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Title: From Girls to Boys - chap 13 (MaYuki & WMatsui) 4/08/2012
Post by: Sok on November 24, 2011, 04:07:12 PM
Hey guys. Hope you like this. :thumbsup

Friends with Benefits: right blow

From girls to Boys Index
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Friends with Benefits

Will she always think of me as her best friend? You don’t have time for me anymore since we debuted as Idols. It’s been 3 years since we last actually spend time with each other. It’s so hard to meet with you even though we’re both models, actresses, and singers, I think you have less time cuz you’re a solo artist while I’m in a group.
*beep**beep* “Nooo, I wanna sleep some more.”
 “Tomomi~ Isn’t your friend suppose to pick you up in 15 minutes to go on a date?” Tomomi’s mom yells form down stairs. “Mom! It’s not a date! We’re just hanging out since we haven’t see each other in a long time!” She yelled back. Oh Shit! I totally forgot we had a date, well for me  it’s a date. Gotta get ready. Tomomi runs into the bathroom to take a quick bath. She gets out 5 minutes later and is rampaging through her closet. What should I wear. It’s been 3 years since we spend a whole day with each other. Maybe today we be me lucky day, so I should wear something sexy and exotic. In the end she wore simple cute and sexy undergarments under a cute light pink summer dress. And run down stairs where her best friend waited for her.
“Hey Chiyuu, you look good in that summer dress.”
“Thanks Tomochin. You look great, too.” Wow she looks like a badass in her dark blue jeans, white tank top and black leather jack. Chiyuu thought to herself.
“So, are you ready?”
“Ah! Yes! Let’s go. Bye mom.”
“Bye Mrs. Kasai, I’ll bring her home by 10 p.m.”
“Oh, that can’t do.”
“Why? Do you want her home at an earlier time?”
“No, it’s not that it’s just that we’ll be having dinner with your parents so if you would please have her stay with you tonight.”
“Oh, I understand. I’ll bring her back tomorrow moring.”
“Thank you Tomochin. Now take care.”
“Okay. Bye.” Both Tomomis say in unison.
They are to Disney Sea, watched the latest movies and were now having a picnic in their favorite spot in the park under the sakura tree. After cleaning up they were now heading to Tomochin’s car. Chiyuu stopped and turned to face Tomochin.
“Hey Tomochin how’s your relationship with Karen.”
“Oh that. I broke up with her a few months back. I’m now single. And you?” Chiyuu didn’t answer her and took her keys from her and started running away. Tomochin caught up to Chiyuu and gently tackled her to the ground, she’s now on top of Chiyuu and staring that her. To passerby it looked like lover’s playing. “Tomochin, I’m not satisfied. Would you Satisfy me?” Chiyuu asked. I wonder if she understands what I mean.
“ Sure.” Tomochin shrugged. “That’s what best friends are for right?” It seems she just sees me as and only as her best friend.
Tomochin has just parked her car in her house’s garage. Chiyuu cooed as she climbed over to Tomochin's side. Sitting on her lap, the two girls stared at each other straight in the eyes. Tomochin wrapped her hands around Chiyuu's waist, her mouth grazing Chiyuu's clothed breast. Chiyuu whimpered softly but snapped back into reality soon after she remembered why she was doing this. She stopped Tomochin from kissing her and took the keys out of the ignition. And slipped out of Tomochins arms and walked into her house with Tomochin a few steps behind. Once they were I side Tomochin’s room they wasted no time in taking off their clothes as they fell onto the bed together, moaning and sighing in delight to feel each other's body. As if they were not best friends but lovers instead. “Tomochin, I love you.” Tomochin smiled to Chiyuu “I know. Why do you thing I would do this if I didn’t love you back.” Kissing her roughly…

Well you can imagine the rest…

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Please update the next chapter. Thanks
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Yay!!!! Tomotomo is hot!!!!!!
Title: From Girls to Boys
Post by: Sok on November 26, 2011, 05:56:25 AM
Hey everyone is series will be a continuation of my tomo os. Hope you like it.

Ch. 1

It’s been two months since we starting dating. It would be great to spend all day with her, but since we’re both idols and have our own schedules to keep. It’s hard to even have the same day and time off. *Sigh* “I wanna see her!” “See who?” My manager asks me. “Someone important to me. We haven’t seen each other since my last day off two months ago.” I lied it’s only been two weeks since we went on one of our secret dates. “Oh, you mean Tomomi~. Don’t worry she’s probably busy with her boyfriend.” “What do you mean boyfriend?” “Oh, you haven’t heard?” “What do you mean?” “It’s seems that she has been dating a cute stylish guy for the past two months.” “What?” They couldn’t have mistaken me for a guy? Right? “Yeah. And apparently she’ll be starring in a drama with him. You didn’t know?” “No, I didn’t.” What the hell! Is she cheating on me?
After I had finished my schedule I went home and did some search on what my manager had informed me. I found that Tomomi is rumored to be dating a mysterious man (just turned out it Tomochin in guy clothes nothing mysterious about that). Chiyuu’s casted to star as one of the main roles for a Comedy/ Romanic J-drama.  It shows that Maeda Atsuko, Kojima Haruna, Minami Minegishi and Watanabe Mayu will be other the female main roles. The only thing is that it does not show or say who the main Male roles are. “Huh, seems there will be an audition for the roles next week. Hope whoever is paired with my Chiyuu is ugly. If not I’ll make him.”
“Open up! I know you’re in turn!” Loud yelling was coming from the other side of the door. *Biiinnnnggggg* “Yuko! Chill. We just got here. Plus you just rang once. You can’t except her to answer you before you even knock.” What the hell? “Alright!! Yuko.” I open the door, Yuko runs in and makes herself at home while Marichan, Yuki and Takamina greet me. “Hey, hope we’re not interrupting anything?” Takamina said. “No, it’s okay. I was just researching something. Btw why are you all here? Is there something wrong?” I asked. “Yeah! My Nyan-Nyan is going to be paired off with some guy!” Yuko screamed. Why should I care about your girlfriend? I’m more worried about mine.
“Yuko, like I said before it can’t be helped they are actresses. They’re suppose to act.” Marichan said to Yuko while the others nodded in agreement. “What?! You can’t be serious! What if my Harunyan, Miichan, Mayu, Atsuko or even Chiyuu fall in love with their male co-stars?” “Yuko’s right I don’t want my Mayuyu to fall in love with anyone other than me.” Yukirin said giving off her Black aura. “I understand what you guys are saying. But shouldn’t you trust your girlfriends in not cheating on you? Like I do with Atsuko.” Takamina said. “Yeah. Takaboy’s right we should trust them not to break our hearts.” Marichan added. “I know and I do trust her. The one I don’t trust is the guys working with her. You don’t know what’s on their mind and what their planning on doing to her.” Yuko argued back. “I’d hate to agree with the pervert of our group but she’s right. We know our girlfriends and trust them, but we have no idea about the guys.” Takamina agreed and everyone else nodded.
 “Hey, guys do you know who the male cast is?” Yuki asked. “No, I was looking them up but what came up was the auditions for the roles. So we’ll have to wait until the auditions to know.” Tomochin informed. “They haven’t gotten the male cast members yet?” Asked Takamina. “Yup, they’re having auditions for the parts.” Yuko’s crazy ideas light bulb clicked. “Tomochin when are the auditions.” Yuko asked. “Yuko why do you want to know?” Asked Yuki worried Yuko’d hurt anyone who came close to her Nyan-nyan, especially man. “Yuko you’re not going to hurt them or hospitalize them for auditing for the art?” Marichan asked aware of what Yuko can do when it came to her Nyan-nyan. “No! Of coruse not cuz we’ll be auditing for the parts.” “Oh that’s Gre.. Wait! What?!” They all yell in unison.

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Wow! It seems really interesting!!! :w00t:
What an idea Yuko!!! :thumbup
So they will cross-dress as guys and go for the audition!!!! :wub:
I can't wait to read about the audition XD

Please Update Soon :bow:
And Thanks for the Update :peace:
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Yay! An update! :gmon flowers: Yuko's ideas always crazy like usual! Haha :lol:
They're gonna be great! Can't wait to read next chapter! :mon lovelaff:
Update soon!  :bow: :bow: :bow: Ooppss,almost forgot. Thx for the update! :mon innocent:
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of course our yuko sama always have the best ideas :D, como takaboy yuu-kun fight four your wifeys :D
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What a Good Idea Yuko!!! :thumbup
I can't wait to see them Danso for the audition :wub: :inlove:

Please Update Soon and Thank you for the Update :thumbsup
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Please update soon~ (

Really~ PLEASE UPDATE~!! (
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Title: From Girls to Boys Ch.2 Nov. 26
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Thank you all for reading. And a thank you for those who write comments and/or fics. I hope you like it.

Chapter 2
“What do you mean we will be auditing for the parts?” Asked Tomochin not sure if she heard right. “Just like I said we’ll be auditing and getting the parts in order to prevent our girlfriends from doing any lovey-dovey scenes with some guy.” Yuko said proud of herself for thinking of it. “Are you insane we’re girls and idols with heavy packed schedules. And it’s hard enough to even get a free day.” Tomochin reminded Yuko. “Yeah! We would be recognized due to us being IDOLS.” Yuki added. “Yuko have you forgotten the fact that we’re…” Marichan was cut off by Yuki, Takamina, and Tomochin. “GIRLS!” “Yeah, yeah. I know that fact. Anyways Tomochin when is the audition?” Yuko continued. *Sigh* “It’s next week.” Tomochin gave up and everyone heaved a sigh. They all know once Yuko sets her mind on something she won’t change or back down.
“Besides I know someone can help us.” But she’s really weird and out there but you don’t need to know that hehe. Yuko thought to herself. “So we’ll all meet here two days before the audition, okay? And arrange everything so that you are MIA for a year or so.” With at Yuko left Tomochin’s home. “Well, *sigh*, I guess we have no choice but to go with her idea?” Yuki asked to make sure they will be going with Yuko’s crazy idea. “I guess and it also sounds interesting.” Tomochin added. “I wonder if they’ll recognize us?” Takamina asked the girls. “I think Acchan would recognize you right away.” Marichan deadpanned making everyone laugh. They said their good byes and went to their own homes. They all arranged for themselves to be absent from all their idol activities for a year. They’re agencies explained to the puplic/ fans that their idols would be taking a year to relax, get better, and to rethink about their idol lives. Which surprised many, all their fans. Some writing on their facebook, me2day, fansites, etc. that they’d be back soon and that they will miss them. “Ahhh. My fans will miss me.” They all thought.
The day Yuko told them to meet. “So everyone’s here. Great!” Yuko said excitedly. “So Yuko what’s your genius plan?” Tomomchin asked while the others nodded. Yuko brought her hand to her chin and began to stroke her invisible beard then another crazy idea came to her. “We’ll have a sex change op…..!” “NO!” They all said cutting her off. “Okay, okay. I was just joking.” Yuko jokingly said. Yuki turned to Takamina and whispered. “Is she really joking or does she really really mean it?” “I have no clue. But let’s hope she’s joking.” Takamina whispered back. “Hey you two! Pay attention to me!” Yuko yelled at Yuki and Takamina who automatically turned to face her. “Okay. Yuko now that you have everyone’s attention. What’s your plan?” Marichan asked with it-better-be-legal tone. “Oh! That’s easy will be cross-dressing.”
“Okay. That’d be great if they weren’t a big production drama.” Tomochin said stooting down Yuko’s idea. “What do you mean?” Yuki and Takamina asked. “Well that’s true. When it’s a big production drama you have to be signed with an Agency as well as have a physical then and there to proof that you are indeed that gender.” “Oh, wait what?!” Yuki and Takamina yelled in unison. “Yeah, so the whole auditing for the parts are out of the question since we are not men and aren’t signed with any agency right now.” Tomochin said looking at Yuko with a what-can-we-do-let’s-just-accept-it look. “No! I have a back-up. Reminder the person I said can help us?” Yuko asked. “Yes. Why?” They asked worriedly as if already know her next crazy plan.
Title: From Girls to Boys ch.3 Nov. 27
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Chapter 3
“Okay. I’ll be right back.” With Yuko ran out Tomochin’s house like she does when she senses Nyan-nyan around.
Somewhere 20 miles away from Tomochin’s home was the Mask Entertainment Agency.  “Saeko!!!” Yelled a out of breath woman. “Yuko! What’s wrong? Did your Nyan-nyan cheat on you or something?” Saeko said. “No! Never!” Yuko yelled back after cashing her breath. “Then what?” “Remember my idea about me and my friends auditioning for the upcoming drama which our girlfriend are starring?” Yuko asked sitting on the chair opposite of Saeko. “Yes, I do. I also promised that I would help you. So, my dear I may I help you?” Saeko with an innocent voice. “Well we need to be signed with an agency and be actually men. So can you help us auntie?” “Of course, my dear. Marilyn!” Her assistant comes in. “Yes? Saeko-sama?” “This is my niece Yuko.” “Hello Yuko, I’m Marilyn.” “Hello.” “Well enough with the introductions. Yuko here needs 5 contracts with our agency as well as being men.” Marilyn turned to Saeko and seductively bit her bottom lip while bending her knees a little with her hands traveling up and down her body. “Hey! I don’t need to see this!” Yuko yelled. “Okay, fine. You can leave, I’ll call you when the contracts and being an actually man thing is done. Okay?” Saeko said while putting Marilyn on her lap and began doing things. “Okay!” Yuko ran out before her aunt started doing things with her assistant. She liked that stuff but when it came to watching her aunt doing that there’s no way she’d risk her sanity and eye sight to watch her do ‘it’.
 Meanwhile at Tomochin’s house
 “So what do you think Yuko is planning?” Takamina asked worried. “Don’t know.” Tomochin answer with a tired voice. “I just hope it’s not that sex change idea.” Yuki said with her Black aura licking out. “Whoa. Come on guys let’s just have some faith in her.” Marichan told them hoping to not let them know she was also worried about Yuko’s idea. Just then the house phone rang. “Hello? Itano residents.” “Hey! Tell everyone to go home and meet at my house tomorrow at 9:30 p.m. Bye!” “Who was that?” Yuki asked. “Oh it was Yuko. She said to go home and meet at her place tomorrow at 9:30 p.m.” “Oh, well in that case I’ll be leaving. Bye.” Takamina said and left. “Yeah, I’ll be going too.” “Me too.”

That night after hearing the news of their girlfriends suddenly going MIA from their Idol activities they called their girlfriends.

