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Title: Valentine Special OS -- Katsuo X Mayu
Post by: zansh on December 05, 2011, 04:04:30 PM
-- INDEX --

~Christmas Special~

Willful Christmas #Mistletoe# (below)
Willful Christmas #Being a good girl# (
Willful Christmas #Drunk Fight# (
Willful Christmas #Spinning Spin# (
Willful Christmas #Kore Kara Wonderland# Part1 (
Willful Christmas #My Counselor# (
Willful Christmas #Kore Kara Wonderland# Part2 (

~A Grateful Mistake~ (

~Valentine Special~

Kai X Atsuko X Katsuo (
Kuu X Mariko X Katsuo (
Riku X Yuko (
Katsuo X Mayu (


Hope you like it
Thank you

Willful Christmas

24th December

“Ta~ka~mi~na~” Atsuko skipping toward Minami and hug her from back. She then rested her chin on Minami’s shoulder. Looking their figures in reflection from the mirror “Are you done yet? Let’s go home together~”

“I’m sorry Acchan… I still have a meeting with Akimoto-san” Minami turn back to face Atsuko then looked down. “And I think it will be long… sorry, you might have to go home… alone…?”

“Hmmph… you left me alone again” Atsuko pout and cross her arms.

“I’m so sorry. This meeting is so sudden…” Minami gave Atsuko puppy eyes pleading for forgiveness.

“Hmmph… but don’t forget, we have Christmas party tonight at my apartment. Don’t be late, okay?” Atsuko reminded Minami about the Christmas party they decide to hold in Atsuko’s apartment since she is living by her own now.

“Acchan, I love you so much” Minami gave her a hug then she walk away while waving her hands, “I won’t be late. See you tonight”

“Geez… why are you always being so adorable, Minami…” Atsuko is looking at Minami until she disappeared from her sight. She took out her phone and calling for Mariko.

“Moshi moshi. Mariko desu…”

“Mariko, have you done buying foods and drinks? Can you drive me home? Minami have a meeting and I have to go home alone.” Atsuko said.

“No problem… give me 10 minutes.” Mariko said.

“Thank-..” Atsuko was cut out by the voice from the other side on the phone.

“Mari-chan! Help me bring these… I can’t see my way…”

“Eh! Baka! That’s too much! How can we eat them all? I’m going to put some back to its place”

“Mari! Don’t! I want eat that! Give me back!”


Tut Tut Tut Tut Tut Tut Tut Tut Tut

Atsuko sweat drop hearing that, “what the hell are they doing?”

In Atsuko’s apartment
10:00 p.m.

“Yuki, give me that star”

“Be careful, Sae” said Yuki as she give the big star to Sae.

“Here it go! Done! We’re done decorate the Christmas tree” Sae jumping on the ladder happily.

“Sae, don’t jump like that! It’s dangerous!” Yuki scold.

“I’m fine…” just as Sae finished her words, she fall down from the ladder.

“SAE!” Yuki try to grab Sae but ended up being pulled by her and they both fall on the floor, with Yuki on top of her.

“Oucchh.. Yuki, how much weight you gain in this month” Sae pretend that Yuki is so heavy for her.

“You meanie!” Yuki said as she pinch Sae’s cheek. Yuki was about to get up but Sae hug her tightly. “Sae, let’s get up”

“No… let’s stay like this for a while. I want to feel your warm”

“Hey, you two. Go get a room. We have underage girl gere.” Mariko said as she pointed at Mayu who was blush while helping Atsuko arranging the table set.

At the same time in the kitchen

Haruna is assigned in the kitchen and Yuko is her assistant.

“Yuko, ketchup” ordered Haruna.

“Here” Yuko hand the ketchup in fast movement.







“Done!” Haruna clap her hands together and smiling proudly, satisfied with her own cooking. Yuko start clinging at her again.

“Ne.. nyan nyan.. am I doing good?” asked Yuko.

Haruna pats her head “Yes, you are very obedient today.”

“Can I have my reward now?”

“hmm…? I don’t remember about giving you reward” said Haruna confusedly.

“Then… can I have a reward?” asked Yuko with puppy eyes.

“Hmm…” Haruna think hesitantly for a while, “okay, what do you want?”

“nyan nyan.. kiss.. kiss…” Yuko sticks herself onto Haruna like glue and pout her mouth asking for a kiss.

Haruna try to push Yuko away from her but Yuko is just like glue. Haruna hit her head making Yuko’s hands move from her and run away but Yuko push her down to the floor and crawling towards Haruna. “Nyan nyan.. kiss…kiss…”

“Mariko! Help me!” Haruna cried for help.

Mariko come and pulled Yuko away from poor Haruna. Yuko keep struggling against Mariko while calling “nyan nyan” non-stop. Feels annoyed by Yuko, Mariko whisper something at Yuko to make her stop. Magically, Yuko stop struggling and walk away to the living room with big smile on her face.

“Mariko what did you say to her?” asked Haruna anxiously hoping it’s not a bad thing.

Mariko just smiled “why don’t you just ask her?” before she reached the living room, she spots Mii-chan stealing food. She slapped Mii-chan’s hands and drags her to living room. “No stealing food. We have to wait for Takamina first.”

At the same time, Atsuko was sneakily putting something in the Christmas tree and grinning mischievously before join the others.

Somewhere on the street

// I’m the dead man now… blame to that stupid meeting, I am very very late now… Acchan must be very very mad on me now… //

“Umm…sir, can you drive more quickly? I’m in hurry” asked Minami politely to the driver.

“Okay! Hold on tight!” the driver speeding up towards Atsuko’s apartment.

At Atsuko’s apartment
00:48 a.m.

Minami push the bell many times but no one came to open the door. She sighs and took out the key and opens the door by herself. When she opened the door, she pinches her nose because of the alcohol smell. She went directly into the living room only found Yuki half asleep on the very very mess table while Mayu help cleaning the mess.

“Yo! Takamina.” Sae walk out from the bathroom.

“Sae, where are the others?” asked Minami.

“Yuko, Haruna and Miichan got drunk. Mariko sent them home.”

Ding dong (door bell’s ringing)

“Ah… It must be Jurina. Umm…I’m going home now. Bye, Takamina! Bye Sae! Bye Yuki!” Mayu stop cleaning and went to the door. Before she go out she turn back and bow at them once again.

“Have a nice Christmas!” Sae shouts to them from inside.

Takamina take her sit near the Christmas tree because the other area was still in mess, full of beer cans around. “Umm… where is Acchan? Did she get drunk too?”

Sae pointed her back with her thumb, “Bathroom… she is-”

Mi~Na~Mi~” a bubbly voice interrupted and tackle Minami down to the ground.

Minami blushed at Atsuko who was now sitting on top of her. “A…Acchan, what-”

“Mi~hic~nami~  Leaf!...” said Atsuko grinning at her while pointing at something above them, “… with ribbon…and~hic~green and white things…”

“Eh?!” Minami stared at the leafy thing where Atsuko pointing. Green leaves, white berries, and red ribbon…. “Mistletoe?!” Suddenly something flashed inside her mind Mistletoe…you’re supposed to kiss under mistletoes…. Mistletoe?! Her eyes went wide and she is blushing madly as she repeated what she saw, “MISTLETOE?!

“Mmm… now we’re like this…” Atsuko trailed down ominously towards Minami.

“A… Acchan… you’re drunk… Minami gently pushed Atsuko away of her and turned to Sae… who wasn’t there anymore. A chill shivered down her spine, she blinked, glancing around the very very empty room and gulp. She froze when Atsuko climbed back on top of her, grabbed her wrists, and pinned her down.

Atsuko grinning mischievously, “You know what they say you have to do when you are under the… missy… mister… missile… hic~ toe… hic… umm… leafy green and white things?” she is looking at Minami with innocent eyes. “mmm… Mi~na~mi~”

// Darn! Her seduction is… No! Minami! Behave yourself! // Minami tried to get off from Atsuko, but her body won’t cooperate with her mind.

Atsuko leant down, letting her breath brush against Minami’s lips. It was really hard to think with Atsuko’s body so close to her… and her very generous chest pressing against her… “Wait… Acchan… Are you sure this is-”

Atsuko cut her off by gently pressing their lips together. It was… warm… soft… and wet… // wet?! Was that… tongue?! // Minami’s mind was shouting crazily inside because of Atsuko’s action. She can’t do anything considering her mouth was currently occupied by Atsuko. Very pleasant occupied.

After minutes they parted because needs of oxygen. Minami’s face was now as red as tomato. Atsuko giggled and tangling her fingers in Minami’s hair, pulling it out of its ponytail. They kissed again and part again, but this time Minami frowned.

“Wait, you’re not drunk… There’s no taste of alcohol” Minami complained.

“Don’t you know? I am a good actress” Atsuko remarked. “I have to punish you because you are late” Then, without letting Minami say anymore, she leant down and kissed her again, Minami moaned into the kiss, putting her hand around Atsuko’s neck and pulled it closer to deepen their kiss. Atsuko’s hand was now sneaks inside Minami’s shirt and traveling the soft skin of her beloved… and…

(You can imagine the rest… I can’t write anymore =.=''')
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Post by: Yagami.Rai on December 05, 2011, 04:22:48 PM
Yea!! Atsumina XD
Acchan pretending to be drunk LOL :lol:
It's really nice :wub:

Thanks for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
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Post by: Sydney W on December 05, 2011, 04:45:56 PM
Acchan being mischievous pretending to be drunk....... hilarious....
Title: Re: Christmas Special
Post by: Flean on December 05, 2011, 05:11:21 PM
Gah!!! Acchan!! I luv ya!!! so mischievous!!! XD  Yeah!! Gosh!!! She even got Taka on the floor and~~ :lol:

Nice kurisumasu fic~~  :twothumbs
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GG Acchan! I wonder what Mariko told Yuko.
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Post by: Haruko on December 06, 2011, 06:43:09 AM
jajja we know that sexaddichan enjoy teasing takamina.. and some people says that atsuko is not a good actress :D

yeah we need the next chapter what mariko told to yuko.. maybe yuko also going to show her actress skill?
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Woah! Interesting! :mon crazyinlove: I liket it. :mon innocent:
All the pairings were cute    :mon lovelaff:
Update soon.  :bow: :bow: :bow:
Title: Christmas Special #Being a good girl#
Post by: ichikawa on December 06, 2011, 03:46:06 PM
My old ID just recover  :nya:
I will re-use my old ID again...
Hope I don't make you confuse. Zansh = Ichikawa = same person  :kneelbow:

Thanks Yagami.Rai, Minami-chan, dee1711, Megumi, khryz0421, haru9210, Tejinashi, d_ruffi, blughise, kahem, RenaChii, Sydney W, Flean, Haruko, AKBlover_99

Hope this won't bored you..
Sorry if I have disappointed you for this shot...  :kneelbow:

Willful Christmas
#Being a good girl#

At Haruna’s house

Just make her drunk later… after that, you can do whatever you want…

Yuko’s dimple became more deeper remembering what Mariko suggest her before. Haruna was drunk, she can’t even walk by herself. Now they are in front of the door with Haruna clumsily searching her keys inside her bag.

“Haruna, you are drunk. Let me help you find the key.” Yuko attempted her best to hold on Haruna with her own height. Because the effect of alcohol, Haruna can’t stand straight, she steps right and steps left while searching the key, not long after she slipped and fall down with Yuko beneath her.

Haruna giggled and poke Yuko’s nose with seductive eyes, “bad squirrel, are you taking advantage on me?”

Yuko was flushed and stunted by Haruna sudden behavior. This is the first time ever she saw Haruna acts like this. Don’t know how to response, she just lay there quietly. // Oh my goddess… is this really my nyan nyan? She’s so… sexy like this… //

Haruna crawled on top of her, laying her hands beside of Yuko’s neck. // Is she going to kiss me?! Nyan… nyan… // Yuko closed her eyes and pouted her mouth, she waits but feels nothing. “Here’s the key” said Haruna as she grabbed a bunch of keys near Yuko’s head. She stood up and went to open the door. Yuko sighs heavily, disappointedly, but still her heart was still beating fast. She follow Haruna went inside the house.

Haruna walked in directly to the living room, throw away her bag and shoes, lay down on the sofa and snooze. “Nyan nyan…. Don’t sleep there, you’ll catch cold.” Yuko reminded her, but Haruna already fell asleep. Yuko went closer, staring her nyan nyan cute face for minutes.

Hachiuuu….” Haruna sneeze, sat up, rub her nose, and then back to sleep again. Yuko giggled at her and go to Haruna’s bedroom to bring some blanket for her. After put the blanket over Haruna, she takes her bag and shoes and put it right to the place. She even help her arrange the magazine neatly on the table. // Surely, I’m really become nyan nyan’s housekeeper // Yuko said to herself and feel proud about it.

Yuko stretch both her arms after doing some housework for her nyan nyan. She simply sat next to her and kept staring at her. She gently move some stray of Haruna’s hair to put it behind her ear. Haruna move a bit and murmured something in her sleep. “Yuu-chan… I love you…”

Yuko eyes widen as she hear that, her smile become wider make her dimples deeper. She cares Haruna’s cheek and place a soft kiss on her forehead, “I love you more, nyan nyan…” she paused a while “I guess I won’t touch you tonight, I’ll sit here obediently. I’ll be a good girl just for today. Merry christmas nyan nyan… please dream of me” Yuko smile to herself till she fell asleep beside her nyan nyan.

After both of them fell asleep, someone fat in red-white clothes with white beard on his face appeared from nowhere. He is pouring some blinking powder towards the two sleeping beauty, “Hohohoho… I always grants presents to them who are obedient and being a good kid today… Have a nice dream, Yuko… Hohohoho…”

That person disappeared to nowhere… he has granted Yuko to share the same dream with Haruna… that night, they was really happy inside their dreamland.


Sorry, no kissy kissy scene...

Dou? (´・ω・`)
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I wanna see their dreams!!! Mou, such a teaser!
Title: Re: Christmas Special #Being a good girl#
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Kyaa! KojiYuu! Yay~    :gmon twirl:

Haruna crawled on top of her, laying her hands beside of Yuko’s neck. // Is she going to kiss me?! Nyan… nyan… // Yuko closed her eyes and pouted her mouth, she waits but feels nothing. “Here’s the key” said Haruna as she grabbed a bunch of keys near Yuko’s head. She stood up and went to open the door.
Poor Yuko! Haha! :mon blblbl:
Thx for the update and update soon!  :bow: :bow: :bow:
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waaahhh   :mon inluv: I love this Christmas fic... Atsumina & KojiYuu!!

Acchan always teasing Takamina  :rofl:  :rofl:

Yuko's key incident  :mon lmao:

please..please... want more :mon whine: Update soon  :twothumbs  thanks
Title: Christmas Special #Drunk Fight#
Post by: ichikawa on December 07, 2011, 03:33:32 PM
Thanks for reading  Yagami.Rai, silllythings, kahem, AKBlover_99, haru9210, smarty0821, crazywota

@ kahem : Gomen... I was supposed to end kojiyuu there..  :kneelbow:  but maybe I'll try write about their dreams later
Please enjoy this chapter  ^-^


Willful Christmas
#Drunk Fight#

Inside Mariko’s car

“Mii-chan, stop disturbing me. I’m driving now” Mariko scold Mii-chan who was sat next to her.

Mii-chan was also drunked, she ignored Mariko and keep singing and moving her hands in weird moves. She even poked or hit Mariko’s arm intentionally. Reaching her temper limits, Mariko pushed her speed to the max and stopped the car all of the sudden at the side of the road. Mii-chan was unable to keep her balance and bumps her head hardly to the window beside her.

“HWAEHWAEHWAE…hic… HUWAEHUWAE…!” Mii-chan cried very loud and non-stop in the car.

Mariko shut her ears with both hands. “WILL YOU SHUT UP? JUST STOP CRYING!” Mariko rise her voice fiercely, but this is just makes Mii-chan’s cry more louder. Her cry is louder enough to be heard by the passenger near them. Those people began to whisper at each others. Fortunately, her car’s window is so dark that not allowed the passengers to see through inside.

“I should have stop you from drinking that much” Mariko pressed her hands hardly on Mii-chan’s mouth to forbid the voice come out but ended up bitten by Mii-chan. “Ouchh..” Mariko move her hands away and hit Mii-chan’s head hardly. Mii-chan finally stopped crying. Mariko let out a heavy sigh and started the car engine, “I’ll send you home soon. Please be quiet all the way till your home” Mariko sighed “Can you become more mature this year?”

A sudden chill run out in Mariko’s spine, she turned her head only found Mii-chan glare at her with very murderous eyes. Without warning, Mii-chan launched her hands pulling Mariko’s hair, messing it, and pinch her cheek. Feeling annoyed, Mariko remove her safety belt and push Mii-chan back to her seat. She slaps her face repeatedly in order to make her back to senses.

“You don’t love me! hic I HATE YOU! hic…HATE YOU! hic HATE YOU…!” Mii-chan begins to shout non-stop again. Mariko grabbed both Mii-chan’s wrist, pinned her back to seat and kissed her roughly to shut her mouth. As Mii-chan didn’t struggle anymore Mariko parted away and attached their forehead together. “You’re so stubborn…” when she about to move back to her own seat, Mii-chan pulled her for another kisses. Mariko kisses back gently and her kisses began to travel down on her neck.

After minutes of kissing, Mariko decided to stop, “Time’s up…” Mariko showed her watch, “It’s time for me to send you home, your parents must have worried”.

Mii-chan won’t let go and keep hugging her, “I don’t wanna hic go home!!” she pouted.

Mariko pinches Mii-chan’s nose gently, “I have promised your parents to send you home safely” she moved back to her seat. Mii-chan took out her phone, dial a number, and waiting for response.

“Mom! Mariko was hic drunk… she can’t hic drive me home. I’ll be staying at Acchan’s home hic… Merry Christmas! Hohohoho... don’t forget my present, mom! Good night” Mii-chan hang up the phone and start clinging to Mariko. “Mari~chan~ let’s sleepover at your home~”

Mariko raised her chin and smirked at her, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure~” said Mii-chan with husky voice.

“I’m still gonna send you home” Mariko grinned.

“Of course! To your home~ right? Mari~chan~” Mii-chan keep rubbing her cheek on Mariko’s arm.

“You’re really a stubborn kid” said Mariko.

“Mari-chan~ hoooaaammm…” tired from crying and shouting before, Mii-chan is now half asleep.

Mariko smiled and gently put her back to her seat, put on the safety belt and drove the car to her own home. “You’ll regret it. I won’t let you sleep tonight”


Sorry if it's boring...

Dou? (´・ω・`)

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“Mom! Mariko was hic drunk… she can’t hic drive me home. I’ll be staying at Acchan’s home hic… Merry Christmas! Hohohoho... don’t forget my present, mom! Good night” Mii-chan hang up the phone and start clinging to Mariko.
LOL!    :hiakhiakhiak:
Wow....Interesting! I like it! Thx update! :mon trannie:
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Oh~ go Mariko go! ^^
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sorry but marimii are not my favorites couples..

but kojiyuu jajaj funny.. but poor yuko doesnt have her goodnight kiss.. we know that haruna likes to play with her squirrell :D
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Post by: haruhi16 on December 08, 2011, 08:38:19 AM
I like MariiMii !! <333 This is so cute!! I need more of this funny couple!!! please!! <333333
Title: Christmas Special #Spinning Spin#
Post by: ichikawa on December 08, 2011, 06:44:15 PM
Thanks for reading my fic  :heart:

@ kahem, Haruko : since you like kojiyuu couple, I'll try to add some scene for them  :)
@ haruhi16 :Thanks haruhi, I'll try to write more for MariMii too (hopefullly)  XD

Hope you like this fic. Thank you and sorry for my poor english.


Willful Christmas
#Spinning Spin#

Somewhere in the park

Sae was slipped away bringing Yukirin along as soon as Atsuko tackle Minami to the floor. They are now in the park somewhere near their house. Sae always walks Yuki home because their houses are near with each other. They usually dropped at the park having some chats before go home.

      Kimi to boku wa sono tabi ni
      Nando KISU shita darou
      NOERU no yoru wa~ Sunao ni nareru ne~
Kyou dake wa tokubetsu sa~
KYANDORU no hi ni~ Terasare nagara~
Dakiatte nemurou~

Yuki was singing “noel no yoru” and dancing cutely in front of Sae who was sitting on the swing, looking at her girlfriend with loving eyes. Seeing Yuki in her white piece dress and her long hair flowing perfectly within the dance makes her recall the scene they’re playing in infinity. // she has become more beautiful now… even more cute when drunk like this // Sae giggling to herself. // she looks like an angel, so smooth, so curving and so beautiful. Her face, her figure, her lips...her...// Sae flushed as she murmured to herself, “I guess I got infected by Yuko’s virus now~”

“Sa~hic” looks like the alcohol gotten her a bit, Yuki cover her mouth with hands making an Oops expression. “Ah... It's snowing... Let’s dance together~” Yuki grabbed Sae’s hands and pulling her spinning around.

“Whooo…. Slow down Yuki… slow down. My heads are getting dizzy…” Sae complained but Yuki ignore it and spin faster. “I am dizzy now~ !!”

Suddenly Yuki let go her hands, making Sae falling and rolling to the ground.”Wooooo!” Sae was now laying on the ground with her arms and legs stretch straightly and face down to the ground.

“Hahahha… Sae no baka… do you like kissing the snow  that much? Hahahah…” Yuki squat down holding hers stomach, can’t stop laughing at the poor Sae who still didn’t move from her position.  (note: in japanese, snow = yuki)

“Mou~ Yukirin! You meanie!” Sae stood up and chasing Yuki. “hic~” Yuki make an Oops expressions again and run away from Sae. They were running around in the park until Sae manage to grab her hand and pulled her into a hug. “Of course I like Yuki (snow), I LOVE YUKI” Sae grinned widely and leaned in to kiss Yuki. Yuki tickled Sae making her let go her hug, then she running along the way home with unstable steps. Because Yuki run with unstable steps, Sae couldn’t catch up on her this time.

They are now stop in front of Yuki’s house and breathing heavily. “How can you run that fast?” Sae laid her back at the wall beside the door.

“Because I am Black” said Yuki with ‘black’ expression just like in majisuka. Not long after she smiled as usual and hush Sae away, “It’s late now. Hurry go home.” Yuki took out her key and opened the door, “Ughh… I’m in heavy rotation now~ my brain are spinning inside”

Before Yuki step into the house, Sae hold her arms, “You still owe me something” said Sae pouting her mouth. Yuki giggled and place a kiss on her cheek, “Goodnight”

“Not there~” said Sae as she keep pouting her mouth.

Yuki wrapped her arms around Sae’s neck and leaned in for a kiss on the lips. She plant a quick kiss on her lips and parted away, “Done~ I’m going in now. See you tomorrow~”

Sae didn’t let go and pulled Yuki into another kiss... and another passionate kisses... she parted for a moment and whisper beside Yuki’s ear with a gently breath, “I’m not satisfied yet” her lips move on Yuki’s neck, her chin, her nose, and back to capture her lips again. The kisses become more passionate, Yuki was trapped between Sae and the wall. Seconds passed, Yuki turn her position and push Sae back to the wall. Without realize, they spin and spin like this till they reach the door and Sae slowly guide her inside the house, As they steps into the house, Yuki parted and attached their forehead together.

“My… my parents aren’t at home… I think you should go hom-” before Yuki finished, Sae shut her with a gently kiss, “I’m so lucky. I wish they're not coming back till tomorrow~” Sae keep kissing Yuki again while closing the door behind her and lock it.

The door closed… I guess you know what will happen when lovers stay together alone… with no one disturb them…


Sorry if it's boring...

Dou? (´・ω・`)

Please feel free to comment  :)
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Sae gg ;) enjoy your 'snow'
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Post by: Megumi on December 08, 2011, 11:04:53 PM
Www Christamas fic are so romantic!
Sorry I didn't comment on all so I'm doing it now :yep:

Atsuko grinning mischievously, “You know what they say you have to do when you are under the… missy… mister… missile… hic~ tole… hic… umm… leafy green and white things?” she is looking at Minami with innocent eyes. “mmm… Mi~na~mi~”
AtsuMina-LoL Acchan is such a great actress...

Haruna move a bit and murmured something in her sleep. “Yuu-chan… I love you…”
KojiYuu- For once Yuko wasn't perving on Harunyan here super cute ^^

“HWAEHWAEHWAE…hic… HUWAEHUWAE…!” Mii-chan cried very loud and non-stop in the car.
MariMii Hahaha somehow I can see Miichan crying here because of the Majisuka PV. Mariko at the end hahaha Miichan won't get any sleep on Christmas...

“Hahahha… Sae no baka… do you like kissing the snow  that much? Hahahah…” Yuki squat down holding hers stomach, can’t stop laughing at the poor Sae who still didn’t move from her position.  (note: in japanese, snow = yuki)
“Ughh… I’m in heavy rotation now~ my brain are spinning inside”
Seconds passed, Yuki turn her position and push Sae back to the wall. Without realize, they spin and spin like this till they reach the door and Sae slowly guide her inside the house, As they steps into the house, Yuki parted and attached their forehead together.
SaeYuki ROFL! So much spinning I laughed the whole time!

Thank you for your Xmas fic they are so cute/fun& of course romantic!
Arigatou! :kneelbow:

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hare kumo ame YUKI ok. :D
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S-SaeYuki.............. *Dying of happiness*
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of courser, when the lovers are alone always watch movie.. jajajja I`m kidding ... thanx for that..

and if you do kojiyuu it gonna be great
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Post by: ichikawa on December 09, 2011, 12:15:38 PM
Thanks virgo_shaka, AKBlover_99, Haruko, kahem, and other reader

@ Megumi : Wah~ I'm so happy seeing your comment...  :hee:

@ Haruko : I'll try to post another kojiyuu within this week  :hee:

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 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: AACHAN! HAHAHA. This is funny.

Atsumina rocks.

Anyway, nice fic. It's awesome  :twothumbs
Title: #Kore Kara Wonderland# part 1
Post by: ichikawa on December 14, 2011, 07:11:22 PM
Updated For Haruko and Kojiyuu FANS :hee:
Also for kahem curious about Yuko's dream~ :ding:


Willful Christmas
#Kore kara Wonderland#  Part 1

Yuko POV

Hoammm…. So bright here. Is it morning?

“Eh?! Where is this?” I was sleeping on the clouds?

I stood up and walk around, all my surrounding were beautiful clouds and trees in candies form with rainbow color, pinky sky with colorful birds flying in groups. There also many colorful kitty running and playing with each others. “Nyaan nyaan~” Now I am chasing those little kitty, they apart from each others to avoid me.

“Tanoshii~ ne~”

I lay on this cloudy floor enjoying the scenery. I wish nyaan nyaan also here with me enjoying this view…


Eh? Is that nyaan nyaan voice? I get up and looking around.

“Yuu~chan~ here… come here~”

I swear I heard nyaan nyaan voice!  I wandering around through the cotton-like clouds to find the source of nyaan nyaan voice. “nyaan nyaan~ where are you?”

“Yuu~chan~ here… come here~” I saw a cat ear figure waving her hands to me behind a big lollipop tree. Without any thought, I ran as fast as I can to reach there.

“Yuu~chan~ not there… here, come here~” I saw Haruna sat at another lollipop tree and waving her hands to me. I wave back and run to where she was now. Before I reach there, she was gone again and appeared at the other side.

“Mou~ nyaan nyaan. You’re too fast. I can’t catch up with you. Stay there~ don’t move!”

This time she doesn’t run away and sit there playing with her cat ears. This time I can see her clearly… I mean VERY CLEAR! She’s wearing cat outfit complete set with cat ears and cat tail. her cat outfit was more resemble to BIKINI! She’s smiling at me cutely and seductively waving her tail, calling my name. “Yuu~chan~”


I saw Haruna giggled on me, “Yuu~chan~ you’re bleeding” she pointed my nose. I wipe it with hands, feeling embarrassed to be seen by nyan nyaan in this state. “You are really excited over me with this outfit?” she pouted her mouth making her more sexier. I think I would die from this nonstop nosebleed.

“Yuu~chan~ I got a christmas present for you” she put her hands behind.

Feeling excited I jump a little and asked her with high spirit voice, “Present? I’m so happy! Nani~ nani~ show me! Show me!”

“Here we go!” she showed a bunch of colorful balloons to me.


She jump down from the lollipop tree and walk closer to me, “Yes! Balloons~ you don’t like it?” she pouted and frowning her face.

“Ummm…” It’s hard for me to say I HATE BALLOONS THE MOST since it’s her present. What am I gonna do?

Suddenly she took out a needle from nowhere and BOOM

“Aarrgggghhhhhh!” I closed my ears with hands and run away from her. But the matter is SHE IS CHASING ME!!! Please get away those balloons from me! My mind shouting crazily inside. I keep running and running, she just keep chasing and chasing me while pointing the needle to the balloons one by one.

“Yuu~chan~ don’t you like me? Come here~ balloons are fun, aren’t it?”

That’s terrible! How can nyaan nyaan do that to me?! I hate that sound the most. “Please! If this is a dream, let me wake up!

“WAKE UP OHIMA YUKO! WAKE UP!” I keep slapping myself. Without noticing the big hole in front of me, I step into it and fell down. Fortunately, my butt hit some soft things…

I was in a pinky room now. The setting was alike with the setting in heavy rotation. There was bed, rose petals, delicious cakes, bubble flowing from bathtub… bathtub… BATHTUB?! You won’t believe what I saw in there…

NYAAN NYAAN IS IN THE BATHTUB! It means… SHE IS NAKED!!! I think I’ll have another nosebleed again~ If I died from losing too much blood caused by this, I’m willingly… very willingly.

“Yuu~chan~ do you want to take a bath with me?” nyaan nyaan was so KAWAIII

“Eherm..” I cleared my throat, “Here I go!” I run towards her and jump into the bathtub. When I was about to land into the bathtub, I saw balloons appeared from nowhere. Soon, I slipped my feet and my head bumped onto the floor… my head is really in Heavy Rotation now… everything went black…


I fell down from the bed. I rub my head and looking my surroundings.

“Fiuuhh…” I let out a sigh. “It was just a dream…”

I laid back onto the bed again huggin the pillow. Hmm… this is nyaan nyaan smell.. I look around again and find myself at nyaan nyaan bedroom. Since when I am in nyaan nyaan bedroom? Is she carry me here?

I look at the clock, showing 08:48 a.m. So, it’s morning already? I walked out from the bedroom towards living rooms to find nyaan nyaan. At the same time I reached living room, I saw nyaan nyaan walked out from the kitchen bringing the breakfast set in her hands. My jaw dropped as I don’t believe what I saw. I pinch my cheek over and over again making sure that this is not a dream.

“Ouchh… it does hurt” I rub my cheek.

“Silly Yuu~chan~ come here breakfast” nyaan nyaan giggled on me.


REALLY! I was really froze at where I stood now.

Wanna know what I see?


Curious at what Yuko see?  :dunno:

The answer will be in part 2  :kneelbow: hehehehehe  :kekeke:
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Of course curious about that!!! ^^
Title: Re: Christmas Special
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That was awesome! I like it! Thx for updating! I'm curious about what Yuko see... :gmon blonde: Update soon!  :thumbsup :bow: :bow: :bow:
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maybe haruna wearing a sexy santa`s outfit? I guess...

maybe the same outfit than mariko used once time in akbingo (moe`s game i think)

Thanx for the fic all kojiyuu`s wotas appreciate it a lot :D
Title: Christmas Special #My Counselor#
Post by: ichikawa on December 22, 2011, 03:30:18 PM
Minna~ this is my first time try some on Jurina x Mayu.
My friend just watched Majisuka2 and like it. She asked me to write JurinaxMayu for her...
So, I try to write it with some different views.
I was in doubt first should I post it here or not... I hope I didn't offense WMatsui shipper >//< gomen...

Please read o(_ _o)


Willful Christmas
#My Counselor#

Mayu POV

Tonight, I asked Jurina to send me home. She is my best friend beside Yukirin, we become best friends since filming in majisuka2 drama. She’s kind and caring person, although she looks like a bad-girl type and I am starting to like her more day by day. But almost everytime she acts like a counselor when we’re alone, this is the only part I hate. We are heading to the parking area, since she has a motorcycle I always asked her to send me home. I was planning to hang out with her all night, but she said it’s better hang out tomorrow… good girl shouldn’t hang out at night.

“Are you drinking?” suddenly Jurina asked.

“Nope. They just give me strawberry juice.” I lied.

She seems not believe me and leaned in to smell my breath. My heart was pounding faster and my face feels hot. Thanks we’re in low light area that she can’t see my blush.

“You’re lying~ I can smell the alcohol from your mouth. You’re still not allowed to touch that drink” she began to counsel me again.

“But you drank before, why can’t I?” I pouted. “You even younger than me!”

“We’re… we’re not same… I mean, my background… you know that I was grown up in Pub… gang street… but you… you are raised in a good family…”

Yes, I am the only one who knows her real background. She tries hard to hide it from everyone, but she shared with me. She really looks at me as her best friend but still I don’t like her counseling me as she is older than me, even though I was older than her. I stop walking and cross my arms. “How many times I have said, Do Not make discrimination between us…”

“It’s just… I really care about you. You shouldn’t touch that thing, it’s not good for you”

I am mad at her for making the difference between us. I walked pass by and ignore her calling. She follows my steps and walk beside me, silently. After minutes, she broke the silent, “Ano… my motorcycle is parked there” she pointing the direction a few meters in front of me. “Wait here…”

She rode her motorcycle and stop right before me. She is really cool when riding her black Buell 1125CR in her black jacket. She took off her scarf and wrapped it around my neck, “It’s snowing. You better keep warm.” Then she put helmet on my head and motioned me to hop on her motorcycle. Before we start moving, her phone is ringing.

“Hello… Ah, Rena!” I hate hearing that name since they always together in SKE. I wish she could be the member of AKB, especially in Team B…

“Owh… okay! I’m right there soon” she hang up the phone. “Umm… Rena have some problems, I have to go there before send you home.” She explained.

“It’s okay” I wear fake smile on my face.

After some minutes, we arrive at outside of a Club in Shibuya


“I’ll wait here obediently” I said to ensure her.

After she went inside, I sneakily follow her from behind. Inside it was very noisy with dizzy light filled the room. Some people were dancing, some having drink at the bar, and some was flirting and… and kiss… kissing at the corner.

“Rena!” I heard Jurina voice and hurriedly sat on one of the empty chair near me. Beside me there a man in purple suit, he looks gentleman and his smile is so kind. I smile back and continue watching where Jurina was. Then the bartender gave me a glass of drink, it was colorful and lovely.

“This is Mr. Sata’s treat” said the bartender.

This person beside me also named Sata? Haha.. he’s more looking good than our Sata-san  I giggled a bit then I felt that our distance is a bit closer?

I just smiled and watch over Jurina again. They were taking care a drunk member, she keep waving her hands against the others and hit Rena caused Rena tripped making Jurina have to hug her.

This Sata person raised his glass and slightly touch mine as manner to cheers. I took the glass in my hands and keep watching Jurina. This time, I saw they’re kissing. Jurina and Rena… KISS?!

“Your boyfriend cheating on you?” Mr. Sata asked, pointing where Jurina was.

“Boyfriend?? Haha… I don’t have any…” I pretend don’t know what he’s talking about. Further more, Jurina is a girl not guy… I giggled again imaging Jurina in boy’s suit.

“Take a sip. It will feel good. Try it” he lift my hands which holding the drink he treat me. The scene I watched just now makes my heart hurts, I feel my blood boiling on top of my head. Without second thought, I drank it in one gulp.

“I’m not lying right? It’s really feels good”

“Yes, I agree.” This taste is really good. I wonder if Jurina always drink this everyday. Suddenly my head hurts, I’m feeling dizzy and my body become weak… very weak… my vision starting to blur…

“Are you okay?” this man hold me and bring me to somewhere. “This place is too noisy, let’s go to another place for some fresh air”

My vision is blur, my head hurts so much that I can’t recognize where he takes me to. I know I shouldn’t go with a stranger but my body feels weak, I have no strength to fight back. He brought me into a building, take a lift and go into a room.

Oh no… is he going to… No, Jurina… Help me !

Jurina POV

I am being bestfriends with Mayu since filming Majisuka2. Thanks to whoever giving my role and scenes making me closer to her. Since then, I always hang out with her and she’s always asked me to send her home. I really like it… I don’t know when but I think I love her. I’m planning to confess to after we arrive at her house. I wonder if she has the same feelings towards me.

Dear Mr. Santa, if you really exist in this world please hear my wish. I wish her as my present gift, I wish I can confess to her tonight. Please give me courage to say my feelings out loud.

“Rena!” I went to join the others and saw Kanon were so drunk, “Why you let her drunk like this?” I asked the other members who was also there.

“I don’t know… I remember giving her sprite, but it turned into alcohol…” Rena said.

“Jurina~ chuuu~” Kanon attack me for a kiss but she can’t manage her balance and bump to Rena, Rena tripped and our lips met accidentally. We blushed a bit and parted away, “Umm… sorry…” Rena apologized.

“Nah.. it’s okay” I scratch my head and look away.

Kanon fell asleep on the ground where she tripped. Taking a sigh, I lift her and exit the club. Then I called a taxi to send them home. “Make sure you take them home safely, Bro”

“Aye!” said the taxi driver. This taxi driver is a friend of mine, he’s worth to be trusted.

After this, I walk back to where Mayu is waiting for me. The problem is she is nowhere around. I run to the street and club to find her… I was running like crazy…. Damn! I shouldn’t leave her alone… I looked at my watch, the pointer showed 01.48

“MAYU!” I keep calling her name and keep running in the crowd at Shibuya street ignoring the people passed by me. I saw her across the street in front of me and a man holding her, taking her to some direction.

BIIIIIIIPPPPPPP  (car trumpet)

I run to where they are, I run across the street ignoring the traffic light and the crowdy cars race by. As I arrive there, they were missing again.

“MAYU!” I saw them went into a love hotel. I keep chasing them, they went to the lift but this stupid foot failed to reach them. The only thing I can do now is to find out where the guy guide her. I keep starring the number changes on the wall. “11, 12, 13, 14…”
“14!” I hurry take the other lift. “Hurry…!” I keep staring the number showed on screen.


As the door opened, I dash out along the corridor. After running around the corridors, I still can’t find them. I lay my back on the wall and punch my fist on it. “DAMN!”

“NOOOO! KYAAAA”  I heard Mayu screaming.

“MAYU!” I called her over and over to make sure which room she was in.


“Her sound is coming from here” I keep kicking the door until it opened. I dash in and found Mayu was pinned down by that jerk on bed. Mayu shirt was torn, revealed some of her bare skin and bra. That jerk was shock when I dash in. I grab his collar and drag him down to the floor, tackled him down and rapidly launch my fist on him. Blood come out from his nose and teeth, bruise all over his face.

“Stop! Jurina, you’ll kill that man” Mayu said weakly.

Sorry but I am in rage now… I won’t stop until I break his skull. I ignore Mayu and keep punching him. Suddenly, I feel a weak hand hold my fist. That guy took this opportunity and flew away from this room.

“Mayu! Why-” she won’t let me finish my word. She hug me very tightly… she is crying on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t left you alone outside there… I won’t left you alone again” I patted her head.

“No. This is my fault… I didn’t wait you there. I… went inside the club and… drink-”

“Drink?! How many times I tell you not to receive any drink from strangers?” I know I shouldn’t raise my voice at her in this moment. But I am mad about this.

“And whose fault is it! If you didn’t kiss Rena, I won’t take that drink!”

“I… it’s an accident. It’s just a kiss… are you jealou-” I freeze for a moment seeing her suddenly grabbed her torn collar and pulled it wider, showing her perfect line between her breasts. I can’t stop starring at her…

She hugged me again and whispering something softly, “I… feel… hot…”

I can feel her breath brushing my neck. She licked my neck, sent me an electric shock over my body. She kiss my neck, my chin, then my lips, “Is this just a kiss too?”

Of… of course not. You don’t know how long I wait for your kiss.

Wait a moment… drink… is her drink been drugged by that man? That she is behaving weird right now…

Gained my senses, I push her away gently and took off my jacket to put on her. “It… it must be… effect of the drug…” I hold her hand and walked to the door…“I think I better send you home now”

Before I can reach the door, she move forward and closed it, laying her back on it. “Jurina…” she called my name with husky voice and began to take off jacket I put on her before.

“I love you!” she’s starring down, “I, Watanabe Mayu confess to you now that I-LOVE-YOU!” she lift her head and looking directly into my eyes.

I was surprised by her word … freeze here… unmovable…

“I’m sorry if I annoyed you… I'm not in drug effect, I am perfectly clear! 80% maybe... I just want to tell you how I feel… it’s okay if you can’t return my feelings… it’s okay.” She’s starring down at the floor again. I saw her tear drop on the ground.

“I… I love you too. Actually I was planning to confess to you after sending you home. I was too afraid that you don’t have the same feelings toward me, but now… I’m so happy. Really…” I paused a bit to take a deep breath and say, “Mayu… I love you”

Without warning, she leaned in and kiss me on the lips. I was shock at first but slowly replying her kiss. I wish I can stop the time in this moment. The kisses become more passionately and deep until we need to breath. I attached my forehead on hers, looking at her eyes passionately. She leaned in for kisses again… the more she kisses me, the more I melt. My legs tripped by the jacket and we fall but she keep kissing me and her hands traveling unbutton my shirt.

“Umm… I think we should stop here. I mean… I’m still underage to know this… process?” I get away from her and re-button my shirt, “Umm… I mean, I’m still under protection of law… I don’t want you to be charged for attacking underage girl…?”

Mayu giggled and get up from me, “Yes! My couselor~”


Will updated continue of Kojiyuu sooon~

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Lmfao @ MariMii!!! I was cracking up the whole time! That story is not boring at all, I love it. Mariko is such a troll. Gotta love her  Ahahah :D
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Oh oh oh~ I like badgirl Jurina!
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Jurina so cool~! (
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Wow,Jurina. She's very cool. JURIMAYU~
Thx for the update. I like it ! :mon lovelaff:
Update soon. :mon innocent:
Title: Christmas Special #Kore Kara Wonderland# Part 2
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Willful Christmas
#Kore Kara Wonderland#  Part 2


REALLY! I was really froze at where I stood now.

Wanna know what I see?

Nyaan nyaan wearing simple light pink apron! No, the main point is not apron. The main point is… is…


She is… she is… NAKED? *nosebleed*

Unable to stop my nosebleed, I grab some tissues and plug it at my nose to prevent the blood come out.

“Yuu~chan… why are you still standing there? Come have breakfast” nyaan nyaan reposition the chair and instructing me to sit there. I obediently went to sit there. Nyaan nyaan is sitting in front of me. I try to peek at her apron to make sure she is really naked or not.

However, she noticed me, “Are you curious with my new clothes?” she is teasing me by lowering the apron’s collar almost viewing her breast. She stopped before it showed her perfect breast, “Yuu~chan! Hurry eat your breakfast while it still warm”

My hands search and grab the spoon and fork while my eyes still remain starring at her clothes, won’t move. She giggled at me and put half of a strawberry into her mouth, “do you want a strawberry as dessert?” she tilted her head a bit, making my body heat up. I feel smokes come out above my head and the tissue pop out from my nose.

“HAI! Itadakimasu~” I hurry finish the breakfast she made for me. The breakfast is simple with heart-shaped omelet on a heart-shaped plate and a heart-shaped white glass of milk. Just in a minute, I finally finished the breakfast.

Throwing the spoon and fork aside, I climb over the table and jump onto nyaan nyaan tackling her down to the floor. She in now trapped between me and the floor, looking the strawberry on her mouth I lick my lips acts like a hungry wolf. “Itadakimasu~” I leaned down and bite half of the strawberry while another half eaten by her.

“So sweet~” I leaned in again to kiss her but she push me away slightly.

“Time’s up, we got to go now. Takamina must be waiting”

“Hnn? What’s with Takamina…?” My hands finally found her apron straps and pull it slowly, untie it.

She sat up and shakes her head disapproving, prevent my hands going any further, “Did you forget? We have appointment with takamina and the others to go to amusement park at 10.00 a.m.”

“It’s still early, we still have time~ please~” I look at her with my best puppy eyes and batting eyelashes.

“No~” she gets up and re-tied her apron straps, then walk away from me.

“My battery runs out~! I have no power to get up~” I just laid there lazily moving both my hands and legs like a kid who didn’t get the toys they want.

Nyaan nyaan stop at the 2nd staircases, and saying something makes my power boost up in seconds. “If you can catch me before I’m inside my room, you can do whatever you want…” she winked at me before she run upstairs.

“Nyaan nyann!!!” I jump and dash to the stairs, chasing her.

As I reach the top, I saw her open the door. “NOOOOOOOO!!!!” I ran as fast as lightning and jump onto her before she able to close the door. “I catch you~ I catch you~”

I am now hugging her like a koala. She steps back a few steps try to manage her balance.

“Yuu-chan! That’s cheating~ I said before I am inside the room, not after... Now, get off me”

Lucky for me, her legs hit the bed and both of us fall on it with me on top of her. We are starring at each others eyes for a while, the temperature in this room somehow become hot all of the sudden.

“I love you… nyaan nyaan” I said as I leaned in to taste her luscious lips.

“I love you too…”

She wrapped her arms on my neck, pulling me closer to deepen the kiss. She made a moan when I travelling my hands on her breast, taking this opportunity I sent my tongue to exploring her mouth. My hands found the strap again and untie it, throwing the apron far away. After some minutes, I parted away because the needs of oxygen but she pulled me down, closing the distance between our body.

“Don’t look… I’m still not ready to let you see my naked body…” said her as she tighter her arms around my neck.

“I’ll close my eyes then” I could feel the hot on her face, she must really blushing hard. “Or you want to put a blindfold on me?” I said jokingly.

“I… I want you…stripe too…” she said softly beside my ear.

“Hmm? You want what? I didn’t hear you clearly” I pretend not to hear it.



“I-” before she could finish I pressed my lips again on her.

“I will”


Haruna POV

“Hoaammm….” I stretch my arms aside and get up from the sofa. Not realize there’s something next to the sofa, my leg hit it and I’m tripped down.

Ughhh… what is that?

I rub my cheek and look at the figure, it was Yuko. She slept soundly next to the sofa.

It’s so rare… she didn’t take advantage on me when I was so drunk yesterday.

I grab the blanket and put it around Yuko. Her face was so innocent when she asleep like this. I poke her small dimple gently with my index finger, “Ne… how can you become so aggressive when you’re awake?”

Suddenly she giggled shyly makes me flush a bit, her dimples become more deeper. I like seeing her dimples when she smiles to me.

“I love you… nyaan nyaan…”

I blush to hear it… she was so cute having sleep talking like this. I leaned forward and place a kiss on her forehead.

“I love you too…”

Not long after… I felt something moving on my breast. Looked down, I found Yuko hands groping at me. My hands automatically slap her head hard making her rolling on the floor. “PERVERT!”

She is rubbing her head, asking me “Why you hit me?”

“You… grop- Just what are you dreaming just now?!”

“Eh? My dream? That was just a DREAM?! DREAM?!” I saw her sighing “I can’t believe it was just a dream…” she was now looked completely defeated.

“I’m curious at what kind of dream you had” I move closer to her until our face is just an inch away. I saw her face become red as tomato and she acting shy, just what kind of dream she had. “Ne... mind sharing your dream?”

“Umm…. That’s… AH! It’s morning now. I gotta go home, my mom will worry about me. Ja ne!” she hurriedly grabbed her bag and run toward the main door. “Bye! Nyaan nyaan” she’s waving at me and close the door.

“Wait… huh… so curious about her dream… could that be…” my face feels hot again, “dirty mind… no no no… it won’t”

Suddenly the door opened and Yuko run towards me. She stop right before me and place a quick kiss on my lips, “Forgot to have my morning kiss…” she stuck her tongue and run back to the door. “MERRY CHRISTMAS NYAAN NYAAN! SEE YA!”

“Merry Christmas, my pervert squirrel.”

Hmm… I haven’t prepare any present for her… what kind of present she like the most? Wearing some Christmas bunny costume for her…Umm… That’s kinda dangerous for me. Let’s buy her some balloons then…

“Hahahah…” I can’t stop laughing as I imagine how Yuko will reflect when she saw a bunch of balloons filled her room.

Note: Yuko is really scared of balloons...

Willful Christmas End...

Thanks for reading Minna-san~ *:.。☆(´∀`人)
I guess this is the end of my christmas shots (*´v`*)

Taking this opportunity to wish you  *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・  MERRY CHRISTMAS・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
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Hehehe nice dream Yuko ;)
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LOL it was just all a dream?! HAHA i knew it!! LOL Yuko is pervert as always!! Thanks for this Ichikawa-chan!! I'll consider this as a christmas gift!! Thank you!! <3

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of course yuko is a pervert :D.. nice dreams yuuchan ;D
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LOL ! It's just A DREAM! :hiakhiakhiak:
Pervert Yuko having a pervert dream. Haha!
Poor Yuko.    :mon evillaff:
Title: #A Grateful Mistake#
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o(`▽´)o Minna~ I wrote a story in my christmas holiday. Although christmas have past... hope you enjoy~

A Grateful Mistake -- Part One (
A Grateful Mistake -- Part Two (
A Grateful Mistake -- Part Three (
A Grateful Mistake -- Part Four (
A Grateful Mistake -- Part Five (
A Grateful Mistake -- Part Six (
A Grateful Mistake -- Part Seven - End (
A Grateful Mistake -- Omake (

====================     ====================     ====================

#A Grateful Mistake#


Year 2011

(crowd whistling and screaming)

The hall filled with shimmering glow and fans’ screaming over their idol. Three ikemen were stood on the stage performs their songs in this Christmas night in their perfect white outfit. From the very left is the shorter guy among them, well he’s not very short, just about a little short from the common height. He has a blond hair and muscular face line, seems to have strong character and a pair of passionate eyes which makes every woman melt as they saw his eyes. The centre is the tallest guy with red-brown hair and gentleman aura. His every movement always mesmerizes the fans, even guy can’t resist him. He’s really a man-woman killer in this year. And the last one at the very right was a cute boy with dark blue hair. He is the youngest among them. His various cute expression and playboy characters always make girl’s heart beats hard, can’t resist his sweet smooth statement.

moshi mo boku no negai ga
hitotsu dake kanau nara
KURISUMASU no yoru ni
ai wo omoidaseru you ni
yuki wo furaseyou


aishiatta jikan wa
kokoro no toori michi sa
mirai e tsuzuiteru
shiawase no renshuu
futari atarashii sora
chigau basho ni itatte
KURISUMASU no yoru wa
kyou wo omoidaseru you ni
yuki wo furaseyou

My name is Takahashi Kai, 22 years old. I’ve been debut as an idol group-Persona for five years with my two besties, Kojima Riku (23) and Minegishi Kuu (20). Three of us really walk through a very very hard time to reach this success. Now we’re the number one in Top10 music stage to perform our new special song for this Christmas day.

At backstage after the end of performance

“YES! PERSONA SAIKOU!” three of us throw our fist high in the air.

“I can’t believe we reach the number one and beat the Diva, Ray!”

“Yeah, me too.” Riku joined.

“Hmm… to think about that, don’t you think Ray is intentionally let us reached the number one title?” asked Kuu breaking the joyful moment.

“Why do you think so?” asked Riku.

“Of course, because she likes Kai! She even kisses you in public” answered Kuu.

“Come to think about it, she does kiss you everytime when she has chances to be around you” Riku put his finger under his chin, thinking.

“EH?! This is not possible! We reached this because of our hard effort! Remember? We take sooooooooo much hard work and suffer from the insults which makes us now in a day” I said firmly in disagreement.

“Calm down, calm down. Of course this is because our hard works and efforts” Riku wrap his arms around me and gave me a bottle of water.

“Yeah… we’re just kidding. Don’t take it to hard” Kuu sat and rolling on the chair, “Ne… where will we celebrate tonight? I don’t wanna join the Christmas party held by production…”

“But, Mariko-sama told us that we have to attend this party to gain more connection with others idol” I remember what our manager, Shinoda Mariko told us.

“Can’t we have a little freedom? I’m tired to follow her orders. Let’s go to amusement park” Riku suggested.

“Don’t you have a date with your little squirrel?” I asked.

“I just don’t wanna spend this Christmas with her. I prefer spend this peaceful night with you two” Riku explained.

Kuu get up from his chair and cross his arms over his own body, “Ah… Riku-nyaan~ you’re too bold saying that you want to spend your night with us~”

“You’re so greedy~ want both of us~” I joined the acting with Kuu.

“Hey! I’m sincerely state here ‘I’m not interested in men!’ Stop acting like that. It’s making me goosebumps” I can saw him trembled a bit uncomfortable with our statement.

“Hahahahaha….” We laugh together.


Suddenly I felt goosebumps over my body. I know this feeling is… this is…

“KAAAAIIIIIII” I heard Ray’s voice echoing along the corridor.

“Guys, I gotta go first. Call me when you’re at amusement park. See ya!” I immediately took off my performance long coat, throw it on the chair and run towards the window… I brave myself to jump down from the window.

“KAI!!! YOU’RE CRAZY” Riku and Kuu ran towards the window to see if I’m alright.

They saw me waving at them and go directly to where I park my car.

“Are you sure we are at 12nd floor?” Riku asked and Kuu nodded.

(Actually I attached some kind of sliding tool beside the window in order to make me easier escape from Ray harassment) XD

Amusement Park

“What make them so long?” Kai have been waiting for Riku and Kuu at the gate for 20 minutes. “I guess I just go home and have a good sleep rather than feeding mosquitoes here.”

Kai went to where he parked his car, as he want to open the door, he heard someone crying.

“Mama…hiks… mama…” a boy squatted beside his car, seems got lost with his mother.

Kai kneel down next to him and patted his head, “Why are you crying, boy?”

This boy wiped his tears away and lifted up his head to look at Kai. As the moment he saw Kai, he cheer up in all of the sudden and jump into Kai embrace. “PAPA!”

“EH?!” Kai was shocked and freeze for seconds, trying to process what happen inside his brain.

“Ano… I’m not your papa…” The boy loosen his hug and looked down.

“Are you looking for your parents? Where did you get lost from your parents?”

The boy pouted his face and start crying again, “Papa… you don’t want me anymore?” he start crying again a bit louder than before and making the crowd surrounding them.

“Sshhhhh…shhh…don’t cry anymore. Papa is here, don’t cry okay?” Kai carried him and hurriedly get inside the car to avoid more attention from public.


Do you want me to continue?
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 :cathappy: nice story I ask for more
Kai been called "Papa" by a little boy Σ(゚д゚lll)
who's the boy mother!? Atsuko!?!?(・□・)

I want to read more
Please continue this story ^ㅈ^
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Yes, please continue. This is very interesting.
Why does the boy think Kai's his dad?  :dunno:
Please update the next part.  :gmon tears: Thank you.
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Nice trick the boy called Kai as "PAPA"... it going to be interesting if Kai baby-sitter the boy... haha... is like the Game Plan..
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OMG!! This is soo interesting!!!! >.<

Why is that boy calling Kai 'papa'???
And I wonder what the 'Grateful Mistake' is XD

Please continue this :kneelbow:
Thanks for the Update :D
Please update soon :mon cute: Please~~
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OMG ! Please continue it :mon crazyinlove:
This gonna be so interesting !
I wonder why the boy called Kai 'Papa' and who's his mother... :gmon blonde:
Could it be.... Acchan ? :mon evillaff:
Update soon !
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please update soon!!!!!!!! the story is so interesting!!! wahhh!! :otomerika: :otomerika:
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HAHAHAHA KAi suddenly become a papa
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awww takaboy its a daddy. cute.. and who is themother? acchan maybe.. must be!!
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:frustrated: Ahhh! You're such a tease! Why did you have to cut it off there?!

And of course you HAVE to continue! YOU HAVE TO!

Please~ :pleeease:

Title: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part2
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Thank you~ Yagami.Rai, YumePouk, Sok, skytsuna, AKBlover_99, kahem, iloveakb48


@ YumePouk, AKBlover_99, Haruko : about the mother~ please continue reading~ Thank you~( ̄∀ ̄)
@ Sydney W : This story is gonna be short, so Kai won't be a babysitter (o_ _)o Gomenasai
@ Yagami.Rai : about the grateful mistake~ who's mistake is it~? Please continue reading it~ Thank you~( ̄∀ ̄)

Please enjoy the part 2~


#A Grateful Mistake#

Part 2

Persona apartment

Kai don’t know what to do and bring him back to his apartment, “sigh… I think I just have to send him to police officer tomorrow…” Kai sat at the sofa watching the boy playing Riku’s Nintendo DS. // Somehow, seeing this boy remind me of myself, when I was kid like him //

The boy face and behavior really resembles Kai, except his raven hair and he has a pair of big puppy eyes, a bit different with Kai passionate eyes.

“What’s your name?” asked Kai.

The boy narrowed his eyes and glaring at Kai, “papa, it’s not funny pretending you don’t know my name” then he focused on the Nintendo screen again. Kai scratch his hair frustrated by this boy keep calling him ‘Papa’.

“So, what you prefer me to call you?” Kai asked again.

“…………” he ignore Kai.

Kai decide to stay silent, he laid his back on the sofa. Then one thing catch his eyes, there’s something with words written inside the boy’s mini bag. It contains the boy’s name, address and a phone number on it.

Name    :  Takahashi Katsuo
Address :  
Contact :    – 

// he shared the same surname as mine? What a coincidence here // Kai took out his phone and dialed the number. “Let’s try contact this number…”

[Moshi moshi] sound from the other side of phone.

// what a cute voice // “Ehem… Hello, do you know a kid named… Takahashi Katsuo?”

[Yes, I am his mom. Is he with you now?]

“Yokatta, I found him at amusement park. Do you want me to send him home now?”

[Ah… I’m not at home now. Where’s your location now? Just let me pick him up]

“If you say so…”


Kai told the person where he live and wait patiently, laying at the sofa. The boy put down the nintendo and approached Kai, resting his head on his lap. “Papa, I’m hungry”

Kai lift him up to sat on his lap and asking him what he wants to eat, “What do you want to eat?”

The boy closed his eyes and imagines something, “I want… Katsudon~!”

“Kat-katsudon? But it’s late now, where can I get katsudon. Do you want something else?”

Tears began to form in corner of his eyes makes Kai panic a little. “Umm, wait here.” He put the boy on the sofa and went to the kitchen. Looking inside the refrigerator, he found some pieces of meat, veggie, and sauce. “Osu! Let’s do this!”

After 15 minutes

“Tada~” Kai comes out from the kitchen and complacently placed two bowl of katsudon on the table in living room. The boy jumped off from the sofa and went to the dining table and hurriedly grabbed the bowl and chopstick.

“Itekimasu~!” said the boy as he eating the katsudon.

Kai laughed at him and hold his bowl, “Itekimasu is said when you’re going, when you’re eating you must say itadakimasu”

“Osu, Itadakimasu~” said the boy not patient to have his katsudon.

“Yosh, that’s my boy” said Kai while patted the boy head.

Not long after, the door’s bell ringing. Kai went to open the door. A black hair girl stands right in front of him with teary eyes. She has an angelic face with her shoulder-length short hair fit perfectly. Kai was just stand there mesmerized by this girl’s beauty.

“It’s rude for staring at people too long” the girl bend a bit and avoid looking at Kai eyes, “I’m here to pick up Takahashi Katsuo”

“I’m sorry. Are you his sister?” asked Kai.

Katsuo heard his mother’s voice and run into her embrace. “Mama~”

// What?!! She is his mother? Look so young… // Kai thought.

The girl can’t hold her tears anymore and let it down soaked her face. She kneel down and hug him tight, “Where did you go? Do you know how worried I am?”

Katsuo wipe her mother’s tears with his little hands and place a peck on her cheek. “Mama, I’m sorry. Please don’t cry” then he pointed his finger to Kai, “Look, I found papa” he parted from his mother and dragged her inside the apartment, “Mama, let’s eat katsudon”

She was shocked a bit when she heard Katsuo called him Papa, “Katsu, he’s not your papa” She apologized to Kai and hurriedly carried Katsuo out from Kai apartment “I’m sorry for troubling you… Katsu, let’s go home”

Katsuo start nagging at his mother wanting to stay. Then he looked at Kai with his puppy eyes pleading for a helping hand. Kai rub his back neck and rolled his eyes, “You can come again tomorrow if you want, but now you must go home, okay?”

Katsuo stop nagging and asked his mother, “Can I?” his mother just kept silent.

“If you don’t mind, I can send you home.” Kai offers.

“No, it’s okay. Thank you.” the girl turned back and walks faster.

“Mama, no goodnight kisses?” asked Katsuo, “I want a goodnight kiss from Papa”

Atsuko just sigh and get back to Kai, “He wants your goodnight kiss”

“Okay” Kai leaned forward and place a kiss on Katsuo cheek. “Now, go home”

“Mama too”

“EH?!” Kai was surprised by what Katsuo said.

“Katsu, stop nagging and go home” Atsuko raises her voice a little.

Katsuo grabs Kai shirt and won’t let go, “Mama, do you hate Papa?” He was looking at his mother with teary puppy eyes.

“Takahashi Katsuo, let go of your hands and go home with me” Atsuko finally scold him.

“Just a kiss right?” Kai turn Atsuko head to opposite from Katsuo’s and leaned in, “Shhh, I won’t kiss you. Just acting in front of your kid.”

“Goodnight Papa, see you tomorrow~” said Katsuo happily.

Kai waving his hand at Katsuo until they gone from his vision. He sighed again, “What an interesting Christmas this year... mistaken as dad by that little brat” when he is about to close the door, he saw a wallet on the floor. He picked it up and flip open the wallet. It contains some cash, identity card, and some wallet-size photos.

Kai took out the identity card, “Maeda Atsuko… July 1991… that means she is just 21st?! That’s pity, too young to be a mother” his eyes move on and staring for a while at the IC photo, “She’s so cute… why am I feel that she’s kinda familiar?”

He put back the identity card and moved on the left side photo. In that photo were Atsuko and Katsuo together in a park. He took out the photo and found another one behind it, the second is the photo of himself.

“Eh? Isn’t this me when I’m in first debut as idol? Is she also fans of mine?” Kai was so happy for unknown reason. When he wants to look at another one, the door opened. He immediately hid the wallet in his pocket.

As the door opened, Riku and Kuu pinned him down to the floor, interrogating him.

“Say, who is that beautiful girl? Are you cheating on Ray?” asked Riku.

“Is she your secret wife? And probably that boy is your illegal child??!” Kuu almost scream at the word illegal child.

“Hey! Stop the nonsense! Stop imagines weird things in your head! Get off!” although Kai is smaller than they, he is much stronger. Kai pushed them away so easily, making them rolling on the floor. “By the way, where did you guys go?”

Kai sat on the sofa and motioned them to stand right in front of him, questioning them. “Did you know how cold outside there? How many mosquitoes attacked me?”

“I’m so sorry” Riku shed a crocodile tear, “I was kidnapped by Yuko~”

“Me too~ I was forced by Mariko to joined the party since you two gone~” Kuu hugged Riku and they pretend to cry together.

“Argh... don’t cry right my face. My ears hurt of crying sounds. Thanks to that little brat.” Kai make an annoyed face and closed his ears with hands.

“Oh yeah, who are they?” Kuu snuggled against Kai and look at him with curious eyes.

“Well, it’s a long story…”


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Wahh it's getting interesting now :lol:
Does atsuko have a child with a guy that looks like kai or something.. :w00t:
I wanna read more please update soon~
It's really good ! :thumbup
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There no doubt the boy like Katsudon like Kai did... so the boy is Kai's son perhaps ?? !! but why Kai not remember atsuko.. arghh... i want to know what happened next
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....omfg.... :fainted: this is killing me!

i need more of this story ichikawa!!!  :farofflook: I really do!!

love the plot by the way, it makes the story even more interesting

acchan a mother?!  :depressed:

update sooon!!  :frustrated: :frustrated:
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This is really so interesting!!! XD
Acchan is the boy's mother!! And she has Kai's picture in her wallet too!!! :w00t:
So the boy is Kai's son ryt??!!!
But what happened in the past?? :?

I'm so curious!! I want to know!! I need more!!! :panic:
Thanks for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
But.. Please Update Soon :mon cute: I can't wait to read more!!!
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Atsuko have a child with Kai O_O ow
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Two words: UPDATE FAST!
wont think anything suspicious till i read the next update  :P
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ok.. im nore curious.. maybe a kai`s twin brother? o something like that?
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Waaaahhh Atsuko is the mama o(≧▽≦)o
wait that mean Kai and Atsuko know each other before!???
How comes Kai don't remember nor know who is Atsuko?! (  ̄ェ ̄)

Aaaaahhhh I wanna more
Update soon please~~~
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Thank you~ Divine Vengeance, Yagami.Rai, badsaints, A1, kahem, iloveakb48, Popsicle, Sydney W, hott3stson3, CrimsonGrxy, Haruko, YumePouk

@ Popsicle, Sydney W, Yagami.Rai, kahem, Haruko : Is Katsuo really Kai's son??? or...??? Please continue reading ~(^ω^) thank you~
@ CrimsonGrxy : I'll try my best to update soon~ thank you~ ~(^ω^)
@ YumePouk : Did they know each other? Does Atsuko pretend to not know Kai?  Please continue reading ~(^ω^) thank you~

Please enjoy part 3 ☆(´∀`人)


#A Grateful Mistake#


The next morning

Kai is wearing a red cap, sunglasses, and a yellow mouth-masker, sneaking on the side road. He is stalking the mother and son that he met yesterday. However, he failed with his tacky clothing and gained attention from other people. Despite from being watching by the people around him, he focused on stalking Atsuko and Katsuo. What makes a famous idol stalking two ordinary people?


“You said that boy called you Papa all of the sudden?” asked Riku.

“Hmm… It’s weird. I think…” Kuu closed his eyes in thinking position.

“I think….” Kuu paused at that words again making Kai and Riku leaned forward curiously.

“I think…” Kuu paused again at that word.

Kai has a short-temper character and about to reach his limit. Kuu notice it and hurriedly finish his words. “I think you and that boy must have some connection. Although I didn’t see that boy clearly but I feel that he resembles you much”

“I agree” Riku nodded as agreement.

“Then, you two share the same surname-Takahashi. Why is he insists that you’re his father? Why there’s your photo inside her wallet? Hmm… suspicious…” Kuu put a pipe into his mouth and acts like Sherlock Holmes.

Flashback End

After thinking in whole night, Kai feels like to know more about them. That’s why he ended up following them. At first he just wanted to return the wallet. When he arrive at their home, he saw Atsuko bringing a shopping bag in her arms and walks away with Katsuo next to her. He decided to follow where she’s going.

They’re walking to the market, buying some food supplies. After buying enough stuff, she went to eatery and had breakfast with Katsuo. Kai sat a few tables behind them and ordered a cup of coffee, drinking the coffee without taking off his mouth-masker. People around there began to gossiping him. Atsuko felt weird and told Katsuo to eat his breakfast quickly. She put the money directly on the table and grabs Katsuo hand to walk faster to get home.

On the way home, they were surrounded by some badass. On of them walk closer to Atsuko and greet her, “Morning pretty. We’re short for some money, can you take out your wallet?”

Atsuko just ignore him and walked away but stopped by the other. “Hey, pretty. Just give us some of yours” he raised his hand and touch Atsuko’s pretty face.

Atsuko automatically slap him. “Don’t touch me!”

That guy just smile, rubbing his cheek. Atsuko just walked pass him, when she walks away that guy touch her butt. Atsuko was really mad and turn back to give him another slap but that guy already predicted it and grab Atsuko left hand. Without warning, Atsuko slap him again with her right hand. The guy was mad too and about to slap her and suddenly a stone hit his head.

“Don’t touch Mama!” Katsuo picked up more stone and throw it at those badass.

“Oh, you have a child? That’s pity… how about making one with me too?” that badass won’t let go Atsuko and laughing at her. The others joined his laugh.

“Wanna be a hero, huh?” Another guy grab Katsuo shirt and lifted him up in the air. “Do you want to become like superman?” He throws Katsuo away just like throwing a stone.

“KATSUO!” Atsuko struggling to free herself but that guy’s grip is too strong.

Kai appeared and catch Katsuo before he touch the ground. “How can you do that to a kid?”

He dash into the man who threw Katsuo and punches his face several times, then he lift him up in the air like in wrestling game, “Wanna be superman?” with that he throw that badass towards the others. Two men were bumped and fall to the ground. The leader let go of Atsuko and took out his cutter, sneakily launch behind Kai.

“Behind you!” Atsuko shouted.

Kai bend down to dodge the cutter, turn around and launches his fist. That man dodge Kai’s fist and sway his cutter. Kai manage to move away but the cutter is faster and it cut Kai’s face, a few centimeters above from the edge of his eyebrow. Kai do a somersault and launches his kicks directly to that guy’s chin. That guy flap back and rolling on the ground, fainted.

Prrriiiiiiiiiiiittttttt (patrolling police’s whistle)

“Let’s get out of here” Kai carried Katsuo and grabs Atsuko hand to run away from the scene.

Atsuko House

Kai sat at the sofa obediently and Atsuko was taking care of his wound. He’s starring at her with his usual passionate eyes. She was hard to clean his wound because of those eyes. “Stop starring at me. Close your eyes” and so do Kai.

// It’s hard for me to look away from your eyes… they attract me to leaned closer to you.// Atsuko mouth form a small smile // you are still a hot-blooded good fighter as before, thanks for saving me again…//

“Papa, why are you wearing like a stalker?” Katsuo playing with Kai mouth-masker, sunglasses, and hat beside him.

“Stalker?... ahahaha… impossible… I’m not following you, really.” He’s waving his hands and try to explain to Atsuko, “I’m just in disguise. You know, idol have to disguise themselves in public.”

Katsuo put those on and make a pose, “Mama~ Am I look like a stalker?”

Atsuko smiled at his son funny pose, “Katsu, do not touch other people things. It’s rude.”

Katsuo jumps from the sofa to the floor, his feet slipped and he is waving both his hands to maintain balance. In front of him is a coffee table, Atsuko immediately run to him to prevent him hit the table and so do Kai. Because they two run in the same time, Atsuko tripped her foot with Kai’s. They both fell to the floor with Kai on top of her. They paused like that and stares at each other eyes.

Some memories flashed in Kai’s head, his eyes widen as he remember something… about five years ago

“I remember you…” whispered Kai.

At the same time, the door bell is ringing. Katsuo stretch his hands straight in a line and let out a breath, finally maintain his balance. He went to open the door. Atsuko and Kai were too busy to stare at each other that they didn’t notice the door bell ringing. At the front door, a tall woman step in and greet Katsuo with a little hug.

“Katsuo-kun, are you being a good boy today?” asked the tall woman.

“Of course, I protect mama this morning” Katsuo answered proudly.

The tall woman patted his head, “Wow, you’ve learned to protect your mom. Here I bought your favorite katsudon~.” she paused and looking around, “Where is your mom?”

“Come here, Mari-chan. Mama is playing wrestling with papa there” Katsuo bring the woman to where Atsuko and Kai were and pointing at them. She was shocked a bit at what she saw and stood there while Katsuo run and jumped on top of Kai.

“I want to play too” he landed on Kai’s back and rolling on it. Kai and Atsuko finally snap out from the trance.

The woman raised her voice and scold at Kai. “What are you doing?!” She walks toward them and get off Katsuo from his back, pushed him away from Atsuko. “What are you doing to my sister?!”

Kai gulp and surprised, “MARIKO-SAMA!” he can saw Mariko eyes filled with burning fire and desire to kill him. “It’s not what you think! I’m here to… I’m here to…” he hurriedly took out the wallet and shows it to Mariko.

“I’m here to return her wallet. She dropped it yesterday. Look!”

“Yes, nee-chan. It’s just a misunderstanding. He saved me from badass this morning and wounded. I’m cleaning his wound” Atsuko explained.

“Yeah, yeah!” Kai raise his bang and shows his wound as the proof to Mariko.

Katsuo parted from Mariko and went to hug Kai, “Papa is soooo COOL defeated all the bad guys”

“Papa?” Mariko glare at Atsuko, “So, he is Katsuo father?!”



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Yay u updated so fast ( you should do this more often ) :P
Im now clueless is kai even katsuos father :?
Kai and beating up the badass so cool ~ :panic:

PLEASE update soon desperate to read  !!! :twothumbs
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Yay! You updated. Thanks.
Wow both part 2 and 3 are ineresting.
Haha. Kai stalking them. And Katsuo.
Katsuo put those on and make a pose, “Mama~ Am I look like a stalker?”
  :on lol: was just to funny.
Mariko being Acchan sister.
I wanna know what happened 5 yrs ago.
And if he's really Katsuo's papa.
Please update soon.  :mon hanky:
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Indeed Kai and Acchan knew each others. Kai save the day.
Funny to see Katsuo informed Mariko Chan "PAPA and MAMA are playing wrestling". Hahaha
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OMG!!! It keeps on getting more and more interesting!!! :w00t:
Mariko sama is Atsuko's sister!!!
LOL Katsuo : Papa and Mama is playing wrestling :lol:
Kai starts to remember Atsuko!!!! XD
OMG!! I need more of this :D

Thanks for updating!! Really!! :thumbup :thumbup
Please Update Soon :mon cute: Please~~ Please~~
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Ahhh Takaboy is soo cool  :luvluv2:

Mariko is Acchan sister? Whaaaat?!!  :frustrated:

OMFG! please update soon! I must understand whats going on here!!

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That story so interesting. Actually, this very well. I have really wanted to know as continuous.
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patiently waiting the next chapter  :cow:

n lol mari-troll is acchan's sister  :lol:
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Oh~ Acchan is Mariko's sister????
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update soon~
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Title: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 4
Post by: ichikawa on January 02, 2012, 05:13:50 PM
Thanks Sok, iloveakb48, Yagami.Rai, Megumi, hott3stson3, blughise, kahem, badsaints, Divine Vengeance, Popsicle, Sydney W, Minami-chan, CrimsonGrxy, haruhi16, Haruko

Many things will be revealed from now on...
What happened five years ago revealed here~
Will Atsuko marry to Kai?

Please enjoy part 4 ☆(´∀`人)


#A Grateful Mistake#

Part 4

They were now sitting in the dining room. Kai sat next to Katsuo, in front of Mariko and Atsuko. They have katsudon together which Mariko brought just now. Katsuo enjoys the meal. Kai eating the katsudon slowly and keep staring at the bowl to prevent deathly stare from Mariko. Atsuko turn her eyes from Mariko to Kai then Katsuo, vice versa. She can feel the deathly aura fills the room.

“Katsu, eat slowly” said Atsuko.

“Ehem…” Mariko tired from staring at Kai and finally open her mouth, “So, you are his father?”

*cough* Kai surprised by the questions and swallowed the whole meat. *cough… cough…*

Atsuko get up from her chair and handed a glass of water for him. *cough* at the other side, Katsuo also swallowed the whole meat from his bowl because he eat so eagerly. Atsuko run into the kitchen to get another glasses of water for him. Kai and Katsuo finish the water and put it on the table, let out a heavy sigh and touch his own neck, clearing his throat. They both did it in same rhythm makes Mariko suspicious more.

Atsuko took a tissue and wipe the leftover on Kai mouth, “Silly”

Katsuo lifted up his head and asked his mother to clean his face, “Mama, I want too. My face is dirty too”

“Hai” Atsuko took another tissue and wipe his face.

Seeing this, Mariko confirmed by herself that Kai is Katsuo father. “Atsuko, you take Katsuo to his room. I wanna have some little talk with Kai.” Atsuko nodded and carried Katsuo upstairs.

Mariko began, “Me and Atsuko got separated because our parents’ divorce. When I heard father is passed away, I search for her everywhere. And last year, when I finally found her… I saw her with this kid, Takahashi Katsuo.”

“’……………………” Kai keep silence.

“Do you know how hard it is to raise a child by herself? Do you know how many suffers she takes within these years?”

“I’m sorry” Kai seems guilty.

“Explain it!” Mariko commanded.

“As for you know, I was just remembered what happened. Really, I was shocked too.” Kai began the story about five years ago… how he met Atsuko.


“Ughh… my head are spinning…” I shouldn’t drink this much.

We’re having a celebration for first selling on our single. Inside the club is so stuffy and dizzy, so I got up on the roof to have some fresh air, enjoying the night view from above. And I saw a girl got surrounded by group of men in a narrow street. She looks so scared. Without second thought, I jumped downward from the roof by roof and slide down from the building, running to where the girl was.
*(Please imagine any action movie you like, I’m sorry for being poor in describe it)

When I arrived there, the guys pinned her down on the ground. Some grab her arms and legs, she’s crying for help and one of the guys pressed her mouth to prevent her screaming. Because of the effect of alcohol, I can’t hold back my strength seeing this and end up beating them hardly. First two who were grabbing her right arm and leg being dragged by me and throw them away from the girl, the rest of two got my kicks and rolling on the ground. And the last one who pressed her mouth get up to punch me ended up swirled by me with Judo style. They angered and pick up wooden bats sway at me, they really hit me hard at my back and stomach, I use my arms to dodge it from hitting my head. I snatch theirs bats one by one and get my revenge with it. Within a minute, all of them knocked down to the ground.

‘Thanks for saving me, are you okay?” asked the girl.

I turn my head to look at that girl. She has such an angelic face and her black shoulder-length hair fits perfectly. Her smile is so bright. I can’t hold myself and kissed her, on the lips. I feel my weight become so heavy, I can’t hold myself and fall forward. The girl is trapped between me and the ground.

The next morning, I found myself laid on the bed wearing nothing but the pants. My clothes were put neatly on the small table beside me with a note on it, it says “Thanks for yesterday.” The note was laid there without signature.

Flashback End

“The last thing I can remember is just the kiss, I don’t know what happened after that. I can’t believe that me and her… we…”

“………” Mariko was silence.

“It was five years ago and I am under alcohol. My memories were blur that I… I didn’t recognize her before.” Kai afraid what his manager will do. He knows that Mariko is a sadist by what he’s been through in Persona.

“I just have one question” Mariko stated.

Kai gulp and waiting for the question.

“Will you take the responsibility?” Mariko asked him firmly.

“Yes, I will” Kai answered without doubt.

At the same time, Atsuko was walking downstairs and heard their conversation. She went between them and disapproving what Kai said, “No! Nee-chan, he is not Katsuo father”

“I’m really sorry for what I done five years ago. I will take the responsible” Kai said to Atsuko.

“You don’t have to. You’re not his father.” said Atsuko.

“Atsuko! Don’t be stubborn!” Mariko scold.

“Nee-chan. This is a misunderstanding. What if someone spread this story? His reputation will drop down” Atsuko keep defending.

“I don’t care about it” Kai took Atsuko hands and cleared his throat. “Let’s get married”


Mariko hit Kai’s head with a big paper fan, “How can you proposed to my sister just like that? You must at least have some flowers and rings!”

Suddenly Riku and Kuu appeared from nowhere. Kuu hands over the bunch of flowers to Kai.

“That is supposed for my new target. But your condition is more important” said Kuu.

Riku also handed Kai a pair of rings, “That’s from Yuko. I don’t like the design, so you can have it”


Riku and Kuu got hit by Mariko with her big paper fan. She snatched the flowers and rings and gave it back to them, “Take back your trashes!”

“Wait a minute, when did you guys been here?” asked Kai.

“We’re here with Mariko-sama, but she told us to wait outside.” answered Riku.

“Bored of waiting, we just barged in and sat at the sofa, listening to your story~” added Kuu.

“You heard the story?” Kai asked and they nodded.

“Back to the topic, when will you marry my sister?” Mariko grabbed Kai’s shirt collar.

“Nee-chan! I have said, This-is-a-misunderstanding! He-is-not-Katsuo-father!” Atsuko stated clearly.



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OMG ! I missed a lot of part ! Sorry, I'm really busy with my preparation for school this year. :mon headbang:
But,hey. Guess what? I already read them and I really enjoyed them ! :mon innocent:
I like this the most.

“I don’t care about it” Kai took Atsuko hands and cleared his throat. “Let’s get married”


Mariko hit Kai’s head with a big paper fan, “How can you proposed to my sister just like that? You must at least have some flowers and rings!”

Suddenly Riku and Kuu appeared from nowhere. Kuu hands over the bunch of flowers to Kai.

“That is supposed for my new target. But your condition is more important” said Kuu.

Riku also handed Kai a pair of rings, “That’s from Yuko. I don’t like the design, so you can have it”


Riku and Kuu got hit by Mariko with her big paper fan. She snatched the flowers and rings and gave it back to them, “Take back your trashes!”

Thx very much for updating and update soon ! :onioncheer:
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OMG! This is getting so addicting and exciting and interesting!!! XD
I was so shock at the Flashback :w00t:
Kai saved Acchan and then.. ahem.. :wub:
LOL Mariko hitting Kai, Kuu and Riku with a paper fan :lol:
But why Acchan kept denying?? Is it because she care for Kai's reputation?? :?
But I'm sure Katsuo is Kai's son :D
Atsuko should just marry Kai already :grin:
Hope Kai make her agree to his proposal :inlove:

Thanks for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
Please Update Soon :mon cute: Please~~ I can't wait to read more~~ XD
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Yay! Update! Thanks.
What? Is Accchan lying about Kai not being the father?  :frustrated:
And Riku's and Kuu's appears was just too funny.  :hiakhiakhiak: They were there the whole time listening.
Big paper fan. Nice touch.  :on GJ:
Thank you can't wait for the next part.
Title: Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 4
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Wtf is kai even katsuo"s father .. I doubt it  :catglare:
BUT nooo i wanted a happy family !!  :cry:
Update soon i wanna know wat happens ~ :peace:
Title: Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 4
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Wowowowowow so it's the story
And lol Kuu and Riku!
I like Mariko-neechan ^^
Title: Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 4
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This is so interesting. Omg!!!
I want to know what happen
Why is Atsuko denying that Kai is Katsuo's father?
Can't wait for the next chapter

Please update soon.
Title: Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 4
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The way Kai and Katsuo behave (act) exactly the same. Doubt if they not father and son. Too much common in them.
Come on Kai be more creative and romantic in proposing to Atsuko. Guess Atsuko denying the r/ship in fact she love Kai but did Kai truly love her of what she is ? And not because of responsibility ? Make Kai confess his love to Acchan on next round.
Pls update next.
Title: Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 4
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come on acchan dont deny it!!

jajaj riku and kuu part was hilarious...

poor yuko you dont wanna have a ring..
Title: Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 4
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why acchan keep on denying that kai is not the father of katsuo   :?
something tell me to wait for other chapter for confirmation lol :O

n LOL! riku n kuu on stalking mode the whole time :rofl:
Title: Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 4
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lol funny chapter~ update soon
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omgah! whaaaat!?!   :frustrated:

Misunderstanding?!  :scared:  :mon duh:

Kai's not the father?!  :on blackhole:  :mon runcry:

Riku & Kuu have ninja powers!?!    :cool1::mon wtf:


lol, update soon!

or else  :mon wtfmm:

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Title: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 5
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Thanks Yagami.Rai, AKBlover_99, iloveakb48, haru9210, kahem, Divine Vengeance, Megumi, Sok, Popsicle, RJay, Sydney W, Haruko, CrimsonGrxy, haruhi16, hott3stson3

@ AKBlover_99 : Thank you much much, I'm so happy that you're enjoying my fic. (ノ`Д´)ノSchool is more important :yep:, but enjoying my fic is important too~  :P2 kekekeke... (ノ∀`●)⊃
@ kahem, haruhi 16 : thanks for comment (´∀`)
@ Yagami.Rai, Sok, Popsicle, RJay, Sydney W, Haruko, CrimsonGrxy, hott3stson3 :  (。┰ω┰。)sorry I have to disappoint you in this part  :banghead:

(。┰ω┰。)Sorry if I disappoint you or confusing you in this story line  :gyaaah:

Please enjoy this chapter  :kneelbow:

>>> More reveal about relationship between Kai, Atsuko, and Katsuo...

>>> Katsuo is not Atsuko's son ???
>>> More detail between Kai and Atsuko five years ago... ???


#A Grateful Mistake#

Part 5

Atsuko explains to them about how he met Katsuo, a year ago…


I take a part time job in the amusement park since I have nothing to do in christmas. I am taken the part of giving kids balloons in the middle of this park. After giving the last balloon, I went to take a break. Suddenly a golden light appeared before me for seconds and disappeared… and there was a kid sat on the ground crying. I went to that kid and asking him is he got lost from his parents?

He turned to look at me and hug me, crying over my shoulder calling me “Mama…”

“Mama… I’ll be good kid. Don’t leave me… I am scared…”

He keeps calling me Mama and won’t let go of me. I don’t know what to do and bring him home. The next day, I went to the police office and report it. But they told me, there’s no one report in missing person called Takahashi Katsuo. Six months passed and no news about this kid so I just take him as mine.

Flashback End

“That’s how I met him and take him as mine” Atsuko explained.

“But you never told me the story” Mariko complained.

“Nee-chan, it’s you who didn’t listen to me. Everytime I want to explain, your phone always ringing and you just gone like wind.” Atsuko pouted at his sister.

“That was the same with me. He called me Papa all of the sudden when I found him” Kai added.

“This is just unbelievable… are you sure you’re not lying?” Kuu asked.

“Yeah… are you just trying to defend Kai?” Riku asked.

“The story is true!” Atsuko raised her voice a bit in annoyance.

“Even so, he did take advantage on you. He must take responsible!” Mariko insists.

Atsuko blushed when Mariko said that. “We-”

RINNGGGG  (phone’s ringing)

“Shinoda Mariko desu” “Hai, we’ll be there in ten minutes” Mariko hanged up the phone and motion Persona to get going, “Boys, let’s discuss about this later. We have a show to get going”

“Osu” three of them follows Mariko to her car.

“Nee-chan!” Atsuko sighed again.

At Persona apartment

Kai was standing at the balcony enjoying the night wind and the moonlight. Somehow he can see Atsuko face, smiling at him. Kai unconsciously smile by himself. Riku and Kuu past by and saw him smiling at the moon. They barged in the balcony to tease him.

“So beautiful~” said Riku.

“Yeah” answered Kai.

“So cute and a bit sexy~” said Kuu.

“Yeah” answered Kai.

“Which part does you like?” asked Riku.

“Her smile” Kai rest his chin on the fence, seems like daydreaming something.

“Finally~ our midget fall in love~” Kuu began singing. “Accidentally in love~”

Kai finally snapped out and realized they were teasing him. “I’m not thinking about Atsuko, I’m enjoying the moon.”

“How can a moon be so cute and sexy?” Riku laughed at him.

“A moon can smile too~” Kuu joined.

“Just get out of here!” Kai kicked their butts and shoo them away from the balcony.

“Accidentally in love~” Riku and Kuu singing while going upstairs to their room.

// Am I in love? I just met her twice, how can I be in love? Haha… but, what happened five years ago…//

Kai took out his phone and dial Atsuko number. He stares at the phone, “Should I call her?”

Before he can made up decision, his phone’s ringing. He was surprise by it and almost dropped his phone. Somehow his hands seem slippery that he couldn’t hold right on it. Seeing the name ‘Atsuko’ shown up on the screen, his heart beats faster. He took a deep breath before pick up the call.

“Moshi moshi. Takahashi desu.” answered Kai.

[Papa! I miss you!] Katsuo is using Atsuko phone to call his Papa.

Kai let out a sigh of disappointment, “I miss you too, Katsuo.”

[Papa, when will we meet again?]

“I will be busy these days… I’ll visit you when I can, okay?”

[Okay…] Katsuo sounds disappointed.

“I’ll take you to amusement park next time we meet. We’ll play anything you want” Kai said to cheer up Katsuo.

[Yeay!] Katsuo was jumping on the bed and get scold by Atsuko.

“Umm… Katsuo, can you give the phone to Mama?” asked Kai.

[Okay~ Mama, Papa miss you!]

Kai was blushed hearing what Katsuo said.

[Takahashi-san, I am Atsuko]

“Hai, umm…” Kai giggled with his own thought but he doesn’t realize that actually he said it out. “Do you miss me?

[…] Atsuko paused a moment in doubt about what she heard [Takahashi-san, are you there?]

“Ah, yes. Umm… I want to ask you about five years ago… did we…?”

[No. we didn’t] Atsuko answered immediately.

“About me naked…”

Atsuko giggled and told him what happened five years ago.


“Thank you for saving me, are you okay?” I worried about his wound.

He turned to look at me and murmured something, “So beautiful…” then he leaned in and kiss me, on the lips. I was shocked at the moment but slowly replying his kisses. Then I felt his weight on me, he fell unconscious on top of me. I tried to push him away but I have no strength against his weight. I reached my phone and called my friend for help.

“Sae? Can you help me a bit?”

Not long after, Sae come to help me. He brought us back to my home, carrying him into my bedroom. “Acchan, are you sure to let him sleep in your room? What if he wakes up and do something to you?”

Sae is my best friend in high school. He always takes care of me because I am used to being bullied by other student. “I’ll sleep at living room. Don’t worry.”

“sigh…Whatever…” he sighed in defeated.

“Umm… can I ask you to take off his clothes? It’s dirty. I think if I wash it now, he can wear it tomorrow morning.” I asked.

“Eh?! Why you being so nice to him? I’m jealous now…” Sae said jokingly.

“He saved me from badass. This is all I can do for him.”

Flashback End

[I asked my friend to take care of you and clean your wounds. He accompanies me until the morning and sent me to school the next morning. Nothing happened between us] Atsuko explained.

“Ah, I see…” // but why I feel disappointed hearing this? //

[If there’s nothing else, I’m gonna hanged up the phone]

“Wait… about Katsuo, we both met him at amusement park and he insisted calling us Papa, Mama, when we found him. I think, how about we take him to the park once again? Maybe we could meet his parents there” Kai suggested.

[I agree with your idea. Do you have time?]

“Now?!” Kai was a bit surprised by Atsuko question.

[Haha… you’re funny. It’s too late now. The amusement park is closed. I mean, I know idol like you is hard to get some free time. If you have some free time, can you inform me so that I can get ready with Katsuo]

Kai rub his back neck feel embarrassed. “Oh, I see. Umm… how about this 31st night? I have no schedule after nine…”

[Okay, thank you. I’m gonna hanged up the phone now. See you]

“Wait!” Too bad for him. Atsuko already hanged up the phone.

// I just wanna hear your voice a bit more //

Kai smiled again to himself, “Am I in love?”


To be continue...

More reveal in next part :
>>> Who exactly is Katsuo ???
>>> Unexpected things happen ???

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Title: Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 5
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Yea!! Really Thank You so much for the Update :farofflook:

Kai has fallen for Acchan :D I hope they will get together soon XD
Eh?!! Katsuo not Acchan's son?? :?

After giving the last balloon, I went to take a break. Suddenly a golden light appeared before me for seconds and disappeared… and there was a kid sat on the ground crying.

The "GOLD LIGHT" mentioned here... hm.. Could Katsuo probably time slip and came to the past??? XD
LOL I hope it was like that then he is still Kai and Acchan's son, just that he came from the future :D
Haha... Put aside my daydream

Thanks for the Update :kneelbow: Thank you so much :on gay:
Please Update Soon~ :mon cute: Gambatte!!! :onioncheer: I can't wait to read more of this :on GJ: This is just so GOOD!!!
Title: Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 5
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A reveal that Katsuo is not Kai and Acchan son....... a bit disappointed thou.... Mayb the kid (Katsuo) is Angel of Love send to Earth to help the couples reunite... haha... please continue the next...
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Omg you updated,
So katsuo is not Kai's and Acchan's son
A little disappointing but hope it will be more interesting in the future chapters

Please update soon I love your stories
Please do continue your hard work.
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to answer your question, Kai. YES, YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH ACCHAN... lol

I like you Ichikawa! You always update your fic so fast and i don't have to wait for weeks for it! I like your story and i want to read a new chapter everyday, your fic is awesome and it really made my day. And i hope you put something to other couples too, MariKuu and RikuYuu <33.

Update soon~
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Yay! Update!  :on woohoo:
What? Acchan is not Katsuo mother?
Kai has fallen in love with Acchan.  :luvluv2:
Suddenly a golden light appeared before me for seconds and disappeared… and there was a kid sat on the ground crying. I went to that kid and asking him is he got lost from his parents?
Is it possible Katsuo is from the future? And came to the present to get Kai and Acchan together?
Please update.  :mon cute:
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Nooo ... :catglare:
I knew he wasn't Katsuo's father but, not Atsuko's son either !!  :banghead:
The "GOLD LIGHT" mentioned here... hm.. Could Katsuo probably time slip and came to the past???
I agree !! :inlove:
Lets hope thats true ~

Update soon really. Need to know . XD
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Katsuo appear out of nowhere, hmmmm mystery  :shocked
wonder where katsuo came from lol  :lol:

will wait for the next update, wanna know about this mystery boy aka katsuo
thnx for the update  :twothumbs
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Oh I see, so Katsuo is not Kai's son, hum maybe his brother
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yeah! thanx for the story :D,

And yeah Lai you are in love!! with atsuko.

aww Im a bit disapointment because He is not a son from atsuko and kai aww...

And really really thanx for upload so fast :D
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I want that atsuko fall in love kaaaaaaaaaai!! :wub:
Title: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 6
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Thanks Yagami.Rai, badsaints, haru9210, Sok, Popsicle, A1, Divine Vengeance, blughise, kahem, Megumi, Minami-chan, Sydney W, RJay, haruhi16, CrimsonGrxy, haruko

@ Yagami.Rai : Gold Light mystery reveal~ :roll:
@ Sydney W : Katsuo identity will reveal here, and I'm sure it won't disappoint you :roll:
@ RJay : Thanks for liking my story XD I'll do my best at writing  :D
@ haruhi16 : Thanks for your compliment  :shy2: I'll try to add MariKuu and RikuYuu in side story  :mon study:
@ Sok : To answer your question... Please read this part  ;D
@ Popsicle : Everything will reveal in this part, please continue reading  ;D
@ CrimsonGrxy : Katsuo is alien?? Hahaha.. kidding, please keep reading. Thank you  :D
@ kahem : Katsuo is too young to be Kai's brother  :P2
@ Haruko : Thank you and please keep reading  :D
@ Minami-chan : Okay! I'll make her fall in Kai  :D maybe?

Please enjoy this chapter   :kneelbow:
I hope it won't confuse you

>>> Everything reveal...?!

>>> Katsuo identity reveal !
>>> A man come to pick Katsuo ?!
>>> Will Kai and Atsuko be together... ???


#A Grateful Mistake#

Part 6

Amusement Park [ 31st December 2011]

“Papa~!” Katsuo runs to his papa.

Kai welcome him and lift him up, let him sit on his shoulder. “How are you today?”


Atsuko joined where they are. Kai was having fun with Katsuo while Atsuko watch them from behind. Suddenly Katsuo frown his forehead and looks down. “Papa, do you hate Mama?”

“Of course not. I love your Mama” Kai said to make him happy.

“Why don’t you hold Mama hand and let her walks behind us?” asked Katsuo.

Kai and Atsuko blushed at Katsuo words. Kai step back and stop right beside her, he whispers a sorry before holding Atsuko hand and walks together to another point.

“Papa! I want play that!” Katsuo pointing the ghost house area.

“I’ll wait here.” Atsuko said, because she is afraid of ghost.

“Let’s play another game, Katsuo. We can’t let your Mama wait here alone.” Kai suggested.

Katsuo pouted and gave puppy eyes to Atsuko. “I don’t want to play that anymore because Mama doesn’t want to play with me.” He paused a while and strengthen his puppy eyes towards Atsuko. “I Really Really want to play inside, but Mama don’t like it. I just give it up.”

Atsuko and Katsuo looks like having a short staring game on each other. In the end, Katsuo wins. Atsuko sighed in defeated and brave herself to take this challenge. “Bring it on!” she sounds a bit annoyance and walks into the ghost house camp.

“Yeay!” Katsuo cried in happiness. “Mama, I love you”

Kai put down Katsuo and hold his hands, following Atsuko from behind. Only a few seconds walk from the entrance, Atsuko already shouts terrifically. She runs backward and wraps her arms onto Kai’s. He can’t hold his laughs against Atsuko’s frightened face, he let go Katsuo and press his mouth with the other hand to prevent himself to laugh louder. Atsuko makes a pouted at him and pinch his arms, “Stop laughing at me!”

“KYAAA!!” Katsuo cried too and run backward to where they are. But he is not frightened like Atsuko, he even jumps excitedly in front of them, “Papa! They are so real! Come here~” Katsuo dragged Kai and walk deeper into the dark.

Along the way, Atsuko always cried and hold tighter onto Kai. She even jumped and hugged Kai like a Koala once. Kai is actually enjoys this moment where he had so many skinship with Atsuko. //Thanks to this kid, I can get to know more side of this girl... To think about it, if this boy isn’t her son… then she is still single? That mean I have chances to get closer to her… and probably become lover?//

“Papa! Mama! You are too slow~ hurry come here~” Katsuo runs happily deeper along the direction.

“Katsu… don’t go too far from us…” Atsuko said weakly. She had run out her strength from the sudden appeared fake-ghosts and tricks along the way.

“By the way, why do you have my photo in your wallet?” asked Kai.

Atsuko remove her arms from Kai’s and acts a bit shy. “Because you saved me before… and… you look so cool in stage...”

Kai was flushed hearing this. He was now day dreaming how Atsuko will support him in the concert, screaming his name… seeing Kai’s dummy face, Atsuko continue her statement.

“I also have Riku’s and Kuu’s photo” she lied. “Riku was sooo charismatic, and Kuu is funny and cute. They’re true ikemen!!” she claps her hands and acts like she is very fancying them.

Kai frowns a bit because she complimented them too much. “What about me? Am I not count as ikemen?”

Atsuko smiled and walks away, “Katsuo? Where are you?”

“Wait, answer me first!” Kai followed where Atsuko went.

// In my eyes, you’re not just an ikemen… you’re my prince charming…thanks to Katsuo that I can be so close to him //

At the same time in the same place

A man with white beard cover his face appeared in front of Katsuo and blows some blinking powder on him. Katsuo fell unconsciously into this man’s embrace.

“Hoohoo, I finally found you. I was so panic when you disappeared in front my eyes. Let’s get back to where you should be.”


December Year 2020
Amusement Park

“Mama, where is Papa?” a four years old boy holding a mini picture frame, asking his mother.

“Katsu, Papa is in far away place”

“I want Papa. I miss Papa”

“Be a good boy Katsu, Papa will come to see you tonight”

“Mama always said that but never come true” the boy throws away the frame and run away from his mother. He keep running and running aimlessly, ignoring his mother cries.

At the other side in the same place…

“Hohoho… hohoho…” Mr. Santa waving his hand making some blinking powder in the air, a gold hole began to visible in front of him. “Now it’s time to travelling around~”


A boy bumped into Mr. Santa very hard, making him fell to the ground while the boy was bounced to the other side and fall into the golden hole which flowing next to that kid.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” the boy shouted as he absorb by the glowing light.

“HOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Mr. Santa became panic, “What have I done? The boy bounced into it because of my bouncing muscle” he runs around in circle and cried, “What should I do?”

Flashback End

Back into year 2011 (Present)



“Hohoho… we must leave now, before they see us.” Mr. Santa carried Katsuo on his shoulder, “I wonder if this is destined for them to meet their own future son. I hope there’re no any changes in their future”

Mr. Santa poured some gold blinking powder and disappeared nowhere.


“Katsu!” / “Katsuo!” Atsuko and Kai were searching for Katsuo.

KRIIIIINNNNNNGGGG (fire alarm’s sound)

“Caution, please execute all people from the ghost house area. I repeat, please execute all people from ghost house area. There’s gas pipe leaked inside the area, it will blow up the place anytime. Please execute all people from the ghost house area..”

All the people inside the ghost house went out from the emergency exit. Atsuko and Kai become panic inside it. They keep insist on finding Katsuo but the executors dragged them outside to the secure area. Not long after they arrive at the secure area, the ghost house camp exploded and burnt.

“Let go off me! My son is in there!” Atsuko cried even more and plead the executors to let go of her. She keeps struggling and managed to free herself from the executors. She immediately runs inside it.

“Atsuko!” Kai rebels and attacks the executors to free himself. He follows Atsuko and runs inside into the sea of fire. He keeps shouting Atsuko and Katsuo’s name. Inside it is hot and sultry, he tries his best to look in the fire. Pillars and ceilings are falling down.

“KYAAA” Kai heard Atsuko cried and went to the location. He saw the ceilings above her are unsteady and about to fall. He runs to her and uses his body as a shield to protect her. As expected, the ceilings fall down and hit him.

“Kai!” Atsuko cried.


To be continue...

Dou~? (*´v`*)

Actually I named this story as "Mr. Santa's Little Mistake" but because christmas is past, I change it into "A Grateful Mistake"
Next part will be the last part, I think I'll end it there. Hope you don't get bored with my fics. Thank you~ :kneelbow:

And actually I'm writing a new fic (A Ghost's Story)  :hee: maybe I will post it after the end of this story.
Thank you for reading~

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OMG!! Thank you so much for the update!! No words can describe how happy I feel :D
Yea!! Katsuo really time traveled back~~ So he's really Kai and Atsuko's son XD
LOL Santa so careless :lol:
Oh NO!!! What will happen to Kai??? :panic:
I can't wait to read the last part :)

Thanks again for the Update :thumbup :thumbup
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I feel like running around because I can't stop my curiosity so please update soon~
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That how the story flow...
That explain why Katsuo is present... he come from the future to reunite his parents....
Please post the end soon........ i want to know more
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Now I just hope nothing bad happened to kai.
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Dang I wanna know what happens to Kai. :angry:
Seems like Kai isn't in the future ~ :smhid
Whats happened to him/ where is he!
Update soon~ :twothumbs
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Oh Katsuo comes from the future. Good scenario!
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OMG ! it's wonderful ! i'm freaking out now ..with little suprised ,me totally fall in love with ur fic !  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Oh men ! cant be w8 ! ! !  Zansh ... u r my goddess , i thinking i have to become your crazy fan !    XD
Title: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Part 7 -- End
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Thanks Yagami.Rai, badsaints, Sydney W, iloveakb48, Sok, haru9210, Megumi, blughise, ilovecandiedapples, kahem

@ Yagami.Rai : Thanks for your comment  XD Ganbarimasu  :cow:
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Here I present the last part...
I am very bad in making story ending and I revised it for several times  :nervous
And last, I decide to post it. Please enjoy reading  :kneelbow:


#A Grateful Mistake#

Part 7

“KYAAA” Kai heard Atsuko cried and went to the location. He saw the ceilings above her are unsteady and about to fall. He runs to her and uses his body as a shield to protect her. As expected, the ceilings fall down and hit him.

“Kai!” Atsuko cried. “I don’t want to involve you anymore, please get outside!”

Kai wipe the blood which comes from his head, “I have to…” he lifts up Atsuko in bridal style, walking to the exit.

“Let go of me! I have to find Katsuo! Let go!” Atsuko keeps hitting Kai and even slaps him several times, “Let me go! It’s okay if you don’t care about Katsuo, but I do! I have to find him!”

“I do CARE!” Kai yells on her. “I am willingly to become Katsuo’s father and take care of you. But we must get out from here now. Maybe Katsuo is outside there and waiting for us.”

Outside at the secure area

“Oshima Yuko is reporting here. We can see that the fire raise higher because of the explosion from leaked gas. We can see the executors were panicky over something, let’s ask them what happened.” Yuko went to interview one of the executors.

“Excuse me, can we know what happened there?”

“That’s troublesome. A girl went in the fire to find something then a man went inside to find the girl. We have reached our limit with current condition. It’s impossible now for us to get inside and save them.” explained the executor.

Yuko signaling the camera man to close up the burning area. “I’m sad to say that it’s impossible for that couple to survive in current state. The fire is going higher and wide-”

Before she can finish her sentence, a sudden explode scared everyone in the scene. But something caught Yuko’s eyes. She signaling the camera man to close up on something, something that are moving away from the fire.

“I can’t believe it! The couple is SAFE! We can hear people clapping and cheering for them. What a brave boyfriend, saving his girlfriend from the sea of fire. Oh no, the boy seems to lose his strength and kneel down on the ground. Let’s close up again to see their face.” Yuko paused a while unbelieving, “Is that… KAI… KAI FROM PERSONA!!!!!!!!”

Next morning after the incident

Kai and Atsuko was sent into a private hospital who owned by Yuko’s best friend, Watanabe Mayu. They were nursed there to prevent the reporters from disturbing them. The whole TV stations were busy with this news, where Kai from Persona saving an unknown girl. Is she his girlfriend? This topic also blew up in websites and blogs, many pro and contra among Kai fans.

Kai is walking in circle in the corridor, debates with himself about visiting Atsuko. He was stopped in front of the door several times and did nothing. “Kai… don’t be a coward.”

He takes a deep breath and knocks the door. The door opened, Mariko walk out and slap him all of the sudden. “You better make her stop crying, or else…” Mariko pushed him until he hit the wall and stab a surgery knife right beside his neck. She left him and the knife there and walked away. Mariko was really upset about the fact that they can’t find Katsuo body.

Kai walks into the room where Atsuko was being nursed. He saw Atsuko crying on the bed.

“I’m sorry… I shouldn’t take him to amusement park. I shouldn’t bring him into the ghost house game. I… I…”

“It’s my fault… I should have insisted, if I didn’t let him go inside…” Atsuko burst in tears thinking that the fact Katsuo is dead and burnt into ashes from that incident. Seeing how sad Atsuko is, makes his heart hurts… so much…

Kai went to embrace Atsuko, give her a shoulder to cry on. She didn’t hold back and cried so much on his shoulder, letting herself wrapped by Kai’s warm embrace. After minutes of crying, she finally managed her emotion. She parted away from Kai and apologizes for making his shirt dirty. She lifted her head only found Kai is staring at her with passionate eyes. Kai automatically leaned in and kissed Atsuko. She slightly pushed Kai away when their lips touch. Kai reached to touch her face and wipe her tears with thumb.

“Don’t know why, when I am around you and Katsuo… I feel warms, relax, and my heart always fill with happiness… like I’m having a small family. Although we just shared a few days together, but I already see him as my own son.” Kai smiles remembering Katsuo, “He does resemble me so much.”

[Italic is Atsuko’s thought]

He does resemble you very much. I also feel warms around you and Katsuo… he always cheer me up when I was down, and you… always there when I am in danger. Even it’s just a few days to be together like this… it’s enough for me. But I still can’t accept the fact that Katsuo is gone…

He continues, “In that incident, I realize how much you mean to me. My heart stop beating when I saw you barged into the fire. Plus, when I thought that it’s impossible for me to find Katsuo… I swore to myself that I have to take you out safely from there.”

My heart stopped beating too when I saw you hit by ceilings. Your head is bleeding so much that it covers almost half of your face. I was blaming myself there… always being the burden… and I am such a failure mother… can’t even protect Katsuo…

“From that moment, I decide…” Kai holds Atsuko hands gently, “I can’t lose you… I want to take care of you with the rest of my life… I need you to complete my life… I don’t care what will happen after this, just for you know I am sincerely stated here…”

Atsuko hearts beats faster, waiting for Kai’s statement.

“I love you…” he paused a while, “Let’s start a new life in this new year… a new family again”

Kai kneel down in front of Atsuko, still holding her hand, “Will you marry me?”

Atsuko shed the tears of happiness, hearing Kai proposed to her. When she is about to nodded, Mariko walks in and hit Kai’s head with her big paper fan from behind.

“Didn’t I say you must at least have flowers and rings?”

“Nee-chan! It’s rude to hit other people’s head from behind.” Atsuko complained.

“Huh… feel hurt for your man?” Mariko mocked at her sister, “I’m sorry but I have to borrow him now. I’ll return him to you later~”

Mariko dragged Kai to the exit of the room, “You have to attend a conference today and compose a story why you appeared in yesterday’s incident.”

“Atsuko! I’ll sure visit you again tonight, with flowers and rings ready in my hands” Kai shouted along the corridor while being dragged by Mariko.


The End.

Thanks for reading  :hee:
To answer Popsicle question about why Kai isn't in future with Katsuo..
I'll update the omake very soon (maybe :roll: ) :)
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Yay! Wow, what a nice ending.  :)
And Mariko and her paper fan. She must really like hitting Kai with that.  :twisted:
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Omg yay he didn't die atleast  :twothumbs
Lol mariko part was so funny  XD
WooP really wanna know wat happens in the future  :heart:
Update soon!  :peace:
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in fact i like your ending... jaja but in this story i think the prize is for maritroll :D jajja love her :D
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OMG~ i thought kai died ;A;
It was nice you end the chapter without killing kai lols  :lol:

anyway i want omake~~~
need to know why kai wasn't there with katsuo in the future  :tama-mad:
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:)) nice end ! ah Seems... Ray's to be forgotten then !   :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Yea!!! I  was waiting for this!!! :w00t:
Kai proposed to Atsuko :wub:
LOL Mariko at the end was hilarious :lol:

Really Thanks so much for the update :thumbup :thumbup
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I want the omake.
Title: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Omake
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Thanks Sok, haru9210, Megumi, Divine Vengeance, badsaints, Yagami.Rai, blughise, Popsicle, Haruko, CrimsonGrxy, Sydney W

Finally I finish the omake (and a bit long)  :D
Thanks for reading and leaving comment for my fic.
Hope you enjoy this omake  :) thank you  :heart: :heart:


#A Grateful Mistake#


December Year 2020
Amusement Park where Katsuo get lost

“Katsuo! Don’t play with mama, come out” Atsuko looking around worriedly. She’s been searching Katsuo for 3 hours non-stop. Her eyes are red and her face soaked by tears. She touches her wedding ring, remembering the scene two years ago… when Kai leave…


I married him for three years and we have a cute boy named Katsuo. I am very happy but also feel a bit sad with my current state, the fact that we are secretly married… without any announcement to the public, only a simple wedding in the church. Kai have to secretly visit us to avoid reporters. At first, he is objecting about married secretly with me but I insist because I don’t want to ruin his reputation and his carrier since he is very famous now.

“Atsuko, if you want me to stay… I will cancel this contract. I won’t go to Paris” he said.

“I’ll be okay with Katsuo. We will wait you here.” I lied.

The truth is I want you to stay. But I can’t stop you from reaching your dream. I know you actually really want to take this opportunity, this experience to filming in outside country.

“Papa, when meet?” Little Katsuo is in my arms, he reaches his little hands to ask a hug from his father.

Kai hold Katsuo little hands gently, “Let’s meet next year in the amusement park” he then looks at me, “I’ll come back before Christmas, let’s reunite in amusement park, okay?”

I simply smile and nodded.

He told me that he has to go to Paris filming for one year… with the Diva-Ray. I read rumors and gossips about them. They are the top scandal in this year. Many magazines and news are reporting them as a couple. Of course I don’t believe what they written because I have my faith on Kai… I trust him. He said the filming only takes a year but he already gone for two years. Two years without any news from him.

Flashback end

// I guess he must be really gets together with that damn Diva right now// Atsuko’s thought.

She is desperately in finding Katsuo and give up. She reluctantly sat under a tree, held her knees and buried her faces between it… crying in silent.

At the same time

“Argghhh… why doesn’t she pick up the phone?” Kai face is gloomy like having a black cloud and thunder above his head. He is walking around in amusement park and busy to call Atsuko “She must be mad at me, I promise to come back last year but ended up having little problem and get delayed for another year.” The fact is he just arrived from the airport and immediately runs into amusement park.

At the same place, Mr. Santa arrives in the right place where Kai was.

“Hoooo Lucky! His Papa is here! Hohohoho…”

He drop Katsuo down and whisper something beside his ear, “You remember nothing after bumps into me, you’re running away from your mama to go find papa.” Mr. Santa blows a silver powder on Katsuo.

Katsuo open his eyes and runs apart from Mr. Santa like when he is running away from his mother. He keeps running and then bumps into someone before him. Fortunately, the man holds him so that he didn’t fall to the ground. He lifted up his head to apologize.

“Sorr-” he paused a bit and his face shines of happiness. “PAPA~!”

“Ka…Katsuo?” Kai lifted him up and hug him, “Wow, you’ve grown up. I miss you sooo much”

“I miss you mooooooore much” Katsuo punch Kai’s cheek. “Why makes you so long to see me?”

“Hohohoho… bless you~” Mr. Santa watched from afar then disappeared into the shadow.

“I’m so sorry, Katsuo. Oh yeah, where’s Mama?” asked Kai.

Katsuo looked down, “I’m sorry Papa, I… I run away from Mama just now.”

Kai pinches his son’s nose, “How can you leave your mama alone?”

Katsuo pouts and his eyes are teary, Kai can’t stand to look at his son’s expression, “Don’t looking at me with those eyes. Let’s find your mama together”


“Mama!!” Katsuo finally found Atsuko.

Atsuko heard Katsuo’s voice and lift her head to see where the voice came. She saw Katsuo running towards her. She gets up and run over Katsuo in embrace. “Where did you go? Do you know how worried I am?”

“Mama, sorry. Don’t cry, please” Katsuo wipes her tears and place a kiss on her cheek. He then hold Atsuko’s hands and bring her to where Kai is. “Look! I meet Papa!” he said excitedly. He grabs Kai’s hand and guides him to hold Atsuko’s.

“Hi…” only a simple word came out from Kai’s mouth while Atsuko keeps silent.

Cotton candy~ Cotton candy~

“Papa, I want that” Katsuo reach out his hand to ask some money from Kai and Kai took out some money for him. After get the money, Katsuo went to buy the cotton candy.

“Acchan, it’s been a long time since we meet each other. Don’t you miss your husband?” Kai approach Atsuko and spread his arms for a hug.


Atsuko gave him a slap. “Don’t touch me. I have no relationship with stranger like you. Please continue enjoying your sweet Diva.”

“Atsuko…?” Kai grab Atsuko arms to prevent her going away.

“I saw it in magazine! Kisses between you and her!” Atsuko raise her voice to Kai.

“That’s just a scenario! I even brushed my mouth several times after kissing her. Really!” Kai explained.

“Just a scenario? She even said that you are hers and she is yours to public!” Atsuko struggling to free her arm from Kai.

“I’m still yours, I won’t belong to anyone else.” Kai tighter his grab.

“You said you only go for one year but you go entirely two years. Just tell me you are enjoying your holiday with her for entire year?”

“That’s not true! I got robbed when I’m buying souvenirs for you. They stabbed me and I have no choice but to nurse in the hospital. They also got my passport. The police spent months to get it back and they won’t let me back until they catch those robbers.” Kai flip his shirt up and exposes his stomach where a scar can be seen.

Atsuko shocked. She freeze on there for a moment, she slowly reaches her hand to touch at Kai’s scar. “I’m sorry to raise my voice at you. I’m sorry…” she moves her hand to touch Kai’s cheek where she slapped. “Is it hurt?”

Kai nodded, “Very hurt…” he leaned his cheek forward to Atsuko “I believe it won’t hurt anymore if you kiss it”

Atsuko doubt in a moment before leaned forward to place a kiss on his cheek. As her lips just a few centimeters away, Kai turn her head and ended up having Atsuko’s lips on his. He smiles and wraps his arms around Atsuko.

Atsuko pushes Kai away immediately, “Kai, not in public. Many people here.”

“So what?” Kai leaned in again and this time, he won’t let Atsuko push him away. Their kisses went into passionate one.

After minutes of kissing, Katsuo sneaked between them after buying the cotton candies. “I want kisses too!”

Both Kai and Atsuko smile shyly and blushing hard to be witness kissing in front of their son. They knelt down beside him and place a kiss on his cheek. Katsuo is smiling happily. Soon, Kai lift up his son with one hand and another hand is holding Atsuko’s. He leads them to the crowd.

“I’m gonna announce here… to tell the public that I have the most beautiful wife and an adorable son”

“Kai, you are crazy” Atsuko freeze on her spot immediately. “I don’t want to break your carrier”

“This is not fair for you two. I don’t wanna visit you secretly anymore”

Kai took a deep breath readily to shout in the crowd. But something big and white hit his head before he can spread a word. Mariko came out from nowhere holding her big paper fan. “You are my money tree. I won’t let you do anything reckless.”

She claps her hands and two men in black suit appeared behind Kai. She took Katsuo away from Kai and gave him to Atsuko. “He is run away from a TV show. I’ll send him to your house after we finish the show.” said Mariko to Atsuko.

Clap clap

Mariko claps her hands and those two men in black suit dragged Kai into to the mini van. Kai was crying like a kid having his toys snatched by other. “Atsuko~”

“Sorry Atsuko, I promise two more years, I’ll end his contract. After that I will let him officially announces your status to public” Mariko is waving her hands to Atsuko and went into the van.

Atsuko and Katsuo still can hear Kai’s cry in the van.

// It’s so hard… to be married with an idol // Atsuko sighed.

Omake End.

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thank for the omake ~  :P
wow...Kai so unlucky, how can many thing like that happen to him?  :?
and poor Acchan have to wait for 2 years  :(
but it fine when they are together now  :wub: ...i mean almost  XD
mariko with the big fan was too epic  :rofl: , she make me laugh so harsh.  :lol: lolz
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Yea!! Thank you so much for the Omake :D
I feel so happy reading it XD

I also felt bad for Acchan having to wait for Kai for 2 Years with all the insecurities and gossips about Kai and Ray.

But Kai came back and they are together again~ :grin:
Haha.. They were caught kissing in front of their son :)
Mariko and her paper fan sure is amusing enough to make me laugh like crazy :rofl:

Thanks again for this wonderful update :thumbup :thumbup
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OMG LoL Kai cries lika a baby...he even ran away from the TV Show!
Thank you for the Omake ichikawa-san

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jaajj so funny poor kai-kun.. you need to wait a little more..
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Too good !! XD
One of my all time favourite fics ~ :P
You should write more Kai+acchan+katsuo stories..  XD

Your so pro ! 8)
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It was really funny to follow this fic and the end is great!
Title: Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
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Thanks minna~
kazuski, skytsuna, Yagami.Rai, haru9210, Megumi, Divine Vengeance, badsaints, Popsicle, kahem, Sydney W, Haruko and all readers for following my fic.

Since Valentine is near, I write some as OS sequel to 'A Grateful Mistake'
If you haven't read it, you can find it here ~A Grateful Mistake~ (

Hope you enjoy it. The first OS is below~

================   ================   ================

Valentine OS
#Kai X Atsuko X Katsuo#

================   ================   ================

Takahashi Kai is a famous idol from Persona. He has a pair of passionate eyes which makes everywoman melt as they saw his eyes. Who knows, behind the success carrier, he also has a lovely family. He is actually married and has a five years old child named Katsuo. His wife – Maeda Atsuko is the most beautiful woman in the world (in Kai’s thought). The three of them always reunite secretly.

// Today is valentine… I wonder if Kai will visit me later…// Atsuko’s thought.

She just came back from buying some ingredients for dinner, walking alone with bags on each hand. Katsuo stays in house and waiting for his mother to come home. Few meters away from home… When Atsuko turn at the corner, she saw Katsuo is being lifted by a masked man in black hooded jacket.


Atsuko throws her bags to that man and grabs Katsuo away from that man. Success in getting Katsuo, she runs to the door and opens it. Unfortunately, the door is locked. She is about to find her key… just remembered that the key is in the bag and the bag is now laid beside that man. Feeling helpless, she hugs Katsuo tightly. Tears form in her eyes.

The man approaches Atsuko slowly makes her trembling… she takes off her shoes and throws it toward that man. Her shoes fly perfectly and hit him directly on the face, blood flowing down from his nose. His yellow mouth-masker stained with the blood.

“Papa?!” Katsuo parted from Atsuko and run into that man’s hug

“Eh?” Atsuko confused.

“Mama, don’t you recognize Papa?” Katsuo pinch Kai’s nose. “Papa always wears tacky clothes”

“Ouch, that’s hurt Katsuo” Kai pouted at his son.

“Let me give you a magic” Katsuo gently kiss Kai’s nose, “Pain, pain, go away~” he draws an invisible circle in the air and shush it away.

Atsuko observe the person before her. He is wearing sunglasses, yellow mouth-masker, black hooded jacket with red shirt inside, and white jeans. // Yappari… tacky clothes //

Katsuo parted from Kai and went to pick up the things Atsuko thrown.

“Kai…?” Atsuko approach him and took off his mouth-masker. “I’m so sorry, is that hurt?”

“……………” Kai pouted and went to help Katsuo picks up things.

// He gives me a silent treatment…? // Atsuko pouted. // I’ll deal with you later //

Inside Atsuko’s house

Chop chop chop

Atsuko is chopping the meat in the kitchen… with killer’s eyes. Kai pretend that he didn’t see it and washing the veggies while Katsuo setting up the plates on the table.

// Is she mad because I ignored her? // Kai’s thought.

“Katsu, can you give me the meats left on the table?” Atsuko asked.

“I am busy. Papa help Mama” Katsuo set and reset the plates on the table, ignoring Kai’s pleading eyes.

Don’t have any choice, Kai went to bring the meats for Atsuko. Once Kai plate the meats on the chopping plate, a quick knife lay a centimeter on top of his hand… almost slice it. Kai gulp at what just happened now.

“Sorry, my hand acts too fast” Atsuko said with her wide bright smile to Kai. She takes away the knife and continues the cooking.

// Dangerous aura… // Kai freezes at his spot.

Fifteen minutes past

They were eating katsudon in dining room. Kai and Atsuko face each other while Katsuo sits between them.

Cough… cough…

“Papa…?!” Katsuo put down his bowl and rub Kai’s back.

// This is so spicy!!! Is she purposely makes this for me? //

Atsuko gives him a glass of water, “You eat too fast, here drink some water”

“Thank you” Kai takes the glass and drink it.

BRRRUUUUSSSSHHH (Kai spurt out the water) // Is this vinegar…?! // his face and shirt are wet by the water he spurted.

“Papa? I’ll go get towel for you” Katsuo went to upstairs to get towel for Kai.

Cough… cough… Are you mad?” asked Kai.

“Yes.” Atsuko answered shortly.

“Come on, today is valentine. At least give me a hug?” Kai shows puppy eyes to Atsuko.


“Acchan~ I turn down all the shows just to see you and eat your chocolate~”

“I didn’t say that I make chocolate for you” Atsuko lied and turn her back at Kai.

Kai gets up and hugs Atsuko from behind and buried his face at her neck. “Acchan~ I miss you~” Kai kisses her neck, her cheek, and slowly approach her lips.

DING DONG~ (doorbell’s ringing)

“Get off…” Atsuko went to open the door.

“Good evening” Mariko greeted.

With a desperate face, she welcomes Mariko inside her house, “Are you here to get Kai again?”

“Nah… I’m here to visit Katsuo” Mariko gave a wink to Atsuko.

Katsuo came down from upstairs and heard Mariko’s voice. He runs to her and gives her a big bear hug, “Mari-chan~”

“Katsuo, wanna go to my house? I bought some new toys for you”

“Okay!” Katsuo answered without second thought.

Mariko carried Katsuo and gave a wink to Kai. She walked past Atsuko then waved a goodbye to them before she get in the car, “Have a nice night~”

Without knowing what those words mean Katsuo copying what Mariko said, “Have a nice night, Papa~ Mama~”

Atsuko stands in front of the door and see the car drove away until it lost from her sight. She gets back inside the house and closed the door. She looks around her surrounding and finds that Kai is not around.

In Atsuko’s room

Kai opened the closet to find clean shirt to wear since his shirt is wet from the vinegar before. When he opened the closet, something fell down from inside. It’s a pink color present box with a bright yellow necktie in it. Atsuko arrives in the room at the same time Kai takes the tie out from the box.

“Acchan, is this for me?” he wears the tie on neck and form a wide grin on his face, “This suits me perfectly”

Acchan laughs at Kai who makes the knot in wrong way, “Baka, you tied it in wrong way” Acchan approach him and re-tied the necktie.

“Why are you giving me the necktie as present?” asked Kai.

“I’m jealous…” Acchan gave him a pout. “Ray did the necktie for you in your latest CM”

Kai closed their distance little by little but Atsuko complained, “Kai, you’re too close”

“Isn’t this makes you more easier?” Kai leaned in to kiss Atsuko.

At the last step to do windsor knot necktie Acchan pulled it tight, very tight against Kai’s neck. “And you seem enjoying the lovey dovey moment with Ray”

“Ac…chan… breath… I can’t breath…” Kai tried to hold Atsuko’s hands from pulling the tie tighter. “Cough… cough…” Kai pretend to faint out and laid his head on Atsuko’s shoulder. Atsuko let down her guard and support Kai’s weight.

“Kai? Kai?!”

After Atsuko let go her hands from necktie, Kai lifted her up in bridal style and threw her gently onto the bed. He crawled slowly towards Atsuko, “Everyone can put the necktie on me… but you’re the only one who can untie it…”

Kai lean down and kisses Atsuko on the lips. Atsuko puts her arms around Kai and pulls him to deeper the kisses. After minutes of kissing, Kai parted away.

“By the way, where’s my chocolate?” asked Kai.

“I’ve said, I didn’t make chocolate for you…”

“Then I’ll take you as the replacement~”


Katsuo goes with Mariko? Next will be MariKuu... Hope you'll like it

Dou? Dou? (´・ω・`)
Title: Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Omake
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Woah!!! this is really nice valentine's OS!!!!  :luvluv1:  Gah!!! so in love with Kai x Acchan inteactions..  :on lol:

I havent read the full fic yet.. but I will when I have time.. and OMG!! they have a son together!!!  :nya:
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
Post by: Yagami.Rai on February 05, 2012, 07:01:01 PM
OMG!! I love this Valentine Special~ :wub:
You're so great!!! XD
Kai and Atsuko~ So lovey dovey at the last part~ :inlove:
But yappari.. jealous Acchan.. so scary.. :O
Katsuo~ As usual so cute~ :tama-mad:

Thanks for the Update~ :kneelbow:
Will be waiting for the MariKuu~ :D
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
Post by: Megumi on February 06, 2012, 12:09:27 AM
Waaa that neck tie thingie was it a inspiration from AKB CM?!
So cool...aaaand as always Acchan is an S hahaah
Well thank you for your update!

Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
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Aww, the Valentine special! <3
Soo cute, I'm dying. Kai and Atsuko are such perfection.
And I'm glad to see an update, too!
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
Post by: Sydney W on February 06, 2012, 02:55:54 AM
Atsuko mad aura is dangerous.
What a perfect timing for Mariko to fetch Katsuo, this gives Kai and Acchan more lovey dovey moment. ^^
Sweet valentine day for them ^^
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
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This is so sweet <333

Wat, MariKuu couple will be next? YAY! I've been waiting for that funny couple to make up! Haha i'm sure Kuu will have a hard time convincing Maritroll. Update soon please!!
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
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Yayayay! Omg i love Kai-Atsuko moments and " ...but u're the only one who can untie it " u're so awesome au xD! I love this couple and i guess i fall in love with their son...He's so adorable and kind-hearted ! <3
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
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Omg !!
That was too adorable ~  XD
Their family moments are soo cute !  :lol:
You should make more one shots about them in the future ~ :heart:
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
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Hahahah!!!! Atsuko almost killed Kai!!
And Mariko always know when she need to appear hehe
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kai x Atsuko x Katsuo
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omg!! swettie!! :D like it i thought that katsuo gonna say.. I want a brother!!! mom dad!! or something like that
Title: Valentine Special OS -- Kuu x Mariko x Katsuo
Post by: ichikawa on February 06, 2012, 05:24:10 PM
Thanks Yagami.Rai, haru9210, JunTakeshi, Megumi, A1, badsaints, haruhi16, kahem, Divine Vengeance, Flean, straawbeeryy, Sydney W, okiedokie, Popsicle, Haruko

Thanks so much for the comments minna-san  :kneelbow:
I finally finish MariKuu  :D
Please enjoy~

================   ================   ================

Valentine OS
#Kuu X Mariko X Katsuo#

================   ================   ================

Minegishi Kuu is one of the members from the famous idol from Persona. His cute and playful face will never fail in making the girls’ heart beats fast and screaming for him. He flirts with many artist and popular among teenage girls in this entertainment circle. Who knows, he actually having relationship with his manager – Shinoda Mariko. She is the manager of Persona and wide known for her strict and sadist characters. She trained Persona with many efforts and never takes doubt to punish them.

Persona Apartment

“Kuu-chan. I want play something else” Katsuo put down the Nintendo on the floor.

“Hmm… since Kai and Riku are not coming back, and the apartment is big…” Kuu smirked with something in his head, “Let’s play hide and seek!”

“It’s boring…” Katsuo said.

“It’s not boring if the winner gets prizes. We set time for seeker. If seeker can’t find us in the range of time, she loses and she has to give us what we want” Kuu explained.

“Mariko-sama will join, won’t you?” Kuu asked.

“Mari-chan…” Katsuo is giving her puppy eyes.

Can’t resist the puppy eyes from Katsuo, Mariko let out a sigh and nodded. Kuu gets up and whispers something to Katsuo before he walks to where Mariko was. “Let’s decide the seeker by janken!”


Kuu has paper, Katsuo has paper and Mariko has scissors.

“Yeah!! The winner will become the seeker!” Kuu yelled and jumping on the sofa.

“Yeah!! Mari-chan is the seeker!!” Katsuo copying Kuu.

“Eh?! Isn’t the loser become seeker? asked Mariko

Kuu ignore her and asks Katsuo what he want if Mariko can’t find him, “Ne, Katsuo~ what do you want from Mariko-sama?”

“Hmm… I want katsudon and ice cream!!!” Katsuo stretch both of his hands gesturing the potion he wants, “Thiiissss…. Muucchhh…”

“No, you’ll have stomachache” Mariko said.

“Can’t I? Mari-chan…?” Katsuo pleading her again with his special attack --> *puppy eyes*

Kuu kneel down copying Katsuo and acts like a puppy, “I want Mari-chan~!”

“What?!” Mariko takes out her big paper fan.

“Hide, Katsuo! HIDE!” Kuu bring Katsuo away from Mariko, “Mari-chan~ NO PEEK! Count until ten before you begin to seek us!”

10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

“You’ll be beaten dead if I found you!” Mariko shouts.

Mariko seek for them behind the sofa, behind the curtain, kitchen, closet and found no one… she then went to upstairs and began to seek the room. She went to Persona’s room, it’s all dark and silent. When she went inside to turn up the light, suddenly the door closed. She immediately went to open the door and…

// Damn! It’s locked!! *&%^%!@*#_$) // Mariko cursed Kuu for doing this.

Tick tock

Mariko try to turn up the light but it won’t work. She has to find the way out in the dark. She is wandering around in the room for minutes long. All of the sudden the alarm clock on Kuu’s mini table beside the bed ringing, makes Mariko jumps out of surprise. She automatically throws her big paper fan toward the alarm to shut it off.

“You’ll be beaten dead if I found you!” growl Mariko as she went to pick up her paper fan.

When she is about to pick up her paper fan, a sudden attack comes from behind and tackles her down to the bed. On top of her, shows a smirking Kuu with his devilish expression. “TIME’S OUT~ and you lose~”

Kuu leaned in and blow a breath beside Mariko’s ear, “I want Mari-chan~”

“St…STOP!” Mariko hit Kuu’s head with her fan and kicks him away. Kuu is now rolling on the floor. Mariko cleans up her clothes and went to open the door. She pulls the handle over and over again but it won’t open… it’s locked. Kuu appeared behind her and trap her between him and the door. He leaned in and kisses Mariko’s neck.

“Stop it. Katsuo is here…” Mariko pushed him away gently.

Kuu smirks and shows her his phone. On the screen, it says ‘Kuu, Katsuo is with me now. Have fun~ … from Riku’

“Can I have my gift now~ Mari-chan~”


Mariko hit Kuu with her paper fan and kicked him away. “If you can find me, you can have me~” Mariko teased and closed the door.

A confuse Kuu stay on the floor for a while, “Eh? When did she take the key from my pocket?” He gets up and runs to search for Mariko, “I’ll definitely find you~”

// Damn! She locked the door… // Kuu kneel down and punch the floor, "MARIKO-SAMA, how can you be so cruel?!"

He began rolling on the floor and cry like a kid and then something shiny catch his eyes. He watches closely over that shiny thing under the door...

"The KEY! I know you won't be so cruel at me~ Mari-chan is the best!!" He opened the door and grinning like a wolf, "Puppy transform to wolf now~"


Whose with Katsuo now? Riku? Then next will be RikuYuu?
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kuu x Mariko x Katsuo
Post by: Sydney W on February 06, 2012, 06:02:01 PM
I can't stop laughing reading your fics. Katsuo been shifted from one place to another. ^^
If next is RikuYuu, Katsuo would be spoilt by Yuko perv. ^^
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kuu x Mariko x Katsuo
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Poor Katsuo, they are making pass with him like a ball rofl
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kuu x Mariko x Katsuo
Post by: straawbeeryy on February 07, 2012, 02:44:59 AM
So much fluff. *-*
I love Mari-chan! She's soo much fun.
And LOL, when did Riku come in and kidnapped Katsuo?
Thanks for another update. (:
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aahh poor katsuo..
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Kuu x Mariko x Katsuo
Post by: haruhi16 on February 07, 2012, 04:38:51 AM
Hahahahahaha! I've been waiting for this!! This couple is really funny as hell! I want a continuation of this! I wanna know if Kuu found Mariko-sama and do their thaaaang~ Hehehehe PLEASE!!!!

LOL Poor baby Katsuo , being passed by another couple in the story~ LOL RikuYuu? I'm sure it's gonna be insane! Pervert Yuko and baby Katsuo will surely have a great time making fun of Riku~ Please update soon!! <33
Title: Valentine Special OS -- Riku x Yuko x Katsuo
Post by: ichikawa on February 07, 2012, 12:14:51 PM
Thanks d_ruffi, kahem, haruhi16, Sydney W, straawbeeryy, msst28
Thanks for comments...  :)

@ kahem, msst28 : Yeah, I feel bad for Katsuo too  :sweatdrop:
@ Sydney W : Sorry if I disappoint you with this OS, Yuko character will be not perv as she is...  :nervous I still want to keep Katsuo's innocent~  :)
@ haruhi16 :    :mon duh: I am supposed to end it there... I'll try to write more Marimii in future  :mon study:

Hope you enjoy...

================   ================   ================

Valentine OS
#Riku X Yuko X Katsuo#

================   ================   ================

Kojima Riku is the leader of the famous idol group, Persona. His gorgeous and gentleman behavior will never fail women to stare at him. Behind his successful carrier, there’s actually a woman who helps them raises up their fame. Oshima Yuko, a well-known reporter who always sneaks into Persona and publish anything that will increase Persona’s fame.

Persona Apartment

Riku and Yuko sneak inside the apartment and search for Katsuo.

Yuko is pouting at Riku, “Katsuo will disturb our date…”

“Can’t help it… I owe Kuu for 1,000,000 yen. He said he will eliminate it if I take care of Katsuo tonight” Riku rubs his cheek and smile shyly at Yuko.

“Eh? Why did you owe money from him?” asked Yuko.

“Because you want 999,999 roses from me, valentine last year…” Riku sighed. Yuko’s eyes become glittering and blinking rapidly after hearing Riku’s statement.

“Rikunyaan~” Yuko tackled him down and rub her cheek against him. “I love you so much!!!”

“Sssstttttt” Riku pushed Yuko away, “Save it later, let’s find Katsuo first”

(Weird sound)
(Weird sound)

“Hmm… I guess I found him…” Yuko is grinning on top of Riku and pointing at the middle size pot in the corner of living room. There’s a weird sound coming from it. They sneak there and found Katsuo snoozing inside it.

“Seems like he’s been ignored by those two for a long time” Riku laughs at the sleeping Katsuo. Yuko carried Katsuo out and pats his back gently to prevent him awake. Riku simply smiled at them with his gentle eyes.

“Don’t smile at me like that, I can’t resist it” Yuko blushed.

“You look like a mother just now… Wanna have a kid with me?” Riku asked.

“Ah… So embarrassing~”’ Yuko unintentionally let go of Katsuo to covers her blushing face.

“Yuko!!!” Riku whisper a bit loud at her and manage to catch Katsuo before he touch the ground. Fiuuhhh… Riku let out a breath and carried Katsuo safely in his arms.

“Jan ken pon!” Katsuo is talking in his sleep. He launched a punch directly at Riku’s nose, after that his head fell on Riku’s shoulder and snoozing again. Both of them freeze at their spot, thinking how frightened when Katsuo asleep.

“His punch resembles to his father… strong and firm…” Riku added.

“Riku, you’re bleeding!” Yuko took out a tissue and wiped the blood come from Riku’s nose. Riku is just standing there and pouting at Yuko.

“What a careless mother you are” Riku start to tease Yuko, “I have to think twice about you to become mother of my child. It’s kinda dangerous to leave a child in your care.”

“Mou~ Rikunyaan~” Yuko pinches Riku’s nose.

“Ouuchhh… let’s get out from here first. I don’t want to disturb Kuu’s moment with Mariko-sama”

Watanabe private hospital

Riku and Yuko decide to drop Katsuo in Mayu’s private hospital temporary, they sneak into Mayu’s office and gently put Katsuo on her chair. Before they leave, Yuko put her coat on Katsuo and leave a note on Mayu’s office table.


“Hahaha… Mayu will definitely frighten…” Yuko held her stomach and laughing, imagine Mayu’s expression when she saw Katsuo on her chair.

“But Yuko, Mayu hates kid right?” Riku asked, “What if she done something to Katsuo? Like throw him away or the worst… she locked him into the corpse room???”

Yuko laughs more at Riku’s wide imagination “You think too much! Mayu won’t do that. I guess she’ll be standing at the entrance and staring at Katsuo until he wakes up… hhaha…”

“Let’s get him back tomorrow morning”

They both laugh and hurriedly went out from the hospital. As they walked out to the parking area, suddenly it’s raining. Despite from being wet, they run into a small building for a shelter. The building is an old classic church just next to the hospital.

Hachiiuuu…” Yuko’s sneezing.

“Don’t get cold” Riku took off his coat and put it on Yuko, giving her a warm smile. He takes a look inside the church, there’s no one here. “It seems this church is abandoned”

Yuko walks near to the front line of benches. She simply sat there and smiling by herself. Riku feels curious and sat beside her, asking “It’s unusual to see you stolid like this”

Yuko entwined her hand with Riku’s and place her head on his shoulder, “I envy Kai and Atsuko. She is willingly keeps her marriage as secret to protect Kai’s carrier. Just a blink an eye, Katsuo grown up so lovely and adorable…”

She gets up and drags Riku to the altar, “Let’s get married secretly like Kai and Atsuko”

“Hmm… let me think first…” Riku pretends to think it seriously.

“You don’t love me?” asked Yuko.

“I… I…” Riku can’t answer Yuko’s question directly.

// I know it…Riku don’t love me at all. It just me, one-sided love //

Seeing Riku doubt with his feeling toward her, Yuko’s eyes filled with tears. She always wears smiley face in front of Riku just for him to know that she feels happy around him. But now she can’t hold her tears anymore… She doesn’t want him to see her desperate like this.

“I’m sorry to trouble you. Thanks for today” Yuko said as she turn back and run away from the altar.

Riku grabbed her arm and pulled her into his embrace. He gently touch Yuko’s chin and lift it up until his eyes meet Yuko’s. He looks into Yuko’s eyes deeply and said out loud his statement.

“I, Kojima Riku take you Oshima Yuko to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part. I will always love you, my Korisu and honor you all the days of my life”

“Rikunyaan…” Yuko is speechless, don’t know how to express her happiness at this time.

“Let me seal this vow for you” Riku leaned in and kissed Yuko on the lips.

As they parted away, Yuko blushed hard like tomato, she smiles shyly and looks so innocent at this time. This is the first time Riku saw this side of Yuko. He was hypnotized by Yuko’s innocent look, he feels the heat in his body went up to his head.

“Riku? Are you okay?” Yuko hurriedly takes out a tissue and wipe Riku’s nose, “You’re having nosebleed again…”

Yuko place her forehead on Riku, “You’re face is hot and red, are you sick?”

Cough… cough…” Riku rolled his eyes and parted himself away from Yuko. “Maybe I got cold…”

Yuko took a red-handmade scarf out of nowhere and wrap it around Riku’s neck, “Yappari! You look good with red color. Happy valentine day, Rikunyaan~” Yuko showing her cute dimples and claps her hands together to compliment Riku as usual. Riku’s face went red again.

“Nyaan! You have nosebleed again. Let’s get back to Mayu’s hospital and ask her to give you a treatment” Yuko said worriedly.

“I guess… I just need a cup of hot coffee” Riku holds Yuko’s hands and calm her down, “I miss you’re handmade capucino… can I stay in your house tonight?”

OF COURSE~!” Yuko happily clinging at Riku and dash to where his car parked.

“Slow down, Yuko! It’s still raining! The road is SLIPP- WAHHH”

Riku slipped and face down to the ground… having nosebleed again…

“What’s wrong with today?!!” he growls.

“Hahahaha… as I said, you look good with red. Even the blood agree~” Yuko joked.

“Get back here!”

// This is my worst and happiest valentine day for this year… having nosebleed and chasing my squirrel under the rain… //


Valentine OS End~

Thanks for reading  :D
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Awwww i love this RikuYuu moment~ <3333 I'm glad you didn't make Yuko a perverted squirrel  in this story~ I love it! Specially in the church scene awwwwwww ,so it means they're married already?!? YAY! So they can have their own child now like the KaiAcchan couple!? I really hope so!! <333

Thanks for this Valentine OS, it was wonderful. =)
I'll just wait for your upcoming OS/fics in the future~ =)
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Riku x Yuko
Post by: Megumi on February 07, 2012, 03:16:04 PM
 :wigglypanda: OMG! hilarious fic.

You Valentine OS is so  :hiakhiakhiak:
Katsuo travelling from Kai to Kuu and then Riku and last(maybe) to Mayu...
My favourite Valentine couple so far is RikuYuko the funniest OS yet.

“Jan ken pon!” Katsuo is talking in his sleep. He launched a punch directly at Riku’s nose, after that his head fell on Riku’s shoulder and snoozing again. Both of them freeze at their spot, thinking how frightened when Katsuo asleep.

Riku is bleeding a lot here LoL

Yuko laughs more at Riku’s wide imagination “You think too much! Mayu won’t do that. I guess she’ll be standing at the entrance and staring at Katsuo until he wakes up… hhaha…”
Pfft! Mayu made a cameo! OR they are talking about her anyway but that was hilarious tough...

Hopefully there will be more Valentine special OS because it was epic fun.
Arígatou!  :kneelbow:

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Post by: Sydney W on February 07, 2012, 03:44:39 PM
Thanks for updating. ^^
Title: Re: Valentine Special OS -- Riku x Yuko
Post by: kahem on February 07, 2012, 07:18:05 PM
Rofl! Really Katsuo is a ball hahahah!!!
Rikuyuu is so cute~ and they are the ones who didn't do anything xD
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Post by: Popsicle on February 07, 2012, 08:44:29 PM
This was hilarious !!  :lol:
Non-stop nosebleeds ftw ! :peace:
Riku and yuko .. Kawaii ~ :yep:
Has katsuo travelled a lot or what !
It's like pass the parcel but more like pass the kAtsuo ~ XD

Please write more ! :)
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aww my kojiyyu so cute! jajaj i can imagine a kojiyuu`s baby aww
Title: Valentine Special OS -- Mariko with big paper fan
Post by: ichikawa on February 09, 2012, 07:43:32 PM
Thanks haruhi16, Nab, Megumi, kahem, Shiro, Sydney W, Popsicle, Haruko
Thanks for reading my fic and for the comment  :heart: :heart:

@ haruhi16 : Actually I'm thinking of making a sequel series from A grateful mistake, due to my study I can't help it but postpone to write  :nervous
@ Megumi, Popsicle : There will be an OS for Katsuo X Mayu~ still in process  :roll:
@ Sydney W, Haruko : Thanks for the comment  :heart:

First of all I have to apologize, because I'm not update a fic. I'm just want to post a pic I found which is fits perfectly with the Mariko-sama big paper fan in my fic "A Grateful Mistake" just wanna share this pic~  :nervous
I will update one more Valentine OS later~  :kneelbow:

Title: Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Mariko-sama wiith big paper fan (pic)
Post by: Yagami.Rai on February 09, 2012, 08:09:02 PM
LOL~ Mariko sama with her BIG paper fan~ XD
This was truly Epic! :D
Title: Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Mariko-sama wiith big paper fan (pic)
Post by: Sydney W on February 10, 2012, 03:20:48 AM
Mariko sama with her big paper fan ~~ awesome pic ^^
Title: Re: #A Grateful Mistake# -- Mariko-sama wiith big paper fan (pic)
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LOL look at Miichan, she's crying now~v hahaha so cute!
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LOL Mariko-sama
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@ Megumi, Popsicle : There will be an OS for Katsuo X Mayu~ still in process 
Yei! But who will Mayu be pairing with then?!

LoL @The picture Mariko-sama is our great troll  XD

Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
Title: Valentine Special OS -- Katsuo X Mayu
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Here the last Valentine OS~
Katsuo's journey ended here...

================   ================   ================

Valentine OS
#Katsuo X Mayu#

================   ================   ================

Watanabe Mayu, is a well-known doctor in Japan. She is Persona’s private doctors and Yuko’s cousin. Although she has a sweet face and soft character, she doesn’t like kids. She hates kids the most when they’re crying.

Watanabe private hospital

Mayu walked into her office and put the coffee on her desk. She saw the note which Yuko left and read it, “I leave Katsuo here for your care, will take him back tomorrow morning. Happy valentine~ from the prettiest reporter - Yuko”

“What the hell is…” Mayu automatically turn her head to look at her chair and found Katsuo sleeps soundly on it. She paused and staring at Katsuo. // I hate kids… //

After minutes, Mayu still stands there like a statue. Katsuo began to feel uncomfortable with the chair and moved a bit, made Yuko’s coat fell to the ground. Mayu turn her gaze on the coat… after thinking for minutes, she decided to pick up the coat and put it on Katsuo. As she did that, Katsuo’s hands suddenly grab hers.

“Katsudon~” Katsuo is sleep talking again and is going to bite Mayu’s thumb.

“EH?!” Mayu automatically pulled her hands away from Katsuo. But her action makes Katsuo fall down from the chair.


Katsuo landed with his head on the floor, he gets up and began to cry, “Hurt…hiks…hiks… Mama…”

Mayu went panic and walks around in her office. She doesn’t know how to approach Katsuo, “Katsuo? Please… don’t cry, I’m sorry… I’m sorry” she kneeled down and bows at Katsuo, pleading at him not to cry anymore. But Katsuo can’t stop crying, don’t know what to do… Mayu cries too… they both crying in the office.


Atsuko House

“Kai, I think I heard Katsuo’s crying…”

“I have a bad feeling too. Let’s call Mariko-sama” Kai took out his phone and call Mariko.

“Mariko-sama, How is Katsuo?”

[Umm…] Mariko paused, and there’s another voice interrupt

[Kai! Katsuo is with Riku, bye~!  Tut tut tut tut ]

Kai redial Mariko’s number, [Sorry, the number you are calling is not active…]

Atsuko and Kai face each other and began to worry about Katsuo. Kai dial Riku’s number immediately, “Riku! Is Katsuo with you now?”

[Umm… I’m busy right now, Katsuo is with Mayu. Bye~!] Tut tut tut tut…

“What?!” Both Kai and Atsuko hurriedly get clothes and get ready to pick Katsuo.


Watanabe private hospital

Kai and Atsuko burst into Mayu’s office and saw the crying Katsuo chasing the crying Mayu around in the room. They both sweet dropped to watch the scene before them.

“Mayu-chan… don’t hate me…”

“I don’t hate you… I just don’t like kids…”


Hiks… don’t chasing me again. I’m tired…”


Kai and Atsuko can’t stand it and laugh loudly at the door. Mayu spotted them and rushed behind Atsuko. “Don’t laugh at me! Get Katsuo away from me” Mayu begged.

“Katsu, come here” Atsuko called.

“Mama~!” Katsuo runs into his mother embrace happily.

“Those two bastards, they pass Katsuo like a ball!!” Kai growled.

He dragged Mayu at a distance from Atsuko and whispered, “By the way, Mayu… do you have some kind of medicine that can make people having diarrhea all day?” Kai asked.

Mayu answered Kai with wicked smile, “Of course, you can take as much as you want?”

Kai smile evilly at Mayu, “I want enough portions for those two idiots, Riku and Kuu…”

Mayu gestured Kai to follow her, “Come here~”

Atsuko gulp, “Evil Kai is awake… better call Riku and Kuu to be aware from him tomorrow”

Kai and Mayu went back into her office. She took a box of chocolates and poured a bottle of transparent liquid, mixing it.  They both laughed wickedly while mixing it. "Kikikiikikikikiki......."

“This is revenge for Katsuo” Kai said with an evil face.

Mayu took a bottle of liquid again and pour into it, “This is for my revenge, who told them to leave Katsuo in my office”

“Happy valentine, Mayuyu~ Sorry I was late” a young man figure walked inside the office to where Mayu was, “Wah~ are these chocolates for me? I know you love me”

“Jurina, N–” Before Mayu could finish her words, Jurina ate the chocolate.

EH?!” Both Kai and Mayu freeze on their spot.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” Jurina licked his fingers, “This chocolate is delicious~ you’re such a good housewife, Mayuyu~”

Mayu called the nurses to get emergency room in ready. She pushed Jurina down to the rolling bed and dashed out from her office to the emergency room. "Jurina, HANG IN THERE!"

“Is that my fault?” Kai asked himself while picking up the leftover chocolates.

"Absolutely..." Atsuko answered.

“Katsu, remember, ‘Never eat chocolate from hospital’, understand?”



Valentine Special OS End.
Thanks for reading~  :kneelbow:
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Hahahahah!!!!!! Poor Mayuyu and Jurina hahaha!!!!
Imagining a doctor crying because a kid is so funny hahahah!!!
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Poor Katuso and Mayuyu for crying non-stop ~~

[Umm…] Mariko paused, and there’s another voice interrupt
[Kai! Katsuo is with Riku, bye~!  Tut tut tut tut ]

Kai redial Mariko’s number, [Sorry, the number you are calling is not active…]
Atsuko and Kai face each other and began to worry about Katsuo. Kai dial Riku’s number immediately, “Riku! Is Katsuo with you now?”
[Umm… I’m busy right now, Katsuo is with Mayu. Bye~!] Tut tut tut tut…

Pity Kai have to call Mariko-sama and Riku to locate Katsuo. It's like passing the call same goes to Katsuo being passing like a ball ~~

** Love this updates ** Thanks ^^
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poor katsuo..
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I really like your fic!
Do you mind if i translated Valentine Special OS to Vietnamese?
Thank you!
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Thanks sakura_drop_, kahem, haru9210, Sydney W, Haruko, JinMario
Thanks for reading my fic and for the comment  :heart: :heart:

@JinMario : wah... thank you for liking my fic. Sure you can translate it. I'm really happy. thank you  :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Thanks sakura_drop_, kahem, haru9210, Sydney W, Haruko, JinMario
Thanks for reading my fic and for the comment  :heart: :heart:

@JinMario : wah... thank you for liking my fic. Sure you can translate it. I'm really happy. thank you  :heart: :heart: :heart:
Aw thank you so much XD
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Katsuo and Mayuyu are so funny~ :lol:
But so adorable and cute too~ :wub:
Haha.. Poor Jurina..~ :lol:

Thanks for the Update~!!! :D
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I loled at the both crying part haha!! :lol:
Feel so sorry for katsuo ~ :(
The couples just ditched him..  :smhid
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Katsuo chasing Mayuyu.. :rofl:
Mayuyu so cute..

Poor Jurina
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Katsuo&Mayu crying ... SO Cute!  :luvluv2:

Kai and Mayu went back into her office. She took a box of chocolates and poured a bottle of transparent liquid, mixing it.  They both laughed wickedly while mixing it. "Kikikiikikikikiki......."

“This is revenge for Katsuo” Kai said with an evil face.

Mayu took a bottle of liquid again and pour into it, “This is for my revenge, who told them to leave Katsuo in my office”

 :wahaha: Oh-My-God! My stomach!
“Happy valentine, Mayuyu~ Sorry I was late” a young man figure walked inside the office to where Mayu was, “Wah~ are these chocolates for me? I know you love me”

“Jurina, N–” Before Mayu could finish her words, Jurina ate the chocolate.

“EH?!” Both Kai and Mayu freeze on their spot.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” Jurina licked his fingers, “This chocolate is delicious~ you’re such a good housewife, Mayuyu~”

Mayu called the nurses to get emergency room in ready. She pushed Jurina down to the rolling bed and dashed out from her office to the emergency room. "Jurina, HANG IN THERE!"

BWAHAHAH! No my stomach! I can't handle this ah bwahaha poor Jurina...

Thank you for OS Valentine pairings
Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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I just read this story and its fukin awesome! I like it so much! ;)) x
Its so great!
Oh my god.. Poor Jurina hehe

Sorry for late replying, I'm pretty new here. And thanks for the postings! :) it amused me so much!
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 :twothumbs nice story
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Really nice  :twothumbs