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Title: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2] (Chapter 10)
Post by: Rei.rev.07 on June 17, 2007, 08:04:27 AM
This fic is the sequel to Hitori Janai found here ( (fic journal). This will be pretty understandable without having to read the first installment, but to get it most things entirely, you might have to (sorry about this). When I finally thought of putting the first installment up on this section, it was too late (imo).

Chapter 0: Prologue

“Gaki-san, Gaki-san! I remember this place!” Eri shouted excitedly as she pulled Risa towards the vaguely familiar park. “The grass, the trees, the pond…I remember them!” She continued to shout. Risa laughed.
“Glad to see you’re remembering things. I guess begging your parents to let us take a visit to your hometown wasn’t a bad idea after all, huh?”

Eri closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The air was refreshing and empowering.

“This place is beautiful!” She sighed, spinning herself around and around until her sight followed a similar pattern as well.
“Kame, watch out!” Risa cried. It was too late. Eri found herself crashing forward towards the grass, pushing another girl down with her. Taking a short moment to gather herself together, she lifted her dizzy head up from the ground just enough to see who she had crashed into. The girl glanced up at her with bewildered eyes.

“I’m so sorry!” Eri apologized, scrabbling to stand up.
“It’s-- it’s okay…,” Reina replied, barely able to move from the shock.
“Are you alright?” Risa asked as she quickly made her way to Eri’s side. Eri nodded. “Sorry about that!” She apologized again, extending a hand forward to assist Reina. Reina took her hand and allowed herself to be pulled up from the ground.
“I’m fine. You should be more careful next time,” She said, avoiding eye contact with Eri. Brushing her self off, she grabbed her bag from the ground and made her way towards the opposite direction away from the duo.
“Hey, I think you dropped this!” Eri called out after her. Reina stopped in her tracks and closed her eyes, releasing a frustrated sigh, as Eri approached her. “Here,” she said kindly, handing over a watermelon scented chap stick. Reina spun around and grabbed it, giving a quick thanks before taking off.

Her heart beat quickened as she absorbed what had just went on, what she had seen. It’s been nearly two years since everything had happened. Reina never thought this day would come, no matter how much she had hoped for it. She came back…
Title: Re: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2]
Post by: iacus on June 17, 2007, 09:19:14 AM
So is this the same Reina from Hitori Janai? Or is this some separate, completely different Reina?  And for that matter, is this a direct sequel to Hitori Janai or is this some kind of AU type thing with the same characters and such?
Title: Re: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2]
Post by: inDeceit on June 17, 2007, 09:38:37 AM
I've read the first installment and I liked it quite a lot.

This prologue here just leaves me witha truckload of questions though  :?
Is it a few years into the future type of sequel from when the first one ended?
Title: Re: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2]
Post by: lil_hamz on June 17, 2007, 09:45:06 AM
I know, I know!!! *jumps up and down* Eri lost her memories!!!!!!!!!!!
She can't remember Reina and what they shared :(

I bet something big happened within those 2 years and you're gonna have to explain things with your fast updating won't you :P Heh, yep I'm pressurizing you for quick updates.

My guess is, Risa is Eri's new best friend in the new town after her family moved away. So now that she's back, they are gonna be tangled in a 3 way relationship. Oohhh interesting!
Title: Re: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2]
Post by: Saikami on June 17, 2007, 11:42:52 AM
Hmm, interesting. XD I was wondering when you were gunna start on number two, but luckily you already have! :D So Eri moved away and Reina stayed with Yuko? o-o That's my guess, and now Eri can't even reconize her!? FTW??  :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: D: Why? And are Eri and Risa a couple? O_O?

Wait, did something happen before Eri moved away? D:? Meh, I'm trying to fill in the missing peices but it'd be better if you just wrote more. XD
Title: Re: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2]
Post by: stefy on June 17, 2007, 12:52:13 PM
Alright!~ There's a continuation!
So Eri lost her memory.. Poor Reina, they finally got to be together and something happens.. Did that guy, Ishi, do something to break them apart again?
Please please post e next chapter soon
Title: Re: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2]
Post by: rndmnwierd on June 17, 2007, 07:28:36 PM
Dang, what happened?
Title: Re: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2]
Post by: Rei.rev.07 on June 19, 2007, 05:01:08 AM
Chapter 01: Two Years Ago prt.1

   The room was spinning and so was her head, but it was barely noticeable as she could hardly feel any part of it. How did she end up here? She couldn’t remember.   

“Wake up, wake up~!” She heard a muffled voice calling out to her. Not only her sight, but her hearing was acting up as well. But even though the voice was slightly twisted, she had a strong idea who it was. She attempted to raise her arms, but only to realized that they were being held back by someone.

“Let me go!!” She shouted.
“Shut up, Tanaka!!” Ishi barked. A burst of freezing wetness soaked Reina’s entire body as Ishi took the liberty in dumping a bucket of iced water over her. The ice cubes fell, pelting her above the head, each uneven piece leaving a light echo inside her dazed mind as they bounced off. In a way she was more awake now, but where ever they seemed to be, the chilling air was able to reach her causing her teeth to clatter. Using whatever strength she could gather, she pulled forward. The results were pointless. Ishi gave a nod and the hold on her disappeared in an instant causing her to fly forward, her body sliding harshly across the smooth concrete floor.

“I let you go, are you happy now? Huh? Huh?” Ishi said in a sarcastic baby tone. He then crouched down and began thumping his fist repeatedly over her head, like an act in teasing a weak animal. During this time, Reina was slowly recovering. She began to use her arms to push her upper torso up from the floor. Reaching out and grabbing Ishi’s arm towards herself, she bit hard into it, drawing blood. He let out a yelp and pulled away. Just as she had expected, he tasted foul. Reina spit out the excess blood that had leaked inside her mouth and attempted to get the rest of her body off the floor.

“Yamamoto, grab her!” Ishi ordered. In a matter of a second, Reina was held back by her arms again. “Let us see how hard you bite after drinking this!” He snarled. Pulling out a small clear bottle from his pocket, he began to force the liquid content into Reina’s mouth, with his partner pulling her chin back and forcing her to swallow. Ishi gave her cheek a few playful slaps, “Isn’t that yummy?”

Reina choked and coughed, breathing heavily as the drug began to flow through her system. She threw her weight backwards and shoved, throwing Yamamoto and herself against the wall. He released her from the impact, allowing Reina a chance at Ishi. She threw herself at him, elbow in place as she drove it heavily across his nose.  Her body was weakening more and more, landing a little ways behind him in a pained slouch.  Locating the exist, she ran for it. Yamamoto rubbed the back of his head angrily and proceeded after Reina, but not before Ishi stopped him. Holding his now bloody nose, he held a hand in front of his friend.

“Let her go, she won’t get far. let’s move on and pay Eri-chan a visit.”

   Eri wander out of Yuko’s shop with a look of disappointment. Reina had left their date to grab something back at the shop, but never returned. When an hour had passed, Eri decided to go look for her. But with no luck as Yuko had told her, Reina had left the shop ages ago. Eri sighed. She was to return to the park in hopes that Reina would be waiting for her there.

Taking a turn towards an empty street, she came to a stop when she saw that she had been stepping on her own shoelaces. As she bent over to retie them, a dense pain sprung from the back of her head causing her to fall forward towards the pavement. Barely conscious, she laid helplessly still, her eyes blinking in and out of focus. Ishi stood by, studying the fallen girl as he held a steel bat in hand.

“Still awake, I see.” Swinging the bat left and right, he held it high and swung it down on Eri.
“Hey, man! You’re gonna kill her!” Yamamoto warned, driving up along the road behind them. An inch away from nearly splitting Eri’s head, Ishi halted and sighed.
“Yeah right. She didn’t die last time, did she? I was just going to knock her out. Stop being such a pussy,” he said. Yamamoto shook his head.
“Whatever man, just go light.”

Ishi grunted in annoyance as he watched Eri make an attempt to crawl away.

“Pathetic,” he croaked. Loosening his shoulders, he took a third swing, this time knocking Eri out instantly.  “Look, there’s not even that much blood,” He laughed, throwing the bat through the car window at Yamamoto. Making his way over to Eri, he picked her up in his arms and carried her back to the car.
Title: Re: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2]
Post by: lil_hamz on June 19, 2007, 07:28:32 AM
OMG that psycho!!  :shocked: Lemme at him!! Lemme split open that Ishi's skull!!!
He hurt Eri bad :cry: No wonder she lost her memory. It's a miracle she didn't die. Sobs, wails, bawls. POOR ERIRIN  :'(
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Post by: stefy on June 19, 2007, 07:31:26 AM
Jerk!!! friggin jerk! Hope Reina take revenge once she gets better! Major revenge!

Btw... does Reina even know Eri lost her memory?
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Post by: rndmnwierd on June 19, 2007, 09:40:38 PM
Wow, I don't think I've ever wanted to kill a fictional character before... :angry:
Title: Re: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2]
Post by: Ren on June 21, 2007, 09:58:06 AM
...I so want to beg to make a character in the fic and make it a bounty hunter to kill Ishi and his gangs. :angry:

So Eri really lost her memory and their family had to move away because they thought it was a bad idea to stay there and let their daughter be bullied by Ishi? And what kind of drug he made Reina swallows? AAH :cry:
Title: Re: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2]
Post by: iacus on June 21, 2007, 10:11:33 AM
Wow. . . that was a heck of a lot more violent than I was expecting it to be.
Title: Re: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2]
Post by: Tanachan on June 25, 2007, 10:56:56 PM
Damn that Ishi! He just never gives up, does he? But it's an amazing tale you told with Hitori Janai *just read it all last night*. I really hope I can expect more on this. Continue please!
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Post by: Seagull on August 11, 2007, 12:25:35 PM
I loved Hitori Janai and I think I gonna love this too, beacause your a great writer.

I HATE ISHI  :angry: :angry: you can't hurt Eri and Reina once more :cry:.
Title: Re: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2]
Post by: Rei.rev.07 on August 11, 2007, 02:22:24 PM
Gah, long time no post :(. I apologize for this. I wanted to keep the whole flashback deal within part 1 and 2, but part 2 turned out a lot, lot longer than part 1. I think there will at least be a part 3.

So in conclusion, bare with my uncreative chapter titles for the next 1-2 (or more) chapters! Thank you!

Btw, I thank everyone for reading this ^_^!
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Post by: Rei.rev.07 on August 11, 2007, 02:27:23 PM
Chapter 02: Two Years Ago prt.2

   Her steps slowed and her body lowered towards the ground. She shook her head repeatedly, but it was useless. Giving herself a hard slap across the face, she tried her best to straightened her posture. Get it together, Reina! Even with a strong will and determination, her body gave way and she finally collapsed.

“How-- how did this happened?!” Mrs. Kamei cried with Mr. Kamei by her side as they stared through the wide glass window into the hospital room where Eri rested. She laid unconscious, her entire head was bandaged up, leaving only the areas of her face open for oxygen. Ishi gave a convincingly sad sigh. He was the one who had checked Eri into the hospital and contacted her parents shortly after, informing them that their daughter had been assaulted.

He began to explain the happenings from the past few months. Everything had been Reina’s doing. Eri’s first head injury was caused by her. They were and still am in a lover’s relationship. Mr. Kamei was furious as he had allowed Reina into their home many times with open arms.

“I can’t believe we trusted her…and-- and our little girl, they-- a relationship?” Mrs. Kamei sobbed. Ishi tried hard not to smirk as he watched Eri’s parents become more and more emotional over the stories he told.

   Slowly opening her eyes, she found herself in a familiar room. She was back  at Yuko’s shop.

“How is it that I’m always the lucky one to find you stranded in the middle of where ever?” Yuko asked as she appeared with a glass of water. “What was it this time, anyways?”
“Don’t ask,” Reina mumbled.
“Suit yourself-- by the way, Kamei-chan came by today looking for you,” she mentioned, handing the glass over to Reina.
“I have to go see her,” Reina said with concern as she attempted to stand. Although she stood quite easily, her stance resembled one of a drunk man.
“How about we close up early and I’ll give you a ride over there, alright?” Yuko suggested.

Parking just across the street  from Eri’s home, Yuko waited as Reina made her way towards the front door. From what she could see, Eri’s younger sister had answered. Not a moment later, Reina came rushing back towards the car.

“We have to get to the hospital! Eri‘s hurt!!”

   Running through the front entrance,  Reina rushed for the front desk with Yuko following behind.
“We are here to see Kamei Eri!” She said quickly. The receptionist punched in a few keys on her keyboard and examined the content displayed on the computer monitor with care.

“May I ask in what relations are you to the patient?”
“I’m her friend.”
“I’m sorry, but only family members are allowed to visit as ordered.”
“But I really need to see her! Please!” Reina begged.

“Leave now!” Mr. Kamei shouted. He had decided to wonder the hospital in means to relieve stress, but here he was, face to face with Reina. “Haven’t you done enough?!” He snapped, storming in her direction.
“Kamei-san, I--”
“Leave now, before I call the police!”
“Kamei-san, why are you--”
“I know about you and Eri, I know everything! I don’t know what she did to you to deserve this, but I suggest you leave her alone!”

Seeing that Reina was stunned until the point where she was unable to speak nor move, Yuko stepped forward and gently escorted Mr. Kamei back a couple of steps.
“Calm down. I think you should get your facts straight, Kamei-san. Tanaka-chan would never do anything to harm your daughter,” she reassured. Backing off completely, Mr. Kamei turned on his heels and left. Reina shook her head slowly. He knows about our relationship? But even that couldn’t of caused this much tension.
“Come on, relax. We’ll try again tomorrow,” Yuko comforted, wrapping an arm around Reina’s shoulder.

   Day after day, Reina was repeatedly denied from visiting Eri. The only information she was able to collect was the fact that Eri had suffered a severe head injury and has yet to awaken. Reina knew that must of been why Mr. Kamei was angry with her. He had mistaken her for the culprit. She knew right away that this must be Ishi’s doing. It was too obvious. 

“Tanaka-san, is that you?” Asked a nurse who caught a glimpse of Reina standing outside the hospital.
“Good evening, Abe-san,” Reina said politely. Abe Natsumi worked as a nurse at the hospital. She had seen Reina almost everyday since her first visit and noticed her troubles at the front desk. Trusting that she was an honest girl, Natsumi had decided to help her, giving her updates on Eri’s situation whenever they had met. Once she had even attempted to sneak the girl in, but it had became too risky.

“Why are you not waiting inside?” Natsumi asked. Reina flashed a tired smile.
“I just needed some fresh air,” she answered. Natsumi nodded understandingly.
“How’s Eri today?”
“She’s…still in a coma. I’m sorry. But the doctor predicted that she will wake up soon as her wound is healing fairly quickly. Maybe in a week or so? Or less?”
“I hope so…,” Reina said solemnly.
“If you don’t mind me asking, do you perhaps know what happened? Kamei-san’s parents don’t seem very friendly towards you.” Natsumi’s tone was careful, yet filled with curiosity.
“Her parents-- are angry that we’re in a relationship. But it also appears that they think I was the one who put Eri in a coma…but I-- I didn’t. I would never hurt Eri,” Reina explained to the best of her abilities. Natsumi gave yet another nod.
"I believe the truth will surface soon, Tanaka-san. Everything will be okay," she reassured.

   Reina was on her way to the hospital again when she saw Natsumi running down the street towards her.

"Abe-san, what is it? Did something happen to Eri?!" She asked in a panic.
"Sh-- She's awake!" Natsumi answered urgently.

Reina begged and pleaded to the receptionist, until the point where anger was clearly heard in her voice. Natsumi stood by her side and calmly put in a word or two, as that was the only way to help without risking her own job. But it was the same as always; she was denied. Reina took a deep breath and asked one last time, "May I PLEASE see Eri? Please?" The receptionist paused for a moment and sighed.
"Okay, you may on in. But only for five minutes."

Reina gasped for joy as she thanked the woman. Grabbing Natsumi by the arm, they began to jog their way into the hall behind the front counter.

"Don't you dare go near her room!"

Mr. Kamei and Mrs. Kamei had just arrived after receiving the news regarding Eri.

"You should be fired for letting her through like that!" Mr. Kamei barked at the receptionist. Reina shook her head.
"Please let me see Eri!" She begged. The couple refused, glaring stressfully at Reina as they stormed pass her. It was not fair. She didn’t do anything to harm Eri, but obviously they were too ignorant to see that.
“Tanaka-san, I’m sorry,” Natsumi apologized.
“No Abe-san, it’s fine. I’m just glad that Eri is awake now…all that matters is that she’s okay. Thank you for everything.”

Waving farewell to Natsumi, Reina made her way out of the hospital. Now that Eri was awake, she felt relieved again, but nothing could of prepared her for what happened next. Ishi came strolling towards her, arms wide open.

“Tanaka! How are you?” He greeted her cheerfully.
“What the hell are you doing here?” She asked sternly, her fists clutched down by her side and ready to strike at any given time.
“Come on, what’s with the attitude?”

He knew that with the public around them, Reina wouldn’t dare lay a finger on him.

“I know it was you who did everything. You put Eri in a coma!” Reina cried. It was all too clear now. Why else would he be here.
“Don’t forget manipulating her parents into thinking that YOU did it. But you know what, Tanaka? It was your fault. If you hadn’t pranced off like that, I wouldn’t of even thought about Eri-chan. Ever thought about that? No, because you only cared about your own safety. You’re selfish, Tanaka. Selfish,” Ishi confessed, while pushing the blame on Reina. He was right. If she hadn’t left, Eri would have been unharmed. But knowing Ishi, he would’ve taken any chance possible to make their lives miserable. Reina was unfazed by his words. With her fists raised, she took a firm step towards him.
“I think you’re making a big mistake,” Ishi spat, pointing to the cops standing close by, two of which had already taken notice of their conflict.
Title: Re: INDIGO BLUE LOVE [Hitori Janai 2]
Post by: inDeceit on August 11, 2007, 02:46:07 PM
First..  :angry:
I'd pay you to create a hitman and send him after Ishi XD or at least kill him off through cruel and unsual methods by the end of the series  :twisted:

Aw man, Eri's parents rather believe some jerk they probably don't know well than their daughter's best friend/girlfriend. I'm not that big on TanaKamei but I love this fic! I wonder what Reina's gonna do now.
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Post by: Seagull on August 12, 2007, 09:20:00 AM
First..  :angry:
I'd pay you to create a hitman and send him after Ishi XD or at least kill him off through cruel and unsual methods by the end of the series  :twisted:

I think the same, HE HAVE TO DIE  :angry:

I feel so sorry for Reina, she haven't done anything  :cry: and I love TanaKamei because of this fan fic XD
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Post by: stefy on August 12, 2007, 05:29:01 PM
man what is this guy's problem?

soo... Eri's parents shifted house to separate Eri and Reina right? And did that Ishi guy hurt still continue to try to Reina after Eri left?
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Post by: orangesocks on August 12, 2007, 08:39:12 PM
Curse that Ishi! Grrr! After reading the prologue, I thought, "amnesia...?" but I wouldn't have guessed it was because he beat her with a baseball bat. Poor Eri... :cry:

I hope that in that span of 2 years that Ishi at least left Kamei and Reina alone--after he gets brought to justice (perhaps by Yuko?). I'm guessing that the Kamei family had Eri change schools so that she couldn't see Reina after Eri woke up from her coma... :(

I'm glad to see Gaki-san made an appearance, though.
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Post by: lil_hamz on August 14, 2007, 04:25:17 PM
I know Eri's parents probably love her loads and that's why they blame Reina. But look carefully, would Reina really hurt Eri? They love each other :cry: Okay, I'm getting sappy XD

Somebody should teach that Ishi a lesson. Maybe a double tag team of GakiReina? :P
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Post by: meowz on August 18, 2007, 07:53:13 PM
Sorry I bumped this up but here's another fanart I've had the inspiration (which comes few and far in between) to squeeze out. I think its more for the first story (they're in school uniforms) but I thought I'd put it in this thread since there isn't one for it.

( (
 Can anyone tell which UFA pic I used as a reference I wonder  :P

(Kame's eye looks strange  :cry: but I'm lousy at drawing closed eyes anyway)
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Post by: shindoushiz on August 19, 2007, 02:33:39 AM
Sorry I bumped this up but here's another fanart I've had the inspiration (which comes few and far in between) to squeeze out. I think its more for the first story (they're in school uniforms) but I thought I'd put it in this thread since there isn't one for it.

( (
 Can anyone tell which UFA pic I used as a reference I wonder  :P

(Kame's eye looks strange  :cry: but I'm lousy at drawing closed eyes anyway)
I don't know from what pic it's from but I like it. :yep: It looks like those noir type images.
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Post by: lil_hamz on August 19, 2007, 08:25:17 AM
WOAH!!! Awesome fanart. I really like how you drew the hair. I'm guessing you referenced from the 2004 "All For One and One For All" period. Those light blue sweaters over the white shirts have got to be one of the nicest uniforms ever :)
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Post by: meowz on August 21, 2007, 05:40:04 PM
shindoushiz: I'm glad you liked it  XD I keep seeing mistakes everytime I look at it again though lol

lil_hamz: Thanks! The hair is just colored in with the broad tip of the marker I use to sketch. Well, yes, I used the "All for One" uniforms cuz I like them too. But its the pose I'm referring to  :lol: coughkanashimitwilightcough

Another one from the same fic,
( (
No idea why tanaka's face looks so masculine here *scratches head*  :lol:
( (
Thought I'd do this too since it kinda goes with the first one.
The heads gave me a ton of trouble (photoshop is pretty useful after all) and the shoulder still looks weird...oh well I'm too lazy to fiddle with it further :P
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Post by: Rei.rev.07 on August 21, 2007, 06:02:02 PM
Omg, you are too awsome. I never thought you can get anymore awsome XD! Those drawings are too adorable.

I really must, must get on with this story now.
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Post by: Rei.rev.07 on August 23, 2007, 06:02:59 AM
Chapter 03: Two Years Ago prt.3

   That night, Reina was escorted home by two officers. Both of her hands were uncomfortably cuffed together as they pushed her towards the front door of her home.

“I swore I saw this coming, “ Yuko instantly joked. Standing at the door way, she watched with amusement as each cop glared down at Reina in shame.
“Ma’am, your child was spotted mugging a young man outside the hospital building. She had evidently tried to-- to  swat out his eyes,” one of the officers explained.
“You tried to tear out his eyes?!” Yuko shouted with more excitement rather than shock. “So did you get ‘em?”

The officers stared on with disgust and shock as they both now knew the possible origin of Reina‘s insanity.

“No. But I can assure you, he won’t be seeing for a while,” Reina snapped.
“Well, that’s good,” Yuko answered with a smile. Seeing the disgusted look on the men’s faces, she wiped the smile away. “Tanaka-chan, you should be ashamed of yourself. Officers, I will take it from here. Thank you,” she said, semi seriously. The men looked at one another with uncertainty, but released Reina nonetheless.

“If those cops weren’t around to stop me, he wouldn’t be alive! --I’m going back. I‘ll kill him with my bare hands! I‘ll tear him apart!”

Yuko shook her head. Reina was losing it and she was the only person in the room to realize. The mental torture had drove the girl to the edge, completely eliminating the use of common sense.

