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Title: (Artist) Lyn (린)
Post by: daigong on June 07, 2010, 01:55:54 AM
Lyn (린)

Lyn (린) aka Lee Se-jin (이세진)


Lyn was first scouted by an agency because of her voice and from there, she first made her debut under her real name, Lee Se-jin, and released an album. The album sold poorly and was barely known. Lyn then took some time off to train vocally. She made a comeback in 2002 under the name Lyn with her supposedly first album Have You Ever Have A Broken Heart?. It was very successful and was able to shoot her up to one of the top R&B female solo singer of the year. After a surprise two years hiatus, Lyn release her second album Can U See The Bright. The album was very successful, surpassing her previous album with her popular single, "사랑했잖아" (Used To Love). Due to its popularity, the song was eventually covered on another successful singer Lee Seung Ki's album, released in late 2006. Lyn released her third album, The Pride of the Morning, on March 7, 2007, and sold 15,358 copies in that month, placing second in the Music Industry Association of Korea's monthly chart. Again, it was a success and was once again reclaim her title as one of the best R&B female singer. Overall her album sold 25,171 copies.

Born: November 9, 1981
Origin: South Korea
Genres: R&B
Occupations: singer
Years active: 2001–Present
Labels: Good Entertainment ( (2003-present)

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Cyworld: (

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tama posted this on her Youtube channel! subscribe today :P
Lyn - Oh! (Acoustic ver.) (



1집 - My First Confession (2000, 대영에이브이)

  ( ( (
Release: 2000-12-13

1. Intro...이런느낌    
2. 기억   이세진
3. Goodbye My Friend   
4. Yesterday New Day (Acoustic) 
5. 미로   
6. Another Day   
7. 기회 (Please, Come Back)   
8. 비밀   
9. Be   이세진
10. Yesterday New Day (Remix) 
11. Crystal   
12. Sentiment 

린 1집 - Have You Ever Had Heart Broken?

  ( ( (
Release: 2002-11-22

1. Fly High feat. CB Mass
2. New Day feat. CB Mass
3. 사랑에 아파 본 적 있나요? (Have You Ever Been Hurt by Love)
4. 아직도 사랑하는데 (But I Still Love)
5. 제발 (Please)
6. 또 다른 시작 (A New Beginning)
7. 이제는 그만 (No More)
8. 단 한번 그대를 위한 일 (That One Thing Done for Thee)
9. Time
10. 니가 아니 너 (...Because I Love You) (You... no, You)
11. 부탁해요 (I Ask of You)
12. S.h.a<놈> feat. 허인창
13. First Love
14. 데미지 (Damage)

2집 - Can U See The Bright (2004, Jinn Showbiz)

  ( (
Release: 2004-03-29

1. (See The Light)
2. 인사 (A Greeting)
3. 사랑했잖아 (But We Loved)
4. Time Enough
5. 사막에서 꿈꾸다 (Dreaming in a Desert)
6. Come 2 Me
7. Baby Tonight
8. Spring Fever feat. Double K
9. 사랑이 올 때 (When Love Comes)
10. 들리니 (Can You Hear)
11. 헤어져 feat. 허인창 (Let's Break Up)
12. Stay With Me
13. 사랑했잖아 (Mr) (But We Loved - Mr)

린 3집 - 보통여자 One & Only Feeling

  ( (
Release: 2005-06-17

1. Kyul Hon Hae Jwo Yo (결혼해줘요)
2. Nach Ee Sarang Jin Bam (낮이 사라진밤 ) / Ft. Eddie
3. Botong Yoja (보통여자)
4. Wedding Song
5. Otok Harago (어떡하라고)
6. Keunyo Egae (그녀에게)
7. You Don't Know Me (날 모르죠; Nal Mo Reu Jyo) / Ft. Wheesung
8. Naughty Girl
9. Mool Mang Cho (물망초)
10. BuhRyuh (버려)
11. Kiss HaeJu GaetNi (키스해주겠니 ) / Ft. Eddie
12. Sunshine / Ft. Eric Mun (of Shinhwa)
13. Party Girl / Ft. Young Ji
14. Call Me / With Gummy
15. Party Girl ("Fractal" upfront Remix)

린 4집 - The Pride Of The Morning

  ( (
Release: 2007-03-07

1. Kissing U
2. 마음이 시키는 일 (Things my heart tells me to do)
3. 이별살이 (Life of Separation)
4. 사랑했잖아 Part2 (But We Loved)
5. 눈물이 마를까요 feat. Kang Tae Woo (Shall tears dry?)
6. 궁금해 feat. Eric of Shinhwa (I'm curious)
7. 미칠것 같다 (I think I'll go crazy)
8. I'm Sorry
9. 집으로 (Homeward)
10. 눈을 떠도 감아도 (Whether I close or open my eyes)
11. Lovelyn feat. Crown J.
12. For The Dream

린 5집 - Let Go, Let In, It's A New Day

( (
Release: 2009-01-13

1. Love Song
2. 노래편지
3. 사랑..다 거짓말
4, 철부지
5. 므네모시네 (Mnemosyne)
6. 기억을 가져가
7. 공감
8. 하소연
9. 매력쟁이 (With MC Mong)
10. 데이트

린 6집 - 6th New Celebration

  ( (

Release: 2009-10-27

1. New Celebration featuring 도끼   
2. 누나의 노래 featuring 이비아   
3. 실화   
4. L O V E U, I L O V E U   
5. 통화 연결음   
6. 실화 (New Edit Inst.)

린 6집 - 6th Part 2 ‘Candy Train’

  ( (
Release: 2010-05-13

1. 데이트 해줘요   
2. 자기야 여보야 사랑아   
3. Ah.ah!   
4. Special Day 
5. Sweetheart   

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Title: Re: (Artist) Lyn (린)
Post by: adventwriter on June 07, 2010, 09:29:04 PM
Definitely have to look into her when I get home - I always love finding new (to me) artists.
Title: Re: (Artist) Lyn (린)
Post by: kuno_thunder on June 07, 2010, 09:50:09 PM
WTF, she's younger than me?  I've seen her around on various shows, and have played a few tunes on radio, she's definitely got her own style which she rocks really well.
Title: Re: (Artist) Lyn (린)
Post by: lollipopgirl on June 25, 2010, 04:12:57 PM
Give this girl a little love~ Certainly my fave in this perf!

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Title: Re: (Artist) Lyn (린)
Post by: wnrchen on October 07, 2010, 05:40:26 PM
i love her voice! :)
Title: Re: (Artist) Lyn (린)
Post by: daigong on February 26, 2012, 07:30:53 AM
i love her voice! :)

I love her SNSD covers :lol:
Lyn - The Boys (Feb 17, 2012) (