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Title: Beneath the Clothes of Yajima -- Chapter Two (2012.04.02)
Post by: panickofpain on March 17, 2012, 11:06:05 AM
Hello everyone! (: Here is a new fic I've been wanting to write for a while now. Although i was busy at those times, I finally had the time to write, again. That's why I updated all my fics for this month (Hoping for Chance and the Untitled fic). Now, since I already have a MiyaSaki fic (Hoping for Chance), I finally had the urge to write a YajiSuzu fic. Even though I would love it to be MiyaSaki since I'm bias (XD), I still haven't finished my MiyaSaki fic, so, yeah. And it has been a long time since I wrote something about YajiSuzu or anything from C-ute. So now, I expect everyone won't be confused in this fic since I also had a hard time writing it. (Imaginations and day dreaming are better in visualizing my fics than me, writing it...)

So anyway, I will just give you guys a heads up with some vocab:
Kumicho/Oyabun - Head of the family
Waka-gashira - The Children's boss or the Middleman of the Oyabun and the his children.
Sha_tei-gashira - The Oyabun's brother's boss or the boss of all of the Oyabun's brothers.

So I expect you guys will also follow this fic like how you all did with my other fics. :)


   In the midst of a cool and windy night in Tokyo, an old traditional Japanese house in Bunkyo suddenly surged into flames. No one knew of it, not until one of the servants of the house came back from his night’s stroll, and found the house burning. He looked to his side where the servants’ quarters were put up and yelled with all his might to wake up the ones who were supposed to be on guard that night. When the others quickly got out, he dropped all of his things and sprinted his way inside; evading the flames that quickly took over the main hallway. “Ojou-sama! Ojou-sama!” The servant yelled as he made his way to his master’s room. Two other servants followed him as the others tried to take wam a virginver that is important and some tried to extinguish the fire. The three servants had finally reached the room they were aiming for. One of them felt the door, to be sure if they would open it, flames wouldn’t suddenly envelop them. “Kumicho! Hold on, Kumicho! We’re coming!” The three hustled their way inside the room by kicking the door down, violently. The three took hold of their master whom was unconscious on her bed. As soon as they came out, fire fighters, an ambulance and some police cars have arrived. The medics took the unconscious master inside the ambulance to observe and treat her.

The servants had taken everything they can from the burning house and most of them had left to deliver the things on their master’s other office. The three who found their master were suddenly greeted by the Waka-gashira. “Who is responsible for the protection tonight?” The three was about to answer, but the look of the middleman suddenly crept up their backs and gave them chicken skins.  “Well? Who is it?” The oldest of the three suddenly spoke and bowed down to the one standing in front of them. “I’m the one responsible for tonight!” The other two looked at him but didn’t agree on what he just said, “No! It was I who was in charge!” The second oldest intervened. “No! It was I!” The youngest also said. The Waka-gashira pushed up his glasses before giving the three a violent hit on the cheek.

“It doesn’t matter anymore! What’s done is done! You three are responsible, being the head of the three sub-families who are organized to protect the Oyabun for tonight.” The three shifted their position into their sincerest bowing position, before saying in unison, “We are terribly sorry! It is our fault! We promise it won’t happen again!” The Waka-gashira turned his back from them and said, “Come to the Oyabun’s office, later. We’ll talk your compensation on this mistake.” With that, the three family leaders stood up and gathered their remaining family members to search the area for clues on who was responsible for this misfortune.


“Ah! I’m going to be late!” The anxious but composed girl burst out of the door; ran into the hallway and down pathway to the elevators. “Mou! Why? Why do I have to wake up this late?” She exclaimed as she waited, impatiently for the elevator. The other elevator opened but it was still going up on the next two floors so she didn’t step in it. On the other hand, a man, the same as her age stepped out of that elevator and was surprised when he saw her. “Maimi! What are you doing up this early?! You should still be resting!” Maimi looked at him impatiently, “What do you mean? It’s already 10:30 in the morning and I have a party to go to in an hour and a half from now! And I still need to buy some flowers!” She looked at the elevator panel and still, there was no elevator near her floor. “Maimi! After what happened this morning, are you really going to this party?” The girl looked at him with an irritated look. “Ren, don’t you think you have some work to do? So instead of bothering me, just go and do your work!” The guy pushed his eyeglasses up and sighed. “You know it’s your work that I’m doing.” Maimi looked at him again but now with a pout. “I know… Just… cover for me for a while, okay?” Ren just smiled at her plea. Finally the elevator finally opens to their floor and going down. “You should just give up on her so you would do your work and not pass it on me!” Ren told her as she entered the elevator, “Do your work!” Maimi answered just before the elevator door shut.

