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Title: [CHI] Sandra Ng Gwun Yu
Post by: daigong on August 04, 2009, 05:50:22 AM

Sandra Ng Kwan-Yue 吳君如


Former TVB superstar, current movie comedienne. When she teams up with Stephen Chow Sing Chee, watch out! She broke through FINALLY as a whore in 2003 "Golden Chicken" winning the Golden Horse Award for best actress.

Ancestry Panyu, Guangdong
Origin Hong Kong
Born 2 August 1965 (1965-08-02) in Hong Kong
Occupation Actress
Years active 1983 - present
Partner(s) Alex To (1980s)
Peter Chan (1990s-)
Children Chan Sze Ze
(b. April 13, 2006)

Wikipedia (
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(actor unless otherwise noted)
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars (1985)[cameo]
Peking Opera Blues (1986)[cameo]
Happy Bigamist (1987)
Crazy Companies (1988)
Crazy Companies 2 (1988)
Greatest Lover (1988)
How To Pick Girls Up (1988)
In the Line of Duty 3 (1988)
The Inspector Wears Skirts (1988)
King of Stanley Market (1988)
Love Soldier of Fortune (1988)
Operation Pink Squad (1988)
Three Wishes (1988)
Crocodile Hunter (1989)
Funny Ghost (1989)
Ghost Busting (1989)
In Between Loves (1989)
The Inspector Wears Skirts 2 (1989)
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World 3 (1989)
Little Cop (1989)
Lucky Guys (1989)
Operation Pink Squad II (1989)
The Romancing Star 3 (1989)
They Came to Rob Hong Kong (1989)
Thunder Cops 2 (1989)
Vampire vs. Vampire (1989)
All for the Winner (1990)
Fire Phoenix (1990)
Ghostly Vixen (1990)
Here Comes a Vampire (1990)
Love is Love (1990)
Mortuary Blues (1990)
Raid on Royal Casino Marine (1990)
She Shoots Straight (1990)
The Spooky Family (1990)
Vampire Settle on Police Camp (1990)
When Fortune Smiles (1990)
The Banquet (1991)[cameo]
God of Gamblers 3: Back to Shanghai (1991)
The Magnificent Scoundrels (1991)
Money Maker (1991)
Return of the Evil Fox (1991)
The Top Bet (1991)
Vampire Kids (1991)
All's Well End's Well (1992)
Cash On Delivery (1992)
Casino Tycoon 2 (1992)
Changing Partners (1992)
Forced Nightmare (1992)
Gameboy Kids (1992)
Ghost In Me (1992)
Hero Of The Beggars (1992)
Inspector Wears Skirts 4 (1992)
Miracle 90 Days (1992)
Mr. Vampire 1992 (1992)
My Americanize Wife (1992)
Royal Tramp (1992)
Royal Tramp 2 (1992)
Sisters In Law (1992)
True Love (1992)
All's Well End's Well, Too (1993)
Boys are Easy (1993)
The Eight Hilarious Gods (1993)
Holy Weapon (1993)
Perfect Couples (1993)
Vampire Family (1993)
Always Be the Winners (1994)
Crazy Women (1994)
Fire Dragon (1994)
Her Fatal Ways 4 (1994)
I Will Wait for You (1994)
Modern Romance (1994)
The Returning (1994)
4 Faces of Eve (1996)
Mahjong Dragon (1997)
The Black Rose (1997)
Young and Dangerous 4 (1997)
Killing Me Tenderly (1997)
The Lucky Guy (1998)
Young and Dangerous 5 (1998)
Portland Street Blues (1998)
Hold You Tight (1998)
Young and Dangerous: The Prequel (1998)[cameo]
Gorgeous (1999)[cameo]
The Tricky Master (1999)
Metade Fumaca (1999)
My Loving Trouble 7 (1999)
Juliet in Love (2000)
Those Were the Days (2000)
Born to be King (2000)
Jiang Hu - The Triad Zone (2000)
Martial Angels (2001)
City of Desire (2001)
My Life as McDull (2001)[voice only]
Dance of a Dream (2001)
Golden Chicken (2002)
Good Times, Bed Times (2003)
Men Suddenly in Black (2003)[cameo]
Golden Chicken 2 (2003)
Super Model (2004)[cameo]
McDull, Prince de la Bun (2004)[voice only]
Perhaps Love (2005)
McDull, The Alumni (2006)
Men Suddenly in Black 2 (2006)
Simply Actors (2007)
All's Well End's Well 2009 (2009)
On His Majesty's Secret Service (2009) 

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Some interviews...and movie clips
Ang Lee and Sandra Ng (
Title: Re: [CHI] Sandra Ng Gwun Yu
Post by: Masa on August 04, 2009, 07:05:43 PM
Amazing, I haven't seen a single Sandra Ng flick :doh:

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Title: Re: [CHI] Sandra Ng Gwun Yu
Post by: daigong on December 30, 2009, 08:39:49 AM

Sandra Ng 吳君如 accepts Woman of the Year (

You might have seen her in Stephen Chow's early movies. holy shit they were bad and wacky but she's hilarious. Here she is interviewing Tony Jaa

Tony Jaa 教泰文(森美、吳君如主持),笑到你lai屎。 (

Sandra: "What's the word for color?"

Tony: "See"

Sandra: "LOLWUT" (see sounds like the word for shit in Cantonese)
Title: Re: [CHI] Sandra Ng Gwun Yu
Post by: daigong on July 23, 2010, 11:23:46 AM
13 years of absence Vivien Chow comes back as a lesbian with Sandra Ng


Vivian Chow (周慧敏)'s 13 year on-screen absence finally ends with her participation in new romantic comedy film (All About Love) directed by Ann Hui. The film has been selected as the opening film at The 5th Summer International Film Festival. It was said that in the film, Vivian, Sandra Ng and William Chan have several intense kiss and bed scenes. Besides Vivian's playing the bath scene with Sandra, she also has an intense bed scene with William.

Her first comeback film being so daring is all because she has really admired this director (Ann Hui) all along, plus this is her first time playing a lesbian. It is a role that can be developed and is challenging. For her lesbian role, Vivian visited several homosexual websites before filming began. She also visited night clubs and a gay bar in Lan Kwai Fong with the director from time to time and would talk about love experiences with other lesbians at the bar.

Vivian says: "Because it's been a long time since I have been acting, it is inevitable that I'll be a bit nervous of my performance. To really make myself get into the lesbian character, I often hyptonize myself to like women. After communicating with several lesbians, I discovered that the majority of them are more gentle and attractive than men. During filming, I will often talk to Sandra, after work I would call her and be like a real couple with her, so when shooting kiss scenes, it felt extremely natural. But for William's bed scene, I was quite embarassed because he really looks like a little boy."

Translator: aZnangel@
Title: Re: [CHI] Sandra Ng Gwun Yu
Post by: daigong on September 15, 2010, 10:38:57 AM
Sandra Ng is not serious about marriage


Sandra Ng who just won The Best Supporting Actress accepted an interview through a TV station's program. She revealed that she would donate the money to a charity fund. Speaking about whether she minds that her sexual interest was once questioned, she said, " I have never hesitated when it comes to my sexual interest, I would also not allow these things to happen to me, the only thing that I mind whether it is true or not, it's that it will become a topic for news in the future."

About her not getting married with Peter Chan, she said, "We never said we won't do it, but we also feel that there is no need to be serious in this matter."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld

still rocking on TV as a host, I think this is a cable channel:
Have a Nice Day 第93集預告: 吳君如、歐陽應霽 (
Title: Re: [CHI] Sandra Ng Gwun Yu
Post by: daigong on January 17, 2011, 08:55:53 AM
Lunar New Year film 'I Love Hong Kong' holds premiere on the airplane

  ( ( ( (
The night before, after Sandra Ng completed the Mr. and Mrs. Incredible promotion, she attended another new years event yesterday morning. She expressed that she plans to take her daughter to Australia during Lunar New Year to experience life there.

I LOVE HONG KONG Trailer / 我爱HK开心万岁 (

A swindler, Long (Eric Tsang), who conned money from all the neighbors of the housing estate 30 years ago, has now become a property tycoon and he promises to pay each of the 30 odd families HK$100 million as compensation.

The condition is that all the 30 odd families must each send a representative to return to the housing estate on the eve of Chinese New Year.

A mad rush ensues as the old neighbors led by Ng Shun (Tony Leung) and his wife Shun-Soh (Sandra Ng) return to the housing estate on the eve of CNY to ensure they will not miss out on the bonanza

This year Sandra has two Lunar New Year films Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and I Love Hong Kong. However, she's not afraid of battling herself: "Not afraid, the market can digest it. If the real estate market is doing well, then the film market will do well too. Good economy, then people will be in good moods and will have interest in watching movies." Asked if she wants her husband Peter Chan's produced film Mr. and Mrs. Incredible to do even better in the box office? Sandra said: "Hope so!" Not long after, she quickly tried to fix what she said: "Well I Love Hong Kong is also a very funny film."

Yesterday afternoon, Sandra met up with Eric Tsang, Fala Chen and Samantha Ko in Singapore to promote for I Love Hong Kong and held the film preview premiere up on the airplane cabin 36,000 feet high in the sky, all guests on the flight were really surprised and wanted to take pictures with them. Sandra acted as the pilot and read out the forecast, she expressed English Singapore's hot weather, that it reached up to 100 degrees C, she also said: "So hot going to lie on the street!"

First time entering the Captain's cabin, Sandra greatly felt holding a premiere high in the sky is something new, she said: "They were inviting a beautiful girl to the Captain's cabin, so I raised my hand fast enough! If it was Samantha Ko, then it would be dangerous! (In the film, always get beat up by people?) Yes! One scene was done by a stunts double. (Pregnant?) Mention it again!? No!" As for Eric, he expressed that his wish is to have a premiere on sea, land and air. As for Sandra's other film, he calmly said: "She can only hope because we will win! I Love Hong Kong is a film tailored of the people pf HK, I have high confidence for the local box office, for Mainland they might win."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

[Sina Entertainment] 吴君如"相亲"被拒绝 古天乐模仿陈可辛 (
Title: Re: [CHI] Sandra Ng Gwun Yu
Post by: daigong on June 26, 2011, 11:12:56 AM
Sandra Ng wins an unexpected Best Actress

Peter Chan Ho Sun won a special achievement award at the 9th Reggio Emilia Asian Film Festival. Sandra Ng Kwan Yu earlier went with Chan Ho Sun to accept the award. Kwan Yu also brought home an award as she won Best Actress with ALL ABOUT LOVE (DUT HAN CHAU FAN), much to her surprise.


Kwan Yu went with Chan Ho Sun to accept the award and to go on a holiday to relax, not expecting to receive the good news upon her return that Kwan Yu with the film defeated the likes of BUDDHA MOUNTAIN's Fan Bingbing and Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga), CROSSING HENNESSY (YUET MOON HIN NEI SI)'s Tang Wei, LIKE A DREAM (YU MUNG)'s Yolanda Yuan Quan and others to win Best Actress. She said, "Actually after coming back from traveling the world with 'hubby', we can accept awards as a 'couple'. Double the pleasure, from now on we have to go on vacations more!" She also said that she just celebrated with Chan Ho Sun for his special achievement award, when she actually had one to accept as well. "That day I thought I was accompanying Peter to accept the award and visit Italy. On the day when Peter accepted the award, the event chair told me that I was in competition as well. I didn't know at all and asked him which movie. That was when I learned that ALL ABOUT LOVE was in competition and the result would be announced nine days later. Peter even put me down and said the competition was strong, in addition some of them like Fan Bingbing and Tang Wei have won Best Actress with their films so it would not be my turn to win. He sank my confidence so I didn't think about it. Yesterday I received the good news, it is truly too surprising!"

Source: takungpao, singtao
Translated by: hktopten
Title: Re: [CHI] Sandra Ng Gwun Yu
Post by: daigong on August 22, 2016, 01:03:02 AM
haha finally watched Golden Chicken :hip smile: