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Title: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Final Lesson + Epilogue
Post by: Aioros on May 29, 2007, 04:44:19 AM
I couldn't sleep again last night because
1) I watched Miyabi's making of clip and she was really pretty in it.
2) I had this story in my mind.

I just had to write it. It's almost like Tenjou Tenge, minus the guys and the bouncing bo... you get it right?

"Destiny is something that you make, not something that decides what you should be..."

"Maimi-chan, Maimi-chan! Wake up! We're almost there!"

The warmth of the sun that entered the window did not help the girl in waking up her companion. The naive, young girl could only think of one way to wake her up...

"Ooouuuch! What was that for?"

The other passengers on the bus looked at what the commotion was about. Maimi, the older girl, just gave them a glare to make them mind their own business again.

"Did you just bite me, Airi-chan?" Maimi asked her, even if the teeth marks on her wrist were quite obvious.
"Well, I couldn't pour water on you so yeah, I bit you. I'm sure you wouldn't want to enter the new school wet, right?"
"Great. Now I have to get anti-rabies shots."
"I don't have rabies..." Airi said as she looked at Maimi with teary eyes.
"Just kidding." Maimi said as she kissed the younger on the forehead.

The two got off on the next stop and started to walk towards their destination.

"So, can you tell me more about the school, Airi-chan?"
"It' do I say it...Taikosaku's weird?"
"The school is weird? Because of the teachers?"
"Yeah. Not just because of the teachers, but also because of some of the students. And it's also dangerous." Airi answered as they stopped in front of the school gate. Maimi took a good look at the school. It seemed normal to her, she found nothing suspicious or dangerous about it.
"How come?"
"It's because of them." Airi said as she pointed to some vandalism on the wall.

It was a pink, spray painted skull with hearts as eyes. There was something written in below.

"Be...Berr...Kou.. I can't read it! The one who did this really must be really sloppy hahaha."
"It's Berryz Koubou, dear. And thank you for dissing my handwriting."

Maimi and Airi turned around and saw another girl wearing the same uniform they wore, except that she had knee high black socks and there was a skull patch, similar to the vandal on the wall, stitched  on the left sleeve. Maimi couldn't figure out if she was younger or older than she is. Her face was smooth, almost perfect. Her hair was light brown and it looked like she just came out from a salon.

"Who is she, Airi-chan? I thought I told you that you couldn't go out with anyone else except me?"
"Rii-chan. I...."
"Who's this weirdo, Airi-chan? Classmate of yours?"
"Ah. So you're new here! I can introduce myself Airi-chan. Sugaya Risako. 13 Years old. Berryz Koubou." the girl said as she did some kind of introduction pose, like those Sailormoon girls.

Maimi wasn't amused.

"There's a section here called Berryz Koubou? Eew!"
"Shut up. How dare you insult us like that!"
"It's not a section Maimi-chan. Berryz Koubou. They're like the rulers of the school." Airi said.
"Pfft. Whatever! Come on Airi-chan, We're gonna be late." Maimi said as she grabbed Airi's hand.

Before they could walk any further, a steel chain wrapped around Maimi's wrist. After a few seconds, they were surrounded by a bunch of other students. Maimi could hear them whispering that Risako will probably rip the other girls' uniform off, that she'll make her beg for mercy. Good thing it was an all girls school though.

"Don't you know that it's not polite to turn around when someone's talking to you?" Risako asked. She was wielding a kusarigama (
"Don't you know it's not polite to force people to talk to weirdos like you?" Maimi said as she grabbed the chain. Then in one swift motion she tossed Risako overhead and slammed her on the ground. The other students who were watching had to pick up their jaws on the floor before they left the scene. It was the first time they saw someone hold her own against one of the members of Berryz Koubou, especially Risako, who had a 7-0 record when it came to duels, and actually win. Most of them were glad that someone was actually able to do it. But some were worried because they might get involved when Berryz Koubou decide to extract their revenge.

"I'm...I'm not done yet!" Risako said as she started to get up.
"Don't bother. I can see than your arm's been hyperextended and now it's dislocated. Go have it fixed first, like your teeth, then we'll fight. Come on Airi-chan."
"Wait. What's your name?"
"Maimi. Yajima Maimi. Tell my name to your friends in Berryz Kou…Berryz Ko…"
"Whatever. Tell them that the girl who owns that name isn't afraid of any of you. "

Risako walked inside a secret room within the school. It was the room exclusive to Berryz Koubou. It was so secret, even she gets lost looking for it sometimes. Before she could close the door, someone already spoke to her.

"What happened to your arm, Rii-chan? It's just the first day and you already get injured." The girl was referring to the cast and sling that covered Risako's right arm.
"Maybe she tried to wash her hair again." said another.

She could hear five voices laughing at her but Risako didn't cry. She was much tougher than that. She just smirked and was about to hurl the bladed end of her weapon to them, but someone stopped the laughter.

"Enough!" the one who stopped them seemed to be the leader of the group." Who did that to you, Rii-chan?"
"A new kid."
"A new kid? O boy, now we get to play with someone new." said a girl with a squeaky voice.
"We know, you've been building your muscles for the day someone actually decides to put up a fight against us. But you'll have to wait for your turn."
"So, who's next anyway?"
"Youngest to oldest. That's the rule. But we'll let Rii-chan get a rematch first."
"Eh? But then I'll be one of the last to fight." said the girl with the squeaky voice. "And I don't expect her to get past three of you."
"But if we do it by height, it's either you or Captain who will get to have all the fun." said the tallest girl in the room.
"Alright, alright. Let's settle it by jankenpyon then..."

As the others proceeded with their jankenpyon battle, the captain, who seemed to be interested with the new kid, asked Risako some questions again.

"She...she just caught me off guard Captain." said a teary Risako.
"I know. She just got lucky. Don't think too much about it. Just focus on getting better. You'll have a rematch anyway."
"Thanks a lot, Captain."
"What's her name, Rii-chan?"
"Her name is..."

"...Yajima Maimi. Nice to meet you all!"  Maimi said as she bowed in front of her classmates.Her classmates clapped as she headed to her seat. They probably weren't around when she kicked one of Berryz Koubou's assess earlier. She took one of the back seats.

"Nice to meet you, Maimi-chan." said the girl who sat behind her.
"Thanks. You're name is?"
"Saki. Shimizu Saki. And I'll make sure that you're going to enjoy your stay in Taikosaku..."

"Hey. You're short Saki-chan. You should sit in front..."

Title: Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 1: The New Girl
Post by: ziggurat on May 29, 2007, 05:51:30 AM
Maimi's fic! O_O

I smells some fluffiness in the intro :D

skull patch?! o_o that is so gangsta! my favourite type :3 (not really, but because berryz love skull, so.. yeah)

Oh, kusarigama is in musashi too... that is dangerous!

Maimi is so tough lol.

Lol, I need to quote this:

Quote from: wordsworth
"Maybe she tried to wash her hair again." said another.

I lol so hard even feeling like saying "lol" so loud XD

"Enough!" the one who stopped them seemed to be the leader of the group." Who did that to you, Rii-chan?"

I like this part so I quote it too, for reference purpose :3

"A new kid? O boy, now we get to play with someone new." said a girl with a squeaky voice.
"We know, you've been building your muscles for the day someone actually decides to put up a fight against us. But you'll have to wait for your turn."

OH SHIT! ARGH! (a broken stomach because of a supressed laugh)

"Hey. You're short Saki-chan. You should sit in front..."


I enjoy this so much, because you put things that we always made joke around lol. Damn, I can't wait for the next chapter. :3
Title: Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 1: The New Girl
Post by: rokun on May 29, 2007, 02:14:16 PM
Lol, Wordy, that was very fun! ^___^ It's nice to see a different type of Berryz/C-ute story. Maybe you'll start a trend! I'm not sure exactly how to describe it though... It almost seems a mix of BR and Sukeban Deka (though mostly Sukeban XD). Go Raikou Shojo Maimi!!  XD
Title: Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 1: The New Girl
Post by: mode107 on May 29, 2007, 11:10:47 PM
Oh yeah Maimi story! already starting to love it.
I laughed and loved that fact that you actually linked one of the words to wikipedia. it helped though.

lol, and that comment at the end by Maimi.
Title: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 2: Those Who Lift Weights
Post by: Aioros on May 30, 2007, 07:15:39 PM
Lunch Time...

"Just who exaclty are these Berryz Kou...Berryz ko..."
"Yes, yes. Just who are these Berryz whatever, Airi-chan?" Maimi asked her as she took another bite at her Yakiniku.
"You don't wanna know, Maimi-chan."
"Why not? They're just students like us aren't they?"
"Yes they are. But the truth is, aside from Rii-chan, we don't know who they are. "
"They terrorize the school and do stuff like organizing fake fund-raising events but they haven't revealed their identities..."
"That's cowardly!"
"...but one of them like, owns the school, and Rii-chan, is a model for a magazine, and some of them are trained in various martial arts, and one of them is a weight lifter and..."
"And that makes them free to do whatever they want?"
"I guess so. Because anyone who gets in their way gets either injured too badly, vanishes mysteriously, or just transfers to another school."
"That's not right!" Maimi said as she slammed the table, catching the attention of the other kids in the canteen. Some of them recognized her as the one who defeated one of the Berryz Koubou earlier that day. The ones who were sitting near Maimi and Airi, after hearing about what Maimi has done, decided to vacate the table and transferred. "Fine! Avoid me like I'm a plague but I won't allow these 'elitists' to bully us around!"

"I heard that Berryz Koubou already captured the one who beat Risako earlier." said a small girl who was wearing some large, weird sunglasses. She was with another girl who was eating some ice cream. Both of them were probably a bit younger than Airi.
"What did you say, Maimai?" Airi asked her. "Is this true, Chisato-chan?"
"Yeah. I saw them dragging someone they called 'the new girl' into the gym." said Chisato.
"It could be that they have mistaken that girl as you, Maimi-chan." Airi told her.
"That does it!" Maimi said as she headed for the gym. "Don't follow me, Airi-chan. They might go after you too. And thanks for telling me about this you two."
"No problem." Chisato said. "But you'll have to give us 10,000 yen when you get back."

Maimi stopped on her tracks. Then headed back to Chisato.

"10,000 Yen?" Maimi asked her with one eyebrow higher than the other.
"Okay. 9,000." Mai said.
"You're really testing my patience aren't you?"
"Come on now, Maimi-chan. Don't get mad at them." Airi said as she tried to calm her down.
"Don't worry. I'll take care of them. Just go save that girl."
"No matter what happens, don't give them any money."
"I won't. They were just kidding, right girls?"
"Aww. How come you always spoil the fun, Airi-chan?"
"Just have some Pocky sticks, you two." Airi said as she handed both of them a box of Pocky. "Have a signed picture of me too..."

Maimi kicked the door of the gym open. At the center of the court, 'the new girl' was tied to a chair, blindfolded. She ran towards her, untied her and removed the blindfold. She also checked and it seemed that the girl didn't have any bruises or cuts.

"What's your name?" Maimi asked her.
"K...Kanna. Arihara Kanna." the girl replied.
"You're a transfer student yourself aren't you?"
"I'm sorry for getting you into trouble Kanna-chan."
"It's alright. It's not your fault."
"Do you recognize the ones who abducted you?"
"They were..."

"No need to ask her that, Yajima-san!"

Maimi signaled Kanna to get away from the gym before she looked above. There were three girls on the bleachers. She couldn't see their faces clearly because of the shadows, but she could see that two of them were quite taller. And the shortest one was the one who speaking.

"We just used her as bait, in case you didn't have the guts to show up..."
"You really play dirty, huh."
"If it's fun, then it's okay!"
"You call taking someone who has nothing to with this as a hostage fun?"
"Of course. You should have seen how she tried to convince us that she wasn't you. It was funny haha. Especially when I asked her to do that chicken dance."
"And since Rii-chan said that the winner of the jankenpyon battle can fight you before she gets her rematch clause, I will fight you, Yajima-san." the girl said as she stepped into the light while the other two stepped back into the shadows and vanished. The squeaky voice cam from a squinty eyed girl who girl wore a red head band and the school uniform. Only, she was wearing a black sweater with the pink skull on it. She also had a necktie.

"Tsugunaga Momoko. 15 years old. Berryz Koubou." the girl said as she did her intro pose as well.

"Wow! That's a sexy pose!"
"Really? My sexy pose would sell?"
"Yeah. But...tell me. You're the weightlifter, aren't you?"
"How'd you know?"
"Your muscles are bulging from that sweater."
"Why thank y...wait! They'r not bulging!"
"So you are the weightlifter!"
"What if I am?"
"Didn't you know that boys don't find muscular girls attractive? I bet you never had a boyfriend, huh? And don't lift weights too much or else your armpits are gonna get wrinkled."
"Shut up! This is not about armpits or me not having a boyfriend. It's about me teaching you how to respect Berryz Koubou."
 "How can I respect a bunch of low-lives like you, who only use their powers to prey on others. What you're doing is inexcusable and unforgivable. Respect is something you earn, not something you force onto others."
"Spare me the hero talk! Let's just fight okay?"

After saying that, Momoko got off the bleachers and picked up a rack of basketballs. Using only her pinkie. Then she tossed it at Maimi like it was a candy wrapper. Maimi barely evaded it but she realized how heavy the rack was, for the number of balls it had were more than fifty. Momoko picked up one of the balls that rolled towards her. She gripped it easily with one hand, then crushed it and threw it at Maimi, who just slapped it away.

"Am I suppossed to be impressed?" Maimi asked her.
"Of couse. I'll bet you my lunch you can't do that.."
"I can't do that pinky toss you did but..."

Maimi picked up one of the balls and compressed it too. Just by using her thumb and index fingers.

"What the? How'd you..." Momoko asked as she started blinking rapidly.
"I've been doing that since I was three. Wanna see what I can do with bowling balls?"
"Arrggh!! This cannot be! I refuse to believe it! I'm still stronger than you!""

Momoko then ran to the locker room and took out a couple of them, carrying them over her head, and tossed them to Maimi. Maimi didn't dodge this time. She punched the lockers as they came. The lockers were bent in half as they landed on the floor.

"How can she do that?" Momoko asked herself. Then she thought she saw some surges of lightning crawling on Maimi's arms. "You're a freak, aren't you?"
"And what do you call yourself? Don't tell me that you got that strong by eating spinach. Also, I find the way you stick out your butt is kinda cute."
"Arrgggh." Momoko was pissed. First was because Maimi was able to negate her attack. Second is because someone noticed her butt-sticking habit again. "

She took a deep breath and as she exhaled, the sweater she wore got shredded. The sleeves of her uniform got ripped too, revealing her muscles. Then she ran towards the stage.

"What are you doing?"
"I’m not going to lose, not to you!! I'm taking you down, no matter what!" she said as she started to lift the stage.
"Hey, that's dangerous!"

Momoko was able to uproot the stage and carried it over her shoulders.

"Your face is a mess!" she said as she hurled the stage at Maimi.
"Why you..."

Maimi took a fighting stance and closed her eyes. Now the surges Momoko saw on Maimi's arms earlier became visible. The lights of the gym started to fluctuate and the hairs on Momoko's arms started to stand up too, because of the energy Maimi was generating. Before it could hit her, Maimi opened her eyes.


The stage stopped in mid-air, then exploded into a million fragments. The fragments were the size of small, lego blocks and could not really do that much damage, but the impact of the punch was strong enough to shatter the glass windows of the gym. The fist with which Maimi punched it was still smoking.

"How in the..."
"I've defeated a lot of people, some of them even stronger than you. But the ones I really hate are the ones who use innocent people just to get what they want."
"You could have just called me out if you wanted. I'll take you on anytime, anywhere. Heck, I'd even take all of you at the same time!"
"Go ahead! Beat me up!" a pouty faced Momoko said.
"I'm not like you. I don't use my power to hurt, to bring fear. I use my power to do what's right, to correct the wrong."
"Your face is a mess!"
"Yeah, yeah. But I'm sexier than you and I already had a boyfriend before." Maimi said as she imitated Momoko's introduction pose. "I win. Nyaa! I lifted some weights before too, but my armpits are still..." Maimi said as she started to roll up her sleeves.
"Waaah!!!" Momoko dropped on her knees and started to weep. Maimi walked closer to her and picked her up by the uniform's collar.
"I'm gonna make you apologize to Kanna-chan." she said as she carried Momoko out of the gym.

There were already a bunch of students gathered outside. They couldn't believe how Maimi carried Momoko like a kitten.

"Momo-chan is a member of Berryz Koubou? I can't beleieve it! She's one of the nicest kids here." Airi said.

Maimi held Momoko in front of Kanna.

"Apologize to her." Maimi commanded.
"It's not really necessary Maimi-san. They didn't really hurt me." Kanna said.
"Apologize to her."
*sniff**sniff* "No way!" *sniff*

Maimi then raised her in the air.

"Take a good look at her. She's a member of Berryz Kou...Berryz Ko..."
"Whatever. You don't have to be afraid of people like her. As long as I'm here, I'll..."

Before she could finish, Maimi's hand was hit by a wireless mouse, causing her to drop Momoko. Momoko ran through the crowd and disappeared from their sight. Maimi was about to pick up the wireless mouse but amazingly, it retracted back to its owner, just like a yo-yo. Maimi looked at the one who threw it but saw nothing but the girl's silhouette. She couldn't see her face.

"She's tall..."
*gasp* "Maimi-chan! Your skirt!" Airi said as she pointed.
"What about my skirt?"
"I've got the same one at home!"
"Duh? It's the school uniform. Everyone else here has it."
"You're wearing striped undies." said Mai
"How'd you know?"
"Your skirt has a hole in the crotch area." pointed the young girl.

*<insert camera sound here>*

"100,000,000 Yen or this spreads in the internet!" Chisato said.
"Why you..."

Back in Berryz Koubou's secret room...

"She beat Momo too? Haha. Now Momo has a 4-3 record. She'll definitely slip down the rankings."
"Rii-chan and Momo in one day. Interesting. And she wears striped underwear. Maybe I should too. Hmm..."
"She's nothing to be scoffed at. Look at what she did to my mouse. It got dented and to think it just hit her hand. We should do something about her before she can cause us any more trouble. "
"What do we do know, Captain?"

"...even if she called me short, which should have made me eliminate her on the spot..."

"...we'll just have to wait for things to happen..."

Title: Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 1: The New Girl
Post by: ziggurat on May 31, 2007, 08:30:15 AM
Lol, why Airi is so attached to Pocky? :D

Quote from: wordsworth
Maimi kicked the door of the gym open.


"Of course. You should have seen how she tried to convince us that she wasn't you. It was funny haha. Especially when I asked her to do that chicken dance."

Lol, ookina aide motenashite.. XD

"Yeah. But...tell me. You're the weightlifter, aren't you?"


"I've been doing that since I was three. Wanna see what I can do with bowling balls?"

Omg, haha. So, they really have power? o_o

"Your skirt has a hole in the crotch area." pointed the young girl.

<insert shocked smiley here>

Time for Captain to move ? :D Nice chapter words! So, it just not an ordinary fight :D

Title: Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 1: The New Girl
Post by: mode107 on May 31, 2007, 01:59:55 PM
You should have seen how she tried to convince us that she wasn't you. It was funny haha. Especially when I asked her to do that chicken dance."

lol, I just knew it had to be ooki na ai de motenashite.

Title: Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 1: The New Girl
Post by: Aioros on June 05, 2007, 10:58:51 AM
Another cover made by ChrNo  :D


It's great but I told ChrNo that it could be better by making the skirt shorter...:mon lurk: :mon sweat: j/k

I thought that I could finally get some rest after finishing Detonator M but I was wrong. Also, I'm a bit reluctant with continuing Kamen Rider NEK0 since Miki is out (damn, if she wanted a scandal, she should have called me :mon annoy: but at least there's a reason why she'll have off nights at GATAS - it must be the butter!). I had plans for it but...

Anyways, I'm not really good at this but...

zigg - Captain should be in front. Especially on dance numbers :P

rokun - I try to be different all the time and for this fic, expect the appearance of only one, I repeat, ONE male character :D

modesta107 - yeah, the chicken dance was from Ookina. :P I don't know but I find that quite adorable. I saw Rika do a part of it and it was still cute. Now I wonder what it'll look like if the Berryz does it  XD

This won't be as long as Detonator M but I'll make sure that it'll be as fun and enjoyable.

Again, thanks for reading. :D
Title: Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 1: The New Girl
Post by: rokun on June 05, 2007, 12:31:21 PM
Another cover made by ChrNo  :D
It's great but I told ChrNo that it could be better by making the skirt shorter...:mon lurk: :mon sweat: j/k
Seconded!  XD

modesta107 - yeah, the chicken dance was from Ookina. :P I don't know but I find that quite adorable. I saw Rika do a part of it and it was still cute. Now I wonder what it'll look like if the Berryz does it  XD
You know you can see Berryz do it in this past winter's Wonderful Hearts Otome Gocoro concert... ^^ If you can't get a hold of it I'll try to grab the clip for ya.
...While typing this I found the clip on Youtube! Thought I would... The rest of Wonderful Hearts does it too for a time. ^^ (

This won't be as long as Detonator M but I'll make sure that it'll be as fun and enjoyable.
I need to read the rest of Detonator M too >.> I think I only caught the first several chapters...
Title: Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 1: The New Girl
Post by: mode107 on June 08, 2007, 09:44:20 PM
I saw Rika do a part of it and it was still cute.

Where does Rika do the dance? I know she does it at the wondeful hearts thing, was the another one?
Title: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 3: Wrong Suspects
Post by: Aioros on June 13, 2007, 12:09:26 PM
Maimi couldn't get the image of the tall girl out of her head. Even if she only saw the girl's silhouette, she was able to see the evil smirk on her face as her wireless mouse returned back to her hand.

She knew that she has established herself as an enemy in the eyes of the members of Berryz Koubou.

But she wasn't afraid. She knew exactly what she was getting into the very first time she encountered one of its members.

She was just waiting for them to make their move. But little did she know, that Berryz Koubou has been waiting for her move too...

"Maimi-chan, wake-up! Are you daydreaming about me again?" said Airi, who was sporting a granny bun this time. "Here, have another Pocky."

Maimi took the Pocky stick and gave it a small bite. Somehow, the sweet taste removed any thoughts she had in her head that time.

"Thanks. I needed that, Airi-chan."
"What were you thinking of anyway?"
"Beer Koubou."
"Berryz Koubou?"
"Right, right. By the way, do you know any tall girl here in school?
"Aside from you? Well, there aren't really any tall girls here aside from you, Erika-chan and..."
"Yeah. She's in the same level as you. And she's pretty too."
"Do you know where she hangs out?"
"She's usually in the cafeteria."
"Why are you asking, Maimi-chan? Are you suspecting Erika-chan to be a member of Berryz?"
"Well, yeah. But I don't have evidence yet. That's why I need to know more about her."
"I saw Erika-chan acting weird lately." interrupted Chisato.
"But that's not enough, Chisato-chan." pouted Airi. "I don't think Erika-chan has something to do with them."
"I saw her talking to Momo." said Mai.
"Just now."
"What? Where did you see them?"
"At the stairway going to the rooftop."
"I'm going." Maimi said as she finished her Pocky stick.
"20,000 Yen." Mai and Chisato said in unison as they showed Maimi their palms.
"Get them out of my sight Airi-chan, before I..."
"Okay. Come on girls." Airi said as she tried to take the younger ones away. "Let's just get some ice cream in the cafe. And Maimai, I thought you were gonna teach me to swim?"
"Ummm, Airi-chan, you forgot to tell her about the other tall girl..."

Maimi was able to see Erika, who was only halfway done with the stairway. She followed her, to see where she was heading.
 But since Maimi wasn't trained to do reconnaissance, she made noises every now and then, which prompted Erika to check if someone was following her.

Maimi was almost caught once, but she was able to dive into an old, abandoned men's comfort room, probably the only one in the school. And it looked like it hasn't been cleaned in ages. To prevent herself from inhaling the evil stench, Maimi held her breathe for ten minutes, to give enough time for Erika to forget what she heard and keep on walking. Maimi peeped from the door to make sure Erika wasn't looking around anymore. She was out of sight but she could hear Erika's footsteps. Maimi sneaked out of the CR, but she couldn't believe what she saw. The walls and the windows of the hallway were damaged by something. And those weren't around when she ducked inside the CR. The thing that made those damages left numerous craters and holes on the wall. And Maimi knew exactly what that thing was.

"...wireless she's really part of this..."

Maimi reached the rooftop, not trying to sneak around anymore. Her mind was made up and she was ready to confront Erika, who incidentally, was holding a flag with the Berryz skull emblem stitched on it.

"So you're really a member of Very Koubou."
"Berryz Koubou."
"Yeah, yeah. I won't let you harm any of the other students here anymore."
"What are you talking about? I'm not a member of Berryz!"
"Explain that!" Maimi said as she pointed at the flag.
"Oh this? Momo-chan told me to get it because she was too small and couldn't reach it from the pole."
"Like I'd believe that. Little miss muscle could have just pounded the pole's base so it'd fall down. Come on, take out your mouse!"
"Mouse? You mean this?"

Erika tried to take out something from her pocket while Maimi took a fighting stance.

"Here it is." Erika said as she showed Maimi a Minnie Mouse purse. "Do you want one? I have an extra at home."
"Wait. You're not really a member of Berryz are you?"
"Of course not. Momo-chan just told me to get this flag, that's all."
"What about those broken walls in the hallway?"
"What broken walls?"

Suddenly, the dreaded wireless mouse came out of nowhere and was headed straight for Erika's face. Maimi caught it before it made contact and she prevented it from going back to its owner.

"Shit! This thing is heavy!" Maimi thought.
"Ooh! Nice catch! Do you play softball?" Erika asked her.
"Sorry if I suspected you as one of them, Erika."
"Don't worry about it. Hey, you're kinda cute. Wanna go out sometime. You're hair smells nice. What shampoo do you use?"
"Ummm, it's like, not the time to talk about this? And, I just came from a dirty guys comfort room, don't tell me you like that smell?"

Suddenly, another tall girl made an appearance. She wore a sleeveless version of their uniform but she was wearing a striped long sleeved shirt under. And her skirt was too short for her legs. Oh, and the Berryz skull prints were all over her black socks.
"You want that mouse? You can have it." she said.

Suddenly, the mouse Maimi was holding started ticking. Maimi saw a digital timer counting down to zero. She threw it towards the other tall girl who kicked it towards the sky, where it gave a mild poof before showering the ground with confetti. The Berryz member took out two mice  from her sleeve.

"If you say that you can control your mouse using skills from Naruto and I'll..."
"Why what's wrong with Naruto? Don't worry, these mice, they're not really wireless..."

Maimi checked her wrist and saw some marks made by a thin piece of wire. She concluded that it got there when she caught the mouse.

"So you use those invisible wires they use in toku-shows..."
"Ah, so you figured it out already. Nonetheless, knowing what defeated you won't be any help at all."
"Who are you?"
"Kumai Yurina, 13 years old, Berryz Koubou." she said as she did a sexy pose.
"You're sexy but you're too thin." Maimi said. "And my hair is better than yours."
"So what? I'm younger than you anyway. I'll get sexier hahaha." Yurina said as she brushed her hair aside. "Prepare yourself!"

Maimi told Erika to find somewhere to hide. Yurina threw her weapons at Maimi. Maimi prepeared to parry them but blades suddenly came out of the once harmless looking device. Maimi rolled out of the way then she ran towards Yurina. The mice retaracted quickly and Yurina was able to throw them again. Maimi couldn't get closer to Yurina so she decided to back down but she felt something on her back.

"Keep on throwing them! You can't hit me! You're only going to miss no matter how many times you throw them." she told Yurina.
"That's what you think." Yurina answered.

Maimi looked around her. Normal people wouldn't be able to see it, but she saw that she was already surrounded by the invisible wire Yurina was using. When she turned around, Yurina was no longer there. She tried to go to a fighting stance but she felt that her arms were tied to her body. She also couldn't move her legs. Yurina pulled on the wires, causing Maimi to fall.

"I caught you." Yurina said as she flicked a switch. It shocked Maimi with a huge dosage of electricty. "Let's see who has better hair now."

Maimi just stood up and broke free from the wires, but she didn't let go of them. She mockingly fixed her hair, which was still the same even before the shock. Some portions of her clothes were fried too, though not much was exposed.

"What the?"
"Wanna know how it feels to get shocked?" Maimi said as she sent a jolt using the wires.


It was a mild shock. Yurina let go of the wires before she could feel the rest of it. She took out a small mirror from her pocket and found out that her hair got messed up.
"My hair! You ruined it!"
"What? You can get it done again anyway."

Yurina ran towards Maimi and threw a couple of punches. Maimi was able to dodge them.

"You can't hit me. I was already to measure the reach of your arms earli...."

But one punch caught Maimi on the cheek. Maimi backed down and wiped her lips with her sleeve. She was a bit of blood.

"Shit! How'd that happen... Now I get it. Those stripes on her sleeves, they create an illusion about her reach. You stole that from Rurouni Kenshin, didn't you? From that Oniwabanshuu ninja!"
"So what if I did?"
"That was a nice punch. But it would have been stronger if you threw it like this." Maimi said as she demonstrated a right straight.
"Whatever!" Yurina said as she punched her again.

Maimi didn't dodge this time and caught Yurina's fist with her hand. Yurina tried to punch her with her other hand but Maimi caught it too. Now she held Yurina by her wrists.
"So, you wanna know how strong the shock you gave me earlier is?" Maimi grinned.
"I...if you do that, you'll fry my hair!"
"No!" Yurina said as she got away from Maimi. She went to a safe distance, then reveales a dozen, probably more of those miniature mice from her pocket. "Let's see you dodge this!" she said as she hurled them at Maimi.

Maimi then created a sphere of electricity from her left hand. "I didn't want to use this here but..."


Maimi shouted as she kicked the sphere, turning them to something like lightning arrows, causing it to go into various directions, destroying Yurina's weapons that were headed her way. A wayward arrow grazed Yurina's skirt, making it shorter. One was about to hit her face but Maimi snapped and the arrow vanished.

"Why'd you do that? You want me to be grateful?" Yurina asked.
"You're pretty, Kumai. Though I don't like your tactics in battle. Yeah, you're young and you have a lot of time.
A lot of time to change."
"I don't use my skills to hurt the weak. I use it to do what I believe is right, what I believe is just. And with what and your group has been doing to the school, something had to be done." Maimi said as she picked up the Berryz flag Erika dropped and handed it to Yurina. "Sorry about the skirt. Use this. I can almost see your..."
Yurina slapped her hand away and ran. But she took the flag with her.
"Maimi!" It was Erika. "Now, how are you gonna walk around wearing that?" she said as she pointed at Maimi's almost non-existent top uniform.
Maimi blushed before running to the ledge and shouting "AIRIIIIIII! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!"
"I'll let you borrow mine if you want to..." Erika said as she started to unbutton her uniform.

They didn't notice the two figures who were observing them since the beginning.

"You're the one who fights her next right?"
"She beat Yurina."
"I saw."
"What are you gonna do then?"
"I'm going to make her use her full power..."

"Airi-chan, these are to small." Maimi complained.
"Of course. Those are my clothes." Airi answered as she took out more clothes from her bag.
"Do you always bring these many clothes at school everyday?"
"Ummm no. I just get them from my locker."
"I see. So you bring clothes to school and store them in your locker."
"No. Someone drops these clothes in my locker. All of those are brand new. Looks like I have a secret admirer." Airi said as she nudged Maimi. "Jealous?"
"Ummm this is an all-girls school right?"
"Maybe one of the teachers then."
"Umm, I’m not sure about that."
"Really? Then how come I saw Goto-sensei use the men's comfort room?"
Title: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 4: The Maiden's Bitter First
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It's been three months since Maimi-chan defeated Kumai-chan of Berryz. After that, we haven't heard much from them. The kids in school felt like they were released from a certain curse. Taikosaku actually felt like a safe place to be in. Most of them now talked to Maimi-chan, whom they avoided when they heard that she'd go against Berryz. Aside from Kanna-chan, Mai-chan, Chisato-chan, Erika-chan and me, Maimi-chan seemed to get more friends as each day passed. She even has some groupies. Everything seemed to be going well.

But where are we now? We're on one of our vans, going to see Maimi-chan's senpais.

Because Maimi-chan lost. She lost to Sudou Maasa, another member of Berryz Koubou.

We were on the school's swimming pool because they were teaching me how to swim but suddenly, Maasa-chan appeared and challenged Maimi-chan. And take note. She didn't to a sexy pose when she introduced herself. She gave a bow though.Even if she didn't look that scary, Chisato-chan trembled when she saw her. Maybe she had a bad encounter with her before.

Maimi tried every technique she knew but Maasa-chan wasn't even fazed. She only hit Maimi-chan twice but it was enough to knock her out. She grabbed Maimi-chan by the leg from the pool but before she could land the coup de grace, Megu-chan arrived and stopped her.

Who's Megu-chan you ask?
Well, before Maimi-chan arrived, she was the Berryz's nummber one enemy. There was a rumor that she was once a friend of one of the Berryz because they went to the same school before but when Megu-chan learned about what they were up to, she severed all connections with them. She was able to beat a few of them but she fell into one of their traps and they ganged up on her and she got injured. While she was recovering, that was the time when the Berryz spread their reign of terror.

I'm not sure if Megu-chan's fully recovered but she said that she'll try to hold them down until we return. Megu-chan is strong but I don't know if the Berryz got any stronger too.

I think this is the first time Maimi-chan ever got defeated. I never saw her so depressed before. I tried to cheer her up but she'd only give me a fake smile. I just hope that by seeing her teachers, she'd be able to gain her confidence back.

We got off the van. I told the driver that I'd just give him a call when we're ready to go. Maimi-chan said we had to walk the rest of the way. We had to go through a forest and reached the bottom of a mountain. It had a small wooden sign that said "Gatas Brilhantes Dojo" and as I looked up, there were steps leading up.

"How many steps are there, Maimi-chan?" I asked her.
"I'm not sure. I haven't counted them."
"There are one thousand four hundred thirteen steps…" someone said. We turned around. It was a lady. I wasn't sure how old she is, because she looked young. And she was quite sexy too in that leopard-spotted kunoichi outfit.
"Nakazawa-senpai?" Maimi-chan said.
"Oh, Maimi-chan! What brings you back here? Tips on how to get a good boyfriend?" the lady said.
"She's your senpai?" I asked Maimi-chan.
"Well, yeah."
"Nakazawa Yuko." the lady said."You can call me anything, except ma'am."
"She's like the niece of my grandpa from my mother side's cousin's sister-in-law, who happens to be the eldest.. ."
"She's your what?"
"Let's just say we're related to cut it short. Telling her all that crap makes it sound like I'm from the Edo period." Nakazawa-san said.
"What are you doing here senpai?"
"Well, those three were debating on the number of steps our stairway had. I had to count so that I can shut them up. You know those three when they're arguing."
"Are we really gonna climb those steps Maimi-chan?"
"Yes Airi-chan. Don't worry, if you get tired I'll carry you on my back." Maimi-chan said as she gave me a smile. It wasn't a fake smile this time.

Maybe going to the place where she grew up wasn't a bad idea at all. I hope that Maimi-chan gets to learn something new from her senpais so she can finally defeat Maasa-chan.

I think I can climb one thousand four hundred thirteen steps, as long as I'm with Maimi-chan. But I can pretend to get tired, just so she'll carry me on her back...
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I think I can climb one thousand four hundred thirteen steps, as long as I'm with Maimi-chan. But I can pretend to get tired, just so she'll carry me on her back...

He he he he! :lol:
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We were on the school's swimming pool because they were teaching me how to swim

Lol, yeah I've heard that she couldn't swim. I'm guessing you were making a reference to that
Title: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 5: Invoke
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"You can put me down now, Maimi-chan. I think there are only a few steps left." Airi said.
"Are you sure?" Maimi asked her.
"Okay. You can carry me til the top then." Airi answered as she tightened her hold on Maimi.
"Ugh. Can you two cut it out? I'll lose my teeth because of the sweetness." said Yuko who was a few steps behind them. "And who told you that I should be carrying your luggage?" she added.

The two girls blushed as they walked on.

Airi told Maimi to put her down and took their bags while Yuko led them to the gate when they reached the top.

"Look who's here everyone!" Yuko said as she pushed the doors of the dojo open. The girls inside the hall looked at her for a few seconds, then went back to what they were doing.
"Hmmm. Seems like they still don't give you attention, senpai." Maimi said.
"Well, I don't expect them to answer unless I give them permission to." Yuko said as she took out a cigar. "Oh, does your friend mind?" she asked Maimi.
"Do you mind if she smokes Airi-chan?
"Of course not." Airi said. "Here." she added as she took out a lighter from her bag and lit Yuko's cigar.
"Why thank you little girl. Oooh, is that a bottle of wine I see in your bag?"
"Yes it is." Airi said. "You can have it."
"Thanks, thanks." Yuko said as she patted Airi's head. "You have made this lady happy."
"I don't smoke nor drink. But I have lots of stuff in my bag. Wanna see?"
"Oookay. You're quite weird Airi-chan."
"And you noticed only now?"
"Oh hi Maimi-chan!" said a pretty girl who had light brown dyed hair. She was wearing a pink kimono with bunny prints.
"Ishikawa-senpai. You look as pretty as ever."
"Why thank you. You're look pretty yourself. Who's your cute friend over here?"
"I'm Suzuki Airi. Nice to meet you..."
"Rika. Ishikawa Rika. What a polite young girl. Hope you grow as cute as me someday. Those pigtails look nice on you."

Loud crashing noises in one of the rooms caught their attention.

"Are Fujimoto-senpai and Yoshizawa-senpai fighting again?" Maimi said. "I thought you told them to get rid of the PS2, senpai?"
"They did get rid of it. But that cunning Miki got herself a part-time job and bought a Wii." Yuko answered.
"Part-time job?"
"Yeah. But like you I doubt it. I'm thinking that she just swindled a rich dude somewhere in the city."
"Did they buy the sports pack?" Airi asked.
"Yeah. Now they do nothing but play that game most of the day. But they always quarrel a lot. Makes me feel like they're a couple or something." Yuko said.
"But this one's kinda serious. Coz the loser will have to lick butter off the chest of the winner." Rika told them.
"Eeww." Maimi and Airi said together.
"Who thought of that kind of consequence?" Maimi asked.
"Who else?" Rika said as she pointed at Yuko.
"Wait, who's winning then?" Airi asked.
"I dunno. But both of them want to lose pretty badly hehe." Rika answered. "Why don't you greet them, so that they'd stop for a while."

Maimi went in front of the room and knocked. The door slid open and she saw Yoshizawa and Fujimoto lying on the ground, staring at her with their WTF faces. The two girls sat up when they saw that it was Maimi.

"Umm how are you doing, Fujimoto-senpai, Yoshizawa-senpai?"
"Hey hey hey it's Maimi-chan! Wow, you look really sexy today." Fujimoto said as she eyed Maimi from head to toe. "Wanna join our game hmmm?" she said as she ran her fingers down Maimi's legs.
"Uh no thanks. I'm not good with video games."
"Forgive her Maimi-chan. Miki's been in a crazy mood because she's currently on top." Yoshizawa said as she slapped Fujimoto's hand off Maimi.
"On top?"
"On top of the the game."
"Maybe your cute friend can play with us..." Fujimoto said as she used her hands to signal Airi to go closer.
"...and she's a bit drunk too so it's best you stay away from her for a while."
"Airi-chan, these are two of my senpais, Yoshizawa Hitomi and Fujimoto Miki." Maimi said as she introduced them.
"Nice to meet you." Airi said as she bowed. "My name is Airi Suzuki."
"You can call me Yossi." Yoshizawa said.
"Oooh. So you replaced Shun with this cutie. I approve of it though..." Miki said.

There was a blank look on Maimi's face after she heard the name Miki uttered.

"Miki!" Yossi said as she nudged Miki.
"Oh. Sorry. I should have kept my mouth closed."
"Who is Shun?" Airi asked Maimi.
"He was my..." but before Maimi could speak any further...
"What is your purpose for coming here Maimi-chan?. What is troubling you?" Yuko interrupted. "There's something different in your aura. I felt your power diminish greatly when we reached the top. I'm not saying that Airi-chan is heavy but...I think it's the first time I ever saw you get tired after climbing the steps."
"I....I lost."
"YOU LOST?!!!" Yuko, Rika, Yossi and Miki said.
"Yeah. I lost. Please, senpai. I need to train again." Maimi said as she bowed in front of her seniors.
"But we already thought you everything we know." Rika said.
"Yeah. Unless you want to learn some tricks in Wii too." Miki added. "And some tips on how to choose the wrong dye color for you hair..."
"Can't you keep quiet, even just for a while." said Yossi as she put Miki in a sleeper hold.
"Please. I need to learn." This time Maimi knelt on the floor. Airi looked at her and knelt down too.
"Fine, fine." Yuko said. "Follow me." she told them. All of them followed Yuko to the training hall, except Miki, who was half-unconscious after being put in a sleeper hold.

"I still have one thing to teach you Maimi. But you'll have to win my challenge first." Yuko told her.
"I will not fail." Maimi answered.
"Okay. Here's what you have to do. All you have to do is to defeat Yossi within three minutes."
"W...wait! How the heck did I get involved here? I mean my body's still aching because of playing with Miki now you want me to spar with Maimi?"
"Yeah. Only I can beat Yossi in that short amount of time. And not just in Wii games but also in bed. Whoops. Don't mind me..." they heard Miki shout from the other room.
"Shut up Miki!"
"Yoshizawa-senpai can still be a tough opponent even if she isn't at full power, but I don't think it would be fair if she was the one who'd spar with me." Maimi said. "Maybe I can spar with Ishikawa-senpai instead."
"Hohoo. No sparring for me, Maimi-chan." Rika answered. "I just had my nails done. "
"Are you saying that you're more than a match for me?" Yossi asked. The tone of her voice suddenly changed.
"I don't want to hurt you, senpai."
"You didn't answer my question. Know what, why don't you just get you butt here in the mat so I can see how good you really are." Yossi said as she took off her Kimono. Under it was a kunoichi outfit like Yuko's.
"Nakazawa-san..." Maimi looked at her senpai.
"What? Do you want me to teach you or not?" Yuko told her.
"What are you waiting for Maimi? Yuko-san to get married? That won't happen. Get your ass here now!" Yossi said.
"Huh? What did you just say Yossi?" Yuko asked.
"O..okay." Maimi said as she went to Yossi.

