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Title: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Stryfe on September 30, 2011, 12:38:16 PM

A thread for the Lethal Hokkaido Flower, Masaki Sato, one of the new Morning Musume 10th gen Members!

Showing considerable improvement during the training camp, Masaki also won points with her unique look and strange, yet deadly expressions.

Name:Masaki Sato
Kanji:佐藤 優樹 - Satou Masaki
Nickname:Masaki (official), Lethal Hokkaido Flower
Hometown:Hokkaido prefecture
Age:12 (6th year primary school)
Birthdate:May 7th, 1999

  • Piano lessons since age 2
  • Mom is a huge fan of Morning Musume
  • The 6th Morning Musume member from Hokkaido

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

( ( ( ( ( (

Audition caps
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

( ( ( ( ( (

Audition gifs
( ( ( ( ( (

Awkward kid modeling pics
( ( ( (


What's with this Lethal Hokkaido Flower stuff, you ask? Well then:

I am now officially rooting for the



[19:52] <Stryfe> what's a flowery face like?
[19:53] <shirenu> lovely features that one's eyes cannot resist. also, in this case, LETHAL FLOWER, for the desire to destroy and kill innocent lives



 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Watch out kids...

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: shirenuファクトリー on September 30, 2011, 01:23:33 PM
DUDE STRYFE, this thread is flawless perfection just like Lethal Hokkaido Flower.


I only mentioned this in IRC so far, but she reminds me of agent Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds back when she had bangs.

So basically, my image of her is:
flower, lethal, FBI-AGENT

Her smile is pretty cute :3

Anyway, welcome to Morning Musume Masaki!! I'm curious to see how she'll do and fit in.
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: JFC on September 30, 2011, 08:41:44 PM
Mom is a huge fan of Morning Musume
Watch it comes out in the news a few months down the road that her mom tried auditioning for 1st or 2nd gen. XD
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Aioros on October 03, 2011, 03:37:14 AM
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Slack on October 04, 2011, 04:49:40 AM
New profile!
I get the feeling her family may be loaded.

Satou Masaki

Special skills?
Piano & ballet

Drums & horse-riding


What's something you can't be beat at?
Perfect pitch

Favorite foods?
Soba & udon

Favorite motto?
Don't be noisy

A phrase you like?

Favorite colors?
Yellow & green

Something special about your hometown?
It's bi~g

Your reaction to being selected as a 10th generation member?
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Stryfe on October 06, 2011, 09:54:19 PM
( ( ( ( (

"Made it!"  As much as I love the awkward moments, her genuine smile is awesome. :P
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: rokun on October 07, 2011, 04:56:06 AM
^ That was so cute, her (I'm guessing) looking back at her family after hearing it from Tsunku. Speaking of which, when they first came to her door, it seemed like her dad was a room back holding a baby? Be cute if she had a baby brother or sister too :heart:

Somehow Masaki stood out to me over the auditions, and I think especially in today's H!PT episode. The funny things she said, her cuteness... this whole Lethal Hokkaido Flower thing I've been hearing about... XD

I'm with Tsunku - looking forward to what she'll be like in the future :twothumbs
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: shurastriker on October 07, 2011, 03:09:34 PM
rofl i sure loved the mikitty reference... hope she can develop that lethal sight
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Aioros on October 15, 2011, 01:32:35 PM
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: muppet on December 03, 2011, 02:39:24 AM
YouTuber BiTissue  has created a short, but well done, OPV for Masaki. Cannot go wrong with music supplied by BUCK-TICK!!!

佐藤優樹 × BUCK-TICK  (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: muppet on January 09, 2012, 02:25:59 AM
Masaki impresses Sayu and Risa with her hobbies of horseback riding and drums (Haruka Haruna simply practicing her smile, trying to avoid the Johnson nickname)....... (and they like Masaki using  "Machan" when referring to herself)  ......This was posted by omameomameomame15


Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Slack on February 25, 2012, 06:17:15 PM
9期10期 ゆるしてにゃん (

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Rayle on February 28, 2012, 11:48:30 PM
Holy crap...those narrow-eyed expressions, the drums, it's like MM got their own Yokoyama Yui!  :shocked

But seriously, drums? Ballet? Horseback riding? Piano? Perfect pitch? Left handed!? It's like they specially manufactured a girl for me.  :lol:

Congrats, girl, you've successfully roped me back into MM fandom. Along with Daishi

Does anyone still know where I can see her drumming it up?
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Slack on February 29, 2012, 09:01:51 AM
^ The closest we've seen is her doing air drums:
111229 ハロプロ!TIME (

(starts around 5:30)
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on April 05, 2012, 06:18:21 PM
^She apparently showed off her Drum and Piano skills in Mai's Ustream show.  :panic:
Watch out Tsunku  :lol:

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on April 06, 2012, 05:20:46 PM
萩原舞ですが、、、なにか?? 120405 - 视频 - 优酷视频 - 在线观看 (

『萩原舞ですが、、、なにか??』 #15 (

Quote from: Darklumina from H!O
here is the summary:

Drum (from 3rd year elementary)
Piano (from 2 y old)
English (from 0 y old)
Spoke english (until 5 y old)
Horse Riding (level : jumping-obstacles competition)

Lesson :
Mon > Ballet
Tue > Piano
Wed > Piano
Thu > Drum
Fri > Ballet
Sat > Horse Riding
Sun > Rest

Hagiwara : When did you play?
Satou : Up until 1 y old


- She can play drum and piano
- Participated in horse riding competition
- Other than Sunday, she had a lesson
- Other than her, Zukki also has a perfect pitch
- Used English from 0 y old
- She couldn't speak Japanese when entered kindergarten
- Hobby: making accesories, Chou (hair tier), eraser, Bekkoame (sugar candy)
- Already stopped drum 2 years ago because of disease
- Has more complex than Maimai

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Pauekn on April 19, 2012, 05:43:55 AM
A clip with just the drumming part. Slack was the one who found it, but I think it fits here :D

モ佐 ドラム (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on April 27, 2012, 12:21:46 PM
佐藤優樹「こんちくわ〜!!」からのお知らせ! (
Masaki pimping some merch, including her birthday shirt.
Maa-chan's 13th b-day is in 10 days!

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on April 29, 2012, 07:24:54 AM
MNIIKS 音 2012.04.27 (
Masaki and the 10kies along with Gaki-san make an appearance on Onryu.

She certainly looks a lot more comfortable now, although still a bit self-conscious.  :cathappy:

Masaki's drawing:
It's a UFO or something  :lol:
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: kawaii beam on May 01, 2012, 12:22:22 AM
im guessing its her gen's visor since ayumi drew it on her folder too...but idk who those little ppl are XD a bunch of little renai hunters? XD
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on May 01, 2012, 03:24:14 AM
im guessing its her gen's visor since ayumi drew it on her folder too...but idk who those little ppl are XD a bunch of little renai hunters? XD
You're probably right  :lol:

And maybe those little 'Renai Hunters'(21 of them) represent the graduated members of Momusu?
Maybe the visor is Morning Musume itself, and the stars...

I'm totally reading too much into this   :nervous XD

found here (

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on May 04, 2012, 06:02:05 PM
Here's couple of solo versions from the past two singles:
solo2.mp4 (
solo.mp4 (
I was especially curious about the Renai Hunter one since she didn't get any solo shots in the main PV.

I think she did pretty well considering her lack of experience as compared to her peers.

Well, maybe a little work on her lypsynch skills wouldn't hurt  :lol:

Some tumblr gifs:
(  (
 (  (

Here's Momusu's recent appearance on Hirunandesu:
モーニング娘。20120504 恋愛ハンター (
Some good Maa-chan close-ups on 0:25/1:57. The camera loves her :cathappy:
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: muppet on May 06, 2012, 06:48:54 PM
Masaki chan, お誕生日おめでとうございます!!!!

Masaki turns 13 years old today, 5月7日- wishing this lovely young lady a wonderful with friends and family, and hoping the upcoming year continues to find Masaki surrounded by love and happiness.  Your big sisters from Morning Musume, especially your fellow Hokkaido natives (Aya Ishiguro, Kaori Iida, Natsumi Abe, Asami Konno, and Miki Fujimoto, are all there to support you in your efforts!!

( ( ( ( (

お誕生日おめでとう! {With thanks to washingtonfigueiredo} (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on May 06, 2012, 06:53:51 PM
( ( (
Happy Birthday Maa-chan!  (

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: XcuteX26262X on May 06, 2012, 07:04:13 PM
:luvuluvu:HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MASAKI!!!:luvuluvu:
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Chibs on May 06, 2012, 07:28:36 PM
welcome to teenhood maachan
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: JFC on May 06, 2012, 09:26:02 PM


Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Shiawase_Honoo on May 07, 2012, 10:53:01 AM
Maa-chan, you promised us, fans, that you will improve your singing, dancing, and performancing.
Don't make us disappoint, nee.
We will look after you :D

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Slack on May 07, 2012, 11:18:17 AM
Maa-chan, you share the same birthday and home prefecture as my favorite member of all time, Konkon.
So I have great hopes and expectations for you in the future.

Happy birthday, Masaki!
I know you'll make us all proud.
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on May 08, 2012, 07:18:46 PM
Masaki's piano performance from her birthday event.
Piano.mp4 (
*Thanks to Chibs for the YT link
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: elgie on May 11, 2012, 09:33:07 PM
I have to admit that, her being my least favorite member of 10th gen, she has grown on me exponentially. And her piano skills have helped a lot to bring this change of opinion.
That performance is absolutely breathtaking. I would love to play like that some day.
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on May 15, 2012, 05:19:25 PM
Masaki's photoshoot when she first joined:
Morning Musume new member 1st Phosothoot Sato Masaki (
Maachan photoshoot from a recent ep of HPT(with Kudo)
モーニング娘。 佐藤優樹 工藤遥 中学進学記念スチール撮影 (
And some Masaki x Kudo pairing gifs:  :cathappy:
( (




Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on May 19, 2012, 05:10:22 AM

( ( (
Masaki has a new haircut  :heart:

And Maachan will be getting her own e-Hello image DVD, "Greeting ~Sato Masaki~ :twothumbs (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on May 21, 2012, 10:40:23 AM
~Greeting~ Sato Masaki (

According to CD Japan, the release date is 07/15: (

Preview from morningmusumechannel: (!
Some gifs from tumblr:
( (
( (
( (

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on June 03, 2012, 07:48:56 PM
Masaki blogs for the very first time...
It’s Sato Masaki☆


Konchikuwa* [Good afternoon]
I’m writing on this blog for the first tiiime.

This is from a while ago!

But a while back, we had a surprise party.

Sayashi-san was sooo cute!

Isn’t she cute?

So about today,

We sang, but harmonizing was reaally tough.

But it was reaally fun.

I’ll keep having fun and concentrating hard during the future rehearsals.

It’s reaally fun so please come see the play.

*She combines “konnichiwa” (good afternoon) with “chikuwa” (fish cake) ( (

Konchikuwa!  :lol:
I hope she writes more entries, so that we add more to her growing collection of memorable quotes:

モーニング娘。佐藤優樹語録 (

• "I was so nervous I forgot the lyrics completely. So, I didn't know what to do, so I super-lipsynched."

• "I got Kudou's cold~ because, our noses make the same sound~"

• "The cellphone became a bit stupid (in the head)" (Talking as if the phone is alive with a brain/head)

• "Why did you audition for MM:
Masaki: Father applied for the audition, and with that I came to love Morning Musume little by little, so I did my best."

• "When I heard I passed I thought it was a dream, so I pinched myself. But it hurt... So I thought "From tomorrow I'll be a celebrity!!" so I couldn't sleep at all that night."

• "I'm not allowed to say chichi-ue so.. i say chichi." (What she calls her father.)

• "Not something yama(mountain), but something o-yama (mountain)... there is something like that."

• "What do you think you were in your past life?
Masaki: A dog. The animal."

• "I'm in the middle of having confidence and not having any confidence."

• "My nervousness has started to pokupoku."

• "Staff: These photos will be for the goods.
Masaki: I don't want you to sell them."

• "Tanasatan... Ah. Tanaka-san!"

• "Erina: What's your image of where Fukuoka would be?!
Masaki: ... it isn't."

• "Masaki: Kudou is doing her huskyvoice thing right?
Sayumi: It's not like she's forcing it or anything!
Masaki: But her huskyvoice is main, isn't it?"
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on June 19, 2012, 07:53:11 PM
Some subbed Masaki vids:
(SUBBED) Masaki Moments Episode 1 (
(SUBBED) Masaki Moments episode 2 (
(SUBBED) Masaki`s "first FC event " speech (
From this awesome Masaki-themed blog: (

And one more subbed vid:
Mo be ki ma su Bishoujo Zukan Sapporo TV 20111202 (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on June 21, 2012, 02:24:49 AM
Masaki's pyoko pyoko interview subbed by Masakissu channel
subbed 3 (

Masaki photoshoot from Photo Technic Digital magazine:
( ( (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on June 29, 2012, 04:29:39 PM
Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (6/26/2012) (
Question: You've been left on a deserted island. What do you do to rescue yourself?

*thx to NirvanaRama and Rinzler from H!O
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Rina the Robot on June 30, 2012, 10:04:32 PM
She looks great in these new photos!

( (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on July 01, 2012, 05:40:36 PM
Morning Musume Masaki Sato~KARAOKE~ (
Maachan goes to Karaoke with Aika, Risako and Maimai :cathappy:
She sounds really good here. I seriously believe that she's gonna be one of the best singers of the group. She's got good fundamentals, but needs more experience and confidence.
Yeah, I'm totally biased.  :lol:
Morning Musume MASAKI SATO ~jingle bells~ (
Masaki sings Jingle Bells   :heart:
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on July 03, 2012, 01:27:05 AM
Masaki's interview for the 50th single. She's starting to get really confident in photoshoots, even showing off her ballet skills...
佐藤優樹(モーニング娘。)プロフィールムービー (
Subbed Version:
(SUBBED) Sato Masaki Profile Interview (

Masaki moments ep 3, subbed by Masakissu channel. Masaki on why she can't compare herself to Dream Momusu just yet.... (

And a gif of Maachan shaking her head a lot  :cathappy:
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: muppet on July 07, 2012, 03:47:59 AM
Masaki chan really is refreshing.....straight forward attitude and comments, yet remarkably adorkable at the same time!
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on July 13, 2012, 08:45:48 PM
Masaki's b-day event is gonna be released on DVD:
DVD「モーニング娘。9期メンバーイベント&10期メンバーイベント」 (
Maa-chan playing piano @0:46...serious business  :O

( (

And a few gifs from her e-Hello DVD:
( (


Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on July 25, 2012, 04:43:27 PM
Maa-chan wants to challenge her gen-mates to a karaoke duel:
Getting a bit confident, are we?   :cathappy:

How she fared in a karaoke contest the last time around: (
Quote from: Sherry_B from H!O
Result of Karaoke contest in Hello! Channel vol. 8
Round 1 : Your group's song
Risako : Tanjun Sugi na no Watashi... 88 points
Mai : Tsuugaku Vector ☂ 85 points
Aika : Haru Beautiful Everyday 86 points
Masaki : PYOCOPYOCO ULTRA 84 points

Round 2 : Freestyle song
Risako : Hajimari no toki (Ayaka) 87 points
Mai : Winter Love (Boa) 83 points
Aika : Heaven 83 points
Masaki : Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru (Momusu) 82 points

Round 3 : C-ute's song
Risako : Kirai de Kirai de Kirai 88 points
Mai : Hitorijime Shitakatta Dake na no ni 83 points
Aika : Forever Love 80 points
Masaki : Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko 84 points

Overall score
1.Risako 263 points
2.Mai 252 points
3.Masaki 250 points
4.Aika 249 points

I also finished watching H!P DVD Magazine vol. 29, and Tsunku's assessment of Masaki is pretty interesting:
Quote from: Tsunku

Sato came in with knowing nothing, like completely blank. But I think she understands music the most. Should I say rhythm wise?
Like different types of rhythm, or there's syncopation after this part, or things like that.
There's a break after the 4th beat. She understands those clearly.
Those are parts even Nakazawa and Iida couldn't distinguish after years.

Well she's still fresh. I wonder how she will grow. I am looking forward to it.
Even in terms of personality she has one that hasn't existed in Morning Musume or Hello Project from Hokkaido.
She has a pretty interesting personality. She definitely has something for the tour.

And Masakissu Channel just subbed the first part of her interview in her greeting DVD:  :twothumbs
(SUBBED) Greeting Interview part 1 (

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on July 29, 2012, 05:20:46 PM
Clips from the "Morning Musume Annex FC event Celebrate School Entrance Ceremony DVD":
モーニング娘。 Masaki Sato (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: JFC on July 29, 2012, 07:40:20 PM
Dammit, it's so cute watching her giggle at herself when she flubbed her lines.
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on August 12, 2012, 07:29:12 PM
via H!O twitter
Morning Musume's new Ustream will be focused on Sato Masaki. Iikubo haruna will appear in the first episode. ( (

8/13(月)19:30-20:30 JST

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on August 14, 2012, 04:36:13 AM
モーニング娘。10期 ~さよならチョコレート~ スペシャル (アーカイブ) (

A recap of of the first “Guest, Maachan” ustream from this awesome Masaki tumblr fanblog:

The show starts out with Maachan’s “konchikuwa (!”


Then, Harunan starts reading Maachan’s profile (hobbies, birthday, blood type, etc.) and they comment on it (while you hear a very husky laugh in the bacground…). They talked about how although Maachan is type A, she seems like she’d be a type O. Maachan says that all of her friends at school were surprised to find out she was type A and not O too. She says that maybe she’s like AO since her father is A and her mother is O and Harunan reminds her that that’s impossible, but understands what she’s trying to say. I think they also talk about how Maachan was surprised to find out that Harunan was in her 2nd year of high school when they had just joined.

They move on to talking about the proper way to write “Maachan”




After much thought, she chooses the first one.

They eventually show that Kuduu has been sitting in the corner the whole time watching the ustream from one of the staff member’s laptop.


Then they play the One-Two-Three music video.

Harunan starts reading off these little stories about Maachan’s airhead moments that she went around getting from people. If I remember correctly, a lot of them were from Ayumin LOL. Like one time Maachan called her “Anumin” by accident. And another time, they went to Harajuku to go shopping and stopped off for ice cream and Maachan told her that her ice cream was “Skytree flavoured” (?) Maachan then says that that was what Kuduu had told her. Kuduu insists that she had never said that. Moving on, Harunan recreates a little conversation that Kuduu sent in.

Maachan: Kuduu, I hate you!

Kuduu: okay.

 Maachan: …

Maachan: No wait! I didn’t mean that! I love you!

Kuduu: yeah, right.

Maachan: No really! Kuduu~ I love you~

 There are a quite a few other stories that I don’t remember, but it pretty much went down the same way each time; Harunan would read off a story of Maachan saying/doing something weird or ditzy. Maachan would say that she doesn’t remember doing that or that it never happened. Kuduu would argue that it totally did happen and Harunan would agree.

After reading all the stories Harunan comments on how much of a tennen Maachan is.

They then play the 9th & 10th gen song from the album “Waratte! YOU”. And zoom into Kuduu who dances around a bit. Then Maachan, who sits there awkwardly unsure of what to do. Then, they try to move onto to Harunan, but…

It took them a while to realize and adjust the camera to her height LOL

[The song is like a soft and happy disco and everybody gets lots of good lines (a.k.a. not one syllable lines). I think Maachan gets a lot of lines or maybe I was just paying attention to her voice… Zukki gets a really good line near the end :3]

Anyways, the song ends and Maachan is given something to read. Which she struggles greatly to do and Harunan has to help her read like every kanji. Even Kuduu ends up helping her.


They talk a bit and then play “Dokaan Capriccio (” a super pop song. Reminds me a lot of “OK YEAH!”. I don’t remember if everyone got lines since my attention was focused on Kuduu attempting to dance to the song LOL. I remember that Sayu got a few lines though…

The song ends and Maachan goes over to Kuduu who’s reading comments on the ustream and asking questions/chatting.

Then out of nowhere, “Okane Miku” appears!

Read the rest of it here... (

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on August 17, 2012, 02:47:07 PM
Masaki shows off yet another one of her talents
紙切りまーちゃん (

Masaki's movie viewing habits
Quote from: takamaruyo
Ma-chan starts the show right away with a story of the girls going back home to Tokyo after their Osaka concert. Ma-chan, Zukki and Fukuchan all happened to be sitting next to each other. Zukki says Ma-chan was watching a movie on her iPad to kill time while on the train. Now the train is a place where you are supposed to be quiet but Ma-chan was laughing really hard during the movie. Ma-chan says she couldn’t help it, the movie was really funny. Fukuchan watched the movie together with Ma-chan but says the whole thing was so weird. Ma-chan laughs at really awkward parts of the movie, parts that are not meant to be funny. Ma-chan also skips any emotional or dramatic scenes in the movie too. Fukuchan was really confused by this because it’s not like they were running out of time on the train ride. Ma-chan says the emotional scenes make her sleepy and she watches movies solely for the purpose of keeping herself awake. She avoids watching crying scenes, etc (

Masaki and Momoko

Quote from: rokun
So it seems that in the recent Morning Jogakuin radio show with Fuku-chan, Zukki and Sato, they talked about how Sato is now banned by Momochi from being nearby when they're changing clothes since Sato likes her too much.  XD

*thx to rokun (

*UPDATE: it could be Mizuki who was banned by Momochi. See Momopon thread (

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Masaki's parents are awesome  :)

Ma-chan says her parents recently showed her a clip of her mom dancing to Love Machine back when Love Machine just came out and was super popular. Her mom waited until recently to show her because Ma-chan would not have fully appreciated it until now. Zukki and Fukuchan both want to see the video. Ma-chan says OK as long as her dad still has it. Fukuchan remembers dancing to Happy Summer Wedding while watching it on TV. She also remembers being in elementary school and buying a copy of Sayonara no kawari ni. She says she cried when she listed to it. (

I’ve found it the only hope in the program that Sato’s parents had told her “you must quit Morning Musume if you couldn’t behave properly enough as senpai to 11th gen”. I’m impressed with those words which were not only rigorous but also quite reasonable. It must be the climax of that Ustream program. (

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My 1000th post is dedicated to Maachan!

To celebrate (and to bring this thread up to speed), I will enumerate some of her special qualities/quirks as an idol:

1. Plays the Piano

Masaki's recital at her birthday event (

2. Plays the Drums

3. A Ballerina
( (

4. An audiophile

“Question: You’re doing Hello! concerts now… so I wonder who of your kouhai members you’ve gotten to know better? Tell us if you have any episodes too (lol)

Chisato: Probably Sato Masaki-chan. I really never get bored when we’re together. For some reason Sato-chan carries 5 sets of earphones around with her lol lol I wonder why~(´3`) lol” (

5. A hardworker

“Gaki has a solo corner in this tour where she sings Egao ni Namida with backup dancers Fukuchan, Zukki, Eripon and Satou. Leading up to the day before opening night, Satou couldn’t get the dance down for this song so the dance teacher decided to yank her from the performance. Since Satou’s mirror position dancer was Eripon, Eripon was also yanked from the performance. Eripon was really angry/sad about this because she really wanted to be on stage. Gaki said she still doesn’t understand the concept of “A kouhai’s failure is also your (senpai) failure”. Fast forward to the final rehearsal on the same day of opening night, Eripon and Satou go up to the dance teacher and beg her to give them one more chance. They nail the dance and were allowed back into the performance. Gaki says that leading up to the Egao ni Namida performance, Satou was constantly in front of a mirror double-checking the dance for this song.” (

6. A Super Lip-synch innovator
"I was so nervous I forgot the lyrics completely. So, I didn't know what to do, so I super-lipsynched."
( (

7. A Master of Puns
Konchikuwa* [Good afternoon]
*She combines “konnichiwa” (good afternoon) with “chikuwa”
(fish cake) (
佐藤優樹「こんちくわ~」 (

8. #1 in friendliness
Quote from: Tsunku
“Well, Satou is the number 1 in friendliness..." (
Quote from: Aika
Sato Masaki-chan ♪

So incredibly friendly (●′ω`人′ω`●)♪
Quote from: Sayumi
She’s the type everyone loves. :haato: (

( (
( (
( (

9. A Master of Stealth
“A little while ago Fukuchan, Eripon, Riho and Maachan went out together to Disney Sea. As expected, Maachan kept getting lost. The girls would be walking and talking and all of the sudden Maachan would disappear. They couldn’t manage to get a hold of her via phone so it was a big pain to find her again.” (
( (

10. Immune to bitter drinks
数学女子学園 特典DISK (
くどぅーvsまーちゃん~リアル子供のケンカ~ (

11. Can outsmart metal detectors
“When the 10th gen first joined, one of the first events they did involved them traveling up to Hokkaido. As you know, Maachan is from Hokkaido and obviously she has been to the airport before. However, when they were at the airport, Iikubo saw the weirdest thing from Maachan. They were going up to the metal detector and Maachan logically deduced that if you run full speed through the detector it would be too fast for the device and thus the alarm wouldn’t go off. So she tried and no it did not go off. ‘Iikubo said Maachan looked so relieved. She then said ‘I’m so glad it didn’t go off’” (

*thx to tHelloFan from TKMR for this image

12. Has lethal knife skills
“The staff asked the girls who would like to help with Zukki in preparing the veggies, with most of them wanting to do it. Eripon says since she is the winner, she should go, which everyone disagree, as it defeats the purpose of a batsu game. Maachan says she’s never made Yakisoba before, that’s why she wants to TRY and help. Kuduu instantly says that’s more reason why she shouldn’t help. Ayumi says she’s done it before so she should go. Luckily…or unluckily, instead of letting them go on forever arguing who gets to help, the staff picked Maachan to go. Maachan was, later on in the show, kicked out of the kitchen by Zukki after seeing how dangerous she is with a knife.” (

Feel free to add more  :lol:

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A mic rip of Masaki singing Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi  :cathappy: (
*thx to ahn from H!O

Masaki disappears again...
Speaking of outings, after one of the rehearsals for this summer’s H!P con, Mizuki, Zukki, Kanana, Ma-chan and Riho went out to a shopping mall to hang out. They went to the game center there as well as checked out a few shops. Midway through, Ma-chan told everyone “Hey I need to go shop for a birthday gift for my sister so you guys go on ahead”. 2 hours later Ma-chan still had not returned so they started to worry. They tried calling her but they got the message “The person you are trying to call does not have reception”. Deli-kun wonders where the heck Ma-chan went. Kanana and Riho went to look for her but could not find her. Riho had a recording session to go to so Kanana volunteered to stay behind to look for her. Riho was worried the entire recording session. In the end, Kanana found her but apparently Ma-chan came back empty handed and couldn’t find the right gift to buy. Everyone gave a big sigh to that. Deli-kun suggests that Ma-chan should never be left alone again. Riho said she thought Ma-chan could take care of herself at first, but now agrees that Ma-chan needs a chaperone at all times. (

Hawaii pix:

Don't get lost in Hawaii Machan!
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Masaki jetlagged in Hawaii:
Haruna and Masaki were roommates for the first part of the Hawaii tour. The day after they arrived, Haruna went to take a bath. However, she was so exhausted that she fell asleep for an hour and a half, and she was woken up by someone pounding on the bathroom door. It was Masaki, who was screaming, "Harunan! Are you alive?! Are you alive?!" Haruna also said that the first day or so that they got there, Masaki spent the entire day sleeping, except for when she woke up to eat lunch. She didn't eat anything else, and woke back up around 8 at night. Source (
*Thx to Lurkette from H!O (

And just in case you missed it:
Maa-chan sings love and peace in Hawaii FC event 2012 (she sounded great  :)) ) (

Futsu no shoujo A concert rip w/ Reina and Kuduu
Reina, Kudo, Masaki - Futsuu no Shoujo A (Concert Rip LQ) (

Masaki is starting to make friends with Sakura
( (
Yoo-hoo, Good morning.
The weather is nice this morning and I feel good.
Oda Sakura-san, who was announced as the 11th generation member on Sep 14, has been with us!
At first I was shy with her and I couldn't speak to her, but We have been in the same dressing room for days, We talked a lot, and that made me happy. (
Quote (
Tsunku: Who do you think is shining in Hello project now?
Sakura: Sato Masaki-san
Tsuku: Why?
Sakura: Her dance. I thought She was cool when she moved her neck (probably in Wakuteka take a chance).

*Thx to jukucho-love from H!O (
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I really appreciate the quality Maachan updates, oaxiac >__<

Glad to hear she's chatting with Sakura :D

Masakiss is really a great Momusu member, isn't she... So hilarious and adorable :lol:
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Wakuteku intro vid:
ワクテカ?(佐藤優樹) (
Wakuteka Take a Chance Profile
By rokun | Translated: September 28, 2012

Q1: What points are you careful of when singing Wakuteka Take a chance?
- That I don’t deviate from the rhythm

Q2: What points are you careful of in the Wakuteka Take a chance dance?
- Matching everyone’s timing and count

Q3: What was a tough point in the Wakuteka Take a chance dance?

- The choreography of “Hora daichi ka~ra no me~guumi~” was rough.

Q4: What did you think when you first heard the Wakuteka Take a chance song?

- Wa!! I thought this song is so cool!

Q5: A word to the people who’ll hear Wakuteka Take a chance from now on!
- Since this song is very much fun and high-spirited to listen to, please be sure to listen to it

Q6: What’s a recent wakuteka thing that happened to you? (wakuteka is like shining excitedly)
- When One・Two・Three was played at school.

Q7: What’s the thing that’s made the most impression on you since you joined Morning Musume?
- That my characters are pretty when I’m writing things.

Q8: What’s the toughest thing that’s happened to you since you joined Morning Musume?

- That I can’t remember the dances.

Q9: What’s the happiest thing that’s happened to you since you joined Morning Musume?

- That there are are distinctive differences between the members in my generation.

Q10: What’s something which makes you think you’re glad you joined Morning Musume?
- That I’ve been able to think I can work harder on singing and dancing.

Q11: If you would represent your personality in one word?
- Energetic (genki)

Q12: Tell us something which makes you think, “I can be proud of this!”
- I’m always smiling and energetic

Q13: If you were an animal?
- A dog

Q14: Are you a dog person? A cat person?

- A dog person.

Q15: Do you have anything you treasure?

- I do.

Q16: What thing does a member do which you’d like to learn from?
- I want to learn from Ayumin’s pretty characters

Q17: What’s something about a member you’d like to fix?

- Not one of the members, but something I want to fix about myself is that I eat too many sweets.

Q18: Which member is your greatest rival?
- Ishida Ayumi-chan from my generation.

Q19: What’s a charm point of yours?

- My energy

Q20: What’s a merit of yours?
- My smiles and energy

Q21: What’s a weak point of yours?
- I’m selfish

Q22: Tell us your favorite phrase.
- Yay~

Q23: What’s something you think you’ve grown in since joining Morning Musume?
- That I’ve come to be told, “Your characters are so pretty!!”

Q24: Tell us one thing that’s surprised you since joining Morning Musume.
- I’ve become able to wear high heels since I joined Morning Musume

Q25: What’s something you’d like to try challenging from now on?
- I want to try growing out my hair in the back while keeping my bangs the same

Q26: What’s something you’re into now?
- Doing funny faces with the 10th gen members.

Q27: What’s your favorite Hello! Pro song? (reasons too)
- Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onnanoko

Q28: What’s your favorite food?
- Biwa

Q29: What’s your favorite drink?
- Water and tea

Q30: Are you good at cooking? (if so) what foods are you good at?
- No

Q31: Is there something you don’t like to eat?
- There’s nothing

Q32: What type of clothes do you like?
- I often wear shorts.

Q33: What are your favorite compositions? (movies / novels / manga etc.)

- Kage no Ue no Ponyo

Q34: A word to the 11th gen member who’s just joined!
- Though I think I’m an undependable senpai, please support me.

Q35: If you could be born differently, what would you want to be?

- I want to be a dog

Q36: Something you’re not good at?

- Threading a needle

Q37: Something you’re good at?
- Bridge

Q38: What’s a hairstyle you’d like to try challenging?

- I want to make it a bit of a bright brown and let my hair grow.

Q39: What’s something you do to relieve stress?
- Talking to the 10th gen.

Q40: What’s an occupation you’d like to try outside of Morning Musume?
- Nothing

Q41: If you could give us 3 things you’d like to do in your life?
- ☆ Sleepover with the 10th gen
☆ Live in a big house
☆ Go to a candy factory

Q42: What’s the place you want to go most now?
- Disneyland

Q43: What’s something you unintentionally can’t stop doing?

- Eating candy~

Q44: If you could have one wish come true, what would you wish for?

- That I could play piano smoothly once again

Q45: What’s something which has moved you recently?
- That I’ve stopped having Cleopatra hair.

Q46: What’s something which has recently made you cry (or was tough or troubling)?
- When I recently got into a fight with the 10th gen, I thought that everyone was thinking of me.

Q47: What’s something which has recently made you happy?

- Changing my hair.

Q48: If you went to an amusement park, where would you play first?

- A roller coaster

Q49: What’s something you are careful of being an idol versus normally?

- That my face changes frequently like a machine.

Q50: What about yourself do you want the fans to watch closely?
- I want them to see my energy.

Q51: One last thing to finish up.
- Every day is a fun day (

More Masaki bits from the Wakuteku Q&A
Quote from: Sayumi
Q16. What trait of a member do you want to emulate?
- Sato Masaki’s ability not to lose heart (
Quote from: Reina
Q16. What trait of a member do you want to emulate?
- Sato Masaki, who comes to work with a sense of playfulness.
Umm…If I’m asked, “Do you want to emulate her?” what if I dare to say, “I don’t want to emulate her, though (lol)”…? (
Quote from: Haruna
17. Which characteristic would you like to correct out of all the members?
- Satou Masaki-chan eats too much candy.

*thx to Lurkette from H!O
Quote from: Haruka
17. Which characteristic would you like to correct out of all the members?
- Satou SAN's paranoia.

*thx to Darklumina from H!O
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Oh god her answers are just too adorable and funny ;_; Bless her little heart

This is my favourite, though:
Q15: Do you have anything you treasure?
- I do.
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
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Q41: If you could give us 3 things you’d like to do in your life?

- ☆ Sleepover with the 10th gen

No problem!

☆ Live in a big house

Well, you might have to share with Dream Musume!


☆ Go to a candy factory

Willie Wonka: First Let me say good bye to Mini-Moni,
and then the tour will start!


       Let me get back to you!
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Chibs posted this on the H!P postwhoring thread  :twothumbs (
It's a recording of Maachans solo perf of "Watashi no Miryoku ni Kizukanai Donkan na Hito" from yesterday's concert. (

Here's the mic rip (you can even hear her reaction at the end) (

And if you're hardcore, here's more Maachan mic rips!
The Matenrou Show, One Two Three (
Waratte! YOU (
Zero Kara Hajimaru Seishun (
Be Alive (
What’s Up? Ai wa Dou na no yo~ (
Futsuu no Shoujo A (

*Thx to ahn from H!O and pearyz from tumblr

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Post by: Aioros on October 04, 2012, 05:35:49 AM
まーちゃんの、ポクポクするガチャガチャ動画 (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on October 05, 2012, 11:17:47 AM
Masaki's message to the fans (in English!!!)
message from Masaki Sato(Morning Musume。) (

Masaki's English intro from her Girls News interview: (

A video of Masaki's piano recital from her birthday event: (

*thx to pearyz

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1) Typical cost of an H!P album: JPY 3,150

2) Masaki spending total on plastic toys: JPY 5,000

3) The value of hearing Masaki, in English, say
" Also don't miss it when we are slappin' our bottoms":  
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Masaki's special interview on Girls News
まー×モニ (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on October 10, 2012, 10:56:02 AM
Masaki talks about Oda-san

–An 11th gen member has been added to that Morning Musume. Oda Sakura-san. What impressions do you have of her as of now?

Sato Masaki: Yep! I stayed with her as my roommate at a hotel, and got to know various things about her. She’s incredibly kind……How should I say it? Ah~, She’s a Sayashi-san type.

Sayashi Riho: Wait a second. Isn’t that too vague!

Sato Masaki: (ignoring her) I can’t fill the bath with hot water, and since I can’t be relied on for it, I was talking the whole time from the instant I got in the room about things unrelated to the bath.  Then, she finally said, “Are you taking a bath? Should I heat the water?” and I replied, “Eh? You can heat it?”! Then, “Masaki-san, you can’t heat a bath?” “Ah, I don’t mean that I’m concluding you can’t do it……” Like that.

– (lol)

Sato Masaki: Then she asked me, “What temperature is good for you?” I didn’t know what to say since until now Kuduu had been setting the temperature and such, so I said, “Normal is ok.” Then, since Oda-san said, “What is a normal temperature?” I thought, “What should I do!?” (lol) But I said “Whatever temperature Oda-san likes”…… I really worked hard! At that conversation! And then she heated it for me but I was called outside the room. By the time I got back it’d already gotten cold, so I just took a shower and slept. So Oda-san was attentive to each one of my needs, and is reliable, and good at singing……


Sato Masaki:
When we were staying together, I got to know deep deep deep inside, “Ah, she’s this kind of girl”.

–I see, I see. Iyaa~, today is incredible~ isn’t it.

Everyone: (bursts out laughing)

–That’s incredible, Maa-chan. You know, today, I still have half of the questions I thought of left over, but hearing stories about school and the bath made our time wind up (lol).

Staff: (Bewildered) There’s about 5 minutes left……


Sato Masaki: Hai! Oda-san has joined with such a good singing voice, right? Until now I’ve been saying, “I’ll work hard at dancing and singing to not lose to Sayashi-san and Ayumin and such,” but from now on I have to make sure not to be overtaken by my kouhai. In dancing and singing. Also, in things like expressions and smiling and scary faces.

Sayashi Riho: Scary faces!?

–You want to become able to do serious faces too, right (lol).

Sato Masaki: Attractive faces. I want to steadily learn the ability to express myself like that. I think Oda-san will be a girl who’ll continue to grow. Getting better at singing and such since she’s joined Morning Musume. Since I heard that from someone.

Kudou Haruka: What are you saying!?

Everyone: (bursts out laughing)

Sato Masaki: Since I heard that, I want to make the level of the 10th gen steadily rise so that we’re not overtaken by Oda-san…… Since I feel like that could happen all of a sudden.

Kudou Haruka: If we stay like we are now, right.

Sato Masaki: I’ll work hard to become a senpai who, like the 9th gen-sans, can say, “This is not good”.

–I see. As part of that, you should learn how to heat the bathwater.

Sato Masaki: Eh? I secretly watched that time and learned how.

–When Oda-san was heating it?

Sato Masaki: Yep!

–All right, let’s do our best.

Everyone: (lol) (

Maa-chan's good points
–All right, I got it. Let’s talk about Maa-chan’s good points.

Sayashi Riho:

–In our previous interview, thanks to Maa-chan forcing Tanaka Reina to have a connection with her, I heard that the mood of the group improved.

Sato Masaki: In some DVD manga-zee……

Kudou Haruka: Magazine!

Sato Masaki: Kuduu, me, Tanaka-san, and Mitsui-san had a love square battle (?) and there Tanaka-san told me, “You’re my favorite! I love you.” When I returned to my school in Hokkaido, “How was Tanaka-san? Scary?” I was asked, and I wondered why everyone was asking me things like that. Even looking in YouTube, I couldn’t see at all why she would be scary. But since everyone was asking me, “Was she scary?” I thought “I wonder if she really is that scary?” the whole time, but in that DVD ma…

Kudou Haruka: Magazine.

Sato Masaki: When we did that magazine, Tanaka-san would talk to me, and when I teased her like “Tanaka-san!” we steadily became able to talk normally. And so, on that occasion it was initiated by Tanaka-san. Since she talked to me, I was able to just go right up to her. Like she was yielding and soft!

–But I was hearing that Maa-chan would talk to her senpai without any reservations.

Kudou Haruka: I think that’s incredible. I can respect it.

–Don’t you feel scared of your senpai?

Sato Masaki: My school senpai were scary. The 6th years were really scary. As for why they are, they would be hitting away the balls that 1st years were playing wtih. I thought that was unbelievable for the 1st years, so we all went to tell the 6th years to please stop it. Everyone got together from team 1 to team 5. Then the 6th years started crying. Since I was a girl who wasn’t concerned even if the balls were crushed, or if they intruded where I was playing, when watching them cry I pitied them, and went up to them by myself to say “Sorry”. Then, since the 6th years also apologized, I thought, “Ah, senpai really are kind”.

–Maa-chan, what are you talking about?

Sato Masaki: About a ball!

– I get that (lol). I meant for you to talk about your Hello! Pro senpai, not your elementary school ones…

Sato Masaki: Then I started thinking, “Older girls really are kind”. Since I have 2 younger sisters, I was from the standpoint that I had to be reliable. Changing their diapers, or watching for problems, or playing with them, or making dinner. But joining Morning Musume, I became the youngest. Then when I got to know Tanaka-san, since Okai Chisato-san (℃-ute) and Natsuyaki Miyabi-san (Berryz Kobo) would all come to see her, she introduced me to them and got me able to talk to them. And so, the impetus was always Tanaka-san.

–But I think Maa-chan got close with your senpai because you have that innocent character as well. Therefore if Maa-chan wasn’t there, I think the current Morning Musume would have been more brutal. It wouldn’t have come together like this as a group.

Kudou Haruka:
I think that’s true. If Maa-chan wasn’t here, we wouldn’t have been able to talk like this to Tanaka-san and Michishige-san. When we just joined as the 10th gen, since Maa-chan would comfortably go up to our senpai, though it would have been frightful for the rest of us (lol), Maa-chan being too airheaded perhaps charmed them, or rather they got like, “There’s a funny girl here”, and they were able to be affectionate to her, and riding that wave the other 9th and 10th gen members also were able to become closer to our senpai. So I think it’s quite true that Maa-chan has enabled us to become close with our senpai. (
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Quote from: ro-kun
Quick summaries of some of the captions to those pics (sorry, can't do a word-by-word translation lol):

Clockwise from top left:

- Though she was always smiling, when she cried you'd think it was the end of the world!
- Something about her being happy to be able to roll over when sleeping, even with milk all over her mouth. XD
- She was an easy kid to raise, and didn't cry or complain. She was always smiling when she was a baby.
- She was a mischievous child, and great at dragging her friends into it.
- To say one thing, she was a peculiar child. She loved to move around, and was poor at staying still.
- Her first ballet recital. She began it in 2nd grade to help fix her posture. She would ski at the beach, on rivers, and in mountains, and was a gifted child at anything involving movement.

*thx to ro-kun (
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one more story from her mom...


A Girl Who Can't Stay Still, and an Attempted Runaway......!?

Even on the day she was supposed to be born, Masaki didn't really want to come out. She probably didn't want to be parted from her mother before birth. On that day, soon after she was born she smiled, having a charm even then which surprised the midwives.

We stopped to watch a DVD at a big electronics store, and she wandered off...... I searched while crying until the security guard came, and we found her eating candy with some ladies in the backyard. Then when she was 2, she tried to join in with a parade at Disneyland...... Also, she loved vehicles, and so rode in a small hand-pushed car at amazing speeds through the hallway and living room, and made lots of noise while drifting through the kitchen. She was a child with great reflexes who, before entering elementary school, could manage motocross and replica motorbikes designed for kids.

The first words she said were "TiTiTi". She'd say that when petting the head of a doll, so I think she probably wanted to say "YoshiYoshi". Oh, and by the way, her expression for this imitative sound was always different. Even then she loved shiny things, and it was incredibly cute when she'd see something like that and say, "So pretty~"

*Thx to ro-kun (

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my goodness stories of maachan as a baby is cute yet funny
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
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my goodness stories of maachan as a baby is cute yet funny
Much like how she is today. :lol:
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Post by: Aioros on October 29, 2012, 02:15:07 AM
Those kid Maachan stories feels like reading a chapter summary of Yotsuba&! :lol:
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From a recent Zukki blogpost.

Satou-san, you’ve got the wrong time lol

Yesterday I received a birthday present from Masaki-chan


I… wasn born in August right…??

She’s such a mysterious girl… lol

I’m sorry it’s laaate

She said…lol

She gave me a Mickey blanket and a Minnie-chan iPhone case. :music:

Adorable~ :raburabu2:

I wanted to take a picture but because it’s a case I can’t…lol

I was going to take the case off but I couldn’t get it off… :shout:

I’ll take a picture of it in front of a mirror later. :light:

Thank you Masaki-chan. :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:

For the record: Zukki's birthday is August 5. So about three months too late.:lol:

Via: (
Original link: (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: JFC on November 10, 2012, 12:53:45 AM
Pocket Morning Weekly Q&A (11/6/2012)    
Hello!Project Written by epifanes & Kuno , updated: 21:54, 9-Nov 2012

The comedy routine "Isn't That Wild~" has been popular lately, so please tell us your own "wild" points. (

( (

I'd actually say that was more cute than wild. :P  :wub:
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on December 20, 2012, 12:54:05 AM
Sato Masaki (佐藤優樹) Solo Lines in Morning Musume (2012) (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on December 20, 2012, 02:12:00 PM
Hawaiiで熱唱するまーちゃん (

まーちゃんをたしなめるあゆみん (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on December 27, 2012, 04:19:25 AM
Quote from: Riho
Today’s Maa-chan Saying.

“Tonight, I wonder if Tansa-tan will come ?”

Santa-san, right? lol (

Maachan received some nice presents from Santa this Christmas:


Quote from: Maachan
3DS (Pink)

(Animal Crossing) cassette 3DS

Humidifier (

Actually, these are from Santa Claus(her parents)

She truly believes in Santa :)
Maachan's Chirstmas story, from Maji de Pyoko Pyoko #49

Last year's Christmas, she woke up to an alarm at 3:00 am to see Santa because she heard he came at that time. Then she waited him, pretending to be asleep. But he didn't come. After a while, she became impatient and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later she came back to her room, and to her surprise, there were a piano, a music box and a letter from Santa :omg:  Then she searched the whole the apartment building for about an hour, but she couldn't find him. She asked her friend, who lived in the same apartment, if he had come, but she answered sleepily "I haven't seen yet, because I haven't opened my eyes yet." ^^;
Maachan regretted going to the bathroom.

This year, on her blog she says she got up around 4:00 am, and she found those presents, and unfortunately she couldn't see Santa.

*thx to jukucho love from H!O

And a subbed vid:
Maachan Tries Gashapon (English Sub) (

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Post by: oaxiac on January 02, 2013, 04:23:50 AM
まーちゃん「楽しかったです」 (

maachan (

6期のまーちゃんいじり (
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Post by: muppet on January 14, 2013, 07:50:26 AM
Nice Tribute clip to Masaki chan from YouTuber haruna204  (Arigatou!!)

Song: 風曜日、君をつれて / Kazeyoubi, Kimi wo Tsurete (Windy Day Brought You)[March 5, 1986]

佐藤優樹 ~ 風曜日、君をつれて - THE ALFEE [1986]  (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Estrea on January 18, 2013, 03:23:36 PM (

Maa-chan is revived!!!! She spent the day with Kuduu and is now very much happy and excited for it. XD

Yay she's ok! Woohoo! :D
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: P.Sempai on January 19, 2013, 08:11:14 AM (
Do you have the video of this Satoyama ep.?
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on January 19, 2013, 11:09:30 AM (
Do you have the video of this Satoyama ep.?
starts @17:51 (

H!O torrent: (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: TommyVD on January 20, 2013, 12:20:23 PM
From a recent concert MC (Tsunclub).

Masaki: a bear often appear around my home and make some troubles.
So that we gave meats for it. then it returned to its home.
Tsunku: As you feed something, the bear come again to your home? You should tell it to Police?

Masaki: Poor bear, I can't do it.
When we shot as warning shots with no-sound gun.
It was back to home.

Tsunku: Nosound gun? for warning shots????

Masaki: I don't know. Actually the bear returned.

Via: (
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Post by: P.Sempai on January 26, 2013, 04:55:58 PM
Thank you so much

Maachan gives a massage to Reina ♥

Maachan is so cute here
モーニング娘。 北海道ローカル生出演 130124 (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on January 29, 2013, 06:26:51 PM
Masaki imitates Sakura (

小田ちゃんのモノマネをするメンバー (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on February 12, 2013, 06:12:53 AM
Some translated 2ch threads feat. Masaki, from Beat Laments the World (

Maa-chan’s declaration: “I’m going to overtake Sayashi-san this year!!“


1:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/02(水) 09:09:40.69 ID:0
Source: 130101 Pokemo movie – New Years Greetings – Sato Masaki
    川* ^_〉^)< I’m 10th generation member Masaki Sato! Happy New Year! Alright. Um, about my goal for the year… as I now have a junior with Oda-chan joining the group… I want to become more… how should I put it… more reliable. Up until now I’ve just been “silly Maa-chan” but I want to show everyone a more hardworking, more reliable Maa-chan, too! I’ll do my best! And with my singing, too, I’ll do my best to gradually get to the point where I can overtake Sayashi-san! I’m hoping for your support.

9:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/02(水) 09:13:16.74 ID:I
Pretty awesome for her to have set a goal herself that she’s working towards.

12:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/02(水) 09:13:29.02 ID:0
Her vocals have a lot of potential. I want Oda’s center placement to be a motivation for her to work hard.

14:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/02(水) 09:14:39.40 ID:0
Of the Kyukkies and Jukkies, Maa-chan’s already the member who has the best chances of vocally overtaking Rihoriho.
17:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/02(水) 09:15:19.96 ID:0
Sayashi, Sato and Oda are going to be the vocal power behind Momusu.

43:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/02(水) 09:27:43.78 ID:0
Once Maa-chan switches gears, she’s going to be pretty formidable.

82:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/02(水) 13:39:32.18 ID:0
Sayashi and Sato are going to be the front and back like Takahashi-Kamei. The positive and the negative.

112:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/03(木) 11:57:30.68 ID:0
Maa-chan is their secret weapon.



Fukuda: Doesn’t it ever get noisy at your school with people coming up to you going “hey, you’re in Morning Musume!” or something?

Sato: Not at all! I have six people at school who I’m really friendly with, and they aren’t just my friends because I’m in Morning Musume. Actually, they defend me if I’m teased about it. They help me out with studying, too. I’m really grateful to them.

The 10th and 11th generation members have dinner together!!!

Sato Maa-chan reproduces their conversation!

1:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/22(火) 23:44:11.90 ID:0

    So today Jukkies and Oda-chan had dinner together. Us Jukkies were laughing the whole time. (laughs)
    This is how our conversation went:

    (Duu finishes drinking her melon soda)
    (Duu’s cup: clatter clatter) (that’s the sound it made)
    Duu: “Look, this cup’s somehow funny!”
    Iikubo (in a loud voice): “That’s Saturn! Saturn!!”
    (everyone stares at us)
    Ayu: “Harunan, your voice is too loud!”
    (Iikubo laughs)
    (everyone else laughs, too)
    (some minutes later:)
    Iikubo: “I meant to say Jupiter just now, not Saturn. Ahahaha.”

    Sort of like that. It was so fun hanging out with the 10th and 11th gen members. Another happy day.

    This was Maa-chan.

( (

2:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/22(火) 23:46:05.02 ID:0
Yeah, I have no idea what I just read.

4:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/22(火) 23:47:17.64 ID:0
Analyzing time!

6:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/22(火) 23:47:58.32 ID:0
Saturn and Jupiter…?

10:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/22(火) 23:49:20.55 ID:0
Could it be that Maa-chan just doesn’t know Saturn or Jupiter?

15:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/22(火) 23:52:55.99 ID:O
Sorry, could I get someone translate that into something intelligible?
25:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/22(火) 23:55:40.89 ID:0
Don’t attempt to understand Maa-chan’s blogs.
Try to feel them using all your senses.

20:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/22(火) 23:54:17.98 ID:O
Is she saying that Iikubo’s gone mad?

21:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/22(火) 23:55:06.21 ID:0
I’m a Koharu wota. May I make her my new oshi?
56:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/23(水) 00:02:12.55 ID:0
Maa-chan skips but she doesn’t “step up“. So please, feel free.

24:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/22(火) 23:55:32.40 ID:0
The virus completely destroyed her brain, didn’t it?

29:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/22(火) 23:56:37.91 ID:0
What’s she saying?

34:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/22(火) 23:57:31.53 ID:0
She’s a genius.

44:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/23(水) 00:00:01.83 ID:0
I wonder… I didn’t get what she was trying to say but once I finished reading, I felt all warm and fluffy inside.

66:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/23(水) 00:03:59.72 ID:0
If Maa-chan’s happy, I’m happy.

68:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/23(水) 00:04:43.13 ID:0
I got it.

Once she finished drinking her soda, there was a layer of foam that remained in the cup. Iikubo-san saw it and was calling it “Saturn” in a loud voice which caused everyone to break out laughing. Then, Iikubo realized the foam looked like Jupiter and not Saturn. That was the joke.

82:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/23(水) 00:10:39.67 ID:0
Ah, the foam. (laughs) I was looking at the picture and just thought it looked like a normal cup so I was going all “huh?” Great detective work!

70:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/23(水) 00:05:25.50 ID:0
As long as Maa-chan’s having fun.

78:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/23(水) 00:08:35.64 ID:0
I tried translating it.

    After that, the five of us in 10th and 11th gens went out for lunch.
    As we were eating, especially the four of us Jukkies were constantly laughing. (laughs)
    The conversation we were having went as follows…

    Duu: (finishes her melon soda, makes a sound with her cup by rocking it around)
    Duu (while showing the cup to everyone): “Look, this cup is somehow funny!”
    Iikubo (in a loud voice for some reason): “That’s Saturn! Saturn!!“

    Because she was so loud, everyone there was staring at us…

    Ayu: “Harunan, your voice is too loud! (laughs)”
    (Iikubo laughs)
    (The five of them all laugh)

    A few minutes later…

    Iikubo: “I meant to say “Jupiter” just now, “not “Saturn”. Ahahaha. (laughs)“

    Everyone’s reaction to that was like “…what?!” (laughs)

    Our shared lunch with the 10th and 11th gen members was really fun!
    Today was another happy day.

102:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/23(水) 00:24:48.12 ID:0
Thanks for your analysis. I’m able to picture it now. Hope you help us out in the future, too.

101:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/23(水) 00:22:23.23 ID:0
I wish Maa-chan would write an essay on this.

106:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/23(水) 00:29:17.51 ID:0
It’s scary because it’s like this eyewitness account of a case that’s still unresolved.

120:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/23(水) 00:37:43.63 ID:0
It’s amazing how she can be so heartwarming. Even though I don’t understand what she’s saying, I always feel like telling her “Oh, really now? Well isn’t that nice.”

121:名無し募集中。。。:2013/01/23(水) 00:38:43.84 ID:0
It seriously feels like you’re learning the basics of solving reading comprehension problems. You have to put yourself in Maa-chan’s shoes and try to imagine what it is you’re trying to say.

Henkka: I just find it so amazing that every time Maa-chan posts something, 2ch has to get together and make a team effort to make any sense of it all. She really might be a genius.

It’s impossible to understand what Sato Maachan is talking about
1:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:05:34.28 ID:0

    Here’s something I was doing for fun when I got a flounder in my head.


    That seaweed strip is Harunan.
    Harunan, I’m just playing around so don’t be mad.

    I have my beloved school tomorrow.

    This was Masaki Sato. (

2:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:06:17.48 ID:0
That’s unintelligible.

4:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:07:27.61 ID:0
Has to be some kind of code language.

13:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:09:01.00 ID:0
“I got a flounder in my head” = “I got a good idea.“*
That’s all I could decipher.
(* TL note: Masaki made a typo.)

108:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:28:43.37 ID:0
Ahh, I see.

15:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:09:53.63 ID:0
Seaweed strip…?

23:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:11:41.43 ID:0
Maybe she meant to say swordfish. I don’t know.

31:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:12:50.49 ID:0
Maachan seems like the type who doesn’t worry about anything.

35:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:13:40.72 ID:0
She has literary talent.

40:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:15:04.47 ID:0
You have to be a genius in able to understand one.

51:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:16:45.79 ID:0
This seems like an earthquake prediction!

65:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:18:38.09 ID:0
Masaki   Tanaka
Haruka   Michishige
Ayumi    Haruna


69:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:19:27.00 ID:0

67:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:18:57.63 ID:0
Guys, wait! Don’t be fooled!

68:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:19:03.81 ID:0
It feels like there’s some sort of significant hidden secret here.

72:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:19:41.48 ID:0
We’ll finally be able to find Tokugawa’s buried treasure, huh?

74:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:20:05.82 ID:0
There seems to be some sort of connection with North Korean missiles.

76:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:20:09.87 ID:0
If we crack the code, I think we’ll find that it’s the blueprint to something.

102:名無し募集中。。。:2012/12/04(火) 23:26:12.18 ID:0
Guys, don’t try to think it through — feel it!

Source: ( (

*Thanks to Henkka
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on February 23, 2013, 05:43:30 AM

EDIT: some gifs from tumblr:
( (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on March 04, 2013, 04:13:38 AM
Maachan getting into a feud with the fish mascot  :lol:
vs ブリカツくん (

Later Backstage:
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Aioros on March 10, 2013, 03:10:07 PM

lol is Maachan gonna be the fanclub president? Marin doesn't look amused :lol:
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Estrea on March 10, 2013, 03:19:02 PM
^Marin never looks amused. XD Okappi seems to like her though. :lol: And of course Maa-chan will support the band! Her beloved Tanasa-tan is there. :lol:
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Aioros on March 10, 2013, 04:22:49 PM
Marin facts. :lol: Maybe Maachan will be their drummer in a few years  XD
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on March 14, 2013, 07:40:36 PM
10th generation audition/Masaki edit
2011 masaki_sato(morning_musume) 11th audition (
footage from the 10th gen auditions, edited to include only the masaki relevant parts.

Tsunku's comments on Masaki on the new single:

Sato has finally found her place in the group. Originally she gave off a very country bumpkin kind of feel, and that went on for a while before she finally gelled with the rest of the members. But Sato has gotten almost shockingly refined, as if she really can do anything perfectly, but I'm thinking "what's up with that?", because I prefer Sato to remain interesting by being completely incomprehensible in her own way, just like she was being. Even if new members come into the group, I want Sato to remain as she is. Speaking of which, Sato has always had a good sense of rhythm as well as a strong voice, so in 2 or 3 years she should eventually become a central part of Morning Musume songs.
*Thx to Estrea

And some cute "country" Maachan gifs:  XD
( (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: JFC on March 16, 2013, 08:26:31 PM
Quote from: Mizuki's  blog
Today, I got the meeting time wrong and ended up coming an hour early
I was like, “Aaaa~x_x;) ” and then I ran into Masaki-chan!

Ma: “Aah~Fukunura-san~Are you here for work~?”

Mi: “Yup~But I got here too early…I should actually be here at xx time, though”

Ma: “!! Fukunura-san! That was 2 hours ago, you know?!!”

Mi: “Huh?! No, it’s not, you know? The time now is xx, you know? Masaki-chan, what time is your meeting?”

Ma: “At xx! …Ah! I read my watch wrooong ヘ(-′д`-)ゝ”

Masaki-chan…arrived 2 hours early…
There was someone even worse than me (lol)

With this and that, in the end, the two of us waited together (´m`)*giggle* (
So first Reina goes from "Tanaka-san" to "Tanasa-tan", and now she refers to Fuku-chan as "Fukunura-san"? Man, she sure likes tweaking member's names, doesn't she?
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: Estrea on March 16, 2013, 08:40:06 PM
^It takes skill to be that special :lol:

Oh, random MC corner tidbit from wota reports at the concert tour today.

Sayu: What is 1+1?
Maachan: 2! This is basic!
Zukki: So what's 3x4?
Maachan: 24!

Oh, Maachan. Never change. XD
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on March 17, 2013, 05:40:39 AM
So first Reina goes from "Tanaka-san" to "Tanasa-tan", and now she refers to Fuku-chan as "Fukunura-san"? Man, she sure likes tweaking member's names, doesn't she?

One more nickname to add to the list..  :lol:

How Maachan calls the H!P members...

Michishige Sayumi →Sayumi-san, Sayumin, Michishige~, Michishige-cha~n, Minishige-san

Tanaka Reina→Tanamoo~, Tanasatan, Tanasan, Tanatan

Yajima Maimi→Nakajima-san, Yaguchi-san

Suzuki Airi→Takahashi-san

Sayashi Riho→Shayashi-shan, Sayashi-sun

Ikuta Erina→ Wikuta-san

Fukumura Mizuki→Fukuhara-san

Kudou Haruka→Oi Haru!, Dooduu (read: “dee-oh do~”), Haa-san

Sudou Maasa→Maasa-san

Ishida Ayumi

Hagiwara Mai→Mai-chan, Akihabara-san

Iikubo Haruna→Harunan

Kumai Yurina→E(Erina)

Mano Erina→Mano-chan ( (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: kawaii beam on March 17, 2013, 10:25:51 PM
XD i wonder how "Akihabara-san" came about for maimai XD
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on March 18, 2013, 07:40:35 PM
まーちゃん 私の魅力に気付かぬ鈍感の人 (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on March 30, 2013, 06:10:58 PM
(SUBBED) Masaki Moments episode 4 (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on April 10, 2013, 07:27:38 PM
Help Me! Masaki solo angle
Hello!Project 2013冬 ~ビバ! ~ Help Me!(まーちゃん) (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on April 25, 2013, 10:21:36 AM
Masaki just wants a new playmate
Quote from: randompasserby from JPLOP
川* ^_〉^) (Sato) > Does Tanasa-tan and Michishige-san play hide and seek?

从 ´ ヮ`) > What the heck kind of question is this
从*・ 。.・) > Of course we did, we had a normal childhood too. (
A Message Regarding the 12th Generation "Future Girl Audition" from Morning Musume (

Masaki's favorite tree
( ( (

( ( (

Masaki tries to solve complex mathematical equations:

I did things like

math problemsーー

Isn’t that craazy

That problem was :

It’s a problem

we’re supposed to do like


Do you get it

You don’t, do youー :heart: :heart:


Since you don’t know what number “a” is

you can’t do


y is 1, right

and 2y is y and 2, right


the last a is 1, right

So then the first
“Xa”‘s “a” you can make 1, right

So then putting them all together you get 5, you knowー

You get itー? (

a few days later...

I Apologize


Konchikuwa ( ̄□ ̄;)!!

Earlier :heart:

The thing Maa-chan posted

was wrong~

And, and

it was geniuinely~

wrong beginning with the problem itself

(1) The value of “a” in the 5th equation after this one?

It’s not that kind of problem

The equation is


 “a” is also the square of 3



so you need to find what number “a” is multiplied by


And soー

since “y” doesn’t have a second power, it’s 1 right!

and so y times 3 just stays the same


1 equals 1, right

And and, so for that

you calculate 1+3ーー


=4 :

and the remaining number is~

1, so


and soーーーーーー

the value of “a” squared~

is 4~~

Ha~~~ I’m done

I surely won’t understand the next one, will I~

But Maa-chan is smart~

doh. (

Masaki's views on Geography and Time Zones
Today in social studies :

we did some studying

on time differences

And there~

Teacher: (When Japanese people
go to America, although
the earth speeds up
when leaving Japan,
it slows down when you return)

In Maa-chan’s head

Maa: (Well, if you jump when you’re on the train,
you hit your head, right)

I thought !

You think that, right !!

Hai, that’s all~

Also, today in the dressing room~

Pocky ! (

*thx to Rokun

Sato Masaki invites people from Brazil to teh Morning Musume Concerts (
Quote from: muscat from H!O
The Brazil thing was in MM DVD magazine 49. During an MC with Fuku-chan, Reina, Kuduu, and Maachan, they had to act out a situation. "The moment you sneezed, the ground in front of you cracks. What would you say?" So, Maachan sneezes and looks down, and says "Ah! There's people! Hi Brazil! Please come to MM Concert!" I looked it up and Brazil is one of the countries close to being directly opposite of Japan. That was clever of Maachan!

Maachan's new nickname for Mizuki
Mukunura-san (

Assorted Maachan praise from DVD Magazine Vol.  33
( ( (


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佐藤優樹からのお知らせ! (
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48 min. Masaki compilation
GBA Compile LQ] Sato Masaki (
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Happy Birthday Maachan!

happy birthday ma-chan (
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!
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Happy B-day to my fave 10th gen member.  :otomerika:

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:heart: Happy Birthday, Maachan!!! :heart:
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Happy B-day Maachan >333333333
My #1 musume ♥

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Quote from: Sohee
Quote from: Amped
Doki Doki questions
Q: What do you want fans to pay attention to now that you're 14?
A: I want to grow my hair. And how much my dance performance will change.

Q: Secrets about 10th gen?
A: Ayumi wants to get spoiled a lot. Harunan sometimes gets smart.

Q: If DuuMaa would be reborn...?
A: I want to sing with Duu's voice! (Haruka: Be super spoiled by Tanaka-san.)

Q: Scariest member?
A: (Just when I'd joined) by looks it was Sayashi-san, and then Fukumura-san because she would correct me a lot.
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Happy Birthday Maachan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(
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Masaki and the 10th gen along with Rena......

{embedding disabled by request, please watch on YouTube}
【モーニング娘。】 大好きな たなさたん 【佐藤優樹】 {With thanks to MexicanDynamite} (
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Did you know she can do THIS?
まーちゃん video (
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Wota: “Maa-chan, if I write you a letter will you read it?” Maa-chan: “Nope!”
Posted by Henkka on May 28, 2013
Posted in: 2ch, Hello! Project, Morning Musume. Tags: Sato Masaki.

1: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 22:31:21.44 0
From a handshake event:
    When it was my turn in line, Maa-chan was busy peeping in at the booth with Daaishi’s handshake session. So there I was just staring at the back of her head…
    Me: “Maa-chan? Maa-chan…?”
    Finally after about two seconds Maa-chan turned around to face me, only to break into this weird dance.
    Me: “… That wall sure is in the way.”
    Maa: “Yeah! It really is…!”
    …Followed by Maa-chan banging the wall a few times before hanging her head in disappointment.
    Staff: “Time’s up. (laughs)”
    And thus my time ran out as I was staring at the back of Maa-chan’s head.

    Maa-chan suddenly peeked out to greet those of us in line.
    Me: “Maa-chan, if I write you a letter will you read it?”
    Maa: “Nope!”
    Me: “!?“

7: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 22:38:05.09 0
I appreciate her honesty. (laughs)

12: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 22:40:22.73 0
That’s better than anyone who says they’ll read it, and yet never do.

6: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 22:37:39.27 P
The idol you can’t shake hands with even at a handshake event.

22: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 22:42:35.33 0
Anyone who doesn’t like those stories just isn’t a real Maa wota. (laughs)

27: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 22:43:28.42 0
Maa is entertainment at its finest.

37: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 22:46:15.14 0
This is the kind of thing that makes her the Maa-chan we know.

40: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 22:47:29.83 0
This is a hundred times better than someone who says they’ll read it and then just throws it away. As expected of Maa-chan.

42: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 22:48:23.81 0
Maa-chan — doesn’t want to raise false hopes but might just read your letter anyway.

43: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 22:48:29.60 0
She’s at the age where she’ll say “I won’t read it” even though you know she will.

44: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 22:48:39.30 P
Maa-chan’s too funny. (laughs)

65: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 22:58:03.05 0
This is… (laughs) I now understand why two subleaders were necessary.

72: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:01:36.34 0
This would just destroy weak-spirited wota.

82: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:05:23.88 0
Sato is funny. I didn’t care about handshake events at all but now I kinda want to go.

84: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:06:14.54 0
More than handshakes, those episodes >>1 pasted are way more precious.

97: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:11:49.18 O

    Maa-chan was again using only one hand with me at the handshake event, so I said “I’ll quit being your oshi!” She replied “Well, you’re a Sayashi oshi aren’t you?” (laughs) She looked surprised when I answered “Nope, it’s Eripon for me.” (´ー`)

100: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:13:34.10 0
I’m the one who was quoted in the thread title. I exaggerated what she said a bit. She actually said: “I read letters around once a month, but there’s a huge pile of ones that I haven’t finished reading. But I’ll read it if you write it in hiragana.”

“Nope!” was a bit much. Sorry!

106: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:17:21.37 0
You’re right, that was an exaggeration. But you’re a good person for correcting it. If you’re a Sato oshi, keep supporting her!

107: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:17:35.96 0
How honest. (laughs)

105: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:16:17.70 0
They need to appoint a subleader just for looking after Kudo and Maa-chan.

121: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:28:02.97 0
With Maa-chan, getting only a normal handshake would be boring.

122: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:29:38.52 O
Episodes from today’s handshake event. Sato wota sure have it tough.

    My turn was up next and even though Maa-chan was still shaking hands with the person before me, she peeked outside to look at me. When that person’s time was up, I could hear the table creaking as Maa-chan ran closer to the entrance. When I got in, Maa-chan was squished hiding at the very innermost part of the booth next to the entrance. (T-T)

    Maa-chan interacts properly with the fans when her manager is looking. But this time she didn’t realize the manager actually was looking, so she hid under the table. Her manager apologized to me. (laughs)

    Maa-chan was nowhere to be found when I entered the booth, so I tried looking for her and she jumped up from under the table. (shivers)

    Me (to Maa-chan who’s hiding under the table): “W-what are you doing??”
    Maa: “I’m playing.”
    One of my handshake tickets turned out worthless because of Maa-chan’s play time. (>_<)

129: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:32:46.23 0
He’s wrong in thinking the handshake ticket was worthless. That shows he doesn’t understand how to have fun with Maa-chan.

124: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:30:32.44 0
Sato wota have it tough? It’s the opposite!

125: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:30:42.10 0
These episodes are funny when they happen to other people. She should do that kind of thing even more. (laughs)

161: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/26(日) 23:54:56.81 0
Honestly, I’m not a big fan of that sort of thing, but I imagine the real wota would probably be delighted. Well, I guess it’s okay to have one member like that in the group.

172: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/27(月) 01:11:53.51 O
Maa-chan waved me bye bye from her own initiative. Is this rare?

178: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/27(月) 07:16:23.56 0
I gave Maa-chan Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason as a present. Are you saying there’s a small possibility that she hasn’t read very much of it?

Henkka: Maa-chan is a genius.

Source: ( (jp) (
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The curious story of Masaki-san awake in the middle of the night

Quote from: Zukki
“I’ve got a story about Masaki-chan. lol

Yesterday in the middle of the night Masaki-chan called me!!!

It was the middle of the night, and Masaki-chan doesn’t call unless she’s got something big to say.

Suzuki strangely got really worried. lol

I answered and…。

“What should I do about this CD??”



What CD????!!!!

What are you trying to do??!!

She said “What should I do?”…。lol

The possibilities were endless…。The topic was too random…。

But it’s been a year and a half since I met Masaki-chan.

Suzuki Kanon figured her out! (In about 2 seconds)

She wanted to put a CD on her iPhone! lol

But I listen to music on my walkman, so I don’t know anything about putting music on an iPhone.

I’m sorry. >_< I apologized, and then played to hang up with a “Good night” and she said

“Oh, good morning!”


She got this far and then greeted me at the end with what she should have said in the beginning!!! lol

That’s right, she hadn’t said it…。

That’s Professor Masaki for you. lol

You should have started with “good work today” lol

That’s the curious story of Masaki-san awake in the middle of the night” (
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Things likely to happen if Maa-chan was James Bond

1: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/20(月) 12:00:59.81 0
She’d give a magnificent chase to the enemy spy on horseback!

5: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/20(月) 12:04:29.96 0
She’d get emotionally attached to the Bond girl.

7: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/20(月) 12:06:16.92 O
Her car of choice would be the Aston Maachan.

More... (

Masaki shouting "6ki are the best!" next to Reina and Sayumi is invincible
1: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 09:15:54.66 0
An ordinary person couldn't do that

36: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 09:37:13.24 0
Actually Ma-chan is a really nice girl who can read the atmosphere like Heidi

38: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 09:37:54.17 0
She's the type that sleepwalks because she can read the atmosphere too much

 54: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 09:56:17.63 0
This is the one to inherit the ruffian soul of 6ki

131: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 13:34:33.97 O
Something like a puppy

138: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 13:56:02.00 0
Sayu is really being saved by Sato
To have somebody to share the loneliness after Reina's leave

164: 名無し募集中。。。 2013/05/31(金) 17:37:12.29 0
Ma-chan is an angel

More... (

( (
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モーニング娘。 ダウンタウンDX 佐藤優樹・生田衣梨奈の幸せお買い物ランキング 2013/06/07 (


Quote from: Rokun
^ Ah man, MaaDuu are really an awesome manzai pair. XD XD Maachan with her incomprehensible Japanese ("What's really delicious about the bed..." "Delicious?" "Happy!" (slurring her syllables to make 'ureshii' sound like 'oishii' XD) and Duu covering for her a little, and then later on when she's talking about what's great about the bed and says, "It makes it easy to dance!" ...cute confused hosts, and Duu covers again explaining that with the compact bed and desk conserving space, it allows for more space for her to just dance around. XD That really never gets old......

...she said because the bed's so high she can touch the ceiling, and she likes to draw on the ceiling which I think gives her a bit of a thrill somehow

"Look mama, I'm drawing on the CEILING! :D "

*Thx to Rokun

Hamada-san: You don't have anything else to say right?
Maa-chan: Yessss!!! (broadly smile)

That's the best part for me.  :lol:
Everyone adorably looked at her while she was talking. Aww.

*Thx to aerosuffly from H!O

Her loft bed.
( (
( ( ( ( ( ( (


Her iPod speaker dock & Facial tissue.

( ( ( ( ( (

*thx to lovemusic from H!O
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Subbed video
130606 (

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
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Random Maachan  :lol:

Masakissu ♥
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Post by: AmberSan on July 08, 2013, 10:15:20 PM (

Maachan: Does it mean storks comes to Kesalan Patharans too?

LOL.. i can't even  :lol:
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(SUBBED) GN interview Sato Masaki Part 1 (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
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part 2  :cathappy:
(SUBBED) GN interview Sato Masaki Part 2 (

Quote from: via H!O twitter
New SATOYAMA unit: Miyamoto Karin and Sato Masaki. Unit name: "Jurin" (

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Post by: Ayumizuki on July 28, 2013, 10:05:03 AM
Maa-chan was able to speak English until the age of 5 right? It makes me wonder if her parents are fluent in English (as well as Japanese obviously) for her to be able to speak English to the age of 5...If they are I think it's a pity for them to speak to Maa-chan in Japanese (I figured they speak to Japanese now or Maa-chan will still be able to speak good English right? >.<). I wonder how life would have been so different for Maa-chan if she's fluent in English...I think it'll probably make her even cuter and even more appealing to International fans who can't understand Japanese :lol:
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Post by: Rina the Robot on July 31, 2013, 12:51:44 PM
Damn, Maachan really doesn't care about the senpai-kouhai dynamic. Get them Johnny's.  :lol:


Image credit: peachsem @ tumblr
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Q1: No. 1s of various current Hello Pro members

Great at singing

Oda Sakura   She keeps getting better at singing through the concert tour as well, to the extent it's like, "Isn't her growth rate too fast?" And so, I'm working hard now to not lose to Oda-chan!
Beautiful voice
Fukuda Kanon   I think it's great she can bring out a low voice as well as a high voice. The force of her voice is also awesome! That cutesy voice of Fukuda-san's makes me want her to say "Yahhoo ♪".
Sayashi Riho   It has to be Yasushi-san. It's like bang bam boom, making watching her feel good. She's great at whatever kind of choreography, and memorizes things quickly too, so I'm envious you know?
Face I like
Miyamoto Karin   Karin-san's expressions in Juice=Juice's "Watashi ga Iu Mae no Dakishemenakya ne" were so cute. I've seen them close-up as well, and thought she has an incredibly cute face~!
Ishida Ayumi   Since Masa has broad shoulders, I want a petite build like Ayumin's with legs just a bit smaller and shoulders tightened in more. I want to try borrowing Ayumin's body to dance in it.
Hagiwara Mai   I'm envious since she can look good in various clothes like cool rock clothes or cutesy girly clothes. Since I don't know that much about fashion, Masa always just wears a mix of stuff!

Q2: A junior you're interested in (and want to become closer with)
Takagi Sayuki   Takagi-san loves Tanasa-tan. And so, it'd become something like a scramble for Tanasa-tan...... Maybe Masa and Takagi-san are kind of rivals!? Though I talk to her from time to time, I want to talk with her about various other things and get to know her better!
Q3: This is the song you'd sing as a solo during an event or live!
"Tokai no Neon ga Odoroku kurai Utsukushisa ga Hoshii"   I like this song! Since I like the background drum going "tattaratta, don-don, ta!" and there's also a harmony and a sound in it a little bit like "doon!" It has a long title. What was it? What I know (from Kudou teaching it to me) is this much! "Tokai no Neon ga......"!
Q4: Let's try making a family out of Hello Pro members!
Father: Nakajima Saki   A father who's kind and would spoil us is best. Since Nakajima-san seems warm, kind, and would ask me "What's wrong?" if I pester her (lol).
Mother: Michishige Sayumi   Since though there are times when she strictly scolds me, there are times when she's kind and spoils me as well. Since Michishige-san is small and pretty, I think she'd be a mother to be proud of.
Big sister: Okai Chisato   Tanasa-tan is my big sister! Ah, she's not here...... Since she seems she'd get me energized with her funny stories, and if Masa's having trouble would ask "What's wrong?", Okai-san!
Little sister: Sayashi Riho   Yasushi-san and Masa twins would be great! Cause twins can often communicate with each other even if they don't talk, right? I want to try seeing what that feels like.
Brother: Natsuyaki Miyabi   I've always wanted a big brother since I was little. It's since Natsuyaki-san seems like she'd be a cool big brother. As for little brother...... hm~m, I don't need one!
Q5: A surprising episode only I know about a member
Kudou Haruka   I wonder? (To Kudou) Hey hey, what's a recent episode which would surprise Masa? "Not like I'd know. Cause I'm not Maa-chan. Everyone's surprised by Maa-chan" (Kudou). I've never been surprised. Maybe I'd be surprised if Kuduu suddenly had long hair, and became like a young girl!?
Q6: "Person I'd want as my girlfriend" if I was a boy
Ikuta Erina   If Masa was a boy, I'd like to observe how she'd spend the day with me if I invited her to an amusement park. It seems like she'd know how to have fun at an amusement park, so I feel like I'd get to know lots of different places and shops well. I'm incredibly curious as to what kind of regular things Ikuta-san does?
Q7: "Person I'd want as my boyfriend" if my partner was a boy
Sudou Maasa   Since Sudou-san is kind and reliable, I feel like I could relax when I'm together with her. But no way I'd want a boyfriend or anything. And so, not really that, but I'd like to hang out with someone who's like family and would know a lot about Masa. I wanna play tag together at an amusement park! Since it'd be ok to run away from the rides too, it'd be OK even if she hid inside a character costume.
Q8: One thing to Tsunku-san (like a message or request)
A personal request? Will this really be delivered to Tsunku-san? Well, I want him to make a MaaDuu original song! A song to top "Nani wa Tomo Are!" and "Robokiss" would be good. I'd want MaaDuu to become like the "Heisei W"-san, and to sing playful songs as well!

*Thanks to Rokun for the translation

A tip on how to engage Maachan during handshake events
... although d0ku0 (that's the wota's handle) and I chatted a bit about MM in general and how Maachan gets jealous of his Lovendor goods and scowls in those group photos and keeps chatting up the fans for updates about her beloved Tanasa-tan.  Keep this in mind, Reina fans! XD  Maachan might ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE if you talk to her about Reina.

Mizuki is not sure if Masaki is human...

[ENJ2013.08.03]Mizuki introduce other members from her POV(with English Translator) (

Maachan and Beer
Quote from: Masaki
Maa-chan wanted to say it

Those who like to drink beer


Don’t you drink beer?

adults NOW

was (sic) kids


What are some drinks from your childhood

and adult drinks


It’s touugh to explain in charactersー 4

Adults who went through

a childhood

beer was bitter, right~

you’d like throw it up as a kid :!!:

You get what I’m saying? (

Raising a cool Satou
Quote from: Tsunku
Satou still has that “are you doing this on purpose!?” image of childishness to her.
But I really want to start raising Satou to become more adult-like gradually.
Since her voice and expressions have developed quite a bit, tis the season to raise a COOL Satou!

*Thx to Estrea (

I'm really impressed with Masaki's progress in the recent single   :twothumbs

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Zero Kara Hajimaru Seishun solo angle
白い天使 まぁちゃん 『ゼロから始まる青春』 ソロアングル (
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on September 06, 2013, 11:21:11 AM

On love

Quote from: Masaki
It's not really loving people, but I feel that if I notice something that other people have, I want it too. So I really pay attention to people. Even if they just change their perfume I notice it so Hagiwara-san and Okai-san tell me that I really pay attention a lot. And Duu too, when she's in a bad mood I really notice it, so then I poke her anyway and she gets angry at me. I know she's not the type to tell people if she's angry, so when she takes it out on me, it makes me really happy. So that's why I keep talking to her until she does [take it out one me].

*Thx to Sohee from JPLOP

Masaki Palindrome
Quote from: Maachan's blog
Masakisama if you read it forward or backwards

(note: Masaki kind of “puns” in this statement, with of course the obvious palindrome, but also by using two kanji for the reading “yomu”, one kanji which means “to read” and the other which means “to call”… both of which can loosely fit the meaning of what she’s saying) (
*Thx to Rokun
*Thx to R1nzl3r from H!O

( (
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Maachan's Adventures at the Zoo
わがまま気のまま愛のまーちゃん (

( ( ( (

Quote from: Apple Cake from H!O
Japanese fan report (2ch) from Masaki's polaroid event on Monday:

    I took (a polaroid) with Maachan
    But I went in holding a Reina uchiwa and it got snatched away lol
    Manager came in and returned it to my hand though

Maachan always has the funniest individual events d(u_u*)

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まーちゃんの元気ピカッピカッ! (

まーどぅーのなには友あれ! (
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Maachan Manga:
( (

Based on this story from Riho Deli:
Over the New Year's holiday, 10th gen member Satou Masaki had traveled back to Hokkaido to visit her family. As you know, Hokkaido is at the very northern tip of Japan and gets a ton of snow every year. Satou thought it'd be a great idea to bring back some Hokkaido snow for the other MM girls to see. Satou apparently packed a container full of snow and brought it back to Tokyo with her. Somewhere during the trip back, Satou checked the container and was shocked/saddened to find that all the snow had melted T_T. Rihoriho says this shows how pure of a girl Satou is.

*thx to sferris from takamaruyo

More Maachan comics: (
*thx to daein from H!O

Some gifs of Maachan laughing  XD
( ( (
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Based on this story from Riho Deli:
Over the New Year's holiday, 10th gen member Satou Masaki had traveled back to Hokkaido to visit her family. As you know, Hokkaido is at the very northern tip of Japan and gets a ton of snow every year. Satou thought it'd be a great idea to bring back some Hokkaido snow for the other MM girls to see. Satou apparently packed a container full of snow and brought it back to Tokyo with her. Somewhere during the trip back, Satou checked the container and was shocked/saddened to find that all the snow had melted T_T. Rihoriho says this shows how pure of a girl Satou is.

*thx to sferris from takamaruyo

 :wub: :wub: :wub:
God I love how she's just slapping her knee in a moment of sheer ROFL-age in this last one.
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Pocket Morning ℃-ute Weekly Q&A (10/17/2013)    
Written by Ro-kun , updated: 18:23, 17-Oct 2013    
Q. Please tell us a nice little story about a HelloPro member.

( (

Ummm...yeah.......she "thinks about lots of different things".

That can work. :P :lol:
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This is my first time commenting in the Hello project member thread. So hi  :wave:
I really like Maachan and she's been my favorite Momosu member, and recently my most favorite member of all hello project. So I hope to keep checking in here and comment from time to time  :yep:
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Great post, strawberry-moon san!

This is a birthday tribute post from back in May,
with thanks to YouTuber David Martinon  Romero..... (

A little old, but full of Maachan Magic!!

Maachan loves the morning Du!
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Hotaru Matsuri no Hi perf. w/ Karin
ジュリン(佐藤優樹・宮本佳林)「ほたる祭りの日」 (
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Brainstorming Maachan version
Brainstorming Maachan ver. (

Quote from: maachan
Morning Musume.
Lyrics: Maa-chan
Song: Tsunku-san

Light pink is Michishige Sayumi

こいーーピンクは、譜久村 聖
Dark pink is Fukumura Mizuki

Yellow-Green is Ikuta Erina ah


Red is riho riho

Green is Zukki

Honey is Haruna

Blue is Ayumi


E-me-rald green is maa-chan

Orange is Kudo Haruka

Purple Oda! Sakura ah


Colorful uuu da YO

*thx to xxxmayuriin from H!O (

Masaki as photographer/model on MM DVD Magazine Vol. 57
「天使なまーちゃん。」 byモーニング娘。 (
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despite the Maachan cuteness overload from this pic, I'm intrigued by what the person behind her is doing. It seems like she/he is copping a feel or something  :lol:
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*Thx to Apple Cake from H!O

ICYMI, Maachan's best appearance in a variety show yet, a perfect 10(11)!
Kyun Kyun Phrase Collection [ENG SUB] (

Maachan is much older than she lets on   :huhuh
( (

And to think that she was only 16 a few months ago (  :lol:
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Oda Sakura: If humanity were to evolve they'd become Sato-san


Oda: Speaking about Sato-san... If humanity were to evolve I think that they'd become the same type as Sato-san

- What, is she a completely different type of organism (laughs).

Oda: There often something off when you compare the things everyone talks about to the things Sato-san talks about. Yet I think it's strange that it all meshes together.Watching 'making of' DVDs before I became a member, I found myself thinking "Does such a person really exist", but that really is how she is as a person. I think that it's wonderful. The senpai may have said it before, but if Sato-san wasn't around, I think there wouldn't be this atmosphere of the current Morning Musume. I think she really has this ability to connect people together. (

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( (

Interviewer: Today I would like to talk about what has been going on latey in Morning Musume '14. Well, first of all, everybody seems to be noticing how much Sato-san's concert performance skills have grown. What do you think?

Sato: Um, not really, I don't thi-

Oda: (interrupting) Yes! Definitely a change occurred in Sato-san shortly following Tanaka (Reina)-san's graduation. It is like she is striving to fill the void left by Tanaka-san's departure, or maybe aiming for a similar position in the group. Just to illustrate: Tanaka-san always sings the consonants strongly, and the vowels softly, and this creates her signature rhythm and style of singing which Sato-san is very faithfully trying to reproduce. Even if you ask everyone to simply hum a melody, I can easily tell Sato-san from the rest because of that.

Sato: Actually, at times I feel a little depressed because my voice is so unlike the others.

Interviewer: It is kind of too high, is it not?

Sato: It is. And I talked to the voice teacher and we came up with a plan to emphasize the consonants and just go on laying on the stress like «Bang! Bang!» This is what I am now experimenting with.

Oda: I see, singing aggressively right from the beginning. So that your words really sound sharp and clear.

Right, so if I have to be different because of my voice, al least I want to be different in a good way. It has nothing to do with trying to imitate Tanaka-san, really...

Oda: I understand now.

I have to admit I never expected to hear such serious talk from Sato-san (laughs). And what about you Oda-san? Have you been getting accustomed to being part of the group?

Oda: I think so. Recently I have been kind of studying the other members, so hard it even has me worried (laughs).

Sato: Oda-chan always knows what everybody is thinking!

Oda: Not really. Somebody like Ikuta (Erina)-san or Suzuki (Kanon)-san, they are very genuine persons, so when they are stressed or they are happy, all those emotions are on their faces. No deep psychology involved; rather, I just watch and note: so this is how she looks when she feels this way.

Sato: Still, Oda-chan, I think nobody understands all of us better than you do.

Oda: Speaking of which, recenty Ikuta-san and Suzuki-san are becoming really good friends. In the dressing room the two are always together, chatting.

Sato: Very different from us the 10-gen. Somehow each of the four of us is doing her own thing more and more often these days. It does not help that two out of the four are so capricious... and I am talking about A and M here.

Interviewer: A and M?

Oda: I think it stands for (Ishida) Ayumi and (Sato) Masaki.

Sato: Since we are both so temperamental, sometimes we even fight. If the 10-gen members were classmates in school, I do not think we would even talk to each other. Especially not me and Runan (Iikubo Haruna), we would never talk.

Oda: Because you would not even be classmates. Different school years. (laughs)

Is there any member, in particular, who you noticed go through a big change recently?
Sato: Asami! Though she always was a hard worker, she has taken in to a new level I think. She is rewatching the videos from our concerts I do not know how many times. I think, she is drawing her inspiration from Sayashi (Riho)-san, or maybe, wants to challenge her.

Interviewer: Or maybe she is in love with her (laughs)

Sato: (ignoring) And, she now talks a lot! And I mean really! In the variety shows, she now always wants to be in front. Completely different from before.

Interviewer: It seems like you are on a course for more and more TV appearances. Your talk show skills are going to be tested.

Oda: Training to become better singers and dancers is something we are used to, but teaching somebody to become an exciting person to talk to is different. It is difficult. When I am watching variety shows now, I try to grasp what makes them work, but... Makes you wish there was something like lessons you could take and turn into a good speaker.

Sato: In fact! I did take a lesson in articulation. I thought, I must prepare, I must be ready to talk on the shows. But the instructor said after the first class, «This girl is good, nothing there to teach her», and that was it.

Interviewer: Whatever you lack in training, Sato-san, I think you more than make up for in raw energy. But somehow you are surprisingly silent on TV?

Sato: Because they would not let me talk. They say, «We turn you loose and god knows what will fly out of your mouth.»

Oda: But I feel it is really valuable to refine those conversation skills. Because you look at how the sempais do the talking and they are very good. Or you watch «Okajo» and it is very funny and good. And it is what we are going to be measured against.


Interviewer: How are relationships within the group? If rumors tell the truth, Sato-san is sticking to Michishige Sayumi-san like glue?

Oda: Very true. They are absolutely never apart, or should I say, Sato-san is never far away from Michishige-san.

Interviewer: With Sato-san monopolizing the group's leader like that, do other members feel it unfair? Or slightly boring?

Oda: Hmmmm... But there is a big positive side to it, too. Michishige-san is a group member like us, but she is also this great sempai who has been fighting on for more than 10 years. And sometimes you cannot help but feel hesitant around her, like when you want to talk to her. But not when Sato-san is also there; with her around, everything just clicks together.

Sato: I, basically, I think I just like talking to everyone. It was great that they filmed that dokkiri (※新春豪華どっきり祭り!3時間半SP), because there you can really see how we are with each other, how everyone is a good friend.

Interviewer: Pardon this question, but did none of you... suspect anything at the time? Honestly?

Oda: How were we supposed to?

Sato: Afterwards, everybody was like «I knew something was not right!» But at the time? I had plugged my cell phone into the wall to charge, and it charged all right too. You would never have expected that wall to come tumbling down!

Interviewer: It was impressive how quickly you scrambled up to sing.

Oda: Me, I was pretty quick at realizing it was a dokkiri in progress, so to speak. I think I knew when I saw the audience. So I thought, «Aha, this is what they had in store for us.»

Sato: I was completely dumbfounded, completely! First, Ayumi shirieks «Hyaaaa!» and I think, is something up? But I look at the clock on my phone, it is still early in the morning and I decide to drift back to sleep (laughs), but then I look around and, what? The walls are gone?...

Oda: For one moment it looked like what you would see in a sento, with that great triangular shape of Mt. Fuji stretching all the way across the view.

I gazed at the clouds and thought: «I must be in heaven. I died. Farewell, Mother, I am sorry I cannot be with you anymore...» Then the blasts of music came and I jumped up and «What?! What?!» (laughs)

Oda: They did a remarkable job with the stage. They arranged those pieces of cloth, in our member colors, with a microphone neatly placed on each one; cameras and screens and all; they even labeled the seat aisles. Helpful guys that they are. (laughs)

Sato: It was painfully cold. All I wanted was to stay inside my futon. Or at least put on my socks. But the music is playing. Where are the socks? Or must I look for my microphone first? I was panicking. And all the underwear and luggage was strewn around, too...

Oda: It was something.

Sato: I have been making a point of lifting my hair off my forehead. This is my look. But in the dokkiri they filmed me with my hair down... All the hard work! (laughs)

Oda: They really caught you off guard (laughs)

Sato: To prepare for any dokkiris they may pull off in the future, I had mom buy me 10 new pajamas. Come at me all you want, you will never catch me again wearing such uncool clothes! (laughs)

Interviewer: Ikuta-san was wearing that leopard pajama, was she not? Completely in character.

Sato: She was! Like, «I am so yankii» (laughs)

Oda: It sure was a cold day, too. But we had loads of fun.

Interviewer: All right. So, this year there is a new name for the group, and it feels like everyone is prepped and ready for a big battle: «This is the year we get to the top!» Any final thoughts you may want to share?

Sato: WDMB!

Huh? What?

Sato: Will do my best!

Oda: Sato-san has been infected with the acronym disease. She cannot resist calling everything by the first letters. I think we already had a little preview with the «A and M». (laughs)

Interviewer: I see (laughs) Well, so as to not spread the acronym disease around, let us not go much deeper than «WDMB». The question is, you will do your best to ...?

Sato: To remember dates! I am always confused when it comes to dates..

Oda: She comes to you several times every day: «What day is it today?» Or «What day of the week is it tomorrow?»

Interviewer: She did not properly learn about time?

Oda: Or «I know what it is today, but what will it be in two days?...»

Sato: Yeah, it is me! I really want to be able to imagine the calendar in my head. WDMB!

Interviewer: Oda-san, anything you want to add?

Oda: As you said, the group has been renamed «'14». I suppose, a year from now we will be «'15», then «'16», and so on. This means the group that was called «Morning Musume» is now history.

Interviewer: I guess so.

Oda: When people hear about «Morning Musume '14», I mean the ordinary people not fans, they will probably think it is a new group, some kind of a little sister group to the «real» Morning Musume... And, most of us here are actually junior high students, too. What this brings me to think about is the history, the 16 years of history behind this project which will forever remain a very important thing to me. With our current team of ten, we are hoping to propel this group into a new age, but we must not forget we are building on what our sempais managed to achieve.

Interviewer: You want to take pride in both what «'14» is, and what «Morning Musume» was.

Oda: I want us to remain loyal to the memory of «Morning Musume», and maybe the future generations will follow in our footsteps, and who knows, maybe the songs of «'14» will still be there for, maybe, «'37» to sing? So I think what we are trying to create now is extremely important, too. Even though I am currently the one with the least time in the group, I always keep in mind that I am writing a part of this history, too.

Interviewer: Great. Thank you very much!

Sato: TYT!

*Thx to maxperkins84 from H!O

This interview is pure gold.   :yep:
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Maachan the Poet
Maachan original poem (

Sato Poem 1: God is waiting there
I wonder how far space goes on~
Where also can Maa-chan fly off to and land?
What is out there beyond space?
Could I touch the stars? Could I eat them?
Maa-chan wants to eat a sta~r (omitted partway due to being long on the screen)
Sato Poem 2: When I get back, would time have advanced by decades?
I could use magic like pinpinpipi~n (omitted partway due to ambiguous meaning)
The moon would chase Maa-chan~
Playing tag with the moon~
Moon-sama, stay always by Maa-chan's side
- Sato Masaki

*Thx to Rokun


Some Maachan highlights from Zukki's Bday Event:

佐藤優樹 imitates voices pt1 (
佐藤優樹 imitates voices lol pt2 (
佐藤優樹 gag pt1 (
佐藤優樹 gag pt2 (
More Clips (

( ( ( (
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Talk about a scary proposition. :lol:

WotaInTranslation - If Maa-chan was a lawyer (
- (
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Sato Masaki sprays wota with perfume at handshake event! (+ other fan reports from Twitter)

[url=] ([/url]

Wouldn't I like to smell like an idol :3
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Backstage reporter Maachan
インタビュアーまーちゃん (

Wagamama/Brainstorming Maachan version
まーちゃんによる替え歌 (

「落ち着けないサトウ。」 byモーニング娘。'14 (
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Masaki appears on HBC radio to reveal her embarrassing encounter with a cow, and explain "Yahho-Tai"

Ω 『さなみよアップステージ』 2014/04/06 (

Host: Well... would you mind telling us a secret about yourself that you have never told to anyone?

Sato: Umm.... Once I, ummm.... one morning, I kicked a ball into a cow!

Full radio clip translation (

*Thx to maxperkins84 from H!O

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They actually put two topics in this post. The first one is actually based on the "Hokkaido Snow" story that was already mentioned HERE (  Just scroll down until you get to the second/newer one. :) - Sato Masaki tries to bring members snow from Hokkaido; snow melts/Maa-chan’s highest test score since starting junior high school: 17/100 points (
- (
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^ I find it rather disturbing for her to be that low :nervous

Well IDK how long that can last before giving her a possible ultimatum for studies :nervous
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( (

( ( (
For those who haven't seen the DVD from which this comes, she doesn't only get Yasshii...she pretty much gets everyone. :lol:

まーちゃんのビックリ大成功 (
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Happy Birthday!!!!
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( (
Happy Birthday Maachan!  :heart: :heart: :heart:

Quote from: Sayumi  interview from Monthly Entame magazine.
10ki Sato Masaki (14)
I think Sato’s awareness has really changed. Recently I’ve heard her say the phrase 「I want to grow」 from her own mouth. At the beginning she used to say 「I just want to do it the way I can have some fun」, that part of her really strongly feels that way and she prefers it above all else. Now, instead of saying 「I don’t want to lose」 she says 「I want to grow」. There’s unexpectedly a lot of difference in feeling between those phrases. I think the fact that Sato is beginning to express that idea from herself actually shows that she has indeed grown. Even though she’s doing it in her own way, I feel this girl has also start to properly aim higher.

……. but besides all that, she’s still the same innocent Sato in the end. In this aspect, on the contrary I don’t want her to change that part of hers. It doesn’t matter if I tell her to do or don’t change that part though, for the moment I don’t think she’ll change anytime soon. Like when Sayumi talks to the other members, she’d look at me with a face that says 「Why?」 (lol), it’s like she’s saying 「Don’t talk to Michishige-san~ she’s mine」.
It’s the very picture of a child’s selfishness but I can’t help but find that part of her personality to be awfully cute.

*thx to randompasserby from JPLOP


Maachan's blog post about Sayu's graduation announcement:

We had concerts in Yamaguchi Prefecture
Lots of things happened…T_T
From Morning Musume。
Maaーchan’s beloved
Tanasa-tan and Minishige-san will both be leaving…
But Masaki mouーーwon’t cry
Graduation is not a sad thing
It’s taking a step forward
It’ll probably come some time for Masaki too…

Though there’s only half a year more
I guess it’s like there’s still half a year too…
Though I don’t know which it is…
She’ll eat lots of food
and do her fill of work
in Morning Musume。14′
so before I won’t be able to see
Minishige-san anymore
I want to see it all
This half year I deーーーーーfinitely
won’t put to waste
No regrets No crying
To that extent
I want to live this half year with everything I have…(≧∇≦)
In just a bit longer
the 9th gen-sans will be the most senior
and so with the 9th gen-sans who will aーーlways be there too
I want to become
closer and closer
When I really think about it
since Minishige-san
has said that when Masaki and the rest have grown
“I’ll probably graduate????”
to say it well
I wonder
if we’ve been able to properly grow????

I’m thinking too much about it, huh…
Masaki will aーーーーーーlways
follow Minishige-san
My beloooooーved
Tanasa-tan ( (
Momo regales a tale about Maachan messing with her, at a time when they weren't well acquainted.
The story was of Maachan suddenly touching the back of Momo's neck with her cold hands.

Momo: So I caught her in a pro-wrestler-like headlock, asking her to apologise, but all she said was 'Gomenasai, gomenasai', not even a single 'Yurushite-nyan'.

Mano: (laughs) How admirable.

Momo was frustruated and was thinking of getting back at Maachan with something cold.
So she picked out a plastic bottle from the ice box.

Mano: What a scary senpai!

Then the moment Momo was thinking of looking for Maachan, she heard the sound of water flowing.
There she was, Maachan, washing her hands to make them even colder. (laughter)

Full: (
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Post by: JFC on May 07, 2014, 02:09:59 PM



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Happy Birthday,
Masaki chan!!


Wishing the best for a wonderful girl-
May the coming year bring Masaki
much fun, joy, and love!!
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Time for this year's birthday T-shirt.

佐藤優樹からのお知らせ2014 (
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Fan recordings from Masaki's birthday event:
Kira Kira Fuyu no Shiny G
まーちゃんのキラキラ冬のシャイニーG (
Heya to Y Shirt to Watashi
まーちゃんの部屋とYシャツと私 (
Daite YO! Please go on
まーちゃんの抱いてよ! PLEASE GO ON (

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Post by: JFC on May 09, 2014, 09:06:26 PM
Notice that the first 2 are covers of Reina's solo songs, and the third is a song by Gocchin, who Reina herself idolized.
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One more fanrec from her birthday event:
Single Bed - Sato Masaki (
So versatile  :heart:
( (
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Maachan, the little devil  :twisted:

( ( ( (

Quote from: Sayu
How would you divide the members of Morning Musume ’14 into the categories of angel and devil? Who is pure-hearted like an angel, and who is sneaky like a little devil? Please choose, and tell us your reason why.

Sato is completely a devil. There’s no way she’d have a personality like that without being a devil (lol) And furthermore she treats everyone around her as if they were devils like her too. Sato tends to say “I hate you” and start having childish squabbles with the other 10th gen members, and most of the time she’s like “I won’t ever talk to you again” or “I’m telling Minishige-san!!” (lol) But more than her being a devil, it’s just that everyone has grown to accept that that’s Sato’s personality. And if Sato didn’t acknowledge this about the people around her, it’d be a problem too, but as a member of Morning Musume, it feels like “Sato’s just like that”, and because we understand this, we are able to have fun with it. Especially within 10th gen itself. That’s why this turned out so well, and it allows Sato to unleash her devil side freely.

Source: Konya mo Usachan Peace (5/19) (
*Thx to Estrea

Quote from: randompasserby from JPLOP
Some other attributes that usually comes to my mind when hearing it used to describe ppl in japanese media 

Tenshi : Angelic-> soothing, calming, airy, dignified, kind, accommodating, (seemingly) without facade.

Koakuma : Devilish-> irresistible charms, being able to make you do things for her in spite of everything else (whether on purpose or not doesn't matter). Bitter laughs and mild resentment are the usual side effects.
Here she is showcasing some of her irresistible charms:
甘えん坊№1 (

Her mischievous side:
( (
( (
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What does it mean to be alive?
What does it mean to be alive? (

(  ( (

Maachan's improved singing

I was most struck by the improvement Ishida Ayumi and Sato Masaki had made....

As for Sato Masaki, her singing prowess has obviously increased, and during her line in Naichau Kamo, she was able to convey the gloominess of the line and make you pause at it. For this girl, you can never tell if she's planning something or doing it spontaneously, but it seems that this time round, she has been putting a lot of thought and work into her own singing style.

[Translation] The True Strength of Morning Musume '14
: (
Source: (

Thx to Estrea*

Kagome solo CM
カゴメ 「フチ娘。といっしょにこれイチ!動画」 モーニング娘。'14 佐藤 優樹 (

( ( (

Maachan highlights from Making of TVCM
まーちゃん面白い中 カゴメ野菜一日これ一本TVCMメイキング (

Love me DUU
「A B C D E-cha E-chaしたい」にまーちゃんの『DO』を挿入してみた (
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Chasing Maachan
まーちゃんを追いかけるとこうなる (
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Dude that "what does it mean to be alive" video... Made my night :lol: :lol: :lol:
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モーニング娘。佐藤優樹は天然で天才!シャ乱Qはシャンプー? (

start at 1:38

Host: So you both wrote that the most ‘tennen’ (airhead) member is Maachan, right?

HarunaAyumi: Yes!

Ayumi: She is an airhead but also a genius.

Host: Yeah, that person really is amazing.

Haruna: She is spontaneous and she always says weird things. The other day, when I, Kudo-chan and Maachan were sitting in a taxi, Maachan said to me "Nee, Haruna, today I changed my shampoo, look look!!! Sha~ran~Q” then she tossed her hair.

Host: *laugh laugh laugh* It would be so funny if she did that to Makoto-san at Haro concert. (

Millenium Girls: Sato Masaki x Kudo Haruka

Kudo: We'd never met a person like Maachan, a person who's beyond natural airheadedness, so we were completely clueless on how to treat her.

Sato: I thought that only Americans appeared on the television.

Full translated article: (
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Morning Musume's Sato Masaki PR time! (eng subs) (

「新・〇〇なまーちゃん。」 byモーニング娘。'14 (
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Morning Jogakuin 14-07-27
140726 譜飯佐 (

I don’t know how to sub. So I just give a summary(focusing on Maachan).

-Maachan is today’s host.

-First, they talk about Smileage’s Budokan concert, and Maachan says it was fun and the final speech was both touching and funny.

-And Maachan changes the subject to a Hawaii tour. Then suddenly, she says she wants to turn back time. She used to put back the clock in the classroom, so as to surprise her teacher. She hopes that like the clock, she could put the universe backward sometimes.

-Back to a Hawaii issue. Maachan persuades 10ki(and 9ki) to bring their own swimsuit with them so they can swim in a hotel pool. But it turns out that Maachan is the only one here who has her own swimsuit. Maachan says it’s because she used to go to the sea every time Sapporo’s temperature rised up to 27℃.

06:14 Maachan calls Mizuki “Fuku-chan”

-around 07:00 They call their own attendance number. The theme is how to avoid the heat, but something flashes upon Maachan’s mind. She points out that their number is 715(Maachan 7, Mizuki 1, Haruna 5), which is the day of Smileage’s concert. (At this point, Mizuki and Haruna have already fallen into Maachan’s world!)

-Maachan’s way of standing the heat is “to walk while splashing water”, because she saw her grandma splash water onto ground and it really worked.

-around 13:00, they talk about the day they went out for a meal. Maachan, Haruka, and Mizuki arrived an hour late. Maachan says Haruka has no sense of direction and depended only on her map without listening to Maa(she says “You can’t depend on a map!”). Then Mizuki sides with Haruka, Saying she will also depend on a map in that situation. After all, according to Maa, she was right.

-around 20:50, while talking about Hello Concert, Maachan says Sasaki Rikako is cute and a talented dancer. Mizuki agrees on it and says Sasaki is tall. They name other girls(Hamaura, Makino etc.) who have become taller, and then Maa says “Time flies!”.

This is my first time doing these things. And it really takes time!

*thx to tadahitorinoningen from H!O


If Eri was still in MM, what would Ma-chan call her?
1: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2014/07/24(木) 23:24:03.70



2: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2014/07/24(木) 23:24:53.05
Kamekameha (

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WotaInTranslation - 7/20 Sato Masaki handshake event reports (
- (

Now after reading the posts made in there, considering who it is, should they (the fans who attended) really be surprised? :P
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Konya mo Usachan Peace 14-08-04 (Guest: Sato Masaki)
さゆ こんうさぴ ゲスト:まー 2014 8 4 (
Sayu laughs from the very beginning. She says “This is an unprecedented case.”

00:35 – 01:10 A staff asked Maachan’s age. She answered “You can say I’m 16.” But after answering it, Maachan confused, and searched her own name on the web, and she found that she is 15. She forgot her own age.

 02:20 - 02:30 Shouting “yeah!”, Sayu tried to exchange a high-five with Maachan. But Maachan didn’t do it. Sayu says “I’m being played!”

 02:57 I’m not sure, but it seems Maachan blows her nose. Sayu laughs.

First letter: In Fukuoka, Maachan found a board for Sayu’s birthday event, and she scribbled some messages on the back of it without staff’s permission. Staff-san complimented it, so Maachan did it on the boxes too. The day before the event, Maachan gave a hint for it and she sincerely asked staff-san to talk about it to Sayu on the stage. Messages were “We, 9ki, 10ki, 11ki, are always with you.”(Sayu missed it and she says “Shock! It’s a pity that there is no picture”), “Sayumin”, “Shige-da!”(Sayu dislikes being called Shige.), “oyasayumin”, “usachan peace” etc. Sayu says “Thank you. I was glad that you spent your time expressly for it.” Maa answers “Because I had too much free time!” Sayu says “Because you had too much time? That’s all? Haha. Thank you for messages of love.”

Second: Maachan says Sayu’s no makeup face in 「Sayu」 is like baby and so cute and if you don’t buy it, it’s like you lose one-fourth of your life.

Third: Sayu points out that before recording, Maachan devoured snacks which the CBC staff gave. Maachan’s recent favourite snack is ‘otoko ume’. She first ate it when she found it in Yuki Ouzomi’s bag while sitting on her lap. It was so delicious that she couldn’t stop eating them.

Fourth: “How much water do you drink each day?” was Maachan’s question for Sayu’s birthday event VTR on the bus. It was the last question, and Sayu answered it honestly. But what Maachan had actually intended was Sayu’s witty comments. Btw, Sayu drinks about 750ml(in summer, 900ml), Maachan 500ml(or below, it varys with how much she eats)

Fifth: Maachan imitates Sayu all the time, even when Sayu is not there. Sayu speaks loudly, 14:39 “Even if I’m not there? HAA! That is (impossible)?!” Maachan’s Sayu monomane Maachan says that Sayu monomane is difficult because Sayu rhythmizes every single word and that tsunku(recording-san) must know more about this. And Sayu admires Maachan’s way of listening to music and memorizing a choreography. She catches various sounds very well. And while Sayu memorizes a choreography with lyrics, Maachan memorizes with sounds of instruments(its process is like this. She says she doesn’t understand nor use a count(1,2,3 …) which dance sensei uses. (I think what Maachan means is that you can grasp a rhythm more accurately with sounds of instruments than lyrics or a count)

Sixth: Maachan says Sayu’s face is a combination of snake, lizard and rabbit because her mouth and nose are small but eyes are big like a rabbit, and her jaw line is sharp like a snake and a lizard.

Sayu asks Maachan to come again next week, and Maachan says Yes!

Sayumi sounds so happy with Maachan.

*thx to tadahitorinoningen from H!O

Konya mo Usachan Peace 14-08-11 (Guest: Sato Masaki)
道重さゆみの今夜もうさちゃんピース(ゲスト・佐藤優樹)2014年08月11日 ラジオ みちしげさゆみのこんうさピー(モーニング娘。'14 ,モー娘。) (
Sayu no kobeya corner:

First letter: about Maachan’s first impression of Sayu. Maachan’s friends in Hokkaido said Reina and Sayu were scary. But Maachan thought Risa was more scary because of her cool image in the song. Maachan says that at that time she didn’t even distinguish between ‘cool’ and ‘cute’. Anyway, Reina and Sayu were not scary at all, so Maachan sent her friends a mail about that. Maachan had earned Sayu a good reputation, which was, after Sayu being a leader, turned into one of the important rules in MM.

Second: Maachan’s favourite music videos are that of <Kimagure Princess>, <Resonant Blue>, and <Koi No Hana(Abe Natsumi)>. She also likes Matsuura Aya’s and Goto Maki’s song. Sayu praises Maachan’s knowledge about Hello Pro’s songs.

Third: about LILIUM. Maachan had trouble remembering other character's names(Jasmine, Clematis, Mimosa) and she called them by their real names. So the director understandably scolded her and he unavoidably allowed her to call real names. But then again Maachan made a mistake(she called Tanabe ‘Watanabe’.). At last Maachan and the director agreed to call them Werewolf, Dracula, Franken. (It seems that the director used it as ‘neta’(joke material).)

Maachan arranged some parts of the song “Princess Marguerite” by herself. And she got a praise form sensei. Sayu also compliments Maachan and says she knew Maachan was full of confidence about her acting because her face quite directly reflects her feelings. After the play, Maachan came to sayu for her thoughts. Maachan thinks Sayu watches over all the members. Sayu is happy about Maachan asking her thoughts.

Fourth: Maachan hopes to visit Universal Studios Japan(or Fuji Q) all together on their day off. Lately, their desire to be with Sayu has become stronger and they want to make more memories with her.

Maachan sometimes rides a roller coaster when she wants to forget something awful(like a bad performance on a stage). She compares an ascent to being scolded and a drop to forgetting(when descending, she says in her mind “It's gone!). But she doesn’t put everything out of her mind. She records good suggestions from others and her own comments in her diary everyday.

*thx to tadahitorinoningen from H!O
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Masaki Sato - Tropical Koishiteru (

Masaki in Hawaii
Maachan, Duu and Harunan are in the same room in Hawaii this year.

There are two beds and one makeshift bed .

Maachan said, It's OK. I sleep with someone. But, Duu and Harunan refused.

Later, Maachan disappeared.

And there was an Email from the manager, saying that  Don't worry. Masaki is sleeping on my stomach. :c18:

This story is from a fan's Twitter attending the tour.

That reminds me of Maachan sleeping next to Sayu at Dokkiri TV show. ^-^

To further add, they refused because of Maachan’s bad sleeping habit. Haruna said "Maachan wants to sleep with her head on your stomach and when you wake up, sometimes her feet are at your head."

*thx to Alex4411 and tadahitorinoningen from H!O

[Maachan H!S #80 cut] 可愛い声まーちゃん (

( ( ( ( (
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Morning Musume ’14 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #127 (2014.09.06)
モーニング娘。'14のモーニング女学院~放課後ミーティング 【2014,9,6】 出演:佐藤優樹,生田衣梨奈,飯窪春菜 (

Maachan: The Last Girl on Earth, etc.

Maachan says she couldn’t appear on ‘Mechaike’ because of her age. Instead, She took a rest with her family because the day before, they had the concert in Hokkaido.

Erina says it is the first time these three(Erina, Haruna, Masaki) present Mo-jo. She says she wants to present well and asks Maachan for a reaction. Then Maachan shouts soullessly, “Ganbatte Ikuta” (


Q: What do you want to do alone?

Maachan says she wants to be alone on Earth (

(05:06~) (

Erina: And Masaki-chan? (laugh) “to be alone on Earth”
Masaki: yes.
Haruna: What do you mean?
E: Game?
M: (laugh) well, It’s like being alone on Earth with no sharks, no dolphins, no whales,
H: Are there no living things?
M: and no humans. Masa alone and all foods remain as they are.
E: Foods are there. (all laugh)
M: (laugh) driving alone, and what can I say? It’s like,
E: You seem to destroy buildings. (laugh)
H: (laugh)
M: Even if I destroyed them, because I’m alone, there would be no victims. And I have 40 ways of surviving, so I would never die.
H, E: 40?
M: Yes. Even if a building were destroyed, I wouldn’t die.
H: Ah, like Immortals?
M: Yes.
H: The Earth is destructed and you are the immortal one. (laugh)
E: (laugh)
M: Nonono. It remains as it is. For example, without staff-san and everyone, I read the script alone,
E: No one would do nothing. (laugh)
M: And when I want to drink juice, I can use the coins there. The world with no rules and no money.
E: Eh, why? Well, are you okay with no one to talk to? Masaki-chan, in that situation, you have no one to call or talk to like your mother.
H: You could feel lonely.
M: … bugs?
E: bugs?
M: bugs.
E: But there are no bugs. And you said there are no dolphins,
M: Well, then bugs remain.
E, H: (laugh)
H: Then is it better to have dolphins rather than bugs?
M: But they’d be frightening when I go into the sea. If they acted violently, I might collide with them.
H: Ah~
E: Yes.
M: Especially, Sharks,
E: Bugs are okay?
M: Well, Bugs are,
E: Masaki-chan, I have the impression that you dislike bugs.
M: Hahaha!
H: Certainly. (laugh)
M: Cute ones are fine.
E: What kind of bugs? (laugh)
M: Hamster, [I don’t know why hamsters belong to the insect(mushi, 虫)]
H: How about horses?
E: Ah, horses are good.
M: Ah~, horses might be good.
H: Horses are okay?
M: Horses are okay and dogs are okay too.
H: Things which are allowed to be in Maachan’s world. Can I join?
M: No.
H: Ah, yes. (laugh)
E: Eri is?
M: Ikuta-san, you are further behind.
E, H: Hahahaha!
E: “further behind” (laugh)
H: (laugh) It feels lonely and painful~
M: Humans are a little scary.
E: Humans are scary? (laugh)
H: Without Humans,
M: Yes.

(Thanks to the transcript by an anonymous wota on 2chan, I could translate the whole conversation.)


Q: With whom do you feel comfortable in a hotel room?(when they put up at a hotel during a concert tour.)

Erina and Haruna say they thought the answer would be one of 10ki members, particularly “Duu”. But Maachan chooses “Oda-chan” ( because “it is fun to be with her.” Haruna says they usually listen to music together with a cellphone.

Maachan mistook HP as Hello Project ( She asks Haruna about that. Haruna says it means the program’s HomePage(番組ホームページ).


*Thx to tadahitorinoningen from H!O

Konya mo Usachan Peace #408 (2014.08.18)
モーニング娘。道重さゆみの今夜もうさちゃんピース 【2014,8,18】 (

Maachan Instruction Manual, Planet Maachan, etc.

Fan mail #1: “If they were to make individual user manuals for the members of Morning Musume, whose user manual would be the longest and whose user manual would be the shortest?

Sayu thinks Maa-chan‘s user manual would definitely be a long read, full of notes like “you must scold her at times like this, and this and this” and so on. But in her case, you can’t scold her too much either. If you get too angry at her, she stops listening to you, so you have to keep the right balance of seriousness and lightheartedness.

Another problem with Maa-chan is that she doesn’t understand even slightly difficult Japanese words.

Once when Sayu and their dance instructor were telling Maa-chan to concentrate in no unclear terms, Sayu later approached Maa-chan and asked her if she’d understood what she’d just been told. Maa-chan replied “mmm… what does “concentrate” mean?” While Maa-chan is 15 years old, Sayu says that you can’t ever expect Maa-chan to know words that the average 15-year-old would know.

Finally, she wants to end Maa-chan’s user manual with a warning about her behavior changing day-to-day, so anything written on the user manual might not apply.


Question #3: “If these two photobooks were released as sequels to Michishige Camera, which one would you like to see more? (1) Full of love towards H!P — “Fukumura Camera”, or (2) the anything-goes, mosaic-filled work — “Maa-chan Camera.”“

Sayu chooses (2). While she’d really love to see the kind of shots only someone like Fuku-chan who has a deep love for H!P could take, she thinks that might be kind of similar to Sayu’s own Michishige Camera. Even more than that, she’d like to see Maa-chan’s way-out-there, probably almost entirely blurred collection of pictures. That could in itself be kind of true to Morning Musume in how it really is so lively behind the scenes.


Question #4: “Planet Earth is facing imminent, total destruction and you have to migrate to a different planet. Which planet would you migrate to? (1) Maa-chan Planet, where all of its inhabitants would both act and look like Sato Masaki, or (2) Koharunrun Planet, a planet that is ruled by Kusumi Koharu.“

Sayu chooses (1). Sayu says that while Koharunrun Planet does have a fun name, she has feeling that it might be a cover-up and that the situation on the planet might actually not quite reflect the name. She also thinks being ruled by Koharu would be a little tough to handle. While standing all those Maa-chans would be tough to take as well, Sayu says that since she pretty much knows how to handle Maa-chan at this point, that would be the more preferable option.

Full radio summary (

More Maachan related summaries from HelloProRadio: ( (

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Morning Musume ’14 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #128 (2014.09.13)
モーニング娘。'14のモーニング女学院~放課後ミーティング 【2014,9,13】 出演:佐藤優樹,生田衣梨奈,飯窪春菜 (
Maachan and the Sea
Erina and Haruna thought Maachan would begin by celebrating Morning Musume’s 17th anniversary. But Maachan celebrates Oda’s 2nd anniversary, Wada’s birthday, and Haruna’s Zelda Musou, while not even mentioning MM’s anniversary. Maachan notices it after Haruna says.
“Everyone, Yahho-ta-i! The best memory of this summer is the sea!” (

(5:57~) (
Haruna: Maachan, the sea?
Masaki: The sea. Well, when I returned to Sapporo,
Erina, H: Yeah.
M: I went to the beach.
E: Yeah.
H: He~
M: My mother has been going to the beach with my father since she was very young, maybe 12.
H: E~~! With your father?
M: Yes. She’s been always with him since elementary school.
H: E~~h! Amazing!
E: It’s amazing.
M: But at first, well, my father was just a kid, so he, what can I say, (laugh) like Godzilla(?),
H: Ah, he fooled her?
M: Yes, he fooled her
H: He teased her, right?
M: Yes.
H: Uh huh.
M: and at that time, mother wasn’t really interested in going out with someone.
H: Uh huh.
M: So she’s been with him since elementary school, and they became a couple when they were in middle school.
H: He~~, it’s amazing~
E: It’s amazing.
M: They have been going to the beach since then. So maybe the sea knows about my mother,
H: Uh huh.
M: and rocks,
E: It’s amazing. The sea knows your mother. (laugh)
M: Hahaha
H: It’s fine~, Maachan. It’s fine~.
E: I think it’s nice. (laugh)
M: Yes. It knows our parents,
E, H: Uh huh.
M: so, well,
H: Yes, It’s been watching over them.
M: Yeah. It’s been watching over them. So, when Masaki(she usually calls herself Masaki, Maa, Maasa or Maachan) doesn’t know what to do at work, the sea helps me.
H: Yeah.
M: When I once dived in, I heard its voice.
H: Uh huh.
M: It’s like “Kyu-n, Kyu-n”.
H: Yeah.
E: Eh, wasn’t it a buzzing in your ear? (laugh)
M: Yeah, Hahaha! Maybe it is, but, (laugh)
E, H: Hahaha
M: Hahaha, in the sea,
H: Into the sea, yes.
M: I dive in the sea, and I need 5 seconds to dive in,
H: Uh huh.
M: I dive in while my eyes closed, and then I do meditation.
H: Eh~, with your eyes closed. Yeah.
M: After I meditate, then “Baa-t!”, I come out.
H: Uh huh.
M: When I did meditation, well, of course, well, probably, Masaki came back after a long time,
H: Uh huh.
M: and because our parents were busy because of me, [then she did a burp or a hiccup] we couldn’t return to Hokkaido, (laugh)
H: Hahaha
M: Hahahaha
E: Hahaha
M: we couldn’t return to Hokkaido, (laugh)
H: Yeah (laugh)
M: so maybe we met again with the sea after a long time. And the sea became more cheerful!
H: Uh huh.
M: The sound of the waves was so big even in the daytime.
H: Ah~, the waves.
M: It became so big!
H: Yeah.
M: I enjoyed them very much. So (Bang) the sea.
H: Nature is good.
E: Yeah.
M: Yeah. I went to be purified. For purification.
H: I’m surprised that Maachan knows the word, “Meditation”. (laugh)
E: Hahaha.
M: How come?
H: Well, ‘Meditation’ is a quite difficult word.
E: Yeah~.
H: Probably, Ayumin doesn’t know what ‘Meditation’ means.
M: Well, Ayumin is an idiot, right?
H: Hahaha.
E: Ha~hahaha! There came a witty remark(名言)!
H: Thanks for your witty remark. (laugh)

(Thanks to the transcript by an anonymous wota on 2chan, I could translate the whole conversation.
I wrote the imitative sounds as they are in Japanese.)

She misreads kanji as always. Erina laughs and Haruna cheers her up. (

Maachan says “the person I want to meet now is a sea urchin(uni, 海胆)” (

Celebrating Morning Musume’s 17th anniversary, Maachan says her goal is “to laugh before getting a scolding from manager-san” (, and in school “to laugh before getting a scolding from teachers and to make them laugh first”. Because “I don’t want to be scolded”. “While they all laugh and have fun, I’ll run away from the place.”

“Papipupeponyoponyo Suzuki-san!” ( She says this nonsensical word after seeing a script that states “Say your favourite word”. [I have no idea what this is]

“After this, Nakajima Saki no Cute na Jikan Desu. Nakajima-san, Daisukidesu~. Byebye.” (

Saki answers this: “Nakajima-san Daisukidesu~. Byebye”, Isn’t this too simple? Hahaha. If you like me very much, give me more love, Maachan! Hahaha. Well~, I feel all the more that no matter how much time passes, Maachan is Maachan after all. (

*Thx to tadahitorinoningen from H!O


What is the attractiveness of Sayashi, Ishida, Sato and Fukumura’s dancing?
4: 名無し募集中
Tiki bun Tiki bun
35: 名無し募集中
If you observe the rhythmical senses in their using of knees and the way they move their shoulders, you can see.
Sato’s shoulders are outstanding and show the wide and sharp movement.

38: 名無し募集中
I agree
I don’t know whether her waist is flexible or her abs and spine are strong, but I feel her physical level is high.

40: 名無し募集中
it’s because she trained with a horse riding and a ballet.

49: 名無し募集中
Maachan’s way of shifting her weight laterally is cool.

52: 名無し募集中
Ah~. Indeed, Sato’s movement is the widest of all.

88: 名無し募集中
Because Maachan has a prodigious rhythmical sense, she shines in singing and dancing.

90: 名無し募集中
Sato said in the radio that she doesn’t dance with counting “one, two, three” in choreographies, and instead she dances with the background sound. [See here] (
I'm not sure whether she’s amazing or Baka.

106: 名無し募集中
Maachan's range of moving her shoulders.

[This is one of the most popular threads today. I only translated the comments about Maachan. She’s the most highly evaluated member in this thread with Riho. I’m so proud of her growth.]

*Thx to tadahitorinoningen from H!O  :twothumbs
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モーニング娘。道重さゆみと新垣里沙 生田衣梨奈(えりぽん)を励ます佐藤優樹(まーちゃん) (
Masaki as a Senpai
This episode is quite old too, but never loses its sweetness.(Did someone translate this before? I hope not.)

Risa: But, you know, if 11ki joins, Sato becomes a senpai. How can she teach? (laugh)
Sayumi: Indeed. Isn’t she likely to say “Maachan wants to join 11ki!”? (laugh)
R: Yeah. (laugh) For now, 10ki is the youngest generation and Sato is the youngest. But she once consoled Ikuta, right?
S: Yes, she did!
R: That was so funny!
S: In an event, Ikuta kept saying, “I have no confidence.” “No~, seriously. I’m not cute, I’m fat, and I sing badly and was off-pitch a minute ago.(sob)” Then Sato said, “It’s al~right! It’s tough now but the future is bright!”
R: She really said that!
S: She kept saying that!
R: “Ikuta-san! There’s a reason you were chosen.” “Tsunku-san chose you!” She said like this.
S: “Ikuta-san, you are cute~.”
R: “If you endure this moment, then Paradise! Paradise!”, she said. (laugh)
S: (laugh) “The future is bright, Ikuta-san!” And I thought in my mind ‘You are the last person who can say that!’ (laugh)
R: Right. She is the last person who can say that.
S: (laugh) It was so funny.
R: If someone consoles you that way, you cannot help but feeling reinvigorated. I felt that level of happiness.
S: (laugh) And Ikuta said, “Sato, Sato, …” What’s she called?
R: Sa … Ah, Masaki-chan!
S: “I don’t want to hear that from Masaki-chan!(sob)”, and, again, was about to cry. (laugh)
R: (laugh) Ikuta was crying, saying “I want to hear “Kawaii!””. Then Sato said “Ikuta-san, you are cute!”
S: She kept saying “Kawaii. Kawaii.”(laugh) Then Ikuta said, “It is not what I want!(sob)” (laugh)
R: (laugh) “I don’t need that pitying ‘Kawaii’(sob)!” and she cried again. (laugh)
S: It was so funny.
R: I think the current Morning Musume is the best.
S: Yes. I think it is.
R: Dressing room is always noisy.
S: Yes.
R: Time to rest is not time to rest. Time to rest is a recreation time now.
S: (laugh) Indeed. It’s quieter when we film. (laugh)
R: Yes. It really is.
S: But I think we do our work properly. (laugh)
R: Yes~.

*Thx to tadahitorinoningen from H!O

Morning Musume ’14 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ #126 (2014.08.30)
モーニング娘。'14のモーニング女学院~放課後ミーティング 【2014,8,30】 出演:佐藤優樹,鞘師里保,譜久村聖 (
Eripon as a Senpai, etc
Maachan says this summer was fun though she feels sorry for being absent from the concent. She took a good rest in Hokkaido, so bad things were gone. Mizuki says “after returning from Hokkaido, you look refreshed.” But Maachan also indicates that when she returns to Hokkaido, the possibility of becoming ill increases, because she feels too much at ease in her hometown .

The song she wants to sing as a solo is “Snow Magic Fantasy”(SEKAI NO OWARI). And she says she likes electronic music. Riho says Maachan could sing these kinds of songs without sound effects.

To the question, “who do you think has changed, including yourself? And what is changed?” she answers, “Ikuta-san has changed.” Maachan thinks Erina has become mature and considerate to someone around. Erina was a scary senpai to Maachan, but her impression of Erina has changed recently. Now, she thinks Erina is a very kind senpai.

Q. “When do you act selfishly(Wagamama)?”

Maachan says “I don’t act Wagamama.” Mizuki replies, “you don’t?”, “I don’t”, “you don’t?”. Then Maachan answers, laughing, “Why do you talk like that? ( …… The word ‘Wagamama’ is too cute for me. The person with too many excuses would be suitable.”

*Thx to tadahitorinoningen from H!O

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Masaki BDAY event
MM'14 Sato Masaki Birthday Event 2014 (
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Oaxiac san, thanks for the ^ post!

Du and Maachan were great together. Solo songs and duet were very impressive. What
really stood out was the friendship these two girls share!  :deco:
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Funny Maa-chan-Special ( eng.subbed) (
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Maa-chan singing Daiteyo Please go on is giving me major linlin flashbacks. They've even had the same member color and hairstyle during their performances  :P2
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モーニング娘。'14「全盛期は、一度だけとは限らない。」 佐藤優樹 (
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From Hello! Pro Radio's Twitter:

Sato Masaki voted as the most liked radio personality in "Radio Bangumihyou" magazine! (Sansai Mook Vol. 703)

Correction: that's Sansai Mook Vol. 747, not 703.
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モーニング娘。道重さゆみの今夜もうさちゃんピース 【2014,10,13】 OP:10月15日発売のチキブンMVの撮影が超暑かった!! (

Konya mo Usachan Peace #416 (2014.10.13)
Fan mail #1: Although the listener did hear about Sayu’s upcoming break from the entertainment world, they have something they’d definitely like to see happen: Sayu producing her own H!P group all by herself. He suggests that a group produced by Sayu would be very interesting, and that he’d love to hear songs that were written and composed by her.Sayu says that while the idea of producing a group sounds fun in theory, there is no way she could ever compose a song for anyone as she has no idea how.

She mentions that Maa-chan loves arranging the vocal melodies of their songs. Maa-chan can do that for lots of different songs. She’s always singing the songs with her original arrangements which will sometimes throw Sayu off and make her wonder which version of them was the correct one. While that is obviously an inconvenience, she thinks Maa-chan is amazing for being able to do that like it’s nothing. Sayu says she doesn’t possess anything like Maa-chan’s ability — she can only sing songs written by Tsunku after first listening to his demo vocal over and over again until it sticks. (


"Sato Masaki's Airheadedness, Part of a Master Plan?! A Frightening Perspective!!"
by Niigaki & Michishige

A translation of an old tidbit that was brought up a few times in this thread, e.g. http://www.hello-onl (http://www.hello-onl)...52#entry1755348 (does anyone want to re-upload the video?)

Nii: «Sayumin has said before on her radio that it's fun to swap stories with Gaki-san about
the amusing exploits of 10G member Sato Masaki»

Mi: uh-huh

Nii: «If you have any new interesting episodes with Maachan, please share them with us.»

Mi: (giggling) but she's really amusing y'know

Nii: The fountain just never runs dry with Sato, does it?

Mi: never runs dry

Nii: 'Cause honestly she's up to something every day –

Mi: (laughing) every day, isn't it like every minute, even?

Nii: like all the time
Mi: every minute, it's every minute

Nii: like just, what's up with that girl

Mi: So it's already like a daily ritual for us, «Hey Gaki-saaan, you gotta hear this»

Nii: Oh yeah. Ummm, something we didn't talk about yet?

Mi: (chuckling)

Nii: Is there any, hmmm?...

Mi: 'cause we're always like, like telling each other

Nii: Each other

Mi: Sato's just amazing like

Nii: yeah. totally

Mi: But y'know the 10G are always saying «She's doing it all on purpose» (laughing)

Nii: Yeah, I think I heard but

Mi: but like

Nii: if like that level of spontaneity, is all planned out, she's got to be exceedingly smart

Mi: just way too smart

Nii: you can't do something like that, it can't be on purpose

Mi: like, Please don't be on purpose,

Nii: yeah, please don't. Just imagine she

Mi: Isn't that sort of intimidating? (laughs) If she's got it all planned

Nii: comes home and she's like «I was on a roll again today, I showed 'em good» (laughing)

Mi: Waahahahaha!

Nii: like «Oooh boy did I show 'em!...» (laughing)

Mi: ahahahaha

Nii: «Niigaki-san was ecstatic...!» Ain't that

Mi: (laughing hysterically)

Nii: kinda-sorta extra-humiliating, dont'ya think?

Mi: (laughing) y'know «I expect she will use it on her radio» (laughing)

Nii: (laughing)

Mi: Ooh, this is dangerous –

Nii: «Project Maachan, good progress!» (laughing)

Mi: (laughing hysterically)

Nii: Isn't that the worst? I tell you, she's not like that! Sato's from Hokkaido –

Mi: (laughing, exhausted)

Nii: it can't be, she has to be purer

Mi: (laughing, exhausted)

Nii: than that! I'm telling you, a-aight?
Mi: (inhales deeply) Aaaah– but, doesn't that seem like a hilarious setting,

Nii: Scary stuff huh! (laughing)

Mi: it's sort of – even more interesting, if you look at it that way

Nii: from that perspective

Mi: (chuckling)

Nii: But aaah Sato just never – fails to entertain. Like you remember? the schoolbags, like
they have in schools now, well they're um red aren't they – the schoolbags or – pink like

Mi: uh-huh

Nii: on this, on the tour last time, that uh that y'know scene with the schoolbags, Kudo and
Sato, carried a brown one, and a pink one and

Mi: Right

Nii: the conversation got like, «What color is yours Sato» y'know her own, at home. And she uh,
check this out: (imitating) «Maachan's~is pale~~aqua~~blue~~» – um and,

Mi: ooh?

Nii: (imitating) «Isn't pale~aqua~blue~ sophisticated~~~?»

Mi: oooh!

Nii: and the sensei's like, «That's not how you show your sophistication!» (laughing)

Mi: (laughing)

Nii: «Get a red one!» (laughing)

Mi: ooh, this is

Nii: red one. Yeah. Sato, 's, just so cheerful about everything,

Mi: That's true

Nii: you-uh, y-you know Ikutaaa, with her fail jokes, that instantly create an awkward silence

Mi: Ah yes, right

Nii: But in her own book, they're probably supposed to be fun. But Sato, she doesn't have a book,

Mi: uh-huh

Nii: she's got her own goddamn publishing company,

Mi: right, like the

Nii: she's so genuinely enjoying herself, she's gonna make you think it's fun!

Mi: fluffy cuddly feeling just never goes away when Sato's talking

Nii: In the dressing room like, sometimes you like need to change outfits quickly, don't you,
So the manager's like «Okay get dressed get a move on!» and is making that veeeeery strict
face at everyone, at Sato,

Mi: hm hm

Nii: then Sato's like, (imitating) «Ah~this is bad~~manager~san is being~getting~angered~»

Mi: (laughing)

Nii: (imitating) «Maa~chan~is being~becoming~scared~~ a~ha~ha~ha~ha~~» like

Mi: ah yes, she and her «a~ha~ha~ha~ha~»

Nii: Like if you think, that the situation's getting serious you

Mi: uh-huh

Nii: go and change quickly, like «Gotta hurry gotta hurry»

Mi: yeah normally (laughs)

Nii: but y'know 'cause it's Sato!

Mi: Aaah, Sato, that wonderful naïve part that she can show. I also

Nii: uh-huh

Mi: remember we had that talk, um, ah, um, what was it? About y'know how you feel glad
when you become center

Nii: yeah

Mi: and, Sato was like, going hyper like «Waaa~~!» about getting the center, Sato um

Nii: uh-huh

Mi: 'cause that's not what you do, you're not supposed to be jumping –

Nii: uh-huh

Mi: with joy like that, when chosen for center

Nii: right, yeah

Mi: you're supposed to like treasure it in your heart, so – I was like, having a talk with everyone
about it, so Sato was like constantly, «Eh, it seems that Ayumin may be a better idea as the
center, after all – » oh

Nii: Ahahahaha!

Mi: you tellin' me now? Like

Nii: Yeah, yeah! Look at the decision-maker!

Mi: yeah (laughing), and Sato just, y-y'know we have a-Ishida Ayumi-chan, is a girl we have,
very good dancer,

Nii: uh-huh

Mi: like Sato just kept nagging me, «But with Ayumin as center, the performance's gonna look
so much prettier, (imitating) was~it was~it really~okay~~to choose Maachan?~~» (laughs)

Nii: Ahahahaha–

Mi: (chuckling)

Nii: hmmm

Mi: yeah so I say «Then start working harder at rehearsals–!»

Nii: uh-huh

Mi: «so that you won't have that problem» and

Nii: right!

Mi: she's like (imitating) «Oh! you~mean if~ Oh~what a good~idea!~~~!»

Nii: hilarious–
Mi: yeah for Ishida actually, kinda hard to decide how to react

Nii: uh-huh

Mi: when Sato's saying stuff like that

Nii: uh-huh

Mi: kinda «Huh...? this right now...»

Nii: yeah

Mi: but really, well Ishida, she's in 3rd year middle school, Ishida
Nii: uh-huh

Mi: but she can seem like she's like over 20 sometimes d'you notice?

Nii: She has that mature look, she does

Mi: matter of fact she could've been Maachan's mom like that, if you

Nii: she, uh, definitely. One hundred percent
Mi: anyway Sato's never boring
Nii: Oh, Sato is never boring. Um for example, you know, for example, when the manager comes in
and calls your name, uh her name like «Sato–?» Well you're supposed to reply «Yes?», like
«Yes!» and come along to like, wherever they need you to go. But uh, they call her out «Sato!––»
and the next moment she's like, (imitating) «Ah, , , could this mean Maachan is about to––»

Mi: (giggling)
Nii: (imitating) «have to go and get yelled at??–––»
Mi: hahahahaha!
Nii: (imitating) «...or, or, or...??» with that y'know look of (laughing)

Mi: (clapping hands)
Nii: «oh this can be bad––!» on her face she gets like exclusively in moments like that –

Mi: Oh, this is hilarious––

Nii: So you tell her y'know «Hmmm– that's right! You will now go and get yelled at!» and she's
like «eh? Did I do something? But what is it, ?»

Mi: wahahaha!

Nii: «what could it be that I did, ?» all the while like sooo-o obviously digging through her
memory, for clues like

Mi: huhu, that's too funny!

Nii: She's so interesting to watch –

Mi: so interesting to watch. Um you remember that one time, she comes to me and says like,
(imitating) «Maa~chan~~ was late~for school today~~~!» with that incredibly happy
expression, just beaming y'know how she is –

Nii: uh-huh

Mi: so I say to her, «Oh, late for school, were you?» um

Nii: uh-huh

Mi: but I figured – they probably – won't make a big deal out of it if it's just a one-time thing –

Nii: uh-huh

Mi: and we had a concert the day before –

Nii: uh-huh

Mi: it was probably pretty hard on everyone, I just answered «Oh I see,» y'know no big fuss right

Nii: uh-huh

Mi: Then, a few– some minutes later, her manager comes in: «Sato–– !»

Nii: yeah

Mi: and she's like (imitating) «Ahh~~!! Is this about school~?!?!» (laughing)

Nii: Aahahahaha

Mi: If you (laughing) understand that it's not a great achievement and gonna land you in trouble,
why are you telling me with that big big smile (laughing)

Nii: why, indeed

Mi: Why'd she do that, honestly?

Nii: I think, she's simply just a child

Mi: (chuckling)

Nii: Y'know she's got this weird sort of spider sense,

Mi: huhu

Nii: soon as it trips, like «Ah they're coming for me,» instantly

Mi: huhuhu

Nii: she's dashing at full speed like «Uwhaaaa~~~~!» and into the

Mi: ahahahahaha

Nii: inner dressing room. Then the manager's again like «SATO !!! –»

Mi: ahaha

Nii: with that really really terrifying voice, – and y'know quote unquote, «From the corner
behind a curtain, »

Mi: (chucking)

Nii: «...two little eyes were peeking out. It was Sato. » (laughing)

Mi: (chuckling)

Nii: like, (imitating) «Maa~chan~ will now~be~scolded~?~» (laughing)

Mi: a-hahahahaha

Nii: «Damn sure you will! what were you thinking!» kinda (laughing)

Mi: Like, if you understand that much, just come out and get it over with...! (laughing)

Nii: Sato's hilarious, absolutely

Mi: a-aah, totally

Nii: we could go on and on about her

Mi: yeah

Nii: probably could make an hour-long broadcast just out of that

Mi: For sure! (laughing)

Nii: yeah..... . . . (pause)

Mi: «!–Project Maachan!» (Niigaki picking up, in unison: «–ct Maachan!») (both laughing)

Nii: –yeeeah, «Project Maachan,» well let us hope it's not, let's believe she isn't like that,

Mi: no, it must be her real self, I think, her real personality

Nii: kinda at this point, not much choice left for us, after knowing her for all this time

Mi: Oh but she's so interesting

Nii: All right what now? Shall we do another one? Do we uh– do we still have

Mi: Seems we've ran out of time just talking about Sato (laughing)

Nii: , right, let's wrap it up then. On this upbeat note we –

Mi: ehehehehe it was fun!

Nii: okay, we are finishing here today, on the topic of the amazing Sato,

Mi: yes (laughing)

Nii: Next time, on our next digital download, I think we'll try to cover some more
questions, not just about Sato

Mi: We will!

Nii: Please look forward to it – !

Mi: Do look forward to it! (laughing)

Historical note:
Originally this is from an episode of the digital broadcast "Morning Musume's All Night Nippon Mobile."
Recorded from 2010 till 2013, its 45-minute episodes are individually downloadable for the not-so-small fee of 350 yen each.
At the time of this particular episode, Michishige is not the leader yet, Niigaki is the leader. The date is 2012-03-14;
incredible as it may seem, it's been only half a year since 10G arrived, and everyone first met Sato. An approximate
      2011-10                                             2012-03                       2012-05
[Takahashi graduates]                                [                ]            [ Niigaki graduates  ]
[ Niigaki to leader ]================================[ This broadcast ]============[Michishige to leader]
[    Sato joins     ]                                [                ]            [                    ]
                                   6 mo                                    2 mo

*Thx to maxperkins84 ( from H!O

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Evolution Maachan solo angle
モーニング娘。'14 ~エヴォリューション~ ( 佐藤優樹ソロ )—在线播放—优酷网,视频高清在线观看 (

What is something from your experience in New York that you want to bring back with you to Japan?

Satou: New York’s… electricity?

The electricity?!

Satou: Um, after we all had our concert, when we came out of the theater, right there was this amazing light!

Kudou: The neon?

Satou: Neon? Like, the videos and stuff, the huge cola! The billboards that can show anything! Every day would be a party! With all the food carts, it would be like a party or festival every day! That’s what I’d really like to go home with.

JPHiP Interview: Morning Musume。’14 @ New York City (
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^ Maachan never fails to impress :lol:

I liked the lights too :twothumbs
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Zukki and Maachan are both down. :(

From H!O's Twitter:
Suzuki Kanon has a sprained ankle and torn ligament. She's out of commission for at least six weeks.
- (
- (
- (

Sato Masaki also has a (milder) sprain and will restrict her activities to only singing, no dancing.
- (
- (
- (

EDIT: Follow-up/More info...

Morning Musume '14's Suzuki Kanon & Sato Masaki suffer injuries during practice
December 29, 2014

On December 29, it was announced on Morning Musume '14 official blog that member Suzuki Kanon (16) sprained her left ankle during practice, and she was diagnosed with ligament rupture which will take 6 weeks to heal.

Fellow member Sato Masaki (15) also felt pain in her right knee, and was diagnosed with a mild sprain.

Because of that, Suzuki will not be able to participate in "Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2014 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~" which will be held on the 31st, and Sato will be participating only for the singing part.

Additionally, Suzuki will also cancel her appearances in "Hello! Project 2015 WINTER ~DANCE MODE!~/ ~HAPPY EMOTION!~" (to begin on January 2) for a while in order to concentrate on treatment. Sato, on the other hand, will appear both for singing and performing after consulting with a doctor.

Source: Oricon (
- (
- (

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Morning Musume ’15 no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ (2015.01.03)
モーニング娘。'15のモーニング女学院~放課後ミーティング~ 飯窪春菜・石田亜佑美・佐藤優樹・工藤遥・小田さくら 【2015.01.03】 (

Self-control - Effort - Growth = 0
When asked what her personal New Year's resolution is, Maa-chan started off by saying "self-control"(我慢, can also be "patience"). She then went on to ask if it's okay to say something difficult, since it's a self-interpretation. The others said it's fine and that they'll do their best.

The mathematical formula Professor Satou discovered is: Self-control - Effort - Growth = 0

"Therefore, you go and add to the opposite side with that", Satou explained ( "What about equal? There's no equal?", Kudou asked. Satou said it equals "achievement"(達成); in other words, the right side of the equal sign is where you put what you want to achieve. Satou reminded, "What's added, you minus that part." "When you bring it to the opposite side," clarified Satou. And her example, "With regards to Growth(成長), Effort(努力) is necessary. With Effort, Self-control is necessary; is how it is."

Iikubo finally got it and went (, "Ohhh...", laughing towards the end, while applauding. "Amazing!", she exclaimed. Maa-chan also broke out laughing. "Philosophy huh?", Iikubo commented. "Wait, seriously, Maa-chan's a genius!", Iikubo stated. "I really think so too—", Oda agreed. Iikubo again injected with, "Amazing." "—I think Satou-san's a genius", Oda finished. "She's amazing, right?", Kudou concurred, "well thought of, right? —this thing." "Amazing", Iikubo echoed again. ^_^ "Masa, the whole time, with this, you know the whole time, Masa, this year, start of this year, I've been thinking this the whole time", Satou revealed.

"Maa-chan, you've changed haven't you, in 2015", Iikubo expressed. "You're kidding, it's still 2014 isn't it? Ah, that's right; it's 2015", Satou realized, before laughing. "In terms of the broadcast", Ishida clarified. "Well certainly, certainly the recording is perhaps a bit before though", Ishida added. "The recording is like that. But very nice. Very cool!", Iikubo still impressed by Satou. "No, I get the feeling Maa-chan changed after the 12th gen", Kudou proposed. "She changed", Ishida commented. Oda agreed. "She changed, right?", Iikubo concurred. "Seriously?", Satou asked. "It's good", Ishida said, while Iikubo answered, "Yeah, very." "It's cool", Ishida added. "You're kidding", Satou replied. "I think the current Maa-chan is shining", Iikubo confessed. Satou cracked up, followed by others—including Iikubo. "Mama?" Oda quipped. Iikubo, voice gradually breaking out like she's about to cry, bantered, "Gosh, from here on out I'll be watching you grow..." Laughter abounds.

For those that still don't understand the formula:
If Growth is your achievement, for example, algebriacally you add Growth to both sides of the equal sign; which maintains the equation as being equal. The result would be Self-control and Effort being on the left—which means that both are required in order to achieve Growth. Conversely, you need Effort and Growth for Self-control; and for Effort, Self-control and Growth.

*Thx to simplemindead'15 from H!O

( (
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Maachan singing "Ai no Sono"
Maachan + Lovendor (

Quote from: Amped from JPLOP
a writer for News Dwango site, says the key to Morning Musume. '15's success after Sayumi's graduation is..Sato Masaki, Tsunku's hidden potential genius. (




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トロピカ~ル恋して~る 佐藤優樹 (
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^Nice compilation, Chibs!

Henkka translated a couple of threads about the musical of genius of  佐藤優樹♀ AKA Sato-P  :heart: :heart: :heart:


Maa-chan made a CD for the 12th gen to train their sense of rhythm

Quote from: Nonaka
    Sato-san often teaches us 12th gen proper dance steps and ways of keeping the beat.
    A while back she even made us a CD to practice our sense of rhythm with. (;_;)
    Her kindness knows no limits. (;_;) (

Oda Sakura:“Lately Sato-san is constantly making music when she’s at home. It’s like her side job.”



    The genius of Sato. Lately she’s always making music when she’s at home. It’s almost like a side job for her. She does programmed drum beats, EDM, vocal things, key modulations… she says stuff like “if you lower this sound and raise this one, you can really hear the rhythm.” Our manager asked her to make something for the 12th gen to practice their sense of rhythm with, and already the next day she came in, having made it. She was laughing and saying that at her next birthday event she’s going to come on stage using her self-composed music as her entrance music.

The musical genius of Maa-chan (

( ( (
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Live solo lines from 2012-2014
モーニング娘。佐藤優樹 ライブソロ映像集2012-14 才能の開花 (
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Sometimes, you just need to ROFL. :lol:

まーちゃんの笑い方 (
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Post by: JFC on March 09, 2015, 08:13:46 PM - 2015 HinaFes Blog Relay - #29 Sato Masaki (
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Fanmade CM
モーニング娘。’15 キリン メッツCM 【 佐藤優樹 篇】 (

Maachan talks about the time when she tried to cook a meal for the 12th gen
(SUBBED)「On shot Talk 2014」Sato Masaki (

Fanart: Masaki teaching the 12th gen about rhythm
Caption: "Um yano this song's rhythm is like this *random symbols*"
*Thx to  メロンパン from H!O

Maachan invades the 12ki radio show   

Masaki: Because I’m going to be here everyday.
 Masaki: Because everyday I will be here, watching.
Masaki: Everyday, I’ll be here, watching.
Ogata: That’s terrifying~ (

( ( ( (
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Maachan's thoughts about meeting the winners of the 12ki audition
( (
The 12th gen have joined already huh,
I want to concentrate on putting my soul into you know, expressing joy across my whole face?
I was thinking about it sitting here.
I wonder how Masaki will be from now on with her kouhai. I'm incredibly scared wondering what position I'll be in, and how I'll turn out.
Though I want to keep working hard three steps down from Sayashi-san now as well, with that still factored in, isn't it something that the 12th gen are coming already too?
Man, Masaki will become useless you know, smashed like a little tomato.
How will the fans look at Masaki?
I'm so worried!
Time's so fast, 11/26 will be here before I know it right?
I really don't know what to think about, do I, and so since even if I'm in the dressing room and going over things in such a light and easy way, if I like wanted to see something, this is what I'd want to see. This great number of seats. (while looking off at the side to the venue)

*Thx to Rokun

Maachan and the the 12kis, Happiness and Tempura Soba
Makino: Though I always think it, Sato-san is such a genius.
What she says, what she thinks, all the questions she has...... She's not a normal person, or rather, her way of looking at things is different from everyone else's.

Sato: A while back, manager-san was also amazed saying "Sato, you're so different". At that time, manager-san had lost something. So I said this. "Losing something is the same as looking for a little person." Then she said, "Eh!?"......

-- I think that was to say like, "Who is that?"

Sato: You can't really find little people, right? To Masaki, it's the same thing. If you lose something, don't you get frustrated? As for why you get frustrated, I think it's cause it's something you can't find. If you know from the beginning that it's as tough as finding a little person, you won't get frustrated right? You know what I mean?

-- Not really, but I'm keenly feeling how interviews are incredibly difficult without Kudou-san to interpret (lol).

Nonaka: But I also thought that Sato-san is a genius.
She's entirely unique. She senses things differently, or rather..... What surprised me the most was when she suddenly said, "Happiness is conveyed like tempura soba." It got me thinking what the heck is she talking about......
(※The genius legend talk of Masaki Sato carries on endlessly, but since it's not related to the topic, consult the margin).

[Sato Masaki Genius Talk]

"Happiness is like tempura soba"

A tangential conversation gradually revealed to the 12th gen members by Sato who had just eaten tempura soba. The explanation is as given below.

川* ^_〉^)< We want happiness. But the thing called happiness is actually something you feel after it comes when you say "Ah, happiness", right.

Just like when you order tempura soba when going to a soba shop, you have to order happiness up from yourself too.

*Thx to Rokun

Maachan: Ever since Tanasatan & Minishige-san left, the senpai I consult with most is Ikuta-san. She's good at offering different views.

Maachan: The more you approach Ikuta-san, the more you realize she's a good person! People who don't realize this are moooorons! (
What ever happened to...

Kyuto, Kyuto... (  XD
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April Fools(?)  :nervous (

Meet Maririn Monroe ( and Zeto Vasashitap (

Maachan's deepening relationship with Nozomi Sasaki and the microphone

As for the H!P member Maa-chan became close with on this past Hello!Con tour? Her microphone. Ayumin wants to make sure that Maa-chan has understood the question correctly.

    Ayumin: The question asks for a member you became close with.
    Maa-chan: Well yeah, but “…at the last Hello!Con” is also in the question, right?
    Ayumin: The question is “harokon de nakayoku natta haromen wa?”
    Maa-chan: “Harokon de nakayoku natta haromen wa…” So it could also mean the microphones used by H!P members.
    Ayumin: No, no it could not.
    Maa-chan: Okay, but–
    Ayumin: Argh! No!
    Maa-chan: It doesn’t specifically say it has to be a person.
    Ayumin: “Haromen!” That means “Hello! Project member.” As in a person.
    Maa-chan: Hello! Pro… men… that could also mean mentsuyu.
    Ayumin & Fuku-chan: Mentsuyu?!
    Maa-chan: I don’t know! What I’m saying is that it could mean anything!
    Ayumin: No. It couldn’t.

Maa-chan appears to be determined on talking about her recently deepened relationship with microphones, so Ayumin and Fuku-chan have no choice but to listen. Maa-chan explains that on this past Hello!Con tour her microphone helped her get over her nervousness before getting on stage. She noticed how holding a microphone really helps calm down her nerves, and thus she feels like she’s literally become better friends with her microphone.

Still, Ayumin and Fuku-chan want to know if there are any actual human beings in Hello! Project who Maa-chan has gotten closer with. “How about any of the new members?,” Fuku-chan asks. Of the new members, Maa-chan says she’s interested in Sasaki Nozomi.

Once it becomes clear Maa-chan actually means Sasaki Rikako, she begins to recount a recent episode concerning her. Ayumin soon stops what sounds like another one of Maa-chan’s completely pointless, long-winded stories — they’ve wasted way too much time on her blabbering as it is.

In conclusion, Maa-chan thinks Rikako is weird. Ayumin says Maa-chan is pretty weird herself.

Full: (
Maachan's ideal timetable

The hosts roll a dice to determine a topic of conversation

Maa-chan’s talk topic: “Your ideal timetable”

Maa-chan immediately yells out “play time!” and the other two must explain to her that this is not adequate — she needs to plan it more like a schedule for a day of school. Maa-chan thinks about it a bit more, and comes up with:

    1st hour: P.E.
    2nd hour: game of tag time
    3rd hour: lunch
    4th hour: time for everyone to come up with new, fun games to play
    5th hour: music
    6th hour: movie watching time (includes popcorn)

Ayumin asks if “game of tag time” is separate from the hour of P.E. that precedes it, and Maa-chan assures her that it is, adding that she thinks she might propose this schedule plan to her teacher.

Full: (
Already influencing the youngsters...
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Maachan @ Top Yell 
( (

( ( (

Quote from: Maachan
"The roses Minishige-san left behind. Whether they wither or bloom is dependent on us."

"When watching dramas I can laugh so much I start crying! However, the members don't understand."

"I want all the 13 members to keep growing. I'm thinking about how we all can shine."

*Thx to Rokun

gifspam from the MV
( (

( ( ( (

( ( (

spin move:

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From H!O's Twitter:
LoGiRL interviews Sato Masaki
- (
- (
- (
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I think Maachan just gets cuter and cuter and it's quite insane >_<

EDIT: I honestly wonder if Utachan can beat Maachan in the cuteness poll this year!
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Maachan in the new fashion trend segment of TGL
まーちゃん(16歳)、初めてのTV番組ソロ出演。 (

Ishii: "Do you know what these are called?" *points to short sleeves*
Maa: "Pa?"
Ishii: ...
Maa: "Ha?" (katakana 'ha' (ハ) is shown - that's what the sleeves looked like?)
Ishii: *laughs*
Maa: "Ha? Ha? No?"
Ishii: "These are called ragran sleeves"
Maa: "I was totally wrong~!!!" *cries laughing*

*Thx to Ro-kun

Excerpts from Billboard Japan Interview
--How do you feel that there are people who'd call you a genius now?
Sato: I don't want to be called "stupid", when I took the Morning Musume auditions too I was told "If you shut up you'll pass. Don't talk", so I tried really hard, really hard to be as quiet as possible, and after passing I still stayed quiet even around 10th gen for a while. But when I did anything I would get scolded by the manager. Even when I introduced myself as "Sato Masaki a.k.a. Sato Masaki", I could see the manager there with a face that said "She's done it-" (laugh) ! When I saw that, I got nervous, thinking "Eh, did I say something weird just now? I said my name, I said I was 10th gen, I even used the 'a.k.a.'!", since it seemed I'd said something weird again. So when kouhai joined in, since I still didn't want to be thought of as "stupid", I tried my best not to talk...


--On the Yuugure wa Ameagari PV, Maachan stands out when you suddenly do solo air-piano. How did you feel about that?
Sato: At first, when I asked the dance coach "With what kind of feeling should I do it?", they said "Hm. You just need to play it." (laugh). But afterwards they told me, "Shouldn't you play the piano with a, come on 12th gen! kind of feeling? Like, watch me and follow after me! that kind of feeling". But after I play the piano, the four 12th gen members dance in front of me. So, in the end I did it with a "Itterasshai!" kind of feeling (laugh).

--You saw them off instead.
Sato: I saw them off! Like seeing my little sisters off. Oda-chan is my kouhai but she's older, so apart from Duu I thought of everyone as my older sisters. Everyone. But for 12th gen I thought, I wonder if I have to become an older sister? It's the same in Seishun Kozou wa Naiteiru, of course in Yuugure wa Ameagari, and in Ima Koko Kara as well. Also, I think Yuugure wa Ameagari is a message from Tsunku-san, that Michishige-san's time has passed, but that we have no choice but to build a new time now. We can't waste it. Like ,"You guys need to lead the 12th gen now". So I'm singing it with that image, and putting all of those thoughts into the air-piano. Personally, rather than an orange aura, I try to let out a golden aura. Also, at the end, when everyone makes a circle around Masaki and spins around, that's not playing around.
--I know that (laugh).

Oda: They wouldn't think everyone would just play around right at the end (laugh).
Sato: And then everyone comes close to encircle me! That's why when it ends, I'm thinking, "All of my older and younger sisters are here, Masaki is so happy!". Like, "Thank you, for being by Maa's side."
--So, it's a tremendous important song. For Maachan.
Sato: For me, it's a song where everyone likes Maa.

--When I first saw that air-piano, the episode of Maachan making music at home suddenly came to mind. If I'm not mistaken Oda-san talked about it in her radio. Since when did Maachan become a house-recording girl?
Sato: From quite a while back. I've been doing it ever since I joined Morning Musume.
Oda: Ever since she installed the app in her iPad she's became capable of doing anything, she's even done recording.
Sato: Hahaha! That's right!
Oda: Sato-san would click and go, chicchicchicchi... at the same tempo she's add the drums, the piano, the guitar, my voice, and made a song like "Fantasy ga Hajimaru (Sato Masaki version) feat.Oda Sakura"! And we recorded it in a moving car, even.
Sato: In the middle there's a car horn sound going "Pu-!" (laugh).
Ogata: Also, when 12th gen was struggling with the rhythm of Seishun Kozou ga Naiteiru, Sato-san made a CD with a Sato Masaki version where the rhythm was easier to catch. When I heard that Sato-san made it I thought "Eh!?".
Oda: At first, Sato-san was asked by the manager. "Please bring a sound source as soon as possible for 12th gen to catch the 16 beat more easily". Then she showed up the next day with one she'd made herself!
--Can't everyone dance and sing together to a song Maachan created? In the future.
Oda: A lot happens in life~♪
Sato: Hahahaha!
--What was that? That song just now!
Oda: It's called Jinsei wa Iroiro Aru♪ ("There's All Sorts of Things in Life")

Full: (

Thanks to Meroron♥ from H!O (

The Riddle of the Tree


Sato: Um... What is Tokunaga-san's favourite tree?

Tree? If you're talking about strength, I guess I'd say the palm tree. The ones you find in Hawaii. (

I'm thinking Chinami didn't know the proper answer.

Q. What you favorite tree? 木-Ki-Tree
A. Masa-Ki

*Thx to thegabriel from H!O

(  (

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I'm feeling the potential of someone who can do things impossible to the normal idol, she'll be known as god soon enough :lol:
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^    :lol:
( (

Sato on Hokkaido radio with ex-Biyuden Miyoshi Erika

佐藤優樹 さなみよ 4/19 (
-do you give them [12th gen] advice and such?

-hmm.. right... like if they come asking "what should i do about facial expressions?", i tell them like "you should look at ayumi-chan's ♥". or when they ask "sato-san, what should i do about dancing?" i tell them "you should ask sayashi-san about that ♥". i make sure to redirect them to the girls who do it properly~

*Thx to Meroron♥ from H!O

Sato Masaki LoGirl Interview Translation

( (

*Thx to Ro-kun
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(SUBBED) Girl's Trend Sato Masaki (
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Maachan @ Top Yell 
( ( ( ( (

The New World that Maachan saw (Top Yell May 2015 Translation) (

TGL Girls Trend segment part 2

まーちゃん(16歳)、2回目のTV番組ソロ出演。 まーちゃんWORLD全開!編 (
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CROSS-POSTING!! - Morning Musume。´15 Nationwide Simultaneous Handshake Events: Maachan in Hokkaido (
- (
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Happy Birthday!!!
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Happy Sweet Sixteen
Masaki chan!!!


Wishing a wonderful year
ahead for the free spirited
and lovely Masaki!


Erina protects Masaki

Maria looks up (not literally) to Masaki
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bit late, happy 16th birthday little devil Maachan!  :lol:

Melodies Maachan solo

bday event audio rip
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150513 Entame Station in Sapporo Morning Musume'15 Sato Masaki (
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Remember how she squealed with utter delight when she got a macaroon?
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@3:17 Maachan Bday event digest
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Maachan on Aidoru Mou Icchou (

Some highlights:
*Translated by goodchao from H!O

Maachan confused between shumi (hobby) & tokugi (special skill)

Maachan feeling "sukatto" because she was alone today
Host : So you feel happy? Anxious?
Maachan : Anxious.

She was talking about kashi (lyrics). Taisei for Imasugu (She's wrong btw >__<), and Tsunku for Oh My Wish and Sukatto My Heart
The host asked if it's sakkyoku (composition) or sakushi (lyrics). She confused and said, whatever it is : >>

Person she's comfortable to talk to within HelloPro members
Masaki : "Mike"
Host : Who's Mike?
Masaki : Microphone. I probably talk a lot with the mic. With mic I can be myself.

Host :  You do something like mumbling on the mic?
Masaki : When there's a mic, my nervousness disappeared, it's like : >>
Masaki (to mic) : "Let's do our best!" or "Let's sing together!"
Host : That's totally Masaki World.

Host asked which one with the intense dance. Maachan said Oh My WIsh.
And when they asked her to describe it : >>
The host asked to explain once again, she refused and said "replay douzo~"

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Maachan on Aidoru Mou Icchou pt. 2

( (

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Maachan translations from the hellopro maruwakari summer book 2015

Q1. love, the one which you are pushing/oshimen hello pro members are
川* ^_〉^)< oda-chan , her personality was cute  <3

Q2.  the person that i think was the face of hello project was
川* ^_〉^)< tsugunaga-san, i think she appear more frequently on television.

Q3. hello pro member that will success in the future
川* ^_〉^)< yamaki-chan, i dont know well but she’s quite interesting, oda-chan always talk about her.

Q4. member that i want to be close with
川* ^_〉^)<10ki, eventhough we are close already but i want to deepen our relationship even more

Q5.senior that have a great impact on you
川* ^_〉^)< takahashi-san and tanasatan. a very great impact

Q6. if you are a boy, which hello pro member did you want as a girlfriend, and the method to confess
川* ^_〉^)< harunan, shes so interesting that i will always laugh when we are talking

Q7. hello pro member that you want as a girlfriend
川* ^_〉^)<suzuki airi, everyday she will say that i’m cute.

Q8. tell me who you want to go play with and what plan are you making
川* ^_〉^)<10ki + oda-chan, amusement park.

Q9. if you can make your own tv program, what will you make and which member will in it
川* ^_〉^)< okai-san, maa-chan learning everything tv program

Q10. word for the fan out there
川* ^_〉^)< thank you for always supporting maa-chan.. from now and the future always thank you.

credits: daein@H!O
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For those times when you just want to LOL.

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Fukuchan and Maachan join Ayuyu on the latter's latest appearance on Ara ara Kashiko (video in 2 parts).

150801モーニング娘。'15 石田亜佑美 譜久村聖 佐藤優樹 [A#9] 1/2  (

150801モーニング娘。'15 石田亜佑美 譜久村聖 佐藤優樹 [A#9] 2/2  (
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On "Imasugu Tobikomu Yuuki"
I wept as I read the lyrics. I think that because this was the 59th single, the lyrics were written to make you weep (This is a pun on the word for weep, "goukyuu", and the numbers 5 and 9 pronounced "go" and "kyuu"). I don't usually cry when I get the lyrics, but I think this time they really apply to both me and to Morning Musume '15, so I was easily able to put my emotions into the recording and it went really smoothly. I definitely think the listeners will find parts that resonate with them. Nonaka Miki-chan and I were the main vocalists for this song, so we're talking about doing our best together. This may be the first and last time we see this combi together, so I really want to enjoy the moment while it lasts.
Aims for the final half of the year
I want all of my wishes to be granted (by god/kamisama)! For example, it would be great if Morning Musume '15 could go around the world and do good for others. Or get into a position in which we can perform at larger venues. It's fine if it's not all fun and games, if even 4 out of 10 things turn out bad than I just want the other 6 to be good. I believe that, in this world, every moment is a chance for things to go well (there aren't just specific times when things will go well, maybe?) If we all put our very best into it, and people's lives start interweaving/we start connecting with people, the people around us will start to naturally make things happen for us in a good way, something like that. So it's not really what I want a god to grant for me, it's more like I want them to teach me what I need to do to make things happen!

*Thanks to Ashivers from H!O
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"the first thing I want to happen is for all the members to become as one. after that, we can talk about how we want to proceed as a group. but even though not all of us have known each other that long, we should talk to each other instead of asking those around us about this, it's precisely because we have not known each other that long that we should talk to build connections. but for the time being I will continue with the intention of not losing myself. who i was when i first started, all the experiences (the rehearsals, being nervous every day, getting scolded by instructors, etc.) --- i want to keep these feelings and continue with a constant flutter in my heart." - sato masaki

*Thx to ryu_uchida from H!O

( ( (

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maachan is too deep for me in these interviews
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^ Her deep singing parts are such a surprise compared to how high and cutesy her talking voice is :lol:

But surely she's among the strongest in MM now? I'm not really keeping notes, but I'm sure someone is!!!
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Post by: JFC on September 18, 2015, 10:02:37 PM - Morning Musume。´15 August 2015 Nationwide Handshake Events: Sato Masaki (
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Kowarenai Ai ga Hoshii no + Melodies - Bday Event perf  :heart: :heart: :heart:

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More Bday event solo performances:

Princess Maachan perf:

Gifs from her hair arrangement segment from HPS:
( (

( (
more hair arrangement gifs:

from TGL:
( (

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She's so charismatic, she should be Momusu's current miracle member :lol:
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^ i bet maa-chan knows the way to chan pon chan  XD
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Select questions from Maachan's 50 questions event:

Q22: What would you like to try from now on?

Satou: I’d like to play the guitar. Seeing Tsunku-san and some directors playing the guitar very well makes me wanna play it too. My second sister plays the piano and the guitar, and my third sister plays the piano, while I play the drums and the piano.

Nishiguchi: Oh, your family is kind of musical one.

Satou: I’d rather wonder what my father expects from us.


Q19: What would you like to do if you’re able to talk with animals?

Satou: I’d ask them “Now you’re in cages. What would you like to do?” If they said “We want to break out”, I’d let them escape after the zoo closed. I’d also cut off monitoring cameras with the help of young little animals and some birds.

Nishiguchi: Sounds like Doctor Dolittle.

Satou: Pardon?

Nishiguchi: Nothing.


Q11: What story did you love to read in your childhood?

Satou: I hate books. As I watched letters various thoughts would come up to my mind. And it would spoil my consistency in thinking and make me give up reading.


Q21: If you were to have a world-wide concert tour, which part of the world would you like to visit?

Satou: The Arctic and the Antarctica!

Nishiguchi: How come?

Satou: No particular reason. Because these are out of the earth.

Nishiguchi: These are on the top and the bottom of the earth.

Satou: But I heard these’re out of the earth.

Nishiguchi: No. These’re the nothernmost and southernmost places of the earth.

Satou: Anyway, I’d like to live there even after we finished our concert.

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Pyoko Pyoko Ultra

Be Genki Naseba Naru!

More perfs -
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Ten years from now


Maachan's jealous character


    英語も喋ってたのにもう喋れないし、(野中ちゃんの方を向いて)ふん!野中ちゃんに負けないように頑張りたいと思います!」 #mm15tour_PRISM

Maachan [Manager-san, members, staff-san, everyone is saying Nakano is funny, she took the spot for being good at piano, she even speaks English, I won't be speaking anymore, (faces Nakano-chan) Hmph! I'll do my best as to not lose to Nakano-chan!]


    飯窪「スケジュールが合わなくて 休みを合わせて遊びに行きたい」

① Jealous of Wada Ayaka & Iikubo Haruna friendship
Iikubo [I've only played with Wada-san one time this year]
Satou [That's enough! That's plenty already]
Iikubo [We can't match our schedule, I want to go and play on our day off]
Satou [Masa will ask manager-san to schedule work on that day for you]


    佐藤「いいもん して欲しくない!」

    飯窪「キャラじゃないでしょ そのままでしょ」

② Jealous of Fukumura Mizuki & Makino Maria's friendship
Fukumura [Before the concert, I gave Maria-chan a super tight hug]
Iikubo [Maachan's jealous? Does Maachan also want a hug?
Fukumura [Should I give you a hug?]
Satou [It's alright~ I don't want it!] tlnote: Maachan said it in a very cute way, almost tsundere
Satou [Could we stop the whole 'Maachan has a jealousy character' thing!]
Iikubo [It's not a character, that's just really the way you are]
Satou [Masa, is not like that...] tlnote: Again, said in a very cute way

*Thx to GrandDark and Kinjiru from H!O

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Maachan in BOMB Magazine 12/09/2015

( (

( (
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BOMB Magazine Interview Translation
-Looking back over this year, how do you feel?
Ah, recently I dream of members quite frequently. We went together [to someone's house] to surprise her and stay a night there, but I revealed so I was scolded(laugh). Every member appeared in my dreams. Ah, only Ayumin(Ishida) didn't appear over the past week~.
-I'll let her know(laugh).
Ah, will you? Kyaa-!
-Anything else to say about this year, like about 12ki?
Members of 12ki joined only a year ago, but they understand what a manager says. They are smart, do things very well, and grow fast. As for me in the first year, I couldn't understand what a manager said so awfully that I didn't listen carefully. 'I can't lose to them-', I think.
-About Sayashi Riho chan's graduation?

I feel nervous about our future from now on. I don't want this December to come. And even Christmas too. We don't have much times, but I want to absorb many things from Yassan(Sayashi). Yassan has probably stared at herself all along, and imagined in her head the way she acts and looks great. And I think that's why she remains the ace all along. But I can't do that kind of thing yet.
-But you experienced a center position in one of the singles.
Morning Musume probably may come to an end if I become the center(laugh). Because I'm not that kind of vessel yet[which means she doesn't have the capacity to do things required for the center position yet]. If someone becomes the center or the ace, frustrating as it will be, I want to support her
 as best I can. Probably it can be an empty word, though. Hee hee(laugh).
-Hey(laugh). Lastly, what is your goal for the upcoming year?
I hope all the members become a closer family. Fukumura san or Ikuta san for father[of the family]. Ayumin for mother, Akane chin(Haga) for the pet. As for me, I want to be a house. The house that protects everyone. I want to be a great presence[大きな存在]. So, if we unite, I'm sure we'll be fine next year too.

*Thx to tadahitorinoningen from H!O
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No matter what she says, I feel like they're prepping her to be the next ace
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House & Pet

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As for me, I want to be a house. The house that protects everyone.

SO CUTE. I love how she really, really loves the group and everything I hear/have heard about her mentoring 12ki has just been precious.... especially juxtaposed to her childish/jealous character. Earlier in the year, a friend and I were talking about who we think of the current group would make the best leader after Fuku left and both of us said Masaki to much protest.... but I think she has that love and nurturing for the group that Sayumi had and could one day be amazing at it (and honestly, when Sayu was young, not many would've pegged her for the leader she became either).

Anyway ace or no (or future leader or no), Maachan really has matured and become such an awesome member of the group.  :heart:
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-An excerpt from 「GiRLPOP 2016 WINTER」
Thanks to a wota in 2ch.
– Sayashi-san's graduation was surely a big thing to you all?
Sato: Instead of feeling sad, I first thought “we are in a trouble.” About senpai's graduations until now, I felt “I'm sad” or “I don't want to be separated”, and I felt the same about Sayashi-san too, but before that “we are in a trouble” and “What should we do?” For now, on which part should I put emphasis and how can I reveal a strong aura with my eyes, I make a close observation of these things.
– Sayashi-san graduates at the end of this year. What kind of group do you want MM16 to be after that?
Sato: When Tanaka-san graduated, I thought “we have to make an effort at singing”, and at the time of Sayumi-san's graduation, “we have to make an effort at MC.” Likewise, I thought mainly that we should fill up someone's absence together. But this time, I cut down that kind of thinking and want to make something together which surpass it. For example, we think in our head that the earth is round, but from the point where Sayashi-san has gone, something different comes up, and from there another earth … do you understand what I'm saying? Ahh, I can't explain smoothly!
Kudo: To put it simply, you mean like MM15 was a circle, and you want to make MM16 a triangle?
Sato: Yes, that's it! Like “The earth turns into this? Is it the earth? That's the way it was!” In this way, I think I want to make a group to which people cannot but turn their eyes.
– Your explanation is clever(laugh), but if you put it that way, this might be in a sense, a chance for a revolution.
Sato: Yes, this is the chance to change.

*Thx to tadahitorinoningen from H!O

Some subbed vids:
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<The legend of “genius” Sato Maachan, the awaken “god of rhythm”(「リズムの神様」)>

Kudo: As for how to teach 12ki, Maachan(Sato) took an active part. She makes them her own rhythm tracks.
Oda: Sato-san has a great stubbornness about rhythm and prioritizes it above anything else. She [once] edited at her house a track which stressed the background sound of “Seishun Kozo ga Naiteiru” with a DTM[DeskTop Music] software for a professional musician she had bought.
Kudo: She also writes and composes songs, and let her little sister sing them. When we meet in the morning, she says to me like, “Listen to this~!”, and you know what? The songs are good to listen to. Quite a lot of her original songs have piled up.
Oda: She also makes something like a medley and a DJ mix by adjusting the key and BPM[Beat Per Minute] of songs and putting in a connecting melody. She even plays instrumental parts by herself.
Kudo: Her future is so bright! That is much more than just a hobby!
Sato: Hello. I'm sorry for being late!
(At this point Sato joined the conversation)
– Sato-san, you write and compose your own songs recently, right?
Sato: Yes. I wanted to record my sister's speaking and I thought it would be better to do it in the form of a song.
– I'm looking forward to you pairing up with Fukuda Kanon-san in the future!
*Square brackets are mine.
An excerpt from Feb 2016 issue of <Gekkan Entame>. My thanks to a wota in 2ch

*Translation: tadahitorinoningen@H!O

Quote from: Oct 26 Talk event
Question 5 Do you want to compose music for a living?

I should've brought my CD today

It would be good for it to be heard here

Although it's the voice of my 2 little sister.

Nishi [Burn it and sell it]

Sato [I won't sell it!]

Wota [I'll buy it! I'll buy it!]

Sato [Then, it'll be 18000 yen]

*Thx to GrandDark from H!O


Feb 2016 issue of「GetNavi」

Mizuki: Before long, MM16 starts up. Though we have to fill in the empty hole Riho-chan left, I think to that extent we all can grow up and I'm looking forward to it.
Masaki: I want to plant a new seed in that hole. I think it takes time to sprout from the seed and MM16 is a preparatory period for that.

-Feb 2016 issue of 「B.L.T.」
Sato: My head is full of Sayashi-san's graduation. As I heard that in October, everything that had happened until then was blown away, like “whoosh”. It turned out to be the year that gave me that impression. (weep) But I don't want to fill in the empty hole Sayashi-san left. Rather, I want to leave that untouched and wait until a new sprout comes out from it. Because, until now we tried to stop up an empty hole someone left, but [this time] I think it's impossible for anyone to replace [her] …
*square brackets are mine.
My thanks to a wota in 2ch for these excerpts.

*Translation: tadahitorinoningen@H!O

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Is it Necessary? Compilation
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Maachan on Idol Mouicchou

Dailymotion Mirror
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- Sato Masaki: “Who says people can’t turn back time?”
- Sato Masaki’s aspiration for 2016: “Rather than people being moved by time, I want to make time moveable by people.”

Is this Maachan's way of saying she wants Japan to observe Daylight Saving Time? :lol: We just pushed our clocks forward this past weekend here in North America...maybe she should come visit us again!

I really wish I could've interacted with her better during the autographs in Houston, but unfortunately I was both too sleep-deprived and starstruck to do so. Still, she reminded us out there that she is indeed still the loveable weirdo we've known all this time: just look at what she did to one of the managers during the group's second autograph session!
(photo from Gachipop (

With Zukki on her way out and Riho already gone, this girl is set to take my top spot in the group come June. She's come a long way too, considering I wasn't too sold on her at first when 10th gen debuted. What can I say? I relate to her randomness. :P

(also this is my first post ever in this thread after all these years!)
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Compilation of Maachan with Lovendor. I love how in the one, Reina shuts down Lovendor's own camera once Maachan shows up.  :lol:
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She trolled Zukki here pretty hard. :lol:
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^ As she mentioned a long time ago, Masaki chan
really has a splendid control of pitch!
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Members of  Morning Musume, who  will celebrate their 20th anniversary before long, appear by turns. This time, Sato Masaki(17) of 10ki, “the unknown genius!?” talks about herself and the group from her special point of view.
【until joining】 One of the motives is that although I studied with my father until midnight I forgot everything next day.  I guess my father thought that he should give this girl a musical education, not a normal one. I’ve learned piano since 2 years old, and after that I started to learn drum. I hate studying but loved playing the instrument.
About an  audition, my father arbitrarily applied for it because he thought I can learn about music in Morning Musume. In fact my family wouldn’t let me watch a TV, so I didn’t know about Morning Musume and Tsuku-san. I did hide-and-seek at the training camp  because my mother said “Never mind about passing the audition, just enjoy it. Those who enjoy is a winner”. But I was scolded for that by staff-san and I was late for the next day’s meeting. At that time everyone’s eyes were so scary.(laugh)

【Knowing nothing of the world】
I really know nothing of the world. I didn’t know about a relationship. In hometown, everyone listend to what I said. They said making me angry was scary. (laugh) So, I was like “what??” when Harunan said “do it yourself” in response to me telling her  “Harunan, do that” as usual. The atmosphere was rapidly changed since joining Morning Musume. Maybe about 380 degrees(Iikubo, who was sitting next to her, said “180 degrees”). Eh? Well, then a bit more than 180 degrees. It was a little hard.
【10ki】 Harunan wrote all lyrics in Hiragana for me at the audition.
 She’s type of person who pays you back double about bad things. I can’t expect when the fearful Haruan will come out. I’m worried that for now, she makes herself agreeable to others, but  at that time she will leave others behind.
 Duu is strong-minded and has her own belief, so she knows what she has to do. She is weakhearted sometimes, but you don’t have to worry about her.
 Ayumi never says die to others. So, we have to notice her feeling first. She pretends to be tough sometimes, but that’s why she shines.
We, 10ki, are scared. We don’t know when the things will change. Though someone from the management isn’t supposed to hear this(Iikubo said “one is here right in front of your eyes”), I have to say that bad things will happen if they seperate 10ki.
【about the graduation of two 9ki members】I was loved by Tanaka Reina-san and Michishige Sayumi-san, so after their graduations I was painful for a while. It was Yassan who filled my empty heart. I’m not still used to her absence. Yassan was so big to me.
 Suzuki Kanon-san has the cutest face. She has big eyes, full lips and a  shapely nose. Michishige-san also praised it. She used to liven up the mood, so after her graduation I think the atmosphere will change totally.
 I’ve also changed since Yassan’s graduation. Formerly, I put on my earphones and closed a shutter during break time. But recently I’ve changed my mind and thought “Let’s change and get along with everyone.” My goal for this year is to talk more with the members.

*Translation by tadahitorinoningen from H!O


Sato Masaki: “I don’t really like being called a genius. I’d prefer being called a leaf.”

( (
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^ best comment award for that thread:

...."I am afraid that Maa-chan
will one day go full John Lennon
and say “Morning Musume is
more popular than Buddha,”
and Wada Ayaka will kick her butt......"

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Happy 17th Birthday Maachan!  :heart:
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Happy Birthday!!
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:heart: Happy Birthday, Maachan!! :heart:
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Happy Seventeen Masaki chan!
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Renai Revolution 21 – Maa-chan Ver (Introducing members)

リーダ ふくちゃん (Fuku-chan is the leader)
バク転 えりぽん (Eripon is able to do back flips)
5月で卒業 鈴木さん (Suzuki-san who is going to graduate in May)
漫画オタ はるなん (Harunan who is a manga otaku (addict))
ダンスマシーン あゆみん (Ayumin is the dance machine)
みんなでまーちゃん叫びましょう(Everyone please call me Maa-chan)(まーちゃん!)(Maa-chan!)
ナルシスト くどうー (Kuduu is a Narcisst)
歌姫 おださく(Odasaku is a songstress)
色白すきる 尾形 (Ogata has a fair complexion)
帰国子女 のなか (Nonaka is the girl who returned home from abroad)
野球すき まきの (Makino is the one who loves baseball)
最年少の あかねちん (Akane-chin is the youngest)
タカハシさん とても顔小さい (Takahashi-san (the female host) has a much smaller face)
それに対して 鈴木さん (In contrast to Suzuki-san)
増子さん 以前お世話になりました (Thank you for your help previously, Masuko-san)
これからもモ―娘。よろしくです (From now on too, please take care of Momusu)
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Bday event concert rips

Silver no Udedokei

Jishin motte yume motte tobidatsu kara

Endless Sky

Wow Suteki

Chiku taku watashi no shun


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They really want you to buy that shirt   :lol:
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( ( ( (

The idea today is to have you talk as much as you want about what you think...

"Excuse me! Among human beings, there are good people, and bad people, and all sorts, right?"

Th-that's right. You sure started off with something deep out of nowhere huh~ (laugh)

"I think individuality is important, but I'm not good at getting along with many different types of people. I prefer being friendly with things like leaves, or animals."

You can be friendly with leaves?

"Yes, I don't pull them off their branches, for an instance. This is a story from when I was small, but while playing in the middle of nature, a strong wind blew in my direction. I thought, eh, what was that, and followed the wind's direction instead of the path I'd been walking, and thanks to that I avoided falling down a cliff."

Heh-! Wait, wait, what about the leaves?

"Something like that happened, but when I went mountain climbing with family and friends, I was playing around with a 'careful, cliff ahead' caution rope, pulling it and letting go back and forth like ween~ ween~, and (pulled by the rope) my sister and friend fell down the cliff like ston~, ahahahaha."

That's not funny~!

"But, at the bottom of the cliff there just happened to be leaves, and everyone was fine because of them! I became friends with leaves then, and felt thankful to them."

I see (laugh). Why is it that you're not good at getting along with humans?

"Before joining Morning Musume., in grade 6, when I said 'I want to do this, I want to do that', both my school teachers and my friends went 'Ok, let's do it', and everyone did as I said..."

'Did as you said' (laugh).

"I mean, in school I was the most like a little sister sort of character, and everyone knew that it was scary when I got mad."

Rather than being mad, I guess it was more like throwing a tantrum. But, you're scary when mad?

"I am. When there's something I don't like, instead of sulking in the shadows, I say right there and then that I don't like it. I hate kids that bully the most. Because there was a kid like that, until grade 3 I didn't want to go to the classroom, and stayed in the infirmary the whole time. One day, I was talking to the infirmary nurse about what could be done to change that kid's personality, and they told me 'Maybe Maachan should first expose their true nature'". Because this nurse had seen me before going "This isn't right!" directly at a girl one year older than me. Then, during recess, I warned that kid who was whispering things about a friend, "That's not right so come and apologize! If you bully, the school's police will catch you"~. After that there was no bullying in my school! Because Masaki would get mad."

Is that so (laugh). In the last issue of the Morning Musume. '16 feature, weren't you saying 'I'll get hurt if you call me an airhead!'?

[T/N: tennen: nature; spontaneity; natural airhead
tennensui: natural water; untreated water; spring water]

"Because, 'airhead' [tennen] is something that isn't alive! It's the 'natural' like in 'natural water', right? Doesn't it refer to Nature."

Rather, I feel like that's something full of life... (laugh)

"Not alive, or rather, it feels like I'm not being thought of as human. That's why I also really don't like being called strange/mysterious."

Then, what sort of things are there to characterize Sato Masaki?

"Hm, vision! There's our new song 'The Vision' that was just released, and inside my head there are a lot images I think up, that are like visions. Like things I want to do in concerts, dozens of different types appear in my dreams."

Eh, in your dreams!? You mean, while asleep?

"Yes! I've decided that if I stop getting those visions I'll graduate from Morning Musume. When I say these things, a lot of people at handshake events ask me 'Are you hinting you'll graduate?', but I don't have that intention at all, and to be honest graduation doesn't mean anything to me. What's important is to enjoy as much as possible until these visions disappear, and I'm not thinking of anything else."

By the way, what vision have you had lately?

"I had a really creepy dream. My two younger sisters and I were walking through a dark green, and there were many trees with faces in them. Then, a fairy comes and says, 'The god that will talk to you has a face that will be moving like oon~'."

...(silence). Excuse me?

"(moving her hand in an undulating motion) She said their face would be like this. So as we three sisters looked for it, there really was just one face moving like oon~! Then, that god told me that, besides my birthday on May 7th, I 'have one other birthday'. Apparently it's June 20th. But, before I could understand what that meant, the dream ended."

And so, what's on June 20th!?

"I still don't know~ Something might happen on that day this year, or maybe nothing will happen, I'm looking forward to it♪"

I'm curious... I'll be waiting for your report! Because now, apparently our time is over.

"If you come to Maachan's house you might not be able to go home, so you better be careful. Because I won't stop talking~♪"

*Translation by Meroron♥ from H!O

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Count down to June 20th
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Maachan the Actress :heart:


Quote from: page11
It seems like Nishimori Hide - the director of Zoku 11 nin iru praised Maachan and said Maachan is an "incredible talent" and a "treasure"

    Can someone translate fully what he tweets?

    Tweet 1:

    Tweet 2:

    Tweet 3:

    Tweet 4:


In the Navi video, when asked who of the girls had improved the most, he answered Masaki, and when explaining his choice he said some of the things he's saying in these tweets. The tweets get into more detail, so I'm really glad he talked about this!!

①Morning Musume. '16's Sato Masaki said that she was bad at acting. Said Masaki's script was completely filled with notes she'd taken. When I talked to her, her image of the role and the emotions was precise in the finest detail. I earnestly observed Masaki, pointed things out, confirmed things. She intuitively, deeply "got it".

②During practice, when I was explaining the direction plan for a certain scene, Masaki spoke out and said what I was just about to say next, before me. When I asked "How did you know?" she said, "Ah no, I don't know, I just thought it would be nice". That scene, even when performed in the real thing, became one of the most beautiful.

③I was again made to realize that, underneath other people's evaluations and her own assumptions about herself, enormous talent and treasures were sleeping. I also think so when looking back to my time as a teacher. When I limit my view of people to frame of 「preconceptions」, aren't I sealing away their potential? I deeply admonished myself.

④The moment when a person's underlying strength comes to surface is more beautiful than anything. The moment when their original sensations, voice and feelings start breathing again. I am always drawn to that pure energy. This troupe is a treasury of beauty. This production, is overflowing strongly with an atmosphere of purity.

In the video he talked about how Maa seemed to really understand what the characters were thinking or feeling, and just had a hard time expressing it, or would sorta hesitate to do things... probably because she thought she was bad at acting and maybe didn't trust herself on this... anyway, this is more confirmation of what we all know: Maa is full of talent and intuition, and people are prejudiced against her because they don't see her potential, just because she's different ;__; I'm so glad her talent was acknowledged here... and maybe now she can keep on getting more important roles in plays instead of being made to play brats that are just Basically Her.

*Thanks to Meroron♥ from H!O
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Sato Masaki: “I want to write songs for Morning Musume — songs that can move people’s hearts.”
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Maachan/Haga Birthday Event digest 2016

Maachan Bday event 2015
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Post by: scorn on July 02, 2016, 06:17:23 AM
I'd still maintain Tsunku foresaw the coming of Maachan Twelve years prior when he penned Memory Seishun no Hikari.
Hopefully she stays in Morning Musume for as long as Sayu did, she already more than validates her place in Musume folklore.
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Maachan Utakata solo ver.
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Tokyo yo Iu solo ver.
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The Vision solo ver.
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From Meroron@H!O:
Her Idol Mou Icchou appearance was amazing as usual ❤
She talked about how frustrating it is when fans can't let go of Riho and keep bringing her up instead of appreciating the current members' hard work, and also that she thinks 12ki has some scary potential but that they're not showing it yet, that they're still not opening up and being themselves. And made a prediction that they'll be the big thing and everyone will see their appeal 3 years from now (lol). She's pretty worried about 13ki joining while 12ki hasn't opened up and meshed together the rest of the group completely yet.
Oh, she also talked about her ear monitor not working during EMOTION IN MOTION final :( You could really tell, she looked so distressed / upset through the first part of the concert... she said Aishite Aishite Ato Ippun was when her monitor was finally fixed and working properly and that was why she got so into it
I laughed the most when she was doing the announcements in the end, and when it was time to talk about the auditions she said "Morning Musume 13th gen auditions are now on sale" jhsdfah
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Sato Masaki Blog Post 7/25
Title: Oba-san… (Cry)
This is Maachan
I called LoVendoR’s Uozumi Yuki as “Oba-san”
Oba-san’s graduation..
I suddenly got shocked
after i’d heard it
For me,
She’s such an adult-like sister
I might hate the moment when i’ve been in the dressing room with her.
But, she’s so kind and made me laugh alot,
Talked to each other,
Played her guitar for me,
And touched my hair
Maachan wants to meet you again
I want to hear you play your guitar again.
The only event we can meet each other is just at the Satoyama Event.
16th September is our last…
Oba-san I love love loveeeee you!
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Houston solo lines comp

Mic performance comp
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I made few enhancements to the concert rip of Maachan's solo perf of Single Bed from 2014.

Here's the MP3 if anyone wants it:
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 :O wonder what gave her the courage to take on Tsunku's signature
Usually harder-to-sing numbers like this are reserved for vocals like Yossie's, Airi's, or Honda Ruru's
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mind if i put it up on youtube?
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mind if i put it up on youtube?

Yeah, go ahead and upload it. I tried uploading it on yt but I somehow get stuck in 'processing' mode. Might just be my internet.

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*Thx to page11 from H!O
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So either J-ldoru is a unionized industry...

or is there a conspiracy by the 48 Groups & H!P to make the idol market their duopoly? :P
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couple more:

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Post by: oaxiac on November 20, 2016, 06:07:28 PM

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^ Mayu understood the hidden message in
the idol art style of Maachan  :deco:
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finally did it
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Post by: muppet on November 26, 2016, 12:33:18 PM
Just bought an Avex 90's compilation double
CD set and the 1994 version of 'Single Bed' was on it...

Really a much better song than I originally had surmised several years ago...

シャ乱Q シングルベッド原曲 1994 (
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Post by: oaxiac on December 09, 2016, 06:40:36 PM


I will explain why Sato Maachan is so popular



I will put it simple. In so many years, H!P was like it's gonna end soon

Even though they had tried various methods, somehow it still feel like H!P got stuck in a dark room

So everyone was expecting Sato Maachan to break that thick wall, right?

And she has made a breakthrough with her unconventional thoughts and behaviours

So, if you are waiting for such talents in 13ki, you will get disappointed because they are trained kenshuusei
6: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/07(水) 11:17:09.39


For me, it's the gap between her performance, her craziness and her cuteness.

These three factors are intertwined intricately that makes her so attractive
7: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/07(水) 11:17:40.01


Her skills is upgraded step by step; she got upset when she's in a slump; she's loved by both senpai and kouhai

Her old rival became her friend, and with her personality she has that "main character" feeling.
11: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/07(水) 11:20:26.79


Her mic performance in DVD Magazine 88 really impressed me

There is only Maachan who can make such excitement
19: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/07(水) 11:34:33.52


First and foremost, she has skills

Then, you can't take your eyes off her. She is dazzlingly beautiful.
39: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/07(水) 12:07:51.70


Maybe it's because she alone shines brightly like the golden era
41: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/07(水) 12:09:25.43


Look, MaaDuu combi is that much popular, why can't they just use them as center for promotion
46: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/07(水) 12:15:50.06


Maachan is a swamp
64: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/07(水) 12:32:25.56


The more you know her, the more you like her
47: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/07(水) 12:16:58.82


Even though MaaDuu are totally different types of people

It's amazing that both can make girls go "kya~ kya~"
54: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/07(水) 12:24:14.40

'14 の道重

Ariana Grande



Takahashi Ai

'14 Michishige

It seems like she watches a lot of their videos to learn from them
57: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/07(水) 12:25:07.22


Sometimes, I can feel she has the same influence like Takahashi
62: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/07(水) 12:28:47.10


She alone spreading the euphoria of 10 people
77: 名無し募集中。。。@\(^o^)/ 2016/12/07(水) 13:42:18.62



Album please

And Maachan solo song please

*Thx to page11 from H!O

Full 2016 Bday event
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Maachan laugh compilation
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Post by: J-Triumf on December 22, 2016, 07:44:28 AM
OMG MAACHAN :shocked

Injured with a herniated lumbar disc! That sounds pretty serious!

I hope she can recover from this; I'd hate to lose her too. :cry:
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Post by: shirenuファクトリー on December 22, 2016, 08:40:04 AM
"Symptoms of a lumbar herniated disc vary widely—from moderate pain in the back and buttock to widespread numbness and weakness requiring immediate medical care.

In the vast majority of cases, the pain eases within six weeks. But despite its short duration, the pain can be excruciating and make it difficult to participate in everyday activities and responsibilities. For some, the pain can become chronic and/or debilitating."

Hopefully Maachan is one of the "vast majority of cases" and this won't cause chronic pain. I don't see how she could continue as an idol if the pain was chronic. :/ Either way, let's hope she feels better soon!
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Post by: oaxiac on December 22, 2016, 05:43:51 PM
Get well soon, Maachan!

She's still young, I think she'll be fine.
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Quote from: Sohee from JPLOP
So Masaki will be on leave until the end of February.
UF says they feel responsible for not having given her time enough to focus on training in 2015.
Mid-February they will consult with the doctor again and see how/if she can start activities in March again.

Maachan apologizes but assures us that she has no problems in her daily life so we shouldn't worry about that.
So as long as the doctor gives an OK she will ask to start working again, even if not dancing/performing but just minor activities.
She says she'll do her best with training and for us to let her rest and then wait for her to come back as she definitely will.

Quote from: kryssae11 from H!O
^ she also mentioned that as much as she's troubled the members, staff, dance teacher and her fans, her pride won't allow her to just quit MM'17!! T^T

Quote from: akarinxxx from H!O
Sorry for posting this again!

But a Japanese fan on twitter as well as many other Japanese fans of Maa-chan has come together to set up a recovery message scrapbook project for Maa-Chan! We are doing this so as to give her all the support and love that we can give her and let her know we are all waiting for her to be back! I will be heading to Tokyo after the New Years to help out with the scrapbook.

If you would like to participate and know Japanese, please tweet your message with your name + country to:

If you don't know Japanese, feel free to PM me your message in English with your name + country and I will help you to translate it into Japanese so you can tweet it to the above link!

The dateline is as soon as possible ^^

We want to collect as many messages as possible so even if you aren't a Maa-chan oshi, you can still participate!
I'm sure she will be really happy to see so many international fans support her!

Thank you so much! ありがとうございます!

akarinxxx's H!O profile

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The thing is fans do have reason to fear. We still remember why Kamei & Aika had to graduate.
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Maachan's blog post about the hiatus announcement:

I think there are probably also people

who think I should quit


I can’t quit Morning Musume。like this

All of Maa-chan’s fans

All the members

The staff-san

My dance teachers

Those who make our sound

Quitting after causing them

so many problems

for some reason…

Maa-chan’s pride cannot forgive it


At this unlucky time

will you keep following me?

Full post:
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Post by: oaxiac on January 12, 2017, 06:34:53 PM
[EN] Concerning Masaki Sato of Morning Musume。'17
Thank you for your continued support towards Morning Musume。'17. Concerning the medical care of Masaki Sato, she took another examination on January 4th and the result is she cannot restart her activities on the stage with her current condition. So she will be absent until the last third of February, including all the performances of the “Hello! Project 2017 WINTER ~Crystal Clear~ ~Kaleidoscope~”. The diagnosis also said that she does not have to rest all the time, and living like usual is not an obstacle for her but performing on stage before long can put her health in danger. She currently has a "lumbar disk herniation" and it is unlikely being completely cured in a short time with the treatment, so first of all, the pain will be softened by starting a physical strength training. In 2015, after she has been diagnosed with a "lower back pain, with a doubt of a lumbar disk herniation", in order to persue her activities in Morning Musume。, she made as much as possible physical strength training. However, it was not possible to do enough physical training while continuing her activities, so we feel that we are also responsible of this situation.
The period of her break is until the end of February for the present, but she will concentrate herself into her physical strength training during January, while depending on how the doctor will see the progress of the symptoms. During the middle of February, we would like to take our decision on how doing her activities from March. As soon as the timing of her return will be decided, we will make another announcement.
To all the fans and to all the people concerned, we would like to apologize for making you worry and for the inconvenience. We would like you to please kindly understand the situation.
UP-FRONT PROMOTION Representative Director Takeshi Nishiguchi
I would like to say I am sorry for bothering and worrying all the fans, members and staff them because with the new year, I am not able to stand on the stage. As for myself, Maa-chan, it is really regrettable.
After the diagnosis in June 2016, I made some physical strength training but I think it was not enough. Because the hernia is like a sickness, I have been told it is was difficult to recover completely and I will have to live with it for the rest of my life.
To not lose to the hernia, I will devote myself in the training, but please let me have some rest to come back. Having a normal life does not make any problem so if the doctor would give his "ok", I might start a little bit some activities except dancing and performing, but I will avoid doing unreasonable things! I will write on the blog everyday as much as possible! To be able to come back for the Spring tour I will try my best so please wait for me until Maa-chan is back!
Morning Musume。'17 Masaki Sato
PS: The translation may not be perfect/accurate, thank you for your understanding.

( (

Quote from: page11 from H!O
Apparently, as a way of cheering Maachan during this time, Maachan fans on twitter said they will try their best to do the muscle training as well (like Maachan) :lol:

2ch matomes... it's pretty funny :lol:

12: 名無し募集中。。。 2017/01/07(土) 17:14:55.35 0


So whenever you see a Maccho (who's muscular) at concert, just think it's Sato wota

84: 名無し募集中。。。 2017/01/07(土) 17:29:54.72 0


I anticipate there will be a group of Gachimuchi (muscular chubby) wearing Jungle T-shirt in this upcoming spring tour in Sapporo

"Morning Musume without Sato Masaki is like..."

1 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/01/06(金) 22:18:26.70 0


Curry without being spicy

11 : おちんちんくん ◆9eWkdxUfz. @無断転載は禁止2017/01/06(金) 22:21:03.89 0

A convenience store without cash register

15 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/01/06(金) 22:22:27.37 0
Platinum Era without Reina
32 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/01/06(金) 22:27:59.76 0
T.M.Revolution without Nishikawa Takakuni
41 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/01/06(金) 22:35:19.10 0
The entertainment world that SMAP no longer exists
67 : 名無しさん募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/01/06(金) 23:44:26.64 0
Airplane with no engine
73 : 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/01/07(土) 00:22:50.20 0
Haropuro without Haropuro feeling

*Thx to page11 from H!O

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Turn on captions for English sub
Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
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Maachan playing her version of RR21 on piano   :heart:

Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on January 28, 2017, 06:58:26 PM

Banana Zero Music! - Autumn Song Quiz SP 2016.11.20 (Sato Masaki Segment) [Eng Sub by Meikatsudon (]

( (

Maa-chan: “To me it sounds like aiko plays all her melodies on instruments and sings only the harmony parts.”
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Title: Re: The Sato Masaki Thread (佐藤優樹)
Post by: oaxiac on February 24, 2017, 06:22:55 PM
[EN] Concerning the medical condition of Masaki Sato

UP-FRONT LINK·Friday, February 24, 2017

Thank you for your continued support towards Morning Musume。'17. Concerning the lumbar disk herniation of Masaki Sato which put her in a break, she will restart her activities on March 18th for the concert at Pacifico Yokohama during the "Morning Musume。'17 Concert Tour Spring ~THE INSPIRATION~" tour and she already started the rehearsals.

She takes part at physical strength trainings 4 times a week, and every day she walks around 1 or 2 hours. Thanks to this, some days ago, after a medical examination, the doctor said "There is no problem to start again little by little the dance". Her trainer also judged she can use her physical strength for the concerts. However, concerning the lumbar disk herniation itself, it is not completely recovered, and the members of her family, our company cannot deny that with a restart too early of the activities there might be a chance the symptoms would be back, so we were against a restart for the spring tour. But Masaki herself said with a high determination "Even if I don't appear in concerts from now, and only receive medical treatments, the symptoms might still come back. I don't feel pain and perhaps the members, staff, all the fans worry or feel trouble about me, but as a challenge, I want to complete this tour and want to perform in front of everyone." The doctor added that "it depends on her whether if she dances or not" so it has been finally decided she will take restart with the spring tour
We do not know if the hernia will appear again so she will continue to participate at physical strength trainings. First of all she will take part at the concert, and concerning the other activities, we will decide after looking at the situation.
She takes part at the rehearsals but we do not know how her body will be able to move exactly and if she can do such performances. Also the concert tour involves beeing in the same posture for a long time, so we think about avoiding out of necessity activities during rehearsals and the tour. To all the fans, to all the people who might worry and are troubled by the situation, we would be happy if you watch over Masaki and we hope for your understanding. Please continue to support Masaki Sato as well as Morning Musume。'17.

2017/02/24 UP-FRONT PROMOTION Representative Director Takeshi Nishiguchi

The physical strength trainings are hard but more than this, "to not being able to get on stage as Morning Musume。" makes me persist in those trainings. From what my trainer said "The muscles made their apparition. If you continue your trainings, you will be able to participate at the concerts." The staff and my family told me "Don't you want to rest a bit more?" but I am the one who understand the best my body! Masaki will come back in Morning Musume。! However, I have been said my hernia is not completely cured so I might take some rest if it hurts from now. I will do my best in order to not worry all of the fans more than this! I am looking forward to meeting you at the concerts!

2017/02/24 Morning Musume。'17 Masaki Sato


PS: The translation may not be perfect/accurate, thank you for your understanding.
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Post by: JFC on February 28, 2017, 06:06:17 AM - Sato Masaki to participate in Morning Musume.'17's rehearsals for upcoming live tour (
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Post by: oaxiac on March 18, 2017, 06:50:48 PM
Welcome back Maachan!  :heart:
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Post by: oaxiac on March 25, 2017, 07:31:29 PM

Concert fan accounts from twitter translated by page11 from H!O
Renai Revolution 21 in the middle of the first medley sounds like piano ver.
If that one is Maachan's version, isn' that cool?
That's right, the intro of Renai Revolution 21 in the setlist is Maachan's arranged version in DVD mag 90
2 eyes are not enough for me even when it's main part, the encore part or the goodbye part... I really don't want to miss anything! When they lined up in a row, Maachan was butt patting Yokoyoko from the behind and Yoko was smiling and shaking her butt in return, so cute!
I can see people often say Maachan should not dance too hard. Well, compared to the time before her hiatus, it's true that she has reduced the sharpness in her dancing but she challenged it and danced more slowly, and that kind of dance was eroshii! The intensity of her tone in WakiAi's Aisaretai also decreased and I can feel Maachan become a little more mature.
I'm not being biased but Maachan's singing was so wonderful
Of course, Odasaku got much more singing parts but when I heard the last part in Help Me! which was belong to Sayashi, Maachan got that great ace feeling. 
I can't believe Maachan is someone who just had a break. Such a tremendous power. Both singing and dancing. Right from the opening this girl is so eye-catching and it's Maachan and I just couldn't take my eyes off her.
Is your waist alright? Please don't push yourself too much. Please rest well and keep up the pace
僕はダンスのンの字もわからない人間だけど 例えば上手いと言われてるリッホやなっきぃだーいしまなかんとかは 上手いというか凄いなあってわかるんだけど
I'm not the person who understand the character of dance. For example, members who are praised good (at dancing) like Riho, Nakky, Daishi and Manakan, i can understand people saying they are great and amazing but when it comes to Sato Masaki-san's dancing, rather than "good" it's more like "it feels good" right?
(her dancing) fits the music perfectly
Like parts that is not the main melody, supreme!
The presence of Maachan is amazing. For me, I feel like the time stops whenever Maachan's part came. The air as well feel like it come to a halt
It's my first time going to Momusu's live... really everything was so awesome...
Everyone are all so amazing but still Maachan was superb... she's cute and sexy at the same time and she's cute and often move around, again she's cute and my brain can not handle all of it and it caused me a brain death. I lost my language and all I could say is "cute, i love you"
It was my selfish thought and I had a image of Maachan that she was not the type who try to response to fans (fanservice) at all. But at the opening day, I was surrounded by Maawota who are in front of me, behind me, on my right and on my left. Then Maachan, did eye contact with them one by one and gently smile with them. A Maawota was crying and I was like 'are
you OK?' I feel like I could cry as well 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。


Other members' cheki

モーニング娘。個別握手会 横山玲奈
Fan: Do you have any interesting story with SatoMaachan?
Yokoyama: Yes www I have www
Fan: What was that?
Yokoyama: Sato-san suddently touch my butt www
Fan: Isn't that 'hentai' (pervert)!
Yokoyama: She's hentai~ www
加賀 1部
Fan: EDII!
Kaga: Waa, it's Edii! (laugh)
Fan: (Song chaning for the night concert = Give Me Love) It's so good~ (cry)
Kaga: Thank you so much!
Fan: Is there any specific part that you want to sing?
Kaga: Um~
Kaga: Well, it's the last part of Sato-san...!
Fan: Yesterday's live, Sato-san wes being mischievous with you, right?
Yoko: Yes! She was flipping my skirt
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Happy Birthday!!!
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Happy 18th Bday Maachan!  :heart: :heart: :heart:



I've made a fanmade album by compiling her solo performances from fanrecs and such.  It's 18 tracks +  extras - Best of Maachan (2017) (
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Happy Eighteen!

Wishing a wonderful year ahead
for talented, lovely, and lively Masaki!

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Maachan 2017 bday event fanrecs

Jealousy jealousy

Fantasy ga hajimaru

Mugen climax

Moshimo Owari ga Aru no nara

Tokai No Neon Ga Odoroku Kurai No Utsukushisa Ga Hoshii

Kiseki no Kaori Dance
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Ronin of Nantonaku Subs subbed Maachan's 2016 Bday event. You can find it on Aidoru Online  :thumbsup
Hey, here's Ronin from Nantonaku FanSubs with what I hope is the first of a long series of subbed Morning Musume videos.
There is a serious lack of subbed Morning Musume videos, so here's my first attempt at filling it.
If you like Maachan or are interested in getting to know more about her, this might be a good place to start.
This birthday event is pretty much Maachan in a nutshell. There's funny anecdotes from Maachan World, emotional performances, entering a huge balloon etc.

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It's also on dm now

Cooking Classes with Chef Kuroki and MariMaa.

Idol! Mou Iccho! (Guest: Sato Masaki) 150714

Don't worry, we're working on more Maachan and MM subs  ;)

edit: no http links because the thread wouldn't show the other links
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Bday event DVD preview
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Maachan on Banana Zero Show:

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^ Really nice appearance by Maachan!



Bonus: JPH!P thread holder
Hikaru Takahashi was on the show


But focus on Maachan and how well she
covered Dreams Come True's 何度でも


Which is a great song:何度でもーdreams-come-true_music
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Subbed version
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Fully subbed 40+ minute interview where Maachan talks about a bunch of stuff...I haven't watched all of it yet but what little I've seen seems interesting and fun (plus she looks really cute with that ponytail-esque hairstyle):
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trans by page11@H!O:
Morning Musume'17 Sato Masaki being too popular problem
1名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 00:24:26.
Musume。Naruchika Fukui Night, the annual Polaroid gifts includes 12ki-and-under group, 11ki-and-upper group and more. Each person can pick twice.
There were two people got 12ki-and-under group pic but both of them's first choice were Maachan so it was a little bad luck for them
Then Kudo-san said to them something like "Ore no Nimono de (I don't understand what it means)"
761 名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止 2017/08/16(水) 22:58:16.91 0
Polaroid got uploaded are only these?
Sato Sato
Ikuta Kudo
3名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 00:26:27.980
She's now overwhelmingly the most popular in Morning, so it's unavoidable
4名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 00:29:15.900
Is it the flow of Sayashi oshi? Or is it the influence of Sashihara?
6名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 00:31:47.460
Sato The Strongest
7名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 00:33:44.650
Even though she has zero exposure in the previous work, her popularity still rising?
24名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 00:45:40.200
MaaDuu is special
27名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 00:46:54.230
The number of Likes and RT is amazing
71名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 01:52:11.270>>83
This proves that things should be pushed but getting dried
Because this is a sh*tty office so things will promptly get dried more and more
83名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 04:09:43.800
Yeah, although she's the most popular, they just let her getting dried 
If she become more popular, the office would feel troubled?
60名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 01:38:24.190
I don't feel there is a flow 'from Sato to others' (I think this comment means Maawota don't oshihen - change oshi easily)   
75名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 02:53:07.920
Because she's the idol of idol world
56名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 01:34:00.320
No extra bias is applied
Without being pushed by the office, still become popular this far, there wasn't any member like this in the past
77名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 03:02:07.110>>103>>128
The office doesn't push her at all but
she's arbitrarily getting popular
103名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 06:04:03.770
It's a rare pattern
82名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 03:08:52.990
OG members also like her, I think there is just a few Harowota hate Maachan
105名無し募集中。。。@無断転載は禁止2017/08/17(木) 06:15:43.610
Her popularity is Ace class but
the treatment she gets is the same with other members
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Fully subbed 40+ minute interview where Maachan talks about a bunch of stuff...I haven't watched all of it yet but what little I've seen seems interesting and fun (plus she looks really cute with that ponytail-esque hairstyle):

The second half of the interview is (

Did she give us a hint/prediction that Duu was graduating next?  :O
( (

Maachan focus vids
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(she's turned out to be awesome, as was expected  :D  :twothumbs  :thumbup )
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trans by page11@H!O
Many tweets saying there are a lot of Maachan and Haachin eye-contacts and moments together <3
Maachan during CHODAI is really eroshi!!
Morning Musume Orix Theater, Maachan crossing legs in the middle of the stairs singing "♪Dokoka no ohime..." was so cool. Screams from excited female fans, the word "charisma" appeared in my head.
During Kimagure Princess, when Maachan sitting in the middle of the stairs and singing (she was so cool), female fans near me was screaming "Kyaa Kyaaa" as if they're gonna die.  "Is this a Johnny's live" I was misunderstood
Today when Maachan was singing while sitting in Kimagure Princess, I could hear  a loud "Kyaa~~~~~!!!" from the Area 1 of the third floor seats. "Am I going to Johnny's concert???"  I thought
川* ^_〉^)どぅーの地元行くぞーっ
Kawaguchi (Saitama) concert, Maachan's gust in WiL
川* ^_〉^)Duu no jimoto ikuzo!! (Duu's hometown, let's go!!)
川* _〉´)どぅーの地元、行くぞォーーーーッ
Gust in a certain song
川* _〉´)Duu's hometown, let's go-------!!!!
After that, when I look at Haru-chan in the back, she was smiling and laughing
Maachan, at the beggining arousing the crowd by saying "Duu's hometown, let's go!!",in the end she asked fans "People who love Duu?" and everyone raisng their hands. From the beginning to the end, she has shown us her feelings to Duu without embracing it!!
Musume. Sendai concert finished! MaaDuu kissed Ayumi-chan on the cheeks!
Spoiler Show
In a certain song, Maachan's gust
"Ayumi no jimoto ikuzo~!! (Ayumi's hometown, let's go!!)"
It's "Ayumi" not "Ayumin", it was Emo!
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Maa's touching and personal greeting from their recent daytime Sapporo concert:
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( (
Morning Musume '17 member Satou Masaki talks about her love for H!P in 20 questions 20 answers! (H!P 20th anniversary series)

The year 2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of Hello! Project. To celebrate this occasion, we have started this series called "Hello! Love"!
We asked various H!P members to tell us about how they feel about the 20th anniversary, their plans for the year 2018, what they think about as idols everyday etc. in "20 questions 20 answers".
This time, it's Satou Masaki from Morning Musume '17!!

Satou Masaki was born in Hokkaido on May 7th, 1999. Her blood type is A and she's a 10th generation member. Her nickname is Maachan.

Question 1: Please tell us what your name means!
My parents explained it to me once, but I'm sorry... I didn't really get it.

Question 2: Which Senpai do you look up to?

Gotou Maki-san and Tanaka Reina-san. Tanasatan(Tanaka) was praised by Tsunku♂-san for her sense of rhythm, so I thought I want to develop a sense of rhythm that is as good and get praised for it too! It also made me want to become as cute as her.
Gotou-san, on the other hand, is someone I look up to so much. When I joined Morning Musume and saw her for the first time, I thought she was cool and wanted to become someone like her!

Question 3: If you were to be reborn, who would you want to be?
Tsuji Nozomi-san. When I first met Tsuji-san, she wasn't the Tsuji-san I had seen on TV, she was already a mom. I thought I want to become a mom like her.

Question 4: What do you think you are #1 at in H!P?
I'm the most childish among all members.

Question 5: What do you think is amazing about H!P?
There are so many members and every member has its own color. The groups have their own colors too.

Question 6: If you could start a special unit in H!P, who would you want to be in it with?
Gotou Maki-san, Tanaka Reina-san, Minishige-san(Michishige Sayumi), Takahashi Ai-san, Kamei Eri-san. I often hear that they were amazing, so I'd love to try performing with them.

Question 7: Which Morning Musume song do you like?

"Fantasy ga hajimaru". Because the effects are interesting and the song is cute.

Question 8: Which H!P song do you like?
"RoboKiss" by W. Because Tsunku♂-san sounds like he's having fun in the background vocals.

Question 9: What's different about H!P back then and the current H!P?
The songs we sing are not only written by Tsunku♂-san but by all kinds of people now.

Question 10: Which H!P member (besides you) is your Oshi? Which member would make anyone fall in love with H!P?

Sasaki Rikako-chan. No matter if she's in the back or font row, her dance is always intense and her eyes are amazing for some reason. I'm not talking about how perceptive she is, I'm talking about her eyeballs.

Question 11: Which part about you do you want people to pay attention to?

My ears are small, so please look at my ears! (lol) But please don't look at my performance. I'd be too embarrassed. If I were to see people looking at me all the time, I'd probably just pass out.
If it's a song I like, I'll be having fun and dancing, but if it's a song I'm not that fond of, you might catch me spacing out... (lol)

Question 12: What kind of work do you want to try out in the future?

I'd love to host "24-Hour Television". I heard Morning Musume was so-called charity personalities once. I'd love to try that too!

Question 13: Which part about Morning Musume do you want people to pay attention to the most?

I want you to pay attention to how Masaki and the others convey Tsunku♂-san's songs and Tsunku♂-san's message.

Question 14: What do you think you will be doing in 20 years?
I want to be working with Tsunku♂-san. I want to teach Morning Musume members how to sing and decide the stage and the order of songs etc. for each concert. I want to try being a producer under Tsunku♂-san's guidance.

Question 15: Since this is the 20th anniversary, please make an exception and teach us a secret of yours!

One of my family members said this when we were all sitting around in a circle, so I don't know if it's true, but it seems the actor Oizumi Yo once drank miso soup Mother made. (lol)

Question 16: What would you like to have learned a year after the 20th anniversary?

I want to try hosting "24-Hour Television". When I was a guest this year, Ishihara Satomi-san was super cute.
I want to become cute like her! And I want to try hosting a TV show while still being a singer.

Question 17: What do you think you would be doing if you hadn't become an idol?

I'd be a doctor. Instead of a stranger operating on my family and messing up, wouldn't it be better if I operated on them myself and was like "Ah, I messed up!".
Of course, I would never mess up.

Question 18: What are you hooked on the most right now?

I'm not sure what it is right now. I enjoy everything I'm doing! I guess that means I'm hooked on everything. I grow tired of it again very quickly though.

Question 19: Which H!P member are you close to?
He's not a Hello! Project member, but I'm good friends with Makoto-san from Sharam Q who hosts H!P concerts. Makoto-san always keeps me company even if he probably doesn't like it.

Question 20: What is an idol to you?
A child. We have yet to experience many things normal people would long have experienced and we don't know many things normal people would normally know. So I guess we're like children.

*Translated by Ronin from H!O
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Maachan's sexiness
Yuzuki: But right around then, what took our hearts by storm next was Maa-chan’s sexiness in “Aishite Aishite Ato Ippun.” She was just so alluring there, it was almost suffocating.

Asai: I must’ve watched that video like 50 times. Those 10 seconds or so before the last chorus when she’s just spinning around and rotating her mic to the beat of the music… even the expression on her face is constantly changing.

Yuzuki: It could be that Maa-chan is actually a sexy girl.

Asai: It certainly feels like an avenue she’s been starting to explore more and more as of late.

Yuzuki: Sexiness in H!P isn’t about exposed skin or whatever. A good majority of the sexiness in other idols is them presenting themselves to the audience, going “this is the kind of thing men like, right?” But H!P sexiness is simply the girls saying: “look at me!“

Asai: It’s a one-way street: they’re not adjusting it based on the people watching; it’s something that comes purely from within.

Yuzuki: That’s what makes it good. They look like they’re having so much fun doing it. With other idols it’s more sadistic. They’re reluctantly trying to be sexy, and the viewers enjoy seeing them looking all embarrassed. I hate watching stuff like that.

Asai: In Maa-chan’s case it’s something she discovered by herself. “Hey, I can do sexy.“

Yuzuki: They enjoy being sexy. That’s why it often happens that H!P’s dances can go a little too far. (laughs)

Asai: That turn she does before the last chorus and stuff, or the way she tears at her chest when she’s singing, I think that’s just her body reacting to the music. That is, I don’t think any of that is part of the actual choreography. That’s why it’s so good.

Yuzuki: “Watch me be sexy!” So great…

Asai: And how awesome is it that that very same Maa-chan names “TOUCH ME” as her no. 1 favorite song? Everything about that song from beginning to end is cool. The music video and the live footage, too!
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Sayu talked about Maachan in Hello! Drive


    Sayumi: When I was in Morning Musume, the girl I thought was strange was, who else could it be, Satou Masaki-chan.

    Kamiko & Kasahara: Ahhh...

    Sayumi: See? You know what I mean, right? (lol) Maachan was amazing. Has she been here at Hello! Drive? Isn't what she says like amazing? She's a genius.

    Kamiko: Her brain is wired differently compared to normal people.

    Sayumi: Completely different, right? And she's so very sociable. The other day, Fukumura Mizuki, the current leader of Morning Musume, and I were featured in a magazine article which was basically us having a conversation. And Maachan happened to be in the same studio for a different article of the same magazine, but my interview was after hers, so I arrived at the studio a bit later than her. But the whole time when I was there, she was standing behind me braiding my hair. My hair was straight that day, I kept telling her to stop, but she was like "Don't worry, it's okay.".

    Kamiko: I can imagine her saying that.

    Sayumi: And she turned out to be right because I curled my hair later anyway. It's amazing how sociable she is and I think she's strange in a good way. How is she backstage in H!P?

    Kasahara: She's amazing. The first time I met her was shortly after I'd joined and was invited as a guest in Morning Musume's radio show. I'd never had anything to do with her before that, but she still came to me like "Waahhh!!" even though it was way before the recording. She was like "Waahhh!!" all the time.

    Sayumi: She was excited, yeah.

    Kasahara: That's when I realized that she's strange from the bottom of her heart.

    Sayumi: Even Kassa thinks Maachan is strange! (lol)

    Kasahara: I mean it in a good way though. It's so much fun being around her and I think she's the kind of person who likes to entertain the people around her.

    Sayumi: She's an entertainer. Satou is an entertainer.

    Kamiko: And when she gets on stage in a concert, she suddenly becomes so cool.

    Sayumi: That gap is amazing too. For some reason, you can't take your eyes off Maachan.

    Kamiko: I always end up watching her.

    Kasahara: She has a mysterious charm.

    Sayumi: She's a mysterious girl, for sure.

    Kasahara: Yes.

    Sayumi: You know, Satou calls me Minishigesan for some reason.

    Kasahara: Yes.

    Sayumi: I seriously never figured out why she calls me that. When I noticed, she was already calling me Minishige-san and we never had this conversation where I tell her "It's Michishige!". She's been calling me Minishige-san ever since then.

Translated by Ronin from H!O

From Morning Jogakuin (episode 284) on September 16th, 2017:

Harunan: What do you want to be called by others, Maachan?
Maachan: I prefer Maachan, especially now that Tsunku-san has forbidden me to call myself Maachan.
Harunan: Since you can't call yourself Maachan anymore, you don't have a choice but to ask others to call you Maachan, huh?
Maachan: I wrote Tsunku-san "I called myself Maachan today on TV. I'm sorry.". I had no choice because it was at that SekaPaka baseball event with that "Maa-kun and Maachan" slogan.
So, even though I sang in Kashimashi that I'd never call myself Maachan again, I had to call myself Maachan on that day because I was the Maachan in "Maa-kun and Maachan".
That's why I wrote Tsunku-san "I'm sorry, I have to call myself Maachan today.", to which he replied "Alright, but don't do it again." and that's when I realized he was totally serious about it.
He actually wrote me on LINE that I should never call myself Maachan again.
Since I can't call myself that, I want at least my Kou
hai to call me that.
Harunan: Huh... So Oda too-
Satou: Except for Oda.
Harunan:'re kidding, right...?
Oda: Eh? I can't? I think that's why I called you Maasan once.
Satou: Call me Maasan.

Translated by Ronin from H!O

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*Maa-chan: “I just really love the music of Tsunku♂.”

*Maa-chan: “I’m glad I got to stand beside Tsunku♂-san.”

*Sato Masaki: “20 years from now,
I want to be working with Tsunku♂-san.
I want to teach the members of Morning Musume their songs,
choose the setlists of their concerts…
I want to produce them.”

Miyamoto Karin is impressed upon hearing Sato Masaki’s DTM compositions
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^ can we expect an album of Maa-chan singing the best works of Sharan Q? :twothumbs
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It’s a New Page!  :w00t:

From “Where’s Waldo”
( (

To Hello!
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*Thanks to page11 from H!O

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A nice explanation piece about sweet bread types
My personal fave
( (
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Translation of Maachan excerpt from some 20th anniversary Spaceshower special

Masaki Satou - Rin  (Poem)

A poem Maachan wrote for the Morning Musume ‘17 Inspiration spring tour. (So prior to Morito joining)
It’s featured on DVD Magazine vol 104 for those interested!

I decided to translate it to celebrate her flower themed centre song Hana ga Saku, Taiyou Abite.

Number one
Thirteen flowers that can’t be found anywhere else

Right now, each one of these thirteen flowers is trying to blossom.
But it takes a long time for a tiny bud to grow into a big flower.

While few of us would call a bud pretty
It tries its best to grow into a beautiful flower

Even so, not every flower blossoms into a beautiful one
It depends on the flower itself

But when these beautiful flowers do blossom
You can bind them together in a vivid bouquet

Only thirteen; Yet thirteen unique flowers that carry their own meaning

Even if one of them were to wither
It will always remain a bouquet of thirteen

The name of this bouquet is 

(Rin is a way of counting pretty flowers in Japanese.)


Fan Reports
    Fans asking Maachan about Photobook :lol:
    Maa report round 4
    Fan 「Maachan I would like to ask you a favor 」
    Maa 「What is that?」
    Fan 「Will you release a photobook?」
    Maa 「Eh? No, I hate it!」
    Fan 「You can do it without wearing swimsuit, just you playing with animals is good enough」
    Maa 「No! I hate my face! It would be ok if my face is hidden」
    Fan 「Why? You are this much cute, though」
    Maa 「No No No」
    Fan 「You are really cute!」
    Fan< Maachan, you will not realease a photobook~?
    Maa< Please don't talk about that topic~
    Fan< I'm looking forward to it~
    Fan< I will ne....ver do it. If you talk about it again, I will ignore you.
    Fan< ROGER!
    Fan< You will be angry if I ask you about photobook?
    Maa< Yeah. I won't talk to you. I will ignore you.
    Fan< Eh~
    Maa< I will report to Yassan about your wrongdoings. I will tell her that you're bad!
    Fan< I understand
    >Maa seems to know this fan pretty well, she's teasing him
    2/25 Maachan round 5
    Fan 「Maachan, when you graduate high school, do you want to dye your hair or piercing?」
    Maa 「This company will not let it happen...」
    Fan 「Eh, seriously...」
    Maachan Individual
    Fan 「If you have children, what would you name them?」
    Maa 「Dog & Cat」
    2/25 まーちゃん1部
    2/25 Maachan round 1
    The choreography for Aki Urara during Nonaka BD event,
    it was all made by Ma-chan! 
    「Maa said (to Chel) 'Let's do it like this! Let's do it like that!'」
    Maachan said rather than Yassan, she wants to surpass Goto Maki-san :lol:

*Thanks to page11 from H!O
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WotaInTranslation - “Who is worse: Tsuji-chan back then or Maa-chan right now?” Tsuji Nozomi: “Maa-chan.” (

:wahaha: :wahaha: :wahaha:
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Hinafes Maachan focus
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Maachan keeping the legacy of Mikitty alive
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It’s completely unprecedented for Hello! Project how someone like Sato Masaki has become the most popular member
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Happy 19th birthday Maachan!  :heart:

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( ( ( ( ( ( (


( ( ( ( ( ( (
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Last Teen!


( ( ( ( ( (

Hope Masaki san had a great day with friends and family!

With Kana Nakanishi

With Miki Nonaka
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Bday event fanrecs:
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Wota in Translation - "Did it take you time to come to like Maa-chan?" (

For me personally, the answer is yes. When 10th gen was first revealed she started off at the bottom of my rankings; I didn't dislike her at all, but she seemed more "nondescript" compared to the other new girls and I wasn't sure what to make of her (also that awkward helmet hairstyle didn't help :nervous). It wasn't until later in 2012 when I learned of her childhood English experience and musical talents that I started to get a more proper appreciation of her, and by the end of 2013 I found myself really liking (and relating to) her thanks to her weirdo antics and atmosphere, and she eventually settled into my #3 spot behind Zukki and Riho. :twothumbs
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( (
Sato Masaki: "When the Dance Teacher and Director Don't Look at Me, I Feel Like They Have Nothing Left to Say to Me"

Maachan's video on the KDDI has overwhemingly the most views out of all HIP members.

    Sato Masaki: "AU Hello!pro mobile visual dictionary! I'm Sato Masaki from Morning Musume. '18.

    This is a mobile phone that I have!! well...Yes! yes yes, It is the mobile phone gone on sale to the public in 2004.

    The first time I look at it, I feel it's thinner, easy to grasp, easy to lose likely...and green, keypad button is.

    So, 'There is much artificial color on it!' it's my impression. bye-bye"

*Thx to InJapan from H!O
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( ( (

Youngtown Radio 9.6.18 Maachan excerpts (thread)


Sanma: So you're 19 already, so the fact that you haven't been on Youngtown yet means the CEO (of Upfront) and the Morning Musume staff really doesn't want you on here

Maa: They said it's fine as long as I don't talk.

Sanma: So did you ever want to appear?

Maa: I didn't ----

Maa: I find comedians kinda scary. The first time I met with Audrey was really scary too. They scolded me.

Sanma: Why?

Maa: I either sneezed or yawned during filming, so they told me "This is a workplace, get it together"

Sanma: (mid-sentence) Uh, I'm talking right now so what are you writing

Maa: Yes?

Sanma: I was asking what are you writing.

Maa: I'm taking notes on everything that you've been saying up until now

Sanma: So do you know long you wanna stay in the group? Dreams for the future?

Maa: My dream is to become a producer.

Sanma: A music producer?

Maa: I want to do everything.

Sanma: What do you mean with everything

Maa: Oh but I only want to produce Morning Musume

Sanma: So music?

Maa: That's not it.

Sanma: So I'm wrong huh.

Iikubo: So a producer for just Morning Musume?

Maa: Yes. I want to become a producer who can take MM to Tokyo Dome.

Sanma: Momusu still hasn't done Tokyo Dome?

Iikubo: Not yet, at least not the current lineup

Sanma: So you want to bring them there?

Maa: Yes. Not as a member, but I'll bring them there as part of the production side.

Sanma: So you want to leave the group?

Maa: YES

Sanma: So you want to leave right now?

Maa: That's right. But I don't know when's a good timing

Sanma: Ah yeah knowing when to quit is hard, huh

Maa: It is!

Sanma: I missed my chance to quit around three years ago too

*Maa witch cackle*

George: shit that's a laugh

Sanma: So have you told your company this?

Maa: I haven't!

Sanma: So you just came up w it now?

Maa: Yes

Sanma: So you want to become MM's producer, right? Where would you say the group is lacking right now? That you need to fix to get them to Tokyo Dome.

Maa: Hmm... everything.

Sanma: oh uh....

Iikubo: So we gotta switch up everything lol

Yokoyan: We'll do our best.

Maa: It's not such an easy thing to do, huh.

Sanma: Well if you posses the ability then it's easy. If you don't have it you'll struggle.

Maa: Then if I run into trouble I'll come see you

Sanma: Why would you?

Maa: To tell you "I ran into trouble"

Sanma: You say it so nonchalantly but i've never never produced music before you know

Maa: Yes

Sanma: This I'm producing a drama for the 1st time. As far as comedy and TV goes, incl the planning that goes with it, I'm experienced, but music?

Maa: If it's you, you can do it.

Sanma: Well then, how about we Make Momusu Great Again, the two of us?

Maa: Yes!

Sanma: I'm in on this

Haruna/Yokoyan: Thank you very much.

Sanma: So how come you wanna quit after getting this far?

Maa: I don't necessarily want to quit now, I just felt I missed my timing.

Maa: I was told by a fortune teller that if I'm graduating, it should be this year or in five, but as I began thinking I should do it now, Ogata announced hers.

Sanma: I see. Why don't you ask the fortune teller if next year works too?

Sanma: Back to the point can you even write music?

Maa: I wouldn't say I can

Iikubo: Oh but she does write songs. She's really tech savvy, and also plays both drums and piano.

Sanma: Oh you play the piano?

Maa: Yeah but I'm still inexperienced

Sanma: ur only 19 anyway

Iikubo: But yeah she writes songs on her own and stuff

Sanma: These songs haven't been released on CD?

Iikubo: They aren't

Sanma: What kind of songs are they? Like your most recent one.

Maa: Hmm I wrote one after fighting with my manager and getting scolded.

Sanma: so you wrote a song about fighting with your manager? What about the melody?

Maa: It's 15 seconds.

Sanma: 15 seconds... So it's like a commercial song? Even then they're usually like 30 seconds or even a minute

George: Even if told to check it out it'd end as soon as you played it

Sanma: So the song would be like "I got scolded by my manageeeeer~ lalala" ?

Maa: Oh, it doesn't have any lyrics.

Sanma: Oh, so you describe the situation with just a melody? wtf u a genius?

Sanma: Like the melody popped up in your head as you were scolded?

Maa: Yes

Sanma: Can you demonstrate it for a bit? I'll judge its quality

Maa: I don't remember it

Sanma: ..... How about creating a melody for your current state of mind then?

Iikubo: Meeting Sanma-san

Maa: Yeah I don't really feel anything...

Sanma: Oh that's too bad...

Maa: No that's not it! This stuff only pops up when I get scolded at and stuff like that

Sanma: Oh so when you're like super happy etc?

Maa: Not when I'm happy. Only when I'm sad or feeling down.

Sanma: What about a song about how you couldn't eat watermelon (There was watermelon in the recording studio that Maa kept staring at, but she was afraid of taking any before she had greeted Sanma, so they've been joking about it)

Maa: There's no song like that!!

George: Is there anything you feel you do better than everyone else in Momusu?

Maa: Irritating people

Sanma:...Are you fine with a talent like that?

Maa: Yes!

Sanma: Can't be helped I guess

Maa: I can't tell when people get irritated with me

Sanma: So you're told about it later? Like "you kinda pissed me off back then" ?

Maa: No, I hear it through the grapevine.

Sanma (to Iikubo): Hey just tell the poor thing when you're fed up w her

Iikubo: I do tell her!

Maa: Harunan tells me when she's fed up with me.

Sanma: So what type of stuff does she do to piss you off?

Iikubo: For example, when the entire group gets ready to greet staff/others she's the only one absent

George: What are you doing at that time, Masaki?

Maa: I'm by myself

Iikubo: Before you know it she's just disappeared.

Yokoyan: Yeah she's just gone

Sanma: Yeah... When you're with a group you need to look to the whole group.

Maa: You're right...

Sanma: They teach you that in elementary school

Maa: I wasn't.

Sanma: You weren't taught that?

Maa: ...No

Sanma: It's not good to always act by yourself. Ya'll gotta help each other out. If you can't follow basic principles like that you'll have a hard time out there.

Maa: Yes

Sanma: So how come you don't join in on greeting people with the rest?

Maa: Oh, but it's usually because I already greeted them before everyone else.

Sanma: OH NVM that's very good of you!

Iikubo: Hey try and understand our feelings

Sanma: She goes and greets everyone ahead of the rest of you?

Iikubo: She does.

Maa: Cause I end up running into them by chance etc..

Sanma: I understand the feeling of thinking you don't need to greet people twice, doing it as a representative of a group is different.

Maa: Oh yeah but this time it was more like everyone else just decided "Hey let's go together"

Sanma: And because they just went all "Heeey let's go together" you decided not to come?

Maa: Yes

Sanma: That's admirable!

Iikubo: Hey try to see it from our point of view...

Sanma: So you originally didn't want to come here right? Cause you were scared of me

Maa: Ah yeah.

Sanma: You're scared of getting scolded. Since Audrey went and scolded you for just sighing

Maa: Yes

Sanma: How does it feel now?

Maa: It's scary

Sanma: What's scary?

Maa: You are

Iikubo+Yokoyan: You know he's being super nice right now?

Sanma: I get when upcoming comedians get scared of me and all, but I'm not here to judge you like I judge those you know

Maa: Your eyeballs are scary.

Sanma: Eyeballs...

Iikubo: Maachan, Sanma-san is never this nice?

Sanma: Yeah but I'm often told my eyes are scary. It's probably because I'm always thinking about work 100% of the time, always following a program, and therefore never genuinely smile with my eyes.

Iikubo: Right. Maachan has a tendency to detect stuff like that.

Sanma: Yeah. Maachan is kinda socially maladapted, so I think she can see right through other socially maladapted people like me. So yeah today's YoungTown

Maa: Will be both the first and the last time for me?

Sanma: Yep, the first and the last.

(To Iikubo) See?

Maa: Sanma-san is scary.

George: Even though he gently laughs at everything you say? *witch cackle time*

Sanma: See she has this instinctual ability to just sense danger, kinda like some animals.

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Youngtown Radio 9.6.18 Translation (Maachan, Yokoyan, Harunan) [Long Thread]

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Maachan's Young Town episode really left strong impact

From Young Town 2018.06.16 (1st mentioning after Maa episode)
Haachin said she listened to Young Town last week episode which Maachan was the guest and she was in fear while listening to it and Haachin felt sorry for Harunan  :lol:
(HaaMaa  <3)
Sanma-san said after the Maa-guest episode had finished, Haruna sent him a message to LINE saying "It was the first time in my life I feel like I have schizophrenia"
Haachin: It (Maa-guest episode) was funny
Shouji: Sato has a really amazing power, even made Iikubo felt like schizophrenia
Yumeno: I also feel sorry for her (Haruna)
Sanma: I bet you guys don't like having her in group
Haachin: Eh~
Sanma: A girl like that, who has such a strong personality... she must bother a lot of people. She's funny and cute, tho.
But people in same gernation with her might feel they must be careful with her.
Shouji: The other members, have you heard any hearsay about her?
Yumeno: She is a senpai that has explosive power
Sanma:  Momusu occasionally has such a huge bomb in the group
Yanamin: Yeah her personality is explosive
Sanma: I also felt like I was having a little talk with president Trump
Sanma: After all it's interesting having her in the group. It's like putting a piranha in a swarm of goldfish.
When transporting goldfish if you put a piranha together with them, they would become energized with stimulation and would arrive alive.
If not, they might perhaps just being all quiet and die.
Shouji: That girl is a crocodile
Sanma: So is there a bomb in Tsubaki Factory?
Yumeno: We don't have anyone like that for now
Haachin: I think Kishimon is quite like that
Yumeno: But not to such level like Sato-san
Sanma: It would be horrible if you reach that level

They again talked about Maachan in Young Town 2018.06.23 (mention Maa for the 2nd time)

Fan message saying Maachan (who has said "Sanma is a dangerous one"  :lol: ) & Chel have a lot of things in common
Chel said they do have a lot of things in common even though Sato-san seems to be a genius-like more
-> Sanma: Wait! Do you think I'm a "dangerous one"?
*Harunan explained for Chel what Maachan had said when she was the guest in Young Town*
-> Sanma: Do you also like that as well?
-> Chel: Thinking Sanma-san is dangerous & such....there is no way i would think that way (LOL). Only that part, we are not alike
*everyone laughs*
Then Sanma told Chel it's better not to come near Maachan
-> Chel: But she is my senpai  :lol:
Fuku-chan (while laughing) asked what happened 2 weeks ago when Maachan came there
->Sanma: Oh you weren't there, right. She told me that I'm "a dangerous one" and scary and such.
I had a lot of fun, she didn't feel that way, though. Well, we had a lot of fun!!! It was really fun!! (laugh)

From Young Town 2018.06.30 (mention Maa for the 3rd time in a row)
Eripon: I feel like Sanma-san recently has come to understand me more and more
Harunan: Wow, (able to say that) you're so on-point
-> Sanma: Call Sato! Call Sato! So we can have Sato VS Ikuta monster showdown

*Thanks to page11 from H!O
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UTB+ preview
( (
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Subbed version by @queenAgonna

Maachan spin move compilation
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Sato Masaki's first visual photobook, Sankaku no Garasu, will be released in stores on October 6, 2018!

Maachan's photobook will be released in regular stores, so fans overseas can purchase it from sites like Amazon and HMV. It also comes with a DVD. If you buy it from Amazon, you'll get a limited cover, whereas HMV will give you an L-sized picture.
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Some interesting translations from Tiny Tiny:
Katou: Do you have any experiences or secrets about your work that you couldn't tell before?

Masaki: I do. We would be asked what we liked and stuff, and I didn't know the names of all of my senpai. So when Kudo Haruka-san would say "I like Tanaka Reina", "I like Niigaki-san", "I like Shabondama" - I would copy all of her answers. I didn't even know the song Shabondama. I can only say this now, but really, everything was copied from Duu. My favourite senpai and my favourite songs, everything from when I joined Momusu was copied.
She also says that the current members have really pointless conversations, like "if you do this to this cup it'll look cute~~"

 The staff made a quiz about Maachan which was answered by Sayumi and Harunan.

1) Describe Masaki in a word.

Harunan: Genius. [She's sharp. The sharpest person I've met]

2) Something you'd like Masaki to fix.

Sayumi: The fact she sings outside with her stage voice. (explained earlier in the thread)
3) Share a recent incident about Masaki.

Harunan: Recently she tried to tell us that her hair was soft and silky (Sarasara) but instead said "Maachan's hair is SharaSharanQ!" (Maachan commented that this was old)

4) Something you think is weird about Masaki.

Sayumi: The timing of when she uses "LOL" when I message her on LINE*. For example I wanted to ask Morito Chisaki-chan if I could use a certain photo on my blog, but I don't have her contact details so I asked Maachan if she would ask it for me. Masaki replied with "Understood (LOL)". Even if something isn't funny, she'll respond with LOL. (LOL)

 5) Something that Masaki has improved/ How has she grown?

Sayumi: During Hello Pro concerts, Maachan would always mess around in my changing room backstage. The other day she messaged me, saying "Sorry for always messing around in your dressing room". For me, I was happy that I could have so many fun conversations with my kouhai, but it relieved me that that Maachan to become so careful and aware. But I prefer when you are there, so maybe it's a bad thing!

Maachan responded saying that she'll come every day instead, and mentioned that she had visited Makoto backstage before too. He told me about his book.

Makoto thinks that he's spoken with Maachan the most out of the current H!P members, but Maachan says she doesn't have enough time to visit Makoto anymore because she has to spend ages styling her hair.

~The story of Minishige~

Apparently Sayumi told Maachan that her room was all brown and white,so Maachan called her じみじみ (jirijiri), before settling with Jimishige. Sayu asked her to say it in a cuter way, which lead to Minishige.

Maachan is currently obsessed with sparkly makeup. After Nakajima Saki introduced a light up mirror, Maachan said she used a regular mirror but will buy Katou one as a present. Katou complimented Maachan's makeup and suggested Maa use one for her sparkly makeup, so Maa said she'll go out and buy one haha

 If she was offered a long holiday, Maachan would want to do "Everything", including camping in Hokkaido and visiting the ocean, roasting marshmallows and going fishing. Makoto had promised before that she can (go fishing? I think) with him and his wife lol before she turns 20, but apparently it hasn't happened yet.

 Lyrics that are important to Maachan:

悔しさは忘れるもんじゃない (You shouldn't forget your frustration) / Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa.

 She talked about the Prism thing again, she seems really into the concept of the light shining through the prism (MM) to share Tsunku's music.

Makoto asked if this was also copied from Duu, but she said it's something she thought of herself during the Prism tour after wondering what their Prism Light would be.

 She wants to study music, become an entertainer, and become somebody who can do anything. She also wants to try being a producer for MM. Since there are things only the members understand, she thinks she could do a good job of being a producer (as a member). She wants to watch as Makoto opens the concert with his drumming at her Masaki Produce Concert.

 Maachan's Tiny Thing: Racing?? the traffic lights with her bike. She likes to try make it past the green light within a certain amount of time or else the next light will be red.

 LOL* - Bakusho, literally Exploding with Laughter. Which Maachan does irl, a lot. Whenever she laughed in this episode, Katou would say "Bakushou" and point at her.
*Thanks to yuumaa from H!O
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Youngtown 180915 Maachan highlights translated by queenAgonna

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Post by: JFC on September 30, 2018, 06:23:46 AM - Morning Musume's Sato Masaki to release first photo book (
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Maachan cute expressions compilation

Some previews from her visual PB:
( (
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Masaki Satou Interview. NO DAY, BUT TODAY (English Translation)








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Some subbed Maachan clips

And this clip  :cry:
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^I never realized how many people Maachan (or 10ki) has already seen graduate!!
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Morning Musume 20th Anniversary Official Book Interviews: Sato Masaki
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YoungTown Feb 16 Maatranslations


Maachan: So, Sanma-san. Would you say you're good at analyzing people?--

Yokoyan: Hey, don't go pointing at people with pencils!!)

Sanma: You shouldn't point at them with your finger either

Maachan: Anyway, are you good at analyzing people?

Sanma: I'm not. There was a period when I thought I was though. Like a period where I thought I had a good eye for people, and thought I could figure them out. Reaching this age I've realized you can't really figure people out completely though, not even those closest to you.

All: hmmm

Sanma: Likewise, you can't really get another person to understand you fully, right? What you're thinking etc. Like a kid will never know everything about their parents or vice versa. Like in my case, I've lied to both my daughter and my parents.When they grow up, parents make decisions for their children, it was the same with me and my daughter. My daughter is probably still thinking stuff like "He doesn't understand me" sometimes, but to be honest I don't really try to understand her either.

Sanma: So yeah, Satou. In your case, no one will every be able to fully understand you.

Maachan: Hehehe


Maachan: As for TV dramas, I don't remember who but someone in the staff was like "Please watch this, you are so gonna like it" and that was how I got into watching them. Now I look them up myself too.

Sanma: So you like TV dramas. Do you watch any right now?

Maachan: I do! I do!

Sanma: Any in particular you like right now?

Maachan: I don't remember the title, but it's the one with Takuya Kimura and they research his brain or something

Sanma: Takuya Kimura's brain..?

Harunan: Mr. Brain?

Maachan: That's it!!

Harunan: It's a bit old..

Sanma: Wasn't that from forever ago?

Maachan: Hey, is that English?

Harunan: It's English.

Maachan Whoo, it's definitely that one then.

Harunan: So like, Maachan generally watches dramas that date quite a while back

Maachan: Yeah I watch the interesting ones I find while searching around

Sanma But Mr. Brain is from quite a while back.Do you like watch it on DVD or?

Maachan: Oh, no like... These days there's lots of stuff like that online, right? (Arrr mateys ☠)

Harunan: You can stream them

Maachan: Right streaming. So yeah I watch streams I find.

Maachan: Oh, so you watch them like that, huh
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Maachan on bitgraph
( (

( ( (

YoungTown Feb 16 Maatranslations (continued)


Fan letter: Masaki released her first visual photobook back in October last year.  Shot in her native Hokkaido, it was a lovely photobook where we got to experience her in all kinds of outfits. Sadly enough, there weren't any photos of her in swim wear. When asked about it in an interview, said it was because it'd be embarrassing if her parents saw it. I'm sure she'll release a second one in the future, so please Sanma-san could you convince her (to go bikini)

Maachan: There's nothing you could say that would convince me though.

Sanma: But what if I personally request you to shoot one in swimwear? Still wouldn't do it?

Maachan: Nope

Sanma: How come you're against wearing swimwear?

Maachan: Huh? If someone told you to walk around butt naked, would you do it?

Sanma:If I get paid, I'd do it

Maachan: How much would you charge then?

Sanma: Good question. For walking around Akasaka naked?
Maachan: Yeah, how much would it take for you to do it?

Sanma: Hmm. ¥1000 000

Maachan: Right? So say we (idols) wear a swimsuit. The photobook is like 3000something yen, right?
70% of that money doesn't even go to us.

Harunan: Damn, now we started talking actual business.

Yokoyan: Lol when did you become so pragmatic

Harunan: I do get what you're saying though

Maachan: It's basically what I was told

Sanma: If you take all the photos, as well as publish it yourself, all the money would go to you though

Maachan: Yeah, so when I was told about this by staff, I said I don't want to do it if my share's gonna be that low.

Maachan: Like being naked

Sanma: It's swim wear, isn't it? Not being naked.

Maachan: Sure, in this case it might be swim wear. But I think people who view people's bodies in such a shallow way really need to check their brains

Harunan: Omg lol

Sanma: It's not that shallow though

Maachan: It is. The whole question is.

Sanma: No, you're wrong about this.

Maachan: Yep, I'm wrong about a lot.

Harunan: By the way, we brought her photobook with us

Sanma: Oh, you did?

Yokoyan: She's been hiding it the entire time though

Sanma:Let me have it already though

Maachan: Yeah, but I don't want to

Sanma: Come on, your agency who sent it with you go promote it right? Though it's true you won't even get to see 70% of the profits

Maachan:I don't even know the real number, just that 70% is already out of the picture

Sanma: You should look it over in your contract. Like bring over your parents too to discuss your share from photobooks.

Sanma: Oh this was taken at a farm in Hokkaido?

Maachan: Yeah.

Sanma: Yeah, this isn't even the time or place for swimwear. Like you're on an open field with sheep.

Maachan: Oh, but how about this. If you release a photobook where you're naked, I'll release one too.

Yokoyan: Woaaah, that's a bit..

Harunan: To be clear, you'd be naked, but Maa would be in swimsuit

Sanma: I just need to know like, do I need to be fully naked or can I cover things with like footballs

Maachan: Oh yeah, that's fine

Sanma: I've already done that

Maachan: Oh, you did?

Sanma: Yeah, when J-League started I did a campaign poster with Kamamotsu (former star player) where we were naked

Maachan: Isn't your naked body something you would only show your partner, that's how I feel at least.

Sanma: For girls it's usually like that, yeah. We're talking swim wear though.

Maachan: But there's like barely any difference between swim wear and underwear

Sanma: What kinda swim wear are you thinking about? Like the ones you own

Maachan: Apart from a few occassions, I've barely ever worn any.

Sanma: But how come you're so against wearing swim wear, we're in an age where people show more skin in general

Maachan: What about you, Harunan? Didn't you find it embarrassing.

Harunan: I did, and I didn't enjoy it. That's why I only wore one in the entire photobook.

Maachan: I can't even do one.

Sanma: I mean, Harunan has other reasons for the lack of swimsuits too...

Harunan: Well yeah, you could say I have a handicap that worked in my favour...

Yokoyan: Must be rough

Sanma: You shot one with swim wear too?

Yokoyan: Ya. I didn't like wearing it either though.

Sanma: It's not really a question of liking it or not though, it's work

Harunan: Yeah, it's work

Sanma: Yeah, you do it because fans want to see it.

Maachan: If we're gonna call it work, I want 180 million yen for doing.

Yokoyan: Why 180, why not go for 200 million

Sanma: You want 180 million

Maachan: 180 million

Sanma: So why not 200 million?

Maachan: I figured that might be a bit extreme.

Sanma: Like the publisher probably wouldn't go along with that?

Yokoyan: Gotta think realistically

Sanma: It's kinda like how we're led to believe something that costs 98 yen is way cheaper than something that costs 100 yen

Maachan: Yeah, or like how half an hour feels kinda soonish, while 40 minutes feels like a long time.

Sanma: Yeah. Anyway so you'd do it for 180 million. Would nudes be included in that price too?

Maachan: For nude shoots I'd need 60 billion yen.

Sanma: Yeah, your agency would never cash out that

Sanma: You'd take 60 billion to go nude, huh? Is your naked body worth that much.

Maachan: It is

Sanma: No way

Maachan: It's not just me. Everyone is worth that much, you, Yokoyan, All the staff.

Sanma: But I've been saying I'll walk through Harajuku naked for a million.

Maachan: Yeah, but if you don't think of it as that big a deal, you're totally free to do so.

Sanma: Maybe I am taking it too lightly... Esp compared to 60 billion

Sanma: Anyway I guess we've figured the only one gets to see it is the person who'd become your lover.

Maachan: I wonder what I'd do if I actually did get a partner.

Sanma: I would never fall for you, by the way.

Maachan: I feel you. It's mutual.

Sanma: Yeah, no need to worry about that

Maa/Yoko: HAHAHA
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^ Maachan has really upped her
Conversation game!

Masaki, what’s your secret?
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( (

Sato Masaki will be voicing the character Mei (a baby) in the new season of the 'Ahare! Meisaku-kun' anime shorts


- When asked about her character, director Shinkai said "It's a character that is growing up, he's still a baby. In today's recording, he just says 'Babuu~!' only (LOL)"
- Since her character is a baby learning and remembering words, director Shinkai said "Sato-san also doesn't know much about words" "Just while ago, I said 'It's NG' then she asked me 'What does NG means?' she is living in the world that not using the word NG" :lol:
-> He talked about Season 4 (of Aware! Meisaku-kun) "The show's highlight is the growth of Mei-chan and Maachan (Sato)"
- When asked what she had prepared for the recording, Maa said "I watched videos of baby! It's video of my sister when they were still a baby but it was just a watse of time (LOL) since it's completely different. My line is like 'Babuu~' then director-san told me 'It's not talking in real way, just say it 'Babuu~' in normal way' so I think 'Ah~ it's really different' "
- Her reaction to Eguchi-san's shout is very funny
- Eguchi-san said Maa was laughing a lot during the test then Maa said "I'm sorry, I will try my best to hold it back in this 1 year" "Next time, please stop me (from laughing)!"
- Talking about her challenge as a voice actress, she said "It feels like I can see a new self of mine, I'm very happy"
BUT she doesn't want fans knows about it "I don't want to say to them!"... Everyone was like "Why, please say it!" "You're embarrassed by this job?" then Maa said "I want them to realize my voice. So please mosaic my name"
- Then they asked her what is the difference between being a voice actress and standing on stage acting in a musical, Maa "The way of getting nervous is different. I don't have to stand in front of the audiences, it's 360 degrees different" then others "Isn't it the same?" "You mean 180 degrees!"

Thanks to page11 from H!O
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Maachan voice actress debut

"Babu" compilation