*ring* *ring* “Hello?” A short female answered. “WHAT THE HELL?!” Yelled another female over the phone. “A-ac-acchan?” “WTH?! MINAMI!” Acchan yelled at Takamina. “Wh-what is it Acchan? Why are you mad?” Minami asked afraid. “Why?! You’re asking me, Why?!” Acchan asked in an angry voice. “Y-yes?” Minami answer now in fear for her life. “You’re leaving for a year! And you didn’t even tell me?!” “Y-yes, about that something important came up and I have to leave immediately. Sorry, Acchan.” “Wait! So! You need to ask for my permission before leaving! Or have you forgotten what happened last time?” Acchan said in a scary and intimidating voice. *Gulp* “No, it’s just that I couldn’t contact you cuz of your busy schedule. I’m sorry but I have to go. Bye.” “Okay. But you have to text or call me. Every hour.” Acchan said in a commanding voice. “Okay. Bye.” Hangs up.
Oh god I’m dead if she finds out I lied to her.
At the same time
*ring* *ring* “Hello? Mariko speak..” She was cut off by. “Hey! What’s this about you taking a leave from your activities? And why didn’t you tell me.” A female spoke on the other side with an angry voice. “Ah, Sorry Miichan. It’s just that something important came up and I have to leave.” Mariko answered in a calm voice. Hope she believes it. “What? You’re lying to me! If it was important you would have told me.” Miichan argued. “Sorry, but like I said it was short notice. Besides you were busy with your work.” “Okay fine.” Mariko sighed in relief. She believed it. “So when are you leaving?” “Why?” “So I can go with you. Of course.” “What?! Why?!” Mariko asked calming trying to cover her freak out. “So I can be with you!” “No! I mean you can’t it’s personal. And I don’t think you would comfortable, beside you have a drama to film, Right?” “Oh! Yes I totally forgot. Thanks. Okay you can go but call or text me twice a day.” “Okay. Bye. And sweet dreams Miichan.” “Bye.” 

At the same time
“Hello?” “Yuki! How could you?” “Mayuyu? What’s wrong?” Yuki asked worried. “Yuki! IHATE YOU!!” dial tone. “Wait! What?!” Why she hang up. Wait! She hates me? What the hell! She’s such a tsundere.

At the same time
“Hello? Tomomi? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Tomochin asked worried to why her girlfriend is crying. “To *hic* Tomochin is it true that *hic* your leaving? *hic*” She asked will trying to hold her crying. “Yeah, but don’t worry I’ll always be with you. You know I love you, so don’t worry.” “Okay, have a safe trip. Call me or text me whenever you can. Chiyuu~” “Thanks, Chiyuu~ I’m so happy I have such an understanding girlfriend like you.” “Stop it Tomochin you’re embarrassing me. Chiyuu~” “What? But it’s true or have you not meet our friends?” “Okay. That’s true, but I feel sorry for Takamina.Chiyuu~” “Yeah. Acchan’s scary when it comes to Takaboy.” “Yeah well anyways, I hope you’re safe Byebye. Chiyuu~” “Bye my sexy cute girlfriend.” “Hehe stop it. You’re making want to take some pointers from Acchan. Chiyuu~” “NO! I’ll stop.” “Okay bye.”
Don’t want another Acchan. Ugh! Scary!
After their girlfriends call they meet up at Yuko’s place. “Hey. Why are all you here? And this late at night? Didn’t tell you to come tomorrow?” Yuko asked confused. “Yes you did but we’re afraid Our girlfriends would show up at our door step.” Marichan informed. “Oh. So they called after the announcement of our absence.” Yuko said. They all entered. “hey Yuko what’s up with that huge red hand on your face?” Takamina asked curious. “Oh. This? It seems that My Harunyan has been taking sime pointers from Acchan.” “whoa. Now that you mention it.” Yuki said turning to Takamina. “How did Acchan take the news?” Asked Yuki. “WHY DO YOU THINK I’M HERE! I wanna live!” Poor Minami. “So I take it you all lied to them.” Yuko said. “Yes!” “No!” “What?!” “You lied to Acchan, Miichan, and Haruna?” “You didn’t lie to Chiyuu or Mayuyu?” “No, I didn’t cuz she called said she hated me and hang-up before I could say anything.” “Ohhh” They all said. “Well what about you? Tomochin?” “Oh that’s simple. I have a very understanding girlfriend. I just hope she isn’t corrupted by your Acchan. Yuko with Haruna.” “That’s true” Everyone said. “Well anyways let’s go to sleep. You all know where the beds are.” They go to sleep.
*bezzzzz* “Hello? Auntie?” “Yes. We’re ready we’ll go to your house tomorrow afternoon. Bye.” “Ok, bye.”   

Hope it isn't boring  XD
Thank you to everyone for reading.
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Mayuyu so tsundere~!! (

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Hahahaha Yuko's crazy idea, I like it!!!
Acchan is scary!!!!
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It's interesting! Miichan wanna be with Mariko :hiakhiakhiak:
But Acchan is scaring me.    :mon curtain:
Can't wait for the next chapter. Update soon! :bow: :bow:
Oh,yeah.Thx for updating.
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Yea!! Thanks for the Update!! I love it :thumbsup
Woah! Acchan so scary... :panic:
Haha.. Haruna is taking pointers from Acchan.. :lol: Poor Yuko XD
When Miichan says that she's going with Mariko I was like WOW!! XD
Haha.. Mayu didn't even let Yuki explain/lie :lol:

Thanks again for the Update :peace:
I want to know more!!! Please Update Soon!!
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OMG!!! :shocked Acchan is so scary....
and Mayu didn't even give Yuki time to explain :lol:
Tomochin is lucky that Chiyuu is understanding :)
Haha.. Mariko almost freaked out when Miichan says that she is going too XD
Haruna get some points from Acchan.. Poor Yuko LOL :lol:

Thanks a lot for the update :thumbsup It's really interesting XD
Please update soon :bow: I can't wait to read about their Danso and the audition!!! XD
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 :lol: I'm so exited!

and Acchan forever tsundere  :D
LoL I wonder what Haruna said to Yuko...

 :twothumbs thank you for your update  :bow:
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LOL this is quite hilarious :w00t:
No it's not at all boring....
Update when u can...  :panic:

Can't wait ! :twothumbs
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Acchan is the go-to leader if any of the girls want some tips in guarding their lover XD. I'm looking forward on how they're gonna to transform into guys. Wait are they actually doing magical things or simply dressing up as guys?
Title: From Girls to Boys ch.4 Nov. 30
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Thank you everyone for reading.  :D And thank you to all the writers cuz your fics inspire me to write.  XD

Chapter 4
“hey guys I had the strangest dream.” “it wasn’t a dream Takamina.” Everyone said. “What do you mean?” Takamina asked confused. “It wasn’t a dream. This is the only way for you guys to audition.” Marilyn said. “Well now that pikachu is awake I can continue. So from now on you will live in my agency’s dorm. So let’s go. I already have clothes and such for you to wear. And yes, it’s based on your personal tastes so it’s still your styles.”

9:50 a.m.

“Auntie!” “Yuko!” “Why are you so early? You said you’d be here this afternoon.” “I did but then I thought it would be better if I came early just in case.” Before Yuko could reply. “Who is it? Yuko!” Tomochin, Takamina, Mariko, and Yuki asked form the living room. “Oh, it’s my Aunt Saeko. She the person I told you about. And this assistant Marilyn.” “Hello I’m..” Before Takamina could introduce herself Saeko cut her off. “I already know who everyone is. You are idols after all.” “Oh, yeah.” Takamina sheepishly smiled. “Okay. So Auntie do you have it?” “Ah! Yes. It’s all ready I just need you all to sign.” “Sign what?” “Your contact with my Agency. Of course.” “What do you mean?” Yuki asked confused. “Oh, my aunt owns Mask Entertainment Agency. Didn’t I tell you?” “NO!” they all said. “Oh must’ve skipped my mind. Hehe” “Anyways back to business. Please read over and sign the contacts, but more importantly read them over.” They didn’t even bother to read the contacts and immediately signed. “Okay. Now drink this.” Saeko commanded giving each of her new workers a drink. “Wait, what’s this?” Mariko asked concerned by the color of the drink. “It looks like poison.” Yuki also worried about the color.  “It smells look death!” Tomochin yelled handling the drink away from herself. “Come on guys it doesn’t smell or look that bad.” Yuko said trying to convince the others. “Then why don’t you drink it first.” Takamina ordered Yuko. “Fine!” She drinks it. “See nothing bad happened.” “Okay.” They all said drinking it. “Good! Now it should be taking affect in any moment.” Marilyn clapped her hands excitedly. “Marilyn, What ar…” All five of them pass out and hit the floor hard. “Hope they don’t freak out when they wake up. Saeko-sama.” “It’s okay. They won’t freak out, I think. Well let’s just hope.” Saeko graded her assistant and took her out the house and back to their office/ dormitory. To do u know what…
9:46 p.m.
Saeko and Marilyn are back in Yuko’s house. “Seems they haven’t waken up yet.” Marilyn said poking Yuko’s cheeks. “Should I whip them?” Saeko said with a devilish smile on her face. “No! That’s only for me.” Marilyn said running to Saeko side and grading her arm. “Ugh. What just happened?” Takamina gets up from the floor. “Why are my clothes so tight?” She looks down and faints hitting the floor hard once more. “Ugh, what was that thump?” Mariko and Tomochin wake up at the same time holding their heads. “Did I drink too much?” “I don’t think so Tomochin cuz we just drink that weird drink. BTW do your clothes fit you tight?” “Yeah, you too?” “Yeah.” They turned and looked at each other. They stood frozen. Yuki and Yuko were the next to wake up. “Ugh, I feel like I have a hangover.” Yuko Said in a soft voice. “Yeah. This reminds me of when we got drunk at Acchan’s Birthday party.” Yuki agreed. “Hey, Mariko, Tomochin what’s wrong?” Yuki asked concerned why her friends were frozen as statues, but then realized the reason shortly after taking a really good look at them. “Why are you in danso outfit?” Yuki asked confused. “They’re not Dansoing Yuki. They’re, you’re actually male now.” Saeko said in a matter-of-fact tone. Mariko and Tomochin snapped out of their shock. “Okay. Now we understand why you said she’d fix it.” “But I didn’t actually believe this was possible.” Yuki asked. “Everything and anything is possible for Saeko-sama.” Marilyn said. “So, Takaboy is the only one that needs to wake up.” Yuko said poking Takamina’s cheeks. “No. It’s just that he needs to wake up again.” Saeko said. “What do you mean?” Yuki asked. “It’s possible she wake up and fainted the second she saw her new male body.” Yuko replied. “Exactly that!” Marilyn clapped her hands. Then Takamina wakes up and faints again after seeing Yuki, Yuko, Mariko, and Tomochin male forms. After that she faints six more times.
End of Flashback
“Wait! I did not sign up for a sex change!” Takamina yelled. “Oooh yes you did. Didn’t I tell you to read your contacts before signing?” “Yes.” They all said in unison now reading the said contact. “Okay. I’ll stop complaining. Since it’s written in the contact that this would happen.” “Okay now you all need new names.” Marilyn said excitedly. “Takamina, you’ll be Kai. Yuko you’ll be Yuu. Yuki you’ll be Yun. Mariko you’ll be Mario. And Tomochin will still be Tomo.” Saeko said giving each their new name. “Hey why does everyone except me have a similar name to their original name.” Kai asked. “well you do have a K and an A & I in her given name so what’s the problem? Besides your girlfriend is hella crazy and might recognize you if you say your names Minami or Takamina.” “Yup. Acchan’s crazy when it comes to Takaboy.” “Fine. Let’s just go.” With that they left Yuko’s house and went to the dorm to start their new lives as men. Saeko taught them how to act like a man and other male stuff. “Now you are men!” “Yosh!” “Remember the audition starts at 7:00 a.m. today. So better get a 4 hour nap before leaving.” “Okay.”

Hope you enjoyed it.
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Yun~ (
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Hahaha Takamina fainted!!!
This chapter makes my morning ^^
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The story is getting interesting .  :hehehe: :kekeke:
I was loling all the time, :ding: :wahaha:
Update soon.
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Interesting :mon lovelaff:
So now they're male,huh? Cool!!!! :tama-lotsaluv:
Update soon :mon innocent:
I like ur fic :gmon love2:
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OMG!! Now they're boys!!!! :w00t:
Hahaha.. Takamina fainted so many times LOL :lol:
I can't wait to read what will happen during the audition XD
And how they will interact with their girlfriends :thumbup

Thanks for the Update :thumbsup
Please Update Soon :mon cute:
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Better read the contract before signing it :smhid
Yea!! They are boys now!!! :wub: :w00t:
Haha.. Takamina fainted after seeing herself and another 6 more times :lol:
I want to know how they will interact with their 'girlfriends' :twothumbs
I wonder if Acchan will find out about it and if Acchan found out I wonder how she will react LOL XD

Can't wait to read more, It's ADDICTING and INTERESTING :thumbsup :twothumbs :thumbsup
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Title: From Girls to Boys ch.5 Dec. 2
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Hey everyone. Thank you.

I'll be writing the drama they will be in for Ch.6 Hope its not confusing. I'll try to update Ch. 6 somewhere by Dec. 4. Here's ch. 5. Enjoy!

Chapter 5
The Day of the audition
Marilyn wake them up after their 4 hour nap. “Guys, it time for you to get ready.” “Haiii.” They replied getting ready. They somehow found that being a man is easier than being a woman. It didn’t take long to get ready. They were out the door and at the audition in no time, they fill out all the necessary papers and are now in the waiting room waiting for their turn. There they find Acchan flirting with a group of guys auditioning for the roles. Seeing her...scratch that his girlfriend flirting with other guys pissed him off. “Kai! Chill. Remember you’re no longer Minami, but Kai.” Mario said in a calm voice holding Kai from killing the guys. “You’re right, I’m Kai which means I can trick her and flirt with her or other girls without being abused.” “That’s it! Wait, you flirt? Are you even capable of flirting? Or even cheating on Acchan?” Yuu asked confused. “Yes. Watch and learn, bros.” With that he left and ten minutes later came back with 15 different women’s numbers and his hair messed up. “Whoa. Never knew you had it in you.” Yuu said amazed by the amount of numbers he got. “Yep. I’m Free as a bird now that I don’t have to worry about Acchan punishing me.” “Hey guys, is it just me or is Acchan giving Kai the death glare she always gives Minami before punishing her.” Yun asked looking at Acchan who giving Kai her death glare. “Ah! You’re right.” Tomo said. “Hey! What ya looking at? Am I that irresistible? If you want some come get some! Sexy!” Kai yelled to Acchan then winked and bit his bottom lip in a seductive way. “Y-y-you w-wish! I’m already taken! BAKA!” Acchan yelled back at Kai, her face a bright pink and walked into the audition room to judge. “Did Acchan just stuttered?” Mario asked surprised at both Kai’s and Acchan behavior. “I think so.” Yuu and Yun said in unison.

“OK! The following participants please enter the audition room. Tomo Itano, Kai Takahashi, Mario Shinoda, Yuu Oshima, and Yuu Kashiwagi. Please enter the audition room.” Said a female assistant.
 “Okay! Anyways it’s already our turn. So focus.” Tomo said walking into the audition room while the others followed behind. Tomo’s thoughts: Seems becoming a man awaken Kai’s predator instincts instead of being the prey, he usually was to Acchan when he was a woman.
The female assistant’s thoughts: Wow! These five guys are so cute, cool, handsome, hot and sexy. They’re the best looking out of every man here.

In the audition room
The producers’ and director’s thoughts: Wow! They’re perfect for the roles they’re auditioning for. Wonder if the girls like them.
Acchan: Ah! It’s Pikachu! Wow, up-close he’s cute. Hope he gets the role of my partner. Sorry Minami but this is what happens when you leave me unattended. But for some weird reason he looks familiar.
Tomomi: Kyaaaa! The short dark brown haired with light brown strikes looks so cool. I want him! Chiyuu~ But for some weird reason he reminds me of someone. His baby face kinda resembles Tomochin.
Miichan: What the? Why is Pikachu here? Whoaaa. Who’s that tall and handsome man with dark brown hair with dark red high lights? He looks yummy. I won’t mind being partnered with him. Sorry Marichan but this isn’t cheating, it’s work. But for some weird reason he gives me the same feeling I get when I’m with Marichan. Strange, I wonder if they’re related.
 Mayu: Whoa the guy with black hair with dark blue high lights looks like an anime character. I want him as my partner. But for some weird reason he looks familiar maybe he was a model for an anime character.
Haruna: The other midget next to Pichu looks like my squirrel, well sort of. His a little taller and he has dark brown hair with dark green strikes. Well whatever I am single since Yuko left. So maybe I can have some fun, like Acchan told me to.

They weren’t paying attention to the Five young men when they introduced themselves and did their audition and left. All five actresses turned to the producers and director of the drama. “We want them.” All five said in unison. “That’s great! We do too. So it’s decided. They’re our guys.” The director said excitedly. “Ann please contact their agency and inform them they’ve got the roles.” “Yes, Sir!” Ann’s thoughts: Kyaaa! I’ll be working with hot guys!

Back at the dorm
“Guys! You got it!” Marilyn says jumping up and down. “What?” “You guys got the roles. I just received a call about when filming will being.” Saeko informed. “Yosh!” They all shouted and raised their fist.
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Yes!! Update!! XD
OMG!! Kai flirting with other girls and Acchan giving him death glare :twothumbs
I prefer Kai to be the hunting one :wub: :inlove:
Haha.. Acchan stuttered XD it's so cute :heart:

Thanks for the Update :thumbsup
I'll be waiting for December 4/5 to come XD
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Kai and Acchan as usual are cute couples and tsundere. Post the next update please. Thanks
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Hehe can't wait for your update. It would be really interesting ^^
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First meeting~!! YAY~!! (
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Woooooooooooo~ An update!  :otomerika:
Kai is so handsome that every girl want him.....   :mon lovelaff:
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Kai FLIRTING?!?! :mon pumped: Oyeah!!....  Like A Boss :pimp:
great story want to know more :cow: :cow:

Thanks for the Update  :deco:
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jajaj I love this story!!  kay filtring gorgeous.. maybe you can change they personality for example

minami is shy but kai likes filtring with girls

yuko is a perver but yuu-kun gonna be shy because haruna will try seduce him

jajaj sorry mi imagination is a lot
Title: From Girls to Boys ch.6 Dec. 3
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Hey everyone. This chapter has the drama they are acting in I hope it not to confusing.

In the Drama Yun plays Yunho. N Tomo plays Tai.

The drama Parts wil be in Bold.

Chapter 6

The first day of filming. “Hey, Chiyuu! What’s up with Acchan?” “Don’t know Miichan. She’s been like that since I came.” Chiyuu answered with worry. “It looks like she’s going to tease or punish Takamina.” Haruna said joining the two. “You’re right. It looks like she’s waiting for Takaboy to come so she can torture her.” Miichan said agreeing with Haruna. “Yeah, but she out of the country and so are ours.” Mayu leaves the group and approaches Acchan. “Hey Acchan. Who are you waiting for?” “Oh. Mayu I’m waiting for Pikachu.” “Pikachu? Oh you mean the short blonde guy from yesterday. But isn’t he more like a Pichu.” Haruna said joining them with Chiyuu and Miichan right behind. “Yeah and no he’s not that small. Well maybe to you cuz you’re tall. I wanna get him back for yesterday.” “What do you mean by yesterday?” Chiyuu asked.

“Everyone gather around! It’s time to discuss the scene we’ll be filming today!” The director’s assistant Ann shouted. “Okay!” everyone gathers around. “Okay people! We have finally found our guys.” The Director says informing the crew. “Okay guy! Please come and introduce yourselves.” Director shouts and the five young men come out. “Hello I’m Tomo Itano, Kai Takahashi, Mario Shinoda, Yuu Oshima, and Yuu Kashiwagi.” “Nice to meet you. Please treat us well.” They said in unison bowing towards the crew. “Thank you. The camera, make up, lighting, sound, and anyone who is not an actress, actor or producer may leave.” Ann said directing everyone to their work place. “Now I’ll inform you all what your roles are.” The director said to the boys. “Okay.” “Mario you’ll be playing Haruna’s partner. You don’t have to worry about your characters’ names it’s the same for most of your name except Yun’s and Tomo’s. Yun your character’s name is Yunho and Tomo yours is Tai because we don’t want you and Tomomi Kasai to have the same name.” “Okay.” They said. “Great! So here are the pairings: Mario and Haruna, Yuu and Miichan, Yun and Tomomi, Kai and Atsuko, Tomo and Mayu.”

Girls POV
Haruna:Wow. His hot and my height, I wonder how he looks in wet clothes. I think the kissing scenes are going to be fun.
Miichan:Nooooo! Why! Why did Haruna get him. I wanted him! Damn it! But on the other hand this guy isn’t bad. His has that cool and perverted feel to him. Maybe I should have some fun with him before going after Mario.
Tomomi: NOOOOO! Chiyuu~ I wanted Tomo! *pouts* My cute Tomochin baby face look alike is paired with Mayuyu. I really really miss you, Tomochin. Chiyuu~ I wanna be with you.
Atsuko: Yes! I got Pikachu. Now it’s payback time. You have no idea who you messed with shorty. *Evil smile*   
Mayu: Damn! Tomomi got Yun. Man I really wanted him to be my partner. But on the other hand Tomo is cute and kinda resembles an anime character from the anime I’m currently watching. I wonder what’s under those clothes. Well I’ll find out sooner or later.

Guys POV
Mario: WTH?! I thought we got the parts we audition for. Wait why is Haruna looking at me like a piece of meat?
Yun: Haa. At least I got partnered with Tomomi instead of the others. Tomomi’s relaxed and less complicated then Mayu and the others. I think my role is the easiest.
Yuu: Nooooo! Nyan-Nyan! WTH! Don’t look at Mario that way! He’s off limits. OFF LIMITS!!!!
Kai: Yes! I got Acchan. Well since Acchan doesn’t know it’s me, I think I’ll play with her and then make her feel guilty about cheating on me. Well my female form.
Tomo:Ah rats. I wasn’t paired up with Tomomi. Well at least I know she’ll be safe with Yun. I wonder why Mayuyu is looking at me like that? Do I have my fly open? Nope. Well I just hope she isn’t up to something.

The director continued to explain what the drama is about, gave them their scripts and began rehearsing.

Drama’s title – It’s complicated
Kai- Kai                Mario-Mario            Tomo-Tai          Yun- Yunho           Yuu- Yuu
Atsuko- Acchan    Haruna- Haruna     Mayu- Mayu     Tomomi- Tomomi      Miichan- Miichan

Mario is Haruna’s Fiancé but both don’t want to marrying one another, so they agree to pretend to love each other in front of their families and friends and have secret lovers. There are secretly seeing the ones they love, but don’t know who the other’s secret lover is, they don’t want to complicate things. Mario’s lover is Miichan while Haruna’s lover is Kai. Kai is dating Acchan at the same time. She does not know he is cheating on her because she trusts him. Meanwhile Miichan is a pretend relationship with Yuu who is in love with Acchan, he does this so he can be closer to Acchan. He does not know who her boyfriend is, Haruna or even who’s Miichan’s lover. Yunho is Tomomi’s bestfriend and is pretending to be her boyfriend so their parents don’t set them up in marriage meetings. They both are in love with someone else but the thing is that the ones they love are engaged to someone. Tai and Mayu are childhood friends and were engaged since birth. They have not seen each other in 10 years. And then everything gets complicated, but that’ll come after we shoot the first couple of episodes which will explain to viewers the relationship. (note: they will change allot of scenes.)

Drama filming Begins

A few weeks after rehearsals and going through the script, they are ready to start filming. The producer/ director Meetan said. “So the first shot we’re doing for the first episode that will be done today is the meeting between Tomo’s character Tai and Mayu’s. Now go to your places, everyone!” When everyone is in their places. “Action!” Cameras start rolling.

The setting is Top’s Café. “Hello, welcome to Top’s Café. How may I help you?” “Hello. I would like a Skinny Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel, please.” “Ok, one Skinny Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel. That will be $4.95.” hands over the money. “Your change is $15.05. May I have your name?” “Tai.” “Ok Tai your drink will be ready in a few minutes.” “Thank you.” Tai says leaving the cashier. The Café door opens and a costumer comes in. “Hello, how may I help you?” “I want Skinny Caramel Macchiato, please. Extra caramel.” “Ok, one Skinny Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel. That will be $4.95.” hands over the money. “Your change is $45.05. May I have your name?” “Mayu” “Ok Mayu your drink will be ready in a few minutes.” Leaves and sits down behind Tai which is closer to the counter. “Tai!” an employee yells. “one Skinny Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel!” another yells. Mayu gets up and gets it first but when she turns. “Um, excuse me Miss but that’s mine.” “Oh? Really?” “Yes, it has my name on it.” “Oh so it does.” She’s interrupted by an employee. “Mayu!” She grads her drink and stars to leave.” “Um, excuse me but you still haven’t given me my drink.”

Producer/ Director Meetan’s thoughts: What’s going on this isn’t a part of the script. Mayu what are you thinking? It better be interesting for viewers. “Meetan what’s going on this isn’t a part of the scene.” Tomomi asks worried. “It’s okay. Let’s continue to film."

“Oh, yeah I forgot, sorry about that.” “No, it’s o…” Mayu stepped closer to Tai and poured the drink all over him, making his shirt wet.

The girls playing as extras: Wow! He has nice abs. But I want to see him without anything. Thank you. Mayu.
Tomomi: You’re dead Mayu. But still thank you for the show. Chiyuu~

“WTH! You brat!” Tai yells upset and gets closer to Mayu who just smirks at him. “You ruined my shirt!” They’re now 3 ft away from each other. “Sorry. I’ll make it up to you.” Mayu says innocently with hint of seductiveness stepping closer to him. “And how do y…” Tai couldn’t finish due to Mayu’s lips sealing his. The kiss was slow at first and then became aggressive.

Tomo’s thoughts: Oh Shits! I’m kissing Mayu in front of Tomomi and Yun! I’m soooo dead when I get back to the dorm. His already give off his black aura.
Mayu’s: Wow!  He’s an amazing kisser. I wonder if his good somewhere else? Well we’ll find out later.

“Aaannd cut! Let’s do that kissing scene one more time. Shall we? And this time, Mayu wrap your arms around his neck And pull him closer to you to deepen the kiss.” Meetan shouted from her seat. “What?!” Tomo yells from his place. “I have to kiss her again! But that kiss wasn’t even a part of this scene!” “Now it is. I’ll add or cut parts to scenes that’s why I’m a producer and Director. OK!” Meetan shouted with her assistant producers nodding their heads in agreement. “Action!” Mayu yell. “OI! Mayu! I can only say that!” Meetan scolded Mayu. “Sorry.” “Good. Place people! And Action!”

They kiss once more this one was deeper and more aggressive and lustful. After their kissing they exited the Café.

“And cut! That’s it for this scene. We’ll continue with tomorrow since we’re ahead. Let’s go on to the next set!” Meetan shouted. Cast & crew changed locations.  The everyone:What?! We’re gonna continue? Can’t it wait until tomorrow since it was scheduled to be done tomorrow. We’re hungry!

While the crew set up the cameras and equipment.
“Okay my five actors and actresses you will have 1 hr and half to eat and do your business but be here on time. Or else. For the crew you’ll have 1hr to eat.” Meetan said leaving to eat. They all ate and still had 20 minutes. The crew had just finished setting up and began eating.
“Tomo may I speak with you?” A black force began to pull Tomo away where there was no one around. “Y-Yun! It’s not what you think!” “What I think is that I should do the same and kiss your Girlfriend.” “NO! She’s too pure, ya know that. Besides Mayu was the one who went off script not me.” The black aura around Yun started to disappear. Tomo heaved a sigh in relief. “I know but seeing you kiss her back pissed me off.” “Wait, I was kissing her back?” Tomo asked confused. “Tomo you don’t know this but it’s like one of your reflexes.” “What do you mean?” still confused. “When someone kisses you, you automatically kiss them back without realize you’re doing it. It’s like a reflex of yours.” “Oh. Sorry.” Tomo said looking down at the ground. “It’s ok. But please be careful around Mayu when you’re filming.” “Why?” “I have a feeling she wants to do more than just kiss you.” “Oh… OOOOOHHHH! That’s not good. I’ll defiantly be more protective over my body! My body only belongs to Tomomi.” “Good to hear. Now let’s get back. Before Meetan yells at us for not being ready.” “Yeah.” They went back to the set.
Somewhere at the same time
“Mayu can I talk to you?” “Sure Tomomi. What’s up?” “How can you kiss Tomo?” “Easy.” “But the kiss and wetting him weren’t a part of the scene, so why do it?” “I just wanted to have fun while filming. Besides I was surprised to see he has a nice body and great kisser.” “His a great kisser?” “Wow! Mayu if Yuki heard you she would kill him.” “No she wouldn’t Miichan. I’d tell her it was part of the scene.” “It’s true. It’s not like she knows what the scenes are.” “Haruna’s right. Besides I’ve been doing that in all my dramas just to get Takamina jealous so I can tease her afterwards.” Acchan devilish smiles remembering some of those moments. “Acchan you’re such a sadist.” Miichan playful smiled at Acchan. “I feel sorry for your girlfriends.” Tomomi murmured to herself. “You say something Chiyuu?” “No, nothing. I think we should go back. It’s my turn to film now.” “Yeah, we don’t want Meetan to have an excuse to sexually harass us.” “Yeah I agree with Miichan.” They all went back to the set.   

Sorry if it's confusing.  :kneelbow: :kneelbow: If it is I'll cut the drama part and continue without it.
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Why you do that?! Mayuyu?! (

Remember your Yukirin~!!  (
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Thanks for the Update it was so interesting :thumbup :thumbup

The relationship will be complicated but it sounds really interesting XD
I love the Drama part it's a great opportunity to get their partners jealous :lol:
I was like... :shocked Acchan usually went off the script in the drama just to get Takamina jealous and tease her.. :twisted:
I hope Takamina and Acchan's scene will come soon~ Can't wait to read it!! :thumbsup

Thanks for the Update :)
Please Update Soon :mon cute:
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yeah its a little confusing but so fun :D.... but the pairs are so different that i think.. except atsumina pair ajajja i wanna know the atsuko`s revenge :D
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Omg Mayu is kissing Tomo instead of Yun.. Wonder how the pairing between Kai and Acchan going to be ?! Please update the next..
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Lol mayu is so daring  :cathappy:

I wonder whats gonna happen to the other couples :P
Update soon ! :roll:
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ROLF! The "girlfriends" are so scary.... especially Acchan well except for Chiyuu* maybe.

Looking forward to next drama scene!

Arigatou!  :bow:

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Oh oh I thought Tomochin wouldn't survive after that lol
They are all machiavelouis hehehe
Title: From Girls to Boys ch.7 Dec. 11
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There still 10 mins left. “Hey Yuu! What’s wrong?” “It’s Harunyan. Mario.” “What do you mean?” “She isn’t here.” “Where did she go?” “She went with the girls.” “Ohh, wait! Here she comes. Why not talk to her.” Mario calls Haruna and pushes Yuu towards her and leaves to where the guys are. “Yuu? Is there something you wanna talk about?” “Um..ano.. Ha-Haruna?” “Yes?” Haruna’s thoughts: Awww! He’s so cute when he stutters. And that shy smile. Aww. I just wanna eat him up. But it’ll be more fun while we’re filming. “Ano…R u in a relationship right now?” Yuu asked timidly. “No. Why?” “I-it’s just…” Before he could finish. “PLACES PEOPLE! WE DON’T GOT ALL DAY!” Ann yells. “We’ll talk later Yuu.” With that Haruna left to sit in her chair. Yuu’s thoughts: WTH?! What’s wrong with me? I just wanted some skinship yet I couldn’t even move or talk to her correctly. She must think I’m an idiot now. “Okay! People! This scene is Tomomi and Yunho telling their parents their dating each other. 5….4….3….2….1….And Action!” Meetan yelled.

Shooting drama
The setting is a really nice Hotel for rich people. “Hey Yunho?” “Hm?” “Do you really think they’ll believe it?” “Oh course. We’ve know each other since childhood. They’ll definitely believe us.” “But don’t you think we’re just pretending?” “No, I think they’ll be happy. So they won’t question it.” “Okay I trust you.” They enter the hotel’s restaurant and meet up with their parents. “Hey Dad, Mom.” “Yunho.”  “Hello mother and father.” “Hello, Tomomi.” They ordered their food and started eating. “So what’s this important announcement you wanted to tell us?” Tomomi’s dad asked. “Well sir, the thing is that I’m dating your daughter.” Both fathers choked on their food. “Really?” The mothers asked excitedly. “Yes.” Both Tomomi and Yunho said. “That’s great!” Both their moms excitedly shout. “When’s the wedding?” Both their dads asked after recovering from their choking. “Whoaa! That’s moving too fast.” Yunho said. “Well you’ve know each other for years.” “That’s true dad but that was as friends not lovers. So we’ll be taking it slow by dating first.” Tomomi said. “Okay.” They finish eating and bid their parents goodbyes. “Yes! It worked.” “Of course it did. But I was kinda scared when our dads asked about a wedding. I was about to ask who’s.” They started laughing. “Yeah. Well at least we no longer have to worry about those marriage meetings set up by our parents.” Tomomi said. “Yeah. haha” “Hey Yunho is it me or are we be following us?” “What?” Yunho turns and sees thugs following them. “Seems that those thugs have been following us since we left the hotel.”

“Cuuuttt!” Meetan yells. “Yun and Tomomi can’t you two do something interesting like Mayu did to Tomo. Other than just follow the script? I WANT U to fight them off then KISS Tomomi! And make it HOT!” Meetan yelled. Meetan’s thoughts: Are these two slow in the romance department? Can’t they feel the sexual tension around them?  “But I have a boyfriend!” Tomomi argued back. “Who cares! He isn’t here, now KISS!” Tomo’s thoughts: Aww. Tomomi doesn’t want to cheat on me. Damn Meetan! Why make her kiss someone she doesn’t want to. “Ano.. Meetan?” “Yes? Tomo?” “Why not add me into the mix to make it more interesting.” “Add you? Like have your character meet Tomomi’s earlier than scheduled?” “Yes?” Tomo answered concerned if he made the right move. “That’s a great idea! Now That’s interesting!” Meetan shouted excited at the idea. “Thank you.” “Ok. Yun and Tomomi, your characters will run away from the thugs and get separated from each other. Tomomi will meet Tai. Ok! Places people! 5….4….3….2….1….Now Action!”

Yunho and Tomomi leave the hotel and notice they’re being followed by the thugs, they run as fast as they can but get separated. Tomomi is surrounded by the group of thugs in an alley. She screams for help but no one seems to notice. “Help! Heeeeeeelp!!!” Tomomi screams with all her strength, hoping someone might hear her. “What the..” Tai says stopping in the middle of the busy sidewalk, he then begins to follow the voice calling for help. He then spots a female begin surround, he hurries and runs toward the group jumping and beating them up. “Miss? R u okay?” “Y-yes. Thank you.” “Here let me help you up.” “thank you, btw what’s your name?” “Oh, I’m Tai. And yours?” “Tomomi.” They begin to walk towards the streets but suddenly Tai slipped on a banana bring Tomomi down with him. They are now on the ground Tomomi is on top of Tai. “R u okay? Tomomi?” “Yes. Thank you.” For some odd reason their faces kept getting closer and closer until their lips locked. At first it was soft and gentle then it become rough, passionate and deep. Driving his tongue into Tomomi's waiting mouth, Tai explore every part of her mouth. It was becoming hotter by the second. “Tomomi! R u okay?!” Yunho said interpreting them. “Yunho!” Tomomi said frowning.

The crew & cast and Meetan. “NOOOOOOO!!!! You ruined the moment!” “But made it more interesting. I think this drama will have to be modify.” Ann said. “Hey! I didn’t say cut so why did you all stop filming?” Meetan yelled upset that they had stopped filming. “5...4...3...2...1... ACTION!”

They were still in that position (Tomomi on top of Tai). “I’m okay Yunho nothing bad happened see?” “Yeah I can see nothing bad happened but it seems something good occurred.” Realizing what their position was, Tomomi quickly got off Tai and left with Yunho after saying good bye to Tai.
End of shooting 

“Okay that’s it for today. We’ll continue tomorrow.” Ann yelled. “Everyone get a good rest. You’ll need it for tomorrow.” Meetan yelled leaving the set with Ann. Everyone else left after cleaning up.

At Mask Entertainment Agency Dorm
“Wth?! Was up with the banana?” Yuu asked laughing with everyone. “I don’t know.hhahaha” Kai said. “Tomo? haha” Mario started but ended up laughing. “Before I knew it I had slipped.” Tomo says also laughing at what happened to him. “Who leaves a fresh and eatable banana in an alley?” Yun asked. “Yeah, but still I can’t believe how lucky you are Tomo to have a full blown make session with both Mayu and your Chiyuu on the same day.” Yuu said giving Tomo a pat on the back. “Hey! What’s up with all the laughing boys?” Saeko said entering the boys dorm. “Nothing.” Yuu and Kai said. “We’re just talking about the drama shooting.” Yun an Tomo said. “Hey, Saeko I thought you said that we got the parts we audition for.” Mario asked. “Yeah, but when we got there the only one that got his girlfriend was Kai.” Yun says. “Really that’s strange?” Marilyn said tilting her head. “Wasn’t Haruna Mario’s girlfriend?” Saeko asked. “No! Auntie she’s mine.” Yuu yelled wanting to strangle Saeko. “She was? Then that means Mayu is Mario girlfriend.” Saeko said with a smile. “No She’s my girlfriend.” Yun says. “Then..” Saeko was cut off by Tomo. “Tomomi is my girlfriend.” “Miichan is my girlfriend. How could you only get Kai’s girlfriend right?” Mario asked curious to know why Kai’s the only one with the right girlfriend. “Wow so you like them young, huh?” Saeko said smirling st Mario. “Answer the question.” Yun, Yuu, Tomo, and Mario shouted seriously. “Acchan resembles a younger me. And Kai looks like to type you can torture. And would like S & M.” Saeko said proudly. Tomo, Yuu, Yun, Mario, and Marilyn turned to Kai. “GOOD LUCK! You’ll need it.” “EHH???!” Kai *fail face*   

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When Yuki will get to kiss Mayu~? I will wait~ (

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This is so gddd  :w00t:

If only it was longer  :tntrm:
Update soon i'll be waiting ! :roll:
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And lol Acchan would become like Saeko later, poor Takamina hahaha
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Cute~ Seeing Yuu stuttering in front of Haruna :wub:

It's so interesting :) Please Update Soon :mon cute: Hopefully Atsumina moments too :thumbup :thumbup
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Yuu stuttering :wub: :inlove: so cute~~~
LOL Acchan resembles Saeko when she is young :shocked
Can't wait to see what happen later at the drama XD Esp. Atsumina!!!

Thank you for the update :thumbsup
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TomoTomo  :twothumbs

This scene was epic too! Meetan ROFL!

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Saeko sure is epic the way her explanation.

Meetan forever ROFL
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 :mon hi: Everyone thank you for reading, commenting and leaving thank yous. I tried really hard on this one.  :mon ehh: cuz many of you have wanted this moment. And Finally Atsumina moment has come.  :mon beam: Hope I didn't fail.  :mon POd: :mon cry:

Chapter 8

The following day was Kai’s and Acchan’s shooting followed by Mario’s and Haruna’s. “You two. Your characters are going on a date. Kai you’re taking Acchan on a romantic date. Okay is everyone ready?” Meetan says sitting in her Director’s chair watching the monitors, seeing if everything looked good. “Yes! Already!” “Good. In 5….4….3….2….1….ACTION!” Meetan yelled to begin the shoot.

Shooting drama
Kai holds Acchan’s hand while walking to a nearby park. “Acchan, where would you like to go?” “Anywhere as long as I’m with you.” Acchan gives Kai a sweet smile. “Great, cuz I got a boat ride here in the park. Shall we go?” “Yes, but can we take the path on the hill that leads to the dock?” “Yes, anything for you.”

Meetan’s thoughts: This is going similar to the script so it’s good. Well it’d be better if they did something interesting or dumb.
Staff’s thoughts: They are going off script now. Please don’t get police or Paramedics involved.

While Kai and Acchan were walking up the hill towards the docks, Kai spotted an attractive woman. Who happened to be jogging towards them. Kai couldn’t help but stare at the woman’s assets while she jogged. To him everything the woman did was in slow motion. Kai bite his lower lip watching the attractive woman jogging away. “Take a picture it’ll last longer.” Acchan said in a cold voice. “Nah, a video’s better cuz it last longer and you can watch it over and over again in slow mo.” Kai said still looking the direction the woman went with a big grin on his face. “Perv!” Acchan shouts as she pushes Kai who accidently tripped over a rock and ended up going over the rail and rolling down the hill towards the docks and lake. “OMG! Kai!” “Ugh! Ow! Itai! Mommy!” Kai cries as his body hits trees, small rocks, twigs, and other stuff on the ground. “Kai! Hold on! I’ll be right there!” Acchan yelled worried. “Hurry Acchan!” Kai yelled back as he still rolled down. “Man how big is this hill anyways? Itaiiii!!!! My hacky sack!!!” Kai cried in pain, now protecting his hacky sack.

The boys thoughts:Itai! That must hurt. Good luck Kai. Seems you’ll need it.

 “Acchan!” Kai cried trying to grad anything that could help him stop rolling. “Why is this Hill so smooth?!” “Kai! I’m down here!” Acchan called already on the dock, suddenly Kai came to a stop right before rolling into the lake. “phew. That was close.” Acchan said pulling Kai. “Itai! Acchan! U’r pulling my hair!” Kai cried in pain. “Huh? Oh sorry. It was the only thing I could grad.” “Yeah, whatever let’s go on the damn ride.” Kai said getting up. “Btw how did you get down here so fast?” Kai asked walking towards the boat  ride. “Easy I took the lift, so I would be able to see you rolling down.” Acchan said smiling innocently to Kai. “What are you? A M?” Kai asked getting into the couple boat. “If I’m an M. That makes you an S. Doesn’t it?” Acchan retorted settling down in the boat. “Yeah whatever. So, Acchan you wanna row the bost?” Kai asked hoping she would do it. “No! U’r the man in the relationship, now do it! Besides I hurt my wrists when I stopped you from rolling into the lake.” Acchan pouted messaging her wrists. “okay, I’ll do it.” Kai said grading the poles and began to row. After 10 minutes of rowing, he stopped. “Man rowing is too much excising. OH? What’s that?” “What’s what?” Acchan asked as she sees Kai taking out a set of binoculars. “What are those for?” Acchan asked confused to why Kai would bring those when there were no birds in sight. “There’re for chick watching.” Kai said standing up in the boat, which was a bad move on his part. “Oh? So I’m not enough for you?” “Yes, now leave me alone. There’s this hot chick running. Oh ho!” Kai said smiling. Acchan got up. “Kai?” Acchan called him in a sweet voice. He turned to face Acchan. (He still had the binoculars on his eyes.) “Yes, A…” He couldn’t finish due to Acchan punching the binoculars into Kai’s face causing him to step back as pain spread through his face. Acchan stepped closer to Kai and punched him in the stomach making him fall backwards into the lake. “Now think about what you just did and we’ll talk later. Bye” Acchan said in a sweet yet cold voice and began to row toward the docks. “Hey! U can’t leave me here! The water’s freezing! Hey! Heeey! Acchan weren’t your wrist injured? AHHHHH!” Kai yelled as Acchan drew far and far away from him.

end of shooting

“And cut! That was great!” Meetan exclaimed hugging Acchan. “Hey! Someone fish out pichu!” Haruna yells as she spots Kai swimming towards them. “Pichu? Who’s that?” Everyone asks. “It’s Kai! Now go fish him out! He looks like a wet dog.” Meetan yells.
“Kai are you okay?” Yuu asked as he sees Kai with two black circles around his eyes. “No, I’m freezing cold!” “Here.” Yun wrap a blanket around Kai while Mario brings him some dry clothes. “Man those are going to be some naughty bruises on your eyes.” Yuu said poking Kai’s left eye’s bruise. Mario handed him the dry clothes. “Dude, now you look exactly like pichu from Pokémon.” Tomo joked. “Hey! It’s Pikachu cuz that one’s taller.” Kai retorted. “Btw. Kai you’re becoming more prevented than Yuu and Saeko.” Tomo and Mario stated. “No, I’m not!” “Yes, you are. At least I stick to one attractive woman which is my Nyan-Nyan. While you’re all over the place.” Yuu retorted. “Okay, but it’s cuz Acchan doesn’t seem to interest me anymore.” “What?!” Yuu, Yun, Tomo and Mario shouted shocked by Kai’s statement. “Okay. You need to think on what it is you want. I’m going to my shoot.” Mario said leaving, Yuu and Yun just nodded and left. “Yeah, Mario’s right.” With that the boys left Pikachu alone.
Kai’s conscious: What exactly is going on with me? I’ve never acted like this. Is it possible that I no longer love Acchan? No, that can’t be. I’ve done all this for her, right? *Sigh* What exactly do I want? Do I just want Acchan cuz of her body? Or do I love her and want to be with her? Man, I’m so confused. Being a man is hard! You can’t think straight! My mind is saying something, my heart’s saying something else, and my other part is saying her body. Argh!
“Kai! Kai!” *SLAP* “Ah! Itai! A-Atsuko? Why you hit me?” “I was calling you but you seemed to be deep in thought.” Acchan said while rubbing the cheek she just slapped. “Ah, sorry. I just have a lot on my mind right now.” Kai said looking at the ground. “It’s okay. And I’m sorry.” “For what?” “Well, the whole pushing you and etc. Now because of me you have bruises and cuts.” Acchan said in a sad voice. “It’s okay Acchan. No matter what you did, it was my entire fault. I was paying attention to someone else when you were right in front of me. I’m sorry.” Kai said looking lovely into Atsuko’s eyes. “You know, Kai. You remind me of someone important to me. Whenever we fight, she would always take the blame, even though most of the time it’s my fault. She’s always been there for me and accepting my punishments, but when she needs me, I’m never there. I feel like she’s always the one keeping this relationship together. I should learn to trust her and believe in her like everyone else.” Acchan said lovely thinking about her Minami. “Acchan, it’s not your fault. You’re always busy with your schedule whenever I need you. And I do all that cuz I love you.” Kai said forgetting something very important. “Yes, wait! HUH? What did you just say Kai?” Acchan asked confused. “OH S***! What I mean was…” Kai was cut off by Acchan who pressed her lips against his. They kissed for a good minute before Acchan broke it. “Minami! WTH! Jerk! Why didn’t you tell me it was you?” Acchan asked pissed. “What? I don’t know who you’re talking about. I’m Kai not Minami!” Kai said panicking. “Minami, you think just cuz you’re a man now that I wouldn’t recognize you.” Acchan said in a seductive voice running her hands up and down Kai’s torso. “I-I don’t know wh..” “Minami, I know it’s you. So stop trying to hide it.” “How did you find out?” “Your kiss! I never feel the feeling I get with you when I kiss others. It’s like electricity goes through my whole body when I kiss you.” Kai’s thoughts: Wow! Thanks Acchan. That kiss reminded me that I love you. I was confused cuz I haven’t talked and hanged out with you, like when I was a woman.
“Kai?” Acchan smiled seductively. “Yes Atsuko?” “Let’s go somewhere! We’re no longer needed for shooting so we’re free!” Acchan said excitedly. “Okay, how about we go on our first date as Boyfriend and Girlfriend.” Kai said smiling. “I feel weird calling you my boyfriend instead of girlfriend.” Acchan cutely whined. “Well, since I’m a man now, we can go anywhere you wanna go without worrying about rumors.” “Yeah, but I wanna go home and for once take care of you. Is that fine?” “Yes.” “Btw Kai are the others Tomochin, Marichan, Yuko, and Yuki?” “Yes, how u know?” “Will their girlfriends are in the drama. And most likely this was all Yuko’s idea, right?” “Kinda. Anyways u can’t tell the others you know or else I’ll get punished.” “Don’t worry I won’t tell. BTW who dares punish u without my permission? I’ll teach them not to mess with my man.” Kai’s thoughts: I’m afraid you might get some pointers from her instead.
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“Minami, I know it’s you. So stop trying to hide it.” “How did you find out?” “Your kiss! I never feel the feeling I get with you when I kiss others. It’s like electricity goes through my whole body when I kiss you.”

By kissing Kai, Acchan knew it's her Minami.. I like the chemistry flowing between them..
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Atsumina~ (´∀`人)
Acchan is really expert at kssing~(≧∇≦) just with a kiss, she know Kai is Minami (≧∇≦)

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Wonder whats gonna happen now acchan knows ...

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 :wub: Acchan knows it's Takamina by just kissing her XD
Takamina being a pervert is epic!! :w00t:
I was shock at first when Takamina says that she's not interested in Acchan anymore :shocked
But Acchan's kiss makes 'him' know his feelings again~ :inlove:

Thanks for the update :thumbsup Can't wait to read more about it :twothumbs
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Thank you everyone for reading. Sorry for the wait, there maybe some misused word. I didn't really have time to check. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 9

The rest of the shooting for episodes 1-10 went without any interesting (no kissing, fighting, or anything other, basically it went exactly like on the script). “Well guys and girls, thank you for your hard work these three weeks. You all have this weekend off to do whatever you do.” Ann tells everyone as they wrap up today’s shooting. “Tomo!” “Huh? What’s up Mayuyu?” “Are you free this weekend?” “Yes, why?” “Let’s go on a date!” “Hmm. Su…” Before Tomo could finish Yun cut in. “He can’t cuz he’ll be helping me with cleaning the dorm we live in.” “Oh, that’s right I forgot. Thank you Yun. I would’ve gotten punished for not helping.” Tomo said relieve Yun had reminded him. He didn’t want the same thing that happened to Kai and Yuu.
“Yuu, Kai remember that my office needs to be clean by the time I return!” Saeko yelled as she left with Marilyn. “Yeah.” Kai yelled. “So what should we do today?” Yuu asked. “How about we go on a date with Acchan and Haruna?” Kai said calling two girls. “Yeah, I wanna see, my HaruNyan! But since when are you and Acchan close? She doesn’t know, does she?” “No, she doesn’t know. It’s just that she owes me from the whole injuring me during our scene.” “Ohh. Will in that case, let’s.” “Okay, hello? Acchan let’s go on a date, bring Haruna and I’ll bring Yuu.” Kai said once Acchan picked up.   
The whole day they spent with their dates (Well Acchan and Kai had a great time kissing and touching each other in secret so Yuu wouldn’t be suspicious. While Yuu and Haruna had a very cute date due to Yuu’s shyness which Haruna loved.) Forgetting the fact that they needed to clean Saeko’s office. The moment they arrived at the office, they were welcomed by a worried Marilyn and a Saeko with a whip. “Hey. Auntie, Marilyn. What’s up?” Yuu asked. “Hey, did we interrupt you two or something?” Kai asked smirking at them. “Hey Saeko what did you want us for?” Mario, Tomo and Yun asked when they entered the office. “Will I want to teach you all that you must always do what I tell you cuz if you don’t u’ll be punished.” Saeko said with an icy tone. “What do you mean?” Tomo asked confused. “Kai, Yuu did you two clean my office?” Saeko asked. “No, we were out on dates. Why?” Kai replied. “Mario, Tomo, Yun grad Kai and hold him down. If u don’t u’ll also be punished.” They quickly graded Kai and held him down on the sofa in the office, his butt pointing towards Saeko. “Mariyln rid his shirt and get that.” “Yes, Saeko-sama.” Marilyn ripped Kai’s shirt and went into the Kitchen and brought back 4 small ice blocks and put them down beside Kai. “Marilyn here whip kai’s butt and don’t stop until I say so.” And so she began to whip while Saeko put cold ice on his back. Kai was crying due to the sensations of cold ice on his back and burning on his butt. “Boys watch closely. This will happen to you if you don’t do what I ask or tell you to do. Now Yuu, you have 20 minutes to clean my office. If it’s not clean by then you will also be punish.” “Yes, ma’am. Right on it!” Yuu saluted and began cleaning. “Kai remember this feeling and punishment cuz next time it wouldn’t be as gentle as this.” Saeko said in a dangerously calm gentle voice. The boys thoughts: This is gentle? Then next time? “Hey this isn’t gentle at all! My behind is starting to feel like it’s being burn! My back is numb!” Kai shouted but that only made it worse. “Yuu! Times up! Get him boys!” “Yes!” Same thing happened to Yuu. Not even her own nephew was saved.
End of Flashback
“Sorry, Mayuyu but Tomo won’t be able to go with you.” Yun said smiling. “What?” Mayu said disappointed. “Can’t you just do it alone.” Mayu added. “No! Our dorm’s huge there’s no way I’d let him clean alone.” Tomo said glaring at Mayuyu. “Okay, fine. How about I bring a friend over so we can help you clean. Then we can go on a double date.” “Hey! Aren’t you in a relationship?” Yun asked. “No! Anyways I’ll see you this weekend.” With that Mayu left. “Dude, how could you fall for her?” Tomo asked Yun. “I don’t know. I’m questioning whether I’m truly in love with her or do I love her like a sister.” “Yun either way it still confusing the hell out of me.” “Yeah, will the good thing is we’re getting help in clean our dorm.” “Yup, that’s cool. I wonder who’s the friend she’s bring? Wait! She doesn’t know where we live!” Tomo said as he walked to their car. “Yes, she does.” “How you know?” “She asked Acchan for directions.” “Oh.”
The Weekend
“Ohayo~ Tomo~mi!” Tomo shouted when he opened the door and noticed Tomo~mi. “Ohayo. Tomo. Chiyuu~” “What are u doing here?” “She’s the friend I told you about.” “Oh, hi Mayu.” Tomo said still smiling at Chiyuu without even looking at Mayu. “Oi! Tomo who was it?” Yun said coming to the front door. “Ohayo.” “So, Mayu told me you needed help in clean.” “Huh? Actually, we’re already done with cleaning the dorm.” Yun said putting away the cleaning equipment. “Yeah, now we just need to wash our president’s…um…on second thought you don’t need to know. Besides we're already done.” Tomo said looking at Chiyuu. “Great! Let’s go on our date Tomo.” Mayu smiled at Tomo who looked at her confused. “What do you mean date?” Both Chiyuu and Tomo shouted. “Tomo did you forget that we’re supposed to go on a double date?” Mayu said. “Hey! I never heard of this! Chiyuu~” “Yeah! Me neither!” Tomo retorted. “Tomo, by chance when Mayu asked you out were you thinking of food?” Yun asked. “hehe. Yes, so this is what she was talking about.” Tomo said innocently making Yun wanna face palm himself. “Yes, now let’s get ready. We’ll be back down in a few.” Yun said dragging Tomo with him.
“Hey! So who’s going on a date with who?” Tomo asked. “Tomo you said yes to Mayu.” Yun said upset and punch Tomo on his shoulder. “Itai! I don’t recall saying yes! I just said su.” Tomo said punching Yun back. “Su?” Yun asked. “Yes, su as in the first two letters of sure. It doesn’t mean I said yes to her invitation.” Tomo retorted. “Okay, fine. We need to figure out a way, so we end up on a date with our own girlfriends.” “Why? Just drag Mayu with you and problem solved.” Tomo said with a big smile. Yun smack him on the head. “itai! WTH!” Tomo nearly shouted. “Mayu is into you. You idiot! She wants to go on a date with you not me. So we need to find a way so we separate.” “Okay.”
They go down stairs. “Ladies shall we go?” Yun asked. Mayu run to Tomo’s side and clinged onto his arm which upset Chiyuu. “Hey, Mayu you said I got to chose my date.” Tomomi pouted angrily. “I did and you’ll be on a date with Yun. And I’ll date Tomo just like in our drama.” Mayu smiled and dragged Tomo out the door.
They arrive at an amusement park. “So what do we do first?” Tomo asked looking at Yun. “Um. I think we should go to the hunted hose first.” Tomomi suggested. “Great idea!” Both Yun and Tomo shouted and dragged the girls to the Hunted House. “Okay, let’s go in.” Tomo said eagerly. “No! On second thought let’s not.” Tomomi said distancing herself from them. “Why not? You’re the one that suggest Chiyuu. Now let’s enter.” Mayu said dragging Tomo in with her which cause Tomomi to immediately enter the line after them with Yun next to her. “Hey, Tomomi how about we separate Tomo from Mayu?” Yun whispered to Tomomi. “Huh? You were thinking the same?” “Yes, so how about it?” “You know what? I totally agree let’s.” “Great.” Yun smiled at her. “You know we’re acting exactly like our characters.” Tomomi said smiling. “Yep, you’re right. We’re even at the Hunted House where we shoot it.” “So, let’s use the same plan from the drama. Chiyuu~” “Yes.” It’s their turn to enter the Hunted house, Yun quickly walks to Tomo’s side grads him shoves him causing him to hit a wall. “WTH!” Tomo yelled, but the felt gentle hands touching his face. “Tomo? Is that you?” “Yes, Tomomi. It’s me. Where’s Yun? Wasn’t he with you?” “Yes, but he took this moment to separate you from Mayu, since its dark and all. Chiyuu~” “That’s great! Now I can have a date with you! Well if you don’t mind being on a date with me, that is?” Tomo couldn’t see Tomomi’s face light up cuz it’s so dark. “Un.” “Great, then let’s get out of here. I myself am not very good with Hunted Houses. It creeps me out.” “Un.” They ask an employee to show them the way out.
With Yun and Mayu
“Tomo? Did you yell just now?” Yun didn’t answer cuz it would give himaway instead he slipped his hand into Mayu’s hand. (Let’s just say Mayu took this as a signal to harass him during the Hunted House.)
With TomoTomo
“So, Tomomi I heard you are in a relationship with someone. Is that true” “Yes, she’s very loving towards me and I love her.” “Oh, so it’s a she?” “Yes. Chiyuu~” “But aren’t you afraid of what people may think?” “No, I don’t care. It’s my life not theirs, so why should they interfere with my happiness? Chiyuu~” “Chiyuu you’re so cute.” “Thanks, but you’re also cute. Chiyuu~” “Oh ho? Don’t tell me you’re falling for me?” “No, I’m not. It’s just that you look like her and I feel very comfortable with you the same way I do with her.” “Really? That’s good.” “Oh! Do you want to meet her?” “huh?” “here, I’ll call her!” Tomomi had already dialed Tomochin’s phone. Tomo’s thoughts: Oh Chiyuu! I shouldn’t have brought my phone. “Tomo? Aren’t you going to pick that up?” Tomomi asked as she waited for Tomochin to pick up. “Um. Y-yeah.” Tomo ran away from Tomomi and answered. “Hello? Chiyuu?” What he didn’t know was that Chiyuu had video called him. When he picked up Tomomi saw that it was him. (That’s the bad thing about video calls, they can see you. Video chat.) “Tomo? Why are you answering Tomochin’s phone?” Tomomi asked in a serious voice. “Huh? What are you talking about?” “Tomo, you’re on video.” “Huh? Oh man! I should’ve seen what type of call it was.” “Yeah, now explain why you’re answering my Tomochin’s phone.” Tomomi said now standing behind Tomo. “Um.I can explain. It’s just…just …that um.” “Tomo, we need to talk.” :mon chilly: Tomo’s thought: uh oh she’s giving the same arua Acchan gives Takamina when she’s going to punsh her. Has Tomomi been taking notes from Acchan? Oh God, please help me. 
. “I’m sorry Tomomi but we need to go with Yun and Mayu.” Tomo started walking away but Tomomi graded him by his right cheek and started walking out the amusement park. Once out she called a taxi not letting go of Tomo who started to tear up, the taxi took them to Tomomi’s apartment where Tomo spilled his guts, explaining everything. But that didn’t save him from what Tomomi had in store for him. Once Tomo was done explaining Tomomi has started slapping him and throws him around the bed room like a rag doll while kissing, biting and licking him. (Rough play). Tomo: Mommy~ Note to self beat Takamina. Damn you Acchan!! What have you taught my Chiyuu? She’s never been so aggressive and violent. *Tears* “Tomo we haven’t even started so just in case here are seven red bulls.” Tomo’s: Or maybe not. Hope I don’t get a heart attack.

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Thanks for the update!!! Now Tomomi finally know about Tomo! Wee!  Next chapter please! <33
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The ending of TomoTomo with rough play. Slapping and throwing tomo like a rag doll. Imagine that pain. Not to miss out the "7 red bulls", sure more violent is coming up. Way to go Acchan for influencing Tomomi.
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Yea!! You updated this~~ :twothumbs
I've been waiting for it XD

Poor Takamina... I bet that hurts... :(
But.. Takamina and Acchan kissing each other secretly was just :inlove:
While Yuu and Haruna have a cute date~ :heart:
A shy Yuu was just so good~ :grin:

I hope Yun could make Mayu interested in him :D
TomoTomo was just so good :w00t:
LOL Tomo~mi has been taking notes from Acchan :lol:

Thanks for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
Please Update Soon :mon cute: I love it! :wub:
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Mayu~ Hurry realize it!! (

Yun is your Yuki!!! (

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Yay!!!! My Tomotomo!!!! And they are playing roughly!!! Ahaha red bull gives wings!!
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so many things happen

wow.. cute date :D,

i wanna know what happen.. maybe haruna falls for yuu?


so rude...

why everyone blame seaddichan she´s a innocent... jaj ok not so innocent..
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Acchan and Takamina are now a cute couple

What? Yuko being shy on Haruna?
LoL she is like a different person in her ikemen outfit...

Pfft! Tomochin was thinking about food when Mayu asked "him" out...
And Mayu! Why did you day that you don't date anyone?!
Poor Yuki...

Acchan what did you teach the grils?!
 :panic: Seeing Chiyuu~ getting rough on Tomochin is just  XD

Can't wait for MaYuki!
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Hello everyone  :mon yoyo: Thank you for all your comments. I was just dropping by to update. Hope you all enjoy it. Oh sorry for not write a drama part but didn't know what to write and please vote. Thank you.  :mon thumb:

Chapter 10
Tomo had returned to the dorm after Tomomi’s punishment, he was in the kicten getting an ice pack for his hips and lower back when he saw Yun enter the dorm. “I’m back.” Yun said. “Hey, Yun welcome back.” “Hey, Tomo, what’s up with the ice packs?” “Oh, my Chiyuu knows the truth.” “Really? That’s great, at least you can now go on dates.” “Yeah.” “But why are you like that?” “She got some pointers from Acchan.” By Tomo saying those word Yun automatically know what had happened to him. “Oh, why are our girls only learning those things from Acchan?” “Yeah, anyways how was your date with Mayu? And why’s your right eye black?” “Yeah, it was harassment until we got out of the Hunted house and saw that it was me and not you. But after that it was a good date.” “Oh. Wait, what?”Tomo said confused.
After Yun had pushed Tomo away from Mayu, he stayed with her. She would touch him and kiss him unexpectedly, when they reached the end and got out Mayu freaked out. “Yun?! Where’s Tomo?” “I don’t know?” “You’re lying! Wait! Where’s Tomomi?” “I don’t know.” “You’re lying! They must be together.” “Hey, it’s not like he said to your invitation. He just came cuz Chiyuu came.” In that moment Mayu recognized someone near them and started screaming for help. “Ah! Hentai! Ecchi! Perv! Someone one! Please help me! He’s trying to..” She was cut off when the person she recognized came and punched Yun in the eye then kneed him in his stomach. “Urgh!” Yun said in pain. “Mayu! Are you okay?” “Yeah, thanks Jun. I was getting scared that he might do something.” Mayu said crying into Jun’s arms. “It’s okay, I’m here for you.” “Hey! WTH! You lair! And who’s this guy?!” Yun yelled. “I’m Jun Matsui.” Yun was going to speak but stop when he recognized a female voice calling out to the guy next to Mayu. “Jun! There you are. Why did you run away?” “Rena! This guy was harassing Mayu!” Jun said glaring and pointing at Yun, who glared back. “Hey, Yun.” Rena greeted helping Yun up. “Hey, Rena long time no see, ne.” Yun said smiling at Rena forgetting his pain. “What? But it’s only been a day since we did that CF together.” “Yeah, but still I missed you.” Mayu began to glare at Rena as if trying to kill her with just her glare. “Hey, Mayuyu why are you glaring at Rena?” Yun asked while Rena put her unopened ice-cream sandwich on Yun’s eye. “Thanks that feels better.” Yun said relieved. “You’re welcome.” “OI! Stop flirting!” Mayu shouted. “Mayuyu it’s okay.” Yun absent mindedly said, still looking at Rena. “What about our date!” Mayu yelled. “Huh? Date?!” Jun and Rena said surprised and disappointed. “Date? You just claimed I was trying to do something to you. Besides your actual ‘date’ left with my fake date.” Yun said upset. “If that’s the case, why don’t you go on a date with me instead? After all we haven’t gone on a date since you-know.” Jun said showing her his cat smile. “Ok, let’s get out of here.” Mayu said clinging onto him and left. “Rena aint you going to do something. He’s your boyfriend, isn’t he?” “Yeah, but I’m tired of always having to keep an eye on him. I knew that he’s cheating on me, I just didn’t know it was with Mayuyu.” “I’m sorry.” “It’s okay. I think I’ll be going home now bye.” “Wait! Aren’t you going to take responsibility?” Yun said pointing at his starting to blacken eye. “Huh? What do you mean?” Rena asked confused. “Your boyfriend gave me a black eye so now you have to take responsibility by going on a date with me. But I’m paying for everything.” Yun smiled brightly at Rena who couldn’t help but smile back. “What? And why should I do that?” Rena replied playfully. “Cuz it’ll be fun and it’ll take your mind off your cheating boyfriend.” Yun smiled. “hm? Well you have a point. Sure. But no funny business.” “What?! Aw man, and here I thought I could hold your hand.” Yun pretend to be sad. “If it’s just holding hands that’s fine.” Rena said as intertwining her hand with Yun. “So I read that you like spicy food.” “Yes, I enjoy spicy food. Why?” “I challenge you to a level 3 ramen.” “Easy.” "Oh ho so you think you can beat me?" "Like I said easy." Rena smiled. "We'll see about that."
End of Flashback
Damn! She beat me in the end. “Oi! Yun! Why you smiling like a dork?” “Oh, just remembering my date.” “Oh, it must’ve been a great date for you to be smiling like an idiot.” Tomo remarked. “Yes, yes it was. Any ways are there more ice packs?” “Yeah, there’s one.” “Ok, thanks.” “Alright. I’ll be in my room if you need me.” “Okay.”
It’s been two days since their dates and everyone’s back at filming the drama. “Okay, everyone! I have great news.” Ann shouted to the staff & cast. “What is it?” “Our drama is the # 1 drama so far.” Everyone is happy and cheerful. “Anyways Today will be filming the episode which includes Yunho’s younger brother who will be played by Matsui Jun and Tomomi’s cousin who will be played by Matsui Rena.” Meetan informed. “Hello, it’s a pleasure to be working with you.” Jun and Rena said in unison. “Hope to get along.” The cast responded. “Okay, let’s start.” Meetan yelled. They started shooting, it took them a week to finish the episode, they’d usually already be done with 4 episodes by now but it took more time to complete and shoot this time because Jun kept doing things that were not part of his role, in other words he kept coming late and was fooling around to much.
“Finally!” TomoTomo couple yelled. “Man, I’m so tired.” Kai exclaimed messaging the back of his neck. “Yeah, me too. Here let me do it.” Acchan said and started to message Kai’s stiffed shoulders. “WTH!” Haruna shouted frustrated. “Yeah! We usually have 3 to 4 episodes done by now!” Mario and Miichan yelled upset that they won’t have a day off this week. “Okay, I know that he’s popular but that doesn’t mean he’s special! Shoot! The guys and I are more popular than him, but you don’t see us coming in late and giving lame excuses.” Yuu shouted. “I agree with Yuu. And Mayu talking and flirting with him even though she already has Yuki. I don’t remember teaching her that.” Acchan said taking her frustration out on Kai’s shoulders. “Oww~ Acchan, you’re hurting me.” Kai cried in pain. “Oh sorry.” “Hey, I’ve been wondering since when did you and Kai become so close?” Haruna asked. “Since, umm the shooting.” Acchan replied. “Oh.” “Anyways, seems we won’t be able to go on that couple retreat this weekend.” Mario said disappointed. “Couples retreat?” the others yelled except Miichan. “Yeah, I thought I told you?” Miichan smiled. “No, you did not.” They said. “Oh, sorry.” Miichan gave they a sheepishly smile. “haa, girl you pretend attention to food more than you do to your friends.” Mario said tiredly. “Yup and you. But that’s why you like me.” Miichan said hugging Mario’s right side and looking at both Acchan and Chiyuu. They look at each other and nod. Acchan, Chiyuu’s and Miichan’s thought’s: Seems we’re not the only ones that know. Maybe we should help Haruna and Mayu realize that Yuu is Yuko and Yun is Yuki. But it seems that Mayu will be a problem.
“Hey, guys.” Yun and Rena greeted them. “oh hey Yun and Rena.” The groups thoughts: They look good together. Poor Rena giving such a playboy as a boyfriend and poor Yun having such a flirt as a girlfriend. In that moment Meetan made an announcement. “KAI, YUU, MARIO, YUN, TOMO, JUN, ACCHAN, TOMOMI, MAYU, MIICHAN, RENA, & HARUNA. COME TO ME NOW!”
In less than 2 minutes everyone’s there. “Okay, so you should know that we’re having a couple retreat just and only for you.” “What?! We didn’t know!” Rena and Yun shouted shocked. “Well now you know.” Jun smirked. “Anyways, you’ll be sharing and sleeping in the same room as a couple.” “Alright, so we get to choose our partner.” Jun beamed. “No.” Meetan deadpanned. “What?!” “You’ll be with the person you are a couple in the drama with. Meaning Kai & Acchan, TomoTomo couple, M&M or what I call the Mature & Immature couple (Mario & Miichan), cute & shy couple (Yuu & Haruna) seriously Yuu man up! Make Haruna you’re during this retreat.” Meetan shouted punching Yuu on his arm. “Un.” Was the only thing Yuu could say as he tried to hold in his blush while Haruna thought: Maybe I should make the first move, he seems so shy that it makes me wanna eat him up, if only Yuko could be shy sometimes instead always thinking about skinship. *sigh* “Okay, Mayu &…” before Meetan could finish Jun cut in. “Me!” No.” Meetan deadpanned and smacked Jun. “Mayu & Yun and finally Jun & Rena. Now the bus will pick you up tomorrow at 4 am. And make sure you’re ready cuz the driver will hurt you if not.” Meetan and waved good bye.
A few minutes later Meetan's phone rang. "Hello?" "Is everything ready?" "Yeah, everythings ready, you just need to pick them up @ 4 am." "What?! That's too early!" "Hey! You asked for my help, I already did my part." "Okay, fine. and Thanks." "You're welcome, BTW next time please tell me when you're helping our niece I didn't even recognize her at first." "What?! But she's just like us." "Not when she's here. She's all shy and cute. Nothing like us." "Oh, well i'll go now." "OK bye."   


Thank you everyone.  :mon bye: :mon bye:

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Weee~ Couple retreat!! <33 I'm sooo excited! Please make Haruna realize that Yuu is Yuko and Yun is Yuki! Yuu, be a man ! But wait, i think Haruna is going to make her move first! It looks like she's gonna eat him up! Just wait a little bit... lol ! now go flirt flirt flirt!

Oh god Mayuyu, seriously! Stop flirting you cheater! LOL Yun should teach this girl a lesson!  Make her jealous to death! lol

Update soon~
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Yes!! You updated!! I've been waiting for this! XD
Mayu is so flirty... Poor Yun.. But I hope he would make Mayu fall in love with him :D
Jun is as flirty as Mayu.. Same thing, I hope Rena would make him realize that he shouldn't cheat on her!!! :angry:

Woah! I love the couple retreat!! :w00t:
Yea! Kai and Acchan and the rest with their couples too :grin: (TomoTomo, MariMii, KojiYuu, Mayuki and WMatsui!)
Can't wait to read what happen when they're sharing a room and etc. XD

Thank you so much for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
Please Update Soon :mon cute:
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Don't cheat on Yuki~ Mayuyu~ ( you too Yuki~ (
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Weee~ Couple retreat!! <33 I'm sooo excited! Please make Haruna realize that Yuu is Yuko and Yun is Yuki! Yuu, be a man ! But wait, i think Haruna is going to make her move first! It looks like she's gonna eat him up! Just wait a little bit... lol ! now go flirt flirt flirt!

Oh god Mayuyu, seriously! Stop flirting you cheater! LOL Yun should teach this girl a lesson!  Make her jealous to death! lol

Update soon~

hell yeah!! come on haruna.. make your move now!!
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Each couples pair up with their partners........ i hope Haruna + Yuu and Mayu + Yun couples get together for their upcoming couples retreat....
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Rena&Yun! Poor them Jun is a pimp (in a bad way too) and what's up with Mayu why is she so mean?

I wonder what Mayu will do when she found out that Yun is Yuki...
But I wouldn't mind if Yun&Rena ended up together *grin...a please readers don't hate me...
I ship MaYuki&RenaYuki :? too!
But I really wanna know if Mayu will feeling guilty about Yuki tough...
A few minutes later Meetan's phone rang. "Hello?" "Is everything ready?" "Yeah, everythings ready, you just need to pick them up @ 4 am." "What?! That's too early!" "Hey! You asked for my help, I already did my part." "Okay, fine. and Thanks." "You're welcome, BTW next time please tell me when you're helping our niece I didn't even recognize her at first." "What?! But she's just like us." "Not when she's here. She's all shy and cute. Nothing like us." "Oh, well i'll go now." "OK bye."   

OMG!LoL Meetan didn't recognise Yuko because she was a totally opposite herself...

I'm looking forward to their ehrrm sleepover...

Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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No!!!! Mayuki and WMatsui!!! T_T
Title: From Girls to Boys ch. 11 part 1 Jan. 27
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Sorry for any misspellings. Didn't really have time to check.

Chapter 11
“Okay, time to pick them up.” The driver said to their assistant. “Okay.” The assistant goes to the boys Dorm. “WAKE UP!” “Marilyn? What are you doing here?” The boys asked confused. “Oh, Saeko-sama and I are the planners of the couple retreat. So are you boys ready?” They looked at each other with ‘something up’ look. “Yeah.” They answered. “Great! Now let’s go pick up the girls and the other kid.” Marilyn said skipping towards the tour bus. They all get in and pick up the girls who were surprised to see the guys president as their bus driver. “Okay, last stop.” Saeko shouted. “So would someone mind going and getting Jun?” Saeko said. “I’ll go.” Rena said getting off. “I’ll go too.” Yun and Mayu said also getting off.
Inside Jun’s parent’s house.
“Oi, Jun let’s go. It’s time to leave.” Rena said shaking Jun but no reaction. “Let me try.” Mayu said and sat on Jun’s stomach; Jun automatically wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her down onto him. Rena didn’t really like this so she pulled Mayu and slapped him really hard but still no reaction. “Okay, this isn’t working. “ Yun said and dragged both Mayuyu and Rena out the house and into the bus. “Saeko, there’s no reaction from him.” Yun said. “Oi! Auntie! Why don’t you go wake him up?” Yuu shouted smiling at his aunt. “Yeah! He never comes on time.” Tomo shouted also smiling. “Yeah that means a lot from you since you hate losing your precious sleeping time.” Mario smirked. “I agree. You should wake him up. Don’t want to arrive 5 hrs late cuz of him, now do we?” Kai said. “Does he really take his sweet time for things?” Saeko asked. “Yes, he’s the reason why we only finished filming one episode this week.” They all said except Rena. “What?! You only finished one episode?” Saeko asked upset. “Yes! President!” The boys saluted. “I’ll be right back.” With Saeko got off the bus and entered the house. A few second you could hear loud hard SLAP! SLASH! SLAP!  “AHHHHHH! ARGH!” SLAP! Whap! “Ah! MOMMY!” Whip! Wake up! And get ready!” Saeko yelled. “No! Screw…” Jun was cut off by Whitish! Boy!! Get ready! NOW!” Whitish! Whallop! “yes, *sniff* ma’am.” “It’s PRESIDENT! Boy!”
After a few more whitish Jun entered the bus while rubbing his butt and Saeko with a whip in hand. “Oi, Saeko didn’t have a whip when she left, right?” Yun whispered to the guys. “No, she was empty handed.” Yuu replied. “I wonder where she pulled it out from.” Tomo asked. “Me, too.” Kai added. “Well, I’m good as long as she doesn’t become our girls mentor.” Mario quickly added. “Yeah.” The rest agreed. “What are you guys whispering about?” Acchan asked. “um, nothing.” They all said.
A 3 hr drive to the couple’s retreat it’s 7:00 am
“Finally here! Wow there’s so many people.” Everyone shouted excitedly. “Tomo let’s go to our room. Chiyuu~”  “Nah~ You go ahead I think I’ll be taking a walk.” “Then I’ll come with you. Chiyuu~” Tomomi added cutely. “Okay. But let’s put our bags in our room first.” “Okay.” Tomomi left for their room and had Tomo carry all her and his luggage. Tomo’s thoughts: Why are her bags so damn heavy?  “Okay, well I and Miichan will be in our room if you need us.” Mario said picking up all Miichan’s and his luggage. “Byebye.” Miichan said excited as she walked with Mario. “Well, Kai let’s get going.” Acchan commanded. “What am I? Your butler?” Kai asked looking at Acchan heavy bags. His thoughts: How the hell am I going to lift those? They’re like half my body size. Why did she have to pack so much? Uh ho, she looks upset. Better carry our bags. Kai quickly picks up their bags and runs to their room. “Kai! Wait for me!” Acchan said as she ran after Kai. “Well, what’s up with them?” Yuu, Yun, Mayu and Haruna asked. “Well, we should also go to our rooms.” Rena said and picked up her luggage. “You do that and don’t forget my luggage too.” “What? Where are you going?” Yuu asked angry. “Jun and I are going for a walk.” Mayu said grabbing Jun’s arm. “What the HELL?!” Yuu asked upset. Yun walked up to Rena and took her luggage and grabbed his. “Here I’ll help you.” Rena was about to grab Jun’s but Yuu stopped her. “Don’t do anything for him.” He said sternly. “Yuu’s right, even if he is your boyfriend you’re not his slave.” Haruna said walking up to Rena. “Let’s go for a walk you’ll feel better.” Haruna said and looked at Yuu and Yun. “It’s okay we’ll handle the luggage.” Yuu reassumed. “Okay, we’ll see you later.” Haruna said and walked off with Rena. “So the kid’s a brat, huh?” Saeko said while ‘playing’ with Marilyn. “Yeah, he never treats Rena well.” Yuu said sadly. “I sometime question myself, why she’s still with him?” Yun added. “Want me to whip him into shape?” Saeko said and took out her whip. “No.” “Okay, well we’ll see you in 3 days.” Marilyn said and dragged Saeko to their room. 

“It’s barely 8:20 am.” Miichan said looking at her watch. “So what about it?” Mario fixing their stuff. “I’ll be right back, sweetie.” “Okay.” Miichan took out her phone sent send a text.
Text mssage
To: Acchan, Chiyuu
We need to talk.
From: Miichan
To: Miichan
From: Chiyuu
To: Chiyuu
Meet me at the spa. @ 8:40am.
From: Miichan
To: Miichan
From: Chiyuu
To: Miichan
Why? I’m busy. Maybe tomorrow.
From: Acchan
To: Acchan
It’s about KojiYuu couple and Mayuki couple. And W Matsui couple.
Meet me and Chiyuu @ the Spa @ 8:40am.
From: Miichan
To: Miichan
Fine, but you’re paying!
From: Acchan
To: Acchan
Okay, now stop harassing Kai. -_-
From: Miichan
Meanwhile Mario’s text with Tomo and Kai

To: Kai, Tomo
Let’s help our boys. Since there the only ones who haven’t gotten with their girls
From: Mario
To: Mario
Sure, I’m in.
From: Tomo

To: Mario, Tomo
Thank you, you just saved my life. Let’s meet @ the bar to talk about it.
From: Kai
To: Kai
You’re welcome. Okay.
From: Tomo, Mario

In the spa
“So we need to come up with a plan to get all three couples together.” Miichan said. “First we need to separate Jun from Mayu and get him back together with Rena.” Tomomi said. “Yeah, but I think the easiest would be Haruna and Yuu.” Acchan added. “I agree. They just need a little push and they’re a couple.” Miichan said. “Let’s lock them up and see what happens. Chiyuu~” “Good idea.”

In the bar
“So, I see that your girlfriends find out it was you.” Mario said. “Yup.” “So we just need to make them realize that Yuu is Yuko and Yun is Yuki.” Tomo said taking a sip of his drink. “yeah, easier said than done.” Mario said. “They need to realize by them self. The only thing we can do is put them into situations that force them to get together.” Kai said. “Okay, so let’s start with Yuu since Haruna looks like she wants to eat him up any second, now.” Tomo said. “Oh, you’re right.” Kai said. “Yuu look like a love struck puppy. Being all shy.” Mario added. “Oi, let’s get them drunk.” Kai smirked. “What? So early in the morning?” Tomo asked. “Yes.” Mario said getting up. “I’ll bring the alcohol.” Kai said. “I’ll help you.” Tomo said. “Great, I’ll let get them into their room and you lock them in.” “But first we need to find them.” Kai said. “Oh, Haruna and Rena are taking a walk while Yuu and Yun are fixing their luggage. So it might take about and hour or two.” Tomo informed. “Why’s Haruna with Rena?” Mario asked. “Jun left her to be with Mayuyu and told her to carry their stuff to their room by herself. And you know how Yuu doesn’t like it when a friend’s being treated badly.” Tomo explained. “How you know this? I saw it. Chiyuu had me put our things in our room and told me to get some drinks that’s when I saw what happen.” Tomo said shaking his head. “Jun a jerk!” Kai shouted. “I think we should help WMatsui and Mayuki couples at the same time. But they’ll wait after we fix the KojiYuu couple together.” Mario said drinking his juice. “Yeah.”
After 4 hrs Mario bumped into Yuu and Haruna walking. “Oi! Haruna, Yuu.” Mario called. “Oh what’s up?” Yuu asked. “The staff told that the room you’re staying in was robbed.” “What?!” They run out the bar to their room. “Haruna is all your stuff here?” “yeah Yuu. Everything’s here.”

Outside their room
“Hey! Guys!” “Acchan, Chiyuu, Miichan.” “What are you up to?” “Um, drinking?” Kais replied Acchan showing her the bag of alcohol. “So early in the morning?” Chiyuu asked. “That’s what I said.” Tomo said. “Anyways let’s get inside Haruna’s and Yuu room.” Miichan said entering the room. “What?! NO!” Kai, Mario and Tomo yelled. “Did you just yell at us?” Their girlfriends asked with a dark arua surrounding them. “N-no.” “Good.” They all enter the room. “Haruna!” “Acchan, Chiyuu, and Miichan what are you doing here?” “We came to play.” Miichan said. “Kai brought the alcohol.” Acchan said pointing at Kai holding the bags of alcohol. “Great!” Haruna’s thoughts: I hope this brings Yuu out of his shell. What?!” The four guys shouted. “Harunyan, are you sure you wanna drink? It’s really early.” “Well, it’s happy hour somewhere so let’s drink!” She replied back. The girls’ thoughts: Drunk Haruna is awesome! Hope she figures out that’s Yuu’s Yuko with this. Lucky we didn’t have to buy the alcohol.
The guys thoughts: Please Yuu don’t get drunk, we don’t you to go wild. Why did the girls have to show up? Now we have to drink and deal with a drunk whoever gets drunk. Sigh. Just hope it’s Chiyuu, she’s the only person in the group that still calm and peaceful when drunk. The others become perverts, emotional drunks, smart seductive drunks (Haruna / Acchan) or aggressive drunks.

Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 11 part 1 Jan. 27
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Hehe wanna see them drunk ^^
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 11 part 1 Jan. 27
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The party is about to start (drinking alcohol) ~ Acchan, Miichan and Haruna (girls team) and Kai, Mario and Yuu (boys team).
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 11 part 1 Jan. 27
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You really is a jerk. . . Jun . .. (
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 11 part 1 Jan. 27
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LOL nice chapter! But Jun is being a jerk! I wanna punch his face so hard and kick his ass for being such a jerk to Rena! Girls should be respected! I was really disappointed!! Someone need to teach that brat a lesson!

LOL so they're planning to get Haruna and Yuu drunk! Oh god, drunk Yuu is going to be wild for sure! And he might rape his own girlfriend! LOL! Drunk HAruna is really awesome too, Yuu will love this! HAHAHAHA!

1 bag of alcohol? Seriously? Looks like everyone is going to get laid early in the morning and get whipped by Saeko! Hahahaha! Update soon as you can please! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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Omg ! They aRe gonna get drunk !!  :w00t:
Juns such a jerk .. Wanna slap him for hurting rena  :(
I haz a feeling somethings gonna go wrong. XD

Update soon asap need to read  :heart:
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Woah! Saeko is awesome :lol:
Jun!! Arg!! Go back to your Rena!!! :angry:
 :w00t: They are gonna get drunk~
I wonder what will happen next~ :D

Thanks for the Update  :thumbsup
Please Update Soon~ :mon cute:
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wow wow yeah teams!! :D  jajaj they says that "smart seductive drunks" haruna and acchan BUT nobody says that wiht her girlfriend jajaj i think that acchan going to filtr with the other guys jajaj
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I dun mind Yun x Rena... but omg Jun you jerk > A <

Go back to Rena! Mayu! love Yun! Aiyaaaaaaaa!

Please continue~! :3
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Woo drunk people means a lot of hilarious moments

But damn I'm so irritated about Mayu&Jun  :angry1:
Jun why are you treating Rena like that?  :OMG:
Poor Yuki/Yun seeing Mayu being clingy over Jun...I don't get it!!!!!!
Could there be a Rena/Yun and Mayu/Jun couple?!
Ah I want to see WMatsui and Ma(Yun) ending up together...

What would Mayus reaction be when she knows that Yun is Yuki....
Thank you for your update Sok-san
Can't wait for next!

Arígatou!  :kneelbow:

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I can't wait to see Mayu's reaction when she find out Yun is Yuki
and to see what you do to make Jun go back to Rena.

You're fic is really good this is my first real comment
on this site.

Please continue and thank you for updating.     
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I want to see/read kojiyuu couple drunk and harassing each other!!
Hahahahaha!!!! XD :lol:
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i want to say yuu and haruna bc a shy yuu is just too irresistable, but fun and interesting sound good too :panic:
eto...a little of both?  :yep:
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It is very interresting fanfic :thumbup

I just want to know if you not continue this fanfic because I very want to know the end.

And I want Yun Mayu If you continue XD I'm so fan XD
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Poor Yun and Rena... they need some love and this story need some update too.
I really want to see what will happen to those three remaining pairings.  :frustrated:
Title: From Girls to Boys ch. 12 Aug. 4
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Thank you everyone for the comments and thank yous.  :kneelbow: :depressed: Sorry for the really late and short update. 
Well I hope you enjoy it.  XD BTW it might be a little rated r, but it's all up to your imaginations. keke  :twisted:

Chapter 12

After playing a drinking game Chiyuu is still calm, cute and thinking straight while her other half Tomo is wasted from drinking his and some of Chiyuu’s shots. (When Chiyuu didn’t want to drink she’d make Tomo drink it in her place even if he didn’t want to she’d force him, thus he is now drunk as hell.) Chiyuu is currently sitting on Tomo’s lap. He keeps licking and nibbling her neck with his arms wrapped around her waist. “Baby let’s go to our room. Chiyuu~” Tomo stopped and looked at her confused. “Why?” He asked with a pout. “I have something for you back in our room. Chiyuu~” Chiyuu cutely said pulling Tomo by his arm. “Yay! Gift!” Tomo shouted acting like a happy kid. “hehe, Good thing, I’m not the one wasted. Tomo, you better prepare yourself.” Chiyuu seductively whispered the last part into Tomo’s ear as they exited KojiYuu’s room. After a few minutes of thinking about what Chiyuu meant by it and then it dawn on him in that second he sobered up. “Um, I think I don’t really want that gift anymore.” Tomo said backing away but it was already too late to back out. “Oh no, you don’t. Oh and before I forget, there’s no red bulls or energy drinks for today’s activities.” Chiyuu smirked already dragged him to their room, locked the door and thrown him onto the bed. Tomo’s thoughts: Damn you!! Acchan !!! What have you done to my cute innocent Chiyuu?!! Why no energy drinks??!! Oh lord please let me survive this. (You can imagine what happens next. Either Tomo pretends to fall asleep on Chiyuu or might not be able to get up tomorrow. But either way Chiyuu’s getting her way with Tomo.)

Back at the KojiYuu room
“Oi, Miichan where’s Kai and Acchan?” Mario asked looking around. “Acchan dragged Kai back to their room after she got him totally wasted and submitting to her very command.” Miichan replied feeding Mario a piece of her cake. “Oh yeah, I forgot Acchan gets externally aggressive with Kai when she drinks.” “Yup, but I kinda feel sorry for him knowing that he’s dealing with a drunk Acchan, you know.” “I know, Acchan’s like a lioness waiting for it’s to submit to first her before devouring it.” Mario replied biting into the cake Miichan was feeding him. “Yup. You think we’ll be seeing him tomorrow morning?” “Nah, if it’s like last time. I doubt we’ll be seeing him, maybe by noon. He’ll be up and okay.” “Well, I have to disagree.” Miichan said sitting up on his lap. “What you mean?” Mario asked confused. “Last Kai was a woman but now his a man and I doubt that Acchan doesn’t already have a few things in mind on what to do with her new male toy.” “Ooooh. You’re right. Okay so maybe we won’t see Kai until the end of the couple’s retreat.” Mario said remembering what happen when Acchan got drunk and had her way with Minami. “Anyways it seems that we’re the only couple left with KojiYuu.” Micchan stated looking around. “You wanna go back to our room?” Mario asked Micchan as his hands groped her body and he gave her love bites on her neck. “Mmm~ Jeez~ Your so impatient today.” “Blame it on the alcohol and that triple chocolate cake you feed me.” Mario smirked carrying Micchan to their room.   

Back at the KojiYuu room
When Yuu came back to his senses he looked around and noticed that the others were gone. He felt relieved yet troubled at the same time. For some reason he was having a bad feeling but didn’t understand why. He got up and started cleaning up the mess they made from their little party. When he finished he noticed that Haruna was nowhere, in fact she wasn’t in their room. He started to worry since she’s hella drunk and some creep might want to take advantage of her. He quickly cleaned himself up and left their room looking for her. He walked and walked but didn’t find her anyway, not in the bar, restaurant, spa, or other faculties located there. “Where could she be?” Yuu asked himself entering their room. “Nyan-nyan~ Where can My Nyannyan~ be?” Yuu song while drinking very hard alcohol in the living room. “Nyannyan~ Perfect body~ Perfect assets~ But most of all my perfect love and only love.” Loving grin appears on his face as he remembers how they met, their first *ahem* night together (both drank as hell) and then their first date. He keep drinking and drinking until he finished very full bottle of alcohol. “Nyannyan~!!! My Love!! Nyan-nyan! I need my skinship!!! I miss having you in my arms!!” Yuu cried out dropping his head on the table. “Yuuchan~” A seductive voice whispered into his left ear. “I’ve also missed you~ And in more ways than one.” Haruna lightly bite down on Yuu’s left ear. “Hmm~” He hummed grinning. Haruna turned him around and saddled him. “Yuuchan~ Why didn’t you tell me it was you?” She whined cutely pouting at him while running her hands on his tone torso. “I-I-I w-was afraid you’d reject me. And also you were mad at me the last time we saw each other.” Yuu stuttered looking down with a pout. “No, it’s my entire fault. I should have listened to your explanation rather than believe that girl. I should have known you would never cheat on me.” Haruna stated with a sweet smile before lightly kissing Yuu. “Hmm~ more~” Yuu whined like a little kid. “If you want more come to the bedroom.” Haruna suggestively said while swaying her hips seductively side to side and taking her clothes off piece by piece. “Oh my gosh.” Yuu breath out, *gulp* eyes glued on Haruna’s butt. “Yuu~” She called sweetly from the bedroom door looking at Yuu, her eyes looked over Yuu’s body until they landed on a certain area. Yuu saw the change in Haruna and decided to see what she kept looking at which caused him to blush and cover it with his hands. “Aw~ you’re so cute~ I can’t believe I’ve never witness this part of you before.” Haruna smiled walking over to Yuu and buttoning his shirt. “Be gentle. I’m new to how to use my male body in you know.” Yuu slyly said blushing as red as a tomato. “Don’t worry. I’ll guide you.” She smirked pulling him into the bedroom.

Next Day       
“Good morning.” Yun greeted pecking Rena on the cheek. “Good morning.” Rena sweetly smiled sitting down on their big round table. “Gooood morning~” 3 extremely happy women greeted sitting down. “Good morning.” Rena greeted back confused as to why they’re soo happy. “Good morning.” 3 extremely tried men greeted sitting down opposite their girls. “Um, do I really want to ask?” Yun asked looking worriedly at his boys. “No, it’s best if you don’t know.” The 3 men replied. “Great morning, everyone!!” A very energetic boomed through the entire restaurant. “Yuu, quiet down will ya.” Haruna scolded sitting down with Yuu sitting right next to her. “But it really is a great morning, Harunyan.” Yuu grinned showing his cute dimples to his girlfriend. “Aw~” Haruna said and pecked his lips. “Yes!!!” The 3 women high fived each other. “You knew?” Haruna asked eyeing her 3 best friends. “We had our own situations.” They replied. “Oh, well anyways thanks for helping us.” Haruna smiled at them. “Um, what’s going on?” Rena leaned over and asked Yun. “I have no idea. But I feel it’s better if we don’t ask.” Yun whispered back. “Oh okay.” “Hey, everyone.” Jun greeted with Mayu under his arm hugging his waist. “Hey guys.” Mayu happily greeted sitting down next to Jun. During breakfast the whole table was silent and awkward as they saw the 2 so lovey dovey with each other while eating their food.   
“Um, excuse me.” Rena said standing up and walking away. All four couples gave her a worry look while Mayu and Jun were focus on each other. “Excuse me.” Yun stood up and chased after Rena. The 4 couples thought: I hope we can get the Mayuki and WMatsui back together. Or maybe make YunRena a couple? Hm? Yeah~ let’s try the first, if it doesn’t work we go with YunRena.


Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 12 Aug. 4
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I hope we can get the Mayuki and WMatsui back together. Or maybe make YunRena a couple? Hm? Yeah~ let’s try the first, if it doesn’t work we go with YunRena.

Yeah, I AGREE!!! Make a YunRena pairing if Mayuki/Wmatsui can't be together!!
I really do feel sorry for Yun and Rena (although I hoping for them to be back to their respective partners... tsk. anyway... Yun and Rena look cute together anyway.)  :mon POd:
Pls. update soon.  :mon pray2:
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At's been a while since this story was updated  :panic:

I'm so glad that Kojipa knows that Yuu and Yuko are one...thanks to their friends  :twothumbs :twothumbs

OH PLEASE !! let it be WMatsui and MaYuki !!!  :cry:
Jun stop being so lovey-dovey to Mayu and go back to Rena  :angry:  :angry:
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good to see you back!!! YunRena together? sounds good ! sounds good!!! no way!!! Mayu MUST be with her Yukirin!!!!!!!

please maki it Mayuki and Wmatsui back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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noooooooooo  :stoned:
Mayu what are you doing  :OMG:
Mayuki must be always together Wmatsui too  :pleeease:
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So now everyone but Mayu has figured out that the guys are their girlfriends.
Im ok with YunRena but I want Mayuki and Wmatsui please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mayu go back to Yuki and Jun go back to Rena before its to late and this becomes a YunRena.
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I'm really AGREE with Yuukimoko and mo-chan! :OMG:

I want Mayuki and Wmatsui! :pleeease:

:pleeease: Please update soon  :peace:
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This causes sadness in my heart... TO KNOW THAT I JUST FINISHED THE MOST RECENT CHAPTER...  :cry: :mon waterworks:

I loved it. Absolutely loved it. I want to know more of Atsumina's and TomoTomo's night. :ding: Much, much more.  :mon evillaff:

Secondly... thatJun... Y U LEAVE GIRLFRIEND!RENA DO TO YOUR WORK.  :scolding:  :scolding:  *sigh*... Oh well, I actually don't mind either pairing... it's just the heartache the original pairings will feel.  :gmon tears:

 :mon love:  :mon bye:
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Update!  :shocked  :twothumbs I missed you!
Oh this update was  :on bleed:
WMatsui Or The other way around I'm in dilemma :depressed: but it's up to the author  XD

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Wouhou some *ahem* times hehe
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this fic is interesting!  :twothumbs

please make mayuki and wmatsui back together. please, they belong together  :mon cute:

and please update soon!  :mon whimper:
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hmmm maybe if yun told rena that (s)he was really yuki and then they conspired together to make mayu and jun jealous? or teach them a lesson for straying??  :? :?
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Sok-san *poke *poke are you okey? Busy with school?

Waiting here patiently.
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
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Woah, sorry Sok-san!! It was really late last night and I don't remember clicking on those emoticons :panic: :panic:
Please ignore those seeing as it was not meat to be an angry post Dx
Title: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
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Hey!! Everyone!!! I'm back!
Sorry, about the long wait. The next chapter will be the last day of the Couples Retreat. ^^
Still not sure if to keep them together but not. Let's see what comes out. I'll update ch. 14 within this week.

Thank you to everyone for commenting, leaving thank yous and for reading my fics.^^

Chapter 13

“Rena!! Rena!! Please stop!!” Yun shouted as he ran after Rena. “Leave me alone!!!” She shouted back as she continued to run. “Please, Rena. You’re not the only one hurting.” Yun Shouted as he managed to grab hold of Rena’s wrist. “Please, don’t run from me.” He said as he pulled her into his warm and loving embrace. “Why? Why?” Rena cried onto Yun’s chest tighten their hug. “It’s okay. I’m here.” He whispered kissing the top of her head and rubbing circles on her back to smooth her. “I’m here for you, Rena” Yun softly said as he looked to the sky and softly cried letting his tears roll freely down his face. They stood there hugging each other for a good 10 minutes.

Rena had left the table and Yun had left to find her leaving the rest of the gang with Mayu and Jun being all lovey-dovey. “Jun, your girlfriend just left crying.” Acchan stated looking at the 2. “Yun has her. He’ll take care of her.” Jun replied feeding Mayu. “What?!” Wmidget shouted slamming their hands on the table and glaring at Jun. “Wmidget stand down.” Mario calming said. “Mayu, what do you think you’re doing?” Chiyuu asked worried. “You have a girlfriend. Or have you forgotten about Yuki?” Tomo asked. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m single.” Mayu stated coldly. “What’s wrong with you? You’re in a relationship with someone.” Acchan hissed.
“What’s your problem?! It’s none of your business!” Jun angrily shouted glaring at the group. “What’s our problem? You know what? I’ve been trying to control myself but I can’t take it anymore!” Tomo scoffed grabbing Jun by his collar and raising him in the air surprising everyone. “You have a girlfriend that’s in love with you. Even though it’s clear to me that you really don’t give a damn about her since you’re cheating right in front of her.” Tomo hissed glaring at Jun who he still holding in the air. “Yes, she’s my girlfriend so I can do whatever I want to her.” Jun smirked which angered Tomo.
“You son of a b**!” Yun shouted before running after a sobbing Rena. “Oh god. This is bad.” The girls said as they watched Yun running after Rena, that was the last draw for Tomo’s patience. “You brat!” Tomo angrily shouted as his rage take over him, he slammed Jun onto the table. “Agh!!” Jun cried in pain as Tomo started punching Jun’s face in. “Tomo!” Mario, Yuu, and Kai tried to separate Tomo from Jun but couldn’t. “Wow, Chiyuu since when has Tomo been so sexy?” Miichan and Haruna said as they hungrily eyed Tomo. “Miichan! Haruna! Focus! And help us separate Tomo from Jun before he kills him.” Acchan shouted trying to help the boys. “Tomo, please stop. Chiyuu~” Hearing his girlfriends plead he stopped his fist just a centimeter away from an unconscious Jun’s beaten face. “I don’t regret what I’ve done.” Tomo stated walking away. “Look what you’ve made my Tomo do.” Chiyuu stated looking at Mayu before going after Tomo.
“You deserve that and more.” Miichan stated at the unconscious Jun before grabbing Mario and walking away. “Piece of trash.” KojiYuu angrily stated leaving.
“Mayu, I'm very disappointed in you." Acchan stated walking away with Kai. /What? Why are they upset? It's not Yuki will now." Mayu mumble to herself while helping Jun gain his consciousness. After 30 minutes he comes to. "Finally!!" She exclaimed slapping his shoulder. "Itai!!" He cried in pain. "Grow up, Jun!!" Mayu said walking to to her room leaving Jun there.

Once she arrive he felt something missing but didn't pay much attention and went to sleep.           

To the present with YunRena
"You feel better?" Yun asked whipping Rena's tears. "Yes. Thank Yun." Rena sweetly smiled at him while wiping his dry tears away. "I'm glad." They sweetly smiled at each other. "I wanna be free. I wanna forget this pain I feel in my chest. I'm tried of feeling this loneliness whenever I'm with him." Rena stated looking at Yun. "Okay. I'll help you forget that pain and looniness you feel." Yun charmily smiled. "Thank you Yun." "No need. This will help the both of us."
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
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Oh my god! Mayu, Jun! Why?!
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: JuRikki on October 01, 2012, 07:39:23 AM
Please make WMatsui and MaYuki back T^T this is so wrong..

What? What are the reason? Why Jun do that to Rena? And Mayu?! Why?
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: saeyukilover on October 01, 2012, 12:38:15 PM
 :err: oh! Why ? Whyyy ? But anyway love the update ....  :)

Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
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 :angry: Ahhhhhhh if only Mayu knew that Yun is Yuki...
In this fic Mayu and Jun is  :smhid so I'm OK with Tomo punching Jun.

And what will happen if Rena knows that Yun IS Yuki?!  :shocked


Thank you for your update sok-san
ArígatoU! and Ganbatte! with you real life :kneelbow:
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great fanfic i hope you update soon please ;)
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Nooooooooo!!!! Why?! What's with Jun and Mayu?! They hurting Rena and Yun(Yuki)!
I like Mayuki/JunRena and I really hope that Mayu realize that Yuki in right infront of her (literally)!! Can't she get any hint at all?
Update soon please.
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Because I really love drama (in fics) sometimes, I really want Yun and Rena to just "do it", if that's what you mean at the end. *winkwink* :hehehe: :bigdeal:

I would also love it if Mayu doesn't find out until the end that Yun is Yuki. :heart: :on lol: ZOMGZ. THE DESPAIR I IMAGINE WHEN/IF JUN REALIZES HE REALLY LOVES RENA AND RENA FALLS OUT OF LOVE WITH HIM AND IN WITH YUN. JHLEKJNSDF OHGAWDZ.

Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: yuuzu05 on October 02, 2012, 06:57:36 AM
i guess part of me wants to feel bad for mayuki and wmatsui...but i mean mayu and jun are just ruining there chances  :smhid
so i totally support Yun and Rena in this one  :thumbsup
hmm? it seems like we got a glimpse of hot headed Shibuya..but wait, what would be the male version of that?? :?
thanks for the update Sok-san :bow: :bow:
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Yeay, an update  :D

But... What are you doing Jun?! I can't believe it  :cry: you broke Rena's heart
Mayu too... What are these two doing?
Good punches Tomo :thumbsup I'm on your side, hope it will make Jun be more mature  :smhid
I can feel some twist there... it's getting into more drama^^
Waiting for the next update  :D
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: karomuwi on October 04, 2012, 02:50:05 PM
I am deeply angered with Jurina's selfishness.  :frustrated:
:temper: How can she not even care about Rena-sama?!
ARGH!  :scolding: I feel like I want to stop shipping W Matsui because of her!

Please make it into a YunRena instead! :tantrum:
:pleeease: I would feel relieve when that happens.
Or maybe, just make Jun suffer a lot! AS IN A WHOLE LOT!

You know what? I feel like making Jurina suffer in one of my fics.  :shifty: hahahaha

Besides that, thank you for the great update! I'll be waiting for your next update, which I hope would be soon. :hee:
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: 7sam14 on January 25, 2013, 05:11:33 AM
PLEASE UPDATE!!! :on cny2: ... I really like u'r fic...and I hope u would be able to have time to update this fic.... I'll Be Waiting!!!  :kneelbow: :dozing:
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: Elo on February 07, 2013, 02:10:24 PM
when will you update  :angry: :cry:

i want mayuki and wmatsui please  :cry:
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: noah minami on October 12, 2013, 09:02:48 PM
Well. I hoping u willing to update since thing became more complicated btween wmatsui.. poor rena n yun.. mayu when u gonna realised that yun is yuki. :panic: :banghead:
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: JennyAJ on October 10, 2014, 06:17:19 AM
Please update. I really want to know what's going to happen next :)
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: lossc on October 11, 2014, 07:21:03 PM
this is interesting!!
i wish there will be updates~~
Jun is really a jerk ....
I wonder what's going on between Mayu and Yun~~
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: Kirozoro on October 11, 2014, 09:47:57 PM
Yes!! Kojyuu is finally back togethere!!

What the hell Jun!! Hell dare you do that to Rena

Update pls~~
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: sastio13 on October 20, 2014, 02:34:46 PM
update this fic please please please!!!  :bow:

umm, i don't mind if it YunRena and JuriMayu not Mayuki and wmatsui hahahaha
or maybe be more drama make Jurimayu YunRena first then they will back with mayuki wmatsui
since jun such a jerk and mayu a bitchy flirt here, well i want yunrena so badly
but yeah all i want more is you update this fic
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: crosteks on December 13, 2014, 12:54:26 PM
 :pleeease: :pleeease: Its been 2yrs :gyaaah: :gyaaah:
 Until now there was no Update what Happen author-san SOK.. :shock:  :scolding:
 :scolding: :scolding: Give us that Dam UPDATE  :on voodoo: :on voodoo:
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: rightsaver143 on June 07, 2016, 11:17:53 AM
Update it please :bow: :bow:

Make it yunrena :wub: :inlove:

Jun is a b@$tard  :angry: :angry: for treating Rena like that :cry:
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: LuckyMatsui on June 08, 2016, 05:40:28 AM
Please update Author-san  :cry: :bow:
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: Erza_Jerusalem on December 14, 2016, 12:39:52 PM
i just found this fic and hell i want more!!! please come back author-san! ;-;

i really like the story flows with YunRena on the way, i'm like screaming here!  :inlove:
Title: Re: From Girls to Boys ch. 13 Oct. 1
Post by: cisda83 on January 15, 2017, 11:22:32 AM
What's going to happen next?

Please continue the story

Thank you for the wonderful story so far

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs