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Title: The 1/4 Cookie (OS)
Post by: ElleOranjii on October 02, 2012, 02:47:57 PM
This actually my first topic   :banana:

and im still shy  :shy2:

so i made this Harusaki , IshiHaru one shot good luck reading ~  :pen_whirl:


Ayumi...Please...Don't Leave me...

it's been already 8 years since Ayumi left me
it's been 8 years already and i still can't move on
why ayumi....why do you have to do this....
now im married to another woman...
and she's your bestfriend masaki....
i know it's your last wish....
so i'm willing to fulfill it
just for you....   


 "papa ! let's play outside !!" the young little haruna said while grbbing his papa's hand outside

it seems like his papa is spacing out thinking of something out of this world, dreaming.

little haruna poked his papa worriedly and said "papa ? are you okay ?"

"i think im a little sick haruna...go play with mama if you can, im really sorry" papa just stood up from his seat and went upstairs

a girl wearing a kitchen apron appeared infront of him and said
"haru ? where are you going ? are you sick ? *touch haru's forehead* "

"nah im just fine, i just need to continue my beauty sleep...."

"oh okay i'll just ask haruna to come up and get you when it's dinner time..."


 "it's always the same...
i am feeling guilty for not loving masaki that much....
i can't love her the way i loved you ayumi...."


while on the bedroom the tired haru is looking at the ceiling while laying on bed
he turned to the right and saw a picture of him, masaki and ayumi they look so young and happy
there , they had no problems all carefree...

haru felt a cold liquid falling down from his eyes to his cheeks....

-haru pov-

"maachan ? where is daishi ?"
"her mommy said not to tell you"
*end of flashback*

 i'm still young back then and didn't know where are you i kept on looking for you, how many times i asked everyone yet,
all they can answer is "i dont know" " ask ____" "i cant tell you" until i  finally gave up and quit looking for you.

you only came back when we were already in highschool graduating class, i still can't believe you showed up
nee, did you remember when i confessed ? i can't believe what happened back then it was quite a shock right...
you said we're not for each other , you said masaki and i is the perfect pair, you said it'll be better if i forget about you....
but i can't... i can't forget even if a million years have're the only one for me...

what about the school trip can you remember it ?
 you're the only who's not there
the teacher said she can't tell where you are
until a message was sent to me , it said "haru go home quick , ayumi had an heart attack"
i was scared and worried at the same time
i rushed to the hospital and saw you with an oxygen mask..
lying on the bed
machines are the one who are making you alive

why didn't you told me before you had a diease ?
is that why you're avoiding me those days?
is that why you rejected me ?
is that why i'm hearing masaki cry every night?
is that why you can skip classes w/o telling the teacher?

am i the only one who didn't know back then...
you really are unfair ...
even when we are kids you always get the half of my cookie and cut into half and share the 1/4 piece with masaki

i was guarding you everyday, everynight every week , i haven't even eaten lunch
i just wanted you to open your eyes and smile for me

week after week the doctor said your condition is getting better
so i went to school with no problems

but when i visited you again after school
i saw a bunch of doctors surrounding you
they're trying to keep you alive...

did you know what did i do ?

i just sat in the corner trying to hold back tears....
i don't want you to see me crying
because you'll tell me im not manly enough for you
but there is a time i can't hold it anymore
when i felt your hand grasp mine
and you spoke to me you said "haru take care of maachan for me and take care of yourself"
i bursted into tears on that moment it was epic....

this is what i did now i kept your wish i took care of masaki and myself
i learned to love her because of you.
i wonder what you're doing now there......


 "PAPA ! WAKE UP ! ! ! !" a little voice echoed to the whole room

"eh ? ayumi ?"

"ayumi ? who's that papa"

"she's papa and mama's friend she's in heaven now"

"really ?"






everyone is having dinner now the main dish is katsudon

"nee, maachan"

"hnn?  yes haru?"

"i dreamed about you and ayumi eating the half of my cookie"


gosh what a stupid ending  :on shady:

Title: Re: The 1/4 Cookie (OS)
Post by: ElleOranjii on October 02, 2012, 03:01:47 PM
did i post this on the wrong thread ?  :on cloudeye:

i really did  :on blackhole:
Title: Re: The 1/4 Cookie (OS)
Post by: maikeatoot on October 02, 2012, 03:14:21 PM
hey dont be upset :)) when i write my first story , i posted it in a one-shot thread .. hehe .. but hey its a cute story .. keep up the good work :)) smile :)
Title: Re: The 1/4 Cookie (OS)
Post by: kuro_808 on October 02, 2012, 06:29:26 PM
nice short story, just tell the mods to move into a one-shot thread :)
Title: Re: The 1/4 Cookie (OS)
Post by: writerjunkie on October 03, 2012, 01:14:54 AM
lol I'm already on it.