“Would you listen to yourself!? Time won’t rewind no matter what you do. I know you’re angry at what he had done and I know it is unforgivable, but this is ridiculous. Do you really think killing that little creep will make you feel better? Take back all the pain he had caused you and Kamei-chan? I can tell you this; it won’t. You know it, I know it, Kamei-chan knows it! Tanaka-chan, if you don’t get a hold of yourself, in the end you will only be letting him win. He is using your own emotions against you. You must stay strong.”

Yuko had not realized how tense she had become as she spoke. She knew she could never feel the exact pain Reina was experiencing, but she knew; one rash decision could lead to a life time of troubles. Anyone at this point would never take the vengeful words of a girl like Reina seriously. But knowing her and being there for all the troubling events that had happened, Yuko believed her. Her words are unconditional and she had never been afraid to do anything, wither considered right or wrong, especially for loved ones.

“If not for yourself, do it for Kamei-chan. Be calm and don‘t do anything impulsive.”

How could anyone live with the deep scars of such events, knowing that they weren’t able to return the favor. It was driving Reina nuts. She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t. A part of her wanted to smash something, anything, but she couldn’t. She was being torn apart by her own thoughts and emotions. But Yuko was right, she must stay strong for Eri. Reina gave a tiresome nod and made her way towards her room.

“You’re a strong girl, you can do it,” Yuko called after her, her voice reverting back to the usual laid back tone. She’ll be fine by tomorrow.

   As soon as morning arrived, Reina got dressed and ready to head down to the hospital again.

“I’m coming with you!” Yuko shouted from her room. “I trust that you will act calmly, but I just want to make sure…,” she said, stepping out into the living room, dressed and ready as well. Reina gave a simple nod, but remained silent.

Arriving at the front desk, the usual was placed upon them. Reina was disappointed for sure, but unlike any other day, she wasn’t angry. She had become used to it. 

“Let’s try again tomorrow,” she suggested calmly. Yuko nodded, giving her a comforting pat on the shoulder.

“Good Morning, Tanaka-san,” Natsumi greeted Reina.
“Oh, hey Abe-san,” Reina greeted.
“Oi, long time no see, Nacchi!”

Reina glanced from her yanki guardian to the angelic nurse. They know each other?

“Nakazawa-san, you know Abe-san?”
“Nacchi here is a good friend of mine from my school days,” Yuko answered. Natsumi nodded.
“We have to catch up sometimes, Yuu-chan,” she said cheerfully. Yuko agreed, as she began to mention the last time they had went out together.
“Um excuse me, Abe-san, how is Eri?” Reina cut in. Natsumi paused.
“Kamei-san seems to be doing fine…a-- and I’m sure she will be able to return home in a matter of days-- I must run now. It was nice seeing you again, Yuu-chan. Goodbye, Tanaka-san!” With that, Natsumi scurried off, leaving Reina quite suspicious.
“Nakazawa-san, do you think Abe-san  was--”
“Hiding something? No, Nacchi‘s always like this. Don’t get worked up about it, I bet it’s nothing. Let’s go home.”

   It was well into midnight, yet Reina was unable to sleep. She was doing exactly what Yuko had asked her not to do; being worked up about Natsumi‘s behavior earlier that day. In means to ease her mind, Reina uncovered a photo album from within her drawer. Inside were Polaroid photos of Eri and herself, taken on her 16th birthday. Eri is okay, she has to be.

“You’re saying, she can’t remember anything? Nothing?” Yuko asked Natsumi quietly, as they sat in the living room of Yuko’s home.
“Nothing…not even her own parents,” Natsumi replied solemnly. Leaning forward, Yuko propped her elbows on her knees and buried her face into her hands. The first thing that came to mind, was Reina’s possible reaction to the news. It would be too much for her.

“Abe-san, what are you doing here?” Reina asked, stepping out from behind her room door.
“Tanaka-san…Tanaka-san, I have some bad news,” Natsumi answered nervously. Yuko shot her a stern look. “Uh-- Kamei-san will be working closely with her doctor for the next couple of days to catch her up on things, so visitors will not be allowed at all. I just wanted to inform you, so that you don’t waste a trip down there.” She lied.
“Oh…I see.”   
“Cheer up, Kamei-chan will be out of the hospital before you know it. And then you’ll be able to see her again,” Yuko cheered. Reina gave a confident nod,
“I’ll go make breakfast.”

“Yuu-chan, are you sure we should lie to her like this?”
“Do you really think I want to lie to her?

    Things appeared to be alright throughout the rest of the week as Reina spent her days patiently waiting for news on Eri. Although none had come up, she remained positive.  It wasn’t until that day when she had decided to make a trip to the hospital to see if she would be able to find out anything on her own, that the truth was revealed.

Eri’s parents kept their daughter close between them as they exited the hospital. Ignoring Reina’s approach, they pushed Eri to walk faster.

“Eri!” Reina called.

Mr. Kamei ushered for his family to move ahead as he turned to deal with Reina. Looking down on the short girl, he worn a sadden expression, vs. the angry one Reina had been seeing for the past weeks.

“Tanaka-san, please. Please leave Eri alone. I truly advice you to give up, for your own good. I will have you know that-- that Eri has lost her memories and no longer remembers you. We should all think of this as a new start and just forget about the past.”

Reina shook her head, “I-- I don’t understand.”
“What part of Eri losing her memories do you not understand, Tanaka-san?”
“I-- this can’t be true.”

Looking around Mr. Kamei’s shoulder, Reina could see Eri peering back at them as her mother pushed her to move on. She gave a soft nod and smiled, but it wasn’t the same. It was shy and polite; the smile she used to greet a complete stranger, never Reina. From that, Reina knew Mr. Kamei was telling the truth.

“Tanaka-chan, are you okay?” Yuko asked, as Reina stepped through the front door.
“N-- nooo…,” she answered, tears beginning to sprout from her eyes.
“Aw, don’t start crying now. Kamei-chan will regain her memory and all--”
“You knew?”

Reina couldn’t believe that she would keep something so crucial from her. She knew Yuko had done it to protect her, but at this moment, she felt anything but protected. Unable to do anything else, but weep, she made her way to her room, slamming the door behind her with such force, it caused the picture frames hung on the wall beside it to fall.   

“I blew it…,” Yuko sighed.

Yuko became worried and guiltier by the day as it had been nearly two full days now, since Reina had locked herself in her room. The only time Yuko had seen Reina outside her room was to poke her head out for the tray of food placed in front of her door each day.

On the afternoon of the following day, Yuko finally put her foot down and decided it was becoming too unreasonable, no matter how down in the dumps Reina might be.

“Tanaka-chan, please come out. Two days is long enough, three is just plain unhealthy. This is not making anything easier for neither of us.”

No answer.

“I’m sorry for having kept Kamei-chan’s condition from you-- I just didn’t want you to be hurt. But I know I had done just that. I’m really sorry, Tanaka-chan. I don’t apologize for my mistakes often, but I’m letting you know that I am sincerely sorry.”

Having of still gotten no reply, Yuko sighed and sadly moved along to another part of the house.

   Waking up in the morning, Yuko was surprised to find Reina sitting at the dinning table with breakfast plated and ready for consumption.

“Good morning…,” she said rather awkwardly. Yuko rubbed her eyes.
“Good morning,” she replied.
“I’d like to pay Eri a visit, can you give me a ride?” Reina asked.
“Um-- sure, just give me some time to get ready.”

After breakfast, Yuko gave Reina a lift over to Eri’s like she had said she would. Although they were silent through out the ride, Yuko was just glad that Reina had decided to step out into the light again.

“Take your time, I’ll be parked right here,” Yuko assured. Reina nodded.

Walking away from the car and towards the house, Reina became nervous. Everything appeared cleaner, almost brand new. It felt empty and it bothered her. As she came nearer, she noticed a mid size cardboard box sitting at the front door. “TAKE ME HOME” was clearly written on the front of it in black marker. Strolling up to it, she leaned down to find none other than Yuuki resting within. Quite sometime has past and Yuuki is no longer the tiny grey kitten it once was, but a beautiful cat with silky grey fur. Reina reached down and gently picked him up, taking him into her arms. Peering into one of the side windows next to the front door, she found the house to be completely cleaned out. Nothing but empty rooms, not a single piece of furniture in sight. They left, they had moved.

Yuuki flinched as drops of Reina’s tears pelted lightly against the top of his head.     
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I just wanna take this time to apologize for stretching this flashback thing for way longer than needed. Seems like a lot of people never really needed this. From this point on though, there will only be tiny flashbacks XD.
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It's been really tough for Eri and Reina :cry:  Now I know what happened, makes it really sad.  That guy should get what's coming to him through karma. :angry:
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Chapter 04: The Present: Fate

“Mou Kame, you need to learn to be less clumsy,” Risa scolded.
“I’m sorry-- I guess I got too excited,” Eri apologized. Hooking her arm through Eri’s elbow, Risa pulled her along like an impatient mother.
“Save some of that excitement for later, we still have the whole summer holiday to explore this place~!”

   Yuko sighed tiresomely at what she had just heard, before giving yet another sigh at the fact that it had been nearly two years since she had sighed like this.

“What do you mean you’re just going to let things go?” She asked a gloomy looking Reina sitting on the other side of the store counter, as she dusted off the shelf of antique toys beside her.
“She’s living a new life now, with new friends…new memories. She seems happy,” Reina answered, blankly staring out through the wide display window.
“And you’re okay with that?”
“Why wouldn‘t I be?”
“Because you are still in love with her, that would be why--”

Reina opened her mouth, only to be silenced by a simple finger gesture from Yuko.

“And before you even start denying it, you can’t hide it from me-- plus you would only be lying to yourself. But I guess as long as you don‘t see Kamei-chan again, you can continue to believe whatever you force yourself to believe.”

Reina remained silent, knowing that she could never out argue Yuko. Turning her head in defeat, she directed her attention back to the display window.

“What the-- ?!”

Yuko jumped back as Reina came scurrying back behind the counter, ducking down low below it as if in hiding.

“She's here!” She whispered loudly. Yuko raised an eyebrow.
“Who are-- “

She quickly became silent as “She” came through the front entrance. One all too familiar Kamei Eri and a girl who just glowed with joy with her bright smile.

“How may I help you girls?” Yuko greeted them politely, while trying hard not to glance too awkwardly at Eri.
“Are you Nakazawa Yuko-san?” Risa asked.
“Yes, I am.”
“My name is Niigaki Risa, we spoke over the phone last week.”
“Oh yes, that’s right. You’re staying with us this summer aren’t you?”

Risa nodded, “Yes, my friend and I.”

“Hi, I’m Kamei Eri,” Eri introduced herself, reaching a hand forward to shake with Yuko‘s.
“Hello, Kamei-san,” Yuko replied, her tone all too giddy and strange. “Ow!” She shouted shortly after, causing the duo to leap back from where they stood. It seems Reina had noticed Yuko’s strange behavior and gave her a quick pinch to the leg.
“Sorry, leg cramp. They always seem to get you when you least expect it haha-- ha,” Yuko lied, stomping her leg to the floor and “accidentally” smashing Reina’s hand.

“Damn it!” Reina cursed under her breath as she held her throbbing hand.
“Well, there are still some cleaning up to do, but if you would take your time around town, your room will be available tonight.”

The pair agreed and headed out, stating that they would be back after dinner hour.

