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Title: Charmy in Wonderland [COMLETE]
Post by: maverickpanda on August 10, 2008, 08:20:30 PM
Hello everyone, well I looked at the polls and here it is kiddos the first installment of Charmy in wonderland, now this is my first attempt at something that isnt a one shot so I hope you guys enjoy it. (comments are encouraged and welcomed.)  :pandaaa:

Ch 1. Charmy and the Locker

The sun sank slowly into the horizon, marking the end of yet another hectic day.  The heart of the city continued to beat steadfast, washed over with the enchanting glow of dusk.  A young woman sat at the window of a room, a script in her hand and restlessness in her heart, watching the suns slow descent.  Her elbow rested on the window sill, her open palm cradling her chin while her mind wandered aimlessly.  She sighed softly to herself, playing with the corner of the scipt, counting the minutes before she would meet with her beloved so they could walk home together.  The anxious young woman threw the script on her lap and thumbed through it slowly, her idle fingers playing with the hem of her shirt between each page.  Her eyes grew tired from the endless see of text.  She closed the script and gently rubbed her eyes, as troublesome as it may be, she knew it was her job to memorize these lines, but the day had strained her more that she had previously thought. 

“Oh my, this is terrible boring.” the young woman exclaimed, reaching her arms toward the ceiling, feeling the tightness at her sides disapating as she stretched, her mouth wide open with a yawn.

“Aw, isn't that just too adorable. Where you waiting for me Rika?” asked the mysterious voice.

Rika quickly sat up at the presence of the new person.  As if lead weights were tied to her wrist, she dropped her arms quickly, her cheeks taking on a rosy hue as she sit silently in embarassment.  Even though embarassed, she could not help but smile as her eyes catch a glimpse of the one who has saved her from her boredom.  Rika quickly stood up and threw the scipt on the chair, skipping towards her savior.  The taller girl braced herself moments before her shorter counter-part crashed into her.  She wrapped her arms around Rika and spun her around playfully, her smile widening as the room fills with Rika's laughter.  Rika wrapped her arms around the other girls neck and locked her figers together, pulling the other girl closer to her.  Rika's roaring laughter died and both girls stood silent, contently staring into each others eyes, tightly caught in the others embrace.

“I thought we could walk home together Yocchan.” Rika squeaked sheepishly.

The smile that Yossi wore faded away, her gaze falling from Rika to the floor as her grip around Rika's waist loosened.  The two began to sway back and forth, Rika became increasingly concerned as Yossi shifted her weight back and forth between her left and right leg, one of her little habits when she was nervous.  Rika tightened her hold around Yossi's neck, desperate to not loose her lover's touch, pressing her body against Yossi's.  Rika rested her head on Yossi's chest, closing her eyes, swaying to the melody of the taller girl's heartbeat.  A small smile returned to Yossi's lips, her eyes looking to Rika noticing the very content look on her face. Even though Yossi's anxiousness was gone, she continued to sway the hands that fell to her side now rested on Rika's hips,  “Only a fool would abruptly stop a dance with a princess.” Yossi thought to herself with a silent chuckle.  After a few short-lived moments of their dance, the two stood still as Yossi braced Rika into haulting.

“I am sorry Rika, I kinda already promised some of the girls that we would go out for dinner after work.” Yossi apologetically stated.

“Really? Well thats okay since I did just kinda surprised you with this request. Which of the girls are you going out with?” Rika whispered while taking a deep breath, the sweet aroma of Yossi flirting with her senses. 

“Uhh...Reena, Sayumi, Miki, Eri, Risa, and Takahashi.” Yossi said anxiously.

“Reena, Sayumi, Eri, Risa, Takahashi, and WHO?” Rika barked shooting a piercing glare at Yossi.
Unable to meet Rika's burning eyes, she looked to her right out the window and sighed “Miki Fujimoto.”

Rika released Yossi and pushed against he chest trying to fight her way out of Yossi's grips.

“Fujimoto? Why is it always Fujimoto? Shes trying to take you away from me! Why can't you see that?” Rika shouted.

Rika fell silent,  her words ceased and her body froze, her eyes fixated only on Yossi.  The loud boom of Yossi's fist against the wall startled the older girl, the gentle creaking of the door as Yossi's fist trembled gently against it. 

“What is your problem Rika? Why don't you trust me? I love only you! How many times do I have to tell you that?” Yossi stammered, the words coming out awkwardly as her voice trembled slightly.

“I do trust you and I know that you love me, its that Fujimoto that I don't trust.” Rika exclaimed.

“I cant just stop hanging out with her because of your jealousy Rika, all I can say is that I love you and I would never betray that, but... shes a good friend and I wont be forced into choosing between my friends and my relationship.”

The air hung heavy with anxiety, both girls stood silent unable to look at one another.  The silence came to a screeching halt, shattered by the sharp sound of paper fluttering in the air.  A very confused Yossi looked up only to meet Rika's script, the snap of the script against her cheek forced Yossi to stagger back a few steps into the hallway, the sharp sting on her cheek was nothing in comparison to the pain in her heart.  Rika stood frozen, her arm stretched forward, her fingertips parted, a stream of tears rolling down her cheek.  Rika fell to her knees, her hand cupped over her mouth in a futile attempt to hold back her whimpers, after the loud crash of the slamming door.  Rika could only cry, the sounds of Yossi's footsteps slowly fading in the distance, each muffled step pricking at Rika's heart. What had she done?  Lost in her own thoughts, Rika did not notice as the door slowly creaked open.  The mysterious figure sauntered over to the sobbing girl on the floor and placed a friendly hand on her head.  Rika jumped up, knocking back the mysterious person after feeling a strange hand on her head.  Rika blinked and rubbed her eyes, wondering why Yaguchi was on the floor, in bunny ears no less.  The tiny woman popped up and patted the dust off of her before putting her bunny ears back on, walking over to Rika and wiped away one of her tears.

“Why are you crying pretty lady?” the adorable little bunny girl asked.

“Uhhh...Yaguchi-san...why do you have bunny ears on?” Rka retorted.

“Yaguchi? Who is Yaguchi? My name is...” the bunny girl asked, her face flushed with confusion before jumping up as she catches a glance at the clock.

“Oh my~~, its so late, I am so late, SHE is going to kill me...” The bunny cried, before storming out of the room.

Rika did not know why, but something inside her told her to follow the strange little woman.  Rika staggered to her feet and wiped away the last tear, before running down the hall after bunny-Yaguchi, the incident in that room now pressed to the back of her mind.  Rika struggled to keep up with the shorter girl, who was hopping through the halls with great speed.  Rika took shallow breathes before her feverish running came to a slight jog.  Rika did not know where they were going but she just kept following.  Along with her body, her mind raced, Where is she running to? Why does she pretend to not be who she is? And why is she wearing bunny ears? The little girl shot into a room with a very tired Rika following closely behind.

“I'm late! I'm late! I'm so very late!” bunny said as she stepped into an open locker. 

Rika who was all to familiar with Yaguchi's “disappearing” trick stood up and wiped the small beads of sweat from her brow as she looked at the locker.  She knelt in front of the locker and wrapped her fingers around the handle of the locker. She lifted it up and pulled the door open, taken aback by the empty locker.  Rika scratched her head and slipped her head into the locker looking for some kind of trick wall or something along those lines.  Just an ordinary locker.  Rika desperately looked inside the locker, for something, anything that would indicated that mer mind was not just playing tricks on her.  Just as Rika was about to pull her head from the locker, she was blinded by a brilliant flash of light.  She clenched the sides  of the lockers as she felt her body being sucked into the light.  In an instant the room was vacant and silent, the locker door closing gently, the shrill cries of Rika fell on deaf ears as they, and her, are swallowed by the light. 
Title: Re: Charmy in Wonderland
Post by: tru_harmony on August 10, 2008, 09:14:40 PM

... you're really good... wow... there's just one thing...

why is my Charmy-sama an insecure girlfriend again?!


that is one of the things that depresses me the most... ... ... oh well... it's probably best for the development of the story...

the dance was amazing... i could never describe a scene as vividly and as ... hm... wordily... :lol:

thanks for writing and posting that one up... another amazing work... keep it up!
Title: Re: Charmy in Wonderland
Post by: maverickpanda on August 11, 2008, 01:06:12 AM
Even though it is a personal belief of mine that trust is the basis of any good relationship, i also believe there will always be hardships and doubt. Rika is not being insecure she is protecting that which is most precious to her...I mean it is Yoss.

 :mon beam: that must both persevere to make each other worthy of the other...or something alone those lines
Title: Re: Charmy in Wonderland
Post by: strawb3rrykream on August 11, 2008, 02:49:32 AM
Yay! New story!!!
I kinda laughed at the title for the first chapter, because for some reason, I thought she'd be stuck in a locker or something. :grin: But after that, no laughing whatsoever. :( Ah, the Miki vs. Rika story! Always interesting! I kinda wonder why Yaguchi was dressed like a bunny too. But I know it has something to do with the wonderland aspect.
Can't wait for update!!! :D
Title: Re: Charmy in Wonderland
Post by: hotohori on August 11, 2008, 02:41:08 PM
Yatta!! a new story  :onioncheer:

I love the idea of Charmy in wonderland :love:, I used to like Alice in wonderland alot  :heart: 

Wonder what will happen with ishiyoshi   :? :? :?
(don´t mind if it will be yomiki  :kekeke:)

Waiting for the update  :hee:
Title: Re: Charmy in Wonderland
Post by: maverickpanda on August 12, 2008, 12:45:05 AM
@ tru, str3k, hotohori: My faithful readers you make me  :farofflook:

You are my inspiration and you reason for writing I hope you enjoy second chapter

Ch 2. Charmy Treads Tears

The white flash vanished in an instant.  Rika rubbed her eyes furiously, hoping to wash the blinking dots from her spotty vision.  The white that washed over her vision now dulled into a deep black.  Rika looked from left to right, an air of panic surrounding her as she falls deeper into the depths of the mysterious twilight.  It took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust in the dark, the fine outline of her body being the only thing she could make out in the dark.  She knew there was nothing she could do, except fall.  The steady stream of time continues to flow while our heroine continues to plummet.  After what seemed to be hours of endless failing, the young woman closes her eyes falling into a deep slumber, the emotional and physical stress of the days events taking its toll on her body and mind.  Rika's limp body came to a crashing stop, when it met the floor that had been hastily approaching.  The seemingly lifeless body began to stir, eyes limped open and limbs twitched against the cold floor.  Rika quickly sat up, when she had realized that she was no longer falling.  She lifted her arms and examined  them, her face slightly twisted with confusion.

“Why aren't I hurt? I would imagine that it was a long fall.” Rika asked herself as she stood up, brushing the dust off of her pants.

Paying her thoughts no mind, she shrugged them off, carefully looking around the room where she had fallen into. A small smile made its way onto her lips when her eyes caught the vibrant colors and fun knick-knacks that littered the room.  She merrilly skipped over to a table and picked up a few of the little figurines and gleefully giggled as she played with them.  Rika was someone who could always find appreciation in cute things.  Her merrily moving fingers coming to a stand still as a memory quickly flashes in her mind.  The figurine was placed back on the table, the figure teetering a bit as Rika replaced it with trembling hands.


“Yocchan~~~” Rika shouted happily, waving her arms in the air to catch Yossi's attention.

“Rika! What are you doing here?” Yossi replied, catching Rika in her arms as she zipped by, arms securely wrapped around the shorter girl, while she spun.

Rika fought to keep her sun hat on when spinning like that, but all she could do was share in Yossi's laughter.  The hustle and bustle of the busy street drowned in their infectious laughter. In their eyes, the in those few precious moments alone together, there was nothing else; the world stopped spinning, time stopped passing their love for one another preserved in each others heart.  Rika looked down at Yossi, her handsome face plastered with a silly smile, while wrapping her arms around the taller girl's neck. Rika leaned forward, pressing her soft lips against the top of Yossi's head, while her arms squeezed around Yossi's neck playfully.  Rika felt a strong gust, her long hair fluttering in the wind casting her over sized hat into the air.  Her gentle kiss was broken, when she was slowly lowered back onto the ground, the solid ground was  found wanting in comparison to those few moments she had soared through the clouds.  Rika's bright smile dulled a bit when she felt Yossi's warm embrace falling away form her, the taller girl running down the street away from her. Rika stood still wishing that the taller girl would return. Rika let out a deep sigh, closing her eyes for mere moments before shooting open, from the sudden return of her hat, that was carefully placed back onto her head by Yossi.

“Almost lost your pretty hat Rika.” Yossi said impishly between short shallow breathes.

“Thank you Yossi...” Rika said while wiping away the small beads of sweat that had accumulated on Yossi's forehead. 

Rika brushed a few loose strands of hair behind Yossi's ear, the tired girl's breathe returning to normal after that devilish sprint.  Rika ran the back of her hand down Yossi's soft cheek her cheerful smile beaming with happiness.

“You didn't have to run that hard to get my hat, I have others at home.” Rika said giggling softly.

“What? Nonsense! Mr. Moonlight never lets down her lady.” Yossi said playfully, her cheeks taking on a slight red before winking at Rika.

Rika wrapper her hands around Yossi's right hand and swayed them playfully back and forth, lost in her thoughts as well as Yossi's warm smile.  Rika never thought Mr. Moonlight was a fitting title for Yossi.  In her eyes, Yossi was not a mischievous ladies-man but instead a knight, her knight who would always be there for her.  Of course she would never say it out loud, to embarrassed by the childish and corny nature of her views.  Rika's wandering mind was lead back to reality by Yossi, who was riffling around her pocket furiously.

“Now where is it...” Yossi said to herself, her tongue pressed against the corner of her mouth as she searched her rebellious pants pocket. 

Yossi ripped her hand from her pocket triumphantly, clenching a little stuffed pig key chain.  Yossi held the key chain in front of Rika, waving it back and forth with a very pleased, and very goody, smile on her face.

“Here ya go Rika, I got this for you.” Yossi said

Rika watched the dangling pig sway back and forth, her lips quivering a bit, while her body trembled.  Unable to hold back her emotions, Rika released Yossi's hand and pointed to the pig, loud cries of laughter erupting from the usually reserved girl, tears in her eyes as she holds her other hand over her stomach. 

“What is that?” Rika said continuing to laugh relentlessly at the little pig.

“Fine! Never mind then. I thought it was cute.” Yossi said, quickly whipping her head to the side, her cheeks puffing up as she held her breath. 

“Awww Yocchan” Rika's words cutting between her fits of laughs. “Its wonderful and I really appreciate it. But promise me if you want something cute, come to me, I am Rika “Charmy” Ishikawa!” striking her Charmy pose with her last words. 

Yossi, let out her breath unable to fight against Rika's overwhelming charm. “Fine. Fine. I still thought it was cute though.” Yossi said while reaching her hand out. “Shall we go shopping together?”

Rika took her present from Yossi's hand and slipped it into her pocket, holding Yossi's hand as they blissfully walked down the busy street.


A lone tear rolled down Rika's cheek, her lips moving, but her voice unable to surface.  A shiver ran through her body, after how she acted Rika wondered if Yossi would come to save her this time.  She reached into her pocket and pulled out the elephant key chain and held it firmly in her hand. 

“Oh my oh ears, my dusty! I am so late!” echoed a voice.

Rika jumped at the familiar voice of bunny-Yaguchi as she referred to her as.   Rika quickly slipped the  elephant into her pocket and ran towards the voice, not noticing the loop of threat catching on the end of the table.  The elephant helplessly dangled on the corner of the table as Rika ran away from it, chasing after the other girl.  Rika rushed after the little bunny-girl, down twisting hallways and turning corridors.  Unable to keep up with the frantic hopping of bunny-Yaguchi, Rika stops running, her footsteps sluggishly marching onward, her hand gliding across the wall as she makes her way down the hallway.  The hallway stood very long and narrow, identical doors running down the length of the hall on both sides.  Rika curiously tried to open each door as she made her way down the hallways, disappointed to find that each and every door was firmly locked.  At the end of the hallway, Rika spilled into a large room, well large in comparison to the narrow hallway, that was bare from floor to ceiling outside of the single glass table that sat in the center of the room.  Rika sachet over to the table and noticed the small gold key that rested on it.  Rika picked up the key and examined it closely.

“I wonder what this key unlocks...” She pondered to herself while rolling the key in her palm. 

Rika tilted her head to the side and looked down the Nariko hallway once again and slowly backtracked her way down the hallway, maybe the key she held in her hand unlocked one of those doors.  Not so much.  Each door remained unlocked, the key was simply just to small for the locks.  Rika hung her head, the small key and many doors had defeated her.  She tossed the key on the glass table and slowly paced around the room.  Rika came to a stop when she catches something move in the corner of her eye.  She looks to her left and jumps back at the sigh of a curtain that had not been there a moment ago.  She carefully pulls back the curtain and blinks seeing nothing behind the curtain.  She hung her head again, wondering why someone was playing such a cruel joke on her.  When her eyes met the floor, her defeat was lifted, there stood  a small door, measuring no more than fifteen inches in height.  She ran over to the table and snatched the gold key from the table and knelt down in front of the tiny door.  The key slid into the lock with ease and turned, the soft clicking of the unlocking door catching Rika's ear.  Rika's smile returned to her lips when she opened the door.  Rika pressed her ear to the ground and looked through the door. She knelt breathless at the sight of the magnificent garden that resided only a few inches away form her.  Thousands of flowers populated the garden, surrounding a grand fountain that shot water from the fountain angel's mouth.  Each bead of water glistening in the bright sun, the gentle breeze brushed through the garden, each flower dancing in the wind as Rika, catches the intoxicating scent of the flowers.  How Rika wished to be somewhere that beautiful, but alas she was far to big to fit through the tiny door. Valiantly she tried to fit her head through the door, but it was useless, her hopes falling as she watches the enticing garden scene.  A very frustrated Rika stood up and walked back over to the table and slammed her fist against the table with the tightly clenched in her hand.  Rika looked down at the table, when she head something topple over.  She looked and watched as a small bottle rolls around on the table, eventually finding the edge.  Rika lets go of the key and catches the bottle before it hits the ground.  She lets out a sigh of relief and examines the bottle that had just appeared on the table.

“Drink me...Drink me?” She said softly to herself.

Rika knew better than to listen to bottles, but she was very thirsty and this was not what one would call an ordinary place.  She opened the bottle and lifted the lip of the bottle to her nose and took a quick smell of the liquid.  The sweet scent of honey and milk filled her nostrils, her lips watering a bit at the aroma of the mysterious liquid.  Always one for sweets, Rika greedily gulped down the contents of the bottle, happily licking her honey coated lips.  Rika hiccuped and gasped as she watched the glass table grow to unimaginable size.  Rika stood up and looked around the room, coming to a very strange conclusion, the room did not grow, but in fact she had shrunk.  Rika's fist shook with anger and frustration, these “jokes” grinding away at what little nerve she had left.  She hurled the bottle to the ground, sound of the crashing bottle startling Rika a bit, as she walked towards one of the table legs, steering clear of any rogue pieces of glass.  She leaned back against the table leg, wiping away the uncontrollable tears that had resurfaced.  Rika fell to her knees and buried her face in her hands, her tears soaking her hands as she frantically tried to wipe them away.  Her tears subsided as quickly as they came when Rika looked down and found a small crate right next to where she was kneeling.   She picked up the small crate and rested it on her lap, she sniffled back a few tears as she opened the box, her eyes glimmering a bit catching a glimpse of the cake that rested inside the crate.  Rika reached in and pulled out the cake, a small piece of paper attached to the plate.

“Eat me? What? Not another one of these!” Rika shouted. 

“It can't get any worse!” Rika thought to herself and courageously took a large chunk from the cake and consumed it.  Her body shook with enjoyment, the sweet butter cream frosting coated her tongue stimulating every taste bud , the fluffy cake almost melting in her mouth as she chewed.  In her small moments of bliss, she sensed something was off.  She looked around and sighed, the room was once again changing, “Why is everything shrinking!” Rika shouts in her mind.  Rika must have reached nine feet before her body stopped growing. Rika stood very still, confused and angry.  She stomped her foot  vigorously against the floor, her frustration manifesting in a few tears, tears so big that when they crashed against the floor, they created little pools of water. 

“All I wanted to do was go to that garden!” Rika whined.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” screamed bunny-Yaguchi.

“Eh?” Rika looked down at a very frightened looking bunny-Yaguchi.

Before Rika could say another word, the little bunny scurried through the door, leaving behind her fan and gloves that she had been carrying.  Rika knelt down and picked up the fan and glove after hearing the lock click.  Rika's face was flushed with embarrassment and rage, in an attempt she fanned herself, hoping that it would her down some.  As the welcomed breeze caressed her hot face, once again she noticed the glass table, that blasted glass table changing in size again.  She threw the fan down when she realized that it was the culprit for her most recent body modification, her body shrinking as small as before.  Rika falls into the deep pools that her tears had made, kicking her feet in an attempt to stay afloat.  After regaining her composure, she found it much easier to float when she wasn't panicking.  She whipped her head back and forth, her wet bangs stinging her eyes slightly as they catch her in the eye.  Rika felt small ripples from behind her, she quickly turned around and treaded quietly watching, watching a very familiar face swim by her quickly.

“Goto-san?” Rika asked.

“Wrong person honey.” the girl said as she quickly swam by. 

Rika grabbed the sleeve of the swimmer and pulled her over, Rika's eyes tracing up and down the swimmer stunned at how this girl looked exactly like Goto-san.  Rika shook her head and rubbed her eyes with a free hand.  There was no mistaking it, she looked exactly like Goto-san, minus the extremely confused/annoyed look on her face, well the confused part at least. 

 “Oh Goto-san...I am so glad im not the only one here, it has been such a long day, so many things had happened to me today like...” Rika retold her story to an increasingly agitated stranger.

“I am not this Goto...san or whoever....Damn! Just like that cat always chatting blah blah blah...pisses me off.” The swimmer squeaked.

Rika's lips pursed, her lower lip quivering a bit as she pouted. “ Am I really that annoying...I'm sorry. I promise I wont talk about it anymore.”

“Fine whatever, Ill tell you all about that damn cat I mentioned when we get to shore.” the mousy girl said as she steadily swam east. 

Rika continued to stay a float, debating with herself:

Charmy: “Huh! What a very impolite person.”

Rika: “But she seems like she knows where shes going”

Charmy: “How do you know? She could just be swimming just because, think about it. How can there be a shore? This is a pool of your tears remember?”

Rika: “Yeah, but this isn't the most ordinary of places and I mean what are we gonna get accomplish by floating here, besides getting our skin all pruney.”

Charmy: “ have a point...curse you Rika...fine lets follow her.”

Rika had triumphed over Charmy.  Rika took a few seconds and reviewed her answer and looked eat, catching the sight of the mousy girl swimming towards a land mass with what seems to be a few of the H!P kids swimming behind her.

Title: Re: Charmy in Wonderland
Post by: JFC on August 12, 2008, 03:29:07 AM H!P version of "Alice's Adventures Through The Looking Glass". Not that original, but still sort of cute.

Currently I'm curious as to who'll be cast as The Cheshire Cat and The Mad Hatter (considering what's already been posted, it seems pretty obvious who's going to be The Queen of Hearts).
Title: Re: Charmy in Wonderland
Post by: hotohori on August 12, 2008, 01:57:35 PM
 Charmy vs. Rika :mon lmao: :mon lmao:
...and the winner is RIKA  :mon geek: :mon lmao:
and I think I´m in love with bunny-yaguchi  :mon inluv:

NICE JOB !!! :mon thumb:
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Post by: tru_harmony on August 12, 2008, 02:56:43 PM
ISHIYOSHI FLASHBACK: a bit sad (at least for me...) ... it's sad when you know people are having problems in their relationships now after every good thing they've had together in the past... *sigh* ... nostalgia is definitely not for me...

anyway... GJ!!!!

hmm... it's pretty good... just look out for typos...

thanks for that awesome chapter... looking forward to the next IshiYoshi moment... :lol:
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Post by: strawb3rrykream on August 12, 2008, 05:25:25 PM
God, Rika's so cute!! Love how she got pissed that the sizes of everything kept on changing! Gocchin!? The cat pissing her off.... XD Wonder who the cat is??? Rika vs. Charmy = :rofl:
Keep it up!!! This is awesome!!
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Post by: maverickpanda on August 12, 2008, 09:34:12 PM
@ JFC: Im still in the process of casting the rest of the characters, I got some that definitly have to be who there going to be but the minor ones are gonna be tough

@tru_harmony: I was rough writing the ishiyoshi cause of their little tiff. ill watch out for typos and I am thinking ishiyossi flashbacks every other chapter cause I really liked writing them

@hotohori: thank you thank you. ill keep writing as long as yall keep readin  :mon thumb:

@str3k: I got the idea, cause alice really liked to talk to herself so why not rika to
Title: Re: Charmy in Wonderland
Post by: maverickpanda on August 13, 2008, 02:04:46 AM
Okay so far so good, my plan of a chapter a day is going well. I hope you all enjoy chapter 3!

Ch 3. Dancin' at the Races

Rika began second guessing her decision. An hour had passed and yet still no sight of shore.  The rigorous swimming had taken its toll on Rika, her arms were heavy and her entire body surged with pain.  She struggled to keep up with those who were swimming in front of her. It must had been her imagination, yeah thats it it was her tired mind playing tricks on her, but she could of swore that the three girls swimming in front of her were none other than Momoko, Risako and Chinami of Berryz and  some other girls that she recognized from C-ute.  Rika shook her head, “It can't be them.” she thought to herself.  Paying their striking resemblance no mind, her eyes lit up when she caught a glimpse of the shoreline in the distance.  The fatigue that bogged her down was simply forgotten in view of the shore.  The rather sluggish pace of her dog paddling quickened, her legs furiously kicking as she soared through the water.  The mousy girl that had held the lead, came to a stop, her eyes looking at the water around her, feeling ripples from behind her.  Her ears twitched slightly feeling the small ripples washing over her head.  The confused girl managed to turn around just in time to catch Rika in the corner of her eye. “Is this girl mad or something?” the Maki mouse said to herself, her eyes fixated on Rika as she seemingly glides across the surface of the water.

“Who would of thought that she could swim like that?” Maki asked herself. 

Maki looked back and saw the train of girls fighting against the waves that typhoon Rika has left in her wake, chuckling to herself as she swam back to help the kids out.  Rika shot out from the water, leaping into the air, before falling against the soft sand, her arms gratefully embracing the solid earth that laid beneath her.

“Oh this feels so very very wonderful!” Rika shouted contently. 

Though her body ached, her arms and legs pulsing with pain, she managed to turn onto her back, taking deep breathes through her wide smile.  Rika remained still until she was able to catch her breath.  She could feel the brilliant light of the sun beat down against her damp exposed body, the cradling warmth of the sand expelling the chill and fatigue that had once gripped her body.  Rika could feel the warmth sand between her toes, as she wriggled them, digging her feet deeper into the sand.  Rika contently sighed, its been a while since she been to the beach...wait, beach? Rika slowly sat up, her eyes wide, her face once again distorted by her confusion.

“ Shouldn't I be in that room with the glass table?” Rika stammered to herself.

Rika looked around and saw nothing but sand and water, the vast sea, and the ocean of glistening sand were the only things that caught her eye.  Rika shrugged and laid back down, “I shouldn't think to hard about it and just enjoy.”   Rika could hear the sounds of the others as they arrived at the shore. Rika decided to just leave them be and continue to bask in the sun, that is, until the sweet taste of the air on her lips was replaced with the briny taste of the sea.  She sat up and coughed frantically, wiping away the slimy vegetation from her face, she looked up and caught a glimpse of the look-alike and smiled nervously. 

“Present for that lovely swimming demonstration” the three chorused before walking away.

“What did I do? there mad at me.” Rika said under her breath, before jumping up at the sudden pat on her back.

“Don't worry about it, they are always like that, they will forget after a few minutes.” Maki mouse said, through her wide grin.

“Really?” Rika asked

“Yup yup!” Maki replied.

As the mousy girl had said after a few minutes, Rika and the girls had become rather close, they giggled amongst themselves, while telling jokes and other funny storied. Rika huffed and puffed when the others did not laugh at her story, even though she thought it was funny, laughing at her own jokes, the others stayed silent.  After a few minutes of conversation, a hush fell over the girls, their idle chattering coming to a dead stop as Maki mouse stood on a rock near the edge of the beach.  Maki mouse took in a deep breath as the full attention of the crowd fell on her.

“Okay okay everyone. I know it has been a long, wet day and everyone just wants to dry up, so I will dry everyone up...with a story.” Maki exclaimed.

The crowd remained silent, blinking in unison as they vacantly stared at the girl on the rock.  Maki began talking about the cat that she had mentioned earlier, about how she looked, acted and moved.  Nothing but complaints spilled from Maki's mouth.  After a few minutes of her long list of complaints about the cat, she stopped and looked around the beach.  Even though every eye was on her, they were glazed over and no more drier than they were twenty minutes ago. Maki hung her head in defeat, hopping off the rock, curling into a little ball as she hid behind the large rock.  Rika was the first to recover from the horrid ordeal, followed shorty by the others.  The beach stayed silent as each girl stood up and stretched, their joints aching after sitting still for such a long time.  Momoko stretched her arms up, a brittle snap coming from her back, followed by a content sigh.  Momoko suddenly stood up straight and punched her fist into the air, and yelled at the top of her lungs.

“CAUCUS-DANCE-RACE!!!” Momoko shriek. 

The girls that littered the beach turned toward Momoko, her words stirring up a sudden excitement in the girls, who by this point were jumping up and down, the roar of giggles washing out the sound of the lapping waves against the beach.  Rika looked at Momoko and then to the other girls.

“A what?” Rika inquired.

“A CAUCUS-DANCE-RACE! You know a caucus-dance-race.” Chinami replied, holding Risako's hand as they jumped up and down.

“You know, dancing in a circle starting and stopping whenever you feel like it. Its the best idea for getting dry.” Risako chimed. 

Rika knelt on the beach and stroked her chin in wonderment.

Rika: “ love dancing! And your great at it, this is going to be so much fun! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”

Charmy: “Well no argument on the skill part, but why dance? We can just lay down on the beach and relax while they make fools of themselves.”

Rika: “But but but, we love to dance and everyone else is gonna do it, we don't want to be a wet blanket do we Charmy?”

Charmy: “we do love to dance but not THAT dance...”

Rika: “Not what danc...oh...maybe we should sit this one out.”

Rika's conflicting mind had somehow found a resolution in the presence of THAT dance.  She was a bit confused but all she knew, was that the dance that the others had started was very reminiscent of that dance.  That awful dance that left a bad taste in her mouth.  How could anyone enjoy walking three steps then slapping their own buts? Rika shook her head and fell back onto the sand.  Her arms rested lazily above her head, the calm she felt earlier returning to her as the sound of the ocean echoed in her ear.  Her relation was short lived, Rika felt something, no someone, tugging on her arms dragging her towards the dance circle.  Rika rebelliously kicked her legs in a futile attempt to stop Maki, who had left her rock to drag Rika over.

“This is a race, everyone has to participate or else it wont be fun.” Maki exclaimed, dropping Rika's arm when they reached the circle. 

Rika turned onto her stomach and pouted “But I don't want to.”

“Fine, but everyone just wanted to see you dance, I mean if your afraid of being the worst dancer we understand.” Maki said playfully, waving her hand at Rika.

“A..AFRAID?!?! Rika Ishikawa is not afraid of some dance!” Rika proclaimed.

“Gotcha!” Maki thought to herself as she chuckled. 

Rika stood up and brushed the sand off of her pants.  Rika slipped into the circle and stood still, the girls behind her marching in place, anticipating the taller girls next move.  Rika took in a deep breath, her next move causing a very shocked Momoko to jump back.  Rika shot her clenched left fist into the air,  her body swaying to a tune that played in her mind.  “Okay. You have done this so many times, no matter how embarrassing you gotta show em. No one messes with Rika Ishikawa and her manpower!”  Rika's began to move to the imaginary beat, her body swaying as it remembered the all to familiar steps.  Rika held her fist in the air, as her confident footsteps resonated in the hearts of the girls.  Rika's cheeks burned as she hitched her right leg in the air.  She firmly planted her right foot, sending a small cloud of sand into the air, patting her backside with her other hand.  Rika shook her head, why was she doing this embarrassing dance.  Rika surveyed the faces of the other girls who shot both their arms into the air, Rika's ears being filled with cheers and whistles.  Soon, everyone had joined the circle and Rika felt not as embarrassed as she danced between Maki mouse and Chinami who followed her every move.  Rika lost all track of time when she dances.  The dance abruptly stopped, Rika lowered her tired arm after crashing into Maki.  Rika looked back and forth a bit confused to the abrupt stopped, but her confusion subsided when she felt her clothes that had dried, and took note of everyone else who was also dry. 

“WOOOOOO WE ALL WIN!!!!!!!!!” Momoko said jovially as she jumped into the air.

All the girls who stood in the circle began to clap loudly, splicing in a few high pitched whistles of celebration.

“And since we all won...she will be handing out the prizes” Momoko stated as she pointed to Rika.

At Momoko's words Rika staggered a few feet away fro the circle.  She shrugged her shoulder, unable to speak as a swarm of girls slowly make their way to her, hands held out ready to receive their prize.  Rika reached into her left pocket and pulled out some candy that she was saving for later and tossed it into the crowd, hoping this much would be able to appease the prize-hungry girls.  Each girl jumped into the air, catching a piece of candy, happily accepting it with a bow from Rika.  Rika had narrowly escaped a possibly horrible fate. She marched over to Maki who was currently licking the small lollipop that she was able to catch.

“ were gonna tell me some thing about some cat or something?” Rika asked as she looked at Maki mouse.

“Oh yeah...let me tell you watch out for that cat shes a crafty one...shes...” Maki continued her long list of complaints against the cat as she held the lollipop between her cheeks.

Rika grew impatient and slightly annoyed by the endless complaints about the cat.

“Yossi!” Rika suddenly stated.

“Eh? Whossi?” Maki asked

“Well you see...Yossi is this girl that...” Rika began telling her own long story about herself and her knight.

The mousy girl did not find her ramblings at all interesting, in fact the shear number of mentions of this 'Yossi' girl, started to grind at her nerves.  As Rika reached her half hour or meaningless dribble about her and Yossi, the mouse stood up and walked away from Rika, leaving her behind.  Rika pouted a bit and looked over her shoulder at the three girls who were listening to the conversation and decided that it was not worth their time.  Rika sat alone once again, her eyes watering, wishing against all things that her knight would come to rescue her from her loneliness.

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she could of swore that the three girls swimming in front of her were none other than Momoko, Risako and Chinami of Berryz and C-ute
Just an FYI, these three are all in Berryz. :)

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thankies JFC for the heads up.  I was always kinda iffy on Berryz and C-ute
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hahahah! What a cute story!:D
Maki mouse  :wub:
The Rika and Charmy conversation is just  XD
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Hehehe, another cute update! The Berryz were funny and cute, of course. Maki complaining about the cat again! :grin: Ooooooooh, Rika + Manpower dance = :drool: :drool: :drool:
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LOL @ Rika and the Manpower dance...

i can clearly imagine the dance... *must...  not.... ....  think.... ..... ...  of hip thrust!!!!!!!*

anyway... that was funny the berryz girls are in this too, eh?


thanks for that chap, dear... looking forward for moar!
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 :mon lmao: Manpower dance to dry up  :mon lmao:
( hmm... try it out later  :mon determined: )

Wonder what Yossie´s character is  :mon dunno:

nice job again  :mon thumb:
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Yay, I am just glad that you guys like my story, gives me confidence in my non bittersweet writing yay!!!!
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yossie!!!!when are you gonna come out to rescue rika
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Whoo its a close on almost forgot to post my daily chapter. I hope you guys enjoy. This one is fluffier than the others I think but meh whatever!!!!!!

Ch. 4 Rabbit Rage

Rika was always one to wear her emotions on her sleeve, everyone knew it.  Whether sadness, or bubbling happiness, at first sight one can always see how Ishikawa Rika was feeling.  Rika never really liked how she was always so quick to resort to tears, but she couldn't help it, it was just her nature.  She could never be as strong as her.

“Why couldn't I be you?” She uttered to herself, her fingers running through the sand.


It had been a few hours since her last bow.  The crowd had long since disappeared.  Alone she stood on the stage, still able to feel the feint electricity that had charged the stadium.  She slowly made her way to center stage, this is where she stood...this is where we said our goodbyes...this is where she left us.  The girl wrapped her arms around herself, her trembling body falling to the floor as the strength in her legs vanished.  She could hear the sounds of her tears splashing against the stage.  One after another they came, with no sign of stopping.  “How could she keep crying? Hasn't she shed enough tears?  When will the tears stop?”  Her tears continued to flow, her eyes burned, her cheeks raw, as the quiet whimpering of her quivering voice roared into the darkness.  She traced her fingers along the tear stained stage, the bittersweet memories of the concert flooding her mind while her body ached for a comforting embrace, only to be met with the cold embrace of sorrow and abandonment. 

“RIKA!” a voice cried.

Rika lifted her eyes from the stage and scanned the stadium, unable to tell where the cry came from.  Rika shook her head. “Nothing more than my imagination.” She thought to herself.

“Rika...” the voice seemed a bit closer this time.

Her body froze, paralyzed by the sharp tone in the mysterious person's voice.  The hairs on the back of her head stood up, Rika could feel the presence of two burning eyes on the back of her head.  Rika slowly turned her head, lifting her weary eyes from the stage, quickly snared by her mesmerizing gaze.  “How did you know I was here?  How did you know I needed you...” Rika thought to herself, unable to meet the person with a word. 

“ alone” the girl huffed between breathes.

Rika examined the weary girl, she look exhausted with beads of sweat falling from her face as she supported herself against a nearby wall.  The girl's breathes were heavy and deep, she must had been running for a long time to make, since she was not the type to get tired easily.  Rika's eyes widened

“Have you been looking for me Yocchan?” she whispered.

Yossi pushed herself off the wall and staggered over to Rika, her breathing by this point had returned to normal, wiping away the sweat form her forehead.  Her steady footsteps began to quicken, her staggering walk become a full sprint as she approached Rika.  Rika sat up and braced herself, watching Yossi fall to her knees sliding towards her, with open arms.  The two bodies crashed, a hand sliding across Rika's back, cradling her neck while the other pressed Rika's head into Yossi's shoulder.  Rika's mind blank, her hands bunching Yossi's shirt in her hand, tugging on it as she buried her head in Yossi's shoulder.

“Why are you here all alone crying Rika? I Have been looking everywhere for you.” Yossi whispered.

“How did you know where to find me?” Rika asked, through Yossi's damp shirt.

“I didn't. I have been running around for the past two hours looking for you when I heard you did not return to the hotel. Then I had a hunch and followed it here.” Yossi replied.

Rika's cried had dulled into soft whimpers “Two hours...why go to so much trouble, when you could of called me?”

Rika was confused, how could this girl make her feel so at ease?  How could Yossi sooth her aching heart with such ease? Rika could only think one thing, that Hitomi Yoshizawa was something special.

“I didn't have time to think, I was just so worried about you. I mean you mean so much to me and all.” Yossi said pulling away from Rika.

“Now why did you stay here and made me worried sick? Huh?” Yossi asked, lifting Rika's chin with her fingers.

“Sorry...just...Abe-san...and her graduation...” Rika could feel the tears as they crept back to her eyes, unable to finish her thought.

A single tear rolled down Rika's cheek, Rika jumping a bit feeling a set of lips against her cheek.

“You don't have to say any more...I understand. We all loved her and we will all miss her.” Yossi replied after kissing away Rika's tear.

“We have to be strong...for ourselves...and Abe-san.” Yossi said, through a smirk.

She was always strong. No matter how hard it got Yossi stood firm.  No matter how trivial, she would offer you a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to you...her calm demeanor, her incorruptible love, how could a single person have so much, and wish for nothing back?

“I'm not strong like you Yossi..” her voice barely above a whisper.

“You don't have to be, at least while I'm around.” Yossi answered.

There it is, that trademark coolness.  How natural and true it sounded.

“I love you Rika, nothing will slash can change that...let me bear you sadness for you.” she softly spoke,her gentle voice filling Rika's ears as her warm breath brushed against Rika's neck.

Rika could feel her heart skip a beat at Yossi's offer, how honored she felt to hold the heart of this gallant knight.  She continued to cry, but not out of sadness, the tears that surfaced were those of undying gratitude.  Though she felt unworthy, all doubt was cast away as their tender lips met, the bitter taste of onliness drawn out by the Yossi's luscious lips. 


“OH NO! Oh me oh my! What am I going to do?” A familiar voice cried.

Rika's mind returned from her trip into the past, her head darting back and forth looking for her.  Rika Spotted a seemingly upset bunny-Yaguchi near the forest that neighbored the beach shore.  Rika scrambled over to the little bunny girl, waving her arms trying to catcher the little one's attention. No luck.

“I lost my gloves...and my fan! Today just isn't my day.” bunny-Yaguchi said to herself, as she scratched the back of her bunny ear.

“NOOOOOO!!!!” Yaguchi screamed.

Rika skidded to a stop, standing next to the screaming Yaguchi.

“Whats wrong?” Rika asked.

“Something got stuck in the fur!” Yaguchi said, slipping off the fake bunny ears, inspecting the gum that had mashed into the fabric, small tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

Yaguchi craned her neck upwards and looked in to Rika's eyes.  Yaguchi fell backwards at the girl who towered over her.  The little girl looked up, a fire glimmering in her eyes.

“Itai~! What are you doing here Mary Ann?!  Why aren't you at home?” Yaguchi cutely whined.

“Mary Ann? No no no, my name is Rika.” Rika retorted.

“Don't try to fool me Mary Ann! Why are you here anyways, you know what never mind.” Yaguchi sighed, throwing her arms into the air.

“Just go home and grab me a new set of gloves and a new fan.” Yaguchi muttered.

“Uhh...” Rika said confusingly.

“JUST DO IT NOW!!” Yaguchi screeched.

Rika jumped, and ran into the forest, her ears still ringing from Yaguchi's frightening tone.  Rika looked back for a moment, watching little Yaguchi jump and and down.

“And a new pair of ears...cute ones~~~!” Yaguchi shouted. 

Rika nodded and continued to run blindly into the forest that she knew about.  Rika stopped running after a few minutes, her feet began to ache as she trekked across the uneven, rocky ground.  Her arms were covered in small scratches as she stepped through bushes and other vegetation, eventually coming to a clearing with an adorably small looking house with the letters “B.Y.H” on the side.

“This must be it...I hope.” Rika said to herself.

Rika slipped into the house, which was much larger on the inside than it looked on the outside. Rika rummaged through each room, opening closets and drawers, in search of gloves, ears and a fan.  Rika crept into the master bedroom, her eyes lit up as she looked around the room which had been adorned with the most adorable decorations.  Rika mentally slapped herself, “Gotta find the stuff” Rika thought to herself.  After a few minutes of swimming through heaps of clothes, and other things, Rika had victoriously found a pair of gloves and a spare fan.  Rika, in her state of triumph almost forgot the ears.  She had found a pair of ears, that had a heart stitched on the inside of the ear, resting on the bedside table.  Rika bounced out of the room, stopping after a sharp clang catches her attention.  She looked back and sees a small bottle rolling on the ground.  Rika places the items on the ground next to bottle and kneels down, pinching the neck of the small bottle between her thumb and index finger.  Now by this point Rika figured that whenever she ate or drank anything, thus far at least, something would happen to her size.  Not liking the rather small size she was at currently, damn fan, she decided to risk it and greedily drained the bottle.  As Rika wished, her body began to grow. Rika jumped up and down excitedly, stopping only after she bonks her head against the ceiling.

“Itai...” Rika winced, rubbing the top of her head.

Rika shook her head...”not again...” Rika thought to herself as she continued to grow.  Luckily she stopped growing before she damaged bunny-Yaguchi's house.  Rika knelt in the master bedroom, her knees ached as her neck tightened.  What an awkward position she found herself in, with her ear pressed against the ceiling and her legs tucked underneath her.  Oh how Rika wished she was back in Japan, where things made sense, kind of. 

“Mary Ann!” What is taking so long?” yelled Yaguchi who stood at her doorstep.

Rika could hear Yaguchi's stomping as she ran up the stairs.  Yaguchi throws the door open and charged into the room, meeting only the door that had swung backwards.  Yaguchi falls back with a crash, little did she know that Rika had filled her room, not allowing the door to swing open.  Yaguchi sat up and rubbed her nose, her human ears burning with rage.  Yaguchi runs down the stairs and props a ladder against the side of the house.  With her infamously known stubbornness, Yaguchi climbed the ladder, cursing obscenity after obscenity under her breath.  Before Yaguchi reached the top rung of the ladder, Rika nervously pushed the ladder away with one of her hands.  Yaguchi and the ladder teetered backwards before crashing into the ground.  Yaguchi laid on the ground for a moment, her legs and arms wrapped in the ladder.  Yaguchi kicked the ladder off of her and hopped to her feet. She dug through her pockets and pulled out a small shiny box. 

“You want to play Mary Ann? Fine. Lets play! How about a game of help I am on fire?” Yaguchi laughed maliciously, flipping open the lighter.

“Well if you set the house on will burn all you cute clothes...yeah and you wouldn't want that would you?” Rika said as casually as one could, when threatened to be burned alive.

Rika looked out the window and little Yaguchi throw her lighter down, her tiny lips pursed in a pout. Rika had talked her way out of yet another bad situation.  Or so she thought.  Rika looked out the window again but to her surprise, she did not see a defeated Yaguchi, but rather Yaguchi and a horde of animals armed with small rocks.  Rika shook her head and ducked as low as possible, the shattered glass rumbling against the ground as the rocks wrap violently against the walls.  Rika's eyes lit up, as she observed one of the rocks, transform into a tiny little shortcake.  She quickly gobbled up the cake, her face lighting up as she shrunk but her smile faded when she returned to being tiny.  She rushed out the door, knocking back some of the small animals that blocked her path. The garden, was the only thing on her mind, surely a place like that would have angry little animals trying to burn her down...hopefully.  Oh how she wished to be normal size, but no matter how much she hoped all she knew was that she had to run.  After running deeper into the unknown forest, Rika stops and caches her breathe. She is determined to get back to a normal reasonable size.  She searches the forest, every high and lo that she can reach, looking for something to eat or drink, seeing as how those two action seem to affect her size.  Off in the distance Rika can see a mushroom that looked about as tall as she did.  Rika was fascinated by the giant fungus, she search every inch of it, below and around.  Rika stretched her arms and wrapped her fingers around the brim of the cap and hoisted herself onto of the mushroom, only to find herself caught, in a thick cloud of smoke.
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... suggoi!


what's there for me to say? ... awesome and getting 'awesomer'  XD everytime you update...

nacchi's grad flashback = Yossui is such a gallant prince/knight character... IshiYoshi  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

will yossui show up only as a flashback character? or will she be the king of hearts (alongside the previously speculated queen of hearts)

thanks for udating today! i'm looking forward for the one tomorrow...
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LULZ at bunny-Yaguchi.
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bunny-Yaguchi !!!!... just love her  :mon inluv:

 Waiting for the next update  :mon lovelaff:
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 :wub: bunny-Yaguchi!  :wub: Yossie is so sweeeet!  :heart:
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Aw, Ishiyoshi fluff!!! :heart: Hehehe, Bunny Yaguchi!! She seems to have a pretty bad temper! LOL that Rika is stuck in the house!!! :grin:
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Hello everyone! Here is today's update, its a little short, Gomen Gomen!

well anyways I hope you guys enjoy!

Ch 5. Dazed and Confused

Rika had found herself trapped in the thick cloud of smoke.  Each passing moment submerged in the smoke, gradually adding to her mounting anxiety.  Rika could feel the stodgy reach of the smoke slither its way around her body, every one of her senses ravaged by it.  Her eyes blurred, the vibrant colors of the forest muted by ashy gray.  Her nostrils burned, catching the pungent aroma of the smoke.  Rika smacked her lips a few times, hoping that she could rid herself of the musky sweet taste that encompassed her tongue.  Rika shook her body, hoping to free herself from the formless torment, but stilled her body, catching a feint sound.  Rika tilted her head to the side. “There it is!” She thought to herself, hearing the soft hiss of something burning, followed by the soft gurgle of water.  Rika edged her way in the direction of the sound, each footstep bringing her closer to the sound.  The ever anxious Rika, waved her hands in front of her, hopefully dispersing the cloud as she waded through the smoke.  Rika, never being the most graceful person, tripped over her own foot, sending her tumbling forward.  Rika frantically flailed her arms in an attempt to catch herself on the mushroom cap, succeeding as her hands held her face mere inches away from the surface of the mushroom.  Maybe her luck was changing...not so much. Rika had managed to catch herself, but found keeping herself up troublesome.  The mushroom cap was slick with dew, and thusly causing Rika's grip on the cap to slip.  After a few futile attempts at repositioning her hand, it slipped, a hollow thud echoing as her forehead meets with the mushroom cap. 

“Itai~~~...” Rika winced, feeling her forehead pulse against the mushroom.

“My my my...what do we have here?” someone said rather lethargically between their yawns.

Rika looked up and closed her stinging eyes as they met with a rather hefty puff of smoke. Rika sat up and rubbed her burning eyes. “What kind of person would just blow smoke in someones face?” Rika thought to herself, as her eyes slowly opened, her vision blurred by her watery eyes.  As she regained her vision, she could make out the outline of the rude individual, her eyes shutting tightly when the clear image of the smoker came to her eyes.  Rika shook her head quickly. “Oh okay, not a person just...” Rika told herself, opening one of her eyes slowly, before quickly shutting it tightly.  Okay so by this time, Rika began to realize that, for some strange reason, a lot of the inhabitants of this strange place looked a lot like H!P girls, but there was just something so very strange about the girl who sat before her, that all to familiar empty stare plastered on her face. Rika thought she had seen it all, but this...this was just to much. 

“I...Iida-san?” Rika asked nervously, slowly opening her eyes.

“Are you talking to me dear? I think you have me mistaken for someone else.

Rika rubbed her eyes to make sure her mind was not playing tricks on her.  Even though Rika knew it was not who she thought it was, she spoke purely as a reflexive act.

“Iida-san? Why are you here? Why are you smoking? And why are you wearing fuzzy bug feelers?” Rika asked snatching the feelers off of the taller girl's head.

“Excuse me madam...” Iida huffed, grabbing the feelers from Rika, carefully slipping them back on.
“First off m'lady, I am here because I am always here.  Secondly, even though I don't need to answer your noisy questions, I am smoking because it is my favorite hobby.  As for these feelers, I just like them.  Lastly, I am not this Iida...or whatever you were calling me, my name is...” the tall woman was interrupted by a yawn, “my name is...” Iida's lips stopped moving.  Rika tilted her head observing the sluggish girl's still body, the tip of her hookah dangling in her hands, the light in her eyes absent as she vacantly stared off into the distance.

“Did she fall asleep mid sentence?” Rika thought to herself.  Rika listened carefully for snores, but nothing.  Rika began to gently poke and prod the listless girl. The tall girl did not stir, all she did was stare off into the distance.  Rika, feeling a bit offended, waved her hands in front of the girl's empty eyes hoping to get some kind of reaction.

“Excuse me dear, are trying to get my attention?” Iida barked.

Rika jumped back at Iida's sudden return. “No...just...did you fall a sleep?” Rika asked.

“Did I fall a sleep? No no deary just sometimes I get lost in my own thoughts and allow my mind to trav...” Her words trailing off as she stared into the thick smoke, the hookah now resting between her lips.

“Okay I have had enough of this space case. This is just silly.” Rika said under her breath, snapping her fingers in Iida's general line of sight.

“Anyways dear, who are you and why are you here?” Iida said, snapping back to reality.

Rika shook her head, “This is getting me nowhere. If she can't even finish a sentence without spacing out, god knows how far I will get if I start talking about what has happened up until now. Oh well.” she thought to herself.

“Well, my name is Rika Ishikawa of Morning Musume, you know the idol group from japan, well anyways, this evening I was sitting reading a script until my..uh...friend...yeah my friend Yossi walks in ...” Rika began to re-cap her story, occasionally having to clap loudly, pulling Iida's attention back to her story. 

“Then I ran out of the girl's house after drinking the bottle and here I am. Got it?” Rika asked, the tone in her voice hinting at her annoyance with the taller girl.

“Hmmm...seems like a complicated I have one question to ask” Iida said, leaning back, adjusting the feelers that had been slipping off of her head. 

“And what would that be?” Rika quickly snapped.

“” Iida asked, puffing away at the hookah, before falling into her trance like state once more.   

“WHO AM I? I JUST TOLD YOU! Jeez, Iida-san was spacey but this is just ridiculous! You know what? Who are you?” Rika yelled, as she reached the end of her patience.

“Why do you want to know?” Iida inquired.

Rika could not answer.  She had reached her breaking point, she threw her arms into the air and stomped off away from the girl, hoping maybe she could get off of this stupid mushroom. 

“You shouldn't lose your head like that dear, it might be beneficial if you learn to control that temper.” Iida scoffed.

“Control my temper? Control my temper you say.” Rika said, turning her head, looking straight into Iida's eyes.

“Yes.” Iida replied, taking another puff of her hookah.

“Its easy for you to say. You haven't been the one growing and shrinking at the whim of the foods you eat. Your not the one...” Rika paused momentarily, Yossi's face after their argument flashing in her mind, “...your not the one who doesn't even know who you are anymore.”

“Not know who you are anymore? All because of your size? How insecure.” Iida said, chuckling to herself.

“Well not just my size, but I would like to change my size. Maybe a bit bigger than three inches, three inches is to troublesome.” Rika responded.

Iida stood up and stared down at Rika, “Whats wrong with three inches, thats how tall I am and I am perfectly happy with it.” Iida said, her voice taking on an offended tone.

“What I mean is uhh well you know.” Rika stammered trying not to offend the taller girl anymore than she already had.

“You know what, never mind I am tired of this conversation. Goodbye crazy, rude girl.” Iida hopped off the mushroom dragging her hookah closely behind her.

Rika fell to her knees, “Why can't I ever say anything right?” she thought.

“Just so you know, I wouldn't try eating that mushroom your sitting on, one side will make you taller and the other, smaller.” The voice echoed.

By this time. The smoke had cleared and Rika took a deep breath, welcoming the clean air, looking around at the mushroom she had been sitting on.  Rika thought to herself and decided to go with her first plan.  Rika laid on her stomach and reached to one side of the mushroom and broke off a baseball sized chunk of the mushroom cap.  Holding the mushroom firmly in her right hand, she reached for the other side.  Rika slipped and began to slide off the mushroom, catching the edge of the mushroom with her free hand, helplessly dangling by the cap.  Rika let out a sigh of relief, looking up, pouting a bit watching her fingers pinch off the edge.  The edge of the mushroom broke away, sending her plunging into a small puddle of mud.  Rika paddled her way back onto solid ground and stood up brushing the mud from her clothes, cursing slightly under her breath.  Fed up with her tiny size, she bit into the chunk of mushroom, that failed to save her from her the mud.  To Rika's surprise, the grew to her normal size.  Rika jumped up and down in excitement, how happy she was about not being three inches anymore.  Rika wiped the last bit of mud off of her and merrily walked down a small path that she found when she was walking through the bushes.  At the end of the path, Rika found a house.  Her heart beat warmly, as her eyes look over the adorable house, standing no taller than four feet tall.  How she envied the people who could live somewhere like that.  Even though Rika had accomplished her goal of regaining her normal height, she really really wanted to see the inside of the house.  Looking into her right hand, she took a deep breath, wishing that the mushroom in her right hand was the shrinking part of the cap.  Rika shut her eyes and sunk her teeth into the spongy flesh of the mushroom.  She gulped roughly, taking a few breaths after the mushroom made its way into her stomach.  Rika looked down and pouted, she was still normal size.  Despite the fact that she could not go inside the house, she still could at look at the outside.  Rika stepped towards the house, holding her foot mid step, looking up at the growing house. Had she shrunk? Yes but this time into a comfortable nine-inch height.  Rika, content with her current height, dashed towards the house, hoping who ever lived there were more hospitable than some of the others she had met.
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OSNAP! Kaori's the toked-up caterpillar! And she still spaces out!  XD

“You know what, never mind I am tired of this conversation. Goodbye crazy, rude girl.” Iida hopped off the mushroom dragging her hookah closely behind her.
Wasn't the caterpillar supposed to turn into a butterfly and flutter away at this point? It's been a while since I've read the story so things are a bit fuzzy. :P

Meh, could always just chalk it up to "artistic licence." :P
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I was reading a summary and it just said the caterpillar crawled away so meh.
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... hm... you're really following the format of the original.... EFFECTIVE!

Iida = caterpillar ... fairly appropriate...

i can so imagine her smoking!!! :lol:

another good one!

thanks! MOAR!
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yeah im pretty much reading a chapter a day then writing the fic after, my job leaves me with a lot of free time.

I was torn between Yuuko and Iida, but ended up with Iida, cause she was more spacey
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Hahaha, Kaorin is that fat-ass catapillar!! Not to put her down of course, but that's damn funny!! Now I have this image of Kaorin as Kato Shizuka (KimuTaku's wife/the person that she played in some episodes of Haromoni theater) smoking and yelling at ppl in that weird voice! Love how Rika gets so damn frusturated!! Man, finally when she gets back to normal size, she goes back to being small!! :lol: Rika's such a weirdo, a superbly hot weirdo!!!
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Kaori spacing out  :mon lmao:
It would be fun if Yuko was the smoker. :mon cigar: 
but then she wouldn´t just smoking  :mon misch:

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Wah! Yaguci-bunny is  :mon lovelaff: !!!!!  Seriously I need the huggible plush toy version now.  I love Maki mouse, she's so funny I really hope we see more of her.  Maybe a showdown between her and the cat  XD

Very cute/funny story and Rika makes a great Alice :mon fyeah:

Ishiyoshi = :heart:
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Hey guys MaverickPanda here and with an update!!!!!!!!!!  I was going to try and post everyday but my schedule has made it so that I can't work on my story on weekends, so again I apologize for the late chapter.  To make it up to you guys This is my longest chapter, I hope you like it!

Ch 6. Girls and Grins

Rika crept silently through the bushes, stalking her way towards the house.  Each step, bringing her closer to the house, each careful step sending her heart racing with anticipation.  Rika could feel her smile widen as she inches her way towards the large oak door.  Rika's smile quickly faded, her lips pursed in a pout, her eyes narrowing, “Why can't I move?” Rika thought to herself.  Rika looked over her shoulder, her foot had snagged on a tree root.  Rika kicked her foot vigorously, attempting to cast the rogue root off of her foot.  Rika became increasingly irritated as the root continued to rebelliously wrap around her foot.  Rika delivered a fierce kick, throwing the root off of her foot, but the soft earth beneath her slipped, sending Rika on another collision course with the ground.  Rika waved her arms frantically, pawing at anything and everything hoping to catch herself, before falling face first into the dirt.  Rika puffed her cheeks, it just was not her day, before falling face first into the soft dirt.  Rika laid in the dirt for a moment, beating her hands and feet against the ground as the dirt muffled her screams.  Rika lifted her head from the dirt, peering through a small opening in the bush, after hearing a knock.  After brushing the dirt from her eyes, Rika slowly crawled closer to the small opening at the bottom of the bush, squinting her eyes, trying to see who had knocked on the door.  Even though she should know better by now, Rika is slightly stunned at what she sees.  Recalling her past experiences with almost-not really's that she had encountered on her journey, she can the this could not be Risa-chan , and this definitely could not be Risa-chan knocking on the big door with a powdered wig on.  Rika let out a silent sigh, “ All these look a likes are confusing me!”  Rika thought to herself, shaking her fist towards the sky playfully.  Another knock, Rika quickly looked back at the door, her eyes shining as it creaked open.

“Tak...Takahashi-chan? Rika nearly shouted, before covering her own mouth.

Rika quickly dropped as low as she could, digging her fingers into the ground, the two powder wig clad girls looking at the rustling bush as they spoke.  Rika lifted her eyes from the ground, back t the door, the two girls had been quietly conversing, occasionally looking back in her general direction.  Rika tilted her head, Risa's face had become slightly flushed, her chest rising and falling with her erratic breath, as Takahashi whispered in her ears.

“Wait wait wait...why is she blushing?” Rika pondered. “Ohhhh...I would of never guess...Risa and Takahashi? But now that I think about it...” Rika started to blush, her lips curling into a devilish smirk.

Rika's attention focused back on the two girls, it seemed that Takahashi's aggressive side took over,  impishly running her fingers down Risa's suit jacket, each button being quickly undone.  Rika's heart began to race, her teeth biting down on her thumbnail while she loudly gulped.  She knew that she shouldn't be watching this, but when would she ever get an opportunity like this again. 

Charmy: “RIKA ISHIKAWA! I am appalled!”

Rika: “Wait...whoa whoa whoa...what did I do wrong?”

Charmy: “Oh no little lady , don't you pretend like what you are doing isn't wrong! Gawking at those two shameless girls doing...whatever there doing. And their your juniors!”

Rika:  “But its not like they are actually Risa-chan and Takahashi-chan, and I think its all kind of...sweet.”

Charmy: “Sweet? What those two girls are doing over there is hot... ahem not acceptable, especially in public.”

Rika:  “Wait, did you just say hot?”

Charmy:  “No! Why would I say something like that, I mean I find the whole H!P inter-dating thing is so sexy...uhh messy.”

Rika:  “A HA! I definitely heard sexy that time, I knew you would not want to pass this up as much as I did. Yet another victory for Rika Ishikawa!”

Charmy:  “Hey can you quiet down, I missing all the good stuff.”

Rika: “Oh yeah. Sorry about that. Hey wait...”

Rika snapped back to the real world, taking a deep breath after her exhausting internal struggle.  Rika's eyes focused back on the two girls, each delicate stroke of Takahashi's fingers, each sharp breath Risa takes while squirming under the other girl's touch, burned into Rika's mind.  Rika held her breath, the heat from her cheeks radiating on her face, while her eyes follow Takahashi's hand slipping into Risa's open jacket.  Rika's eyes shot open “How daring!” Rika thought to herself.  Rika's smirk fell, slightly disappointed watching Takahashi pull her hand back gripping a small envelope “ Thats a little bit anti-climactic.” Rika thought to herself pouting a bit.  Rika's ears perked up at the sound of a loud smack.  Rika looked up quickly, Takahashi was pulling back form Risa, a devilish smile on her lips with a slight blush. Risa on the other hand stood stunned, able only to stumble back tripping over a branch, landing roughly on a tree stump.  Had Rika missed the best part? Seems like it.  Rika snapped her fingers, hearing the large door click shut.  Rika traced her lips with the tips of her fingers, “ Their first kiss eh. Just like that day...” 


Rika tiptoed down the hall, creeping closer to her destination.  Rika wrapped her fingers around the door frame and peeked her head into the room that she stood beside.  A small smile crept to her lips, admiring the innocent image that caught her eye.  In the room laid Hitomi Yoshizawa, fellow fourth generation member, and best friend, happily napping on the small couch in her dressing room after a long day of promoting Mr. Moonlight, Morning Musume's latest single.  Rika never could get over how dashing Yossi looked in her Mr. Moonlight costume, but Yossi did pull off being a boy rather well.  Rika snuck into the room, closing the door silently behind her.  Yossi laid restlessly on the couch,
“Oh I can't wait till promotion on this song is over.” Yossi muttered under her breath loosening the tie that wrapped around her neck.

Rika giggled to herself, hearing her friend talk to herself.  Rika made her way behind the couch, standing slowly careful not to make her presence known.  Yossi could hear the feint rubbing of fabric, but paid it no mind, it surely was her tired mind playing tricks on her, that was until she felt two hands clamp down over her eyes.  A very surprised Yossi kicked her legs wildly, her arms flailing above her trying to grip the person who had temporarily blinded her.  Ever mindful of Yossi's natural reflexes, Rika ducked behind the couch, far out of Yossi's range.

“Yocchan~~! Guess who.” Rika asked playfully.

“Rika?” Yossi answered resting peacefully back on the couch.

“How did you know?” Rika questioned, moving her hands from Yossi's face, pouting slightly.

“I could hear those frills on your dress, and who else would sneak into my room and mess with me while I am sleeping. Hmmmm?” Yossi answered, smiling a bit looking at Rika's pouting face

Yossi sat up and patted the cushion next to her.  Rika stood up and made her way over to the couch, plopping down on it.  Rika looked to her side and smiled, watching Yossi's head rest on her shoulder. 

“Tired Yoccahn?” Rika inquired.

“Yeah, all this promotional stuff is really tiring, and I don't know how much longer I can walk around in this zoot suit, I mean its already bad enough that I am the boyish character of Morning Musume, but I don't know know about this.” Yossi answered snapping the suspenders that hid underneath her bright yellow jacket.

“But you are such a handsome guy Yocchan.” Rika giggled.

“I don't know if I should be offended by that but I guess...thank you” Yossi replied flashing Rika a quick smile.

Rika felt strange.  Her heart skipped a beat, her palms began to moisten and her cheeks heated up a bit, at the sight of Yossi's sparkling smile.  This was the first time that she felt anything like this, especially from just a smile.  Rika swallowed roughly, watching Yossi's face wash over with confusion as the conversation abruptly stopped.

“Uh Rika? Earth to Rika”  Yossi said, waving her hand in front of Rika's face, poking her side playfully with her free hand.

Rika's body shivered under Yossi's playful prods, each touch causing her heart to beat louder and faster.  Yossi took note of Rika's sudden change, a playful smile  finding its way to her lips. 

“Do I excite you Rika? I mean I guess I can understand, I am Mr. Moonlight after all.” Yossi stated proudly, running her fingertips along Rika's bare shoulder.

“Oh don't be silly Yoccahn.” Rika retorted, her voice shaking slightly as she leans over, softly hitting Yossi with her shoulder while giggling. 

“Itai~~” Yossi exaggerated while she rubbed her shoulder, unable to hold back her own laughter.

“Oh aren't we the smooth one Mr. Moonlight. “ Rika said, slipping off of the couch. 

“What can I say, its a gift.” Yossi replied while she brushed some dirt from her pants.

“Well, I guess I will leave you to your rest Yocchan.” Rika cooed, while walking towards the door.

Rika stopped for a moment feeling something tug on her arm, it was Yossi.  Rika looked back and saw a rather serious Yossi looking back at her.  Before Rika could say anything, she felt a rough tug pulling her back.  She fell backwards into Yossi's lap, cradled gently by her firm arms as they caught her.  Rika was caught completely off guard.  Yossi looked down into the the eyes of the girl who she held in her lap.

“ Rika, I have been meaning to tell you something.” Yossi softly whispered.

“What...what is is Yocchan?” Rika squeaked.

“ I have had this strange feeling since I joined...I think...well I think I am in love with you.” Yossi said, while her cheeks blushed.

“What? Well I love you to Yocchan.” Rika replied.

“Rika.. I know you know what I mean.” Yossi barked.

Rika could not say anything.  All this time, Yossi had been in love with her and she could not see it.  Was that what that feeling was whenever they were together?  Love can be a cruel thing. Even though Rika believes in Yossi's convictions, how would others think about it, especially in the public eye.  Rika did not know if it was possible to return such love.  Yossi looked away, disappointment and embarrassment written on her face.

“Ha ha ha, just fooled you Rika, you should of seen the look on your face.” Yossi's quivering voice broke slightly.

Rika was confused, but deep down she knew that Yossi was just trying to be brave. Rika's mind went blank and her body moved under its own accord.  Yossi was surprised, when she was pulled down by her tie, suddenly feeling her lips cushioned by Rika's.  Rika clenched Yossi's tie tightly, , her neck craned upwards feeling the warmth of Yossi's lips.  She knew in that first kiss, that it was love, and she would do anything to keep it.


Rika shook her head, these memory flashes are becoming more and more frequent since she has been here.  Rika looked to the door to see if it was safe for her to emerge from her hiding spot.  After seeing no one in the general area, she hopped out of the bushes and made her way to the door.  Before knocking on the large door, she looked back at the still frozen Risa.  Rika waved her hands in front of the girl's face, poking her cheeks and side every once in a while, she was in quite the daze.

“Wow. Must have been one hell of a kiss.” Rika said out loud.

Rika shrugged and turned her attention back to the door and pounded her fist firmly against the door three times.  After a few moments, Rika grows impatient.

“Why isn't anyone answering the door?” Rika asked herself, beating on the door once again.

Once again, Rika's loud knocks were met with no answer.  Rika pressed her ear against the door, loud voices and sharp crashes can be easily heard through the door. Growing increasingly tired of the outside, Rika invited herself into the house, throwing open the door.  Rika was a bit worried, once again she was in a cloud of smoke, “I hope that caterpillar isn't here.” Rika thought to herself, as she walked deeper into the smoke, her nose burning slightly catching the pungent smell of pepper that laid thick in the air.  Rika sneezed  a few times, catching the attention of the people who were in the kitchen.  Through the smoke Rika can see what seems to be two people, a baby and something else.  One of the shadowy figures opens the kitchen window, the people becoming clear as the smoke blows out of the house.  Rika's jaw dropped to the ground, stunned at the sight of Nakazawa-san, particularly caught off guard by the presence of a baby in her arms.  Rika quickly shot her eyes away from Yuuko, the sight of her and a baby was to much, finding little comfort as she sees Mika stirring a very peppery soup.  Rika threw her hands into the air and fell to her knees, of all the things, this had been the most traumatizing.  Rika buried her head in her hands, hoping to wake up from this strange nightmare.  Rika sat quietly, muttering something under her breathe while something pats her head.  Rika jumps up  and lifts her head from her hands, peering straight into the wide grin of someone familiar. 

“Abe-san!” Rika yelled.

The person only smiled back at Rika, returning to her chair, adjusting the cat ears that adorned the top of her head.

“Oh no, not you too!” Rika said desperately.

No matter how much Rika pleaded with Abe to talk to her, Nacci only smiled back.  Even though slightly disappointed, Rika could feel a small bit a relief while looking at that wide inviting smile.  Rika looked over her shoulder catching the eye of the Yuuko look a like,

“Uhh, may I ask who guys are, and why do you guys have a” Rika asked pointing at Nacci.

“That is no ordinary cat first off, its a Cherise cat, and secondly, who are you to ask who I am in my own house? I am the duchess and this buffoon is my cook, and this little bundle of despair is my baby.”
Yuuko replied sharply. “I am never going to be able to meet the Queen of hearts like this!”

Mika stopped stirring the peppery soup, her ears catching the sudden insult.  Mika began tossing everything and anything within arm reach at the duchess.  Rika was horrified, she staggered to her feet and ran over to Mika, trying to quell her growing anger. 

“Please please, can you mind what you are doing, she has a baby!” Rika cried.

“If everybody minded their own business...the world would go around a great deal faster than it does.” Yuuko chimed.

Rika looked at Yuuko, a bit confused at her statement, and began asking her about what she meant. No matter how much Yuuko replied, Rika continued to be confused.  After a few exchanged, Yuuko was fed up and hurled the baby she was holding at Rika.

“You can take care of the baby, since you seem so interested in my affairs, and I have to get ready to meet with the Queen anyways.” Yuuko huffed.

Rika hurried out the door, sensing that the cook and duchess would kill it if it had stayed with those two.  Rika cradled the delicate baby in her arms, her body still shivering with horror from the callous actions of the duchess towards her own child.  Rika looked down to look upon the young one's face, her motherly smile fading to sheer disgust.  “Had Yuuko really been carrying a pig this entire time?”  Rika thought to herself struggling to keep the kicking pig under control.  The pig suddenly broke free from her grasp and ran into the forest, its high pitched squeals fading as it runs deeper into the forest. 

“Well I guess Yuuko and a baby is just TO wild of an idea, even in this place.” Rika muttered chuckling to herself. 

“My my mai~~ aren't we the little comedian” A mysterious voice purred.

Rika whipped her head from side to side, attempting to find the source of the voice, before looking up.  Rika stepped a few feet back, rubbing her eyes, while watching a grinning Nacci sitting on a branch, kicking her feet, playing with her fake cat ears. 

“Uh Ab...Miss Chesire Cat ma'am, can you help me?” Rika asked.

“Well that depends~ on the question miss.” Abe cooed.

“Where should I go next?”

“Wherrre~ do you want to go?”

“I don't care where I go I just want to go somewhere.”

“Well if you keep walking, you'll get somwherrre eventually” 

 Rika was getting nowhere fast.  Rika decided that she will go with another tactic.

“Okay miss cat, what kind of people live around these parts?” Rika questioned.

“Well~, the mad hatter lives in that direction and the march hare in that direction, both are to say the very least, mad!” Abe replied.

“Well I wouldn't want to go near anyone who is mad.” Rika concluded.

“Well we are all mad here, even you are, or else you wouldn't of come~. Oh will you be joining the Queen in croquet?” Abe retorted.

Before Rika could answer, Abe vanished from the tree.  Rika jumped up feeling a finger run across the back of her neck. She whipped around quickly, facing the wide grin of Abe once again.

“What became of the baby anywayss~” Abe asked.

“ kinda was became...a pig.” Rika answered.

“Ah...I should of guessed.” Abe whispered fading once again into thin air.

Rika tries to decide whether it would be better to visit the Mad Hatter or the March Hare. She figures that the March Hare might not be completely mad since the month is May and not March. Abe reappears again to ask whether Rika had said "pig" or "fig". Rika expresses her annoyance at the Abe's tendency to disappear and reappear so suddenly. So this time Abe vanishes slowly, beginning with her tail and ending with his grin, which lingers for a while after the rest of her has disappeared.  Rika walked in the direction of the March Hare's house, stumbling onto a rabbit-head shaped house after a few moments.  The house looked a bit to big for her, again she had to change her size.  Rika desperately rifled through her pocket pulling out a small chunk of mushroom. Thankfully she remembered to keep some handy just in case.  She took a small bite and grew two feet tall. Rika walked towards the house, no doubt another crazy adventure waiting for her.

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woo~~ takagaki~~~

... hmm... mr. moonlight is where it began, eh?

well... you know IshiYoshiness is my primary concern here... aggressive Rika, pull in a kisser by the tie... i should wear my favorite tie all the time just in case i see her walking around somewhere :lol: ...

the rika-charmy debate here is the best one ever!!! RIKA WINS AGAIN!!!!

awesome fic here, keep at it!

thanks for the update!
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Oooh, sexy Takagaki and sexy Ishiyoshi!!! :drool: Rika beat Charmy!! Cuz we all know Takagaki is :mon bleed2: Shoulda known the Cheshire Cat was Abe!! It's the smile! :grin:  :mon lmao: at Yuko and the pig baby!!!
This was an amusing chapter!! :mon thumb:
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I wanted to start the Ishiyoshi beginning before Mr. Moonlight but Mr.moonlight is my favorite MoMusu song/ Yossi moment so I decided to start there.

Thanx for all the feed back and so quickly too
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Don't worry about sticking to a set schedule for updating. If you do you'll end up posting updates that you might not be fully proud of and/or that could be a bit better if you gave it time.  Frequency is nice, but quality is better (and it's more appreciated in the long run). :thumbsup

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Love Charmy vs. Rika
*this time both are perverts XD* 

Hmm...who is the queen of heart   :mon dunno:
I kinda think that it is Miki   :mon determined:
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^is there any other candidate for the queen of hearts? :lol:
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 :lol:   great update!

So Abe's the cat, ey?  very interesting.... So that was who Maki was grouching about in the earlier chapter... :hehehe:

I loved the ishiyoshi scene, it seemed so 'in place' like this is something they could of really done back least I can dream, right?  :wriggly:

The craziness of Alice in Wonderland is even more fun when you sub hp girls into the mix!

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you're story's verry good... no good's not the word... it's SPECTACULARLY GREAT! XD please contiue writing!
also,are you going to put tweedle dumb and tweetledee???(i have an image that they'er aibon and nono XD)
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Yeah I am planning to write the charmy, through the looking glass after I am done with this story

anyways guys I just posted to say dont worry the next chapter will be coming within the next few days, I have been having a serious bout with writers block and one thing led to another but I will continue writing, thank you for all the support guys

<3 all  :pandaaa:
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First off I would like to say sorry for the very late update.  There were some things and some stuff that made me unable to work on this story. But I am happy to report that everything is sorted out and I plan (hopefully) to update at least once a week. well anyways I hope I did not lose to many readers. 

Thank you so much for all those who have spported this one guys silly whim of a fanfic.  :pandaaa:

Chapter 7. The Mad and the Many

The crash of porcelain cups and plates filled Rika's ears as she neared the giant rabbit-head.  Rika was a bit worried, so far she hasn't had the best experience in this strange place, and this was not shaping out to be any better.  She crept slowly, carefully stepping over sharp pieces of dishes and teacups that seemed to have been smashed against the ground.  Rika stealthily maneuvered through the bushes, spreading a few branches apart, peering into the open yard in front of the rabbit-head house.  Rika's sense of caution was thrown out when she caught sight of the beautiful tea set that sat atop a long wooden table. Rika was never the one to pass up admiring cute things.  Being the ever curious connoisseur of cuteness, Rika popped her head out from behind the bush and surveyed the vast patio.  For the most part the area was empty besides three very animated figures that lay off in the distance.  Rika had decided that the direct approach would be better than sneaking around, who knows what else this crazy place has in store for her.  Rika slipped her hands through the small bushes and stepped through, while parting them with her hands.  With a little hop, she planted herself firmly on the cobblestone that made up the patio area. 

“Oh! How cute!” Rika squeaked.

Rika was overcome with giddiness, everything was just cute.  Rika could only smile, as she made her way down the long wooden table.  The jaded girl ran her fingers across the tabletop, her fingertips effortlessly gliding across the fabric, oh how Rika loved satin.  Rika snapped back to attention, even though the satin was so enticing, she was determined to get a better look at the tea set that she saw earlier.  As Rika trekked closer and closer to the shadowy figures, she could not help but  notice the large number of place settings  and different tea sets.

“I wonder if they are gonna have a huge party or something.” Rika inquired to no one in particular.

Even though her eyes caught many fetching tea sets, they pale in comparison to the one that had burned itself into her memory.  While the distance between the two parties quickly collapsed, Rika felt something tug at her senses, something wonderful.  No more than a few seats down from the three strangers that sat at the other end of the table, Rika turned to the side and looked down into one of the many teacups.  The steaming amber liquid that filled the cup glimmered in Rika's eyes, the subtle bouquet of the tea filled her nostrils.  How could anyone resist such an inviting cup of tea.  Before Rika  could taste the enticing liquid, she jumped back at the sudden crash of an airborne biscuit.

“Hey! Table is full Missy” A mysterious voice yelled. 

Rika looked from left to right, not a single chair occupied, outside of those at the end.  Rika had become a bit annoyed at the sudden interruption of her tea.  She marched towards the end of the table, her furious footsteps fell quiet when her assailants came into her view.  She should not have been surprised, who else would callously throw a biscuit and ruin her tea, a yanki and her supposed rival in cuteness. 

“Gah! When will this stop! When will these people stop looking like people I know!” Rika huffed.

“Ahem! Excuse me madam, for one I am not a person, I am the March Hare. See the ears?” Michishige retorted while pointing to the bunny ears that sat atop her head.             

“Okay thats enough! These are fake! Just because you wear bunny ears does not make you some kind of rabbit.” Rika shouted, snatching the ears off of the smaller girls head.

“Hey! Those are mine~! How rude!” Michishige squeaked, ripping the ears out of Rika's hands and slipping them back onto her head.

“ShhHhHh! Cant you see the Dormouse is sleeping.” The yanki interrupted.

Rika looked down at the sleeping girl that rested her head on the table.  Rika leaned in and narrowed her eyes, this “dormouse” looked oddly a lot like little Saki, the Berryz Koubou captain, but with mouse ears.  Even though adorable, all of these fake animal ears were starting to grind away at Rika's patience. She shot up and marched over to the wonky-eyed girl who was wearing a rather large top hat.

“And what kind of animal are you?” Rika asked, lifting the hat off of the girl's head.

“Hey you better put that back down if you know whats good for ya'. I ain't no animal.” the hatter exclaimed, wrapping her hands around Rika's shirt collar.

Rika quickly dropped the hat back onto the wonky-eyed girl's head.

“A yanki through and through I see.” Rika muttered under her breath.

“If I was a yankee I would not be wearing this hat, I would be wearing this one.” the young girl said, replacing the top-hat with one covered in stars and striped.  “But that is besides the point.” she stated, knocking the patriotic hat off of her head. 

Rika blinked. “Are you crazy?” Rika asked

“Not crazy, just mad.” the girl replied, slipping the top hat back onto her head.

  “Anyways, why did you throw that biscuit at me Rein...uhh miss hatter.” Rika inquired.

“Well three things. First off, my name is not Rein..uhh miss hatter, just call me the Mad Hatter.  And lastly I threw the biscuit at you cause, as you can see the table is already full and we just do not have any tea to spare.” the young hatter explained, tilting the hat on her head, sipping softly on the tea. 

“That was only two things, and how is it full, there are so many empty seats and there are only three of you so no matter what you say, I am going to sit down. And might I add that your tone is a little rude. “ Rika huffed, plopping down into a chair.

“Well, talking about rude, is it not rude to sit down uninvited at a random strangers table?” the hatter replied.

Before Rika could answer, Reina interrupted her thought “ Hey, do you know why a raven is like a writing desk miss?” Reina asked.

Having heard this riddle before, “I think I can guess the answer.” Rika replied graciously.

“What do you mean? You should say what you mean.” Reina snapped.

“What I mean? What I mean is what I say, since its the same thing.” Rika retorted.

“No no no no, no wonder your crazy.  They cant be the same, its like seeing what one eats is not the same as eating what one sees.  See?  Even though you use the same words its not the same.

“Wait what does that even mea...” Rika stammered.”Hey do you know what day of the month it is?” Reina interrupted.

“The thirteenth.” Rika replied.

“Really? This thing is two days slow. Piece of junk.” Reina sighed shaking the watch in her hand.

“Hey March Hare!” Reina yelled, flicking the brim of her top hat.

“Yes~?” Michishige answered.

“I don't think butter was the best thing for this watch.” She said popping open the back of the watch.

“How was I supposed to know? What do I know about fixing watches? I am just a hare.” Michishige explained. 

Rika looked over the hatters shoulder and noticed something strange about the watch.  It only told the day of the month but not the time.

“Why is your watch so stranger miss mad hatter?” Rika asked.

“What so strange about it, it is perfectly normal.” Reina answered.

“How can it be normal if it does not tell time.: Rika inquired.

“It is normal because neither my watch or your watch tells what year it is.” Reina smirked.

“Right.” Rika replied. 

“Anyways, did you guess at the riddle yet Missy?” Reina asked, waving her hands in front of the very lost looking Rika.

“What? Oh yeah. Well its so obvious, a raven is like a writing desk in...I have no idea.” Rika confessed.

“Its okay! We do not know how a raven is like a writing desk either.” the hare and the hatter said together.

“WHY ASK RIDDLES THAT YOU DONT KNOW THE ANSWER TO?” Rika shrieked , throwing her hands up in the air.

“This is such a waste of time.” Rika sighed resting her left hand on her hip, her right hand firmly planted against her forehead.

“You should try your best to stay on time's good side.” Reina exclaimed.

“What are you talking about Reina?” Rika asked.

“For the last time, its The Mad Hatter not Reina! Anyways, one time I got in a fight with time when I was singing in a concert for the Queen of Hearts. Lets just say that time won. I had to sing 'Twinkle Twinkle little bat/ I wonder where you at' I thought it was good, but the queen thought otherwise.  She howled that I was murdering time and ever since then it has been six o' clock for me-- that is, its always tea time.” Reina's voice trailed off by the end of her sentence, her eyes glimmering with a small bit of sadness.

“This is so boring! You silly girl, tell us a story” Michishige yelled.

“Well I don't know any stories off the top of my head.” the taller girl answered.

Michishige and Reina looked at each other.  After a few tense moments, the two girls fixed their gaze on Rika.  Rika felt uneasy at the two intense set of eyes that stared her down. 

“You know what this means right Hare?” the wonky-eyed girl questioned, her lips curling into a devilish smile.

“Of course I do.” the Hare answered, a similar mischievous grin plastered on her lips.

Before Rika could do anything, she watched the two girls pounce. 

“Hey~ Dormouse. Tell us a story!” The two shouted into the Dormouse's ear as they rock her back and forth. 

Little mousy Saki waved her hands, shooing away the bothersome girls, before falling back asleep. 

“Boo on you Dormouse.  Do you want anymore tea Missy?” Michishige asked, reaching for one of the teapots.

“I have not had any yet, I can not have any more.” Rika huffed.

“You mean you cant take any less, because its very easy to take more of nothing.” Reina interjected. “Man all this talk about tea is making me thirsty, everyone move down so I can have a fresh clean cup of tea!” the girl shouted, shoving the other girls down a seat.

With a hefty push, Reina managed to slide Saki's chair down a spot.  Saki's chair comes to a crashing halt when her chair collides with Michishige's.  Not even batting an eyelash, the Hare is sent hurling towards the last girl who had been distracted by the sudden chaos.  Rika is thrown from her chair, sending her crashing towards the hard floor.  Rika lays still for a moment, maybe if she stays still, this nightmare will be over.  No matter how hard she wished, she felt the sting of the stone against her skin.   Rika staggered to her feet and brushed off some dirt that had found its way onto her clothes.  She could not form the words that expressed her utter disgust with the three rude girls.  Rika stalks away from the table, whispering softly a string of swears.  Rika marched into the forest, led by nothing but pure rage.  After a few minutes of stomping, Rika stood still, she had lost track of the trail and now looked around hoping to find something besides trees and dirt.  While looking for the trail, Rika stumbled upon a door .
“Now this just is not normal, why is there a door in the middle of the forest, let alone in the middle of a tree.” Rika muttered to herself.   

What do I have to lose” Rika thought to herself as she opened the door.  Rika took a deep breath, with closed eyes she jumped into the open door.  Having felt no sudden drop, Rika slowly opened her eyes.  Expecting some kind of crazy parade, instead she was met with the familiar setting of the long hallway with the glass table.  Having learned her lesson from earlier, she saunters over to the glass table and picks up the golden key.  She kneels down and unlocks the door.  Reaching into her pocket she pulls out the last bit of the mushroom she had taken from the caterpillar and nibbles on it. Her excitement grows as her height shrinks.  When she reaches her final height of no more than a foot, she frantically dashes toward the beautiful garden.   

Again I apologize for the late update, and thank you again for supporting this fic
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First off I would like to thank all the people who liked my Tagaki fic.  Everyone here is awesome and I am glad that this was the first forumn I became active in.

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Hope you enjoy.  :pandaaa:

Ch 8. Garden Games

The worries that had plagued her mind were forgotten, feeling the warm breeze kiss her bare skin.  Everything about this garden was perfect. From each perfectly manicured blade of grass to the soft touch of the blue sky, nothing but shear perfection.  Even though Rika was over brimming with excitement, she made sure to take her time, she would not want to miss a single piece of beauty that this garden had to offer.  No more than a few feet from the open door laid a grand rose bush which bore white rose blossoms on its delicate branches.  Rika skipped over to the bush her senses wrapped in the sight and fragrance of each glamorous rose.  As Rika gazed upon each lovely blossom, Rika felt something splash against her cheek.  Rika quickly swiped at her cheek, confusion once again grabbing her attention at the sight of deep red.  Rika swiped at her cheek again, nope, not blood.  Rika pinched the substance between her fingers.

“This feels...this feels like paint.”

Rika continued to stare at the paint slowly drip off of her fingers, stepping back a bit watching it splatter against the soft grass.  A step became a hop when then tiny spot became a puddle of red.  Rika slipped her fingers into the rose push, a small smile on her lips feeling the soft touch of the blossoms against her slender fingers.  Rika peeked her head from behind the rather tall bush, freezing when catching eye to eye with someone.  Her body had become paralyzed with surprise, after a few moments of stillness she jumped back ripping her fingers from the bush, a small drop of blood spilling into the air, as a thorn catches the tip of her finger.  Rika's bottom met the soft ground with a rather harsh thud, the surprised girl clutching at the ground to stop her rolling.  Rika clamored on all fours,her arms and legs aching after grinding against the ground.  Rika bounced up brushing away the dirt before slipping the wounded finger into her mouth.  Rika looked over to the bushes trying to identify the woman who had surprised her. To her amazement she found not one, but three woman peering over the rose bush.  The three woman emerged from behind the bush, each one equipped with a heavy can of paint and a brush.  It suddenly hit Rika, the small nagging feeling that she felt in her mind finally came to a screeching halt.  Aya Ishiguro, Asuka Fukuda, and Sayaka Ichii, thats who these people look like.  Even though they were before her time, Rika had seen many promotional pictures and recordings of her predecessors.  Before Rika could bow,the three woman beat her to it, their knees bend deeply greeting Rika with a low bow.  The three older woman stood up and quickly turned, the delicate bristles of their brushes washing red over the fragile petals of each neutral blossom. 

“Um excuse me, may I ask why you three are painting those roses?” Rika inquired.

“This was supposed to be a red rose bush, not a white one. We are painting them red so the queen will let us keep our heads.” the three replied in unison.

“Keep your heads? What are you guys talking about?” Rika huffed. 

Asuka looked over her shoulder, “Well you see, the queen is a very temperamental person who...” she suddenly became silent.

“Who...” Rika mimicked.

Before the three could reply, they dove to the ground, the loud clang of the metal cans crashing against the ground ringing in Rika's ears, while deep red bled over the bright green grass.  Rika stepped away from the pool of crimson and quickly surveyed the grounds, catching the grand parade which entered from the far wall. “This must be the queen! Only a queen would get an entrance like that!” Rika thought to herself, giddy with delight at the oncoming parade.  As expected there was a large entourage that proceeded the entrance of the queen.  Rika decided to take a seat on the ground, no doubt there will be a large number of familiar faces amongst the numerous strangers.  Rika  firmly gripped the grass, her fingers mindlessly tugging on the blades of grass as she watched the parade.  From the far wall she could hear the clang of the armored soldiers that marched towards her.  Melon Kinenbi, T&C Bomber, Danielle, Lehua and Ayaka of Coconuts Musume made up the 10 heavily armed soldiers.  The ten woman march forward, each of them clenching the clubs that hung at their sides.  Behind the stoic guards, the cheerful laughter of children could be heard.  Rika narrowed her eyes, looking past the ten soldiers, catching a glimpse of children that flooded the garden.  Every one of the ten kids was decorated with hearts.  Rika shook her head slightly, she thought she had seen the last of Berryz and C-ute, no such luck.  As the parade progressed Rika grew more and more anxious, of all the girls she has seen, she had not yet met her.  There was a break in the parade after a number of crowned H!P eggs made their way into the garden.  Rika hung her head, she knew that hoping against hope would only lead to disappointment.  Something told Rika to cast her attention back to the parade.  Rika took a deep breath, a slight sigh escaping her lips as a familiar voice echoes from the dark opening.  Rika could feel a smile creep onto her lips, even though they had their troubles in the past, Rika could not help but adore the undeniable cuteness of the “White Rabbit”.  The small woman bounced out from the dark opening, her legs kicked wildly in the air, her sweet smile turning into a look of concern as her ears slip off of her head.  The ears that Rika had retrieved for the bunny, snapped as the tiny woman landed on them.  The White Rabbit stood still for a moment, her eyes fixed upon the shattered set of ears that laid at her feet.  Rika's heart sank as she watched the little woman sniff wildly, seeing the glimmer of tears in the corners of her eyes.  As quickly as the tears came, they went as Yaguchi slipped on a spare set of ears that she had brought with her.  The small woman adjusted the ears and winked playfully to no one in particular before bouncing away.  Rika blinked, “Even here, she is still just as crazy as ever.” she thought to herself as she chuckled.  Rika's chuckle stopped as the sounds of trumpets filled the garden.  Rika focused on the opening in the wall, no doubt the queen will soon make her arrival.  In the distance, a shadowy figure made its way toward the light.  Rika's arms fell to her side, if the ground was not there to hold her she would of fallen, how her weary eyes longed to see her again. 

The long blades of grass creaked as the woman stepped into the garden.  Rika could feel her body shake, even though she knew that it was not Yossi, the mere shadow of her love quelled every doubt, every trouble that she had.  The handsome girl stood at the entrance of the garden, adjusting the crown that sat atop her head.  The taller girl yawned momentarily, the warmth of the garden usually having that affect on her, her eyes darting back and forth between the parade participants.  Before her first step fell the mysterious woman stumbled back a few steps, crashing against the nearby wall.  She looked down, only to find a set of arms wrapped tightly around her waist, as an unusually pink-clad girl nuzzles her head against her chest.  Warmth rushed into the taller girl's cheek, this was the first time she had received this kind of greeting, even with the queen of hearts and her “friendly” personality.  A stifled cough came from the taller girl as she regained her composure.  The girl wrenched out of Rika's grips, Rika's footing becoming unstable as a pair of hands violently push themselves against her shoulders.  Rika tumbles backwards roughly meeting the ground once more, looking up with teary eyes as her assailant nears the downed girl.  Rika could feel the tears in her eyes as the taller girl leaned over her. 

“Your in the way! Move aside for the King and Queen of Hearts!” The taller girl barked viciously before stomping away.

Rika sat still, the sharp tone of each cold word cutting through her, one thought racing through her mind,“Why would she shove me?!? Why would my Yocchan hurt me like this?


“I am sorry Rika, I kinda already promised some of the girls that we would go out for dinner after work.” Yossi apologetically stated.

“Really? Well thats okay since I did just kinda surprised you with this request. Which of the girls are you going out with?” Rika whispered while taking a deep breath, the sweet aroma of Yossi flirting with her senses. 

“Uhh...Reena, Sayumi, Miki, Eri, Risa, and Takahashi.” Yossi said anxiously.

“Reena, Sayumi, Eri, Risa, Takahashi, and WHO?” Rika barked shooting a piercing glare at Yossi.
Unable to meet Rika's burning eyes, she looked to her right out the window and sighed “Miki Fujimoto.”

Rika released Yossi and pushed against he chest trying to fight her way out of Yossi's grips.

“Fujimoto? Why is it always Fujimoto? Shes trying to take you away from me! Why can't you see that?” Rika shouted.

Rika fell silent,  her words ceased and her body froze, her eyes fixated only on Yossi.  The loud boom of Yossi's fist against the wall startled the older girl, the gentle creaking of the door as Yossi's fist trembled gently against it. 

“What is your problem Rika? Why don't you trust me? I love only you! How many times do I have to tell you that?” Yossi stammered, the words coming out awkwardly as her voice trembled slightly.

“I do trust you and I know that you love me, its that Fujimoto that I don't trust.” Rika exclaimed.

“I cant just stop hanging out with her because of your jealousy Rika, all I can say is that I love you and I would never betray that, but... shes a good friend and I wont be forced into choosing between my friends and my relationship.”

The air hung heavy with anxiety, both girls stood silent unable to look at one another.  The silence came to a screeching halt, shattered by the sharp sound of paper fluttering in the air.  A very confused Yossi looked up only to meet Rika's script, the snap of the script against her cheek forced Yossi to stagger back a few steps into the hallway, the sharp sting on her cheek was nothing in comparison to the pain in her heart.  Rika stood frozen, her arm stretched forward, her fingertips parted, a stream of tears rolling down her cheek.  Rika fell to her knees, her hand cupped over her mouth in a futile attempt to hold back her whimpers, after the loud crash of the slamming door.  Rika could only cry, the sounds of Yossi's footsteps slowly fading in the distance, each muffled step pricking at Rika's heart.


“I guess after treating her like that, and not trusting her, I can understand why she would do that.” Rika mumbled to herself.

Rika stood up and wiped away the tears that fell from her eyes.

“No! My Yocchan would never hurt me! Well not on purpose at least.” Rika exclaimed, gently patting her hands against her cheeks , “ I have to find a way back to my world, a way back to MY Yocchan.”

Even though the goal was clear, meeting the goal will be a difficult task. Rika did not even know where to start, this place made no sense, Rika could feel her hopelessness and frustration consumed her.  Rika's ears perked at the familiar sounds of trumpets, though this time they were accompanied by the furious beat of drums.  Rika stood up and leaned against the wall.  From the darkness emerged the King and Queen of Hearts.  Rika felt her body collapse as her knees gave way, her fingernails clawing at the wall that supported her, of all the people to be Queen, Rika should of known.  Rika took a few moments and regained her composure.  Rika pushed off the wall and slowly made her way towards the King and Queen.  Even in this world, that woman turned her beloved against her her, no matter where she goes, Miki Fujimoto will always stand in the way.  Rika clenched her first, her frustration taking on the face of rage as she inched closer to the Queen.  Rika will no longer stand for Miki's interference, no matter what Rika will fight for her Yocchan, be it the real Miki or not. 

As Rika neared the parade, her mind was flooded with nothing but thoughts of anger.

Charmy: “Hm...okay do we have everything we need?

Rika: “What are you talking about Charmy?

Charmy: “Rage, frustration, Rika...yeah the gang is all here.  Didn't we tell you Rika, its Fujimoto             
                   stomping time.

           CRAZY CHARMY?!?!

Charmy: “ No need to shout Rika.  Besides I thought you would be all for it.

Rika:  “Why would I be? Aren't you supposed to be the level headed one anyways Charmy? This is
            rather uncharacteristic of you.

Charmy reaches into a box and pulled out a rather large poster of Yossi. 

Charmy:  “Ahem.  Do I have to say more?

Rika:  “Dammit! I see your point Charmy.

Charmy:  “So are we in agreement then?

Rika squeezed her fist together, the hollow crunch of cracked knuckles echoing in her empty mind.

Rika: “This time.

Before the two personas could carry out their plan, the two cried out in pain feeling a hefty paper fan swat the tops of their heads.  From the poster that Charmy held, the image of Yossi leaned out from the poster, her hand raised clenching the paper fan. Smack.  Charmy and Rika fell back, their hands gripping at their throbbing heads.  Rika and Charmy looked at each other then to the poster.  The poster stood up, Rika and Charmy backing away as it inched closer to them.  The Yossi on the poster stepped out from the poster and loomed over the two girls.

Yossi:  “Okay. Now I am flattered that you would be willing to fight over me but this has to end. There          
                is nothing between us. Really. And I think she would kill you guys

Rika:  “Who cares!  Don't try to stop us Yocchan, this has to happen.

Charmy:  “This is all for the sake of our love.

Yossi:   “Thats all really sweet, but if you guys would take a closer look at things, you will see why you              
                 don't have to fight her.

The paper fan that Yossi had been wielding fell to the ground, draping her arm over each girl, she pulled them close to her, pressing her lips to each of their wounds.

Yossi:   “Okay girls, just watch.

Rika and Charmy looked at their Yocchan, a familiar heat racing to their faces as they gaze upon her handsome face.  Listening to her, Rika and Charmy observed the situation closer, both girls gasping as Yossi chuckles.

Rika:  “Oh

Charmy:  “my

Rika:  “god!

Charmy:  “Really?

Yossi: “Explains some things doesn't it.
Rika's mind was ripped from the clouds at the sight of the king and queen.  Rika's mouth hung open, as she watched THE Fujimoto blush and giggle like a schoolgirl, as her king's lips press against the back of her hand.  Rika could see the rosy tint on the Queens fare cheek, she shut her eyes tight and quickly opened them, nope not a dream.  Rika was dumb founded, what should she do? She could only watch as the Queen's excitement grew with each playful kiss, and teasing touch from her King.  As shocking as the meek Miki was, Rika found the identity of her King more strange. Who would of thought she was this aggressive, this daring in public. Even though in the back of her mind she knew this was not her world, Rika noticed how quickly the two became intimately close friends at time she would see Yossi and her in their eyes.

“Wait...maybe...she was never after Yossi.  Aya...Miki, it seems right.  That means all this time I have been worried...” her lips became motionless in the light of her overwhelming sense of stupidity and embarrassment. “ over nothing. They were just friends. Oh goodness, do I owe some people a lot of apologies.”

As Rika quietly reflected to herself, the Queen of Hearts made her way to the strange girl and watched her intently.  As Rika paused between thoughts, her eyes caught the familiar piercing gaze of Miki.

“Who are you?” the Queen shrieked.

“Well I am Rika Ishikawa, nice to make your acquaintance.” She answered cautiously.

“Okay you are Rika, but who are they?” The queen snapped, pointing at the three gardeners who laid flatly against the ground.

“Well I don't know who they are because I can't answer for them, its not my affair so I can not meddle in it.” Rika retorted.

The queen's mild curiosity quickly changed into anger as the difficult girl refuses to answer.  The queen stomped around Rika, the confused girl catching sounds of swears and threats under the fearsome Queens breath.  After a few moments, the Queen paused her thrashing, her head slowly turning towards Rika, her gaze once again piercing, throwing her right hand into the air.

“OFF WITH HER HEAD!” The queen shouted.

Rika stomped her foot against the ground at the outrageous command that the Queen had bestowed.

“This is ridiculous!” Rika firmly stated.

Aya walked over to her livid queen, what to do in this kind of situation? Aya quickly brainstormed coming to only one possible answer.  Aya wrapped her arms around Miki, her left arm draped across Miki's collar while the other wrapped around her bare waist.  The noble king, traced a small trail along the bare shoulders of her queen with her soft lips, each gentle kiss met with a soft touch.  Aya playfully ran the tips of her fingers across Miki's other shoulder, a small smile creeping to the king's lips feeling the queen shutter abruptly under her touch.  Aya masterfully slipped her right hand underneath the Queen's shirt, her warm hand gliding across the Queens trim waistline, teasingly tracing the lines of her hips. Rika's cheeks became warm watching the King's attempt in quelling the anger that brewed inside the queen.  The queens loud barks softened to whimpers under her kings touch, each word escaping as a mere whisper, every touch charging her body with excitement.  The queen tried as hard as she could, but no one knew her as well as her King.  Miki regrettable pulled away form her king, coughing into a clenched fist before regaining her composure.  The queen shot a look over her shoulder, the King jumping slightly at the sudden glare. 

“Fine. I don't care about you anymore! YOU THREE! What were you doing with my rose bushes?” The queen bellowed.

Before the three could answer, the Queen cut them off, “Bored now. Off with their heads!” Miki ordered.

The three gardeners began to weep, each one holding the other awaiting their unjust desserts.  The queen turned around and made her a to the soldiers to arrange their fate.  As the queen focused elsewhere, Rika motioned for the three to hide. Each of the gardeners quickly crawled into the large rose bush, luckily there was a large hollow opening in the center of the rose bush.  Rika stood in amazement as the three disappeared into the thick bush, carefully watching the conversation between the Queen and her soldiers.

“Are the offender's heads gone?”The queen asked one of her soldiers.

One of the soldiers pushed the bridge of her glasses until they sat comfortable on her nose.  She peered over the Queen's shoulder watching as the three gardeners crawl into the bush.

“Yes. The offenders heads are no longer there my Queen.”  the soldier enthusiastically reported.

The pleased queen turned around and focused her attention back onto the strange girl.  Miki circled Rika leaning over Rika's shoulder as she stands behind her.

“Do you happen to play croquet?” The queen inquired.

Rika nodded. As soon as she answered the queen, the entire parade marched towards what she later found out to be the croquet ground.  Rika hesitantly followed the parade, catching small flashes of white out of the corner of her eye.  Rika looked to her side her head  bobbing, following the playful skipping of Bunny-Yaguchi.  The small bunny ran her fingers against the back of her ears, a small pout on her lips every time she had to adjust the falling ears.

