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Title: [Movie] Ip Man 2
Post by: Masa on November 07, 2009, 09:37:54 AM
Ip Man 2
IMDB ( | Wikipedia (

Ip Man 2 (simplified Chinese: 叶问2:宗师传奇; traditional Chinese: 葉問2:宗師傳奇; pinyin: Yè Wèn 2) is an upcoming 2010 martial arts biographical film directed by Wilson Yip, from a screenplay written by Edmond Wong. It is a sequel to the 2008 film Ip Man, and the second feature film to be based on the life of titular martial artist Ip Man. The sequel continues the story by centering on Ip's migration in Hong Kong as he attempts to propagate his discipline of Wing Chun martial arts. The film will also focus on a young Bruce Lee, who would later become one of Ip Man's most famed disciples. Donnie Yen, Lam Ka-Tung, Lynn Hung, and Fan Siu-Wong will reprise their respective roles, while Kent Cheng, Huang Xiaoming and the film's fight choreographer, Sammo Hung appear in supporting roles. A sequel to Ip Man was first announced in December 2008 by producer Raymond Wong, prior to the first film's theatrical release in Hong Kong. Principal photography for Ip Man 2 began on 11 August 2009 in Shanghai. The film is currently scheduled for a 2010 theatrical release in Hong Kong.

First look at ‘Ip Man 2′

( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

Chinese media recently gained access to the set of Wilson Yip’s IP MAN 2 in Songjiang Studio, Shanghai where production is wrapping up with stars Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung filming their first screen duel since SPL. Yip was on hand to discuss the film and touched on topics including Sammo’s heart trouble, emphasis on drama in this sequel, actor Huang Xiao-ming’s screen fighting skills, and Bruce Lee’s first appearance in the trilogy. Thanks to translation from, we’re able to reveal the details on what is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated martial arts movies of 2010.

IP MAN 2 is the first sequel in a planned semi-biographical trilogy on the life of 20th century Wing Chun master Ip Man. (AKA Yip Man), best known in the West as Bruce Lee’s martial arts instructor. The first film was a Hong Kong Film Award-winning smash hit that focused on Ip Man’s early adult life in Foshan where he struggled through Japanese occupation. Donnie Yen was nominated for Best Actor for his starring role while Sammo Hung and Tony Leung Siu-hung were jointly awarded Best Action Choreography.

The sequel puts Yen back into the role of Ip Man, this time as he settles in Hong Kong where he opens a Wing Chun school and comes into conflict with a local Hung Fist master named Hung Jan-nam, who is played by Sammo Hung. Although Ip Man is ultimately challenged by the British who rule the territory and their hired fighters, tensions between the two kung fu masters mount to where they are forced to duel.

According to Wilson Yip, the two actors had been planning this fight for a very long time. “I believe it will become a classic, surpassing the first IP MAN film as well as SPL,” said Yip. “As the duel takes place on such a small area (a round table), there will be an emphasis on the adroitness, and [it] will be very thrilling.”

While Yip has high hopes that this rematch between Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen will surpass their previous duel in SPL he has had to deal with serious concerns over Sammo Hung’s health. It was reported earlier this year that during production of IP MAN 2, Sammo Hung had been admitted to hospital to undergo heart surgery after suffering chest pain while on set. Although the procedure was a success and Hung quickly returned to filming, Yip made efforts to accommodate concerns over Hung’s health.

“We tried to shoot drama scenes first. In addition, we’d shoot action scenes in which he worked behind the camera first, pushing any action scenes involving him as an actor to the back,” said Yip. “However, being both the martial arts choreographer and the actor, Sammo Hung’s workload was still very [demanding]. Over the two, three months of filming, you cannot help but admire Sammo Hung’s attitude and perseverance. He’s always so full of zest when filming.”

A big question on everyone’s mind has been when audiences will first get to see Ip Man’s famous student Bruce Lee. Jiang Daiyan, a 10-year-old actor was selected to portray the late martial arts screen legend following an extensive talent search that focused largely on finding someone who looked like a young Bruce Lee. “When filming the first installment, I was already being asked about Bruce Lee, though eventually, we didn’t have him,” said Yip. “In this sequel, we looked for a suitable candidate, and have completed his scenes. However, in the current 2.5 hours cut, I still have little inkling of which part of the film to put his scenes, and for how long.”

Regarding IP MAN 3, Donnie Yen suggested that he may not be reprising his role. “Because IP MAN 2 will incontrovertibly become a classic, bettering the first, I believe it’s best to end something when it’s at perfection, and leave behind a good memory,” said Yen. “A successful film is a successful commercial product, once it has reached a certain position, I’d rather let it be a classic forever, as opposed to taking the risk to attempt outdoing it yet again. It would be very difficult to do the third installment. Perhaps, after a few years, when the director finds a new angle, we could talk about it later.”

Despite his misgivings about continuing this particular role and previous suggestion of an early retirement, Yen made it clear that he isn’t ready to give up making action movies any time soon. He cited plans for upcoming films that include THE LEGEND OF CHEN ZHEN, which begins production later this month, as well as a sequel to Daniel Lee’s upcoming martial arts actioner 14 BLADES. “Every film I do is an actioner so after doing it I feel extremely worn out. At that time, I would often think of having an early retirement. But, after a bit of rest, I’d be raring to receive the next challenge, so, I [will] still be around for a while,” said Yen. IP MAN 2 is currently scheduled for release in the summer of 2010. (
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Post by: Masa on November 07, 2009, 09:39:56 AM
Ip Man 2 Looks Poised to Better the Original

At 12th Shanghai Film Festival, Raymond Wong announces that Ip Man 2 would begin production in Shanghai this August (video). He says that the script has been completed by his son, Edmond Wong. And he's very happy that his son can write such a great script as Ip Man. Bruce Lee would be making brief appearances in the film after all. The production is currently on a worldwide talent scout for a 10-year old Bruce Lee, who first became acquainted with Ip Man, and an 18 year-old Bruce Lee, who formally studied under the latter. Wilson Yip confirms, "Bruce Lee'd definitely show up. Otherwise, it won't lead to Ip Man 3."

Wilson Yip adds, "I hope to find someone who looks very much like Bruce Lee, who would be acknowledged by the audience. And he must possess bravery, and is a youth with great disposition." And Ip Man 2 is expected to scale even greater heights, Donnie Yen elaborates, "The martial arts scenes must tie in with character development. I will act according to the script. Ip Man just arrived in Hong Kong, how did he turn into a great master of his times, what were his sentiments? It's up to Sammo Hung to choreograph the martial arts sequences, I'll do my level best in delivering the drama and action scenes.

"Initially, some said I won't be able to bring out the air of grandmaster, but I felt that, whether we are actors or not, as long as we put our mind to it, nothing is impossible. I spent a great deal of time on portrayal of Yip Man, I'm glad to have attained today's results. "What worried me most was my physical conditions, I have sustained multiple injuries, especially when filming Yip Man, I couldn't even lift my right arm. "Everyone knows that big brother Sammo Hung is very demanding, so I hope I can approach Ip Man 2 in a relaxing mood. This time around, I would be taking up the cudgels against brother Sammo Hung, we hope to shoot the most archetypal fight scene, so everyone is very nervous.

"Sammo Hung has been telling me that he's facing great pressure because of Ip Man's success. Not only is he serving as the martial arts choreographer, but also has a significant role in the Ip Man 2. Both of us are under pressure, I believe stress is good for us, it gives us the impetus to improve even further." (

Production begins on ‘Ip Man 2,’ young Bruce Lee cast

Production has begun on the sequel to the award-winning kung fu drama IP MAN with director Wilson Yip, martial arts star Donnie Yen and cast members having attended an opening ceremony in Foshan on Monday to honor the biopic’s subject, Wing Chun Master Ip Man (aka Yip Man).

IP MAN 2 will pick up where its predecessor left off with Ip (Yen) relocating to Hong Kong from his native Foshan. The plot will follow Ip’s early years there where he established leading up to the time when he took on a young Bruce Lee as his student.

Action director Sammo Hung is on board again, this time also in front of the camera where he will portray a Hung Fist master who develops a rivalry with Ip Man. Actors Fan Siu-wong, Simon Yam and Lam Ka-tung are also returning.

Several other new cast members will be added. Most notably, Bruce Lee will be portrayed by 10-year-old child actor Jiang Daiyan (see pictures). Other additions include former child martial arts actor Sik Siu-lung (DRAGON FROM SHAOLIN) and Huang Xiaoming (THE BANQUET).