Maimi could clearly see that Yossi was pissed off.

"Yoshizawa-senpai. That's not what I meant."
"Tsss. After you got me hot blooded? Let's start already!"

After that, both of them vanished but everyone in the room could hear punches and kicks being thrown. Rika and Yuko could see them while Airi just closed her eyes, praying that her friend would win.
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Maimi lost?! ARGHHHHHH

Maasa is strong. But that isn't a secret lol. So she get her revenge for Kumai-chan?

Do Airi has doraemon 4 dimensional pocket? lol

Wth, Miki and Yossi.. haha

Damn, words. Really good! Thanks for providing new chapters. Keep them coming!

Title: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 6: Awaken! The Hero!
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"181 seconds." Yuko said as she looked at her watch.
"Go meditate in the waterfalls." Yuko commanded her.

Maimi didn't answer but she followed what she was told to do. She bowed at Yossi who was sitting on the mat wiping a slight trail of blood coming from her lips. Airi tried to follow her but Yuko stopped her.

"But..." Airi said.
"The waterfall is halfway the stairs dear. It's better if you just stay here."
"How was my acting, Yuko-san?" Yossi asked as she got up and dusted herself.
"It sucked!" Miki yelled from their room.
"How would you know? You didn't see it!" Yossi snapped back.
"I think you should go under my acting workshop." Rika suggested.
"Thanks Yossi. Sorry if I had to put you in that situation. Let's just hope that Maimi-chan learns what I want her to learn."
"Acting?" Airi asked them. "So that was just a show?"
"Yes little girl." Yuko told her.
"But Maimi doesn't know. That's why her punches hurt. Owww." Yossi added. "No kissing for me tonight."
"I though you were going to teach her a technique or something?" Airi asked them.
"We did teach her something. Now it's up to her if she'd get it or not." Yuko answered.

At the waterfall...

Maimi was on the lotus position. Her eyes were closed as the cold water from the falls hit her body. It hit her body like bricks but she was in deep meditation, trying to reflect on what was happening.

"What did I do wrong..."

"'s the ogre lady!" Chisato told them as she pointed at the girl who just arrived.
"You know her,Chisato-chan?" Airi asked.
"S...she hurt me before." Chisato answered.
"Don't worry Chisato-chan. I'll teach her a lesson." Maimi said.
"Yajima Maimi. I have come to challenge you." said a girl who wore a business suit with the Berryz logo stitched at the side. She was quite tall, almost as tall as Yurina.
"And who might you be?" Maimi asked her.
"Sudou Maasa. Berryz Koubou." The girl said as she bowed.
"No sexy pose?"
"I don't need one. I didn't come here for that."
"Whew. I thought you already chickened out on me. I was waiting for the next one to fight me for a long time."
"Sorry to have kept you waiting. But you did not wait in vain. Because I will give you a defeat you'd wish you'd just die."
"Ha. I'm ready whenever you are." Maimi said as she climbed out of the pool.
"Maimi-chan. Shouldn't you change first?" Airi told her as she pointed at Maimi's bathing suit."
"No need Airi-chan. I'll beat her fast."
"Let's see you do that." Maasa told her.

Maimi rushed towards Maasa. Her punch landed but Maasa just smiled. Maimi kept punching and kicking her but Maasa didn't feel anything. Maimi distanced herself from Maasa.

"Is that all you've got?" Maasa asked her. "If you think you're going to beat me like the way you beat Momo, Kumai-chan and Rii-chan, think again."
"I'm not done!" Maimi said as she charged her fist and ran towards Maasa.


The punch made contact and it made a huge explosion. But after the smoke cleared, Airi, Chisato and Mai saw that Maasa stopped the punch using her palm. And now she was holding Maimi. Maimi knew she was defeated but she stopped herself from crying.

"I had high expectations from you." Maasa said. "But it seems that you're just a waste of time after all. If you can't get past me, don't expect to win against the other members that you haven't fought yet."

Maasa then punched Maimi in the gut, causing her to kneel. Then she kicked her back into the pool. An unconscious Maimi floated from the water and Maasa picked her up by the leg.

"You're just all talk after all. You've come to help the weak? That's crap! You're just like us..."

"You're just like us..."

Maimi opened her eyes.

"That's it!" she said as she stood up. "Now I get it."

Maimi walked away from the waterfall. She took a fighting stance, channeled her energy and then threw a punch towards the waterfall. The force of her punch stopped the water from flowing. Maimi used a lot of energy but she didn't get tired. Then she started to head back to the Dojo.

"I'm back!" Maimi said as she went inside. Yuko, Yossi, Rika, Miki and Airi were eating some sushi. "She greeted them with a cheerful smile."
"Maimi-chan!" Airi said as came running to hug Maimi. "You should change, you're all wet."
"Hello, Airi-chan. Hmmm, why do you smell like sake?"
"Yeah, go change first Maimi. I don't like the way Miki's staring at you with your wet clothes on." Rika said.

After a few minutes...

"So, what happened Maimi-chan?" Yuko asked her. "Did you find out what was bothering you?"
"It was my arrogance, senpai. It blinded me and made me feel invincible. It made me feel superior than the enemy. But by doing that, I also let my guard down. I looked down upon her and I underestimated her."
"Right." Yuko said. "Always remember that your power is intended to help the oppressed, to serve justice. However, if you see your enemy as weak, you just turn yourself like the people whom you are trying to fight. No matter how evil your opponent is, always remember that he or she is also a human being like you..."
"Can you cut the hero talk, Yuko-san? I'm trying to eat." Miki interrupted.
"Tsss. You're just jealous coz Maimi got it fast. It took you weeks before you were able to understand that concept." Yossi said.
"Shut up, Yossi!" said Miki as she continued eating. "Here, have some sake, Maimi."
"You're such a bad influence Miki." Rika said as she took the glass away from Miki's hands. "Maimi can't drink sake yet."
"Yoshizawa-senpai, I'm sorry about earlier." Maimi said as she knelt in front of Yossi.
"Don't worry, I'd do anything to help you. But that punch of yours was really something." Yossi said. "I can't eat properly yet."
"Your punch was strong too, senpai." Maimi said as she raished her shirt halfway to reveal some bruises at her side. Then she pulled her shirt down.
"So, are you ready to face her again, Maimi-chan?" Rika asked.
"Yes. I just hope that Murakami-san is still alright."
"I just have one more question for you, Maimi-chan." Miki said.
"What is it?"
"Can you raise your shirt up again? I quite didn't see the bruises..." said Miki as she wet her lips with her tongue.

On the ride home...

"Your senpais are funny, Maimi-chan."
"Yes they are. But don't let their looks fool you. They are strong fighters."
"I know. Just like you."
"By the way Airi-chan, I noticed that Fujimoto-senpai smiles differently when she looks at you."
"Oh that? You see, when you were meditating, she asked me to play Wii with her."
"Yeah. And we made the same bet she had with Yoshizawa-san."
"The "licking the chest" bet?"
"What happened?"
"I won. Fujimoto-san lost so she li..."
"Turn this car around, now!" Maimi told the driver.
"I'm just kidding, Maimi-chan!"

Taikosaku, Room 3F

"Can you hurry up with Kumai-chan's book report? I need you to do my math homeowrk, Megu."
"Can't you do simple addition Momo? I saw the problems on your book and they were quite easy." Yurina said.

The Berryz were asking Megumi to do their homework for them. Maasa sat on the teacher's desk.
"If you don't finish my homeowrk, I'm going to be screwed!" Momo said as she pushed Megumi on the floor.

Yurina took out a mouse from her sleeve and was preparing to hit Megumi with it but...

"If you want it to be done badly, why don't you do it yourself!"

The door opened and Maimi went inside the room. Yurina and Momo run towards the teacher's table and hid behind Maasa. Maimi helped Megumi stand up and gave her to Airi and Erika, who were waiting outside.

"Round two?" Maasa asked her as she stood up.

"The results won't be the same this time..."
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"Hello, Airi-chan. Hmmm, why do you smell like sake?"
"Yeah, go change first Maimi. I don't like the way Miki's staring at you with your wet clothes on." Rika said.
XD but who could blame Miki

"Your punch was strong too, senpai." Maimi said as she raished her shirt halfway to reveal some bruises at her side. Then she pulled her shirt down.
"So, are you ready to face her again, Maimi-chan?" Rika asked.
"Yes. I just hope that Murakami-san is still alright."
"I just have one more question for you, Maimi-chan." Miki said.
"What is it?"
"Can you raise your shirt up again? I quite didn't see the bruises..." said Miki as she wet her lips with her tongue.
Oh Miki  :roll:  love Miki's character in this story :wub:

"By the way Airi-chan, I noticed that Fujimoto-senpai smiles differently when she looks at you."
"Oh that? You see, when you were meditating, she asked me to play Wii with her."
"Yeah. And we made the same bet she had with Yoshizawa-san."
"The "licking the chest" bet?"
"What happened?"
"I won. Fujimoto-san lost so she li..."
"Turn this car around, now!" Maimi told the driver.
"I'm just kidding, Maimi-chan!"
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I'm loving this story. You said its kinda based on Tenjo Tenge but when I read it I think of Ikkitousen. :D Maimi reminds me of Hakufu but without the big b...

Anyone else think this?
Title: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 7: Pocky Sticks Have Nothing to Do With This Chapter
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"Didn't you learn from our last encounter, Maimi? You can't hurt me." Maasa said as Maimi's punch made contact.

Maimi backed off a few steps away from Maasa.

"I'm just testing something." Maimi answered as she hit Maasa again.
"Testing?" Maasa asked as she took another of Maimi's punches. "Trying to find my weakness?"
"Iron Wall. My senpais told me about that technique. It's a formidable defensive technique but it reduces the user's offensive capabilities.They said that it can only withstand a couple of attacks and that it can be broken." Maimi said as she stopped hitting her and backed away.
"I see. You have good senpai's then. They were right." Maasa replied as she watched the sleeves of her suit slowly turn to ash. Maimi's punches started to show its effects. "However, the Iron Wall is not the only technique in my arsenal." she added as she removed the remains of her suit, which revealed some kind of battle gear.

In the blink of an eye, Maasa dashed towards her and attacked. Maimi evaded but Maasa's punch destroyed the floor, causing the whole 3F classroom to fall to the ground floor.

"What the..."
"Let's see how long you can run from me, Maimi." Maasa said as she attacked again but Maimi leapfrogged over Maasa's head. She couldn't help but marvel at the suit Maasa was wearing.
"Is that the..."
"The Leviathan Regalia. Yes it is."
"The one that can amplify one's strength a thousand fold."
"Your senpais must be real masters to be able to provide you such information. Only a few people know of it's existence. They must be really old..."
"Well, Fujimoto-senpai and the others aren't really that old. Nakazawa-senpai however..."

"What's the matter Nazakawa-san? Sudden allergy towards liquor?" Yossi asked.
"Somebody must have remembered her! An old boyfriend perhaps?" Rika said.
"Shut up you two! Can't you see that Miki-can't concentrate on what she's doing?!" Yuko told them.

"Nazakawa? Hmm. I think I heard that name before. But that was years ago."
"Where'd you get it?" Maimi asked.
"It's a family heirloom, but enough of this chat. Let's continue."

Maasa then ran towards Maimi and threw a punch. Maimi was able to block it, but the punch sent her flying through the tennis court, with the safety net preventing her from being thrown any further. Her arms felt numb and she felt like she was about to lose consciousness, but she got back up and ran towards Maasa, who was not expecting any retaliation from her. Maimi's punch landed squarely on Maasa's face. With the effect of her Iron Wall technique gone, Maasa felt the full strength of Maimi's punch. She countered with a punch of her own, sending Maimi down on the ground but she skipped away to avoid Maasa's second strike. Both of them placed a finger in their mouths.

"My teeth are stil intact." Maimi said. "What about yours?"
"They're fine. Looks like I'm going to enjoy fighting you, Maimi." Maasa told her. "I have yet to find a worthy adversary and I think I found one in you."
"Me too, Maasa. We could have been good friends. It's just too bad we had to be on the opposite sides of the field. But I won't lose."
"Me neither."

The two clashed and started trading blows. For every punch Maimi threw, Maasa returned the favor, and vice versa.

"Aren't we going to stop them? They might kill each other! And Maimi's uniform is getting torn again!" Airi told Erika, Megumi, Yurina and Momoko who were watching from a distance.
"Are you kidding? Maa-chan will kill us if we interfere!" Momoko answered.
"Their blows are enough to destroy a whole building but they take it like it's just a slap in the face. It's hard to tell who's winning." Yurina said.
"It will be over soon." Megumi told them. "But Maasa hasn't used that technique yet..."

Maasa evaded Maimi's last punch and moved a few steps back.

"It's over, Maimi!" she said as she put her hands together before smashing the ground.

"Hissatsu attack! GRAVITON CRUSHER!!!"

Maimi felt the ground shake. Suddenly, a torrent of energy blasted from where she was standing. Energy that was enough to annihilate anything it can make contact with. It destroyed 1/4 of the school's main building.

"Maimi-chan!" Airi tried to run where she was but Momoko stopped her.
"I don't think your friend would like it if you died too."
"Tsk. Maasa wasn't able to destroy my classroom. We'll still have classes tomorrow." Yurina grumbled.
"At least Maa-chan won. Hehe." said Momoko.
"No one could have survived that." Erika said.
"I did didn't I?" said Megumi.
"Hah! You were able to dodge it, that's why you're still here Megu." said Yurina.
" she..."
"You better start looking for her, Airi-chan, if you can still find her." Momoko said. "I think she disappeared."
"No she hasn't!" Megumi told them as she pointed to where the two were fighting.

The smoke hasn't cleared yet but they could see a silhouette. A strong wind cleared the remaining smoke and revealed who it was.

It was Maimi. Her uniform was the only thing that was destroyed. But don't get any ideas yet. Coz now she was wearing her kunoichi outfit.

"That was close, Maasa. I thought I was not gonna make it. I haven't tried this technique yet but..." Maimi said as extended her arms to her sides before she put them together and aimed them towards Maasa.
"That outfit. And that emblem. And that mark on your arm. Don't tell me..."
"That I'm the successor of the Raikou Taikyokuken? Yes. That's me." Maimi said.
"I see.." Maasa said as she placed her arms in front of her, preparing for Maimi's attack.


A beam made from Maimi's Raikou power and her Ki shot towards Maasa. She was able to block it but it pushed her a few meters away before exploding.

"Oh no! Maasa!" Maimi shouted as she ran towards her. "What have I done?!"

Airi, Megumi, Momoko and Yurina also headed to where Maasa was blown by Maimi's attack.

They found Maasa lying on the ground.

"Ey, Maa-chan. Are you dead?" Momoko asked as she poked her with a stick.
"Maybe she needs a jumps start." Yurina said as she took out some alligator clips and car battery.
"I think she's okay. Her calf muscles are twitching." Erika ointed out.
"I'm fine." Maasa said as she sat up. "But looks like the regalia is broken. Oh well. I'll just ask my grandpa to fix it."
"I'm glad that you're alright." Maimi said. "Sorry about the regalia. I know how precious family heirlooms are." 
"No, no. It's fine. It's an honor to fight the successor of Raikou Taikyokuken. Do you think we can do this some other time again?" Maasa asked.
"Why not? But next time we shouldn't do it in school grounds." Maimi said as she reached her hand out to help her stand up.

But before they could touch, Maimi sensed that something was approaching her. She caught it before it could hit her face. It was a dagger. Her hands bled as she tried to look for who the attacker was. Also, the dagger looked familiar.

"Come out! You wouldn't like it if I hunt you down." she said as she threw the dagger at her attacker.

A boy approached them. He was about Maimi's age. Maimi couldn't believe it when she saw who it was.

"N-no. can't be. S...Shun?"
"Shun. It's you." she said as she slowly walked towards him. She stopped when they were face to face. "You came back."

The boy placed her hand under Maimi's chin. It looked like that he was about to kiss her but suddenly, he used the dagger to slash Maimi's face. It was a good thing she had the presence of mind to dodge, or maybe it was her natural reflexes that saved her, or maybe the boy didn't really want to kill her. Yet.

The cut on her cheek wasn't deep. But it was enough to make her bleed.

"Why are you dong this Shun? Don't you remember me?" Maimi said as she grabbed both of the boy's wrists.
"Let go of me, murderer. I'm not Shun."
"But...I can't be mistaken. It's you. You're Shun. Please don't lie." Maimi said as tears started to fall on her cheeks.

"Shun is dead, Maimi. You killed him, remember? You killed him so you can be the successor of Raikou Taikyokuken!"

" That's not true. That's not true!"

"My name is Shin. I'm his brother. And I'm going to avenge his death, by destroying you and your precious Raikou Taikyokuken!"

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That was the first time I saw Maimi-chan cry.

I saw her get hit with a punch that can level a mountain but she didn't cry.

I saw her get cut with various kinds of sharp objects but she didn't cry.

There was this one time where I didn't wanna share my Pocky sticks with her. That's when she almost cried but she didn't.

But now…

She was crying. And this guy hasn't even done anything yet aside from trying to stab her in the face. She was down on her knees, in front of this guy named Shin. He said the Maimi-chan was responsible for the death of his brother. His eyes were full of anger, eyes that belonged to someone who have no space for forgiveness. He was about to strike her with the dagger but someone told him to stop.

It was Tokunaga Chinami-chan. She wore the school uniform but she had this scarf with the Berryz Koubou logo. I didn't expect her to be one of them.

Shin knelt before her, like a servant does to his master. Chinami-chan patted his head before telling Maasa-chan, Momo and Kumai-chan that they had a reservation in this restaurant for dinner. As they left, Erika-chan, Megu-chan and I tried to help Maimi-chan get up.

The vicious fighter who stood toe to toe with Maasa-chan earlier now looked like she was the one defeated.

"Why didn't you kill me Shin?! " she shouted as Shin and the members of Berryz Koubou walked away.
"Maimi-chan, get a hold of yourself." Erika-chan said.
"S-Shun. I didn't want to...but I...but I killed him..." Maimi-chan sobbed.
"That's impossible, Maimi-chan. You wouldn't do something like that." Megu-chan told her.
"I killed him...What he said is right. I'm a murderer."
"No you didn't, Maimi-chan." I told her. "I..."
"How would you know, Airi-chan. You weren't there! You didn't see it! You didn't see it when I killed him."

Actually, I know what happened. Rika-chan told me about it before, back when Maimi-chan was meditating.

"Call me Rika-chan, dear."
"Okay. Rika-chan, who is this Shun Fujimoto-san was talking about."
"Oh, Shun-kun. Well, he was a student here. He was actually one of the top students. He was Maimi-chan's rival."
"Really? He must really be good."
"Yeah he was. And he was also Maimi-chan's first love."
"What?! Really?! No way!"
"You look angry. Are you jealous?" she said.
"Me? Of course not!"
"You're blushing."
"Okay. I'm jealous. But just a bit jealous."
"I like you Airi-chan. You know how to express your feelings."
"Tell me more about them, Rika-chan."

"When the two of them first arrived, we knew that they were the best. When you first see Shun-kun, you know that he's a natural, a prodigy. He was born to be a fighter. His reflexes weren't that of a normal human's. He can control his Ki with ease. He was already 'it', he just needed to be refined. Oh, and he was quite cute too. Maimi-chan on the other hand was the complete opposite. She's really pretty but her looks made her look fragile. She was conscious with every move she made. She had trouble with controlling her Ki. She couldn't even throw a punch or a kick with the right form. But she had inside her unlimited potential. What she needed to do was to discover it, harness it, and he would be able to equal Shun-kun, or maybe even be greater than him."

"I see."
"They did most things together. Exercise, meditating, chores..."
"The even took baths together!" Fujimoto-san shouted. "They even joined me in the spring once..."
"Shut up Miki! Can't you see Airi-chan's an innocent little girl?" Rika-chan said. "Don't mind that crazy witch. Now where was I?"
"You were telling me about Shun and Maimi-chan doing things together."
"Oh yeah. They hated each other at first. But because of those moments they spent with each other, something aside from rivalry blossomed."
"Wow! That's quite romantic."
"Yeah. It couldn't be avoided. They looked good as a couple. We were happy for them. But as the rule states: there will only be one successor of Raikou Taikyokuken."
"They will have to battle to determine who will be the successor..."
"Oh no!"

"When they were summoned and briefed regarding the rites on how to choose the next successor and what they have to do, they didn't argue with us, but we all knew that deep inside their hearts that they loathed us. We couldn't blame them though. After that meeting, that was the only time they stopped doing things togeth..."
"Execpt taking baths!" shouted Miki again. "And hear this, I saw Shun sneak into Maimi's room that night before their match and then I heard her sobbing and...I can only imagine what they were doing back there."
"Don't pay any attention to her Airi-chan. After that meeting, they trained away from each other. They rarely talked when they saw each other."

"Poor Maimi-chan."

"At last, the time came for them to fight. Of course, Shun-kun had the advantage. Maimi-chan blocked his attacks but because his attacks were relentless, she couldn't find a chance to hit back. When Maimi-chan finally got a chance, she was able to hit him, causing Shun-kun to throw up a lot of blood. Strange markings appeared on Shun-kun's arms. Maimi-chan apologized but then Shun-kun charged his hands with his Ki and attacked her. He missed but his punch destroyed the tiles on the floor."

"What are doing? You could have killed me with that! What's wrong with you?"
"I have to be the successor Maimi, even if it means that I have to kill you."
"What are you..."
"I went here to become the successor."
"I said you loved me. Was that just a lie?"
"It wasn't part of my plan, to fall in love with you, Maimi. But I have to do what I have to do..."

"What an asshole!"
"Don't judge him yet, Airi-chan."

"Maimi-chan couldn't beleive that he said and she began to cry. But that was the catalyst to unlocking her power. The sleeping dragon inside her woke up. Her Ki, mixed with the raw raikou energy started to rush out of her body. Shun-kun ran towards her to deliver the final blow but Maimi-chan was able to land her punch first , which was charged with her energy, on Shun's chest. And that was it. Her punch was so strong, it destroyed Shun-kun's upper garments which was made of high durability synthetic materials. Then the strange markings disappeared from his body. She knew he wouldn't be able to survive. Maimi-chan begged him not to give up but he couldn't do what she asked him to. Not that time. When Shun-kun finally ran out of breath, Maimi-chan ran out of the match hall crying. We found her later that day crying in front of a tree where there was a love love umbrella with her name and Shun-kun's etched on it.

"Maimi-chan. She killed him? She couldn't..."
"You are right. Maimi-chan didn't kill him."

"Shun-kun talked to us before the match. He revealed that he belonged to a cursed bloodline called the Devil Gene. This blood was responsible for making him a great fighter but it is evil and it was slowly taking over his mind. He begged us not to tell Maimi-chan about it. He said that it would be a waste if he became the successor because he knew that once he mastered Raikou Taikyokuken, the cursed blood will take over and use it to do evil things. We wanted to call off the match but he insisted that it should push through. He told us that he will use it to help unlock Maimi-chan's power and for her to defeat the Devil Gene. He wanted Maimi-chan to become the successor of Raikou Taikyokuken because he knows that Maimi-chan was good and her intentions were pure.It's true that the punch Maimi-chan hit him with was powerful and he could have lived if he wanted to but the Devil Gene reacted and knew that Shun-kun doesn't want it to manifest and take over him, so it destroyed his other cells, causing his death."

"You haven't told Maimi-chan about it?"
"No. It burdens us to keep a secret such as that but that would be for the best. And now you'll have to keep that secret too, Airi-chan."
"Maimi-chan deserves to know."
"Yes she does. But if she knew about it, would it be able to bring back Shun-kun or rewrite history? I doubt that."
"I see. I'll do my best Rika-chan."
"Thank you, Airi-chan. Also, if ever Maimi-chan breaks down, starts doubting herself or when she cries, just tell her the last words Shun-kun told her before he passed away..."

"A dancing beauty set me free from a curse and her fists are the only ones worthy of Raikou Taikyokuken."

*sniff* *sniff* Maimi-chan stopped sobbing. "Where did you hear that, Airi-chan?" she asked.
"It just popped out of my head Maimi-chan."
"I see." she said as she stood up. "If they are really brothers, then there's nothing I can do about it. But what is his connection to Berryz Kou..."
"It looks like that Shin guy is a member of Berryz Koubou." Megu-said.
"Nah. They're all girls. But I heard that the Berryz leader looks like a boy." Erika added.
"Really? I heard that the leader was tiny!" I said.
"I think fighting him is unavoidable. I just hope he knows what he's fighting for..."

"He doesn't."

We turned around to see who it was.

"" Maimi-chan said.

"Shin. He's being mind-controlled..."
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nice, I come back from vacation to discover 2 new chapters

The whole dancing beauty/devil gene reminds me of one of the storylines in the Tekken game.
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I can't comment earlier, now i feel great because i can.

2 words, awesome fic!

Go Maimi! ( can't wait for the leader to make her appearance, and dammit! she doesn't look like a boy!!)
Title: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 9: Dimpled Saboteur
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"Do you know her Maimi-chan?" Airi asked.
"Yes. I know her. She went to the dojo before. I just can't remember her name..."
"Ishimura Maiha." the girl said.
"Oh yeah! Maiiha-chan. I remember. She's knows Ryujin-waza, the technique created by Shun's family."
"Ah, so she's a fighter too." exclaimed Erika. "But she looks too cute to be one. Also. won't height be a problem for her?"
"I've sparred with her before. They declared it a draw but it was obvious that she was trying to pull her punches. She's good Erika-chan."
"That was a long time ago, Maimi. I bet you can defeat me now with just a kick." Maiha said.
"Hmmm. How come your name sounds familiar? I'm sure I've heard that before..." said Megumi.
"Are you sure you're not part of the Berryz?" Maiha asked Megumi as she gave her a dagger stare.
"Are you saying that I'm some kind of a spy?" Megumi lashed back and grabbed Maiha by her collar.
"Stop it you two." Airi said as she went between them to pry them from each other. "We're all friends here."

Megumi let go of Maiha and gave as small bow while saying sorry. Maiha did the same.

"How'd did they know about him?" Airi asked.
"That Chinami girl, she said that she just found the dojo from Google, then she arrived one day, saying she wants to borrow Shin for a while. Shin tried to confront her but there was a bright light then we could see again, Shin wasn't his normal self."
"Chinami-chan has magic powers?" Airi asked. "I thought that she was the techie kind of girl with all her gadgets and stuff."
"She wasn't alone. There was another girl. She was holding some paper in her hands and kept folding them into something. I think she's the one with the magic powers. Plus she was wearing witch clothes."
"Oooh. So they really are in fashion now!" said Erika.
"Witch clothes? I see..." Megumi added.
"Maimi. I need your help." Maiha said as she knelt in front of them. "We need to free Shin from whatever's controlling him."
"We will help you, Maiha-chan."
"Then we must hurry. If Shin-kun becomes consumed by hatred, he will never become the successor of Ryujin-waza. If he spills blood with his hands, his right to be the successor will be stripped from him."

The Next Day...

Maimi, Airi, Erika and Megumi met in front of the school's gate...

"So Airi-chan, what's the plan?" Maimi asked.
"I asked Chisato-chan and Maimai to spy on Chinami-chan and Shin."
"I see. Wait, how much did they charge you this time?"
"They said it's free. Since your fight with Maasa-chan destroyed their classroom, they don't have classes today."
"Ah. Okay. Erika-chan, did you find out any info on how to break a mind control spell?"
"I tried to look for some in the internet and found only two."
"What are they?"
"One is a kiss from a true love..."
"Oookay. I guess we won't be able to use that solution. Unless of course, we know who his true love is. What's the other one?"
"Well, the other one is by umm...seduction."
"I see. Now that would be easier. Girls are always a guy's weakness. So, who's gonna do it?" Maimi asked.

Airi, Erika and Megumi looked at her at the same time. Erika revealed a bunny suit from her bag while Airi took out a make-up kit. Megumi held a rope, in case Maimi tries to escape.

"No way! You're not going to make me do it. No way!"

Before they could tie her up, Maiha appeared.

"Yo, Maimi! I just saw Shin-kun bring a small girl to the clinic. I think the kid's name was Mai or something. The was another girl too, but I don't think she was hurt though."

Upon hearing this, the girls rushed to the school clinic. As they burst into the room, they saw Shin and Chisato. But Mai was nowhere to be found. Maimi grabbed Shin by the neck and pinned him against the wall.

"You bastard! You don't really have a heart huh? Why did you have to do this? I'd let you kill me if you have to, but I won't forgive you if hurt these girls! Leave them alone!"

Shin's eyes turned red and slapped Maimi's hand away. Obviously, that was the sign that he was under some kind of spell again. He walked out of the room slowly. Once he was outside...

"I'll wait for you upstairs..." he said as he vanished.

Maimi didn't make him wait. She followed him immediately. After Maimi left, the girls heard a flush and Mai came out of the comfort room. There were some bandages on her knee and on her elbows.

"Maimai! Are you okay? Did Shin hurt you?" Airi asked.
"Nah. They're just small scratches. I'm fine."
"But why are you and Chisato here?" asked Erika.
"Well, Maimai and I were following him earlier, then he talked to us and asked us if we wanted to eat some snacks with him in the rooftop. He's a nice guy. I don't know why you think he's a bad person. I think he's just lonely." Chisato answered. "He carried Maimai here after she fell from the stairs.
"Yeah. He's a nice kid. If he didn't bring me here right away, I would've been more hurt. I'm just wondering who was that who pushed me."
"Someone pushed you?" Megumi asked.
"I'm not really sure. I felt a hand on my back before I fell down. But I'm sure it wasn't Shin-kun because Chisato was talking with him."
"Umm, have you girls noticed where Maiha-chan went? She's gone again." said Airi.


Maimi and Shin stood a few steps away from each other.

"Shun wrote a lot of letters to me while he was still training in your dojo. He always wrote something about you. He said that you were a wonderful person, someone who would put others first before herself. But how come I just see a bitch in front of me right now?"
"It's because you're blinded. Someone or something is controlling you. I can help you, Shin. I can..."
"...Kill me too? That's your specialty right?"
"Stop that! I'm not a killer!"
"Tell me Maimi. Why did you kill him? Why did you kill Shun?"
"I didn't kill him. It was an accident."
"An accident huh. So it's only by accident you became the successor of Raikou Taikyokuken."
"Speechless? So it's true. You killed him so that you can be what he was supposed to become."
"I loved Shun with all my heart. I don't care if I'm the successor or not. I don't care about what you say anymore. I know what my feelings are. And I know the truth. I don't want to fight you, but if by fighting you brings you back to your senses, then I won't hold back."
"Good!" the voice came from a girl. "Because we won't hold back either!"

Maimi looked behind her. It was Chinami. She was wearing some kind of high tech belt and after saying 'henshin', she was covered in some kind of armor. Then Maimi looked left. There was a girl with a floating crystal ball beside her. She was holding some kind of paper talismans. Then Maimi looked to her right...

"I'm a member of Berryz Koubou, Maimi. Always was, always will be."
"Maiha-chan. How could you do this? We trusted you."
"Too bad Maiha-chan happened to be from your boyfriend's familiy's dojo. It made it a lot easier for us." Chinami said. "I'm sorry, Maimi-chan. But we have to get rid of you before you bring any more shame to our group."
"Four of you against me isn't shameful enough for you?" asked Maimi.
"Nah. Only the three of us will be fighting you. She's just here to watch and make sure that Shin won't be able to break her spell." Chinami said as she pointed at the girl with the crystal ball.
"I..." electrical surges began to crawl out of Maimi's body.
"If you beg for mercy, maybe we'll let you go...with just a few cuts and bruises." Chinami said.
"I won't be defeated!"

With that, Maimi put on an offensive stance while Shin, Maiha and Chinami prepared to begin their assault...
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Poor Maiha, she's just as bad as all the rest... Though it makes sense, since all the Berryz Koubou are bad. :twisted: I wonder if Maimi's gonna get her ass kicked up on that roof...

You know, since I'm more of a Berryz fan, there's a part of me that's hoping the Berryz do triumph over Maimi and her group and take over the world.  :lol: Now that would be fun... *ponders*

It's nice to see another chapter!
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Raburi maimi is raburi! Go maimi!

Dimpled saboteur indeed :D I wonder what she is capable of :3 Some brain scattering punch?

Your fic wins, words!
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I liked this too Fanfic!
Please continue!
The writer's great!
I love Maimi and Airi.
SL brilliant the senpai, Yossie, Miki, and Rika Yuko.
Lack Abe and Aya Matsuura-san!
Please continue !!!!!
Continue with the story!
Please! :muffin: :muffin: :muffin: :lol: :lol: :yep: :yep:
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I agree! This story is EPIC! I started reading this for Maimi and the fights, but the love story part of it is very emotional. Please continue it! Or at least give it a proper ending.
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I also agree!
This story is amazing genius!
Please continue estimated writer!
It's great, magnificent, beautiful!
Please follow !!!!!!
I captivated to this story!
It is beautiful!
I imagine Miyabi to being the most powerful  rival of Maimi.
This history has left me on hold!
Please continue! Please! Please! Please! Please!

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We have abandoned.
As good story like this.
And now truly face Berryz and C-ute.
And neither thus writes in this topic.

( Saki and Erika does not like the battles.
But ...
Both showed their few forces, both wanted to knock down to the ground, but did not succeed that Erika was about to hit Saki, but ...
Saki was clinging to Umeda and both did not achieve their goal, because an attack was laughter seized from them.
No winner
( = A long comabte full of challenges and innocence Saki Nakajima beat Risako Sugaya. At the end Saki showed his secret weapon. (Strategy) Winner Saki Nakajima!!!
( Ah been a very difficult and complicated grief, the challenge of kawai! At the end Momo-chan pushes Mai and Mai  lost even be so small.
( He was a fighter too odds where each showed his traps and strategies hidden at the end Arihara showed his talent nervous about putting the person and distract with his playful eyes and wanting to touch Chinami. Chinami intimidated comes running and lost.
Arihara Winner!
( faces to the thick and muscled arms of the dreaded Sudou.
Sudou are available to take them by the arms and start to Airi in the wind.
But in his attempt to Airi crouch down and Sudou encountered and fell to the ground crushing Airi.
Airi all unconscious, and Sudou alike, the blow was severe. (Not Winner)
( has been the most difficult battle of all!
The more equalized.
     Yurina a difficult opponent to overcome, even though his face serious and calm.
But in the end defeated Maimi to Yurina defeated by his agility and speed, so you confuse this Yurina and Maimi attack! (The spirit of the strength of Maimi to win always showed) Winner Maimi Yajima (Leader)
( another difficult battle.
 Miyabi succeeds to demolish Chisato but Chisato come back to stand up and goes to Miyabi again. one after again for Miyabi, but were not given Chisato.
Until Miyabi sack excessive force and courage, with his penetrating gaze to Chisato. Chisato was staggering and Miyabi take to make your technique on deadly Okai!. Winner: Miyabi Natsuyaki!

Continue with the story please!
Title: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 10: Convalesce
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Suzuki Manor

"W-where am I?"
"Oh, hello! You're awake. Finally. You're in our guest room."
"W-who are you?"
"My name is Airi Suzuki. I'm a friend of Maimi-chan."
"Maimi? Yajima Maimi?"
"Where is she?"  Shin asked as he sat up. "Did I do something to her?"
"She's alright. You should keep on resting, Shin-kun. You took quite a beating."
"What happened? Could you tell me, Suzuki-san? I can't remember anything."
"Sure." Airi said as she sat beside Shin's bed. "Well, Chinami-chan, Maiha-chan and you were fighting Maimi-chan on the rooftop. Hey, do you want some grapes? I can peel them for you."
"T-thanks. Please, go on with the story."
"Maimi-chan was able to hold off your attacks until Maiha-chan used a binding technique to stop her from moving. You and Chinami-chan were able to land some hits and then she ordered you to finish Maimi-chan off. You were about to blast her with your Magical Rainbow laser beam..."
"Magical Rainbow laser beam?" Shin asked as he raised one of his eyebrows.
"Yeah, that. Say ahh." Airi said as she tried to feed him some grapes.
"No need to do that, Suzuki-san. I can...ouch." Shin didn't notice that his right arm was heavily wrapped with bandages. "Oh, alright."
"Say ahh..."

After a few minutes of feeding Shin with peeled grapes...

"Thank you, Suzuki-san. I feel a lot better now."
"Well, you should be. Maimi-chan told me to take care of you. Or else she won't go to the zoo with me."
"So, could you continue the story?"
"Oh, okay. Where was I?"
"I was about to blast Maimi."
"I remember! You were about to blast Maimi-chan with your Mega Prism deluxe wave."
"My what?!"
"Whatever. You were going to blast her but you hesitated. I think Maimi-chan said something that made you stop. Chinami-chan ordered you to do it but you didn't, so she asked the Berryz with the crystal ball to increase her hypnotism but it seemed that it was at its limit and the crystal ball broke and you became unconscious. Hmm, I think I've seen that girl before too, the one with the crystal ball."
"So I was brainwashed. I'm such a failure. How did I end up here?"
"Maiha-chan and Chinami-chan tried to finish the fight with their special attacks but before it could hit Maimi-chan, you went in front of her to protect her."
"I see."
"Maimi-chan got free and it looked like she was really angry. She walked towards Maiha-chan and Chinami-chan and slapped them both. Maiha-chan was about to retaliate but then her phone rang. It was her mom and was she asking her to go home since she had exams the next day. She tried to reason out but her mom threatened to ground her and cut her allowance if she didn't go home, so she left. Chinami-chan just smiled and accepted defeat. Then she invited Maimi-chan to go bowling with her. The nerve! Like I'd let Maimi-chan do that!"
"Haha. Why not?"
"I have my reasons."
"Well...Maimi-chan is..."
"I know, Maimi-chan is cute but..."
"I wasn't talking about her when I said cute, Suzuki-chan." Shin said as he held Airi's hands. "I..."
"You are cute, Suzuki-chan."


A red faced Shin let go of Airi's hands. Airi, whose face was all red as well, ran towards Maimi and hid behind her.
"What do you think you're doing?" Maimi asked. "Do you know how old she is?"
"Sorry. I couldn't help it. She's...she's just too cute. Oh I'm only fourteen, mind you. You're older than me."
"I know that she's cute. But don't try to hit on her again."
"Are you jealous?"
"Of course. No one else tried to hit on me. Besides Shun. And Erika. And Airi-chan. And...wait, let me clarify that. No other guy tried to hit on me, except Shun."
"Haha. I won't hit on you. There's no way I'll be able to take Shun's place. And besides I wont think Suzuki-chan would let me do that, right Suzuki-chan?"
"It's good that you know." Airi said as she clamped on Maimi's arm. "Maimi-chan, lets go take a bath with Erika-chan and Mai-chan and Chisato-chan and Megu-chan."
"Ummm, okay. But I want to talk to Shin first."
"I'll wait for you."
"I can take care of myself."
"I won't hit on her, Suzuki-chan."
"No! I will wait for Maimi-chan!" Airi said as she purred on Maimi's arm. "Nyaa!"
"Okay." Maimi said as she patted her head. "It won't take long anyway."
"I'm sorry with what happened to Shun. It's my fault. You have every right to be angry with me. If you want to do it, do it. You can kill me, I won't stop you."
"Maimi-chan?" Airi said as she tightened her hold on Maimi's arms. "What are you saying?"
"You can kill me Shun. But please, do it after I have freed our school from Berryz Kou...Berryz Kouk..."
"Right. Berryz Koubou. "
"Fine. If that's what will give you peace of mind."
"Thank you."
"But I won't do it. I don't have to."
"If I said that I wanted to kill you before, it's just because of the brainwashing they did to me."
"I see."
"Shun was really lucky to have someone like you. And he was right. You would put others first before yourself."
"How do you know?"
"He wrote about you in his letters. He said that you're a sweet and kind girl, but always ready to take on any challenge."
"He also said that you eat a lot, don't wash the dishes and snore in your sleep."
"Kidding. But that bastard Shun didn't tell me something really important."
"What is it?"
"He didn't say that you were a lot prettier in person."
"I'm not used to flattery but thanks."
"Your face is all red, Maimi-chan!" Airi said.
"I would like to know more about you though.  Because you are the last link I have to my brother.  Shun knows that you worked hard to become the successor of Raikou Taikyokuken. I know that too, and I can see it. You deserve to become the successor. You can still help a lot of people but if I grant your request, you won't be able to do that. Maybe we can just spar someday, but please, wear some less distracting clothes or I will surely lose."
"Just promise me that you will use the power of Raikou Taikyokuken to help those in need."
"I promise."
"Nice. It's settled then. I never had anything against you. When I heard of Shun's death, I didn't blame you for it. It wasn't your fault Maimi, you should stop thinking that it was your fault."
"T-thank you Shin. And thanks for saving me back there."
"No problem. You’re a friend of Shun and his friends are my friends too. Besides, if you got killed because of me, I won't be able to hold Suzuki-chan's hands again."
"Haha. Right."
"That's not funny!" Airi said.
"You know, Maimi, you could have been my sister-in-law. I should call you oneechan." said Shin.
"No way! That makes me sound old. Just call me Maimi."
"Okay. Wait, why are you two still here anyway? Don't you have classes?"
"After Chinami and Maiha destroyed half the school? Classes have been suspended indefinitely."
"But the classrooms will probably be back in a few weeks so we have to enjoy this surprise vacation. Let's go Maimi-chan." Airi said.

"I see. Alright, I think I need to rest now. See you two later." Shin said as he lay down and covered himself with a blanket.
"Later Shin." Maimi and Airi said as they started to walk outside.

"On second thought…"
"Hmm? What is it?"
"I have one last request."
"You want us to turn off the lights?"
"What then?"
"Can I....take a bath with you girls too?"


"What do you think, Airi-chan?"
"Why not? But he's gonna need to wear a blindfold."
"Yosh!" Shin said as he got off the bed
"Wait, what?!"

