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Title: Colour of Truth - Omake (Tanakame) Part 7 (last) - 10/04
Post by: FaqU on January 04, 2010, 02:58:43 PM

Date: March 8
Time: 9:00 pm

A typical evening where the skies are clear, darkness bestowing upon the country, however in a no so far countryside rustles could be heard and if you have the ears of an animal, one could hear faint pants emanating out of this particular forest.

“Huff…Huff…” *rustle, crack, snap* “Puff…Puff…” The person stops when he was out of breath… ‘Big mistake’ the next sound that could be heard is the crack of a bone and an agonizing scream that scared every feathered friend to fly from their resting place.

~BANG BANG~ the man shot aimlessly “Show yourself” as he held onto his now bleeding ankle trying to crawl away ~BANG BANG~ “I said show yourself, be a man and stop hiding”  In one swift motion, the man was disarmed and hands held behind his back on the ground “Arg!!!”

“Honey, I wouldn’t make this more difficult because, the more you do, the more painful it will be for you when we choose methods of death for you”

“W-w-who are you? What have I done to you?”


“Enough of the bullshit talk Gen, let’s get this over with”

“Awww don’t rush Gen, Ace”  The man turned his head as much as he could to see his attackers but to no avail, it was too dark, he couldn’t even see anyone else besides the weight on his arm.

“I have other things to do Swift, like Sexy is waiting”

The man who was listening on this was getting frightened by the minute “Who are you guys?”

“No one you will ever have to worry about, you know too much already and given us what we want” The next sound he heard was also his last ~BANG

“Alright Whiz, I need to know the scene” Gen spoke into an earpiece

“Looks like we chose a good spot, or a bad spot in his case.  He could only blame himself for not fully cooperating with us, otherwise he wouldn’t have to end up with this route” as the trio high-fived each other after the response from Whiz

“Swift, you know what to do.  So let’s hit the club shall we?” Swift nodded before rushing off disappearing into the trees

“I think Sexy will like that, she wasn’t exactly thrilled that she wasn’t part of tonight’s mission”

“You damn straight I’m not happy” screeched the voice over their earpieces, causing everyone to take out the earpiece at a distant, making sure there was no more screeching before placing it back in their ears.

“Sexy, shut it!  This is expensive equipment!  Whiz!  Shut her off and we will be there in 10.  Over and out!!!” instructed Gen “Ace, control your woman!”

“Sorry Gen but she doesn’t sound so bad in bed” Ace shrugged as they came under the light onto the main road.

“I will be there in 1” Swift’s voice can be heard over the earpiece and as expected headlights could be seen approaching fast and screeched to a halt right in front of them.  The duo hopped into the awaiting metallic silver Skyline GT-R as they rode through the cool breezy night towards their next destination.
Title: Re: Colour of Truth - Prologue - 01/04
Post by: pretend_2besome1 on January 04, 2010, 03:10:30 PM
Whoa! Already starting a new fic, are we?  :grin:

It looks promising  :D
Did I hear gun shots and someone mentioned expensive equipment (translated to brain as: high tech gadget)? Count me in! LOL

Can't wait to see when it's revealed who is who.
Title: Re: Colour of Truth - Prologue - 01/04
Post by: FaqU on January 04, 2010, 03:29:54 PM
Indeed I am starting a new fic  :D I have this idea that I wanted to try out using this kind of theme and I hope my head doesn't go  :panic: at how many directions I end up going in  :nervous I am so easily swayed

Unfortunately because this one is not as thought out as Taking Chances, I don't know if I am capable of updating faster but I'll work on it  ;)
Title: Re: Colour of Truth - Prologue - 01/04
Post by: kRisZ on January 04, 2010, 06:00:24 PM
Very interesting  :yep:

*Waits while eating popcorn*
Title: Re: Colour of Truth - Prologue - 01/04
Post by: rndmnwierd on January 05, 2010, 10:55:10 AM
 :guitar: :rockon: Can't wait for more!!!
Title: Re: Colour of Truth - Prologue - 01/04
Post by: lil_hamz on January 06, 2010, 10:17:54 AM
This seems a little familiar. Ahhhh! It's what you told me before right?

I remember Ace, Sexy etc. All their "codenames" so to speak. And of course the Skyline GT-R :) I can't wait to see how you are planning to expand this plot.

I know I'm definitely not a good enough writer to judge fics but I really feel that you have improved after reading this chapter. Keep up the good work!  ;)

Title: Re: Colour of Truth - Prologue - 01/04
Post by: FaqU on January 06, 2010, 05:16:48 PM
@ kRisZ: Hope you haven't finished all the popcorn  :lol:

@ Her Awesome Holiness: Wait no further!!!! (At least not this chapter  :sweatdrop:)

@ Mame-chan: Bingo!!!! Gotta love that Skyline GTR34, one nice, sexy car (if you alter it and colour it right) This is definitely going to be a tough plot to think about and I hope I can make this interesting every step of the way *crosses fingers* or at least put in enough surprises and interesting scenes.

I don't know whether I have improved but thank you!!!! I'll try to keep it up so I don't disappoint  ;)

Chapter 1

Date: March 9
Time: 7:00 am


“Were there any witnesses?”

“None ma’am”

“Who was the one that noticed the corpse first?”

“It was an environmentalist that just happen to come through here looking for certain specimens”

“So they aren’t locals themselves are they?”

“Unfortunately no”

“Suzuki-san, forensics and the coroner are here!” Suzuki Airi, Senior Detective after graduating with top honours from police academy 2 years ago, turned at the mention of her name.

“Alright I’ll be right over”

“Miya!  Let’s go Gaki-san and forensics are here” as Airi motioned for her partner and second in command, Detective Natsuyaki Miyabi after graduating with honours from police academy 2 years ago, to go towards the coroner.  “Gaki-san, what’s the cause of death”

“Judging by the look, the fatal blow should be the gunshot in the head, and judging by the victim’s visual body colour, the victim died between 8 – 12 last night” Niigaki Risa, replied pushing her glasses up to get a better view, “I will need to dissect in order to get the bullet out for analysis and do a more detailed view of other damages, which will probably be later this afternoon”

“Great, call me when you are ready”

“Will do” as Risa and her assistant picked up their things and headed to their car

“Okay team, let’s get back to the office for debriefing after all information is collected” hollered Miyabi to the team as she and Airi walked to their own car and drove off.

While driving, Airi dialled a number on her Bluetooth connected phone pad screen, “Risa-ane, I forgot to ask you if you are coming home tonight, I’m cooking this evening”

“When you cook Airin, I will be there, just keep Miya out of the kitchen!”

“Hey I am right here and I resent that”

“I know and I don’t care!  A person’s stomach can only take so much damage”

“Okay okay, you guys can bicker later but anyways sis you are coming home for sure right?”

“Yes little one!  I have to go so I will call later to confirm or confirm when you get here. Bye” ~CLICK~

“Why does she always have to diss me like that?” whined Miyabi

“Awww you know she loves you but she does have a point, a person’s stomach can only handle so much”

“Suzuki Airi, if you weren’t driving I would have bopped you on the head”

“Haha sorry!  Anyways to make it up to you how bout I make whatever you want to eat”

“Humph! Fine!  I could never win against you two siblings anyways”

“Awww don’t be upset, you are and always will be our favourite cousin”

“Correction!  I am your only cousin”

“Still the same” as the duo zoomed back to the station
Date: March 9
Time: 8:00 am

~KNOCK KNOCK~ “Reina, Eri time to wake up” Silence “Reina! Eri!  Wake up now or I will barge in there, naked or not”

“Ai-chan, give us 5 more minutes, we are tired”

“Well just to inform you Maimi and Saki are up already”

“What? How can those runts…well one runt, doesn’t matter, how can they be up already?”

“You know how they are; they like to get up early”

“Fine fine!! I’ll get Eri up now!”

“Be out here in 10” as Ai slowly walked away

“Eri, honey, we have to get up now”

“Awww please can’t we stay in bed a little longer?” Eri draped an arm around Reina’s waist

“You know I would want nothing in this world but to do you all day but we can’t, Maimi and Saki are up already”

“What???? How can they be up???? They were working late last night!!!”

“I don’t know but let’s get up”

“Alright, can you get washed up first?  That’ll give me a few more minutes”

“Alright babe” as Reina kissed Eri on the cheek before lazily getting out of bed

When they got downstairs to the dining room, Maimi, Saki and Ai were already eating breakfast.  They each took their respective seats and greeted the girls

“We started without you since you guys took too long to get up” stated Maimi without looking up from the report she was reading

“Yeah, yeah shush you!” grunted Reina, still not liking the fact she had to get up

“We’re going in a couple minutes, so hurry up” chimed Saki ignoring Reina’s grunt as she too was looking at her own report “and can you tell your girlfriend to wake up? Her nose will be swimming in her breakfast”

Reina turned to her girlfriend and sure enough Eri’s head was about to fall into her breakfast.  Reina was peeved at the semi-lecture she was getting from the younger two of the group and it pisses her off even more when the younger ones are right

“Maimi, Saki you guys have a web meeting later today at 2” pointed out Ai taking her eyes away from the laptop she was tapping on

“Got it!!!....Chotto matte!!!!! I don’t remember setting up a 2 pm.  Who is it with?”

“Your parents” at the aforementioned people both Maimi and Saki stopped eating momentarily, glanced at each other and then started eating again. Ai, Reina and Eri ate their breakfast quietly, waiting for the expected cheer/groan


“Damn it!  Why do I have to go?  I went last time”

“Yatta! Yatta! Yatta!  You can’t blame me if you lose”

The three older girls chuckled at the bickering between the two “you lost again Saki?”

“I knew I should have put out paper!!!!  Why did I choose scissors?!! Damn it!!!”

“When will you guys be willing to meet your parents TOGETHER!” stressed Eri, as the three were accustomed to the deal the two younger ones had.  They were to play jankenpon to see who has to face the parents.

“Guys, we already had this discussion before so I don’t want to hear it from any of you”

“Alright alright!  Reina, Eri are you guys ready?  We have to get to the office soon, unlike some people, we have to be on time” Ai looked over at the 2 younger ones who were calmly eating their breakfast

“Yeah, we’re ready.  Who’s driving today?” as Reina looked from Ai to Eri, in which neither gave her an answer “Fine! I will!  Maimi, I am taking the Audi”

“Alright, see you guys in a bit” as she waved at them leaving their house.  “Saki, did you want to drive separately or together?”

“I have to go grocery shopping later; it’s my turn to cook tonight, so if you want to tag along later then we can go together”

“Hang on, let me find out what my schedule is like” Maimi took out her phone, connected it to projector screen and dialled for Ai before aiming the camera towards herself and Saki

Minutes later, Ai’s visage came onto the screen “what’s up guys?”

“Ai-chan, what’s my schedule looking like today?  When’s my last appointment?”

“Hold on let me check” Maimi and Saki watched as Ai pulled out her laptop “Reina slow down for a minute and keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel”

Maimi and Saki looked at each other “Ai-chan, tell Reina that if she dirties or breaks the Audi, it is coming out of her own pocket!  And please check Saki’s schedule while you’re at it”

From the background, the duo can hear Reina “I am not doing anything dirty just for the record!  I am trying to find a suitable song to play”.  Maimi and Saki shook their heads chuckling, yes Reina and Eri can be a handful at times but they couldn’t help but love them for their antics and the fact that they can be serious when it was needed.

“Okay girls, you guys should be free by 5 today”

“Thanks Ai-chan, don’t know what we’ll do without you” Maimi and Saki blew a kiss to her.

Ai pretended catching them and placing them over her heart “Awwww guys, I love you both too and don’t mention it.  I’m your secretary right?”

“Hey how come you only love Ai-chan?  You guys are playing favourites!” hollered Eri from the front passenger seat

“Ai-chan can you direct the phone towards them?” Ai did as she was asked, showing an eagerly waiting Eri as Maimi and Saki exchanged glances.  Then they both put their middle finger up at her, shocking Eri and causing her to pout.  Maimi and Saki laughed and high-fived each other. 

“Alright, alright Eri, we’re sorry, we were just teasing, of course we love you and Reina-chan too otherwise we wouldn’t be living together and we wouldn’t keep you by our sides.  You guys are our girls for life!” stated Saki as Maimi and Saki blew kisses in her direction but no reaction from Eri, indicating she was still upset “hey now, don’t be like that!  I’m cooking tonight so how bout I make your favourite spaghetti?”

That caught Eri’s attention as she changed to the hyper, happy person “really?! Okay you guys are forgiven”

“Alright then we’ll see you guys later” Maimi snapped shut her phone, ending the conversation “So I guess we are going together.  Who’s driving?”

“I will” as Saki opened a drawer and looked through the selection “Silvia?”

“Sounds good to me” confirmed Maimi as she checked herself in the mirror one more time, making sure her business attire was straight and professional “okay let’s go” putting on her shoes, following Saki out.
Title: Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 1 - 01/06
Post by: rndmnwierd on January 06, 2010, 05:32:12 PM
Let’s go Gaki-san and forensics are here
Risa is the coroner? :w00t: Risa, coroner? :drool: Wow, that doesn't sound super morbid at all...

Anyways, I like how you so neatly set up their relationships, though I'm still not entirely sure about two of them. I want moar, this looks to be epic!

@ Her Awesome Holiness:
Haha, I know I said it, but still. :oops:
Title: Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 1 - 01/06
Post by: pretend_2besome1 on January 08, 2010, 01:53:30 PM
*steals some of kRisZ's popcorn when kRisZ is not looking*

Unfortunately because this one is not as thought out as Taking Chances, I don't know if I am capable of updating faster but I'll work on it
Faster or not I don't mind, I can wait  ;)

Yay for Miya & Airi as detectives, since it's you can I expect some MaiRi in the future after they all meet?
(Speaking of MaiRi, have you seen the UTB scans of them?)

Coroner Gaki is cool.

“Correction!  I am your only cousin”
“Still the same”

TanaKamei is  :heart: ---> See? I'm being an obvious TanaKamei-ist  :grin:

It's hard to imagine Ai being a secretary which makes it fun btw. (Wouldn't you just love to have a secretary like that? XD).

Then they both put their middle finger up at her, shocking Eri and causing her to pout.  Maimi and Saki laughed and high-fived each other
:O...I'm liking this duo!

I like how you put other members from C-ute and Berryz, makes the fic all the more interesting  :twothumbs

I know I'm definitely not a good enough writer to judge fics but I really feel that you have improved after reading this chapter. Keep up the good work!
:yep: I agree with lil_hamz
Title: Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 1 - 01/06
Post by: FaqU on January 08, 2010, 03:45:03 PM
@ Her Awesome Holiness: Which 2 are you not sure of??? I don't know if this can be epic but with the more the characters the more I am digging myself into a grave because I know I tend to think more and more things  :nervous

@ Chloe:  :lol: You may expect some MaiRi in the future when the meet but will it be an actual relationship or just friendship, that's still debatable and in the thinking pile.  (No I haven't had much time so I haven't had a chance to see the UTB scans, I am assuming  :drool: though)

In this one, it's guaranteed that Tanakameism will appear, however, like I said about MaiRi, will it end in a relationship or friendship, it is in the thinking pile. :lol:

For all the Ai-chan fans, wouldn't Ai being a secretary be more....seductive???

Oh, you are shocked as if you've never done that before with a friend....I have!!! Multiple times actually, it's great fun and good laughs.

There isn't enough MM pairings and because I haven't written a kids fic in a while, I decided to incorporate everyone, but then again the more people, the more drama no???

 :shy2: *waves hand* No no, I don't think I have improved, because if I have then that'll mean too much pressure !!!!!

Chapter 2

Date: March 9
Time: 3:00 pm

“Okay guys what do we know about the victim” Airi asked her team

“Ryo Tokugawa, male , 43 years of age, we’ve checked the background and apparently he is a major drug dealer, who was charged last month, there was evidence and witnesses however for some strange reason, the witnesses disappeared or changed their testimony so their was insufficient evidence to put him away.  He is known to not be trusting to anyone, does a lot of things himself, doesn’t like to have anyone help him.”

“Thanks Nakky, anything else?”

“Well we can’t find out what kind of person would kill such a man because the list was endless, our usual dark character” chimed Chisa

“Don’t tell us what we can’t do people!  We are only interested in what we can do” Miyabi slammed her fist on the table.  Airi walked up to her partner and placed a hand on her shoulder, calming her down “Sorry guys you know how I am when we have a dead-end case”

“Miya by the looks of it we will have to wait for the autopsy and the forensics team to give us more clues” ~RING RING~ “Senior Detective Suzuki here… okay we’ll be there” Airi placed the phone back on the receiver “Miya let’s go for the autopsy.  Guys do your best to find other leads and don’t stay late, I doubt you’ll find anything significant anyways because these shady characters are the worst but keep me posted otherwise.  See you guys tomorrow morning” as Airi and Miyabi left to the coroner’s office

“Gaki-san, Miya and I are here, anything new?” asked Airi while tying her safety suit on

“Well I have examined the exterior and beside the obvious bullet wound, nothing so far. I will now check for poisoning…” Rise opened the victim’s mouth and eyes for signs of poisoning, then used the scalpel and started dissecting the corpse to check the lungs, liver and kidney. “No poisoning of any sort can be seen so it seems like my first prediction is right, the cause of death is from the shot in the head.  Now if you give me a couple of minutes, I will take out the bullet.”  Miyabi and Airi waited patiently as Risa used forceps to pull out the bullet ~CLANK~ Risa threw the bullet onto a metal tray “take this to forensics” she instructed her assistant then turned to Airi and Miyabi “well guys we have a bullet, we just have to see what kind of gun it came out of and see if there is a trace there”

“Wait” Airi stopped the assistant “let me take a look at it.”  The assistant placed the tray onto the table and turned on the desk lamp “pass me those plier-things Gaki-san?” she put out her hand and waited for Risa to give her forceps, in which she bent closer to the table lamp, picked up the bullet and placed it under the light “this looks like it came from a normal handgun, I’m thinking PT145 pistol” She placed the bullet back on the tray for the assistant to take away “thanks”

“I forgot we have an arms specialist”

“Well we should wait though to see if I am correct, I want the results in black and white.  We don’t want to be searching for something that is not confirmed and if anything, I don’t want to be correct”

“Why do you doubt yourself?”

“Miya she isn’t doubting herself, she is doing things by the book but why don’t you want to be correct Airin?”

“Yeah yeah I know, sometimes I hate conversing with you two, sooo technical and Gaki-san if Airin is correct that would mean we are at dead-end because that model is too common”

Airi nodded “Technical only when it comes to our job, you know we will like to have fun.  Anyways, let’s get packed up before going to the supermarket.  Risa-ane, we’ll see you home?”

“Yep I should be home in a couple of hours” as she waved at them without looking

“So what’s for dinner anyways?” asked Miyabi as she was taking off the suit

“Did you forget?  I am making your favourite” Airi threw her suit in the basin and put on her leather jacket as both put on their sunglasses before stepping out towards their Mercedes S2000 “Let’s get back to the station and see what we’ve got”


Short chappie but I promise the next one will be longer  :byebye:
Title: Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 2 - 01/08
Post by: pretend_2besome1 on January 08, 2010, 04:22:31 PM
And here I was just commented and yet another update appear.

You should check the pics (in either one of their thread). It's MaiRi worthy.

In this one, it's guaranteed that Tanakameism will appear, however, like I said about MaiRi, will it end in a relationship or friendship, it is in the thinking pile
How could you say that?!  :scolding:

For all the Ai-chan fans, wouldn't Ai being a secretary be more....seductive???
The only answer needed is :yep:

My friends would kill me if I do that to them.

There isn't enough MM pairings and because I haven't written a kids fic in a while, I decided to incorporate everyone, but then again the more people, the more drama no???
Yes, and that's so very you answer XD
I like HP kids and since there aren't many fics about them, I'm glad you include them here.

Don't think about the pressure, I think you'll do fine if not better ;)

I like Miya's personality  :lol:

Gaki-san at work  :love:
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Post by: rndmnwierd on January 08, 2010, 05:55:40 PM
Which 2 are you not sure of???
Ah, I just meant I don't know what the codenames are for Maimi and Saki. Maybe I didn't word that the right way.

Cute little chappie, here, little bit o setup. The girls at work are cool. :yep:
Title: Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 2 - 01/08
Post by: lil_hamz on January 09, 2010, 06:56:40 PM
I apologize for e non bold fonts for C1 and later for C2 but it's almost impossible when u are typing on a phone xP omg Gaki is e coroner?!?! That is like so incredibly hawt!! I like e Miya and Airi detective duo. Hawt and capable :) ah so this has tanakamei. Who will Ai be with? Gaki? Or maybe Sayu when she appears.

once again I love how you wrote out so clearly how Risa runs through her work. Does Risa's assistant have a name? Somehow Nakky strikes me as e cop to go undercover in a prostitute ring crackdown XD you are including quite a few awesome cars ;)
Title: Re: Colour of Truth - Chapter 2 - 01/08
Post by: kRisZ on January 10, 2010, 01:40:49 AM
Risa's a Medical examiner  :heart:

“Awww don’t be upset, you are and always will be our favourite cousin”

“Correction!  I am your only cousin”


Wake up now or I will barge in there, naked or not

Naked?! I'd like to barge in  :on woohoo:  :D

“You know I would want nothing in this world but to do you all day but we can’t

Did I read that correctly  :shocked  :mon blood:

Her nose will be swimming in her breakfast

Lovely to imagine  XD

“Hold on let me check” Maimi and Saki watched as Ai pulled out her laptop “Reina slow down for a minute and keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel”

 :mon blood:

“I am not doing anything dirty just for the record!  I am trying to find a suitable song to play”

 :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

I’m your secretary right


Then they both put their middle finger up at her, shocking Eri and causing her to pout.  Maimi and Saki laughed and high-fived each other

This is riot  :twisted:

“I will” as Saki opened a drawer and looked through the selection “Silvia?”

Hmmm, what's next

I’m not that familiar with the kids but Yay! I like them being with MM  :cow:

*Waits for the next while still munching on the popcorn…* ‘Wait, where did my popcorn go?’ *Looks around, spots C and yells ‘C, give me back my popcorn!’  :pleeease:  lol

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Post by: FaqU on January 11, 2010, 05:26:40 PM
@ Chloe: I can totally say that because that's the teasing rights I have  :hiakhiakhiak:

Oh my friends would definitely kill me but at the end of the day, they know its for laughs and we'd just laugh it off.

What do you mean it's a very me answer??? I'm shocked  :grr:  :kekeke:

I wonder why there aren't that many kids fics???  :?

@ Her Awesome Holiness: Ohhhh you mean codenames, I see....don't fret, I'm pretty sure you'll figure it out....or not  :kekeke:

@ Mame-chan: Well I could do one of two things, first would be to satisfy the takagaki's out there and second would be to set up a new pairing that has never been done before....which do you prefer???  :hee: (Do I even have to ask?)

Trust me to write out Risa's work was causing me a headache because if I didn't do that scene it would seem like Risa's involvement in the fic to be almost nonexistent and that would be boring on her part because she plays a big part in the fic.

Unfortunately Risa's assistant does not have a name because I don't think that character will be a major role in the fic at all besides here or there.  Nakky strikes you as a cop undercover in a prostitute organization??? Wow....yeah Wow!

Of course where is the coolness when you don't have an awesome car to go along with these characters??? I also always wanted to incorporate a fic with all the cars I love  :bigdeal:

@ kRisZ: You're not the only one that would want to barge in  :hiakhiakhiak:

Yes you read that correctly the first time however the second time, no that wasn't what you thought it would be

Chapter 3

Date: March 9
Time: 5:00 pm

“Ahhhhh another day” as Maimi stretched her arms inside her own office “look at the time, I should call Saki to see if she is ready to go” as she dialled Saki’s extension “hey are you ready?”

“Yeah just need to give some instructions to Eri, meet you at the parking lot?”

“Sounds good” Maimi hung up, put on her blazer, took her purse and picked up a couple of files before heading out of her office.

“Takahashi-san, hate to do this to you but do you mind making these corrections ready for tomorrow?”  Maimi took one of the files and handed it to Ai

“Sure” as she opened the file and examined the damage as Maimi walked towards Reina

“Tanaka-san, I am going to put you on this project, here are the details in this file, double check the deadline date but I think it is in a month.  Let’s set a meeting tomorrow afternoon okay?”

“That’s fine Ms. Yajima” as Reina took the file from Maimi and checked the deadline date before entering it on her calendar

Maimi took the elevator and walked towards the metallic silver Nissan Silvia, where Saki was patiently waiting “hey sorry bout that, had to drop things for Ai-chan and Reina”

“No worries” Saki started the car and slowly drove out of the parking lot “So what do you feel like having?  I just know I promised Eri to make spaghetti but what else?”

“I feel like steak and potatoes tonight, okay with you?”

“Yeah that’s fine!  I don’t think the others will mind either but are we having it with wine?”

“Of course, what’s steak without a little red wine?” Maimi chuckled “anyways how was the meeting with the parents”

“Groan…don’t remind me.  Just the usual trying to get to know what’s been going on in our lives making up for the times when they didn’t have the time for us.  Your parents were asking me why you weren’t there though in which I gave them the usual, we are busy with a project etc etc.  They want to set up a dinner though and they wouldn’t take no for an answer”

“I don’t get them at all!!  We are already doing as they wish, what more do they want?  We didn’t need them around then, what makes them think that we need them now?  We turned out fine growing up just the two of us”

“Calm down Maimi, don’t let them affect you.  I think they feel guilty though for what they did in the past.  I understand where you are coming from and believe me if there is anyone that understands the way I feel or think, it is you and I believe it’s the same vice versa.  We can just go to the dinner and that’s it right?  They are getting old and I know its all business for them but like I said, in a few years they won’t be here anymore so while they are here let’s just try to get along?”

Maimi sighed, “you’re right Saki, I guess I should give them the last of their chances and try to get along.  You are also right though, if there is anyone who can understand me it has to be you.  I was fortunate that you were there for me when we were kids and have been there for me up till now.  I guess that is one thing the parents did right”

Saki laughed “you aren’t going to get sentimental with me now are you?”

Maimi punched Saki lightly on the shoulder “way to go ruin my only moment where I am not on offense”

“Don’t say that!  I just thought it was rare that’s all, the usually calm, cool and collected Maimi being emotional and sentimental hasn’t appeared in front of me for a long time now, I kinda forgot how it was. Its nice to be reminded you know?”

“Word gets out and I will personally have to strangle you, and just for the record its only in front of you.  I can’t show that side in public because it makes me weak you know?”

Saki parked the car and placed a hand on top of Maimi’s “you should never think that it is a sign of weakness and I don’t think the girls think you even have a weak side.  They might think it is an imposter haha”

“Haha, yeah well you should be the one to talk, you’re the same as me.  But anyways, we should go shopping, this moment is becoming awkward for me”

“Wouldn’t want to hunger the girls right?”

The girls walked in to the supermarket, Maimi pushing a shopping cart as Saki started picking out her ingredients. ~CRASH~ Saki turned to find 2 girls and Maimi picking up some ingredients off the floor from their overflowing shopping carts.  In particular, one girl caught Saki’s eye, she was slightly taller than Saki and was wearing very casual clothes and distinct features, especially her chin.  Saki walked over to see what the issue was as well as help Maimi

“Sorry” both Maimi and the other girl apologized at the same time

“Haha, sorry it was totally our fault, we weren’t looking” said the girl with a toothy smile, hair tied in a bun

“No no I think I was over absorbed in my own thoughts that I didn’t look where I was going”

“Maimi, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I was deep in thought and never saw these pretty ladies and well we crashed carts”

Saki turned to the 2 girls and noticed the one with a toothy grin was blushing slightly while the one with a long chin was staring at her “Sorry about my friend here, she tends to bump into things”  Saki explained without looking away from the girl

“No worries!  The same is for Airin here too” the girl smiled ‘she has a nice smile’

“Well since neither party is harmed, I guess we should be off?” Airi looked at Maimi and Saki

“Sorry once again” Maimi apologized before pushing her cart away leaving “Come on woman!  We’ve got hungry people at home waiting”

“Coming!” hollered Saki not taking her eyes off the girl and was about to turn around but before doing so she winked at the long chin girl

Airi caught the wink and turned to her companion who was still staring at the girl walking away and nudged her in the arm “Miya the girl is gone, you can breathe now”

Miyabi turned to Airi and pushed her lightly “Shut up!  I was always breathing”

Airi cocked her eyebrows in doubt “yeah and I am a Kappa”

“I never thought of you as anything else, you know a kappa in human disguise” smirked Miyabi before slightly jogging away

“Get back here doofus!  Feel the wrath of the kappa” she rolled the shopping cart after her faithful companion, partner, cousin and long time friend

“I saw you oogling that girl Saki, interested?”  Maimi asked as they were carrying the groceries to the car

“For your big fat information, I was not oogling, just…you know surveying my environment” as she pushed the button to pop the trunk

“Yeah right, first I am not big nor fat and second you were practically drooling over the long chin like you were ready to pounce and I bet you winked at her”

“Man I hate it when you know me inside and out, it tends to get creepy and scary you know and I wasn’t drooling”

“But you did wink right?  Did you catch a name?  And I do know it is scary but the feeling is mutual”

“Yeah I did and no I didn’t catch a name but we do know that the toothy one’s name is Airin, which sounds like a nick”

“Tough then!  Hey the girls are home already” Maimi stated when they entered their premises eyeing the midnight blue Audi A4, checking for any exterior damage. ‘Reina better not damage the cars again or I’ll wring her neck’

“A little help here?”

Maimi turned to see Saki juggling the grocery bags “Naw I think you’ve got it covered” as she leaned on the Audi

“Come on Maimi, I am not as strong as you are and just to remind you that the longer it takes for me to get this stuff in the house, the longer it will be before we eat.  You remember the last time the girls were hungry”

Maimi recalled the memory and shivered “yeah on the other hand let’s get the food inside” as she quickly helped Saki carry things. 

“Honey, we’re home!!! Did you guys do any damage to the house??” asked Saki as she eyed Ai on her laptop and the duo who were playing on the Maximum Tune arcade system

“No mom and dad” mocked Reina without turning away from the game

“That’s a good baby” retored Maimi

“So tonight we are having steak and potatoes along with spaghetti, any objections?” Silence “I assume not then”

“Saki-chan, would you like any help?” offered Ai

“No Ai-chan, you cooked yesterday and Maimi offered to help anyways but thank you”

Maimi and Saki walked into the kitchen and started preparing dinner after changing their clothes and putting on aprons. Maimi’s cell rung suddenly indicating she has a new email message “Saki, I need to deal with this, I’ll be back in a couple” Maimi stated after looking at the sender as she dashed to her study and locked the door

Maimi connected her computer to the TV before opening the video attachment to her email she had just received  “Here is some information for your next project in which I need verification before we make our next move.  You know what you have to do, I hope to hear from you soon”

Maimi clicked open the attached documents and examined them, she picked up her pen and scribbled the words ‘next project: data research required’, stuffed it in her pockets, before heading back out to help Saki

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Hmm, I wonder what the next project is? Will we get another appearance of the Bad!Girls? :drool:
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I can totally say that because that's the teasing rights I have
Damn author power :frustrated:  :lol:

What do you mean it's a very me answer??? I'm shocked
I dunno. It's you :nervous

Maybe people doesn't like kids fic much?

I feel like steak and potatoes tonight
I like that :drool:

:w00t: the MiyaSaki and MaiRi meeting!
This Saki is captain, right?

“yeah and I am a Kappa”
“I never thought of you as anything else, you know a kappa in human disguise”
“Get back here doofus!  Feel the wrath of the kappa”

Many mysterious things still but definitely getting interesting.

*Waits for the next while still munching on the popcorn…* ‘Wait, where did my popcorn go?’ *Looks around, spots C and yells ‘C, give me back my popcorn!’  :pleeease:  lol
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Woo a CSI-ish fic? COOL! and eh is Maimi and Saki older then Eri, Reina & Ai here? Or are they just young biz kids?

I wonder how gang Maimi and gang Airi are gonna clash together tho..

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“Coming!” hollered Saki not taking her eyes off the girl and was about to turn around but before doing so she winked at the long chin girl

That’s no slacking, time is gold  XD

‘next project: data research required’


:mon sweat: *gives back popcorn and offers kRisZ a can of coke as a peace offering*

 XD  Domo  :D
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XD the chin joke never gets old. Ok so this will be a MiyaSaki eh? Interesting.. Yet believable. In response to ya qns about the pairings, it really depends on who it is. I could deal in most cases. Oh and you didn't voice ya thoughts about Nakky. Do you agree she looks the part? :P
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: Any ideas??? Not as of yet, not as of least I don't think so.  I think I should do more a history of Risa and Airi no?

@ Chloe: You say that as if you don't write  ;) I recall someone hasn't told me an answer for their own fic  :smhid

Now I have to go and evaluate myself as to what is a me answer  :lol: Is that the impression I am leaving you with? Is that good or bad? Should I worry?  XD

I think because with kid fics you are limited to what you can do with them no??? I don't know but I do know some people don't like perverted context when it comes to kids because....well because that's what they are known  However I do at times wonder if these same people realize that Saki (Captain), Momo, Maimi are already 17, 18 which makes the ones in Berryz around 15, 16 which technically they aren't really kids anymore.  But that's just me

Yes this Saki is captain, the other Saki, I referred her as Nakky

*eating chips while watching kRisZ and Chloe fighting over popcorn* Awww god damn where's the popcorn throwing brawl???  :lol:

@ stefy: No Maimi and Saki are not older than Ai, Reina or Eri, they just happen to be the only heir to their parents' big corporation.

Good point, I'll be working on that clash...may take a while...but working on it

Sayu???  :shocked I knew I forgot someone!!!! *finds laptop and starts thinking*

@ kRisZ: My girl, Saki's got this yo!!!  ;) Remember Saki and Maimi are rich, so if other girls flock them, they've got to know how to defend and chase no??  :lol:

@ Mame-chan: Nope never does get old  :smhid

I was debating about pairings, as I still am right now about whether I should pair people up just to break them up and remain friends....or I could take someone's suggestion of blowing them all up  :lol:

So if there are no pairings, you'll be able to deal???

My thoughts on Nakky??? Out of the team as is right now you mean??? Or out of everyone??? Because if you are referring to the police team, then yes she can pull it off but if you are referring to everyone, then nope I have someone else in mind that could pull it off even better.

Chapter 4

Date: March 9
Time: 7:00 pm

“Airin, I’m home!” hollered Risa as she took off her shoes and hung her keys on the key rack

“Risa-ane, I should be done in a couple minutes so wash up”

Risa walked towards her room but not before greeting Miyabi “Hey you, playing games again?” as she watched Miyabi play Need for Speed on the Xbox 360

“You know me, I need to unwind when we get a difficult case and this helps”

“Alright Cuz anything that helps right? Airin should be done soon so wash up and help me set the table” as Risa walked to her own room to change

Miyabi groaned as she paused her game and put down the controller before walking out to the kitchen. She washed her hands and helped take out eating utensils “smells good Airin” as she went behind Airi and peeked over her shoulder “nice no carrots in the curry”

“Of course not, it is hard to forget when your only cousin made a fuss about it”

“Yeah, you can say it was an unexpected tantrum” added Risa as she walked into the kitchen

“It was not a tantrum, you would expect your own parents to remember what their child doesn’t like eating and I was a kid back then” she stated as she walked out

“You still are!!!!” both Airi and Risa yelled after her, as they both giggled

“So Risa-ane, I think Miya was attracted to this stranger we met at the super today” declared Airi as they were eating

“USO!!!! What’s she like?”

“Well she was well groomed, looks like an office lady and I think she was flirting with Miya too!”

“USO!!! USO!!! USO!!! What did she do?”

“Well throughout the whole encounter, they were starting at each other as if there was no one else around. Luckily, their eyes were not wandering otherwise it would seem like they were stripping each other with their eyes”

“Dame!!!!! Getting a mental image” laughed Risa as she closed her eyes and put her hand out to stop Airi form anymore descriptions

~SLAM~ “Guys I am still here you know!!!!! Airi stop feeding Risa-oneesan with your imaginary images. I was not stripping her nor was I really staring. I….I…was surveying our surroundings out of habit” yelled Miyabi slightly annoyed

“The stranger even winked at Miya and when the girl was gone, Miya was still staring at a non-existing back” Airi continued ignoring Miyabi’s outburst

“USO!!!!!! Do we have a name for this mysterious person?”

“Nope” Miyabi answered in a low voice

“Why so dejected? Because you don’t know you’re crushs’ name?”

“NO!!! Because my 2 cousins are making fun of something non-existent and making me lose my temper”

“Alright, alright we’ll stop”

“For now” chimed Airi earning a glare from Risa

“No for good, now come on Miya, smile”

Miyabi’s facial expressions didn’t change from her dark sulky look, as she continued to eat her food. “Awww I’m sorry Miya, I shouldn’t have made fun of you, how bout I treat you to dessert?” Airi walked over to Miyabi giving her puppy dog eyes

Miyabi tried avoiding those eyes but every time she turned, Airi would follow “Fine” Miyabi threw her hands up in the air in defeat “but I swear I won’t let you off so easily”

“Alright I will leave you two, finish up and bring me the dishes before you go”

“Ane, it’s my turn to do the dishes and are you not joining us?”

“Naw you guys have fun, I’ve got some reports to finish writing up and yes I know it’s your turn but it’s alright I can do them for you”

“You’re one lucky sibling Airin, not many siblings non-blood related would stick around after the parent’s death and be nice”

Airi stuck her tongue out at Miyabi and then ran to hug Risa tightly “you’re just jealous of our relationship, at how great we get along” as Risa returned the hug and chuckled lightly

“No I am just stating how fascinating Risa-oneesan is for putting up with you, now are we going or not?” Miyabi twitched her head towards the door

Airi let go of Risa and picked up her plate “yeah”

Risa laughed as she shook her head at how childish they could get yet sighed at the sight of Airi ‘What Miya says is true not many step-siblings would probably look after each other or have good relationships with each other, much less live together with them as one’

Risa POV/Flashback

It didn’t start out like that though when mom married her dad moving us with them, I didn’t like the fact that my own mother treated her better when I was her flesh and blood. I at one point was so upset, I purposely pushed her onto the gravel floor, scraping her knee which caused her to start crying however when she knew I was the one that pushed her, she stopped crying, sniffled a couple of times, got up and walked/limped away. I couldn’t understand where she was going and why she had stopped crying, well my first thought was that she was afraid of me.

That night when the parents came home, Airi had changed into long pants to hide her knees. Eventually the parents found out and I thought I was doomed but she told them she accidentally tripped. I was sceptical at first that she was just pretending because I was there and she would tell the parents the truth when I was away. One night that all changed though, I remember it was a night where there was thunder, my greatest fear, and the parents weren’t home so I sat in my room, on my bed shivering until I heard the door creak.

Thinking it was the parents I looked out from under my blanket but it wasn’t, there stood Airin with her kappa plushie. She walked over to me never saying anything and climbed onto my bed sitting beside me where I was laying and started stroking my head. I don’t know what it was but the gesture calmed me down as I slowly fell asleep. By morning when I opened my eyes she wasn’t on my bed yet on the sofa in my room sleeping. I quietly walked over and watched as she slept, hugging tightly onto her kappa plushie. She was so peaceful and it was my first time noticing her this close but I realized how small and cute she was. She shivered a bit, in which I believe she must have slept all night without a blanket, hence I went over to my own bed and grabbed my blanket. As I was placing it over her tiny body, I noticed the bump where her knee was wrapped. I lifted her pant leg carefully and noticed the ugly wrapping so I assumed she did this on her own and she probably didn’t disinfect the wound yet.

I tiptoed into my bathroom and searched for my first aid kit, delighted when I finally found it but when I walked back to where she was sleeping, Airi was gone. I was confused at first but noticed my room door open so I can guess that she had stepped out but why??? I picked up my first aid kit and went to her room in search of my younger sister. There she was sleeping on her own bed, wrapped in her own blanket, hugging tightly to her plushie, it was at that moment, my jealousy towards her had evaporated and in fact was replaced by guilt.

I sat at her desk and continued watching her sleep as I waited for her to wake up. I still recall the shocked look on her face when she did, she had to double scan her room to make sure she was indeed in her room “You can stop worrying, this is your room” I got up and walked towards her, with every step I got closer I felt anxious about apologizing “I’m…er…well you know…er…sorry about your knee” as I took out some cleaning alcohol and cotton pad and wiped her knee. She looked at me smiling her toothy grin that I had just noticed “why didn’t you rat me out?”

She grinned wider “I always wanted an older sister, and since we are sisters we should be helping each other out” was all she said but it made me feel warm and it was from then that we started talking about our other missing parent and things that have happened in our lives. Through our conversations, I found that Airin was completely innocent and cute in which I wanted to preserve, making sure no harm would be bestowed upon her. I finally admitted I had a younger sister, a younger sibling that I loved and cherished

End of Risa POV/Flashback

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Ah, family dinner. Definitely glad to know the story behind Risa and Airi.

I finally admitted I had a younger sister, a younger sibling that I loved and cherished
Oh my god, this was so cute, I actually got a little teary eyed. :wub: :wub:
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Hey, I’m mostly a reader  :grin:
Didn’t I already tell you? --> That one of your guesses is correct (that counts, no? XD)

You don’t have to worry, it’s a good one ;)

I think even with MM fics you don’t always have to connect them with perverted context somehow. Plus if it’s an AU you can make the kids older, yes? Maybe people isn’t as interested in kids as they do with MM *shrugs* but C-ute is what got me into this whole HP universe in the first place with their Namida no Iro.

“USO!!! USO!!! USO!!! What did she do?”

It always amuses me when Risa did the whole ‘USO!’ thing, so funny and cute at the same time.

Airi and Risa are so adorable with each other :wub:

You want popcorn throwing brawl? *throws some of kRisZ's popcorn at you and hides*
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pssst... :ph43r:

haven't read a fic except wordy's ones for a while, and i just wanted to support this one 'cause it's just really good  :thumbsup

Miya x Captain ?

totally in !

the dialogues after the two duo bumped into eachother was simple awesome  :lol:

keep the good work coming FaqU !
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Ohhh ^^
i see ^^ a new fan fic of Faqu (Hello!Project KIDS) yeah ^^
good start.
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Hello, I started reading this fic last night, after a long time break :lol: It's an interesting story you have there. Your last chapter really make me feels warm and fuzzy inside. Keep up the good job! (I'm not in the mood of commenting, but someone asked me to support you. So yeah :P )
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: don't forget Miya, she's still family  :) *passes you a tissue*

@ Chloe: sneaky sneaky, nope that doesn't count  :lol:

I know you don't have to link the kids in a perverted context and all but I do think people are still looking at them as kids, as opposed to grown ups.  I think they grew up faster than my kid sister and my kid sister is older than most of them  :lol:  But I guess you're right too, there hasn't been much HP Kids fics and I always thought that it was weird.

I so wanted a brawl, it's a great workout *throws my bag of chips at you, reaches over to kRisZ's popcorn and chucks whole bowl at you before chasing you* *growl*  :lol:

@ ChrNo:  :welcome *whispers* Thank you for the support, and I assume you're a kid's fic supporter right?  Welcome aboard and I'll try to do my best!

@ Maimi_Yajima: Ahhhh it's been a while hasn't it??? How have you been??? Haven't seen you a round, were you on vacation??? I am also doing and have done some one-shots, not necessarily all are kids but I'm sure there are a few  ;)

@ ziggurat: Hello  :welcome If you're not in the mood for commenting, that's alright.  Hope you enjoy the fic as it progresses but if you see anything that might make this all the more interesting, please do tell.  Does the someone have a name?  If you don't feel like saying that's alright too, please than them for me though!!!

Chapter 5

Date: March 10
Time: 1:30 am

Throughout the night, while people are expected to sleep, the tappity tap of the keys on a keyboard and the clickety click of a mouse was still in motion

“Ai-chan!  What are you doing up so late?”

“Maimi!  I still have to finish those corrections you asked me to do today.  What about you?”  Ai took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes momentarily

“I wanted to grab a glass of water” as she filled up her cup “don’t stay up too late otherwise Reina and Eri might actually get up before you”

“I’ll keep that in mind” chuckled Ai “wouldn’t want them to start teasing me about it”

Maimi walked back to her room and locked the door behind her before turning on her laptop, eyeing the note that she had written earlier.  She turned on her browser and decided to do the research that was requested and sent it out with a full analysis before going to bed.

Time: 6:00 am

Maimi woke up at her usual time and checked her email for the approval of her report.  Happy that it was approved, she went to the weight room in her house and started working out for an hour before Saki walked in.  “Morning Maimi”

“Morning Saki!  I have a favour to ask of you” greeted Maimi while doing benchpresses

“What’s up?” she started a light jog on the treadmill

“I will be home later tonight and it’s my turn to cook so…”

“Sure no problem”

“Thanks I owe you one” Saki put on her huge headphones as she increased the speed of her jog

Maimi smiled at Saki while continuing her workout. ‘Another good thing about growing up with Saki, I can always depend on her when I need her and she will never ask me why.  She gives me my time and space and waits for when I want to tell her anything but I guess its could be because she believes I am that capable that she doesn’t have to worry about me.  Because we grew up together, we know what each person thinks sometimes or wants to do or when something the other can’t do so we never have to worry too much about each other.  If I couldn’t do a particular task she is great to help with the thinking process so that we face things together, like siblings.’

Maimi finished her last rep before taking a shower and getting dressed.  On her way to her room, she took a couple steps back to check inside the library to see if Ai had been working all night, luckily she hadn’t which relieved Maimi.  Sure Ai is their secretary but at home, she is also a friend, a mother figure at times for Reina and Eri, in which Maimi was grateful for, so she wouldn’t want to see her friend overly stressed or anything with work issues when she already has a handful at home.  

When Maimi finished her shower she went to prepare breakfast in shorts and a tee for her housemates, a habit she has since she wakes up the earliest.  While she was cooking, she felt arms wrap around her waist and a head lay on her back.  Judging by the height the only person it could be was…

”Morning Ai-chan”

“YAWN~ Morning Maimi-chan”

“What time did you go to bed yesterday?”

“Before you did” Ai-chan was very perceptive so it doesn’t surprise Maimi that she knew Maimi was up doing something in her room “but I finished the corrections”

“Thanks and sorry”

“No biggie”

“well do you want to get ready and wake up the other 2?”

Maimi felt the arms leaving her waist “I’m on it” as Ai walked out of the kitchen

“Maimi, I am ready to take over while you get dressed” Saki stood beside Maimi all dressed for work covered by an apron

Maimi finished what she was doing and walked away to get changed and ready.  This was a usual routine in their household, Reina and Eri being the last to wake up, Maimi being the first to do her morning workout then to start breakfast and then Saki to take over and Ai to wake up the ‘daughters/babies’
Date: March 10
Time: 7:30 am

Airi woke up to the heavy aromas that filled the house, replacing her clock at times meaning that Risa was up and making breakfast.  Before Airi did anything, she lazily walked over to Miyabi’s room and knocked on the door “Miya, time to wake up” and then took her morning shower.  When she got out of her shower, she puts on her robe, walked over to Miyabi’s room and knocked twice “Miyabi time to wake up”  Airi got dressed and could hear Risa setting the table so again she walked to Miyabi’s room “Natsuyaki Miyabi!”

The door flung open reveiling a still sleepy, hair dishevelled Miyabi “I’m up! I’m up!” she walked to do her usual morning routine as Airi walked to the dining room to greet Risa in her usual manner, by hugging her from behind and giving her a big toothy grin “Good morning”

“Hehe little one, when are you going to get out of that habit!” as she turned slightly to pat her on the head

“Never as long as you are by my side”

“God you guys are too sweet and mushy in the morning” complained Miyabi entering all ready for work, rubbing her eyes

“Aww did you need some family love?” Airi let go of Risa and glided towards Miyabi with open arms who put her hand out to stop her

“No thank you at least not first thing in the morning”

“Alright Airin you know how Miya is, leave her alone and come eat”

“Thank you Risa-oneesan!  Gawd! If people at work saw you like this, they will be shocked”

“Miya it’s different!  We are at work, all professionalism” Airi dived into her eggs, while Miyabi rolled her eyes.

Date: March 10
Time: 8:00 am

“Girls, I won’t be home for dinner tonight” Maimi informed while eating her toast
“Eh~~!!  But its your turn to cook tonight!!! Does that mean its my turn?” whined Reina with a pout

“No! I worked it out with Saki and please tell Eri to wake up otherwise eggs will be up her nose”

Reina nudged Eri “why aren’t you coming home tonight anyways?”

“I’ve got personal plans” Maimi eyed Ai to indicate she doesn’t have to check because it was never written down.  Ai slinked her hand away from her laptop grinning sheepishly for getting caught trying to check.  Seeing that it was not something written down, everyone knew it was pointless to continue asking as they continued eating “I will come home however after work to take the Ducati”

“Rats!  I was going to take it tonight to go clubbing with Eri, guess we’ll take the Suzuki GSX-R600”

“Sorry Reina!  If I am home early enough you can use it”

“Deal!!!” Reina’s eye lit up in joy

“So we can take one car?”

“Naw!  We can drive separately in case you have to go buy groceries.  Maybe that girl will be there” smirked Maimi

At a mention of another girl, the three older girls looked up and got interested in the topic “great Maimi you just had to mention it”

“Wait a minute!! Did Saki-chan meet someone yesterday?”

“How come you guys didn’t mention it yesterday?”

“What is she like?”

“Hold on!  I would really LOVE to tell you but it will have to wait until after work” Saki successfully dodged the questions and gave Maimi an evil glare.  

The trio pouted and got up from their seats after eating breakfast, grabbing their things, “Maimi-chan, we’re taking the Protege5” informed Eri

“Ai-chan’s turn to drive?” the duo nodded and groaned while Maimi and Saki patted them on the shoulder

“Alright Saki I’m out” Maimi got up picked up her briefcase, that was sitting beside her legs, and went out the door

“She sure has a lot to do if she is taking a briefcase”  Saki stated watching Maimi leave “I should get going too, got a lot of work to do.  I’ll see you girls at the office” Saki finished her coffee and got up as the girls waved before heading out.

“Man, if those two are busy, we are doomed” whined Eri once outside

“Baby, don’t be whining!  You’re boss is easier to talk to in the office, mine is harder”

“Come on guys be more understanding, they have it hard too” Ai climbed into the driver side, with Reina as shot gun and Eri sitting in the back

“I know but sometimes it wouldn’t be bad being rich I mean they get to do whatever they want, buy whatever they want, go where ever they want”

“Not quite Reina, do whatever they want, we all know that” Ai turned her head to the back to make sure she wasn’t backing out dangerously

“But you get the picture” Reina commented before dropping the subject entirely
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Well, the plot didn't quite thicken, but it did get breakfast! :D

*accepts tissue* Thanks mucho.
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Airi and Risa  :heart:

While she was cooking, she felt arms wrap around her waist and a head lay on her back.  Judging by the height the only person it could be was…

Cute  :love:

“Maimi, I am ready to take over while you get dressed” Saki stood beside Maimi all dressed for work covered by an apron

 :rockon: and  :wriggly:

“Man, if those two are busy, we are doomed” whined Eri once outside

“Baby, don’t be whining!  You’re boss is easier to talk to in the office, mine is harder”


Lots of hot rides  :inlove:
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: Sorry if it drags, thought I'd incorporate how tight the relationships are  :nervous  Need another tissue?  :lol:

@ kRisZ: I guess you know who works for who nee??  Which is your fav ride?

Chapter 6

Date: March 10
Time: 9:00 am

“Morning everyone, anything new” asked Airi as she walked into her department with Miyabi in tow.  No one said a word and looked away “by the looks, nothing.  Well that just leaves us with the bullet”

“Suzuki-san!  Yoshizawa-san wants to see you”, Mai Hagiwara, secretary to the commissioner informed

“Okay thank you Mai-chan”

“Wonder what she wants to see you about?  I hope not because we don’t have progress”

Airi shrugged her shoulders “only one way to find out” as she left to find the Commissioner

~KNOCK KNOCK~ “Come in”

“Yoshizawa-san, you wanted to see me?”

“Take a seat Suzuki-san” Airi did as told “I realize you are on the death of the recent drug dealer case am I correct?” Yossie’s back was facing Airi as she was looking out of her office window

“Yes Ma’am”

“Stop the investigation”

“W-what do you mean?”

“Well have you read the report from forensics yet?” Yossie turned to look at Airi.  Airi shook her head “its there on my desk, briefly skim through it”  Airi skimmed through the report and read the line that was most important the bullet is from a PT145 pistol just as Airi guessed “I think you understand why now, don’t waste anymore time and manpower on a case where we don’t have any leads”

“I understand”

“Good, you’re dismissed” Airi bowed and walked out the Commissioner’s office, closing the door behind her

“Guys we can stop the investigation”

“What? Why?” yelled Miyabi as she got up from her seat

“Yoshizawa-san’s order.  Forensics have already confirmed my guess so it’s a dead end”

“Why would the commissioner have the report?  Is that how it is normally?”

Miyabi’s question struck a nerve ‘That’s true!  Usually we report to the commissioner, not the other way around.  But then again, I don’t know what the commission does’ “Maybe it is Miya but it doesn’t matter, the commissioner has spoken.  Case is to be closed so guys I guess we will be leaving on time”
Date: March 11
Time: 12:00 am

Maimi returned after her last appointment carrying a sling-over bag and wearing casual clothes when she got home.  She took off her yellow-tinted sunglasses while she checked the other bikes and noticed the Suzuki GSX-R600 was missing. ‘Guess Reina and Eri are not home yet, mental note to apologize to Reina tomorrow for not getting home on time.  But then again with Reina’s driving record at home, might not be a bad thing.  Wouldn’t want my baby to get wrecked and damaged’

“Hey you’re home”

Shocking Maimi as she jumped a little “Geez Saki, you almost gave me a heart attack!!!!” Maimi placed a hand over her heart “what are you doing still up anyways?”

“Sorry but I had some work to finish first.  Did you eat yet?  We left you some food”

“No I haven’t and thanks you da bomb!!!” Maimi high-fived Saki before she went to get changed with Saki in tow

“How were your appointments?” asked Saki from outside Maimi’s room

“Smooth as usual” replied Maimi as she walked out in a tank and shorts

“You going to work out after?” Saki asked eyeing Maimi’s attire

“Yeah, wanna join me?”

“Sure meet me there when you are done eating” Saki walked into her room to get changed

“I’ll just take a quick bite, I want to do some sparring if you are joining me” Maimi half whispered half hollered through the wooden door.  She waited for Saki’s “okay” before jogging to the kitchen to grab something light and going down to their weight room

“What kind of sparring do you want to do today?” Saki was moving some of the equipment around to lay down mats

“Let’s practice boxing”

“Okay, I’ll receive first but please not so hard, its just practice”

“Okay, okay but just so that you know it isn’t fun when you aren’t giving it your all” Saki and Maimi put on their equipment

“But…oof…it…tends…to…hurt…itai” Maimi started punching the pads that Saki were holding up

“It can’t be that painful, I’m just warming up” Maimi continued throwing left and rights


“Fair enough” they continued the exercise for another ten minutes “do you want to switch up?”

“Yeah let’s do that before you kill me” as they switched gloves.  Saki and Maimi did their exercise and switched every 20 minutes until they were sweating profusedly

“I think I’ve had enough, what about you?"

“Yeah I wanna hit the shower and hit the sack”

Just as they were walking to their rooms, they heard giggling and keys jingling “Baby, sh-sh-shhhhh” Maimi and Saki could hear Eri giggling while trying to talk meaning that she had quite a bit to drink

“I’m…trying h-here, I’m just as a-anxious as you so I c-can do you” which meant Reina had just about enough to drink as well as she tried to find the right key

“You want to get this or shall I?” Saki asked as she raised an eyebrow at Maimi

“I’ll get this, you go to bed.  I need to shut them up before they wake up Ai-chan” as she parted ways with Saki.  Maimi flung open the door to see Reina leaning on the door trying to insert the key into Maimi’s stomach and Eri leaning on Reina kissing her on her collarbone.  Reina let out a moan and moved her neck to give more access to Eri.  “Girls as much as I would LOVE to see you guys get it on, please come in quietly and don’t wake up the others”

“Ohhh Maimi-chan wants to join us Reina!” Eri slurred stopping her kisses and making Reina slight upset from her halted pleasure

Reina tried to protect Eri as much as she could wobbling back and forth and pointed a finger at Maimi “S-stay *hic* away *hic* from my woman”

“Get in here you two” hissed Maimi absolutely annoyed that they were still making a lot of noise.  She stepped aside and took both of them by the arms as she took them through the door, closed the door and dragged them to their room

“Itai!  *hic* Maimi-chan, I didn’t know you liked it rough *hic* itai!”

“Shhhhh or I’ll take you down to the gym and wake you up personally like last time” The duo was woken up a bit by the threat as they recalled the experience and let Maimi guide them to their room in silence.  Once they got to their room, Maimi waited for them to get in before giving them one last warning “don’t be too loud if you’re going to get it on and GOODNIGHT”  Maimi closed the door for them and went to her own room ‘God I hate lecturing them but they have to be quiet.  The last thing I need is Ai-chan to wake up grumpy or me kicking their asses.  Wait what time is it??? I haven’t sent in the information to the other party!!! CRAP!!!!’ Maimi quickly went to her library with her sling-over.  She took out a file and started scanning things before typing a quick email

As per your request, attached is the documentation.  I hope this is satisfactory.

Maimi looked over the documents to make sure she had everything before sending it off.

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@ ChrNo:  :welcome *whispers* Thank you for the support, and I assume you're a kid's fic supporter right?  Welcome aboard and I'll try to do my best!
yeah i'm a kids fic supporter indeed hehe
i also read your other fic last week, My guardian angel i think, it was so good that i couldn't stop at the first chapter so i read all of it in one evening lol
the chapters 58 and 65 broke my heart into pieces  :cry:
really loved how momo approched airi, it was really funny

anyway back to Colour of Truth, i really like Miya's character here  :lol:

Airi knocking 3 times on Miya's door  XD

really can't wait to read what's Maimi is doing out there, and why the case was closed  :panic:

keep it up !  :thumbsup

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“Why would the commissioner have the report?  Is that how it is normally?”
Quite suspicious, quite.
thanks you da bomb!!
trying to insert the key into Maimi’s stomach
:lol: :lol:
The last thing I need is Ai-chan to wake up grumpy or me kicking their asses.
Fear the grumpy monkey.
@ Her Awesome Holiness: Sorry if it drags, thought I'd incorporate how tight the relationships are   :nervous  Need another tissue?   
I didn't mean to say it dragged, I thought the chapter was cute.

*imagines Tanakame getting it on* Hmm, might need that tissue now...
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Ahhhh it's been a while hasn't it???
yeah ^^ gomene ^^U

How have you been???

This might be a long chat... ^^U
And I think than this site  isn´t the suitable one, to have these chats... ^^U
Therefore ... only i can say that i am fine. ^^U
and you... hehehe... How are you? ^^

Haven't seen you a round, were you on vacation???
hehehe sumimasen... ^^U
It also is a long chat... ^^U  but... um...
I cannot complain...
I had good vacations...
I was very relaxed ... and  maybe, a bit stubborn... XD

Your fic´s interesting...
They have daily lives, with work and school...
It is attached to the real daily life.
I have enjoyed these chapters.
I have amused myself...
i Not  lie... ^^U
But some time ago that I don´t  read fics.
but.. ganbare ^^ nE? ^^ :D

I am enjoying your fic...
It relaxes me...
I can see, than you selected to your favorite members.
ganbare ^^
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@ ChrNo: What?! All in one evening?  :shocked were your eyes okay after staring at a screen for that long???  What Maimi's doing? probably doing corporate researches???

The case closed only because there wasn't enough leads to keep the case going, there are no witnesses, no fingerprints, no nothing

@ Her Awesome Holiness: * hands you another tissue, then passes you a box  :lol:* You know what they say, it's usually the quiet ones that are scary when they get upset

Well let's get some trouble started shall we??

@ Maimi_Yajima: Fair enough, glad to know at least life has been treating you well.  I, myself, have been more or less okay, nothing to really complain about

You had vacation??? Must have been nice, oh how I envy those that get vacation time.

Glad it relaxes you, and glad to hear from you again. 

Chapter 7

Date: March 13
Time: 9:00 am

“Suzuki-san! Suzuki-san!”

“Yes Chisa?” Airi turned to her hollering team member

“T-t-trouble” Chisa huffed out

The whole team looked at her “what kind of trouble?”

“The wi-witness fr…from the shootout last month…”

“Yes what about them?  We are to go to court in 2 days are they backing out now?”

Chisa shook her head “they went missing”

“Missing?  What do you mean missing?” Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked in Chisa’s direction

“Like vanished from the face of the earth, the witness and their family”

“Okay guys we need to find them stat!!! Chisa, Nakky I need you to find out places the witness and family went over the last 2 days!  Toku-san, Kumai-chan, find out if the criminal and his men are linked to this.  Check what they have been up to recently, I want a report.  Miya, go with Maasa-chan to check customs to see if their names show up.  Guys we need to find them before the court date!!!”

“Roger” They saluted together and went off in direction directions.  Airi walked over to the commissioner’s office

KNOCK KNOCK “come in”

“Yoshizawa-san, we have an issue”

Yossie looked up from her file “yes?”

“The witness for the shootout case last month has gone missing.  My team is looking and searching now”

Yossie put her hands together and thought for a moment “okay find them ASAP and go to the Crown and see what are the chances we have to face”

“Yes Ma’am” saluted Airi before hurrying to the Crown’s office.

“Rii-chan, is Aika-san in?”

“Yeah, walk right in while I buzz her”

KNOCK KNOCK “Aika-san, we have a situation”

Mitsui Aika, Crown Prosecutor, looked up “Hi Suzuki-san, how can I help you?  My assistant, Momo-chan and I are just preparing the last things for court”

“The witness and family have disappeared, so in that case, what are our chances of nailing the guy?”

Aika thought for a moment “that makes things difficult because without a witness, the evidence will seem weak.  It would be best if you can find them ASAP but other than that, you will have to give me time to create better arguments.  I might have to find Umeda-san for help on this”

“I understand and thank you, please do as necessary and we will find the witness as soon as possible” Airi bowed before walking out

“Airin…is our date still on tonight?”

“Rii-chan, sorry I’ll have to take a raincheck on it, something came up at the station…” Airi scratched the back of her head apologetically

“It’s okay, we can have dinner another day but you look stressed, is it something bad?”

Airi smiled at how understanding her girlfriend was “yeah pretty bad that’s why I will be pulling all-nighters for the next 2 days”

“Well don’t!  You need to rest too!  I know how you get when you have a case”

“I’ll try, but I have to go back to work now.  I’ll call you later” Airi waved before going back to the station

Date: March 13
Time: 5:30 pm

Maimi was about to leave her office when she received an email indication message.  She looked at the sender and turned on her laptop.

The message was brief but it gave her the necessary information she needed to start her new project.  She pressed on the intercom for Ai “Ai-chan please notify Tanaka-san, Kamei-san and Shimizu-san that I need their help on a new assignment in which I will discuss details about tonight.  I will need your assistance as well”

“Okay, I will notify them right away”  Maimi let go of the intercom button as she leaned on her chair in deep thought ‘How are we going to do this?’ She shook her head and decided to go for a jog.  She usually kept another set of work out clothes in her office so that she could change and go for jogs when she needed fresh air or to clear her mind.  She picked out her clothes and went to the washroom in her office to change.

“Going for a jog?” Maimi looked up to find Saki leaning on her door


“I was wondering if this urgent thing could be deferred to later because the girls have to help me with this project that is due in 2 days”

‘Crap!!!! That means most of my help is out, I guess I’ll start this on my own’ Maimi thought “that’s fine, your project has a deadline so do you need my help?”

“Actually the second reason I came here is that this project requires more manpower than I expected and I was wondering if you have capacity to help me out with the presentation deck”

“Of course!!!! Can I help you after my jog? Or better yet how about after my jog, I shower and buy food and coffee for everyone?”

“Just get us coffee because I don’t think we will be hungry that soon, I’ll get Ai-chan to buy it later”

“So I will call in later taking your orders for the drinks” as Maimi headed to the elevators, waving behind her.  Maimi jogged around for about 45 minutes before heading back to grab her things.  She quickly drove home, took a quick shower and changed clothes before heading to the coffee shop.

Date: March 13
Time: 7:00 pm

“*yawn* I need a coffee” Airi stretched and rubbed her eyes from looking at her computer screen all day.  Her team was not back yet but would call in reporting where they were and what they were doing ‘Oh I forgot to tell sis Miya and I won’t be home for dinner’ She picked up the receiver and dialled Risa’s cell

“Moshi moshi”

“Ane!  Miya and I won’t be home for dinner tonight”

“Oh, big case?”

“Yeah sorry”

“No worries, kiddo!  Don’t work too late and remember to catch some sleep”

“I will” CLICK ‘Maybe I should go out and buy that coffee then I might be able to think of what to do’ Airi grabbed her jacket and headed out to a local café

~DING~ Airi walked in and walked up to stand in line

“Yeah I am getting coffee, ask them what they want” the woman reached into her bag to grab a pen and paper when her keys fell out.  Airi saw that the woman was juggling with her bag and didn’t notice so she helped her pick it up.  “Than-hey it’s you”

“Hi!  What a coincidence” Airi held out the keys

“Thanks…” the woman placed the phone between ear and shoulder and stuck out her hand

“Suzuki Airi” Airi shook hands

“Yajima Maimi.  You live around here?”

“I work closeby.  Um…aren’t you talking to someone?” Airi pointed to the cell that was still wedged between Maimi’s ear and shoulder

Maimi followed Airi’s finger “oh…oh right!! Sorry Kamei-san, could you repeat what you guys want?” Maimi spoke into the phone and turned to face the cashier “okay got it.  I’ll be there soon” Maimi snapped shut her phone and turned to Airi “thank you and sorry bout that”

Airi smiled “no problem, so what brings you in this area?”

“I work around here too…excuse me” Maimi went up to the counter, placed her order and paid before moving aside for Airi to place her own order.  Right when Airi was about to pay, Maimi produced the money to the cashier “thanks for your help, it was nice meeting you again” Maimi grabbed her order and went out the door before Airi could protest or say anything.  Airi stared as Maimi walked away 'how cute!' before heading back to the station for an all-nighter.  She sipped and savored the coffee recollecting her encounter with Maimi, a smile slowly creeping on her face 'wait till Miya hears that I met her dreamgirl's friend, she should thank me in the future if they get together'

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“I work closeby.  Um…aren’t you talking to someone?” A
Lol, silly Maimi
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So if there are no pairings, you'll be able to deal???

This is gonna sound surprising but I can deal if there aren’t any pairings. I meant if you found my idea of Nakky as an undercover prostitute crazy :lol:

“nice no carrots in the curry”

Awww no carrots? I like carrots *nibbles like a wa-bbit*

“USO!!! USO!!! USO!!! What did she do?”

Classic Risa reaction :D

*sniff* That’s some nice Risa-Airi background there. Makes it all the more touching :cry:


Ai took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes momentarily

Reminds me of Ai in that H!P DVD where she was the newscaster :wub:

Hehe little one, when are you going to get out of that habit!” as she turned slightly to pat her on the head

So this act works both ways. When there’s a couple/siblings involved:)

“I know but sometimes it wouldn’t be bad being rich I mean they get to do whatever they want, buy whatever they want, go where ever they want”

Ditto that.


“No I haven’t and thanks you da bomb!!!” Maimi high-fived Saki before she went to get changed with Saki in tow



Chisa shook her head “they went missing”

Missing? They probably got “off-ed” :shocked

Airi stared as Maimi walked away 'how cute!'

*Raps Airi's head* You have a GF :P
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I guess you know who works for who nee??
Kinda, but I'm not that familiar with the kids so I'm still getting there  :D

Which is your fav ride?
I have a thing about classic cars. And about the bikes, those are huge and fast, too heavy for me. Mine is small but heavy enough that I fell when I was u-turning on uneven road, twice  XD very funny and embarrassing experience  :yep:

Maimi flung open the door to see Reina leaning on the door trying to insert the key into Maimi’s stomach

Eri leaning on Reina kissing her on her collarbone.  Reina let out a moan and moved her neck to give more access to Eri.

Reina tried to protect Eri as much as she could wobbling back and forth and pointed a finger at Maimi “S-stay *hic* away *hic* from my woman”

“Itai!  *hic* Maimi-chan, I didn’t know you liked it rough *hic* itai!”

They're drunk driving with a bike, that's not safe at all  :roll:

Both parties had a deadline in two days time, coincidence? Hmmm

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@ Chloe: sneaky sneaky, nope that doesn't count  :lol:
Oh well, I guess that means you’ll have to wait until (if) I can finish it. I'm stuck though  :sweatdrop:

I know you don't have to link the kids in a perverted context and all but I do think people are still looking at them as kids, as opposed to grown ups.  I think they grew up faster than my kid sister and my kid sister is older than most of them    But I guess you're right too, there hasn't been much HP Kids fics and I always thought that it was weird.
You know, that time when I found that C-ute was below 17-ish, my reaction was :shock:
I though they’re 20 something! Especially Maimi LOL

*runs in circle around kRisZ* hey! You already threw your bag of chips and kRisZ's popcorn at me, why are you still chasing me??

secretary but at home, she is also a friend, a mother figure at times for Reina and Eri
:wub: Where can I find a perfect secretary like Ai?

Yoshizawa-san wants to see you
:O  :yossi:

“S-stay *hic* away *hic* from my woman”
Oooh... :mon inluv:

Maimi and Airi second meeting. Airi, Risako, and Maimi, I don’t know what I should expect :nervous
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@ Chloe: Well I have followed along with Cute for a while now, so I didn't get that kind of reaction, but I do agree that Maimi has changed and does look like she is older but that could be because she had to mature in looks as leader?

*runs around kRisZ chasing Chloe* because my chips and kRisZ's popcorn's attack is too light, come back here!!!!

@ Her Awesome holiness: unfortunately Maimi in my eyes will always be that cute  :lol: (regardless of the fic)

@ Mame-chan: Nakky as an undercover prostitute is not necessarily crazy, I mean it's doable  :lol:

It seems like in whatever fic, Risa is in, her reaction queen character still exists nee???

Now now, just because Airi has a GF doesn't mean she can't compliment someone when they are cute, I'm pretty sure that guys and girls alike still 'look' at others even if they are attached to someone

@ kRisZ: Ouch that sounds painful!!!!!

Exactly why Maimi has a reason to worry nee??? Probably why Maimi is so particular about Reina's driving records  :lol:

Chapter 8

Date: March 13
Time: 8:00 pm

Maimi returned to the office and immediately started helping Saki and the rest with the powerpoint deck for Saki's presentation.

"Shimizu-san where are the projected numbers? I need to add them in" Maimi asked as she walked into the board room where everyone was gathered.  Everyone turned to look at her and boy was it a sight, everyone was stressed and tired. "Woah!  I think you guys need a break"

Saki looked around "Takahashi-san why don't you go and buy something for everyone to eat, we'll take a break and then continue working on it"

Ai got up and left to buy food while the remainder stretched themselves. "Ahhh Yajima-san you're the greatest" smiled Reina as she got up to start massaging Eri's shoulders

Maimi chuckled "as much as I love to hear your praising me, this is a professional environment so..." Maimi pointed to Reina's seat she was once in

"Awwww but Maimi" Maimi raised an eyebrow at Eri "there isn't anyone here but us, Yajima-san and it feels good"

Before Maimi could retort Saki placed a hand on Maimi's shoulder "just let them be, they are working hard as it is and she does have a point, its just the five of us"

"Okay okay but only because Shimizu-san is talking on your behalf". Saki chuckled at how Maimi was too professional at times

"Yay!! Saki is the best"

"What? Funny how they can switch favorites in a second" Maimi cocked an eye at Saki, as they both shared a giggle

On Ai's side, she was deciding what was convenient to bring for the girls. 'Sandwiches? Soup? Rice? Noodle?' BUMP someone had ran by her and accidentally bumped into her causing her to lose her balance "itai!"

"Need a hand?" A hand was presented in front of Ai.  She followed the hand to the owner and found a woman with light brown, slightly curly hair, smiling warmly at her as she placed her hand within the strangers.

"Thank you" Ai uttered out without taking her eyes away from the woman, as she was pulled to her feet. "Itai!" Pain shot through Ai's leg as was about to fall but the stranger's reflexes were quick enough as her grip was tighter and wrapped her other arm around Ai.  Ai felt a blush forming on her face, in which she lowered her head to hide. 'Her grip is strong and her skin so soft,eyes so mesmerizing, smile so warm and boy is it getting hot in here!'

"I think you have a sprained ankle from the fall" the stranger led Ai to a nearby bench and slowly checked her ankle

"Itai itai" Ai pulled back her leg and held onto it

"Yep its a sprain.  Where are you headed do you need a cab?"

"Thank you but I have to buy food for my co-workers and bring it back to the office.  So I should get going now" Ai got up and wobbled a bit but didn't get far before the pain was too much to bear, luckily the woman caught her before she met the ground again.

"Not in that condition you aren't! How bout I help you?" the stranger placed her back on the bench

"No I don't want to bother you, I can go myself"

"Its no bother and I doubt you can go yourself, if you tried to it will only aggravate the sprain causing more damage to it than it already has"

Ai looked at the woman quizzically, "are you a doctor or something?"

The woman laughed "my apologies, I didn't even introduce myself,  Niigaki Risa and I am a coroner" Risa stuck out her hand

Ai took her hand and shook it "Takahashi Ai and thank you for your advice and help"

"Not at all! So what pray tell are you buying for your co-workers and where is your office?"

"I was thinking something simple like ramen and the office is the Yajima&Shimizu Co around the corner"

"Okay so what type of ramen were you thinking of?"

Ai sat there and thought for a moment 'let's see, no one can really eat spicy foods so we can eliminate that, and I think Reina is the only one with something against nattou but otherwise the girls are fine, so I guess beef ramen is what they will get' "5 beef ramens"

"Okay so why don't you sit tight and I will go help you buy it first then we can head to your office"

"Er- are you sure? I mean I can come with you that way we don't waste time because I have been out for a while now and I believe they are hungry"

"Are you sure that is what you want?" Ai nodded "okay in that case here put most of your weight on me as leverage"  Risa put her hand out for Ai to take as she lifted her off the bench and they were off slowly and steadily.

"Girls I'm back!"

"Mou Ai-chan what took...? What happened to you?" Asked Eri as she saw Ai limping slightly into the board room with Risa in tow, which caused everyone to look up at them

"Um...I sprained my ankle and Niigaki-san here was nice enough to escort me back"

"Er...hajimetemashita!" Risa bowed her head and greeted

‘She’s cute!’ Maimi went up to take the food from Ai as Saki went to guide Ai to a chair "thank you for helping her out" Maimi reciprocated the bow and took out her hand "Yajima Maimi desu!"

Risa shook her hand "Niigaki Risa desu and if your last name is Yajima, does that mean you are the owner of the company?"

Maimi chuckled lightly "My parents along with Saki's own the company, we just work here like these girls"

"I see... I think I should get going as to not hinder your work. Takahashi-san stay off your ankle for a couple days, at least till the swelling dies down"

"Thank you again for everything"

‘Wait…don’t go yet!!’ "Er...Niigaki-san where do you live? How bout I get you a cab for your time? It will be paid by the company for your efforts" offered Maimi

"No need my car is parked around here"

‘Quick think of something Maimi before she leaves!’ "Er…then why don't I walk you to your car? Its not safe for you to be walking alone and its pretty dark out" Sensing that Maimi was insistant Risa nodded at the offer "girls I'll be back"

"So you know what I do, what do you do?" It was an awkward silence for a while so Maimi decided to strike up a conversation

"Oh I am a coroner"

"Ohhh a coroner, so technically you are like a doctor just that you don't prescribe drugs and you analyze anatomies" Maimi put her hands together in awe. Hearing Maimi's reaction and explanation, Risa couldn't help but laugh a bit "nani? Am I wrong?" ‘Dork!!!! You probably made a fool of yourself!!! Way to go Maimi, sooo smooth, like rocky-road ice-cream.  Yes you haven’t been playing the field in a while because of your ex, but damn you lost it!!!!’

"No no sorry I was laughing because your reaction is similar to something my sister would do.  But yes you can see my job as something like that" as they began to cross the street

"Really?" At that moment Maimi caught sight of a car coming very fast, showing no signs of slowing down and was headed towards them.  Due to Maimi's quick reflexes, she pulled Risa by the arm causing Risa to twirl slightly inward into Maimi's embrace with no gap between them as they were faceing each other.  Maimi blushed at the close proximity as she pulled apart after the crazy driver drove by "er...are you okay?" Maimi scratched the back of her head nervously while looking at the floor

"Yeah" Risa breathed out in a low murmur “a little shocked but nonetheless I am good”

"L-lets continue on our way shall we?" Asked Maimi once her blushing was controlled, as she slowly lifted her eyes to meet Risa's 'she's got nice brown eyes and she smells like strawberries' Maimi recalled the smell as it lingered around her

"Sure and thank you"

"No problem" again they walked in silence

"Well I'm here" said Risa breaking the silence and turned to face Maimi "thank you for walking me to my car"

"Its no big" 'Think Maimi! Think of how you can get to know her' "wouldyouliketohavecoffeesometime?" Maimi mumbled out in one breath and looked down at her thumbs twirling around each other

Risa smiled at the sight "I'm sorry..." Maimi's shoulders slumped a bit, still not looking at Risa "but could you repeat that I didn't hear it properly"

Maimi lifted her head slightly and saw Risa smiling at her, giving Maimi the courage to ask again "er...I want...that is have coffee? As friends that is!"

"Haha you're soo cute" Risa commented "but sure since you don't have your phone with you..." Risa dug through her purse to look for a scrap piece of paper and pen " is mine" Risa scribbled down her number and passed it to Maimi.  Maimi looked down at the number and smiled "I should get going, call me when you want to go for that coffee" as Risa sat in her car.  She gave a final wave at Maimi and drove off

"Yatta!!!!" Maimi jumped up in the air with her first up but when she landed she realized she was on the streets as she fixed her skirt and quickly walked back to the office trying to keep her serious look up, failing slightly as she was smiling like crazy
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'Her grip is strong and her skin so soft,eyes so mesmerizing, smile so warm and boy is it getting hot in here!'
‘She’s cute!’
Cannot resist the bean!! Uh-oh, do I sense some future rivalry between Maimi and Ai?

BTW YajiGaki? GakiYaji? RisaMaimi? Did you just create a new pairing?
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FaquU?????  Daishoubu?? you is right?? you is daishoubu? really??
eh?? O.O
That isn´t common @.@ O.O
I don´t understand the movement of the story...

wakaina... @.@

A gift for you and  his fan fic ^^U
Maimi is very professional in your fic...
And with this image I remembered his fic...


( ( (

   ganbare with your next  chapter ^^
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*runs around kRisZ chasing Chloe* because my chips and kRisZ's popcorn's attack is too light, come back here!!!!
:huhuh *Reads previous comments*  :shocked
*Gets a cord, catches C and ties her, catches FaqU and ties her ( are you her too :D ) as well. Drags both into a closet and locks them inside* there  :twisted:

Ai, the LEADER of HP, being the secretary is cute  :inlove:

Maimi chuckled "as much as I love to hear your praising me, this is a professional environment so..." Maimi pointed to Reina's seat she was once in

"Need a hand?" A hand was presented in front of Ai.  She followed the hand to the owner and found a woman with light brown, slightly curly hair, smiling warmly at her as she placed her hand within the strangers.
RISA!!!!!  :inlove:

and boy is it getting hot in here!
:lol:  :yep:

The woman laughed "my apologies, I didn't even introduce myself,  Niigaki Risa
:gmon twirl:

‘Quick think of something Maimi before she leaves!’
was she hitting on Risa? :shocked

'Think Maimi! Think of how you can get to know her'
:shocked  :shocked

"but could you repeat that I didn't hear it properly"

"Yatta!!!!" Maimi jumped up in the air with her first up but when she landed she realized she was on the streets as she fixed her skirt and quickly walked back to the office trying to keep her serious look up, failing slightly as she was smiling like crazy
Okay, that scene was cute... but no please... TakaGaki  :tantrum:

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*Gets a cord, catches C and ties her, catches FaqU and ties her ( are you her too :D ) as well. Drags both into a closet and locks them inside* there  :twisted:

*blinks in the darkness* what should we do now FaqU?

@ Chloe: Well I have followed along with Cute for a while now, so I didn't get that kind of reaction, but I do agree that Maimi has changed and does look like she is older but that could be because she had to mature in looks as leader?
To me Maimi seems to have that mature look not just because she’s the leader, she just have it(?)

smiled Reina as she got up to start massaging Eri's shoulders

'Her grip is strong and her skin so soft,eyes so mesmerizing, smile so warm and boy is it getting hot in here!'
Someone’s falling fast XD

Yes you haven’t been playing the field in a while because of your ex, but damn you lost it!!!!
Ex? Another story for another time?

she pulled Risa by the arm causing Risa to twirl slightly inward into Maimi's embrace with no gap between them as they were faceing each other
Now that’s smooth :D

Gaki-san charms work on two people already  :rockon:

I’m actually excited about MaimiGaki (whatever it’s called) prospect. I mean one from kids and one from mm, how often do you see that?  :twothumbs
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The monkey and bean meet :wub: But EH EH EH!?!?? A YajiGaki?????? OMG this :thumbup I totally DID NOT expect that. Still, I'm quite open to new pairings (as long as they involve Risa :P) so I'm excited to see how this goes.

It's cool how you wrote TakaGaki meeting. Although the possibility of this happening where I'm from is a little small. I mean, I bet the local version of Ai would raise her brow at the local Risa for being "overly helpful" XD

Gaki-san is da man! :wub: Mesmerizing pretty girls at the drop of a hat wherever she goes :D

oh wow, that pic of Maimi is :inlove:
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: Of course, who could resist a hawt bean coroner??? Feel the hotness of the bean!!!  :mon mad:

It was something I haven't seen so far so why not get a new pairing or start one right?  :on GJ:

@ Maimi_Yajima: Daijoubu!!! It's because it isn't common that it'll be good to try things out you know???

That picture is  :on_hot: and kakkoi!!!! I love it! Arigatou!!!

@ kRisZ:
*runs around kRisZ chasing Chloe* because my chips and kRisZ's popcorn's attack is too light, come back here!!!!
:huhuh *Reads previous comments*  :shocked
*Gets a cord, catches C and ties her, catches FaqU and ties her ( are you her too :D ) as well. Drags both into a closet and locks them inside* there  :twisted:

Yes I am  ;)
Why thank you, that makes things a lot easier for me, Chloe can't run or hide anymore  :hiakhiakhiak:

Now now behave!  Don't forget this is just the beginning,....What's that?  You ask the beginning of what?? You'll just have to wait to find out  :hee:

@ Chloe: *I get up and start hoping towards you* You can't run and you can't hide  :kekeke: Now where is that knife of mine?  :hiakhiakhiak:

Maimi's story will have to be for another time, unfortunately (because I haven't thought about it as of yet)  :sweat:

Exactly, you don't see a kids member paired with a MM member often, so I thought I'd give it a run, open up new possibilities, I mean Aika is actually around the same age as some of the kids anyways  :bigdeal:

@ Mame-chan: I kinda figured you'll have that initial reaction with Takagaki...however I wasn't sure of your reaction to YajiGaki but I am relieved that you are okay with the bean matched with our local athlete

 :on thumbb: No no, actually maybe it could just be me, but I do that often from where I live and no one really takes it as a bad thing, if it was a hot person, I don't know maybe a local Ai will fall at Risa's feet regardless to get their help  :wahaha:

Oh yeah, Gaki-san is one of da'll know later as to why

Chapter 9

Date: March 13
Time: 11:00 pm

"So anything?" Airi asked a tired Miyabi and Maasa

"We were in the briefing room looking over the surveillance videos starting from 3 days ago but negative.  No one that looks like the witness or family.  Did you hear anything from the others?"

"Nothing in particular relevant from Chisa and Nakky so far-" RING RING "Suzuki Airi here"

"Okay I want you to verify if that was the last time anyone saw them" Miyabi and Maasa looked at Airi as she hung up the phone "okay so from Chisa's side, it seems like the last the neighbours heard from the witness and family was at around 11 the night before their disappearance"

"How come we only know this now? Not saying that Chisa and Nakky are slacking off but why at that hour and how can they be sure?" questioned Miyabi

"The neighbours work at a restaurant so they get off work late.  They remember the time because they remember the late night news was about to go on.  But the thing is that the neighbour heard scrambling like moving things noises from the witness's apartment.  So now we know that someone or the witness themselves were at the apartment, we need to confirm it though.  Miya I want you to call Toku-san and see what's she got."

"Airin, nothing different from Toku-san's side but they will keep an eye out or an ear out for anything else.  It is impossible for them to follow every member of Yamaguchi's clan"

"I know Miya and I know there is a possibility that they have outside help doing it but there are so many uncertainties, hopefully we can get something from the witness's house"

KNOCK KNOCK "Suzuki-san" Airi turned to find the commissioner "My external source has produced the following documents that may aid in your case" Yossie produced a manila folder for Airi to take before leaving

"External source? Do commissioners have external sources?" Questioned Miyabi as she peered over Airi's shoulder at the documentation

"Well they weren't commissioners at birth so I wouldn't be surprised.  Maybe Yoshizawa-san has her own batman around" replied Airi without taking her eyes away from the documents "Miya I want you to check on this clan and see if these still hold true." Airi gave Miyabi a sheet indicating that the head of Yamaguchi had business proposals with another clan, Nakai.
Date: March 13
Time: 11:30 pm

While everyone was furiously working on the project, Maimi received a new project message.  She groaned at the amount of work she had and at the project that was coming in, in the end she decided to at least open the new project and see what it was about.  She skimmed over the email and saw that it was a project that wasn't too difficult but would require simple research.  She pulled out her laptop so that she doesn't mix the projects she is working on and started her research as much as she can before heading out to gather actual statistics.  Once she was done she paged Saki

"Saki, I need to step out for statistical research and should be back in a couple of hours.  The presentation deck you want me to do is almost over except for the missing data from your side"

"Okay, go do what you must as I round up the last of the data for this project and start the material for the other presentation.  If we are lucky, all presentation decks and supporting documentation should be completed tonight so we can relax tomorrow"

"Not necessarily, I did mention that something new is coming in and it might require all of us but that is tentative so far.  I will keep you guys posted on it" Maimi waited for an acknowledgement before changing into casual clothes for her statistical research gathering

Groaning and moaning could be heard on Saki's side as they were told of the game plan from the speaker phone "sorry guys, you heard her, however it is only tentative so don’t be whining.  I know you guys are tired but please bare it for 1 more day as soon as this is done we can relax"

"Man Saki-chan, you and Maimi-chan are just pure workaholics and you guys are lucky we are your friends" whined Reina as she glared at Saki, who wasn't looking at her

"Reina, you say that as if we aren't paying you guys" retorted Saki which shut her up

Ai smirked at Reina giving her a 'she got you there' look

"Yeah but still there has to be a rule that says you can't torture your employees" rebutted Eri.  Reina smirked back at Ai with a 'Eri agrees with me' look which did not phase Ai

"It isn't torture if you are benefitting and you don't have to stay if your guilty conscience can survive knowing that only 3 of us are working hard while you sleep" Ai grinned at the duo fully knowing that they wouldn't and grinning in particular at Reina with a 'you lost' look.  Reina and Eri slouched back into their chairs in defeat

"Look" Saki looked at all 3 of her friends and co-workers "I can understand the things you put up with when working with Maimi and me, more harder with Maimi" Saki looks at Reina "but I hope you understand that its not our intention for things to be this way and we can only pray that you see things in our perspective.  We are utterly grateful for the effort you put in and believe me when I say this but Maimi and I are actually concerned and would worry for each of you, Maimi more than I". Indeed that got the grumbling girls and Ai-chan to pay more attention "yes we seem like we are distant at times but we actually feel guilty if you guys have to work overtime on things we give you.  Maimi is more concerned about you guys overall than she let's on.  Ai-chan a couple of nights ago I assume you were doing something for Maimi till late right?"Ai nodded recalling which night in reference

“Maimi had gone to take her shower after her morning workout, where I was getting ready to leave the workout room.  I didn’t get far before I realized that I left my towel so I went back to grab it.  On my way back I saw Maimi heading to her room but stopped and walked back a couple steps to peek inside the study room.  She then let a relieved sigh and smiled slightly before heading to her room. I was curious as to what she was looking at and decided to see what was in the study.  I saw Ai-chan's laptop and glasses but no Ai-chan so I came to the conclusion that Ai-chan was working late last night.  The sigh of relief is that Maimi didn't find Ai-chan pulling an all-nighter for her”

"Also the only reason she has to lecture you two" Saki pointed at the troublesome duo "is that you guys were coming in loudly and Ai-chan was asleep so she didn't want you guys to wake her up.  Remember the time you crashed the Civic Reina?" both Reina and Eri nodded


"Saki!!! I just got a call from the hospital!!! Reina and Eri had an accident!!!!  Call Ai-chan to meet us there"

"Wait! What do you mean they had an accident???"

