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Title: What are your favorite magazines?
Post by: arun.yothin on October 02, 2008, 06:01:17 PM
When lookin' to get your fix, what are your favorite mags? What puts them above others? Better girls? Better photography? More girls? More articles? Interviews? Pictures?

I've been looking for some magazines that have less crap in them. Interviews and occasional articles are cool, but I hate magazines with a bunch of fashion, sports, and car stuff. I bought a few issues of Nuts and loved 'em. Lots of girls, some funny articles, and not a lot of fashion bullshit. There was a sports section, but I didn't care. loaded is kinda the same. The ones I have seem like they have fewer girls, but they had some funny features (Things women do men hate and vice versa, Porn look-a-likes, Most offensive comics, etc.). Plus, both magazines have nudity. I like it in those cause they do it to different degrees. Sometimes boobs and bums are out there, but sometimes they'll be barely in view, like they were supposed to be covered up but just missed it. Just because they do have nudity, they're not pushing it to the limit every time.

I liked a few issues of Bomb that I had, it just sucks for me since I can't read Japanese. I liked a few issues of Sabra I got, but can't read 'em. I have some collection mag around here somewhere that's just got the models collected over time.

Title: Re: What are your favorite magazines?
Post by: Masa on October 05, 2008, 10:46:15 PM
I don't really buy magazines anymore because pretty much everything gets scanned and shared nowadays. Most magazines ain't even worth buying cause they are expensive as fuck over here. I ain't gonna pay 8-9 euros for a magazine that only has like 10-15 pages of pix and the rest is boring ass articles. We don't even have local magazines like "Nuts" or "Maxim" in Finland. All our own men's magazines are either lifestyle magazines (which don't even have pix of ladies) or hardcore porn. Finnish celebrity chicks are kinda wack so I guess that's why we don't have any good magazines  XD

My favorite US magazine is probably Playboy even though the ratio between photos and articles could be a bit better. I usually enjoy the photos even if they are crazy airbrushed. Playboy always has great celebrity interviews and the articles are usually quite interesting as well.

Magazines like FHM, Maxim & Stuff have the best celebrity spreads but overall they don't have enough pix. They ain't really worth buying cause the photos are always scanned anyways.

I used to buy British magazines like Front back when I didn't have internet. I prefer British magazines over American magazines cause they have funnier articles and the photos are racier. Also British men's magazines almost always have nudity  :P

When I was in Japan I didn't have my own computer so whenever I needed wanking material I had to buy magazines. My favorites were Weekly Playboy, Sabra & Bomb. I would say that Sabra is probably my favorite overall cause it has tons of pix and very little bullshit. The photos are always tight even if the girl ain't that hot. Bomb is another great magazine but it ain't fucking with Sabra quality wise. Both Sabra and Bomb come with a DVD so that's a big plus.

When it comes to Japanese magazines I definitely prefer the ones that have more photos than articles. Weekly Playboy might not be the best magazine but it's dirt cheap (2,50€) and comes out every week. WPB does have lots of articles but it's alright since each issue has about 40-50 pages of photos. When there are that many photos it's pretty much guaranteed that every issue has at least a couple of hot chicks.
Title: Re: What are your favorite magazines?
Post by: SomethingWild on October 07, 2008, 07:04:20 PM
My problem with FHM, Maxim and Playboy is that the photos look too polished. You can smell the photoshop job. I'm not saying it's not like that in other magazines, but it's less obvious than in these three.
Title: Re: What are your favorite magazines?
Post by: john_hung on October 07, 2008, 11:17:26 PM
the japanese bookstore in downtown LA (little tokyo) carries BOMB, Sabra, and Up-to-Boy. i have yet to actually buy an issue of Sabra, but i've always been happy with BOMB. Up-to-Boy was pretty good (lots of full-page pics) but i didn't realize that they tend to feature more of the younger/under-18 girls which isn't bad, but i wasn't expecting it...
Title: Re: What are your favorite magazines?
Post by: arun.yothin on October 20, 2008, 07:11:08 AM
I bought an issue of American Curves and Glutes a while back. I thought both would feature curvier women than in other mags like FHM, Maxim, etc. It was almost all fitness models, which meant a lot of ripped bodies and fake bolt-on boobs and a lot of excercise supplement ads. Both mags wer ealright, but far from what I was expecting.

Another mag I picked up was Show. It was a special on Latinas. It was good overall. Lots of hot women with good focus on the ass. There's another mag connected to that that has just black lingerie. The pics are okay, but they're all in front of a solid color background. Mostly standing or sitting poses. The pics get a little boring after a while. I like in the other mags how there is an actual location or some kind of theme going on. There was also some REALLY bad Photoshopping on the eyes to make them whiter.ever since I saw the first one, ever other one after stuck out really bad.

I still like Nuts and loaded, but I've re-discovered Front. I bought an issue last year on a whim, but I don't remember much of it. I've been din' for it lately since the past few issues have had some new favorites of mine (Emma Frain, Vikki Blows, Sammie Pennington, Rosie Jones. Threads coming soon). A cool thing about this mag is the style of the photos. Very different from the glamour type stuff in the other mags. The girls in Front have more regular clothes; tees, tank tops, cotton panties, socks, etc. The past few pictorials had lots of pages for the girls too, way more than the other mags have for their cover girl. It sucks for me 'cause a bookstore near me used to always carry it, but I went last week and didn't see any.
Title: Re: What are your favorite magazines?
Post by: slenderpig on October 23, 2008, 05:43:55 AM
WEST: FHM, Maxim (nothing fancy)