Aichan who scored highest...

poets - Aloha~ poets-san! "pen twirling Reina = win win win" Agreed.

meowz - :P I suck at coming up with titles. Since Yorosen means I am cool teacher... why not right? And Kame does seem like she would actually say that. haha. what a cool teacher to have~

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Just go for it Koharu. No point turning back now, we've already came this far.

The the tall, lanky girl, covered in nothing but a bathrobe, took a deep breath as she gave herself a prep talk with her thoughts. She sat on the chair of her dressing room, eyes staring at the exit of the room, waiting for her target to appear.

It has to be today. Go for it!

Michishige Sayumi walked casually past her kouhai's dressing room towards her own, unaware of the embarrassing encounter that would soon occur. Before she knew it, she was face to face.. more like face to body.. with one butt naked Kusumi Koharu.

"Koharu! What are you doing?!" Sayumi shrieked in shocked at the boldness of her kouhai. They were both standing in the middle of a hallways and anyone would be able to see Kusumi's naked form.

"Michishige-san! I... I..." She stammered trying to get the proper words out, it was heart pounding enough to try and ask her senpai out for a drink, and she's doing it down to her bare skin and bones.


12 hours ago

"USO! Really?" Koharu gasped.

"Uh huh. You have to start somewhere. First, it's the nanpa stage where you ask the person out. Then you can proceed to the dreadful waiting for the other person's phone call. And finally when you get the call, your become a couple. It’s as simple as that!"


"Yes.. nanpa. I know, it's a little embarrassing but I’m sure it'll turn out alright."

Two girls huddled in the corner of a dance studio speaking in hush tones. Mitsui Aika advised her fellow collegue and friend with advice that she herself did not understand very well, but nevertheless she spoke her thoughts on the topic as truthfully as possible. Helping another out was what Mitsui Aika tries to do best, especially when the person looked desperate for answers. As the group’s brains, she decided to help the poor girl out, little did she know that the troubled girl had misheard the important word wrongly.


"Koharu. What are you doing?" Sayumi asked once again, her voice filled with patience regardless of the awkward situation both girls were in.

"I'm... I'm.. It's the mappa stage!" Koharu shouted.

Koharu observed Sayumi's features, she doesn't seem to be bothered by Koharu's current lack of an outfit, which made the younger girl feel so much less nervous. To tell you the truth, Koharu was beginning to get used to her outfit, maybe she should walk around naked often! It felt quite comfortable too!

"What do you mean by mappa stage?"

"You know.. where I... ask you out for dinner or coffee or ice cream.." Koharu went on explaining to Sayumi what Aika had taught her.

"Nanpa?" Sayumi corrected Koharu, inturrupting the younger from her explanation. "Eh? un mappa. You didn't know? The first stage is to be mappa and ask someone out." She replied still completely oblivious to her huge mistake.

"Koharu, it's nanpa. Not mappa. You don't have to be naked to ask me out." Sayumi explained as she placed her hand on Koharu's shoulder. "Now go back to your dressing room, get changed and ask me out again later. With your clothes on this time." She ordered her kouhai as she lightly pushed the now dazed girl towards the opposite direction.

Sayumi giggled in amusement as she walked back into her dressing room to pack her belongings. Probably only Koharu could make such a mistake, she thought to herself while rearranging the items in her make up bag. Right then the only other person who could prove her wrong stepped into the room with an a look of utter shock.

"Sayu, Koharu's acting weird. She's running around naked in the hallway! What happened?" The tanned girl questioned. "She mistook nanpa for mappa thats all." Sayumi replied casually while continuing to pack her things.

"Her too huh?" The older girl mumbled feeling sorry for Koharu now.

"Ehhh! Eri! You mean you made the same mistake as Koharu before?!" Sayumi shrieked for the second time that night.

"Un.. Reina told me that if I like someone I should go mappa that person. Boy was that embarrasing."

Sayumi, feeling a sudden pang of jealousy, stopped what she was doing and looked directly at her best friend, Kamei Eri. "Who did you mappa?" Curiousity got the best of her, she would have remembered Eri's naked form if the older girl went over to confess to Sayumi, so it was definitely not herself.



Oh the weirdest things Hammy, Essy and I can come up with by just talking.
Just so you know, 'mappa' means naked and 'nanpa' sounds like a hokkien vulgar word but it's not and it means to hit on someone or to pick up women (mainly by men but who cares).
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Post by: Estrea on November 16, 2008, 07:21:42 PM
HAHA YOU WROTE IT! Now I owe you a drink. XD

I demand a sequel where a clueless Eri is fooled by Reina. XDDDD
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Post by: ShikyoxYaiba on November 16, 2008, 07:47:02 PM
XDDDDDDDDDDDDD Oh my god, I'm grinning from ear to ear right now. Poor Sayu...jealous. xD And wtf, Nacchi?! I mean, I know that out of the Rokkies, Eri (I think) was really close to Nacchi...but wow. *snickers*

I second Estrea's demand for a sequel! *holds up a picket sign* XD
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Post by: strawb3rrykream on November 16, 2008, 09:58:04 PM
Oshit....naked Koharu?! XD (in my mind, I'm not thinking it looks too bad.... :grin: She's getting a body.) Haha, love how Sayu is very nonchalant about the nakedness. OMG Abe-san??!?!?!?!?!?!?! :shocked: MY SHOCK!!! :lol:
I have to agree with my fellow readers, sequel is in order!!!! :P
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Post by: WinterAir on November 17, 2008, 03:39:51 AM
omg haha, can't stop laughing at the story Misunderstanding~ haha thats one huge misunderstanding haha... but sounds common lol :P
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Post by: lil_hamz on November 17, 2008, 07:40:14 AM
I can't stop laughing throughout as I was reading this fic. Seriously, this was HILARIOUS!!! The fact that this was somewhat SayuKoha made it even better. You know why I'm into these 2 at the moment :wub:

I'm super happy that you're back into writing. I hope to read more soon. Add abura!! :muffin: :muffin: :muffin:
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Post by: ringo-hime on November 17, 2008, 03:09:08 PM
LOL that was cute..yea! a sequel!! haha. Kamei XD :]]

poor Koha for misunderstanding!  XD XD XD XD XD :lol: :lol:
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Post by: kRisZ on November 17, 2008, 03:31:32 PM
Title: Re: One Shot [Now Showing: "Misunderstanding"]
Post by: JFC on November 18, 2008, 03:32:40 AM




Did Nacchi say "yes" to the date? ;D
Title: Re: One Shot [Now Showing: "Misunderstanding"]
Post by: Sukoshi on November 18, 2008, 12:15:54 PM
lol the naked part was totally unexpected XD  Misunderstanding indeed! and a hilarious one at that XD
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Post by: stefy on January 27, 2009, 08:47:41 AM
Cool! 9 replies...

:shocked has it been 2 months already since my last update...

Sorry guys no sequel to "Misunderstanding" just yet, maybe in another 2 months? :P I kid I kid, soon will be Misunderstanding part 2.. hopefully. Well in the mean time here's something else.

Note: There's a side story at the end but read at ur own risk cuz it'll definitely (kinda) ruin the ending mood of this one shot :D
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[Just A Crush]

Pressing hard on the remote control, a matured looking teenager switched off her television with frustration and jealousy burning though her eyes.

She's on the screen again, with her. It's definitely not the first time too. Not that the girl would know for sure, considering she didn't really have that much time to check out every television show which featured the person she dreamt of the most.

The young lady let out a restless sigh, 'It's all just for the cameras and their fans, they’re really not like that in real life.. for sure.' She thought to herself as she drifted off to some much needed slumber.


"Arhhhmm... mmm?"

It was 7.30 in the morning, too early in the morning, of my only day off, to be awoken from my deep slumber. I cursed at the phone for a second before realizing my dreamy prince was on the other line.

"Shige-san?" the slightly deep, almost tenor voice asked.

"Uh- Yes." I sat bolt upright, making myself feel a little giddy from the sudden movement so early in the morning while everything in my sight went blank. I closed my eyes for a second to regain composure then stared at my phone in shock.

Yoshizawa-san was on the line, my beautiful beautiful prince was on the other line. I met Yoshizawa-san five years ago, when I was accepted into Morning Musume. It was love at first sight for me. I have never noticed Yoshizawa-san on screen before, it was always the cute Ai-chan that caught most of my attention. Five years has past and I think maybe the whole of Morning Musume might know about how I feel about Yoshizawa-san since I had been calling her my price the moment I became more confident with expressing myself to others. It didn't matter if she was four years older then me, or if she probably just treated me like a sister. I was totally head over heels in love with the girl who was, right now, at this very moment on the other line of my phone, calling me by a nickname that she gave to me...

"Shige-san? Hello?"
I snapped out of my little daze to reply. "Uh. Ohayo Gozamasu Yoshizawa-san."
"Ah Shige-san, Ohayo. I want to talk with you. Can we meet?"

Could we? "Of course." I responded cheerfully, at the same time trying my best to sound causal about it.

"Ok then, I'll pick you up in about say, one hour time?"

I stared at the phone again for a few moments after we hung up, until I realized that I had approximately fifty-eight minutes left to get ready before my prince would come knocking on the door finally realizing that I was the only one for her.

I stood at my doorway gazing up at Yoshizawa-san's tall figure standing right in front of me. It felt like I was dreaming. She was here, in front of me, standing in my doorway. I almost wanted to pinch myself really hard just to confirm that this wasn't a dream. She was standing there, giving me her perfect yet ever so cute smile.

"Let's go." She said and led me out of my apartment down to the car park where her car was parked.

"Since when did you drive?" I asked curiously, I've never knew Yoshizawa-san drove a car.

"Oh not so long ago, I finally went to get my license."

I couldn't see inside the car since the windows were all darkly tinted. She opened the door to the back seat of the car for me like the gentlemen that she was. It was then that a silhouette in the front seat caught my eye as I got in her car. It was her.. The girl whom I saw on television the night before.

"Ohayo, Sayu. Sorry for disturbing you so early, Yocchan kept bugging that she wanted to see you."

Yocchan? I could never ever call her that, I never had the guts to. I did call her Yossi once before as a joke. And her shocked expression was just priceless. I had a bad feeling about this though. I gave a threatening glare at the lady before my eyes. It might not have seemed like a life threatening glare like how Fujimoto-san would so easily show but I hoped it would have just scared her away just as effectively. The lady whom I secretly disliked and admired all at the same time was in the car with me. On top of that, she was seated in the passenger seat in front right beside my Yoshizawa-san. Why? Why was she here? It was supposed to be just me and my dearest price..

I returned a weak smile and greeted her. "I-Ishikawa-san. Ohayo.."

Yoshizawa-san then drove off from my apartment building. As I watched the building slowly disappear, she spoke. Her sweet voice was asking me a question.

"So how is things at work Shige-san? I hope Ai-chan is doing a good job leading you girls." She asked with concern. That was my leader, the kind, thoughtful and caring leader I loved.

At that moment I forgot Ishikawa-san's presence, "Everything is great Yoshizawa-san! Ai-chan is a good leader, she's different from you though but she's doing a very good job so far." I replied cheerfully, admiring her figure from the back. She looked so cool with one hand on the driving wheel and the other rested on... Ishikawa-san's hand?! Why? It's not supposed to be this way! I panicked as my eyes locked on to the pair of hands inter-twined together.

"Really.. Well that’s good to hear." She turned and showed me that warm and sweet looking smile of hers which practically made me melt.

She went on about the rest of the members that she was just checking up on how all of us were, and how she noticed that JunJun and LinLin were fitting in well with our group. Anything and everything a responsible leader would ask. Everything but the question I dreamt about countless times now. The rest of the things that was said all started to sound like it was coming from a distance to me. I couldn't speak, not when my world was crashing before my very eyes. Was this all she wanted to know from me?

"We're going to get breakfast, join us?" She asked.

I tore my eyes away from Ishikawa-san's lap holding back my tears. I shook my head in respond. I couldn't cry right there and then it would be too weird. "I promised Eri I'd meet her later on." I lied.

I requested that she take me to Eri's house. As she pulled away waving goodbye, the tears that I had been holding back came pouring down my cheeks. I turned to see Eri casually walk outside with a puzzled look. I ran towards her, sobs making my body shake, and she hugged me until I finally began to calm down. When my crying had finally diminished to random hiccupping sighs, my best friend took my face between her hands and said softly, surprisingly with wisdom way beyond her years,

"Sayu, if it were supposed to feel good, they wouldn't call it a crush."




Side story

Eri laid on the sofa in front of her wide screen television, with a bowl of popcorn and a packet of umeboshi sweets within arm’s length, she lazed on the sofa watching a drama that she had been saving to watch during her rare days off.

Sobbing quietly as the sad drama reached its climax scene, Eri reached out and grabbed a number of tissue sheets to wipe her tears.

"If it were supposed to feel good, they wouldn't call it a crush...."

The drama ended and Eri was bored again. She took her almost empty bowl of popcorn and walked over to a figure cooped up in the kitchen, passing the bowl over to the slightly taller being, Eri grinned, "More please mama."

"Do it yourself Eri."

"Yaa~da~, mama makes it better then Eri" She whined at her mother. Giving her eldest daughter an annoyed look, Eri-mama took the bowl from Eri's hands, placed it on the table and proceeded to get another pack of dried corn. She paused for a moment, "Go take out the trash first."

Pouting, Eri stomped out of the kitchen dragging a black bag out to the front door as ordered. She swung the bag forward the flung it onto the ground in front of her, Eri repeated the process until reached the dumpster at the front of her house, with one final swing she threw the heavy bag into the large container and stomped back. That was when the sound of an engine was heard as she was about to reach her door step. Curious, Eri turned to take a peek at whose car it might be.




Tada~ welsh... until my next update! who knows when that'll be
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Just like Eri to recycle a comment from somewhere else. XD She'd never be so wise to come up with it herself. Eri is so cute. :P

And aww Sayu. Lol. Poor bunny.
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Mmm, seems everyone's feeling the Yossy/Shige thing lately. :lol: But I like this, definitely. I swear I thought the girl in the car was Miki at first, cuz she was mentioned. :P So the whole reason Yossy wanted to talk to her was to see how Ai-chan is doing? :grin: Eri!!!!!!!! :rofl: Whatta dork~ :wub: I assume she knows about Sayu's crush then.
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Omg, I lol'd at the end!! XD Of course, Eri'd take a line off of a drama to use....

But poor Sayu... ;~;
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When I read the part of Sayu I was like "oh... poor Sayu :(  and Eri seems to understand well her feelings, she's a good friend" and when I read the side story  XD Eri's awesome hahaha
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Man, if Yossi (and Rika) had just wanted to take Sayu out for breakfast, she should have just said so when she initially called her. :(
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Man that was HOT...

I like Yossie and Miki "closet"ness xD

and Reina best scores xD

PS: yo tambien tratare de hacer lo mismo para ver si me puedo liar a mi jefa xD
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Poor, POOR Sayu :cry: I totally wanna hug her and cry. It's a good thing she still has Eri.

Oh, I think you really improved in your writing. Not that it wasn't good before. Now, if only you would write more :P

"If it were supposed to feel good, they wouldn't call it a crush...." <--- Awww this makes so much sense but is so sad at the same time :(

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awww poor Sayu.  It's nice seeing a Prince Yossie story, I've always been quite found of the notion. 

the side story was really entertaining

passing the bowl over to the slightly taller being, Eri grinned, "More please mama."

That was my favourite line  :wub:  Eri's probably the only 20 year old that makes me want to squeal "kawaiiii~" at for such childish behavior.  XD

Before the side story, a tiny part of me wanted to question Eri's wisdom and then the drama part came up and I thought to myself "yeah, that's more like it" XD

oh!  the garbage bag part gave me a laugh...for a split second I imagined Eri accidentally throwing the garbage bag at poor Sayu.  That would have been a horrible ending though  :lol:
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Poor Sayu :bleed eyes:!!!

But she has to understand she can't come between The Prince and her Princess...

"Sayu, if it were supposed to feel good, they wouldn't call it a crush."

Never were spoken so truthful words... even if they came from a dorama  XD

Eri is such a good friend :love:

Anyway good fic... Bye-Bye!
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[Just A Crush]

Essy - Well duhh! Besides, it was a best timing to say it so.. was all guud for our dorky kamechan :P

strawb3rrykream - Well Yossi wanted to check on how each of the girls were doing and she started with Sayu. And yup Eri knew about Sayu's crush, they are bffs after all (in that fic)

ShikyoxYaiba - Yea just HAD to add in the last part, or it wouldn't be the Eri we all know and love~

Kreuz_Asakura - Well that's kinda what I thought when I first wrote it. Then I thought... "wait a second... this is ERI we're talking about." and whoa la she just has to steal it from somewhere or she isn't Kamei Eri!

JFC - True... but Yossi was actually more concerned about her beloved Group then Sayu hah.

Haruka - Domo *bows* Glad you enjoyed the other fics. Btw... wth does "yo tambien tratare de hacer lo mismo para ver si me puedo liar a mi jefa" mean? Care to translate??  XD

hamzies - Look!! I wrote more~ Ah that line... well I read it from a book and kinda stole it hehe :P

Sukoshi - Ouch. Poor Sayu! Omg.. Your ebil to your idols too!!

Yankii Heart - Haha. Hmm in a way I guess Eri's a good friend. Kinda.



[Jenga Batsu Game]

It was already dark in the confined space. The only source of light coming from the small glass window of the door which separates the studio from the control room. Most of the lights were switched off giving the room a dim atmosphere. People from the control room of the radio studio were in the mist of packing up their materials. Michishige Sayumi, the radio personality, sat gazing at a large poster in front of her, after yet another enjoyable recording the young adult was seated alone in the now empty area.

"Sayu.. Lets go."

A heavenly voice called out her name, one that Sayumi thought she might never hear for the rest of the night. Turning her dazed gaze up at the figure, who had an equally heavenly body, Sayumi responded with a small smile. A hint of nervousness ran through her as she made her way towards the figure that had held out Sayumi's handbag to the popular (and currently very worried) radio personality.

"Where's Mittsi?"

"She had to rush back home... Something about her dog starving at home." The heavenly voice answered back. Sayumi observed the figure extensively trying to look for any hint of jitteriness from the other.

'Please don't be bothered by what I said just now'

Sayumi pleaded to herself as she proceeded to walked side by side with the other down the hallway towards the elevator. Occasionally casting nervous glances at her long time friend and colleague, the slightly fearsome rabbit was observing every move of her turtle friend whom she adored so very much.

"I know!"

Eri exclaimed abruptly in a cheerful manner which startled Sayumi. "Let's have supper first! I'm starving." The older girl suggested rubbing her stomach to emphasise her hunger.

"Good idea!" Sayumi played along, exclaiming just as cheerfully, concealing all her anxieties to herself. She was good at that, lying, manipulating and hiding her true feelings, in other words... She possesses a dark side under all that extremely kawaii exterior. Although she does sometimes accidentally reveal her true character, it has never really bothered her whatsoever. That is, until now...   


"Mmm~ Oihi~"

Eri sighed out somewhat incoherently as she chewed blissfully on the cream-filled crepe which she shared with Sayumi. The younger of the two grinned away in a goofy manner at the adorable sight before her eyes. Their said supper had turned out to be a full coursed meal, including the dessert which the two slim figures were currently consuming guiltlessly as they strolled leisurely passing by a park on the way to the train station.

A chuckle escaped Sayumi as she noticed cream smothered on the tip of Eri's nose. The girl always had a messy way of eating desserts such as crepes and ice-cream, sometimes she did wonder if Eri did that on purpose to enhance her level of cuteness or if she was really just that clumsy with her food.

"What's so funny?" Noticing Sayumi's quiet laughter, Eri asked in curiosity.

A finger brushed against Eri's nose in a swift motion. "You have cream on your nose, silly." Said the owner of the finger, which was still hovering in front of Eri's face. Just as swiftly as Sayumi's previous actions, Eri leaned forward allowing the tip of younger's finger into her mouth and pulled it out just as quickly.

"Thank you" She grinned playfully at the wide-eyed Sayumi.

Sayumi was in a state of shock right about now. She froze in place watching the older girl's every move; The grin from Eri's face slowly transforming into a smirk, a mischievous smirk to which resembled a certain absent rokkie member whom they both knew oh so well. Eri approached the younger slowly, destroying the distance between the two.

"What’s wrong, Sayu?" Eri asked in a mocking manner. "About what you said before in the studio... Did you seriously mean it?" She continued.

"W-what d-do.." Sayumi paused clearing her suddenly dry throat nervously " m-mean?"

"You thought I'd forget didn't you?" Eri went on with her questioning. At the same time, closing up the last gap left between herself and Sayumi. She placed both her arms over the younger girl's shoulders and stared straight into the pair of gorgeous sparkly dark eyes before her. "Sayu lost at jenga, and now.." Eri leaned closer pressing her forehead against the slightly taller being, ".. She has to face her batsu game."

Before Sayumi could protest (which she probably wouldn't), Eri had captured Sayumi's lips with her own. The stunned rabbit girl felt like she was floating in heaven as her long time dream had finally come true. Not wanting this very rare moment to end, the former timid rabbit grabbed the turtle's waist pulling her closer and deepened their kiss aggressively, releasing the devil within her. She crept a hand to the upper back of the older girl and pressed against the body in front of her. Her other hand still rested on Eri's waist, she slipped her thumb underneath Eri's shirt brushing lightly against her smooth skin.

Eri felt her entire body prickle with a tingling sensation. A simple kiss which she planned to mock the girl before her had turned out to become one of the best experiences she'd ever had. An experience which she was enjoying very much at the moment.

The two girls finally pulled apart to replenish their lungs with oxygen. Eri stared at Sayumi, surprised.

"So.." Eri voiced out, breaking the silence, a little grin forming on her face. "You still prefer to kiss me over a poster of me?"

A mischievous smirk sneaked its way onto Sayumi's doll-like face. "You betcha" She purred and pulled Eri towards her once again, causing the older to squeak excitedly as the two lip locked for the second time that night.


Was listening to Sayu's radio show again and what she said about Eri made me wanna write this. It's the episode where Eri and Aika were the guests so that'll explain why Aika is mentioned here.

OUU quick translation of the reference..
Aika: (The batsu game is to) Kiss this poster of Kamei-san!
Sayumi: No way... If that's the case, I'd rather kiss the real person.
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I approve of this fic! XD

Took you long enough though. :P Turtle. XD
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EEEH!? WHICH EPISODE OF THE RADIOSHOW WAS THIS?!  :shocked *immediately downloads*

Now then, about the fic:  100% win. Go Eri! XD
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whoops forgot about mentioning which episode. It's from episode #79

Here's the link:
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Batsu-games FTMFW! :rockon:
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I'm glad Eri didn't forget about the batsu game~ :lol:
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Wahhhhh~~~ KameShige. Sukoshi-chan would be happy *nods*

It's rare to see Eri being the assertive one. Poor Sayu getting all flustered XD Oh, reading about the bunny and turtle eating, I got reminded of my lunch. I had shabu-shabu!! It was delicious! Yum yum :)
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[Photography 101]


After a very successful promotion video shoot, the atrium within the campus bustled with activity as a crew of people began packing up their equipment. Just as everyone was in the midst of their packing, a young man in his twenties fumbled around anxiously, desperately in search of something but to no avail.

"Senpai.. Erm... we're missing one of our DSLR Cameras.." The amateur crew member reported to his mentor nervously as he mentally slapped himself for being so careless and prepared for the worst.

"WHAT?! *&^%r#%)^&)#^)_(*$&_(*$&#*!!!!!!"


"Kore ijou nagaku isshou ni iru to watashi mo dame ni narisou"

The young girl hummed to the song as she admired the object that she'd been holding onto for the past few hours. She walked down the hallway towards her dressing room browsing through all the pictures she took with the borrowed DSLR.

-Dog in the middle of a field far away-

-The far away field without the dog-

-Tanaka-san cam-whoring about ... random self news-

A smirk appeared on the girl's face as she rolled her eyes.

-A zoom in on a leaf and flower-

-Takahashi-san posing for the shoot-

Her eyes beamed with envy as she stared at the digital image of the ever talented Takahashi Ai.

-The lighting stand for the promotion video shoot-

-Kamei-san spacing out-


-Michishige-san in the midst of talking to the camera woman-


She then turned off the black device and slung it over her shoulder, readjusting its position so the camera was placed on her back, hidden from sight. Can't let the rest of the members find out what she has taken now, can she? Especially a particular senpai of hers who just so happens to be the sub-leader of the group...


"Aika! What took you so long! Even Aichan is back before you." A certain responsible young lady already dressed in a white tee and brown tracks nagged as she awaited the youngest member to enter the room.

"Gomenasai Niigaki-san, I got lost on my way here." The late-comer reasoned calmly with an apologetic smile. "Where is everyone else?" Mitsui Aika asked politely observing the almost empty room which was supposed to be occupied by seven other girls.

"Changing, I told them to go ahead first."

"Really sorry to have troubled you Niigaki-san. You didn't have to wait up for me." Aika apologised sincerely as she followed closely behind her sub-leader. 'Changing huh...' The young member thought to herself as her mouth curved into a mischievous smirk.