Maimi quickly went to a nearby flower shop to buy the most expensive bouquet of flowers to someone she was expecting to come home from a trip to America. “Say Yajima-san, how was your planning of this party? Is everything ready?” The florist asked as she handed the bouquet to Maimi. “Ah, yes. It’s all good. Everyone is already there, well, except for me and the one we’re going to surprise.” The florist smiled at her and gave her a 50% discount on her bouquet. “Thank you Sato-san. I’ll repay you soon.” Maimi held the bouquet and was hurrying to the next intersection when a car pulled up beside her. “Maimi! You’re not going to reach the party on time on foot. Get in.” Maimi was surprised. The one who greeted her was the father of the girl they were going to surprise today. Maimi didn’t hesitate on getting inside the car and when they finally reached their destination. She was grateful that Airi’s parents found her or else she would be late.

Airi’s parents went up to the second floor first and warmly greeted their daughter back to Japan. Maimi was the last one to come up. She was held up on the front desk to sign a few papers for the party. “Thank you Yajima-san. We expect to have more of your parties here, with us.” When she finally stepped on the last step to the second floor, she was ready to surprise Airi with her wonderful bouquet of flowers when she found her standing with a man in front of everyone. Her back was faced unto Maimi so she didn’t know she was there. “Thank you everyone for this party, but before we start, I would like to introduce someone whom I met in America.” Maimi and the others were surprised on the new fellow whom came back to Japan with Airi. “Standing beside me is Kai Shinoda.” She said it as if it had another ring to it. It was as if she was telling it in a different perspective, or a different point of view; like he was not only a friend but different.  Maimi looked at her from behind and she could tell there was something different. She was not supposed to be looking at other men. She shouldn’t have taken him to this party.

When the others finished greeting the new comer, Maimi suddenly greeted Airi from behind. It made Airi jump but she was glad that Maimi came. “Maimi! Finally! We thought you’re not coming!” Miyabi shouted from the other end of the room. “Why wouldn’t I come?” Maimi answered back and Chisato answered in Miya’s behalf. “It’s because you were late.” Maimi chuckled slightly as she greeted her friends who were there. She also greeted Kai, whom was introduced by Airi earlier. After half an hour, everyone was not yet finished eating and even talking to Airi, when Maimi excused herself. “You’re going already?” Nakky asked in a bit confused tone. “Yeah, I need to.  There is still work to be done.” With that, she bid goodbye to Airi; not as how she normally does and tried to make it fast. As she was already near the stairs, Saki went beside her and asked her in a whisper, “Are you sure you’re going to leave your girlfriend with a guy sitting close to her?” Maimi smiled awkwardly before answering, “What can I do Saki? When I see her looking at him, it looks like, she…” Saki punched her shoulder before asking her question again. “Don’t think about that for now. Think about why you’re letting your girlfriend stay with a guy in her welcome home party, when her girlfriend – who wasted all her time making all these preparations – leaves.” Maimi was a bit confused but she knew one thing, she wanted to leave the place and go back to her house, where there is really work to be done; much work. It’s not that she was not going to evade the subject matter, but she was. She knew not of what happened in America. She only knew Airi had a business trip there with her management and other than that, she knew not. She thought, later would be best to talk about everything, for now, she had other matters to take care off.

“I’m sorry, Saki. Something happened back home and I need to go back as soon as I can. I know this can wait and… I trust Airi. I know she won’t just fall for him while we are still in a relationship.” Saki just sighed and let her dear friend go. “You’re torturing yourself, Maimi…” She whispered as she watched her friend walk down the stairs.


   Saw cutting wood and pounding on nails greeted Maimi when she reached an open lot in the area of her residence. “Ah… A lot of things to be done… I expect we can finish this soon.” She walked towards the end of the lot, where some of the men were doing their work or carpentry. When she stepped in the area, she was greeted with warmth and joy. When she reached the end of the lot, a friend greeted her. “Maimi? What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in Airi’s party?” Maimi didn’t look at him as a sign she didn’t want to talk about it. “So, Shin, how is the construction doing?” Shin Shimizu, a neighbor of Maimi and also works for her, has been in charge of the remaking of the house that burnt earlier that day. “It looks like it will take a while for us to rebuild this.” Maimi observed the workers and how they were handling the work. “I see. Do the men do their job well?” Shin smiled at her and confirmed they were doing their best. “Is there anything I can help out with?” She asked and Shin was surprised. He smiled to her once again before leading her back to the entrance, “I think it would be best if you go directly to the office. Ren is waiting for you and it seems he know who is responsible on fire this morning.”


   “Ren! Shin said you knew who was responsible for the house fire this early morning.” Ren was focused on his computer, typing his way on every single site he was in; gathering information on the incident earlier. “Sit down, Maimi. I think this is something serious.” Maimi looked at him curiously as she sat on her desk. Ren then followed her there with a folder, full of papers. “Look at these. The ones responsible for burning the house down were…” Maimi looked into the files in the folder and she was not actually surprised on the results. “The Yamaguchi-gumi.”  She was the one who ended Ren’s sentence and he was also not a bit surprised that his boss knew of it. Maimi was silent and Ren waited for her to say a word. “Ren, alert the Sha tei-gashira. Tell him to warn my brothers and sisters about this. He knows what to do.” Ren took out his phone and dialed the Sam a virgini-gashira’s number. “Also call Waka-gashira. He’ll also know what he needed to do. ” Ren called both the Sha tei-gashira and the Waka-gashira before confirming to his boss that it was done. “Ren. Let’s get everyone into safety and… away from me.” Ren stood up and took the folder by the table. “Yes, Kumicho.”

Title: Re: Beneath the Clothes of Yajima -- Chapter One (2012.03.17)
Post by: kuro808 on March 18, 2012, 04:54:22 AM
nice start to the fic :thumbsup
Title: Re: Beneath the Clothes of Yajima -- Chapter One (2012.03.17)
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waiting for the next chapter ;)
Title: Re: Beneath the Clothes of Yajima -- Chapter One (2012.03.17)
Post by: YajiSuzu MA on March 20, 2012, 05:15:52 AM
Hi! I'm kind of new in the forum, well not to new, well i've read many fanfics and yours has a wonderful start, and with YajiSuzu it's a win, win (^_^) haha i'm looking foward the next chapter!.... ;3
Title: Re: Beneath the Clothes of Yajima -- Chapter One (2012.03.17)
Post by: panickofpain on April 02, 2012, 01:51:01 AM
Thank you for your support to this fic. :) I'm sorry for the wait but here is chapter 2. ^^



“Good Afternoon. I’m Keikichi Hanada, and this is NHK’s Newsline. Earlier today - at around three-thirty in the morning - a house fire had occurred at Bunkyo, Tokyo. The officials, whom were present at the time, presumed that it was not an accidental house fire but arson.”

The news started to show some footage they had taken on the exact time the fire was on going.

“The house that had burst into flames were -”


With that, the screen went gray and unwanted sounds burst out of its speakers. The current news went off and it was not only the NHK channel, but every channel that had news playing at the same moment.

“What happened?” Chinami asked as she started searching for other channels for some news but after a round of switching channels, she found none. “Mou! I wanted to watch that specific news…” Chinami threw herself on the chair with a pout. “Why? What’s in that specific news, Chinami?” Miyabi asked as she came back from the washroom. “Didn’t you watch the news this morning Miya?” Saki answered since Chinami didn’t looked like she would answer. Miyabi shook her head before sitting down beside Saki. “They were about to show the full footage they took while the house was burning.” Miya looked at Chisato with a confused look. “So? Whose house burned down?” Nakky came back from the washroom and answered as she was sitting down on her chair, “That was what we were waiting for.” Miya still looked a bit confused, since she thought, if it was already told in the news this morning, why would anyone still be waiting for the full footage this afternoon? “Didn’t they say it in the morning news?”

Chisato sighed before answering, “They didn’t mention who owned the house. They only showed pictures and said they will be featuring the news this afternoon. So we were waiting. When finally, it was showing, we got a glimpse of the footage but then, all the channels that were supposed to show it had gone down before they could even say who owned the house.”

“Okay… But what’s so intriguing of this news?” Miyabi again asked, before she felt someone hold her hand. “Miya… the house looked like Maimi’s.” The girl beside her answered with a worried tone. The girl finally realized the importance of the news and now she wanted to watch it. “But wait… if it is Maimi’s, does Airi know?” Almost everyone who was in the party, even Airi’s father shook their heads. “We can’t tell Airi yet…” Yurina answered, looking at Miya. “Why? She’s her girlfriend.” Risako shook her head again while Chinami answered. “Can’t you read the atmosphere earlier, Miya? Airi brought a guy here and looked as if she was not in a relationship with Maimi.” Most of them nodded and Miya was left confused.

“I still think we should tell Airi.” Before she could continue, Airi and Kai came out of the hallway and joined them. “What is it you need to tell me, Miya?” She asked, overhearing the last thing Miya said. “Ah, it’s nothing. We want to tell you that we’re happy that you’re back!” Chisato answered after taking a sip off her drink. Airi thanked them and also the party that they had. “You should thank Maimi for everything.” Saki told her as they were standing up to leave. “Yeah, she was the one who planned everything. She even paid for everything.” Miya added as she hooked her arm around Saki’s waist. “Okay, I’ll surely thank her.” Saki and Miya smiled at Airi before bidding everyone goodbye.

Airi was still curious about what they were supposed to tell her. She knew her friends have a reason for not telling her yet but she knew, when they think it is the right time, they will tell her. That’s what she believed so she shoved her curiosity away for the meantime. Although, there was something she was curious about. Why did Maimi leave suddenly? She was her girlfriend but to tell the truth, Maimi had been distant with her for a while. She kept thinking Maimi was busy with work and she couldn’t be there as often as she did before. She even had times they were having lunch and she suddenly needed to go, leaving her with unfinished food and an unfinished date. It has also been like that this past week when they were talking on the phone, since she was in America and Maimi was here in Japan. They can’t get a serious long phone call, talking to each other. She always needed to call her back. It has gotten Airi curious and bringing Kai along in the party made her curiosity worse.

“Airi?” Someone called and it snapped her from her thoughts. “Ah, Chisato. What is it?” Chisato looked at her and shrugged.  “Is something wrong?” She asked before sitting down beside Airi. “Yeah, I’m fine. Why?” Airi answered and it led Chisato to nod, “Nothing. You were just staring into space. I thought something is wrong.”  Airi smiled and insisted she was okay. After another hour, everyone left and Airi went home with her parents as she parted ways with Kai that afternoon.



The office phone rang and it startled the person sitting beside it. She held out her hand to answer, “Hello?” The other end was silent. She was about to put the receiver down when a voice finally answered her. “Yajima-san, the Oyabun of the Yaji-kai, it’s a pleasure to meet you, at last.” Maimi looked at her men; Ren, Shin and Su. The three most trusted men of her family. “It has been a long time, hasn’t it, Kai?” Maimi answered as she snickered. “I don’t know why my father wouldn’t want to take you down. It’s true that you now own 50% of all territories and clans here in Japan. You even took over Sumiyoshi-kai and Inagawa-kai.” Maimi didn’t look threatened at how her caller was talking. She was not afraid of him. “You wouldn’t call me if you have some business to offer me. What is it and let’s get this over with.” Maimi could hear Kai snickering, “As expected of the famous unseen head of the Yaji-kai. I guess the only ones who knew you’re the Oyabun were your people and the other clans only got to know when you already got them to join you.” Maimi sighed as a sign of boredom, not really annoyance or irritation. “Fine. There is something I would like to warn you before I end this call.” He snickered again before continuing, “Don’t come close to Airi again. If you do, you’ll get a prize and not only that, you’ll be putting your girlfriend in danger.” With that, Kai ended the call and it led Maimi to a problem.

She doesn’t want to be away from Airi. She really loved her. Although, it has been two years since she first hid this secret from her. She hid her identity, took low profile and let her three men do the job as she had her time with Airi and acted as a normal woman with a normal job. That was also the reason why no one from the former yakuza’s knew of her. She acted for two years just to take Airi away from danger. Although recently, before Airi left, she knew she had acted questioningly. She kept leaving in the middle of their date or even told Airi that she will call her back, many times. It was then when the son of the recent head of the Yamaguchi-gumi, Kai Shinoda, started focusing their attacks on her. She knew they had finally found out who was the real leader of the Yaji-kai. Since she didn’t want Airi to be in danger, she needed to leave her as soon as she could before they focus on her. But now, they are also onto her. What’s more dangerous about it was Kai himself, introduced himself to Airi in America and got to know her more while his men attacked Maimi every day.

Maimi shook her head and before she knew it, she slam med her fist on her desk. “What’s the matter, Maimi?” Ren asked as he continued on doing his job on his laptop. “They’re onto Airi too.” No one from her men reacted as they had seen this coming. “He wanted me to stay away from Airi or else they’ll harm her.” Su sighed as Shin scratched his head. “So what do we do now, Maimi?” Shin asked as calm as he is. It took a while before Maimi answered. It was clear she didn’t want to be away from Airi but she needed to, just so she wouldn’t be harmed. “Su…” Maimi started but didn’t look at her trust-worthy Sha tei-gashira. “I’m sorry…” She added as she stood and bowed down to him. Su just shook his head and helped Maimi stand up. “You have nothing to say sorry about, Maimi. Don’t worry. I’ll be looking over Airi for you while we think of how to stop Kai from doing this.” Maimi stared at the older man but agreed.

Before they could continue their conversation, the phone rang again. Maimi went and answered it. “Maimi? Are you busy?” The girl at the other end asked without wasting any time. “Uhm, no. We just finished our meeting. Why?” Maimi could hear the other girl’s sigh of relief, “can you come by the park near my house?” Maimi hesitated for a second, knowing the consequence if she went and met with Airi. “Sure. I’ll be there in an hour.” She answered. She knew as well, she needed to tell Airi something important. She needed to tell her, she needed her away from her. There was only one way, and it is to end it. It’s the only way… she’ll be able to protect her, for now.
Title: Re: Beneath the Clothes of Yajima -- Chapter Two (2012.04.02)
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So much forbidden love between Maimi and Airi