"I don't know, I am going there right away to check up on them now" Maimi was frantically looking around causing Saki to wonder why

"Er...Maimi what are you looking for?"

"My cell!"

"Isn't that it in your hand?" Maimi looked at her right hand and there it was clutched tightly.  


"I know the first thing she did when she saw you guys was about how you guys crashed her fully altered Civic which was her favorite at the time by the way and even now she constantly lectures and reminds you about it but her first concern wasn't the car, yet it was the condition you guys were in.  She started talking about the car instead of whether you guys were okay because she was relieved it wasn't serious first of all and secondly she has trouble expressing herself.  I can't deny that I have that issue too just not as strong fronted as Maimi. She only teases about your accident as a way of saying to drive safely. She doesn't like to show it, but she does care about you guys" Saki left them thinking as she went to make herself coffee

"Wow! I'm speechless!"

"Yeah even I'm speechless and I don't complain" Reina and Eri rolled their eyes at Ai

"But I don't understand why she wouldn't open to us?" Asked the curious Eri feeling guilty at how Reina and Eri have badmouthed their bosses at times

"I don't know and I doubt we can ask Saki-chan, but maybe it is something to keep in mind the next time you guys feel like giving them trouble" Ai reminded them  “the least you can do is work harder here to take off some of the stress they have.  I mean it must be hard on them to not be given the chance to do what they want to do" stated Ai as she tapped away at her laptop

"OSSU!!!" Yelled Reina as she and Eri continued to flip through documents.  Unknowingly to them Saki was outside holding her coffee smiling

BUZZ BUZZ Saki took out her phone read the message

I'm coming back now-Maimi

'OSSU! Back to work'
Date: March 14
Time: 6:00 am

"Airin, I checked the data out and it holds true"

"Okay in that case, we should send some people to keep an eye on the Nakai clan"

"But Airin the same still holds true, we can't possibly keep an eye on every member"

"I know but we can always bug them so that we know" grinned Airi.

Miyabi smiled getting the drift that Airi was hinting at "so why wait, let's pay a visit to Mr. Nakai"

"'Miya, call Kumai-chan to meet us and grab the equipment and meet me at my car" instructed Airi as she reviewed the file on the whereabouts the Nakai clan leader will be before grabbing her shades and her jacket

When she got down to the parking lot Miyabi and a team of IT specialists were waiting "okay I want you guys to find somewhere so we can listen in with the bug" Airi handed them an address and then headed to her car "Miya get a couple of the buggers so we can stick them somewhere" Miyabi grabbed 2-3 before proceeding to Airi's car

"Where do you suggest we stick it? We are in their territory so we can’t get the waiters to help us"

"I was thinking about one under the table and the other on a chair. Miya call Kumai-chan to see if she has joined us and tell her we need access to cellphone wavelengths so if they call anyone, we can gather a clue" Miyabi dialled the staff in the van and informed of the new instructions.

"Are you ready?" Airi asked Miyabi as the stopped their car infront of enemy establishment

"I was born ready" joked Miyabi

"Then let's go"

The duo walked up the stairs and stopped at reception, a male who was watching tv, legs propped up on the counter. "Excuse me, I'm here to see Mr. Nakai"

The man took one look at Airi and Miyabi and quickly moved his feet off the counter and grinned at them "I don't think Mr. Nakai is interested in what you offer he likes a more sexier type not the office type but I'm interested so how much are your fees" he put his hand forward towards Miyabi's face. Miyabi grabbed hold of it and twisted his hand "itai! Itai! What the hell?"

Airi smirked, took off her shades and produced her badge "detective Suzuki to see Mr. Nakai"

"Itai! Itai! He's inside now let go"

Airi nodded her head to Miyabi before walking ahead. Miyabi let go of his wrist and followed but not before giving the guy a deadly glare. KNOCK KNOCK the door swung open and a tall man, yellow streaked hair, black suit and a mean look eyed the two "Who are you and who let you in?" He barked

Airi put up her arm slightly to stop Miyabi from charging up him and produced her badge

A man chuckled from behind the desk "what did I do to be paid a visit by detective..."

"Suzuki" as Airi walked into the room but not before glaring at the door boy

"Have a seat detective Suzuki" Airi and Miyabi each took a seat as door boy stood beside Mr. Nakai "how can I help you?"

Airi smiled "oh nothing, I was investigating on the mystery disappearance of the Nakamura family" at the mention of the name Airi noticed the slightly faltered smile of Nakai and she knew she might be in the right track, with the bug in her hand she leaned forward and stuck it under the ledge of the table "so I was wondering if you knew anything about it"

"I don't know why you would think I do" Nakai smiled

"Oh nothing, considering one of your business partners is in jail, it just means that some of your normal operations are at a stand still right?"

Nakai frowned "Detective are you accusing me of something here? Yes my business partner is in jail in which he should. If you do the crime you pay the time. I am a businessman, we are expected to take losses at time and when that occurs we just find new partners. Now detective, if you don't mind I have other appointments to attend to. Don't let the door hit you on your way out" Nakai turned to face the window

Airi put her shades back on and smiled "sorry for taking up your precious time" as she and Miyabi got up and left. They got into the car and drove around the block, parked and walked up to the awaiting van "Miya did you stick a bug on them? I put mine under the table ledge"

"Yeah under the chair" as they got into the van and greeted Yurina and the staff, who were handing them earphones

"Ken, call them and tell them the cops are suspecting us so they have to be careful, make sure there are no mistakes"

"Yes boss" they listened as Ken walked out of the office and dialled a number. Airi made a sign telling the staff to record and trace the call while Miyabi and Airi switched headphones "OI be careful, the cops were just here investigating on Yamaguchi's case."

"Yes sir!!! We will be careful, and after the trial we will give them a sum and ship them off"

"Get rid of them, we don't need any trouble in the future"

"Huh?! But.."

"Just do it!"

"All right, I understand" they hung up as Miyabi and Airi shared a look.

Airi turned to Yurina to see if she could get a trace, she shook her head, the time was too short. "Miya call everyone back we have to find the Nakamura's ASAP! Guys return to the station and clean up the static in the recording, I will be by with my team to see if we can find anything" Airi and Miyabi got out of the van to go to their own car

"...Toku-san, come back, we have progress on our end" Miyabi snapped shut her phone "they are all on their way back"

"Good! We have to find them, we have approximately 24 hours before the trial" as Airi looked at the clock in her car reading 9:00 am "let's grab coffee and something for the girls, they have been out there all night already"
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*Reina vs Ai moments*
So cute, can totally imagine Ai going, 'Haha.' and Reina pouting at her.
"Er...Maimi what are you looking for?"

"My cell!"

"Isn't that it in your hand?" Maimi looked at her right hand and there it was clutched tightly. 
Again, cute how worried she was. Lol, I've actually done this before, talking to my friend on the phone and saying, "Where's my phone? Have you seen it?" :lol:

Maimi's such a good friend! :wub: :wub:
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@ ChrNo: What?! All in one evening?  :shocked were your eyes okay after staring at a screen for that long???
haha no worries, they are fine, they still want to keep reading your fic  :lol:

What Maimi's doing? probably doing corporate researches???
The case closed only because there wasn't enough leads to keep the case going, there are no witnesses, no fingerprints, no nothing
you made it sounds more...mysterious  :nervous

you have a gift to make highly unexpected couple   XD  risako+kanna in your previous fic, and now Maimi+Risa ?  :lol:

really like when Maimi panics  :panic:  :rofl: the phone part and the "wouldyouliketohavecoffeesometime?"

but still, Maimi+Airi second meeting  :wub:
ah bah she is already with risako huh...
well well let see what might happen next ... :thumbsup
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*kicks the closet door violently* kRisZ!! Open the damn door! She said KNIFE!

I was just asking, you don’t actually have to elaborate the story about her ex. I’m behind you for giving YajiGaki a try!

Maybe Yoshizawa-san has her own batman around

I’ve done similar thing like Maimi only with my glasses, it was on top of my head  XD

IT specialists

Gotta love these guys  :)

Anyway I think this one got cut, your post in H!O was longer.
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: Exactly the image I had in my mind, I was debating about extending that and making it a longer battle but decided not to  :nervous

I know people tell me they have done that themselves and I always wondered if it was really possible...until I saw it just recently with my friend who was on the phone and I was right beside her.  She searched through her bag and asked me if I have seen her phone.... I looked at her then pointed to her ear  :lol:

@ ChrNo: Oh my god!!! Ureshii demo... mecha pressure nee?  :nervous

Not a gift...more like I tend to want to try things I haven't seen before or not as often done... personally I love seeing the reader's reactions  :lol:

Never realized how many were rooting for MaiRi  :P

@ Chloe:  :kekeke: Indeed I said KNIFE but there's nothing to be scared of  :shifty: you don't believe me???  :wahaha:

Actually, I did plan on a section about Maimi's past...key word, plan so nothing is written down yet or jotted down yet but potentially I will get to it  ;)

I actually have done that myself with glasses but it wasn't on top of my head more like it was on my shirt below my neck  :bigdeal:

Thanks for the heads up, I don't know how I cut it but I corrected it

Chapter 10

Date: March 14
Time: 8:45 am

"Whew!!! We are finally done the presentation!!!!!" Reina put a fist in the air

"Hey there is a change in plans" Maimi walked in with papers and a USB, in which Reina and Eri groaned. "You guys can have the day off"

Everyone looked at Maimi, except Saki as she took the papers and USB from Maimi "are you serious?"

"Yes Tanaka-san"

"What about the other project you wanted us to help with?"

"Well Kamei-san, I don't think we could be productive if my team is tired and looks like crap and besides I think I will just need Shimizu-san and Takahashi-san on this" Reina and Eri high-fived each other "now get going!!!! I'll see you guys at home"

"Eh!!! Mai-" Maimi pointed to the clock in the room showing almost 9:00 "Yajima-san are you not leaving?"

"You may go, I have some things to do"

"Still? Do you want to go through the other project with me first?"

"No Shimizi-san, we can talk later" as she walked out of the boardroom to her office.  Saki turned around and gave them a 'told you she cared' look

"Well, you guys should get going and I will see you guys home later"

"Eh are you not coming either Shimizu-san?"

"Like Yajima-san, I'm going to do some work first" as she walked to her own office

"Come on guys let's pack up and go home" Ai-chan instructed as she packed her laptop and files
Date: March 14
Time: 10:00 am

"Can you play back at that last sentence?" Airi instructed Yurina as she played it once more "okay now can you increase the volume in the background?"

"Yes sir! TOOT  We..." "is that a horn?" Asked Miyabi as she listened carefully

"That's a horn from a ferry boat" stated Nakky

"God I love you when we have to do this, your ears are amazing" praised Miyabi as she high-fived Nakky

"Which means that the witness is held somewhere close to water.  Maasa-chan I want you to check where these boats would be leaving or coming in at the time"

"Hold on Maasa-chan!" hollered Chisa "with all due respect, according to the time, there would be plenty of passenger ferries entering and leaving"

Airi brought her hand to her chin thinking "okay let's hold off on it and continue listening" as Airi motioned to continue playing the recording

"...will be CLANK careful"

"Hold on rewind, let's play that again"

"...will be CLANK careful"

"What is that sound" Airi turned to Nakky, who was deep in thought

"Toku-san do you mind getting me a metal container?" Chinami left the room to grab the item "and Kumai-chan could you play that one more time?"

"...will be CLANK careful"

"Here Nakky" Chinami returned with a discarded canned good

Nakky took a pen and banged it against the walls of the can, then she smiled "I got it, they are in a closed vicinity from the echoing effect, where the walls are metal, I'm thinking movable storages"

"Maasa-chan you heard her, look for docks and close by should be industrial or storage compartments" as Airi grinned at Nakky.  Maasa quickly checked the databases and within minutes she came upon a fewer amount of locations "okay continue playing". They continued listening for clues but no more came up.

"Okay Maasa-chan how many locations do we have?"

"Suzuki-san we are looking at a little over 200 registered locations and in each location, over 300 storage compartments" the gang groaned at the figures

"Guys I know that is a lot but please hang in there, we have" Airi looks up at the clock "21 hours to search for them.  Toku-san, Chisa I want you guys to go around and see if you can find any news where they could be hidden, check if certin members haven't been around that sort of thing. If we know how they look like we can ask areas around these locations like convenience stores and restaurants.  Maasa-san, Nakky, Kumai-chan I need you guys to stay here and listen for anymore clues and Miya I want you and other tech crew members to listen in on anymore phone calls.  I will report to the commissioner of our findings.  Keep me posted on anything you guys find". The girls left to their designated tasks

KNOCK KNOCK "come in"

"Yoshizawa-san, first I want to thank you and your informer of the information"

"Your welcome" Yossie looked up from what she was doing

"We have a lead to possible locations and my team and I are checking the locations as soon as we have the exact area.  For all we gather, the witness is held in storage compartments near water where ferries are.  We are sure that Nakai's clan is behind it all and his right-hand man has instructed they be killed after" Airi reported as she handed Yossie the file with notes

"Okay, let's hope we get to them on time" as she took the file from Airi and skimmed through "you are dismissed" Yossie said without looking away from the file 'interesting but will we be able to find them under these circumstances?'
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Arrgh! Gomen, my connection kept going on and off on me since yesterday and made me frustrated  :sweatdrop:

@ Chloe:  :kekeke: Indeed I said KNIFE but there's nothing to be scared of  :shifty: you don't believe me???  :wahaha:
:mon suspect:  with those smileys, should I?

So you wear glasses too? And you're welcome.

"Can you play back at that last sentence?" Airi instructed Yurina as she played it once more "okay now can you increase the volume in the background?"
Ooo...I feel like watching a those cop/FBI/CSI/you name it kind of series  :D
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I know people tell me they have done that themselves and I always wondered if it was really possible...until I saw it just recently with my friend who was on the phone and I was right beside her.  She searched through her bag and asked me if I have seen her phone.... I looked at her then pointed to her ear
:lol: Another fun phone story, I was meeting my friends at the mall one day and as I was walking across the parking lot, I spied the guy I was talking to on the phone in front of the entrance. I said, "Okay, I'm here, can you see me?"

He said, "No." so I said, rather loudly, in hopes that he would hear me across the crowd, "Follow the sound of my voice!" I watch him give the phone a weird look and then proceed to turn around in a circle towards the side that he held the phone to his head. I don't know if I described that in a way you can imagine, but it was hysterical to watch all the people give him funny looks. I love my friends.

This chapter was pretty interesting, another show of the workaholic Maimi and the part with the cops was pretty cool. Nakky's awesome.
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Why thank you, that makes things a lot easier for me, Chloe can't run or hide anymore  :hiakhiakhiak:
OMG she's ebil too  :shocked   XD

*kicks the closet door violently* kRisZ!! Open the damn door! She said KNIFE!

kRisZ --> d(*.*)b <-- she's her headphone on  XD  *accidentally opens the door*

I’ve done similar thing like Maimi only with my glasses, it was on top of my head
I actually have done that myself with glasses but it wasn't on top of my head more like it was on my shirt below my neck
:lol:   I haven't experience that thing  XD

Saki - Reina - Ai - Eri convo was  :lol:

"Er...Maimi what are you looking for?"

"My cell!"

"Isn't that it in your hand?"
OMG   :mon lmao:  :mon lmao:  :mon lmao:

I'm coming back now-Maimi

'OSSU! Back to work'

Airi smirked, took off her shades and produced her badge "detective Suzuki to see Mr. Nakai"

Whoa! Very nice  :yep:

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@ Chloe: Of course you can trust me  :kekeke: I just grin like that naturally. I just wanted to cut the rope, honestly  :mon angel:

Yep I wear glasses too

I wanted to put in those descriptions to give a good it working???

@ Her Awesome Holiness:  :rofl: ....Wait a minute, some one did that to me before too  :err:.... you ebil people making me look like a fool  :mon annoy:

Oh yeah, I've got to give the cop team some specialists right??? So Yurina is the technical person, Nakky has great ears, Airi is an arms person, Miya....have a mentioned what Miya was good at???, Maasa, Chii and Chisa are not mentioned yet right??? :dunno: I lost track

@ kRisZ: Am not least not really ebil  :wahaha:

 :grr: Just when the fun was about to start *tries to grab onto Chloe before she hops out*

Trust me they aren't the greatest experiences when you are in public  :sweat:

What can I say, Maimi is still the Maimi that we all know, so her moments have definitely got to be floating around in the fic.

Airi is Senior Detective, she's got a right to be cool  :glasses:

Chapter 11

Date: March 14
Time: 1:00 pm

Maimi was finishing up the last minute things before calling it a day, she checked her email as usual and printed out the things she needed

KNOCK KNOCK "hey you ready to go?" Maimi looked up to see Saki leaning on her door

"Hey I thought you left with the girls" as Maimi packed her things

"I wanted to do a final check that everything was in place for the presentation tomorrow morning, in which you may have to come with me,"

Maimi looked at Saki questioning the last part of her statement "why?"

"I just received news that the people we are presenting to are people that demand high level respect and since our parents are not going, we both should to show that their business means something to us"

"Does it really though?"

Saki laughed "in our own opinions, no but the parents are long-time business partners with these people so we don't want to lose the family reputation nor do we want to seem rude to these senior players in the business"

“*groan* Fine but only because you guys spent so much time on this"

"Thank you, now let's go slowpoke!" Saki walked ahead of Maimi

"Hey there is something I want you to see for this project I have" as Maimi handed Saki the file she had in her hand.  She unlocked the doors to the black BMW M3 and got in along with Saki

"Ohhh this doesn't sound so bad, we need some more detailed info though, so I guess that's where Ai-chan comes into the picture"

"Bingo! We need it ASAP though"

"I'll talk to Ai-chan when we get home, you'll have to cover her position in the kitchen then"

"No problem" as Maimi zoomed off towards their house

Date: March 14
Time: 4:00 pm

"Maimi-chan,  I have some info but if we want better data I will need more time to work on it"

"Alright, I will be in the my study if you need me and try to find out the location of the third party and their progress”
Date: March 14
Time: 6:00 pm

"Suzuki-san, we have a lead on their profiles" Chinami and Chisa rushed in the department with a photograph "one of them should be this guy here"

"Okay now do we know where this guy is?"

"The vines are thick not much we can hear about his whereabouts"

Airi picked up a receiver and dialed a number "Maasa-chan how is everything on your side?"

"Okay in that case come back with Nakky and Kumai-chan, we have a picture" Airi put down the receiver and waited for the 2 "okay I want to see that list of locations and Chisa get copies of the photo" Maasa handed Airi the paper and she placed it on the table "I want you guys to split into 4 teams with other officers, we will have to do this in accordance to where we could cover more area.  Toku-san hand me a map"

Chisa came back with copies of the photo along with Chinami with a map "okay so a large amount of storage comps are in this area" as Airi circled the area with a pen "so I want 2 teams searching those in these areas first and as to the other 2 teams, search the northern ones here, I suspect the mountain locations will be a good spot to hide.  Check local convenience stores and restaurants discreetly so as to not blow our cover.  We don't know if they will kill them off early if they find out we're on their trail" The girls left to decide where they will search as Airi called Miyabi

"Miya we have a face but nothing else, what about you?"

"Nothing, there has been no contact since we were posted here"

"Keep on listening" as Airi hung up the phone and looked at the clock '7:00, we have 14 hours to find them'

Date: March 14
Time: 11:00 pm

RING RING "Suzuki Airi here... You sure?! Alright I will inform everyone, you keep on asking along as I gather everyone else in your area" Airi hung up and dialled for Miyabi "Miya we have a lead in the northern areas so call Chisa to find her exact location, there are still a lot in that area". Airi then dialed for Maasa and Chinami relaying the same message before getting her jacket

"Suzuki-san is there any progress?"

Airi looked up from putting on her jacket to find the commissioner there "ah Yoshizawa-san, we have a lead of the area and now we are going to check those in that area"

"Good work, you have to be careful as to not let the kidnappers freak out and start a killing frenzy"

"Yes Ma'am" as Airi rushed out of her office

Date: March 15
Time: 3:00 am- 6 hrs remaining

Airi and all teams checked in, eliminating those that have been checked leaving only 3 locations left unchecked.  "Okay guys put on your bullet-proof vests, we don't know if they are armed and the weapons they possess.  We have to be careful and we are to take them in, put on your walkie earpieces to keep in touch"

"Yes Ma'am" as Airi divided the people into 2 teams to check two of the locations

Time: 4:30 am- 4.5 hours remaining

"Nothing in this part, what about you Chisa?" Miyabi checked in with Chisa

"Just a couple more on my side" whispered Chisa.  Chisa and Maasa tiptoed around with other officers checking the last of the ones in their designated areas "okay all clear on my side" as her team hoistered their guns before joining Miyabi's team.

“Kumai-chan and you?”

“All clear”

"Ma'am we are clear on this location, permission to go to third location"

"Permission granted but don't do anything, wait for my arrival"

"Yes Ma'am" Miyabi’s team headed towards the third location

Time: 5:30 am- 3.5 hours before trial

"Nakky, how is it on your end"

"All clear Ma'am"

"Ma'am I am all cleared here too"

"Okay everyone let's go, last place" Airi went to join Miyabi's team who were all hidden as to not make any noises

"Okay group this last location is a bit tricky because of the forest and mountain, there can be compartments hidden in the forest.  Everyone remember we want to capture them and put them behind bars."

"Yes Ma'am" everyone yelled in a low voice

"Okay Maasa-chan, Toku-san, Kumai-chan take your team and start on the furthest Eastside, Nakky, Chisa, you guys start on the westside and Miya and I will start the northside and we will finish her at the southside. Okay everyone go"

The teams scattered all over the place as they carefully did their search.  Airi and Miyabi tiptoed around until Airi heard something in the compartment beside her, she signaled for Miyabi to keep quiet as she rested her head against the metal exterior.  She could not hear clearly but was sure their was men laughing inside as she and Miyabi went a small distance away from the compartment. "Calling all units, we have a suspicious compartment and request all teams to report here immediately". Airi then looked at Miyabi and signalled for where she wanted the teams to be as she thought of the situation at hand 'it is a closed surrounding inside so we can't risk the kidnappers taking them as hostage but if we lure them out then the witnesses will be fine' Airi looked around and picked up pebbles as the idea was formulating in her mind.

She threw the pebble at the entrance of the compartment CLUNK "what's that?"

"Maybe a dog or something"

CLUNK "you sure it is a dog??"

"No why don't you go check it out"

One of the guys got up and opened the door, the walked to the side out of view from the others.  A muffled sound could be heard as the other guys took out their own guns "Oi! Are you okay?"

" guys might want to come save me"


"There are those big foxes here and well I am too scared to move"

"You've got to be kidding me!!!! I'll come and scare them" as another stepped out and it became silent

The third thinking it was suspicious went and took a hostage putting them up ahead in front as a shield.  He slowly walked out to find no one out there, slowly he felt himself sweating at the situation "Oi! Come out! Don't make me pull the trigger on the witness!  Guys are you out here?"

Airi had to think of something but couldn't let the kidnappers go either, so she put up her hands in the air.  Seeing Airi's presence, the kidnapper was on his toes pushing the gun at the witness's temple, as he felt pressured. "Calm down, we don't want you to misfire"

"Where are the other 2?"

"They are with me alive and well"

"Release them!"

"I can't release them, in case after I do, you kill the witnesses" in the dark, Airi's hand was patting the side of her legs

"I will release the family members if you release my guys"

"Fair enough, let's trade but just so that you know if anyone of you do anything slightly incorrect, we have 4 teams surrounding this area"

"Okay, now show me my men" slowly the two were guided out by Chisa pointing a gun from behind as they walked forward. 

Airi put an arm out in front, stopping them "what about the family members?"  Slowly, the family members were walking out as each side took steps to the opposite ends.  Both parties were sweating and anticipating for any funny business, as the kidnapper could feel drops of sweat trickle down the side of his face, palms sweaty.  "Stay calm-"  At that moment a heart wrenching scream could be heard along with Miyabi flying from behind the guy holding the witness.  Toku-san and Chisa retained the 2 earlier captives as Miyabi cuffed the third.  Airi was curious as to the scream as she slowly walked over to the storage compartment, inching closer and closer until she could see inside.  There lay a man holding onto his bloody ankle and the son of the witness.  "Nakky! There's one more here!" Airi held a gun to the last kidnapper, kicking his gun away out of reach as Nakky rushed in and held the last family member out of the compartment.
A figure got up from their position, took off the head gear and smirked "Ahhhh, it’s so good to be out once in a while.  Gotta tell Big B to give me more of these assignments, its much more fun doing this than my usual."

They picked up their Precision Sniper Rifle, heaving it over their shoulders and started walking away getting into a silver Corvette before zooming off into the night
Time: 7:30 am- 1.5 hours before trial

Airi looked at the last kidnapper curiously, after she instructed Chinami and Nakky to escort the witness home and to court, as he was being taken away to the hospital, she then spoke into her earpiece "did anyone fire? Or hear someone fire?"

"No Ma'am"

"Thank you, you guys are dismissed except Chisa and Miyabi, I want you guys to come with me to the compartment"

"What's wrong detective?"

"Don't you think its weird that the last one was shot into this compartment but not a sound was heard?"

"Maybe it wasn't that there was no sound, but the sound was far away that we couldn't hear it" suggested Chisa

"Miya I want you to pretend you are the culprit and hold onto your ankle" Miyabi did as told "see from this position, the opening is here so which position out there would they be shot from?"

Chisa looked carefully outside and then back to Miyabi then she looked around Miyabi "detective I don't think it was done from that opening" Chisa pointed to the door "yet it was from here" Chisa pointed to the hole next to Miyabi

"It was through this metal? No wonder we couldn't hear anything" Miyabi turned to check the hole Chisa was referring to and checking through.  Chisa then walked outside and around with Airi and Miyabi in tow and checked the hole from the outside "by the looks of the hole it looks like..." She looked in the opposite direction "it came from up and above" the duo looked in the direction Chisa was looking and they saw a mountain

"Chisa, I want you and a couple of others to see if you can find anything up there. Go home and rest first but  I want to find out who and what it was"

"Yes Ma'am" as Airi and Miyabi left to get ready for trial
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Hmm.. Why do I have this feeling that Maimi's projects has something to do with helping Airi's team?

Is Maimi the one who shot the guy's ankle?!  :D
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Yay! Nakky makes her Appearance. I'm really growing to like her recently. You know, with a police station like that (filled with so many cute girls), I'm surprised it isn't clogged up with admirers :P

PS: I like how u include time and How many hours it is before e trial. Gives me a better idea of the timeline so I can visualize everything better :)
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@ stefy: Answer to your feelings could be that you hope and think that everything has a purpose and usually it does, but I can reassure you that may not be the case because as I think stating Maimi and Saki's company is one of the largest organization so them always being on a project is not surprising.  Also recall they are not the owners just yet, they work for their parents and are learning to step in their shoes so obviously they will be more pressured than anyone.  I mean I feel pressured as it is at work because my sister is in the same firm so I can relate to the feelings

Sneaky sneaky aren't we?  No Maimi did not shoot the guy's ankle, mystery person?

@ Mame-chan: I wanted to give everyone on Airi's team a specialty and I happen to think that having someone with sensitive ears is good for the team to decipher things at times, at least I would like to have that kind of sensitivity in my ears. 

I'm glad the timeline thing worked, I wanted to achieve a visual or at least try to for my readers

Chapter 12

Date: March 15
Time: 10:00 am

"The court pronounced the defendant guilty and is sentenced to 15 years in jail.  Court is dismissed"

Airi and Miyabi left the courthouse feeling tired and relieved as they stretched walking towards Airi's car.

“Suzuki-san” Airi and Miyabi turned to see Mitsui along with her assistant and another person they haven’t met

“Aika-san, thank you for your work” Airi and Miyabi bowed

“It was nothing compared to what you guys did, I’m glad you found our witness” Mitsui patted Airi on the shoulders

“I’m sorry for the trouble caused though, you probably worked very hard in case we couldn’t”

“Don’t worry too much, thanks to staff” Mitsui turned to Tsugunaga Momoko, assistant to Mitsui Aika and Umeda Erika, lawyer “like Momo-chan and Umeda-san, we were prepared for the worst”

“Umeda Erika desu” Erika bowed at them

“Tsugunaga Momoko desu” Momoko did the same

“Aika-san, is this your new pupil? Does that mean you’re going to retire from being Crown?”

“No, no Suzuki-san, Umeda-san is a lawyer at our offices, she’s been with us for 2 years now.  Still new but I see great potential in her”

“Stop Aika-san, you’re making me blush” Erika put a hand to her face “I usually don’t go to court proceedings of this genre, at least not yet. I do more of the small time ones but I aid the senpais in research when they need it”

“Nee nee, Aika-san, aren’t you forgetting me?” Momoko whined

Mitsui and Erika laughed “Of course, we wouldn’t forget our local clown in the office” Amused at the pouting face on Momoko, Airi and Miyabi couldn’t help but share in the laugher. “However that being said, I am introducing Momo-chan and Umeda-san to you for future reference, you guys may have the chance of working together in the future” Mitsui, Erika and Momoko bowed “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu” before walking off

“It’s great that we know more Crowns, I’m was thinking that Aika-san must really hate us when we bother her all the time about every case” Airi exclaimed stifling a yawn

"I didn’t think we were that bad, do you want me to drive us home?"

"Yeah, that'll be nice and that’s easy for you to say, you aren’t the one that actually has to deal with them and the Commissioner at the same time" Miyabi shrugged

"What's nice is that we get to go home and relax" Miyabi glanced sideways to see Airi’s once smiling face replaced with a troubled look "what's wrong?"

"I'm just thinking about that shot"

"No point in thinking about it now, your brain is probably fried from lack of sleep and using too much brain power from this case"

“I guess but it confuses me as to who they are and were they trying to help us and if so why?”

“Maybe it was an off duty cop?”

“We’ll know once we get the report from forensics”
Date: March 15
Time: 11:00 am

“Ahhh glad that was over with” stated Maimi as they were heading back from the presenation

“Do you think we can beat the competition?”

“You know that answer as much as I do, we haven’t seen the presentation from the competitors but by the looks of the audience, I think we did at least give them good impressions”

“I guess.  Drinks tonight?”

“Sure, we haven’t gone out in a while now, let’s tell the girls, we’ll all get some sleep for now and then go out tonight” 

At that moment, Maimi thought of Risa and the fact that she hadn’t called her since she got her number “I want to invite someone else tonight”


“Not telling, not until it is confirmed and if they are available”

Saki smirked at Maimi “They better be hot”

“You’ll see”
Date: March 15
Time: 11:00 am

Taiyo Nakai threw the newspaper across the room after reading the headlines

Kenji Yamaguchi sentenced to 15 years in jail for shootout…

‘Damn it!!! The boss is not going to like this one bit’ KNOCK KNOCK “Who is it” he growled

Ken walked in with a cell phone in hand, a cell phone Taiyo immediately recognized, “Sir, he wishes to speak to you”

“Thank you Ken” he took the phone away from Ken and waited for Ken to leave first before straightening himself “Hello?”

“How could you let this happen??? I thought you had this all under control???”

“I did boss, I don’t know how they could find the witnesses so quickly-“

“No excuses, your task was to keep Nakai out of jail, he was necessary for his connections.  I don’t like failure!!!”

“I understand, it won’t happen again”

“It better not or you should be concerned about your own position.  Find someone that fits my descriptions as soon as possible so we can continue business”

“Yes sir, I understand”

“Oh and one more thing, one of our own was killed recently in a forest, I presume you’ve heard of the news”

“Yes I have read about it in the newspaper”

“Well I need you to find out who’s doing it is.  I don’t like one of our own getting killed without knowing why and who, he was a key player as well in my plans”

“I will do my best to gather that information” ~CLICK~ ‘Safe for now but I won’t be lucky next time.  The death of a drug dealer in the forest… I remember the details clearly now, it was reported as a probable internal or underworld killing.  I have to redeem myself…’
Date: March 15
Time: 11:30 am

~ Nanchatte Ren'ai wo kurikaesu onna no ko no kimochi Dare ni demo wakacchau wa onna no ko nara~ “Hello?”

“Niigaki-san! It’s me Yajima Maimi”

“Oh hi!  How are you?” ‘Finally’

“I am good, I was wondering what you are doing tonight?”

“Most likely nothing special, why what’s up?”

“Well the girls and I were thinking about drinks and I was wondering if you were interested in coming along?”

“That sounds nice but do you mind if I bring other people?” ‘I can’t go by myself it would make me feel awkward’

“Of course not, we usually go to this pub called Dusk, are you familiar with it?”

“Yeah I know which you are referring to, so how about I meet you guys at 10?”

“That sounds like a plan”

“By the way, how is Takahashi-san’s ankle?”

“It’s a lot better, she can walk and run already.  I thank you for your concern on her behalf”

“No problem, so I’ll see you later”

“Okay, bye bye” ~CLICK~

Risa immediately dialed for Airi next “Hello Airi?”
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oh yes ! miya+captain & airi+maimi going to meet again thks to maimi+risa huh ?  :twothumbs

case was intense  :panic:

sounded like the trial had nothing to do with maimi's stuffs mmm...unless...oh well let's just wait  :D

oh Momokooooooooooooooo~

next chap please  :D
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Gah I finally caught up with this story (in a single day!). So proud of myself. Niway~ I can't help but noticed that your writings have improved tremendously. Kudos to ya :D

I love this fic even though I seldom read the Kids fics (but since MM is in it, it's cool with me). I kinda get the CSI-cum-The Office-cum-Espionage vibe, that is, if you have watched them before :w00t: I also love the fact that you included the timeline.

So now Risa-Airi-Miya are gonna meet Maimi-Saki-Ai-Reina-Eri XD And Maimi likes Risa. Guess we can't hope for TakaGaki here?
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Next chapter  please Faqu-chan. ^^
I am curious T_T
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The natural grin of evilness  :P

I wanted to put in those descriptions to give a good it working???
Since I like to watch that kind of show,  :yep:  I can visual it alright.

*tries to grab onto Chloe before she hops out*
*successfully hops out before FaqU could grab but tripped and collided with K*

Parents like Maimi and Saki have usually demand so much from their children and only care about the business, it’s not even funny :smhid

They picked up their Precision Sniper Rifle
Nice :D

Erika as lawyer? LOL didn’t see that coming.

~ Nanchatte Ren'ai wo kurikaesu onna no ko no kimochi Dare ni demo wakacchau wa onna no ko nara~

Finally some YajiGaki! I’m hoping Risa will bring Miya too, continuing the MiyaSaki-ness.
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@ ChrNo: You have other ideas about the case??? let's hear it!

Ohhhh~ Do I sense that you are a big fan of Momoko???

@ baddie: Thank you for reading but please don't overwork your eyes, it can give headaches (at least it always does to me if I look at my computer screen for 12 hrs straight) *pats baddie on the back  :thumbup*

I can't help but noticed that your writings have improved tremendously. Kudos to ya :D

 :smhid nope haven't improved (at least in my mind) maybe I have put in more descriptions??? but thanks  :heart:

Unfortunately I haven't watched any of those shows before  :nervous I seldom have a chance to watch TV...I get home late from work and school

Ah Takagaki about that...I've mentioned it before that nothing is set in stone and you'll see why  ;)

@ Maimi_Yajima: As you wish but my question is...what are you curious about???

@ Chloe: Yep I have a natural grin of evilness...wait a minute no I don't I just have a natural grin!!!!!

Yatta!!!! you are getting a are getting a visual *dances around*

*tries to grab onto Chloe before she hops out*
*successfully hops out before FaqU could grab but tripped and collided with K*

 :kekeke: *hovers over both Chloe and K* Now where would you guys be going??? We haven't finished our playdate

I keep on thinking what characters I haven't included but then again I sometimes forget and then wonder if maybe I have created too much for my puny mind to handle  :sweatdrop:

Alright here's the part everyone is waiting for

Chapter 13

Date: March 15
Time: 10:00 pm

That night, Risa walked into the pub with Miyabi, Airi and Risako searching for Maimi. ~BUZZ BUZZ~ At the far corner  :thumbsup Risa looked up to see Maimi grinning at her as she led her group to Maimi’s table “Hey” everyone looked up and was surprised to see Risa.  “Sorry we’re late this is…”

“Suzuki Airi, nice seeing you again” Maimi shook Airi’s hand

“Likewise, didn’t know you knew my sister”

“Sister?!” Maimi and Saki spluttered out

“Yeah, and this is my girlfriend Sugaya Risako and this is Natsuyaki Miyabi, our cousin”

“Nice seeing you again, this is a small world isn’t it?” Saki shook Miyabi’s hand and winked at her

“It is!  Didn’t think that these things would happen in reality”

“Wait so you girls know each other?” Risa looked at them in bewilderment

“Sis, we met these girls at the supermarket the other day”

“USO! USO! USO! Hontou???  Well just in case this is Yajima Maimi”

“And these here are Shimizu Saki, Tanaka Reina, her girlfriend Kamei Eri and Takahashi Ai” the rest all waved ‘hi’ before scooting over for the new arrivals

Throughout the night the girls got to know each other  from telling each other their occupations to ratting each other of their embarrassing moments.  Airi couldn’t help but scan her surroundings, Saki talking away with Miyabi ‘There is definitely something there’ and then Risa talking attentively with Ai ‘Ahh so that is sis’s type’

“Hey senior detective” Maimi had just come back from the washroom and sat down beside Airi “I think your girlfriend has had enough for the night”

Airi turned to see Risako sleeping beside her “apparently she has.  Thank you for the coffee the other day”

“No problem, er…question… your sister single?”

“Yes at the moment but after tonight maybe not” Maimi looked at Airi in confusion so Airi pointed to where Risa and Ai were talking

Maimi’s facial expression faltered a bit but continued to smile “I see, so you think she’s interested in our Ai-chan?”

“I believe so”  Airi reverted her gaze away from Risa to Maimi who look like she was deep in thought “Is something wrong Yajima-san?”

“No no I was thinking about work things Suzuki-san.  Um…I never would’ve thought you would be a detective” diverted Maimi ‘All my chances gone…..’

“Oh?  Why is that?”

“Well looking between you and Natsuyaki-san, you both didn’t look like you guys work together” Airi looked at Miyabi in her usual baggy jeans and casual clothing compared to her own, white dress shirt and dress pants with a blazer

“I think I understand what you mean, but I guess I like to keep a certain level of professionalism in my work”

“I know what you mean, the girls say I am too much of a picky person when it comes to professionalism.  I wouldn’t allow them to call me by my first name or any nicknames when we are working, even if it is after hours and we live together too”

“Really?!  Well I don’t go that far but then again you are in the business field so I guess it is understandable”

“How is it being a detective?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Well at one point in time when I was younger I would wonder what it would be like to be a firefighter or a detective or a doctor”

“Ambitious weren’t we?” teased Airi “but seriously it can be nerve wrecking at times”

“Because of…”

“Well we just had to pull 2 all-nighters on a case and it took all the brain power we had”

“Ohhhh!  It must’ve been exciting” Maimi curled her hands in fists waving them in the air in excitement

“Haha I think I understand why ane says you remind her of me”

Maimi’s smile faltered “Huh?  What do you mean?” ‘Is that why I don’t even stand a chance because I remind her of a sister?’

“Well today when she said she was meeting a girl, I thought it was her girlfriend but she said it wasn’t, that you weren’t her type and that you remind her of me.  Probably because we get a little giddy when we are interested in something and it looks like a child haha” Airi responded without looking at Maimi

“I see” 'Great! She doesn’t see me in that way, she sees me like she sees Suzuki-san’ “Hey I just realized you guys have different last names, why is that?”

“Oh because we are step-sisters, my dad married her mother”

“No wonder you guys don’t look alike at all.  Sorry about Saki and my outburst at that hehe”

“Haha no worries, you guys aren’t the first”

“Whew!  That’s a relief otherwise Saki and I would have to get our eyes checked”

“Haha!  So Shimizu-san and you are the heirs of one of the biggest companies around, wow, it must be great living it large”

“Not really actually, yeah to the world we may seem like the luckiest people alive but between Saki and I we are restricted from doing a lot of things because family reputation is on the  line or we aren’t allowed to do what we want”

“Wow that sounds tougher than I’d imagine”

“We also have to carry on the family business so its like we had to mature more quickly so that the parents can pass it on after we’ve gained enough experience in the field”

“Geez, they didn’t let you even enjoy a kid’s life did they?”

“The good thing is that I grew up with Saki so at least I wasn’t alone”

“So you guys must feel like sisters then eh?”

“In a way, yes, you can see it like that, it gets freaky though when we both know what each other is thinking at times brrrr!”  Maimi brushed her arms as if she was cold

“Haha really?  You can figure Shimizu-san?  Okay well what do you think about those 2?” Airi pointed to where Saki and Miyabi were having their own private conversation

“Totally sensing the sexual tension”

“Same here” Maimi high-fived Airi
On Saki and Miyabi’s side

“So have long have you been a detective?”

“Well I graduated the same time as Airin so about 3-4 years now I think”

“Was it something you always wanted to do?”

“Hell yeah!!!  I was never the very lady-like person, I liked being comfortable so naturally the career path drew me in even more”

Saki eyed Miyabi’s attire “I can tell, makes you give off a cool, don’t-mess-with-me aura”

“I almost didn’t recognize you though because the first time I saw you, you were decked out in an expensive suit whereas today” Miyabi gave a low whistle “you look ready to kill”

Saki blushed “Thank you, you like what you see?”

“Definitely liking it and the thing is in both attires, you were stunning”

“Why thank you!!!” Saki moved her hand and laid it on Miyabi’s thigh “such a charmer”

“Shimizu-san,.... would you be interested in grabbing dinner, movie and coffee sometime?”

Saki grinned “Sure, sounds…” Saki leaned towards Miyabi and whispered in a low husky voice “…fun”
Ai and Risa’s side

“Thank you for your concern Niigaki-san”

“No problem.  How is it working for Yajima-san and Shimizu-san? Yajima-san gives me the impression that she’s young and free spirited, very cute, so it must be easy and fun working with her”

“Haha Maimi is actually only like that when she is away from the office.  She is very professional when in the office, no direct name calling if we are in the office”

“Hmmm now she sounds a little like Airin, no wonder she laid a strong first impression”

“I must tell Maimi that her reputation is lowering”

“Don’t do it Ai-chan!”  Reina grabbed hold of Ai’s shoulder “you do it and she’ll be harsher at work.  Please don’t make things more difficult than it already is” Reina put her hands together begging Ai

“Haha okay okay I won’t”

“Wow is she really that different between work and home?” 

Reina and Eri nodded furiously “No you guys are exaggerating, it’s only because you guys are all about fun” Ai explained earning her a glare from both the turtle and kitty cat.  “It’s understandable, at least to me, that Maimi and Saki has a lot on their shoulders being heirs of one of the biggest companies around”

“Awww you’re so understanding.  They are lucky to have you as their friend and secretary” gushed Risa

Ai blushed and shook her head “No no, they actually aren’t the troublesome ones”

“Oh so who are or is?”  Ai looked at Reina and Eri, who at that moment were pretending to talk about something “I see, that’s amazing how those 2 are still so young but so mature”

“Suzuki-san looks mature too for her age, your parents did great jobs in raising you two”

“Actually Risa-ane raised me, our parents died in a car accident” they turned to see Airi and Maimi joining in their conversation, drinks in hand

“Oh sorry!”

“No worries, my ane is the greatest” Airi exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around Risa’s neck and placed her chin on Risa’s shoulders

“So the props goes to you for raising Suzuki-san well” praised Ai-chan as she lifted her glass for Risa to knock her own with

Risa shook her head but did share a drink with Ai “Don’t listen to Airin, this little one matured at a young age on her own.  I was surprised by it myself”

“Ane, Rii-chan is asleep now so I think I should get her home”

“Actually I think we’re all about done so we can get the bill and go” indicated Maimi

“Thanks Yajima-san”  Airi gave Maimi a sincere ‘thank you’ look before Maimi left to get the bill.  Airi turned to face Miyabi who was still absorbed in her conversation with Saki “Miya hate to break it to you, but we have to go so why don’t you guys exchange numbers and finish the conversation next time”

Miyabi glared at Airi and blushed in embarrassment when she made eye contact with Saki “Um so yeah let’s finish this next time, can I get your number for our date?”  Miyabi scratched the back of her neck

“Natsyaki-san, you’re too easy to tease!  Sure here give me your phone” Miyabi’s face lit up as she quickly pulled out her cell for Saki

“Okay guys, let’s go” Maimi came back and grabbed her purse

“Woah!  Wait a minute!  Where’s the bill?” Airi asked as Risa and Miyabi looked at Maimi as well

Ai, Saki, Eri and Reina grinned amongst each other.  Ai placed a hand on Risa’s shoulder as Saki did the same to Miyabi “One of the great benefits of chilling with Maimi and Saki is that they always get the bill” Reina explained

“No no you can’t do that” Risa protested as Airi and Miyabi nodded their heads in agreement

“She just did and besides this will give us more reasons for calling you guys out for drinks” Eri patted Risa on the back and walked towards the exit with Reina hand in hand

“You’d want that wouldn’t you?” Saki asked teasingly to Miyabi before patting her on the back lightly and walking off

Ai walked to where Maimi was waiting “She won’t take your money and technically Suzuki-san, the amount is nothing to be considered bribery so I don’t see why you can’t accept Maimi’s offer” grinned Ai as she walked off following Maimi

‘She wants to see me again!!! I got her number and I got a date!!!!’ thought Miyabi totally out of focus after Saki patted her on the back

‘She’s so unpredictable!  That’s the second time she did that!! It makes her….intriguing’ thought Airi as she walked over to Risako to wake her up “Rii-chan….Rii-chan time to go home”

“ZZZ What? Huh? Time to go home? Okay” Risako got up groggily with the help of Airi as they walked towards the exit

“USO!!!! Did they just…huh?  Yajima-san definitely is generous and weird eh Miya?” Silence.  Risa looked at the goofy grinning Miyabi “Miya!!!! Drool about her at home!!! Let’s go!!!”

Miyabi snapped out of her thoughts “I was not drooling!!!” as she ran after Risa

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Yes, yes a natural grin of evil :P

Yatta!!!! you are getting a are getting a visual *dances around*
:lol: I’m getting a cute visual.

 *hovers over both Chloe and K* Now where would you guys be going??? We haven't finished our playdate
*looks up at you* rrr....I have to use the bathroom? 

I think you’ve included enough characters mixed from MM and Kids, everyone doesn’t have to come out, right?


‘All my chances gone…..’
Aww poor Maimi...but secretary Ai is too hot to be ignored XD

Love Miya’s casual clothes :rockon:

“Same here” Maimi high-fived Airi
MaiRi are having their fun.

Saki grinned “Sure, sounds…” Saki leaned towards Miyabi and whispered in a low husky voice “…fun”
It made me :lol:’s just that it’s Saki  XD
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@ ChrNo: You have other ideas about the case??? let's hear it!
naah i don't wanna interfere in your fic lol
surprise me !

Ohhhh~ Do I sense that you are a big fan of Momoko???
I'm actually a big miya wota  :lol:
and fav couple is MiyaxCaptain so yeah loving your fic pretty much  :D

“Totally sensing the sexual tension”
Saki grinned “Sure, sounds…” Saki leaned towards Miyabi and whispered in a low husky voice “…fun”

risako was totally useless  :lol:

great chapter !  :thumbsup
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it was an agreeable chapter.
It´s the second normal fic that i read.
Good, I am accustomed to read fic of action and romance.
And never i´ve  read a fic in alone where there are detectives and persons with business. ^^
well, I enjoyed this reading. ^^
well ...
I can see that  airi is a detective  and maimi an entrepreneur professional, ...
however Takahashi told to niigaki  that maimi is losing popularity.
I guess there is some competition.
I´ll thank you, I have great fun with Tanaka and Kamei. ^^
Maimi has a somewhat cold personality and seems to be a Person who does what she wants, cuz maimi not listened to  niigaki and airi  when they complain because she payed all expenses.

There is a part especially...
The conversation that airi had with maimi about niigaki.
Saki and maimi are important businesswomen, I suppose...
Then I suppose that their this life in danger... XD jajajaj sorry ... I always imagine to see action in the fic...
But good, after everything I cannot avoid imagine action in a fic of detectives and businesswomen with   a lot of reputation.

so ...  after everything, niigaki does not feel attraction for maimi...
Poor maimi.. T_T

Tanaka and Kamei are great fun. XD
Good chapter ^^
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Shucks that Airi is dating Risako. No Maimi/Airi pairing then? But then you will always surprise us with something...

Saki talking away with Miyabi ‘There is definitely something there’
definitely something like love sparks :P

Risa talking attentively with Ai ‘Ahh so that is sis’s type’
Good observation, Airi! :thumbsup

‘Is that why I don’t even stand a chance because I remind her of a sister?’
Ouch? :lol: Shot down before the fight :lol: :lol: :lol:

‘She’s so unpredictable!  That’s the second time she did that!! It makes her….intriguing’
You know, intriguing always leads to the start of something...

‘All my chances gone…..’
Aww poor Maimi...but secretary Ai is too hot to be ignored XD
Couldn't agree more :inlove:
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@ Chloe:
Yes, yes a natural grin of evil :P

No No!!!! Natural grin only not natural grin of evil  :gyaaah:

:lol: I’m getting a cute visual.

You're getting a cute visual?? Do you mean cute as in good cute or cute as in weird cute???   :dunno:

*looks up at you* rrr....I have to use the bathroom?
I can take you there  :ding:  :kekeke:

Now now, I can always change it to something else, maybe TakAiri  :lol:

Saki grinned “Sure, sounds…” Saki leaned towards Miyabi and whispered in a low husky voice “…fun”
It made me :lol:’s just that it’s Saki  XD

Why? You don't think Saki is capable of

@ ChrNo:

naah i don't wanna interfere in your fic lol
surprise me !
Awwww....I weally weally want to hear it though *pouts*  :lol: No worries, you never know, sometimes comments can create the weirdest inspirations to something way outside of the comments' context

risako was totally useless  :lol:

I purposely made her an unimportant character at the moment, she'll be more helpful later on  ;)

@ Maimi_Yajima:

It´s the second normal fic that i read.
Define normal  :lol:

however Takahashi told to niigaki  that maimi is losing popularity.
Well not necessarily popularity more like to emphasize that Maimi is more harsher than Saki, she's a bit strict when it comes to work, but that is only compared to Saki, meaning Saki is just as bad  :lol:

Maimi has a somewhat cold personality and seems to be a Person who does what she wants, cuz maimi not listened to  niigaki and airi  when they complain because she payed all expenses.

Maimi in this area seems more cold only because she carries her duties as an heir around most of the time and she does things that she wants because she can.  However, in Maimi's little group, they are use to either Saki or Maimi paying all the expenses because it's like a treat from the two to them.  Sometimes these things happen in the business world, when you are with a client, you will want to pay the expenses to leave a good impression and in this case, Maimi paid because well Maimi's group has Reina, Eri, Ai, Saki and herself whereas Airi's group has Airi, Miyabi, Risa and Risako...5 vs 4, Maimi paid because they have the larger group, so they probably drank more than the other.  To be fair, I personally would have done the same regardless if I was rich or not.

@ baddie:
Shucks that Airi is dating Risako. No Maimi/Airi pairing then? But then you will always surprise us with something...

I wonder why you think that  :whistle:

Good observation, Airi! :thumbsup

She is a Senior Detective, it would be disappointing if she couldn't scan her environment and make connections

Ouch? :lol: Shot down before the fight :lol: :lol: :lol:
Damn now I feel bad, but then again who was the competition makes a difference nee?

You know, intriguing always leads to the start of something...
:hehehe: Are you hinting at something there??? It can just be intriguing  :lol:

Chapter 14

Date: March 18
Time: 10:00 pm

In a faraway warehouse Taiyo Nakai was sitting in an empty warehouse with just a couple of his men with him waiting for the other party.

“Ah Nakai-san, to what and whom do I owe this visit?”

“Matsumoto-san, I have come to talk about future partnerships with you with our group”

“Oh is that so?  Nakai-san I would like to know why I would want to spend my time hearing you out?”

“There are benefits to working with us of course, plenty of it.  My boss is funding this and they are not simple people”

“Your boss?!  Now that’s news to me, I never realized that the Nakai clan had a head higher than yourself”

“Hehe well Matsumoto-san, that is the business world is it not? Besides, my boss does not like to be known but rest assured I will have sufficient funds and back up and not only that but if you have business propositions with the overall group, it also means that you are, lets say, covered when issues arise.  My boss believes in treating and aiding business partners with only the best they can find”

“Well Nakai-san, here’s the kicker!” Matsumoto leaned closer on his elbows and rested his chin on his cupped hands, “as much as this all sounds very profitable to me, word on the street is that Yamaguchi is only in jail because your clan failed to protect.  Now knowing this, how do you suppose I should react?”

At the mention of the Yamaguchi case, Taiyo Nakai’s face darkened but he sucked in his ego “Matsumoto-san, rest assured that my boss is not happy about it and I take all responsibility but also know that my boss is not one who is forgiving for mistakes, my position and life is on the life if I fail again.  You at least get to keep your life but I lose mine so who do you think has everything on the line?”

Ren Matsumoto thought about this carefully and agrees that Taiyo has more on the line but is he willing to risk jail time for this?  “I have a better proposition in which means the exact same but I will not personally be in charge of our proposition, I will let one of my men be the middleman or representative, whatever you want to call it, in which he will officially be the one your proposition will be with”

“If that makes you happy then it means the exact same to me as long as we are still getting the same service however I too will have a representative so that we both have our asses covered.  At the end you lose a guy and I may lose a guy and a life”

“That’s fine with me” Ren snapped his fingers and a man wearing shades and a grey suit walked up “King Ishiguro will be my rep”

“Ken Kakiuchi will be mine” as Ken walked up “I hope we have a smooth operating partnership” Taiyo stood up as Ren did the same and they both shook hands sealing the deal.  “Shall we celebrate?”
Date: March 19
Time: 11:00 am

“Suzuki-san, the kidnappers would not say who was the mastermind behind it all!”

“They won’t?  Hmm that causes problems because if we just have a recording without names being mentioned, we can’t put Nakai behind bars or anyone on his side.  The kidnappers will be taking all the blame”

“But what can we do?  They refuse to talk and they have all claimed that it was their own doing and didn’t know that the witness was … well a witness to a case.  If we don’t get names, we have no choice but to just nail these small potatoes”

“Toku-san, can you switch with Chisa, this is more of your forte, let’s hope you can get something out of them”

“Yes ma’am” Chinami took the clipboard from Chisato

“Good luck” whispered Chisato as Chinami passed by

“Chisa I wanted to ask you if you found anything about that shot”

“There was definitely tracks there but no matches to our criminal database and by the looks of it” Chisato produced a photo to Airi “these marks look like a sniper rifle stand”

Airi looked at the photos “Nakky has forensics sent us the report on the bullet taken from the kidnapper’s foot?”

Nakky searched her desk and produced a file “Yeah here it is”

Airi scanned through the file quickly “Chisa, your assumption is correct it is from a sniper rifle but only there are no traces of fingerprints nor is it anything special so our lead on that is dead as well”  Airi closed the file and thought for a moment “I guess we stop here” ‘I wonder what their purpose was, if they wanted to kill why shoot the ankle?  If they are trying to help us then why?  Who is it?  Why stay hidden if they are friends?’

~KNOCK KNOCK~ “Suzuki-san” Airi turned to face Yossie “I would like to congradulate you and your team for finding the witness and family on time.  Under the short amount of time, you were able to apprehend all kidnappers and rescue all members of the Nakamura family”  Yossie went up to shake Airi’s hand “Keep up the good work”
Date: March 19
Time: 11:23 pm

“Whiz, has there been anything new recently?” asked Gen as the group were gathered around a round table

“Not that I know or heard of as of yet, but I suppose I should pick up something soon because with Yamaguchi in jail and Tokugawa dead, they are bound to find a replacement.  Did you hear about the funny situation though?”

“Agreed, I think it may be beneficial to find out who Nakai is working for as well as figure their operations.  I know what you are referring to and I too am curious as to the situation.”

“Who do you think did it and why?  Do you think it is a cop? On a side note, I think we may need Sexy to work that out for us, the faster we do this the faster we move on with our lives as normal people”

“Leave it up to me!” shouted Sexy as she gave them a peace sign

“Be careful though, I don’t like my woman being touched”

“Ace don’t worry,  I’m sure when I am snooping around or whatever the plan is, Gen will have some sort of arrangement.  What situation are you guys referring to?” soothed Sexy as she patted Ace on the shoulder before turning to the rest of the team members

“Ace, I won’t put my people into something without considering the circumstances.  Didn’t you guys hear? Apparently hostages were held up in some freight crate and originally what was known to be 3 guys turned out to be 4, because one was hiding in the crate.  They were shot down somehow, Ace what’s your take in this?” Gen produced a picture for Ace

Ace took a look at the pictures “Gen, it’s not that I don’t trust your leadership skills.  I mean you are the head of this team and we don’t call you Gen for nothing.  Genius of our group! But I just want to make sure Sexy still understands to be careful even if you are watching out for her.  We don’t want to expose ourselves.  Can’t we rearrange Pint or Model to do this assignment? This hole…it’s from a sniper”  The group got up and took a closer look at the picture Ace was holding

“Don’t worry Ace, Sexy isn’t the only one going around nor will she even be alone this time.  I am putting you with her this time.  Yes you may not be as use to it but it would make us all feel relieved about it.  Sound good? And to answer your question about Pint and Model, we can’t rearrange them, they are our lookout crew and they have to stay where they are to give us necessary information as informers.  The positions they are in make it impossible for them to join in our activities like these.  That’s what I thought too but I wanted you to look at it to confirm”

“How the hell can you guys tell that it was a sniper from that?!” Swift pointed at the picture of a hole and looked quizzically at Gen and Ace, Whiz and Sexy also bore a confused look

“Fine! Wait a minute… me??? But I am not as alluring as the rest of you guys, its not really my forte.  I am only good with guns hence Ace.  It’s not that I don’t want to go with Sexy but I also don’t want to ruin anything or take that risk” Ace agreed ignoring Swift’s question while rolling their eyes

Gen took away the picture “That’s not the issue at hand, what I wonder is whether Com had done this” Gen looked up from the picture and at her team “Any takers?  Actually nevermind, I may need to keep you guys in your usual positions.  So Whiz you will be at the controls as base and lead us out of where ever we are.  Keep in touch with Swift so the waiting place is not mixed up.  I guess that leaves me.  In that case Ace I will need you to be perched somewhere near us and within range.  Once we know where our location will be Whiz can tell you where you should be looking out for us.  Those are the plans for now but it may change after Whiz tells us anything in relation to possible people we should be talking to and where we should approach them”

“Alright, our first target should be Nakai’s clan but I doubt the lower ranks will know anything and the higher ranks will be extremely careful”

“Who is the first on the list?” asked Gen they all looked at the file in front of them

“Just give me a minute” Whiz started tapping on her laptop “Okay look at the screen” The team looks around to the giant projector screen “This is Nakai’s right hand man Ken Kakiuchi, he will most likely be the best to approach but he is apparently the most dangerous in the clan, extremely careful and hard to approach”

“So Sexy, are you up for a challenge?” questioned Swift as she looked sternly at Sexy

“Don’t do that Swift, you know Sexy doesn’t back to a challenge like this” Ace glared at Swift for pushing Sexy to accept the target

“I’ll do it” replied Sexy as her eyes lit up with anticipation

“Okay, I want a background check on him, past girlfriends, lifestyle etc, once we get that I will at least know what type of person we are dealing with before we devise a plan”

“Seriously Gen, how the hell did you get sniper from that?” Swift went to take a better look at the picture

“Why do you think Com had a hand at this?  Wouldn’t they have told us?”

“I have my suspicions” Swift shrugged their shoulders and dropped the topic

“In the meantime, what are we going to do?” Sexy’s face fell knowing it would be some time before she will have any form of excitement

“In the meantime, we party babe” Ace grabbed her and pulled her closer, kissing her on the collarbone area causing her to moan

The trio looked at them, rolled their eyes, got up and left them alone to continue in peace

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Gosh! I still can't figure out the people behind the code names :smhid Are they in any way a member of Maimi or Risa team? I don't think Risa's team is part of the codie...

Ouch? :lol: Shot down before the fight :lol: :lol: :lol:
Damn now I feel bad, but then again who was the competition makes a difference nee?
You got that right XD
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@ baddie: Well if I told you which team it was, then where's the fun??  :twisted: And besides, I never did say they were members of either team  :twisted:  Keep on guessin'

Chapter 15

Date: March 20
Time: 3:00 pm

~Hitoribocchi nanka ja nai taisetsu na hito ga takusan iru yo hora ne sono subete no ai ni Sankyuu~ “Moshi moshi”

“H-hi! It’s me”

“Natsuyaki-san, what a surprise! How are you?”

“I’m good…er…how is work?”

“The usual, staring at a computer screen all day praying that I don’t lose focus”

“Haha, so you don’t really work Shimizu-san, you just pretend you do as you are daydreaming in front of a computer screen”

“Shhh don’t let Maimi know, she’ll kick my butt”

“Okay, your secret is safe with me” whispered Miyabi “but I was wondering if you want to…er…have…dinner with me?”

“No cases today?”

“Well we do but not something big that would require me to stress over”

“You stressed?! I didn’t think you would be, you give off a relaxed aura”

“Only because the day we were at the pub, we finished a big case so I wasn’t stressed”

“Fair enough.  Dinner sounds nice, what time and where?”

“I can come pick you up, just tell me what time you are off work”

“Let me see” Saki clicked on her calendar and checked times of her appointment, then looked at what was due the next day “I should be free by 8”

“Great!!! I’ll see you then.  Bye” shouted Miyabi with too much enthusiasm

“Haha Bye” ~CLICK

As soon as Miyabi was off the phone she jumped up and down “YATTA!!!!!!” She then turned to the ledge of the roof where she was calling and yelled out “YATTA!!!!”

“What’s got you so happy?”

Miyabi turned to find Airi walking towards her “How did you know I was here?”

“Miya, we did grow up together right?  If anything ane and I both know where you have this thing about roofs or high places”

“Point taken anyways I have a date tonight!” squealed Miyabi

“With Shimizu-san?” Airi’s smile widen as Miyabi nodded shyly “Oh my god!  What has she done to you? I’ve never seen you shy and….and are you blushing??”

“Stop it Airin” whined Miyabi as she whacked her on the arm

“Now you’re whining!!!!  Oh my god I’ve got to tell ane about this, she’ll freak”  Airi put a hand over her mouth as she was laughing

“Yeah yeah laugh it up!  But I do need a favour from you, I’ll need to borrow your car tonight”

“Why?  I can drive you home to pick up yours”

“Because I don’t want to drive my shit box!  I want to give her a good impression”

“Wow Shimizu-san must be real special for you to be calling your car a shit box and to actually care about impressing her”

Miyabi blushed again and nodded “Yeah.  I don’t know what it is but she gives off this special aura that attracts me”  Miyabi explained while picturing Saki in her mind

“In that case, I’m happy for you and you can borrow my car.  I’ll take your Acura for the night”

“Oh!  You meeting Risako-chan?”

“Yeah I wanted to surprise her for cancelling on our dates all the time”

“Awww so thoughtful of you”  Now it was Airi’s turn to blush “She’s lucky to have you, I can totally take pointers from you”

“Yeah yeah whatever, so I can tell ane you’re not going to eat with her then?”

“Yeah I need to pick her up at 8”

“If you don’t want to be late, get back to work so we can all leave on time today”

“Roger that” Miyabi saluted Airi and ran towards the stairs
After getting off the phone with Miyabi, Saki was smiling to herself daydreaming.  She was so dazed that she didn’t notice Maimi standing at her door staring at her ‘Now this is a Kodak moment, in which I just so happen to have my cell with me.  Rare to find Saki with a dreamy look’ Maimi walked closer pointing and adjusting her cellphone, making sure Saki does not get out of her daze ~CLICK~

At that moment Saki snapped out of her thoughts and looked at Maimi “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to take this rare photo” Maimi showed Saki the photo from a good distance, in case Saki reaches over and deletes the picture “Wanna share in the reason behind this?”

“I have a date tonight so here” Saki tossed Maimi the keys “you can drive home tonight”

“Hmmmm Natsuyaki-san did a good number on you.  The usually serious and cool Shimizu-san looks goofy grinning by herself”

“Yeah you say that now, wait till you find someone that attracts you”

Maimi’s smile decreased thinking about Risa, which was caught by Saki’s sharp eyes “That doesn’t look good, did you get rejected?....Wait a minute does that mean you’re over your ex???”

“No I didn’t even ask them out nor will I ever” Maimi decided to ignore the last question

“How come?  You’ve never backed away from a challenge before, you aren’t the type to give up on things that are doable and don’t ignore my last question. ”

“Well here’s the thing, there was this one that I was attracted to, older, wiser, beautiful, seeing them smile melts all your problems away.  But they aren’t interested in me, they saw me as a younger sister and nothing more and I….I don’t know how to answer your last question”

“Wow you must have been really attracted to not even try or get dejected like this, and what do you mean you don’t know???”

“Well it gets complicated because they seem to be attracted to a friend of mine”

“EH~ that doesn’t sound too good” Saki thought about it for a moment before her eyes shot up “Maimi you don’t have that many friends, all your friends include the 4 of us which means that….” Maimi nodded her head “So who is it?”


“Then that means…”

“Niigaki-san, yeah”  Maimi rubbed the back of her neck

“What are you going to do?”

“What else can I do? Niigaki-san doesn’t seem to see me in a romantic way, only as a younger sister like Suzuki-san, but she looks different when she is with Ai-chan”

“Yeah I think I understand the predicament.  Never really would’ve thought there would be a day where one of the group likes someone as another.  Maybe it’s better that you didn’t go after Niigaki-san, I mean if you aren’t entirely over your ex and just using Niigaki-san as a replacement, you’ll end up hurting her.”

“Which is another reason why I don’t want to do anything, because I don’t even know what I see Niigaki-san just yet, am I really attracted to her or am I just infactuated by her? Is she a replacement or is there potential?  But I guess the answers don’t have to be answered because with Ai-chan and her attraction being so evident, it’s best if I just leave it”

Saki nodded but deep down she wonders if Maimi can.  Deciding it was best to change the subject “Maimi please tell the girls I will not be home for dinner then”

“Yeah yeah you have a date.  You best be ready to spill the details” Maimi narrowed her eyes and grinned at Saki

Date: March 20
Time: 3:30 pm

~ Sou ne Hane ga aru no ni Tsukawanai no wa Kanashii mon ne Take off is now ~ “Moshi moshi”

“Er…Takahashi-san…Hi…its…Niigaki Risa”

Ai blushed at the sound of the voice “H-hi”

“Ano…I was wondering if you were doing anything tonight, maybe you’d be interested in…dinner?”

Ai cupped the receiver and shot up trying to contain her happiness as she mentally was screaming ‘Yatta!!!! Yes!!!’ She then composed herself and sat back down “Sure” as nonchantedly as possibly

“Great!!! What time should I pick you up?”

“7 good for you?  I will send you my address”

“Great, I’ll see you later then….bye”

“Bye”~CLICK~  Ai put down her cell, grinning like no tomorrow, she was so out of it that she didn’t notice Maimi waving her hand in front of her

“Takahashi-san!” Ai jolted from her trance, looking around her surrounds and realized she was still at work “Welcome back to earth” Maimi then pointed to Ai’s cell and at that moment a message had arrived

I wanted to know what you want for dinner tonight. Saki is not eating with us ~ Maimi

Ai replied the message and went back to work as Maimi walked into her office

I won’t be home for dinner, I’ve got a date ~Ai-chan

Oh? Well have fun and yes we will be bugging you about details along with Saki  :P ~ Maimi

Maimi sighed and looked at her phone ‘You’ve got a date, do I even have to guess with who?  That leaves me with the 2 children.  Doesn’t make sense for me to be the third wheel, might as well eat by myself’ Maimi picked up her cell and texted both Reina and Eri that they were on their own tonight


Managed to squeeze in one more chapter before Chinese New Year.  For those who celebrate, Happy Chinese New Year!!!!  :omamori: :on cny1: :on cny2: :mon firecrack: :mon money:
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Poor Maimi. Everyone's got a date except for her :P Will you be giving details on the date(s) as well? :w00t:

Oh Happy New Year to you tooooo
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No No!!!! Natural grin only not natural grin of evil  :gyaaah:
Okay, okay, if you say so *pats your back*

It's a good cute kind of visual  :yep:

I can take you there  :ding:  :kekeke:
:roll:  no, thanks. I'd rather go to the bathroom alone.

TakAiri? Sounds okay to me, creating more MM/Kids pairing there  :)
And Risa can go to Maimi that way  :P  but then I hope Risako doesn't get hurt...

Why? You don't think Saki is capable of
No, no, it's just that she got that innocent-face look so in my head it's rather funny to imagine her being sexy  XD

“Leave it up to me!” shouted Sexy as she gave them a peace sign
I was really hoping if this party isn't Maimi's team then it will have Koha and Sayu. And if the peace sign was any indication at all, I pray it's Sayu  :)

“Be careful though, I don’t like my woman being touched”
Wooo! Possessive  :P

This hole…it’s from a sniper
So does that means this other party is different than the mysterious party?

If anything ane and I both know where you have this thing about roofs or high places
I used to go sat on my house roof and watch the sky.

Airi is a good gf and yay, the dates are coming!  :D

Maybe it’s better that you didn’t go after Niigaki-san, I mean if you aren’t entirely over your ex and just using Niigaki-san as a replacement, you’ll end up hurting her.

Ai cupped the receiver and shot up trying to contain her happiness as she mentally was screaming ‘Yatta!!!! Yes!!!’ She then composed herself and sat back down “Sure” as nonchantedly as possibly
LOL cute.

Poor Maimi felt left out  :(
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Yabai!!!! It's been days since I last updated!!!!! I've been busy with work, school and of course this Chinese New Year business where my parents just won't give me a moments time to think.  But hopefully I'll have enough time of relaxation to update more  :thumbsup

@ baddie: Of course, what's a fic without a couple of dates???  :lol:  I am splitting it into 2 parts just because there are too many characters (the downfall of including everyone  :nervous)

@ Chloe: you're comment makes me feel like you don't believe I don't have a natural grin of ebilness and you are just saying that  :mon suspect:

Risako getting hurt??? talk about irony (you'll see why below)

Yeah Captain does give me that kind of innocent feeling, but even more so, I wonder if she can pull it off.  I mean I wonder if I can help her pull it off ya know what I mean?

Ahhh so what and who have you guessed so far??? You don't have to post it, you can message me your answers  ;)

I did mention that there is a possibility that there are more than one parties in this fic didn't I? :dunno:

I love watching the stars in the sky, however my parents have banned me from going to the roof.  Not just them but my friends too but that's something that we don't have to go in detail right now.

Someone has to be left out, I mean I don't have enough characters  :nervous

Chapter 16

Date: March 20
Time: 5:00 pm

As soon as work was done, Miyabi ushered Airi out the door to her car “Mou Miya, what’s the rush?”

“I need to get ready” replied Miyabi as she continued to push Airi

Airi snickered “Awww you need to pretty yourself up? Well that’s a first”

“Shut it Airin and hurry up.  Remember I am borrowing your car tonight”

“I still don’t get why you can’t use your own”

“Because your Mercedes S2000 is more classier, something more suitable for Shimizu-san” explained Miyabi as they were driving home

“Does it really matter?  I mean Shimizu-san doesn’t look like the type of person who cares much”

“Well I don’t know but I just feel like I want to impress her”

“Okay okay, you go be your prince charming.  I am off” Airi got out of her car as soon as they reached their residence and quickly went to Miyabi’s Acura “Please be careful with my baby” she hollered before driving off

Airi was just as happy to get off work actually, she wanted to surprise Risako, regardless of the many times that Risako claims that she didn’t mind, it didn’t feel right to Airi, she felt guilty.  She arrived outside of Risako’s office and waited patiently

‘Now where is that phone of mine? Aww fudgesticks I must have left it in my car…that Miya has now.  Oh well, Rii-chan will be soo happy when she sees me.  Luckily these windows are tinted so she wouldn’t see me right away’ Airi snickered to herself and turned to look behind her, checking to make sure the flowers she bought were still in good shape.  Airi waited paitently as she watched Erika go by with Momoko, then Aika and finally she caught glimpse of her princess.  Airi was about to get out of the car with the flowers but stopped as she watched Risako hug Aika from behind and kiss her on her neck before moving to her lips.  It was as if everything was in slow motion, Airi felt her heart stop and slowly crumble watching the 2 publicly displaying their affection.  Her mind drew a blank unsure as to what she should do but she felt her hand grab onto the flowers tighter and tighter crushing them as the duo walked by.  ‘How could she?  How could they? What do I do now?  Do I confront them?  Do I pretend it never happened?  How long have they been doing this behind my back?  Do I really want to know? What did I do wrong?’ Airi sat in the Acura even after Risako and Aika’s shadows were long gone, confused, angry, upset, she wasn’t sure what it was, but she knew she wanted to believe what she just witnessed wasn’t real, that it was all just a dream or at least she felt like forgetting it all.  Dropping all her logic as a senior detective she did the one thing that was close to dreaming, she drove to a bar.
Date: March 20
Time: 6:30 pm


I drove to the address that Takahashi-san had given me, looking at my watch, half and hour early as I wanted to be.  I was feeling nervous about it and I was praying I wouldn’t do anything stupid to embarrass myself or make her hate me.  I don’t know what it was but when I first met her I was attracted to her.  I was attracted to how she was so absorbed in her thoughts and I think lady luck was on my side when someone accidentally knocked into her.  Now a girls gotta take that chance to approach someone else right? And what better way?! I put forth my hand hoping she would take it and when she did I was mentally dancing in my head, but I was also distracted at her dark, brown eyes and her soft hands.  We never broke eye contact as I helped her off the floor, until that is when she yelped in pain.  I led her to a bench so I could examine her foot, I presumed it was a minor sprain but I wanted to make sure as I touched the bone around her ankle.  The flesh around it felt soft, which means a bruise was about to form.  I offered to take her home in which she rejected.  Man!  I was sure upset at that precise moment thinking that it was over, my chances gone until she said she had to buy dinner for co-workers.  Racking my brain of course I composed my voice, making sure I didn’t sound desperate before offering to help her out.  I was more than happy to help and I guess I was so focussed on helping her that I forgot the most important thing….her number.  Luckily for me Yajima-san offered to have mine.  She is so cute, she reminds me of a taller Airin, like a child, very curious and intrigued, gives the aura that she is easy to talk to.  I gave her my number hoping that Takahashi-san would get it. 

I didn’t know I was waiting for a call from Yajima-san or Takahashi-san until I received it.  No wonder I kept checking my cell for any missed calls.  I had just about lost some, key word, some hope when they didn’t call in the next day or two but was definitely thrilled when Yajima-san called.  I had to call Airin, she being there would’ve made me feel at ease as well she’ll help me check Takahashi-san out.


~Bye bye bye! Akaruku ikiro~ “Hey ane!  What’s up?”

“What are you doing tonight?”

“Probably nothing.  Miya and I are at home to get some sleep”

“Okay, I wanted to know if you guys are up for drinks tonight, there’s this girl I met who reminds me of you.  She’s cute and funny”

“Ohhh~~!! Is this your girlfriend or possible target?”

“No no, she is just someone I find interesting, but there is this one…”

“We’re there!” Risa heard Miyabi hollering from the background

“Did you have to scream like that?” lectured Airi before getting back to Risa “Okay you heard her, we’ll be there and I’m bringing Rii-chan with me.  We want to check this possible target out”

“*chuckle* Well I’ll let you sleep now, we are suppose to meet them at Dusk at around 10.  I will come home and we’ll eat first”

“Sure, whatever *yawn* you want”

“Go to bed quickly little one and I’ll see you guys later tonight. Bye” ~CLICK~

End of Flashback

Looking around the establishment, I realized how big Yajima-san/Shimizu-san’s place is…I assumed they both were owners but regardless, those 2 must have held Takahashi-san and the others in a special place to trust their friends to live in such a spread.  I think I can see how big the swimming pool is… and is that?...they certainly like to live it large to have so many vehicles.

The front porch lights turned on as I turned my gaze at you walking out, you weren’t wearing anything elegant but you were definitely beautiful.  As you weren’t looking I took a tissue and wiped my nose to make sure I didn’t have a nosebleed.  You wore a simple black skirt with a red top and with the added effect of the lights from behind you, it felt like you came form heaven ready to take me away.  I smiled at you and got out of my car to take your hand.  Leading you to the passenger side, I opened the door for you to get in “your chariot awaits” you giggled slightly and again I was mesmerized, my insides feeling like mush.  I didn’t waste time as I got into the driver side and drove off to the restaurant where I made reservations.
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That was a nice chapter.  :)
and poor maimi....  :cry:
ganbare with your next chapter.  :heart:
And... ^_^
Happy Chinese New Year!!  :heart: ^_^
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Can we have more details of TakaGaki date :wub:

Shucks! Airi caught Risako cheating on her! :shocked Now if only Maimi "happens" to patron that bar...
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Aww man poor Airi.. And Maimi.. Hey, does this mean we get to see some YajiAiri action xD Oh and AikaRii? O-O that's an... Interesting combination...
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Airi is such a good cop I'm sure she won't have a problem getting those kidnappers to spill the beans.

Maimi taking that pic of captain reminds me of how the other C-ute members complained about how she took vids of them in the bath XD

Poor maimi, it sucks to be treated like a little Sis by the person you like :(

Looks like Gaki fell for Ai instantly. A classic Love at first sight example :)
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I wanted to post this chapter before but the site was down  :panic:

I'll reply to the comments later.

Chapter 17

Date: March 20
Time 7:30 pm

Risa led Ai into a fancy Italian restaurant where the music was light, the lights were dimmed, there was a live pianist, a dance floor, basically a perfect atmosphere for them to talk and get to know each other more. Their dinner consisted of jokes, funny stories of their past, stories of their present, laughter non-stop and the topics could be so random but neither party minded it.

“That’s so cute!” Risa exclaimed when Ai finished telling her story about fell at a client presentation with Maimi in which she couldn’t bare to look at Maimi or the client as she quickly walked out the door and locked herself in Maimi’s car until she was done.

“That was not cute, it was embarrassing” Ai pouted, just thinking about the moment, Ai’s face went red

“Did you get in trouble with Yajima-san?” Risa inquired wanting to know whether Maimi was as tough as Reina and Eri described her as

Ai shook her head “One of the great things about Maimi in my eyes is that she’s not the type to get upset about these types of situations. It was an embarrassment on her behalf because I was her staff but she never lets these things get to her. She may seem cold for not questioning about my well-being during the presentation but the first thing that Maimi said to me when she got into the car was check that I didn’t have any bruises or anything. Once she found out that I was okay, she never mentions it anymore. I don’t know if it is just me and I believe she is like that in general. She’s very work-orientated though and I know Reina thinks she is given a lot to do or that Maimi’s expectation are high but in all reality, between me and you, Maimi fixes all of Reina’s mistakes most of the time. Some see it as her not caring enough if they didn’t know her”

“Wow, I am impressed by Yajima-san, young as she is, she doesn’t act like one and I know you’ll tell me that it is because of the position she is in, but still, the way she acts, talks and deal with situations aren’t something you would expect of her age”

“She’s one in a million, that’s for sure. Shes the type of person where all of us knew we could rely on when we are in need, either it be monetary or time”

“Sounds to me like she holds a very high position in your heart”

“I can’t deny it, Maimi and Saki helped me through my career as it is. I was never this organized nor was I this professional, it took lots of overtime with Maimi and Saki staying behind even when they didn’t need to teaching me what their requirements are and how to meet their requirements”

“How long have you guys been living together?”

“We started living together a couple of years ago, Maimi and Saki knew that I lived on my own and Reina and Eri lived together so they suggested that we move in with them. There are plenty of benefits with this arrangement so I can’t complain”


“We can use any of their cars and vehicles, they have a gym, pool, golf course so I don’t have to pay for club fees if I wanted to keep in shape and they aren’t like parents wondering where you are or who I’m with or whatever, they give us space to do as we feel like however they do have one stimpulation”

Risa smiled at how Ai was describing the relationships she has with her housemates “And that would be?”

“We share in the chores, something Reina and Eri totally detests”

“I think there is someone that will know exactly how they are feeling”


“Miya, she hates doing the chores too, you should see her room. I can’t imagine how she can find anything in there but she does, go figure. Is Shimizu-san like that too?”

“No, Saki and Maimi are like the parents of the family, she is more organized, easy-going, absolutely cute outside the office”

“It makes me wonder how Miya managed to attract Shimizu-san” Risa chuckled imagining a pigsty Miyabi with a clean and groomed Saki

When the laughter died down, Risa got up and walked over to Ai’s side “May I have this dance?” as she stretched her hand out for Ai to hold

Ai blushed but obliged as she put her hand in Risa’s, feeling lightheaded and as if electricity was flowing through. Risa led Ai to the dance floor where she wrapped her arm around Ai’s waist and put up her hand for Ai to hold. Ai placed one hand on Risa’s shoulder and took hold of Risa’s free hand as they began to waltz. Neither party took their eyes away from their partner as they swayed left and right to the music, which soon became no existent as their surroundings were covered in white with just the two of them dancing on clouds.

Date: March 20
Time: 8:00 pm


I stretched as I was finishing up the report hoping to finish before I met with Natsuyaki-san. I glanced at the clock and it was 8:00 as I continued to type one more paragraph. I know I was to meet her at 8 but hey I like making her impatient, its cute seeing her squirm and besides I AM SHIMIZU SAKI of the Yajima & Shimizu empire, I’ll let her wait a bit more. I chuckled at how evil I can be at times but what can I say? I did grow up in the cruel business world. I finished the last paragraph in 10 minutes before logging off and grabbing my things. I made my way down and saw her waiting outside with her hands behind her back, leaning slightly on a Mercedes S2000.

Just as I reach her she presented me with a bouquet of flowers, I was astonished to say the least, never knew she had it in her “Thank you” I took a whiff of the flowers and I could feel my cheeks warming up

“Pretty flowers for a pretty girl” Natsuyaki-san opened the door for me to get in

“Thank you” I replied quietly, my heart was beating pretty quickly which was unusual because I never thought I would feel this way with someone I hardly knew. Maimi always labelled me as a flirt so I guess I would never be affected so easily by the simple gestures.

As Natsuyaki-san went around to the driver’s side, I tried to control my blushing and my heart beat. She smiled at me and I felt like I was going to melt ‘What is this??? Stop it!!! Keep your cool like you always do!!!!’ I couldn’t help but mentally scold myself which I think worked because I went back to normal. “So where are we heading to?” I returned her smile with a killer smile of my own and I think it hit her because I swear I see a blush forming

“Er…I…I was thinking about Italian, is that okay with you?” ‘Bingo!!! Romantic aren’t we?’

“Sure that sounds good”

We drove in silence for a bit before Natsuyaki-san decided to put on some music, it turned out to be Buono songs in which I think she thought I wouldn’t like because she frantically turned it to the radio instead. Seeing her jittery, I giggled “Natsuyaki-san it’s okay Buono songs are okay too”

“Er…S-sorry. Shimizu-san, er…um…you can call me by my given name Miyabi…um…Natsuyaki-san has too many syllables”

‘I’m sure THAT’S the reason, but I’ll play along’
I grinned “Well if we are getting rid of formalities, Saki for me” ‘This is going to be a good night’
Date: March 20
Time: 9:34 pm

Reina woke up lazily, as she rubbed her eyes, she suddenly felt an arm wrap around her body. She turned to the occupant beside her in her bed, smiling as she saw Eri still sleeping. Reina turned around slowly as to not wake Eri up and faced Eri fully now. She felt a chill at her behind side as she recalled that they were still naked under the blankets ‘Ahhhh~ This is the life!!! Two out of three have started going on dates leaving the house to ourselves, now to find out what Maimi’s type is then…yes~~~~ No more nagging at us and their attention wouldn’t be on my baby and I anymore hehehe’

“You know it’s a bit creepy seeing you grin like that…seems almost evil” Reina napped out of her thoughts and looked at Eri whose eyes weren’t even open

“Sorry babe, did I wake you up?” Reina kissed Eri on the forehead and then hugged Eri tighter into her embrace

“What were you thinking anyways?” Eri opened her eyes and rubbed them “Samui!!! It’s cold!!!”

Reina giggled “Of course babe…um…unless you forgotten about what we did after coming home, you are naked under there”

Eri looked under the blankets and saw Reina naked “That’s right!!!!” causing Reina to giggle some more

“You know I can get use to this…coming home after work and just stripping you down”

“Mou, Rei, don’t say it like that…it sounds so…so perverted” Eri whacked Reina lightly on her side

“Awww come on babe, don’t say you don’t enjoy this nor…” Reina got up and on top of Eri “did you enjoy our last 2 rounds without having someone at home” Reina dove in to kiss Eri around the collar area, something she knew would cause Eri to moan

“Rei…” Eri gasped out “we should get up” Eri pushed Reina off her lightly “we haven’t eaten yet and I am getting hungry…the needing-food hungry”

Reina huffed “Fine, let’s go hit the showers then go out ot eat okay?”

“You’re the best!” Eri squealed then gave Reina a peck on the lips “We…we…we could take a bath together if that’ll make you happy”

Reina’s eyes lit up “DEAL!!!!” as she got up and ran to the bathroom to start the bath

Eri couldn’t help but chuckle at Reina’s actions as she, herself got up and put on her bathrobe before heading to their closet to find their towels

“Babe, can you grab my bathrobe too!!!” Eri heard Reina holler out

After a good shower/bath, with another round, Reina and Eri got dressed ready to head out “What do you feel like eating?” Reina asked as she was putting on her makeup

“Hmmmm….I feel like….hmmmm….” Eri placed her fingers up to her chin in deep thought

Reina took her glance away from the mirror and looked at Eri thinking ‘How absolutely cute!!!! It’s no wonder I love this woman!!!’ “Thinking time is up!”


“You heard me, if you can’t decide then we’ll let the fates decide for us, we can walk around our favourite club area and we’ll just choose something” Reina turned back facing the mirror and through the mirror she can see a slight pout on Eri’s face “Look on the bright side hun, at least we’ll be partying after” Reina made sure that Eri was fine with the arrangements before finishing up her make up.

Date: March 20
Time: 10:00 pm

Maimi walked around aimlessly after grabbing a quick dinner at a café, she was too lazy to go home and make something so she stuck around the office and continued to work. After finishing her meal, Maimi was going to go back to work but decided to take a stroll first before staring at her computer screen for god knows how long. As she was walking she entered the local pub area where there were at least 5 or 6 pubs all around each other. Thinking back at her work load she decided against having a drink and was going to turn around and leave when someone bumped into her

“*HIC* Watch where *HIC* ya goin!” The person’s head was down, a little shorter than Maimi and was trying to gain some sort of balance as she shuffled from left to right

‘How rude!! Stupid drunk! I’ll should teach you a lesson’
thought Maimi as she brushed off her clothes checking if there were any dirt stains ‘I get any dirty fingerprints and you’ll get my dry-cleaning bills’

The person all of a sudden grabbed Maimi’s hand “Come *HIC* drink with me” Maimi clenched her fist and tried to pull away, prying her hand free but the grip was tightened

“Er…no I don’t want to have a drink, especially not with strangers…drunk strangers”

“*HIC* Am I not *HIC* good enough? *HIC* is that it? *HIC*” The person lifted her face and Maimi cried out

“Suzuki-san!!!! Daijoubu?” Maimi’s fists loosened up and held Airi by the arms to keep her from swaying

“Am *HIC* I not good enough? *HIC* Is that why *HIC* you choose her *HIC*?” Airi was yelling at Maimi with her eyes semi-closed

‘She must be having issues with her girlfriend’ “Suzuki-san let’s get you home okay? Did you drive?” Maimi was guiding Airi to the parking lot but Airi pulled herself away

“*HIC* Answer me!!!! Why *HIC* did you cheat on me *HIC*?!” People started looking in their direction at Airi’s outburst

“Suzuki-san, I think it’s time for you to go home, should I call your girlfriend or Niigaki-san?”

“I don’t want to go *HIC* home! I want to *HIC* drink!” Airi started wandering to a random direction as people watched her go by, bumping into some of them

Maimi walked up to her, apologizing for Airi’s behaviour “Suzuki-san I think you’ve had enough to drink. I’m going to call Niigaki-san…” Airi all of a sudden waved her arms causing Maimi to drop her phone. As she was about to pick it up, she realized Airi was about to walk across the street with a car approaching fast. Maimi quickly pulled Airi out of the way onto the ground but watched as her phone got flattened by the same car ‘Great! Just great! I just got that phone too’

“Hai~~ *HIC* hahaha that was fun!” Airi was giggling uncontrollably as Maimi looked at her with a raised eyebrow

Swiftly Maimi picked Airi up by the arms “Suzuki-san, where do you live? Better yet, give me your phone and keys”

Airi put her hands on her pockets and patted around then put her hands in a ‘why’ gesture “No phone hehehe *HIC*” and then grinned “Say you’re kinda cute, what’s your name?” Airi stumbled closer to Maimi

Maimi stretched her arms out to Airi’s shoulder to stop her from advancing “Suzuki-san! It’s me Yajima Maimi!”

