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Title: It Doesn't Matter
Post by: eSsIe21 on July 05, 2011, 11:43:08 AM
.this is my first fanfic..., plz enjoy!!!!!


"It doesn't matter,"

"because I love you."


       The sound of the birds wake me up form my deep sleep. I slowly open my eyes and look around, recognizing where I am. Stretching my arms while yawning to awake my sleepy soul, I got up and head up to the bathroom to change my clothes and brush my teeth.

        After that I look myself in a full body size mirror. "*SIGH", It's going to be a brand new day for the new me. I reach a styled black wig with blue highlights in it. Carefully bind my long curly hair with that wig, and look again at the mirror. "I hate this." I hate the person I see on the mirror, but I have no choice. It's my destiny.

        Why? Let’s just say that my father is a CEO of a famous company and because he need a son to take over his company. He needed me. But in reality I am a girl, and no one knows that expect him and my passed away mother. My mother died after giving birth of me. After knowing that the child he always wanted is a girl, he immediately sends that child after a one month when she born to his sister in states. He wanted a son, so he will make one by using his only daughter.

        And now at this moment, I’m Minegishi Kuu not Minegishi Minami. Walking towards the door, I take my last look on my room.

       “Good bye.” This is the last time that I will step in this room.

        Walking to a new life. The life of a boy.


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Post by: kuro808 on July 05, 2011, 11:47:48 AM
nice start and cross-dressing :lol:
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Post by: sorakamiya on July 05, 2011, 11:48:48 AM
 :shocked :shocked whose pair will it be????? kuu / miichan x .....

 :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: waiting for the next  :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
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Post by: Flean on July 05, 2011, 11:49:33 AM
wah!!!!!!! this gonna be interesting!!!!!!! :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Post by: AAAice on July 05, 2011, 11:51:55 AM
Woo I'm loving this.

I can't wait to see Kuu's pair. xD Mariko-sama! JK.
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Post by: jehovachiabi on July 05, 2011, 01:13:59 PM
Nice story!! I am looking forward to more updatesupdates updates!! XD
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YEY kuu it's kuu!!! :panic:

go neri go!!!
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Post by: pattinium on July 05, 2011, 04:33:57 PM
OoO !! Nice start haha
Waiting for the next chap >//<
Title: Re: It Doesn't Matter
Post by: eSsIe21 on July 06, 2011, 09:12:59 AM
..Sorry for my wrong grammar at this fanfic....!!! pls. be good to me!!! :kneelbow:

Chapter 1

Kuu's POV

   As I walk out of my car, a short girl with a high ponytail on her hair walks towards me.

   "Akimoto-sama is expecting you Minegishi-san." She bows her head at me. "By the way I'm Takahashi Minami; I will be your new secretary from now. You can call me takamina."

   I nodded.

   "This way, please." she said and I follow her inside the building.

   While were walking, we passed the reception area. I saw two girls began to look at me, a short girl and a tall girl. The one start to whisper to the other.

   "Who's that? He's cute!" the short girl said, and starts to bounces around.

   "I heard that he is the son of Akimoto-sama" the tall girl said while trying to hold her friend that bouncing up and down.

   "Yuko stop bouncing!" the tall said and hit the short girl’s head.

   "Itai yo! Haruna" yuko stop to bounce and hold her aching head.

   Haruna just stick out her tongue at the girl and go back to her own business. The short girl pouts and walks away, after she realizes that haruna is working again.


   We’re inside the elevator right now. I lean beside the elevators wall and take a look at takamina with the corner of my eye. She is twirling her hands while facing the floor.

   "She's nervous", I thought

   I look around and set my eyes on the buttons of the elevator. After a while I just get tired looking at it, so I began to close my eyes. Thinking about the last conversation I had with my father, a month ago.

Flashback   I like fresh air, so I'm in the balcony reading some magazines, when the phone starts to ring. I put the magazine down on the top of the table. Walks toward the ringing phone, pick it up and place the phone besides my ear.   "Hello"   "Kuu it's me" the voice said over the phone.   I clench my hand because I recognize the voice of that person on the phone. It's him.   "What do you want?" I said with a cold voice. I hate him, not because he sent me to my aunt 21 years ago. But because never recognize me as a girl, and when he calls It means that he needs something from me.   "Don't be like that Kuu,"   "Like I care" I said to myself. "You know that you will have to take over the company after one month"   "So?"   *sigh “I want you to know that the Maeda-kun signed the contract to merge with our company. In exchange you will be engaged with his daughter"   "And you didn't tell them I'm a girl" emphasizing the word girl.   "I'll tell them before the wedding, but first you have to know Atsuko better." My blood boils when I hear the word wedding. He wants me to marry that girl.   "Atsuko, what a weird name" I said, trying to make him angry.   "Kuu don't say that!" the man raises his voice a little. "You know that the company needs them to rise again."   "Whatever, is this conversation is over?"   *sigh “yeah-". Before he finishes his sentence I slammed the phone back to its original place.End of Flashback

   A ding from the elevator bringing me back to the present, indicating that we were on the right floor. I slowly opened my eyes and walked out the elevator.

   "He's waiting behind that door" takamina points a two paneled wooden door.

   I began to walk to the halls.

   "Have a good day Minegishi-san." Takamina said and bowing her head again.

   I paused, turn back and said "you don't have to be formal to me. Just call me Kuu." Smirk a little at her.

   With that, I continue to walk towards the door.

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Post by: kuro808 on July 06, 2011, 09:35:59 AM
the grammar is pretty good and the story seems to start off with an interesting plot
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Post by: khryz0421 on July 06, 2011, 09:59:26 AM
whhohO!! nice nice! lol!  ;)

grammar check!  :thumbup
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Post by: AAAice on July 06, 2011, 05:57:59 PM
Maeda?! Kuu?! Marriage?!


Props to Haruna and Yuko's appearance. xD


Your grammar is good, don't have to worry. :]
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Post by: sorakamiya on July 06, 2011, 11:38:25 PM
 :shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked woooooogh, merriage with acchan??? kuuuu???  :panic: :panic: :panic:

what will happen...???  :panic: :panic: please update  :grin: :grin:
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Oh oh oh Kuu as main character. With who? Takamina? Acchan? I'm looking fowards for next update
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Post by: eSsIe21 on July 08, 2011, 04:56:38 PM
.sorry for the late update!!!.. i'm just busy doing some assignments and reviewing for quizzes.

hope you like it...

Chapter 2

On the other side of the story

           A tall-girl is at the bus stop, waiting for a bus to come. She's very nervous.

           She'll be leaving the place were she grown up for the first time. She's an orphan girl, and no one knows who's her mother or father. They say that she was found in the front of orphanage door, when she was 3 years old. And now, the reason why she will leave is because she wants to find the person who abandons her.

           The three sisters who adopt her are very lovable. They take a good care of her; even she was a very clumsy girl at that time. They become very patient of teaching her the things that she had to know. And now, they didn't want her to leave.

Flashback 1 hour before she leaves

            I took the last step from the stairs of the orphan and turn around to see it for the last time.

           "You don't have to leave from here, Mariko" one of the sisters said to me. Standing front of me.

           "Yeah," the other sister said. "You don't even know who left you here."

           "But I want to know why they left me," I say, with full of determination. "And I don't want to be a burden. The numbers of orphan child increase every year." They know that.

           I want to be independent. I want to help them about our financial problem.

           "But you can work at the church."

           "It's not enough for us, and I want to experience working outside the orphanage."

           "We can't really stop you now, can't we?" The oldest sister said with full of concern in her eyes.


           "But please be careful at the city. They're many bad peoples in there."

           I pick mt luggage. "You know that I'm the kind of person that doesn't trust others immediately." Turn back and began to walk to the bus stop.

End of Flashback

            After about an hour the bus came and the driver opened the door. She takes a deep breath.

            "Yosh!. I can do this!" and began to walk towards the waiting bus.


Kuu's POV

             I knock once and wait for a voice from the other side, before opening the door.

             "Yes?" The voice said

             I walk inside and closed the door behind me. Looking around, I found the man that i hate standing besides the transparent window. He slowly began to look at me.

              He's just staring at me about a minute, like he had seen a ghost. I began to irritate the way he looks at me, so i clean my throat.

             "Can't recognize me?" I said

             "No, I just can't believe that you're really like a true boy with a suit." I began to look at myself. I'm wearing a black suit with a plain res necktie on my neck. I raised an eyebrow. It's a common suit you know.

              "Have a seat." pointing a crouch in the corner of the room.

             I walk towards the crouch and take my seat, as he seats at his chair.

             "So when I will start to work?" I ask with a very professional voice.

             "You will be start working two days from now." placing his hands on the top of the table. "And you have a date with Atsuko tomorrow; Tkamina will give you the details later."

             "What?" raising an eyebrow again.

             "Be sure that you will come, and don't do anything bad at Atsuko. I don't want any bad reports from you. Don't disappoint me."

              I stand up and began to grind my teeth while clenching my fist. I can't take his judgment about me. I walk out of the room. Slamming the door.

              "It's for your own good Kuu." He said to the air and laid his head on the chair, closing his eyes.


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whoho!  :thumbsup lol! update more..:P
go go go! forget about assignment and quizzes!  :yep: :yep:
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Nice~~~ PLEASE UPDATE~~~  :bow: :bow:
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wooohoooo nice.....  :thumbsup :thumbsup since there is mariko so i dont have to worry to acchan n taka...  :grin: :grin: or should i??? :shocked :shocked
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you should worry a lil bit..^^  :lol:
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^ well i kind a worry a bit there sist  :lol: :lol: but u know eventhough acchan with kuu some how i feel taka will be her secret lover?  :lol: :lol: :lol: XD
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yey update!!  :twothumbs

mariko   :inlove:

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Mariko and Kuu? Marikuu? ^^ and a secret relationship between a secretair and Acchan?
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Agreeing on the comments above. Acchan having a secret affair with Takamina. :]

Oh god here comes my Mariko.  :shakeit:
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update!!!! yeah!!!!! :onioncheer:

Chapter 3

Takamina's POV

            After taking my new boss to the CEO room, I'm now sitting on the lobby's waiting area waiting for my new boss. Taking a sip of black coffee on my one hand and began to examine my surroundings trying to find something interesting.

            I saw the one of the two girls whispering earlier in the reception area, she greets every person passing the reception. It's so boring. Why I'm waiting for my new boss? Because Akimoto-sama assigned me to tell him the details about his date tomorrow.

            I turn around at the elevator as I heard the ding of it, revealing my new boss. His face darkens, like wants kill someone right now. I drink all the coffee from my hands, throwing it to the nearest trash bin and walk towards to him.

            "Sir Kuu..." hesitatingly to call him.

            He stops and turned at me. I began to mentally smack myself why did I call him.

            "I-i just want to tell you…" I gulp and continue. "that your date tomorrow is 9 am, the venue is at the hotel of Maeda-sama."

            "Okay…" the tune of his voice is like an ice berg.

            He turned and walks to exit the company.


At the Maeda's house

            It's lunch time, so I'm at the dinning room eating my lunch with my mother. We're so close to each other, unlike my father who always at the company; Thinking how to make it bigger. My father is a perfectionist person, but I know he's doing it for my future.

            "Atsuko, your father called me this morning. He said that he wants to tell you something." I lift my head. That's surprising. He usually calls my phone when he wants to talk to me.

            "O-okay, I'll call him later." I called a butler and ask to prepare my car.

            I wipe my mouth with a napkin and placing it besides the plate, after I use it. I stand and began to leave the dinning room when my mother called me.

            "Do you have any thing to do after this, Atsuko?" my mother asks.

            "Yeah., I have dancing lessons with Tomochin and Tomoomi.” The butler came and gives me the keys.

            "Drive carefully!" my mother said. She really doesn't want me to drive alone.

            "I will!..." And jog towards the door, where my car is waiting for me.

            After I get inside and start to drove away from our house. I reach my phone inside my bag, dialing the private no. of my father's office, setting it to loudspeaker.

            "Hello?" my father said after he picks up the call.

            "Hey Dad, mom said that you want to talk to me"

            "Ah yes. I told to Akimoto-kun about the date that you requested. He said that Kuu will come, so be sure that you will go there earlier."

            "Is that true, dad?!" I'll have a date with my Kuu tomorrow! I began to smile that reaches up to my ears.

            "Yes. You can buy a dress for your date too. Well see you later. I have a meeting to attend."

            "Thanks Dad! You’re the best!!" I pressed the end call. I have to tell this to tomochin later. I need her to find me a dress for my date!

             I have a crush with Kuu-kun since the first time i saw him from a party in his father's company. But I don't have a chance to talk to him, so when I heard about the merging of our father's company two months ago. I took the opportunity to be engaged with him.

             I play the player in the car and start singing my favorite song.


             "I want you..."

             "I need you..."

             " atama no naka!..”

             “gangan natteru myuujikku”

             “heavy rotation!!”


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Acchan have a crush on Kuu???  XD

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ahahha! you're scolding me after i helped you!  :smhid
grammar check! :thumbup somehow you're good..^^ 

btw boy your idea fails! ahahah! they want takamina to have a secret affair with acchan!
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OMG  :shocked :shocked :shocked now I have to get worried at my fav pairing  :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic:
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Oh Acchan wants to marry Kuu hum interesting ^^
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wew!!!!~~  :mon taichi: after i don't know how many months i post the chapter 4


Kuu's POV (In a Bar Somewhere near Kuu's Condo)

           It's 12 am now, and because I can't sleep I'm inside a bar called Blue Rose. As I drink the whiskey in my hand, I examine the bar. It's cozy, decent and I think middle class people can only afford the drinks and menu in here. I think this is the only place where I can relax.

           There's a band playing some songs on the stage. It's classical music. I love classical; I can't deny it because I have a collection in my aunt's house. Speaking of my aunt, I wonder what she is doing now. I missed her.

           I place the empty glass on the table when a hand place an another glass of whiskey, I lift my head and I saw a man who place the whiskey on the table.

           "I didn't order that."

           "It's on the house." The man said and smile at me. I took the glass the place it to my mouth.

           "It's hard isn't?" he ask. I just stare at him trying to find what he's talking about.

           "I mean the cross dressing" he said. My eyes began to widen. How does he know that I'm cross dressing?

           "How?" It's all I can say.

           He giggles. "Ah, I thought you know that I'm cross dressing too." He's a woman!

           "I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Miyazawa Sae. I'm the owner of this bar, nice to meet you." He- She I mean offered her hand.

           Regaining from my shock, I took her hand and introduce myself. "Minegishi Kuu, nice to meet you too."

           "So you’re the man that I read in the newspapers. The famous new CEO of Minegishi Corp."

           I began to laugh. "Me famous?, I'm just taking it from my father."

           "Well I guess the papers wrong about it." She began to laugh too.

           It's going to be an interesting night or should I say morning.


Mariko's POV

           She stepped out the bus and stretch out my body. It's been a long journey, and now I'm in the city!. I take a look around, many buildings, colorful lights and people walking around the street. It's only 7 in the morning so she expects that their only few people on the street.

           "Yappari it's the city!" she said out loud and starts to pick her luggage.

           "First, I have to find a place to stay. Second is a decent job" She began to walk trough the street.

           As I explore the city, I'm thinking of what kind of life I'll be having in here.

           After an hour of exploring, her stomach grumbles signing the she have to eat. She found a small ramen shop and decides to eat there. I choose the spot near the window and sit there.

           I ordered a plain ramen. I have to save money cause' I don't know when I will find a job. My thoughts disappear when the waitress places the ramen on the table and left.

           "Ittadakimasu!" I say and began to eat.


           The raven-girl is irritated because of the traffic she's going trough. This morning she received a call form a person, saying that her husband/wife is on a condo unit; Drunken. She asks where the place is. After that she immediately drives to the place where her husband is.

           And now it's traffic. Tapping her hand on the driving wheel. She wants to get out of the car and walk to get there. You can simply call her obsessed for her husband/wife. Why? Because it took 3 years before they got married. You can call it a shotgun marriage. Not that she don't love Sae. Sae is a responsible person; she wants me to live a comfortable life. So, she works very hard to make her status grow.

           Then she takes a turn on the corner to shortcut, but a girl passing the street appears in her front.


Dou? :pig huh:... uh!!!... I don't have any motive to continue.!!!! :scared: :err:

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Wow, this is my post in here and thank you for this wonderful fic

I've been reading your fics but it's just I kinda forgot to leave a comment :P

I really like this story and it's getting interesting  though the chapters are kinda short for me :P

please update as soon as you can
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And Mariko/Kuu?
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please update soon! i like it .
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I just read all chapters you have written and its nice  :hee:
I recognize that you don't update in 1 month?  :cool2: please continue it! I really want to know what happen next! please  :panic:
huaaa I feel sad in the part Acchan had a crush on Kuu  :fainted: my AtsuMina  :scared:
and who is Sae's waifu? I think its yuka  :on comhere: hehe
I am waiting for your next update!!  :on woohoo:
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Sae waifu perhaps is mariko... i smell love triangle here...
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Sorry for the late update!!!!  :badluck: for 3 months i didn't update this story... :cool2:

well the truth is i just write this chapter yesterday :depressed:..... i have nothing to do that day, so i think that i should update....  whahahhaha  :kneelbow:gomen minna-san!!

Chapter 5

Mariko’s POV

           Why everything is black? I don’t remember anything. Ugh- my head hurts. Ah! Sou ka. I was crossing the street when a car appears.


           Uh- someone’s calling me.




Yuka’s POV
Miyazawa Resident

           “Oujo-sama! She’s waking up!!!!!”. The maid called Yuka, who is looking for ice cubes inside the refrigerator.

           Yuka run towards the living room, where the woman she bumped earlier. The woman didn’t get hurt but due of shock she faint in the street and now she forget about Sae.


           Yuka manage to stop the car before she hits the woman. “Wew~ that was close”. She wipes the sweat in her forehead and looks in front to see the woman outside. But she can’t see her.

           “Huh? Where did that woman go?” Yuka step out of the car and walk in the front of the car.

           She saw the woman laying the street. She began to panic! Yuka is sure that she made on time. She didn’t waste her time and carry the woman to her car; she picks up the woman’s luggage and drives the car back to her house.

End of Flashback

           The maid helps the girl to sit down. The woman examines the house with her eyes widen.

           “Are you okay?” I ask her. She looks at me with her widen eyes. She repeatedly nods her head.

           “Yokatta!” I slide down to the carpeted floor while my left hand on my chest. I thought that my car really bumps to her.

           “Ojou!” The maid is going to help me but i stop her.

           “I-I’m okay….”

           “A-ano?” the woman speaks.

           “Yes?” I answered

           “Where am I?”

           “Oh!” I said, while I stand up and taking the dust off of my pants. “You’re at my house right now. Do you remember why?” she nod, and then she quickly stands up and bows at me.

           “J-ja, I’m going now. Thank you very much.” Then she turns around. But after a few steps she stop and turns around again.

           “A-ano… Where’s my luggage?” she began to blush a little.

           “Ah!~… It’s on that corner.” pointing at her luggage on the corner.

           She goes to her luggage and picks it up and she goes to the front door.

           “Wait!” I shout.

           She stops and looks at me.


           “Are you finding a place to stay and a place to work?” I ask. By judging on her, I think that she’s new in this city.


           “Then, you can stay here!”

           “……” I think she’s shock

           “You can sleep in our guest room and about the work….” Tilts my head. “You’ll have to go with me wherever I go. Is it okay to you?”

           “A-ah! H-hai!”, she said after gaining her composure. I look to the maid beside me.

           “Anna, take her luggage and put it on the guest room, beside my room.”

           “Hai Ojou-sama!” She quickly gets the luggage and goes to the guest room.

           I come close to her and happily take her hand. “What’s your name?”

           “M-mariko. Shinoda Mariko”

           “Kawaii namae wa!, then starting now you’re maririn!” I said excitedly.



Mariko’s POV

           I have a job now! Thanks to this woman. Her name was Yuka Miyazawa. The truth is I was crossing the street when her car appears in the corner and because of shock, I passed out. The next thing in know I was in a big house and the woman beside me asked if I’m okay. I nod as an answer and I can she was relieved that I’m okay. And due of embarrassment and I remember that I have to find a place to stay. I try to get out of her house but she stops me. She asks me if I’m finding a place to stay and a work. Is she a mind reader or what? But she let me stay to her house and gave me job. And now I’m in the living room and we are talking about my past and she talks about herself too.

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forgot to mention my editor: ceggie
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Yuka? Which one is she, Takoyaki or Chun Chun?
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yappari sae's wife is yuka! I think its Takoyaki  :grin:
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