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Title: Infinity (SaeYuki) [Completed~25/08]
Post by: immortal_K on July 24, 2011, 02:28:23 PM
Something that came to mind last night, and thought I had to write it out but unlike the other still 'untitled' fic, this is an idea that isn't really developed so still experimenting with it. I thought post this to see what people think. Updates will be a bit slow for this, since I will be writing as I go, so things might change as I go. Hopefully this turns out well..... funny how I gave this a title before actually writing it.  :on woohoo:

Prolouge (
I (
II (
IV (
V (
VI (

Infinity - Prolouge

~if you fail, you can forget about it right away
the important thing is not to run away
nothing will start from thinking "if..."~

But I am immortal, you are human… “what if…”

It was fate that brought us together, yet it was destiny that kept us apart.


I watch people come and go, they all come with a different story, some like to tell, some wish to listen and some just want to forget.

Let me introduce myself, I am a bartender, my name is Sae, Miyazawa Sae, I am immortal. Don’t imagine me as a vampire or werewolves like those on TV, I am not, I don't have special powers, I live like humans, I use to be one myself, but fate has given me eternity, I will never die of old age. People have chase and hunted for immortality, in the past kings have wish to live forever, it’s a blessing, but I tell you it’s a curse.

‘Infinity’ the name of the place I work at, isn’t it very fitting for me? I was wondering the streets some years ago and came across this place, they had a hiring sign out in the front. I don’t know what it was but, it attracted me so here I am now behind the counter, working my magic to allow my customers to forget even if it’s just for one night.

“Sae, another round please,”

“Alright, coming right up,”

I quickly put together another cup of scotch on rocks, and passed it to the guy sitting at the corner of the bar. He is one of the frequent flyers, comes back often, I see him a few times a week, always ordering the same thing. Unlike some of the other customers, he doesn’t talk much, till now I still don’t know his name, I’ve asked but he never replied. Some just prefer to forget themselves, and forget the world. Some say the quiet ones are always the scary ones, I’m not sure if I will agree on that but, sometimes their thoughts can be quite surprising.

This is what I do, this is who I am, bartender Sae at your service. What would you like today?

Every night is the same, yet different, serving customers after customers, mixing drinks after drinks but the people are different, the stories are different. I love to watch and observe them, how they interact, how they expressed themselves, how they withdraw, each and every individual is unique and one of a kind.

This is 'Infinity' the creation of endless possibilities. This is where I met her…
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: blughise on July 24, 2011, 02:35:42 PM
wow, Sae-chan as a bartender :drool: I could go there everyday just to See Sae-chan as a bartender again!!! I some vodhka please, Sae-chan !!! :P
so is this SaeYuki ff?
Please update soon
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: anoni2 on July 24, 2011, 02:57:29 PM
can i have a tequila pls  :pen_drunk:

infinity brings sadness to heart  not able to spend the rest of life with ur love one.

i wanna know who's the girl @_@
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: kahem on July 24, 2011, 03:16:01 PM
Yeah Saeman!!! Please continue!!!!
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: luckymmsg on July 24, 2011, 03:27:47 PM
Sae as bartender

so handsome..

Infinity life will lead to more sadness unless one can have accompany. Hope that the accompany is coming soon.
Hope the story wun be full of tears. :cry:

Love the way you write,  :twothumbs

Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: immortal_K on July 24, 2011, 03:50:15 PM
blughise: Can't forget the image of bartender Sae, plus I needed a night occupation that mingles with people. Thought about having someone else be bartender but I just can't get Sae's image out of my head. *fills you a cup of vodka tonic*

anoni2: Yes it is kind of sad, starting to wonder if I should be writing at work :lol: Still trying to decide who I want as the girl. *pours you a cup of tequila slammer*

kahem: I hope to have the next part out soon, still working out the non existing plot, or might just go for it and see where it brings us. I always wonder what is at the end of infinity  :dunno:. *mixes you a cup of Caramel Appletini, on the house  :lol:*

luckymmsg: Too bad life is always filled with obstacles, I'm still unsure if I have the heart to fill it with tears but lets find out, won't know till I try. Thank you, I enjoy writing these more then doing my course assignments..... *shakes a cup of long island ice tea, enjoy*
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: AAAice on July 25, 2011, 01:11:02 PM
Since, I already read this fic during my breaktime and couldn't comment because I was using my phone which it is too hard to comment.


Ahh, this is hot already!

I have this game on my iPhone that I got to play as a Bartender too. Therefore, this would be more awesome (Sae!) fic!
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: luckymmsg on July 25, 2011, 01:18:28 PM
luckymmsg: Too bad life is always filled with obstacles, I'm still unsure if I have the heart to fill it with tears but lets find out, won't know till I try. Thank you, I enjoy writing these more then doing my course assignments..... *shakes a cup of long island ice tea, enjoy*

Yah, sometime really hate some moments in my life that stupid actions will come about.  :cry:
Without tears, we will know what's happiness. :D

Still awaiting for the continuation. :twothumbs :twothumbs

Thanks for the long island ice tea. (Its' one of my fav) :lol: 
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: WinterAir on July 25, 2011, 08:48:16 PM
*walks in*
lol feels just like a bar atmosphere... with how you're serving everyone drinks =)
=D bartender sae!! kyaa~ LOL omg =D made one of my dreams come true lol a bartender sae fic! woot >< but kinda sad how sae is facing... the cursed immortality

This is what I do, this is who I am, bartender Sae at your service. What would you like today?
xD lol dying from just imagining this line keke

This is 'Infinity' the creation of endless possibilities. This is where I met her...
i hope this is who i hope she is... =)

ganbare on this fic! and no pressure!

(lol totally gonna be distracted by this instead of studying now T_T)
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: RenaChii on July 25, 2011, 10:15:53 PM
Please let it be a SaeYuki fanfic~!!  XD
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: immortal_K on July 27, 2011, 08:53:02 AM
HashirePomeranian: I am still thinking about it, but I don’t want Sae to have crazy powers and have invincibility, I want her to be able to feel the pain, just like humans even if it sounds bad. It’s suppose to be a curse to Sae. *ready for you is a cup of Godfather ( A taste of italian almond flavored amaretto with the hard flavor of smooth scotch just like how we get hit with :heart: for ’God of Rock’)*

AAAice: Yea I read a lot of the times on my phone too, so I sometimes forget to go back to comment. *shakes you a cup of Kamikaze (for you produce Mafia princesses)*

luckymmsg: Yes the continue... waiting for myself to become emo to write a emo chapter haha  :lol: *pours you a cup of Pink Squirrel (thought you might like this for the name)*

WinterAir: Yes mortal buddy, thanks for threats I’m sure I will die horribly if I don’t make it Saeyuki? Hahaha, thanks for giving me ideas too. *prepares you a cup of Red Lotus (the lychee flavor liq mixed with cranberry juice and vodka should be a good mix for you, easier to take in)*

RenaChii: LOL I see a lot of Saeyuki request  XD *mixes together a cup of Chi-Chi (for the name and a mix of vodka with cream of coconut + fresh pineapple and vanilla ice cream sounds like a nice combo for you*

The next chp is in progress, and already feeling the pressure to get this out right, since I really like the prologue... I hope I don’t mess it up.... I’m going to try something different and see how it goes, experiment with things. If it doesn’t work out I might just take it down and rewrite it before reposting but will see how it progresses. Let see how long I can keep serving drinks haha.
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: luckymmsg on July 27, 2011, 09:29:50 AM
luckymmsg: Yes the continue... waiting for myself to become emo to write a emo chapter haha  ( *pours you a cup of Pink Squirrel (thought you might like this for the name)*

That's a cute name ...  :lol:
Remind me of my Oshimen. . :twothumbs

Oh my, not too emo.