Berryz Hideout

"Ha! I beat you again Maa-chan!" Momoko said as she raised her hands in the air, the gloves's cables still dangling. "I'm the champ!"
"Well, it's because I let you beat me. But fine, I will treat you with crepes later."
"Don't you get tired of that boxing toy Momo?" Yurina asked. "You should be working out."
"It's a good workout. I'm sure it will help me when I get a rematch with Maimi. I can punch faster now!"
"Now that Chinami has also lost, only Captain and Miya are left to fight her." Maasa said.
"Miya could win, if she stopped looking at herself in the mirror most of the time and actually started to practice. Remember, she was the only one who almost beat Captain. But without any training, she might be rusty." Momoko said.
"Where is she anyway?"
"She's had her crystal ball repaired." Risako told them. "And it was quite expensive. That Maimi girl should be prepared to get her ass kicked."
"I will defeat her, Rii-chan. I won't forgive her for humiliating Berryz Koubou like that." Miyabi said as she entered the room.
"How do you plan to fight her, Miya?" Maasa asked. "You already have something in mind?"
"I..." before Miyabi could answer the question, Momoko cut her short.
"Just don't challenge her in cooking, you know you don't have a chance..."
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Write the following chapter.
it will be very interesting!!!
Do not be taken very much, because I will be dead!!!
I want already to see the battle of Maimi and Miyabi.
It will be interesting and amazing!!!!!
Since both have the same character almost.
Maimi and Airi. Miyabi and Risako!!
pure love!!!
Airi will be concerned about Maimi.
And Risako will be concerned at Miyabi.
What will be the result?
Please type the next chapter soon!
Now this more interesting than ever!
  Maimi but that will seriously injured, Miyabi is a difficult opponent!
and is one of the latter, because it is too strong!
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Yay! This is awesome! Thanks for digging this up and updating it. :muffin:
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It is time the other chapters do not you think?
Continue, please!!!!!!!!
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After 5 weeks, classes resumed in Taikosaku. The buildings that were destroyed during the previous battle were restored. Airi's dad is a member of the school board and so are some of the Berryz's parents. They decided that in order to avoid another situation like that, and for the safety of the other students, they had an arena built for Berryz Koubou, so they will just have an official place to do battle and not just demolish anything or everything within the school grounds.

Megumi, Erika, Kanna, Chisato and Mai would sit with Maimi and Airi during lunchtime. Chinami would join them sometimes and share her lunch, which was made by other Berryz members. (She gave them assurance that it's not poisoned by asking Momoko to taste it first.) Also, she would try to convince them to join Berryz Koubou. Maimi would get mad but not to the point where she'd hit Chinami because Chinami was just too friendly with them. Maimi thinks it's just an act but the other girls don't think so.

Shin was assigned as a school monitor. A school monitor of an all-girls school. He applied for the position because he felt he was partly responsible for the destruction of the buildings, so the school officials took him in. Some of his duties include checking the uniform and recording tardy students. He still tries to hit on Airi occasionally but stops when Maimi gives him the glare.

One day, when they were having their lunch...

"Do you girls know anyone named Miyabi?" Maimi asked.
"Her name sounds familiar." Erika said.
"I know her. She was my classmate before and we always did projects together." Megumi said. "You remember her, don't you Airi-chan?"
"Miyabi? As in Natsuyaki Miyabi? Of course I know her. Why Maimi-chan?" asked Airi.
"Umm, she dropped a letter in my locker."
"Really?!!! That's cool!"
"Miya-chan's a fashion icon here in school. Whatever clothes she wears, whatever hair color she has, it'll look good. She even has some groupies from other schools."
"I see."
"What does the letter say anyway? Is it a love letter? Is she asking you out? If she is, I'm gonna be jealous. What does it say? What does it say?"
"Love letter? It's more like a challenge." Maimi said as she showed them envelope. The envelope had the Berryz Koubou seal stamped on it.
"Miya-chan is a member of Berryz?" Airi said in amazement. "Oh wow! I never thought she was one of them."
"I think she was the one with the crystal ball before, the one who was controlling Shin-kun. Tell me Airi-chan, does this Miyabi have a, you know...long chin?"
"Long chin? What are you saying Maimi-chan? Don't let any of her groupies hear you talk about her like that."
"Oh, okay. But does she have a long chin?"
"Ummm, yeah, I think so."
"So that was her. Hmm. Her letter says that I have to meet her in the arena after class. I wonder what kind of fighting style she has..."
"You two are going to fight?"
"Maybe. Fight? Cook? Run? Sing?  Who knows? We will see later."
"Can we come along?" Chisato asked. "We want to see if you can cook."
"Yeah." added Mai. "Maybe we can record the fight and sell it to the groupies."
"You can't come along. It's dangerous."
"Don't worry Maimi-oneechan. I will protect Airi-chan and the others." said Shin as he appeared out of nowhere.
"Yay! We can go with you know, right Miami-chan?"
"Fine. But once a fight breaks out, I want everyone out of the arena okay?"
"Okay!" the others said in unison.
"And what were you doing under the table, Shin?"
"I...was...checking if all of you were wearing the correct socks. You know, uniform inspection."
"Yeah right. I'll let that pass for now. Hmm. This bento tastes great. Even if it's a bit sweet."
"We put sugar in that." Mai told her. "You didn't notice?"

"You don't see it until you are told."

The Arena, after school hours...

"This place...." said Maimi. "I-I don't know what to say."
"Wow! This arena sure is something else! It's got cameras all over and even seats for viewers." Erika said.
"Where do they get the funds to make things like these?" Shin asked.
"This is Taikosaku. Anything can happen." Megumi told her.
"Hmm so this is what Papa was telling me about before." said Airi. "But I never knew that it would be completed this fast."

The arena's structure was of that of coliseum. There was a large, round-shaped ring at the center where the combatants will face each other. Maimi and the others couldn't control their amazement.

Suddenly, all the lights went up and students started filling up the seats.

"What the?"
"Welcome, Yajima Maimi."

The voice came from a person inside the ring. It was a girl who was wearing witch clothes. She removed the hood to reveal her identity.

"Natsuyaki Miyabi, I presume." said Maimi as she headed for the ring.
"Yeah. That's me. Hello Airi-chan, Megu."
"You never told me you were a Berryz member Miya-chan." Airi told her.
"If I told you, would you have joined us?" asked Miyabi. "And besides, you're too innocent and cute for us Airi-chan. If we let you in, we'll have to kick Momo out."
"Hey! That's not funny Miya!" Momoko said from one of the seats."My cuteness can co-exist with her peacefully!"
"I was kidding Momo. Airi-chan's not a fighter type and that's the reason why we couldn't make her one of us. Although she fills the other requirements perfectly."
"What do you want from me?" Maimi said as she stepped into the ring.
"I have to defeat you. And I will defeat you. In front of your friends, and in front of all the other students in Taikosaku." said Miya as she put on a fighting pose. "For the pride of our group."
"Shin..." Maimi was interrupted before she could tell Shin her instructions.
"No need to get them to safety Maimi. The ring has been sealed the moment you set your foot in it."

Miyabi fired an electric beam from her finger. The beam dissipated as soon at it reached the edge of the ring.

"There's an invisible barrier that prevents anything from the inside from coming out. It's strong enough even to contain the technique you used to defeat Maa-chan with."
"I see. So that would lessen the collateral damage."
"Correct. We can go all out here without worrying about anyone getting hurt, except ourselves. But you will getting most of it."
"That technique you used earlier, it's..."
"Raikou Bolt? Yes it is. You were able to defeat the other members using your Raikou Taikyokuken so...I figured that the only way to beat fire is with fire. In this case, it's lightning vs. lightning."
"I didn't just lie around and get lazy during those five weeks of vacation. I hired someone to teach me Raikou Taikyokuken and in just five weeks, I was able to master it. I'd like you to meet my sensei..." Miyabi said as she turned around and bowed to the shadows.

A woman stepped into the light and it was someone who was definitely familiar to Maimi...

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At first I was like "MIKI?! HOW COULD YOU?!"

Then I'm like "What'd she have to do to get Miki to teach her?" XD
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^ :lol: Now that you mention it, Hmmm :P

But what I thought was that Miki is really smart and just sabotaged Miya when training her... interesting!
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^That sounds like it could've happened.Miki's a smart girl.
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Because it has left so?
I will not be able to sleep tonight!
Please type the next chapter soon.
It is a great punishment in subjecting this to me!
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"Hello Maimi-chan! You look great in your seifuku." Miki told her. "If your socks were a bit more higher, I would have turned gay for you. But eitherway, you're just plain hot."
"Fujimoto-senpai?! Are you mind-controlling her?" Maimi said as she grabbed Miyabi by the skull-patterned necktie she wore.
"Or course not." answered Miyabi. She took out her crystal ball and slammed it on the ground. "There. Now go check if I'm controlling her or not."
"What? I gotta do something to make a living. I need to get my hands on a PS3 you know. And I saw these new clothes in the mall the other day..."
"Are you drunk again?"
"Pff. If I was drunk, do you think I'd still have my clothes on?"
"Y-you have a point. So you really taught her..."
"Well duh? Didn't Rika and the others tell you that we have website inviting people to study in our school? She applied and we took her in. There's nothing wrong with that right?"
"Yeah. But she's..."
"The only problem is we didn't know that she was gonna use it to fight you. She just said that she wanted to get rid of the bully in their school."
"I-I'm the bully?"
"I didn't know too until now. So yeah, you can put the blame on us. Any of us could have been her sensei. I don't know why she chose me though. I was out cold when they were interviewing her."
"I just felt that we had some things in common." Miya said.
"Like the lack of Maimi-chan's 'assets'? If you know what I'm talking about." said Miki as she winked at Miya.
"I-I don't know what you're talking about."
"Yeah right. Anyway, why don't you try fighting her, Maimi-chan? You know, just to check your skills. Miya is pretty good herself you know."
"Of course. You're my sensei." Miya said.
"Heh. Stop praising me or it might get into my head hehe." said Miki. "And flattery won't help you get my non-Raikou techniques."
"I know. I'm not in a rush to get boys yet anyway."
"Who said those techniques only work on boys?"
"A-are you sure this is okay, senpai?" Maimi asked.
"Yeah. You're not breaking any of the rules. Miya is still the bad guy here. Go ahead, start tearing off each other's seifuku already."
"Maimi-chan, look out!" warned Airi.
"Raikou Knuckle!"

Miyabi was the first one to make a move. She thought she got a clean hit on Maimi's face but Maimi was able to catch her punch. She released a kick, but it was also caught. Maimi was now holding one of her hands and one of her legs. Miya tried to break free but Maimi just let her go, making her loose her balance and fall on the ground. As she tried to stand up, she saw Maimi's version of Raikou Knuckle approaching her face. She didn't have any time to block or dodge it but she didn't have to for Maimi stopped before it could connect. She extended her hand to help Miya stand up. As soon as she stood up, she attacked Maimi with kicks and punches but Maimi was able to parry them all. Miya backed down and kept her distance.

"So this is the power of the successor. Impressive." Miya said as she smiled as she dusted herself. "It's greater than I have imagined."
"The form of your punches and kicks were impressive too. It's as graceful as Ishikawa-senpai's attacks and as strong as Yoshizawa-senpai's strikes." replied Maimi who was smiling as well. "If you want, we can go train together during the summer break."
"I'll think about it. But now, why don't you go all out. Fujimoto-sensei didn't show any mercy when we were sparring."
"She didn't touch you excessively, didn't she? You know, in those places..."
"You mean that wasn't part of the training? Why that sneaky...anyway, let's continue."

The two started exchanging blows but neither could get a clean hit. Maimi thought that she already has Miya's reaction speed in check but everytime she was almost gonna hit her, Miya was able to evade. The same goes for Miya. She already doubled her attack rate but she still couldn't catch Maimi. The arena was getting loud. Miya's groupies kept cheering for her while some of the students cheered for Maimi.

"Hello Miki-san!" said Airi as she approached Miki.
"Why hello there Airi-cha...what the? What are you doing with a ghost?!"
"S-Shun! What is he doing here?!"
"Oh. That's not Shun. He is Shin-kun, his brother."
"What a relief. I thought Shun came back to haunt me for not giving him tips on how to make out when he was asking for them."
"Nevermind. It looks like the supporters here are divided evenly."
"Who do you think will win, Miki-san?"
"I'm not sure Airi-chan. But if you base it on who will lose all of her clothes first, I think M..."

Suddenly the crowd went silent. Miki and Airi focused their attention on the ring.

Maimi caught Miya with a punch to the midsection. Miya staggered and slowly stepped back. Maimi followed her with a kick which she was able to block. But Maimi followed it up with another kick, sending Miya halfway across the ring. Miya got onto her knees. She saw Maimi running towards her and was ready to hit her with a flying knee. Miya used her ki to propel her out of the way. She kept a safe distance from Maimi's attacks as she tried to recover. The Maimi supporters started to cheer again.

"That really hurt you know! Damn, those hurt a lot more that any of Fujimoto-sensei's attacks."
"S-sorry. Maybe we should stop now."
"No way! I'm enjoying this a lot, really." Miya said as she finally got back on her feet. "I think this is the time I use my original technique."
"Original? Cool. Let's see it."
"Sure. But that will secure my victory."
"Don't be too sure."

Miya closed her eyes and started to channel her ki.

"Fujimoto-sensei showed me her original technique and I just got an idea from it."
"Fujimoto Original, Raikou Death Glare?"
"Yes, that one. I liked it a lot when she demonstrated it but I wanted to improvise. Afterall, it won't be fun if I kill the enemy in an instant."
"Well, Fujimoto-senpai always wanted things to be done fast."
"Yeah. Alright. Get ready Maimi!"

Maimi prepared for whatever Miyabi was gonna throw at her. Miya slowly opened her eyes.

"Natsuyaki Original, Gorgon Stare!"

Maimi didn't feel anything. She started to check herself and she didn't get any wounds or anything.

"Don't be impatient Maimi. You'll know what it does to you in a few more seconds."
"If it doesn't work, then you lose, Miya."
"Of course it will work. I tried it out on Momo a couple of times already."
"So that's why I couldn't get off my chair before!" Momoko shouted from her seat. "It was you Miya! You paralyzed me! And I thought I just had a bad case of cramps! Or maybe the poison from Chinami's lunch started to kick in!"

Maimi understood what Momoko was talking about when she tried to look at her from the crowd. She wasn't able to turn and look into her direction. She tried to raise her arms but to no avail. She couldn't feel her body. She couldn't even blink. All she could do was watch as a grinning Miyabi approached her.

"What did..." she could still utter some words. "I can't..."
"How does it feel to be turned into stone, Maimi? As you said earlier, sensei wants things to be done fast. Maybe that's the only thing we don't have in common. You may be immobile but I'm sure you can still feel pain, right?" Miya said as she slapped Maimi. She only stopped when the edges of Maimi's lips started to bleed.

"I'm going to give you a slow and painful defeat..."

"Because you humiliated our group..."

"And because you hurt Rii-chan."
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i liked the title of your latest chapter... sans rival... my favorite kind of cake!
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I'm dying!  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :cry: :cry:
because  put this sort of thing the great writer of this story!
MO! and MO!
Only raises more suspense, the intention and knowledge that will happen!
please write its next chapter!
Do not expect too much of a heart attack or die!
Another long night and unable to sleep ....
I do not believe I can turn another long night unable to sleep, by concerns that occur with Maimi.
Maimi is in jeopardy paralyzed!
Airi want to die when you see Maimi completely wound.
It looks that will give you a tremendous beating.
Apart Miki Fujimoto is a great senpai with an incredible power.
Miki she always making theirs.
Please! Please! I no longer punish!
It is a great punishment for me to leave a chapter on hold!
I'm desperate!
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That's right, no one hurts my Risako :twisted:
Title: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 13: Aftermath.....the next subject is English
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"Maimi-chan! Stop it Miya! Please!"

That was all Airi could say as they watched Miyabi land three consecutive Raikou Knuckles on Maimi's body. It was impossible for Miya to hear her though, because the arena was filled by the chants of her fans.

"..and this one is for Kumachan!" Miya said after throwing another one. "How does it taste to get defeated by your own technique? Not nice isn't it?"
"I know the feeling. But you should practice more on your punches. It lost its form in the third one."
"Ah, I see. So I should do it like this?" Miya said as she punched Maimi again. "Did I get it right?"
"Perfect. Continue..."

"Miya might kill Maimi-chan! Miki-san, please stop her!" Airi said as she tugged on Miki's shirt.
"I'm afraid I can't do that Airi-chan."
"This is a test for both of them. And I'd like to see how they'd get out of it. And besides, Miya might not give us the rest of the payment for her training if I stop her now."
"Maimi-chan, is she really paralyzed? What did Miya do to her?"
"Ah. Don't worry. You see, in Miya's technique, she increased the charges of the electromagnetic particles surrounding Maimi, therefore containing her in some kind of invisible cage. It's like she's stuck between two magnets. Hmm. It can be considered a high-level technique with the amount of concentration it requires. I'll try to study it too so Yossi won't be able to escape next time haha."
"How long will its effect be?"
"I'm not sure. I'm not even sure if it has a time limit. It will all depend on Miya's concentration. With the way it looks now, I think it can last until she has defeated Maimi. But don't lose hope."

Suddenly, the crowd went silent. Airi didn't see what happened, but she saw that Miya's clothes were sprayed with Maimi's blood. Maimi probably coughed it out after Miya's last punch.

"...You ruined my clothes! Do you know how much these cost?!" Miya said as she slapped Maimi again. "Do you have money to pay for these?"
"Well, it's partly your fault." Maimi said.
"Why you..."

Miya continued her assault. But Maimi looked like she was already imprevious to it. She just grinned as Miya tired herself out from punching her.

"What's the matter? Ran out of gas?"
"Shut up!" Miya said as she gasped for air. "I know! I'll just take your clothes off then take pics and sell them in the internet. But before that, one last punch."

Miya trekked half of the ring's diameter.

"We were supposed to join a contest that day. But you broke her arm. I have a chance to win it by myself but I wanted to share that victory with her..."

She cracked her knuckles then started running towards Maimi.

"This is for Rii-chan. Goodbye Maimi!"

Airi covered her eyes with her hands before Miya could hit her target.

The crowd went wild, but this time it was the Maimi supporters. Airi still didn't want to look but she changed her mind when she heard Miki chuckle.

Airi looked at the ring. Miya's fist was didn't make contact with Maimi's face. It was Maimi's fist that struck Miya's midsection.

Now blood was also splattered on Maimi's uniform.

"We're even now." Maimi said. "My uniform for your clothes. But I'm still trapped here. I can only move my right arm for now."

Miya coughed a few more times before she dropped on her knees. The last counter attack took out all her wind and she needed a few seconds get some air. Then she stood up and wiped away the blood from her lips.

"Hmm. The stare's effect is wearing out. I guess I'll have to finish this." Miya said as she charged all her remaining Ki into her hand. "I'm going to make sure that I finish this."
"Aww. You should have taken her clothes off first when you had the chance Miya!" Miki shouted.
"I'm going to take it off after this, senpai. All of it."

The Raikou energy in Miya's hands took the form of a blade.

"I'm not going to say sorry Maimi, because you brought this upon yourself. The moment you opposed our group."
"Someone had to do it Miya. Or else the other students in the school will live in fear." Maimi said as she released some Ki of her own, breaking herself free from Miya's technique.

Miya didn't give her time to fully recover. She attacked Maimi with a vertical slash. Maimi was able to dodge it. She didn't notice but her uniform got ripped right in the middle.

"Maimi-chan! Your clothes!" Airi shouted.
"Oh boy!  Here it comes!" Miki said from the sides. "Are you two filming this?"
"Yes Ma'am!" Chisato and Mai answered.

Maimi looked at them and gave the videocam a glare, shorting it out.

"Aww. You didn't have to do that, Maimi-chan." Mai said.
"We would have given you a cut from our earnings." added Chisato.

Maimi got on her feet and took off the remains of her uniform., revealing her kunoichi outfit.

"How does she do that, Fujimoto-san?" Erika asked Miki. 
"Beats me. I never tried that before. Well, I did try it once but when I took my clothes off, my kunoichi gear got taken off as well. At least it 'stunned' the opponents and gave me time to put my clothes back on."
Miya attacked Maimi again, this time with a horizontal slash. Maimi didn't dodge. Instead she blocked the blade with her arm, which was now covered with Raikou energy. Miya would continue to attack but Maimi was able to block it. Everyone started to notice that Miya was already tired. Her attacks were now slow and predictable. Her last attempt caused her to stumble in the ground after Maimi evaded.

"You should give up now Miya. This is getting pointless and..."
"Shut up! I'm not done with you!"
"You're..." Maimi didn't know that Miya was trying for a desperation attack.
"Natsuyaki Original, Gorgon Sta.....Aaaaah!!!!!!!"

Suddenly, Raikou energy surged from Miya's body. She was covered by the energy for a few seconds before she dropped on the floor unconscious.

"M-Miyabi!" Maimi said as she ran to check on her. But she was stopped.
"Don't go near her!"

Risako went in front of Miya and put on a fighting stance.

"If you go any closer to Miya, I will kill you."
"Move." Maimi said as she took a step.
"No!" Risako said as she revealed her kusarigama. "Stop right there."
"Over my dead body!" said the young Berryz as she threw the bladed end of her weapon towards Maimi.

Maimi caught the chain and pulled it, dragging Risako in front of her and grabbing her wrists.

"I told you to move, didn't I?"
"I won't let you hurt Miya! Not anymore!"
"Who said that I was going to do that?"
"You...don't..." Risako said as her tears started to fall.
"I'm going to bring her to the clinic." Maimi said as she let her go and walked to Miya. She carried her on her back and started walking. But then she remembered something..."Stop whining there Sugaya-chan. Get up and lead the way. I don't know where the clinic is..."

"Gorgon Stare!"

Miya shouted as she sat up from the bed. She looked around and realized that she was in the clinic.

"Relax. It's over now."
"That was one hell of a fight Miya. I'm impressed that you were able to last that long with Maimi. The fans enjoyed it."
"But I still lost. I failed."
"It's the end of the world. And it's nothing to be ashamed of. You're still a noob compared to her anyway. And you should have heard how they still cheered for you even if you were being carried out."
"What happened during the last seconds? Why did the Raikou energy react like that?"
"Oh. You see, Raikou energy is aware of the user's intentions. It realized that you were not using it for righteousness anymore so it decided to punish you."
"I see. So I won't be able to use it again."
"Nonsense. It's still inside you. But it's probably in hibernation mode."
"What am I going to do now?"
"Keep on training. One factor for your defeat is because your Ki reservoir wasn't as deep as Maimi's. You exhausted a lot of your energy without realizing that the level was already too low, causing you to fatigue quickly. I'm not sure if Maimi's reservoir is natural, but with continuous training, you can make yours almost equal to it. I admit that even my Ki reservoir isn't as deep as hers. Not sure where she keeps all those energy though."
"So, that's what you were talking about. Maimi's assets. I thought you were talking about her br..."
"Shhh. Not right now. You might wake her up."
"Wake up who?"

Miki pointed at the chair beside her. Risako was asleep and leaning on the bed.

"She said she'd wait for you to wake up. But it seems like she's tired as well. Watching you take all those hits must've been hard for her."

Miya brushed Risako's hair aside, got up and covered her with the blanket.

"You were cool back there Miya..."
"Hmm. She still talks in her sleep. Cute."
"You two want some private time?" Miki said as she walked towards the door and closed the lights.
"If you don't min..."
"No way!" Miki said as she turned on the lights again. "Hahaha. I'm not gonna let that cute thing become your prey. If you're going to do something to her, you gotta do it in front of me!"
"Ehhh?! I wasn't thinking of doing anything to her! Well, not anything that's on your mind! What are you still doing here anyway, Fujimoto-senpai?!"
"Nothing actually. I'm just waiting for Nurse Junjun to come back. I asked her to use her acupuncture to cure my back pains..."

"Oooh! That's too cold Airi-chan!" Maimi complained as Airi iced her lips. "Stop it."
"Nonsense. You were able to take all those punches but now you're afraid of some ice?"
"No need to ice it. It'll heal anyway."
"No. We must take care of your lips."
"What for?"
"For great justice!"
"I think what Airi-chan is trying to say is you have to take care of them because they're one of your assets." Erika told her. "You have nice lips Maimi-chan. I can imagine how many guys and girls would like to kiss lips like yours."
"Eh?" was Maimi's only reaction as she gave her a dumbfounded look. "I don't know what you're talking about."
"Didn't Shun say anything about your lips?" Airi asked.
"H-he...we didn't talk about things like that." a blushing Maimi said.
"Shun wrote something about your lips once, oneechan." said Shin.
"What?!" Maimi said as she grabbed Shin's arms. "What did he say? And stop calling me oneechan."
"Yeah, what did he say Shin-kun?" asked by an also curious Airi.
"He said that your lips are a lot deadlier than any of your attacks."
"How true." Erika said. "See Maimi-chan. You better let Airi-chan ice it so it can fully recover."
"Can we stop talking about my lips, please? Help me out here, will you Megu."
"Sure. I won't say anything about your lips." Megumi responded.
"Whew. Thanks..."
"But I'm quite envious of your legs , Maimi-chan." said Megumi as she sneaked in a rub. "They're really nice. Hmm. Your legs..."
"Not you too, Megu." Maimi said simultaneously with a facepalm. "I've never felt more harassed in my life."
"Actually, Shun wrote something about your legs too, oneechan. He said..."

And so, Maimi has defeated six of the Berryz. Only one of them remains.

What will happen when Maimi faces the Captain, who is known to be the most powerful and ruthless in the group?

Will she lose her uniform again in the next chapter?

"Shin, stop holding Airi-chan's hand! I saw that!"

"You too, Kanna-chan!"
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 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Best chapter yet!  And funniest too. XD

The "you too Kanna" at the end really got to me  :lol:
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So Maimi beat Miya...

and I didn't even notice that Kanna part at first.That made my day  XD

I hope Kanna tries something like that next chapter
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I wait one more Miyabi hard and difficult to overcome.
but his mistake spending a lot of energy.
It was too thrilled and trust in his possession.
I think we underestimate in Maimi.
But ...
Maimi if that was resistant to endure so many blows.
Those blows I think it will bring great consequences.

"Oooh! That's too cold Airi-chan!" Maimi complained as Airi iced her lips. "Stop it."
"Nonsense. You were able to take all those punches but now you're afraid of some ice?
It's true.
I'm with you Airi.
Maimi receives too many blows and ice it hurts most.
Well maybe it hurts because the blows were being reflected more.
The blows hurt after.
That is logical.

"No need to ice it. It'll heal anyway."
It's as if you were invensible.
Maimi fact seems to be resistant material.
but ...
Tanta battle and so many blows that has resivido.
I hope that will not cause problems in the coming days.
but ...
I do not think so.
Although it is too strong, I imagine that will have a drop of days.
Miyabi the beating and beating  to Maimi.
Or maybe Maimi conceal their wounds, shock, pain and injuries.
To not worry others.

"No. We must take care of your lips."
"What for?"
"For great justice!"
Airi was very concerned by Maimi.
And always Airi is that the cure wounds and blows from Maimi.
It's very nice!
Airi seemed that was concentrated on the lips of Maimi.
That thought looked Airi while the lips of Maimi.
Maimi  is distracted.

"I think what Airi-chan is trying to say is you have to take care of them because they're one of your assets." Erika told her. "You have nice lips Maimi-chan. I can imagine how many guys and girls would like to kiss lips like yours."
Erika is quick thinking!
Erika is also because he likes the lips of Maimi as Airi?
maybe yes.

"Eh?" was Maimi's only reaction as she gave her a dumbfounded look. "I don't know what you're talking about."
Maimi distracted.

Already missing the last warrior of BK!
Saki Shimizu!
This battle will be huge!
Maimi your wounds or not!
Your blows!
Do not require too!

wordsworth: is not delayed much in place the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awww, I really wanted Miya to get revenge for Risako :( I'm so glad there is some MiyaRi here :w00t: There is never enough of them!

I love that last lot of dialogue so much! :rofl: I really hit the comedy very well there... Poor Maimi, it was be so hard to be perfect looking :roll:

My poor little Kanna, someday you will get your Airi's love... maybe! :P
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lol, I remember I comment on this but look like I didn't hit the post button. :P

Miya is weak, hehe or is it because maimi is simply invisible? Her raikou must have some kind of flaw, and only the great captain knows :3

Looking forward to maimi vs. captain match
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Finally finished reading. Wow. this fic was great. Hoping for an update soon. Great Job Wordsworth!!!!
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^ and I thought he just post a new chapter when this thread jump up.

*sigh* false alarm.

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Next Chapter!!!!  :) :) :lol: :otomerika: :yep:
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Taikosaku Arena

The crowd went silent as the Captain walked towards a badly beaten Miyabi and grabbed her by her throat.

The other members of Berryz Koubou, especially Risako, were telling her to stop, that it was over, but it seemed like she wasn't listening at all.

That was the first time the students of Taikosaku saw the Captain. She was wearing a green colored suit, and a mask that covered her entire face, but that still didn't make her look intimidating because she was, you know, short. Although everyone in the arena could feel a strong aura emanating from her petite body.

"I'm sorry Miyabi." the Captain told her. "You should have given up when you had the chance."
"That voice... Y-You're not Saki!" Miya said as she also noticed the missing mole on the Captain's shoulder.
"Yes. And no..."


"Berryz Koubou Ranking Tournament? What's this?" Maimi asked as she showed a flyer to her lunch mates.
"It's a fashion show." Mai answered. "Want some tickets?"
"The flyer says free admission." said Maimi. "And free popcorn too."
"Oh? That event? Risako-chan told me that it's an annual thing. But this is the first time it's going to be public." Airi replied.
"Miya told me about that before. She said that they hold it to determine who the Captain will be." added Megumi. "Miya reached the finals last year. She was able to take the Captain to the limit but fell short because she didn't have enough power left after fighting Maasa."
"Finally, we might see who the Captain is." said Kanna.
"Captain? Who's that?" asked Maimi.
"She's the leader of Berryz Koubou, Maimi-chan." Kanna answered.
"But no one knows who she is Maimi-chan. No one ever saw her before." added Erika. "And they say that she's never been replaced."
"She's a legend like the Kappa." said Chisato. "I bet she's a giant, bigger than Kumachan and Maasa-chan combined!"
"A-Actually, Risako-chan slipped one time. She mentioned a certain 'Saki' person as their captain. But there are a lot of Saki's here in Taikosaku. I have one in my class but Nakki couldn't be the Captain, she's a nice person. She even lets me copy her homework sometimes." Airi told them. "Oh, and Kappas are real. I have one at home."
"Hmmm. I have a Saki in my class too but it's impossible for her to be a member of Berryz and be the captain because she's short and she's friendly." said Maimi. "Anyway, it says that the tournament will start after school hours. I'm not sure if I can be there to watch the earlier fights. You girls should go ahead."
"No need to be in a hurry Maimi. By the time you get there, I'd be the new Captain already." Miyabi said as the Berryz passed by their table.
"What are you talking about Miya? I'll be the next Captain!" shouted Momo.
"Did you forget that you're paired with me in Round one Momo?" Maasa asked. "I won't let you beat me like when we play that boxing game."
"I didn't forget Maa-chan. That's why I'm going to beat you quick so I'll have enough gas to fight Miya, Kuma-chan and Captain." said Momo.
"Why are you taking me out of the picture already?" Chinami asked. "I've got some new techniques you girls don't know about. And it's a lot more effective than your secret butt attack!"
"Everyone knows that you'll give up once Miya hits you with one punch." said Yurina.
"That is, if she can hit me! I'm not like you Kumai-chan. You're so big, you can get hit even if you hide behind a mountain!"

Maimi and the others slowly vacated the table and watched from a distance as tension started to build among the Berryz even before the start of the tournament.

"Aren't they supposed to be friends?" Maimi asked.
"Who knows?" Airi said as she shrugged her shoulders. "Momo-chan looks cute in that monkey suit though..."

The bell to signal the end of the lunch period rang. The girls went back to their respective classrooms and decided to meet up after class and go to the arena together, except for Maimi, who had to take some remedial classes for an hour.

A few hours later, the final bell announced the end of classes for that day. Majority of the students headed to the arena to watch the tournament while Maimi headed to the library for remedial classes. She saw someone she was not expecting to be there…

"Sugaya-chan? I thought...Aren't you supposed to be in the ranking tournament?"
"I have remedial classes too, so Kumachan gets an auto-win in Round one. She's probably gonna be paired with Miya in Round two so I'm okay being here."
"I see. So, let's go there together after this class?"
"Why? You don't know the way to the Arena?"
"H-How'd you know?"
"Well, the school map you're holding have isn't updated. The Arena isn't included there yet."
"Oh. Never noticed that."
"Okay. I'll go with you." 
"No problem."
"Do you think Miya can win?"
"Miya will win."


"Stop it Captain! You already won! Don't hurt Miya anymore!" Risako shouted from the side of the ring. "Come on, help me stop her!"

Risako didn't know that the other Berryz already tried to do that earlier. They even went as far as going inside the ring, but they too were attacked by the Captain. And they were hurt. Risako attempted to go in but Maasa grabbed her arm.

"But I need to help Miya!"
"Don't be crazy. You know you can't make a difference." Maasa told her. "I don't think even the six of us combined can stop her."

"That voice...You're not the Captain! You're not Saki!"
"What are you saying?" the captain asked her. "I am Saki."

Miya reached out and pulled the mask that was covering the Captain's face. At last everyone aside from the Berryz saw who the Captain was.

"That's...not the Captain!" the other Berryz said in disbelief.
"Who are you?!" Miya asked. "Wait, you're that girl from the other class!"

"Nakki?! Nakki's the captain?"
"You know her Airi-chan?" Maimi asked her.
"Yeah. Najakima Saki is from my class. But I never expected her to be a member of Berryz. And she's the Captain too! This is a surprise!"

"That technique she is using. That is the legendary Fujin Seiken, right Fujimoto-san?" Shin asked.
"Right. And I thought it was already extinct. I guess I'll have to be the one to put an end to it." replied Miki. She was trying her best to control her temper because she saw how Saki beat up one of her students like a rag doll. Nakajima saw Miki glaring at her.

"What are you looking at?" she asked.
"Hey you! Hurt her some more and I'm going to kill you." said Miki.
"All talk, no action. Go ahead and try old woman!" Saki replied.
"Fuck you!"

In the blink of an eye, Miki was already in the ring running towards Saki. Saki let go of Miya and threw a punch aimed at Miki. Miki didn't bother to dodge because she knew it was out of range but suddenly, she felt like she was being hit more than once. She dropped to her knees even before reaching Saki and passed out.

"Weak. Now where were we, Miyabi?" Saki said as she turned around. She saw that Miya was already out of the ring and being attended to by nurse Junjun. She looked back at Miki and she saw that she was also already taken out if the ring and someone else was standing in her place.

"They're your friends. And this tournament wasn't supposed to be this violent. You didn't have to hurt them that much. Why did you do it?" asked Maimi.
"Oh, so you're the hero they were talking about. I don't know what advantage you have against the others. Well, except your legs. And your..."
"Why'd you do it?!"
"Come on, let's see what you've got."
"I'm going to make you apologize to them." Maimi said as she charged her Ki.

The two of them vanished. Ordinary people wouldn't be able to follow their movements and they could only see sparks on the ring. Maimi and Saki were preparing for their final attacks but before either of them could land it...

"Nakki, stop!"

Maimi and Saki appeared in the middle of the ring, with Maimi's fist a few centimeters away from Saki's face and Saki's nails grazing Maimi's neck.

A girl riding a mini bike approached. After parking her mini bike, she stepped into the ring. She was wearing the Taikosaku uniform and she was also wearing a cap with the Berryz logo.

"You've done well Nakki." the girl told her as she clapped. "Thank yo..."
"Why did you interfere? I could have finished her off, Captain."
"Who said you could talk back to me?!"

Upon saying those words, the new girl lightly poked Saki in the forehead and unbelievably, it threw Saki out of the ring. She was about to slam into one of the walls. Luckily, the arena had some safety measures. An airbag activated before Saki hit the wall to prevent any more injury. She was alive but unconscious.

"Who are you?" Maimi asked. "Why'd you do that to her?!"
"Who am I? Why I'm the Captain of Berryz Koubou. I just used Nakki to show off what the Fujin Seiken can do. And now that she's done it, I don't have any use for her anymore."

Maimi slapped her and the Captain's cap flew off.

"Ouch! That hurts, Maimi-chan. That really hurts."
"S-Shimi-chan? It can't be. You're..."
"Yes. I'm the real Captain of Berryz Koubou. And I am also the successor of the Fujin Seiken, which is superior to your Raikou Taikyokuken. Foolish Miya thought she could beat it using her mediocre Raikou Taikyokuken skills. Nakki here, is just a trainee. But look at what she did to the others and to one of your senpais. I think she even gave you a hard time, didn't she." Saki said, noticing the trail of blood at Maimi's lips.
"What do you want?"
"I want you to join Berryz Koubou. If we combine our powers, we can do whatever we want! If you join us, we can rule this school, then we can take over the neighboring schools as well. Then we take over Japan. Then the world."
"What if I refuse?"
"That's simple. I'm going to erase you from existence." Saki said as she picked up her cap and placed it back on her head. "You don't have to make a decision now though. I'll give you two weeks to think about it so you can, you know, train all you want. I know you well Maimi-chan. You're going to refuse and we're going to fight each other anyway. Also, the rest of the Berryz should be okay by then. I want them to witness how I defeat you. Revenge is sweet."
"Why? What did I do to you?"
"Don't think that I have a grudge because you humiliated my friends and because you called me short, Maimi-chan. It's something more than that."
"You'll know why."

That was all Maimi could say as she watched Saki walk away from the ring. Even if she knew that she didn't have a chance against her, she wanted to take her on right then and there. But she felt something different, something she only felt when she was fighting Shun.

Saki looked back at her and strange markings appeared on her face, the same markings that appeared on Shun during the succession battle...

"Do you think you can kill me again Maimi?"

The mark of the Devil Gene
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Yay a new chapter!!

Nakki was the fake Captain?What a twist!I like how the real Captain just beat her with one finger.That was awesome.

I hope Maimi can finish this once and for all.

and lol at the Momo monkey suit reference.
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Wow, somehow I've missed updates here and there, but I finally managed to catch up now! :lol: Poor Nakki, just being used by Captain... Well, this is the battle we've been waiting a long time for, isn't it? Miyabi seemed to do pretty well against Maimi, only losing because she expended her energy, so Maimi's going to have to call on something she's never done before to beat Captain and prevent her from... taking over the world. XD That part sounded familiar for some reason... :ph43r:

Then again, I'm a bit confused by this story too because I don't really know anything about the source material you're taking all the techniques and stuff from. It's like it should have more meaning than just "this is called this" and "this is called this" and such... then again, maybe it doesn't. XD Like I said, I just don't know. Still, if nothing else it's fun seeing what you do with the H!P girls, as always. :)

Also, in the previous chapters I didn't comment on, :heart: :heart: :heart: the Miya/Risako mushiness! :wub: The Berryz in general in your fic (at least in their Berryz form, not as the persona they take on in classes...) really just seem the "enemy" and bullies that Maimi's righteously fighting against... so it was interesting seeing a different perspective, Miya fighting to avenge what Maimi did to her Risako... sigh... :inlove:

Well carry on, let's see what the big fight has in store for us. ^_^ I'm betting there could be one more chapter of setup before it happens, but with you we never can tell... And funny, I rabu Captain so I'm not exactly sure who I'd even be for. XD

If Maimi defeats Captain, would she be the new leader of Berryz Koubou? I'd be curious to see what happened if they became "reformed". :D
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WHAT?! captain is not short! she just tiny :D

lol, nakasaki is just a trainee? that seem really like captain doing >:D

way to go captain! i know maimi will be lost anyway to the berryz. >:3
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That was all Maimi could say as she watched Saki walk away from the ring. Even if she knew that she didn't have a chance against her, she wanted to take her on right then and there. But she felt something different, something she only felt when she was fighting Shun.

Saki looked back at her and strange markings appeared on her face, the same markings that appeared on Shun during the succession battle...

"Do you think you can kill me again Maimi?"

The mark of the Devil Gene

Oh crap! :o :imdead:
I wasn't expecting that, nor was I expecting Nakki... Dude, you got some big twists in this one :o :o :o
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Then again, I'm a bit confused by this story too because I don't really know anything about the source material you're taking all the techniques and stuff from. It's like it should have more meaning than just "this is called this" and "this is called this" and such... then again, maybe it doesn't. XD Like I said, I just don't know. Still, if nothing else it's fun seeing what you do with the H!P girls, as always. :)
Thanks XD

Some of the terms I took from some fighting manga and Google. I just mixed them up so it would sound cool. :P

Here are the translations:
Raikou Taikyokuken - Lightning Grand Ultimate Fist
Ryujin-waza - Dragon God Technique
Fujin Seiken - Wind God Sacred Fist

If Maimi defeats Captain, would she be the new leader of Berryz Koubou? I'd be curious to see what happened if they became "reformed". :D
Nah. Maimi already has her own group. XD

Even if it's fiction, I find it blasphemous to replace any member of Berryz or C-ute with someone else. Both groups already have established lineups and throwing in someone new might disrupt the equilibrium or start another world war. :lol:

Honestly, I didn't think that this story would go on this far. But like some of the readers who told me to pursue, I think this story deserves a proper ending. And it will. Just a few more chaps to go.

I'd like to make a doujin of it someday, but my drawing level is probably lower than Miki and Eri's. :grin:
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Raikou Taikyokuken Dojo

"...That's what happened, senpai."  Maimi said. But I don't understand what she meant by asking me if I could kill her again."
"So, Fujin Seiken has a successor..." said Rika. "And we all thought that no one survived that massacre."
"There's a big chance that she's also the one responsible for that massacre in their dojo during their succession tournament." Yuko told her. "You said she had markings on her body, right Maimi-chan?"
"Y-yes. I know I've seen them before but I can't recall where."
"Remember your fight with Shun during the succession tournament?" Yossi said. "Markings appeared on him. Are the markings on your friend something similar?"
"Yeah. Like your fight with him in the onsen..." added Miki. "You could have seen the markings because he didn’t have a towel on..."
"Shut up Miki!" Yuko, Rika and Yossi said in unison.
"I...I remember. Yes. Strange markings appeared on Shun too. What is its connection to Shimi-chan?"

*sigh* "Maimi. We promised Shun not to tell you, but I think this is the right time for you to know..." Yuko told her.

And so, the elders senpais told the story about Shun's decision to end the curse by letting Maimi defeat him and destroy the Devil Gene.

