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Title: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- My First You
Post by: ichikawa on February 18, 2012, 05:01:03 PM
Currently is lazy to write long stories, I guess short stories is okay whenever I feel want to write  :roll:
Hope you like my short stories~
Thanks for reading  :)


=======  =======  =======

SUNSHINE GIRL (Sequel to Sunset Girl) (
YUME NO KAWA [1/2] (
YUME NO KAWA [2/2] (
TRUTH (Sequel to Reason) (

Title: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Sunset Girl (OS)
Post by: ichikawa on February 18, 2012, 05:07:30 PM

It’s been three months since I moved here. My father always traveling from one place to another because of his works. This town is far from the noisy city I’ve ever been. The air in here is fresh, people here are friendly and my school is very comfortable. Everything here is beautiful, the flowers, the grass, the views, the sky, the clouds, and also the stars. But there’s something catch my attention the most. There always this girl sits at the side of the river looking at the sunset, accompanied by her dog. Everyday on my way to home, this girl is always sitting there on the same place. The view of her back through the orange sunlight is warm and calm. I wonder how she looks like.

Everyday I walk through this road, she is always there accompanied by her dog, sitting on the riverside. She has beautiful shoulder length hair in perfect shiny dark color, the wind breeze on her makes her more attractive. Her body is slim too… am I sound like a pervert old man? *Laugh* but she really have the perfect image for girls, I wonder how she looks. As usual, I stop here and watching her back from afar… still doubting should I approach her or not. Suddenly the wind blew hard and blew my handkerchief from my hand. I run down this sloppy road to chase it. Unfortunately, it fell on top of that girl’s face.

“SORRY” I said out loud on top of my throat to her, bending down for apologize.

The girl slowly raises her hand to take my handkerchief from her face. At that moment everything goes with slow motion. The way she raises her hand, the way she blink her eyes, the way the reflection of sunset from her face, the way wind breeze through her hair… she is really a beauty. I was amazed by her beauty and can’t hear clearly what she said. I just stared at her lips moving. Then her dog begins barking at me and touches my leg with its pawn.

I snapped out and apologize once more, “Sorry, I’m really sorry”

“It’s okay” she said that with a smile.

Her smile is so warm and bright just like this sunset. She handed me the handkerchief but something is wrong. I’m standing 45 degree left side from her but she handed the handkerchief to the right side. I reach my hand and moving it right before her eyes, she has no reaction.

“Are you taking it or not? My hand is tired” she complained and pouted.

I hurriedly take my handkerchief. I know this is rude to ask but, “You can’t see things?”

“Yes, I’m blind” she gets up and cleans her clothes. “Any problem?”

“No, it’s just… it’s just… I’m sorry”

“Why are you keep apologizing at me?” she chuckled.

“I’m sorry for asking you rude question… about your eyes…”

“It’s okay, don’t mind it” she turned back and walks away from me. “I’m going home now, bye”

I was stood there with my mouth open. I wanna ask her name but nothing comes out from my mouth. “Sigh…let’s ask her name tomorrow”

The next day

I walked down slowly and quietly on this sloppy road and tapped her shoulder.

“AH!” she screams of surprise.

I laughed hard at her expression and she pouted at me, “Don’t scare me like that!”

Grrrrr….” Her dog is growling at me.

“Umm… your dog is not going to bite me right?” I asked.

“Coco! Bite him!” she ordered and let go her grip.

WAAAHHH” I run as fast as I can as her dog chasing at me.

Blame to my short legs the dog got me and jumped on my back, pushing me down to the ground. He sat on my back with one of his front leg tapped my face. He keeps growling at me and leaned his face forward. I can feel his saliva dropped on my face and IT IS DISGUSTING.

“Coco, good boy. Don’t bite me okay? I apologize!!!” I begged him.

Coco is growling more louder and opened his mouth on me. I closed my eyes ready for his bite and to my surprise, he didn’t bite me. He licks my face and it’s ticklish. I struggled and escape from him. This time is my turn to chase him, he runs away and hide behind this sunset girl.

“Don’t be a coward, come here” I yelled at him.

“Silly…” she is laughing at my attitude. “Coco, just ignore him”

“You’re meanie!” I sat beside her to take a break.

I grabbed my bag and took out two melon buns. I hold her hand and give her one, “This is for you, the famous melon bun in this town. You have to try it, I queued for an hour to buy it”

“Thank you” she smiled again. I really like her smiles, as beautiful as this sunset.

As I want to eat my melon bun, her dog rushed in and stole my bun. He ran upward to the road and disappeared from my sight. “AARGHHH! My melon bun!!! You really have to train your dog to not stealing other people melon bun”

I sat down and left out heavy breath, kicking the ground and pouting. She divided the melon bun in half and gave me, “Let’s share this”

“Thank you” I took the melon bun and eat it… This is delicious~ the best melon bun I ever eat~

“Thanks for buying me this delicious melon bun” she said while enjoying the warm of the sunset.

Looking at her calm expression, I can’t hold myself to ask, “I was wondering… why are you always sits here every sunset?”

“I like to feel the sunset… I like the warm feeling within wind breeze, it must be really beautiful. Too bad, I can’t see it”

“Yeah, it’s really beautiful. Just like you” I unintentionally said out my feeling.

“You’re such a smooth-talker… Say, how many girls have fallen with your smooth talks?”

“What do you mean? I’m a girl” I complained.

“EH?!” she jumped out of surprise and that hurts me. “I thought you were boy”

“Yeah… I know my voice is low pitch and like wearing boys’ clothes. But I am 100% girl!”

Pffttt… you’re so funny”

She places her hand on mine, traveling on my arm to my shoulder and slowly reached my face.

“Are you trying to seduce me?” I joked.

Her fingers are touching my face, from my face line, my chin, my eyebrows, my eyes, my nose, and lastly on my lips. I saw her mouth is smirking, “I just want to imagine how you look like. You have a masculine face too, are you sure you’re not boy?”

“Hey!” I shouted.

Even though she lost her sight, but she has such lovely and playful characters. Her smiles never failed to gain my gaze. “I am waiting for someone that willingly to donor eyes for me. If that day comes, will you accompany me to see the sunset? I really want to see your face”

She pinched my nose, “You must be looks like a boy”

“Yo–” before I can continue my words, she gets up and calling for her dog. She called him many times but I didn’t see him coming. Her face tells me that she is worried.

“How can I go home?” she murmured.

“Let me send you home” I suggested. “But in one condition~ you have to be my friend”

“It’s my pleasure”

I hold her hand and guide her to my bicycle. She sat behind me and wrapped her arms tightly at my waist, often told me to slow down. On the way to her home, I feel like the time is slowing down everything becomes more beautiful in my eyes. I like the way she holds me, her body is warm just like the sunset.

“Turn left 2 feet from here…”

“Turn right at the first branch…”

“Just straight to the corner, that’s my house”

Just as what she said, we stopped right in front of her house. I was surprised by her memories, “You are extremely awesome! How can you remember all the way, the turn, and the gap… It’s wow~!”

She gets off from the seat, “You’ll know when you become blind” she said it with blank expression.

“I… I didn’t mean to…”

WANG WANG WANG (Coco’s barking)

He comes out to welcome her. She bends down to pat his head, “Coco, why are you leaving me there?”

“Umm… can I know your name?” I asked.

“………………” She keeps silent and walked into her house.

“Looks like I said something wrong…” I sighed and get on my bicycle.

Just when I turned to leave, that girl appeared from window and shouting her name, “MAEDA ATSUKO… NICE TO MEET YOU~”

I stopped immediately and reply her, “NICE TO MEET YOU~ I AM TAKAHASHI MINAMI! SEE YOU TOMORROW~”

Maeda Atsuko… Atsuko means warm… even her name remind me of the sunset… she is really a true sunset girl~ and I will definitely meet you in every sunset~


Sunset girl END...
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Sunset Girl (OS)
Post by: sakura_drop_ on February 18, 2012, 06:16:50 PM

Need mo~~re

 :shy1: :shy1: :luvluv1:
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Sunset Girl (OS)
Post by: kahem on February 18, 2012, 06:42:30 PM
Ow~ so cute!!!
Lol poor Takamina even if Acchan is blink she think that she is a boy hahaha!
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Sunset Girl (OS)
Post by: Haruko on February 19, 2012, 06:48:55 AM
aww cute fanfic love it.. jajaj takamina prove acchan that you are no t a boy
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Sunset Girl (OS)
Post by: Nakamii on February 19, 2012, 07:39:41 AM
Cute fics! I Love it! My AtsuMina will always together with every condition! Thanks for the update, ichikawa-san! (

(I Know That is a Short Story, But I really want The Chapter 2/ The Continuation...) (
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Sunset Girl (OS)
Post by: Tanchan on February 19, 2012, 07:53:46 AM
Is there any way for this being more than an OS? I want to see how they get together especially the moment when Acchan can see Takamina with her own eyes
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Sunset Girl (OS)
Post by: Nakamii on February 19, 2012, 09:19:24 AM
Is there any way for this being more than an OS? I want to see how they get together especially the moment when Acchan can see Takamina with her own eyes

Yeah, I agree! I want to see that moment too! (
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Sunset Girl (OS)
Post by: AtsuNami on February 19, 2012, 11:31:12 AM
Lovely story  :on speedy: I was so sad when she said she was blind... But i love the story anyways
Can you do a sequel? even if its not a long story, just a sequel to know how it ends. Please!  :kneelbow:
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Sunset Girl (OS)
Post by: ichikawa on February 19, 2012, 03:19:06 PM
Thanks sakura_drop_, kahem, s34l, seigus, JunTakeshi, Megumi, Divine Vengeance, badsaints, Nakamii, haru9210, Haruko, AtsuNami
Thanks for reading and liking my fic  :heart: :heart:

@ sakura_drop_, kahem, Haruko : Thanks for liking my fic and the comments
@ Nakamii, Tanchan, AtsuNami :  To answer your comment~
(I Know That is a Short Story, But I really want The Chapter 2/ The Continuation...)
Is there any way for this being more than an OS? I want to see how they get together especially the moment when Acchan can see Takamina with her own eyes
Can you do a sequel? even if its not a long story, just a sequel to know how it ends.

I will make a sequel for it  :mon study:
But probably will not update fast  :mon pray2: due to my own scheduled activity  :mon whimper:
Thanks for reading again  :heart: :heart:
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Sunset Girl (OS)
Post by: Nakamii on February 22, 2012, 03:18:03 PM
I will make a sequel for it  :mon study:
But probably will not update fast  :mon pray2: due to my own scheduled activity  :mon whimper:
Thanks for reading again  :heart: :heart:

Yay! A Sequel! ( I'm Really Looking Forward to It! So, Update Soon! (
Title: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- SG Sequel -> Sunshine Girl (OS)
Post by: ichikawa on February 23, 2012, 07:29:30 PM
~Sequel to Sunset girl~


I am Atsuko, currently is 20 years old. I am blind since the accident in kindergarten days. I was an ordinary child who attaches to beautiful things. Since that accident, there’re many things I’m not able to see… the only things I like is the feeling bathing under the sunset. I go to the riverside everyday to feel the sunset, hoping someday I’ll see it through my eyes.


“Acchan~~” Minami is calling me.

There she is the bicycling girl I adore. Why am I calling her bicycling girl?

Chuckle… well, because she always riding a bicycle. Simple answer, right? But, rather than calling her bicycling girl, I prefer her to be my sunshine… the sun who guides me, giving me a new way to live, shining around me… my sunshine girl.

Actually I aware her, I know that she always stops on the road and watching me… I can feel it. You can call this a sixth sense of a blind. I know she was always there behind me, I want to approach her, I want to talk with her, but I’m afraid she’ll probably neglecting me because I am blind. Then someday a handkerchief drop on my face and it was hers. I found out that she is a funny person… warm, kind and caring… then we started being friends.

Since our meeting at the riverside, she always comes here to pick me and watches the sunset together everyday. Just like the sun, she guides me to everywhere, exploring this town. Before I met her, the most favorite thing to me is to feel the sunset… to feel the sunset. But now, she is the only one I want to see. I like the feeling when she is beside me. Once I regain my sight, I want her to be the first person I saw. I want to say that I like her the most… more than the sunset… more than everything around me…

“Coco… Coco, where are you?” I’m calling my doggy to lead me downstairs but he seems not around. I just have to walk by myself then… slowly and slowly, step by step I walk to the door.

“Acchan, I’m coming in” I heard Minami’s voice just next to the door.



“…………….” The door hit my face.

“Acchan? Why are you sleeping on the floor? That’s not good for your health” she reached and pulled me up.

“I am not!! I was about to open the door then you barged in” I pouted and pointed the red mark on my forehead, “Look! This is your fault”

“Ah… sorry” I feel her face closer to me. She put her hands on my shoulder and leaned in, placing a peck on my forehead. I can feel my face become hot and my body become tense. My heart is beating nonstop and a little bit hard to breath. Why am I feeling this toward her?

“My father told me, a kiss will reduce the pain. Is it still hurt?” she asked concernedly.

I just stood there, shaking my head. Is she playing innocent or what? Without warning, she holds my hand and guides me downstairs. Her hand feels so warm and I like it.

“Minami-chan, where are you taking Atsuko again?” my mother asked.
“Okasan~ (mother) don’t worry, I will return her before the moon rise” she said as she opened the door.

She took me to where her bicycle is and I like getting a ride with her, on her precious bicycle. As usual, we are wandering around the town to feel the wind breezing. She always tells me stories everyday, telling me what happened this morning, what happen to her lunch being snatches by cat, falling down from the chair when sleeping in the class. After wandering around for a while, we go to the riverside and wait for the sunset.

“Did you know? Today’s sunset will be really really beautiful!” she said excitedly.

“Isn’t all the sunset the same?”

“Today will be special~ a rainbow will appear within the sunset and it’s really beautiful!!!”

I was excited to hear that but it feels sad too because I can’t see it.

CLICK (camera’s shutter sound)

“What is that sound?”

She holds my hands and put something on it, “This is camera, uses for capturing beautiful moments and every single things in this world. I captured this moment for you so that you can see it when your eyes recover. You are having eyes operations tomorrow, right? It will be a success and I believe you’ll like photographing after you recover~”

She moved to my behind and placed her hands around me, raising both my hands, guiding my fingers through this thing called – camera. “There are many buttons on it, there is menu, option, and the very top on right side is shutter button. You have to press it when you want to capture any pictures”

“Minami…” she is too close to me, I can feel her breath next to my ear. My heart is beating fast again. “Minami, you are too close”

“Hmm? What?”

I guess she didn’t hear me because she is busy explaining how to operate this camera. Suddenly she wrapped her left arm around my neck, pulling me closer to her and attached her cheek on mine.

“Smile Acchan, smile~ Lets take a picture together~”


“Perfect!! You always beautiful whatever you act” as usual, she used to give me a compliment after doing something she told me.



“What are you doing?” I am confused by the shutter’s sound repeating again and again.

“Capturing you~ your photos will definitely sale with good prices~” she said as she keep pressing the button.

“You jerk!”

Maeda House

“Okaasan~ I bring Atsuko home safely~” she said as we arrives in front of my house. She helps me get down from her bicycle carefully, “Acchan, there’s something I wanna tell you”

“What’s with that serious voice?” I pinched her nose.

“I’m leaving…” she paused for a while, “I’m leaving this town tomorrow morning”

I was like having a short heart attack to hear that. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Couldn’t you wait until my operations completed?”

“I’m afraid I can’t…”

We stayed silence for a while, then she placed my hands on her bicycle, “Could you do me a favor? Will you help me take care of my precious bicycle? I ride it since primary school, it accompanies me through many places. But now, I’m going to a place where I can’t ride it. Will you take care of it?”

“Will you come back again?”

“I don’t know…” She hugs me tight and puts her head on my shoulder. We stayed like that for some minutes until I hear her sobbing.

“Minami, are you crying?” I patted her head gently.

“Good bye, Acchan…” Soon after I heard she said this farewell, I can feel a pair of soft lips on mine. Is she feels the same toward me? I want to tell her my feelings, how I feel towards her… my body won’t move,, by mouth won’t talk… without notice, she is gone… Minami is leaving…

A Week later

“Don’t be hurry, open you eyes slowly… very slowly” said the doctor.

I slowly opened my eyes… it’s hurt… the light is hurting my eyes, things before me is blurry. I’m opening it again and soon adapt with the light, things around me seems to be clearly to see. I saw a figure in white suit is looking me concernedly.

“Are you feeling well? Can you see me clearly?” asked the doctor.

“Yes. I can see you clearly” I said.

“Congratulation, this operation is a success” the doctor said to my parents who appear beside me. My father is shaking hands nonstop with the doctor while my mom sitting beside me, hugging me, congrats me.

“Atsuko, do you want to eat something or drink something?” asked my mother.

“Anything is okay” I replied.

“Okay then, let’s grab something for Atsuko, dear.” My father and my mother went out from the room. The doctor approaches me again and checks the condition of my eyes for final confirmation.

“Umm… doctor? May I know who donor the cornea to me? How can I contact the family? I want to say my thanks to them”
“Hold on” the doctor flips his document and said, “It was from a girl bout the same age like you. Her name is… Takahashi Minami…”

What?! I can’t hold my tears from hearing that. Takahashi Minami…? I can’t believe what I heard. This can’t be true… It can not be, maybe it’s just the person who share the same name with her. It must be like this… yes, it must be like this…

The doctor continued, “She is a cheerful girl, it’s pity that she is suffering from leukemia disease. Even if her disease is getting worse day by day, she doesn’t look like one and often run out from the hospital every early evening. She died a day before your operation, saying that she want to donor her cornea for you.”

I’m leaving…
Goodbye, Atsuko…

“I’m sorry doctor, could you please leave me alone for a while” the doctor nodded and went out.

I can feel my heart is broken… it hurts… so much… is this true, Minami? Why don’t you tell me about your disease? Why still you accompanying me everyday when your disease getting worse day by day? I hate you Minami! I hate you! Why are you making my heart hurts like this. I never feel hurt like this, I hate you for hiding this matter from me. But I …love you…I want to see you… Minami…  I hide my face on the pillow and crying hard.

“Atsuko-chan?” a voice is calling my name. I recognize this voice… this voice belong to Minami’s father. He comes near me and wipe my tears away, “Don’t cry, I believe Minami doesn’t want to see you cry”

“Un…” I try my best to hold on my tears.

Uncle Takahashi placed a box with a ribbon on it to my hands, “That’s from Minami. She told me to hand you this” after giving me the box, uncle Takahashi went out from the room… I was alone again inside the room.

I opened the box and found envelopes inside with many colors. The very top is a white envelope with the word written, “Read this first, Acchan!”
(Note: words between line refer to Minami's letter)

Congratulations!!! You regain your sight!!! ♥ ⊂(´∀`*⊂
Are my cornea confortable?
Hmm… let me guess, you must be crying at this moment, don’t you?
Please don’t!!! Because you’ll only waste my cornea~ hahaha... just kid ヾ(´○` )

I’m sorry for not telling my disease to you because I just want to fill my last moment with all the happiness together.
I feel bad too, knowing that I will die soon and living with counting days is boring but not after meeting with you.
I feel like I’m alive around you. The moment I saw you, I was attracted by you… I can’t keep my eyes off you.
Days by days, a weird feeling grows up in my heart. Looks like I am trapped in your love territory… (〃'▽'〃)

Knowing my days won’t last long, I decide to give you my eyes. Please use it well, please see many beautiful things for me.
Since my eyes are with you, did it count for my promise? My promise to see the sunset together with you.
By the way, are you still want to know how I look? Please open the envelope with number 1 on it.


I take the number 1 envelope and open it, inside it is a picture of Minami. I laughed at her pose then continue reading the letter.

Am I still looks like a boy? If you think so, then take the number 2, I put some ribbons on my hair~

The number 2 is showing her acting cute. I look into the box and there’s a number 3 envelope.

The last one is the photo we take together in that day~ Lovely~ *:.。☆(´∀`人)


I am smiling again at the photo. There’s also camera and a photo album inside the box. That is the camera which Minami took our photos. I flip the photo albums and found many photos of mine. I wonder how she sneaks in my house and takes those photos. There’re also hers photos on it and the photos we took together. Without notice, I’m not longer crying anymore. Just like a rain washed out by the sun. My tears are washed by Minami.

Thank you Minami… thank you my sunshine girl… I will use these eyes to see beautiful scenes for you... I will use this camera to capture many beautiful things for you... and I will riding your bicycle travelling around beautiful places for you... anywhere the sun shines on...


Sunshine Girl END

Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Sunset Girl (OS)
Post by: sakura_drop_ on February 23, 2012, 07:40:24 PM
Oh MY GOD, I'm crying!!!  :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :pleeease: :pleeease: :pleeease: :pleeease: :pleeease:

Somehow I knew this would be a sad story... And I rarely cry while reading...

I'm at least glad that Acchan can see, and that she still has a part of Minami with her...

So sad... :gyaaah:
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Sunset Girl (OS)
Post by: kahem on February 23, 2012, 07:46:11 PM
Noooooo!!!!! T_T
Another fic where Takamina dies T_T bu it was a beautiful fic
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Sunset Girl (OS)
Post by: Loveforever on February 23, 2012, 08:02:00 PM
oh my... this is such a touching and beautiful story.. :gyaaah: this is so sad, my poor minami ... :mon waterworks: :mon POd:

ps.  you're an awesome writer!  :wub: i will be looking forward to your other updates.
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- SG Sequel -> Sunshine Girl (OS)
Post by: JunTakeshi on February 23, 2012, 10:28:17 PM
I was waiting for your sequel...I hope it could be a happy ending while I thought Minami will donor her's so sad!!!! You had make me cry :((!!! But I'm still happy that Acchan can see again!!!! ^^
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- SG Sequel -> Sunshine Girl (OS)
Post by: Haruko on February 24, 2012, 05:59:59 AM
howww minami dies.. why people muder my atsumina pair.. jaja im kidding great fic :D
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- SG Sequel -> Sunshine Girl (OS)
Post by: Tanchan on February 24, 2012, 06:24:25 AM
Author-san I didn't ask for SE XD
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- SG Sequel -> Sunshine Girl (OS)
Post by: Sydney W on February 24, 2012, 03:55:59 PM
Oh my goshhh........ you make a sad ending for Atsumina....... Minami left her cornea behind for Acchan to see the beautiful sunshine ~ feel touched by Minami action
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- SG Sequel -> Sunshine Girl (OS)
Post by: okiedokie on February 24, 2012, 05:11:40 PM
Well interesting! The sequel have a little same my old fic ,except my fic is'bout korean's star with different script and atleast  both girls can met for the last once be4 photographer girl's going to die   (- " -)! Lol nice fic anw ? Tnk for update
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- SG Sequel -> Sunshine Girl (OS)
Post by: ichikawa on February 25, 2012, 04:22:02 PM
Thanks for reading and the comments  :heart: :heart:
Sorry for making a sad fic  :P

@ sakura_drop, JunTakeshi, Sydney W : forgive me for writing a sad ending  :kneelbow:
@ kahem, Loveforever, haru9210, Haruko : thanks for the compliment   :hee:
@ Tanchan : ah... my appologize..  XD
@ okiedokie : it seems interesting, would you mind send me the link?  :)

Thanks for the comments you leave, I feel alive for writing another fic  :heart: :heart:
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Post by: Megumi on February 26, 2012, 12:16:15 AM
 :on blackhole: Oh my GAWD!

I was so shocked that Minami had leukaemia...   :ptam-cry:

Waa what a sad fic...BUT IT*S GREAT! SUPER!  :on GJ:

So while I'm admiring your great fic (with a sad ending)
I'm going to  :on speedy: and then cries in the  :on cloudeye:

Thank you again!  :kneelbow:
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- SG Sequel -> Sunshine Girl (OS)
Post by: Sieka on February 26, 2012, 06:38:57 AM
I think I......cried in the end. XD"

Surprising, very surprising, I did not expected it, I thought it was gonna be a good end, but it went to a normal end with Takamina dying and giving her cornea to Atsuko. But I think Atsuko can feel the love and she'll forever treasure the cornea Takamina donated to her because she restored something she lost. I feel like there are no regrets at all, its kinda sad though that you had to kill Takamina. :(
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- SG Sequel -> Sunshine Girl (OS)
Post by: Mika ~ on February 26, 2012, 07:10:59 AM
Waa.. I cried
a very good fic .. but I do not like sad endings   :cry:
Takamina could have been alive at least to see the sunset once
so sad ..(

But I loved the part of the picture, a very good way to really imagine the fic.
I loved your fic Ichikawa-san (
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- SG Sequel -> Sunshine Girl (OS)
Post by: douya08 on February 29, 2012, 01:18:29 PM
omg.. this two-shot is too beautiful~~!  :farofflook:  :mon inluv:

the second part really made me creys...  :fainted: :pleeease: :mon cry:
this words:

Without notice, I’m not longer crying anymore. Just like a rain washed out by the sun. My tears are washed by Minami.

 :on speedy: :on speedy: :on speedy:

pls continue to write another beautiful story...  :kneelbow:
Title: Re: #Ichikawa の Short stories# -- Reason (OS)
Post by: ichikawa on March 26, 2012, 11:26:02 PM
I was SHOCK  :shock: and SHOCK  :shock: and HEARTBROKEN hearing that announcement from HER!!!  :pleeease: :pleeease:

I have many stories for Atsumina... but she is graduating??!!!
(Hope it Akimoto-san don't approve it... and delay the graduation date)  :tantrum:
Even if you graduated, I will always support you from afar~  :onioncheer: ACCHAN~

Sorry for my nonsense here...  :kneelbow:
Afer hearing the announcement from Atsuko and there's no detail why she is graduating.
My hands start to writing again ...  :doh:


Minami’s Home

My eyes are swollen from the tears that keep flowing out from my eyes. I locked myself in my room and laying on the bed as soon as I back home from the performance. Acchan is holding a party at her house tonight. She said this may be her last party-time with AKB friends. Looking at the clock, it shows 11.48 p.m.

“I guess the party is over…” sighing at myself, I close my eyes trying to get some sleep.

“Minami, I’m going to hold the last party at my house tonight. Be sure you’ll come earlier to help me with some stuff~” she said with that playful face as usual she is.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. I still have many things to do.” I lied. Well, I’m still mad at her for not telling me the reason behind her graduation.

Finally, Acchan is graduated from AKB48...

We held the last stage performance for her this morning. She is wearing a gorgeous white dress at the end of the performance, presenting her solo’s song, “Flower”. Me and the members watch her silently I the backstage. I try my best to hold on my tears. I always end up having tears in every graduation stages and I want to be special today. I won’t cry… I want to send you with my big smile, with my dimples deep seen on my face that can compare to your brightest smile.

Baka-mina, I only graduate from AKB48. It doesn’t mean that I’ll go forever or going somewhere far. We can still meet each other and go out sometimes… you are such a cry baby.

I put my finger through my faceline which you pinched gently. Yeah… graduated from AKB doesn’t mean that we’ll never see each other again. But it’s just so sad to think about it. It means that I can’t see you everyday, we can’t practice the dances and the songs together anymore, we can’t walk home hand in hand anymore…

I want to become the most popular actress!

I want to be a solo singer!

I still remember the day we shared each others dream. Just a blink an eye, you’re already moved one step ahead than me… I am afraid that I can’t catch up to you, I still have my responsibility as the leader. Who knows, one day you will go abroad to achieve higher dreams… to perform in more bigger stages in your colourful life.

The little petal
From that flower
Has given form to a dream
Reach out your hands
Straight ahead
And the sun will grant you life
(Flower’s lyrics)

I know that you have much bigger dreams ahead and you’ll be achieving them one by one. But why don’t you tell me the reason?! It’s so sudden that you told me you’ll graduate from AKB just the day before the concert starts. Can’t you just tell me why? I know become an actress is not the real reason from you. Why can’t you be honest to me?

The most beautiful
Of all flowers
Is the one that has grown
In the sunshine of your smile
As for this this flower
It's made entirely of love...

You have grown up to be the most beautiful flower I ever seen. The smile you shows always brighter than the sun. But you changed… you’re not the honest girl that will share anything with me. The performance was going smoothly till the end. Fans are all crying your name, giving you many supportive words. You were crying hard… and I failed to be mad at you… also failed to keep my smile. The tears just won’t obey me… we hugged each other… all the members gathered together around us and cried together on the stages, saying many supportive words for you.

Flashback End

Fifteen minutes past

“Why can’t I sleep?” Getting up from my bed, I took some clothes and a jacket and headed out for some fresh air.

With my earphones on, I walk blindly to where my feet take me to. I wonder why the songs that played in my phone are all sad. Unrealized by me, I ended up in the studio. I sneaked inside the practice room and sitting there for some minutes, closing my eyes and let the memories flows… there were so many memories between us within this six and a half years…


“Ahh~ this is so hard. I’m giving up” Acchan is tired of practicing the dance step of River. After filming the drama for a long time, she forgot the dance step… ALL STEP…

“Don’t be lazy, get up!” I pulled her arms, “Just how much weight you gained? You are so heaaaaavvvvyyyyyyy~” I complained.

“Meanie!!!” she pouted.

“Let’s practice more before the others arrive here. I’m sure you don’t want to be laughed by juniors, do you?” I keep pulling her to make her get up.

“Hai~~~” she said in very low spirit voice. Just as I want to pull her with more strength, she gets up in a sudden.


I lost balance and fell on the ground with her on top of me. “Acchan, get up. you are heavy” I commanded.

“This is my best pillow~ let me take a nap for one minute~ just one minute~”

I smirk at her and tickle her waist in order to make her move away from me. Honestly, she is really gained some weight. She can’t handle the tickles and began to move away from me. The sound of her laughs and the playful characters inside me seems to take over my consciousness. Now, I am on top of her, keep tickling her stomach.

“STOOOOPPP!!!” she is begging me.


As I turned my head, Mariko and the others are jawdropped and looking at me with weird eyes. I realized the position of us… with my hands inside Acchan’s shirt…

“Takamina….. you…..”

“NO! It’s not what you think! I can explain!”

We both blushed so hard that day and got teased all-day in the practice room by the other members… even the juniors… even the cleaning service…

Flashback End

After another an hour of walk, I stopped in front of your apartment. Precisely, in front of your door… I attached my ear to the door to hear if there any sounds coming from inside.


Look at my watch, it’s already 01.48 a.m.

“What am I doing here… regret for not coming to this party?” sighed.


I frozed at my spot as I heard that voice… Acchan…

“Finished your works?” she is smiling at me. This make me guilty…

“Acchan… I…”

She won’t let me finish my words, she grabbed my hand and dragged me away from the apartment. I keep silent and following her… finally, she stopped running. We arrived in the park somewhere near her apartment. She smiles at me and motioned me to follow her inside the bushes. Across the bushes, there we can see the beautiful night scenery. There’s actually a small hill behind these bushes.

“Sat here~” she tap her hand on the ground, ordered me to sit next to her and I do so.

She put her hand on mine and tangled our fingers, resting her head on my shoulder. As I want to pat her head, something in her hand catches my attention. That is the phonestrap I gave her when she is going abroad for Bukiyou photoshot.


“Why~ are~ you~ pouting?” I pulled her face to form a smile, “Smile~”

She shook my head to release from her hands, “Three weeks! I’m leaving you for three weeks! Don’t you gonna miss me?” she asked.

“It’s only three weeks and you’ll be back” I answered.

“You’re not going to miss me?” she pouted “Takamina don’t love me anymore…”

“What’s with that sad face~” I took something out from my pocket. “Tada~!”

She takes a very closer look to the thing I hold in my hand. “Minami! and Atsuko!”

She grabbed the phonestraps I made. Yes, these are Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko. The phonestraps are more like the action figure of our chibi form. I am wearing my veggies outfit and of course Atsuko is in her lovely tomato outfit too. She immediately attached my figure on her phone and her figure on my phone.

“With this, we’ll never be apart~” She winked at me.

Flashback End

“Takamina, I’m sorry…” she whispered to me.

“For what?” I asked.

“Sorry….” I saw her sleeping face. She is just having sleep talking.

“Acchan… why don’t you tell me the reason of your graduation?” I caressing her hair as I slowly closing my eyes, falling asleep in this peaceful night under the moonlight.

( Birds’ singing )
( Birds’ singing )
( Birds’ singing )

I slowly opened my eyes to found you are gone and our phone is on the ground. I picked it up and run back to your apartment. There’re no answer from you so I open the door with the key you gave me. I can’t believe at what I saw… the room is empty… it’s all empty.

“Kid, what are you doing here?” asked an oldman.

“Um… do you know what happen here?”

“Oh… are you her friend? She is just moved out this morning” the oldman walked in, “She already sold this apartment to me and moved out in early 8 a.m. this morning.”

“Why are you leaving like that? I don’t like it” I looked at my watch and it shows 10 a.m. I rushed out from the apartment and went back to my home to see if she left messages to my parent.

Minami’s Home

“Mom, is Acchan here before?”


I don’t know what happened now. She is missing? I don’t feel like thinking anymore in this moment. I just want to sleep… I am tired… what are you hiding from me, Acchan?

“Is anything happen?” my mother asked.

I ignore her and locked myself in my room. Looking at the phonestrap on her phone, I took out mine.

We’ll never be apart~

Her voice is echoing inside my head.

We’ll never be apart~

“Acchan… why? What really happened?”



Till the end...
The reason Acchan is graduating is still unknown...
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T____T so sad
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oh god~
this story make me wanna cry..   :(

And please keep writting about AtsuMina..   :bow:
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This is so depressing..!! TT^TT
Why did Acchan leave?!!
Why didn't she tell Takamina about it?! :cry:
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This is sooooo sad! My AtsuMina! :(
But, I'm Glad you're still Updating some fics of yours, Ichikawa-san!
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This story is inspired from a Japanese folktale.
However, I did changed how the story flow into a weird story  XD
Hope you like it^^



============   ============   ============

Once upon a time, there lived in Kyoto a gentleman of good lineage and kind to people. His wife was a gentle and loving lady. They’re known well and respected as honor family of musician. The father was a skillful craftsman of making flute and his wife was very talented playing flute. To his secret grief, she bore him no sons but a daughter whom they called Minami, Takahashi Minami. Each of them loved this child more than life and guarded her as the apple of their eyes. The girl grew up beautiful and talented like her mother. She loves playing flute alone back in the bamboo grove.

When Minami is seventeen years old, her mother died because of sickness. The husband was wild in his grief. The leaves of the maples are red, falling down to greet the father’s grief. He cried out loud and beat his chest, lay upon the ground and refused comfort. Minami was quiet silent and acted to be strong but deep in her heart, she was crying hard, her heart was bleeding.

Time passed away, the father brought a new bride home, a woman with a fair face and a black heart. But the man, poor fool, was happy and commended his child to her, and believed that all was well. Because of her father’s love toward Minami, the stepmother hated her with jealous and deadly hatred. She dealt cruelly toward Minami, but Minami was gentle and patience to bear the pain. The stepmother waiting patiently for the time to bid the father away.

One day, the father was invited to palace by the royal family to present his masterpiece of flute. He has no choice but to leave Minami. The stepmother was crazily happy inside her heart, the time has come for her to get rid of Minami. However, Minami did ask her father to take her along because she knew what her stepmother want to do to her. But the father insisted to go. The stepmother tortures her everyday and finally killed her. After months when the father finally comes home, Minami was gone. The stepmother lied that Minami was drown when she accidentally fall into the river on the way home. But her body is nowhere to be found.

“Story end~” Yuko finished her reading.

“Huh, I don’t like sad ending” Haruna commented, “Can you read something with happy ending?”

“Do you want a happy ending between Yuko and Haruna~?” Yuko said as she throws away the book and jumps on Haruna, laying on top of her.

“Yuu-chan! Stop it!” Haruna pushed her away, roughly.

Atsuko catch the book and looked at its cover, a young girl with ribbon on her head, wearing cute pink kimono, and a bamboo flute I his hands. Her face is so kind and calm but somehow, her eyes are full of sadness. Atsuko put the book on the floor and walked to the window, looking at the night view.

“What a stupid girl… if I were her, I would run away from that house”

“Acchan, you think too much. It’s just a story” Yuko said as she stands beside Atsuko.

“What if the story is true?” Atsuko let out a sigh and looked at the fullmoon hanging in the sky.

“You always being so serious, try to loosen a bit. This is the last day of our study tour, we should enjoy and have fun until the last moment” Haruna gave Atsuko message on her shoulder.

“I don’t wanna go back to Tokyo…” Yuko complained.

Ding Dong Ding Dong (bell’s ringing)

Badump Badump

What is this feelings…?

“Huh? What is that? who will knocking the bell this late?” Haruna put her face out of the window to see where the bell’s sound coming from.

“The bell must be come from Miidera temple” Yuko explained, “Don’t you know the story?”

Badump Badump

Is that  my heart beating faster?

“Another story? Kyoto is sure full of folktale” Atsuko walked lazily back to her futon and laying there.

“That bell comes from ancient monastery. It is said that the bell will ring in the night of every fullmoon, rung by itself. Many mysterious tales surrounding this bell, some said that if woman touches the bell, that sparkling surface will soon turn to dull metal. Some said that if a woman stands in front of it while it ringing, the face of the future husband will shown up, etc~” Yuko explained.

Ding Dong Ding Dong (bell’s ringing)

Badump Badump

Is that the bell made me feel weird? I have to go and see that bell…

“Kyoto is really full of mysterious air” Atsuko suddenly gets up and walks to the door, she turned her head slightly and smirks at them, “Wanna have a try on that bell?”

“Let’s do a race” Yuko smirks at Atsuko too, “Let’s see who will be the first to touch the bell”

“Hey, we are forbid to leave this hotel!” Haruna followed from behind.

=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=   =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=

Hosh… hosh…

My name is Maeda Atsuko, currently 17 years old. Current status is 3rd year high school student. Today is the last day of our study tour at Kyoto. In Kyoto, there’re many interesting things and stories were told, adventure, history, love, even mysterious stories are anywhere to be found, especially the folktale stories.

I stopped at the top of the temple and looked behind me, I guess Yuko and Haruna will arrive soon. Looking around me, there’s no one here. This place is surrounded by ruin and trees. All the things in this place were dusty and dull except the bell. I slowly approach to where the sound’s coming. Just like what Yuko said, the bell is really moving by itself. Brightness from the moon reflected by the bell, its surface is sparkling within the dark. This huge bell hanged up under its stanchion firmly. For some reason, my body moves by itself toward the bell. Looking at this shining surface, I really want to touch it.

If woman touch it, it will become a dull metal…

Will it really become dull?

If woman touch it, it will reveal the face of your future husband…

Is it true? Those folktale are really annoying me. I brave myself to reach out my hand, trying to touch the bell, “Let’s do it”

As soon as my hand touched the bell, it stops ringing… dark clouds began to block the moon. My surroundings become completely dark. I can’t see anything, I don’t know what to do… I feel fear…  but then bell, it’s glowing all of the sudden. It’s glowing brightly in golden ray, it becomes bright and brighter that I am forced to close my eyes. Not long after, I feel my body is floating…


I was absorbed by into the bell, spinning around in the golden ray…


“Ouch, it’s hurt” I landed on the ground and hit my butt.

“Are you okay?”

Someone is approaching me, a young girl in cute pink kimono with ribbon on her head. There’s a bamboo flute hold in her tiny hands. This is so familiar… where did I see her before? Ribbon… kimono… flute… don’t tell me… “YOU ARE TAKAHASHI MINAMI?!!”

She is frightened by my loud voice and steps backward, unfortunately she stepped on her kimono and fell down to the ground. Her frightened face is so funny, I can’t help but laughing at her. “giggle… I’m… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you but… where is this?”

“Fairy…” she gets up and comes to hold my hands, “Are you fairy? Are you here to save me? Are you here to take me away from this place?”

“Wa–” without giving me chances to speak, she turned away from me and went to a tiny tomb not far from us.

“Mother, the fairy is coming to take me away from that woman” she is crying in front of her mother’s tomb.

Oh my goodness, please tell me this isn’t true. This must be dreaming… this must be a dream. I rapidly slap myself, “Wake up Atsuko, wake up!”

“Why are you hurting yourself?” asked the story girl.

“You, slap me” I commanded.

“Eh?! I… I can’t… how can I slap a fairy?” she looks confused.

I grabbed her shoulder and talked to her firmly, “Slap me! Hurry!”

She nodded and raised her hands up, “I’m going to slap you”


“I’m really going to slap you!”


“I’m really really really going to slap you”

“Just sla–”


=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=   =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=

She did slap me hard. My cheek is now swollen, her hand’s mark still visible on my face. How can a tiny hand like that hit me so hard?! I was really mad on her for hitting me so hard but looking at her funny face, my anger faded away. She is crying when she hit me, her tears were flowing nonstop from her eyes, her cute face suddenly becomes aged. That’s really funny.

“Are you living here?” she asked.

“No, I live somewhere far far away from here”

“Why are you falling from the sky? Is that you are here to take me away from that woman?” she is looking at me with shining eyes. I feel really sorry but I have to disappoint you.

“I’m not here to take you away. I don’t know why I ended up here either”

After hearing my answer, her shining face soon changed into gloomy face. Holding her bamboo flute tightly in her hands, she gets up and fixed her clothes. “I’m going back to home now”

“Wait… erm… can I stay in your home? I mean, you know that I fell from the sky and got nowhere to sleep. It is dangerous to sleep in this grove isn’t it?”

“Erm… I’m afraid I can’t because…”

I can tell that her face is full of fear, “It must be because your stepmother?”

“How did you know?” she is surprised. Her surprised face is cute too, cuter than the drawing in that story book.

“Well~ because I am fairy~” I joke at her.

=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=   =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=

Ssssttt… don’t let my mother know you were here or else you will get beaten” however, she guided me inside her room.

We are arrived inside her house now. Her house is simply like any traditional house. Simple sliding door with some flowers pattern on it, wooden floor, simple design and decoration, the height is a bit lower than my house too. Inside the house is a bit dark than outside. Since she afraid of using any light sources, we can only depend on the moon’s brightness to get inside her bedroom.  I guess her father must be out to the palace. I must be really careful to not be caught by her stepmother. Once we get into the bedroom, we sat on the floor and let out a relief sigh.

“By the way, did you fairy always wear like this? It this different from what the books said”

“Do you want to try these clothes?”

“No” she rejected politely, “I think you’re wearing too little, you might get cold. I’ll go to bring some father’s clothes for you”

“Hmm? Why don’t you just lend me your clothes?”

She lowered her head and blushed, “Because you are taller than me, I guess my clothes won’t fit you”


Badump Badump

Why is my heart beating faster?

“MINAMI!!! COME HERE!” her stepmother is calling her.

“Here’s my father’s old clothes. You can change it here while I go out for a while” she gave me an expression of ‘everything is okay’ look and went to where her stepmother was.

=~=~=~ Thirty minutes later… ~=~=~=

So, the story was true. That Minami girl is really exist, but she looks a bit different with what has told in the story book. Besides, she looks more clumsy than what she looks like in the book.

Sigh… How can I go back to my world~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”

SREET  (door opened)

“Wow, my father’s clothes fit you well. Sorry for not treat you well, fairy” she walks in and immediately went to the closet, bringing out the futon. Putting the futon neatly on the floor, she smiled gently at me, “The futon is ready, you can sleep here”

“How about you?”

“I can sleep outside” she bowed at me then walked to the exit.

“Wait, you can sleep with me. We can share it”

She simply shakes her head, “It’s improper for me to share the futon with a fairy like you. Please excuse me”

As she turned back to the door, I went to stop her. Unfortunately, I slipped and fell backward. She hurriedly grabbed my arm to prevent me from falling but she can’t hold my weight and ended up falling on top of me. I can feel her weight on me, she is not heavy as I thought. I can smell the fragrant of her hair, it smells like cherry blossoms. The moment she tried to get off from me, our eyes met. Her chocolate orbs were so attractive. For some reason, I can’t take my eyes from them. I can feel her breath, I can hear the sound of my heart beat. The room was in silence.

Badump Badump

Is that my heart beating faster again?

Realize that our face becomes closer, I instantly look away, “Umm… you are heavy…” I saw her panic face when she gets off from me and that was very cute.

“I’m sorry”

“This is my fault, you don’t have to say sorry. By the way, is your mother told you to do housework again?”

She smile forcefully and answer me, “I am free today”

“You are free? You have a day off too?”

“My mother… she betrothed me to someone this morning and I have to marry that man tomorrow” her tears began to flow nonstop again.

I gently touch her head and let her leaned on my shoulder, “Why don’t you just run away? You can go to find your father and tell him the truth”

“I’ve never leave this village. How am I supposed to live by myself? I don’t know what to do… I don’t want to get married! I want to see my father… hiks…

“Don’t cry…” I gently wiped her tears with thumbs and place a kiss on her forehead. “Let’s get out from this place together”

She looks a bit dumbfounded, “Together…hiks…?”

“Yes, together we leave this village. I have to find my way home too so I will help you find your father first”

=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=   =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=

We decided to leave the village in the middle of the night and guess what?


“Why don’t you tell me there’re bunches of dogs everywhere?!!!” we are being chased by dogs.

“I thought you knew it, because you are fairy!”

“Oh my goodness!”

As we went out from her house, the dogs start barking at us. Her stepmother found out that we’re planning to leave this village, she let out those dogs to chase us.

“Minami! Who is that man?! How you dare to elope with that stranger?!! Do you know how many gold I have to pay if I cancel the betrothal?” her stepmother is shouting at us from behind.

Wait! Man?! She thought that I am a man?!!!

“Did I look like man?”

“Well, you are wearing my father’s clothes plus your hair is quite short for a girl” Minami is laughing at me. Her smile is attacking my heart. Why does my heart beat fast when she is around?

“Fairy, look out!” Minami warned me. In front of me was a wall and I’m too late to stop now. My head finally bumped on that wall.

“Ouch… my head” I stopped and rubbing my forehead.

“Are you okay?” Minami blow a wind on my forehead and rubs it gently.

“Stop right there!!” Her stepmother is shouting at us from behind.

“Hurry! Run!” I hold Minami’s hand and run blindly toward the road in front of us.

We run and run and got inside the bamboo grove. Her stepmother has calling more people to help her catching us. Lastly, we can’t run anymore further. It’s not because we are tired, it’s because we have arrive at the dead end. In front of us is a deep cliff, river at below has strong stream which probably will make us drown into it. Should we jump off from the cliff or get caught by those people? Which decision should I take?

“Fairy… I believe in you. Please take me with you” Minami is holding my hands tightly, looking at me with a smile. At first, I thought she will have tears soaked her face and looked ugly but now she is smiling at me, believe in me.

“Minami, will you go wherever I go?” I asked for the last time.

“Un” she nodded at me with blazing eyes. I can see courage in her eyes.

“Never let go of my hand”


“Let’s fly together~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”

Finally, we jump together from the cliff. Suddenly there’s a glowing ray comes from beneath of the river. That is the golden ray same as before. That ray burst up toward us which make me force to close my eyes.

=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=   =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=


“Acchan! Acchan! Are you okay?!”

I opened my eyes and saw Yuko and Haruna were in front of me. “Where am I?”

“Are you okay? I saw you falling down from the stairs. Is there anywhere hurt?” Yuko said worriedly.

“I am back, huh…”

“What are you saying?” Haruna pressed her hand on my little bump at my forehead, “You’re not getting amnesia because of this, right?”

“By the way, what are you wearing?” Yuko is confused by the clothes I am wearing.

“I was… I touched the bell and spinning… and…” I tried to explain to them.

I touched my head trying to remember what have happened, my eyes widen as a flashback fill inside my head. I hurriedly run up to the top of temple, looking for Minami. I look around the temple, there’s nothing but a huge bell… a dusty bell. Why is it becomes dusty? I am sure it is glowing in golden ray and sparkling surface.

“Is that Minami got separated from me?”


I heard sounds coming from behind the bell. I walk to behind the bell and found Minami was crying at there, “Mi…na…mi…?”

She lifted her head and look at me. Her teary eyes becomes sparkling as she saw me. She gets up and wipe her tears before running into me for a hug, “You said you’ll never let go my hand but you disappear!! I am scared!!”

Giggle… I am here. I am here now~” I hug back and patted her head gently.

“Wow~ wow~ sorry for interrupt, but who is she?” Yuko interrupted.

Minami wipe her tears and bowed at them. I saw her eyes widened as she saw Yuko and Haruna. The next thing she said was the most shocked for me…

“Father! Mother! You are here!” Minami went to give Haruna a big hug then she moves to Yuko, “Father? Why did you turn into woman???”

“Is this the beginning of a disaster??” I looked at the bell once more, “Please tell me this is a dream…”


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OMG!!!  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I can't stop laughing at the ending you wrote  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I'm so waiting for the continuation!!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:
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@ haru9210 : thanks for the comment  :heart: :heart: actually I was laughing too while writing the ending~  :lol: :lol:
@ sakura_drop_ :  :cry: this is an one shot story... i didn't think about the continuation  :nervous  but if you want, I'll try to write something short omake for it
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jiahaha...i love this fic < minami is yuko and haruna's daughter (in the past)..LOL..
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>//< This is the first time I write something like this...   XD  It is short though...
Please forgive me for poor english and grammer...



“Umm… Acchan, are we gonna go in there?” Minami is in doubt to step any further.

“It’ll be okay, no one will recognize us” Atsuko gives her a playful smile and lowered her hat, “Let’s give it a try” Atsuko gives her a bright smile and holds her hand, walking into the lobby.

Today the two of them are gonna experience something they never did before and of course it was a suggestion from Yuko.


“Eh? You two haven’t try it yet?” Yuko said with fake shocked expression.

Minami and Atsuko shake their head rapidly.

“Nah~ what are you afraid for?” Yuko suddenly remembered something and began searching inside her bag. After a minute, she took out a name card and gives it to Atsuko. “I often go there with my Nyaan Nyaan, you two can reserve a room with that name~”

Minami and Atsuko both staring at the name card silently. Minami turns to look at Atsuko with ‘are you sure?’ look. Atsuko doubt a moment and decided to return the card name to Yuko. Looking at those two, Yuko can’t help but laugh at them. She bended down and whispered something beside Atsuko’s ear.

“It doesn’t hurt at all~ just try to do it with Minami” Yuko winked at them then waving them goodbye, “I’m leaving now, Nyaan nyaan is waiting for me~ Have a nice experience, you two~”

Flashback End

“Good evening, may I help you?” asked the receptionist.

“Good evening, I have reserved a room this noon by the name of Yukoji” Atsuko replied cheerfully to the receptionist.
“Could you wait for a moment, please” the receptionist starts typing on her computer then she turned to face Atsuko, “Please follow me”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Aaahhh…. Acchan…” Minami’s body is shivering a bit, sweat are soaking her face.

“Mi…nami….mmmhh…” Atsuko try to hold her moan, she is breathing hard.

“Can we… stop…? mmmphh..” Minami clutches her fist to endure the pain.

“A bit more…aaahhhh…”

“I can’t take it anymore” Minami grinned her teeth and grabbed Atsuko’s shoulder. “You say it doesn’t hurt at all”

Atsuko touches Minami’s hand which on her shoulder, “I don’t know it will hurt this much… aahhh...” She paused to take a breath before continue, “Yuko said it doesn’t hurt at all…”

“My legs are numb… a..acchan…” Minami growled silently inside her throat.

“I..I think…” Atsuko is about to give up.

“Please stop, please stop now” Both of them command the massagers.

Minami wipe her tears and pouted at Atsuko, “It does hurt soooo much. I don’t think I can walk now”

“My feet are hurt too” Atsuko pouted back at Minami.

Both of the foot massagers are laughing at them. They went out for a while and bring back a bowl of warm water. “Please put your feet inside the bowl. We’ll go to bring some new towel”

After a long performance, their legs feel like broken and Yuko seems to have overheard their conversation then she recommended them to have a foot massage to relieve the pain. That is why they ended up here.

“I will never have foot massage anymore” Minami blushed, “It is soooo embarrassing”

“Me neither” Atsuko sighed and looked Minami, they both starts laughing together.


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Is there no continuation for your 'Reason' fic?? :cry:   my heart hurt so much after reading it..  :bleed eyes:

and your latest OS, nice2..  :twothumbs  good scene before they command the massagers to stop..  XD

“It doesn’t hurt at all~ just try to do it with Minami”
pretty lie much.. but yeah.. it was foot massage.. of course it hurt..  :lol: :lol:
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At first I thought it was "that" :on bleed:

But then its just a massage!!!  :angry:

I :heart: IT!!! Please make more smexy atsumina fics!!!  :bow:
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@ Flean : umm... it should end there  :nervous I have a short idea for the continuation but it will be out of logic  :lol: so I decided not to post it. About the scene before they stop the massagers, I think I have becoming perv lately...  XD
@ epiclulz : sorry to disappoint you  XD I am bad at writing those scenes..  XD
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About the scene before they stop the massagers, I think I have becoming perv lately...  XD

with all the perv talks and more perv fics going on around this ff section, I can understand why..  :lol:
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I have the same thought as epiclulz. I thought this was going to be *coughS-xcough* [well, you know what I mean]. xD But, It turn out to be Massage. You Troll! ;_; [But, Honestly, at the same time, I thought this was going to be a Sad Fic. I mean look at the Title. LOL.] XD
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I got trolled  :rofl: :rofl:

Oh well, it's still an awesome update

Thank you  :bow: :bow:
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Awe the OS Atsumina was so  :gyaaah:
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yokatta, i'm not the only one who think of pervy thing at first..LOL..

awesome OS..
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yokatta, i'm not the only one who think of pervy thing at first..LOL..

awesome OS..

Well, like Flean-kun said, we are all pervs here  XD XD
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@ Flean, epiclulz, haru9210, Nakamii, sakura_drop_, yukofan : It seems I can count this troll as success~~  XD XD
yokatta, i'm not the only one who think of pervy thing at first..LOL..

awesome OS..

Well, like Flean-kun said, we are all pervs here  XD XD
Starting to agree with you all...  XD XD XD  (on the way of becoming a perv lately)

@ turratar : Sorry for making you sad by the OS...  :(
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Of course we are all pevs here. Didn't you know? :D:D The last story......
I thought  they were going to a hotel and doing something they should do...
And then foot massage.... I laughed like crazy. :D :nervous
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@ Flean, epiclulz, haru9210, Nakamii, sakura_drop_, yukofan : It seems I can count this troll as success~~  XD XD
yokatta, i'm not the only one who think of pervy thing at first..LOL..

awesome OS..

Well, like Flean-kun said, we are all pervs here  XD XD
Starting to agree with you all...  XD XD XD  (on the way of becoming a perv lately)

Perv Fact No.2 : The thing is.. even we already knew it's going to be a troll.. we still/want to think our OTPs were doing 'that' kind of thing...  :lol: :lol:
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HAHAHA I GOT TROLLED as well! hahaha I never saw that coming, it's so funny.. I'm laughing at myself for thinking
"that" moment as something  :mon bleed2: hahaha

Oh I read all your short fics, they are all so good! Nice imagination you got there!! Hope you'll make more of this amazing stories  :mon yeah:
Title: ✰Ichikawa の spare time stories✰ -- Kissu Datte~ (OS)
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Kissu Datte~~
This title is from SKE48 oncoming song... Kissu Datte Hidarikiki ~~
Here's the link for the performance -> ==  (thanks to Sydney W post :D)

This is my first time writing WMatsui OS, I don't know if I can write a good fic for them.  :nervous
Hope you enjoy this oneshot  :) :)

Kissu Datte~~~

Once the music starts echoing inside the studio room, the girls start practice the dance energetically. This is the song of their new single, it was supposed to be a surprise performance for the fans at the handshake event tomorrow. Everyone is practicing hard and managed to remember all the dance steps perfectly. At the end of the song, two members were position themselves in the center where the others surrounding them. The younger girl holds the older girl’s hand and pulled her into her embrace, closing their distance. The younger girl places her right hand behind the older girl’s head and pulled her face close. Just when their nose almost met, the older girl turned her face away and tried to withdraw herself.

“Matte! Matte!” the older girl seems struggling against the younger girl.

“Rena-chan, it’s just a kiss~” the younger girl smiled playfully, keep pulling the older girl’s face closer.

“Jurina, matte!” the older girl were blushing and shook her head rapidly to avoid the kiss from Jurina.

Jurina gives up on forcing Rena for a kiss and let go. She stepped back and sat on the floor, sighing at Rena. The other members also sighed in the same movement as Jurina. Their performance can’t be done without the final touch where the WMatsui have to kiss for five seconds, only five seconds. Well, everyone knows that Rena is shy to do the kiss but this is really important for their surprise puresento for their fans tomorrow.

“Mou~ Rena-chan…” all the members said in unison and pouted at Rena.

Rena bent her head down and felt guilty about this. They had practice this song for almost five hours and Rena still can’t make it. “I’m really sorry, minna…”

“Cheer up! Cheer up!” Jurina is clapping her hands to cheer her friends. “Let’s do the rehearsal one more time”

“I’m sorry minna, I will try my best. Let’s do the rehearsal one more time”

Everyone gets up and ready in their position. The music starts and they do the dancing one more time. Soon enough, they have reached the end of the song. Rena was prepared for the ending moves. She closed her eyes and let herself pulled in by Jurina. There were no movements from Rena when Jurina leaned in to kiss her until their lips were one centimeter close, Rena punched Jurina’s face.


==================     ==================      ==================

On the street

Jurina and Rena are walking on the street, on the way to Rena’s house but the usual noisy Jurina is now in silent mode. Rena feels uneasy to walk beside her and tries to bring up a topic.

“Nice weather”

“……………………” Jurina stayed silent.

“Are you hungry?”


“Are you angry about the rehearsal?” Rena stopped walking and looked at Jurina with guilty eyes.

“……………………” Jurina didn’t notice it and keep walking. Looks like she is in deep thought about something.

Rena was about to cry then suddenly Jurina appeared right before her and stole a kiss from her. Rena was surprised and tripled on her own foot. Jurina managed to grab Rena’s wrist before she falls back to the ground. At that moment, Rena’s face is burning red and her heart beating so fast like it was about to jump out from inside. She placed a light punch on Jurina’s shoulder and pouted.

“What was that about? I almost fall!” Rena complained.

Jurina smirked at Rena and holding her hand, starts walking to where Rena’s house is.

“I am giving you a special lesson” Jurina winked at Rena, making her feel uneasy.

“W-what lesson are you talking about?” Rena asked hesitantly.

“I’m gonna sleepover tonight at your house and rehearsal the ending moves until the performance starts”


At Rena’s House

“Sorry to disturb you” Jurina said as she walked inside the house.

“Good afternoon, Jurina-chan. What brings you here?” asked aunt Matsui.

Jurina went clingy on aunt Matsui and moved to the living room, sitting on the sofa with Rena’s mother. “I’m going to sleepover tonight. I have to do some special rehearsal for the tomorrow’s performance with Rena-chan because she is clumsy and can’t manage to do end the dance perfectly”

“Aww, I’m sorry to trouble you. Rena-chan is really slow at learning sometimes. Please take care of her”

“She is really slow and stupid sometimes” Jurina joked and aunt Matsui is laughing, agreed with Jurina.

Rena came out from the kitchen, bringing a glass of water for Jurina. She put the glass on the table and giving Jurina a death glare, “I heard that”

Jurina stuck her tongue and hides behind aunt Matsui.

“You girls must be hungry. Let’s have dinner first before you do the practice” Aunt Matsui is laughing at them. She stands up and walking to the kitchen, “Give me sometimes to prepare the dinner”

“I’ll help~” Jurina followed aunt Matsui to the kitchen.

==================     ==================      ==================

After the dinner, Rena collects the dishes and bringing them to the kitchen. Jurina told aunt Matsui to sit in the living room and let her washes the dishes. When Rena is concentrating on washing the dishes, Jurina sneaked from behind and stole the kiss from Rena again. Rena was surprised and dropped the plate on the ground. Aunt Matsui was surprised too and went into the kitchen to see what happened.

Jurina saw aunt Matsui is coming, she stepped backward and shrugged her shoulders, “Rena-chan is really stupid sometimes~~”

“I will kill you” Rena whispered.

She then apologized to her mother and went to pick up the broken pieces but her mother stopped her. Aunt Matsui just smiled at those two. She knows that Jurina must be teasing her daughter again. She told Rena to stand back because she afraid that those sharps might hurt her.

“Okay, okay. Just leave this to me. You two better go to upstairs and practice the dance” she shooed Rena and Jurina out from the kitchen.

Jurina stuck her tongue and ran up to Rena’s bedroom. Rena apologized again to her mother before chasing Jurina. Seeing the childish acts between them, her mother sighed, “Kids these days…”

==================     ==================      ==================

“Okay, the lesson begins” Jurina said as she pulled Rena close to her.

Rena slowly lifts her head up and moves forward to kiss Jurina. As she moves closer, she can feel her face is burning and her heart is pounding fast like she is having a ride on roller coaster. Just when their lips are about to touch, Rena pushed Jurina away.


“Renaaaaaaaa~~~” Jurina pouted.

“I can’t do it” Rena complained, “It’s so embarrassing…”

“It’s just a kiss” Jurina sighed.

“I am stressssss” Rena bumped herself on her bed and buried her face on her pillows.

“We just have to lipslock for five seconds” Jurina pulled Rena’s hands, tried to get her up from the bed. “Just close your eyes and five seconds will end in a blink of an eye”

Rena sighed and get up from her bed. She took a deep breath before closing her distance with Jurina. She closed her eyes and cupped Jurina’s face, pulled her closer for a kiss. Just when their lips about to meet, Jurina grabbed Rena’s hands and complained, “You are not supposed to cup my face. Your hands are suppose to be on my shoulder and I am the one who will pull you into the kiss”

“Alright, alright. Let’s do it again” Rena sighed. She just gathered all her courage to cup Jurina’s face and leaned in for a kiss but Jurina stopped her.

This time, they started from where the song almost reached the end. Jurina is standing on the left and Rena on the right, back facing her. Jurina grabbed Rena’s hand and pulled her into an embrace. She placed her left hand at Rena’s waist and her right hand behind Rena’s head and pulled her into the kiss.

“Matte!” Rena pushed Jurina’s face away from her before their lips meet. Jurina frustrated and forcefully leaned forward to kiss Rena while Rena tried to push her away.

“You make me lost my patience, Let me kiss you” said Jurina.

“Matte, Jurina!”

Rena tripled on her own foot and tripled down on the floor with Jurina on top of her. Still don’t give up, Jurina leaned in to Rena’s lips. Rena keeps struggling at Jurina and they ended up rolling on the floor. Finally, Jurina’s head bumped at the edge of the bed and loosen her grip on Rena. She immediately flee from Jurina and takes some distance from her.

“Itai…” Jurina sat up on the floor, rubbing her head.

“I’m sorry, is that hurt?” Rena went to check on Jurina.

“How about you bump your head on it too?” Jurina said.

“I’m really sorry” Rena helps Jurina rubbing her head, “You should have stopped”

Looked at Rena’s serious face, rubbing her forehead, Jurina smirked and lifted her head up for a kiss. Rena’s eyes widen when she felt a pair of lips on hers. She founds hard to breath as her heart is pounding too fast. Her body is paused there unmoving. Her head is dizzy and her eyelids become heavy. Before she can process the kiss, Jurina pulled back.

“Five seconds up~” Jurina showed Rena her big smile, “I told you, you can do it”

Without warning, Jurina pulled Rena close for another kiss. Just when their lips about to meet, Rena snapped back to reality and punched Jurina’s face in reflex.

“I give up…………” Jurina sighed.

==================     ==================      ==================

The next day, in backstage

“We’re about to perform” all the members said in excited.

“But, how about Rena-san?” asked Airin as her cheek flushed a bit, “Are you able to do the ending? I mean... kiss?”

“Don’t worry, the performance will be perfect!” Jurina thumbs up and smiling confidently.

“Jurin–…” Rena felt uneasy that Jurina is lying.

“We can pretend it as long as our face is close enough” Jurina smiled to ensure Rena.

“Girls, hurry up and get on the stage” the staff is telling them to get on the stage.


The performance went smoothly from the beginning. They performed ‘Gomen ne Summer’ and ‘Aishite Love Ru!’ on the stage and the fans were all satisfied with the performance but then, the light suddenly off and the music began to play. All of the fans were starting to scream in excitement when they heard the sudden announcement of the new song will be performed now.

“We present you, our new song for the next single… Kissu Datte Hidarikiki!”

The lights on and they were ready on the stage, performing the song. They performed it perfectly and the fans seem to like it. Unknown to them, actually Rena is a bit messed up with her position and the moves but gratefully no one noticed it. Although Jurina said they can just pretend to kiss but Rena is still hesitating about it. She was told to make this performance as a surprise present for their fans, she thinks that she should try it. Her heart is beating fast again as she knows that the song is about to end. Jurina seems to noticed Rena’s mistakes and keep an eye on her. Just when the song about to end, Rena accidentally tripled on her foot. Jurina saw this and grabbed her wrist, pulling her into embrace in the right timing.

Rena’s mind is blank at this moment because she was too afraid to do mistake. She placed her hands on Jurina’s shoulders for support and closed her eyes to take a breath. Jurina smiled at her and immediately closing the distance between their lips. Actually Jurina is afraid that Rena will punched her face in reflect, to her surprise, Rena stands still at there and do nothing. Five seconds passed as the lights become bright. Both of them withdraw their faces and start laughing. Embarrassment level is burning up which makes Rena’s face hot and red.

The performance ended, then continue to the next session. Reporters were coming up and asked some questions at them.

“How do you feel about the kiss?” asked the reporter.

Rena was shocked hearing this although she knew they will definitely ask this matter. Jurina stepped one step in front and answer the question.

“It was embarrassing~” Jurina said playfully. “To tell you the truth, this is the first time we kissed while perform this song. When in practice, she always punches my face when we’re about to kiss. I feel relieve that she didn’t punch my face on the stage today~ yokatta ne~”

All of the fans were laughing at Jurina’s statement, leaving the embarrassing Rena...

==================     ==================      ==================

After the done the photo session and handshake event, they went back to the backstage.

“Rena-chan~~” Jurina hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek, “I really thought that you’re gonna punch my face on the stage. I was relieved you didn’t do that”

“Hmm…” Rena rolled her eyes, thinking for a moment, “Maybe I used to be kissed by you?”

“Is that true?” Jurina turned Rena back to face her.

Rena shrugged her shoulders, “Just maybe…”

Jurina is glad to hear that and leaned in to kiss Rena. Before their lips meet, Rena’s hand moves in reflex to punch Jurina on the face. This time Jurina fell to the ground.

“You lied…” Jurina said before she fainted.

“I’m not…” Rena shook her head and hands rapidly with innocent face.

Kissu Datte~ END
 :mon sweat:
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wmatsui. . .the way they act towards each other is s0oo cüte!
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Hahahah the last 3 were funny ^^
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jajaj i think that this fic really happen sound so real for me. Poor Rena.. jurina always wants to kiss her and know aki-p let her to do whatever she wants with rena.. :D love it
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Ahh!!! This fic one-shot is so cute!!!  :luvluv2:
Rena-san's embarrassment...  :shy2:
Jurina's continuous stealing of kisses!  :nya:

I love this so much!!! Thank you for the update, Ichikawa-san!  :wriggly:
I really love this oneshot! And even more because they did kiss in real life!!!  :onioncheer:

Thank you for the other one-shots as well. :kneelbow:
I love them!
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 :ptam-glow: Kyaaaaa! This is to cute!

Renas punching reflect!  :rofl:

ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
Title: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Yume no Kawa [1/2]
Post by: ichikawa on August 24, 2012, 08:30:46 PM
Thanks for the comments and thanks, minna  :D
I am relieve that my WMatsui's ff didn't fail  XD thanks for reading  :) :)

Here's another Atsumina ff of mine.
This story is a bit too long to be OS, so I break it into two part.
Please enjoy this first part~



=============  ============  ==============

“Ichikawa, look! This is another masterpiece by Takahashi-san!”

There are two teenagers inside the painting museum walking closer to one of the paintings. Tittled, Yume no Kawa by Takahashi Minami. The painting is featured a blue lake in the middle of the night sky. The beautiful night sky is full of shining stars. There is a girl in white dress sitting in a small wooden boat, sailing on the river. She has the warmest look as ever, and her eyes are looking toward the starry night with mixed emotions. Those two are captured by the painting and staring at it for some minutes. They didn’t notice someone stopped next to them. The person is lowering her hat and listening to their conversation.

“Somehow, I feel sadness within this painting”

Ichikawa smiled and said, “I feel different. I think this painting is somehow trying to tell us the feeling of missing someone. I wonder why this girl and this lake are always the subject in many of her paintings”

“Now you mentioned it. I’m kinda curious with this mysterious girl too, she is so lucky to appear in almost all of Takahashi-san’s paintings”

“I’d be happy to die if I can appear in one of Takahashi-san’s painting~” Ichikawa smiled playfully and got a light smack on forehead, “Ouch…”

“Who would draw you in the paintings? Your appearance will only destroy the whole painting~”

“Hey, I am mad now”

The two start running inside the museum until a security shows up and dragging them out of the hall. The third person is still on her place, watching those two teenagers. She slowly takes off her hat and revealing her smiling face… She is Takahashi Minami…

Taking a deep breath, she turned around to face the paintings, looking at it with deep emotions eyes. No one can tell what she is thinking right now, but her smile shows some happy moments. Not even in a minute, her smile disappears and replaced by teary eyes. She keeps looking at the girl in her painting and murmured something…

“I miss you…”

Minami’s Flashback

I am Takahashi Minami, 14 years old, a middle school student who is look like a primary school student. Wonder why? Because I am short, my height stopped growing at 148 cm. How sad is it? Yeah, but I believe that I can still grow up. I live in this small town with my grandpa because my parents are busy working in the city. However, my parents really adore me. They will always come to visit me every weekend, but nowadays they seemed really busy and sometimes forget to come over.

Two weeks before, my mother came alone to visit me. She is kind and gentle person, I love seeing her smile. But that day, I can feel something is wrong with her although she has the same smile but I feel sadness in her eyes. Maybe she got tired of her busy works in city?

Last week, my father came alone. I asked him why mother didn’t come along and he answered me that mother got many things to do so that she can’t visit me this week. My father is a caring person and I love him. He knows that I like drawing and brought me many tools and sketch books for drawing. He even brought me a cute ribbon, I love ribbons.

I like drawing because of my grandpa. He has many paintings in his workshop, all of them are beautiful. I can’t stop staring at it whenever I walked into his workshop. Since I was little, he teaches me how to draw and coloring the paintings. He is kind and caring person, he also loves some carve arts. Sometimes he’d carving some toys for me. I also do some carving too but it always failed, like scratches, broken, unknown shaped, etc. It was fun doing painting and carving together with grandpa.

Today, I went to the riverside as usual, sitting on the sloppy grassland and drawing the sunset moments that I love. This is the best view point to see the sunset, from where I was sitting, I can see the whole river length until the horizon line and the woods along the riverside. While drawing the scenery, something appeared on the middle of the river. It is a girl in one piece dress, back facing me. She is watching the sunset on a small wooden boat. Her black hair move along the breeze, match perfectly with her white dress. Though I couldn’t see her face but I think she must be a beautiful, kind, and warm person. Unknowingly, my hands start drawing her presence within the sunset. I don’t know why but I am very satisfied with today’s painting. It looks gorgeous in some way. Losing in the sight of my painting, I snapped back and looking at the direction where the girl is but she disappeared.

“It’s a pity… well, maybe I’d come back tomorrow” I packed up my things and went back home.

The next day…

I came here earlier and waiting on the riverside. I keep my eyes on everywhere to spot her presence and I saw the girl walking out from the woods, reaching the small boat. She is wearing white loose T-shirt and short jeans. Though I can’t see her face clearly because the sunlight, she is just beautiful that way. Grabbing my tools, I started drawing her on my sketch book. She is laying on the boat, reaching her hands to the sky to feel the warm of sunlight. she stayed like that for some minutes. I’ve done another painting and starting to pack up my belongings because it’s getting dark.

Don’t remember how many days passed by since I start drawing her everyday. Even if I am at home, she always appears in my paintings, my sketch books are full of her. The moment when I saw her face for the first time is repeating inside my head. She is dancing on the boat and the sunlight spotted on her face. Her flawless skin, her black hair, her smile, and her mesmerizing eyes captured me. I gasped and stopped breathing at that moment, like my soul is gonna taken by her beauty. My heart is beating so fast all of the sudden and I can’t take my eyes off her. Whenever her face is flashing inside my brain, I can’t help but smile.

“You are smiling a lot lately all of the sudden. Are you getting a boyfriend?” My grandpa is looking at me with mischievous look and I answered him with shaking my head.

“Mind sharing me what makes you smiling all the day?”

I shook my head again and showed my big grin at grandpa.

It’s a secret~

Today I went to the riverside again, but she is not here. I’m waiting and waiting until the sun is almost gone behind the horizon. I reluctantly open my sketch books and randomly drawing a scene where she is sitting on the deck and splashing the water below with her feet. The drawing is almost done then suddenly I heard steps from behind. I looked over my shoulder and saw that girl is walking toward me. Surprised by her sudden appearance, I tripled and slipped down toward the river. In order to protect my drawings, I stretch my hands up high, as high as possible and let my body fall into the water.


Fortunately, the place where I fall is shallow enough to keep my upper body from getting wet.
Unfortunately, the girl took my sketch book away from my hands.


I get up and trying to stop her from looking inside but she did. She flips the sketch book and looking at every pages that contain her face. She must be thinking that I am a freak now. I don’t know how to face her and keep my head down. What will she do after this? My little voice is screaming inside. As I lift my head to see her, she said nothing and returned my sketch book with smile. My heart is beating fast again, I can’t manage to move and just staring at her. She took my hand and handed me the book then walked away. I was too busy to do nothing and staring at her walking away.

The next day… I went to the riverside as usual, to see her from afar. To my surprise, she already there, sitting on the place where I usually take place to do drawing. She looked over her shoulder and greeted me with a smile. I was flustered a bit and smiled back. She patted her hand on the ground, telling me to sit next to her and I do so. I put my bag and sit next to her.

“Nice view from here” she said.

“Yeah, this is the best spot to see sunset and this beautiful river”

“So, that’s why you always sitting here everyday?” she asked.

I stayed silent at this moment. I can’t say that the answer is you, I can’t say that I was here to see you and drawing you in my sketch book without permission.

“Have you ever seen blue river?” she asked while looking at the sunset.

“Blue river?”

“Yes, river that glowing in blue in the middle of starry night. It’s beautiful”

“You mean aurora?”

“No, it’s called Yume no Kawa – River of Dream”

“Beautiful name, it must be a spectacular scenery” I reached my hand up high to the sky and imagining the river she mentioned. I wish I can see that river too, I want to capture that view in my painting and keep it as my treasure. “Have you ever seen it?”

“Once, it is behind the woods across this river” she pointed the direction with her finger.

I was surprised because no one ever went that far into the woods. Although my grandpa's workshop is in the woods, he forbids me to go further from the line he put. Grandpa told me that bad monster will show up and eat me. That’s the story he told me when I was a little kid. I guess it’s all lie because this girl have been there and she is fine.

“Would you mind to take me there?” I am looking at her with puppy eyes.

“Based on the story, it must have to be in starry night if you want to see it. The river doesn’t always there. I don’t know when the next time it will appear” she explained. "I was lucky that time, when I lost in the woods and ended up there. The stars were fully fill the night sky and the river is glowing in blue, all things suddenly turned like a magical world. It's a spectacular view just like what it mentioned in the story book"

When she turned to look at me, I saw her eyes fall on my sketch book. She pointed my book and narrowed her eyes, “Is that me? Which you drew in your sketch book”

“I-I… Un…” I nodded and bended my head to avoid eyes contact with her.

There was silent for a moment, all I can hear is my heart beating and the sound of water flows on the river. Then I heard she is moving, taking a peek at her, I saw her standing up and fixes her skirt. I don’t want her to go, I want to be with her more longer. Just when she is about to turned away, my hand reached to hold her wrist.

“A-are you new here? I haven’t seen you before”

“I’ve been here for three months” she simply smiled. “And I have seen you’re here watching me for three months”

I gasp at what she just said, she knows that I am watching her everyday? So, it has been three months… time sure flies so fast. Feeling the hot temperature boiling in my head, I hurriedly pick up my bag and walk away but I slipped and slide down the slope toward the river. She reached out her hand to me and got pulled by me. We both ended up being wet in the river.

Oh no, my book!

Ignored her of being on top of me, I pushed her away and looking for my sketch book in the water… I can’t lose it…

“Are you looking for that?”

The girl is pointing somewhere on the land. I looked over and found my sketch book, it was safely placed on the ground. I let out a breath and fall back to the river, “Yokatta~”

I saw her chuckled and walking closer to me. She stopped right in front of me and leaned forward until our face is an inch away. She simply smiled and ticked my forehead. It was hurt, I rub my forehead and pouting at her. Without saying anything, she turned and walked away. I don’t know how to describe my feelings at this moment, it was kinda warm and fluffy.

Well, that's the end for part 1... Dou?
I almost done part two and hope I'll update it within few days (before I lose the mood by the sudden team shuffle T^T)
Ichikawa is out now^^
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It's cute~
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 :twothumbs I wonder where did she go?

YEs more please --> THIS!  :thumbsup
“No, it’s called Yume no Kawa – River of Dream”

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that girl... I wonder why she looks very suspicious :nervous

I hope it's not a sad ending  :(

can't wait for the next part~  :heart:
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 Part 2 ill be waiting for you!! :banghead: :banghead:
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Aw, such a cute fic :D Can`t wait for your update ^^
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@ Kahem, arrow27 : thanks for reading and the comments^^ they always be cute couple ever  :D
@ Megumi, Chichay12 : part two will be finish soon... hope I can update tomorrow
@ Sese, Rukaeru : Since it's Atsuko's graduation fic... I am feeling down these days... maybe sad ending will appear  :cry: :cry:
@ Wmatsui22 : thanks for reading^^ I never write BlackGeki before but I'll try... I will write it after I finish Yume no Kawa first^^ hope you don't mind waiting :nervous
Title: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Yume no Kawa [2/2]
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Here's the part 2 of Yume no Kawa.
I want to make it short but it went a little bit too long  :nervous
If you want to review, part one is here (
Hope you enjoy this story  :)


Part Two of Two

=============  ============  ==============

After that incident, we often meet at the riverside. We get to know each other for more. Her name is Maeda Atsuko and she is in the same age with me. She moved here and living together with her mother. She said that they often move from one place to another, avoiding her father. Her father is an alcoholic and often hits them when he gets drunk. Her mother can’t stand against him and divorced but her father still pestering them, burst into house and beat them brutally. They have been continuously moving from one place to another for years to avoid her father. This time is the longest they have stayed. They have stayed here for six months, which meant we have getting along for six months.

She said that her mother is busy working and rarely accompany her. She often takes a walk by herself to lessen the boring day. One day, she went to the woods in the middle of night and saw the spectacular Yume no Kawa. She came again the next day but there’s nothing just a plain river. That’s why she often gets here and sailing on the wooden boat, waiting for that scenery once again. She went to library and accidentally found a story book named Yume no Kawa, that’s where she believes that scenery will appear again in starry night.

“Atsuko, you know what? Two days later there will be a meteor shower”

“Really?” she claps her hands together in excitement.

“Since it is meteor shower, that means the sky will be full of stars~”

“Which means, it will be a starry night…”

“You will take me there, right?” I pointed the direction across the river, “Yume no Kawa”

“Sure, let’s meet here two days later”

Two days later… who knows what will happened… who knows…

I was excited to think about that, to see that spectacular scenery of a life time. From what I heard from Atsuko, Yume no Kawa is really something amazing which makes you feel like you’re living in a fairy tale. When that night comes, everything turned like magical world where the water is glowing, the grass, flowers, fireflies and all the living around will dancing in harmonies.

Too much for coincidence, two days later is my grandpa’s birthday. I was planning to take him along to see the river. Right when I arrived in front of my house, it’s in mess. There are some police cars parked near my house and neighbors are gathering around. The fences are broken and my grandpa’s favorite plants were scattering on the ground. I pressed my mouth when I saw the officers bring out my grandpa’s body. His face is pale and I can see blood dropping on the ground from the cloth that covered his body. I rushed toward to hug my grandpa, I was crying and screaming at my grandpa hoping that he will open his eyes. I keep holding his hand when the officer trying to pull me away from my grandpa.

“NO! Grandpa! Grandpa! Open your eyes and look at me, I am Minami! Grandpa!”

Why is this happening… WHY?!

Grandpa is fine when I left, he said we’ll eat katsudon tonight. He will cook katsudon for me… I am home, Grandpa… I am home now. Where are you going?

One of the officers calmed me down and brought me into the house. We sat on the sofa and he told me what happened. There’s a criminal in escape from neighborhood town. Coincidentally, he was snatching a woman’s pouch right in front of my house. Grandpa saw it and went to help the women but that criminal has knife. They have a fight, he stabbed my grandpa and pushed him inside the house, taking all the valuable things and ran away.


I turned to see my mother is running toward me and hugging me tightly. I hugged back and burying my face on her shoulder, crying out as loud as I can. My mother strokes my head gently and whispers at me that everything is gonna be okay. She is here for me, don’t be afraid… I cry and cry until I fall asleep in my mother’s embrace.

The next morning when I opened my eyes, I was in a different place. This is not Grandpa’s house. The door knocked and I saw my mother walks in. She sat next to me and kissed my forehead.

“How are you feeling?”

“Fine…” I leaned back and looked at my surroundings, “Where are we?”

“We’re in hotel. I finished you grandpa’s burial yesterday” she put an urn on the table. It must be grandpa’s ashes urn. “Hurry and change your clothes, I don’t want to miss the schedule”

“Where are we going?”

“Tokyo. You’re going to live with me now…”

“Where’s father? He’s not here?”

There was a silent filled the room. I can see tear begins to form in mother’s eyes. She wiped it and smiled at me. The same gentle smile she always shows me but I can feel sadness in her eyes. She didn’t answer my question and told me to change quickly. She said the next train will arrive in fifteen minutes and she’ll be waiting at the reception. I changed my clothes quickly, took the urn and went to reception. I saw my mother is talking on the phone emotionally and her eyes are red. Before I could reach her, I heard their conversation.

“I’ve signed the divorce statement. I’ll give it to you as soon as Minami and I arrived in Tokyo”

I can’t bear to hear that and run away from the hotel. Why are they getting divorce? Is that father doesn’t love me anymore? Why are they leaving me? I ran away from the hotel back to grandpa’s house. When I arrived there, it’s nothing but an empty room. I bit my lips and walking around to recall the memories I spent with grandpa. Tears can’t stop flowing from my eyes. Hugging my grandpa’s ashes urn in my arms, I recalled the last day being with him.

“You seem excited to see meteor shower” grandpa is laughing at me while I’m arranging my painting tools. “Don’t tell me you’re gonna do painting when the event happens”

“Of course, I want to capture that moment”

He is laughing at me and stopped my hand, “Minami, painting is just transferring what’s in your heart on the piece of paper. You should enjoy it, keep that in your heart and it’ll last forever”

I sighed and moving out the tools from my bag, accidentally I dropped my sketch book and it flipped on the pages where I drew the imagination of Yume no Kawa. I drew it based on what I heard from Atsuko. Grandpa seemed to startle a bit to see that drawing and picked it up. While staring at it, he asked me about the drawing.

“Where did you get this drawing?” he asked.

“That is Yume no Kawa, I drew it based on what my friend told me. She saw it once in the middle of starry night. I’ll go with her to see this scenery three days later when the meteor shower is happening. Do you want to tag along?”

Grandpa just smiled at me and guided me to sit on the sofa, “I saw it once when I was about your age”

“You saw it once?!” I am surprise to hear that.

Grandpa went to his room and came out with a story book in his hands. He handed me the book and I looked at the cover, “Yume no Kawa…”

“It’s a story book I got from my grandpa, your great grandpa. He loves telling me this story… it’s about a young man who never stops pursuing her dream to be an artist, he loves painting and travelling around the world to be an artist. Sadly, there’s a rival who jealous at his achievement and killed him in the middle of the night. That guy throws young man’s body into the river and left” he flipped the pages and showing me a literature of Yume no Kawa.

“He died on the middle of the night where the sky is full of stars. Natural is calling his name, trees, flowers, stars were crying and the river starts to glowing blue in grief for the young man. Since then, when the night sky is full of stars the river will be glowing blue. People called that river, Yume no Kawa – River of Dream to reminisce the young man”

Grandpa continued, “At first, I thought it’s just a bedtime story for kids. Then, one day, I saw this scenery, exactly like what it was told about. This is why I start to like painting and I even built a workshop in the woods. But I never see that scenery ever again”

“Won’t you come with me, grandpa” I stand up and give him a thumb, “I’ll take you there~ Let’s see that Yume no Kawa together!”

I’ll take you there, grandpa… definitely…


I snapped back to reality when I heard someone is calling my name. My mother is calling me from afar and I can hear her voice is coming closer. I don’t want to go with her, I don’t want to go to Tokyo… I don’t want my parents get divorce. Holding my grandpa’s ashes urn tightly in my arms, I ran away from the window. I keep running and running until my tears dried, until my shoes tore… until I feel hard to breath… until my legs are sore and falling to the ground. I lay on the ground and crying out loud. I can’t really accept the fact that my grandpa is leaving me and my parents is going to divorce. Don’t they love each other? Don’t they love me?

“Minami…” someone tapped on my shoulder.

I lifted my head and saw Atsuko’s face. I immediately wrapped my arms around her neck the moment I saw her. I pulled her and hugged her tightly, crying on her shoulder. I cried and told her everything, how I fell at this moment. How they are leaving me… She strokes my back gently and let me to cry until I feel better. All I want now is just being by her side.

“Minami…” she whispered beside my ear and withdrawing herself from my hug. “I’m sorry…”

I have a bad feeling when she said sorry. I put my hand on my chest, waiting for her to continue.

“My father came yesterday… my mother and I can’t stay here any longer, I have to leave this town…” she pulled me in her embrace, “I come here to bid you farewell”

“Can’t you stay more longer? We’re going to see the river tonight, right?”

“I’m sorry, Minami. I have to go…”

Overwhelmed by the sadness and the anger inside my heart, I pushed her away.

“Why everyone is leaving?! Why everyone is leaving me?! Fine, I will go by myself. I don’t need your help, I will find the river by myself”

Picking up my grandpa’s ashes urn, I start to run into the woods. I can hear Atsuko is calling at me far behind but I ignored her. She promised me… she promised me to watch that scenery together but she broke it. I don’t want to see her anymore, I don’t want to see anyone… I want to be alone… I want to be alone…

I ran inside the woods and stopped by grandpa’s workshop, a small hut built by wood. The workshop is near the entrance, you’ll only have to walk in ten minutes. Inside the workshop is full of dust and leaves scattered on the ground. It’s been a long time since the last time I came here. Grandpa’s paintings are placed neatly at the edge of the room, carving tolls were placed neatly on the table. Walking to the centre of this room, I placed the urn on the ground and lay beside it. Looking at the transparent roof above me, I can see the sun is setting down. Crimson clouds are slowly disappeared, replaced by the raven cloud. I close my eyes and waiting for the moon to come out.

When the night comes, I took a flashlight from the drawer and went further inside the woods. It was chill and cold in the night. It’s dark here… All of the sudden, there’s thunder and lightning appeared on the sky. A lightning struck straight at the trees few steps in front of me. I was thrown on the ground, far by the pressure and one of the branches dropped on my right leg. I scream out loud as the pain going through my body. I used all my strength to push away the branches but the pain is killing me. Just by moving my leg a little, the pain become heavier.




It’s raining… the sky is raining… the rain is pouring down on my face, my body like they are crying for me or they are pulling leg on me? Today is gonna have meteor shower, why do you have to rain? The stars won’t come out if you keep pour down the water behind clouds. Tears and the raindrop are mixing on my face. Lost in my thought, suddenly I heard some weird sound coming from the bushes not far from me. The bushes began to shake heavily when the sound comes nearer. It is so dark here since I’ve lost my flashlight. I am scared… I don’t want to be alone… I wish to have someone by my side. I look round to search for grandpa’s urn and reached it when I spotted it. Placing my forehead on top of the urn, I am calling my grandpa, telling him I was so scared and being alone here… in the dark…

“Minami! What are you doing there?!”

I turned my face and saw Atsuko is running to me. She is soaking wet in the rain too… is she looking for me? Is she coming for me? Is my wishing got answered? I feel relieve to see her here. I do nothing but sobbing hard at her. She saw my leg is pinned down by the branch and come over to move it. She tried to make a room between the branch and my leg. I saw her face becomes red as she put all her strength to move the branch.

“Minami, can you move your leg?”

I didn’t reply her and gritted my teeth, trying to move my wounded leg. It’s really hurt when I try to move a bit. Using both my hands, I tried to pull it away from the branch that Atsuko holds. She growled as she reached her limit. “Minami, hurry! I can’t hold it!”

Just when I move my leg away, her hand loose and dropped the branch.. luckily, the branch dropped just an inch beside my wounded leg. I let out a heavy breath and get up to thank her. Before I can mutter a word, she slapped me. I look directly to her and saw her red eyes, don’t know it were red after crying or angry about me. I can’t tell if they were tears or raindrop running down on her face. She raised her hand like she is about to give me another slap, but she stopped before her hand touch my cheek.

“Because of you I am soaking wet in this dark moist place, because of you my shoes were torn, because of you my hands are sore of pulling that stupid branch, because of you I left my mother alone and missed the train, because of you, your mother is crying all day searching for you!” she holds my hand and dragged me along, “Let’s go home”

“NO!” I shook of her hand and fell to the ground because my leg can’t stand to walk, “I don’t want to go home. She will take me to Tokyo and they will divorce! I don’t want it happen!”

“Don’t you care about your mother? Please think about her, don’t be naïve!” she pulled me again, forced me to walk with her.

“Not until I see the river!” I pushed her away.

“It’s raining! No stars! No river! Go home!” she came to pulled me again.

I am struggling against her while holding my grandpa’s urn. “I promised! I promised grandpa to take him along to see the river… to day is his birthday… I promised…”

After hearing this, I feel her grip on me loosen. She kneeled in front of me and cupped my face, murmured “I’m sorry” before pulled me in her embrace. We stayed like that for a while then she pulled back and offering her hands to me.

“Can you walk?”

I was hesitantly lifted up my hand. Suddenly the rains stopped and moon shows herself between the clouds, the shimmering light fell on her beauty. All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow. I hold her hand and took one step closer to her. Her smile is showing me confident which I can’t tell.

“Let’s go to see Yume no Kawa”

We were holding hand and walking further into the woods. It’s strange but somehow the moonlight is guiding us the way. It was all dark here but there’s a ray forming road in front of us. Don’t know how long we’re walking on this endless road but I’m not afraid as long as she is next to me, as long as I’m still holding her hand. It feels so warm with her around me. Not long after I heard sound of water flowing. A small wooden boat slightly showed itself not far ahead from us.

Me and Atsuko start running toward that wooden boat. As we run to the boat, our surroundings begin to change. I saw the trees were not gloomy in dark but they are glowing in cheer, even the flowers and grasses seem like they are dancing within the breeze and the fireflies were dancing around us. Just before of our eyes, a broadly, darkly and deeply river is flowing. Once we reached the boat, we glance at each other with smiling face and jumped onto it, driving the boat to the centre of the river. I lifted up my head and see the sky is filled with beautiful stars. Those stars are line up, forming a road like it is the way to heaven.

We were still holding hand and enjoying the sight from the centre of this river. Not long after, the river is glowing brightly continue by a rainbow appeared in the night sky. I was amazed by these spectacular views and shed my tears. “Grandpa, we’re here. Look, this is Yume no Kawa”

“Happy birthday grandpa” I opened the urn and took some ashes and threw it to the river, “You must be longing for this. I will leave you here… to live within this river… hope you can find your way to heaven”

After the urn is empty, I sat back and sobbing. Atsuko put her hands on top of mine and wipes my tears with the other hand. “Don’t cry anymore. Let’s continue to see this beautiful moment”


We lay on the boat side by side, let it flows along with the river, enjoying this peaceful moment.

“It would be nice if I never get back to the shore” I sighed. “If I back to the shore, I will have to leave this town”

“Then… don’t” Atsuko simply smiled at me, “I will have to leave this town too if I get back to the shore. I wish we can stay like this forever~”

“Atsuko, I–”

Before I can continue, I feel dizzy, my head is turning upside down and my eyelids are heavy. I can feel Atsuko is placing her palm on my forehead then moved to my neck. With my blurry vision, I can still see her worried face.

“Minami, your body is hot… you’re having fever. Let’s get back to the shore”

She drives the boat back to the shore but I stopped her. I hold her hands with my weak body and shaking my head in disapproval. She is insisting to bring me home and we nearly have a fight. Suddenly, like a lightning struck in my head, I lose control of my body and fell down to the water. The water calmed me down, but it also pulled me down… I feel like I was being pulled into the deep and dark place.


When I woke up, I am in Tokyo. My parents divorced and I live with mother. Years passed, I still love paintings. Everyday I put my efforts in paintings, drawing all the memories we’ve shared, all the sunsets we’ve seen, all the things we’ve gone through together. Every subjects in my paintings will always be you… and the river you took me to… Yume no Kawa… if you ever see the paintings I made for you, please find me… I just want to know how have you been, I miss you…

Flashback End

Thus who couple seeing Yume no Kawa together will be gifted eternal bond to live happily together…

Minami sighed, “I guess the ending is not happening to me…”

She looked at her watch which showing 7 in the evening. It’s time for her to close the museum. This paintings museum is owned by Minami after years of her achievement. Almost all of the paintings showing in this museum are made by her. Other than that are made by other famous artist or even by her friends. She carefully checks inside the museum one more time to make sure all visitors have gone.

When she traveled the place where her famous painting was, she saw a person standing there. "I'm sorry, we're closing..."

The woman has shoulder length black hair and is wearing white dress, resembles the girl in her painting. As she walks closer, her heart is beating in anxious. She is familiar with this feeling, she is familiar with her scent… slowly reached out her hand to call the girl, Minami paused at the moment when the girl turned back to face Minami.

"Is that me? Which you drew in this painting"

Both girls are staring at each other with smile on their face…

I guess the ending of the story happens to me…

That's the end of Yume no Kawa.
For Atsumina (Acchan's graduation)
Just like this story, although they have different views and got separated. In the end, I hope they will meet each other again and be together  :wub:
Hope you like this story~
How do you think about it?

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You know, today I cried a lot, and I thought I have no mo tears left, but you.... You made me cry again!!!  :pleeease: :pleeease: :on speedy: :on speedy:

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Thank you for this wonderful story  :bow: :bow:

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It was great/ Thank you for this fic, but I really wanted a kiss!! :D
Write more AtsuMina!! :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
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Long time no read here..
Me like this story!
Shipping atsumina forever!
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SUCH A BEAUTIFUL FANFIC :D I LOVED IT :) Wonderfully written, I teared up ^^ Thanks for writing this. I hope u write more Atsumina!! I'll still support then even if Acchan did graduate :)
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thank you, you've just made my day :heart:

this is very beautiful  :heart:
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I like happy ending!!!!
Poor grandpa I hope they caught the killer
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awwww good ending.. and goos story thanx we need it :D
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 :farofflook: It's not only ordinary love story.
But it's about loss  :cry:

  :on speedy: Running away and cries....
Thank you for a wonderful AtsuMina fic!

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Just like this story, although they have different views and got separated. In the end, I hope they will meet each other again and be together  :wub:

forever together~  :luvluv2:

thx for all the great atsumina's fanfics, ichikawa-san..  :bow: hope you still continue to write more Atsumina's story~  :mon inluv:
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Title: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Truth (Sequel to Reason)
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Konnichiwa, Minna-san~ It's been a long time since I make an appearance here^^
A thousand thanks for all your comments, I'm really happy to see readers leave comment after reading.
It gives me strength to write more stories :wub: Thank you  :bow:
Thanks for support Atsumina too  :D I'll try to do more Atsumina even Acchan is graduated.
I'll try my best to continue my tbc stories too (if you don't mind waiting... hehehe...*laugh sheepishly* I'm getting lazy these days)

My old fic "Reason" is written when I heard Acchan's graduation and this is another fic written because Acchan's scandal
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Actually this story is written when I saw the news about drunk Acchan (T^T) but I don't have time to update this
It broke my heart in pieces to see Acchan like that and the most frustrate me is how Acchan is being carried (ToT) Totally heartbreaking...
Hope this won't be boring shot...
Please enjoy reading^^


Wake up in the morning, I wipe my cheek as they are still wet from crying yesterday. Get off from my bed, I walk to the washroom. Looking to the mirror, I see my eyes are swollen from crying all night. I don’t understand… really… that scene is disturbing me. Is that all just a misunderstanding? I comfort myself and try not to believe that truth. I open my wardrobe and smile, our photos are still stick on there. Your smiles make my day…

It’s been weeks since we don’t see each other and I miss you so much. Everyday passed like years… I can’t stop myself from thinking about you. How are you doing, do you eat well, do you sleep well, are you having happy life… do you miss me? All that questions fill my head and take an appearance once in a while. Why you move out from your old apartment? Is that you don’t want me to come over? Or you are withdrawing yourself from me?

Yesterday, I went to your new apartment… where you moved out without telling me. I overheard Yuko and Harugon’s conversation to know that you’re living together. That makes me sad so much. But still… I can’t stop myself from urge to see you. I went to your new apartment and waiting for you in the park, I was sitting there on the swing. The night is dark and the wind is cold. I’ve been waiting for you in hours, you never show yourself. I was planning to leave then there’s a cab stopped not far from your apartment. The door opened and I saw someone is carrying you out from the cab. My heart hurts when I see you in his arms… my heat hurts more when I see how he is carrying you. Can he call himself a man? Even me can carry you way better than him!

I want to run there and punch that man, but I can’t. I don’t want to create more trouble to you as I know paparazzi must have been hiding somewhere near. If I come out all of the sudden and snatch you from that man, what will those brats say in the newspaper tomorrow? I bear the pain and sneak behind the wall, near the way to your place. Your hair and clothes are in mess, your eyes are red and teary. I can’t imagine what happened to you, are you getting drunk to terrible state like this? What makes you have to drink, you never been like this before… never when you’re in AKB48… never when you’re with me… Is there something related with your graduation? You know, I will always there for you to release your stress, to be your listener, and be your shoulder to cry on. Why are you getting yourself into terrible state like this? It’s hurt so much like there’re thousands knife stab my heart.

That man put you down and saying something to you. I can’t hear it clear because the distance but then you are hugging him and crying hard as he continues whispering something to you. Not long after, I see Harugon is approaching you, supporting your weight and bringing you upstairs. But you are struggling against her, you hold that man’s arm and saying something unclear. All I can hear is…

“No, you can’t leave me! Not after what you did to me!”

My legs went weak and I fell to the ground. Clenching my shirt, I can’t believe what have spoken from your mouth. Is that me misunderstanding those words? Or there’s really something happens between you two? I know you’re really close to this man, Sato Takeru because the drama which you worked with him years ago. You often flatter him when we’re having conversations. I don’t trust him somehow, I don’t trust his gentleman face. He looks like ordinary guys in my eyes but you say he is a good man. Even now, he is the one you called when you’re drunk… not me…

Closing the door, I’m ready to go for rehearsal. I walk cross the park we used to be in the night. Things have changed, the small hill behind those bushes were cleaned up and replaced by a small cottage with some benches and tables inside it. Swings and others decorations were gone, all left is just a plain wide field. Shaking my head from those memories, I put on my mouth masker as the bus I’m waiting for is near. I get into the bus and automatically spot the seat we usually sit on. You were always clinging on me and sleep on my shoulder whenever we ride the bus. There’s a newspaper on the seat. The cover is big enough for me to read. The headline is your scandal with Sato Takeru. I go to the seat and pick up the newspaper, reading all the words in it. Of course not 100% what said in newspaper are true but somehow it deceived me. So, you and that bastard were having Gokon? So, that’s why you graduated because you fell in love with him, willingly to sacrifice your dream for him?


“Takamina, don’t overwork yourself”

Mariko grabbed my shoulder and pushed me down to sit. We are practicing the new dance for our next single, Uza. The choreography is hard so that I have to practice it more since I am the slowest among the members to remember the step and dance in correct pose. I spend all my time to practice this dance until I do it perfectly without getting scold by instructor. That’s what people see in me… actually, I am doing this to forget Acchan. I want to forget what I saw yesterday and what I read in the newspaper this morning. All of that are irritating me…

“Don’t worry about Acchan, she’ll be fine” Yuko said as she brings the water and towel for me.

“I’m not worrying her” I lied and smiled at Yuko, “All I’m worrying now is the dance. We only have time less than one month to master this. It’s really hard for me”

Taking one sip of the water, I get up and clap my hands to get attention from other members, “Practice will start in five minutes, get ready”

The newspaper and internet spread Acchan’s scandal really fast. All of them are badmouthing about her, fans are heartbroken to see the pictures of drunk Acchan holding Sato’s arm and the worst is Acchan’s terrible state while carried by Sato. How could media post a picture like that? Don’t they have photos better that this? I want to make clear of what I saw that night. I want to make clear of what they said in newspaper. I want to know the truth. There are many things I want to know more.

Faster my pace, I walk to Acchan’s current apartment. Facepalm for myself, I don’t know which floor she lives. I walk from door to door to see the nameplate on the wall to search for her name. first floor, second floor, third floor… I can’t found her name… or she didn’t put her real name on the nameplate? Why must I search for her like this? Why didn’t I use the thing called phone to ask her? I walk desperately to another stairs and stop in the middle of the way.

“Where is my key?”

I heard a familiar voice and turn my head toward the voice. I smile as I saw the familiar figure standing in front of the door, searching for the key. She is too busy in finding her key that she doesn’t notice me standing next to her. Sliding my hand into her left pants’ pocket, I take out a pair of keys. She yelped when she notice my hand withdrawing from her pocket.

“You always forget that you keep it in your pocket rather than in your purse” I handed her the keys.

“Minami…” she bites her lower lips and avoids looking in my eyes, “How did you find me?”

“Why did you move out without telling me?” I reply with question, throwing the newspaper to her, “Is this your reason to graduate? You graduated because of him, you want to have relationship with him. You give up your dream because of him! That’s the reason you disappeared and leaving me!”

“No, it’s not!” she protested.

“I heard what you said last night, you are holding his arm and said he can’t leave you after what happened”

Acchan is turning her back against me and open the door. I hold her hand to prevent her from going inside, “Explain to me!”

“Do you believe me?” she said with emotionless face.

Suddenly, my heart is betraying me. I want to scream out loud that I will believe her no matter what happen but my voice wouldn’t come out from my throat. My voice gone, my lips are like being glued that I can’t open it. We were in this awkward silent and her eyes are become red while she is waiting for my answer. Gives up on waiting, she withdraws her hand from me and closed the door… leaving me cold outside.

I sit down with my back leaning on her door. Closing my eyes, I regret why I couldn’t said I believe her. I want to believe her but I don’t have any confidence to say it loud. I’m sure everyone feels the same, everyone has doubts on her. Seeing a drop of tear fall down from her eyes before she closed the door, my heart snapped back to reality. We were once live in fairy tales, live in sweet dreams as we continue achieving our dreams. In my dreams, you are always be there by my side, smiling with your brightest smile that gives me strength to solve all the obstacle in front of me. But sometimes nightmares will appear, scary things won’t disappear… you are no longer the old Acchan, you have grown up to adult and have your own way to live in your own life.

Suddenly, I remember your side face… your smile and that cute crinkle nose…

“You fell in love with another person” I feel like I understand this so I cried. “I moved to your old apartment, I will be waiting there. I will be waiting until you come back”

What Minami didn’t know is… Acchan is sitting behind the closed door, she heard what Minami said and crying in silent. She wants to tell Minami the truth but she is mad because Minami can’t answer her previous question, she can’t say that she believes in her.


Is that the truth? What is hiding behind the truth?
Well... no one knows beside Acchan herself...

That's all for today  :cry:

Ichikawa is out  :cry:
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Ahhh it's so good to see you again!  :wriggly:

I thought you left us! :fainted:

Welcome back! :hee:

Wah the story is great! :luvluv1:

So sad!  :badluck:

I hope Acchan is still alright!  :OMG:
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Good to see you are back!!
That was amazing! And true... No one knows what the truth is beside the people that were there especially Acchan....
Thank you for this update!!
Update SOON!!
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That was sad, but nicely written! Thanks for the update :D Also hope to see your next update, looking forward to it :)
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Can you please continue this I want to know what the truth is!
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Ohh!! My heart hurt ; can you expain the reason acchan
Takamina will waiting for you.
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It's very nice to see there's still comments for my fic  :heart: it's heartwarming for me^^

@miyumi : It's been a while^^ hehe... nice to see you leave comment. I love your mad house season 2, it's really great story, I enjoy it very much^^ Thanks for making it season 2. Kumi is so kawaii there :heart:

@Sese : Ah... my tbc stories... I'm working on it but new stories always pop out and I spend all the time spacing out, day dreaming the plot =.=''' , I'll continue it sometime... sometime...  :nervous

@TakaminaBG : Yeah  :yep: no one knows what exactly happened there. That is how entertainment world does, always hiding something behind the scenes. Thanks for reading and leaving comment  :D hope I can spend more time in writing... ahaha...  :nervous

@arrow27 : Thank you  :D I will work hard for the next update  :D

@Tanchan : Ugh...  :sweatdrop: it was one-shot, so... Gomenasai  :cry: I don't feel to invent any scenes for the tabloit, so.. maybe if there's other news related to them appear in public? well, maybe I'll write the continuation?  Gomen :bow:

@ Rukaeru : Very sorry about that  :nervous I'm addicted to sad stories these days (something happened in my daily life) plus those tabloid really made my heart broke in pieces  :angry: so... maybe I'll write a humorous one later? please feel free to visit my other stories like -> IT DOES HURT ( or AIDORU PANIC ( it will lighten your mood a bit, I guess  :D

@Pdpond :  :cry: I feel really sorry about it, this is one-shot... Gomenasai pond-san  :cry:
Title: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Killing Me Softly
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It's been a while I haven't been writing some stories... I feel like I forget how to write XD
It's an update~ as usual~ my OTP  :heart:
This is short than my others update, though...

Hope minna enjoy  :)


Loving you is just like sweet melody, it comes to me so naturally…
Loving you is like a fire, whether it’s going to warm your heart or burn it, you can never tell…
Loving you is like a poison, it goes through your veins, shoots through your heart, messed up your brain and leaves you in pain…

Love is a sweet poison, an agreeable torment… and I’m taking it everyday without second thought.


I love the way you called my name. I love the smile you give me everytime we meet. When we started getting to know each other, even just a bit, that kind of joy I’m feeling it… When our eyes meet each other, that serious look of yours makes my heart to beat even faster than usual.

When I first met you, I believe it’s not a coincidence… it is fate… it’s destiny… and you are starting to fill my heart with your poison every single day.

We met, we talked, we laughed, and we fell in love. I am wide aware of this sweet poison, it filled inside me drowned deeper and deeper and I’m willingly taking it for more. Everytime love starts to take off, I always suffer from all these negative dreams. These feelings seem to go away as the time quietly passes by. It reacts to my heart if you’re not around. It stings to my heart when you ignored me… and you are the only morphine to cure the pain.

Your temper is like a typhoon, came without warning, gone without trace. You will only smile when you are happy and stay silent when you are in bad mood, and I love you just the way you are. But somehow, I can’t understand you. I can never know what are you thinking… just like this time… this morning, you are clingy on me. We are having off day from our busy schedules and you always drag me out to the town, walking, talking, laughing, eating, and do some shopping. But then… you suddenly went rage and without a single word, you left.

“Acchan, have you slept?”

I sent you a message and you didn’t reply.

“Good morning, Acchan. Let’s have breakfast together”

Another message from me and you didn’t reply.

“Acchan, you free this noon? Let’s have lunch together”

Yet another message and you didn’t reply. You haven’t talked to me since that day. You are avoiding me all the time and having fun with Yuko and the others.

“Alright, break time is over. Get in your position for next song” I put a smile on my face and do my best to end this rehearsal. When the rehearsal is over, I tried to talk to you but you walked away and went home with Yuko.

Staring at the window, staring at the night sky, the memories between us are flashing inside my mind. My lips can’t help but forming a smile whenever you are running inside my mind. I’m thinking about you so much. Time doesn’t stop me… my aching heart needs you now…

It’s been three days… You’ve been ignored me for three days. My emotions are just repeating over and over again. I want words from you, just one line will do. With my fingers, I’ll send you a message. All the messages I sent to you, you did not reply. Did I do something wrong? How would I know if you didn’t tell me? I got tired of crying… I’m going to quit worrying those unanswered calls and messages.

This poison reacts inside me, killing me softly…

My head hurts in the early morning. My body is heavier than ever. Checking on my phone, still no reply from you. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. All of the sudden, this thing vibrating in my palm, my eyes wide opened to seek for your name but it appeared to be another person.

“Hello?” I answered.

“TAKAMINA!!!” this person is shouting on the other side, “Where are you?”

“Home” I said shortly.

“Majide? Do you know what time is it? Are you not feeling well?”

“Ah…” I looked at the time, it showed 10.48 am. I am late for the theater rehearsal, “I’m not feeling well, Yuko. Please take care of the rest”

“Wa—” before she can say anything more, I hanged up the phone. Turned off my phone, grabbing my jacket, I went out from this room.

I’m going on a trip to the beach. Walking to the bus stop, change to train station, I’m on my way to the beach. Looking out from the window, the sky is gloomy, looks like it will rain soon. Turned up the volume of my music player, listening to the sad love song, the song is going through my soul…

The beach is so quiet in rainy day. I am all alone sitting on the shore, listening to my sad songs and feeling the waves brush my feet gently. A raindrop fell on my cheek, I can feel it. I smiled and closed my eyes to welcome the rain. It was pouring down from the sky and dropped on my skin harshly. It was like washing the sadness and the pain away from me. Lay down on the sand, stretched my arms wide to feel the rain, let the tears out mixing with the rain… as my heart is calling out your name.

The sun is setting down, the sky stopped raining, and the music stopped. It’s time to go home now…

I get up from the ground, lowering my hood and walked to the station. In front of the station, I just realized that I forgot to bring my wallet, searching inside my pocket, nothing to be found. Sighed, I walked away and took another route to go home. Along the way, my stomach is crawling, growling inside, asking for food. It’s a bit ironic but… my heart ache no more when my stomach is crawling.

Pffftt… so, hunger can neutralize the ache” stretching my arms straight, I moved forward, “I’ll try to call you again later. I’ll call you thousand times until you talk to me”

Blame to myself for not bringing wallet, I have to walk for hours to get home. The moon is up high in the sky, showering her light on me, on my cold body. Is it me too tired or what? I saw a figure is standing in front of my house. I can’t see it clear in the night but somehow I get a familiar feeling of this person. Trying to hide the smile on my face, my legs are moving faster toward the destination. When I get closer, my heart beats faster. The poison is reacting again inside me, like drug…

“Acchan…” her name came out smoothly from my throat.

You turned to face me with teary eyes, “Baka!” You pulled me into your embrace and hold me tight, “Where did you go? Why you didn’t message me? Why you turn off your phone? I’m worried!”

Your poison is reacting again inside me. This warm is filling inside me, going through my veins and skin. I smiled…

You pulled out and looked at me with worried face, “Why are you soaking wet? Did something happen? Where did you go? Why your phone is off?”

“I miss you” my simple answer to all your questions is, “… I miss you…”

Her gaze went softly on me, melting me inside…

She moved closer and attached her forehead on mine, looking straight into my eyes… Our nose gently touched and I can feel her hot breath against my skin, it’s killing me softly inside… the warm and fuzzy feelings spread through my body system, the poison is spreading and shut down my brain, messed up with my heart beats… She's killing me softly with her love...

“You’ll catch cold like this” She held my hand and guided me to my house, “I’ll be sleepover here tonight. I’m gonna make sure you won’t catch cold. We have a performance tomorrow and you have to perform in your best condition”

Your love is such a sweet poison I can’t resist… it kills me yet revives me at the same time…

Minami: “Ne, Acchan. Why did you ignore me? What did I do?”

Atsuko: “You still don’t realize your fault?”

Minami: *shakes head*

Atsuko: “You ate my strawberry on the strawberry cake I ordered!!”

Minami: *eyes widen* just because of that?!

Atsuko: “That’s my favorite! I always save it for the last!!” *pouted* “I thought you’d buy one and apologize”

Minami: *roll eyes* So, cake is more important than me… *facepalm*

 :lol: looks like I spoil the moment at the ending  :lol:  Forgive me  XD
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The whole story was so sad. I really felt for Minami..
But in the end together as always, BUT WHAT KIND OF AN ENDING IS THIS?
I almost cried and in the end you got me laughing!
But t was great, thank you and update soon!! And so should I, right? :D
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The whole story you made me sad and feel hurt deep in my mind
But the end; I smile and laughing!!.
Waiting for new here!
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Wow that was awesome, I really loved the concept and once again your writing really drew me in :D It was sad and sweet but in the end it was hilarious. Poor minami had to go through that all because of a strawberry :P Well she probably learned her lesson, never to come between Atsuko and food :D
Thanks for the update ^^
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what.. the..  :shocked
you ruined the mood  :depressed:  seriously you are...  :err:

give me a proper ending please..!  :frustrated: :mon cry:
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@ TakaminaBG : Thanks for leaving comment  :) and  :yep: I'm still waiting for your update  :D you should update soon~
@ Pdpond : Nyahaha~ I think the story is too sad, so I put some humor in it~  XD thanks you like it
@ arrow27 :  :yep: do not go between Atsuko and food~ it's obviously food will win  XD
@ O r i g a m i :  :D Thank you for the comments. I'm really happy to see that you miss my fic  XD
@ d_ruffi : Sorry for ruining the mood  :P Since you demand on it, here's the proper ending for the continuance~

Hope you enjoy  :)


Her gaze went softly on me, melting me inside…

She moved closer and attached her forehead on mine, looking straight into my eyes… Our nose gently touched and I can feel her hot breath against my skin, it’s killing me softly inside… the warm and fuzzy feelings spread through my body system, the poison is spreading and shut down my brain, messed up with my heart beats… She's killing me softly with her love...

“You’ll catch cold like this” She held my hand and guided me to my house, “I’ll be sleepover here tonight. I’m gonna make sure you won’t catch cold. We have a performance tomorrow and you have to perform in your best condition”

Your love is such a sweet poison I can’t resist… it kills me yet revives me at the same time…

She is holding my hand and guide me inside my house. She sat me down on the couch and went to bring some towel in my room. I am sitting on the couch, looking at my hands. I can still feel her warm on my hands. Seeing her face made me feel better, hearing her voice made my soul in ease. Slowly leaning my back on the couch, I closed my eyes. I'm tired from walking home for an hour.

Soon, I heard footsteps. I know she is walking toward me.

"Sleep already?" I heard her voice near to me. Not long after, I felt something on my forehead, "You are having slight fever"

I opened my eyes and surprised to see her face an inch before me. My mind went blank again and my body temperature is getting hot. I can feel her hot breath on my face. I closed my eyes and leaned forward and felt something soft on my lips.

"Chuckle... Do you love that towel so much?"

I opened my eyes and saw the towel on my lips. She is holding her stomach and laughing non stop at me. I am dying of embarrassment... I wish I could vanish right now. I pulled the towel and covered my face. Teased by her like this is killing me. She is killing me softly with my embarrassment.

"So, you are not ignoring me now?" I said with my face still covered by the towel.

"I'm still waiting for you to apologize" She pouted and looked away.

I smiled at how cute she is when she pouted like this. I get up from the couch and wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her closer to me, want her to feel the temperature of my body.

"You are leaving me cold like this. I almost become an ice statue" Resting my head on her shoulder, I whispered nest to her ear, "Don't ignore me like this anymore, it's torturing me"

She pushed me away gently and face me, "Do you realize what's your fault?"

"How would I know if you didn't tell me? You know how stupid I can be" I pouted at her with puppy eyes.

She pouted and twisted my ears unforgivenly, "I saw you enjoy how Mochii nibbled your ear!"

"EH?! She sneaked from behind and I was caught off guard!"

She stayed silent and glaring at me, her hands were still holding my ears.

"You know I can't fight back when my ear being occupied..." I stared at the floor.

"That's not an excuse!" she said as she twisted my ears again.

"Ouch... ouch... it's hurt, Acchan. I swear I didn't enjoy it! I only enjoy my life when I'm with you!"

She stopped twisting but still not letting go my ears.

"I only enjoy every seconds of my life when I'm with you, Acchan" Seeing no reaction from her, I tried to remove her hands from my ears slowly and put them on my face.

"Your hands are so warm, Acchan" I said as I feel the warm of her palm and kissing her right palm gently.

She blushed and smacked my head, "Enough for sweet talk. Hurry go bath and sleep! We have performance tomorrow morning"

She picked up the dry towel which dropped in the floor and walked away. I followed her behind, "Have you prepare the water, my wife~"

"Who is your wife?!" she said as she threw the towel right on my face.

My face said it's hurt but my heart said it's warm...

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as expected to my child
you inherit dad's writing skills huh?

She sneaked from behind and I was caught off guard!
QUOTED nyahahahaha
i love this scene!

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as expected to my child
you inherit dad's writing skills huh?

She sneaked from behind and I was caught off guard!
QUOTED nyahahahaha
i love this scene!

I agree with mommy!!! niichan saikou!!!
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aw, another awesome update :D Loved this! ^^ Thanks for the update, I look forward to ur future fics!
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jjaja i prefer the first ending :B
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Interesting OS u wrote there  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

Looking forward to the next  :cow: :cow: :cow:
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So sweet; my heart melt :heart: :heart: :heart:
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eeeeeehhhhh?? You continued this fic!!  :shocked  :shocked  :shocked
how could I just know about it!  :doh:

thx for the continuation~
looking forward to your next update  :mon fyeah:
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Thanks for all the comment minna~~
Thanks for still reading my fics~~
So many things happened nowadays.. finally get my inspiration back to write something  :D
Another Atsumina from me~~


Stupid Me

“Get out of here! Now!”

That is my beautiful girlfriend, Maeda Atsuko… and yes, she is chasing me out of here, her apartment. We’re having a huge fight last night. You said I am dumber than big ben, how do you make that comparison? I’m too quiet when we argue, at least the clock would make some noise. Right now, I am sitting here, enjoying my last cup of coffee.

“I will leave after drinking this cup of coffee” I said coldly.

Want me to leave? I already packed my bags ahead of time. But I’m still waiting if she will apologize and admit her faults. It’s not my fault at all… She is standing there crossing her arms, in front of me, waiting for me to finish this cup of coffee. I hate to admit but her face is so cute when she is mad. She is running out her patience and angrily walking to my direction.

“Get out of my apartment now, Takahashi Minami!”

“Let me enjoy this coffee peacefully”

Yeah, I am drinking this coffee slowly. I don’t want to leave yet. Why doesn’t she understand that I don’t want to leave? Sigh… This stubborn girl… just apologize and I will pretend like nothing happened. You don’t need to chase me out… we’re living together for three years already, we’re having so many fights before... but you don’t need to chase me out this time. I am always the one who apologize even if it’s not my faults but why can’t I just let it go this time? Why am I acting like this? Why can’t you understand me? Because I’m stupid, I will always end up forgive you.

She grabbed my left arm and pulled me off the sofa. She pushed me toward the door harshly.

“Okay, okay, I can walk by myself” I released my arm from her hands and picked up my bag.

She opened the door to send me out. The wind was breezing cold outside, the road was covered by thin snow. My footsteps were printed on the snow as I walked by. I am walking in slow pace like a snail, my foot felt so heavy as I walked.

“Stop right there!” suddenly her voice came out from behind.

I smiled and turned back, as I thought, she wouldn’t be that cruel to chase me out. I know it, she will call me back. She walked toward me and smiled, “This is my cup” she said as she took away the cup of coffee which is still in my hands since this morning. After that, she went back into the house and slammed the door loud.

“Fine! If this is what you want! I leave!”

Kicking the snow under my foot, I walked away. Walked into the city street, the morning air is still fresh. Taking a break on the bench, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to relax myself. The river across the street is still beautiful as always… This scenery hasn’t changed a bit. I opened my bag and took out a disc, a DVD without its box. This is the movie she likes the most and this riverside where I am right now, is her favorite scene in the movie. We used to take a long walk at the riverside just like the couple in this movie. She’ll definitely call me when she found out I took the DVD. Looked at my watch, it showed 11:45 a.m. Why haven’t she called me? Maybe she hasn’t founded out the DVD is with me?

“Let’s take a lunch first~” I put the DVD back into my bag and walked to a restaurant.

After having delicious meal, I went back to the place and have a sit there. She still hasn’t called me yet. Let’s just wait a little more longer. I walk along the riverside and enjoy the scenery, remembering the memories we share together. It’s so cold here, walking by myself without your accompany. I remember the time we’re talking, laughing, playing here. You’re a naughty girl, really. You always trying to push me down to the river, leaving me soaking wet to the way home and then you prepared the hot water for me and cooked the delicious katsudon for me.

How many rounds I’ve been walking here? Surely, time is walking so slow without you by my side. I looked at my watch every minute. Right now, everything in my world is getting slowdown. You keep running inside my head, making a mess inside me. The sun is setting down now and you haven’t called me. I checked my phone every single minute and everytime I saw the screen, it’s your smiling face…

I’m walking here in your favorite scene but you’re not in the scene I want you to be. Frustrated, I walked back to the bench and put down my bag. I put my phone on top of bag, facing me, myself. Standing in front of my phone, looking at your face… I feel like I am going crazy.

“The sky is turning dark, why haven’t you asked me to return your DVD?” I scolded my phone, pointing it with index finger.

“Why are you pretending to be so stubborn? What is the problem?” I crossed my arms and pouted.

“If you don’t call me, then I’m not going to chase you back!” I shouted at my phone and this caused the people around looking at me with suspicious eyes. I scratched my head and bowed to them to apologize.

Ten minutes passed as I staring at my phone. Still no reaction from it, not ringing. I grabbed it and poked the screen, at Atsuko’s nose. “Listen carefully, I have never loved you! Why would I miss you?!”

Am I really going crazy now? Why go crazy? It’s logical but I can’t explain it. Only that my mind is still not clear yet. Closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, I let myself relax under the moonlight. The moon today is so big, so bright… While staring at the moon, your face appeared on it all of sudden. I shook my head and rubbed my eyes, now I am having hallucination?! Oh man, I really went crazy.

The road is silent… the clock tower is ringing. It’s 01.00 a.m. now… Did I spend whole day sitting here? I even skipped my dinner! I can’t believe I don’t feel any hungry till now… Well, I am full of you in my head. Yeah, I still love you and actually I miss you so much. Stretching my arms and legs, I picked up my back and walked away.

“I am very giving, I’m not as stingy as you, I will forgive you” I smiled and walked away, “Please don’t be so pleased”

On the other side

Atsuko is getting off from her bed, “I can’t believe I slept since this morning until now” she looked at the clock, showing 01:00 am.

She opened the curtain and looked outside. The moon is so big and bright, she is staring at the moon and suddenly Minami’s face was shown up on it. She immediately closed the curtain and pouted, “I’m not thinking of you! Why would I thinking of you?!”

She walked downstairs toward the kitchen. She opened the fridge and took out leftover brownies. The brownies remind her of Minami, the moment they shared the brownies together. They were playfully prevent each other to take the first bite and ended up with the cake all over their face. Without realize, Atsuko is smiling but then she put an emotionless face and threw the brownies into rubbish bin.

“Taste bad!”

She turned to get some coffee. Without realize she made two cups of coffee. She always makes two cup of coffee every morning to share together with Minami. Then again, she poured the coffee into rubbish bin and also the cup, Minami’s cup.

“I don’t like coffee!”

Atsuko walked to the living room and switched on TV. All the dramas were playing about story of a couple having fight or quarrel. She switched off the TV and went searching some DVD to watch. She smiled as she found her favorite DVD, she could watch it over and over again without getting bored. When she opened the DVD box, the disc inside is missing.

“Did she steal my DVD?” Atsuko screamed and jumping on her sofa, “That jerk!”

She picked up her phone and dialed Minami’s number. But then, before the pressed the call icon, she threw away her phone on the sofa. “Why should I call her?”

She picked up and then threw her phone away over and over again, struggling to call Minami. The sun is rising now… Atsuko finally decided to call Minami, to get her DVD back. Before she pressed the call icon, her door bell is ringing.

“Who the hell is that in this early morning?” Atsuko looked at the clock and it showed 08:48 am.

She lazily opened the door and surprised by the person standing before her. It was Minami standing in front of her with a board hanging in front her chest, saying – ‘Searching for owner to adopt this poor doggy’

Before Atsuko can react, something is moving behind Minami’s coat. It looked like a pair of ears and then the puppy head popped out and looking at Atsuko with incredible cute puppy eyes.

“Kyaaaaaa!!” Atsuko screamed and pulled the puppy in her arms, rubbing her cheek on the puppy’s head.

“This is why I don’t approve you to adopt a puppy” Minami pouted and looked down, “Your attention will be on it and you’ll ignore me”

“I love you sooo muuuccchhh, Minami!!” Atsuko wrapped her right arm around Minami’s neck and pulled her closer for a kiss. She pressed her lips hard on Minami’s cheek.

Minami pouted and withdrew herself from Atsuko, “I’m leaving”

“Stay!!” Atsuko held Minami’s arm.

“You don’t need me, you need the puppy only” Minami complained.

“I command you to stay” Atsuko commanded.

“You don’t love me… You didn’t even call me either”

“I do want to call you but you are a step ahead of me” Atsuko explained.

Minami stayed silent and got Atsuko anxious, “Okay, I’m sorry. Don’t leave”

Minami smiled and turned to face Atsuko, “I am very giving, I forgive you”

“I know~~ because you love me too~” Atsuko said playfully.

Cih… Don’t be so pleased” Minami said and leaned forward to kiss Atsuko.

“Woof!!” the puppy was getting in the way and licked Atsuko’s lips.

“Ooopps~ you got a rival from now on” Atsuko patted the puppy’s head who is still in her arm, “She loves me too~”

“WOOF!!” Minami barked at the puppy and glared at it. The puppy is waving its tail happily.

Atsuko was laughing at the two of them and then pulled Minami inside the house, “Okaeri~ Minami~~”

“Tadaima, Atsuko. Don’t ever chase me out again okay?”


“Cook me katsudon! I’m soooo hungry right now~~”

Atsuko giggled, “Do you want to have me instead of katsudon?”


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I like the last sentence.
I was kind of shocked at the beginning. Atsuko was acting like a child. I wanted to slap her. :D
But in the end everything was okay!
Thank you for this update!
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Omg, Minami was the cutest thing in this fic lol, so sweet. Love when she came back with that sign and puppy :P The ending was really sweet and funny as well :) A puppy is def tough competition :P
Thanks for the fic, I enjoyed reading it :D Looking forward to your future work ^^
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I love all of your fanfics!!
Sorry if i brought old and most hated topic but
Takamina already know that Acchan plans to graduate from AKB48 since 2011
Because Acchan always consult Takamina for 1 year (which that is 2011)
Did you see Takamina cried before Acchan started to announce her graduation...?
That is the proof that Takamina already knew about her plan to graduate

PS: sorry for my crappy english....
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Yeah you'd better have her for breakfast Takamina.

P.S.: I think every one already knows that Takamina knew Acchan was going to announce graduation. She told Takamina at SSA, right before they came out for the encore.
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jajajja i love the last snetence

Atsuko giggled, “Do you want to have me instead of katsudon?”

Say yes MINAMIIIIIII say yes!
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@TakaminaBG : you wanna slap Acchan?!  :shocked you'll be killed by Minami  XD
@arrow27 : Minami is always sweet~ dun ya agree?  XD Thanks for always looking forward my fics  :heart:
@correnereyes & Tanchan : I wrote that fic before knowing the truth that Acchan consulted to Minami  :mon sweat: It's just a fic~ Let's assume Minami dunno~  :mon innocent: Thanks for reading~  :D
@Haruko : Minami always say yes~~  XD XD
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all your history

are really cool  :twothumbs
and Minami just say... "YES"   :inlove:
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I had a great time reading this. I actually read this a few days ago and I've just decided to comment now just to express how I really like this.. Oh wait, I loooove this!. XD

Hopefully to see more works from you, ;A; MORE MORE MOOOORE atsumina!  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: lol Thank you for this wonderful OS
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It's been a while again minna~~  :hee:
Me too busy playing games nowadays~ nyahahaha~  :on lol:
Forgive me for not update my fic...  :kneelbow:  got attracted by games~  :on lol:

Here's my Valentine fic~ and of course the pairing will be my OTP~~ nyahaha~
Hope my writing still well enough as before cause I really lost my inspiration to write...  :( :(
Hope you enjoy reading  :) :)

Our Valentine
===============   ===============   ===============

Inside a house, inside a room… there sit brown-haired woman on the bed while unpacked her things. She unpacked a box and took something out of it, looking at the photo album. The sunlight shimmering through the window’s curtain slowly revealed the woman’s face. A smile formed on her face when she looked at the photos and recalled the memories she spent together with someone she loved the most. She flipped to the next page and her eyes stopped at a photo where she stood in front of school gate. She smiled to herself as she remembered some good memories in her high school… and of course… with that special someone…


“Akiba High School…” a short figure was standing in front of the closed gate. She looked at her watch which showed 09.00 am… She was definitely late on the first day of school, new semester of the year. She thrown her bag over the gate and climbed over it.


She landed on the ground with perfect pose and smirked, “Let’s get hurry before the next class started” she said while picking up her school bag.

“Not so fast, Takahashi Minami” a voice coming from behind.

Minami turned around and saw the president of student council standing in front of her. Her cold eyes behind glasses, her shoulder length black hair and her neat figure is making some goosebumps for the other girl. Minami saw that student council taking out a pen and begin writing on a paper she’s holding.

“Wait… wait… wait… don’t write my name on that list” Minami begged.

“Rule is rule, you are late and I need to write it” said the student council.

“Come on, Atsuko. Give me once chance! Just this once, I’ll never be late again” Minami pleaded, “I don’t want to wash toilet after school again, pleeeeeaasseee”

“I hear you say this so many times already and you still late” said Atsuko as she done writing the name on list and turned to leave.

“Don’t be so cruel to your childhood friend~~” Minami said.

“Who said we’re friends” Atsuko acted cold and walked away.

Takahashi Minami and Maeda Atsuko have known each since kindergarten. They also have been neighbors for years and so do their parents, they’ve been enemies for years. Because of that, both of them didn’t get along very well. Especially Maeda Atsuko who always act cold to Minami, well-known as Mr. Late in school.

“You make me to!” Minami sneaked behind Atsuko and grabbed the list and running away.

“Hey!” Atsuko run after Minami to get her list back.

Minami ran into the building with Atsuko followed behind. Turned right, turned left, turned right, and turned left, Minami tried to escape from Atsuko. She went into music room and locked the door from inside. She landed her back at the door, trying to catch her breath.

“Did I manage to escape from her?” Minami gulped and attached her ear on the door, concentrated to hear if there’re any footsteps coming. All she heard inside the room is her hard breathing. She let out a breath and let her body fallen down, sitting on the floor. But then, a figure appeared right in front of her.

“A…Atsuko!!” Minami jawdropped, “H-how?!!”

Atsuko stood there with her usual emotionless face and slowly leaned forward, “I’ve been waiting here for you” She stretched her hands next to Minami, trapped Minami between her and the door, “You should try to change your route. You always end up hiding here whenever I’m chasing you”

“Sou ka…” Minami scratched her head and smiling sheepishly.

“Give me back the list” Atsuko ordered.

Minami grinned and the next second, she put the list inside her mouth and swallowed it, “It’s in my stomach now~ HAHAHAHAHA!!”

Within a flash speed, Atsuko grabbed Minami’s collar and pulled her off the ground and slammed her hardly down to the ground with judo style. Atsuko fixed her glasses and walked out of the room, leaving the half-dead Minami lying on the ground.

Flashback End

“I can still feel the pain of my back…” Minami recalled the feeling and rubbed her back gently. “You sure are rough that time~~” Minami lay down on her bed and staring at the ceiling, still thinking what happened after that…

“You’re still not giving up to put me into trouble, huh?” Minami chuckled by herself.


At the same day after Minami got slammed by Atsuko, she went to class. In the middle of class, there’s a sudden inspection by student councils. Anyone who broke the rules should get punishment. Without looking at anyone else, the president of student council – Maeda Atsuko walked straight to where Minami was sitting. She pulled Minami’s collar to make her stand up from her seat and glaring at her.

“Takahashi Minami, clean up the rooftop of old building after school”

“WHAT?!” Minami couldn’t believe what she heard, “I didn’t break any rules, are you picking on me?”

Atsuko fake a smile and dragged her in front of class, she pulled Minami’s hair, “Colored hair, break rules”

“Piercing” Atsuko said as she pointed Minami’s earrings, “Break rules”

“Bruise on your face and that band aid on your left cheek, you must have been in a fight… break rules”

“Short skirt, break rules”

“This is my natural color hair” Minami defended herself, “Wearing earrings is piercing?! And who is the cause I got bruise on my face?!” Minami glared at Atsuko, “My skirt is still 2 cm under knees, how can you say that it is short?”

Atsuko replied with calm tone, “How could I know who cause the bruise? You’re Japanese, how could you have brown hair without dying it? And your skirt, if I wear it, it’ll be too short. Overall, you break the rules”

“What?!” Minami was stuck there can’t process anything in her mind.

“Get her up to the rooftop” Atsuko commanded the other student councils.

Flashback End

“Kyaaa~” Minami smiled and rolling on the bed, hugging her pillow, “That rooftop on that old building was the first place we spend a night together~~~”

Minami buried her face on the pillow and nuzzled on it with big smile, “That was the first valentine I spent with you…”


That day was February 13rd… Minami got punished to clean up the mess rooftop. That building has been abandoned for years and the school principal wants to renovate it. Taking this chance to make fun of Minami, Atsuko put her into the job of cleaning that messy rooftop. The student councils dragged Minami to the rooftop and locked the exit so that Minami had no choice other than staying there, cleaning up the mess.

Broken chairs, rusty tables, boards, rubbish, wet floor… Minami growled in frustrated and fold her sleeves, “Fine! Let’s clean it up!”

Four hours passed, it’s six in the evening… Atsuko got up to the rooftop to check on Minami.

“Takahashi Minami?” Atsuko opened the door and stepped out to the rooftop but no one there. Broken chairs and tables were put neatly on the corner and the floor was cleaned. She was amazed that lazy Minami can clean up all these by herself.

“Takahashi Minami?” Atsuko calling her once again, “It’s time to go home, stop playing and come out”

“HYAAAATTT!!” Minami sneaked from behind and attacked Atsuko. She hit Atsuko with a wooden rod and Atsuko managed to block it with her arm. The wooden rod was broken in two. Minami eyes widen and jawdropped, she walked close and touch Atsuko’s arm, “Are you made of iron?”

“How do you think?” Death fire can be seen in Atsuko’s eyes.

“Ha… haha… hahaha… I was just… joking…” Minami fake a laugh and slowly move backward and ran away, “SORRY!”

“Come back here!!” Atsuko growled and grabbed Minami’s collar in no time. She pulled her back and swirled Minami with judo style to the ground just like what she did before. But this time, Minami twisted her legs and managed to escape from that deadly attack. Her back was almost broke when Atsuko did that before.

“Same trick won’t work on me~” Minami smirked and grabbed Atsuko’s wrist, twisted it behind her back, “You know what? Tomorrow is valentine” Minami whispered next to Atsuko’s ear.

“So... so what?!” Atsuko raised her voice.

“They said, there’s a legend in this old building rooftop… This building was once an altar for the god Cupid in ancient time and often used as a place where wedding ceremony held. Thus there’re some rumors started to spread that the couple who exchange their kiss under the moonlight on this rooftop when the church bell starts ringing, will be blessed and live happily forever” Minami grinned and whisper gently beside Atsuko’s ear, “Wanna try it?”

Atsuko’s eyes widen and raised her voice more louder, “Who… who want to be couple with you!!”

“I was just kidding~~ hahaha~~ your parents and mine, you and I, we’re enemies… we will definitely won’t be together!! hahaha~~ your panic face is sure funny!!” Minami laughed out a loud.

Atsuko’s face became a bit red. she struggled and stepped on Minami’s foot, causing her screamed and let go her grip on Atsuko. Without warning, Atsuko kicked Minami’s stomach and punched her face. Minami can’t help but to step backward. Another flying kick from Atsuko made Minami flying back and hit the fence. Unfortunately, the fence behind Minami was too old and rusty that it can’t hold Minami’s weight and broken.

“WAAAAA!!” Minami shouted as she felt her body was about to fall down from the roof.

“Takahashi Minami!!” Atsuko screamed out her name and pulled Minami’s wrist. “Stop moving!”

Minami was panicked and confused, she didn’t hear what Atsuko said and keep struggling, moving her body that caused Atsuko fell down together with Minami from the rooftop. They hugged each other and closed their eyes, thinking that they gonna die. Minami was praying while Atsuko was cursing her.

“How could this happen to me?! I’m still young and still have many things to do! I haven’t got a boyfriend, haven’t hold hands, haven’t kiss, haven’t married, haven’t… ARGHHHH!!” Atsuko was panicked and seemed out of her character. “I curse you! Takahashi Minami!!”


Both of them thought they gonna die but somehow… they landed on a soft things and rolling through something and crashed into something then ended up in a dark place. That place is dark enough for them to see nothing.

“Arghh…” Atsuko growled and rubbed her head, “Where is this place?”

“Welcome to hell, Maeda Atsuko” Minami playfully stuck out her tongue and talked with spooky voice. She put her cellphone under her chin and made a scary face, “Gaoooooo”

“Kyaaa!!!” Atsuko screamed and punched Minami’s face.

“Ouch..!! Hey! It’s me!” Minami shouted and stopped Atsuko from beating her. “I don’t know you are such a coward…”

Atsuko stayed silent and slowly leaned forward until they’re face was just an inch away from each other. Minami was startled to see Atsuko so close to her, the closest distance ever in her life. Atsuko narrowed her eyes then moved away. “Sorry, I lost my glasses. I can’t see you well”

“Sou…” Minami blushed.

“Where exactly we are?” Atsuko asked and looked around her surroundings but the room is too dark.

“Hmmm… I dunno either” Minami picked up her cellphone to see their surrounding but her cellphone’s light is not enough to light up the whole room. Minami started to walk and suddenly Atsuko wrapped her arms around Minami’s.

“Don’t go too far from me…” Atsuko blushed and looked away, “I’m… afraid of dark”

“Eh? What a surprised! A tough girl like you afraid of dark?”

“Can’t I?!” Atsuko raised her voice again.

Minami said nothing and kissed Atsuko’s cheek… that earned a punch from Atsuko, “Ouchh!”

“Why you kissed me?!” Atsuko mad.

“I was just trying to make you relax a bit. You’re all tensed up” Minami rubbed her swollen cheek. “Let’s find the exit” Minami held Atsuko’s hand and earned another punch from Atsuko.

“Why you holding my hand!” Atsuko struggling to free her right hand.

“With only one hand, you already beat me like this” Minami put her cellphone close to let Atsuko sees her swollen cheek, “If I let go your other hand, wouldn’t I be dead right now?”

They keep walking hand in hand to find the exit in that dark room. It was too silent and Minami tried to break the ice, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we’re friends?”

“……………” Atsuko remain silent.

“Your parents and mine are enemies, that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends”

“You know well what our parents will react if they know we become friends” Atsuko replied.

“Yeah~ my dad will lock me in my room just like what happened when we’re kid… when I carried you back home because you sprained your leg” Minami smiled.

“Takahashi Minami, I… Kyaaaaa!!” Atsuko suddenly screamed and hugged Minami tightly.

“What? What?” Minami confused and hugged Atsuko safely in her arm.

“I think I saw something dark flying over there!!” Atsuko jumped in Minami’s embrace while her finger pointing aimlessly nowhere, “There!! There!! There!!”

Looking at Atsuko’s panic face, Minami can’t help and leaned forward to kiss her once again… but this time… on the lips. Atsuko was caught up in the situation and replied the kiss. Before Atsuko completely closed her eyes, she snapped out and slapped Minami’s face.

“Takahashi Minami! Why you kiss me again?” Atsuko asked with blushing face.

“Because I want to shut your mouth, your scream makes my ears hurt” Minami put her hands on Atsuko’s shoulder and leaned forward, “And please, don’t call me by my full name. You can call me Minami”

Before Minami touched those lips once again, she leaned back and asked, “Why you punch me when I kiss you?”

“Well… that’s my reflect…” Atsuko looked away, “You kiss me and I punch you.. it’s fair enough”

“Well… I can consider it as a fair trade” Minami smiled and leaned in to kiss Atsuko again, on the lips.

Ouch!!  Ouch!!  Ouch!!  Ouch!!  Ouch!!  Ouch!!  Ouch!! Ouch!!  Ouch!!

Flashback End

Minami wiped her tears that coming out from the corner of her eyes, still laughing on her bed. “Hahaha… Just how many times did I kiss you that night? My face was swollen and my parents thought I got bullied by you. And then…”

Minami’s smile faded away, “Your family moved away and so did my family. We didn’t even say goodbye… I know you since kindergarten, we went to the same primary school, secondary school, and high school… how many years we spent together and I just realized my feelings to you when you moved away. Too young, too dumb to realize… that I love you”

Minami sighed and then smiled to herself again, “I thought I heard bell ringing when I kissed you… maybe it’s just my hallucination. I really hope that the legend was true but the reality is always cruel. There’s no legend… no cupid…”

“Minami~~” someone came into the room.

“Hai!!” Minami answered and quickly wiped her tears.

That person sighed, looking at her messy room, “Haven’t you done unpacking things? Why this room becomes a mess like this?”

“Hehehe~~” Minami laughed sheepishly and scratched her head, “Sorry Haruna, I was fallen asleep”

Haruna stopped beside Minami and planted a kiss on her forehead, “Hurry up and get change, it’s time to go”

“Why must we have dinner in restaurant today?” asked Minami.

“Because today is V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E~~” Haruna pouted, “Can’t you be more romantic?”

“Haha…” Minami smiled awkwardly as a replied.

“Don’t forget to bring your bouquet, I already reserved a table” Haruna reminded.

Some minutes after…

Minami hurriedly went into the restaurant with bouquet in her hands. She took out a piece of paper that wrote the number of table Haruna reserved. She looked around and found the table.

“Sorry to keep you waiting” Minami hurriedly sat on her seat without looking at the person in front of her.

“I don’t mind waiting” said the person.

“That voice…” Minami lifted up her head and saw the person’s face. “That smile…” Minami can’t help but smile widely at the person in front of her.

“It’s been a long time since the last time we spent valentine together” said the person, “Is that flowers for me?”

“Y-Y-Yes!! Yes!! This is for you!” Minami immediately handed the flowers to that person. Not long after, her cellphone ringing, a message from her sister, Haruna. The message said that she has another date and this person will replace her to spend valentine with Minami.

“H-How…” Minami can’t even talk properly right now because she was too happy. The person right before her right now is the person she missed the most.

“Are you the same person that I know, Mi-na-mi?” the person giggled.

“Of course I am, Atsuko” Minami answered, “Will you spend your valentine with me again?”

“So fast forward, ne?” Atsuko chuckled.

“Will you?” asked Minami once again.

“I don’t mind to punch you for a lifetime” Atsuko said playfully.

Minami gently touched Atsuko’s hand and staring into her eyes, “I start believing that legend again. Thus hear the bell ringing will be blessed and live happily forever”

“Is that mean you heard the sound of bell ringing too?” Atsuko tighten her grip on Minami’s hand, “I thought it was my hallucination to hear that sound”

“I heard it…” Minami smiled, “And that means…”

“We’re blessed” Atsuko replied.

“And will live happily forever” Minami joined.

“Happy Valentine, Minami”

“Happy Valentine, Atsuko”


Happy Valentine Minna!!  :nya:
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WOW! I loved this!!! Such an awesome read. I really like Atsuko and Minami's relationship in this & the flashbacks were awesome :)

Lol you got me near the end, I thought minami was together with Haruna :P Loved the ending, it was sweet :) Thanks for the valentines update!
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Within a flash speed, Atsuko grabbed Minami’s collar and pulled her off the ground and slammed her hardly down to the ground with judo style. Atsuko fixed her glasses and walked out of the room, leaving the half-dead Minami lying on the ground.

this is so funny! :hiakhiakhiak:
but i love it..
i love how acchan has that kind of attitude  :onionwhip: and taka so so so adorable teasing her always nyahahaha
thank you sechiii   :on slopkiss:
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This was so romatic!!! :mon inluv:
The scene on the rooftop and after they fell was so HOT!!! Minami is so bold!!! Sasuga my idol!!  :mon determined:
And thank YOU HARUNA!!! Thank you for bringing my AtsuMina together!
Thank you for this sweet and romantic update!
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Very impressive on this one altogether

Haruna ended up getting them back together in the end

Posted by PWO fail master

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aw! I so love this! :heart: :heart:
gad! the flashbacks were hilarious yet didnt fail causing me to giggle. kya! so cute!

My favorite part was the one at the school where Atsu pushed her reasons why Minami broke the rules. Hahaha best part!!!! I was literally laughing at that one!

This is such a nice valentine fic. My heart goes doki doki for it. Amazing story as ever  :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Niichan!!! this was not only funny but also very sweet!!! Suggoi!!!  Sankyuu!!!  :deco:
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my atsumina heart is totally awake  :wub:
Happy  :heart: day to everyone!
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aww atsumina :B
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Haha awesome fic!!
I love this fic :heart:
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Ichikawaaaa~ I like it! Haha... funny and it really made my day yesterday. Keep writing  :thumbup
Thanks a lot
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Just give hi-- her more punches when he-- I mean she kissed you, Maeda-san~ (LOL)
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Wah... Atsuko such a abuser.... kept hurting Minami

But Minami accepted all the abuse happily.... coz' she likes Atsuko's attentions

Well at last they met each other again... in the future...

Atsumina... great...

Thank you for the nice fic.

Can't wait to see more

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Ferris Wheel Romance
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 :cool1:  Back alive from bungee jumping
And then doing writing marathon to finish a fic for today! a special day! Taka's bdae~~   :sweat:  (so tired)
But somehow... somehow... it seems like I finished a failure fic...  :depressed:
Maybe my head, my mind, and my soul haven't come back to me.. hahahah.. and the result.. I made this confusing fic  :dizzy:
As usual~ another Atsumina AU fic~

Hope you like this one  :kneelbow:

My mind went all wrong~  :dizzy:


=====================       =====================        =====================

Amusement Park

I’m here waiting for the night… cause I am only exist and be useful when the night come…

“Minami! Hurry up!”

“Hai!!” there this cute girl hurriedly tied her long hair into ponytail and wore her hat, then she picked up some cleaning stuffs. She ran fast forward and stopped under this Ferris wheel, looking at this huge steel. The sun was so bright which made this steel blinking in this hot day.

“Yosh! Let’s do my best again today”

I adore this girl so much… She is working part time in this amusement park for one year, cleaning this HUGE Ferris wheel.

“First, I need to check on the machine if it works fine and then I need to make sure every seat is clean and comfortable. How many seats were on it? Hmm.. let me count.. there’re one.. two.. three… forty seven.. forty eight.. Forty eight seats and I need to clean up all those seats before five in afternoon”

She said to herself with a serious face and that’s cute!

She moved to those three seats from the very bottom and started cleaning. Clean up the seat, clean up the floor, clean up the window and then starting the machine to turn next three seats to bottom and do it all over again. The moment she stepped into the last seat, suddenly the wheel is moving. She was startled and fall down, the bucket in her hands was flying on top of her and the water splashed all over her body.

“Who the hell starting the machine?!” Minami screamed out from the window.

“Ooopps~ I don’t know there is someone in there~~” another girl called Yuko, her partner said from the below.


Minami screamed her name on top of her lung. She knew Yuko did it intentionally. Picking up the bucket, she cleaned up this seat all over again. As the wheel slowly moving up, she took a break and starred outside at the scenery.

“The view was so different within day and night… Silent, empty, and lonely.. From inside the wheel, I can see clearly all the area of this amusement park. There’s revolving horse, roller coaster, arcade house, haunted house, café, etc”

Silent? Empty? Lonely? Why do you feel like that? Can you feel that? Yes, you can see all the area of this amusement park from this point of view. When the night come, the view will be more beautiful… really beautiful with all the smiles on people’s face and the neon light all over the street

“The wheel is now on the top” Minami put down her cleaning stuff, “What is this feeling of loneliness in my heart?”

Loneliness in your heart?

Minami placed her palm on the surface of window and closed her eyes as she can feel something about this Ferris wheel. “Thinking about it, this park always crowded when the night come. Kids were riding revolving horse happily with smile over their face and parents watching over them aside. People were screaming and enjoy riding roller coaster but this Ferris wheel… waiting silently for anyone to come. Waiting for people to come into its embrace, a silent and calm moment”

There’re so many people come to this amusement park in the night but the amount of happy people is actually small… and I’m waiting for people to take a ride with me. Sad or happy, I want to see their smile in the end of this trip

Minami slowly opened my eyes again and suddenly paused looking at somewhere. I looked at the spot that she’s looking, there I saw a girl on the building rooftop far away from our place. She is sitting on the edge of the rooftop and swaying her legs, looking down with blank face. That is the person I often see her coming around this park with her boyfriend. Her smile… I was dazzled by her smile at that moment. And I know this Minami got the same result too.


“This is starting button and this is stop button, this is speed up button and this is slow down button” Yuko explained to Minami how to operate the machine, “Understand?”

“Hai!” Minami replied with a nod.

“Let’s play that” a sweet voice catches my attention to look around, a sweet girl indeed.

She is clinging on her boyfriend’s arm and pointing her finger to this Ferris wheel. This little Minami got my attention too, it’s too obvious to read her face that she was captive by that smile. The moment when their eyes met, she smiled at Minami. Her smile was so dazzling and Minami’s face told me that this girl made her heart fluffy. I could hear her heartbeat was increasing and bumping loudly. I slightly gave a push from her back to make her move. She was about to approach them and offer the ride but then that girl’s boyfriend dragged her away toward the roller coaster area.

“Atsuko, I want to play that”

I can feel Minami’s heart fell so heavy at that moment. She was standing there watching her from afar. I can tell the girl is afraid to play roller coaster but still trying to show that sweet smile to her boyfriend. Minami turned down her head and sighed, she walked back to under this useless Ferris wheel and simply put a smile on her face.

“What’s wrong with me? Haha…” She scratched her head.

“Someone got shot from Cupid~~” said Yuko playfully and hit Minami’s arm with her elbow.

Got shot from Cupid? Can I get shot from Cupid too? *laugh* What am I thinking? Do I still have a heart? Lazy to listen what Yuko said to Minami, I am more interesting to watch that girl. Standing here, I can hear her loud scream riding that roller coaster. Everyone’s screaming a loud but I can only focus on her voice. I can only look at her… Why am I attracted to her? If I have the right to make a wish, I want her to take a ride inside this Ferris wheel. I want to take her in and accompany her for a ride, just a spin with this Ferris wheel…

Atsuko… that girl called Atsuko… I will remember her name…

Flashback End

Atsuko, she always smile kindly everytime I saw her, but now her face kinda depressed and sad, I stretched my hand wanting to reach her but she is too far away from me. If I can, I want to jump out from this Ferris wheel and fly to her place. I… I…

As the wheel is moving downward, that figure is slowly disappeared from my sight along with the sunset. Minami suddenly acted so panic like she got burned or something and walked around in circles. “I… I don’t want her disappear from my sight… I don’t want it.. YUKO! MOVE BACKWARD! BACKWARD!!” Minami opened the window and shouted at Yuko.


“BACKWARD!! MOVE THE WHEEL BACKWARD!!” Minami shouted louder from inside the wheel

“How long have you been working here? There’s no BACKWARD button on the device!!” Yuko shouted back.

“Ah… sou…” facepalmed, Minami felt a bit embarrassing now. I can see blushes on her face.


This place is just an ordinary dull place in the day time but will become shining in the night. Beautiful lights and music will surround this place. Laughter and voices will cover this place. As usual, I am here, waiting for people to come riding. Looking at the crowd around this park, adults and kids, it’s strange that I just want to bring her… That girl, I just want to bring her in, riding with me to the sky.

“Today is your birthday right? Why don’t you take a leave today?” asked Yuko to Minami.

“I moved and live in this city alone, no friends, no relatives, no one celebrate with me… No need to celebrate” Minami smiled. She stretched her hands up to the sky and yawned, “I guess we’ll be standing whole night for nothing again”

“I don’t think so…” said Yuko while pointing a person not far from us.

Minami turned to look at the direction and saw that girl.. the girl I’ve been waiting for. She’s walking alone with a troubled face. The moment when their eyes met for second time, she just simply smiled at Minami politely. When she was about to walk away, I gave a push on Minami’s back to let her stepped forward. She stopped right before her and bowed.

What are you doing there? Why are you bowing at her? Open your mouth! Ask her to take a ride! Go Minami!! Ask her, do you want to take a ride? Ask her!!

“Do… do… do you want to take a ride with that Ferris wheel?”

She smiled gently, “Sure, how much is the ticket?”

“On me!” Minami is a little bit out of control to say that. That girl looked confuse at Minami, “I mean… I mean there’s a special offer tonight” Minami lied, “You have free ticket”

Baka! Can’t you think of another reason? She won’t believe you!!

“That’s nice” Atsuko replied.

EH?! She accepted the invitation? Whatever… it’s good that she’s willing to take a ride. Atsuko, I see her simply smiled at Minami’s offer but somehow I can feel the sadness behind that smile. Tonight she’s coming alone, there must be something happened between her and her boyfriend… I must cheer her up then! Come take a ride Atsuko, I’ll take you to the sky, I’ll let you see the beautiful stars, I’ll give you the calm and peace. I want to make you smile. I want to see you smile again…

I saw Minami guide her into the seat. Inside Minami’s eyes, I can see the desire that she wants to take a ride together with Atsuko. Today is her birthday, should I grant her a wish? As my repayment to her, for cleaning and taking care of this Ferris wheel everyday.

Atsuko already inside the wheel, just when Minami is about to close the door, I took Atsuko’s handkerchief and dropped it down. Minami saw her handkerchief fell and went to pick it up. When Minami stepped inside the wheel, I closed the door and started the engine. The wheel began to move and I can see Minami’s panic face. Her panic face is soooo cute!! Haha…

It’s been four minutes already since the wheel moving. Atsuko keep looking outside the window with sad face and didn’t move a bit. The same with Minami, she sat opposite of Atsuko and keep her head down, holding Atsuko’s handkerchief. I can tell that she is hesitating to open the conversation. The silent is killing me. Her sad face is killing me… and what kill me the most is her tears… the tears that keep falling down on her cheek.

Can’t you take a move, Minami? Isn’t that you should comfort her right now? Why you so useless? If I can, I wish to smack you right now.

“Should I start something to talk about? Or should I just stay silent by her side until the ride is over?” I heard Minami murmured to herself.

The silent is killing me… I thought I can cheer you up but now you are crying inside this wheel. What should I do? I thought those beautiful stars will make you feel better but you can’t see what in front of you. Your eyes were covered by the sadness… by the darkness. You can’t even feel the present of this poor girl in front of you. I thought if I go higher and higher, you will lift up your lips a bit but I am now going down.

The silent is killing me… I don’t even remember why I am here. I’m just a poor soul trapped inside this Ferris wheel, waiting for something everyday. How many days, how many years I’ve been here waiting, I don’t remember. What am I waiting for? I don’t quite remember… If I am this Ferris wheel, each wheel represents my heart. If this wheel is my heart, those tears you dropped now were making my heart rusty.

Sitting beside her, I stretched out my arms. I want to give her a tight hug but I can’t. Her helpless expression hadn’t had support. Her hands, who is she waiting to hold? Her heart, who is she waiting for to disturb that lonely heart? I really wish to give her a hug.

You!! Minami!! Come here and give her a hug!!

I walked to Minami and intend to pull her up but all of the sudden, something is pulling me forward, I can’t see anything, I can’t think of anything, I can’t feel anything. All I know is my vision became all white… I forced myself to open my eyes and ended up in a strange but familiar place.

“Kai!!” I heard someone’s calling. It sounds like someone is calling me.

A girl with shoulder length black hair is running toward me with two ice cream cones in her hands. Within seconds, all the pictures flashes inside my head like playing movie. All of it… all of my memories when I live as human are back to me. All of it… all the memories I want to forget… Karen…

Flashback to Kai’s past
(A/N: Karen Kyuuto is Atsuko’s name in the drama Q10. I used it in here to make different between the present Atsuko and the past life Atsuko. Kai is the past life of Minami. Hope you are not confuse reading this story)

“Karen?” I can’t believe what I saw here. Am I back to the past?

“What are you looking at? Is there something on my face?”

“No, I just can’t take my eyes off you”

“Mou~” Karen pushed one of the ice cream in her hands directly at Kai’s mouth, “Eat that~ hahaha”

I take away the ice cream and wipe off the stain on my face, “You become naughty lately, I should teach you some manner. Come here!” I grinned and trying to put some ice cream on my hand to her face.

“Kyaaaaaa” She dodged and ran away from me.

Suddenly, another white light covered me. The memory of us having fights flashed inside my head as I traveled through that white light and I arrived at the same familiar place. All my surroundings felt strange but familiar. I turned around and found the Ferris wheel before me. The same Ferris wheel I’ve been staying for years. I am in the amusement park? I tried to remember what happened after this but I can remember nothing. All I know is I was having fight with Karen.

I bought two tickets to ride this Ferris wheel together with her. I am waiting her… I am waiting her for hours and she’s still nowhere to be found. I want to ride this Ferris wheel together with her just like the first time we had a date. We enjoyed the beautiful sky together, talking and laughing inside the wheel like there’re only us in this world.

“WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I heard people screaming and the next second I saw something hard dropped from the wheel, pinned me down. So, this is how I die? Now I know why I am trapped inside this Ferris wheel… I know what am I waiting for… I know what makes me waiting for so long… It’s you… Yes, I’m waiting for you. I’m waiting to take a ride with you.

Kai’s Flashback End

Another white light absorbed me and pulled me out from that place. When I opened my eyes, I saw Karen is in front of me. No… This is not Karen… This is Atsuko. They share the same face. I looked around and shocked by my reflection on the window. I am now… inside of Minami’s body. Why am I inside her body? Suddenly the wheel stopped moving. It stopped so suddenly that the wheel is shaking. Atsuko can’t manage to stay balance and fell forward. I immediately catch her in my arms.

“What happened?” she panicked. I can feel her grips tighter on me.

“Don’t worry, I’m here” I said to ensure her, “It’s safe with me” I hold her tighter in my arms.

I closed my eyes to feel her presence, her scent, her soft hair, and the feeling within me. I want to feel like this again. I will remember this… We stayed like this for quite sometime until Atsuko broke the hug.

“Why is it still not moving?” asked Atsuko.

“They’re working on it. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine” I said with a gentle smile. Her tears were shining under the moonlight and it forbids me from seeing her face clearly. I raised the handkerchief in my hand and wipe that wet face. “Clear~ I can see your face better now”

She confused and blink her eyes several times.

“Look” I pointed to the sky, trying to avoid any awkward moment. “Why don’t you enjoy this scenery? You’re not paying attention to what this Ferris wheel takes you to, and it’s rude”

She turned down her head and playing with her thumbs. This is so similar with Karen when I said something that made her feels guilty. Was I been given second change to fulfill my last wish? The last thing I wish to do with you.

“Come closer” I held her hand and bring her closer to the window, “Did you know, this Ferris wheel always want to see people enjoying the ride with smile and happiness but most of the people who came to ride this Ferris wheel bringing their sadness in. Everything will return to where it starts, just like this Ferris wheel… it will spin back to the beginning. Don’t let the sadness block the beautiful sceneries in front of you. Let’s enjoy this ride until the end, okay?”

Atsuko simply nodded and smiled. The smile I ever wanted to see. The wheel started moving again and it’s moving down. Her smile went wider as the wheel moving down. Her hand is still on mine and we’re looking at the same sky. Inside of me, I wish this wheel will never spin again, just stop at the top, don’t moving down. I want to just stay like this forever. Can I become greedy? Can I ask for one more spin again? Just one more spin again, I want to accompany her…

Another source seemed to pull me out from Minami’s body. My soul is moving out from Minami’s body, I can see my soul is being pulled out from Minami’s body. Where will I go after this? Will I stay in here or will I disappear? I don’t know and I don’t want to know…

That hand, I don’t want to let go. That hand…

End of the ride

“Huh? The ride ended already? Why am I so dizzy?” Minami said to herself.

“Thanks for the ride” Atsuko bowed at Minami.

“ don’t mention it. I… I… Hahaha… I do nothing” Minami bowed back to Atsuko.

“It’s nice to meet you” Atsuko bowed again and then turned to leave.

“I saw you took the ride with her~~” Yuko tackled Minami from behind, “What did you do in there~~~???”

“I-I-I do nothing!!!” Minami tried to remove Yuko’s arm off her neck, “Let go of me!!”

“Tell me, what’s her name and her number then I’ll let you go~” said Yuko playfully.

“I don’t know!!” Minami replied.

“Don’t be so stingy~ share with me~” Yuko poked Minami’s cheek with another hand.

“I really don’t know!!”

“Then what you doing in there??!!” Yuko a bit out of patience.

“I just sit there and then I don’t know what happened!” Minami shouted.

“What you mean you don’t know what happened?!!” Yuko shouted back.

“I-I-I…!” Minami stopped struggling and looked down, “I think I fell asleep in there… all things I know is when I opened my eyes, the ride is over”

“What the…” Yuko released her grip on Minami, “What the hell you’re doing!!” Yuko kicked Minami’s butt hardly.

“Why did you kick me?!!” Minami angered.

“What else?! Do you want another kick to make you move forward?!” Yuko raised her leg and kicked the air.

“What forward?!”

Yuko sighed and walked beside Minami, “I know you like that girl”


“No need to deny” Yuko stepped behind Minami and gave her another powerful kick on butt, “JUST GO ASK HER NAME AND NUMBER YOU FOOL!!!!”

“HAIIIIIIII!!!” Minami started to run, searching for Atsuko.

Lucky that Atsuko is walking at slow pace, Minami hurriedly stopped in front of Atsuko and stretched her arms widely as a sign to tell Atsuko stop walking. Atsuko stopped and a bit confused at Minami’s weird behavior.

“Do you… do you…” Minami trying to catch her breath, “Do you want to take another ride tomorrow?”

“Sure” Atsuko answered with a dazzling smile.

Minami replied with a big smile, “I’ll wait for you tomorrow”

“I’ll come here again tomorrow”


I just realize what I wrote in the end... not so happy fic for Taka's bdae..

Me go sleep now... so tired... 4 am already in my place~ XD

Oh... and a little omake below~   :byebye:


Yuko:       “What’s her name?”
Minami:    “Ah… I forgot to ask her name!!”
Yuko:       “Number?”
Minami:    “>_> I forgot too”
Yuko:       “Then?!! What are you doing there?!!!” *in rage*
Minami:    “I asked her to come again tomorrow…”
Yuko:       “What did she say?”
Minami:    “She said she will come again tomorrow!!!!” *smiled like a fool*
Yuko:       *facepalmed* this is… incurable…
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Thought it was a great fic :D lol @ the Yuko and Minami moments :P & Atsumina was cute!
LMAO at the omake, Yuko is right, Minami is incurable when it comes to certain things :P

Thanks for the update!
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Hahaha... Takamina was Kai...

So they are destined to be together

That's great

I like this fic... very sweet

Can't wait to see more Atsumina OS

Thank you for the nice fic

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:
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I totaly agree with Ruka-jiichan, Suna-niichan is the best!


I also wrote some Atsumina, but it's nowhere near this good...
Also, jiichan should also write dem Atsumina even if it's perv


Thank you, niichan, for this bitter-sweet story. If Minami had an opportunity to read your story, I think she would be happy
Title: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- A Thousand Cranes
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A Thousand Cranes
One of the thousand ways to represent my feelings for you

==============     ==============     ==============

It’s a silent night where the sky were filled by little stars, those little stars were surrounding the very round and bright moon. There’s this brown haired girl sitting on her balcony, enjoying the night wind and bathing herself under the moonlight. She sat on the laying chair facing the moon. B4 sized paper in her left hand and pen in right hand. She smiled as she finished the last word written on the paper. She put down the pen and started folding the paper. She folded into rectangle, folded it half, and folded here folded there, and it turned out to be a simple paper crane.

She got up and walked into the room and put the paper crane on her study table. Beside of her notebook on the table, there’s a colorful box laid there. She opened the box and put the crane inside of it. Inside the box was already filled by many cranes. At the corner of the table, there’s a box of small cut papers inside, yellow, blue, purple, orange, and green. All were small cut into 2cm x 2cm size. She took one of it and wrote something on the small paper. She sat on her chair and folded the paper into small sized paper crane. She put this small crane into a pink transparent bottle. The girl picked up a marker and drew the number 998 on the sticky note beside it.

“Time sure flies so fast. In a blink of eye, I’ve made 998 paper cranes” She took the pink transparent bottle and looks at it for a while before she put it back on the table.

She stretched her arms lazily in the air and jumped on her lovely bed. Searching in the dark, she finally found her mobile phone under the pillow. She checked on her phone to see if there’s any message from her beloved. To her disappointment, there’s nothing in the inbox. She put down the phone and closed her eyes. Not even a minute, she picked up the phone again. Still… nothing there… She stared at the screen for a while. She typed something on it and deleted it, typed something again and sighed and deleted it. Another some minutes passed, she opened her incoming message to re-read all the messages from her beloved. Smile appeared more and more widely when she read the lovely part. She put down the phone and closed her eyes to let some scenes flow inside her mind.

[phone ringing]

She hurriedly picked up the phone and looked at the incoming message. There’s one new message in the inbox. She opened it happily and found out it was just a message from her network provider. Disappointed, the girl growled and hid her phone under the pillow. She pouted and put on her warm blanket, covered her face.

“No message today?” she whispered sadly. Her eyes were a bit warmer and redder from before. She closed her eyes again and sighed.

[phone ringing]

The phone ringed once more and the girl grabbed her phone excitedly hoping it was from her beloved. The name which appeared on the screen made her heartbeat raised a bit.

[ “Oyasumiiii~~~” ]

That is all what written in the message. Just a very simple goodnight and this made the girl happy. She replied the message immediately and put on some cute emoticon in the end of the message.

“Goodnight, Acchan” the girl gave a peck on her phone, “May I have a good dream tonight” she said to herself and fell asleep.

The next morning…

The sunlight went through the curtain and fell on the brown haired girl’s face. The girl cuddled her face on the pillow and rolling, rolling, and fell down from the bed.

“Ouchh” She rubbed her butt and messing with her hair. She opened one eye to look at the clock which showed, “10 A.M. ?!!!!!”

The girl shouted and panicked, “Mom! Why don’t you wake me up? Ughh... I’ll be late for the rehearsal today!!”

She hurriedly grabbed random clothes and went into bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, she came out from the bathroom and grabbed her bag, running out from her room to downstairs. She ran to the kitchen and grabbed some sandwich on the table, “Itekimasu!”

“Be careful, Minami!” her mother replied.

“I’m late! I’m late!” Minami kept replaying those words inside her mind and ran with full power to the bus station. Luckily, she got there right at the moment the bus arrived. Minami went into the bus and sat on the last seat.

“Tired…” Minami relaxed herself for a while, then continue eating her sandwich. She took out her phone to check if there’s any message in her inbox. “Nothing…” she put it back into her pocket and looking outside of the window, “Is it abnormal if I said I am missing you every single minute after you left?”

“I dreamt about you yesterday” Minami said to herself, “In my dream, I was searching for you”

AKB48 Theater

“Gomenasai!!!” Minami barged into the room and bowed. She paused at that position for a while but no one respond her. She lifted up her head and saw nothing inside the room. No people, no music, no bags, nothing.

She panicked and walked around the room, walked to the changing room to make sure if it’s really no one here, “Anybody here?” she shouted. Even the staffs weren’t here. This is so weird. She sighed and sat down on the floor thinking that is it Mariko trolling on her again?

Minami looked straight in front of her. She saw the reflection of herself in the mirror, only her, alone… The feeling of loneliness suddenly filled inside the room. Memories flashed inside her head, she closed her eyes to recall it and enjoy it.


Minami smiled as she recalled the voice of Atsuko running from afar to hug her tightly. Atsuko would give her a big generous hug and rubbed her cheek on Minami’s. And that wrinkled nose smile, that smile she missed so much. Other than that, the voice of other members also filled in her memories where they enjoyed each other companion.

Minami opened her eyes and took a deep breath. She smiled and wiped those little tears that formed on the edge of her eyes. She took out her phone and dialed Mariko’s number, “Mariko, where are you? Why no one here in studio?”

“You are in studio?” asked Mariko.

“Yes, where are you? Where are the others?”

“I cancelled the rehearsal today” answered Mariko.

“What?! Why didn’t you inform me first? Why you cancelled the rehearsal?!” Minami was a bit in rage.

“Isn’t that you approved me to cancel today’s rehearsal?” Mariko asked back.

“When did I?” Minami confused.

“You said it this morning” Mariko explained, “You’re late and I called you. When I asked if today’s rehearsal is cancelled, you did say yes!”

“I… I… did I…?!” Minami was shocked to hear that. But then she heard some sounds in the background, “Who’s with you, Mariko?”

“Ah… not there! Not now! Stop it, let me concentrate talking with Takamina”

“Mariko?” asked Minami, confused, “What happen there?”

“Ah.. ya.. later Minami! I’m kinda busy right now!” Mariko immediately hanged up the call.

[ Tut tut tut tut tut tut tut tut ]

At the other side

“You’re so naughty, huh!” Mariko raised her voice at the person before her, “Acchan”

“Hehe~” Atsuko giggled, “Who told you to ignore me~”

“I’m on the phone with Takamina, what if she knows you’re with me? You’re supposed to be in New York filming your new single right now”

“You’re lying bout that rehearsal cancelled thing, aren’t you?” asked Atsuko.

“Yup~ Actually I cancelled rehearsal today without her permission” Mariko laughed.

“Put down the phone, let’s finish our business first~” Atsuko said playfully.

Back to Minami

“Should I go home now?” Minami kicked a tiny stone on the street. She lifted up her head and saw the advertisement by Atsuko on the building. “Acchan…”

Minami stopped on her position and looked at the advertisement. Acchan’s smile was so attractive and perfect. Minami smiled wider until someone else appeared beside her Acchan. Another ikemen holding a pocky biscuit and put it into Atsuko’s mouth. Atsuko happily eat that pocky but then the ikemen move closer and took a bite on the other side of pocky.

“Too close!! Too close!! I can’t accept that!!” Minami shouted out of her consciousness, gaining people attention. She hurriedly put on her mouth-mask walked in high speed toward next bus station.

Minami’s home

Right after Minami got home, she immediately locked herself in her room. Threw away her bag on the floor and jumped on her bed. She laid there, staring at the ceiling. The image of that advertisement appeared in her mind again. She sat up and messing her hair, growling and laid down again, burying her face on her pillow. Minami got up from her bed and walked to her study table. She took out a B4 sized paper and started writing again.

       Dear Acchan, How are you today? I bet you’re doing well in New York. If I don’t forget, you’ll finish your work there tomorrow, right? Can’t wait for the day you come back here. Today I saw your Pocky advertisement, and I don’t really like it. That guy is too close to you. Even though I admit he is ikemen, and this is part of your job, but still, I can’t say I like it.

       I know you have your own new social circle after you graduated from AKB family, but… I am… you know… Seeing you work with those co-star and your smile with them… I’m a bit jealous… I’m sorry, sometimes I get jealous thinking someone could make you happier than I could. My heart feels so tight, thinking bout the distance between you and me. I wish I could fly to where you are.

Minami sighed and starred out the window, recalled the guys she has seen to be with Atsuko., “Sato Takeru, Hoshino Gen, Narimiya Hiroki, Yamashita Tomohisa, Nakamura Aoi… Arghhh” She knocked her forehead on the table three times.

     People said curiosity can kill, and I say jealousy can kill too. I am officially missing you now. You’ve become famous and very busy with your works. I am busy with my single release too. We hardly have time to talk nowadays. Sometimes, you don’t even send a goodnight for me and I can’t sleep (Laugh).
        Some people said paper crane represents friendship, some said love, some said good fortune, but I say, this is one of the thousand ways to represent my feelings for you. Everytime I am missing you, I’ll write it on this paper and fold it into paper crane. Hope it will fly to deliver my misses for you. This is my diary cranes~ (laugh). Just for me… And I made another one, you know. The smaller crane that I made from 2cm x 2cm paper. It took me quite time to fold it and of course, something written in it but I guess you won’t know.

Minami noticed there’s no more line to write. She scratched her head and wrote down the last words in the end of the sheet, “I think I write too much today”

Miss you, Acchan!

Minami put down the pen and folded the paper into crane, and put it into the big color box next to her. Then she took a small cut paper and wrote “I Love You” on it before folding it into crane. “My 999th crane done!” she said as she put that small crane into the pink transparent bottle and wrote 999 on the sticky note beside it.

“Tomorrow will be my 1000th crane~” Minami jumped on her bed and rolling on it. She took out her phone and checked on the inbox again. Nothing there… sighed…

[ Phone ringing ]

“Mariko?” Minami picked up the call.

“Takamina! Come to my place right now!” Mariko shouted from the other side.

“You don’t need to shout like that!!” Minami angered, “My ear hurts!!” Minami shouted back with louder voice.

“Wow.. wow.. wow.. calm down Takamina” Miichan snatched Mariko’s phone.

“You’re there too, Miichan?” asked Minami.

“Yeah~ we’re having a small gathering. Come here for dinner Takamina!” Miichan explained.

“Come here Takamina!!” Yuko and Haruna shouted in the background.

“Woahh, so many people there?” asked Minami.

“Not really, you coming or not?” Yuko shouted beside Miichan.

“Okay, I’ll be there right away” Minami closed the call and smiled, “Sometimes, it’s good to have crazy friends. Wonder why they suddenly make a gathering”

Mariko’s apartment

“Excuse me” Minami opened the door of Mariko’s apartment. Once she got into the apartment she got tackled from behind. That person didn’t hold back to jump on Minami and caused both of them fell to the ground.

“I miss you!” said that person, still hugging Minami on the ground.

“Acchan!!!” Minami surprised, “When did you come back? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I miss you~ I finished my works earlier to come here and hug you~” Atsuko pressed her lips on Minami’s cheek, “Do you like this surprise?”

“Uhn..” Minami nodded and blushed a bit realized what they are in their current position, with Atsuko laid on top of her. “Ano… should we get up first?”

“No~?” Atsuko said playfully.

“You can save that moment later, Acchan” said Mariko while she bringing out the dinner. Yuko and Miichan were helping her. Haruna was sitting on the couch, playing her game.

“Let’s have dinner first” Atsuko helped Minami to stand up and walked to the dining table.

Minami smiled, having her hand in Atsuko’s. “Even though you’re here with me… I still miss you…”

They were all sat on their seat, Mariko came out from the kitchen to bring the last dishes. It was a huge bowl chicken soup, black colored chicken soup. She put it in front of Minami, “This is all yours”

“This huge bowl of soup all mine?” Minami said to make sure.

“I made this for you since morning, Minami” Atsuko answered.

“You made this for me?” Minami sounds so happy and grabbed a spoon to taste the soup. When she was about to put the soup into her mouth, everyone was staring at her while Atsuko just smiling next to her. Minami slowly put the soup inside her mouth and the next thing she could do is stay silent.

“How is it?” asked Atsuko happily beside her.

“G-g-good! Hehehe…” Minami laughed sheepishly. She lied about the taste, actually the soup is umm…

“Really? I’m so glad” Atsuko hugged Minami and gave her a peck on cheek, “Finish it all, Minami!”

“F-f-finish it all?!” Minami chocked and coughed hard. She landed her hand on Mariko’s shoulder and whispered, “Help me, Mariko… the soup is too salty and spicy and.. I don’t know how to finish this”

“Actually I was with Atsuko this morning when you called, she accidentally dropped the whole sauce bottle and that’s why the soup looked so black. She almost blew up my kitchen” Mariko whispered back, “Good luck Minami!”

Minami took a quick peek on Atsuko. Her face is shimmering with happiness to hear Minami said her cooking was good. Minami can’t bear to see Atsuko disappointed, she nodded and held up the bowl, paused for a moment to take a breath before gulped it all once. Before her lips touched the bowl, Haruna held her hand and took away the soup.

“They’re just trolling on you, Takamina” Haruna spilled out.

“What?!” Minami raised her voice a bit louder and looked at Atsuko.

“Mou, you’re ruining the mood, Haruna. I want to see her finish that whole soup” Yuko pouted at Haruna.

Atsuko smiled and pinched Minami’s nose, “You’re so cute!” Minami pouted and looked away.

“Let’s take a pic of Atsumina~” Mariko took out her phone and standby in her camera mode. Atsuko wrapped her arm around Minami’s shoulder and pressed her cheek on her while Minami is looking elsewhere, acting that she’s still mad, “Put a peace sign, Minami”

Minami sighed and do as what Mariko asked. Mariko took the pic and edited it a bit then she posted to her tweet, “I bet many Atsumina fans longing to see this pic of you together~”

Miichan went to the kitchen and back with a new bowl of soup in her hands, “This is the real cooking from Maeda Atsuko” she put it in front of Minami.

“You have proved to me how much you love me by drinking that awful soup. You’ll have my reward tonight~” Atsuko gave a wink to Minami, “I’ll sleepover at your house tonight”

“Hohoho~~ reward~~” Yuko teased.

“Let’s eat, minna. The food is getting cold” Mariko suggested.

“Sit beside me, Mii-chan” Atsuko called, “I want to play with your shaved head after this~”

“No, only me can touched her shaved head” Mariko put her arm around Miichan and rubbing her shaved head with a proud smile. Miichan blushed a bit and stayed silent in Mariko’s protective arm.

“I want my Haruna!!” Yuko wrapped her arms around Haruna’s neck and smiling like a fool.

“Mou~ no fun~” Atsuko said playfully.

“You already have me, Acchan…” Minami murmured to herself. But Atsuko has sharp ears and she heard it.

Atsuko moved closer and whispered to Minami, “Want to skip dinner and move to your house now?”

Minami cleared her throat and grabbed a bowl of rice in front of her, “Let’s have dinner first” Atsuko just giggled beside her.

Minami’s house

“Nothing changed much in your room” Atsuko said as she walked into Minami’s room.

"I don't like changes" Minami replied.

“What’s that?” Atsuko spotted the big box on Minami’s study table.

“Ah! Nothing” Minami quickly replied.

“Let me see” Atsuko demanded.

“It’s nothing.. nothing special to be seen”

“Are you hiding something on me?” asked Atsuko. Minami wanted to answer no but she is definitely hiding those crane diaries. She doesn’t want Atsuko to know, don’t want her to read, don’t want her to know the vulnerable side of her.

“It’s just some paper crane”

“Let me see it~” Atsuko pushed Minami out of her way harshly and opened the box.

Minami fell on the ground when Atsuko pushed her. Her heart stopped beating for a while when she saw Atsuko opened the box. Atsuko just laughed and closed the box, “Why don’t you fold it with better paper?”

Minami relaxed that Atsuko didn’t find it weird. Before Minami could get up from the floor, Atsuko walked to her direction and pinned her down, “Are those paper cranes you made for someone? You cheat behind me?!”

“Yes” Minami answered, “No!” Minami confused how to answer Atsuko’s question, “I mean Yes, I do made those cranes for someone but No, I will never cheated behind you!”

Minami could see the suspicious and doubtful eyes from her beloved, “Do you see the pink transparent bottle there?”

Atsuko turned her head to look at it and back to Minami, “Yeah.. So?”

“Would you like to take a look?” Minami smiled gently but no movement from Atsuko. Minami frowned and pouted, “You grabbed my wrist too hard, Acchan”

Atsuko snapped out and let go of Minami, “Sorry” she said coldly.

Minami took the bottle and handed it to Acchan. She held Acchan’s hand and brought her out to the balcony. “Hold it up, let the moonlight shine through it”

Atsuko did as what she told. She held the bottle above her head and saw it through the moonlight. Inside of the bottle were all small cranes consisted of five different colors, yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange.

“How many cranes inside?” asked Atsuko.

“999 cranes” Minami answered firmly.

“Did you fold this all by your own?”

“Of course~ do you like it? I made this for you” Minami said with a gentle smile on her face.

Finally, a smile appeared on Atsuko’s face, “Why don’t you make it 1000? I never heard about 999 cranes” she giggled.

“I was going to do, but not now~”

“Mou~ I want it now~” Atsuko pouted.

Minami just smiled, “People said who folded a thousand can be granted a wish” Minami entwined her right hand with Atsuko’s left hand, “Did you know why people send 999 roses for their girlfriend?”

“Hmm…” Atsuko paused for a while, “No?”

“999 roses mean I love you forever” Minami grinned, “Can these 999 cranes replace those 999 roses?”

Atsuko pinched Minami’s nose gently, “Old fashioned… but I like it”

“Can I have a kiss?” asked Minami boldly and leaned forward.

“I still want my 1000th crane” Atsuko avoided the kiss from Minami.

“I’ll give it to you on your birthday~” Minami grinned, “Cause it will grant you a wish~”

Atsuko smiled and leaned forward slowly to Minami, when their lips were about to touched, “Hachiiuuuu” Minami sneezed. Both of them paused for a while and then burst out laughs. The purposed kissing under the moonlight has becoming, laughing under the moonlight.

“It’s getting cold here, let’s get inside” Minami suggested.

“I’ll be sure make you warm inside~” Atsuko made her wrinkled nose smile and winked at Minami.

“That… sounds nice…” Minami blushed, imagining what Atsuko will do to her.

A thousand cranes, A thousand misses, A thousand I Love You


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waah! Great fic!!! LOVE IT!!! SO SWEET T_T Minami and Atsuko are the best! & lol at everyone trolling Minami at first with the soup :P

Thanks for the update! Great writing and story as usual :D Looking forward to ur future work ^^
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So sweet and romantic!!
I want to see how Atsuko is going to warm Minami up! *grins*
Thank you for this lovely OS, ichikawa - san!
Update soon!!!
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Suna-chan!!!  :mon cry: I'm so happy you're still here unlike those two...  :mon annoy:

This story... So good...  :mon inluv: Moar AtsuMina, we need moar~  :mon star:
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Ahhh.... so romantic. I wonder in their real life, Atsumina is still a lovers..

Who's agree with me?!
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Minami so sweet :heart:
It's Real life's ATSUMINA :heart: :deco:
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Awesome Fanfic

Love ATSUMINA forever <3
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Wonderful one shot :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Ara... Mariko is so naughty... cancelling a practice without permission....

And Minami is also at fault to not concentrate at all...

Wah... Minami is jealous of Atsuko's partners...

Yeah.... Minami doesn't like to see Atsuko sad so she is willingly drinking the awful soup...  :inlove:

Ah... so sweet... they supposed to kiss under the moonlight...  :wub:

Great OS Thank you

Can't wait to see your other creations

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i have to say it
all your FF are really maravillosos ehe!
ill cry whit some
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I'll go fold a thousand cranes right now
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Thousand thanks for readers and the commenters and the thank you-ers  :P :P :P

@arrow27 : Thanks for always read and comment my fics  :twothumbs :twothumbs *salute*

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@sakura_drop_ : I will write more  8) 8)

@chemicalstar : Me agree with you!! *raised both hands* They are lovers in real life!!  :heart: :heart:

@Pdpond : This is real life Atsumina   8) 8)  I stalked their apartment  :lol: :lol:

@dark48 : Thank you!! Atsumina forever~~  :heart: :heart:

@kurosawa87 : Thank you ~ thank you~ hehehe~  :D :D

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You stalked their apartment? What else did you see :twisted:?

I don't have any lovers I just want to make it for fun lol XD
Title: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- Just Another OS
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Hello minna~  :D
I am the lazy ichikawa desu  :lol:  :lol:
Sorry for not updating any of my suspended fic, kinda busy with life  :banghead:

But here a short very short OS. This thing just came up into my mind a while ago  :lol: :lol:
Hope this entertain y'all tonight/day  :P

Just Another OS


Today is my birthday. We had a party in my apartment. Mariko and Noro planned it lol. (Noro is graduated 1st gen member). So nice to have "senpai" I mean older members in the group. When they're not yet graduated, they helped me a lot. It's hard to be a captain and had such big responsibility when I was so young and inexperienced, but Mariko always there to backup for me. Even after she graduated, she still planned this birthday party for me. I am so touched. Not just this, she also invited all the graduated members here, I seriously missed them all so much. This is really nice to ever see them again tonight. I had fun, we had so much fun. Not to mention, Acchan also attended my birthday party. We sang "Omoide no Hotondo" together. (giggle) Mariko took pictures and videos of us, and! She posted it in her instagram. That was so embarrassing ne~ (blush). We partied over midnight lol. Now is 2 a.m., They all left just like that, leaving all the cups and plates and trashes all over my place. Lucky, Acchan said she has off-day tomorrow and willingly to stay and help me out. She is really nice person. I like her very much.

"Ahh~ I'm so tired" Acchan said as she throw herself on the sofa.

"Thank you for helping me, Acchan"

"I'm all stinky and sweaty" she pouted.

"I'll go prepare hot water bath for you, take a rest, I'll call you after the bath is ready"

"Caring as ever, Takamina" she smiled and stretched her arms.

After 15 minutes

"Bath is ready" I called but no response from her. I went to living room and saw her fell asleep on the sofa. "Hey, bath is ready" I gently shook her shoulder.

"Hmm?" she mumbled. She opened her eyes but then shut them down again and turned her back facing me.

“Hey, bath is ready. You gonna go for it or not?”

“You bath first, let me rest more. My body stuck on this sofa” she joked and giggled.

“Geez, okay”

After 30 minutes

“Acchan, it’s your turn now” I called but she’s not moving. “Acchannnnnn” I called again and trying to pull her up. “I’m gonna throw you into the bathtub” I’m pulling her with all my might and suddenly, she lighten herself and just get up like that pounce onto me, rest her head on my shoulder. “Geez, I almost lost my balance and fall”

“But you did not~” she said playfully, “I’m too lazy to move, carry me~”

“No, you know you’re heavier than me. I don’t have that energy to carry you to bathroom”

“Minami…” she pouted and put on those teary eyes in front of me.

“Stop acting, stop looking me like that, I won’t buy it”

“Mou~~ fine!” she pouted and walked to the bathroom with such heavy steps, unwillingly.

“Just don’t sleep in the bathtub” I said before she closed the door.

An hour later

I think I fell asleep for a while, it’s 3.30 am already and… Acchan still not coming out from bath. Seriously, Is she sleeping inside? I don’t want her to catch cold. I go and knock the door several times. “Acchan, you not finished yet? It’s quite a time for you in there”

Still no answer from her, I knock the door harder, “Acchan! Did you fall asleep? Acchan!”

“Stop yelling, you might wake up neighbours” finally she answered, “I’m coming”

“What made you so long in there, you might catch cold you know?”

“I need to make sure not a tiny bit cake’s cream on my skin, you know?” she replied, passed me by and jumped into my futon.

“You and Mariko played too extreme” I pulled up my blanket, “Let’s sleep now. It’s really late. I have a morning meeting tomorrow and handshake event”

After closing my eyes not even a minute, I feel she poking my cheek. I give her a glare, “What now?”

“I’m so fresh after bath” she is now drawing a circle on my arms, “I can’t sleep”

Some minutes later

The room filled with Acchan’s whines and pants.

“Ahh! Minami, not there”

“How should I know?” I pouted.

“How you not know?  We’ve been into this so many times” Acchan whined again. “Move your finger faster!” Acchan slapped my arm.

“I know, I know! Ugghh… my fingers going to cramp after this”

“Ahh! Minami!” she pinched my arm.

“Ouch! Don’t pinched me, you’re distracting my concentration”

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she commanded.

“I’m trying! I’m trying!” I feel so stress about her for this.

“Ahhhhh!” At the last, Acchan screamed.

“Don’t suddenly screaming like that on my ear” I pouted and stopped, rubbing my ear.

“Mou~~” she is now slapping my shoulder again and again, “We almost got there”

I sighed, “Yeah, we almost beat Mariko’s score” We both staring at the numbers shown in Acchan’s phone screen.

“Let’s play again, Minami” she is looking at me with fiery eyes, “Our score only 100 points different with Mariko”

“Again!?” I guess I won’t get any sleep tonight (T____T)

“Come on, Minami. Let’s beat her score” Acchan tapped the PLAY button.

I should blame Mariko-sama who recommended Acchan to play LINE POP. She shall not recommend anymore games to Acchan. They are killing my sleep time. (T____T)

The next day at handshake event

Fan: “Takamina-san, did you not sleep well last night? Your dark circles get darken and your eyes bag got bigger" *worried*  :(

Minami: “Yeah, Acchan won’t let me sleep last night” *smile smile*  :D

Fan: “Takamina-san and Atsuko-san spent a night together?” *surprised*  :shocked

Minami: “Yeah, Acchan stayed in my place yesterday” *smile smile*  :D

Fan: “I AM VERY HAPPY TO HEAR THIS TAKAMINA-SAN! I COULD EAT TEN BOWLS OF KATSUDON!” *shakes hands strongly* *bows* *flashes big smile and thumb up while getting carried away* “GOOD JOB TAKAMINA-SAN!! I’M PROUD OF YOU!!”  :bow: :thumbsup

Minami: *shocked* “How did she know I beat up Mariko’s LINE POP score?”  :shocked

Minami: “Maybe Acchan posted in twitter or instagram? I should ask Nyaan Nyaan to check them later” *smile smile*  :D

Staff: “Next line!”

Minami: *smile smile*  :D

After that conversation with Takahasi Minami, that fan spread out their conversation through all social media she has. The conversation spread over lightning fast.

At Backstage

Haruna: “I checked, Acchan didn’t post any news about beating Mariko’s score”

Minami: *shocked* “Then, how did that fan know about this?”

(A/N: obviously it’s all misunderstanding~ rofl)  XD :lol: :rofl:

Suddenly Minami’s phone vibrating non-stop. All she got were congratulation message from her close friends, saying “Congratulation”

Just Another OS - END

Did you enjoy this OS?  :P
Gimme some comment if you do~ :heart:

A/N: "LINE" is a South Korean-Japanese proprietary application for instant messaging on smartphones. Line users exchange text messages, graphics, video and audio media, make free VoIP calls, and hold free audio or video conferences. "LINE POP" is a puzzle game featuring cute and cuddly LINE characters. Swipe the characters to makes lines of 3 or more, and watch them pop! Pop as many as you can in 1 minute and try to get the highest score.
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LINE POP~  :cry:   
:frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:
nice os there by the way~  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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The fans misunderstood what's going on with Atsumina...

And start spreading the wrong news everywhere...

Great OS there...

Can't wait to see more

Thank you for the OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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I really love the way u write all the stories, keep update to another story Ichikawa san. U r a great author :cow:
Title: ✰Ichikawa の short stories✰ -- My First You
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My First You

People said, the first is hard to forget. What about you?
==============  ==============  ==============

It’s been two years since we’re apart…

And here I am once again, in this place, this city, walking around the streets we used to walk together. The buildings, the road, the shops are still remain the same, but the people changed. At this crossroad, standing among the crowd, waiting for the green light. From here, I can see the Tokyo Tower. I remember how you love to take a picture of it under the blue sky, or at the night when the gleaming view of Tokyo Tower is better. The tower remains the same, it’s just that you’re not there.

Walking across the street, there’s an old cafe at the corner of this huge shopping mall. It’s the cafe we used to stop by after school, simply to do homework together or just sitting there, having a talk. I still remember how excited we were, rushing from school to here just to taste their new menus. I wonder if the cafe is still operating there, and also if the owner still the same person.

I wonder… if by any chance… when I turn around to the corner… you are standing there, smiling at me. I will wave my hands at you and call your name. Maybe a warm hug will get it better.

I turned around, and… you’re not there. I laughed at myself, because I felt kinda stupid to have this thought. Standing in front of the cafe, I saw through from the glass wall, the style of the interior remain the same. I bent down to look at the showcase. Their cakes look delicious as always. Then, I moved to see the menu board. I flipped the menu book and laughed to myself, “I could hurt my wallet by tasting all these new menus, and my stomach will rebel too”

I remember, the day when I can’t finish my foods, you will take it all. ‘Don’t waste food’ you always said. Sighed, “I’ll come again another day, it’s lonely to eat all by myself”

Just when I turned to walk away, I saw her, I thought it’s just my hallucination and I rubbed my eyes… She’s really there, our eyes met. I was so dumbfounded that I could not talk or even move. I was standing there and saw her slowly walking to my direction. I took a deep breath and trying hard to raise my hand.

“Long time no see” I waved my hand at her.

“Long time no see” she smiled at me.

It’s so awkward. I don’t know what to say. She is also in silent mode. How about I offer her for a drink with me?

“I…” Just when I was about to open my mouth, the cafe door opened. A tall handsome guy greeted us.

“What are you doing there? Wanna come in and get some drink?” he offered.

“Sure” Acchan answered.

“S-sure” I’m really glad this person came and broke the silence.

He welcomed us and guided us to our old seat, the place we used to sit and have our time. It’s at the corner of this cafe. We don’t really like the crowd back then. It’s kinda feel annoying to hear people gossiping another and some were talking really loud. We find comfortable to sit at the very corner, although it’s small and narrow. And because it’s the closest to the kitchen, sometimes this guy asked us to help him when he ran out of hands. Yeah, we volunteered to be the waitress for a while. This handsome guy is the owner of this cafe, we both love to tease him that time. He is really a nice guy, he is friendly and caring, and generous.

“It’s been really long since the last time I see you both coming here” said the owner.

“You haven’t aged at all” said Acchan nonchalantly, “Still so handsome”

“The same for you both, still young and pretty like high school student” said the owner playfully.

“Get married yet?” I asked the owner intentionally.

He blushed and looked away, “Usual meals right? I’ll go get it for you now” and so, he walked away, his walking pace is a bit faster than normal.

“Running away from the question again” Acchan giggled.

“Yeah, just like before when we asked him ‘You confessed yet’?” I laughed.

“I hope he doesn’t need our help to get him propose to his girlfriend” Acchan was holding her laugh.

The silence come strike again, awkward filled the air as we’re waiting for our meals.

“How have you been?” I tried to break the ice.

“Good” she answered short.

The moment paused for a while and then she continued, “You?”

“Fine as always” I want to know more about her, I want to ask more but I decided not to. It’s enough to see her once again, to sit with her face to face like this, to talk to her once again. But I know I am simply lying to myself, the truth is, this is not enough for me. But I won’t ask for more, past is past.

“Here’s your meal” the owner came with our orders, “Katsudon set and iced caramel latte for you, teriyaki chicken and macha latte for you. Enjoy your meal”

“He remembers perfectly our usual orders” said Acchan.

“Yeah, he remembers not to put onion and tomatoes in my meal set”

“You still don’t eat tomatoes?” Acchan pouted.

I pouted and glared at Acchan, “Tomatoes only go in my mouth when someone force them in”

“Tomato is healthy food, you should eat more~” she took a sip on her macha latte.

I took my drink and, “Aww! This is too sweet!” I put down the drink and took a glass of water which is next to it.

“Silly, you always forget to stir your latte” Acchan took my latte and stirred it, “Look, the caramel all at the bottom”

“Gomen” I smiled. She remembered my bad habit and this made me feel happy.

Suddenly her phone is ringing, “I’m at the cafe at the corner of this building. Just turn left and go straight till the end, you will find it. I sit at the very corner too”

I had a bad feeling about this. I hope this is not what I think it is. Continue focus on eating my food, I need to prepare my heart for this. I must not show any emotions later. And so, a few minutes later, a guy appeared. That guy looks friendly, nice face, tall, neat. He looks nice but I don’t like him. Maybe this is what people called, ‘Hate at first sight’.

“I was worried when you are not waiting in the place we promised” complained the man.

“I’m so sorry. We coincidentally met and decided to have a meal together” Acchan explained.

“A friend of you?” asked the man.

“Uhn, my bestfriend” Acchan answered. She still acknowledges me as her bestfriend? I’m so happy to hear this.

“I never heard you mention any about this bestfriend” he said. Oh, I really hate him now. Did he mention this question on purpose? Acchan never mentioned me? Oh.. really…

“Minami, this is my boyfriend, Onoe Matsuya” Acchan introduced, “We’re getting married soon” she locked her arms with his.

This Onoe guy offered his hand and smiling bright. So bright that it went through my heart like a sharp lance, “Make sure you come to our wedding”

“Sure” I am heavy-heartedly shook his hand.

“After this we’re going to buy some new furniture, do you want to tag along with us?” he asked so friendly and I really really hate him now.

He made me to force myself a fake smile, “Nah, I’m kinda busy here. You two go ahead.”

“Let’s get going now before it’s getting late” he said to Acchan.

“I’ll send you” I got up from my seat and walked to the cashier.

“Let me pay for this, Minami” Acchan held my hand before the cashier accepted my cash.

“No, let me” I refused to let Acchan pay the bill.

Still holding my arm, she told her boyfriend to get the car first because this will be a long argument. That Onoe left a kiss on Acchan’s cheek before getting out of this cafe. But, this is not gonna be a long argument. Taking the chance when Acchan waved at her boyfriend, I used my other hand to give the cash.

“Please come again” said the cashier as she returned the change.

Acchan surprised and staring at me, “Mou, I said I will pay”

“But I paid already” my face show up a victory grin, “Let’s get outside”

In the past, we could spend an hour long to argue who will pay the bill. Then the owner will come out and said ‘Both of you no need to pay. Come volunteer as my waitress tomorrow after school’. It's still funny to think about.

“Do you…” While accompany Acchan waiting for that Onoe’s car, I brave myself to ask her, “Do you still have my number?”

“I have never deleted it” Acchan answered. I tried to hide my smile after hearing that.

“Just call me… or, text me the date and place, and the time when your ceremony is going to be held”

“I will prefer to call you out and give you the invitation hand to hand” she smiled.

This made me wonder, how did you meet him? How long have you been together? What kind of person he is? What is his job? Is he reliable? There’re so many questions in my head and it will only be inside my head. Looking at her happy face, I wish that Onoe guy is really her Mr. Right. I wish them happiness.

“How about you?” Acchan changed the topic, “Got a boyfriend yet?”

“No one wants me” I answered playfully.

“Be serious, Minami” she gently smacked my head.

“Really, who will want a barbarian girlfriend like me?” I joked. It’s better than be serious. “I will blow up their house everytime I get into the kitchen. Hahahaha”

“Minami…” Acchan stared at me with a serious face, looks like she wants to say something.

[Tuuut Tuuut]   Onoe’s car arrived.

Acchan’s face looked so serious right now and it made me fear to hear what she wants to say. I pushed her back gently, “Your boyfriend is here. Get going now”

Her boyfriend parked the car and got out of it to open the door for Acchan. Before get into the car, she waved goodbye at me. I smiled and waved back. As the car fading from my sight, my smile also faded. I went back into the cafe and occupied my seat.

The owner saw me and confused, “What brings you back here? You forgot something?”

“Bring me all the new menus, no tasty no pay”

“All by yourself? The owner asked.

“Do you see anyone else sit here except me?”

The moment was silence for a while, then the owner patted my head and smiled, “Eat all you can, my treat.”

“I’m so lucky today” I answered with a playful tone.

This is… just like that time…


Two years ago…

We came to this cafe to celebrate our graduation day. I am so excited like usual, wonder if the owner had made something new to congratulate us. But, what unexpected is…

“Minami…” This is the first time I ever saw Acchan looked at me with serious face, “Let’s be just friend”

“Okay” and I answered without thinking. Anything she wants, I will say ‘okay’. And then, I really regret it later.

“I’m sorry Minami” I saw tears crawling down on her face.

“Don’t be” I offered my thumb to wipe her tears. “I think friend is more suits for us”

I have known Acchan since middle school. She is the nicest friend I have. We almost had most of our time together, in the school and after school. Go to school together, doing homework together, skip classes together, fooling around together, re-take exam together. When I first met her, she is a complete stranger to me but somehow I feel familiar. We get into the same class and she sat next to me. Since that day, we’re always being together. This is the first time I get so attached for a person. This is the first time I never get tired with long chat. This is the first time I get excited waiting for this person to call me or text me.

Unfortunately, this friendship I cherish the most, ended, at the time I realize that I developed feelings in her. I realize that I see her more than just a friend. Three days ago, before this graduation day, I confessed to her.

That day was windy. We’re hiding on the rooftop, to avoid being called by teachers to help them doing the preparation for graduation day. Resting our backs on the fence, we shared my earphones and enjoyed the music from my mp3 player. She fell asleep on my shoulder. Her face is so angelic and peaceful. I didn’t realize that I was staring at her, closer and closer.

Until she suddenly moved her head, I looked away immediately. I was so startled and I could feel my heart pounding hard like it’s about to break out from my chest.

“Minami?” Acchan touched my ear, “Your ear looks so red, are you okay? Is it too hot here? Let’s go somewhere cool”

I pushed her hand away and dropped my mp3 player. “Minami?” she asked with worried face.

“I’m sorry” that’s the only word came out from my mouth.

“Why are you saying sorry for?” she cupped my face to make me look at hers, “You not feeling well, Minami?”

“I’m going to cool my head for a while” I got up and walked away but she chased me and held my arm.

“Did I do something wrong?” she asked, “You’re being so cold so suddenly”

“No, you’re not. It’s me” I said without looking at her, “Sorry”

“Minami, look at me when you’re talking!” Acchan got mad.

When I turned around, my tears came down. I felt so guilty for having this kind of feeling developed inside me. We’re both girls, but I… at that moment when I stared at her, I wanted to kiss her. This is not right, something is completely wrong with me. I don’t want our friendship to end.

“Is it because I stole your melon bun this morning, so that you’re upset with me?” she held my hands tightly.

Can’t you read the situation? I want to get mad but I can’t. This strange emotion mixed up within me and it almost burst out. I tried to be calm, “Why would I get mad because of that?”

“Is it… because we’re going to be separated after graduation?” Acchan paused for a while, “We promised to go to the same university together but I failed the entrance exam. I’m sorry that I can’t keep it up to you” she looked so down.

“That’s not it” I tried to be calm.

“Then why?” asked Acchan. Her eyes were teary. Seeing her expression like this, I couldn’t keep it anymore. I wanted to make a bet. If she accepted me, that’s good. If she rejected me, I wonder if we can still be friend like this…

“I’m sorry” I pulled her into my arms, burying my face on her shoulder. I don’t want her to see my face right now, and I am also afraid to see her face after what I want to say at this moment, “I love you, Acchan.”

She hugged me back, “Silly, are you crying because you love me?” She stroked my hair, “I love you too, Minami”

“It’s not the love you think” Still buried my face on her shoulder, I can’t face her, “I love you more than friend. Just like a boy loves a girl, I love you like that.”

Silence filled the air at the moment, she didn’t push me away, she didn’t move. This is the worst feeling I ever felt. Maybe she was disappointed on me, maybe she thinks I’m a disgusting person, and maybe she regret of becoming friend with me now.

“I’m really sorry to have this kind of feeling on you” I pulled back and ran away.

“Minami!” Acchan grabbed my hand. I turned back and looked at her. She’s not looking at me, she’s staring on the floor and tighten her grip on my hand, “I don’t mind… I don’t mind you having that kind of love on me”

Happy ending? Believe it or not, my first love lasted three days only…

Back to the cafe

“I’m sorry Minami” I saw tears crawling down on her face.

“Don’t be” I offered my thumb to wipe her tears. “I think friend is more suits for us”

“That time… I just don’t want to lose you. You are my bestfriend” She tighten her grip on my hands, “I am still confuse, I don’t know if I have the same feeling toward you. At that time when you ran away, I felt that if I don’t hold you, you’ll be gone from my life. I don’t know what to do… I just don’t want to lose you.”

I patted her head and messed up her hair a bit, “I guess I am best to be your bestfriend” I smiled to put her in ease.

After two hours of crying, she finally cooled down. I laughed and made fun of her, trying to make her feeling better. I need to get back the old feeling of being just friend. As usual, I sent her home after we got out from the cafe. We exchanged smile and goodnight. Her smile is still the best.

And so... my first love ended here…

The next day, I was planning to ask her out for lunch. I walked to her house and ringed the bell but no one is coming out. I tried to call her but her phone is not active, or rather the number you are calling is not registered.

Can you imagine how panic I was? I don’t remember well but I think I looked like a mad man, pressed the doorbell over and over again, dialed her number over and over again. I can’t keep my head calm. Finally I broke down. I sat on the ground, in front of the door, trying to hold back my tears. After cooling down, I went to ask the security and he said that the family was moved out yesterday morning. But the question is, I just sent her home yesterday evening.

Why didn’t she tell me she’s moving out? Why she didn’t even say goodbye or at least leave me a message? She disappeared like the wind, leaving no trace. I have prepared myself for this at the very moment I decided to confess to her. But still… it hurts a lot…

Nowhere to go, nowhere to tell, I can only keep it by myself. I don’t want any other people know this… that I fell in love with a girl… and had a massive broken heart… just three days after confession…

Unconsciously, I ended up in front of the cafe. I was standing there like a lost child. It was raining out there but I don’t want to get in and I don’t want to move. And then, the owner opened the door and saw me. He was surprised to see me standing there, drenched by the rain.

“Oh my, what are you doing there? Come, get inside?” he invited me.

He gave me clean clothes to change and a cup of warm milk tea. I was sitting at our usual spot, looking outside the window. I saw people were busy walking here and there with umbrella in their hands. Traffic light wasn’t working and the car’s horn everywhere.

“It’ll become cold if you’re not gonna drink it” said the owner, suddenly standing beside of me.

“Oh” I took a sip of the milk tea and put it back on the table.

“Looks like she will be very late” he looked at the empty seat in front of me, “The rain is so hard out there”

“She won’t be coming” I said coldly.

“Your drink has become cold, I’ll give you a new one” said the owner as he took my drink away.

“Do you have spicy food?” I asked.

“Yes, may I have your order?” said the owner.

“Bring me everything spicy. I demand the spiciest each of it. No spicy no pay”

“What a picky customer I have today” he scratched his forehead.

“And…” I asked before he walked away, “Do you have sad songs? Can you turn it on for this whole day?”

He just smiled and patted my head, and walked away to get my orders.

I’ve been sitting there till the next morning. Listen to the sad songs whole night. The owner didn’t chase me out. He opened the cafe for 24 hours for me that day. He didn’t ask me to pay my bill either. He said it’s on his treat. Thanks for giving me a warm place in that raining day. After torturing myself that night and drowned myself into hellish time, I feel better now.

Flashback End

I was crying that time but now, I am here with a smiling face. Because I got to see you again and you let me know that we’re still friends. Let’s stay just like this.

Suddenly my phone started ringing, there’s a new message. And I can’t prevent my teeth from showing on my face when I read it. I will make sure I won’t break our friendship ever again.

[Let’s have lunch together next time without my boyfriend interrupts us *wink*

                                                                                             From your super lovely Acchan]

My First You End

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Poor Minami...

It was very hard getting over 1st love

But she met Atsuko again after sometimes...

The old feeling came back again...

Very realistic story and very true...

Great going there...

Is there a continuous for this story?

Can't wait to see more Atsumina

Thank you

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It's me or jphip was in maitenence before??
Well, I hope u will continue this ff Author san, not only os. Beside, Acchan has broke up with Onoe rite??
And we still dont have idea, why did Acchan move out