“Tanaka-chan, don’t give me that look. Niigaki-san rented the room under her own name with the mention of bringing a friend. Nothing about Kamei-chan being that friend,” Yuko explained. Reina pressed a hand to her forehead in distress.
“Where did you even find a room to rent out to them?!”
“You know the large room next to your’s that we’ve been using for storage? Well I cleaned it out. I thought some extra cash wouldn’t hurt.”
“You greedy old hag,” Reina snapped. Yuko laughed a sinister laugh.
“You better watch it, little girl,” she threatened. Reina glared at her guardian for a second, before turning herself towards the front entrance.
“If you need me, I’ll be back at the house and in my room for the rest of the night. Unless it’s an emergency, do not disturb me,” she announced, heading out the door.
“It’s fate, that’s what it is. Fate,” Yuko spoke softly to no one in particular. Reina paused at those words, but continued to exit.
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AWWWWWWWWWW I was sniffing when reading chapter 3 :cry: And they left the kitty behind too. It must be Eri's parents :angry: It was the only link between TanaKamei. Well, that and the whistle.

I know exactly which expression of Eri's that is the shy and polite smile. It would be so beautiful yet heartbreaking for Reina's POV :cry:

Sigh....I wish she would get her memories back soon. I can't stand watching Reina in so much pain :cry:
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Maybe you could get Eri to go knock her head once again to regain all her memories... haha just kidding.

I guess Eri's parent's found it somewhat a blessing in disguise that their daughter lost all memories of Reina and the town so they moved out of the place so she could start over right? Poor Reina though.. She's not gonna spend the whole time in her room avoiding Eri is she??? I hope the 'new' Eri plans to explore Yuko's house thoroughly in time to come.
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I think you meant "mou" not "moi" in the first sentence. ;)
Everyone living under one roof, makes me go dokidoki with the scenarios that can transpire.  :D
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The flashback thing was great I think, cuz now we know what happened to get things the way they are. Chpt 4 has gotten me anticipating all the ruckus that could happen!  XD (hm...still pondering Gaki-san's involvement in the storyline...)

Chapter 3 had me all angsty and stuff and tempted me to abandon other fanart and sketch something again.  :P
And the scene that stood out...
( (
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Wow, so I just spent the last hour or so reading HJ1 and what's up so far here in 2. :lol: Once I saw it was Tanakamei (well, I read chapter 0 here before anything else so I saw Gaki there too), I of course couldn't resist.  :oops: I'm so bad at identifying new stories to read...

I have to say, I've felt myself on pins and needles throughout the whole reading. It's so intense and dramatic! I'm not accustomed to reading stories like that, lol. I agree with everyone who wants some very bad things to happen to Ishi, lol. And speaking of that, now that two years have passed, I wonder what's going on with him? Reina seems all right (I thought he might have killed her by now), and hasn't even thought of him, so maybe he's gone, or even permanently disabled and out of everyone's view? *hopes* Also, I wonder if Eri and Reina are still in school now that time's passed? Not sure how old they were to begin with, and school hasn't been mentioned yet. They (those two and Gaki) seem to be fairly independent. Ishi would maybe even be 20 now... no longer teen angst. >.>

Anyway, keep it up, though I'm almost afraid to see what'll happen next.  :-X
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Since 2 years already past since the incident. I sincerely hope Ishi got his karma back. I expected him to be dead from either a hideous illness, (and I mean REALLY hideous!) is in jail and got raped everyday, or if not that at least I want him to be half dead by now. I never have the urge to kill a fictious character more than I want to kill him!! :angry1:

Now that Eri is back, I suppose a lot of accidental meetings would ensue b/w her and Reina. Of course, over the course of time, her memory will recover bit by bit after seeing Reina again, won't it? :nya: :nya: It was painful seeing the two got separated like that, but fate bring 'em back. Yuko must be so proud of being a greedy obaa-chan. :mon star:

One question left, what is Gaki's role here?
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Hey Rei.rev.07, I was inspired by your awesome sig so here's another fanart sketch XD
( (
its a bit of an adaptation of a scene in one of your chapters.
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^ I wish I would of replied sooner. I LOVE that drawing, it's so adorable! I thank you X1000000 for drawing that!

And after a long, long, long while, here is a new chapter. Please ignore the roughness, as I am slowly getting back into this fic~!

Chapter 05: New Beginning Of The Past

“Coming!” Yuko shouted loudly as she pulled the last corners of the comforter over the king size bed, before fleeing out of the newly decorated room to answer the front door.
“Hello, come in!” She welcomed the new tenants. Both Risa and Eri entered their new home for the summer, each hauling a small suitcase behind them. Yuko couldn’t help but secretly chuckle, as she noticed Eri’s suitcase being abnormally stuffed to the point where its zippers had been clearly opening up on its own.
“If you girls would come this way, I will show you to your room.”

Upon entering their rented room, the girls saw that it was better than what they had imagined. It was fully furnished with a bed, a bed side table, a couch, a dresser, a desk equipped with pen and paper,  lighting and on top of that, two brand new pair of slippers could be found below the bed.

“You may put your bags down and I’ll give you girls a tour of the rest of the house,” Yuko announced.
“Wait, I have something for you!”

Risa unzipped the small front pocket located at the bottom of her suitcase and pulled out something that resembled a tube of cream, and passed it to Yuko.

“Miracle foot cream,” Yuko read the bold label written across the tube to herself.
“I’ve been told that it helps relieve foot cramps!” Risa explained excitedly.
“I-- uh, thank you.”

I guess it‘s the thought that counts. Looking down at the tube awkwardly, Yuko slipped it down the back pocket of her jeans, before leading the girls out of the room.

“I’d like you girls to meet your other house mate.”

Yuko gave Reina’s room door a couple of quick knocks, before turning the doorknob. She didn’t bother to wait for an answer from the girl because she knew she wasn’t going to get one. The door appeared to be locked. Reaching into her pocket, Yuko retrieved a key and began to unlock it . The door was now unlocked and yet it still would not budge. She pushed at it.

“Tanaka-chan, open up!” She called.
“Maybe she is busy?” Risa suggested.
“Or reluctant…,” Yuko mumbled under her breath.
“Here, let me help!”

Stepping aside, Yuko allowed Eri to take her place.

“There’s something in the way!” Eri mentioned through grinded teeth as she pushed at the door with the side of her body. Taking a deep breath, she took a step back and gave the door one last harsh thrust.  Like a clumsy infant, Eri went tumbling into the room, knocking over whatever was in the way-- Reina to be precise.

“Ow, wha--” Eri blinked, “It’s you!” She felt as though she had experienced déjà vu all over again. Reina stared back at the all too familiar face looking down at her. She began to sit up, forcing Eri to quickly move away.
“I’m sorry-- again! I’m not usually--”
“Kame is usually this clumsy, but please forgive her,” Risa joked, as she extended both hands to assist the two off the ground. Eri pouted.
“No…it’s fine…,” Reina answered uneasily.
“Oooooohhh, so you three already know each other? Must be fate, ay?” Yuko sang, slowly turning her head  away, as to dodge Reina’s glare.
“I’m Niigaki Risa,” Risa introduced herself with a bow.
“And I’m Kamei Eri!” Eri announced cheerfully, holding her hand out for Reina to shake. Reina responded by shaking it, but pulled away shortly.
“I’m Tanaka Reina.”
“Tanaka-chan, mind giving the girls a tour of the house? I just remembered I have some bills to take care of.”

Before Reina could refuse, Yuko waved to the trio and shot off, leaving the girl in a stressful position.

“Just…follow me,” Reina directed, walking around the two, but only to stop as she felt something at her leg. Looking down, she found Yuuki nudging at her leg with the side of his head, while glancing up at her with big hopeful eyes. Seeing that he had gotten Reina’s attention, he made his way towards Eri and meowed softly, gazing up at her with the same hopeful eyes. Reina smiled.

“This is Yuuki.”

Eri and Risa surrounded the cat in awe. Yuuki had not forgotten Eri, nor memories of the times he spent with both Reina and Eri together.

“Kame, I think he likes you,” Risa pointed out, as she watched Yuuki raise his paws at Eri as though looking for a hug. Eri responded and lifted him up into her arms.

“You may take him along on the tour if you’d like,” Reina suggested.
Securing Yuuki by her shoulder, Eri and Risa proceeded in following Reina into the living room.

“We’re not strict people, so many rules around this house are self explanatory. Cleaning after yourself would be an example,” Reina paused, giving Eri a moment to process that important information. “This is the living room, to your left is the kitchen. Let me show you guys the bathroom.”

“Thanks for giving us the tour, Tanaka-san. We’re sorry if that took up your time…,” Risa apologized, as she had sensed a bit of impatience from Reina during the tour. Reina shook her head.

“No, it’s alright,” she reassured. Sure she wanted to get it over with, but she had nothing better to do with her time anyways.
“I guess we will call it a night, Tanaka-san.”
“Good night, Reina.”

Reina simply nodded and shuffled slowly after the pair back into her own room, and they into their’s.

“I’m so tired!” Eri groaned, kicking off her socks and jeans, before carelessly tossing them onto the floor. Shutting the door behind herself, Risa wrinkled her eyebrows. Out of the kindness of her heart, she began picking up after the messy girl-- only to have a blouse tossed over her head.

“Kame, would you have the decency to be a little neater? We ARE staying over at someone’s home after all,” Risa scolded.

Unconsciously ignoring her friend, Eri dug through her suitcase for her pajamas. Finding a bottom, but not the top, she frowned.

“Hey, Gaki-san, can I barrow a t-shirt?” Eri asked, tossing herself onto the back of a bent over Risa as she was folding Eri’s pair of jeans. Risa shook Eri off as she stood upright.

“Geez, Kame, yes! Just go through my suitcase,” Risa answered, annoyed by Eri’s “friendly” actions.
“Gaki-san, are you okay, you‘re sort of red?” Eri asked, as she pulled a large t-shirt over herself with a cute drawing of a bean plastered on the front.

Risa rubbed her cheeks.

“What? I’m fine,” she answered. Her heart began to pound. Red? What?  “Remember to fold your clothes next time,” she reminded, shoving Eri’s clothes back into her arms. “Your mother wasn’t kidding when she told me to not be afraid of showing my motherly side around you-- such a mess.”

Tossing her folded clothes over her suitcase, Eri hopped into bed.

“That’s why you’re here, Gaki-san!” She cheered. Slipping on her pajamas, Risa made her way into bed as well.
“Move in more, your thunderous thighs are taking up too much space,” she joked, pushing Eri over with her hands.
“You know you love them!” Eri teased. Risa rolled her eyes, but couldn’t help but giggle. Looking up at the pale ceiling, she sighed.
“I remembered when I first met you. You were so shy and air headed-- now you’re annoying and air headed. I wonder what fueled you to become so loud…,”
“I got it from you, Gaki-san,” Eri replied with a pout.
“Lies,” Risa simply answered.
“Hey, Gaki-san…
“Was it me or did Reina seem unhappy about us?”
“Well, she didn’t seem thrilled, but I think it was mainly because we broke into her room-- and Kame, try being politer and refer to her as Tanaka-san, I mean you might be coming off as kind of rude calling her Reina like that,” Risa lectured.
“Sorry,” Eri apologized. “I don’t know why, but I just feel so familiar with that name. “Tanaka-san” actually feels quite awkward,” she explained. She had simply felt like she was greeting an old friend and not a mere stranger. It was like instinct.
“You’re a strange one, now good night.”

With that, Risa leaned to her side and switched off the table lamp, leaving Eri to wonder on her own in the dark.

“Shhh, Kame, go to bed.”

   That night felt a lot warmer than usual. Laying on her side, barely conscious, Reina kicked her legs downward, dragging her blanket towards the end of the bed and off of her shoulders. Merely seconds past, before she realized it had made no difference. As she regain consciousness, she noticed there was something extra. On top of the heat, there was something else that was causing her inability to drift back to sleep. That something was breathing down her neck, that something was pressed firmly against her back and had its arms wrapped around her waist. Twisting her neck back, she was shocked to find that something to be Eri. Putting a hand over her mouth, she let out a gasp. What. The. Hell?! Loosely taking Eri’s arm, Reina slowly began to pull it away from herself. Her body twitched when Eri’s arm suddenly escaped and latched even tighter around her waist, linking one hand with the other, making Reina’s task seem impossible now.