“Maimi? *HIC* Maimi’s a nice name, so *HIC* Maimi wanna go for a *HIC* ride?” Airi grinned as she pulled out keys from her jacket pocket and dangled them in front of Maimi. Maimi grabbed the keys causing Airi to pout “*HIC* Hey! Those…*HIC* those are…” Airi put one hand over her mouth

‘Oh no you don’t, not on me’ Maimi quickly turned Airi around and let her spew ‘Ewww…gross!!!’ Maimi scrunched up her face in disgust. With her face turned slightly away, she brushed Airi’s back with one hand and held up loose strands of hair away from the face as Airi continued puking. Right before Airi collapsed, Maimi held out an arm around Airi’s waist and tugged her closer to Maimi

‘Now what do I do? I don’t know where she lives, I can’t call anyone and I definitely don’t want to leave her here. I guess there is only one thing to do…I’m taking her to the office. I can’t take her home with me, that’ll give the others wrong impressions’ Maimi took the keys and started pressing it to find Airi’s car. It took her 10 minutes before finally finding it as she used on arm to hold onto a falling Airi and searching for the missing car. Once Maimi found the car, she picked up Airi, bridal style, and headed towards her desired transportation. Airi seemed to have passed out by now so it was a little more easier getting her to the car. Slowly Maimi shifted Airi so that she was standing, leaning on Maimi’s arm, as Maimi opened the door and lifted Airi into the passenger seat, being careful not to bump her head, although tempting, and helped her buckle up. She then quickly got into the driver side and headed towards her office building
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@ Chloe: you're comment makes me feel like you don't believe I don't have a natural grin of ebilness and you are just saying that  :mon suspect:
Nah, it's just your imagination   :glasses:

I think you're doing it okay. Your captain gives different impression, she's forward, took initiative with Miya, and being flirty with her. So yeah I think she can pull it off, if that's what you meant.

Other than the two I've said before, the others still vague to me (even I'm not that sure with those two). But if i have other guesses before you reveal who they are, I'll PM you.

I did mention that there is a possibility that there are more than one parties in this fic didn't I?
I don’t remember  :nervous but I just thought the only other party is Gen’s team.

I love watching the stars in the sky, however my parents have banned me from going to the roof.  Not just them but my friends too but that's something that we don't have to go in detail right now.
Funny, when I told one friend about it, she totally banned me too saying that it was dangerous  :lol:

“Because your Mercedes S2000 is more classier, something more suitable for Shimizu-san”
So Miya thinks Saki is a classy lady?

And Airi was actually being a great girlfriend, yet Risako cheated with Aika. Talk about irony indeed  :mon exhaust:
 :bigdeal: means there’s a chance for YajiSuzu!!  :hiakhiakhiak:

I gave her my number hoping that Takahashi-san would get it.
That’s her intention? Man, poor Maimi.

As you weren’t looking I took a tissue and wiped my nose to make sure I didn’t have a nosebleed.

Prince charming Gaki  :cow:

Some see it as her not caring enough if they didn’t know her
I think it’s because Maimi never talks/shows about her kindness so people tends to misunderstand her.

I chuckled at how evil I can be at times but what can I say? I did grow up in the cruel business world.
Still ebil  XD

“Pretty flowers for a pretty girl”
Though not exactly the same this line bring back memories...

TakaGaki date is romantic, MiySaki date is rather funny but cute.

“You know it’s a bit creepy seeing you grin like that…seems almost evil”
Natural grin of evil  :lol:

Ah, TanaKamei...  :mon inluv:  I miss them LOL

‘How absolutely cute!!!! It’s no wonder I love this woman!!!’

 :w00t:  YajiSuzu!!  XD
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There is another party other than Gen's party, if I didn't mention it before gomen gomen.

I don't know why people ban us from rooftops, I mean it's an amazing feeling when you are up there  :smhid

Me thinks you are being too obvious about the YajiSuzu combo  :lol:

How you still manage to link the natural grin of ebilness is soo adorable  :wub:

Chapter 18

Date: March 21
Time: 6:21 am

The next morning Airi woke up from the rays of the sun as she covered her eyes with her hand, squinting her eyes, trying to recall the prior night’s event.  The minute she sat up her head hurt like hell as she quickly fell back down.

“I wouldn’t get up so quickly if I were you” Airi slowly opened her eyes and looked around at her surroundings to find the owner of the voice.  She spotted Maimi typing away at her computer, not looking in her direction.

“Argh!!! Y-Yajima-san?! W-Where am I?  W-what happened?”  Airi slowly got up in a sitting position, hands on her throbbing head, and noticing that she had been sleeping on a comfy couch.

Maimi took her gaze away from her computer screen and pulled a bottle out of her drawers.  She then left the room leaving Airi to adjust to waking up with a hangover.  When Maimi returned she was holding a mug and set the mug and the bottle of pills in front of Airi “Here this will help the headache for now” as Maimi left the room again

Slowly Airi checked the bottle of pills before unscrewing the cap.  She took 2 and gulped it down with water.  Throughout this time, Airi had decided to close her eyes again to reduce the pain she was feeling in her head.  When she opened them again, there was a wash cloth in front of her

Airi looked up to see Maimi smiling and holding out the cloth ‘Total change from before when she was working.  It was all serious but now when she’s smiling, she looks…friendly and warm’ slowly Airi reached up a hand to the cloth “Thank you”

“No problem, do you need anything else? My washroom is just to the right”

“Thank you” Airi got up and wobbled a bit but luckily Maimi held her up and helped her walk to the washroom

When Airi was freshened up she walked out to see Maimi’s serious face, tapping away on her keyboard once again “There’s some fod over there, its for you” Maimi stated without looking away from her screen.  Airi diverted her gaze to the coffee table and sure enough she found a cup of coffee and omelette rice on a plate.  She quietly walked over and started eating ‘This is good…really good’ “Is your headache gone now?”

Airi looked up “Yeah its gone…er…Yajima-san…how did I end up here?”

“You had an eventful night I think.  When I found you, you were already drunk and I couldn’t find your phone, I forgot mine so I took you back here”

“Sou desu ka?” Airi tried to recall what happened last night ‘I remember now.  I saw…Rii-chan with Aika-chan…I was upset so I went drinking.  It was a blur after my tenth or fifteenth drink but I recall…’

Airi Flashback

‘Why did you do this to me Rii-chan?  Why?’ I flailed my arms to the sky, knocking into something and then from a distance I thought I saw Rii-chan as I tried to walk towards her.  Then a force pushed me to the ground, through heavy eyelids I saw the person looking at something as I tried to focus.  I finally got my eyes to focus and saw that the person’s phone was flattened, I laughed out loud “Itai~ hahaha that was fun”

End of Flashback

‘Eh~ could that be Yajima-san?! If so doesn’t that mean that her phone got flattened because of me?’ Airi recalled more of last nights event and was quickly reminded that she had tried to hit on Maimi and had made herself look like a fool from puking

“Are you okay to drive?” Airi’s thoughts were broken by Maimi’s question

“Er…yeah…I think”

“Do you know what?  I’ve just thought of something…do you want to join me in a run?”

Airi looked at Maimi confused, a look that maintained on her face for at least 20 minutes as she aimlessly changed and was ready to follow Maimi.  The duo ran for about an hour before Maimi stopped and bought them both water.

“Kimochi~!!!”  Maimi exclaimed after drinking some water and then she turned to look at Airi “Suzuki-san, I hope that cleared up your mind.  I don’t know what exactly is going on but please remember its not the end of the world”

“You…you know don’t you?” Airi looked away embarrassed

“You kind of said things while you were drunk” smiled Maimi as she took another gulp of water

“Rii-chan cheated on me and…and I…didn’t know what to do…so I…so I wanted to forget…” Airi tried to explain but she didn’t know how nor did she know why

“Drinking yourself silly won’t do anything you know” Airi looked up at Maimi looking out to the open air “All you will do is forget for the moment but what happens when you wake up? All of it will be rushing out once again, all you’ve done was run away in denial of your problems”  Airi thought about it and she knew Maimi was right, but the difference is that she didn’t feel as hurt as she did the day before.  She looked at Maimi to see Maimi looking back at her, smiling “So things didn’t work out, no big deal, you’re still young, you’ll find someone worth your time” Airi nodded in agreement “Well I assume you know what you want to do and should do so I should be off”  Maimi stood up and stretched

“EH~?  Off where?”

“I’ve got work to do and since you’re feeling better I can finally get back to it” Maimi walked off leaving Airi

“Don’t work too hard!” shouted Airi after the retreating figure ‘Thank you for all your patience and time, now I’ve got to look for Rii-chan *sniff sniff* after I wash up’
Date: March 21
Time: 8:06 am

“Airin!!!! Where were you last night?  I tried calling you but no answer”  Risa started questioning the minute Airi opened the door

“Ane, gomene…I had a rough night” Airi apologized as soon as she saw the blankets on the sofa “I left my phone in my car that Miya borrowed, did you sleep on the couch waiting for me? You didn’t have to, I am more grown up now, I can take care of myself”

“I know that Airin, but I guess old habits never go away.  Is everything okay? It’s not like you to not call me even if you weren’t coming home”

“*Huff* I guess telling you now is better than for you to worry but I…I got drunk last night…I…I …I found Rii-chan with someone else”

“Oh my god Airin” Risa hugged Airi in a bear hug “are you okay?”

“Yeah I am…I got help from Yajima-san, she found me last night and brought me back to her office”

Risa pulled away “Yajima-san?! So I assume that’s whose clothes you’re wearing now…are…are you guys…did you guys…?”

Airi looked at her clothes ‘Oh crap I left my clothes at her office’ Airi slapped her forehead as Risa looked at her oddly “No no no ane, nothing happened, I slept on her couch as she worked, she took me out for a run to clear my mind this morning, so that’s why I have her clothes on.  I was so relieved that I forgot my own clothes at her office”

“That’s nice of her” Risa and Airi spun to find Miyabi rubbing her eyes

“EH~ Miya how long have you been standing there?”

“Right after your freaking out Risa-oneesan, right at the part about Risako-chan cheating”

Risa glared at Miyabi a bit before turning towards Airi again “So what are you going to do Airin?”

“I’m going to confront Rii-chan, there is no point in pretending I don’t know and hanging onto a relationship that isn’t there anymore”

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

Airi stretched and thought about what Maimi said to her, smiling slightly “Yeah, everything will be fine”

Risa patted Airi on the head “If you need to talk, we’ll be here.  Well I’m going to make breakfast and Miya, don’t you dare go back to bed” Risa warned as she walked off without looking at Miyabi who had begun to sneak back into her room

“Awww” huffed Miyabi “come on, I wouldn’t have woken if you weren’t so loud Risa-oneesan” Miyabi looked at Airi for help who shrugged her shoulders in response “Fine fine, I’ll go get ready then.  Airin are you going to work first?”

“I’ll be in later, I want to get this off my chest so let me get freshened up first” as she walked to the bathroom
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There is another party other than Gen's party, if I didn't mention it before gomen gomen.
It's okay, more like a surprise that way.

I don't know why people ban us from rooftops, I mean it's an amazing feeling when you are up there  :smhid
:farofflook:  Someone who understands.

Me thinks you are being too obvious about the YajiSuzu combo  :lol:
I know, but please blame it on them for looking oh so great together  XD

After your comment seeing the word evil+grin in one sentence I can't help but think natural grin of ebilness  :lol:

It was all serious but now when she’s smiling, she looks…friendly and warm
Sweet, isn’t she?  :D

“Drinking yourself silly won’t do anything you know” Airi looked up at Maimi looking out to the open air “All you will do is forget for the moment but what happens when you wake up? All of it will be rushing out once again, all you’ve done was run away in denial of your problems”
Double  :yep:

Airi apologized as soon as she saw the blankets on the sofa
I love it when people notice small things, Airi realized Risa was waiting for her  :)
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 :lol: I don't think I should tell you when I grin anymore

Totally agree that Maimi and Airi look oh-so-great together, but it was funny I was looking at the Sports Festival 2006 where Chinami was giving a pep talk to Maimi and when they had the Berryz vs C-ute concert, there was a picture of Chi and Maimi together too and they seem to match as well.  Then there is the Maimi and Saki together gads!!!! Maimi matches practically anyone  :lol:

Chapter 19

Date: March 21
Time: 8:41 am

Airi waited patiently in her car parked in front of Risako’s office building, she knew that Risako had a tendency of arriving to work early, at least 15 minutes early. ‘Will I actually be okay when I see her?’ she remembered what Maimi told her

“Letting go may be a way out for everyone.  Yes it hurts now but if it really was meant to be, it’ll come back to you and if it doesn’t then why not pursue another?  Give yourself a chance.  Time can be a marvellous thing, it can heal sometimes, and even if you don’t believe in it, then the question is, do you want them to be happy?  Letting go may mean that your loved one is happy and if so what would you choose?  Trust me, it can hurt now but in the long run, it may be something that’ll be worth it all”

‘She’s right, I’ll never know unless I let her go, maybe she will be happier with Aika-cahn, maybe Aika-chan will give her the time and attention she needs, better than I can’   Just at that moment, she spotted Risako getting off her bus.  Airi got out of her car and walked over to Risako

As soon as Risako realized Airi was in front of her, she smiled and rushed up to give Airi a hug but Airi stopped her “Rii-chan we’ve got to talk” Airi turned and led her to her car, opening it for Risako to get in

“What’s wrong?” Risako asked as soon as Airi got into the driver’s side

“Rii-chan…I saw you yesterday…with Aika-chan” Airi watched as Risako’s smile slowly faded

“Airin…I’m sorry…but you just weren’t there for me…and…and Aikachi was…was around…and…and we started developing feelings for each other…” Risako’s eyes brimmed with tears threatening to escape

“I know Rii-chan, and I’m not upset” Airi lied “I know that I couldn’t keep my dates with you and maybe I’m not the one for you and I know feelings are hard to ignore….I…I just wished you could’ve talked to me as opposed to having me find out this way”

“I’m *sniff* sorry *sniff* Airin. *sniff* I did *sniff* intend to talk to you *sniff* I didn’t want *sniff* to hurt you. *sniff* Honestly *sniff* I didn’t” Risako looked at her feet unable to bring herself to look at Airi, using her hands to wipe away her tears

Airi lifted Risako’s face to look at her and took out a handkerchief, wiping Risako’s tears “I am hurt Rii-chan, I can’t deny it but I also care about you enough to make a decision for both of us.  I hope you have found real happiness with Aika-chan”

“*sniff* I’m really sorry *sniff* What can I do for you? *sniff*”

“You can repay me by living a happy life with Aika-chan and always remember that I am here for you so if Aika-chan treats you wrong, I’ll kick the beejabbers out of her for you” Airi smiled causing Risako to chuckle

“I will and…*sniff* thank you.  We…*sniff* we are still friends right?”

“Of course otherwise why would I offer to beat Aika-chan up?” laughed Airi causing Risako to join in the laughter “Anyways I think you should redo your makeup, wouldn’t want you scaring Aika-chan off with one look”

Risako chuckled and lightly punched Airi “Mou, Airin, just a moment ago you were saying you’ll beat Aikachi up if she bullies me and here you are bullying me”

“Haha well don’t let your prince wait any longer or she’ll have to fire you”  Risako looked at Airi in confusion, so Airi directed to outside with her head where Aika was standing waiting with a guilty look “Tell Aika-chan, that I’m not angry at her, that I’m thankful she was around when I wasn’t there for you”


~RING RING~ “Moshi moshi Mitsui Aika”

“A…Aika-chan?” Aika immediately recognized the voice and could feel guilt, although Airi didn’t know about Risako and herself, everytime she sees Airi, she puts on a smile but guilt was making it hard for her to breathe

“Airi? How can I help you?”

“I…I…I know”

Fear rushed through Aika “Um…what are you referring to?”

“I know about Rii-chan and you”

Aika broke out in cold sweat and fear “Listen Airi, it’s not what you think.  I mean…it is what you think…I mean it wasn’t intentional…I mean…”

“Calm down Aika, I just wanted to know how and why” from the sound of Airi’s voice, Aika’s guilt grew even more but she knew it couldn’t be hidden forever

Deciding it was best not to lie about it, Aika drew in a couple of deep breaths before responding “Rii-chan was feeling sad sometime way back and it was becoming consistent, so at the time, as a friend I asked about it.  She told me that you have broken another one of your dates with her and she was upset, crying even.  I didn’t know what to do in these situations so I did the only thing that came into my mind, take her mind off the date.  We went for dinner and talked about different things and it was always this way when I found her upset.  I didn’t know when my feelings for her grew but when I did…I tried to stay away from her, honestly I did.  Rii-chan noticed me keeping my distance from her, I didn’t pick up her calls, I didn’t talk to her unless it is for work, but I found out that it hurt her even more.  Airi, I’m sorry, really I am…don’t blame Rii-chan, it’s all my fault”

“Don’t…worry” Aika could hear the tremble in Airi’s voice trying to keep a strong front “I…I don’t blame…anyone but myself.  I…I wasn’t there for Rii…Risako-chan.  I can’t…I can’t blame anyone by myself for not putting her feelings into consideration”

“Airi…” Aika didn’t know how to soothe the girl

“Come meet me 10 minutes before 9, you’ve seen my car before right?”

“Er…yeah” Aika was clearly confused ‘Is she going to beat me up? Or maybe worse shoot me? Naw, the Airi I know is not that unreasonable, but then again love can make people go crazy.  Stop it Aika, Airi isn’t that type of person’

End of Flashback

Risako beamed at Aika and then turned to Airi giving her a bear hug “Thank you once again” before stepping out of Airi’s car and running up to Aika

Airi watched as Aika waved at her and mouthed the words “Sorry and thank you” before taking Risako’s hand and walking into the building.  Airi let out a relieved sigh before turning on the engine ‘Goodbye Risako, wish you the best of luck and remember that I love you’
Date: March 21
Time: 9:21 am

~KNOCK KNOCK~ “Didn’t catch you at home, were you here all night?” Saki walked straight into Maimi’s office to check if she was there

Maimi looked up from her file “Yeah, had some things to do and didn’t realize the time”

“I kinda figured so I brought you breakfast” Saki pulled her hand from behind her to produce a packed lunchbox

“Thanks Saki! Now that you mention it, I am kinda hungry” Maimi placed a hand over her stomache and rubbed it slightly

“You’re such a workaholic Maimi, sometimes I worry about you and how you’re body can possibly sustain such a lifestyle”

“Don’t worry Saki, I’m tough as nails” Maimi flexed her muscles

“You’re weird Maimi”

“Weird but you love me so who’s more weirder?” laughed Maimi

“Yeah yeah laugh it up see if I bring you food next time” which Maimi automatically shut up and took the food from Saki quietly

Saki turned to leave but noticed a set of clothes on Maimi’s couch which didn’t look like Maimi’s nor did it seem like Maimi’s size. “Say Maimi who’s clothing is that? Did you move on already? You weren’t working all night you liar!!!”

Maimi looked up chewing, she held up her hand indicating for Saki to wait “I met a friend who was drunk last night and my phone got run over by a car so I couldn’t contact anyone..  I had things to do but didn’t want to leave her out in the streets so I brought her back here.  I can’t have her wearing what they wore the night before so I lent them some of my workout clothes.  I guess they left those here” Maimi explained before going back to her food

Saki looked at Maimi with a raised eyebrow in which Maimi caught “What?” Saki didn’t say anything and just smirked as she strolled out of Maimi’s office “What?”
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Whoa!!! Finally, finished reading the chapters I missed  :gmon twirl:

Next chapter please  :D
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Chapter 20

Date: March 21
Time: 7:23 pm

“Okay group Sexy and I have got Ken’s schedule and if you take a look at the screen I believe the best chance we have of approaching him or getting anything out of him would be at the club however here is the kicker, he will not be alone,  which means that it will be more difficult for us to get him drunk enough to spill and that may take a while.  He is a very cautious person and a heavyweight drinker so what can we do with this?”

“Gen I don’t like the sound of all that”

“Don’t worry babe, I’m sure Gen has got me covered, don’t you Gen?” Sexy asked with a hint of hope

Gen remained quiet, which made Ace and Sexy worry and uneasy about the task.  “Okay tell me what you guys think about this, we will disguise ourselves and I don’t mean the simple one, we are going full-blown fake face, identity etc.  We will need the identity cards on us of course in case” Gen looked at Whiz waiting for a nod, indicating that they’ll get those done “So Ace and Swift you guys will have to be ready to tail us at any time and also both of you will also have to cover us as best as you can, if anything Whiz, I would suggest that you find out where Ken usually takes the girls and if he has a preferences in rooms.  This way Ace and Swift have a better idea of where they should be.  Judging by the character description, this Ken guy will be suspicious of new people and I don’t suggest we take identities of the ones he has seen since he would not be able to know any historical info.  Any questions so far?”

“Gen will you be carrying a weapon?”

“It doesn’t seem likely that Sexy and Gen will be able to do that, they will have to do hand to hand combat if anything happens” answered Swift nonchantedly

“B-but…Sexy is the worst at hand to hand combat, she’ll get hurt and…”

“Ace! I’ll cover her, we still have to confirm further details so you should help her train in the time we have”


“No buts Ace!” Gen put up her hand in slight annoyance, “you both were aware of the jobs you were getting yourselves into, do not make excuses because you guys have slacked off recently”

Ace glared at Gen, not knowing how to retort as well as in defeat.  Sensing the hostile atmosphere, Sexy decided to ease her lover “Hun, I trust Gen and point taken we have slacked off on our skills so maybe some training wouldn’t hurt” she looked at Ace pleadingly in which Ace’s face softened

“Fine” she turned to Gen “Can…can you train with us?” she grumbled

“Sure, I’ll need it myself anyways…Ace don’t worry, I’ll protect her even if it costs me my life”

There was a small silence before Whiz decided to break it “Er…Gen, I’ve checked Ken’s data and noticed a pattern, there is a specific place he goes to after the club but not alone, his men will be around and it is in one of his own apartments”  Multiple clicks were heard and a picture popped up

“That’s good actually” commented Swift

“How so?” asked Ace unsure of how good that this new piece of information is for her girlfriend

“Because if he’s at his own apartments then it would mean we can track the place and there is room for us to find a spot for us to cover them, right Gen?”

“Correct Swift.  If it was at a dingy motel or like that it would be harder for us to know where beforehand.  Good job Whiz”

“But there is also a bad part in this isn’t there?” Ace questioned with a raised eyebrow, knowing fully well that things are never as easy as they hoped it would be

“Well nothing that Swift and you can’t do, Ace” was the response as Gen stared at the picture of Ken on the big screen “I’m going to take a risk and have a microphone on me so that you guys are aware of what is going on in the inside”

“Do you think that is a wise choice?”

“I don’t know but because we aren’t certain of how things will go, it may benefit us if Whiz, Ace and yourself are aware of what is going on.  From what goes on, you guys will have to make a choice as to what to do.  Of course if there is a microphone, there will be an earpiece, in which both Sexy and I will have” Gen turned and faced the group “Any questions?” Silence “Good!  Whiz how much time do I have to work out the disguises?”

“a little more than 48?”

“Okay everyone, let’s prepare ourselves and meet when we have 12 hours remaining” everyone looked at their watches

“Did you notify Com?” Swift asked “about that situation?”

“No, we all know we are in no position to comment or question Com, so why bother asking?” Gen answered “but I did inform Com of our next target so if there isn’t anymore questions break!”
Date: March 22
Time: 8:13 pm

“Hey sorry about being late” Ai apologized as soon as she entered the car

“No problem Takahashi-san, I just got here not too long ago anyways” Risa let Ai settle down and buckle up first “Are you ready for the dinner and movie?”

“I can’t wait!!!!” Ai squealed a bit, causing Risa to chuckle ‘Kawaiiii!!!! How can a person be so cute and innocent?’ “I have been waiting for this movie to come out for a long time now”

“Oh really?? Sorry but what movie were we going to see again?  I know I was suppose to pick dinner and you were going to pick the movie”

“I’d like to keep that a surprise” Ai winked at Risa ‘Gawd!!!! It’s a good thing I am not driving too fast, otherwise we would die from me melting’ “Niigaki-san…Niigaki-san??” Ai snapped her fingers in front of Risa’s face ~SNAP~


“The light is green now”

Immediately Risa checked and indeed the light was green and some honking had begun to sound from behind her.  Quickly Risa stepped on the gas pedal and mumbled a quiet “sorry” a slight pink growing on her cheeks from the embarrassment.

“You didn’t say where we were going for dinner?” Ai asked when they were approaching a red light

Risa turned her head “It’s a secret” in a husky voice and then winked at Ai, causing Ai to blush like a tomato.  Risa turned to the front once more and smiled like no tomorrow mentally patting herself on the back.
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Chapter 21

Date: March 22
Time: 7:48 pm

“Nee nee Airin, how have you been?” Miyabi asked curiously while entering Airi’s room

“What do you mean?” was the response form Airi who didn’t even look up from the file she was working on

“Well…I mean…how have you been about…about the whole Risako thing”

Airi’s hand stopped writing at the mention of her ex-girlfriend.  Noticing the pause in action Miyabi quickly cut things short and tried to scurry off “Er…its probably not a good time to be asking about this when you’re working and…ohh look at the time I have to meet Saki-chan” Miyabi closed Airi’s door behind her as she ran off

‘Why did Miya have to mention her? It still hurts to think we’re not together anymore.  God now I can’t focus on work, great going Miya!!! I guess maybe a jog might do the trick hmmm…. Maybe I can get Miya or ane to run with me, god forbid, they might need it *snicker*’ Airi got up and looked for her family, however when she opened the door she noticed a yellow sticky on her door

You were so occupied, we didn’t want to disturb you but Risa-oneesan went out with Takahashi-san and I am going to meet Saki-chan now.  Don’t work too late – Miya

‘So much for that thought, I might as well go alone then’ Airi went and checked her closet for clothes when she laid her eyes upon a set hanging on the closet door ‘Hmmmm…I wonder if Yajima-san is interested in going for a run? But then again I wonder if she’s gotten a new phone yet…I should probably get her a new one since I caused her to break hers…so maybe I should call Miya to find out from Shimizu-san where Yajima-san is and what her office number is’

~seishun basu gaido kimi wa mabushii kinen ni shashin totte ii kai~ “Moshi moshi”

“Miya!!! Are you with Shimizu-san right now?”


“Pass the phone to her”


“Who is it?” Airi could hear Saki whisper to Miya

“It’s Airin”

“Moshi moshi”

“Hi Shimizu-san, sorry to bother you on your date but I was wondering if you know the whereabouts of Yajima-san?”

“Maimi? She’s at the office”

“Okay, do you have her office number?”

“Yeah, one moment I’ll send it to you through Miyabi’s phone”

“That’s great!! Thanks a lot and sorry once again”

“No problem” ~CLICK~

Airi changed waiting for Saki’s text and as soon as she received it, Airi left to the shopping mall before the mall closed
Over at Miyabi and Saki’s side

“What was that all about? I didn’t know Suzuki-san was close to Maimi”

“Well I’m not sure but I think they got to know each other better that night Airin stayed with Maimi”

“EH~~ When was this?”

“On the night of our first date, didn’t you know?” Saki gave Miyabi a blank look “I guess you don’t, but apparently Airin was drunk and Maimi couldn’t get a hold of us so Airin stay the night at your office.  They apparently went for a jog the next morning so Airin left her clothes with Maimi”

“I see” ‘Maimi you are so going to get questioned from me! She didn’t mention that she went jogging and who it was too!!!!’

“Anyways, let’s hurry the movie is going to start soon”
Date: March 22
Time: 9:32 pm

~RING RING~ “Moshi Moshi, Yajima Maimi desu”

“Yajima-san!!! It’s me Airi”

“Oh hi Suzuki-san, how are you?”

“I’m good, um…I was wondering if you have time to have a jog with me?...I could also give you back your clothes”


“It’s okay if you don’t want to or if you’re busy”

“No no I’ll be glad to, I was just wondering if I picked up your clothes from dry cleaning, hold on let me check” Airi heard as Maimi got up from her chair and walked around “Got it! Sure, where do you want to meet?”

“Actually I am at your office already”

“Oh you are? Hold on, let me call security and they will let you up” ~CLICK~

Airi waited until a security guard walked up to her, “Are you Suzuki Airi?” Airi nodded “Come with me, I will lead you to Yajima-san’s office” Airi kept quiet and followed the security guard up the elevator and to Maimi’s office

~KNOCK KNOCK~ “Yajima-san, your visitor”

“Thank you” the security left as Airi walked into the room “have a seat first, I’m just need to finish this paragraph”

“If you are busy, we don’t have to go”

“No no, I feel like a jog would be great after I finished this, you know, just to relax the brain”

“Er…before I forget, I got you this” Airi pulled out a gift bag from her bag and handed it to Maimi

“What is this?”

“Um….I kinda…recalled that I caused your phone to be run over by a car…so….I got you a replacement.  I hope you’ll accept it”  Maimi took out the box and looked at the model of the phone “I know it probably isn’t what you want but I didn’t know which…”

“Its great!!! It’s the exact model that got flattened!!!” exclaimed Maimi as she took the phone out of the box and examined it carefully.  Airi smiled at the look on Maimi’s happy face. “Thank you Suzuki-san”

“No need…I’ll wait over by the couch so that I don’t bother you working” Airi spun around quickly, trying to hide her wide smile that was about to grow

10 minutes went by in silence as Maimi finished the paragraph, while Airi was playing a game on her phone. “DONE!!!!” shouted Maimi with her fists in the air, which startled Airi, who let out a squeal “Oh sorry Suzuki-san, didn’t mean to startle you there”

“No problem” Airi replied, placing a hand over her heart

“I will go change and we can go for that jog” Maimi then looked at the clock “Have you eaten yet?” Airi shook her head “Then maybe after the jog we can get something to eat” Maimi smiled and went into her washroom with her clothes.  While Maimi was changing, Airi took out the clean set of Maimi’s clothes and placed it on the coffee table. “Okay I’m ready” declared Maimi as she walked out of her washroom

“Do you always work this late? Everyone’s already gone”

“Well that’s how it is when you are the heir to a big corporation” Airi nodded and followed Maimi out
Date: March 22
Time: 9:00 pm

“Niigaki-san, here are your edomame and drink” Ai had insisted that the movie and snacks were on her since dinner was paid by Risa.

“Thanks!” Risa saw the tickets in Ai’s hand and tried to read it however Ai’s perception wasn’t bad either as she folded them ‘Rats!!!! I think she saw me taking a peek’ “What time is the movie?” ‘I am such a genius, if I know what time the movie starts then I’ll find out what movie she picked’

Ai grabbed onto Risa’s arm and then dragged her into the theatre.  Risa was dazed at the hand on her arm and would have stayed dazed until she saw the movie title that they were walking into Ju-On 2.

‘Oh shit!!!!! I don’t do so well with these scary movies!!!!! What am I going to do??? I can’t show her what I wuss I am!!! Breathe Risa Breathe you can do this!!!! For pete sake, you’re a coroner!!!! How can you deal with the dead but be scared of the dead???? Snap out of it!!! It’s just a movie, yeah, that’s it, it’s just a movie…’ Risa saw another hand infront of hers and jumped a bit causing her to spill some of her drink

“Niigaki-san, daijoubu???” Risa realized it was Ai’s free hand seeing if she needed help taking her snacks

“I’m good, never been better” Risa croaked out as she tried to wipe her hands down from the contents of her drink

“Are you sure??” Ai thought for a moment then looked at the screen then back at Risa deep in thought “Are you…scared?”

Risa shook her head, “Me? No!! Of course not” ‘Stupid liar, you are so going to freak out’ “What gave you that idea?”

Ai shrugged her shoulders “Just wondering”, the theatres’ lights dimmed “Oh good, the movie is about to start”

‘Oh god, now is where I pray that I survive through this movie without making a fool of myself in front of Takahashi-san.  Lord, if you can hear my prayer that would be great’ Risa prayed in her mind, eyes closed, before she opened them again and sinked further into her seat
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wee hee~ YajiAiri's unofficial first date!!! whats gonna happen?? whats gonna happen?? XD

And aww Risa trying to act brave... we all know that's not gonna go well~ Maybe they both get scared and touch each other more.


I meant in a very PG kinda way of course (DUH) XD
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Oooooh seems like the friendship between Airi & Maimi are warming up :wub: Hopefully Maimi can take Airi's mind off Risako :w00t:

As for TakaGaki...... :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Impressing a girl much  XD

The last part was so hilarious I kept  :lol:  good thing I'm alone or I'd look like a fool  XD
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@ stefy: Good thing you added that last bit because that "touching" line didn't sound that good  :lol: Damn straight Risa's gotta act tough, otherwise how is she suppose to protect da girl?!!  She has been acting like the prince and all right?.

@ baddie: Maimi will most likely be able to help Airi take her mind off Risako but not necessarily the way you would want.  She could take her mind off by just being her friend and not in a romantic way  :lol:

I had to include the other pairings in here, didn't want the focus to be all on just Maimi and Airi  ;)

@ K: Well do you like the impressing tools and methods used????  :lol:

You should have a talk with Mame-chan, she actually mentioned doing something like out in the public when reading a fic, she said it wasn't a pretty sight  :lol:

Chapter 22

Date: March 22
Time: 11:06 pm

“Here” Maimi tossed Airi a bottle of water after their run “Did the jog help you like you wanted?”

Airi caught the bottle and looked at Maimi “H-how?”

“I only assumed but I guess my assumptions are correct” Maimi took a sip of her water “so what’s bothering you?”

“I just thought of Risako-chan and I realized that it still hurts so I decided to go for a jog like last time”

Maimi placed a hand on Airi’s arm “Suzuki-san” Airi looked up at Maimi “it’s normal, no one expects you to forget right away about the pain so you being upset about it is normal.  No one can really help you get over her, it takes time and your own will.  So don’t feel like you’ll never get over her”

“I guess but it’ll feel awkward when I see her, she works at the Crown’s office and I work closely with her girlfriend, so…”

“So what? You’ve made a decision right?” Airi nodded “and I assume you’ve talked to her right?” Again Airi nodded “I also guess that you’ll stay friends with her right? So how did she feel when she heard you’ll still be her friend?”

Airi thought back at the smiling face that Risako when Airi mentioned that she’ll still be there for her “She was happy and I saw her smile like before when we first went out but I haven’t seen it for a while.  I felt…content?”

“Then you won’t fell awkward around her, you were glad she found someone she is happy with.  Listen Suzuki-san, you just need time don’t rush things otherwise you may end up hurting them and losing that friendship.  Just feel fortunate that at least you know why she chose someone else as opposed to losing her and not knowing why”

Airi was deep in thought until her cell rang ~Bye bye bye! Akaruku ikiro~ “Suzuki here”

“I’ll be right there” ~CLICK~

“Something wrong?”

“I’ve got to go to work,…I guess I will have to take a raincheck on that bite, do you mind if we go back so I can change?”

“Sure, we have showers too so you can help yourself”
Date: March 22
Time: 11:45 pm

“So what have we got?” Airi clipped her tag onto her shirt as she walked past the police security tape

“Male, mid 30s, was noticed in the alleyway by a garbage collector”

“Is the coroner here yet?”

“Yeah, she’s with Natsuyaki-san”

“Thanks Nakky, you continue to do what you must, I’ll go talk to Miya and Gaki-san” Airi parted ways with Nakky and headed into the alleyway where she noticed Risa and Miyabi.  “Anything special Gaki-san?”

“Initial examination is the cut across the neck here” Risa held onto the chin of the victim and used her finger to point how long the cut was “ and judging by the stiffness of the body and body temperature, I’m estimating time of death to be 2-3 hrs ago.  Looking around there isn’t a big pool of blood so I assume this is not the scene of the crime.  The victim was thrown here after they have died.  I’ll do an autopsy to verify” Risa got up and took off her gloves “I’ll call you when we are ready for the autopsy”

“Okay thank you” Risa walked away with her staff as Airi walked over to Miyabi and Chisato who was talking to the garbage collector

“…I usually pick up the garbage from these alleyways every other day and tonight was one of those days.  The person was covered with garbage bags so I didn’t see him until I removed the top 5 bags” 

“Have you moved anything since?” asked Miyabi as she looked around

“No I called the police as soon as I found the dead body”

“Thank you, we may have to contact you later if we need anything and if you remember anything else please contact us, my name is Suzuki Airi. Chisato do you mind taking him away?” Chisato nodded and guided the man outside of the alleyway

“Do we know the name of the victim or his background?” asked Airi as she looked around at the floor and environment

“Maa-chan and Toku-san should be doing that right now”

“Okay if everything is done here I want you to gather everyone for a briefing in one hour”

“Got it!  I’ll see you back at the station”
Date: March 23
Time: 1:15 am

“Okay guys what do we have?”

“Deceased is a male, mid 30s and is part of Yamaguchi’s clan, one of the higher ups to be exact” read Nakky

“Yamaguchi?? Isn’t he the guy that’s in jail now? Could this be a simple underground thing?” questioned Yurina, recalling the familiar name

“It might but he is still a citizen so we still have to go through procedures.  Chisato, Maa-chan go check what has been going on at the Yamaguchi’s.  Kumai-san, Toku-san question Yamaguchi is jail and see if he knows of anything.  I know the chance of him spilling is slim but we still have to try.  Miya, Nakky, check on the recent events of the deceased, fights, dealings, etc, I will check up with Gaki-san and the autopsy”
The group scattered to their designated tasks as soon as Airi left
“Gaki-san I’m ready for the autopsy”

“Just in time, I was about to start without you.  So there is a slash across the neck of the victim that appears to be the causal of death but judging by the bruises on the body there was a fight that took place” Risa moved to examine the victim’s fingernails, she then took some tweezers and scrapped out anything from underneath onto a dish “This could be the skin samples of the culprit so we’ll send this to forensics to see if we have any matches in the data base.” Next Risa picked up her scalpel and…

30 mins later

“Well that’s all we can get from the autopsy so in summary the neck wound is the cause of death and judging from experience it looks to be the about the same as a butcher knife” Risa and Airi walked out from the autopsy room and hour later.

Airi noticed that Risa was sweating bullets and she didn’t look too good, which was unusual because they’ve been in that room a million times or more and there wasn’t a temperature change “Ane, are…are you okay???”

“Airin, I’m just shaken up, that’s all”

“Mind telling me why???”

Risa gave an awkward smile to Airi “I went to see Ju-On 2 with Takahashi-san”

Airi burst out laughing “Did you tell her that you don’t do scary movies???” Risa shook her head, Airi continued to laugh “Thanks Gaki-san *snicker* if you think of anything let me know” Airi pulled off the protective gear and headed back to the station, but not before Risa bopped Airi over the head for laughing about her pain

“Suzuki-san, as predicted Yamaguchi didn’t say anything but judging from his looks, he’s as surprised as we are about the death of a member” reported Yurina as she handed a report prepared by Chinami

“What about you guys?” Airi looked in Chisato and Maasa’s direction

“It’s tough getting anything out of the higher ups in Yamaguchi’s clan, they all denied knowing anything about it and the smaller ones are afraid to talk to us”

Airi rubbed the bridge between her eyes “Okay, check with our informers and see if they have heard anything recently.  Where’s Miya and Nakky?”

“They haven’t returned yet ma’am” replied Maasa as she stretched, hitting Chisato along the way

“Okay, I’ll check up on them, if nothing occurs, let’s call it a night” Airi declared as she dialled Miyabi’s number “Miya anything new on your side? I see…okay continue, we’ll check the victim’s house” ~CLICK~

~CLAP CLAP~ “Sorry guys but Miya thinks it could be the doings of Nakai’s clan”

“Nakai? But I thought he was helping Yamaguchi? Why is he messing with Yamaguchi’s people?” questioned Chinami

“I think this is part of something bigger so let’s check the victim’s house” Airi walked on ahead towards her car

“Hun, I guess we’ll be here all night, so let’s book a breakfast date” Yurina pecked Chinami on the cheek

“We’ll see, if we find something worthy then it might have to be a lunch date….with the group” groaned Chinami

“If you guys don’t hurry up then it might become a dinner date” mimicked Chisato with a grin “Let’s just hurry it up so we can finish as soon as quickly”

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Yeah but no harm if their friendship goes further as the story develop right? :D Just hoping there :P

Oh great! Another murder case to resolve :cow: But glad to see Gaki-san is still in one piece after the movie :lol: Wonder if she made a fool of herself there....
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@ baddie: You definitely have high hopes, which is good, very good, whether that means it's good or for me is another story  :twisted:

It is a story about cops right?  Of course I had to add other cases in there, otherwise it wouldn't be logical.  Gaki is still in one piece physically but it seems like she is not emotionally  :lol: I'll leave whether she made a fool of herself up for your imagination (I could just do a mini dialogue in my comments next time about what went through my mind when I wrote the piece)

Chapter 23

Date: March 23
Time: 2:59 am

When the team reached the street of the victim’s house, Miyabi and Nakky had also just arrived “Okay Miya, Nakky tell us what we’ve got”

Nakky produced a folder and opened it “Well from what we gathered about the deceased is that since Yamaguchi landed in jail, he has been running astray, thinking he is the boss, causing a lot of problems with other clans.  Most recently, he has had a run in with Ken of Nakai’s clan and words were shot back and forth but nothing physical.  Bystanders thought that it was strange that Ken would not strike him when he walked away”

“Okay guys, we need to check for clues about other recent events of the deceased that others might not know and also to see if this is the first crime scene” Airi instructed as they walked towards the decease’s establishment

Airi turned the knob of the door and found that it was locked so she nodded to Maasa and Chisato to break down the door.  The duo positioned themselves a distance from the door and rammed their shoulders towards the door.  After a couple of blows, the door flew open and a stench flew out which caused everyone to cover their noses.  The inside was pitch black so each person turned on their flashlights and scouted the place.

Scanning with the multiple flashlights, it was clear that there was garbage all sprawled on the coffee table and dining room table.  Chisato managed to find the light switch so that they’d get a better view, in which the place looked like an even bigger dump than from what their flashlights caught, clothing thrown all over the place, cigarette boxes, beer bottles, newspapers everywhere.  It was difficult to judge if a fight took place so they all put on their gloves and searched the place in more detail.

Fifteen minutes later

“Suzuki-san, there is nothing special in the bedroom”

“Nothing in the bathroom”

“Nothing suspicious in the kitchen”

Airi scanned the place carefully and noticed foot prints, multiple footprints in different sizes “Guys, I need you to call forensics here and get these footprints” Maasa quickly took out her phone and dialled for the forensics team as Airi continued to scan the area “Guys take a look at this” the rest of them walked over to where Airi was standing “This may not be the first crime scene however if you look at these multiple marks on the floor it seems like something was dragged out of here.  Kumai-san you said nothing was suspicious in the kitchen, did you notice any knives missing?”

“It is hard to tell since they don’t have a stand or anything, basically everything was thrown into drawers”

Airi checked her watch “Okay let’s call it a night but let’s get together at 9 sharp for debriefing” multiple groans could be heard but Airi ignored them “Who needs a ride?”

“I can take them home” suggested Nakky

“Thanks Nakky, Miya let’s go” Airi walked out while Miya gave the girls an apologetic look and a shrug

“I really hate this!!! I was called in during my date with Saki-chan ” complained Miyabi

“You’re not the only one girl, I bet you ane was called in while she was on her date with Takahashi-san so don’t complain.  Is it official between you 2 or are you guys just flirting around?”

“I don’t know, I feel like she’s the one for me but it seems like it’ll never be because well she’s a heir to a big corporation so I feel like we aren’t from the same world”

“Well have you talked to her about it?”

“No I haven’t, how do you bring something like this up? If I start ignoring her, then I’ll feel like a bitch for leading her on but if I ignore this fact then I feel like Romeo and Juliet”

“How do you know she isn’t playing you?  I mean no offense, Shimizu-san looks like a nice girl and all but there is that possibility”

Miyabi sat there thinking “As much as I would like to defend but I guess you have a valid point.  I hope that isn’t the case because she’s different… I don’t know how to explain it but being around her is different”

“Think about what you want and then approach her about the subject.  Come on you’re a cop and you don’t even have the basic skills of interrogation?  Why are you my second in command?”

“Beats me!  I wish Saki-chan wasn’t a heir then I could be as happy as Risa-oneesan”

“I really don’t think her being a heir would have an effect but that’s up to you to decide and how do you figure that ane is happy?

“Don’t tell her this but she’s been conversing with Takahashi-san at night.  I only knew because one night I was getting a glass of water and I heard her giggling and being all coy on the phone”

“Are you sure it’s Takahashi-san?” Miyabi nodded furiously “Now I can tease ane” grinned Airi “But seriously I think its great she’s found someone and moved on from her ex”

Airi and Miyabi walked into their home and saw Risa on the couch talking on the phone and twirling her hair.  As soon as Risa noticed Airi and Miyabi, she quickly walked into her room “Bet you $100 that it’s Takahashi san” whispered Miyabi
Date: March 23
Time: 12:00 am

“Maimi you’re home!!! It’s so great to see you” Saki grinned

Maimi looked at Saki closely and carefully, sensing something is up “Saki I thought you had a date with Natsuyaki-san”

“Oh don’t play dumb with me, you know perfectly well that she was called into work”

“Huh?! What do you mean?”

“Why was Suzuki-san looking for you?”

Realization hit Maimi as she figured where this conversation was heading “What’s it to you?”

“Why didn’t you tell me this friend of yours was Suzuki-san? What are you hiding?” questioned Saki as she followed Maimi to her room

“I didn’t hide anything, I just didn’t see a purpose in mentioning names” defended Maimi as she changed “and besides is it important?”

“Why isn’t it important? You lose out on the older one so you aim for he younger one, who just happens to have a girlfriend?”

“Saki!!!!” Maimi checked the hallways and closed her door “Don’t say that, what if Ai-chan heard that? And for your big fat information there is nothing going on between Suzuki-san and me.  I told you, I found her drunk and because my phone was run over by a car I couldn’t contact Niigaki-san for an address”

“You could have easily contacted me with Suzuki-san’s phone or use a payphone you know” Saki retorted totally not believing that nothing was there

“Suzuki-san didn’t have a phone on her and do you know how it feels to drag a drunk person to a payphone? After all that effort on making sure she doesn’t fall over, I don’t think the extra effort was needed”

“Whatever, it just so happens that she didn’t have a phone.  But anyways, is there prospects???”

“No there isn’t!  She is my friend”

“Uh huh, a friend that you jog with too right?”

“Yes we did go jogging but that’s not a big deal”

“What would her girlfriend think? I thought you said taken was not your thing” asked Saki as she used her hands and did quotation marks in the air on the ‘taken’ part

“WE’RE INNOCENT!!” growled Maimi, slightly annoyed

“WHAT~EVER~! Tell that to her girlfriend” replied Saki as she walked out of Maimi’s room and into the living room where Reina and Eri were snuggled together watching a movie “So what did she want to find you for?”

“She wanted to return my clothes that I lent her and get her own” At the mention of other people’s clothes, Reina and Eri stopped watching and turned their heads to listen in on the conversation

“That’s all?” Saki cocked her eyebrow while leaning against the island that connected the livingroom, dining room and kitchen in their open-concept surroundings

“She also bought me a phone to replace the one that got ran over” Maimi stated while looking through the fridge for food.  Reina and Eri had been slowly eating popcorn as they paid attention in anticipation of Saki’s questioning

“To my understanding she was going for a jog….”

Maimi sighed “yes we went for a jog, she had something on her mind and wanted someone to accompany her on a jog” Maimi looked up at Saki “Look Saki, nothing is going on between us, she wanted to clear her mind and go for a jog.  She wanted someone to accompany her and since she knows that I jog myself she asked me. END OF STORY” From behind Saki, Maimi noticed Reina and Eri snickering “Reina, you better have the proposal done by tomorrow afternoon”

“Yeah I will, you guys continue” grinned Reina

“Look if there isn’t anything else, I would like to drop the subject”

“Fine, we’ll drop it…for now” grinned Saki as she wandered off to where Reina and Eri were

Maimi looked around “Where’s Ai-chan?”

“Oh she’s in her room talking to Niigaki-san” responded Eri, who along with Reina and Saki turned their heads back to the movie

‘I forgot those two have been getting along fine! But funny thing is that I don’t feel so bad about it…maybe it is because of infactuation…or maybe I haven’t fully given up on my ex…’ Maimi scrunched up her face at the thought but shook it off and walked with her food to her room. Not long after, she heard knocking on her door “Come in”  Saki walked in and Maimi let a heavy sigh “What is it with you!?”

Saki lifted her arms “Chill! I am not here to comment on Suzuki-san but I do want to know what’s bothering you”

“What do you mean?”

“You usually are able to take jokes and teasing a lot better than that, something is definitely wrong tonight”

“Nothing, I have a proposal due”

“You’ve got Reina right?  Why are you the only one stressing? Shouldn’t she be just as stressed?”

“Reina’s probably got it done or almost done that’s why she isn’t stressing”

“Are you sure? I’m not familiar with Reina’s working ethics but Eri tends to leave it or majority of it for the last moment and that’s why she is always panicking when it comes to deadlines” Saki questioned with a cocked eyebrow, as she took a seat on Maimi’s bed

“Don’t forget who is the stricter one between the 2 of us” retorted Maimi with a knowingly look

“True, you’ve never yelled when deadlines are close but that could also mean that you did everything yourself not trusting other’s work”

“Hey! I don’t do that, if that is the case then Reina wouldn’t be complaining so much, in fact she would be grinning and laughing all the time” At that precise moment Saki and Maimi could hear Reina erupt in laughter from the living room.  Saki looked back at Maimi with an ‘uh huh which is what Reina is doing now’ look “you know what I mean Saki, she’ll be grinning and laughing at WORK instead of grumbling and complaining” Maimi stressed intensely

“Well then why is this deadline any different from any other deadline? Who is the client anyways?”

Maimi hesitated a bit before answering “The client is….Erina’s parents”

“Your ex?!” spluttered Saki in shock, Maimi just nodded slowly “The one who left you without a word?! The one that caused you to be in a depression for months?!”

“Yes that one”

“Is she back with them?” Maimi nodded slowly “Why is she back? She almost caused me to lose a best friend, she shattered you like broken glass”

“Her father became successful in the Americas and now our parents want us to do a joint venture with them.  She was there at the meetings with her father.  Saki….don’t blame the past onto her, it’s not her fault, we don’t know why she left without a word.  I chose my actions after her departure…”

“But she’s the cause” spat Saki, not budging from her point of view

“Still it’s uncertain why she left, maybe something happened to her family so that they had to leave abruptly”

“She couldn’t even call when she was in the Americas??? Come on Maimi, you don’t honestly believe that do you?”

Maimi sat there in silence “I don’t know what to believe but I do know that it is over between us.  The past is the past, just let it go.  Right now we may become business partners so professionalism is in play at the moment”

“Okay if you say so, but Maimi if you don’t want to, I can always take the project from you” offered Saki as she got up from the bed and headed towards the door

“No Saki, I think this is a good test to see how I’ve moved on right? But thank you…and will you please tell the three that it’s late and hope that they don’t forget we have work tomorrow, no excuses”

“Yeah I can do that, and my offer still stands” as Saki walked out of Maimi’s room leaving her in peace
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Lots of EX'es  :D

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aah sorry if i haven't replied earlier  :sweatdrop:
but i like when i have a lot of chapters to read  :D

about the previous case, i thought that it would be the code names characters that killed the man, and that those codes names would work for Maimi's co. etc...but looks like not so hum.. :nervous

risako x :bleed eyes:
poor airi...but hell yes that means more potential airiXmaimi  :D
the drunk part was kinda hilarious and i really felt pity, until she puked...i didn't feel disgusted but i think i laught hard   :rofl:
leaving her own clothes at maimi's office, what a great idea to have another chance to meet her again  :D

Miya x Captain  :wub: even if their first date was kinda awkward  :lol:

flowers ... do girls still like receiving flowers nowadays ?   ...maybe i should try hahahahah

i think i probably forgot to comment other parts but...

anyway new case ! woot

keep up the good work !  :thumbsup
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@ K: What do you mean??? Lots of exs? Only 2  :lol: Imagine if I inputted a lot more  :twisted:

@ ChrNo: It's alright, replying now is better than never at all right???

I'd like to keep things a little mysterious at the moment but I'm sure I will manage to tie everything together at the end  ;)

Me thinks you don't like Risako/Aika pairing...why?

 :lol: Indeed it means there is potential Maimi/Airi but will that be what is final??? I'll leave that up in the air  :twisted:

Leaving her clothes was an accident, pure accident!!!  :roll:

I believe girls still like to receive flowers because it just shows that the guy at least has thought of something to make her happy.  Putting a little thought into it you know?

Chapter 24

Date: March 23
Time: 9:00 am

“Glad to see all of you can make it this morning” cheered Airi as she scanned the yawning faces of her team “I know you don’t like it so how about I treat everyone to breakfast?”  The team’s faces lit up as they jotted down what they wanted for breakfast and handed it to Nakky to order “Okay so while we wait for food, let’s go over what we’ve got”

“Decease’s name is Ikeda Hiroto, male, mid-30’s. We think the death has a link with Nakai because of a verbal argument between the deceased and Ken Kakiuchi, Nakai’s right-hand man so we’ll have to figure out what Ken has been doing over the past few days and on the day of the death.”

“Okay, Chisa, Kumai-san, Nakky check our sources and see if they have heard anything on the streets, Miya go with Toku-san and question Ken, Maa-chan, go to forensics and see what they have come up with, I will go back to the Ikeda’s house to see if I can find anymore clues.  We can have our breakfast first but after that ganbatte okay?” everyone nodded their heads.
Date: March 23
Time: 10:36 am

Airi scanned the home and decided to start from the bedroom and work her way to the living room, as she put on sanitary gloves and made her way to the master bedroom.  She couldn’t help but scan the dirty surrounds as she walked by, the brown, wall with the wallpaper coming off, multiple yellow stains, grim and dirt on the floor ‘Yuck! Disgusting, god I hate it when places lack hygiene.  Damn it!  Why couldn’t I have sent Miya to do this instead’

She stepped into the bedroom and found it trashed up like every other part of the house, blankets and pillows were thrown onto the bed, take out boxes on the table beside the bed, smelly clothes scrunched up into balls on the floor, bed and table.  In the corner of Airi’s eye, she noticed some papers behind one of the bed’s legs slightly sticking out so she reached for it.  There was a calendar printout, an old calendar printout with what looks to be a schedule.  The schedule showed words like “gifts”, “market”, “honey” and it showed it every week on the paper.  Not letting anything slip, Airi took out a plastic Ziploc bag and placed the papers inside before continuing her search.  When she had completed the bedroom she moved to the bathroom, the kitchen and finally to the living room.  She had about given up when she noticed multiple cigarette butts on the floor.  She looked around and saw a couple more except in different brands as she started picking them up and placed them on the coffee table.  Airi searched around the apartment for cigarette boxes but only found one common brand laying in different places of the residence, meaning that whoever was at the place before left their marks as Airi put each different type of cigarette butt into separate Ziploc bags.  Smiling at her findings she quickly drove back to the station so she could get the forensics team to analyze the cigarette butts.

She went back to her department with Maasa in tow, in which Miyabi and Chinami had already completed their task and was typing up their results. “So how was it on your end?”

“He basically denied all allegations of an argument and said that they were having a friendly chat.  When asked about verbal exchange, he claimed that it is the way they communicate” Miyabi stated as Chinami rolled her eyes

“Meaning nothing, so we will have to wait for forensics and Chisa’s team to get back to us”

“What did you find at the decease’s home?”

“I found a couple of cigarette butts that were of a different brand and I checked the house for boxes and only found one that matched so I assume that whoever was there left those butts”

Just then Nakky, Chisato and Yurina rushed into the room “Ma’am *huff* I think we’ve got *wheeze* something,. *gasp* A-according *huff* to our *wheeze*”

“Catch your breath first hun before you speak.  I can’t understand what you guys are saying” lectured Chinami as she stroked her hand up and down Yurina’s back

“*Huff* Okay *gulp* *wheeze*”

“*Gulp* As Kumai-san was saying, according to our sources, Ikeda was taking away some of the business away from Ken aka stepping over territory lines so Ken went to straighten things out.  An argument broke out when the deceased didn’t back down saying that he’s the new boss now and he wanted to negotiate new terms.  Ken obviously didn’t back down and everyone thought a fight would break out when Ken mentioned that Ikeda is never going to be any better than Yamaguchi and walked away.  Word on the street is that Ikeda wasn’t very open about his tactics either, he always seems to be messing with Ken when he isn’t around” continued Chisato

“How does Ikeda know when Ken isn’t around” Maasa inquired “I mean what does this guy do? Stalk him? Or have someone stalk him??”

“That doesn’t seem illogical Maa-chan, I mean they have enough man power to do it” commented Chinami

Airi thought about this new information for a minute “So at the end Ken was the one with the last word, so shouldn’t Ikeda be the one attacking?”

“Apparently that would’ve been the case because after Ken’s remark, Ikeda was furious saying that he’ll show Ken and get his respect” exclaimed Nakky as she looked over her jotted notes

“And did he?” questioned Miyabi

The trio shook their heads, “that night Ikeda partied and was happy by the end of the night, leaving with a girl”

“Do we know the whereabouts of Ikeda from the day of the argument till the day his body was found?” Airi looked in Miyabi’s direction “Miya, you were the one that was gathering information about that”

Miyabi looked at the floor guilty “Sorry Airin, my mistake, when I heard he had an argument with Ken, I stopped further investigation”

“Okay, gang then that’s a starting point for us, find out where and who Ikeda has seen after the argument.  Report every person back to Nakky, she’ll keep tabs of timing, location, who and what”

“Lucky you Nakky” groaned Chisato

“Yeah” chimed Chinami

“GET GOING!!!!” boomed Airi, in which caused them all to scurry off “Nakky start doing a timeline on the whiteboard from what we know so far” as Airi walked into her office

Before Airi could sit on her chair she heard a knock on her door ‘God what now?!’ “Come in”

“Suuki-san, forensics sent over this report”

“Thank you Mai-chan” as she took the file away from Mai and quickly scanned the report” ‘Ahhh~ I was right! Only one matched the DNA of the deceased, the other brands don’t and here is the report on the skin sample…Yatta!!! There’s a match meaning the person who had body contact with Ikeda was there.  Hmmmm but no matches in the database, that can’t be good.  I wonder if one of these DNA samples are Ken’s?’ Airi picked up the phone and dialled for Miyabi

“Miya, I need you to check something for me.  Check who is Ken’s right hand men or anyone that usually is around Ken at all times, we’ll need a DNA sample say from a cigarette butt from them and if possible from Ken too” ~CLICK~ ‘Hmmm, chances of getting Ken’s might be slim, what’s another way we can obtain this?’

An hour later Airi stepped brainstorming and walked out to check what information has been found.  She scanned the whiteboard and didn’t see anything special ‘That’s all?! Let me start looking over again hmmmmm…nope…nope…how come?’ Airi stood there starring at the whiteboard not moving an inch

“This doesn’t look right” stated Airi to no one in particular

Nakky looked up from behind “What do you mean?”

“There’s something off about this”

“Huh?!” Nakky checked her notepad and checked the data on the whiteboard “That’s everything that has been reported so far”

“Oddly enough, none are in Nakai’s clan, which means that Ken wouldn’t have a reason to attack Ikeda.  I mean, look at the locations, none are in Nakai’s territory” pointed out Airi

“That’s true!  Do you think its someone else then?”

“If it is then we have no direction, we’ll wait and see what else comes up.  Nakky can you make me a copy of this on paper?”

“Sure” Airi walked back into her office thinking why it seemed odd

Not long after, Nakky presented Airi with a timeline replica of what was on the whiteboard. “Nakky do we know the relationships between these people and Ikeda?”

“More or less yes we do”

“Okay can you add it in I’m into where it is funny but just to make sure and easy viewing” Airi handed the document back to Nakky to correct

Date: March 23
Time: 10:00 am

“How could you possibly be so energetic?”

“What do you mean?” ‘How could you possibly sound so cute’

“I mean that you were called into work last night and then we talked until late and yet you don’t have any traces of being tired.  How do you do it Niigaki-san?”

“I don’t know really but I guess always worried about a younger sibling have put me in different lack of sleep situations that I got use to it”

“I can barely stay awake and of all days to be tired too”

“Why is today any different than any other day???” ‘Mental note, stop talking on the phone till late at night with Takahashi-san.  If she loses her job, it’ll be on your head’

“Yajima-san has been very edgy lately and overly cautious over this client”

“Oh? Doesn’t sound like the Yajima-san that I have seen or have heard from your description of her”

“It isn’t and since it isn’t I don’t want to aggrevate her in anyway” Ai let out a heavy sigh

“Awww don’t be like that, you love her and wouldn’t want to see her like this” ‘If only I could be by your side now and show you that everything is alright’

“It’s difficult when she insists on doing everything herself.  It isn’t healthy how she does that and it makes me feel bad because I am her secretary”

“Takahashi-san, don’t worry I’m sure Yajima-san isn’t asking you for help because she doesn’t think you are capable, there has to be some sort of reason behind it”

“I can only hope and pray that is so”

“Why don’t we forget about the unhappy things and….and…” ‘Is tonight the night? I feel like it’s the right time but yet this seems like an odd situation to bring it up’


“How about I take you out for dinner just to relax?” ‘Please say yes, please say yes’

“Sure that sounds like a good idea” ‘YES!!!!!!!’

“I’ll pick you up say 8?” ‘That gives me enough time to prepare everything, Niigaki Risa, you’ve got one shot at this so don’t mess it up’

“I’ll be ready.  Ohh got to go Shimizu-san looks like she is heading this way”

“I’ll see you later. Bye” ~CLICK~
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@ K: What do you mean??? Lots of exs? Only 2  :lol: Imagine if I inputted a lot more  :twisted:
*Imagines* Brain cells riot  :yep:  XD

“I know you don’t like it so how about I treat everyone to breakfast?”  The team’s faces lit up as they jotted down what they wanted for breakfast and handed it to Nakky to order
Free food is always an energizer  XD

‘Yuck! Disgusting, god I hate it when places lack hygiene.  Damn it!  Why couldn’t I have sent Miya to do this instead’ 

“Ma’am *huff* I think we’ve got *wheeze* something,. *gasp* A-according *huff* to our *wheeze*”

“Awww don’t be like that, you love her and wouldn’t want to see her like this” ‘If only I could be by your side now and show you that everything is alright’
Flirting sta~to  XD

“I’ll be ready.  Ohh got to go Shimizu-san looks like she is heading this way”
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Tonight, is the night~ when two become one~! Man that's old school, but my point was I want to read more of this, it seems like everything's building towards a clash between the two groups and I can't wait for it to happen! Also I can't wait for some Takagaki clash in the bedroom, if youknowwhatImean ~_^
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@ K: maybe I should include more ex's maybe....Ai's ex or Risa's ex should just appear in their lives  :twisted:

That's right yo!!! If you think you guys were flirts, let me show you my world  :rofl: Those are only some of the okay lines and thoughts.

@ Her Awesome Holiness: Where have you been girl??? Are you okay??? It's been a long time!!!!
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I was thinking about our talk about blowing up the world or something so that's why I want to build up some momentum where the truth will be told and will shock everyone just like a bomb  ;) (At least I hope that I can do it, I have been having doubts lately  :sweatdrop:)

I know I have done a perv before but I don't know if I can do another but I'll keep that in the back of my mind as an addendum or something  ;)

Chapter 25

Date: March 23
Time: 4:23 pm

After a couple of hours of finding the whereabouts of Ikeda, the team walked lazily back into the department “Oh god my legs are so tired” exclaimed Chinami as she plopped herself into a chair

“My shoulders ache” Yurina exclaimed as she stepped in front of Chinami and started massaging Chinami’s legs while Chinami massaged Yurina’s shoulders

“Guys thanks for all the hard work” stated Airi as she walked out of her office with a piece of paper in hand “Nakky has all the gathered information on the whiteboard can you guys spot anything funny?”

Miyabi scanned it “None of the people Ikeda has seen were part of the Nakai’s clan which means there were no further arguments”

“Anyone else?”

“None were in Nakai’s territory”

“Good Chisa, anything else?”

“No conversations about getting back at Ken?”

“Yes Maa-san, but what else?” Silence “We were focussing on the males, what about the females?”

“All the females he has been around with were flings” stated Nakky unsure what Airi is pointing out

“Are you sure?” questioned Airi in which no one responded “Who says that females can’t be in their clans? What if the reason for his death was not business? What else can 2 guys fight over?”

“Well get on about the girls then and Airin, the forensics have what you’ve asked of me” Miyabi ordered as she walked out with the crew in tow.

More than a couple of hours had passed before Miyabi and the team returned with coffee cups in hand “I think that about covers it”

“Not quite yet” informed Airi as she was gazing over the whiteboard.  The girls surrounded their leader, waiting for her to continue “we don’t know who this girl is” Airi pointed at a spot where there was no picture or any details

“We asked the other girls that night and they said that they’ve never been her around before so they don’t know who that person is”

“So now we have a mystery girl” stated Maasa “That’s just great, by the looks of it, she may be the lead we need”

“Who questioned the girls that night of Ken’s encounter?”

“I did” Chinami raised her hand

“Toku-san, bring those girls in and I want them to describe our mystery woman as well as see if they know anything about what Ikeda and the mystery woman talked about”

“Yes ma’am” Chinami and Yurina walked out the door

“Miya, go check forensics and see what were the results of the DNA samples you gathered” Miyabi and Maasa nodded their heads before walking off “Chisa, Nakky, I think its best you order dinner, I don’t think we will be going anywhere soon” Airi instructed as she dialled Risa’s number
Date: March 23
Time: 9:23 pm

Risa was fidgety throughout their date and Ai started getting uncomfortable ‘What’s wrong with Niigaki-san? Why is she so out of it today? Do I look bad? Or maybe I smell bad?’ Ai discreetly sniffed her shirt to check ‘Nope I smell great!  I can’t take this I better get it out in the open’

Before Ai could say anything, Risa’s telephone rang ~Nanchatte Ren'ai wo kurikaesu onna no ko no kimochi Dare ni demo wakacchau wa onna no ko nara~ Ai watched as Risa was talking quietly on the phone, short sentences, before hanging up, then she raised her hand to get the waiter’s attention “Waiter, check please” ‘I guess she was called into work, so much for trying to talk to her’

Risa led Ai out the restaurant door and into her car whereas Ai was contemplating about her last chance of striking a conversation for the night.  Ai was never really good at it though, throughout the multiple times that she has gone out with Risa, it was Risa who was talking or starting a topic.  Without realizing it, Ai had been scratching the back of her hand throughout the ride.

“You’ll bleed if you continue to scratch”

“Huh?!” Ai looked at Risa, who was concentrated on driving

“Your hand” came the simple reply

Ai looked at her hand and sure enough the back of her hand was getting red.  All of a sudden the car stopped and Ai looked out with a confused look.  They were not anywhere near her house but instead they arrived at a beach.  Risa got out of her car and opened the door for Ai.

“Why are we here?”

“You’ll see” Risa stretched her hand out for Ai to take, in which Ai happily took.  They walked in silence, having taken their shoes off, enjoying the scenery, the sounds of the waves until Risa stopped. “Close your eyes”

“Excuse me?” Ai looked up at Risa looking at her smiling, or is that a grin?

“Close your eyes” Ai felt confused at the statement but after a few seconds she believed Risa would not do anything inappropriate so she obliged

Risa took her hand and guided her quietly, walking another 5 minutes before she stopped “You can open your eyes now”

Ai slowly opened her eyes and was shocked, right in front of her were candles scattered in the sand and in the middle was a bouquet of roses.  Ai felt her eyes start to water as she cupped her gaped mouth with both hands.

“Do you like it?” Risa took Ai’s arm and walked towards the candles.  As they got closer and closer, Ai could clearly see the shape the candles made.  The candles formed the “Ai” character and the middle stroke was where the roses were “Go on, take a closer look at the flowers” Risa nudged Ai on her lower back

Ai slowly walked closer and picked up the flowers, shocked and emotional.  Tears had started to flow down her face as sniffed the flowers “they smell nice”

“Not as nice as you” Risa wiped the tears off Ai’s face “I know we haven’t known each other for a long time but would you be my girlfriend? I was captivated by you the moment I saw you, your chocolate eyes, your elegant aura, your determining personality…” Risa felt a pair of lips on hers as if everything was in slow motion.  She saw Ai lean forward and plant her lips on her own.  As she regained conscious, Risa closed her own eyes and enjoyed their first kiss.

“Yes” was all Ai had to say when they pulled apart

“Yatta!” Risa turned to the waters and hollered with her arms in the air “Yatta! Yatta! YYYYAAAATTTTTTTTAAAA!!!!” Ai giggled at how cute Risa was, she walked up to her and pulled one of her arms down, interlocking their hands in the process.  Risa stopped yelling and grabbed Ai’s other hand, interlocking their hands “You don’t know how nervous I was throughout the night.  I was afraid things would go wrong or that you’d reject me”

Ai laughed causing Risa’s smile to twitch and cock her eyebrow “I-I’m sorry *snicker* bu-but *snicker* I-I” Ai stopped trying to talk and held her laugh “I thought something was wrong with you tonight and was worried so I was smelling myself.  I can’t believe your weird behaviour was because you were nervous”

“Did you have to laugh after that though?” Risa pushed Ai lightly “What a way to ruin a perfect moment”

“I’m sorry I’m overjoyed and relieved” Ai pulled Risa into a tight hug “I’m so happy being with you… Risa, I wish time would stay still” Risa returned the hug and they stay in that position for the rest of the evening
Date: March 24
Time: 1:48 am

“Okay we’ve got a picture” Chinami waved a file in the air while walking into the room with Yurina

Airi the file and opened it and didn’t know what kind of reaction to give “we’re looking for a woman in her 20’s, long blonde? Hair, green eyes, in which the witness says, might be contacts but it was too dark to tell, was wearing a black miniskirt and a blue tank top”

“Hmmm that kind of description can mean it is an intentional disguise if the blonde hair and eyes are fake” pointed Nakky

“What did the girl say about what they were talking about?”

“Apparently the girl was just relieving Ikeda’s anger at first then they drank a bit.  The girl did mention Ken, more like they talked about his relationship with, what was pissing Ikeda off then they drank some more and then the witness started to get dizzy.  However at one moment in time, they heard them talking about Ken’s whereabouts and likes when Ikeda was drunk.  At the end of the night, the witness doesn’t recall whether the mystery girl was with them anymore” reported Yurina as she read through the witness statement

“Who is this mystery girl? Why would she want to know about Ken? If she was sent by Ken then this all doesn’t make sense” said Chisato to no one in particular

“Obviously whatever the reason at least we know Ken’s presence” exclaimed Miyabi with Maasa in tow “the forensics report is out and the DNA on the cigarette butts belong to Ken’s subordinates, a usual that is around Ken at all times, Yukiyoshi Ozawa”

“Which means that Ikeda must have said something that has offended Ken” chimed Maasa

“That may not be the case, the mystery woman could have gotten close to Ikeda and used the argument as a topic however since Ken’s finger prints are unknown at the moment, let’s bring in his man for questioning” ordered Airi.  She looked at her watch and saw that it was getting closer to 2 in the morning “On second thought go home everyone, get some rest, food and cleaned up and we’ll look for our target later this morning” A couple of cheers could be heard as the group quickly grabbed their things and left, leaving Airi behind

Miyabi noticed that Airi had not moved from her spot “Er…you not coming home?”

“Huh?! I’m coming I was just thinking what would’ve been said that would cause a death.  I want to check on Ken’s background”

“Airin~ let’s do that later alright? When you lack proper food and sleep, you’ll not be as productive.  Come, let’s go home”

Airi let out a heavy sigh “I guess you’re right” Airi took one last glance at the picture of the mystery woman before following Miyabi home

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Oh ho, the plot thickens. What do you mean, where've I been? I've just been lurking around here while I get my groove back, honest, I haven't gone far. 8) Couldn't leave my favorite website of all times.

I'm loving the Takagaki in this story, they're just so sweet together. Makes me worried you'll bomb them in particular, but I can't wait to se how this'll pan out, I'm sure no matter what you decide to do, it'll turn out fine. Though I think Takagaki begs to be perved later on, I'll totally understand if you leave that to our imagination. I guess I can' forget about the other couples, because Tanakame is so cute and MiyaSaki is absolute win, so of course I want to see more of them as well.

The case appears to be pretty interesting too, but is there any special reason you put dates on each post, like, will that become important later? Plot wise, I mean, or is it just for effect?
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: Ohhh, getting your groove back eh?  But that's great that you are reappearing now because that means I can expect more of your work (including pervs) right???  :w00t:

Takagaki is definitely sweet, and thanks for giving me the idea of bombing them  :twisted:  I'll think about Takagaki and Tanakame being perved later, we'll see what the ol'brain can muster up and whether there is enough juice for it too.

I put dates and time on each post so that 1) I could keep track of what is happening at what point in time and 2) For effects and possibly 3) some events that I wanted to make note of on certain dates (this is definitely to be determined)

Chapter 26

Date: March 24
Time: 2:17 pm

In an empty warehouse out in the country side, multiple clicks and snaps could be heard

“Swift, you wanna do some practice runs?” Ace pointed her gun at some empty glass bottles

“I don’t suggest it Ace, although secluded, birds flying away from one spot would cause suspicion and besides you don’t need it anyways”

“True, but then how bout we spar then? God knows how long Gen and Sexy are going to take to change”

“Sounds good to me, you look like you need the exercise anyways”

“Hey!!! I resent that!!! I’ve got plenty of exercise” Ace twitched her eyebrows and grinned like a pervert

“Awwww god Ace, I don’t want to know” Swift put their fingers into their ear and pretended to clean them out “Whiz how is the set up?” Whiz continued to type on her keyboard and click on her mouse but stopped to give an ‘A-OK’ sign ‘She’s too concentrated sometimes it gets annoying.  Mental note talk to them about it’ Swift took one last glance at Whiz before returning to Ace “Alright Ace, you ready?”

A good couple of hours go by “Gen are you guys ready yet? We should get there earlier so you can mingle with the people”

“Almost” hollered a voice through the door

“Guys we should pack our equipment now, estimate time of departure is 1 hour” Whiz instructed, Swift and Ace finished their water and nodded before putting their packed bags in their respective cars

When they were close to done, the door opened as Sexy stepped out which caused the other 3 to drop what they were doing.  “WOW! Is…is that…is that….Sexy?” Ace stepped forward and circled the girl

“Tee hee”, Sexy spun around “How do I look?” Sexy was sporting jean miniskirt with tights under, a red tank top with the words “Too Hot for you” across.

“I can barely recognize you and Wow! You can change the look later but” Ace leaned forward and whispered into Sexy’s ear “keep the outfit on, I want to see you slowly strip out of it later” Ace gave a quick lick on Sexy’s earlobe, causing her to moan in response

“Cut it out Ace, I don’t need you guys getting it on now” the trio turned and looked at Gen walking out and were overly shocked, out she walked in a black mini, a pink tank that had the word ‘SIZZLE’ across the front, and could totally see her wearing a black bra underneath.

“Tee hee~ No need to be that surprised” Sexy walked up to Gen who was feeling a bit uneasy at the stares “Gen relax, take it as a compliment and guys lift your jaws off the floor”

“Um…er…sorry but woah you’ve really done a great job, you guys look great and totally unrecognizable” complimented Swift

“Yeah *whistle* I never would’ve thought you had it in you Gen”

“Humph Ace you let your eyes wander any further and you’ll be sleeping alone for months” Sexy frowned folding her arms across her chest.

Ace quickly ran to Sexy’s side “Awww baby don’t be upset it’s just that its so seldom that Gen’s like this” Ace was in circles as every time Ace was in front of Sexy, Sexy would just turn away, causing Swift, Whiz and Gen to chuckle

Gen looked at the clock on their cells and quickly stopped laughing “Guys we should get going” ~CLAP CLAP~ “I think to reduce suspicion, Ace can drop Sexy off nearby and Swift will drop me off.  Whiz you are to get out of here as soon as everything is clear or your part is finished” instructed Gen “Once Sexy and I are dropped off, Ace you should leave to the next destination point and set yourself up while Swift you stay behind to follow us.  From Ken’s room you guys know where to be positioned to cover us” Ace and Swift nodded as they listened intently on the game plan “If everything is clear then let’s go” Gen and Swift got into a midnight blue Lancer Evolution IX, whereas Ace and Sexy entered a silver Impreza

Gen arrived at the club first as she walked towards the bartender, as she passed she knew the guys were turning their heads to check her out, some even whistling so she had a light smile and swayed her hips.  No sooner that she grabbed a seat at the bar, murmurs could be heard in which to Gen’s watch should be Sexy.

According to plan, Gen waited at the bar, sipping on her Malibu Orange drink as Sexy was on the dance floor, distressing herself first.  Some guys would walk up to Gen offering drinks, in which Gen would gladly take, whereas Sexy was surrounded by guys waiting to dance with her next.

As Gen was chatting with one of the suitors, she could hear loud greets at the door.  Without turning her head, she could guess that their target has just arrived.  Sexy continued to dance away as Gen continued her conversation at the bar, neither looking at their target.  As expected due to the attention Sexy was getting on the dance floor, Ken and his men were curious as to the commotion that was being caused

The guys all noticed a disguised Sexy on the dance floor and as they walked by their eyes were fixated on her and her movements.  From the corner of Gen’s view she could see Ken whisper something to one of his men and nodded in Sexy’s direction.  “Sexy you ready? Someone seems to like your show” whispered Gen into the mic, when she lowered her head into her purse pretending to search for something.

Sexy picked up the level of her dance and made it even hotter as the crowd cheered her on, Gen could even hear a “take it off! Take it off!” chant beginning to form.  However, the chant suddenly stopped as Gen tried to peek in Sexy’s direction.  Apparently Ken’s men had approached Sexy and guided her towards Ken’s table along with a few others. ‘One of us are in that’s a great start, but how to catch Ken’s attention….’

“Er… were you listening to me?”

Gen totally forgot who she was having a conversation with “Um…sorry I have to use the restroom, do you know where it is?”

“Yeah” the stranger pointed her in the direction of the bathroom, as she turned she felt a pinch on her bottom. 

She turned and grabbed his shirt “Do that again and I swear you’ll regret it” getting only a spooked look, Gen let go of the stranger and walked towards the restroom. 

When she opened the door towards the bar, she was approached by a couple of guys who just happens to block her way.  “Excuse me please”  The guys didn’t budge when aggravated Gen “Excluse me PLEASE” again there was no response or reaction “What do you guys want? I don’t recall you guys nor do I recall offending you guys”

“My, my you’re a feisty one” the men moved aside and revealed Ken with Sexy arm in arm “I’m sorry but I wanted to ask you to come join us for drinks and I apologize on behalf of my friends for getting a pretty girl like yourself upset”

‘Luckily Whiz checked that Ken likes tough girls, so I can be myself with him’ “Apology accepted, but drinks not granted” smirked Gen and tried to walk by but was once again stopped by Ken’s men

“Girl I don’t think you know where you are and who you’re talking to”

“I may not know those but I do know that I have rights as to whom I like to associate or in this case drink with”

“You’ve got a mouth on you bitch!” the man pulled his hand back but before he could strike, Ken stopped him

“That’s no way to treat a woman” Ken lowered the raised arm “My dear, I am sorry but it  would be an honor to have a drink with you, it’s not everyday you meet a hot woman with light brown hair and light blue tinted eyes.  Are those your real eye colour?” Ken squinted his eyes “You have such amazing eyes”

“I don’t think they are any of your business” Gen turned her eyes, breaking the eye contact

“Sir, if she doesn’t want to drink with you, that’s okay you’ll always have me” Sexy cooed and produced big round steel colour orbs under the light

Ken glared at Sexy, causing her to shrink, then he turned to Gen “Okay maybe that is not any of my business but you didn’t say no to drinks either”

Gen gave Ken a cocky grin “Because I hardly turn down free drinks”

“Right this way” Ken’s men moved producing a passage for them to walk through to Ken’s restricted area.  Before Gen could take a seat, one of the guys held an arm out blocking her from proceeding “I’m sorry I forgot to mention that we’ll have to search you”

‘I figured you’d do that’ “What?! Are you kidding me? I’m not letting any guy search me!” Gen hollered as she whacked the arm stopping her from proceeding

“Sorry but our leader here is an important person so we have to be careful”

“In that case, I reject the offer” Gen spun and was about to walk

“Ken-san, how about I search her then” chimed Sexy seeing Ken’s displeased face at Gen who was about to walk away “You guys can’t touch her but you can watch to make sure she’s clear”

Ken thought about it and then nodded “Honey before you get it on…I mean “search” our guest let me get a drink and a seat”

“I’m fine as long as it isn’t any random guy” Gen glared at the men around her and lifted her arms for Sexy to search her

Sexy stood behind Gen, who was facing Ken, and started slowly roaming her ands around Gen’s body knowing fully well that Ken would enjoy every moment and would expect it too.  She started from Gen’s shoulders, then ran her hands out to Gen’s arms and back to her shoulders before proceeding to Gen’s chest.  At a glance, Sexy could see the guys around were licking their lips and grinning.  Sexy proceeded further south down Gen’s stomach, using her knee to spread Gen’s legs so she could search

Gen could see Ken grinning, but continued to feint annoyance, swatting Sexy’s hand from time to time.  When Sexy was fully done, she took Gen’s purse


“Sorry hun, but rules are rules.  I’ll have to search your purse”

“God! Fine!”

Sexy opened the purse and let the guys see the contents, as she held it open for the guys to see.  She had covered the microphone inside by clinging onto it under her fingers at the mouth of the purse.  ‘Thank god, we’ve got up-to-date technology, its easier to hide small ear pieces and tiny microphones’ thought Sexy as she smiled at the nods given, “Here you go” Sexy returned the purse to Gen, who grabbed it from her

“Finally! Can I take a seat or are there any other tests” Gen asked mockingly

Ken patted the spot beside him “Right here sweetie” Gen obliged not letting up the annoyed look she had “what would you like?”

“A long island” Gen responded plainly, looking around at the people dancing

“I didn’t catch your name sweetie”

“Oh really?!” Gen responded in her obvious fake tone “Didn’t think I had to nor do you need to know” Gen responded changing her tone to pure annoyance

Ken’s smile faltered a bit, to what looked to be displease at Gen’s mockery but then grinned again “You’re one tough cookie you know, and with that attitude of yours, you’re bound to get into trouble,, more that you’ll ever be ready for”

“I call them like I see them.  Some are worth knowing my name, some aren’t, guys have to earn them”

“Oh is that so? Sweetie, I don’t know who you think you are with that kind of tone, but in this area, people like you can get killed on the spot.  Now I may be friendly but my tolerance can only go so far” Ken’s grin turned into a slight frown

Gen immediately acted scared “My name is Nami”

“Now that’s a good girl Nami, I haven’t seen you around before, are you new?”

“Yes, I arrived from the States”

“The states?! Interesting” Ken whispered something to his men, who in turn left “Which part?”

“California” replied Gen ‘Luckily Whiz got that information covered for us, I doubt they will go as far as to search the address physically so I think this is sufficient.  He really is cautious, he probably got that guy to check my background.  Nice try, but we’ve got one over you’

“Do you like our part of town?”

“It’s okay, it’s like our clubs back home except more Caucasian people” giggled Gen

“Are you here on vacation?” Ken downed his 4th drink, with Sexy pouring his next cup

“Yes I am here visiting my sister.  She was suppose to take me around but she had work to do”

“I’m glad she did then, otherwise, I wouldn’t have this chance to meet a fine person like yourself tonight”

“You’re not so bad yourself, a little rules orientated but not bad, in fact everyone I’ve met tonight were nice”

“Maybe you should consider staying for good” Ken’s men came back and whispered something in Ken’s ear.  Gen could see a grin form on Ken’s face

“Maybe.  What do you do?”

“I am in business, just a worker”

“Are there lots of people who are like you? Just a worker but have such tight security?” Gen eyed the number of people surrounding Ken

“Tight security was ordered by my employer, I guess he sees me as an asset, afraid the competition will try to steal me” laughed Ken in which Gen joined in
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@ K: maybe I should include more ex's maybe....Ai's ex or Risa's ex should just appear in their lives  :twisted:
And make them hurt each other... what do you say.?.  :twisted:

That's right yo!!! If you think you guys were flirts, let me show you my world  :rofl: Those are only some of the okay lines and thoughts.
Flirts.?. Where.?.   :mon look:   :P
I bet you have plenty of those not suitable for the young ones... you are 200 percent ebil after all  :P

Ai pulled Risa into a tight hug “I’m so happy being with you… Risa, I wish time would stay still” Risa returned the hug and they stay in that position for the rest of the evening
Hug only.?.  :P

“I know we haven’t known each other for a long time but would you be my girlfriend?
:w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:

Risa felt a pair of lips on hers as if everything was in slow motion.  She saw Ai lean forward and plant her lips on her own.  As she regained conscious, Risa closed her own eyes and enjoyed their first kiss.
And they are now official  :gmon twirl:

Chapter 26 was mysterious... when will be the real names appear?  :D
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Finally catching up again! Sorry I''ve been in a random weird mood lately and my mind is a bit cluttered too so yeah....  :nervous

:lol: I don't think I should tell you when I grin anymore
Aww, don't be like that  XD

Maimi matches practically anyone  :lol:
:yep: she's awesome.

Maimi's advice about letting go is good but often is hard to be applied. So  :twothumbs  for Airi on how she handled it with both Aika and Risako.

Saki looked at Maimi with a raised eyebrow in which Maimi caught “What?” Saki didn’t say anything and just smirked as she strolled out of Maimi’s office “What?”
I like imagining this part, funny.

Oh, a jog date. How sporty of them  :lol:

“Its great!!! It’s the exact model that got flattened!!!”
Whoa, what a lucky guess.

A coroner Risa that's a wuss when it comes to scary movies  XD but hey, who knows Ai might find that cute.

Another ex mentioned and this one it's Risa's.

Reina and Eri were snuggled together watching a movie

:O  Erina as in Mano Erina? Why am I sensing that the ex gonna be an obstacle for MaiRi in the future if she's back?

Getting the person DNA from the cigarette butt and check if the person is in the database, just like in the tv shows. Nice  :D

Whooo! Go Gaki-san! You got a hot secretary as a girlfriend now.

a red tank top with the words “Too Hot for you” across.

you are 200 percent ebil after all  :P
And the percentage of yours is?  :P
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Finally catching up again! Sorry I''ve been in a random weird mood lately and my mind is a bit cluttered too so yeah....
Did someone call me? :?

Man, I so wanna see their outfits IRL, that's great. Lol at Whiz being engrossed in her computer, that sounds familiar. XD
Can't wait for the next chapter, as usual, and definitely moar Takagaki.
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Airi sure is a good boss ne? Taking care of her subordinates so well. Can I have a superior like that too? :D

Awww, so that was why Risa was acting weird the whole time. I lol-ed when Ai smelt her shirt XD

^ Omg rnd, that joke was....cold *shivers* :P

@rnd: I don't think FaqU will bomb TakaGaki. I mean, what could go wrong...right?


Oh yeah, new page gets  :otomerika:
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^ :lol: Sorry, I couldn't help it. :lol: :lol:
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@ K: and you were saying who was ebil?  :fap You suggesting that I make people hurt each other tsk tsk  :lol:

Hug only, I'll leave the rest up to your imagination about what happened after  :twisted:

The real names will appear.....never hahahahaha I'm going to die with them hahahaha jk jk (Me thinks I've gone crazy no?)

So K, repeating C's question: What is the percentage of your ebilness???  :lol:

@ C: Hey catching up is better than dropping it entirely, meh, I've got no complaints.

Yeah, I don't think I have to tell you when I am grinning, I have a good idea you'll know it  ;)

Yep, Erina as in Mano Erina.  Maimi's advice is good, but will it be still there when the tables are turned???

My mind was thinking the newest model out there so Airi bought the newest one out there just as compensation for the flattened one.  Does that make sense or am I living in my own world again?

Again, I might create ex's for Ai and Risa and practically everyone so that we can get a huge cat fight  :twisted:

@ Her Awesome Holiness: Samui!!!!! Heck I wanna see their outfits in real life!!!!

