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Title: *LOVING U* - chapter 20 (MaYuki) 24/04/2018
Post by: cmze on September 01, 2012, 10:36:05 PM
                                        *Loving U*

I know another fanfic -_-.. ..
i know that i haven't updated my fics but i promise that i will have more time..i'm taking vacations so i think i can finish some and start new ones
Thanks for you support enjoy! :D

note: this is a conversation between my character and me! xD
Talk about yourself? The silly author asks
I'm Kashiwagi Yuki i'm 22 years old,i'm designer,i live inTokyo and i love my life..i mean who wouldn't? i live in Tokyo i have the enough money to live comfortly,i got many friends that love me..
what about relationships? the author asks again
"A relantionship mmm not i don't have a boyfriend..i believe in 5 min relantionships..i don't have to know his name and i don't really care!"
what about your parents?
My parents? mmm they live in Kagoshima..i'm here by my own self and i don't want to talk about them
ok ok don't get mad! The silly author says
sorry i'm irritated many things happened to my great and lovely  life! Yuki says while scratches her head
what? really? what's that? The author asks
well my highschool friend Yuko passed away...*i'm really sorry!* the autor interrupts
Yuki looks other way
then what happened? The author asks
"well she left me her most preasure treasure.." Yuki says irritated
what? you have more money! The author says excited
i i have less money! Yuki shouts and show me her empty wallet
"sorry!" the author say
she left me her little sister! Yuki says a little fustrated
well now you have company! i say smiling
what? i don't need it! Yuki answers and throws me her empty wallet
sorry that's what my fanfic is about! I say apologizing
i don't care she not even nice..she's cold,smart and always makes me looks like a fool and takes my money..SHE'S A PIMP! Yuki shouts
she's not that bad! I say
shut up! Yuki says and gets up and leaves mad
Mayu enters and sits on Yuki's chair
hello! I say
Mayu looks other way
can you talk about yourself? i ask
she crosses her legs "i would but i don't want to"
Mayuuuuu! Yuki shouts
there she goes again annoying Yuki shouting..she's so humour less! Mayu says looking up
homourless? i ask
i just make little jokes and she takes it so seriouly! Mayu says pouting
well do you like living with Yuki? i ask
couldn't you get someone better? Mayu asks me
well i like Mayuki so this has to be Mayuki! i answer
this is all wrong.. i'm not going to fall for that crazy girl who likes to party a lot! Mayu answers
we'll see about that! i answer
Mayu got up mad and left the room..
"well i guess they have to learn to love eachother!" :D
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki)
Post by: Megumi on September 01, 2012, 10:46:12 PM

 :panic: Wooow another!

Interesting! Yuki is a party animal
Yuko is dead? *sob

But there will be MaYuki  :shakeit:

Can't wait

Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki)
Post by: mo-chan on September 01, 2012, 10:52:10 PM
wow an other Mayuki yatta!  :luvluv1: :luvluv2:
your interveiw with Mayuki is really funny  :on lol: :hiakhiakhiak:
I can't stop laughing :wahaha:
"well i guess they have to learn to love eachother!"  :D
of course!  :kekeke:
it's gonna be interesting  :ding:
Mayu is gonna waste all Yuki's money  :mon nyah:
I'm waiting for the first chapter!!  :wriggly: :nya:
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki)
Post by: Pwety on September 01, 2012, 11:41:14 PM
It become interesting!

Can't Wait!!! :thumbsup
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki)
Post by: Playgirlz on September 02, 2012, 12:07:09 AM
Hahahaha I never expected a start like this, so unique lol

Mayuki is the best!!! Thank u for another Mayuki's fic

I'm waiting for it, pls update soon
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki)
Post by: kahem on September 02, 2012, 02:00:31 AM
hihihi interesting story hihihi
Yuko RIP
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) 1.The start
Post by: cmze on September 03, 2012, 08:09:49 AM
                                        *Loving U* 
                                       1.The start

We need to prepare for the fashion show..i don't want something cliche.. *Phone ringging* Yuki looks at her phone,turn it off and kept talking "so you're homework is bring some ideas on thanks for your hard work! Yuki says and gets out from the office reunion and from the building "where's it?" She wondered while looks around 
Beeeep! beeeep! (A car stops next to Yuki) 
hello girl! A girl that looks like a guy says smiling 
Yuki smirks and gets in the car
so where are we going?i have many work to do till monday! Akicha says fustrated 
chill is friday! Yuki says smiling 
Ohh this is not good..the last time we end up in the beach with many strangers! Mocchi says nervous 
hey it was fun! Yuki says smiling while changes her clothes she took off her shirt it was a red light 
"hey Yuki..". Sae says and points to car window next to them (There was a man looking at Yuki changing) 
Yuki looked at the man then smirked and winked at him 
the guy got red and then  was bleeding from his nose like crazy!! 
he's going to bleed to death! Sae says smiling while the light changes to green and drives away 
You know that exclusive club called Asia? Yuki asked looking at the girls in the backseat's so expensive! Akicha says 
yeah that one..well i got a friend there that told me that we can go free! Yuki says smiling 
Freee?!??! Sae,Akicha and Mocchi says at the same time excited 
yep! Yuki replies with a smirk 
why? Sae asks 
well because we're friends! Yuki smiles 
So the after party of the Fashion show can be in Asia and practically seeing so many models there might be a lot paparazzis there.. so it's marketing to your club and it will become more exclusive and expesive! Yuki says talking to the owner of the club 
mmm i don't know! The girl replies 
"Bitch.." Yuki muttered to herself 
i don't need more club is already to cool so i don't think i need your help! The girl says while gets up 
hey! Yuki says and gets up of her desk and makes a picture fall 
The girl sees the picture "who's that girl?" she asked looking at the picture
my friends! Yuki answers and snatches the picture from her and puts it back the her desk 
i wanna meet her! The girl says smiling 
wait a minute..i can introduce you to her if you let me have my "Fashion show after party" in Asia! Yuki says smiling 
"mmm.." The girl thinks 
i got pictures of her in bikini! Yuki says smirking 
OK!!!! The girl says jumping 
what a pervert! Yuki thought 
what's her name? The girl asked 
Tajako Aki! Yuki says smiling 
Well..come to my club just ask for Sasshihara Rino and i'll make sure you'll have a good time! The girl says smiling and leaves 
~End of the flashback~
We're here! Sae shouts 
Yuki woke up from her trance and got out of the car 
wow..this looks amazing! Akicha says smiling 
so many prerty girls! Sae says smiling 
this must be heaven for Sae chan! Mocchi says smiling 
let's get in! Akicha says till a man stopped her 
do you have invitation? the bodyguard asks 
what?!?? How dare you animal? you can't touch this girl she can anything she wants free!  A girl says 
Sashihara san! Yuki says 
call me Sasshi! The girl says smiling 
Ok Sasshi! Yuki says 
let's go party! Sae says 
You first! Sasshi says and wait for Akicha to enter
such a pimp it's not yor sister? Yuki asks to Sae 
Sae pouts 
<Once in the club>
The music is too loud! Mocchi says 
it's fine! Yuki shouts and steals a drink from the waiter 
yes,have fun! Sae says 
what about Akicha? that girl is crazy! Mocchi says 
i think Akicha is having a good time..Here drink up and have fun! Yuki says and gives her friend her drink 
Mocchi drank all 
more more more! Yuki says and gives her another glass 
Soon Mocchi started to feel good so she went to dance with the first guy she saw 
-In the VIP area- 
tell me more i want to hear everything about you! Sasshi says and offers another drink to Akicha 
thanks Sasshi for helping a while ago! Aki says 
don't worry i'll do it again and again! Sasshi replies 
Look ever there Yuki! Sae says and points to Akicha and Sasshi drinking 
you know what's the worst part? Yuki asks 
what? what are you talking about? Sae asks 
Akicha is not gay like you! Yuki says a little sad 
what dk you mean? Sae asks 
Sasshi likes her..she saw her on a picture and wanted to meet her,it was perfect to me beacuse she agreed to let the After party of my Fashion show be here but i feel when she finds out that Aki is not gay Sasshi is going to kill me and cancel my plan! Yuki says while drinks 
you're right! Sae says and drinks also with her friend 
but it was worth it..i could get you guys here all night FREE! Yuki says smirking 
so then let's have fun before this blows on your face! Sae says winking to a girl in the bar 
go tiger! Yuki says and pushes her friend to the bar 
Yuki turned around but end up pushing someone drink on his clothes 
ohh i'm sorry! Yuki says trying to help him 
it's fine! The guy says showing a charming smile 
Yuki smiled back 
you just ruined my pants! The guy says acting cute 
sorry! Yuki says 
maybe if you dance with me i'll forget about it and i would think this is part of the design! The handsome guy says 
offering his hand 
Yuki gave him her hand and both started dancing..
~~~~~~~~~~~~~The next morning~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(Doorbell ringing)
Yuki openned her eyes the noticed that she was sleeping on her sofa and she's without her shirt
"Shit..i don't remember a thing!" She murnures while got up  in the way to the door she finds a shirt,she puts it on then openned the door 
who the... *who are you?* Yuki asks
The girl in a hoody gives her an envelope 
what? what is this? Yuki asks then closes the door on the little girl face 
(Dear Yuki..
if you're reading this it means that i just passed away..i never told you that i was really sick "sorry" i still remmeber you asking me why i always catch a cold? now i know why.. i know you left and you'll probably have a good life don't wanna know anything about Kagoshima and about your parents!!
Sorry for getting back to your life but i just couldn't think about anybody else to take her of her..she's the only thing i had ..don't judge her by her cover she may look cold but inside Mayu is a really warmhearted person ..please take of my little sister Kashiwagi san!!
Ps:I always knew you had big boobs!
Btw:Mayu chan doesn't like to talk..GOOD LUCK! 
"Love you Yuko"
"Yuko..." Yuki murmured and tear came out then she remembered the girl on her door so Yuki openned the door,She was standing there with her bag and just looking down 
Yuki looked at the girl blinked a few times and then hugged her tight 
the little girl didn't expect that..
Yuki invited her inside her dept 
The girl looked around "it was a total mess" 
clothes everywhere,drinks,alcohol glasses,cigarretes
sorry about the mess! Yuki says nervous while tries to pick up some things 
Mayu was emotionless
Yuki ends up hitting someone that was sleeping on the floor "Ouccch" The guy says while gets up
Yuki saw that the guy was half naked 
"hey Mayu chan could you turn around?" Yuki asks nervous smiling 
*Mayu cover her eyes*
get out! Yuki says and pushes the guy to the door 
i'll call you! He says while leaves 
don't! Yuki says 
My name Riku! He says smiling while Yuki pushing him out of her dept only on his underwear 
"Take your pants" Yuki says and throws it to him the closes the door 
Mayu sitted and stared Yuki 
do you want eat? Yuki asked 
Mayu ignored her 
"you don't really like to talk" Yuki murmured and pouted
Yuki chan guess who called? Sae says while walks the stairs 
who? Yuki asked 
Aki..*who the hell is she?" Sae asks pointing to Mayu 
Mayu this is Sae and Sae this is Mayu..i'm Kashiwagi Yuki by the way! Yuki says 
nice to meet you! Sae says 
Mayu ignored her 
who's she? Sae asked in a lower tone 
"A friend little sister she's going to stay here.." Yuki says 
she doesn't look friendly! Sae says 
she's not! Yuki says 
so she's going to live with you? Sae asks 
yes..*sigh* this is..i don't know what to say! Yuki says and looks at Mayu

Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) 1.The start
Post by: yuukimoko on September 03, 2012, 09:06:07 AM
Wahhh~ this was a 'fast update'! sorry...

I like it! but Yuki seems  a 'slut'? hopefuly Mayu will change her! Go Mayu go!!!!

please update soon~
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) 1.The start
Post by: kurogumi on September 03, 2012, 10:53:13 AM

Yes yes yes...the character...LOL

Yuki...kinda of eh...messy girl...
Mayu...she's more cold than the rest of mayu character on your fic cmze-san! But loved it!

Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) 1.The start
Post by: ChuuuPuffss on September 03, 2012, 12:46:57 PM
Eeeyyyy~ Update :3

LOL Dude kicked out with only his underwear on xD

And yeah, I gotta agree with Yuuki-chan. Yuki does seem like a slut here.

Hope she changes now that Mayu arrived  :cathappy:

Naisu update~
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) 1.The start
Post by: mo-chan on September 03, 2012, 10:16:45 PM
wow more interesting  :ding:
funny lovely I love it  :luvluv2: :nya: :wahaha:
you're the best cmze-san  :on GJ:
 can't wait for the next  :wriggly:
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) 1.The start
Post by: kahem on September 03, 2012, 10:39:05 PM
Oh so Yuki like partying?
The characters are interesting hehe
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) 1.The start
Post by: Pwety on September 03, 2012, 11:04:56 PM
What The man name is Riku (it is Haruna danso? or a foreign?)

Yuki have an interesting character ande Mayu too!!!

When Mayu cover her eyes, I have a picture of her too cute, I don't know why.

It is going interesting :peace:
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) 1.The start
Post by: Megumi on September 04, 2012, 12:10:33 PM
Yuki is such a party animal  :pig refuse:
But she seems to be a nice person after all because she took Mayu in right?  :pig red:

LoL interesting *smirk

Can't wait for next update!
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.2
Post by: cmze on September 06, 2012, 10:18:38 AM
                                        *Loving U* 

Thanks everyone for reading my new fanfic..yeah Mayu and Yuki's characters are really fun "But really i don't think Yuki's character is a slut..She's just a lively person she wants no strings attached and i'm with her on that guys can be such a bitches! anyways Riku is Nyan Nyan danso!!! how cool is that? i don't think any fanfic has done something like that "i like to be the first one!" there's going to be a little fun..HOPE TO MAKE IT INTERESTING TO U!
It's been a week since these two had met well Yuki thinks Mayu is unsociable person so she rather let her be while Mayu thinks Yuki is a inmature older woman who behaves like fifteen years old girl..
KNOCK! KNOCK! (on the door) 
what? Yuki shouts while showers 
Are you going to take any longer? i have to go to school you know! Mayu shouts mad 
I have to go to work..YOU KNOW! Yuki replies while showers imitating Mayu's voice 
Mayu got mad and went to get a screwdriver then opened the bathroom room that it was locked 
so are you sure you're not going to get out! Mayu asked 
what? Yuki was about to open the curtain when hot water started to rain 
(Mayu pulled the chain)
What? It's HOOot! Yuki shouted 
i know! Mayu says laughing while sees the taller girl get out from the shower fast 
i never knew you in other life were a're really fast! Mayu says laughing 
Yuki only looked at her and sighed "she's a child Yuki can handle it!" she thought while leaves the bathroom 
What a girl! Mayu murmured 
Yuki started putting her clothes "This little she dares? i'm older and the water was really hot that my skin hurts" she thought while dresses 
Yuki gets out of her room and see Mayu standing in the kitchen watching the table 
there's no breakfast! Mayu says 
well if your smart enough to open a locked door i guess you can serve yoursefl breakfast! Yuki says smiling 
Mayu looked other way and left the dept 
what's wrong with her? Yuki wondered and then started preparing breakfast for her 
~After eating~
I'm full! Yuki says while looks her belly then gets up to wash her dishes and gets out of the dept to go to work
"uh? what the...." Yuki says while looks around "where's the *F* is my car?" she asks impress then she reacts and looks for the keys that were on her purse "could it be? i'm going to kill you later now i have to work!" she says while walks to the bus parade 
so many years without going on bus! Yuki murmures in a depressive aura which coused to everyone in the parade look at her 
sorry! sorry! i didn't mean..*sigh* this is going to be a really long day! Yuki says looking to the sky 
(Hope you're suffering right now! Mayu says while drives 
smirking )
Stupid kid! Yuki says with a deprssed aura 
 a car is appears next to Yuki 
huh? she turned to look 
Yuki chan! The handsome guy says 
"You.." Yuki says with a fake smile 
get in..i'll give you a ride! The handsome guy says smiling 
"Well..i don't..think" Yuki says nervous looking down 
c'mon going on bus it's not that fun! The guy says smiling 
ok! Yuki surrenders 
finally! The guy says smiling 
why you wanna give me a ride? Yuki asks 
well i'm not going to lie..i like you so i would be happy if you accept going dinner with me later! The guy says smiling 
"ehhh..but.." Yuki says 
c'mon no buts! The guy says 
i'm not on the thing of dating and i'm not interest! Yuki says looking other way 
bad experience? Riku asked 
Yuki didn't answered 
the rest of the way they weren't talking 
~~~~~~~~At Yuki's office~~~~~~~~
I can't concetrate that Riku guy..whi he think he is and what about that little yakee who stole my car? little arrogant girl! Yuki thought while signs some papers 
Yuki chan! Sae says impress 
what? Yuki replies mad 
you just oversigned that! Sae says laughing 
shut up! Yuki says 
what's wrong? Sae asks rising an eyebrown 
today it's not my day! Yuki answers 
what are talking about? it's friday..your favorite day ever! Sae says smiling 
yeah but i'm not feeling it! Yuki says resign 
we should go to Asia and have a good time! Sae smiling and pulls her bestfriend with her 
i don't wanna go! Yuki says 
c'mon it's going to be fun! Sae says smiling 
~Once in the club~
so this is why you wanted to come here! Yuki says looking at Sae who's staring the bartender girl
no,hahaha i just wanted to spend some quality time with my best friend! Sae says looking at the girl 
yeah right! Yuki says emotionless 
besides without i can not get in! Sae says hypnotized looking at the girl 
go and talk to look like a kid who wants to give an apple to her teacher! Yuki says and drinks 
you're right i'm going to ask her out besides what's the worst thing that can happen to me? Sae asks
well if you put it that way she could be straight and her partner is her boyfriend so he wants to kill you because he's some crazy dude! Yuki says smiling 
that's scary! Sae says
go! Yuki says and pushes Sae 
Sae gets back to her friend after a few minutes
what's with the face? Yuki asks 
Boyfriend..her name is Sayaka! Sae answers and drinks 
sorry! Yuki says rubbing her friend's back 
it's fine! Sae says and order more drinks 
(After a long night of drinking..) 
~At home~
It's 1:00 am and she's not here yet! Mayu murmures while walks around the house waiting for some tall girl 
"what the hell os wrong with her..why i'm waiting for her? i'm not her wife to be worried!" She murmures while looks a picture of Yuki 
knock! knock! (the door) 
what the hell? who could it be? Mayu asks and leaves the picture on its place and goes open the door 
"Mayu chan!" Yuki shouts and hugs Mayu 
Mayu blushed for the sudden act then the smell of alcohol got to her 
"ohh you're drunk.." Mayu murmured still hugging Yuki then Mayu was  guiding Yuki to the sofa on the way on the sofa Yuki slide but Mayu grabbed her just in time and both fell on the sofa *the position was kinda ackward Mayu was on top of Yuki forheads connecting*
"This is so close.." Mayu murmured looking at Yuki's lips
luckily Yuki is so drunk that she doesn't even know that she slid
Mayu's heart was beating faster "Why?" she wondered and removed herself form the top of Yuki
"You're too big to carry you to your room..". Mayu murmured and went to get a blanket 
Mayu putted the blanket on Yuki and sitted next to her and watched her sleep for a while 
i wonder why you drink so much? Mayu murmured and removed a string of hair that was on Yuki's face 
you're pretty! Mayu murmured and caressed Yuki's cheek softly 
huh? what am doing? Mayu murmured the got up and went to her room 
~~~~~~~ The next day~~~~~~~
My head hurts! Yuki says while gets up 
Mayu was in the kitchen trying to prepare breakfast 
"finally up!" she says while fries eggs 
"i wanna..i wanna.." Yuki says and runs to the bathroom 
Mayu could hear Yuki throwing up 
hope this hangover make you thing the next time you want to get drunk! Mayu murmured 
Yuki started showering once changed Yuki went to the kitchen and looked that Mayu had the table set 
i made you breakfast! Mayu says coldly 
Thanks.. wait a minute this has to do with the fact that you stole my car yesterday? Yuki asked 
what? Mayu asked 
don't play with me..YOU TOOK MY CAR! Yuki shouts 
are you crazy? i'm underage and i don't even know how to drive! Mayu answers emotionless 
you're lying! Yuki says pointing her 
what's that? Mayu asks 
yesterday i looked everewhere and my car was gone then looked for the car keys on my purse like this!!! *Yuki takes her purse and found the keys* (Yuki's face changed) 
like that? Mayu asks 
i looked here yesterday you put it back! Yuki shouts 
i think you're going insane! Mayu says coldly while gets up and takes her dishes 
i'm not crazzzy! Yuki shouts 
yeah..yeah don't worry you can live with me when you lose all your sanity! Mayu says smirking while goes upstairs 
wait get back you Yankee! Yuki shouts 
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.2
Post by: yuukimoko on September 06, 2012, 10:32:03 AM
mou~ Mayuyu loves baka Yukirin~ sweet!

Thanks for the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that Riku still wants yuki........Mayu do something!!!
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.2
Post by: ChuuuPuffss on September 06, 2012, 12:33:51 PM
LOL so Rikunyan likes Yukirin~

I think we need baka squirrel to the rescue  :rofl:
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.2
Post by: Chanaline on September 06, 2012, 01:35:15 PM
Eheheheh! it is becomes interesting!

Riku... He likes Yukirin????

Mayu loves Yuki?? She is kawaii when she is blushed for something!!!
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.2
Post by: mo-chan on September 06, 2012, 09:47:54 PM
wow it's really funny Mayuki  :on lol:
Yuki call Mayu yankee  :hiakhiakhiak:
Mayu started loving Yuki  :shy2:
how about Yuki ?  :dunno:
please update soon I can't wait  :on gay:
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.2
Post by: Megumi on September 07, 2012, 09:12:14 AM
 :panic: Mayu drives a car how cool is that!

Aww poor Sae...
Bad experience... could it be that someone broke her heart that's why she's such a party animal.
Can't wait for next update!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.2
Post by: Pwety on September 09, 2012, 11:03:58 AM
Maybe it is not Mayu who took a Yuki's car... just maybe XD
Maybe it is Riku... No, no, no it is impossible, he does not have the key of the Yuki's house!!

Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.3
Post by: cmze on September 10, 2012, 04:29:50 AM
                                        *Loving U* 

Hello everyoneeee! 
Here's the answer to Mo-chan about Yuki's feelings towards Mayu :D 
Enjoy! :) 

Mayu chan come on i have to go to work ans it getting late! Yuki shouts waiting in the living room
"That's because you took an hour in the bathroom earlier.."Mayu murmures while brushes her teeth 
"Mayu chan!" Yuki shouts 
"what a.." Mayu thought then spits and puts her brush teeth in its place and went downstairs 
Finally ready! Yuki says with a sigh 
Mayu just walked to the car 
"And you're that mad one.." Yuki thought and fallowed Mayu to the car
"Remember you have to pick me up because my teacher wants to talk to you.." Mayu says 
Yeah yeah ..i like that song! Yuki says excited and turn the voulume up
So loud! Mayu murmured while Yuki sings ridicuosly
"i still wonder why Yuko chose you.." Mayu thought while observes the dork older girl 
Finally school! Yuki says 
bye! Mayu says coldly and gets out fast 
this is harder than i expected why we have to be so different? Give me a sign! Yuki says looking up 
Mayu entered and saw her friend Lovetan 
hey Lovetan! Mayu says coldly 
hi Mayu chan! Lovetan says smiling 
The teacher soon comes and class time passed and it was already luch time
Are you going to buy something Mayu chan? Lovetan asked smiling 
yes let's go! Mayu says while gets up 
Both girls went to buy food but on the way and 3 boys got on her way 
hello Mayu chan! One of the boys says smiling 
It's Juhno captain of the basketball team! Lovetan mumures blushing 
i heard a lot about you! Juhno says with a smile 
Mayu kept chewing her gum 
what about me? have you heard about me? Lovetan asked desperately 
Juhno was confused he looked at his two friends then answered "of course not!" 
Mayu took Lovetan's hand and walked away 
hey Mayu chan! Juhno says 
Mayu kept walking like a boss xD 
she's as cold as they say! One of Juhno friends says 
i like it that way " she's wild" and cute..i'm sure she will be mine!Juhno says smiling 
that was Juhno he's so hot! Lovetan says happy 
 yeah yeah whatever! Mayu says and goes to buy food
~At Yuki's job~ 
I want that runway there! Yuki says directing everyone who were setting the stage for the "Fashion show"
Beeep! Beeep! (phone ringing)
hello Yuki chan! Akicha says 
hello Aki chan! what's going on? Yuki asks smiling 
well i just thinking that Sasshi is really weird! Akicha says feeling ackward 
wha..what's that? Yuki asks nervous 
well she treats me well but she's just too much good what's wrong with her? Akicha asks 
(Aki chan i bought you food! Sasshi says smiling and hugs Akicha tighly)
hello Sasshi! Akicha says nervous 
*Still talking to Yuki on the phone* 
who you're talking to? Sasshi asks serious 
with Yuki chan! Akicha replies feeling ackward
Say hi for me! Sashi says smiling 
"Bipolar.." Yukk murmured on the phone 
what did you say? Akicha asks 
"nothing...look i'n busy right now tell Sae chan and Mocchi to pick me up so we can talk and i'll explain you the whole thing to you!" Yuki says smirking 
okay! Akicha says 
Time passed fast and Mocchi,Akicha and Sae were waiting for Yuki 
hello Yuki chan! Everyone says 
hello..i'm hungry! Yuki says 
let's go to a restaurant! Mocchi says 
yeah let's go! everyone 
but which one? Akicha asked 
let's go to "Kai's food"! Mocchi says happy 
"Kai's food.." Everyone wonders 
it's not that the guy's name that you met in Asia? Akicha asks with her finger on her chin 
"yep." Mocchi answers blushing 
"i guess we can go.." Sae says 
~ At the restaurant~ 
where is Kai? Mocchi wondered looking around 
Good afternoon cute girls! a not so tall blonde guy says smiling 
hello! The girls says 
welcome to Kai's food! The guy says excited 
"Kai.." Mocchi says happy and clings on her arm 
not here! The poor midget says pouting 
Ohhh let's go get a table i'm hungry! Yuki says 
The girls took their table soon came a waiter to take their orders while Kai was still glued to Mocchi 
why you don't let me go? Kai says in a depressed aura 
soon a handsome guy enters to the restaurant 
Rikuuu help me! Kai shouts 
Riku? Yuki turned her head and yes it was the sams guy who completely forgot about Kai and went Yuki 
Yuki chan! Riku says 
"Hi.." Yuki says ackwardly 
"Aki chan.." Someone enters to the restaurant shouting 
"ehhhhh.." Akicha says 
Exactly what we need! Yuki says with a sigh 
Sasshi who you find me? Akicha asks
GPS Baby! Sasshi answers 
Soon the ackward friends got themselves comfortable because of the drinks 
Mocchi you *hip* really special to me! Kai says drunk 
i don't *hip* those kind of things "i love you and you love me but we can not be together" so complicated and overated! Yuki says red and drunk 
Why *hip* she has to have a boyfriend? i *hip* can treat her right! Sae says crying 
i still wonder *hip* why you are so nice? Akicha says laughing like crazy 
*hip* Rain! Riku says smiling 
It's raining! Sasshi says looking through the glass 
i *hip* have the little feeling that i have something to i forgetting something? Yuki asked 
~Mayu is waiting for Yuki in the rain outside the school~
Nooooo! Everyone shouts 
let's keep drinking! Yuki shouts 
~The next morning~ 
Yuki wakes up then looks around "i need to stop drinking.."She murmures while gets up then she looks at the clock it says " 2:30 pm"  
what? Yuki shouts and looks at her phone "shit" 
Yuki dial her work number 
(Talking to the boss on the phone)
Can i know where are you? i been calling you! Yuki's boss says mad 
wait..i was..i got Asia! Yuki shouts 
what? Yuki's boss asks
well Asia's owner let us do the after party there and you know is first class club! Yuki says 
i know that.. how did you get her? Her boss asks
well it was a long talking it took me all morning to convince i'm going to the office! Yuki says Yuki chan take the day off i'm really happy and proud of you! The boss says 
really? Yuki asked 
yeah you just got me the best club to celebrate the after party at first i thought you wouldn't get it but now i'm impress take the day off and have a good day! the boss says smiling 
ok see you tomorrow! Yuki says relief 
~End of the phone call~
Now this kid it's going to listen to me! Yuki says while goes upstairs..she opens the door and sees Mayu sleeping 
Yuki took off the blanket and shouted mad "Why you didn't wake up? you little Yankee!" 
Mayu openned her eyes and sitted on bed "what?" she softly asked 
Yuki looked at Mayu and somehow she felt strange *Mayu's cheeks,forhead and nose were red* 
what happen to you? Yuki asked 
you didn't pick me was raining and i *cough* *cough* o walked home and then catched a cold! Mayu answered looking down and with a low tone of voice 
Yuki felt horrible and remembered yesterday "i'm sorry Mayu..i forgot!" 
Mayu lays on bed "give me back my blanket!" she says softly 
Yuki puts the blanket on her and touches Mayu's forhead 
"It's really hot.. " she murmures and gets out of the room 
(Yuki's pov)
"I'm a idiot!!!.. she walked home alone  what if something happened to her on the way home? i will never forgive myself if something happens to that girl ..what such an irresponsible person i am..i still don't get why Yuko chose me? in all the people she knows..Me?"
Yuki thinks while cooks soup for Mayu 
Once the soup is ready Yuki goes upstairs and wakes Mayu up 
Mayu sits and notices something different on Yuki her eyes revealed that she was feeling guilty and sad "don't blame was my fault i could take a bus!" she says still all red  
"Mayu.." Yuki murmured and started feeding the younger girl spoonful by spoonful 
Once they were done with the soup 
Mayu layed down while Yuki rubbed her arm softly 
after a few hours Yuki brought a thermometer
"You're decreased a little but still is not enough" Yuki thought while looks at Mayu 
"i wanna shower.." Mayu murmured 
but you catched a can't shower! Yuki says pouting cutely 
i'm all sweat besides it will make the fever decrese! Mayu says while tries to get up 
Mayu gets up but she felt weak luckily Yuki catched her 
"easy ok you'll shower.."  Yuki says and notices that Mayu's face was really close to hers 
Yuki blushed and looked other way then guided the younger girl to the bathroom  
"help me.." Mayu murmured 
Yuki gulped but then helped Mayu to undress
Yuki's heart was beating fast she took off Mayu's shirt and shorts while Mayu standing there 
Yuki was blushing hard "Mayu is so beatiful" she thought and then took a deep breath and took off her bra and panties 
Soon Yuki took off her clothes she got in the tub 
Yuki standing only looking at the beaty in her tub 
Aren't you going to rub my back? Mayu asked 
Yuki was nervous she looked other way but then got closer to Mayu..she sitted next to her and started to rub her back 
"this is not happenning to me.." Yuki murmured nervous 
while Mayu was somewhere else "i guess is decreasing.." Mayu murmured 
do you wanna get out? Yuki asked
"yep.." Mayu says 
Yuki helps her with a towel and took her to her room 
what do you wanna wear pink or yellow? Yuki says showing the shirts 
does it matter? do you choose your clothes before to sleep? Mayu asked pouting 
"no..of course not.." Yuki says and preceeds to dress Mayu up 
Yuki starts brushing Mayu's hair while both were sitting on bed 
"i'm tired.." Mayu says and leans on Yuki's chest 
Yuki blushes "..." 
"i'm cold.." Mayu whispered 
Yuki putted the hair brush aside and hugged the younger girl 
Mayu smirked on her sleep
Yuki also fell sleep..
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excellent Excellent  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
I hope yuki falls in love with mayu
waiting for your next acualizacion
update update
could also be jealous yuki  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
would be fun to read
and after that he realizes he likes mayu  :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
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Post by: Pwety on September 10, 2012, 07:29:40 AM
ahah! exellent! Mayu, good job!  :D

Yuki start to love Mayu! yahaha! :)
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.3
Post by: Megumi on September 10, 2012, 10:15:18 AM
Yukirin party girl  :lol: and she forgot to pick up Mayu  :(
But I can see that Yukirin is a nice person because she took care of Mayu   :D

Oh no Junho is sense more drama!

Thank you for your update!
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Post by: Chanaline on September 10, 2012, 12:11:35 PM
Yukirin why you drink so much??? :banghead:

Ah... she forgot Mayu. :smhid

The end is really cute :)

Update soon please !
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Why Yuki she drink so much does she have a problem that we don't know and she doesn't want to say it  :dunno:
Yuki started devlopping feeling for Mayu  :luvluv1: :luvluv2:
Mayu is smirking when she was sleeping she likes being hugged by Yuki  :shy2: :shy1:
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For me, I think is it too fast that Mayu fall for Yukirin?
due they just live together in short period and Mayu already fall for Yukirin,
Will it be the next chapter return that Yukirin having a sick on next day,
Because Mayu still sick and now they sleeping together,
Mayu i think she can have more yankee moment will be best,
due she still can tease Yukirin more~

Looking Forward for the next update.

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So cute~
Bakarin! How could you be that irresponsible?!
So Kai is with Mocchi? No Atsumina?
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                                        *Loving U* 

The next day 
Yuki moved her hand trying to find anything to hold while she's sleeping (That means Mayu xD) but she found nothing so she openned her eyes 
"Mayu.." She murmured and looked that anyone wasn't around,she got up from bed and went downstairs. she found a note next to her breakfast: 
*Thanks for taking care of me Yuki chan last night..i went to school,don't worry i feel okay :D* 
Yuki smirked "Mayu chan.." she murmured and then sitted to eat her breakfast prepared with *Love* 
Riing!! Riing!!  (Doorbell) 
"it's too early for somebody to come!" Yuki says pouting while gets up and opens the door 
Hello Kashiwagi Yuki! A man says smiling 
yes,i am! Yuki answers 
this is for you! The man says and gives two boxes to her 
what? what's this? who send this? Yuki asked as the reaction queen that she is 
send? i think you're bought this online today! The man says and showing a paper that Yuki has to sign. 
