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Title: (Band) The Mad Capsule Markets
Post by: RIZEUP37 on September 16, 2010, 10:00:13 AM
The Mad Capsule Markets began as a punk rock group, slowly evolving into a band that combined heavy guitars with hard programmed beats, as well as many experimental electronic elements, reggae, and pop-influenced punk. The Mad Capsule Markets released albums from 1990 to 2005 and produced more than 10 records. Their earlier lyrical content had Marxist/working-class influences, which where later ignored with later releases as they became more popular. They started as a punk band but quickly began to incorporate different influences in their music (they were, at the time, influenced by acts like Killing Joke, Aburadako, and YMO). However they really started to experiment more when one of their singles was remixed by Alec Empire (ex. Atari Teenage Riot). From there, they started to use more electronic beats in their songs and they haven’t stopped experimenting since.

The Mad Capsule Markets are well known in Japan, but not so much outside of their native country despite having played some shows in Europe. In 2005, they played the main stage at the UK’s Download Festival. Unfortunately, the band experienced technical problems due to sound technicians not setting up the equipment correctly. The Dwarves, the act previous to The Mad Capsule Markets, played beyond their alotted time and therefore the latter act was cut 10 minutes short.

As of March 31st 2006, the band announced they are taking time off from working together so that they can pursue their own personal projects.

Kyono has a solo project called Wagdug Futuristic Unity and Ueda has a solo project called AA=.