Heh, I think I might have to cool down on the Takagaki-ness for now, otherwise my whole fic idea would totally go off to another route

@ Mame-chan: You can have me if you want  XD

I don't think you should disagree with rnd because I believe I had a mini discussion with her about bombing the whole world  ;) What could go wrong?  Let me think of the ways  :lol: (Start worrying)

@ Her Awesome Holiness: I don't know why, but since Mame-chan mentioned you're joke was cold, it reminded me of Mikitty in that English Academy session when she was describing her angry situation: "Taxi driver say cold word to me"  (I honestly don't know why that kept repeating itself in my mind)

Chapter 27

Date: March 23
Time: 11:00 pm

“Suzuki-san, we’ve finally located one of our targets” Chisa ran in flailing a paper in the air that almost nicked Maasa

“Watch it shrimp, you almost gave me a paper cut on the face” Maasa glared at Chisa

“Maybe with the paper cut you’ll look better” Chisa shot back totally unappreciating the size comment

“Why you little….” Maasa raised her fists ready to attack and Chisa was positioning herself ready to receive

“GUYS!” Miyabi hollered at them “I know we’ve had a long day and the lack of sleep from yesterday isn’t helping but please not one of our own”  Both Maasa and Chisa glared at each other before Chisa stepped forward and handed Miyabi the paper she was holding

“Apparently, Ken’s crew really doesn’t leave his side at all times.  In this history of all the happenings that Ken has gone through, more or less everything he had to face he had these guys with him, so technically you can say this crew that is around Ken has been with him since the beginning when they were still small fry.”

“Which means that the guys we are looking for will all be in the same place or around the same location.  That makes our work a lot easier if I must say” deduced Airi

“Well there is one particular time that his boys are not stuck to Ken” Chisa pointed out

Airi turned to Chisa, giving her full attention “In our findings, it seems like Ken and his mini crew get to have some fun together at different locations, all close by but away from each other and that is when they go out clubbing as their relaxation”

“It says here, at those particular times, Ozawa has a habit of eating right after having enough to drink with the group, whereas the rest would find a girl for the night.  Maybe out of habit, nobody knows but usually the choice of eating place is close by to one of Ken’s establishments”

“Okay find out where these places are, the club, the establishment, every place where each person will be and let’s gear up in case they don’t want to come in quietly.  Let’s meet down in the parking lot in 2 hours” Airi instructed as she walked to the Commissioner’s office
Date: March 24
Time: 12:13 am

Throughout the evening Sexy would continue to pour Ken drinks, joining in the conversation from time to time as Gen and herself would sip at their own.  It was towards Ken’s 20th glass of whiskey but it seemed like he was still fine which started to worry Gen and Sexy.  By the 25th glass, Ken started showing signs of being whoozy so Gen and Sexy faked dizziness to get them moving along to their next destination.  To play it safe Gen and Sexy, along with other girls induced some games to try to get Ken to drink some more.

By the end of the night, Ken was swaggering using Sexy and Gen as support as his men guided them to Ken’s chauffeured car ‘This is it, our moment, now we just have to be careful to not raise suspicion in our questioning’ As expected, Ken’s men drove them to their destination when Ace was waiting somewhere, perched and ready to fire and Swift closeby.  As they were in the elevator, Ken’s hands started to grope them but because of the task on hand, Sexy and Gen had to continue to act intoxicated and ignore everything.  They could hear the grumbling of Ace in their earpiece, so Gen switched sides so that Sexy was not being groped any longer, in case Ace loses it and does something unexpectedly.  The men guided them to Ken’s suite and guarded the door, closing it before exiting.

Once inside, Gen and Sexy walked towards the bed to drop Ken down first.  Before they could get away though, Ken had latched onto them “and where do you think you guys are going?” Ken started kissing Gen on the neck

“We’re going to shower first” quipped Sexy as she managed to struggle free from Ken, who loosened his grip on both girls, grinning

Gen and Sexy moved away but kept their eyes on Ken taking off his shoes “I think we can start questioning now” whispered Sexy

“Ken-san, will you always be at the bar every week” Gen asked sweetly

“If you’re staying of course” groggily as he took off his jacket

“Now you wouldn’t be lying to me right? I would be so disappointed if you did” Gen fake pouted

“Haha…you miss me already? We haven’t even gotten started but no not unless things come up”

“Things? Like what?”

“Well I have business deals that I am working on”

“Oh with who?” chimed Sexy, clearly wanting to get out of the suite as soon as possible

“With my boss and…and Matsumoto-san” Ken hit his head a couple of times though but then swayed back down to the bed, searching over to his night stand for something.  He pressed a button and the blinds in his room started descending

“I see, Ken-san, you never mentioned what you did specifically, what deals are you having with Matsumoto-san?” continued Gen

“I didn’t” by the tone of the voice Gen knew something was wrong as she saw Ken produce a gun pointing at them “Who are you and what are your intentions”

‘Shit!!! He’s awake already, damn it!! That’s why he was hitting his head, to clear it up!!!! How can I make a mistake like this?’ “I-I-I don’t know what you’re talking about”

“Oh you don’t? I had a talk with your dead friend and I was expecting someone to come looking for me soon.  I didn’t expect you girls now who sent you?” hollered Ken, who although was aware of his surroundings, was still a bit tipsy

Gen knew that Ken would pull the trigger regardless so she did the next best thing “SHOOT!” she hollered
Date: March 24
Time: 2:34 am

“Ma’am, our target Ozawa should be in that noodle shop” Airi’s team had found the location of the local noodle shop that Ozawa would usually be

“Okay, Miya follow me” Airi got out of the car with Miyabi but at that moment sounds of broken glass emanated from the hotel right beside them.  Airi watched as Ken’s right-hand man and some others rush inside.  Not wanting to lose him, she called for the rest of the team in the cars nearby to follow them

“Chisa, Nakky, everyone let’s go.  Regardless I want him taken back with us tonight”

People were running out as Airi and her team squeezed by the mass.  As Airi was squeezing by, she caught glimpse of the people running by for anyone suspicious and caught sight of a female brown hair and blue eyed.  Thinking that it was just probably a local prostitute, she ignored it and ran by following Ken’s men to a room.  Airi flashed her badge to the men blocking her way, which made them give way

Looking into the room, Airi and the crew were met by a holed room.  Shattered glass near the balcony, gun shot holes in the walls and doors and the occupants?  Ken was hovered around by Ozawa, he and his men apparently were wounded

“Find them and kill them” hollered Ken in his pain

“Find and kill who?” Ken looked up at Airi shocked

“Detective, gulp, n-no one, it was o-only a figure *groan* of speech”

“That’s fine that you don’t tell me now but” Airi turned to Chisato “call an ambulance” then turned back to Ken “you’ll all have to come with us for questioning” each member of Airi’s team cuffed a man and guided them to a police van, called earlier by Miyabi.  “Miya follow Ken and his injured party to the hospital, everyone else get questioning” Airi instructed as she scanned the room

“Sir” Airi called out for one of the officers on guard at the door “call forensics” Airi continued to look around for clues or anything particular, but to no avail

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I couldn't see you so how would I know if you're grinning?

That make sense but even with the newest model, sometimes other brand out with theirs too?

:lol:  you'd love to write a huge cat fight, wouldn't you? --> it reminds me of that popcorn brawl

Ack, that was close. Airi got an important moment there, something that probably gonna be useful in the future.

@ Rnd

Finally catching up again! Sorry I''ve been in a random weird mood lately and my mind is a bit cluttered too so yeah....
Did someone call me? :?
It was pure coincidence. Or maybe it's.... fate?  XD  XD (ignore me)
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Ok! I'll take you any day :P

when chisa was called shrimp, I got reminded of my lunch today. There was shrimp XD

woah, Ken is a good drinker. Hitting your head clears it from alcohol? Really? I didn't know that.
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@ C: You could probably feel that in my comments and statements when I am grinning

Definitely would be interesting to write about all that hair pulling, scratching etc.

@ Mame-chan: Yatta!!!! Someone is willing to take me!!!!  XD

You got reminded of lunch when Chisa almost had a brawl with Maa-chan????

Because alcohol goes to the head, sometimes hitting it will clear it for a moment when you are starting to get whoozy.  Considering the fact that Ken is a heavy drinker, he was just getting whoozy as opposed to full out drunk.

Chapter 28

Date: March 24
Time: 3:30 am

“Whiz!!! Get the medical supplies out” cried Swift carrying Gen into their hideaway

Whiz who was quietly clicking away at the laptop got up frantically to search for the necessary tool “What happened?”

“A miscalculation” answered Ace, holding onto Sexy

“Both of them got hit?” Whiz asked carrying in the first aid kit and other medical supplies

Sexy shook her head, tears in her eyes, shivering slightly “N-n-no, only Gen”

“Lie Gen flat on the table” instructed Whiz, who as busy searching for gauze and bandages.

Ace and Sexy quickly cleared the table for Gen to lie on, eliciting a moan from Gen “Gen can you hear me?” Swift looked at Gen’s pale face, chapped lips however Gen nodded slowly holding onto her side

“Help take off her clothes” Whiz carried all the cotton swabs, disinfectant, gauze, bandages to a rolling trolley “What happened anyways?” Whiz looked at Sexy

“Weren’t you listening in?” Sexy asked

“No, I heard gunfire, but I didn’t think it was our own getting hit, so I left route instructions to Ace and Swift and then left the warehouse as instructed”

Sexy’s Flashback

“SHOOT!” hollered Gen as Gen ran towards Sexy and crouched down on the floor as bullets went flying. Through the slits of her eyes, Sexy saw the 2 guards at the door enter and were immediately shot, Ken was down as well.

When the shooting finally subsided, Sexy tried to get Gen off “Gen you can get off now, I don’t think there will be anymore firing”


“Gen?” Sexy lightly pushed Gen off and saw blood on her clothing “OI!!!!”

“Let’s get out of here” Gen croaked. Sexy took Ken’s jacket and her own and covered themselves of any blood stains before making their way down and out.

End of Sexy’s Flashback

“I wanted to walk Gen down but she wouldn’t let me, telling me to exit as planned and everything will be fine. I took off for the exit where Ace was and we drove to a location further away” recalled Sexy, shivering at the blood coming out of Gen

“When Sexy told me Gen was in danger, I informed Swift to meet us as soon as Gen was picked up” continued Ace

“I was waiting nervously and was about to search for her however when I got out of my car, I saw Gen turning the corner and she finally collapsed. I carried her and then drove and met up with Ace, then of course drove here”

“*Sob* Gen was *sob* p-protecting me” Sexy looked Ace in the eye “like promised!!! G-Gen *sniff* would use h-her own l-life *sniff* to p-protect me” Ace hugged Sexy tight trying to soothe the girl

“Hush baby, she’s with us now”


“D-don’t *gulp* c-cry Sexy” everyone turned to find Gen trying to get up

“Gen lie down!” Gen shook her head and took out her hand for Sexy

Sexy and Ace walked over and held onto her hand, blood or no blood “D-don’t *cough* worry guys *cough* I’ll be *gulp* be fine”

“Gen move your hand so I can take a look” instructed Whiz. Gen moved her hand from her right side and blood starting pouring out “Oh god! She’s bleeding hard” Whiz and Swift picked up cotton swabs and started cleaning the wound

“Look she’s bleeding on her back too” everyone turned to where Ace was pointing to and looked at each other.

Quickly, they turned Gen to the side without a word and noticed another bullet wound on the left side of her lower back, blood spewing at an alarming rate “CRAP!!!!”

“Okay Ace, Sexy bring me a cloth, we’ll have to deal with the wounds one at a time” Ace and Sexy went in different directions looking for said cloth. Swift took one look at Whiz, who was a bit stunned “Whiz….Whiz! WHIZ!” snapping Whiz out of trance “Don’t worry Gen will survive, she won’t leave us stranded, never has and never will”

Ace and Sexy managed to find a cloth in which Swift placed it on Gen’s side wound “Help me turn her over” All 4 turned Gen to lie on her stomach, in which Swift and Whiz examined the wound “We need to take the bullet out, Whiz do you think you can get it?”

Whiz looked at Swift in the eye and then looked down “I’m sorry I don’t think I can, I-I-I’m not confident, this being the most serious we’ve seen”

Swift took Whiz’s hand, “Don’t worry, I’ll do it, but you need to help me” Whiz nodded in response, feeling somewhat guilty that she is freezing on the spot at such an important time “Okay Ace take Sexy away, she’s had a rough night as it is”

“NO! I want to stay and help” whined Sexy when Ace was about to take her away

“Please Sexy this is not the time to whine, just GO!” ordered Swift in slight annoyance

“Please baby, let Swift and Whiz do their thing, Gen’s running out of time” prayed Ace. Hearing no retort or response from Sexy, Ace took Sexy away to shower and change

“Gen, this will hurt but I hope you endure it, it’ll be over real soon”

“G-get me some-something to bite on” wheezed Gen. Whiz took another cloth and rolled it up before putting it in Gen’s mouth

“Okay, I’ll need forceps to get a hold on the bullet, and disinfect them first” Swift got a better look at the wound “I can see it which means its not deep” Whiz passed Swift the forceps “Gen here it comes” Swift inserted the forceps in the wound and tried to grab on to the bullet. From underneath, Gen was groaning and screaming in pain, hands clutched into balls “Just hold on, I think I’ve got it” as Swift slowly and steadily pulled the forceps out with the bullet and tossed it in a petri dish that Whiz was holding ~CLANK~ “Come on Whiz, we have to patch her up” Whiz and Swift took a patch and some tape, cleaning the wound before patching up the wound for now. They turned Gen to lie on her back, carefully lying her down making sure not to aggravate the wound

Gen grunted while she was lying on her back, beads of sweat forming on her forehead. Whiz and Swift both cleaned the sweat off and kissed her on the forehead “One more to go” Swift pulled up a chair to sit on and see the wound from that angle. “Whiz I need some more lighting here” Swift was continuously wiping the blood whereas Whiz went to bring a lamp over, shining it directly over the wound “This one’s deeper, I don’t think the forceps can get through without widening this wound” Swift and Whiz exchanged glances unsure as to what to do in this situation

“But then how are we going to take it out?”

“I-I-I don’t know” At the response Whiz’s expression fell

Gen took the cloth away from her mouth “G-get me a k-knife”

“A knife? Gen what are you going to do?” Swift and Whiz both looked at her

“Just do it” growled Gen “and get me a lighter too” Swift and Whiz got Gen a jack knife and a lighter and watched as Gen placed the blade under fire and then in one swift, fast motion plunged the knife in her side

“GEN!!!!” they both hollered wide-eyed seeing Gen wince in pain then slowly she cut the wound wider before pulling the knife back out and dropping it onto the floor with a thud

“S-Swift, g-get the b-bullet now!” Gen’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and blacked out

“Gen?” Whiz shook her but no response, then checked for a pulse “she’s still alive, a little weak”

“Good! Whiz set up the IV stand and we’ll have to do a blood transfusion for the loss of blood, also get Ace in here STAT!!!!”

Not long later, Ace barged in running to Swift’s side “What do I have to do?”

Swift didn’t answer, concentrated on pulling the bullet out ~CLANK~ “I’ll need you to help me wrap her up” Quickly the 2 put another patch on Gen and then grabbed the bandages, carefully wrapping Gen’s mid-section with gauze and bandages, while Whiz rolled in the machines

“How is Sexy?” asked Swift who was washing the tools

“She just slept…I-I-I don’t know what to say. I *huff* I didn’t mean for Gen to be literal when she said she’ll use her life to protect Sexy” a lone tear drop fell from Ace’s eyes

Swift placed a hand on Ace’s shoulder “It doesn’t matter if she said she would or not, you and I both know she would’ve done the same.” The both of them looked at Gen’s still figure with the exception of the movement of her chest. Whiz walked up to them “Everything set?”

Whiz nodded “She really is leader, reckless at times but she’s always looking out for us”

Swift walked away from them quietly out the door, which confused Whiz and Ace, seeing how Swift had not vented since.

“Should I…”

“No I will” Whiz pulled Ace back “Can you get some blankets and place it over Gen, we’ll have to take turns monitoring her, also notify Pint and Model to be on the look out about tonight’s situation from their end. Don’t tell them about Gen’s condition, you know how close Model is to Gen, we don’t need another member freaking out and blowing our cover” Whiz walked out in search for Swift after Ace had left to do as told. Whiz caught sight of Swift punching a tree “Hey are you okay?” Swift stopped punching but didn’t turn around so Whiz walked in front instead

Whiz didn’t anticipate so see Swift crying as Whiz immediately pulled Swift into a tight hug “Hush, she’s fine now right?”

Swfit shook in Whiz’s embrace “I-We-we almost lost a long time companion and close friend. I-I-I was so scared that Gen would leave us, I-I was so scared that one wrong move and she’d…she’d”

Whiz stroked Swift on the back “Hey now, we were all scared, not just you. It took guts to help Gen remove the bullet and hold your fear till now. Heck I freaked, I wasn’t much help, it’s no wonder she put you as second in command”

“I’m just glad she’s okay”

“We all are Swift, *sigh* we all are”

“I…I have to notify Model”

“No worries, I already instructed Ace to notify Pint and Model to be on the lookout for any news about tonight’s situation and of course not telling Model of Gen’s condition would be best”

Swift nodded “Yeah, we don’t need another one worried about Gen right now, Gen wouldn’t want that, especially from Model” Swift shook her head “It’s a wonder why Model cares about Gen more than me though yet they aren’t together”
Date: March 24
Time: 7:00 am

Sexy was sleeping on a chair beside Gen, when she felt something itchy on her face. Swatting whatever it was away, Sexy continued to sleep but not long after again something was tickling the face area. “Stop it!” Sexy growled, looking for the culprit only to be met with Gen’s large black eyes looking back “Aaahhhhh!” Sexy was startled, leaning backwards on her chair, causing the chair to lose balance ~CRASH~

Gen winced “Ohhh that’s gotta hurt”

Sexy scampered straight “Gen!!!” at the crash, the rest of the crew walked in rubbing their eyes

“Gen!” Sexy fully realized that Gen was fully clothed and standing

“Gen what are you doing up? You should be resting!” lectured Sexy with a hint of fear in her voice

“I was but honestly on a table? At least move me to a comfy bed” joked Gen as she limped away. Noticing the slow limp, all of them went up to help Gen to a bed “Did anyone notify Com of the outcome?”

“I did, I didn’t say you got injured though, I thought it’s best that we leave that detail out” Whiz informed

“Good idea…” ~BUZZ BUZZ “Too late, Com knows” Gen tossed the phone to the group, in which Swift caught and took a look at the message

“Awww crap!!! How the hell did Com figure that out???” Ace groaned before tossing the phone back to Gen “Do you guys recall any suspicious individuals?”

“No, I don’t recall anyone, but even if so, we didn’t report our disguise so it shouldn’t make a difference. Would it be on your side??? Ace? Swift?”

“No, we were perched in hidden places so it couldn’t have been obvious, for god sakes, the cops didn’t even notice our existence. What do you think Gen?”

“I don’t know, but I suggest we do as told but if you guys can do a little check that would be great” Gen went into a room and with the aid of Whiz and Swift, lied down on the bed to catch some more deserved rest

~I want a full report of your injury~ Com
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Gen!?  :O Whew, she's okay, great. Model, omg Erika? XD Lawl at Shekushi falling out of her chair.
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@Her Awesome Holiness: Did this chapter keep you on your toes???  So you think Model is Erika? hmmmm....interesting....interesting

Chapter 29

Date: March 24
Time: 5:50 am

“Damn it!!!!” Miyabi walked in throwing a file on the table

“How was the questioning?” asked Airi not looking up from her files

“They denied everything, the only thing we have was that Ozawa was at the Ikeda’s home but they said it was a while ago. Said something along the lines of because they are friends, it is common. The lawyer being there doesn’t help”

The rest of the team groaned as they walked in “What about you guys? Anything?”

Chisato threw her clipboard on her desk “The guys who got shot said they were in Ken’s room when all of a sudden gunfire came at them. They questioned why they are being questioned like criminals when they are the victims”

“Darn it! I hate it when they do that!!” exclaimed Maasa cracking her knuckles

Airi still didn’t look up but her hand was in constant motion “What did forensics say?”

Miyabi, who was curious as to what Airi was doing, walked over “the forensics report is not here yet. What are you doing?” Miyabi peered over Airi’s shoulder to see Airi drawing

“I caught glimpse of someone, I don’t know why but I think she is suspicious or I’ve seen them somewhere before” Airi showed the picture to Miyabi

“Um…I don’t recall this person do you guys?” Miyabi passed the picture around, all shaking their heads “Why do you think she is suspicious?”

“I don’t know but there was a big impact I just can’t put my finger on it” Airi placed her finger on her chin

“Guys go home, we’ll start again later this morning” Miyabi dismissed the team and waited for everyone to leave before turning back to Airi “Airin, are you sure it isn’t because she’s a pretty face that caught your attention?”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well she’s good looking and you’re coming out of a bad breakup so…”

“I get your point but I doubt that’s the reason” Airi glared at Miyabi

“Look I’m sorry if I touched a sensitive subject but I’m just voicing my opinion that’s all” Miyabi defended herself “Let’s just go home and rest”
Date: March 27
Time: 10:17 am

“Yajima-san!” Maimi turned around to see Saki running up to her

“What’s up Shimizu-san?”

“When is your meeting with Mano?” Saki said the name with a bit of venom

“Shimizu-san” Maimi cocked her eyebrow at Saki “my meeting with Mano-SAN is later today”

“I suggest you postpone it”


“There’s something that I find weird with their company”

“Shimizu-san, look, let go of the past…”

“TRUST ME YAJIMA-SAN!!!!” Saki’s eyes flared “I’ve never lied to you before, are you going to dismiss me, questioning MY professionalism?” Maimi looked at Saki and shook her head “then follow me” Maimi obliged and walked into Saki’s office where Reina and Eri were waiting

“What’s this? Tanaka-san we have a presentation today, why aren’t you getting ready?”

“Because I told her to stop” answered a firm Saki “Kamei-san show Yajima-san the reason for our emergency meeting”

Eri gave Maimi a green folder then walked back to her spot beside Reina. Maimi opened the folder and was presented with info on Mano Corp “What is this?”

“Chill Yajima-san take a closer look at their history” Maimi did as told, scanning through

“I don’t get what you are trying to show me”

Saki slapped her forehead in clearly getting angry “God!!!! Has her reappearance fogged your abilities?”

“Er…sorry to interrupt but who’se reappearance?” asked Reina timidly unaware if it’s her position to speak

“That’s not important” flared Maimi

“It is when you can’t look at a document properly” retorted Saki in Reina’s defense “The next heir to Mano Corp just so happens to be a long time friend of ours”

“What is it you are trying to prove?” Maimi closed the file and glared at Saki

“Didn’t you see the name Yamaguchi??? Does that not ring a bell?” Saki slammed her fist on her desk

“Er…Yajima-san, Shimizu-san” Ai greeted causing everyone to turn their attention towards her “Maybe we should talk behind closed doors” Ai suggested closing the door behind her but clearly behind her, other colleagues were curious as to the commotion in Saki’s office

“Wakatta!!!! Yamaguchi was arrested recently for drug dealing, it was all over the news” pointed Eri, slowly lowering her voice, realizing what she blurted

“Even Kamei-san remembers, where is that Yajima Maimi now? You’ve been so concerned on who the project is with that you didn’t even catch that”

Maimi opened the file again and re-read the history, sure enough Yamaguchi’s association was mentioned in the history “But that was a long time ago, and we don’t know the relationship between the 2”

“Exactly, postpone the meeting so it gives us time to check. If there isn’t anything wrong we can go through with the project. Don’t put the reputation of the company at stake because of your misjudgement” Saki spat before she walked out of her office with Ai, Reina and Eri in tow, all giving Maimi looks of concern

Maimi plopped herself on Saki’s couch and let out a heavy sigh ‘Yajima Maimi get your act together!!!!! Saki is right, I should’ve caught it but I didn’t. Even Eri, the one who is usually being yelled for being careless caught on’

~KNOCK KNOCK~ Maimi looked up to see Reina holding a mug towards Maimi “Don’t worry Yajima-san, here have this, relax, I’ll help you postpone the meeting”

“Thanks Tanaka-san” Maimi took the mug from her “and sorry for losing my temper” Reina didn’t say anything but smiled before leaving ‘Get your head in to it!!! Start searching, even if it was in the past, I should still prove that it will not be a liability to the company. I should’ve noticed this!!!’ Maimi took a sip of the contents in the mug before walking out to her own office
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@Her Awesome Holiness: Did this chapter keep you on your toes???  So you think Model is Erika? hmmmm....interesting....interesting
Yes it did. What? Model is Erika! Right?! Darn you... *shakes fist* :lol:

Uh oh, Airi spotted Maimi? I wonder if she'll figure it out?

Ooo, Saki, angry. Not pretty. Maimi! Get it together!

MOAR TAKAGAKI, that is all.
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: I  :rofl: throughout reading your comments, it was like you were a zombie or on a frenzy going in different directions

Unfortunately, I can't just focus on Takagaki, there are other pairings in this nee????

Chapter 30

Date: March 27
Time: 6:00 pm

“I’m worried about Airin”

“Why?” Saki asked as she laid down on her bed, favourite plushie in one arm and phone in the other

“Because I am afraid that her breakup is affecting her judgment”


“Yeah, they broke up not too long ago”

“I guess I can understand what your concern is”

“Huh? You can?” ‘How? I never knew you were close to Airin and I don’t recall telling you the history between the two’

“Yeah, because I am worried about Maimi”

“Yajima-san? She seems stable and sturdy, what can you be worried about?”

“Like your concern with Suzuki-san, I am afraid the reappearance of Maimi’s ex has distorted her thinking and performance”

“Like how?”

“It’s hard to say but let’s just say I don’t appreciate the reappearance of this…this character” Saki refrained herself from name calling but was not quite happy at not using vulgar words at all

“Sounds like you don’t like this person”

“I don’t and I have a reason to but unfortunately I can’t give you the details about it because for one thing, it’s Maimi’s story to tell and the other is that if I start recalling the events of the past, I will definitely be in a terrible mood”

“Fair enough but I didn’t know Yajima-san was dating anyone”

“She wasn’t, this ex is from long ago”

“Then I doubt Yajima-san’s judgment is any worse than Airin’s”

“Why do you think that Airin is affected by her breakup anyways?” Saki was confused as to the logic behind Miyabi’s conclusion

“Because Airin has not once let any of her emotions out since her breakup.  Risako-chan is Airin’s first love and I doubt you can get over your first love just like that”

“I don’t think you should worry too much about it because just because she hasn’t voiced it to you, it doesn’t mean she hasn’t expressed herself right?”

“I would like to agree with that but she hasn’t come to me nor has she gone to Risa-oneesan and we are her closest family.  There’s nothing that we don’t tell each other, so that is what makes me worried”

“Are you sure it is not because you are worried that is why you think her judgment is distorted?” Miyabi didn’t respond “I assume that you haven’t thought about that one nee? How about you don’t think 100% that the breakup is the cause until you are sure.  Yes I know you know her more than I do and yes it is difficult to just move on from your first love but why not think positively before we think negatively?  Maybe Suzuki-san will open to you guys soon, give her time, maybe she needs time on her own first before she expresses herself”

“*Sigh* I hope you are right and I hope that I am wrong in thinking this way….Man this discussion is getting depressing”

“*giggle* then let’s liven the mood a bit shall we”

“Sure, how were the crazy children today?? Any unusual antics?”

Date: March 27
Time: 8:30 pm

Maimi worked long and hard until late that evening in which she didn’t even realize the time until she was hungry.  She opened her office door to see Ai still working away “Takahashi-san! What are you still doing here?”

“Not just me but Tanaka-san is here too” Reina popped her head around from her cubicle, waving

“Why are you guys still here? I don’t recall giving you guys anything due soon”

“No you didn’t but we are helping you look at the history of Mano Corp” answered Ai

“It was under Shimizu-san’s orders” added Reina “Here,” Reina got up from her desk and handed Maimi a bento box “Kamei-san dropped 3 off…they’re from Shimizu-san”

Maimi looked away from the bento box and to the side, “I don’t think Shimizu-san is upset” Ai placed a hand on Maimi’s shoulders and give it a light squeeze with one hand and put the bento box in Maimi’s hand with her other “I think she is just worried about you”

“I am assuming she’s told you everything” spat Maimi

“No she didn’t, but we were hoping you could tell us”

Maimi remained quiet for a moment, “Guys, go home” Reina and Ai exchanged glances but Maimi repeated herself when they didn’t budge “just go home, I’ll be home later” Seeing the determined look on Maimi’s face, the girls returned to their desk and packed up as Maimi walked back to her office closing the door behind her

“Ai-chan, what do we do?”

Ai shrugged her shoulders “We’ll give her space, if she’s not ready to confide in us, what can we do? Come on, let’s get home, call Eri and tell her to reheat food for us” ‘Why can’t you open up to us?  Are we not dependable?  Maimi we’ll be there for you, we’re a team’ Ai prayed her message would get across to Maimi but also internally chuckled at the silly thought
Date: March 27
Time: 9:00 pm

“Who is she? I want you to find her and bring her to me!!!!” growled Ken, throwing the bottle he had onto the floor, he had just been discharged from the hospital and of course the police station

“We checked up on her and everything came out to be fake, apparently, the other girl with here was also an imposter, they were companions”

“I don’t want to hear that!  I want to have her and her companion in front of me or you’re all dead”



“Nakai-san is on the phone”

Ken kept his cool and brought the phone to his ears “Nakai-san”

“YOU FREAKIN IDIOT!!!!! How could you let this happen?  How could you let them escape??”

“Sorry sir, I didn’t expect them to have back-up”

“I don’t care what you expected!!! You even leaked out Matsumoto-san’s name!!!!! The boss will have our heads for this!!!!”

“Nakai-san sorry”

“Sorry?!  Sorry doesn’t help anything!!! I expected better from you!!! Why do I even both keeping you by my side??? You reckless, arrogant bastard!!!! Contact Matsumoto’s side and inform them to be careful.  We don’t know who these people are and what they want but in case we need Matsumoto alive.  You better deal with this properly and fast.  Also what is the progress of the death of Tokugawa??”

“We’re having trouble, since Tokugawa doesn’t keep anyone by his side to help him or anything, no one can really tell us what happened.  All we know is that on the night of his death, he locked himself in his hideout and no one knows what happened to him after”

“That’s not good enough Ken, not even close.  Don’t give me your troubles, give me good answers” ~CLICK~

Ken gritted his teeth then threw the phone across the room in anger “Old fool!!!!” Ken got another bottle of bear and downed it “Contact Matsumoto-san and tell him, he might have company and for him to protect himself”
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*sings Roller Coaster of Love* Glad you find me amusing!  :D

You're right, there are other pairings, but I just wanna see Airi walk in on a heavy Takagaki make out session. :lol:

MiyaSaki, one of my fav pairings, I love how they interact.

Poor Maimi, must be hard for her to confide in the others.
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@ Her Awesome Holiness:  Maybe I should consider  :lol: I'll even dedicate the chapter to you too

Something like the following:

Airi walks into her house and realizes all the lights were off and the front door open.  Pulling out her revolver she prepared herself for any unwelcomed guest.  Looking left and right, Airi heard a sound coming from Risa's room as she crept closer and closer to her sister's room.  Pants were heard as Airi's mind went in a whirlwind as to whether the illegal entrant has her sister hostage as Airi stretched her hand and quietly placed it over the door knob.  Slowly in her mind, she counted to three before opening the door at full force and pointing her gun in front of her only to have her eyes pop out at the scene in front of her.

Something like this??? I'll think about it  XD

Chapter 31

Date: March 27
Time: 11:15 pm

Gen walked into their base thinking that the rest of the team were off doing their own thing.  She had been feeling pain from the wound all day but ignored it putting on a strong front so as to not cause suspicion.  When she reached the living room area she slowly lowered herself down on the couch, clutching her side wound

“You should have told us if you were feeling pain” Gen turned to the owner of the voice “you don’t have to keep it to yourself, you know it makes Sexy worry even more about you, do I need to tell Model???”

“Whiz, I didn’t think anyone was here and please don’t, you know how much of a ruckus they’ll make if the rest of the team knows.”

“I was hoping you’d come back at a decent hour because I think we need to change the bandages on you” Whiz lifted a tray with disinfectant, gauze and bandages

“We want to help” in walked Sexy and Ace

“Guys, I don’t need that much help, why don’t you guys go have fun, Whiz is here”

Sexy and Ace walked over to Gen and crouched down in front of her “I couldn’t!!!! I’m not feeling it, not when I was worried about you.  I….I didn’t get to thank you properly” Sexy’s eyes began to be teary

“Yeah Gen, I…I’m sorry!!! I shouldn’t have made you promise to use your life to protect Sexy I…I”

Gen wiped Sexy’s tears with one hand and clutched on Ace’s shoulder with the other “Shhhh!  Guys I would’ve done it regardless.  You’re my team, my companions, I don’t and wouldn’t want to see any of you hurt” Gen looked up at Whiz “That goes for you, Swift, Pint and Model too”

“Please let us help you change your bandages, it’s the least we could do and…and we wouldn’t want to see you hurt either” pleaded Sexy and Ace

Gen smiled and nodded her head slightly in defeat, knowing perfectly well it was 3 against 1 in this discussion “Well Gen come let’s get you lying on a bed first” instructed Whiz, walking to one of the rooms, tray in hand

Gen tried to get up from her spot, but pain shot through her body causing her to flop back down with a small groan “Argh!”

Ace and Sexy turned to see Gen clutching her side wound, beads of sweat beginning to form on her forehead “Gen!” They rushed to her side but Gen put her hand out to stop them

“I’m alright just got up too fast.  Let’s get this clear though, no one informs Com of anything that goes on nor is anyone to let this slip out in the open.  We have enough trouble as it is, I don’t need Com’s involvement in all this unnecessary stuff otherwise we’ll all be out of a job” Gen waited for everyone to nod before slowly getting up from the couch and walking in the direction where Whiz was waiting, Ace and Sexy walking steadily behind in case Gen collapses.  Gen lowered herself on the bed and lied on her stomach while Ace and Sexy lifted part of her shirt to where the back wound was.  They cut the bandages and removed them aside for Whiz to take off the gauze patch

“Gen this is going to sting” Whiz took a cotton swab dipped in disinfectant and started cleaning the wound.  At contact, Gen winced “the would will take long to heal so we have to clean it everyday” No response “Gen do you hear me?” Again no response, the trio looked at Gen eyes closed “Gen???”

“Look!” Ace pointed to a part on the bed, painted in red

“Move her hand” instructed Whiz, Ace moved the limphand from the side wound, blood had seeped through the gauze patch and was slowly flowing down “Shit! The wound is open! Ace get the transfusion device, Sexy help me get something to keep the flow from running”  Whiz continued to clean the back wound and then patch Gen up, while Ace attached the device to Gen’s arm and Sexy holding a cloth on Gen’s side wound. “Okay help me turn her so that she’s on her side” they turned Gen’s body carefully in case the back wound opens up.  With Ace keeping Gen’s body still on her side, Whiz and Sexy cleaned up the wound and patched Gen up before wrapping bandages around Gen’s body.  When everything was finished they let out a sigh of relief.

“How is she?” the trio turned to the door to see Swift rushing in

“One of her wounds opend up but we just finished patching her” responded Whiz looking at Gen’s sleeping figure “Gen strongly suggests that we all keep this hush hush from anyone including Com, I think Gen’s been getting the rap from Com or something”

Swift walked closer to the bed, “you guys go clean up and rest, I’ll look after her tonight” pushing them to sleep, but not before taking one last glance at Gen’s regulated breathing
Date: March 28
Time: 5:30 pm

~CLAP CLAP~ “Guys I just came back from Yoshizawa-san office, Ken has not pressed charges at the shootout incident so she suggests we leave it” announced a displeased Airi

“So what do you want to do with the forensics report?”

“I’ll take it for now” Yurina passed Airi the file, in which Airi opened and scanned.  ‘Three of the blood samples match Ken and his wounded men, but one doesn’t match them which means someone else was in there! Why didn’t Ken or anyone mention this other person? What are they hiding?’



“What are you thinking?”

“Nothing Miya, nothing.  So anyways back to the deceased, Ikeda Hiroto’s case…where can we go from here?”

“To be honest Airin, I think we are at a dead end because unless we can prove the time when Ken’s men paid Ikeda a visit, we can’t move on and get them to confess anything”

Airi rubbed the bridge between her eyes and let out a heavy, long, sigh “Okay go home guys, we’ll debrief tomorrow” The group left in good spirit, it’s been awhile since they’ve left at a decent hour.  When everyone left, with the exception of Miyabi “Miya, I want us to do an investigation of our own”

“On what? And why?”

“The forensics report says there was a fourth person, blood samples were analyzed concluding it to be someone other than Ken and his men.  I think Ken is hiding something so I want to do a 24 hr surveillance on Ken”

“But he isn’t pressing charges”

“I know but I have a funny feeling about it all, do you recall that day when we first found him wounded, he was hollering about finding someone and that he will kill that same someone.  I want to look at the video surveillance cameras at the hotel”

“Seems like you’ve got an idea who”  Airi pulled out a file from her cabinet and gave it to Miyabi “Again? Airin are you sure you’re not just infactuated by her pretty face?”

“Look we’ll know once we see the surveillance videos, if she is the fourth person, then I want to know who she is and what happened in that room to cause a shootout”

“What makes you think she’ll know?”

“Why was she missing from the room when we arrived? Why would she run?  She’s been shot for god sakes! A normal person wouldn’t have left with a bullet wound, they would seek medical attention”

“Maybe…maybe she is an illegal immigrant?”

“Even so, we can’t determine that without a name and face right?  I suggest we start checking up on this mystery woman.  It’s weird how Ikeda’s case and Ken’s attack both included a mystery women.  Also check all hospitals for anyone admitted for bullet wounds, female”

“Can we start tomorrow?” Miyabi looked at her watch

Airi looked at Miyabi checking her watch ever few minutes “Fine, I’ll cover you while you investigate”

“What do you mean?  You’re not going to let the others in on this?” Airi shook her head “Does the commissioner know about this?” again Airi shook her head “WHAT?!”

“Miya, you have to understand that the less they know, they will be safe, the commissioner has already ordered for us to withdraw, the only way we can make a case out of it is if we prove that there is something to make it a case”

“And what about me?” Miyabi glared at Airi

“Relax!! If anything happens, I will take full responsibility, you can say that it was under my orders and you didn’t want to go against superiors” Airi responded nonchantedly

“I am not worried about my career Airin, I…I am worried about YOU.  Risa-oneesan and I are worried about YOU.  It’s like ever since the breakup, you’ve seemed off” Miyabi looked away from Airi towards her feet, she didn’t want to tell her the truth but she felt that if she didn’t things would escalate.

“Nothing is wrong Miya!!! I am okay from the breakup!!!” Airi shot back

“Well you obviously haven’t been showing that to us” Miyabi flared “you’re obsessed with work, obsessed with this pretty face and…I don’t want to admit it but I am beginning to doubt your judgment.  You’re putting your career on the line for a gut feeling!!! Going against commissioner orders is going to get you sacked!!!” Miyabi left after that leaving Airi to think things through

‘Am I? Am I really obsessed and going overboard because of Rii-chan?  I know that something is off though!!!! I just know it is!!!I…I need a run, yeah, maybe a jog will help…maybe a jog with Yajima-san will help…it seems like just her being there can make me think better’ Airi picked up her phone and dialled for Maimi

~yakusoku wa toku ni shinai wa watashi wa zutto matterareru shi~ “Moshi moshi Yajima desu”

“Yajima-san! Airi desu”

“Oh! Suzuki-san, what’s up?”

“I was wondering if you feel up for a run?”

“What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing, I…I just felt like a run and instantly who else can I call but someone who likes to jog” Airi lied hoping she was believable, she never was a good liar

“Sure, why don’t you stop off at my office first”

‘Yes she bought it!’ “Great! I’ll see you in 10” ~CLICK~
“Yajima-san, you have a visitor”

“Is it the same girl as before?” Maimi responded through the intercom

“Yes ma’am”

“Let her in” releasing the intercom, Maimi continued to look through her files, from time to time she would click on something on her computer ~KNOCK KNOCK~ “Come in”

“Hey!” Maimi looked up to see Airi and smiled

“Hey, have a seat”

“I thought we were going to run?”

“Have a seat first” Airi took a spot on the couch thinking that Maimi might have to finish something first but to her surprise she watched Maimi get up from her seat and pushed a chair in front of her. “What’s on your mind?”

“Huh?! Nothing, just anticipating that jog”

“Suzuki-san, I’ll be frank with you, I saw through your lie so let’s not insult my intelligence.  Talk to me” Airi smiled awkwardly at getting caught so soon by a person she barely knew. “Something is obviously bothering you because don’t you forget I am the one that taught you to jog in order to clear your mind”

“Hehe…I forgot about that…” Maimi looked at Airi, using her eyes to urge Airi to spill her heart out “If…if you’re busy it’s okay, I…I could…”

Maimi reached over and patted Airi’s hand “No Suzuki-san, you need to vent and I’m ready to listen.  Keeping everything inside you won’t help you”

Airi had an internal debate in her head ‘Should I tell her? I mean I don’t want her to think I’m some sort of obsessive freak or weak…but I need to vent and surely I will be arguing with Miya if I talk to her.  Ane is out of the question if Miya says they are worried and definitely not Rii-chan.  I guess it doesn’t hurt’ “I…I don’t know what’s wrong with me”

Maimi did a double take at the comment “I’m sorry say that again?”

“I mean Miya said some things that I’m concerned about”

“Well what did she say?”

“Miya feels that I haven’t gotten over Rii-chan and because of it, it has affected my performance at work”

“Well what do you think?”

“I…I honestly don’t know because the points Miya made seem valid an dI couldn’t even argue because even I didn’t know”

“What have you done or said to make her feel that way?”

“She said that I’ve been overworking, stressing, getting obsessed over a gut feeling”

“Oh? Have you been overworking, stressed and obsessed?” Maimi got up slowly and went to the coffee maker, putting in a packet of coffee and water

“I don’t think so, we’ve been overworking because of a case that may be linked to another”

“Well that sounds normal, I’m no detective but I think there has to be a reason you feel that way”

“I have a reason but it seems like it makes Miya see me as obsessive”

“Do you mind telling me why she would see it as obsessive?” Maimi asked as she was waiting for the coffee to brew

“Because like I’ve said, a gut feeling on a point that may not be related between the 2”

“Hmmm that does sound like the 2 cases don’t relate then, I mean if this gut feeling is based on 2 different things, then it’s hard to convince anyone Suzuki-san”

“I don’t know how to explain it but I just know that something is weird because 2 mysterious points show up”

“Mysterious points?”

“Yeah in both cases 2 mystery woman were last seem with the people we are checking up on”

~CLANK~ “Itai~~!!!!”

“Yajima-san, are you okay?” Airi got up and headed towards Maimi

“Yeah, the handle of this mug broke spilling the coffee on me” Maimi turned and showed Airi the said handle and other half lying on the table, with wet spots on Maimi’s shirt and skirt.  Airi helped Maimi wipe down the contents “Suzuki-san, I’m going to change out of these clothes do you mind holding your thoughts?” Maimi walked to her drawer and pulled out a bag before walking to her bathroom.  When Maimi walked out, Airi had cleaned the table and had set 2 mugs on the coffee table near the couch “Thank you Suzuki-san, you didn’t have to clean it”

“It’s okay, didn’t want coffee to spill onto your floor” Airi sat back in her spot after washing her hands, while Maimi sat in her chair across

“Back to what you were saying , do the mystery woman look alike or something?”

“Well no, but they just happen to pop up in these 2 cases, no information, nothing and then disappear too”

“I see, so you’re gut feeling is based on this?” Airi nodded her head slowly “Well we so unalike aren’t we Suzuki-san”  Airi looked at Maimi confused at the statement “Here you are overanalyzing your cases, not letting anything go whereas I was underanalysing things, absently letting things go” Maimi chuckled

“Er…something on YOUR mind?”

“Nothing big I guess but I too had a splat with Saki like you did with Natsuyaki-san.  Funny how those 2 are going out now eh?” Maimi chuckled again “I had a project that I thought meant something to me not because it’s a business deal but the people I am presenting to.  Saki stopped me from presenting today because she saw something wrong and told me where to look too but I don’t know why but I missed it and even a weaker colleague was able to point out the wrong” Maimi shook her head in shame

“Who were these people to you? Why did Shimizu-san catch it and not yourself?”

“Like Natsuyaki-san, Saki said I was blinded, blinded by the presence of these people that I could’ve signed a deal that I’d regret”

“But why would you have an argument with Shimizu-san then?  I mean couldn’t you guys have talked it out as opposed to arguing?”

“I thought Saki was just being bitter because…let’s just say she’s not too fond of these people”

“Why? Shimizu-san doesn’t look like the kind of person to not get along with anyone.  She has a friendly and comfortable aura, a little flirty with Miya, but overall a good attitude and personality”

“She usually is but…she has her reasons, reasons I was hoping she’ll overlook and drop.  You know how the saying goes something like, ‘what’s done is done, no point in changing the past’?” Airi nodded “Well it applies here.  The people I was having this project for was someone I never thought I’d meet again nor did I think of the impact they have on me now.  The client’s heir is my ex-girlfriend”

“Ex-girlfriend? Why would Shimizu-san hold a grudge against your ex-girlfriend? Because of simple breakup?”

Maimi shook her head, “Apparently it wasn’t that simple to Saki”

“How did you guys breakup?”

“It might be better to tell you how we first me” Maimi smiled thinking back “I remember when I first set my eyes on her…”
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Yay, Mano backstory. I've been dying to know what happened between them!
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Really??? You've been dying to know what happened between them???  Well here's something to tie you down....for a bit  :twisted:

Chapter 32

Maimi’s Flashback

“Maimi, there’s a new transfer student coming to our school today” young Saki informed

“So? It’s not like it’s the first time” Maimi rolled her eyes

“Let’s go have a look at who it is” Saki tugged on Maimi’s sleeve

“Saki, I don’t want to, maybe they’re one of those bitter people that wants to be left alone” Maimi tried to get out of Saki’s tugging, afraid that Saki will rip her sleeve off

“Awwww come one, just one peek” Saki put one finger up infront of her

“Saki, remember the last time we took a so-called peek at the foreign exchange seniors? JunJun and LinLin?”

“Yeah what about them?”

“Do you remember how JunJun practically knocked everyone aside, anyone that approached her were thrown to the side and then there is LinLin, she’s too hyper almost borderline crazy, kinda freaky”

“Yeah but it was for our own good that we get to know before hand right? That way we could stay clear out of their way” argued Saki, still tugging on Maimi’s sleeve, trying to get her to budge

Maimi laughed at Saki’s attempt at making her move “Fine fine but this has got to be the last time.  What is it with you and finding out who the new transfer students are all the time?”

“Just because you’re not as social as I am, doesn’t make me weird” quipped Saki happily tugging Maimi by her sleeve.  As they were walking by they could hear the other students commenting “She’s hot”, “she’s cute”

‘Pfft!! You guys said that about JunJun and LinLIn and look how they…’ Maimi’s ridicule abruptly stopped when she caught sight of a girl she’s never seen before ‘She’s beautiful, like an angel’ Mesmerized by the girl walking by herself into the school, Maimi didn’t even feel Saki’s continuous tugging

“Told you it’s worth seeing the new student” smirked Saki.  No response “Maimi? Maimi! Hello?  Anyone home?” Saki waved her hands in front of Maimi’s face but still no response so Saki did the next best thing, she used all the energy and strength within her little frame and sucker punched Maimi, bringing her back to reality

“ITAI!!!! Saki! What was that for?” Maimi held her arm and began rubbing the spot

Saki laughed “T-to s-s-stop y-y-y-you from d-drooling hahahaha”

Maimi quickly wiped her face but didn’t detect any drool “Grrrr! You’re done for Shimizu!!!” Maimi lunged at Saki, but Saki started running “You know you’ll never out run me” Maimi hollered as she was gaining up to her friend “Gotcha!!!!” Maim grabbed onto one of Saki’s arms and twisted it behind the small-framed one

“Itai! Itai! Itai! Okay, okay I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” still Maimi didn’t let up “I already said I’m sorry!!!”

“Not good enough”

“What do you want from me? Itai!!!”

“You’re going to help me get to know the new student” Maimi let go of Saki’s arm knowing perfectly well that Saki had no choice, Saki couldn’t outrun nor overpower Maimi so it was practically a done deal

“What? Why do I have to help you, you can do it yourself you know, it’s called sincerity” Saki pouted rubbing her sore arm

“Like you said, I’m not as social as you, so get cracking befriending her”

“Humph!!! You know I am only doing it because you can overpower me when I get older and stronger then you, you’ll regret this day and everything you’ve done to me” Saki walked off pissed

Maimi grinned and ran right beside Saki “Saki-chan isn’t that petty and cruel”

“I hate it when you know me like the back of your hand but you shouldn’t have overdone it, my arm felt like it was going to break off”

“Awww I’m sowie Saki-chan” Maimi started massaging Saki’s arm, causing Saki to smile a bit

Saki being the friendly and open type didn’t take long to befriend the new girl, talking to her, inviting her to lunch, problem was to get Maimi to open up

“Maimi I’ve already paved the path for you, Erinko is like right there, why can’t you talk to her?” an annoyed Saki asked one day after school

“I don’t know, if I knew I would’ve been more social.  Hello?! Isn’t that what you’ve been saying to me all this time?”

“Gawd!!! It’s not like she’s going to bite, just join in on the conversations at any time, that’s a good start, you not talkative and not smiling is very intimidating to others you know”

“I know I know just…”

“Kyaaaa~!” a scream was heard in an alleyway nearby

“Hey! Did you hear that?” Saki nodded “Let’s go take a look” Slowly the duo walked towards the direction of the scream with Maimi protecting Saki.  When they turned the corner they could see Erina being cornered by a guy from another school, his hand in the inside of her skirt, kissing her on her neck “Hey you!”

Erina and the boy turned to see Maimi “What do you want? Stay out of this if you want to go home safely” Maimi and Saki could see 2 other guys emerging from the other end of the alleyway, holding their bags over their shoulders

“Leaver her alone!” Maimi stood firm with Saki hiding behind her

“What if we don’t? We just want to be friends, just like how my friends here want to be friends with you girls” the guys smirk wasn’t as convincing and it was borderline sicko

“Sorry nothing doing, I’m not interested in perverts who can’t seem to get a girlfriend normally” spat Maimi

“Maimi what are you doing? Don’t anger them!” hissed Saki in a low whisper

“Saki, you hide first, I’ll get Mano-chan” Maimi whispered back, never taking her eyes off the guy she just insulted, advancing forward

“You’ve got some guts to be saying such crap, don’t think because you’re a girl, I’ll go easy on you” he sneered kicking a garbage can in front of him

“No Maimi, I can’t leave you guys” Saki whispered back

“Saki, I can’t protect you and Mano-chan at the same time.  Just go!!!” Maimi pushed Saki away, in which Saki backed away a few steps wondering what she should do at first before finally running away

“Get her!!!!” One of the guys tried to run after Saki but as he passed Maimi, Maimi stuck her foot out, tripping him

Maimi then picked up a nearby garbage can lid and smashed it over his head, knocking him out ‘1 down, 2 to go’

“Grrr! You’ll pay for that!” he threw a punch at Maimi but due to her quick reflexes, she was able to dodge the fists easily.  Using the garbage can lid as a shield, she did her best to block but it seemed like the guy was unfazed when his fist made contact with her shield.  Maimi felt 2 hands from behind her holding her hands down and dropping her shield.  Using whatever she could, she started kicking the guy, keeping him from a distance.  The guy grabbed into a steel pipe lying on the floor and struck Maimi on the side of her leg causing her to scream in agony “you should’ve kept out of our business”

From the corner of her eyes, she could see Erina crouched down traumatized.  Although her leg hurt, seeing Erina as she is now hurt her more so she tried to fight but again the pipe came down hard onto her leg. “I’d stop trying if you don’t want a broken leg” again the guy stuck Maimi’s leg, causing Maimi to scream out in pain.

“Hey you! What are you doing?” everyone turned to see Saki accompanied by an officer

“Oh shit! Run!” dropping the pipe him and his companion dragged the fallen member and fled from the alleyway with the officer in pursuit

Maimi fell to the floor holding onto her leg, crying internally at the pain shooting through her body.  Saki jogged up to her, checking out the damage before helping Maimi stand, holding Maimi by her underarms.  Maimi got up and wrapped her arm around Saki’s shoulder for support as she limped to the distraught Erina.

“Hey are you okay?” Maimi bent down in front of Erina, ignoring the pain in her legs

Breaking out of a trance, Erina lunged forward sobbing on Maimi’s shoulder almost causing Maimi to fall backwards at the force.  Maimi could hear incoherent words through Erina’s sobbing while bruching Erina’s back along with Saki.   When Erina finally calmed down a little, the girls walked her to their house.  They weren’t sure if Erina would like to replay the events to her parents right now hence decided it was best she stayed with them until she is completely okay.

“Maimi are you okay?” Saki whispered to Maimi, holding onto Erina tightly

Maimi was lagging behind limping a bit but she mouthed the words “don’t worry”.  When they reached the Shimizu/Yajima residence they each went different directions, Maimi limped to grab towels and clothes whereas Saki carried Erina to the guestroom

“Erinko, where did they hurt you or where does it hurt? Did they do anything else to you?”

“N-n-n-no, y-you guys came before any real damage.  I-I-I got scared when…when he cornered me and was…was…”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to replay it, as long as nothing serious happened.  Erinko, why don’t you take a a nice bath, it’ll help you calm down”  without responding Erina walked into the bathroom “Maimi is getting you towels and a change of clothes so you just wait there and…”

“ARGH!!” Saki heard a scream down the hall, recognizing it to be Maimi’s she rushed out to see Maimi on the floor holding her leg, the said towels and clothes sprawled around.

“Maimi!!!!” Saki ran up to Maimi’s fallen figure “Maimi how does it hurt?” No response only groans of agony “Move your hands, let me see” Saki took Maimi’s hands away and did a doubletake, there were huge bruises forming and it looked kinda weird

“How is she?” Saki turned to see Erina emerging from the washroom, streaking towards them, teary-eyed “I’m so sorry!!! I’m so sorry!!! If she…”

“Erinko don’t worry about it, I need you to call an ambulance for me, Maimi might have a broken leg” Saki ordered then turned to Maimi “Maimi hang in there, the ambulance is coming .  I’m going to get some ice packs for you, okay?” Maimi gave a slight nod “Erinko, stay with Maimi” Saki instructed as she ran off to find ice packs

Erina kneeled on the floor beside Maimi, tears in her eyes “I’m so sorry Yajima-san, my own problems caused…caused…” Maimi grabbed Erina’s hand

“Mano-chan *grunt* don’t…don’t worry *groan* about it.  I was more *grunt* worried about you, I-I-I didn’t care what *groan* happens to me.  Your safe-safety was more important” Maimi gave Erina’s hand a tight squeeze

After the doctor’s analyzed Maimi’s condition, they put a cast on Maimi’s leg, apparently Maimi had broken a bone in her shin area and would require crutches to move around

End of Flashback
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)*o*( Maimi! Oh noes, I hope she'll be okay! Wait, what am I saying, it's a flashback. :doh: But, really, that's smooth.
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I finally caught up!!! Chapters marathon woohoo. Too much comments that I don't know where to start so I'll just summarise my thoughts:

1) TakaGaki.....HOT!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

2) I really want to know the people behind the code names :P Cool fight :D But I guess Airi now has a headache to figure out the case

3) Captain x Maimi friendship :wub:

4) Maimi x Erino's past :O

I want more updates (especially on TakaGaki and TanaKame if possible heehee)
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@ Her Awesome Holiness:  :rofl: Is she okay???  :rofl: Girl, I wanna know what you were drinking when you were reading.

Hey a person's gotta do what they gotta to get their target no?

@ baddie: You had a marathon??? Where did you start from???

I recall you being one to cheer on the Takagaki combo, as well as others and since the main characters is not just one, why not add moments for each couple? at least main couples that is.  ;)

Did you think I was going to indicate who they were anytime soon???  :smhid You don't know me very well *ebil grin* and yes Airi definitely has a huge headache and if not huge now, it will be.

I couldn't read that small line but I think it says you want more updates but not on Takagaki and Tanakame right? J/K

Chapter 33

While I was healing, I got closer to Erina and finally I mustered enough courage to ask her out and be my girlfriend” Maimi smiled just thinking about the happy times

“Wow!  Yajima-san you look athletic but never knew you to be that brave as well.  But then that means Shimizu-san got you guys together, then why is she upset with your ex now? And how did you guys break up?”

Airi watched as the once glowing smile slowly faded, Maimi’s eyebrows scrunching slightly “I’m not sure how to explain it to you but it was like we were all happy one day and the next, Erina disappeared”

“Disappeared?  What do you mean disappeared?”

“She left…she left without saying anything.  At first I thought something had happened to her so Saki and I went to her place to find the place empty.  We asked the neighbours and they told us that the Mano family moved”

“Why the sudden move?  Maybe they had to move and didn’t want you to be upset”

“That’s what I thought, that there was a reason why she left without saying anything so I called her cell, emailed her but nothing came back.  I guess I was so affected by the disappearance, I want into a depression.  I got sick not too long after, fainting all the time, refusing to eat, refusing to do anything.  That’s why Saki is so upset though because I turned from someone who was confident and strong to something that made her worry every second, every minute, everyday that I would die of it.  It took me enough time to finally let Erina go and become the person I was, so the reappearance of the Mano family sort of ignited Saki’s fury switch”

“Did you get a chance to speak to your ex now?”

Maimi shook her head “I just know that apparently they left for America and now are back to do business”

“Yajima-san…do you still love her?”

“I…” ‘Say it!  Yajima Maimi say you don’t!  Why is it so hard for you to say you don’t?  Isn’t that what you tried to establish?’

“I think more or less you do because although it is a bad ending to your relationship, you still feel something for her.  That could be the reason why you missed things while you were at work, another way of looking at it is that because you never had a proper ending to the relationship so you still linger onto it”

“I don’t know, I mean I haven’t thought about Erina all these years”

“Exactly, you put it in the back of your head but when your ex’s family shows up in your life again, all those that you pushed to the back comes flowing to the front”

Maimi sat there thinking “I guess you’re right, maybe I am looking for that ending”

“I could understand where Shimizu-san is coming from, if Miya had a history like that, I’d be afraid history would repeat itself.  I’d hate to see ane sick and cranky as it is, much less to say a depression”

“I’m not upset at Saki, she’s been there for me through thick and thin, I just hope she drops the past.  What’s happened cannot be undone, I can only move forward now.  I know I don’t hold the same feelings for Erina anymore, maybe you’re right I’m only lingering because it didn’t end properly but my depression was an action I took, regardless if Erina was the cause or not, I chose to not pick myself up right away”

Airi nodded in understanding “Maybe this is a good opportunity for her to stop worrying about you.  You do your project correctly and maybe she’ll see that you aren’t affected anymore maybe that’ll ease your mind”

“I will Suzuki-san, and in your case I doubt you’re paranoid about a pretty face, unless you’re drunk that is” Maimi chuckled earning her a light punch from an embarrassed Airi “but like you’ve said to me, do your job correctly and maybe Natsuyaki-san will drop her suspicion on you”

“Mou did you have to remind me of my drunken incident? It’s embarrassing as it is to show my drunk state to people I just met”

“Hey I think it was a good thing don’t you?  If you didn’t get drunk, you wouldn’t have found a jogging buddy and a new friend, Suzuki-san right?”

“If we’re friends, then please stop the formalities, Airin is what Miya and ane calls me”

“Alright Airin, Maimi at your service whenever you need to jog”

“Talking about jog, let’s go for that jog shall we?” Airi got up and stretched

“Unfortunately I have lots to do and I have cramps today so I couldn’t jog today”

“Huh?! Then why did you say you were okay?”

Maimi guided Airi to the door and down to the parking lot “because I knew something was bothering you and I wanted to help” Maimi shut Airi’s door for her and headed back to her office leaving Airi somewhat dumbfolded ‘She sure is intriguing, but thank you Maimi, let’s work hard together.  Ganbare!!!’ ~BEEP BEEP~ Airi looked at her phone and flipped it open then smiled before driving off

~No, thank you~ Maimi
Date: April 3
Time: 7:23 pm

“Ken-san, nothing has been found about the girls and so far Matsumoto-san is fine as well.  We also don’t have anything on Tokugawa”

“Trash!!!! You guys are all rubbish, how hard is it to find 2 girls and the whereabouts of a man?!” Ken slapped the guy in the face

“Ken-san, the identities given to us were fakes, we’ve asked our resources out in the U.S and apparently everything about the girls history and background was fake.  In terms of Tokugawa, he wasn’t a social guy nor friendly either, he has rivals all over the place, so without anyone that wants him alive it’ll be hard to find out how he got killed”

“Grrrr! Get out!!!!” Ken threw the whiskey cup he was holding ‘I can’t believe my reputation in the underworld is going to crumble because of 2 girls.  They might have fled the country already too…but maybe they haven’t.  They might be the people Nakai-san is looking for, the ones spoiling all our plans.  They must be able to get their information so maybe I should set a trap.  I will regain my reputation and take out our problems in one shot.  Maybe I should have a talk with King-san and set something up.’ Ken picked up his phone and dialled for Ren Matsumoto’s designated man.

“Moshi moshi”

“King-san, it’s me Ken”

“Ah Ken-san, are you still alive?”

From Ken’s side he was sure King was smirking but he just held in his anger “Yes and I realize that this problem may be something that would screw us up if we don’t take them out”

“So you can’t find these mere girls?” grinned King

“Well we are not sure if the backup they had are mere girls, they could be paid to lure us out but I think I have a plan to exterminate these rodents”

“Go on I’m listening”

“It’s simple, we don’t know what their purpose is and what better way to catch a rodent but to trap them”

“How do you propose to trap them?”

“Well as you know Matsumoto-san’s name is out, so why don’t we use that?  In a way it benefits you regardless”

“Oh?! How so?”

“If we catch them, we get credit for thinking up the plan, meaning it is our chance to shine and if we don’t and Matsumoto goes, then who knows I can persuade Nakai-san to make you next head or continue business with you”

There was a long pause on the other end before Ken heard light chuckling “Ken-san I do like the way you think, how can I help you in your plan?”

“I will need a little more time and maybe we can chat about other methods.  I have heard a great deal of your capabilities in Matsumoto’s group, we’ll need to plan this perfectly”

“Well keep in touch Ken-san, I’ll think of what we can use as bait for our rodents” ~CLICK~

‘Success!!!! I’ll find you and your crew where ever you are’ Ken laughed evilly alone as he started to devise his plan
Date: April 3
Time: 10:25 pm

“I’m glad we are coming out tonight Rei” Eri sighed

Reina wrapped her arm around Eri’s shoulder and lightly kissed her on the neck “Why do you say that?”

“The tension at home and work has been unbearable” Reina stopped her antics and just rested her chin on Eri’s shoulders

“I know what you mean, I have never seen them fight like this before so it’s bothering a lot of us at work, more when it comes to us and Ai-chan because we live with them”

“I just wished there was something we could do to make them be friends again” Eri looked at Reina “What do you think we can do Rei?”

“Eri, I think the situation is outside of our hands” Reina took Eri’s hand in her own, giving it a light squeeze

Eri frowned at the answer she had been just given, she took a big gulp of her drink “Why? Why is it outside of our hands?”

Reina took hold of Eri’s hand that held her drink, stopping her from taking any more long gulps “Hun, there is nothing I love more than for us to be both drunk and get it on however, it’s no fun when you are upset and drinking like this, you’ll only get drunk faster.  It is outside of our hands because we don’t know what the relationship between Maimi, Saki and Mano Corp is”

“What do you think happened anyways to cause Saki to be so upset with Maimi and for Maimi to overlook something?”

“I don’t know hun, it’s hard to say but I just can’t believe that their long time friendship ended up like this because of this…this Mano Corp” Reina took a swig of her own drink as she was deep in thought about what could of happened and the connection between Maimi, Saki and Mano Corp

“Saki did mention there was an ex, so do you think Maimi’s ex works at Mano Corp?”

Reina shook her head “I doubt it because as Ai-chan and I was searching up the history of Mano Corp, this Mano Corp existed a long time ago and went bankrupt, and was recreated in America and just moved recently back here”

“So how are you sure that Maimi’s ex doesn’t work for Mano Corp”

“Well Mano Corp right now is considered a new establishment, if Maimi dated this ex that worked in Mano Corp from way back then this person was like a high school student.  What company hires a high school student to work for them???”

Eri nodded in agreement “Hmmm, then what they hell does Mano Corp have to do with anything? Do you think this ex is now married or related to Mano Corp?”

“I don’t know exactly what to think babe, but I do know that we are only depressing ourselves more by discussing about this” Reina waved for the waiter to give them more drinks “So how about we just enjoy the rest of the night just thinking about fun and nothing more?”

“You’re right, who was the idiot that brought the topic up anyways?” Eri grumbled and polished her drink

“Cheers, idiot” Reina gave Eri her drink and raised her glass waiting for Eri.  Eri thought hard and realized it indeed was her that brought up the topic so she pouted, crossing her arms across her chest “Awww my baby is the cutest when she pouts” Reina leaned into and whispered in a husky voice “But she looks the sexiest when she dances” immediately Eri’s face blushed.  Reina seeing that it had the effect she wanted took Eri’s hand “So let’s dance shall we?” winking at her.
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I wasn't drunk, believe me. If I had been, my reply would have looked like I had just banged my head against the keyboard. :lol:

I love the MaimiAiri relationship and the plotty plot plot thickens. Comparing them to rats made me lol. I hope the cheese won't be too tempting.

“You’re right, who was the idiot that brought the topic up anyways?” Eri grumbled and polished her drink

“Cheers, idiot”
:lol: :lol:

A mention, a side bar, a phone convo, come on, I'm desperate! I need my fix!!!

That is all.
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woa lot of chapters  :panic:

keep up the good work  :D



@ ChrNo:
Me thinks you don't like Risako/Aika pairing...why?
because i don't like the two of them.....together >_>

:lol: Indeed it means there is potential Maimi/Airi but will that be what is final??? I'll leave that up in the air  :twisted:

maimi and airi neeeeeeeeeeed to end up together  :D

i feel like a drama with mano maimi and airi is coming, like airi will have to handcuff mano or something and feel weird and can't do it in order not to hurt maimi kukukuku
or something more dramatic like airi will have to shoot at mano hu hu hu
or some bad guys around here will kidnap mano and airi would shoot at the guy miss him and end up hurting mano and maimi would go crazy  :twisted:

I believe girls still like to receive flowers because it just shows that the guy at least has thought of something to make her happy.  Putting a little thought into it you know?
i don't's like a bit too ...classic... or something i would think to buy because i haven't thought of anything else one hour before the date  :lol:
just a personal opinion right...i believe there are still girls who love receiving flowers~
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: Not drunk?? about high on something  :lol:

I haven't really thought that far about what the cheese would be....any suggestions???

You know the way you say how you want a mention.... I was wondering, you never did say you wanted a mention of them together  :twisted:

@ ChrNo: I recall you love to read loads of chapters as opposed to a chapter a day or something along those lines so I guess you got what you wanted. 

I'll try to keep up my work but no promises.

I have been in this evil mood lately so I might not put Maimi and Airi together but nothing is for certain...I haven't even decided an ending yet, should it be a happy one? or a sad one?

Hmmmm.....those are good suggestions as to how to create more trouble than I've already written....hmmmm... :twisted:

Sometimes the classic method works better than any other method right? The fact that people still remember to buy flowers is not really something that is common anymore don't you think?  So to be able to even recall it being a nice gesture is good enough.

Chapter 34

Date: April 4
Time: 12:23 am

It was dark everywhere in the house so Airi could safely assume Miyabi and Risa were already asleep.  After the conversation with Maimi a while ago, Airi had been thinking, ‘If Miya doesn’t believe me, I’ll have to prove myself right or wrong.  I can’t just push my own assumptions on her.  Maybe she is tired of these wild goose chases and she should be, I have been pushing the team into dead ends.’

~KNOCK KNOCK~ “Come in” Risa walked in with a tray “Ane!!! I thought you were asleep!  What are you doing up?”

“I thought you might be hungry so I made you some ramen” Risa placed the tray on Airi’s desk “I heard about your disagreement with Miya” Airi lowered her head at the mention “Did you want to talk about it?”

Airi sat there thinking about it for a minute ‘Is this the right time to talk to you?  Would you think I am obsessed too? Do I want to add to your worry?’ Airi opened her mouth but wasn’t sure how to phrase herself.  Seeing this, Risa lifted Airi’s face to hers and held onto Airi’s hands “Airin, don’t worry, I know you, you’re logical and when you’re ready to talk I’ll always be around”

“Ane, Am I making you worried?”

Risa chuckled at the question then ruffled Airi’s hair “Kiddo! You’re my younger sibling, I’ll worry about you regardless of your age”

“Have you been worried about me more recently, say since my breakup?”

Risa paused then looked at Airi’s eyes, filled with sincerity seeking for the truth “Yes Airin, I have.  Since you first talked about the breakup, I’ve been hearing about your behaviour from Miya.  I see something is troubling you but you seem to just go off and come back haggard or as if you don’t want to talk to anyone.  Maybe its just me, but I feel like you don’t want to communicate with me so I begin to worry about what is going on”

Airi lunged forward hugging Risa with tears in her eyes “I’m sorry ane, *sniff* I-I never thought how much drama I am causing you.  *sniff* I-I-I thought I could deal with it so I-I-I didn’t need to tell you and because…*sniff* because you have your own life, you shouldn’t have to have me as a burden in your life forever.  I-I never thought you’d feel this way” Airi sobbed in Risa’s shoulder

Risa rubbed Airi’s back, soothing her “Airin, don’t worry I just want to make sure you are okay that’s all”

Airi pulled away “Ane, I’ve been fine, maybe I have been working the team too hard because I want to finish the case but none of that has to do with the breakup.  I’m 100% sure, it has nothing to do with my breakup with Rii-chan.  I wasn’t sure whether it was before but now I am sure my behaviour has nothing to do with Rii-chan.  It’s not like I don’t talk about it or bottle things up, it just happens I have been using other methods of talking about it” Airi rambled on

“Like jogging?” Airi eyes widened “you’ve been jogging more than you use to.  Does you’re healing have to do with a certain jogging buddy?”

“Jogging helps me think and it just happens that Maimi knows how to get me to open up and I feel like I can confide in her.  She’s a good friend that has done nothing really but listen to my ranting”

“Maimi? You guys are on first names now? Wow you sure move on fast” Risa teased nudging Airi on the arm

Airi wiped her tears and whacked Risa on the arm lightly “Ane, don’t say that!!! How could you possibly tease me when I haven’t done so much as it is with you and Takahashi-san?  Don’t think Miya an d I didn’t notice the late night calls and the coyness in you reveal itself.  Besides we are just friends, its okay to joke with me but don’t with her”

“Ohhh~~~ Already protecting her huh?! You guys act more like a couple than Ai-chan and myself”

“First, she’s a strong person that doesn’t need protecting and second, I just found out she’s in a tough bind herself so don’t joke around with her about it.  I don’t want her to lose trust in me, by knowing I’ve told you something that she doesn’t like to express to the world” glared Airi

Risa backed off with her hands in the air “Okay okay it’s just a joke.  Alright go eat your ramen and go to bed.  I’ll wash the dishes tomorrow.  Don’t be dreaming of your Maimi” Risa closed the door behind her before a pillow could make contact ‘Just wait Airin, in a couple of months, you’ll see’ Risa grinned before heading to her own room
Date: April 4
Time: 7:00 am

Ai woke up and turned to see the timer read 7:00 ‘Time to get up *yawn* I wonder if Risa has talked to Suzuki-san.  She’s been worrying about her to the point that even I’m worried.  I’ll have to call her at lunch’ Ai stretched and walked out of her room towards the bathroom ‘*sniff* *sniff* Today there’s no smell of breakfast yet, is Maimi-chan still not coming home?’ Ai decided to check on Maimi just in case the younger girl was sick or something however not to her surprise, Maimi’s bed was untouched ‘She didn’t come home again????’

“She’s not home again?” Ai turned to see Saki coming out of her own room

“I don’t think she came home by the looks of it...Er...”

“What’s up Ai-chan?”

“Saki-chan, I know you don’t like the client and you have found suspicious reasons for Maimi to not go through with the presentation and all but I think you’ve actually hurt Maimi’s pride”

Saki sighed “I know Ai-chan, I didn’t intend to be harsh and I don’t know why I sounded that way but I was worried, worried that Maimi would get hurt again lingering on something that’s no longer there”

“You didn’t have to involve Reina and Eri in it though.  Can you imagine what you would feel like to be told that they’re wrong and get reprimanded for their behaviour in front of their subordinates?  Regardless if we are friends outside, you didn’t have to point out that Eri or Reina found something that she couldn’t”

Saki looked down onto the floor in guilt “I’m sorry, Ai-chan”

“You shouldn’t be saying sorry to me, I think she’s been working hard to do her duty and…”


“…well in a way, is it possible she feels like she’s let us down or that she’s ashamed so she’s been avoiding us? I’ve never seen her so down like this before”

“What happened back then anyways to make you flare at her? *Yawn*” Saki and Ai turned to see Reina and a half-awoken Eris stumbling out of their room.

“She didn’t tell you?” Saki asked.  Everyone shook their heads “Figures, I don’t think she’s told anyone and I know only because I was there but okay this starts from when we were in school…”

After the history of Maimi and Erina, Reina and Eri were left speechless “You mean Maimi had a vulnerable and weak side?”

Ai smacked Reina at the back of her head “I can understand why you’re concerned Saki, although we came into the picture after, it must have been tough on you”

“Did you have to smack me this early in the morning? I think I’m losing brain cells from all this abuse” Reina complained, rubbing her head then turning to Eri for comfort

“It was tough, I’m an only child and so is Maimi so growing up together, we are like siblings to each other.  I was so scared when she was hooked up to machines to survive, too weak to even chew” silent tears started falling down Saki’s cheek

Ai, Reina and Eri walked over to hug her, never have they seen Saki cry like this, it was rare, along with Maimi, to see her cry.  “Saki, I know its hard thinking and imagining the past but don’t you think Maimi has it hard too to be reminded of her own past? A past that she might not want to remember?”

Saki remained silent ‘It’s true, I was so concerned about my feelings and my point of views that I totally neglected how it felt for Maimi to be hearing this from me.  I’m so stupid for not thinking about her feelings, I just assumed everything’

The trio pulled away, Ai wiped the tears away from Saki’s face “What are you going to do now? Are you going to apologize to Maimi?” Reina asked

Saki smirked “Reina, I would’ve thought that after working under Maimi for so long, you’d know that Maimi doesn’t care for spoken apologies” then Saki walked off  hollering “I’m making breakfast”

Reina nudged Ai “What does she mean by that?”

Ai shrugged her shoulders “I think its something that’s between Maimi and her.  Shouldn’t you know?”

“To be honest, Maimi yells and then tells me to make change or what not then leaves before I can say sorry”

“What about you Ai-chan” the now fully awaken Eri asked

“I’m the secretary, with my years of training, it’s all straight forward clerical work.  My chances of getting anything wrong is slim” Ai arrogantly replied

“Yeah, yeah it’s only because Maimi likes you better than us” grumbled Eri with Reina nodding in agreement
Date: April 4
Time: 8:30 am

The 4 arrived at the office to find Maimi on the phone having a discussion.  From afar the 4 could hear the discussion escalating to an argument.  Saki clutching to the coffee she bought on her way to work walked to Maimi’s office, closing the door behind her

“Do you understand the risk we may be facing here?”

Saki placed the coffee in front of Maimi, in which Maimi acknowledged and took a sip, then sat in one of Maimi’s chairs listening in.

Unexpectedly Maimi put the call on speaker and Maimis’ father’s voice filled the room “That was in the past, this joint venture could help us create a bigger market share in our US offices, you have no proof ofanything then and now.  Those were just rumours”

“Can you guarantee that its not the same while they were in the US? Or that this joint venture could be for other uses in their eyes? The same it is for you, can you guarantee that those were just rumours as you call it? Or better yet, do you have proof that there is no link between them?” hollered Maimi in frustration

“You have no proof of it, I don’t suggest we decline the project”

“Why take that risk though? You haven’t done a search nor are you giving me time to do a search but regardless of the outcome, I still think it’s best if we decline”

“I don’t want to lose a client because of your research time! Nor do I want to offend one either” demanded Maimi’s father

Frustrated Maimi threw her hands in the air and plopped into her chair “Uncle, our staff is helping Maimi in this so it wouldn’t be long before we get results” Saki wasn’t sure which client it was but she wanted to at least ease the tension between the father and daughter

“I want to decline the Mano project as a whole” replied Maimi which startled Saki “Just because there are no similar activities in the US or proofs of such activities, I still don’t think it is worth the risk to have a joint venture with a company that has such a history.  Their association was rumoured to start here so who knows if old friends will be causing trouble or paying weekly visits.  The loss in reputation is not something that a simple compensation can settle.  Dad, you will be entrusting the company to me so I think I should have the final decision”

“Not until I hand it over to you!!! Saki-chan what do you think? If Maimi has a final say, you do too”

“Uncle Yajima, with all due respect, I need to see what Maimi has got to be sure but working with Maimi all these years, I believe she wouldn’t fully decline out of a project without reasonable cause”

Saki and Maimi could hear a sigh on Maimis’ father’s side “I will give you time to talk about it, while I talk to your father about this Saki-chan, however you better be prepared to be presenting to the Board” ~CLICK~

Maimi turned off the speaker phone and plopped back in her chair “Thanks for the coffee, I needed it”

Saki grinned “No problem, how long were you on the phone with Uncle Yajima? Aren’t they in UK right now?”

Maimi grunted “I think I get my bad working habits from him.  He is suppose to be on vacation with mom yet here he is calling me not long after I sent him an email suggesting a decline”

“Maimi, why do you want to decline? Is it…is it because…”

“I thought about our risks and I think that its blurry so I don’t want to take that risk.  I doubt I can find any proofs of what happened years ago so it’s just not profitable”

“So what have you found?”

“I’ll send you an electronic copy, there’s a long history and lots of supporting documents, but nothing of use and I’ll have to send it to you  later.  I’ve got to go now”

Saki looked at her watch “Eh~!  Where are you off to so early in the morning?”

Maimi paused unsure if she should answer “I’ve got a breakfast meeting with…Erina” At the mention of the name, Saki’s face turned sour, but didn’t say anything.  Maimi noticed the change in facial expression on Saki’s face “I’m going to sort things out for myself” before leaving
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Can I have Risa as my mom? She would make a good one. Except for e nagging bit XD

Awww u r such s tease. The TakaGaki was really juz a mention *pouts*

This Mano x Maimi thing is getting me very interested. For some reason I keep thinking of Erina as a spy like in her drama :D

I'm pretty sure Maimi doesn't like her in that way anymore since she hasn't thought of her that much all this time. She could still be concerned as a friend though and this could throw up some misundertandings in the future if she will stick around until Airi starts to develop feelings for Maimi. Uh, am I thinking too much too fast? ^^;
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Gasp! Maimi is meeting Erina? :O Wonder what will happen...But guess we all know now why Maimi & Saki are acting that way when Mano came into the picture :(

I wonder what you have up your evil sleeve :panic:
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@ mame-chan: No you may not have Risa as your mom!!!!!! If anything she can be your little bean  XD And if she was you'll have all of it including the nagging bit  :lol:

You say that like it's the first time you've met me  XD

Well we don't really know what Maimi is thinking but we do know that Erina plays a big part in Maimi's life and considering she plays a big part, there's no doubt that Maimi can't just let her go so easily.  As to whether there will be misunderstandings....

@ baddie: Why do you suppose I have an evil sleeve??? (yeah I know lame  :nervous) But at least I am giving answers, slowly but at least it's there  ;)

Chapter 35

Date: April 4
Time: 6:37 am

In the dawn of the morning before anyone woke up, Airi had already left her house to do her own investigating, if she wanted answers, same answers that she was so stuck on finding.

The first step she made was to the hotel, she wanted to see the tapes of the day Ken was attacked, she wanted to know how many people were there and whether that mystery girl she saw was there.  She was sitting there fast forwarding the tape of the day, anticipating as the tape got closer and closer to the time of the crime.  She paused the tape when Ken had arrived ‘Ahhh~ so there were 2 girls, damn it I can’t see their faces.  That makes a total of 5 people but the forensics report indicates 4 people’s blood, what happened to that fifth person?’ Random thoughts started forming, wondering where the two girls could have gone as she waited till the shoot out started.  Airi watched as Ken’s men barged into the room, flashes of gunfire can be seen, and then 5-10 minutes later, the 2 girls emerged, heads lowered a bit.  One was holding onto the other who seems to be unable to walk on her own.  Unfortunately because the hotel surveillance is in black and white and is not as up-to-date with technology, Airi had to take the tape with her to zoom in on the faces.

‘So there were 2 more people than what Ken and his men have indicated, which means we have 2 mystery woman, but at least now I know that my suspicion is not far off.  Yossu!!! I’m making progress’
Date: April 4
Time: 8:40 am

Maimi reached a café nearby, located just in between the distance from the police station and their company, and searched the premises for Erina

“Hi Welcome to Morning Café, how can I help you?”

Seeing that Erina had not arrived, Maimi decided to get seats first “Table for 2 please and I would like to be near the window”

“Certainly, please follow me” the waitress grabbed a couple of menus before leading Maimi to her seat “I’m going to be your waitress for today, my name is Michishige Sayumi” the waitress bowed “Should we wait for your guest before ordering?”

“Yes thank you Michishige-san” Again Sayumi bowed before returning to other customers

Maimi looked through the menu slowly while she waited, she had felt a presence at the edge of her table thinking it was Sayumi “My guest has not arrived yet Michishige-san do you mind coming back later?”

“Are you sure you want me to come back later?” Maimi looked up when she recognized the familiar voice, there before he stood Mano Erina, dressed up in white ‘Still as angelic as before’

“Er no, Mano-san, please have a seat”

“Now Maimi-chan why all the formalities?” asked Erina, taking a seat across from Maimi

“Sorry, it’s been so long and I have been talking to your father so…” Maimi scratched the back of her neck in slight embarrassment

Erina giggled “Still so easy to tease I see” seeing Erina giggle, eased the tension between them “so how have you been?”

“I’ve been good, learning to step in my father’s shoes like Saki is”

“How is Saki-chan?”

“She’s great, working with her makes life and work easier, its like we cover each other’s flaws”

“She’s still as dependable as I remember her to be” 

There was a slight silence so Maimi called Sayumi over “Hi! Are you ready to order?”

“Yes Michishige-san, I’ll have a French vanilla cappuccino, pancakes, eggs and bacon, you?” Maimi gave her menu to Sayumi while looking at Erina

“Hmmm….there’s so much to choose from, what should I do?” ‘She still has that childish face but she’s grown to be beautiful’ “I’ll just have what she has”

“Still indecisive I see” Maimi laughed causing Erina to pout but when the laughter died down they were back at the awkward silence.
Date: April 4
Time: 8:37 am

Airi left with the tape in her bag, checking the time she realized she had a bit of time before she had to go back to the station.  Walking to the nearest café, she notices Maimi sitting inside with someone she didn’t recognize to be anymore she’s met.  Airi notices that each person was doing there own thing ‘Man talk about awkward situations, Maimi seems to be troubled and neither seem like they know what to say next.  I wonder if that’s Maimi’s girlfriend??? Maybe I can help her’ A bright idea popped in Airi’s head as she calls Maimi

~ yakusoku wa toku ni shinai wa watashi wa zutto matterareru shi~ “Um excuse me, moshi moshi?”

“Maimi!!! Who’s your friend?” Maimi looked up and out the window searching for the familiar voice until she spotted Airi from a distance, immediately Maimi beamed “Seems like you’re in a fix, even from here”

“Hey! What are you doing here so early? Hold on will you?” Maimi directed her attention to Erina who was looking at Airi “I see a friend and want to say hi, will you excuse me?” Erina smiled a little and nodded “Be back in a flash”

Seeing Maimi get up from her seat and heading to the door, Airi walked closer “Never thought Maimi had a nervous side to her”

Maimi hugged Airi, catching Airi offguard “you’re a lifesaver you know? I didn’t know what to say or what to do and the tension was killing me”

“Who is it that can cause the great Yajima Maimi to be like this?” Airi asked pulling away with a cocked eyebrow

“She’s my ex”

“What?! Oh shit!! Sorry Maimi, maybe I should go!” Airi was about to turn around and walk away but Maimi pulled her back

“Haha no thank you honestly, I think I know how to talk to her now.  Your appearance helped me ease the uneasiness within me”

“Are you sure?  I’m sorry Maimi, really I was just wondering why you were so awkward-looking and I thought it was maybe you were hitting on someone but never did I think it would be your ex”

Maimi raised an eyebrow at Airi “Wait, you thought I look like a nervous wreck when I’m hitting on someone?  Girl, we have got to talk later” Maimi grinned at Airi and shook her finger at her “but I have to go back inside so I’ll call you or you call me later?”

Airi nodded and watched as Maimi joined Erina at the table, before turning towards the police station ‘Her ex sure is pretty, they look good together.  Hope everything is okay’

Maimi’s side

“Sorry bout that” Maimi sat down “oh the food came”

“Yeah, is she…is she a close friend of yours?” Erina asked picking up some eggs into her mouth

“Well kinda, we met not too long ago but it feels like I’ve known her for longer than that probably because she and I are similar.  She’s nice maybe I could introduce you to her someday, you’ll see for yourself, she has a fantastic personality and is very cool to talk to, very curious though” Maimi smiled at her friendship with Airi

“Maybe someday…” Erina answered “so…are you with anyone now?”

Maimi looked up from her food, about to eat some of the pancakes, but put it back down at the question “No Erina, no I am not…I haven’t really since…since you disappeared” Maimi put her utensils down fully “actually I asked to see you today because I need to know”

Erina’s eyes began to get teary-eyed “I’m sorry Maimi”

“Why did you just disappear like that?  You couldn’t even text, call or email me?”

“I’m so so sorry Maimi” was all Erina repeated over and over

“Why damn it!! Why?” Maimi banged her fist on the table, causing the staff and the few customers to look in their direction “I deserve to know at least the reason”

“I can’t explain it Maimi and I’m sorry that I disappeared but I really can’t explain it”

“Did you even love me?” Maimi knew she shouldn’t question it but without answers she didn’t know anymore whether what she thought was true ‘Was it all just a game?  Was I even worth anything to you to begin with? No! I pray that you at least tell me that you do, please tell me that you do’ Erina slowly got up, bowed and walked out the café tears streaming down her face and all Maimi did was close her eyes. ‘If that’s you way of answering, I understand now.  Thank you Erina for teaching me how to open my heart to let someone else in, to be a more open person’ a lone tear dropped but Maimi quickly blinked back the others that were threatening to fall and finished the rest of her breakfast before heading back to the office
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@ baddie: Why do you suppose I have an evil sleeve??? (yeah I know lame  :nervous) But at least I am giving answers, slowly but at least it's there  ;)
Do I really have to answer that, you ebil tease of a writer lol. I'm patiently reading and waiting for the answers ;)

“I’m going to be your waitress for today, my name is Michishige Sayumi” the waitress bowed
Hell yeah! That's one hot waitress, I bet (now I'm being lame lol). If only there is such cafe...

Maimi hugged Airi, catching Airi offguard
‘If that’s you way of answering, I understand now.  Thank you Erina for teaching me how to open my heart to let someone else in, to be a more open person’
Hmmmm........ XD
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Sayu cameo! Hmm, methinks Erina's hiding something. That settles it, don't go into business with her! Airi showing up was cute, especially Maimi's reaction to her.
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@ baddie: A tease of a writer is better than a tease in a relationship  :lol: And yes....I do have an ebil sleeve  XD

What's with the "Hmmmm...."?????  :?

@ Her Awesome Holiness: I couldn't think of anyone else to be a waitress  :lol: She just fits the part don't you think??

So because Erina is hiding something, it is related to business??? Interesting.....

 :lol: I need to create more chances between the two, their characters in the story are too strong

Chapter 36

Date: April 4
Time: 9:15 am

Airi walked in to see Miyabi briefing with the team, “Okay so here is what we have and the only trail we’ve got is Ken’s henchmen, hmmmm any ideas on where to take this?”

“Detective Suzuki!!!” Nakky hollered turning everyone’s attention to Airi

“Morning guys, continue your briefing and do as you’re told”

“Wait, does that mean you’re not doing this case anymore?” questioned Yurina, exchanging glances with the other members

“You’re in good hands, detective Natsuyaki is capable of leading, just report what you must to me.  I am still on the case, but I have some paperwork to do” Airi walked off to her office

“Detective Natsuyaki? Since when did detective Suzuki call her that?” Chinami whispered in Yurina’s ear, Yurina was about to respond but Miyabi cut her off

“Guys! Focus! How do we go about this? What leads do we have left?”

Maasa raised her hand “Er…the mystery woman?”

“Okay, what do we know about her?” No one responded “Someone must have seem her around, ask around, did she leave in a car? Or a taxi? Bus? Is she from the area, someone that night must have seen her.  Let’s go ask around” Miyabi got up from the seat and walked out the door

“Do you think she had an argument with detective Suzuki?”

