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Title: Most important thing | Chap. 1 (RinoRie) |
Post by: local-buddies on March 11, 2012, 12:05:04 PM
Just testing out if I'm cut out for things like these  :cool2:


Tap. Tap. Tap.

Hearing that familiar and seemingly endless repetitive sound, I stood up from my bed and lazily walked closer to the window, slowly peeking out from it. From there, I immediately spotted the only person who would dare to throw pebbles on my window just to get my attention. Her smile came to her face as soon as she noticed me.

“Sasshi, what are you doing!? It’s already late at night, you know!” I hissed at her quietly, careful not to catch the attention of my parents whose room was conveniently located right across mine.

With her smile still on her face, Sashihara Rino, a childhood friend of mine, apparently, proudly lifted up two papers and airily yelled back, “Look, Ricchan! I got two tickets with me~ you know what that means, right~?”  The fact that her grin grew wider at this made me sigh. Actually, I would have facepalmed already if only she wouldn’t show me that puppy face of hers whenever I would.

“Bed time?” I answered idly before gesturing that I would close the window; she frantically waved her arms around after I did.

“WAIT WAIT WAIT! Not bed time! I mean you,” She pointed at me, then to herself, “And me, go to the concert together. It’s going to be fun, Ricchan~ Please come with me?” I sighed loudly and rolled my eyes as I watch her pucker her lower lip out. She always does these kinds of things to me. Asking me to do things that would obviously put me into trouble and putting on that face of hers just so I would say yes…

But this time, that pouty face of hers won’t work on me.

I smugly crossed my arms across my chest before giving her an annoying smile she always hated, “No.”

Even though it was dark, I could still vaguely see her pout, “FINE THEN!” She yelled out loudly, making me look at my room’s door out of instinct. No sign of my parents, good. “I’ll just go to the concert BY MYSELF. Party until morning ALL BY MYSELF and go home ALONE. It’s not like guys are going to try hitting on me right~? Un, un. That’s because Sashihara is an obviously unattractive girl with… Flat… Chest…”

I couldn’t help myself from facepalming anymore. Why on earth is she even insulting herself?

“Sasshi, you know how my parents would never allow me to leave the house at this hour. How do you expect me to come with yo-”

“Escape.” She said matter-of-factly.

“You- Don’t just randomly tell me to do such a dangerous thing as though I won’t be dead by the time I get home!”

“… Fine, I’ll just go by myself then…”

Sighing out loudly for the second time, I mentally slapped my head on the head for what I am about to do, knowing how I would really be in danger if ever I was found out. But well… With this idiot in front of me sulking like this, I can’t possibly think about that right now, right? Because…

“Don’t move, okay?”

“Eh? Ricchan? You’re coming? Really?!”

“If I’m dead by the morning, you’re the one to be blamed…”

“Sure, sure~ I’ll just personally apologize to your parents, alright?”

“Right, right, idiot.”

“Wait what?!”

Because apparently, this idiot is much more painful for me to ignore.

er... well... I expect this is not too short for a prologue,

I'm sorry if my grammar sucks. English is not my first language
Title: Re: Most important thing | Prol. (RinoRie) |
Post by: sakura_drop_ on March 11, 2012, 12:17:28 PM
English is not my first language too, but as far as I can see, your grammar is really good  :)

Well, the prologue didn't reveal much, so I'll wait for the next update  :gmon fry:
Title: Re: Most important thing | Prol. (RinoRie) |
Post by: Sieka on March 11, 2012, 12:48:27 PM
Interesting, I already want to read the next part.
I wonder if Rie will ever come home alive, or will Rino greet her in a coffin the next time she sees her? Dun dun dun, I'll just have to wait don't I?! XD

Your English is good. It's really good, also I have to say, English isn't also my mother tongue or in a simple way to say it, it isn't my first language, my first language is Tagalog, so its alright to make mistakes every now and then, it can't be helped after all, can it?

Well, that said, I'm looking forward to your updates! :cathappy:
Title: Re: Most important thing | Prol. (RinoRie) |
Post by: yukofan on March 12, 2012, 01:27:15 PM
RinoRie? YEAH!  :fap

an interesting prologue..

sasshi LOL  XD

please update the first chapter..
Title: Re: Most important thing | Prol. (RinoRie) |
Post by: kahem on March 12, 2012, 05:45:01 PM
Oh a SasshiRie long story!!! Interesting!
I'm sure the concert it's a idol concert lol
Title: Re: Most important thing | Prol. (RinoRie) |
Post by: local-buddies on April 01, 2012, 06:29:03 AM
@sakura_drop_: I read your stories! Your english is really good, too!

@Seika: AHH! I read your stories too! I hope you would update your heart breaking GekiBlack fic soon... And your first language is tagalog? So you're a filipino?! Because I am, too. xD

@yukofan: I'm deeply sorry for the long wait... And thank you for reading the prologue!

@kahem: Yes! well, I was wondering why there wasn't that much RinoRie fic here, so I thought of making one, even if I'm not that good yet  :nervous Thank you for reading!

Kind of short... I'm sorry

Chapter 1

What I hated the most about myself is the fact that I am more like the type who would give up in the end.

An example of that is how I easily would give in to someone’s request after a few seconds of saying “No”. It has always been my weak point, but at the same time, it was the only quality that my best friend, as she said, was positive in me. Even though she herself was as negative as I am.

That’s right; I’m a negative type of girl.

What that means? Well, that can wait later.


My said best friend, Sashihara Rino, exclaimed happily as soon as both of us arrived at the arena where the concert will be held. Apparently, the concert will start around midnight; in other words, I will be forced to go home in the morning.

“You’re so noisy, you damned wota.” I cursed under my breath and immediately received a pout from her. “What?”

“I knew it.”


“You actually hate the fact that I’m a wota, don’t you? Like, you’re only coming here with me just because you feel bad if you would abandon me. And that all of those pretty words you said to me back when you first found out about my wota self were a lie…”

There it is… That doubtful side of hers… I’ve always hated it, yet, at the same time, I found it amusing how she could think of such things in one go, well, it’s not like it’s the truth anyway.

“You’re thinking too much, Sasshi. Why don’t we just go in? All seats might get occupied if we’re just going to stand here.” I smiled at her, hoping that it would at least cheer her up, even if it’s just a little. Thankfully, it was a success as she beamed her billion-watt smile back at me and grabbed my wrist. Before I knew it, I was being dragged in by her.

As expected, as soon as we entered the arena, she started yelling out like crazy and started waving the disposable light sticks she just bought up in the air. Much to my surprise, she was well known to the other wotas too, as some even greeted her good evening when we were on our way in. Well, a female wota who would go as far as taping Idol pictures on her shirt was unusual anyway, so I suppose that’s to be expected.

The arena was wide, and it seemed as though everyone in there, aside from me, bought light sticks with them. Even though the lights were already out, thanks to the light sticks, it was still bright.

Sasshi cheerfully called out her favorite Idol’s name as soon as they walked out from the back stage, and once again, began yelling out like there was no tomorrow. Her smile whenever she would cheer for them was much different than what she usually puts on in school. As though today, I’m with a different Sashihara. A side of her that I rarely see.

Since I didn’t know much about the Idols in front of me and I obviously had no clue about wotagei, I remained silent. Sitting down on my chair calmly while watching everyone else cheer ever so happily.

Eveytime Sashihara drags me in a concert, it always ends up like this. She would always forget about my existence and instead, just continue on with her wotagei-ing.

That’s fine though. It’s better than being dragged into dancing randomly with her.

Feeling my drowsiness ruling over me despite the noisy crowd, I slowly closed my eyes.


“WHAT DO YOU THINK WERE YOU DOING?! SNEAKING OUT LATE JUST FOR A CONCERT AND COMING HOME PAST SIX IN THE MORNING?! YOU’RE A GIRL FOR GOD’S SAKE, KITAHARA RIE!” I jumped up a little as my mother continued on with her nagging. I couldn’t do anything else but to bow down my head.

If I were to answer her half-nagging question, she would get mad at me more.

But then again, if I just keep quiet here, she would get even angrier.

Really, Parents.

“If you do that again, I’ll make sure to leave your things outside the house before you get home. You hear me?!”

“Yes Mom…”

“Now go get ready, you have school today and I’m not letting you skip it just because you went to a concert.”

“Yes Mom.” I repeated before dully walking up to my room. Even though I’m still forced into going to school despite feeling dead tired, at least her nagging has stopped.


Even after a sleepless night, Sashihara was still beaming with energy in school. It even makes me wonder if her parents ever did worry about her staying out late. Or even her health. The black circles under her eyes were visible enough for a person standing five meters away to see, and yet, she still acted as though she has woken up after an eternity of charging herself.

While I, on the other hand, am close to dying from exhaustion.

Wherever this girl gets her energy, I need some of it.

“Kitarie~!” She called out to me after cleaning the board and clapping her hands clean. She didn’t even ask the owner of the seat in front of me if she could sit down on it. Seriously, this girl… “So, how was last night’s concert? Was it fun? Oh, by the way, you parents didn’t get mad at you… Did they?”

“They did, so much about you planning to explain everything to them if ever they got mad.”

She frowned a little with her lower lip sticking out, one of those childish faces she keeps on using on me just so I would forgive her. But I won’t fall for it. Not this time. Even though I keep on saying this each time she does this. “I’m sorry!” I jumped up a little as she suddenly clasped her hands together and bowed her head down, grabbing the attention of our classmates. I hurriedly placed her hands down and forced her to look up again. Still, she had that frown on, “I needed to go home badly…”

I couldn’t help myself from letting out a sigh, “Alright, alright… I’m not mad. Don’t worry; it was just a little scolding, that’s all…” I spoil her too much…

“Ah! I know! As an apology, I’ll treat you to this maid café I know very well after school! Their omelets are great!” Once again, her billion-watt smile was back on her face. Her mood swings too fast… Way too fast. Wait, she wasn’t faking her frown now, was she?

I bet this is just her way for dragging me to that café along…

“I’ll… Pass.”

“I INSIST!” She suddenly grabbed my hand while yelling out loudly, grabbing our classmates’ attentions again. I frowned at this, “Please, Kitarie, let me treat you, just this once! I’ll be a good girl, I promise! And we’ll go home early so that your Mom won’t get mad at you, I promise!” she even went as far as holding her pinky out. A pinky promise? Seriously…

Given with not much option anyway, I held my pinky out as well, “Alright… A promise, then…”


“Um… Are you planning to eat that pasta?”

It was a lame excuse to start a conversation, but it was the only thing I could think of at the moment. I just wanted to talk to her, I just wanted to pull her out from that silent atmosphere she was caging herself in. She was still a new transfer student at that time, a student who suddenly transferred at the middle of the semester

I found it weird that nobody even talked to her after she was introduced by the teacher. It must have been because she wasn’t even smiling at us at that time. It made her look like someone who didn’t want to socialize with the others. But I knew… I knew that behind those eyes, she wanted to have friends too. I was like her at first, after all.

I wanted to help her,

So I started a conversation.

“A-Ah, no… Do you… Want it?” Finally taking her eyes away from her tray, she looked up at her with her brows pushed down nervously. She looked like a scared puppy. And then I realized…

Ah… she must have been afraid… That’s why she didn’t smile in front of everyone.

“I can? Really?”

I tried to muster the friendliest smile I could give. And without even asking for permission, I took the empty seat before her and placed my lunch box on her table as well. I was afraid that she might reject me if I would ask her politely whether I could eat with her or not, so I decided to do it by force. Noticing her surprised eyes locked onto me, I smiled at her again in expects that it would at least spare me from being questioned.

And it worked,

She didn’t say anything nor did she even show hints of wanting to question me as to why I was there eating with her.

She just sat there in silence, eating her food while looking everywhere but me.


Feeling myself shaking involuntarily, I let out a muffled groan, burying my face in my arms more while ignoring the feint voice ringing on my head. It sounded as though it was calling for my attention. The voice was familiar. But I wasn’t sure as to whose it was. It was too feint for me to know… Too distant.

“Kitarie!” Finally, the voice was loud and clear. I slightly lifted my head as a result, my eyes popping open involuntarily as I wearily scanned the empty room in front of me. It was empty. No students were sitting on the chairs, the blackboard was clean… And the sunlight beaming through the window was in the shade of orange.


“Finally you’re awake! You’re one heavy sleeper, I say!” Turning my head to the side, Sashihara’s face immediately greeted me, she had that pouty look on her face again, looking both tired and irritated. “Do you know for how long I was trying to wake you up? You were even muttering the word eat… It makes me wonder if you have anything else in mind but food… This is why you’re chubby…”

“I’m not chubby.”

I frowned a little.

So it was a dream…

Well that’s one nostalgic dream.

“Yeah, go say that to your Mom and let’s see what she says.”

“Don’t bring my Mom into this! You know how she always teases me about that.” I sighed loudly while rolling my eyes. “What time is it…?”

Looking at her empty wrist, Sashihara acted as though she was reading the time on her ‘invisible’ watch, turning to me afterward with a blank look on her face before bluntly saying, “Time for us to go to the maid café.”

This idiot...
Title: Re: Most important thing | Chap. 1 (RinoRie) |
Post by: Sieka on April 01, 2012, 07:32:20 AM
Oh, you read my fics too? Thanks for reading them... :) Hahaha, update it soon though is a bit too...hmm....I'm thinking of updating but soon, not really. XD Yep, full blooded filipino, born in Philippines... Hahaha, raming pinoy dito, naks...hehe... :)

Anyways, on your update, I couldn't read it properly though with all the images popping in all of sudden of what seems to be a Kpop guy...hmm, April Fools day huh, tsk, what a nice prank it is, can't even use my favorite "l-o-l" emoticon. X3

Mah, I do understand a bit of chapter, Rie gets scolded because she got home late, goes into suicidal mode by coming to school while deadly tired, falls asleep and remembers a memory of how she met Sashi and again is gonna get dragged into a maid cafe, hohoho, they even made a promise.

While I don't see any romantic feelings sparking around this two, I can see that it'll start to blossom soon, like really soon...just expect that soon will come rather than later. X3 Also...I was kinda expecting Kitarie to get KO'ed by her mom because of going late out for a concert, but dang, she only got reprimanded, I'm kind of...disappointed but oh well....tsk... XD

Thank you for the update! :cathappy:
Title: Re: Most important thing | Chap. 1 (RinoRie) |
Post by: yukofan on April 01, 2012, 07:40:15 AM
poor kitarie~ got scolded because of coming late

and expected from a advance-level wota..

Title: Re: Most important thing | Chap. 1 (RinoRie) |
Post by: local-buddies on April 01, 2012, 07:45:33 AM
Seriously though, Jphip's April fools prank is... argh, it's making reading too hard for m-e! I haven't finished reading your YukiRena yet, and I was planning to read it today, but it seems like I'll have to wait since it's almost like every words are changing into suggestive ones. >_<;; I'm sorry if the story's quite the disappointm-ent though... I'm... still a newbie at this, really...


I wrote a lot of scenes for the Rie vs Mom part, one with Sashi and having her getting scolded instead and one where Kitarie c-o-m-e-s h-o-m-e to see her mom holding the vacuum and using it to spank her with it... But for so-m-e reason, I decided to settle with the less violent one... I don't know why... I'm sorry... I'll try to improve soon ; A ;

It seems like my request for your update sounded too demanding >__<;; I'm sorry. I wanted to say I'm Waiting for your next update... I don't know how it turned to I expect...

Title: Re: Most important thing | Chap. 1 (RinoRie) |
Post by: Sieka on April 01, 2012, 07:55:22 AM
I have to say I agree with you... JPHIP's prank is kind of...too suggestive, and what's the use of taking out the suggestive thread if this prank itself has quite a lot of dangerous words...? 'w'|||

Disappointed? I'm not disappointed in the story at all, I like how you're writing it, its better this way, though I did expect Kitarie getting KO'ed, its better to lessen the violence as much as possible since there are a few teens who reads here and all. :3 Though I have to say, I'm glad you didn't add that scene because I wouldn't want to see Kitarie getting spanked by a vacuum..... :sweatdrop:

Demanding? Hahaha, I'm actually glad people would demand for me to update as soon as I can, it just means someone wants to read what I write. I don't take it badly when someone demands like that, makes me happy to know someone wants to read the next part soon after all to be honest.

No need to apologize, I myself am very demanding at times, I just try to restrain myself... :)

(Also, I'm way too disturbed with JPHIP prank right now...I might as well.......return later when everything's gone, this is seriously and way too disturbing....)
Title: Re: Most important thing | Chap. 1 (RinoRie) |
Post by: local-buddies on April 01, 2012, 08:03:06 AM
TOO SUGGESTIVE, every m and e written together turns into that disgusting word and eveil i-dols turns into Oprah... It's... Weird... >___<;;

I... I'm at loss for words. It's not everyday that I hear someone say that they like how I write a story. But as I said, I'll try to improve! I am thankful though, that you pointed out that you were expecting for Rie to get KO'ed. I'll keep it in mind.

I really am waiting for your fanfic, it... Even though my heart aches as I read it, I can't help but wonder what would happen next! I'll just wait for it though. >__<;;

And yes.. Just like you, I guess I'll wait until this troll-ness disappears too...
Title: Re: Most important thing | Chap. 1 (RinoRie) |
Post by: foreverboredom on April 03, 2012, 03:43:40 PM
Please update soon!  :cathappy:
Title: Re: Most important thing | Chap. 1 (RinoRie) |
Post by: kahem on April 05, 2012, 06:53:40 PM
Poor Kitarie, Sasshi is too cute to say no to her lol
Title: Re: Most important thing | Chap. 1 (RinoRie) |
Post by: pamela89 on June 01, 2012, 08:42:55 AM
Uwaaah can't wait for the next one~   :luvluv2:

Please updatE~ ASAP  :ptam-glow:
Title: Re: Most important thing | Chap. 1 (RinoRie) |
Post by: sakura_drop_ on June 01, 2012, 10:19:36 AM
You're reading my stories?.. Thank you!!!!!!

I finally took some time to read this, and I must say, I like it, even though RinoRie is not one of my fav couples, but I guess its going up a bit because of this story. Keep this up.  ;) ;)