"...but it looks like the Devil Gene survived and it possessed your friend. And it is using her Fujin Seiken to do what it wanted to do with Raikou Taikyokuken."

Maimi didn't stop her tears as they fell. She didn't know exactly what she should be feeling at the moment. She wanted badly to punch something but she knew that it was pointless. That won't bring back Shun. That won't help her save Saki.

"Shun...Shimi-chan...What am I going to do? If I...if I didn't become the successor, none of this would have happened."
"Do not doubt if you are the worthy successor of Raikou Taikyokuken, Maimi-chan. You are everything what a rightful successor should be. You are the best. That was what Shun thought too." said Rika. "Be strong."
"You are not just the successor. You are Raikou Taikyokuken." added Yossi. "Chin up!"
"Thanks for stealing my line, Yossi." Miki said. "I've got nothing else to say but...I have faith in you Maimi-chan. I know you'll get married first than any of us, especially Yuko-san and Nacchi..."

A sake bottle came flying from the door and crashed at Miki's head. She was out cold.

"Oopsie. I slipped." said a new woman as she got back on her feet. "Oh dear! Why is Miki sleeping here?"
"Hello Maimi-chan. It's been a long time since we saw each other. Don't be shy, give me a hug."

Maimi was very happy to see this particular senpai. While Rika, Yossi and Miki were responsible for teaching her the fighting styles, Nacchi was the one who taught her the values and ideals of Raikou Taikyokuken. She was the mentor Maimi was closest to, her scatterbrained-ness even rubbing off to her kouhai.  She was, however, not present during the succession tournament because she had to attend some serious business in the other town. She was only able to return when Maimi already left to start school. She also taught Maimi some PlayStation tricks but both of them still suck at playing games and lost most of the time to Miki.

"Hmmm. So that's what's bothering you now." Nacchi told her. "Are you sure it's not boy trouble?"
"Boy trouble? What is that?" Maimi asked.
"It's something every person in this dojo is cursed with!" Miki shouted as she regained consciousness. "Yossi however, has girl trouble too. And I think you have that too, Maimi-chan."
"I still don't get it, senpai." said a still confused Maimi as she scratched her head.
"Don't mind her, Maimi. So, what do you plan to do? You're going to fight her, aren't you?" Nacchi asked.
"I must stop her, and save Shimi-chan. But..."
"You saw how strong Fujin Seiken is." Yossi said. "It's true. A skilled user of Fujin Seiken is a formidable opponent."
"Don't scare her too much Yossi. It just looked very strong because it knocked Miki out. It was her fault. She was careless. You saw how that technique works, didn't you Maimi-chan?" asked Rika.
"Yes. Nakki punched the air in front of her and it dispersed and hit Fujimoto-senpai."
"Fujin Seiken attacks are all based on wind and air. If you watch their movements closely, you'll be able to anticipate their attacks. The strengths of both techniques are almost the same, except theirs rely on multiple hits instead of one-shot bombs like ours. It's like comparing a machine gun to a cannon. Whoever gets the first hit gets the advantage." explained Yossi.
"I see. But I think I would require more training from you, senpai." Maimi said as she knelt before them. "Please help me prepare. Please."
"We've taught you everything we know, Maimi-chan." said Rika, kneeling beside her kouhai and patting her shoulder. "You are ready."
"We can spar a few rounds if you want to get pumped up." Yossi said.
"I can give you a full body massage to loosen some of your muscles. Free of charge." joked Miki. "But seriously, you don't need any help. You're even more powerful than all of us combined. That reminds me, that Miya still owes me a massage..."
"Just believe in yourself Maimi-chan. Believe in your skills, believe in what you've learned..."
"How many days before you fight?" Yuko asked.
"In two weeks. I will face her in the arena." replied Maimi.
"Two weeks. Hmmm. Alright. Come back here the day after tomorrow. We're going to teach you something. In the meantime, just do some meditating and basic exercises. But I warn you, this training is going to be difficult."
"Y-yes!" Maimi said as she stood up. "Thank you all for you help! I'm going now."

As soon as Maimi was out of the room...

"Liars. All of you. Are you trying to send the poor girl to her own grave?" Yuuko scolded the others. "You know that there's still one technique that we haven't taught her."
"What? How to get drunk without knocking herself out?" asked Miki. "You fail in that one."
"No. I'm going to teach her not to be like you." Yuko answered back.
"Are you planning to teach her 'that' technique, Yuko-san?" Nacchi asked.
"Are you out of your mind?" Rika asked too. "That is too dangerous!"
"That technique is forbidden. That's why it was never written in the books." said Yossi.
"Yes. To prevent any of our rivals from learning about it, it was never written in the books or in any of the scrolls." added Nacchi. "It had to be etched on the flesh of the masters so that it would be near impossible for others to learn it. They'd have to kill a Raikou Taikyokuken master before they see it. But it would be useless because without the master, they would not know how to decipher it."
"Only the five of us know that technique and it is written on our bodies. If we don't teach it to her, Maimi-chan will die. We all know that Fujin Seiken is superior to our technique. This is the only advantage we have against them. The only thing that can match a Fujin is a Raijin. I know it's dangerous, but it is the only option left. A couple of hits in that state will surely purge the Devil Gene from her friend and get rid of it once and for all. I'll need your full cooperation. If any of you disagrees, say it now."
"Nope. I won't do it. I refuse." Miki said. "I'm not going to strip in front of Maimi."
"Give me a good reason." said Yuko.
"I'm not stripping in front of her..."

"...unless she does the same in front of me..."
Airi's House

"How are you doing Nakki?" Airi asked as she removed changed the dry towel on Saki's forehead with a new one. "Good thing the fever's down."
"I'm...I'm fine Airi-chan. But...why are you doing this?" said Saki as she sat up. "I hurt some of your...friends but still, you're helping me recover."
"You're my friend Nakki. And this is what friends do. The Berryz might be evil but they are my friends too. I know they're already nice but they changed a lot after they fought Maimi-chan."
"Yajima-san. I hurt her too, didn't I?"
"I know you did those things because you were just forced or mind-controlled by the other Saki-chan. I know you're a nice person Nakki."
"What if I told you that I wasn't being controlled? That I did all that with my own free will?"
"Then you'll have to promise me that you won't do it again."
"A-Airi-chan." Saki said as she started to cry. Airi hugged her and patted her back.
"Oh, dinner must be ready." Airi said as she caught a glimpse of the clock. "I'll just go down and bring it here. Wait for me Nakki."

Saki waited as Airi left the room.

"You are Shin of Ryujin-waza. I can feel your aura so stop hiding." Saki said.
"Your senses are still at its peak even in that condition. Cool!" Shin said as he made himself visible. "Hello!"
"Are you going to eliminate me?' asked Saki. "Go ahead. I deserve it."
"I'm not here to do that. And I'm not sure if I can, actually. Even if you're just a trainee, you're a whole lot stronger than me."
"That might be true. But I'm pretty much defenseless right now."
"That doesn't mean that I have to take advantage. You are one of the last users Fujin Seiken. It's legacy has to be preserved. Besides, if I did what you were expecting me to do, Suzuki-chan won't talk to me again."
"What do you want?" 

Shin got on his knees

"Please help us defeat the Captain. Tell us everything you know, anything you know. Any weaknesses of Fujin Seiken...I beg you."
"I'm sorry."
"You're not going to help us?"
"No. I'm going to help you. But as far as I know...Fujin Seiken..."

"It doesn't have any weaknesses...."

"By the way..."

"What the heck are you doing in Airi-chan's room?!!!"
Berryz Hideout

"What are all of you doing here? Didn't I tell you that Berryz Koubou is over?"
"We're not just Berryz Koubou." Maasa said. "We're also your friends, Captain."
"Everything you did had a reason. We understand." added Chinami. "We forgive you."
"All of you got hurt. Because of Nakki. Because of me."
"Our wounds will heal. Besides, Nakki's punches were weak compared to your punches during the last ranking battle." said Miyabi. "Our friendship is what's more important."
"You're still our Captain, Saki-chan." Risako told her.

Saki started to cry. Risako handed her a hankie but she hesitated to accept it. Momo took it from Risako and started to wipe away the Captain's tears, forcing more of them to come out.

"I...I'm sorry, everyone. I don't want to fight Maimi-chan too."
"Then don't." Momo told her. "Just call the fight off. Maimi-chan would understand."
"Not fighting doesn't mean that you're weak or you're afraid of her." added Maasa.
"She's a friendly person. You should know that because she's your classmate." said Chinami.
"I know. This is not what I had in mind when we formed this group. Being a member of Berryz Koubou was supposed to be fun. But now, all of the other students...see us as threats. He manipulated me, causing our group to be feared and hated."
"You can tell us anything Captain." said Momo. "You can trust us."
"I trust you but I don;'t want you to get involved any further. He...he said that he will kill you if I disobey."
"Who is he?" asked Miyabi.
"Leave me! Before he..."

The strange markings appeared again on Saki's face.

"You girls should listen to your Captain."

They were sure that it was Saki who was talking but her voice was different.

"W-who are you?"
"Leave! Before I decide to kill you!!!"
"Everyone, do as he says. Please." now it was Saki's voice. "it will all be over soon. Just leave me for now...Please..."

The Berryz followed what their Captain asked them.

"They're pretty loyal to you. That's good. We can use them in our future plans."
"Keep them out of this."
"You don't plan on betraying me, huh Saki?"
"No. There's no need. Because I know that Maimi-chan will get rid of you. Once and for all."
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A sake bottle came flying from the door and crashed at Miki's head. She was out cold.

"Oopsie. I slipped." said a new woman as she got back on her feet. "Oh dear! Why is Miki sleeping here?"
I lolled XD

She also taught Maimi some PlayStation tricks
*insert evil grin here*

Besides, if I did what you were expecting me to do, Suzuki-chan won't talk to me again.


Damn, I hate to imagine captain being possessed by some bastard evil curse seal.. T_T Go maimi! You can do it! btw, captain rules, and nothing can change that! kekekekekeke. Keep up the good work, words!
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lol@Miki getting KOed by a flying sake bottle.

"I'm not stripping in front of her..."

"...unless she does the same in front of me..."

Classic Fujimoto  :lol:

Aww Airi's taking care Nakki even though she was evil.

I hope Captain can get rid of whatever possessed her.
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Please! next chapter!
and I want to see the battle!
Maimi in action along with Saki!
and Suzuki with Maimi loveless!
Please the next chapter!

Wawwwwwwww!!! Miki-senpai!!!!
Abe-san!!!!!!!! happy!!!!

I am happy that this Abe-san.
Miki is very fun !!!!!!!
The technique that  teach to Maimi is dangerous!
It looks that will have a training hard and difficult.
Suzuki when you see a wound Maimi or  was tired worry!
AH!  want to see it!
And saldra's great love  suzuki for Maimi! :wub:
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i was laughing so hard in reading this fic.......know why? because all the things that miki says makes a detour to be a perverted one... :hiakhiakhiak: :hiakhiakhiak: :hiakhiakhiak: its so hilarious......hmmm why dont you make an Aya appearance to shut up the groping demon.....hahahaha

nice fic.......
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next chapter!!  :P
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The Taikosaku Arena was already filled with the students, even before it was time specified on the fliers. Most of them were supporters of Maimi, and very few supporters of Berryz Koubou.

Berryz Koubou, including Maiha, was at ringside, while Airi and the other girls were seated behind them. They had Shin carry a Maimi banner for them.

Miki was there too, sitting beside Mai and Chisato with her videocam ready. She got a bit disappointed though when she saw Maimi walking out of the locker room already in her kunoichi outfit.

The Captain stood in the center of the ring, her arms crossed on her chest, waiting for Maimi to arrive. She was wearing a kunoichi outfit too, similar to the one Maimi wears, except the soles for her footwear were a bit elevated, you know, to make her look taller.

"Your outfit tells me what your decision is Maimi. You are going to fight me, aren't you?" Saki asked as Maimi entered the ring. It was Saki, but the voice belonged to the demon.
"Yes. I have to fight you."
"I see you've been training a lot." she added as she noticed her bruises and her heavily bandaged right arm. "Maybe you'd like to do this some other day. I'd like to fight you when you're at 100%."
"Nah. My arm's not broken. Those bandages aren't there because I'm hurt. It's a seal." answered Maimi. "I don't want to reschedule. We should finish this today."
"Hmmm. A seal for what? A secret technique? It doesn't matter. I don't think we'd reach a part when you'll be able to use it. I'm going to end this fight swiftly. You'll be sorry that you chose to fight me."
"I'll do anything. Anything to get rid of you, the one who possessed Shun and Shimi-chan."
"Anything? Like killing me the way you did to your former lover?"
"Oh, I'm sorry. I guess you wanted to forget about that huh? Don't worry, there's a possibility that you'll be joining him soon if I won't be able to control myself." Saki said as she put on a fighting pose. Maimi was about to put a fighting pose but Saki suddenly dashed and attacked her. She was able to block it but she was thrown out of the ring.

"T-that was fast!" exclaimed Maimi as she got back up and climbed the ring again.
"Looks like your training paid off. If that hit you, it would have been over."
"I have good senpais."
"Good. I hope they're good at crying too. They'll need it after I finish you off..."

Before she could finish speaking, Maimi was already in front of her and gave her a roundhouse. She was able to block it too but she was also thrown out of the ring. But before she could hit the ground, Maimi appeared behind her and kicked her again, sending her into the ring once more. Maimi continued to press the attack a barrage of Raikou Knuckles. Saki blocked but she was getting hurt. Then Maimi grabbed her wrist and threw her in the air. Maimi ended it with an axe kick from above, sending Saki spiraling to the ground. Saki quickly got back on her feet and spat out some blood. She was fine but the sound of the crowd cheering made her fuming mad.

"Do not underestimate me and Raikou Taikyokuken." Maimi said as she dashed to attack again.

Saki smirked and threw a punch at her left side. Suddenly, an unseen force hit Maimi on the face from the right. Saki threw another punch, this time to her right side and Maimi got hit on the left side. It didn't stop Maimi from advancing until Saki threw a punch aimed at the ground, causing something from below to hit Maimi like an uppercut. The last attack stopped Maimi and she backed off a few steps, thinking that it was a safe distance. Saki wasn't finished though as she punched towards the ceiling. Maimi knew where the attack would come from this time as she moved out of the way. The force came from above, shattering the ring tiles that it hit.

"W-what just happened, Fujimoto-san?" a bedazzled Shin asked Miki. "What hit Maimi oneechan?!"
"Fujin Seiken attacks are based on air right?"
"Yes. But that technique she used is different from Nakjima-san's technique."
"You see, all of us are surrounded by air. Fujin Seiken users can disperse the air around them. That attack Nakajima used on me before is a sample of dispersion; she punched the air in front of her, causing it to hit me multiple times. But this technique that small brat is using is a displace technique."
"The air she hits doesn't disappear. It just transfers to another place. Imagine yourself submerged in a swimming pool that is sealed from the top so that the water cannot go out. Your body will take some of its space and when you move, the water will have to go to another place right? But it can't because the pool is sealed. The force made by your movements will try to travel some place but since the water is compressed in an enclosure, the force will just travel within the walls of that pool."
"So that means when Shimizu-san hits in any direction, the force will go somewhere and has to hit something or anything."
"Something like that. But that technique is pretty high-level, considering the size of this arena. She should probably know the exact area or space it has to be able to throw those attacks as accurate as possible. Unless she's preventing some of the air from leaving the ring area."
"That's amazing..." said Shin.
"Yeah. That technique can hit you from anywhere and is unpredictable compared to a dispersion attack."
"I wasn't talking about the technique. I was amazed at how I was able to have a conversation with you that didn't have any perverted undertones."
"So, yeah. This chapter is still below the PG-13 rating."
"I kissed Airi-chan before."
"Like I'd believe you..."
"She's telling the truth Shin-kun." Airi told him.
"That's more painful than getting kicked in the nuts, huh? But don't worry, it was just an innocent, friendly kiss."
"Like a mother's kiss to her child?" Shin asked. "Nah, you won't know that since you never had a kid before."
"Well if you like to put it that way. But I'll never tell you where I kissed her though." Miki said as she glanced downwards.

"So you can still stand up after that. Looks like you're a worthy adversary after all." Saki said as she did some stretching. "But that was just some warm up."
"I know. I'm just warming up too. That technique won't work on me again though." answered Maimi as she wiped the blood from her lips.
"Oh yeah?"
"Go ahead. Try again."

Saki punched to her left again. Maimi closed her eyes as if she was waiting for something. When she heard the sound she was waiting for, she threw a punch to her left side. The air that Saki displaced with her punch was sent back to her, hitting her on the face.

"What the fuck?!" said Saki as she touched the part of her face that got hit. "What the fuck?!!!"
"Ishikawa-senpai  and Yoshizawa-senpai taught me how to defend against that technique."
"What?! It's impossible for a lowly fighter like you to do that! I am the Fujin Seiken successor!!!"
"No you're not. You just happen to possess the body of the Fujin Seiken successor. And not being able to avoid a simple counter attack like that shows how pathetic you really are. Stop hiding in Shimi-chan's body. So I can destroy you, you coward."
"You bitch!" Saki yelled as she charged at Maimi.

She started to unleash multiple punches but Maimi was able to block and avoid some of them. In one punch, Maimi stepped back to evade it. However, she didn't notice that the recoil of Saki's punches created a vacuum, and it sucked her within striking distance. She got hit a couple of times before Saki ended it with a sweep, grabbing Maimi's leg and slamming her on the ground.

"Do not mock me!"

Saki continued her attack by creating a sphere of air using her ki. She threw it at Maimi who was still lying on the ground, launching her into the air. The Fujin Seiken successor then started to wind up her right arm in a circular pattern until a small, visible tornado was forming on her wrists. Then she aimed a punched towards Maimi.

"Fujin Seiken Tornado Crusher!!!"

A full-blown tornado came out from her fist, and it devoured Maimi who was still in the air. Maimi was caught inside and the sharp winds cut her in different places while she was being tossed around. She dropped back on the ring once the tornado was gone.

Saki walked towards her and grabbed her by the throat. She punched Maimi a couple of times before throwing her away.

"Not so tough now huh?"
"It's not...yet...over." Maimi said as she tried to stand up.
"Oh yeah. I guess I should finish it."

Saki started with the displace technique, throwing punches from every angle. Maimi got tossed around by the hits and Saki only stopped when Maimi landed in front of her. She picked her up again and used the same disperse attack that Nakki used on Miki. Saki's technique was more brutal since it was done in close range, making Maimi's body absorb all the hits. Before losing consciousness, Maimi leaned on the Captain's petite body so that she won't fall on the floor.

"Should we kill her? She called you short, remember?"
"I'm sorry, Maimi-chan." Saki said.
"What are you apologizing for?" the demon asked. "Is this not what you wanted?"
"Stop putting words into my mouth. I never wanted any of this."
"Whatever. Too bad we didn't see her secret technique. Anyway, we've won already. Time to...huh."

The demon was cut short when he saw the bandages from Maimi's arm floating in the air. Saki stepped back, thinking that Maimi, who was still leaning on her would fall on the ground, but she didn't fall. Instead she was covered by a blinding light. Everyone in the arena couldn't see what was happening. By the time everyone could see, it was only the Captain who was standing in the middle of the ring.

"Fuck yeah! Time to kick her ass, Maimi!" Miki shouted from her seat.
"Where'd she go? What happened to Maimi-chan, Fujimoto-san?" Airi asked.
"Maybe she changed her clothes. The release must have disintegrated her previous one."
"Just kidding. She's just there Airi."

"So that's what those bandages are for? A fancy light show? Come on, I was expecting something better." the demon said.
"I'm talking to you! Answer me, bitch!"
"Fine!" Saki said as she started to wind up both of her arms. "If you're fine with everyone in this arena getting hurt so be it! Fujin Seiken Tornado..."

Suddenly someone grabbed one of her wrists. It was Maimi.

"Surrender now if you still want to live." she said.
"Are you kidding me? I should be the one saying that to you! Fujin Seiken Tornado Crusher!" Saki said as she unleashed her attack with her free arm at point blank range. But to her surprise, It didn't even faze Maimi and she was holding on to her wrist.
"That won't work anymore." Maimi said as she let go of Captain. "Now surrender. Leave Shimi-chan's body."

Saki backed off and she attacked using a combination of the displace and disperse techniques. They didn't work on Maimi though.

"Last warning."
"Never!" The demon charged all of her energy into her fists and headed straight for Maimi. Maimi caught her fist with her left hand and countered it with a right. It sent Saki crashing out of the ring. The safety cushions on the wall were not enough to catch her. It did stop her from being thrown further but the wall was caved in.

"Fujimoto-san, what happened to Maimi-chan's arm?" Airi asked.
"Heh. That is the Raijin's hand. Damn thing can destroy a moon with one hit. I just hope that Maimi was able to control so the small girl won't get hurt too much."

Maimi's entire right arm was covered with Raikou energy. It was different from before because this time it took the form of a dragon's tail. The tail was so long, it spanned half of the ring's diameter. It could have been longer if it wasn't coiled onto one of Maimi's legs.

"What about those orbs hovering behind her?" Miya asked her sensei. "They're like the Raijin's drums from the drawings."
"Kinda. Those eight orbs are the essence of the Raikou Taikyokuken masters. Nakazawa-san, Rika, Yossi, Nacchi, me and three other masters. The secret technique has been passed down to us but the rightful successor will be the only one who can utilize it to the fullest."
"Oh. Your essence must be that one that's floating closest to her butt."
"Looks like it."

Saki stepped out from the wall. She was bloody and she could barely stand.

"I won't accept defeat!"
"Get out of Shimi-chan's body."

Saki attacked Maimi again but Maimi didn't bother to defend. She just let Saki land all of her punches and kicks. When Saki was about to impale her, she caught her wrist and hit her in the midsection. Saki crumpled in pain and started to throw up. A worried Maimi tried to check her condition but the traitorous demon used a flash technique to temporarily blind Maimi.

"I-I can't see!"
"You don't have to. I know that you'll always remember the face of the one who killed you! Goodbye Maimi!"

The demon prepared to chop off Maimi's head but it stopped at the last second.

"W-what are you doing, Saki!!!" the demon asked for he could not move any part of the Captain's body
"Maimi-chan, now. Defeat him!"
"Shimi-chan. What about you?"
"Don't worry about me. Just do it."
"I'm...I'm sorry."
"I will be fine..."

"Raikou Ryu Knuckle!!!"

It was a clean hit. The eight orbs behind Maimi twirled in her fist and a lightning dragon came out, taking the Captain and the demon up into the air and through the Arena's ceiling.

Maimi caught Saki's body as it fell from the air.

"T-thank you, Maimi-chan."
"Shimi-chan?! Shimi-chan?!"

The members of Berryz Koubou started to run inside the ring even before they could hear Miki's warning.

"Hey, you dumbasses! It's not over yet!"

Before any of the Berryz could enter the ring, torrents of flame started to come out of the ring's borders, creating a wall, preventing anyone from getting in or getting out.

"I don't need that body anymore. I've already absorbed all of her techniques, adding more to mine. Get rid of it before we start."

It was the demon, using his true form. He had black wings and the strange markings were everywhere on his body. The students started to evacuate the arena once they saw the demon. What pissed Maimi off was he using Shun's visage.

Maimi, still carrying Saki, walked at the edge of the ring. She flicked her finger, blowing away a portion of the flame wall and handed Saki to the Berryz Koubou members.

"Is she....Is Captain..."
"I'm not sure Momo-chan." Maimi said. "If she is, I'll give you the honor of taking my life. But for now, I have to finish this."
"Kick his ass Maimi-chan." Chinami told her.
"I will, Chinami-chan. Just watch." said Maimi as she walked back to the center. The torrent of flame rose up to cover the ring once Maimi stepped away from the edge.

"Are you ready to die Maimi?"
"I should be the one asking you that. Are you ready to die?"
"Of course not!"
"Oh? Then you should do something about that hole on your chest...."
"What hol......HOLY SHIT!!!"
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hahahaha, another master piece!

Quote from: wordsworth
She was wearing a kunoichi outfit too, similar to the one Maimi wears, except the soles for her footwear were a bit elevated, you know, to make her look taller.

"I wasn't talking about the technique. I was amazed at how I was able to have a conversation with you that didn't have any perverted undertones."
don't see that coming -_-"
"So, yeah. This chapter is still below the PG-13 rating."
"I kissed Airi-chan before."
"Like I'd believe you..."
"She's telling the truth Shin-kun." Airi told him.
it's coming!!
"What the fuck?!" said Saki as she touched the part of her face that got hit. "What the fuck?!!!"
lol, priceless
"Heh. That is the Raijin's hand. Damn thing can destroy a moon with one hit.
It could have been longer if it wasn't coiled onto one of Maimi's legs.
"Oh. Your essence must be that one that's floating closest to her butt."
"Oh? Then you should do something about that hole on your chest...."
"What hol......HOLY SHIT!!!"

captain is heavily injured  :mon runcry: Hope nurse chisato can treat her wounds properly :mon fyeah:

thanks for the new chapter.
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"I wasn't talking about the technique. I was amazed at how I was able to have a conversation with you that didn't have any perverted undertones."
well that's a first

"Oh? Then you should do something about that hole on your chest...."
"What hol......HOLY SHIT!!!"
:rofl: Does that mean the demon is a hollow?(Bleach reference:complete)

ziggurat are you talking about that nurse chisato?If you are, then she can't help Captain. She's too busy beating up Dr Maimai lol
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Next Chapter pliSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just finished the latest epi.  From the looks of it, It's like the story is coming to an end ( But I hope not. I still want to see Miki doing some naughty things. Joke  :lol: :lol:)  I hope the captain all right.
Title: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 16: Final Exam
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"If you try to fight me, I'm going to cave your face in next." Maimi said as she bit her lip, preparing to do what she just said.

"When did you?..." asked the demon who was still in awe. He never noticed the wound if Maimi didn't tell him. He tore some skin from his arm and covered the hole with it. A few seconds later, it was fully healed. "You see now? You can hit me all you want but you can't kill me."

"I will try as many times as I can. But one thing is for sure. I'm gonna end this fight by erasing you from existence!"

Both of them ran towards each other and started trading punches. Maimi was getting the better of the exchange, being able to land punches while evading at the same time. The demon saw her advantage so he created some space by backing off and taking flight, then using Fujin Seiken dispersion and displacement techniques to attack from a distance.

Maimi retaliated by firing multiple Raikou bolts. Not all of them hit the mark for the demon blocked them using its wings. But they were enough to distract the demon so she could get closer. Once the demon landed on the ground, Maimi was able to land a punch to his mid section, obliterating a huge chunk of his torso. The demon screamed in pain but Maimi was without mercy. Every punch that landed took off a part of his body. Maimi swept him off his feet and leapt into the air, intending it to be the last blow. But the demon smirked, pulling out the last card from his sleeve.


Maimi stopped her attack when she saw who was in front of her. Airi was bound by the demon's tail, and he was going to use her as a shield.

"Nice trick. But that illusion won't work on me." Maimi said.
"Really? I guess illusions don't bleed then." said the demon as he used the sharp end of his tail to graze Airi's cheek.

Maimi looked at the crowd and she couldn't find Airi anywhere. She wasn't with the Berryz and she wasn't with Erika and the others. She could see Shin though. And he was wounded.

"I'm sorry onee-chan. I tried to save Suzuki-san but I couldn't stop him." he said before he passed out.

Maimi turned her attention on the demon once more. He was almost done regenerating himself.

"Hmm. The blood of this girl seems to help accelerate my regenerative powers. Could it be that she has the blood of a youkai?" the demon thought.

"Let Airi-chan go."

"Make me."

"Bastard!" Maimi shouted but before she could take a step...

"If you make a move, your friend is gonna die." the demon said as he tightened his grip on Airi. "You don't want that to happen right."
"Don't worry about me Maimi-chan! Finish him off!"
"Maimi doesn't want you to die, kappa girl." said the demon as he inched close to where Maimi was standing. "So what are you gonna do now Maimi?"

Maimi set her sight on the demon's tail, thinking of how she could sever it then take Airi to safety.

"If you're thinking of cutting my tail, don't bother. If it gets cut, it will automatically crush you friend's body."

"What do yo..." Maimi couldn't complete her sentence. The demon hit her hard on the face, throwing her halfway across the ring.

"Maimi-chan!!!" shouted Airi as she tried to free herself from the demon's tail but the more she struggled the more the grip tightened.

"You may be a lot stronger now, but all that power will be useless if you can't hit me." said the demon as she picked up Maimi by her hair. "You're still pretty even if you're all bloody and battered. That Shun guy is a lucky bastard..."

Apparently it was a trap set by Maimi to get him closer. She was about to punch him but the demon quickly put Airi in front of him again.

"Nice try." he said as he hit Maimi in the gut. "You almost got me there."

The demon continued attacking Maimi but Maimi didn't fall. Airi kept telling her to fight back but Maimi didn't want to put her in any more harm. She just closed her eyes and thought of what her senpais have taught her...

"There's no other way to celebrate a victory than getting drunk! But since you're still underage, I can only let you drink beer flavored Ramune mmkay..."

"Throwing a punch using the right form increases it's efficiency. The right form removes any unnecessary movements, increases the rate you can throw it and it gives you a faster chance to react. You can dodge, block or hit back. Defense and offense at the same time..."

"Power isn't the only thing you should consider when you attack. You should also find the right place to hit to make it more effective. A weak punch can be fatal if you can land it on a vital part..."

"That witch Rika wears smaller sized bras so that her boobs would look bigger. Try that and all men will be yours..."

"Justice and vengeance isn’t the same thing. Justice is for balance. Vengeance is just for payback. What are you fighting for, Maimi-chan?..."

"Looks like she passed out. I guess I'm gonna need to finish her off."

The demon let go of Airi, took off into the air and charged his fists.

"Goodbye. You won't be troubling me anymore!" he said as he approached at top speed.
"Maimi-chan look out!" Airi shouted.

But Maimi didn't budge. Airi just covered her eyes. She didn't want to see Maimi get hurt. She took her hands off after hearing something fall on the ground.

"W-what the fuck?!! I can't move!!!"

The demon was a few steps away from Maimi but was lying on the ground.

"Hurry Airi-chan! I don't know how long my Gorgon Stare can hold him."
"Go! Wake her up!"

Airi ran towards Maimi. It looked like she fainted while standing.

"How do I wake her up?" Airi asked the Berryz.
"I dunno? Kiss her?" Momo answered.
"But I...I never kissed someone before." Airi said as she blushed.
"How about tickling her somewhere." Chinami suggested.
"But...but Maimi-chan's only ticklish spot"
"We'll buy you some time!" Yurina said as she used her wires to tie up the demon. Maasa then used her Graviton Crusher attack to bury the demon under the ring.
"Hurry up Airi-chan!" Miya said.
"What do I do? What do I do?"
"Bite her!" Risako suggested.
"Oh! Okay!"

Airi took Maimi's left arm and bit it with all her might.

"Ooouuuch! What was that for?"
"Maimi-chan! You're awake!" Airi told her as she trapped her in a hug. "Are you okay?"
"Not after what you did to me." answered Maimi as she showed the bleeding cause by her bite.
"Oh. Let me take care of that."

Airi covered it with her palm. Maimi felt a warm sensation over her wound and when Airi removed her hand, the wound was fully healed. Airi continued to heal the injuries on her face, especially the ones on her lips.

"I told you to take care of your lips, didn't you."
"Since when did you..."
"I'm a princess. In games and in anime shows, princesses have healing powers."
"Oookay. I'll take that answer for now."
"Shimi-chan. Are you okay?"
"I'll be fine.
"Let me help you Saki-chan." Airi said as she hugged the battered captain. The was a bright flash and after that, almost all of Saki's wounds were healed, including the internal injuries.
"Amazing. Thank you Airi-chan." said Saki as she hugged Airi back.
"That should do it..." said the princess as she fell on the floor.
"Don't worry Maimi-chan. I'm just exhausted from using my powers. I've run out of MP."
"Guys, I can't contain him anymore! Gahhh!" Miya said as she also fell on the floor.

The demon rose from the hole and broke free from Yurina's wires.

"Brats!" he said as he fired some energy beams them. It was deflected however by Miki, Maiha and Megumi. The demon gritted his teeth as he prepared to release a Fujin Seiken Tornado Crusher.

"Hey. Who told you that you could take away your eyes from us."

Saki appeared below him and gave him an elbow to the face. She followed up using a variant of the disperse attack, hitting the air in front of her a couple of times rapidly, causing the air particles to have sharper edges. All of them hit the demon. She continued with a displace attack, making the sharpened air particles sink deeper. He got hurt but he was still able to regenerate.


Maimi and Saki attacked the demon in unison, not letting the wounds they inflicted a chance to regenerate. They kept attacking until the demon was too tired to regenerate himself.

"Lets finish this!" Saki said as she winded both of her arms. "Fujin Seiken Double Tornado Crusher!!!!"

The demon was lifted from the ring and was consumed and tossed around by the tornados. He was able to break free from the tornados and was preparing to escape but Maimi charged her right fist, bringing the Dragon made from her Raikou energy to life.

"This is for everyone you hurt! Raikou Ryu Raijin's Verdict!!!"

The blue dragon emerged from Maimi's arm and chased the demon. The demon tried to fly away from it but the dragon was able to catch him. It appeared to be eating the demon as it crushed him under his jaws, bringing him into the atmosphere where both of got frozen.


Maimi said as she closed her fist. As soon as she did, the frozen dragon shattered, and it's fragments created something similar to a meteor shower in the sky. 

"That's what I fight for."

"I can't feel any traces of his aura anymore." Saki told her as she tapped her shoulder. "You won, Maimi-chan."
"No, Shimi-chan. We won. I couldn't have done it without yours and the others."
"Maimi-chan! You did it!" Erika shouted as she and the others entered the ring.
"We're never going to piss you off again Maimi-chan." Chisato and Mai told her.
"Nah. It's okay. I've gotten used to it anyway. Just be yourselves." Maimi said as she patted their heads.
"Yay. So you won't be mad at us anymore for selling those pics of yours." Mai said.
"Which pics?"
"The one from the pajama party at Airi-chan's place. You know, the time you wore those uber-tight PJ's?" Chisato reminded her.
"Oh, those? It's okay. Erika-chan told me that she's the one who bought it."
"I bought some too." added Kanna. "Airi-chan did too."
"She's alright, onee-chan. She just fell asleep." Shin told her as she carried Airi to them.
"Sorry. That's the last time I'll call you onee-chan, Maimi-san."
"You can call me onee-chan anytime you want, Shin-kun."
"Maimi-chan...did anything happen to your legs?"
"What? I'm just concerned for you. You have that marathon thing next week right."
"Oh yeah..."


It was Saki and the rest of Berryz Koubou.

"Thank you." they said as they bowed to her.

"If not for you, our group would not have been saved. We may have a bad reputation here in school and we will try to change that. Berryz Koubou aren't spoiled brats and bitchy girls. We're just as normal as everyone else..."
"Except one is a giant!" said Momo.
"And one of us has a pinky that has a mind of its own!" said Yurina.
"And none of us can cook." added Maasa.
"And Risako-chan is afraid to feed horses and Chinami went out with a boyband guy." Miya said.
"What? He's cute anyway!" Chinami pouted.
"At least I don't have a tattoo...." said the youngest



"I know..."


"But I won't tell you..." she told them as she laughed and ran off.
Title: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Epilogue
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And so...

Taikosaku has become peaceful once again.

No more fighting.

No more missing students.

No more vandalism on the walls.

The arena was no longer required and it was converted into a theater where Berryz Koubou would usually hold a performance at least twice a month.

Ah yes. Berryz Koubou.

They no longer hide in secrecy. They are no longer feared or hated.

Captain Saki made sure that they were friends with everyone on the school, that they knew everyone by name. She and Nakajima Saki were taken in by the Ryujin-waza school and Shin's family so that they can continue to hone their skills and preserve the Fujin Seiken line.

Erika, Miyabi and Risako got together and gave fashion advise to those who needed them. Now Miya's eyeglass-wearing groupies had enough looks to be frontpage covers for idol magazines.

Momoko tried to improve her cooking by asking for tips from the other students. But apparently, the same students were getting their cooking tips from Chinami.

Maasa and Yurina helped the basketball team their first ever championship.

Maiha and Megumi continued on their studies and now both of them are already qualified to enter the University of Tokyo despite not graduating from high school yet.

Chisato and Mai opened a website that sold the pics of Berryz and the others. They became millionaires overnight. Kanna bought a lot of stuff from their site. She even won the auction for Airi's golf club.

Airi pioneered a new sport: Beach Golf! What started as a ploy to get Maimi in a bikini took the whole country by storm. It's even being petitioned to become a part of the Olympics.

And Maimi...

Raikou Taikyokuken Dojo (she still studies in Taikosaku but it's summer break...)

"Yajima-senpai..." *sniff**sniff*
"Yes? What is it, Yuuka-chan?"
"They said…they said that my kicking form is wrong."
"Really? Okay, do one."

The girl with snow like complexion performed a basic kick. It was indeed wrong. So wrong even Maimi was out of nice things to say.

"To be honest...that kick looked ugly."
"Don't cry Yuuka-chan. There is still room for improvement. Alright, raise your right leg forward."

The younger girl obeyed her senior. Maimi held her heel and tried to raise the girl's leg higher bit by bit.

"Just let your muscles relax. Being nervous makes it stiif." advised Maimi. "Okay I'll raise it higher a bit. Just tell me if it hurts already okay."

Maimi raised Yuuka's leg higher and she leaned closer and placed a hand on her shoulder to help her keep her balance.

"You're pretty when you're serious."

Their lips were close, close enough for a kiss...

"Oh, what an uncompromising situation I caught you in, Maimi. Maybe I should come back later ne?"

Maimi slowly guided Yuuka's foot back on the ground before acknowledging the newcomer.

"Natsuyaki-senpai." Yuuka said as she bowed to her.
"Don't call me senpai. I'm a newb like you hahaha."
"O-okay. I'll be going now." Yuuka told them "Thanks for your help, Yajima-senpai."
"Just tell me if you need any more. Don't worry about your form. Just keep on practicing."
"I will." Yuuka said as she went inside.
"She's pretty cute, don't you think?" Miya asked.
"No doubt."
"You have private lessons for her?"
"Not just her. Kanon-chan, Akari-chan and the others too. I want to help them learn."
"Especially Yuuka?"
"Airi-chan will be jealous."
"Haha. They've met. And she caught me in a more uncompromising position than that. They got along well easily though."
"Drat! And I thought I had something to blackmail you with!"
"Hahaha. You should ask Fujimoto-san for advice."
"So, how is the feeling of teaching Raikou Taikyokuken?"
"I'm enjoying it. Actually, I see myself in them when I was training before."
"Trying to hit on your senpais too?"
"Well, except that."
"Coz you have Shun, right."
"Umm...sorry if I bought him up again."
"It's okay." *sigh* "Time flies so fast, doesn't it?"
"Yeah. It was just like yesterday when we were hitting each other in the face."
"Right. Hahaha."
"By the way Miya-chan, can I ask you something?"
"What is it?"
"Do you really have a tattoo?"
"Don't you have one too?"
"Of course not! I don't have any tattoos on my body. Who gave you that idea?"
"Fujimoto-san said that Raikou Taikyokuken techniques are etched on the skin of the users so that others won't have access to it!"
"Oh that? That only applies if you're already a master."
" don't have a tattoo."
"Fujimoto-senpai didn't write anything on your thighs in a hot spring?"
"Hell no!"
"Why that no good..."

They were interrupted when they heard the senpais laughing out. They rushed into the room and saw them making fun of Miki.

"What happened Ishikawa-senpai?" Maimi asked.
"Yossi asked Yuuka-chan to proxy for her in the game they were playing." Rika answered. "And Miki lost to her hahaha."
"I see. Yuuka-chan is pretty good at video games." said Maimi.
"But how come Fujimoto-senpai looks like she doesn't mind losing?" asked Miya who noticed an evil smirk on the face of her senpai.
"Well, we still have that bet, Maimi-chan. Remember that? Yossi asked her.
"Bet...You mean..."
"The one that involves butter, dear." Nacchi gave her a clue.



Yuuka looked at Maimi with a big smile on her face and with sparkly eyes, unaware of the prize/consequence of her victory.

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Aww it's over :cry: ? Oh well, at least it had a great ending.

"Yajima-senpai..." *sniff**sniff*
"Yes? What is it, Yuuka-chan?"
"They said…they said that my kicking form is wrong."
"Really? Okay, do one."

Cute Yuuka!!

"That witch Rika wears smaller sized bras so that her boobs would look bigger. Try that and all men will be yours..."

lol that part made me laugh so hard

Maasa and Yurina helped the basketball team their first ever championship.

"You may be a lot stronger now, but all that power will be useless if you can't hit me." said the demon as she picked up Maimi by her hair. "You're still pretty even if you're all bloody and battered. That Shun guy is a lucky bastard..."

Stupid demon...I'm glad he got what he deserved

Thank you for making an incredible story. I read every chapter of it.

I can actually imagine that happening in real life
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Yuuka KAWAIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yuuka this love with his senpai!
I bet that the prize want yuuka is kissing to his senpai Maimi!

AH! Berryz are the best!
Maimi helped!
Miyabi! I love the act of Miyabi!
Miyabi protect to Maimi!.
uM ...
Airi no to have kissed Maimi! :(
but ...
I imagine that even missing the final!
Airi when you see very close to Yuuka with maimi, Airi may be angry and jealous!
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Quote from: wordsworth
Airi took Maimi's left arm and bit it with all her might.


Don't worry Maimi-chan. I'm just exhausted from using my powers. I've run out of MP."

I can't imagine airi as a geek. Nooo!

"Lets finish this!" Saki said as she winded both of her arms. "Fujin Seiken Double Tornado Crusher!!!!" | "This is for everyone you hurt! Raikou Ryu Raijin's Verdict!!!"

The hottest combo in this chapter. /me nods.

We're never going to piss you off again Maimi-chan." Chisato and Mai told her.

Nuh uh.

Yajima-senpai..." *sniff**sniff* "They said…they said that my kicking form is wrong."
OMG!! *headplosion*

The yuuka part is exactly what her character like in my mind lol. You bastard.

Epic. Need to say more?

Just a question, why every innocent scenes you did seem like going to the wrong way? :P

Last but not least, woot! Congrats on finishing this fic. Now it's time for another adventure!