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Title: [9nine]Ninja Girl
Post by: Shipyon on February 10, 2011, 03:27:33 AM
Chapter 1

Long time ago. In Japan, A ninja group formed by 5 girl. Their name is Satake Uki, Umika Kawashime, Kanen Yoshii, Murata Hirano and Nishiwaki Sayaka. Their group name is 9nine. They work for the people who hire them.

Year of 1533. We got hired by Shimogaki clan. Their clan leader named Shimogaki Madoka. She requested us to kill Kato clan leader "Kato Rubi". We went to the Kato clan's capital "Osaka". We booked a hotel and we stayed in the room and discuss about the plan.

"We should do the mission on March.15. I know she will be holding a festival. we can set a fire, Make everyone run around and scream, We go in and kill the clan leader" Everyone agree with Uki's Plan

On March.15.1533. We went into the palace and set some fire. Everyone started to run and scream. We saw the clan leader. We chase after her. We surrounded her. But suddenly the guard surrounded us.

"I know you girl was here the whole time. So I came up with this plan."

"Uki! What should we do?"

"We should retreat"

The Guard ran to us trying to caught us. We fought our way out. But there too many guard. We were going out of breath. It was getting tired when each minute pass by.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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Title: Re: [9nine]Ninja Girl
Post by: Shipyon on February 10, 2011, 06:16:43 PM
Chapter 2

In the last chapter. Their mission fail and they are in danger. Let find out as the story continue.

Back to the story. They already killed a lot of guard. But is still too many guard.

"Girls. Let kill the leader first and jump to the wall and escape"

"Yea. That are good plan"

They jumped into the wall and move toward to the leader and they threw a flying knife to the clan leader head and hitted her her and she fell down. Everyone started panic. We jumped through the wall and went back to Shimogaki city "Edo". We saw the clan leader Madoke Shimogaki

"Girls! Good job" She order a maid to hand us the money

"Thanks you for the money"

"Can I request you stay here help me out?


"Because their have a evil clan called "Tanaka" is west of us and have a lot of power. so we need a lot of professional people help me out to defeat them. I will pay you girls a lot of money"

"We will stay"

"I going to give you a mission. Gather information for me. I want to know how strong is Tanaka clan. Their clan leader name is Tanaka Erika. Becareful girl. I need you girls"

"We will be fine." They dashed out the window

We went to our hideout first. Got some change and pack up for our thing. 2 day later. They arrived to "Tanaka" clan main city "Fukui". We booked a hotel first and then apply for palace guard position for gathering information for Shimogaki clan.

To be continue.

Story by: DJ HADE
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Title: Re: [9nine]Ninja Girl
Post by: Shipyon on February 10, 2011, 09:33:51 PM
Chapter 3
At last time. They are in the join the Tanaka clan Palace Guard team for gather information for Shimogaki clan. Now is time to back to the story.

At the night came. They secretly go into the palace and try to found some information about what kinda weapon they have and how much gold they have. We splited up to 3 team. Hirano and Yoshii team up to found out how much weapon, Sayaka and Umika to found out how much gold and Uki go found out how much food. We counted them and we met back together before morning.

"How much food they have?"

"The food they have can last for 4 year"

"How much weapon they have?"

"They get a lot of Fire power"

"How much money they have?"

"They have 80 000 000 gold"

"Look like they are going to trying to conquer the whole Japan"

"Let report back to Lady Madoka"


Uki sent Yoshii back to "Edo" to report to Madoka. We stayed there to recive our next mission. 3 day later. Yoshii was arrived in Shimogaki Palace to report to Madoka.

"What information you girl gather"

"I found that they have a lot of FirePower. The food can last them for 4 year and at least 80mil"

"Oh no. They are growing stronger. But We still can have fight with them. I hope that we are prepare before they start invade the whole Japan and stop them from taking over the whole Japan."

"what is our mission?"

"Get the girls out of Fukui and come back to the city first."

"Yes Ma'am"

Madako ordered the maid gave them and she went back to Fukui. 3 day later. She arrived to "Fukui" and after they knew the news and all went back to "Edo"

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
My fan fiction blog: DJ HADE オフィシャルブログ「☆DJ HADE's fiction☆] (
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Title: Re: [9nine]Ninja Girl
Post by: Shipyon on February 11, 2011, 06:05:36 PM
Chapter 4

At the last time. They gather information for Shimogaki. Then, Shimogaki Madoka call The girl back to "Edo" to wait for next mission. Now back to the story

After a few day. We were at the Shimogaki palace and the leader wanted to see us. Suddenly, A spy came in and told us that

"Leader! The enemy is starting to invade us. they are at our border now"

"Faster than I expect. Girls will you help me. If you girls stop them, I pay a lot of that last you forever"

"Thanks you. we can stop being a ninja and always in danger"

"Here is the plan. My army will defend the front. while we are fighting sneak to their capital "Fukui". After you girls, is captured the city. They will retreat in the midway we will surround them and we will defeat "Tanaka" clan"

"Yes Ma,am"

We went gather this solder and we had around 200,000 solder. In the Afternoon. Madoka-san lead her solder into the battlefield.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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Title: Re: [9nine]Ninja Girl
Post by: Shipyon on February 11, 2011, 06:36:08 PM
Chapter 5

At the last chapter. "Tanaka" Clan is start to invade Shimogaki. The girls go help "Shimogaki" clan out. Let find out. How the story will end. let continue

2 day later. The war is started. We were have 1 more day arrive to "Fukui". we kept riding and riding. Finally at afternoon. we arrived to "Fukui". We decided to attack at night. We all took a rest first.

At Night. We were all ready. We secretly called some spy to sneak to the city and wait for the signal. In midnight. We hit the jump and we attack. We climbed they wall. The rock flying down and the arrow is shooting at us. half hour later, the spy had opened the door.

"Attack the city at once"

We all run into the gate. A hour later, All the solder surrender and We rest for a day. At morning. We went to the battlefield from behind. On Other side. After "Tanaka" clan heard the news. They started to panic and started to retreat to the west and Madako-san heard that we attacked their village. she was really happy and told all solder to chase after them.

"Tanaka" Clan ran for a day. After they went into a mountain call "Snake Mountain" and they are trapped in the mountain. We surrounded them. We battle for few time. But they still strong. So we decided to plan a surprise attack to defeat the "Tanaka" Clan. We waited for the day. In Night. We being all the solder to their camp. We started shooting fire arrow. They shoot back and We saw them have many enemy solder died.

"Madoka-san is time to attack"

"Yes! Charge"

All the solder smashed the gate and we were inside their camp. We set fire and we had a fierce battle with them. After 30 minute. They are defeat. The clan leader is dead and everyone is surrender.

We went back to the palace and Madoka-san are so happy about it and we pay a lot of money to us. We walked out the palace, we went to a small village and live there forever.

The end

Story by: DJ HADE
Thanks for reading this story
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Post by: Devil10055 on February 27, 2016, 12:56:50 PM
Good story keep it up