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Title: A Thing Called Happiness(UPDATE 7/22)
Post by: writerjunkie on March 15, 2011, 01:23:01 AM
Title: A Thing Called Happiness


“Reina, I told you already!” Eri shouts. “The answer is no!”

I think this is the first time I've ever seen her angry. She would normally be so passive and calm. That's changed lately a lot how our relationship has. I do feel guilty causing her to feel so frustrated and upset, but I have the same emotions too.

I can understand, but this still doesn't mean I won't be persistent. I know that's wrong of me too. I can't just let go.

I can't accept what's just happened to me and Eri. It's a little too difficult to swallow even though it's happened what feels like years ago. As my last resort to win Eri over, I come to visit her almost everyday and beg, just like this. Every time I come to Eri about our relationship she will get sad and almost cry.

I think now she's just fed up with the tears. I gulp, feeling myself about to cry instead. Does this mean we're really over? I clear my throat to try and talk again.

“Please...Eri we need to talk.” I beg. “I'm sorry, okay?! I-I didn't mean to hurt you.”

Eri turns away from me and seeing her do that makes a strange throb in my chest appear. I clutch tightly on to the railing of Eri's porch. What I'm feeling has to be one of the worse feelings I've ever had. It's much worse than the day I caused Eri to go currently blind. I want to cry, but at the same time I want to yell, scream, kick, and even hit Eri.

These are all feelings I've felt whenever I got angry, but since I've came to Tokyo I no longer act on impulses to these feelings anymore. It still doesn't mean that I don't feel hurt, but I try to still mask it. I still feel that I need to remain tough.

I stare at my feet to not show my weakness. I spoke my most honest words with all my sincerity, but I don't think that will cut it. I remove my hand from the rail and that seems to get Eri's attention enough to look at me. I slowly look up, afraid at what I'll find when I look at Eri's face.

“I love you Eri.” I proudly say. “And I know for the pass six months all I've done is hurt you. I understand your choice.” I pause to recollect my feelings.

My chest is aching again. There's a long pause and I know that with her these pauses aren't good. It makes me worry, but the whole few seconds I wait for Eri to say something she doesn't.

And that makes things a lot worse. She has no more power or energy to argue with me. She's given up...with everything, me and our relationship.

“I've always loved you.” I confirm.

What else can I say? If Eri really gave up, why should I continue to fight? I've done all I can. I turn around and walk away.

I can feel Eri's eyes on me as I move. It makes it more difficult to walk away, but I push myself to continue. Isn't this what Eri wants?

When I notice that I'm on the street I don't feel any better. I want to go back to Eri and beg her to take me. I wish we never were apart. That we never broke up. I really do love Eri and I know I made huge mistakes. I wasn't thinking.

I went into a spiral and at the time I didn’t care about Eri. I was so sad. In the past four years, I've graduated high school, entered college, got a job, and lost both my father and uncle in the same month. There have been many things in my life that happened and changed. Now to add to my list, I've lost Eri.

She broke up with me two weeks ago, but it still feels like it just happened yesterday. It's my fault that this happened. I was too busy with classes, my job, and then two of my family members dying just made everything worse. I just sort of...shutdown. Eri had every right to feel hurt, angry, and to leave me.

I sigh, feeling like drowning my sorrow in a bunch of yakiniku and television shows. I enter my house and go straight to the kitchen. I got this house after my uncle died. It was in his will for me to have it if he were to suddenly die. I guess he wanted to make sure I had a good start once I got my degree.

Too bad when he died the mortgage wasn't completely paid off, so now I have to take care of that. That's just another problem in my life. Living in this house kind of makes me feel that I'm growing up too fast, although I've always hated that and want to remain thirteen, I just can't.

The second I got the house I was a little excited. I had my own place and this meant Eri can move in with me. I really looked forward to that and now I  just live alone in a three story house. Well...not completely alone, I still have Yuka.

I stomp into the kitchen and peer inside my refrigerator. I take the meat stocked on the first rack and prepare myself to cook it. I hear a familiar meow on the counter and turn around.

“Hi Yuka.” I reply. “I haven't been having a good day.”

She meows again and gets down from the counter to rub against my leg. Sometimes, I'm glad I have Yuka because I know she'll be there to let me hug her and make me not feel lonely. Especially since I've been away from my friends mostly because of college.

I miss them too though. I finish cooking my meal and take it with me to the living room. It's not like I'll gain any weight when I eat this. My metabolism is fast. I take a seat on the couch and Yuka joins me as I turn the TV on. About half way through my meal my phone goes off and I pick it up from the end table.

“What?!” I yell, angry to my interruption.

“Drowning yourself in yakiniku again, Reina?” my friend ask.

“Shut up Ai-chan. At least I don't cry about it like a baby.” I snap.

There's a small pause on her end. I know I've said something offensive, but since I'm in this down feeling I don't care that much. I just want to be left alone, but Ai-chan never does that.

She's my only friend that calls me daily, especially after what happened to Eri and me. I guess she figured she could help or give me some comfort. What she should really be doing is trying to get her own girl back. I still can't get why Ai-chan and Risa broke up and every time Ai-chan isn't willing to tell me why.

“I'll let what you just said slide for now.” Ai-chan decides. “I called in the first place to check on you. Eri didn't accept your apology?”

“If she did I wouldn't be on this phone with you and be having sex right now.” I bluntly answer.

“That's too much information, Reina.” Ai-chan complains. “Listen, instead of depressing yourself let's go out. Sayu invited me to dinner tonight and she wants you to come along.”

Normally, I wouldn't think about this, but I know Sayu has a habit of trying to get Ai-chan and I to date other people since we're single. I know that she's trying to help us, but I really don't want to date anyone new at this moment. All I can think about and focus on is Eri.

“Okay, but if it turns ugly you're taking me to a bar and paying for my drinks.” I threaten.

“Fine, just be ready at eight. I'll pick you up.” Ai-chan agrees.

We both hang up and I glare at the clock. I still have about three hours until we meet. Oddly though, I feel like canceling on them and I feel nervous just thinking about attending dinner with Ai-chan and Sayu. I can't chicken out now though because Ai-chan will nag me about it for weeks.

That really annoys the hell out of me. I've made my choice and so I have to stick with it. I know that doing this will help me forget Eri, but a large part of me doesn't want to forget Eri.

She means so much to me. But I don't think that matters anymore. She left me and we're over.

I wish I can undo everything I've done. That way I wouldn't feel so alone even when my friends are around me. I don't think I can feel anything else besides loneliness.
Title: Re: A Thing Called Happiness
Post by: kano-chan on March 15, 2011, 01:59:03 AM
New fic! :cow:

Whoa there~!!! What happened to those sweet and inseparable couples?! :mon scare:

Is there going to be ReinAi??? :mon lovelaff:  :O :( :mon lovelaff: Or TakaGaki and TanaKame getting back together again??? :mon scratch: I don't know! It's just so sad they broke up! :on blackhole:

Everyone is dying?! :shocked Reina's cool uncle too! :shocked:

I need to find outt!! :bleed eyes:
Title: Re: A Thing Called Happiness
Post by: ms.chayla-tan on March 15, 2011, 02:31:37 AM
Chayla likes it  :otomerika:
Title: Re: A Thing Called Happiness
Post by: astro18 on March 15, 2011, 04:51:28 AM
You broke up all my otps :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

At first, I didn't realize this was a follow up to This Thing Called Love :sweatdrop:

Great chapter! Even though you broke my heart in the first chapter :fainted:
Title: Re: A Thing Called Happiness
Post by: sapphire on March 15, 2011, 04:54:16 AM
Woooo~I'm really liking this story so far. What happened that made Ai-chan and Reina break up with their significant other?
Ugh, this is already killing me. This is a sequel, right? :)
I have to be honest that I followed This Thing Called Love, but did not follow entirely since it got too long.
I hope I can follow this one well. ^^
Title: Re: A Thing Called Happiness
Post by: Fushigidane on March 15, 2011, 05:29:32 AM
OOH continuation to the earlier Tanakame fic?! :w00t: TTCL wasn't it. :)
Breaking them is so evil after the happy ending, but I suppose this one will give another happy ending? Maybe different pairings~? :P Who knows! Anyway I'm excited for more :thumbup
Title: Re: A Thing Called Happiness
Post by: pretend_2besome1 on March 15, 2011, 12:37:08 PM
Why Issa? Why did you start it that way?  :bleed eyes:

That aside, Reina's shutdown was quite understandable considering two family members died. Not to mention one of them was her uncle, it's definitely hard for her.
Though what I didn't quite understand was Eri's decision to break up with her. Sure Reina must've had hurt her in the process and all, but I thought she would be more understanding about it seeing that she had experienced a similar situation when her mother died.
So I was thinking maybe Reina did something that's unforgivable for Eri. That or Eri has a reason she wouldn't tell...
“Listen, instead of depressing yourself let's go out. Sayu invited me to dinner tonight and she wants you to come along.”
Sayu meant well, but I want to know if she somehow still has a thing for Reina?  XD
And what surprised me the most is that TakaGaki broke up, I mean TakaGaki, Really?  :shocked
Reina is going the depressed way...  :(
Title: Re: A Thing Called Happiness
Post by: rndmnwierd on March 15, 2011, 01:03:26 PM
So, you decided to post this here. I'm glad. Does this mean you have a few chapters ready?
Title: Re: A Thing Called Happiness
Post by: writerjunkie on March 15, 2011, 03:15:28 PM
O.O Wow so many comments. I didn't except that. Thank you for everyone who has posted. ^____^ And Rnd, yes I have another chapter made. lol I'll have to work on the third chapter also.


The drive to the restaurant Sayu chose wasn't so far from my house. It's probably a thirty minute drive. However, I don't think it gave me enough time to prepare myself for the meeting, or to brace myself if Sayu did bring a date for me.

I'm still a little bit shaken from the last date she tried to hook me up with. When I was directed to my table by the waiter I felt relieved to only see Sayu at the table waiting for us. This meant there was no date for me, just quality bonding with my friends.

“Reina~ Ai-chan!” Sayu yells excitingly. “Sit down. A waiter will come soon.” She sighs. “I'm glad you're here. Since I got here some waiter kept hitting on me. I hope he leaves me alone now that I have some company.”

Sayu is still with Koharu. I don't know how they make it work since Sayu's a college student and Koharu's a senior in high school. They're both very busy, but neither of them come to me about any complaints.

So, I assume their relationship is going well. They're starting to look like the perfect couple compared to Ai-chan and I. Shouldn't we be setting the good example since we're their senpais?

“So...I guess this means we should order.” Ai-chan casually says.

I put a hand to my temple unsure how I can stand being here. I'm regretting this now and I have no reason to, but I sort of feel like...panicking. Everything around me is unsettling. I've been getting that feeling a lot. I can never seem to calm down and I've been fidgeting more because I feel restless. I guess Ai-chan was right when she said I should see a doctor. I sigh.

“Let's get some beer.” I mumble.

“Reina, can't you wait for later?” Ai-chan scolds.

Lately, beer has been what calms my nerves besides yakiniku. Ai-chan likes to monitor my drinking though for some reason. If I wanted to be around my mom I would have told her to move in with me the day dad died, but she's not here. She's with  my grandparents and I'm left with a large house to myself.

I know that it's up to the children to look after their retired parents, but since my mother and I bump heads too much I didn't offer her to move in with me. I have too much shit to sort out on my own anyway. Besides...I looked forward to Eri moving in with me.

Wishful thinking now. I sink forward into my seat, resting my elbows on the table. I shake my hand at her to gesture for Ai-chan to leave me alone.

“Then order whatever you want!” I snap.

I'm starting to question why I agreed to come here. I just want to be home possibly sulking. I just can't stop thinking about her.

I need to see Eri. I have to be around her. Without her it just feels different, nothing doesn't feel the same without her. Eri is all I've got left to someone close to me. I wish my uncle weren't dead so he can help me. I feel so lost.



I feel patting on my back and groan. Can't my uncle just let me stay in for a little longer? I roll on to my back and start to go back to sleep. Then the patting gets more frequent and a little painful.


I feel a sharp pain on my back and grunt. Slowly, I open my eyes to kill the person that woke  me. The second I do open  my eyes though I close them again and bury my head under a pillow. It feels like I just stared into the sun! The sheets around me gets yanked around to my ankles.

“Turn off the lights!” I shout.

I hear moving around me and then a click. Feeling that it's safe to peek out, I carefully remove the pillow over my head and open my eyes again. It's a lot dimmer.

That's better. I rub my eyes and yawn. Then start to stretch. I slouch forward when I'm done and find it difficult to keep my eyes open.

“Ai-chan what the hell are you doing in my house?” I snap.

“You're at my place Reina.” She corrects. “You got a little too drunk at the restaurant, so I decided to take you to my place to watch after you.”

I look at my surroundings more carefully and see that this isn't my house. I'm in Ai-chan's too cramped apartment. I can't remember even coming here or what happened yesterday. I only hope I didn't make a fool of myself. I look down at myself and see that I'm also not in my own clothing.

“I don't remember wearing this to the restaurant.” I mumble.

“I changed your clothes after you passed out.” Ai-chan answers.

I stare at her wide eyed. Does that mean that she... I see her start to laugh.

“Don't worry I didn't take advantage of you.” Ai-chan promises. “Although...I can see how hard it would  for other people to not do that.”

I grab a pillow and chuck it at her head. I can feel my face turning red. Ai-chan continues to laugh and ducks from the pillow. I cross my arms over my chest and glare.

“Shut up Ai-chan!” I growl. “And one more thing, why the hell did you wake me up?”

I see Ai-chan walk over to her closet and pull out a few outfits.

“You have work today did you forget?” Ai-chan replies.

I groan. “I knew I shouldn't have told you my work schedule.” I whine.

I feel something land on my head and block my view. I yank it off and see that it's a T-shirt. I look up at Ai-chan who's giving me a stern look.

I think no matter how much I'll threaten her to let me sleep in she'll always do something to set me straight. She can be very scary when she wants to be especially when she's angry. I scoff.

“Fine! I'll get ready but prepare yourself for when I bitch at you from this headache once I'm done with work.” I threaten.

Ai-chan chuckles, completely unafraid to my threatening. She's learned that I almost never mean the threats I say to her. We have to rely on each other now mostly and within a few months we got to know each other and well I kind of regret that now because to Ai-chan I'm just some little kitten with dull claws. It annoys me and she likes that it does.

Although she might get on my nerves, I'm honestly grateful for Ai-chan since there has been nothing but bad changes in my life. My father died, my uncle died, Eri dumped me, and I'm quiet sure my mother now has money problems since my dad's death. I try to send what I have to her, but if I want to keep this house my uncle gave to me I'll have to try and be on time with payments to the mortgage.

So, if someone were to ask me if I really hate Ai-chan I will easily say no because I'm glad she's my friend. She's really all I have now for advice and comfort even when she's in a struggle herself. It's just right now though I really hate her because I don't want to go to work with a slight hang over!!

I'm sure she wouldn't either if she had one, but I don't have a choice. I get out of bed and stumble to my closet. I still plan to bitch at Ai once I get back from work. It only seems fair to complain to her until she falls asleep or yells at me to shut up. I see Ai-chan exit my room to give me privacy to change and I sigh. It's time to start my miserable day.


“Good morning Tanaka-san!!” I groan at my coworker's over excited screaming.

Doesn't she ever know how to shut up for just a second?! I walk to the back of the counter and glare. It must seem to scare her because her smile is gone and she puts on a surprised face. I think I can sort of understand now why she's called me scary before. I take my sunglasses off my face and head to the back to get my apron.

I silently get dressed, not feeling in the mood to be as friendly or talkative. I've been in a bad mood since I woke up. I have a slight hangover, my head is killing me, I'm extremely tired, and still completely heartbroken than I was yesterday.

I think I have some sort of a right to be in a grumpy mood. I also know though that I have to play nice with the customers and my workers included, because I need to keep the house I live in. That's just another piece of stress to add into my life, as if I don't get it enough!

I let out a tired groan then walk out the room when I've finished dressing myself and I'm greeting by my newest coworker again. Her happy smile is back on again. I guess she isn't one to stay upset long.

“Tanaka-san, I know it isn't my business to ask but...are you okay?” she speaks in a caring tone.

Oddly, I feel sort of moved by how much she wants to help me. I've always been mean to her when she first started working here and she knows very little about me, but she still acts so nice to me. I don't know why I feel so guilty suddenly I think the lack of sleep is messing with my emotions. This time when I stare at her I don't glare or frown I have on a calm expression.

“I'm okay Linlin. I've just been having some trouble sleeping lately.” I answer, only telling half of the truth to my moodiness.

“Oh, Tanaka-san, if you're that tired I can take your shift.” Linlin suggests.

Sometimes I wonder how a girl her age can not only be so nice, but so innocent as well. It makes it a little harder for me to continue being mean to her. I feel my face move into a small smile that I'm sure can barely be seen from anyone, but Linlin seems to catch it. She has on an even larger smile now. Then without even expecting it to happen Linlin just yanks me into a hug and I freeze. This has just turned a little awkward now!

“It'll be okay Tanaka-san! I'll do my best to take over your shift as well.” Linlin promises.

I notice that a few people are staring at me and because she's shouting more people are looking at us. Is she trying to embarrass me to death?! I can feel my cheeks starting go hot. I wiggle my way out of her arms and have on a small frown.

“Linlin, can you...not do that...ever again?” I ask. “It makes me uncomfortable!”

“I'm sorry Tanaka-san!” Linlin apologizes, yelling again.

I flinch and hold up a hand to motion for her to remain silent. “It's fine just stop yelling!” I whisper. “And thank you for offering, but I need to take this shift. I'll just have to manage.”

Linlin nodded understanding my reason to decline her offer. She excuses herself, seeing that I've had my fill of speaking with her for today and goes away to serve an incoming customer. I don't know if she acts this way because she's a foreigner, or that's just how her personality is, but sometimes Linlin's excessive energy can be a little too much for me to handle.

She says odd things and acts not how a normal Japanese person should, but the way it is done makes it kind of cute. Sure, she has a strong accent, but she'll have time to adjust to the language. She seems to be doing well already, so Chinese can't be that different to learn another language.

I haven't told her this though, but I do kind of enjoy having her here. Linlin makes my work a little more fun and when I'm feeling down she always finds a way to make me laugh. That's one of the things I liked about her. I take a deep breath, preparing myself to tend to my responsibilities as well. I walk out from behind the counter and go over to the nearest table to take orders. I'll be looking forward to my break.


I manage to leave from my shift on time today. It just wasn't as packed and the people who are scheduled to work during the night all came, so that meant I didn't have to stay an extra hour. I can't wait to go home and just sleep.

I know I should start some homework, but I'm just too exhausted. I'll have to remind myself to give Ai-chan a nice whack upside her head for making me go to work on probably less then five hours of sleep. When I step outside, I hear my phone beep and reach inside my purse to answer the text.

I flip open the lid and see that it's Ai-chan. I wonder if I should call her and just give her a piece of my mind while screaming into the phone. I look around me and notice that I'm in public, so that leaves shouting into my phone out of the question unless I want to embarrass myself. I look back to my phone and properly read the text this time.

-Turn around-

I stop walking and wonder if the person texting me is really Ai-chan or some sick stalker that ended up kidnapping Ai-chan and is trying to get me next. I start to panic and have become too terrified to even look behind me. Should I scream? Or should I run and scream?

I take a look at the number calling me again. Yep, it's Ai-chan's number. Slowly, I turn around, bracing myself to make a run for it if I have to. I let out a sigh of relief to find no creepy guy standing behind me, breathing down my neck. I feel angry for being so scared over nothing. I furiously start to send my text message back.

-Quit messing around idiot!!-

I start to walk again, concluding that Ai-chan is just probably bored again and as a source of entertainment, she tends to send me stalker like text messages right about the time when my shift is over to scare me. She started doing this after she broke up with Risa I guess since she never has anything to do at home. Risa was always good at...keeping Ai-chan “busy”. Too lost in my thoughts, I don't see a car slowly pulling up to me until I nearly get the wits scared out of me when I hear someone shout what sounds like an inch away from my ear.


I jump and let out a scream of my own. I whip my head to the right and don't know if I should be relieved or even more angry when I see the person standing out the car window with a large smile in place. Why does she insist on always being so loud?! She's still a bit annoying as ever I see.

“Koharu, what did I tell you about doing that?!” I scold.

“But...Takahashi-san told me to do it. She said it would be funny.” Koharu explains, then starts to laugh. “And she's right.”

I glare at her then march over to the driver seat and knock on the glass. The window lowers just an inch and I can see Ai-chan's eyes peeking through the crack. I can hear her laughing. I glare at her too.

“Yes?” Ai-chan calmly ask.

“I'm going to kill you!” I threaten. “Why do you always have to torture me in some way?!”

Ai-chan laughs again. “I was just having some fun.” She goes back to a more mature like state. “Come on, hop in the car. Koharu and I are going out. We want you to come along.”

I fold my arms over my chest, frowning again. “And where the hell am I gonna go in an outfit like this?! I have to change. Besides, Koharu is too young to go to a club and I'm tired. I just want to go home and sleep.” I protest.

If it isn't Sayu who's trying to make me go out all the time it's Ai-chan, but she does it for a little bit of a  different reason. I know that even though Ai-chan watches after me and acts like she's okay she really isn't. I know that Ai-chan is hurting as much as I am and her way of handling it instead of getting drunk a bunch of times like me, is to go out and find a nice girl to fool around with.

That's usually when she's in a bit of a better mood. There are times when Ai-chan just shuts herself in her house and weeps and doesn't return my calls like I'm some type of stranger to her. I'm not sure which one I like better because these two resorts can both be a little extreme sometimes.

“Don't worry about it. I got some extra clothes here in the car. Besides, this is the only day Koharu has free because she's so busy with college entry exams.” Ai-chan encourages. “I'll watch after her so she doesn't end up drinking.”

I scoff. “Don't you mean I'll watch after her for that? Since you like to use me as some sort of designated driver.” I correct.

Ai-chan sighs. “Look, I won't be long. I promise. Just give me two hours then we'll leave and go to my place.” Ai-chan bargains.

I know I can't say no because Ai-chan does so much to make me feel happy. It's like I have to repay her back for the time she spends on cheering me up. Since we're close friends it's only right that we help each other in some way. With that logic in mind, I give in and agree.

“Fine.” I answer.

Ai-chan smiles and unlocks the door. I can hear Koharu shouting again in the back seat. I open the back door and get inside to nearly be smacked against the door when Koharu flings herself at me to hug me. I push her away to get some space to breathe.

“It's good to see you again Tanaka-san!” Koharu giggles. “We'll have so much fun with you here!”

I give Koharu a weary look. “Does Sayu know about this?” I question.

“We asked her to tag along, but she's caught up in too much homework.” Koharu explains. “She's okay with me going though. She trust me.”

I flinch at the mention of trust. That's something I took advantage of with Eri when we were dating. I wish I had a better way of dealing with  my problems. It was just too easy to slip into my old ways again.

I think now I'm changing. I'm becoming more responsible. I wish Eri only saw that though. Ai-chan pulls the car into the road and I sit back, trying to relax and wash away the bad memory of my biggest mistake.

Maybe going out with Ai-chan and Koharu isn't that bad. I might be able to just have a good time and get closer to moving on. As much as I don't want to forget Eri, I know that if I don't I'll just end up miserable for the rest of my life. It's difficult to not forget Eri, I know it isn't easy either, but I'm trying to get myself used to not having Eri in my life anymore. It's all I can do now.
Title: Re: A Thing Called Happiness(UPDATE 3/15)
Post by: eruchan on March 15, 2011, 03:40:04 PM
ah... so its a continuation of TTCL, fast forward a few years...
tanakame and takagaki couple broke up? i wonder what caused those couples to broke up...
reina and ai seems to be getting closer... just hope they don't use each other as a rebound  :nervous
Title: Re: A Thing Called Happiness(UPDATE 3/15)
Post by: gab98 on March 15, 2011, 06:28:35 PM
waaa two chapters already?? sequel! junkie I love you!  :heart:... no more Tanakame and Takagaki ... I can not believe it .. and Reina's uncle died??  :shocked:waaa Is so sad! :cry:

anyway... this is very interesting! haha :shakeit:
Title: Re: A Thing Called Happiness(UPDATE 3/15)
Post by: shenlog on March 15, 2011, 06:48:34 PM
I've read This Thing Called Love, didn't comment on it tho ( slowly started to come out of lurker mode) sorry :nervous
anyway it was great, and this seems good as well  :w00t:
I'm wondering what happened to TakaGaki and TanaKame  :huhuh
so, I'm waiting for new chapter  :twothumbs
Title: Re: A Thing Called Happiness(UPDATE 3/15)
Post by: rndmnwierd on March 15, 2011, 10:32:50 PM
So the plot thickens. Reina drinks away her problems and Ai alternates crying and sleeping around. Hmm, I wonder what possible repercussions that could have?  :roll:

Also, what did Reina do? I hope it was just getting into fights and not cheating. Cheaters deserve what they get, in my opinion.
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Post by: sapphire on March 16, 2011, 01:32:57 AM
O.O Wow so many comments. I didn't except that. Thank you for everyone who has posted. ^____^ And Rnd, yes I have another chapter made. lol I'll have to work on the third chapter also.
Well, you did have a lot of readers for TTCL. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that people who has read your previous fanfic will follow this one too.  :)

Doesn't she ever know how to shut up for just a second?! I walk to the back of the counter and glare. It must seem to scare her because her smile is gone and she puts on a surprised face. I think I can sort of understand now why she's called me scary before. I take my sunglasses off my face and head to the back to get my apron.

This quote actually got me chuckling for a while. At first, I was laughing over how Reina has sunglasses on, yet she can still throw visible death glares. Then, again, it could just be those see-through or light-colored sunglasses.

Overall, it's a great update~ I'm really curious as to what happened between the couples. Hopefully we'll be able to get some Eri/ Gaki POV pretty soon. Please don't separate Tanakamei (yes, I'm praying already XD)!
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As much as I want TakaGaki and TanaKamei to get back together, I'd also like to see ReinAi. But it can only work one way, right? ;) And after all the  :deco: they had, they can't just move on to someone ese(in this case, ReinAi).... :(

There has to be good reasons for their breakups or else..! :bleed eyes:
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Gaaaah. I wonder why Takagaki is broken :gyaaah: Did Reina cheat???? :fainted:

I need to know what happened :bleed eyes: This is too sad :on cloudeye:

Keep up the good work!
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Yay new Writerjunkie fic!  :cow:

So a continuation of TTCL and it seems as though things have gone wrong, very wrong, especially for Reina who had broken up with Eri and lost her father and her uncle. Was it these events that made her break with Eri or was thier more to it, will still know little of what happened between Ai and Gaki but they have obviously split aswell, Ai and Reina seem to be getti9ng closer, perhaps bordering on more than just freinds, perhpas maybe Gaki picked up on this?.......
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Is this...what i think...this is? :shocked The sequel? :w00t:

Wow you really dropped the bomb on us in the first chapter. No TanaKame & TakaGaki??? :bleed eyes: Why oh why? What happened to the 2 cute couples?

Not sure where this is going but this is what makes the story unpredictable. Who will Reina meet? :(
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Ah, even more comments?! O_O  :w00t: I'm so happy~!! ^___^ I'm glad to see so many people supporting the fic and are enjoying it too. It gave me just enough courage to start another chapter. This one is a bit longer, but I hope it's at least enjoyable. I have a feeling I'll be able to write chapter 4 very shortly too.  :cow:


I don't know how it happened, but I've been stuck at this crowded, stinky, hot club for over three hours. I stopped counting after that because if I kept watching the time I'll only end up more frustrated. I suppose I shouldn't be so upset or surprised that Ai-chan didn't stick her promise. That happens often when she's having too much fun or is just too drunk to care about anything anymore.

There was a time when she left me here stranded because she decided to go home with the girl she picked up without telling me. I had to figure out how to get back home and when I did I was not only pissed, but worried because I had no idea what happened to Ai-chan. I don't know what she'll pull tonight and I'm a little worried about that since I'm not alone this time. I'm stuck watching after Koharu and I wouldn't want her to be stuck here like I was.

I don't think she likes this club so much, but she told me she decided to come because she hasn't seen Ai-chan or I for almost her entire senior year. I can understand why she wants to spend time with me to talk and I know she wants to do the same with Ai-chan, but she ran off to get more drinks and find some more people to dance with. I feel kind of bad that Koharu can't spend some time with Ai-chan especially since her mind isn't in the right place right now. I think it's best that we leave. I glance over to Koharu and notice that she has this uncomfortable almost terrifying face on.

“What's wrong?” I shout, over the music

“I think someone is groping me!” Koharu complains, then leans forward towards me to try and get away.

I squint through the fog to try and see if I spot someone next to us then send my fist in front of me to collide with the jerk that decided to touch Koharu. I hear him grunt and then there's a loud thud as he falls to the floor. I put my arm back to my side and glare at him.

Yep, he's out cold. That serves him right! I get a hold of Koharu's wrist and pull her over to where the tables are so we can sit down. When we get near a seat for us to settle on, I feel Koharu try to pull her arm free. I look back at her to see if someone else has bothered her, but instead she just has on this desperate kind of look.

“Can we just leave?” Koharu whines.

I have to agree with her. This place is just getting crazier and I'm tired. I'll have to go to class tomorrow too. I think we've been here long enough. I nod and let go of Koharu's wrist.

“I'll go find Ai-chan.” I announce.

“Let me go with you!” Koharu pleads.

I take a hold of Koharu's hand so that I won't lose her while we wonder the floor. I'll try to avoid the dance floor. That place is like a death trap if we go through there. It'll be difficult to get to the other side and I'm sure there are some stupid guys who would try to dance with us or grope us as we get through.

It's better to just walk around the dance floor for that matter. I take one step and that's when someone came crashing into me, nearly knocking me over. Koharu ends up falling to the ground instead, while I'm left trying to defend myself from the idiot that's clinging on to me as if they're trying to climb a tree.