"What are you talking about, I'm your sub-leader, and it’s one of my duties to make sure everyone is accounted for." Risa lectured, putting on her responsible face, even though their main purpose here was already over. Aika observed her sub-leader's movements, suppressing her laughter, she enjoyed watching others especially one Niigaki Risa be all responsible, when she really is just as carefree as the group's beloved turtle. She would have taken a shot of this side of Risa, but Aika resisted the temptation for the time being, picture taking could wait.

They stopped in front of the door to a smaller room where Aika could hear squeals of laughter and feminine voices coming from inside. She felt a hand on her back push against her lightly as her body moved forward involuntarily.

"Now go in, change and I'll meet you at the entrance of this building. The van is leaving in thirty minutes. Hurry!"

Aika stared at the older girl's back view, "what's the rush?" she breathed out to no one in particular and pushed open the door. She peered in to check who else was in the dressing room...

Most of the girls were there, with the exception of their leader and sub-leader and one half of the Chinese transfer member, as expected Kamei Eri was one of the few together with Aika who was still dressed in the given outfits for the shoot. Linlin was prancing around the room, wearing black tracks under her given outfit, searching for something. Sayumi was the only one all changed and ready to leave, wearing a simple black sweater with pink designs around its side together with light coloured jeans which fit her perfectly.

Enough with peeking, Aika pushed herself forward and entered the room. "Aika! You're not changed yet?" Sayumi turned over to the younger member while her hands still working on undoing, her best friend, Kamei Eri's blouse.

"Eri... get... up!" Sayumi yanked the older, sleepy looking girl up from her seat and proceeded to drag her to a different room. "Sayu~ relax. We still have 30 minutes.." the older girl mumbled as she grinned ceasing in motion to give an even more tough time for her closest friend.

"We only have 30 minutes left!" Sayumi corrected her quickly, "Arghh!" she groaned finally managing to push Eri into the small changing room. "Now change in 5 minutes! Or I'll go in there and change you myself!"

"Ohh, I'd like to see you try~ " Eri purred through the door, teasing the younger girl, making Sayumi blush furiously either from rage or embarrassment, Aika couldn't really tell and she didn't really want to find out either. All she knew was that it just amused her to watch those two's daily antics. Aika quickly grabbed the camera and took a shot of her red faced senpai.

"Aika? Where did you get that from?" Sayumi asked, her flushed appearance disappearing and replaced by a now bewildered expression.


The door beside Eri's cubicle slammed open just as Aika was about to answer, "Alright! Who took my shirt?!" Yelled a certain petite group mate dressed in ... well more like un-dressed from her PV outfit barged out fumingly.

She glared right at Aika and noticed the black device in her hands, "Aika, what are you doing with a camera." She asked, no, interrogated.


Aika looked back at the half un-dressed Reina with a mischievous grin plastered on her face as she answered the older girl's question with a flick of her fingers. The room fell silent, with the exception of Eri's whimpering while she was changing. Sayumi stared wide eye at Aika then back at Reina, and backed away slowly bracing herself for the chaos that's about to take place.

"AIKA!!" Reina roared, chasing after the younger member of the group. "Give me that!" She tackled Aika onto the ground, both girls wrestling for the possession of the camera. It wasn't much of a hassle for Reina though, as Aika let her take the camera off her hands. The two sat up side by side, Aika observing Reina as she fiddled with the DSLR. (Plus stealing quick glimpse of Reina's exposed skin every now and then)

The tiny girl pressed on every button she could find, but the screen just wouldn't light up, she shook the device and began to get frustrated once again. "It's spoilt! Here!" She threw the camera back at Aika who, fortunately, managed to catch it and started examining the DSLR.

"Your right..." Aika mumbled quietly expressing her disappointment; she stood up and walked out of the room looking down with her puppy dog eyes at the camera.

"HA!" Reina smirked as she glanced over at her fellow rokkie, Sayumi, who stared back at Reina jaw-slacked.

"Reina... did you even noticed that she locked the keypads so you couldn't do anything?" Said Sayumi who's IT knowledge was pretty much way better then lets say... Reina.

The younger rokkie stared deadpanned at Sayumi, "Lock what now?"


Snickering away, Aika flickered on the camera admiring her newest photo collection. She connected the camera to the minicomputer she had brought, uploading everything she took into the computer...

Thank you Tanaka-san, for being so technology ignorant


Jyagayan~ XD
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You finally wrote this. Good for you! Nyahaha. Poor Reina....XDD

I want that shot of her half-dressed!!! XDDD

GJ Aika!
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Hahaha.... this was so amusing to read.  :lol:
Aika's pictures sound much more intersting than the official shots we get to see. She just has to be careful she doesn't take her computer to be fixed and having some shameless repair person leak those pictures to the world. *cough*Edison*cough* Not that they're those kind of photos, I'm sure.

The part with Eri being sleepy one moment and teasing Sayu the next was great. XD She really can just switch between personalities at the drop of a hat. Sayu blushed, heh, the bunny was pwn'd.

Reina and her technology-FAIL = LULS. :rofl:
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lol Stefy~ kawaiii~   XD

love all the kameshige~   :inlove:  

The room fell silent, with the exception of Eri's whimpering while she was changing. Sayumi stared wide eye at Aika then back at Reina, and backed away slowly bracing herself for the chaos that's about to take place.
lol I bet eririn's whimpering cause Sayu didn't take her up on her dare XD   Sayu should have backed herself all the way into Eri's change room  :kekeke:

"Your right..." Aika mumbled quietly expressing her disappointment; she stood up and walked out of the room looking down with her puppy dog eyes at the camera.

hehe after all that commotion, Aika is so going home wearing her pv clothes XD

now if mischievous aika and the little devil bunny were to one day combine their powers...  :hehehe:

noticed hammy san's comment before Photography 101 :mon cam:  Ooops did I not comment on Janga Batsu Game?    :on cloudeye:
well's scenario time~:

Eri: Ne Sayu, why are we poking Sukoshi with sticks?  :dunno:

Sayu: cause she forgot to comment on a good kameshige fic, Eririn.

Eri: oh~~~ that makes sense!  *continues poking*

Sayu: wait!  she's not moving!   :shock:

Eri: Omg Sayu! Do you think she died from reading our story?!  

Sayu: Well we were pretty hot!

Eri: oh wait!  She's just sleeping....and drooling...

Sayu: . . .

SayuEri: eew.

hehe and there you have it  :sweat:  Oyasumi~  :sleep:

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Post by: strawb3rrykream on July 20, 2009, 03:53:36 PM
LMAO at Aika. Such a little perv. But LMFAO at Reina!!! XD Hey, I want that shot too~
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LMAO Poor Reina (I also want that picture :twisted:) kekeke

-pats Aika on the back- GOOD JOB, GIRL. :lol: I give her kudos for being so brave. XD
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Post by: ongakuSOUL on July 20, 2009, 04:50:18 PM
LMAO! I laughed my butt off reading this. I can totally imagine Aika doing this XD Poor, Reina and her lack of knowledge about cameras :lol:

Waaa~ and the KameShige was really cute too! Eri's irresponsibility is so adorable :wub:
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[Photography 101]

Shutterbug Aika = :wub:

"In the middle of dressing" Musume = :w00t: :drool:

Reina's technical ignorance. XD

Not quite the same equipment, but I got about a third of the way through and IMMEDIATELY thought of this pic and of the "Making of" vid for SYO.
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Post by: lil_hamz on July 21, 2009, 07:52:17 AM
@Sukoshi-chan: hee hee. Your little scenario was so cute and funny :D

Wahhh this one-shot was good. I can't decide if I prefer the adorable KameShige or the Yankii Reina part XD Now, when are you gonna update your chapter fic? *gonna explode from waiting*
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nice going Aika!!!!!  XD XD
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Post by: ShikyoxYaiba on July 23, 2009, 07:54:48 PM
XD!! Omg this was amazing. Technology illiterate Reina = :on lol:
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Comment replies before I forget and get lazy again... or If i take another billion months till a new 1 shot appears XD

@Ess - Sure no prob just go pay UFA 1 billion buck and see if you get lucky~ XD

@Kuji - OH you mean the *cough*withGillianamongotherppl*cough*

@Sukoshi  - Naww Eri was actually whimpering cuz she couldn't take off her pants properly XD (Maybe cuz she was too engrossed with the thought of Sayu in there with her?) And lol to your KameShige dialog! SO CUTEEE.... btw... what were you dreaming about huh?

@Ichigokuri~mu - Maybe you and Ess could split the cost of bribing UFA? XD

@sai - OH you can join Ess and kuri~mu to bribe UFA then... whats 1 billion divided by 3? :dunno:

@ongakuSOUL - Oh my... hows ur butt? still intact? XD

@JFC - OMG! Video taking 101? Maybe I'll consider Sukoshi's idea and have a SayuxAika collab... target... Reina XD poor poor Reina... and no one can come rescue her at all now.

@Hamzies - There updated already what... nv see ah? *whispers*I know... you saw liao*whisper ends*

@apple-princess - Yay Aika rawks~!! XD XD

@Yaiba - I KNOW RIGHT!! XD

JA, baibai~ *skips off into darkness*
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Huh, weird, I could have sworn I replied to this thread. Anyway.

Haha, sneaky Aika, man, I wanna see that pic on her blog.

'And this is a relaxing pic of a half naked Tanaka-san. Refreshing huh?'
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Maybe you can join Ess, kuri~mu (don't mind SBK if I call ya dat?) and Sai with the whole bribing think... So what's 1 billion divided by 4 then? :dunno:
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You can call me that, it's fine. :grin: And 1 billion divided by 4 is 250 million. :lol:
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[Rest in Peace, Cruise Bud]

'Dumbass! Why did you leave?!'

'You didn't have to go!'


I lay there looking up at the night's sky, star gazing. Tears running down the side of my face as I scolded you in my thoughts. I wonder, are you up there hiding behind one of the stars right about now? Watching over all of us? Although there's probably many things you don't want to see right now huh?

Like how your (assumablely) good friends are all pushing the blame onto that one single person, that you love, for your dissappearence. Can I just give my two cents to you about those friends of yours though? ... They're assholes. All they want to hear is a confession, a confession from her saying that she was the one that drove you to your current state. Human beings are all just... stupid. But I didn't do or say anything, not a thing to help her out at that point.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for being a coward. I'm sorry I didn't do anything. And then... she broke down and cried. I'm sorry



"I'm never going to see you again huh?"

A fresh batch of tears filled my eyes, following the stream of dried tears down my face. I'm never going to see you're stupid grinning face anymore. I'll never be able to do all those ridiculously dumb things we do together anymore. I'll never be able to talk to you about anything and everything anymore...

I just realised.. Do you know? How very true the phrase "You don't know what you have until it's gone" is?

'Rest in peace buddy. Until we meet again in our next life.'

"I'll miss you... a lot."


Sorry.. I just wanted to post this somewhere. Didn't wanna post this in my blog or facebook, I'll end up hating the attention I might get from my friends. So... Just ignore this. :)
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Post by: badsaints on February 06, 2010, 07:06:32 PM
Oh wow! This is deep :shocked

Kinda sad. The feeling of losing a friend... But someone is made a scapegoat for her death? :(
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Post by: SteelReality on April 10, 2010, 12:02:52 AM
@ if it were supposed to feel good, then it wouldnt be called a crush (paraphrasing...)

GAH! I saw this line (i paraphrased it cuz i kinda forgot the exact wordin...) and I immediately freaked out and totally turned to my best friend beside me and tried to convey to her the awesomeness of this line (however, it failed cuz she's an idiot and is playin tetris). Dang this line is AMAZINGLY awesomely accurate and it describes my feelings.

*Heart* :D
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Post by: stefy on July 14, 2010, 09:07:04 AM
[Love Never Found] - Part 1

When one happiness ends, an opportunity for another opens. But some types of happiness, aren't easy to forget. Thinking back of you, there's nothing other than what I can think of which seemed more important. She was perfect, the one I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. But everything changes, all for a reason... Perhaps.

"Stop it! I can't take anymore!" I screamed, trying to catch my breath, as a single tear slowly flowed down my right cheek. You'd think it's due to sadness, but it's not. In fact, it's far from sadness.
"Aww, don't cry... I didn't even say anything worth crying..." She giggled as she cupped my cheeks with her warm and soft pair of hands, wiping away my tears with her slender thumb.
"It's your fault." I said, giving her a playful slap on her arm as I pout, trying to show some form of anger towards her. She deserved the slap though, for making me laugh this much.
"That's only because your smile is so beautiful, I want to see you smile forever." She cooed as she pulled me closer to her, capturing my lips with hers.
Damn her, why does she always have something so sweet to say? It's always hard to believe, that she's actually younger than me. Although sometimes she can be such a child, I have to baby her most of the time.
"Sayumichan..." she whispered, calling out my name in that sweet voice of hers.