Will wait patiently, no pressure.  :)
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: WinterAir on July 27, 2011, 10:27:29 AM
Oh my, not too emo.
yeah I agree with luckymmsg please don't get too emo >< and... don't make this have an emo ending T_T lol
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: apparently on July 27, 2011, 10:50:14 AM
wooooooow this sounds so cool, and it just might get me to ship saeyuki ( *`ω´)
i really do wonder how everything is going to work out here, hmm. waiting for your update :D

i want a drink too unnie ): (or should I start calling you oneesan lol)
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: AAAice on July 27, 2011, 11:15:36 AM
Kamikaze, really does fit on Mafia Princesses = Strong!!! :]] Speaking of Mafia Princesses, I wouldn't be able to update that (Lost my plot) xD

Bartender, on my next visit, I'm waiting for my next cocktail. :]]

Eish, I can't wait for an update.
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: immortal_K on July 27, 2011, 11:33:26 AM
luckymmsg: Yes, I thought about your Oshimen so I thought a squirrel would suit your taste haha and to keep up the trend. *you get the 'Hello Kitty' I'm serious thats is a name of a fruity Martini. Its a light green cocktail with vodka, fresh lemonade and TY KU liquor. So you now have the squirrel and the kitty  :twothumbs*

WinterAir: Well I'm having trouble with adding a kick to the next update, might just have to throw it out there and see, I'll try not to be too emo but its like perfect for writing when I'm at work  :banghead: maybe that's why its missing something, I'm writing the next part at home..... *for you I have SKY winter, a light blue colored Champagne cocktail with SKYY Orange vodka, blue curaçao, Champagne and a blue maraschino cherry for garnish*

apparently: hmm underage drinking you get a cup of water! lol jk since it's Infinity with endless possibilities... *I serve you a Lichitini, a mixture of vodka with pink Lichido Liqueur with a dash of lime juice and a pitted lychee*

AAAice: That`s okay I will continue to wait for it  :twothumbs  as for your next drink hmmm *for a 2nd drink I believe a Silver Bullet is fitting, The interesting mix of gin and Scotch decorated with a lemon twist.*

I think I am having more fun handing out drinks here haha, my next update is making me nervous because I can`t seem to make it live up to the prologue...... sigh *takes a swing out of random bottles at the bar*   :on blackhole:
Title: Re: Infinity
Post by: immortal_K on July 28, 2011, 10:53:51 AM
So finally after a few long days, I finally came up with something decent to start with. :mon one: I`ve been going through it a few times in the last day trying to see if there is anything that I can add. It seems to be lacking something but I can`t pinpoint what it is.  :depressed:
Since I started this without properly thinking it through I`m going to treat this like a pilot project and see how it goes. This will be a bit different... Feel free to leave comments and feedbacks. I actually had fun trying to pick drinks for everyone  :hee:
Just a heads up, it starts off quite emo since the birth of the prologue came from stress at work.

Infinity - I

I stared up into the starry night and told myself, if you come tonight I would tell you, tell you everything, but.... I couldn't bring up the courage, I watched you walked away alone that night...

I don't remember when it was, that I started to develop these feelings for you, the history of my past are my biggest scars. It's been too long for me, I don't even remember how it felt to love someone from the bottom of my heart. The past that held all the love, the gentle touches, the kisses, it has been too long. I've been walking alone for too long. Once upon a time I held hands and said 'we will walk together till the end' but I broke that promise.

I still remember that night, you in that party room among your friends, a celebration for you and your friends, it was your birthday, even though you held a smile that night, I can see it in your eyes, they told a different story. Searching deep into them I saw sorrow, sadness, pain, it was loneliness, one that I am very familiar with.... yes I still remember that night, playing in my mind like a short film.

"Sae, mix us something to drink," shouted the excited Yuko, "it was their birthday the past week," she pointed at Tomochin, Acchan and finally you.

Our eyes met, you gave me a smile that never reached those beautiful eyes of yours. I was curious but I didn't show it. You watched over me, as I mixed those drinks. Clapping with the others but your eyes... they didn't change.

I picked up a glass and spin in on my palm to start the flair. I grabbed a bottle with my left I tossed it behind me, catching it with my left I quickly flipped it up in front and poured a bit of that into the shaker. I picked up another 2 bottles and juggled it in the air before flipping one up and balancing it on my elbow, with a quick popping motion the bottle flipped back into my hands where I added them to the shaker. Closing the lid to the shaker I picked it up spinning it on my palms and arms, shaking it along the way until it is complete and I finally poured it into the glasses filled with ice.

Throughout the performance, my eye never left you, but you probably didn't notice as your mind wasn't there.

That night I found you in the corner of the room, sleeping after everyone left. They must've been too drunk to remember, or you were too quiet to be noticed. It didn't matter, I carefully placed you on the couch and watched you sleep, peacefully. I gave you my coat to make sure you didn't get cold, I couldn't stop myself from glancing over time to time while I cleaned the tables. I picked up my novel and continue where I left off while I waited for you to wake up, I couldn't make myself disturb your sleep. I flipped the page to 'The God of Rock' they also met by chance, but their fate seems to hold a better future then mine.

You finally stirred, it's already the middle of the night, you held onto your head fighting the ache of the aftermath.

"Here, drink this," I passed you a cup of hot tea, "it will make you feel better." I said while watching you slowly take a sip from the cup.

"Where am I?" you asked looking up, still shaky from just waking up.

"You are still at Infinity, you fell asleep and your friends seem to have left you behind."

"AH, it's so late, I should head home!" jumping up from the couch you start to make your way to the door.

"Here," I passed you my jacket again, "it's cold outside and let me walk you home, it's not safe for a girl to walk home at this hour," I offered to calm the unease feeling of having you walk home alone at this hour.

We walked in silence, I paced slightly behind you watching you admire the night sky, you smiled, one that I learn to eventually become addicted to. I watched you slowly enter your house, I lingered behind watching the already closed doors, I didn't know why at that time but you already started to silently make your way into my heart.

In my heart I know, there will be a day, the day that everything will come to an end, I let time speak for me, because I'm afraid, I know at the end there will not be eternity. I'm afraid to stay those three words to you, those words that will leave us wounded, what if you don't feel the same, what if you find out... I'm not good enough for you, me and you, we were never meant to be.

I'm tired, there is no way I can go back, I am lost as what I should do... what I should say... it is useless. I am useless. Why? I guess you probably don't understand, why two people fall in love but, can never be together. We are of different worlds, eventually we will come to a crossroad that leads a different path.

If this is what it means to live by 'Infinity' then I don't want it.

I look up to the same beautiful night we once sat admiring together, the bright stars that magically illuminate the horizon, it's not the same. It won't be the same without you.

   ~ 'if' you don't open the door, you'll never realize it, right?
      but I'm too afraid...~

Please remember to leave me feedbacks, so I can improve in the next update. I hope I didn`t disappoint everyone :prayers:
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: anoni2 on July 28, 2011, 10:59:59 AM
gah so sad :( 

oi w8 not even a thank you @_@

me want yuki pov! XD
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: apparently on July 28, 2011, 11:04:59 AM

didn't even need to describe her looks to know how ikemen she is here :w00t:
so caring.. does she even know yuki's name yet... lol. saeyuki is growing on me. need happy fluffly moments D;

sae sounds so lovesick haha. update soon! (even though you just updated lol)
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: luckymmsg on July 28, 2011, 11:20:44 AM
luckymmsg: Yes, I thought about your Oshimen so I thought a squirrel would suit your taste haha and to keep up the trend. *you get the 'Hello Kitty' I'm serious thats is a name of a fruity Martini. Its a light green cocktail with vodka, fresh lemonade and TY KU liquor. So you now have the squirrel and the kitty  (*
Thanks for the drink, now I hav my OTP..  :twothumbs .
You're a great bartender. :lol:

You have finally update your fics. :D

That's sad in Sae's POV. :cry:

Life is never easy.
Being alone is more difficult, having broken promises for not till the end, it's another painful thing.

Searching deep into them I saw sorrow, sadness, pain, it was loneliness, one that I am very familiar with....
Is there something hidden in Yuki as well???

I picked up my novel and continue where I left off while I waited for you to wake up, I couldn't make myself disturb your sleep. I flipped the page to 'The God of Rock' they also met by chance, but their fate seems to hold a better future then mine.
The God of Rock, this is interesting. I read that too.... :lol:

Hope that Yuki will help heal that fragile heart.

SaeYuki all the way.

*Now goes on emo mood*
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: WinterAir on July 28, 2011, 11:22:32 AM
saeyuki is growing on me. need happy fluffly moments D;

yesss! convert her! =D lol ><

Throughout the performance, my eye never left you, but you probably didn't notice as your mind wasn't there.
i still love this line the best =D
lovesick sae~ ... emo sae >.> lol equivalent to your emo self sigh =.="
great update, now for the next part! *pressure pressure* lol jk
oh oh i see you have a reader requesting for a yuki pov? what's your thoughts on that now?
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: kahem on July 28, 2011, 12:14:50 PM
Thx for the drink ;)
Sae is so cool!!!!!
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: blughise on July 28, 2011, 02:14:30 PM
That was really sad!!!
Are you reading the fanfic 'The God of Rock' too? That fic is awesome XD
Is this the same as the their musical stage play with the same title infinity?
I also want a Yuki POV and are you going to add more couples?
Thank you and  update soon XD
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: RenaChii on July 28, 2011, 02:18:35 PM
Sae Sae SAE~!!  :wub:

I like Sae's POV but still prefer normal POV~  :D

Please update soon~  :bow:
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: immortal_K on July 28, 2011, 04:58:36 PM
anoni2: Yes a sad beginning, and no thank you  :shock: but there is a reason why this is only in Sae`s POV, think of it like how you will never know what other people around you are thinking about until you ask or they speak up. This is exactly what it is just purely Sae.  * for you my friend I have a `Crouching Tiger`shooter, a mix of soho lychee liquor with blue agave silver tequila, a sweet shooter that can become addicting. It goes well with your deserted island theme.*

apparently: I love how everyone automatically filled in the missing blank, did you notice not once did I mention the name of the girl. Sae sound so lovesick because she is lovesick :on hypto: *you little one, will only be served here, a cup of `XUXUBana`, an ideal summer drink with the strawberry liquor slowly poured over top of the banana juice so that they will melt into one another but not fully mixed for the perfect visual*

luckymmsg: Yes life is sad for Sae but given that she is immortal and been around for so long, its bound to happen. While life for us have a limit and eventually come to an end, hers does not. As for their past only time will reveal everything, gotta wait till I figure that out myself  :glasses: As for God of Rock, I love the moments in there.  :heart: *my emo buddy, for you I have a`Iceberg`a cocktail that can take 2 completely different flavors by switching between a mix of vodka with either pernod or perppermint schnapps, just like life we only see a tip of an iceberg in different flavors.*

WinterAir: Just tell her to read God of Rock, she will auto convert  :wahaha: My thoughts are still the same, and I`ll write according to my mood at the time inspiration appears, but since I`m in a good mood after listening to `Distant Worlds`music from FF by Vancouver`s Opera Orchestra, the next update might bring some light, as long as I get it done quickly, I have a stack of shifts coming up.... *buddy you get a `White Carnation` a mixture of vodka, peach schnapps, OJ and soda water.*

kahem: A bartender that knows flair with good looks even better! Bartender SAE :luvluv1:  *Had a bit of trouble deciding your drink but give you a glass of `French Connection`a simple yet stunning after dinner drink with cognac mixed nicely with amaretto*

blughise: No its not the same story as their musical, that story is about a vampire that searched 500yrs to find his love. *I believe a `Park Avenue`is the most fitting for you as this is where Kai mets Acchan and Nami, this is a mixture of gin with dry and sweet vermouth and unsweetened pineapple juice*

RenaChii: As mentioned above, I purposely put it in Sae`s POV so in a way we only know what she is thinking of and things that she remembers, might not even have to be in that particular order things happen but its what comes to mind for her. *for you I have a fabulous fruit cocktail the `Tangerine Margarita`, tequila mixed with orange liquor, lime juice, tangerine juice and a touch of salt on the rim, a nice mixture of different flavours from sweet, sour to salty*

What a long reply haha  :on woohoo: Wonder how long I can keep pairing the drinks until I run out of cocktails haha.
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: anoni2 on July 28, 2011, 05:03:50 PM
weee thx for the treat!!   :pen_drunk:

uhm understood!!  :grin:

nonichan will read only and comment for the coming days, I think i won't be able to update. reason? game and distraction  :kneelbow:
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: blughise on July 28, 2011, 05:12:42 PM
Thanks, for the drink XD
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: apparently on July 28, 2011, 07:19:59 PM

hmm, then it's prolly sayaka or someone, and then yuki will come into sae's life and make it less emo lol.
thanks for the drink lol, i'll have to make a list of these drinks you're serving for when i turn 19 o:
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: AAAice on July 29, 2011, 04:00:47 PM
That was so deep (In a good way ofc.) I still do think it's Yuki.

>:]] This serving drinks you are giving us makes me want to play... I have this favorite cocktail and I wonder if you can serve that drink to me correctly. :]]] Take your time.  :pimp:
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: immortal_K on July 29, 2011, 06:25:15 PM
anoni2: Don`t worry, I`ll can wait, just write when you have time. So to continue my trend of serving drinks you get a #26 Cocktail (Pernod Absinthe with a dash sweet vermouth, bit of lime and simple syrup mixed with orange juice)

blughise:  :twothumbs I`m actually having fun trying to serve everyone drinks without repeating yet, so for your 2nd drink you get a 4 Point Cocktail (bourbon + applejack with Solerno Blood Orange liqueur, maraschino liqueur and orange twist for garnish)

apparently: LOL I never said it wasn`t Yukirin, if you notice it was clearly decided since the prologue, so you only get ice water until I see that BlackGeki oneshot that you said you write for mehhhhhhh.

HashirePomeranian: Sayaka`s b-day is a little later in the month, but she isn`t the only other girl with b-day in July, there is also Rena, Myao and Komori. For sure won`t be Tomochin and Acchan since I mention their names  :thumbsup Thanks for writing your awesome fic, I pray for more Saeyuki moments, can`t wait till your next update. Yes we should convert everyone to Saeyuki!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA For you I have a `Gibson` (gin + dry vermouth + cocktail onions for garnish) just because I reminds me of the guitar brand Gibson, they make some pretty awesome guitars  :heart: too bad I don`t have a Gibson.

AAAice: Hmmm your favorite cocktail... that will be so hard to guess, can I have some clues please? Like what is the main liquor and color etc. For now before I get any clues from you, I will continue to serve you a drinks according to my randomness ideas. You get a `Sex on the Beach`(vodka + peach schnapps + creme de cassis with orange and cranberry juice) This is for the Takamina scenes for your recent update  :peace:
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: luckymmsg on July 29, 2011, 06:41:43 PM
luckymmsg: Yes life is sad for Sae but given that she is immortal and been around for so long, its bound to happen. While life for us have a limit and eventually come to an end, hers does not. As for their past only time will reveal everything, gotta wait till I figure that out myself   As for God of Rock, I love the moments in there.  *my emo buddy, for you I have a`Iceberg`a cocktail that can take 2 completely different flavors by switching between a mix of vodka with either pernod or perppermint schnapps, just like life we only see a tip of an iceberg in different flavors.*

Waiting for their past to be reveal....
It sure going to be getting more and more realistic instead of reading fics.
You sure a good writer. :twothumbs

Yah, great moments in God of Rock. :twothumbs :wub:

Thanks for the drink, it's great to have drink with two flavors. :heart:
Title: Re: Infinity - I
Post by: immortal_K on August 02, 2011, 11:04:59 AM
luckymmsg: Thanks for your comment, hope you enjoy this next part  :lol: (I wrote this part while I was on my days off after a nice day out so must less emo then the prevous XD)

So finally here is the next update, sorry it took longer then I thought to figure out what I want to do next, but here it is, it is a bit short but

Infinity - II

~ no matter how much you daydream
      there'll always be that same impatience from today
          'if' that is what you think about~

I didn't think we would meet again so fast but you quickly became a center point to my world. Day by day we went from strangers to friends, do you remember the first drink I mixed you at the bar counter?

"Excuse me?" I look up from behind the counter, once again captured by your eyes I failed to respond, I stood there staring.

"Emmm, Thank you for last night," you said as handed me my jacket from last night. Finally coming to my sense, I collected my jacket and motion for you to have a seat.

"Welcome to Infinity, I am Sae, I will be your bartender for tonight, what would you like for tonight?" I said as I do for every customer that is seated at the bar.

"I don't know, this is only my second time at a bar, what do you recommend?" you replied after thinking for a bit. Did anyone tell you, your thinking expression is absolutely gorgeous, the way you tapped your finger to your lips while slightly just slightly pouting those pink mesmerizing lips. Without a thought I already know what is the most suitable drink for you is.

The smooth and creamy chocolate flavored white creme de cacao, mixed with the sweet dried orange flavored blue curacao, a chocolate and orange martini that takes on a entirely different look with the same luscious flavours. The blue layered over the white, a perfect combination made into an eye-catching layered cocktail topped with an extra cream layer to add the finishing touch. I present you...

"For you my lady, I present you the Blue Carnation," I placed the glass in front of you and watched you admire the beautiful presentation.

If only you understand my reasons, your innocence, my curse. Blue carnations, a charming flower with elegance, it symbolizes tranquility, with a power that installs serenity into one's mind. It is a very clear response to the feelings I have, pure love, a reminder of my hearts devotion... but unlike any other carnations blue does not occur naturally.  The layered strips  in this blue carnation can only represent my wish, a wish to be with you.

Thinking back to all the time we spend together, here, in this place, you sitting on that chair, I standing behind this bar. We talked, we smiled, we laughed, we cried, we enjoyed each other's company.

"Did you know that spiders don't drown?"

"Really?" you asked me with a disbelieving look written all over your face.

"Really, they 'resurrect' after being drowned underwater," watching you follow my every word like a child waiting for the next page of a fairytale.

"I don't believe you," you said but clearly that smile of yours betray you.

"A scientist in France, did an experiment to see how long can spiders survive underwater, after immersing a few hundred spider underwater, he checked them every couple hours until he was sure they are all dead..." I paused to take a sip of water, as I watch you lean forward on the chair waiting for the rest of the story.

"After all of the spider has drowned to death, the researchers wanted to weigh the spiders to see if size would make a difference, they placed them out letting them dry, but that's when things started to get weird..." I accidently knocked one of the glasses on the counter over, causing you to jump from the sudden sound of glass against glass. I laughed, your reaction was the best ever, I couldn't help it, I think my stomach started to hurt from laughing so hard… that was the first time you playfully slapped my arm for laughing at you.

"So what happened?" you asked, wanting to know the results of this study.

"Hours later, these spiders began to twitch, and soon they were all back on their legs, fully functional as if they are immortal and only waited to recover from the initial shock and trauma. It is said that their trick to survival depends on a switch in their metabolic process, shutting down parts of the body that is not vital, leaving only the important organs functioning. So once they are dried, their body recovers"

"Seriously? So they never die like immortals?"

"Immortals can die and vampires can be killed, it's depends on the method, as for spiders, if you leave them in water long enough, they will eventually run out of energy to sustain their coma state. The real immortal are jellyfish, at least in the aging part..." I just love sharing stories with you, the way you hang onto every word I speak, never once have you complained, but sometimes I wish you weren't so perfect then maybe we would never come to these circumstances.

"Sae," you smiled and pointed over to one corner of infinity, "I want to try too, teach me," I looked over to see a few of the customers finishing up a game of darts. I smiled and nodded, your smile was too irresistible, I couldn't say no.

I lead you over to the dartboard, standing behind the 7ft line, I lifted the darts to demonstrate how to hold and throw them. With a flick of my wrist, one by one I sent the darts flying to the board, I heard claps from nearby audience as I went to pick up the darts.

"Why did they clap? You didn't hit the middle?" your confused look almost made me want to hug you and say ~kawaii~ but I had to refrain myself, I can't lose control.

"That little inner red bar under the 20 is the triple ring, so that is 60 points when the dart lands there, more than the 50 from a bull's eye. So the highest score possible with three darts is 180 when they all land in the triple 20." I slowly explained.

"Here you try,"

"But I don't know how to play,"

I place the darts in your hands, and had you stand there in front of the board, I demonstrated how to throw the dart for you again, but your first try was off target, you pouted, and tried again but it wasn't any better, I can start to see the frustration making its way to spoil your smile. My hand stopped you from throwing your last, I stepped up behind you, holding your hand in mine I allowed you to feel the motion of releasing the dart. My left hand made its way to your waist to correct your standing position, even though separated by a layer of cloth I can still feel your soft skin and slim waist, my hands start to feel hot, a burning sensation that slowly spreads into the rest of my body. I love the smell of your hair, the way your body fits into my embrace like a puzzle meant to be placed together. I almost forgot where we are, I thought I made it to heaven, the contact was short but it felt everlasting. Your next throw shot me in the heart, your lovely smile painted over your face, your eyes glittered with happiness, you kissed me on the cheeks.

If my life is meant for 'Infinity' then I wish this moment to be forever.


Sorry again for the long wait, unfortunately life is starting to catch up to me so I won't have much time to write. I have to start working on my neglected psych assignments before I fail them. :on cloudeye: So juggling between that and my full time job, I'll have to cut back on writing time, but I'll try to update at least once a week. Can't help that this is much more fun and interesting then a textbook and assignments  :on lol:

I'll still be lurking around here on my phone while I transit around, so feel free to leave comments.  :mon determined:
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It's so warm reading this chapter. The teaching her how to throw and all the dart, I really can see the moving image in my head.  :heart:

Eek, I'll just stomp on those spiders (they scare me) lol I even remember a spider webbed down in front of my face. :]]]]


By the way my first two clue 'Cherry Brandy and Dry Vermouth' is one of the main.
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spiders are not scary at all   :lol:

gah that was heartwarming tho kinda sad   :)

thx for the drink and update  XD
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It's definately less emo and filled with love :heart: .

The smooth and creamy chocolate flavored white creme de cacao, mixed with the sweet dried orange flavored blue curacao, a chocolate and orange martini that takes on a entirely different look with the same luscious flavours. The blue layered over the white, a perfect combination made into an eye-catching layered cocktail topped with an extra cream layer to add the finishing touch. I present you...

This sounded as if you are the bartender yourself. :lol:  (Can imagine how blue carnation look like)

The teaching is such loving moments, having that scene running in my head now.  :wub:

Take your time for the next update. :)
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I hate the big hairy spiders(tarantula)....they gross me out!
things are progress nice and slow XD
UPdate soon
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Oh Sae knows a lot of thing ^^ the teaching part is so great to read
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Please update soon~  :wub:
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ngahhhhhhhhh kiraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i'm always wondering about that immortal stuff you always say lol, interesting, about the spiders.
haha i could totally imagine a bartender sae teaching yukirin darts... SAEEE TEACH ME HOW TO PLAY TOO :luvluv2:
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AAAice: I hate it when I get spider webs in my face, feels nasty. For my first guess, my lady I present you a 'French Rose' a mix of gin with dry vermouth and cherry brandy.

anoni2: Just kill them!!!!! LOL unfortunately I live in my dungeon... I mean basement so I get lots of spiders. For you I have a 'Lavender Martini' the sweet Lavender syrup paired with a balanced, fully aromatic sapphire gin mixed with dry vermouth.

luckymmsg: bartending sounds fun, I wish I can do that instead, so to satisfy my wish I pass out drinks here :lol: I have ready for you a 'Kiwi Martini' fresh skinned kiwi with citrus vodka and sugar syrup.

blughise: I only seen tarantula's caged, so hopefully I won't ever see one running around...... So I guess it is Martini night so I will serve you a Green Apple Martini' a simple mix of vodka with green-apple schnapps.

kahem: I randomly came across a study article on the spiders and jellyfish... and though it is interesting to share  :lol: Here is a 'Dafne Martini' for you a mix of gin
and pear vodka with blue curacao and dry vermouth.

RenaChii: I'll try to update soon, I have a lot of shifts coming up so hopefully if things go well I can do a bit of my assignments during down time and break times  XD. The best way to cool down in the hot summer is with a 'Orange Martini' vodka mixed with triple sec and dry vermouth.

apparently: Graaaaaaaaaaaace, immortal stuff is a secret bwahahahahahahaha, you can go dream bartender Sae teaching you darts  :P So you get a 'Purple Martini' vodka mixed with triple sec and a juice drink called "Purple" which includes blueberry, blackcurrant, pomegranate, cranberry, purple plum and black cherry juice mixed in one.

Thank you for reading and leaving me comments.
~your immortal bartender
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Sorry for the long wait, I've been drowning in work and school work. I somehow got myself into a mess of working 120 hours in 2weeks... and I don't even remember how it happened.... Sigh. At least there is one thing I gotta love about working these graveyard hours  XD if nothing is happening, I can sit there and do my own things, like read or write or do my assignments. So here we are the next part to Infinity, this took me a while to write up, I think I should stick more to writing fics with action  :dunno:

Infinity - III

         ~let's do what we want to do
   we should just be our real selves
               without thinking about the "if's"~

We are of two worlds, you will never understand my pain like days will never understand the night, like the blazing sun with never understand the eclipse of the moon. We are like two sides of the world, like day and night, like sun and moon, never fully understanding the other side.

There is nothing wrong with our love, except this beautiful duet becomes tormenting, when we cannot fully harmonize. It's not your fault, its mine, I'm sorry. You tell me 'it's okay' every time I apologize, never really understanding the full extent of my words, I'm afraid your 'it's okay' will slowly shattered through time, like a flower that withers as the day passes by.

That night at Infinity...

I walked towards the stage, I can feel your eyes following my every movement. You told me you had a bad day, but even if you didn't tell me I can see it in your features. It took away the shine in your eyes, the hue in your lips, the ring in your voice and the sweet in your smile. I decided I wanted to cheer you up, so I gently lifted one of the acoustic guitars off the wall, pulled up a chair and fixed the mic, I glanced up to see your eyes on me. This performance is for you and only you, I didn't have to tell you because I believe you will hear the message.

*Audio for the song: 'It might be you" (

I've been passing time watching trains go by,
All of my life...
Lying on the sand, watching seabirds fly
Wishing there would be
Someone waiting home for me...

Something's telling me it might be you
Yes it's telling me it might be you...
All of my life...

Looking back as lovers go walking past...
All of my life...
Wondering how they met and what makes it last
If I found the place
Would I recognize the face?

Something's telling me it might be you
Yeah it's telling me it might be you...
Oh oooooooo...


I've been waiting for all of my life~

I don't know what came over me to sing this song but it felt fitting.

Our memories are built under the beautiful lights of Infinity, each time you visit me, each time we talk, each time we fall asleep on the phone listening to the sound of the steady breathing. Do you still remember that time when you asked for my number....

"Bye have a good night," I said while I watch you get up from your seat, just as I turn to clean my counter you called my name.

"Sae," I turned over to you again waiting for you to continue while you hesitated, "what is your number, let's trade contacts,"

I watched you lean on the counter, your phone already in hand waiting, but I never replied, it wasn't because I didn't want to, it's because I don't know how to. I could only flip over a cup coaster and have you leave me your number, with a promise to call you. I watched you leave 'Infinity' that night, disappointed.

It wasn't because I didn't want to exchange contact with you... it was because at that time, I didn't have a phone. I never needed one, until you came along. Your cup coaster is and will be the only one I ever keep, the way you wrote your name and my name, I can't help but admire it every day. You won't know this but the next morning I woke up bright and early, to get myself a phone, they even had me wait outside because I was there too early. It didn't take long but I ran all the way home just to dial in your number. The only number saved on my phone.

"Hello?" I heard your sleepy voice over the phone.

"Good morning, did I wake you? I'm sorry, didn't realize the time," I apologized.

"Sae?" you sounded surprised, "I didn't think you were going to call," you sound tired.

"You don't want me to call you?" I asked, afraid that I won't be able to hear your voice anymore.

"NO! You can call me anytime you want,"

From then everyday when I wake up the first thought is to give you a call, wanting to hear your voice. I pray that each morning, I can be woken up by the sound of your good morning messages, I don't mind if it is just words on the phone as long as they are from you.

[Good morning! Am I bothering you? ~Yukirin]

[No you are never a bother, Good morning ^.^ *Yawns* ~Sae]

[Good morning Sae! were you sleeping? I hope I didn't wake you up ~Yukirin]

[If it's your messages, I'll be happy to wake up to them every morning. ~Sae]

[Lies! You should go back to sleep, you have work later tonight, I'll call you later? ~Yukirin]

[I don't want to sleep anymore, I don't need sleep. =D ~Sae]

[You aren't replying, are you neglecting me! *pouts* ~Sae]

[LOL, just go to sleep I'll call you later, I promise. ~Yukirin]

Timelessly I want to hear your voice, wanting to speak with you, wanting to know where you are, what you are doing. I wanted to hear you share with me your happiness, your sadness so I can be there for you. When I can't see you, I want to use my voice and my words to let you know I'm still by your side. I realized I've already become too attached. I get restless when you don't instantly respond, I get agitated when you didn't pick up the phone. I understand there are times when you can't pick up or reply right away but I can't help myself.

I felt a little frightened that love and life can't be separated anymore. My love...  I know it will never stop, its already too deep, it's not a past tense anymore, it is the present. You can say it's my fault for letting it become true, but I really believe it might be you. I can't bring myself to stop... I really, really, truly, madly, deeply love you but how I can?

If only I can hear your voice in the winds of 'Infinity', grant me this wish I pray to you.

*Borrowed the song from youtube, I didn't make the video, someone decided to make a tribute to FF8 with the song and since I like the song and the game I decided to choose this link. If you like the vid, you can leave comments for the original creator on youtube ^.^.

Other then working to finish up this project here, I took some of my free time at work to start planning a special project, so please wait for it. I'll try to stay alive in the mean time.
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Oh damn you're back!!! Your comeback chapter is amazing!!!  :wub: :wub: :wub:

The song...  :heart: I miss listening to that song.

Perfect. Perfect.

LOL at Sae being so old fashion for not having a mobile phone. -.- CUTE! Their phone convo is sooo UFF!!! So I am right on my guess that it is Yuki all along. Ah ah ah SaeYuki...  :heart:

I miss you immortal_K. :D xD

Eugh, don't remind me of those damn spider webs. Thinking/imagining about it makes me feel wriggly now. Ohh, French Rose. WRONG! :]] More more drinks to come!!! Cheers!

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Thx for the drink next time can I have something with red bull ? xD
120 h good luck
Sae never had a phone is so cute
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but spiders can be cute too  XD

thx for the drink!! lmao i'm not a drinker but   :lol:

it was yuki   :cathappy:   

i haven't touched my phone for months now lol

HF working XD  and welcome back  XD
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hey thanks for the update and welcome back!
I miss this song!!!
Definitely it might be Yukirin, who is the one for you!
Update as soon as you can XD
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Warm welcome back.
I miss that song, it's been long since I heard that.
Finally the name Yukirin is revealed.
the whole chap is so sweet. the longing to hear each other voice first thing in the morning. :wub:
please update soon.. XD
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Of course it's Yukirin~!!  XD
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone  :twothumbs

AAAice: Yea I thought an ancient being like Sae needed some old fashion sense haha. Here is my 2nd try, I have for you a 'Gilroy' a perfect mix of Cherry Brandy and Gin with Dry Vermouth, some lemon juice and a dash of orange bitters.

kahem: only 3rd shift into the 120 hours.... still 84 hours left to go.... As request I present you with a 'Flying Bull' to go with the recent release of 'Flying get'. This coctail contains a mixture of Dark Rum, White Rum, Red Bull mixed and topped up with Orange Juice. Talk about full of colors.  :thumbsup

anoni2: nonichan!!! I don't know about the cute spider thing..... they still creep me out keke. For you I prepared a 'Crocodile Cooler' for Miichan and her cute Croco. A shake of Absolut Citron Vodka, Midori, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice mixed together with Triple Sec.

blughise: I looked through a stack of songs and found this one to be the most fitting, atmosphere and lyric so happy I actually found this song in my old folders  :lol:
As your story proceeds, I hope the guys and girls vacation trip turns out well at the private beach so I serve you a 'Pure Paradise'. A mixture of Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Cranberry Juice and Pineapple Juice.

luckymmsg: Yea I thought it is about time Yukirin gets named, thought about leaving the name out but it didn't seem right haha. Since I'm serving mainly pineapple juice mixed cocktails I mix for you a 'Tropical Dream' for a dream come true this drink is a mixture of Blue Curacao, Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, Malibu Rum and Pineapple Juice

HashirePomeranian: Thanks, yes I have finally confirmed it is Yukirin but I'm sure you already knew that right from the beginning like everyone else. I guess just to hear Yukirin's voice Sae is more then willing to wake up early XD For you I have a 'Sonic Blaster' cocktail in hopes that No Ko.E can blast their audience to paradise with their music wave. This drink contains Banana Liqueur, Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice mixed with Vodka and White Rum

RenaChii: Yup although there are many potential pairings for Sae, she fits best with Yukirin.  XD  Every time I read your name I am reminded of our favourite melon pan lover so for I prepared a 'Melon cooler' a cocktail mixed of Melon Liqueur, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple Juice and Raspberry Liqueur.
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Somehow found time to be updating a bit more recently, so decided to take this chance to update Infinity as well. One of the main reason is I keep falling asleep when I try to read that boring textbook of I gave up on that tonight  :lol:
Thank you to everyone that left me a comment, hope you enjoy your drinks.  :thumbsup

Infinity - IV

~what words should I use to say it?

                     I get so scared of being rejected

          scared of being embarrassed by the outcome...~

If there is one day, I can go back to the past, back to the me from before, what will you think of me? If there is a day, when I become far away from you and will you figure out that I already said good-bye?

We sat alone on the hill, the moon lighting up the field as we watched the stars enjoying each others warmth. I had my arms wrapped around your shoulders to keep you warm when I noticed you shiver. As if it was a habit you leaned in and rested your head on my shoulder without taking your eyes off of the glittering skies above.

“It’s so beautiful,”

“Did you know a star only shines for a portion of its lifetime?” I asked.

“It doesn’t need to shine forever to be stunning, it does not need a name to be remembered, as long as someone knows of their existence that’s already enough.” you said as you pointed up at one that faded into the darkness.

We didn’t talk much that night, we just sat there enjoying the serenity provided by the bundle of lights watching over us, showing us their bright existence. You attentively glazed at each and everyone of them making sure they are accounted for in your memories. My eyes refused to leave you knowing that you shine brighter then any stars in the sky. Your eyes, your smiles your everything… you light my path better then the lazy moon hanging loosely in the dark.

“Look Sae, a shooting star, hurry make a wish,” I watch you quickly close your eyes to make a wish, a lovely smile plastered on your absolutely gorgeous face accented by the soft moonlight. I think I’ve been touched by an angel.

“What did you wish for?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you, it’s a rule, if I told you it won’t come true.” you smile as if you just won the best prize in the world.

When your eyes smile, when you laugh. I want to be there for you, you never know but I think of you, everything of you, it's like a hobby. When you tell me your frustrations, when you say you can't sleep at night, I want to say to you but I was afraid of saying the wrong words, I love you do you know?

If there is a day, my dream comes true, the memories will become the past, will you still remember today? If there is a day when we realize, anything is possible will we still be stuck in the same place?

Maybe the loneliness is making me think too much, maybe I should go back to my dreams of meeting you without hesitation, saying it out to you, I love you. I never expected you to feel the same. That night...

You and your friends are at Infinity for a private party, we are closed for the night to the public. Everyone seem to be enjoying themselves, unexpectedly the energy is high tonight. I filled cups after cups with different drinks as the night continued. Somehow I ended up on the makeshift dance floor we arranged by pushing the tables aside. Among everyone, I ended with you in my arms as the next song began to play, you lead me along with the slow sway of the song, I followed your every move, entranced by the moment.

"Sae.... I love you, please take my heart, my hand and walk with me till the end. I want us to be forever, let me stay by your side." you said softly into my ears, before taking my lips into your, demonstrating the depth of your love.

I was lost in bliss, until my sense came back to me, I realize I was responding to you, I had to stop this. I cannot promise you forever, you would be better off with someone else.

I pushed us apart... The music stopped.

"Yuki, we can't, I.... I'm sorry, I cannot return your feelings," I lied as I watch tears stain your face, I wanted to run and take you back into my arms and tell you everything will be okay.

Everything is starting to become a blur as my visions began to cloud from the forming tears, my heart felt like it stopped the moment I saw those tears. I am guilty.

"Please Yuki, I'm not worth your time, you can find someone better," I took a step back as you tried to reach out to me.

"Sae..." the way you said my name, it broke my heart, so I ran. I ran out the doors away from everything, away from the pain, I hide behind the shadow as I watched you chase after me, looking out into the night. I saw you fall to your knees sobbing as your friends came to your side.

So now here I sat in the corner holding my knees as I cried. remembering all the details of our past, from the time we first met, the first drink I made you, the first touch and the first time I broke your heart. I heard my phone ring, I know it's you without even checking, I tried to cover my ears to make the ringing stop, your words still running through my head as if someone placed it on repeat. I can't stop it, the pain, why does it hurt so much.

I ran over and picked up my phone from my desk and threw it across the room shattering the mirror on the opposite side. I watch the pieces fall with gravity, I walked over picking a piece off the ground I held it tight before making a deep cut across my wrist.

The pain, the burning, it was nothing compare to what I felt in my broken heart. I watched as the wound bleed out asking for attention before slowly healing up again, leaving behind a scar, that slowly started to fade. Why can't the pain in my heart heal as fast, why doesn't the hurting go away, I slashed at my wrist again. Falling to the ground I continue to rock myself as I cried until I was dry of tears.

 I stayed there until I heard a knock on my window, but no one knocks on my windows I live on the 3rd floor...unless....  I turn to see a single message.

[I'm in town, meet at the usual place ~Ruka]

“Infinity” a symbol without limit… a love without boundary... forever eternally.

Please don't kill me, I made Yukirin cry...... *runs and hides*  :on freeze:
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Its so sad :cry:

Sae :cry:
yukirin :cry:

why...did thing have to be like that???? Though I understand Sae's reasons................but still............... :cry:

Ruka??? Isn't that Sae's role on infinity stage play???

I can't wait for the next update
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Post by: AAAice on August 13, 2011, 04:44:32 PM
What?! Sae?! Rejected Yuki?!  :banghead:

Aish, being immortal is hard huh? Have to give up the love and all sort of things that could put you in danger? (LOL) -.-

Ahh, Yuki!!!

Sae!!!  :angry:


Ehh, my second clue... is that the first letter could be found in your username. :] Like, the so single letter in your name.
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Post by: RenaChii on August 14, 2011, 12:33:54 AM
Don't do that Sae~!!  :banghead:

You love her too right~  :cry:

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WOW, just when i thought things were getting happy and nice, you make yukirin cry. good job... not D: why you do that?!?!

who is this ruka character.. ): sae what are you doing.. i hope that phone wasn't expensive >___> kekeke, better update soon and make everything happy ok!
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Post by: ujin1992 on August 16, 2011, 12:22:31 PM
such a romantic atmosphere and then Sae destroyed with "we can't"  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
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blughise: Yes Ruka was the vampire, soon you will see why the vampire is important, even though vamp only gets a small scene hahahahahahaha. Talking about Vampire, I think a "Vampire Voodoo" is suited for you for tonight the mix of Gin, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice with Red Wine, what a nice bloody presentation don't you think?

AAAice: Yea I don't know what's wrong with Sae, how can anyone reject Yuki =O. hmmmm I think I might've figured out your drink. Here I serve you the "Kiss in the dark" cherry brandy, dry vermouth and gin stirred with ice.

RenaChii: I agree, Sae is making a mistake but will she realize that? Since I'm on a gin mood your drink will be the"Fog cutter" help Sae clear the clouds that are blocking her judgement. the mix of Brandy, Gin, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice, Orgeat Syrup mixed with White Rum, a mix that will definitely leave an impact.

apparently: Who cares about the phone, Sae made Yuki cry nooooooo. On the bright side congrats in being converted to a SaeYuki shipper too even thou I didn't take part in the process. To celebrate the change I serve you a "Guardian Angel" a simple mix of Coke and Crown Royal. Just because I had to add coke into that OS challenge you left me with.

ujin1992: YAY new reader, Thanks for the comment. I present you the "Aloha" there isn't a better way to say hi and welcome when this drink speaks for itself. A mix of Cognac, Dark Rum, Dry Vermouth, Gin, Lime Juice with Soda Water.

Thanks for visiting Infinity, please come again.  :welcome
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Sorry this update took a little longer then intended, I got distracted by a couple OS ideas that I had to write out before I forgot. Funny how I thought with work and all I won't have as much time to write, but it ends up these night shifts really give me time to study and do some writing at the same time. So here is the next update to Infinity. This part here is more of an extra scene out of the normal Sae POV. Lets us take a look at what is happening while Sae is emo'ing alone at home.

Infinity: V

Yuki watched Sae run out of Infinity, she chased after her but by the time she made it out doors, Sae is already nowhere to be found. She dropped to her knees, sobbing her heart out, hoping Sae will come back to comfort her like all the times before. Yuko and Acchan came to her side to help her back inside.

She sat there crying the night, she still remember the first time she came to this place, to celebrate their birthday exactly a year ago. She had decided then it was the worst day of her life, but she was just starting to reconsider. That day 1 year ago, she found her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend, she broke up with him and slapped her, but that didn't take away the pain. She decided that day she will not love again, but fate had other plans for her. That night she met Sae.

Unknown to both of them, the moment the met their path became intertwined. Slowly Yuki fell in love with the lonely bartender that was always by her side.  The time they spend together began to grow till, they almost never separated, if one isn't around physically, they will still connect through their phone.

Yuki sat there crying remember all the details that went by, how she always sat in that one stool by the bar watching Sae mix drinks for everyone, the smile and energy that she sends out to everyone. When she finally decide to take a step forward, she found herself thrown aside by the one that was always there for her. She feels numb, she doesn't understand why.

"I apologize for Sae's action, but she has her reason, she is just scared." an unfamiliar voice startled everyone present. They looked around trying to find where it came from, until a tall black figure walked out from the shadows.

"Who are you?" Acchan asked glaring at the newcomer.

"Sorry, for intruding my name is Sayaka," she introduced herself as she flipped a few strays of her long hair back.

"Why are you here? If you know Sae then go find her! She should be the one apologizing!" Yuko yelled.

"I'm here to prevent this tragedy, let me tell you a story from a long time ago....."


"Okay so we have a vampire and a immortal wondering the world how does this relate to our situation here?" Tomochin asked confused.

"What if I tell you I am Ruka," Sayaka smirked before freezing everyone in place with her powers and flashing out her deadly fangs. The aura around her suddenly became cold and intimidating, the girls want to run but they can't seem to move.


"LET US GO!!!!! AHHHHHH" high pitch screams and shout filled the room

"This is what Sae is afraid of... to humans we are monsters, not accepted by society that is why she is fighting hard to keep herself away," Sayaka said in a quiet whisper that made its way to everyone's ear. They all stopped struggling.

"What does this have to do with Sae?" Yuki asked.

"Think about it, you have a vampire and an immortal. Here is your vampire, so where is your immortal?" Sayaka asked like she was trying to get a five year old to come up with an obvious answer.

"Sae." Yuki spoke out as realization hit her, the immortal is Sae.

"You are finally getting it, Sae has been alone since the change, she is afraid to be close to anyone, scared that one day when she has to leave she will break her promises. She believed it is easier for people to forget this way." Sayaka explained while dropping her hold on the girls in front of her.

"She never predicted the change, when you appeared in her life, and I tell you from the start she has already fallen deep," Sayaka said while keeping eye contact with Yuki.

"How did you know that?" Sasshi asked, everyone else turned to look at her, forgetting she was present all along.

"Remember the first drink Sae made for you?"

"A Blue Carnation." Yuki replied.

"Ehhh, blue carnation? she never made that for anyone else before," Sasshi said surprised, Sasshi has never seen Sae serve that drink since she started. "she always make up some excuse to not serve that to any customers, no matter how much they ask"

"How would you know? You were probably too busy flirting and harassing the female customers, in your player uniform." Akicha retorted while she flicks the many necklaces hanging on the girls neck.

"Are you jealous?" Sasshi asked before continuing, "I asked Sae once, and she told me the blue carnation, is a symbol of the purity of love, ones devotion to another, the way it is layered represents ... represents a wish to be with the person you serve it to...."

"Sashihara, is correct, that is what a blue carnation holds for Sae, just as the blue rose is a symbol of my love, but that is a story for another time." Sayaka said making sure to keep her eye contact with Yuki.

 "So do you understand now? It's not that she doesn't love you, it's because she is afraid to love you, to her life is a curse."

"Wait how did you know my name and why are you telling us all this?" Sasshi asked.

"I know because I have been observing you girls for a while now, I originally got interested because of Sae's change and later found the reason,"

"Just wait, she will come back," Sayaka told Yuki, there is not an ounce of uncertain, it was a statement.

"How are you so sure?" Yuko asked.

"Sae, her heart yearns for hers," Sayaka said pointing at the sitting Yuki, as everyone is distracted by the thought, she quietly disappeared back into the shadows. She has one more thing to do before resuming her own task to find Maria. 


I'm going to try completing this story before I go away on a camping trip next weekend so will try to update soon.
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oh they accepted it   :yep:

I laughed at sasshi pàrt   :lol:

Sae come back soon!!!

I did updated TJ!!!  :cathappy:
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Oh notice that I have forgotten to leave msg after I visit Infinty for the fourth time, maybe too sad on the rejection .
thanks for the tropical dream, sure got summer feel.

Seems like all of them can accept the fact that they have vampire and immortal around them.
So not all humans treat the like monsters, I always think that they are once still human afterall and if I really know one, I will truely want to befriend with them.

Vampires and Immortals are lonely always especially when the day comes by to see their love ones getting old while they are still as they are, slowly seeing their love ones leaving them one by one.  :cry: 

Seems like Ruka going to meet Sae in the next chap.
Sae, please come back soon. :(

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wow...I wasn't expecting this.....
KIRA YOU'RE AWESOME!!! and please don't leave me :P You know you're my top supplier , I can't leave without you :P Just joking

I couldn't believe the girls believe Sayaka/Ruka's story.....
You know all this time, I really thought Sae is a guy in really made me believe that Sae's a guy in here, not Sayaka/Ruka came in.....

Thanks for the update!
HAVE FUN camping
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Please update soon~  :bow:
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Time for Infinity bartending post  :twothumbs

anoni2: Thanks Noni-chan and thank you for updating TJ. Your drink of the night a 'A and J smoothie' unfortunately there isn't a TJ Smoothie that I can serve you so the next closes thing will do for now. It is a mix of Baileys Irish Cream, Ice Cream and Vodka, the next creamy texture of the Bailey's and ice cream will melt to your taste.

luckymmsg: Yea at least they are accepting the immortal and vampire, sometimes it's hard to tell what other people are thinking and many end up over thinking the issues. Plus haters will always hate regardless. That is one reason why I would never want to be immortal, so lonely. For you I have a special drink of 'Attitude' because I like the way you think if I ever meet an immortal or vampire I would like to befriend them too. Attitude is a mix of Baileys Irish Cream, Root Beer Schnapps and Southern Comfort that is a spiced whisky with a fruity taste.

blughise: Its because its Infinity, everything becomes believable. In stories everything can be magical just like this cup of 'Spell binder'. The perfect blend of Baileys Irish Cream, Cointreau and a chocolate flavoured Creme de Cacao.

RenaChii: Thanks you for reading and leaving me a comment, I love reading them. I present you with a cup of 'Homecoming' as we all wish Sae will come back soon. This is a simple mix of the almond taste of Amaretto with the creamy Baileys Irish Cream, nice and simple no hidden flavours needed.

HashirePomeranian: LOL yea Sayaka played that role too, so made it perfect to borrow her into the story, as for their 'long time ago' story that might take a while haha. PomPom after your lovely God of Rock update, I thought of the perfect drink for you the 'Ghostbuster' to zap away all the scary moments and ghosts that scared me when I was reading it with the raining bgm. A mixture of Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua and Vodka. The extra coffee flavored Kahlua adds the kick to the whole thing.

Thank you for dropping by Infinity.
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sorry for not commenting as frequently >__< finally nagged me enough times keke jk (x. so yeah i already told you about my thoughts on the chapter but i'll see if i can pull out what i remember from when i first read it...

pretty shocking somewhat about sayaka o: didn't expect that to pop up. i actually went back and reread the first chapter or whatever about that blue carnation and then i google imaged it.. lol it it looks good :ding:

so is sae coming back then? you should totally at least get yuki to do something.. idk what but LOL yeah, UPDATE NAO
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apparently: Don't worry I'll continue to nag you when I'm bored keke. For you my little friend I have a "Blue Cloud" a cocktail that contains the almond flavoured Amaretto and the lovely crystal clear Blue Curacao mixed and topped with Vanilla Ice Cream, perfectly suited for the summer.

I was intending to post this earlier but work got super busy so I didn't have time to do this until now.... :badluck:

Thanks you for all those that followed through with this story, to be honest this story didn't live up to what I originally thought it could do. Half way along, I sort of lost sight of where this is heading. I think I have to agree that my random crack scenes are much better then my random emo scenes.  :wahaha:

Anyways, all good bad things must come to and end, so here it is the last part to Infinity.... Sorry for ending it so suddenly, I know there is still a lot of things I left hanging, but I had this written out a while ago,and held onto it hoping that some crazy idea will suddenly appear so I can add it in but that never happen.
I hope I didn't disappoint you. I will try harder to improve the next one that I start. Who knows maybe some time down the road I get flashes to make a sequel.  :kneelbow:

I do still intend on adding a side story, for their past if I can come up with a decent enough story for the immortal and vampire. :on cloudeye:

Infinity: VI

                     ~when, you're around I become a different "me"
               keeping this secret is making me awkward

         let's face ourselves and our feelings~

"Ruka" I called the shadow standing beside the river, under the moonlight.

"Sae, it's been awhile, come here have a seat," I slowly made my way over.

"Ruka why are you here? I thought you were out searching for Maria," I asked.

"Call me Sayaka, I'm going by that name right now. Plus I can't just sit back and watch you throw away your life,"

"What do you mean? You know I can match you if it means to live." I asked confused.

"Sae, don't repeat my mistake, I was a fool to let her go, I regret leaving her side, and I spend 500 years waiting and looking for her again, hoping to have her back in my arms. My heart ached every second that we are apart."


"Sae, that is my punishment for being weak, for running away, for not believing in our love, please be true to yourself, listen to your heart, don't let the girl go." you told me while looking up into the full moon.

"But how can we be together, I am immortal, she is human,"

"Don't be afraid, let her know your heart, you don't need forever to be happy," you paused before asking me again, "tell me what is the last image you remember of her,"

The image of you standing there in from of me, heartbroken with tears covering your lovely face. I stood there frozen in place, it was all because of me you had to suffer, I took away your smile and left you in tears.

"Go to her, she is waiting for you," I looked up to see you already walking away, lifting your hand in the air to wave without looking back.

I ran without knowing where you are, but my legs took me back to Infinity. I know I look like a mess, still wearing the same clothes from yesterday, hair left down but I don't care right now, I just want to see you. As I near I saw a closed sign at the door, ignoring it I pushed through the doors, the sudden light blinded my eyes while I readjusted.

"YOU!" I heard Yuko scream, I saw her struggling free from your friends, fist ready for me, I guess I really deserve it.

My eyes finally found you, your swollen eyes from crying all night, it was all because of me. My heart sank as I looked at you, what have I done? This is all because of me. I saw you look up and we stood there staring at each other, a world with only us.

I moved myself behind the bar, without wasting time I put together a cocktail, and walked towards you. Kneeling down on both knee, I placed the glass of 'Besame' on the table in front of you, looking in your eyes again I took your hands in mine.

"Yuki... I'm Sorry," my voice struggling to bring out my words as you followed them, I wiped the lone tear that made its presence.

"I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me, I never realized how much I love you until I stepped out that door yesterday." I can feel your hands tighten around mines.

"It was my selfishness that cause you pain, I only thought for myself 'what if'.... and life continue to remind me of my fate, I was scared of losing you forever, I was afraid to make a promise that I can't keep.... I so was lost, lost in myself."

"All this time you stayed by me, I clearly remember every day, every minute we spend together, I am guilty of taking away that smile of yours and replacing it with tears." I paused to look down a ashamed of my own actions, but today is different, I won't run anymore.

"I won't run away anymore, I will fight, fight for you and I. I'm not what you think, I'm not good enough for you, but I don't want to lose you. My heart can not beat without yours to guide it, without you I am without a soul." I poured my heart to you, hoping you will understand, I know I can't wish for forgiveness but I want you to know.

"Yuki... there is something about me you should know, I'm....." you silence me with your finger, "I know, a bat told me," and with your freed hand you picked up the 'Besame' and took a sip from it before placing it back on the table.

"Wasn't there another name for this? I can't seem to remember, can you tell me," you said with a smile.

I stood up pulling you with me, both my arms made its way around your waist to hold you tight, I looked into your eyes and matched your smile.

"Let me show you, what Besame mean," I said.

I lean forward to capture your waiting lips, slowly I deepened the kiss, tasting those lips that I wanted for so long. I can taste the sweet raspberry and passion as I felt you answer my heart, your arms made their way around my neck to pull me closer, while I did the same to feel your body on mine.

You surprised me when I felt your tongue brushed across my lips, I gasp and you took advantage to slip into my world, exploring my inner essence. I slowly introduced you to every corner of my cavern, before asking to visit yours. We stayed there connected in each other's arms, our form of communications until we had to disconnect for air.

I leaned in to place my forehead on yours, not wanting to feel the slightest separation, I laid a quick peck on your lips before pulling you into a hug. From now on you will be my world, I don't care if there won't be forever, I will wait, I will find you again even if I have to wait another 500 years, but for now, you are all I need. 

Let me be your Infinity.

~nothing will start from thinking "if..."

when you're in love

there are no right answers

as for those "what if..." theories,

just think positive!~


- I wonder if anyone notice the italic lines at the start and end of each update and wondered where they came from. keke
- Those italic section are lines taken from French Kiss's "If", I picked out certain translated lines for each update with them being somewhat related to that chapter's content. The only update without one is chapter 5 since that was written after the story was completed as a side story out of Sae's POV.
- So that means this story from the start was meant to be a SaeYuki, but I as I started I had thoughts of making it a different Sae pairing so I purposely left the name out of the first few chapter, until I was sure I can't replace Yuki with anyone else.

- Oops forgot to mention that Besame translates to "kiss me", it uses an ultra smooth tequila liquer called Agavero, it has the essence of the Damiana flower infused into the tequila which is made from blue agave. Then take the tequila and mix it with passion (the passion fruit juice) then add a couple raspberries and lime wedges for finishing touch.

Once again I hope the ending isn't too disappointing. 
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The ending is not disappointing but just hope to have the story going on . :cry:
Still wanted to visit "Infinity" always.  :twothumbs

I moved myself behind the bar, without wasting time I put together a cocktail, and walked towards you. Kneeling down on both knee, I placed the glass of 'Besame' on the table in front of you, looking in your eyes again I took your hands in mine.[/size]

Sae really make a perfect bartender

[/size]My eyes finally found you, your swollen eyes from crying all night, it was all because of me. My heart sank as I looked at you, what have I done? This is all because of me. I saw you look up and we stood there staring at each other, a world with only us.

But seems the ending with them in their own world ignoring all around them seems so romantic and sweet. :wub: :wub:

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yey happy sappy ending  :ptam-cry:

man this sure made me   :cry:

kame will wait for the next fic in infinity  :pen_cry:
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But even if u ended it, its still good!!! SAEYUKI got there happy ending for the meantime!!!! XD :wub:


I'll be looking forward to your next update :D
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Thx for the red bull, it gave me wings lol
Yeah! Saeyuki together!
Ruka appeared, I wonder who is Maria, Takamina?
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I LOVE the ending~  :inlove:

Thanks for updating~  :yep:
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Finally got to read all the chapters and I have to say...

I LOVED iit! :heart:
SAEYUKI!!! :inlove:

TBH, it kinda pulled on my heart strings.

It had a few spelling and grammatical errors but Not enough to bug me, which is good.

Thanks for the great read~!

PS: It also inspired me to think of my own Infinity-based fic with SaeYuki as well. Of course different from your's. But first I got to make at least one update on all my fics before I start on that.
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lol hi ^^ i finally read your fic xD haha after all the procrastination... i finally read it xD and i enjoyed every single bit of it!
It was so sad at the beginning... an seriously so emo... but the ending xD woot you made it a happy ending xD
it doesn't matter how long it'll last xD but i guess as long as saeyuki is together =) all is good!
great fic! totally loved how sentimental and deep this fic was >< got me all emo... lol
=) gonna read the rest of your other works now
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"You don't need forever to be happy"

.......  :cry: :cry: :cry:  :twothumbs

I love this phrase and your beautiful ending. 
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MY HEART.....!!!!!!! :heart:
i'm so HAPPY right now! :cry: :cry:
even though i hate saeyuki..! :oops:
omg i love the way you writeeeeeeee...! :cry: :D
please people stop being writera for a while..! (just kidding)  :grin:
YOU GAVE ME A LOT EMOTIONS TONIGHT!! :wub: :cry: :angry: :rofl:
thanks for posting!
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Finally!!! I manage to read all the chapters...  :lol:  I took me so long to finish...  :nervous

I totally love SaeYuki in this one...  :inlove:  Write more!!!! XD
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@immortal_K: here's your much awaited comment  XD
I love SaeYuki pairing only when I see them in OPV's in youtube.  XD so reading this is kinda refreshing to me (especially when I imagine Sae in her danso bartender costume lol) anyway... back to the story:

I was kinda expecting that this story will be a long one  :nervous but you did a great job in describing the SaeYuki moments that it's a no-brainer why they fell in love with each other. I liked how you were able to give meaning to the blue carnation drink ( I wonder what it tastes like...  :dunno: lol or does it even exist  :? ) The only thing that is making me curious is Sayaka's past... I wonder if it's a story that you will tell in a different time  ;)

This fic somehow reminded me of the poem that I wrote entitled "Immortality"... I posted it online somewhere but... I forgot where  :gyaaah: I hope that I saved it in some cd so that I can share it with you. :3

Great work immortal_K!  :thumbsup
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Aww Saeyuki <33 Immortal , i want more  :heart:
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So...romantic!  :tama-yeeaah: I felt like reading from a novel SaeYuki thank you :bow:
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Yes! This is awesome! Really really AWESOME! :mon crazyinlove:
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alright alright, kira sorry for reading this fic of yours just now. Sorry T_T lol. The story is well-written and i like the plot. At first it's kinda a forbidden love but at the end, they fight for their love and now they are together.

(sorry i'm not that good at giving comments :). Now need to hide again in the darkness Bye~~~).
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LOL no love for old work  :P They drop quickly back to the other pages  :lol:  :lol:

I was just going back to read some of the old comments here and notice I never end up explaining the whole immortal sae and vampire ruka/sayaka thing HAHAHA Maybe one day I can add a Side story about them.  :nervous

AFLynx: For some reason I thought this was going to be longer too, actually it was originally planned to be longer but when I got to where I stopped I didn't want to add anything else that might mess up the story... More like I'm afraid I would screw everything up haha  :panic:

I've been thinking that I should really go back and find someone to beta all my old stuff and fix up all those little... minor... errrr errors in my writing so the stories can flow better then they do now.....

Thank you to everyone who read and enjoyed this short little fic and left me loving comments that I can occasionally go back to remind myself why I'm still trying to write.
 :bow:  :kneelbow:

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AWWWWWWWWWWWW :wub: :wub: :wub:

I'm a total sucker for these kinda stories.

...And so, eternal love IS eternal :yep: :otomerika:
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That was super romantic and I'm a sucker for SaeYuki so this was great 
:mon angel:

Thanks for this story, really enjoyed reading  :D