I know this person is drunk because I can smell it, but because they're making weird noises almost like monkey sounds. What the hell is going on?! I grab the back of this stranger's shirt and pull them off me. What is their problem?!

“Re-Reina it's m-me!” I hear Ai-chan yell.

I try to get a better view of her and don't feel any less annoyed to know it's her. She's completely drunk and it doesn't take that much to tell. Ai-chan is having a difficult time walking and even standing. Her legs are wobbling.

How much did she drink?! I grab Ai-chan by the collar of her shirt to try and get her to focus on me. That's when I get a better view of her face and see that it's completely flushed, not to mention that her breath stinks as bad as garbage left out on a hot summer day! I cringe and let her go.

“Ai-chan, what the hell is wrong with you?! Do you realize we've been here for more than two hours, like you said?!” I complain. “You look like a complete mess and is that...lipstick on your neck?!”

Ai-chan swats my hand away when I try to get a better look. She isn't smiling or laughing anymore she's just very angry. That's also what I don't like about her when she gets drunk. Ai-chan just gets angry too quickly. I don't bother to inspect the rest of her, afraid of what I might find.

“Koharu wants to leave. Come on, I'll drive you both home.” I insist, taking a hold of Ai-chan's wrist.

“I don't wanna leave!” Ai-chan declines.

She starts squirming around, trying to get out of my grip. Why does she always have to make this difficult?! Sometimes, I just want to beat some sense into her when she's like this.

With much effort, I control my temper and urge to punch her in a similar manner I've done to that guy that groped Koharu and glare at her instead. I'll try to be civilized and reasonable just ONE more time.

“Ai-chan, don't you think you've had too much to drink? This is enough fun for tonight, isn't it?” I question, trying to sound as nice as I can.

That seems to work because Ai-chan is quiet, thinking over the questions I've said. That or she's just thrown off from questions in general because the sake probably has her brain wrapped in stupidity at the moment. I'm not sure if I can forgive her, or just hit her upside the head to get some sense into her. It was probably a bad idea to have Koharu tag along with us.

“But I can't leave! I-I'm waiting f-for a friend.” Ai-chan protest.

I scowl at her. “Ai-chan, Koharu and I are your only friends here!!” I correct.

Did she just somehow forget about us and our friendship with her? Ai-chan obviously has had too much. It's time all three of us leave now. I reach out to grab Ai-chan's arm again. I don't care if she throws a fit! I'll pull her out of this club if I have to.


I have no idea who's calling her name, but I only hope it isn't some guy who's trying to get into her pants because I swear I will introduce him to my fist, in a very painful way! I know how guys seem to never really get the hint when a girl is trying to ditch them or show no interest in them. It must be a ego kind of thing.

I turn around, preparing myself to knock this guy's lights out if I have to, but I'm not ready when I see this person is a girl. At least, I think that's a girl. She's very tall and seems quite strong just by looking over her physic. Ai-chan runs over to her and pulls her into a hug as if that's some friend she's known for years.

“Why did you run off? I thought we were going to find your friends together?” The taller girl questions.

She sounds concerned. She eventually looks over to Koharu and I, probably feeling that people are staring at her and I know I'm not looking at her in the nicest way. She waves at us and smiles.

I let out a scoff in disgust. Koharu just remains silent, judging that it's just best to not say a word. I wouldn't blame her. I'm extremely pissed and in no mood for anymore annoying games.

“Hi, I'm Junjun.” The towering young lady introduces.

“Yeah, uh huh, come on Ai-chan. We're leaving now.” I demand, getting a grip of Ai-chan's forearm.

“Reina stop it!” Ai-chan whines.

I groan. I also forgot to mention that when she's drunk she can also get into a childish mood. Ai-chan is also more likely to cry. I hate both effects of too much alcohol consumption, but I have no choice and I have to deal with it.

“T-There ain't no way I'm leavin w-without Junjun!” Ai-chan slurs.

“Did you talk in your Fukui dialect?” I ask, finding it difficult to understand her.

She shakes her head and looks at me like a kid that's afraid to admit their mistake out of fear of getting punished. Whatever, I don't have time for this crap. I'm going home and I'm sleeping! I know though that Ai-chan is stubborn and will fight to stay here unless I don't listen to her. Damn it Ai-chan, sometimes I really hate you!!

“Find! She can come with us just come with me so I can drop you off at home.” I agree.

Ai-chan smiles and claps excitingly to her victory. She latches on to Junjun's hand and leads her to the exit.

“Hey, slow down!” I warn.

Junjun looks back at me. “Don't worry, I'll take care of her.” She promises, then gets lost in the crowd.

I sigh. I hate this night. I hate this day! It was crappy enough and now this. I wonder if I should just stay over Ai-chan's house and watch after her until she passes out on her couch.

I don't know when that will be. Maybe, I can just hit a bottle over her head and knock her out that way. That's a very tempting thought, but I really don't want to be left with the mess after. I groan. When did she become so careless?

“Tanaka-san?” Koharu interrupts.

“Why are you calling me Tanaka-san again?!” I question. “I know we haven't seen each other in a long time, but nothing has changed between us. We're still friends, right?”

“I-I'm sorry!” Koharu stutters.

I put a hand on her to comfort her. Is she worried I'll knock her out instead?

“I'm sorry Koharu I'm a very bad mood right  now. Let's just all go home.” I suggest.

Koharu agrees and walks in front of me as we make our way out the club and into the parking lot. From a distance, I can see Ai-chan and Junjun already standing by the car waiting for me to show up. They don't seem that bothered because they're talking to one another inventively, smiling at each other and and laughing. Is this going to be Ai-chan play toy for tonight? I notice them tuck away their cellphones just as I reach the car and look at me.

“Alright, let's go.” I order, unlocking the driver seat lock.

The other locks to the car open after then everyone gets inside. It took me a while to drive a car again after the accident I've been in with Eri. I managed to get through that with some help from my uncle and Eri at the time. I was surprised when Eri said she trusted me while driving a car again. I guess I had a bit of a phobia from it when I ended up hospitalized.

I wouldn't have thought of such a thing unless my uncle didn't point it out. That's when I wanted to get over my fear and drive again. He didn't obliged, but encouraged me to start again too. I smile at the sad memory. I owe so much to my uncle.

I'm lost without him. I mean look at me! I probably have a bunch of bags and scary dark circles around my eyes that I've become close friends with make up! I have so much stress that there are some days where I just want to ram my head through a wall repeatedly.

I barely cook, so instant food is common in my diet. Why did he have to die? Why did a bunch of crap have to happen to me after his death? I probably won't trust trains for a while.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I stick the key into the ignition and start up the engine. I picked the wrong time to sulk. Once I get home I can just practice my common ritual of depression. That's some sort of comfort...I suppose.

“Oh, um...Reina, is it? Can you drive me home, please? I feel I've taken up enough of your time by coming along.” Junjun ask, staring at me through the rear view mirror.

I never noticed, but she has a weird accent when she speaks. As if her name isn't odd enough. She's definitely a foreigner.

I nod at her, not trusting my mouth to say something nice in return. That fact that she called me Reina and not Takana-san already has me in a bad mood with her. How the hell did she even know my name? I focus in front of me and steer the car into the road. I make sure to drop off Koharu first since I know she's dying to get out of here.

I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't want to hang out with Ai-chan ever again after this night. I'll have to give Ai-chan a long and torturing lecture tomorrow. Then I carefully drive my way into Junjun's neighborhood. It's some creepy thug kind of place.

It's obviously not the best spot to stay at, but I assume she probably doesn't have much money to live in a nice house. Just before she closes the door, she looks back at me to say goodbye and gives me this weird smile. What is up with her? The door is closed after then I'm back to driving one more time.

I've decided to just crash at Ai-chan's place again. I'm too tired to continue driving one more time. I park the car next to the side walk and take a glance at Ai-chan who looks like she's about to pass out in the back seat. I get out and pull her out of the back, while at the same time trying to remain on my own two feet to walk.

“Damn it Ai-chan! Why the hell are you so heavy?” I complain. “Did you gain a few pounds?”

I let out a series of grunts and curses as I make my way into the apartment and waiting for the elevator is even worse, but it beats walking up a bunch of stairs. How the hell can she even remain sleeping from me dragging her?! What feels like hours, I finally make it to her apartment and unlock the door.

I hobble over to the couch and just throw her on there. She only seems to bounce off and roll to the floor. There's a loud thump when her body smacks the floor and she snorts.

“Huh?!” Ai-chan yells, now awake again. “W-Where am I?!”

I take off my shoes then go over to help Ai-chan take off hers. Through half open eyes, she lazily watches me then rests her head against the edge of the couch. I take the pair of shoes to the door entrance and bend down to pick her up again.

“Ai-chan, I need you to try and walk a little.” I whisper, hovering her arm over my shoulder.

It's a good thing her bedroom is on one floor because I wouldn't want to face a set of stairs right now. As I walk, Ai-chan's head flops over to the right side of her and I try to move it over towards me, but end up having her head hit me hard against the nose. I close my eyes as I feel tears starting to come and push my way through the hallway.

What the hell is her head made of?! That hurt. I drop her again on to the bed, but she doesn't fall and just lays there face down while I go to inspect my nose. There's no blood. I then start to go through Ai-chan's draw to collect some clothes for us.

I make sure to get a matching set and just as I've decided on the outfit I want to wear I see Ai-chan roll on to her back and starts gasping for air. I let out a small laugh at her reaction. She's just so helpless when drunk. I walk over to her and start to untie her top. When I get around to removing her pants she starts to move and frowns.

“It's too cold.” Ai-chan whimpers, her eyes still closed.

I quicken my pace and completely focus on getting on her outfit. She starts stirring again when I go to put on her T-shirt. When her head goes through the hole I see that her eyes are now open and watching me. She lets out a big yawn.

“R-Reina...” Ai-chan mumbles.

I slip on a pair of socks for her and rest my pajamas beside her to dress myself now. Ai-chan takes a hold of my hand before I can do anything else. Then I'm yanked down to the bed. The bed starts to move and before I know it I'm on my back staring at the ceiling.

How the hell did this happen so quick? I can feel Ai-chan on top of me, moving around to get more comfortable and eventually tucks her head under my chin. I remain still, fixed on the clear white ceiling. I hate when she gets like this too, way too needy and dying for affection. I guess that's what happens when she's by herself a lot since I'm way more busy than her.

“You smell good.” Ai-chan comments.

I chuckle. “Well your sense of smell must be shot because I smell like nothing but cigarettes and beer.” I correct.

There's a small pause between us and I take this as my time to try and move again. I need to get some cleaner clothes on! I feel gross dressed like this. Ai-chan fights against me so that I can lay down.

“Stay here...” Ai-chan slurs.

“Ai-chan, I have to...”

“ now.” Ai-chan groggily explains. “G-Goodnight Rei-chan.”

I frown at the odd nickname. That's the first time I've heard that. She must be wanting a lot of affection than usual. I shrug off the new new and try to sleep too.

I'm too tired to give up more of a fight. I hear Ai-chan give one quick hiccup before there's nothing else heard from her. She's completely asleep. I close my eyes doing the same thing.

I can just forget about today and start new. I sigh, relieved by the idea. Ai-chan will be back to her normal self and I won't have to watch after her. I put my arm over Ai-chan's shoulder and gently drift into a comfortable sleep myself.
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LOL...I was like who's the tall woman? XD Jun! She's not that tall, they're just really short! :lol:

ReinAi was cute! :heart: Especially the last part. :wub:

I wonder what role Jun will be taking in this story with Ai-chan. Something seems to be up. :roll:
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waaaaa no no no I'm sorry Takagaki and Tanakame..but ReinAi is...waaa  :cry:  ...just more  addictive for me lately !!  :wub: :heart:

damn...i feel bad with myself...  :(

Gaki...Eri T.T i'm sorry  :cry:

yeah i'm a bad fan...  :banghead:

 :bow: thanks writerjunkie you are great
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ReinAi comfort :wub: I wonder how junjun will play into this :huhuh

Are we going to be seeing any Eri or Risa :cry:
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Aww, sleepy Ai is so cute. Hmm, is this going to turn into RenAi kataomoi? I wanna see how Gakikame are doing, I think I'm not the only one. XD
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I feel something rub against my nose, but since I still want to sleep I keep my eyes closed and weakly swat away whatever is tickling it. When I think it stops I go back to sleep, but then it happens again then I feel something warm on my face. Suddenly, I'm not able to breathe, so I start to panic and my arms go flaring all over the place.

I open my eyes and see a foot in front of me. Feeling completely disturbed, I jump out of bed, sending the foot falling to the side and the person attached to it smacks the floor. I sit up, gasping for breath. I hear grunting from the floor and peek over the edge of the bed to get a look at the noise.

“Ugh...what happened?” Ai-chan grumbles.

“Ai-chan, your foot was suffocating me!!” I wheeze. “You were sleeping on top of me again!”

I furiously rub at my nose and mouth. I feel that I need to wash my mouth out!! Ai-chan doesn't seem bothered from my upset voice and rolls over to the side to try and sleep again. There's no way I'm letting her sleep! She ruined my sleep I feel like doing the same to her. I grab a pillow and throw it on the top of Ai-chan's head as hard as I can.

“Damn it Reina I'm trying to sleep!!” Ai-chan screams, taking the pillow off her face.

She glares up at me, fully awake and she isn't happy. Yeah, so I can be a bit bitter. She can be just as bad!

“Yeah, was I until your foot decided to smother me!” I reply.

I throw the sheets back and make my way to my feet. I can see Ai-chan from the corner of my eye get up off the floor. I ignore her glare at me as I walk away and make my way into the bathroom to get ready for classes. Then I'll have to go to work after. I tend to come here a large amount of the time, but mostly done against my will, so I've stored a few things I'll need when I do spend a night over.

Too bad I already wore my own fresh pair of clothes I've kept here. I'll have to take one of Ai-chan's outfits again. I'll worry about that when I'm done freshening up int eh bathroom though. I open the door of the mirror and take out the pink toothbrush resting on the shelf.

I set everything I need to brush my teeth and make sure to scrub away any bits of food that could have gotten caught between my teeth. When I'm done I go back into Ai-chan's room to see what clothes I can borrow again from her closet.

I spot Ai-chan sleeping on her bed, or at least I see parts of her since the sheets are covering her and her feet are sticking out. I can also see an arm hanging at the side of the bed. I ignore Ai-chan, until I'm finished getting ready then march my way over to her. I give a hard smack to the fluffy blanket then pull it back.

“Hey!” I shout. “Wake up idiot!”

Ai-chan lets out a groan and lazily flips over to her back to look at me. She places a hand over her eyes and peeks out through the cracks of her fingers. She frowns at me for having waking her up the third time today.

If she's badly hung over and her head hurts...then good because she deserves it! Especially since she made me go to work when I had a hangover! I fold my arms and glare at her.

“Shouldn't you be somewhere, doing something important?” I question.

Ai-chan lets out another sound of annoyance then sits up, scratching her head with closed eyes. She squints at me, still not used to the bright light and sighs. I wonder what excuse she'll tell me this time. They always tend to be amusing.

“Reina~!!” Ai-chan whimpers, pouting at me. “I'm too sleepy~”

She didn't even put up much of a fight this time. I scoff a little disappointed. Ai-chan ends up sounding like a little kid when she says that and her face expression makes her look younger than what she is. I frown then hit her on the top of her head and a piece of her hair sticks up from the friction.

How can she always win so easily?! Ai-chan knows I'm too much of a softie. I push Ai-chan back into bed and bury her with the sheets.

“Go back to sleep then. I won't be back until late afternoon though so try to eat something until then.” I  instruct. “Drink plenty of water too. I'll come back to check and see if your headache is better.”

Ai-chan lays back in bed with a happy smile in place. I always give in. I go to leave the room so that Ai-chan can be in peace, but my phone goes off and I realize I've left it on the drawer this whole time and was about to leave without taking it. I pick up my phone and open it without looking at the ID screen.

“Hello?” I speak irritatedly into the phone.

“Hello Reina!” An unfamiliar voice greets to me.

“Who's this?” I ask.

“It's me, Junjun!” She giggles.

“When the hell did you get my cellphone number?! I don't remember giving it to you.” I angrily ask.

“Ai-chan gave it to me last night.” Junjun replies.

I glance at Ai-chan. So, that's why she had her cellphone out? She was giving Junjun MY number?!

Even when she's completely wasted she tries to get me a date. I don't know if I should thank her or hit her so hard over the head she'll end up having a bump. I march over to the bed and yank the pillow out from under head then whack her with it.

“You gave Junjun my number?!” I scream.

Ai-chan curls up on to her side to try and protect herself. I hit her again. She lets out a whelping sound this time.

“Ah, Reina stop it! I'm tired!” Ai-chan whines.

I throw the pillow on top of her and walk away. She's gonna get it when she's done resting! This person is a complete stranger!

Why would I want to hook up with a stranger?! I barely even know her and I don't want to know Junjun! I'm still trying to get back with Eri.

“ a bad time?” Junjun ask.

“Yes, I'm on my way out. I can't talk right now.” I inform, rushing towards the door. I grab my coat on the way out. “I'll talk to you later, bye!”

I hang up before Junjun can say anything and put my phone away. Please, let this day be a hell of a lot better than it was last night. I'm already off to a bad start. I don't have time to make new friends or...get a new girlfriend if this is what Ai-chan is trying to do.

I wonder if she was even aware of it when she gave Junjun my cell number. I only hope she was just too drunk and mistaken my number for hers somehow. I sigh, pushing aside the odd call and focus on getting to my classes again. I can deal with Ai-chan later.

Classes weren't that bad this time. But, like always, work is a bit of a struggle. But, I'm lucky that today work is a little slower. I'm not entirely sure if I should be happy about that or just bored out of my mind. If it gets too busy it's too much of a pain, but if there isn't much people in here I have to find ways to keep myself busy.

I don't want to take a break early because we only get about one break. The bell to the shop goes off and Linlin is the first to react and spring out of her seat. I slowly walk my way over to take a glance at our customer and frown. I rush over and place a hand on Linlin's shoulder before she can speak.

“I'll take this one Linlin.” I insists.

She doesn't say anything and just walks away. When she's away from earshot of me I look back to our customer and fold my arms over my chest, glaring. They stare down intently on the menu, ignoring me, or trying to ignore me.

I dig into the pocket of my apron and pull out a spoon. I continue to watch this person, wondering if they'll look up to look at me. After waiting a few seconds I grip the spoon and give them a hard whack on the shoulder with it. They flinch.

“Ow!” They cry. “I'm still recovering from my hangover!”

“What are you doing here Ai-chan?” I calmly ask, remembering that I'm still at work.

She lifts up her head and rubs her throbbing shoulder. “That hurt you know.” Ai-chan complains. “Do you do that to all your customers?!”

“Just the stupid ones.” I answer, tucking the spoon back into its pocket.

Ai-chan frowns at me. “You know, I like Linlin better than you. So, could you just call her back to be my waiter?”

I give her another glare. Is she really asking me this? Did the sake make her lose half her brain cells? I also feel a little hurt that she says such a thing like that! Am I that bad of a waitress? That doesn't matter, I got distracted. I should be focusing on her.

“Ai-chan, don't you think you've messed around with enough girls?” I whisper. “You know Linlin has a crush on you!”

Ai-chan looks behind me and I turn around to see that she's staring at Linlin. Linlin blushes then looks down to her feet to continue sweeping the same spot. She was staring at us the whole time I see.

I turn back to Ai-chan and she just chuckles. I hit her on the head this time, but with my hand and I hear a loud smack at the contact. Ai-chan cringes and ducks her head down, rubbing the top of her head with her hand.

“You really have to stop doing that! I've been getting hit too much today.” Ai-chan demands.

“Yeah well, sometimes you deserve it.” I defend. “Just tell me why you're here?”

Ai-chan gives me an innocent look, but I'm not buying any of it. Did I mention that sometimes she can annoy the shit out of me when she's NOT drunk? This is one of times she is.

I think sometimes I'm not the one who needs the most straightening up. Ai-chan seems to just sink further and further into whatever state of feeling she's having right now.

“What? I can't visit my friend at her job?” Ai-chan questions.

I give her a stern look. She's usually honest with me. Why isn't she being honest now? Ai-chan looks down at her hands then back up at me.

“Alright I wanted to get a bite to eat.” Ai-chan admits.

“And by bite to eat you mean a FREE meal, don't you?” I add.

She nods. I knew it. Ai-chan was probably too lazy to cook and she could have gone somewhere else to eat, but she had to come here.

Where I work, which just so happens to be a local restaurant. She mooches of me too much. I have to help her find a job again since her last one didn't go so well. I'll end up in a lot of trouble if I do give her a free meal and I can't afford to lose my own job.

Unlike her, I have no one to support me. My own mother is just a stay at home wife and with my father gone the only source of money she has is the money my father saved before passing away. Ai-chan on the other hand, receives money from her parents and there are times when her mom comes over to visit, or Ai-chan goes back to Fukui.

Lately though, her mother hasn't been visiting as much and Ai-chan doesn't go back to her home town. I think she probably got into some fight with her father, who's trying to cut any sort of connection between her and the rest of her family. I never really asked about that since I have my own problems.

“Well, I gotta eat something! I'm starving~” Ai-chan whines. “I'm low on money!”

I open my mouth to do some more scolding, but the sound of Ai-chan's grumbling stomach interrupts me. She looks down to her abdomen and puts a hand over it. Is she trying to make me feel guilty? I roll my eyes and sigh. She owes me.

“Fine, I'll pay for your meal, but if you end up leaving me with a bill that's not normally what people eat then I'm going to kill you.” I warn.

Ai-chan smiles then reaches over to hug my waist. “Thank you! Reina you're the best!” Ai-chan compliments.

I push her back and look around me to see if anyone is looking. She smiles at me and laughs then sticks her head into the menu to start deciding on the dishes to eat. I guess I'll just give her some time to decide then since I know Ai-chan can be very indecisive.

This often makes her buy all the dishes she's interested in and she gets so full that she barely gets half way through the meal. It's just a waste of food when she does that. I turn around to go back to the register, but I hear the bell of the shop ding again. Here comes another customer.

“Tanaka-san! We meet again~”

I look over my shoulder then quickly turn back to Ai-chan, who's staring into her menu. I get the feeling she has something to do with this torture she's putting me through now. I narrow my eyes at her, feeling very annoyed again.

“What is she doing here?!” I growl.

“I invited Junjun to join me.” Ai-chan coolly responds, her head still in the menu.

“And WHEN did you plan on telling me this?!” I shriek.

There's a small pause between us. If she expects me to pay for Junjun's meal it just isn't gonna happen! It was like pulling teeth to get me to just pay for Ai-chan's meal. What makes her think I'll pay for Junjun as well?! She's someone I don't even know!

“Why did you do that?!” I complain.

Ai-chan looks up at me. “She's interested in you. I can at least try and help her out. Didn't you want to start dating new people?” she explains.

This is why she's given a complete stranger my damn number?! I honestly think she's just doing it to torture me. I don't want anyone meddling into my love life. That's just something personal.

“I didn't say that! I said YOU should find someone! I'm very happy being single!” I correct. “This person isn't even my type! I'm still trying to fix things with Eri! I-ugh! Now I'm frustrated!”

I rub the side of my temples to try and relieve myself. Why? Why did she have to come to my job and give me this huge headache? I like to come here and leave my problems at home at the door when I come to work.

“Well, try to relax because Junjun is coming this way.” Ai-chan instructs, putting her head back into the menu.

I put on a false smile and greet her. I know since I'm at work I have to be kind to all customers although with Ai-chan that's an exception. She would stay anyways to try and get a free meal.

She knows my soft side a little too much. I bow at Junjun as she comes over to take a seat the opposite side of Ai-chan.

“Good afternoon Tanaka-san.” Junjun greets.

So now she decides to be formal with me? I'm sure Ai-chan had to tell her that because she knows how I hate when unfamiliar people address me as if we're close friends. Is she trying to help Junjun gain some type of points? Is this a game now?!

Whatever, either way I'm not interested in Junjun. I'll have to break the news to her when I get the chance and I get the feeling it won't be in a nice way. Quietly, I hand Junjun a menu.

“Take your time ordering.” I advise, then leave without greeting Junjun back.

If she can't take that hint then I'll for sure I'll have a hard time getting rid of her. I walk over to the counter again and sigh. I suddenly feel exhausted. From the corner of my eyes, I see Linlin put the broom off to the side and join me.

“Tanaka-san, are you feeling tired again?” Linlin questions.

I rub my eyes to fight away the sleep. When I go home I'm just gonna ignore Ai-chan like she's some sort of stranger. I need to sleep and this time without the risk of being choked in my sleep by stinky feet! I rest my chin in the palm of my hand.

“I'll be okay.” I assure. “It's just been a strange week.”

Linlin nods. Then that's the end of our conversation. They don't normally last long. It's probably because Linlin is scared that I might get angry from her speaking or something she said and end up socking her in the face.

I mostly tend to put up the feeling now around people. I've become less social now. I've been focusing more on putting on my tough act. I'm not completely like my old self though because I'm not sitting in some police station, so that's a good sign.

I snap out of my thoughts and see Ai-chan waving for me to come over. I think they've both decided on a dish to eat. I grab my notebook and walk over to Ai'chan's table. The only thing I look forward to today is just sleeping once my shift is over. I'm feeling a little moody now.
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Hmm, interesting, Jun's just interested in Reina? Will Ai take advantage of Lin Lin's crush? Will Reina ever get Eri back?!

And more importantly, why did Takagaki break up? :panic:
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Gosh, ReinAi is HARSH. :( What are the others doing anyway?? :? I hope no one (else) would get hurt, in this case, Lin and Jun(I guess?). :cry:

Did something happen to Ai-chan's family too and she's just keeping it all to herself? :huhuh I don't know..Something doesn't seem right. Maybe it's just me then.. :bleed eyes:

I wish ReinAi can be nicer to each other and hopefully things will be straightened up soon. :panic:

This story, so far, is (GOOD, of course!) kinda gloomy~ It's SO SAD. :cry: :cry:
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lot's going on, Jun could perhaps be intrested or Reina, or perhaps even Jun, Reina and Ai may be getting closer together and maybe even futher apart at the same time and will still don't really know what happened bewteen Reina and Eri, or Ai and Gaki for that matter, plus of course we will see what happens to Jun and Lin......
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Yay new chapter!!  :cow: I hope this will be informative enough to the readers about what happened to TakaGaki. I'm sorry this update took too long. I'll try to be quicker next time.


Just like the few days before, I didn't get the chance to rest after work. Instead, Ai-chan literally pulled me into her car with Junjun to go get some ice cream and crepes. I guess she was in the mood for desert, but like the lunch she had before I'll have to be paying for not just her treat too, but mine. Junjun was kind enough to bring her own money.

I don't know if this is an attempt to get me to speak with Junjun, but all I can think about is just sleeping the rest of the day away. Unpredictably, Ai-chan began to calm down and just remain silent to herself, lost in her own thoughts. She's more focused on the ice cream I've bought her. I don't really get that worried about her sudden decision to be quiet because she was annoying me so much at work before that I wanted to just knock her unconscious.

But...if she's quiet that means that I'll have to be left talking with...Junjun. I stare at my own ice cream, hoping that I'll be able to avoid that type of conversation. Maybe, if I eat it fast enough I'll be able to get out of here. No, Ai-chan eats way too slow. Crap.

“Tanaka-san?” Junjun softly calls.

I cringe. It looks like I'll have to speak with her. I wonder if I stay mean to her she'll just back away. She can't be that stupid or as thick as guys. I lift my head and look across the table to her.

“Are you...mad at me?” Junjun questions.

Did she have to talk in some type of sad voice as if I've been ignoring her for days!? She's a damn stranger for cryin out loud! What am I supposed to do?

Open my heart to someone I met probably just two days ago?! I silently stare at her, trying to keep myself from yelling at her. I glance at Ai-chan. She's still not saying anything, probably pretending that she doesn't hear anything.

“What are you talkin about?” I sternly ask.

Junjun puts on a sad face and I'm not sure if it's supposed to make me feel bad for her or to just find it cute, but it's annoying me. I glance at Ai-chan one more time. She's still eating her damn ice cream. She's just going to leave me in this by myself. I lean back into my chair with my arms crossed.

“ aren't very...kind to me.” Junjun explains.

Her supposedly cutesy voice is even painful to my ears! I cringe. Can I just leave?

I don't have time for complaints from a baby. How old is she anyway? I stand up from my seat.

“I'm outta here!” I grumble.

I stomp away from the table, not worried about Junjun's protests. Ai-chan is still quiet, but I'm sure she's aware of what I did. I'll just let her do the comforting.

I have better things to do. I'm too tired to be consulting some little kid about their feelings. I let out a yawn, looking forward to finally catching up on much needed sleep.


Strangely, after the incident and me furiously storming off, I haven't heard or seen Ai-chan since. It's been about a week now. I've mostly been debating with myself to either call Ai-chan or stop by her place to check on her.

I know that when she gets into her sulking mood, she is more than likely to get angry at me for bothering her. It'll probably be more humiliating if I go in person and she does that than when I call her. At least if I call I can have some dignity after rather than being kicked out of her house. 

But as a friend, I know I have to check on her. Making up my mind, I gather my belongings and walk out of my house. I'll just have to take the risk of being humiliated.

Sometimes, Ai-chan just needs someone there with her physically when she's down. The good thing about Ai-chan's new place is that not only does she live on her own, but she is closer to me. I don't have to drive I just have to walk a few blocks.

I enter the apartment building, taking a few deep breathes to brace myself before I get to Ai-chan's door. I have to be ready to try and calm her down when she's too busy sobbing. Planning out how to console Ai-chan, I don't pay attention in front of me and feel someone's shoulder slam painfully into my chest.

“Hey! Watch where the hell you're goin! Other people walk here too, ya know?!” I yell, turning around to face the idiot who slammed into me.

My eyes quickly open wide in shock and my whole body runs cold. Of all the people that I have seen come by here, I did not expect her to come here...not ever! How... Why is she here?!

“G-Gaki-san?!” I choke.

I don't know if I should be happy to see her or maybe just come over and give her a big slap to the face for leaving Ai-chan how she is now. I'm filled with two opposite emotions at the same time. This leaves me frozen in confusion to figure out what else to say to her. Gaki-san looks back at me and opens her mouth, but then quickly closes it and turns away. Is she...crying?

“I-I...shouldn't be here. Goodbye Tanakacchi.” Gaki-san stutters, then quickly runs away.

She was crying...and she looked completely sad. Wait...if that means she's here then she...


I run through the halls, trying to reach Ai-chan's apartment door as quickly as I can. I knock on the door, but the first knock causes the front door to open just an inch apart. The door was unlocked. Gaki-san was here!

And she was in a hurry to leave. Ai-chan didn't want to close it, so it must mean she's inside crying as well. I open the door and let myself in, carefully walking through the apartment.

As my eyes scan the room, I notice that there are a bunch of items scattered around. I haven't seen Ai-chan anywhere yet. Thinking of the possible worse thoughts based off my surroundings, my heart goes much faster and my body starts to shake. Where is she?

“Ai-chan?!” I yell, zipping through the living room. “Ai-chan, where are you?!”

Please, please be okay! I check the kitchen and even the bathroom. That only leads me to her bedroom now. If she isn't here then she must have left. That makes me panic.

If Ai-chan is outside wandering somewhere I'll only become more scared. Who knows where she is or what type of trouble she can get into.  How reckless of her to just go outside without thinking thoroughly about her actions! I don't bother to knock on the door when I get here. I just grab the knob and open the door.

The lights are off, but sunlight in her window gives me the light I need to see. Taking a close look to the window, I see that the curtains have been ripped off the window and thrown to the floor. Then that's when I see this room has the most damage done to it. There's even a dent in the wall.

I step farther inside, having enough of the messy sight and focus on the reason why I've came here. Ai-chan did this mess. She broke all these pictures and vases. I hear something crack below my feet and move my foot back to get a better look of it.

It's a picture frame, the glass is broken, but the picture inside is fine. It's a picture of Ai-chan and Gaki-san. She's had this picture with her all along. I thought she's thrown anything related to Gaki-san away, but this picture she's kept. They both look different, much younger.

It was probably taken when they were in grammar school. In this picture Ai-chan is smiling like she's won the lottery and Gaki-san is hugging her with the same expression. It's a picture of their memory together. I can understand why Ai-chan didn't have the courage to throw this out.

It was during their youth, their friendship, and they're start of a strong almost undefeated love. I step over the picture, not wanting to damage the frame anymore and continue my search. Come on Ai-chan where are you? I need to help you. I need to comfort you.

I see something move to the left of me and sharply make a turn. Right in a corner, sitting on the ground with bunched up knees to her chin, is Ai-chan. Her skin looks completely pale and the way her eyes shine I can tell she's crying. This doesn't look like the Ai-chan I know.

This person looks weak, crushed, and sickly. I carefully walk over to her to not startle Ai-chan. She seems to be in her own world when she sits there like this, like a statue. I decide to not touch her, concluding that it'll just be too much for her at this moment.

“Ai-chan?” I softly speak.

If I use a light tone she just might slowly come back from her daydream. Her hands tighten and she starts to sniffle. I'm scared seeing her like this I'll admit that. I've never seen her like this.

Yeah, she's cried in front of me a few times, but she's never destroyed her home or look like she's suddenly caught some deadly sickness with how thin she looks now. I wonder if this whole week she's just been starving herself.

“Ai-chan...please talk to me.” I encourage. “I'm here Ai-chan. I'm here to listen. You're not alone.”

I watch her, to see if I can find any signs of life in her since she's just sitting there. It's like she's become an icicle. What feels like hours, but I'm sure is only seconds, Ai-chan finally moves.

Her head lifts from her knees to reveal a red and wet face full of tears. Then she just stares ahead of herself again. So I wait, I don't have much I can do when she's like this.  I can only wait for her to say something on her own. I gulp, feeling more nervous.

“Come on Ai-chan, talk to me.” I whisper.

“Y-You know...” Ai-chan croaks, her voice shaking. “I always thought...she would come around.”

I listen, hanging on to her every word, afraid I'll miss even the smallest detail if I become sidetracked.

“Today...she called me. After exchanging texts and phone calls for a week, she told me to meet her here.” Ai-chan explains, her eyes still fixed in front of her. “So I thought...she was going to finally accept me again. I never felt so happy from just a thought alone like that before.”

I don't need to ask who Ai-chan is talking about because I know perfectly well she means Gaki-san. Only Gaki-san can make Ai-chan feel so many emotions it overwhelms her. There isn't anyone else who can make Ai-chan feel a mixture of happiness, sadness, and anger all at once.

That was done just from the sight of Gaki-san I'm sure. I clutch my hand, bracing myself for Ai-chan to do anything like punch something out of impulse. A small laugh was released from Ai-chan.

“I never told you why we broke up, but it's because I was not only embarrassed by it, but because I always felt we would get back together again.” Ai-chan chuckles. “I was stupid to hold on such false hope like that, but...she said she would and I believed her because I loved her so much. I still love her.”

I can't understand what she's saying. If they didn't break up because of something the other has done to  break their relationship, then why did they break up? Ai-chan and Gaki-san love each other too much to be apart. I can tell every time Ai-chan mentions Gaki-san. They haven't stopped loving each other.

“It was stupid of us to tell her parents about our relationship. They never approved. At first...they tried to act like they were okay with it.” Ai-chan frowns, and furiously wipes away fresh tears from her face. “They eventually confronted Gaki-san when she was alone. They forced her to break up with me! They threatened to disown her. She didn't know what to do. She loves her family and she's not ready to live on her own yet. I tried to understand...but it just ate me up inside each time I woke up with her not by my side.”

I'm starting to understand her now. She didn't want to not telling me because she wasn't at fault, but because she was always hopeful about the two of them being together as a couple. Every time I tried to ask about their break up I always kept reminding Ai-chan of the real fact that they may never be together again.

That would also explain Ai-chan's reason to need to spend a night with a different girl almost every night. She was alone and she hated it. The loneliness scared her. Slowly, I slide my hand over to hers to comfort her.

“I told my parents about us three weeks ago even thought we weren't together, but I felt they needed to know because my father always tried to set me up with men he felt were for me. father won't even talk to me. My mother is forbidden to see me. She secretly sends money to me and it's just enough to get me by for only a week.” Ai-chan continues, taking a few minutes to calm her breathing and collect her thoughts again.

“Ai-chan...why did Gaki-san come here today then?” I whisper, shaking as I wait for the answer.

Ai-chan suddenly yanks her hand away from mine and stands up. She's filled with rage, but I know that in the pit of all that rage she's in pain. Ai-chan is in so much sorrow it hurts her. It makes her become swallowed by anger. She feels weak and she hates that.

“Because she came to tell me to never see her again!!” Ai-chan screams. “She doesn't love me! She never did! She cares about her family too much!! I was just a phase for her. I was never something serious. I never meant anything to her!!”

Ai-chan rushes over to the night stand and chucks the lamp across the room. I hear the glass shatter and bites of glass rain down to the floor. Frozen in shock, I watch Ai-chan grab everything she can and throw it in every direction.

She flips over the nightstand and toss clothes everywhere from another nightstand. There are various glass items that follow the same action. I need to stop her before she hurts herself!

“Ai-chan! Ai-chan, please calm down!” I beg. “We can fix this! I'll...”

She turns around to me with the same amount of rage. I've never seen her so angry. I've never seen her look at me as if she wants to beat me to death. I take a step away and remain quiet.

“Get out of here Reina!” Ai-chan shouts. “I don't need you! I don't need anyone!! Just leave me alone!!”

There isn't much that I can do. I get this feeling that if I don't listen I'll end up getting a bunch of fist thrown at me, so I listen. As much as it bothers me to walk away from her in this state, I have no choice, but to do just that. I nod then carefully make my way out of her room.

What else can I do? I feel so helpless! I walk out into the hallway and never look back but with each step I think about Ai-chan and the suffering she must be in. I want to help her. I want to be there for her as a friend, but I can't.

I frown, feeling angry myself, but for a different reason. I feel so trapped. I feel weak that I can't help another. I don't know who else can help her.

Walking down the street, a sudden idea hits me. If Ai-chan won't let me come near here then I might know someone who can. I pull out my cellphone and dial down a familiar number I haven't used in what feels like a year.

If she can't get Ai-chan to calm down then I don't know who else can. She's known Ai-chan a lot longer than I have. The phone rings a few times then it stops.


I freeze at the unexpected voice. What is she doing answering the phone? Where's Sayu?

“Eri?” I croak.
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This chapter...  :fainted: :gyaaah: :on cloudeye:

How could you be so cruel Risa! :on speedy:

What is Eri doing with sayu???? Gaah my heart hurts reading this :bleed eyes:
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Aww, man. Now that I know, somehow, it makes me feel worse. Especially since I know in my heart that Gaki really loves Ai. How can she choose fairly between her heart and her blood, though? Risa really isn't as mature as she tries to makes herself out to be and as such, she would always choose her family first. If she could just get past the pain, I know that Ai would realize that the words Gaki spoke to her, telling her she was a phase and all, aren't true. A girl like Risa wouldn't give her first time away to just a phase, would she? Ai is also going to feel really badly when she calms down, about Reina.

But, le gasp! It seems like Reina's going to have her own confrontation.  :shocked Must see!
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Parents...My gosh... Ai-chan's father is.. Oooohhhh!! :angry: It's not fair for Ai-chan. :cry: Gaki doesn't even fight for her lover and her parents are sooo ebil! :bleed eyes:

Ai-chan went into a rage. :cry:

Don't tell me there's something between Kame and Sayu. I swear to GOD. :mon headbang:
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Man first of poor Jun, she hasn't been doing so well in this fic has she  :sweatdrop:

So Gaki went to see Ai to say that shew chose her family over Ai and that she didn't really love her..... why do I have a hard time bying that, the way Gaki was reacting when she saw Reina makes me think she may of been telling Ai a few lies to help her try and get over Gaki.

Ah man Eri is with Sayu, are they in a relationship? how will Eri react to speaking to Reina?
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I can understand Gaki's action. I mean, a motherly person like Gaki will place home first (in this case, her family) but that doesn't necessarily make her happy with her decision. Perhaps she told Ai what she said so that Ai can move on with her life. Sayu or Koha must have kept her updated on Ai. Maybe she'll realise that 'Love' is the most important thing in her life (no pun intended :P) & we may have a reconciliation later? Hopefully? Pweeety please?

I don't think Sayu has any hanky panky with Eri since she's very much together with Koha. Perhaps just hanging out with a bestie ;) But TanaKame finally have a chance to talk! Yay~ that is...if you don't go ebil on us & make Eri emo again
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That was Bersek >o<!

Damn!!!!!!!! What has Gaki-san DONE?!?!?!??!
She didn't learn ANYTHING from ALL the dramas she saw!!!!!!!!
It's clear like water >o< that Gaki was threaten... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! os maybe it's BLACL HAND adter Y_Y

And th ANSWER is NO!!!! for GakiKmae >o<!!!! I been willing to try that couple, but my just ca.

Can wait to the next chaoy
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O________________O If you're shocked I updated this....well, you are not the only one! I am too!

And on top of that, I'm writing this while I'm sick and should be sleeping! I tend to get restless when sick, so that's why I even wrote this. That and somehow my thoughts before sleeping came back to this story I never updated in a few months. o.O Well, enjoy the update~! ^__^


“She's quiet down now.” Sayu assures, making me feel relieved that she agreed to come over. “I've never seen her this shaken up before.”

So, she's gotten upset like this before? I think that was before I came to Tokyo. I wonder if Risa was the one who caused her to spiral into a fit of rage like she did today? They must have been through some struggles before getting together as a couple. It's kind of sad seeing that now they're no longer together and Risa has abandoned Ai-chan. Is it okay to say that I'm starting to hate Risa?

“She's asleep now Reina, but she might need someone to look after her.” Koharu adds in, glancing back into the apartment and frowns. “Someone will need to clean up this mess too.”

I was also relieved to find out that Koharu was with Sayu and Eri at the time of me calling. There wasn't anything odd going on between them. If I found out there was I would give Sayu a piece of my mind. I don't want to see Koharu hurt because of her. They're doing so well together unlike Ai-chan and I at the moment.

“How can you all remain this calm?” I ask, surprised to their unwavering faces.

Sayu shrugs. “I can only say that this isn't the first time we've seen her like this. She's just never destroyed a house this bad before is all.” She explains.

“Reina, will clean up? I can't stay that long. I have a lot more homework to complete and I'll be taking an entry test tomorrow for college.” Koharu kindly requests.

I take a peek into the house again through the open front door. It isn't as badly damaged when I first came in, but it's still a big mess that might take a few hours for me to clean up if I'm the only one doing the pick up. As much as I want to knock Ai-chan's lights out for making this mess I can still feel some sympathy for her on why she did this. I wish she controlled her anger a little more though.

“Yeah, sure Koharu.” I agree.

“I'm really sorry. I have to go. I'll come back tomorrow to check on Ai-chan.” Koharu promises.

She says her goodbye to me and Sayu then she leaves. I wish I had what she does at the moment. A easier life because she's in high school and she has a girlfriend that she loves. I still love Eri, but I'm not with her anymore and I think that's another reason why I'm so miserable.

I face Sayu, realizing that we're alone and figure that this is a good time for us to talk. I have some questions and I know she can give me the answers if I pry them out of her long enough. I have a right to know where I stand with Eri now.

“Are you going to help me clean up?” I question, starting the deep conversation with a  simple question.

“Yeah, come on. If we hurry now we can get it all done.” Sayu agrees, entering the house and I follow after her.

She grabs on to the broom and I scan the room to see if there is any broken furniture for me to pick up. I notice a lot of fallen picture frames in the living room and cups that are half broken or chipped in the kitchen. There are a few pots laying around and a chair or two knocked over.

There wasn't much damage except for broken dishes. I can't say the same for the living room, however, almost everything was made of glass or a cheap wood that's easy to damage. I start with the living room and carefully collect shattered picture frames.

Sayu and I remain quiet for a few minutes, just focused on picking up the bits of glass and the only sound that's made is the scraping of glass against the floor as Sayu sweeps them up. If I want to get something out of her now this is the best time to do it.

“Sayu,” I start, feeling nervous.

She still remains staring at the broom as it glides across the floor, dragging chunks of glass into a pile. Maybe she already knows what I want to talk about. I know Sayu isn't stupid. She's aware of everything around her when it comes to close friends.

“It isn't what you think Reina.” Sayu calmly speaks. “I would never hurt Koharu like that. Eri and I are only friends. We aren't a couple anymore.”

I sigh. I feel even more ashamed to accuse her of something like this. I know I'm not the one who should be giving a lecture on remaining faithful to Sayu. I'm probably one of the very last people Sayu might want to hear from about this topic. I don't blame her. She has a right to get angry.

“How come you didn't tell me you still speak to her then?” I ask. “Does she visit you often?”

Sayu stops sweeping and looks up at me. She's angry and that frown on her face is one of the scariest things I've ever seen! I stare back at her and gulp. Does this mean she hates me too, but still tries to remain my friend?

“I didn't tell you because she didn't want you to know Reina.” Sayu explains. “And as her best friend, of course I see her often. Who else is she going to talk to?”

I feel my stomach turn. I know Eri does a lot more than just talk to Sayu. She comes to her for guidance, support, and comfort.

I know she's hurting because I'm hurting too and sometimes it feels like I've lost a large part of me. I'm a mess. I admit that. I became a big mess the day my uncle died and the week after when my dad died. I haven't been stable since those incidents.

“Does she cry a lot?” I ask, knowing that hearing the answer will make a larger part of me hurt more. Sayu doesn't say anything, but that's enough for me to figure out my answer. “Why do you still talk to me and help me if you hate my guts?”

“I don't hate you Reina.” Sayu corrects. “I hate the decision you made and I think you're stupid for hurting Eri. But I don't hate you because you are still my friend and I know that you're still a good person. You might have screwed up. I understand that. There are a lot of people who do that, but I know how much you still love Eri and want to get her back.” Sayu begins to sweep the floor again, probably having enough of looking at my guilty face. “I even still kind of hope that you will get together with Eri again. You make her happy and why should I fight against that? You'll just have to prove to Eri how sorry you are and how much you've changed.”

Sayu moves over to another section of the living room to sweep up more glass and I stand still staring at her. She's changed a lot. Sayu has grown up and I missed seeing a part of that.

When we all went to college we went our separate ways and almost have our own different lives. The only person I had at my side for everything was Ai-chan. She ended up going to the same college as me and we stuck together since then.

I know that Koharu and Sayu are busy. I never got mad at that, but because of that I closed a small part of my bond as they grew and matured. Listening to Sayu, made me think about my uncle.

He would have probably said the same thing, just minus the “stupid” remark, but Sayu gives out some tough love. Overall, her advice was thought with the most kindest intentions because I am her friend. I feel myself smile as my right eye starts to get watery at the memory of my uncle. I miss him very much and I know I always will.

“Thank you Sayu.” I mumble, trying to hold back a sob.

She turns around and smiles at me. Then goes back to sweeping the floor. She'll still be there for me just how she is with Ai-chan. Why else is she here cleaning up with me? She cares for us.

“I might be able to help you Reina.” Sayu interrupts. “I'll call you about it tomorrow since I know after this we'll be tired. And I won't tell Eri about the talk we had.”

“Thank you.” I reply, continuing back to my task.

I feel nervous about how she'll help me, but I know that I'm desperate. One of the reasons why Eri didn't come here to help out is because I was here. She's avoiding me and if I don’t do anything she'll avoid me forever and for as much as she can. The small conversation we had on the phone when I called Sayu's cell was even awkward.

There was silence and I froze. I shut down, just by the sound of her voice! I can imagine how I will be if I was near her in person. The only connection I have to Eri or knowing about her progress is through Sayu and I know she won't give me much. It's some best friend code I guess.

Eri spills her feelings and guts out to Sayu and she just remains quiet, supplying me little information she can because Eri probably made her promise to not tell me. It must be difficult for Sayu. She's trying to be the supportive best friend she always has been for Eri, long before I arrived to Tokyo, while at the same time trying to be that same supportive friend to me, who happens to be her best friend's ex-girlfriend.

I won't push any more information out of Sayu. The rest of the day we clean in silence, but it isn't the bad type of silence. It's comforting or as much as comforting can be because the reason why this apartment was destroyed was because of Ai-chan's rage and heart break.

I wonder how Sayu will fix that. I wonder if she thinks this can't be fixed. I suddenly feel luckier than Ai-chan right now. When the house is spotless, which is around midnight, I drive Sayu home. Then I take myself home.

I feel completely miserable when I step inside, but I think that's something I should be used to by now. I don't change my clothes, but instead lay in bed. I hear Yuka meow before jumping into bed with me. I hold on to her and stroke her head.

At least when I come home, I'm not completely alone. I still have Yuka. I lay in bed, taking a deep breath. My mind is  running on the promise Sayu had given me.

How can she help me get Eri tomorrow? What will happen? Will I end up just being locked in a room with Eri? I panic at that fearful thought of that scenario.

I don't know what will tomorrow bring, but if it brings me a step closer to being with Eri what else do I have to lose? I feel my eyes droop as the continuous purring from Yuka gently lolls me to sleep. I give her ear one final scratch before I fall sleep with no worries tonight. I can panic tomorrow, once I know what Sayu has in store for me.
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Thanks for updating even though you're sick. Get well soon! :)

As for the chapter, I'm glad there's nothing between Eri and Sayu. :twothumbs And I'd love to find out what Sayu had planned for TanaKame. :roll: :w00t: :D Sayu is such a good girl, by the way. :)2
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 :cow: I'm glad this hasn't been abandoned  :)

I hope sayu can get Reina and Eri back togezerrrr. Still wondering about the details of their break up :panic: And this has happened to Ai before?? :huhuh
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I will wait here forever for you to do an update this is my favorite fan fiction in the world... I loved it so much and im happy it has my favorite.. (i think ive said that before im not sure :? ) but! PLEASE UPDATE ASAP onegai!! <3