She said as she held my hand gently in her own as she pulled me up from the bed we were lying on, leading me towards the balcony. She stared out into the clear blue night sky. I took my gaze away from her beautiful face to look out at the scenery before us; a mesmerizing ray of light illuminated the night's sky.
"It’s beautiful..." I say, softly, taking in the sight before me as it took my breath away.
"Uh huh it is, but it’s not as beautiful as you are."
She turned to face me as she said that, grinning. I guess she was probably hoping that I would turn into a pile of mush with all her sweet talks. I showed her an ever so tiny smirk and rolled my eyes a little at the same time.
"Koharuchan, why do have to ruin the moment? That's just the cheesiest line ever!"
"No it’s not!" She pouted, probably genuinely assuming that her sweet talking would make me go all weak in the knees. She assumed right though, I WAS getting all weak in the knees. But I just wanted to see her cute disappointed look that's all.
I pinched her right cheek with a mischievous grin plastered onto my face, "You’re too cute! ... Not to mention easy to tease~"
She grinned too, and then stuck out her tongue at me. "And you’re just mean." She countered.
Thus, is how I have been spending all my time here in this under populated town by the sea. Pretty much, almost always with her, Kusumi Koharu. The always cheerful and ever so high tensioned teenager, whom I’ve met... Well I’ll explain how I met her later on. But I don't thing I've ever seen her frown before, well why would she? She gets to see the one and only cutest and most gorgeous being everyday! Me! Michishige Sayumi~!
"Your leaving already?" She said as she pouted for the second time today. I nodded in response as I slipped into my cute, pink coloured, beach sandals.
She stood at the entrance way, watching my every move. I love being watched, especially by her.
"Can't you stay a little longer? Or even just stay over?" She asked with a pout.
"Bargaining with my length of stay here won't change anything Koharu." I said with great effort, trying very hard to part from her.
"I've already stayed over for the past two days already. Mom is getting worried, more like paranoid now." I carried on with my reasoning’s, which somehow tends to lead to my occasional ramblings.
"I don't get why she's so worried for... It's ju-"
She cuts me off in the middle of my rambling, with a kiss, a long one at that. Leaving me feeling like I was floating on cloud number nine. Pulling away, she shows me a warm smile.
"Good night, Sayuchan." She grins now, while I was still in a daze standing at her door step. "I'll see you tomorrow."
"Un!" I nodded cheerfully, already hoping tomorrow would arrive like, now. I ran down the steps from her cozy beach house as turned back waving at my infactuation one last time before rushing home.

"By the way!" She shouted. It was so loud, that it startled me for a moment there. "Tomorrow I wanna introduce you to a friend of mine tomorrow!" She continued, leaving me a little confused. Koharu never mentioned that she had a friend around the area before.. She moved here a few months ago alone into this beautiful beach house which I always thought was abandoned. She told me  that her father bought this house for when he needed to be alone, and now he gave it to her. Which is why I always thought that I was her only friend here, I wonder if I know the person..

"As my GIRLFRIEND!!" She yelled out again. This time making me blush... Girlfriend huh.. I chuckled in a shy manner, even if she couldn't hear me.

"OK!" I yelled back to her smiling from ear to ear, beaming with happiness.

"See you tomorrow!"


Partttto~ 1 owari~
So cool~ ^ It moves! :w00t:

Anyways, new short story up. Well not exactly new to me since I started writing this like.. last year? XD It's supposed to be a 3 part story I hope, depending on how long I write each part~

Well enjoy~ And pray that I write the next part faster... hehe :P

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Post by: rndmnwierd on July 14, 2010, 02:39:26 PM
You lives! Again! :cow: :cow:

SayuKoha I like, I wonder who the friend is.

So cool~ ^ It moves!
  :lol: :lol: It's cool.
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Post by: writerjunkie on July 14, 2010, 04:08:13 PM
Aw cute SayuKoha! I've been wanting to write them since I saw this moment on the backstage footage to Nine Smile. They're so cute! I think you've written them very well. I can picture Koharu being very romantic.  :wub: I guess she can be besides being hyper, childish, and sometimes annoying. XD

I'm curious to how Sayu and Koharu met. Also, if Koha never told Sayu about her friend does that mean Koharu is hiding something from Sayu? O.O I hope not! Man is Koharu's family rich! A beach house, huh?

Oh, here's another question! Does Sayu's mom know that Sayu is dating Koharu? Or does Sayu sneak out to Koharu's place behind her mom's back? O_____O Now I'm only worrying myself! >_<

I don'tk now why, but I suddenly have the feeling that everything is going to end bad. T______T Please don't make it end sad! I like to see this couple cute and romantic. If you can't tell, I'm intrested and hooked to this fic. XD So, I hope you can make the other 2 parts soon!

So cool~ ^ It moves!

How did you do that?! I didn't think it was possible! lol XD
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Post by: LiLith on July 14, 2010, 05:08:17 PM
Since I'm always running around to search for SayuKoha fics, I was like  :w00t: when I saw this ^_^
However, like Junkie-chan said, I have a bad hunch... <_< I feel something worrying about that "friend". Feel like she is gonna break my SayuKoha love <_< (Hope that I'm wrong XD)
Anyway, SayuKoha is cute as always <3 Hope nothing bad will happen to them. I'll be hurt  :cry: LOL.
*waiting for part 2*

Eh? What happened on the backstage, okaa-sama  :love: ?
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Comment replies~! *Thanks for commenting*

@rndm - Yay I lives! Again~ Wait.. when did I die? Well hopefully I lives long enough then XD And friend of Koha is gonna be revieled!

@WJ - Don't mind if I cut short your nick? XD Sorry.. And ehhmz... I don't think this story would turn out as sad as you might think? It's sad in a different kinda way~ Well most of your questions shall be answered in this next chapter anyways. Btw.. what Nine Smile backstage happening?! Pweease enlighten me!! Oh the moving thing.. That *arrow* M thing makes the words move!! Cool huh?

@LiLith - You worry too much too~! Rela~X nothing's gonna happen to cute SayuKoha. here, I promise!

Okayz... PAAAAAAA~RT 2!!


