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Title: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 30/05 <END>
Post by: cmze on August 22, 2011, 10:45:41 AM
i saw this link and i was really happy as a big fan of mayuki so this idea came to my head and just couldn't help it..i had to writte it
i dare anyone to tell me that mayuki is not real after seeing this and there's not saeyuki hahaha! (
                                    REMEMBER ME

see you tomorrow mayu chan!
see you tomorrown ana chan!
hmmm which way should i take? mayu thinks while puts her finger in her chin
right the park the other entrance leave me close to my house and i don't have to cross many streets hahahah i'm a really smart girl! mayu says to herself
mayu walks through the park and see a lot kids already playing there
it's not even 15:00 and they are already here mayu says while walks then she feels something wet fell on her nose,she touched it with her finger and murmures "water"
mayu looks up to the sky ,she sees the raindrops and shouts" noooooo,i'm going to get wet" while runs to the entrance of the park, she sees a street and stop she has to wait for the cars to pass
mayu murmures "it's cold,i'm going to get all wet by the time i get home" and close her eyes to sighs
you're going to get a cold! another girl says
mayu doesn't feel the raindrop so she opens her yes and sees a taller,older and cute girl smiling at her
the taller girl takes mayu's hand and makes her take the umbrella..
take i don't need it! the taller girls says
mayu was all red still the taller girl's hand was on her "i can't take need it mayu says"
don't worry give it back someday ok..! the girls says while runs away leaving mayu standing there with the umbrella
i will give it back to you some day! little mayu says smiling
mayu chan! mayu chan! wake up the class is over!
ohh..sorry lovetan i fell sleep! mayu says while gets up and grabs her things
what? don't tell me that you were dreaming about that special person that you don't want to tell me who is! lovetan says pouting
mayu sighs and says "there's no day that i don't dream about it..sorry lovetan i wish i could tell you"
lovetan sighs and says "i don't want to know what you are going to do when hiro confess to you!"
what? why he would confess to me? we are just good friends that's it! mayu says while walks with lovetan
well that's what everyone is commenting! lovetan says
that's crazy! mayu says
mayu chan you're the only good looking 17 years old girl that doesn't have a boyfriend! just because you're in love with someone that you don't even know and probably you will never see again! besides why you don't like hiro? he is most popular guy and he's really handsome! lovetan says
mayu was about to answers when a lacrosse stick gets in her way and pulls her to the arms of a guy!
mayu chan! the guy says while hugs mayu
hiro kun you're not letting me breathe! mayu says
mayu chan i was thinking that maybe you wanted to grab something to eat with me now? hiro asks
sorry i can't i have to do something else! mayu answers
what about in the night?
i gotta do homework,i'm sorry!
mayu chan you're not  making this easy..well i don't care i'm going to say it now in front of anyone! mayu chan would you be my girlfriend? hiro asks
awwwwwwww! everygirl in the hall says
"NO" mayu answers
AHHHHHHHH..!  all the girls says at the same time
what? why? are you blind? hiro asks mad
yes,you're pretty handsome but i'm in love with somebody else and have to wait! mayu says
who is it? i'm going to kill the bastard! is from this school? hiro asks
no...not anymore! mayu says sad
what? mayu chan is dating an older guy! everyone starts commenting not mayu sighs and says just forget it while runs  away..
mayu runs through the park but stop to catch her breath while sits on the grass
"after 5 years i'm still here waiting for you everyday at me same hour wearing the same uniform that you wore the first and last time a saw you.. too bad that took me 3 years to get it and convince my parents to change me of school by the time i got there you were gone! would you ever find me again? after 5 years you're the only one i dream and think're the only one who can take my breath away  please hurry up...
mayu see her watch and gets and starts walking to entrance of the park but all the sudden she feels something wet fell on her nose,she touched it with her finger and murmures "water"
mayu looks up to the sky ,she sees the raindrops and murmures "rain again"  while walk to the entrance of the park, she stops and murmures smiling while closes her eyes  "no i gotta wait for the cars to pass then now i just need you! "
you're going to get a cold! an older woman says
mayu doesn't feel the raindrop so she opens her yes and sees an older,good looking woman smiling at her
mayu was speechless she she is...
the older woman takes mayu's hand and makes her take the umbrella..
take i don't need it! the older woman  says
mayu was all red still the older woman's  hand was on her "i can't take't rememb...KASHIWAGI YUKI what the hell are you waiting for? a bunch of girls inside a car shouts
kashiwagi yuki! mayu murmures
i have to go..see you around! the older woman says while r gets on the car  leaving mayu standing there with the umbrella
i will give it back to you sooner than you think! mayu says while rubs the hand that yuki touch softly to her face..
sorry fot my english
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
Post by: RenaChii on August 22, 2011, 02:34:41 PM
OMG~!! This is what I'm waiting for~!!  :inlove:

Please update soon~  :bow:
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
Post by: pattinium on August 22, 2011, 06:16:13 PM
Mayuki !!! >//< This is cute !!
Thankl you so much for writing this !!!  :inlove: :inlove:
They are heaven-made, aren't they ?? keke
Please update soon ^__^
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
Post by: cmze on August 23, 2011, 06:09:11 AM
                                   REMEBER ME 

mayu chan! mayu chan! not egain! lovetan shouts while shakes mayu to wake her up
oh..sorry lovetan..what the class is over? mayu asks 
no,it's lunch time..what you were dreaming again? 
no,this time i met her! mayu says smiling 
what?!?! met her!what is that mean? are you  in love with a girl? mayu chan are you a..."i don't know"mayu interrups scratching her head 
would you want to explain me? lovetan says while takes mayu from her shirt and pull her closer 
(nobody was in the classroom) 
 she is a girl well now is an older woman but it doesn't matter she's is the only person that make me feel this way. first i thought it was a crush but through days and years of waiting finally saw her again.. i couldn't be more sure that i love her,i love her,i love her mayu says while looks to her right hand and rubs it with her left hand 
when you saw her? lovetan asks 
yesterday.. and today after class.. i will give her back this and i will tell her who i am! mayu says sminling while pulls out an umbrella!hmm "no way i forgot the other umbrella" 
how you are going to find her? lovetan asks 
well i saw her work uniform it was grey office uniform might be from a building around here! mayu says pouting because she forgot the other umbrella 
i sounds like a lot of work! lovetan says while sits next to mayu "i guess i have to help you out as your best friend"
thank you lovetan! mayu says smiling 
now let's go,i'm hungry! lovetan says 
hurry up mayu chan we have i lot to do! lovetan says 
i'm doing my best..why i have to carry your bag? mayu asks pouting 
well..we're going to walk a lot and as my best friend you don't want me to get tired! lovetan says smiling 
alright now i'm tired!  mayu says while sits in the sidewalk
it seems that there are not uniforms like you said! lovetan says while sits next to mayu..
shut up lovetan..i'm going to find her even if it takes me years of walking around here! mayu says 
i wish i could in that fancy resataurant! lovetan says
which one? mayu asks 
that one! blind girl! lovetan says while points to it 
mayu looks at the restaurant and shouts "WHAT?!!?" while gets up..
what's going on ? you scared the hell out of me! lovetan says while tries to pull herself together 
there she is! mayu shouts smiling and poiting her 
where? lovetan asks 
look through the woman who is sitting alone! mayu says
then go! what are you waiting for? no,no,no..wait! lovetan says while grabs mayu's arm and start fixing her hair and uniform 
"there's no doubt mayu chan you look really hot with  hair down and with this uniform" now go! 
mayu crossed the street and entered to the restaurant she walked to yuki's direction and end up in front of yuki.
hey can i help you? yuki says smiling 
i..i...wanted..mayu stutters 
hey honey! a guy says while kisses yuki on her cheek 
hi handsome! yuki says 
mayu was in front of them standing there without saying a word 
who are you? the guys asks 
mayu was sad and shows the umbrella..
oh my you were the girl that i gave it to! yuki says smiling 
mayu  says" thank you! " and then runs away to lovetan and hugs her..
yuki sees her through the retaurant glass..
hey yuki are you listening to me? 
yes,ren! yuki answers while holds his hand
what happened? what are you crying? lovetan asks 
she has a boyfriend! mayu says crying in lovetan's arms
what did you expect! she is good looking! lovetan answers while hugs mayu
let's go home! mayu says 
mayu was laying on her bed trying to not think about this afternoon..her eyes were swollen for so much crying
mayu picks up her phone:
hi..oshiri sister i need you! 
yuko san what is it? mayu asks
well some of the dancers had an accident and well you told me that you wanted to be a back up..remember? 
what? i was joking! mayu replies shouting 
ahhh! mayu chan i thought you were serious! 
i'm underage girl why would i want to be an stripper? 
because is easy! 
no way! i'm not a pros...don't finish that word! yuko interrups 
what? mayu asks
 stripper and a prostitute are very different things! c'mon mayu chan my boss will fire me if you don't come..just for one night!  yuko says 
whatever ok but no body os going to touch me! mayu says
ok..ok just come! 
mayu chan! yuko shouts while hugs her 
hey yuko san! mayu says while sighs
ok let's show you the cheorography! yuko says 
(after 2 hours of practice) 
yuko and mayu were laying on the floor tired 
yuko san you're boss knows that i'm an underage girl? mayu asks while tries to catch her breath 
no.. but don't worry nobady would know because you're going to wear a mask! yuko says grinning 
yuki chan you can't take longer ?can't you?..! sae says  while holds sayaka's hand
well i like to take my time! besides you're the one who came at this hours! where we going? yuki asks while brushes her teeth 
that's a surprise! sae says 
whatever! yuki says while goes back to the bathroom 
is really late sae! where you are going to take us?miichan
says while looks in yuki's fridge 
ssshh! is a surprise..sae says 
now i'm ready let's go! yuki says 
(driving to their destiny)
what's this place sae? yuki asks 
just let's get inside! sae says while pushes yuki inside of the building 
what the hell is this a club?miichan asks 
sort of! it's ladies night! sae says while makes everyone sit and call the waitress
girls night? look around ! mariko says 
ahh! there's only a bunch of guys! but it says "is ladies night" sae says while shows them a pamphlet
this is not this club! mariko says while puts her hand in her forhead 
so that means we are in a place for men! yuki says while covers her eyes with her hand 
stupid sae..! sayaka shouts 
hmm did you heard that yuko san? mayu asks while sees who is shouting like that.."EHHH.. that's yuki san and the bunch of girls of yesterday!" 
the lights turns off except the one on the stage..
what's going on? hey i came here to celebrate my friend's bachelorette so do something! sae shouts while puts her arm around yuki's neck 
you're going to marry..mayu murmures sad
mayu is your turn! yuko says while pushes her on stage 
mayu is standing on the stage without saying or do anything she's just looking at yuki
hey yuki that hot masked girl with red lingerie  is looking at you! miichan says while looks at her 
i know...yuki says murmuring and also making eye contact with mayu  hypnotized
the songs starts and mayu dances sensually 
yuki couldn't keep her eyes off her! 
the song ends..
mayu walks away..
yuki are you okay? all the girls asks 
that girl just blew me away...yuki murmures 
sorry for my english..
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
Post by: RenaChii on August 23, 2011, 10:34:47 AM

DON'T DO THAT~!!  :banghead:

Please update soon~  :)
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
Post by: pattinium on August 23, 2011, 02:24:47 PM
M M Marry !!!!!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooo
You shouldn't Yukirin !! Mayuyu is waiting for you !!! T-T
Who is Yuki's BF ?? I'm going to kill him !!!  :angry:
Please update soon  :)
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
Post by: cmze on August 25, 2011, 10:37:36 AM
                                   REMEBER ME 
sorry i didn't update yesterday i was tired..i said "i'm going to sleep five minutes and then update" but i ended up sleeping till the next day xD

yuki san are you paying to what i'm saying! yuki's assistant says mad 
mmm..yes! yes! i have to see a person..that..i don't know right? yuki asks while is writting something in her agenda
the person that you don't know is your father! answers the assitant 
ok,ok,i'll see him! yuki says still focus on writting
oh i almost forgot MR.Fujimoto is coming today! good luck with that yuki san! the assistant says smiling 
why today? and why are laughing on my pain? yuki says
sorry yuki san but it's funny! the assistant answers
i guess i have to hide early! yuki says while takes a deep breath and pouts
ok that's everything if you need call me! the assistant says while leaves 
ok! a resign yuki says 
why this happening to me? karma? but i haven't done anything to anyone! yuki thinks while opens her agenda:
masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked
girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl
(all the page) 
WTF? why did i do this? why i can't get you out of my head? get out of there! it's been a week! and you..and you are a... yuki shouts scratching her head like crazy 
how does it feel mayu chan? a bunch of girls asks
how does it feel what? mayu asks 
being hiro's girlfriend, silly girl! another girl asks
ummm..well.."FINE" mayu coldly says 
just perfect? the girls ask 
look i have to mother got me a job where she works so it's getting late..see you! mayu says while gets up of her seat 
lovetan follows her.."Mayu chan" "Mayu chan" wait! 
mayu stops walking and waits for lovetan...
what's wrong? lovetan asks
mmm i don't know what you're talking about! mayu says while starts walking 
first you're staying up all day listening to the class then you became hiro's girlfriend and you don't like him! so now tell me to help you! lovetan says
i'm fine! mayu says faking a smile
it's about her isn't it? lovetan asks while puts her hand on mayu's shoulder 
mayu breaks in tears and hugs lovetan "she's going to marry him..i wish i have never met her! i don't to feel this pain anymore.. i hate her!"
"mayu chan" i'm sorry i don't know what to say in a moment like this! lovetan says while hugs mayu
don't worry,i have to go.. now i have a job and i can't miss my first day! mayu says smiling while breaks the hug..
ok! we'll talk later..lovetan says sad
you must be mayu chan the new girl! a man says 
yes,i am..! mayu answers with a smile 
well i'm aki your boss just call me aki..!
ok aki,i'm watanabe mayu just call me mayu! 
alright what you're going to do is "food delivery" that means now! aki says while gives mayu a map of the place in the building that she has to deliver the food..
(after 40 min of delivering)
finally the last door..(mom how could you,i don't want to work and this is not the way to heal my pain!) mayu says growling while knocks the door..
knocks again 
mmm it seems like there's nobody is here maybe i should put it on his desk..mayu thinks while opens the door..
there's nobody is really cute office! 
mayu slowly puts the food on the desk away from the papers but she couldn't help reading while she's putting the food on the table..
masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked
girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl-masked girl
(all the page) 
ahh what is that? mayu walks to the other side of the desk to read better (because the way she was reading up side down) 
mayu hears someone  coming to the office.. and she was about to leave but a hand grabs her and pull her down..under the desk while other hand covers her mouth..
it was a really small place under the desk so they were really tight..
mayu saw the person who was covering her mouth,her face turned red..
the door opens and a male voice says "YUKI CHAN WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME?"
yuki and mayu were staring each others eyes hypnotized
(for yuki this moment those eyes were so familiar and she was also red!) 
(for mayu o "confusing but she was happy")
the door closes..and yuki still has her hand on mayu's mouth..
mayu takes the hand that was covering her mouth and removed it but no without look closely to ring on it..
you're going to marry! mayu murmures while let the hand  slips away fro hers 
yes,yuki murmures sad looking other way 
mayu says great for you! while gets out of under the desk
yuki follows her..'re the umbrella girl! yuki says smiling 
i'm not the umbrella name is watanabe mayu! 
ok,ok don't be mad! yuki says 
i'm not mad! mayu says 
yes,you are..i know people! yuki says smiling 
that comes from someone that hides under her desk to avoid people! mayu replies while is about to open the door
ouch! that hurts!yuki says smiling while walks to the door
(behind mayu) 
mayu turns around and says "sorry" 
the door opens again and this time pushing mayu against yuki (they were in the middle of the door and the wall) 
the more the doors opens the more mayu's body is pressed against yuki's body who has the wall behind her!
yuki pulled mayu closer into a hug to let the door opens more..
mayu hugged yuki too! 
the person who was opening the door closed inmediately when he didn't see yuki on her desk which was in from of the desk (that' s why he didn't see them because he just look in front of him) 
wow that felt like eternity! a red and nervous yuki says 
yes! a red and nervous  mayu answers 
(yes,they were still hugging each other) 
mayu broke the hug and left the office 
wait!! yuki says but mayu didn't listen 
mayu it seems like everything for can go home! aki says smiling 
ok,see you tomorrow! mayu says smiling she still couldn't believe what just happened 
mayu was walking home..while checks her phone..
a message from hero:
let's go to the fair tomorrow! ;)
a message from lovetan:
how are you?
a message fron yuko:
mayu chan call me..! 
mayu dials yuko's number and call her:
hey yuuchan!
hey mayu chan! 
how are you? 
i'm glad but why you wanted me to call you? 
ohh yes, yes do you remeber the night that you worked here? 
well do you remember that were a bunch of girls sitting in a table? 
well one of them is been stalking me,she wants your name! 
what? which one? 
what you are interest? 
yes.. i mean just curious!
well to satisfy your curiousity was the one with with a jacket dark hair, black eyes and tall! she had been coming everyday since that night! 
thank you yuuchan for telling me! 
am i miising of something good?
no, not yet! 
sorry for my english! 
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
Post by: pattinium on August 25, 2011, 12:40:17 PM
There is a reason behind Yuki's marry, isn't it ?? T-T I hope there is...
Hope that Yuki dont even love that guy too !!!!
Mayu should do something !!! to get Mayuki together >//<
Please update soon ^^
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
Post by: kahem on August 25, 2011, 03:12:48 PM
I love it especially the last chapter
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
Post by: cmze on August 28, 2011, 11:51:44 AM
                                   REMEBER ME 
sorry if i didn't update :( (my mom's birthday!) -_-

"yuki san!"" yuki san!"the assistant shouts while tries wake her up..
uhh..!? a sleepy yuki answers 
yuki san did you sleep here last night? the assistant asks while sits in front of yuki 
last night...yuki murmures looking up to the ceiling and remembering..
23:30 pm maybe i should go now..maybe tonight is my lucky night and maybe i can find her..MAYBE!
 it's been seven days..i should give up now that midget is not going to tell me a thing about her..but i just can't,i want no..i need to find her! even if she is a stripper wh..or whatever! yuki says to herself while gets up and goes to the parking to pick up her car..
(driving to the club) (in the club...)
i told you nooooooooooo! yuko says 
but c'mon! just her that so hard? yuki says while puts her arm around yuko's neck 
noooooooooo! yuko says 
what about this $200! yuki says smiling while show them to yuko who was with her jaw on the floor
yuko shook her head and said "well she's kinda a sensation here and many guys offered me more than that
yuki pouts and asks "what do you want exactly?" 
you should double the offer and i think that i might be thinking about it and btw i like the watch! yuko says grinning and putting her hand on yuki's arm 
my watch for a number! are you crazy? yuki asks mad
ok there's no deal so if you excuse me i gotta go! yuko says while walks away slowly 
OK! ok! take the watch! and here..this is all i got in my purse $150! yuki says waving goodbye to her watch and watching yuki putting it on 
ok then here is her number! yuko says while writes it on yuki's arm with a pencil..
is she comimg tonight? yuki asks looking to the stage 
i don't know but you should stay and watch the whole show is going to be great! yuko says smiling 
ok i think..i'm going to stay and wait for her! yuki says while looks for a table 
ok then..see you! yuko walks away 
(watching the show) (end of the show 2:30 am) 
yuki sighs and murmures  "no way..she didn't come AGAIN!" while gets out of the club and goes to her car
heyyyy *hip* do you know *hip* vomit!...
the guy just vomited on yuki (lucky for her she saw it coming and putted her purse to cover herself!) 
gross! yuki shouts while pushes him! and runs to a font that was many steps ahead..
in the font yuki washes her purse..then she notices that she just erased the number!
WHAT?!?!?! THIS IS...THIS IS UNBELIEVEBLE! IS THIS CAN GET BETTER! yuki shouts looking to up to the sky with a depressed aura
i don't think is a good idea play with water at this hours you could get a cold! a girl says 
does it matter? depreseed yuki replies with out turning around to look at the girl 
then yuki feels warm..the unknow girl putted on yuki her jacket making yuki to turn around to see her 
"YOU" a shocked yuki says 
hi! the masked girl says smiling
yuki still was shocked staring at her 
make a wish! the masked girl says while shows yuki a coin in her hand 
yuki looks at the girl then to the coin and nods to confirm that she made her wish 
both girls looked and smiled to each other then the masked girl threw the coin in the font and turn her head to look at yuki one more time 
(both were hypnotized looking into each other eyes)
hey you! move! i don't have all day long! yuko shouts 
i guess i'll see you! the masked girl says while walks to yuko's car 
hey what about the jacket? yuki shouts 
just give it back someday! the masked girl shouts smiling
yuki smiles back and watch them go..
yuki san! yuki san! the assistant says 
ohh yes,i slept here! yuki says smiling 
mayu chan wake's time to go home! lovetan says
ok..ok! a sleepy mayu answers smiling
what happen with you? yesterday you were dying for love and now you are smiling! lovetan says while both girls walks out of the classroom
well..mmm i have to go to work! mayu answers smiling 
hey! don't leave me like this,i want to know! lovetan says 
sorry i'll tell you later ok! mayu say while runs to get a bus
ok! lovetan says
(at the office)
hello mayu chan! aki says smiling 
hello aki san! mayu says 
here..deliever all this food please! aki says 
ok! mayu says while takes the food 
(delivering) (finally the last door) 
mayu stood there 5 min thinking about what to says or what to do in front of yuki..
mayu took a deep breath and then opened the door to find a mad yuki fighting with her computer..
calm down! mayu shouts while sees yuki ready to kick the computer 
mayu chan? yuki says while puts her leg back to normal!
 this computer needs technical support! yuki says scratching the back of her head 
yes,i can see that! mayu says while walks to leave the food on yuki's desk
WHAT?!? stupid computer! yuki shouts while sees her monitor "the file you're looking for doesn't exist" 
what's wrong? mayu asks 
this computer is posessed! yuki shouts 
ok! mayu says while moves yuki's chair and sits in between yuki's legs to watch the monitor 
(yuki blushes)
what's going on? mayu asks 
well..i..can..find..a file! a red yuki says 
ok let me find it for you! mayu says while presses her finger on the keyboard 
(after 10 min)
yuki was tired and couldn't help to rest her head on mayu's back and wrap her arms around mayu's waist
(mayu blushes but she loves feeling yuki that close)
ok got it! mayu says smiling 
mayi didn't hear a response so she moved her head a little and saw yuki sleeping..
aww poor yuki,she waited for me last night! mayu thought
LAST NIGHT (in the car with yuko) 
thanks yuuchan for calling me and let me know that she was tonight too! mayu says smiling 
well..don't worry!  yuko says grinning 
thank you! mayu says 
why you didn't spend more time with her? yuko asks 
because i don't want her to fall for this masked girl..i want her to fall for watanabe mayu! mayu answers
goor point! yuko says smiling 
and..i want her to remember me! mayu says blushing 
mayu smiled and leaned back so now she was resting her body on yuki's chest while putted her hands on yuki's hands and end up falling sleep.. 
sorry for my english
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Post by: kaizoku_gal on August 28, 2011, 01:03:54 PM
LOL Yuko making money  :lol:
MaYuki~  :heart:
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Post by: RenaChii on August 28, 2011, 01:46:16 PM
Finallt they found each other~  :wub:
I love the last scene~  :inlove:

As expected from Yuko~  XD

Please update soon~  :bow:
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Post by: kahem on August 28, 2011, 04:00:45 PM
Yuko understood all in the life hahahahah
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki>
Post by: cmze on August 29, 2011, 11:02:57 AM
                                   REMEBER ME 

yuki wakes up smelling a scent it was like jazmin and roses she opened her eyes and saw mayu sleeping on her (it was weird but she liked it) and the scent  came from mayu's hair 
yuki tries to moves her hands but she notices that mayu has her hands on hers so she can't move very much! 
yuki watched her monitor to see the hours but she sees the file that she was looking for.."she found it,there's no doubt beatiful and smart" yuki thinks while looks at mayu..
mayu starts moving  and opened her eyes,she looks around then puts her hands on her eyes and yaws..
mayu chan you're up! yuki says
ahhhh i'm sorry i didn't mean to..! mayu says while blushes
no i'm the one who has to say that! so cute mayu chan is blushing yuki says smiling 
i'm not! mayu says while takes yuki by her shirt and starts shaking her 
yuki san i was thinking..! oops sorry! the assistant says fast closes the door 
what's wrong with her? yuki asks 
mayu gets up,sighs  and says "it's not normal seeing two girls sitting in the same chair!" 
no,it's not normal that a girl of your age is mad all the time! yuki says smiling
i'm not mad! mayu shouts 
see! you got problems  mayu chan! yuki says (yuki likes to make mayu mad!) 
that comes from someone who is wearing the same clothes of yesterday and i'm the one who has problem with something! mayu says 
no,you got problems with everything! yuki says smiling 
whatever! mayu says while walks to the door 
mayu chan it's 19:00 pm would you like to grab something to eat with me? yuki asks 
mayu blushes..( 1 minute to process and jump around in her head!) "maybe"! 
maybe? but your turn is over! yuki says
you say that i'm always mad so why do you want to go to eat with someone that doesn't treat you right? mayu asks standing in front of the door and not looking back
yuki gets up and walks closer to mayu and answers "i don't know is just inexplicable like which was first the egg or the chicken? nobody knows and now just walk!" 
yuki opens the door and pushes mayu..
mayi chan asks anything you want i pay! yuki says showing a credit card 
how somebody can give you a credit card? mayu says smiling (mocking) 
inexplicable, inexplicable! yuki answers 
right,right, inexplicable, inexplicable! mayu says smiling
(both girls laugh)
the waiter gets their orders..
yuki yaws and says  "what a day,i'm still tired!" 
yes,what a day,you were sleeping 20 min ago,how can you be still tired?!mayu asks
mmm work! i guess..yuki says 
you know what.. you doesn't really seem to be the kind of person who cares about something! mayu says 
care about something? yuki repeats 
yes,i mean do you have any interest? you seem lost to me! mayu says 
lost!! mayu chan you are really smart! i think you just decode me..yuki says smiling 
why? mayu asks 
that's complicate mayu chan! i'm a complex person! yuki says smiling 
tell me!! mayu says looking at yuki with a serious face 
why do you want to know? yuki asks
inexplicable, inexplicable! mayu answers 
well.. since my mother passed away i..just don't care about many things ..i think i am just a zombi! pleasing everyone but me! yuki says in a sad tone
do you feel like a zombi now? mayu asks 
"NO" that's why i like mayu chan! yuki says smiling 
"like" mayu murmures and gets red 
"mayu chan" "mayu chan"! a guy shouts while walks closer
mayu turns around and murmures  " no way,not now! "
hey mayu chan! the guy says while sits next to her and gives her a kiss on her cheek 
hi hiro! how you knew i was here?  mayu asks not too happy
gps baby! hiro answers 
yuki just was staring at mayu 
your orders the waiter says while puts the food on the table..
mayu chan you are not going to introduce me? hiro asks
hiro,yuki san- yuki san,hiro! happy? mayu asks 
ohh why may girlfriend is so mad? hiro asks 
(girlfriend?? what? mayu chan is a too young! how she can have a boyfriend? stupid kid! i'm going to..wait a minute why am i thinking about killing this guy? am i jealous? no way! mayu chan is my friend! besides she's underage! why am i thinking about that?) 
yuki shook her head and started to eat 
(why you don't react? you said thet you like me!  seeing me with someone else doesn't bother you at all? am i thinking the wrong way that "like"? just give me a sign yuki chan please remember me!) 
mayu looks at yuki but then looks to her food..
mayu chan hurry up eating! remember that tonight is a special night! hiro says smiling
(WHAT SPECIAL NIGHT PERVERT! i'm going to kill this son of a ...) 
where you guys are going? yuki asks smiling 
to the fair! hiro answers also smiling 
ohh! great! yuki says smling 
(you don't really care! well fine...) 
mayu ends her food and gets up to say "thank you for everything  yuki san,now i have to go with my boyfriend good night! then she takes hiro's hand and drags him out of the restaurant 
your boyfriend! marry him.. i just don't care! yuki murmures mad..
WHAT?!?!?! yuki mad shouts 
sae chan? yuki asks 
what's with that mood? 
nothing a cyborg passed it over to me! yuki says 
a cyborg? 
hey we're going to the fair! do you want to come? 
aren't we a little old for that? 
we're just 20 years old..that's not old! 
ok! ok! let's go..
ok pick you up in 30 min at your apartament 
sorry for my english
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Ah they are playing ^^ I like jealous Yukirin
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Just kill him Yukirin !! -*-
Go and get him out of your Mayuyu !!!!!!!!!!!
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YEAH~!! KILL HIM KILL HIM~!!  :banghead:
How dare he touch Mayuyu~  :angry:

Please update soon~  :bow:
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                                   REMEBER ME 

mayu chan what's going on? hiru asks while mayu drags him out of the restaurant 
nothing! what you don't want to go the fair? mayua asks mad and looking other way 
yes,of course i want to go! hiro says while stops a taxi 
(At yuki's dept)
boyfriend! whatever! yuki says while enters to her dept..
she presses the button of the answering machine while throws herself on the couch 
"i still have the scent of her hair on my shirt.." yuki murmures while takes a deep breath
honey sorry this trip is going to take longer that i expected i'm sorry..i'll make it ip to you i love you bye! 
"Ren" yuki murmures 
yuki gets up and says  "oh i forgot the girls are coming!" while rise his hand to see her watch..
ahhhh that midget! yuki shouts while runs to shower
someone opens the entrance door! 
yuki are you ready? sae shouts entering in the dept with mariko,miichan and sayaka
mmmm.. define ready! yuki shouts 
why can't you be a punctual person! miichan shouts 
sorry! yuki shouts while gets out of the shower ..
(10 min later)
i'm hating her right now? mariko says 
i agree! miichan says with food in her mouth
i'm ready! yuki says 
finally! the four girls shout 
let's go,it's getting late! 
(attempt number 17)
mayu chan i'm going to get you that teddy bear! hiro shouts while tries to shoot to the obejects moving 
i don't even like teddy bears! mayu murmures and look other way (what?? what is she doing here?did she come for me? unbelieveble!) 
mayu looked to hiro then took his arm and said "hey i need to go to the bathroom but you keep working on that I WANT THAT TEDDY BEAR! "
don't worry mayu chan! hiro says while keeps playing
hey girls,i'm not a fan of this kind of games so i'll go away right now! yuki says 
don't be a chiken! mariko says 
i never thought straight girls were so gay! sae says 
that's easy for you to say you have a pair and you too!yuki says 
yuki is a chiken! sayaka mocks 
sae,miichan and mariko starts singing "yuki is a chiken"
there's no doubt i need to hang out with more straight people! yuki murmures 
ok! stop..i'm gonna do it! yuki says 
great! get on! sae says 
yuki sits and murmures covering her eyes "what i've done now i'm going to die in a roller coaster!"
hahaha so afraid! mayu says while sits next to yuki 
mayu chan! yuki says smiling while removes her hands from her eyes 
hey! mayu says 
where is your so called boyfriend? yuki asks pouting
getting something for me..! mayu answers 
(they start to move)
oh no we're going to die! yuki says looking both sides desperate
maybe i heard people dying because of this things! mayu says calmed and looking at yuki 
i gotta go..i don't wanna die! yuki says pouting and tears starts to show 
what? are you going to cry? scary cat! mayu says mocking at yuki
it's not funny haven't you seen the movie where people die in a roller coaster? yuki asks biting her nails 
final destination! mayu answers
yes, that one! yuki says still pouting to not cry
ok,ok just close your eyes and think about something happy for you! mayu says
yuki closed her eyes and felt that mayu grabbed her hand and blushed 
mayu felt that yuki's hand was cold (that was for not getting jealous about me and hiro thanks kami sama) 
yuki interlaces their fingers which made her heart beat faster than usual 
samething happened to mayu! 
(the game ends)
where's yuki? mariko asks 
she was sitting behind us! miichan replies 
there she comes! sayaka says 
hey girls..see i'm not a chiken! yuki says smiling 
whatever yuki! mayu murmures 
who's the girl? miichan asks while looks at them with a weird look 
she's mayu chan! yuki says 
wow you're fast yuki! sae says grinning and poiting to their hands (yes,they were hand in hand since they got out of the game) 
ahh! i forgot! sorry mayu chan! yuki says blushing while let go mayu's hand 
well i think i should go! mayu says 
no way not yet! sae says grinning 
let's go to the house of frights! miichan shouts
(sing: a pair per turn) buts mayu chan! mariko says while drags her in with yuki..
why we first? yuki shouts 
beacuse you're the youngest! bye bye! sae says 
(inside of it)
mayu takes yuki's arm..
what? mayu chan is scared! yuki smiling 
i'm not scared..i'm just cold! mayu answers pouting 
WRAAAAAAAAAAA..!!  a werewolf shouts 
AAAHHHHHHH...!mayu shouts and presses yuki's arm
 is just a man with a werewolf costume! yuki says laughing 
it's not funny! mayu says 
now who's the scary cat? yuki says smiling 
mayu pinches yuki's arm 
ouuch! i was kidding! yuki says smiling 
GRWWWWWWWWWWW! a man with an axe covered in blood shouts 
ahhhhhh! mayu shouts again pressing yuki's arm harder
my arm mayu chan! yuki murmures 
get me out of here! i don't wanna be here! mayu says 
ok! let's get out of here this guys are everything but scary! yuki says 
hey whoever is next,my friend is not feeling good we want to get out from the back door! yuki says 
ok! drecula says while guide the girls to the back door
thank you! both girls says 
now mayu chan what are you going to tell to your great boyfriend? yuki asks pouting 
i don't know..mayu answers 
he's so..whatever just forget it! yuki says 
 are you jealous? mayu asks teasing 
me what? no! hahaha yuki says 
right! i should go..mayu says 
no wait! mmm is late and take a taxi with hiro can be dangerous..i'll take you home! yuki says grabbing mayu's arm softly 
mayu blushed and said "ok"
great! let's go..
wait this is not your car! mayu says 
is sae chan's car! yuki says grinnig 
and how they are going home? mayu asks 
i don't know but they owe me,they made me got on that thing and made you got in that stupid house! yuki answers 
so they owe you! mayu says 
yes nobady mess with me and mayu chan! yuki says while drives 
(so cute yuki now i forgive you) mayu thinks 
(Out of mayu's home)
thanks for everything! mayu says while gets closer to give yuki a kiss on her cheek  but yuki moves (she was about to say something) causing mayu kiss her on her lips
sorry for my english!
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Mayuki is so cute !!!!! ><
I love this story as far as it goes !!
Thank you !! It's awesome
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Yuki look so jealous~  XD

Please update soon~  :twothumbs
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                                   REMEBER ME 
sorry for not update i'm a little bit sick.. i hope this chapter make it up to you!:) 

(At school)
hey mayu chan! what's going on? lovetan asks 
mayu lift up her head from the desk and answers "i feel terrible and i don't know what's worst? what my mom told me or she finds out that i'm love with yuki!"
what your mom told you? lovetan asks 
(Early morning) 
hey mom! mayu says while sits to breakfast
good morning your french toasts! 
thank you! where's dad?  mayu asks 
oh he had to go earlier a teachers meeting! mayu's mom answers smiling while eats
mom can i ask you something? mayu asks with a weak tone od voice 
sure honey,what is it? mayu's mom asks looking at her
what do you know or think about kashiwagi san? mayu asks while gives a little bite to her toast
kashiwagi san! well  she's a spoiled, disrespectful, unconscious person! mayu's mom answers 
why you say that? mayu says shocked 
i've worked with her and i know her! mayu's mom says 
what? how do you work with her? mayu asks 
his father asked me to show her the company and well she  always miss it,i have to call all the time to her cellphone but she never picked up and when she picked up ,she was drunk or partying, once she went to the company drunk and crashed her car against a bush..she comes to the company when she wants just because she's the doughter of the company's president so that means she our boss!  what is she causing trouble to you? i'll talk to her! mayu's mom says mad 
no,no,no mom stay away from her! mayu answers while gets up and goes to her room to get ready for school
what?!?!  is she like that?  lovetan asks 
no! of course not! she's is cute, protective,nice, sweet,'right i think i know the rest! lovetan interrupts
i just don't believe it! mayu says mad 
mayu chan you left me in the fair! hiro says mad 
mayu look other way and says "sorry i was feeling terrible so i had to go home" 
whatever hiro says while leaves the classroom..
do you left him in the fair? lovetan asks 
yes!  mayu answers 
why? lovetan asks 
yuki chan! mayu answers blushing 
why are you so red? lovetan asks examinating mayu's face carefully
i'll tell you later,i have to go to work! mayu says while gets  up and runs away 
yuki chan are you paying me attention! sae says while sits in the couch 
yes! yuki answers waking up..
ok,ok come here and talk to sae chan! sae says while pats her thighs
yuki gets up of her seat and sits on sae thighs..
now tell me what's going on? sae asks 
last night..last night...yuki says 
last night what? sae asks 
well last we kissed..yuki says 
who's we? sae asks 
mayu chan and i! yuki says blushing 
she's cute! how old is she? sae says smiling 
17! yuki says looking down 
what?!?! are you trying to get in jail? sae asks 
i didn't kiss her like a real kiss  was an accident but still! yuki says while touches her lips 
an accident?huh! did you like it? sae asks 
 i never kissed a girl before it was really weird but pleasantly! yuki says getting redder
hey! gender is not a problem..sae says 
it's not that is just that lately i been thinking about another girl too and I'M GOING TO MARRY THAT'S NOT NORMAL! yuki shouts the last part 
well,yes maybe is just pre wedding symtomps! sae says 
i hope so..! yuki says looking other way 
so what happen you guys kissed then? sae asks 
when i reacted she was already entering to her house,i was so shocked that i couldn't say a word! yuki answers
"yuki san" mayu says while enters to the office and sees yuki sitting in sae's thighs 
"mayu chan" yuki says while falls on the floor for the impression 
here's your food! mayu says while puts it on the desk 
"hey mayu chan" sae says smiling 
"hi"mayu says rolling her eyes while leaves the office 
hey mayu chan wait up! yuki says while gets up and rubs her butt 
run she's jealous! sae says 
yuki goes after her and sees her waiting for the elevator..
mayu chan! it's not..i don't care! mayu says 
really? yuki asks 
 yes,really! mayu says 
the doors of the elavator opens 
hey wait! yuki says whilw grabs her by her arm 
mayu release her arm and says "you know i'm usually nice and polite but you...aghhh!" 
mayu pushes yuki and enters to the elevator then stuck her tongue out to yuki..
"fire me if you want" mayu says while the eleavator doors are closing 
yuki was on the floor but she couldn't help laugh about it and says "i wouldn't fire mayu chan,i like mayu chan!" 
mayu face turns red and the elevator doors closed
 "who hell she thinks she is? just by telling those words expect me to melt! well.. i'm doing it!" mayu murmures mad
(at yuki's office) 
how did it go? sae asks 
i don't know! yuki smiling 
but you're smiling dumb! sae says 
she makes me laugh,i just can't help it! yuki says smiling 
i didn't know she was working here! sae says 
well she has like 4 days only! yuki says 
so 4 i get it! sae says 
you get what? yuki says 
that's the reason why you're coming to work everyday isn't it? sae asks smiling 
yuki blushes and says "no" 
yes, it is! you didn't care about coming to work because they'll pay you anyways! you used to come 2 days in a week and now you come to work everyday! sae says laughing and pointing at yuki 
no,it's not and shut up i have to work! yuki says looking other way 
(The next day)
i hate her! mayu says pouting 
why? lovetan asks 
because she's stupid! mayu says while puts her thing in her bag 
mayu chan you should forget about haven't thought that she's going to marry! lovetan says 
mayu sighs 
let's get out of here and i want an ice cream! mayu says 
what about your job? lovetan asks 
i don't care! mayu says 
well done..let's go! lovetan says 
mayu and lovetan are walking downstairs but then see a bunch of boys and girls watching something 
what going on? mayu says 
wow what convertible car!  lovetan says 
it's a  Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Roadster! a nerd guy says 
who's the girl in it she's hot? another guy says
she seems like she's waiting for someone of this school! a some girls says 
mayu and lovetan get out of the crowd..
it's not that yuki san! lovetan says 
yes,she is.. but i don't care! mayu says while takes lovetan's hand and keeps walking not noticing that the car starts following them
mayu chan! mayu chan! yuki says while goes right next to her with the car
mayu keeps walking and dragging lovetan
could you pay me attetion! yuki says while keeps driving next to mayu
"no" mayu shouts 
now you're doing it! yuki says smiling 
i don't understand what's going on! lovetan says 
join to the club!hey i'm yuki kashiwagi!  
hi i'm ota aika my friends call me lovetan! 
nice to meet you lovetan! yuki says smiling 
don't be friend of her mayu says while keeps dragging lovetan! 
mayu chan! hiro says while grabs her by her shoulder 
yuki gets out of the car..hey hiru kun why not you and lovetan take my car and go to buy anything you want! yuki says while shows them the keys and a credit car 
really? lovetan and hiro asks at the same time
yes,go! yuki says 
sorry mayu chan this car is screaming my name! lovetan says while gets on the car"we'll talk later!" hiro says while gets on the car and go away
you just gave your car to underage kids! mayu says while walks away 
mayu chan wait up! yuki says while follows her 
why are you so mad? yuki asks while walks behind her
you just a irresponsible and unconscious  person! mayu says while keeps walking 
yuki looked other way 
they entered to the park and kept walking without saying a word..
it's not that...yuki shouts while takes mayu by her back and making her loose balance and slips on the floor
sorry mayu chan! yuki says while is helping her to get up then mayu feels something wet on the tip of her nose just like yuki but she felt on her arm..both girls look up and says at the same time "RAIN" then looks to each other 
yuki sits on a seat i look up to see the rain falling 
mayu sits next to her..
"i don't know why i care about what you think about me! i just don't give explanations to anyone! why you are different?" yuki says looking other way 
mayu sighs and looks in front of her to the people runing for the rain 
"i just..i just..can't stand the idea of you hating me"yuki says looking other way 
mayu tries to put her hand close to yuki's hand but she didn't she just kept looking to the people in front of her 
when my mother died things changed..i changed..i know that i've done pretty mess up things in the past but..i would never do something to hurt you..if i did i'm sorry! i wished i could be the same person that i was before, i think you would like better..but after the accident i kinda loose her..!yuki says 
what do you mean you lose her? mayu asks 
well i lost half of my memories and after 5 years i still can't remember her! yuki says 
you lost part of your memories..mayu murmures sadly
all the things that i've done i guess i did it because i felt lonely and all the things i have doesn't fill me, what a spoil and pathetic girl!  yuki says looking down and hugging herself 
(it was cold  because of the rain and they were all wet)
mayu hugs yuki tighly and says "you're not alone you always will have me no matter what!" 
you just don't hate me mayu chan! yuki says crying 
i won't.. if you don't want me too! mayu says crying
(after 10 min hugging) 
both girls gets up and walks hand in hand to mayu's house 
(In mayu's house)
do you think is a good idea? yuki says
yes,will not come till really late and is raining like crazy,and i'm not going to let you go like this! mayu says while gives a towel to yuki and find her some clothes 
both girls changed their clothes (in different bathrooms of course xD) 
yuki looks closely mayu's room 
sorry about the messy! mayu says smiling while brought some food and put it on the table next tp her computer
my dept is worst! yuki says smiling 
yuki thowed herself to mayu's bed while mayu locked her door and throwed herself on bed next to yuki 
boty held hands and stared each other 
what about your car? mayu says smiling 
i doesn't matter! yuki says and then easyly fell sleep forgetting about the food..
sorry for my english 
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Tsundere Mayuyu~ LOVE IT~  XD

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Mayuyu wins !!! >///<
I really hope that thing will get better and of course sweeter >//<
PS. I jealous Lovetan and Hiro that have a chance to drive Yuki's car !!!!
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The car scene made laugh hahahhaa! Yuki, you are such a irresponsable person lol
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                                   REMEBER ME 
THE NEXT DAY..! (Saturday) 
yuki was sleeping with her right arm around mayu's waist while mayu has her head resting in yuki's shoulder so yuki was happy  breathing the scent of mayu's hair
Knock! Knock! 
mayu wakes up and so is yuki..
honey we're going out to the supermarket do you want to come? mayu's mom asks 
yuki sits and smiles preparing herself to say something but mayu covered her mouth and shouts "no,mom i'm ok"
ok,there's food on the fridge we will be back maybe half an hour! mayu's mom say and then goes downstairs 
when mayu reacts notices that she is on yuki and covering her mouth with her hand! 
mayu blushes while yuki was smiling 
mayu gets up and looks through her window her parents leaving in the car..then she turns around and see that yuki is not on bed anymore..
mayu goes downstairs then she  hears something in the kitchen,mayu goes to the kitchen and sees yuki preparing breakfast "so yuki chan can cook!" 
it's no science it's breakfast!what the cyborg girl can't? yuki asks smirking
MOVE! mayu says smiling
i'm not going to move,you have to prepare brakfast for me some other time! yuki says smiling 
mayu hugs yuki from the back and puts her chin on yuki's shoulder and murmures on her ear "there's no doubt i'll"
yuki blushes then breaks the hug and put the plates on the table while mayu bring the glasses 
they sitted and ate everything,yuki washed the dishes and went upstairs with mayu ..
 thanks for having me here mayu chan! yuki says while puts her black skirt on (she still has mayu's shirt on) 
why you have to go? mayu says in a sad tone 
well  i gotta look for my car! yuki says smiling 
do you need help with that? mayu asks 
if you want to help me i don't mind! yuki says 
ok let me get ready...
(after 15 mins)
yuki was laying in mayu's bed (she can't believe all this with mayu and she doesn't understand their relationship)
let's go yuki chan! mayu says while gets out of the bathroom with jer long black hair and a white simple dress which on her looked amzing! 
yuki was stunned (she doesn't know why her heart beats so fast? and why she's speechless?)
mayu moves her hand up and down close to yuki's face to wake her up! 
yuki shook her head and said "yes let's go" 
(Out of mayu's house)
wait a minute a gotta make a phone call! mayu says while pulls out her cellphone 
who to your boyfriend? yuki asks looking other way and pouting 
mayu smirks and says:
hey lovetan! where are you? 
mmm ok hey btw do you know what happened to yuki's car? 
ohh ok!! mayu says and then sighs 
what happened? what did she say? yuki asks 
a car pulls over..
mayu's mom and dad gets out of the car..
no way! mayu murmures 
what are you doing here? mayu's mom asks mad 
what? who are you? yuki asks 
yuki chan that's my mom! mayu says 
oh nice to meet you i'm kashiwagi yuki! she says while extends her hand 
mayu's mom slaps yuki's hand 
"MOM!" mayu shouts 
now you act like if you don't know me! mayu's mom shouts mad 
excuse me? yuki says 
go away and don't talk to my daughter again! mayu's mom says 
mom stop! mayu says while grabs her by her arm and also her dad grabs her by the other 
wait a minute is not that your shirt? mayu's mom says 
uhhh..yes is mayu's shirt! do you want it?  yuki interrups mayu and asks while take off the shirt and throws it to her (yes,she just had her blue bra,her black skirt and black boots) mayu's dad looked other way..
see you mayu chan! yuki says 
mayu takes the shirt and gives to yuki then mayu's mom takes mayu by her hand and pulls he inside the house..
why you never told me you were friends with her? stay away from her..she's not good! mayu's mom says 
why you say all that stuff,you work for her! mayu says 
no,i work for her dad! mayu's mom answers 
mayu's looks other way
now give me your phone! mayu's mom says 
no, it's my phone! mayu says 
not is not now give it to me! mayu's mom shouts and snacthes the phone 
mayu runs upstairs crying...
now where my car is? yuki complains while walks 
(In the night)
sae chan i'm telling you the truth her mother crazy she said many thinks that i can't remember! yuki says while eats her ramen 
are you sure? sae asks
i was't dreaming or drunk! yuki replies 
yuki san! a girls says 
huh? sae and yuki turns around 
lovetan! how are you? yuki says smiling 
not well..mayu chan..! lovetan says 
mayu chan..what? yuki asks while gets up of her table 
she left with hero! lovetan says 
where? when? how? yuki asks 
just i don't her mother called me worried,she though she was with me but i thought she was with you and now i know she's not with you! lovetan says 
yuki pulls out her cellphone..
is useless her mother has it! lovetan says 
great!  yuki says while puts her phone on her pocket
this is bad! sae says 
yuki puts her hand on her neck "what the hell is wrong with her? i just hope she's okay! 
honey say bye to yor friends let's go! lovetan's mom says
i have to go! lovetan says while walks away 
that dude has my car and my..GIRLFRIEND??sae interrups yuki..
my friend! yuki says while pinches sae's cheeek 
ouuch! i was kidding! sae says 
but your car doesn't have "hunter" or something like that? sae asks 
no,it's a classic i didn't to ruin it with technology! yuki says while slaps herself
(At yuki's dept 1:30 am)
yuki couldn't sleep so she went to the living room to watch  tv but tv wasn't enough to get her attention! the only thing that comes to her head is:
*where's mayu? 
*is she ok? 
*f%#ing kid,i'm going to kill you hero! 
*shit he's go my car and my..girlfriend?
Knock! Knock! 
yuki wakes up of her thoughts "who is at this hours?"and opens the door
yuki chan! mayu says while hugs her
mayu chan..are you ok? are you hurt? yuki says while exminates the little girl 
wait a minute! yuki says while goes to her room and gets out a baseball bat! 
yuki chan! mayu says 
where is hiro? i want to talk to him! yuki says mad
 i left him! mayu says 
yuki throws the bat on the couch and asks "why did you do this? i was so worried about you! yuki says whule hug her 
mayu blushes and says "i wanted to give your car and besides my mother doesn't want me to see you again!" (mayu cries)
mayu chan! yuki says while hugs her tightier 
let me stay here the night please! mayu says 
but..your mother! yuki says 
please yuki chan! mayu says crying even more
yuki breaks the hug and closes the door 
yuki guides mayu to her room..
in the room yuki gives mayu some clothes..(mayu changed in the bathroom) 
when mayu gets out of the bathroom sees that yuki is already on bed 
mayu lays next to her and asks her "can i hug you?" 
yuki looks at mayu with a sweet look and answers "yes"
mayu hugged yuki and both fell sleep..
sorry for my english..
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Mayu's mom is just.... T-T
Please forgive Yuki !! Mayuki need to be together !!!!!
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Rofl jealous Yukirin is so violent
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                                        REMEBER ME 
                                             9 (Sunday)

yuki moves her arm to hug mayu but she didn't feel anything so she opened her eyes..
maybe she's gone! yuki thinks holds back he hair and gets up of bed to go the bathroom then she hears someone in the kitchen so she goes downstairs and sees mayu making breakfast..
that's nice! yuki says smiling 
good morning yuki chan! mayu says smiling 
yuki stares mayu with a sweet look 
mayu noticed it and instantly got red and nervous that the pan was on fire 
"mayu chan" yuki says while takes the extinguisher and uses it..
(everything was mess up)
uff that was close! yuki says scratches her head 
i'm sorry yuki chan! i'm so sorry! mayu says 
what? why? this was fun! yuki says smiling 
fun? mayu says 
yes,look at you,you look terrible! yuki says smiling 
mayu pinches yuki's arm and says with a pout "well this doesn't suit you either!" 
mayu chan is cute and look great with my clothes! yuki says smiling and looking at her
muyu gets red and looks other way
did you call your parents? yuki asks serious 
yes, i did! mayu says also serious 
you can't do those things mayu chan,you can't just run away from home because your mother doesn't let you do things,she's still your mom and she wants the best for you 
got it? yuki asks 
but...mayu murmures 
no buts,i was really worry about yesterday and if i was "really worry" guess how worry they were! yuki says 
sorry! mayu says sad 
yuki puts her hand in mayu's cheek and looks at her...
Ring! Ring! Ring! 
you're not going to pick up? mayu asks's my phone! yuki says then she gets up and pick up the phone
hey yuki chan! 
hey sae chan! 
how are you? 
what's that mean? 
mmm...mayu chan is here!
what?!?!? now they're going to charge you for kidnapping a school girl! 
i didn't kidnapped her! 
yeah right! 
aaagghh what do you want? 
your dept! 
well i was planning something and i need your dept please yuki chan,if you help me i'll help you to kidnap more school girls okay! 
i'm not kidnapping anyone! yuki shouts mad 
i'm kidding relax! 
ok you know how to get in! 
but i need you to get out now! 
now? now? 
i hate you sae chan! 
you love me and you know it! sae says 
ok,we're out in 30 min 
thanks yuki chan 
you're welcome! good luck with the kitchen! 
yuki hangs up and says "well mayu chan we have to go" 
where? mayu asks trying to clean the kitchen 
let that alone sae can clean it,now go upstairs and get dress okay!  yuki says smiling 
(after 15 min)
both were ready..first they went breakfast then went to do shopping because mayu didn't want to go home yet..
(yuki couldn't day no to that little girl,she knew she was spoiling her too much but who cares as long she's happy for yuki was enough) 
time passed so fast in a blink of an eye it was already late mayu had to go home! 
walking to mayu's home..
i'm cold yuki chan! mayu says while grabs yuki's arm 
yuki with her other hand rubs mayu's arm to keeep her warm "i hope you had fun today mayu chan" 
with you always! mayu says smiling 
"mayu chan!" yuki says already blushing 
mayu gives her a quick kiss on the cheek which gives yuki another level of red 
mayu runs and shouts "catch me if you can" 
yuki was shocked by the kiss but then smiled and ran after her! 
they were running they entered to the park that it's close to mayu's home..
mayu stops running looks around and see that yuki is not behind her then she tries to catch her breath..
where is yuki chan? mayu murmures while walks 
this place is scary in the night! mayu thought 
"BOO" yuki says (behind of mayu) 
ahhhh! mayu shouts then turns around and pushes yuki to the grass 
ouch! it's me hahahaha scary cat!  yuki says between laughs 
mayu pouts and keeps staring at yuki who is still laughing like crazy and trying to get up..
mayu tries to push her down again but yuki was faster and said smiling "not again" and both end up rolling on the grass but this time yuki was on top! 
(why am i so nervous? why i can hear my heartbeats? is this girl the one responsible for this? and why i spoil this little girl so much? do i want to kiss her? should i?) 
yuki leaned closer to mayu who was also totally red..
(kiss me yuki chan! i want you to steal my first kiss and i want.. i want you to remember me) 
yuki was so close to mayu that she can feel her breath she was so tempted to kiss her but..she knew that it wasn't right so she decided to hold back and get up! 
laeving mayu speechless (she really wanted that kiss) 
mayu gets up and also gets up and starts walking 
all the way home was quiet, they didn't know what to say! so they preffered don't say a word 
when they were outside of mayu's door..they saw mayu's mom sitting outside waiting for mayu!
no way! yuki murmures 
"you" you're the one responsible for this! mayu's mom says while points her 
yeah,yeah! yuki says while looks other way 
"mom" i ran away because i wanted! yuki san was the one who told me to get back home so don't blame her! mayu says mad..
she did that? how? she's just a spoil brat and she was the one who put drugs on my office!  mayu's mom says (st
well i was like that but not anymore..WHAT? drugs! when? yuki asks 
drugs? mayu repeats 
no,no,no i would never do that! yuki says 
don't lie your father talked to me and apoilogized for what you did and even gave me tickets to disney world! mayu's mom says shouting 
disney tickets? yuki murmures 
now i see you're the one with that office! yuki says 
finally! mayu's mom says 
it wasn't drugs! yuki says smiling 
then what was? mayu and her mom asks 
a cat! yuki says smiling 
what?!?! mayu and her mom says 
i found him on the street on my way to the office so i couldn't leave him in my car so i took it with me to the building but when i was walking to my office one assistant  started shouting my name and fallow me so i saw a door an put it there! then that assistant dragged me to other office and that took me all day when i got back looking for the cat,it was gone then "i heard that in someone office found something but i never knew that gossip said that it was drugs and i never knew it was you! i mean i just looked to the number of the office and told my assistant to send to that person tickets to disney for him and his family..i don't think my dad said drugs! but if he did i'm sorry! here is the picture of the cat! yuki says while shows them the picture on her iphone..
a cat! just that! mayu's mom says laughing
i'm really sorry! yuki says with a bow
no,i'm sorry ..your dad never said drugs,i heard the gossip and know! mayu's mom says smiling 
i'm glad you cleared this! mayu says relieve
mayu's dad came home..
yuki chan would you like to dinner with us? mayu's mom asks smiling 
no,i don't want to bother you 
honey i'm glad you're okay! mayu's dad says while hugs i can't breathe! mayu says 
is not a bother c'mon! mayu's mom says while takes her inside the house 
thanks for bringing home my daughter! mayu's dad says
ok! yuki say she was so nervous (somehow she felt in the situation when a boyfriend meets her girlfriend's parents)
mayu helped her mother to set the table..
Ring! Ring! Ring! 
yuki san is your phone! mayu says 
right! right! yuki picks up and excuse herself
yuki chan.. i'm sorry i don't know what happen! 
what are you talking about sae chan! 
is your dept! 
what happen with my dept? yuki shouts 
well promise me you're not going to get mad! 
SAE CHAN! yuki shouts 
ok,ok..(sae clears her throat) well i was using the hot tib with sayaka and somehow it broke and know you're dept looks like a little river! sae says 
LITTLE RIVER! yuki shouts 
i'll promise i'll pay everything! sae says 
yuki hangs up
(mayu's family were listening the whole conversation but it was because yuki was shouting)
yuki gets back to the table..
is everything okay yuki san? mayu's mom and dad asks 
yeah! a not so happy yuki says 
i have an idea! mayu says 
what idea mayu?mayu's dad asks 
why yuki chan don't stay with us till her dept is fixed! mayu says smiling 
yes,you totally right! mayu's dad says 
no, no, it's okay! yuki says 
c'mon let us help you..i feel terrible for hating you all this time! mayu's mom says 
yuki looked other way and sighed
ok it's decided,yuki san is staying with us! mayu's mom says claping her hands 
everyone was smiling but the only thing that runs in yuki's head is that "if she can resist temptation living in the same house as mayu"
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Ahahahah little river!!!
I wonder what else Saeyaka did hehehe
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They are sleeping in one roof again~  :wub:

Curious what they are going to do later~  XD
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                                        REMEBER ME 

hello sorry for the waiting part!...hey i decided to put a little sasshi and lovetan here hope you don't mind! xD 

mayu chan! mayu chan! says lovetan while shakes her
mmmm..what uhmm lovetan! a sleepy mayu says 
now sleeping in class again! why? lovetan asks 
well ummm yuki chan is staying at my house! mayu says smirking while gets up 
what?!?? when? wait a minute you two..lovetan murmures while sees her hands 
"no,is just that..she stood up all night pretending to be working to not sleep with me in the same bed after what happened with us in the park " mayu says 
wait! what..what happened in the park? lovetan asks
"we..uhmmm.." mayu says while scratches her head
you what? lovetan asks losing her patience
we almost kiss! mayu answers blushing 
ALMOST KISS? lovetan shouts 
who almost kiss? hiro asks while kisses mayu's cheek
the couple in the dorama! lovetan answers 
why you kissed me? mayu asks 
because you're my girlfriend! hiro says smiling
not anymore! mayu says while takes lovetan hand and goes away 
what happened? lovetan asks
he crushed yuki chan's car! mayu answers mad 
so she's trying to avoid you! lovetan says 
yes, i hate that..and i don't know what to do!  mayu says weak tone of voice while keeps walking 
i have an idea why you don't call yuko and ask her,she's the only one i know with a girlfriend and she had the same problem that you do! lovetan says smiling 
mayu stops walking while pulls out her phone from her pocket "yes,she might know something" 
-Phone call-
(yuko was in the couch with nyan nyan,resting her head in nyan nyan's lap while nyan nyan was playing with her hair and at same time watching the tv)
hey yuuchan! 
hey mayu chan! what's going on? 
i wanted to ask you something! 
ask me! 
what did you do to catch nyan nyan? 
well the question is "what i didn't do to catch nyan nyan?" yuko says smiling 
hey,it was a hard time! nyan nyan says smiling 
that seems hard! mayu says 
well it's hard but do you want her? yuko askd 
of course i do! mayu answers 
then prove it,make your love be enough for both and don't give be up! yuko says 
use yuko's magic that means "BE PERSISTENT" nyan nyan says smiling 
look it's hard and there's gonna be a lot of tears but in the end is the best thing of the world! yuko says 
"be persistent" got it! thank you girls! mayu says 
awww yuko,you think i'm the best! nyan nyan says 
"NO" yuko answers 
nyan nyan pouts 
i don't think you're the best,i know you're the best! yuko says smirking 
now we get romantic! mayu says 
nyan nyan gives her a kiss on her cheek 
mayu chan go get your girl and hang up,you don't want to hear what's next! yuko says grinning
(mayu hanged the phone call)
yuko! nyan nyan says 
there's no doubt they're in love! mayu says while puts her phone on her pocket (mayu and lovetan were siiting)
mayu looks at her watch "Omg it's late,i gotta go to work bye lovetan".Mayu gets up and runs away 
lovetan smiles and looks next to her stupid mayu forgot,your bag! lovetan murmures 
 <<<<<<<<<<<<At yuki's office>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
you don't look good,yuki san! the assistant says 
i couldn't sleep all night! yuki says resting her head on her desk and pretending to be writting something 
why? the assistant asks
YUKI CHAN! mayu says while eneters to the office 
mayu chan! yuki says 
i brought you food! mayu says smiling 
thank you mayu chan! yuki says 
excuse me yuki san,i gotta pick up this call! the assistant says while gets up
yuki chan! mayu says while gets on top of yuki (sitting on yuki's thights) 
yuki was all red trying to avoid mayu's eyes 
mayu shouldn'! yuki says still red
like this! mayu says while wraps her arms around yuki's neck (a new tone of red on yuki's face)
mayu smirks and then gives her a kiss on her cheek (to be exact to fingers next to her mouth) then got off her and walks to the door "see you at home yuki chan"
when mayu was about to open the door,it openned by itself showing a stranger..
yuki chan! yuki chan! the girl shouts then she sees mayu
hello..who are you? you are really cute! the girl says while takes her hand
i'm.. i am (someone separate her hands) 
yuki chan! both girls says at same time!
she's out of your league! yuki says serious 
you don't seem happy to see me! why she's out of my league? the girl asks pouting 
of course i'm happy to see you sasshi and btw she's underage! yuki says smiling 
bad luck well i guess your assistant and that other secretary  are not that bad! sasshi murmures 
you'll never going to change! yuki says while hugs her
at least i came for your wedding that makes me a good person! sasshi says 
mayu looks other way (when she heard the word wedding
yuki notices it and looks down) 
this is sasshihara rino and this is watanabe mayu "the underage girl" yuki says making emphasis
ok,ok i get it now i have to go visit that secretary see you! sasshi says while leaves
wedding huh? mayu says looking other way 
yuki looks down sad
mayu is about to open the door but yuki takes her by her arm "mayu chan wait up" 
mayu chan,where i can find you? lovetan says while looks for mayu in all the offices "god why this building is so big?" lovetan complains 
oh that wasn't my intention i swear! a girl shouts while is running and another two girls are following her (coming to lovetan direction that's why she heard the shouting)
you're just playing with us! one girl shouts 
who you think you are? the other girl shouts 
i'm sorry! the girl shouts while speeds up!(leaving them really behind)
lovetan sees the girl coming and running to her direction.the girl didn't notice a little part of the rug was up so she slips and hit her head 
lovetan goes to help the girl but this doesn't react,she takes her inside the bathroom made her lay on the floor a  locked the door (couse those girls could come)
what did you do to those girls? lovetan says while throws her water on her face to wake her up 
the girl opens her eyes and sees lovetan "are you an angel?" the girl says still looking blurry 
no,i'm not an angel! lovetan answers blushing
the secretary and the assistant! the girl says while gets up and fixes her clothes 
oh the girls that were following you! lovetan says 
what's wrong with girls?you can't tell them they're cute because they think i'm proposing! the girl says mad
uhh you're a girl! lovetan says 
uhhm..the girl looks at lovetan and sees an uniform "are you're a school girl too!" the girl asks 
what the hell! the girl shouts while looks up 
yes! lovetan says smiling 
god,now i understant to the pedophiles! the girl says 
hey i'm sasshihara rino but my friends call me sasshi! she says while takes lovetan's hand 
i'm ota aika and my friends call me lovetan! 
hey,i think she's here! the secretary says 
shit! those two! sasshi says 
it's not their fault,it's your for trying to flirt with anygirl that you see! lovetan says
what? how you know about that? sasshi says 
i'm a school girl but i know! lovetan says 
i'm like to give love to those ones who need it! sasshi says 
yeah,yeah you're a good girl! lovetan says 
while the lovetan pushes sasshi inside of one cubicle and opens the door..
hey you! have you seen a little good looking girl? the secretry asks 
no,i haven't! lovetan answers while gets out

hey i'll continue this later sorry i gotta go to work! sorry sorry :( 
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Yeah Sashihara quality!!! or rather harassment lol
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Sasshi & Lovetan?!

So curious about this couple too~  XD

Please update soon~  :bow:
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waaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!  :frustrated:

why am i reading this now!!!!  :banghead:

anyways.... i love this fic!  :grin:

MaYuki!!!!  :twothumbs

and then you added RabuSasshi!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs


mamayuyu and papayuyu is now in good terms with yuki!  :nervous


i'm using my imagination now...

Yuki's assistant is Akicha and the secretary is Rie! ahahahaha  :nervous

update soon!

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                                        REMEBER ME 
hey somebody can tell's lovetan or rabutan? because i don't know and it's confusing

lovetan leaves the bathroom wothout looking back..
i think she's not here..let's go ask to kashiwagi san! the assistant says 
okay let's go! the secretary says 
sasshi heard the girls leaving so she got out of the cubicle and looked for lovetan 
hey lovetan! wait up! 
lovetan stops walking and looks back "what is it?" 
well i was thinking that do you want to grab something to eat with me? 
"NO" lovetan answers 
why not? sasshi says pouting 
because i don't play that kind of game! lovetan says 
what game? sasshi asks 
that game..girl to girl game..! lovetan says 
ohhh now i're so adorable,i wasn't thinking about playing anything i just wanted to thank you for helping me but if you don't want to go it's fine! sasshi says 
(noise of lovetan stomach)
oh now that i know well,i'm kinda hungry! lovetan says
okay where we go? sasshi says 
wait first i have to give my friend her bag! lovetan says 
what's the name of your friend? sasshi asks 
watanabe mayu! lovetan says smiling 
<At yuki's office> 
yuki grabbed mayu by her arm and pull her closer to her 
their forheads were conecting 
the tips of their noses were touching and they could feel each other's breath (time passes slowly) 
mayu chan why are you crying? yuki asks 
i'm not crying! mayu says 
yuki's hands went to mayu's cheeks and her thumbs wiped her tears away 
mayu blushed (the word "persistant" came to her head) 
she was slowly getting closer to yuki's lips and so was yuki..
kashiwagi san knows her! the assistant says while opens the door 
yuki turned around...
kashiwagi san do you know where is sashhi? the assitant asks smiling 
i don't know akicha! yuki says 
mayu exucused herself and got out of the office 
hey do you hear that? sasshi asks 
what? lovetan says while walks to yuki's office 
thank you kashiwagi san! akicha says 
sasshi opens a door and  pushes lovetan inside with her
what did she say? the secretary asked
she doesn't know! akicha says 
sasshi sighs and says "that was close" 
where are we? lovetan says 
it looks like a package store! sassho says while tries to open the door 
what's wrong? lovetan says 
i don't know it's hard,i can't open it! sasshi says trying 
let me see! lovetan says 
lovetan tries but it didn't work 
what are we going to do? livetan says 
ok,don't freak out,let's call someone ok! sasshi says 
lovetan sits on the floor 
oh-oh! sasshi says 
what's wrong? lovetan asks 
there's not signal! sasshi says 
what!?! give me that! lovetan says and press all the buttoms on it 
hey you're going to break it! sasshi says 
<mayu walking home> 
stupid yuki! why i can get you? mayu says while kicks a can of soda! 
i hate you yuki chan! mayu says a kicks it harder
a car pull over next to her..mayu chan! a guy says 
hiro..i'm not on the mood! mayu says 
oh c'mon i was joking when crushed her car! hiro says 
i don't care! mayu says 
c'mon get in! hiro says while extends his hand 
(another hand slap it!)
huh? hiro says 
mayu chan..let's go! yuki says in black mode
you know what... i think i'm going with him! mayu says 
yuki grab her by her arm, "you're parents trust me to get you home so now let's go"
"NO" you're not my mother or may father or my sister you're nothing yuki to me,you can't tell me what to do!mayu says mad 
"fine" yuki says and let go mayu's arm and starts walking home..
mayu get in! hiro says 
what? mayu says distrated by looking yuki walking away
you said that you're coming with me! hiro says
go and chase a girl who wants you! mayu says while runs after yuki 
yuki is walking (she's right i'm nothing to her! she can do whatever she wants..i don't care!) 
mayu was three steps behind yuki.."what happened what you're not with him?"
"i was proving a point" mayu says while puts herself in front of yuki..
what point? yuki asks
(and again they were inches away from each other lips)
"that you're not nothing to me!" mayu says while turns around and keeps walking 
they got home..(mayu's parents weren't at home
 yuki went to the kitchen while mayu went to her room but then decided go to the bathroom 
yuki ate anything she found and went upstairs putted her headphones on...opened the door of the bathroom and started brushing her teeth (mayu was about to put the shampoo so she had the close "(the water key) i don't know how that calls in english"
mayu opens the curtains and shows all herself to yuki..
yuki looked to her left because her reflexes told her too but when she saw mayu she was stunned her brush teeth fell on the floor ( mayu was as beutiful as she though she was) and the worst part she smiling at her! 
mayu honey are you there? mayu's mom asks 
yuki picks up her brush teeth and runs inside of the shower with mayu and closes the curtain 
mayu smirked because yuki was red like a tomato and says .."Yes mom i'm here" 
mayu's mom gets in..
mayu got closer to yuki while yuki was looking up to not look mayu's body (even thought she was dying to see) 
honey here is your pj! mayu's mom says 
ok thank you! mayu says 
ohh almost forgot your dad asked me for some pills! mayu's mom says while looks for the pills 
(why she's taking so long..who cares about the pills) yuki thought..
mayu was smirking she knew she had yuki where she wanted and this is her chance and she's going to blew it
yuki had her eyes closed but all the sudden she felt something on her lips...she opened her eyes and saw mayu kissing her! (she couldn't do anything..this time she can't run) mayu's mom is a few centimetres away so get out of the shower doesn't seem a good idea and stop the kiss doesn't seem a good idea eather! 
sorry if is too short but i'm tired and i have to work! :(
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Yay! Kiss in the shower! Mayuyu is such a little devil hehehe
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Yahhhhhhh~  XD

 Mayuuuuuuuuu~  :wub: :inlove:

btw, lovetan and rabutan, all are her nickname  :)

and thank for update :twothumbs , i know u busy (me either LOL), so fighting!!  :fap
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Lovetan & Rabutan have the same mean~

At Japan they read Lovetan as Rabutan~  :yep:

I like the new chapter~  :wub:

Please update soon~  :twothumbs
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Perfect timing, Mayu!  ;) Fight for Yuki!

Please update as soon as you know.  :)
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                                        REMEBER ME 
yuki couldn't believe what she was doing..
mayu was kissing her and she was kissing her back and it wasn't a simlpe kiss.. it was a kiss full of passion
yuki had already her arms around mayu's neck while mayu  has her hands in yuki's waist pulling her closer and closer
(noise of the door closing) that means mayu's mom left..
that noise woke up yuki senses her reaction was look at mayu and run away from the bathroom 
"yuki chan.." mayu murmures and sighs
mayu ends up showering and went to her room when she entered found yuki already sleeping..
mayu gets closer and lays next to her...
(why you deny it,you love me as muches i love you!) mayu thought while looks yuki's back..
yuki in other hand,she was pretending to be sleeping but the truth she couldn't stop thinking about that kiss and why she liked it very much? 
<at the office> 
i don't think there's somebody here,i think every one just left! lovetan says afraid 
maybe you're i think is time to get confy and wait till someone open this door tomorrow! sasshi says
lovetan pouts then sits...
 sasshi also sits but shr notices that lovetan is shaking..
sasshi gets up then takes off her blazer and  gives it to lovetan..
but..lovetan object 
you're the younger,so you wear it! sasshi says smiling 
thank you sasshi! lovetan says smiling too
couple minutes later sasshi sleeps on the floor while lovetan is sleeping sitting 
(hmmm mmm..)
lovetan heard those noises and openned her eyes,she saw sasshi shaking for the cold weather..
lovetan crawls to sasshi slowly then she hugged sasshi to keep her warm..
sasshi  smirked but because she was dreaming something pervert (obvius with lovetan) 
in the middle of the night sasshi putted her hand on lovetan's thigh making her way up..
lovetan feels it and slaps to the sleeping sasshi..
OUCH..!! "what was that for?" sasshi says while brushes her cheek were trying to do pervert things on me! lovetan says blushing 
huh? what? when? sadshi asks 
just putted your hand on..sasshi blushes and interrupts  "sorry,sorry,sorry" 
sasshi goes to the corner of the room (as far as possible from lovetan) 
what are you doing? lovetan asks 
staying away from you,i don't want pervert a adorable and pretty girl like you! sasshi says blushing 
for lovetan those words melted her heart so she snuggled close to sasshi 
but what happen if my han slips? sasshi asks afraid
i'll slap you! lovetan says smiling
got it! sasshi says 
mayu couldn't sleep ..she was just staring yuki's back..she can't help that her hand rubs yuki's back slowly then to her hair..
mayu didn't know but yuki was also up.. 
mayu gets closer to yuki's face and murmures "should i let you go?" while leans to kiss her cheek ...
yuki feels mayu's kiss and also what it seemed a tear,she couldn't resist anymore she had to do something..
yuki turned around still sleeping and wrapped her arm around mayu's waist 
now mayu was facing a sleepy yuki ..mayu gave her another kiss on her forhead and murmured "I LOVE U" 
then mayu finally could sleep and also yuki...
*The next day*
mayu woke up ad notices that yuki wasn't by her side she went dowstairs..she heard yuki and her mom making breakfast..
mayu smiled and went to the bathroom...onece done mayu went downstairs to breakfast with everyone 
good morning! mayu says 
good morning mayu chan! yuki says 
good morning sweetheart! her mom and dad says
mayu sits and starts eating her breakfast..
(5 min eating)
it was delicious! yuki says rubbing her belly then gets up and goes to the room to look for her purse 
mayu also goes to the room..she sees yuki looking for something,she figured what yuki was looking for..mayu picked yuki's purse last night and putted in her bookcase..
mayu walks to the bookcase and takes the purse..
looking for something yuki chan? mayu says smiling
yuki turns around and sees mayu with her purse "yes mayu chan can you give me my purse? yuki says while walks closer to mayu and tries to take the purse!
ah, ah ,ah! mayu says an puts the purse behind her
mayu chan give me my purse i gotta go to work! yuki says 
mmm not yet! mayu says smirking 
yuki tries to take the purse again but failed the cyborg girl was faster 
yuki tries again but this time mayu stole a short but pleasurable kiss 
yuki blinked.. she never those were mayu intentions
mayu was smirking while yuki sighed and left the room..
sorry if is too short i'm tired!! 
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Lovetan and Sasshi!  :lol:
i can't focus!!!!
 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

update soon!
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Wow the kiss!!! Go go go Mayuyu
And lol Sashiharassment ^^
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I LOVE all the pairing~  :wub:

It's so rare to see Lovetan X Sasshi pair so I love it~  :inlove:

Please update soon~  :twothumbs
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                                     REMEBER ME 

Sasshi was staring lovetan while she is sleeping "wow she's tatally cute! what? why i'm thinking something like that? she's a school girl (facepalm)..god that skirt suits her so well! i wanna touch! i wanna touch! what a creamy thights!" sasshi thought while leans to see closer to lovetan thighs and maybe..just maybe... sleep on them! 
(the door opens..) 
who are you? a man asks 
sasshi got red "did he relized what i was about to do? did god sent you?" sasshi thought 
i'm...i'm sasshihara rino and we got locked up here! 
what's going on? a sleepy lovetan says while sits 
this door has problems i told the manager about it be never listen! the man says 
lovetan let's go! sasshi says while helps her to get up and takes her by her hand..
where we're doing sasshi? lovetan asks while looks that they're behind a flowerpot
hiding! sasshi answers while looks if not akicha or the secretary are around (i don't what name put her xD)
you and your troubles! lovetan says 
clear zone! sasshi says smiking 
(lovetan sighs)
c'mon i'll invite you something to breakfast! sasshi says smiling (still has lovetan's hand) 
there you are! akicha shouts 
sasshi pouts "not now!" 
what is this means? akicha says pointing to sasshi's and lovetan hands what it looks like! sasshi says 
(akicha slaps her!)
i knew you were a pervert but i never knew you were a pedophile! akicha says while leaves 
that must hurt! lovetan says 
yes, it does! sasshi says while brushes her cheek 
lovetan..! sasshi says 
what? lovetan answers 
don't ever mess with the assistant and secretary of your best friend! sasshi says 
i told you..i don't play those games! lovetan says 
kashiwagi san sign here please! a guy says while walks next to yuki 
okay..(sigh)! yuki says while walks next to the guy 
yuki chan! sasshi says 
sasshi what are you doing with the same clothes of yesterday and why's lovetan with you! yuki asks while walks closer to sasshi pinches her cheek 
i swear i didn't do anything to her! sasshi shouts 
so,what did i told you? yuki asks still pinching sasshi cheeks 
c'mon yukirin it hurts! sasshi says 
ok..then i have to go to'll leave you two alone yo feel free! lovetan says then starts walking to the exit
lovetan don't run away coward! tell her that i didn't do anything to you! BLACK YUKIRIN it hurts!sasshi shouts 
yuki let go sasshi's cheeks and says "as long you stay away from mayu pervert!" 
ouchhhhh they should call her "betraytan" ahh what? wait a minute.. look who's talking..! sasshi says pouting
what are you talking about? yuki asks
you thought sae chan didn't told me that you kissed her! 
"what? how she knows? she kissed me in the shower!" 
in the shower? she never mention a shower! sasshi says with a pervert tone 
yuki got totally red and ignored sasshi and went to her office..
sasshi followed her she wanted to bother her...
<yuki's office>
what are you doing here? YOU MEDDLER! yuki rises her tone of voice 
me why? sae asks 
did you know that yuki chan and mayu chan kissed in the shower? sasshi asks 
really?.. how that happened?sae asks surprised 
yuki blushes and looks other way 
was it good? sasshi asks looking closely to yuki 
the more sasshi looks closely to her the more red she gets 
wait,wait i wanna know everything! sae says 
yuki sighs and sits "this is not okay mayu chan is not acting properly since i moved in..i'm thinking about leaving"
what? why? sae asks 
what's that "she's not acting properly"?sasshi asks 
she's been..she's been...
she's been what? sae and sasshi says 
she's been tempting me! yuki says all red 
like what? sae asked 
i was listening to music so i didn't know she was in the shower then she opened the curtains and showed me "all her anatomy" yuki says embarrased looking other way
all her anatomy?!?! sasshi and sae say at same time 
yuki gets of her seat and takes the agenda and beat sasshi and sae with it..!! 
what was that for? sae asks rubbing her head 
yes,what was that for? sasshi says mad 
you two were imagining mayu chan naked!!! yuki shouts mad and taking a deep breath controlling herself
were you thinking about a hot mayu chan naked? sasshi grinning asks to sae 
yuki hits sasshi again with the agenda and gives a glare to sae..
"Yu- yu- yukirin i-i wasn't think-thinking about a hot ma-mayu chan na-naked!" 
listen sasshi you can think about every girl in the world but not mayu! are we clear? yuki asks grabbing sasshi by her shirt 
black yukirin! sae murmures 
ok,ok, i can think about mayu chan but not every girl in the world! sasshi says 
yuki pinches sasshi's cheeks..
ouuuchhh yukirin it was a mistake! sasshi says 
<At school> 
Sports class 
lovetan you look terrible! mayu says smiling 
i slept in yuki's work... lovetan says 
why? mayu asks 
well something with sasshi! lovetan says 
sasshihara rino,yuki chan's friend? mayu asks 
yes her! why? lovetan says 
nothing happened between you and her? mayu asks 
no..of course not! lovetan says blushing 
lovetan! mayu says 
ok,ok, we cuddle! lovetan says blushing 
alright let's change the topic what about you and yuki chan? did you give up already? lovetan asks 
i never going to give up! mayu says determinate 
she's going to marry..! lovetan says
i saw her first..she's mine besides she doesn't love him! mayu says mad 
how you know that she doesn't love him? lovetan asks
easy! because she let me kiss her! mayu answers
you let you kiss her! lovetan repeats 
watanabe mayu you're next! the teacher says 
it was steeplechase...
mayu was mad for the conversation that she had with lovetan she was running but she couldn't help to think about that awful word that can separate her from yuki
"marry" for very first time she hate that word 
watch out mayu chan! lovetan shouts 
too late mayu didn't saw an obstacle and fell she rolled on the floor
everyone went to her rescue and took her to nursery! 
<At yuki's office>  1 hour later...
so mayu chan wants you! sae says whilw rubs her head
mayu chan is really hot so it's normal tha you can't avoid her..mean she's a very attractive girl! sasshi says but remembered that she said that mayu is hot so she covered herself waiting for the agenda to hit her 
(yuki sighs)
"as your friend i'll tell you that ypu should avoid jail" sae says serious 
yuki crossed her arms "i know" 
you know what if you stay away from mayu,i'll stay away from lovetan what about that? sasshi says 
lovetan do you like her? yuki asks 
a lot! sasshi says 
ok then you're right "we gotta finish whatever is going on with us!" yuki says with her fist in the air 
sasshi and sae also rises their fists 
hi yuki chan! mayu says while opens the door 
yuki looks at mayu and see that she has wounds all over her body 
what happened to you? yuki asks while walks closer to mayu and puts her hands on her shoulders 
sasshi please watch lovetan is in the lobby alone! mayu says staring at sashhi 
well..what we talked earlier we can put it on practice tomorrow not now! sasshi says smiling while  walks quietly to the door 
i have to go to do something that i can byeee! sae says and closes the door
yuki sits mayu on the couch...
what happened? somebody did this to you? yuki asks 
no,i fell easy yuki chan! mayu says smiling
i'll go get ice! yuki says 
mayu grabs yuki's hand and pull her to sit next to her 
"i don't need ice...i need you!" mayu says while hugs yuki 
you sure that it doesn't hurt! yuki asks concerned with a sad look 
i never said that it didn't hurt! mayu says while breaks the hug..
is there anything that i can do for you? yuki asks 
maybe..maybe a kiss can help! mayu says grinning 
yuki stared at the younger girl then leaned closer to the younger girl lips (forheads conecting,tip of noses touching,feeling eachothers breaths) 
yuki smirked and moved her lips to mayu's cheek..
she kissing mayu's cheek...
mayu blushed and murmured "you cheater" while yuki was kissing her 
yuki stops kissing mayu and says "you never said where"
both girls smiled to each other! 
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Mayuyu so aggressive~  XD
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                                        REMEBER ME 

So how's going everything with you and Mayu chan? Sae asks while reads a magazine in yuki's office
what's with me and Mayu chan? Yuki asks while is also reading some papers on her desk 
that's the answer! Sae says smiling 
you know you were right..i mean i love Ren..i was only 
having prewedding stress! right? Yuki says 
yes totally! Sae says smiling
(Door opening)
hello girls! Sasshi says smiling 
i thought you were broken hearted because of your imposible pedophile relationship with Lovetan! Sae says amazed 
well..she's not the only underage school girl in the world! Sasshi says smiling 
what?!?? Yuki and Sae reacts at the same time
easy i'm just kidding i like Lovetan but she's underage and i get that.. i just gotta wait 1 year to put my hands on...JUST SHUT UP! Yuki interrups 
i think it's been a week since you're totally ignoring Mayu! right? Sasshi asks 
yes! Yuki says sad 
How is she dealing with that? Sasshi says 
Normal! Yuki says with a sigh 
Yuki was showering but for some reason the water turned hotter...
Yuki was sleeping and someone punched her on her face in the middle of the night..
Yuki's work uniform was dirty with black paint..
Yuki's phone disappeared...
Yuki's car was out of gas! 
Yuki slept on the floor all week 
Yuki's alarm never woke her up (monday) 
and a bunch of things that she can't remember the thing is that she had the worst week ever! 
(At school) 
Mayu chan what's going on? you seem really mad why? Lovetan asks while gather her things 
"nothing" Mayu answered mad and crossing her arms
don't tell that it's for Yuki chan! Lovetan says 
what the hell i swrong with her? why she can not admit it? huh! Mayu says mad
i don't know mayube BECAUSE SHE'S GOING TO MARRY! Lovetan says and rises her voice 
i told you she's not going to marry! and where is he? why he's leaving her all alone? Mayu asks mad 
i don't know mmmm... wait a minute! Lovetan says and checks her phone 
who is it? Mayu asks rising an eyebrow
nobody hahahaha! i have to go Mayu chan see you later and leave alone Yuki chan! Lovetan shouts while runs waving goodbye
(Mayu sighs)
"Now to Yuki's office!" Mayu says determinate with her fist in the air
who's texting you so much? Yuki asks 
nobody mmmm hahahaha see yoh later! Sasshi says nervous and runs away 
wtf? Yuki and Sae thought 
maybe she's doing something with Akicha! Yuki says then sighs 
or maybe Rie! Sae says confused
or maybe both! Sae says grinning
"Sae chan!" Yuki says facepalming herself 
whatever you know her! she flirts with anything that moves! Sae says smiling 
yes,you're totally right! Yuki says 
hey you get in! Sasshi says smiling in her car 
mmmm i don't're a pervert who likes school girls! Lovetan says with her finger on her chin 
i'm not a pervert! i like to give love to any creature of god..I'm a love giver! Sasshi says smiling 
P-E-R-VE-R-T! Lovetan says spelling
you were the one who invite me to eat! Sasshi says 
just because you owe me food! Lovetan says 
ha! you know you missed me girl! Sasshi says smiling 
i missed food! looks at this as a don't have eat alone! Lovetan says looking other way
now i feel use! sasshi says with a depressed aura
 Lovetan couldn't help but smile without sasshi notices (the true she loves sasshi's company..they been hanging a lot this week xD) 
btw keep hands off me! Lovetan says 
i told you it was an accident my hand moves by itself
she has life on her own..i can't help it when a pretty girl is around! Sasshi says growling while drives 
(Lovetan smirks again without Sasshi notices) 
ok let's go for ramen! Lovetan says smiling
yes,there's no doubt that"you're not glad to go dinner with me!"Sasshi says smiling
shut up pervert! Lovetan says looking through her window
ha! looks like Sae chan forgot her magazine!Yuki says smiling while reads the cover 
"how to be the perfect lover? how to make her go crazy on bed?" 
wow! Sae chan reads this bullshit ha who ever thought that? Yuki murmures grinning 
(Door opening) 
huh! Mayu chan! hey! Yuki says nervous while hides the magazine behind her 
now you're talking to me! Mayu says whilw puts Yuki's food on her desk
hmm don't know what talking about! Yuki says while drops the magazine and hide it under the couch with her foot..
i'm saying that you're a coward who doesn't deal with her feelings! Mayu says mad and slowly getting closer to Yuki to the point of being in front of her a few centimetres from her lips 
i'm not a coward and i know my feelings i don't have to deal with anything! Yuki says looking other way
that's what you tell yourself everymorning to forget about me? Mayu asks with her hand on Yuki's cheek to make her look at her 
i don't feel nothing! Yuki says coldly 
you're a coward! a coward! Mayu says with tears on her eyes after slapping Yuki
I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! can't you see? Mayu shouts crying 
Yuki stood there frozen processing those words again
and looking other way..! Mayu says between sobs 
Yuki putted her hand on Mayu's cheek and stare her for a bit before to proceed to pull her up for a kiss..
a long,deep and passionately kiss..
Mayu couldn't believe it Yuki was kissing her finally the kiss she was expecting the last 5 years!
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Tsundere Love-tan ^^
Rofl Sae's magazine, it's for Sayaka?
Go go go Mayuki!!!
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incredible! :twothumbs :twothumbs :bow:
I love those moments of sasshi and lovetan! : :inlove:
I'm new here hehe!!(
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                                  REMEBER ME 
                                  15.I LOVE U! 

Yuki was on the tub,she needed some time to think or relax.She just kissed Mayu,she doesn't have a excuse she likes Mayu..A LOT! but all the way home nobody said a word about it when they got home 
Yuki went to bathroom while Mayu went tl the fridge and sitted in the living room..(Mayu's parents are not at home)
you kissed me and then regret! what the hell is on your head yuki? Mayu thought while gets up and look upstairs.."Maybe i should.." Mayu murmures 
okay Mayu this is your last show her that "she's yours" Mayu says to herself while walks upstairs she slowly opened the bathroom door,she saw Yuki relaxing in the tub with her eyes closed..
Mayu took off her clothes and got in on the tub she was careful to not making any noise or something that make Yuki open her eyes..
Mayu stared Yuki's face she looked so good and desireable.. all the sudden she felt the urge to kiss her 
and she did exactly what she wanted..
Mayu kissed Yuki..
Yuki opened her eyes and saw Mayu inside the tub Kissing her..Yuki putted her hand on Mayu's neck to pull her closer their kiss was soft at first but when Yuki putted her hand on Mayu's neck it became more agressive bkth girls needed to breathe they broke the kiss but stood in the same position just a few inches from eachother lips, Mayu gave the first step and kissed her again with the same intensity of their last kiss..then Mayu pulled her even closer she was devoring Yuki's neck she even left a mark on it..
Ma-Mayu chan.. no-not okay! Yuki says 
what? why you keep denying? Mayu says while stop kissing Yuki's neck and looks at he in the yes 
Yuki sighed then touched Mayu's face and gave her a sweet kiss on her lips "I LOVE YOU!"
Mayu who was about to cry smiled "I love you too Yuki chan!" 
both girls smiled to eachother 
Mayu tried to get back where they were by kissing her but Yuki avoid it "mmm about that I DON'T WANT TO GO TO JAIL!" Yuki says smirking 
you're so mean Yuki chan! Mayu says pouting and crossing her arms 
~~~~~~~~~~Lovetan ~N~ Sasshi's dinner~~~~~~~~~
(At the restaurant) 
what are you doing? Lovetan asks 
nothing! hahaha! Sasshi says smiling nervous 
Lovetan looks back and see girls waving at Sasshi
what the hell? Lovetan said 
are you jealous Lovetan? Sasshi asks happy 
ha! me jealous of you..are you crazy? pervert! Lovetan says pouting 
don't call me pervert i already explained you! Sasshi says pouting 
hello! how are you? one of the girls says to Sasshi (btw ignoring Lovetan) while sits on their table 
hi! Sasshi says smiling
wait a minute..who told you can sit with us? Lovetan says in a bossy tone 
huh? who are you? The girl says 
mmm My little sister! Sasshi says smiling and covering Lovetan's mouth 
the girl was looking at her with a face tgat says "wtf?"
(mmmbbm)( mmmbmm) hahahha don't pay her much attention she's mad all the time without any reason! right my grinch?Sasshi says smirking 
(mmmbbmm hmmmm <- Lovetan trying to speak!)
okay..hummm we were thinking if you want to come to this new club called cloud with us! The girl says smiling and making signs to the other girls 
that sounds great! Sasshi says 
(Lovetan bites Sasshi's hand)
ouch you son of a... Sasshi shouts 
everyone in the restaurant look at their table
Lovetan took her things and walks to the door
hey! what  you think you're doing? Sasshi says while goes after her leaving the girl there with her bill 
(on the street)
go away! Lovetan shouts while walks faster 
hey sorry i didn't mean to mess your mother! Sasshi says while runs after her 
shut up! Lovetan shouts and also starts running 
hey you bit my hand that hurt! is not enaugh? Sasshi asks while shows her hand running 
i don't to see i don't care..go with your bitches! Lovetan says while runs 
my bitches? omg Lovetan is jealous! Sasshi shouts happy 
no,i'm not! Sasshi shouts and keeps running but for bad luck Sasshi is faster 
Got'cha! Sasshi shouts while jumps on Lovetan 
(they rolled to the grass and Lovetan ended up on Sasshi)
you know at school sports wasn't my favorite class! hahaha! Sasshi says smiling then looks at Lovetan who is hugging her chest 
Sasshi's it's all red and her heart beats faster every second that passes
they stood like that for a while..
Sasshi was staring at the stars while lovetan fell sleep on Sasshi! 
what a girl! Sasshi thought
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
good morning dad.. mom Yuki chan! Mayu says happy and smiling 
good morning sweetheart! Mayu's dad says while reads the newspaper
hey! Yuki says smiling 
good morning honey! here's you french toast! Mayu's mom says 
thank you! Mayu says while sits 
you seem really,is something special today? Mayu's mom asks 
"yes!"Mayu answers happy
what is it? Mayu's dad asks leaving his newspaper
well today we're going to a museum and you know i love those things! Mayu answers happy 
have fun then! Mayu's mom and dad says 
actually is getting late! Yuki san could you take me to school? is on the way to your work Mayu asks 
Yuki gets all red "sorry i can't!" 
c'mon Yuki san! Mayu says while gets up and goes to hug her which make her more red 
yes,Yuki san take her to school if she takes the bus she might go late! i would take her myself but it's to far from my work! Mayu's dad says 
okay! go get your bag! Yuki says 
thank you! Mayu says happy and kisses her on her cheek..Yuki got even redder
(In the car) 
Mayu chan you shouldn't kiss me in front of your parents! Yuki says while drives 
let's go to the museum! Mayu says happy 
what? your going with your school! Yuki says 
what? i never said that! Mayu says looking at Yuki
yes,you did i heard you! Yuki says 
no,i said "we're going to the museum" i never said "i'm going to the museum with the school!" i meant you and me! Mayu says smiling 
Yuki stops driving "what?!"
take me to the museum! Mayu says while removes her seat belt and puts herself on Yuki then leaned Yuki's seat to start kissing her all over hee face 
Ma-Mayu chan! Yuki says between kisses 
Mayu has her hands insides Yuki's shirt and making her way up..
Yuki felt that and said "Let's go to the museum!"
Mayu gave her a peck and got back to her seat! 
hahahaha i'm not really good on those scenes sorry about that! xD  i'm not going to be able to update the next 2 weeks sorry about that! :(  
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Fuu~  :D

MaYuki LOVE LOVE~  :cathappy:
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update soon!
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Hahahah Mayuyu can be so persistant
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 :cow: Gogo Mayu!!!
 :onioncheer: Hopefully nothing much will go wrong :onioncheer:
I'm actually also quite interested in Sasshi and Lovetan  XD
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Ahh MaYuki! Wating for your next update.... :bow:
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                                  REMEBER ME 

I guess this ouf first date! Mayu says smiling 
Yuki sighs "i guess so" 
why you sigh? you don't like being around me? Mayu asks sad 
no,it's not that! Yuki says looking at view 
Mayu stared at hed and then made a silly face..
what are you doing? Yuki asks trying to not smile 
i want to see you smile! Mayu says still making silly faces and tickling Yuki 
stop..stop! okay okay! i got it! Yuki says smiling 
finally! Mayu says smiling 
bug seriously you want this? i mean.. hiding from everyone? it's not healthy for you! Yuki says serious
Mayu takes Yuki's face and makes her face her "no,it's not healthy but i don't care..i could spend the rest of my life hiding under a desk with you! Mayu answers smiling and pulls her closer for a kiss...
i love you Yuki chan! Mayu says between kisses 
i love you too Mayu chan! Yuki says smiling 
Yuki what are you doing? Mayu asks whils looks at Yuki who is opening the door of the car 
the sun is shinning and there's nobody here so they can't send me to jail for kissing an underage girl! Yuki says smiling (Mayu got out of the car)
Both sitted on the car and watched the view..
Yuki chan! Mayu says 
what's wrong? Yuki asks looking at her 
it just that now i have to favorite places! Mayu answers smiling 
which are? Yuki asks curious 
the park that is close fo my home and this beatiful place! Mayu answers
why a park? Yuki asks 
Mayu kissed Yuki's cheek and said "I'll tell you later"
I catched a cold pervert! Lovetan says mad
why are you so mad? it's not my fault! sashi says while drives 
it's your fault! Lovetan shouts 
what?!?? i almost crashed with a bush..YOU KID..i never told you to fall sleep on me! Sasshi replies
i hate you! Lovetan says with a sneeze 
hahahahha your sneeze sounded cute! Sasshi says between laughs 
Lovetan blushes "don't say my *sneeze* sneezes are cute!" 
i never say your sneezes..i said your sneeze! Sasshi says mocking 
i don't knkw why i keep talking to you! Lovetan says
easy beacase you love me! Sasshi says smiling and joking 
Lovetan blushes even more and hangs up the call..
Lovetan hey.. was kidding! she hanged up..Sasshi sighs and says  "kids these days" while gets out of the car 
"finally here!" Sasshi says while enters to the store
hello how can i help you? the counter girl says smiling
i want bouquet that says "i'm sory that you got sick but IT'S NOT MY FAULT! Sasshi says with her finger on her chin 
mmm okay but any flower in particular my dear? the girl asks smiling 
mmmm no just give the most pretty one! Sasshi says while shows her the credit card
i think i got what you're looking for!"that girl must be really lucky and special!" the counter girl says smiling 
no, of course not! mmmn do you have chocolates? Sasshi asks not caring about the counter girl who was flirting her 
yes,we have! the counter girl answers 
okay give me the best one! Sasshi says
but..but wait do you have teddy bears? Sasshi asks 
yes,we have! let me guess "the best one" the counter girl says with abore face 
you know it girl! Sasshi says smiling 
as soon the girl gave her all the things she quickly went to her car and drove to Lovetan's home
<At Lovetan's Home> 
Stupid Sasshi... she flirts everything that moves,i don't even know why i'm thinking about right now? aaHHHH! Lovetan shouted with her pillow on her face
Ring!!! Ring!!! Ring!! 
Lovetan sighs, removes the pillow from her face and picks up...
what?!? Lovetan shouts 
Easy up the door! Sasshi said 
no,go away! Lovetan shouts
hey please open up this is heavy! Sasshi says 
i don't care you're a stranger and a pervert and i can let you in.. my parents are not home! Lovten says 
c'mon don't be mean! where is sweet underage girl that i...
that you what? Lovetan asks 
that- that i met! Sasshi says with a sigh 
okay i'll open the door! Lovetan says while goes to the bathroom to fix herself and then goes running to open the door 
what?!?! what's all that? Lovetan asks surprised
well i bought you this things to make you feel better all this time that you're alone at home! Sasshi says blushing and looking other way
is today my birthday? Lovetan asks looking alm the thing that Sasshi had bought her 
oh c'mon all this is necessery... this wii is important because if you get bore you can play..this psp is when you don't to play with the wii.. this flowers are for you to make feel better, this chocolates to feed you but if you don't like chocolates i have candies,if you feel alone i brough you teddy bear to make you company when i'm not around! Sasshi says blushing
"who ever thought the pervert has a heart!" Lovetan thought 
do you want to take care of me the afternoon? my mother had to work! Lovetan says looking down
my pleasure! Sasshi says smiling 
explain me again.. i don't understant! Yuki says complaining 
it's a game... Mayu sighs and says "Forget it you're too old for this!" 
what?!?? i'm on my twenys.. you're so mean Mayu chan! Yuki says laying on Mayu's bed while Mayu has her head on Yuki's shoulder (They're playing with their psp..) 
why we don't watch a movie?Yuki asks 
beacuse playing is the best! Mayu says happy while presses the buttons
Yuki pouts and looks other way 
Mayu turns off her psp...
what do you preffer playing with the granny? Yuki asks 
no,i preffer kissing the granny! Mayu says smirking..
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Oh!!!! An update  :w00t: :w00t:
Yea!!!  :thumbsup
Lovetan and Sasshi moment  XD I love it~
Mayuki moment so funny and sweet~ I LOL at when Mayu called Yuki 'old'  :lol:
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Its incredible  :w00t:
Please do update more  :bow:
I like the Sasshi and Lovetan moments  :inlove: So funny and cute  XD
Lovetan a tsundere  :heart:
Mayuki moments are sweet also  XD
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Hope Lovetan can be honest~  XD

MaYuki~ the last scene just so cute~  :wub:

A! it's not the last! please update soon~  :twothumbs
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Waaah! Un update!  :panic:

Lovetan is sooo in love with Sasshi LoL!

Thank you for your update!  :bow:
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Rofl! Sasshi bought a lot of gif!
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 18/11
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                                  REMEBER ME 

Saturday! Saturday! Mayu shouts 
ahhhh! Yuki shouts and then fell of bed "ouch!" 
Yuki chan are you okay? Mayu asks while help her to get up
yes,totally fine..Perfect! Yuki says while rubs her butt
sorry..i'm just happy! Mayu says smiling while stares Yuki who has a face that says "WTF?!" 
i guess you're a really happy person! Yuki says while goes to the bathroom 
Mayu is in the kitchen preparing breakfast...
Yuki goes downstairs and finds Mayu in the kitchen
what are you doing? Yuki asks scared
making you breakfast! what's with the face? Mayu asks while fries the eggs 
don't you remember the last time you were in a kitchen? Yuki asks while runs for the extinguisher
"hey! it was an accident it doesn't mean it's going to happen again!" Mayu shouts 
yeah yeah but just in case "i want to live!" Yuki says with the  extinguisher in her hands 
i hate you! Mayu says pouting while cooks 
Yuki sighs.."you know Mayu chan!"
what? Mayu says while puts the eggs on the plates and turn it off 
it's's been 8 hours! Yuki says worried 
8 hours? what? Mayu repeats 
yes,8 hours with out kissing you! Yuki says in Mayu's right ear and her arms around Mayu's body
ohh we need to fix that! Mayu says smiling and turns around kisses Yuki on her lips 
their kiss was sweet first but then became a passionate one..Mayu's hands went under Yuki's shirt and Yuki was kissing Mayu's lips then kissed Mayu's chin till her neck.. Yuki left a mark on Mayu's neck and was unbottoning Mayu's shirt...
I'M HOME! Mayu's mom said 
Yuki turned around as soon she heard Mayu's mom
Mayu quickly fixed her shirt and turned around to keep making breakfast
hey girls! Mayu's mom said 
hello Mayu and Yuki said with out looking at her
Mayu making breakfast that's not okay! are you okay honey? are you with fever? you're all red! Mayu's mom said while puts her hand on Mayu's forhead
mom i'm okay..i'm just..Yuki chan is our guest so i decided to make breakfast because you weren't home! Mayu answered smiling 
yeah they called me from work on midnight it was whole a deal! Mayu's mom said with a sigh
you need to rest! Yuki said 
yes,i do..i'll guess you'll be fine with out me! Mayu's mom says while gets up and goes upstairs 
Mayu and Yuki sighed on relief..
you're really going to send me to jail! Yuki said moving her head side to side 
what? you started it! Mayu replied 
what?! it's not my fault that you look so damn hot! Yuki said all red 
you think? Mayu asks smiling 
"no!" Yuki said looking other way 
Yuki chan wants to go jail! Mayu says singing 
shut up! Yuki said embarrased 
Mayu took Yuki's hand and dragged her upstairs
what!? what do you want?! Yuki asked scared 
i'm hungry! Mayu answered is in the kitchen over there! where we're not going!  Yuki says pointing  
not that food! Mayu says with a smirk and winked 
at Yuki
ohh here we go again! Yuki says resign
wow she looks i never though someone that pretty can snore that loud! Sasshi thought while she was watching Lovetan sleep
mmm...?!? Sasshi is looking closely to Lovetan's face 
<Clock alarm>
Lovetan opens her eyes and sees Sasshi really close to her..
Ahhhhh *POP* (Forheads) 
Sasshi fell of bed 
what the...? Sasshi says while rubs her forhead 
are you crazy pervert? Lovaten asked taking deep breaths to calm herself 
Easy tiger! Sasshi says while gets up and sits on bed 
i said you can sleep here not to harass me! Lovetan shouted mad 
"i wasn't harrasing you! it's just that you snores are so loud that i thought that i was sleeping with a guy..and wanted to see where it that came from! Sasshi said smiling 
snores? me? what?!!?!? Lovetan blushes 
mmm..but it a cute snore! Sasshi says covering herself because Lovetan was throwing her everything she sees
that's not true! Lovetan shouts 
what's the matter? they were cute! Ahhhh Sasshi shouts while hides behind a desk 
Lovetan takes her cellphone
what are you doing? Sasshi asks scared 
Lovtean puts the speaker 
<<Mayu chan pick're phone is ringing! Yuki says while stops..>>
mmm no,This is the best part..i want to see your face when i do this! Mayu says 
pick up! Yuki says looking other way 
okay! Mayu says while gets up and grabs her phone!
<Phone call>
what?!!? Mayu says 
hey do i snore? Lovetan asks pouting 
what?! Mayu replies 
do i snore? 
you interrupt me for something like that! 
do i snore? Lovetan asks shouting 
yes, A lot! Mayu replies 
(Lovetan gets redder)
<Lovetan hangs up>
beeep beeep
Mayu sighs " where were we?" 
You were about to kill this weird monster that i can't kill! Yuki replies while presses the buttons 
I told you! Sasshi says 
I can't believe i snore! Loveta says while sits on her bed 
but they're cute! Sashi shouts 
you think? Lovetan replies 
yes,that's what i been trying to tell you! Sasshi says while slowly gets out of her base
let's go breakfast! Lovetan says smiling 
ok! Sasshi says smiling 
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Yea~!! :peace:
 XD Mayu and Yuki~ So  :wub: :inlove:
and Lovetan snores!!! :w00t:
Haha.. Sasshi and Lovetan they are so cute XD

 :thumbup Thanks for the Update :thumbsup
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Wow! :w00t: An Update!!! :thumbsup

Haha.. Mayuki moments~ :wub:
They are so~~~~ :heart: :inlove: :inlove:

I was  :w00t: Lovetan snores!!!  XD that was cute~ :twothumbs
Sasshi and Lovetan~  :heart:
Lovetan becoming more honest? Not so tsundere now XD Good for Sasshi :lol:

Wanting more Sasshi and Lovetan moments~ 8)
of course Mayuki too~ XD

Am I too greedy?? :? Hope not :nervous

Thanks again for the update :peace: :thumbup
Hopefully you can update soon :bow: (Although you just updated :nervous)
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*big grin* Mayuki~
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Almost got caught in that moment~  XD

Rabutan snore?!  XD
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Mayu sighs " where were we?"
You were about to kill this weird monster that i can't kill! Yuki replies while presses the buttons

And here I tough they were doing something different  :shy2:

Thank you for your update! :on GJ:
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                               REMEBER ME 

Good morning Mayu chan! Yuki says while puts her arm on her waist 
Good morning Yuki chan! Mayu says happy 
I don't want to go to work! Yuki says hugging tigher to Mayu 
i don't want to go to school,i want to stay here with you only! Mayu says 
you need to go to school! Yuki says while gets up 
at least canwe shower together? Mayu asks with puppy eyes 
that's not going to work..hmmm..ok ok! Yuki says avoiding Mayu's puppy eyes! 
<Tub time> 
*if you wonder how they got there without Mayu's parents notice was because Yuki got in first and then Mayu...(and her mother is busy making breakfast)*
Mayu leaned on Yuki's chest....
Yuki chan!! Mayu says 
do you love me? Mayu asks 
yes,i do! Yuki says and gives her a kiss on her shoulder
then promise me that you'll never leave me! Mayu says while takes Yuki's hands and interwine their fingers..
i can't promise you that...i mean i can't promise you forever but something is sure is that as long i'm alive i will always protect you! Yuki says squezing Mayu's hands lightly
Mayu let go Yuki's hands, turns around and puts her arms on Yuki's neck..
"well..i'm sure I will never leave're mine Yuki and i'm yours!" Mayu says and proceeds to kiss her
I don't know why i let you invite me breakfast! Lovetan says facepalming herself 
i told you they were quite adorable..i must admidt a beatiful girl doing those kind of noises! Sasshi says laughing and loiking at Lovetan 
are you going to keep going with "snore subject"? Lovtean asked mad 
no,no way..i would never! Sasshi says smiling 
ok enough! Lovetan gets up from the table 
hey..not again..what a kid! Sasshi says 
i'm not a kid! Lovetan shouts while keeps walking 
hey! Sasshi says while takes Lovetan by her waist and spin her around...
they looked eachother in the eyes for seconds 
pretty eyes! Sasshi said hipnotized 
Lovetan blushes and looks down 
let's go breakfast please? Sasshi says 
okay you win but no more jokes about snores! Lovetan says pouting 
okay i'll promise! Sasshi says smiling 
~~~~~~~~~~<<<<<<At school>>>>>>~~~~~~~~~~~
here is fine! Yuki says while pulls over 
hey i don't mind if they see us! Mayu says smirking 
Yuki smiles "you should mind you're still underage!" 
mmm but i'm not a kid and  i don't care anyways..!Mayu says with her arms crossed
 now you're acting like a kid! Yuki says laughing 
Mayu looks at Yuki and steals a kiss from her "A long a passionate one!" 
Mayu gets out of the car leaving a open mouth Yuki "she just raped me with her tongue!" Yuki murmures..
Lovetan where are you when i need u! Mayu thought while looks through her window and sees Lovetan getting out of Sasshi's car 
( After 15 min ) 
hey Mayu chan! Lovetan says smiling 
it looks like somebody is really happy for something..i mean someone! Mayu says smiling 
what!?!!? what are you talking about? Lovetan says nervous and red
yeah yeah like the name Sasshihara Rino doesn't has a thing to do with that smile! Mayu says smiling 
what? no! i'm happy because i'm a really happy person! Lovetan says crossing her arms
you're totally right..i was wrong how that pervert,stupid,jerk...*Mayu stop!* Lovetan says 
okay you win..she's not a pervert..stupid "maybe" jerk never...but in the end of the day she's the most caring loving girl a ever met! Lovetan says with a sigh
Omg..Lovetan you're in love! Mayu shouts scared 
what no..i just..i just like her! Lovetan murmures 
omg my baby is growing up! Mayu says while stretches Lovetan's cheeks 
stop Mayu! Stoooooop! Lovetan shouts 
 Mayu let go..Lovetan's cheeks 
ouchhhh my cheeks! Lovetan says while rubs them 
sorry i'm too happy that i can't control myself! Mayu says smiling 
that girl got you crazy! Lovetan murmures 
i love her..i love her..Lovetan and i'm planning to confess her where we met for very first time and how she took my breath away and of course i want to give her the umbrella she gave 5 years ago! *sighs*Mayu says smiling and looking the umbrella
nothing i say it's going to change you so go ahead and do it if that is what you want! Lovetan says 
thanks Lovetan..hanging with Sasshi had changed you a lot! Mayu says smiling 
shut up..the class i going to begin! Lovetan says 
<At Yuki's work>
good morning! Akicha says smiling 
good morning! Yukirin replies
hello beatiful ladies! Sae says smiling 
hello Sae chan! Yuki and Akicha says smiling
Kashiwagi san today you have dinner with the owner of Inter com..don't forget! Akicha says while orders some papers on Yuki's desk
okay..i'll go! Yuki says pouting 
okay then i'll go to my office..if you need me just call me ok btw if you see Sasshi tell her i wanna kill her but i miss her!  Akicha says while leaves 
that Sasshi got them hipnotyzed! Sae says 
what are you jealous of Sasshi? Yuki asks 
no,I'm with Sayaka and i'm faithful! Sae says 
great for you! Yuki says smiling 
what about you and Mayu chan?Sae asks 
(Yuki blushes)
(welcome back)-> Akicha says -Sae and Yuki heard 
the door slowly opens revealing 
Ren! Yuki says and gets up of her seat 
wow Ren it's been a long while! Sae says greet him shaking her hand
a completely man! Ren says smiling to Sae 
Yuki honey! Ren says 
Yuki breaks the kiss...
when you got back? Sae asks 
today i couldn't stand another day without you Yuki..i want us to marry and go to live to America! Ren says smiling and hugging Yuki
Mr Kashiwagi this way! Akicha says while takes him to Yuki's office 
Ren when you get back? Yuki's dad says 
i can't wait for you and my beatiful daughter get marry! Howard and Sakura must be really thrill about it too right? Yuki's dad says 
yes,they totally love your daughter as muches i do! Ren says smiling and hold tigher Yuki's waist
Yuki's face turned red and tears appeared 
Yuki why are you crying? Ren and her dad asked Reb wipes her tears with his thumbs 
it's just the impresion of having you here! Sae says while takes Yuki with her to the bathroom 
Yuki are you okay? Sae asks 
what am i going to do? he's here! Yuki says desesperate 
Sae hugs Yuki 
i just live somebody else but my dad..Ren i can't..just can't do this to them! Yuki says between sobs 
hey whatever you decide i'm with you! Sae says 
Mayu chan! Yuki murmures..
Finally no more school for tomorrow,now i gotta go home and kiss my Yuki chan! Mayu says while stretches her arms 
Lovetan it's looking at her phone waiting for a message from Sasshi 
Beeeep beeeeeep!  
it's Yuki chan's car! Mayu says 
she bought a new one! Lovetan says 
yes,i'll guess i'll see you Lovetan! Mayu says while goes to the dirction of the car 
bye Mayu chan! Lovetan says 
booo! Mayu says in Yuki's window...
Yuki was wearing sun glasses so it was hard to see he reaction! 
Yuki chan let's go walking..i wanna show you something! Mayu says smiling 
Yuki gets out of the car and follows Mayu to a park
ha..this is my favorite place in the know why Yuki chan? Mayu says smiling 
no idea! Yuki says 
because this was the place when loved you for very first time! Mayu says while takes Yuki's arm 
what are you talking about? Yuki asks 
we met can't remember but i don't care because my love it's enough for both of us! Mayu says holding tigher Yuki's arm 
I been waiting for you for 5 years sitting here waiting for you to find me again and you did beacuse you're mine..because i'm yours! Mayu says smiling 
i'm not yours! Yuki says and removes her arm 
what?? Yuki chan! Mayu says 
i don't know what i was doing getting with you! Yuki says looking other way 
what?? Mayu's tears shows 
i can't be with you..I'm Sorry! Yuki says taking off the glasses 
Mayu slaps Yuki...
why..why  yoh enjoy hurting me why you can't go all or nothing? like i do for you!Mayu says crying
I'm Sorry...i don't remember! Yuki murmures
Mayu runs away leaving the umbrella 
Yuki picks it up and walks through the park...
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Mayu and Yuki... were lovey dovey :wub: But... :banghead:
That REN!!! :angry: I don't like him :rock: Don't take Yuki away from Mayu :cry:
 :cry: I feel bad for Mayu.... Yuki run after her!!!! :angry:

 :wub: Sasshi and Lovetan :inlove:
Hehe.. Lovetan is getting more honest to her own feelings but still a bit tsundere :lol:

Thanks for the update :thumbsup :thumbup
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Yea!! Thanks for the Update :w00t:

I do not like that Ren!!!! :angry: :rock: Ren!!!
Because of him... Mayuki :cry:
I hope Yuki will run after Mayu and make up with her :panic:

Sasshi and Lovetan are become Lovey Dovey  :wub:
Although Lovetan is still trying to be a tsundere :lol:
But it's obvious that she too have feelings for Sasshi 8)
 :O Akicha.. Although she hates Sasshi she still miss her.. Sasshi.. what a player XD (But I  :inlove: Love it!!)

Thanks for the update!!!! :on GJ:
Hope you update soon :thumbsup

Hopefully things fixed between Mayuki (Is it a bit too soon to ask for things to be fixed? :nervous) Hope not.. :P
And please more Sasshi x Lovetan moments~~~ :wub: XD
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Post by: RenaChii on November 19, 2011, 09:13:41 PM

NOO~!! YUKI!! DON'T DO IT!!! (

Meanwhile, Lovetan & Sasshi so sweet~ (

Please update soon~ (
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ahhhh  :cry:
thanks for the update and please update soon  XD
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 22/11
Post by: cmze on November 22, 2011, 06:08:12 AM
                                  REMEBER ME 

Yuki was walks through the park somehow time doesn't seem to pass..she didn't open the umbrella,she just let the rain fall on her
does it really matter? Yuki thought while stops walking,she looks around and sees that nobody is there and the sunset is happening..
how much time i been walking in circles? Yuki smirked and walked to her car..
(in the car)
Ring! Ring! Ring! Yuki sighs and pick up
honey where are you? i been calling you the whole afternoon 
i'm in.. (Yuki looks her clothes *sighs*) nowhere! 
what happened to you dept? 
how you know about my dept? Yuki asks
well i'm here the guard told me something about flood..why you didn't tell me? you know with my influences i could it had it done in one day! 
yeah..yeah i didn't wanted to disturb you! 
where are you staying? 
some friend's house! Yuki answers with another sigh
don't worry can stay with me..i'm going to pick you up so tell me where are you?
don't worry i'll see you there! Yuki says sad and hangs up
what?!? what's wrong with her? Ren says while looks at his phone 
(At Mayu's home) 
(doorbell rings)
hello Yuki chan..why you don't use your keys? Mayu's mom asks smiling 
well..i don't need them anymore,my dept is i can go! Yuki says sad giving her the keys 
ohh ok if you want that! Mayu's mom says 
is Mayu here? Yuki asked 
yes,she's sleeping! Mayu's mom answers 
i guess i'll some of my things now and tomorrow i'll come for the rest! Yuki says while goes upstairs 
Yuki stops when she sees all her things out of Mayu's room,her bags on the floor..(the door is close) 
Yuki stood up seeing the door fighting with herself to not open it and disturb the sleeping the Mayu
(Mayu was up she heard the conversation and she also knew that Yuki was on the other side of the door  standing,Mayu is leaning on her door crying) 
Yuki took a deep breath cleaned her tears and picked up her bags then went downstairs 
Yuki chan you know you can come anytime you want ok! Mayu's mom and dad said 
thank you! Yuki says while opens the door and goes away 
why you say that? come here quickly! Lovetan says in bossy tone on her voice 
i'm in a meeting right now! Sasshi replies 
why i hear music on your meeting? Lovetan asks mad
what?!? i'm a good person! Sasshi says 
what you're patying you..! Lovetan says 
wait up is this a couple fight? Sasshi says 
"no!" Lovetan says all red 
are we a couple? Sasshi asks 
no,we're not.. we're not! stop saying those things you pervert! Lovetan says 
listen i'm just trying to nake someone happy! Sasshi says while goes to bathroom to hear better 
who? Lovetan asks 
Yuki chan! Sasshi answers 
why her? Lovetan asks 
because she had to break up with Mayu because of Ren so you have to be a good friend and go to Mayu's home and confort her! Sasshi says 
i didn't know..YUKI SON OF A..*Hey! Lovetan calm down is not Yuki's fault" Sasshi interrupts 
what?!?! is totally her fault for making her fall in love with her! Lovetan shouts 
what Yuki tried to resist her but Mayu showed up to her naked! Sasshi shouted back 
what?!? Lovetan reacts 
ha..You see Yuki is innocent! Sasshi says 
i'm talking about those things.. i was talking about that they've met before..whatever i'm going to visit Mayu..screw yourself! Lovetan says mad and hang up
what?!? what's wrong with her? Sasshi says 
so Sasshi what's the plan? Sae asks while enters to the bathroom 
Get Yuki drunk! Sasshi says 
So she will release herself..interesting! Sae says 
let's find her! Sasshi says 
where's Yuki? Miichan asks 
i can't see her! Sae says 
there over there! Miichan shouts 
(they moved through the crowd of people)
Yukirin! Miichan says and hugs her 
hey Miichan! Yuki says sad 
we didn't miss a thing and nobady raped your handsome tomboy!  Mariko says to Sayaka
Okay! Sayaka says and kisses Sae 
let's get you drunk Yukirin! Mariko says 
i don't know why you're doing this? Yuki asked sad 
c'mon you have to enjoy life,that's why we're here so change that face ok! Mariko says 
(Yuki sighs)
\~\~~\~\~\~\~\~\\~\ 1 hour later\~\\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\~\ 
Lovetan eneters to Mayu's room,Mayu was laying face down on her bed 
Mayu are you up? Lovetan asks 
how my mother let you in? Mayu asks without moving or opening her eyes 
well i told her that we had a project to do besides she was going out with your dad! Lovetan says sad while sits on Mayu's bed 
go away! Mayu says murmuring 
hey talk to me..we're friends! Lovetan says while plays with Mayu's hair
what do you want to know huh? that you were right that she always choose him over me that i'm stupid for thinking that she would remember me huh? are you happy that you told me so! Mayu says shouting while Wipes her tears and looks at Lovetan 
 no,i would never! Lovetan says and then hugs Mayu 
hey she's know..cry if ypu want! Lovetan says while hugs Mayu 
*Pop* *PoP* 
what's that? Both girls say scared at the same time
*PoP* *PoP*
it's the window! Mayu says while gets up and slowly goes to the window 
Mayu stop! what are you doing? Lovetan says 
i don't care! Mayu says and opens the door
ahhhh! Lovetab shouts and so do Sasshi 
Sasshi what are you doing here? Lovetan asks mad
i knew you were here at least help me! Sasshi says while enters from the window 
you could knock! Mayu says looking other way 
Mayu chan i need your help! Sasshi says while takes Mayu by her shoulders but first she looked at Mayu's pjs *ahhhhhhh! Sasshi shouts*
it's not necessary that you touch her  and look at her too much! Lovetan says pinching Sasshi's cheek
sorry! Sasshi says while brushes her cheek 
what do you want? Mayu asks looking other way
it's Yukirin! Sasshi answers 
what's wrong with her? Mayu asks looking at Sasshi
well we got he drunk and she's crazy..she lock herself in a bathroom and don't want to get out,she's shouting your name and she says she wants to see you! Sasshi says
Mayu sighs and puts a sweater on
what are you doing Mayu? Lovetan asks 
i'm going with her,ket's go Sasshi! Mayu says while opens the door 
you're only going to get hurt! Lovetan says 
<<<<<<<<<<<<<At Sayaka's dept>>>>>>>>>>>>>
(yes they moved from the club to Sayaka's dept) 
c'mon Yuki get out of there! Mariko says 
no go away! Yuki shouts while sitting on the floor crying 
i never knew Yukirin was a bellicose drinker! Sae says with a sigh
i guess it was a bad idea get her drunk! Miichan says 
(doorbell rings)
Finally before she destroys my bathroom! Sayaka says while runs to open the door 
where's she? Mayu asks 
(the girls points the door) 
Yuki it's me Mayu! Mayu says sad 
Soon as she heard Mayu's voice she opened the door and drag her in and locked the door again (it took her 3 seconds) 
wow she's fast! Mariko says 
<In the bathroom> 
you came her for me! Yuki says then she hugs her but for some reason she pushed Mayu against the door
yes but just to make you're okay! Mayu murmured
i missed you! i missed you! Yuki says in Mayu's ear then kiss it 
Yuki...Yuki..Mayu says while tries to stop Yuki who is kissing her all over her neck 
Yukk didn't listen she was more focused on touching,kissing the younger girl 
Yuki fell something on her shoulder..she stop kissing and noticed that the younger girl that she loved was crying...Yuki removed her hands that were under the younger girl shirt and turned around 
"Yuki" Mayu said softly
i'm sorry! Yuki said then look herself in the mirror..she couldn't resist it and punched it...
i wonder how is Mayu? Lovetan said 
everything is going to be fine in the end! Sasshi says 
how you know? Lovetan asks 
Yuki will listen her heart eventually..we just have to wait and support her! Sasshi says with a smirk 
do you listen your heart Rino? Lovetan says 
yes,Always! Rino says while use her index finger to touch Lovetan's tip of nose which made her smile
Lovetan blushes and Smiles with Sasshi
<Noise of the glass on the floor>
(everyone reacts and knocks the bathroom door)
Yuki opens the door..
Yuki are you okay? everyone asks 
leave me alone! Yuki says while goes to the door
hey you can go! The girls say 
leave me aline i called i taxi! Yuki says mad 
everyone looks at Mayu who just loiked other way 
*beep* *beep* 
that's the taxi see you! Yuki says 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At Ren's home~~~~~~~~~~~~
 what happened to you? Ren asks worried While helps her to get in 
Yuki kisses him (it didn't lasted too much) 
what was that for? Ren asked 
Yuki touched her lips "It's not the same!" she murmured and went to bed 
hey your hand is bleeding! Ren says 
i don't care! Yuki answers and sleeps 
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Hehe.. Thanks for the Update XD

Haha.. :lol: A couple fight between Sasshi and Lovetan~ :thumbsup
I love it :wub: :inlove:
I really love the interaction between them :heart:

Sasshi :thumbup Nice idea LOL getting Yuki drunk :w00t:
Yuki Drunk :inlove: Haha.. Doing things to Mayu; being honest with herself XD

Yuki!!! Be honest with yourself!!! Of course kissing Ren :angry: and kissing Mayu is different!!!

Thanks for the Update ;) :peace:
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I'm for giving alcool to Yukirin everyday lol

Arg!!! Ren!!! Just go away!!!
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 :w00t: Update!!! Thanks :thumbsup

Really love the couple fight between Sasshi and Lovetan :inlove:
It's just soooo sweet and cute :wub: :heart:
I never get tired of it XD

 :smhid Hope that Ren will notice that Yuki doesn't love him.. YUKI LOVES MAYU!!!! So know your place and BACK OUT!!!! :angry:

Thanks again for the Update :thumbup
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( ( ( (can't describe my feelings with words anymore)

Please update soon~ (
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 :scared: Yuki! Follow your heart!!

thank you for your update
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                                  REMEBER ME 

God,my head hurts! Yuki says while gets up 
good! Ren says mad
ouch! Yuki says while looks her hand  (what happened? ohhh now i remember so it wasn't a dream....Mayu) Yuki thought 
we gotta take you to the doctor! Ren says 
yes,i'll go! Yuki says while gets up 
no,we'll go..Yuki seriously i don't know what's going on with you? i don't know what to do! please help me out a little! Ren says with pleading eyes 
you're not....forget it..i'm sorry! Yuki says looking other way 
when i left everything was great..what's going on huh tell me? Ren says 
Yuki looks other way "I gotta go to the hospital!" 
(Ren sighs)
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<At school>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Mayu chan! Mayu chan.. wake up! Lovetan says 
What!?!? what's wrong? Mayu asks while wakes up 
it's lunch time! Lovetan says 
yes,let's go! Mayu says while gets up 
(walking the hall)
hey Mayu chan you look terrible! Hiro says while puts his lacrosse stick in the way to not let her pass 
Go away! Mayu shouts while takes the stick and breaks it in front of everyone..
wow what the hell? a guy says 
she's always so nice! a girls comment
let's go Mayu! Lovetan says while takes her hand and walks away 
are you okay? Lovetan asks 
yes,i was dreaming! Mayu says smiling 
Mayu chan.. Lovetan says sad 
i was dreaming about that person that i never met and will never meet! Mayu says 
Mayu! Lovetan says sad 
now i'm resign..i can't wait for that person for ever..she will never appear again in my life.. it's been 5 years.. like you said "i have to let it go!" Mayu says faking a smile 
beeeep beeeep! 
(Lovetan's phone)
ahhh my phone! Lovetan says and fast pick up 
<Phone call> 
hello there beatiful! Sasshi says while drives 
hello! Lovetan says blushing and looking other way trying to pretend that it's not Sasshi 
Mayu looked other way and smirked 
where are you? Sasshi asks 
mmmm i don't know where possibly be an underage kid? AT SCHOOL! Lovetan answers shouting the last part *why she always do that?* Sasshi says while ruvs the ear that Lovetan yelled to
what you were thinking to somebody else? Lovetan asks mad 
no,of course naaa i was kidding! Sasshi says almost crying 
and she says they're not a couple! Mayu murmured 
what did you say? Lovetan asks 
nothing,nothing! hahahahah! Mayu says nervous 
you better! Lovetan says 
so you do you want to go grab something to eat with me,jerk!  Sasshi says while shows the finger to another driver 
how did you called me? Lovetan says 
what? Sasshi says 
you called me jerk! Lovetan says 
i didn't..i called like that to another driver! Sasshi answers 
don't lie to me Sasshihara Rino! Lovetan says mad
i'm not lying! Sashi shouts nervous 
it's time to get back to the classroom Lovetan! Mayu says while takes her hand 
what so fast? Lovetan says complaining
you been talking to Sasshi for half an hour 
Sasshi? How you know? Lovetan ask red 
you said it! Mayu says smirking
~~~~~~~~~~~<<<<<<Hours later>>>>~~~~~~~~
what happened to your arm Yuki san?Akicha asks 
nothing i'm fine don't worry! Yuki answers while sits and take a look on the papers on her paper slips and fall on the floor 
Yuki picks it up and sees under her desk..
"what a good place to hide! Yuki smirked because she rembered that Mayu and her were hiding there the first day of Mayu's work" 
(door opens)
are you okay? Sae asks 
yes,i'm fine! Yuki says while opens her laptop 
well you didn't seem like that last night! Sae replies 
huh? this game! Yuki closed her laptop "i need to get out of here!" 
where do you want to go? Sae asks 
anywhere! Yuki answers 
thank god you agreed with me! Sasshi says while drives and looks at Lovetan 
great give love eachother,I'm fine! Mayu says looking other way 
hey! it's not like that..i'm worry about to you too! Sasshi says looking back to Mayu 
hey hands on the wheel! Mayu says pointing to the cars coming
Sasshi turn around..we're going yo die! Mayu and Lovetan shouted scared 
no,till you understant that's why i get you two out of school now! Sasshi says still looking to Mayu 
i get it..i get it please turn around! Mayu says 
kids this days! Sasshi says with a sighs 
so where we're going? Lovetan asks 
to chill to relax buy ice cream! Sasshi says smiling
i guess it's not that bad! Mayu says looking through her window
we're here! Sasshi says smiling 
here..this is the new ice cream shop that i talked to you last night! Lovetan says smiling while gets outs of the car 
yep!! Sashi says also while gets out of the car 
great! Mayu says while gets out of the car
they eneters they shop..
Hmm it's not Sae chan?Sasshi says nervous and smiling 
Sae chan! Lovetan says smiling 
hello girls! Sae says while walks closer to them 
hello Sae chan! Mayu says 
so you must be Lovetan well last night we didn't have the chance to meet..i'm Miyazawa Sae you can call me Sae chan if you want! 
or tomboy! Sasshi says smiling 
shut up! Sae says pushing and playing with Sasshi 
so this casuality! Mayu says looking other way (looking around for Yuki) 
of course it is hahahaha! Sasshi and Sae says smiling nervously 
you sure? Mayu asks 
yes,hnmm totally!! both girls says smiling 
what stupid me..i thought you planned! Mayu says face palming herself
we never do something like that! Sae says smiling
now  don't you want to go the bathroom? Sasshi asks smiling 
i wanna go to the bathroom! Lovetan says 
NO,YOU DON'T! Sasshi and Sae shouts at the same time
ok,i don't! Lovetan says 
c'mon Mayu go to pee or whatever you do there! Sasshi says pushing Mayu inside the bathroom
<In the bathroom> 
Yuki was washing her face...
Mayu was staring her without making a move to not disturb her 
Yuki opened her eyes and saw Mayu there standing..
it's too early to be dreaming about you! Yuki says with a smirk while walks closer to her 
(Mayu kept the same position)
i'm really stupid! am i? oh..sorry i forgot you can't talk! Yuki says faking a smile 
but just for one last...Yuki says while puts her left hand on Mayu's cheek and leans to kiss her..
in the last second Yuki stopped...
now i'm crazy! Yuki says sad her nose beacme red and also her cheeks,she was pouting to not cry she couldn't resist anymore she openned the door and left(Mayu was in the bathroom standing and tears showed once she heard the door closing) Yuki took the first taxi and left the shop..she didn't notice that Sashi. Sae and Lovetan where eating ice cream in a table..
Thanks for waiting Yagami "You're the best!"xD
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Ahhhhrg!!!! I can't stand it!!! They have to fix it!!!!
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It's breaking my heart imagining MaYuki like this~ (

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                               REMEBER ME 
                              20.WEDDING DAY
Sorry for making you wait too long! ^^

(It's been two weeks since..things had changed a lot..Mayu is not working in Yuki's company anymore and got back to her old routine: *eating,sleeping,dreaming,reading a manga* Sasshi and Lovetan are still hanging out and Yuki been busy with her wedding) 
Yuki chan is you wedding day..Congrats! Sae and Sayaka shout while hug Yuki tighly
thanks.. i guess! Yuki murmures looking other way
hey you bride and a bunch of people that i don't know! Sasshi says while looks all the people in the room (make up artist,dressers,assistants,hair stylist)
not my idea! Yuki says 
-Sasshi's phone ringed..she got out of the room-
you're dad and Ren! Sae says with a sigh
(Yuki nods)
so beatiful dresses! Mariko says while see them with Miichan 
when they got here? Sayaka asks
i don't know when i knew they were already in love with them!! Yuki says with a sigh 
(=Sasshi's conversation=)
You know i bought tickets for super owesome movie called twilight Team Edward! Lovetan shouts happy 
what?!? wait a minute.. first i don't like that movie is so stupid and second you can't like that dude.. he's blood sucker! Sasshi says 
so what love has no boundaries! Lovetan says 
so i don't care.. i'm not going if you're going to see that blood sucker! Sasshi says 
what the werewolf? Lovetan says srmirking on the other line 
what the dog? don't come at me with that? Sasshi says leaning on the door pouting 
the dog? so who you want me to like? Lovetan asks 
i don't know but not them because i'm not going if you do! Sasshi says mad 
who says that i was going to invite you? Lovetan asks still smiling from the other line 
you can marry and kiss your blood suker dog..i don't care! Sassho shouts mad and hangs up 
what?!? you're not going to hang up on me Sasshihara Rino! Lovetan says while dials Sasshi phone.. you change your mind little Lovetan? Sasshi says smiling while picks up
what?!? (Sasshi asks pretending to be mad)
beeep beeep beeep (Lovetan hanged up xD)
you kid! Sasshi shouts and call her to hang up on her
but Lovetan already turned off he phone! 
what a kid? Sasshi says growling while enters the room with a mad face
what haooened? Miichan asked 
Lovetan! Sae says smiling 
as soon Yuki heard Lovetan she sighed..
sorry! Sae says
it's fine,i'm fine! Yuki says while gets up and goes to the bathroom 
hey Kashiwagi san! You can't're going to ruin it! the hair stylist shouted 
i don't care..i need to pee! Yuki shouted and went to the bathroom 
<In the bathroom> 
Yuki washed her face and looked herself in the mirror then murmured 
"i need you but you're not here anymore!" 
i don't know how she's going to react to the new! the doctor says to Yuki's dad 
Kashiwagi san! Kashiwagi san you're up! the nurse says smiling 
Yuki.. i was so worry about you! Yuki's dad says crying holding her hand! 
huh? who's Yuki? she asks confuse 
what? what's this means? Yuki's dad asks 
sir i'm afraid that she lost her could be temporary or not! the doctor says 
what? no! Yuki's dad says crying 
Yuki was on didn't know what to do so she just kept quiet and lookee around 
i lost them both! Yuki's dad says sobbing 
(*knock* *knock* )
hey i need to finish with your hair! the hair stylist shouts mad 
Yuki sighs and opens the door to get back to the people that she doesn't understand and don't want to see..that she never wanted to see!
~~~~~~~~~~~At Mayu's home~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
c'mon Mayu chan let's go to the cinema! Lovetan says trying to cheer Mayu up
today it's her wedding! Mayu says murmuring looking through her window and clenching the invitation that was in her fist 
how you got one of those? Lovetan asks 
this..was on my table 7 days ago! Mayu answers sad
Lovetan looks at Mayu with sad face "let's go to the cinema Mayu chan!"
i said NO..leave me alone! Mayu shouts mad looking at Lovetan 
i'm sorry Mayu..i'm not a good friend! Lovetan says with tears on her eyes 
Lovetan i'm sorry..i just *sighs* i just need to be alone sorry! Mayu says and got back look through her window (waiting for Yuki to come look for her)
~Mayu's Flashback~
(At Yuki's work parking lot 7 days ago)
who are you? a guard asks to a young girl with a pink hood on a school uniform and with a baseball bat 
the young girl who just smirked at him 
the jump girl jumped on a car and started smashing it with the bat 
what the hell are you doing? the guard shouted 
"the girl made him a sign that he'll come closer she was going to bat his brain out!"
the guatd gave a step back and called the owner of the car and the police..
the owner of the car was in the oarking lot walking to her car..he things fell on the floor because of the impression..
stop her! the guard shouts feeling safe with other guards around 
stop! the owner of the car says to the guard 
but kashiwagi san..she's destroying your car! the guard said 
let her! Yuki answered and looked at the girl while she destroys her car...
"Mayu chan" Yuki murmures...
it's wednesday so i said that i was going to update on thursday but i couldn't resist..anyways is going to be a part b! xD
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Yea!! Thanks for the Update :cow:

Yuki is getting married...... :cry:
NO!!!!! :angry: Don't let the wedding happen!!!! SOMEBODY STOP IT!!!!!!!!!! :panic:

As usual, Lovetan and Sasshi are really cute and funny :lol:
 :wub: They are both so childish XD

Thanks for the Update :thumbsup
Please Part B soon :peace:
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 :smhid Yuki...
 :smhid Mayu...

they are hurting each other... and me LoL

Sasshi&Lovetan are so (

Thank you for your update!  :bow:
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MaYuki~ (

Thanks for updating~ (
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Mayuyu OMG why? The car is expansive!!!
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                        REMEBER ME 
                              20.WEDDING DAY
                                        (B side)
Kashiwagi san stop moving! the hair stylist said while tries brush Yuki's hair 
*Yuki sighs*
hey Yuki is it true that Mayu destroyed your car? Miichan asks while see all the dresses 
Miiichan! everyone says in a loud tone of voice 
it's fine girls *sigh* yes,she did! Yuki answers holding back her hair 
Kashiwagi san stop it! The hair stylist shouted 
sorry,sorry! Yuki says 
what happened? Sae asks curious and everyone stares at Yuki wanting to know why
well..i don't know! Yuki says 
ehhhhhh! everyone says 
i swear when i hot there she was almost done! Yuki says looking other way
Kashiwagi san we need to stop her! one guard says while the other were staring at Mayu who was busy destroying Yuki's car 
it's okay! Yuki says with her arm in the way to not let the guards pass 
Mayu got tired of hitting Yukirin's car and stopped then she jumped off the car grabbed her bag and started walking away 
the guards were confuse "why Kashiwagi san let this happen?" other guard asked while Yuki just was staring to the thing that seemed to be a car just for the for wheels because everything else doesn't exist anymore 
"so this is how damage is your heart!" Yuki murmured then walked away from the place 
~~~End of the flashback~~~
Earth to Yuki! Sae says several times but was only the sound of her fingers snapping that brought Yuki back to reality
hey where were you? Mariko asks 
nowhere! Yuki answers 
god i love all these dresses! Miichan says smiling 
you can take anything you want! Yuki says 
really Yuki chan? Miichan asks 
yes,i'm not kidding! Yuki says looking other way (Yuki doesn't really care if Miichan takes them all) 
         ~~~~~~~~~At Mayu's home~~~~~~~~
honey.. you need to eat! Mayu's mom says worried 
mom i'm not hungry! Mayu answers 
c'mon today is Yuki chan's wedding day don't you wanna come? Mayu's mom asks 
no,i don't to see her marrying someone that she doesn't love!  Mayu says 
what?!? i don't think that's your business! Mayu's mom says
of course it's my business..because she loves me and i love her! Mayi says mad 
what?!? Mayu's mom asks in shock
what you heard! Mayu says
ok you better keep that off your mind..she's not in love with you and you're not in love with her..she's going to marry with a guy! Mayu's mom says 
i'm feeling sick okay please mom let me sleep! Mayu says while covers herself with the blanket 
 ok! Mayu's mom says while walks away
(weeding <- was the only word stucked on Mayu's mind even if she didn't want to hear about it she might think about it so she decided it was better once her parents go to "damn wedding" she will go for a walk..)
Hey Sasshi! Akicha says a little mad
Sasshi feels shivers all over her body "hi" she says shyly..she didn't want cause any trouble
how ypu been? Akicha asks
fine! Sasshi says with a smile and goes behind Miichan to avoid Akicha
Ackward! Miichan says 
Are you okay Yukirin? Sae asks 
my head hurts! Yuki says rubbing her forhead 
oh darling that's normal it's because of the wedding and because that handsome man out there! the hair stylist said happy 
Yuki pouted (he/she was talking about Ren)
okay we have stop saying the "wedding"! Sae says (she can see Yuki's face everytime that anyone says that word) 
would you leave me alone? Yuki asked 
huh? everyone? Mariko asks while everyone is looking at Yuki 
yes,everyone! Yuki says 
you sure? Sae and Sayaka asks concern 
yes,just 10 min please! Yuki says 
ok! everyone out! Akicha says as Yuki's assitant 
(everyone gets out of the room)
remember that the wedding it's at 20:00 and it's 19:15 we gotta at the church 19:50! Akicha says
ok! Yuki says with a smile..
now everyone is gone..Yuki sighs and gets up to see the dresses..
She looks herself on the mirror with the dress on.."he has really good taste!" Yuki says 
Yuki chan we're going to grab something to eat be back soon! Miichan shouts 
Yuki scares and somehow she slips causing her to hit her head and get knocked out 
~~~~~~~~~~~~Yuki's dream~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Yuki chan.. the class is over! a girl says 
huh? really i fell sleep! Yuki says smiling 
kinda noticed! The girl says smiling 
i should go home! Yuki says while gets up and get her things..
hey remember that tomorrow we're going to your house for the science project! the girl says 
yes,i wouldn't forget about it! Yuki says smiling while walks away
bye! the girl says
Yuki was standing in the school door.."oh i almost forgot my mom is not home yet,i gotta meet her at her work! Yuki told to herself 
Yuki starts running after a few blocks..."huh!" she looks up "oh no raining is falling!"she stops running to pull out her umbrella "Much better!" Yuki says with a smile and keeps running to her meeting 
hmm what's wrong with her? she can't feel the rain or what? Yuki thought staring at the little girl with black hair (two tails) and eyes closed 
Yuki moved a little closer "she's so cute..what should i do maybe? she doesn't have an umbrella!" Yuki thought and then looked to her umbrella "My mom's work is few blocks away maybe..maybe i can run!" 
you're going to get a cold! Yuki says 
the litlle girl doesn't feel the raindrops so she opens her eyes and sees Yuki smiling at her 
the taller girl takes the little girl's hand and makes her take the umbrella..
take it don't need it! Yuki says 
the little girl was all red Yuki still has her hand her's "i can't take need it the little girl says" (what a cutie! Yuki thought) 
don't worry just give it back someday ok..! Yuki says while runs away leaving the little girl standing there with the umbrella
          ~~~~~At Yuki's mom work~~~~~
hello mom! Yuki says smiling 
where were you? why are you all wet! Yuki's mom asks worried while takes off her jacket and puts it on Yuki to warm her up 
is.. ju- just.. tha-the-there was a-a cu-cute little girl with out her umbrella so i gave her mine! Yuki says stuttering and shivering 
oh my baby! Yuki's mom says 
let's go home before it gets worst! Yuki's mom says 
what about your meeting? Yuki asks
Yuki there are things that are more important than others in life like family,love.. the business can wait and you my love can't ..if you stay in those clothes you can catch a cold and for me you're more important than millions of yens.. so let's go! Yuki's mom says 
(Driving the car) the weather wasn't good! 
(you know the rest)
Yuki wake up! Sayaka says 
what happened? Yuki asks while the girls help her to get up
well you knocked yourself! Sasshi says laughing 
what time is it? Yuki asks 
19:45! Sae says
we should get going btw you looks beatiful! The girls say and also the bunch of people that were in the room before 
i fell sleep all that was a dream! Yuki thought
let's go Yuki your future handsome husband is waiting for you! Miichan says 
i'm not going! Yuki says 
what?!? everyone says 
i didn't say yes..he can marry my dad if he wants..they never asked me..if i wanted to marry all i know is that i woke up and they told me too! Yuki shouts mad 
well you know we support you! Sae says smiling (she was happh for very first time in long while Yuki was doing what she wanted!) 
i need to go,Sae chan keys!  Yuki says 
Sae throws the keys to Yuki who grabs them and goes away
all day making up on her,brushing her hair,dressing her for nothing...she's not going to be in the newspaper and that's less money for me! The hair stylist says 
i think someone needs to call Ren! Sayaka says 
everyone gives a step back..
(Sasshi was first)
what?!? me! why? Sasshi asks mad 
well if he talks to you..he's not going to yell us..he thinks you're retarded and that we're brain washers so it's better that you talk to him! Mariko says 
it's not fair,i'm not retarded! Sasshi says pouting 
Yuki went to Mayu's house but there was nobody there..she tried to call Mayu but for some reason she didn't pick up but then it came to her mind that Mayu could be somewhere else..
she run to the car and started driving to the entrance of that place that Mayu loved the most..
there she was waiting for the lights to change to cross street with her eyes closed 
"she's not the little girl of the two tails anymore" Yuki thought and got out of the car leaving it there with the keys and on 
Mayu chan! Yuki said and caressed Mayu's cheek
Mayu opened her eyes for the voice that called her na
me and the sudden touch 
(everyone was staring Yuki she looked beatiful on that dress) 
"Yuki chan!" Mayu's tears came out..she couldn't see that bride and decided to run to that place that she loves to hide and to not hear that painful words 
Mayu chan wait up! Yuki shouts and runs after her 
once she had the chance she jumped on Mayu..
Yuki putted herself on top of Mayu to not let her run
what do you want? hurt me more? GO AWAY WITH YOUR HUSBAND! Mayu shouts mad and crying 
(Yuki kisses her to shut her up)
I missed you! Yuki says between kisses
 Mayu bites Yuki's lips to make her stop kissing her
ouchhhh! Yuki says 
let me go! Mayu says 
why are you so mad all the time? Yuki asks
you just married another man and you're here kissing me! Mayu says while pulls out the invitation from her jacket's pocket 
who ever thought Mayu chan can't read! Yuki says laughing 
what's so funny? Mayu asks mad 
it says that my wedding it's at 20:00 and it's 20:15 so i don't think that it's possible to be at two places at the same time! don't you think? Yuki asks pouting cutely 
Mayu blushes "you're telling me that...*yes,Mayu chan i'm all yours!* Yuki finishes the phrase and breaks in tears 
i love you! Mayu says and hugs Yuki tighly..
i love you too! Yuki says crying
what are we going to do? Mayu asks 
why you're asking me that? Yuki asks 
because my mom know about us and i don't wnat to be away from you ever again! Mayu says hugging Yuki tighly
i don't want to separate either ever again! Yuki says 
then what we do? Mwyu says 
whta if you come to live with me? Yuki asks 
you want me to move in with you? Mayu asks 
yes, i want! Yuki replies 
i will love to! Mayu says hapoy and kisses Yuki
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FINALLY they can be together~! (

Are you going to continue the story? (

Please do! (
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Yea!! Yea!! Update!! :heart:
It's so nice and sweet :wub:
 :thumbsup Yuki good job telling Ren to marry your dad instead :lol: and back to Mayu again :inlove:

LOL Sasshi so unlucky XD

Thanks for the Update :thumbup :thumbup

Is it already the end?? :cry:

Sasshi and Lovetan's part still hasn't finish yet :bow: Please Update More :bow:

Don't say it's ending yet :cry:

But this Update was a Marvelous Update!!! :wub: :twothumbs :inlove:
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who said is the end?
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Finally, Yuki!!!! Don't let Mayuyu go anymore!!!
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Yay!  :on woohoo: :on woohoo: Update.

They're finally together!  :stuffed:

Can't wait for the next update.  :on gay: :tama-laff:

Thank you.
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                                  REMEBER ME 
It's been 2 months since Mayu left her house to go live with Yuki,She still talks to her parents but just once a week for at leat 1 min..she just say that she's okay and that she loves Yuki..
Yuki lost her job,her dept because everything were gift that her dad gave her ...she works in a caffetery as waitress ..

Yuki eneters to her home to find an sleeping Mayu 
"shit i came late again!" she murmured while looked her watch "1:30 Am!" 
She looked to the CG sleeping and took the blanket to cover her more..Mayu fell the warm and opened her eyes and saw her girlfriend sitting next to her,looking at her..
welcome! Mayu says while brushes her eyes 
 go back to sleep,you have school tomorrow! Yuki said smiling 
no! Mayu replied and putted her arms around Yuki's neck and pulled her for a kiss
"Mayu!"Yuki said between kisses 
please Yuki i miss just work and can barely see you! Mayu replied devoring Yuki's mouth and sending her hands under Yuki's shirt
Yuki felt kinda guilty she knew what Mayu was saying it was true..she had to work everyday and over time to support Mayu (pay school,food,rent and all that stuff for Mayu's sake) 
Mayu putted herself on top of Yuki sitting on her stomach..
Yuki chan i love you! Mayu said blushing looking other way and taking off her shirt
Yuki just stare to the CG for a moment "I love you too Mayu!" she said after a moment,she putted her hand on Mayu's chin and made her look at her "you're so beatiful..i'm sorry i been a fool!" Yuki replied and proceed to kiss her..
Mayu chan! Mayu chan! not again! Lovetan says with a sigh and shaking Mayu 
what? Mayu replied waking up 
you fell sleep again! Lovetan replied mad 
i know! Mayu says smiling 
you don't care that you slept on your test! Lovetan says shouting 
nop! Mayu says with sigh while stretches
what am i going to do with you? Lovetan asks moving her head side to side 
give me more Yukirin! Mayu says happy while streches her arms
(there was nobody in the classroom everyone went home alredy) 
huh? what's that? Lovetan asks and sees closer to Mayu's neck 
what? Mayu asks 
this Lovetan says while pulls out a mirror from her bag and show it to Mayu
Mayu blushes and looked other way
did you see what she had done to you? Lovetan asks pointing to hickey 
what? she didn't do this to me! Mayu says blushing even more
so who else did it? Lovetan asks 
i asked her to! Mayu says 
what? you told her...Are you crazy? Lovetan asks 
why? Mayu asks 
because you're seventeen,you don't leave with your parents anymore,you're in love with someone that you just met and you already had sex with her and it's a girl! Lovetan shouts
i don't care i'm in love and it's great that is the only thing that matters to're just in bad mood because you can't say what you feel because you're scared for what people is going to think about you..what's the point of playing safe? if i'm going to have a boring life with someone that i don't love? you know what?  i have to go! Mayu says while gets up 
Lovetan was in shock
bye Lovetan say hi to Sasshi! Mayu says smiling and walks away
Lovetan woke up from the shock when she heard the word or name "Sasshi" 
Lovetan pulled out her phone and dialed Sasshi's number but then hanged the call 
she run to Sasshi's dept 
(In Sasshi's dept) [Sasshi's Pov]
[Lovetan called me! should i call her? well maybe she wants to check on me..A promise is not enough?]
Knock! Knock! 
god..i can't rest for one day! Sasshi says while gets up from the sofa and opens the door 
Akicha! Sasshi says scared 
[what the f is she doing here? god stop stalking me..i'm not that unforgetable]
hello baby! Akicha says with a kiss 
Sasshi pushes her and breaks the kiss "he..hey! what are you doing here?"[WTF? Lovetan is going to kill me! why you do this to me? since i promised to Lovetan that i'll become vegetarian YOU KEEP SENDING MEAT!]
i missed you baby since Yuki doesn't work in the office you don't visit me anymore! Akicha says while plays with Sasshi's shirt [stop! stop! There's no doubt that Lovetan is going to kill me..huh? wait a minute "am i dating Lovetan?" what the hell i can do whatever i want]
hahahah i been bu-bu-busy! Sasshi says nervous [no,Just go away bad thoughts "i made i promise go away bitch!] 
so you don't miss me? Akicha asks with a pout and takes off her jacket 
[of course i don't go away..damn hot Akicha! please help me out on this] 
Akichan didn't close the door..someone entered to the dept 
Lovetan! it's not what it looks like! Sasshi says and puts hersefl behind the sofa just in case black Lovetan would come out
What is she doing here? Akicha asked mad 
Lovetan walked right where Sasshi was 
they facing each other 
i swear Lovetan i wasn't doing any-----
Sasshi couldn't complete her sentence because Lovetan's lips were on hers 
no way! Akicha says while picks up her jacked and walked away 
Lovetan and Sasshi broke the kiss but their forheads were connected 
what was that for? Sasshi asks 
to remind you who's the boss! Lovetan says smiling 
both girls smile
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Ow Mayuki, I wanna hug them~
LOL Lovetan is the boss hahaha
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Finally Lovetan kissed Sasshi~!! way to go Sasshi! (

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Yea!!! I so love this update!!! :inlove: :wub: Although I love all of them :P
Woah!!! Sasshi and Lovetan moments!!!! :wub:
They kissed!!!!!! :inlove: :twothumbs

Thanks so much for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
Please update soon :thumbsup
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OMG!!! Sasshi and Lovetan kissing!!!! Lovetan :thumbsup
Show her who's the boss :inlove:

Thank you for this wonderful update :twothumbs :twothumbs
Please update soon :bow: :bow:
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Aw, so sad take Yuki lost everything well except Mayu.
Sasshi's and Lovetan's kiss.  :mon crazyinlove:
Thank you for updating.  :kneelbow: Can't wait for the next.  :gmon tears:
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Mayuki.......JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY....... :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Yuki lost everything, and she had to work her a*s off to support Mayu......
They already looks like a husband and wife.......

And I just read that in her real life, Yukirin used to wake up in 4 AM in the morning. She's really a hardworker.
That makes me respect and adore Yukirin even more.
And I'm so ashamed of myself because I barely able to wake up early.

Back to the story......
Well......I'm so in love with this story......... :heart: :heart: :heart:
This is really a heartwarming story. A chicken soup for my soul.

More Mayuki please...... :bow:

cmze, thanks for updating's great.. :thumbsup  :twothumbs
I'll update mine too....
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Hello everyone!

i just wanted to say THANK U..for reading me and don't hate for the next chapters...

NEW (DRAMA COMING but just for 10 chapters more i think...7 good chapters and 3 bad )

as you know i can't write properly because english it's not my thing.. so don't hate me and THANK U AGAIN!
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                                  REMEBER ME 
I'm home! Yuki shouts while closes the door and enters to the dept 
Yuki chan! Mayu says and jumps on her 
(both fell on the floor)
i love you too! Yuki says smiling 
it's just that i missed you so much! Mayu says hugging Yuki (still on the floor) 
i'm sorry! Yuki says while plays with Mayu's hair  
i know! Mayu says with a sad tone while gets up 
ehh Mayu chan what about if i make it up to you with a beatiful picnic in your favorite place? Yuki asks and takes Mayu's hand 
really? Mayu asks happy 
Yuki nods 
Mayu hugs Yuki and then proceeds to prepare everything for their picnic 
You thinks is necessary doing all this? Sasshi asks while walks 
of course it is! Lovetan says dragging her 
walking the street holding're a really brave girl! Sasshi says 
what? you're my girlfriend and who don't like can look away! right? Lovetan asks
yes,you're right! Sasshi says smiling and holding tigher on Lovetan's hand 
Lovetan stopped walking and looked to Sasshi..
what's wrong? she asked
nothing is just that i like you very much! Lovetan says
Sasshi blushes and then kissed Lovetan's forhead
i Like you very much ten times more! Sasshi says smiling and giving her a little squeeze 
Mayu was staring Yuki who was eating an apple..
mmm what's wrong? do i have something on my face? Yuki asks 
no,it's perfect! Mayu answers while puts her hand on Yuki's cheek 
mmm..then what is it? why are you looking at me like that? Yuki asks 
like what? Mayu asks 
i don't know like that! Yuki says 
i don't know what are you talking about? Mayu says looking other way 
maybe is a stare of love! Yuki says happy 
a stare of love? never! Mayu says crossing her arms still looking other way 
now that i remember you've always looked me like that! Yuki says happy 
nop! Mayu says still looking other way 
Yuki leans closer a gives he a kiss on her cheek "Adorable Mayu!" 
Mayu blushes but then turns her head cousing them to kiss..
Yuki gets back to her normal position 
you taste like apple! Mayu says smiling 
yup! Yuki says smiling 
i need to go the bathroom! Mayu says while looks around 
there's restaurant over there! Yuki says pointing with her finger
let's go! Mayu says while gets up and takes her hand to dragher with her..
(In the bathroom) 
Here it is! Yuki says while opens the door of the cubicle and shows it to Mayu 
ok! Mayu says and takes Yuki's hand and pull her in and closes the door
what? i thought you wanted to use it! Yuki says
i want to use it..with you! Mayu says with a seductive tone of voice 
Yuki smirks..
~~~~~~~~~~<<<<< The next day >>>>~~~~~
(At school)
Mayu chan you were right! Lovetan says smiling
about what? Mayu asks 
about love.. airhead! Lovetan says smiling 
i'm glad i helped! Mayu says while picks up her things
hey don't you wanna know what happened? Lovetan asks taking Mayu's hand 
hmm well Sasshi is all happy so she told Yuki and as you know Yuki told me! Mayu answers smiling 
that Yuki can't keep her mouth shut! Lovetan says 
hey! Mayu says pinching Lovetan's cheek
let's go ice cream celebration! Lovetan says happy 
i guess is fine! Mayu says and both starts walking out of the school 
hey Mayu chan is that your dad? Lovetan says pointing to a man standing next to a car 
Mayu looks "yes,he is my dad! i wonder what's he doing here?"
Mayu walks closer leaving Lovetan..
hey dad! Mayu says 
hello Mayu! Mayu's dad says 
what's wrong? Mayu asks 
would you mind entering to the car? Her dad asks
okay! Mayu enters to the car and makes a sign to Lovetan that she's going with her dad 
Mayu's dad starts driving 
then what's going on? Mayu asks
it's your mom! Mayu's dada answers 
what's wrong with her? Mayu asks 
she's not okay..she needs you!Mayu's dad says 
(Arriving home)
Mayu enters to her house and see the mess..dirty dishes everywhere, newspapers,magazines throwed around the living room, dust everywhere..
what happened here? Mayu asks in shock 
your mom is in depression so she doesn't want to do anything she's onky lock up in the room since you left
(Mayu felt so guilty she couldn't believe it,her mother was so clean with house and everything)
her dad went to get her a glass of water while he went for the glass of water Mayu started to clean but she couldn't help to find a divorce papers 
divorce papers?is he planning to leave her? Mayu thought 
here's your glass! Her dad says 
Mayu hid the papers..
Mayu! her mom says and went to hug her 
hello mon! Mayu says (noticing that her mom didn't look good) 
how are you? her mom asks while exminates her 
i'm fine! Mayu answers 
are you hungry? do you want something to eat? are you going to stay? Mayu's mom asks in tears 
"i..i..just..i'm sorry i have to go!" Mayu answered and run away 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At the dept~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mayu opened the door..
hello baby! Yuki says happy but then she saw Mayu's tears and went to hug her "what happened?" 
i..i..went to see my parents! Mayu says sobbing 
i'm sorry! Yuki says 
they..they're not ok! Mayu says in tears 
Yuki kept hugging Mayu 
i don't know what to do! Mayu says sobbing 
about what? Yuki asks 
can't you see? everthing was better before! Mayu says sobbing 
what? Yuki says and looks into Mayu's eyes 
you had a better job,my parents didn't want to divorce! Mayu says 
it's that all about? Yuki asks 
you were better of without me! Mayu replies 
look i gave up everything for you..i left my dad,my life and hurt but no as muches i wanted you! Yuki says 
i'm sorry..i can't leave them like that! Mayu says 
if you go don't you ever comeback! Yuki says mad 
sorry Yuki chan! Mayu says crying while leaves 
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Yatta!! Update!!! :w00t: Yea!! 'fireworks!!' :note:

Hoho~~ Lovetan and Sasshi are finally official now~ :wub:
Holding hands on the street publicly :inlove:
They are so lovey dovey :heart:

What?!! Mayu's dad is going to divorce Mayu's mom??!!!
Why would he want to leave her when she will be needing him the most??!!! :angry:
And because of that....
Mayu has a fight with Yuki... and leaves... to take care of her mom.. :cry:

sigh*... Hopefully Yuki will find a way to solve the problem :) Gambatte Yuki!!! XD

Thank you for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
Please Update Soon :mon cute:
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No!!! Mayuki is separed again T_T
But I'm glad for Sasshi and Love-tan ^^
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 23/12
Post by: anzai48 on December 22, 2011, 04:59:35 PM's dilemmatic.

Mayu had to choose: Yuki, or her own mother.... :panic:

I got an idea...
Why don't Mayu come to help her mother during the day (when Yuki's also working), and then she can go to spend her nights with Yuki afterwards..........

Edit: I forgot. Mayu has to go to school during the day..... XD
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Mayuyu~ why you chose your mother~ (

How about Yukirin?! (

Please update soon~ (
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                                  REMEBER ME
You look like a mess! Sae says while helps Yuki to get up and puts her on bed
it's the happiness! Yuki says drunk
yes,i can imagine! Sae says while covers Yuki with the blanket and looks at her
"*sigh* this is not going to be a good week!" Sae thought
~~~~<<~~~~~<~~~Ice cream shop~~~~~>>>~~>>
Mayu chan are you okay? Lovetan asks
no,i'm worried about Yuki! Mayu answers while dials Sae's phone
so you guys broke up? Lovetan asks
no! just..she didn't mean those words! Mayu says while has the phone on her ear
<Phone call>
Hello Sae chan! How's she?
she's better now she's sleeping
i'm glad
you guys need to fix this soon Mayu chan
i know!
i god! Yuki don't throw up on the floor! Sae shouts
Mayu hangs up and looks at her phone sadly
so what happened? Lovetan asks
she was drunk! Mayu answers sad
I think Yuki has many troubles with tge alcohol doesn't she? Lovetan asks
no!" Mayu answers and pinches Lovetan's cheek
ok,ok,i get it..she doesn't! Lovetan says
i think Sasshi it's addicted to women! Mayu says while points to Sasshi who is sitting in other table talking to a girl
(Lovetan jealousdar Activated)
<Sasshi fell shivers all over her body>
Are you okay Rino? The girl says
(Sasshi looked side to side trying to find the source that made her feel shivers)
i swear i thought Lovetan was here! Sasshi says relieved with a sigh
aheemmm! Someone says
Sasshi jumps off her seat scared
Lo..Lo..Lovetan what are you doing here? Sasshi asks  nervous while gets up
who's this whore? Lovetan asks
not Lovetan is not what you think? Sasshi says nervous and smiling
i never thought i would see Lovetan making an novel scene! Mayu thought
-Lovetan takes the ice cream that Sasshi was eating and puts it on the girl's hair-
what the f...? Sasshi and Mayu said
and i told her to be discreted! Mayu face-plamed herself
you stupid kid! the girl shouted
hey..My Lovetan is not stupid! Sasshi says defending Lovetan
you can forget about that work! the girl shouts mad
whatever i don't need it..hey it looks like you need more ice cream to cool off! Sasshi says while takes her ice cream and puts it on her hair
you Screw you two! The girl shouts while leaves
the people in the store were speechlessn
work? really? Lovetan asks pouting
yup! Sasshi answers
i though she was..sorry! Lovetan says while takes Sasshi's hand
(everyone was still speechless even Mayu)
yeah..yeah it's okay! Sasshi says and puts her arm around Lovetan's neck and both walk out of the store
Mayu sighed "wow Lovetan can be a really jealousy Sasshi deal with it everyday? then she sees her table ehhhh? what a  bitch she left me the bill and she was the one who invited me!
  ~~~~~~~~~~<At home (night)>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I'm home! Mayu shouts while closes the door
wow everything looks so normal here!" Mayu thought while walks to her room (everything was so clean like before and ordered like nothing happened..her parents were dinnering and as always asked her to join "
Mayu come to eat! Mayu's mom says with a smile
no,i'm fine..i'm tired! Mayu says while goes upstairs
ok! Mayu's dad says smiling
who am i to takes away their happiness? Mayu thought while opens her door and goes to lay down on her bed
after a deep breath and 5 min of relaxing
(Mayu picked up her phone) Yuko (Y) Mayu (M)
-Oshiri sister! Y
what's wrong?M
you're not going to believe who's here? Y
Yuki and she's looking for some masked girl! Y
what?? M
yes! what do i do? Y
don't let her go,maybe she's drunk! M
okay,okay! Y
i'm on my way! M
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At the bar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Tell me where is she? Yuki asks while grabs Yuko by her arm
wait i think she's coming! Yuko said while removed her arm
whatever! Yuki said and sitted
the show started and Yuki was asking for alcohol every minute..
girl you should take it slow! A guy said
shut up! Yuki answered and gave him a glare
hey don't shut me! The guy answered and putted his hand on Yuki's tight
Yuki without hesitation smashed her glass against the guy's head
everything became a mess..everyone was fighting everyone and throwing punches to anyone
a hand pulled Yuki out of that place and guide her to an alley were they were hiding..
that girl..i'm going to kill her! a bleeding guy shouts while gets out and looks for Yuki
that was close! The masked girl says relief
finally..i almost forgot how beatiful you were! Yuki says and plant a kiss on the masked girl's lips
The masked girl was impress by the action she tried to stop the kiss but it wasn't something easy to do (first the one that is kissing her is the one she loves second she's stronger third she's against the wall)
why..why? sto-top kissing.. do-don't! The masked girl said trying to focus while Yuki is kissing her all over her body
don' The masked girl asked between moans
Love? don't do that don't fall in love! Yuki said and then fainted..
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MaYuki kissing in the alley.......That was so hot....... :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

And.....Gooshh..........Yuki started a fight in a pub?
She's so lovesick... :rofl:
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I feel sad for Mayu and Yuki :(

Lovetan getting jealous so easily :lol:
I was so shock when she put the ice-cream on the girl with Sasshi LOL :w00t:
It was just wonderful :wub:

The pub scene was just speechless XD

Thanks for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
Can't wait to read what happen next :mon cute: Please Update Soon~
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Yes!!! You Updated!! :w00t:

Wow.. Lovetan having a jealousdar LOL :lol:
They are so lovey dovey XD
Wanting more Lovetan x Sasshi moments :wub: They are so cute~

I hope Mayuki will solve their problem soon :(

Thank you so much :twothumbs for the update
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Post by: kahem on December 24, 2011, 12:36:14 PM
Hoy! Hoy! Hoy! Lovetan kowai!!! Lol but I think the jealous scene was cute ^^
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Post by: RenaChii on December 24, 2011, 11:17:37 PM
Yukirin~ (

Please come back to her~ Mayuyu~ (
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki> 06/01
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                                  REMEBER ME 
C'mon Yuki just a little more! the masked girl says while helps Yuki going upstairs
finally your bed! the masked girl murmures and puts Yuki on it..
"you're having a bad time my love!" She whispers and strokes Yuki's hair who was sleeping face down
i wish would be different! The masked girl says while takes off her mask 
Yuki opens her eyes slowly "Mayu.." she murmures but Mayu didn't hear her then Yuki cupped Mayu's cheeks
"Yuki.." Mayu said and tried to hold back her tears try to step back but Yuki didn't let
don't go! Yuki mumures and proceeds to kiss her 
Mayu replied the kiss (she misses Yuki so much) 
Yuki putted hersefl on top of Mayu and kisses her all over her body with passion,Mayu also did the same.. they ripped eachother's clothes off..
i missed you.." Mayu says between moans and kisses
Yuki kept kissing Mayu "i love you too!" she said 
~(The next morning)~
~Riiing..Riiiing ~
Wtf? Yuki said and picked up her phone:
"what happened to my Yuki?"
stop Sae chan! Yuki says while opens her eyes and notices that she's naked and covered with a blanket
Oh My..! Yuki says 
"what is it Yuki? Are you okay?"
nop! Yuki says while gets up slowly from bed and covers herself with the blanket
"what's going on?"
shut up! Yuki says and walks slowly through the dept 
"i'm heading to your home now!"
Yuki looked everywhere but everything was on it's place.."nobody! what the hell happened to me last night?" She says while scratches her head 
"what do you mean?" Sae asks
i woke up naked! Yuki says and then sighs
"whore.. you slept with someone that you don't remember!"
i'm not like you Sae chan! Yuki says while gets back to her room 
it's called giving love to someone who needs it! Sae says in her defense 
you're a player! Yuki says 
hahah don't you remember anything? 
no! Yuki says and sits on her bed 
that's bad! Sae says laughing 
shut up! Yuki says and then notices something on her bed.."a mask!" she murmures 
what? Sae asks 
she blew me away again! Yuki says while observes the mask carefully 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~At school~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mayu chan.. wake up! Lovetan says while shakes her
stop Lovetan! Mayu says and keeps in her same position (with her head on her arms) 
i should stop hanging with you! Lovetan says and keeps shaking Mayu 
Lovetan got tired of shaking Mayu so she decide use Mayu's bag to punch her so she would wake up..
take this Mayu! Lovetan says and hits Mayu with her bag (the bag was open so everything that was inside went out and Mayu woke up)
[there was nobody in the classroom the class was over that's why Lovetan was trying to wake up Mayu!]
what's this? Lovetan says while see the clothes that were on Mayu's back she was about to grab it but Mayu slapped her hand..
ouch! what with the clothes? Lovetan asks while helps to pick up the other things (like books) 
nothing! Mayu answers and picked everything and putted in her bag again
Lovetan saw Mayu's neck and it was full of hickeys
what the hell happened to you last night? Lovetan asks while sees Mayu in the eyes 
stop bothering me! Mayu says while stands up
hey who did that to you? Lovetan asks
stop asking me! Mayu says 
we're best friends tell me..i'm worry about you..since you left Yuki you're not the same! what's with the whore clothes?are you seeing someone else to replace Yuki? Lovetan asks almost crying 
no,stop okay i'll tell you everything! Mayu says 
i'm all ears! Lovetan says while sits 
(After 5 minutes!) 
what? so you dress like a whore to attract Yuki because she hates you but she doesn't hate this whore masked girl? Lovetan says 
i'm not a whore..this is..this is..the only way i can be close to her! Mayu says 
so she's cheating on you! Lovetan says 
she's not cheating on me..i left her and she's moving on,she has the right to do whatever she wants! Mayu says sad 
look,when she finds out it's you this masked girl..she's going to hate you more! Lovetan says 
she doesn't have to find out! Mayu says looking down 
so what are you planning wear mask everytime that you're around her? Lovetan asks
i don't know! Mayu says 
so you were with her last night? Lovetan asks
"yes" Mayu says blushing 
Lovetan sighs "hope you don't get hurt with this!" 
what's wrong Lovetan? is it too hot? or too cold? i'm going to kill Sae chan she said this soup is good for a cold! Sasshi says while tastes Lovetan's soup
no,no it's delicious and i don't have a cold anymore..i'm fine so you don't have to worry! Lovetan answers 
i rather prevent i don't want nothing happen to my Lovetan! Sasshi says while puts the soup on the table and gets back to hug Lovetan who was on bed
what's wrong? Sasshi asks with her chin on Lovetan's shoulder
mmm i'm just worried! Lovetan says 
about what? Sasshi asks while takes Lovetan's hand which coused Lovetan to blush
so cute when you blush! Sasshi says smiling 
stop's Yuki doing? Lovetan asks 
well she's drinking a lot but something good happened to her.. i heard that her dad forgave her and now she's rich again..she just told me a few hours ago..unbelieveble don't you think? Sasshi asks 
rich again? so that means she has her job again and everything? Lovetan asks
yes,job,dept,car,jet,boat,gold teeth and the whole pack..lucky her! Sasshi says still with her chin on Lovetan's shoulder
"Rino!" Lovetan says 
what is it Lovetan? (Sasshi knew something wasn't good because she called her by her name) 
don't you ever hate me..i couldn't resist it! Lovetan says sobbing 
Lovetan are you crying? Sasshi asks
no! Lovetan says while covers her eyes with her fists
Awww Lovetan! Sasshi says and kisses her on her forhead "i could never hate you and i'm sure that Yuki doesn't hate Mayu chan!" 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~On the street~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mayu was walking..she bought some anime and she was heading back home,she didn't want to think about what happened last night with her and Yuki..
she felt bad "what if..Yuki was thinking about this masked girl when we were together? what if she falls for this masked girl?" A concerned Mayu thought 
hey ked watch out! A man shouts
the car stops a few centimetres from Mayu 
the owner of the car get out of it to check on Mayu..
Yuki chan!" Mayu says 
Yuki took a deep breath and looked other way.."Are you okay?! She asked not looking at Mayu 
yes!" Mayu answers sad 
good! Yuki says and walks back to her car..
are you okay kid? The man who shouted before asks
no!" Mayu says taking deep breaths not to cry 
Yuki's car gets next to Mayu and the man..the windown gets down..
Mayu get in i'll take you home!" Yuki says 
no,i'm fine! Mayu answers 
Yuki gets off the car and drags Mayu inside of it! 
the man was about to react but Yuki shouted "stay the hell away from us pervert! and the drive away
what the hell is wrong with you? Yuki asks 
"you have a car.." Mayu says and looks through the window
Yuki sighed and kept in silence all the way to Mayu's home 
Yuki pulled over in front of Mayu's home..
here we are! Yuki says not too happy 
Yuki i...*don't say anything i don't care!* Yuki  interrupts Mayu 
Mayu got off the car and saw Yuki driving away 
"no matter how hard you pretend i know you care!" Mayu murmured
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When are you going to make Mayuki back together again?  :cry: :cry:

And please update THE EXCHANGE..... :bow:
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Yea!! Thanks for the update XD
:inlove: Mayuki~~ :heart:
Lovetan and Sasshi so in love also :)
But why is Lovetan crying and say don't hate her to Sasshi?  :?

Thanks again for the update :D
Please Update Soon :mon cute:
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yes Yuki . . . YOU STILL CARE! (

Lovetan & Sasshi SO SO SO CUTE~!! (
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Oh no!!!! Mayuki why?!!!!
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                          REMEBER ME 

(At Yuki's work) 
Yes Sayaka i'm behaving..nahhh don't worry yes,i love you too bye! Sae says and then sighs 
concerned girlfriend? Yuki asks
too much! Sae answers looking at her phone 
who can blame her you're such a player! Yuki says smiling and looking at Sae 
no,i'm not a player! Sae replies pouting 
yes,you are! Yuki says laughing 
well i'm a player but this player won't tell you something that you want to know about this super hot masked girl that you slept with last night! Sae says grinning 
what about her? Yuki asks serious 
nothing! Sae says smiling 
tell me! Yuki says 
nop! Sae replies 
c'mon! Yuki says while gets up and goes to pull Sae's shirt over and over again
it won't work! Sae says smiling 
Yuki starts pinching Sae's cheek
okay,okay,okay stop! Sae says 
Yuki smiles "tell me!" 
there's going to be a costume party so she might be there.. because her friend who is a little pervert btw said let go! Sae says pouting 
okay! Yuki says smiling 
that hurt..Black Yukirin! Sae says while brushes her cheek with her hand
then we'll going to that party! Yuki says smirking
btw you owe me $300! Sae says while pulls out her wallet and sees that it's empty 
why? Yuki asks
well that tiny pervert stole my money! Sae says
really? she took my watch! Yuki says looking at her wrist pouting 
i want that too! Lovetan shouts smiling
okay take it! Sasshi replies 
and also this and this too! Lovetan says smiling
you can anything that you want my love! Sasshi says while shows her credit car
this! this and this is so cute! Lovetan kept shouting while the other costumers where looking at them 
suddenly Sasshi's phone ringed...
we're going to party tonight come with us..let's see beatiful girls and let's get grounded! 
(yeaaaahh) Yuki shouts 
i can't..i don't think Lovetan approves! Sasshi answers looking at Lovetan 
don't be a p**y! 
i'm not that is just...(weird noise) ohh sorry i can't hear you! Sasshi replies yelling 
don't be a cheater you're faking it! 
no,i'm not..i can't hear you now i'm running out of battery i'll call you back! Sashi says whilw rubs a candy wrapper on her phone
P**SYYYYYYYY------(Sasshi hanged) 
what was that? Lovetan asks 
nothing wrong number! Sasshi answers smiling and scratching her head
(pervert Sae chan and Yuki never call me again..i should block you..if Lovetan would heard this conversation i'd be history *Sasshi sighs* that was really close) 
you know Yuki knows about the party! Yuko says while walks next to Mayu (they were shopping) 
really? Mayu asks
you should come and try to get your girl! Yuko says
she's different and cold..i don't know if i can take it if she wants to date someone else on my face or the masked girl's face! Mayu says sad
she's totally head over heals for this masked girl! Yuko says smiling 
how you know that? Mayu asks
because her tomboy friend told me and i told her about the party! Yuko answers with smiling and sees her wallet full of cash 
<Last night>
hey you! a tiny girl says 
wha do youp want? Sae replies drunk 
you can take all my girls free you're not paying for them! Yuko says mad
i dont need *hip* to! Sae replies smiling
what? Yuko says mad
look *hip* on my face..I'm hot! Sae replies 
(she was sitting between all the girls of the club) 
yes,Yuko she's cute..i don't mind giving her some love for free! One girl say hugging Sae 
you're not free! Yuko says while walks closer to Sae and checks his pockets till she found her wallet 
"This is nice let's see!" Huh? this is Yuki..(Mayu's Yuki! Yuko thought)  why do you have a picture of her? Yuko asks showing the picture 
we're best friends.. i'm so sad about her,i don't know what *hip* to do to make her happy! Sae replies sad
really? Yuko asks 
yes..i don't like to see her like that..i think the only thing that puts her happy is this madked girl that works here! Sae says
awww! all the girls
maybe i have the solution! Yuko says grinning 
what? tell *hip* me! Sae says 
well it might cost you! Yuko says 
how much? do you want $40 or $50! Sae asks
i want all your wallet! Yuko says
what?!??? Sae replies 
$40 or $50 is what your best friend's happyness cost to you! Unbelieveble! Yuko replies 
but..but! Sae says 
no buts! Yuko says 
okay okay.. Done! now tell me! Sae asks 
well tomorrow we have this party and this masked girl that got your frind crazy is going to come! Yuko says
how you know she's going to come? Sae asks
just leave it to me! Yuko says grinning
<end of the flashback>
maybe i should go to keep an eye on know she could do something stupid or start another fight with a stranger! Mayu says 
yeah totally! Yuko says smiling 
okay then i'll see you in the party! Mayu says and walks other way..
it's unbeliveble Sasshihara Rino didn't come i should take pictures to show her what she's missing! Sae says moving her head side to side looking and winking everygirl in the room
such a player! Yuki murmures 
i'm not a player! Sae says 
Yuki sighs then looks around for someone familar till she found it..
she walked towards the person she thought she knew:
hey! Yuki says (btw she's dressing like a devil..a red short red dress with horns and a mask) 
the girl turns around and says hi..
Yuki looked at girl but it wasn't the girl she was looking for.."sorry i confused you with someone else!" 
the girl looked at Yuki.. "baby i can be anyone you want me to be!" and then winked 
Yuki looked other way and smirked (well a life without risks is a life not live it) Yuki thought so she let go..
they drank a lot and danced a lot too..
the masked girl was observing and drinking,she didn't went to Yuki because she was busy flirting with the other girl 
the girl took Yuki's hand and pull her to somewhere else to talk because the music was too loud..
The masked girl saw how Yuki was leaving with somebody else so she couldn't help to follow them..
Tell me your name! The girl said
names? what we don't need them! Yuki replied feeling dizzy 
well i guess you're right! the girl said and tried to kiss Yuki but someone grabbed her from behind and pull her away 
wtf? The girl shouted 
you! a drunk Yuki says happy 
who are you? The girl in the floor asks 
shut up and go away! The masked girl says mad
who hell you think you are? The other girl replied while gets up 
cat fight! Yuki shouts happy And slips 
ohh shut up Yuki! The masked girl says while helps her to get up..
hey that's my girl! The girl says 
look if you want to keep your better leave or will tell Yuko to fire you! the masked girl replies 
That Yuko pervert! Yuki says 
the girl sighs and gets back to the party 
bye *hip* friend! Yuki says 
ahyssss! The masked girl let go Yuki which caused to loose balance and fall..
ouccchhh my butt what was that for? Yuki asks 
(you're so...) The masked girl says irritated 
good looking,hot,smart! Yuki says completing The masket girl's words 
IDIOT! The masked girl shouts and turns around and tries to starts walking but Yuki grabbed her leg that caused that the maked girl fall too..
Yuki got closer to the masked girl just a few inches from her face..
so i'm an idiot! Yuki said 
The masked girl was nervous because Yuki was so close to her..
why so quiet..don't tell me this idiot coused this! Yuki asks with a smirk and putting her hand on the masked girl's cheek 
(ughh..i..i.just..) the masked girl tries to say something but she can't 
like i figured! Yuki says then leans and kisses her 
The masked girl replied the kiss but then flashes of Yuki dancing with other came to her mind 
the masked girl broke the kiss and slapped Yuki "IDIOT!" she yelled  then got up and walked away leaving the reaction queen on the floor and brushing her cheek "what did i do?!" Yuki shouted while watches the girl walking away mad then smiled
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"what did i do?!" Yuki shouted while watches the girl walking away mad then smiled

What did you do? What did you do?
You were dancing with other girl in front of Mayu.... :grr:
Everytime you get drunk, you always do something stupid.....:angry:
You always blew it, Yuki....... :grr:
Now, Yuki, get a grip, pull yourself together, and do the right thing before I :mon cheek: you...!!!

And owww........Yuko, you're a money-digger.....$ 300  :mon dolla: :banana:
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Why you always get drunk?! YUKIRIN!! (
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Yuki should stop alcool but it wouldn't be funny lol
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Yea~ Thanks for the Update :thumbsup
sigh* Yuki and Sae went flirting again.. :smhid
It's a surprise to see that Sasshi did not join! :w00t:
Aww~ She's so in love with Lovetan XD
The last moment was just hilarious~ :lol:
The part where Mayu slapped Yuki~ :grin:

Thanks again for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
Please Update Soon :mon cute:
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ten~ de~ neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen~  :D

aw~ Sasshi...  :mon cheek: so loyal~ you'll better be or i'll  :on kimbo: you  :grin:

Yuki is always drunk... tsk tsk tsk  :sweat:

SaeYuki~ pimps  :hiakhiakhiak:


update soon~

 :on crazygran:
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update sooooooooooooonnn :cry:
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Dude!! what the hell in the world are you writing??

this fic is such a...

GREAT!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: hehehhehe :lol:

ur writing style is unique and at first im reading it i was like, the hell i cant differ who says what lol  XD

but then i follow the storyline.

its sugoi  :thumbup :thumbup update more pls  :bow:
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Hi! :hee: I love your fic so much!
What will happen to Mayu and Yuki…? Please update! I’m getting desperate to know the end!  :tantrum:
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                                  REMEBER ME 
(At Yuki's office) (the next day)
She slapped you hahahaha that's so funny! Sae says laughing 
really? you're lauhing about it? hope you keep that laugh when Sayaka find out that you were dancing with a bunch of girls/strippers in that club! Yuki says with her Black's Aura
no,you wouldn't! Sae says nervous 
you right i wouldn't but she can accidentaly watch my facebook! Yuki replies still in Black mode
o..ok-ok..i'll shut up! Sae answers nervous and reads her magazine 
maybe she's right! Yuki thought while reads the papers that were on her desk then looks through her window 
<Flashback>  still in the party! 
What happened to you? Sae asks while keeps dancing with the strippers 
nothing! Yuki answers while looks around for some certain masked girl 
have you seen the masked girl? Yuki asks 
i've seen many! Sae answers happy while dances
you're useless! Yuki says and goes to the bathroom 
when she's about to enter she hears something:
Yuko i can't handle this anymore..she's stupid! The masked girl says sobbing 
c'mon you gotta be strong! Yuko replies 
i'll go get my stuff! The masked girl says while walks to the door
Yuki saw her coming so she hid behind a couple that were dancing then followed the masked girl 
Yuki entered the room quietly the masked girl didn't notice that Yuki was staring her while she pack her thinngs..
is a little early to leave! Yuki says
the masked girl turns around surprised "what the hell are you doing up here?" 
looking for you! Yuki replies while walks closer to her
you need to go! The masked girl replies 
what you think you can slap me and that i could let go that easy! Yuki replies with the masked girl's wrist on her hand 
let go! The masked girl shouts but nobody hears because the music was to loud 
nobody can hear you..shut up! Yuki replies
i hate you..i hate you! The masked girl shouts while forces with Yuki 
you know i heard you in tbe bathroom! Yuki says and
The masked girl stopped forcing "what you heard?" 
well that you were broken hearted like me and then i thought bingo "somebody who knows what i'm talking about!" 
you wanna talk? the masked girl asked 
close but not enough! Yuki replies and then steal a kiss from the masked girl 
the masked girl pushes Yuki away.."what the hell was that for?" she asks while gets up 
how can you? i hate you! the masked girl shouts 
what the hell? Yuki replies 
you don't care loving somebody else even if not the one you want..what kind of person are you? what kind of kid are you?the masked girl shouts sobbing
i..i..just..don't know..i just can't breathe and this give me at least five minutes to..i know is selfish! Yuki replies with a sad tone
you know it's fine that you want to forget but not using people that you just met! The masked girl says
Yuki leaned against the wall and sitted on the floor with her knees on hee chest "sorry!" she said in a low tone of voice 
not to that person that you're trying to forget so desperately! The masked girl said 
~~~~~~~~~~~~End of the flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~
i have to go! Yuki says while gets up from her chair
where you're going? can i go? Sae asks 
no,you can't come..wish me luck! Yuki says while grabs her car keys and leave 
good luck! Sae says
<At school> 
you been crying all night Mayu don't look good maybe i should walk you home! Lovetan says 
no,it's not necessary beside you have a date with that  pervert called Sasshihara Rino! Mayu says smiling 
hey..she's not a pervert..she just..PERVERT! Mayu and Lovetan say the word at the same time
well at least it's a cute pervert! Lovetan says smiling
wow what a car! A guy says 
hot girl! Another guy says 
Lovetan and Mayu turn to see what those guys were watching..
is not that Yuki? Lovetan asks 
Mayu was impress and shocked so she didn't say a word..just walked to her like a zombie 
Mayu where you're going? Lovetan asks and takes her arm 
she wouldn't be here for anybody else! Mayu replies still walking to her 
i don't want her to hurt you again! Lovetan says
she didn't hurt me,i hurt her! Mayu says 
hey Lovetan,Hey Mayu! Yuki says 
hey..what are you doing here? Mayu and Lovetan asks at the same time 
Mayu can we talk..ALONE? Yuki asks 
if you think that i'm going to let you alone with're totally wrong,Sasshi told me what you guys been doing lately and i mean Sae too! Lovetan says holding Mayu's arm tigher
f-ing Judas you sold us! Yuki thought
<Sasshi feels shivers..What was that for? is Lovetan around here? i'm being good! > 
"c'mon Mayu we need to talk!"  Yuki says While enters to her car 
I'll be fine! Mayu says and let go Lovetan's arm and get into car 
<Driving anywhere> 
where we going? Mayu asks 
i don't know i'm just driving! Yuki replies 
what do you wanted to talk about? Mayu asks 
i just.. Yuki stops the car " i need to go backwards to go forward!" she said looking through her window 
"i need to start again!"
i'm glad! Mayu says looking other way 
you been crying!" Yuki says while her thumb touches Mayu's eyes bags 
Mayu hugs Yuki and cries..
what are you crying? don't cry! Yuki says hugging 
i'm happy that you're okay! Mayu replies 
Yuki kisses Mayu's forhead..
Mayu..i missed you so much! Yuki says 
me too! Mayu replies 
we can't be know that right? Yuki asks
Mayu hugs her tigher 
we should stay as friends and.. maybe someday but not today or tomorrow or this year! Yuki replies 
what if..Mayu was about to say something but Yuki putted her finger on her lips to shut her 
look when you be older enough and you still love me and i still..i can't see any problem but now is not our time! Yuki says and keeps hugging Mayu 
i guess is good being friends! Mayu thought 
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What would happen to our MaYuki?!! (
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No!!!!! Mayuki!!!! T_T!!!
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Finally, an update..... :heart: :heart:

Yuki why did you say such things??

Please bring them back together...... :bow:
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Post by: LeNosferatu on February 21, 2012, 01:33:23 PM being mean.... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

update soon!  :bow:
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 :panic: Update!

I wonder if Yuki will later know that the masked girl& Mayu are the same person.

Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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Yea! Thanks for the Update XD
TT^TT Mayuki.. They are going to separate for awhile right?? Just awhile right?? :cry:
I hope they would get back together soon since they both love each other so much..!
I wonder how will Yuki react when she found out that Mayu = masked girl :?
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Really loving Sae's attractiveness in this, even though she's a small characater~

And MaYuki! I wonder HOW Yuki is gonna find out about the masked girl's true idendity~
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                                  REMEBER ME 
So sorry for being MIA... hope you enjoy this! don't forget to comment! xD

It's been a little while since Yuki and Mayu became friends..

are you sure you don't want this anymore? Yuko asks while takes the mask on her hands 
yes,i don't want it,do whatever you want with it seriously! Mayu says smiling 
what about Yuki's masked girl? Yuko asks 
well i think i let things clear with her or the masked girl did! Mayu answers looking other way 
hey wait up..i'm not done yet! Yuki shouts while runs to the masked girl that running upstairs 
i'm done! The masked girl shouts closing the door on Yuki's face 
hey you can't do that..i just wannna talk is that so hard with you? Yuki shouts while leans against the wall and then turn down her voice tone then sighed 
you just wanna talk? The masked girl asks from the other side of the door 
yes,i'm sober! Yuki says 
the masked girl openned the door which cause Yuki felling and hit her head against the floor 
ouchhhhh! Yuki said while brushes her head 
i'm sorry..i didn't know! the masked girl says while helps Yuki to get up and sit her on the bed 
it hurts! Yuki says complaining 
i said i'm sorry! The masked girl says pouting and crossing her arms 
hahahah i wasn't talking about you and you're really cute! Yuki says smiling and pinches softly the masked girl's cheek which made her blush 
you're blushing! Yuki says smiling 
no,i'm not! The masked girl says looking other way 
stop looking at me like that! the masked girl says 
like what? Yuki replies 
like that! The masked girl says pouting 
like what? Yuki replies still smiling 
forget it! The masked girl says and then goes to find something cold for Yuki's bruise..
Yuki gets up from bed and looks around.."mmm let's see what we find here!" 
she found a psp Yuki sighed "everyone have a psp this days!" 
for some reason that psp made her feel "nostalgic" she could remember all the nights that she spent playing with that game with Mayu..
what are you doing? The masked girl asks and snatches the psp from Yuki's hand 
sorry i was feeling bore! Yuki answered and got back to bed 
The masked girl putted the towel with ice on Yuki's face..
cold! Yuki said 
what do you wanted to talk about? The masked girl asked.
well..i!" Yuki putted her hand on The masked girl's hand that was on her forhead 
The masked girl was blushing hard but she didn't wanted to show it..
Yuki looked at her in the eyes and said "Thank you!" with a sweet look that was melting the masked girl heart then Yuki smiled 
god you're cute! Yuki said then got up from bed 
wait up! the masked girl said and grabbed Yuki's hand 
what's wrong? Yuki asks 
all the sudden the masked girl gave Yuki a kiss on her cheek "what was that for?" she asked putting her hand on her cheek 
it was a goodbye kiss! The masked girl replied 
goodbye then! Yuki said then smiled and left
~End of the flashback~ 
so you don't care about the masked girl anymore right Mayu chan? Yuko asks 
no,it's fine! Mayu says smiling 
i'm really glad! Yuko says smiling widely while Mayu was with a "wtf?" look 
~~~~~~~~~Meanwhile somewhere else~~~~~~~
C'mon Yuki get up! Sasshi says while tries to get her out of bed 
i'm depressed go away! Yuki says and covers all herself with the blanket
don't be such a baby! Mariko says 
well at least she's not drinking! Miichan says 
you know how she gets! Sae says smiling while enters  to the room with Sayaka
hey..that was just one time for.."now i'm more depressed!" Yuki said 
this episode is for..? Sae asks
for the masked girl! Sasshi answers 
why? Sae asks 
she's gone! Miichan answers 
what? when? Sae asks 
long while ago but it just hit her a week ago! Mariko answered while use a stick to move Yuki from bed 
are you sure? Sae asks 
she told me! Yuki answeres under the blanket 
well she's still giving her shows on that bar! Sae replies smiling then she got nervous because Sayaka wasn't happy..
"hahahah it's not what it looks like i got a friend who like to go there not me!" Sae says nervous 
really? Yuki asks 
yes! Sae replies 
i don't believe it till i see it! Yuki says and gets up from bed 
~~~~~~~~~~~At the club~~~~~~~~~~~
I hate this costume! A masked girl says looking at herself in the mirror 
c'mon people like you! Yuko says smiling 
yeah because i'm using this awful costume! The masked girl replies 
whatever! Yuko says and goes away to help another girl to zip her dress
you should considee yourself lucky,that awful costume that you said once got the attention of Kashiwagi Yuki from Kashiwagi's corp! Another girl says while points to the dress
besides it gets you more clients! Another girl says
c'mon it's show time! Yuko says and all the girls goes to perform 
c'mon Yuki i'm not lying! Sae says following Yuki through the crowd 
stop,the show is about to start! Sae says 
i don't believe you,she said good bye! Yuki says 
well she lied to you and if i were you i would turn around! Sae says pointing 
Yuki turned around and she couldn't believe it..
"My masked girl!" she murmured..
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thanks for the update! i want to know what happen next between Yuki and the masked girl also the real Mayu  :love:
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Who is that new masked girl?! Mayuyu again?! or WHO?! (
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Why good bye it's so sad? T_T
Hum the masked girl? Acchan?
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my mayuki~  :banghead: friend huh?  :huhuh  i dont like it at all  :smhid :smhid

new masked girl?  :doh:  more drama?  :roll:  interesting~  :twisted:

thank for update  :fap  :twothumbs
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4 chapters more and it's over! :)

Acchan the new masked girl..YES!  :grin:

i will bring Takamina and it will be a little Atsumina here!  :thumbsup

poor Yuki who she's going to choose?

the masked girl or Mayu!  :catglare:
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Oh no! Who is the new maskgirl? Will things gets more complicated for MaYuki?!
To be continued....
Thank you for your update I was rereading it from the beginning recently
and I forgot how many obstacles Mayu&Yuki had before they end up as a friend and how wonderful this fic is.
And it seems Yuki stills have feeling for masked girl?
But what about Mayu?

Ahhh can't wait for next update!
Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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 :roll: :roll: :roll:please keep updating thanks for the maximum contribution that you're not in a sad end :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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@ Megumi:
   I second that, Megumi!!

I wanted to reread this fic too.....
I remember this obstacles: Yuki lost her job, her car, her money, and everything.
And she had to work overtime to support Mayu......
What a tough life for Mayuki.
4 chapter more??
Aaaahhhh......I'm curious about what happen next.
Please let Mayuki be happy..... :bow:
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what?? who's that masked girl,, :? :?
please update soon... :bow:
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                                  REMEBER ME 

Wow it seems like new people like my Fic...That's nice! :D

Yuko who was that girl of last night? Acchan asks while sits 
mmm she uhmm she's one of our best costumers so you better treat her nice Atsuko! Yuko says grinning 
well she looks nice! Acchan replies 
~~~~Last night~~~~~~
That's her! Yuki shouts while points her 
don't be rude! Sae says and slaps Yuki's hand 
The masked girl noticed but kept dancing...
once her performance was done she went to the dressing room without noticing that Yuki was following her..
hey! Yuki says and enters to her dressing room 
who are you? The masked girl asks 
it's me Yuki,i know i look weird..i was kinda depressed but now i'm okay! Yuki says smiling 
"Yuki!" the masked girl murmured
yes, said goodbye to me,what are you doing here? Yuki asked confused
 "That name could it be Kashiwagi Yuki!" The masked girl thought till Yuki's voice brought her back to earth
"huh i'm just.." The masked girl said and then looked other way
Yuki felt that the masked girl was sad so she decided to do something to cheer her up..
huh what are you doing? The masked girl asked while sees that Yuki took her hand and she's dragging her with her 
let's go eat something! Yuki says with a smile 
The masked girl looked other way but didn't refuse 
the girls get on the car..and Yuki started driving..
why are you doing this? The masked girl asks 
well you help me once so now i'll help you! Yuki says smiling while drives 
~Arriving to the place~
wow this is a fancy restaurant and i'm dressing like this! The masked girl says looking at he clothes 
 you're so cute anyways besides i'm on pjs! Yuki says smiling and showing her pjs 
both girls starts laughing and went to their table 
the waiter was ready to take their orders..
same as always miss Kashiwagi? the waiter asked 
"so you're Kashiwagi Yuki!" The masked girl thought
 no,today is a special ocasion! Yuki says smiling and looking at the masked girl who was blushing 
The masked girl took off her mask which reveal a good looking girl..
hi!" she said to Yuki 
hi!" Yuki answered with a sweet look 
My name is Maeda Atsuko! The girl said with a smile and extended her hand 
My name is Kashiwagi Yuki! Yuki answered with a smile and shook her hand 
nice to meet you! Both girls said at the same time 
They had a good night dinnering and talking
~~~~~~~~~End of the Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~
Acchan couldn't help to smile beacuse she remembered that Yuki took her home and waited till she get in and then texted her to make sure that she was okay..
don't fall for that girl! Yuko says 
why? Acchan asked 
she's not for you! Yuko answered 
who are you to know,who belongs with who? Acchan answered and then went upstairs mad..
Yuko sighed and then saw her phone...
Omfg..i have to go pick up Bakamina to the airport!Yuko says and runs to the door
~~~~~~~~~~<<<At Yuki's office>>>~~~~~~~~~~
wow you're here working...That Maeda Atsuko suits you! Sae says while reads her magazine 
i don't know,it was weird! Yuki says while reads the papers that were on her desk 
what do you mean weird? Sae asks
well..i don't know *sighs* she wasn't the same,i coukd feel it? Yuki answers 
don't be silly..she showed you her face of course,it wasn't the same! Sae says while gets up and goes behind Yuki's chair 
maybe!" Yuki replies 
c'mon you have you're masked girl cheer up and let's call her! Sae says while snatches Yuki's phone from her pocket
hey..wait up! Yuki says 
*phone call*
hey Atsuko I'm Sae but everyone calls me Sae chan so you can do it and i'n friend of Yuki so she was wondering what are you going to do tonight? 
"huh..i just.."
great Cinema sounds fine at 8:00! ok take care! Sae says smiling and hang up 
"but..i never say yes!" Acchan says looking at her phone smiling 
such a nice girl this Atsuko! Sae says smiling 
Yuki sighed "what am i going to do with you Sae chan?!" 
"love me!" Sae says smiling 
Sasshi i said i'm fine..and nobody had touched my thights! Lovetan says
why you have to be france for so many days? Sasshi asks complaining 
it's just 2 weeks! Lovetan says 
well,it's not okay what if some pervert guy or girl try to steal my Lovetan? Sasshi asks 
nobody is going to steal me! Lovetan shouts
i want you back! Sasshi says complaining while crosses a street 
i miss you too! Lovetan says 
i love you! Sasshi says to her phone and people start watching her 
i love you too Sasshihara Rino! Lovetan says 
what?  you haven't seen someone telling the one she loves that she loves her? Sasshi asks shouting 
Lovetan heard and could help to laugh 
why are you laughing? Sasshi asks
well they haven't heard a girl saying i love to another girl! Lovetan says laughing 
whatever don't play with my feelings Lovetan! Sasshi says pouting..
Mayu was listening music and walking home she didn't notice when a car was following her..
she looked on her left and saw Yuki's car,Mayu took off her headphones..
hey! Yuki said with a smile
hello! Mayu replied with a smile also 
you want me to take you home! Yuki asked 
yes,why not? Mayu said and then got in 
i'm so glad that we can get along! Yuki says smiling 
me too! Mayu says
Mayu i wanted to...*phone ringing* Yuki couldn't finish
sorry it's mine! Mayu says and picks up 
*Mayu end talking*
you were saying! Mayu says 
nothing!" Yuki says and looked other way 
Mayu was looking through her window and all the sudden a love song starts Mayu without looking was about to change the station and also Yuki was about to change the station and theirs hand touched,Mayu reacted for the sudden touch and looked at Yuki who removed her hand fast and pretend like nothing happen and kept driving 
Soon they got to Mayu's house..
bye! Mayu said and enetered to her house,she leaned against the door and touched her hand then went upstairs while Yuki stood there thinking about that moment then she looked up and looked to Mayu's window she could see Mayu's silhouette while she was changing..
"great now i'm a pervert like Sasshi!" Yuki said and turned on the caf and left 
"What you do to me Mayu chan!" Yuki thought while drives 
Acchan started go prepare for her date with Yuki so she went to shower...
*house's door opening* 
i'm sorry Takamina i never thought Yuko could be this irresponsible! Nyan Nyan says 
it's Yuko but it's okay..i just want to relax! Takamina says smiling 
okay she's not like that,i'll make dinner! Nyan Nyan says while sees Takamina going upstairs 
Takamina enters to her room then she enters to the bathroom and sees  a girl getting out of the tub naked 
Who hell are you? The girl shouts while tries to cover herself with the first thing she found 
Takamina was speechless staring xD
why are you standing there looking at me? turn around pervert! Acchan shouts and throws her  the shampoo which hit Takamina on her head and knock her off..
what's with the noise? Nyan Nyan says while enters and sees Takamina on the floor and Acchan covering herself with a towel 
what the heck? Nyan Nyan says and tries to wake Takamina up 
I'm Home..and i swear Takamina didn't came that midget is going to pay me big time because she made me loose my time! Yuko shouts while takes off her jacket..
Yuko help me out! Nyan Nyan shouts 
Yuko goes upstairs and see the sitiation and she couldn't help to laugh 
Takamina woke up.."My head hurts!" 
Takamina the pervert,i like it! Yuko says laughing 
shut up! Acchan says just hit me! Takamina says pointing to Acchan 
because you're a pervert! Acchan says 
i'm not a pervert! Takamina says facing Acchan 
easy girls you gotta get along! Nyan Nyan says trying to smooth the tension
get along with this pervert..NEVER! Acchan says 
i'm not a peevert pshyco! Takamina says 
how you called me? Acchan asked
hahaha! well you have to because you have to share the room! Yuko says grinning
WHAT?!??! Takamina and Acchan shouts at the same time
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That's right Acchan, Yuki is not for you~ (
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Oho~~~~~~~~~      :cathappy:

it's time to AtsuMina~~~~  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

please update soon~    :bow:
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woah,, an update.... :twothumbs :twothumbs :heart:
yay,, atsumina comes.... :cow:
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Yay Atsumina~
The Sasshi/Rabutan moment is so cute
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Haha here comes the atsumina :)
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Yay! AtsuMina~ I've been waiting for this! :yep: Hope AtsuMina's Relationship will Develope Soon! :thumbsup
Btw, Update Soon! :bow:
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 :heart: :heart:ATSUMINAA :heart: :heart: will see each other soon!
Can't wait!
 :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:MAYUKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Thank you & Waiting for your update. 
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Oh~ Finally reading it now :oops:
Atsumina has now finally entered!!!!!!! XD
No! Acchan! You can't fall in love with Yuki!!!!
Yuki, Acchan's not your mask girl!! It's Mayu!!!
LOL.. what a great first meeting Acchan and Takamina.. and nice nicknames.. :lol: Pervert and Psycho...
Hope they get along well~

Thanks for the Update! :thumbsup
Please Update Soon! :mon cute:
Love this fic ever more than before~ :D
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yuki with acchan is just so...not right...i cant even imagine them  :grin:

yes you better with midget afterall!!!  :twothumbs

and i want the mayuki back  :cry:

continue  :bow:
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Yayayay! Atsumina moment with nice "fist meet" ! Pervert Takamina !? Lol xD
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                                  REMEBER ME 

Wow it seems like new people like my Fic...That's nice! :D

Hello there.. it seems like someone didn't have a good time last night! Yuko says laughing 
"my butt hurts" Takamina says while wakes up 
why are you sleeping on my sofa? Nyan Nyan asks while drinks hee coffee 
because some bitch called Acchan doesn't want to give me my room back! Takamina says while gets up 
some bitch huh? well you loose the bet so that not my fault! Acchan says while comes downstairs
that wasn't fair! Takamina says pointing Acchan 
life is not fair honey! Acchan says smiling 
help me out! Takamina says 
okay ..i'm not going to get in this problem so i should better go to work! Nyan Nyan says while gets up and grabs her purse then gives a goodbye kiss to Yuko and left 
i love that girl! Yuko says smiling 
help me over here! Takamina says while points to Acchan who is eating her breakfast like a princess 
oh no that's all yours!  "Have fun!" Yuko says while gets up 
Takamina lookee at Acchan and then sighed 
I can't believe you're actually working! Sae says looking at Yuki who was focused on her papers 
well i someday i had to! Yuki replies 
how's everything with Acchan? Sae asks 
"normal.." A not excited Yuki replies 
"normal.. not hot, not great,or anything better than normal?!" Sae asks 
well is just..i wanted her to be someone else! Yuki says while puts down her papers and sighs 
like? Sae asks
i don't know!Yuki replies through her window 
don't tell me that this crisis has to do with some underage girl that used to work here? Sae says 
no,of course not,look i know that everything between us is over! Yuki says 
okay i get it! Sae says 
you know what i need i walk! Yuki says then gets up 
Finally over! Mayu says happy and stretching 
let's go Mayu chan! Lovetan says happy 
hey you have to tell me everything about was it? Mayu asks while walks with Lovetan 
was great! Lovetan says happy 
really i want to go there someday! Mayu says 
it wasn't because of the was because..
I told you Sasshi i only love you and not french guy can't change that..
what? Stop acting like a baby Sasshihara Rino.. 
What do you want to fight? okay miss so don't call me till you grow up! Lovetan shouts mad and throws her phone to bed 
knock! knock!
What?! Lovetan shouts mad 
Room service! 
i didn't ask for one! Lovetan says 
"You need to open the door here's a deliver to Oota Aika and i can't keep it!"
i don't care! Lovetan shouts 
i could get fire for that! The other person says 
gosh okay! Lovetan says and opens the door
*HELLO* the person says happy with a Big teddy bear and chocolates 
"Sasshi!" Lovetan says impress
i missed you so much! Sasshi says and kisses Lovetan all over her face 
are you crazy? Lovetan asks 
why? Sasshi asks 
you make me sad,mad and then happy with your smile "i hate you!" Lovetan says hugging Sasshi 
that's love! Sasshi says smiling 
*A pinch on Sasshi's butt* 
ouuucchhh..what was that for? Sasshi asks 
for making me sad and not telling me that ypu were coming i look so bad in pjs! Lovetan says 
you look perfect! Sasshi says and kisses Lovetan passionately 
wow that was so cute she went to France to get you..that's so romantic! Mayu says happy 
yes,my pervert can be so cute! Lovetan says smiling
Mayu stops walking and looks around 
uhh i'm sorry Mayu chan,i shouldn't be telling you about that! Lovetan says 
it's okay..don't worry it's just that i like this park! Mayu says smiling 
awww this is the place! Lovetan says 
hey watch out,I can't stop! Someone shouts on her bike..
ouuucchhh! Mayu says 
what a way to stop! Lovetan says looking at the ackward situation..
A girl was on top of Mayu..*Both were blushing* 
i'm so sorry! the girl says and helps Mayu to get up 
people around were looking but then kept doing what they were doing 
i'm sorry! The girl says 
it's fine! Mayu answers 
not is not..Mayu's knee is bleeding! Lovetan says 
Mayu..i'm Jurina,Nice to neet you! The girl says smiling and offering her hand 
nice to meet you! Mayu says 
Mayu chan are you okay? Someone else asks while walks closer 
"Yuki chan!" Mayu says and let go Jurina's hand 
exactly what we need!" Lovetan says Looking at Yuki 
do you want me to take you to an hospital? Yuki asks
i'm fine don't worry! Mayu answers 
Yuki looked at the three girls "you know i should go i got to much work to do! 
i never said that i wanted you to go! Mayu thought 
~~~~~~~~~~~At Mayu's Home!~~~~~~~~~~~~
(phone ringing) (M) Mayu,(J) Jurina
it's me Jurina 
hi how are you? (M) just that i want to ask you something..(J) 
yes,what is it? (M) 
i was wondering if you wanted to come with me to a boring event that i have just that i'm new here so i don't have many numbers on my phone! (J) 
mmm i don't know..i'm kinda busy here..(M)
ohhh okay don't worry it's fine..(J) 
hey wait up..maybe it's not a bad a idea pick me up at 8:00 (M) 
thank you Mayu chan without you i was going to die of boringness! (J) 
don't worry! (M) 
Takamina don't bother me! Acchan says 
where are you going? Takamina asks 
to a party Yuki invited me! Acchan says while looks for a perfect dress
who's Yuki? Takamina asks 
someone smarter,cuter,better than you for sure! Acchan says 
you can marry her if you want and give me back my room! Takamina says 
you're such baby pervert! Acchan says while puts make up on her face..
(door bell ringing) 
that must be Yuki! Acchan says
you're not even ready! Takamina says smiling 
go and distract her! Acchan says and pushes Takamina out of the room and downstairs 
ouuuuchhhh..Yes,Acchan i'm okay even though you tried to kill me! Takamina shouts 
(doorbell rings again)
i'm coming! A mad Takamina shouts and opens the door..
hey! Yuki says 
so you must be the so perfect Yuki!" Takamina says 
perfect Yuki? what are you talking about? Yuki asked 
nothing things for short people! Takamina said 
weird! Yuki murmured 
so where you guys are going? Takamjna asked 
my best friend's birthday! Yuki answers 
convinient! Takamina murmued 
hello! Acchan says while walks downstairs 
Takamina looked back and murmured "gosh the bitch is hot!" 
hope this midget didn't bother you,she's kinda annoying! Acchan says smirking 
let's go! Yuki says 
(At the party)
Jurina look at you,you're so big! Sae says while pinches Jurina's cheek 
it doesn't change the fact that if i see you flirting with someone i will tell my cousing Sayaka! Jurina replies while brushes her cheek 
hey..i'm totally loyal to the couse! Sae replies 
Jurina smiles..
so where's your date? Sae asks 
she went to the bathroom! Jurina replies 
she? Sae repeats
it's not what you think..she's just a friend! Jurina says 
everyone starts saying friend! Sae says
seriously! Jurina says 
okay now if yoh excuse me i gotta welcome my best friend who comes with her date! Sae says..
Yuki chan and Acchan! Sae says 
hey Happy birthday! Yuki and Acchan says 
so finally meet you Sae chan! Acchan says smirking 
my pleasure! Sae says and kisses Acchan's hand 
okay stop Romeo! Yuki says 
now i can't have fun! Sae says 
why? Yuki asks 
Sayaka's cousin is here watching me! Sae says 
really wow she's smart! Yuki says 
you have fun for me would you! Sae says 
i got that cover! Acchan says and winks to Yuki 
see you i gotta drink! Sae says and goes to the bar 
poor her! Yuki says 
-After 30 min everyone starts dancing Yuki and Mayu haven't notice that they are in the same party..-
let's go dancing Yuki! Acchan says and pulls Yuki with her..
c'mon Mayu chan! Jurina says and pulls Mayu with her..
The dj stop the song.."I want you to dance with a stranger..yes take the one who's behind and dance with him or her..i want to see you turn around!" 
everyone do what they been told..for Yuki's bad luck Mayu was dancing behind her all this time..
"Mayu!" Yuki says 
"Yuki!" Mayu says 
DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! the dj shouts and everyone starts dancing and pushing them closer without notice..The song was " 2pm-Tik Tok remix!" 
Yuki extended her hand "do you wanna dance?"she asked and just like spell,just by looking those eyes Mayu answered "yes!" 
they danced so close that Yuki was singing parts of the song on Mayu's ear...
We greet each other awkwardly in front of people
But when we turn away, I'm the one who knows you best

I can hear more loudly in my ear
what you say with your gaze, that's right
Your desire for me, your thirst
We go crazy for each other like this

*That I love you secretly
That you're really my girl
Drive me so crazy every day
I just want you, you this way

Come here tik tok tik tok tik tok
When I see you tik tok tik tok tik tok
All day tik tok tik tok tik tok
My heart tik tok tik tok tik tok*

Sae,Acchan and Jurina looked at Mayu and Yuki who were so close like if they were going to kiss ..Acchan stopped dancing and run away..(Yuki didn't notice) 
Yuki and Mayu were about to kiss but Mayu back out at the last second and run away 
Yuki went after her while Jurina stood there frozen..
~~~~~~~~~~~<At Takamina's home~~~~~~~~~~~~
<after 30 min>
who needs a beatiful pshyco! Takamina thought 
am i just thought beatiful? Takamina said loud 
Let go! someone shouts from outside 
Takamina looked through her windown and saw Acchan forcing with a man 
Takamina went down as fast as she could.she opened the door.."hey you asshole let her go!
Takamina!"Acchan says 
don't you get in this pay my money bitch! The man said and pushed Acchan 
hey!" Takamina pushed the man but the man got up and punched Takamina on her face..
Takamina!" Acchan shouted and then pull out all the money that was on her purse and took off a necklace that Yuki gave her "Here this must be enough go away!" Acchan said 
this is not much..i'll be back and remember Atsuko i'm everything you have,i'm the only one who care about you! The man said and then left 
Acchan took Takamina inside the house and putted her on the sofa "You midget why you got in this?" she murmured and putted her hand on Takamina's cheek..
"Because i care.." a hurt Takamina whispered Looking Acchan in the eyes 
"I'm sorry Minami!" Acchan said in tears...

sorry for taking too long..i didn't know which fic i should got confuse! would you help me out this time? please tell me which fic do you want to update next
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Who's that man? So rude ,how dare he do that to Takamina, aghh... Acchan should do something to help her poor midget (maybe give her a kiss !? XD)
Title: Re: REMEMBER ME..! <Mayuki><Atsumina> 28/03
Post by: Yagami.Rai on March 29, 2012, 06:40:28 AM
Oh~ Jurina has now come in also~ Seems like she likes Mayu but Mayu like Yuki.. I'm sure someone else will appear for you! :thumbup
Acchan.. you might be sad now but it's better for you to see the things earlier that there is 'someone' else in Yuki's heart already and no one can replace it.
But don't worry! You have someone who care for you also! And I don't mean that man who said he's the only one that cared for you which I don't think so...
The one that I said is Takamina!!! :)
But who's that guy that dares to hit Taka?! :angry:
Seems like Acchan owes him money?? :?
But I'm sure Taka will do something about it!!
And somehow I feel like Acchan will start to get attracted to Takamina~~ :D (Hope it's true)

Thanks for the hard work! :kneelbow:
Please Update Soon~~ :mon cute:
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Sae,Acchan and Jurina looked at Mayu and Yuki who were so close like if they were going to kiss ..Acchan stopped dancing and run away..(Yuki didn't notice)
Yuki and Mayu were about to kiss but Mayu back out at the last second and run away

Everyone is running away~ (

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                                  REMEBER ME 
                              29.What the Feelings? :S

Wow it seems like new people like my Fic...That's nice! :D

Aachan felt tickles on her forhead and slowly opened her eyes.She couldn't believe what she was seeing "She was sleeping on Takamina!" 
when did this happen? she thought while sits not moving very much to not wake Takamina up
Omg! then she noticed Takamina's black eye 
"that was my fault.." Acchan murmured and then slowly removed a string of hair that was on Takamina's face
"In the end you not look so bad!" Acchan murmured while looks at Takamina who seems to be sleeping like a baby 
<Acchan was hypnotized looking at Takamina> ^^that she didn't heard the door opening...
i can't believe it,how could they call you! Yuko shouts mad while enters to the dept with Nyan Nyan 
ahhh! Acchan shouts in surprise and jumps out of the sofa but she didn't relised that she pulled Takamina with her...( so when Yuko and Nyan Nyan entered they found Takamina on Acchan ON THE FLOOR FACE 2 FACE) 
i knew you guys were going to get along soon! Yuko shouts happy 
Takamina was blushing like crazy and so was Acchan
Nyan Nyan was with her mouth open 
get off me pervert! Acchan shouts and pushes Takamina away 
what? I'm not a pervert! Takamina shouts while gets up
Kiss! kiss! kiss! Yuko shouts happy with a camera
Aaaaaaahhh! she shouts after a second Nyan Nyan was pinching her on her cheek "Stop being a perv Yuko!" Nyan Nyan said with a sigh 
sorry let me go! Yuko says complaining and trying to remove Nyan Nyan's hand off her cheek 
"Stupid Yuko.." Acchan murmures then gets up and goes to her room 
Takamina saw her walking away .."how did we end up like this?"  she wondered
working with hangover it's not fun! Sae says while sits on the couch on Yuki's office 
don't tell me! Yuki says while signs some papers on her desk 
hey mmm i shouldn't ask this but what you did last night wasn't fun..have you talked to Acchan? Sae asks while reads a magazine that she pulled out from her pocket 
"no.." Yuki replied softly
why?! You were the one who made her mad! Sae says 
she doesn't pick up! Yuki answers looking other way
why you don't leave this and go apologized with her for being such a jerk! Sae says while walks to Yuki's deksk and take all the papers and put them on Akicha's desk 
she's going to kill you! Yuki says with her hand on her forhead
hello? someone says while enters to Yuki's office 
hi! what are you doing here? you shouldn't fallow me all the time i'm not doing anything! Sae says nervous
ahh i swear i didn't know you were here? Jurina answers
am i missing something? Yuki asks looking at the 2
stay away from Mayu! Jurina says serious 
whaaaat? Sae shouts 
Yuki got up from her desk in shock "How dare you?" she shouts and walks closer to Jurina 
hey,she's just a kid! Sae says nervous in the middle of them
Yuki walked away..
what's wrong with you? Sae asks 
Mayu is hurt for that girl actions! Jurina says while looks Yuki walking away
how can she? stupid kid! Yuki says while walks to her car
Hey wait up! Yuki shouts and jumps to Mayu to catch her 
both end up on the floor
Yuki was on top and grabbing Mayu's hand to not let her 
"look at me!" Yuki says while Mayu was with her eyes closed 
hey talk to me! Yuki says
what is it what you want? Mayu shouts mad 
wha-what? Yuki asks
first you tell me that maybe someday we can be and now this Who can deal with you? Mayu shouts mad and moving side to side 
Yuki sighed "sorry!" she said softly and let Mayu go..
(End of the flashback)
what am i doing? Yuki wondered while drives
(Yuko and Nyan went on a date)
Takamina was making food while Acchan was watching tv but looking at her when Takamina didn't notice..
Acchan was feeling ackward she wanted to talk Takamina but she was afraid of being rejected by her 
Acchan!" Takamina shouted 
what? Acchan reacted and got up fast 
would.. you..please.. help.. me..out? Takamina asked nervous 
"yes!" Acchan answered nervous then walked to the kitchen
so what are we doing? Acchan asked looking other way
cooking! Takamina says laughing 
Acchan smirked still looking other way 
would you try this? Takamina asks with the spoon on her hand and smiling 
Acchan openned her mouth
"be careful is hot!" Takamina said 
Acchan and Takakina blow it and then Acchan try it..
it's delicious! Acchan said with a smile 
thanks! Takamina says blushing 
Takamina!" Acchan says serious looking at her 
what?? Takamina asks worried 
i'm sorry..this is my fault! Acchan says sad and puts her hand on Takamina's cheek 
Takamina's heart was beating fast even Acchan herad her heart beating 
wow that's fast! Acchan thought then smirked while Takamina was all nervous standing there
<door bell ringing> 
i'll go get that! Acchan said and fast went to open the door
"ok!" Takamina replied nervous and turned around she putted her hand on her cheek "what was that!" she wondered
<Acchan opens the door>
"hi!" Yuki says looking other way 
Acchan sighed and simply said "hi!" 
can we talk? Yuki asked trying to get in 
is there a problem? Takamina asked appearing behind Acchan
who are you? Yuki asks rising an eyebrow
nobody..Takamina go away! Acchan says 
Takamina looked other way and went upstairs 
(Acchan let Yuki in)
i'm sorry..i really am! Yuki says sad 
(Takamina was looking from upstairs) 
Acchan looked other way 
please let me make it up to you! Yuki says and hold Acchan's hand 
"i'll make things right...!" Yuki whispers and then hugs Acchan
Takamina looked other way then got up and went to her room 
Takamina lays on her bed (or Acchan's bed) she smells Acchan's pillow 
what do you see in her? why do i care? why am i thinking about her?  Takamina wondered then closed her eyes
())()()()()())()())()())()(()())AT THE BAR...()())()(())(())())(((()()()()()())
Acchan is your turn as the masked girl! a friend says
okay i'll go! Acchan says and puts the mask on 
Acchan dances and everyone was staring her they want to touch her but she didn't let them to 
why Yuko would send me here? Takamina thought while watches the girl dancing..
one guy grab her hand and start pulling her(he was drunk..)
hey let her go! Takamina shouts and punch him on his face he let go the masked girl but still wanted to punch Takamina but he end up hitting another everyone starts punching everyone..
"Takamina!" the masked girl whispers and takes Takamina and pull her up and take her to a save place!
are you okay? where's my..? Takamina asks trying to catch her breath and looking through her pocket 
you're asthmatic! The masked girl says while watch out and sees Takamina's inhaler on the floor..
don't!" Takamina replies still trying to breathe 
the masked girl puts her thumb on Takamina's lips "don't worry,i'll be fine!" she said and crawls to get the inhaler 
Takamina takes her foot and don't let her go..
i need to get it,you have done so many things for me already! The masked girl replies and a tear come out 
"stay!" Takamina says looking at her 
i'm sorry Takamina! The masked girl says and turned around and takes off her mask 
"Acchan!" Takamina says breathing faster 
easy! easy! Acchan replies and then sees how one the guys that were fighting step on the inhaler 
nooo! Acchan says 
(Takmina smirked)
it's not a moment to laugh Takamina! Acchan replies mad
Acchan sees Takamina trying to breathe
easy easy i'm here! Acchan says and hugged Takamina..

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maybe  a mouth yto mouth can help to takamina breath :D,,, yeah!! you updated thanx
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Haruko: i thought that too but it was too soon! don't you think? :P
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Acchan and Takamina they already fall for one another I think,
just that they haven't realize it yet~!! :grin:
I'm a bit worried about Taka since the thing is stepped which means it can't be used..
But I seems to see a nice suggestion up there~ XD
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Atsumina moments are so cute~
Somehow Yukirin pisses me off lol
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 im waiting for this!! :w00t: :w00t:
Atsumina is the best!!  :wub: :wub: :wub:
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                                  REMEBER ME 
                            30.Falling for you..NEVER! 

Why i wanted to..she looked so..i need to stop thinking about it is never going to happen,She's not my type! Acchan thoughy laying on he bed 
"Acchan!" Yuko says smiling like a man who has done sometjing perfect
"what?" Acchan asked irritated 
Takamina's ex grilfriend id coming! Yuko says grinning 
mm what?,,why?! Acchan asksed looked other way 
well she's been really worried about her! Yuko replies
when she's coming? Acchan asked like she was not interested at all 
today..for dinner! Yuko replies happy while opens the dpor and leaving an angry Acchan 
"After what happened last night i thought.." Acchan whispered and throwed herself on bed 
Let's get out of here! Takamina says while gets up 
are you sure you're ok? Acchan asks 
yeah let's go besides the fight already stopped! Takamina says laughing rubbing her head 
Acchan takes Takamina's hand 
huh? Takamina blushed
well if you feel like you can walk anymore squeeze my hand and we'll stop! Acchan says looking other way and pulling Takamina with her 
"Acchan.." Takamina says 
"hmmm.." Acchan replies 
why you work there? i just that you're way better than that! Takamima said looking other way 
i don't know..i'm just trying to walk away! Acchan replied sad
<They kept walking in an ackward silence>
Wow What a beutiful night! Takamina said stopping and looking to the stars in the sky..
Acchan stopped walking and also looked up "you're right!" she said and then looked at Takamina with a sweet look because she looked like a 10 years old kid staring at the stars 
Acchan smirked and sitted on the ground.."you can sit if you want!" 
yes! Takamina said with a smile and sitted next to Acchan
i'm cold! Acchan whispered while warms herself
Takamina hugged Acchan but she kept looking to the sky 
Acchan closed her eyes and layed her head next to Takamina's
Mocchi what are you doing here? Takamina asks 
i came to see you! Mocchi says while kisses Takamina's cheeks
ohh right! Takamina says while keeps her distance
<doorbell ringing>
don't bother is for me! Acchan says while opens the door 
 Takamina crossed her arms "not her again!" 
Hi! Yuki says to everyone 
Yuki san! Yuko says happy while sees her watch
you little..that's my..just forget it! Yuki says with a sigh
Dinner is ready! Kijipa says happy 
Takamina was looking to Yuki who seem to be the perfect girl "good looking,charming...TALL" 
do i have a chance? Takamina murmured then looked othe way sad 
Acchan was carefully looking Takamina without she notices
Mocchi smiled to Takamina and Takamina smiled ackwardly
what am i doing? am i jealous? Acchan thought 
So is here..maybe i should take it,i mean that masked girl is good to Yuki! Mayu thought while sees an envelope 
<Flashback. (at Yuko's bar)
who's that? Mayu asked 
your replacement! Yuko answered 
what? Mayu asked 
well everyone likes the masked girl so you told me that you don't mind! Yuko says grinning
"but.." Mayu murmured 
Yuki also is getting used to her! Yuko said 
does she like her? Mayu asked 
mmm i don't know..Maybe but not as muches as the original i think! Yuko says
<End of the flashback> 
she's getting use to her..i guess it's cool, we been through so much that might be better to cool off..Mayu thought while looks through her window
[][][][][][][][][][][] A week later [][][][][][][][][][][]
Takamina turn off the music! Acchan shouts knocking the door like crazy
(Yiko and Nyan Nyan weren't at home)
no!" Takamina replies and turns it up more 
i'm going to kill you! Acchaj shouts 
what are you waiting for? Takamina shouts 
Acchan tried to open the door but it was useless she was only hurting herself
Takamina opened the door and shouted "WHY YOU DON'T GO TO LIVE WITH YOUR GOOD LOOKING AND TALL YUKI?" 
that's of your businness! Acchan shouted back 
yeah she's so perfect and so charming! Takamina says imitating Yuki 
ohh you stupid midget! Acchan says and jumps on Takamina
get off me! Takamina shouted 
take that back! Acchan shouted 
no!" Takmina shouted 
take it back! Acchan shouted 
you only like perfect things! Takamina shouted looking other way sad 
"YOU STUPID MIDGET IF I ONLY LIKE PERFECT THING I WOULDN'T LOVE YOU!" Acchan shouted but when she relized what she said she blushed "i didn't..i just....(Takamina kisses Acchan on her lips)
Acchan didn't resist And kissed Takamina deeply 
they stopped the kiss for the lack of air..
i knew it! Takamina says happy and hugs Acchan who sighed "i guess you just catched me!" 
so you don't like Yuki! Takamina says still hugging Acchan
no,i don't! Acchan replied then kissed Takamina on her forhead
Lovetan stop we're on a public place! Sasshi says while tries to avoid Lovetan to hug her 
what's the matter?,you're my girlfriend! Lovetan says pouting   and pulling Sasshi's arm 
well i don't want to go to jail! Sasshi says 
whatever! Lovetan says while looks for something 
what are you looking for? Sasshi asks
a present! Lovetan says with a smile 
for who? Sasshi asks with her jealousdar Activated 
easy is for Mayu chan! Lovetan replies 
it's not her birthday! Sasshi says 
well she's humm how am i say this..well she moving! Lovetan says trying to not cry 
aahh what? where? Sasshi asks 
to America! Lovetan says sad 
when she's leaving? Sasshi asks 
today in the afternoon so let's find the perfect present for these 4 years of friendship! don't you think? Lovetan says between sad and happy 
yes,let's find it! Sasshi says
                       *After 2 hours At Yuki's office* 
Hello! Sae says while sits 
hi! Yuki says focusing on her computer 
you seem fine! Sae says while looks at Yuki 
what do you mean? Yuki asks
don't you know the big news? Sae asks 
Sasshi went to jail? Yuki asks 
hahhaha it's not somthing that simple! Sae says smirking 
then what's it? Yuki asks
Mayu is moving! Sae says 
good for her! Yuki says typing on her computer 
to America! Sae says 
Yuki gets up of her seat "what?"
what you heard! Sae says smirking 
Yuki took her jacket and run away 
hope you go after her! Sae whispered 
Yuki got on her car and drove fast to Mayu's house..
Nobody was in the house she got on the car and drove to the airport she was desparate the thought of losing Mayu like that was killing her..
How she can do this to me? leaving me like this without a word not even asking me! Yuki shouted and parked her car..
Yuki got off the car and run fast.. the more closer she gets her hurts more..
Yuki looked side to side to find the person that she loves the most in the world.."Mayu!" she said and touched a girl on her shoulder..
do i know you? the girl asked 
the more desperate she gets more tears wants to show.. bad! Yuki said and run away 
Yuki couldn't control it anymore.."the pain,the tears"
"Mayu!" Yuki shouted crying..then she looked up and notice why she can't find her love..
(Yuki knelt and cried like never before) 
Yuki.."  A voice from behind said 
Yuki looked back with her red eyes for so much crying 
what are you doing here? Yuki asked sad
seeing you! The girl says
Yuki smirked and said "i deserve this anyways.." while gets up
what do you mean? the girl asked 
it's not you..i don't want you.." Yuki muttered to herself 
what? The girl asked 
is only one person.."The umbrella girl.." Yuki said 
The girl blinked a few times 
now i lose her..She's not coming back..Go away masked girl i'm not for you! Yuki muttered and more tears showed up 
you love the umbrella girl! The masked girl said and took off her mask 
Yuki's eyes widened.."Mayu.." she murmured 
what's this?didn't you go to America? Yuki reacted 
Acchan was someone that Yuko hired to replace me..or this! Mayu said looking the mask 
do you work there? Yuki asked 
no,it was an accident..i just wanted you to like me but once we were together i never wore it agian! Mayu answers 
so Acchan wasn't you! Yuki murmured
i couldn't heart hurts just by the thought of not see you again but i had to be sure that you love me as i love you since the first time we met at that park 5 years ago..i just wanted you to remember me..! Mayu says 
I remember you..two tails girl! Yuki says pouting to not cry
Yuki! Mayu says and jumps on Yuki 
i love you! Yuki says between kisses 
i love you too! Mayu replies smiling betweem kisses 
let's get out of here! Yuki says 
where? Mayu asks 
Anywhere! Yuki says 
Brazil? Mayu smiled 
Brazil then it is! Yuki shouts smiling...

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YAY Happy ending  :luvluv2:
haha they are going to Brazil
Thank you for the great story
Hope there will be more in the future  :kneelbow: :thumbsup
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Congratz for finishing the fic~ ^^
Glad too see that Mayu didn't really went to America, leaving Yuki alone..
Hope they won't leave each other again and stay happy~
Also am happy for the Atsumina couple~~ :D
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OMG! I just hate Mocchi. LOL, Kiddin'. MaYuki was Cute! And, They went to Brazil! AtsuMina~ They're just so... PERFECT! a KiSs~ Btw, Thanks for the Update. Hoping to see your future fic. :thumbup
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 :luvluv2: And now a great fic has come to an end....
 :on speedy: Oh G* I think I've got something in my eyes...
Ahh what a great fic and a happy ending.

So sweet! Acchan bursting out like that  XD
Midget has her (manly) charm  :rofl:

Mayu is moving! Sae says
good for her! Yuki says typing on her computer
to America! Sae says
Yuki gets up of her seat "what?"
I totally LOL:ed so hard here I mean if Mayu moves somewhere
to another town or something Yuki could still stalk her. (even if it could be a little difficult)
But moving to America... that's another thing  :lol:
Ahh they went to Brazil!
Maybe spending their honeymoon there hahah
Thank you very much for a great fic!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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I just want to bump this thread and say thank you.
I really love EXCHANGE and REMEMBER ME.

Please continue your new MaYuki fics, cmze-san.

And oh, I will give you a smexy MaYuki hot scene (again) on my next update.  :lol:
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Yes! Finally!!! Thx for this fic!
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fantastic  :luvluv1: :shy2:
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Great!! Favorite!!!  :heart:

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This fanfic is so addictive.  :wub:
have a great history, really cute couple  :inlove:
you do really great.   :thumbsup

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Yeah... Happy ending to all the parties involves.... good fic there.

Thank you

Yeah... at last Atsumina and YukiMayu happen...

Can't wait to see your other creation.

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no words can express how much i love this fanfic  :mon cry:

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Thank you for your hard work !!!
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