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Title: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Part Three (05/02/14)
Post by: karomuwi on October 27, 2011, 12:40:27 PM
A/N: The ones in limegreen are the latest updates. :byebye:



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 :depressed: Ok. I know that I have two ongoing stories...BUT THE IDEAS WON'T STOP~!  :frustrated: So many ideas keep going into my head! Preventing me from updating fast!  :kneelbow: So I'm sorry. But I just had to write this down. goes the (it's quite short) prologue. I also promise that the posting of this new story won't affect the updating of Akiba Family and RAY. Though...RAY might be more delayed, since it's going to be very depressing  :sweat: Anyway, here goes ^^


Operation: Job

She sighed as she tapped her earphone transmitter continuously, waiting for any transmission. Then. Sighing once again, she looked at her wristwatch and grumbled when she realized just how long she has been waiting at the rooftop for them.

“Hey! Where are you guys!” she growled at the earphone.

No answer.

She sighed and leaned against the wall behind her and frowned. Where were those guys? Didn’t they have an agreement to meet there before the sun sets? Looking at the sky now, it was clear that they didn’t arrive right when they agreed. The sky was overwhelmed by crimson and amber-tinted clouds and slowly, the sun starts setting.

She watched as the sun sets, bored and not knowing what to do since her teammates won’t answer to her transmissions. While watching the setting of the sun, she saw a few thin strips of clouds on the horizon turned shimmering gold then slowly, becoming translucent as the sky darkens. She sighed again.

“And they didn’t arrive.” She stood up and picked up her backpack, with several snipping riffles and her favourite weapons inside.

She started walking down the stairs from the rooftop. But just then, something zoomed past her face by an inch. She stopped and turned to look what it was. Then seeing on the wall, she saw a hole with a bullet in it. Her eyes widened and luckily, she managed to move her head out of the way as a several bullets were shot at her from the bottom.

“Shit.” She swore and quickly rushed back up to the rooftop, dodging a few more bullets.

Then throwing her backpack to the side, she took several things and placed them behind the door, after twisting a metal wire around the knob, locking it. She stared quickly at the huge garbage can she pushed against the door and rushed to her backpack. She started rummaging for anything that could help her to escape from the building. Just then, she heard a banging on the door and instantly knew that she had to escape quickly.

“A parachute!” she cried happily and immediately wore it. She went to the edge of the roof and stared at the bottom.

She smirked and stood on the edge, taking a huge breathe of the beautiful scenery in front of her. The lights of Tokyo has once again, mesmerized her. Just then, the door opened and several men pushed against the huge garbage can. She turned around, just to face with the men in arms and smiled.

“Get her!” cried one of the men, probably the leader.

She saluted and with a cheeky smile, she said, “Bye bye~”

She dived backwards, but not before throwing a grenade at the men. She watched while falling down backwards, watching the beautiful explosion from the rooftop. Then turning her body to face the ground, she pulled a string from the parachute she was wearing and instantly began falling slowly, and safely. She maneuvered herself to the park, where her pink Bugatti Veyron was parked at. Her feet reached the ground and she immediately folded her parachute as she walked fast towards her ride, hoping that no one saw her when she landed behind a group of trees.

Then, turning around her, she looked around. There wasn’t so many people around, luckily. She smiled and went inside her Bugatti Veyron. She ignited the engine and the car started moving fast with a beautiful loud roaring sound coming from the muffler.

She adjusted the rear-view mirror and smiled. Then, taking out a pink Luxuriator Style 23 and wearing it, she admired the gift that she received from her ex-boyfriend, or should you say, assassinated ex-boyfriend. She sighed sadly.

“Such a waste that I had to kill him. He bought me lots of clothes and…” she smiled as she touched the rim.

“and this beautiful designer glasses.” She chuckled as she remembered how she killed him.

Itano Tomomi a.k.a Tomochin is an assassin who works for the Meshibe Agency, an agency that does the dirty work of rich people, Mafia Families and many more. She was one of people called the Angel of Death. Sure, assassinating people seemed like a pretty harsh and sick way of living. But come on, the stuff you can buy with the money you’re paid with, and stuff that you can get, are pretty awesome. So being called as an Angel of Death isn’t so bad. Not when you can get everything you want. Everything…but peacefulness.

To Be Continued...

THANK YOU FOR READING!!!! :mon bye: :byebye:
Title: Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job] (27/10)
Post by: oist on October 27, 2011, 01:47:17 PM
 :pen_whirl: WOOOooooooooo!!

Badass Tomochin and Awesome are always complements. Can't have one without the other (yo!)
Title: Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job] (27/10)
Post by: haruhi16 on October 27, 2011, 03:08:27 PM
another cool fic :D <333 update soon <3
Title: Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job] (27/10)
Post by: dark-atrox on October 27, 2011, 03:10:41 PM
Tomochin as an assassin is hard to resist!  XD XD XD
She's a cool chick, and she could be the Nikita of Japan  :lol:

PS: I hope there would be TomoTomo action
in this fic... :thumbsup
Title: Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job] (27/10)
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OMG!!! Another Tomotomo long story????? Please update soon!!!
Title: Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job Part 2] (28/10)
Post by: karomuwi on October 28, 2011, 05:28:09 PM
@oist Thank you for commenting! :kneelbow:

@haruhi16: Yeah, another action fanfic. And here's the next (short) update! ^^

@dark-atrox: She is~ And there might be?  XD

@kahem: Haha, I have to tell you something though. It's not just gonna be about them. But they'll have their own 'screentime'  :lol: ^^

So here's Part 2 of Operation:Job It's another short update though. But I'll update faster than Akiba I think. I'm running out of ideas for that one  XD Anyway...Here goes~!

Operation: Job Part 2

She revved her engine as she drove past several streets in just mere seconds, when she started hearing some buzzing out of nowhere. She eased her footing on the accelerator, making the car drive slowly. Looking around her car, she tried to search for where the annoying buzzing was coming from.

“Tomochin….” The buzz continued, only this time, with a familiar voice.

“Acchan?” she said out loud and her hand immediately went to the earphone that was still placed in her ear.

“Sorr…We…trouble…” Acchan started saying, but the buzzing was making it hard for Tomochin to hear her.

“What? Sorry Acchan, I didn’t quite get what you were saying.” She said as she tried fixing the earphone.

The buzzing became louder, and she heard what she thought were gun shots. Her eyes widened when she realized what Acchan was trying to say. She rummaged for her phone inside her backpack while looking at the road and dialed her friend’s number.

“Hello?” the voice answered.

“Acchan! What’s going on? I heard gun shots!” she cried as she steered across a street slowly and used her other free hand to make the call on ‘speaker mode’ on her car’s options.

“We actually ran into some trouble on the way to the meeting point.” Acchan laughed and Tomochin rolled her eyes when she heard several gun shots.

“Yeah, no kidding. I waited there…For two hours.” Tomochin told her as she pressed a button on her steering wheel.

A blinking dot started blinking on her screen by the cup holders, showing her the location where Acchan was currently at. She pressed the GPS option and the screen showed a path that leaded directly to where Acchan was.

“Okay. Hold on. I’m on my way there.” She told Acchan, who thanked her in relief.

She revved her engine and began driving at several miles per hour, not caring about the red lights that she has passed by. After all, why should she care about that? Her friends were in trouble and besides, her car can change its license while it’s moving. She could make her car seem like it has disappeared into thin air if the traffic police tries to find her.

“Can you hurry up?” Mariko asked, taking the phone away from Acchan.

“Can’t you hear the muffler?” Tomochin asked her as she sighed.

“We’re gonna be cornered soon here!” Haruna cried at the back as she shot several men with her HK G36K.

Tomochin sighed. She was almost there, probably a few more blocks. Then, passing by a park, she stopped and took out her pink Luxuriator Style 23, replacing it with a shiny black Dolce & Gabbana 6036B, the same glasses that she and the others use when they go out for missions. She ran out of her car and started heading to the others, talking with them using her bluetooth earphone.

“I’m here. What floor are you guys at?” she asked as she ran up the stairs of a building, panting along the way.

“The rooftop.” Mariko told her, shooting several more enemies.

“Hurry up, Tomochin!” Mayuyu cried.

Tomochin took a deep breath and ran up as fast as she could, grumbling about how the others were making her tired. After several leaps on the last remaining stairs, she finally reached the rooftop level and panted as she walked towards the door. Taking out an MP44 Rifle, a smoke grenade and a flash out grenade, she bursted through the door and threw the grenades. Then using her anti-flash Dolce & Gabbana 6036B glasses, she looked for the others. And just as she had hoped, they were wearing the same glasses, smiling and waving at her. She turned to the blinded men and started shooting, along with the others, who were now shooting their enemies mercilessly.

Several seconds later, the smoke slowly disappeared and what lay in front of them on the ground, were several bodies. Tomochin took several looks at the bodies, making sure that not a single body seemed to be moving or breathing. When a body moved near one of the members, Sae, Tomochin targeted her gun at the head and pulled the trigger. Sae looked at her with a smile and Tomochin sighed.

“You guys owe me a lot for saving your butts.” She told them as she began walking back towards the door.

The others followed her and they all went inside Tomochin’s pink Bugatti Veyron. Tomochin began driving and started heading for their headquarters, the Meshibe Agency, which was located deep underground by the tunnels of the old train station of Tokyo.

When they arrived, the others immediately headed towards the headquarters' medical unit to get themselves treated while Tomochin headed towards her room to freshen up. When she entered her room, something caught her eyes. She walked towards her desk by the bed and picked up a file. The file that contains her next assignment. The file that contains the name of her next target to be assassinated.

She opened the file and started reading on the information provided. She saw that the next target was a female and that she was a granddaughter of someone called Akimoto Yasushi. She narrowed her eyes, trying to remember something. She was sure that she has heard about that Akimoto guy. Who was he again? She let out an ‘aah~’ when she remembered who he was.

She stared at the picture and bit her lower lip. The granddaughter of Akimoto Yasushi was her next target, huh? Hmm...So she had to assassinate the granddaughter of a rich man, huh? She clicked her tongue several times. Then, she started looking for the information she needed in order to kill her.

Just then, the door opened and the same perverted woman, who gave her missions all the time, came in. She looked at her and gave the file to the woman. The woman arched her eyebrow as she took the file.

“You know your next mission?” she asked.

“Yeah. I’m going now, Meetan.” Tomochin told her and started heading for the door.

Tomochin went out of the room and closed it lightly. Meetan sighed as she walked out of the room after that and headed to where the others were currently at.

“Oh hey, Meetan.” They all greeted her as she entered the room with several files.

“Here.” She said as she gave them each a file.

“What’s this?” Jurina asked as she opened the file.

“Your next job.” Meetan replied in a bored voice.

Meanwhile, Tomochin was driving towards a building where the information stated that her target was working at. She parked her car behind several blocks behind the building and headed for the car park. She’s had enough of rooftops for now. She didn’t bring any parachutes and she didn’t want to be ambushed again.

As she walked towards the car park, her phone rang. She picked up the phone and walked more slowly.

“Moshi moshi?” she greeted.

“Hey, Tomochin~ Where are you?” Acchan asked.

“I’m doing my new assignment.” She replied.

“Oh you mean our next job?” Acchan asked.

“Yeah.” Tomochin replied.

“Oh, sorry Acchan. I have to go kill her now.” Tomochin told her before hanging up, not hearing Acchan’s last words.

“WAIT, TOMOCHIN!” Acchan cried desperately.

Tomochin hid behind a huge car and took out her glasses, the shiny black Dolce & Gabbana 6036B, and started waiting for her target patiently. After all, a good assassin waits in the shadows.

Several minutes passed and she kept taking glances at the elevator, waiting for her target to get into her view. Just then, the elevator opened and a familiar face was revealed. Tomochin smirked as she took out her pistol with a gun silencer, not taking her eyes of her prey.

“Time to die…” she aimed at the head.

“Kasai Tomomi.”

To Be Continued…

THANK YOU FOR READING!!! Byee~! :mon bye: :byebye:
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Heeeee!!!! Noooooo!!! Don't kill Chiyuu!!!! T_T
Title: Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job PART 2] (28/10)
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No Tomochin don't kill your Chiyuu ~  :cry:

please update soon!!!!  :panic:
Title: Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job PART 2] (28/10)
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I think Chiyuu's gonna kill Tomochin instead. Tomochin, how can you resist your Chiyuu  :cathappy:

I really like Tomochin in this fic, so cool with all those action scenes  :heart:

Probably waiting for your next update, since you've made me fall in love with your story already.
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Ehh~!  :shocked What? What?  :O Noooooo!!!  :panic:
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I'm not much of a Tomo-Tomo fan but I like this a lot.  :twothumbs
Just what I need...some action!  XD
I'm curious to know if Tomo is going to pull the trigger.
But if she did...then it's not going to be a Tomo-Tomo fic is it?  :?

Update soon!  :twothumbs
Title: Re: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job PART 2] (28/10)
Post by: oist on November 03, 2011, 06:23:06 PM
     O  __________ O    <- my face when Kasai's gonna get killed.     
        /                  \
       |                    |
       |                    |

Looking forward to next chapter for lots of Kasai action. Please give her at least two pages of screen time before she dies :bow:.
Or, better yet, don't kill her. She's too lovely for that kind of treatment, no? XD
Title: LOVE'S A MISSION [Operation: Job PART 3] (04/11)
Post by: karomuwi on November 04, 2011, 11:00:56 AM
@kahem: Don't worry ^^

@haruhi16: Updated~!

@Alex.S1: hmm~ I can't say anything about that~!  XD

@FoF: Well, to break it to you. It's not really a TomoTomo fic. ^^

@oist: Don't worry ^^ She's gonna

@blueangel65: haha. Thanks for commenting anyway ^^

Umm…Sorry guys. I think this is a boring update, so…if you want to skip it ahead, that’s fine. This is just the information things and such. I’ll try to update an exciting one…though I’m not sure if that’s possible for some time. Sorry guys. And sorry for kind of rushing the end. :kneelbow:

Operation: Job PART 3

Time to die…’’ she aimed at the head.

“Kasai Tomomi.”

She waited for Kasai Tomomi to get into her Lamborghini Furia, before properly aiming at her head again as she planned on making her prey’s death look accidental. Oh how she just loves making all of her assassinated victims look like they got into an accident and how it drives those annoying cops mad.

The car slowly started moving and she aimed. Her finger trembling with excitement as she waited for Kasai Tomomi’s car to move a bit faster. And when she thought the time was right, she took a shallow breath before pulling the trigger. However, something made her arm to move, causing her to shoot another car’s window. Luckily, there wasn’t anyone in the car. She would get in trouble if there was.

She took a glance at Kasai Tomomi, hoping that she didn’t get alarmed and make Tomochin chase her. She just wants to kill the girl and just get on with her life.

She frowned and tried taking another shot, when several hands grabbed her and threw her into a car. The car’s doors closed and she sat up quickly, only to watch Kasai Tomomi’s car disappear as it drove out of the car park. She grabbed her gun, which was on the seat beside her, and aimed at the ones who caused her to miss her target, only to be shocked.

It was them.

“A-Acchan…” Tomochin dropped her gun as she stared at them.

The others looked back at her with apologetic smiles. She sighed and leaned against her seat. She stared at them, letting them explain why they had interfered with her mission.

“I almost had her you know.” She said with a scowl.

“Yeah, you did. And if you did, then you would have probably screwed up our job.” Mayuyu told her.

Tomochin looked her, confusingly, “What?”

Mariko sighed and placed her hand on Tomochin’s shoulder as Jurina gave Tomochin the same file that Tomochin had read before. She looked at them with an arched eyebrow, wondering what they meant.

“You were about to kill your next job!” Sae cried.

“What?” Tomochin sighed as she looked at Acchan, waiting for her to explain.

Acchan looked at her and said, “You were supposed to protect Kasai Tomomi, not kill her.”

Haruna sighed and started driving as she told her, “Meetan will explain.”

When they arrived, Meetan started explaining the details of her mission, but not before scolding her for almost killing Kasai Tomomi.

“Kasai Tomomi is the granddaughter of Akimoto Yasushi. The one who has given you your new job.” Meetan started saying.

“First of all, the reason why he asked for protection over her is that she has been getting kidnapped and several attempts of assassination have taken place.” She said.

“So I have to protect her or something?” Tomochin asked boredly.

Meetan nodded and crossed her arms as she spoke.

“This next job of yours will be a long-term assignment. You’ll have to protect Kasai with your life, interact with her and maybe try being friends with her to make your job easier.” Tomochin groaned.

The others patted her back. She turned to them and saw the rest with pained expressions.

“Don’t worry, Tomochin. You won’t be the only one doing this mission. The rest are also assigned to protect their respective Akiba girls.” Meetan told her, making her smile a bit.

“But wait, Akiba girls?” Tomochin asked, arching her eyebrow.

Meetan nodded her head and pressed something on her laptop, which was located on top of the desk in front of them. The screen in front of them lighted up and several pictures showed up, with the names underneath them. The words ‘Akiba Family’ were written on the top of the screen.

“These will be the ones who you will have to protect.” Maachan said as she made her way to Meetan.

“I’m sure that you’ve each read the information on the files.” Meetan told them.

“Take a good look at the ones who you’ll have to protect, for a very long time.” Maachan told them.

All of them stared at the pictures saw seven girls. Maachan clicked the girl, Takamina Minami’s picture as Meetan took a laser pen from her blouse and pointed at the screen. She began circling the light around the girl and pointed the laser directly at Acchan.

Acchan blinked several times and used her hand to prevent herself from getting blinded by the light. However, even though Acchan was looking uncomfortable, Meetan continued to point at her.

“This is the girl you have to protect Acchan.” Maachan clicked something and suddenly the screen was filled with information.

Meetan pointed at the screen as she began informing her, making her sigh in relief, “Takahashi Minami, to her cousins she is also known as Takamina. She’s born on the 8th of April, 1991, the same year as you were born in. Despite of her small size, she’s smart and is the CEO of the whole Akiba conglomerate.”

“She’s the leader in the whole family, and I think that making you in charge of her wouldn’t be a bad idea, since you’re both the same age.” Acchan nodded at her as she started to write down the information that was written on the screen.

Then pointing the laser at Sae, she motioned for Maachan to press something and soon, the screen was replaced by a girl with the name Akimoto Sayaka. Sae started blinking and Mayuyu snickered along with Jurina when she made a funny face. Meetan glared at her, thinking that Sae was making fun of her as she would usually do. She cleared her throat and sighed as she stared at the picture.

“Akimoto Sayaka, to her cousins, she is known as… Sayaka.” Meetan told her, stopping for a while when she saw no nicknames on the screen.

She turned to Sae and pointed at the screen, making Sae stop making funny faces as she spoke, “Anyway, she’s born on the 26th of July, 1988, making her two years older than you.”

“She was previously in the police force, but she decided that she didn’t quite fit it, since she’s not too good with blood and etc. She is now the head of every Akiba hotels and bars. I chose you to protect her because you’re a very social person, so trying to be friends with her won’t be that hard.” She smiled and turned to Haruna.

“As for you, you have to protect this girl.” Maachan pressed something and a picture of another girl appeared.

“This is Oshima Yuko. She’s born on the 17th of October 1988, making her your age. She is a designer for the Akiba fashion companies and since you worked as a model before, you might get along well with her.” Haruna nodded her head and stared at the picture, trying to remember as much information as she could.

“Next,” another picture appeared as she stared at Mariko, who now had a sunglasses over her eyes, “ is Minegishi Minami. She’s born on the 15th of November, 1992. So that means, you’re older than her for six years.” Mayuyu and Jurina snickered, earning a warning glare from Mariko.

“She works as a chef and she’s the head of every Akiba restaurant for the Akiba family.” She said before turning to Mayuyu, pointing the laser at her.

“This girl…” Mayuyu suddenly squealed, interrupting Meetan’s speech.

“She’s like a hime-sama!” the others chuckled at the girl’s outburst, making her quickly realize her mistake and blush from embarrassment.

“Anyway, as I was saying, this girl is Kashiwagi Yuki. She’s born on the 15th of July, 1991, making her three years older than you. She is the head for every Akiba entertainment company, like an anime company or something.” Meetan told her, making her look more excited.

“For the young Jurina, you get the mature Matsui Rena.” Jurina’s mouth widened when she saw and heard the same surname as her.

“She’s born on the 27th of July, 1991, making her six years older than you. She is the head of every Akiba technology and communication companies.” Jurina nodded and took another look at Matsui Rena’s file in her hands.

“As for you, who almost killed the one to be protected…” Meetan’s voice trailed off.

Tomochin rolled her eyes. Was it her fault that she almost killed the girl? She was an assassin, so of course she would think that she had to kill her. She wasn’t a bodyguard or anything, so killing the girl was the only thing that came up to her mind.

“Kasai Tomomi, born on the 16th of November, 1991. She’s 20 years old and she’s a model for her cousin, Oshima Yuko. I know already.” Tomochin told her as she sighed with the hint of boredom.

“Thank you. I managed to save some of my breath.” Meetan smiled at her.

Tomochin rolled her eyes and sighed as she placed her chin on top of her palm. Maachan took out some folders from underneath the table and handed a file to each of them. All of them looked at the insides of the files. Meetan sat on top of the table and crossed her legs as she stared at them.

“These are the files that you will need for your job.” Maachan told them.

“You will work with or for them in order to get nearer and protect them easier. You’ll go undercover as whatever Meetan and I chose for you to be.” Maachan briefed.

“So…We have to work with our partners?” Mayuyu asked when she read her file.

Maachan nodded her head. She turned to Meetan, motioning her to start speaking. Meetan sighed and crossed her legs the other way before she started speaking.

“Acchan, you’ll be working as Takahashi’s secretary. Since you went as a secretary once in one of your jobs, I’m sure that won’t be a problem for you. You have to make sure that she doesn’t become suspicious of you and do your job well. You’re just going to start as a one of the manager’s secretary, but make sure that Takahashi notices you and promotes you to her secretary.” Acchan nodded her head and began reading her file again.

“Mariko, you’ll be Minegishi’s muse. You’ll be her inspiration for the food that she has to make, meaning that you’ll also be her restaurants’ model and you’ll be the face of the Akiba cuisine companies. I think it won’t be hard for you to do that, since you have worked as a model before. Anyway, you’ll have to start making Minegishi notice you more and befriend her.” Mariko gave a nod and read her file, making sure that she won’t make any mistake for this long-term job.

“Haruna, you’ll be Yuko’s model. I expect that you do well for this job, since modeling is one of your strong points.” Meetan told her.

“AND I expect that you don’t space out, even just for a second. To be honest, I’m really worried for you, since you tend to space out. Oshima might die if you do and you might jeopardize the whole job.” Meetan quickly added.

“Since all of these girls are in the same family and you all have the same job, one failing can cause all of you to fail. It’s like the saying ‘A single spark can burn a whole prairie.’ ” Maachan told them.

The girls nodded in reply and Haruna made a determined look. If they were going to fail in their job, she wasn’t going to be the cause of it. She won’t let them call her Airhead Queen any longer! She pumped her fist into the air as she stood up and yelled out ‘Yosh~!’

Silence filled the whole room and Haruna looked around her, meeting everyone’s gaze. Her face reddened when she realized what she just did and quickly sat down. Meetan sighed and looked at Maachan with a pained expression.

“Just trust her.” Maachan mouthed to her, even though everyone could understand what she meant, well…everyone except Haruna

Meetan sighed and turned to Jurina, who was snickering along with Mayuyu.

“As for you, you’ll have to work as one of the engineers in Matsui’s company. Since you’re only 17 years old, and the possibility of her not accepting is high, you’ll be going undercover as a 22 year old, graduated student. You already look mature and I think that they won’t get suspicious with that. Just don’t get childish and you’ll do fine. And make sure that you get promoted to being her assistant. Study hard and such.” Meetan said and Jurina nodded obediently.

“Mayuyu, you’ll be working for one of Kashiwagi’s companies as a seiyuu. You’ll be able to meet some of the seiyuus from various animes and I know you’ll go all Otaku. I’m not stopping you from having fun, but do remember that you have your job of protecting Kashiwagi. Is that clear?” Meetan asked, narrowing her eyes at the younger girl.

Mayuyu nodded her head, a bit too excitedly, making Meetan sigh. Then, turning to Sae, she said, “As for you, you have to protect Akimoto. You’re going to work for one of her bars as a barista. I guess that you’ll do fine since you majored in that department. Just make sure that she notices you and makes you one of her assistants.” Then clasping her hands, she added.

“Your job…”she started but was interrupted by Jurina, who asked, “Can we call this job a mission? It sounds more fun that way.”

Meetan sighed and nodded her head, then continuing, she said, “Your job,” Jurina cleared her throat.

“Your mission will start in two days. Until then, study the things you have to know for your job.” Meetan told them before heading for the door.

Maachan followed her and they were about to leave the room when Mayuyu and Jurina called their names.

“What?” Meetan asked, sounding a bit annoyed.

Well, why wouldn’t she? She just came back from a huge long-term job and now she has to take care of another. The good thing was, those girls in the room were the ones who would be doing that. With that in thought, she smiled at them.

“Yes?” she asked, this time, sounding seductively,  like how she usually sounds.

“What’s our job…er…mission’s codename?” Jurina asked.

“Think of it yourselves. I have to go and sleep.” She said.

“Sleep or have Maachan to sleep with—” Jurina started to ask, but Mayuyu quickly covered her mouth.

“Okay, we’ll think of that ourselves. Sleep well~” Mayuyu told her as a sweat trickled down her forehead.

Meetan yawned and the two left the room.

“So…What should we do now?” Sae asked.

“Well, we need to plan out a way to get near them better, I guess.” Haruna told her.

“Let’s just go and take a break. I need some rest.” Tomochin said as she stood up and left the room.

Everyone sighed and left the room, leaving Jurina and Mayuyu alone.

“So…What should our mission’s codename be?” Jurina asked the older girl.

Mayuyu started thinking and sighed when she couldn’t think of anything.

“Anyway, we should think of stuff like stages or something with the others.” Mayuyu told her.

“But those guys think that we can just go and finish the jobs without needing to plan anything.” Jurina pointed out.

Mayuyu nodded her head in agreement. They once suggested doing something like that, only to get mocked at by those guys. She sighed. They should at least still have some kind of goal or stages. Most of their missions ended up in unplanned endings. They sat down by the chairs and started thinking.

“Okay. How about this? For the first phase of our mission, our goal is to meet them? So…” Jurina’s voice trailed off as she started thinking a codename for the mission.

“Encounter?” Mayuyu suggested.

Jurina nodded her head and then said, “Then, for the second phase, our goal is to befriend them.”

“So…what should it be?” Mayuyu asked her.

The two stared at each other and began thinking of anything codenames that would fit it. A moment of silence started. Several minutes passed and the two still hasn’t thought of anything.

“I can’t think of anything cool.” Jurina sighed, breaking the silence.

“Me too.” Mayuyu admitted.

The two sighed in unison. Mayuyu stared at Jurina and said, “Maybe just name it as ‘Befriend’?” Jurina nodded her head in agreement and the two sighed. Just then, Jurina snapped her hands and started shaking Mayuyu by her shoulders.

“I know now! I now know what’s name of our whole mission!” Jurina squealed excitedly.

“O-okay. Now stop shaking me.” Mayuyu told her as she pushed the younger girl away, gently.

“Guns and Roses!” Jurina stood up and gave her a V-sign.

Mayuyu clapped her hands in awe, but was actually just clapping to make Jurina feel happy. She was actually feeling tired and sleepy. After all, they just came back from a mission that almost got them killed. Mayuyu stood up and motioned her to leave the room. They left the room and headed to their respective bedrooms.

To Be Continued…

Thank you for reading this Byee~! :mon bye: :byebye:
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OPERATION: Guns and Roses: Phase One (Encounter)

Tomochin’s ‘Fateful’ Encounter with Kasai Tomomi

She stared right in front of her as she strutted her way towards the mirror. Stopping, she then placing one of her hands on her hip and posed, admiring her black Mina bandeau rapture dress. Oh how she’s starting to love her undercover job. She gets to dress in great designer dresses, own money from her undercover job and get millions of money from the job itself. No job’s gotta be better than hers.

Flipping her hair as she turned around, she told her own reflection, “You look fabulous, Tomomi.” She walked by her desk and took the piece of paper that held some important information.

She bit her lower lip, “How should I meet you?” and tried thinking of any possible ways to meet Kasai Tomomi, “Accident? Purposely?” without making her suspicious about Tomochin’s identity. Well, her job doesn’t start until tomorrow, but she thinks that she should meet with her job, right before she applies and work with her.

“I guess I can do it ’accidentally’” she smiled and took her car keys before leaving the room. On her way to the Agency’s garage, she saw Mayuyu and Jurina sitting on the porch and as she was about to enter the garage, the two called her.

“Yes?” she asked. The two walked over to her and stared at her from head to toe.

Then looking at each other and sending each other some kind of message using their eyes, they turned to Tomochin and smiled as they asked sweetly, “Where are you going?” making Tomochin arch her eyebrows at them, wondering why the two were suddenly interested in knowing where she was headed.

Jurina asked, “Are you going clubbing?” to which Tomochin with a ‘Yes’, making her grin widely. They then gave their best puppy-face and asked, “Can we go with you?”

Tomochin sighed and shook her head. There’s no way she’ll allow these two kids to follow her. She was going to meet Kasai Tomomi and with these two around, they might, no, WOULD mess up her whole plan. She can’t let that happen.

“You’re still kids.” Mayuyu and Jurina scoffed at her excuse and showed her their fake IDs. Tomochin arched her eyebrow when she saw what was written in it. “It says here that we’re legal. Mayuyu is 21 and so am I.” Jurina told her stubbornly.

Mayuyu nodded her head and pouted when Tomochin shook her head again. The two began whining and asking her why they couldn’t go along, giving Tomochin a headache. Rolling her eyes at the two, she placed her hand on her hip as the two began to moan and stomp their feet. Seriously, how childish can these two get? If they can’t even act their like their real age, which was 19 and 17, how can they even pose as the adults they were supposed to pretend as?

“I’m going to meet Kasai Tomomi.” She told them, hoping that they’d get what she was trying to tell them, and make them stop their whining. It worked, making Tomochin sigh in relief, until the two looked at each other, and then back to Tomochin, only this time with a bigger grin.

“We’ll help you!” Mayuyu and Jurina said in unison, making Tomochin raised her eyebrow. Yeah, these two would only help her in ruining her plan.

“No.” she plainly said. Then all of a sudden, she pointed outside the window with a gasp, intriguing the two. Taking the chance, she entered the garage and quickly locked the door behind her, smiling to herself. As she got into her Bugatti Veyron, she heard the two knocking on the door and whining. She ignored them and drove away, leaving the two girls behind to make the mansion’s quiet atmosphere filled with the two’s whines.

Outside a club somewhere

Staring at her phone’s screen, she pressed the green button, calling the person’s number. Several rings came and Tomochin was about to hang up, when her call went through.


“Hey Katherine, are you sure that Kasai Tomomi is here?” she asked as she looked around her, searching for Kasai’s Lamborghini Furia.

“Well?” Tomochin asked when she didn’t see any signs of Kasai’s car. “Of course! I’m sure that she’s there! My resources told me so!” Katherine Williams, a fellow agent of Meshibe, told her.

“Well maybe, your resources were wrong and gave you the information for YOUR mission.” Tomochin sighed with a hint annoyance. Well, why wouldn’t she be annoyed? One of the things she hated was being given the wrong information.

Sighing, she apologized, knowing exactly how Tomochin was like. Realizing that she was being rude, Tomochin apologized for her attitude. After all, she was only asking Katherine for a favor, even though the girl was already troubled with her own undercover job. As she start her engine and got ready to drive off, a familiar Lamborghini Furia stopped in front of the club ‘Infinity’.

“What’s wrong, Tomochin?” Katherine asked, realizing that Tomochin was quiet and she wasn’t hearing any engine sounds.

Sighing in relief, she told Katherine, “She’s here.” Thank god she didn’t go there in vain.


“I’ve gotta go, Kath.” Tomochin said before hanging up. Watching with focused eyes, she stared at the girl she has been waiting for four hours, go inside the club. After waiting for a few seconds to pass, she got out of her car and went into the club.

As soon as she went in and the door closed, Tomochin covered her ears. The music was blaring out loud, and the DJ was playing a song she didn’t really like. The inside wasn’t what Tomochin wanted, and it wasn’t the kind of place she liked. Well, for starters, she never did liked clubbing anyway. She hates the noisy music being played all the time and the jerks found inside, though she always meets her boy toys there.

Looking around, she tried to search for her target. A few men approached her, but she just brushed them all off. She was there for a reason: to meet with Kasai Tomomi. Squinting her eyes from the bright lights in the room, she tried to find her target while cursing to herself for losing sight of the girl.


Her target was walking towards the bar.


That girl just made things easier for her. Now what Tomochin have to do was strike a conversation with Kasai and befriend her and the rest of her mission (protecting), would be a piece of cake. She began walking towards the bar with a smile on her face.

All of a sudden, Tomochin stopped in her tracks. Kasai had entered a door that had a sign ‘VIP only’ behind the barista, making Tomochin’s smile fade. Sighing, she leaned against the wall beside her.

Great. Now how will she meet with Kasai with that barista guarding the door?

Sighing in disappointment, she sat down on one of the chairs closest to her. She began to think of any possible reasons for her to give to the barista, and groaned when nothing seemed to be good enough.

Just to make her problems worse, two loud voices shouted her name behind her, “Tomochin!” making her freeze on her seat.

Oh no. Please. Please don’t let it be those two. Anyone but those two!

Several more shouts came, but Tomochin ignored them and continued staring at the door. Hoping that it was just her hallucination. Yeah, that’s right! She has been hearing the two’s constant calling before, so it may just be an illusion!

“Tomochin~!” The voices got louder and she could hear it coming closer, making it seem less like an illusion.

Tomochin crossed her fingers and started hoping. “Please not those two. Please. Please.” She muttered continuously. She hasn’t even met Kasai yet and if those two comes into the picture, she’ll never meet Kasai just how she planned!

“Mou~ Tomochin! We were calling you, you know!” a pair of hands grabbed her shoulders and Tomochin groaned. Sighing, she turned around and gave a pained smile to Mayuyu and Jurina.

“Didn’t I tell you ‘No’?” she sighed and massaged her temples as the two sat down. They smiled at her and ordered some drinks and snacks while Tomochin sighed, again.

Great. Now she’s stuck with these two while she waits for Kasai to come out. Can’t she just go and enjoy the time in the club without these two around? And why can’t they just stay with Acchan or Sae? They’re much more fun!

“Hey Tomochin, why aren’t you ordering any drinks for yourself?” Jurina asked her. Mayuyu raised her glass to her own lips and drank. The moment she puts it down, she began to start hiccupping.

“Don’t drink. Remember, you’re still under-aged.” She reminded them with a forced smile to make it seem like she was smiling at them, to the others.

“Alright!” the two smiled and toasted their drinks together. Tomochin smacked her forehead and stood up. She had to get away from those two before she loses her temper. Walking to the bar that Kasai went behind at, she sat down and sighed several time while massaging her temples.

“Miss, do you want some private time away from your friends?” the barista asked while wiping a transparent glass. Tomochin looked up at him. He has…watching her? Oh no, does she seem suspicious?
“If that’s possible, then yes. Even if it’s just for a few minutes.” She told him, deciding to go along with the flow until she gets other signs of leaving the club. The barista leaned closer to her, while she leaned away from him as she was feeling uncomfortable with the distance between them.

“Here’s the deal.” He started saying.

Deal? Oh~! The usual line!

Tomochin sighed in relief inside her mind, and groaned. Here it comes. The barista will ask her to spend some time with him and such. The usual pick-up line by the male baristas.

“Spend some time with a friend of this place’s owner and you get some alone time for yourself.” He said.

Tomochin’s eyes widened. A friend of this place’s owner? Who…?Wait. Did he mean Kasai Tomomi?

“You in? Let me tell you, she’s nice.” He assured her. Tomochin looked back at the two pain-in-the-neck girls. They were laughing to each other and drinking.

Looking back at him, she said, “Hold on.” And walked towards the table where her two ‘friends’ were.

“I’m going to take in some air for a while. Stay here and don’t get drunk.” She told the two girls when she reached to their table. They nodded their heads obediently and Tomochin wasted no time to walk back to the barista.

“Alright. Is it just going to be me and the owner’s friend in there?” She asked hopefully. The barista nodded and smiled at her before motioning for her to enter the door behind him, making her smile.

Perfect. This was the opportunity she needs.

The moment she entered through the door and came upon a hallway, the barista closed the entrance, quieting the whole room. Good. It was soundproof.

Looking around her, she realized how different it was from the outside. The hallway was decorated with all kinds of painting, food, drinks, etc. Even the mood seemed different. Outside, you had the noisy and loud background, while in there, you have a comfortable and a sense of tranquility fills the whole room.

She continued walking and made a turn by the sharp turn in the hallway. When she did, she came upon a room filled with expensive-looking furniture and beautiful décor. The room was also painted with light colors, but was mixed with some dark colors, making it seem homely.

“Oh.” A voice made Tomochin stop looking around her surroundings. Turning around, she came face-to-face with her.

“Hello.” Kasai Tomomi smiled warmly at her, while sitting down. Patting the soft couch beside her, she motioned for Tomochin to sit.

“H-hi.” Tomochin greeted awkwardly as she sat down. She started looking around her, preventing her eyes from meeting with Kasai’s, and tried of thinking any subject they can talk about to make the atmosphere less tensed.

Weird. She never gets uncomfortable with others. This girl must be affecting her. But…how? In what way and why?

“I guess he found you as a nice person to let you come in here.” Kasai told her, as she took out some snacks from a small fridge beside the couch.

“I-I guess so.” She smiled.

Okay. Now that she has met Kasai Tomomi, what should she do? Wait, what was she supposed to say again? What was it again?

Slapping her forehead slightly, she sighed. Oh great. She has forgotten what she planned to do. Now what?

“Are you alright?” Kasai asked, touching the red area where Tomochin slapped her hand against.

“Yeah. S-So…I heard that you’re a friend of the owner.” She said, leaning away from Kasai, and quickly added, “The barista told me.”

“It’s true.” Kasai smiled, “But to be accurate, I’m cousins with the owner.” She began to drink her wine and poured Tomochin some.

“Thanks.” Tomochin sipped her drink and took began glancing at her from her drink.

Kasai held out her hand and introduced, “I’m Kasai Tomomi by the way!” while grinning at her, making some of Tomochin’s nervousness disappear.

“Itano Tomomi.” She smiled as she shook the girl’s held out hand. Kasai’s eyes widened at Tomochin’s name and immediately grabbed both of her hands.

“We have the same name! You have the same name as Chiyuu~!” she cried happily, hugging the older girl.

“C-Chiyuu?” Tomochin looked at her confusingly.

“Sorry!” Kasai apologized when she realized what she was doing and quickly let go.
“It’s fine.” Tomochin assured as she smiled and shook her head.

“Why don’t you call me Chiyuu then?” Kasai asked and poured another glass for Tomochin.

“I think I’ll prefer Tomomi.” Tomochin told her, feeling a bit uncomfortable calling the girl Chiyuu.

“No~” Kasai whined cutely, “Call me Chiyuu~ or Tomo~mi” Tomochin sighed and said, “Fine. Tomo~mi.” emphasizing on the word ‘Tomo~mi’, making her smile.

“Now…What should Chiyuu call—” Tomo~mi started to say, but was interrupted by the bursting of the door.

“Miss! Your two friends are drunk! They’re cursing and disturbing the others!” the barista cried. Tomochin sighed and stood up, following him outside. When she came out of the room, she saw exactly what the barista told her.

“Who’re they?” Tomo~mi asked, pointing to the two, who were now cursing at each other. Tomochin smacked her head.

Great. Those two are gaining too much attention. And just when she needed them to lay low.

“Friends.” Tomochin replied and went to the two. She got in between them and smacked both of their heads, making them stop their childish argument about who’s older.

“I told you two not to get drunk!” she scolded. The two looked at her with innocent stares and smiled. They started hugging her and started saying ‘Sorry~’
“Sheesh, what am I supposed to do with you?” she sighed. She can’t believe she’s weak to the two’s cuteness. Taking each of their arms, she put it around her neck and started apologizing to the other customers.

“Um… Tomomi. I have to go now.” Tomochin said as she began walking nearer to the exit. Mayuyu and Jurina looked at Tomochin and smiled, “New friend, Tomochin?” She nodded and waved goodbye to Tomo~mi.

“Tomochin, wait!” Tomo~mi cried, making Tomochin stop right in front of the car.

“It’s not Tomomi. It’s Tomo~mi! Remember, okay?” she smiled. Tomochin smiled back at her and put the two drunk girls in her car. She then went into the driver’s seat, and smiled at her before driving off.

“Itano Tomomi. Chiyuu likes you!” she beamed and went inside her own car when Tomochin’s car was out of sight.

Meanwhile, in Tomochin’s car, two girls were covering their ears, as the girl driving started scolding them.

“You two! Can’t you act more maturely?!” she cried. The stench of alcohol was making her puke. Seriously! She ust left them for a while and they already got THIS drunk?!

“At least we helped you meet her, right?” Mayuyu slurred, and hiccupped. Tomochin looked at her for a while and then back in front of her. Well, that was kind of true. They DID help. Even though they caused her to leave early.

“Y-yeah. But next time, you two stay at home!” she told them and sighed in frustration. The two girls yawned and leaned against each other, using each other as pillows. Tomochin stopped herself from scolding them any further because she knew that by the next day, those two would have a huge hangover. At least that would give them a lesson.

“Mission Encounter for TomoTomo: Completed.” The two mumbled before falling into a deep slumber.

“Not really.” Tomochin smiled as she watched the two from her rear view mirror. She and Tomo~mi only met as strangers. The real mission was their meeting at work.

Start of Mission (The next day)

After getting off her car, she walked towards the building and was about to enter when a familiar voice called her name, stopping her.


Turning, she saw Tomo~mi running towards her with a smile. She tried to look as surprised as she could and smiled back.

“What are you doing here, Tomochin?” Tomo~mi panted.

She answered, “I’m applying here as the company’s fashion designer.” And Tomo~mi grinned like a child.

“What about you, Tomo~mi?” Tomochin asked, even though she perfectly knew the whole reason as to why Tomo~mi was there, of course.

“Oh, I work here as a model!” Tomo~mi beamed and added, “Do you want me to help you get to the CEO’s office?”

Tomochin nodded her head and Tomo~mi started pulling her wrists. The two of them chatted on the way to the CEO’s office, and when they entered the office, they were completely taken aback. They were so caught up in talking that they didn’t even realized that they have finally reached the office.

“What are you guys doing there looking so surprised?” a short brunette asked, when she saw them standing in the middle of the room. Tomo~mi smiled at the brunette sheepishly, and un-linked her arms with Tomochin’s. Seeing this action, the brunette arched her eyebrow and then grinned.

“Oh my god, Tomo~mi!” the girl squealed, “You have a girlfriend!”

Tomo~mi nodded her head and replied, “Yep!” before immediately shook her head, blushing when the words that Yuko probably meant, sank in. Tomochin looked away and shook her head with a tint of pink could be seen. She didn’t know why in the world she was blushing, but by how the short girl said it, it made her blush.

“S-She’s not!” Tomo~mi insisted. The short girl smirked and laughed. It was kind of rare to make Tomo~mi blush, and began teasing her more.

“Mou~! Yuuchan! You’re so mean!” Tomo~mi pouted and crossed her arms as she turned away from Yuko while saying, “I won’t work today!”

“It’s fine. I’m going to have a new model anyway.” The girl told her with a laugh, making Tomo~mi’s mouth pout more.

The girl ignored Tomo~mi’s whining and pouts and turned to Tomochin, “I’m Oshima Yuko, the CEO of this company and the rest of the Akiba Fashion Companies. Nice to meet you.” She introduced politely. Tomochin smiled at her and bowed.

So this was the girl Haruna had to protect. Can this girl actually survive for more than a month? No, make that a week.

Poor girl.

Alright, alright. She was exaggerating. Haruna can do her work well. She’s not that much of an airhead anyway. So probably two weeks would be the longest time Yuko would live.

“Itano Tomomi.” She bowed. Yuko held out her hand and the two shook hands, ignoring Tomo~mi, who has actually stopped whining and pouting.

“I’ll be putting you in charge of the whole Department of Fashion.” Yuko told her. Arching her eyebrow in confusion, she looked at Yuko. She was supposed to work for Yuko and make herself noticed after several weeks. And wait, did Yuko just say that she was ‘in charge’ of a whole department?

“That’s great, Tomochin! You’re hired!” Tomo~mi congratulated and enveloped her into a hug. Tomochin kept on looking at Yuko with a confused look. She was supposed to be having an interview and be tested or something. She’s not supposed to get the job and have a high position RIGHT after applying and meeting Yuko!

“Tomo~mi have told me a lot about you.” Yuko explained, noticing how Tomochin kept staring at her in disbelief.

“And she won’t stop. She just keeps on talking about you, even though I’m in my room, trying to sleep.” Yuko added and laughed.

Tomochin arched her eyebrow at Tomo~mi, and Tomo~mi just looked back at her with a sheepish smile, blushing.

“She kept on telling me how you dressed up fashionably and such, etc.” Yuko added, enjoying how Tomo~mi grew pinker by the passing second.

In other words, Tomo~mi made her job easier. Well, she can’t say anything bad about that. She can protect Tomo~mi and she didn’t have to get promoted anymore, lessening her efforts.
“But,” Tomochin started to say and turned to Yuko. “Aren’t you supposed to be in charge of the whole Fashion department?”

She then asked. “And aren’t I supposed to report to you, work with you or something like that?” She was getting confused. After all, she only applied, and it was written in her resume, that she was only applying for the assistant, NOT the Department Head.

“Yuuchan is in charge of the lingerie department!” Tomo~mi informed her, while Yuko smiled proudly.

Arching her eyebrow, she looked at them. The CEO was in charge of the Lingerie Department? Wasn’t she supposed to be in charge of EVERY department?

Just then, realization hit her. No wonder she got the job easily. This girl only wants to be in charge of the Lingerie Department and leave the rest to her. This girl must really have a huge liking to lingerie.

“Anyway Yuuchan~ Where’s the new model you were telling Chiyuu just now?” Tomo~mi asked, looking around the room. Tomochin frowned, wondering as well.

Where WAS Haruna? She and Tomochin were supposed to meet in the office.

At another place somewhere (An hour ago)

She stared at the huge building in front of her and leaned against her seat. Sighing as she took out some papers, she began to go over the information she has to remember. After all, she had to make sure that every single thing she says won’t let anyone realize that she was only pretending. That would put her mission on jeopardy.

After several minutes later of reviewing, Haruna finally gets off her Aston Martin Rapide with a disappointed sigh when she took a look at her car. She was hoping to drive in her new baby, a Lamborghini Murcielago, to make a great impression, but Meetan kept on telling her to have a low profile unless it was time to make the one she was protecting notice her.

As she was about to enter into the lobby, she remembered that she had forgotten her application form in the car. She rushed back to her car and took the folder from the seat, running through the contents and making sure that she won’t forget any other needed document.

When nothing seemed to be missing, she entered into the lobby and headed for the counter, only to be stopped by a mixture of delicious aromas, making her take a quick look around her. Surprisingly, the lobby of a fashion company was surrounded by several stores, pictures and statues of different type of food, making her drool as she stared at them.

Just then, a younger-looking woman tapped on her shoulder, making her snap out of her trance as she asked, “Miss, can I help you?”

Haruna looked at her with dazed eyes before saying after several seconds of silence, “Uh…yes. I’m here to apply for the position as a model.” What? Food was everywhere and it made her lose her focus for a while.

“I heard that this company needs a model, so I decided to apply here.” She added. The woman nodded her head as she said, “Oh, you must the one who called two days ago.” Haruna began nodding her head in a frantic way, making the woman smile at her after sensing that Haruna was nervous.
“Please follow me to the CEO’s office then.” She motioned towards the elevator before adding, “by the way, I’m the secretary, Yokoyama Yui, and you can call me Yui.” She held out her hand, which Haruna shook after taking several seconds to understand why she was holding out her hand.

Yui began to walk towards the elevator with Haruna following her and went inside the elevator. After reaching the highest level, they went towards a door, which was designed with foods that almost seemed real.

Just by looking around her, Haruna couldn’t help but feel amazed and confused by how the place was decorated with pictures and statues about food.

“Isn’t this supposed to be a fashion company?” Haruna thought to herself as Yui knocked on the door made out of probably food. She heard someone shout, “Enter!” and Yui entered, followed by Haruna. As she was about to take a look around her, someone stood right in front of her with their back facing them, blocking her view of the room.

“Sashihara-san! What are you doing?” Yui asked in an irritated voice when she saw what the said girl was holding.

A slime gun.

The ‘Sashihara’ girl turned to her and flashed a cheeky smile, which was soon covered with a green slimy liquid.

“Oh yeah! I got you!” Someone cried as she poked out her tongue at Sashihara and began dancing happily. The slimed girl wiped away the slime from her face and sighed before turning to the girl dancing in front of her.

“I was distracted! That’s not considered!” she cried, while the girl dancing began to sing, ignoring her denies. Sashihara aimed at the head and was about to pull the trigger when Yui smacked Sashihara on the head and took the slime gun out of her hands.

“Sashihara-san!” Yui scolded, to which Sashihara cried, “Hey!” Yui turned to Haruna and gave an apologetic smile as she apologized for the two’s immature actions.

“I-It’s fine!” Haruna told her, unsure what and how to react. After all, it was a rare scene to see. Imagine, walking into the CEO’s office to find two people playing with slimes. Of course you would be confused on how to react to that.


Yui pushed Haruna to the side as a green slimy thing was shot from the gun and at Sashihara. “Hey!” the girl, Sashihara, cried when she got hit by the green slime.

“Hehehe.” The one who shot her chuckled as she gave a peace sign.

“Sorry Sasshi, seems like I win. You weren’t distracted then.” She said as she placed the slime gun down onto her desk while smiling.

“Sheesh. You two should stop playing.” Yui sighed as Haruna got up. Dusting off Haruna’s clothes, she gave another apologetic smile.

“Oh? Who’s that?” Sashihara asked, as she tried to get the slime out of her hair. It seems like she finally managed to notice Haruna.

“Minegishi-san’s muse.” Yui replied. Haruna smiled at them and lowered her head as she greeted them as politely as she could.

“My muse? You mean the model who called?” Haruna stared at the girl, who was sitting on top of the huge desk. She then tilted her head to the side as she tried to figure out who that girl looked like.

What was that mascot called? Gauche? Caching? Ah! She got it! It’s Gachapin!

“Isn’t she supposed to be the girl who Mari-chin should be protecting?” Haruna thought to herself, dazing off again. Yui called her name several times, but Haruna stayed in her trance. Sashihara began snapping her fingers in front of Haruna’s face, but failed as well.

“Interesting! She dazed off!” the girl sitting behind the desk cried as she walked over to her and shook her hand as she said, “You’re hired!” making Haruna snap out of her trance and looked at the three of them with a confused look on her face.


Yui smiled at her and told her that she was hired. Haruna just scratched her head and thanked them, wondering what she did to make them hire her so fast. Well, whatever she did, it worked!

“I wonder where that Oshima Yuko is.” She thought to herself as Yui told her to sit down. The girl, who seemed to be Mariko’s Akiba girl, smiled at her as she sat down across the room. Yui and Sashihara handed both of them some snacks.

“Go clean up, Sashi.” The girl ordered to Sashihara, who still had slime dripping from her hair. Sashihara left the room, leaving the three of them.

“I’m the CEO of this food company, Minegishi Minami. But you can call me Miichan.” The girl introduced.

Haruna scrunched her eyebrows as she began to think. Yep, that girl is supposed to be Mari-chin’s girl. And…

“Minegishi Minami? Food company? What’s going on?” she thought to herself.

“I’m Kojima Haruna.” Haruna introduced and the two shook hands again. They smiled at each other and Miichan motioned her to eat the snacks. Haruna gladly took a bite out of her mango cheesecake and sighed happily. It was so delicious!

“So, have you become a muse before?” Miichan asked as she sipped her chocolate drink. Haruna shook her head and drank her own chocolate drink.

“I’m experienced in being a model though.” Haruna told her. Miichan and Yui ‘aahed’.

“I guess a muse and a model doesn’t have much difference, so I think it’ll work out Minegishi-san.” Yui told her.

“You’re right.” Minegishi-san nodded and smiled at Haruna.

“So—” Miichan started to say while Yui started to take out some papers, when the door opened and Shinoda Mariko came in, with Sashihara right behind her.


“Kojiharu!” The two models cried in unison.

“What are you doing here, Kojiharu? Aren’t you supposed to be at the fashion company?” Mariko asked as she arched her eyebrow.

“Eh? But isn’t this the place?” Haruna looked at her confusingly. Miichan suddenly had realization hit her.

“Excuse me,” Miichan stood up and went to the two. “But don’t tell me that you thought this was a fashion company?” Haruna looked at her and nodded her head. Mariko mentally smacked her head and sighed. Leave it to Haruna to get mixed up with the addresses.

“I’m the one applying here, Minegishi-san.” Mariko told her with a sigh. Haruna looked at her apologetically and slapped her own self mentally.

“I see.” Miichan nodded her head, then turning to Haruna, she said, “Kojima-san, I’m sorry to say this, but out company is only searching for one muse. I’m afraid that I cannot take both of you.” And turned to Mariko. “If you both want the job—”

“—It’s fine!” Haruna interrupted. “I don’t really think I can handle the temptation.” She then turned to get out of the room when Mariko stopped her by grabbing her wrist.

“Make sure not to go to the wrong place again.” Mariko told her. Haruna nodded and began to walk towards to the door when Miichan cleared her throat.

“If you want a job as a fashion model, I can recommend you to someone.” Miichan offered. Haruna looked at her and then at Mariko.

“Her name is Oshima Yuko—” Miichan started to say, only to get interrupted by Haruna’s eager response.

“Yes please!”

“O-okay.” Miichan sweat dropped. This girl really is interesting.

She turned to Sashihara and said, “Sashihara, go start my car.” And then to Yui she said, “Can you please call or leave a message to Yuko? Tell her that I’ll be arriving there with a new model.” Yui nodded her head, then left the room with Sashihara.

Miichan turned to Haruna and motioned for her to follow her. When she noticed Mariko not following her, she smiled and said, “You can come along…Uh…What’s your name?”

“Mariko. Shinoda Mariko.” Mariko smiled.

To Be Continued…

I’m really sorry for not updating this fic for such a long time. Anyways… THANK YOU FOR READING!!! Byee~! :mon bye: :byebye:
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Wow I didn't even notice it was updated before, must've been during my time of crazy studying.

Hmm interesting another bodyguard fic, but this time its a little different. I like how Jurina and Mayuyu somehow ended up being legal and
decided to get themselves drunk and argue with each other who is the older one HAHA. I am trying to imagine that and I get only one
image = Kawaiiiiiiii, LOL Hmmm 'Infinity' would Sae happen to become a bartender there since Sayaka has all the hotels and bars  :lol:

Seems like Tomochin is the main focus so far, her whole operation encounter Chiyuu is kinda funny, since in the end its the two little ones
that got her into the VIP room. Then because Chiyuu likes her, Tomochin ends up taking over the whole fashion department other then
lingerie, but we are talking about Yuko. There is no way that Yuko will hand over her precious lingerie department and will die keeping it
under herself when Haruna becomes the model. WHat other way will she have the chance to molest... take care.... watch over her models....

I LOL'd when Haruna end up over at the food department with Miichan then where Yuko is haha, and the sudden appearance of Sasshi and Yui
too. Yui always so serious while her CEO just fools around with Sasshi in the office, I anticipate Mariko will be needing some strong painkillers
for her upcoming least she still has a sane Yui.....

Please update soon .  :twothumbs
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Hehe finally they did their move
And Tomotomo!!!!!
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Waaa! Update!
Tough it was a pain to wait for your update but you finally did so  XD
Haruna being an airhead is really something LoL!

Hahah Jurina&Mayu Pfft!
Chiyuu~ is so cute here! She already likes Tomochin hehe

Waiting for  your next update ...
Arigatou!  :kneelbow:
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OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!! ..... like it!!
Title: Oh My Dolly! (04/03)
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For the comments, I shall reply later~ Procrastination has once again taken over~  :nervous

A.N: What can I say? Inspiration has broken down for this fic.  :cry: I actually can't believe it though...Since I thought that this would be the easiest to finish with its obvious plot.  :P However, I think that my mind is searching for something. It wants this fic to be sad, and not just full of Romance, Action, etc. I guess that because of SoUL, and T.A.F, it wants sad happenings as well.  :lol: Anyway, while trying to figure out how this fic shall end (whether in a tragedy or a happily-ever-after), another story came up into my mind (AGAIN). I know, I know.  :nervous I won't get any of my fics done if I keep this up.  :P

Despite that, I still want to put it. And since my L.A.M (really abbreviating, no?  :lol:) is on HIATUS, I'll post the newly thought out fic here to make me feel guilty  :lol: and update L.A.M

Anyway~ Onto the story~ This story is just one of my compositions, one I gave to my Eng teacher when she asked us to make a random story. The characters are still not ready, so I'm hoping that by reading the Prologue, you guys can help me choose who's going to be the MAIN characters (so yeah, :D I'm letting you guys choose).

Enough of my blabbering! Onto the story~!


“Is that what you really want?” asked the silky voice that came from the girl standing above on the balcony.

The sound of crickets filled the silence that engulfed the two after the girl had spoken, filling the other with relief. She still hasn’t given her reply yet, but she knew with all her heart how much she wanted it.

This was her chance…

Her only opportunity…

To be happy.

She had never believed in magic and those sorts of stuff that magic could be associated with. But now, with this girl standing in front of her, whom everyone said has powers that are unbelievable, she is willing to believe in it. She is more than willing to believe in it, if it can get what she has always wanted.

That’s how desperate she was for the wish.

Staring up from the grassy floor her eyes bored a hole through, she then locked eyes with the golden-brown haired girl and opened her mouth to give her reply. “I want you to grant me that.”

The girl from the balcony sighed. Twirling her golden brown hair in her fingers, she began to think over what the girl before her had ask. She bit her lower lip, and stared at the girl before she gave another question.

“I’ll ask you one last time.” She stared intently, making the girl flinch from the un-diverted attention being given to her. “Are you sure?”

She nodded her head with a sure and certain look. She was determined to do anything, even if it meant believing in something she thought was foolish and non-existent. “Yes, I am.”

“The price for that is extremely high, and many who have asked a similar wish failed to repay me.” The long-haired girl tapped her chin, sitting on the white balcony made of graphite. She hugged her legs with the other hand, and started looking at the girl below with interested eyes as she continued. “What would you give me in return, if I grant you your wish?”

The girl kept looking at her with unwavering eyes, making her bite her lower lip as she take a breath to answer the anticipating girl. She knew that the price in return had to be equally priced, but she had nothing. She looked down, feeling disappointed as the realization of having nothing hit her. But right after looking down, she looked up.

There is ONE thing she can give in return.

ONE thing she was willing, yet afraid to give.

ONE thing that will surely be in equality with the wish she asks to be granted.

She looked up to see the girl looking at her with a raised eyebrow, and a face that was filled with nothing but anticipation as she spoke with determination. She was afraid that she would speak in a shaky voice, but fortunately for her, her voice sounded confident.


The girl’s eyebrow dropped and returned to its normal state, as she stared at her in a way that made her fidget. She was shaking as the cold breeze blew against her neck, and as well from the girl’s stare. The long-haired girl was looking at her with a stare that made her stay rooted to the spot, paralyzed with fear and awe as she watched the girl’s cold eyes bear a hole through her.

“For how long?” the girl asked, watching her with those glassy eyes that reflected the pool’s water behind the girl below. “For how long will you be mine?”

She took a deep breath, feeling the breath sucked out of her just by staring at the girl in front of her. True, the girl was beautiful. She was told of the girl being the most beautiful English girl seen in her area, and her beauty was nothing compared to the descriptions about her.

Staring at her was just captivating enough as her glassy brown eyes reflected each and every movement of anyone whom she looked at. Her pale, smooth skin looked as though they haven’t been touched by any form of contact. Not a bruise or a scar was seen, but her skin looked as fragile as a glass.

But no. She didn’t feel breathless at the younger girl’s appearance.

It was due to the aura the younger girl was emitting.

An unknown feeling engulfed her, as she continued staring at the younger girl sitting above her. A rush of emotions filled her heart, making it almost impossible to know which was which. She felt herself breathing hard, as if something heavy was placed on her shoulders and chest. At the same time, she felt light-headed with the surge of power she feels from the girl.

If the younger girl didn’t cough, she wouldn’t have been able to realize the silence that had formed. “I’m waiting.” she said, heaving a sigh as she started tapping her fingers on the graphite surface of the balcony.

“For as long as I live.” she replied, making the tapping of the fingers stop.

She stared into the younger girl’s eyes, trying to find any form of emotion that might show what she was thinking about as time passed by the two of them slowly. However, nothing was concluded as the girl stared back with emotionless eyes that could have made someone shiver as they feel the cold gaze being given.

“Come closer.” the younger girl ordered, beckoning her to move as close as she could to the balcony.

She did what was asked of her, and had two steps. Her face was slightly the balcony, but it allowed the younger girl to see her with a clearer vision. Satisfied with the space between the two of them, the younger one continued. “Are you sure about your answer?”

Once again, she nodded her head and the girl sighed. No matter how many times this girl in front of her asks the same question over and over again, she will definitely not back down from this opportunity.

“You’ll be mine for eternity, just so you know.” the younger girl warned.

And yet again, a nod was given as a reply. She knew that she’ll be with the younger girl for eternity, but she doesn’t care. “I’m willing to give myself to you.”

Her reply must have surprised the younger girl, seeing how her eyes instantly widened from hearing her willing statement. Her rosy lips curved into a smile, and she jumped off from the balcony, landing behind the older girl without a sound.

The older girl turned to face her, and when she did, she saw her walking towards the middle of the garden. She beckoned the older girl to follow her, and she did. She was now standing on grassy floor, looking at the girl who was several inches taller than her…Probably ten inches to be exact.

The younger girl moistened her rosy lips, wetting it with her tongue. She touched them with her long, slender fingers, which soon tucked a strand of golden-brown hair behind the shell of her ear, and stared down at the older girl.

“Start your wish with the words ‘Starbright, Starlight’ and continue on with the wish in a rhythmic manner.” she instructed, as she made a circle on the floor around the older girl with a stick she broke from a shrub.

Once she had stopped to look at the older girl, she then added, “Do not let your eyes wander off away from my eyes.” The older girl nodded her girl.

“One last thing,” the younger girl said, as the older girl opened her mouth to speak her wish. “You can only wish for it to last, the same amount of hours you will be turned back.”

She nodded her head, showing the younger girl that she understood, before looking at her to see if she had anything else to add. Seeing that the younger girl was looking at her, waiting for her to make her wish —a wish that will change everything— she took a deep breath to calm her anxious mind.

Her hands clenched into a fist, and her mind started to panic. What if it doesn’t work?! her mind shouted, making a nerve pop out of her head.

Shut up, and let me concentrate! she shouted back, before taking another deep breath.

Her mind did shut up, fortunately, and she felt serenity overcome her anxious heart as she stared into the younger girl’s glassy eyes. She blinked several times, before speaking out in a voice that fortunately didn’t stutter.

Starbright, Starlight.
Hope that my wish will come true tonight.
Even just for twelve hours a day,
Turn me human. Until love gets its way.

To Be Continued…

Please do leave a comment, it might help me in my inspiration problem. Anyways~ Thank you for reading!!! Byebye~! :mon bye: :byebye:
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Comments reply~:

@immortal_k: Yep~ The part about Sayaka owning the place is definitely, absolutely CORRECT~! And I think that Yuko will die if she hands over her one and only department  :lol:

As for the update....  :sweatdrop: I shall try to update as soon as I can stop my writer's block.

@kahem: Yes. The ball is finally rolling~!

@Megumi: Hehe  :sweatdrop: Sorry about the long update (and I still haven't updated) I'll really try to stop this stupid writer's block. I apologize for the inconvenience :kneelbow:

@haruhi16: Well, every good thing has to come to an end, right? ^^ I'll update soon! (I hope  :nervous)

@Haruko: Thank you~! ^^
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Hum it seems interesting can't wait to know the pairing and the whole context
Title: Re: Love's A Mission [HIATUS] NEW STORY: Oh My Dolly! (04/03)
Post by: saeyukilover on April 04, 2012, 02:36:05 PM


Pls update soon!!!:)
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Hey, there.
Good prologue, I must say.
And for the pairing... I feel like want a Deguchi Aki/Hiramatsu Kanako pair.
Well, that was just my feeling.
But of course it's up to you.
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I wonder who's the Pairing... Gonna Wait for Chapter 1.
Thanks for the Prologue.... Take Care & Good luck writing it!
Title: Re: Love's A Mission [HIATUS] NEW STORY: Oh My Dolly! (04/03)
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haha love's a mission is awesome! totally made me laugh xD i really wonder how long yuko is going to this rate she could be dead any minute with haruna being in the wrong place at the wrong time :P and isnt tomochin lucky ! easily got the spot thanks to tomo~mi :P

but great prologue for the new fic! i cant even pick a pairing for'll be a surprise for me once you've decided :)
Title: L.A.M [OPERATION: Guns and Roses = Phase One PART 2 (Encounter)] (04/05)
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@kahem: Thank you for finding it interesting. ^^ I'm glad you did.

@saeyukilover: I shall! Once I'm able to write down an update for each of my fics. ^^

@caghaunt: Thank you. As for the pairing you have requested, can you tell me more about them? I'm not really famiilar with those two. I want to try and write about them, if the plot suits them ^^

@Nakamii: The pairing is still under-construction ( :lol:) But once I have chosen, I shall write an update ASAP. ^^

@Pandah: Thank you :kneelbow: I tried to make it funny, since most of my fics aren't. Let's just hope that Haruna does a good job, ne?  :lol: I'll try to surpirse you then! ^^

A/N: Thank you for your comments :kneelbow: As expected (and as I have thought), seeing L.A.M not being updated really made me guilty!  :nervous And now I have updated it! Actually, since this one ended up in a very not-good chapter, I'll try to make up for it for the next one. ^^ Please enjoy reading... (and keep the comments coming~  :lol:)

Operation: Guns and Roses: Phase One (Encounter) PART 2


The ride to Oshima Yuko’s fashion company was not something Haruna, nor Mariko, would have expected. They thought that it would be a pleasant ride, with a relaxing conversation. But no, it was the total opposite of what Haruna and Mariko imagined.

As soon as the car started, Miichan pressed her foot against the accelerator hard enough to bear a hole through the pedal. The muffler roared, the tires screeched, and when Miichan let go of the brake and pushed down her clutch, the car gave a shrilling sound before accelerating forward.

The force of the sudden acceleration caused Haruna and Mariko to hit their heads by the window, with a loud thud. They rubbed their heads, and blamed themselves for not wearing the seatbelts, but soon learned that even if they were to wear those safety things, nothing could save them from hitting against the windows.

On the way out of the car park, Miichan saw a curve, and instantly made a drift, making the two hit their heads this time. Rubbing their heads once again, they mouthed the word ‘ouch’ to each other.

Unfortunately for them, their misery has just begun. Miichan saw a curve from several meters away, and smiled to herself as she made a clean drift, that unfortunately made Haruna hit the door by her side.

“Ow.” Haruna groaned.

“Can’t you slow down?!” Mariko exclaimed, and quickly mumbled when she realized that she had just shouted at her boss.

Miichan ignored her muse’s angry exclamation, and pressed the pedal even harder when they came into the busy streets of Tokyo. She began to swerve the car at every turn, and always stopped at a great halt whenever the traffic light would turn red.

People everywhere would try to get out of harm’s way as Miichan’s car drove passed them. Several cars would honk their horns as Miichan overtook in every lane.
“HEY!” a man screamed madly when Miichan’s car made him swerve, and crash against a pole. Angered by the damaged on his car, and the recklessness of Miichan, he got out of his car and started cursing. He turned, and saw a store, and began throwing some of the store’s merchandizes at the car that was soon out of sight.

If you were inside the car, you would have probably thought that you were in a race or something, but the problem was, they weren’t. The streets weren’t as wide as those race tracks, making everything even scarier.

Even though the two girls at the back seats were already wearing their safety belts, they couldn’t help but grip onto the handles and anything they could grab onto. They were worried for their dear life as the force of Miichan’s driving kept on making them hit the insides of the car.

“I promise I won’t make another mistake ever again!” Haruna promised as she closed her eyes, praying that she would get to live another day when Miichan made a drift by a sharp turn.

Her knuckles were now pale white, and her face was dark green. She felt the air being sucked right out of her, making her nauseous. Meanwhile, next to her, Mariko had her left leg against the door next to her to prevent her from colliding against it, and her right leg against the seat that Miichan was sitting on.

When Miichan made another drift by a smooth turn, Mariko could have sworn that the car tilted off from the ground and they were now driving in a tilted direction.

She and Haruna started screaming when the car flew into mid-air after going down a slope. They started to scream even louder when Miichan turned to look at them, wondering why the two were making lots of noise, not even noticing that there was a cliff at the end of the street.

“WATCH THE STREET!” Mariko pointed in front, but Miichan still looked at them, wondering why the two were so afraid.

“Please watch the street.” Haruna repeated in a meek voice, now praying inside her mind, and promising that she’ll do her best for her job. She wasn’t ready to die yet. She still had big dreams. Like dreams of wearing designer clothes, and getting married to a great husband.

“WATCH THE STREET!!!” Mariko began to scream hysterically as the car touched the ground, and now neared the cliff. A vision of herself lying dead on the hospital dead, flashed right in front of her eyes.

“I SAID WATCH THE DAMN STREET!!!” Mariko kept on screaming. She didn’t care if the girl was her boss. She didn’t care. She just wanted to live. To feel the ground’s soil. And to get out of Miichan’s car alive.

They were going to die.

The car was still heading towards the cliff, and Miichan still hasn’t turned her head.


Haruna and Mariko closed their eyes while hugging each other as they waited for the impact, and the pain. Fortunately for the two, Miichan managed to realize what they were trying to say and turned her head while laughing. She turned the wheel as fast as she could, making the car drift right at the very edge, and onto the safe streets.

After waiting for a few seconds, and nothing happened, the two opened their eyelids and sighed in relief. They smiled thankfully at Miichan, and started crying tears of happiness, only to be replaced by tears of fear and sadness.
Miichan’s car was currently going at the opposite direction of a one-way street. Several trucks honked their horns as the car drove beside them. Some of the trucks stopped with a halt as Miichan’s car drove pass them without hesitation.
Mariko took a glimpse of the speed meter, and her eyes widened when she managed to read the speed they were currently going at. It was saying 60 miles per hour, and Miichan was still laughing happily!

Sixty miles per hour on a one-way street with a laughing driver! Oh god! Mariko was going to have to protect this girl?! This crazy lunatic?!

After a few minutes later

Their miserable car ride, fortunately, finally ended. The car stopped to a great halt, making the two hit the back seat hard. Miichan went out of the car, humming and all smiles, while the two crawled out.

Actually, slithered their way out.

They immediately started hugging the ground, grateful to still have the chance of being near-ground, while Miichan just watched them with an amused smile. When she noticed that the two were gaining attention, she decided to help them up.

It took them several attempts to stand up straight, and by the time they took several steps onto the lobby, they found everyone staring at them pityingly. Miichan led the way into a hallway and the two girls saw several finished products of lingerie.

“Miichan, is this a lingerie company?” Mariko asked, noticing that only lingerie could be seen at every turn they have made.

Miichan smiled at her, and replied. “In some way, yes.”

The two looked at her confusingly, so Miichan added.” But it’s a fashion company.”

They went into the elevator and soon reached the top floor, and they walked towards a door, with a huge picture of lingerie pinned it. Miichan turned the knob of the door, and the two tried to stand straight, but failed to do so since their knees still felt like jelly.

It seems that their shakiness from the car experience still hasn’t worn off from their bodies.

The door opened wide, and Miichan helped them enter the room.

“You’re late.” A familiar voice made the two shaking girls look up, and found themselves staring back at the owner of the voice.


She was arching her eyebrow at them, and had an amused look on her face after seeing the state that they were in.

How badly did they look, for Tomochin to arch her eyebrows at them and look at them as if she found the sight of them, pathetic?

“Actually, I don’ think they are late. In fact, they’re way too earlier than expected.” A brunette girl in the middle of the room, told Tomochin. Haruna looked at her and found herself locking eyes with her.

“You must be the new model we were all expecting.” She said, not taking off her eyes from Haruna. After a while, she grinned, and the model responded with a smile.

“You must be Kojima Haruna.” The girl started. “I’m Oshima Yuko. Nice to meet you.” She held out her hand as she gave Haruna a dimpled smile.

Haruna shook the offered hand, and soon enough, the two were caught up in smiling at each other that they didn’t notice the others in the room.

Deciding that it has been enough, Miichan waved her hands in front of Yuko’s face. “Oi! Pervert!” only to be pushed away by Yuko.

“Out of my way, midget.” Yuko told her and continued to stare at Haruna, before scanning the whole body of the girl, and ended up staring at the chest area.
Deciding that she had to help Yuko from embarrassing herself, Miichan pushed the girl towards her seat and covered her nose with a tissue, before the blood could be seen. “Come on, Yuko.” Miichan pushed Yuko towards her seat and forced the girl to sit down.

“You can play with your new toy later.” She whispered into Yuko’s ear discreetly, and smiled at the others.

She turned to look at Tomo~mi to greet her, only to find the said girl staring at another girl, who was smiling at Mariko and Yuko’s new interest. She arched her eyebrow when she saw Tomo~mi acting in a girly manner.

“Who’s the girl catching Chiyuu’s eyes?” Miichan asked, as the others in the room began to seat down on the couches in the middle of the office.

She waited for an answer, but received none. Turning to Yuko, she found the girl busy watching Haruna’s every move. She shook her head when she followed Yuko’s sight, and accidentally looked at Haruna’s chest.

She could just imagine what Yuko was thinking inside that brain of hers.

She’s…Perfect. The way her body curves at the perfect spots. And she’s still wearing her clothes! She’s the perfect model! And if she wear my lingerie! Oh god!

Yep. That was what Yuko had to be thinking. It was that, or imagining Haruna wearing her newly-designed lingerie.
As she watched the other four girls start a conversation, she nudged Yuko, trying to get her out of her trance. “Oi! Pervert!” But the girl continued to ignore her, making her conclude on a decision.


Yuko grimaced as she rubbed her head, sore from the impact of Miichan’s smack. Even though it wasn’t a hard smack, it made Yuko’s forehead hit the desk with a thud.
“Ouch!” Yuko cried and glared menacingly at Miichan for destroying and interrupting her fantasies. Miichan stuck out a tongue at her and pointed at Tomochin. “Who is she?” she asked.

“She’s Tomo~mi’s crush. You know, the girl that she can’t stop talking about?” Yuko told her, as she rubbed the sore spot on her forehead. Miichan turned to look at Tomochin, who was smiling at Tomo~mi and chatting with the others, before a grin formed on her face.

She skipped to the four girls, and sat in between of Tomo~mi and Tomochin, stopping the girls’ chitchats.

“So~” Miichan started out, as she playfully winked at Tomo~mi, making the girl frown and wonder what she was planning on doing. “I heard that you have a great sense of fashion, and you’re an expert designer.”

“I like consider myself as an intermediate, and a learner. I prefer to do things in a creative way.” Tomochin told her as she smiled politely at the girl.

Miichan arched her eyebrows and wiggled them as she smirked. “Does that apply to you when it comes to things, like…”she pretended to think, “let’s say…playing?”

Tomo~mi’s eyes immediately widened, instantly getting what Miichan was trying to do, and smiled bitterly at Miichan as she spoke through clenched teeth. “Itano-san takes her work seriously, and does NOT play.”

Miichan’s eyes sparkled and leaned against the couch, as she crossed her arms. “Well, if you’re ever feeling stressed, Tomo~mi here is a great playmate.” Tomo~mi glared at her and attempted to strangle the smirking girl, when Tomochin replied with a smile.

“Sure. And you can join us if you want.”

Everyone’s eyes immediately widened.

Haruna fell onto the floor comically.

Mariko smacked her own forehead.

And Yuko started to have a nosebleed as she started to imagine all sorts of ‘fun’ stuff the two girls would do.

Silence started to fill the whole room, making Tomochin wonder what she had said wrongly. She turned to Tomo~mi, whose face was beetroot red, and scratched her head before turning to look at her companions. “Did I say something wrong?”

“Nope. Nothing.” Mariko looked at her with a smile, and shook her head. Tomochin looked at her with a raised eyebrow, when Tomo~mi coughed to divert the attention away from the fashion designer.

“So you’re a model, Haruna-san?” Tomo~mi asked the tall brunette girl, who just nodded her head in response. She smiled as she walked over to Yuko, and placed her hands on the short girl.

“Please take care of her then.” Tomo~mi said, and added with a wink. “She tends to get very distracted.”

Yuko groaned, before looking at her model with narrowed eyes. “Hahaha, very funny Tomo~mi.”

She sat up straight and looked at Haruna with seriousness in her eyes, hoping that she would not take the sweet-voiced girl seriously. “I take pride in my work, Kojima-san. So there’ll be no taking care of me.”

Miichan nodded her head and patted Haruna’s shoulder, as she spoke. “Yep. Yuko here will be the one ‘taking’ care of you.”

Tomo~mi piped in. “So that’s what you HAVE to worry about.”

“Shut up, you two!” Yuko cried as she smacked both of the girls’ heads at the same time.

The other three laughed as they watched the CEO of the fashion company get teased by the two younger girls. Turning to each other, they smiled as the realization hits them.

Perhaps this bodyguard job of theirs weren’t so bad.

To Be Continued…

I’m really sorry for not updating this fic for such a long time. Anyways… THANK YOU FOR READING!!! Byee~! :mon bye: :byebye:
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amazing miichan and her amazing skills at driving! haha i was totally trying not to laugh out loud and look like some lunatic since my family is home *cough* love how miichan is just so relaxed even though haruna and mariko were screaming their heads off :D

and yuko has finally met haruna! and just fantasising away in front of her  :twothumbs its gonna be so awesome when they start working together  ;)
i congratulate miichan on successfully should i fooling tomochin :P hahaha

another job well done  :thumbup
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intersting storyline (^^)

and yuko, being perverted as usual bwahahahaha!

oh oh oh oh! and that driving scene where mariko kept herself from banging into the door by holding on with her feet on the door and miichan's seat, i can totally picture that! like seriously, like, i can imagine her doing that, kind of a similar position to the ue kara mariko CD cover xD

anyway, really really really like this, nice job (^^)

looking forward to the next update!

EDIT: and i completely forgot to comment about the previous part where Jurina and Mayuyu were in the bar. WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!? GETTING DRUNK UNDERAGE!?  :angry: those two totally ruined a nice private time tomochin had with tomo~mi~ gosh those two.... unbelievable~ But i don't blame them, since i probably would've done the same, bwahahaha~
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I like how the story started, I like how it first focused on Tomochin, I mean seriously, I love her, though not as much as my oshis, but still! I like how this is going because its TomoTomo, there's never enough of that pair though and I just started to like it, so its a real treat to have to read this. Tomochin almost screwed up though with her job, she almost killed Chiyuu, tsk, good thing everyone was there to stop her, and now her encounter with Chiyuu at the bar was so good thanks to Jurina and Mayu, I have to say though, I think Rena might be the one doing the protection rather than Jurina, considering how childish she is, same goes for Yuki to Mayu, I wonder if Rena and Yuki would even live for another day. I have some doubts.... :lol:

Haruna too! Omg, she actually went to the wrong place, I can't believe how much of an airhead she is, she better straighten up or else Yuko won't survive at all. :lol:

The car ride with MariMiiHaru was certainly hilarious, I could actually picture Mariko and Haruna's faces, I mean seriously, Miichan sure has some mad driving skills, its scary, I'd never want to ride a car with her as a driver though, I mean, as much as dying seems nice and peaceful...I still want to live a little longer. :lol:

Mariko really needs to buy a lot of painkillers, working for Miichan seems to be energy and time taxing, hahahaha, so scary...? :lol:

Yuko is quite the pervert, lol, fantasizing about her model already....tsk, I hope Haruna doesn't space out either, please Nyan Nyan... :sweatdrop:

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I wonder how Acchan, Jurina and Mayu's meeting with their respective partners would be? I'm especially intrigued with Jurina and Mayu's, considering how much of a kid those two are...I hope they won't stray away from their actual missions because that would plainly spell failure to them.

So far so good, TomoTomo, MariMii and KojiYuu safely had their encounters, hope for the same for the other three pairs. :lol:
Thanks for the update~ It's a really good treat.

Also, I like the other one too, I wonder what pair it make me wonder, and its fantasy-ish? Hoho...I'm intrigued. :lol:
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yuko is a perv lol nothing diffrent there

i have to say tho tomochin and miichan have to be my favs because Miichan a speed devil witty with awsome plans and i just love the way she has amazin comebacks and teases people

Tomochin is just amazing lol no other words

update soon!
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Hahahahah! So funny!
Tomochin's innocence is so cute! Lol
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LOL it really made me laughed when you wrote about Mariko protecting Miichan, yeah it's her job so she have no choice but protect this crazy lunatic  :hiakhiakhiak:

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LOL i thought Yuko is going to have a serious role in this one, not a perverted one like she used to be in other fics. Well, i can't blame you, you just wrote what exactly Yuko is in real life. Perverted, funny, always full of energy and cute dimpled girl  :) Well , those are the reason why we all love her, right?  :wriggly:

Miichan is such a nice friend, helping Yuko not to embarrass herself in front of her new model (or her new toy  ;) ) and placing a tissue on her nose is a big help for the incoming blood LOL  :lol: I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS DOU   XD

Okay so the way Chiyuu and Tomochin flirt each other makes me think that there's going to be something wild will happen in the next few chapters, well, if you know what i mean  :mon misch:

I really had fun reading this chapter. Thank you again karomuwi-san! Please update soon as you can  :kneelbow:
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I wonder why the grim-reaper "Yuki" woke Kasai up. It sure is interesting story and I would like more of it :P

And the Operation part  where Tomochin

“Sure. And you can join us if you want.”

 :rofl: That was so LoL..... :rofl:
Hahahaha Tomochin can't read between the line she's taking her job seriously  :lol:

Can't wait for your next update!
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With the way Mii-chan drives, I doubt she'll need much protection, hahaha.
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Tomochin is so badass and innocent at the same time, me likes.

Can't wait for the action. You know, gun fights and ass-kicking, stuff like that.  Thanks for the updateeeee

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@Megumi: She should totally learn to loosen up.  :smhid She also almost killed Chiyuu~

@oist: Ahahaha~ Yes. I do agree. but then...what if a crazier driver/ assasin tried to kill her with a monster truck?  :twisted: That would be awesome...yes?  XD And I can't wait for the action as well, but I'm also dreading it. I mean...I'm bad at writing action scenes. *sigh*  :(

A/N: YES!!! I managed to update on my deadline! (I plan on updating my fics within three days after updating a fic) And I managed to keep this fic alive~! I shall say it..... IT'S ALIVE!!!!  :lol: Thank you for all your comments. It really made me want to update this no matter what. And I do apologize for making this chapter a bit....boring I find it a bit...of a bore when I re-read. Meybe because I wrote it?  XD Anyway~ Here goes~![/b]

Operation: Guns and Roses: Phase One (Encounter) PART 3

Jumping out of the car—in a ‘suave’ manner—, she twirled the keys in her finger. She took off her DG 2066 and stared at the building that stood tall in front of her. It looked even more impressive than what she had imagine, and she can’t help but stare in awe at the things that she could see through the transparent glasses of the place.

“I might enjoy this.” She smiled to herself, before walking to the entrance.

The place looked amazing; with its expensive looking devices she could see from the lobby. Several desks were lined up along the end of the lobby. Yes. It was THAT transparent that she could see all the way from the where she was walking, to the end of the lobby.

It also had several colors that— she was glad— it has, making the place seems less dull. The outside looked so neat, and highly maintained— with its neatly grassed floor, that the building was on. It was actually a bit too neat, that it started to give Jurina some goose bumps.

It’s too neat. she thought to herself with a shiver, as she started walking up the waxed, tiled stairs.

As she was about to press the door open, someone closed the door and pulled her to the stairs. She turned her head, and saw a middle-aged man in a guard suit looking at her with narrowed eyes that slightly annoyed her. She flashed him a glare that made him flinch, before crossing her arms as she waited for him to explain for pulling her.

However, he gave no response as he started pushing her away from the entrance, making her pull herself away and stare at him down. That seemed to have made him flinch once again, but he managed to gain his composure back after a while when he placed a hand on her shoulder as he spoke.

“You’re not familiar.”

She sighed and took off his hand on her shoulder, dusting it afterwards. He pulled her rudely because she wasn’t familiar? What the hell was with him? Did he treat everyone like that here? Or does he just hate her because she looked a bit good-looking, compared to him.

“I’m new here, uncle.” She told him, making him look at her with suspicion.

Was he stupid or acting dumb? she thought, as the man shrugged his shoulders and started pushing her once again.

Sighing with irritation, she pushed him back gently to take out an ID Meetan gave her. The guard seemed to have think that she was getting a weapon— which she has hidden in several parts of her body, just in case someone tried to kill the girl she was supposed to guard—, and started to hold the gun on his belt.

When she took out an ID, he sighed with relief and took the ID with force. After looking at it for a few seconds, he gave— threw— it back to her. Jurina scowled, and clenched her hand into a fist as she felt her blood boil. Who the hell does this guard think he is?!

“I’ve been transferred here.” She told him with gritted teeth, as she tried to keep her fist from taking out the gun she hid in her back pocket.

He scoffed at her, and gave a dismissive wave that almost hits her face. Jurina scrunched her nose, giving a glare along with it. He was just ignoring her ID; The only proof that she has to make this stupid guy allow her to enter?! What the hell is wrong with this guy! Jurina cried inwardly.

The guard pushed her back, and crossed his arms as he stared at her down with arrogance surrounding him. “I’ve received no orders from the higher ups.”

No orders? she frowned.

Didn’t she just call them the night before? Shouldn’t he have heard it from then by now?

Taking a deep breath, she loosened the gritting of her teeth as an idea entered her mind. That might be the other way she could enter with this guy looking surprise or something. “I’m MATSUI Jurina.” She told him, hoping that hearing the surname she had— which his boss had, as well— could make him lessen his stupidity.

However, he just scoffed at her and gave another dismissive wave. “Whatever!”

She frowned and almost threw her hands up into the air as disbelief hit her. He just scoffs at her after she introduced herself?! She NEVERS introduce herself to lowlifes! And this guy was one! Yet he dares scoff at her as he threw her ID at her?! This guy! What is wrong with him?!

She hates this guy, and how he was treating her when he has no idea how she can just kill him with a slight touch of her hand was just infuriating. If there was no one around, she was certain that he would be lying on the ground with blood gushing out of him. “If you didn’t hear of my coming, then I shall just leave.”

He glared at her, giving a smug look that she wanted to much replace with fear. “Please do.”

Sighing frustratingly, she turned away from him. She started to walk back down the stairs, cursing the stupid man inside her head as she tightened her hold over the gun in her back pocket.

Calm down, Jurina. Calm down. she thought to herself, as she got further away from the entrance.

She was just walking there! Walking there with a good mood! A mood she rarely has whenever she does her job! And THAT guy behind her just ruined it! He ruined it, and now she wants him to die! Yet she can’t kill him! How infuriating was that?!
Stepping down onto the tile-less floor, she tightened her grip on her sunglass, causing it to break. She stared back at the guard, making sure that he could see the broken piece of accessory in her hand. She could feel the shards of glass breaking through her skin, but the pain was numbed by her annoyance.

As she walked across the street to get to her parked car, she started kicking a small piece of rock. “I hate this job.” She mumbled, kicking it far to her front.

“I hate that stupid guy.” She kicked it once more.

“And I hate that girl for not even bothering to tell that stupid guy about my coming!”

She kicked the rock hard, sending it far away from her sight. Putting her hand into one of her pockets, she started rummaging for her car keys as the distance between her and her car decreased. When she managed to get it out of her pocket, she threw away the remains of her sunglasses and shoved her key into the lock.

When she couldn’t open the door, she growled and punched the glass with her hand, only to cry out in pain as th glass refused to even crack a bit. Holding her hand in pain, she glared at her car’s glass, hoping that it would somehow break it.

“Great.” She scoffed. “I just had to punch a stupid bullet-proof window!”

She threw her hands up into the air and cried out in frustration, before kicking her car’s door with her foot. Her kick didn’t make a dent— like she had wanted—, which made her kick it hard once more as annoyance reached its peak.

“Matsui Jurina-san!” someone called out, stopping her from taking out the gun from her back to constantly shoot at the bullet-proof glass.

She narrowed her eyes, swearing under her breath as she turned her head to find the owner of the voice. “Now what?”

A woman wearing a red pencil-skirt and clad heels was running towards her, waving her hand as she tried to stop the cars from running her over as she made her way over to Jurina. When she managed to cross the street safely, she placed her sweaty hand on Jurina’s shoulder.

“What do you want, Miss?” Jurina asked with narrowed eyes, as she took off the woman’s sweaty hand from the shoulder part of her Ferrecci black vest.

“I want to apologize for the guard’s stupidity!”

Jurina raised an eyebrow at her, and watched her bow at a 90-degrees angle. She was a bit shorter than Jurina, probably by three of four centimeters.

“Please don’t leave! Our CEO will get mad at me!” she begged, as she started pulling Jurina away from the door.

Jurina started pulling herself away from the woman but the hold on her was too tight that she managed to pull Jurina across the street, and onto the tiled stairs that the taller girl has stepped on a few minutes ago.

“H-hey!” Jurina cried, as the woman pulled her towards the entrance. “Let go, dammit!”

She stopped struggling when she was right in front of the same guard, who she was currently annoyed with, and narrowed her eyes at him. The woman let go of her grip on Jurina, and forced the guard to bow down at Jurina. Seeing how the same man— who was rudely scoffing at her a few minutes ago— bow down to her, made Jurina’s face form a smug look.

“Say you’re sorry to Matsui-san!” the woman barked to the bowing guard, causing him to grit his teeth at the sight of Jurina’s mocking look.

“I don’t have time for this, Miss.” Jurina said, though she had no plan on leaving.

She just wanted the woman to make the stupid guard apologize to her, and go on with the protecting the Rena girl. After all, if she goes back without managing to get Rena to see her, and get acquainted with her, Meetan and the others would surely kill her.

She turned away from the two and started to walk down the stairs, waiting for whatever reaction the woman would give. She was also waiting for the solution that the shorter woman would do to make her stay. After a few more seconds, she heard a smack and a growl—probably from the shorter woman.

“Apologize!” she heard with a hiss.

She slowed down her walking and as expected after a few seconds, she heard an apology. Though it was a low mumble, Jurina felt like laughing in front of the man’s face. But no. With the shorter woman behind her— and several other people looking at them from the lobby-, she decided to keep calm and act as professionally as possible.

Turning her head, she gave a grin to the two and walked towards them. She patted the dejected-looking man’s shoulder, and stifled a laugh as a look of frustration formed on his face. Serves him right, though. He didn’t know who he was messing with. And if Jurina could only make him beg down on his knees to give her an apology, she would not hesitate to order that to him.

“Matsui-san, please follow me to your office.” The woman told her, leading the way into the lobby.

Jurina gave a nod to her, before following her. As they walked towards the elevator—which was designed to be transparent— Jurina could feel the stares of the other workers on her. Some were looks of curiosity, others were of interest.

“She looks so cute!” one of the female workers giggled, when Jurina flashed a wink to her group.

Jurina was about to enter the elevator after the shorter woman, when the woman in heels smacked her forehead as realization entered her mind. She gave an apologetic look to Jurina, before motioning for her to follow her once again— this time to an area that Jurina suspect as the reception desk.

The woman pointed at Jurina, and the woman sitting behind the desk nodded knowingly. Jurina watched the two of them talk as the woman behind the desk started typing down some stuff on her keyboard. She managed to hear sentences, such as how cute she was and who the woman was.

“Akane-san, you’re so lucky!” the woman behind the desk said Akane.

Akane nodded her head in agreement, before whispering— loudly, that Jurina didn’t even had a hard time trying to hear. “I know! I can’t believe that Rena-chan made me in-charge of her for a week!”

Jurina raised an eyebrow at the statement, before flashing a wink to a certain group of girls working on the other side of the building. They all giggled and gave a wave to her, before sending flying kisses. It made Jurina feel a bit of a playboy— but for her case, a playgirl—, and it sent excitement throughout her body.

She would definitely enjoy her time here.

Just as she was about to send another wink, Akane turned to her and motioned for her hand to be given. Jurina looked at her confusingly and surprisingly when Akane took her hand. The girl made Jurina lean over the desk, and pressed her hand onto a device that looked like a scanner.

A beep was heard, and the red light on the scanner turned green. When Akane released her grip on Jurina, the taller girl looked at her, waiting for her to explain why she had to do that scanner thing. Akane smiled at her, before pointing to the desk woman’s computer screen— which showed a picture of Jurina and some of her fingerprints.

“That’s your identification, Jurina-san.” Akane told her, making the said girl nod.

“Explain to her about it, Airin.” Akane told the desk woman.

The said girl nodded in return to Akane, before looking at Jurina. She also gave a pair of contact lens to Jurina, which was produced out from the computer scanner.

“This— like what Akane-san had said— is your identification card. Everyone here in this building, may they be cleaners or employees, all have their own unique identification. We use this to open and close down doors, though some employees will be unable to open some door. It’s also like a key.” Airin explained.

Then turning to Akane, Airin nodded as she spoke. “Explain it to her on the way.”

Akane nodded back in return, before heading towards the elevator once again. She pressed her thumb onto the button of the elevator to open it up, and looked at Jurina with a smile. “Only working employees like us can use the elevator.”

Jurina nodded, and followed her in when the elevator door opened. Once they were inside, Akane pressed the second floor button. The elevator door closed, and they started going up. Though it was supposed to be a second floor level, it took them quite some time to reach that certain level.

Walking out, Akane started to point onto the floor— which was transparent— making Jurina shiver in fear. She never liked walking on transparent things. It sometimes gives her the creeps when she does.

Akane, seeing how uncomfortable Jurina was, walked to one of the rails. She put her hand onto the metallic rail, and started pressing it like it has some buttons. It did seem to have some buttons, when Jurina started seeing how the floor they were standing on changed its flooring.

At first, it turned into a grassy patch— neat and trimmed. Second, it turned into a slippery floor— even feeling as cold as ice. Third, it turned into a normal concrete floor— waxed and clean as though no one has stepped into it.

The changing of flooring excited Jurina, making her let out a chuckle. She turned to Akane, and stared at her in wonder as she waited for the girl to explain the reason for why the floor was able to change.

“This IS a high-technology building.” Akane reminded her. “So everything is made to please the workers.”

“So… we can change the flooring anytime we want?” Jurina asked, almost excitedly like a puppy.

Akane nodded, and they started walking through a carpeted hallway. The hallway didn’t divide into other several hallways, like what Jurina had expected. It had several doors though, that would turn transparent whenever they would walk pass it.

“My name is Takayanagi Akane, by the way.” Akane introduced as they walked further down the much less important rooms. “You can call me Churi, since I’m going to be working under you.”

“Churi.” Jurina tried saying the girl’s name, making the said girl look back at her with a smile.

“The rooms we’ve just passed are of no use and no importance to you,” she said, as they continued walking. “Though I would recommend to you that you take some time to get to know everyone, since you’re going to be the second person in-charge.”

“I see. I shall do that once we’re done.” Jurina smiled at her, sending a wink along.

“Well,” Akane— Churi said, stopping in front of another elevator. “This is the entire second floor, it’s just a floor for the designing of technology.”

They entered the elevator and once again, Churi pressed a button. They started going up a bit longer than Jurina had expected, making her tap the shorter girl on the shoulder as she hesitated to ask. She thought that they were going to the third floor, but they just passed the said floor.

“Uh…Weren’t we supposed to stop at the third floor?” Jurina asked, only to be given with a shake of the head by the shorter girl.

She explained. “We’ll head to your office now. The other floors have rooms that are almost similar to one another, so you just have to know which floor is which.”

Jurina nodded, before smiling at her in embarrassment. She must have looked like she was over-enthusiastic, and now the girl with her must be thinking that she has never been an employee at a high-technology company, or building.

But fortunately for her, Churi just smiled. She seemed like she cared nothing about what Jurina was thinking about, making her sigh in relief. Just then, Churi pointed at the walls of the elevator and asked. “Would you like to listen to some music to keep your mind off the height?”

Jurina nodded; glad that the girl noticed her discomfort. She really hated being away from the ground for too long. Don’t mistake her for having a phobia over heights. She just REALLY prefers the ground. Fortunately for her, her discomfort with heights might lessen the longer she works at this place.

Churi pressed her index finger on the emergency button, and cleared her throat. “Music, please.” A song started to play; the moment Churi released her finger on the button. The song was soothing, and it relaxed Jurina’s mind as they continued to go up. They passed by about nine levels, before the elevator finally came to a stop.

Walking out of the elevator, Jurina couldn’t help but sigh in relief. She looked around her, and saw that there were several portraits of several people. Some were probably the company’s best products, while others were pictures of people. Jurina could recognize a few of them, since they were the ones she and her friends had to guard.

Several of them, were pictures of Matsui Rena. Some of the pictures had her painted, while others had her picture framed. As Jurina stared at each and every picture of Rena, she felt shivers running through her spine. The way the pictures stared back at them, was kind of creeping Jurina out, since they seemed to be following her every move.

“Ano…Churi?” Jurina called the younger girl, as she stopped by a huge portrait of Rena. “Is it just me…Or does her eyes follow my every move?”

Akane laughed. She patted Jurina’s back, and started walking towards a pink door located nearest to the elevator. When Jurina refused to stop looking at the portrait, Churi pulled her by her arm and into the room. Just before her eyes were covered by the door’s frame, Jurina could have sworn that the eyes narrowed at her.

“Creepy.” She mumbled, before sighing as she stared at the room she was.

“Nice room.”

She complimented as she picked up a small, yellow bird from a wooden desk. Churi smiled at her, and pressed the bird’s head. Just then, the bird started to sing and flew into the air. A layer of red laser shot out from the small bird, scanning Jurina all the way from her head to toe.

Then speaking out in a robotic voice, it turned and flew to Churi, sitting down on her left shoulder. “Churi-sama,” it started, flapping its wings as it settled down comfortably on her shoulder.

“The analysis has been completed.” It reported, making Churi nod at it.

“She is Matsui Jurina. Height is one hundred and fifty-eight point eight centimeters tall. Her chest size: seventy-five. Her waist: fifty-nine. Her hips: eighty-two.”

Churi smiled proudly at the yellow bird, before petting it and putting it down onto her desk once it finished speaking. It stopped moving after a few seconds, and stood on the surface of the wooden table. Churi turned her head away from the electronic bird, and looked at Jurina.

“It’s my first designed product.” She smiled, sitting down behind the desk.

Jurina looked around her, and sat on one of the chairs located in front of Churi. “So, this is your office.”

Churi nodded, before standing up and clasping her hands. She opened the door, and waited motioned for Jurina to follow her. When they were out of the room, Jurina’s eyes quickly went to the same portrait she saw watching her eyes a few minutes ago.

“Coming, Jurina-san?” Churi called out, catching the said girl’s attention.

Jurina nodded at her and walked to her side, but not before sending the portrait another glance. As they walked further down the hall, Jurina felt that she was just imagining the way the portrait moved its eyes since after taking another careful look at it; it looked like it was impossible to move with its painted surface.

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

“So Churi…” Jurina said, as they walked towards a black door. “…when am I going to meet Rena-san?”

Churi stopped, just before she could grab hold of the door’s knob and turned to look at her. She started scratching her head, before titling it to the side as she gave a sigh.
“Rena-san is not here.” She said, making Jurina sigh disappointedly.

Churi informed her. “She’s kind of busy right now, and she’s in another company.”

“So right now, you’re in-charge.”

Jurina looked at her in disbelief, before sighing when she realized that Churi wasn’t kidding. She thought that Rena would be there, waiting for her or something, but it seems like the girl had some other business to attend to. So much for Jurina’s excitement in meeting her.

Seeing the disappointed look on Jurina’s face, Churi opened the door to the girl’s office as she hoped that it would cheer the girl up.

“Here we are!” Churi cried, as she entered the room after bursting the door open.

Jurina stepped in, and saw the great interior of the room. The whole floor was covered with a carpet made of soft fur, that Jurina couldn’t wait for Churi to leave her new office for her to press her feet against the soft carpet. The thought though was read by Churi, making her point at Jurina’s shoes.

“You can remove them. It’s much better to walk in this room bare-footed.” She said, removing her own shoes.

Jurina did and when she stepped onto the fluffy floor, she almost squealed out how soft it was. She started to rub her feet against it, and laughed when she saw Churi lying down on the floor. It was so soft that it seemed like it was made out of cotton candy— except the sticky and edible part.

Seeing the taller girl smile, made her glad. She was never good with cheering people up, so seeing the bright look on Jurina’s face brought her happiness. Hoping to make the girl smile even more, she stood up and took out a small black remote— about the length of her yellow bird.

She jumped excitedly, and cried at Jurina. “That’s not all!”

“Watch this!” Churi told her, pointing the remote at one of the walls.

The moment she pressed a button on the remote, the wall’s interiors changed and turned transparent. The room dimmed, and the walls started showing a starless sky. Making it look like it was night time, though the two girls knew that it was exactly four in the afternoon.

Churi pressed a few more buttons, showing the taller girl the different interior designs Jurina could change to. After deciding that Jurina needed to see other stuff about her room, Churi clicked the remote to revert the walls back to its original state.
“Cool!” she cried, jumping out and down as she watched Churi point the remote at several more spots in her room, telling her that there were more to look forward to.

When Churi pressed a combination of buttons, a TV screen emerged from the bottom of the floor. It was as thin as a paper and it was transparent, as though it was a transparent ice statue. The only thing that helped Jurina to distinguish it as a TV was when Churi pressed a button on the remote, making the TV screen show up an anime show.

Churi started pressing several more buttons, causing the TV to hide underneath the floor once again. As soon as the TV was out of sight, a rectangular shape started forming on one of the walls. The area of the rectangular shape started to turn into the color of clock.

It made Jurina stare at in curiosity, wondering what was going to happen. When a second passed, her eyes widened in realization. A door has formed!

She blinked several times, before scratching her eyes. How could a door just form on the wall just like that? That was like magic!

Churi chuckled at the sight of Jurina knocking on the door. “That didn’t magically appeared from out of air, Jurina-san.”

The sight of Jurina looking at her with a titled head, made Churi imagine her as a curious child. If she hadn’t seen Jurina’s resume— or the fact that Jurina was taller than her—, she would have definitely thought of Jurina as a young teen.

“That room is your walk-in closet,” Churi explained, as she opened the door with just the press of a button. Turning to the spot where the TV emerged a few seconds ago, she then added. “And that TV can show you anything you want. May it be the view of space from one of our satellites, or the city from a helicopter’s point-of-view.”

As Churi explained— while pressing buttons along the way—, Jurina couldn’t help but stare in awe at everything around her. Her office was so amazing! She— a seventeen year old girl— has an office this amazing! And she didn’t even work hard to get to this kind of work!

~o~ ^o^ ~o~

Jurina plopped down onto her chair, spinning herself with a squeal. This was the best job she has ever had! And she never wants to stop guarding that Matsui Rena girl, if this was where she’s going to work! She could just imagine it all! The things she would be able to create, as the second most powerful person in the company!

“This is going to be sweet!” she squealed, before stopping her chair’s turns.

She sighed and took a good look around her, trying to take in every single detail to brag about to her friends. They were surely going to be very jealous!

“Right!” she said, clasping her hands. “Time to get to work!”

She pressed a button on top of her black table— made of glass—, making some pictures appear in a hologram image. She started to run her fingers through each and every product the company has made, before opening a white screen to start designing some stuff.

She started to draw several versions of a single product, completely unaware that a hidden camera located on one of the walls, was focusing on her. She started writing down some stuff about the products she was designing, drowned in creating things she always wanted.

Meanwhile, in another room, two silhouettes  were watching Jurina with focused eyes. The two of them was sitting on a chair. One of them was tapping her fingers on the surface of the table, waiting for the other person’s command. When she saw the other girl narrow her eyes, she immediately pressed a button on the keyboard, causing the camera to zoom into Jurina’s face.

“She seems trustable.” The girl who pressed the keyboard, stated.

“Hmm.” The one being told, nodded her head before sighing as she leaned against her chair.

The other girl looked at her and crossed her arms, before standing up and flicking the girl’s forehead. “Ojou-sama,” she started in a scolding tone. “If you keep on being shy, you won’t be able to show yourself to your employees!”

“B-but…” The girl being scolded looked at her with a pout, and pulled the hem of the standing girl’s shirt. “You know how bad I am with meeting new people!”

“Rena-chan!” the girl scolded, flicking the girl’s forehead once again. “That’s the reason why you have to start with her!”

“B-but Kuumin—“ Rena started to say, only to be shut up by Kuumin’s sharp glare.

“No buts!”

Rena squirmed in her seat away from Kuumin, feeling like a child who was being scolded for stealing a cookie. She bit her lower lip, before looking up at Kuumin. Seeing how the girl was acting, Kuumin couldn’t help but sigh and pat the girl’s head.

“Sheesh.” She chuckled. “You act like a child, Rena-chan.”

“B-but a cute child, no less?” Rena asked with a grin, titling her head to the side.

Kuumin nodded with a laugh as she petted Rena’s head. “Yes. An over-grown ‘child’.”

The two of them smiled at each other, until Kuumin tore her eyes off Rena to stare at the screen in front of the two of them. She tapped her chin and took a glance at Rena, before pressing a button on the keyboard. An image of Churi showed up on the screen, and Kuumin sent her a smile.

“Hey, Churi.” Kuumin called the girl’s name. “This bodyguard of Rena’s want to meet that Jurina girl.”

Churi nodded her head at Kuumin, before waving to Rena. “I’ll make an appointment for you to meet Jurina-san.”

Kuumin nodded in thanks, before pressing another button that caused the screen to blacken. She turned to Rena, who was now looking at her curiously, before sitting in front of the said girl. She started to pat Rena’s head, and pinched her cheeks before she spoke.

“You have to meet her and stop hiding from the people working for you, okay?” Kuumin asked, with a soft and gentle voice.

Rena nodded at her, before staring at Jurina. She was well-known for being the CEO of Akiba Technology Corporations, but she was also well-known for not being seen by her employees. The only ones who knew her and had seen her face, were none other than her family, Kuumin and friends.

As her bodyguard, Yagami Kumi aka Kuumin, has been keen on making her meet her employees and lose her shy personality. She has been with the older girl ever since they were toddlers, watching over her like an older sister even though she was younger than the said girl.

Just by looking at how energetic and friendly Jurina was, Kuumin decided that she should meet up with the said girl to try and make her help Rena out with her problem. She knew that with how many people— who knew how Rena looked like— are keen on kidnapping Rena for a huge ransom, she need to tighten up her guard on the said girl.

But seeing how much Rena keeps to herself, and refuses to even let others in the same building see her, it was just hard to bear for Kuumin. She loves Rena like a sister, and as a sister, she wanted the said girl to be more acquainted to others.

She also needed to make sure that even when she’s gone, Churi won’t be the only one who would keep Rena company.

To be Continued…

To Be Continued…

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Operation: Guns and Roses: Phase One (Encounter) PART 4

Skipping merrily, she hummed a happy tune whilst swinging her arms back and forth. The guard who allowed her in was looking at her with a smile, enjoying the happy vibe that she was emitting with her song and constant skipping. Just then, she stopped in front of the elevator and took out the file she had in hand.

“Hmm~” she hummed continuously.

When she heard the elevator doors open, she went in and pressed a button that has the number ‘17’ on it. Once she was sure that it was pressed, she returned her gaze back to her file as the elevator started to go up. Flipping through the pages, she stopped her humming and sighed as she pouted.

Leaning on the wall, she started to flick her fingers on the closed file as irritation started to cloud her mind’s happiness. She has to make sure that she leaves a great first impression on the CEO of the anime voice acting company she was going to work for. Talk about pressure!

“Can’t I just enjoy my time?” she grumbled, remembering how much Meetan lectured her about staying focused on her REAL job, instead of her second one.

Sighing, she started leaning on the walls and inserted her earphones into her ears as she took out her iPod. She turned up the volume, and closed her eyes as she started singing along with the lyrics. Feeling herself relaxing, she started to dance along to loosen up the stiff and nervous muscles.

She was too engrossed with the music blaring in her ears that she didn’t notice that the elevator has stopped at the fifth floor, and a raven-haired woman entered. She started swaying her hands to the side, and pretended to hold a microphone.

Just then, one of her favorite anime characters spoke in the background— she was listening to a concert song— and she started mimicking the voice effortlessly. Another anime character spoke, and once again she mimicked it. By now, the raven-haired woman was staring at her with amusement. Awe was written all over her face.

I have never seen anyone change their voice into several others with just an interval of a few seconds. she thought to herself, caressing an invisible beard on her chin.

Smiling to herself, she started wondering who the talented girl was and started thinking about interrupting the girl’s free concert. But seeing how the younger-looking seemed to be enjoying herself, she started to debate with herself about her decision.

I hope she’s here for an audition, because I’ll surely take her in. the raven-haired prayed, crossing her fingers.

Their company has not been doing that well, so many of the voice actresses and actors have decided to quit and leave for the other rival companies. The entire Akiba family was all doing well with their jobs, except for her. Knowing how much the company was going down the drain, she knew that she didn’t have to wait for a long time for the one she always reports to, to call her for a ‘chat’.

“And Kami-sama has decided to answer my prayers!” she cried out in joy, inwardly.

This girl in front of her is the answer to her problems! She’s the angel that has dropped down from heaven to save her and her company from closing down!

“Ah!” the girl suddenly cried, making the raven-haired girl snap her head to her direction.

She had her eyes closed, but the sudden cry from the girl forced her eyes open. When she turned to the girl, she saw how red-faced the younger-looking girl was. Her face was beetroot red, and she was looking directly at the raven-haired girl’s eyes.

“H-how long have you been in here?” she asked the raven-haired.

She answered nonchalantly, with a smile. “Ever since I came in from the fifth floor.”

“Ah!” the girl cried once more, before slapping her forehead hard.

The sudden smacking of the forehead surprised the raven-haired, and her eyes almost popped out of their sockets. The face she made was so hilarious for the younger-looking girl to take, that she started laughing and clutched her stomach in pain as the image of the raven-haired girl’s face replayed over and over in her head.

“You looked so funny!”

The raven-haired looked at the laughing girl with a frown. What was funny? Did she do something? Does she have anything on her face?

“What’s so funny?” she asked with a pout, crossing her arms along.

The laughing girl gave a dismissive wave, and tried to stifle her laughter. “N-nothing!”

“Tell me!” she cried, taking a step towards the girl.

The girl accidentally let out a laugh, and said. “Forget it!”

“Tell me!”

A step closer.

“Just forget it, okay?”

A step forward.

“Tell. Me.”

Another step forward.

By now, the raven-haired girl managed to trap the other girl between her and the wall. The girl in between tried to squeeze her way out, but her shoulders were pinned onto the wall by the raven-haired girl’s hands. She managed to keep the other girl lock eyes with her brown orbs, and she moved her face nearer.

“Tell. Me.” She ordered.

The other girl has now finally stopped laughing, and was looking at her with emotionless eyes that still contained a tear from the laughing fit she had a few seconds ago. When the raven-haired girl realized that she wasn’t going to speak, she moved her face nearer by an inch— to the point that she was practically sharing the same air as the other girl.

“Speak.” She ordered once more.

The girl smirked at her, as she replied. “Make me.”

Kiss her! her mind suddenly shouted, making her eyes widen once again. What?! she screamed back to her mind.

“You want to kiss me?” the girl sandwiched between the raven-haired and the wall, asked.

The raven-haired looked at her in surprise, before coming to the realization that she has spoken out words her mind involuntarily made her speak.

I’ll kiss you.

“No, I don’t.” The raven-haired said, making the other girl look at her with a pout.

“Why? Am I not kissable?”

“No.” The raven-haired sighed in frustration. “I want to kiss you.”

Wait, what?! she screamed at herself inwardly.

The girl looked at her. “Then why aren’t you kissing me?”

“Because—” she started to say.

Seeing the hesitation from the raven-haired, the girl pouted once more. “—I’m not kissable?”

“No!” she cried, seeing how the girl was starting to tear up.

The raven-haired was pushed away gently by the other girl, and she stared helplessly as the shorter girl started to cry. “I’m not kissable!”

She smacked her forehead, and cried at her brain. Scumbag brain! Sighing, she tried to soothe the shorter girl by patting her shoulder, only to have her hand swatted away.

Stupid! she cried to her brain, only to be slapped on the face by the shorter girl.

She stared at the girl in front of her, surprised as she touched the slapped cheek. “Oh, not only did you refuse to kiss me! But you also called me stupid?!”

“What?” the raven-haired asked, before realizing that she spoke the word out loud. “No! I didn’t mean you! I mean myself!”

“Go away.” The shorter girl mumbled, sniffling.

The raven-haired pinched the bridge of her nose, and sighed. Why did her brain have to make her speak the words ‘I’ll kiss you.’? Smacking her forehead once again, she started cursing at her brain. When she turned her head to look back at the shorter girl, she saw the girl wiping away the tears that has formed in her eyes due to the crying she made.

“Hey,” she said softly. “You alright?”

“Yes!” The shorter girl said sarcastically as she glared at her, before turning away her head. “Would YOU be alright if someone refused to kiss you?”

The raven-haired scratched her head. “Well…It would be fin—”

“—No!” the shorter girl interrupted her. “You can’t be!”

The raven-haired sighed and massaged her forehead. What did she do, to have an argument with this girl? And why can’t she seem to win, when she ALWAYS win at almost every argument.

“Well, will you be alright if I kiss you?” she sighed, massaging her cheeks.

She saw the shorter girl glimpse at her from the corner of her eyes, and smiled with hope in her eyes. The girl ‘hmphed’ and crossed her arms before nodding her head.

What a tsundere. she thought to herself with a smile.

Sighing, she moved forward towards the girl. She turned the shorter girl slowly, before pushing her against the wall gently as she moved her face closer to hers. Gulping, she licked her lips as she stared at those rosy, moist lips the shorter girl had.

The space between their faces slowly decreased, and the two girls closed their eyes. Their breaths started to get heavier, and the shorter girl no longer had her frown on her face. As their lips touched each other, they each felt a jolt of electricity run through their bodies, making them jerk back a bit.
Though they did move back, their lips never left each other and the two continued to keep the kiss going. They weren’t making any moves and only stayed with touching each other’s lips with their own, but it left them breathless.

Deciding that she wanted more and needed to taste the shorter girl more, the raven-haired girl tilted her head to the side and pressed her body against her even more. The shorter girl beneath her gave a slight moan from the pressure that she was giving and pressed up against her as well. She shivered under the touch from the raven-haired girl, when the taller of the two wrapped her arms around the shorter girl’s waist.

The two of them continued to stay like that, breathing the same air as the other. However, unbeknownst to the two of them, the elevator has reached the highest level of the building— the seventeenth floor— and has now opened its doors.

Unaware that the elevator doors have opened, they started to deepen the kiss. They were so engrossed in kissing, that they didn’t notice two people staring at them with dropped jaws and shocked faces from the outside of the elevator.

One of the two girls staring had long black hair that was as dark as the raven-haired girl’s. Her gaze was stuck on the raven-haired girl, who was by now caressing the shorter girl’s cheeks as she deepened the kiss. She had her mouth gaping at the scene in front of her, unable to find an excuse to give to the girl right beside her.

Speaking of the girl who was beside her, she had short black hair that reaches to her shoulders, making her look like a guy. The aura she was emitting was also one an ikemen gives. When the long-haired girl turned to her, she saw how the shocked expression on the short-haired girl’s face was replaced almost instantly by a look of amusement.

Deciding that this was not the time to stand around watching people kiss each other, she cleared her throat and waited for a reaction from the two. However, the two remained in their positions, completely unaware about the presence of the other two.

“AHEM!” she coughed loudly this time, making the two girls finally separate from each other and look at the two of them with surprised expressions.

She asked the raven-haired girl, who was now covering her face as she blushed furiously. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“S-Sayaka…” she looked at the shorter girl beside her, before pointing at her. “I-I…S-she…”


“What are you trying to say, Yukirin?” the other raven-haired named Sayaka, was now looking at her with narrowed eyes.

Pointing to herself, she started to stutter the words out. “S-stupid…me.”

Once the words came out of her mouth, her eyes whitened and she collapsed to the ground— unconscious. The three girls looked at the knocked out girl, before turning to one another as Sayaka pinched the bridge of her nose. She sighed and shook her head, before taking a glimpse at the girl she called Yukirin.

Do you kiss strangers now, Yukirin? she sighed inwardly.

To Be Continued…

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Hahaha~!! Yuki will always kiss Mayuyu even though she is a stranger~ (

Nobody can resist Mayuyu's tears~ (
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Hahaha its so funny..
Yukiriin~ what are you doing to mayu?
And mayu...hahaha....what can i say...she always so adorable...

I will waiting for the update...even the update is 1 years later...
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Hahahahahah! This chapter is hilarious! Mayuki moment is so cute~
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Yukirin has it bad for Mayuyu. But I don't blame her. Who can resist the adorable Mayuyu?

Yukirin's reaction at being caught in the act is hilarious! Plus, verbalizing her impure thoughts just proves her lack of self-control in the presence of the Princess of Cute :lol:
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And you're a genius!! I love every fics that you make! T.A.F. R.A.Y. And now L.A.M.

I just read this fic at 4 in the morning since I woke up too earlier. ㅋㅋㅋ I love it!! *excited

At first I thought this is the same as T.A.F.
But after read it till the latest chapter there're so many differences. I love Jurina in this fic! LOL She's like a child who get excited now and then.

The LOL moment:
Mayuyu and Jurina epic drunk in the club is EPIC!
Miichan driving skills is EPIC!
NyanNyan and Mariko reaction is EPIC!
Yuko's pervertness.. Hmmmm she's always been like that. LOL nothing change. LOL
Jurina is CUTE! VERY! :D *change oshimen
Yukirin.. *speechless.. EPIC!
Tsundere Mayuyu is EPIC!!
MaYuki kiss *gasp is HAWT! And my corrupted minds makes me imagining "things".. #omg

I just want to ask is MaYuki kiss just a kiss or a deep kiss (french kiss)?
Yukirin's boldness is contagious!!! LOL

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P/s : Oh and yeah, I read AAAice-san's Mafia Princesses first, then LAM, not knowing there is actually TAF. Then I started reading TAF after commenting before this. And everything just makes sense from then. Haha. I love her stories, especially that MAfia Princesses, and also your stories, LAM, TAF and RAY too. I really enjoy them! Hopefully AAAice-san will be back with her updates soon. I've been waiting for the continuation of the story..
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Yukirin already kissing Mayuyu?
Even though she probably doesn't even know Mayuyu's name?
Gaaaaaah~ What's gotten into you Yukirin?
But then, meh, it's understandable~
No one can resist Mayuyu :lol:

And wow at Mayuyu switching voices lol~
She's so into her little world~
Maybe that's why Yukirin had no choice but kiss her :lol::lol::lol::lol:
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haha i know airin stands no chance against jurina in this fic D: she'll get slaughtered and turned into mince meat! but its okay if no renairin for this since it is wmatsui afterall but it'd be awesome if you can write some more extras with airin in it *hint hint*  8)

rofl im glad none of my grandparents place have those creepy portraits  :twothumbs but i feel for you ..i really do *patpat*

hahaha 7 times?!?! LOL thats just overkill  :P

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lol mayu and yuki there isnt much to say apart from poor Yuki she just got caught by sayaka kissing Mayu and they both loved there kiss lol

i wonder who is going to meet next

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Operation: Guns and Roses= Phase One (Encounter) Part 5

Whistling a happy tune, she stepped out of the car and slammed the door shut with a slam. She was in a great mood ever since she had heard from Meetan that she would be working in the field she was most knowledgeable.

As she walked towards the two doors of the building, she started noticing how nice they looked. Both of the doors were made of translucent glass, clean and without a sign of a fingerprint. They were both painted with a mixture of black and light colors that made it look extraordinary, yet attractive.

“Welcome to Infinity Inc.” greeted the man, who suddenly opened the doors widely for her to enter through.

Smiling, she nodded back in return and greeted energetically. The guard smiled back, before motioning for her to enter and closing it the moment she did. The cold air made by the air-conditioners brought the heat out of her body, immediately making her shiver as her skin adapted to the cold surrounding.

Taking a look around her, she started noticing just how dark the place seemed, with the lights dimmed almost to the point that the first level was impossible to see in. Everywhere she turned; there would always be a picture of Akimoto Sayaka.

Figuring out the reason for the dim atmosphere, she looked up and find out that not a single ceiling light was in sight. Instead, there were ancient-looking post lights that lighted up the whole place. There were not many of them, and they stood aligned next to each other with a distance of two to three meters in between.

“What an eerie company.” She mumbled to herself, before walking towards a counter that was located by the corner.

Once she stood by the wooden counter, she peered over and realized that no one was sitting right behind it. Furrowing her eyebrows, she started looking around her and noticed that the guard who opened the door for her before was no longer there.

And neither was the chair he sat on.

“Okay, now this is getting weirder.” She said to herself, before reaching out to shake the bell that was on top of the counter.

Once she shook it, the bell’s ringing echoed throughout the place before slowly disappearing. She peered at the elevator that has opened all of a sudden, only to find out that there wasn’t anyone coming out or even standing in it.

Scratching the back of head, she sighed and leaned against the counter desk while tapping her fingers on the wooden surface. She started whistling to keep herself entertained, before stopping after a few seconds when she realized how creepy the whistling sounded like in such a place.

“May I help you?” a voice suddenly asked from behind the counter desk.

She let out a squeak and snapped her gaze onto the person sitting by the counter, who was stamping out several papers without any sound. Placing her right hand onto her chest, she started to tell herself inwardly to calm down and get on with what she had planned.

“Um..” she started to say, clearing her throat when she felt like she was squeaking. “I came here to work for Akimoto Sayaka-san?”

“Yes, we’ve been waiting for you, Miyazawa Sae.” The woman replied, not even bothering to look up as she continued to stamp the papers. “You can go to her office by riding the elevator to the fourth floor.”

“O-okay.” She replied with a squeaky voice, completely taken aback when the woman’s cold fingers touched hers as she showed the direction to the elevator.

It was as if she wasn’t alive.

She shivered and mentally slapped herself while laughing to herself. That’s just ridiculous! She thought to herself as she gave a word of ‘thanks’ and walked towards the elevator. The woman was speaking and it was impossible to have someone dead working at a company!

“That’s ridiculous of me to think!” she said out loud, the moment the doors of the elevator closed.

Chuckling to herself as she tapped her foot, she looked at the screen that showed what level she was on. Her eyes had to be squinted really hard, as well as use her phone to see the number on the screen attached above the buttons.

The ceiling light above her was of no help and even started to flicker on and off, causing Sae to sigh and use her phone when the lights went off the moment she had passed the third level. Clicking her tongue, she made a mental note to ask Meetan was the deal was with Akimoto Sayaka and dimmed lights.

“Ah, finally.” She uttered, when the elevator stopped moving and reached the fourth level.

Sighing to herself when the lights came back on, she placed her phone back into her pocket and walked out of the elevator. Taking a look around her, she noticed how only four post lamps stood in the hallway. The hallway was even dimmer than the first floor.

“Sheesh, are they going bankrupt or something that they had to save up on electricity?” she asked, as she walked slowly through the slowly darkening hallway.

Just then, she came to a corner that had two hallways meeting each other side by side. Glancing at each one, she started pondering which one she should choose. The woman from the counter never told her which hallway to take, and it was hard to see the signs with the dark surroundings.

Taking out her phone, she switched on its light and glanced up at the signs above her. What she saw was not what she expected, and started to furrow her eyebrows when it was a message instead of a direction that would lead her to Sayaka’s office.

“I applaud you, brave one.”

“What in the world?” she said out loud, before continuing to read the message in italic writing.

“Though I must say, you have just walked to your doom.”

“What is this, some kind of game?” she asked out loud, though received no kind of response.

Scoffing to herself, she decided to ignore it and chose the left path. The message was really creepy to be honest, but Miyazawa Sae was not scared of such things. She came here to finish her job, and that’s what she would certainly do.

No matter how crazy this building was.

Walking forward and keeping an eye out for any person around, she started wondering why the place seemed to be so deserted. Everywhere she walked, there would be flickering ceilings lights or post lamps that can’t even light a meter away.

Trying to keep herself warm the moment the air started to grow colder, she started rubbing her hands together and breathed in some warm air into it. The lights were now dimmer than before, and a creepy feelings was starting to rise inside her chest.

“Who are you?” a woman in red shirt asked, the moment Sae stopped in her tracks when she saw her standing in front of her.

Sae took a step back, feeling scared as the woman continued to stare deep into her eyes. There was something weird about her, and just being around her was too terrifying for Sae to bear. Her face was pale white, and her skin had this liquid dripping down to the floor.

“I’m asking who you are.” the woman asked, taking a step closer.

“I..” Sae started to say, before screaming when the woman dropped to the ground in pieces.

“Damn this place!” she cried, before running back to where she once walked past with great speed. “Shit!”

She continued to shout the word as loud as she can, hoping that someone would be able to hear her. When she came by the two hallways, she was about to run across the room to the elevator when she stopped in her tracks the moment she saw a woman in white, with flashing red eyes and blood dripping out from her head.

“Y-you…” the woman pointed at Sae, before laughing maniacally and walking towards Sae with slow steps.

Terrified, Sae stood frozen to the spot and watched the woman walk towards her. The hair at her back has risen and her skin’s sensitivity has increased due to the cold atmosphere. When the woman stopped a meter away from her, Sae decided that it wasn’t a good idea to stay there.

Taking a huge breath, she kicked the woman aside and started dashing towards the elevator. The force of the kick caused the woman’s body to fall, making her scream in pain and growl at Sae with menacing eyes. Sae closed her eyes and increased her speed, letting her reach the elevator within two seconds.

Pressing the buttons furiously, she began to watch the arrow pointing upwards with the number ‘1’ on it. She took a look back behind her, before mumbling words of ‘please, be quick’ as she watched the woman slithering towards her slowly.

Turning her body back, she started to lean against the elevator’s doors and watched the woman with wide eyes. She screamed loudly when a body fell out from the ceiling and started crawling towards her with hair covering the face, with hair reaching to the ground.

Hissing sounds were heard from the two women coming towards her, making Sae cry out and start pounding at the doors of the elevator. They were nearing her and the elevator has yet to reach the fourth floor, since it was just going up from the third floor.

“Y-you…” the woman whom Sae kicked spoke, with a voice as cold as ice. “Kicked me!”

“Y-you ssshall pay!” the woman who fell from the ceiling hissed, before laughing menacingly.

Whimpering to herself, Sae started wondering what in the world she was doing there. Her mind has forgotten the fact that she was carrying a gun behind her, and was now panicking as the distance between the three began to slowly decrease.

“Hahahaha~” cracked the woman in white, when she and the other one was at legs’-length reach.


Sae fell down backwards into the elevator, before smiling thankfully that the elevator has reached the floor. She stood up as quickly as she could, and started pressing the first floor’s button at the same time pressing the close button furiously.

“C-come back!” cried the woman with long hair, as she reached up to Sae with her right hand raised.

The doors closed, and Sae leaned against the rails whilst heaving a sigh of relief. The elevator lights were not as dim as before, and the heavy atmosphere she was experiencing has now disappeared ever since she entered it.

She sighed, before running her hands through her hair as she muttered to herself, “Why are there spirits here.”

“Even Sadako was here.” She scoffed t herself, before looking at her phone and flipping it open to call Meetan and the others.

She needed to tell them that she was going to do her job secretly, since working was a bit…complicated. Seeing how the signal was empty inside the elevator, she decided that it would be best to make a call once she has reached the outside of the building.

“Lucky they didn’t follow me.” She sighed in relief as she came out of the elevator.

Her eyes widened when she realized that the place was no longer filled with ancient-looking post lamps, but with perfectly-conditioned ceiling lights. The sudden brightness made Sae close her eyes and cover them using her arm, as she slowly adapted her sight to the surrounding.

“Ah, Myazawa-san?” someone asked, walking towards Sae when she smiled and waved in response.

“Yes, that’s me.”

The long-haired raven smiled at her, before offering her a hand to shake as she introduced herself. “Akimoto Sayaka.”

“Nice to meet you.” The two said in unison, before smiling at one another.

“Ah…” Sae started to say, looking around her and seeing happy-looking employees working at their posts. “What happened?”

The creepy guard has been replaced by a smiling young one, while the woman who sat by the counter desk laughed cheerfully as she talked to those beside her. Not a trace of those whom she has met before was found, and that made Sae curious.

“What do you mean?” Sayaka asked her, arching an eyebrow at the question that Sae gave her.

Sae smiled weakly, thinking that everything she had seen and experienced was just part of her imagination. “N-nothing.”

“You look so pale, Miyazawa.” Sayaka stated, before placing her hand on the girl’s forehead.

“Would you like to rest at my office?”

Sae nodded her head, thinking that it was best for her to take some rest and put a device inside the girl’s room to listen where the girl planned on going at times and such. Following the long-haired, they went into the elevator and started talking about the position that Sae was going to hold.

“You’ll be going to every meetings I’ll be holding, and you’ll be the one who’ll represent me at times when I’m unable to.” Sayaka instructed, giving a smile at the short-haired girl.

Sae nodded to show that she understood her responsibilities, before gripping the rails tightly when she saw the floor they were going up to. Her skin grew cold, and she started feeling shivers run down her spine as her hair stood up when she blinked several times and realized that they were still headed for the particular floor she ran away from earlier.

“Uh…” Sae gulped, before turning to Sayaka with sweat slowly dripping down from her forehead. “I-is your office in the fourth floor?”

“Yes.” Sayaka nodded, before smiling as she added. “Others told me that thirteen would be a bad floor, so I chose four.”

Sayaka laughed to herself, before patting Sae on the shoulder. “Though others said that in Chinese, four can represent death.”

Death? Sae gulped, as the doors slowly opened.

When the doors were fully open, Sae’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets the moment she saw the hallway as bright as the first floor. Not a sign of the blood that dripped from the ones she had encountered was found on the floor that they walked on.

Not even the broken ceiling that had ‘Sadako’ falling from could be found where it was supposed to be. Everything was perfectly working, and nothing seemed the way it was when Sae went before. The surroundings’ heavy atmosphere was no longer there, and people were walking past them with smiles on their faces.

It was as if…everything she saw has faded into thin air.

“Here we are.” Sayaka declared with a smile, once she had opened two doors at the same time.

She walked into the room followed by Sae, and sat down on the chair that stood behind a pink desk. Motioning at the short-haired, she pointed at the chair by the desk and intertwined her hands into one as she waited for her to take a sit.

“You’ll be staying in my office while you work.” She said, before pointing to a wide space across the room that could have ten desks fit in it. “I’ll have someone to put your own desk over there, so right now you can use the couch.”

“Um…” Sae started to say, before scratching the back of her head as she looked around the room. “Is it really alright to have me in the same room, Akimoto-san?”

“I don’t see a reason for you not to.” Sayaka stated before taking out one of her files from underneath the desk, and offering it to Sae.

“I-I see.”

“You can sign the contract right now, if you want.” She sighed and leaned against her chair, as Sae took the file in hand and read the contents slowly. “I don’t really want to do any complicated stuff, so feel free to call me Sayaka.”

“O-okay.” The short-haired replied, before walking slowly to the couch while reading the file.

She has never worked with someone in the same room before, and it was kind of awkward to work with the girl she had planned on spying on before. Not only that, she was going to work on the same level she ran away from.

Will I see Sadako and the other one? she thought to herself, as she slowly lowered herself down onto the couch. She concluded that she has imagined everything, but it all seemed unlikely. Thinking about it even more, the people she has seen after experiencing all of those was nowhere to be found when she went in.

Glancing at the black-haired, she started thinking carefully about her words to make some small talk. “Um…Since you said that four represents ‘death’, this floor can be considered unlucky, right?”

“Hmm~” Sayaka started tapping her chin, before smiling at Sae. “I guess you can say that.”

“I mean, this place has been built on a cemetery.”

Sae’s stopped breathing as she continued to listen to the girl. C-cemetery? Sae’s heart started to pound faster, after thinking to herself that the reason for experiencing all of those was because this building could haunted in some way.

“And many of my employees from before had spoken of ghost sightings.”

“You’re not going to believe in silly stories, are you?” Sayaka asked her suddenly, when she noticed how pale the short-haired’s face was.

“N-no.” Sae shook her head. “I-I don’t believe in those things.”

“Good.” Sayaka smiled, before frowning when the lights started to flicker on and off.

Sae bit her lower lip as she remembered what happened when the lights started to flicker on and off before. Looking around the room from the corner of her eyes, she started scanning the room for any possible entry of those whom she has encountered.

“D-does that happen often?” she asked nervously.

“Not really.” Sayaka said as she walked to the light switch and check it.

Mumbling to herself, Sae managed to hear her say. “Must be because we just switched on the lights.”

“Switched on?” Sae asked, as she continued to look around to make sure that each and every corner was checked by her eyes.

Sayaka returned to her chair, and sat back down. “Yeah, office hours have just started.”

“Wait. What do you mean?” Sae looked at her, with a questioning look on her face.

That can’t be possible. she thought to herself. If office hours had just started, she wouldn’t have been allowed to enter. It was one of the rules that she had read about, when she was doing some extra research on the company she was going to work in.
Sayaka pointed at the clock, and spoke. “Office hours just started fifteen minutes ago.”

The words rang inside her head, making her eyes widen in realization. Her body was frozen in place, since fear has taken over her senses. She was starting to perspire a lot, the moment she realized that she had arrived in the place an hour ago.

Looking at the black-haired, she spoke with a shaky voice. “B-but some of your employees were already working when I came here.”

“That’s impossible. Everyone who works here came with me fifteen minutes ago.” Sayaka said, as she looked at Sae with en expression that made it seem like she thought that the short-haired had grown two heads.

Mentioning the guard who had disappeared, she said. “B-but the guard let me in.”

“The guard, Sei-san, was with me before the work began.” Sayaka told her, as she crossed her arms across her chest.

“The other guard then—” she started to say, only to be interrupted by Sayaka.

“—I only have one guard in this place.”

“T-then…” Sae gulped. “Who was the one who let me in?”

Sayaka looked at her, before asking the girl a question while narrowing her eyes. “What time did you come here?”

“An hour ago, probably.”

Sayaka looked at her closely. “An hour ago?”

“Yes.” She nodded.

“Are you sure?”

Sae nodded, making Sayaka intertwine her hands together once more as she started thinking to herself. The silence that has formed between the two made the short-haired uncomfortable, making her play with her fingers as she waited for the black-haired to utter a word.

“Have you seen them?” Sayaka asked, out of the blue.

Sae looked at her as she started debating with herself about telling the truth, or make it look like she believed in ghosts and show her fear. When the black-haired continued to stare, she decided to choose the first one.


“The twins.” Sayaka told her, with a serious voice that made Sae gulp as she waited for a further explanation on the ‘twins’.

“Many of my employees here have seen them,” she started to say, before sighing as she looked away. “But I haven’t seen any traces of those two.”

“Those who have seen them were either scarred or in a coma, due to the twins following them everywhere they went in this building.”

Looking at Sae, she then added. “The sightings caused most of my employees to quit, even though they didn’t see them.”

“To be honest…” Sae started to say, before flinching when the lights started flickering once again. “…I-I have seen them.”

“Are you going to quit?” Sayaka asked her, whilst biting her lower lip.


Sae sighed, and mentally scolded herself for feeling sorry for the black-haired. But a job was a job, and to quit because of ghosts seemed a bit silly for her. Besides, her other team members would surely use this chance to tease her since she has always been known as the ‘ikemen’, which kind of gave her a strong image.


Sae sighed, and crossed her arms as she took a quick glance around her. “Because I want to work for this company, and a ghost can’t do anything to change that.”

“But aren’t you scared?” Sayaka asked her, as she stood up and walked towards Sae slowly.

“You might get traumatized or even fall into coma.”

Sae shook her head. “Your company has done better than any other company in Japan, and I want to work here.”

“So what if this place is haunted? As long as I have the desire to work here, those ghosts won’t bother me.” She said.

Sayaka smiled at her and was about to say something, when her eyes widened and she screamed while pointing her finger at Sae. The short-haired looked at her in wonder before turning around, and jerking against Sayaka as she screamed in fear.

“Shit!” she cried out as she stared at the girl she had named as ‘Sadako’.

Sadako had her head leaning against the edge of the couch, with blood dripping down onto the couch from her long black hair. The two girls were looking at the sudden visitor wide eyes full of horror, completely frozen to the spot.

“Y-you…” Sadako said, as she slowly lifted her hand up to point at Sae. “kicked my sister.”

Crackling a laugh, she started crawling over the couch and tried to grab their hands. Sae pushed Sayaka out of arms’ length, before throwing a pillow at the crawling visitor. What she did, surprised Sadako and made her fall onto the ground with a loud thud.

“Come on!” Sae cried at Sayaka, before grabbing her arm and running out of the room.

The moment they went into the hallway, they locked the door and turned to each other. Their surroundings have reverted back to the way that Sae has seen before, making the short-haired curse under her breath and pull Sayaka towards the direction of the elevator.

“Miyazawa-kun!” Sayaka suddenly cried, making Sae turn to her.

The moment she did, she saw Sayaka’s leg being grabbed by Sadako. She was about to kick the hand to loosen its grip on Sayaka’s leg, but the black-haired had pushed her away. Sadako’s twin sister has suddenly appeared behind Sayaka, and was holding the girl’s neck firmly with her hands.

“R-run.” Sayaka managed to gasp out, before she was pulled into the darkness behind her.

Sae did as she was told and ran towards the direction of the elevator, before stopping with a halt the moment she realized that she wasn’t doing her job. Shit! she cursed mentally, before taking a glance at the darkness she ran away from.

“The others will kill me if I don’t get her back.” She said to herself, before running back into the same direction she ran away from.

Once she reached the spot where she last saw Sayaka, her stomach clenched into a tight knot. There on the floor was a trail of fresh blood, making Sae clench her hands into tight fists. Smacking her head, she started kicking the ground and cursed herself for not doing a good job in protecting the girl.

Just then, laughter echoed throughout the hallways. Sayaka’s familiar though faint voice was heard; giving the short-haired some hope that she could still save her. Taking out her phone, she switched on its light to its maximum power and ran into the darkness.

End of Part 1

To Be Continued…

This gotta be one of the longest updates for this fic. LOL. I'll try harder next time, since horror and such aren't really in my good field.

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Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Ghosts!!!!!! I'm scared!!!!
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 :on blackhole: Scaryyyyy!
Poor Sae ending up working in a haunted Hotel you said that you're not good with writing scary scene but I tough it was very good!  :thumbsup

Creepy twins...haha Sae kicked one of them are they really ghosts or what?!  :rofl:
Go and save Sayaka now Saechan! *if it was me I would have pee on myself and then fainted in my peepool. XD

Well thank you for your update Karo-chan!
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the house was like quiet and then i just started laughing  :lol: especially when sae kicked one of the sadakos! ROFLLL omg that was just hilarious and it was like: y-you.. kicked me BAHAHAHAH and when the other one fell outa the ceiling! omg genius! i had so much fun reading this LOL

i wonder what would of have happened if she actually remembered she had a gun and tried to shoot them  8)
wow so everybody comes to work at the same time or something?  :?
lol gj in choosing the fourth floor for your office sayaka  :lol:

oh wowowow! sayaka got kidnapped by sadako! whats gonna happen now? *suspense*

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I was definitely NOT expecting Sadako and friends to appear in this story XD Somehow I can't help but think that this is all a setup to test Sae's will to join the company.

I'm looking forward to see how Sae and Sayaka got out of this craziness and bumped into the hormone-charged MaYuki pair :twisted:
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Haha sae running for her life but goes back for sayaka
I also wonder how sae and sayaka found mayu and yuki makeing out ??? :mon huh:
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i wanna know when atsumina will meet !!

great chap btw =)
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This chapter really surprise me, I didn't expected something like this   :mon ghost:
This fic is full of EPICNESS!!!  :mon crazyinlove:
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And this chapter was the same. :mon lovelaff:
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I had a hard time thinking of how to make this chapter a funny.
But then... Why not add Sadako?

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@kahem:  :err: I apologize for the use of lame horror. But then... That would make this fic a crack, now wouldn't it? :hiakhiakhiak:

@Megumi: As for that... Hmm... They ARE ghosts? :"D :hiakhiakhiak:

@Pandah: It wasn't supposed to be scary... Thank goodness that you found it funny though. *phew!*
I loved imagine those scenes actually.  :hiakhiakhiak:
I think I should thank Scary Movie for making me write those. bwuahahahahaha!

And I think that...I shall make the gun remain useless in their chapters. :hiakhiakhiak:
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A/N: A fic to celebrate the day when Kashiwagi Yuki entered this world! YAY~! \(^ O ^)/ Thank you, Kashiwagk Yuki-san for being in AKB48 and being an inspiration to me. I kind of rushed this for her birthday, and since I wasn't able to finish it... I've decided to split it into two or three parts? I apologize for the mistakes as well. :kneelbow:


That was the one word encircling over and over again inside the raven's head. It kept on making her close her eyes and open it once more to check if everything at the moment was an illusion, but nothing seemed to change.

The room was as dark as ever and there weren't any sparkly things flying above her, like how it normally would when she would think of this dream in her sleep. But then...Looking beside her, the same person was there, lying so comfortably on the same bed with her.

Her head was lying on her arm, with her left hand lying limp in between them while the right remained interwined with her own. It was the same scenery that she dreamt of every night, that's why she couldn't help but ponder if she was just having one of the illusions that she wished to happen in her real life.

I must be dreaming...

If only everything at the moment was real, she wouldn't be lying on the same bed as the person she loves with tears trickling down her face from her eyes. She wouldn't be staring at the girl with silky raven hair with a sad look on her eyes. And she wouldn't be wishing that she would wake up to keep herself from hurting as the truth kept on showing in front of her eyes.

After all, the girl wouldn't possibly be caught lying on the same bed as her, with a face that showed nothing but a relaxed expression written all over it. The raven-haired can't even possibly have the same feelings for her in return, was what the girl thought to herself.

Just then, the sleeping girl's eyes started fluttering open, and locked gazes with her. Wanting to hide away the pain that she was feeling deep inside even in her dreams, she closed her eyes and buried her face into the slightly drenched pillow.

"What's wrong?" the girl's lovely voice broke the silence.

That voice sounded exactly like the real one's, making everything even harder for her to take in. Opening her eyes, she couldn't help but be amazed at how well-made her illusion was. The way the raven looked at her with those perfect brown eyes of hers, the way her face formed into a slight frown with concern written all over it...All of it were seemed to real.

But that can't be... Right?

All of these seemed too good to be true. The way that she was caressing her face, couldn't even possibly happen in real life. The way she was wiping away the tears... It seemed to good for her to believe.

But then, her hands weren't as cold as the ones she had dreamnt of before. In fact, her hands along with her body were all emitting a warm and soothing heat that comforted some of her loneliness away.

And that was the reason she kept on pondering about this dream of hers. Was she dreaming one of her dreams, only a slightly better one than before? Or...

Am I really lying here with you?

"Don't cry anymore, it was all just a dream." the girl assured, shushing her like how a mother would soothe her crying baby as she tightened the hold between their hands more.

The raven-haired started combing her hair with her fingers, stopping once in a while to wipe some of the tears away, not knowing that though she was trying to soothe her, it only made her sob even more.



The said girl sobbed and closed her eyes even tighter as she remained unconscious to the happenings of the real world, still imprisoned by the illusions her mind has formed for her to experience whilst she slept.

"Come on, wake up." The worried girl rubbed the back of the said girl gently, hoping that it would somehow help in soothing her from whatever dreams she was currently having. "Don't cry anymore, it was all just a dream."

Much to her dismay, the sleeping girl only sobbed harder and allowed tears to fall even more from her closed eyes. Wanting to do everything in her ability to help her friend, the concerned girl started combing through the raven-black hair with her hands as she wiped the tears away with her hand.

She was starting to grow anxious, with how the older girl was acting in her sleep. It seemed that she was unable to hear her voice through the dreams she was having, making everything harder for her. She just couldn't stay there trying to wake her up, she needed to get some help from the others.

Taking one last glance at the sobbing girl, she let go of the hold she has over their hands. That didn't happen without the tightening of Yukirin's grip on hers, making it even harder for her to leave the raven to find help in waking her up.

But knowing that staying there won't do the raven any good, she stepped back and gently removed the interwining of their fingers. She walked out of the room with a heavy heart, not even taking one more glance as she knew that if she did, she wouldn't be able to go anywhere.


The dark room suddenly started to turn brighter, along with the room widening from side to side. The girl who laid next to her was no longer beside her, and was simply staring at her from a slightly far distance with a sad expression on her face.

There was this pained look written all over her face, and Yukirin couldn't help but stop her sobbing as she saw a tear forming in one of the girl's eyes. She started walking away without taking any glances back at her, making Yukirin stand up from the bed and reach out for the girl's hand.

The one she loves was remained her pace whilst Yukirin started running as fast as she could, yet a distance between the two of them remained the same. Her hands no longer felt the warmth it once had, and a huge hollow feeling was in her chest.

Just then, she started feeling he body shake from side to side. Her gaze was still locked on the small figure that remained walking further away from her, ignoring the poking and shaking she was currently feeling.

Reaching out both of her hands, she started running as fast she could once more, hoping that she could catch up to where the girl has gone off to. Unfortunately for her, the girl has disappeared into a bright light.

It took her a few seconds to get into the same spot where the girl once stood on, yet the girl remained nowhere in sight. She looked around her with widened eyes, panicking that she has totally lost sight of the girl.

Just then, she saw a slightly huge black figure from the afar, making her hands reach out as the thought of having the one she loves back into her arms. The figure suddenly came nearer and held her hand, instantly warming it and causing her to wake up.

Fluttering her eyes open, she started blinking away the white specs that kept on blurring her vision, preventing her from seeing clearly like how she normally does. She sat up and stared straight at the figure, only to be disappointed when she found out that it didn't belong to the one she was expecting.


Everyone stood around the now-awake girl with smiles all over their faces, glad that the sleeping beauty has finally woken up from her deep slumber. They watched her sit up as she stared at the girl who kneeled in front of her, only to witness the smile on her face disappear almost instantly when it seemed that her sight finally got clearer.

"You're finally awake, thank goodness." The kneeling 'prince' sighed in relief, clueless to the sudden change of expression given to her by the girl.

Everyone heard a mumble coming from her, with a hint of disappointment. "It's just you..."

"Hmm?" the clueless 'prince' looked at her in question, not understanding what she had meant. "Yeah, it's just me Miyazawa Sae, it seems."

Letting out a laugh, the energetic short-haired stood up and dusted her clothing, before turning to Yukirin to help her in standing. The raven-haired only sighed and stood up, before turning to everyone else and bowing, completely brushing the offered hand away.

"I'm sorry for the incovenience I've caused." she said, before looking back at them with her eyes slightly covered by her bangs.

Everyone said that it was fine, and that she didn't really bothered them since she was their Team Captain. They all patted her on the back, discreetly sending a pity look to the 'prince'. Just then, the door bursted open and their dance instructor came in clapping her hands. "Team B's break time is over, guys."

"Time for practice!"

"Yes~" everyone chorused in answer, before following the said instructor to the practice room.

As everyone scurried off for their practice session, two people remained in the dressing room with silence enveloping them both. Yukirin sighed to herself and wiped away the trail of tears from her face with a face towel, still ignoring the energetic short-haired when she was offered a cleaner towel.

"It's fine." she said, before tightening the tie of her ponytail.

Walking past the short-haired, she sighed and bit her lower lip as she tried to mask the disappointment and sadness she was feeling with a pokerface. That, however, did not remain unnoticed by the other girl.

"Is there something wrong, Yukirin?" Sae asked with a hint of worry in her voice.

Shaking her head in reply, the raven-haired sighed and forced a smile as she lied. "Just a headache, that's all."

"Oh, okay then."

Closing the door behind her, the raven-haired left Sae all by herself, never managing to hear what the energetic girl said.

"You liar."

End of Part One

THANK YOU FOR READING!!! :mon bye: :byebye:
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meh first! LOL

i'm gonna read this tomorrow, and you should better start writting about L.A.M. LOL


Eh? SaeYuki? how.. hmm.. strange.. i thought it were another YukiRena fic..
well, this is just the prologue..

there can be a twist in the end. LOL

hmm i wonder what's her dream.. that made her troubled.. bothered about it. :3

and now, write! LOL
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I feel sad for Yukirin T_T
Don't apologize for the horror thing. It was funny even if it was scary lol
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I'm betting half of my money on YukiRena here....but I have a large amount of doubt running through my mind because there's a case where it might be MaYuki or SaeYuki. :3
Well, its nice to read something for Yuki, especially a birthday special shot for her.

Keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to seeing the next part of this story. \(=u =
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YukiRena? MaYuki? (betting on YukiRena) Hrrm I wonder who and seems that the girl she was dreaming about is dead?  :panic:

Just my toughs but now I'm even more curious  XD

And late Happy Birthday to Yukirin! The gorgeous reaction queen/black/mari mokkori

Thank you
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I agree with others, I'm betting on YukiRena, though it could easily be MaYuki or SaeYuki.

I'll be waiting for your update!
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Jajajaja Mayuki is better  :heart:

I'll be waiting for your update too! :peace:
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aww i love saeyuki thanx!! :D
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@bochang: As always, oppa is the first one. :P hahaha
*shrugs* Who knows~? :3
I may be a shipper of YukiRena at the moment, but then I used to ship Mayuki (maybe even now?)
But then... Maybe this next update shall be the answer to your guessing? :hiakhiakhiak:

@kahem: Thank you~! \(^ u ^)/

@Sieka-nee: :hiakhiakhiak: Well~ Maybe this next update shall be the answer? :3
And seriously... I wish that my teachers would just give me a break.
This is YukiRena's week! I need to make a tribute for the two of them!
Thank you for commenting as well~ Nyahahahahaha :3

@sakura_drop: Well, Sakura-san... Even I was having my doubts in choosing who to pair her up with.
It seems that everyone just loves our dear Yukirin. :hiakhiakhiak:

@Pwety: Hmm~ Maybe next time? I might do one if one requests it. hahaha

@Haruko:  :nervous maybe I'll do one next time?

A/N: Anyways~ Here's the second part of the birthday special! I'm really hopeless with one-shots, aren't I? I wanted to make this into one, but it ended into parts instead. :nervous

The sounds of heavy breathing filled in the whole room, along with the smell of bodies sweating as the people inside worked their bodies hard. The lights hanging from the ceiling would sway here and there, due to the vibrations made by the girls' feet as they danced.

The music was blarring loud and clear and the moves that everyone were making were in perfect rhythm. All of them sang their hearts out, although this was just a normal practice for every one of them, not wanting to 'slack off'.

However, even though everyone was putting their very best into their singing and dancing, there seemed to be something missing. A voice that was supposed to be easily distinguished from among the rest, could no longer be found.

Everyone looked at their Team Captain from the corners of their eyes, wondering what had caused the powerful singer to sound like everyone else, when she was clearly supposed to be easily heard. When they did, they saw the raven gasping and panting, as if she was having a hard time in catching up with the beat.

Unable to take in the slightly disappointing practice, the instructor clapped her hands as she stopped the music. She sighed and started massaging the temples of her head, before giving the panting Team Captain a side glance.

"Everyone, focus!" she gave another sigh, before continuing on. "This has been the fifth time!"

"I know that all of you are tired," she stared at Yukirin, and crossed her arms over her chest. "But if you keep on going at this pace, you will never be able to go home."
Everyone remained quiet as they stared at the sweaty raven, before letting out a chorus of 'yes'. As they returned to the very first position, everyone noticed how pale and weak Yukirin was looking. The girl's skin has gotten quiet cold, and her face was redder than usual.

Her legs seemed to have been looking wobbly as well, while her arms trembled. She had managed to catch her breath, but her breathing was still audible for everyone to hear.

The music started to blare once more, and everyone carefully watched their captain's movements. Her usual graceful movements have now been replaced by a sloppy mess, looking so weak and unsuitable to the powerful song that they were dancing to.
Everyone saw how she shook her head, and continuously wiped the sweat coming down onto her eyes. She was starting to slow down at the part where it was supposed to be quick, making their instructor click her tongue and give out a disappointed sigh.

Knowing that those were directed at her,Yukirin gritted her teeth hard and started forcing her heavy and fatigued body to dance even more. Her movements have slightly returned to the way she would normally dance to the song, making everyone give a sigh of relief as they started thinking of the rest they would receive once this song finishes.

But just then...


Just as the song started to reach its climax, Yukirin tripped over her own legs and dropped to her side with a loud thud as the very same side made contact with the floor. Wanting to give everyone the rest they deserve, she started scrambling to her feet, only to fall back down onto her butt as her legs finally gave up on her.

The music stopped with a halt and a certain Cyborg, named Watanabe Mayu, rushed to the girl's side. She saw the girl's pained expression and looked back at their instructor, sending a message that the raven has finally reached her limit for the day.

Letting out a sigh, the instructor massaged her temples once more and spoke. "Kashiwagi, go and rest for the day."

"B-but," Yukirin started, only to be stopped by Mayu's glare.
"You need to rest."

"I-I can still dance." the raven lied, wobbly standing up as she gave a smile. "See?"

"You haven't had enough sleep for the past few days," Mayu told her with narrowed eyes.

"You need to get some sleep."

"But I just slept in the dressing ro-" Yukirin retorted.

But the younger girl only silenced her once more with a snap. "You need to rest!"

Everyone watched silently, not wanting to receive the wrath of the Cyborg Girl. Not only that, they believe that the Team Captain needs her rest, knowing how busier she has been after the latest election.

Seeing how their captain were glancing at each and one of them with a look that shows her inner turmoil in leaving them to practice while she rests, they nodded. Then giving a smile, they all patted her on the back and smiled warmly.

"Go get some sleep, Cap't." they said before nodding at the Cyborg Girl, and telling her to make sure that their captain takes a cab home instead of walking through the cold weather.

Nodding back in return, Mayuyu slung one of Yukirin's arms around her neck and started walking to the exit as their instructor told her to come back to the practice room the moment she manages to send Yukirin home.

As they left the room, everyone watched their captain with worried eyes as they stare at her walking out of the room weakly, hoping and wishing for her to stop working herself till she dropped.


The two girls were walking along the hallway, side by side. The taller and older of the two had her arms slung over the younger one, leaning and letting the girl take the weight she was giving. Somehow sensing the girl's discomfort in carrying her weight after several steps they have taken, she then spoke.


The raven-haired stopped in her tracks, feeling that she was depending too much on the smaller girl. Though she was feeling extremely tired to the point that she could collapse right there on the spot, she decided to lean away, since it was making things really awkward for her to deal with.

The other cause of her discomfort was the silence that has formed in between them, since Mayuyu would usually be talkative no matter how tired both girls were whenever they were alone.

"Mayuyu?" she repeated, only this time as a question when the said girl refused to look back at her, nor even acknowledge when she spoke.

Reaching her hand out, she started tapping the girl on the shoulder, only to have it pushed away the moment Mayuyu has finally turned around. She was now staring at Yukirin with a slightly angry expression on her face, making the raven retract her hand back to her side.

"Mayu-" she started to say, wanting to apologize for anything that she caused to make the younger girl mad at her.

However, she was interrupted from the start with the girl's snap. "Why didn't you stay at home?"

"Well, I have work and-"

Interrupting once more, Mayuyu cried at her. "You should have stayed and took a break!"

"What if you collapse like the last time?!"

"Mayu," the raven-haired sighed, massaging her temples as the girl's angry cry made her head ache. "I'm telling you, I had work and-"

"-you still need to rest!"

"It's your birthday, after all!" Mayuyu cried at her a bit louder, flailing her arms angrily. "You can't just work on a day you're supposed to be resting!"

The older girl sighed and kept quiet, letting Mayuyu continue her anrgy ranting about Yukirin not resting and sleeping properly, as well as the day off one should have on their birthday. Somehow in the middle of the ranting she was receiving, the girl's voice was suddenly blocked out by her ears while her vision of the girl slowly looked like she was several meters away from her.

Her thoughts suddenly flew to the dream she had before, and the great disappointment she had when she found Sae holding her hand instead of her.

"-rin." A voice suddenly brought her out of her trance.

She looked at the person who did and smiled, trying to look like she was paying attention all the time when she suddenly got distracted for a short moment. Unfortunately for her, the Cyborg Girl read through her smile, and frowned whilst crossing her arms over her chest.

"You weren't paying attention, were you?" the girl asked.

Yukirin looked down at the ground in shame, before nodding with a sigh. "Sorry."

"Sheesh!" Mayuyu cried, throwing her hands up into the air. "If everyone could only see you right now, they'd stop referring to you as my mom and call you as my daughter instead!"

Agreeing with the statement, Yukirin nodded once more. It has always been like that, ever since they started working with each other. Mayuyu would always worry and take care of Yukirin, whilst the older raven would let herself be spoiled by her supposed-to-be 'child'.

Just then, a large group of girls started walking down the hallway and caused the two girls to get their composure back. Mayuyu sighed started smiling at her juniors, who were greeting them both with a respectful bow and a cheerful 'hello'.

It took quite some time for the entire group to finish walking past the two AKB48 members, and turn by the corner that leads to the practice room. The necks of the two girls started to ache slightly, due to the continiuous lowering of the head that they have done.

Mayuyu was about to continue where she has left off, never making a step towards the elavator that was located several meters away from them, when a girl who had just transferred to Team K appeared out of nowhere.

"Hey, Mayu-chan and Yuki-chan!" Matsui Jurina cried, jumping on them before hugging them both tightly. "Good evening!"

The two Team B members mumbled a greeting to the energetic girl, rubbing their necks as the ache increased slightly from the bone-crushing hug they were currently receiving. As if reading the yearning to be released from their pained expressions, Jurina let go of the two and stepped back a bit.

"Why aren't you in the practice room?" she asked. " I thought that we were going to practice together?"

Mayuyu sighed and pointed at Yukirin, telling Jurina that she plans on sending the raven-haired to the hotel they were all currently staying in to make sure that she arrives home safely and rests properly. After she had explained the reason why, the short-haired slouched and started moaning at Mayuyu whilst using her powerful puppy eyes to make her stay.

"But I want to practice my duet with you!"

Patting the young girl on the head, Mayuyu sighed as she replied. "Maybe next time, okay?"

The pouting girl shook her head and pouted even more, before tugging the girl's sleeves as she continued.The two older girls merely sweated a drop as they watched the girl use her famous sad puppy eyes on them.

Giving in, Yukirin turned to Mayuyu and started telling her that she would be fine in going home by herself. Mayuyu only shook her head in disapproval and started telling Jurina that there would surely be next time, which would be the next following day.

Not wanting to give up the duet practice she has been waiting for, Jurina leveled up her pouting and moaning, and started hugging Mayuyu tightly. Mayuyu was about to open her mouth to tell the girl that she was actually coming back after she has sent the Team captain home, when Jurina suddenly cried.

"Ah!" Jurina's pouting expression was suddenly replaced by a look of happiness when she noticed a familiar figure walking towards them, with a bag in hand.

She started waving her hand at the figure and released Mayuyu from the hug that she was giving, making the two girls turn their heads to the direction that Jurina was looking at, only to find a girl with the same family name walking towards them.

Matsui Rena.

The smile that has formed during the time Yukirin was watching Jurina's childish actions, suddenly disapeared and left a blank expression on her face instead. Though looking unfazed by the girl's sudden appearance, Yukirin was feeling several painful throbs.

Her face winced as she realized that the younger raven was going to them but fortunately for her, this remained unnoticed by the two younger girls who stood beside her. She tightened her grip on the satchel that she was carrying, and took a deep breath as she tried to muster up the remaining strenght she has.
"Are you going home now, Rena-chan?" Jurina asked the moment the said girl reached them, jumping up and down as she held Mayuyu's hands in her own.

Rena nodded and looked at her questioningly, "Yes, why?"

"Great!" Jurina cried, pulling Mayuyu towards her whilst she push the older Matsui towards the Team B captain. "Since Rena-chan and Yuki-chan stays in the same hotel, why don't you and Yuki-chan go together?"

"But-" Yuki and Rena started to say as they looked at each other, but the youngest of the four has decided to cut them off by running away with Mayuyu, pulling her a bit forcefully since the girl seemed to be reluctant in leaving them alone.

"-Thanks, Rena-chan!" Jurina cried, giving a wave to the two ravens. "Make sure that you get her there safely!"

"She's sick, you know!"

And with that, the two young girls left the two ravens alone by themselves. It took a second and a half for the two girls to process in just what had happened, making them look at each other with smiles that were obviously forced.


A certain short-haired sighed whilst shaking her head as she watched the two girls smiling at each other from a corner, wondering why in the world did she ask a girl who was inexperienced in stuff like these, for help.

"If Yukirin finds out that this was all part of your plan," The Cyborg Girl said as she narrowed at the short-haired, crossing her arms across her chest as she did. "She will surely give you the cold shoulder for a month or so."

"That's fine, Mayuyu." Sae said calmly, sighing as she started walking away from the scene like she had no interest in any of it.

"It'll be my birthday gift for her."

"Well, it'll be a horrible birthday gift she'll ever get." Mayuyu scoffed as she shook her head, following the older girl towards the practice room without turning back to see what was taking place between Yukirin and Rena.

Jurina nodded her head whilst humming out in agreement, before doing the same skipping routine that Mayuyu's character in MG did. Pondering to herself, she started thinking of the reason why Sae had asked her in letting this situation take place, and why Mayuyu agreed to this plan of theirs.

After all...

Who would want to spend their birthday with their EX?

To Be Continued....

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OPERATION: Encounter Phase One (V Part 2)


The lights continued to flicker as she walked in the hallway that would normally creep out any normal person. Though the lights in front of her were open, the pathway remained in darkness and allowed shadows to be formed.

Not even the red carpet she was currently walking on could be seen, making the short-haired’s eyes dart up and down to keep herself from getting surprised from any sudden attack that might come from the two crawling ghosts.

All of a sudden, a familiar-looking door appeared out of the corner she had just turned about from, making her furrow her brows and cry out in anger. Some grumbling complaints escaped from her lips as she walked towards the door to check whether it really was what she thought it was.

"You have got to be kidding me." she scoffed, smacking her face with both of her hands the moment she realized that it was in fact, the same door she has been passing for the past few minutes.

Sighing, she closed both of her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose as she breathed in slowly several times to try and calm herself down. It did work...

...Until she opened her eyes and saw the door once more.

"How is that even possible?!" she cried out loud, stomping her feet angrily to the ground as she gave several more cries of frustration.

Having passed the same door for practically the seventh time, would really be infuriating. Especially when you're in a hurry to save someone who'll save your butt from an agency of assassins, and a family who paid you to do a good job.

Punching the door to let out some steam, she then cried out loud in hopes of getting answered."Where in the world did they take her?!"

Obviously, no one would answer her.

After all, she was in a HAUNTED building that was occupied by two crawling ghosts who just kidnapped the girl she was supposed to be protecting, and working for. Not even the effort of running back and forth the whole level seems to be helping, since she would just pass the same door over and over again, in an endless halway-like maze.

Shouldn’t there be a sign of the black-haired, since it wasn’t even three minutes when she decided to run back for her? Like some sort of trail of blood coming from the ghosts? They had blood dripping from her faces and bodies, so couldn't it have fallen onto the ground?!

And seven times!

Miyazawa Sae wasn’t somehow who would just use her energy to run in circles and end up right in front of the same office for the seventh time! Yet why in the world can’t she find the girl after using some effort to search for her?

"Why in the world did they even built this place over a cemetery?!" she shouted, hitting the door very hard.

All she wanted at the moment was to rest. To have her feet in a tub of warm water with her back against her favourite massage chair, lulling her slowly to sleep as she thinks about how well she has done her job.

But no.

Here she was outside the very same door she ran past several times, crying out in anger and frustration with aching feet and sore back. Her energy has been used up, from both her stomping and running all of the place.

Though she was known as the most energetic assassin, she was still not immune to fatigue. And fatigue was not being kind to her as it started making her whole body ache and scream for rest, making her yearn to lie down on something soft, or anywhere she can rest.

Now that she's thinking about it, the floor doesn't seem too bad for her.

But then, if does take a break from the running and allow Sayaka to be gone forever, she'd surely regret it all when she becomes the laughing stock of the agency once they get a whiff of her failure. And that was something she wish not to happen.

"Stupid Sawako."

She grumbled the name she had given to the ghost who took Sayaka away, whilst leaning her back against the wall as she tried to get her heart beating back normally. She would definitely need to rest, before going after the two kidnapping ghosts.

"Still no signal." she mumbled with a sigh as she stared at the screen of the phone.

Knocking the back of her head against the wall, she groaned. It was only her first day as Sayaka’s bodyguard, and she had made a mistake of losing the girl to some ghosts who crawls like a one-year-old baby.

That would beat Haruna’s mistake without any objection.

"Argh!" she cried, punching the wall she leaned on.

What if the ghosts eat her or something?!

How would she cover up her mistake?! Will she be kicked out of the job and fired? Or worse, will Akimoto Sayaka’s grandfather hire her own friends to go after her to kill her for getting his granddaughter killed by ghosts?!

"Argh!!!" She let out another frustrated cry, and ruffled her hair.

"How the hell am I going to explain to the others that Sayaka died because of Sawako?!"

Hmm... She could make a run for it right now and disappear without a trace. But then, it would be hard to run away since the others would most likely track her down. Running for the rest of her life would also be tiring to do so, though it does sound exciting.

"Maybe I should just ask the ghosts to kill me?" she mumbled, tapping her chin with her eyebrows furrowed together.

Realizing what she had just thought about, she shook her head and let out the loudest cry she had probably ever made in her life. "ARGH!"

"This is stupid…"she thought, smacking her head continuously.

She thought about having herself killed to prevent her from getting killed?! What kind of logic was that?!

She was Miyazawa Sae for crying out loud! She is known as the most energetic assassin in the field, as well as the one capable of making impossible things, POSSIBLE. That’s why, if there’s going to be some fight for Sayaka, she was definitely going to kick some ghostly butt!

"Yosh!!!" she cried, pumping her fists into the air as a surge of energy flowed through her.

There was no way she would let those ghosts think that they had managed to scare her (even though they did). She was going to show them who’s boss! And that they shouldn’t EVER mess with Miyazawa Sae!

Pointing her index finger at the direction where Sayaka was dragged off to, she cried. "Akimoto Sayaka! I’m going to save you!"

And with that, she ran off once more into the darkness that seemed to have brightened up a bit due to the energy she was emitting. Not even the fatigue stopped her from running or slowing down. It was already forgotten as the goal of saving Sayaka (to save her own arse) continuously ran around her head.

Several beads of sweat have already dropped to the floor due to her intense running, but she merely wiped them off and continued to shout the black-haired’s name. Just then…


She stopped with a great halt, and looked around her whilst keeping silent. The laughter sounded familiar…like that ghost who cackled when she grabbed Sayaka by the shoulders and pulled her into the darkness.

"Mock me all you want!" Sae shouted, snapping her head to every direction just in case one of the Crawling Sisters was hiding in the dark.

She raised her fists up in case of any close combat, still forgetting the fact that she was carrying a gun in her secret pocket that was made by Tomochin to prevent any metal detectors from detecting it. When nothing lunged at her, she breathed out and continued running in search for Sayaka.

Unbeknownst to her, the girl that she was completely worried about and searching for was currently in a dark room with the two Crawling Sisters. She was lying on the couch with a frown on her face before pouting at the two ghosts who were continuously laughing their asses off on the ground.

"Untie me, you two!" she ordered, trying to wriggle out of the ropes.

The two stopped laughing and looked at her, before breaking into another round of laughter the moment Sayaka fell to the ground with a loud thud. She had managed to stand up, but lost her footing when her foot slipped on a small puddle of blood.

"Untie me!" she cried once more, whilst blowing the hair in front of her face away.

The two continued to laugh but followed her orders by untying the ropes that held her captive. Grumbling to herself, Sayaka started to massage her sore wrists and glared at the two ghosts. Standing up, she towered above the both of them and gave a scary glare at them.

"This joke of yours has gone too far, you two!" she growled at them, before grabbing them by the collars and lifting them slightly up to her eye level.

One of the two started choking and flailing her arms around, before clasping her hands together as she apologized. "I’m sorry, Sayaka-san!"

Sighing, the tallest girl let go her grip on their collars and allowed them to stand on their feet. Sitting once more on the couch, she leaned back and crossed her arms across her chest. She gave a slightly irritated pout, before massaging the temples of her forehead.

"How could you make things go this far?" she asked with a sigh.

The two ghosts merely lowered their heads, feeling guilty as they thought of what they had done. It was never part of the plan or script to kidnap Sayaka, since all they wanted was to give Miyazawa Sae just a bit of a scare.

"What if she quits?!" Sayaka cried at them, throwing some pillows at them.

The shorter of the two scratched the back of her head, before speaking up. "B-but Sayaka-san… she said that she won’t quit."

"Yeah," the other piped in. "She said so, after you told her those fake rumors."

"That was before you two ‘kidnapped’ me!" Sayaka cried at them.

The taller of the two ‘ghosts’ stepped up and suggested to her. "Then why not just go to her?"


"You can pretend that you’ve managed to escape from Lemon and me."

Sayaka merely looked at her with a disbelieving look on her face. "You’re a ghost! How can I, a MERE human, escape from both of you?"

"Just say that you managed to turn us both into lemons." The girl whom was referred to as ‘Lemon’, suggested.


Sayaka and the other girl smacked her both on the head, making her lose her balance and fall onto the couch. How in the world can anyone believe in such a lie? It would be plain obvious that the three of them were trying to play a prank on the newest employee, and that was something that Sayaka wanted to stay unknown until she was sure that Sae would surely stay.

While Sayaka and the other girl stared at Lemon with an expressionless look on their face, the youngest of the three merely pouted at them. She started rubbing the spot where she had been hit, before crossing her arms as she tried to show the older females her slight annoyance.

Unfortunately for her, she was just left there staring at them with annoyance as the older two began to pace back and forth whilst thinking of a way to deal with the problem that they have to deal with. The youngest of the three sighed and started to find her long black wig interesting, and began flipping it back and forth.

The action she was currently doing made the two pacing girls to stop, and stare at her with a look that shows much of their disbelief. After all, they had to think of something to make Miyazawa Sae stay in the ‘haunted’ house, yet the girl was merely flipping her head— and hair— back and forth like a person whose screw got loose.

"Stop that!" the eldest of the three cried, smacking Lemon in the process.

The smack she had received caused her to accidentally lie down on the ground, making her pout once more at the two girls who were just sighing and smacking her faces in utter disbelief. Unable to take the sight of the two females smacking their faces repeatedly, she stood up abruptly and accidentally caused her forehead to hit Sayaka’s chin.

Lemon’s incidental action caused Sayaka to fall sideways with a pained cry, making her hit the other ‘ghost’ in the forehead. Within a second, Lemon has managed to bring the two older girls to their knees, each rubbing a part where they got hit.

"I’m sorry!" she cried, bowing at the two.

However, that wasn't the end for the two older girls. When Lemon bowed at the other Sadako, her forehead accidentally hit with the girl’s forehead and caused her to fall against Sayaka. The black-haired merely fell onto her back as the second Sadako fell onto her, and it wasn’t long before the two of them were sprawled on the floor with limbs tangled to one another.

"Ouch…" the two tangled and lying girls muttered, before sending a slightly annoyed gaze at the only girl who stood, unharmed.

Lemon was about to bow at the two of them to apologize once again, only to be stopped by the two older females with a cry. "Don’t bow!"

Lemon nodded her head to show that she was sorry instead, before helping the two of them up with an effortless pull. When the two girls were standing on their feet, she started tapping her chin as she thought of a plan to prevent Miyazawa Sae from quitting the company on her very first day.

"You know, we can just tell her the truth about the prank." The other girl who had pretended to be a ghost, pointed out.

Sayaka closed her eyes whilst pinching the bridge of her nose, thinking about the suggestion that the girl had given her. Silence engulfed the three girls as the CEO of the company tried to think of any possible ways out of the problem they had to face, until she opened her eyes the moment she had chosen her decision.

"Alright." She spoke with a defeated sigh, before turning to the girl who had suggested it to her.

"Sakiko, go tell the others that we’re going to apologize to Miyazawa Sae."

The girl whom she called ‘Sakiko’ immediately nodded in understanding and walked out of the room, leaving the two girls alone by themselves. The younger of the two skipped to the vending machine that stood across the room, and got a hot drink for her boss.

As she did, Sayaka laid herself on the couch and started massaging the sore spot on her head whilst sighing every once in a while. She was hoping that the position she has now planned on giving to the new employee would make her stay, since the position the girl applied for was her secretary.

"Here you go, Akimoto-san." Lemon said to her, tapping her ever so gently on the shoulder.

Sayaka sighed for the nth time that day and sat up, taking the hot drink into her hands with a thankful nod at her employee. Lemon continued to stand in front of her, waiting for any order that the older girl might give to her.

"You can take a sit, Ichikawa." Sayaka told her, knowing that the girl deserved it after doing all those crawling.

Ichikawa Miori smiled at her thankfully before plopping herself into the couch of inside the room, and sighing with relief as she felt the pressure on her legs lessen. Seeing the sight of Miori with a smile on her face, Sayaka smiled and sipped.

All of a sudden, the door bursted open and startled Sayaka, causing some of the drink to escape from the side of her mouth. She quickly gulped down the liquid inside her mouth, and wiped the trail from her lips to her neck.

She was about to turn her head and ask Sakiko the reason for her startling entrance, only to be kept quiet when a hand covered her mouth. Sayaka felt the unfamiliar hand’s slightly rough skin, making her eyes widen in realization when she remembered how Sakiko’s hands were soft and unscathed.

Her eyes found themselves staring at the slightly burning drink in her right hand and angled it to throw against the mysterious person. This kind of thing wasn’t a rare occurrence for her, since she was exactly used to getting targeted by assassins.

However, it seems that the one who kept her quiet knew what she planned on doing and took the burning drink away from her effortlessly and swiftly, startling Sayaka when she realized that it was no longer in her hand.

She tried to take the assassin’s hand off her mouth, only to be leaned back against the couch. Not a word has left the assassin’s mouth and Sayaka tried to think of any way to make him speak or let any sound out of his mouth, hoping that it would make Miori turn to look at her.

Just then, Sayaka was pulled up from the couch and forced to stand up in between it and the assassin. However, even though she should be scared or trying to think of any way to get out of the assassin’s hold, her mind was wondering for the reason why she was gently pulled.

Not only that, the assassin helped her in standing when her feet almost lost its footing from the edge of the couch. And those actions caused Sayaka to be dumbfounded. Never in her life when she would be targeted by assassins, would they be so gentle or helpful.

The worst thing that has ever happened to her was when she was wounded by the assassin after getting stabbed in the thigh. Ever since then, she had made sure to do anything in her power to get out of any assassin’s grip.

But this assassin was different from every other one who dared to take her life or take her hostage for the money before killing her. And that was confusing her to the point that she had stopped struggling in her captor’s arms.

"Ssh." the assassin shushed her, before pointing at the younger girl who laid still on the other couch.

She was completely unaware of the scene that was happening behind her, as fatigue from the prank she and Sakiko did. It has completely worn her off, and her sense of hearing has toned down that not even the bursting of the door startled her.

Sayaka’s captor was slowly pulling her towards the direction of the door, with the hand covering her mouth gently but enough to make sure not let any sound come out. She tried to let out a muffled scream, but the hand made sure that it wasn’t heard.

Coming up with a decision that could might well risk her very life, Sayaka closed her eyes and allowed herself to be pulled backwards to the direction of the door. The assassin seemed to have noticed her cooperating, making the hold on her mouth loosen up as planned.

It's now or never.

Taking a deep breath, Sayaka started her plan.


Sayaka had moved her head up the moment she was able to open her mouth as wide as she could, and bit the very same hand that kept her from letting out a scream. Unable to contain the pain being inflicted by Sayaka on the hand, the assassin immediately released the hold on Sayaka's mouth.

"Ow!" the assassin cried, unable to stop the cry of pain from escaping the mouth.

The assassin accidentally shoved the black-haired towards the door, causing her to feel the air leave her lungs the moment her head and body made contact with the hard frame of the door, leaving her breathless.

Dizzy and out of breath, Sayaka dropped onto her knees and began blinking to try and clear away the blurry vision she was having at the moment. Her crystal clear sight has yet to return, and it was making things harder for her.

She looked up and saw a blurry figure, gasping the moment she realized Miori cornered by the walls with the assassin holding and pointing something shiny at her. Not wanting to involve innocent people, Sayaka stood up and prepared to hit the head of the assassin with a vase she had taken from the table, though her sight has yet to come back.

Everything was a bit clearer than before, but the faces of the two remained a blur to the black-haired's eyes. Knowing the height of her employee, she aimed the vase at the taller figure. But right when she was about to knock the assassin down, Miori gave a sudden cry, asking everyone to stop what they were about to do.


"Sayaka-san!" she cried, terror in her eyes the moment she noticed the said girl holding a porcelain vase right above the girl in between them.

Though she should be worrying for herself, seeing as how Miyazawa Sae was holding a pen knife in hand, the girl who preferred to be referred as Lemon, cried at Sayaka to drop the vase that she was holding.

Her terrified cry caused Miyazawa Sae to stop in her attempt to stab Miori, whilst making Sayaka look at her with a questioning expression written all over her face. Miori heaved a sigh of relief, only to let out a startled cry when the short-haired grabbed her by the ghostly clothing she was wearing, and growl at her.

"How dare you try and kill Sayaka!" the fuming girl asked, pointing the slightly sharp object at the fatal nerve located by Miori's neck.

Horrified and staring in fear, she stammered out. "I-it's all a misunderstanding!"

"Misunderstanding?" Sae asked, her eyes blazing red in fury at the thought of losing the one she has to protect.

"Let her go, whoever you are."

Sayaka's voice suddenly broke the tensed atmosphere, making the two divert their gazes from each other and towards her. Sae loosened her hold on the girl, seeing how the older girl was shaking her head continuously whilst blinking, seeming like she was having a hard time in seeing.

"Miori?" Sayaka called out, reaching her hands towards the girl.

Her vision still hasn't stopped being blurry, and almost a minute and a half have passed since she last hit her head against the slightly sharp door frame. Rubbing her eyes with her fingers, she squinted her eyes and looked directly at Sae, who was now looking at her with concern.

"Miyazawa Sae?" she asked, unsure whether it was really her.

The said girl nodded her head, "Yes."

"Sae," Sayaka started, moving her hands to around her as she tried to walk towards the two girls. "Can you please let go of my Chief of Advertisment?"

"Chief of Advertisment?" Sae repeated the title, turning her head to the girl she has yet to released her grip on.

The referred 'Chief of Advertisment' gave a cheeky smile at her, and saluted whilst giving a brief and shaky introduction of herself. "Ichikawa Miori, Chief of Advertisment."

"Nice to meet you."

"Sayaka's Chief of Advertisment is a ghost?!"

To Be Continued (soon hopefully)~

Miori and Sakiko appeared~ YAY~! \(^ o ^)/
Sorry about not updating this fic for a long time, guys!
But since I managed to update this chapter, after having it in my drafts for several weeks...
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A/N: YAY~! I managed to write this into a one-shot!!!  :onioncheer: And guys, sorry if I wasn't able to post this yesterday. I literally dropped onto my bed and slept for 13 hours striaght due to fatigue from yesterday's event.  :imdead:

A Belated Happy Birthday to my oshi~ MATSUI RENA-SAMA!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

A Love Like Ours

"Hey, aren't you going to stay for Churi's performance?" Furukawa Airi asked the younger girl over the blaring music, holding a champagne in hand as she did.

The girl whom she asked merely shook her head in reply, before sighing as she stood up with her bag slung by her shoulder. She gave a small smile and pointed at the clock pinned on the wall, before doing a gesture on her neck that shows what will happen if she was to stay even longer than she had expected.

Nodding in understanding, the older girl motioned for her to go and leave, mouthing to her that she would just tell everyone else that she has gone home the moment the crazy and intense dancing in the rented bar has finished.

The girl gave a pat on Airin's shoulder, showing her gratitude. After doing so, she took a slightly long glance around the room, and sighed before walking out of the room as she sent a message to the person waiting for her.

When she got out into the hallway, she quickly entered the elavator and pressed the close button quickly, not caring if someone was going to join her in the lift since she wanted to be down in the carpark as fast as she can.

Fortunately for her, it only took a few minutes for her to get down to the carpark and locate her car. When she did, she took a few seconds to give a glance on the wrist that had a watch on it and smiled, liking the time she had managed to take.

Putting her arm down, she then tossed her bag into the passenger's seat and entered the driver's seat, starting her car followed suit. Once she had managed to, she closed the door and drove out of the carpark quickly, smiling to herself as she thought about the pleased smile her wife would give to her the moment she arrives home.

One Hour Later

Slamming her door hard, she sighed with irritation and walked towards the steps of her house, cursing her terrible luck in getting caught in one of Nagoya's most trafficked roads.

"And I was supposed to be home earlier on." she mumbled, taking out the keys from her pocket to open the door.

But right before she turned the knob to enter her warm abode, she stopped and took a glance at the window that was covered with a black curtain. There doesn't seem to be any light coming from the inside, making her heave a sigh of relief.

"She must be sleeping." she thought to herself, turning the knob and entered the house quickly to get away from the cold surrounding.

Like had she had suspected, not a light was left to lighten up the room, making her squint as she tiptoed from the door to get to the stairs. Waking up her wife in the middle of the night would be a grave mistake she'd ever make.

Fortunately for her, she didn't have to worry about waking up her wife with any noise that she was going to cause. She was making her way to the middle of the living room the moment the lights switched on, making things easier for her to see.

The unfortunate thing was...

She has been caught.

"Hello, Jurina." the cold voice greeted, lingering in the air as the said girl kept her mouth shut whilst smiling awkwardly at her wife.

Her wife, whose hair was as dark as a raven's, was sitting on an arm chair with her right leg crossed over her left. There was this blank expression written all over her face, making it hard for Jurina to figure out what was going inside her mind.

"H-hello, my lovely and adorable wife." she greeted nervously with a smile.

Her wife was tapping her long slender fingers on the arm of the comfy chair, making some inaudible sounds that went along with the ticking of the watch on Jurina's wrist. She was hoping that by using some sweet words on the girl would somehow lessen the tense atmosphere between the two of them, letting her breathe with ease.

To her dismay however, she was only given a stare and a cross of the arm by her raven-haired wife. "Do you know what time is it, my lovely and adorable wife?"

"Eleven forty-two?" Jurina asked with a scratch on the back of her head, knowing fully well that it was twelve fifty-two to be exact.

Her wife stood up. "How many times do I have to remind you, to stop coming home so late?"

"I was caught up in traffic-"

"What is that smell?" her wife interrupted her all of a sudden in the midway of her explanation, taking a few steps towards her.

She blinked, backing away nervously as she noticed how her wife narrowed her eyes whilst scrunching her nose. "W-what?"

"Did you have another drink?" the raven asked, staring at her intently.

She replied, "I only had a few drinks at the party-"

"How many times do I have to remind you to stop drinking?" her wife interrupted once more, placing both of her hands on her hips.

Jurina sighed and lowered her head in defeat, knowing exactly how her wife would continue after interrupting her explanation.

"Seriously, Jurina." her wife started.

The said girl sighed, dreading about not heading straight to the room and lying down as she listened to her wife's nagging. "Here it comes."

"You're like a ten year old kid who won't listen!"

Getting slightly irritated about already being caught up in traffic and getting nagged at after spending almost twelve hours at work, Jurina asked. "Who's calling whom a kid?"

"You're even lecturing me when I come home late for a reason!" she added, raising her hands as she did. "I can't help but laugh!"

Well, why wouldn't she?

Her wife was four months younger than her, yet she was calling her a kid? Not only that, she wasn't given a moment to explain for herself since her wife would interrupt her in the midway of her sentence.

"You don't understand why I end up lecturing you, do you Jurina?" the raven asked, noticing the irritation in the older girl's voice.

Retorting back, the older of the two sighed as she massaged the temples of her head. "Well, you wouldn't understand how I want to have a good conversation after coming home from a tedious day of work."

"I understand that, Jurina." her wife replied. "But I'm only reminding you to come home early, since I tend to get worried about you!"

"I texted you, didn't I?" the taller girl asked with annoyance, not liking how this was going on when all she wanted was to sleep.

Replying back with the same tone of voice, her wife said. "Well, you sent me a message saying that you'll be home in ten minutes."

"But after waiting for ten minutes, I ended up waiting for another forty minutes!"

"Why didn't you sleep then?" Jurina asked her.

Stomping her foot, she replied. "You still haven't arrived home after twenty-five minutes!"

"Can you blame me for getting worried?!"

Jurina sighed and gave a pained groan, before turning to her wife with a composed look that she had managed to perfect after a straight two-in-a-row-never-ending-sessions of nagging from her wife.

"Should we stop talking?" her wife asked, noticing how both of them were once more leading to another session of bickering, during the middle of the night.

Jurina nodded. "Let's stop."

"Alright then." her wife replied, before continuing on. "Just remember to stop coming home late."

"Two, don't even drink one glass when you're going to drive."

"Three, don't forget to text me on your way home."

"Four, remember that I'm saying all of these for your own good."

"Five-" she started to say, only to be interrupted by the older girl's cry of frustration.

"ARGH!" Jurina stomped her way past her wife, and started climbing the stairs to get to their bedroom. "I thought that you'd stop nagging!"

"Jurina!" she cried, climbing the stairs as well. "Don't turn your back on me when I'm talking!"

"La la la la la la la la~!" Jurina sang, covering both of her ears as she entered the bedroom.

She was trying hard to drown her wife's constant nagging with a tune she had just made up, actually seeming like a child like what her wife had compared her to. While the older girl kept on her childish actions, her wife kept on talking and spoke louder with hopes of getting her words into the older girl's head.

Even though Jurina has finally taken off the cover on her ears, the raven kept on talking at the same tone and even reminded her of the times when she found the older girl sneaking back home after going to a party. Jurina merely kept quiet and sighed to herself, unbuttoning the buttons on her shirt and taking off her tie.

"But since you never listen to me, whatever I say is nothing but a nag to you, Jurina!"

"I never listen to her?" the older girl asked in disbelief. "Every time I try to listen, all I hear is her endless nagging!"

"Even right now!" her wife asked, using the opportunity to take a breath.

"Ugh, just stop talking!" Jurina cried, covering her ears whilst trying to take off the slightly-fit shirt from her head.

She grumbled and pulled a little harder when the shirt kept on refusing to come off from her head, but her effort ended up in waste as it remained where it has been. Seeing how her wife was having a hard time in taking the white shirt off, the raven stood behind and helped in doing so.

"See, even now!" Rena cried as she tugged on the shirt. "You're refusing to listen to me!"

"Rena," Jurina told her through the clothing. "Just stop talking, okay?"

"There's not even enough time for us to just love, without any of your naggings or lectures!"

With the clothing now off older girl, Rena placed her hands on both sides of her hips and retorted back. "This lecture is from the bottom of my heart, Jurina."

"I can't stop the lecture even if you hate it, because I can't help but worry about someone I love!"

"Okay, you know what?" Jurina asked, grabbing Rena by the shoulders. "Just stop talking."

"All I can hear is your nagging." she said.

Letting out a sigh, she added. "Even though I want to listen to you as much you want right now, I'm just too tired. Okay?"


Jurina repeated. "Okay, Rena?"

"Okay." the raven finally nodded, calming down as she followed her wife in letting out a sigh.

Smiling at each other, the two of them then hugged each other, enjoying the warmth they both had. After a while, Jurina released her wife from the hug and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower, whilst Rena dove under the warm and soft fabric to start on getting some sleep. The older of the two Matsui's soon joined her in a few minutes, and turned off the lights.

Loving the quiet and loving atmosphere they both have, the two held hands underneath the cover, squeezing them as they did. With both of their eyes closed, Rena snuggled up to Jurina and hugged her, whilst the older and slightly taller of the two gave her a peck on the lips as a greeting of goodnight.

"I love you, Jurina." the younger girl said softly.

Nuzzling her face into the girl's neck, Jurina replied. "I love you too, Rena."

A Few Seconds Later

"Did you eat on time?" Rena's voice broke the tranquility of the room.
Jurina replied to her with eyes closed, "Yep, I ate quite a lot at Churi's party."


Jurina's eyes opened slightly, sensing how Rena seemed to be choosing her next words. Looking at her wife who had kept quiet after asking a question, she then saw how Rena bit her lower lip and kept her gaze away from Jurina's.

"Rena, what's wrong?" she asked, tucking in a strand of hair behind the shell of her ear.

Shaking her head, the raven replied. "No, nothing's wrong."

"Rena." Jurina said, lifting the girl's chin slightly higher to let their gazes lock with each other. "Tell me, I want to know."

Her wife tore her gaze away from Jurina's, and mumbled her question. "Did you stay away from the other girls?"

"Don't worry." Jurina assured, giving a long kiss to her wife's lips. "Airin's the only one who was allowed to sit next to me."

"Okay." Rena smiled, snuggling once more into her wife's embrace.

Jurina hugged her even tighter and kissed the top of her forehead. "Goodnight."


A/N: If any of you are confused why I said that Jurina is four months older than Rena, it's because that I made the two of them have the same age. And since Jurina was born in March and Rena in July.... That pretty much became the reason. :hiakhiakhiak:
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,KJFDSGCVGBHJNLJKHGFDXCHFGVB so CUTE!!!! I love how they argue for such a simple thing they should not worry about.. It was really fun to read their conversation.. And i love how in the end their warmness and love to each other overcome all the worries and they resolve their arguing by simple sweetness and cuddling  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv2: :luvluv2:
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A/N: :onioncheer: Woohoo~! I'm quite inspired to write about Rena-sama!!! YAY~! So here's another one-shot from me. :mon beam: Since this is my very first time in writing a shot about Rena and Airin, please don't kill me.  :mon curtain: :mon yell:


She laid there on her bed, staring at the ceiling with eyes that showed no sign of sleepiness. She was basked by the dark room, enjoying the tranquility and comfort of the night. Her mind was pretty much awake though having no particular thoughts encircling in it, making it harder for her to sleep.

As much as she wanted to close her eyes and start dreaming off to the land of dreams, there was this ticking in the room that kept her from doing so. She had pretty much done everything she could to fall asleep; drink some warm milk, read the dictionary, listen to her favourite ballads, and such.

So why was it that she remained wide awake?

She sighed, and sat right up. Her slightly messy raven hair remained tucked in behind the shells of her ears, never given a thought as the girl started wondering if she has forgotten to do something extremely important.

"But I've written it all down on my notebook." she thought to herself, wrapping her arms around her slender legs.

Wanting to make sure that she did, she turned to the night table by her bed and switched the lamp on. When she did, the room was instantly lightened up by the yellowish light and helped her in seeing what was around her room.

She pulled the worn out-looking drawer from the table and started rummaging through the things it contained, searching for a particular melon pan-shaped notebook. When she was unable to find it, she turned to her bag and started empyting it, only to be disappointed when it wasn't there.

"Where did I put it?" she thought out loud, before turning back to the drawer and taking it out of its containment.

Placing it on top of her slightly messed up bed, she then started taking out the contents, wishing she didn't misplace her favourite notebook somewhere. Unforutantely for her, even though she had practically dumped all of the contents on her bed, the melon pan-shaped notebook was nowhere to be found.

Disappointed, she started putting the things back into their container as she sighed. In the midst of cleaning up her things, a small red box caught her eye and stopped her actions. Some of the corners' colors had faded, and was left with a brownish paper.

Taking it into her hands, she gave it a shake and wondered what she had put inside it, completely forgetting after not seeing it for several years. When she heard something inside, she opened the box and saw an object that made her smile.

Inside it was a faded wrist watch, with a small note tied to it. She held it in her hands and placed the box down, lifting it up to the moonlight and admiring the shine it managed to keep after years of being inside a dusty box.

Looking at the slightly scratched glass, she noticed how the hands of the watch remained in their position. Seven, twenty-seven to be exact was what the time read on the wrist watch.

She let her fingers trace its simple flower patterns by the side and unconsciously started remincsing about the precious memories it had, still vividly flickering in her mind.

"Rena-san!" a small boy around her age cried, running towards her with his not-so-athletic legs.

The said girl turned her head and saw him panting as he stood several meters in front of her, making her smile and start walking towards him to prevent him from taking any further steps just to reach her.
"What is it?" she asked, tilting her head to the side and letting her long raven hair sway to the side.

The boy, who was three inches shorter than her, scratched the back of his head. He looked away from her and stared at the ground with his hands behind him, taking a few glances at her sheepishly.

"Umm..." he started, scratching the side of his jaw as he showed her a small red box that had her name engraved on it. "Here!"


"I wonder where he lives now." she mumbled to herself, unconsciously smiling.

Remembering how short he used to be, she gave a slight chuckle and tapped her chin as she wondered out loud to herself. "I wonder if he's taller than me now?"

"Does he still remember my name after years of being away from each other?" she thought, tracing the glass that had her name engraved in the style of flowers underneath.

Chuckling to herself, she remembered how much he blushed after handing the box to her. He had kept his mouth shut and refused to look at her, walking beside her with a sure distance of about a few meters.

"Does he have a girlfriend?" she mumbled to herself, knowing how shy he was whenever it comes to girls.

Thinking about how he used to act around her made her smile and laugh, as the funny moments started flashing in her mind. Although it has been at least ten years since they have last met, she could still pretty much vividly remember each and every moment she had spent with him.

Like that one time he ran away with a flushed face.


Thinking that it wouldn't rain since it had rained quite a lot the day before, Matsui Rena asked the taxi driver to drop her off by beach without any umbrella with her. It had completely left her mind, that it was currently the rainy season, and happily played in the water.

It didn't take long for her to play, since the rain came pouring down a few minutes after she had entered the shallow part of the water. Running back to the shore, she began to search around for any place she could take shelter in, only to be disappointed when there wasn't.

Sighing, she then started running towards the direction of her house, which was unfortunately a hundred more meters away. As a girl who wasn't that great at sports, she immediately stopped running and walked in the rain, panting hard after a few minutes of running.

The rain was making it hard for her to see, since it was coming down so fast and prevented her from seeing through it. It was also freezing and felt like cold needles were piercing her whole body, especially her head.

Just then, the piercing drops of cold rain stopped with a halt, making Rena blink as she tried to process what was going on. The rain was still pouring hard, yet she was no longer getting rained on. There was this thudding sound on top of her, making her turn her head to figure out what it was.

When she did, she saw a pink vinyl umbrella that had several Hello Kitty designs on it.


Wanting to find out where it had suddenly come from, she turned her head and found the boy, now thirteen years old, holding it over her. Her eyes instantly widened when she realized that he was getting wet whilst she was staying the way she was.

"W-what are you doing?" she asked, dumbfounded to suddenly find him in the middle of the road with her.

Mistakening her words for something else, he started waving his free hand at her and replied with some stuttering. "I-I was on my way to the beach when it started r-raining, and I s-saw you."

"Not that silly." she told him, pulling him closer to her in an attempt to get both of them sheltered by the umbrella. "Don't get yourself wet while you're holding the umbrella for me."

It seemed that after knowing each other ever since they were toddlers, he knew that trying to go against what she wanted would only end up in both of them getting wet. With almost much reluctance, he let the slightly taller girl pull him closer to her, almost to the point that their shoulders would brush every now and then as they walked.

While the two of them walked along side by side, Rena talked and he listened, never uttering more than five words. It was a good thing that the raven knew about his personality, and the way he normally behaves around her, preventing any awkward atmosphere from rising up between the two of them.

Their good conversation, however, soon turned awkward the moment he stopped walking and looked away from her. His face was flushed red while his skin has gone extremely warm, making the taller of the two stop as well and look at him worriedly.

Pressing the back of her hand to his forehead, she checked for his temperature, only to sigh as she realized that her hand has gone cold due to the surrounding. She took a step towards him and kept him in hold by grabbing him by the shoulders.

Then leaning forward, she pressed her forehead on his, startling him and causing him to act flustered. After a second or two, she took a step back and stared at him with a brow raised.

"You don't have a fever or anything, but you seem like you do."

"T-that's not the r-reason why, Rena-san!" he cried, looking away from her.


Still looking away, he then pointed at her and replied with an extremely flushed face. "I-I can s-s-see th-through your sh-sh-shirt."

"Huh?" the raven looked down, and realized that like what he said was true.

Her hands instantly went to her chest where her bra could be clearly seen, dropping the umbrella and wetting the two of them in the process. With a blushing face, she turned away and stuttered a word of 'thanks'.

"I-I have to go, Rena-san!" he suddenly cried, picking up the umbrella and handing it to her before running off into the rain with a tomato face.

Startled by the boy's sudden cry, she looked at her hand blankly. But not a second too late, she then realize what he did and started running after him in an attempt to shelter him with the umbrella.

"Wait!" she cried as she ran after him. "Your umbrella!"

"You can give it to me tomorrow or just keep it!" he cried back to her before increasing his speed to the point that Rena could no longer see him in a few seconds, surprising her since he was not an atheletic person like her.

Seeing that there was no way she could catch up to him, she sighed and slowed down. She panted as she walked, smiling as she stared at the direction where he ran off to. "That guy, seriously."

"How can he worry about me when he's running in the rain?"


She chuckled to herself at the memory, remembering just how embarrassed the two of them were when they met the next day in class. Everyone actually thought that the two of them had gotten together, when he tried to stop their constant teasing by explaining to them that he only lent the umbrella to her.

She sighed to herself, and started leaning her chin on her knees. Ever since she left to continue her studies in Tokyo, she was unable to reunite with her best friend. And even now, although she came back to her hometown in Nagoya, she hasn't seen him.

"Maybe, without knowing..." she mumbled to herself. "I passed by him, I think?"

Shaking her head, she sighed. "No, that can't be."

"That would never happen."

Tracing the flower patterns on the watch once more, she said with a smile. "I'll remember the face of my friend, whom I miss."

She stood up and walked to the balcony, wanting to take in the night's fresh air. The watch remained in her hand, and she lifted it up to the moonlight to catch its shining beauty, whilst resting her elbows on the edge of the balcony.

"Where is he?" she sighed, a hint of sadness and longing in her voice.

Looking up, she saw the only star in the sky before returning her gaze back at the watch. "Should I call out his name?"

"If I call out in a big voice, will he hear me?" she asked the watch.

She misses her best friend so much, and the yearning to reunite with him once more was now throbbing more than ever.

"Does he think of me?" she asked out loud.

Remembering how her mother would tell her about his constant questioning about her while she was studying in Tokyo, she smiled. It seems that thinking about her best friend kept on making her smile, but she knew deep inside that THAT wasn't the only reason why.

He was the only guy she had ever liked a lot.

And if it wasn't for the fact that she had to study, she would have stayed with him. Maybe, even confess.

But now thinking how almost eight years have passed since they've last seen each other, the thought of confessing seems to be an improbability. He might even be dating someone or at least dated someone before, unlike her who has never dated nor been kissed.

"Ah~" she sighed, wiping a small tear away as the thought of having him taken by someone else stabbed her in the chest. "Time to sleep!"

She yawned and entered the bedroom, making sure to close the door that connected her room to the balcony. Putting the drawer back into its proper place, she then went under the covers and placed the watch on top of the night table as she switched the lamp's light off.

The Next Day

The rays coming from the sun came seeping through the dark curtains by the window and shone on the still-asleep girl's face, making her close her eyes tigher in an attempt to stop getting blinded by it. She tossed to her side and covered her head with the blanket, wanting to enjoy her comfy bed even more.

After a few minutes however, she sat up and yawned whilst stretching her arms up high. She blinked her eyes several times to adjust to the brightness of the room, before standing up and making her bed. Once she was finished, she walked to the bathroom.

It only took her a few minutes to finish her shower, and change. Seeing how she had no time left for breakfast, she took her car keys and left. But just as she was about to enter the elavator, she remembered that she still hasn't worn the watch given to her as a gift, and quickly rushed back to her apartment.

Bursting through the door, she dashed to her bedroom and started rummaging through the container where she placed all of her accessories. When she wasn't able to find it, she sighed and gave a groan, deciding to search for it once her work finishes.

Although her work was not going to start until 1pm, she needed to go to a store for watches to change her watch's battery. But seeing how her watch could not be found, that doesn't seem to be necessary.

Turning, she was about to leave the bedroom, when something sparkled from the corner of her eyes. She looked at the direction where she saw it, and found the watch lying where she had left it earlier on.

"It's not like it'll do me any harm in wearing it after years of not doing so, right?" she asked herself, debating on whether she should wear it and have it fixed.

Sighing, she rushed to the night table and grabbed it quickly, before leaving the apartment and heading to the store her co-worker said was a great place to get watches cleaned and fixed.

After Several Minutes

She sighed and got off from her car, slamming the door gently before heading towards the store. Upon entering the store, she saw that she was the only one, along with a guy in a suit who had his back facing her.

Walking towards him, she took out the watch and cleared her throat to get his attention. "Excuse me, I would like to have my watch cleaned and fixed."

She had her head lowered down after putting the wrist watch on the surface of the glass, trying to search for her phone which was starting to ring, to even notice the guy staring at her with widened eyes.

Rummaging through the pockets of her bag, she mumbled. "Where in the world did I put my phone?"

"Nice to meet you, Rena-san." the guy greeted with a smile.

The said girl nodded her head and hummed in response, thinking that he figured out her name due to the engravement inside hte watch. She was still busily searching for her phone, which seemed to have done a great magic act in becoming invisible.

Just then, the ringing of her phone stopped, and she sighed. Guess that she'll have to call back whoever was calling her later on.

Looking up, she was greeted by a sight of the guy staring at her with his elbows leaning on the surface of the glass. He had a mixture of black and brown hair, and his smile was extremely charming to the raven's eyes.

"U-um...Hi." she greeted with a blush, embarrassed that she was seen in a situation where she couldn't find her phone.

"Do you remember me?"

She looked at him confusingly, tilting her head to the side. He was still smiling at her like they've practically known each other for many years, but she seemed to be not as good in memories as him. Scratching the back of her head, she shook her head and smiled sheepishly.

"Well," he started out, taking a card out from his back pocket. "Here's my card."

She took the offered card and started reading it. "The owner of this store?"

"Uh huh." he hummed, before motioning for her to continue on reading. "Go on."

Her eyes widened in surprised as her eyes took in the next words on the card, making the guy staring at her, laugh in amusement. She gaped at the card and blinked her eyes several times to make sure that she wasn't dreaming.

"So..." he started. "Nice to see you again, Rena-san."

Looking up from the card, she gave a long look at the person she had been thinking all night long. Her mouth remained shut, and she started taking in the whole figure of the person standing in front of her, unable to believe that the boy she had a crush on, who was shorter than her ever since they were kids, and was awkward around her...

Was now looking at her so with a charming smile as he stood slightly taller above her.

"Rena-san?" he called her name, his smile now replaced by a look of concern. "Is something wrong?"

She shook her head, and stuttered out an answer. "N-no."

"I-I'm just happy to see you again..." she breathed out, completely taken aback and entranced by his handsome features.

"Furukawa Airi."


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A/N: And now onto the last part of I Just Fall In Love Again! It was hard to write...since there were...*ahem* some stuff I'm not really good at. But nevertheless, please do enjoy this update from me! And I really want to apologize for updating so late. :kneelbow: Too much stuff to deal with for this past few weeks.  :imdead: Anyway, let's get onto the the update, shall we?  :whistle:

I Just Fall In Love Again Part Three

The ride on the way home was eerily quiet that the driver himself found it hard to breathe, or even make any sudden movements. There was this suffocating silence that surrounded the three of them, formed by the two girls who refused to make an effort in talking with each other.

They merely sat there next to each other at the back of the taxi, basking in the silence that they have decided to make by remaining quiet from the moment they entered it. Their eyes kept moving back and forth from the front view of the car, and then onto the windows beside them, never finding themselves locking with the other raven.

They were both afraid of facing the awkward moment they would have to go through once that happened, since there would be a slight chance of having tears forming in the other's eyes. The break-up they had a year ago was the reason for it, for they were in a similar situation before it had occured.

Just then, the driver made a conclusion in his mind to start breaking the ice in the cab, sensing that there would be no chance that one of the two would have the initiative to do so. He wanted to wait for the right moment to speak, and used the opportunity when he was making a left turn.

"S-so..." the driver started, looking at the two through his rear mirror. "You two are close?"

"Huh?" the two girls asked at the same time, diverting their gazes away from the glasses beside them and onto the one who finally broke the silence.

The old man scratched his white hair, giving a slightly awkward chuckle as he began to speak. "Well, you two are staying at the hotel-"

"Please don't misunderstand." Yukirin coldly interrupted, not liking the way the taxi driver was assuming things. "We just stay at the same hotel and work together."

"There's no way that we're close."

"I-I see..." the driver sweated as he replied, wiping them away with his black handkerchief.

A minute passed after the interruption made by Yukirin, and the driver tried once again. He opened his mouth to start commenting about how cold it was outside, but right before he could, the older of the two ravens managed to beat him to it.

"She and I are merely co-workers." she said, staring at him through the rear mirror that she had caught him using to look at them.

Adding, she said. "Nothing more, nothing less."

The older raven's cold and irritated tone made him instantly shut his mouth, preventing him from making another try at talking to them, since it might cause the atmosphere to reach a degree below zero once more.

"Mister," Rena spoke all of a sudden, looking at her phone as she did to look like she was looking at the time. "Can you please switch on the radio?"

She could sense from the man's awkward movements about how much he wanted to make the cold silence amongst them three disappear, knowing how hard it was to deal with it especially when you would most likely stay that way for another fifteen minutes or so.

"Uh...Sure thing." was what the old man could reply to her request.

Leaning away from his seat, he then pressed a button on the radio stereo and started playing a song that was currently being played by an anime station. The main reason why he chose that particular station was because he thought that if the the two girls heard it, they would slowly start loosening up and even sing along with it.

Fortunately for him, the song's energetic melody made the youngest of the three to form a smile, tapping her feet along with the rhythm of the song. It made him smile to himself, liking the way he has managed to lessen the icy feeling in the cab, and started enjoying the song himself.

The unfortunate thing was, even though he has been humming whilst Rena has been tapping her feet, a frown has formed on the face of a certain raven, showing the displeasure she was having from the music.

"They're making my headache worse." she thought to herself, sighing irritatingly as she massaged the temples of her forehead.

Her head was currently feeling like a drill and hammer was making this large hole into her brain. Add the energetic music to that, and she felt like a construction site was inside her head. The moving of the car was not making it any easier to keep her from getting dizzy, making things even harder.

"Please switch it off." she said with a slight hiss, crossing her arms as she looked out of the window to avoid making eye contact with either of the two. "I'm getting a huge headache from hearing such a childish song."

"No, that came out wrong." she said to herself mentally, digging her nails deep into her thighs.

Hearing the request from the frowing raven, the taxi driver couldn't help but do as he was told, much to Rena's dismay. The cold atmosphere has returned once again, and the younger raven can't help but wonder why in the world was Yukirin being so cold to them all of a sudden.

"What's your problem?" she asked through her teeth, nudging the older girl gently as she sent a smile to the driver.

The older raven ignored her question, and pushed her away whilst muttering. "You have your own space, so stay there."

Taken aback from the Yukirin's cold gesture towards her, Rena frowned and made her way closer to the older girl once more, not noticing the wincing she was currently trying hard to hide.

Nudging her even more, she asked once more. "Seriously, what's wrong with you?"

Receiving another push instead of an answer that she was expecting, she was shocked when she heard the older girl muttering under her breathe about how she was getting irritated at the very moment. She frowned and moved away, crossing her arms as she did.

"Can you please drive faster?" she asked the taxi driver, who was watching them through the rear mirror.

Not knowing how to respond, the driver gave a slight nod and pressed his foot on the accelerator a little bit more. He kept his eyes on the road in front of him, making sure not to let his eyes wander off and find themselves looking at the two quiet ravens once more, fearing that he would get caught by the older girl.

Meanwhile, the older raven slapped her forehead mentally, and dug her nails a little bit deeper into her thighs. "Great job, Yuki." the older raven thought to herself.

"Why can't you do anything right?" she asked, hating herself for blurting out the wrong things.

Everything that she had said and done were not what she had planned. In fact, none of these was. She never planned on going home along with the younger raven, or even getting on the same cab as her. The only things she had planned was getting to the hotel that Akimoto reserved specially for the 48 members.

But no.

Instead of getting home, here she was in the same cab as her ex-girlfriend, acting and seeming like she wanted nothing to do with the younger raven, when in fact, she wanted to start a conversation and talk to her like nothing had happened between the two of them.

Yes, she wanted to do all of those stuff.

But the reminder that she would receive from her mind, kept her from doing so. The memories and images of how that Furukawa girl and Rena interacted so freely on the screen kept on replaying over and over again.

Remembering how she would be unable to make any conversations between the two of them whenever the camera was rolling, or the fact that she had to pretend that she knew nothing about the things that Rena likes and dislikes, kept on playing vividly in her mind.

It has managed to stay there, etched into her mind even though a year has passed. Somehow, though they had broken up a year ago, the feelings that she had for the younger girl just wouldn't fade, and neither was the jealousy that would come up whenever she was close with anyone else that seems to have an ability in making her smile, which basically meant...

...Everyone, but her.

"Ugh..." she groaned under her breath, giving her head another session of massages as a painful throb was felt on it once more. "I hate this."

"Well, I'm sorry for being here then." Rena suddenly mumbled to her, misunderstanding into thinking that what the older girl had said was meant for her.

Yukirin's eyes widened in surprise and she stared at the younger raven, who was frowing to herself whilst mumbling to herself as she watched the places that passed them by. There was this guilty feeling in her chest, adding to Yukirin's dismay, but being unable to think of anything to say, she kept her mouth shut and leaned her throbbing head onto the slightly cool window glass.

It must have been fatigue that made her do so, yet she was thankful for it even though her body felt like a ton of bricks have fallen onto it, for she have managed to somehow fall alseep through the awkward atmosphere in the taxi.

Several Minutes Later


There was that word encircling over and over again inside her head like before. She was aware of the fact that she has been thinking of it everytime she would close her eyes and have this dream, but no matter how many times she would try to check and see if all of these she was seeing was just an illusion, there would always be something that would make her change her mind.

Like her dreams from before, the room was as dark as ever and there weren't any sparkly things flying above her. Turning her head to her side, she would still see her ex-girlfriend there with her, holding her hands tightly yet making sure that she wasn't getting hurt.

"This can't be." she thought to herself as she admired the beauty of the girl beside her. "I'm currently in a taxi with her."

"You are, Yuki." the younger girl suddenly spoke, waking up all of a sudden to stare into her eyes with her lovely orbs. "All of these are real."


Rena pointed out of the window beside the older girl, making her notice how everything outside seemed to be moving. Seeing that, Yukirin couldn't help but wonder how could she be in her hotel room, and yet still have people and things passing her by from the outside.

"Unless..." she turned to Rena, and found the girl smiling at her with that lovely gaze of hers. "I must be going crazy."

The realization of being possibly mad made her eyes widen in surprise as the word 'crazy' circled around non-stop inside her head, making her furrow her eyebrows together as she tried to figure out if she was dreaming by pinching herself as hard as she could.

When she didn't feel the pain that she was supposed to be having, she turned to the girl beside her, who was still smiling at her lovingly with those brown orbs. Sighing, she tucked in a strand of loose hair hanging in front of Rena's eyes, behind her ear with a small smile on her face.

"Since I can't do this in real life..." she trailed off, trying to compose herself to prevent tears from falling as she realized the painful truth. "...let me enjoy this, okay?"

Rena nodded at her and leaned in even closer, letting more of her raven hair fall foward and block her line of sight. Sensing what the younger girl wanted her to do, Yukirin smiled softly and tucked the rest of Rena's hair.

Once the girl's face was free from any strands of hair besides her bangs, she cupped the raven's face and brought their foreheads closer, letting their warm breaths mix with each other. Yukirin closed her eyes and took in the scent that she had been missing for the past months.

"Why can't you do this in real life, Yukirin?" Rena asked her, after a few minutes of comfortable silence between the two of them.

The older raven leaned away and looked deep into her eyes, giving her a sad look as she sighed to herself. Looking away, she bit her lower lip and lowered her head.

"I don't know." she confessed. "Every time I open my mouth, the wrong words come out."

A pregnant pause.

"Do you still love me?" Rena asked, breaking the silence that has formed once again.

Yukirin, however, kept her silence and stayed in the same position, afraid to utter any word even though she knew perfectly well that no one besides her would find out. Just then, Rena tilted her head up with her slender fingers and brought their foreheads together once more.

"Do you still love me?" the raven repeated her question.

The older girl remained her silence, looking away from the beautiful eyes that she loves. She had tensed up from the contact that they currently have, only to be surprised even further when Rena took Yukirin's hands into her own and started caressing her smooth pale skin with them.

"I still love you." Rena told her, making Yukirin clenched her hands and pull away.

Shocked, she stared at the older girl, who only looked at her seriously with tears trailing down her eyes slowly. "You're only saying that because I want you to."

"You're just a figment of my imagination." Yukirin said bitterly, looking away as she continued to speak. "Nothing more than an illusion."

"Is that what I really am to you?" the younger girl asked with hurt evident in her tone.

When the older raven refused to speak an answer, she sighed and leaned away to the other side of the car. She looked away from her, making the older girl turn as she tried to see what was the expression written on her ex-girlfriend's face.

"I'm sorry, Rena." she apologised softly.


"I'm sorry, Rena."

The said girl's ears suddenly perked up at the voice of the sleeping girl, whom she was trying to wake up a while ago and now had an arm slung over her shoulders. Stopping for a while in walking, she looked at the sleeping face of the older 48 member.

"Are you awake?" she asked, tilting her head to the side to see for herself.

Receiving no answer, she sighed and started to walk once more towards the direction of the elavator. She smiled to herself and made a mental note to herself about taking care of the older girl once they have reached her room, which was just a few room away from her own.

It has been almost fifteen minutes since the two of them got off from the taxi. The driver offered to help her in carrying Yukirin back to her room, but Rena refused in the most polite manner and struggled to bring the sick and sleeping girl to her hotel room.

"You've lost weight, Yukirin." Rena said to the sleeping girl, grunting as she struggled to keep her standing up along with her as the elavator went up to their floor.

It was a good thing for her since she wasn't as athletic as Sae or Sayaka, who could carry the Team B captain with ease, especially when Yukirin has lost some weight. It was a bad thing though, that Yukirin has lost weight and been getting sick easily.

"We're here, Yukirin." she suddenly spoke, walking with a limp as she struggled to carry the older girl to the room on the other end of the hall.

Worried that they both might collapse any time if it took longer, the younger girl stood in front of the raven and wrapped her arms around her neck before taking small but quick steps towards the hotel room.

The sudden weight on her back caused her to grunt, making her realize that she really can't carry any heavy things no matter how much she tried to do it quickly. Fortunately for her, she was able to reach the room without getting any injuries on either of them.

The only thing now was for her to find where the older raven had placed the card key for her to open up the door. Pressing Yukirin up against the wall, she then started to rummage for the card key in the older girl's bag.

But after a several minutes of doing so, she sighed and looked at the older girl who still seemed to be comfortable sleeping despite the way she was at the moment. Biting her lower lip, she tilted her head and checked if she could somehow wake the girl up to ask her where the key was.

"She must be so tired." she mumbled to herself after figuring that Yukirin wouldn't wake up no matter how much she tried to call her by her name. "Maybe she put it inside her inside pocket?"

Nodding to herself that it might be the case, she pushed Yukirin even more against the wall and started patting the older girl's skirt to find out where the inside pocket was located, since their uniforms were different from each other.

"Rena?" someone suddenly spoke, making the said girl look to the direction where the voice had come from.

When she did, she saw her senpai, Oshima Yuko, holding the door open with her hand and staring at her with wide eyes. Realizing what kind of scene the older actress thought both of them were doing, she leaned away from Yukirin and started waving one of her hands frantically as she tried hard to explain the situation, still making sure that the older raven would fall to the ground.

"I-It's not what you think!" she cried frantically, watching the shocked expression change into a smirk.

Yuko merely raised a brow, laughing as she went back inside the room whilst shouting out loud enough for the younger actress to hear. "Good to know that you two are back together!"

"Mou, Yuko-san!"

Carrying the older raven on her back once more, she mumbled to herself. "That'll never happen because she doesn't even want to talk to me."

She let out a grunt and started walking towards her own hotel room, deciding not to let the sick girl stay out in the cold surrounding any longer. Besides, she can't find the key and she doesn't want anyone like Yuko to misunderstand the situation.

When she reached her room, she fished for the key inside her bag and entered. She quickly placed the sleeping girl on her bed as gently as she could, grunting and groaning as she tried to ignore the pain she was feeling on her back.

"There." she cried out breathlessly, once she was sure that the older raven was in a comfortable position.

Stretching her back, she groaned and walked to her bathroom to change into her sleeping clothes. Since all members were supposed to take a shower before leaving the practice room, she didn't have to bother about taking another one and headed straight for the bed.

However, the moment she did, she noticed that Yukirin was still in her working clothes. She sighed and bit her lower lip, scratching the back of her head as she debated with her inner self about changing the girl's clothes or just letting her stay that way.

"It must be uncomfortable..." she mumbled, making her way slowly to the sleeping girl. "...and there's no malicious thoughts."


Running to her wardrobe, she started looking for any clothing that would fit the older and slightly bustier girl. She managed to find a white shirt and blue pajamas in the end, making her sigh in relief since she was starting to worry about what the older girl would wear.

"Now..." she trailed off, trying hard not to blush as she stared at the sleeping figure in front of her. " should I undress her?"

Tilting her head to the side, she let out a huge sigh and started tapping her chin with her finger, taking a few glances at the girl every second or two. Just then, she pumped her fist up into the air and let out a quiet cry.


With great determination, she sat on the bed and sat the older girl up, letting her head lean against Rena's shoulders as she tried to unbutton the buttons behind Yukirin's back. It was a good thing that most of their working clothes had zippers or buttons at the back, since the young raven knew that she would seriously die from major blood loss if it weren't.


"We've reached my hotel room." the younger girl told her, lying her gently as she could on the soft bed.

Yukirin smiled at her, moving to the side to side to let the younger girl lie next to her, leaning and sitting up against the head board. Giving the smile that the older girl couldn't get tired of, Rena did what she wanted and laid next to her, entwining both of their hands together.

"I don't ever want this dream to stop." Yukirin murmured, tightening the hold that she had over Rena's hand.

The younger girl nodded her head and mumbled an agreement, before closing her eyes as Yukirin started running her fingers through the raven hair that she love so much. The older raven started to hum their favourite song, closing her eyes as she continued to comb the girl's hair with her hand.

A few seconds later...

"Are you awake, Yukirin?" Rena suddenly asked, making the said girl's eyes flutter open.

She nodded her head, somehow suddenly unable to speak like how she was able to do so a few seconds ago, as well as move her head as much as before. However, what the older raven didn't know was that she has, in fact, woken up from the dream that she wanted to stay in.

There was so much similarity in her surroundings, which was the very reason why she was unable to differentiate if she was awake or still dreaming. The only different thing was how she was lying her head next to Rena's.

Rena had her arms wrapped around the older girl, softly tapping her shoulder with her left hand as she hummed the song that Yukirin thought she was singing in the dream. Her tight yet comfortable hug brought nothing but warmth to the sick and slightly cold raven, who took advantage of the chance to hug her even tigher.

"Am I still dreaming?" Yukirin asked herself, pondering as she tried to lift her eyelids open.

When she felt her muscles throb painfully, she sighed mentally. "Guess not anymore."

"Yukirin..." the younger girl started to speak, hugging her tightly as she continued. "...Please stay sick."

The raven peeked from the corner of her eyes and saw her biting her lower lip, waiting for the younger girl to continue on speaking. "I know that it's a selfish to ask you of that, but I know that I won't be able to do this if you weren't."


Rena softly sobbed. "Please stay like this a little bit longer."

Yukirin's eyes widened in surprise as her mind took in what the younger girl had just told her, finding it a little bit hard to believe that Rena was wishing for the same thing she was. She had always thought that the younger raven didn't really care much about her ever since they broke up, but it seems that she was wrong.

"Rena..." Yukirin silently called the girl's name, wanting to speak up but afraid to do so, thinking that she would leave her once she find out that she was awake. "How I wish that we can return to how we were before."

Just then, she felt herself getting hugged even tighter. Rena now has completely wrapped her slender and thin arms around the older girl, hugging her so tightly as if she was afraid to let go and wake up to find that this was all a dream.

Though getting a bit uncomfortable with how she was unable to breath at such a close contact, Yukirin allowed herself to be hugged, also afraid that this would just be one of her dreams where Rena granted one of her wishes.

"My dream is coming true, Yukirin." Rena told her with a smile, which the older girl loved seeing over and over again.

Closing her eyes, Yukirin nuzzled her face into the younger girl's neck and took in the scent of Rena's shampoo. "So is mine."

"I'm wide awake, but I know that my dreams are coming true."

"I miss you so much." the younger girl told her as she shivered from the breath that the raven let out to her sensitive neck.

"Me too."

"Do you want to know something, Yukirin?"

The said girl peeked from the corner of her eyes, still remaining her silence for she knew that the younger raven only wanted to let out her true feelings. She waited for Rena to continue speaking, loosening the tight hug she had over the girl.

"I'm still in love with you." the girl confessed, closing her eyes as she kissed Yukirin at the top of her head.

The girl in her arms only tensed from the touched, blinking her eyes continuously as she discreetly pinched herself. When she felt the pain from the pinch, she winced and looked up at the girl again, this time with a happy expression on her face instead of keeping the pokerface to look like she was sleeping.

"Really?" she asked, blurting out the words that couldn't help but escape from her smiling mouth.


Rena looked at her with wide eyes, before leaning her face away when she realized the close distance she has with the older girl. Sitting up, she removed her arms from Yukirin and sat on the far end of the bed, letting her back face the raven.

Yukirin only stared at the younger girl's back with sad eyes, lying on her side as she allowed both of them to bask in the silence that has formed due to her mistake. She bit her lower lip and looked away from the sitting figure, trying hard to prevent herself from letting the tears fall down her face.

"Y-you were awake?" Rena asked, stuttering and showing just how much she was nervous at the moment.

Taking in a deep breath, she lied. "...I just woke up."

The tears finally broke the control she had over her eyes, staining her face with trails of hot and salty tears. She started to sniff, turning to face the other side in order to prevent the younger girl from seeing the pain she had received from the raven suddenly moving away from her.

"Are you crying, Yukirin?" Rena asked.

The older girl didn't reply and continued to wipe away the tears, that seemed to be flowing like a waterfall, from her face. Suddenly, she felt the space behind her sink in before a cold hand reached for her shoulders, which she moved away from in fear of feeling the painful ache that overcame her a moment ago.


"I'm not crying." the older girl sniffed, still wiping the tears away. "I'm just having a runny nose."

"You liar."

Rena's voice caused her to stop moving and fidgeting away from the girl who kept on trying to turn her around, giving the younger raven a chance. Taking the opportunity, she sneaked a peek from the older girl's face, and saw the trails of tears as well as the slightly drenched part of the pillow.

"Yukirin..." she trailed off, not knowing what to do and say after seeing the girl in such a manner.

The older girl only bolted up from the bed and stared at her with red, puffy eyes as she cried. "Yes, I was lying!"

"I'm really crying because I don't like this situation at all!"

"I-I'm sorry." Rena stuttered, shocked by the girl's sudden outburst at her. "I didn't mean to go over your space."

"I hate you." she suddenly said, shocking the younger girl even further as she watched Yukirin with her head hung low.

Rena slowly started to reach her hand out towards Yukirin, wanting to tilt her chin up and pulled her into a hug to prevent her from feeling any more pain. But just then, she remembered the three words that the older girl had just spoken to her, causing her to stop midway.

"I-I'm sorry." she apologized, retracting her hand slowly.

The older girl suddenly snapped her head up and stared at her with a pitiful expression on her face, making Rena instantly regret about hesitating and not hugging her.

"I hate you so much, Rena." Yukirin told her, sending painful stabs to the younger girl.

Rena bit her lower lip as she continued to listen to the older girl's words."I hate you so much for making me fall in love with you."

"And I hate you so much for making me fall for you over and over again even after breaking up with me!" the older girl cried, covering her face with her hands as she started to sob harder. "Just one touch from you, and I start to melt! It always happen every time!"

Looking up from her water-filled hands, she cried. "Then I find myself falling for you again!"

Tears started to drip even faster from her eyes as she let out all the pain and bottled feelings she was having for the past several months, not noticing that the younger girl was staring at her on the same spot without any movement.

She wanted to grab the crying girl and hug her in order to stop all of her tears, but she couldn't help but fear about getting pushed away and feeling the pain that she has been trying hard to hide all this time even though she felt like dying right on the spot.

"I can't help..." Yukirin sobbed, wiping her tears away as she started to have hiccups. "...but fall for you."

"And it hurts me so much."

The fear instantly disappeared, making Rena wrap her arms around the older girl and pulling her into a tight hug. The yearning to make her tears stop from falling grew more than the fear that she had over feeling the pain, surprising her when she had realized what she had done.

Fortunately for her, the older girl didn't seem to mind and even hugged her tightly, sobbing with her face buried against the raven's neck. She continued to cry out her feelings without speaking any word for some time, enjoying the light feeling in her chest as she basked in Rena's warmth.

The two of them probably spent an hour in that position, not wanting to part away from each other's embrace as they tried to take in their fill. The younger of the two kept on stroking the raven's hair, a gesture that only she knew would calm Yukirin down.

Yukirin, on the other hand, had her eyes closed as she felt herself being rocked. Her eyes have grown extremely tired from all the crying she had done a while ago. The trail of tears she had on her face had dried off, and no longer was her face pale and white like before.

The fever she had also seemed to have disappeared, along with the pain she had been keeping and bottling up inside, relieving her from all the problems and worries that she would have whenever she was around the younger girl.

And now, with how she was being hummed and rocked so lovingly, she couldn't help but feel a bit sleepy. The fatigue from the stressing she had been doing, as well as from the over-working, has now caught up with her, making things a little bit hard for her since all she wanted was to enjoy the hug she was receiving at the moment.

"Rena..." she spoke, breaking the comfortable silence that had formed in between the two of them.

The younger raven hummed in question, continuing on with the minstration she was doing. "Hmm?"

"Did you mean what you said?"

Rena stopped and leaned away, staring straight into the older girl's brown orbs, showing her nothing but the vulnerability she had at the very moment. Her blank expression seemed to have made Yukirin misunderstand, which made the older raven bite her lower lip as she tried to think of anything to say to prevent the awkward atmosphere from the taxi come back once more.

"Yes." Rena suddenly replied, surprising her with a tight hug.

The younger girl then gave a long kiss on her forehead, which led to Yukirin closing her eyes once more as the desire to feel the fluttering butterflies even more, grew. It was because feelings tend to be felt more when one's eyes were shut.

Unware yet sensing Rena leaning her face closer to hers, she kept her eyes closed and breathed in slowly. A few more seconds passed, and Yukirin felt the younger girl's soft lips leave her slightly sweaty forehead, making her chest ache a bit as her butterflies ceased their fluttering.

But just then, she felt Rena's lips kiss both of her closed eyes. The younger girl then gave a quick peck on both sides of her cheeks, before tilting Yukirin's chin up to place her soft lips on hers. Wanting to feel Rena's lips on hers even more, she leaned in closer and wrapped her arms around the younger girl's neck.

The long and sensual kiss soon turned into a battle of dominance once Rena moved her head to the side. Yukirin licked the younger girl's lips, making her open her mouth as she let out a moan, which the raven used as an opportunity to let her tongue enter Rena's mouth.

The younger girl let out another moan as she felt her insides melt from Yukirin's experienced kissing, which turned her whole body to jelly. She fell down onto the bed and started returning the older girl's kisses as passionately and vigorly as she could, not wanting to be defeated as she herself, wanted to make Yukirin moan.

Her wish was granted soon enough the moment she was able to manage on sucking on the older girl's tongue, when Yukirin stopped in attacking her mouth in order to take in some air. That caused the older girl to lose her limbs' ability in keeping her up on the bed, making her fall onto Rena slowly as she panted heavily.

"That's unfair." she panted, breathing into Rena's ear.

The younger girl shivered from the warm air that was breathed to her sensitive ears, which was not left unnoticed by Yukirin. Smiling to herself, she doved in at the younger gir's ears and nibbled at them, making Rena squirm from underneath as she tried to keep herself from moaning.

"You're the one who's unfair." The younger girl pouted, before pulling Yukirin into another round of hot kiss.

This was turned into another battle for dominance, which Yukirin successfully turned into her win the moment a plan formed in her mind. Stopping the kiss, she smirked when she heard Rena let out a dissatisfied whimper, which soon turned into a sensual gasp once Yukirin dove at her sensitive neck and started nibbling.

She started writhing underneath the older girl, gasping every once in a while whenever Yukirin would mark her. Her heartbeat was pounding hard against her ears, and her red was as red as a tomato. She was feeling so damn good, that she was unable to form any coherent thoughts nor any plans to make the older girl writh like her.

All she could feel was the nibbling on her neck, as well as the roaming of Yukirin's hands all over her body. Just then, the nibbling stopped and Rena looked at the beautiful raven that was staring at her with dilated pupils.

"Rena..." Yukirin panted out her name, making the said girl melt from under her as she felt electricity run through her body just from hearing her name called out so sensually.

"...I've missed you so much."

Rena smiled at her and tucked in a strand of hair behind the shell of her ear, whispering to her even though no one was there with them to hear it. "Me too."

"I've missed doing this," Yukirin said, closing her eyes as she leaned her face against the younger girl's carressing warm hand.

Rena leaned on her elbow and gave a long kiss to the older girl's red lips, before letting herself fall back down to the bed. When Yukirin opened her eyes, she blushed and breathed in as slowly as she could, unable to take in the sight of Rena, lying down beneath her with her hair sprawled out so sexily, without having the desire to kiss her and do something more.

"Yukirin." the younger girl suddenly spoke, noticing the hesitation and tense body of the said girl. "Do you still love me?"

Yukirin's eyes widened and she leaned back, before kneeling as she stared at the girl lying in front of her, looking so vulnerable and irresistable. Seeing the older girl pull away, Rena sat up and reached out her hand to touch Yukirin, which was gently pushed away.

"What's wrong?" Rena asked, sounding hurt as she retracted her hand back to her side.

Yukirin looked down on the bed, and whispered. "I must be dreaming."


"This..." Yukirin's voice trailed off as she looked at both of them with sad and tearful eyes. " must be a dream."

"It's just an illusion."

"Yukirin, I don't get what you're saying." Rena told her, feeling hurt as the seconds passed.

The older girl bit her lower lip and sat on the far side of the bed, as if afraid to even have Rena near her. "I..." she said.

"...I'm just dreaming, aren't I?"

"I can't be here with you in your hotel room. I can't be kissing you passionately like before, making you writhe and moan because I make you feel good." she started to sob. "And you definitely still can't have the same feelings as me."

" you say all of that?" Rena asked her, her voice cracking as she tried to hide the pain away in order to find out the reason why. "Why can't you believe this?"

"Because I've been dreaming of this every single night!" Yukirin cried at her, finally breaking down once more.

"I've been dreaming of having you in my arms, underneath me with my lips on yours! I've been yearning to have you hug me and comfort me like before! I've been-"

"This is real!" Rena cried at her, moving towards her as she cupped the older girl's face with both of her hands.

She leaned her forehead on Yukirin's, and whispered. "This isn't an illusion, and you're definitely awake."

"Yukirin," she started. "Everything that's happening right now is real."

"What I said before about still loving you, is true. My feelings never changed, even after you told me that you wanted to have some space between us."


"Yukirin, if you think that you're dreaming, then so am I." the younger raven said, sobbing as well.

"Every day and night, all I think of is you. Nothing else, but you. I see you in my dreams, and in my surroundings. I even mistake the other members for you, always calling your name instead of theirs."

"Y-you do?" Yukirin asked, dumbfounded because she had never heard of such thing from the others.

The younger raven only nodded, looking away as she bit her lower lip. "I asked them not to tell you, since you're together with Miyazawa-san."

"Sae?!" Yukirin cried, flabbergasted at the ridiculous thought that the younger girl had. "Why would you think that?"

"She likes you and you like her, don't you?" Rena asked her, not noticing the look of disbelief the older girl had on her face. "I heard your talk with her, before we broke up."

"Rena... I didn't mean it that way." Yukirin told her; no longer were there tears dripping from her eyes. "She was comforting me, and we just talked."

"We were never together, not even now."

"Then why did you break up with me in the first place?" Rena asked her, staring at her as she cried.

Yukirin watched the younger girl break down in front of her, mumbling about how much pain she had to go through as she tried to pretend how she wasn't hurting that much, and how she was trying not to ask Sae the reason why she had to confess to Yukirin even though they were together.

"I'm sorry, Rena." Yukirin apologized, hugging her as she tried to take her eyes off the vulnerable and crying girl. "I-I wasn't thinking straight when I told you that."

"I thought that we were losing the feelings we have, and that we both need a break from each other." the older raven started sob again. "I never thought that I'd be suffering even though I was the one who asked for it."

"I'm so sorry." she apologized once more, hugging Rena even tighter.

The younger girl only sobbed harder, wrapping her arms around Yukirin's waist. Her hot and salty tears were coming down even faster than before, wetting the shirt that the older girl was wearing. Yukirin, however, was trying her best in soothing Rena to even bother about something so trivial.

"Rena, I'm so sorry." she rubbed the younger girl's back as she started to rock her like how she was rocked a while ago. "It was a mistake, and I never really wanted to hurt you."

"I'm really sorry for everything I've done to you." she continued, stopping herself from crying as she tried to stop her chest from aching because of the heart-breaking sobs that she could hear from the younger girl. "Please forgive me."

Rena only cried harder, making things harder for the older girl since she wasn't good in comforting others. She had never once been able to make a crying person stop and instead made them cry harder when she accidentally blurted out some blunt things, which was like the situation she was currently in at the moment.

Just then, an idea entered her mind and made her eyes widen. It might not be a good thing or a good timing to do it, with how the things were, but seeing how she was incapable of doing anything to make Rena stop her heart-breaking sobs, there wasn't any other way.


Rena's eyes suddenly widened in surprise, completely taken aback from the action that the older girl was doing. She was about to tell the older raven that she has forgiven her but was unable to stop her crying and sobbing, when Yukirin suddenly tilted her chin up and caught her lips with her own.

She tried to lean away since she wanted to have a serious conversation between the two of them, but with how Yukirin was kissing her so passionately, and how she was slowly losing the determination to get her motive, she gave in and closed her eyes.

Her hands reached up to the back of Yukirin's neck, making her lose her balance and fall back onto the bed. The older girl left her lips and started kissing away the tears that kept on falling from Rena's eyes, wanting to take away the pain with any possible ways she could think of at the very moment.

Fortunately for her, her plan worked and the sobbing made by the younger girl stopped almost instantly. The two of them were now locked in a hot kiss, letting out stiffled moans as they nibbled and bit on each other's lips.

Yukirin slowly started to let her hands roam on the body of the younger girl who laid under her, making Rena stop the kiss as she let out a slight chuckle from the ticklish sensation that she was feeling. The older girl only smiled into the kiss, before leaning away and staring at her as a trail of saliva formed in between the two.

"Yukirin..." Rena breathed out, smiling as she touched the girl's face. "...We're not dreaming, are we?"

Giving a smile which instantly turned into a smirk, she replied. "There's only one way to find out."

And with that, she dove at Rena's lips once more and started another session of kisses. She started to let her hands roam on the younger girl's body once more, before pulling the shirt up to Rena's neck, wanting to feel more of their skin together.

Sensing what the older girl wanted, Rena complied and lifted her body with the help of Yukirin, allowing the shirt to be removed. The kiss had to be broken in order to take off the shirt, but almost as soon as the annoyance was removed, their lips found each other again.

Yukirin's hands instantly went to the younger girl's chest, groping the two orbs through the soft fabric that was in the color of beige. It wasn't long until the younger girl's bra was taken off and thrown off to some place in the room, forgotten.

"Now..." Yukirin said as she stared at Rena's eyes, with lust evident in her dilated eyes. "...let's see if we're dreaming."

Without wasting any more time, she attacked the younger girl's lips before slowly moving down to her chest, leaving butterfly kisses along the way. A gasp instantly left Rena's mouth the moment the older girl's hot lips took in one of the buds, making Yukirin smile as she took a peek from the corner of her eyes.

She let her mouth devour the entire bud, as well as the areola, making the girl underneath her squirm as she tried to prevent herself from letting out any indecent sounds, which Yukirin took as a challenge.

Giving the bud a gentle bite, she then sucked and started making popping sounds, pulling and nibbling on it. She gave some attention to the other awaiting bud from the other side, letting her teeth graze a bit on it, which made Rena finally break her control over her mouth and let out a moan.

Satisfied, Yukirin started to switch back and forth between the two for some time, before letting her lips leave more butterfly kisses on the girl's pale stomach, heading towards her real destination where she was sure to receive more moaning and even whimpering from Rena's mouth.

"Yukirin." the younger girl whined. "Your clothes are still on."

The older girl smiled at her and nodded her head, taking off her shirt and bra without any moment of hesitation. Soon, her hands returned to their adventurous trip and started pulling Rena's pajama off. Once she managed to, her mouth instantly found themselves leaving marks on the younger girl's hip bone, making Rena let out a hiss as she tried to keep her hip down.

"Rena," Yukirin spoke huskily, stopping the younger girl's hands that attempted to push her off to allow Rena to get on top of her. "I'm in charge now, so let me do what I want."

"But-" the raven tried to speak, only to be silence by Yukirin's kiss.

Staring intently, the older raven asked. "I want to do this, please?"

"O-okay..." Rena nodded, blushing hard whilst looking away since her body felt like melting from the intense stare that Yukirin was giving to her. "P-please be gentle."

"No promises." Yukirin replied huskily, before ripping off the girl's last remaining undergarment.

Pinning the younger girl's hands down, she kissed her aggresively and then started to make a trail of hickeys from her lips to her hip bone, making Rena inhale sharply. She squirmed underneath the girl's strong hold, which soon loosen the moment she reached the place she was most eager to start playing with.

Rena whimpered against the older girl's warm touch, writhing the moment she felt Yukirin's lips nearing her damp center. She started to breath faster, clutching hard onto the bed sheets once the older girl's lips attached themselves to Rena' flower, sucking and nibbling.

The Next Day

"Magic..." Rena breathed out.

The older girl who stroked her hair continuously, whom she had her head lying upon on, opened her eyes and stared at her with a curious gaze on her face. "Hmm?"

"It must be magic." Rena told her with a smile, before nuzzling her face into the older raven's neck and inhaling her sweet scent.

Yukirin smiled and tilted her chin up, stopping the stroking of her hand on the younger girl's ravan hair. "Why do you say so?"

"The way I hold you," Rena stopped for a while just to hug her even tighter, before contiuing on. "The night just seems to fly."

"Just staying here like this is enough for me."

The older of the two smiled even more and kissed her on the top of her head, murmuring loud enough for her to hear. "Do you know what, Rena?"


"Whenever I look into your eyes, all I see is heaven." she said whilst staring intently into the younger girl's eyes, before catching her lips and giving a long passionate kiss.

The two of them leaned in even closer, hugging each other tighter as they tried to get closer although there wasn't any more space in between the two for them to fill in. Then, after a few seconds, even though it wasn't want they wanted, they parted their lips from each other to take in the much needed air.

They stared intently at each other, thinking to themselves of the same thing; how they couldn't help themselves every single time.

Just one touch, one look, and one word...

Smiling at each other, they thought to each other...

"I just fall in love again."


A/N: Hooray~! I've finally finished writing this part! Well...lllorz. I'm so sorry that it took longer than expected. Just had a lot of stuff going on, especially with how the field trip is around the corner! YAY~! Field trip!!! \(^O^)/
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"Rena?" someone suddenly spoke, making the said girl look to the direction where the voice had come from.

When she did, she saw her senpai, Oshima Yuko, holding the door open with her hand and staring at her with wide eyes. Realizing what kind of scene the older actress thought both of them were doing, she leaned away from Yukirin and started waving one of her hands frantically as she tried hard to explain the situation, still making sure that the older raven would fall to the ground.

"I-It's not what you think!" she cried frantically, watching the shocked expression change into a smirk.

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A/N: Ah... Another short fic from me. Since a certain friend requested this, I've decided to try my luck once more for this pairing. Hope you guys like it. :hee:


A girl with long black hair bit her lower lip, trying hard to keep her heart intact to her chest as she walked up closer to a slightly wide white cubicle where a certain raven-haired sat down, with her eyes staring intently on the computer screen in front of her.

"I can do this." she continuously voiced inside her head, slowly nearing the cubicle with wobbly legs that wanted to turn her body around and run away.

Game programmer of SKE Incorporation, Furukawa Airi aka Airin, was currently on a mission to go and talk with one of her co-workers to ask her if she would like to do the project they were both given in her house. Unfortunately for Airin, Rena was someone whom she was having an extremely hard time talking to, even on casual occassions.

It wasn't that she had a problem in speaking to others. It's just that...whenever she was somewhere near a certain girl named Matsui Rena, whether it may be in the meeting room or restroom, the words that she had managed to form up inside her mind would always turn into a gurgling mess.

Not only that, she would always somehow end up making a complete fool of herself by either tripping on a smooth surface or running into walls. In conclusion? Whenever the raven-haired looked at her way or was around, she would always make sure to end up looking like a complete klutz.

However, no matter how much she would make a fool of herself in front of others with the raven-haired in sight, she didn't hate it. In fact, she would gladly trip a hundred times if it means getting Matsui Rena to look at her with those perfectly brown-coloured eyes.

Weird, isn't it?

Now thinking about it, Furukawa Airi has been dubbed as the Weird Queen in the incorporation. And even the girl herself agreed to it, finding it extremely hard to deny the fact when the evidences would always be spoken to her. So, that would be considered... normal?

"But I'd like it if she sees me as someone who she could depend on." she sighed, lowering her head as she stopped by the corner of the white cubicle.

After all, Airin wanted nothing but to look 'cool' in front of Rena, like how Kuwabara Mizuki and Matsui Jurina always seemed to look like whenever they were around girls. Those two would always be able to make girls swoon and blush at their witty remarks that they were able to come up without using any much needed effort, or looking like a fool.

"Why can't I be like them?!" she cried out in her head, slightly upset that all her efforts in trying to look normal in front of Rena always fails.

She sighed.

Ever since she found out that she had a huge crush on the raven, all of her clumsy and dorky movements became a show that everyone enjoyed watching. The way she would mumble out incoherent words whenever Rena accidentally touches her arm, or the way she would start spacing out with the girl right in front of her.

It was actually pretty hilarious to watch, and even the girl herself agrees to it. However, being hilarious was not what she wanted to be all the time. She wants to look serious, cool~ (like how Jurina and Mizuki would pronounce it), and someone who Rena could depend on any time.

And that was the very reason as to why she was right there by the raven-haired's cubicle, chewing her lips like there was no tomorrow, and feeling the butterflies in her stomach flutter their wings as fast as a hummingbird's.

"Maybe, I should go tomorrow instead. She looks pretty engrossed in her work now, and I just might be disturbing her." Airin thought to herself as she watched Rena busily typing at the keyboard like a machine gun. "Yeah! I should just go-"


The said girl stopped in the midway of turning around, freezing and posing like a statue that was ready to start running off. Her eyes grew wide from the shock of having her nickname called out by the girl, while she suddenly forgot how to breath.

Her back was facing the girl she was having the trouble conversing with, completely forgetting that she was on a mission to have a 'normal' conversation with the raven. And just from hearing Rena say her nickname seemed to have a huge effect on her, which was making her heart and skip several beats.

Right now, just the thought of having the raven's eyes staring at her back, made her feel woozy. Her vision started to blur from the lack of air, and her legs were starting to turn into jelly. The butterflies in her stomach were also fluttering their wings so fast that if it was only possible, Airin would be floating in mid-air.

"Is... there something wrong, Airin?" Rena asked, stopping her work instantly when the older girl remained her silence.

Biting her lower lip, the said girl tried to let out a word to let Rena know that there was in fact, nothing wrong. But to her dismay, her mouth refused to let out a sound as her lips suddenly found themselves shut tight with an invisible lock.

"Airin?" Rena called out again, making Airin close her eyes as she tried to calm her heart down.

Turning, she tried to form a smile whilst stammering a greeting. "H-he..."

"Damn it!" she mentally cursed. "Stop stuttering, Airin!"

"He-hey." she said, giving a slightly awkward wave of the hand to the raven, who stared at her with a brow raised.

Rena replied back, sounding a bit unsure."Hey, back at you?"

"C-could you wait a minute?" The shorter girl asked, suddenly straightening her back before turning her whole body to face the girl properly.


"Thanks." Airin said, instantly turning her whole body around and walking off.

When she was several meters away from the cubicle where Rena works at, Airin walked by the corner and leaned her head against the wall with her front body facing it. Continuously hitting her head on the poor wall, she started thumping her hands at it as well.

"You idiot!" she cried. "That was your chance, and you ruined it by chickening out!"

Stopping her attacks on the poor wall, she sighed and covered her face. She let out a small whimper as her fingers touched the sore spot she had made contact with the wall and sighed once more, before sliding down the wall with her back against it.

Leaning her head in between the space made by her knees, she started thinking of the possible sentences she could have said, and the wonderful conversation they could have had if she hadn't chickened out at the last minute.

"I'm so stupid." she mumbled to herself, looking slightly up from her knees as she flicked a small crumpled paper she found by her feet.

"Hey, why are you so depressed?"

A voice had suddenly come out of nowhere, though it didn't surprise the girl as she instantly found it familiar. Sighing, she looked up and found Takayanagi Akane staring at her with brows raised, and crossed arms over her chest.

"Nothing." she mumbled, returning her gaze back to the floor where her fingers started pulling some loose strings from the carpet.

"Hmm~" the girl addicted to birds hummed, before jumping to Airin's side and sitting along with her.

"Does it have something to do with a certain someone's love interest?"


"I'll take that as a 'yes' then." Akane said, titling her head to the side as she stared at the girl whose energy seemed to be have sucked out by some unknown force.

It was rare to see the older girl so down, especially when she was known as one of the most energetic people in the building. She would always be able to lift a person's mood up, no matter how bad their day has been, or the problems that they have been facing.

Wanting to somehow lift the girl's spirits up as a way to repay her, Akane began forming a plan that hopes would help in making Airin's lips form one of her smiles. She nudged the girl on the side with her elbow, and hummed.

"You know, you're exactly like Jurina." she said.

Airin's ears perked up, making her look up from the floor and focus her gaze on the girl beside her. "What?"

"Yeah," Akane said, giving a nod and slight chuckle before contiuning on. "I remember how she would stutter whenever she talked to me, and how clumsy she would be like."


Airin stared at the girl beside her with a dumbfounded expression written all over her face, showing how much disbelief she was currently having. Having Akane say that when Airin could perfectly see how well and slick Jurina would be when talking to girls, was kind of... impossible to believe.

"I can see that you don't believe me." Akane chuckled.

Airin nodded. "Yeah."

"Well, I don't blame you." the girl sighed, shrugging her shoulders as she did. "I mean, look at her now. She's practically sweeping girls off their feet with her smooth talk."


"Well, it's true." Akane sighed, combing through her silky black hair with her fingers as she continued on. "She's always been good in talking with other girls."

"However," Akane quickly added, "She used to be a stuttering mess when we talk."

"Used to?" Airin asked, tilting her head slightly to the side.

"Yep. She would always be flusterred and fidgety as if her body couldn't stay still on the same spot, and then she'd go sulk at the corner whenever I'd laugh at her."

Airin watched her friend laugh at the memories, never speaking a word though a smile was slowly forming on her face. Knowing how Akane was, it was no surprise that she would laugh, especially when it was her girlfriend whom she seems to find fun in teasing.

"I have a question though, Churi." the older girl said, interrupting Akane the moment her senses of concern started tingling.


"Why are you letting Jurina flirt so openly and casually with other girls?" Airin asked, a serious expression written all over her face. "Aren't you two together?"

Akane looked down on the ground, a sad smile formed by her cherry lips. She was slouching with her chin on top of her arms, which leaned against her knees for support. Her happy aura was no longer distinguishable, replaced by one that hinted of her unhappy feelings.

"Trying to keep someone socialable like Jurina from interacting with others is not that easy. Especially when girls swarm to her like how flies swarm to a poop."

Airin patted the girl on her back, feeling sorry for the the girl. Her friend never speaks of others in such a way or even compares them to such things, unless she was feeling really upset by their wrongdoings.

It would be great if the great flirt, Matsui Jurina, actually manage to stop her antics with the other co-workers, seeing as how Akane seemed to be growing less and less cheerful.

"Everything will turn out well for the better, Churi." Airin assured her, giving a smile that showed how much she meant it. "After all, you two are still together after three years."

Churi turned her gaze to the older girl and added, "Three years AND eleven months."

"Yes, three years and eleven months." Airin nodded, rubbing the girl's back.

Just then, Churi sighed irritably and frowned. "We've been going out for such a long time now!"

"Uh huh." Airin nodded in agreement once more, knowing perfectly well to just agree with whatever the younger girl would say in times like these.

Churi stood up and started flailing her arms as she cried at Airin."She flirts with girls so much, that it seems like we're not even dating!"

"I even doubt that she has even thought of marriage or any of the same sort!" she scoffed. "She hasn't even given me a ring for any of our monthsaries OR annivesaries!"

"C-Churi...can you please lower down your voice?" Airin asked, standing up next to her best friend, whose voice could practically be heard from the room where Rena and the others were working.

The younger girl merely ignored her friend's plea, and cried even louder. "To think that all of our dates, I was the one who would always buy things like matching bracelets or anklets!"

"But then what~?" Churi said, almost singing it as she let out another scoff of disbelief. "She forgets to wear them all the time!"


"Now thinking about it, I haven't seen her wear one during our dates!" The girl cried out in anger, stomping her feet hard to the ground as the bar for her irritation grew up immensely.

Airin could only watch the younger female stomp the ground with her foot several times to let out some steam, unsure on what to respond to her best friend. Normally at times like these, Churi would calm down after stomping her feet childishly to the poor ground.

But seeing how stomping does not seem to work, Airin knew at the very moment how she was really affected by everything, even though she used to say how Jurina's flirting games with the other girls doesn't make her jealous.

"Churi, calm down." Airin said to her best friend, stopping Churi's attack on the poor floor to the best of her abilities.

But to no avail, the girl's strength was far too much for her to handle, making her end up on the floor with her butt in contact with it after getting slightly pushed out of the way by Churi. Even though she knew that she would get hurt no less in the process of getting the younger girl to stop her attack, she stood up and tried once more to get Churi to calm down.

Hugging the girl from behind, she started to pat Churi's head like how she used to when they were kids, knowing how much it soothed the girl no matter how angry or irritated she was. Fortunately for her, it worked and instantly made the young girl realize how much her feet were starting to hurt.

However, it seems that fate wanted to play a trick on them, by letting the cause of Churi's attack on the floor to come by the corner where the two were currently at.

"Hey guys! What are you two doing?" Matsui Jurina greeted in all smiles, unable to read the atmosphere.

"O-oh hey...Jurina."

Airin greeted her best friend's girlfriend in return, a slightly forced smile on her face as she tried to tell the girl that it wasn't the time to be so cheerful. However, Jurina mistook the message that the older girl was trying to portray through her eyes.

Walking to where the two were currently standing, she widened her arms and hugged them both, squeezing them so tightly that Airin felt the pressure from her sides. Fortunately for her, Churi decided to break the hug by pushing Jurina away.

"You!" the second eldest girl cried. "Stay away from me!"


Jurina stared at her girlfriend with a clueless expression written all over her face, wondering why in the world she was pushed away by Churi, making her fall onto the ground with an audible thud. She was about to open her mouth to ask for the reason why, until Churi spoke first.

"I don't want to see you OR have you near me. So stay away from me!" she pointed a finger at the wide-eyed girl. "Understand?"

And with that, she stormed off, leaving a sweat-dropping Airin and a still-clueless Jurina to look at each other. The older girl helped the younger one in standing up, before giving a sigh as she looked at the direction where Churi stormed off to.

"Did someone make fun of her favourite bird again?" Jurina asked, dusting her clothes as she did. "She looks pretty pissed off."

"You have no idea, Jurina." Airin thought to herself as she gave another sigh.

Wanting to tell the girl the reason for Churi's anger, she opened her mouth as she placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. But it seems that fate was not being kind to them today, as Kuwabara Mizuki suddenly appeared out of nowhere and slung her arms around the two girl's necks.

"Hey, guys!" she greeted, tightening her hold on the two a bit.

Airin gasped and managed to get out of Mizuki's hold, making the girl turn her attention to the one who still remained in captive. Watching Mizuki laugh as she taunt Jurina for being unable to get out of her grasp like her, Airin smacked her forehead.

"Why does it seem like no one knows how to read the atmosphere around here?" she sighed.

Straightening out her shirt, Airin crossed her arms as she watched the two girls try to get each other into their own hold, wondering why and how in the world could two clueless girls flirt with people they like so easily.

"Hey, Airin." Mizuki suddenly spoke, noticing how the said girl merely stared at them instead of chuckling to herself like how she normally does when this type of scenery came upon her. "Something wrong?"

"What?" Airin asked, snapping out of her trance, before shaking her head as she replied."Ah, no. It's nothing."

Seeing the dazed expression on their friend's face, Jurina spoke up and asked. "Does it have something to do with Rena?"

"W-w-what?" Airin cried out, her eyes widening at the sound of her crush's name.

The two flirts smirked, knowing that they have totally caught the girl since she looked like a robber caught red-handed. Seeing the mischeivous glint in both of their eyes, Airin stomped her foot and cried that she was totally NOT thinking of anything related to her crush.

"You know, Airin..." Jurina said in a serious tone. "I don't think that you like Rena."

"What?" Airin and Mizuki asked in disbelief.

Jurina nodded and crossed her arms across her chest before continuing on, "I mean, you've been crushing on her for like how long? Six months?"

"And she hasn't even made any movements on the girl." Mizuki added, with a disappointed sigh.

Airin pouted at the two girls and mimicked the arm position that Jurina was doing. "Well, I apologize for being a chicken and not being a flirt like you two."

"Hey," Mizuki nudged Airin, before enveloping her into a hug. "Don't be so grumpy."

"I'm not grumpy."

"Like I said," Jurina sighed, pushing Mizuki away so that she could sling an arm around Airin's neck before pushing her to a spot where they could see Rena perfectly well without being discovered. "You aren't crushing on her."

"I think I can see Jurina's point, Airin." Mizuki sighed, looking at the same direction as the two.

Amongst the three, only one disagreed with the girl's statement. Furukawa Airi has been crushing on the same girl for at least six months, and never has she ever crushed on someone so passionately, except for those in the 2D world.

Seeing the cofused expression on the girl's face, Mizuki sighed. "You should try to ask her out sometime, and make your move."

"Yeah," Jurina agreed. "She's quite a catch. And who knows? Someone might just snatch her away from you."

"Do you want that?" the two girls asked Airin with a serious look on their faces.

The girl shook her head furiously and clenched her hands into tight fists as the mere thought of having Rena taken away from her, entered her mind. There was no way she would allow that! She'd even trade all of her collections in exchange for the raven, if that were to happen!

"So?" Jurina pointed at the direction where Rena sat, and pushed her. "Go charm her!"

Airin tried to go back to where she used to stand, afraid of going back to where the raven was working at. "B-b-but..."

"No buts, Furukawa!" Mizuki told her with a smack on the back.

Unable to go up against two of the most athletic girls in the building, Airin sighed and walked towards Rena's cubicle with wobbly legs. When she was a few more meters away, she looked back and saw the two girls giving her the thumbs-up.

Sighing, she started to think about the events that would happen if she failed to make a move on the girl she likes.


"I still don't get what you meant." Mizuki suddenly said to Jurina, who only sighed as she patted the girl on the back.

Airin had just gone off to go and do her impossible mission, but she has yet to understand what the younger girl had meant when she said that the older girl did not like Rena, even though she agreed and said that she got Jurina's point.

Sighing like she has been explaining the same thing over and over again for the tenth time, Jurina then pointed at Airin and replied, "Look at her."

"Does that look like a person who likes someone?"

Mizuki did look at Airin and stared at her for quite some time, before replying to Jurina with a tone that hinted the obvious thing. "Uhh...Yes?"

"No!" Jurina retorted, crossing her arms as she did. "That's a look of someone in LOVE!"

"What's your point? They're the same thing." Mizuki told her, rolling her eyes as she sarted staring back at Airin who remained looking the same as she did several months ago.

Shaking her head profusely, Jurina grabbed Mizuki by the shoulders tightly and began to shake her furiously. "A crush usually lasts for four months!"


"So~" Jurina musically spoke, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "If it lasts more than that, it means that they're in love!"

Mizuki sighed and scratched the back of her head, finally getting what Jurina had meant. "Okay? And your point is?"

"My point is that we should help Airin confess!"

Mizuki gave a laugh, as she patted the girl on the back. "That would be close to improbability."

"We should just help in making Rena fall for Airin," she shrugged, "So that it'll be her who confesses."

"NO!" Jurina cried, forming an 'X'-shape with her arms as she did. "Airin liked her first, so it should be her who confesses!"

"Fine. But that'll take like what... Four to five years?"

"It won't take that long, you know." Jurina told her with a pout. "You are seriously doubting our friend here, Mizuki."

The 'doubting' friend sighed whilst rolling her eyes, before pointing at where Airin was headed. "That girl has been crushing on your sister for like...six months, and today is just the day when she tries to talk to her."

"If it took her that long to try and make a move on her, then what about confessing her love?"

"Well, she's like me!" Jurina retorted, still not willing to give up or even doubt her friend's ability to confess to the one she loves. "So it'll also take her a few more pushes from here and there to get the confidence to confess!"

"Uh huh." Mizuki raised an eyebrow at her, whilst giving a smirk that Jurina wanted to wipe of instantly. "You two are exactly alike."

"Like the way you used to collapse whenever Churi talked to you. Or the way that you would fall down on a smooth surface whenever she looks at you. Yep~ You two are exactly alike." the older girl smirked.

Narrowing her eyes at her older friend, Jurina asked a question that didn't sound like one. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Hmm~?" Mizuki shrugged her shoulders in reply, before letting out a small laugh when Jurina started pouting like a cute little puppy. "Well, why don't we do this?"

"Let's make a bet." the older girl asked before giving a huge smile and a pair of thumbs-up to Airin, who was looking at them with a look that shows how much she wanted to run back to them.

Ignoring the look of help, Jurina did the same action as Mizuki and nodded in agreement. "Sure."

"Okay, then I bet that Airin will confess within a week."

Jurina snapped her head towards Mizuki and hit her on the arm hard, before crying at her. "That's not fair! Didn't you just doubt her ability to confess?"

"It's more interesting that way." The older girl replied, giving a shrug of the shoulders while she rubbed the sore spot.

"Fine." Jurina pouted and crossed her arms, knowing that once Mizuki had made up her mind on a certain thing, it'll take a whole lot of whining and pouting to get her to change it.

"I'll bet that she won't be able to confess then."

Unbeknowst to her, a plan has formed in Mizuki's head.  It was a plan so devious that it made the older girl cackle to herself internally, keeping a straight face on as she stared back at Jurina. Wanting to get the ball rolling, she then spoke.

"I suggest that we give a punishment to the one who loses the bet."

"A punishment, eh?" Jurina hummed, rubbing her hands as she gave the older girl a wicked smile. "Why not? It'll make things entertaining."

Seeing the mischeivous glint in Jurina's eyes made the older girl chuckle to herself, since the girl looked so excited in giving her the punishment, when she had no idea of the punishment that Mizuki has thought of.

"For your punishment, you'll have to go and wear all those loli dresses used in Majisuka for a day!" Jurina laughed evilly, making the older girl narrow her eyes at the said punishment.

"Ah, no!" Jurina suddenly snapped her fingers before pointing her finger at Mizuki, changing the punishment's time. "You have to wear them for a week!"

Looking at her older friend with a smug smile on her face, Jurina began to start counting down before the older girl would go against the punishment and change options with her. After all, it was Kuwabara Mizuki we're talking about here.

The girl who hates any clothing that had frill designs on them.

Unfortunately for her, her plan did not work as the older girl sighed and gave a mere shrug in response, showing that she has agreed with the terms, which pretty much surprised her a lot. To make Jurina's already-wide eyes even wider, Mizuki leaned in to whisper to the younger girls's ear, a wicked laugh escaping from her lips as she did.

"As for you, my dear friend...."


Airin held in her breath as the distance between her and Rena lessened with each small step that she took, never noticing that she has beaten Mizuki's and Jurina's record for holding their breaths. She took a huge gulp, and stopped right by the girl's cubicle.

"Come on, Airin." she mentally told herself, opening and closing her fists every now and then.

Her palms have started sweating off a bucket of water, proving just how much she was anxious in doing this mission of hers. The beating of her heart also seemed to have gone out of its rhythm, but that was ignored as the real concern sat in front of her.

"H-h-hey...Rena-san." she finally spoke up, after a minute or two of staring at the said raven anxiously.

Looking up, Rena hummed in question. "Hmm?"

"W-wo-would..." Airin gulped before continuing, squeaking the next few words. "Would y-you like to g-go do th-the project t-t-t-to-"

"To?" Rena raised a brow at her, leaning her chin on the lower side of her palm as she waited for the girl to continue her speech.

Rubbing her hands against her skirt, Airin began gripping at it as her nervousness slowly started taking over her. She knew that even if she looked back, she'd just see her two good friends giving her the thumbs-up, althought they'd probably be wanting to smack their faces with how 'well' she was doing.

"Umm...Airin?" Rena suddenly spoke up, startling the said girl and making her flinch.

Staring at the younger girl with wide eyes, she squeaked. "H-Hai?"

"Can we do the project at your house?"

"H-h-hai?" Airin blinked her eyes at the raven, wondering if she just heard Rena asking whether they could go to HER house.

Scratching the back of her neck, the younger girl smiled bashfully and looked at Airin with an expression that slightly shows her shyness. "I actually wanted to ask if you wanted to work at my apartment."

"But then, I accidentally misplaced my keys somewhere."

She's so cute!

Trying hard not to jump on the girl and pinch her cheeks for being so adorable, Airin cleared her throat and asked. "Why doesn't Rena-san ask for Jurina's extra key?"

Fidgeting on the chair she was currently sitting on, Rena began to fiddle with her fingers as she explained. "Jurina hasn't been living with me ever since she and Akane got together."

"And I don't want to intrude on the two, when they do...." the raven bit her lower lip as a blush crept onto her face. "stuff every now and then."

"How can she be so cute?!" Airin squealed internally, grabbing onto her skirt even harder as the temptation to hug the embarrassed girl.

However, the moment the younger girl started rubbing her hot cheeks and let out an embarrassed whimper from the thought of her sister and friend's...activities, Airin lost control of herself and grabbed the raven's hands tightly.

"Rena-san can stay at my house as long as she wants!"

"Thank you Jurina and Akane!" Airin thought to herself, immediately letting go of the raven's hands the moment she realized what she was doing.

Not noticing the bright red color the older girl had all over her face, Rena started fiddling with her fingers once more. "B-but I don't want to impose on you."

Shaking her head profusely, Airin grabbed the younger girl's hands once more and stared at her with a serious expression on her face, wanting Rena to know that she would always be welcome to her apartment.

"I like Rena-san a lot, so I would absolutely love it if Rena-san stays with me forever!" she blurted out, forgetting the fact that they were both in an office.

The only thing that made her remember everything, was when the younger girl blinked her eyes several times as she repeated a word that instantly brought Airin back to her senses. "L-like?"

Airin immediately released Rena's hands, and started shaking her head as she tried her best to explain that she had meant it in a way that she only treats the raven as a friend and nothing more. Unfortunately for her, the clear and well-formed sentences she had thought of in her head ended up as a gurgling mess the moment she tried to speak them out.

She looked away from Rena's eyes, too embarrassed to even maintain any eye contact. However, when she thought that she would have been saved from the intent gaze she was receiving, she then noticed how everyone in the room was staring at her.

Most of them had a smile on their faces, making the already-embarrassed girl blush more, even though she had no idea why some of her co-workers were giving her the thumbs-up. What the game programmer was complete unaware of, was the fact that everyone in the entire building knew of the liking she has for the raven.

Because of the creepy stares that everyone was currently giving to her, Airin kept on trying to avoid Rena's gaze. It may sound weird, but she somehow feels more comfortable in focusing her gaze at thirty or more employees, rather than locking eyes with the raven who could simply make her melt in less a second.

"Are you sure, Airin?" Rena asked her, noticing how the girl's eyes would divert from one place to another.

"I'm definitely sure, Rena-san."

The said girl only nodded her head in reply, completely sure about the decision that she had made. After all, it would mean that she get closer to the younger girl. She could also learn more about her, and even find out if she stand a chance.


"Please make yourself at home, Rena-san." The older girl said as she opened the door widely enough for the both of them to enter at the same time.

Rena smiled at her. "Sorry for intruding."

Once she was sure that the younger girl has none of her things left outside, she closed the door gently and started taking off her shoes. The other girl started doing the same and was about to put her own shoes next to the shoe rack, when Airin suddenly took them off her hands before handing a pair of soft and comfy slippers.

"H-here." she said as she placed the raven's shoes next to her own.

Rena smiled at her kind gesture and took the offered slippers, wearing them and chuckling the moment she noticed the designs. The slippers offered to her was a frog in the color of light pink. It's eyes would jiggle whenever she would move, making a small jingling sound.

"What about Airin?" Rena asked, tilting her head to the side as she waited for the older girl to step up onto the wooden floor.

Airin smiled at her and took out her own pair of frog slippers, this time with the mixed colors of blue and green. She slipped her feet into them and blushed, feeling embarrassed about having the raven wear such slippers.

"Ah~ They're so cute!" Rena squealed, shaking her feet in order to hear the jingling sounds.

Grabbing the older girl's hand, she smiled. "Don't we look like a couple?"

Airin's eyes widened and her face instantly turned beet-root red, heating up along with her body as she suddenly felt her insides melting. The girl's statement caused her mind to turn blank, making her mouth let out incoherent words as she tried to deny what Rena had said.

"Just kidding~!" Rena giggled, letting go of Airin's burning hand as she poked her on the forehead gently. "You're so fun to tease, Airin!"

"Mou, Rena-san!" the older girl cried, covering her face with the both of her hands as she felt her face glowing bright red.

Rena only smiled and patted her on the head, before taking hold of her luggage and pulling it towards her even more. Seeing this, Airin took the two suitcases away from her. Before Rena could even make her protest, the older girl pulled the slightly heavy luggage to the apartment's living room.

"I could have done it myself, Airin." Rena pouted at her.

Airin only beamed at her. "Rena-san's my guest, so I should do my best to make her feel at ease."

"At ease, eh~?" the younger girl hummed, before pinning the smaller girl to the couch and leaning her face towards Airin a bit, leaving only a bit of space between them.

"Then..." Airin gulped as she waited for the raven to continue on talking in a seductive...voice?!

"Can you please get me some water?"

Airin stared at Rena dazily, still trying to let her brain process in what the raven had just spoken to her. Her brain was having a hard time, since it had just undergo through a meltdown the moment the younger girl moved her face close to Airin's.

"Wait..." Airin's eyes widened the moment Rena's expression changed. "Don't tell me..."

"Ahahahahaha!" the younger girl laughed, leaning away from the still-shocked Airin with her hands on her tummy. "You should have seen your face, Airin!"


To Be Continued...

A/N: Oh look! I finally managed to post the first part of this RenAirin shot! As usual, it's not a one-shot. *sigh* I really do want to apologize for that. One-shots are just one of my weaknesses.
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A/N: Today's a sad day. A very sad day indeed, because all AKB48 fans have lost an important person. A person who stood strong all these years despite the hurtful sayings and such she received from people, turning those into determination to make everyone happy and proud of her. The word lost that I have written above is actually not the right word to use, since we, the loyal fans of AKB48, will never lose Maeda Atsuko.
She will always be our Acchan, the Ace, a team member of Team A, a friend of our lovely idols, and a wife to Takamina. Though it is saddening to have her graduate from the group that made us love her, we should try our best to continue on supporting her, this time even more. No matter what people say, Acchan will ALWAYS be a member and our beautiful Ace. It is her decision to start on another path, one that she had thought over a lot. So let us help her in achieving whatever dream that she may have, support her and love her despite not being in AKB48 any longer.
Some or most of you might be devastated with the latest shuffle, because so am I. However, let us think positively and continue to love and support our oshimens as well as the members who will continue AKB48. I do apologize for writing those despite everyone knowing that. I just want to write out my feelings since I have been practically going insane after hearing that some will be transferring to another sister group.

And now, to present to you guys a small present... Here's a short and not-so-fluffy trailer of The Day I Confess Part TWO. I wanted to write the whole update today, but after receiving a huge blow from the troll Aki-P, it may be delayed. Sorry for the blabbering. :kneelbow:

Trailer of Part Two

"Airin~" the raven's voice broke through the silence gaining the attention of the said girl, who had managed to keep her gaze away from the owner of the voice for at least one hour.

Though tempted to look in the direction of the raven, Airin kept her eyes focused on the book in front of her, trying hard to ignore the look that she could feel Rena was giving to her, which was getting harder and harder for her.

She had her back facing the younger girl, pretending to read the book about programming, something that she had read for a least a thousand times before. Her face remained its blank look; not letting any other expression to replace it.

"Airin~" the raven repeated once more, tugging on the sleeves of the older girl. "I'm sorry, okay?"
"Please don't ignore me."

Airin clenched the book even harder, trying her best to keep herself from squealing right there and now. Though showing a cold and snobbish expression at the moment, she was jumping and shouting out the word 'cute' inside her mind.

"Airin~" the raven pouted cutely, which was perfectly seen by the older girl, who has been staring at her from the corner of her eyes. "Forgive me~?"

Letting out a defeated sigh, the older girl closed her book. "I wasn't ignoring you."

"I was merely enjoying the book I was reading, Rena." she let out a small chuckle as the younger girl gave a beaming smile at her, before snuggling into her arms.

Airin gave a small sigh to herself as she started thinking about how lucky she was to have had the courage to ask the younger girl whether she wanted to do the project at her place. Smiling to herself, she tightened the hug on Rena and nuzzled her face into the younger girl's locks, letting the scent of cherries and strawberries fill her nose.

"I love you, Airin." Rena suddenly said, looking up at her with those brown orbs that the older girl love so much.

Smiling warmly, Airin stroked her hair and hummed out a response. "I love you too, Rena."

End of Trailer

@Souju: hahaha, Airin must be as smooth as Jurina and Mizuki, but not as pimp as Juri! Thank you for loving it, I'll try to update the rest as fast as I can.

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The Day I Confess Part Two

"Airin~" the raven's voice broke through the silence gaining the attention of the said girl, who had managed to keep her gaze away from the owner of the voice for at least one hour.

Though tempted to look in the direction of the raven, Airin kept her eyes focused on the book in front of her, trying hard to ignore the look that she could feel Rena was giving to her, which was getting harder and harder for her.

She had her back facing the younger girl, pretending to read the book about programming, something that she had read for a least a thousand times before. Her face remained its blank look; not letting any other expression to replace it.

"Airin~" the raven repeated once more, tugging on the sleeves of the older girl. "I'm sorry, okay?"

"Please don't ignore me."

Airin clenched the book even harder, trying her best to keep herself from squealing right there and now. Though showing a cold and snobbish expression at the moment, she was jumping and shouting out the word 'cute' inside her mind.

"Airin~" the raven pouted cutely, which was perfectly seen by the older girl, who has been staring at her from the corner of her eyes. "Forgive me~?"

Letting out a defeated sigh, the older girl closed her book. "I wasn't ignoring you."

"I was merely enjoying the book I was reading, Rena." she let out a small chuckle as the younger girl gave a beaming smile at her, before snuggling into her arms.

Airin gave a small sigh to herself as she started thinking about how lucky she was to have had the courage to ask the younger girl whether she wanted to do the project at her place. Smiling to herself, she tightened the hug on Rena and nuzzled her face into the younger girl's locks, letting the scent of cherries and strawberries fill her nose.

"I love you, Airin." Rena suddenly said, looking up at her with those brown orbs that the older girl love so much.

Smiling warmly, Airin stroked her hair and hummed out a response. "I love you too, Rena."

The younger raven gave a bright smile before going back to snuggling into Airin's warm embrace, making the older girl smile into her hair. The two of them stayed like that until the day ended, with Airin smiling happily as she has finally gotten herself to confess her liking for the younger girl.

If only that will happen.

Everything that seemed to have happened was just an illusion that Airin herself have been dreaming about for the past one hour. Nothing like that had happened, and that made the girl sigh in disappointment the moment she snapped out of her daydreaming.

In her illusion, she was able to call the younger girl without any honorifics; something that she was unable to do so in real life despite knowing the raven for at least six months. She was also able to control herself from making a fool of herself, like squealing about how cute the younger girl was acting.

"Besides, Rena-san can't possibly say that she loves me." she sighed, feeling depressed as she thought about how different her dream was from real life.

And it wasn't her who was ignoring Rena. To say the truth, it was her who was being ignored at the very moment. The younger girl was so busy in typing at the laptop that she had placed on top of Airin's desk; seeming to have no interest in making a conversation at the moment.

Not a word has left her mouth ever since they went up to Airin's bedroom to start on the programming, which started a few hours ago after the teasing she had received from the younger girl. Sighing, she then pouted.

"It's too quiet." Airin thought as she laid herself on her bed, placing the book near to her head as she stared at the raven typing furiously on the laptop.

It was too quiet for her liking, making her feel bored and lazy in continuing the project they were given. Pouting to herself even more, she started wondering where did the teasing and playful Rena went to the moment the two of them went to the room.

She was in such a great mood to tease the older girl, so where has that side of hers gone off to? She was also asking for water a moment before Airin had realized that she was being teased, but the raven's thirst seemed to have been forgotten in an instant.

Airin sighed to herself, leaning to her side and letting her head rest on one of her palms as she started to watch the younger girl hammer her fingers on the poor keyboard, totally immersed in doing her work.

"Why can't I stop using honorifics with her?" she groaned internally, letting her head fall back down to the bed as she clutched her hair in frustration. "Argh! I'm so frustrated!"

She has practically known the younger girl for several months, yet she can't even call her without using any honorifics. She was able to call the other workers using their nicknames or first name, so what in the world happens when she tries to do the same to Rena?

"This just proves how unreal my dream was." she mumbled with her head covered by a pillow she held over her face.

As the older girl continued to groan and moan to herself about how she was incapable of such things, the girl typing on the keyboard without stopping and mercy was completely engrossed in her work to even let the noise bother her.

All the words and groaning that left Airin's mouth would go into one of her ears, before going out to the other. It was something that she was scolded of most of the time during her early childhood, but proves to be of a great help in times like these.

Which was a fortunate thing for Airin.

If Rena were to ever allow the mumbling and grumbling, that managed to escape from Airin's mouth, be processed in her mind, Airin was sure that she would instantly turn into the same color as a dark red tomato.

But then, staying in the room without having any conversation between them was kind of deafening. She groaned, covering her face with a pillow as she attempted to have a nap. However, the pillow was thrown away as soon as it was taken, and Airin sat straight up.

"Rena-san?" she called the raven's name, who only hummed in question and response. "Uhh... Nothing."

She looked away as she bit her lower lip, her confidence in starting a normal conversation slowly started to crumble. The same way it normally would whenever she attempts to speak without making a fool of herself.

"I want to talk with you." Airin thought out the words she planned on speaking, contemplating every now and then whether it would make her sound stupid. "What can I do?"

She sighed mentally, burying her face into her crossed arms. "What's the point?"

"I can't even speak without stuttering." she groaned, before letting out a smile as she cried the moment an idea came into her mind.

Without any hesitation, she spoke. "Would you like to play a game?"

"Uh huh." Rena nodded, not really paying any attention to whatever the older girl was saying at the moment. "Sure."

"Okay!" Airin smiled, clasping her hands together. "Let's play your favourite word game then!"

"You start first." she said happily to the busy girl.

Unknowingly muttering the words she was typing, Rena spoke out some incoherent words. This made the smile on Airin's face to slowly wrinkle as she scrunched her nose, whilst she started thinking about any possible word that means that same thing.

"Uhh..." she let out an awkward laugh as several minutes passed.

Scratching the back of her head, she smiled sheepishly at the girl. "I'm sorry, I'm not very good at this."

"Huh?" Rena turned to her, her attention suddenly caught the moment she heard the older girl speak out an apology out of the blue.

Airin ignored the confused expression written on the raven's face, standing up as she started heading towards the door. She felt extremely embarrassed since she was the one who asked the other girl to start playing a game with her, only to be unable to even continue it the moment it had started.

"Are you hungry?" she asked as she turned around to face the raven, who has finally looked away from the screen ever since she started on her work. "Do you want something to eat?"

"Anything's fine, Airin." The raven replied with a gentle smile, before turning back to the screen once more and letting her attention be taken away by it.

Airin asked. "Are you sure, Rena-san?"

"Since you're offering, can I have a glass of water?" The typing girl asked back.

Airin smiled at her and nodded her head, replying a 'yes' before going out of the bedroom. Walking in the hallways, she started humming to herself, proud of being able to ask and start a conversation without being a stuttering mess.

"Now...." she said to herself as she skipped several steps in order to get into the kitchen quickly. "Time to get Rena-san some water."

"Ah..." her voice trailed off as she opened the fridge after getting a glass. "I forgot that the water jars are with Churi."

"And I still haven't paid the landlord for the rent!" she cried.

She moaned to herself. "Where will I get water for Rena-san?"


"Umm...I..." she started, hiding behind the door as she stared at the figure sitting in front of her. "I...don't have water."

Rena responded with a mere hum, not really letting Airin figure out whether she was irritated or just fine with that fact. "Hmm."

"Please take your eyes off the moniter." The older girl thought to herself, pouting as she continued standing by the door whilst watching the raven type furiously at the keyboard. "Rena-san, just look at me."

"Umm..." Airin started out, getting an idea to come into her mind all of a sudden after a few minutes passed her by. "Do you like Airin?"

"Hmm." Rena responded once more with a simple hum, making Airin smile to herself as she started thanking the heavens for the opportunity to finally confess about her admiration for the younger girl.

"That's good." Airin started out, plopping herself onto the bed before she continued on. "Because I also like Rena-san."

"What did you say?" The raven suddenly turned around, stretching her arms up as weariness started catching up to her all of the sudden.

Airin's face instantly turned red, her eyes widening she started gaping her mouth open and close. "I-I-I..."

"I didn't quite catch what you were saying, Airin." Rena told her with a gentle smile, before moitioning for her to go and repeat what she had spoken a few seconds ago.

With eyes darting left and right, Airin started fidgeting, feeling the burn of Rena's gaze on her. "I-I..."

"I said that I like my Okaasan!" she lied, hiding her face as soon as the words left her mouth, trying to hide whatever expression she had at the moment.

Her ears had turned pink, showing her great embarrassment in almost getting found out about her true feelings. She started thinking to herself about the possible things that Rena would say to her, or probably think; which were pretty much negative.

"I like my Okaasan as well, Airin." Rena smiled, not really getting why the older girl suddenly said that all of a sudden, but deciding to go along with the flow.

Airin sighed, feeling a bit relieved as the younger girl turned back to her work. "Ahh~ My throat is dry and I can't speak!"


"What to do?" she thought as she bit her lower lip. "I was trying to be honest towards you, Rena-san."

"But it's as scary as ever." she groaned, sinking to the ground and letting her arms envelop her legs into a hug. "I want to convey my feelings."

"But it's so hard." she moaned into her arms, allowing them to muffle her groan and words she let out an exasperated sigh a second later.

Looking up, she stared at the younger girl's back, admiring the view and figure from where she sat. "Why is it so hard?"

Standing up, she flopped herself to her bed, covering her face with a pillow before letting out a groan. As usual, the raven was too busy in typing to even let the girl's muffled groans and moaning be processed by her brain.


"So?" two pairs of arms slung themselves around the unsuspecting victim, startling her and making the papers she had in her hands to drop to the ground.

Airin pressed her hand to her chest, trying to calm it somehow with the gesture as she stared at the two smiling figures beside her. "You guys scared me!"

"So?" the two girls ignored her pout and hugged even closer towards them, bringing her to a corner before letting go of her and staring at her with eager expressions on their faces. "What happened on your first night?"

"N-nothing happened!" Airin cried, blushing deep red as she turned her head to the side whilst covering her heating face with her hands. "I didn't even manage to continue a conversation!"

Looking dejected, the two let out a sigh. "Oh, that's just sad."

"You're actually weak, huh?" Jurina said to her as she removed her arm from the older girl's shoulders, clicking her tongue after she had done so.

Mizuki nodded and removed her hold as well, patting the black-haired on the head as she gave a pitiful look at her. "We understand, Airin."

"I just can't believe that she hasn't made her move yet." Mizuki sighed, shrugging her shoulders as she talked to Jurina.

Jurina nodded her head and crossed her arms, clicking her tongue once more. "Airin should just go and confess."

"Pin her up the wall." the youngest of the three said whilst facing the wall.

Slamming her palms on the wall, she began to stare intensely at the wall whilst doing the very same things that she was saying out loud. "Lean in closer to her and blow at her ear."

"Say...'I love you, Rena-chan.' and close your eyes as you lean in closer... and closer... until your faces comes so close to the point that your lips are touching." Jurina breathed out, closing her eyes as she narrated and leaned in closer to the wall.

"Jurina, you hentai!" Someone suddenly cried, startling Airin and Mizuki all of a sudden.

They were leaning closer and closer to Jurina, trying hard to listen to whatever the young girl was saying with an such intensity. The voice had snapped them out of the trance that Jurina had over them, making their heads turn to whoever it was who shouted and threw a water bottle at the back of Jurina's head.

"Churi?" the two girls said in unison, startled to see the young girl's girlfriend looking upset.

Churi ignored them and walked up to where Jurina was standing, before pointing an accusing finger at her. "How dare you fantasize about your older sister like that!"

"Wha-what?" Jurina blinked several times, looking quite surprised that she has been hit and accused of imagining such indecent things with her older sister. "Chu-Churi, I-"

"I don't want to hear your excuses!" Churi snapped at her, before stomping off to the other side of the room.

Shouting at the top of her lungs, she turned around glared at Jurina. "I hate you, Jurina!"

With that, she continued stomping off and left the three startled girls to envelop in the blanket of silence. They remained in that position for a while, until Mizuki finally broke out of their new-found trance.

"O...kay." she trailed off, turning to the two girls with a disbelieving smile. "That was...quite a misunderstanding."

"Did she just hit me with my water bottle?" Jurina asked the two older girls, continuously blinking her eyes to try and check if she wasn't dreaming.

Nodding their heads, the two girls replied. "Yes, she did."

"You know, you should go and assure your girlfriend that you weren't fantasizing about your own sister." Airin told Jurina.

Adding, Mizuki said. "And that Rena's already taken by Airin."

"She's not taken by me!" Airin cried, blushing deep red.

Jurina only laughed and gave a dismissive wave, replying nonchalantly. "Don't worry, I'll assure her that I'm only interested in her."

"How are you going to do that?" Airin asked.

Wiggling her eyebrows, Jurina replied. "I'm going to make it up to her tonight. I'm going to-"

"Okay, eww." Mizuki interrupted her, placing a finger by her lips. "I don't want to know what you're gonna do with Churi."

"Fine." Jurina laughed, sticking out her tongue at the older girl before turning to Airin. "But when are you going to make a move on my sister?"

"And how are you going to do it?" Mizuki asked, crossing her arms.

Jurina nudged the girl and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "Why don't you use the technique I just did before-"

"NO!" Airin cried firmly, holding her arms up in a way that she had made an 'X' with them.

Shaking her head vigorously, she cried once more. "No way!"

"I don't want to pin her up the wall and seem like I'm sex-crazed!"

"Hey!" Jurina cried, pouting as she looked away. "I'm not sex-crazed!"

"Whatever!" Airin said, looking down as she started fiddling with her fingers nervously.

"I-I just want to confess normally."

"Uh... Airin?" Jurina raised a brow at her, grabbing her by the shoulders. "You'll lose to Kashiwagi Yun if you do that!"

"That guy has more charm than you, you know. In fact, he can probably make her fall for him in an instant if he wasn't with Mayuyu and tried to court her, unlike how you're doing." Jurina added, making Mizuki smack her at the back of the head.

"You're not supposed to be discouraging her!" the older girl growled, sending a small glare.

Jurina rubbed the back of her head and pouted. "But I'm only telling the truth!"

"Anyway!" Mizuki snapped her gaze back to Airin, pointing a finger at her and speaking seriously. "You now have Rena living with you under the same roof, so it's time for you to actually make a move on her!"

"Yeah! Just-"

Mizuki slapped Jurina on the back of her head once more, interrupting her before she could utter out any more of her ridiculous ideas, knowing perfectly well what they would be. "Stop it, Jurina!"

"If Airin starts becoming like you, Rena will end up like Churi!" she added.

Jurina pouted and crossed her arms. "I was only trying to help, you know."

"Well, being an animal in heat won't help her."

Jurina smacked Mizuki on the shoulder. "Hey!"

"Look, guys." Airin sighed. "I appreciate all the help you two are giving, but I don't really want to ruin our friendship."

Mizuki and Jurina looked at each other, raising a brow before turning to the third girl as they crossed their arms whilst asking the same question in unison. "So, you're fine with just being friends with her?"


Mizuki sighed, scratching the back of her head. "Well, if that's what you want."

"Just come to us if my sister gets into a relationship." Jurina told her with a warm smile on her face. "We'll be right here for you, along with some tissues."


Airin gave a curt nod at the two and turned around, leaving them to get back to on the work she has with Rena. When she was out of earshot and sight, Jurina crossed her arms and turned to the older girl, a smug smirk on her face.

"Looks like I've won." Jurina told her.

Mizuki turned her head to the younger girl and shook her head, giving a smirk in return. "The game's just beginning, my young friend."

With that, she turned on her heels and left the girl to wonder about what her co-worker would do. She gave a low hum and smiled to herself, shaking her head as she started thinking to herself about how she could easily win this game of theirs without even putting any effort.

"Hentai!" Churi suddenly appeared and threw her shoe box at her unsuspecting girlfriend, catching her off-guard and hitting the back of her head.

Jurina rubbed the sore spot and turned, just to see her girlfriend stomping her way off to the other direction. "Ow."

"What's her problem?" she said, sighing as she watched the girl's figure get further away from her.

"Remember, Jurina." Jurina suddenly heard Mizuki's voice in her mind. "If I win, you'll have to do this."

"Ugh." she groaned.

Clicking her tongue, she sighed and started scratching the back of still-sore head. She bit the soft part of her lip and groaned once more, wondering why her friend had to give her that punishment. She can't do that.

Not when Churi's mad at her.


A/N: Well, that has been the second part of the request. It's a bit short than what I've expected to udpate, but it's been a long time since I've posted the first part. So here's the second. I'll try to finish the rest of the fic on my third update, or maybe just keep on updating quick, short ones to make it up to you. Thank you for taking the time to read this~! (^ . ^)/

P.S: Try to guess what the dare is~ *evil laugh*
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Just finished reading the second part of the day I confess and I loved it!~
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I really enjoy your writing style ~ and cant wait for the next part :D
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@Sara-chan: Ah~ Thank you so much for waiting for this! :hee: And I think that every RenAirin fan wants shy Airin to at least be confident and take the lead. Thank you for commenting!

@Megumi: Hahaha, that was fun to imagine in my head. I hope that you were able to laugh at that. ^^ And you already know about the punishment that Jurina wanted for Mizuki. The only thing that remains unknown is the dare tha Mizuki wanted her to do. *evil laugh*

@TakaNyan: Oh, thank you so much~! :luvluv1: And thank you

Gifts And Wraps

"Remember to go and have the gift wrapped up." the old woman's voice was heard clearly over the phone.

Nodding her head to no one in particular, she uttered a word of understanding and flipped the phone close before putting it back inside the inner pocket of her bag. She started mumbling to herself, asking why does she have to go and have the gift wrapped up.

Maeda Atsuko never really understood the reason why people preferred to have their gifts wrapped up. Wasn't it the same thing as having it covered or placed inside a brown bag or something? What was so special in gift wraps?

Stomping her feet as she walked towards the escalator to get to the floor where the department section was located at, she grumbled. "It's such a hassle."

Well, wasn't it?

After all, you have to go and be sure that the gift wrapper you're choosing, will be a pleasant view to the eyes of the one you're giving it to. To waste your time in choosing such a minor thing... It's kind of tedious, especially for someone as busy as her.

Letting out a sigh, she got off the elavator and went inside of the department store. Her head turned to the left and right as she tried to search for the free gift wrapping section her grandmother told her to go to.

When she was unable to find it, she walked towards one of the counters and asked. The woman at the counter smiled at her and pointed at the direction to her left, before telling her that the said section was located further in the art materials section..

"Thank you." she replied back with a smile, before walking off to the direction given to her.

As she walked nearer and nearer towards the art materials, a blue sign hanging from the ceiling was seen. The words 'Free Gift Wrapping' were written on it, and a white arrow was pointing at the direction to her left.

Following the arrow with her eyes, she let out a sigh as she caught a glimpse of a woman with her head down, busily wrapping a gift. She started walking towards the woman and took out her phone the moment she felt it vibrating inside of her bag.


"Grandma, don't worry." Her grandmother's reminding tone about having the gift wrapped out once more, made her sigh in exasperation. "I'm already at the counter to get it wrapped up."

Not wanting to hear more of her grandmother's nagging tone, Atsuko flipped her phone close and placed it back into her bag, taking out the gift from the plastic bag that she had been holding, before placing it on the surface of the counter.

Watching her from the back of the counter was a shorter woman, who had an amused expression on her face. She had been standing behind the counter for quite some time now, giving her the chance to witness the amusing conversation between Atsuko and her grandmother.

When Atsuko finally looked up from the gift, she was greeted by the shorter woman's warm smile. Their gazes locked with each other, and Atsuko suddenly felt as if she had been enlightened. For a lomg while there, the black-haired found herself mesmerized as she stared back into those brown orbs.

"I'm Takahashi Minami, and I shall be helping you." The woman suddenly spoke, snapping Atsuko out of her trance and making her look away with a tint of pink on her cheeks. "So, which of these gift wraps would you like me to use?"

Atsuko quickly laid her gaze upon the long line of displayed gift wraps, contemplating once in a while when she would come across a well-designed one. Seeing that she was having a hard time in choosing, she began to suggest some designs that were usually chosen.

After quite some time of contemplating, Atsuko finally made her decision and chose a gift wrap that had pink ribbons on a white background as its design. The same gift wrap that Minami had recommended to her.

"Please come again, Atsuko-san." Minami told her as she bid her farewell.

Atsuko gave a smile to her and nodded her head, uttering some words of thanks before disappearing from Minami's line of sight as she went down the escalator. As she waited to reach the first floor, she turned her head back in the same direction as that she had come from.

Placing a hand on her chest, she smiled. "I'll definitely come back."

Though it may sound cliche, Atsuko found herself taking a huge liking towards the older girl. Minami had been as helpful as she could be in offering some suggestions, which pretty much led to some random topics that started their conversations, causing them to sometimes forget what they were supposed to be doing.

In fact, if Atsuko could put it in anyway, she would pretty much say that she felt comfortable at the shorter girl's side. Which actually means a lot, since Maeda Atsuko can only name a few people whom she feels at ease with.

"Takahashi Minami, huh?" she wondered out loud, smiling to herself as she found the girl's name rolling off her tongue quite nicely.

Walking out of the department store, she muttered to herself happily. "Maybe we could be friends."


Several days have passed since that fateful day, and Atsuko couldn't help but feel happy whenever she would accidentally meet up with the girl, like that one certain time when she was supposed to go and accompany her friend Miichan to buy a gift for her cousin.

That day ended up with Miichan leaving for home earlier than expected, and Atsuko spent the entire day with the shorter girl, knowing that she would have to try and make up to her best friend that night.

She may have to try and act Miichan's wife for an entire week due to that, but on the other hand, she was able to learn more of what Minami hated and loved. The two of them became closer day by day, ever since they exchanged numbers with each other, sending more than fifty mails a day to the other.

Atsuko's friends also began to notice some changes in their black-haired, shy friend. The way she would talk to them became more frequent, though it would mostly be about Takahashi Minami and anything related to her.

But then, since the girl had slowly began to open up with her feelings, everyone else felt that maybe it wouldn't hurt to try and at least listen to her drone on about her new great friend. Besides, she would often accompany them whenever they needed something, especially when it was something related to buying a present.

Though acting like they had no clue, everyone perfectly knew that the main reason she would go and help them buy a present, would be to go and meet Minami. This continued for some quite time, until everyone began to notice something change even more in Atsuko.

The same pokerface expression on her face has completely been replaced by a different one. A look that most of them had come to know. A look that they thought they would never see again after witnessing one of Atsuko's dark past. A look of...

Someone in love.

The look of someone in love was completely evident in the girl's facial expressions, as well as her actions that would follow suit. This was proven the moment they witnessed Atsuko receiving a message from a certain Minami, who then began to smile and jump around the room.

Everyone smiled at this, but a cold expression came into each of their faces when a certain Oshima Yuko pondered out to herself. Being one of Atsuko's most trusted friends and the closest to her, Yuko has been worrying for the black-haired.

They knew that Atsuko was completely in love with Minami, and if that wasn't apparently obvious enough with the way her face would brighten up despite going through a bad day, then they would definitely be unfit to be called as Atsuko's best friends.

The only problem was...

Are their feelings mutual?

This thought kept on circling around each of their minds, driving them nearly to the point of insanity as they began to reminisce about the way Minami acted around their best friend. Most of the time, they would remember the way how the short girl would be caring and kind towards their best friend.

They would smile to themselves as they discussed about how cute Minami and Atsuko were whenever the short girl would act almost like the man in the relationship. But those smiles would then be followed by a frown or an exasperated sigh when they would remember about how Minami would turn down one of Atsuko's advances.

Speaking of which, they had never witnessed Minami ever reciprocating their best friend's feelings once.

Not even in a small way.

"Maybe she's just dense?" Haruna told them, when she saw a scowl appear on each of her friends' faces.

Yuko let out an exasperated sigh, leaning her chin atop the brunette's knee. "But she would probably be the most dense person I've ever met, if she's actually unaware of Acchan's feelings."

"No one can be THAT stupid." Mariko said as she narrowed her eyes at the picture on the coffee table in the middle of the Atsuko's room.

The picture was showing Atsuko and Minami linking hands, with Mount Fuji as their background. The two girls looked so happy and contented with the way they were, and everyone smiled when they noticed the huge smile that their friend had on her face.

It took quite some time for them to decide not to interfere in anything, since all were afraid of the bad outcome that they might have to come across. But then, all their worrying seemed to have been all for naught, since Atsuko told them that Minami had confessed to her, that very same day.

A year passed, and soon it was Atusko's and Minami's anniversary. While everyone was sitting around in a circle inside the living room of Atsuko's apartment, the two lovers were caught in one of their hugging sessions.

"We should really go back to the others." Minami smiled at her, tucking in a strand of hair behind the girl's ear.

Atsuko sighed and nuzzled even more into her girlfriend's arms, taking in the sweet scent of Minami's shampoo. "Let's just stay here for a few more minutes."

"That's what you said three minutes ago." Minami chuckled, but decided to go along with her girlfriend's wish.

The two of them stayed in that position, until a familiar voice coming from the living room startled them. "Will you just stop making out in the kitchen and bring us the drinks?"

"We weren't making out!" Minami cried back as she peered out of the door, an evident shade of red could be found on her face.

Atsuko heard Miichan let out an exasperated sigh, before replying back. "Whatever! Just get back here with our drinks!"

Minami sighed at their friend's impatience, only to chuckle as she came to the realization that they have, in fact, been staying inside the kitchen for more than fifteen minutes. Atsuko handed her the different cans of juice, before grabbing several glasses for everyone to use.

"We should have spent the day together alone." Minami told her with an exasperated sigh.

Atsuko let out a small chuckle. "We should have escaped off to some place quiet then."

"You shouldn't have invited them on our anniversary." Minami pouted at her. "We could have spent it tomorrow with them."

Giving a quick on the older girl's lips, Atsuko winked at her. "Don't worry, I'll make it up to you tonight."

"You better." Minami grumbled, before walking out of the kitchen.

Atsuko shook her head, letting out a small chuckle at the way her girlfriend walked out of the room with a sulky look on her face, before following her into the living room, only to be greeted with a pillow suddenly getting thrown at her and the glasses.

Thankfully for her, her instincts helped her dodge it and the tray of glasses that she was holding managed to remain intact to her hands. Giving a questioning look at Yuko, she slowly placed the tray onto the table in the middle of the room.

"What's going on?" she asked, taking a seat next to her girlfriend.

"Nothing." Haruna sighed as she started leaning on the pillow that she had placed on Yuko's face. "Yuko was just being, Yuko."

"Mmmphfff!" Yuko let out a muffled cry, making the brunette lift up her arm as the short girl began to wave her hands around her. "Nyan Nyan!"

Throwing the pillow far away from her face, Yuko cried at her girlfriend. "I almost died!"

"Such a shame she didn't continue." Mariko muttered, making everyone else laugh.

Yuko glared at her and stuck out her tongue. "Meanie!"

"Forget about her!" Miichan said, pushing the older girl to the side as she looked excitedly at Minami. "Just let her open your present!"

"Yeah!" Yuko nodded her head.

Standing up from where she sat, Minami walked to where her bag was and started rummaging through its contents. "Fine."

"What do you think her gift will be, Acchan?" Haruna asked.

Atsuko looked to where Minami was still searching for the gift, before letting a smile come across her facial features as she gave a shrug. "I don't have any clue."

"Do you think that it'll be another ring, like the one from your birthday?" Yuko asked in a whisper, careful not to let the older girl hear.

Atsuko laughed at the memory that played in her mind, and shook her head when she saw Minami take out a rectangular-shaped present. "I don't think that it'll be another ring candy."

"Happy Anniversary, Atsuko." Minami told her, handing her the gift as she sat back down beside her girlfriend.

Taking the gift from her girlfriend's hands, she smiled and gave a quick kiss to the girl's lips. "Thank you, Minami."

"Hurry up and open it!" Yuko and Miichan urged. "We wanna see what it is!"

Doing as what her friends had requested, Atsuko started unwrapping her gift. As she did, she could feel everyone's staring intently at her, making her feel a bit uncomfortable. Wanting to make the silence disappear, she began to tear through the present.

"It's not a certificate, huh?" Mariko muttered, an obvious hint of disappointment could be heard in her voice.

Minami looked at the older girl with a questioning gaze. "A certificate?"

"Just thought that you'd give her a certificate that states about her being the perfect girlfriend or something." Mariko told her, giving a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders.

Haruna nodded her head. "Yeah, I thought so too."

"Hey, what's that supposed to be, Takamidget?" Yuko asked, pointing at the now-unwrapped present that Atsuko have in her hands.

Minami smiled and stood up, taking the gift from he girlfriend's hands. "It's my gift."

"Duh~" Miichan rolled her eyes, crossing her arm. "We can all see that!"

"We're just wondering why in the world is there another gift wrapper inside Acchan's present." Yuko told her, almost in a matter-of-fact tone of voice.

Minami ignored the older girl and looked at her girlfriend with a smile on her face. "Atsuko."

"Ever since I've met you, I began to feel contented. I used to think that I would never be able to get that certain magical love story that I've always been dreaming of ever since I was a child. But thanks to you..."

"...I was able to experience that." she said.

Looking at the gift wrap she had folded carefully, she continued on. "I know that giving you another ring candy would be out of the question, since some certain Oshima Yuko would accidentally think of it as a candy."

"I want you to know just how thankful I am for meeting you. Because of my part-time job, I was able to meet the girl of my dreams. I know that I've disappointed you with this gift, but I want you to know that I treasure this more than ever."

"Happy Anniversary, Atsuko." Minami said, giving back the folded gift wrap to her girlfriend, who only took it into her hands with a blank expression on her face.

Seeing this, Yuko frowned. "What the heck, Bakamina?!"

"Why did you give her a gift wrap as an anniversary gift?" she cried at the younger girl.

Miichan nodded her head and sighed, shaking her head as she clicked he tongue. "I'm completely disappointed in you, Takamina."

"I've got to admit, you suck at giving gifts." Haruna told the shorter girl bluntly.

Miichan sighed. "And here I'd thought that she'd at least propose."

Minami could only lower her head down, feeling completley dejected. She had thought that they'd give her a pat on the back this time, considering how she had given much thought for this anniversary gift.

"I'm sorry, Atsuko." she said.

When she received no answer, she looked up, only to be greeted by a sight of a crying Atsuko. Minami looked at her in surprise, completely taken aback that he girlfriend had several trails of tears on her face.

"A-Atsuko?" she spoke, unsure on how to comfort the crying girl.

All of a sudden, Atsuko lunged at her and hugged her tightly. "Minami!"

"I'm so happy right now!" she cried, making everyone look at her in surprise.


"I can't believe that you still remembered the gift wrap!" Atsuko said, still continuing in letting her tears fall down from her eyes.

Everyone turned to look at each other. "What's going on?"

"Minami..." Atsuko released the older girl from the tight hug, and looked at her with love in her eyes. "You still remembered what wrapper you used when we first met."

"I love you so much, Minami!" she cried, before hugging the girl once more.

Yuko and Miichan could only stare at the two lovers with a look of disbelief on their faces. "EH?!"

"She liked it?!" Yuko cried, turning to her girlfriend. "But it's just a gift wrap!"

Haruna sighed and gave a smack on the shorter girl's head. "She liked it because Takamina remembered how they first met."

"To add to that, she was able to remember what wrapper she used, considering just how many wrappers she had come across ever since then." Mariko told the two still-shocked girls, before adding. "Cheesy and goosebump-raising as it may seem, Acchan loves it."

Haruna frowned at her short girlfriend and gave a hard flick on the forehead. "Why can't you be like Takamina?"

"Ow!" Yuko cried.

Haruna exhaled some air from her nose and looked away, crossing her arms. "Despite being a Suberi and Corny Queen, she's completely better than you!"

"All you think of is having skinship with me!" Haruna cried as she stood up, before making her way next to Miichan and Mariko.

Yuko stood up and went to where her girlfriend sat, tugging on her sleeves as she began to promise about being unable to live a day without her skinship. Haruna only ignored her, making Mariko and Miichan sigh to themselves as they began to listen to Yuko's constant whining.

As this scene was going on, Minami and Atsuko remained the same, ignoring all the noise in the room. They were snuggled to each other, with Atsuko's face buried in her girlfriend's neck. Minami would squeak every now and then whenever the younger girl breathed out into her sensitive neck.

"This is all your fault, Bakamina!" Yuko cried at the girl, only to be ignored.


A/N: Well, that has been the one-shot Wmatsui22. It's my first time in writing any fics that concerned the heavenly couple Atsumina, so I'm really sorry if this isn't to your liking. But I hope that you did. :byebye: :mon bye:
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"This is all your fault, Bakamina!" Yuko cried at the girl, only to be ignored.

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I love this so much my heavenly couple Atsumina is all cute and lovey-dovey and kudo to Takamina for being romantic, is that the right word, well she's just being honest and sincere with her love toward Acchan! For someone that can remember that little thing on their first meeting, it means that that person is really important to them and that she doesn't treat this relationship lightly.
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A/N: Today is probably the first time for me to update for this past few weeks.  :mon exhaust: I should try to write faster  :mon tweaker: Ahh... I miss my summer days. Anyway, I decided to post the update for LAM, since I haven't even gotten to the middle part of Gifts and Wraps OR The Day I Confess. Sorry guys.  :mon cute:

OPERATION: Encounter Phase One (V Part 3)


Her voice trailing off, she started tapping her chin whilst looking at the three people sitting on the couch in front of her, with two of them wearing an expression of guilt on each of their faces.

"...So everything was just a set up?"

Nodding their heads at her meekly, one of the girls instantly set her eyes on the eldest. She looked at her with a certain look on her face that seemed to have been an expression of pleading, making the girl in the middle sigh to herself as she then realized that she was waiting for her to start explaining the reason for their prank.

Which was pretty much harmless...

...Though it did resulted with Sae electrifying one of the three.

Believe it or not, the short-haired has yet to realise that she had a gun with her. Anyway, going back to the three girls sitting across the table from Sae. If you hadn't noticed, Sayaka was the one sitting in the middle of the three with her hand behind her head, scratching it as she stared at the short-haired with an awkward smile on her face.

Beside her sat Ichikawa Miori, the Chief of Advertisment of every company that the black-haired has control of, and the same girl that Sayaka has referred to as Lemon. On the other side was Matsui Sakiko, the secretary and probably a more realiable employee than Sayaka's Chief of Advertisment.

"At least they're not ghosts." Sae thought to herself, dropping a sweat as she watched Miori flip her hair back and forth.

Sayaka cleared her throat and gave a knowing stare at the girl beside her, making her stop and look back at Sae with a more serious expression on her face. "Um... About the prank, Miyazawa-san-"

♫ One! Sarigenai MAIL ♫
♫ Taainai koto wo okuri no ♫

Halting with the start of her explanation, Sayaka quickly took out her phone and placed it near her ear. She raised a brow and sighed as she pulled it away from her ear, letting a blank to appear on her face as she continued listening to whoever it was on the other end of the line.

After a few seconds, the upset voice from the other line became softer and calmer, signalling the black-haired that it was now safe to place the phone near her ear. Pinching the bridge of her nose, Sayaka let out another sigh.

"Yukirin, can you please stop screaming at my ears everytime you call me?"

She added, "You're destroying my sense of hearing, that's why."

(Just so you guys can understand it even more, the conversation went like this...)

Yukirin: But Sayaka, if I'm not able to fix this and give a better report by the next family meeting-

Sayaka: -She'll cut off your funds and take over your company.

Yukirin: Yeah!

Sayaka: And she'll heartlessly throw you out into the streets without any money on you.

Yukirin: Yeah!

Sayaka: *sigh* Then what do you want me to do?

Yukirin: Do you perhaps have anyone in mind? You know, a person who can possibly be my temporary voice actress or actor.

Sayaka: Not really. I'll just call you or go to the company if I have anyone in mind.

Yukirin: Well, find someone quickly! The next meeting is in two days!

(End of Call)

Sayaka sighed and placed the phone back into her pocket. She already had piles of paperworks work on, but the urgent call for help from her cousin needed to be answered and dealt with as soon as possible.

"Prez," Miori spoke, looking at her with her head tilted to the side. "Is Yuki-sama's company still in the drains?"

"Yes, Ichikawa." Sayaka answered.

"I hope she gets back on her feet soon." the younger girl said with a look of pity on her face. "She just might get depromoted from her position if she isn't able to."

"Is it a bad moment to ask them once more for the explanation?" Sae asked her inner self.

Luckily for her, Sayaka decided to forget her cousin's problem for now and focus on whatever she had to do at the moment. Looking back at Sae, she cleared her throat and crossed her arms whilst leaning against the couch.

"The reason is that we actually wanted to see if you were capable of having fun."

"Capable of what?" Sae asked, raising a brow as she scratched the back of her head, thinking that she heard Sayaka wrongly.

Seeing how her boss was having a hard time in answering the question given to her, Miori sighed to herself. Despite having a completely scary aura and serious face, the president always have this side of hers that's unable to explain things like these, which pretty much called for her help since Sayaka's right-hand was still...


Clearing her throat this time, Sayaka's left-hand 'man' began to continue the explanation for their prank. "You see, it's like a tradition."

"A tradition?" Sae asked, repeating the word as she raised her other brow after bringing the other one down.

Miori nodded her head and stood up, making her way towards Sayaka's table before taking out a file that was practically ready to explode from the great amount of piled papers. Handing them to the short-haired, she continued to speak in a manner that seemed very professional.

"Every time a new employee comes to the company, Akimoto-san's grandfather would make sure to set them up in some sort of prank."

"And I assume that they have to be scared or something?" Sae inquired.

Sayaka nodded at her, staring at Miori to give the short-haired another huge file for her to see. "It's a bonus if they get scared."


"Why is that some of these pictures have a huge red cross on them?" Sae asked curiously, flipping the pages back and fro, only to be greeted with several more marked pictures.

Sayaka answered in a nonchalant manner, "Those are the ones who failed the initiation."

"What happened to them?"

"We don't see them anymore." Miori told her with a grave voice, earning a gasp from the short-haired.



"Umm..." Sae nervously closed the file and placed it on the table in front of them, before sitting up properly. "...What about me?"

"D-did I pass the initiation?" she gulped, hoping for the best that she did.

Sayaka stared at her with a blank expression, preventing Sae from figuring out whatever it was she was thinking due to the pokerface that the girl had. Time was passing her by slowly and she couldn't help but feel like she was being suffocated by the heavy atmosphere in the room.

Rubbing her sweaty palms onto the couch, she tried to maintain her breathing and keep her thoughts logical. The mere thought of not even getting the chance to get the job because she failed a simple initiation test kept on going around her mind.

Meetan would skin her alive if she failed a simple test. If she managed to live through that, then she'd probably die from the humiliation and embarrassment that the other girls would give her.

As this was going on, Miori had her eyes set on Sae's face. She had been staring at the short-haired for quite some time now, making Sae feel even more nervous due to the feeling that she had really failed it.

Truth to be told, it wasn't because Sayaka's Chief of Advertisment wanted to scare her off or because she was giving a sign that Sae failed the test. It was just because she had been feeling curious about one thing.

One thing that she couldn't help but be curious about, after seeing it as Sae conversed with her superior.

Sae's ability to raise either one of her brows.

Ichikawa Miori has been staring at her oh-so-intensely, trying hard to figure out some sort of way for her to be able to do the same thing that Sae had done. She would raised her right brow, before bringing it down and raising the other one, only to be disappointed when she would realize how her right always rose instead.

"Uhh..." Sae gulped, trying hard not to look into Miori's intense gaze. "I'm so nervous right now."

"Sayaka's Chief of Advertisment seems to be suspecting me."

"Oh no!" Sae's eyes widened. "What should I do if she starts asking me why I have an electric gun?"

"Did I leave any hints that makes me suspicious?"

"I shouldn't have electrified that still-unconscious girl (Sakiko)!"

Sae's continuous train of worries were all for naught, since the girl staring intensely at her was not even thinking of her suspiciously. In fact, her thoughts were completely far away from what Sae was worrying about.

That's right.

The thought of why Sae has an electric gun with her, didn't even cross her mind.

Not even a suspicious thought crossed her mind.


"How does she do that?"

The Chief of Advertisment talked to herself mentally, still trying to raised her left brow in an attempt to impress the president and the secretary later on.

Seeing that the girl was not going to stop any time soon, Sae's anxiety began to grow. The fortunate thing for her was, the eerie silence they were enveloped in, was finally broken, the moment Sayaka cleared her throat.

"If I tell you that you passed the initiation, will you stay and work for my company?" Sayaka asked her.

Sae looked at Sayaka meekly, scratching the back of her head a few seconds later with her hand. "Uh...Yes?"

"If I don't accept this second job, I'll be sent off back to the camp." Sae thought to herself, shivering as she remembered the hellish training that she and her teammates had to go through, in order to pass and become an assassin and get to where she was right now.

"Are you sure?" Sayaka asked, feeling some hesitancy in the short-haired's tone when she talked.

Sae gave a certain nod of the head this time. "Yeah."

"Well, that's great then!" Sayaka beamed, clasping both of her hands together.

"You can start right now!"

Just then, the lights flickered, making Sayaka look up. "Well...As soon as the building goes back to how it used to look like."

"Ichikawa!" Sayaka snapped her fingers, causing the said girl to snap out of her intense concentration after almost having the car keys thrown right at her face. "Get the car ready."


"Ah, nevermind. I'll do it."

Turning to her unconscious secretary, Sayaka told her. "Just carry Sakiko to the car for me."

Without speaking another word, she motioned for Sae to follow her out of the room, leaving the poor Chief of Advertisment to carry the slightly heavy and unconscious secretary.


"Sayaka-san, where are we going?" a slightly muffled voice coming from Miori was heard.

Not looking away from the view in front of her, Sayaka answered. "To the studio."

"Studio?" Miori looked at her with a confused look on her face. "You mean you've found a solution for your cousin?"

Sayaka gave a curt nod, smiling at her through the rear mirror. She felt really proud of herself for being able to think of such a wonderful plan, thus making her pat her own back in her mind. Looking to her side, she smiled at the one who would save her cousin from their boss.

"Is there something on my face, Sayaka?"

"Nothing." she replied, before turning her gaze back onto the road before her.

"I just want to thank you in advance, since you'll be the one to save Yukirin."

Several minutes later, they finally reached their destination. Before getting out of the car, Sayaka turned to Miori and the sleeping girl.

"Stay here with Sakiko." she said.

Turning to the girl who sat along with her at the front, she spoke. "Come and follow me, Sae."


The sounds of their footsteps echoed throughout the whole hallway, a result caused by the wooden floor and the almost-empty company. Sayaka walked forward with her head staring right in front of her, whilst the girl behind her kept on turning her head from left to right as she tried to take in the different posters of anime characters.

"Can I ask a question, Sayaka?" she inquired, finally decided to speak up after being unable to hide her curiousity any longer.

"Go ahead."

"Umm... What are we doing at a company like this?" she asked. "Aren't we supposed to be at some wine-making factory or something?"

Stopping with a halt, Sayaka turned to face the short-haired with a smile on her face. "Well, I'm giving you your first task as my vice-president."

"But I'm not going to tell you now." she said. "You'll figure it soon enough though."

And with that, she continued walking in front of the short-haired, who soon followed her with a pondering look upon her face. She was really curious to find out what her 'boss' had in mind for her, and started to walk once more.

Fortunately for her, her question was soon to be answered. The older girl stopped right by the elevator and pressed the button of the arrow pointing upwards, making Sae stop and wait along with her by her side.

"Have you figured it out?" Sayaka asked the younger girl, somehow unable to keep herself from blurting out the task.

When Sae shook her head in reply, the older girl smiled and placed  a hand on her shoulder. "Fine, I'll tell you then."

"You're going to be working as a seiyuu(voice actress)."


To Be Continued....

A/N: Just wanted to post this before the end of this week, since I'll be unable to post any. If I continue at this rate, I think that I'll be in a semi-hiatus instead. XDD Well, let's hope that's the case. Things are really getting hectic at my school with all the competitions and studying that I have to keep up with. Anyway, thank you for checking out my blog despite the extremely late updating that I've been doing.
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I just started to read this fic and I'm super indulged in it already...
So many different pairs!!!!!
I think the story has a good plot line so far :)
Can't wait for the next update :)
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@kahem: Isn't she? :hiakhiakhiak: I just love making her act that way, especially when she was kicked by Sae in the earlier chapter! I could even imagine the scene right before my eyes! :hiakhiakhiak:

@KojiYuu44: YAY~!  :onioncheer: A new reader! Thank you so much! I'm glad that you found it interesting. :hee:

The Day I Confess

Part Three

Days have passed, and only three days remain until Airin confess her feelings. Mizuki kept growing more and more impatient as the days gone by, considering how much trouble she had to go through and only to end up watching Airin foil her plans accidentally or something.

Her anxiety grew as she stared at how Airin acted around Rena, to the point that she had teeth marks on her arms for two days after seeing the older girl fail in the simplest of ways. And simplest of ways included the way she would walk towards the raven-haired.

"So frustrating!"

"At this rate, you'll definitely lose." Nakanishi Yuka told her whilst munching on a melon pan.

Mizuki looked up from the table with narrowed eyes sending daggers at the short-haired and started grumbling. "You should be helping me, you know."

Nakanishi merely shrugged her shoulders in response, seeming unfazed by the narrowing of eyes that she was receiving from the black-haired. She continued to eat on the remaining melon pan in her hand until Airin came into the scene and took her attention.

"Mizuki," she started, sipping her hot drink as she watched Airin fail once more in trying to ask Rena out for break time. "Why did you even make that bet with Jurina?"

The black-haired only sighed, lightly smacking and laying her forehead on the surface of her table, resulting in her written papers of reports to get crumpled. She let out another sigh, before answering the girl's question with a muffled voice.

"Jurina's not doing anything."


"I'm giving her a push." Mizuki stated in a matter-of-fact voice, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

That caused the short-haired to sigh as she shook her head, before staring down at the troubled girl as she stood up. Giving a light smack on the back of Mizuki's head, she started muttering to herself about how she just had to be involved in such a silly bet.

"Well, give me a reason why I should help you." she said, sighing as she sat back down.

"Well, I really need Jurina to lose." Mizuki tapped on her chin for a few seconds, pondering to herself for another reason before looking at the short-haired with a cheeky smile. "And you would rather die than to be seen in a loli dress."

"I could have just helped you by giving some suggestions." Nakanishi muttered under her breath. "Now if you lose, I have to wear those loli dresses for a week."

"A day, actually." Mizuki corrected, making the girl sitting before her, give a sigh of relief as she continued. "Jurina's feeling confident that she would win, so she decided to turn it back to a day."

"Somehow doesn't make any sense, but doesn't matter." the short-haired smiled to herself. "At least the punishment has been lessened."

Sighing probably for the nth time that day, Nakanishi started to have a certain feeling called Regret. She should have still kept away from Jurina and Mizuki two days ago, but due to the unneccessary timing of her curiousity, she ended up ignoring the ringing of the bells inside her head.

Which resulted in her getting into this situation.

Why didn't she stay away from those two? In fact, why did she decide to go near them despite noticing the atmosphere that the two were enveloped in? If only she had known that she would end up getting involved in such a bet, she would probably have stayed at home that day instead,

"You do know that you're fighting a losing battle?" she asked the long-haired, crossing her arms across her chest as she let out another sigh.

Mizuki nodded, making the short-haired drop her head in exasperation. Her head snapped back up when she suddenly hears a familiar strawberry voice echoing throughout the hallways. Nakanishi's eyes widened in realization, and she instantly turned her head to the direction where the voice of a certain Hiramatsu  Kanako came walking in.

"Kana!" Nakanishi cried, springing as fast as she could to the girl.

Giving a hum in question, Kanakana could only let out a surprised squeak as soon as she was suddenly reeled away to a corner. Mizuki started another sighing session after watching the two girls with a questioning gaze, thinking that the short-haired would only start her rant about being involved in the bet.


"That's why, I really need your help!" Nakanishi cried, clapping her hands together as she bowed at the younger girl.

The strawberry voiced girl merely bit the insides of her cheek, tapping a finger on her chin as she began to hum out a familiar song that she had come to learn that day. Placing both of her hands on each side of the older girl, she then gave a beaming smile.

"You'll do anything?" she asked in her sweetest voice, trying to look as innocent as ever despite the cunning and willy plan that she had in her mind.

Desperate not to lose the bet and wear loli dresses, the short-haired ignored the ringing of the bells once again and grabbed the younger girl's hands, completely unaware to Kanakana's 'innocent' smile and...

...Devilish plans.

"I'll do anything!" she cried, nodding her head frantically as if her life was on the line. "So, please help me!"

Kanakana gave a thumbs-up and gave her a pat on the shoulder, "Okay~"

She then walked off, leaving the older girl to wonder about what she has under her sleeves to help her and Mizuki win the bet, only to have realization hit her. Eyes widening, she then found herself worrying about a new profound horror.

"I hope that girl doesn't make me do anything crazy." she  muttered to herself, shivering as she remembered the last time she had to ask for a favour.

Let's just say that it wasn't a really nice experience for the older girl.


Night came and everyone got ready to go back to their warm and comfy abodes, all except for one. Sitting by the cafe located inside the office, Kanakana sipped her hot chocolate and hummed, showing how she found the drink delicious.

Sitting across the table in front of her was none other than Nakanishi, who held a soda can in hand. She would turn her head from side to side every now and then, anxious and worried whether their plan would go off quite well.

Just then, a familiar voice that the two could depict as coming from a certain raven named, Matsui Rena, was heard, making the girl to stop breathing. "Well, Akimoto-san said we need to change a few more in the model, maybe tweak it here and there."

"I'm fine with whatever you think, Rena-san." Airin said.

The two girls looked at each other and made a face, shivering on their seats as they felt their hair rising from the overly-sweet voice that Airin spoke in. The same type of voice of a girl that was completely head over heels in love.

"Airin makes me want to punch something." Nakanishi muttered to the girl sitting across her, clenching her hands tightly.

Kanakana merely laughed and gave a pat on the clenched fist. "She actually makes me cringe."

"Same here." Nakanishi sighed. "We should really make her confess."

"Just go along with the flow, alright?" the younger girl whispered, reminding the short-haired of what they were supposed to do.

Letting out a sigh, Nakanishi nodded a second later and leaned against her seat, trying to look like nothing was amiss. She began to sip her drink, though the way her eyes kept on diverting from place to place was kind of giving it away.

The younger girl could only let out a small chuckle as she watched Nakanishi act like an amateur when it comes to this kind of things. Knowing that, Kanakana couldn't help but worry. Despite the anxiety she was starting to feel, she smiled assuringly at the older girl and placed a hand on hers, hoping that it would somehow loosen her up.

She let out a relieved sigh to herself when Nakanishi smiled back at her, and gave a curt nod in return. Leaning against her seat, she then began to count down the time it would take for Rena and Airin to come by their table.

Fortunately for her, it didn't take that long to pretend that she was actually drinking the empty cup's contents. The two girls managed to reach a meter away from their table within ten seconds, signalling Kanakana to place down the cup she was 'drinking' from.

Turning her head to the direction of the two, she gave a friendly wave to the two girls with a huge smile on her face, receiving a wave in return. Just as they had expected, Rena and Airin made their way to where she and Nakanishi sat.

"You guys aren't going home yet?" Airin asked the two.

Nakanishi awkwardly nodded her head. "Y-yeah."

"Are you feeling alright?" Rena inquired, looking concerned at the girl who was starting to fumble with her fingers.

Nakanishi only nodded, not wanting to ruin their plan because of the way she might stutter if she were to ever open her mouth. Kanakana, sensing how the older girl was trying to look how she normally was, cleared her throat to try and divert the attention to her.

"Airin, can I talk to you?" she asked. "It's something quite important."

"Important?" the older girl asked, turning to Rena who only gave a smile in return.

Kanakana nodded her head and kicked the girl sitting across her twice, motioning for her to stand up and go on with their plans. When Nakanishi did, the strawberry-voiced flashed a beaming smile to Rena and grabbed Airin's wrist.

"This might take a while, Rena-chan." she said, hoping that the older girl would take the hint.

Giving a pat on Airin's shoulder, Rena smiled. "I'll be going ahead, Airin."

"Eh?" Airin eyes diverted from Rena to Kanakana, as if wanting to ask the younger girl to let whatever discussion they were going to talk about, be postponed for the next day. "But it's so late right now."

"What if something bad happens to you, Rena-san?" she started, turning to the strawberry-voiced and staring at her with pleading eyes.

Unfortunately for her, the younger girl wasn't willing to let her go. She only tightened the hold she had on the black-haired even more, and gave a discreet nod to Nakanishi. Everthing at the moment was going exactly as they had planned, and now it was up to Nakanishi to finish Phase One.

"I can send Rena-chan home." Nakanishi offered as she took out her car keys, showing them that charming smile that can make any girl in the building to fall on their knees. "After all, I do have a car."

"Well, that's solved then!" Kanakana beamed at them, clasping her hands together before turning her gaze back to Airin, who now had nothing to worry about since one of her good friends would be sending the girl she loves back home.

Airin gave a small smile and a wave to raven, slightly disappointed that she wouldn't be able to go home with her. "I'll see you at home then, Rena-san."

"Let her go as soon as you finish talking, okay?" the raven said to Kanakana. "It's getting quite late."

Bidding them farewell, Nakanishi and Rena began to walk out of the building and headed for the car park, leaving Airin along with the younger girl. Kanakana motioned for the black-haired to sit down, and started taking out several papers as well as a few pens.

"Did you even pay any attention in the meeting?"Airin asked, sighing as the younger girl started bombarding her with questions.

An Hour Later

"Thank you so much, Airin!" Kanakana beamed as she began placing every note she has taken out, back into her bag.

The said girl gave a smile as she stood up whilst waiting for the younger girl to finish putting her things back into the small folder, that somehow seemed a bit too small for the amount of papers. Once she was finished, the two of them walked out of the building.

Walking to where Airin's car was parked, they got in right before the drops of rain could touch them. The older girl started the engine and began to drive, soon reaching the city within a minute or two with careful and focused driving.

As Airin drove by a corner, Kanakana sent a message to Nakanishi and waited for a reply, asking if she was able to do her part of the mission. Not wanting to let any suspicion arose due to her sudden silence, Kankana turned to the older girl and asked a question.

“What do you think of Nakanishi, Airin?"

Glancing at her whilst making sure that they don't get into a car crash, Airin raised a brow. "What do you mean?"

"I meant, what do you think of her..." the younger girl's voice trailed off, making Airin raise her other brow in question.

When Kanakana didn't continue on, the older girl continued to stare at her. "Her...?"

"As a girlfriend."


Repeating the question, Kanakana sighed. "What do you think of Nakanishi as a girlfriend?"

"A girlfriend?" Airin hummed, tapping her fingers on the wheel as she started thinking. "Hmm..."

As she continued pondering off to herself, the questioner on the other hand was paying her little attention. She was slightly concentrating on the device that she had in her hand, worried and wondering about what was currently happening since she has yet to receive any reply in return.

"What is she doing?" the younger girl thought to herself as she bit the inner side of her cheek. "Why isn't she replying back?"

She sighed and placed her phone back to the pocket of her bag, before turning her attention to the girl driving beside her. It was quite fortunate for her that she was able to re-compose her expression right before the older girl turned to her, finally figuring out what her answer would be.

"It seems that she might be the 'pants' in the relationship." she started.

"I mean, she prefers to be dominant and such." Airin furrowed her eyebrows together as she let out a hum. "Okay...I'm not really sure, but the way she normally acts make her seem like she'd be the 'man', so I guess that she can be? She also seems to be a sadist."

Kanakana smirked and muttered to herself. "More like a masochist."

"Huh?" Airin raised a brow and glanced at her after turning the car by a corner. "Did you say something?"

Flashing an innocent smile, the younger girl shook her head. "Nothing."

"Anyway, what's with the sudden question?"Airin asked.

The strawberry-voiced only smiled at her and shook her head. "Just curious."

"Curious?" Airin repeated, keeping her eyes straight on the road as she slowly drove the car to the front of the younger girl's apartment. "Wait, don't tell me...."

Stopping the car almost in a halt, she then stared at Kanakana with a completely surprised expression written all over her face. "You like Nakanishi?!"


"YOU LIKE NAKANISHI?!" Airin repeated once more, this time in a loud voice.

For a few mere seconds, the strawberry-voiced stared at her with a blank expression. However, being unable to keep in the laughter that she was trying to keep in, she ended up bursting into a fit of laughter.

"What made you think of that?" she asked whilst wiping a drop of tear from her eye.

"W-well... you actually asked me such a question." Airin said as she looked away, embarrassed. "S-so, I..."

The younger girl only continued to chuckle to herself, halting a second later when her phone started vibrating from the inside of her bag. Taking the phone out of her bag, she pressed a button on the keypad and stared at it.

“Is there something wrong?” Airin asked the younger girl, whose face seemed to have started frowning as time passes them by.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Kanakana stared at her. “It seems that I don’t have any place to stay for the night.”


Kanakana pouted as she placed the phone back into her bag. “Mizuki hasn’t given me the keys for the apartment, and now she's telling me that she’s currently in Tokyo with Kuumin and Non.”

"Well, that's a far place from here." she said, looking at the younger girl with a concerned look on her face.

Humming out loud in a thought, she then gave a small smile to Kanakana. "Why don't you go and stay at my place until Mizuki returns?"

"Really?" Kanakana asked, almost with tears of happiness in her eyes. "You would really let me stay with you?"

Airin nodded her head in reply and gave a pat on the younger girl's head, unable to notice the smirk that has appeared on the girl's face a second later. She was completely unaware of the fact that it was just a lie to get the plan going on perfectly, taking the bait that Kanakana has given to her.

“Thank you so much, Airin!” the younger girl beamed at her, before enveloping her into a tight hug.

The older girl only continued to smile and started the engine, eager to return back to where the apple of her eye was currently staying. Unbeknownst to her, a scene in the house was waiting for the two of them to arrive.


“Sorry for the intrusion.” Kanakana uttered loudly as she walked into the apartment.

Taking off her pair of shoes, she then placed them next to Airin’s own pair and entered the living room. She followed the older girl, who led the way to the guest room with almost a perverted grin on her face as the mere thought of being able to stay in the same room as a certain raven-haired, came to mind.

“I hope that you won’t feel uncomfortable.” Airin said to the younger girl beside her as she opened the door of the guest room. "Just think of this room as your own."

The strawberry-voiced nodded her head in reply before throwing her handbag onto the bed and plopping herself right beside it, earning a smile to appear on the older girl's facial features. Just then, she remembered what she was excited to go home for and walked out of the guest room.

Kanakana quickly sat up and followed her like a duckling to its mother goose, all eager to see the surprise that she and Nakanishi had prepared for her. The girl in front of her only walked to the room where a certain raven was probably sleeping in, missing to see the smirk that the strawberry-voiced had.

“Do you want something?” Airin asked as she stopped by the door, the moment she noticed how the younger girl seemed to have been following her.

Kanakana gave a smile to her. “I just want to see what your room looks like.”

Airin gave a shrug and turned the knob of the door, entering through it and walking further inside after the younger girl behind her came in. The room was extremely dark due to the opaque curtains, making Airin switch on the lights and quickly dimming it.

That proved to be a mistake though because the moment that the girl switched it on, she was greeted by a sight of Rena and Nakanishi lying on the same bed. They were facing each other, with arms hugging the other girl closer to them.

"Airin?" Kanakana spoke the girl's name, noticing that she seemed to be frozen right on the spot.

When the older girl didn't utter a word, the strawberry-voiced walked up to her side and gently nudged her. That caused Airin to snap out of her trance, and turn to the girl beside her. When she did, Kanakana noted the forming of a look of pained expression written on her face.

"Hey," she placed a hand on the girl's shoulder, who has turned her body around to face her in order to prevent herself from seeing the scene on the bed once more. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." Airin apathetically smiled, before walking out of the room.

Kanakana took a glance at the two sleeping girls and sighed as she walked out of the room with her arms crossed. "Sorry, Airin."

"But this is for your own good."

To Be Continued on Part IV...

A/N: Finally posted this update,. Unfortunately, this isn't the last part. I guess that I'll have to end the fic in the next part then, eh? I just wanted to post this one since I haven't updated for a long time for this supposed-to-be-one-shot.
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Nishishi and kanaka are mean! XD! so funny

Airin fight for your girl!  :cry: don't be a chicken
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Looking forward to your next update.... :cow: :cow: :cow:
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so many updates!!! loving loving loving it all!!
haha lol at how sae is gonna go be a seiyuu though!! gonna be interesting :P

but omg airin mustve felt her heart break a little when she saw that scene on the bed!
i already feel sorry for her :( but as kanakana said...its for her own good *nod nod*

karo-chan karo-chan~~~
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@cisda83: Thank you~! :hee:

@Pandah: Pan-chan! It's been so long since we've talked! I missed CHU! And you do know that Airin always need to be pushed in order to take action when it comes to Rena-san, right? *sigh* This girl, seriously....

A/N: Okay... since the asking for couples in FB didn't quite help me, I've decided to put up a poll to decide on the upcoming several shots I plan on writing, despite the other fics. XDD

Title: BOYFRIEND FOR RENT Prologue (12/09)
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Her academics have improved tremendously and she's one of the elected student council members. Not only that, she has finally decided to join the club that will help her in making school less dull and fun, as well as an admirer that seems to have been eyeing her for some time. So, choosing to join the Wind Instruments club, better known as the Rappapa, seems to be the greatest decision she has ever made. Well.... until she realizes that there are a few problems that went along with it.

One of them?

A Stalker

How to dispose of one? She has no idea.

Why? Well, that's because she has tried several attempts to do so. After running away from him, speaking to him coldly, or even having her best friend blackmail him... he refuses to go away. He's like a pest that keeps on coming back to life after having her step on him several times. Nothing seems to work, and that's practically driving her off the edge. The only solution that she and her friends could think of is to have someone PRETEND to be her boyfriend.

There's only one problem though...

Who will it be?


Well, that doesn't seem so bad.

Only there's a teeny, tiny problem that she has to worry about...

It's her crush.

Will Kashiwagi Yuki be able to get rid of her insistent stalker? Should she take this oportunity given to her by her friends- WHO NEVER TOLD HER THAT IT WAS HIM THEY TALKED TO- to get closer to her crush? Should she let one week finish without doing anything because she doesn't want to get rejected? Or should she just keep on extending the days of her...


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Very unique plot here xD Thumbs up, you guys!

I had to read this twice because I didn't really get what the stalker and the boyfriend had to do with each other xD

Though, I wonder what pairing... Let me guess, SaeYuki? Since I see that Yuki made an appearance and I'm not sure about 'MaYukiSae' whether it's Mayu and Yuki or Sae and Yuki :3

But, believe me, I'm praying that it will be MaYuki on Sae. We're short on them these days... Okay, maybe SaeYuki needs to be revived much more since MaYuki is such a popular ship and maybe, Ren is an extra. No offense, please don't kill me ;u;

I will still read this even if it's SaeYuki, though. I like the plot! Update soon, Karomuwi-san! Ganbatte!
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AT LAST! A Prologue!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs

But who's who?! I know that it is MaYukiRen but I really want to know who is the stalker and who is Yuki's crush???  :? :?

Looking forward for an EXCITING Chapter 1  :inlove:
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Oh~ please let Ren be the crush!! I want Mayu to be the stalker since he(she) is a possessive person!! haha!!

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Please update!  :bow: :bow:
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Oh~ please let Ren be the crush!! I want Mayu to be the stalker since he(she) is a possessive person!! haha!!

I second that Mayu SHOULD be the stalker xD Buuuuttt since I know that the boyfriend is going to win, I want Mayu as boyfriend!!

I am a loyal MaYuki shipper who doesn't need any YukiRen/SaeYuki *^*\ Ok maybe I read YukiRen all the time lol.
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i want mayu as the boyfriend because she looks so cute and hot dressing up as an ikemen!  Can the "boyfriend" be a ger who loves to cross-dress? :inlove: I simply adore a danso mayuyu! :heart:
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Eh... someone stalking Yukirin... so she need fake bf to get rid of the stalker....

Well hope that's going to work because sometime opposite thing happens if the stalker is very obsessive.

Great fic there... can't wait for the next one.

And thank you for the update...

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@ChuuuPuffss: Thank you :hee: Well, maybe you'll get it as you continue to read on, yes? Basically, I just wanted to try this story out, because I'm basing it on a true-to-life story experience. As for the pairing... I'm still quite unsure on who Yuki will end up getting together with. I'm just going to try and go along with the flow. And no worries, I won't kill you. (hopefully no one would? :hiakhiakhiak: ) And who knows?  :bigdeal: Even I'm still unsure if the fake boyfriend is going to win.  :glasses:

@smarty0821: Maybe you could take a guess on who the stalker is? I bet that you'll have some guesses and maybe a hint after reading this chapter.  :bingo:

@sakura-drop: Sakura-chama...  :fainted: The readers who wanted Mayu to be Yuki's crush won in the end.  :badluck: Maybe you can write a fic of those two instead?

@DC2805: I'm not sure? ahahaha ^^lll I'm not good at making characters cross-dress in a fic. Maybe when I'm able to write it well, I'll write a fic especially for you? :hee:

@cisda83: Thank you.  :nya: And it seems like you managed to understand the whole plot. :hiakhiakhiak: I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it up to your expectations now.  :sweat: But I'll definitely try my best! Please look forward to it... maybe?

Part One

“How did things ended up this way?” Kashiwagi Yuki muttered to herself, pinching the bridge of her nose as she let out a weary sigh with her eyes closed.


“You have got to be kidding!” her friends cried in disbelief, eyes widening so much that she thought they would explode if they were to open it up even more.

As she let out a nod and sigh in reply, everyone stared at the Student Body Treasurer with mouth gaping wide open before replacing it with expressions of pity soon enough. Sighing to themselves, some shook their heads whilst others kept their mouths shut in order to prevent themselves from saying ‘I told you so!’ to the raven-haired.

Silence quickly enveloped the Council room, making the cause of it to let out a sigh as she massaged the temples of her forehead, shaking it afterwards as she answered their rhetorical question. “I wish that I was, but I’m not.”

Hearing that, everyone turned and looked at one another, throwing questions here and there. They wanted to help the poor girl with her situation, especially now that she was one of their fellow Student Body Council members.

When they ended up with nothing, they gave their attention back to the Yuki, who has started slamming her face onto the surface of the table, making them all look at her in worry. They have known her for being one of the most-liked girls in their school, but they never thought that getting her involved with the council would cause such a situation to arise.

“So?” One of them suddenly spoke, wanting to break the silence that has formed.

Looking up at them with a dazed expression on her face, Yuki asked.  “So… What?”

“What do you plan on doing?” the Representative of the Student Council — the same girl who had asked the previous question— looked at her with a curious expression.

Yuki shrugged her shoulders. “I have no idea, Nyan Nyan.”

Kojima Haruna, also known as Nyan Nyan to her friends, raised a brow at her in response before crossing her arms over her chest. Wondering if the others can figure out a solution for Yuki, she turned to the other members of the Council.

“You know…” Their President suddenly spoke up, catching each and every one’s attention.

Everyone turned their heads to the direction of the voice and found the black-haired standing by the windows and staring at them with her fingers caressing her chin as if she had a beard.  With a serious expression on her face, she suggested an answer in a manner that seemed like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Why not ask someone to get rid of him?”

The raven-haired asked, “Like who?”

“A boyfriend.” Their president replied, in a matter-of-fact tone.

Yuki sighed. “I don’t have a boyfriend, Sayaka.”

“Then have one pretend for you.” the Secretary this time suggested.

Replying with an exasperated sigh, Yuki looked at them blankly. “And where would I get someone to do that, Takamina?”

“It’s not like I can just ask somebody to go and pretend to be my boyfriend.” She added, letting her head droop down to the surface of the table as she suddenly found herself hopeless afterwards.

“You can ask for help from our classmates.” Their Vice-president told her, adding a slight gesture of a shrug. “I’m sure that you can get help from them.”

“But that’ll be a problem, Mari-chan.” Haruna pointed out. “The boys in our class do not fit along with her.”

Yuki sighed to herself for probably the nth time that day. What should she do in order to get back the life she had when she has no stalker to complicate everything? She has practically done everything in her power to try and stop him, but he refuses to go away.

“Don’t worry, Yukirin.” Her assistant assured her, patting her back as she gave a smile. “I’m sure that we can find someone.”

Looking up, she scoffed. “Like who, Miichan?”

She was getting annoyed with everything. After all, who wouldn’t? School would end soon, and she will have to start the Cat & Mouse game with her stalker once more the moment she walks out of the Council room.

To make matters worse, she has no idea whatsoever on how to stop him. Not even telling the rest of the Student Council members seem to help with her situation, something she had thought would be the best solution to get rid of her stalker.

“I don’t know.” Miichan admitted, giving a shrug of the shoulders before continuing on with her patting. “Maybe… Sae?”

“Sae?” Yuki repeated, a hint of disbelief could be heard in her tone.

Miichan nodded. “Yeah.”

“No way.” She sighed, shaking her head before leaning against her seat and crossing her arms across her chest. “I don’t want to have him as my boyfriend.”

“He’s too much of a playboy, and he doesn’t really fit the requirements I want.”

Agreeing with her, Mario nodded. “We need to get Yukirin a guy that has all of her requirements, so that her stalker will believe that he really IS her boyfriend.”

 “Mario’s right.” Their President said, humming out a tune as she started thinking to herself. “Then I suggest that we only need to have Sae act out your requirements-“

“-NO.” Yukirin interrupted instantly.

Giving several quick shakes of the head, she pouted at them. “I don’t want Sae.”

“I’d rather have Watanabe-san as my boyfriend if that’s the case.”


Everyone stopped doing what they were currently doing the moment Yukirin mentioned her crush’s name accidentally. Unaware that she has accidentally blurted out Watanabe Yuuma’s name, the raven-haired started looking at everyone in confusion.

“Why are you all staring at me like that?” she asked with her eyes darting from left to right as she felt the sudden need to run away or hide in a hole to get away from everybody.

Receiving an unanimous response of ‘nothing’ from everyone, she remained clueless to the warning signs that Miichan has been giving to everyone, asking for all of them to keep quiet and not to mention the same thing they all had in their minds at the moment.

Just then, she managed to get a glimpse of Miichan waving her hands frantically above her head. Fortunately for everyone else, Yukirin didn’t quite understand what the gesture was for and mistook it for the younger girl swatting some mosquito.


“Those guys…” she muttered with narrowed eyes, finally managing to understand what her fellow Council members had in mind during that time. “I understand that they want to help…”

With a nerve popping in her head, she clenched her hands tightly into balls and cried out mentally. “…But why him?!”

With head drooping low, she let out a sigh and closed her eyes. She tried to breathe deeply, hoping that by doing so would somehow ease herself. She has been walking around the school campus for at least an hour, trying to calm herself down, as well as get away from everything else.

An Hour Ago

A day have passed since Yuki told the whole Council about her problem. She was just walking on the way to school when she caught sight of a familiar face. The same facial features that would make her heart flutter and skip a beat without any much needed effort.

“Yuuma-kun.” She muttered, letting a hand to go over her heart.

She has stopped walking and was now standing in the middle of the campus, staring straight at the only person who she has been admiring for quite some time. Staring at a guy underneath the Cherry Blossom tree, she watched him as he turned a page on his notebook to write something down.

Her eyes followed the movement of his hand, before unconsciously trailing off to the strand of hair that was loosely dangling in front of his eyes. As soon as she caught a glimpse of his eyes, she instantly felt herself being pulled in.

The campus that was once filled with students of every year level was now practically empty, with the exemption of the raven-haired and Watanabe Yuuma. Unaware of that, Yuki continued on watching him, enjoying how he would push his glasses up every now and then whenever it moves down on the bridge of his nose.

She also enjoyed how Yuuma would go and tilt his head whilst furrowing his face at his notebook, enough to make her do the same in order to see his face fully. All she had in mind was seeing Yuuma’s face, and not even the bell ringing snapped her out of her desire to do so.

The only thing that brought her back to her senses though was the same person who caused her to lose them. As soon as the bell rang, Yuuma lifted his head up from his notebook and looked around him, stopping the moment he caught sight of her.

Yuki blankly stared at him, still not realizing that the pair of eyes that she has been trying hard to see, was now looking right back at her. It took her at least several seconds to realize what was happening and completely snap out of the dream-like trance.

Eyes widening, she quickly turned on her heels and started walking towards her school building. She has instantly forgotten the desire to watch Yuuma that has been replaced by the embarrassment of getting caught staring at him.

“Now he probably thinks that I’m some weird girl!” she cried to herself in a low volume.

It must have been due to the embarrassment that she has received that she was able to reach her classroom’s level instantly, finding herself standing by the door with a flushed face. Opening the door, she bowed and apologized for being late.

She received a sigh from her teacher and was allowed to go to her seat, somehow saved from the teacher’s lecture on her being tardy. Dropping her bag to the side, she then took out the needed materials for the current lesson and sighed, before finding herself looking at the windows of the hallway.

That seemed to have been a bad idea because the moment that she did, she found herself staring right at a familiar pair of glassy eyes that she has seen earlier that morning. Due to the shock that she has received, she accidentally dropped the materials she had in her hand.

“S-sorry.” She stuttered out, face reddening as she started picking up the fallen objects.

The teacher decided to turn back to the board, continuing on from where he left off after thinking that it would just be a waste of time if he scolds one of his star students. As he continued on with the lesson, he was completely unaware of the fact that Yuki looks like she was about to faint.

The embarrassment that she has received from being caught staring at Yuuma earlier on, as well as being seen as a clumsy person, caused her face to redden to the point that she looked like a ripe apple. Why did Yuuma have to stop by their class and lock eyes with her?

Wait… Stop by their class?

“Yuuma-kun’s classroom is at the end of the hallway, there’s no reason for him to pass by my class to get there.” She mumbled to herself, tilting her head to side as she furrowed her eyebrows slightly.

Just then, her eyes widened and she let a hand cover her mouth as she muttered to herself. “There’s no way that he came all the way here just to see me, right?”

All of a sudden, realization hits her and she sighed depressingly. “But he must have done that because he wanted to see me because he found me weird.”

Laying her head with her face on the surface of her desk, she let out a quiet whimper. Why did she have to stop and stare at him? Now he must have found her as an extremely weird person, enough to make him walk all the way to her class just to see who she was.

“Please just kill me right now.” She cried to herself almost inaudibly.


Surprisingly, classes ended earlier and faster than usual, allowing Yuki to let out a slightly apathetic cheer. The raven-haired hasn’t forgotten the events that occurred earlier that day, since the scene kept on replaying over and over again in her mind.

It seems like that the only time she was able to forget about it was when she hid in the Student Council’s room after having that creepy feeling of being stalked came up again. However, thoughts of the previous events came back as soon as she knew that her stalker was no longer following her, tormenting her once again.

Dragging her feet, Yuki sighed to herself as she forced her mind to think about the solution for getting rid of her stalker. It must have almost been a month since she realized that the admirer, the one that she has no special feelings for, started the game of Cat & Mouse with her.

“How many more steps do I have to take?” she grumbled, stomping her feet after catching a glimpse of a Wind Instruments Club’s poster on one of the walls that she was passing by.

That certain feeling of regret was starting to come back once more to haunt her, reminding her of the grave mistake that she has made in joining the Wind Instruments Club —also known as Rappapa— and starting the movie-like life that she was now experiencing.

“It’s a good thing that Sayaka has excused me from every activity and practices of that club.” She muttered, letting out a sigh of relief after reaching the desired level.

Adding sadly, she spoke dejectedly. “It’s unfortunate that Yuuma-kun and my stalker are both in the same club.”

With that pokerface on her face, she then started walking towards the Council room, hoping silently to herself that her friends would not remind her of the situation that she was in, as well as forget her problems, even if it’s just for a few hours.

As she walked towards the room, she started hearing the words ‘stalker’ and ‘boyfriend’ coming from the inside, striking her curiosity. She started to get even more curious when she heard several unfamiliar voices speaking in the background.

Wanting to get rid of her curiosity, she turned the knob on the door and went inside, stopping with a halt the moment she was greeted with a face that she never thought she’d be seeing. Her eyes instantly widened in surprise and she stood paralyzed there on the spot, afraid to move.

“Oh.” Sayaka smiled, taking a seat as she lifted her arm up and gesture to where the newly-arrived girl stood. “She’s finally here.”

Everyone turned their heads to see her, causing her to lower her own head down as she walked to her desk. She always felt uncomfortable whenever all of the people in a room focus their attention on her. It makes her feel like some sort of endangered animal.

Unfortunately for her, the staring didn’t stop and neither did the beating of her heart slowed down. Instead, her heart began to beat even harder, until to the point where she was having trouble in hearing after having it echoing in her ears.

“What are they doing here?” Yuki thought to herself as she allowed herself to take a seat down carefully, not wanting to make herself look like a fool in front of everyone.

Taking a step towards her, Miichan placed a hand on Yuki’s desk and smiled at her. “We managed to get someone to pretend as your boyfriend.”

“Really?” The raven-haired asked.

Everyone nodded in reply. “Un.”

“You should thank Haruna, Yukirin.” Mario told her.

Yuki raised a brow. “Huh?”

“She’s the one who talked to Yuko.” She informed, earning a confused look from the raven.

Giving a dimpled smile, the girl that Yuki knew as the vice-president of the famous Drama Club, waved at her. Not knowing what to do, she returned with an unsure smile and looked at the others, asking them silently to explain what it was that Haruna talked with Oshima Yuko.

Getting the pleading look that was being sent to them, Yuko cleared her throat. “Well, when Nyan Nyan told me about your situation, I thought about helping you.”

“So, I talked to my cousin and asked him if he could pretend to be your boyfriend.”

“And Yuko here managed to get him to agree.” The president of the Drama Club — Maeda Atsu — smiled at her.

Smiling widely, Yuko grabbed Haruna by the arm and intertwined their fingers together. “I managed to get him to pretend as your boyfriend for a week.”

“It’s not too long, but I’m sure that your stalker will surely stop if he sees Yuko’s cousin.” Sayaka told her with an assuring smile. “I’ve seen him and he fits your requirements well.”

“R-really?” Yuki asked with a smile, unsure on how to respond back.

Everyone nodded at the same time. “Yep.”

“But…Umm…” Yuki started, biting her lower lip. “How do you know that he’ll make the perfect boyfriend and convince my stalker?”

“Well, he’s pretty much a professional in this field, I think?” Yuko said, scratching the back of her head.

Adding with a smile, she chuckled. “He has actually pretended to be someone’s boyfriend several times before, and I think that the girl’s problem was resolved without any trouble.”

“I-I see.” Yuki sweatdropped.

Yuki thought to herself. “I guess that he’s a player then.”

“I know what you’re thinking.” Yuko told her with a smirk, before shaking her head as she let out a chuckle. “But my cousin’s no player.”

“In fact, he’s such a gentleman…” she started. “…Even I find it hard to believe that he’s been busted and rejected several times.”

“Really?” Everyone, except for Yuki, asked in surprise.

Yuko nodded. “Un.”

“Anyway, you’ll also find it hard to believe when you meet him.” The brown-haired told her.

Taking a look at the watch on her wrist, she hummed. “Speaking meeting him, he’ll be here soon.”

Knock. Knock.

“Or sooner than expected.” The brown-haired smiled, quickly making her way to the door to open it and reveal her cousin to the people inside the room.

The raven found herself staring straight at the door, just waiting for it to open and finally reveal who was Yuko’s cousin. When the brown-haired finally reached the door, time seemed to have stopped for Yuki. She doesn’t know why, but everything seemed to move in an extremely slow manner.

She has stopped breathing and her heart began to beat at an extremely quick pace, causing her sight to become a bit blurry and make her head spin. Her hands have gone cold and she gulped, though finding it hard to do so.

Because the moment she did, the door finally opened and revealed who Yuko’s cousin was.



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Part Two

Time seemed to have stood still for the raven-haired as her ears couldn’t even pick up the slight ticking of the wall clock in the room, probably due to the reason that she was far too busy being shocked to even pay attention to it.

The only thing that she has her attention and eyes on was the boy standing in front of her with that charming eyes of his staring back at her, making her fidget on her spot. Even with the questioning gaze that made his brow rise up after noticing her unusual silence made him look quite handsome in her eyes.

At this point, everyone was already smirking to themselves, practically sending each other a telepathic hi-five as they watch the raven-haired’s cheeks flush in pink. One of them were Yuko, who has placed a hand on his shoulder as she looked at Yuki with a smile that almost made it seem like she had accomplished the impossible.

“Well, here he is.” She proudly stated.

Wiggling her brows suggestively, she then nudged the younger girl with her elbow. “So, what do you think of him now that he’s up close?”

“Uh… I…” Yuki stuttered, unable to form words to speak out as she continued to stare at the great distraction in front of her.

This earned some snickering from the Council members, which was fortunately stifled by the pursing of their mouths into a thin line, as well as the few introduction that Sayaka and the others had started giving to Yuko’s cousin— preventing any suspicion from him to arise.

As they exchanged words of introduction with him, Yuki remained in her state of shock as she kept her eyes on him, refusing to look away. But then, she wouldn’t be able to turn her head from his direction, since she was too dumbfounded to do so.

Well, no one in the room could actually blame her for acting that way. They all knew well of the ‘secret’ crush that the Student Council Treasurer have for Yuko’s cousin after all, despite how she hasn’t mentioned anything about her liking for the older boy, desperate not to let anyone know.

That was another thing that they couldn’t blame her for. It wasn’t even surprising for them, since they themselves knew how much of a fuss they would make. That would probably catch the attention of The Coconut— a journalistic club that Yuki has once joined.

With the news of the Student Council Treasurer crushing on Yuuma after turning down every single guy who has tried to confess to her, it would break the issue of Yuko and Haruna getting together. The raven-haired could just imagine it.

The entire school would have the headlines ‘Cold-hearted Treasurer, Finally Melted?’ flashing on every TV and computer screen that could be found. It would be a huge scandal, probably to last until her graduation, since she had confessed her huge dislike for the opposite gender.

It’s not that she hates them. She just had some troubles with dealing with some before, coming to a conclusion that guys only existed to make teenage girls— like her— suffer painful heartbreaks and realize the harsh truth that fairytales don’t actually exist in real life.

Okay, so she actually hates them to a certain ‘minimum’ degree.

But can you blame her? She has spent her entire life being in the care of her late parents, forced to keep her distance away from boys— in fear of getting those things that they warned her about. Wait, what was it called again? Ah. That’s right.


It was some sort of dangerous measles— a disease that her parents had continuously instructed and warned for her to stay away from. Of course, as she grew up, she came to learn of the truth that such things never existed— there were internet and books she referred to after getting curious.

However, when she came to realize the truth, she still kept her distance from boys around her age— for the sake of obeying her loving parents even though she would feel envious with merely watching them play with other girls out in the street as she stayed inside her home, isolated for the ‘better good’.

It was around the time she had turned fourteen years old— an age that her parents thought was mature enough to stop being homeschooled after she started going through the stage of puberty. It was then when she became exposed to a new well-known virus called ‘Love’.

She slowly came to learn of it through her maids— that were mostly in their early-twenties—. They would come to tell her as they wailed about how lucky she was to be quarantined by her parents, allowing her to get familiar with the symptoms that an infected person would experience.

To tell the truth, Yuki felt far from lucky. After all, she was still naïve and clueless of what ‘pain’ really felt. Her curious and rebellious side didn’t help her much, especially when she began to have the desire of having the same experience as other girls around her age.

Anyway, let’s put her past aside for now. Right at this moment, Yuki has yet to move from her spot, catching Yuuma’s attention despite being busy with having several conversations with the rest of the Council members.

“Anyway, what did you want?” he asked his cousin, running his smooth fingers through his silky black hair.

The brown-haired smiled at him. “I just wanted you to meet Yukirin officially.”

Yuuma would have believed her even though his mind was telling him that it wasn’t the truth. It was only her suspicious smile that gave her away, since it was the similar one that she would have on her face whenever there was something going to happen.

“We’ve already met during the field trip to South Korea.” He pointed out, looking at her warily.

She lets out a laughed and beamed her signature smile, patting his shoulder as she gave a glance to him and the raven-haired. “That’s great then!”

“The two of you can become good friends, Yuu-kyun!”

Yuuma sighed after hearing his cousin call him by the nickname that she had given to him ever since they were kids, despite his efforts of protesting about being called by his first name. Letting out a cough, he started to wriggle away from Yuko’s hold as she patted him hard.

Seeing this, Takamina gestured at Yuki to go nearer them. “Come here, Yukirin!”

The raven-haired didn’t move an inch towards them, earning a raise of the brow from Yuko and the others. The brown-haired smirked along with everyone, not surprised that Yuki hasn’t left her state of shock.

They have noticed several times how her eyes would trail off and somehow latch themselves on Yuuma, following his and every move without realizing it herself. This would happen every single time whenever Yuuma was around them.

Seeing this, Yuko started to get an energy rush. The desire to make them get closer and have them end up as a couple began to grow, giving her some hope that she would be able to change the two’s mindset towards ‘love’.

“Yukirin!” Yuko called, this time successfully snapping the said girl out of her trance.

She gestured for the raven-haired to come nearer, pushing her own cousin towards Yuki as she mentally began to pat herself on the back, obviously pleased with the way the two seemed to act— Yuki was staggering with her face dark red.

The rest of the Council members started to squeal amongst themselves, except for Mario— who started to clench his hands tightly into balls as he found the situation a bit too sweet for his liking. He is Mario-sama after all.

Muttering to the girl beside him, he sighed. “Miichan, I’m getting bitten by ants.”

A laugh escaped from the younger girl’s lips, finding his statement hilarious after remembering how her boyfriend hated this kind of moments.

“Kashiwagi Yuki, meet Watanabe Yuuma.” Yuko introduced, pushing her cousin even closer to the raven-haired.

Everyone kept the silence that has formed, but the grins that they all had on their faces remained. They tried hard to keep a straight face on but after seeing how their member— who was known for being cold to boys— stumble into Yuuma’s embrace after getting pushed by Yuko, it seemed to be impossible.

“Cousin, meet your girlfriend.” The brown-haired said, finally breaking the silence.

Yuki’s eyes widened in surprise as she took a huge step back away from the boy in front of her, latching her eyes on the girl who declared it afterwards, flabbergasted that Yuko had actually spoken it out loud. Her having a crush on Yuuma was supposed to be a secret she swore to take to her grave after all.

On the other hand, Yuuma was a bit different from how the raven-haired was acting. He has somehow managed to compose himself and was now looking at Yuki with a smile on his face— causing the raven-haired to only blush even more.

“Y—Y—Yuko-san!” the blushing girl cried out, staring at her with a pleading look to stop with whatever the brown-haired was trying to do.

Unfortunately, Yuko had other plans for her and has no intention of stepping down on the plan that she had conjured with everyone else in the Council. This was for the best of Yuki after all, and getting rid of her stalker was the only solution thing of for her to stop being so restless.

Yuko feigned an innocent smile at her. “What?”

“Yuko-san.” A black aura radiating from the raven-haired.

With sincerity in her voice, Yuko spoke. “This is for you own good, Yukirin.”

“My own good?” the raven-haired wondered, looking at the older girl with a confused expression on her face. “What does she mean?”

Not wanting to keep the Student Body treasurer in the dark, Sayaka cleared her throat and started the explanation. “Remember how we kept on trying to figure out who was perfect for the role of ‘the perfect boyfriend’?”

“Y-yeah. So, what about it?”

“Well, we managed to think of Watanabe Yuuma and came across a very important reason as to why he should be the one to help you in getting rid of that pest.” She smiled. “He fits the role perfectly.”

“B-but didn’t I tell you that I can take care of the problem myself?” Yukirin asked, flustered about the thought of getting the black-haired involved.

Everyone snickered as they all heard Sayaka’s answer. Her tone made it obvious that she has completely made up her decision about not allowing Yuki to deal with the problem on her own. Besides, even the girl herself once admitted into wanting to see how their plan would work out.

“Nonsense!” Sayaka told her, dismissively shaking her hand at the dejected girl.

“You’re a member of the Council, and a family to us! We want to protect you and get that stalker of yours out of your life without taking any actions towards him! We’ll just let him see how happy you are with your boyfriend, and everything will be solved!”

“It’s not THAT simple, President!” Yuki wailed, flailing her arms as she tried to desperately search for a reason why the plan wouldn’t work out. “Mou~!”

She has no intention of getting the guy involved, and neither will she allow anyone to meddle in her own situations. Come to think of it, this was all her fault. If she never joined that cursed Rappapa club, none of this would be happening.

“I told him that we could only be friends, because I prefer to be with someone who I know will be the right one for me!” she cried, practically pulling her hair in frustration. “I said that I don’t want to have a boyfriend, UNLESS he’s the one I’m sure I would marry!”

“That’s why I said that I might even consider a Marriage for Convenience in the future!” she moaned, forgetting that Yuuma was around to witness her acting that way.

Haruna let out a sigh, noticing the bemused expression on Yuuma’s face. “Well, it doesn’t matter. Just do it and get rid of your stalker.”

Yuki looked at the older girl with disbelief in her eyes. Why couldn’t they just accept that she doesn’t want their help? It was not like she was THAT desperate to go such lengths of having them ask her crush to help her out. All she needs was some space from him, that’s all.

She whined. “But that’ll be going against my own principles!”

“Forget about your principles and just deal with your problem.” Mario told her in a matter-of-fact tone.

From the persuasion that she has been receiving for the past few minutes, Yuki began to deeply regret the decision of telling them her problem. It seems that even though her mind was all made up in not getting the guy involved, their desire to help kept making them try and meddle in.

Sayaka crossed her arms at this and frowned. “This is also a reason why we’re helping you.”

“Yeah! You always think about principles and whatnots instead of focusing on the problem at hand.” Miichan nodded in agreement, puffing her cheeks with air as she pouted.

The raven-haired sighed for the nth time that day and opened her mouth. However, right before she could, Yuuma’s cousin sealed her mouth and beat her down to it. Yuko has a hand clamped on her lips and was now dragging the younger girl to a corner, sending a knowing look to the rest of the members.

“Just going to have a little chat with her.” She said with a smile, making Yuuma raise his brow in question for her actions. “You should go and discuss what you have to do with the rest of them.”

Turning to the said ‘them’, she nodded and turned her attention back to the raven-haired, whose mouth still had Yuko’s hand clamped over. She pushed the younger girl towards a seat and stood in front of her, blocking her sight of everyone else in the room as they started briefing him on what they had in mind.

“Yukirin, listen.” She started, letting out a sigh as she pinched the bridge of her nose. “Everyone’s doing this to help you.”

Yuki protested. “But I don’t—“

“—no buts. We all knew that you have a crush on Yuuma, but you can’t let your personal feelings cloud your judgment and make things harder for you to deal with.” She interrupted, using the some words she once heard Yuki’s grandfather spoke. “Just trust me on this, alright?”

“Besides, you’ll get to spend some time with him.” Yuko added with a smirk.

Yuki didn’t know if she should be feeling grateful or angry at that moment. Part of her felt like she was just being used by the rest of the Council members as a source of entertainment— since practically nothing interesting happens to them.

But then, those kind of thoughts began to vanish as her mind started to make her imagine a scene where she was holding hands with Yuuma— a particular scene where he had a huge smile on his face as he caresses her cheek with a thumb, before gently placing a kiss on her lips.

All of those were playing in her mind, manipulated by none other than Yuko, who started to do so the moment she realized that Yuki has once again set foot in the land of her dreams— or the place in her head whenever she would space out.

When she managed to snap out of it, she pushed the older girl away from her and looked the opposite way, crossing her arms across her chest as she huffed. Her face was pink in color and at that very moment, Yuko knew that it wouldn’t take long for her to finally agree with the plan.

“F-fine!” Yuki eventually agreed, stammering out her words of defeat as soon she found herself locking eyes with a certain guy.

Blushing hard, she whipped her head and stared at Yuko whose eyes glinted mischievously. “But if it doesn’t work, you guys can’t get involved any longer!”

“And that includes Yuuma-kun!”

“Promise!” Yuko swore, linking their pinkies together.

That seemed to have satisfied the raven-haired at the moment, even though she had a certain feeling that the promise wouldn’t be carried out. Yuko smiled happily to herself. It may not seem like it to others, but that cousin of hers is a very reliable person— even though he refuses to show it most of the time.

Grinning at her, Yuko started to pull the younger girl. She chuckled as she felt Yuki’s hesitation in taking any step to get closer to Yuuma, finding it funny that she could gush about him all throughout their meetings, yet be so shy around him.

“Stop being so shy around him!” Yuko told her, whispering in her ears. “You need to get used to this!”

Leaving Yuki to stand in front of her cousin, the brown-haired gave a thumbs-up to the rest and started ruffling Yuuma’s black hair. “Did you understand all of the details, cousin?”

A sigh left his mouth and he pushed her away gently, fixing his hair afterwards as he replied a ‘yes’ to her before turning his head to face Yuki. “I’ve heard about your situation.”

“You’ll be in my care, as I will be in yours.” He told her with a small smile on his face. “So, let’s get along?”

A moment of silence enveloped everyone. Yuki had lost her senses once more and was clueless to what she was supposed to do right then. It was hard to think of anything, especially when everyone was looking at her with expectant looks.

Her mind was not helping in her situation as well. It was too distracted in screaming at her, telling her to get a grip and stop being so mesmerized with the sight of Yuuma in front of her— which mind you, is extremely hard to do so, even more when he has those gorgeous brown orbs staring back at her.

It was an extremely good thing that her body managed to figure out what she had to do, without the need for her brain’s approval. Her head lowered itself and she automatically flashed a smile at him— which she hopes that doesn’t make her look like a dork.

“Uh-huh!” she nodded, almost too enthusiastically.

Everyone dropped a sweat and she began to mentally scold herself for acting that way. The embarrassment was too much to handle for her, and all she wanted to do was dig a hole in the ground before throwing herself in with a coffin.

It was quite fortunate for her that she was saved from the awkward atmosphere that she herself has accidentally formed by Yuko, who started to babble about some details— which only passed through Yuki’s ears.

Spacing out seemed to be a habit that she was starting to have, since she has once again gotten herself into a trance. It must have been the effects that Yuuma has on her, which pretty much started ever since she laid her eyes on him during their field trip.

“…anyway, the two of you will have to stay together for the whole week.” Yuko smiled, snapping the girl out of her embarrassment.

Yuki looked at her blankly— silently cursing herself for spacing out during the brown-haired’s explanation. That earned her a look from Yuko that states her disbelief, and a sigh which was soon followed by the summary of what she had explained earlier.

“Like I said before, we need to make your stalker believe that the two of you are dating. It’s necessary for the plan to work out perfectly, so you have to act as a couple for a week.” She repeated.

It must have been a day for Yuki’s eyes to widen almost every now and then. Her jaw dropped almost as instantly as her eyes widened in surprise, and she quickly tore her sight off from Yuuma, focusing it a second later on the girl who seemed to have a liking for surprising her.

“A week?!” she asked.

The brown-haired nodded in reply, stifling in her laughter along with the rest of the Council members as they found her being completely surprised, amusing. Ignoring them, Yuki turned her head to Yuuma, who seemed unfazed by everything.

“Are you alright with that, Watanabe-san?” she asked, desperately hoping that he would agree that he was and help her get out of the plan that everyone had in mind. “It’s burdensome to be my boyfriend, and I can just find someone else to help me.”

To her dismay, Yuuma shook his head instead and showed her his smile. “I’m alright with one week.”

“Besides, you must have been extremely troubled that Yuuchan has to personally ask me for help.” He gave a sheepish smile. “I can also make use of this opportunity to repay her.”

“And with that, we can now commence on the mission!” Yuko concluded, throwing her hands up in the air as she began to cheer happily along with the other girls after having successfully forced the raven-haired to shake her cousin’s hand.

Just as they were about to cheer along with Yuko, the raven-haired desperately tried to push herself away from Yuuma. Right after they were forced to shake hands with each other, Yuko enveloped them in a tight hug and squeezed Yuki against her cousin’s chest.

It wasn’t that she hated being pressed against him. To be honest, she actually loved the feeling of it. It’s just the thought of being labeled ‘weird’ by the older boy if he starts to notice that she actually liked the feeling of his hard chest.

“Just thinking about it…” Yuki blushed hard, biting her lower lip hard as she tried to get the thought out of her mind. “What am I thinking?!”

“So, when are we starting?” Yuuma asked all of a sudden.

Yuko flashed him her dimples. “Today.”

“What?” Yuki snapped her head in surprise.

The older girl looked back at her, ignoring the daggers that the raven-haired was sending to her. “Once we’ve finished the meeting, Yuuma will accompany you home.”

“Since today wouldn’t be considered as a day, the contract will expire next Monday.” She added.

Yuki narrowed her eyes into a slit as the older girl ran towards her desk and started rummaging through her bag, muttering words under her breath when she seemed to have some trouble finding whatever it was supposed to be inside.

It was a good thing for Yuko that she suddenly remembered how she had actually placed the folder in her cabinet. Smiling to herself, she immediately took out the said folder and rushed back to her cousin’s side.

“What’s that?” Yuki asked, already feeling wary of the folder.

Proving her senses were correct, Yuko replied. “A contract.”

Yuko handed the said contract to the raven-haired and beamed at her, hoping that her bubbliness and energetic smile would somehow cease and prevent the frown she predict would appear on the younger girl’s face from appearing.

It didn’t work though. From the very moment the contract was handed to her, Yuki already frowned to herself, obviously displeased with the object in hand. The sentences written inside added to her irritation and made her hand back the folded with a deadly glare.

“Do you wish for an early graduation?” Yuki asked the older girl through gritted teeth, adding a low growl at the end of her sentence that made Yuko flinch and let out a small whimper as she hid behind a certain cat-like girl.

“What do you mean by weekends not considered as part of the week?” she asked.

Yuko squeaked. “Y-you never leave the house during weekends, so there’s no reason for us to be worried that you’ll be stalked then.”

“Yuko-san—” the raven-haired stared, ready to grab at her collar.

She was only stopped when Acchan stepped in between the two girls and smiled at her apologetically. “Sorry about that, Yukirin.”

“I was the one who wrote all of these.” She informed, surprising the girl very much.

Scratching the side of her head, she sheepishly spoke. “I thought that it would help and serve as a payback in return for all the favors that I’ve received from you.”

“Acchan did?” Yuki asked herself, trying hard not to raise a brow in question.

Forcing a smile, she replied with a dismissive wave of the hand. “I-if that’s the case, then everything’s fine with me.”

“There’s no way Acchan would do something against my wishes, she’s really kind and the one who understands me the most in the Council.” She thought, instantly smiling widely as she was handed the folder to sign.

Without any hesitation, she started signing and handed it back, thinking to herself that she has no other problems to deal with. There couldn’t be any other things written in the contract that would make her regret later because she didn’t take the time to read, right?

Seeing that everything seemed to have been solved, Yuuma cleared his throat. “If you may now excuse me, I’ll be returning for my club activity now.”

“Oh, alright.” Sayaka told him with a huge smile on her face, clearly pleased with what they had all achieved.

Everyone started uttering their farewells for him with a pat on the back, thanking him at the same time for accepting their call for help as Yuki merely stood by the side, watching the older boy finish saying that it was just a small favor for him to help her.

She didn’t pat him on the back or utter a single word to him like the others, and continued staring at Yuuma walk towards the door to open it. When he grabbed hold of the knob, her shoulders slumped and she prepared to exhale the huge amount of air that she has been holding.

She had come to realize of the side that she has shown to the older boy, and feel extremely stupid for not remembering how he was in the room with them. What would have happened if she wasn’t stopped by Acchan, and strangled Yuuma’s cousin?

She was still mentally scolding herself for that and having the desire to hug him before he walks out of the room, taken aback by the thought that came to mind. That caused some irritation to arise, only to be diffused the moment Yuuma stopped walking out of the door midway and turned to her.

“It’s been a long time since I have last seen you in the club, Kashiwagi-san.” He pointed out, reminding the raven-haired of her stalker at that moment.

He added and smiled. “I hope that you can finish your Council duties and come back soon.”

“The music’s completely dull without you and your flute.”

And with that, he walked out of the door and left everyone’s jaw hanging in shock, surprised at the statement that he had just spoken out for everyone to hear. Obviously, Yuki was one of them. She never thought that she would hear such words from him.

It puzzled her, leaving her wondering to herself if the guy actually meant anything and was trying to tell her something, or was merely being polite as the guy that she has pictured him as. Now trying to read between the lines, she found herself assuming, which lead to the weakening of her legs.

“This will surely end in success.” Yuko spoke with confidence, earning nods from everyone in agreement as she started to rub her invisible beard.

Turning to the still-shocked girl, she lifted her arm and started patting Yuki on the shoulder, uttering some words to congratulate her about finally getting the opportunity of a lifetime—spending some quality time with the guy she has been crushing on.

Now, an opportunity like hers is extremely hard to come by. Especially when you’re having the guy you like, to pretend as your boyfriend even if it’s just for a week. However, Yuki seemed to have broken down because not a second too soon, she startled everyone by rushing out of the room, screaming incoherent words.

She left them staring at her back, running down the stairs without any care whatsoever if she would slip and break something. In fact, if that would be an enough reason to stay away from the school for one week to escape the deal she had been forced into with Yuuma, she would gladly twist her ankle then.

However, the thought of breaking something scared her and thus prevented any of what she had hoped to occur. She reached the middle of the campus, slightly sweaty and panting from all the running and skipping that she has done.

In frustration, she shouted, “I HATE THIS!”

She started clutching at her head, pulling at her hair in complete irritation. Several thoughts came to mind, jumbled up in not time with the concerns that she had begun to remember. And then, all of those cleared up and she shouted at the sky.

“What if I fall in love with him?!?!?!?!?!?!”

To Be Continued…
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Part Three

“Hurry up or we’ll be left behind!” The younger girl shouted over her shoulder as she started running as fast as she could towards the bus parked right by their school gates, a spring in each of her foot accompanying the huge smile that was plastered on her face.

The raven-haired left behind could only let out an exasperated sigh as she stared at the dust left by her energetic friend whilst grumbling to herself as she pulled her baggage right behind her. Seriously, her best friend couldn’t even bother to help her in carrying THEIR bags?

How could she just take off with just their snacks?!

“Takajo Aki…” the raven-haired muttered under her breath, a dark aura suddenly forming around her. “I swear when I lay my hands on you, I’ll—”

“—Kashiwagi Yuki?” a familiar man’s voice called out, knocking the said girl out of her dark thoughts.

“Ah, Takajo-san.”

The raven-haired looked up and watched as their homeroom teacher, Togisaki-sensei, stop the said girl right before she could lay a foot on the bus, a smirk growing on her lips as she watched the scene unfold before her eyes.

“And where is your partner, Takajo?”

“A-ano, sensei…” Yuki watched as Aki started looking for her. “Y-you see…”

“She deserves to be scolded.” She muttered under her breath when she noticed the younger girl suddenly sending her a signal for help.

Deciding to let the girl learn her lesson, the raven-haired slowed down her walking pace and watched as her best friend lucked out in getting lectured. A feeling of satisfaction swelled in her and she quietly chuckled to herself as she continued watching Togisaki-sensei lecture her best friend about leaving her partner behind.

“I’m right here, sensei!” Yuki called out cheerfully after figuring that the girl had enough.

The dark aura that she was emitting earlier suddenly dissipated into thin air as soon as she found herself cheerfully calling to the man, instantly replaced by one that could make an angel cry. Keeping the angelic smile plastered on her face, she pulled on their luggage and smiled cheerfully at the teacher.

“Takajo!” the man shouted at the said girl. “How could you let poor Yuki-san carry all of that?”

“It’s fine, sensei.” The raven-haired smiled sweetly as she wrapped an arm around the girl’s neck. “Takajo-san here was just too excited.”

“We’ll go ahead and put our bags in the other bus, sensei.”

She forced the younger girl to lower her head at the same time that she bowed, a snicker almost leaving her mouth. “I’m sorry for letting Takajo-san cause you trouble, sensei.”

“You’d better be on your best behavior, Takajo.” The homeroom teacher gave hardened look to the younger girl. “If I hear a word about you causing trouble, I’m sending you right back here from South Korea!”

With a curt nod to the raven-haired and one last hard look at the younger girl, the homeroom teacher walked to another bus to start another roll call, completely missing the rolling of the eyes from a certain girl.

Dropping the act, Yuki lets out a sigh and hands some of the luggage she was holding to her best friend before steering her friend and their bags in the direction of the other bus that was just meant for everyone’s things.

Once they’ve reached the other bus, Yuki cheerfully handed their things to the man in charge of them , before giving a bow and complementing him about how hard he must be working and how she appreciates all of his efforts to keep their bags safe.

He gave a dismissive wave of the hand and bashfully thanked her. The two exchanged smiles afterwards while Aki looked away and tried to keep her laughter from exiting her mouth, knowing fully well of the truth behind those smiles.

Giving a lazy wave to the man, she wore the backpack where their snacks were packed in and headed for the previous bus. Once she was sure that they were out of earshot, she finally lets out the laughter that she was trying to hold in.

“I wonder what everyone would think if they found out that their sweet Yukirin is actually a black-hearted person.” The younger girl blurted out. “I bet it would shock them to death.”

The said black-hearted girl merely smiled back at her and nudged her in the shoulders. “Well, everyone has their secrets.”

 Aki wheezed when the older girl let go of her. “Sheesh… You’re such a great actress, Yukirin.”

“No one would even suspect a thing.”

“I just thought of something!” Aki gasped suddenly. “Why don’t you charm the bus driver so that he’ll drop us by some convenience stores for food?”

The raven-haired rolled her eyes and started walking ahead of her best friend, who only jogged to her side and linked arms with her. “Remind me why I’m even friends with someone like you.”

“Birds of the same feather flock together!”

“Clearly, we aren’t the same.” Yukirin sighed. “I’m a sweet and good-hearted person in comparison with you, who clearly has some issues.”

“Issues?” Aki laughed. “We both have issues, my dear Yukirin.”

“Now that we’re talking about it, what are you going to do about your problematic issue?” The two girls stopped as an expression of concern filling up the younger girl’s face.

The raven-haired merely lets out a weary sigh and flashed a smile at her best friend, who only stared back at her with a disbelieving look in return. Nodding her head in surrender, the older girl started massaging the side of her forehead.

“It hasn’t gone away.” She admitted.

Aki looked at her friend with pity. “Why don’t you just report it to the authorities?”

“I tried that once and I swore that I will never do it again.” Yuki frowned and resumed their walking.

The younger girl merely sighed and ran to catch up to her best friend. “But if you don’t, your stalker won’t stop.”

“Aki,” Yuki turned to her. “I never said that I was being stalked.”

“I just said that I feel like I’m being watched.”

Aki crossed her arms and frowned at her best friend. “That’s the same thing, Yukirin.”

Not wanting to admit that it was, the raven-haired rolled her eyes and replied a ‘whatever’ to the younger girl as she board the bus, momentarily forgetting to greet everyone like she had planned. Aki smiled at their classmates and started assuring them that Yuki was only having a bad day.

“I hope you feel better, Yuki-san.” One of their male classmates sitting in front told the said girl.

Yuki ignored him and continued looking outside the window with a frown on her face, shocking their classmate who has obviously never seen this side of the girl before. Fortunately for her, Aki smiled apologetically at him.

“Sorry, she’s just very moody today.”

“O-okay.” He smiled back before turning his head back to the front.

Nudging the girl beside her, Aki hissed. “You’re catching attention, Yukirin.”

“I don’t care. I’m worn out.”

“Maybe I should really stop the act.” She thought as she prompted her chin on her right hand whilst she stare outside the bus window.

Just then, something shone from the corners of her eyes, catching her attention. She started searching for the source and frowned when she figured that it must have been the sunlight. However, when her eyes caught something moving in the bushes meters away from the bus, she stared intently.

An uneasy feeling started to grow in her stomach and she couldn’t help but wish that what she was currently thinking was not true. Swallowing a dry lump at the back of her throat, the raven-haired shuddered when she caught sight of a figure hiding in the bushes.

“I-I must be seeing things.” She sweated nervously.

She started to go paler by the second as anxiety filled her entire body, and even more when the same light that had caught her attention went off again. Her breathed started to become shallow when she realized that the light must have been a camera.

“D-don’t tell me he’s taking my picture?”

Completely taken aback and anxious, Yuki ripped the curtain off of its hook and covered the entire window, making sure not to leave a space uncovered. The bus has started to move which she was completely thankful for, but despite the safety that she started to feel, she wrapped her arms around her.

“It wasn’t just me, huh?” the girl spoke gravely beside her.

Yuki almost jumped out of her skin when she suddenly heard her best friend speak right next to her ear. “Y-yeah.”

“Don’t worry.” The younger enveloped the raven-haired into a hug. “We’re spending a week abroad.”

“You can rest for the whole trip.” Aki assured as she tightened the hug.

Yuki was about to lean into the hug when the younger girl suddenly lets go and leaned away from her. The raven-haired’s face was filled with an expression of confusion as she watched Aki take out a Ruffles from her backpack.

“Thanks, Yukirin.” The younger girl grinned as she raised the scissors that she had taken from inside the said girl’s handbag as she hugged her.

A nerve popped on the older girl’s forehead when she realized the reason for the hug that she had received and flicked her best friend on the forehead, before turning away and crossing her arms in annoyance.

“That seems to have done the trick.” Aki smiled to herself as she watched from the corner of her eyes her best friend trying to get some sleep after the tiring morning.

Right before she fell asleep, the older girl said to her seatmate. “Wake me up when we get to the airport.”

Meanwhile, back at the school, the figure that Yuki had seen earlier was no longer in the bushes hiding, and was now leaning against the cherry blossom tree in the garden with a camera in hand. A satisfied smile was on the figure’s face as Yuki’s face flashed on the screen.

“Hey you!” a voice from behind startled the shadowed figure. “The bus is about to leave!”

With a smile, the phone was placed back into the school uniform’s pocket as the shadowed figure started walking to the bus that was going to drive to the same airport that dear Kashiwagi Yuki was headed.


“I said to wake me up, not to sprinkle water onto my face!” the raven-haired hissed at her friend sitting right beside her, remembering the event that happened earlier before they got down from the bus.

Right as the bus parked by the arrived section of the airport temporarily, Aki deliberately decided to use an entire water bottle to wake up the older girl. It would have been fine if she had used it to hit her to wake her up.

But no.

Instead, she decided to use its contents to wake her up.

Now, her hair is all wet and soaked with the water that her dearest best friend had decided to use. It was already tiring to try and carry a small towel and dry her hair every now and then, but now she had to keep up appearance with the rest despite the huge irritation that she was harboring.

“Make sure you don’t sleep in the plane.” She growled at the girl wearing an apologetic look on her face.

Aki clapped her hands together and bowed her head. “I’m really sorry, Yukirin!”

“I poked a hole on the cap of the bottle, but I didn’t expect that it would loosen in the process.”

“Forget it.” Yuki grumbled to herself, feeling too aggravated and tired to spend their time waiting for their flight being angry at the idiot she calls her best friend.


The raven-haired turned to Aki with a narrowed slit of the eyes, hearing the sudden tone of submissiveness. She raised a brow in question when she saw her best friend holding some eye-catching brochures.

“I thought that you’d be busy helping out with the Student Council to find time for research, so I did it for you.” The younger girl smiled as she handed Yuki one of the brochures.

The older girl sighed. “Surprisingly, you can be thoughtful at times.”

“Anyway, I heard that South Korea is very beautiful when it snows.” Aki informed as she watched the older girl flip through the pages with a glint in her eyes. “I can’t wait!”

“Class B, get ready to board the plane.” Togisaki-sensei suddenly voiced out, garnering attention from the people in the said class. “Take out your passes right before you line up.”

As everyone rummaged their bags for the passes, Yuki and Aki headed to the gate with a smile on their faces. Being used to travelling, the younger girl had initiatively took out their passes and placed it in the raven-haired’s small handbag— the same bag that she had taken the scissors from earlier ago.

“I can’t believe that I’ll be able to experience snow in another country!” Yuki squealed in delight as she stared at the brochure that her best friend had handpicked out for her, as the two of them started heading to the plane.

Smiling at the sight of her best friend acting childishly at the picture of snow on the brochure, Aki shook her head and chuckled quietly to herself as she mentally gave herself a hi-five for bringing out the girl’s real self once again for the nth time that day.

She was so caught up in enjoying the older girl’s happiness that she was unable to see that there was another person walking right in front of them. By the time the two girls realized it, it was far too late to stop.


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The two girls uttered as the pain from their butts was sent to their brains. “O-ow.”

“Hey, why didn’t you watch where you’re goi—” Yuki started to say, only to be interrupted with the jab at the ribs by the girl beside her.

“—I’m sorry, are you hurt?”

Yuki stared in disbelief at Aki, dumbfounded by the fact that the girl was only interested about a stranger, rather than her own best friend. However, the moment that she looked up to give the guy a piece of her mind, the raven-haired finally understood the reason why Aki did that.

Right there in front of her, stood a guy that Yuki never thought she would actually meet in real life. Standing there in immaculate form, a guy wearing their male school uniform punctured Yuki’s eyes with his own black orbs.

His beautiful, shiny black hair was a majestic jet black with smooth and flowing locks, accompanying his lean body that was not too muscular or too sloppy. He was sight of picture perfect, and so far the closest man to Yuki’s ideal guy.

“I’m so sorry, are you sure that you’re not hurt or anything?” Aki watched her friend worriedly scan the guy standing right before them, the annoyed aura that she was emitting earlier has quickly dissipated into thin air.

He shook his head and gave a smile that the younger girl was sure made her best friend swoon. “I’m not.”

“In fact, I think that I should be asking you girls.” He chuckled, his laugh music to the raven-haired’s ears.

Offering his hand to the two girls, he gently but carefully and firmly helped them up to their feet. The younger girl began dusting off the dust off the bottom of her skirt, aware of the hearts in her best friend’s eyes.

“Hey Yuuma, aren’t you going to go inside yet?” one of their classmates ran ahead the rest and wrapped an arm around him. “If that Togisaki sees you blocking the way here, he’ll nag at you non-stop you know.”

The younger guy started to open his mouth to explain what had happened earlier to cause them delay, but was beaten to it the moment his friend took notice of the other two students before him. Taken aback by the sudden appearance of two of the most popular girls in school before him, he started gaping at them quite loudly.

“Close your mouth, Sasshi.” Yuuma jabbed at his friend’s ribs. “I just bumped into them.”

Grabbing the younger guy by the arm, Sashihara Rino pulled him to the side and started whispering into his friend’s ear, ignoring the stabbing daggers that Aki was sending to him, as well as the confused look Yuki has on her face.

“Do you have a death wish or something?” Rino hissed. “If the rest finds out what you did, they’ll castrate you!”

“What are you talking about?” the black-haired looked at his friend confusingly.

The older of the two sighed and glanced at the two girls looking at them. “There are school rules for girls like Kashiwagi Yuki and Takajo Aki, and one of them is to never to touch them!”

“If they find out that you broke the rules, they’ll kill you!” Just then, realization hit him and he started pulling at his hair stressfully. “And if they find out that I’m a friend of yours, I’ll be killed as well!”

“Why did you have to do that, Yuuma?!” he demanded as he shook his friend.

Stepping into the two’s conversation, Yuki placed a hand on the older of the two and cleared her throat. “I think that there’s a misunderstanding, Rino-kun.”

“It was me and Aki at fault, so there’s no need to worry about such nonsensical things.” She smiled assuringly, though deep inside all she wanted to tell him was to let her and Yuuma continue with what was happening earlier.

Hearing this, Aki lets out a scoff. “If I were you, I’d let that guy be killed.”

“Takajo-san.” Yuki sent a glare to the said girl and successfully quieted her. “We’re at fault, remember?”

Hardening the look on her face, she said. “Please apologize.”

“Are you seriously asking me to do that?” Aki asked through her eyes.

Her best friend kept staring at her with the same menacing look on her face and nodded, sending a clear order to the younger girl. Sighing exasperatedly, Aki gestured if she could not do it at all. However, when she received the infamous puppy eyes that Yuki knew she was weak to, Aki knew the battle was over.

“It was our fault, gomen.” The younger girl apologized with her arms crossed and her eyes looking elsewhere, obviously being forced to do what her friend wanted her to do.

Knowing that she can’t make the girl apologize in a more polite way, Yuki turned to the two and flashed one of her most heart fluttering smiles. “Now then, we best be on our way.”

“Aki.” She gave a curt nod and the said girl quickly started to help her in picking up the brochures that had fallen off from their hands.

Once they were sure that they had picked up all of the brochures, Yuki smiled once again at the two male students. “See you two next time, Rino and Yuuma-kun.”

And with that, the two girls left with their brochures in hand. The ones who were left behind started to hear the rest of the people who would be joining them in the flight to South Korea, and began heading towards the same entrance that the other two went through.

“Speak of this to no one.” Sasshi told him. “I don’t want to die yet, Yuuma.”

Yuuma looked at him and gave an assuring smile. “You know what kind of person I am, Sasshi.”

“Yeah, but that’s not the problem here.” The older guy sighed. “Not everyone knows.”


“See you two next time, Rino and Yuuma-kun~”

A nerve popped in the raven-haired’s forehead as she listened to her best friend mockingly mimicked what she had said to the two a while ago. Aki’s voice sounded sickeningly sweet, it was making her completely uncomfortable.

“I did not speak like that!” she cried exasperatedly.

Aki snorted. “Oh please, you sounded exactly like that.”

“I did not!”

“I almost puked over your sweet tone.” The younger girl shuddered. “Thank goodness I only had goosebumps.”

“I’m telling you, I DID NOT SOUND LIKE THAT!”

“Fine, whatever you say, Yukirin.” Aki threw her hands up in defeat as the older girl started to shake her fervently, obviously embarrassed. “I’ll just record it next time so you can’t deny it.”


“Yes, because it’s never going to happen.” The raven-haired rolled her eyes as she started to calm down.

Watching the rest of the passengers from their school sit on their respective seats, the two girls leaned comfortably against their seats and sighed, feeling the sudden loss of energy due to the bickering that they had just done.


Aki opened up one eye and stared questioningly at her best friend sitting next to the window. “What?”

“Aki,” Yuki sighed and stared at her best friend as if she was talking to the slowest person on earth. “Details.”

“Give me the details about that guy.”

“That guy?” Aki looked at her in shock. “You seriously want to know about him?”

“Yes.” the older girl hissed.

Sighing reluctantly, Aki leaned back once more against her seat and closed her eyes. “He’s in class A.”

“He’s a member of the Idol Research Club, where he holds the position as the president. He’s known around the school as a Wota. He is academically average and actually ranked eighth in our school’s general election for most attractive, but his weirdness is what’s bringing him down.”

Yuki knitted her brows together. “But Yuuma-kun doesn’t seem like that.”

“Yuuma-kun?” Aki looked at her. “Aren’t we talking about that Rino guy?”

“I don’t have any interest in that Rino or whatever his surname is, Aki.” The raven-haired stared at her friend. “It’s Yuuma!”

“Right, sorry.” Aki sighed in relief. “For a second there, I wondered why you were interested in that weirdo.”

“Anyway, Yuuma’s full name is Watanabe Yuuma. He’s also in Class A with Sashihara Rino— that guy— and is currently holding the third position in looks and ninth in academics, which isn’t really bad. Other than the looks and brains, he has it all. His family owns WGC, which stands for Watanabe Group of Companies, one of the leading family-based conglomerates in Japan. And if we’re going to compare him with you, he’s twice as rich as you.”

“Oh, and he’s also a member of the Rappapa (Wind Instruments Club) like you.” The younger girl added.

“He is?” Yuki asked. “Then how come I’ve never seen him during club activities?”

“Yuuma-kun usually works at his father’s hospital after school, so maybe that’s the reason why?”


“Wait, there’s something I’m more curious about.” The raven-haired narrowed her eyes to a slit as she stared at her best friend.

Feeling uncomfortable under the intense staring, Aki fidgeted in her seat. “W-what is it, Yukirin?”

“Why are you calling him without honorifics and referring to him by his first name?!” the older girl demanded. “Is he that guy you’re actually crushing on?”

Aki dropped a sweat as she nervously tried to calm her friend down. “N-no, didn’t I tell you that the one I’m crushing on is in Class K?”

“I just met him during one of my recitals in Saitama, I swear!” she held her hand up. “You know when I’m telling the truth!”

“Fine, I’ll believe you…” Yuki narrowed her eyes even more. “…for now.”

“Since you don’t believe me, here’s the performance that he gave during my recital!”

Aki rummaged through her backpack for the object that would soon clear her name, taking out the tablet that she had fully charge just to play her games. Handing it to Yuki, the younger girl started playing a video that was titled ‘Watanabe Yuuma Saitama Performance’.

(TK小林香織 Kaori Kobayashi Saxophone-Nothing gonna change my love for you [url=] ([/url])

At the beginning of the video, a woman started to introduce the name of the song, along with the piano playing as accompaniment for Yuuma, who was waiting on stage with his saxophone in hand. The moment the black-haired started to play the song, Yuki knew she was a goner.

Despite it being a mere recording, the way he played it was perfect. She couldn’t determine when the saxophonist was breathing or whether he was having a hard time doing so because the transition was just admirable.

Her eyes remained focused on Yuuma playing on the screen, completely captivated by the scene that was playing. It made her wonder why she had never heard of him until now. She even feels like wanting to learn how to play the saxophone, despite being a flutist herself.

The moment the video stopped playing, the raven-haired immediately started sending the same video to her email since she didn’t bring her tablet and would need to watch it at home for…references. A smile was on her face the entire time she had her hands on the tablet, that’s why the moment she handed it to Aki, the spell that the video had casted on her seemingly broke.

“Why do you have a video of him on your tablet?” she asked, her suspicions coming back once again.

“Don’t worry, it’s not for me.” Aki sighed. “My mom just enjoys listening to it over and over again.”

“Well, I can’t really blame you if you like him.” The raven-haired muttered.

The younger girl lets out a sigh as she stared at her friend. “Here.”

“I get tired of listening to it at home so just wear your earphones and let me get some sleep.” Aki told her as she handed the older girl the tablet. “Make sure to leave me some battery life.”

Yuki’s face lit up as she took the device in hand and quickly hugged her best friend without a moment of hesitation. “You’re the best!”

“I really can’t predict this girl.” Aki thought to herself as she watched her best friend happily plug her earphones with a hum.

Deciding to get some sleep and leave her best friend with the video despite knowing that she wouldn’t be able to play her game, Aki closed her eyes and allowed the plane’s take-off to lull her to sleep for at least half of their flight’s duration.

During the entire time that her best friend was out of consciousness, Yuki kept her eyes on the screen in front of her. She’s not going to deny that her neck started getting cramps around the first few thirty minutes, or even the strain that she was beginning to feel in her eyes.

However, as painful as it may be, she wasn’t willing to rest either her neck or her eyes for the sake of continuing watching Yuuma’s performance on her friend’s tablet. However, it seems that even if she didn’t want to stop, she’ll be forced to do so in a few more minutes.

“Five percent left.” the reminder of the battery’s remaining charge blinked several times on screen, disrupting the video that was playing. ”Please charge your device.”

Pressing the play button for the nth time, Yuki smiled once more as the scene of Yuuma playing the saxophone on stage with dimmed lights in the background started. The piano’s intro was already romantic, but the moment the saxophone started playing, Yuki felt like she had just been transferred to another dimension.

It was as if she was transported back to the time where Yuuma was playing the song at the recital in Saitama. Amongst the large audience in the recital hall, Yuki was the only one other than Yuuma to have a spotlight focused on.

The older of the two students stood there on stage with his eyes closed, his concentration and effort captivating her for the nth time that day without any effort or whatsoever. He just stood there in front of her…enjoying and immersing himself in the song.

All of a sudden, the eyes that had been shut ever since the beginning of the song, opened slowly. Despite the large amount of people in the recital hall with her, Yuki felt her cheeks burning as Yuuma’s eyes bore into hers.

Having the song memorized completely because of replaying the song more times than she could count, the raven-haired knew that the song’s climaxing verse was nearing, and that the sight in front of her would soon stop.

She didn’t want it to. If she could, she’d like to stay like that forever, with Yuuma staring right at her and only her. No problems or worries. No stalker or people she has to pretend to like associating with. No one else, but …

…The two of them

But then, it seems that Yuuma had other plans. The moment he reached the song’s final chorus (around 6.15 of the video), Yuuma lifted his lips off of the saxophone and walked towards her with an offered right hand.

She grabbed it and he gently helped her up get onto the stage just like how he helped her up when she fell on her butt a while ago. A smile was on his face as he caressed her cheek with his other hand, while the offered hand pulled her closer to him.

“I-is he going to kiss me?” she gulped as he slowly cupped her face with both of his hands.

He smiled at her. “Yuki…”

“…Device shutting down.”

And just like that, she was pulled out of her fantasy by the tablet that had started shutting down, despite the video just merely seconds away from its end. She frowned at the device in hand and tucked it away into Aki’s backpack, furious that it had to disrupt her fantasy.

“And just when he was about to kiss me…” she sighed sadly.

Turning to the still-sleeping figure beside her, Yuki sweated a drop as she remembered Aki telling her to leave her some battery life. Fortunately, it seems that she is still in her dreamland, so the plane just might touch the ground before she even wakes up.

Her problem now is finding what to do. With the adrenaline that she currently has being pumped through her body, sleeping is out of the question. Her eyes are already strained from watching too long, along with her neck acting up with the cramps.

“I’m telling you, I didn’t do it on purpose!”

A voice shouted from the back, making the girl who had nothing to do, turn her head and find out what it was. When she did, her lips formed a smile while her eyes widened in surprise as she saw the person who was making her heart beat faster than usual.

“Watanabe Yuuma.” She spoke the name out loud without intention. “With Rino-san.”

The two male students stopped their conversation and looked at the one who unintentionally called them.  “Ah, Kashiwagi-san.”

“So you were sitting in the first class section.” Yuuma smiled at her as he took a seat from across her.

Yuki smiled back. “Yeah, and it seems like you are too.”
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The raven-haired thought she heard the other guy mutter something under his breath, but decided that it wasn’t important or anything and merely chose to ignore it. Raising a brow, she pointed at Yuuma’s shirt.

“You changed your clothes?” she asked.

Nodding, the black-haired replied. “Yeah, I did.”

“This guy right here decided to order a soda drink and shook it too much.” Yuuma sighed as he pointed at the said guy sitting beside him.

Sasshi looked at him exasperatedly. “I’m telling you, it was an accident.”

“Umm, can I talk to you about something?” The raven-haired asked.

Yuuma gave a shrug of the shoulders. “Sure, why not?”

“Rino-san?” the raven-haired stood up and made her way to where the two were sitting.

Flashing him one of her dazzling smiles, Yuki tilted her head to the side. “May I occupy your seat?”

“O-okay.” Sasshi stammered as he scrambled out of his seat to give it to her.

Standing without a clue by Yuki’s side, the younger guy scratched the side of his head. “Umm, where do I sit?”

“You can occupy my seat, Rino-san.” The raven-haired offered as she pointed at the said seat. “Thanks for letting me take yours.”

“No problem?” Sasshi replied unsurely as he sat next to Aki.

Seeing his new seatmate asleep, Sasshi lets out a sigh and took out his headphones to listen to some music. It seems like he’s going to have to be quiet for the rest of the trip, whether he likes it or not. After all, he can’t tell a school idol to give him back his seat.

Besides, it’s not as if he doesn’t enjoy sitting next to Takajo Aki. The girl is after all, a school idol as well, though not on the same level as Kashiwagi Yuki. So he just as might enjoy the rest of the trip with her as his seatmate.

“So, I heard that you’re also a member of the Rappapa.” Yuki told him. “But I haven’t seen you there.”

“Ah, you must be the new member then?” Yuuma asked.


Yuuma sighed. “Well, I’ve been busy with the hospital lately, so I decided to take some time off.”

“So, Kashiwagi-san—”

“—Just call me, Yukirin.”

“Yukirin, it is then.” He told her. “In exchange, just call me Yuuma.”

“Anyway, what instrument do you play?” he asked.

“Just the flute.”

“Just the flute?” Yuuma raised a brow at the sigh that came at the end of her sentence. “Why do you sound like you don’t like it?”

“Oh, I enjoy playing it.” Yuki told him. “I just wish that I learned the saxophone like you.”

“Eh, you wouldn’t like the saxophone.” He sighed. “It’s a bit heavy and it sounds weird.”

He smiled at her. “The flute suits you perfectly.”

“Why?” she asked him curiously.

“Well, it’s lighter.” He scratched his chin as he continued. “And it’s an elegant instrument.”

“But the saxophone sounds so much better.”

“Not all the time though.” Yuuma chuckled. “It can sound good or bad.”

“But ninety percent, it sounds bad.”

“But the flute is so simple and boring.” Yuki told him with a sigh.

Yuuma laughed. “This won’t end, would it?”

“I don’t think so.” Yuki laughed along with him.

“If you’d like, I’ll play it for you next time and show you why the flute is better than the saxophone.” Yuuma offered with a chuckle.

The raven-haired beamed at this and nodded her head, carefully making sure to mask the excitement that was bubbling within her. “Fine, but when you hear me playing the flute, you’ll be those words.”

The two of the continued on with their playful banter about which instrument was better, enjoying themselves in the conversation. But somewhere in the middle of their conversation, someone accepted defeat and another topic was quickly brought on.

“So a while ago, you were carrying brochures?” Yuuma asked after he drank some water.

“Yes, I was.” Yuki smiled sheepishly. “I’m actually quite excited about the field trip that I wasn’t able to sleep last night.”

“So you’ve never been to South Korea before then.” The older of the two hummed.

The raven-haired sighed. “Well, I’ve never been to anywhere actually.”

“My parents never allowed me to travel.” She admitted. “In fact, I couldn’t even go to school without a companion.”

“They almost didn’t allow me to go for this trip.” The younger of the two sighed.

“Really? What made them change their minds?”

“Well, after some help from my best friend and agreeing to at least consider taking over their positions, I managed to successfully convince my parents to let me go.” She smiled cheerfully.

“I see, that’s good for you then.”

“I know! I’ve always wanted to skate in another country.” Yuki started sighing wistfully. “So I’m very fortunate that it snows in Korea.”

“Not to burst your bubble or anything, but it usually doesn’t snow in South Korea in April.” Yuuma told her apologetically. “It’s cold, but no snow.”

“Eh?!” Yuki cried.

Taking out the brochures that she had kept in her handbag, the raven-haired showed him the one with the pictures of white snow. “B-but, that was what I’ve been looking forward to!”

“S-sorry.” He apologized.

Yuki looked with devastation at the brochures in hand and sobbed quietly to herself. The guy sitting beside her only looked at her with a hand hanging in mid-air with a look of uneasiness could be seen on his face, obviously unsure on how to comfort his seatmate.

All of a sudden, the raven-haired’s eyes widened as she came to realize what she was doing, and she averted her eyes to some other place as she immediately composed herself. Taking a look around her, she wondered if someone had seen her, worried about the image that she had carefully crafted.

“That Aki…” she looked angrily at the sleeping figure. “She almost made me lose it.”

As if feeling the anger she was receiving, Aki fidgeted in her seat and fluttered her eyes open slowly, blinking them several times as she tried to adjust her eyes to the lighting in the plane. Stretching her arms forward, she lifted her head off of Yuki’s shoulder and craned her neck.

“Sorry about leaning against you, Yukirin.” She yawned, before turning to her seatmate with thankful smile on her face. “And thanks—”

The girl’s words trailed off as the smile dropped off from her face, a blank expression filling her face, only to be replaced by a horrified one in a few seconds after her brain finally processed that it wasn’t her best friend sitting next to her but someone else.

“W-what are you doing sitting next to me?!” she pointed angrily at the sleeping Sasshi.

When she realized that she wasn’t being listened to, Aki huffed and pulled the headphones off of the sleeping student angrily. Placing her mouth near to his ears, she inhaled a deep breath and screamed into his ears with her hands cupping her mouth.

“You pervert!”

“W-wh-what in the world?!” Sasshi bolted up from his seat in complete surprise, his ear ringing and his mind buzzing from suddenly being woken up from his slumber.

Turning to the source of his misery, the dark-haired stared disbelievingly at her. “Why did you do that?!”

“Because you’re a pervert.”

“How can I be a pervert?” he asked her exasperatedly. “You were the one who placed your head on my shoulder!”

“And that’s nothing perverted!”

“You had a perverted smile on your face!” Aki scoffed at him and crossed her arms. “That’s why you’re a pervert!”



“Disgusting wota!”

“Argh! You’re annoying!” Sasshi cried at her before rushing off to where Yuki and Yuuma were watching them with interest. “This is why I love idols!”

“Ano, Kashiwagi-san.” Sasshi huffed in annoyance as he pointed at Aki. “I can’t seat with her.”

“Please pardon me, but I’m taking my seat back.”

Yuki nodded her head. “Of course, Rino-san.”

Standing up, she stood aside and allowed Yuuma’s original seatmate to take his place with a look of irritation etched on his face. Seeing that there was no way for them to continue their conversation then, Yuki waved and uttered her farewell to the two boys before making her way back to her original seat.

“Why did you let that guy switch places with you?!” Aki demanded from her friend, her finger finding itself pointing at the guy who was trying his best not to be affected and burst out like he did earlier. “What if he had taken advantage of me?”

The raven-haired merely ignored the look being sent to her by her friend and sat down without answering the question, her dreams of skating in another country having been demolished being the cause of her ignorance.

“Yukirin?” Aki looked at her best friend with exasperation. “Why did you let him?”

“You know how I feel about him!”

Sighing, the raven-haired replied. “I asked him to trade seats with me for a while.”

“And don’t act like you hated it, you were even drooling on him.” Yuki added, deciding to make use of this opportunity to get back at her best friend. “If I hadn’t know any better, I’d say that it was actually him you were interested in.”

“Wha—” Aki looked at her friend in horror. “How can you say that?!”

“Keep your voice down, we might get into trouble if you continue shouting your feelings.” Yuki told her with a cough to hide away the smirk that was forming.

Aki scoffed in exasperation. “Kashiwagi Yuki, you clearly don’t know me that well.”

“After being together for more than ten years, how can you not even understand my feelings?” she asked her best friend with complete annoyance.

Yuki rolled her eyes. “I know you better than you do, just like how you know me better.”

“Then why do you keep on saying that I actually like that Rino guy?!”

“Well, if you would just tell me who it is that you’re crushing on, I wouldn’t assume that every guy we pass is your crush.” Yuki drank from her water bottle.

Aki slumped her shoulders. “Like I told you, he’s in Class K.”

“Can’t you tell me more than that?”

The younger girl averted her eyes. “Well, since I have to be the one who figures you out most of the time, this is only fair.”

“Stingy.” The raven-haired muttered, making Aki smile victoriously before turning to her backpack to take out another snack.

She had been asking the younger girl about who was her crush was for the past weeks, but Aki was adamant in keeping it a secret from the older girl. It wasn’t like she plans on using to use the information for blackmailing reasons.

She’s her best friend, right? So, she should at least make an effort to get involved with her best friend’s love life. After all, the last time she remained indifferent to the younger girl’s life, they had a fight and Yuki had to deal with everything without the girl who has been with her for at least fifteen years.

But then, with her sudden interest in things, she can’t blame Aki for suspecting her. She has always been the type of person to remain indifferent about such things unless they piqued her interest like how Yuuma did.

Speaking of Yuuma, why was she so interested in him? He is ranked third after Maeda Atsu and Shinoda Mario in terms of looks, and even ranked ninth— five ranks lower than her— for the entire school in their academics.

His family owns Watanabe Group of Companies, which has several hospitals all over Japan. Yet…how is it that she only noticed him now? Could it be because of her lack of concern for others? She doesn’t really take the time to know more about others since it’s just a waste of time, but when she remembers someone, she really remembers them no matter what.

Ahh…It’s probably because of that.

“Yeah, it must be.” She sighed inwardly.

The way she met Yuuma was like one of her fantasies. She knew that her fantasies acting out in real life was close to impossible considering how she told no one about them, but it was as if their encounter was meant to be.

And Yuki was a sucker for things like destiny.

“Oh my…” she cupped her face with both hands as she started blushing sheepishly. “Is this what they call red string of fate?’

If it was, then there’s no way she’s going to let this thing pass her by. If the heavens decided to send him to her to answer her prayers of finding a boyfriend despite her huge dislike for the male species, why should she throw the chance away?

“But I need to make sure that he is really meant for me.” She tapped at her chin. “I need a sign.”

Clasping her hands together, she began to pray. “Kami-sama, I know that I haven’t been a really good person this year, and I rarely visit the shrine or anything…”

“…But please give me a sign about this situation, and I swear that I will do everything like giving charity and going to shrines.”

She doesn’t know if the heavens will really grant her wish, but she gave a really good deal right? Surely, Kami-sama can ignore how she tried to negotiate and even do all those things that she wasn’t really interested in doing. Right?

“Just a sign.”  She wished. “Any sign.”

“Kami-sama, if you’re listening…please give me a sign. I’ll wait until this field trip is over.”

To Be Continued…

What is going to happen next?
Will she receive a sign?
Will it be a good one? Or a bad one?
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Yes she will and a good one
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 :on GJ: thanks for the update!!
I cant wait for the next
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Haha can't wait for that sign XD

Mayuki mayuki~~~!!! :inlove:
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hi karomuwi! Im a new reader of yours and I really like your fic on Love's a Misson! Hope you will update it soon!