“Um...Miss Bunny, I thought Yu...I mean the Duchess was going to play croquet with the queen today.”   Rika correctly stated.

“Well you see Mary Ann, she WAS going to play croquet but the Duchess boxed the Queen's ear and lets just say that is not the best way to keep a head in the game if you know what I mean.” She replied.

“You mean...” Rika questioned.

“Yup.” Yaguchi answered happily, running the tip of her index finger across her neck.

Rika wrapped her hands around her neck, hoping she would not follow the same fate as that ill tempered woman.  Rika's eyes swayed back to the Knave of Hearts, even though she knew that she was not Yossi, Rika yearned to be close to the her.  As she continued to stare, Rika's foot caught on something, her feet tripping over themselves sending her on a familiar trip towards the ground.  Rika sat up quickly and looked around on the ground, her eye twitching a bit as a hedgehog rolls away from where she tripped. As she reached forward to try and catch the offender, she snapped her hand back quickly as a pink flamingo walks between them. Rika froze, the only thing to move were her eyes which followed the strange bird's strut across the grounds.  Rika noticed something, this was possibly the most bizarre croquet setup she had ever seen. Some of the H!P eggs bent down making the wickets for the croquet, which were later explained to be one in the same as the hedgehogs that Rika tripped over. 

“Wont the mallets hurt the hedgehogs?” Rika inquired.

“Well most of the time these mallets miss, so not really.” The queen replied, wrapping her hands around the slender legs of one flamingo. 

Not wanting to endure the wrath of the Queen, followed suit, reaching for one of the flamingos. This version of croquet turns out to be extraordinarily difficult, since the hedgehogs refuse to stay curled in ball form and the flamingos, who seem utterly confused by the whole game, are even less easily managed than the hedgehogs. To make matters even more confusing for Rika, everyone plays at once without waiting for his or her turn. Soon the Queen becomes frustrated and furious and issues almost constant orders for somebody's head to be chopped off. This begins to make Alice rather uneasy so she decides it would probably be best to sneak away before the Queen gets angry with her.  As Rika crept away from the chaos that inhabited the grounds, Rika stopped dead in her tracks hearing a very familiar purr.  Rika looked up watching the feint image of a smile appear. 

“Hello there RrRrRika...~” The mouth purred.

Before Rika could answer, the rather strange sight of Abe's hovering head momentarily stunned Rika.

“Abe-san this place is awful, and that Queen is just awful.  And what is with that silly croquet game, are there even rules? Even if there was, I don't think anyone would follow them!” Rika shouted to the hovering head.

Her words of slander quickly changed to words of praise as she catches sight of the queen from the corner of her eye. 
“Who might this floating head be? I do not like the looks of it, one should always watch out for hovering heads.  Remove it from my sight.” Aya demanded resting her chin on Rika's shoulder.

Rika jumped up at the sudden appearance of the king. 

“YOU! Hovering head thing, you offend my king! You must be punished, off with your head.” The queen proclaimed. 

A crowd formed around the hovering head, each person wondering whether or not a head could be beheaded, since there is no body to begin with.   It falls to Rika to settle the dispute, and she decides that, since it is the Duchess' cat, the Duchess would be the one to ask. Before the Duchess can be fetched from prison, the head disappears entirely and the crowd, with nothing better to do, returns to the croquet game.

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Charmy: “Rage, frustration, Rika...yeah the gang is all here.  Didn't we tell you Rika, its Fujimoto             
                   stomping time. ”
:on lol: :on lol: :on lol:

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haha finally yossie came out
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and yossui!!!!


and everybody!!!!


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hahaha! awesome! this image of Nacchi as the cheshire cat is stuck in my head..  :lol: GAM the king and queen.. so suits them..  :D
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and yossui!!!!


and everybody!!!!


thanks for that update! <3

Sorry for not posting a happy birthday on your thread! I hope this makes up for it.  :pandaaa:
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I knew it ! Miki is the queen of heart  :bingo:

Aya wrapped her arms around Miki, her left arm draped across Miki's collar while the other wrapped around her bare waist.  The noble king, traced a small trail along the bare shoulders of her queen with her soft lips, each gentle kiss met with a soft touch.  Aya playfully ran the tips of her fingers across Miki's other shoulder, a small smile creeping to the king's lips feeling the queen shutter abruptly under her touch.  Aya masterfully slipped her right hand underneath the Queen's shirt, her warm hand gliding across the Queens trim waistline, teasingly tracing the lines of her hips. Rika's cheeks became warm watching the King's attempt in quelling the anger that brewed inside the queen.  The queens loud barks softened to whimpers under her kings touch, each word escaping as a mere whisper, every touch charging her body with excitement. bold aya the king of hearts   :wahaha: :ondick:

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wow, such as nice story!
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Hello everyone.  I have been thinking about this for some time and I am here to say that Charmy in Wonderland is going to go on hiatus for a little bit of time. Now I know this might be sudden but I have been feeling something lacking in my writing recently and I do not wish to disappoint so hopefully something will come by to inspire me to write more Charmy in wonderland. 

Thank you everyone for all your support thus far. It has been truly inspiring for a novice writer like myself.  :farofflook: :pandaaa:
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All I have to say is that Hangry and Angry = Charmy in wonderland revival. :pandaaa:

Ch 9.  Better than a sweater

“OKAY! Enough with these stupid flamingos!” Rika screamed as she hurled her squawking mallet towards the ground.

“Oh no! What have I done?!?”

“What is going on over there Mary Ann?” Yaguchi yelled, bouncing her way towards Rika.

“Well you see miss Bunny, I think I might of hurt the flamingo.” Rika whispered hanging her head in shame.

“I was trying to hit the hedgehog, but the flamingo kept fidgeting and screeching in my ear.  I got a little frustrated and threw the bird on the ground.”

“And?” Yaguchi probed.

“And what? I think the bird might be seriously hurt.” Rika snapped.

“Oh don't worry about that Mary Ann. You would be surprised at how many people get frustrated and throw the mallets down,” Yaguchi added.

Before Rika could reprimand the bunny-girl's lack of remorse, she froze as a flamingo suddenly entered her view.  Rika and her mallet locked eyes for a moment before the flamingo sauntered off.

“Um...I am glad to see you are alright Mr. Flamingo, I am very sorry about the whole hurling you to the ground thing,” Rika said apologetically as she bowed.

Rika stood up and jumped back seeing that the flamingo had made its way back to her.  Rika smiled and reached to pet the seemingly calm bird.

“Did you forgive me?” Rika questioned.

Before her hand could stroke the vibrant pink feathers, the flamingo lunged forward and nipped at Rika's side.

“OW!” Rika cried.

Rika fell to her knees clutching her side.

“I guess I deserved that,” Rika whimpered.

“Not really, they're just jerks,” Yaguchi interjected, holding out her bite ridden arms.

“They don't have teeth so there are no breaks in the skin, but it still hurts,” the bunny added.

“Oh,” Rika replied.

“Need a hand?” Bunny Yaguchi asked, offering her hand to Rika.

Rika smiled and nodded, pulling her hand from her side and reaching forward grasping Yaguchi's hand firmly.  The tiny rabbit leaned back, using all of her might to pull Rika to her feet.  Rika gave her clothes a once over, brushing the dust from her shirt and jeans.  Bunny Yaguchi drew a circle with her finger, motioning for Rika to turn.  Rika did a quick turn and waited for Yaguchi's verdict. 

“AOK!” Yaguchi shouted, giving Rika a thumbs up.

Not more than a minute after brushing the dirt from her shirt, Rika is tackled to the ground.

“Damn! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes,” a familiar voice chimed.

“Yuuko!?” Rika shrieked.

“No. I am the Duchess, don't you remember me?!?” Yuuko snapped.

“I do! I do! Now can you get off me?” Rika inquired.

Yuuko rolled off of Rika and stood up,“Good,” Yuuko boasted, offering a hand to Rika.

Yuuko pulled Rika to her feet and patted some of the dirt off of the girl's shirt.  Rika could feel a chill run up her spine after linking arms with Yuuko.  Even though she knew that this was not the Nakazawa Yuuko she knew, seeing an amiable version of Nakazawa was rather stupefying.  Yuuko tugged on Rika's arm and the two began to walk along the croquet field. 

Rika walked silently as her mind engrossed itself with plans to escape this strange place and return to her beloved Yossi.  The Duchess Yuuko turned her head and examined Rika's introspective thought.

“Your name is Rika right?” Yuuko asked.

Rika momentarily pulled away from her thoughts and nodded at Yuuko, immediately falling back into her own thoughts.

“You've been rather quiet. But I can understand.  Its always good and moral to be silent sometimes,” Yuuko chimed.

Rika's concentration broke as she tried to comprehend Yuuko's statement.

“Moral silence? How can silence be moral?” 

“Tut, tut, child!” said the Duchess. “Everything got a moral, if only you can find it.”

The Duchess continues to find morals in everything Rika says. Her morals are often based on puns and don't actually make much sense, despite her advice to 'take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves.'

The Duchess' puns come to an abrupt halt as the Queen of hearts stomps her way over.

“YOU! What are you doing here?!? Aren't you due for a beheading soon?” The queen screeched.

I guess no matter what universe I am in, Miki will always be Miki.

Expecting to find a trembling Nakazawa, Rika was surprised to find a rather calm if not slightly angry Duchess.

“You know what Queenie. Shut up!” Yuuko screamed.

And I guess no matter what universe I am in, Yuuko will always be Yuuko.

The commotion of the parade came to a dead stop as everyone froze in fear.  A unified gasp echoed throughout the garden as the Duchess stared down the Queen.  The queen did not yell, she did not scream. All she did was tremble and shake, not with fear but with rage.  Just before unleashing her anger, her animosity ebbed as a hand gently caressed her cheek, tracing a daring line down her collar.

“Are you squabbling with the Duchess again darling? It's getting rather boring don't you think? Lets just forget about her and the hovering cat head.  I think we can find,” King Aya leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on her queen's cheek, pulling her fingers up gliding them across the queen's bare shoulders, “something more fun to do.”

The king winked playfully at the two girls.  Yuuko nodded and made her exit, scurrying away escaping her fate once again. 

“Okay! Fine!  My king...why must you be lenient on these peasants? If it weren't for you, we would have a lot more loyal servants around here,” The queen interrogated turning around to meet the face of her king.

King Aya shrugged and grinned sheepishly,“We would have no servants...well no servants with heads at least.”

“That is there problem, not mine,” the queen interjected.

“Anyways...YOU! Weren't we in the middle of a game?” Queen Miki snapped turning around shoving another flamingo into Rika's arms.

Rika, quite frightened, goes back to the croquet game with the Queen and the Queen goes back to threatening to cut off the heads of everyone who is playing.

“You two...I don't like your shoes. OFF WITH YOUR HEADS.  You over there, the one who just missed his shot, I hope you don't mind that soon you will be missing your head.  Hey! Don't think you three over with the silly hair are safe.  You don't have to worry about trying to fix your hair anymore, since your going to be headless pretty soon. OFF WITH ALL OF THEIR HEADS!”

The Queen paused and looked back at Rika,” By the way, have you met the mock turtle?”

Rika gave the queen a puzzled look, “What's a mock turtle?”

“Why, it's the main ingredient in mock turtle soup of course. Well since you haven't met yet, I think you two should meet.  Oh darling?” Queen Miki purred.

“Yes dear?”

“Take care of the sentencing for me.”

“Will do, my beloved.

As soon as Queen Miki ushers Rika off to meet the turtle, King Aya turns to look at the faces of the newly sentenced offenders.  Every pale face, every trembling figure waiting for their beheading.

“Okay everyone gather around please.  I guess I have to carry out my duties.”  King Aya announced.

“As king, I am here to uphold absolute if don't tell I wont.” King Aya winked playfully waving her hands in the air, pardoning the prisoners.

The gracious subjects bowed and quickly exited the garden.

“Silly tan...” King Aya whispered, chuckling to herself.

Queen Miki leads Rika down a series of winding roads which converges with a rather large courtyard.  In the courtyard, Rika could hear a series of loud deep snores.  She quickly scans the courtyard and jumps back shrieking at the top of her lungs.


Queen Miki, looks around the courtyard, “A whaten?”

Rika hides behind the queen and clutches at her robes pointing to the pile of feather and fur in the middle of the courtyard. 

Queen Miki sauntered over to the sleeping mass in the center of the courtyard and points to it, “This? This is a gryphon.”

“Hey Gryphon, wake your lazy ass up!” The queen shouted nudging the gryphon with her foot.

The winged creature grumbled as it staggered to its feet.

“Okay gryphon, bring this girl to the mock turtle so she can learn what a mock turtle is.  I have to get back to attend to my executions.”  The queen ordered. 

The gryphon scoffed and nodded at the queens request.  The queen petted the gryphon and turned around making her way back towards the croquet grounds.  The gryphon, who up to this point was nothing more than a giant terrifying chicken, began to chuckle.

“That silly Queen, no matter how many people she sentenced to death, when she leaves the king always pardons them. Anyways, follow me.”

The gryphon leads Rika to a small grassy knoll where a small girl sat.  The gryphon nodded upwards motioning for Rika to meet the girl.  Rika looked over her shoulder after hearing a loud thud.  Rika shook her head at the napping gryphon and made her way up the hill, the sound of heavy sighs and pitiful noises growing louder as she approached the girl.

“K...K...Kamei-chan?” Rika probed, leaning in to see the face of her junior, in a mock turtle neck, “why am I not surprised.” 

“Okay, so I know your not Kamei-chan and by the looks of it I am going to assume that you are the mock turtle.”

The turtle let out another heavy sigh, “Yeah, that would be me. Sorry to not be that Kamei-chan. I am so disappointing like that”

“Don't worry about it.  I was told to ask you about your history so I can learn what a mock turtle is.” Rika explained.

After a short pause, Mock Kamei lets out another exacerbated sigh, and adjusts her mock turtle neck, “Fine, I will tell my story.  Well I didn't always look like this, I used to be a real turtle. Just take a look here,” Mock Kamei instructed as she pulled a photo from her pocket.

Rika was stunned, “Wait, so your saying that this is a picture of you when you were a real turtle.”

Mock Kamei nodded.

“This picture of a full turtle neck sweater, was when you were a real turtle,” Rika reiterated.

Mock Kamei looked up at Rika with a bewildered expression,” What do you mean wearing a turtle neck sweater? This is just me when I was a real turtle.”

Mock Kamei suddenly broke into a fit of sobbing.  Rika knelt down and placed a hand on Mock Kamei's knee, “Oh I am sorry if I said anything to offend you.”

Mock Kamei composed herself and sat up straight, “Don't worry about, it wasn't your fault. I just really miss being a turtle.”

“I understand...I guess.  Anyways, is that the extent of your story?” Rika asked.
“Well not really. When I was younger I went to school in the sea.  When I went to school I was taught by the nicest old man who we just called Tortoise.”

“Tortoise? But he was a man right?  I don't understand why you would call him Tortoise,” Rika exclaimed.

“He was called Tortoise cause he taught us. DUH!” Mock Kamei barked.

Rika leaned back, feeling shame for her ignorance.

“I have received the finest education from that Tortoise,” Kamei stated.

“I can't believe that a Tortoise could have given you the finest education possible. I bet my schooling is more impressive than yours.  Lets compare lessons to see whose education was superior.”

“You call this a good education? You don't even have of the basic classes.  Unlike you, I am proficient in the basics, reeling and writhing as well as arithmetic courses ambition, distraction, uglification, and derision," Mock Kamei explained.

“Uglification? Whats uglification?” Rika inquired.

“Well obviously, uglification is the opposite of beautification.” The gryphon muttered as he suddenly appeared.

“CHICKEN!” Rika screamed.

“I'm not a chicken!” the gryphon rebutted.

Rika regained her composure,“Oh sorry about that. Its just a reflex. You seem oddly very knowledgeable on things, did you get taught by Tortoise too?”

“Me? No. I learned from an old crab who was a master in the classical studies of laughing and grief,” the gryphon explained.

“Ah. Okay,” Rika answered.

“Anyways, how long were your school days Mock Turtle?” Rika asked.

Mock Kamei cupped her chin, “I went to school for ten hours then nine on the second, and so on.”

This seems most strange to Rika, but the gryphon reveals to her that this is why studies are called lessons--because they lessen from day to day.  Rika is very curious about this system, but the gryphon changes the subject but suggesting they talk about school games.   

Woo I hope I still have interested readers.
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ah~ you're back!!!

who else to be the turtle other than THE turtle herself!!!


it's good to have you back. thanks for ressuming your fic writing activities...


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yay~! you're back! X3 lol at kamei being a kame XD
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“You know what Queenie. Shut up!” Yuuko screamed.

And I guess no matter what universe I am in, Yuuko will always be Yuuko.
  :mon lmao: 

*hihi * Kamei as turtle always  :mon sweat:
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Oh, Rika and birds. Always good fun. XD

Queen Miki still rulz. :yep:
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Hey everyone! After a long wait it is the last chapter of Charmy in Wonderland.  I would like to thank all those who have read this story and I hope that you guys have enjoyed reading it as much as I had writting it. :pandaaa:

Without further ado, I give you the

Chapter 10 of Charmy in wonderland: Queens and Dreams

Rika and the gryphon's discussion were interrupted by a voice in the distance, “The trial is beginning. Come quickly if you want good seats.”

“Oh my, is it already that time for the trial to begin? Let us hurry back,” The gryphon suggested, while grabbing Rika's hand.

“OH! EW! GROSS! CHICKEN HANDS!” Rika shrieked.

The gryphon released Rika's hand and bonked her on the head,

“How many times do I have to tell you, that I am not a chiwen or whatever you keep calling me?  Gr...y...phon! I am a gryphon, get it right.

Rika rubbed the top of her head, “Sorry Mr. Gryphon.”

“It's okay.  Anyways, we should get going. Something is going to happen at that trial, something important.  And I don’t think we can afford for you to miss it,” the gryphon explained.

“Okay, let’s get going.  Kamei, do you want to join us?” Rika asked looking back at the sad girl sitting behind her.

“Join you? Why would I do that? I am sad, not suicidal.  If I go with you, mock turtle soup would be tonight’s main course.  So, no thank you!” Mock Kamei huffed.

Before Rika could apologize for her callous comment, she was snatched by the gryphon as he dashed back towards the Queen's garden.  As the grassy knoll disappeared from sight, Rika could hear the feint sobs of Mock Kamei singing “Turtle Soup,” to herself. 

Rika winced and flinched at every branch that whipped her as she scurried through the forest.  The gryphon ran ahead of Rika and blocked her from as many branches as he could.  A small grin crept to Rika’s lips as she realized what the gryphon was doing. 

In the distance Rika notices a small circle of light that filtered through the thick forest.  As they neared the light, the gryphon quickened its pace, ramming into the wall of thorn bushes.  Rika stopped momentarily hearing a screech echo throughout the forest.  Deciding that she rather not meet the owner of that blood churning screech, she continues to run the path that the gryphon had made for her. The gryphon found himself tangled in the thorn bushes, every slight movement causing the thorns to dig deeper into its pelt.  It took a deep breath and with a final push, the gryphon bore through the wall, immediately falling down as it stepped into the garden.  Rika was a bit annoyed at the gryphon leaving her alone, but was glad to see that the tiny ray of light in the distance had grown larger. 

Rika was a bit confused by the large hole that she found at the end of the path. 

“Was this the reason for the beam of light?”

Rika poked her head through the large hole and surveyed the familiar garden scenery. 

“I guess the chicken did have a sense of direction,” Rika chuckled to herself.

Rika stepped into the garden, her ears perking at the soft pitter of rippling liquid.  She looked down and hopped back, looking down at the pool of red colored liquid on the garden floor...

“One of the gardeners must of dropped some paint here…anyways, where is that oversized chicken?”

Rika began to walk towards the center of the garden in search of her feathered friend.  In a near by bush the gryphon, who lay bruised and battered, began to chuckle to himself.

“Silly girl, how many times do I have to tell you?  It is gryphon, not chicken.” 

Another soft chuckle rumbled from the gryphon, inciting a fit of coughs.  “I guess I pushed myself a little hard.  I’ll just rest here for now.”

Rika wandered around the garden grounds before coming upon a courtroom scene. At the front of the courtroom, Rika saw King Aya and Queen Miki seated in their thrones, holding hands.  Rika became increasingly concerned as she noticed Miki's devilish grin.  Rika's attention was focused towards the center of the court room where the knave of hearts lay on the ground, chained and noticeably beaten.     
The courtroom came to a dead silence as Rika let out a horrified shriek.  The jurors and the judges turned and watched as Rika ran to the side of the knave. 

“What did you do to her Miki?” Rika screamed.

Before Rika could approach the bench, she collided with a wall of armored soldiers.  The girls that resembled T&C Bomber and Coconuts held her arms and legs firmly, while the faux Ayumi and the other melon's held their swords dangerously close to her throat. 

“Please do address my queen with the proper respect Rika.  If you don't, it might become increasingly difficult to keep you out of harms way,” King Aya explained, shooting a quick glare at the insolent girl.

Rika's body shuttered at Aya's subtle threat.  The king could see the effect of her words and waved her hand lazily.  The soldier's released Rika and pushed her towards the downed knave.  She knelt down beside the knave and tucked her fingers behind the girl's head, cradling it onto her lap.  A soft groan escaped the knave as her head rested in Rika's lap.  Rika reached down and brushed a few strands of hair from the battered girl's face, running her thumb across the girl's cheek wiping away some of the dirt and blood that stained the knave's cheek. 

“Fine.  May I ask the Queen of hearts what this girl did to deserve this kind of punishment?”

Queen Miki snickered at the request and snapped her fingers.  Bunny Yaguchi hopped forward and unraveled the scroll that she held in her hand. 

Bunny Yaguchi narrowed her eyes and ran her eyes down the scroll trying to read the blurry script.  The frustrated bunny threw down the scroll and fished through her pockets.  She pulled out a rather large pair of bifocals and slipped them on.  She pinched the frames of the right lens and kept them from falling off of her face as she reached down to pick up the scroll. 

Bunny Yaguchi cleared her throat, “Ahem.  Here we are today. Why we are here, even we can't say.  The knave lays still all bloodied and bruised, but to most of us this is new news.  What vile act did she do, to cause her to be all black and blue?  To commit an act against the Queen's heart, why would you even think about stealing the queen's tart?”

Rika looked over at the bunny who returned her inquisitive look with nothing more than a mere smile.

“What sense does that make?” Rika asked.

A shark crack echoed throughout the garden as King Aya rapped her gavel against the bench.

“Jurors, come to a verdict.”

Rika looked around and noticed that there were no jurors in sight.  Suddenly, the ground rattled and a rectangular path of grass began to separate.  From the giant hole a bench of 12 jurors rose from beneath the ground and began to discuss the case.

Bunny Yaguchi stomped her foot, “HEY! There is a lot more of the trial to go through before you come to a verdict. Stupid jurors.  Anyways, let’s bring on the first witness.  MAD HATTER, COME ON!”

The jurors watched in wonder as Mad Hatter Tanaka went to the stand, pulling behind her a table with tea and assorted breads, followed closely by the March Hare dragging the still sleeping dormouse. 

“Enough with that incessant rattling!” Queen Miki screamed. 

Mad Hatter Tanaka rested her cup on the table, “I apologize my Queen, but I was summoned in the middle of tea time and as you know, it’s always tea time for me, so I can't really go anywhere without my tea.”

“When did it start being always tea time for you?” King Aya probed.

The mad hatter turned to her two companions and suddenly a squabble broke out between the hare and the hatter while the dormouse continued to sleep.  Queen Miki chuckled watching as her king's temper ware thin of this bickering.  Aya stood up and slammed the bench once more with the gavel.

“ALRIGHT! I have had enough with this needless bickering.  It doesn't matter anymore.  Oh, and hatter, remove that hat from your head, before I remove your head from your body.”

The bickering came to an immediate stop.  Reina's hands began to tremble, as she looked up at the fuming king. 

“Well you see my king, this isn't really my hat, so I can't really take off MY hat,” The hatter replied.

“If it is not your hat, then it must be stolen,” King Aya concluded.

“It isn't my hat, because the hat like all my other ones is for sale,” Reina added.

“Where is your evidence missing hatter, oh and by the way, if you don't stop looking so nervous, I will sentence you to and now,” The Queen interjected.

Amazed at how chaotic and unorganized this trial was going, Rika suddenly noticed that she growing little by little.

I should leave before I make a mess of things, but I want to see how how this turns out.  Maybe I will stay for as long as I will fit in the garden courtroom. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.

Aya and Miki look down at the trembling hatter while tapping their fingers on the bench.

“As exciting as that story was, the King and I grow tired of your story that still seems to lack evidence of your innocence. It does not look good for you Miss Hatter,” the queen explained as a small grin crept to her lips.

“That is true, provide us evidence of your innocence or be sentenced to death, take your pick,” King Aya demanded.

Mad Hatter Tanaka tries to explain the events of her last visit with the queen for tea.  As the story unfolds, the Sayumi Hare begins to deny any involvement with the hatter.  As the two squabbled, the hatter tries to gets the attention of dormouse Saki but alas, she is still asleep.

“I grow tired of your presence, you may stand down.  If you can't stand any lower, sit down.” King Aya instructed.

Before she knew it, Mad Hatter Tanaka and her crew ran away from the courtroom before they can be executed.

“Are you just going to let them get away darling?” King Aya asked planting a kiss on the back of her queen's hand.

Miki's face became slightly flushed, “We can get rid of those buffoons anytime my dear.  All good things come in time,” she answered, returning a suggestive wink to her king.

The flustered king somehow rips her attention away from the queen and reads over the documents that sit in front of her.

“Okay, the next witness...Cook to the Duchess, COME ON!  What evidence do you have for us Cook?”

Chef Mika looked up at the king and queen, “Nothing.”

“Really? That was a bust. Okay, next witness,” Aya shouted.

At the king's sudden announcement, Bunny Yaguchi scampered to the bench.  She raised her hands and waved them frantically.  The King and Queen looked as a few fingers wiggled just above the edge of the bench.  The two leaned forward and peered over the edge of the bench.

“Hey! This thing is to damn tall,” Bunny Yaguchi protested.

“What is it?” The King asked.

“Usually, when there is someone on the witness stand, it’s traditional to get at least some information from them,” Bunny Yaguchi disclosed.

“Is that so? Hm.  Cook give us some evidence or off with your head,” Queen Miki forewarned.

Chef Mika cupped her chin and momentarily slipped into thought.  After a few silent moments, the Chef came to her needed revelation and threw her hands into the air.

“Okay, here is my evidence.  The tarts were made mostly of pepper. That’s it.”

King Aya's eyes shined as she nodded her head furiously, “I see. I see. It all makes sense now.”

The king turned to the side and began to shake her queen, “It’s made of pepper, and it’s so simple."

Chef Mika took the king's reveling as an opportunity to escape before any threats can be made on her life.  Bunny Yaguchi watched as the chef made her hasty retreat into the forest.  The discontented bunny hopped her way to the side of the king and gave the king a firm pinch.


“It is I who did it my lord, but you keep on letting your witnesses run away!” Bunny Yaguchi exclaimed.

“That does not give you the right to assault my king, miss bunny.  OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!” Queen Miki screeched.

Being the clever bunny that she was, Bunny Yaguchi knew what she had to do to escape her grim fate.  She quickly fished through her pockets and pulled out another set of bunny ears, ones that had the ears bent down.  She slipped on the ears and faced the king and queen.  The King and Queen melted at the mere sight of the quivering lipped bunny. 

“Never Mind. Annoying have escaped your fate this time.  Just call on the next witness,” The king and queen murmured.

Bunny Yaguchi giggled as she put on her original set of ears.  She scampered over to the thrones and gave the king and queen a quick hug before unraveling the scroll once more.  Bunny Yaguchi hopped on top of the bench and screamed at the top of her lungs,

“Next witness, Mary Ann aka Rika. COME ON!”

Rika was aghast from the sudden summon to the witness stand.  She gently moved the knave's head from her lap to the ground. Before standing up.  In the rush to get to the witness stand, she did not notice that she has grown quite large, and clumsy.  Before reaching the miniature witness stand, Rika managed to trip over the juror box, sending it toppling through the air. 

“I'm so sorry about that.  I will fix that,” Rika said apologetically, as she reorganized the juror box and the jurors. 

After clearing the mess of jurors, Rika looked down at the witness stand, and concluded that there is no way she would be able to fit in it.  She shrugs and decides to kneel beside the witness stand.

“Miss Rika is it?  So what do you know about the matter at hand?” King Aya questioned.

“I don't know anything about the situation at hand, because it was to confusing and difficult to follow,” Rika answered.

“Difficult to follow? Are you dense girl?  Either way, I grow tired of your presence. I am hereby enforcing rule forty-two, which states that anyone a mile tall must leave the courtroom,” King Aya affirmed.

“Rule forty-two?  You just made that up to get rid of me.  And for the record I am not a mile tall, so I don't think I will be going anywhere,” Rika huffed.

The king slammed her gavel once more on the bench and stood up, pointing at the giant Rika, “Listen hear girly, rule forty-two is the oldest rule in the book.”

“Oldest rule in the book? What book?  Even if there was some book, wouldn't the oldest rule be rule number one?” Rika snarled.

The king sits down and looks over to the juror box, “Considered your verdict.”

Bunny Yaguchi clears her throat,” Ahem.  My king, there is still some evidence to consider, namely this poem that I found on the knave. It isn't addressed to anyone, and it is not in her hand writing, but since I found it on her person, it must be hers.”

The king snatches the letter away from the bunny and begins to read it to herself. 

At the mere mention of the letter, the knave quickly sat up.  A soft groan escaped her lips, as she is reminded of the bruises and scratches that she had accumulated on her body.  The knave took a deep breath and crawled her way to the witness stand.  She managed to get a firm grip around the top of the stand and pulled herself up, leaning against the stand to keep from falling back down.

“I did not...write that letter.  Since there is no signature, you can't conclude that it was me. Therefore, I can't be the author of that letter.” The knave protested. 

“I have concluded that only a dishonest person would not sign their name on a letter, and since you are a dishonest person, you wrote this letter,” King Aya deduced.

Rika stood up and looked down on King Aya, “How does that make sense? No one knows who wrote that letter and moreover no one even knows what that poem means.”

“It doesn't matter what the poem means, all the jurors need to know is that the knave wrote it, end of story.  Now jurors, come to a verdict.”

“Enough with coming to verdicts, this god forsaken trial is to long.  Sentences first, verdicts later,” The queen bellowed as she hurled her throne into the center of the courtroom.

By this time Rika has grown so large that not even Queen Miki could threaten her.

“Enough of this Queen.  You are being totally unreasonable and I won't stand for it anymore!” Rika exclaimed as she towered over the courtroom.

“You insolent giant nuisance, HOLD YOUR TONGUE!” Queen Miki shrieked.

“I'm not afraid of you anymore Miss Queen of Hearts, your nothing more than a bunch of bullies and I won't stand idly by and allow you to do as you wish,” Rika affirmed.

Rika's blazon statement left the Queen speechless and, more importantly, furious.  The queen calls for an all out attack on the giant, and in an instant, Rika is covered from head to toe with soldiers.  Rika twists and turns feverishly in an attempt to shake off her attackers.  In her struggle, Rika fails to realize that she is no longer being attacked, but in fact she has been plunged into darkness.  In the distance she can hear someone calling her name “Rika...” The voice is familiar, warm and inviting. 

“Mmm...That voice, I know that voice.”

“Rika!” The voice called out.

“I can hear it as clear as crystal.  I don't know if I will be ever able to tell you this again, but I love you.”

“I love you too Rika. Now open your eyes.”

The dazed girl slowly opened her eyes, and realized that her head was in Yossi's lap.  She quickly sits up and looks around the room. 

“This is where that entire thing started...with that bunny Yaguchi.” Rika recalled to herself.

“Bunny Yaguchi? Are you okay Rika?” The voice asked.

Rika quickly turned and pounced the girl who was sitting beside her.  Rika buried her head into the girl's shirt and begin to sob uncontrollably.  Rika wrapped her arms around the girl and nestled her head closer to the girl as Rika le tout muffled cries of delight.

“Yossi, it’s really you. I thought I was never going to see you again!” Rika cried.

“What do you mean? I was only gone for like three minutes after the script thing before I felt bad and ran back here.  Then I found you on the floor, you didn't look hurt so I just let you rest.  You looked like you were having a good dream,” Yossi explained.

“Good dream? Hardly.  Let me tell you...”

Rika went on to describe her strange adventure through that wonderland to Yossi.  About how the H!P girls were so strange but at the same time very true to who they were.

“By the way, when did Miki and Aya start going out?”

The color drained from Yossi's face.  Yossi laughed nervously, in an attempt to avoid the conversation, “Wh...What do you mean by that Rika? Miki and Aya going out? That’s crazy.”

“Don't worry about it Yossi, I know,” Rika confirmed.

“But how? I didn't tell you, and I know for a fact she didn't tell you.”

“I can't explain it, but I just know,” Rika added.

“About Miki...I have decided that if you really want me to, I will talk to her and explain that” Yossi began to say before Rika pressed a finger to her lips, silencing the taller girl.

“Don't worry about it Yossi. I am over it, I trust you and more importantly I love you and I know you love me.  You can go hang out with her if you want.  All I want is that you visit me after wards,” Rika purred suggestively.

“What has gotten into you Rika? I like it... still a little weird though,” Yossi concluded.

“You have no idea...” Rika whispered as she crawled on top of Yossi and starred into her eyes. 

Yossi lay still as Rika pinned her to the ground.  A smirk curled onto her lips, “You want it? Come and take it.”

Rika gladly took the invitation and leaned forward pressing her lips roughly against Yossi's.  Yossie tilted her head back feeling Rika's full lips.  Rika suddenly broke the kiss and hopped to her feet.  Even though still a bit stunned and dazed by Rika's passionate kiss, Yossi pouted.

“Why did you stop?” Yossi asked playfully.

“Well I have to call Fujimoto and tell her that you'll be there in a few minutes, since your just lazing about.”

“That no fair, you pinned me to the ground!” Yossi exclaimed.

“Right, like anyone would believe Charmy could restrain THE mister moonlight.” Rika rebutted.

“ win this round,” Yossi admitted.

Rika giggled and ran out of the room to get her cell phone.  Yossi chuckled as she watched Rika hop out of the room.  In her mind, she replayed Rika's story and she couldn't help but smile.

“That girl might be hanging out with Nono to much, but still...Wonderland...sounds like a fun place.”
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