“Don‘t leave me…,“ Eri began to murmur. “…Just a note…no goodbye…don‘t leave…”

Eri must be dreaming-- or having a nightmare. Reina’s heart sank. When Eri is awake, she doesn’t remember her, but when she is remembered in a dream, she is remembered as a irresponsible heartbreaker.

“I’m sorry, Eri…,” Reina whispered. “I didn’t mean to…”
“It’s okay…I still love…you…,” Eri trailed off.
“I love you too.”

Reina did not think twice before she had answered. She could only hope that Eri was honestly asleep and would have no memories of this when morning arrives-- or maybe just a little. She had also wondered how it would seem once Eri found herself in her bed-- or worse if Risa and Yuko were the first to make that discovery. Nonetheless, she found comfort in being held so closely by Eri. Without realizing, Reina closed her eyes and before long, she was asleep again.

7:30am sharp. That was when Risa discovered Eri wasn’t in bed. Shaking her head to remove the blur in her tired eyes, she proceeded out of the bedroom. At the almost exact moment, Reina had done the same. The two tired girls raised their heads to look at one another, both awkward, both confused. Reina had been dragged out of bed for the same reason, though she was sure Eri had wandered back into her own room and had only wanted to make sure of that.

“Tanaka-san, have you seen Kame?”

Before Reina could answer, Risa chuckled, waving a hand in front of herself as if to say, “never mind”.

“Sorry, that was a stupid question. You just came out of your room.”

Reina glanced away.

“So, Kamei-san is missing?”
“Yeah, she’s not in bed.”
“Maybe she went to the bathroom?”

Though it was logical, Reina couldn’t bring herself to believe her own comment after Eri had appeared next to her out of nowhere.

“I don’t know how to say this…but Kame has a condition that causes her to sleep walk. It’s a long story,” Risa explained solemnly. Reina knew just exactly where that condition came from. A sense of self hatred that she haven’t felt in a long time was slowly coming back to her. Taking a deep breath, she placed a hand on Risa’s shoulder.

“Lets split up,” she said. Risa nodded.

Their search ended quickly, when Reina found Eri lying belly down in the middle of the living room.

“Is she alright?!” Reina asked. Risa simply put a finger to her own lip.
“She’s fine,” she whispered. “Do you happen to have an extra blanket?”

Reina nodded and retrieved a large blanket from the closet.

“I’m going to stay out here with her if that is alright?” Risa asked.
“It’s fine.”

Making her way back to her room, Reina looked back at the resting pair. Eri had found herself a truly good friend.   
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YOU'RE BACK :D *hugs* XD.

I just love this fic XD I think I have said that before, but I do. I can't read the last chapter without feeling REALLY sad. Reina just have to put all her feelings for Eri aside because Eri don't remember her.
Sorry for the weird replay, I don't feel so good and Im tired. But Im happy that you started to write more on this fic :D
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It's good to see Reina and Eri back together, even if Eri doesn't remember Reina that clearly. But now there's something confusing in there: does Gaki have a thing for Eri, too? Now the title "Indigo Blue Love" makes sense, because it seems like a Risa-Eri-Reina triangle is being formed! keep it up  :)
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I'm so glad you're back to writing this. Even though I know this is TanaKamei centred, I can't help but be happy with the bits of KameMame.

This chapter was filled with cute and funny moments. The miracle foot cream, Gaki-san's quip about Kame being usually so clumsy, her hugging a bent over Gaki and so much more! :D

The TanaKamei parts wrenches my heart. Poor Reina. And Eri too. I bet she wished she remembered. You can tell from her dreams :cry: You must write more. I'm begging XD
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Chapter 06: No Longer Mine

   The days following Eri and Risa’s arrival could only be described as frustrating for Reina. Having to witness the girl she loved being over friendly with another girl everyday and then knowing they slept in the same bed at night was certainly something no one wanted to deal with. On top of that, Yuko seemed to have taken up, “ticking Reina off” as a hobby and would generously tease the pair about their closeness in front of her. Although Risa denied every accusation, Reina was already too deep within her world of frustration to have paid attention to any of it.

“We’re going to the park, would you like to come, Tanaka-san?” Risa asked.
“It will be fun, Reina!” Eri cheered.

Reina shook her head.

“No thanks, you guys have fun,” she passed.
“Nonsense~!” Yuko exclaimed, barging in front of Reina to face the duo. “Tanaka-chan would love to go.” Turning towards Reina, she smiled, “You have to get out more, now scoot!”

Grabbing her by the shoulders, Yuko shoved Reina at the amused pair and rushed them out the door, shutting and locking it behind her.

Reina shrugged.

“Well…I guess I’m coming.”

   The walk over to the park felt like hours, when it really takes no more than twenty minutes, and they had only been walking for half the estimated time. Eri and Risa walked closely together, with Eri’s arm hooked to Risa’s elbow. All while Reina lagged closely behind, hands in her pockets as she awkwardly followed. The display before her was exactly what she had wanted to avoid.

Upon arrival, they decided to rest by the pond. This had only added more to Reina’s already rising feeling of distress. She had remembered all the countless times she and Eri had spent hanging out at this very spot-- which Eri obviously have no memories of.

“I’m thirsty, how about you guys?” Eri asked. Reaching into her pocket, Risa then handed Eri money and suggested that she go and buy some drinks for the three of them from across the street. Reluctant and clearly lazy, Risa was forced to once again bring out her motherly side, before Eri had obeyed to fulfill the task.

“Sorry, Kame is actually not as childish as she appears to be,” Risa apologized. Reina shook her head.
“I think it’s refreshing-- her childishness,” Reina answered.
“Wait till the end of the summer, you would be glad to get rid of her,” Risa joked. Reina forced a faint smile. She had forgotten they would only be here until the end of the summer.

Risa sighed and began to fan herself with her hand.

“It’s really hot today,” she commented, reaching for the top two buttons of her blouse and began to unbutton them. As she did so, something had caught Reina’s eyes. A silver shine, a very familiar silver shine. Taking a closer look, her eyes widened at the discovery.

“Tanaka-san? Tanaka-san?”

Looking up, Reina found that she had ventured a little too close to Risa in trying to analyze her target. Backing up, she apologized.

“I’m sorry, I just had noticed your necklace…”

Risa glanced down at the whistle pendant and held it up in front of her.

“This? Kame gave it to me.”

In hearing that, Reina wasn’t sure how to take it. What does that mean?

“It was actually a funny story,” Risa chuckled.
“Yeah. I think it was a year ago…”

“Gaki-san!!” Eri screamed as she was pushed against the chalk board. Powdery erasers came flying at her like grenades.
“Kame, hold on!” Risa responded, though she herself was in no better position. She was being dragged further and further away from Eri towards the other side of the classroom by an unfriendly girl with…well, unfriendly intentions. Squirming to get away, she managed to stomp on the girl’s foot in the process, thus loosening her grip. Sticking to the idea, Risa slammed down on the same foot as hard as she could, freeing herself. Making a run for it, she grabbed her schoolbag and charged at the two girls who had Eri cornered. She slammed her heavy bag to the back of their heads, until they fell to the floor in a daze. Grasping Eri by the hand, they sped out of the classroom.

“Kame!” Risa shouted as she leaned over to catch her breath. They had ran until they were a safe distance away from the school.
“Y-yes?” Eri answered timidly.
“How many times did I have to remind you to not go into that classroom after school?! You know it’s dangerous! If I didn’t happen to have a meeting at that time, you would have been dead! This is the last time! I don’t even want to think about all the countless times I risked my own behind to save you--”

Risa’s rant was cut off short by Eri’s sudden embrace. For some reason, she found herself no longer angry at her friend.

“I’m sorry, Gaki-san, I won’t do it again!” Eri apologized.
“Let’s hope so,” Risa mumbled. Pulling away, Eri reached behind her own neck and unhooked the chain to her necklace. With a smile on her face, she placed it around Risa’s neck and hooked it closed.
“What’s this for?” Risa asked.
“A promise,” Eri answered.
“A promise?”
“You’re always around to save me and I know I’ve been nothing but trouble. But I want you to have this…so if you ever need me, just blow the whistle and I will be there. That’s a promise.”

“Sounds like something out of a cheesy drama, huh? That‘s probably where Kame got it from,” Risa joked. Reina glanced away. It wasn’t that cheesy. She knew Eri had unconsciously remembered her, like that night when she was sleep walking.
“But honestly, I was touched. It was just one of those moments,” Risa sighed. “Even if Kame continued to screw up, I would be there to clean up the mess.”

Reina’s gaze slowly fell towards the ground.

“I learn to love her more and more each day.” Risa said softly.


With two full plastic bags at her side, Eri panted as she kneeled down on the grass.

“Okay, okay! I got some soda and juice in this bag, soymilk in this one and some candy! Oh and I also bought ice cream! There’s mango, coconut, pine--”

“Kame, how did you get all of that with ¥1000?” Risa asked, scratching the back of her head in puzzlement.
“You gave me a ¥5000.”

Grabbing Eri by the shoulders, Risa began to shake her furiously.


All Eri could do was laugh, while weakly attempting to push her angry friend away. Even with the violent display in front of her, Reina was too far off in her own thoughts to pay attention. She had known this from the start, but now she was positive…that Eri was no longer her girlfriend.
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Chapter 06: No Longer Mine
She had known this from the start, but now she was positive…that Eri was no longer her girlfriend.
oh noes!!11!1!  :mon scare:

The title really said it all, then... But Reina can't be that sure! I mean, Eri still remembers her, in a way! But Risa really likes Eri, apparently. I don't know if it is THAT way, but that's what it looks like. So Reina's got a rival, even though the rival is Risa, a sweet girl that didn't do anything wrong... Well, I want to read the next chapters to see what happens with this confusing situation  :yep:
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Ohhhh poor Reina... :(
watching Eri being over-friendly with Risa...
though i do love the GakiKame pair.
triangles are always fun to read... :otomerika:
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You're finally updating again!!!  :w00t:!! And two excellent chapters no less! You've inspired me to do more fanart again, I'll try something when I have the time and it's probably gonna be a tanakame again :P

:dizzy: Sleepwalking!Kame sneaking into Tanaka's bed! And remembering her in her dreams! :cry:
(It reminds me of some radio ep mentioning kame's sleepwalking experiences)

Really shocked that kame would just give away her whistle pendant. :( I thought kame would feel some special connection with it even if she couldn't remember and that it'd be her key to regaining her memories since it was given to her by her special one  :glasses: (how cliche of me lol)
But kame gave it to gaki, the one who (at that time) has always been there for her, protecting her and essentially the most impt one in her life (at the moment), so... :hehehe:

“Sounds like something out of a cheesy drama, huh? That‘s probably where Kame got it from,” Risa joked. Reina glanced away. It wasn’t that cheesy.
:lol: I loved this

What a depressing end to the chapter! :cry: Will tanakame ever be together again?! :gyaaah:
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wow...just wow... im loving it! :D please update soon! :yep:
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Chapter 07: Unwanted Thoughts

   “So close, yet so far away” they say. Reina had finally begun to understand that phrase…a little too well for comfort. She simply just had to deal with it-- which she had received a load of “crap” from Yuko for doing so. Being told she was “a quitter” and “a Grade A idiot” didn’t seem to start off her steam boat like it usually did. To her, trying to get Eri back was pointless. With what she had gone through in the past, her present happiness is the most important thing. Something Reina would never take away from her. Being able to be around her was good enough…even if it was merely for the time being.

   Reina sighed to herself, before picking up the TV remote sitting beside her. Staring at the TV screen, she realized whatever she had been watching was well over. She gave yet another sigh and threw her head back against the cushiony couch. The happy pair were out exploring yet again and Yuko had some errands to run, leaving Reina home alone.

   Skipping around  the corner, Eri sped up the street with ease, all the while ignoring the fact that Risa was lagging far behind.

“K-- Kame!” Risa coughed. The girl was too fast for her own good.
“Come on, Gaki-san!” Eri cheered.

They had been running around town for hours non stop. Every time Risa had stopped to rest, Eri would take off like a jet, leaving the girl no choice but to continue on after her friend.

“Can we please just rest for ONE moment?!” Risa pleaded. Eri pouted and skipped over to her side.
“Would you like a drink? I’ll get you a drink!”

Like a small child in the midst of a sugar rush, Eri took off down the street.

“Do you even know where to go?!” Risa called out. Eri simply waved her hands in reassurance. Risa sighed. Being excited about your home town was one thing, but rushing around like this would in no doubt bring Risa to her death, if not Eri’s as well.

“Don‘t get lost, Kame,” Risa murmured, pounding at her numb legs with her fists.

   Stepping out of the convenient store, Eri smiled as she held two cold bottles of water in her hands. Looking left and right, she blinked. Which way was it? Recognizing a colorful sign from up the street, she began to walk towards it. This must be it…

Confident in her choice, she moved quickly-- only to stop when she heard a loud cry. Concerned, she followed the sound, making a turn around the corner and up an unknown street. As the cries continued, becoming louder as she neared, she found herself staring down a shady alley way. Her face grew pale, heartbeat quickened as she witnessed a bloodied and battered young man curled up on the ground, with two other guys above him, baseball bat in hand, striking down on him as if he was an inanimate object.

A sudden image of a baseball bat crushing down on her own head caused her to break into a cold sweat. Shaking her head frantically, she continued up the street, unfortunately leaving the young man behind.

“Pathetic!” She heard one of them yell. It pierced her mind. She began to stumbled as a taunting voice popped in and out of her thoughts. Whispering, yelling, raging, caring-- she let out a yelp as her head began to throb with pain.

“Come on, Eri-chan.”…….“I said stay still!”……..“There’s a place I’d like to take you.”…….“Don’t fucking mess with me!”……“Pathetic.”…….

They echoed and repeated. Over and over again like a broken record created simply for the purpose of tormenting those who listened. Carelessly dropping the water bottles and allowing them to roll down the street behind her, Eri grasped her head with both hands.

“Shut up, shut up!” She yelled as she stumbled up the street, completely unaware of where she was heading to. Trying to calm herself, she reached into her pocket--

“Where is it…?” She mumbled to herself.

“Kame, don’t forget your pills,” Risa reminded.
“I’ve had them for two years and never had a chance to take them, so I think it would be fine if I forgot once in a while,” Eri said cheerfully.

Risa frowned.

“Would you like that chance to come, but NOT have them with you? Now take them,” Risa ordered. Eri tossed a small white container at Risa.
“Put them in your purse…please?”

Eri felt her eyes begin to tear up as the pain worsened. With each step, the ground appeared to wobble. With every breath she took, her body felt lighter.

"Eri, please wake up...answer me...Eri…," she heard a familiar voice plead. “Eri…”

   Reina picked annoyingly at her pint of triple choco choco chocolate ice cream and sighed. For some reason she felt uneasy. Not the fact that she was eating something labeled “Triple Choco Choco” out of sheer  boredom. But that something bad was going to happen, or have happened. Like when Yuko had forgotten to pay the electricity bill causing Reina to miss the finale of one of her favorite TV dramas. Before she could predict what type of disaster would hit her in the near future, a possible answer came bursting through the front door.

“Tanaka-san, I can’t find Kame!!” A panicking and worn out Risa cried. “I looked everywhere! I should of went with her-- ”

Reina rushed up to her, grabbing a hold of her shoulders.

“Niigaki-san, calm down! What happened to Eri?”

Wiping the sweat off of her face, Risa took several deep breaths.

“We were walking and I stopped to take a rest. She said she was going to get me something to drink and after a while-- she didn’t come back. I went to look for her, but I couldn’t find her anywhere!” Risa explained as calmly as she could.

Reina took a deep breath. She must remain calm as well.

“Come on, we can look for her together!”

As soon as that was said, the phone rang. Slipping on her shoes, Reina grabbed her keys and sped out the door, with Risa following behind-- ignoring the call.

“You have reached the household of Nakazawa Yuko and-- say it.”
“What? No…”
“Why do you have to be such a-- ow!…Tanaka Reina!”
“Leave a message and we will get back to you-- when it happens.”

“Hi, my name is Yoshizawa Hitomi. I’m calling in concern  of Kamei Eri-san…and if I called the right place, you guys must be concerned as well. But don’t worry too much, she is resting here at my home right now. The number is 412, around a mile up from Hana convenient  store. It’s a big house, you can’t miss it. Thank you.”

   It wasn’t long before Reina lost her calm, grinding her teeth and cussing as she nearly flipped over the entire neighborhood. She appeared to Risa, as though she was even more worried than she was-- which was weird for someone whom they‘ve only known for more than two weeks. But that thought was soon brushed away as her concern for Eri took over again.
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Yeah!! update!! lol

Poor Eri.. hope she ok  :farofflook:

keep up the work  :kneelbow:
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I was worried about Eri, but I'm glad to see Yossie has found her (or at least I hope Yossie's a good person in this fic and she's going to help Eri). The only thing is that Reina and Risa are still worried and looking for her! So I'm looking forward to see how everything's gonna turn out.  :-\
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oh wow an update  :w00t: !  and a gripping one at that!  I was so worried that Eri would get picked on by those thugs again, glad that didn't happen!...I wonder if she's going to remember everything now.  Can't wait to see what happens next~
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It's a good thing Eri wasn't caught in the fray of that beating in the alley. I was gripping the table so hard when I read that. Fearing so much for Eri, I swear I felt my heart squeeze. Stop writing so well damnit, or I might one day die sitting in front of the computer XD

So Yossi found Eri? And she lives in a big house? Is she rich, or does she share it with the rest of the MM girls :lol:

I didn't expect an update, but now that you did I want more please :P


I backed up the page and realized.... I missed a chapter!! How is the world.....
Anyway, I read it. And I think you made me cry. ReiRev you made me cry!!!
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OMG you totally made my cry a river.. :farofflook: :gyaaah: :mon hanky: :hip cry: :OMG: :fainted: :fainted: :frustrated: :mon waterworks: :mon waterworks:

ganbatte on the story!
cant wait for the next chap!! :wub: :wub:
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wow.. last update was 29feb.. update update~! lolx

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Chapter 08: New Friends?

“Takuro! What is it, boy?!” Hitomi called out as her Shikoku, Takuro sped down the street, barking. Quickly jogging after Takuro, she was soon led to what had grabbed his attention. She gasped as she discovered what appeared to be an unconscious girl. Crouching down next to her, she took the girl into her arms.

“Miss, are you alright? Miss!”

No answer. Reaching for her cell phone, Hitomi pressed a white button located on the side of the phone. Not a moment later, a black sports car comes speeding down the street towards them and flawlessly parking right beside Hitomi. Bringing her arms underneath  the girl, she scooped her up and brought her towards the car.

- - - -

“Goshujin-sama, what happened?!”

Hitomi did not reply, as she made her way quickly-- as quickly as she could manage, through the lengthy entrance hall into the living room and letting the girl down gently onto a sofa.

“Sayumi, take a look at her. I found her passed out on the sidewalk--”
“Oh, let me change first~~!”

Hitomi spun around to find her personal physician dressed in an obscene French maid costume.

“Where-did-you-get-that?!” She asked in shock.
“I had it made this morning, ya like?”
“No-- now come over here and take a look at her!”

Sayumi pouted, but obeyed.
“As you wish, Goshujin-sama.”
“Don’t call me that!!”

Focusing her attention on Eri, Sayumi dropped her playful attitude and got down to business. “As annoying as she is,” as Hitomi would say, the girl could be damn professional when the time came.

“From the looks of it, she passed out due to intense stress…she just needs some rest,” Sayumi reported with a shrug.
“You’re half assing this,” Hitomi accused.
“Yes, but she will be fine-- can we keep her~?”

Hitomi shook her head followed by a tiresome sigh. Sometimes she wondered what caused her to hire this girl in the first place-- other than the fact that they’ve been long time buddies and that she’s one of the best physicians in the country. Though, she’s had her doubts.

“Can you see if she has a wallet on her?”

Shoving her hands into Eri’s front pants pockets, Sayumi searched for her wallet. Unable to find it, she rolled the girl to her side and began to fish through her back pockets.

“Ah, found it!” Sayumi announced. “You know she’s got a nice rump~!” She giggled.
“How am I suppose to tell her, ‘Don’t worry, no one took advantage of you while you were unconscious,’ now?” Hitomi scolded, as she snatched the wallet from Sayumi.
“Why are you looking through her wallet--” Sayumi let out a sudden gasp, “Is your futsal career taking a downhill collapse?!”

Hitomi frowned.

“I’m just looking to see if she’s got an ID or some-- ah there we go.”

Holding up Eri’s ID, she read the info out loud.

“Kamei Eri, December 23rd, 1988, female, etc, etc,”

Looking through Eri’s wallet once again, she pulled out a folded piece of paper.

“Hmm, this seems to be the only contact info in here so I’ll give it a shot. Watch her while I go make a call.”

Looking down at Eri, Sayumi smiled at the unconscious girl. What a cute sleeper. Parting Eri’s bangs aside, she touched the back of her hand to her forehead. No fever…hmm.


Sayumi blinked, tilting her head to one side. Did she just say something?

“Hey, who’s Reina?” She asked softly. Eri remained quiet.
“Alright, I’ll let you rest,” Sayumi sighed.

   Having searched all day, Reina and Risa headed back to the house sweat soaked and worn out. Halfway towards the front door, Reina stops in her tracks and begins to turn back.

“Tanaka-san…,” Risa called after her tiresomely.
“I can’t give up now, there’s no way,” she replied.

“Where have you been?!” Yuko shouted, as she comes jogging out of the house.

Reina shook her head.

“Not now! Eri’s missing, we have to find her!”

Yuko let out an angry sigh.

“Would you let me finish? If I wasn’t so worried about Kamei-chan as well, I would just let you and that impulsive attitude of yours go pointlessly search for her all night…“ Yuko paused. “There was a message on the answering machine. Seems like she’s been found and taken in to rest,”

Upon hearing this, both Reina and Risa fell to their knees in relief.

- - - -


Reina’s jaw dropped as she gazed passed the black metal gates at the house before her. “Big” was an obvious understatement. Glancing behind her, she could see that Risa and Yuko both worn the same stunned expression.

“Tanaka-chan, ring the bell,” Yuko ushered. Though a little hesitant, Reina proceeded. DING DONG~! The trio peaked through the gates to find a “Kakkoii” looking woman standing at the front door.

“Excuse me, are you here for Kamei-san?”
“Yes, we’re friends of hers,” Reina answered.

Grabbing her cell phone from her pocket, Hitomi used it as a remote control to open the gates.

“We’ve been waiting for you guys. I almost thought I had called the wrong place. I apologize for not turning to authorities-- but don‘t worry I had my physician take a look at her,” Hitomi explained as she led them through the entrance hall.
“Yoshizawa-san, is it?” Yuko asked.
“Oh right, yes. I’m Yoshizawa Hitomi,” Hitomi introduced herself.
“I’m Nakazawa Yuko.”

Following Yuko‘s example, Risa and Reina introduced themselves as well. Upon entering the living room--


Both Reina and Risa glanced over at each other, as they heard one another’s voice bounce off against the walls of the spacious room.

“Gaki-san, Reina!” Eri cried cheerfully, hopping off the couch and making her way quickly towards them. Pulling the two together, she wrapped her arms around them. At that moment, Reina felt as though she was ready to cry-- that thought was interrupted by the sound of whimpering.

“I was so worried!!” Risa cried, digging her face into Eri’s shoulder. Reina pulled away, allowing Eri to wrap both arms around Risa.
“I’m sorry, Gaki-san!” Eri apologized.
“Sorry, sorry, you always say sorry! No more! I’m not ever letting you out of my sight!” Risa cried.

The two stood crying in each other’s arms as the others looked on-- in slight awkwardness. Especially for Reina whom kept looking away and back.

“So you’re just going to ignore me, Kamei-chan?” Yuko joked loudly, breaking the “moment”.

Pulling away from Risa, Eri ran into Yuko’s arms and gave her a quick hug.

“I wouldn’t forget about you, Nakazawa-san!”
“I’m glad you’re alright,” Yuko said, as she pat her head.

“Remember not to overstress yourself, Kamei-san--”
“Waah!!”  Risa blurted.

Everyone jumped, including Hitomi, as Sayumi had appeared out of nowhere, now in a nurse costume, equally as obscene as before. Slapping a hand over her face, Hitomi groaned.

“This-- this is my personal physician, Michishige Sayumi. Don‘t mind her, she‘s--”
“Ichiban Kawaii?” Sayumi interrupted with a giggle.

The room was silent. But it was soon broken as Eri broke into giggles, which contagiously spread around the room like wild fire. As the room echoed with laughter, Reina felt her heart stop when her eyes met Eri’s. She looked away; a slight tingle of fear fell over her body. Something in Eri’s gaze…was different.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ah, I totally have to apologize with my lack of updating. SORRY~~!!!
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Yay I'm so happy for an update!

Sayu is so...weirdly cute XD
But a physician? haha Sayu Sayu Sayu...

I'm glad Eri is ok
but poooooorrrr Reina!
It must have been really awkward to watch them embrace
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AHHHHHHHHHH~!!!! update~!!!!!!!!!!! loolx.. finally~!! lolx.. love u so much~! lolx. Arigatou Gozaimesu~!

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 :mon angel: am i dreaming? no im not ITS AN UPDATE!!! WELCOME BACK!!!!! *hugs*  :mon inluv: now seeing the HQ PV of High King and reading this has COMPLEATED MY DAY!!!   :mon lovelaff:
 :mon lmao: Sayu is hilarious! and yossi was just cool!  :mon cigar: lol
 :mon cry: poor Reina....seeing them like that must be really hard....
but Eri's gaze?? what happen? why is it different? why did it scare Reina?  :mon dunno:
ahh gomen! im asking too much! :mon innocent: cannot wait till ur next!
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OMG! :cry:
yay! :cow:
update!!! :muffin:

sayu.. XD...

hmmm..i cant wait for the next chapter..i wonder whats new with eri.. :O
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YAY!  Thank you for the update!  :w00t:

I like your Yossie and Sayu characters  :D  they are a lot of fun!  I can so easily image Yossie being this rich, handsome futsal star  :oops: and Sayu as a physician tickles me's like her childhood dream of being a nurse is finally being actualized...hehe just it's in fanfiction form ^_^;

I hope they get to make future appearances. 

Good to know that Eri's that she may be able to get her memories of Reina back...things are certainly getting exciting!  Can't wait for more~

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Oh I really hope the difference is that Eri remembers Reina now after that! THANK GOD if she does... but can't help to feel sorry for everyone then... Risa will be hurt, Eri will be hurting coz she won't know what to do and Reina will be hurting and confused to see Eri like that as well :cry:

I hope Sayu gets to stay, she is awesome! :lol: XD
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Sayumi!!!!! OMG, I can't stop laughing, seriously. I don't know how you did it but man, this version of Sayu is too cute. Can I take her home? XD Kidding. Why do I get the feeling Eri remembered something from the past? Well did she? Don't make me wait too long to find out *begs*
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yar, i also got a feeling that eri remember the past, its like around when she went to hug nakazawa.. lolx.. how come so happy to hug her, since they didn't really talk since eri and gaki move in.. isit????? lolx.. dont know

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Chapter 09: Confusion.

Yawning widely, Risa rolled herself into bed, followed by a surprisingly energized Eri, whom sloppily made her way over her friend to get to her side of the bed. The careless action caused the sleepy girl to let out a strange and rather painful noise, as Eri’s knee dug directly into her stomach. 

“Kame!” Risa shouted.
“Ah, sorry!” Eri apologized, crawling off of her. Looking down at her friend, she grinned sheepishly.
“That really hurt…,” Risa mumbled in an irritated tone, rubbing her tummy.

Wrapping blanket around her own shoulders, Eri laid down on her side and rested the side of her head over Risa’s stomach.

“I’m sorry…,” she apologized again, gazing at her friend with almost puppy like eyes. Risa blushed. Who was she kidding, she could never ever stay mad at Eri. Smiling softly, she gave her a light poke on the forehead. Pulling the blanket tighter around herself, Eri’s expression made a sudden change from energetic to worrisome.

“Ne, Gaki-san…,” she mumbled.
“Yeah?” Risa answered.
“I saw things…,”
“I saw things that hurt my head before I passed out…”

Risa pushed herself to sit upright causing Eri to sit up as well.

“What? Why didn’t you tell me this before?” She asked in shock. Eri clutched nervously to the edge of the blanket as she looked away from Risa.
“I- I wasn’t sure at first…I thought I was just hallucinating…but the more I thought about the things I saw, the clearer they became,” she explained.
“What did you see?”

Eri closed her eyes.

“There was a bat…it came out of nowhere and-- and just struck down on me. It seemed so real-- it even felt real! My head, it was--”

Pausing, she placed a hand over her forehead.

“--it was in so much pain…”

Reaching out, Risa took Eri’s hand into her own as a mean to calm the girl.

“And there was this voice-- this voice of some guy…one minute it was gentle, the next it was full of anger!”
“Kame…,” Risa began, but couldn’t bring herself to respond fully to her friend’s words.
“Gaki-san…what‘s going on?…What‘s wrong with me?” Eri asked worriedly, now gazing intensely into Risa‘s eyes, desperately hoping for an answer. Pulling her in, Risa embraced Eri tightly.
“There’s nothing wrong with you, Kame. They were probably just hallucinations…,” she comforted. She could feel the tension of Eri’s body within her arms. Rubbing her back gently, she tried to relax her.
“Everything will be okay.”

Risa knew little of Eri’s past. She had questioned Eri’s parents, but whatever information released to her, she had already obtained from Eri. Seeing there was no reason for them to lie to her, she accepted everything as it was. But the more time she had spent with Eri, the more things didn’t seem to make sense. The girl would wake up night after night from nightmares of being brutally beaten and sometimes even sexually assaulted, not the mention the sleepwalking. But the worst part was…

“Kame, how are you feeling?” Risa asked, as she helped her mother set up the dining table for breakfast. Eri rubbed her eyes tiredly.
“Huh? I’m alright,” she answered.
“Did you have anymore nightmares last night?”

Risa paused.

“You woke up last night from a nightmare…we sat around for nearly ten minutes talking about it. Don’t you remember?”
“Gaki-san, I really don’t know what you’re talking about…,” Eri answered, rubbing her eyes again.

At first Eri’s behavior didn’t even cross Risa’s mind as a problem, but as things seemed to repeat itself, she couldn’t help but worry. What kind of god damn bike accident was the girl in to receive a problematic concussion like this?

With Eri resting peacefully in her arms, she sighed. Without a doubt, whatever it may be, this girl had been through more than she could handle…but in a way, Risa could relate to her friend.

   The recent incident had undoubtingly brought Risa and Eri closer. Unsurprisingly, Reina was-- to put it frankly, aggravated. She had pushed herself to the limit mentally and physically that day, and it was all because of who? Eri. Yet things just ended up worse than before. She hated herself for such selfish thoughts. Knowing that Eri is safe, knowing that she’s happy, just being able to live each day and be able to see her bright smile…isn’t that enough?

“Yes, that’s good enough,” she would tell herself…and yet…
“Excuse me,” she announced abruptly, scooting her chair back and leaving the dinner table. Risa paused midway of feeding Eri a fork full of cake, as the two watched Reina retreat to her room.

“Eh? Where did Tanaka-chan go?” Yuko asked, as she comes out from the kitchen with more cake.
“She’s in her room…,” Risa replied. Turning towards Reina’s room, Eri looked on worriedly.
“Oh well, more for me,” Yuko said with a shrug.

   Grabbing a glass from the top kitchen cabinet, Reina poured herself a glass of water. Chugging the liquid quickly, she let out a satisfied gasp. She glanced around the kitchen; it was quiet…finally. Well, it was the middle of the night after all.


Startled by the sudden break of silent, Reina jumped causing the glass to leap from her hand, but was luckily caught once again by her other hand. Looking ahead, she discovered a half asleep, messy hair Eri shuffling into the kitchen.

“Reina, what are you doing?” She asked tiredly.
“I’m Just…getting a drink, that’s all,” Reina replied as she proceeded to give her glass a quick rinse in the sink. Placing her glass in the dish rack to dry, she made her way pass Eri.
“Have a good night,” she said quickly.
“Wait…,” Eri began.

Reina hesitated, but stopped, glancing over her shoulder at the tired girl.

“Yes?” She answered.
“I-- …um…,” Eri stuttered. “Good night, Reina…”

Giving a simple wave, Reina wandered back into her room. Left in the kitchen alone, Eri leaned back against the wall. Glaring up at the ceiling, she wrinkled her eyebrows stressfully.

The more I’m around her, the more I feel like I’ve know Reina all along…but how?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I apologize if this chapter felt rushed, but I had this written and I'm heading off to Philly today and didn't want to just let it sit around so I might as well post it (plus, it's almost a month since the last haha). I'll be more careful with the next chapter!
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woot.. an update~! damm.. that guy really hurt eri a lot..
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damn Ishi..i really hate him..  :angry:

The more I’m around her, the more I feel like I’ve know Reina all along…but how? wow  :err: i remember the trailer you made.. made me cry...  :farofflook: :farofflook:

thanks for the update..

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Hey long time no see!
Updates! nice to see this story still going.
The physician-Sayu character was hilarious :on lol: obscene maid costume lol
Seriously, at the end of chapter 8 I thought kame remembered but at chapter9 it was awww...
Kame sure is taking her own sweet time to puzzle out her past. Is she ever going to bite the bullet and just confront reina and ask her about it?

Well, I'll just be sittin here waiting patiently for the next update  :dozing:

I think some motivationtanakamei fanart is long overdue. *flips open sketchbook*
Here's to hopefully some motivation inspiration for more updates! lol
Actually I just really wanted to draw something with kame's red-checked pajamas :oops:
but for some reason kame's pajamas ended up on reina... :dunno:
this just came out after I read a really nice fluffy tanakame fic here i think
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btw nice drawing meowz! :heart:
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^ Wait wait wait, what about Unwritten Code, doesn't that count or have you given up on it? :P
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O man, I'm hooked. I've seen your story around but didn't start reading until now. I even went back and read the first one so I'm all up to date. So yay! XD
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update soon ~~
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Chapter 10: Face It.

   Risa sat alone in the living room, a “deep in thought” expression across her face as she held the phone loosely in one hand. She had decided to call Eri’s parents for some answers…which she got none of and on top of that, she had almost had to take Eri home immediately, if she hadn’t convinced them that everything was completely FINE.

“Niigaki-chan, you ok?”

Risa blinked, her mind clearly out of thought again as she glanced up at the woman standing before her.

“Hey, Nakazawa-san…I just…got off the phone with Kame’s parents,” she answered. It wouldn’t hurt to let her know what’s going on, right?