what? i didn't i jus woke up! Yuki says 
this is the address and you're Kashiwagi Yuki so pay me my $400! The man says a little irrated 
$400? what the hell did i bought? Yuki asked 
You bought all k-on dvds and some limited action figures..SO PAY ME! The man shouts the last part 
what i never...*a name crossed her mind* Mayu! Yuki murmured 
Pay me! The man says 
Yuki sighed "wait here.." She murmured with a depressed aura while walks to get her purse 
The man was tapping his foot on the floor 
Yuki pulls out money from her purse and started counting coin by coin 
"$170? this is not enough.." Yuki thought then she looked on her drawer where she was saving money to go to Hawai on vacations 
"no..this is not happening to me.." She says with a depressed aura while walks to her drawer and starts counting the money "330 +170=400..." she thought and then walked to the man and gave him her money 
Yuki was about to close the door 
hey where's tip? The man asked 
Fuck you! Yuki replies and closes the door 
"pssst.." The man says and goes away 
"This is kid..." Yuki thought mad then walked to her car and started driving to certain school "is going to pay me back.." She thought while presses her acelator
~At school~  (after 15 min)
And how you make a past sentence in english! The teacher says 
"boring.." Mayu murmured and then looked through the window "that car seems familiar.." she thought and then Yuki got out of the car 
WHAT? what the hell is she doing here? Mayu shouted schocked 
hmm excuse miss're interrupting my class and disrepectful! The teachee says irritatated 
<Bell rininging> 
Saved by the bell! Lovetan murmured 
Everyone gets out of the classroom 
Mayu slowly gets outs looking if Yuki wasn't around 
why are you hiding Mayu? Lovetan asked 
get off my way? A mad Yuki shouts 
what's wrong with that girl? A guy asks while is being pushed by mad Yuki
"Mayuuuuuu.." Yuki shouted ans found the younger girl 
"Yuki chan.." Mayu says smiling 
How could you? Yuki says and pinches Mayu's cheek 
You have a could pay with that! Mayu says completely aware of what Yuki was talking about 
why in the hell i would buy $400 in anime? Yuki shouts and pinches harder Mayu's cheek 
Because you haven't bought me a thing since i got at your home! Mayu says and pinches Yuki's cheek 
what?!? Yuki still pinches Mayu's cheek 
"You should stop.." Lovetan says 
You gave me that weird girl that looks like a guy's room how ackward is that? no,new coverlets or something! Mayu says mad and pinches harder Yuki's cheek 
"you just wanted me to buy you something?? Mayu is bittersweet" Yuki thought feeling like a really bad guardian 
hey let go Mayu chan! Juhno says mad 
who's this guy? Yuki asked pouting 
nobody! Mayu retored 
"Mayu chan.."the guy says a little sad 
is Mayu chan boyfriend! Yuki says smirking 
it's not my boyfriend! Mayu shouted and pinched Yuki's cheek harder 
I'll call a teacher! Juhno says and went to look for a teacher around 
cute your boyfriend! Yuki says laughing 
ohh i hate you! Mayu says still pinching Yuki 
Yuki chan! Someone says 
I think i have to go! Juhno says 
me too i'll go with you! Lovetan says and boths walks away
Yuki turned to look at the person that called her name "ehh what are you doing here?" She asked 
i'm a teacher! The girl answers smiling 
you two know eachother! Mayu asked rising an eyebrown and let go Yuki's cheek and also Yuki let Mayu's 
Rena chan a teacher? Yuki says 
So are you a relative of Watanabe san?Rena asked 
yes,i'm her guardian! Yuki says nervous and smiling 
so why are you two pinching eachother's cheek! Rena asked 
because we like to play! Yuki says smiling and outs her arm around Mayu's neck 
she abuses me physically and emotionally! Mayu says 
"What?!???? You little.." Yuki says with a big recation and presses the girl on her arm  
"Yuki it's tight.." Mayu murmured trying to breathe
Rena laughs "that's funny..Yuki is harmless!" She says while laughs 
"it's my love for you.." Yuki murmures 
i was let go! Mayu murmures 
What a spoil kid i have! Yuki says and let go Mayu 
Rena chan! A girl shouts and clings on Rena 
"Jurina i told we're on school!"  Rena says 
Yuki and Mayu looked at the two girls 
Yuki we should grab a coffe one of this days..and Mayu is failing in all subjects! Rena says while walks way with Jurina who was holding her hand 
"those two.." Mayu says 
You're failing! Yuki shouted to Mayu 
It's the not the big deal! Mayu says and walks away to the car 
Yuki sighs walks behind Mayu 
~In the car~ 
Mayu chan..i..i'm sorry! Yuki says 
ehhh!! Mayu looked at Yuki 
I was mad because you took Hawai away from me and also what you did wasn't right but you got a point "i should pay more attention to you..the breakfast was delicious by the way." Yuki says while drives 
i was mad because you forgot about me but i also also wanted those action figures! Mayu replies
You know i got something in mind Maybe it will work.. i'll call it MaYuki day! Yuki says excited 
ehhh what's that? Mayu asked 
a day just you and one else we'll get know eachother better! Yuki says smiling 
that..whatever! Mayu says coldly looking through her windon but then smirked 
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I was thought that the teacher would be Riku lol who knows it was Rena xDDD

So I have Mayuki and also, WMatsui in here, love it!!!!!!!!!!

And Mayuki day? keke sound interesting >:]

Pls update!!! Thank you
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Mayuki day~ Can't wait for that~
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Mayuki day huh.. interesting,
I think Yuki will be lecturing Mayu,
And Mayu was so evil, that a great move~
wMatsui~ Great both of them are in same school as teacher,
others teacher know about their secret?

looking forward of next update~
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wow there is Wmatsui too  :luvluv1: :luvluv2:
mayuki so funny  :hiakhiakhiak:
Mayuki day interestiny I can't wait to see it  :ding:
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mayuki days.....LOL....uuuuuuh

thank cmze-san!!
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                                        *Loving U* 
*In Mayu's room*
So you mean "You can not come with us this saturday even though is the best party ever!?!"  Sae asked while scratches her head *sitting on Mayu's bed*
"yep.." Yuki says while cleans Mayu's bedroom 
"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Sae shouts mad 
ehhh Sae chan!! i just can't.. i have a very important thing to do tomorrow! Yuki says while sees some Anime's magazines spread on Mayu's desk then smirked while she puts them in order 
what could be more important than that party?we been waiting for that party the whole year! Sae says frowning 
well i promised Mayu that we'll have a MaYuki day this saturday! Yuki says smirking 
what?!!?!? MaYuki?!?  Sae says irritated 
Let me explain Mayu x Yuki= MaYuki! Yuki says 
Sae sighed "she's a yankee" She muttered 
she's been behaving good the whole week! Yuki replies while puts the books in a drawer 
"The party.." Sae says fake crying 
it's not going to work that! Yuki says while leaves the room then turn off the switch of light 
*Sae forever alone face*
  ~(Meanwhile at school)~
How could you forget Mayu chan? Lovetan asks mad 
"it's not my fault.." Mayu replies looking other way 
i thought you were changing! Lovetan says moving her head side to side 
look i'm serious it wasn't my fault! Mayu says a little mad
then tell me how is possible that you forgot this project that i been telling you everyday? Lovetan asks shouting then smacks Mayu's head 
"It hurts!" Mayu says while rubs her head then remembered and looked other way 
"everyday.." Lovetan mumured then sighed 
Now Mayu chan let's do homework! Yuki says with a smile and points to the table don't have to do homework with me! Mayu says looking other way 
you're failing all your subjects and i wanna help as ypur guarding i should be more cocern about you! Yuki says and drags tye younger girl to the table
"It''s..not necessary" Mayu murmured blushing 
"so maths.." Yuki says while reads the book then murnured "x2(y3)x+y ehh!! what do you need the letters for? maths is complicated let's take other homework!" she says with a smile while puts the book away 
Mayu sighed "this is going to be a long afternoon!" 
"English *Yuki smiles*..translate the letter in english then underline the principal idea *Yuki pouts*
"what if you just see me doing homework?" Mayu asked and snatched the book from Yuki's hand 
i'll make you some juice! Yuki says with a smile 
Mayu was sitting quietly while Yuki prepares orange juice for her 
*Mayu thought is was really cute that Yuki was supporting her and trying to help her to do her homework*
"Here.." Yuki says while puts the juice on the table 
thanks! Mayu says and gets back to jer homework 
"wow Mayu chan is really focused on this" Yuki thought but soon she got tired of watching and putted her head on the table till she fanally fell sleep 
Huh? She fell sleep! Mayu though then puts her books aside "she looks cute sleeping! She murmured smiling then softly touched her on her cheek " soft" she murmured 
*Yuki moved a little*
Mayu panicked but then calmed and  grabbed her sketch book to start drawing 
*She spend the afternoon drawing Yuki* 
~End of the flashback~
you spend the whole afternoon drawing?!? Lovetan shouted with her eyes on fire
Lovetan smacked Mayu again on her forgead 
"My head.."Mayu murmured while rubs it 
 Maybe i have tge solution for your problem! Juhno says smiling while puts a folder on Mayu's desk 
"Watanabe Mayu.." Mayu read 
Juhno you're cute but what's this? Lovetan asked 
homework! Juhno replies smiling 
really? Mayu says happy and grabs it 
not that fast the folder is empty i got the homework on my bag! Juhno says smiling 
what do you want? Mayu asked 
a date today! Juhno says smiling 
a date! Mayu repeats then looks at Juhno and pouts 
Mayu chan..Juhno is so cute! Lovetan says 
well this homework is really important if you don't have it you have to come to summer classes and you don't want that! besides going on a date with me is not bad! Juhno says giving his charming smile and melting the hearts of all the girls in the classroom 
"summer way.." Mayu thought and then replied "Yes!"
ok today after school i'll pick you up! Juhno says smiling 
~A few hours later~~ At Yuki's home~
i'm home! Mayu shouts while takes off her shoes 
hi Mayu chan! Yuki says smiling 
hi! Mayu says then sees Akicha,Mocchi and Sae drinking tea on the table 
Hi Mayu chan! Everyone says with a smile 
"hi.." Mayu says emotionless then goes upstairs 
what's wrong with her? Akicha asks 
she seems cold but she's nice..Mayu chan i prepared you dinner! Yuki shouts the last part 
I think she didn't hear me! Yuki says while gets up 
*Doorbell ringing*
Yuki openned the door and saw the same guy from Mayu's school 
you..what do you want? Yuki asked 
i came to pick up Mayu! Juhno answers 
you're Mayu chan boyfriend! Yuki says smiling and invites him to come in and sit 
So we're going to a date! Juhno says smiling 
young love it's cute! Akicha replies smiling and hugging Mocchi " i wish Kai was here.." she murmured 
<Somewhere else> 
Kai was cleaning a table then he feels something and stops cleaning 
what's wrong Kai? Riku asks 
nothing! nothing! Kai says smiling 
then what do you think..i should ask her out? Riku asked
ahhh maybe or we can hang out..Men's time! Kai says 
<Back to Yuki's home> 
Mayu got downstairs 
Mayu chan..Juhno kun came to pick you up! Sae says smiling and punches him softly 
"two guys.." Mayu murmured then walked away 
Mayu chan wait up! Juhno says while runs after her then close the door 
that was weird! Yuki says frowning 
"Love.." Akicha says smiling 
"lust.." Sae says grinning 
what are you talking about? Yuki says and smacks Sae
well they're going to the cinema what do you spect?that's a good place to make out and touch! Sae says grinning
*Yuki smacks Sae again* 
WTF? Sae shouts 
well she's right "kids these days are crazy!" Mocchi says 
"yep.." Akicha nods 
"what? are you saying he's trying to touch my.." Yuki asks and then an image of Mayu being seduced by him at the cinema comes to her head 
*everyone was looking at Yuki*
i'm not gonna let that happen! Yuki shouts then grabs her purse and goes to her car
(At the cinema) 
i don't like none of these movies! Mayu says emotionless 
but..c'mon this looks fun let's go! Juhno says and pulls her with him
(After 20 minutes Yuki got to the cinema)
She asked to the cashier "have you seen a cute..i mean a really cute girl with a white simple dress and with a stupid,jerk guy?" 
"hmm no.." The cashier answered 
what about big Oshiri girl? Yuki asked 
mmm i saw a girl like that! A man says 
really? Yuki asked 
well she was really cute with her hair down and her big oshiri that couldn't help to look at her! The old man says grinning and staring Yuki's chest 
pervert! Yuki says and smack him
don't hurt i was kidding! The old man says 
tell me where she is? Yuki asked mad 
well if you put it that way she is in the comedy movie! The man says scared that Yuki might smack him again 
thanks! Yuki says and walks away 
Kai this was a good idea! Riku says sitting next to Kai
i told you men's time rocks! Kai says smiling then he notices a girl with big Soda and big popcorns who tries to sit..he can't see her for the big stuff she carrying 
we should had bought food like her! Kai says pointing to the girl 
what a lame girl coming alone! Riku says smirking 
* the girl puts the popcorn and the soda apart*
Yuki! Riku says 
what's she doing here? it's men's time! right Riku? Kai asksd and tried to out his arm around Riku's neck but he was already gine sitting next to Yuki 
*i'm so alone right now* Kai murmured 
what are you doing here? Riku asked 
nothing! Yuki replied while observes Mayu and Juhno who were ahead of her 
so much popcorn! Riku says 
it's not for me! Yuki replies still focused on the young couple
*The movie starts*
Everytime Juhno tried to put his arm around Mayu's neck there was popcorn hitting him 
*when he looked back then only thing he could see was a weird tiny blond guy laughing like crazy, two boys,A girl and a guy hugging so he didn't know who was throwing him popcorn*
Riku blushed because Yuki was on his shoulder 
"dam this guy never gives up!" Yuki thought because she was already done with the popcorn then Yuki payed on of the guys there to sit next to them and disturb them everytime that he wanted to make a move but soon Juhno called a manager and the boy was kicked out with his friend *Yuki had to pay them both* 
Yuki again tried it by paying Kai to throw him the soda on his pants 
Juhno was really mad while Mayu recognized the guy tall handsome guy who was friend of the tiny one 
Mayu and Juhno end up arguing outside the cinema 
You know what my pants are ruined? and you don't wanna kiss me! whatever i'm leaving! Juhno says and get on his car and leaves 
Mayu was emotionless "i don't wanna take a bus.." she murmured then she noticed Yuki's car. She entered to the cinema and saw Yuki trying to get rid of Riku while Kai is buying a chocolate
Yuki chan! Mayu says 
Mayu chan!?? hahahah how are you? Yuki asks 
Mayu was smart and soon noticed what happened "and i'm the 16 year old kid" she murmured 
what? hahahaha! Yuki laughs nervously 
let's go i'm sleepy! Mayu says and pulls Yuki with her 
i'll call you!  Riku says
don't bother! Yuki says smiling 
~ At the car~ 
"Mayu chan..sorry i didn't know why i acted this way? maybe is protective mode that i i suck being a guardian! maybe i'm to young for this.." Yuki says and looks at Mayu who already fell sleep 
*Yuki got sad *
Once at home Yuki carried Mayu to her room bridal style she putted her on bed softly 
Yuki looked at her softly "Good night Mayu chan..sorry for ruining your date"  then kisses her on her forhead 
"i like you.." Mayu murmures sleeping 
Yuki sighed "that guy.." 
"Yuki.." Mayu murmured and turned her head 
Yuki stood there frozen "Did she say that she likes me?" she thought 
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mayu likes yuki~  :inlove:

thanks for the update cmze-san..  :twothumbs
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Post by: yuukimoko on September 25, 2012, 10:53:15 AM
This was sweet...yuki was jealous. And mayu said she likes yuki....but the like must become love.

Thanks for the update.
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Post by: ChuuuPuffss on September 25, 2012, 12:27:07 PM
Lololol Sae FTW xD Lust is the pefect word xD

Yezzz Mayu said she likes Yuki fufufu

Waiting for update~
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Post by: Chanaline on September 25, 2012, 07:43:10 PM
hoho! Mayu said she like Yuki  :wub:

Yuki jealous too funny. Riku and Kai ahahahahah! :rofl:

yay graet update :twothumbs
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nice planing~
using popcorn to disturb the date,
good idea next time should try to do that,
too bad to Kai & Riku~

Looking forward for the next update~!
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Good Yuki job Yuki in the cinema hahaha!
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how cute, they are slowly falling in love with each other...  :luvluv2:

i laughed at that part when yuki got jealous at started to throw popcorns on juhno  :lol:

i wonder if after hearing that mayu likes her yuki will realise that she likes mayu too  :?

Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.5
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Hahaha this chapter is so cute xD, especially the part Yuki got jealous, attacking with popcorn?? lmao~

And Mayu, so cute xDDDD Junho made me think of a member of 2pm

I'm waiting for Mayuki!!! Thank you >< love this chapter :]
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The party.." Sae says fake crying
it's not going to work that! Yuki says while leaves the room then turn off the switch of light
*Sae forever alone face*

Waaa Yuki is such a nice guardian!
LoL Kai is also forever alone guy...
Can't wait for next update!

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The party.." Sae says fake crying
it's not going to work that! Yuki says while leaves the room then turn off the switch of light
*Sae forever alone face*

Waaa Yuki is such a nice guardian!
LoL Kai is also forever alone guy...
Can't wait for next update!


nay~ Kai got mocchi.. he's just doesn't want her.. who's fault was that? hehe  XD

thanks cmze-san for another great fic! please continue more soon!
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hm hm  :hehehe: so cute ~ , cmze-san your fic is brilliant like always  :glasses: ( actually i already read many fics from this web since 4 months ago and finally i decide to make an account too , so here i am  :wahaha: ) looking forward for the next chapter   :on grad:
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really interesting as always, thank you for writing :deco:
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.6
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                                        *Loving U* 
                                    6.MaYuki's day

After Mayu's little confession..
"Yuki took it as a joke maybe Mayu likes her as a guardian "the word like means a lot of things!" besides she agreed to go on a date with that Juhno guy so there's no doubt that Mayu likes her as an older sister even though Yuki doesn't feel like she has done something for the little girl to make her think that way but she's ready to get to know more of Mayu and be that person that she has to be so it means that she'll become a "responsible adult" for the sake of the cyborg girl.."
Yuki stared the younger girl sleeping then she jumped on her 
Mayu openned her eyes "what the hell?" she asked while sees Yuki on her 
Yuki smiles "it's MaYuki's day!" she says excited 
Mayu got back to sleep "take your pill and don't bother me!" she murmures 
Yuki pouted then gets up and snatched the blanket 
Mayu took a little piece of the blanket and both started forcing 
"get up.." Yuki says while pulls the blanket
no,leave me alone witch! Mayu says pulling more the blanket to her 
you said you wanted me to pay attention to you and that's what i'm doing! Yuki shouts irritated pulling 
i didn't ask for attention,i was talking about material things like more mangas! Mayu shouts back and then let go the blanket cousing Yuki slip 
"My butt.." she says while gets up 
*Mayu only smirked*
"C'mon i already rented a nice place to stay the weekend!" Yuki murmures pouting cutely 
Mayu got up "i guess it can't be helped!" she says while goes to the bathroom 
*After half an hour*
The two got on the car..
Yuki couldn't help to steal glances at the younger girl who was looking really cute with those red glasses while reads her manga
(Note:In none of my fanfics Mayu hairstyle is piggytails..she uses her hair down) 
so where are going? Mayu asked still reading manga
Yuki frowned but then just smiled "Somewhere.."
Mayu pouted then closed her manga "Wake me up when we get there!" she says and closed her eyes
Yuki kept driving but somehow something made her look at cute little sleeping girl beside her 
"So cute.." She thought then she looked at the sleeping girl's pink lips "damn! i gotta drive.. what am i thinking?" she wondered and kept driving 
Again she stole a glance at the sleeping girl and sighed "stop thinking like that!!!" Yuki murmured then something got to her head,she pulled out her phone of her pocket and took a picture of the sleepy cute Mayu with her red glasses 
Yuki was so happy about it but her smiled faded once the car started making weird noises and stopped by itself..
"what the hell?" Yuki shouted as she hits wheel then tried to turn it on but it was useless 
Mayu wakes up "what's wrong?" She asked while stretches 
Yuki looked at her "The car seems..i don't know,it's not working!"
"Ehhh what? why?" Mayu asked 
i don't know! Yuki replied 
what are we going to do? Mayu asked 
"i guess we can walk.." Yuki says while takes her purse and gets out the car 
"cellphones.." Mayu murmures and tries to use hers 
Yuki looked at her phone which says "no signal" "useless shit and you were so expensive!!" she murmures mad 
Mayu pouted while also reads the screen of her phone "who came blame it,we're in the middle of nowhere!" She says while gets out of the car 
Yuki looked at Mayu "You can stay there if you want..i'll get back!" she says annoyed 
Mayu opened her eyes wide "Are you kidding? this is the prefect scenary of an horror movie.."in the middle of nowhere,no phone signal,i won't stay here! what's if some psyco with an axe appears or some dude with a hockey mask?" 
Yuki only looked at the younger girl walking ahead "what a scary cat!!" she murmured 
"I heard that i'm not a scary cat!" Mayu shouts 
Yuki smirks and runs after the little girl 
*After a few hours of walking and not talking at all*
Mayu stopped 
Yuki only looked at her 
"Why we're still in nowhere?it's getting dark and i'm tired!" Mayu asked irritated while sits on the ground
"Mayu..c'mon we need to keep walking!" Yuki says while takes her hand and tries to get her up 
Mayu replied "i can't i'm tired and thisrty.."
Yuki knealed "c'mon i'll give you a free ride besides i need to do some excirse!" she says with a smile 
*Yuki was also tired and thirsty but leaving Mayu there didn't seemed a good idea because it was getting dark and it wws dangerous..* 
Are you crazy? Mayu asked 
c'mon hop! Yuki says still smiling 
Mayu wanted to reject the older girl but she was wearing a new shoes that were killing her feet so she had no option to hop 
"Ahhh this is good.." Yuki says with a smile while walks with Mayu on her back 
Mayu hugged Yuki tight "look the sunset!" she says 
"it's pretty.." Yuki murmures while keeps walking 
"We're unlucky people.." Mayu says 
Yuki looked at Mayu "what are you talking about? this is cool we're having such a good time with nature,nobody to disturb us not even a f*ing car in this highway!" she says walking 
Mayu only smirked cause the older girl answer 
Sorry about this Mayu,this was not in the plan,this only shows that i'm not.. *sigh* Yuki says struggling with walking 
"What are you talking about? this is the best "i'm having a free ride,i saw the sunset and now i'm watching the stars with..." Mayu says then blushes and looks other way
Yuki didn't notice she was more focused on walking and not falling 
*Mayu hugged Yuki more*
"Are you cold?" Yuki asked then stopped walking 
"no.." Mayu replied 
Yuki puts her down softly  then takes off her jacket and puts it on Mayu 
"Now let's go.." Yuki says and kneals again 
Mayu wasn't happy with the idea but her feet still hurts too much 
*After a half an hour of walking they finally found a place to stay the night*
"we're only have 1 room with one single bed.." The smiling girl says 
whatever here's my credit car! Yuki says 
ok room 7b! The girl says smiling 
~In the room~ 
i wanna shower! Mayu shouts and enters the bathroom
Yuki layed on bed and looked at the room but soon her eyes closed 
once Mayu gets out the bathroom finds Yuki already sleeping on bed,she smiled and got closer to the sleeping girl 
"Thanks.." She murmures while slowly leans closer to Yuki's face and gives her a sweet kiss on her cheek so close to her lips 
Mayu then preceed to sleep next to the older girl 
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Wahaaaaa it is too kawaii!
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.6 (please do the POLL!!)
Post by: kurogumi on October 08, 2012, 12:20:50 PM
Y favorit its still
1. My sister girlfriend
2.Wild love
3.Im everything you need
4.Loving u
5.Akb boarding school
 Actually i love all of your fic cmze-san its difficult to chose who i love so much...but i think my sister girlfrend its my most favorite one

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Nice Update,
Mayuki so cute,
Waiting for the next mayuki days~!

Looking forward for the next update~!!
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I like when the universe makes accidents happen hehe
Mayuki alone in a hotel room wow~
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Ah missed this too

What happen with weeks! Its a happy moment~ mayuki day
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                                        *Loving U* 

Yuki opened her eyes slowly,she tried to move but it was kinda hard cause some weight was on her.. 

Yuki looked down and saw Mayu sleeping on her chest,she looked at the younger girl "you're pretty.." she thought 

Mayu moved a little then opened her eyes and noticed that she was sleeping on Yuki's chest without noticing that Yuki was already up 

"i wanna touch! i wanna touch!" The younger girl thought as her hand has brain on her own 

"good morning Mayu chan!" Yuki says with a smile not relizing what Mayu was about to do 

Mayu screamed and then fell of bed with one pillow 

"are you okay?" Yuki asked 

"ahh stay away from me pervert!!" Mayu shouted then throwed the pillow on Yuki's face and went to the bathroom 

"what's wrong with her?" Yuki murmured as she lays back on bed 

After showering both girls went out to eat 

~At the restaurant~

Mayu haven't said a word (she feels kinda embarrased cause all the thoughts she was having with Yuki's chest) 

Yuki thought Mayu was acting strange but she wanted to eat more that finding out why 

Both girls ordered and soon Yuki's phone ringed.She talked for a few minutes then hang up

"Can you beloeve Mayu chan somebody fixed my car and they're bringing it to us!" Yuki says happy 

"you have to use the platinum" Mayu says with a smirk 

Yuki grabbed her purse "what? why?" she asked afraid 

"well while you were sleeping i had to to do your work and call the crane so the whole package of take it,repair it and bring's not free!"  Mayu says 

"this platinum" Yuki thought as she takes a deep breath 

The waiter brought their breakfast..

Yuki looked at Mayu while she eats "this is not going as i planned.." she thought 

Mayu kept eating "why is she looking at me? does she know i was trying to.. touch..earlier" she thought as she gulps 

Soon both ended eating and got back to their room

"Finally my car!" Yuki says happy then she notice that she has to pay and pouted 

Mayu smirked "silly Yuki!" she thought

Both girls then went to their destination a good hotel close to the beach 

Mayu got out of the car and smiled "this is paradise!" she says excited 

Yuki smiled "finally i got one point!" she thought happy 

As soon the two girls entered to the reception there were a group of friends making noise 

"Yuki chan!" Riku says happy 

"Let go my ear Mocchi,i have a girlfriend and she's in England now!" Kai says 

Mocchi smirks "well is she not here,she's not your girlfriend!"

Yuki was shocked "Sae chan!" she says 

"Hey surprise.. well like i know you well i knew you would bring Mayu here!" Sae says smiling 

Mayu took a deeo breath " so a MaYuki weekend" she thought a little sad 

"C'mon let's go to the beach!" Sae says pushing Yuki and ignoring Mayu 

Everyone left leaving Mayu alone in the reception 

Mayu pouted but then sighed "hey i want the expensiest room here!"  

"cash or.."
"i'm using my sister's platinum!" Mayu interrupts

"well i need her sign.." The receptionist says 

Mayu smiles "you just saw her leaving with her friends please when she gets back you make her sign!"

The girl sighed gave Mayu her card 

"Thanks.." Mayu says as she walks away 

~At the beach~

Yuki pouts "i told you i have to be with Mayu chan!"

"c'mon drink up!" Sasshi says 

"no,i can't i have to go!" Yuki says while tries to leave

hey i won't give you that after party if you don't drink just one! Sashi says with a smile 

"Just one Yuki!" Akicha says 

~At Mayu's room~

Mayu started ordering everything and charging it on Yuki's platinum 

She got a massage then hired all the HBO channels and also was choking with all the ice cream then she got tired of all that and went to her jacuzzi 

"Thanks Yuki for making mad!" Mayu murmures as she relax with her bubble bath 

~At the beach~ almost nightime 

"oh got Mayu *hip* is going to kill me!" Yuki says as she gets up 

"where *hip* you going?" Sae asked

"don't you *hip* understand i have*hip* responsibilities" Yuki says as she walks away to the reception 

The reception girl called Yuki "would you sign here please?you're little sister is already in her room! do you want one next to her one with lower cost?" 

Yuki frowned "what *hip* are you talkling about? in the sams room is *hip* obvious!" she says drunk 

"ohh okay here's your card..." The girl says 

Yuki walked away then took the elevator,the elevator doors opens 

"Room 120.." Yuki though as looks for the number 

"here!" She says happy as she pases her card 

the door opens revealing a Mayu playing with a Play station 3 

Mayu opened her mouth "Yuki i.." 

"Mayu *hip* chan!" Yuki says happy and hugs the younger girl
"wait a second you're drunk.." Mayu says pouting 

"they made*hip* me do it.." Yuki says as she breaks the hug and tries to walk to bed 

"you're not sleeping in my bed like that!" Mayu says and puts herself infront of Yuki 

"i *hip* asked for separate beds!" Yuki says as she tries to walk ahead but Mayu stopped her by grabbing her hand but somehow Yuki slipped and Mayu fell on her with her hands cupping both of Yuki's girls 

Mayu blushed "finally! Finally on my hands!" she thought while Yuki only looked at her 

Mayu soon looked into Yuki's eyes.Both shared eye contact till the younger girl removed her hands off slowly of the older girl "chest"

Mayu got up and helped Yuki to get up too 

"I *hip* need sleep.." Yuki says as Mayu softly put her on bed 

Mayu sitted next to her and watched her sleep "tomorrow you'll be mad.." she thought as she tugged Yuki's hair behind her ear 

"Mayu.." The older girl murmured

"ehh.." Mayu got closer to the older girl mouth 

"I like you too.." The older girl whispered 

"What?!? who?!?" Mayu asks shaking Yuki but it was useless Yuki was sleeping like a rock 

Mayu gave up then sighed "do you like me?" she whispered as she slowly hypnotized leans closer to Yuki's lips

"should i? she looks kissable like a princess" she though as her lips are a few inches from the taller girl 

Mayu gulped then she felt something warm against her lips 

Mayu closed her eyes..

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WOW Finally Yuki said it!!! But she will change her mind the next day  :D since Mayu used her platinum card.
Thanks for the update of your 3 fics.
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.7
Post by: Chanaline on November 01, 2012, 12:27:10 PM
I agree with clubhappy-san! She will change her mind next day! XD

they kiss ?? or not? Ah thank you for this update!  :twothumbs
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dont worry, yuki will forget what happen that day,
but i think the only thing she will remember when she receive the bill of the card,
she will kill Mayu when the day it's come,
the Riku is who?? Haruna? or Mariko?
due I read a fiction called X-5 inside a member call Riku is Mariko,
now I will confuse with it normally we read Riku is Haruna.

Looking forward for the next update.
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wow go Mayu go!!!!
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.7
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Yeah tommorow yuki is going to mad and worse she dòesnt remember what she's doing to mayu that night
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.7
Post by: Playgirlz on November 02, 2012, 03:27:38 AM

I want to know what's going to happen >< Surely tomorrow Yuki'll get mad. Would it affect their relation?? xDDDD

Please update >,< want it to so much, thank you XDDD

@m00nchild: I think it's Haruna, I don't know the fic you're talking about but mostly Riku is use for Haruna
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                                        *Loving U* 

Mayu woke up and looked at the girl sleeping next to her.She remembered last night and touched her lips 

"Even if you were drunk.. it was a kiss,my first kiss!" She thought still touching her lips 

Yuki moved "My head" she muttered to herlself as she slowly opens her eyes 

Mayu gets up from bed "Damn it,i'm so dead!" she thougth as she looks around the room 

Yuki sits on bed and looked at Mayu "good morning!" she says with a smile 

Mayu was nervous "hi..hi!" she says 

"ehhh" Yuki looked at the room "a heartshaped bed.. this is not my reservation!" she says as she takes the phone 

Mayu fast makes her hang up

"Mayu chan!" Yuki says looking at the younger girl 

Mayu sighed "there wasn't any mistake!" she says as she pulls out the platinum from her pocket and gives it to Yuki

"how do you get this?" Yuki asked 

Mayu pouted "I'm fast.."then she looked other way 

Yuki reacted a few seconds later "EHHH ARE YOU TELLING ME YOU USED MY PLATINUM ON THIS?" she shouted mad 

Mayu keeps looking other way "I also had a massage and rented wi-fi and many channels.." 

Yuki gets up from bed then scratched her head irritated "why? WHY DID YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS? YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THIS SHIT IS GOING TO COST ME?" she shouts as she shakes the little Mayu

"Yuki stop!" Mayu shouted as she pushes Yuki and leaves the room running 

"My butt.." Yuki says as she gets up and rubs it 

"Damn my head hurts.. why did i had to bring you?" she says as she looks at the platinum on her hand 

Soon Yuki walked out of the room to look for Mayu on the way in the hall she bumped with Sae and Mocchi who invited her breakfast 

Sae looked at Yuki "you really look horrible!" she says as she eats 

Yuki sighed "i can't believe she did something like this,i don't even wanna see the bill!" She says before drinking her coffee 

Mocchi looked at Yuki "Maybe Mayu is not a good kid. Why you don't try finding another relative of her and leave the problem behind?" 

Yuki pouted "what? no!" 

Sae takes Yuki's hand "i think you should spank her or show her who's boss?"

Yuki looked at Sae "violence is not my thing.." she says as she gets up then leaves to keep lookinv for her Mayu

Yuki walked around the hotel looking for Mayu but there wasn't any sign of her,she even asked people around but they didn't know 

Yuki sighed and tried calling her but she rejected her calls 
"This kid!!  i should be the mad one here" she murmures 

"Yuki chan!" A voice called 

Yuki turned around and saw her highschool friend smiling to her 

"Rena chan!" She says with a smile

Rena hugs Yuki "what are you doing here?" she asked as she breaks their hug

Yukk sighs "i brought Mayu here to become closer and now lost her!" she answers with a depressed aura

Rena pats her friend shoulder "she's not that lost,she's on the beach!" she says with a smile 

Yuki looks at Rena "really?" she asked 

"Yep.." Rena replies still with a smile 

"I better go talk to her don't forget about our coffee!" Yuki says as she walks to the beach 

Soon behind Rena appeared Jurina..

 "why that girl hugged you?" she asked pouting cutely 

Rena puts her arm around Jurina's neck "give me a break a Jurina,i'm going to jail and i also need some adult's time too!" 

Jurina smirked "it's not my fault its just that you're irresistible and couldn't let you go.." 

Both girls walked smiling 

~At the beach~

Mayu was sitting on the sand "stupid Yuki only thinking about yourself and your card!" she muttured mad and with teary eyes 

Yuki looked at the cyborg girl sitting on the sand with her back facing her "Mayu chan!" she called 

Mayu turned her head then rubs her eyes "what are you doing here? go away!" she says as she gets up 

"were you crying?" Yuki asked 

"no, go away!" Mayu replies as she tries to walk away but Yuki grabbed her arm 

"Look!why are you acting like i'm the one who did something bad? you were the one who took my card" she shouts irritated 

Mayu pouts "aaa Let go, you and your stupid car can go to hell!"  she shouts 

Yuki got mad and pushed Mayu to the sand "i been nice to you but maybe we're not working!" 

Mayu breaks in tears like a child "you haven't been nice to me.. you hate me cause i destroyed your perfect life! you always leave me alone when i need you to go with your friends and drink!!" she says in tears 

Yuki felt really bad about that "Sorry.. i'm really sorry!" she says as she kneels and hugs the cyborg tight 

Mayu was shocked but still her tears still rolled on her cheeks

"How can you think that i  hate you? i will never do that,i like Mayu chan!" Yuki says still  hugging the cyborg 

Mayu hugged Yuki back "i like Yuki chan too.." she murmured 

Yuki slowly breaks their hug and looks at Mayu 

Mayu looked down"I shouldn't use your card, i was mad because you left with them so i'm sorry"

Yuki's looks changw to a sweet one then leaned closer and kissed the younger girl's forhead 

Mayu blushed "Yuki is kissing me.." she thought then closed her eyes and enjoyed the kiss 

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Post by: Chanaline on November 06, 2012, 12:30:32 PM
Woaaah Kawaiii!!! :inlove:

Mayu just want to be with Yuki... KAWAIIIIII!!!!! :wub:

And they said they like each other!!! :twothumbs
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Post by: m00nchild on November 06, 2012, 01:00:32 PM
WOW~ Nice update,
Mayu finally confess,
but for Yuki Mayu confess is just like children like their guardian,
Mayu move make Yuki realize is her mistake,
Jurina going to make Rena go to Jail!!
OMG~! Jurina should calm down...

Looking forward for the nxt update.
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Post by: kahem on November 17, 2012, 03:09:19 AM
WMatsui is so cute~
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.8
Post by: kurogumi on November 29, 2012, 02:39:44 AM
Oh looks like im forget to commenting after read this,lol ah whatever

Im still curious, why yuko choose yuki to be mayu's guardian,isnt it too weird?
Yuki live and her behavior with her friends its really...err yah you know party party party and party~

Thank for this update,i know its too late to thanking right now but...hahaha
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Post by: cmze on December 02, 2012, 06:29:28 AM
                                        *Loving U* 

At Yuki's work..

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" The tall girl says as she walks to the door 

"Kashiwagi san!" Someone says 

Yuki smiles "sorry i'm done,my turn it's over.. see you tomorrow!" she says as she runs fast 
"She scaped!" The girl sighs 

Yuki gets on her car and drives fast..
"A red light!" She says complaining and pouting 

After some minutes the light changed to green 

"Finallly!" She says and goes full speed

~Outside the school~ 

"Mayu chan aren't you going to take the bus with us?"a girl asked as she waiting for Mayu's answer with her friends 

Mayu looked around and soon a familiar car appeared, the CG smileed "No,don't worry!" she replies as she walks hynotized to the car 

The door openned..

"Hello Mayu chan!" The good looking older girl says with a smile 

Mayu entered to the car

"Looks like her sister came to pick her up.." One of the girls says 

Mayu only looked at Yuki 

"Put your seatbelt!" Yuki says as she gets closer and looks for it 

*Mayu blushed*

Yuki putted the seatbelt on Mayu then smiled at her "Now your safe!" she says then engines the car 

Mayu smiled 

"Maybe we should go to eat to a restaurant.." Yuki says while drives 

"what about MaYuki?" Mayu asked 

"what about it?" Yuki asked 

"i have to feed it!" Mayu replies pouting 

"sorry! sorry!" Yuki says with a nervous smile 

Mayu keeps pouting "You bought it for me and you don't even remember it!"

"I already apologized!" Yuki says still smiling nervous 

Mayu sighed "He's also kinda like you sometimes i think he doesn't miss me when i'm gone maybe he doesn't notice! that's why i should have name it Bakarin!" she murmured 

"what!!?" Yuki almost crash,she was red because she was mad 

Mayu smirked "be careful!" 

Yuki pouted then shouted out of the blue "of course i miss you when you're gone and i'm not a baka!" she says looking at Mayu forgetting about driving xD 

"Ehhh!?!? grab the wheel i don't wanna die!" Mayu says as she grabs it 

"No,say you don't mean it!" Yuki says crossing her arms 

"Baka.. i don't mean it!" Mayu says serious

Yuki smiled "Okay,that's enough!" she says as she grabs the wheel

Mayu pouted and crossed her arms while Yuki laughs 

~At home~ 

Yuki opened the door but before she could get in Mayu already pushed her out of her way 

"Ahhh my butt!" Yuki says complaining 

"MaYuki where are you?" Mayu shouted 

"since when that rabbit became more important?" Yuki murmured 

Mayu pouted "It's not a rabbit,it's a bunny..Baka!" she says mad

Yuki frowned then got up and walked to the fridge

"help me to look for him!" Mayu says 

"I'm busy right now!" The older girl says as she grabs many things from the fridge and started to prepare a sandwich 

"Yuki chan Mayuki is gone.." Mayu says crying as she comes downstairs 

Yuki was about to bite her delicious sandwich but Mayu was standing in front of her 

"i buy a new one!" The taller girl replies 

Mayu cries more as a little kid 

"Mayu!" Yuki says trying to calm her 

"Would you buy another me if i get lost?" Mayu asked sobbing 

Yuki scratched her head "Just stop crying,i'll go look for it!" she says as she walks to the door 

"i'm so hungry.." She thought as pats her stomach 

Mayu smiled as she looks the older girl heading out 

"Why am i always spoiling her?" Yuki thought as she walks the hall and asks to every neighbor" if they haven't seen a white rabbit?"

Yuki asked door by door even though she was exhausted and hungry 

Yuki sighed "maybe i should buy another but.. would i buy another Mayu if she get lost? no..she's irreplaceable!" she thought then gained energy 

"i will find thar bunny for her!" Yuki says confident 

"Good afternoon" a woman and her child say as they enter to the elevator 

Yuki turned around and saw the kid holding a white bunny

"hey MaYuki! wait up!" she shouts and runs to the elevator but she sliped and the doors closed 

"damn!" Yuki says and hits the floor with her fist

An onld woman helps Yuki to get up "Oh that's miss X and her son! she lives in the room 23!"

"Thank you!" Yuki says and runs to the stairs 

~Once in door 23~ 

"I'm so tired!" Yuki thought then knocked the door 

The door openned revealing a the same woman 

"hello i'm Kashiwagi Yuki can you give me back my rabbit?"  

"what? oh! Kai the owner of the rabbit came!" The mother shouts
After a few minutes Kai shows up crying "you left him,Hikaru wants to be with me!" 

"What!?!? that's my BUNNY!" Yuki shouts pointing the bunny "for the first time it's annoying someone calling her bunny with other name that won't be MaYuki!" she thought mad

"My son is crying please.." The woman says nicely
"i can't.." Yuki says sad 

The mother sighs "I'll pay you."

*Kai cries more*

Yuki looked down clenching her fists "I can't.. she's crying I don't like seeing her crying.. please give me back my bunny !"she says as some drops of water fall on the floor

The woman looked with sweet look at Yuki and putted her hand on her shoulder "Kai give her rabbit back and i'll buy that dog that you want when they pay me!" 

"It's still many days!" Kai replies 

Yuki wipes her tears and looks at the kid "I'll buy it to you now!" 

"ehhh you can't!" The mother of the child says 

Yuki smiled "don't worry,he took care of my bunny so i wanna pay him so let's go!" she says 

<They bought the puppy and the kid gave back the bunny> 

~At MaYuki's home~

"It's been all day!" Mayu thought sad as she changes channels like crazy 

Yuki opened the door with hiding the bunny behind her with her hand 

"Yuki chan did you find him?" Mayu asked 

Yuki smiles "Ta-da!" she says as she shows the bunny to Mayu 

Mayu smiled widely then run to Yuki and jumped on her causing both to land on the floor 

"Ahh Mayu you're heavy!" Yuki shouts laughing 

"Thank you Yuki chan!" Mayu says as she's sitting on Yuki's stomach examinating the bunny 

"This is my bunny you found him!" Mayu says happy as she shows Yuki the little black point that it has on his stomach 

"So you would knew if i..*Yuki sighed then smiled* why everything with Mayu always hurt my bank account?" she wondered 

*Mayu smiled and kissed Yuki on her cheek all the sudden*

Yuki blushed then smiled also "It's worth it..." she thought smiling widely

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Mayu, you're making Yuki spoil you too much  :lol:!!!! Glad that they could find their bunny back.
Thanks for the update.  :D
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.9
Post by: kurogumi on December 02, 2012, 09:19:54 AM

Awww that bunny,since when i love bunny stuff...they are so cute,

The bunny name's cute toò

Mayuki~ LOL

Yuki now more caring...she always spoiled mayu...that's sweet!

Look's like yuki become a better person since mayu came to her life,she's more responsible.

Thank for the update cmze-san
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.9
Post by: Chanaline on December 02, 2012, 12:55:52 PM
ahahhh! Kawaaiiiiii!

The bunny... Wahahahah!!

She spoiled her! she spoiled her!!! And she says Mayu is irreplaceable!!! :wub:
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Post by: m00nchild on December 03, 2012, 10:24:47 AM
nice update,
A Rabbit and it's unreplaceable,
like the statement,
"Would you buy another me if i get lost?" Mayu asked
this is a very good tactic...

Looking forward for the next update.
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So, cute~
Poor Yuki, her card is burning xD
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.10
Post by: cmze on January 05, 2013, 04:46:10 AM
                                                      *Loving U*

(At Yuki's office)

"What Yuki are you serious? it's been a while since the last time Akicha,Mocchi,you and me hanged out together and now you're planning to bring that unsocial girl to the fashion show!" Sae says complaining in front of Yuki's desk

Yuki sighs then gets up "The unsocial girl name is Mayu and i care about her so i'm not going to let her spend the night alone and yeah she's coming with me!" she says serious

Sae pouts but then smiled "i guess responsibility is knocking at your door!" she says as she walks away

Yuki sitted and got back to what she was doing suddenly her alarm ringed,she looked at her iphone screen "Pick up Mayuyu"

"Mayuyu.." she thought then got up and went to school to pick up Mayu

(At school)

Mayu looked around and a familiar car was already there waiting for her,Mayu smiled and walked to the car

<Inside the car>

"Hello Mayu chan!" Yuki says with a smile

"Yuki chan!" The younger girl says with a smile while puts her seatbelt on

"How was school?" Yuki asks while she drives

Mayu pouted "fine i guess" she replies

Yuki smirked "you guess.. that's a strange answer don't you think?" she asked

"Well Matsui san is after me all the time making if i'm okay,This has nothing to do with the fact that you and her are friends right?" Mayu asked

"No of course not i'm not spying on you!" Yuki smirks nervously

Mayu looked at Yuki acting strange,she frowned then relized they were home

(At home)

Mayu went upstairs to play with MaYuki while Yuki sets the table for both all the sudden the doorbell rings

"huh who could it be?" Yuki wondered then opened the door

"Yuki chan!" Akicha and Mocchi says at the same time and hug Yuki

"what are you two doing here?" Yuki asked

"Dresses!" Akicha and Mocchi says at the same time with a smile

Mayu heard the noise and walked downstairs

"Hi Mayu chan!" Both girls say with a smile

"Hi" Mayu replies not so happy

"Well let's try this dresses on!" Akicha says

Yuki looked at Mayu "You should try it too Mayu chan because you're coming with me!"

"what?" Mayu asked

Yuki smiled "yep Mayu chan we're going to a fashion show!" she says

"Those kind of things.. are not my thing!" Mayu coldly replies

"Cmon Mayu chan is going to be fun!" Yuki says with a smile and offering her hand

Mayu looked other way but then grabbed Yuki's hand

(I'll skip to the fashion show)

"Wow this is amazing!" Mayu says looking around, good music,flashing lights and glamour in the air

Sae appeared from nowhere "hello girls and Mayu!" she says with a smile while offersv

Yuki smiled "Hi Sae chan!" she says just looking at the tomboy

"Hi!" Akicha and Mocchi says

Mayu clings on Yuki and whispers in her ear "i need to go to the bathroom!" she whispers

Yuki looks at Mayu "ok i'll take you!" she says with a smile

"actually i can go by myself" The younger replied

Sae puts her arm around Yuki's neck "let's go i want you to meet some people!" she says pulling Yuki.with her and leaving Mayu behind

Mayu sighed and went to the bathroom

"Okay this is my friend called whisky so let's be friendly!" Sae says giving a glass to her friends

Yuki smirked "Sae chan you're never going to change!" she says then drinks it

Akicha and Mocchi also drank

"Akicha i missed you!" Sasshi says and clings on her arm

Yuki cough a little "Unbelievable this girl haven't notice Akicha is straight!" she thought

"go to your seats the fashion show is about to start!" A girl says guiding everyone

Everyone sitted

"Where's Mayu?" Yuki wondered then she was about to get up to look for her but somebody pulled her down

"It's about to start!" Sae says

Yuki looked around soon the lights went down and the fashion show began

Everyone were looking at the models while Yuki was not paying attention and looking side to side if Mayu shows up

"ehh Yuki!" Sae says open mouth looking at the runway while pokes Yuki's dress

"Yuki chan!" Sae says still pocking

"what?" Yuki asked and turning to look at Sae then noticed a model who looks a lot like Mayu

"Mayu chan!" Yuki says open mouth

"What a curves!" a paparazzi says

Yuki pouts "I'm going to kill him and then I'M GOING TO KILL HER AND GROUND HER TILL THE NEXT WORLD CUP!" she says mad  while Sae grabs her "She really wanted to kill that paparazzi!xD"

"Easy girl, you really sound like a jealous boyfriend and btw if she's dead how you're going to punish her?!" Sae says while Akicha and Mocchi nodded

"It's true! it's true!" Sasshi says

Yuki calmed then thought about it "well i'm her guardian and she's modeling that unpropiate clothes and how she got there?" she replies pouting

Sae smirks "it's not unpropite is tight and sexy…why i didn't noticed those curves?" she wondered loud

Yuki looked at the tomboy "one more word and i'll kill you!"

Sae smiles nervous "ok!"

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nice update,
So now Yuki care more about Mayu now,
And Mayu is modeling? OMG!!!
It really curious how she get there?
is she going to the washroom??

Looking forward for the next update.
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.10
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Mayu is modeling :w00t:

Yuki act like a jealous boyfriend  :lol:

Thank you for this update!!!
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I really like jealous Yuki ^^
and Mayu, how did she do that? xD
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.10
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 :shocked care to give details how mayu ended up being a model? Yuki is behaving more like a mama + boyfriend! haha!  :nervous
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.10
Post by: stepk on January 06, 2013, 08:55:30 PM
this is so addictive
and mayu how she?    :?  XD
but she really do well, yuki is going crazy with her body  :lol: :lol:
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.10
Post by: kurogumi on January 07, 2013, 01:33:08 AM
LOL how mayu end up being model?

Is she going to the wrong washroom?

Yuki yuki yuki i wondering when they become a couple...

Thank for the update cmze-san
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.10
Post by: cisda83 on January 10, 2013, 09:24:41 PM
Someone super jealous... Namely Yuki...

Yeah... Mayu modeling...

The fic is getting more and more interesting. Thank you

Can't wait to see the next one

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.11
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                                                       *Loving U*

Once the show ended Yuki tried to walk her to Mayu but there was so many people on her way, taking pictures,talking

Yuki got frustrated but still went backstage "where's Mayu?" she asked to an assitant

"who's Mayu?" he asked confused

Yuki pouted "you're useless!" she says mad and walks away searching for her  cyborg girl,she looked around there was some models still changing their clothes then she notice a familiar figure talking to a man in a corner "he putted his hand on her shoulder!"

Yuki got close fast and pushed the man aside "Stay away from her you perv!" she shouted clearly mad

"Yuki chan!" Mayu says shocked

"Inner Mayu: When Yuki became strong?"

Many assistants help the guy get up

The man got up finally "uh what did you do to me?" he's asked with a weird manner and wearing a scarf

Yuki was shocked "could it be?" she thought

The staff asked him "if he was okay?"

"This girl! this girl!" The man shouts pulling out his handicraft

Mayu get in the way "Excuse her,she's really protective!" she says with a nervous smile

"What's going on here?" The fashion designer asked then noticed Yuki"Kashiwagi san what are you doing here backstage?" he asked

"She pushed me honey!" The affected man says pointing at Yuki

Yuki moved her head side to side "why i didn't noticed before?" she wondered

"Yuki chan is really sorry!" Mayu says with a smile

Yuki turned to look at Mayu then raised an eyebrow

The fashion designer smiled "okay let's forget it,you help me a lot tonight..Thank you Mayu chan! Kashiwagi san has a great lil sister!" he says as he puts his hand on Yuki's shoulder

Yuki pouted "she's not my sister.." she murmured

(Inner Yuki/Black: Now i feel like an idiot!)

The two girls walked out of the place without saying a word


Yuki sighed while Mayu only looked outside her window both withou saying a word about what happened

The radio was on and soon a love song was being played, Yuki inmediately change it

"why you change? i liked the song!" Mayu asked looking at the older girl

"Why you were modeling that tight dress?" Yuki asked irritated and stopped the car hard

Mayu looked at Yuki with a confused "No way,she's jelousy!" she thought "Are you jealousy?" she asked

"WHAT? No..i'm curious!" Yuki says looking other way

(Mayu smirked)

"you know i'm starring a school play..i forgot to tell you!" Mayu says with a smile

(Note: That's a lie)

Yuki sighed "cool!" she says not so happy

Mayu took off her seatbelt "And there is this kiss scene that is giving me trouble!" she says with a little smirk

Yuki looked at the younger girl

"Would you teach me?" Mayu asked

Yuki got all red "what? uhmmm" she was open mouth

"You're my guardian so it will be cool if you show me!" Mayu says in a seductive tone as she gets closer to the older girl

Yuki gulped and tried to stay away but it wasn't possible when Mayu putted her hand behind the older's girl head to pull her closer

Mayu closed her eyes while Yuki had them open seeing how the younger girl's lips were on hers

Mayu slowly stopped the kiss and looked at the older girl and smirked

"Why did you do that? Are you crazy?"Yuki asked all red and nervous as she engines the car and drives fast

(Mayu only smiled)


Mayu sitted on the couch with her bunny to watch a movie while Yuki changes her clothes to pjs in her room

"Why i acted like a jealous boyfriend tonight? what's going on? and why the image of Mayu on that tight dress keep repeating in my head? I can't believe it! Tonight she just kissed me!" Yuki thinks as she puts her pjs on then she peeked out the living room where Mayu was watching a movie

Yuki sighed "i need some rest!" she thought as she walks to her bed and throws herself on it then after a few minutes of thinking she fell sleep

~After a few hours~

"Yuki chan wake up!" Mayu says poking the older girl's shoulder

Yuki opened her eyes "I'm sleeping" she says with her eyes closed

Mayu pouted and pinched Yuki's cheek

"Oucchh!" The older girl reacted and opened her eyes "What's wrong?" she asked then noticed Mayu standing next to her with a big white t-shirt

Yuki gulped

"I'm scared! can i sleep with you tonight?" Mayu asked looking down

"Somehow the temperature increased!" Yuki thought as her heart beats fast

"Yuki chan!" Mayu says waiting for an answer

Yuki blinked a few times "Just for tonight!" she answered

Mayu smiled and layed next to her,Yuki putted a pillow between them which Mayu removed immediately "If i wanted to sleep with a pillow,i would sleep with mine!" she says as puts her head on Yuki's chest

"Wha- what are you doing?" Yuki asked nervous and redder

"you're heart is beating so fast!" Mayu says with a smirk

"What do you expect?nobody ever had slept on my chest!" Yuki says looking away

Mayu smiled then closed her eyes "relax.." she whispered Yuki pouted

After a few minutes both girls fell sleep

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Well Yuki is Jealous.... pushing someone....

Mayu is quite tricky wanting to kiss but saying need to practice kissing with Yuki.

Yuki is really really in heaven here... being close with Mayu there...

Thank's for the update... Can't wait to see the next

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Waw! It was funny!!

Mayu :rofl:

Yuki jealous... :rofl:

They kissed!! :twothumbs
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Post by: kahem on January 26, 2013, 01:22:52 PM
Jealous yuki is so cute~
Mayuyu is the first who slept on yuki's chest oh...
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.11
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Yuki is jealous~~~~~ hahaha
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 I love this chapter :wriggly:
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.11
Post by: DC2805 on January 26, 2013, 02:47:41 PM
 :P2 mayu is enjoying teasing Yuki ... and I would like to see more of that!  :twothumbs
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.11
Post by: m00nchild on January 27, 2013, 06:24:26 AM
nice update,

Mayuki moment,
Mayu tease Yuki huh~
I think that fashion show was great,
that why Yuki keep thinking Mayu~
What will happen next??
Yuki work issue?? Mayu school issue??
Or Mayuki have a little argue??

Looking forward for the next update.
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.11
Post by: kurogumi on January 27, 2013, 01:32:42 PM
Yuki is too dense here,LOL

I cant wait when they together,yuki is mayu guardian,she must thinking about the relationship between her and mayu

Thank for the update cmze-san
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.11
Post by: stepk on January 27, 2013, 07:13:08 PM
Mayuki moment
mayu and yuki sleep together.  :wub:
nice chapter   :inlove:
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.12
Post by: cmze on January 30, 2013, 07:01:29 AM
                                                      *Loving U*

After what happened in the last chapter Yuki is been kinda distant..

(At school)

The class is over so everyone were packing their bags except for one person who was reading over and over again the same message

"Mayu chan i have to work till late again,there's food in the fridge and don't wait up for me!"

Mayu sighed then got up

"Mayu chan do you want come with us?" A girl asked

"No,i'm fine.. thanks!" The cyborg says coldly as she walks away

On her way home Mayu couldn't help to think about certain older girl which causes her to feel several emotions at the same time

"I hate you.." Mayu murmured as she walks

(At work)

Yuki was looking at her phone screen were it was displaying pictures of her and Mayu

Yuki smiled a little "why am i doing?" she whispered then holds back her hair

"Hows everything doing?" Sae says as she enters to the office with a big smile on her face

Yuki putted her phone on her pocket fast "nothing!" she replied fast

Sae frowned "i didn't ask what you were doing?" she says confused

Yuki smiled nervously "how's everything with that straight girl that doesn't like you like.. THAT?" she asked to change the topic

Sae pouted then sat "great..she says i'm a great friend!" she replied still annoyed

Yuki looked down

"What about you and that little punk with great body?" Sae asked

Yuki got up "You what bothers me *Sae looked at her confused* Have you ever liked a guy before?" she asked

Sae was totally clueless "Well i mean i always liked girls and even had a little crush on you in highschool *Yuki reacted* but today there's no chance for us baby!" the tomboy says acting cool

"That wasn't what i meant.. i mean have you ever met someone like..that.. you wanna make happy?" Yuki asked

"What? are you in love Black?" Sae asked shocked

"no.." Yuki answered weakly and looked other way

"Let's go drinking to celebrate and also visiting Sayaka on her workplace!" Sae says smirking as she fast gets up and gets closer to Yuki to put her arm around her neck

Yuki looke at Sae "Are you sure you're not stalking her?" she asked

Sae smirked "it's causality!" she replies careless

"It's the fift time we go to her workplace!" Yuki replied

"shut up smartass!" Sae replied

Both laugh while they walk out of the office

~Meanwhile at home~

Mayu was playing with Mayuki while watches tv, all the sudden the phone rang:

Mayu picked up but this man didn't let her say hi..

"Hello Kashiwagi san good news.. i found a relative of Watanabe san her Grandmother what should i do?!" The man asks

The phone slipped from Mayu's hand tears already to come

"Kashiwagi san! Kashiwagi san!" It's heard from the phone

Mayu grabbed the phone and hang up then sitted on the couch to wait for the older girl

~Hours passed~

Mayu end up falling sleep on the couch, *noise of keys*

Mayu sitted and waited for Yuki to enter to the dept

Yuki turned the lights on "Mayu chan.. *hip* told you to not wait for me!" she says trying to sound as normal as possible

Mayu got up and looked at the older girl without saying a word

"I know i'm drunk *hip* i can't lie to you!" Yuki says with a smile

Mayu got closer and both had eye contact for a second before Mayu slap her

Yuki lost balance and fell on a sitting position "what the.." she murmured then looked at Mayu who had a tears rolling her cheeks

Yuki was shocked with her hand on her cheek just looking at the younger girl

"He called, he found my Grandmother ... i already made my bag!" Mayu says in tears then run away

"Mayu wait up! let me explain!" Yuki shouts as she gets up and run behind her

It was raining so it was More difficult for Yuki to run but fortunately Mayu wasn't good at running so she stopped to catch her breath with her hands on her knees

Yuki found her and stopped at 3 steps behind

"Go away! Mayu says as she catches her breath

"Mayuyu!" Yuki says as she about to touch her but Mayu slapped her hand

"You lie to me.. you said you liked me when all this time you were trying to find ny relatives to leave me!" Mayu says mad and all soaked

"That's not truth.. i'm not good for you!" Yuki says all soaked also

"You're a liar .. you pretend to care about me all this time!" Mayu says sad and crying

Yuki's tears can not be seem cause the rain "i care more than you think.." she thought "let's go you're going to catch a cold!" she replied and takes Mayu's hand hard

"Let go! let go!" Mayu says forcing with Yuki

Mayu ends up pushing Yuki again because she was still a little drunk

"Don't you ever get close to me again!" Mayu shouts

Yuki gets up fast and puts her hands on Mayu's shoulders

"Don't touch me! don't touch! You liar!" Mayu shouts crying forcing with Yuki

Yuki hugged Mayu

"Why?" Mayu murmured crying

"Mayu chan i... *A bus passed*" Yuki whispered still holding Mayu

Mayu hugged Yuki tight "me too.." she whispered and a little smile formed her lips

The two what it seems lovers walked home, Mayu holding Yuki's waist and Yuki with her arm on Mayu's neck

(Once at home)

Yuki grabbed Mayu by her waist to pull her closer to her,Mayu putted her hand on Yuki's cheek.The two looked into each others eyes for a moment

"I'm sorry, i didn't want to slap you!" Mayu finally spoke

Yuki kissed Mayu's hand then looked at her

Mayu kissed Yuki passionately that she even pushed her against the door,Yuki removed Mayu's wet blazer while Mayu unbuttons Yuki's shirt 

The two went to Yuki's room without breaking their kiss and Yuki still holding Mayu's waist ..

Once on bed..

Yuki stopped their kissing session and looked at the younger girl then shook her head

"what?" Mayu asked

Yuki kissed Mayu's forhead "one step at time.." she says before falling sleep

Mayu smiled...

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In chapter 10, Mayu became a model and Yuki acts like a jealous boyfriend. Priceless!  :lol: and I love the teasing part in chapter 11  :deco: The MaYuki kiss is so cute.  :inlove:

And now on the latest chapter..

Yuki avoids Mayu and then...

 :shocked  :shocked  :shocked

It became djklghdfgjkhdfgkdf   :rofl: OMG! That scene is so!  :panic:  :panic:  :bleed eyes: My mind is running wild.  XD

Thanks for this cmze-san  :cow:

Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.12
Post by: kurogumi on January 30, 2013, 10:00:26 AM
Wow am i watch a tv drama? LOL

The part when a bus pass its really...LOL

So they are together now,im wondering what happen after this...

“One step at time”

So what the next step?

Thank for the update cmze-san! Great as always...
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.12
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awww mayu and yuki are so cute  XD
but yuki ended being drunk :smhid :lol:
poor mayu doesn't wanna live with her grandma :cry:
sae's stalking sayaka  :P
thanx for the update :deco:
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Post by: mo-chan on January 30, 2013, 12:26:47 PM
I love it :D
this fic is my top one now :D
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.12
Post by: cisda83 on January 30, 2013, 01:12:03 PM
Getting more and more cute the interaction between Mayu and Yuki....

What's going to happen next.... can't wait....

Thank you for the udpate

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Post by: chiqinna on January 30, 2013, 02:03:58 PM
 Mayuki moment!!!! :luvluv1:  :luvluv2:
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.12
Post by: Elo on January 30, 2013, 07:40:20 PM
i love this fic please update soon  :)
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.12
Post by: stepk on January 31, 2013, 12:39:11 AM
soo cute, but
yuki should be sober to do that sort of thing
step by step they are a couple
thanks  for update.
waiting the next chapter.
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Post by: kahem on January 31, 2013, 01:04:54 AM
woohoo!!! Finally!!!!
Poor Sae, she is triying hard to get Sayaka xd
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.12
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WOW the bus moment and the Mayuki moment are just beautiful!!! :wub: :inlove:
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.12
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Nice Update,

I think Yuki have to thanks for the alcohol,
Because of it she dare to tell Mayu,
and the bus passed scene was PERFECT!!!
Sae some how wanted to get Sayaka,
But Yuki still have to do decision right?
send Mayu away or keep her??

Looking forward for the next update.
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                                                       *Loving U*

~The next day~

Yuki opened her eyes "what the hell?" she thought feeling still dizzy and with headache, she looked at Mayu who was sleeping next to her..

Flash backs of last night hit Yuki "now i remember" she murmured as she stares the younger girl who pleasantly sleeping on her bed next to her

Yuki got up slowly removing Mayu's arm off her quietly and went to the bathroom once there Yuki looked at herself on the mirror "what did i do? i kissed Mayu chan last night!" she whispered

Meanwhile on her bed Mayu moved her arm looking for certain girl so she opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling *Noise of the shower*

Mayu got up then sowly walked the hall looking at the bathroom door. Once in front of it Mayu tried to open it but it was locked

Mayu sighed then turned around and leaned her head against the door "here comes the regret.." she murmured sad

The door opened and caused Mayu to fall back on Yuki's arms

The two looked at each others eyes, Yuki broke their eye contact "Are you okay?" she asked concern

"Yes,i'm fine!" Mayu replied hypnotized cause the tenderness gathered in Yuki's eyes

Yuki put Mayu back to normal "i should go.." she says and walked away to her room

~In Yuki's room~

Yuki was underwear chosing her clothes for the day "ahhh nothing seems appropriate!" she says complaining with her clothes spread all over her bed

"why am i thinking? appropriate? is not like this day is special at all" she wondered as she picks some shorts and a big t-shirt

"i'm going to spend all day at home.. i think.." Yuki murmured

Once dressed she walked out and noticed that Mayu set the table for them

"Wow everything looks amazing!" Yuki says looking at the food

Mayu smiled "well you took so long changing your clothes that i made breakfast for both!"

Yuki smiled awkwardly "sorry!" she said before sitting

The two girls eat without looking at eachother and without saying a word

Mayu was a little disappointed till Yuki finally spoke

"Mayu chan..  let's go out today!" the older girl said

Mayu smiled "okay!" she answered fast

Yuki smiled also

The two walked out

(Yuki didn't take her car because they wouldn't go so far)

While they were talking Mayu grabbed linked their arms, Yuki looked other way to ignore it then manage to separate their arms

Mayu felt bad a bit because of that but then just let it go "she wasn't going to give up!"

They entered to a clothing store

Mayu took shirts and skirts then entered to the cubicle to change while Yuki just waited

"Yuki chan!" Mayu called

"what's wrong?" Yuki asked before being pulled in by certain cyborg

Yuki got all red Mayu was only in underwear (not the firt time she has seen it but that wasn't her underwear xD)

"Where..did..did.. you get..get.. that?" Yuki asked all red and nervous while Mayu presses her body against hers

"i'm fast!" Mayu replied with a smirk while her face gets closer to Yuki's

"I can't look at you!" Yuki says and turns around to face the mirror "This wasn't a good idea!" she thought because she can see Mayu reflection and it's not like she wants to close her eyes

"Is everything alright?" One of the employees ask

" Just Fine!" Mayu replied smirking while Yuki was still facing the mirror

Yuki fast got out of the cubicle and hit herself with many clothes

Everyone looked at her

"I'm fine!" She replied feeling like an idiot

Mayu got out all dressed up "no i don't want nothing!" she says and pulls Yuki's hand

The two girls were walking

"what was that?" Yuki asked confused

"My body!" Mayu replied smirking

Yuki stopped walking "I know that!" she says a little mad and looking at the younger girl

Mayu looked down

"What do you want Mayu chan?" Yuki asked softly

"I want you *Yuki blushed* i want you to hold my hand in public, i want you to tell me what happened last night was something you wanted, i want you to tell me that you love me again and that you don't. regret!" Mayu says sad

Yuki sighed and took Mayu's hand "i wanted to kiss you last night and it wasn't because i was drunk it was because.. i love you and i don't regret and if i kiss you now i'll probably go to jail so.. would you come home with me so i can kiss at home?" she says with a warm smile

Mayu was all red "yeah!" she answered happy and hugged the older girl

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Wow, it's been so long. I miss your fics so much  :P Thank you for this update!!
FINALLY, FINALLY they confessed!!!  :wub: Because last time Yuki was still confused about her feelings, so I think this time it's official!!!
Waiting for your updates!!  XD
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thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
love your fic  :heart: :yep:
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Hehehe at last Yuki willing to get together with Mayu.

But what Yuki said is right... if she's with Mayu, she would be jailbait...

She can go to prison for it...

Well apart from that... it's good going for them...

Thank you for the great update and can't wait to see the next

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Mayuki are together now  :deco:
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They are together!!!!

Yah! Beautiful chapter! And the end!!

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 :mon inluv: confession
thanks for this great fanfic
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Mayu always want to get spoiled LOL

I wonder when yuki want to get spoiled by mayu,because mayu always the one who took initiative

Thank for tgje update cmze-san,cant wait the other update
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nice update,

Lol, Mayu underage,
that make Yuki feel regret?
what will happen next?

looking forward to the next update.
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                                                       *Loving U*

~At Yuki's work~

As Yuki is checking her messages Sae enters to the office

"Hello Kashiwagi!" Sae says happy as she sits in front of her

Yuki sends a message then looks at her friend "Hi" she replies with a smile

"Hi? Just hi?" Sae asks

Yuki looked at her friend clueless as she puts her phone on her desk

"It been a week since the last time i saw you.. what are you hiding? Are you seeing someone? i miss my friend, Sayaka says i'm a good friend and i hate it!" Sae says pouting

"Ehh.." Yuki reacts then her phone started to vibrate

Sae fast grab it, Yuki gets up and tries to take the phone but Sae don't let her and tries to read the screen "Pick me up.." the tomboy murmured *She thought it was boring and gave her phone back to Yuki*

Yuki grabbed it and sighed in relief

"so not fair,now you became a mom and can't hang out with me anymore!" Sae says as she gets up and walks to the door

Yuki sighs "Sae chan" she says then also gets up "let go eating.." she says as she walks to the tomboy

Yuki sends a message:

"I can't pick you up Sae chan is depressed love you Yuki.."

(At school: Mayu sighed as she reads it but then smiled)

~Eating together~

Soon Akicha and Mocchi joined so it became a little party in that restaurant that would end up late

Yuki watched her watch "it's so late, i have to go home.. Mayu is alone" she says as she gets up

Mocchi grabbed Yuki and made her sit "C'mon we haven't see in a while and we're having fun" she says pouting cutely

Her two friends Akicha and Sae also ask her not go

Yuki sighed

"Mayu is not that fun!" Akicha says smiling

"C'mon Yuki or you going to see your lover now?" Sae asked with a smile

Yuki sitted

"Yay!" The three girls says and keeps chatting

After a few hours their gathering ends and Yuki drives home as she drives she couldn't help to think:

"What am i doing? Mayu chan.. she's a child an spoil one thanks to me but she's kind to me only, should i tell them we're dating? maybe i should tell them i'm in love with her.."

Yuki reached home she got off the car and went to her dept

Once inside she leans on the door "finally home.." she thinks and looks around and noticed the candles melting and the cold food on the table

"Mayuyu.." Yuki murmured and fast went to her room,there was nobody there then went to Mayu's and found her sleeping on bed

Yuki slowly got closer and sitted next to her "doubting on waking her up or not" her hand takes live on her own and rubs Mayu's back which cause her to wake up and look at the older girl

"Mayu chan!" Yuki says

"i made you dinner.." The cyborg replied with a blank expression as she sits

Yuki looked down sad "i thought it wouldn't be long..i'm sorry" she murmured

Mayu got closer and kissed the older girl on the lips

"I missed you.." Yuki says between kisses

Mayu smiles "you owe me 5 hours.." she says as she kisses Yuki

The two stopped kissing but still were with their head connecting and just smiled before sleeping together

~The next day~

The two got up as usual, they got dress and Yuki prepared breakfast for the two

While eating the two were flirting with their eyes and smiling, after finishing with the breakfast the washes the dishes one washes and the other dries it

They left everything clean and got on the car

Yuki was driving to Mayu's school but decided to stop a few blocks away

"Why stopping?" Mayu asked

Yuki got kinda nervous "is okay if i wanna kiss you?" she asked red

Mayu smirked "mmm i don't mind besides i have to practice for the play.." she answers

*Trying to make Yuki jealousy*

Yuki fast looked at the younger girl "What i told you to leave that play!!!" she says kinda furious

Mayu smiled "i can't leave it.."

"What?! Why not i'll send a letter!" Yuki exclaimed

"Easy.. there's no play.. i was fooling you!" Mayu says smiling

Yuki looked other way kinda serious

Mayu smile faded "Are you mad?" she asked worried

Yuki looked at the younger girl then removed her seatbelt "You're such a liar!" she says then gets closer and starts tickling the younger girl

"No, Yuki stop!" Mayu says laughing as she tries to remove Yuki's hands off her

"No,i won't!" Yuki says as she tickles her, she even made Mayu's seat lay back

 After a few minutes Yuki stopped and realized she was almost on top of Mayu,the two looked each other in the eyes then kissed sweetly and softly

As the seconds past their kiss becomes deeper


"Is not that Yuki's car?" Sae wondered as she gets closer

[Note Yuki stopped close to a park where she didn't know Sae goes running in the morning]

Sae got closer and watched through the glass "Yuki chan.." she murmured

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Ah.. YUki and Mayu are so sweet with each other...

Eh... Yuki hasn't told any of her friends that she's already in-loved someone else...

What's happening.... Sae saw them together...?

What's going to happen to Yuki and Mayu?

What will Sae do with this piece of info?

I can't wait to know what's going to happen next

Thank you for the lovely update

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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh Sae knew about Mayuki now  :O
I can't I don't want them to be separated  :cry:
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oh! What is going to happened now, Sae discover Mayuki relationship???

No need something bad!!
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uuuu this is more dramatic  :shocked
drama drama I like drama  :panic:  :D
great chapter.
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I felt a bad thing,sae watch mayuki scene!

Well maybe mayuki need some difficult time too~

But honestly they already in difficult time,hope they could solve whatever that sae would do after seen that scene~

Thank for the update cmze-san
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nice update,

Seem the Sae, Mochi & Aki win once,
so Mayuki moment was nice,
And now is OMG! Sae saw Mayuki moment,

Looking forward for the next update.
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They are so cute~
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poor mayu  :( made yuki dinner, yuki like mayu said you owe her 5 hours  :P
haha yuki's tickling mayu :lol:
oh damn!! was the first thing that popped into my head when sae saw yuki and mayu in the car :shocked :panic:
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Lol Sae has HD for yuki xD
And mayuki's moment was soo cute xD
Thanks for the update :)
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mayu such a cute girl~  XD
why yukirin didnt tell the truth to her friend??
hope when sae look inside the car mayuki already done their kissy-kissy moment
naah, forget my previous word, just make her saw them!!  :mon lol:
make it more complicated  :mon star:
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i just read de all fic xD it's really amazing! i like it :3 hope you continue soon ^^
i have just one question i don't know if you put it and i didn't see it but, how old is yuki? xDDD she is such a pedo lol i imagine she is like 25 basing in your description but i'm not sure.
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*Loving U* CH.15

~At a coffee shop~

Two women and a teenage girl were sat still staring at each other without saying a word. Sae glanced at her friend then gave the younger girl a quizzical look.

Yuki sighed while Mayu scratched the back of her head. "How long this is going to take?" she asked her girlfriend.

"I think she's still processing everything...” Yuki nervously replied as she took a sip from her coffee.

"I can't believe it... you're a master no a SENSEI!!" Sae slapped her forehead as she loudly exclaimed.

"What?!" Confused by the sudden outburst Mayu and Yuki both replied in unison.

"I thought I was good but you’re even better than me!" she proudly stated as Yuki just  coughed many times "You have to teach me!" There was a mischievous glint in Sae’s eyes.

"Stop it’s not like that!" Yuki said a little irritated.

"Well you're 22 and you're dating a 17 years old kid!" Sae whispered.

"It's not what you think!" Mayu shouted while Yuki just sighed.

"I just saw you raping Yuki's tongue!" Sae replied with a smirk causing Mayu to turn away in disgust.

"She's all yours!" she scoffed and waved her hand at Yuki.

"Okay well I better get straight to the point... I love Mayu." Yuki stated as she intently gazed at her pervert friend, only to have Sae’s phone ring and distract her.

"Okay guys see you later, I have to go...” Sae slipped her phone back into her pocket and stood up. “Well I have an appointment so I’ll talk to you later pervert!" Giggling to herself, she dashed away from the table and left the café.

"So I guess, I’m not going to school today!" Mayu excitedly turned to Yuki as she sighed.

~At home~

Having arranged with her boss to have a day off Yuki leisurely sat on the couch in the living room then blankly stared at ceiling while Mayu looked at her from the kitchen

"Tell me we’re already past the doubting stage.” Mayu finally spoke as she strode closer towards the older girl and sat next to her

"Of course!" Yuki replied still refusing to directly look at Mayu.

"Then tell me by actually looking into my eyes!" she pouted as she grabbed Yuki's chin and forced her head round to gaze into each other’s eyes.

"Of course...” Yuki murmured as she leant in closer to kiss her younger girlfriend.

"I love you.." Cupping Yuki’s cheeks Mayu quietly whispered between kisses.

"Me too." Yuki replied as she returned the kiss. The two girls shared a lovely kiss then they spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies and goofing around together.

~The next day~ At Yuki's office~

"You know Yuki we got invited to the opening of Kai's new restaurant! You should come with us!!" Mocchi smiled at Yuki.

"I can't... I have to take care of Mayu…" She nervously grumbled in front of Sae

"Don't worry Mayu will be fine without you!" Sae said with a grin.

"C'mon Yuki chan you need time to yourself please!" Akicha was directing a cute pout at Yuki.

"Well I just...”

“It’s settled then we’ll pick you up at 6!” Yuki sighed as Sae interrupted and got up with her friends to leave.

"See you later Yuki chan!" The three girls shouted as they walked away.

"What am I going to do? Maybe I should tell Mayu that I’ll be working till late!" Yuki thought as she searched all over her desk for her phone.

"Did I forget my phone?" she asked herself as she continued to search in her purse.
Meanwhile Mocchi had just sent a text to Kai.

"Yuki is coming to the opening tell Riku!"

~ At Home after school~

Mayu had taken the bus back home since Yuki hadn't replied to her texts. She sat on the couch when she suddenly felt a vibration next to her when she noticed Yuki's phone on the couch.

"She forgot her phone!" The cg whispered as she looked at the bright screen which read "6 new messages" Mayu was feeling curious so she flicked through all the messages. 4 of them were from her, one was from Sae and the other was from Riku...

"Who the hell is Riku?" Mayu thought as she reread the message. "I'm glad you're coming… Maybe it’s just a client." Mayu didn’t dwell on the message as she placed the phone next to her, only for it to vibrate again. Mayu snatched at it and read the new message.

"I'm so glad I can see you again. The truth is I couldn't forget about you since the first day we met when you threw my clothes out of your debt because your little sister came to visit you." Mayu’s grip around the phone tightened. "What's this?" She wondered.

~At the opening~

"What is she doing here?" Kai asked shocked.

"Kaiiiii!!" Mocchi yelled as she ran to hug him.

"Oh you guys came!" Kai wasn’t too thrilled about Mocchi’s presence and her bear hug. Sae just smirked at the scene that was unfolding in front of her.

"Where's the free food that we were promised?" She asked as she searched the room.

"Yuki chan!" Riku had emerged from the bathroom and was striding toward Yuki with a huge smile on his face.

"What have I got myself into?" Yuki whispered under the cover of her coughing.

"You should stop hugging me, my girlfriend is coming!" Kai said trying to break free from the pouting Mocchi.

"I'm your girlfriend!" She shouted before biting his ear.

"Ahhhhhh!" Kai screamed as his face grew bright red.

"Acchan is not your girlfriend!" Riku mockingly laughed at the flustered Kai

"Shut up, she will be!" Kai yelled back although he had resigned to the fact that Mocchi would be clinging onto him all night.

"You really think so? I mean she’s a really successful woman; I heard her last boyfriend was a millionaire... Do you think she would waste her time in this little restaurant?" Mariko asked as she entered the restaurant with Kuu by her side.

"Mari chan!" Riku happily said as she displayed a smile.

"I want food!" Sae complained while Yuki was as bored as hell.

Eventually everyone sat down and ordered as Mari chan and Kuu introduced themselves to the girls. Suddenly the doors flung open again revealing three girls, one of which was wearing glasses.

"Sayaka!" Sae joyfully shouted.

"Sasshi!" Akicha and Yuki gasped in shock while the third girl took off her glasses.

"Acchan!" Kai, Riku, Kuu and Mari chan all yelled at the same time.

"Missed me?" Acchan smirked, Kai was stunned speechless by the sight that Mocchi was desperately trying to hide his eyes from.

"Oh this might actually be fun after all!" Yuki laughed.

TO BE CONTINUED!! Thank you very much Nori!! I'm an english terrorist  :nervous
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Thanks for the update  :thumbup..can someone come seduce riku away so that mayu can have yuki all by herself? love triangle isn't healthy lol!
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Yuki and Mayu are so cute and sweet together

Mayu is jealous over Riku.... would they break up over this...?

Kai is not happy with Mochi presence

Kai wants to be with Atsuko.... how is he going to confess to her when he is being clang on all night

Yuki is not happy to see Riku.... what's going to happen with them?

Erm... I agree with Yuki is going to be an interesting night for them

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Oh noo mayu thinks that yuki cheated on her

haha it is getting interesting

please update soon
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HAPPEN NEXT  :twothumbs
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nice update,

OMG!! Yuki maybe have a joyful night,
but she will dead in future? <Mayu will let her suffer>??
will Kai success for with Acchan??
what will Mocchi do between Kai & Acchan??
Why Kuu and Mariko came together? they have date in previous??
What will happen to SaeSaya?

Looking forward for the next update
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perverted sae :mon noprob:
awww yuki loves mayuyu :mon lovelaff:
haha mayu doesn't have to go to school :mon lmao:
yuki!! don't do this to mayu, she's not going to be very happy :mon nwei: :mon annoy:
aww kai wants acchan to be his girlfriend :mon inluv:
riku is a no no :smhid, if only yuko was there smothering him :cry:
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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I loaded this chapter onto my DSi right before school
and then I was smiling like a perv on the bus
it was weird cuz this random guy decided to sit next to me
but yeah..... drools....
gah.... Yukirin..... you need to make sure your friends stop making Mayu unhappy
Mayuyu~ Yukirin isn't cheating on you
dont destroy her credit balance!!
whew~ somewhat short rant I guess~
And lol.... Sae......
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WHAA!! I think the update kinda wrong??
or is it just me??
the update should be "I'm everything you need:MaYuki,WMatsu"
not in here???

but the update is good
can't wait for the next one
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LOL cmze-san but thank even the update in the wrong place~
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.15
Post by: cmze on April 24, 2013, 03:45:15 AM
 :grin: :grin:

I think i was distracted!!  :lol:
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.15
Post by: Chanaline on April 25, 2013, 05:06:20 PM
Yaha Sae was really funny XD

Nohing bad! :bow: Please XD
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Post by: mo-chan on May 22, 2013, 01:25:14 AM
new problems again -__-
Title: Re: *LOVING U* (MaYuki) CH.16
Post by: cmze on May 26, 2013, 07:26:59 AM
                                                       *Loving U*

~An awkward dinner~

Everyone were tense , every situation was different...

"Why did i agree? why this guy can't stop staring me? this is bad.. MAYU HELP ME!!" Yuki thought desperate as Riku look at her with a smile plastered on his cute face.

"Can you pass me the... *Riku fast grabbed the ketchup and give it to her* This is creepy!" Yuki thought faking a smile [actually she was only showing her teeth]

Mocchi in other hand was having an inner fight with Acchan as she clinging on Kai's arm.

"If stares could kill.." Kai thought all nervous as he eats.

Acchan kept having eye contact with Mocchi, ignoring everyone.

"Sasshihara san i thought you weren't coming!" Akicha says with a smile.

Sasshi smiles " i would do anything for you!" she replied looking at her.

"Akicha haven't notice about Sasshi's double intentions, this dinner is THE BOMB!" Sae thought grinning and watching everyone.

"What's so funny?" Sayaka asked to Sae who was next to her.

"Nothing! Nothing!" Sae replies and starts eating more.

"Acchan seems really mad, if she ruins this opening i won't forgive myself! Mari chan whispered to her boyfriend Kuu.

"More than this? this seems like a funeral!" Kuu says with a smile.

"So Acchan how was Europe?" Mari chan asked ignoring her boyfriend.

Acchan stopped her stare fight with Mocchi and looked at Mari chan "Fine but i missed my best friend!" she answers in a cold way and got back to her inner fight with Mocchi.

Kai smiled nervously "Acchan! Acchan!" he thought as his inner self stretches his arms trying to catch Acchan while cries.

"The more i know women i rather stick with my dog!" Kuu says with a smile.

"I miss my rabbit!" Yuki thought while her inner self cries.

"What did you say?" Mari chan asked while grabs him by his neck and shakes him many times.

"Sorry Mari chan!" Kuu says regretting and fake crying as she shakes him mad.

[Everyone laughs]

"So how's everything going with your boyfriend?" Sae asked to Sayaka "Don't tell me i don't wanna know!" the tomboy thought pouting.

"Well we broke up.. he was a jerk!" Sayaka says with a sigh as she plays with her food.

["YAY!! i feel like champion!" Inner Sae shouts crying and celebrating]

"Wow that's sad, he seemed like a good guy!" Sae says pretending to be sad.

Sayaka smiles "It will be alright!" she replies.

"Well if you don't mind we can grab a cup of coffee one of this days, i can totally cheer you up when your sad!" Sae says with a smile.

"Cute.. Sae chan is cute!" Sayaka says with a smile.

Sae blushed then smiled.

"When this two will stop this?" Kai thought feeling like Acchan would totally jump on him and slap him for some whatever reason.

Acchan soon smiled "You never told me you had a girlfriend!" she says still with a smile.

"Eh? *Kai gets up fast*  she's not my..*pulled down fast by a hand* "

"Wow Kissu!" Sasshi says then pulls out a camera from her pocket and started taping it..

" I saw tongue!" Riku shouts shocked.

"Man are stupid!" Yuki says carelessly while Acchan looked other way.

Kuu was shocked "I thought Kai liked boys.." he says shocked.

Mocchi stopped the kiss and smiled while Kai was all red on the floor like immobilized..

Everyone ignored Kai on the floor and kept eating..

"Si dramatic as always!" Mari chan says moving her head side to side.

"Well uhmm Yuki chan, I was thinking... *Yuki interrupt "NO"*  but you haven l't heard anything *NO* eh? Why?" Riku asked serious.

Yuki stopped eating and looked at him "I love someone else.." she simply answered then got up "Thanks for the food!" she says before leaving.

Everyone looked how Yuki left..

"Eating your food and then just left you, i'll stay with my dog!" Kuu says with a smile.

" What did you say?" Mari chan asked stretching his cheeks.

"Poor him!" Acchan says with a smile because was already on the floor.

"So dramatic as always!" Mari chan says already calmed

"My cheeks!" Kuu says crying "My dog would never hurt my cheeks!" he whispered but Mari chan heard him and stretched his cheeks again.

"You idiot!" Mari chan says as she stretches it.

Soon the dinner was over and for bad luck for the guys the girls left.

The three boys were on the floor depressed..

"She raped me in front of her and she didn't care.." Kai says

"I have a broken heart!" Riku says

"My more smexy time for her!" Kuu says also in the floor


Yuki got home "What a night?" she thought then went to look for the person she wanted see the whole day.

She looked for her in her room but she wasn't there "Maybe my room.." she thought as she walks there..

Yuki smiled as she sees her underage girlfriend sleeping on her bed, she got closer quietly and got under the blanket climbing her way up till the point she was face to face with Mayu.

"I know it's selfish wake up at this hours * Mayu opened her eyes and looked at her*" Yuki smiled.

"Where were you?" Mayu asked coldly.

"Well uhm i lied, i wasn't working till late but they were annoying and invited to a dinner but i missed the whole day and i wanted to be here with you!" Yuki says closing her eyes expecting for something

"Who's Riku?" Mayu asked

Yuki opened her eyes "A guy that likes BUT I ALREADY TOLD HIM I LOVE YOU!" she shouted the last part nervous.

Mayu laughed like crazy "It looks like Yuki is afraid of me when i'm mad and i'm the younger one" she thought happy.

Yuki was confused "she really expect some tantrum, maybe Mayu chan is growing!" she thought then smiled.

Mayu put her arms around Yuki's neck and kissed her...

                                                 Extra: Buy my that phone

~On a Saturday~

Both girls were on the couch watching tv, Mayu has her head on Yuki's lap and both were playing and fooling around till a commercial appeared it was a handsome guy taking pictures with a phone.

"Is not him from that dorama?" Mayu asked

"I do not care!" Yuki replied then noticed how Mayu was focused on looking at the commercial so she tried to change the channel "That guy was way too handsome!"

"Wow what are you doing?" Mayu asked and snatched the remote and kept watching the commercial.

Yuki got up not caring if Mayu fell down in the process..

"Ouchhh!!" Mayu says mad and got back to seat to keep watching..

"The first 500 would get an autograph picture by me!" The actor says with a smile

Yuki grabbed a glass of water "Why she's looking that stupid commercial?" she thought irritated.

After a minute Mayu was behind Yuki.

"Yukirin!" Mayu says with a cute tone of voice.

Yuki washed the glass then turned around "What?" she asked.

"Buy me that phone! please!" Mayu asked looking.

"No!" Yuki answered in Black mode then walked away.

Mayu pouted "Black!" she murmured pouting.

Yuku got back on the couch to watch the tv and Mayu sat next to her, none of them said a word for for very long time till the tv commercial appeared again.

"Again?" Yuki thought mad and changed the channel.

"Yuki chan!" Mayu called cutely again.

Yuki took a deep breath "what?" she asked.

"Buy me that phone!" Mayu asked again.

"No!" Yuki replied in Black mode again then got up and went to the kitchen to prepare the dinner.

While Yuki prepares the dinner Mayu hugs ger from behind "Yukirin" she called

"NO!" Yuki says and break the hug and keep cooking.

After having dinner Yuki was on the tub relaxing, Mayu entered to the bathroom.

"I said no!" Yuki replies with her eyes closed.

Mayu pouted and walked to her room.

Yuki already was in her room reading a book then Mayu entered and laid next to her..

"Yukirin please!" Mayu asked.

"If you're going to keep asking that you better go to sleep to your room!" Yuki said coldly then turned off the lamp.

Mayu pouted and soon both fell sleep.

The next day Yuki left earlier to work, the day passed fast and everything was like anyother day.

Soon it was time to go home, Yuki got on her car and after driving for a few minutes she saw an add of the phone..

"Maybe i was too rude with her last night, when i was her age i liked many actors why am i jealous of that guy?" She thought then sighed and drive to the first mall and bought the damn phone.

She drove back home "I feel your pain credit card!" she thought.

~ Once home~

Mayu was in the living room watching tv..

"Mayu chan!" Yuki says hiding the present behind her.

Mayu got up and kissed Yuki on the lips "Hello!" she says with a smile.

"Here happy i don't know.. " Yuki says showing the box of the phone to Mayu.

"Thanks Yukirin!" Mayu says with a smile then gives her a peck on the lips then looks at the box.

Yuki pouted "here's the picture of that guy signed if you're wondering where it is!" she says and gives it to Mayu.

Mayu took the picture "Oh .. mm right" she says ignoring the picture and watching the phone

*The  phone was on*

"Finally, I WILL BE ABLE OF TAKING HD PICTURE'S OF YUKIRIN SEXY BODY!" Mayu says happy and grinning like a pervert and forgetting about Yuki was there..
"What?" Yuki says rising an eyebrow as the picture of the guy flew on the floor cause the wind

Mayu blushed and looked down

"What about this guy?" Yuki says taking the picture from the floor and showing it to Mayu

"Uhmm i don't know him!" Mayu says coldly.

Yuki sighed "So i could have wait to give you this as a Christmas present so it wouldn't cost this much!" she with her inner self crying and hugging her credit card.

"I love you Yukirin!" Mayu says smiling.

Yuki was hopeless..

Soon Mayu fells sleep so Yuki grabbed her old phone and watched the pictures, she instantly blushed..

"This kid is a pervert!!!!" Yuki thought


Well sorry for taking to long for updating this one but i already wrote this chapter but somehow i deleted it so i didn't want to rewrite i was mad but i said i would update this one so i did and added that extra hope you like it!!
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Very awkward dinner indeed....  :sweatdrop:

Poor Kai... being fight over by Atsuko and Mochi...  :nervous

Poor Kai for being ignored by Atsuko because Atsuko was jealous over Mochi action...  :twisted:

Poor Riku for being rejected by Yuki  :cry:

Poor Kuu for being abused by Mariko   :(

Ara.. Yuki was so jealous over the commercial guy...  :lol:

Ah... Yuki misunderstood Mayu reaction... she just wanted the phone... to take pictures of SEXY Yuki...  :inlove:

Yeah.. Mayu indeed a perv...  :love:

Can't wait to find out What's going on next

Thank you for the update

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Sae got a chance over sayaka!

Oh mayu grown up LOL,she's not easily get jealous

LOL yuki credit card!

Thank for the update cmze-san
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lol, even though Mayuyu isn't mad...
Yukirin's money still goes flying off
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Alala! It was a really funny chapter^^
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                                         Loving U

"I thought you said we would spend some time together.. You been working till late everyday and this one is your free day!" Mayu said acting like a child while Yuki pulls her blanket to wake her up fro school.

Yuki stopped trying then sat on the bed "I'm sorry. There's no place I rather be but here, in a special day like today!" She said sad then got up and kissed Mayu didn't matter if she was all covered.

"See you later.." Yuki said sad before going to work.

Mayu removed the blanket and when she was about to give a proper goodbye kiss to her girlfriend/ guardian she was already gone.

Mayu sighed and leaned against the door "Today it's our two month anniversary.." she whispered sad.

She did as usual prepared breakfast for herself then went to school.

As always school is boring to Mayu cause she rathers spent her time with her girlfriend so the only thing she does while pretends to study is daydream about her, she wonders what they would do later..Cook? Dancing? Kiss?.

Thinking about all those things makes time pass faster and soon was time to go home.

Mayu ignored every classmate she just wanted to go home to wait for her lover.

Once at home she felt nostalgic, 2 months already just passed in a blink of an eye of course there more time spending together since she came here but the only one that counts is since they kissed and became a couple.

Mayu looked the living room then uncovered Yuki's piano, she remembers times when Yuki starts singing and playing in the morning that's crazy playing so early but still every time she does it melts her heart.

Mayuki came out from her hiding spot "Hi baby." She said and grabbed the cute bunny then started to play with it on the couch.

"Maybe I should do something for mommy Yuki right? I thought so too!" Mayu said happy then kissed the bunny.

She got up changed her clothes and searched for something good to eat on the net.

Hours passed and finally she finished cooking but she end up dirty with sauce and other things.

Mayu smiled then tasted what she just prepared, almost throw up "What?" She let out the noticed she poured to much salt on it.

Mayu pouted then took off her apron and threw it away, she went upstairs mad.

Yuki was released from work earlier since it was her free day, she entered to her dept and saw her piano uncovered then saw the kitchen like a mess, she tasted what Mayu prepared and she had to use a napkin to spit it.

"Mayu..." Yuki called thinking that now she has to clean all this by herself maybe this another tantrum from Mayu.

Mayu came downstairs with an "I don't give an F" face. Yuki sighed "I should apologize now!" She thought.

Mayu looked down "I tried to make something good for you but end up all wrong...SORRY!" She said sad ready to cry.

Yuki smiled, She really thought Mayu did this to argue with her but it wasn't like that, she got closer and kissed Mayu's forehead sweetly.

Mayu blushed for the sudden kiss then just closed her eyes.

"Mayu Chan I love you!" The older of the two said with incredible cute smile.

"Me too Yukirin!" Mayu let out embarrased.

Yuki grabbed her hand and lead to the piano, she made Mayu sit next to her and she started playing for her.

She knew Mayu loved her voice and like those mini concerts she gives in the morning.

Mayu looked at Yuki hypnotized no matter how many time pass, she knew she wanted to spent all her time with her.

Yuki played the piano but then putted her left hand on Mayu's and make her play too.

The two love birds spent a great 2 month anniversary with no drama, no Riku and no friends just the two of them like Mayu wanted.

TO BE CONTINUED... yeah wanted to make a sweet chapter. xD

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Lovely fic a little crazy but I like it, thanks so much and continue soon!!

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"Finally, I WILL BE ABLE OF TAKING HD PICTURE'S OF YUKIRIN SEXY BODY!" Mayu says happy and grinning like a pervert and forgetting about Yuki was there..
"What?" Yuki says rising an eyebrow as the picture of the guy flew on the floor cause the wind

LOL Mayu rock!!  :shakeit: :on bleed:
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Wahhh the chapters are so sweet

Kyaaa~ >////< Those Mayuki moment

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                                         Loving U

Yuki opened her eyes "I hate working.." she mumbled then turned off her alarm, she looked at the younger girl sleeping next to her.

"Such a sleeping beauty." She thought then gave her a light kiss on her forehead while this one was still sleeping.

Yuki quietly grabbed her clothes then went to the bathroom, she showered and changed to her uniform.

She didn't say goodbye to the sleeping Mayu cause she didn't wanted to wake her up.

Once in he  office everything looked the same, she sat and started to check her mails one by one.

"Hmmm Sasshihara San so weird" Yuki thought then opened it.

"We should go to eat don't forget to bring Akicha <3333"

Yuki laughed "Seems like this player still like my friend." She thought.

After some seconds her phone vibrates on her desk, she grabbed and slid her finger to unlock it, she had a new message.

"It's too early who could be?" She thought "Mayu Chan!" She said shocked then smiled.

"Why you left withou saying goodbye.... I'm already missing you -_-"

Yuki still had an idiot face smile then started typing her answer "I didn't wanted to wake you up... sorry :( and I'm missing you more :/"

Yuki looked at her phone waiting for a reply.


Yuki pouted "OF COURSE! <3333" she said while typing once done she waited for the reply.

":D have you ate?"

Suddenly somebody entered to her office.

"Kashiwagi San.. I need to see your designs NOW!" He said interrupting Yuki peaceful time.

Yuki sighed "I haven't finish yet." She answered..

"Well you had plenty of time.." He said not caring.

Yuki got up "I been busy lately!"She said to the very much mannered guy dressing pink all over scarf, shirt and pants.

"Let's discuss that at the meaning and see what the boss thinks!" He said before walking away.

After a few seconds somebody else entered to her office.

"Yuki Chan!" Sae says with a smile before sitting.

Yuki sighed getting Sae's attention "What's wrong? I thought everything was well underageland!" She said smiling.

"Hikaru is more obvious now, I haven't finished my designs and he wants me to get fired so he'll be the next designer of this brand." Yuki replied feeling down.

Sae got serious "You're really talented, this is nothing for you then I'll leave so you can focus on work!"She said before get up

Yuki smile as she sees her friend leaving as soon Sae was out of side Yuki started working on her designs..

Time passed fast cause she was too focused and didn't notice it was already lunch time.

Yuki stretches her her arms then yawned "I wonder what Mayu is doing?" She thought a little sad cause she misses her then remembered she didn't reply her last message.

"Sorry I had something to do T.T"

She waited for Mayu reply but it didn't come "Maybe she's mad" she thought and started working again..

Somebody else entered to her office but she was so focused on her designs that she didn't really pay attention.

"So this is what Yukirin so at work!" Mayu said looking at Yuki's desk that is a mess "Oh is the first time I see wearing glasses!" She said laughing.

"Mayu Chan... What are you doing here?" Yuki says with a smile then got up to get closer to the younger girl.

Once in front of her Mayu gave her a bento box.

Yuki blushed "Did you cook for me?" She asked..

Mayu blushed and looked other way. "I figured you haven't ate!" She said still acting cool..

Yuki smiled and gave her kiss on her forehead "Kawai..." she said making Mayu blush even more.

Yuki Sat and started to eat while Mayu sees her office. "You seem serious here." She thought then smiled and sat in front of Yuki she looked while she at s happily.

"So you were hungry!" Mayu said while Yuki only eats everything from her bento.

In no time Yuki was done while Mayu looked amazed "Fast.." she said.

"It was delicious.. Thanks!" Yuki said with a smile.
Mayu got up from her seat "Yukirin I been thinking..." she said before sitting on Yuki's lap.

"What?" The older of the two asked already with her arms around her waist and hee chin on the younger one's shoulder

Mayu smiled feeling comfortable " I wanna work!" She said making Yuki to look at her "Here with you!"She continued.

"WHAT?" Yuki reply unconscious.


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Ohhhh lol Mayu want to work with Yuki?!?

Office affair? Lol

Update soon
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Haha mayuki<3

Nice to see you again
I missed this story ;w;

Update soon please
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Thanks cmze-san!  :)
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Yeay mayu will work together with yuki
..interesting [emoji4] ..lets give mayuki more conflict [emoji48] [emoji48]
Update soon [emoji56] [emoji2]
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                                                                           *LOVING U*

"Mayu working it's not that easy, besides you would distract me here" Yuki said with a smile. Mayu pouted " I wanna be closer to you..." she said complaining.

Yuki kissed her shoulder " You are cute but i would get fired for not working and  kissing a partner that would mean no more k-on action figures!" she said with smile.

Mayu had a serious look on her face "Don't mess with the action figures!" she said then smiled.

"Then what should i do?" Mayu asked to herself thinking.

"What about studying?" Yuki asked mischivously

"What about dating my classmates?" Mayu mischivously.

"Ouch!" Yuki  let out.

Mayu smirked "i'm kidding!" she said then kissed the older girl.

Yuki broke their kiss "You need to go, i have to work.. if you stay here i won't anything for sure" she said with a smile

Mayu got up agisnt her will "Okay i'll see you at home!" she said before kissing her goodbye.

(Home alone)

Mayu started watching a movie but after some minutes she was bored so she started to play with her phoen but she also got bored then tried to do the most unexpectable thing.

She grabbed her books and started making homework.

"I'm so bored missing you that i'm doing homework" Mayu send a text to the older girl and a picture of her doing it.

"Hhahahaha you're so cute! don't worry in a blink of an eye i'll be home"

"hope so... no Yuki no life"

With that Mayu kept working on her homework.

(At the office)

Sae entered to the office "Mocchi and Akicha says we should go to eat together"  she said looking at her phone.

"Okay" Yuki says as she works hard.

Mocchi and Akicha went to pick up Sae and Yuki.

"Where should we go?" Akicha asked.

"No more Kai's food!" Yuki let out as she drives.

"Lets go to xyz restaurant i heard the food it's delicious" Sae let out.

Mocchi pouted "Kai haven't callled me!" she said

"You seem obssesive over him!" Sae laughs

(In the restaurant)

The girls grabbed a table then sat.

"Hey look who's there!" Sasshi says excited pointing at the four girls.

The four girls were shocked.

"Casuality!" Sasshi says with a mischivous smile.

Yuki smiles "No. it's not!" she said then looked at Sae.

"Saeyaka what are you doing here?" Sae asked

"Well we're meeting the new half owner of Asia!" Sayaka replied

Sae smiles "Sit here with us" she said making space for Sayaka instantly Sasshi sat next to Akicha.

"How are you?" Sasshi asks to Akicha.

Akicha smiles "You bought me breakfast and much haven't change since then!" she replied

"Order whataver you want, i'll pay!" Sasshi says making Sae ask the most expensive thing in the Menu

Yuki sighed "I can't believe those two haven't notice yet!" she thought

"Sasshi!" Avoice said from the back

"Acchan!" Mocchi says.

"Wow this is the girl who broke Riku's heart and that's the girl who raped Kai's tongue!" Kuu said pointing at the two "OUUUCHH MARI CHAN STOP!!" he said in pain as she stretches his cheeks,

"You are so rude!!" Mari chan said as she stretches his cheeks.

"Reunion" Acchan said.

"Wait  a minute is she the new owner of Asia?" Mocchi asked.

"Yes! now that you guys are here.. you are invited to the inaguration party, don't miss it!" Acchan said.

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OMG!!!  :shocked An update!!!  :w00t:
You're back cmze-san  :cry: i miss you and your fic so much, i keep re-read the others fic of your  :P
Glad to have you back, does this mean there are new fic soon?  :bow: :bow:
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New fic no! i gotta finish first, don't let me create a new fic  :nervous
I'll tryy to update often. thanks 4 reading!
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I miss your fanfic so much author-san
I think your fanfics are hiatus but you're back   :inlove:..
Thanks for your update please update soon  :bow: :bow:
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For long time...

Please next, my cyborg  :otomerika:

Please don't hiatus again.
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 :wub: please update soon i love this fanfic
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Wowowowow! This is great! I love it XD
I want to read more haha.
I'm still curious about Mayu like I want to know more about her like her background or her past. I want to know more about yuki too!

Thanks for the great fic!
Title: Re: *LOVING U* - chapter 20 (MaYuki) 13/03/2016
Post by: cmze on April 24, 2018, 04:55:52 AM

"I can't believe this... i just wanted to go home with Mayu!" Kashiwagi Yuki facepalmed herself as she spoke then Sae tapped her shoulder "Oh... this is bad" Sae let out looking at the stabbing looks Acchan and Mocchi have on their faces.

Akicha looked at her friends "This is so fun... everything is spinning!" she let out being grabbed Sasshi who was helping her.

"Okay we need to calm down! this is not the first time something like this has happened." Kuu let out moving everyone and grabbing Kai from the floor. "Be careful!" Riku let out interrupting him.

Kuu looked at everyone "I'm an expert on Kaidrama..." he let out serious and confident knowing what to do to help his friend, everyone trusted him.

Mariko looked at her boyfriend "He looks handsome when he is serious!" she whispered.

"WAKE UP! *SLAP!* *SLAP!* WAKE UP! *SLAP!* *SLAP!*WAKE UP! *SLAP!* *SLAP!* Kuu yelled slapping Kai.

Everyone was shocked

"Your freinds are odd!" Sayaka let out

Sae got nervous "They are not my friends!" she replied.

"That's enough!" Riku said nervous removed Kuu

"Oh my face..." Kai let out waking up

"I told you i was an expert!" Kuu let out proud

Acchan and Mocchi moved fast and grabbed his arms "Are you okay"  Both asked at the same time then looked at each other with stabbing eyes.

Kai smiled nervously.

"We are glad you are okay... lucky! lucky!" Kuu let out mischievously looking at the two girls holding Kai.

Riku looked around "Where's Yuki?" he asked still looking around, Sae tapped his shoulder "No no dude.." she said with a poker face.

-At home-

Kashiwagi Yuki entered to her dept, she was so relieved to be home. Seems like forever since the last time she saw the younger girl who to her surprise was doing her homework like a little angel that she's not.

"You are home!" Mayu let out with a smile then run to the older to hug her.

Yuki smiled " This is nice..." she said carrying the younger girl to her room.

Both girls were on the bed with Mayu on top of the older girl.

"You were doing your homework... i'm loving that!" Yuki let out before planting a kiss on the younger girl.

Mayu stopped kissing Yuki and only looked at her "What's wrong?" the older of the two asks.

"I was thinking about my sister...maybe doing the things she wanted me to do, you know going growing up, going to college, get a job,ect"  Mayu answered. "The college i want is not an option is too far" she continued.

Yuki only looked at the younger "Oh..." she only manage to let out.

"What's with the face?" Mayu asked with a smirk.

Yuki got up "I have to shower...i had a long day." she replied then entered to the bathroom.

"Do you want some company." Mayu asked knocking the door.

"No.. i'm fine!" Yuki replied.

-Nxt day- In Yuki's office

"You know tomorrow is the biggest night of the year, right?" Sae asked sitting.

Yuki facepalmed herself "I forgot!" she let out mad

Sae looked at Yuki "That's so unlike you.. that's your favorite night. What happened?"  she asked concerned.

"Mayu.." Yuki let out.

"Hey buy her a new barbie and everything will be fine!" Sae said smiling

Yuki looked at her friend "Yesterday she was talking to me about her plans, about college and im wondering if its okay having this relationship, my life in college was the best, she has the right live it completely like me. Now she's holding to me  and forgetting about herself." she said feeling as a bad person.

Sae sighed " Well you have a few options my friend... holding to her too and ruin her opportunities in life or make her realize that you are not the best option or break up with her before college. Its up to you!" she said concerned about her friend.

Yuki looked down not knowing what to do.