[Love Never Found] - Part 2

The soothing rhythm of the morning waves woke me from my sweet slumber. Getting up from my cute princess bed, which I decorated myself might I add, I groggily walked over to my window and slowly drew the pale pink curtains open.

"Good Morning to you too.." I mumbled, greeting the calming waves from the beach, which was the view from my lovely little room. Even from a distance, I could hear the refreshing water splashing back and forth against the clear white sands. I love my hometown, it's really relaxing.

With a smile plastered onto my face, I walked out towards the kitchen where my mother stood, preparing breakfast. I wrapped my arms around her waist hugging her from behind. I missed my mama, even though Koharu is a blast to be with, this lady did see me first, heck she even made me!

"Ohayo mama~" I greeted and peered over her shoulder to see what she was cooking.

"Ohayo Sayumi. How nice of you to remember you're dearest and most beautiful mother." She replied, making me roll my eyes at her narcissism. But I also felt slightly guilty for abandoning her the last few days..

"I'm sorry mama," I sigh, hopping onto the counter top beside the stove watching her continue with her cooking, "I lost track of time?" I grinned apologetically.

"Ri~ght, I forgot. All our faces just disappear once you're with her I suppose."

Damn.. I knew she'd tease me about Koharu sooner or later. "Mama~ you know I love you too right? How could I ever forget you?!" I protested with a pout, no one can resist my cute pouts!

"Oh.. So you love her now? My oh my, my precious Sayumi is in love~!" She rebutted mockingly, twirling her cooking chopsticks forming little heart shapes in the air. I felt my cheeks burning into a bright shade of pink. No way, I didn't say that!

"I didn't say that!" No, I didn't.. I don't.. love Koharu.. Do I? Look what mama has done to me! I'm all confused now! I crossed my arms, my eyebrows contracting into a frown, and my mouth protruding into a pout. Now she'll apologise, no one can resist this face!

"Okay fine.. I'm sorry Sayumi." She apologised! See, I knew my cute face can get me anything. "And don't give me that look, I invented that look." She spat out breaking my triumph moment. My mouth opened agape at mama's words... How rude!

"But I'm happy that you're happy Sayumi. It's been awhile since you've smiled like that." Mama's eyes softened as her hand reached out to stroke my dark long locks, making me smile genuinely thankful to have such a kind, though occasionally narcissistic, and understanding mother like her.


It was four in the afternoon already, why does time always go by so fast?! I watched the day go by quickly with the company of my beloved sister. Isn't it lucky how the day I come home, she has a day off from her work? We spent the day watching movies and catching up with each other's lives. I had so much fun that I almost forgot about meeting 
"Oneechan byebye!" I kind of felt guilty for leaving them to meet Koharu yet again, but I promised Koharu.
"See you later Sayumin~" My older sister replied with a sweet smile. I returned her gesture with an even sweeter smile of my own and quickly slipped onto my white canvas shoes dashing out of the house yet again.
When I reached Koharu's house, just a few blocks away, I double checked my reflection through the glass door. Fixing my pigtails, which my sister did for me, I pulled the two ends of my tied hair to the front of my bare shoulders. Hair: check. I then brushed down the skirt of my pale red dress with frills from my hip down to my knees. Outfit: check. And... Oh no! My shoes! It doesn't match my outfit! I stood at her doorway contemplating if I should run home to change, when suddenly the door flung open.
"Konbanwa!" My bright and cheerful girlfriend greeted me with a grin, and my previous worriment escaped my mind completely.
"Let's go! My friend would be reaching soon!" She said grabbing hold of my hand into hers as she led me downstairs towards the small garage of her house.
"Are you sure about this?" I watched her fearfully as she opened the doors of the pearl white mini truck that was parked in the garage. Wasn't she underage to drive?
"Don't worry, my uncle gave me a few driving lessons. It shouldn't be that hard." She murmured as I stood at the hood of the vehicle watching her study the gears intently. "Hurry up and get in." She ordered.
Before I knew it, we were cruising down the empty roads, singing along to the songs being played on the radio, as we headed to the train station. She wasn't that bad at driving, or maybe it was because of the long empty road which made it easy to drive.
Koharu finally came to a stop and parked the truck in front of the station, she told me to wait in the car as she went over to fetch her friend. And so I did. I sat there staring somewhat remorsefully at my shoes as I tapped the front of the shoe with both my foot. I should have worn a different pair. Now it’s too late, I pondered while pouting.
Koharu's loud voice was heard as she yelled some sort or greeting to her friend, I didn't really bother about it since I was still very much bummed out about my choice of shoes. Finally looking up, I noticed Koharu making her way over to the car; she opened the door and grinned at me, causing me to smile in return. She stepped aside and let her friend in and I couldn't believe my eyes. There she stood, frozen just like I was. The older and slightly tanned girl with short curly brown locks glanced back at Koharu, a shocked expression carved her face.


Whaccha think? I TOOK 2 WEEKS (give and take a few days) TO FINISH PART 2!

Haa~ So proud of meselfz~ :P


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Post by: rndmnwierd on July 29, 2010, 07:45:55 PM
KAMESHIGEKOHA~~!!!  :shock: :shock: BTW I love Sayu's family :lol:

I'm proud of you for updating so fast! But I guess, maybe I don't really have room to complain, now do I? :sweatdrop:
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Post by: LiLith on July 30, 2010, 08:21:06 AM
lol Sayu with her mom are so cute!!  XD
OMG I did have felling that friend is Eri!!!!  :shocked (it's always KameShige that is SayuKoha's rival? eh? XD)
Awww...  :cry: So Eri is Sayu's ex-lover? I wonder what will happen next?
Is part 3 the last part? Wanna read it now!!  :cry: Please update soon, <3
You worry too much too~! Rela~X nothing's gonna happen to cute SayuKoha. here, I promise!
I love you <3 <3 XD

Btw, about Nine Smile backstage, you should watch that! XD lol I had heart attack when Sayu and Koha suddenly hug each other, hold hands and walk to somewhere I dont know wth it is. XD Sayu's face when hugging Koha was so cute!! lol.
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Wow you actually updated quickly! Good job Mate :thumbsup

"And don't give me that look, I invented that look."
Love this line. Gawd I love the bunny's mum :lol: So that's where she's learn her skills from.

So the friend is Eri?
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Ahhhhh, IshiYoshi! Yet another fan-freakintastic fanfic. Again, I wish people would write a tad more. You IshiYoshi writers always leave me wanting more.

So beuno :grin: