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Title: [CHI] Ivana Wong 王菀之
Post by: Pauekn on December 03, 2011, 10:12:14 AM
Ivana is a quite talented Hong Kong singer and songwriter. She has written songs for influential musicians, for example Jacky Cheung! I still haven't checked her out that closely yet, but it seems like she can actually write many genres. According to Wikipedia she can also play drums, which is kind of cool! :P

Cinema of Love (2011/05/26)

01. 柳暗花明
02. 末日
03. 安妮·法兰克
04. 错过了地址
05. 最好的
06. Colors Of The Wind
07. I Dreamed A Dream

Download (

Octave / 柯廸夫 (2010/07/02)

01. 开笼雀 (Hoi lung jeuk)
02. 高八度 (Gou baat dou)
03. 歌舞剧 (Go mou kek)
04. 画外音 (Wa ngoi yam)
05. 开笼雀 - Finale (Hoi lung jeuk - Finale)

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On Wings of Time (2009/10/29)

01. 她扔了根火柴 (Ta reng le gen huochai)(Mandarin)
02. 月亮说 (Yut leung syut)
03. 大笨钟 (Daai ban jung)
04. 低科技之歌 (Dai fo gei ji go)
05. I'm sorry
06. 我不打算流眼泪 (Wo bu da suanliuyanlei)(Mandarin)
07. 小团圆 (Siu tyun yun)
08. 记住 记住 (Gei jyu gei jyu)(feat. Chang Shi Lei - 常石磊)
09. 粒糖有毒 (Lap tong yau duk)
10. 迷失艺术 (Mai sat ngai seut)
11. 月亮事 (Yueliang shi)(Mandarin)
12. Mary had a little clock

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Title: Re: [CHI] Ivana Wong 王菀之
Post by: daigong on December 03, 2011, 11:29:58 AM
Props Pau! She's new to me! I'll definitely look into her, she's supposed to be the indie of indie singers in Hong Kong, I'm gonna lose weight TEAMDDPYOGA!

Here's an article via Time Out Hong Kong (

As far as Hong Kong female singer-songwriters go, they don’t get much more influential than Ivana Wong. She composes her own songs, writes her own lyrics, does her own arrangements, writes chart-topping hits for other artists and is even starting to dabble in musicals. Over the past decade, she’s managed to fly the flag for actual musicians in the Cantopop industry.


Think Regina Spektor with a big Cantotwist à la Faye Wong. She knows how to write a pop hit for sure, but can also do indie rock, jazz, lullabies and her dream-like ballads. “Sometimes I want to write something popular that everyone will like – but I also want to take risks. It’s my responsibility to showcase a variety of musical sensibilities to the audience,” said Wong at an awards ceremony last year, emphasising her differences from many others floating around in the industry.

Her recent output reflects the varied approach Wong brings to her music. Huge hit Apocalypse, recently remixed to incorporate dialogue from Wyman Wong and Miriam Yeung, goes the heart-wrenching ballad route, Anne Frank is a soft-subtle lullaby with an eerie tune and her recent single, Water Lily, is a theatrical rock number with distorted guitars, haunting strings and Wong’s signature wail.

Over the past decade, Wong’s popularity has steadily been rising, culminating this fortnight in what may well be her biggest moment: a pair of concerts at the home of Cantopop, the Hong Kong Coliseum. We imagine there’ll be plenty more of where they came from in the future.

Ivana Wong plays the Coliseum on October 28-29. Tickets: 2734 9009; (

Title: Re: [CHI] Ivana Wong 王菀之
Post by: daigong on August 22, 2016, 01:48:56 AM
Prince Paul would love this :hip smile:

Shall we dance :xo: