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Title: ACTA: Secretive and scary copyright treaty
Post by: RoyMoy on December 01, 2009, 02:56:13 AM ( (

To be honest I've heard about this treaty for some time. I wasn't really all that concerned until I heard that they will be adding the dreaded "3-strikes" or "graduated response" provision into the treaty. Basically a person can get disconnected off the internet for about a year on 3 accusations of copyright infringement. A similar law has been passed in France and one is being done up in the UK.

Nowadays you can really screw someone up by having their internet disconnected. Depending on where you live, finding and applying for a job without an internet connection is significantly harder. Modern societies are becoming increasing dependant on the internet. With this law we can take an individual's internet access away on a guilty till proven innocent basis. I can see many entities abuse this as a ploy to muzzle criticism and free speech (think SLAPP but even cheaper). Accusations are way cheaper than lawsuits. There are other provisions. IMHO it all adds up to an attempt to render the internet into TV 2.0.

If things go smoothly the treaty will probably be in affect in the founding countries (pretty much all first-world nations) around 2012. Somewhat of a long ways off. I'll know what to blame when the internet gets screwed up in 2012.
Title: Re: ACTA: Secretive and scary copyright treaty
Post by: Maruku84 on December 02, 2009, 04:19:40 PM
wow, they dont even have to prove anything. just accuse you, and bam no internet for joo. that is complete bullshit. i could understand if you were convicted, but 3 accusations thats overstepping a persons civil liberties in my mind. with something like, oh you posted 3 videos on youtube yesterday that used 3 of our songs, you cant have the internet for a year now, i'd have to kick someones teeth in