Producers are still searching for an actor to portray an adult version of Bruce Lee for this film and possibly IP MAN 3. The 100 million yuan ($15 million) production will mostly be shot on a set in Shanghai. Mandarin Films is planning to release IP MAN 2 in the summer of 2010. (
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Post by: daigong on November 07, 2009, 10:44:10 AM
FUCK YEAH! SAMMO and Simon Yam are back lol.

as long as they don't get some loser Canto Pop star to be adult Bruce, it's all good.
Title: Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
Post by: daigong on November 16, 2009, 11:05:55 AM
That's Hong Kong Cinema for you, imitations and knock offs whenever possible  :lol:

IP MAN Prequel in Production without Donnie Yen  (MonkeyPeaches Exclusive)

November 9, 2009

(L to R): To Yu-Hung, producer Sin Kwok-Lam, Ip Chun and Rose Chan. (mage: Goat City Evening Post).    
The success of Ip Man not only pushed for a sequel but also inspired a prequel. A ceremony held last Saturday in Hong Kong marked the official beginning of Ip Man¡¯s prequel, as titled ¡¡ãA Prequel to Ip Man¡¡À. Interestingly enough, some key persons of Ip Man and Ip Man 2, Donnie Yen, director Wilson Yip and action director Sammo Hung, are not involved in the production of the prequel.

The prequel will chronicle Yip Man¡¯s life from his childhood to his youthhood. According to the script, the movie will feature fights with Wing Chun (the martial-art style of Ip Man) against boxing, Karate, western sword, and in a highlight, Wing Chun against Wing Chun.

The prequel is produced by Sin Kowk-Lam, a disciple of Wing Chun and one of the producers of the original Ip Man. The action will be designed by Leung Siu-Hung, worked as the action coordinator of the original Ip Man, and the cast include To Yu-Hung (played a minor role in the original and playing Ip Man this time), Rose Chan, Huang Yi, Xu Jiao, Cheung King-Hin, Yuen Biao, Fan Siu-Wong (played a supporting role in Ip Man) and Ip Chun (Ip Man¡¯s son, will be playing Ip Man¡¯s second master Leung Jan).

The prequel will be released in Asia next May, ahead of the release of Ip Man 2, which has just been wrapped.

Click here and here for more shots from the ceremony. (
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Post by: daigong on January 30, 2010, 06:45:44 AM

《葉問2》先行預告 甄子丹洪金寶詠春鬥洪拳 (

more stills:

( ( ( ( ( (
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Post by: daigong on February 10, 2010, 10:08:44 AM
interview with the man himself!!
Ip Man 2 - Donnie Yen Interview - budomate com (

and behind the scenes:
Ip Man 2 - behind the scenes - budomate com (
Title: Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
Post by: Mai17 on February 19, 2010, 02:18:53 PM
can't wait

hope it even better the 1st one
Title: Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
Post by: whiteleppard on February 22, 2010, 11:55:27 PM
Thanks for the info.  I have to see this one.
Title: Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
Post by: daigong on March 01, 2010, 12:35:10 PM
WHO DAT!! not the guy playing Bruce Lee:

Huang Xiaoming, an actor whose name is not usually associated with action movies, will be the biggest surprise in the upcoming martial-arts film "Ip Man 2", director Wilson Yip has said.


Now introducing the next king of kung-fu - Huang Xiaoming.


Huang, an actor whose name is not usually associated with action movies, will be the biggest surprise in the upcoming martial-arts film "Ip Man 2", director Wilson Yip has told

The new film is a sequel to the 2008 blockbuster "Ip Man", a biopic of Bruce Lee's mentor, Yip Man.

In the sequel, Huang plays Yip Man's sullen yet outstanding student Huang Jin, a key character in the development of the film's story.


Wanting to expand into kung-fu movies, Huang Xiaoming has been diligently practicing Wing Chun martial art both on and off the "Ip Man 2" set, according to His efforts have won praise from action star Donnie Yen, who told Sina that he could envision Huang becoming "the next king of kung-fu." Donnie Yen plays Yip Man in the film.

"Ip Man 2" is slated to hit theaters this summer. The film also stars Lynn Hung and Sammo Hung.


Huang Xiaoming's notable screen characters include a Japanese spy chief in the 2009 film "The Message", and Xu Wenqiang in the 2006 TV remake of "Shanghai Bund".
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Post by: Masa on March 07, 2010, 10:04:51 AM
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
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Post by: Kwan Lee on March 10, 2010, 08:29:54 PM
I watched IP Man 1, some time ago. and at the end of the movie the Narrator says, Ip man was the teacher of Bruce Lee. is that true ?  :?
Title: Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
Post by: daigong on March 11, 2010, 07:39:34 AM
:yep: it's true.


Here's footage of THE REAL YiP Man kicking ass!
Bruce Lee's Teacher Yip Man Performing Wing Chun 1972 - RARE FOOTAGE (

And Welcome Kwan Lee to :hipheart: you are the first person to post here that is not named Masa or daigong in over 3 months lol. The last time was someone thinking this was the Japanese Drama and Movies forum.

Title: Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
Post by: daigong on March 11, 2010, 08:33:04 AM
DSiM, one of the movie IP Man 2's production companies, has released a group of photos featuring Hong Kong-base model and actress Lynn Xiong as the pregnant wife of the protagonist Ip Man.   [Photo:]

  ( ( ( (
( ( ( (
( (
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Post by: daigong on March 13, 2010, 11:54:07 PM
head up!!

Ip Man 2's release has been brought forward to April 29, 2010. While there were sayings that it was to avoid the World Cup fever that might affect box office, it has been denied by the production.

On the other hand, release date for The Legend is Born: Ip Man is being pushed back to end of June. Yip Chun says, "No matter how well-received Ip Man was, there were areas that could have been better. For example, the film was obviously set in Foshan, yet it was not shot on location on the actual place. Neither was the mansion like the original. Hence, we have The Legend is Born: Ip Man shot in Foshan, showing Foshan as it is meant to be."

With a recent flood of Ip Man films on the market, Donnie Yen, who gives himself 120 marks for his performance in Ip Man 2 compared 90 marks for the first, has made up his mind, "After Ip Man 2, I would never ever touch any films related to Ip Man. This will be my final film on the subject. Whenever something becomes a success, everyone would jump on the bandwagon, this is very frightening. Did you know how many Ip Man films are in production? Under such condition, we would not progress, it'd only lead to over-saturation of the subject matter.
  Guangzhou Daily, Sina - translated by

Ip Man 2 葉問2 (2010) - Shooting Diary 1: COMING TO AUSTRALIAN CINEMAS 29 APRIL 2010 (

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Post by: daigong on March 16, 2010, 05:40:18 AM
more Ip Man 2 behind the scenes!

《葉問2》拍攝花絮-場景篇-天台武館/小社區/葉問家 (
Title: Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
Post by: ambidextrouness on March 17, 2010, 03:56:21 PM
never knew that they will make a PREQUEL!!!!!! deym!!!! any info when would the sequel hit the theaters?
Title: Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
Post by: daigong on March 19, 2010, 09:27:10 AM
never knew that they will make a PREQUEL!!!!!! deym!!!! any info when would the sequel hit the theaters?

The Prequel does not involve Donnie Yen and crew.

head up!!

Ip Man 2's release has been brought forward to April 29, 2010. While there were sayings that it was to avoid the World Cup fever that might affect box office, it has been denied by the production.

'Ip Man 2' to Raise Curtain for Students' Festival


This year's film festival season will get a kung-fu start on the Chinese mainland.

The 17th Beijing College Student Film Festival, which is to kick off the mainland's 2010 film awards season on April 7, will open with Hong Kong action film "Ip Man 2", reports.

The movie, the second installment in a biopic series about Bruce Lee's mentor, Yip Man, will premiere after the film festival's opening ceremony. It will be the only screening of the film before it rolls out in mainland theaters on April 29.

Director Wilson Yip and lead actor Donnie Yen will be present at the opening ceremony, the Sina report says.

Donnie Yen, who plays Wing Chun master Yip Man, was voted Best Actor by last year's student jury for the previous "Ip Man" film.

Donnie Yen told Sina that he is looking forward to retaining his title this year.

The annual Beijing College Student Film Festival acts as a barometer of how films are received among college students, who now make up an indispensable part of China's movie audience.

During the festival, a diversity of Chinese films will be screened in universities across Beijing. Filmmakers and actors will also interact with students at lectures or screenings, and master classes will be arranged.

Awards for Best Picture and Best Actor/Actress are decided by a jury of students and critics. Students are also encouraged to vote for their favorite actors.

This year's Beijing College Student Film Festival runs from April 7 to May 8.

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Post by: daigong on March 22, 2010, 10:02:35 AM
Donnie Yen Set for 'Ip Man' Sequel    
2010-03-22 16:10:40     Hollywood Reporter      Web Editor: Liu Wei

Martial arts film to be released April 29 in Hong Kong, China


By Karen Chu

Donnie Yen fights Western powers in "Ip Man 2," the sequel to the 200 million yuan ($29.3 million) grossing 2008 Chinese hit, the films' producer Raymond Wong told The Hollywood Reporter.

Scheduled for release April 29 in Hong Kong and China, the $10 million sequel on the martial arts master will hold a press conference Monday at Filmart.

"Ip Man 2" marks the last film Wong will produce for Mandarin Films, the company he founded in 1991. He resigned from the position of chairman in 2009 and remains as a director and shareholder.

The next films he produces will be under Pegasus Motion Pictures, the production outfit he set up with son Edmond. Upcoming will be an untitled action drama starring Louis Koo, who has signed with Pegasus, a HK$60 million seven-picture deal including the recent comedy "All's Well Ends Well Too 2010," and a project with longtime collaborator Donnie Yen.

"Ip Man 2," helmed by the original's director Wilson Yip, written by Edmond Wong and featured action choreography by Sammo Hung, follows the story of the original blockbuster biopic and details the renowned Wing Chun expert's life after he relocated to Hong Kong from Southern China and his struggle to survive in the then-British colony by teaching martial arts.

"The film deals with how Hong Kong people were treated under British colonial rule, and Western attitudes concerning Chinese kung fu," Wong said. "In the first 'Ip Man,' Donnie Yen fought Japanese invaders; in this installment, he fights boxing Westerners with Wing Chun."

Wong intended for the premise to appeal to the audience in China, where nationalistic sentiments run high.

"The Chinese audience responded enthusiastically to the depiction of the traditional culture of martial arts in the original, and they appreciated the fact that the film was more than just a kung fu actioner, but also a drama with a nationalistic undertone, as in the portrayal of the Chinese resistance against Japanese invasion," Wong said. The title character also fights opposite Sammo Hung, who plays a grand master of Hung Kuen, a traditional discipline of martial arts.

But before the series turns into the "Rocky" of China, where the title character faced opponents of different nationalities in consecutive installments, producer Wong said they would give him a rest, especially in light of the competing Ip Man projects, such as Wong Kar-wai's "The Grand Master" under his own Jet Tone and China's Sil-Metropole, and the Herman Yau-directed prequel "Young Ip Man" for National Arts Entertainment.
Title: Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
Post by: luverguy on March 23, 2010, 02:37:08 AM
wow! looking forward to this movie! Donnie yen is good man!
Title: Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
Post by: daigong on April 07, 2010, 02:29:07 AM
he sure is! Reply to this shit man New Ip Man 2 trailer

Ip Man 2 Trailer - With English Subtitles (
Title: Re: [Movie] Ip Man 2
Post by: daigong on April 27, 2010, 09:33:48 AM
Get ready.... do not watch if you don't like SPOILERS!
Ip Man 2 - Action Preview (

music video!! :lol:

Ip Man 2 - Music Video (

it has to happen, HK beats it's hits to death (see Election, Infernal Affairs, etc.)

Director Reveals Possibility of 'Ip Man 3'     
2010-04-27 13:05:13      Web Editor: zhucheng

Wilson Yip, director of the "Ip Man" action film series, revealed Sunday that the third installment, if made, would focus on Bruce Lee, the best-known student of Ip Man, reports

Yip told the media that the appearance of a young Bruce Lee at the end of "Ip Man 2" was foreshadowing for the next edition. But the director also hedged, saying, "Shooting films is like gambling, where you can't predict the results. You can't know if there will be a second episode while you were still working on the first one. I put my chips down on 'Ip Man 2' and will see how it goes. If I win, I will make 'Ip Man 3'."

As the dark horse of the 2008 film market, "Ip Man" has received intense attention. Striking while the iron was hot, Wilson Yip then quickly followed that success with "Ip Man 2", which will open in theaters today (April 27).

Audience comments on the previews for "Ip Man 2" have so far revealed that the sequel is better than the original.
However, Donnie Yen, who played the title character in the two "Ip Man" films, has said several times in public that he wouldn't do another "Ip Man".

Director Yip responded, "He definitely will come back if 'Ip Man 2' does well. Nothing is impossible."
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Post by: whorocks on April 28, 2010, 03:03:24 AM
sneak preview for me!
can't wait for it! XD
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Post by: grenadier on June 19, 2010, 08:00:12 PM
Good movie. :yossi:
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Post by: lordshan on September 30, 2012, 08:00:15 PM
i like the little bruce lee scene :D it make me laughing