“I think so, because at the mention, detective Natsuyaki was upset” grumbled Maasa

“Let’s just go, if detective Suzuki’s orders are to follow Natsuyaki-san’s orders then that’s what we’ll do.  Let them deal with their issues, I think the last thing they need is the team to be doing sloppy jobs and/or up in their faces about it” encouraged Chisato grabbing her jacket and keys

When the rest of the team finally left, Airi took the surveillance tape and went to the tech group, she needed to see if she could get a clearer picture of the girls.

Date: April 4
Time: 11:00 am

After a brief overview of the controls, Airi was alone fidgeting with the overwhelming amount of dials, knobs and buttons. ‘Damn it!! I wish Kumai-san was here, all of this would have been done a long time ago, but I can’t because I can’t let them in on what I am doing.  Why didn’t they teach this in Police Academy? I hope I don’t accidentally fry this machine’

Date: April 4
Time: 2:28 pm

Slowly Airi was locating her position on the tape again, zooming in on the 2 females walking out of Ken’s room where it was paused.  It took Airi some time but she managed to get a clear enough shot of the 2 females in which she printed the pictures out.  By the time she had finished and had headed back to her office, members of the team had already returned from their scouting.  She quickly stuffed the file and tape in her bag, scurrying past the attendees and into her office.  She hadn’t even had the chance to sit in her chair when she heard a knock on her door ~KNOCK KNOCK~ “Come in”

In walked Miyabi, and by looking at her facial expression, she was not pleased “What are you doing?”

“I don’t know what you are referring to”

Miyabi crossed her arms across her chest “Airin, don’t insult my intelligence as an officer and as your cousin.  Where were you and what were you doing?”

“Don’t you have acase to follow?” Airi changed the subject because she know the storm that was to come if they dwelled on the matter.  One of the things that she didn’t like was when Miyabi starts flaring because when she does then Airi would flare right back, not holding anything back.

“Don’t you change the subject Suzuki Airi” Miyabi raised her voice “I know what you’re doing and I advise you to stop, this is crazy! It’s not healthy how you’re getting obsessed over some pretty face because of your break up”

Airi closed her eyes throughout Miyabi’s speech, calming herself donw but at the last few words Airi blew her stack “DON’T YOU DARE BLAME THIS ON MY BREAKUP!!!!!” The crew from the outside looked in but Airi didn’t care to close the door, she was boiling, raging even “Detective Natsuyaki is this how you talk to your superior? I advise you watch what you say before I write your next performance letter.  Where are the results of your investigation of today???? I don’t see them on my desk so I suggest you get out and do them now, YOU ARE DISMISSED!!!”

Miyabi stood there with a solemn face but those outside the door, looking at the commotion within could make a tiny vein pulsating and ready to explode near Miyabi’s temple “YES MA’AM” Miyabi saluted and walked out of Airi’s office and out of the department

Airi plopped into her chair taking deep breaths, eye closed to calm herself.  Looking outside her door, the rest of the members were quietly huddled together ‘Probably discussing about what just happened, god damn it!!!! Why??? Why do you test my patience? Freak!’ “Don’t you guys have a case to follow? Get going!!!!” boomed Airi, breaking up the gossip group.  When it was finally quiet in the department, Airi slowly and hesitantly picked up the receiver and dialled a number

“Moshi moshi”

“Gaki-san, it’s me”

“Airin? I mean sorry detective…are you okay? You sound tired”

“Ane…I…I had a TNT”

“With Miya? Oh lord, you guys haven’t had one in quite a while now, I thought those tempers would have been gone for good…”

“Ane! Can you…can you please find Miya?” Airi cut Risa off, she just couldn’t deal with a lecture at this moment

“…Sure.  The usual?”

“Yeah,  pretend you don’t know, take her out to the arcades or whatever and let her rant, I’ll pay you back for it.  I’m not coming home tonight”

“I understand, but this time can you not fall asleep on the roof? I don’t understand what it is with you and Miya, I mean why roofs?”

“I don’t know, but it calms me down, don’t worry I’m not a child anymore I can take care of myself”

Risa let out a sigh “….Alright, I’ll text you later” ~CLICK~

Airi covered her face with her hands and took deep breaths, it was a usual habit she had when she has a fallout with Miyabi. ‘I know I shouldn’t have said those things Miya and I’m sorry for using my superior position against you like that.  I wish you could be more understanding though, why can’t you be like ane? But then again if you were like ane I guess we wouldn’t of had the same amount of fun and enjoyment that are now our memories.  What have I done?’

Date: April 4
Time: 5:04 pm

When she got back to the office earlier, she could feel Reina and Ai’s eyes on her so she chose to pretend that nothing was wrong and continued to search for the documents she needed.  She knew that Saki would not ask her anything because that’s just how their relationship is so she could focus and not have to worry about being questioned

By knock-off time, Maimi walked out of her office to make sure Saki had not left any ‘instructions’ for Ai and Reina.  As expected, she saw Ai and Reina at their desks working away “Takahashi-san, Tanaka-san what are you guys doing here?”

“Er…researching on Mano Corp” Ai answered after her mini eye conversation with Reina

“Well you don’t have to anymore, I’ve got my final decision so you guys can go home”

Ai was about to speak up but Reina cut in “Yes Yajima-san, on a side note, would you be coming home for dinner tonight?”

“No Tanaka-san I will not and you guys don’t have to wait up for me” Maimi turned around and walked back in her office.  Maimi continued thinking of how she was going to present to her father, Saki’s father and other uncles of the company
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 :O Airi, bad Airi! Don't fight with your cousin!

“Ane…I…I had a TNT”
:lol: That's cute. I love how Risa just knows how to deal with it. Lols at the roof bit.

I’m not coming home tonight”

“Er…researching on Mano Corp”
On Saki's orders?

I’ve got my final decision so you guys can go home”
Eh? What is it?!

would you be coming home for dinner tonight?”

“No Tanaka-san I will not
Hmmm...? Will Airi and Maimi run into each other?

So because Erina is hiding something, it is related to business???
Not necessarily, it's just that she doesn't seem trustworthy in real life, so why should she be anymore honest in business? That's not what you want in a business associate, always wondering if they're going to stab you in the back.
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Well technically, I have not met you ^^;

Oooh where is this Morning Cafe? Can I have the directions to the place and also the schedule of the very kawaii waitress named Michishige? :P

I'm surprised Maimi didn't do a double take when she saw Sayu since they look so similar :D The conversation between Airi and Maimi was funny. It's so classic of a pair who will end up together. Am I running ahead of myself in this theory?

Yikes! The quarrel between Miya and Airi was intense. Hope they make up soon.

*whispers* Don't forget about the TakaGaki :P
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How many chapters did I just read in one sitting.?. No idea lol

Just like what they're saying TakaGaki please  :D
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The dispute between the cousins was necessary, in my opinion :) You can't work together without any differences in opinion, no matter how close you are, though I did think Miyabi was pushing it a little. But Airi was sweet enough to ask Risa to be the "coolant" in the eruption XD

But I do hope the blast doesn't last too long since Risa need some loving time with Ai as well :lol:
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: Ahhh Airi's fight with Miya is definitely necessary, how could you have a fight between Maimi and Saki break out but not one between Airi and Miya???? That's so not fair  :lol:

Will Airi and Maimi run into each other???.......Hmmmmmm.........

Erina is hiding something that is a fact, however, her personal life does not necessarily link to her professional life.  Erina is learning like Maimi and Saki to step in their father's shoes, so technically, Erina's father is who the company is dealing with.

@ Mame-chan: Okay, you haven't met me personally but through my speech with you it is not the first time you've spoken to me    :P

Oh I know that cafe, this is what you do, you take a plane and go to the Bahamas, then you take a taxi from the airport and get off at.......  :lol:

You think Sayu and Maimi look similar??? I never thought of that, I should start watching them closely now

We don't know what the final pair with these two are.... :twisted:

Sorry I think I am reading that wrong, are you telling me to forget Takagaki, I don't see  a problem there

@ K: How was the long marathon of a read???

@ baddie:  :heart: Glad to see someone agrees with me!!!!  :cow:

I had to have Miya pushing it because one someone you're close with is concerned and you're worried, you'll say anything and I mean anything even if the logic isn't there anymore.

Airi's words weren't the kindest either and really who else to be the one to work things out??

Chapter 37

Date: April 4
Time: 5:17 pm

At exactly 5, Miyabi rushed out of the department and ran to her sanctuary, the roof so she could scream her lungs out “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE????? SO WHAT IF YOU ARE BETTER THAN ME???? I DON’T CARE FOR THAT CRAP, I WAS ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!’

~seishun basu gaido kimi wa mabushii kinen ni shashin totte ii kai~ “Moshi moshi”

“Miya!” hollered the voice

“Risa-oneesan” Miyabi returned the greeting in a semi-grunt

“Where are you?”

“I just got off work, how about you?”

“I am off work now too…you don’t sound too good, what’s up?”

“I am feeling frusterated right now Risa-oneesan”

“Ohh?? About what?”

“I…I…I just had a disagreement with Airin and it…it…it hurts oneesan” Miyabi’s voice started to tremble

“Where are you right now??? Do you want to go to the usual??? We’ll go to the arcades first and then we’ll talk”

“T-that sounds like a g-good idea” Miyabi blinked back her tears “Where shall I meet you??”

“The usual?”

“I’ll be there in 10” ~CLICK~ “AAAAAHHHHHHHH~” Miyabi screamed once more before heading down to the parking lot
‘Damn it!! I forgot I had a date with Saki-chan’ Miyabi frantically picked up her phone to dial Saki’s number

“Moshi moshi”


“Hey Miya, are we set for tonight?”

“Saki-chan, that’s what I called about, can I postpone it?”

“Oh okay…is something the matter? You don’t sound too good”

“Well to put things short, I had an argument with Airin and I am not feeling the chirpiest and instead of venting on you, I wanted to get it out of my system.  I’ll call you later tonight okay?”

“Sure, I understand, but please understand that I can lend you my ears when you need them alright?”~CLICK~ Hearing Saki say that, Miyabi felt warm inside, safe and secure.

A couple of hours at the arcade can do miraculous things in Miyabi’s perspective, it allowed her to vent everything she was feeling when she was playing any game that required physical strength or driving at unbelievable speeds on racing games.

“Well little one, are you ready to tell me what happened??” Risa gave Miyabi a bottle of water to cool her down from her exercising

“Risa-oneesan, do you think Airin has gotten over her break up?”

Risa sat there for a minute and thought about the question, “Miya to be honest I don’t know what to think of it.  I trust Airin to be able to deal with her emotions in her own little way but I am concerned over her and I have voiced it to Airin already”

Miyabi looked at Risa in shock “You have?” Risa nodded “What did she say?”

“She cried Miya, she cried telling me that she didn’t want to worry me so she chose not to vent her emotions on me, instead she chose to jog, to clear her mind”

Miyabi sat there for a moment, she wanted to ask Risa something but was afraid that she shouldn’t.  After a few minutes of debating, she gave in to asking “Do you believe she is dealing with it properly?”

“Miya, can I ask why you are asking this?  What worries me most about you is when you don’t get straight to the point, its so unlike you”

“Well this is what I see…” Miyabi spent the rest of her time explaining to Risa the fact that Airin had linked 2 cases together based on 2 different mystery women.
Date: April 4
Time:  8:00 pm

Ken walked alone into an abandoned building where nothing could be heard but the echoes from every step he took.  With a determined look on his face, he walked up the stairs to the top of the establishment.  Pushing the heavy metal door, he was met face to face with King, who was waiting patiently, smoking a cigarette.  “Glad you can make time for me today” Ken walked over to King

“Why wouldn’t I? This is a proposition with benefits” King walked up to a plastic bag sitting on the ledge and pulled out 2 cans of beer “So what’s the plan?”

“I am more or less sure they will be paying Matsumoto-san a visit, so I was thinking of leaking out real information about Matsumoto’s whereabouts.  Obviously Matsumoto does not need to know.  We will need to set up people to “protect him” so to speak but basically we need to know what these people are looking for and then capture them.  We don’t have to appear until we are needed or better yet, we could just let them have him, that way a certain individual may rise up in the success ladder”

King nodded in understanding “What do you need form my end?” King asked chugging on his beer

“First we need to create an attack opportunity for our rodents, and in order to do that we need them to take some sort of bait.  I’ll need information on Matsumoto’s habits, where he likes to go etc”

“Okay, this is what Ren Matsumoto likes….”

Date: April 4
Time: 8:12 pm

“Gen how are your wounds? Are you coming back to get your bandages changed?” Swift asked over the phone

“They haven’t busted open so that’s a good sign, physically I am fine, the wounds are closing up nicely and no I don’t need to change bandages anymore so you guys don’t have to worry about changing them”

“What are you doing anyways?”

“I’m looking up information on our next target”

“Why isn’t Whiz helping you, I mean no offense but Whiz excels in that area”

“It’s good to do it on my own once in a while so that way my skills don’t deteriorate.  Also I think she might be checking up on our own mystery character”

“Good point, no wonder you’re an all-around…ohhh yeah I almost forgot about that, I ‘ll see if she needs help later.”

“Maybe you and the rest should start doing other things than areas of your forte”

“Er….later, yeah later sounds good” the duo shared a light laugh “Well I won’t bother you, the group is probably going to go out in different directions but if you need help holler kay?”

“Loud and clear” ~CLICK~

‘Matsumoto-san, Ren Matsumoto…ahhhh here is his picture and some details.  Now to get cracking on his whole organization…where should I begin? I guess from his background, then key players and finally his business dealings…yeah that sounds about right’ Gen absent-mindedly touched her side wound, it has become a habit since her incident, to touch the wound and feel if the wound has opened ‘Got to be careful this time, I don’t know how many bullets I can take to protect them’ Pain seered through her side, causing her to clutch onto her side with one hand and frantically looking for her pain killers with the other shaking one.  She popped 2 into her mouth and waited for the pain killers to kick in.  When they finally did, Gen released her clutched hands, took out a handkerchief from her back pocket and wiped the sweat from her forehead.  She had purposely left out this detail so that her crew would not worry ‘the plan must go on’ was what kept her going and not back down in defeat.  Once the pain subsided, Gen continued her task of searching up all information on the Matsumoto clan from background to key figures to organization procedures to schedules, Gen was determined not to make the same mistake twice

Date: April 4
Time: 9:09 pm

Airi was walking aimlessly around thinking about her argument with Miyabi that occurred earlier

‘…I know what you’re doing and I advise you to stop, this is crazy!!! It’s not healthy how you’re getting obsessed over some pretty face because of your breakup’


‘I advise you watch what you say before I write you’re next performance review’


The scene replayed itsef in her mind over and over, each time it did, Airi’s heart would cringe a little more.  She didn’t know how she was going to look Miyabi in the face nor did she know how she was going to resolve the situation in front of her.  Without thinking, Airi had arrived near Maimi’s building, looking around her, she even surprised herself as to how her feet managed to walk on its own

~ Bye bye bye! Akaruku ikiro~ “Moshi moshi Detective Suzuki”

“Good evening detective”

Recognizing it to be Maimi’s voice, Airi smiled “Good evening, Yajima-san, not working?”

“Oh I was, I was going to jog first but then I found a lost puppy”

“What are you going to do with this lost puppy?” Airi inquired curious as to what the puppy looked like and how small it was.

“Mmmmmmm…..I don’t know maybe see if it wants to jog with me” Airi heard the voice from behind her, she turned to see Maimi snapping shut her phone

“Hey…where’s the puppy?” Airi snapped shut her own phone and looked around Maimi for the said puppy

“Wanna go for a jog?” was all Maimi asked before jogging away

Airi stood there looking at Maimi’s back getting further and further away until the thought popped in her head as she ran after Maimi hollering “OI!!!!! I’m not a puppy!!!! Nor am I lost!!!!!”

Date: April 4
Time: 9:34 pm

 Saki was at home watching a movie with Ai when her cell and coincidentally Ai’s cell rang

~Hitoribocchi nanka ja nai taisetsu na hito ga takusan iru yo hora ne sono subete no ai ni Sankyuu~ / ~Sou ne Hane ga aru no ni Tsukawanai no wa Kanashii mon ne Take off is now~

 “Moshi moshi”


Recognizing it to be Miyabi’s voice, Saki tiptoed back into her room, grabbed her plushie and lied on her bed, phone in hand “How are you feeling now?”

“*Huff* Better now.  Risa-oneesan took me to the arcades and vented most of my pent up anger.  The rest I released on my own in my room”

“Oh is Niigaki-san still with you now???”

“We are at home now, Niigaki-san is probably in her room talking to Takahashi-san about our wonderful evening” Miyabi’s sarcastic tone was not to be missed “I am in my own room, lying on my bed”

“So…do you feel up to telling me what got you so upset??”

“Well Airin and I had an argument in the department today and I guess I provoked her but only because she thought that the key to solving our cases was this woman, a woman that she presumes to be able to give us our answers based on gut feeling.  I can’t deny that this woman wasn’t hot, but I also doubt Airin’s judgment.  She couldn’t even explain why she thinks so but all she can give me is that she has a gut feeling”

“I see, well I guess you would be concerned but Miya did you give her time to prove to you that she isn’t wrong? I mean you think she is wrong because of her breakup but really you don’t have proof that it is because of it either”

“*Sigh* I know I don’t have proof but its also a reason why I push her to give me more than just a gut feeling.  I don’t see the link that she has this gut feeling on and if we trust this gut feeling.  She was willing to risk her job for this gut feeling, I don’t approve of it, I can’t!!!!”

“Woah!!! That’s how big of a gut feeling she has???”

“Yes!!! She is putting her career on the line and I intended to stop her and that’s what I did except that’s when we both blew up” Saki could sense that Miyabi’s voice was wavering off

“You guys had a physical exchange?”

“Oh no! no! no! Nothing that serious but we both said things that we couldn’t take back…Well her more than me”

“Really?” Saki raised an eyebrow questioning the validity of Miyabi’s statement

“Yes, I told her that she was being obsessive and…and she used her position as my superior to surpress me to go any further.  Can you believe it??? She used her superiority to stop me from questioning her intentions!!!!! You don’t know how hurt I was”

“Awww Miya, you say that she hasn’t gotten over her breakup and if that’s the case why would you bring it up???”

“I…I…I don’t know, because I wanted to stop her nonsense, or what I believe to be nonsense? What did I do Saki-chan?”

“I know she shouldn’t have used her position to surpress you but maybe it’s because she is working hard to not let her breakup affect her yet you keep on bringing it back up again”

“I…I…I” Miyabi couldn’t finish her sentence because what Saki was saying was quite true as well but she also couldn’t help letting her ego get sucker punched by her own cousin “Still she shouldn’t have used her authority like that infront of our subordinates”

“In front of your subordinates?” Saki recalled her own occurrence with Maimi “Yeah she shouldn’t have, it hurts even more when it is infront of others”

“It’s like *yawn* how am I going to look in front of them now?” Saki remained silent “I didn’t want to hurt Airin but I don’t think it gives her a right to hurt me back either”

“Miya, maybe it was the spur of the moment just like how you brought up her break up in front of your subordinates” Miyabi was taken aback, it was true that she had brought up her break up in front of the subordinates first

“I guess *yawn* I didn’t think *yawn* about it too much *yawn*” Miyabi admitted “I just *yawn* didn’t want her to dwell so *yawn* much”

“Well reminding her of that fact doesn’t do her any good now does it?” Silence. Saki figured Miyabi was probably tired from overexerting herself at the arcades hence she decided to continue to talk until Miyabi was finally asleep.  Just to be sure though Saki whispered Miyabi’s name “Miya…Miya…are you still awake?” Saki put the phone closer to her ear to hear the consistent breathing of Miyabi, she smiled and snapped her phone shut ‘I hope things go well between you two’

On Ai’s side

“Hey beanie baby”

“Sorry for bailing on our date today, I was so looking forward to seeing Final Destination with you” ‘Sure you were, you scaredy cat’

“Oh that’s okay, we can always watch it next time”


“Anyways how did everything go?” Ai grinned after making sure that Risa knew that they were still going to watch it.

“Well we talked and I tried to calm her but I must say that I can’t totally disagree with her either”

“What do you mean?”

“Well by the way Miya was telling me, Airin hasn’t really been acting like herself, like her judgement is not the same or what I expected of her”

“On what basis are you relying this on? I mean I don’t want to disagree with you or anything but Suzuki-san strikes me to be more logical so it seems weird that both you and Miya believe she isn’t so”

“It’s just that there is this particular individual that Airin is stuck on, thinking they are the key to a case yet they have nothing on this individual but a sketch of a glimpse that Airin took”

“Hmmmm….that does sound odd but I mean she is the detective right? I’ve heard that sometimes detectives have these gut feelings and it’s because of these gut feelings they crack cases”

“I don’t know if it’s a gut feeling or if Airin is looking for a replacement.  From what I’ve heard, although a sketch, the girl looks appealing”

“But that’s not fair to Suzuki-san so if there is a girl involved in a case, automatically she gives off the vibe of looking for a replacement?”

“Well it wasn’t just this one, apparently another case had a girl as well and was described as H-O-T, hot…”

“*cough* go on”

“…Erm…I mean she was a looker and Airin is all out about looking for these girls”

“I don’t know if I could have that kind of vibe because I don’t know Suzuki-san like you guys do but I also don’t want to judge her abilities based on it either”

“*Yawn* I just know that I don’t know how long before those two make up again…*yawn* I mean the last they had a serious argument, they didn’t speak to each other for weeks”

“And when pray tell was that?”

“When they were in their early teens”

Ai cocked an eyebrow “Well beanie baby, I don’t think that you have to worry because if I recall they are older now.  But anyways, I’ll let you go, you’ve had an exhausting day as it is *chu*”

“Right back at you! I’ll call you tomorrow” ~CLICK~
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Lol, Miyabi screaming from the roof.
Risa's such a good onee-chan.
Oh no, a storm is brewing, Ken's trying to set a trap and Gen's trying to set up an attck.

Ha, knew Airi and Maimi were going to meet up! Lost puppy.

XD Ai's ringtone for Risa is Take Off is Now. I love that song and that perf at the Wonderful Hearts concert.

“Hey beanie baby”
*melts* That is so cute! Love Takagaki!

Erina is hiding something that is a fact, however, her personal life does not necessarily link to her professional life

Yes, but realistically, how often can people separate their work and personal lives? I'm just saying.
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How was the long marathon of a read???
Bloodshot eyed  :D

“Hey…where’s the puppy?”

I'm loving them now more  :inlove:

‘Sure you were, you scaredy cat’
Damn  :lol:

“Oh that’s okay, we can always watch it next time”

:rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:

beanie baby
What's Ai's?   :D Monkey Baby?  :D

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@ Her Awesome Holiness: Yes now to figure out what Ken should be brewing  :nervous

I loved their Take Off is Now performance too !!! :heart:

You'll be surprised by how people change between their professional lives and their personal lives.  I mean I for one have to, because of the occupation that I have, keep my personal personality and my professional one separately.  I know a couple of others that have that same idea too

@ K: Urg!!! Bloodshot eh???

You mean you didn't like them as much before??....We'll have to do something about that

Maybe I should incorporate a nick for Ai nee?? Monkey baby sounds good for me....but let's wait it out  ;)

Chapter 38

Date: April 4
Time: 10:13 pm

“Babe, let’s party!!!!!” Reina knocked glasses with Eri.  As usual, when they have free time and money to spend they would waste it on shopping, alcohol and clubbing.  After a good evening at the local malls buying to their hearts content, they decided to take Maimi’s Ducati and hit the local clubs.

At that moment, Eri’s favourite dance music started playing, as she downed her martini and dragged Reina to the dance floor knowing perfectly well that Reina would never say no to grinding against Eri. Reina wasn’t as into dancing as she was into drinking so more or less most of the time she would step away from Eri to grab a drink.  Eri was just as knowledgeable about this fact so she never let it get to her, she’ll usually take the keys away from Reina and would just continue to dance.

“Babe, I’m going to the restroom alright?” Reina whispered into Eri’s ear.  Eri gave a slight nod before Reina weaved through the mass of people.  As Reina was weaving through, she knew she had a good amount to drink as it is as she wasn’t really walking in a straight line, so she decided to stop for a bit.  The last thing she needs is Maimi and Saki being more parental like, restricting their party days and such. ‘Gawd damn it!!! Why is there such a long line up????’ Reina looked ahead of her and sure enough there were at least 4-5 people ahead of her waiting outside of the washroom. ‘I bet you there is an even longer line up inside’ sure enough due to the amount of experiences that Reina and Eri have, there was at least another 10-11 people waiting inside.

By the time Reina had finished using the restroom she couldn’t wait to find Eri, the one thing that Reina hated was being away from Eri for too long.  She was smiling just thinking about Eri but her smile faded as her footsteps stopped.  There in front of her was Eri dancing very intimately with another woman, a woman wearing a tank top, light brownish wavy hair, touching Eri on the butt and basically groping everywhere Reina could see.  ‘WTF?!!! Why is Eri letting this…this chick touch her like that??? Is…is…Eri smiling??? She’s enjoying this isn’t she??? How could she??? How could she forget about who she came here with so easily???? I’ll teach you to touch my woman’  Reina grabbed a glass of wine from the counter at the bar and stormed straight to where Eri was.  As she was advancing closer and closer, Reina could clearly see that this woman slip Eri a piece of paper and whisper something in Eri’s ear before disappearing through the crowd with a smirk.

“Rei!” Eri turned and spotted Reina advancing forward.  She could sense something was wrong so she placed her hand on Reina’s forearm “Rei, what’s wrong?”

Reina flung Eri’s hand away from her “Don’t you Rei me!!!!” She didn’t care what drink she was carrying but she downed it in one go and turned fuming

“Rei…Rei” Eri was calling for Reina but Reina never stopped, she walked out of the club and ran down an alleyway.  Eri didn’t want to leave Maimi’s prized motorcycle out so she got on and started to search for Reina however the alleyway that Reina ran through was not something a motorcycle could get by.  Eri circled the area for a while longer before she gave up

“Ai-chan!” Eri blubbered over the phone

“Eri?? Where are you??? Are you okay??? Where’s Reina?”

“I…I don’t know.  She got upset and then she ran out of the club without waiting for me.  I have the keys to the Ducati but she ran…I…I…I’ve been circling the area for a long time now and I still can’t find her…what do I do???” Eri was going hysterical, lost

“Eri, calm down, that’s the first thing I need you to do” Saki’s voice could be heard “I need to know if you had a lot to drink”

“I had a couple of drinks” admitted Eri, she knew she was going to get in trouble but when she was in a panic mode, the most soothing voices besides Reina’s was those housemates that she lives with

“Okay, where are you??? I am going to come get you”  Eri informed Saki of the area that she is in “Okay, stay put don’t go anywhere, I should be there in no time” Eri nodded as tears started to spill ‘Rei, where are you??? Why did you leave me like that??? Why are you upset??? Was it something I did??? I’m sorry, I’m sorry *sniff sniff* just come back to me’ By now Eri was fully crying, she crouched down beside the Ducati and covered her head ‘I’ll do anything, just come back, I’m sorry for whatever it is I did, just…don’t leave me alone’ Eri felt a hand on her shoulder, she looked up to see Saki’s warm smile.  Before Saki could say anything, Eri lunged at Saki holding onto her like no tomorrow, crying on her shoulders

Saki brushed Eri’s back and hugged her back “Shhhhhh!!!! Don’t worry, I’m here now.  Don’t worry, we’ll find Reina…shhhhhh~~!!!”  Saki let Eri cry a bit longer until the crying was subsiding before pulling apart “Let’s go home okay??? I’ve got Ai-chan at home calling Reina now and in case Reina does get home….”

~Hitoribocchi nanka ja nai taisetsu na hito ga takusan iru yo hora ne sono subete no ai ni Sankyuu~
“Moshi moshi…..she is??? Yeah I’ve got her……okay keep her there as long as you can, we’ll be back in 5” Saki snapped her phone shut “That was Ai-chan, Reina is home now, very upset, having a throwing fit, but at home.  I don’t know what happened between the two of you, but let’s get you home and figure this out okay?” Saki brushed Eri’s hair away from her eyes, cupping her face “Don’t worry, we’ll deal with the raging Reina, it’s not the first right?” Eri smiled slightly before she handed Saki the keys

Date: April 4
Time: 11:12 pm

“Ahhhhh~~ this is refreshing” Airi stated with her eyes closed, feeling the breeze against her face.  She suddenly felt something freezing put against her face, producing a small yelp she moved away from the freezing object and opened her eyes to see Maimi trying to hide her giggle “Samui yo!!!!!”

“Gomene gomene” Maimi passed Airi the water bottle

“Your words say sorry but your eyes are still laughing” complained Airi, she took the bottle of water and opened it

“Your expression was cute, you can’t be mad at me for that” Airi chuckled not knowing if she should be upset or happy at the compliment. “So why did you have that lost look earlier?”

Airi thought about earlier and her smile faltered “Nothing just thinking”

“Thinking about the argument between Natsuyaki-san and yourself?” Airi turned and looked at Maimi in shock “I received a call from Niigaki-san today”

Maimi’s Flashback

~yakusoku wa toku ni shinai wa watashi wa zutto matterareru shi~ “Moshi moshi”

“Yajima-san, it’s me Niigaki Risa” athe the voice, Maimi dropped everything and paid attention

“N-Niigaki-san…er how can I help you?”

“Hehe, we haven’t seen in a while kiddo, but do you have to sound so…so distant?” ‘Kiddo??’

“Er…sorry…just thought that you’d rather be conversing with Ai-chan now, so to who or to what do I owe this pleasant surprise of you calling me as opposed to Ai-chan?”

“As much as I would love to talk to my girlfriend,…I….I have a favour to ask of you and I really can’t think of anyone else that can help me” Judging from the sound of Risa’s voice, Maimi knew that it was no time to be teasing

“A favour?”

“I know you’ve been close to Airin lately and I believe I can trust you and that she can trust you…”

“Go on”

“Well to my understanding Airin and Miya had a huge argument not too long ago and as always Airin would rather me see to Miya first.  Airin would probably wander the streets then fall asleep on the roof at the police station so I was wondering if you can watch her for me?”

“EH~? With all due respect, why are you tending to Natsuyaki-san? She’s probably got Saki to tend to her.  I’m not saying I won’t talk to Airin but are you sure this arrangement is alright?”

“Miya might be with Shimizu-san but if I know Miya then Shimizu-san might have a loss of hearing the next day, so instead of that happening and because I am use to Miya’s temper, I’ll take the first blow before I turn her to Shimizu-san”

“She rants that much?”

Risa chuckled “Well no, she rants but she also likes to vent what other frustration she has on her mind at arcade centers and those can be loud and painful for the ears too”

“I see…alright don’t worry I’ll help you deal with Airin”

“Thanks Yajima-san, I owe you one”

“Your repayment will be in the form of treating our Ai-chan well”

“I will and…thank you…really”

“Don’t worry about it, Airin is a good friend, I wouldn’t want to see her upset.  I’ll make sure she calls you later okay?”

“That’d be great!!! That way I don’t have to worry about her all night.  Thanks again!!!!!” ~CLICK~

End of Maimi’s Flashback

“EH~~~ So ane told you?!”

“Well she didn’t tell me details about it just that you’d be upset and bothered tonight” Airi didn’t say anything but sipped on her water “So….what did happen? You and Natsuyaki-san are like Saki and I, was this argument about work?  But that doesn’t make sense, I thought you had already solved that issue” Another silence.  Seeing that Airi wasn’t ready to talk, Maimi just sat there looking out at the waves

“It just happened to be exact…” Airi slowly explained while Maimi listened intentively “Miya again brought up my obsession, she caught on to what I was doing.  At first, I was trying to keep calm when she started questioning me but then when she started bringing up my breakup…I…I lost it.  I…I used my authority and lashed out at her…I lost my cool…I…I” Airi’s tears started falling.  At the quivering of her voice, Maimi had adverted her attention from the waves to Airi’s profile.  Maimi took out a handkerchief and handed it to Airi. “Thank you” Airi responded as she took the handkerchief and wiped her eyes

Maimi put her arm around Airi and pulled her close, patting her shoulders “Breathe, don’t worry I’m not going anywhere”

Airi calmed herself down before continuing “What was worse was that my subordinates could all see and hear the commotion.  I even threatened to give her a poor review if she didn’t mind her own business.  I know I shouldn’t have done it but at that moment my rage got the best of me and…and it just escalated with these things that I couldn’t take back”

“So I guess that’s what you’re upset about? The events that are now history?” Airi nodded “So how is it that Niigaki-san knows about this?  Was she present at the time?”

“No, everytime Miya and I clash heads and get to this point where we both or one has said unforgiveable things, I usually call ane to comfort her”


“Miya was always the difficult one, more verbal, she can holde a grudge for a longer time if she doesn’t vent.  Ane is more considering and tolerant so ane can deal with Miya’s rage best”

“What about you?  Don’t you have to vent?”

Airi shook her head and smiled, “I’m not as expressive, I just need a night to calm me down”

“EH~ ? Does that mean I would be bothering you from calming down?”

Airi shook her head, “Naw, it is always great talking to you, you’ll give me an honest opinion and I feel like I can tell you anything without worries.  Probably because we have the same persona hehe”

Maimi chuckled “So what do you usually do when you’re alone?”

“Er…well I usually just stay at the station and eventually on the roof.  I…er…kinda fell asleep there last time and the other previous times I ended at some roof” Airi smiled awkwardly in embarrassment

Maimi snickered, hand over her mouth “On the roof??? What were you doing?”

“I don’t really remember but anyways, I usually just think”

“Think about what?” Maimi’s curiousness about Airi’s behaviour was at it’s peak

“Well usually about the argument I just had with Miya and how to deal with the aftermath”

“Haha, you spend you’re night worrying? Airin, I’m pretty sure Natsuyaki-san and yourself would let it pass behind you.  You guys grew up with each other, I’m sure words don’t need to be said and you’ll be able to express your apologies” Airi nodded and thought about the multiple times Miyabi and herself banged heads indeed the results were always the same, Airi would treat Miyabi to ice-cream and things would get back to normal.  Seeing Airi smile, Maimi knew that Airi was dwelling on the worrying part

~GRUMBLE GRUMBLE~ Their attention was diverted to the sound of Airi’s stomache.  The duo looked at Airi’s stomache then at each other before bursting out with laughter “Come let’s get some food for your stomache” Maimi, stood up putting forth her hand for Airi to grab hold of in which Airi gave her signature toothy grin before taking Maimi’s hand

“What’s on the menu?”

“Well it depends on what Miss Suzuki feels like having tonight” Maimi bowed like a servant causing Airi to giggle

“You’re being such a dork Maimi-chan, what do you feel like eating?  You don’t always have to be the host and I wouldn’t want to get use to it, in case you ever get a girlfriend, I wouldn’t be able to meet you anymore” Airi stated nonchantedly

Maimi’s face feel “Why do you say that?”

“Because you’ll be too occupied to care about little ol’me” Airi put her forefingers together and twirled them innocently, pouting her lips for a while before a smile grew on her face

“Naw, my friends have been a top priority for me since my breakup with Erina so I cherish them a lot.  My girlfriend would have to be my good friend in order for her to have my full attention on all sorts of levels”

“Now that you mentioned you’re ex, how did things go?” Maimi’s smile was visibly gone, in fact her lips were pushed together in a tight line “Sorry I didn’t mean to be nosy, if you don’t want to talk about it…”

“It’s okay Airin, in fact my reasoning for jogging earlier was because of my thoughts on Erina.  It’s just that on my way back to change and find you, there you stood”

“Care to share your thoughts?”

“I…I finally asked her for the reason”

Airi’s ear perked up and she leaned closer to Maimi “And?”

“I…I didn’t get a proper one”

Airi looked at Maimi unsure as to what she heard was correct or whether she had misinterpreted it “Sorry, what do you mean you didn’t get a proper reason”

“I…” Maimi choked on her words.  Airi put her arm around Maimi and returned the favour from before “I asked her for the reason…but all she could say was sorry.  I blew up on her because I didn’t want to hear sorry I wanted a reason.  She was crying at that point but I didn’t care, I wanted an answer for pain that I held in all those years.  But nothing was said except sorry.  I guess my pent up anger got the best of me because…I questioned her love for me…”Silent tears had begun to descend down Maimi’s face, in which Airi used her thumbs to wipe away until Maimi took out another handkerchief and wiped her eyes “I know I shouldn’t have done that but I guess at that moment I felt like she didn’t”

“Well what did she say?”

“She didn’t say anything but bowed and left me in the restaurant”

Airi pulled Maimi in a tight hug “Oh Maimi-chan!!!” They stayed in that hug for a little longer “Maimi it was her loss, you’re a great person and loyal to your friends, you have so much on your shoulders yet you always manage to drop everything when it comes to your loved ones in need.  Don’t worry, you’ll find someone new”

Maimi chuckled “Don’t worry Airin, I don’t think I want to find anyone new anymore, I’ll let things come as it occurs, I just wanted an answer” ‘At one point maybe I thought Niigaki-san could take this pain away but then again Saki is right, it probably is better that Niigaki-san and Ai-chan are together as opposed to me using Niigaki-san’s feelings just for me to find out that I never did let Erina go, I was attached to her killer smile and pinchable cheeks’

“Maimi, er…what are you thinking? You had a smile on your face and it kinda freaks me out considering we were talking about your ex.  It was like complete mood swing”

Maimi giggled “Nothing, I was thinking about how I have such great friends and all they’ve done for me, including you” Maimi pinched Airi’s cheeks and ran ‘She also has pinchable cheeks’

“Itai!!! Maimi!!! Get back here”

“Yeah right!!! Last one to my office building pays for dinner” Maimi hollered a good distance away

“You’re on!!!” Airi ran after the sprint-jogger.  As she was running after Maimi she noticed that Maimi wasn’t running as fast as she usually would ‘That Maimi, she’s purposely losing so she’d pay for dinner, well 2 can play that game’ Airi decreased her speed as well, however Maimi stoped and crouched down, clutching onto her side.  Alarm bells started ringing in Airi’s head indicating something was not right, she picked up her speed to run up to Maimi “Maimi!!!! What’s wrong?”

“I…I…I think it’s because I haven’t eaten yet and was going full force with the running that I’ve gotten mad cramps and stomache pains”

Airi noticed the beads of sweat forming on Maimi’s forehead “Are you sure that’s it? You’re sweating quite a bit”

Maimi slowly nodded her head “The results of my meeting with Erina have been on my mind a lot lately that I neglected eating.  Saki and the others have already warned me about this but I haven’t been paying attention to it, all that was in my mind was the events of my meeting with Erina”

Airi guided Maimi off the floor and holstered her around her shoulder.  Luckily, they were really close to Maimi’s office, so Airi decided to get Maimi resting first before they decide the next best course of action.

“Maimi, maybe I should drive you home first, I don’t think take-out would do your stomache any better either”

Maimi shook her head, “Just call for take-out, it’s probably faster and besides you’re hungry aren’t you?”

“You may be athletic but when you aren’t 100%, I have faith that if we were to go head-on in a physical match I’d win so let’s save ourselves the trouble and let me drive you home to rest”

Maimi thought about the current situation “How about this, you can drive me home only if you promise to spend the night over at my place.  I may not be at 100% but I’ll give everything I’ve got to make you spend the night, so why don’t we save ourselves the sweat and pain and you just agree to those arrangements.  That way you don’t have to spend the night on a roof and I would have fulfilled my promise to Niigaki-san”

‘I don’t want to bother Maimi as it is, I’ve already wasted enough of her time do I really want to cause her anymore trouble by staying over?  But if I don’t, she’ll fight me and I don’t know whether to take it as a bluff but I don’t want to take those chances.  I guess I really have no choice’ “Fine” huffed a surrendering Airi.  Airi helped Maimi walk towards her car parked at the police station before Maimi guided Airi to her estate.
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UPDATE PLEASE!!! :thumbsup

i really like this story....

cant wait for airi and maimi to fall in love!!! :heart:

which i hope they will...... :twothumbs
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You mean you didn't like them as much before??
Eh? No, I heart them  :)  I was just lazy during that day quoting   :nervous   gomen  :kneelbow:  :D

At that moment, Eri’s favourite dance music started playing, as she downed her martini and dragged Reina to the dance floor knowing perfectly well that Reina would never say no to grinding against Eri.
:mon blood:

There in front of her was Eri dancing very intimately with another woman, a woman wearing a tank top, light brownish wavy hair, touching Eri on the butt and basically groping everywhere Reina could see.
Whoa! Catfight sta~to  :onioncheer:  :onioncheer:  :onioncheer:

As much as I would love to talk to my girlfriend
:wriggly:  :grin:

“Miya might be with Shimizu-san but if I know Miya then Shimizu-san might have a loss of hearing the next day, so instead of that happening and because I am use to Miya’s temper, I’ll take the first blow before I turn her to Shimizu-san”

“I…I didn’t get a proper one”
Because she didn't have one  :)

Don’t worry, you’ll find someone new
Yep, and someone close, like a millimeter close  :D

“Maimi, er…what are you thinking? You had a smile on your face and it kinda freaks me out considering we were talking about your ex.  It was like complete mood swing”
Like a psycho or something  :D

‘She also has pinchable cheeks’
Sign NUMBER 1 lol

“How about this, you can drive me home only if you promise to spend the night over at my place.  I may not be at 100% but I’ll give everything I’ve got to make you spend the night, so why don’t we save ourselves the sweat and pain and you just agree to those arrangements.  That way you don’t have to spend the night on a roof and I would have fulfilled my promise to Niigaki-san”
Clever... and then... who knows... dinner... wine... bed...   XD

NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE  :drool:  damn  XD

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@ abok: New reader!!!  :welcome

Glad that you like it, not the greatest though I must say but I'll try to improve.

Airi and Maimi to fall in love????? We'll see  :twisted:

@ K: Awww, you know what the best feeling is?? When there are certain pairings that I have in mind and to convert another who doesn't, like brainwashing  :lol:

Reina can't say no to doing Eri either might I add  XD

Well we don't know if Erina has an explanation that she's trying to hide just yet, so don't throw out that aspect of the problem  ;)

Hey!!! I sometimes daze off and show mixed emotions on my face like that!!!! Oh no!!!! I'm a psycho!!!!!  XD

 :rofl: Dinner? Wine? Bed???

Chapter 39

Date: April 5
Time: 12:56 am

When Airi and Maimi arrived at Maimi’s house, they noticed all the lights were still on “You know, you guys could save more energy if you didn’t have all those lights on”

“We usually don’t have lights on at all at this hour since usually they are out until late or already sleeping so I’m not too sure why the lights are all on” Maimi explained as she got out of Airi’s car

Before Maimi could grab hold of the front door know, the door swung open with an enraged Reina.  Airi and Maimi both gave a jolt “Reina can’t you just talk about this?” a plead from Ai could be heard from the inside.  All talk stopped though when Ai and Reina noticed Maimi and Airi standing at the door.  Faint crying was all that could be heard from within the house. 

Reina looked at Airi and Maimi and was about to brush past them when she felt a hand grab onto her arm.  She didn’t look at whose hand it was nor did she care but she flung or tried to heave the hand off however to her dismay, the grip was tight.  Judging by how hard it was to loosen her arm from the grip, she knew who it was and that she wasn’t going to get out of the deadly grip so she stopped trying “Can anyone tell me what is going on?” boomed Maimi’s voice throughout the house, dragging Reina back into same, followed by Airi

Ai was about to speak but one glance at Airi and she decided not to answer.  Seeing that Ai was hesitant in answering, Maimi plopped Reina on the nearby couch and pointed a finger at her “WE need to talk” she then turned to Ai “Ai-chan can you direct Reina to my study? Where is Saki?”

“Saki-chan is with Eri right now” Ai walked towards Reina and softly grabbed onto Reina’s arm in which Reina roughly flung away and got up, heading towards Maimi’s library but not before glaring at Maimi

Maimi ignored the glare she was receiving “Can you get Saki and Eri to go to my study as well? You will need to attend” Ai gave a light nod and left Airi and Maimi in the livingroom.  Maimi gave a heavy sigh then turned to Airi “Sorry you had to witness that, its so embarrassing” Maimi shook her head in embarrassment.

“I am shocked yes, but not at the type of situation that was happening nor about to happen but how you were handling the situation.  Not to be nosy but how come Tanaka-san and Takahashi-san listen to you so much?”

Maimi smirked “Because out of all 5 of us, I am the strongest and not to mention tallest one to contain a raging anyone but no one can contain a raging me.  Ai-chan can’t deal with angry Reinas or Eris and Saki isn’t authoritative with them most of the time outside the office, so Reina wouldn’t listen to her. But anyways let me guide you to your room so you can freshen up.  In the meantime let me deal with the situation set up in my study.  Please refrain yourself from leaving this top level because if you do, you might get lost” Maimi winked at Airi before heading towards her study.

From the outside, Maimi could hear Eri crying and Reina grumbling incoherent words which did not stop until she walked into the room.  When she walked in, she could see Saki and Ai comforting a whimpering Eri and an angered Reina pacing back and forth.  Maimi slammed the door behind her “Can anyone tell me what is going on?” Maimi asked while walking to her chair. No one spoke a word “Saki?”

“I’m not even sure what the real problem is, I received a call from Eri saying that Reina disappeared and that she was scared to move from her location.”

“Ai-chan?” Maimi turned when she wasn’t getting a good enough picture.

“I was at home when I heard a slam from the doors and watched a fuming Reina walk to her room.  Moments later I hear things being smashed so I immediately called Saki-chan”

“Reina, I can’t believe you were going to smash everything in my house and think you could just leave like that!!!! Where do you think you were going to go???”

“I don’t care!!!! As long as I am not in the same room as that…that two-timer” Reina pointed a finger in Eri’s direction, causing Eri to cry even harder.

“Reina, might I remind you that you blow your fuse at the smallest things, you don’t think to listen to reason and jump to conclusions” reasoned Saki

“You’re always on her side Saki-chan!!! Just because I’m the one that’s flaring?” questioned Reina, anger not decreasing

Saki let Ai handle Eri before she stood up “NO!!!! Because it’s true that you jump to conclusions.  When you do, you say things you’ll regret, things that’ll hurt others.  I am not siding with Eri but tell me what a girl is suppose to do when one of her friends are crying profusedly, not knowing what she did wrong?”

Maimi massaged the brigde between her eyes “So let me get this straight, I have an angry Reina, crying Eri and broken items in my house because of a lover’s quarrel???”

“I don’t think it’s even considered a lover’s quarrel because by my understanding Eri doesn’t know what the hell is going on” Saki eyed Reina with a ‘you should at least tell her’ look

Maimi gave out a sigh “Okay, I want everyone out except Reina and Eri and you guys better be talking about what the hell is wrong.  After you guys have your discussion and you still believe you guys can’t come to terms then you may leave.” Maimi turned to Reina “Reina if you plan on leaving this house, please at least have the decency to tell us whether you will be returning because if you don’t I am going to assume otherwise” then to Eri “Eri, better be more outspoken because if you don’t you may lose Reina the moment she walks out the door.  She’s always been the more vocal of you two so if you don’t want to lose her because you are too timid to, you better speak up” Maimi left the room along with Ai and Saki, no one bothered to close the door

Reina glared at the whimpering Eri, she knew that Saki was right about her not listening to Eri’s reasoning and based everything on a simple glance but she only acted that way because she really loved Eri, she was jealous, unsecure, afraid that she’ll lose Eri that she chose to get upset first when anyone got too close.  It was her pride that wouldn’t let her admit this fact to Eri and it was also pride that made her do and say things that she regrets.  She didn’t let up her glare but she hated herself because she was the one making Eri cry at the moment.  In a battle where pride was on the line, it usually was pride that won, hence Reina didn’t let up with the harch tone or glare.  “So what is your reasoning this time?”

“*Sniff sniff* W-what are you t-talking about?”

“That-that girl, the one that gave you her number!!!!”

“*Sniff* We-we were just dancing”

“Just? I didn’t see anything just there!!! That chick was all over you!!! And you!!! You enjoyed it!!!” Reina pointed a finger at Eri

Eri raised her head for the first time since their conversation, tears streaming down her face, shocked at the accusation “No!!! That was honestly what I was doing, dancing…yes, I can’t deny that I didn’t enjoy it” confessed Eri turning away from an angered Reina ready to blow, “But..but you know how much I love to dance, I…I just lose myself in the music…”

Reina’s anger decreased a bit acknowledging this fact “But that doesn’t explain how that…that thing was all over you”

“Rei, I can’t control others being all over me, I can only control myself and my own actions.  I only took it as dancing, nothing more” By now Reina’s short temper had been somewhat deflated “I’m sorry that you took it the wrong way but I’m not going to brush everyone off when I’m in the heat of a dance off because of you” Eri lowered her head and wiped the tears that was beginning to brim with a tissue from the coffee table.  Eri wasn’t sure what to expect now because she hasn’t really voiced her love for dancing over her lover before.  Out of fear for the worst to come, Eri just hung her head low, tears starting to fall.

She felt a weight beside her and Reina’s finger on her chin lifting her face to Reina’s.  Unexpectedly, Reina lunged forward and kissed Eri, surprising Eri at first but responded not long after. “I’m sorry Eri, I’m sorry for throwing my temper at you before listening to your explanation, and you’re right you shouldn’t have to choose between dancing and me.  It was your passion for dancing that caught my attention in the first place and it shouldn’t be the one to break us up.”

Sensing the sincerity in Reina’s words, Eri couldn’t help but hug her tightly with a smile “Oh Rei!!!”

“So…what was this girl’s name?” Reina asked pulling away

Eri giggled and lightly smacked Reina over the head “I didn’t catch it and I didn’t keep that piece of paper.  Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you, that trick doesn’t work on me, the last I need is you going to jail for killing this girl”

Reina snapped her fingers in frustration, “Darn it! I thought I pulled that off smoothly” causing more giggling from Eri.  Reina got up and stretched ‘It is so tiring getting upset over something that shouldn’t, used up more energy than should’

As she was stretching, Eri took the chance and pulled Reina back down “Rei…we have to go and clean up the mess you made”

Reina turned to look at Eri and pouted “Do we have to?”

Eri gave Reina a peck on the lips “Unfortunately yes YOU do because this is still Maimi and Saki’s home”

‘Darn it she caught that too!’ “Awww when did my baby become so smart? I always wonder why they don’t have any servants in this house, I mean they’re rich enough for it right?” whined Reina unwilling to clean up the mess she created

Eri tugged on Reina’s arm, trying to get her up “Because they don’t want to be seen differently, they want to know how to do things on their own without additional help” reluctantly, Reina got up from the couch “I mean, honestly would you like working for brats?”

Reina cocked an eyebrow at Eri “Brats??? No, of course not!!! Brat is just too nice of a descriptive word, maybe monsters???

Eri and Reina burst out laughing “S-sh-shhhh!!!! Don’t let them hear you say that heehee but seriously, the aren’t such the usual rich brats so I think it’s good that they like doing things on their own”

Hand in hand, Eri and Reina walked out of the study only to see Saki frowning in front of them, arms crossed over her chest and right foot tapping on the floor in constant rhythm, Maimi and Ai no where in sight “So you think I am worse than a brat eh? I am a monster eh??? Is this the thanks we get for hiring and providing for you???  Oh if Maimi heard that too, this will make it all worth watching and savouring” smirked Saki

Reina and Eri gulped, then Reina pushed Eri behind her “Er…didn’t anyone teach you it’s not nice to be eavesdropping??”

Saki stood there, arms still crossed, foot still tapping “She wasn’t eavesdropping, she was going to tell you guys to come out for tiramisu cake she bought, you guys weren’t really quiet yourself with your giggling and laughing and not to mention the door was wide open” Ai walked in with slices of said cake on a tray, head nodding towards the study

Reina and Eri both looked back and mentally kicked themselves forgetting about the wide open door and the fact that the walls of the study weren’t exactly solid, they were semi-transparent.  They both then turned to the awaiting Saki who has not changed positions or actions “Er…Saki-chan” Eri walked from behind Reina and rushed to Saki, hugging on one side of her “you know we don’t mean it seriously right? You wouldn’t tell Maimi-chan right??? You’re one of our favourite people in the world, nice, warm, caring, mature” still no response from Saki

“Don’t worry, she won’t have to tell me anything.  I’d like to hear the end of that list though and how you’re going to squirm you’re way out of that one” Everyone looked at the top fo the stairs except Saki, including Ai, who was just as shocked as Reina and Eri to find Maimi standing there, arms crossed, with Airi behind amused at the events unfolding

Reina and Eri gulped again “Ah Maimi, Suzuki-san just in time for dessert” declared Ai carrying a tray with cups and a teapot ‘You’re just going to stand there??? You’re not helping Ai-chan’ Reina racked her brain for a way out since their final help was…not helping

Saki got out of Eri’s semi-hug and walked closer to the bottom of the stairs, whereas Maimi and Airi descended down to the meet her. ‘Uh oh’ was the only thought going through Reina and Eri’s minds “You know what Maimi?” Saki asked teasingly

“What Saki?” responded Maimi in the same tone

“I haven’t sparred in a while, how about you?”

Maimi loosened up her neck and shoulders “Nope, not in a while.  It would be great to throw a couple of jabs right about now” Maimi jabbed the air demonstrating the types of jabs and locations she was aiming for

Saki turned back to Reina and Eri “How about you guys?”

Eri hid behind Reina “Can…can we pass?”

Maimi and Saki smirked, looked at each other and then turned to their prey “Not a chance in hell” they responded in unison

“Wait!!!” Reina held her hand out “If you want to spar, you can but only with me though…I’m the one that made the comment, it’s not Eri’s fault”

“I’m fine with that, Maimi, what about you?”

“Sounds good to me…but for extended time”

‘I’m dead!!!!’ “….*Huff* fine”

“Who is first Saki?” ‘Please be Saki, please be Saki’

“Why don’t you go first Maimi” ‘Noooo! Argh!! I’m totally mince meat.  Saki, I can still take on and bear, but Maimi not so much’

“Very well” Maimi looked at Reina “Gear up!!!”

Reina slowly walked across the room with Eri in tow and down to their workout room, everyone followed behind them including Ai and Airi. As they were descending down the stairs, Saki took hold of Airi’s shoulders  “Just so that you know, Miya is at home with Niigaki-san already” Airi’s smile faltered “Yeah, she called and told me about her troubles and concern, and yes she was upset but from the context of it all, she was more worried than upset” Saki patted Airi’s shoulder a couple of times before continuing to the workout room

Airi shook her head ‘Can’t think about this now, don’t want to dampen the mood.  I’ll figure something out maybe I should talk to ane tomorrow’ Airi’s worry was immediately taken away when she saw Reina in her ready pose, all geared up from head to toe with extra padding, it almost made her look like a tree person.  It also looked like she was unable to walk around much either.

“You know that extra padding isn’t going to help much right?” Maimi asked putting on her gloves

“Hehe…please go easy on me?”

“Here I come!!!” Maimi charged at Reina, who closed her eyes waiting for the first blow.  Eri who was on the sidelines couldn’t bear to look covering her eyes with both hands. Reina felt a light punch across her head *THUMP* and nothing more “You can open your eyes guys” Reina and Eri both opened their eyes to see Saki and Maimi side by side.  They both grinned and put up their middle finger before laughing “You should’ve seen the look on your face”

Reina coming to her senses realized that Maimi and Saki weren’t upset at them and just scared Eri and herself shitless “It’s not funny guys!!! I honestly thought you’d attack me” Fear finally draining out of Reina, she collapsed

Saki loomed over laughing “Serves you right for causing such a mess in the house from your throwing escapade and for calling us monsters.  Some of those items were my favourite.”

Eri rushed over to Reina’s side “So…so you’re not upset at us???”

Saki lightly pushed Eri on the head “Silly turtle, we’ve known you guys for a long enough period to know what you guys think of us”

“Eri…a little help??” Reina was desperately trying to get up but due to the padding around her body, she could only roll around

“So Airin, how about that dessert?” Maimi took off her gloves and guided a hysterical Airi back to the living room with Saki and Ai following suite

“You know I haven’t had tiramisu cake in a while Saki-chan” Ai spoke ignoring Reina’s plea for help

“Me too, that’s why I had to buy one.  Just thinking about it makes my mouth water”

“Guys? Guys?” Eri who was struggling to pull Reina up called after her housemates “Rei!!! Why did you put the full padding? It’s so heavy!!!”

“Don’t complain!!! I was protecting you and this is what I get in return???”

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 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Omigod this chapter was great! I'm so relieved Eri and Reina made up, they're just too sweet. Then the whole part with sparring and Reina 'protecting' Eri.  :lol: :wub: :lol:

Motto kudasai.
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I meant Erina and Sayu looked alike. So when Maimi entered the cafe and saw the cute waitress, why didn't she remind her of her ex.

I was wondering who that person Eri was dancing with was. Now I see it's just a random person XD That AiriMaimi bit where she put the cold drink on her face sounds like what Sayu wrote in her blog. Only difference is it was a cold banana and not a drink :D

I bet Saki was thinking "WTF?!" when Reina accused Eri of being with her :D Is Maimi telling the truth about the pain in her side? And I have melted into mush when reading the last part. Too kawaii~~
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: If anything, the only people that aren't usually serious is TanaKamei so of course the comical relief will revolve around this pair.

Also me thinks that I haven't written much about this pair so for those TanaKamei lovers  ;)  I will try to incorporate more TanaKamei moments as much as I can

@ Mame-chan: Really? I don't think they look a like.....I'll have to look at the Hello Pro Meeting and stare at them for an hour or so  :lol:

Ahh~~ But remember Maimi at the time was going to meet her ex, so obviously, if they are a waitress, it wouldn't strike anything.

The random person actually is someone in my mind, I originally wanted to create a bigger rift in TanaKamei fight but thought otherwise, wanna guess who I was referring to???

I haven't read Sayu's blog so I don't know that one  :?

Is Maimi telling the truth about the pain in her side??? Hun, were you actually expecting me to answer that one???  :lol:

Chapter 40

Date: April 5
Time: 2:34 am

Maimi and Saki walked Airi back to the guest room when Ai, Reina and Eri had gone to their rooms “Ano…” Maimi and Saki stopped walking and turned to Airi “Ano…how was Miya when you spoke to her Shimizu-san?” Maimi and Saki exchanged glances unsure whether they should bring it up or ease the girl.  At the end of their mini eye exchange conversation they  took each of Airi’s arms leading her to the guest room in silence.  It was only until all 3 were behind closed doors and seated that Saki answered her

“I don’t think it’s too bad, by the time she spoke to me at around 9ish, she wasn’t too furious”

“Probably because ane got to her before she could vent about our TNT” mumbled Airi

Maimi and Skai shared a confused look “Sorry Airin, but what TNT?”

“Well what is TNT or what do you know to be the common name for TNT?”

“Er…dynamite?” Saki answered unsure what the connection is

Airi nodded “Whenever Miya and I get into a fight it usually explodes like dynamite and the end results is that we scatter away from each other.  We use to have a lot when we were youngsters, so I renamed those moments to be TNT”

Saki placed a hand on Airi’s shoulder “Suzuki-san, I don’t think you have to worry about it too much.  Yes she may be upset, but I’m sure she’ll get over it, blood runs thicker than water, you can’t get rid of her that easy”

“But…” Airi started to tear “I’ve said some hurtful things to her…things you can’t just ignore and forgive” Airin obviously couldn’t forgive nor forget the words that left her mouth.

Maimi and Saki chuckled “Trust us, we’ve been there, done that and we’re not even related.  If space is all you guys need then give it to her” chimed Maimi handing Airi a tissue

“I’m sure if you guys talked it out later, everything will be fine, and we know that if its work-related, the tension will be there and all it takes is for one to start reasoning and then for a proper discussion to take place.  You know Miya better than I do, so if anyone can tell you what you should do, its you” Saki and Maimi patted Airi on the back one last time before heading out “Our rooms are down the hall if you need us and they are labelled in case you’re wondering”

‘True to say, in the past, after Miya rants to ane, all it takes is ice-cream to make her smile again but that was ages ago, will it still work? I just need to show Miya that I’m not far off about the lead, maybe she’ll finally understand, but how much faith do I have on that being accomplished? Not much sad to say.  I can’t let our team fall apart because of our differences but just because I don’t want it to, will I still have my second in command backing me up?’ Question after question, doubt after doubt appeared in Airi’s mind, so much that she started crying in fear.  She’s never felt this way before because all past arguments were when they were young, it was over something small, stupid even but now that they’re older things were difficult.  Airi covered her mouth afraid that someone would hear her as she tried to contain her hysteria.

~KNOCK KNOCK~ soft knocking was heard, at first instinct, Airi jumped on the bed and covered her head with the blanket pretending to sleep

“Airin?” Airi heard Maimi slowly open the door and called out to her.  She then felt a weight on the edge of the bed “Airin, it’s only me, you don’t have to hide.  I…I heard you outside and I got worried” Maimi started stroking Airi’s back through the blanket.  From Maimi’s view, she could see Airi’s body shaking frantically “Airin, talk to me, let it out, don’t bottle it up inside” Maimi slowly reached for the covers and unvealed a crying Airi.  Maimi continued to stroke Airi’s back with one hand and wiping Airi’s tears with the other at times repeating to Airi that it’s alright, or that she’s here for her until Airi’s shaking subsided a bit.

“T-tha-thanks *hic*” Airi muffled out

Maimi turned Airi’s face towards her and moved the hairs away from her face “No problem.  Did you want to talk?” Maimi helped Airi into a sitting position, leaning her back at the head of the bead, before sitting beside her, one arm wrapped around her shoulders, stroking her arm and the other, neatly placing the blanket over their laps.

Airi leaned her head on Maimi’s shoulder sniffing and calming herself down “*sniff* I-I…I don’t know what *hic* came over me *sniff* I thought about w-what *hic* to do with Miya and then… and then *sniff* all the worries came…” Airi’s voice was trembling again signalling another waterfall to occur

Maimi began to stroke Airi’s head “Shhhhh!!! If talking about it makes things wores then don’t, just calm yourself okay?”

Airi shook her head slightly “*sniff*…I-I need to say it, all *hic* the w-worries came crashing down at me and I-I got scared” After Airi’s final sentence, she couldn’t contain herself anymore, she sobbed into Maimi’s shoulder

Maimi continued to hush Airi and at times reminded Airi that it’ll be okay and that she’s there for her while Airi’s tears just continued to descend.  Soon the crying died down and only the sound of breathing could be heard.  Out of curiousity, Maimi shifted a bit and looked down at Airi to find her asleep, curled up against Maimi’s side.  Maimi smiled ‘Poor girl, she tired herself out from all that crying’ Maimi moved a bit, planning on lying Airi on the bed but at each movement Airi would stir and tug Maimi’s closer to her side

Date: April 5
Time: 3:23 am

Just heard from Pint and Model, no news so far about Ken pressing charges~ Whiz

I didn’t think they would since they don’t like the police to get involved~Swift

Don’t let your guards down though, I am pretty sure that security is tighter now and they won’t let us off so easily   :on thumbb:~ Gen

What is our next move?~ Ace

Whiz, I’ll need you to do an indepth search on Ren Matsumoto, I’ve started but do an indepth analysis to see if you can find more facts and things about our next target~Gen

Should I inform Pint and Model of to be on the look out as well?  :?~ Sexy

Do that and tell them that’s our next target~Swift

Has anyone found anything about Com’s underling???  :?~Gen

Nope  :roll:~Ace & Sexy

Bet you guys didn’t even bother checking *glaring*  :smhid~ Swift

Guilty as charged!!!  :P~Ace & Sexy

Do the best you can everyone, I want to know how Com knows, it can be beneficial for us, but I don’t like the fact that Com has us under surveillance~ Gen

Will do the best I can~ Whiz

Ditto~ Swift

ToAll: Be on the look out because I believe Ken will be looking for us and I’m pretty sure that Nakai is and has informed Matsumoto as well.  We will have to think of a plan that won’t expose us and will get the task done, so our task on hand now is to think of that plan~Gen

Got it  :on GJ:~Whiz

Will do  :thumbup~Swift

On it  :doh: ~ Ace & Sexy

Will try  :) ~ Pint & Model
Date: April 5
Time: 3:30 am

“Ken!!!” Taiyo’s voice could be heard hollering out at him

Ken rolled his eyes before he plastered a smile on his face and turned to face Taiyo “Yes boss”

“How are things between you and Matsumoto’s side?” asked Taiyo while lighting a cigarette

“Nakai-san, I want to know why we have to rely on Matsumoto-san at all??”

“Because Matsumoto-san has the connections we don’t have”

“So why can’t we get it out of him??? That way we wouldn’t have to share the profits with another group??”

Taiyo slapped Ken “Are you stupid??? Do you know how many years of effort it takes for parties in this business to trust each other???  Those guys don’t trust just about anyone, they are putting their lives on the line, so you expect to just go up to them and they’ll show you everything???”

Ken wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth “Sorry Nakai-san, I was being foolish and stupid”

“I’m beginning to think you’re not as quick witted as you portrayed.  If you don’t know how these things work I suggest you take some lessons on this business from Matsumoto-san’s guy” Taiyo spat “What about Tokugawa?? What else have you found??”

“Nothing, there were no witnesses and there was no one around that saw him.  He has tons of enemies out there so it could be anyone of them”

“Well did you pay these guys a visit??” Ken shook his head “If you don’t do anything how are you going to find out?” Again Taiyo slapped Ken before he left in a huff

Ken slowly turned his face and glared in the direction Taiyo left ‘I’ll show you who is being fooling and stupid.  This won’t go without being remembered, you watch it, I’ll return this favour, mark my words, I’ll return the favor’ Ken picked up his cell and dialled for King

“Moshi moshi”

“King-san, let’s meet to discuss about preparations, let’s meet at our usually spot”

“Ken-san, can we do it another night??? I’m in a meeting with Matsumoto-san right now”

“Call me later”

Date: April 5
Time: 6:30 am

Saki woke up at her usual hour and was getting ready to do her morning work-out.  She walked out her door towards the stairs but stopped and turned her head to Maimi’s opened door. ‘That’s odd! Even if Maimi is awake, she doesn’t have a habit of leaving her door open’ Saki walked closer to Maimi’s room and took a peek inside ‘Hmmmm maybe she forgot?’ Saki decided to drop it and close Maimi’s door for her before heading towards the stairs again when she walked past Airi’s room.  Through the slight open crack she can see a wide-awake Maimi trying to stretch while trying to not wake up the sleeping Airi.  Saki opened the door a little wider “Good morning” she murmured

“Morning, do me a favour? Help me put the girl lying down on the bed?” Maimi whispered to Saki.  Saki walked closer to the bed and together they managed to slide Airi down so that she was lying on the bed. Maimi pulled the covers over Airi’s chest before they both stepped out, closing the door behind them.

“What happened? Were you sleeping in that position all night?” Saki inquired a stretching and flexing Maimi

“Ugh!!!” Maimi shook out the numbness in her side and arm then cracked her neck to take the stiffness out. “I heard her crying hysterically last night so I checked up on her.  By the time she had calmed down she had fallen asleep on my shoulder.  Everytime I tried to move, she would stir so I gave up”

“So you really did sleep in that position?” Maimi nodded “Are you going to bed now?”

Maimi shook her head “Naw, I’m going to the weight room”

“Is Suzuki-san going to work or is she going to take time off?”

“Don’t know just quite yet, we’ll know when she wakes up”

“And you? Are you going to go to work?”

Maimi thought for a moment, “If Airi needs time, I don’t feel like leaving her alone, so I might work from home today if that becomes the case”

Saki nodded, “Agreed, seeing how fragile she can be right now, I don’t know whether she should be alone and seeing that she opens up to you I was about to suggest the same thing…Funny how she opens up to you” Saki smirked “So…is there something going on???”

“Argh!!! Saki you’re unbelievable!!!” Maimi walked off faster to the weight room

“Wait up!!! You didn’t answer the question!!!!” Saki ran after Maimi asking her over and over the same question that Maimi believed didn’t need to be answered
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There's definitely something going on between airi and maimi..... :wub:
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Maimi smirked “Because out of all 5 of us, I am the strongest and not to mention tallest one to contain a raging anyone but no one can contain a raging me.
Ain't that cool

Maimi massaged the brigde between her eyes “So let me get this straight, I have an angry Reina, crying Eri and broken items in my house because of a lover’s quarrel???”
Yay!  XD

“Reina if you plan on leaving this house, please at least have the decency to tell us whether you will be returning because if you don’t I am going to assume otherwise”

Eri giggled and lightly smacked Reina over the head “I didn’t catch it and I didn’t keep that piece of paper.  Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you, that trick doesn’t work on me, the last I need is you going to jail for killing this girl”
Jezzzz  :lol:

“So you think I am worse than a brat eh? I am a monster eh??? Is this the thanks we get for hiring and providing for you???  Oh if Maimi heard that too, this will make it all worth watching and savouring” smirked Saki
Good one   :rofl:

“Er…didn’t anyone teach you it’s not nice to be eavesdropping??”
:rofl:  :rofl:

“Don’t worry, she won’t have to tell me anything.  I’d like to hear the end of that list though and how you’re going to squirm you’re way out of that one” Everyone looked at the top fo the stairs except Saki, including Ai, who was just as shocked as Reina and Eri to find Maimi standing there, arms crossed, with Airi behind amused at the events unfolding
:rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:

Eri hid behind Reina “Can…can we pass?”
Damn  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:

Sparring --> Very cute and hilarious   :twothumbs

Maimi moved a bit, planning on lying Airi on the bed but at each movement Airi would stir and tug Maimi’s closer to her side

“So…is there something going on???”
There is Saki-chan!!!  :D

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@ abok: Not sure if you've read this somewhere but, don't count your chickens until they hatch  ;)

@K: Glad you are enjoying the TanaKamei's lover quarrel and the way Maimi and Saki had to mediate between them.

I'm planning of blowing them up so that one dies, or maybe more than one dies so that in each pairing and desired pairing only has one left living, do you think it's a good idea??  :twisted: :lol:

Chapter 41

Date: April 5
Time: 6:30 am

Risa woke up and checked her phone immediately.  Because she was so tired from the arcade activities with Miya she was very tired and ended up falling asleep in her attempt in waiting for a message from Airi or Maimi. 

Airi is staying at my house for the night, don’t worry  :) ~ Maimi

Risa let out a sigh of relief that Airi didn’t spend the night on a roof, she was also worried that Airi may persuade Maimi to stay all-night on the roof with her.  Risa stretched with a slight smile before heading over to Miyabi’s room to see how much damange was done throughout the night.  Miyabi was always the one that was hardest to calm down when she got upset but because she was more expressive compared to Airi, Risa worried more since Airi tends to bottle up things inside.

Quietly taking a peek inside Miyabi’s room, she found that the damage was relatively minimum compared to other times. ‘Maybe she’s grown up and all that talking did her some good’ Risa was about to walk out but noticed that near Miyabi’s ear was her cellphone ‘Or maybe talking to a certain individual calmed her down’ Risa grinned before closing Miyabi’s door

Risa went back to her room and texted Ai, a habit that they both developed since they met Good morning hun  :wub:, before getting ready to prepare breakfast.  By the time breakfast was ready, Risa would check her cell for the returning message

Good morning beanie baby, what’s on the menu?  :wub:~ Ai-chan

Risa smiled at the nickname that Ai thought up for her, she quickly replied the text while heading to Miyabi’s room once more.  ~KNOCK KNOCK~ “Miya? Breakfast is ready” Groans could be heard inside and a ~THUMP~ too indicating that Miyabi has probably forgot about the cellphone that was lying next to her ear and has now ended up on the floor.  Risa opened the door to see Miya curled up in her blanket “Miya, are you going to work today? If you are you better get up, breakfast is ready” No response ‘It’s no wonder Airin wakes her up in the morning, she’s more demanding and Miya actually responds.  What do I do??? Hmmmmm’ then a thought popped up in Risa’s head as she walked out of the room and came back moments later with something behind her back.

Miyabi was just about to go back to dreamland when she felt something cool on her neck, slowly this object began to slide down her back as Miyabi opened her eyes and screamed “WTF was that???”

Risa grinned “Glad you’re up kiddo!!! Now go eat breakfast”

“What the hell was that?” Miyabi asked once more shaking her shirt that was wet now.  Risa pulled her hands from behind her to produce a small bag of ice cubes “Ice cubes?? Risa-oneesan couldn’t you think of a better way to wake a person up besides ice cubes?”

“Nope now get up and get ready for work, breakfast is on the table” Risa ordered walking out of Miyabi’s door “And don’t think about going back to bed unless you want to be swimming in ice cubes” she warned without turning around

‘*Groan* Jesus!!! Where is Airin??? She’s the one that usually wakes me…oh yeah I forgot, we had a blow out *groan* now I don’t feel like working and we still have that case we haven’t solved.  Gawd what am I going to do when I see Airin’ Frusterated at the choices she is given Miyabi got up and got ready for work.

Date: April 5
Time: 7:13 am

Airi woke up, rubbing her eyes ‘Itai!!! Why the hell does my eye hurt…wait a minute where am I?’ Airi observed her surrounding to be nothing like her own room when realization struck her ‘That’s right! I slept over at Maimi’s house and I was crying…on Maimi’ Airi looked at her watch ‘Yikes!! Look at the time, I have to go to work soon…’ Airi slowed down her pace from looking for a towel to take a shower, she had to face Miyabi if she went to work and really she didn’t want to deal with it.  She slowly took the towel that was left for her and walked out of the guest room.

“Ahhhh~! That felt good!!” Airi snapped back to reality at the voice, she walked closer to the stairway

“You said it, nothing more refreshing that a good workout” Maimi’s voice could be heard from below as well ‘Workout?! In the morning??? Is that what these guys do everyday?? So athletic!!!!’ Airi was definitely in awe

“Morning Suzuki-san” Airi turned around to see Ai rubbing her eyes in a bathrobe

“G-good morning Takahashi-san”

“How was your sleep?” Ai started advancing down the stairs and Airi aimlessly followed

“It was…good” Airi wasn’t sure if she should be telling others that she cried herself to sleep…on Maimi

“Oh you’re up!” Ai and Airi turned to see Saki wiping her sweat with a towel “Were you planning to go workout with that towel?”

Airi looked down at the towel in her hand  that Saki was pointing at, it was a large towel for showering as compared to the towel that Saki had around her neck, a short one “Er…no…I was going to take a shower”

“Oh! Well I think you went too far, the washroom is next to your room” ‘I totally look like a dork now, I was just using it yesterday’

“Er…thanks…I’ll go take that shower now”

Before Airi could quickly get out of the awkward and embarrassing moment, Saki pulled her close and whispered “You’re eyes are a bit puffy, I think you might want to check on that” Airi gave her a nod and headed back upstairs

Ai, who was half-witnessing all this through sleepy eyelids, was curious “What did you say to her?”

“Nothing” was the response as Saki ran up to her own washroom leaving a dumbfolded Ai, who shrugged and headed to the kitchen to do her usual morning greet to Maimi

Airi quickly showered and put on some makeup to cover her puffy eyes before descending down the stairs.  The minute she stepped out the washroom, an aroma filled her nostrils as she let the smell guide her to where she believed everyone should be only to find Ai hugging Maimi from behind, who was cooking ‘Er…talk about awkward moments, does ane know what Takahashi-san’s relationship is with Maimi?’

“Ai-chan, go get ready and wake the 2 up?”

“Alright” Ai let go of Maimi and turned to see Airi’s head on a side looking at them “Suzuki-san” she then followed the glances between herself and Maimi “Don’t worry, we’re just like that”

Maimi turned to see who Ai was talking to to see Airi looking at them “Ai-chan, go get ready and wake those 2 up first, you know how hard it is for them to wake up” Ai nodded and walked off “Come Airin, just in time for breakfast.  Don’t worry about Ai-chan, although she is older than all of us, she can be a child at times and it just so happens that her childish moment is in the morning” Maimi giggled

Airi slowly walked over to Maimi’s side “Funny, that’s what I do to ane every morning too”

“Oh really?! Then Niigaki-san wouldn’t mind it in the near future, that’s a good thing to hear” Maimi and Airi shared a laugh.  Maimi stood there for a moment , “you? You do that too?” Airi realized her slip up and looked down at the counter finding it much more interesting at the moment ‘Great job Airi!!! Tell her more embarrassing things as it is, now you totally look like a baby’

“Hey!” Saki walked into the kitchen fully dressed for work and stood on the other side of Maimi “Suzuki-san, why don’t you take a seat, you are a guest overall.  Maimi, I can take over now”

“Sure, I think the eggs are the only things that I haven’t made yet and I haven’t set the table” Maimi took off her apron and helped put it on Saki, then turned Airi pushing from her shoulders to the table “Take a seat, while I get ready”  Airi obliged and sat there until Maimi was out of sight




“Call me Saki, we’re all friends here so Saki is preferable”

“Okay Saki-chan, how about I help set the table?”

“Oh no need Suzuki-san…”

“Airin” Airi gave Saki a toothy grin in which Saki smiled

“No need Airin, you are our guest so we couldn’t possibly ask our guest to set the table”

Airi walked up to Saki “You did say we’re friends right? Now where do I find everything?”  Seeing that Airi was persistent Saki directed Airi as to how the table needs to be set

By the time Airi was just about done setting the table, Ai had reappeared in a grey skirt, white dress shirt and grey blazer, followed by a grumpy Reina, in a black suit and pink dress shirt, and a sleepy Eri, in a green one-piece dress.  Airi waited for everyone to sit down, afraid to sit incase she was sitting in someone’s spot especially if that spot was either Reina’s or Eri’s considering that those two probably have a preference.

“Airin, why are you sitting down?” Maimi walked in wearing a white tracksuit ‘Eh?! Is Maimi going to work in that?’

“Er…I was about to” she watched as Maimi took a seat beside Saki, so Airi took the remaining spot, looking around the table.  Reina was putting food onto Eri’s plate before she put some on her own, Ai was putting food on her table glancing from her laptop from time to time making sure she was getting something as opposed to air, Saki didn’t even have to take her eyes off the newspaper and was picking up food and then she turned to Maimi who was putting food on Airi’s plate and then onto her own “Thanks”

Maimi smiled “No problem” she then leaned a bit closer towards Airi “Do you plan on going to work today?”

Airi nodded a bit “not back at the station though, I am working outside the department today”

“Are you sure?” Maimi whispered

Airi nodded again “Er… Maimi, are you going to work in a tracksuit?”

Maimi giggled “No but that is one of the perks of working for your own company, I don’t have to be there on time” she winked

“Reina, can you please tell Eri to wake up before she swims in it? Normal people eat their food not use their face to feel it first” Saki ordered through the newspaper she was reading

Reina turned to the dozing Eri and shook her “Babe, wake up!!!!” Airi giggled at the group in front of her, she smiled at how Reina and Eri were back together and how Saki knew without looking away from the paper to tell Eri to wake up ‘A fun bunch, nothing more to say but that’

“Oh guys I forgot to inform you, Saki and I won’t be home for dinner tonight” Maimi almost cried out

Saki looked at Maimi “I won’t be home for dinner that is a possibility but how are you so sure?”

“Hehe… I forgot to tell you that I’ve booked a dinner with our parents tonight” multiple ~CLANK~ could be heard as Airi observed Ai, Reina, Eri and Saki all dropped their forks onto their plates, except Eri’s, hers dropped onto her lap

Saki cleaned out her ears “I’m sorry Maimi, run that by me again, I could’ve sworn you said you booked a dinner with our parents tonight” Airi observed unsure as to why that was a shocker as Ai, Reina and Eri looked on for the answer

“I’ve booked it with them to tell them about the rejection of our latest project.  To me, the parents would be our biggest roadblock so if we get by them, they we can easily get by the Board, or better yet, let them deal with the Board” Maimi informed

“Wait a minute!!! So you’re going to tell your parents tonight? But I haven’t helped you prepare anything, how about you Ai-chan?” Reina asked Ai, who was shaking her head as well “You stopped us from doing any more research on that”

“Yes because I have what I need” Maimi turned to Saki “Sorry for the late notice I was going to tell you last night but it slipped my mind”

Saki nodded “That’s fine!!! Do I need to actually present anything or are you fine doing this one alone”
Maimi gave her a thumbs up “Okay then that settles it, shopping after work, and Maimi and I won’t be home for dinner”

“Wait a minute!!! It was Maimi’s turn to cook tonight”

Maimi smiled “Glad you caught on Eri, guess who is? You have 3 guesses”

“Awww man!!! That sucks!!!!” Eri folded her arms pouting, Ai just continued tapping away at her laptop, smiling, whereas Maimi and Saki continued eating, while Reina was consoling her girlfriend
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I love morning time shenanigans, everyone is so cute in their simple routine. I love how they're all absorbed in their own thing, but still considering each other. :D

I'm planning of blowing them up so that one dies, or maybe more than one dies so that in each pairing and desired pairing only has one left living, do you think it's a good idea??
No, I don't think it's a good idea. If you are planning on killing someone off, it's much too even to kill off one from each couple. Death isn't like that, there are always survivors that aren't directly part of the group where the loss happened, know what I mean? And if you are going to completely destroy everyone's happiness like that, I don't think that kind of ending is worth reading. You might as well have killed off the whole main cast if they're each so devastated that they can't console each other. Not to sound harsh or stuck up, but I really don't think that's a good idea.

That being said, I probably won't quit reading if that's what you decide to do, but I'll let my displeasure be known.
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: At the end of the day, regardless of what happens the night before, the next morning is a new day, everything else is the past so why dwell???  That's why I like to write the mornings simple and their interactions as they are.

Ahhhh~~~ I do recall someone telling me that they wanted me to blow someone up or the world up  :nervous but I'm only teasing, that will probably be my last resort if I can't think of the direction this is going  :lol:

However as to your comment about the survivors in death, true there are always survivors that aren't directly part of the group where the loss happened, so if Miya or Airi dies, Risa and Saki has Ai-chan and Maimi's group to console them, so that they will bare the loss and possible grow to cherish the people around them, hence becoming survivors.  There will be dramatic moments to begin with, but with time and the aid of others, these survivors will prevail. 

If I killed one half of the main cast, the other half will have each other to console each other, be there in their times of pain and need, realize the mistakes they've made in the past, cherish those that are still alive, bring their friendships a lot closer, you know what I mean??

That being said, I was just teasing, I doubt I have the brain power to create a scenario where everyone dies, however tempting, not something I can or want to produce, it was a spur of a moment comment, gomene.

Chapter 42

Date: April 5
Time: 9:06 am

Miyabi walked into the department to find her team looking through the files of the Ikeda case and trying to figure out the mystery woman involved.  She greeted the other members half-heartedly, while trying to peek into Airi’s office.

“Suzuki-san is not in” Chinami tapped on Miyabi’s shoulder, the other members looking on

“Thanks Chii, did she call in sick or something?”

“She called in saying she was going to be out of the office today” answered Chisa “so what is our task for today?”

Miyabi didn’t answer but she did walk into Airi’s office and there on the desk were the blown up pictures of the females that were caught on tape, along with a drawing of one of their faces done by Airi herself and finally another drawn portrait of the mystery woman involved in the Ikeda case.  She picked up the whole file and walked back out to the group “You guys continue the search for our mystery woman, go back if you must, see if there is anything we overlooked, I am going out to investigate.  Chisa, you’re in charge of work division.  If you guys need Airi or myself, you have our numbers”

‘I must be crazy for doing this but I hipe you’re right Airin about your gut feeling.’ Miyabi rushed out to talk to her sources about the whereabouts Ken was on the day of the incident and where he met the mystery girls

Date: April 5
Time: 9:56 am

After having breakfast at Maimi’s house, Airi washed the dishes alongside Maimi before heading out to find out when they mystery women popped up.  It took her some time but she finally found the schedule Ken was on that day.  She had to basically go to every location to see if anyone has seen the woman.  She had just finished 2 places, but she was already feeling tired, the blazing sun didn’t help the situation either.  Deciding it was time for a short break, Airi walked to the nearest convenience store to get a cold drink.  She had just stepped out of the convenience store when she thought she saw a figure that looked like Miyabi run by. ‘I think the heat is getting to me because I could’ve sworn I saw Miya run by, but that doesn’t make sense, why would Miya be around here by herself?  Shouldn’t she be at the station or with other members of the team?’ Airi shook her head and rubbed her eyes for a moment, when she focused herself once again, she turned to the direction that she has seen this Miyabi looking figure and saw no one ‘Yep, it was just the sun getting to me’ Airi took out a piece of paper in which she wrote Ken’s schedule, checked where her next stop is before turning to leave

“Airin” Airi cleared her ears out ‘Did someone just call me??? That voice sounds familiar…like Miya’s!!!...Stop giving yourself false hope Suzuki Airi, there is no way in hell Miya would be around here’ Airi continued towards her direction

“Airin” Airi felt a hand on her shoulders spinning her around to face the owner

“Miya? What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to investigate these people” Miyabi handed Airi a folder, a folder Airi immediately recognized to be Ken’s case

“B-but…but I thought…”

“I’m sorry Airin,” Miyabi looked down on the floor “I’m sorry I thought you were obsessive and for mentioning your breakup time and time again.  I shouldn’t have, I should be supportive of you, yet because I was worried that I made a wrong connection…I”

Airi embraced Miyabi sobbing “Miya, I’m sorry!!! *sob* I’m sorry for using that tone and language at you…*sob* I’m sorry for not thinking how my behaviour *sniff* could…could make my family worry.  I was so scared *sob*…scared that you’ll never forgive me…I couldn’t face you *sob*… and…”

“There, there Airin.  We both made mistakes in the situation, don’t cry” Miyabi brushed Airi’s back in their hug “Don’t cry, you’re a big girl now, you shouldn’t cry so easily”

“*Sob* I was feeling guilty after you left…*sniff* I didn’t know how I was going to face you…”

“Shhhh! It’s okay now, it’s okay now” Miyabi wiped her own silent tears “Don’t cry, the Suzuki Airi I know is tougher than this.  Shhhhh!” Airi took a couple of deep breaths to regulate her breathing before Miyabi pulled away “so now where to Airin?”

“H-huh? What do you mean?”

“You’re investigating Ken’s case right?” Airi nodded “So now where are we going?”

“Are you sure you want to do this??? You could be risking your future career here”

“What is there to be afraid of? You’re doing the exact same thing aren’t you?” Airi remained silent “Besides if I lose my job, that means you and Risa-oneesan will take care of my living”

Airi laughed “Fair enough.  I’ve got Ken’s schedule and I’m checking out where he met these girls”

“Sounds like a plan” Miyabi linked her arm with Airi “Let’s go”
Date: April 5
Time: 2:34 pm

I’ve got an idea for our next attack  :)~Whiz

Anything impossible?  XD~ Swift

Swift, don’t joke, we don’t need anymore injuries, at least not now  :angry:~Ace

It may be doable, I am just trying to figure out the minor details, Gen, if we can chat sometime today, to see what you think?~Whiz

Only include me when it is impossible haha j/k, sure, I’ll text you later  :P~ Gen

 :smhid~ Sexy


*high-five*~ Swift

Don’t you dare  :angry:~Model & Pint

Talk later, working  :roll:~Gen

Date: April 5
Time: 3:19 pm

Ken walked along the familiar corridor alone, always looking left and right and listening for any footsteps following him.  He opened the heavy metal door to the roof to be faced with King’s back, smoking a cigarette.


King turned around and smiled, “How are the preparations for the trap??” King took off his sunglasses and observed Ken’s face a little more closely “What happened to you??? Got into a fight??”

“I want to change our plans a bit” Ken ignored the questions and got straight to the point

“How so?”

“I want Nakai’s position” Ken bluntly stated

King smirked “What do you have on mind? I don’t know about you but I recall that there is someone higher up than Nakai, so would it be wise?”

“I just want to inform you that while the trap is in place, we can keep our eyes on Matsumoto for now before we take him out of the picture however I will also be taking care of my own business”

“How are you going to get past the higher up??? Won’t they find it strange that Nakai just died or disappears??”

“I plan to put it on our visitors”

“The girls?” Ken nodded “I do like the way you think, I’ll okay if you need more time before we leak any information, but what I suggest is that we leak the information more slowly then” King stated before walking off “Oh by the way, did you know you have been getting visitors?”

“I’ve been told, some rodents have been running in my properties asking questions”

“What do you plan to do?”

“What else does a person do with a rodent infestation…kill” King put on his sunglasses once more and walked out the door

Ken pulled out his cell “Ozawa, I need to know where our little visitors will be going and we need to terminate them, make it look clean”
Date: April 5
Time: 4:56 pm

“Ahhhhh!! I’m so tired”

“Lucky for us, this will be our last stop before we take a break, the other locations don’t open till later tonight” As Airi was driving she noticed a motorcycle following her very closely “Stupid motorcyclists, don’t they know not to drive so closely??? If I brake, they’re going to rear-end me” Airi decided it was best that they changed lanes, however not long after she did, the motorcycle followed, again Airi had to change lanes and again the motorcycle followed “Miya look behind us, that motorcycle is following us”

Miyabi turned to see the said motorcyclist completely covered in black and noticed the motorcyclist reaching into his leather jacket “Airin, I think we should speed up, he’s reaching inside his jacket”

Airi noticed it too from the rearview mirror and picked up the pace, the motorcyclist also picked up his speed “this is insane, why are we running, we should book him for playing games with us” Airi watched as the motorcyclist pulled out a gun and judging by the looks of the gun there was an attached silencer.  Before she could react, the motorcyclist shot at their window from behind ~CRASH~ the window broke, the duo ducked lower in their seats to avoid other bullets that may be flying.  Airi pressed hard on the brake to try to get the motorcyclist, but the motorcyclist’s reflexes were quick as they dodged and drove right by them

“Airin, let’s get that bastard” Airi picked up her speed and was now chasing the motorcyclist “What the hell was that for??”

“I don’t know but call for back up, I want a road block set up to stop this character” Miyabi looked at the license plate of the motorcycle and called for their team

“Chisa, we were just shot at, I need Kumai-san to set up road blocks as we are chasing, get a couple of you guys to head him off” Miyabi stayed on the phone constantly updating Chisa about their location.

Soon, they were leaving the main city and were heading up the mountains, the cyclist turned around and shot again hitting the hood of Airi’s car “My car!!!! Now you’re going to get it, I just got this not too long ago” Airi pressed hard on the gas pedal, gaining speed.  They were about to turn the corner when ~BAM~ a van coming in the opposite direction hit them on the side of the car. “SHIT!!!” Airi was frantically trying to gain control of her car and looked at the driver of the van.  The windows were tinted but Airi could clearly see that these guys had sunglasses on and black caps and were continuing to push Airi’s car

“Airin!!!! We’re going to fall off the….” Airi’s Mercedes fell off the cliff and started tumbling down.  The car did a couple of rolls before it finally stopped on its head.

Some men from the van got off the van and looked over the cliff, from behind the motorcyclist came back and stopped right beside them.  “Go check” the motorcyclist demanded, the guys went back to the van and together they drove down towards where Airi’s Mercedes was.  They got as close as possible to where the car was and got out, weapons in hand however they didn’t step far when the car blew up.  Smiling at the flames and watching the car be engulfed in them, the motorcyclist pulled out their cell “The deed is done” before they hung up.
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oh my god!!!! :panic:

what will happen to Airi and Miya!!!! :panic:

please don't let them die!!!! :panic:
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@ ChrNo: I recall you love to read loads of chapters as opposed to a chapter a day or something along those lines so I guess you got what you wanted.
Hell yes !

i hope you didn't take that panic emo in the wrong way :panic:

oh wow lot of chapters again \o/

Airi sounds like a cry baby now  :lol:
i like how Airi would usually end up on the roof, and how Miya would calm herself down with games   :nervous
and ice cream makes everything beautiful anyway \o/

loving her interactions with Maimi there...
lost puppy :rofl:
also like that breakfast part

“So…is there something going on???”
“Argh!!! Saki you’re unbelievable!!!” Maimi walked off faster to the weight room
“Wait up!!! You didn’t answer the question!!!!” Saki ran after Maimi
aaah saki saki saki  :rofl:

i believe you can't just kill your two main characters so i'm sitting smiling waiting for the next chapters  :D
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Well, blowing up the world is still okay XD

Oh noes, Miya! Airi!
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Because this is fic world that's why I am not yelling my head off or tearing my hair out yet. :D

I doubt you will kill off Airi and Miya right? I bet they will be trapped somewhere and while waiting for people to come rescue them, they will get over their troubles by talking things out.

The easiest way to kill off everyone at the same time is a huge bomb explosion XD
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@ abok: Because I am  :twisted: I am not going to answer that question  :lol:

@ ChrNo: Well I figured that even as a cop, they have their weak and vulnerable sides and to be honest, I believe the people around us that we think are important are usually the things that bring that part out of each and everyone of us.  I couldn't make everyone strong now can I? Makes them seem cruel  ;)

Ah~~~ So you don't think I will kill them off eh??? Hmmmm.... interesting

@ Her Awesome Holiness: Blowing up the world is okay??? If that's the case, I should think of blowing up the world instead right???

@ Mame-chan: Now why would you be yelling your head off and tearing your hair out???  :roll:

Don't tempt me of blowing up everyone, it is definitely tempting, I can just picture it now.......

Chapter 43

Date: April 5
Time: 7:00 pm

Maimi and Saki arrived at the Royale Hotel in a chauffeured driven limosine, dressed in long evening gowns to meet their parents for dinner.  Although it was a simple dinner, the etiquettes for being rich were more fussy than usual, and were one of the pet peeves of both Maimi and Saki.

“Are you ready to do this?” Saki looked up at Maimi, who seemed to be nervous and out of it “Maimi?” Saki snapped her fingers in front of Maimi holding onto her clutch.

“Huh? Sorry what did you say Saki?”

“Are you sure you want to do this tonight? We could just have a dinner instead”

Maimi shook her head “No let’s do this and get it over with.  We can kill 2 birds with one stone by coming to this dinner together as well as giving them our arguments”

“If you say so” Saki and Maimi both walked through the opened doors and headed to the restaurant section of the hotel.

“How can I help you ladies tonight?” the waiter asked looking Maimi and Saki up and down

“We have a reservation under either Yajima or Shimizu”

He looked down the list “Ah yes, right this way”

“Are the other guests here already?” Maimi asked as they were being guided to a room

“Yes, ma’am” He opened the door to a private room and let them walk in before bowing and closing it on his way out

“Maimi-chan/Saki-chan” the parents each greeted their own daughters

The waiter inside the room helped Maimi and Saki pull out their chairs for them to sit down, before going back to standing near the door

Throughout dinner, Maimi and Saki would be bombarded about how they have been and what they have been up to, anything interesting in which Maimi and Saki did their best to entertain even if they didn’t want to be there.

“Ah, Maimi-chan, your father says that you wanted to decline the project that we wanted to set up with Mano Corp is that right? Saki-chan you also agreed to this?” Saki’s father asked after taking a sip of his wine

“Yes Uncle Shimizu, that is true”

“Alright dinner is done, so why don’t we hear what they have to say, what do you say Yajima” Saki’s father asked Maimi’s father, in which he gestured for Maimi to start

“Uncle Shimizu, father, I hope you understand that we ran a historical search on this company and we believe there will be unknown risks that would be in play if we decide to accept the project” Maimi breathed in deeply, she can’t deny that she isn’t nervous because she really hasn’t dealt with the parents face to face in a while when it came to work related issues. ‘Yajima Maimi get your head together, you can do this!!! You’ve spent enough time planning things out’

“Oh? What risks are you referring to?” Saki’s father asked resting his chin on his folded hand with interest

“For one thing, we found that this company first started in this city first so we were curious as to why this company closed down back then.  Through a thorough search, it seems that the company dealt with people that weren’t the best characters in the world.  The company had a rough crew and was even involved with characters that attracted law enforcer attention.  One of the connections that the company had was with a certain person named Yamaguchi, who was recently put behind bars.  The company was closed down and didn’t surface again until a few years later in America”

“Okay, so they started out with the wrong crowd, what does this have to do with now?”

“Uncle Shimizu, although that was the past, can we guarantee that the relationships that Mano Corp has in America aren’t the same type?” There was no response meaning that they didn’t have an answer “Because of this uncertainty are we ready to go into a business contract with a company that has such a history?  I know that I shouldn’t judge on something of the past, and granted we have no proof of it, but my concern is that if we do take this project and if things don’t go as we would like, our reputation suffers a lot.  Now I’m sure yourself and father knows that reputation is not something that can be easily rebuilt again once we have a downfall.  Because of the relationships that Mano Corp had in the past, can we guarantee that these people will not be coming around to look for Mano Corp??? Mano Corp is successful in the Americas, that is a great opportunity for these people to scare them out of their wits to keep quiet. Another scenario would be that Mano Corp does continue to have relationships like those in the past, what happens if they have a fall out??? What if they start making visits to companies that have a business relationship with Mano Corp? Is that the type of news that we want splashed over the front page?  Let’s also assume that Mano Corp can control their people, can we be sure that Mano Corp isn’t using our joint venture as a means of other business that we don’t know about?  Do we need police investigations and killing what you’ve tried so hard to build?  My concerns more or less revolve around the business and our reputation in the business world but you can’t say that it hurts the most when you’ve tried so hard  and used so much time on something just to have it crumble” Maimi finished off her questions and looked at Saki, who was nodding in support

“Yajima, I think you and I are getting old, the young ones seem to have a good sense of taking over” Saki’s father laughed

“What do you think Shimizu, do you think we should give up this project?”

“Saki-chan, I’m assuming you’ve looked through Maimi-chan’s finding and are entirely fine with her decision?” Saki’s father looked at Saki

“Yes father, I’ve looked at it and I can’t help but think of the negatives that comes along with this transaction.  Undeniably, we could ride on Mano Corp to acquire a greater share in the American market however I fail to see anything that is set in stone either.  Having a business proposition with Mano Corp could aid us if they agree to but I’m pretty sure that one thing that is in the back of our minds is that this is the business world.  It can be cruel and it can be a dark place to be fighting in, will this joint venture be enough to bring our share skyrocketing in the Americas? Do we need to depend on them necessarily?  Us helping them here doesn’t necessarily equal them helping us in America.”

“Shimizu, the girls have great points and I didn’t want to agree with them unless you hear the same things that I do” admitted Maimi’s father  “I agree with their points, however I also think that the figure for this joint venture is not small”

“Yajima, according to the girls, the figure we forego will not be greater if anything does go downhill if we do agree.  We’re getting too old for this, we should let the younger generation decide, I’m sure they’ve gained enough experience by now to deal with anything that comes their way” Saki’s father laughed “I hate to admit it, but I think it’s time we stepped down”

Maimi father joined the laughter “Maybe after our girls find a nice man to get married to” all the parents laughed, except Maimi and Saki who simultaneously dropped their utensils with a ~CLANK~

“M-m-marriage” Maimi stuttered out

“Haha of course, we have to plan the next generation of our company” Maimi’s father smiled at the thought as he sipped on his wine

“B-b-but dad, I-I-I…” Saki slowly uttered out thinking how she was going to tell her parents about her relationships

“Haha, whoever you’re seeing now, you can take it as only a game because the one that you marry will be someone with status” Saki stared at her father “I know about your little relationship with that girl, but I’ll have you know that you are to marry with a nice boy and give birth to our next generation” Saki’s father stared right into Saki’s eyes and she could feel how serious he was being.

“I’m sorry, I never realized that rights were taking away in our day and age” Maimi slammed her fist on the table, standing up.

~Hitoribocchi nanka ja nai taisetsu na hito ga takusan iru yo hora ne sono subete no ai ni Sankyuu~ “Moshi moshi” Saki walked closer to one end of the room and picked up her cell

“Maimi!!!!! We didn’t raise you to be brats, we are doing this for your own good, so just do as we say”

“Do as you say??? Do as you say??? How can you possibly say that to us when we’ve done everything that you’ve asked us to do as it is??? Besides being around to tell us what to do, when were you ever around in our upbringing??? You’ve been busy, and you can always use that as your excuse but now that Saki and I have grown up, we’re use to you not being around.  I am not going to speak on Saki’s behalf but for me” Maimi turned to her parents and glared at them “If you weren’t there then, don’t bother trying to squeeze your way into my life now”

“Maimi, we have to go now” Saki came back from her phone conversation and Maimi could clearly tell that something was off “Uncle Yajima, father, we’ll continue this conversation next time.  Excuse us, we’ve got other matters to attend” Saki excused both herself and Maimi before the situation elevates, judging by how tight her father’s lips were put together and the pulsing vein in Uncle Yajima’s temple, it was best they left.

Date: April 6
Time: 10:34 pm

“So Whiz what’s on your mind” Gen walked into the study of their headquarters

“First and foremost, let’s see your wounds first”


“Because I need to know whether you should be as hands-on” Whiz looked sternly at Gen

Gen waved her hand in the air “Pfft! Don’t worry, I’m as good as new”

“That’s what you said last time and what happened then???” Whiz didn’t let up and even started advancing towards Gen in a menacing way

“Okay okay you win” Gen held up her hands stopping Whiz from walking any further “What idea do you have anyways?” Gen walked towards the sofa and lied down, lifting her shirt for Whiz to inspect the wounds

“Well what I was thinking was that we really just want information from these people, so we don’t really need to meet them head on, we can do it from afar” Whiz brought a tray of gauze and disinfectant to the coffee table

“The only problem with that is that they won’t take this seriously if we don’t see them and scare the shit out of them.  Also with the recent run in with Ken, I wouldn’t be surprised if Matsumoto has very tight security, hidden almost” Gen turned over when Whiz was through with cleaning the side wound

“You’ve got a point but I think we can scare them shitless and also get what we want too” Gen moved her hand in a circular motion indicating for Whiz to continue “I’ve been thinking of this for a while now and it will come in handy for us in the long run.  I’ve managed to get a good grasp of how to use this technology, the only issue is that I have to pinpoint our target first before we can scare them shitless”

“Tell me what you’ve got and I’ll work around it with the rest of the team, you become more familiarize with this new toy of your so that in the long-run we won’t have further issues but teach me” Gen got up when Whiz was finished with the wound on the back

“Another thing, I haven’t informed Com of our tactics yet”

Gen put a finger on her nose in deep thought “Don’t tell Com”

“Are you sure that’ll be okay?” Whiz asked wide-eyed

“Let’s not inform Com as of yet of our new toy.  We only really have to inform Com of our results from now on.  I don’t like this fact that Com has been doing things without our knowledge as it is, it seems shady.  Com never really said we had to notify them of our tools, just what we plan to do and what the results are.  In terms of what we plan to do, we have always just told them the target and when we are attacking so we don’t really have to go into detail.  Besides, we don’t know what other plans we can come up with so in the meantime we don’t need to tell Com as of yet.  If we keep this within ourselves excluding Pint and Model, I’ll know if it’s one of our own.”

“Okay, you’re the boss, here I’ll show you”…
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I'm planning of blowing them up so that one dies, or maybe more than one dies so that in each pairing and desired pairing only has one left living, do you think it's a good idea??  :twisted: :lol:
Jezzzz... no further comment  :D

‘Er…talk about awkward moments, does ane know what Takahashi-san’s relationship is with Maimi?’
Wild imaginations  :roll:

Maimi smiled “Glad you caught on Eri, guess who is? You have 3 guesses”

‘I must be crazy for doing this but I hipe you’re right Airin about your gut feeling.’
She's giving in  :D

“Besides if I lose my job, that means you and Risa-oneesan will take care of my living”

They got as close as possible to where the car was and got out, weapons in hand however they didn’t step far when the car blew up. 

Throughout dinner, Maimi and Saki would be bombarded about how they have been and what they have been up to, anything interesting in which Maimi and Saki did their best to entertain even if they didn’t want to be there.

“Haha, whoever you’re seeing now, you can take it as only a game because the one that you marry will be someone with status”

“I’m sorry, I never realized that rights were taking away in our day and age” Maimi slammed her fist on the table, standing up.

“If you weren’t there then, don’t bother trying to squeeze your way into my life now”
Aww... that stings

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Who called Saki, is it Miya or Gaki-san??? :panic:

Oh god..... i'm getting crazy....... :banghead:

Please let it be Miya..... Please!!!! :bleed eyes:
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Awww, I wanna have a meal at a nice and post hotel too. :ptam-psst: *hints*

Why doesn't anyone invite me? :hee:

Since Whiz didn't go all ballistic I would assume that Gen is healing fine? :sweat:

I really think they should let Com in on the plan. I mean, more heads can come up with a better plan no? :gmon blonde:
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@ K: Reality hurts like a bitch!!!  But I guess it's retribution to the parents for thinking they can make decisions on behalf of Maimi and Saki at their own free will.  Fight-O Maimi!!!!!

@ abok: You'll find out exactly who called who and what happened in this one, sorry for the long wait though  :nervous

@ Mame-chan: Got the hint....and.....sure!!! I'll make a mental note of it and consider this my formal invitation:

"To lil_hamz, mame*hime, hammy, mame-chan etc (all the other nicknames you have)

You have been invited to a dinner at Sheraton hotel (or whatever hotel there is) at 8:00 pm.  RSVP to FaqU

Thank you!"

Do you accept???  :lol:

I don't think Com should be in on the plan because Com is the one being shady as well, how do you trust someone that is shady???

Chapter 44

Date: April 11
Time: 9:37 pm

Risa walked down a white corridor, bags in hand carrying an assortment of necessities.  It has become one of the usual places for a couple of days now and the more she walked through the corridor, the more she was beginning to hate the place.  She didn’t think there would be a time when she would dread walking in a place like this, but as soon as she walked through the door, she hated it.  She walked to the couch nearby and placed her jacket and handbag on.  She would then walk up to the dresser and take the flowers that were there and replace it with new ones.

“Nee, nee how are you today?” No response “Today something interesting happened, there was this case where a guy drowned because he accidentally swallowed his nose piece when he was practicing for the swim meet that was to occur in a couple of day.  The family members were going crazy on me today when I told them the results because they couldn’t believe it, a nose piece.  They kept on questioning how in the world he could swallow it and such.  People are getting more reckless now don’t you think?” Still no response.

Risa took a couple of deep breaths and turned to the person lying in the bed “Airin, how long do you plan on being lazy? This isn’t like you, you know and I know you’re job has crazy hours but taking such a long break is no good for promotion”  Risa walked closer to the bed and sat on the chair beside it, thinking back on the day that Airi’s team called her.

Risa’s Flashback

~ Nanchatte Ren'ai wo kurikaesu onna no ko no kimochi Dare ni demo wakacchau wa onna no ko nara~   “Moshi moshi”


“Hi Chisa, how what’s up?” Risa wasn’t fazed by Airi’s team calling her, there were times when Airi and Miyabi were busy and asked if their team members could give her a call


“What’s wrong?” Risa noticed the pause and hesitation “H-has something happened?”

“Suzuki-san…Suzuki-san had an accident” Risa immediately dropped what she was doing and held the phone closer to her ear with both hands

“What? What happened? What kind of an accident? Is she okay?”

“I-I…I think it’s best you come down to the hospital”

“O-okay, have you notified Miyabi?”

“Um…you should come down here quick” ~CLICK~

Ai got up from where she was sitting “What’s wrong?”

“I’ve…I’ve got to go to the hospital”

“Who was that?”

“That was Chisa, she’s a member of Airi’s team” Risa was still stunned by the news about Airi being in the hospital

“I’ll drive, you grab your things” Risa rushed into her room to get changed.  When she came out she saw that Ai was on the phone

“…to the hospital.  Bye” ~CLICK~ Ai turned to see Risa “You’ve got everything?” Risa nodded, “Then let’s go”

When Risa and Ai reached the hospital, Airi’s whole team was sitting there and by the looks of their faces, Risa was getting worked up inside ‘Please don’t tell me what I think it is, please god, don’t tell me what I think it is’

Nakky was the first to notice Risa and Ai’s presence “Gaki-san!!!” the whole team got up to greet her

“What happened??!” Risa grabbed onto Nakky hard and was shaking her.  Ai placed a hand on Risa’s shoulders to stop her from shaking Nakky too much.  The team looked at each other figuring out who should be the one to tell her “What happened?? Tell me!!!!”

Chisa stepped forward “Suzuki-san had a car accident,…her car fell down a cliff” Risa stood there in total shock, unable to think, unable to breathe as those words were registering in her mind

Everyone didn’t know what to expect as they stood there in silence, until Ai spoke up “Risa?” snapping Risa back to reality

Risa immediately dialled for Miyabi’s cell ~seishun basu gaido kimi wa mabushii kinen ni shashin totte ii kai~, she looked around for where the ringtone was coming from when Miyabi wasn’t in sight.

Slowly, Maasa produced a plastic bag with Miyabi’s cell in it, Risa dropped her phone “Er…Gaki-san,… Natsuyaki-san was in it”  Risa’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and blacked out. 

“Airin!!!!” Risa jolted up, scaring the people around her.  Risa looked left, right and centre until her eyes were laid upon Ai “Where am I?”

“Risa, you’re in a hospital…you fainted after hearing about Suzuki-san and Natsuyaki-san” Realization hit Risa as tears started to fall down her face, in which Ai pulled Risa in for a hug

“W-where are they?” she looked around at the team, who seemed unsure if they should tell her in this state. “WHERE ARE THEY!” Risa hollered out at them, shocked at this side of Gaki-san they’ve never seem before

“They are in intensive care right now” Nakky answered, holding back the tears that were about to fall

“Take me to them!” Risa pulled away from Ai and tried getting off the bed.  The team was about to protest but Ai turned and put her hand out, indicating that it’s okay, as she helped Risa off the bed

Slowly and steadily, leaning on Ai for support, Risa walked out of the room she was in and let the team guide her.  “This is where Natsuyaki-san is” Risa saw through the glass window Miyabi lying there hooked up to machines, bandages around her head, leg propped up. 

“W-what did the doctor’s say?” Risa choked out

“T-the doctor’s analysis was that N-Natsuyaki-san has a-a broken leg, some minor scratches and bruises and…and has a concussion” Yurina slowly breathed out, trying hard to stop her tears from falling

Risa walked up to the glass window and placed her hands on them, taking in the sight before her.  Just looking at Miyabi’s condition, Risa’s tears had started falling

“Ai-chan!!!” the team and Ai turned to see Saki, Maimi, Eri and Reina “How is she???” Saki zoomed faster than the rest

“She’s in there…Saki-chan” Saki did a double take before turning her attention to the glass window that everyone was surrounding

“It’s been a while Chii, it’s been a while” Maimi went over to Chinami and they exchanged hugs, causing a bit of curiousity within the team and in particular, Yurina.  Saki’s legs gave way but before she landed, Maimi caught her before anyone else could “I’ve got you”

“H-h-how *gulp* how did it happen?” Maimi clung onto Saki tighter, giving her strength, as tears started falling down her face.  Saki turned to Chinami “How did this happen?” Saki clung onto Chinami’s arms breaking down in them with Maimi keeping Saki from hurting Chinami

“W-w-“ Risa paused trying to get her vocal chords to work “Where is Airin?” The team pointed to the room a little further down

With the support of the glass window Risa tired sliding over.  Maimi turned to Eri and Reina to take Saki from her before walking behind Risa and Ai.  Without an exchange of words, Ai loosened her grip on Risa for Maimi to take hold of Risa’s weight from the opposite side of Ai.  Airi was lying in the bed, arm in a cast, bandage around her head just like Miyabi’s and….. around her eyes

Ai gasped putting her hands over her mouth, letting go of Risa accidentally, which Maimi managed to hold all of Risa’s weight.  Risa turned and hung onto Maimi, turning her head away from Airi, sobbing into Maiim’s shoulders.  Maimi hung her head low and closed her eyes, pained by the condition Airi was in and the scene of Risa crying. Members of the team cried silent tears seeing Risa in this state, including Reina and Eri as they held onto a crying Saki, letting go of their own silent tears.  Ai brushed Risa’s back unsure as to any other means of easing her girlfriend’s pain

“How is she?” Maimi asked not lifting her head

“*Choke* Suzuki-san…has got a broken… *huff* broken arm, minor cuts and…”Chinami couldn’t continue as she turned to cry in Yurina’s embrace

“Minor cuts and bruises,…*sniff* …and a concussion” Chisa finished off holding a sobbing Nakky

“A-and her…eyes?”

“The doctor said…the doctor said…whew…the doctor said that Suzuki-san may…*sniff* may suffer from temp-temporary blindness” Maasa tried to refrain from breaking down

Risa cried even harder after Maasa’s words “No…no…no!” Risa started pounding on Maimi’s chest.  Ai tried to hold to Risa’s wrists but Maimi shook her head, so Ai let Risa vent.

End of Flashback
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Osnap! :shocked Airi! Miya! Poor Gaki :( To be told that she almost lost the only 2 family members she has is a harsh truth for her :smhid But Ai will be there for her right? :)

Maimi & Saki know Chinami? :? And seems well enough too?
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Baddie: It wouldn't be right if Ai wasn't there for Risa right?  :lol: Ahhhh~ glad you caught on to that little fact, indeed Maimi and Saki know Chinami.  ;)

Chapter 45

Risa was brought back to reality when they doors opened and in walked Ai and Maimi, holding flowers and some blankets.  Ai rushed to Risa’s side after she dropped the blanket on the couch “Hey, how is she?”

Risa wiped her tears “I talked to her doctor and the cuts and bruises are going away, her arm still has to be in a cast for a couple of weeks” Risa tried to put on a smile “Thanks for visiting though”

“Stop thanking us Niigaki-san, we’re all concerned about Airin” answered Maimi who was putting the flowers she was holding into a separate vase

Ai took hold of Risa’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze “How is Shimizu-san?”

“She’s gotten better now.  She’s taking better care of herself better than before”


The first couple of days after the announcement of Airi and Miyabi’s accident, Saki didn’t move from the hospital.  She waited outside the intensive care unit until Miyabi was transferred to another room where Saki sat there holding Miyabi’s hand, refusing to leave.

Eri and Reina urged for Saki to go home and sleep but it was like Saki wasn’t listening, all Saki would do is sit there and hold onto Miyabi’s hand and cry.  Ai had to tend to Risa who was in a similar state as Saki so was absent from Miyabi’s room.  It was Maimi who snapped Saki back to reality when she physically lifted her up disregarding the kicking and fists thrown at her, Maimi carried Saki out of the hospital with Eri and Reina following behind unaware of what Maimi was planning.  “Let me down, Miya!!! Let go of me, what are you doing? Miya!!!” Saki reached out her hand as Miyabi’s figure was slowing disappearing from her view. “Miya!!!! What are you doing??? Let me go!!!! Miya!!!!  Maimi put me down right this instant!!!!”

Finally Maimi put Saki down when they were outside of the hospital building, in which Saki punched Maimi in the face “What are you doing?” shocking both Eri and Reina.  Saki was about to walk back into the hospital but Maimi stopped her turning her face to Saki “Let me go Yajima Maimi!” By now Eri and Reina had reached up to them and could see the blood trickling from the corner of Maimi’s lips

“Snap out of it!” Maimi yelled and slapped Saki across the face.  Eri covered Saki’s head, pulling her into a hug as Saki held the side of her face glaring at Maimi, whereas Reina stepped in between them. “You’re not achieving anything by sitting there!!!”Maimi advanced forward but Reina held out a forearm holding her back “She’ll need someone when she wakes up and you won’t be of any use to her if you fall sick” Maimi stopped advancing hoping Saki would snap out of it.

Saki pushed Eri away from her “What if she doesn’t?”

In one quick motion, Maimi pushed Reina aside and swung at Saki again “Shimizu Saki I expected more from you!!! Where’s the level headed Saki I grew up with?  Why are you thinking so negatively? She’ll wake up just like Airin! You have to have faith in them because they’re listening, our voices are their guides.  Who is going to take care of her while she’s struggling?  You?  Don’t make me laugh!!! In your current state, you’ll collapse and a lot good that does her! Stay strong for her Saki!  They need our strength too, we have to stay strong to support them through this” Maimi huffed out.  Saki stood there clutching her jaw and looking towards the ground, tears falling.  Maimi looked at Reina and Eri “Guys, take Saki home, let her eat and get some rest”

Eri held onto Saki and led her to the car “are you not coming home with us?” Reina asked

“Naw, there’s one more in there that I need to wake up”

“Okay, Maimi but I think it’s best you wipe the blood off first” Reina handed Maimi a tissue

“Help Saki wipe the blood off her lips and put ice on her cheek before she sleeps” Maimi instructed as she wiped her mouth.  Reina nodded and walked towards the parking lot, while Maimi spun around and headed to the next target

End of Flashback

“Thank you Yajima-san” Risa looked at the side of Maimi’s face “and sorry for that”

Maimi chuckled “Don’t forget you weren’t the first to attack so don’t worry about it” Ai and Risa chuckled along with Maimi “although I was surprised at the whallop you threw at me.  Never could have imagined you to have that kind of strength”


“Don’t be, pain from a couple of blows to the face in exchange for you guys to wake up to reality seemed worth it”

Risa then turned to Ai “Thank you for being here for me”

“I wouldn’t be much of a girlfriend if I left beanie baby” Ai gave Risa a light peck “I also asked for some blankets in case you feel like spending the night.  Do you need anything else?”

Risa shook her head “I…” suddenly the door opened and in walked Risako hand-in-hand with Aika

“Gaki-san” Risako greeted with an awkward smile

“Riskao-chan…how’d you know Airin was here?” Risa slowly got up from her position

“I told her” Maimi voiced out “I found out where Sugaya-san works from Chii”

“Chii?” Risa cocked an eyebrow at Maimi

“Yes, Tokunaga Chinami”

“I know who Chii is but…how do YOU know Toku-san?”  Ai who was beside Risa was also looking at Maimi with inquiries of her own

“Saki and I know Chii from when we were younger, we haven’t seen her since actually and it was surprising that she  actually survived police college” Maimi chuckled “She didn’t have that kind of image back then, more like a comedian” The girls shared a light chuckle with a nod of understanding from Risa “I’m sorry Niigaki-san for making that decision without consulting you” apologized Maimi “but I thought that Airin still values the friendship she has with Sugaya-san so…”

“No Yajima-san, it’s okay, Airin never told me that she still remained friends with Risako-chan or anything else either but she told you and I should be thanking you for going to those depths for Airin” Risa walked up to Risako, who avoided her gaze “Don’t worry I’m not upset with you or with anyone, I understand that things don’t always necessarily work out.  Thank you for coming to visit though” Risa patted Risako on the head before turning to Ai “Ai-chan, I want to go visit Miya” Ai, Risa and Maimi all left the room and walked over to Miyabi’s room

“Airin talks to you a lot nee Yajima-san?”

Maimi shrugged her shoulders “We talk after our jogs and usually I urged Airin to open up when I notice something is wrong or bothering her” They walked into Miyabi’s room and saw Saki sleeping on the chair, head resting on Miyabi’s hand, that was covering her own

Maimi took off her jacket and lightly draped it over Saki’s shoulders careful as to not wake her up.  But the minute the jacket was drapped on, Saki stirred “H-huh? Oh hi Maimi” Saki rubbed her eyes

“Sorry Saki for waking you up”

“*Yawn* don’t worry about it” Saki looked behind Maimi “Ai-chan, Niigaki-san!”

“Shimizu-san, are you staying here overnight again?” Risa asked curiously as she observed the room of the blankets and food that were around

“*Yawn* No, I’m going home tonight, Maimi wouldn’t let me stay over more than once every 2 nights and I don’t think Miya would want me to either”

“Miya, you’re one lucky yankii, you know that?  You’ve got a successful, young, beautiful, rich girl sleeping on sofas and chairs in a hospital because of you.  You should wake up and reward her” Risa joked “You better stop dreaming otherwise some other rich person might sweep Shimizu-san away”

Saki took Miyabi’s hand into her own “No…no one is going to sweep me away because I don’t belong anywhere else except by your side.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world if your not there with me.  They say that for each person the gods above have already matched a soulmate for them and Miya,” Saki’s eyes brimmed with tears as was Risa’s and Ai’s whereas Maimi blinked back her tears, keeping a strong front “I think my soulmate is you” Saki kissed Miyabi’s hand

“Saki, it’s time to go” Maimi walked over and placed both her hands on Saki’s shoulders, giving her a squeeze of support “Natsuyaki-san would be pleased to hear you say that and you should tell her when she is conscious, she’s just a bit tired right now so why don’t we let her rest”

Saki got up and followed them out, she took one more glance at Miyabi’s sleeping figure “I love you” she whispered before walking out completely.  What she didn’t notice was the lone tear falling from the corner of Miyabi’s eye and the twitch of her finger.
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Poor Maimi, getting punched when she was just trying to help out. :lol:

 :O Oh? Miyabi is listening!
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poor airi.... :cry:

poor miya..... :cry:

poor saki..... :cry:

poor gaki-san.... :cry:

i think i'm gonna cry now...... :cry:

and finally saki confess her feeling towards miya..... :thumbsup

what about maimi though???
didn't she suppose to be sad about airi??? :?

next chapter please!!!
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: What can I say?  I find it sometimes when you are dealing with someone who is sad or upset, they'd do anything to let their frustration out when you are only trying to help.  In this case, Maimi was telling Saki and Risa to go home and rest but they wouldn't, so she used force and in turn they got more upset and BAM, fist meets face.

@ abok: Need a tissue? *holds a tissue in hand*

Ah~ Maimi being Maimi as I have written her is a bit more stronger than others at hiding her emotions so it only sounds right that when others around her are not stable, Maimi will be the one that has a clear head on her shoulders.

Chapter 46

Date: April 12
Time: 1:07 am

Taiyo paced around waiting, smoking a cigarette obviously agitated "Where the fuck is he?  He's got some nerve to have me waiting here for him! Who does he think he is?" Taiyo randomly asked the closest guy who was looking down at the floor.

All of a sudden Ken's laughing could be heard as he walked into the room, wearing an all black suit with matching sunglasses and gloves "Nakai-san, sorry to make you wait, I had some business to do"

"Well let's make this quick, I have other engagements tonight"

"Where's the rush? Its been a long time since we've sat down and had a drink or a normal conversation."

"Not today" Taiyo sensing the atmosphere to be most deadly quickly declined and headed to the door however, the doorman did not open nor move from their spot

"Oh but I insist" Taiyo turned and watched as someone handed Ken a bottle of wine and 2 glasses.  Taiyo watched as Ken poured the wine in both glasses and handed one of them to him.  Taiyo eyed the glass in his hand containing the dark red liquid, "haha what's wrong?" Ken took a sip of his wine and slowly savored it.  Taiyo still didn't take a sip of his drink, curious as to the game the man that stood before him was playing. 

"So Ken how is your progress with King?"

"Nakai-san, things are progressing fine, we've developed good relationships with King.  He is waiting upon Matsumoto-san as he goes through the list of contacts to see which of them will be able to aid us at this moment.  You know some are into hiding or don't have enough of what we want, that kind of thing" Ken waved his hand in the air as if these things happen often, Ken eyed the glass in Taiyo's hand

Taiyo walked around the area and placed the glass down at a random spot as discreetly as possible "Do we know approximately how long before we know when our order will be coming in?  I'll need to notify the big boss"

Ken handed Taiyo the glass of wine that Ken drank out of.  Taiyo took the glass and took a whiff of the red wine, swirled it a bit before taking a sip.  He felt the liquor flow down his throat, the wine wasn't dry and wasn't too bitter.  As he was savouring it, he felt his throat burn like it was on fire, little arrows of fire attacking the walls of his throat.  Taiyo grabbed his throat dropping the wine glass in hand *tinkle* "*gasp* w-what's happening?" Taiyo grabbed onto anyone but none lent him support as he fell to the ground rolling and clutching his throat

Ken burst out laughing "I figured you wouldn't drink from your own glass and seeing I did from mine would take it." Ken walked closer to the gasping Taiyo and knelt down "the thing is that I placed the poison after I took a sip" Ken held up a little pill in the palm of his hand grinning

"*gasp* *wheeze* w-why? I-I taught you, I-I br-*gasp* brought you in" Taiyo frantically looked around the room for help but no one was moving

"Isn't it obvious? I think its time you stepped down, you're getting old, time for you to step down and let a new era rise" Ken looked around the room “Funny how no one is moving towards you or helping you isn’t it? That’s because they agree with me, a new era should begin so they have sided with me” Ken stood up and laughed walking out the door, leaving a gasping and wheezing Taiyo behind closed doors with some of his troops to make sure Taiyo dies

“Ken-san” Ozawa snapped shut his phone and walked up to Ken “They didn’t finish the job”

Immediately one can notice the change in mood as Ken’s once laughing mood changed to a darken expression “What do you mean they didn’t finish the job”

“Apparently they survived but they are in a coma in the hospital”

Ken laughed “That’s fine, even if they wake up, they can’t do a thing to me.  This will teach those pests to not mess with me” Ken was getting into the awaiting car grinning when he stopped and looked at Ozawa “Clean up the mess, throw the body in the ocean or whatever, I’ll deal with the higher ups when they call”
Date: April 12
Time: 11:56 pm

~Gen, something seems off, I think Nakai is missing~ Whiz

Upon receiving the message, Gen called for an immediate meeting, including Pint and Model

“Sorry to call you guys so late but Whiz just informed me that there is a possibility that Nakai is missing”

“WHAT?!!” everyone in the room looked at each other then at Whiz

“I’ve heard some rumours that Ken has been going around calling the shots, so I decided to search for him but it seems like I’ve lost track of him”

“What do you mean you lost track of him??? Did we put a tracking device on him??? But that doesn’t make sense we never even went close to him to put one on” Swift questioned putting their forefinger on their temple

“Guys, that doesn’t matter, what matters is that if Nakai is missing then something has happened, it could be good and it could be bad” Gen reasoned “Pint, Model, have you heard anything on your side today?”

“No Gen, nothing has come up today about it, when did we find out that Nakai went missing?”

Gen looked at Whiz “Today”

“Are you sure he didn’t go on vacation or something???” Sexy inquired “I mean he doesn’t have to be doing business in town”

“Point taken however I already checked the records of all flights leaving today and no Nakai”

“I don’t like the sound of this, we could possibly faced with a case where there is a change in leaders in the underworld, and if I am not mistaken, the one with the most advantage over the disappearance of Nakai is Ken” Gen voiced out loud to no one in particular “Okay Pint, Model I will need you to be on the look out for any news of Nakai showing up on your end”

“Do you really think that Nakai was taken down by Ken?” Ace asked

“That is a high possibility of that, and if so I fear our mission has just become more difficult” Gen responded

“I suspect bad news coming towards us” Swift pitched in

“How so?” Model looked up in fear

“Because Whiz has just found out that Ken has been trying to track us down and if that is the case, I’m pretty sure whoever was Nakai’s boss would know about it” Swift explained

“Plus since we have tried getting information from Ken once, doing it again to find out who is above him will be more difficult than last time” Gen answered, at the aforementioned task, Whiz, Ace, Sexy and Swift looked at Gen, in fear

“And why would it be more difficult?” Pint asked

“Because…” Sexy started

“I don’t believe that Nakai had the funds to run an operation that includes so many change of hands, it has been unprofitable and I believe they would’ve lost so much money by now, so we think there is someone behind it all agreed?” Everyone nodded.  “If we aren’t mistaken this person who has the funds probably doesn’t just have the man power of Nakai, and if we are right about that, then there will be more people on the look out for us, because I’m sure Ken has already informed them of our existence, prior to Nakai’s disappearance.  Any slight mistakes in our steps can blow our whole cover and have unknown amounts of people hunting for us” Gen concluded

“Can we back out?” Model asked stepping closer to Gen

“Unfortunately we can’t, we’ve worked too hard for this, we’re getting closer and closer so for us to back out now would be a waste of efforts” Gen took Model’s hand into her own “Don’t worry, I won’t get anyone of us into that position.  I will be making safer moves, you trust me right?”

Model didn’t look convinced but nodded their head slightly “Don’t worry hun, I’m sure Gen and the rest will be fine, they’ve been doing this for quite some time now so they’ll be careful” Pint reassured Model by placing a hand on the small of their back.

“Pint, take Model home and make sure you are not tracked” Swift instructed throwing the car keys at them. The group watched as Pint and Model left the building

“Okay, this is what I have in mind actually, for this particular mission, we won’t need anyone except myself ” Gen instructed, which caused everyone to gawk at her, except Whiz

“What?! What do you mean you don’t need us?  Gen, I was joking about doing the impossible”

“Don’t worry Swift, Gen and I have it figured out and we won’t have to worry about getting caught or hurt at all” Whiz reassured, if it was Gen telling them this, they might not believe but if it was Whiz the group would loosen up

“So what do the rest of us do?” Ace asked, still unsure about whether it was a good idea for just the 2 of them to handle the situation

“We still have Com’s informer right? I still don’t see any results, so please do that” Gen and Whiz walked out of the room

“Nee nee, do you think that’s safe??” Ace nudged Swift, who was deep in thought “Nee nee Swift!”

“Huh? Let’s just do that, I’m pretty sure they have something cooking.  They may be crazy at times, especially Gen, but I trust Whiz’s judgment”
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i wondered who's the king....

what is Gen planning.....

i'm curious.....

next chapter please.....
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@ abok: You're questions will be answered, just not yet  :twisted: I like to create a bigger plot or a series of them

Chapter 47

Date: April 14
Time: 5:43 pm

“Ken-san, first off, congradulations” King laughed “How does it feel to be up there?”

“King-san!!! Thank you and it feels great.  I had some trouble in the beginning convincing the higher ups that I was best choice to step in Nakai’s shoes while he is missing, so to speak but once I hinted that it might be the same group that attacked me and I informed them that I was going to find him and his captor and instantly their suspicion on Nakai’s disappearance was redirected”

“And are you going to find Nakai?” King’s tone was one that contained a smirk and grin

“Of course, what’s more convincing then finding him dead?” Ken and King shared a laugh “So now we have to find our pests.  How has Matsumoto been?”

“He hasn’t been fazed by your attack because we opted to get better security around him, however since no attack has been made against him, he suggested that he probably isn’t the next target”

“If that’s what the man wants, why go against him right? For all we know, this may be beneficial for you if our pest do the dirty work for us and if not….” Ken hinted

“Good point but do we even know what the pests want?”

“So let’s put a listening device on him then, find out just what they want and then either they or we get rid of Matsumoto.  So I think it’s safe for you to start conquering your followers”

“I think this is the beginning of a long and beneficial partnership”~CLICK~

Unknowingly to them, at a far away location, another individual was smiling as well ‘Gotcha’
Date: April 15
Time: 9:54 pm

Saki walked into the office building after realizing that she forgot something in her desk.  As she was walking by, she noticed a light in Maimi’s office.  Saki knocked onto Maimi’s door before entering just to find Maimi sleeping at her desk.  Saki looked around and found Maimi’s blazer sprawn on the leather couch so she picked it up and walked over to drape it over Maimi’s shoulders ‘Poor thing, she’s been going on overdrive lately, and it’s all because of us’ Saki looked at the files on the computer and those that Maimi was resting her head on, they were all supposedly Saki’s that Maimi took away.

Flashback – A couple of days after Miyabi’s accident

Saki walked into her office totally disliking the fact she was at the work, she didn’t want ot be back at work, she wanted to stay by Miyabi’s side but Maimi was right, she couldn’t just live her life like a zombie, she had to get her life back in order. 

Looking at the pile of files on her desk, Saki couldn’t help but groan ‘Holy mother of pearl!  Where the hell did all these come from?’ As if on cue, some one knocked on her door “Come in” Saki grumbled obviously very pissed off

“Well hello to you too sunshine” Maimi stood at the door with a smirk

“If we weren’t at work, I’d totally wipe that smirk off your face”

“Oh~touchy aren’t we? What can I say, not my fault you skipped work” Seeing Maimi grin at her misfortune, Saki was more enraged

“For fuck sakes, what do you want anyways?”

“Now, now no need to get all grumpy at your only saviour”

“Saviour? What do you mean by that?  If you were my saviour, you wouldn’t be here pissing me off” Saki glimpsed through a file without looking up, she didn’t want to see Maimi grinning, it’ll just aggravate her even more.  Maimi walked over and took a stack of the files away “What are you up to now Yajima!”

“Isn’t it obvious? Getting you off work on time” Maimi grinned

“W-what the…You know I’ve got lots to do and the only way out is if I finish…” realization hit Saki as Maimi walked away with most of the files, closing the door behind her

End of Flashback

Flashback #2

Saki had caught up to her workload, with the help of an angel that she so wanted to kiss, and was about to leave when she heard a knock on the door “Come in”

“Ah Shimizu-san, glad I caught you” in walked Yaguchi Mari, an assistant of her father’s, who has been keeping an eye on her father’s account while he was away.  Yaguchi Mari had taken the role of CEO for her father until it was time for Saki to take over whereas Nakazawa Yuko was the other CEO, who worked for Maimi’s father

“Yaguchi-san, how can I help you?” Saki sat back down in her chair ‘Drat! This better not take long, I have to be at the hospital’

“Your father called indicating that this client be dealt with as soon as possible.  He says that he wants you to get acquainted with them, he’s had a long-time relationship with them so it might not be bad to communicate with them early.  Obviously, he had nothing to worry about, you and Yajima-san are so close to where your fathers are capable of and at such a young age.  I am counting on you to let me have early retirement” Mari handed Saki the file before leaving

“Oh for fuck sakes!!!” Saki groaned as soon as Mari was out of her office.  Saki opened the file and began to read through until another knock was at her door “What now?! Come in!!!”

“Tsk tsk, someone got the princess upset” Maimi walked in closing the door behind her “What’s up? I thought you were going to the hospital?”

“I was until Yaguchi-san gave me this file, I mean, who the hell gives me a client file at 4:59 in the afternoon anyways?” Saki threw the pen she was holding onto her desk, that landed on the floor at Maimi’s feet.

Maimi bent down and picked the pen up “Obviously our parents, we were trained to work like them, you know that” Maimi placed the pen back on Saki’s desk and held out her hand

“What?” Saki was confused as to the open hand “Did you forget your wallet at home again?” Saki reached into her desk and pulled out her wallet “How much do you need?” Saki asked looking through her wallet.  No response.  Saki looked up to see Maimi looking at her with a raised eyebrow “Well?”

“Shimizu-san, you’ve got to be more dense than me” Maimi groaned before she took the file from right under Saki’s elbow, before turning around

“Hey! What the hell?”

“Isn’t it obvious?  Go to the hospital, leave this up to me and the children to work on, but you still have to present results to the client” Maimi shook her head before closing the door behind her

End of Flashback #2

‘Stupid Maimi, if you can’t handle it you should’ve told me, why did you take my work and Ai-chan’s?’ Saki had seen Ai with Risa at the hospital almost always and found out that Maimi had given less work for Ai as well so that she can accompany Risa.

“Zzz…huh? Oh shit!!! Dear lord Shimizu-san, you almost gave me a heart attack standing there” Maimi put a hand to her heart breathing heavily “What time is it?”

“Time for you to go home Maimi, you need proper rest”

“Naw, I’m okay, I just needed a power nap” Maimi stretched and as she was stretching, Saki could see the bags under Maimi’s eyes that were forming

“Maimi, let me take some of the work back, you can’t be sustaining this, you give almost no work to Ai-chan so she can be with Risa, you’ve taken my work and you have your own work”

“*Yawn* don’t worry I’ve got Reina and Eri helping me”

“They can only do so much and you know it.  Not only have you been working harder and later than your usual late, but you make frequent trips to see Airin and don’t think of lying to me, Miya told me she’s seen you there every other night practically, late”

“Don’t worry, once Natsuyaki-san is out of the hospital, I’m giving this all back to you to deal with *yawn*” Maimi went over to her coffee pot and brewed a fresh batch “How is Natsuyaki-san?”

“She’s good, her leg’s healing but she’s stressed out about Airin” Saki recalled the day she was informed that Miyabi had woken up


~Hitoribocchi nanka ja nai taisetsu na hito ga takusan iru yo hora ne sono subete no ai ni Sankyuu~ “*groan* hello?” Saki picked up the phone noticing the time to be 3:18 am ‘This better be good or whoever it is calling me will die a horrible death’

“Shimizu-san!” Risa’s voice echoed in Saki’s ear “I’m sorry for all calling you this late but…Miya…”

Hearing the name Saki jerked up, wide awake “What about Miya? Is she okay? What happened?”

“Miya…is awake!” No response “Hello? Shimizu-san?”

“I’m sorry but could you repeat that?” Saki pinched herself and could feel her eyes burning when she felt the corresponding pain


“Oh my god!!!! She is?  When did this happen?” Saki jumped out of bed and tried to change as she had her phone wedged between her shoulder and her ear

“Later this evening, her doctor finished checking up on her and the team came to take down a statement of what happened”

“I’m coming now!” Saki closed her phone and freshened up a bit

She had barely reached the front door when it swung open “Ahhhh~ Saki! Jesus! What are you doing up? … and where are you going?”

“Miya’s awake!!!!”

“Really? *yawn* That’s great!!! Let’s go!!!”

“You’re coming?  But you look so tired…and you just came home”

“Don’t *yawn* worry!  I want to visit her”

Seeing that Maimi was determined Saki didn’t bother arguing, also because she really wanted to go see Miya right now “Okay, but I’m driving”

Throughout the ride, Maimi fell asleep and instead of waking her up, Saki thought of leaving her in the car however the minute Saki parked the car, Maimi jerked awake “Maimi, you should really sleep”

“*Yawn* no, I want to see Natsuyaki-san and maybe I can visit Airin” Maimi stumbled out of the car and ran up ahead of Saki “Come on, your lover’s waiting” Saki blushed a bit before catching up to Maimi

“Yajima-san” Risa called out “Wow!  I haven’t seen you in a couple of days but you look like you’ve aged or something”

“It’s only because she’s overworked” Ai walked up from behind “She’s taken all the work away from me and Saki-chan”

“Where’s Miya?” Saki asked “How is she feeling?”

Risa chuckled “She’s in there, go in and look for yourself”

Saki slowly opened the door afraid that she’ll wake Miyabi up, only to see Miyabi staring at her with a smile.  Seeing Miyabi awake brought tears to her eyes, tears of joy  and relief, relief she hasn’t felt since she knew of the accident

“Hey” Miyabi called out, reaching out her hand towards her

Saki rushed forward to Miyabi’s bedside, taking her hand in her own “Hey” she responded

Miyabi wiped Saki’s tears with her free hand “Hey hey…shhhhh… don’t worry, I’m awake now, no need to cry”

“*sniff* these tears…these tears are of joy…*sniff* I’ve missed you” Saki pulled Miyabi into a bear hug

Miyabi brushed Saki’s back “not as much as I’ve missed you.  Like you, there wasn’t anywhere else I wanted to be” Saki pulled away to see Miyabi grinning “I heard everything, and I believe I’ve found my soulmate…in you”

“Oh Miya!” Saki embraced Miyabi

“You’re voice was what pulled me back here, your voice was what I’ve longed to hear, the feeling of holding you in my arms again was my drive…I love you Saki-chan…be mine forever” Miyabi’s eye started to brim with tears, feeling the nod Saki made

End of Flashback

“That’s good, coffee?” Maimi offered putting sugar in her cup

“Naw, I’m just getting something and I’m glad I did otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed how stressed and tired you are from accommodating Ai-chan and me…and you shouldn’t be having anymore coffee, you should be coming home with me” Saki commented recalling finding Maimi asleep when she came out of Miyabi’s room

“No you should go, I’m just going to finish up some things before I go home” Maimi took another sip of her coffee to show her determination

“Fine!!!” Saki gave up arguing and walked out of Maimi’s office
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Maimi is so nice and caring... she took both Ai-chan and Saki's work.... :D

Saki and Miya finally together!!! :wub:

When will Airi wake up??? :?

i hope you will write about Maimi spending time alone in Airi's room...... :roll:

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Ooh yay Miya's up! :D

Maimi is such a good friend ne? But I wonder if it will impact her later in the story since she's not taking good care of herself. I also wonder how Reina & Eri are coping with the additional work? :lol:
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@ abok: Technically Maimi will never be alone in Airi's room because Risa and Ai is usually there too  :lol:  But I'll put that into consideration.

@ baddie: Ahhh~ I'm glad someone caught on that Reina & Eri both have additional work, and the answer is: I've got something for that.

But for now, I'm going to slow down the pace  :twisted:

Chapter 48

Date: April 15
Time: 11:10 pm

~Whiz, change of plans, I think I’ve got a plan that doesn’t require your assistance~ Gen

~What’s on your mind?~Whiz

~Don’t worry, I’m going to gather our needed information without getting hurt~Gen

~Are you sure?  Isn’t there anything we or I can help you with? Please don’t do anything crazy~Whiz

~I’ll keep you posted about what I need from you~Gen

Date: April 16
Time: 9:34 am

“Team!” Commissioner Yoshizawa walked into Airi’s department “I know that you have all been working hard on the Ikeda case, but I believe that progression hasn’t been made, so I suggest we close that file.  I also want to point out that I know that both Suzuki-san and Natsuyaki-san are in the hospital, so for the time being Okai-san, you will lead the group until further notice.” The phone rang, in which Yurina went to pick up “I’ve read the statement we have from Natsuyaki-san and I think this might be a deliberate action, so let’s get cracking on that case, okay?”

“Commissioner” Yurina placed the receiver back down “a body was found in the nearby bay”

“Okay group, go and investigate and I expect a report from you Okai-san”

“Yes ma’am” Chisa and the team ran out the department, everyone checking the location of where the body was found

When they had arrived, Risa was already there examining the body “Gaki-san” Risa looked up to see Chisa and the team running towards them

“Oh Chisa! What are you guys doing here?”

“The Commissioner put me in charge until Natsuyaki-san or Suzuki-san return, what have we got?” Chisa nodded to the remainder to start their duties gathering information

“Well, initial analysis would be that the deceased was drowned and has died for a period of time however there are indications that might be poison…”

“Nakai!” Chisa hollered when she got a clear view of the body

“You know the deceased?”

“No, he has been showing up in our cases recently or his group has so we’ve seen pictures of him being speculated amongst ourselves”

“Well as I was saying, the deceased may be poisoned because the interior of his mouth has shown purple areas but I will need to perform an autopsy to verify it…will you be attending it?”

“Yes…yes I will, call me when you are ready” Risa picked up her things and headed back to her car but halted a bit when she noticed a bit of a tension between the duo that was usually together “Psst, Chisa”

“What’s up Gaki-san?” Chisa looked up from her clipboard

“What’s up with Toku-san and Kumai-san?  Usually they are like the loudest and energetic but they’re…” Risa used her fingers and pointed in different directions to show a gap.

“Ah, well, you see…Kumai-san is kinda upset at the moment”


“Well you see, apparently that girl we saw at the hospital, Shimizu-san….she is Toku-san’s ex”

“WHAT?!!!” All eyes turned to Risa, in which she gave everyone an apologetic look

“Well it’s really something small and Toku-san doesn’t see a point in Kumai-san getting upset for something in the past, so she’d rather give Kumai-san her space and realize that it’s nothing to worry about”

‘Truth be told, it is in the past but why did they break up? Would monkey baby know?’ Risa wanted to ask Chisa but didn’t want to feel nosy either yet she was interested.  Deciding it was best not to ask, Risa bade Chisa goodbye

“Guys, look!” Chisa motioned for the team to see who the deceased is, “It’s Nakai” the group exchanged glances “Who found the body first?”

“A group of fisherman, they found him in a bag out at in the middle of waters” Chinami read off her notepad “It’s probably some underworld fight”

“Let’s not base it on that just as of yet, we should check and investigate to make sure” Maasa looked intensely at the body “Chisa, what did Gaki-san say?”

“She said that he has been dead for a while and that it could be poison”

“That might be where we could start looking, I mean how does one boss die and nobody not know about it?” Nakky questioned

“I was thinking about that too, check around once we are done here, see when Nakai was last seen or heard of and if there was anything new that we should know about.  Yabai!!! I’ll have to report this back to the Commissioner, what a way to start off my day”
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Hmm, been a while since I commented here... So, Nakai's been found. Eh, maybe something will come of it, but for now, I don't know.

Kumai being mad at Chinami is kinda cute, but, yeah, in the past.

Would monkey baby know?’
First of all, nicknames FTW, second, nosy Gaki is adorable.

Can't wait for more.
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: Something will definitely come out of it but whether it be good or bad, we'll have to see.

I don't know, but I do know some people that would be upset of something that happened in the past and there are some people that don't give a crap about it.  Although it also depends on what that past is, I mean not many people would meet the ex of their current other halves right?

Nosy Gaki is adorable? No comment here  :lol:

Chapter 49

Date: April 16
Time: 11:23 am

Ai stretched and massaged her neck as sleep was taking over her, ever since Airi and Miyabi’s accident, Ai had tried to be Risa’s support.  Although Maimi had taken all or most of the work away from her, she was at the hospital at late hours every other night for the past week.  Risa had told her that she didn’t need to accompany her, however Ai wasn’t too convinced, especially since she had caught Risa crying over Airi’s body.

“Coffee?” A coffee mug was presented before Ai, in which she hungrily took a long sip from before turning her gaze to her saviour

“Thanks Tanaka-san”

“No problem, it’s the least Kamei-san and I could do” it was then that Ai noticed that Reina was holding another cup of coffee as she pointed to it “For Yajima-san, I don’t know what it is, but I do believe she’s getting insomnia, I’ve heard her at nights down at the gym working out and yet she is still the one cooking breakfast in the morning.  Maybe something is on her mind?” Reina shrugged

‘That’s odd! Although Maimi was stressed before, Saki-chan and I have taken back more of our work so she shouldn’t be as stressed as before.  Hmmm…wonder why that is?’ Ai couldn’t help but stare in Maimi’s direction until she noticed Saki walking over to Maimi’s office “Psst….psst…Shimizu-san”

Saki turned around to find the hoarse voice calling for her until she met Ai’s eyes and walked over “What is with the whispering Takahashi-san?”

“Curiosity.  Do you know why Yajima-san has been sleeping way later than usual?  Is she still stressed?”

“Actually, it was one of the reasons why I wanted to speak to her right now and…” Saki was cut off when Maimi’s door opened with the owner briskly walking past everyone “Yajima-san!”

“Hai? Shimizu-san”

“Er…are you going out to lunch?”


“Can I join you? I have some things to discuss with you”

“Er…sorry Shimizu-san…it’s with Erina” Saki immediately frowned at the name, lips tight in a line, hands balled into fists.  Maimi noticing this immediately followed up before leaving “I’ll explain it to you later, I’ve got to go”

Ai looked at the declining figure before turning her head to Saki, she was about to ask if Saki was alright but Saki cut her off “I’m going out to eat with Natsuyaki-san” in a frusterated tone before stomping off

Reina and Eri was about to leave to lunch too but didn’t dare to move when Saki semi-hollered so they did the next best thing when they want to know something “Takahashi-san, lunch?”

Date: April 16
Time: 12:01 pm

Maimi looked at her watch as she was walking to the restaurant where she was to meet Erina, they had ended their conversations in a bad way and Maimi didn’t know why she agreed to meet her anymore.  Catching Sayumi’s attention, she was directed to the table they were sitting at before.

“Michishige-san, I want to…”

“wait for the other party like last time?” Sayumi finished giving Maimi a wink

“Yes please” Sayumi placed the menus on the table and left but not before Maimi thanked her.  The last few nights, Maimi had been debating back and forth whether to respond to the invite, she couldn’t sleep because her mind was stuck on whether she should or should not go among other things work-related.  ‘I wonder what she wants to talk to me about??? I wonder why I am even agreeing to this…I never thought I would see her again…not after our last meeting.  Maybe I should cancel…but then I’m already here, I can’t just leave her here waiting for me’ Deciding that she wasn’t ready to face Erina, Maimi got up and walked towards the door in deep concentration about how she was going to explain it to Erina.


Maimi looked up to see Erina standing before her in a pure white one-piece dress “E-Erina”

Erina smiled and walked closer to Maimi, “Did you just get here too?”

“Y-yes” ‘Too late! The moment of truth is now’

“Well….shall we go in?” Maimi nodded and lead the way to the table she was once at, in which Erina hooked her arm around Maimi’s, who in turn smiled

“Here let me” Maimi walked up to Erina’s chair and pulled it out for her to sit

“Why thank you” Erina stood at her chair and waited for Maimi to tuck her in before going to her own seat across

“No problem…so…do you want to order something to eat first?” Maimi passed a menu to Erina

“Hmmm…what should I have?  A salad? A turkey sandwich? Soup?” Erina rambled without looking away from the menu.  Maimi could only chuckle at how old habits seem to not die in the girl before her, causing Erina to look away from the menu “What?”

Maimi picked up her own menu and smiled “oh nothing”

Erina squinted her eyes “really?  Then can you pray tell me what is up with your chuckling?”

“Just a thought”

“and what thought would that be?” Erina questioned maintaining the question look she has

‘Nothing for you to worry about, so lets order”

“But I don’t know what to order yet” Erina pouted while looking at her menu “What are you having?”

“Probably something light…um…salad”

“Eh?! You’re only going to get a salad? Are you on a diet or something? You don’t have to be though, Maimi-chan, that’s not enough for you, why don’t you get a sandwich with that?” Erina semi-lectured

Maimi grinned “Fine, if it makes you feel better, I’ll get a sandwich too.  Are you happy now?”

Erina nodded her head and giggled “Very much so.  That’s a good girl”

They placed their orders and sat in silence ‘Should I bring up why she wanted to meet me now? Or should I wait? Is she going to tell me everything now?  But so what? I don’t care anymore…at least I think I don’t I care’

“Maimi-chan” Erina called out looking out the window, snapping Maimi out of her thoughts


“I…If…” Erina looked like she was struggling with her words as Maimi continued looking at her starring out the window in confusion.  Without saying anything Erina turned to look at Maimi and then took a hold of her hands that were placed on the table “I’m…I’m sorry for all the pain I have caused you over the last few years” Maimi didn’t move she just continued listening “I…I did miss you…and…I still do…”

‘I don’t carry those same feelings for you…funny how I thought I would but it seems like my heart doesn’t beat as fast when I see you…or when we touch…I see you like a long-time friend now, I’m sorry Erina’ Maimi slipped her hand away from Erina’s, “Erina, I…I’m sorry, things have changed, you can’t expect me to forget everything that happened in the past, it doesn’t help either than you can’t tell me why…but rest assured I still want to be friends with you…”

“Is it because of her?”

“Huh? Who?”

“That girl I saw last time, is it because you have moved on with her?”

Maimi was stunned, she didn’t know the answer “Er…no Erina, Airin and I are just friends that’s it”

“Are you sure?” Erina was starring deep into Maimi’s eyes, searching it seems, searching for the truth

“Erina, that’s not the issue, the issue is that I can’t just get back with you without an explanation…and I don’t know if I still hold those feelings for you anymore”

“But you have feelings for her don’t you?” Erina didn’t let up her stare

“Erina, Airin isn’t involved in our situation, don’t pull her into this, we’re innocent…it shouldn’t matter to you anyways, remember YOU left me high and dry” Maimi could feel her anger rising

Maimi’s word sunk into Erina as she let up her stare and looked down instead “We can’t even give it a second try? I still have feelings for you Maimi, even when I was away in America, I still have pictures of us…of you”  From the quivering of Erina’s voice, Maimi knew she was about to cry and deep inside Maimi was crying too because she never intended to make Erina cry but the pain she experienced in the past has haunted her long enough, she was afraid, aftraid of history repeating itself “Can you leave her and give me a chance?”

“Erina…” Maimi pleaded “Airin isn’t the reason why I can’t give us a second chance…”

“She is!!!” Erina declared slamming her hand onto the table looking up at Maimi with tears in her eyes, startling Maimi “She is the reason why you won’t give me a second chance!  Why don’t you just tell me the truth”

“Erina, I don’t know why you think Airin is the reason even when I have explained it to you the real reason.  It has nothing to do with her, it has to do with you”

“Because you don’t look at me the way you use to, you look at her in that way, your smile was different when you saw her, a smile that I thought was reserved for me” Erina continued to flare regardless of the people around, she turned “What are you all looking at?!”

Maimi has never seen such an aggressive Erina but she stood up and pushed Erina down back into her chair before returning to her own “Look, I don’t know what you are referring to, but I’m telling you its not.  Now please, let’s just be friends”

Erina stood up “And I’m telling you, she is! She’s not good for you Maimi, she won’t understand you like I do, leave her!”

Maimi stood up slowly and shook her head “Erina, I don’t know what has gotten over you, but I can’t continue to talk to you if you won’t listen to reason and admit that the problem lies in the fact that YOU left me, without a word.  When you’re ready to talk as friends, let’s talk”  Maimi walked up to Sayumi and gave her a couple of bills telling her to keep the change before walking out the door, not looking back at Erina.
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what is wrong with Erina?? now i am getting angry with her.... how could she told Maimi to leave Airi??? even though Maimi is denying her by telling Erina that her relation with Airi is just friend..... i think i'm gonna hate Erina now.... :angry:

saki is very mad when maimi told her she's having lunch with erina.... way to go saki!!! :thumbsup

when will Airi wake up??? :(

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Erina just became a little less boring in my mind. I chuckled at Maimi, though, being so oblivious to the inevitable.

however Ai wasn’t too convinced, especially since she had caught Risa crying over Airi’s body.
:cry: Poor Risa.
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@ abok: Now, now, let's think about this logically.  No need to hate Erina, Erina probably loves Maimi too much to lose her and wasn't thinking clearly so decided to tell Maimi to leave Airi.  That is totally understandable because Erina and Maimi have gone through a lot as well, so that kind of history is not something you can just erase.

Erina can't understand why Maimi has changed, why Maimi didn't wait for her, why Maimi doesn't feel the same way as her, that's probably the reason why she started spitting out things she doesn't really mean entirely.

Saki being upset at Erina, she has her reasons.

When will Airi wake up??? I don't know!!!

@ Her Awesome Holiness: Erina is still a problem if Maimi and Airi were to get together. 

Risa seeing Miya awake is great but seeing an awoken Airi would be better nee?

Chapter 50

Date: April 16
Time: 12:36 pm

Saki walked into the hospital room, she wanted to make a pit stop before going to her destination.  The only sound that could be heard would be the beeping from the heart monitor and the occupant.  “Hey, how are you? Still sleepy? That’s not good, I kinda wish you were up right now, maybe you could talk some sense into Maimi…she went to go see her ex again.  I know I shouldn’t be upset or anything and I know I don’t have a right to, but I can’t seem to wipe out the images of the past.  I care for Maimi a great deal, I don’t want her to get hurt and yes I admit I don’t even know why they are meeting up today but I just don’t see any good coming out of it all.” Saki pulled up a chair beside the bed and laughed “I guess I am telling you this because I just needed someone to listen and considering the fact of how close you and Maimi have gotten, you’re probably be the only other person that can understand Maimi nee?” Saki looked at Airi sleeping, no response “Am I wrong to feel so paranoid though? I mean what would you do if you were in my shoes?” Saki sat there for a couple more minutes before she got up “Well I have to go see Miya now, but Airin, I really hope you get up soon, it seems like you are the only one that can talk some sense into Maimi” After Saki was out the door, a slight twitch of the finger occurred before it lay there still again. 

Date: April 16
Time: 6:23 pm

Miyabi was staring out the window frusterated, she didn’t like being held up in the hospital, she wanted to get out there and find the culprits behind the accident, the accident that gave her a broken leg, the accident that caused…caused Airi to be in a coma right now.  Just the thought of Airi still in a coma brought tears to Miyabi’s eyes. ‘Airin…wake up!!!! I missed you!!!! Risa-anesan misses you!!! I feel so much lonelier without your presence around me, you always made me laugh and smile but why is it you are the reason for my tears and sadness now???  Please wake up!!!’ Miyabi closed her eyes in a prayer until she heard her door open from behind.  She quickly wiped the tears and turned, expecting her lover to be there just to be in surprise to see her team mates

“Natsuyaki-san, how are you?” Chisa spoke up when no one knew how to

“Guys!!! How is everything??” Miyabi smiled at her team, she knew they were working hard without Airi and herself there and she felt guilty

“While Suzuki-san and you are out of action, the Commissioner made Chisa temporary head…” Nakky felt pain at her side where Chisato elbowed her

Miyabi smiled “That’s good, Chisa was who Airin and myself relied on most of the time to lead anyways” The room was silent, the team didn’t know whether Miyabi meant that or if it hurts her, it wasn’t that it was a bad thing to have someone temporary take anothers’ place but sometimes, the move in reorganizing the team was permanent and it wasn’t something Chisato nor the group wanted Miyabi to take the wrong way.  “Guys, I’ve been stuffed in this room for far too long, would you like to take a walk with me?” Miyabi asked while grabbing onto her crutches, she sensed the tense atmosphere so decided to lighten it up for everyone

The group helped Miyabi out the hospital to a bench nearby, immediately everyone’s uneasiness was decreased when they were out in the open area.  They tried to help Miyabi at times but Miyabi would deny them, she didn’t want to look weak for one thing and because she wanted to get use to helping herself, she’s a big girl now, she doesn’t need anyone to serve her like she’ll break at anytime soon, she gets enough of it from Saki as it is.  Thinking about how Saki was persistent in helping Miyabi, in which Miyabi enjoyed at times, caused her to smile.  “Ahhh this is refreshing” Miyabi stretched her arms and closed her eyes letting the breeze hit her face “So how is everything at work?”

“It’s tough without Suzuki-san and yourself, we don’t have enough manpower and the guidance we’re use to” Chinami voiced out frusterated

“Awww, come on, I’m sure Chisa is doing the best she can…you are right? I mean don’t make me back you up just to have it hit me in the face” Miyabi eyed Chisato

Chisato immediately saluted “No ma’am…I mean yes ma’am…I mean I’m doing the best I can and it won’t come and hit you in the face”

Seeing Chisato’s reaction to Miyabi’s comment caused Miyabi to snort “Chisa! Guys!!! Relax!!!! No need to get scared” The rest of the team joined in the laughter “Anyways, you guys seemed more tense and tired than usual, what’s up?”

“Well for one thing, the Commissioner closed the Ikeda case, she said there wasn’t any progression so decided to close it”

Miyabi didn’t like to hear a case being closed under her team but thinking back at how much they have found didn’t help the fact that she agreed that the case should be closed “Don’t fret guys, you win some, you lose some, there is bound to be cases that we can’t solve”

“The Commissioner has got us to look into your accident and…” Nakky trailed off


“Natsuyaki-san, did you know Nakai-san was found dead this morning?”

“Chii, are you serious??” Miyabi shot up, putting too much pressure on her leg causing her to wince a bit

The team catching the discomfort in Miyabi’s face helped her sit back down “Yeah, the body was found this morning in water, so we have to start checking up on this case too”

Miyabi sat there thinking as the other members continued to comment “It’s weird seeing him dead, like I kinda expected to nail him next but then poof he’s dead”

“I know what you mean Chii-chan, I was hoping the next one we put behind bars was Nakai-san but now that he’s dead, it seems awkward”

“Do you guys think it was internal?”

“It might but it also might be an underground thing, I mean look at the background the guy has, it doesn’t surprise me if he pissed someone off and they decided to kill him for it.  Things like these happen all the time”

“Guys, how is the progression of Nakai’s clan now?” Miyabi asked without looking away from the ground

Everyone looked at Miyabi, “Um…everything seems fine, I mean their business is still going, nothing in the underground seems to have been in action about it” Maasa answered “Why?”

“Well don’t you think it’s weird?? If Nakai was killed under rivals, then there would be some sort of motion from Nakai’s clan however it’s quiet, too quiet.  I think this was internal”

“So you’re saying that someone on Nakai’s clan overturned him?” Nakky asked finally catching on to what Miyabi was directing at

Miyabi nodded “Whoever is head now is most likely the one that killed Nakai, that is probably your best starting point but I want you guys to be careful, I have a feeling that Airin and I are in this position because of someone on their side”

“Huh? Why do you say that Natsuyaki-san?”

“I don’t know, I just have a hutch” Miyabi remembering Airi’s words decided to keep the team in the dark just a little longer “So while you are investigating Nakai’s death, you can investigate on my accident as well”

The team nodded  in determination “Don’t worry Natsuyaki-san, if Nakai’s men were involved in your case, we’ll nail them for sure”

“Well don’t be overworking yourselves, it’s after 5 now, so you guys should be heading home and relaxing a bit…before Airin or myself comes back” Miyabi grinned at them evily

The group shivered, “Er…Natsuyaki-san are you sure you don’t want to go on vacation or something? I mean there is no rush to get better, you should relax too”

“MIYA!!!” the group and Miyabi turned to the voice to see Saki walking up to them

“Blame her, she’s making me get better way faster than I should be” The group grinned except a certain individual

Before Saki reached Miyabi, she stopped before Chinami “Chii…it’s been a while” the duo shared a hug in which Yurina gave a frown and Miyabi was left with a blank expression.

“It certainly has, Saki-chan, it certainly has” Chinami grabbed onto Yurina’s arm, while Yurina was trying to brush it off

“I’m sorry I didn’t greet you the other day in the hospital” Saki looked at Chinami apologetically

“That’s alright, I would think there was something more important” Chinami winked and looked in Miyabi’s direction “I was shocked to see Maimi-chan and yourself though, you guys look different, more mature, more professional”

“Well you know how it is stepping into your parents’ shoes.  But it really is good to see you again, we should all come out and chill one day” Saki then turned to face Yurina “Hi, I don’t think we have been introduced but you’re welcome to join us” Saki put her hand out for Yurina to shake

Yurina was stunned as she didn’t expect Saki to talk to her at all for one thing and didn’t know what to make of it “Saki-chan, still as perceptive as ever I see” Chinami giggled “But we should all get going, don’t want to keep you from you girlfriend too long” Chinami led Yurina away and the team followed.

Saki bade Chinami and group goodbye before turning to see Miyabi with a confused look “Miya, you should stop frowing or you’ll get wrinkles before your time”

“How…How do you know Chii?”

“Chii and I…well we use to go out” Saki gave Miyabi a sheepish look

“You guys use to go out?” Miyabi’s eyes almost literally popped out “When was this??”

“Miya, relax, it was a long time ago, a really, really long time ago, like in my university days practically”

“I see…um…why did you guys break up?” Miyabi asked cautiously unsure if it was her position to be asking these questions.

“Don’t worry, I am open to the topic and Chii and I broke up under good terms.  Main point is that we were attracted to each other, that is undeniable, but we only saw each other as friends, so we stayed that way” Saki held onto both of Miyabi’s hand and looked into Miyabi’s eyes “Maimi and I only lost contact with Chii because of our hectic schedules as well as hers.  But Miya, its in the past”  Miyabi smiled and leaned in for a kiss, indicating that she believes both her team mate and her girlfriend. “Now what did the doctors say about your progression”
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Nice Saki and Miyabi chapter, but frustratingly short XD I like how Saki took care of Yurina in one fell 'How do ya do'
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: Gomen for making the Miya x Saki segment short  :bow:

Saki and Maimi don't get to where they are without knowing how to deal with people in the right manner at the right time  ;)  They did grow up in the business world and they do have to learn the tactics of business.

Chapter 51

Date: April 16
Time: 10:34 pm

Ren Matsumoto walked into a hotel room, accompanied by 2 beautiful girls that he picked up earlier in the evening and he was utterly happy at the nights catch.  He had enough to drink so was supported by the girls as his bodyguards were walking a few steps behind him.

Ren took out the hotel key that he got and slide it through, walking in leaving his bodyguards outside “Boss, Matsumoto just went into the room” one of King’s men informed

“Good, did you put the listening device on him like I asked?”


“Listen and lookout for anything strange, our visitors might be with him now.  So if anything, we want to exterminate.  I will call you to proceed with the plan” King instructed before closing is phone “do you think they’ll attack tonight?” King asked Ken beside him

“I don’t know but it doesn’t really matter because regardless we will succeed tonight” the two were at a lounge having an early celebration

Ren sat in the bed covered by the bed sheets, smoking a cigar after a good workout while his escorts for the night exited the room, grinning.  He was about to sleep when he noticed a pink slip sticking out of his pocket, he didn’t recall ever putting a pink piece of paper in his pocket but thought it might have been the girls he was with.  He bent over and took out the pink piece of paper which had the words You’re being watched.  There is a listening device on you, those that are around you want to kill you, I will call you when you are inside the bathroom.   Thinking it was some sort of joke, he crumbled it but then he received a text message

~Don’t think this is a joke, if you want to live you’ll listen to what I say.  If you don’t want to believe me, slowly and carefully check your pockets and clothes for a listening device.  If you believe me then go into the bathroom after putting the listening device away from your clothes~ unknown number

Curious as to what the hell was going on, Ren quietly searched his clothes when indeed he found a listening device.

~Believe me now? Get your pants on and go into the washroom~unknown number

‘What the fuck? How the fuck does this person know my number and who the hell is it??? How do they know I don’t have pants on??? How do they know about the listening device???’ Ren was confused and scared as he picked up his pants from the floor and put it on under the covers.  He then carefully picked up the listening device and placed it on a couch far away from him before he went into the bathroom with his phone.

~RING RING~ “Hello??? Who the hell are you??? What do you know??? How do you know so much???” He hissed

“Don’t worry about who I am, just know that those outside your room right now have been ordered to kill you if anything is suspicious” the voice wasn’t normal, it was masked by an altering device and Ren knew it, there was no way a voice could sound so mechanical

“You’re…you’re those people that Nakai warned me about, the mysterious visitors”

“However I have no intentions of killing you, I just need to know something from you and then you can walk out of here safe…for now however if you scream, then regardless you will die”

“How do you know this???”

“If that’s what the man wants, why go against him right? For all we know, this may be beneficial for you if our pest do the dirty work for us and if not….”
“Good point but do we even know what the pests want?”
“So let’s put a listening device on him then, find out just what they want and then either they or we get rid of Matsumoto.  So I think it’s safe for you to start conquering your followers”
“I think this is the beginning of a long and beneficial partnership”

“Don’t those voices sound familiar???”

“Nakai wouldn’t kill me”

“Who said Nakai was behind all of this???”

“Ken-san, first off, congradulations! How does it feel to be up there?”
“King-san!!! Thank you and it feels great.  I had some trouble in the beginning convincing the higher ups that I was best choice to step in Nakai’s shoes while he is missing, so to speak but once I hinted that it might be the same group that attacked me and I informed them that I was going to find him and his captor and instantly their suspicion on Nakai’s disappearance was redirected”
“And are you going to find Nakai?”
“Of course, what’s more convincing then finding him dead?” Ken and King shared a laugh “So now we have to find our pests.  How has Matsumoto been?”

“So King and Ken are behind this??? Nakai is dead???”

“I bet Nakai has been killed by Ken already.  Now the issue is, will you cooperate or will you not?”

“Why should I listen to you?  What do I get out of it? I don’t even know who you are!” Ren asked as he started wiping sweat away from his forehead ‘that’s odd, did it just turn warmer in here?’

“You get to keep your cheap life a little longer before King has enough power to overturn your throne.  If you don’t cooperate then I get your life before King takes it”

“Haha how funny!  How do you propose to plan to kill me from where you are?” Ren looked around the bathroom to see anything that was planted there prior to, just in case

“You might be looking around at this moment but I can tell you that I didn’t have to plant anything that is already installed for me”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Ren opened the tap and splashed cold water on his face

“Ahhhh~ I see you have noticed it then”

“You mean…” Ren looked at the thermometer in the bathroom as it was increasing in digits at a fairly faster than normal rate.  He pressed it to go down but there was no response whatsoever, so he tried to grab the doorknow

“Ah ah ah I wouldn’t go out there hollering if I were you.  You do recall the conversation between King and Ken that I played for you earlier don’t you?  Going out there is not going to do you any good because since the door is computer generated, I have locked them as it is.  You could open the window but here is the thing, once you have walked a foot away, the heat would have gone up so high, you would die from the heat.  So basically you will die a painful, long, death, if you don’t cooperate”

“I thought you said you didn’t have intentions of killing me?”

“I won’t if you cooperate and give me what I need”

“But what about those guys outside?”

“Haha that is your own problem, but at least I estimate you still have…one week to live?”

“Okay, okay turn down the temperature! What do you need from me?”

“What dealings did you have with Nakai?”

“We have a drug dealing proposition, I have suppliers and he needs products to distribute”

“Where is Nakai getting his funds from?”

“I don’t know, he just said that if I was part of his boss’ group, then I will be covered by the benefits such as money, lawyers, protection and other clans as backup”

“You don’t know?”

Ren noticed the heat going up faster than ever “*gasp* I really don’t know…*wheeze* honestly…*gasp* I…I *wheeze*…don’t”

“Have you ever had contact with this mystery boss?”

“*wheeze* no…no” Ren turned on the tap and drank some of the cold water

“Do you have any information about this person?”

“*gulp* no”

“Okay, you’ve been utterly cooperative” the heat went back down to room termperature “you are free to go” ~CLICK~

“Hello?...Hello?” ‘Shit what am I going to do with King’s men?’ Ren started to put on the rest of his clothes when he received another text message

~If I were you, I suggest you delete all my messages, pretend nothing has happened and put that listening device back on you so that King and Ken don’t know you know about his plans~unknown number

Ren did as he was suggested, he needed more time to figure out what to do about King and Ken and his situation.  He walked out the door putting on a grin “Ahhh that was a good nap after a tiring workout.  You boys should have had some company instead of standing here” Ren laughed while his bodyguards joined in

“No boss, we shouldn’t, who knows if anyone attacks you” as they led Ren outside the establishment

However, not long after they left the establishment, a police office walked up to Ren “Ren Matsumoto?”

“Yes ma’am, I don’t think I have any business that involves cops”

“I need to take you back for questioning of the death of Taiyo Nakai” the bodyguards were about to take out the female cop when Ren stopped them

“Nakai?  Nakai-san is dead? Oh my god this is the first time I have heard of this news!” Ren faked surprise “What happened to him?”

“You will know when we are done our questioning, so if you don’t mind following me”

Ren turned to his bodyguards “contact King and tell him to come to the station with my lawyers” ‘I can take this girl on, I will be in hiding but at least I will be alive’ Ren was walking ahead of the officer, calculating his chance to attack when he was out of the view of his so-call bodyguards

When he was about to attack, he felt something hit him at the back of his head before blacking out ‘Gotcha’
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interesting  8)   whatever i was boring, i was more excited to read another type of chapter.  :wub: however this chapter was interesting  8)
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Wow, wasn't expecting that to happen. Sneaky, sneaky. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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@ Mikitty_Ayaya: Glad you liked the chapter  ;)

@ Her Awesome Holiness: I still have a few tricks up my sleeve...I think  :lol: We still have to figure out what to do with Gen and the gang as well as Ken right??

Chapter 52

Date: April 17
Time: 6:45 pm

Risa looked tenderly at the sleeping figure, it has been a good couple of days but felt like weeks since Airi had fallen into a coma, even Miyabi was almost ready to leave the hospital.  "Little one, you've been sleeping for an awfully long time now, it's not like you to be lazy so why don't you wake up now?...If you *sniff*...if you wake up, I promise to do anything...just...just wake up...please" Risa silently begged trying to control her tears and her volume not to wake the other sleeping occupant.  Risa held onto Airi's hand tightly, crying on her sleeping form until she felt a hand on her shoulder.  Risa turned to see a smiling Maimi putting a finger to her lips and then pointing to the dozed off Ai.  Maimi took out a handkerchief and wiped Risa's tears away.

"Don't worry Niigaki-san, Airin will wake up, have faith" Maimi whispered as she placed a batch of fresh flowers on the table nearby "I'll be back, I wanted to visit Natsuyaki-san first" Maimi silently stepped out as Risa stared at her non-existent shadow anymore

"You know, I feel guilty towards you" Risa turned back to face Airi "Ever since mom and dad left us, I always thought that I exist till this day because of you.  If you didn't give me the courage, I don't know how our lives would've been like" Risa moved some hairs away from Airi's face "I was fortunate to have you because you matured so much on your own...looking back at it, it seemed like you didn't need me to protect you, it felt like I needed the protection from you, something that I regret, pushing all those responsibilities on you.  I can't even face mom and dad in their pictures now because under my care...under my care, you lay here...*sniff* lay here in a coma" Risa started to cry again at the shame she felt, at the anger at how much a failure she was

"You aren't a failure Niigaki-san" Risa didn't have to turn to recognize the voice this time "I'm pretty sure in one way or another Airin matured because of you, so don't sell yourself short.  This was an accident, nobody expected or anticipated for something like this to happen, don't beat yourself up.  Airi probably would be upset hearing you right now"

"How do you know that Yajima-san? Do you know how I feel right now? Did you go through what we had...I had to go through?" Risa could feel anger inside of her build up

"If you say that Airin and I are alike then let me tell you what I see and feel" Maimi turned Risa towards her, it was then that Risa noticed the welling up of tears in Maimi's eyes "if I had you as a sibling, I would've jumped over the moon.  You're passionate about her and those around you and from it I would learn how to be passionate with those around me.  You're professional at what you do, you've watched over Airin even when she didn't need it, you love her and treat her as if she was a princess.  Some things may not necessarily have to be seen through the naked eye, it has to be felt with a beating heart.  You can't tell me you don't see how Airin looks up to you, or feel how she idolizes you, everything she's accomplished and made of is because of your teachings and role modeling" Maimi opened her mouth to continue but at the moment she couldn't as every word she spoke, she recalled the times that Airin and her had talked and had fun while blinking back the tears "she talks about you a lot you know? About how great of a sister you were, how big of a role you played and how happy she had you by her side in her time of need...I was actually beginning to feel envious" Maimi let out a light chuckle "I was envious because our worlds were so different, I may be rich but I wasn't as happy as Airin, I didn't get the love and attention she received from family...Saki is great but its not the same"

Maimi turned away from Risa and looked at Airi "In my eyes, the rich one was Airin". From the corner of Risa's eye, she noticed that Ai had woken up but quickly saw her put a finger to her lips and from the window in the door, Risa could see a tear-streaked Miyabi and Saki, who were shaking their heads "But I could never hate her, she is such a great person, its hard to hate but I can't deny I would be jealous at times.  Airin would hate herself for making you worry and cry over her, she needs you to be the strong one because if you aren't, her will dies down." Maimi took one of Airi's hand in her own "Airin, you may not be able to hear me but wake up with the determination that I've known you to have...I....I missed you, missed the talks and the jogs, the fun and the games.  You're a great friend and companion...I don't want to lose you.  Wake up for Niigaki-san and Natsuyaki-san, who needs you, who are hurting out here while you are sleeping in there, who are beating themselves inside,....wake up and set the record straight for them" Maimi gave Airi's hand one more squeeze

Saki and Miyabi calmed their emotions before walking in just as Ai got up and walked over to Risa "Risa-oneesan" Miyabi called out with a noticeable quiver in her voice.  Miyabi felt her throat burn and as if it was blocked but she took a couple of deep breaths squeezing Saki's hand, who squeezed it back.  Risa turned to see Miyabi, Saki and Ai walking towards her "Risa-oneesan, don't worry, Airin will wake up, she's too stuck to you to just leave you here....She's....she's just resting now"

"Excuse me" Maimi's head lowered since Miyabi spoke up, she got up and left the room.  Ai was about to check up on her but Saki stopped her and shook her head

"Saki-tan, is...will she be okay?"

"Yeah Saki, I've never seen Maimi like this"

"I...I...I don't really know" Saki looked at Airi "maybe seeing Airin like this and how Niigaki-san is, Maimi doesn't know how to help her friends, she feels so useless that she can't do anything but sit on the sidelines.  Heck, I feel like that too, with all our money, we can't do anything in these situations.  I don't know,  I just know that she needs space and time" Saki looked at the door 'should I go check on her or should I leave her alone? Maimi, are you thinking about her again?'
Date: April 17
Time: 7:00 pm

"Rei, how much more do you have?" Eri was tapping away at her computer

"Not much left Eri, how about you?" Reina hollered over the cubicle walls frusterated at the amount of work she had

Tap tap "Done! Yatta!" Eri stretched her arms

"Shit really? That's not fair!" Reina pouted throwing the pen she was holding onto her desk "how did you get everything done already?"

Eri walked over to Reina's desk and wrapped her arms around Reina's neck "Awwww poor kitty, how bout I take some of it away" Eri planted a kiss on Reina's neck, then trailed it to her collar and finally to her ear, giving it a little nibble

Reina grinned "Naw you just gave me the fuel to finish this quickly so I can take your clothes off"

Eri giggled "silly kitty, we'll be tired by the time you finish this and we get home"

Reina turned to face Eri and smirked "who said anything about going home?"

Eri's eyes popped out in shock "you don't mean..."

"The copier room has a lock" Reina winked before turning back to finish her work

Eri smacked Reina on the back once she was out of her shock "REI!! I can't believe you are even considering....." Eri's sentence was cut off by Reina's lips as Reina stood and held onto Eri's lips.

"'" Eri stated in between kisses.  Pushing Reina off her, “Rei, we’ve got to finish this for Maimi and Saki by tomorrow morning”

Reina pouted as she plopped back down in her chair “Awww…Eririn, can’t I just do you now and then finish the work after???”

Eri could feel her resolve being broken down but she just couldn’t and didn’t feel like risking it in case someone was to walk in, worse if Maimi and Saki decided to come back.  “I’m sorry Rei, but imagine if Maimi or Saki comes back, you never know with those two if they decided to come back after their trip to the hospital”

“That’s an excuse and you know it!!! There is no way that they’ll come back” Reina snapped back, not taking her glare away from the wall in front of her

“Maybe not Saki but Maimi? If she catches us, we’re so dead, she’ll be so disappointed in us” Eri tried to ease Reina’s anger and started massaging Reina’s shoulders

“You make it sound like it’s the first time she has caught us doing the naughty in a public place”  Reina moved her shoulders from under Eri, obviously she wasn’t liking the fact that she was at work doing overtime and that she couldn’t even have fun.  She knew she should be upset at Eri for thinking on their behalf but she was stressed, she has been stressed since Saki and Ai were spending most of their time at the hospital.  All the work had to go to someone else and guess who those someone else were?

“Rei, please don’t get upset at me” Eri pleaded as she hugged Reina’s shoulder from behind

Hearing Eri’s plea, Reina’s anger was letting up but the feeling of stress and uneasiness was still within her “Eririn, I’m not upset at you, I know you are thinking about what’s best for us, I am just stressed about the work load nowadays.  I wanted some way to get myself out of this feeling and” Reina turned to face Eri “you’re my cure” Reina leaned in for a kiss.

Their tongues danced around fighting for dominance, in which Reina was dominating causing Eri to moan when she felt Reina's hands cupping her breast under her shirt.  Eri held her hands onto Reina's desk to support herself from collapsing at Reina's hand movement.  Internally, Eri knew she should stop Reina when she is in this mode, but she couldn’t deny that she was enjoying it.  Reina grinned in their kiss, knowing fully well that Eririn was not going to object this time around as she slowly led Eri towards the copier room, closing the door behind and locking it after.
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Maimi took one of Airi's hand in her own "Airin, you may not be able to hear me but wake up with the determination that I've known you to have...I....I missed you, missed the talks and the jogs, the fun and the games.  You're a great friend and companion...I don't want to lose you. 

 :cry: :cry: :cry:

i really am crying now.....

please let Airin awake.....

i could not stand it anymore.....

Poor Maimi.....

please be strong Maimi.....
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@ abok: Don't cry....*tissue in hand* I don't know if I should be happy that you're crying because that would mean that I created an image in your mind that was worth showing your emotions but I don't know if I would like my readers crying.

Chapter 53

Date: April 17
Time: 8:12 pm

"How are things Ken?"

"Things are running smoothly, the only thing is that there hasn't been any progress with the investigation of Nakai-san's death but I do believe it is the work of our unknown visitors, I have heard from King-san that Matsumoto-san went missing" Ken reported trying to look through the semi-transparent cloth before him.  He was surprised that the big boss wanted to see him personally, it could mean that he has finally risen up the success ladder.


"Yes, apparently the last King-san has heard about Matsumoto-san was that he was told to return to the police department for questioning of Nakai-san's disappearance.  Matsumoto-san told his bodyguards to call King-san and his lawyers to fetch him however when they did, the cops said they never sent anyone out to retrieve Matsumoto-san for questioning.  King-san's men said that it was a female officer and because the hat was a bit big, they couldn't really see their faces"

"Keep looking out for them, they have become a nuisance recently and they may be the reason behind my lost men" Ken can tell that the voice was masked and he can try to see the outline of the figure but because they were in such a big chair with a long backing he can't really be sure of what he is seeing and he doesn't dare move.  Although there aren't any bodyguards or anything but that could just mean none that the visible eye could see.

"Yes boss I will, I can't have these pests ruining our operations and I have the backup of King-san to capture them"

"Good, now Ken, I have heard many great things of you from Nakai so don't disappoint me.  I am curious as to what you know so far"

"Boss, the only thing I know is that in my encounter with what seems to be our pest, 2 woman, one was a tourist however since it was a plan that could be fake, as well as everything about them."

"Any features you can recall?"

"Well one was a bit taller than the other and they had toned legs, smile was bright those are the only things I can be certain, other things like hair colour and eye colour are possibly wigs and contacts.  The other one doesn't have any features that stood out, so overall typical woman that don't stand out much" there was silence, silence that made the hairs on the back of Ken's neck stand, Ken wasn't sure what the boss was thinking and was afraid that they weren't too pleased

"Okay, I want you to report of any and all plans you have of our...rodents, I will not rest until they are disposed of"

"Yes boss" Ken bowed and turned to walk away when he was called out

"Oh and Ken, I have heard the cops have been snooping around in your area for a while now"

"Yes sir, I had dealt with 2 of them already however because Nakai-san's body was discovered, my men has notified me that they have been snooping around asking questions"

"I see... I don't want them to stick around us otherwise operations will be slow, do something to throw them off or something, our next shipment is to come in soon no?"

"Yes King-san said that they will provide on schedule"

"Good! You may leave, I have another appointment to go to" Ken bowed and left

As soon as he was out of range, he wiped the thin layer of sweat that had formed on his forehead with his sleeve 'that was nerve-wrecking, I can't afford to lose his trust and faith in my abilities.  Now to deal with those stinking cops'
Date: April 17
Time: 8:15 pm

Maimi stood at the rooftop of the hospital building where she hasn’t moved for over an hour, she didn't know why she voiced her opinions like so, it wasn’t her character to voice out something she wanted hidden. 'It's probably because Airin hasn't woken up, I mean she's my friend so obviously I will worry about her and of course seeing Niigaki-san beating herself up…’  Maimi couldn't help but think back at what Erina said to her

'you don't look at me like you use to, you look at her with that look that I thought you reserved for me'

'Is it really because of her?'

'Leave her, she isn't good enough for you, no one understands you like I do'

Maimi shook those thoughts out of her head 'is it because of Airin? Did all my worries and feelings for Erina leave because I've moved Airin? She understands me, it doesn't take much to do that so that isn't a good base point.  Erina do you know how much I've changed since you left? Do you honestly believe you understand me now?' "ARGH!"

"Funny finding you here" Maimi turned to see Miyabi hobbling towards her "are you a fan of rooftops too?"

", I recall Airin telling me that she likes standing up here when she needs to think or let her frustration out" Granted the last person she thought would be in front of her right this moment was Miyabi.  Its not like she didn't like the girl or anything, its just that they never talked so it was awkward to see Miyabi in front of her on a one-on-one position

Miyabi wobbled over to the ledge and leaned forward supporting herself with her crutches, closing her eyes to feel the breeze on her face while Maimi just stayed in her position looking out "I don't know how you knew about Airin's feelings but thank you for calming Risa onee-san's worry.  I didn't think Airin and you talked about such deep things" Miyabi chuckled "but I'm glad she did, I don't think me saying the same things would have a better effect"

"I was just voicing my thoughts that's all, I did wish I had an older sister like Niigaki-san.  Saki is the same age as me and its great but sometimes its good to be the child and get the love from an older sibling"

"Saki-tan was surprised you didn't tell her your true feelings though" Maimi turned to look at Miyabi whose eyes were still closed "she didn't say anything to me but through my conversations with her in the past she loves the fact that you're as close to a sibling she's got.  She was happy at how you guys grew up, maybe because she was like Airin and you were her very own Risa onee-san.  She gets upset when you put the strong front and look after her like she was the younger sibling though, she wants to protect you too"

"I know she wants to protect me, especially since the return of me ex, I always knew" Miyabi opened her eyes waiting for Maimi to finish "but I guess old habits die hard, I just don't want to put a burden on her, not when she helped me step on my own two feet with everything especially when Erina left.  I don't know how much she's told you but she tried to get me to eat and live my life properly when I fell into a depression.  I was stubborn though and so was she, soon she had lost her original spirit and I found her crying, utterly upset.  I woke up and broke down my stubborn wall, I couldn't bare to see her cry like that, especially if I was the cause, it hurts me even more.  She never did tell her why, it was more like all of a sudden, I pretended nothing happened and was okay again and..."

"I do know" both girls turned to see Saki standing there "still the one that protects me nee Maimi? I do hate it when you don't let me take away some of your burden, what is it about me that you couldn't confide me with everything?  Have we not gone through enough together? Yeah you do tell me majority things and we talk to each other the most but I always felt like you still kept a good distance between us.  Is it because I'm short and not physically built or something? Those were the questions floating in my mind all these years" she then turned to Miyabi “and you! You shouldn’t be here, you’re crutches are not always the best thing to rely on”

Maimi's eyes popped open "no, no, NO Saki that wasn't it, I..." whereas Miyabi was looking away from Saki’s lecturing glare

Saki put her hand up to stop her "I know, you just can't help it...but please promise me to not take things upon yourself alone, at least share your problems even if you don't think there is a solution with me...or Airin"

"Eh?" Both Maimi and Miyabi looked at Saki

"Boy are you guys dense, this I expected from Miya but not Maimi...hold on actually maybe I did expect it from you Maimi"

"Oh shut up and elaborate because I don't know what you're talking about"

"Yes you do, you just think you don't know what I am talking about"

Before Maimi could retort "finally *huff* I found you guys!" Ai stood at the door taking deep breaths "next time take your phones with you!"

"What's up Ai-chan?"


“Okay, you better start breathing because I don’t understand you” Ai took a couple of big deep breaths, choking in the process “Ai-chan, I asked if you could catch your breath first not kill yourself on the way” Maimi joked casually, easing the atmosphere a bit by causing Miyabi and Saki to giggle

“*cough* oh how drole! I guess you don’t want to know about Suzuki-san’s condition then” Ai patted her chest

The trio ran up to her “What condition?” Miyabi asked grabbing onto Ai’s arm

“Suzuki-san is awake now” Without saying a word, the trio rushed back to Airi’s room with Ai in tow, well more like Maimi dashing and Saki helping Miyabi hobble down the stairs.

As Airi’s room was in sight, Maimi suddenly slowed in her pace in which Saki caught sight of “Maimi? What’s wrong?”

“I…er…I just remembered there’s something I have to do.  Tell Airin I’ll visit later” Maimi dashed out in the opposite direction before Saki could protest.  She didn’t stop running until she was in her car and has driven a good distance from the hospital ‘Why do I feel like I can’t face Airin? Why do I feel so conflicted? Why am I so scared? What is happening to me!!!!!’ Once again Maimi’s thoughts were brought back to Erina’s words ‘Is it because of you? Is it because I couldn’t bear to see how you would react to your situation? Is this why my heart feels like it has been stabbed? I don’t want to think about it!!! I can’t think about it!!! I don’t want to ruin my friendship if you don’t feel the same Airin!!! I don’t want to ruin the relationship we have when I don’t know myself what and how I feel towards you.  Forgive me Airin’ Maimi zoomed off, tears threatening to spill as she headed to the office.
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Silly Maimi. That's cause you're finally realising what Airi means to you. Needing time to think is great but hopefully Maimi doesn't take too long :)
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Stupid Maimi..... :banghead:

Why did you run away??? :sweatdrop:

Just admit your feeling and tell it to Airi already.....
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wonderful chapter  :heart:  :wub: maimi  yajima flees, cause her feelings are in conflict.  :doh:
please, next chapter.  :heart:
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@ baddie: We'll see how long she takes to confront Airi  :twisted:

@ abok: You make it sound easy  :lol:

@ Mikitty_Ayaya: Correct, Maimi's feelings are indeed in conflict  :thumbsup

Chapter 54

On Airi’s side

“AIRIN!” Miyabi hopped inside the room

“MIYA!” Airi opened her arms ready for Miyabi to hug her.  It was then that Miyabi remembered that Airi was temporarily blind, she wanted to cry seeing Airi in this position but she didn’t want Airi to know, from the other side, Risa was already in tears.

“I’ve missed you so much!!! You can’t nag at me for loving my sleep anymore since you’ve slept for so long” Miyabi commented hugging Airi tightly, careful not to hurt the broken arm.

“*cough* Miya!  I know I’m loved all around but please refrain from killing me, I’ve just woken up from a coma”

Miyabi loosened the hug “Sorry, it’s just…”

“Now, now, it’s okay, everything will be fine” Airi stretched her good hand towards her table patting around for something

Miyabi grabbed her hand “Everything isn’t fine Airin!  Not when…not when…” Everyone knew where Miyabi was referring to and immediately a tense atmosphere could be felt

“Miya, shhhh~, it’s only temporary right? It means that I’ll be able to see again.  My arm will heal as well right?”

“But when?”

“You know it’s late now so maybe we should let Airin rest, she did just come out of a coma” Saki diverted the conversation, personally she wanted to know what was wrong with Maimi

“Saki-chan!” Saki turned to face Airi “When you have a moment after dropping Miya off can I speak to you…privately?”

All eyes turned to look at Saki, “Er…yeah…sure” Saki was just as confused as everyone else as she helped Miyabi back to her own room.

“What do you think Airin has to talk to you about?”

“I’m not sure but I’m going to find out soon enough.  Now you get some rest and not worry too much about it” Saki tucked Miyabi into bed and bade Ai and Risa farewell before heading back to Airi’s room

“Airin? Are you still up?” Saki whispered just in case Airi decided to go back to bed

“Saki-chan, come in”

Saki walked over to an empty chair “What did you want to talk to me about?”

“In my coma, I remembered you saying that you wanted me to talk some sense into Maimi, mind telling me what that was all about?”

“You heard me?”

Airi nodded “I also heard Maimi’s speech to ane, I was moved and upset at the emotions I could feel from Maimi.  It was different when she was talking”


“Yeah, I don’t know how to explain it but it felt different from her usual self, different when we were talking about her past even”

‘At least one of them is getting closer to realization’ “I see, Airin, I  wouldn’t worry about it, I guess Maimi was caught up in the moment”

“Did she come back?”

“Did who come back?”

“Maimi, she walked out but she didn’t speak up when Miyabi and you came back”

“Er…no…she had something to do, urgent matters at work” Saki lied but noticed Airi’s face fall “But she’ll visit you soon enough, you know how it is, Maimi was taking on more work so that Ai and I could watch over Niigaki-san and Miya” Seeing Airi nod, Saki knew Airi believed it. “As to the issue about Maimi, its nothing for you to worry about, I mean I wanted to vent I guess but I couldn’t really tell anyone so I vented it out to you”

“Are you sure? It’s about Mano-san isn’t it?” Saki was flabbergasted at Airi’s memory and it was because of the pause that Airi got her confirmation “You can tell me Saki-chan, I would be concerned about Maimi too”

“It wasn’t anything really, its just Maimi went to meet up with Erina again and I got upset.  The last time…”

“The last time Maimi went to see Mano-san was when Maimi got hurt again right? Saki-chan did Maimi tell you what the outcome of that was?”

Saki recalled the time when Erina made her return and indeed she didn’t know “No, unfortunately I don’t”

“Maimi told me that she never got an answer”

“An answer? An answer to what?”

“To why Mano-san left her without a word.  Maimi has been chained down all these years because she never knew the truth and I guess it meant a lot for her to know the reason why.  She makes a great detective you know” Airi chuckled “her desire to finding and knowing the truth would be a plus for the police force”

“But what does it matter anymore? I mean why does she want to get hurt again?”

“Saki-chan, you’ve known Maimi longer than I have so you should know how stubborn Maimi can be.  She wanted to release herself from wondering all these years what she did wrong and why Mano-san left”

“So you think it’s okay that Maimi still keeps in touch with Erina?”

“I think if Maimi wants to know the truth that badly, she wouldn’t let anyone stop her.  By getting upset at Maimi not only does it hurt you but Maimi too, she has been through enough in her life just as you have and it pains Maimi to be stuck in between her own thoughts and her friendship with you.  She doesn’t want to upset you but she also wants to be free again”

“I-I… I never realized how difficult I was pushing her” Saki admitted “I just wanted what’s best for Maimi, I wanted to protect her”

“Don’t worry Saki-chan, Maimi could never hold a grudge against you for long”

“How do you know?”

“She’s mentioned it in our talks, she says that she thanked the gods they gave you  to her”

Saki chuckled “That dork! I can’t believe she’s getting all sentimental in front of you.

“Let’s not ruin Maimi’s image, I recall that there are certain peple that think she’s tough as it is”

“Ah yes, the children, they’ll hate me forever if Maimi started getting tougher”

Airi giggled “I guess your issues are solved?”

“Yes Airin, thank you” Saki lean forward to hug Airi, careful not to hurt the broken arm “I do have a question for you though, just between you and me, are you sure you’re okay about the temporary blindness? I mean I understand you wouldn’t want to worry Miya and Niigaki-san since no one is around…”

“Saki-chan, I’m fine really.  After hearing Maimi’s speech to ane I was more determined to get better soon, everyone is giving me support so I can’t give up now I am determined not to let this stop me”

“You took Maimi’s words to heart eh?” Saki noticed a slight blush in Airi’s face

“Well she’s a friend that I respect and has given me nothing but honesty so I trust her.  She was also the one that helped me get over my breakup.  I couldn’t open my thoughts and feelings to Miya or ane as easily as I did her, I don’t know what it was, but I know I could talk to her”

‘I’m sure you don’t know what it was.  God it sucks to not just yell at these 2’ “I see, well I should get going, I still have work tomorrow and you’ve just woken up so I think you shouldn’t strain yourself from all of my issues.  However food for thought, from all the years that I’ve known Maimi, she wasn’t the type of person to easily just talk about her issues…I’m surprised that you guys talk to each other more than those that have known you guys” With that Saki left the hospital and went home.
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Dropping by to say that I'm still interested in this fic and trying to catch up  :)

Though, I'm reading it slowly way too slow  :nervous
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Ah, they're so oblivious to their own feelings.  :lol:
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@ C:  :mon hi: It's been a while but thank you for your continued support.  Don't worry about the speed of reading, it's not going to go anywhere right?  Probably best so that you don't have to wait for updates.

@ Her Awesome Holiness: So oblivious that someone might have to smack them both  :lol:

Chapter 55

Date: April 17
Time: 10:23 pm

“Ai-chan, where’s Maimi?”

“I don’t know, Reina and Eri are not home yet either” The duo could hear yelling outside the front door, one in which clearly was Maimi’s voice.

“Speak of the devils” Saki opened the door to see Maimi furious and 2 timid Reina and Eri “keep the noise down Maimi, the neighbours are probably sleeping”

“March inside now you two!!!”

“What’s wrong Maimi-chan?” Ai inquired sensing that Maimi’s anger level was not of the norm

“Ask these 2 doofuses!!! You guys watch them and don’t let them move.  I’m going to change first” Maimi huffed to her room quickly

“What did you guys do now?? How did you guys manager to anger her? I thought you guys had overtime?” Ai whispered looking towards Maimi’s room

Reina and Eri looked at each other then looked back down “You guys have to tell me or I can’t help you” Saki urged them in a whisper

“Go on guys!!!” Maimi stood behind at the bottom of the stairs in her workout clothes

Reina and Eri gulped “Er…you see…we were working like we were suppose to…” Eri stated

“And you know…we were tired so we took a break…”

“Maimi, they are human, they should be able to take a break” Ai reasoned

“Hold on that comment Ai-chan.  Why don’t you ask them what type of break they took?” Maimi’s arms were folded across her chest and her eyes were glaring at them as if she was going to melt them down on the spot

“Okay…” Saki turned to the duo who were looking anywhere but anyone else’s eyes “What kind of break were you guys taking?”

“Well… was a…it was a…” Reina stuttered, she knew she couldn’t lie yet she couldn’t bring herself to say it either

“Go on!!!! I’m waiting, tell them what you guys were doing in the copy room”

Realization hit Ai and Saki as they palm-faced “Oh my god!!! In the copy room? Remind me to never photocopy again!!! Guys, we knew you guys were horny but honestly how could you?”

“Its not my fault that ever since your girlfriends were in the hospital that we had to take on your work!” Reina retorted flaring up at the 3, surprising Ai and Saki

Maimi stepped forth “it also doesn’t mean you can have sex everywhere as if you’re a sex maniac.  That’s not a good enough reason you fucking horny shit!!!” she shot back with just as much anger

In the next moment, a thump could be heard before dead silence.  Reina looked at her own hand in shock as was everyone else except Maimi whose head was turned to the side, a trickle of blood leaking from the corner of her mouth

“Rei!!!!” Eri grabbed onto Reina and pulled her back “What are you doing?”

Saki and Ai went up to check up on Maimi, who pushed them away.  She didn’t say anything and left the house into the rain with Saki and Ai calling after her.  Seeing that Maimi wasn’t going to stop they turned to Reina and Eri who seem to still be in shock

“Shit Saki, what are we going to do?” Ai looked at Saki then back at Reina and Eri

Saki walked up to Reina and placed a hand over the hand that Reina was staring at “Reina, we’re sorry the workload has increased on you” Reina diverted her eyes to Saki and it was noticeable that Reina was going to cry “What’s wrong Reina?”

“I…I didn’t mean to…I didn’t mean  it…I was stressed and…”

Saki pulled Reina into a hug, “Shhhhh~~~ it’s okay, it’s okay I know you didn’t mean to, you’re stressed” Eri was crying alongside Reina, she was at a loss of words at the situation, in which Ai followed suit and held her in a hug

“Saki-chan…what do I do now?  Maimi…Maimi…”

“Shhh~~~ don’t worry about Maimi, I’ll deal with her”

“She…*sniff* she’s going to kick us out!” Eri hollered

Saki turned “Eri, Reina look at me!!!” Both looked at Saki right in the eyes “I guarantee she will not kick you guys out.  Trust me, you guys trust me right?” Seeing the little nods Saki continued “Good, now I want you guys to shower then go to bed, let Ai-chan and me deal with Maimi”

“I’m sorry guys…I really am” Ai helped Reina and Eri up the stairs and into their rooms before joining Saki at the foyer.

“What do you think is going through Maimi’s mind now?”

“I don’t know, but she’s off today.  She usually is more tolerable then this, especially with Reina and Eri so for her to get agitated isn’t a good thing.  Let’s hope she just went for a jog somewhere not too far”

“I know what you mean, Maimi just ran out into the rain in shorts and a hoodie over her tee.  She’ll catch a cold if she’s out for too long”
Date: April 17
Time: 11:47 pm

In a hidden location, a female wearing a cap lowered walked into a locked room carrying a tray of food for the occupant.  The first few days the occupant was in there, they were hollering non-stop, luckily they were located in a far away location, otherwise the neighbours would’ve called the cops on them for disturbing the peace.  Walking in without a worry, the woman placed the tray of food on the table before nudging the occupant “You’re food is here…” stirring the occupant awake

“How long are you going to keep me here locked up?  What do you want with me anyways!!!!” The occupant groaned and grumbled through a blindfold

She walked up to the door and locked it with a key and tucked the key safely before going back to the occupant, taking off the occupant’s blindfold. The occupant blinked a couple of times to get use to the light in which when they were finally in focus their eyes went wide “You!!!!! What are you??” He noted that his captor was in track pants and a hoodie as opposed to what she was in the night of his capture.  She smirked at how she had dragged this filthy scum to the hideout.


Ren Matsumoto waited to be out of his bodyguard’s view and when he was about to attack he felt something hit him on the back of his head as he fell revealing the officer holding her baton grinning from under the cap.

Making quick work, the cop went to a nearby dump area and took off a plastic covering a trolley.  The cop pushed the trolley to the fainted Ren and pushed him on, wheeling him to an alleyway where the cop took off her uniform and put on a garbage disposal uniform and cap. 

Roughly throwing the cop uniform on top of Ren, they pulled the cover on top of Ren and wheeled the trolley to the end of the alley where a van was waiting.  After throwing Ren into the van, they gagged and tied his arms and legs before throwing in the trolley and cop uniform. 

Getting into the driver side, Gen took off her cap and grinned ‘Gotcha’ before zooming off into the night.

End of Flashback

Gen smirked and took off her cap revealing her face “You don’t need to know who I am, at least I am not letting you starve to death and I helped you find out the truth behind Ken’s ordeal.  Who does Nakai work for?”

“I already told you, I don’t know!!!” Ren shot back and looked at his chains “I can’t eat if I am immobile”

Gen shook her finger “Not until you give me the truth and give me what I need to know.  Now who does Nakai work for?”

“I honestly don’t know and what makes you think that I was not telling you the truth the first time when I almost DIED!!!” Ren put a hand on his stomache that was grumbling “He approached me and told me that he was covered by someone with power and money.  It’s the only reason I decided to associate with him, something about a group or organization that if you are a part of, then the whole group covers for one another.  Honestly, that is all I know”

Gen didn’t think that she was going to get anything out of him, be it the truth or not so decided to give up for the time being as she took off the shackles and chains, pushing the tray before Ren "Now eat up”

Ren did as told, he was feeling hungry and if he was to try to run he needed the energy and judging by the fact that it was a female, Ren grinned in between mouthfuls ‘I’ll just take you on without you knowing, uncuffing me is the biggest mistake you’ve made in your life girlie’ He eyed Gen up and down when she wasn’t looking ‘She’s got a nice body, I could have my way with her first before running, why waste that chance?’ Ren slowed his eating pace to devise a plan to catch her offguard once he was ready he quickly finished his food.

“Done?” Ren nodded and patted his stomache “Good! Now I’ll have to cuff you back” Ren sat down on the bed that was provided and put his hands out and together ready for Gen to put on the cuffs and shackles.

Gen walked over with the shackles and bent down to lock them in.  Waiting for the right moment, he kneed Gen in the head causing her to drop down on her back.  Nudging her body a bit with his foot for precautionary sakes, he licked his lips and rubbed his palms as he lifted Gen’s limp body onto the bed.  Slowly he unbuttoned his shirt and hovered over Gen’s body, straddling Gen’s hips.  He dove in to kiss Gen’s neck but right before he made contact, Gen’s eyes shot open shocking Ren.

“Surprise” in one swift motion, Gen gave Ren an uppercut and kneed Ren in his groin causing him to yelp in pain.  Pushing the whining Ren off she rolled off the bed and got into a fighting stance

“You bitch!” Ren hollered holding his family jewels, angered at the pain and how he was tricked.  As soon as he caught his breath he charged at Gen putting his hands out ready to grab Gen on the shoulders

At the outstretched arms, Gen grabbed Ren’s left arm and moved her right foot in front of Ren’s right foot and threw him over her shoulders, then returning to her fighting stance, smirking.

Ren groaned at the pain that shot through his lower back, his pride was hurting as well which gave him more energy to get even and rape the girl before him.  He got up quickly and charged at Gen but this time he threw punches left, right and center.  Gen dodged the swinging fists easily due to her usual training, however when she blocked, she was surprised at the strength that Ren had as the impact of his punch pushed her a couple of steps back. “Don’t underestimate me girl!!! You don’t know who you are messing with!!!” Ren growled

Gen soothed her arms where the punch landed but grinned “Now this is getting interesting”  Gen’s comment only aggravated Ren even more as he growled and threw punches harder than ever, determined to make Gen regret.  Gen dodged all attacks sensing that she may not be able to block with minor bruises as she surveyed Ren’s movements for the perfect attack.  Seeing an opening and  Ren’s punches decreasing in power, Gen dodged under Ren’s punches and kneed him in the stomach then as his body was bent over, she gave him an uppercut throwing his head upward, baring his neck which gave the perfect opportunity for Gen to karate chop him.  As Ren was on the ground, out of breath and holding to his stomache and head, Gen kicked him one final time knocking him unconscious.

She grabbed the shackles and locked his legs, giving him no use of his legs to run and cuffed his hands, rendering him defenceless.  As Ren was lying on the floor, Gen walked over to the closet and pulled out a towel ‘Whew!  That was a good workout! I need to get more of this type of workout more often, it’s so much more satisfying’ Gen wiped the sweat from her face before facing the limp body of Ren Matsumoto.  She walked towards his body and kicked his body rolling it towards the bed before grabbing onto his collar with both hands and heaved him off the floor, throwing him onto the bed.  Gen was about to leave Ren in an awkward position however thought against it as she turned and placed his legs onto the bed ‘I used him for a workout, the best I could do is make sure he isn’t in an awkward position’ She put the blindfold back on and gagged him as he will definitely be sore and screaming when he wakes up.  Grabbing the key from where she hid it, she walked out of the hideout entirely relieved and satisfied.
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Request by Maimi_Yajima to update!!!

To all: this was drafted like now so if there are spelling mistakes, sorry!!!!

Chapter 56

Date: April 18
Time: 12:12 am

King and Ken sat at a round table sipping wine, discussing about updates on Ren’s disappearance and of course bringing fortune to them. “King-san, any news on Matsumoto?”

“Nope, it’s like he disappeared.  From what I gathered, the cop was female, pretty tall, wearing a cap that covered majority of her face so my boys can’t really see clearly how she looks.  Here, this is a sketch of who they saw” King passed Ken a picture causing him to spit the wine that he had just consumed “Guy, I know she’s hot but no need to spew”

Ken ignored the comment and took a closer look at the picture “That’s her”

“That is what I told you” King rolled his eyes at how Ken was dense and not paying attention

“No I mean she’s one of them”

“You mean…”

Ken nodded “the night of my attack, she is one of the 2 girls”

“How are you so sure?”

Ken paused, “I’m not, it’s just the cop’s features or at least what can be seen is similar to the girl”

“Well I guess even more reason for us to find this cop then.  Let’s get some of our boys to search for her, look and inquire every person that has the same features”

Ken grinned ‘I’ll find you yet, just you wait’

Date: April 18
Time: 12:45 am

Maimi looked out to the open air, it was raining but she didn’t mind, she could see the city below from where she stood.  The night scene was breathtaking seeing the lights below made her feel like she’s on top of the world

…it also doesn’t mean you can have sex everywhere as if you’re a sex maniac… you fucking horny shit!!!

‘I should apologize to Reina, I shouldn’t have said those things, I’ve been putting too much work on the both of them.  I was upset but nothing that is new, why did I go too far with my words? Why did I get angered so easily? I usually can tolerate their antics and all I had to say was that the new replacement was coming out of their pockets.  God, what is wrong with me recently? Why is my mind in such a whirlwind?’

~ yakusoku wa toku ni shinai wa watashi wa zutto matterareru shi~ “Moshi moshi”

“Maimi! Where are you?” Saki’s voice echoed in Maimi’s ear causing her to move her head away from her phone temporarily

“Saki!! Jesus!!! I think my ears are bleeding!!!! I went for a run and I’m at one of my usual spots, you know that peak I like to go to look over the city? I am coming home now so don’t worry”

“Be careful, it’s raining so that path you take will most likely be slippery”

“Wakatta wakatta yo!!!! Don’t worry” Maimi snapped shut her phone and took one last look at the city before she turned to jog home.

As she was jogging home, a few times she slipped a bit due to the mud however she continued to run.  There was a narrow path that she had to go through, looking carefully at where her feet were or at least tired to, she continued her jog, although it was dark and the rain wasn’t helping.  She was half-way down the narrow path when she felt dizzy and blacked out for a moment causing her foot to slip and in turn fall down the side of the cliff.  She tumbled down over leaves, twigs, branches that gave her scratches, hit her head on a tree trunk but that wasn’t enough to stop her fall until she reached the bottom where she laid unconscious.
Date: April 18
Time: 2:00 am

Saki paced around the living room dressed in sweats, while Ai was in the kitchen “God where is she!!!” Saki’s outburst almost caused Ai to drop the tray she was carrying into the living room.

“Saki-chan, calm down, you almost gave me a heart attack” Ai placed the tray onto the coffee table “Stop pacing around, just wait patiently, she said she was coming home right?”

Saki plopped down on the couch  “That was an hour ago!!!”

“Yeah but it’s raining right so she has to be careful and slow so she doesn’t slip, I’m sure she’s almost home now relax and wait patiently”

Saki picked up her cell and dialled for Maimi’s cell but it went directly to voicemail “Hora!!!”


“I can’t get through to her now, do you think something happened?”

“M-maybe she closed it so you wouldn’t continue bugging her” Ai was doubtful in her response because knowing Maimi, she would never close her phone regardless if she didn’t want to talk, Maimi would rather silence her phone or keep it on vibrate than close it. “Let’s wait for another half and hour then we’ll go fetch her okay?”

Although Saki nodded, Ai could tell it didn’t ease her because Saki’s hand were trembling as she picked up her cup.  Before taking a sip, Saki placed her cup back down and pulled out her phone again “Hey Miya, sorry to bother you at this hour, were you sleeping?”

“Do you think you can call your team for me?”

“Maimi went out in the rain and the last I heard of her was when she said she was coming home an hour ago, but now when I called her, her phone was shut off”

“She never turns off her phone, I’m worried about her”

Saki’s face fell “I understand, okay I’ll wait.  I’ll let you go back to bed now. Bye hon, I love you” Saki closed her phone.

“What did she say?” Ai inched closer to Saki

“She said that a person is not considered missing until they have been missing for 24 hours.  Ai-chan, I’m going to look for her, my gut is telling me Maimi’s in trouble” Saki got up and put on her coat and an umbrella.

“Matte!!!” Saki and Ai looked at the top of the stairs to see Reina and Eri fully dressed to go out “we’re coming with you”

“Eri! Reina! I thought you guys were asleep”

“We couldn’t sleep…I was kinda…waiting for Maimi to come home” Reina and Eri descended down the stairs and grabbed an umbrella each “I…I wanted to apologize”

“Okay then let’s go, the more help the better”

“Risa is coming too” Ai informed as she snapped shut her phone

“Ai-chan, you wait here for Niigaki-san, I’m going with Reina and Eri first” Saki grabbed the keys to the Lexus SUV and headed out the door.

When they arrived at the last mentioned location Maimi was supposedly in, the rain had started falling harder “Eri from the trunk, grab the flashlights” Eri handed out the flashlights “Maimi!” Saki started hollering out “Guys, shine the light on the ground so we can see where we’re going”

The girls followed Saki hollering out Maimi’s name with Saki in front for she was the only one among the 3 that knew where Maimi would be going through.  They continued to do so even if it was useless because with the sound of the rain hitting the umbrella, it was hard to hear anything.  They reached a narrow path, uphill in which they had to walk one behind the other


“Saki-chan!” the 3 turned their heads to see the 2 new joining members

“Niigaki-san! Thank you for coming out in this weather”

“No problem guys, Yajima-san is a friend to me too.  So let’s not waste time and continue searching” The group of girls continued to holler out Maimi’s name as they checked inch by inch up the path.

“Wait a minute!” Risa stopped the people ahead of her and crouched down shining her flashlight on the floor

“What’s wrong Risa?”

“Look at this” Risa shone the light in a circle “This looks like a footpirint but judging by this streak, the person slipped”

Upon hearing Risa’s comment, Saki stepped forward almost slipping in the process.  Luckily Reina grabbed hold of her “I’ve got you, Eri you hold onto me”

Understanding Reina’s thought pattern, Saki slowly edged closer to the edge and shone the light downward “Niigaki-san, look!”

Risa examined the patterns of the mud and trailed the path with her flashlight but couldn’t look further due to the amount of trees blocking their view “Guys, maybe we should continue further up first, we’ll come back to this area if Maimi’s not up there.  I don’t want us to waste time on a clue that may not be Maimi”

“But what if Maimi is really down there?” shrieked Eri

“I think we should divide into 2 groups, one group will continue forward and the other will search down there.  Niigaki-san, I think it’s best you search down there because your knowledge will most likely be most useful there.  Eri, Reina and I will search upwards before joining you, we’ll keep in touch over the phone”
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ARGH! You can't just keep us in suspense like this!! Will they find Maimi in time? Will Gaki-san be okay in the search? Will Reina and Maimi ever get to make up? Will Takagaki get a heavy make out scene?  :panic: :panic: I must know!
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oh my god!!! :panic:

First Airi and now Maimi???? :panic:

i cant take this..... :banghead:

i think i'm going crazy...... :bleed eyes:

please update immediately!!!  :bow:
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Whahaha TanaKame got caught! :lol: They broke an equipment? Wow that must be some wow-hawt-smexy times they had in the copy room :twisted:

Reina hit Maimi huh? Guess it's to be expected as all the built-up stress finally exploded over :roll: Being surrounded by the lovey-dovey couples sure not helping for Maimi too :lol:

Oh maybe Maimi can be Airi's next-bed neighbour :lol: Well ya know...for some hospice bonding time? :inlove:
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: I totally  :rofl: at your comment and questions it went from relative questions from what happened to something so random  :rofl:

I learned from the best about keeping people in suspense (say a certain hammy  :roll:)

@ abok: Don't go crazy...not just yet, not until you finish the story  :lol:

In good time, everything will come together in good time, be it bad or good at least everything will come together.  ;)

@ baddie: Won't you believe it!!!!

True that could be other reason why Maimi broke out in anger over something "small" but then again it could just be her professionalism that kicked in.

Naw, why would I make it easy on them???

Chapter 57

Eri, Reina and Saki slowly walked upward, carefully checking for any signs of Maimi’s presence until they reached the top.  Searching the ground around them, they couldn’t find anything suspicious like slip marks that Risa saw before.  Coming to the conclusion that they weren’t going to find anything they decided to join Risa and Ai.

Hollering out Maimi’s name, they searched through the forest with Risa as leader to where the slip path was leading towards.  It was difficult to see due to the rain but the group continued to search first for the slip marks then follow it to see what was at the very end.  The gang had been searching for more than an hour before Risa found the path she was looking for.  Following the path downward, and away from the base, they found a body.

Quickly rushing to the body, Ai snapped open her phone to call for an ambulance regardless if it was Maimi or not.  Saki had reached the body first, throwing down her umbrella along the way, as she crouched down to flip the body around while Risa was close behind helping Saki see with the flashlight “Maimi!”

Risa knelt down and examined Maimi’s body, checking for broken limbs and external injuries “No obvious broken bones, these scratches will heal, we’ll have to check on her bump on the head” Risa pointed to the blood coming out from the top left corner of Maimi’s forehead.  She then touched Maimi’s head for hypothermia as well as other bumps “Her body temperature is falling, Ai quickly tell them we have someone with declining body temperature” removing her hand from the back of Maimi’s head, Risa’s hand was covered in blood “Shit!!! Someone get me a cloth or something!!! Her body termperature may be dropping due to loss of blood”

Without saying anything, Reina dropped her umbrella and flashlight “Rei, you’ll catch a cold under the rain” Eri scolded as she held her umbrella above Reina

Reina ignored Eri’s scolding and took off her exterior coat passing it to Risa “Here, use this for now”

Taking Reina’s jacket, Risa applied pressure at the back of Maimi’s head.  Handing Ai her umbrella, Risa took off her own jacket, in which Saki followed suit and placed it over Maimi’s body.  Ai handed Saki and Risa the 2 umbrellas she was holding so she can take off her own jacket, along with Eri’s.  “Stupid Maimi to be wearing shorts on a rainy day” Saki was half-scolding through her tears

Risa slapped the side of Maimi’s face to see if she can get Maimi to be conscious but to no avail.  The girls hovered around Maimi’s body with Maimi’s upper body in Risa’s arms and Maimi’s legs being rubbed by Saki to obtain warmth, they stayed like that until they heard the ambulance sirens where Ai left to show the paramedics the location of Maimi’s body.  As soon as Maimi was in the ambulance, Saki tossed Reina the keys to the SUV and walked into the ambulance.

Throughout the ride, the paramedics tried to keep Maimi’s body warm, hooking her to an IV drip, head in a brace, checking consistently for the pulse and heartbeat rate.  While watching Saki contained herself from crying in front of others feeling helpless and useless.  Unexpectedly, the heartrate monitor flatlined causing the paramedics to frantically get Maimi’s heart to start pumping.  Saki sat there in shock, the shouts from the paramedics telling the driver to go faster was drowned out in Saki’s head by the sound of the flatline.

When the paramedics weren’t getting a reaction by applying pressure to the heart through their hands, they resorted to using electrical vibrations.  The paramedics shocked Maimi, causing her upper body to lift a bit before falling back down…twice…three times still no reaction as they looked at Saki, who looked right back.  The paramedics shook their heads “I’m sorry…” ~BEEP BEEP~ Everyone looked at the heart monitor and Saki almost jumped up in joy seeing the movement on the screen

Once they arrived at the hospital door, Saki quickly got out and away so that the paramedics could push Maimi in, as she ran alongside until a nurse stopped her “Sorry miss, you can’t enter here”

“Saki-chan!” Saki turned to see Reina, Eri, Ai and Risa running up to her.  Saki lunged forward into Ai’s embrace “Saki, what’s wrong? Did the doctor say anything?” Saki shook her head

“I…I…was so scared…she left once…”


“She died at one moment and the paramedics were going to certify her, I was so scared the paramedics couldn’t do anymore”

Eri and Reina joined in for a group hug, tear-streaked faces, they needed comfort, comfort that Maimi was going to be alright, comfort from the news of Maimi’s almost death experience.  Ai did her best to comfort the younger girls, holding in her own fears and worries, with the help of Risa whose hand was on her shoulder, giving it a squeeze from time to time.  When the girls have calmed down, Ai guided them to take a seat, waiting patiently for a doctor to come out.

Ten minutes have passed but no one was able to tell them Maimi’s condition.  Footsteps could be heard rushing quickly in their direction as they looked up to see nurses and doctors go by into the room Maimi was in.  Fear struck through their minds, getting up from their seats “What’s going on? What’s taking them so long for a bump on the head?” Saki inquired to no one in particular

Risa patted Saki’s shoulders “Maimi had blood loss and even showed signs of hypothermia; you have to give the doctors time Shimizu-san.  On top of that, her cut at the back of her head could have had an infection from the fall, and I wasn’t able to determine how bad that cut was.  Don’t worry they’re doing all they can” Saki calmed down, because Risa was a doctor, she knew she could trust her words “Why don’t you go visit Miya, maybe that will ease you, we aren’t going to get any answers right now anyways”

“Yeah maybe that’s a good idea, maybe I should visit Airin too” Saki turned to Reina and Eri

Before Saki could speak up “We want to stay here, we’ll text you if we hear anything”

Saki quietly walked into Miyabi’s room with Risa and Ai in tow, hoping that they didn’t wake Miyabi up, however at the creak of the door, Miyabi stirred from her slumber.  “Saki-tan?! Risa-oneesan? Takahashi-san? Why are you guys here at this hour? And why are you guys drenched and dirty? Did you find Yajima-san?” At the mention of Maimi’s name, Saki couldn’t help but be teary-eyed “What’s wrong?”

Saki turned away from Miyabi, drying her eyes “N-nothing”

“Saki-tan, look at me” when Saki didn’t, Miyabi repeated herself in a firmer tone “look at me” Risa and Ai turned Saki around and walked her closer to Miyabi’s bed “Now tell me what is going on”

“Maimi slipped down a cliff…she’s being looked after right now” Risa sensed that it would be hard for Ai and Saki to respond so decided to on their behalf, looking at their facial expressions throughout her speech.

“What? Oh my god!! Oh Saki-tan, come here babe” Miyabi opened her arms for Saki to fall into “There, there…I ‘m sure Yajima-san is fine.  From what you’ve told me, she’s a tough one, she’ll pull through”

Seeing Saki in safe hands, Risa decided to check up on Airi as she gave Ai’s hand a gentle squeeze hinting her that they should be off, leaving Saki to relay the event of Maimi dying in front of her eyes.

Poking her head into the room, Risa intended to see if Airi was awake and if not she was going to go back to the waiting room to join Reina and Eri.  Airi was laying on the bed and because of the bandage across the eyes, Risa wasn’t sure if Airi was awake.  Deciding not to risk it, Risa slowly ducked her head back out

“Who’s there?” Airi asked as she tried to holster herself with one arm “umph”

Risa and Ai both stepped forward helping the poor girl, “It’s me…us”

“Ane?” Airi turned her head to the voice “ What are you doing here so late at night?”

Risa looked at Ai in contemplation as to whether she should even tell Airi, before she even spoke up “Maimi…had an accident so…”

Airi jolted into a sitting position “What kind of an accident?  Is she fine now?  I want to go see her!!”

Risa pushed or tried to push Airi back down “little one, she’s being looked after right now so there is no point in you going there now”

“What happened anyways?”

“She slipped down on her way home from a cliff”

“How serious are her injuries?”

“We…we don’t really know, Risa only assessed the exterior aspects but internally…., anyways Reina and Eri are waiting for someone to tell us the condition”

“How…how are you guys dealing?”

“Saki is with Natsuyaki-san right now, she’s a bit traumatized at Maimi flat lining once”

Airi put her free hand over her mouth “She…she flatlined?”

As Ai was about to respond, a vibration could be felt in her pocket

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But we love ya anyway :lol:
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Oh yes, very Hammyesque. I guess I'll just wait patiently, then. This chapter really kept me gripping my seat!
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@ baddie: Guilty as claimed  :grin: Awww...I'm glad I am still  :heart: after all that happened

@ Her Awesome Holiness: Considering I am taking tips from a certain hammy?  Wise decision oh great one, wise decision.  I can't tell you how much this hurts my head because it seems like everytime I do a scene with great detail then the next time I do it, it seems like it is lacking for some reason and I try to imagine all the details I would have seen in my head.

Chapter 58

~ The doctors are out, they are sending Maimi to a patient room ~ Reina

“Risa, they moved Maimi”

“Hang on, I’m coming with you” Risa turned to Airi who was already moving the sheets off of herself

“Little one, stay put!  I’m going to find out Yajima-san’s condition and then I’ll come back later” Risa plopped Airi back into her bed, making sure she’ll stay put before following Ai out.

Based on Reina’s text message, they found the location that Maimi was held just as the doctor was walking out “Hi how is she?”

“The patient has hypothermia but it should pass overtime, we have the patient on an IV drip and a blood transfusion for the blood loss and lack of vitamins and protein.” The doctor looked up at them, in which Risa looked at Ai, who bore a small smile and a shrug of her shoulders.  “The medications used to treat hypothermia will be injected at designated times so no worries there.  The scratches and bruises on the limbs are minor so they will heal in no time, we almost lost the patient when we were stitching the wound behind the head.  The wound has been cleaned for any infections and we’ve succeeded in the stitching and we’ll have to monitor the patient for the next 24 hours to make sure the progression of the hypothermia as well the effects of the big wound will have to be analyzed after the patient has woken up, the same goes for the bump on the head.”

Risa and Ai bowed to the doctor before Risa turned to Ai “What was that vitamin and protein thing all about?”

“Well you see…”

Risa shook her head “Nevermind, I think I know what that is all about, judging by her character description, I think I need to give her a good talking to” as they walked into Maimi’s room where Reina and Eri were.  They could see Maimis’ sleeping figure through a glass window

“Hey” Clearly from Reina and Eri’s facial expression they weren’t taking the situation well.  Ai embraced the both of them from behind with an arm at each waist “Don’t worry she’ll be up and yelling at you in no time”

Reina turned to the white wall and started punching it “Stupid, stupid, stupid! If only I didn’t lose my cool!! If only I was thinking logically!!! If only I didn’t piss her off…” With every punch Reina’s voice was getting dry and inaudible, with every punch tears started welling up.  Eri walked up to Reina and hugged her tight from behind stopping her arms from punching the wall

“Rei…stop…please stop!” Eri had a fresh batch of her own tears as she too was scared in more ways than one.

Saki walked in with the help of Miya and she too wasn’t looking her greatest, fear was clearly written all over her face as each step she took it looked like she didn’t want to walk forth “Come on Saki-tan, you’re almost there.  You can’t hide from it” urged Miyabi pushing her from behind with her crutches.

Ai seeing everyone in this state was starting to feel the worry, depression, anger and fear engulf her as her own fears added to the atmosphere.  Risa took hold of Ai’s hand and cleared her throat “Guys, why don’t we all go to the cafeteria and grab a coffee? Yajima-san will probably not be up in the next few hours so why don’t we try to clear our minds for a bit” Seeing that no one responded, Risa caught hold of Miyabi’s eyes and nodded, watching Miyabi hobble Saki out.  Next Risa walked over to Eri and Reina, keeping her grip on Ai and used her free arm to push them out.

The table was in silence as no one knew what to say nor did anyone know how to even start a conversation.  However by now Saki had gone out of her trance and was at least not holding a freaky dazed loo “Nee, Miya, I should take you back to your room now”

“Are you sure? I mean I’m not tired, I can stay here if you want”

Saki shook her head “No, I’m good.  I’ve got Eri, Ai-chan and Reina to keep me company, besides you should be resting, your doctor said you are progressing better than usual but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be resting” Seeing that Saki was determined, Miyabi obliged and got up from her seat.

“Same goes for you beanie baby, I’ve got the girls here, so you should go home, you’ve still got work tomorrow” Risa gave Ai a quick peck on the cheek and guided Miyabi back to her room

When Risa and Miyabi were long gone, Ai turned to Saki “Saki-chan, what are we going to do now? Maimi’s out of commission so who is going to take over her duties?”

Reina shot up from her chair, knocking it to the floor with a big ‘thud’ and slammed her fist on the table shocking all “I can’t believe you’re thinking about work when Maimi is in here!”

Saki looked up at Reina “Reina, Ai-chan has got a point, we have business issues to take care of”

“You too? I thought ya Maimi’s best friend? How could’ya think of ya stupid empire at a moment like this?” Eri got up to cool off the angered Reina

“Look!!!” Saki matched Reina’s tone and shot up from her own seat “I’m doing what Maimi wanted me to do.  You’re right about one thing I AM MAIMI’S BEST FRIEND!!!!!! I am doing what she would have wanted me to do…wanted US to do now sit down, shut up and listen!!!!” Ai grabbed onto Saki’s arm and pulled her down waiting for Reina to sit

Eri helped Reina pick up her chair whereas Reina gave a huff before plopping herself back into her seat looking away from their group. “Rei!!! Please!!! Let’s just calm down first.  The last thing we need now is for us to lose unity! M-Maimi needs us, we have to be there for her like she’s been there for us”

At the mention of Maimi’s name, Reina’s face softened as she turned to Eri “You’re right babe! Maimi needs us, and…and I can’t help but feel guilty she’s in this condition” Reina then turned to Saki “What do you have in mind?”

“Thank you Reina, let me look through Maimi’s files and see where she left off, in the meantime, do what Maimi left for you.  Ai-chan, first thing tomorrow morning I need you to come with me to Maimi’s office.  Any questions?” no one responded “Good, now I’m thinking of checking up on her but you guys don’t have to if you’re tired.  I still expect you to be in on time at work tomorrow”

“We want to see Maimi for a bit before heading out, we a crew” Reina responded and walked up to Saki and gave her shoulder a nudge and a grin

“I’m going to go home to check Maimi’s library, maybe some of her files are in there”

“That’s probably a good idea!...Darn it!!!!” everyone turned to look at Saki “I just realized Maimi makes breakfast in the morning, now that means I have to “ the girls chuckled at Saki’s comment, causing Saki to laugh herself as she realized what she had just blurted.

Date: April 20
Time: 8:59 pm

“Any luck on this female cop?” Ken asked his men

“No boss, she may not even be one”

“Who do you think she is Ken?” questioned King “What exactly is she looking for? Also if she isn’t a cop then is it rival groups?”

“I don’t want to say she isn’t a cop just yet until we’ve got her.  I am curious too as to what she wants, for all I know she’s just been asking questions but they are all over the place so nothing can give me a clearer direction as to what she wants.  However, your notion about her being from other gangs isn’t a bad one, but from which one?”  Ken turned to his men “I want you to still look for her but have some fresh, new guys asking around in other territories.  I know we don’t have an absolute picture but tell them to keep a close eye on anyone with similar features” their men nodded and headed out

“Has the Head contacted you again?” King asked lighting up his cigarette

“No, but I don’t really think it matters, business has been great and we’re making more money than the old fools were so I’m pretty sure the Head will notice and we, my friend, will be rising up”

King chuckled “Oh a new shipment is coming in soon, but some of it is some new stuff that isn’t in the market yet.  I tried it and it’s pretty decent for the teenagers and it’s not expensive either.  If we sell it out in the market, we can make a good profit.  I didn’t know whether you’d feel the same so I only got a small sample”

“That’s great!!! How long has this stuff been around?” 

“It’s been around in Thailand, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong and it got great reviews, at least that is what the suppliers say”

“So how come we don’t have it in the market here?”

“Ren didn’t see prospects, so he didn’t bother.  He’s just not with it anymore, so he gave up that chance when it was first introduced”

“Like I’ve said before, it’s time new visions and directions are implemented, these old guys and probably the Head don’t know what the kids want nowadays.  That’s why this will be our opportunity to rise up, create new rules and expand our territories.  What do you say?”

King smirked at Ken “Who do we take out first?”

~RING RING~ Ken’s men pulled out the cellphone as King and Ken looked on, “One moment please, boss, it’s the Head” both King and Ken were surprised as Ken stretched his shaking hand out for the phone

“Ken desu!”

“No, I took care of them, they won’t be bothering us anymore”

“I understand” ~CLICK~

“Well, what is it?”

“The Head has heard about our rodent trouble and wanted to remind me to deal with it, that’s all.  Anyways, we’ve dealt with it so let’s get our business to expand now shall we?”
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Okay, Maimi's okay and everyone's starting to calm down a little. Whew! But, oh no~! The bad guys are still scheming!

I can't tell you how much this hurts my head because it seems like everytime I do a scene with great detail then the next time I do it, it seems like it is lacking for some reason and I try to imagine all the details I would have seen in my head.
I have that problem too, I just try to run through the scene in my head as slowly as possible while I write to try and remember every detail. But I also keep stopping and starting and going back to the beginning of the scene, which is apparently not a good way to combat writer's block, so maybe my advice isn't the best to take.
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Poor Maimi.......  :cry:

i hope that you put Airi visit Maimi and talk to her alone in the next chapter...... :D

what are the bad guys planning??? :panic:

please dont hurt anyone anymore..... just hurt the bad guys ok.... :twisted:
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Eh what did the Head mean by taking care of them? Who are the them? :panic:
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: Too much excitement might give heart attacks  :lol: Of course the world doesn't end just because some random heir to an empire falls down a cliff nee??

I tried that but then for some reason I have this weird reason it's like I have an image block as well because the images only go up to a point and then gets stuck  :lol:

@ abok: Sorry no promises, but I'll see what I can think of.

@ baddie: Well you really have 2 choices in answering your question 1) Gen's team and 2) Airi and Miya, what's your pick?

Chapter 59

Date: April 21
Time: 3:34 pm

“If only you could forgo my reasons and just accept me back the way I am.  Why can’t you let go of everything in the past so we can start all over? I’m here now aren’t I?”

“What are you doing here?”


“It’s Shimizu-san for you, Mano-san! Now what are you doing here?”

“I-I-I came to see Maimi and…”

“Well you shouldn’t!!!! Haven’t you caused enough pain for her?  I almost lost her on your account”

“*sniff*…*sniff*I…I…never meant for things…*sniff* to turn out like this *sniff*”

Seeing Erina crying Saki couldn’t help but feel bad for being so harsh towards her yet she couldn’t bring herself to forgive her either.  There was a long moment of dead silence until they heard Maimi stirring awake as both approached her “*groan* where am I?”

“You’re in the hospital, Maimi you fell down a cliff, do you remember?”

Maimi blinked a couple of times to regain her focus but nodded “I remember now it was the night of my fight with Reina.  I was coming home when I felt dizzy and blacked out for a moment, then my foot slipped and …and that’s all I can remember”

“I’ll call the girls, you don’t know how upset they were when we found you” Saki rushed out the door

Maimi turned to see Erina standing there “Erina?”

Erina stepped forward “Hey there!...How are you feeling?”

“My head hurts a bit but other than that I feel fine” Erina nodded slightly before they fell in an awkward silence

Erina sat down on the edge of Maimi’s bed and looked deep into Maimi’s eyes “Maimi?...I…”

“Maimi!!!” They looked over at the door to see Airi being guided by Saki

“Airin!!!” Maimi bore a big smile as she watched Airi get close to her bed, feeling for Maimi’s physical being.  Maimi stretched out a hand for Airi to hold before being engaged into a big bear hug “I’m so glad you’re okay”

Saki left once again pointing to her cell, indicating she had to make a phone call, leaving the 3 alone.  In Erina’s perspective it was as if her presence wasn’t even known to the other 2 as she watched them hugging *cough* *cough*

Airi moved away from Maimi “I’m sorry were you talking to someone Maimi?”

“Ah yes, Airin someone I wanted you to meet.  Mano Erina is here to visit me” Airi turned in one direction and placed out her free hand for Erina to shake

Maimi giggled and slowly turned Airi in the correct position whereas Erina slowly but steadily took hold of Airi’s hand and shook it “Nice to finally meet you…er…”

“Suzuki Airi, nice to finally meet you too Mano-san”

“Airin, you shouldn’t be moving around you know that right? Niigaki-san will be scared out of her wits if she finds you missing” Maimi half-scolded

“Naw, ane said she won’t be coming back to visit until later, although I’d rather she not”


“That way she can have her own free time with Takahashi-san” Airi giggled

“Ah~~ good point, well in that case I don’t mind being babysitter for the time being”

“Who are you calling a baby?” Airi pouted and put her hands on her hips

While the 2 were having their fun, they didn’t take notice of Erina looking on in a sad frown, staring at Airi “Anyways Erina” Erina snapped back to look at Maimi and immediately smiled that Maimi still remembered her existence “Thank you for visiting”

“It’s the least I could do, I was worried and concerned when I found out you were in the hospital…I…I…do you think we can talk…privately???” Erina held a pleading look

Maimi looked back between Erina and Airi “I…I don’t…”

“I think I should go”

“No Airin, don’t, I’ll just step into the hall, but I’ll be back real quickly so I want you to choose, either sit or sleep in my bed for now”

“Maimi, I don’t think you should be getting up, you’re legs are still sore from all the wounds”

“Don’t worry, I’m a strong runner remember??? So what’s it going to be??? Sit or sleep?”

“I’ll sit, you go” Airi gave Maimi’s hand a firm grip before they both let go of the other with Erina watching all of this.

“Erina, let’s step into the hallway” Maimi walked ahead of Erina.  Erina looked back at Airi sitting very still on Maimi’s bed a little longer before turning and heading out

“Maimi,…I…can we…” Erina took a hold of Maimi’s arm

“I don’t think so” Maimi slowly unclasped Erina’s finger from her arm and brushed her hand off “I can’t forget what happened in the past and honestly Erina, I don’t carry those feelings for you anymore, it’s been too long that I held onto our memories thinking that we could be back the way we were, but I realized that I only held that thought because I didn’t know the truth behind your disappearance act.  Now, I’ve realized that even if you do tell me the truth, what we had will always remain just that, memories and nothing more.  I’m sorry Erina”

“No Maimi, you’re making a mistake, I know you still love me, you’re just a little distorted because of her but I can forgive you and we can start over, I know we can”

Maimi grabbed a hold of Erina’s shoulders, “Erina, it has nothing to do with anyone else.  This issue has been lingering and kept me bound for far too long, to the point that I realized that the love I once carried for you is no longer there.  Just let it go, let us at least have our wonderful memories engraved in our lives and we can both move on with our lives.  Please, listen to me, it has nothing to do with anyone else, we can always be friends, but don’t try to pull anyone else into this”  Maimi let go of Erina’s shoulder and slowly walked towards her room.  She was about to enter but not before turning around to look at Erina’s back ‘I’m sorry Erina, I’ve learned to let go, maybe it’s time you did too’ and walked in.

“Hey” Maimi greeted seeing Airi whip her head towards the door

“That was quick, I was expecting you to leave me by myself for a longer period” Airi gave Maimi a toothy grin.  Maimi smiled weakly but didn’t say anything in which Airi’s grin slowly turned as she tried to hear Maimi walk closer and closer towards her “Is something wrong?”

“She…she…No nothing is wrong” Maimi just couldn’t bring herself to express what was on her mind as she sat on the bed beside Airi

“Hmmmm….I don’t think a ‘she…she…’ means nothing Maimi.  Just because I can’t see temporarily doesn’t mean I am blind entirely, so spill it before I attack you”

Maimi couldn’t help but chuckle a bit “You and what army???”

“I am a detective for your big fat information and although you are toned, I think I can take you on anyday, anywhere, anytime” Airi responded with confidence with her head held high.

“I think we have a challenge, name the place and time, we’ll do it” Maimi challenged “I’d love to see how the highly thought of Senior Detective Suzuki is in a match with me”

“Done deal!!!!” Airi giggled followed by Maimi “But enough of this, what’s up?”

“Well, Erina wants to restore the relationship that was left off a couple years ago”

“And what did you say?”

“I told her we couldn’t be, not anymore, not after so long, not when it isn’t there anymore”

“So you finally made a decision? Did you get the answers you needed?”

“I decided that regardless if she gave me an answer, we can’t go back to where we left off.  It would have been nice to know but overall it didn’t make a difference because I don’t love her the way I use to” Maimi looked at Airi ‘I think I fell in love with someone else’ “I just want to keep the memories we created as that, memories, nothing more”

Airi sat there in silence for a moment “Whew she probably didn’t take that really well did she?”

Maimi looked at her hands and shook her head “No, but I guess it’s time I put my foot down once and for all, I can’t keep lingering on it and I hope that she doesn’t too.  I just want us to be friends” Maimi felt a hand cover her own and turned to see Airi smiling.

“Don’t worry about it Maimi, if that is what you want and you’re sure it is what you want then that is all that matters.  Maybe being friends with her is the only want to make your life feel at ease and you always have Saki, Ai-oneesan and…me to support you, walk down the path with you”  Maimi was touched by the support that she felt from Airi’s sincere words as she leaned in for a hug ~THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP~

Maimi quickly pulled back, feeling heat creeping upwards on her face “What’s wrong Maimi?”

“Er…nothing…I was…” looking down at Airi’s arm in a cast “just afraid I would hurt your broken arm” ‘So glad that you can’t see at the moment’ as Maimi placed a hand over her own heart *Yawn* “Are you getting tired?” Airi nodded her head a bit “Why don’t you take a nap here and then we can go out for a stroll later?”

“That sounds like a good *yawn* excuse me, idea” Airi smiled brightly and innocently at Maimi

Maimi helped Airi get off the bed so that she could move the sheets before tucking her in.  As Airi was sleeping or in mist of sleeping, Maimi noticed Airi’s bangs across her bandages as she slowly reached over to brush them away.  Upon contact, Maimi felt a tingle running through her arm as she brushed Airi’s bangs away ‘If only I can really get over my relationship with Erina, not like I still hold feelings for her like I use to and I might not be so confused as to what it is I feel for you but I’m scared, really scared do you know that? I’m scared that we’ll turn out like my relationship with Erina, scared that you’ll leave me too.  I don’t want to lose you and I don’t want to lose this comfort level, what should I do? What can I do? You made me realize that I have been living with unanswered questions for the past few years, moving me away from the dark that I was getting accustomed to, into the light.’ Maimi held her hand over Airi’s ‘You’ve done so much in the amount of time I’ve known you that I can’t even understand how and what exactly but precisely because of this I’m a coward, a useless coward that can’t afford to chance it, I’m just happy that you are by my side now as you are’
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@ baddie: Well you really have 2 choices in answering your question 1) Gen's team and 2) Airi and Miya, what's your pick?
I can't decide which so I'm gonna go for (1) :P

Maimi finally realise her feelings :) Its understandable why she is reluctant to take the next step forward in her friendship with Airi :yep:
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Airi and Maimi alone..... :D

thank you for writing this alone scene..... :bow:

appreciate it..... :D

and Erina still wanna cause trouble..... :angry:

the the bad guy should take care of Erina and shoot her or something...... :twisted:
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Finally coming around, Maimi! Now, I demand Takagaki homage to your Awesome Holiness! :lol: :lol:
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Part of this is for you Your Awesome Holiness!!!!

Chapter 60

Date: April 21
Time: 9:48 pm

Ai stared as her lover paced around the kitchen with an apron around her waist.  Ai couldn’t help but blush at how sweet Risa was being for suggesting her cook for the both of them.

“Monkey baby, you have to stop staring or I can’t concentrate on what I am doing and we’ll both end up with something gross going down our throats” Risa stated without turning to look at Ai

Ai smiled “I can’t help it, you look…cute in that apron” Ai got up from her seat and headed towards her lover who was trying to concentrate not really noticing Ai’s actions

Risa jumped a bit when she felt arms around her waist “Gah!!! I almost dropped dinner!!!!!”

Ai could feel Risa pouting about her efforts going down the drain ‘Ohhh~~~ an angry bean! What is a good way of calming an angry bean?’ A mischevious smirk formed on Ai’s face as she started planting soft kisses at the back of Risa’s neck.

Risa gasped and put her free hand on Ai’s arm that was around her waist “Ai-chan” Risa tried to scold but came out as a more raspy, husky voice ‘Ahhh~~~ a weak spot, make mental note’

Turning Risa around, turning off the stove, Ai worked her magic on Risa’s neck, in which Risa tilted her head to give more exposure.  Ai trailed kisses from Risa’s neck to her jawline and then to her lips, intertwining their tongues in a dance.  They broke apart due to the lack of oxygen where Risa looked into Ai’s eyes and could see the hunger just like she was sure that Ai could see hers “This is the kind of dinner I wouldn’t mind having” Ai grinned as she pressed her lips against Risa’s before Risa could respond and lifted Risa off the floor, wrapping Risa’s legs around her waist as she slowly moved towards Risa’s bedroom.

Date: April 22
Time: 9:15 am

“Maimi” Ai and Risa burst into Maimi’s room to find Airi sleeping on Maimi’s bed while Maimi was sleeping on a chair next to the bed slouched over

“…come on Rei, you were so eager to visit earlier…” Eri and Reina looked at Ai and Risa who had put a finger to their lips indicating for them to be quiet.

Ai took off her jacket and draped it over Maimi before pointing the group to step outside quietly. As soon as she quietly closed the door, she turned to see two grinning faces “What are you guys grinning about?”

“Isn’t that cute?” Risa commented

“Is what cute?” Eri turned her head left and right trying to comprehend what Risa was commenting on

“It was, indeed it was, something I haven’t seen in a long time” Saki ignored Eri’s question and replied with a far off look

“Psst~ Rei, do you know what they are talking about?” Eri asked Reina without turning from the 4 before them.  Reina shrugged her shoulders and shook her head

“What are you guys talking about?” Miyabi asked in turn as she was oblivious as Ai, Eri and Reina “And isn’t this Yajima-san’s room??? Why is Airin sleeping on the bed?”

“I don’t know but I hope Maimi lets go of her past finally and move on” Saki still had that far off look as if she was going through memory lane.

“What do you mean Shimizu-san?” Risa asked then looked at Ai, who happened to have an unexplainable expression

“Well…I think we need to sit down if we want to know” Ai guided the group to the cafeteria where they all ordered something to drink or eat.

“Now can you elaborate?” Risa had many questions in her head because something about Saki’s comment held a lot of emotions.

“There are some things that you guys don’t know about Maimi, even you guys” Saki looked at Ai, Eri and Reina “But to make things short, Maimi has gone through some tough times in her lifetime, a lot of drama in her childhood”

“Yeah, we know about Mano-san but that can’t possibly be that dramatic” Reina waved her hand indicating that it was a small issue.

“Besides that, Maimi was actually carefree and outspoken when she was younger, a total contrast from what she is today” Saki looked around and immediately from their facial expressions, she can tell that she has their undivided attention as well as disbelief was written over their faces “Yes, you heard me correctly, Maimi was carefree and outspoken when we were younger.  To be exact, Mano-san came into the picture at the end of our high school lives, in which was when I thought Maimi was going to start laughing more like she use to.  Big mistake because it just brought her back to her old ways, which is what you see today”

“What exactly happened before then?”

“You see, Maimi wasn’t an only child to begin with…”




“Shhhhhh~~~ Everyone is staring” Saki pulled everyone down to sit “as I was saying, Maimi actually had an older sibling, 5 years older by the name of Makoto.  Makoto-oneesan was from Uncle Yajima’s first marriage, but they got a divorce and Makoto-oneesan followed her mother.  At the age of 6, not long after Maimi was born, Makoto-oneesan’s mother died of cancer and hence Uncle Yajima took in Makoto-oneesan.  Makoto-oneesan was young and she had the Yajima trait of being stubborn, she didn’t like being within the same household as Uncle Yajima because she believed that it was his fault that her mother died however she didn’t bear that grudge against Maimi’s mother or Maimi for that matter.”

“How do you know this Saki-tan?”

“I saw it with my own eyes, that’s how, but Maimi and myself have also heard it from Makoto-oneesan.  Makoto-oneesan apparently didn’t accept Maimi’s mother at first but through Auntie Yajima’s efforts, she finally got Makoto-oneesan to accept her but still not Uncle Yajima.  Makoto-oneesan couldn’t bare a grudge against Maimi when she saw her, I guess maybe deep down she wanted a little sister so she got along fine with Maimi and vice versa.  Makoto-oneesan was a ball of energy and was consistently happy when we were with her, she was outgoing, funny, always willing to help, an overall mood maker.  Maimi was very attached to her just like I was and it was because of Makoto-oneesan’s personality, we soon adapted her characteristics too, the good and the bad.  Makoto-oneesan was a free-sprit, she did what she wanted to do and in a sense I felt that she did some things out of spite against Uncle Yajima.  They would have constant fights when we grew older but once Makoto-oneesan saw us, she was all smiles”

“Why would Maimi’s sister tell her that they are half-siblings??? I mean wouldn’t it be wise to hide that fact?”

“Well it was difficult to hide because Makoto-oneesan took the last name of her mother and never changed it.  It was also exactly how we found out when we realized that the last names were different that we went up to Makoto-oneesan about it and it was then that she explained the history behind it”

“Well where is she now??? Why isn’t it contained in the family history??”

“Makoto-oneesan didn’t want to be part of the family business nor did she care for it.  Uncle Yajima was very angry at the fact that Makoto-oneesan was not going to walk in his shoes and when she left the house, so he decided to delete that part claiming that he has disowned her.  Although Makoto-oneesan left the house she still kept in touch with Maimi and they kept their relationship close until…she died”

“She’s…she’s dead?” the girls exchanged glances with each other

Saki nodded “Ogawa Makoto…”

“Wait!!! Did you just say Ogawa Makoto?”

“Do you know her?” Risa looked at Miyabi

“I don’t know her personally but I’ve seen her grave at the…”

“You’re correct, Ogawa Makoto died in a shoot out, and she was a police officer, so her grave is with those of the police force.  She died when we first started high school and we were devastated about the whole ordeal, Maimi worse obviously but it was also because of the death of Makoto-oneesan that Maimi lost her energetic self.  She would hardly smile anymore, she blamed a part of it on Uncle Yajima for not trying hard enough to restore the relationship, and she blamed herself for not trying hard enough to make Makoto-oneesan come back.  She lived a life of pure guilt afterwards and to top things off, Uncle Yajima and Auntie Yajima were never home long enough to notice these things about Maimi.” Saki then turned to Risa “Niigaki-san that night in the hospital, when you asked if Maimi understood what you were going through, she did, we both did.  It was surpressed for a long time and Maimi was actually talking to you from her own perspective, how much she missed Makoto-oneesan, how she wished that Makoto-oneesan can hear her now, how lonely she feels, how she wished her sibling was back with her.  I haven’t heard Maimi confess her bottled emotions about the situation ever, even when Makoto-oneesan left us, Maimi would just cry but she never voiced the unspoken words like she did that night.  That is also why she is jealous of Airin, jealous of the interaction you guys have, the interaction she once had with Makoto-oneesan will never be there again.  The day that Makoto-oneesan died, a part of Maimi died along with it and I thought Mano-san was the cure to it all but alas, she disappointed me… she disappointed Maimi.”

“Mano-san caused Maimi to become like this?” Eri asked as she slowly ate her bag of chips as if she was watching a movie

Saki shook her head “I don’t think Maimi ever went back to how she was entirely, she was smiling and happy but it wasn’t the same still, there was something missing, something that appeared through the presence of…”

“…Airin?” Risa finished the sentence in a question form, in which Saki nodded her head a little.

“The vibe I get from Maimi is different now that it was when Maimi was with Mano-san.  However, I think Maimi can never become the way she was before anymore, it’s been too long that she was in this state that it has now become natural but I could feel it, she’s changed, she just doesn’t realize it yet”

“You mean she’s always going to be the devil?” Reina shot quickly in which she covered her mouth after however Eri hit Reina at the back of her head “Itai~!!”

“Haha, yes Reina, Maimi is forever going to be this professional look and serious tone when we are working but you’ll notice that when she isn’t working, she’s actually different than she was before”

“I just can’t believe that Yajima-san had such a story, it’s no wonder she knew what to say to make me feel at ease.  I feel bad now about yelling at her about not knowing what I was going through”

“Don’t be, in my perspective I was happy that she finally let her unspoken words out and maybe that may have been the turning point in Maimi’s life”

The group fell in a deep silence, absorbing the information that was given to them about Maimi “I want to head back now” Reina stood up from her chair along with Eri and everyone else

“Ladies, I have a request of all of you…” Saki slowly got up from her own chair

“Don’t let Maimi know that we know” Ai finished Saki’s sentence for her, earning nods from everyone around the table

“Thank you, it’s an aspect of Maimi’s life and my own that we obviously have a reason for keeping it away from others, it’s a touchy subject to be exact.”
Date: April 22
Time: 8:15 pm

“Boss you called for me?” Ken stood within the usual dark room, pitch black where the only light you can see is eminating from the candles around, looking ahead towards the screen before him where if you look close enough, sure enough there was a figure sitting there.

“Ken, I realized that you have dealt with your rodent issues however they survived, is that correct?” the voice was masked and altered through a mechanism making it sound more techno-ish.

“Yes boss, to my knowledge they survived with several injuries however I don’t think they will be a problem and if they are, I will deal with them” Ken quickly added unsure if the Head was upset about it.

“I know their condition but I don’t like having this issue lingering around us and I also know you are capable of dealing with it.  However, I also know that they cannot be killed because it would automatically give us more trouble.  I do have a suggestion however, and that is we capture them, give the rodents something else to worry about as opposed to imposing into our matters”

“That can be done, I will tell my men to find out how they look like and capture them” Ken bowed and was about to leave

“No need, I already have their pictures, and I think their head is sufficient enough, we don’t need to capture both” Ken watched as a man stepped from behind the screen and handed him a photograph “Bring her to me and I will deal with her, and before you go, we haven’t had any unwanted visitors lately have we?? Say the girls???”

“No boss, they haven’t appeared again since, I suppose they were looking for something from Matsumoto-san because since his disappearance, they have not appeared again” Ken informed

“Haha good! Now we can ease up and continue our shipment and of course sales.  Ken, if things go well I will definitely make you my right-hand man and show you the other higher ups.  Don’t disappoint me”

Ken bowed once again and walked out as he was looking at the picture in his hand ‘Such a cute one, too bad you’ve got in the bad books of the Head and of course whoever is in the way of me becoming more powerful will have to go’ Ken turned the photograph around to see the name ‘Suzuki Airi’ Without further adieu, Ken called his men to find the whereabouts of Airi.

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Eri asked as she slowly ate her bag of chips as if she was watching a movie
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Wow, you killed off Mako-chan AND made her Maimi's half sister, interesting.

Ken called his men to find the whereabouts of Airi.
He is about to f@#k with the wrong girl. :twisted:
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so makoto was maimi's sister??? :?

why do i got the feeling that makoto's death is somehow not true and she's still alive.... 8)

and she might be one of Gen's team..... 8)

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and why does the "Head" want to kidnap airi and what did he mean by he will take care of her??? :panic:

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Chapter 61

Date: April 22
Time: 11:23 pm

Gather everyone, call me then put me on speakerphone ~ Gen

Closing the message, Swift called everyone to gather around a table where a lone phone was sitting on, before calling Gen.

“Guys, we have to move on with the next target, unfortunately Matusmoto is not giving us enough details to give us a direction.  Do any of you guys have any ideas?” Gen’s voice filled the room

“Well hello to you too” Swift sarcastically replied

“I suggest we look up King Ishiguro, he was Ren Matsumoto’s right-hand man and since the disappearance of Matsumoto, there hasn’t been uproar or anything, it’s been too quiet” Whiz commented

“I agree with Whiz, I think we should do some search on Ken and King because it seems too easy for them to all of a sudden rise to the top overnight” Ace then turned to Whiz “What do we have on these two individuals?”

“Before you go any further Ace, is Pint and Model there?”

“We are” they responded in unison

“Good, I want to know if you guys know besides us, are you aware that Com has another individual in our field doing the same things we are?”

“No I haven’t heard anything of that sort but I wouldn’t be surprised either.  Apparently it is normal for one project to have separate groups where each group doesn’t know the existence of the other” Pint answered then looked at Model for anything to add in

“Fair enough, okay Pint, Model, I need you to do some searching for me, I want to know if there is anyone out there that is doing the same project so we can combine forces.  I just want a search for now, I will talk to the other team or individual so I just want a search on everything about this person”

“Roger that!  Is there anything else you need us for?”

“No, you guys have enough to deal with as it is” Pint and Model bid the others goodbye before leaving “Alright Ace, as to your idea, this is where the difficult part is.  I have heard that Ken is looking for us as well so they have up’d their security and things like that”

“So does that mean I am not needed?” Sexy asked with a hint of disappointment

“No Sexy, I will need everyone in on the search but I suggest we add another individual into the mix, Yukiyoshi Ozawa, Ken’s right-hand man.  So I am dividing you guys up, Whiz you search up on Ken, Swift you have King and as for Sexy and Ace you guys get Yukiyoshi Ozawa while I try to get more information out of Matsumoto as soon as possible.  Any questions?”

Swift looked around the room at the nods “No Gen, we’re good.  I guess if anyone finds anything, we’ll keep in touch?”

“Sounds like a plan.  I’ll talk to you guys later” ~ CLICK~
Date: April 23
Time: 9:15 am

“Miya!!!” Airi’s voice rang as she walked through the door with the help of Maimi

“Airin!! What are you doing up so early in the morning??? Ohayo Yajima-san” Maimi nodded in acknowledgement and led Airi towards Miyabi

“I heard that you can leave so I decided to bid you farewell”

“I told you it wasn’t necessary, Chisa and Maa are coming to get me now” Miyabi hobbled over closer to Airi with the aid of her crutches

“I can’t believe you are getting discharged whereas I am stuck here” Airi pouted, arms across her chest

“Well Yajima-san is still here right?? She can keep you company” Miyabi looked over towards Maimi’s direction to see Maimi scratching the back of her head “What is it?”

“Ah I am going to get discharged in a couple of days as well”

Miyabi turned her gaze back to Airi who was still pouting “Well….we can always visit right???”

Seeing that Airi was still pouting Maimi couldn’t help but giggle “Awww come on Airin, you can’t say you aren’t glad that we are getting discharged” 

Airi smiled a bit “Come on Maimi, why did you blow my cover like that??!!! I wanted to see what Miya was going to think of to make me happy”  Miyabi’s mouth twitched as she bopped Airi on the head “Itai~”

“That’s for fooling me kiddo!!!  Anyways, you guys wanna wait outside with me?? That way you guys can have some fresh air too”

“Sure” Maimi noticed Miyabi picking up her bag as she walked up to her “Here let me get that for you” without waiting for a response, Maimi heaved the bag over her shoulder and took hold of Airi’s hand with her own and put the other arm around her shoulder, guiding her.  Miyabi seeing this from behind couldn’t help but grin ‘Look at the cute couple, not as cute as me and Saki-tan but close enough.  Airin, you’ve actually got someone to take care of you as opposed to you taking care of them’  “Natsuyaki-san, are you okay or do you need help?” Miyabi saw Maimi waiting for her at the door

“No I’m fine!  Besides, you’ve got your hands full as it is” Miyabi hopped out ahead of them leading them towards a bench that was placed under a tree.

“Miya, are you going back to work right away?”

“I probably am, but will not get into action, more like do paper work and planning things like help get some of the duties off of Chisa’s shoulders…” Miyabi’s sentence was cut off when they heard the screech of tires in front of them and some men in black coming out, heading towards them.

The men put their hands forth to take hold of Miyabi and Maimi whereas another tried to drag Airi away.  Fortunately for Maimi, she has great reflexes and her boxing helped as she dodged away from her captor and punched the guy holding Airi, pushing Airi behind her “Airin, don’t worry I’m right here”  Miyabi on the other hand used her crutches to attack, keeping the guys at bay as she hopped closer to Maimi slowly.  Maimi seeing that Miyabi was hopping towards her, also guided both herself and Airi towards Miya as they formed a wall.  Looking around at the 5 guys in front of them, neither party moved for a bit, guessing who will make a move first.  The guys looked at each other and started advancing towards them as Miyabi and Maimi walked backwards with Airi behind them until Airi was up against a tree.  The guys attacked at the same time, in which Maimi and Miyabi were putting their all in defending and keeping them at bay, although one managed to get through and put his hand on Airi.  Airi put her hand on the guys hand and twisted it before throwing him onto the ground yelping, causing Maimi and Miyabi to grin.  The grin didn’t last as Maimi didn’t see a guy coming from the side of her, knocking her towards the tree, head making contact first.  Maimi got right back up but her head was throbbing and shades of black were flashing before her eyes.  Shaking the feeling off, she prepped herself for another attack as the same guy charged at her, in which she ducked and tripped him.  She felt a pair of arms wrapped around her from behind as was about to headbutt them but her head was throbbing and these flashes were getting stronger. “Yajima-san!!!!” Miyabi noticed that something was off as she did her best to defend but she too was not strong enough to take on so many.  At the corner of her eye, she saw that Airi was about to get captured from behind “Airin!!!! Behind you!!!!”

Just as the guy was about to wrap his big arms around her, Airi ducked and was about to get back into the fight when “POLICE!!! FREEZE!!!!” everyone turned to the direction of the voice to see Maasa and Chisato, hands on their guns.  The guys looked at each other and ran for it, Maasa and Chisato didn’t want to risk hurting Miyabi, Airi or Maimi so they chased after them.  Before they could, the men ran into the van and it zoomed off as Maasa stared hard at the license plate “Chisa, call head quarters for me”

Chisato did as told while Maasa did not move from her position until Chisato passed her the phone and then ran up to the fallen group. “Chisa did Maa get it?” Airi asked as she walked towards the general direction that she last heard where Maimi and Miyabi would be.  Airi then tripped and fell onto a semi-soft cushion “Oof”, feeling the item that she fell on she realized it was a body as she felt for the face and felt the bandage around the head.  She felt around until she felt something sticky around her fingers “Maimi!!!!”

Miyabi got up from her position and hopped over with her crutches “What’s wrong?”

“Chisa, call for help” Airi hollered as she felt her way to Maimi’s face, slapping her a bit “Maimi, do you hear me???” No response “Miya!!! Maimi fainted!!! She’s bleeding from behind her head!!!”

Maasa finished her call and quickly ran towards Maimi’s body “Suzuki-san, it’s okay Chisa is coming out with the paramedics, let’s move away so they can do their job” Maasa got around to Airi and held her up, walking towards Miyabi “Here, hold onto Natsuyaki-san for a minute” Maasa made sure that Airi had a grip on Miyabi and vice versa before helping the paramedics and Chisato lift Maimi’s body from the ground to the stretcher.

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@ Her Awesome Holiness: I know, I can't believe how much pain I put Maimi through, I believe I am being influenced by a certain person (hammy) too much.

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Chapter 62

Date: April 23
Time: 11:30 am

“Miya!!!!” Saki hollered out to Miyabi who was waiting outside the hospital for her “How is she??? What happened?? What did the doctors say???”

“We were attacked for some reason and in the mist of our fight, Yajima-san’s wound opened again and was bleeding.  She is having an operation at the moment and has not come out yet so we don’t know anything about her condition so far” Miyabi hugged Saki “Sorry Saki-tan”

Saki pulled away “Why are you being sorry??? No one wanted this to happen and knowing Maimi, even if she was bleeding she probably wouldn’t give up until it is over.  Where is she now???” Miyabi guided Saki towards the operation room where Airi was accompanied by Chisato and Maasa “Hey Airin” Saki sat beside Airi, whereas Chisato and Maasa got up and looked towards Miyabi who seem to be indicating to them to walk outside with her.

Miyabi’s side

“Guys, that was a deliberate attack on us and I want you guys to find out who it was.  Maa did you get it?”

“Yeah I called in and told them the license plate number”

“Good job, we are so lucky that you were here, with your incredible sight and memory, we’ll find those bastards”

“Who do you think is behind it?? What did they want??”

“I don’t know because it seemed like they were grabbing at all three of us, so I don’t know if they were after Airin, Yajima-san or myself, but I don’t want to take those chances so I want someone to be on the look out temporarily until Airin and Yajima-san is out of the hospital.  Whereas I want someone to work with me in checking who these guys are and what they want, the rest of the team are to deal with the cases we have from the Commissioner”

“Eh~ Are you returning to the department tomorrow???” Maasa inquired along with Chisato

“Yes, but I will most likely just be taking part in the searching and planning parts, whereas the foot work would have to be done through you guys”

“Thank god at least one of you is back!!!!” Chisato hugged Miyabi “It’s been tough to take on your duties, I am good where I was before”

“Awww Chisa you were doing a great job, so I don’t see why you don’t want to step up to the plate”

“I hope not for another couple of years” Maasa, Miyabi and Chisato laughed “Natsuyaki-san are you coming back with us now?”

“No I don’t think so, I will probably get a ride from Gaki-san later instead or maybe Saki-tan, but I will be in tomorrow morning so Chisa if you can arrange for someone to start tomorrow morning that would be great”

“Will do, Maa and I will head back now and we can start our search tomorrow as well” Miyabi bid them goodbye before hopping back into the waiting area where she left Saki and Airi.

“Hey, you’re back!! Maimi just got our of her operation, everything is fine but I think Airin and yourself has had enough excitement so I suggest you guys get some rest or something”

“I’m fine Saki, I want to visit Maimi first” Saki looked at Miyabi who shrugged her shoulders

“Okay, let’s go”
Date: April 23
Time: 11:45 am

“Boss, they didn’t get her, the cops came in time” Ozawa informed Ken

“Those idiots!!!!! Now they have alarmed the cops, so we have to be more careful but we also have to be quick, I don’t want the Head to think we are slow and useless.  Plan something out Ozawa and get that girl to me ASAP!!!!!”

“Yes boss” Ozawa bowed and left the room
Date: April 23
Time: 5:48 pm

Saki walked in with Reina and Eri to find Airi slumped over Maimi’s bed and Miyabi sleeping on the couch. Saki walked over to Miyabi and woke her up “Miya….Miya…”

“Zzzzz…. Huh? Oh hey Saki-tan *yawn*”

Saki put a finger to her lips and then pointed to Airi and Maimi who were still sleeping “Did you guys at least move outside this room to eat??”

Miyabi shook her head and whispered “Nope, I couldn’t afford to leave if Airin didn’t want to just in case they were aiming at anyone of us”

“Do you know who they are?”  Reina and Eri sat beside Saki joining into their conversation

Again Miyabi shook her head “No, but I’ve got the team to search for the van that they came here in and I am getting someone to monitor Yajima-san and Airin until they are out of this hospital starting tomorrow morning”

“Saki, why don’t you go with Natsuyaki-san to grab something to eat or something, we can watch over those two from here” Reina offered as Eri nodded

Saki nodded and then helped Miyabi get up “Are you sure?? I mean what if those guys come back now???”

Saki giggled “You don’t have to worry about these two, they may not look like it, but Maimi likes to train these guys to box just to keep in shape.  They will find means of defending Maimi and Airin, so come on, let’s grab a bite”

Reina and Eri sat in the couch that Miyabi and Saki were once in looking at the two sleeping figures, “Nee nee Rei”

“Yes babe?”

“I never realized how bad Maimi got it for her” Eri recalled the conversation about Maimi’s past as she stared at Maimi’s sleeping face.

Reina looked at Eri and then back at Maimi “I know what you mean.  I always thought she was like that because of her parents pushing all those responsibilities on her but then again I look at Saki and she is more relaxed and carefree than Maimi and just assumed that Maimi was being more difficult that’s all”

“I guess it all makes sense as to why she is the way she is, she’s lost so much in her life and we always just use to make fun of how she was overly serious and that she didn’t know how to have fun” They both shared a light chuckle “Ahhhh~~~~ what can we do but let the stubborn idiot run her course”
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Chapter 63

On Miyabi and Saki’s side

“Miya, it’s been a while since we had some time alone to just walk around nee?” Saki asked randomly as they were walking around

“Sorry Saki-tan, since I was in the accident, we never went on an official date as a couple together” Miyabi apologized stopping in her tracks

Saki noticed that Miyabi was not alongside of her and turned to see Miyabi’s saddened face “I don’t mind, lots of things have happened over the last few days with your accident with Airi as well as Maimi’s accident.” Realization hit Saki as she walked right in front of Miyabi “You silly goose, I wasn’t blaming you for not being a good girlfriend, I was just saying that it’s been a while because of those events” Saki knocked Miyabi on the head then positioned herself so that Miyabi’s arm was around her shoulders using her as leverage to walk “I don’t care what we do on our dates, it could be as simple as right now, just you and me having a nice stroll because nothing seems to make an impact on me….except that you are here with me”

Hearing Saki’s mini speech, Miyabi couldn’t help but grin at how lucky she was and she wasn’t ashamed to show the world how much she loved the woman beside her as she leaned in to peck Saki on her cheek.  “I still want to take you on an official date but it’ll have to wait until I get rid of these things” Miyabi lifted one of the crutches “I hope you don’t regret, I mean, I can’t afford those expensive dinners, classy outfits, luxurious cars and…”  Miyabi was silenced when Saki kissed her hard

“You don’t have to” Saki pulled back and walked a bit away from Miyabi “Not when I will be the one wearing the pants in the relationship, my income can do all that m’lady” Saki ran as Miyabi was hollering almost incoherent words such as “Get back here!” or “Who said you were wearing the pants”

Date: April 23
Time: 6:00 pm

~ Nanchatte Ren'ai wo kurikaesu onna no ko no kimochi Dare ni demo wakacchau wa onna no ko nara~   “Moshi moshi”

“Beanie baby!!!” Ai’s voice rang through Risa’s ear as a smile crept upon her face “Are you ready to go on our date?”

“Monkey baby, I was never informed of a date for one thing and I thought we were going to visit Airin and Yajima-san?” Risa flipped through her calendar to check that indeed nothing was booked

“I don’t think we have to worry about them, I mean Saki, Reina and Eri are there right?”

“But I got a call from Miya asking me to pick her up, so…”

“We can always pick her up later, that way she can have some alone time with Saki” Ai persisted recalling the conversation she had with Saki

Ai’s Flashback #1

“Takahashi-san, I am rushing to the hospital” Saki bolted out of her office in a hurry

“What happened?”

“Yajima-san’s wound opened up apparently so I am going to check it out.  While I am gone, I put you in charge, I have my blackberry with me so we’ll keep in touch if you need me otherwise I don’t expect anything special to come in” Saki waved a lazy goodbye before the elevator doors closed

End of Flashback #1

Flashback #2

~RING RING~ ”Yajima Shimizu Corp, how may I help you?”

“Ai-chan, it’s me”

“Sa-Shimizu-san, how is Yajima-san?”

“She is still in an operation, how is everything at work?”

“Everything is fine.  How did her wound open again?”

“I’ll have to explain everything to you later but I want you to do me a favour”


“Make sure that Niigaki-san doesn’t come to the hospital right away, I know it sounds weird but guaranteed I will explain everything when I get back into the office.  Look at it this way, Niigaki-san has been going back and forth from the hospital for quite a while now, so why don’t you guys go out and do something relaxing and then come visit later”

“Alright, but I do expect an explanation of what is going on” ~CLICK~

End of Flashback #2

“I guess you’re right, with us there those two will never have alone time” ‘Yes!!!’ “So what did you have in mind?” ‘Uh oh!!!!Never thought that far’

“Er…how about a movie?  We haven’t seen one in a while”

“Sounds good, which one?”

Ai thought for a moment before a smirk appeared on her face “Secret.  What time are you ready to go?”

“A secret eh??? I love secrets” Risa responded in a bit of a husky tone that Ai was feeling a lot of heat “Are you at home?  I can come pick you up”

“Er…um…” Ai was trying to cool herself down by fanning herself from the sudden heat she felt “I am at the office”

“I’ll be there in a few minutes so pack your things” ~CLICK~

20 minutes later -  at the movie theatre

“What movie are we watching??? I’ll go buy the tickets” Risa walked hand in hand with Ai towards the vendor when she felt Ai tugging her hand to stop

“No need, I purchased the tickets online already” Ai responded with a grin, a grin that Risa had a feeling she didn’t like as she was pulled in the direction of the theatre they were going to. 

As they headed into the theatre, Risa caught a glimpse of the movie title Nightmare on Elm Street and gulped as she regretted agreeing to see a movie “Beanie baby, I know you love me and all but you’re gripping my hand a bit too tight”  Risa let go of her unknown grip and apologized softly “What’s wrong? Are you scared?” Ai teased with a raised eyebrow and a grin

“Of…of course not!!! I was…er…I was trying to create the atmosphere for you, ya know” ‘I am so dead!!! Why do I get the feeling that Monkey baby is doing this to me deliberately?’ Risa turned to see how excited Ai was and couldn’t help but chuckle at her excitement like a little child ‘Naw, I’m thinking too much’

‘This is to make up the time we didn’t watch Grudge 2 you scaredy cat.  Still trying to put a strong front? Why don’t you admit it, you stupid bean’
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 :cry: not yajisuzu yet  :cry:  i´m sad  :(  :cry:
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Ho ho ho looks like the beans outta the bag :lol: The monkey knows how scared her beanie baby is of scary movies :twisted:

Ya know, the idea of Reina & Eri boxing the baddies (not me, I swear!) seems pretty...interesting :twisted: *conjuring the hawt image in mah mind*
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MiyaSaki is <3 Saki is such a softy. XD

Takagaki is :wub: :wub: :heart: :heart: Sneaky Ai, she just wants Risa to cuddle onto her.
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Lol, Ai knew all along  :lol:
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@ Mikitty_Ayaya: Don't worry, there will be Yajisuzu in this one  ;)

@ baddie: are you sure you don't want Reina and Eri to be boxing a certain baddie??? That could be hawt too!!!  :lol:

@ Her Awesome Holiness: Seems like a long time since we had a Takagaki moment nee??  I always have to remember about the Takagaki lovers out there  ;)

@ K: I totally forgot about your comment before so I am getting back to it.

Super Ebil?!!!! I believe not!!!! I may be ebil but super ebil????? I don't even match up to you yet when it comes to ebilness  :lol:

Ai isn't oblivious to everything and considering her job as Maimi and Saki's secretary, she does have more of a sense for picking these things up no?

Chapter 64

Date: April 23
Time: 9:23 pm

Airi woke up and stretched the kinks in her back from sleeping on a chair for god knows how long considering that she couldn’t see.  She moved her hand across the bed in front of her and felt a hand as she recalled what had happened ‘Maimi!!! She fainted and then had an operation!!!! Is she alright? Darn it!!! If only I can see, then I would know how she…’  “Don’t worry Airin, I’m still here” Maimi whispered near Airi’s ear causing her to blush a bit


“Shhhh~ Reina and Eri have fallen asleep on the couch.  Do you want to take a walk?”

“Are you sure you should be up and about??? You did just have surgery and I’m afraid that…”

“Don’t worry, I think I need the fresh air anyways” Airi nodded as she listened for Maimi getting close to her and putting her hand under her own “Shall we m’lady?”

Airi stifled a giggle “Why how gallant we are today”

Maimi leaned closer to her ear “I always am” the warm breathe of Maimi brushing past Airi’s ears caused Airi’s face to feel hot as she lowered her head and just let Maimi guide her outside “Ahhh~~~ this is refreshing” Maimi then turned to Airi “Hey, did you get hurt this morning?” Maimi kept her hand on Airi as she moved about to check if there were any new wounds on Airi that can be seen

“No…thank you”


“Thank you for protecting me.  I don’t know what those guys want but I know that you used yourself to shield me and if only I could see then…” Airi felt Maimi’s grip on her hand tighten

“Airin, even if you could see, I would have still used myself to shield you.  I was so scared when they put their hands on you, I was scared that they were going to take you away from Natsuyaki-san, from Niigaki-san…from me.  All I could think of was that I had to protect you and that I couldn’t let them take you away”

Airi felt her heart skip a beat at Maimi’s speech as she used her free hand and felt her way from Maimi’s arm to her shoulder and then to her face “I have to admit, I was scared too, I have been scared for a long time now.  I have been scared since I woke up with this temporary blindness, because I felt so alone surrounded by nothing but darkness.  But I never gave up hope…because of you, because I knew you would be there when I needed you” Airi brushed her thumb against Maimi’s cheek “Just like today, I was scared when we were attacked but I didn’t let my blindness get in the way because I knew that you were out here doing the best you can to protect me.  You calmed me and made me realize that I couldn’t be scared, not when you were fighting for me”

Maimi put her hand on Airi’s and pulled her hand down into her own “Airin…Airin, I…I…I am not as strong as you think I am.  I…I…was afraid…I am still afraid…I was unsure.  I was unsure of my feelings for you until this morning when we were attacked.  I thought I was going to lose you and that’s when everything became so clear to me, I didn’t want to lose you and I can’t lose you.  I admit I was scared before because of my situation with Erina.  I was scared that we would turn out like my relationship with Erina, one day you’d be by my side and then the next you’d leave me here alone and…”

Airi put a finger to Maimi’s lips “Shhh~~~ I wouldn’t leave you and I won’t leave you, you’ve made too much of an impact on my life for me to leave you.  You don’t have to be alone anymore Maimi because I want to walk down your life path with you as long as you let me” Airi hung her head low as she was blushing like mad at the bold statements she was making

Maimi pushed Airi’s head up and stared through the bandages and at Airi’s eyes “I want you to be by my side Airin, I’ve haven’t been so sure in my life for a long time, but I know that I couldn’t live to know that you weren’t” With that being said, Maimi slowly leaned closer towards Airi.

Their lips were just inches apart when “God damn it just kiss her already”

“Rei!” Eri hissed “They’ll hear us…er…hi Maimi” Reina and Eri both turned to see an embarrassed Airi hiding behind Maimi’s back and a red tomato-faced Maimi glaring at the two “Um…sorry, we’ve got to go now” Eri dragged Reina and hightailed it out of there

“Er…I think we should go back inside” Airi suggested blushing like crazy.  Maimi took Airi’s hand and laced their hands together as they slowly walked back into the hospital

From a distance, two pairs of eyes were watching their every move “Baka Eri and Reina, they ruined such a nice moment!!! How dumb can they get to get caught?! They almost kissed!!!!”

“Calm down Saki, there will be other chances for those two” Miyabi reassured Saki from behind

“But it was just getting to the good…” Saki turned and realized that Miyabi was really close to her as she felt a blush of her own creeping up to her cheeks. 

Without saying a word, Miyabi leaned closer towards Saki and claimed her lips.  “Why focus on their relationship?” Miyabi asked teasingly when she pulled away.

Saki opened her eyes and gave a goofy grin “You’re right, I should be focusing on other things that are more important right in front of me”
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 :rofl: Eavesdropping Tanakame and Reina opening her big mouth, then SakiMiya were right there too!

Dawww, Yajisuzu finally confess! :wub:
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oh my god!!! :O

finally both of them confess.... :heart:

Reina, why do you have to interrupt both of them.... :smhid

thank you for this wonderful chapter!! :bow:
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Woot! Finally! A confession!  :jphip:

p.s. this is what I imagine will happen to Reina when Maimi goes back home lol :gmon fry:
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You calmed me and made me realize that I couldn’t be scared, not when you were fighting for me
Ain't that lovely  :wub:

“God damn it just kiss her already”
Some disturbance loitering  XD

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@ Her Awesome Holiness: I just had to have the moment ruined  :lol: Maybe it's because Maimi is such a closed person that I thought it would be cool to have so many others spying on her with Airi.

@ abok: You finally have the moment you were waiting for, sorry for the wait  :nervous

@ baddie: That is such a cute one, and I would have imagined this  :on kimbo:

@ K: Always count on Reina and Eri to disturb good moments  XD

Anyways, this fic should be ending soon say 3 or 4 chapters depending on my creativity

Chapter 65

Date: Aprill 23
Time: 11:48 pm

~Guys, I think we have something and  it seems weird~ Ace & Sexy

~Shoot!~ Gen

~We’ve been around checking up on Ozawa and it was heard that he and a few others have been given a task to do, something out of the ordinary~Ace & Sexy

~What do you mean?~ Whiz

~Apparently, their job is to kidnap a cop, Suzuki Airi, but no one knows why and for what reason~Ace & Sexy

~Interesting…I think that is weird enough as it is, Ace and Sexy I want you to be on the look out for any more information like what Ozawa plans to do with Suzuki, where he plans to take her etc. Maybe she knows something we don’t.  Whiz and Swift, I want a tracking device and a listening device attached to Suzuki but I also want you to continue to check up on your respective individuals~Gen

~Got it~ Whiz

~Take care Ace & Sexy.  Be very, very careful~ Swift

Date: April 24
Time: 9:15 am

~BUZZ BUZZ~ “Hai?”

“Takahashi-san, can you come in here for a moment? Can you also ask Tanaka-san and Kamei-san too?”

“We’ll be right in”

~KNOCK KNOCK~ “Shimizu-san?” Ai called out before closing the door behind them

“Sit down” Saki turned her chair around to face them “Ai-chan, you did a great job at keeping Niigaki-san away but does she know about what happened?? She looked like she was way out of it last night”

Ai snickered “She doesn’t know, we went to see a movie”

“Uh oh!!! I feel bad for Niigaki-san” Eri giggled along with Reina

“No wonder she was out of it”

“Ha ha, laugh it up guys, at least I got the job done” Ai stuck her tongue out at them before crossing her arms across her chest

“Hee hee, yes Ai-chan you did get the job done” Saki cleared her throat and returned to her once serious look “Okay, so let’s get back to business.  As all of you know, Maimi was attacked yesterday causing her wound to reopen once again.  Fortunately she looks fine…”

“And she probably feels better now” Reina cut in

“She would have if you two didn’t get yourselves caught” Saki glared at Reina and Eri who looked up at the ceiling “You guys are the worst spies I’ve ever seen in my life, they almost kissed if it wasn’t for you two”

“Wait a minute!!!! I am lost!!! Who almost kissed” Ai looked around and then caught on “Really????!!! Awww man, Reina!!! Eri!!!! How could you ruin it!!!!!”

Before Eri could defend herself and Reina, Saki cut in “Anyways, Maimi feels fine and Miya has informed me that because she wasn’t sure who the attack was against, she will have someone on guard until they are out of the hospital”

“Whew!!! That’s good to hear, but do you think they were after Maimi?”

“I can’t tell for sure but with Miya’s crew on guard, I don’t think that will be an issue besides Maimi can protect herself with all that boxing she does.  But I just wanted to inform you of the situation and to be on the look out if anyone of us is visiting and notices anything funny, got it?” The trio nodded “Okay, now get out and get those projects done” Saki winked at them before turning her attention to her monitor again

Date: April 24
Time: 2:45 pm

“Maimi I don’t think you should be walking about, you just had an operation and…”

“It’s okay Airin, I am fine. Trust me, I’ve never felt better” Maimi cuddled Airin in her arms in the couch within Airi’s room, smiling down at the girl before her ‘I am not letting you out of my sight! That attack was deliberately on you.  I can see they were trying to get to you, but what do they want with you?’

“Nee, nee, penny for your thoughts?” Airi poked Maimi on the arm snapping Maimi out of her thoughts

“What makes you think that I was thinking about anything?”

“Maimi, I may be temporarily blind but I guess I could feel it from the silence that something is on your mind”

“Nothing much, just admiring you from such a close distance within my embrace” Maimi’s cheek grew a nice shade of red along with Airi’s who lowered her head and could help but smile.

~KNOCK KNOCK~ “Suzuki-san?” a man in a doctor’s coat walked in and smiled “I am here to do a brief check up” the doctor nodded at Maimi “The doctor will be coming by to check up on you as well”

“Eh?! But you aren’t the doctor that usually looks after me” Airi cocked her head to the side in question as Maimi looked back at the doctor

“Your doctor had another patient to look after.  I am his trainee and he has given me instructions pertaining to your checkup” the doctor chuckled “So if you don’t mind, we’ll have the check up behind the curtains”

In walked two nurses to help the doctor as another escorted Maimi back to her room “Erm…can I just wait outside?” Maimi didn’t know what it was, but she didn’t want to leave Airi alone

“Your doctor has informed me that he will be coming by to check up on you really soon, so I suggest you do your checkup before coming back”

Maimi nodded and walked her way to her room, as she passed the corridor, she looked around for the guard but didn’t see anyone as Saki has mentioned to her however didn’t think much of it and thought that they were probably disguised or something. 

A few nurses ran by “….they were found in the emergency stairwells, bound and gagged and no clothes on but their undergarments”

“Sorry, but can you repeat what you just said?” Maimi called out to them

“Oh, we found some of our doctors unconscious in the emergency stairwells, bound and gagged”

“Thank you!” ‘Shit!!! Don’t tell me…’ Maimi ran back to Airi’s room and burst through the door to find the room messed up as if there was a fight “Damn it!!!!” Maimi ran back out around the corridors to grab her cellphone

“…another two bodies were found in the east wing stairwells, they were police officers on duty…what kind of day is this???” Maimi heard some doctors running in the opposite direction she was and ran straight out the door to the parking lot just in time to catch a glimpse of Airi being shoved into a minivan before zooming off

“Shit!!!!!” Running back into her room, Maimi called for Saki informing her of the situation and was about to change when her actual doctor came in

“Yajima-san? What are you doing?”

“I need to be discharged now!!!!”

“You can’t, you should stay here for at least….” The doctor scanned the patient report “2 more days”

“I honestly need to get out…”

“Look as your doctor, you should listen or should I get reinforcements?”

Seeing that the doctor was close to the emergency button, Maimi stayed put and let the doctor perform the check up as necessary
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Oh noes! Airi~!! And they still haven't kissed yet! :panic:
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Oh noes! Airi~!! And they still haven't kissed yet! :panic:
Quoted XD
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Oh noes! Airi~!! And they still haven't kissed yet! :panic:
Quoted XD
Double quoted  :lol:
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Airi has been kidnapped!!! :panic:

why this has to happen when she and Maimi are happy together.... :banghead:

i hope she will be save as soon as posibble!!! :panic:

please dont separate them for too long.... :cry:
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Count down: 3 more to go

Chapter 66

Date: April 24
Time: 3:00 pm

“Chisa!!!! Call Chii!!!! Immediately!!!!” Miyabi snapped her phone shut and hollered out

“What’s wrong?”

“Saki-tan just called me, they took Airin and apparently Chii might be hurt with the junior” Miyabi was hobbling out towards the door when she felt a pair of strong arms pull her back “Hey, let go!!!!”

“Natsuyaki-san, don’t go anywhere!!!!We know Suzuki-san is important to you but we should have all abled bodies out there to search for Chii and Suzuki-san, which means we should have you here” Maasa turned Miyabi around and Miyabi could see the nods behind her including from Chisato

“Natsuyaki-san, I know this may be difficult but we have to reallocate the people and considering you aren’t 100% it would be best if you man the phones for us” Chisato looked anywhere but at Miyabi’s eyes

Miyabi knew what the team was saying and looking at her current situation she couldn’t help but feel anger at her current situation “Fine, I’ll be here but you guys have to keep me posted”

“Let’s go guys!!!” Chisato placed a hand on Miyabi’s shoulder in thanks before running out with the team

Miyabi dialled for Saki “Saki-tan, the team is out to look for Chii and Airin so don’t worry.  I know they will do their best to find them”

“We can’t tell Niigaki-san yet, not until after hours because she is a reaction queen, she’ll drop everything and freak out on us so do you mind…yeah you got it”

“I’ll talk to you later, I might be here all night if it takes”

“No you don’t have to come, I’ll be fine”

“I love you too” ~CLICK~ Miyabi closed her phone slowly and scanned her surroundings, an empty office with no one but herself ‘I can’t just sit here!!! I’ve got to go find Airin!!!! But where?? Where?? Airi please be okay’ Miyabi held a hand to her face, trying to control the tears and sobs escaping her.

Date: April 24
Time: 3:15 pm

~Swift, I am coming your way to get you~ Ace

~Don’t! Meet us where Gen is, we are driving in separate vehicles~ Swift

~Whiz, bring all equipment, full blown, I need everything including your laptop~ Gen

~We are on our way to join you guys ASAP~ Pint & Model

~Sexy, you’re going to have to aid Whiz~ Swift

A minivan, a red Ducati, a metallic silver Skyline GT-R and a black Corvette screeched to a halt before Gen.  The minivan door opened in which Gen jumped in, closing the door behind them whereas Whiz stepped out and handed each individual a listening device

Without a word, each individual put the device in their ears and turned it on.  Gen stepped out all dressed in black and took the listening device from Whiz

“Guys, I will take the Ducati, Swift you take the car Sexy came in and Sexy you drive the minivan so that Whiz can direct us.  Is that clear?”

“Yes ma’am”

“Alrights, let’s roll out!” The individual’s each got into their respective vehicles and drove off with Gen zooming off farther and faster than the others

“Whiz, look out for cops, the last thing we need now to deter us is them”

“Got it, turn right at your next intersection Gen.  Swift go right 2 lights ahead of you. Sexy we’ll go straight, Ace you follow, slowly though, there is a cop around”


“Okay everyone, from your position, take the nearest exit onto the freeway and head towards the mountains” Whiz kept an eye on the respective locations of each individual as well as the light that was blinking.  “They’ve stopped moving” Whiz clicked her mouse a couple of times “Okay, their location is at a warehouse, let’s stop a couple meters away to set up” With those instructions each respective car drove in their directions to meet up.

Date: April 24
Time: 4:13 pm

‘What do these people want from me??? Maimi!!!! Miya!!!! Ane!!! Where are you??? I’m…I’m scared…I’m really really scared’ Airi prayed to the lords above to send her message to someone, anyone. She knew she was bound, gaged and placed into some bag in a moving car, until she felt the vehicle stopping

“We’re here, let’s go!  Our instructions is to leave the person here and then leave” Ozawa instructed the men

‘That voice!!! Where did I hear it from before?? Who are these people?’ Airi could feel her body being lifted up and holstered from the outside to somewhere that was dark as the sunlight that was once warm on her surroundings become cold.  She didn’t know how long they were moving but it seems like they were zigzagging around before they stopped.

“Er…We’ve got her here” Airi could sense the fear in the voice

“Take them out of the bag and sit her on the chair then you may leave” Airi could hear the mechanical voice and her fear rose higher as she felt her being pushed within a chair roughly “There is also no need to gag or bind her, she can’t go anywhere anyways hahaha”

“Who are you?” Airi asked in a stern voice, deciding it was best to not let the captor know she was scared out of her wits.

“Don’t try to even act tough in front of me!!!!” the voice was mechanical and it freaked Airi a bit that her tough act was being called out right on the spot.

“Who are you and what do you want with me?” Airi was gambling that the captor was bluffing about seeing right through her

“What do I want with you??? If you haven’t been sticking your nose into my business and deterring my fortune you wouldn’t have to be in this position.  You only have yourself to blame hahahaha”

“Your business??? If you have broken the law then I have a right to protect the citizens.  As a police officer of this city, I have a duty to make sure that the likes of you do not stain us” Airi declared out proudly, head held high

“Protect the citizens??? They need us, this economy needs us to survive.  If we didn’t do what we do, you would even have a freakin’ job!!!! Why do we exist? Only because there are people out there that require our products and services and by closing us down you are practically going against society, so tell me senior detective, how are you protecting the citizens???” The captor gave off a proud and obnoxious laugh of triumph.

“I don’t know what products and services you are serving but anything that damages the future of our country should be banned or contained.  I assume you are in the drug or arms business and if so even more so I have a duty to stop you.  By damaging the health of others, making them addicts on something that they don’t necessarily need, causing a frenzy if they are unable to access it or have funds for it, you need people in order for an economy to continue.  Might I add that you that my job is not reliant on you and don’t make me laugh by saying that I have a job because of the likes of you because your intentions were not that of the economy or my job, it was money!!!!” Airi hollered out while reasoning, her speech causing her captor to stop laughing

The captor gritted their teeth “I didn’t pick my customers, they came to me!!! They thought they needed my products, just like how people believe they need a tv.  Why aren’t you banning that???”

“You are comparing your products to a tv??? A tv doesn’t kill a person on the long run, a tv may not necessarily be addictive to the point of causing a frenzy!!!!” The captor didn’t say anything “What? Don’t have anything else to rebut?? Why don’t you just admit that your only in it for the money and that you don’t give shits about the people you harm??  You probably don’t know how these things can harm another, you probably don’t even care about the feelings of other to be so proud and say that to me with such confidence!!!”

 “Don’t you judge me!!!!” Airi could hear that the captor was moving, very quietly but she was sure they were moving as Airi’s heart started to race wondering what is to happen next.
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“Don’t you judge me!!!!” Airi could hear that the captor was moving, very quietly but she was sure they were moving as Airi’s heart started to race wondering what is to happen next.
I'm wondering too... bloody slap perhaps.?.  :O
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Dayum! Come on girls! find Airi! :cow: :cow:
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Yeah sorry it’s been a while but I’m back with more comment now.

“I understand, but this time can you not fall asleep on the roof? I don’t understand what it is with you and Miya, I mean why roofs?”
LOL you mentioned roof...Gaki-san you should try it yourself, roof is awesome  :yep:

It’s funny how Mami stuttered when she got a call form Gaki-san.

:O Reina and her temper....poor Eri although she wasn’t completely right either. But I’m so glad TanaKame made up  :D

Ugh, Mami&Saki’s parents. I hate parents that are so controlling.

“Did you forget your wallet at home again?”

Monkey baby and beanie baby are such a cute nicknames  :wub:

Your fic got me thinking that Maimi and Erina couple is not so bad. Still, MaiRi is just hard to beat  XD

If only Airi wasn’t temporarily blind, she could kick her captors’ asses.

There. I’m doing a super speed reading to catch up so I might miss a few things  :sweat:
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i don't know what to say anymore.... :banghead:

Airi had been kidnapped and now Maimi and Airi were separated again.... :cry:

i'm very depressed and sad right now.... :cry:

please keep Airi safe and please don't let the bad guys do anything to her.... :cry:

and i hope she will be save by anyone fast.... :bleed eyes:

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@ K: hmmmm that is a good idea no? But movement may not necessarily mean closer to Airi  ;)

@ Her Awesome Holiness: Gen's team is on the way but whether it is entirely for saving Airi is another issue

@ C: Welcome back!!!  I got the idea of Maimi and Erina from the Berikyuu DVDs, the extras where Momo was teasing Erina about something and immediately Erina got up and hugged Maimi.  Also there was the Mano Friends Party where Mai and Maimi were the guests.  But you are correct, it is hard to beat MaiRi  :cow:

@ abok: I can't make any promises in an action sequence but I'll give it some thought alright?

Chapter 67

Date: April 24
Time: 4: 30 pm

“Okay, we don’t know many people are there but they should be heavily armed.  By the sounds of it, it seems like this is the mastermind behind it all and we don’t want them to leave, dead or alive.” The group nodded at Gen’s plan

“Gear up and let’s split up.  Ace you perch yourself and take down anyone on the rooms or a distance from any exits before joining us. Swift you take the south end, Pint, north, Model, east and I will be on the west end.  As soon as Ace gives us the go ahead then we move in slowly for the ground attack, Ace just jump in whenever you are ready.  Whiz, I want you to see if you can get a blueprint or any information on the amount of people inside, Sexy stay with her unless necessary.  Any questions?”

“Not a question but I think I should show you this before we barge in there” Whiz opened up her laptop with everyone surrounding her.  A few clicks and moments later, Whiz produced a blueprint as well as something that showed orange and red colours moving about within their radius

“What is that?” Ace pointed to one of the orange and red movements

“Those my friend, are the people that are around this area”

“How can you tell?” Sexy pipped

“Well you see, these red and orange colours are actually heat waves given off by humans, so as you can see” Whiz pointed to a orange mass that was larger than the rest “this is us and considering we are bunched together that is why this mass is bigger than the rest.  I am suggesting that because I can’t tell who is who, I don’t want the situation to be one where I tell you someone is behind and we go onto a shooting frenzy.  Everyone has to call in at every couple minutes so that I can get a sense of where everyone is”

“Is there no other way?” Pint held a bit of an annoyed look

“If only we can change your body temperatures, there really isn’t another way” Whiz looked up at them apologetically

“We do what we’ve got to do, if there is no other way then calling in at times it is.” Gen moved away from the pack and opened the trunk of the van where all the weapons were laid out

Everyone gathered their desired weapon in which they were comfortable and good at as well as a ski mask “Guys, you should hurry, someone is coming in this direction, we should hide and make sure it isn’t a local”

“Whiz, Sexy get into the car for now but drive off to somewhere secluded, the rest of us, hide.  Sexy, considering that Whiz might lose track of where each person is, try creating a table” Gen hissed before hiding behind a tree.

A man with an AK-47 walked towards the van and was about to look inside when Model went from behind him and twisted his neck with a crack “Model, drag him away, we don’t want to alarm the others yet” Model nodded and with the help of Sexy moved the body before joining the rest at their respective positions.

The gang got into their respective vehicles and drove off to hide any traces of them being there except Ace who went somewhere high yet close to get a good clear view of those outside “Ace, do your thing and tell us when you’re ready” Gen spoke into her microphone and everyone waited for Ace’s response.

Ace parked the vehicle and then ran up a hill until she got to a cliff where she took off the bag that they were carrying.  Carefully, Ace pulled out a sniper rifle and quickly assembled the parts before laying down low on their belly looking through the lens for targets.  Ace made quick work of those that were on the roof tops before taking out the ones just outside the building, making sure that they were alone before taking them out “Guys, I’ve taken most of them down on the ground but you better hurry and dispose of the bodies before they are found”

“Got it!!! Stay there for a little longer and come join us later” Gen gave the signal to the remaining members and they scrambled to get to their positions.

Swift’s side

Swift noticed the body that Ace had taken down and quickly and quietly snuck over, keeping the body low. ‘Man this one is big!!!’ Looking around, Swift found some cardboard boxes leaning against the exterior walls of the building so did the next best thing that came into mind.  Rolling the body closer towards the building, Swift moved the boxes quietly then rolled the body against the wall before putting the boxes back where they were and made sure it wasn’t as visible. “Moved the body, going to take a peek into the building before moving in”

“Roger that!” Whiz’s voice could be heard from the earpiece.

Swift squatted under the window and listened for any movement before slowly turning around and rising her body to see if she can see anything from within.  Noticing that there wasn’t anyone, Swift pulled out a MP5SD3 from their bag “Moving in” carefully walking into the building to find it very dark “There is no lights from where I am, Whiz tell me if there is someone near me, I am going to change my weapon” Disarming the MP5SD3 and putting it back into the bag, Swift pulled out a pocket light and a GP 35, keeping her hand with the pocket light above her gun for easy viewing.

“Swift, someone is approaching at 3 o’clock, they should get to you in 2 minutes”

“Roger” Swift whispered into the earpiece before hiding behind some crates, waiting for the man to walk by, Swift used the back of her gun and swung it hard against the back of his head, causing him to fall down immediately.  Swift bent down and disarmed the ammunition in his weapon and was about to leave when they saw some thick rope lying on the floor.  ‘If I leave him here, someone else might walk by, let’s tie him up first and let’s see…ah this would be of good use’ Swift picked up a rag that was in one of the crates and stuffed it into his mouth.  Taking the rope, they tied the hands and legs of the man and then picked a huge crate and placed it over him.  Smiling at the job, Swift dusted off the dust from their hands

“Don’t move” Swift felt something like a gun pointed at the back of their heads ‘Interesting’ In one swift motion, Swift ducked and gave him a leg sweep however because of losing his balance, his gun fired a shot ‘Shit!’

“What happened?? Who was it?” Gen’s voice was heard over the earpiece

“Sorry, but I think they will be heading in my direction”

“Correct, they ARE heading in your direction, Model, be Swift’s back-up, you are the closest one there”


Swift replaced the GP35, and retreived the MP5SD3 from the bag and hid behind boxes, seeing them come, Swift perched the MP5SD3 on a box and started firing. “Swift refrain from shooting your right, Model will be coming along that side”

“Got it and tell Model to be quick, I don’t know how long I can hold on”

Airi’s Side

Airi could hear gunfire from around her as she moved her head left and right “Well, well, well, I suppose your team has found where we are, you pesky rodents.   You do know what happens to rodents right?”


“I don’t think you are in any position to be demanding anything or saying anything, but don’t worry I don’t plan to kill them just yet, I’d rather they watch me kill you first, knowing that I am doing them a favour by killing them after to be with their wonderful leader” The captor stressed the last two words  “Find them and bring them to me alive”

“What do you have against me anyways??? Why don’t you just kill me, why are you playing games??? What’s in it for you to be putting your time on me when you should be doing your so-called business???”

“Hahaha, you’ll find out sooner enough, don’t you worry, I will make sure you die with the truth of everything”
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 :panic: This is so tense!
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Is Airi the leader for Gen, Swift and the others? Or are these nicknames for each of the law enforcers? :huhuh

All questions will be answered soon right? :w00t:
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: Just wait, there is more where that came from

@ baddie: You'll find that out in just a bit, we are getting closer and closer to the end, in fact you'll know one in this chapter and I think you'll be able to link everything

Chapter 68

Pint’s Side

Creeping slowly and moving quickly, Pint zigzagged around boxes and crates listening for any further instructions.  Pint could hear voices from their position as they crept closer and closer to the voice.  From the position that Pint stood, it was clearly visible that they would be found by anyone passing by as they looked around for a good hiding spot.  There were shelves that were pretty high and a smile grew on Pint’s face as they placed their gun in their bag and starting climbing up the shelf.  Because of their size, Pint could easily fit on a shelf and due to the fact that it was dark and they were wearing black, Pint managed to keep themselves hidden while listening to the conversation that was occuring.  From Pint’s standpoint, the person closest to themselves was what seemed to be the ringleader however it was dark so a clear view of the person’s features can not be seen however it can be seen that the person was not much taller than Pint was and was talking through a mechanism.

“Pint, where are you now?” ‘Shit’ Due to the fact that the shelves were metal, there was an echo which caused the speaker to turn in Pint’s direction ‘Yabai!!!!’

“Don’t move from where you are if you want to be filled with lead” The captor pulled out a gun along with the men around pointing their guns at Pint “Come down quietly and no tricks”  As Pint was getting off, Pint pressed against a button on the earpiece as subtly as possible that gives off a signal to Whiz to shut down the earpiece.  “Tie this one up and find the others” was the instructions from the captor before turning to Pint “How many are there?” Pint looked away “Ohh trying to act tough eh?” The captor took off Pint’s mask and pulled their chin to at them “It doesn’t matter anyways, we will catch all of your accomplices to see your leader die a slow and painful death” The captor turned to the men “Gag this one and throw them somewhere aside”

Gen’s side

“I just got the signal from Pint” ‘Damn it!!!’

“Roger that” Gen moved quickly through the building, being the one with the most skill, it was easy for Gen to take guys down without being noticed.  Hurrying towards the centre of the building where faint conversations could be heard.  Looking up at the structure, Gen thought it was a safe bet to go high and check out the scenery before making any decisions.  When Gen reached the top, Airi was clearly in sight looking towards one direction to what Gen assumes is the mastermind.  Slowly climbing across, Gen took notice of the men that were around and their position which didn’t seem like was in their favour.  The faint sounds of gunfire could be heard from the other end of the building but the men didn’t move which meant that the guys below were told to hold their position.

“Ace, Sexy, I have a plan to save the hostage, but I need perfect coordination from you both”

“I’m all ears/let’s hear it”

“Sexy, the hostage is in the middle of the building but closer towards the east exit, I need you to come in and tell me when you are close enough to see the hostage from a close distance.  Ace I want you to get ready with the smoke gun, and shoot when I give you the signal.  Whiz, guide Sexy and Ace to their respective locations”

“Got it, Sexy is putting on her gear and will get to you as soon as possible”

Gen stayed where she was until she could see Sexy from a distance getting closer and closer to where Gen was.  “Sexy/Ace, I am above, from where I am, I can see some guys below me so I am going to drop smoke canisters on them at the at the same time that Ace is to fire so that the smoke cannisters are spread from the hostage. Sexy, I’ll let you take the hostage to safety while I find Pint after”

“I got it”

“Just waiting on your signal, tell me how many I am to throw”

Gen quickly took off the ski mask and reached behind to put on their gas mask “Ace, I think a total of 3 for the time being, on the count of 3…1…2…3” At exactly that moment, Gen dropped a smoke canister below whereas the sound of broken glass could be heard as Ace launched their first smoke canister “Go, Sexy, meet me where the hostage is”

Sexy  put on her gas mask and walked towards the hostage where she found Gen standing in front of Airi, putting their bullet proof vest and gas mask on Airi.  Gen gave the signal to Sexy before turning around to head towards where Pint would be.  “Don’t worry, we’re here to help you” Sexy voiced through the gas mask

~BANG BANG~ Shots could be heard that were so close to where Sexy and Airi were standing while the gas was clearing up.  Sexy pushed Airi to move regardless towards their designated direction until a scream was heard


Airi riped the gas mask she was wearing and riped the bandages across her eyes on instinct, as the smoke was clearing up to see a figure before her that looked oddly familiar.  Seconds laters, the figure fell from before her to see someone she never expected in front of her, face full of fear and shock.

“M-M-Mano-san?!” Airi croaked, unable to comprehend the situation before her, snapping the shocked Erina from her trance and staring right back at Airi

“IT’S ALLYOUR FAULT, THIS DIDN’T HAVE TO HAPPEN IF YOU NEVER APPEARED!!!!!!” Airi noticed the trembling hands of Erina as she pointed the gun in front of her
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HOLY S@$T!! :shocked :panic: :panic:
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OH.MY.GAWD Mano Erina is the baddie? (Wait I kinda know that already :P)

Airi can see already? :shocked Where's Maimi to save the damsel? :panic:
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yes! Where's Maimi to save to them?  OMG Erina??? what??? Airi-chan can see ???? she needs to see Maimi-chan  :cry:
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Most of everyone's answers will be answered here if not all of them. 

Chapter 69

~BANG~ Erina’s gun flew from her hand and instinctly she held onto her bloody hand. Airi turned her head to where she thought the shot was from to see Reina in a shooting position not too far from the entrance “T-T-Tanaka-san? What?? What’s going on???”

“Shit!!!” Airi turned to see Eri standing behind her in shock as she watched Eri talk into an earpiece “Whiz, we’ve got trouble, Gen is down, I repeat GEN IS DOWN!!!!!” Rushing past Airi, Eri and Reina ran to the fallen soldier.

Airi stood there in shock at the individuals before her ‘Does Maimi know about these two??? They just shot Mano-san and….’

“Ace!!!! Sexy!!!!” Airi turned to oddly familiar voice to see Saki???.... running in their direction “How is she???”

It was then that Airi remembered the fallen individual and noticed something she never imagined to see “MAIMI!!!!!!!” Her sudden yell made everyone look at her

“A-Airin…y-y-you can see” Saki was utterly shock at this fact as well as everyone else

Airi looked around, realizing that she isn’t blind anymore but shifted that thought out of her mind as she ran and knelt down before Maimi’s body “M-Maimi *sniff*”

Maimi’s eye’s fluttered open and smiled up at Airi “G-g-glad you can see a-a *cough* again *cough*”

“This isn’t the time, we have to get her to the hospital” Saki instructed

“I already contacted Whiz” Eri responded, applying pressure to the wound in Maimi’s stomache. 

“M-M-Maimi” Erina’s croaked Maimi’s name then glared at Airi “YOU STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!! IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!”

Saki stood before Airi “Mano-san!!!! WAKE UP WILL YOU!!!!! Who shot that??? Who caused the pain that Maimi lived through??? Who decided to just reappear into her life again thinking that things were going to go back the way they were??? You did all that!!!!  Now…. now when Maimi finally has a chance to move on….”  Erina sat there in silence but then started cracking up “What are you laughing about??? You’re ass is going to jail”

“If Maimi is not mine, then she is no ones” Erina pulled out a detonator in her free hand laughing hysterically

“Are you crazy?” Saki and the crew moved away from her, Reina and Eri trying to pick Maimi’s limp body off the floor

Erina stopped laughing and glared at them “Move her an inch and I’ll blow this whole place into a million pieces”

“I repeat are you crazy??? Maimi will die if we don’t get her medical help!!!!”

“Then I will follow after her, that way nothing can tear us apart”

“Whiz, I’ve got Pint” Model’s voice could be heard through the earpieces that fortunately Erina could not due to her lack of sanity

“Get Pint and yourself out of there ASAP, the place has been planted with bombs all around”

“What about the others???”

“I’ll deal with it, just go” Whiz’s voice instructed, relieving the rest of the team

“Do you love Maimi?” Airi spoke softly looking down at Maimi’s closed eyes


“Do you love Maimi?” Airi repeated in a louder tone

“Of course I do…if you never existed then we would have been happy together” Erina shot back

“Then why would you want her to die?” Airi turned her head to look at Erina straight into her eyes “Why would you want the one you love to die??? Why wouldn’t you want them to be happy???” Erina was dumbstruck as if deep in thought at the question put before her.  Reina took this moment to sneak away as she dashed off to another direction.

Erina then snapped her head to look at Airi once more “She was happy…happy with ME!!!! But then you came along and you broke that happiness, you’ve masked her with illusional happiness and I am trying to wake her up, trying to make her see that I am the one for her that I would do anything for her” Airi chuckled, tears falling down her face “What are you laughing about?”

“You speak of waking her, but who is the one keeping her from waking up right this moment?  Take a good look of what you’ve accomplished?” Airi moved so that Erina could take a closer look at Maimi’s body, very faintly you could see Maimi’s chest rising up and down “She’s dying, she’ll never wake up, how ironic that you speak of waking her up by putting her through external slumber”

Erina stared at Maimi’s limp body and slowly you could see that her straightened arm with the detonator slowly lowering.  Reina saw this chance as she wheeled in a trolley and quickly everyone heaved Maimi’s body onto it

“I didn’t want to leave her in the first place do you know that? My father had to run because he was afraid of getting caught with the drug dealing business and that is what forced me to leave.  I wanted to say goodbye, I didn’t want to leave yet and I wanted to come back as soon as possible but my father is all I had left after my mother died.  My mother died when she got shot by daddy’s rivals, I saw how upset he was and how unmotivated he was to the point that he was going to get killed if he didn’t straighten up and continue the business.  That’s why I had to take over so that I could protect him and soon I was so involved that I couldn’t just back down anymore, I made sure our company was alive and well especially when daddy is ill, this was all he had left and I couldn’t bare to see what he worked hard for fall even if it was illegal.” Erina gave off a snort “I knew it was but I have been involved so much that I had so many depending on me that I can’t stop and I won’t stop but I decided to expand, it was my only reason as to why I am back here, on the side I wanted to see Maimi again, I wanted to continue where we left off only to realize the amount of pain that I had left behind with her.” Erina looked up at Airi “You’re right, I caused this.  ” Erina whispered as she pushed the button causing a huge explosion at the opposite end of the building ~KABOOM~

“What are you doing???!!!!” Saki and Airi turned to see Erina still on the floor as they ushered Eri and Reina to roll Maimi out.  From a distance they could hear sirens getting closer and closer.

“I’m sorry Saki-chan, I never meant for all of this to happen” Erina pressed another button and another explosion could be heard that was closer than the first ~KABOOM~

“Stop!!! Erinko don’t do this!!!!” Saki pleaded “I never wanted this to be our results, you can start over again” She walked over to Erina and lifted her off the floor running towards the nearest exit with Airi closely following behind

“It’s too late…I’m too late” Erina looked onto the floor as tears could be seen dripping down to the floor as she was dragged towards the exit “Thank you Saki-chan” Erina pushed Saki out of the warehouse when they were relatively close to the exit and pressed the button one last time ~KABOOM~
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now this is a surprise.... :shocked

Maimi and the others are the Gen's team??? :shocked

this is a shocking chapter...  :shocked

i hate Erina a few chapters before, but now i feel kinda sad for her.... :(

and i really hope Maimi's ok.... :cry:

please don't let anything happen to Maimi.... :cry:
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I think I'm less than shocked at who's Gen and Co. are, but Erina blowing everything up?! Yeah, I totally wasn't seeing that coming.
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I kinda suspect who the people with the nicks are, though I couldn't match who is who :lol:

You really end the chapter with a BANG! (pun fully intended :lol:)
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What can I say, I always wanted to do a big blowup the world scene  :w00t:

Chapter 70

Flashback – 5 years ago

“Yajima Maimi, Shimizu Saki reporting, ma’am” Maimi and Saki saluted as they were taught

“At ease” Maimi and Saki put their hands behind their back then turned to see Commissioner Yoshizawa before them “I’m guessing you guys are wondering why I called you in”

“Yes ma’am” they both responded

“I am well aware of your background, including the relationship between yourself” she eyed Maimi “and Ogawa Makoto.  Detective Ogawa was a great officer, she didn’t like to be treated like a rich person, always energetic, brings up the team spirit.  I was Senior Detective at the time and Makocchin was a great help in motivating our group” Yossie stood up and patted Maimi on the shoulder seeing Maimi’s eyes tearing up “I am very surprised to see her sister here, I cannot deny that fact but I am honoured to see Makocchin’s sister”

“Sorry ma’am we’re not understanding where you are going with this” Saki voiced out

“I want you to get out of the police force and work in your empires” The response wasn’t the type that Maimi nor Saki expected.

“Ma’am is there something that we did wrong?”

“No, I am not kicking you out because of your relationship with Makocchin, in fact it is the opposite” Maimi and Saki looked at each other “I want you to do some undercover work for me”

“Like you want us to be in some sort of gang?”

~KNOCK KNOCK~ “Come in” in walked 3 people that Maimi and Saki didn’t recognize and 2 more that they did

“Ma’am you called for us?” Judging by their clothes they were in training just like they were

“Yes, just hold on a minute, you guys came here right on time” Yossie then turned back to Maimi and Saki “You guys both show promise in your training, your instructors have given you guys high marks and expectations which is another reason why I am choosing you guys to be in charge of this operation” Yossie walked back to her desk and pulled out a file “We have been tracking this drug operation for a little while now and everytime we get something we seem to be deterred from figuring out the pieces however all the leads that we do have tell us that the operations are within a big company, with big money backups.”

“Is this why you want us to go back to our family business? To check if there are any other leads as well no one would be suspicious if we are to step into our family business on the outside but investigating within?” Maimi blurted but then looked down when she realized she spoke out of turn

Yossie chuckled “This is why you are the right person to be in charge of this team you see before you”

Maimi and Saki looked shocked at Yossie “Me?? Lead a team??? I don’t think I am capable of that”

“You are and Shimizu-san you are second in command and these…” Yossie pointed to the five individuals waiting “…are your crew.  I am sure you are familiar with some of them but for those that you are not, introduce yourselves”

“Tanaka Reina”

“Kamei Eri”

“Takahashi Ai”

“But ma’am we are all new recruits, are you sure this is wise, when we haven’t finished our training??? Plus even if you are to provide training, I must inform you that in the business world it isn’t that we can just step in and take over, there is a certain amount of time that we must invest to learn the traits”

“Point taken and duly noted, however I do plan to divide training on both ends.  Shimizu-san and yourself will go back to school for your business degress whereas everyone else will be in other trainings.  I will leave it up to you two to teach the others the proper attire and rules to be working in an empire and I will organize private lessons for the other trainings that they will have”

Saki looked at Maimi will uncertain eyes as if contemplating if the move was wise given the time they needed for school, work and training for themselves and others.  Maimi placed a hand on Saki’s shoulder and gave her a determined look and nod “I accept the challenge, however I would suggest that the time schedule would be organized by us depending on the schedule we have with work and school”

Yossie smiled at Maimi’s determination and character “Just like Makocchin” she couldn’t help but mumble in which Maimi heard and beamed at. “Fair enough, I need two of you to train as other professions though, so Tanaka, Kamei and Takahashi, you will be following Yajima and Shimizu for your training” and you two will come with me.
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I think this sums up my reaction nicely.


They're undercover cops?! Omg, yo! I'm completely run over by that!

But it makes perfect sense.

Why else would they be working towards this goal as such an advanced team? Barring some expansive personal vendetta, that is. All the gadgets and then Com and everything else!

 :panic: ( :imdead:
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: That's a nice pic  :lol: so cute.

That's the reaction I wanted to get at! Yatta!!  :cow:

Chapter 71

Flashback – 4 years ago

“Yatta!!!!!” Saki threw her graduation cap up in the air “We’re finished!!!!!”

“Chill Saki, we only accelerated because our parents are more eager than we are to step in their shoes so a few strings can be pulled otherwise we would have to be in school for another 2 years”

“Awww come on Maimi, stop ruining my mood” Saki pouted and went to fetch her cap

“Congradulations” Maimi and Saki turned to see their teammates, Takahashi Ai, Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina, Umeda Erika and Tsugunaga Momoko, carrying bouquets of flowers, handing them each one

“Yajima-san, what is the plan now?” Ai whispered in Maimi’s ear

Maimi grinned and looked at Saki who gave an acknowledging grin “You guys follow us” Maimi and Saki led them to a limo that was already awaiting for them as Maimi and Saki got in whereas the rest of the crew was getting all giddy about experiencing a limo driven car ride.

The limo stopped off at a huge mansion that amazed the crew whereas Maimi and Saki could only grin “Come on guys, let’s go in”

“Whoa~~~!!! Take a gander at this palace”

Saki chuckled “Well this palace will be your home” One could almost hear the snap of their necks, eyes wide open “You will be living with us”

“Well technically speaking Tanaka-san, Kamei-san and Takahashi-san will be” Maimi added “however Erika and Momo will be living at a fully finished condo close to where your designation will be”

The five looked at each other before Ai spoke up “Yajima-san, we couldn’t”

“Yeah it’s not right and it doesn’t fit the background we have” Eri continued

“Guys, look for work purposes considering that you three” Saki pointed to Ai, Reina and Eri “have to work with us, it would just make things easier for us to keep an eye on you, in that case then technically where does background come into play?”

Immediately Reina, Ai and Eri couldn’t respond “Well we definitely can’t take your offer because we work in a different area” Erika spoke up

“Ah yes, we did think about this and it’s simple, your landlords are us” Saki smirked “Whats wrong with being friends with rich business people that isn’t taking rent from you guys? I don’t see a problem with it do you Maimi” Maimi shook her head in response “We don’t see a problem” Saki and Maimi were smiling, however everyone else was unsure about the arrangement “Look guys focus on our task, don’t worry about the small things”

“It just doesn’t feel right” Eri voiced in a timid voice, clinging onto Reina’s arm

“Guys, what doesn’t feel right?” Maimi asked with a hint of annoyance

“We can’t have Shimizu-san and yourself provide for us like this, regardless if you have the money or not.  I’m sorry but I’m going to decline Yajima-san” Ai bowed and was about to walk out

“Takahashi-san, you make is sound like you guys don’t have to contribute at all” Saki declared

Ai turned “That’s the way I see it, isn’t it?”

“Look around you carefully and closely, who do you see within the premises”

They did as they were told and because no one was speaking, they could hear silence but they looked at Maimi and Saki with a ‘I don’t get it’ look

“Rich as we may, you are to provide for yourselves, we only provided shelter so don’t expect anyone to cook and clean or serve you your food” Maimi rolled her eyes “Saki and I do everything ourselves, no maids, no butlers, no drivers.  Erika, Momo you may be living at the condo but did you think I would buy groceries, cook and clean for you guys? What, do I have nothing better to do than to think of things like this day-in and day-out? Did you think this included wardrobe?? As much as we could provide all that, Saki and I don’t really believe in it much.  Might I add that Takahashi-san, Tanaka-san and Kamei-san I hope you have decent business attire because if you don’t I suggest you go out and buy it”

“So think of it this way, in exchange for living on our property, you help maintain the property, fair enough?”

Ai thought about it whereas everyone seemed to just look at her as a means for deciding “Fair enough, I’m in” Ai answered followed by nods by the rest

“So the room arrangements will be as follows, Takahashi-san you will take the first room on the left.  Kamei-san and Tanaka-san will share the third, not second, room, not door, on the right.  Myself and Maimi’s room are the last ones down the hall with our names on the door”

“I thought that no one else is residing here” Reina asked in which Maimi and Saki nodded “Then why are we located so ofar apart from each other? And why does Eri have to share a room with me?”

“Well Tanaka-san, in case you and Kamei-san are having a playful night, I wouldn’t want Takahashi-san or the rest of us to be up all night” Maimi winked at the duo and grinned

Eri blushed and clung closer to Reina “H-how did you…”

“Perception, my dear, perception” was all Maimi had to say

“You’re good…very good not even Ai-chan noticed it yet.  Props to you Yajima-san”

“A few more things before we celebrate, Saki and I will arrange for interviews for certain positions working directly with us so in the office we are Yajima-san and Shimizu-san but here because we work with each other on a different level I don’t think there is a need for formalities.  We’ve got to get to know each other better and work like a unit, a very concentrated unit”

“Understood Yajima-san” Ai bowed, whereas Maimi and Saki exchanged looks before rolling their eyes.

“Okay~ let’s start with Maimi and Saki right Erika?”

“Ma’am” Erika saluted giggling, causing the rest to join in.

Throughout the night, the girls spent time getting to know each other more accompanied by drinks, funny stories and soothing music.
Flashback – 3 years ago

“Guys, I’ve got some leads so I want each of us to check them out” Maimi walked into the living room holding a couple of folders “I’ve already passed this information to Erika and Momo for them to listen out for anything on the officials’ side as well as do a little investigating of their own”

Maimi handed each person a folder which contained a different task for each person and while they were all looking through the file, the tapping of the computer could be heard “Nothing special, I don’t think we can use this guy, he’s basically the end of the food chain and he just joined not too long ago” Ai declared not looking up from her computer

“Sugoi~~!!!!!” Reina and Eri looked at Ai in surprise “Ai-chan you are done?”

Maimi and Saki walked closer and behind Ai to take a look at her computer “Ai-chan, you’re very technically, I’ll give you that and quick at it too”

“Yeah!!! Wanna do ours too?” Reina and Eri put their folders out in Ai’s direction but when they noticed the look coming from Saki and Maimi they looked down and continued to read the contents of the folder

“This is actually very good, I thought you were good with typing but this trait is excellent for us, we actually have a computer whiz in the group” Saki patted Ai on the back “Guys Maimi and I would like to show you something. Ai-chan take your computer with you” Maimi and Saki walked off towards the outside with the rest following until they reached a shed, a huge shed in which they turned on the lights

“Oh my god!!!!! Look at that Ducati!!!!” Reina left Eri’s side and walked closer to the cool, shiny, clean red Ducati

“Wow!!! You have a huge selection of vehicles here”

“The keys to these babies are inside the house and you guys have access to any one of these” Maimi then looked at the Ducati “The Ducati is my baby so Reina don’t count on it too often.  I advise you that any car that is damaged comes out of your own pocket.  Please don’t be reckless okay?”

“Okay that was one thing, let’s go”

“Go? Go where?” Reina asked while examining the cars before her “You sure have a wide variety here though, I mean I’m surprised to see a Protégé5 here, because it contrasts with the Audi A4”

“Well Reina, Maimi and myself, we just love cars and we have them for different occasions plus we don’t know what kind of driver each of you are but we thought it was a safe thing to get a type for each occasion.  Anyways let’s go Reina” Saki got into the driver side of a Lexus SUV, waiting for everyone to get in.

“Before we go, Ai-chan, here” Maimi passed her a laptop “Turn it on and you’ll probably understand what it is for”

Ai did as told as Reina and Eri looked over her shoulder, while she scanned the contents of the laptop “Oh my god!!! You have this kind of program??? Is that legal???”

“I was told to use whatever resources necessary and I honestly believe that this is necessary”

“What is it Ai-chan?” Eri asked with confusion as to what they were referring to

“The programs in here!!!! They are something that you don’t see very often or at all, like for instance this one” Ai double-clicked a program “This program helps me search for specific things and if I turn this function on this will give us road information”

“Road information?? As in something you can’t just get from the radio?” Reina raised her eyebrow as to the fuss over the program

“Silly Reina, this takes information from satellite and we can clearly see those that have radar but keep us hidden”

“You mean other cops? By why do we need to keep ourselves hidden I mean we are too”

“Eri, honey, we aren’t really cops in their eyes remember?”

“Well put Ai-chan, since you are the computer whiz, I am leaving this laptop with you now tell us if you sense police officers, we don’t need the trouble”

Saki started up the car and zoomed off towards their destination with Ai giving information as needed “See isn’t it easier if no cops will stop us?”

“Saki-chan I doubt they will be able to stop you with your kind of skill behind the wheel.  Who would have thought such craziness within such a small frame” Reina helped Eri get off the car, who was apparently shooken up from the car ride

“Well here we are” Maimi turned on the lights to a house out in the woods “This my friends is headquarters.  We’ve got everything we need her, including rooms, medical supplies, weapons, more computers and clothes”

They walked inside with high hopes only to be met with a normal looking house “Er…Maimi, are you sure about this?? I don’t see anything special”

“Follow me” Saki led them all towards a bookcase where a button was located, the bookshelf slid open to reveal an elevator.  They all got into the elevator where it led them downwards into a floor that had what Maimi said it had.

Reina’s eyes immediately stared at the range of weapons on the wall “Is this all?” Maimi smirked and pressed a button causing the wall to slide revealing a passage way with different weapons lined up against the walls “Now this is more like it”

“I figured you’d like it”

“What do you mean” Reina asked checking a gun in her hand

“Top gunner in your class, top assembler in your class with extremely good eyesight” Maimi complimented

“Were you referring to yourself there Maimi?” Ai chipped behind a computer station that had at least 4 monitors working at the same moment, with another 2 that weren’t.

“Man, Ai-chan you really are good at this stuff” Saki walked behind Ai to find that Ai had looked up Maimi’s records and remarks from their instructors

“Wow~ Maimi you excelled in every field at training, you might even match me when it comes to computers” Ai continued scrolling down at the information presented before her

Eri and Reina who walked behind Ai peered at the screen as well then looked up at Maimi, then back down at the screen “Shit girl!!!! What are you made of??? How the heck are you proficient in all this?  Saki’s not bad either and I could’ve guessed that point” Reina declared pointing at the screen

“I like to maintain the skills and not focus on just one, whereas Saki, she loves to drive which leads me to the space behind the premises.  In the mountain area, Saki and I have built an underground passage for the vehicles to get in and out” Maimi explained as she opened the lights and revealed another assortment of cars “These babies are only for the purpose of our mission and cannot, I repeat, cannot be seen anywhere on the residence premise”

“This is better than working as a normal cop!!!!” Reina exclaimed “So Maimi how about a challenge?”

“This will be interesting” Saki smirked “Eri, Ai help me will ya?” Saki, Eri and Ai checked the racks of weapon deciding on a weapon of choice and took the parts for them placing them on a table before Maimi and Reina. “Rules are simple, build and shoot at the bulleye” Saki pointed behind them at the bulleye that was 50 ft away
Next chapter will be the last.
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Oh man, a lot more background here. Though you never did specify how Eri and Reina got together. XD

Five years of living like that and I think I would forget my former life.

Next chapter will be the last.
:cry: Really? I bet it will be awesome though!
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now we know something like behind the scens?
they live 5 years together already? wow...
and we know how they meet and so!

O.M.G  next chapter would be last?!?!?!

happy or sad ending?
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@ Her Awesome Holiness: I can think about doing an omake about those two or I could leave it in the air for the reader to have their imaginations run wild  :lol:

No pressure now!!!

@ fallenxangel24952: Exactly because there are many unanswered things about the special team so I decided to put some history for them so that things can clear up about their other lives.

Chapter 72


The sun was shining brightly with a little breeze where a group of people were surrounded in a private area.  The horns blew the song, the same song that is heard when fallen soldiers were to be buried whereas a coffin was being carried in by men dressed in their official police officer outfits wearing white gloves, others were lined up in a path with rifles in their hands, saluting.  When the coffin passed by each row of shooters would shoot into the sky before going back to a saluting position.  Whimpers could be heard from the family and friends of the fallen whereas the co-workers were dressed all in their outfits with a solemn look on their faces.

A priest was right behind the tomb holding the bible waiting for the coffin to arrive where he can pray and blessed the deceased on their way to heaven.  When the priest left, Airi stood before the grave and began her speech, sunglasses on covering her eyes from the sorrow she was feeling.

“We are gathered here today to pay respects to a fellow colleague that did their duty as a police officer.  Their work as a police officer is greatly appreciated and will be remembered and honoured amongst those in the police force as well as those in our city.  It is a shame that the individual left us but the dedication that they had for what they stood for and what they achieved is something everyone in the police force will learn from and idolize.  May you rest in peace” Airi bowed before looking at her team to step side by side of her.  The officers holding their rifles blasted a shot up in the air while Airi hollered out the instructions “SALUTE!!!!” The whole team put a hand to their forehead and gave the honourary salute, knocking their shoes together, head held high and back straight.  The team then threw down their white roses and walked away for others to do the same.

Risa, her coroner team and the forensics team were also there, along with the Commissioner and other individuals that have worked with the deceased.

Airi, Risa and Miyabi were casually talking to other colleagues after the ceremony when the Commissioner caught their attention.  The Commissioner was busy talking to other individuals, dressed in black wearing sunglasses, that the girls did not expect to see there.  Miyabi who had been watching suddenly hobbled towards where the Commissioner was with her crutches.  Airi and Risa realized where Miyabi was heading towards and dashed after her to stop her from doing something she will regret.

“…things will be fine, it’ll be rough in the beginning but things will be fine” Yossie laid a hand on their shoulders and gave the leader a pat.

The girl gave a weak smile but noticed in the corner of her eye someone watching them, more like glaring and two others approaching.  Yossie turned and noticed the new additions “Ah, Suzuki-san, Natsuyaki-san, first I would like to congradulate you guys for returning to the team and nice job Suzuki-san, in apprehending Mano, she confessed everything… and second of all I’d like to introduce you to…”

“We know who they are…or at least we thought we did” Miyabi spat out recalling the day Mano was apprehended


~RING RING~ “Detective Suzuki’s office” Miyabi answered with a bored tone

“Ma’am, we just had a dispatch for your team along with ambulances, the caller indicated that they have Senior Detective Suzuki with them”

“What are the coordinates? Indicate this to everyone on the team and tell them I will meet them there” Miyabi listened to the location and rushed to the designated location

When Miyabi reached her destination, she saw Airi talking to other officers before taking one Mano Erina away “Airin!” seeing Airi looking in her direction, Miyabi quickly hobbled over pulling Airi into a bear hug “You can see…is that who I think it is? The criminal?”

Airi nodded “That’s Mano Erina of Mano Corp, she was going to commit suicide at the last moment but I grabbed her arm and dived to safety before the building blew up”

Pulling away Miyabi noticed that although Airi was smiling, she noticed that she had been crying “What’s wrong?”

Before Airi could respond, they heard voices behind them “Hey, let go!” recognizing the familiar voice, Miyabi turned to see Saki, pushed against a cop car, arm twisted behind her back “I’ve got to see Maimi”

“Saki-tan?” Miyabi turned back to try to meet Airi’s eyes, who was looking anywhere but at Miyabi.  Sensing that Airi was not going to answer, Miyabi hobbled over to Saki, peeking into the ambulance along the way to see Maimi lying on the stretcher with the paramedics tending to her before closing the door and driving off.

“Saki-tan!!” Miyabi’s voice called out stopping the commotion between the officer and Saki “What’s going on?” ~KABOOM~ a part of the warehouse crumbled

“Someone check if any of our own is inside and if so get them out ASAP!!!!” Miyabi could hear Chisa instructing others closely behind her but Miyabi kept her gaze on Saki, looking beyond to see that Ai, Reina, Eri, Erika and Momoko had arrived and fended off the officer for Saki.  Momoko and Erika’s appearance shocked everyone all geared up and not anything like the professional image they had “Saki-tan, what is the meaning of this?”

“Detective Natsuyaki” Miyabi turned to see her team mates walk up to her “Under Detective Suzuki’s orders, we are to take them in” Maasa took a step forward pulling out her handcuffs

“What?!!” Miyabi was in shock “What do you mean?”

“They broke the law Miya, we have to take them in” Airi’s voice could be heard

“No, you must be mistaken”

“Ask them yourselves” Miyabi turned to Saki, searching through her eyes for something indicating that it isn’t true, it was all a mistake

Saki’s face showed no emotion and was unfazed “You can’t take us in, we have to see our leader” backed up by the rest of Saki’s team, anyone that tried to cuff them, they would retaliate shocking everyone else on Miyabi’s team

“Saki, come in quietly or do we have to do it forcefully”

“Senior Detective Suzuki, on what basis are you taking us in?” Erika spoke up with the same emotionless expression as Saki

“On the basis of illegal possession of firearms and…killing others” Airi’s voice was strong and not backing down especially considering the fact that the one who questioned her was someone from the Crown’s office.

“That was entitled in our jobs” Reina hollered out and was losing her cool but Saki held up her hand for them to all back down

“Taking us in is not a problem but I don’t see the need for handcuffs and why we can’t wait until after we’ve seen Maimi” Saki’s tone and attitude showed no signs of fear or remorse or anything friendly but professional “Your team owes it to us if anything because if it weren’t for us, your team wouldn’t know where you are right now isn’t that right Ai-chan?” Ai nodded from behind Saki “If it weren’t for us, you would have been dead instead of one of our own in an ambulance” Saki stared hard at Airi

“Unfortunately that’s not a good basis for killing others Shimizu-san” Miyabi finally spoke up “Guys book ‘em”

Nakky, Maasa and Yurina stepped forward with their handcuffs, whereas Reina, Ai and Saki took an attack stance “Step down Shimizu, don’t make us pull out our weapons”Airi warned

On instinct, all on Saki’s team put a hand on their own weapon “Don’t make us pull out ours Suzuki, either let us go see Maimi first or we’ll have no problem adding the number of deaths in today’s situation”

“STOP!!!” everyone turned to see the Commissioner step out of her car “Shimizu-san, get your team and go see Yajima-san, meet me at the police department in 1 hour” Saki and her team nodded before walking off without looking back.  Yossie then looked at Airi and her team “Guys, you have other things to do, go to it!” Yossie instructed before getting back into her car.  Airi and her team watched as Yossie drove off followed by vehicles that came out from trees or wherever, a Ducati, a minivan, a metallic silver Skyline GT-R and a black Corvette.

End of Flashback

Airi pulled Miyabi back for displaying rude behaviour to the Commissioner “Miya!!! Let me handle this”

Before Airi could speak up, another voice broke in “Commissioner, mission accomplished” the person saluted and then gave a huge smile to Yossie

“Sayu, welcome back, thank you for your assistance” Yossie then turned to Saki, Ai, Reina, Eri, Erika and Momoko “I’d like you to meet Michishige Sayumi, I think you should have heard of her through Yajima-san right?” At the mention of the name, everyone looked up at the Commission with a weird expression “I guess not”

“Wait, you know Maimi?” Saki asked, taking her sunglasses off to take a better look at Sayumi

“I thought she would have told you by now, I am who you were looking for before, the one that helped them” Sayumi pointed to Airi “take down the ones that held the Nakamura family hostage”

“When was this?”

“I’ll answer that, Yajima-san called me not too long before you guys apprehended Mano…”

Yossie’s Flashback

~RING RING~ “Commissioner Yoshizawa speaking”

“It’s me, I want to confirm something with you”

“Gen, how can I help you?” Yossie immediately recognized the voice and remembered not to call the individual by their real name

“You have someone else out there and didn’t tell me about them correct?” Yossie stayed quiet “I’ll take your silence as a yes.  If I am not mistaken this person probably is somewhere near us so they can keep an eye out for us.  I don’t think my memory is that bad but I believe someone new has appeared that wasn’t there before so I am betting everything on my guess”

“Oh, so you know who it is?  This is interesting, please do go on”

“I have gone to my father’s company on multiple occasions when growing up so I am familiar with the people around there.  A few questions and I got what and who I wanted.  Your other person is Michishige Sayumi”

Yossie couldn’t help but grin and clap out “You are just as good as I thought you were.  Mako-chin would’ve been proud at how her sister has surpassed her.  I am surprised that you found out so fast though and without telling me you were suspicious, Sayu has a lot to learn from you”

End Flashback

Saki laughed out loud looking up to the sky causing the rest of the group to look at her funny “Makoto-ane, do you hear that??? Maimi has definitely made you proud, if only….” Tear drops were slowly descending from Saki’s eyes “…if only you were here to see this, if only Maimi…”

Yossie’s smile faded as she put a hand on Saki’s shoulder “Yajima-san is a rare one, in my experience in the force I never thought I would see someone that was better than Mako-chin in her skills but Yajima-san proved me wrong.  Mako-chin is definitely watching and hearing us and she is definitely proud of Yajima-san’s accomplishments”  Yossie then faced Sayumi and nodded to her.

Sayumi walked up to Airi, “When Yajima-san knew who I was, we had talked and she wanted me to talk on her behalf.  She knew what she was facing, the fear of leaving her loved ones behind, the fear of her lover finding out the truth about her identity, the fear of losing her lover when they found out.”  Sayumi bowed confusing Airi “Yajima-san wants to apologize for not revealing everything about her, apologizes for putting you through any pain that you feel, but she does not apologize for falling in love with you.  She hopes you can understand, undercover work was her task and she is not to reveal it.  She really loves you and I am envious of you to have someone like her” Sayumi pulled out a box “She had called me to the hospital the morning of her misfortune and had handed me this, asking me to give it to you if anything happened to her”  Sayumi handed the box to Airi cupping the box using Airi’s hands and Airi could feel the pat that Sayumi gave her before walking off with the Commissioner.

Everyone else inched closer to Airi as Airi opened the tiny box and gasped, inside the box was band with diamonds all over it and a note.  Airi quickly opened the note


If you have received this box then I would assume something has already happened and you’ll probably know my real identity either through the Commission or Saki.

I know we haven’t been together or known each other for a very long time and I am not giving this to you as a spur of a moment thing.  I was truly worried when those people were getting close to you, my fear of losing you outweighed any fear that I have felt in my life.  I knew at that moment how special and important you are in my life and I knew that you would never be replaced.  You might think that I am acting irrationally because of the amount of time we’ve known each other but if you ask Saki, she’ll tell you that I don’t do things as big as this if I wasn’t sure of myself completely.  I may not be sure if you’ll ever forgive me or accept me but I want you to have this ring.

This ring signifies the love I have for you, it signifies what you mean to me.  You are as shiny as the stars up in the night skies, you were as precious as the diamonds on this ring and as strong as the diamond in character.

Regardless of what happens, whether we will be together or separated, I would like you to have this gift.

Love always,

Yajima Maimi

Airi couldn’t help but cup a hand over her mouth as she was crying, especially when she saw that inside the band “I Love You Suzuki Airi” was engraved inside.

Everyone else who was hovering over Airi’s shoulder to read the note had tears in their eyes, including Miyabi who tried to put a strong front.  Saki walked up to Miyabi, expecting to be yelled to go away but did so anyways, just as Ai did the same to Risa.  “Miya, I know you might feel like we lied to you, put you in the dark but you know as well as I do the job I had,  living in gray areas, neither dark black nor pure white” Saki took hold of Miyabi’s hand with one hand and pulled Miyabi to face her “But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you, it doesn’t mean that this beating heart” Saki placed Miyabi’s hand on her heart “isn’t beating for you, we knew that this day would come when the truth would be told but we also hoped that you’d understand.  I know whatever we say now means nothing and can never replace the feelings you have but please understand that I did and still do love you”  Saki let go of Miyabi’s hands and took a step back when Miyabi turned to the side, tears still streaming down both of their faces.

Reina and Eri stood behind Saki in support when Miyabi did not respond.  Ai was about to speak but Risa put her hand up stopping her from speaking, taking that as her cue that she should bother to explain, Ai slowly walked back to stand beside Saki “You may not want to hear it, but this, including Umeda Erika and Tsugunaga Momoko from the Crown’s office, is my family and team mates, we are who we are.  You can’t tell me that you didn’t feel what I felt or how we felt for you guys as friends and lovers, but if this is the case, we apologize formally”  The team bowed before turning around to walk away.

“Wait!!!” They turned only to be met with a hug from their respective lovers “I didn’t tell you to speak because you didn’t have to, I love you too much.  I can’t deny that I felt a little lied to but when I saw your retreating back and Yajima-san’s love for Airin, I didn’t want to see you walk away, I didn’t want to let go” Risa kissed Ai with so much feeling and strength, Ai almost toppled over. The team couldn’t have been more happier that things were not changed, Reina and Eri hugged each other at the team mates finally finding their other halves like they have, except one who was still crying and examining the ring.

~Hitoribocchi nanka ja nai taisetsu na hito ga takusan iru yo hora ne sono subete no ai ni Sankyuu~ “Moshi moshi”

“No way!!!!”

“I’ll be there right away!!!” Saki snapped her phone shut and looked up at the group in shock

“What is is Saki-tan?”

“That was the hospital, Maimi…” Airi dashed out, slipping the ring on her finger, followed by everyone else ‘Wait for me, Maimi, I’m on my way’
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Wait, but, Maimi! You said this-! Final chapter- augh! :panic: Are you going to put in one more chapter?! I wanna know what happens with YajiSuzu!

P.S. Yes Tanakame omake!
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^ This is the final chapter, and I was going to leave it up in the air for the readers to decide what type of ending they wanted formulated in their heads...I guess that was a wrong decision on my part nee? 

I'll see what I can come up with, okay with you?

I am absolutely shocked about the announcement about Eri, JunJun and LinLin that I might need time to digest before I can start writing anything new.
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you really need to write one more chapter..... :cry:

the ending of this chapter is too much suspense... :panic:

please write another chapter.... :cry:

i really need to know what happen to Maimi cause i can't imagine anything..... :panic:

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I'll see what I can come up with, okay with you?
Epilogue? That way, you haven't really lied about final chapter-san here.

I am absolutely shocked about the announcement about Eri, JunJun and LinLin that I might need time to digest before I can start writing anything new.

Yeah, I know the feeling, I'm shock blocked now, too.
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@ abok: As we have discussed offline, here is one of the epilogues  :lol:  Finally had time to think.

@ Her Awesome Holiness: Taking your advice about the epilogue and I actually meant I'll see what I can come up with for the Tanakame omake (which is still in production, I have a general idea but just haven't jotted down the words)


A full year has gone by already since Airi had discovered the truth about Maimi and her team and it seemed like it was just yesterday.  Throughout this time, Airi would make frequent visits to the jailhouse to pay Mano Erina a visit, always avoiding the topic about Maimi though because of the turmoil that Mano Erina had to go through herself, it was probably the best course of action.  Thinking about Maimi, Airi couldn’t help but feel sad, she wasn’t by her side and haven’t been since, something that Airi would have to get use to.

Airi looked into the open sky, a lot has happened in the year, a lot of things that she would have never imagined would have happened in her life, good and bad, it felt unreal.  Airi used her hand to cover the sun rays that were beaming down at her face, faced with a ring on her finger, glistening before her.  Smiling, she lowered her hand and stared at the ring on her finger, recalling the love she felt from the person who had given it to her, the same ring that she slipped on a year ago.  She recalled the times they were together and the talks that they had, although at the time nothing was concrete yet, it felt amazing that just the small task of someone listening to her and talking with was enough. ~plink plink~ Airi saw droplets fall on the ring and quickly wiped them off as if they will stain it, but the more she wiped the more that fell, it had suddenly dawned at her that she was crying.  Holding the ring close to her heart, she continued to cry as the most vivid memory that she had recently was that day when the hospital called Saki.   


“That was the hospital, Maimi…” Airi dashed out, slipping the ring on her finger, followed by everyone else, whereas Ai contacted the missing team mates to meet at the hospital.

When they had arrived at the hospital, the doctor was just coming out and he hung his head low, shaking it, portraying that something is definitely wrong.  Being the closest to family, Saki walked up to the doctor and asked about Maimi’s condition.  From afar they could see the doctor explaining something to Saki, and one could also tell Saki’s was going to cry anytime soon.  The doctor bade Saki goodbye before walking off but Saki didn’t move so everyone walked up to her instead.

“Saki-chan, what did the doctor say?” Ai looked at Saki’s face, tears falling down, shocked “Saki-chan?” Ai shook Saki a bit

“M-M-Maimi…” Miya stood beside Saki and pulled her into a tight hug, brushing her back “Maimi woke up…”

“So why are you crying?” Momo raised an eyebrow “That’s good news right?”

“She…she…she couldn’t feel her limbs and… now she is in a coma” Saki finally choked out, everyone else gasping, hand over their mouths, Airi with tears in her eyes

Airi grabbed Saki’s shoulders “But that was the worst case scenario…that was the worst case scenario…” recalling when they were first informed that there was this possibility after her operation because the bullet went through her stomache and stopped real close to her spinal cord.

Reina and Eri pulled Airi from Saki “Suzuki-san, don’t, Saki and the rest of us are just in shock”  Airi just slumped down on the floor, this isn’t what she expected nor did she want this result.

Airi felt arms hug her and the familiar scent of strawberry found it’s way to her nose “Ane….ane…”

Brushing Airi’s back, Risa could only calm her down “I know, little one, I know”

Turning to see her sister, Airi lunged into Risa’s embrace crying onto her shoulder “Ane…M-M-…”

“Just cry it all out little one, just…*choke* cry it all out” Risa tried her best to keep herself from crying, she wanted to be strong for Airi even though she was deeply crying inside.  Reality was, Maimi had made a big impact and impression in Risa’s eyes…like a younger sister, and it even felt like it was her own younger sister in a coma and paralyzed.

The group stayed there crying, unsure as to what to say or what to do but to cry, cry about the after math of a person who had tried so hard to protect those around her, only to come to this result.  “C-c-can we s-see her?” Eri choked out.  The group looked at Saki, who was trying her hardest to make herself stop crying, wiping and rewiping the tears off her face.  Seemingly have lost the use of her voice, Saki just simply nodded and had turned to direct, pushing a hand from Miyabi’s help. 

Just as she had taken a step forward, her legs gave way “Saki-tan, you don’t have to act strong, let me help you” Miyabi instructed when she caught her, helping her to her feet

“*Sniff* I…I can’t…I n-need to be s-strong for the girls…I n-need to *choke* be strong for Maimi” Saki pushed herself away from Miyabi

Miyabi was about to argue when she felt someone pull her back to see 5 individuals go ahead of her and took a hold of Saki. Seeing the girls, Miyabi knew it wasn’t her place nor moment to step forward, as she watched the girls use each other as support turning Saki around.  No exchange of words was needed, but they knew that at this moment, they really needed each other’s support as they got into a group hug, before they walked together towards Maimi’s room. 

The walk was slow and painful, fear searing through their bodies, minds didn’t know if they were ready to face their leader in a coma state.  Step after step, door after door, they finally reached the room that Maimi was in “Anyone want to back out?” Ai whispered, tear-streaked face, all cried out.  No one responded as they pushed through the door to be faced with a dimly lit room blocked by a window.  The only significant light was that of the heart monitor indicating that her heart rate was normal and relatively speaking it wasn’t as bad as they thought, she looked….practically normal, but that could be the fact that the blanket was covering her stomache. 

Pressing against the window, the members looked at Maimi’s sleeping face “Maimi-chan” Eri suddenly hollered out, tears flowing down her face again “Maimi-chan! Wake up!” slowly Eri started knocking on the window “please wake up, see I am awake so you should be too…we…we need you…I need you” Reina and Ai could sense that Eri was going to continue knocking louder and louder as Reina took hold of Eri’s arms

“Eri, Maimi-chan will...” Ai soothed “She’s just tired…she’s been tired for too long, she deserves to rest”

“Baby, y-you have to be strong” Reina choked “we have to make Maimi-chan proud of us when she wakes up, worth her risking her life to protect us” Reina was fully aware that since Maimi had risked her own to protect Eri, Eri had grown very attached to Maimi, more than usual and it was understandable to her, heck Reina tried to go on her best behaviour when it came to Maimi in repayment and gratitude for saving Eri, a gratitude that she’ll never forget.  Of course being the tough one, she didn’t let other see the effort and tried to act as if she wasn’t but she knew how Eri still recalls the day that Maimi used her body to protect Eri. 

“Reina’s right” It had been awhile since Saki spoke up “we have to be strong for Maimi because she’ll need us for the aftermath” Saki then turned to look at Airi still in Risa’s embrace “be and stay strong for Maimi, she’ll need our support”

End of Flashback

Recalling Saki’s words, Airi wiped her tears and stood up straight, ‘I have to be strong for Maimi’

“Why am I not surprised to see you here?” Airi turned to see 6 smiling faces beaming at her

“Hey” Airi greeted weakly “what brings you guys here?”

“Saki and I are here for Natsuyaki-chan and your sister” Ai answered with a grin

“I meant why did you guys come here?”

“Miya told me to find you while she packs up and suggested we look here…so you have the same habit as Miya” Saki looked over the ledge “Boy never thought I would be on the roof of the police department, kinda gives off an movie feeling” Airi giggled at the irony of Saki’s statement considering the fact that the girls before her were undercover but not once did they have to meet at a rooftop.  “You ready to go?”

Walking through the familiar corridors, Airi had begun to feel uneasy, she wasn’t sure if the others felt the same, but she had suddenly feared the place because she had been at the location on multiple occasions for the past while, to the point that she really didn’t want to be here anymore.  Before it wasn’t such an issue but with everything that had developed, she had also developed some fears for the place and wasn’t really too keen about it nor the vibe she gets from it.  Pushing through the doors, the group stopped in front of a wide window looking inside at the occupant and Airi cringed at the sight.  Someone else was inside that caught the appearance of the new arrivals standing outside, putting a finger on her lips, indicating not to tell the occupant that they were outside.

“Congrats Saki-chan” Airi suddenly spoke, not removing her gaze from the events of inside the room “I heard about your little battle with your parents, I’m glad Miya doesn’t have to be heart broken like she was a while ago when we first heard about your parents trying to set you up with someone”

Saki turned and smiled at Miya, going into her embrace “I couldn’t have done it without Maimi though, I would have never had that courage to go against them or go that far in terms of chasing for something that we want if it wasn’t her influence”

Airi turned around from the window, feeling that she had seen enough, and turned to Maimi’s group “How are things at the Crown’s office Umeda-san, Tsugunaga-san?”

“Things are okay, no one knows about our little mission as promised by the Commissioner, so we can continue to work there” Erika spoke on behalf of herself and Momo who was leaning her back within Erika’s arms.

“That’s not a bad arrangement if you think about it, you can use the skills you have learned at the Crown’s office and continue to work there but if we ever needed the team again you guys will join us in action” Miya commented to no one in particular as if thinking about the benefits

Saki pushed Miya on the forehead “Don’t think too much about it” causing Airi to giggle at the antics that she had seen from the two. 

There was a moment of silence before a door opened revealing the doctor walking out, followed by a sweaty Maimi rolling out in a wheelchair.  The moment Maimi’s eyes met Airi’s her face lit up “Guys! What are you doing here?”

“Well it’s the day you are finally released so we all decided to come pick you up, we are a team right?” Reina answered, putting forth a peace sign.

Maimi smiled at how close her team was, “Team or not, I hope everything will not be a ruckus when I get back or I am getting Erika to give you a court notice of damage to private property” wiping the smirk off of Reina and Eri’s face.  Maimi cringed “Ouch!! Why does your facial expression tell me that I will have my house upside down?”

“Maimi, still joking I see” Ai rolled her eyes and turned to Reina and Eri “Guys, she’s joking, with Saki around, I doubt Maimi would have to worry right?”

“Ahhh~~ still the best secretary ever Ai-chan” Maimi slowly wheeled herself down the hall but Airi decided to push her.  Sensing that Airi was going to help push, Maimi put her hand up “I’ve got this” before she continued to push herself slowly down the hall.  It actually pained the team to see Maimi in this state and trying to be strong, not letting anyone help her but they also didn’t want to make Maimi feel inferior.  When Maimi woke up from the coma, a series of analyses was performed, resulting in her upper body being weak hence believing that she was immobilized.  After a few days rest and some exercise, Maimi had full use of her arms, relieving everyone, giving some hope to her lower body. 

The last that they heard from the doctor was that there wasn’t much progression on her lower body but regardless, Maimi went through a lot of physiotherapy session.  The girls didn’t quickly follow Maimi because after every session, Maimi would use 1 hour to bathe herself from the sweat and everyone could feel that it made Maimi uneasy for them to wait for her in the room.  “I don’t know if it’s just me, but I do believe Maimi is getting faster and faster with getting herself around” Eri suddenly commented, which was sort of random in a sense but did get the group out of feeling bad for Maimi.

“Since she’s going to shower, let’s go have a coffee or something before helping Maimi pack her things” Risa suggested

The girls talked randomly just so that their thoughts wouldn’t go into a negative mindset, they promised each other that they were going to be strong for Maimi and they intend to follow through with it. “Um…I guess we should head up now, it’s been a little over an hour” Momoko finished up her coffee as the rest followed suit before heading towards Maimi’s room.

They continued to chit chat while walking into Maimi’s room, with Airi and Saki ahead of everyone else, but stopped when they saw Maimi sitting there clad in a black suit, white dress shirt, black boots and a loose tie “Er…nice choice of clothes…” Saki commented at a lose of words “…when did you get that?”

Maimi grinned “just recently”, they nodded whereas Airi was unable to answer, staring at Maimi looking stunning in a guyish way

“Wait a minute! Just recently? How?” Reina hollered, making Maimi only grin a little wider

Maimi put her hands on the handle of the wheelchair and as if in slow motion, holstered herself up, standing before the surprised group “like this”

The room went dead silent before Maimi was bombarded with questions of what the heck was going on, how long has she been hiding this fact etc, with the exception of one that was stunned to the point that her feet was glued to the floor.  Maimi noticed this and lightly gave a tap on Saki’s shoulder, waiting for the results of her actions.  Knowing Maimi the longest, Saki didn’t have to be told as she put her arms out in front of Maimi and did a swimming motion, moving everyone away from Maimi, causing everyone to understand and of course close their mouths.  Maimi then clapped her hands, to the surprise of everyone…Sayumi walked through the door with a bouquet of roses.

“Thanks Michishige-san” Maimi took the bouquet in her arms

“No problem Maimi-chan” Sayumi winked at Maimi and stepped aside with the others

Maimi slowly stepped forward, one step at a time until she was right in front of Airi “For you Airin” Airi who was still stunned just took the roses, never leaving her eyes from Maimi’s.  “I know you may be shocked to see me on my two feet because I am still shocked myself.  From the day that I had known that I may never use my legs again, I was torn inside not because I couldn’t use them, but because I might have to make a drastic choice.  I don’t want to be a burden for anyone” Maimi took Airi’s free hand “especially not to you, I didn’t want you to be living a life of hardship with someone that needs to be taken care of most of the time.  But that is what gave me the drive to do my best in my physiotherapy, I didn’t want to throw in the towel until I have tried my best.  I know hearing this, you might think I am selfish for making a decision for the both of us and you might tell me that you don’t mind, but I did and I even thought of how far I was going to take it just for you to move on.  That was what I thought, that was the scenario that I didn’t want to come true, so I did everything I could to avoid that and luckily it paid off because if it didn’t…”Maimi put her hands into her pocket “ I wouldn’t be standing here before you.  I didn’t want to reveal this until today because today is a special and important day for me...” Maimi pulled out a box, causing everyone from behind to smile, whereas Airi was still mesmorized by Maimi standing before her “not because I leave the hospital but…” everyone watched as Maimi went onto one knee “…because I wanted to propose to you.  Will you, Suzuki Airi, make me, Yajima Maimi, the luckiest person alive and marry me?” Maimi opened the box to reveal a single diamond ring

The couples inside the room clutched onto their other halves as they waited for Airi’s answer.  Airi’s tears had started to brim the moment that Maimi had gone on one knee, hand over her mouth, touched by Maimi’s reserve to get better, touched by Maimi’s speech and of course actions as she nodded her head.  Maimi smiled, pulled the ring out of the box and slid the ring onto Airi’s finger before getting up, swinging Airi in the air.  When Maimi placed Airi back on ground, she couldn’t wait to kiss the lips that she has longed to kiss, putting her hand at the small of Airi’s back pulling her closer and deepening the kiss while jeers and cheers were in the background.

They slowly pulled away, Airi looking into the eyes of Maimi “You didn’t have to get me another ring, you already gave me one”

“The first one is to show you my appreciation and love for you whereas this one…” Maimi brought the hand with the engagement ring up close “…is to show the world that I am the luckiest person alive” Maimi kissed the ring, causing Airi to blush

As the girls were cheering, Saki used her elbow and jabbed Miyabi in the midsection “Why can’t you be that romantic?”

“Learning anything monkey baby?” Risa leered in Ai’s direction

Eri turned to face Reina, brought her hands to her hips and pouted whereas Reina put her hands in the air “I know baby, I know what you’re going to say, no need to say it”

Maimi holding one hand around Airi’s waist, couldn’t help but share a laugh with Airi and give apologizing looks to those glaring at her. 

“Wait a minute, did you just say you were going to break up with me if your physio didn’t work?” Airi narrowed her eyes at Maimi, stopping everyone from their silent bickering

“Er…gotta go” Maimi bolted out of the room with Airi giving chase.
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what a great ending to this story.... :heart:

i really love it.... :thumbsup

maimi proposed to Airi.... :wub:

miya and saki have got married.... :inlove:

i really love this ending.... :D

i can't wait for the other epilogue.... :fap

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Happy ending is happy! *dreamy sigh* I'm so glad everything worked out well in the end. I can't wait for the omake, but take your time.... Wait, doesn't that contradict what I just said?

As the girls were cheering, Saki used her elbow and jabbed Miyabi in the midsection “Why can’t you be that romantic?”

“Learning anything monkey baby?” Risa leered in Ai’s direction

Eri turned to face Reina, brought her hands to her hips and pouted whereas Reina put her hands in the air “I know baby, I know what you’re going to say, no need to say it”
L.O.L. XD That's great. :lol:

“Wait a minute, did you just say you were going to break up with me if your physio didn’t work?” Airi narrowed her eyes at Maimi, stopping everyone from their silent bickering

“Er…gotta go” Maimi bolted out of the room with Airi giving chase.
Omg :rofl: Guess she should have left that part out, huh?
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Ooh yay~ happy ending :shakeit:

Guess it's the wedding bells for the C-ute couple...

As the girls were cheering, Saki used her elbow and jabbed Miyabi in the midsection “Why can’t you be that romantic?”

“Learning anything monkey baby?” Risa leered in Ai’s direction

Eri turned to face Reina, brought her hands to her hips and pouted whereas Reina put her hands in the air “I know baby, I know what you’re going to say, no need to say it”
And maybe the other couples as well? :lol:
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I know I have been behind on my updating and writing but believe it is unbelievable how busy I can get and the fact one point I had even decided giving up writing as a whole.  Luckily, I found a common placement where I can relax my aching head (god knows why I am getting constant headaches) and start writing again.

As most of you know I was debating about the epilogue as to happy or sad and of course the happy ending came out first and I am pretty sure most, if not all are satisfied, so for the second ending I