“Oh really? What’s up?” Yuko asked, taking a seat next to the girl on the couch.
“Well…it’s a long story-- I mean I guess it isn’t, since it can be considered a recent issue? Um…well, this is what’s up,” Risa began.

Putting the phone aside, she turned her body towards Yuko.

“Eri saw and heard some things before she passed out that day. Very violent things. I think she was hallucinating, but she’s had nightmares about similar things in the past. I tried asking her parents about it, but they said they’ve told me everything they knew.” Pausing, Risa frowned. “What really bugs me is…what kind of bike accident would cause such a horrible head injury?”

Yuko raised an eyebrow. Bike accident? That’s the best they could come up with?

“Hmm, you’ve got a real dilemma on your hands, huh? For all we know, they COULD be mere hallucinations, since some people go completely insane after getting a concussion…seeing things that never happened to them and end up having to live in a crazy house for the rest of their lives--”

Yuko paused as she saw the pale-ness in Risa’s face.

“Buuut…the things that she saw could of happened to her…and I might be way off here, but maybe her parents are trying to hide it from you girls? I mean, what parent would want their child to remember such a brutal abusive past-- if that was Kamei-chan’s past of course…,” Yuko said with a light cough.

Risa’s eyes were wider and brighter than a pair of headlights.

“Why didn’t I think of that?!-- But that would mean…,” she trailed off as she felt her heart drop. “I mean…what if we‘re wrong? Either way, it’s horrible!”

“Do some research. This IS Kamei-chan’s home town, right? Someone around here must know about what happened to her,” Yuko suggested.

Risa nodded, “You’re right…but what about Kame?”

“Leave Kamei-chan with us, I’m sure Tanaka-chan wouldn’t mind looking after her,” Yuko reassured.

“Why am I being looked after?”

Having just emerged from the bathroom with a towel over her head, Eri shuffled over to the pair.

“Uhhh…….” Risa turned to Yuko in hopes that she would be able to rescue her with some sort of clever excuse.
“Niigaki-chan here offered to help me make some deliveries around town for the next few days in exchange for pay,” Yuko explained, rather proud of her quick and believable excuse.
“Gaki-san, you’re short on cash? Why didn’t you tell me?” Eri asked, a tad worried.
“Don’t worry about it, it’s no big deal. I mainly just wanted to help out--”
“I want to help out too!” Eri exclaimed.
“Kame, you still have a lot to see around town.”
“But it’s no fun without you!”
“Let me help Nakazawa-san out for a few days and I’ll walk around town with you again after that.”
“Gaki-san, I wouldn’t know where to go!”
“You can use a map.”

Slipping out of her bedroom and towards the kitchen, Reina thought it would be best to not involve herself with whatever was going on in the living room.

“Don’t worry, Kamei-chan, Tanaka-chan will keep you company.”

Upon hearing those words, Reina made a leap into the living room, hoping that she had been mistaken.

“Tanaka-chan will wh-what?” She blurted.

   Confused and rather angry, Reina stormed into Yuko’s room and slammed the door behind her.

“I will not!” She stated loud and clear.

Yuko simply ignored her as she made her bed.

“You’ve crossed the line, old hag!”

That she simply could not ignore. Turning to face Reina, Yuko placed her hands on her hips.

“Listen, shrimpy,” she said with the utmost seriousness. “This is for the good of everyone. You, Kamei-chan, Niigaki-chan and hell, even me. I’m tired of seeing you so depressed over this situation. And lets put it this way...lying is BAD,” Yuko lectured.

“I’m not lying,” Reina corrected.
“Okay, you’re not lying then. You’re hiding! That’s what you’re doing, you’re hiding. You’re avoiding the issue and it’s only making things worse.”

Reina glanced away, fists clenched. “You’re wrong. Eri is happy the way she is, she has Niigaki-san by her side. There is no way knowing the past would make her happier!”

“Are you happy?” Yuko questioned.

Reina remained silent.

“Answer me, Tanaka-chan…are you happy?”  She pursued. “Tell me, are you happy seeing her with Niigaki-chan?”

Facing Yuko once again, a line of tear can clearly be seen rolling down Reina’s face.

“No…I can’t stand to see her with someone else!” She cried. “But don’t you see, she’s not-- I’m not her girlfriend anymore, I’m not her anything!” By now Reina was in tears, any other words that escaped her mouth was unclear. Seeing this heartbreaking display, Yuko couldn’t help but give the girl a motherly hug.

“Just let it out,” she comforted. “Let me never to have kids of my own…,” she mumbled to herself.

   Back in Eri and Risa’s room, the argument continued.

“GAKI-SAAANNN!” Eri whined.

Risa simply plugged her ears with her fingers as she moved around the room.

“LA, LA, LA, CAN‘T HEAR YOU!” She shouted.
“I have money, you don’t have to work!” Eri reassured.
“No you don’t,” Risa simply answered.
“Why can’t I just come work with you?!”

Making her way over to Eri, she placed her hands on the girl’s shoulders and sat them both down on the bed.

“Look, I want you to get the best of your hometown and I will only be gone during the day! Plus, Tanaka-san will show you around.”
“But..” sulking
“No buts!”

Sometimes Kame can be such a kid. Seeing her friend was still unsatisfied, Risa learned upward and gently kissed her forehead. Looking back at Eri, no longer pouty, she was now met with a pair of longing eyes. The next moment seemed like a blur-- a dream like blur, as their lips gently met. As sudden as it came, it went. All Risa could do was gaze blankly in awe as Eri embraced her.

Eri closed her eyes. What was suppose to have been a moment of a lifetime, had only left her confused. It was her first kiss shared with Risa, but the only thing that crossed her mind during it was…Reina.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Okay, so it's been TWO MONTHS?! I'm horrible >_<. Just to let you guys know, I feel really bad about my lack of updates (on all of my fics), but they will all be updated one day or another o_o (yay?).

Thank you for all the encouraging comments, they're definitely a motivation. And thank you, meowz for sharing that lovely fanart!! I always love seeing your work :heart: :heart:.

It's 4am, was gonna read this chapter over a 3rd time to make sure it's alright, but my eyes are going wonky (not in a sexy way). So I hope it was alright!
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Its not a month! :angry: Its two months! lolx!!! you know what, from this chapter 10, i hope you update again.. lolx!! i want to know how eri is going to regain her memory.. damm anxious..

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I kept saying "no way no way..." then when I saw the new chapter..
I went into a moment of bliss (that sounds so weird but it's true ><)

gaaaaaaaaah, please update again soon!! I hope to be able to finish this before I die LOL

Nakazawa-san is as good as.. well.. as Nakazawa-san can ever get, she's like my favorite character >__> so cynical yet so kind and helpful as well~
I'm slightly shocked at the um.. moment at the end, but Kamei thinking about Tanakacchi has to be a good sign right?!?!
omg, don't leave me like this!! Update soon!!

(sometimes, I just really hate how well you write, if you sucked I wouldn't be so into your fanfiction now would I?!)
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WeeeeHeeeee! Update! Update! FINALLY!!!!!!!

Risa learned upward and gently kissed her forehead.
:mon scare:

Looking back at Eri, no longer pouty, she was now met with a pair of longing eyes. The next moment seemed like a blur-- a dream like blur, as their lips gently met. As sudden as it came, it went. All Risa could do was gaze blankly in awe as Eri embraced her.
:mon closeup:  :mon whine:

Eri closed her eyes. What was suppose to have been a moment of a lifetime, had only left her confused. It was her first kiss shared with Risa, but the only thing that crossed her mind during it was…Reina.
:mon sigh:

Well at least Eri isn't that attracted to Risa. SHE BETTER NOT BE!
Update soon ya? I want more TanaKamei from my fav TanaKamei writer!!
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Eri closed her eyes. What was suppose to have been a moment of a lifetime, had only left her confused. It was her first kiss shared with Risa, but the only thing that crossed her mind during it was…Reina.

 :mon closeup: :mon ignore:

So,,, Reina ehh... hohoho!!!!  :mon money: :mon star: :mon cute:


yeaah~~~~~~~~~~~~~i'm crying~~~ :mon hanky: :mon hanky: thanks you for update~~

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Sometimes Kame can be such a kid. Seeing her friend was still unsatisfied, Risa learned upward and gently kissed her forehead. Looking back at Eri, no longer pouty, she was now met with a pair of longing eyes. The next moment seemed like a blur-- a dream like blur, as their lips gently met. As sudden as it came, it went. All Risa could do was gaze blankly in awe as Eri embraced her.

Eri closed her eyes. What was suppose to have been a moment of a lifetime, had only left her confused. It was her first kiss shared with Risa, but the only thing that crossed her mind during it was…Reina.

Oh...shit. <-- My thoughts set out plain right there. I'm loving how you're working the TanaKameMame triangle... I love that triangle no matter who ends up with Eri. <3

Oh my gaah. When I saw this on the front page with "chapter 10" on it I flipped. I was happy and in denial at the same time. "No way. And update? NO FRICKIN' WAY. *click*


HOLY SHIT IT'S AN UPDATE. *insert mad squealing here*"

XD Yes you left us hanging for two months. Please don't do it again... :cry: I end up imagining this fic every single time I listen to IBL...and that's quite often. XD
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It's been forever!!! *tries to guilt so more updates come sooner*

This chapter was...
hmm well
The end made me sad lol
I really want it to be Reina and Eri together
But man
It just sucks to kiss someone and then that someone is actually thinking of someone else
okay Idk if that made sense
I used the word "someone" too much
But whatevskiis
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lol I think Nakazawa san is a little evil XD  Risa disappearing for a couple of days could be the worst decision she's ever made!  Reina on the other hand should be more grateful...after all when the squirrel's away the cat can play! 

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I didn't realize there was an update! :lol: But I'm super happy there is!! So Gaki was starting to piece things together a bit? But Nakazawa had to give her a little push in the right direction. Poor Reina, though. She's hurting so bad watching Gakikame together. Oooo, kiss!!! But burn to Gaki, even though she doesn't know it.
And for the record, Nakazawa doesn't need to have any kids. She has Reina. :lol:
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yay for Reina for being such a martyr! XD  :onioncheer: :farofflook: poor Reina.
thought i'd still feel for Kamei cause she doesnt know ALL!  :err: :on blackhole: :on cloudeye: :on speedy:
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a big YAY to Rei.rev.07 for the update~ :mon thumb: :mon love: :mon cam: :mon yeah: :mon firecrack: :mon kissy: :mon santa2: :mon santa3:
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I can't believe my eyes, you UPDATED!!! And I just died...both from the shock and happiness of it and reading about GAKIKAME kissing. Eri thinking of Reina during the kiss was...wel....hmmmm but still, I'm glad you updated. When's the next chapter gonna appear? Not 2 months later I hope :P
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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Update :w00t:
Ok fangirling over Rei.Rev aside and uh-oh!!! Even though Reina doesn't know they kissed I feel sorry for her... I actually feel all betrayed by Eri XD
Risa is such an amazing friend, it's hard not to love her character and want her to be happy with Eri but then there is no TanaKame and we really can't have that  :mon dunno: hmmm, maybe someone else needs to appear on Gaki's travels to discover Eri's past and she can fall for them and she won't be alone :D Nurse Sayu wouldn't be too bad for that :lol:

Why won't Reina stop being so damn stubborn and just tell Eri about them, or show her! :drool: :mon inluv:
If Eri can only think of Reina when she kissed Gaki, surely if she kissed Reina then she would remember her feelings... right?  :mon cry:
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^^ really enjoy this fanfic! please continue! lol joined JPH!P because of your fic.
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UGH this story is pure madness its extremely good but ... are you gonna come back and finish it please i beg you.. ? even though its almost been 3 years haha.
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