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Title: [CHI] Gin Lee 李幸倪
Post by: Pauekn on October 30, 2011, 09:47:55 AM
Gin Lee 李幸倪

New artist to the Canto Pop scene! From Malaysia :heart:

( (
Hometown: 新山,馬來西亞 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Record Label: BMA Records Limited
 出生日期 Date of Birth:8月26日

 身高 Height:163 cm

 體重 Weight:43 kg

 星座 Horoscope:处女座 Virgo

 語言 Language:華語、英語、馬來語 Mandarin, English, Malay

 血型 Blood Type:O型

 学历 Education: 音乐学士学位 Bachelor of Music

 嗜好 Hobby:看電視/電影、看書、時尚服裝及彩妆、逛街 TV/Movie, Reading, Fashion & Beauty, Shopping

 最喜愛食物 Favorite Food:日本餐 Japanese

 最喜愛顏色 Favorite Color:視情況而定, 普便上是白, 藍和粉紅 It Depends, commonly White, Blue and Pink.

 最喜愛音樂類型 Favorite Genre:爵士 Jazz, 節奏輿藍調 RnB, Gospel

 最喜愛動物 Favorite Animal:狗 Dog

 最喜愛運動 Favorite Sport:游泳 Swimming, 瑜珈 Yoga

 最喜歡做的事 Favorite Activity:和小朋友玩 Playing with Kids,自在的在台上唱歌 Singing freely on stage

 最喜歡的卡通人物Favourite Cartoon Characters: Snoopy, Forever Friends

Current Location   Hong Kong


《One & Only》 (Nov 2009)
 《Here I Come》(27.10.2011)

城外的月光 (Sep 2010)
祝我情人節快樂 -曹格 & Gin Lee (Feb 2011)
我愛U - 野仔feat. Gin Lee & 雲海 (May 2011)

Official Site (
weibo (
Facebook (fan) (
Wiki (李幸倪)
Youtube (Her label's) (

*above daigong edit some profile from her facebook*

Gin Lee was featured on this week's episode of "The Communist" (This is why I love that show, guys! :D )

Gin Lee is appearantly one of the most promising newcomers in Canto-Pop. Gin Lee is Malaysian, and she was previously known as "Jeanie Lee". She mainly sings in Cantonese, but according to Daigong she sings a little in Mandarin, as welll. Gin Lee is best known for taking part in Taiwan's Super Idol 4. Appearantly she has at least one album now: Here I Come (

Gin Lee has a lot of good songs. My favourite is called "I do not" but I couldn't find a stream for the song. I did however find this which is also quite good!: Gin Lee(李幸倪)新歌MV《潜水》官方完整版;光头推荐 - 视频 - 优酷视频 - 在线观看 (

If you want to find some songs of her, you can do like me and steal some idea from The Communist's tracklist:

Some pictures of the angel:
( ( ( ( ( ( (
Title: Re: [CHI] Gin Lee
Post by: daigong on October 30, 2011, 10:36:46 AM
GREAT SHIT PAU! I don't know much about her at all, just I was checkin for stuff to play on TCS and there she was staring back at me :fap

《亞洲星光大道4 跳舞吧!》第4集 表演嘉賓~Gin Lee 李幸倪 (

really suits the canto pop scene, great ballads!
Title: Re: [CHI] Gin Lee
Post by: daigong on November 02, 2011, 08:32:17 AM
FRESH from her facebook. tons of magazines, they really "lifting" her!! 2011.11.1 東TOUCH and Milk magazines, among a few:


 btw Pauekn, I edited the main post with some bio and links :thumbsup
Title: Re: [CHI] Gin Lee
Post by: Pauekn on November 03, 2011, 05:59:26 AM
Wow! Great job, Daigong! I have to remember to  check Facebook. I am so rarely on there :P And thanks for the edit!

As for the pictures: Wow, she is in so many magazines. Even on covers :O She must be really popular! :)
Title: Re: [CHI] Gin Lee 李幸倪
Post by: daigong on November 06, 2011, 08:38:31 AM
^ well I wouldn't call "Apps" a magazine of importance XD

BUT SHIT check her past works with superwoman
2010-05-29 超級偶像-李幸倪-Superwoman (
李幸倪'超級巨聲2畢業典禮' - Superwoman (

and doing A-Keys proud! GOOSEBUMPS!!
Jeanie lee 李幸倪 Gin Lee if i ain't got you (
If I Ain't Got You Studio - Jeanie李幸倪香港超級巨聲Studio Rehearsal.mpg (

No wonder, Hong Kong labels snapped her up. See her at the awards. I'm behind her behind on a career to stardom!  :fap

cute bday to the fans:
26.08.2011 Birthday speech from Gin Lee (

城外的月光 - Jeanie 李幸倪 (

smoking up the charts! she has that unique SHARP look that most likely got her signed. Here she is pimping and on 903 Radio


at Hong Kong beach!

and some past events back in Malaysia last year! hope she got that shoulder zit checked out!


aww :heart:

13.02.2011 Valentine's Carnival
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
Title: Re: [CHI] Gin Lee 李幸倪
Post by: Pauekn on November 18, 2011, 07:28:12 PM
Links to her two current albums :)

Here I Come
Language: Cantonese

01. 潛水
02. 廢話少說
03. 陪襯
04. Tequila Sunrise
05. 十年如當日

Download (
One & Only (2009/12/29)
Language: Mandarin

01. 最美的梦 (Zui mei de meng)
02. 我不要 (Wo bu yao)
03. 牺牲品 (Xi sheng pin)
04. 真的要走 (Zhen de yao zou)
05. 不再分离 (Bu zai fe fen li)
06. Stay
07. 不懂得爱 (Bu dong de ai)
08. 想你 (Xiang ni)
09. 要记得我爱你 (Yao ji de wo ai ni)
10. 不再分离 (Bu zai fen li)(Acoustic Version)

Download (
Title: Re: [CHI] Gin Lee 李幸倪
Post by: Pauekn on December 09, 2011, 06:22:04 AM
Gin Lee has released a new PV!

It has been some time since someone have posted in this thread, and I've been thinking I should find something to post here for a while. I've just been too lazy to do so. Fortunately Gin Lee made it easy for me by releasing a new PV!

Gin Lee - 十年如當日 (

This PV has a sad atmosphere where Gin have lost something (Since I don't understand the title or the lyrics I can't know why, but maybe the one she loved?). She is having trouble sleeping because of her longing, and when she does sleep she just dreams about looking for something in the woods.

Personally I would say that the video part could get a bit boring (at least if you don't understand what she sings), but I really liked the singing part. Gin really doesn't fail deliver vocally here!
Title: Re: [CHI] Gin Lee 李幸倪
Post by: Pauekn on May 26, 2012, 12:00:53 PM
Gin lee, how could I forget about you!? :O
Unfortunately I don't follow her much, but when I saw how long it was since someone had last posted here, I got a feeling That I  had to check if she had a new PV by now, and she had!

Here is both the PV and the Making Of for the beautiful song Falling!


Gin Lee - Falling MV (

Making Of:

Gin Lee "Falling" Music Video Making Of (

And here you can hear a little of latest/next (not sure if it has already been released, but the PV is not out o.O) song "1st date"!

1st date太好聽,gin gin也跳舞 (
Title: Re: [CHI] Gin Lee 李幸倪
Post by: Pauekn on May 28, 2012, 01:21:48 PM
And here we have it! For those of you who can't wait... *drum roll* here you can listen to Gin Lee's latest song 1st date!

Gin Lee 1st Date 最新派台歌 (

Not sure if she will release a PV to this what the heck she is planning, but it didn't sound as sad as the previous two did :)
Title: Re: [CHI] Gin Lee 李幸倪
Post by: Pauekn on August 06, 2012, 06:46:36 PM
I really don't give Gin Lee nearly enough attention... I just check her videos every now and then ^^;

So here it it is: Her next two PVs, lol xD

GinLee - 1st date (Official Music Video) (

Gin Lee - 今天終於一人回家 ( Official Music Video) (
Title: Re: [CHI] Gin Lee 李幸倪
Post by: daigong on September 03, 2012, 09:06:56 PM


Her second release!!! CANTONESE<333


Release Date:    2012-07-30

Quote from: YA
Malaysian singer Gin Lee made her major debut in Hong Kong last year with the critically acclaimed EP Here I Come, which won her a couple of newcomer awards. Merely nine months later, she's back with a full-length new Cantonese album. Benefited from her improved mastery of the language, Gin's self-titled sophomore album features the chart-topping hit Falling, which showcases her unique high-pitch vocals, and successive singles like 1st Date and "Today Finally Going Home Alone" (Track 2).

01. Falling
02. 今天終於一人回家
03. 好姊妹 
04. 前科
05. GT
06. Killer
07. 1st Date
08. 換季生活
09. 默哀
10. 認真先輸了

DOWNLOAD ( via ihonhon

"an enjoyable interview"
Gin Lee - SOLITON INTERVIEW_Aug 2012 (

Rough random translation: Saying she wanted to do a more western R&B vibe, everyone has different goals. She went with several producers on her sophomore release cuz she wanted to try different styles. Soulful, the entire album "BE TOUGH TO LOVE" is the theme, it is the big picture. Love your job, love whatever, you have to take lots of effort to go about it. The Concept, take this music to reach new people and encourage everyone's dreams. SOOOOLID TIME LETS MUSIC LET'S PLAAAAAAAAY.

in the latest issue of Monday

CHILLS. SON. Covering Whitney.
曹格 Gary Chaw & 李幸倪 Gin Lee - Saving All My Love For You & Close to you (

so sexy with the curls.

Want me to translate this? :lol:
Gin Lee @ iTunes (