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Title: 「Theater Rivals」Rivalry Between The WMidget - Chapter 16 [FINISHED]
Post by: karupin12 on November 02, 2012, 03:44:15 PM
「Theater Rivals」- Rivalry between the WMidget


Chapter List:
Chapter 1 : Lazy Time ( 2 : Love at first sight? (
Chapter 3 : The Jealous Gachapin ( 4 : The Unexpected Prisoners (
Chapter 5 : Rena's Secret and A Confession ( 6 : Another Revelation (MaYuki) (
Chapter 7 : Falling in love or Falling out of love? ( 8 : Vacation - Confession (
Chapter 9 : Accidental Revelation ( 10 : The Real Problem Comes (
Chapter 11 : Let's get this plan started ( 12 : Listen to your Heart (
Chapter 13: Learn when to hold on and to let go ... ( 14: Sacrifices Everywhere (
Chapter 15: Confusion ( 16: END (

So, this is my second fic :deco:.
I really love Atsumina/KaiAcchan & KojiYuu and it's kinda exciting to make some twist on them since Taka is a bit into Kojiharu :lol:
plus the other OTPs that I like, WMatsui, MariMii & MaYuuki :deco: I might add some OTPs along the story :twothumbs

The first scenes on this fic is a true to life story :wub:
Oh I should control my feelings while writing :wub: :panic:

Try to notice the 3rd song that was used. What it sounds like?:lol:

Here's the video trailer about this fic. I'll post the first chapter later or tomorrow :cow:

(AKB48) Theater Rivals FanFiction Trailer (
Title: Re: 「Theater Rivals」Rivalry between the WMidget - Video Trailer
Post by: RJay on November 02, 2012, 03:49:40 PM
Ah~ Finally something new LOL!  :lol:
This sounds really interesting  :) Can't wait till you post it!!!
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Post by: Pdpond on November 02, 2012, 04:11:33 PM
God! it's so interesting~
Waitting for new update :cow:
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Post by: Tam_atsu on November 02, 2012, 04:23:31 PM
Gah!! This is great!!  :twothumbs hope that it will end up being kojiyuu not takamina and kojiharu :))
Well, im really excited with your fic so goodluck!!
Really the video was awesome!
Paturo sa susunod ah?  :D :peace:
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Post by: saeyukilover on November 02, 2012, 04:39:54 PM
your teaser video is great....i hope the story goes great as well waiting for update:)

 :luvluv1: :luvluv2:

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oh my god karupin!!
I cant w8 to read the chapter 1!
Im really lookin forward to it!! XD
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Kojiyuu?!  :w00t:  and Wmatsui?!?!? :drool:    OMG! Mayuki?!?!?!?!? :inlove:

Then~ 'I'll be here~'

I love the teaser! great video!
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the trailer look so good!
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Omg! Looks soooooooooooooooooo... Interesting!!!!! Excited to read the first chapter! Just saying, the video was epic! Update soon  :cathappy:
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I'm eagerly waiting to start reading your to-be-posted update!!!  :bow: :bow:
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Post by: karupin12 on November 03, 2012, 02:56:26 AM
Paturo sa susunod ah?  :D :peace:
sure sure :lol:

By the way, thanks for the positive comments about the video :deco:
here's the chapter 1, a short update and introductions :sweatdrop:

Chapter 1: Lazy Time

         The sun is shining brightly today as I look up at the sky. Tons of clouds that are forming heart, rabbit, and even my cat Ruvu are present. As I look up at the university ground, some students are walking; maybe they’re heading to their next classroom while the others are just chatting around. I’m sitting on my assigned seat that is located beside the window that’s why I can feel that I can see all of them; just like I’m on the top of the world. Well actually, our room is on the very top of the university building. I feel so lazy today as I rested my head on my palms then sighed. Ugh, I feel sleepy but I don’t want to sleep. I feel chatting with my friends but I’m too lazy to go with them. Instead of hanging around with them because our professor in this time’s subject is absent, I’m doing the opposite. “Ugh~” I sighed and stare again outside. I wonder if there’s anything new that will happen today.

“Acchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~!!” Even if I’m not looking, I know that it’s the feminine Gachapin who’s calling me.
“You’re starring again outside…. Finding handsome guys again? I told you, just look at me and you’ll know what handsome really mean”. I turned to look at him and gave him a slight smile but before I could react on what he said, a tall lady with a bob haircut is now running towards us.
“You’re ruining her emo moments again, Kuu the Gachapin! And what I just heard? Handsome? You? Hahaha! Oh come on, don’t make us laugh, Gay!”
“Mou~! I’m not gay Mari-raffe! It’s not my fault if I look beautiful for a man!” the Gachapin pouted.
“You’re not a man, you’re a WOMAN! Hahaha!”
“Trolling again huh?! Let me prove to you that I’m a MAN! Come here Mari-raffe!”

         Okay, there they go again; playing, joking & insulting each other again. They’re always like that but even though they’re treating each others in a mean way, we can see that there’s something behind those teasing, insulting and sometimes physical hurting. We can see the word ‘love’ between them but of course, even though we asked them about it, they’re just denying it. Err! Why do they need to deny it even though it’s already obvious? They’re so lucky to have a love life. Okay, stop that ‘love’ thing; it’s just making me feel bitter.
         As I go back to my previous business; looking blankly outside, there’s something that caught my attention, the entrance to the university’s theater. I wonder why there are a lot of people coming there. Maybe there’s a film showing? Convention? Or a meeting? Whatever! The hell I care about them. When my eyes was about to close, again, someone interrupted me. What the hell is wrong with these people?!


         I turn around again and found my other friend, Yukirin with the silent but funny type Rena who’s doing the ‘Aaiiin~’ expression when she’s in insane mode. Rena is really a hardworking student as she always topped the subjects and always at the dean’s list, of course, she’s part of the AKSchoolars where all intelligent persons belong. Despite of being an intelligent one, she’s doing something suspiciously these days. She’s always leaving us immediately when our classes will end; which is not usual. Usually, before, she’s still hanging out with us before going home but things changed. Well, soon we’ll find out about it. Yukirin is almost the same as Rena. Don’t you ever dare to make them mad or else, you’ll see the black, dark and sadist side of them. I remember the last time that both of them were in that state, oooooh~ kowai~. I can’t even imagine that these nice girls can be like that. Maybe these two are really best friends, just like Rena, Yukirin seemed hiding something on us. She’s also leaving us when classes will end. What’s happening with these two? Maybe they’re …………….. dating? Oh what am I thinking?! That's impossible!

"What are you doing? Looking for handsome guys again?" Yukirin asked. What's going on?! Why everyone thinks that I'm looking for handsome guys?!
"I wonder why our professor is absent today. By the way, the boring History is our next subject right? I'm sure that prof. is present" Rena added.
"Arg! I forgot about that prof! I don't want to attend on that subject"

         After I sighed, the door of the room suddenly opened as all of the boys lined up and made a way with hearts on their eyes. Of course, all of us know who arrived as I and Rena with Yukirin looked at each other. There she is now walking a bit shy while giving an awkward smile to her fanboys. Kojima Haruna is one of my friends and she's reeeeaaaaaally popular in our college department (I guess in the whole university also?). She's really beautiful as she can make every man fall in love with her. Despite of being popular, actually, she didn't like it as she just want to be a simple person and student.............. like me. Yeah, she really said that before. Well, I don't like it a bit because I don't want her to be like yhe annoying me.

The Cat and Dog like, Mariko and Kuu arrived same as the time that Kojiharu arrived at my desk. This is perfect, I can't be alone again.
"Hey! Acchan, I've heard that you don't want to attend on our History class. I have an idea" Kojiharu smirked.
"Really? It's new that you have an idea. Haha!" Kuu intervened. Somehow, I also want to laugh on what Kuu said because this beautiful and well known lady is sometimes an airhead.
"I'm not talking to you Gaychapin! ...... So do you want to leave in our history class WITH a valid excuse?"
"Of course! It's kinda intriguing Nyan! Tell us now!" I said while the others just nod excitedly to agree.
"See our theater over there? That will be our excuse. I found out that the theater club is having a play right now and they are selling tickets for a cheap price. I've heard on some students that the next play will start same as our history class and all of the students who will watch that will be excused from the class when they will present their tickets to their professors. So, are you in? This is the first time that we can watch a play from that club"

After Kojiharu explained all of it, we just end up looking at her while giving a disbelieving look as we did not expect those words from her.
"Mou~ Don't look at me like that!" Kojiharu pouted.
"Are you sick Nyaro?" Mariko asked pretending to be worried while checking her temperature.
"Mou~ I'm not sick! So are you going with me or not?"
"Ikou~! Even though I think it's kinda boring there, I'll still choose it rather than to attend history class"
"Tss~ you’ll just want to find handsome or cute guys there!"

         Okay, it's more annoying now as all of them said it in chorus. Why they are thinking like that about me?! I really don’t care about guys now. Even though they’re like that and have some abnormalities, I still value them as my friends since they are my classmates since the first time I went to this Akiba University. We’re now in second year college under the College of Computer Studies, taking the course of Information Technology. And I am Atsuko Maeda hoping there’s something new that will happen today.

TBC ..  :cow:
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i need longer.. no!!! we need longer one update  :lol: :fap 

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Hope acchan found her cute guy soon :deco:
I want more...waitting for next update.
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I love it! The trailer is already exciting! I can't wait to read more! Please update soon!   :thumbsup
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OMG!! i just saw you trailer video.. and i found that you put a chapter one yeah im a lucky girl!!!

YEah! Yuuboy and takaboy gonna fight for haruna.. its fine for me BUT if in the end atsumina and kojiyuu are together :D..

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I'll update this, maybe tomorrow  :lol:

OMG!! i just saw you trailer video.. and i found that you put a chapter one yeah im a lucky girl!!!

YEah! Yuuboy and takaboy gonna fight for haruna.. its fine for me BUT if in the end atsumina and kojiyuu are together :D..
Of course  :lol: :deco:
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Post by: Tam_atsu on November 03, 2012, 05:56:36 AM
Hmm.. I think this will be really interesting! Thanks for the 1st chapter!!  :) :thumbsup
Update soon please! :))
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omg I like your fic!!!  :heart:

please continue!!!  :bow: :bow: :twothumbs

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Love This Fic!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
ATSUMINA!!!  :inlove:

Please continue
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What a Lazy day  XD
YEY another FIC from the great Karupin san  :lol:
HUHUHU I really wanted to watch the trailer
But I cant because of my stupid brother!
always complaining the internet is slow!!
really need to upgrade it  :doh:

anyway Hush Hush
this two midget will fight for Haruna??
what about my Acchan? LOLOL
I dunt want my Acchan to be hurt
XD anyway I still donnu the plot
sooo Please Update soon our GREAT Karupin san
HEHEHEHEHE  :thumbup
I wonder why Acchan is not famous too? XDDD
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First of all, I only ship AtsuMina and KojiYuu depending on my mood but I like this one~ I'm going to read it till' u finish. Yoroshiku, Karupin-san  :deco:

Second, Woaaah.. I like the way you edit the vid *^* What was the song at the end?

Third, Lol looks like Rena and Yuki are hiding something fufufu...

Fourth, okay, update soon lolol
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God, the trailer is very interesting.
I laughed so hard at "Gaychapin's antics" XD
Is currently waiting for the appearances of badass Yuu and handsome Takamina XD
thanks for updating. XD
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anyway Hush Hush
this two midget will fight for Haruna??
what about my Acchan? LOLOL
I dunt want my Acchan to be hurt
XD anyway I still donnu the plot
sooo Please Update soon our GREAT Karupin san
HEHEHEHEHE  :thumbup
I wonder why Acchan is not famous too? XDDD
Acchan will not be hurt (maybe?), don't worry :lol:
I just want Acchan to be simple here.  :lol:

Mayu-boy and Jurio/Jun is still not in this chapter. Maybe on the next one :sweatdrop:

Chapter 2: Love at first sight?

         While staring at the university’s theater, the bell suddenly rang indicating that our next subject will start in five minutes. We immediately ran downstairs towards the booth where the tickets for the play are sold. When we got there, the student’s line for it, is sooooooo long, but we’re thankful for Kojiharu’s popularity when one of her fanboys is the one who’s selling the ticket as we quickly got one. When the second bell rang, once again we ran upstairs to our next room. Do we really need to be so exhausted just to take a leave on that subject? Well ………. I guess yes. As we arrived in our room, we did not hesitate to take a sit as we just showed our tickets to our boring professor then leave before she could say something.
         We’re now heading to the theater but this time, we’re not running; thank god. I’m staring at the ticket that we bought because I found it so ……. weird. What’s with its title? Uncle Serpy? What the hell is that?

“Do you know what’s this play all about?” Kuu asked while also staring at the lame ticket.
“I don’t know either…..” Mariko said, with the same reaction like Kuu.
“Hey Nyan-nyan! Do you know the story of this play?” I asked.
“I think it’s about Uncle Serpy …..” she innocently answered.
“Yeah, your answer really help us” I guess we just need to watch that play to know what its story. We can’t get any proper answer with this airhead beauty.

-Inside the Theater-

         Atsuko and her friends sat down on the center part, second row of the theater. Actually, they did not want to sit there but since Kojiharu’s fanboys are present, they insisted to make their queen and her friends sit there. The setup of the stage is completely a mess; it looks like the whole story will just happen on the street. There are a lot of pieces of papers, cans, and everything that you can see on a dirty place. By seeing those things, it made Atsuko and the other’s mind to get even more confuse.
         The lights went out as the speaker of the play spoke saying that the play will now start. Atsuko who’s just lazily staring at the stage while resting her chin again on her right palm was shocked when a man suddenly appeared at the stage. He’s wearing a worn out shirt and his body is grimy. He looks like a crazy street man as he keeps on shouting while holding a messy doll. Then suddenly, a troupe of people is running madly to him while screaming a name.

“Uncle Serpy!!!”

         Okay, now all of them know what the play is all about. Atsuko closed her eyes to take a nap but since the lead actor is too noisy, she can’t visit the dreamland now. She had no choice but to watch the whole street man’s scenes. Almost twenty minutes had passed, the play seemed it’s on climax as the lead actor is in a judicial street court because her fellow men was accusing him for stealing foods and stuffs. There’s a box with a lock at the middle and it is said to be the property of Uncle Serpy. The actor doesn’t want to open it so they had no choice, they need to open it forcefully. When one of the casts called someone to open it, a squirrel look like man who is riding on a skateboard as he seemed to have disabilities came and tried to open it with bare hands. After a few minutes, the squirrel look like called another person to help him. When the person entered, Atsuko’s attention same as Haruna, Mariko, Rena and Yukirin caught and pointed at him. Even though he’s having a clutch while walking, on Atsuko’s and her friends eyes, he looks so cute. All of their attention is still pointing at him as he sat on the ground and trying to open the box with a piece of metal that he bought.

‘Damn it. Is it only me who thinks that he’s cute?’ Atsuko thought.
“Ne! Ne! Ne!. What do you think of that guy? The one who’s trying to open the box now” Yukirin said excitedly then looked directly on her friends’ eyes.
“Yaaa~! I know that smile on your faces! I know we’re thinking the same!” Rena added.
“He’s cute right? I mean not so cute, not so handsome but there’s something on him! I don’t know what it is!” Haruna said with an unfading smile on her face.
“I like him” Atsuko said plainly while her eyes are glued on that person.

         All of them look at Atsuko with a smirk but when the woman seemed not distracted on what they’re giving to her, they just look again at the man who’s still trying his best to open the box. Then suddenly ……………

“Kyaaaaaaaaa~!!!” The five girls yelled while the only Gachapin who’s with them are busy apologizing to the other audience for disturbance.
“Damn it! He’s cute there! He’s cute when he opened the box unexpectedly! When the padlock suddenly flew away from his hands! His eyes and his round lips expression are totally killing me!” Atsuko said without any pause from her words. If you will look into her eyes right now, it’s slowly forming into a heart shape. The remaining four girls are shocked on the sudden behavior of their friend as they’re just looking at her with an ‘eh?’ expression.

         After a few scenes, the play has finally ended but before the curtains will close, the speaker introduces the cast. It started with the lead actor down to the minor roles. Even though they’re just a few members, it feels like eternity for Atsuko as she keep on waiting for ‘that’ cute guy to be called without knowing that there’s also someone doing the same.

“Oshima Yuko as the box opener and garbage man” The speaker introduced the ‘squirrel look like’ that they saw earlier. As the man walked beside the other cast, Atsuko’s feeling became more excited as she can feel that the ‘cute’ guy will be next.

“Takahashi Kai as the box opener and garbage man also” Finally the man that Atsuko is waiting showed up. The most awaited name that Atsuko is waiting, finally called by the speaker. Atsuko can’t explain her feeling. She can’t explain why her heart is thumping so hard like it was going to burst out anytime.

         Until the curtains are finally closed and all of the audience is already outside, Atsuko is still wearing the ‘in-love’ smile. The play ended same as the time of their last subject so they are heading home now. While they are walking, Atsuko keep on talking and talking and talking about the guy named Takahashi Kai.

“Did you see his expression? It’s so cute! I like his shocked expression…… His eyes…… His smile……. Hmmmm……. His eyes!”
“Acchan, you’ve already said that for the nth time. Our ears were tired hearing those! We never thought that you’re worst when you’re in love” Mariko sighed.
“Me? In love? No I’m not” Atsuko denied but her redden face couldn’t hide what she really feels.
“Okay. Whatever you say …..” Mariko rolled her eyes.

“Anou guys ….. I’m going this way. I’ll leave you now. See you tomorrow” Rena excused herself then gave an apologizing smile.
“That way? But this way is your home right?” Kuu pointed at the other way of the street.
“hmm .. Anou …… I still need to buy something.... hehe… Oh you don’t need to go with me, I’ll be fine. Ja~!” Rena said quickly then dashed off without hearing any response from her friends.
“She’s really acting suspiciously these days. Have you noticed?” Atsuko said; she seemed back to her normal self.
“I also noticed that….. Oh I forgot, I also need to go that way. I … I … I’ll meet my mom there. Ja~! See you tomorrow” Yukirin answered but after that she waved her hand and left them.
“I can feel it ….. those two are hiding something on us” Kuu said while looking at the direction that Yukirin took.
“We’ll know about it soon…… Can we go home now? I’ll make some researches about that Takahashi Kai” Atsuko skipped joyfully towards their way home even though she’s doing it in a wrong way. The two, Mariko and Kuu just sighed deeply on what their friend is acting while Haruna is looking at her with a serious expression.

-Meanwhile at the Theater’s Backstage-

“Ne Kai … Did you saw the woman earlier?” The squirrel look like asked while arranging his things.
“Woman?” The man named Kai asked. Not caring much on his friend’s question as he knows that he do really like women.
“The woman on the second row. I think she likes you. She keeps on looking at you”
“Maybe there’s something on my face at that time that’s why she’s looking at me. You’re making issues again Yuko” Kai said as he carried his bag and aiming to leave the theater.
“Hey Kai! Wait for me! Don’t you like her? She’s cute …” Yuko ran to follow his friend.
“Cute? Every girl is cute in your eyes. Such a playboy……. If you like her, go for her”
“I’m not a playboy! It’s not my fault if the girls are attracted to me! … Like her? No, I don’t like her. What I like is the person beside her at that time. She’s sooooooo beautiful and she has a beautiful body. hehe” Yuko chuckled like a pervert man. By hearing that from his friend, Kai who keeps on walking stopped and looked at his friend.
“What?? Did I say something wrong? I know you also noticed it because you’re as pervert as me” Yuko smirked.
“No I’m not!” Kai continued on walking; leaving his friend behind; preventing himself to do or say something harsh on him.

“I don’t care about the first woman that you’re talking about. You can do whatever on her. You can do whatever you want on every woman that you like BUT don’t ever try to touch or do something on Kojima-san. I’ll never forgive you. I’ll forget that you’re my friend”

         When the moon appeared same as the dark and cold night, Atsuko quickly took her dinner then immediately went to her room, switched on her laptop and ready herself on researching about Takahashi Kai. She opened her facebook account same as her twitter but as the time passes by, she still can’t find the person that she wants to find. She sighed again while lazily scrolling down the mouse wheel. The search results are too much when she searched about the man. ‘Who the hell are these person?!’. When her eyes was about to close, a loud ping sound wake her up as she received a message from Kuu.

To: Atsuko
-So, have you found something about him?

To: Kuu
-Nothing! I can’t find his real account! There’s a lot of Takahashi Kai here!

To: Atsuko

To: Kuu
-What is that? What does that rar contain? I don’t have time to download it if it’s just nonsense stuffs.

To: Atsuko
-It contains life and hope ……

To: Kuu
-I’m supposed to be serious here you know? What is that?!

To: Atsuko
-Hahaha! All of the information about your Takahashi Kai :p

To: Kuu
-Hontou? Okay I’ll download it now . Arigatou >.<

When their conversation ended, Atsuko excitedly downloaded the file that was attached without noticing that it was not sent only for her but also for someone else.

To: Kuu
-What was that for?

To: Kojiharu
-Information about Takahashi Kai …

To: Kuu
-What am I going to do with that? Why did you send it to me?

To: Kojiharu
-Come on my friend. I know you …. I know you like him. Not the usual like but ……. There’s something on it.

To: Kuu
-But …..
*Kojiharu is typing ….*

To: Kojiharu
-I need to go now. Bye! Enjoy the files :p

“How did he know about it? Am I going to use this or not? But ………. How about Atsuko?” Haruna thought while looking at the mouse pointer which is about to hit attached file.

TBC ..  :cow:
Title: Re: 「Theater Rivals」Rivalry Between The WMidget - Chapter 2 [UPDATED 11.04]
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aww.. ok im gonna wait about what happen.. kojiyuu ..atsumina!!
Title: Re: 「Theater Rivals」Rivalry Between The WMidget - Chapter 2 [UPDATED 11.04]
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I will never get tired saying that i love ur fic!
Keep it up!hoho

Thank you for the update! :thumbsup
Title: Re: 「Theater Rivals」Rivalry Between The WMidget - Chapter 2 [UPDATED 11.04]
Post by: ChuuuPuffss on November 04, 2012, 10:30:02 AM
Why do I feel like things are going waaaay to twisted...

Also, I feel that.. it's the other way around between these couples xD

Update soon~
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This is getting even more interesting... XD
Both Haruna and Atsuko like Kai while Kai and Yuko both like Haruna :w00t:

I wonder how this will turn out to be. :?
Can't wait for the next chapter; please update soon. -wink-
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WHAT! Are you going to break Acchan and Yuko's heart?!?! WHAT IS THIS MESS!!!  :angry: STOP! DON'T HURT MY ACES~  :cry:

Title: Re: 「Theater Rivals」Rivalry Between The WMidget - Chapter 2 [UPDATED 11.04]
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A love triangle from both side!
I can't wait to see what will happen with this one.
Especially with the fact that Harunyan and Kai feels something for each other.
Don't worry Yuko, Acchan!!! You have my support.  :mon thumb:
Please update soon!  :mon hanky:
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Acchan will not be hurt (maybe?)
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just like what yourockme-san said, I'm a sadist. :twisted: I'll hurt them first before getting what they want :twisted: :lol:

So here's an update. I think I should focus first on the minor couples before getting into the main characters.
but of course, I'll still give hints about them on each chapter

Chapter 3: The Jealous Gachapin

         Atsuko slept with a smile on her face and satisfied on the infos that she got. She mailed the Gachapin again and thank him before going to sleep. While she's staring at the ceiling, all that she can see is the face of Takahashi Kai then suddenly a thought come up on her mind. 'Why am I feeling like this? Why am I thinking about him? Whenever he comes on my mind, I can't control myself to smile. I've never been like this for a man. What if Mariko is right? What if I'm really in love with him? Aargh!' Atsuko covered her face with a long pillow while hugging it tightly and giggling on her thoughts. After a few minutes, Atsuko end up sleeping while holding her phone. Her phone that is displaying an image of Kai.

         Early in the morning, Atsuko the in love girl, arranged her bed and her school stuffs before taking a bath and eating her breakfast. Her mother noticed that she's like in hurry even though it's still early. When her mother asked about it, she just answered "I'm going to check my fb first before going to school!" then she quickly ran upstairs to her room to open her laptop and login her account. When she saw a lot of notifications, she excitedly checked it but to her disappointment, Kai still haven't accepted her request. After that, she lazily took her bag and started to walk to go to school.

         A few walks after as their house and school is just walking distance, Atsuko arrived near the main university's gate. She took a deep sigh when she saw the line for checking their bags is too long. 'Ugh, Why it's always like this? If only they're not using a manual system for checking our bags, this will not happen'. When Atsuko was about to open her bag, someone catches her attention when she noticed this someone on the corner of her eyes. She slightly looked at the person on the other line then preventing herself to utter a sharp shrill cry. 'Oh my god! Is this for real?! Takahashi-san is here beside me! Oh my! Oh my! I should control myself! Atsuko inhale exhale!’

“Anou Ma’am, can you please open your bag widely so I can check it fully?” the guard interrupted her.
“Oh … I’m sorry. Here you go” Atsuko looked on the ground as her face became red because of embarrassment when she heard Kai laughing a bit.

         When the checking of the bags finished, Atsuko quickly head to their classroom and avoid looking at Kai even though she really wanted to look at him. While walking, Atsuko’s embarrassment seemed fade away when she thinks about her prince charming’s face. She doesn’t care about the embarrassment that she felt as long as she saw Kai again; it really made her day complete. When she arrived inside their classroom, all of her friends are looking with a grin on their faces. She put her bag on her seat then looks at them with a ‘why?’ look

“You’re creeping me out you know…” Atsuko said as she smacked a bit her friend’s head.
“We saw you ….. we saw that you saw Kai at the gate” Kuu smirked.
“And so?” Atsuko blushed.
“Oh Hohoho! You’re really in love! Our friend is in love!” Kuu teased and it made the woman’s face to get redder.
“So do you know any information about him?” Yukirin asked and look excited.
“Yeah! And thanks to Kuu for that” Atsuko aim to kiss the Gachapin on the cheeks but he shun. “Guess what? He’s also a second year student! And another guess what? He’s also an IT student! Isn’t that great? We …. I mean ‘I’ can see him if we have our departments event”
“Really? That’s nice! By the way Kuu, how did you know about it? Where did you get that info? Don’t tell me ……” Rena smirked.
“Baka! I don’t like him! Just be quiet ….. I hacked our university’s system” he whispered.
“WHAAAAAAAAT?!!” the three girls yelled that made their other classmates to look at them.

“I said be quiet! I did that for you Acchan. I know that can make you happy” Kuu frowned.
“Want me to be happy? But what’s with that frowned face?”
“I think I know why … have you notice? Mariko is not here” Rena said then Atsuko look around to find her.
“Owh … so Mariko your love is not here. Where is she?”
“She’s not my love” Kuu blushed. “She said she will go to the ladies room but I saw her with the other student from the other class heading to the cafeteria”
“Who do you think it is?”
“I don’t know who is he and I don’t care who the hell is he! All I know is he’s also a member of Akiba Faces” Kuu roared.
“He? Akiba Faces? The modeling club? Owh our Gachapin here is jealous” Atsuko teased then smirked.
“I’m not jealous! She can do whatever she wants! Let’s go to our seats now the class will start in 5 minutes” Kuu ignored his friend’s smirk then go towards his seat beside Haruna.

         Like what Kuu said, the bell rang after 5 minutes as their professor also came in and start discussing. Kuu remembered something, he noticed earlier that Haruna didn’t get along with them before the class started and when he looked at the woman beside him, he saw that she’s writing something on a piece of paper. When Haruna finished and while their professor is looking at the glass board, she reached the paper to the Gachapin’s desk.

Kuu opened it and read it on his mind.
“How did you know? What makes you think that I like him? That it’s not the usual like?”

“I told you …. I know you a lot ‘coz you’re my friend. I know that you always see Takahashi-san around the university and each time that you’re seeing him, I see it in your eyes that you do really like him or should I say, love?”

“Since when have you noticed about it?”

“I think it’s before our class vacation … I can’t remember. So, did you use the infos that I’ve sent to you?”

“Did you tell it to Acchan?”

“No. Why? Are you worried? Worried that both of you like the same man?”

“Just don’t tell it to Acchan …. I don’t want her to get hurt”

“Hurt? What do you mean?”

         After Kuu gave the paper to Haruna, their professor noticed them so Haruna had no choice but not to answer it. Of course, even though they did not caught on act, she will still not answer Kuu’s question. Two subjects were finished and it’s time for them to take their lunch break. On those times, Mariko who said that she will just go to ladies room didn’t come back until now and did not even contact them if she will take her lunch with them. While heading towards the cafeteria's door, Atsuko can see someone, someone that have familiar face, stand and even movement then when the crowd move just like it's making the way for her to that person, Atsuko squealled on excitement as her heart beats fast again.

"Hey Acchan! What's your problem?" Yukirin asked. A bit annoyed because she was startled by the sudden shout.
"Look over there! Kai-kun is there! Waaa! He's cute while eating a donut! Oh my he's walking over here!" Atsuko stopped her panicking session when Kai walked and passed by them. Then right after he passed by Atsuko, he stopped and picked something on the ground.

"Anou. .. Is this yours? Ha-ru-na, Haruna-san?" he asked as he read the name that was written on the pen.
"Oh. Hai! Arigatou" Haruna blushed when Kai smiled at her before leaving.
"Nyan-nyan!! you're so lucky!" Atsuko said after the blond left.
"He just gave my pen Acchan. Let's go inside now, I'm hungry" Haruna said. Trying to avoid further discussions about Kai as she didn't notice the suspicious look of one of her friends.

         They quickly got their place at the cafeteria when a troupe of Haruna's fanboys gave their place for them. They put their bags on the side then sit for awhile to rest then after a moment of silence, someone appeared im front of them and talked.
"Having lunch without me huh?" they look at the owner of the voice as they recognized it well.
"Where have you been Mari-ra. ....." Kuu didn't continue his words when he looked at Mariko and found that the guy earlier is with her.
"Why you didn't come to class Mariko?" Rena asked innocently.
"I was practicing for our show next week. Sorry if I wasn't able to inform you guys. By the way, this is Nakamaru-san one of the members of Akiba Faces" Mariko introduced the guy.
"Hajimemashite. Nakamaru Koki desu"
"He's going to have lunch with us. Is it okay?"
"hmm.. O-okay" Atsuko was unsure on her answer when she looked at the quiet Gachapin.

After Mariko and Nakamura sat down, Kuu quickly get his bag and left them without saying a word.
"Hey Gaychapin! Where are you going?!" Mariko asked teasingly.
"To the place where you're not around!" Kuu answered without looking back. Mariko gave the others a 'what's his problem" look but they just answered that they don't know even though it's obvious that their friend is jealous.

         They had an awkward moment while eating when the two, Mariko and Nakamaru keep on talking and laughing together as if they had no other people around. When the bell rang, Nakamaru excused himself as he need to go to his next class so Mariko decided to just go their class also. They head to their classroom quickly when they thought that they’re already late but when they got inside, all of their classmates are still playing around but that is not the scene that their eyes caught, but the Gachapin who’s sitting alongside of the window and staring at the university’s ground. Without further ado, Mariko left her friends and start running towards Kuu. She greeted the Gachapin with a pinch on both of his cheeks and it made him to cry in pain. Kuu who’s not in the mood to joke around, harshly removed Mariko’s hands on him and give her a murderous glare. Before he could say something that might hurt the woman, he just go to his assigned seat; just in time that their professor arrived.

         All through their lesson, Mariko is just looking worriedly at Kuu who's acting really weird to her. It's unusual for him for bothering to look at her and tease her with annoying faces every time that their professor is not looking. Until the class ended, the man is still ignoring her and just lay down his head on his desk; pretending to be asleep. Once again, Mariko tried to approach him but exactly, Kuu looked up and saw her so he quickly stood up and leave the room.

“What the hell is his problem?!!” Mariko twitched his eyebrows. Kuu’s behavior is really pissing her off.
“Try to follow and talk to him. You’re looking an old hag right now you know?” Even though Mariko wants to smack Atsuko because of her words, she just followed what her friend said as she quickly ran outside.
“That’s right follow what I said so you’ll know that he’s jealous ……….. Okay, back to my business. Haaaaii~” Atsuko said then continue her business; her staring at the ground business because Kai is there sitting on the grass with his friend Yuko who’s having two girls on both of his side.

         Mariko started to run on the building’s hallway to find where Kuu went. She looked on every empty room but there’s no sign of his presence there. She asked their other classmates but it sounds like they’re hiding the Gachapin from her. She continued on running upstairs to the university’s rooftop and just like what she thought, Kuu is there lying his back on the ground while his eyes are shut. She slowly and quietly move closer to him and when she reached the man, Kuu felt someone so he opened his eyes and was about to stand up but he was interrupted by the woman.

“See this fist? Not this, this one. This stone, I’ll smack your head here if you’ll run away from me again”
“What’s your problem?!” Kuu asked as he laid his back again.
“What’s my problem or what’s your problem?!” Mariko sat beside him then pointed on his chest.
“I don’t have problem …” Kuu avoided the woman’s glare.
“Yes you have! ……… Is this about last night?” Mariko asked with a serious tone but Kuu remained silent.
“Hehe! I knew it! It was just a joke! In fairness, you really made me laugh there. Haha!” she laughed awkwardly.

Mariko’s laugh was stopped when Kuu glared at her with his meeting eyebrows. Then suddenly, the Gachapin grabbed her shoulders tightly and said,
“That’s my problem! You! Every little thing that I’m doing or saying to you, you’re always seeing those as a joke!”
“It’s because that’s the only thing that you can do! Always joking around! Remember what you’ve said to me before?! Those words that you’ve also said last night?! That’s the reason why I’m looking that as a joke! Because before, I thought that it was all true at first, but you end up laughing at me!” This is the first time that Kuu see this side of Mariko so he doesn’t know what to do. She’s controlling her tears on falling down to her cheeks as she doesn’t want Kuu to think that she’s weak in this kind of situation.

“I .. I .. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. It’s just I’m too scared how will you react on it so I decided to just laugh so you’ll forget about it” Kuu removed his possessions on Mariko’s shoulders and avoid looking at her.
“Don’t you know that it really hurt my feelings?”
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“It hurts to hear the one that you love joking about what he really feels ….”
“Huh? You love?”
“No! No! The other’s love. I’m talking about them! tss~ Baka! Of course mine! You’ve heard it correctly!” Mariko rolled her eyes then crossed her arms.

“EHH?! Don’t tell me …….. Oh that’s impossible because you already like that Koki guy” Kuu pouted.
“Hahaha! Now I get it. You’re jealous!” Mariko teased.
“No I’m not!” the Gachapin turn his back while crossing his arms.
“You’re not? Hmm .. I guess its okay for you that I’m with him …” the taller woman was about to stand up but she was quickly stopped by the Kuu who hold her shoulders again then pinned her on the ground; making himself slightly on top and his face is only inches apart from the woman.

“Yes! I’m jealous because I don’t want MY woman to be SO close to any man out there!”
Mariko gulped as she feel nervous on their current position and said, “Don’t worry, he’s not a man. He’s gay! And ………… Hey! What did you say?! YOUR woman?! I’m not yet your woman!”
“It will also lead to that!”
“How sure you ……” the woman wasn’t able to continue her words when Kuu quickly said,
“Owh you’re talking too much …” Kuu managed to capture her lips. At first, Mariko is trying to resist on it because of the fear that someone might see them but after a few seconds, she didn’t notice that she’s already answering the kiss from the person that she love.

When the two stopped and let go each other’s lips to breathe some air, Kuu looked directly on Mariko’s eyes and said,
“I love you Mari-raffe”
“I love you more my Gaychapin” she smiled.

TBC ..  :cow:
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Chapter 4: The Unexpected Prisoners

         Right after the confessions and sweet kissing scenes that happened between Mariko and Kuu, the two head together to their previous room while holding each other's hand tightly. The students at the hallway are looking at them as both of them really look so sweet. The boys who are obviously having a crush on the tall woman felt jealous on Kuu who's giving an expression of 'Jealousy will kill you all. She's already my girl'.
         When the two arrived at their a bit empty room, as they opened the door, Rena, Yukirin and Haruna noticed them and their current situation made the three girls shocked.

"Where did you two go? And why are you. ....." Haruna asked as she looked at the intertwined hands.
"Earlier, the two of you are doing the 'avoiding blues' and now. ...' Yukirin added.
"Well.... Guess what I've discovered...... Mari-raffe loves me" Kuu said proudly.
"Hey! You're the first one who confessed that you love me!" Mariko blushed.
"And so? It's not a big deal for me. At least I've known that you love me since the first time that you saw me"
"I did not say that! You're adding stories which is not true!" Mariko removed herself from the Gachapin.
"Stop that! You're going to have lovers quarrel again! You know, we already know about that. It's pretty obvious! Duh!" Rena stopped them and continued "Look over there.... Do you think it'll be a big problem? She seemed really into that Takahashi"

         All of them look at Atsuko's location, her favorite place at the room; beside the window. When Mariko left them she's already at there watching her little prince charming and until now, she's still there like she doesn't care on everything around her.
"I don't know. Maybe now, it's not..... Well, we'll see" Kuu answered then give a smirk on Haruna which was not noticed by the others.

         They decided to interrupt their friend's 'staring at her prince charming' moment so they could go home early to ready themselves and everything that they need for tomorrow's event. Their homeroom adviser told them to make a booth that can be fun and interract the students together and of course that can fit for the theme, "Let's fall in love". Rena who has a connection on their college society contacted tem if they could join together on their booth and it was immediately accepted. Before she part her way with her friends and act suspiciously again, she still did not say what their booth is all about. After she left, Yukirin followed. These two are really hiding something.
         As the four remaining continued on walking, Kuu opened up a topic that really interests Atsuko and at the same time watching how Haruna will react. The Gachapin asked many things about Kai to Atsuko and how much she likes the guy. Of course the woman answered all of it joyfully then starts telling everything that she saw earlier even though it's just all about Kai. While listening to Atsuko, Kuu was watching Haruna but the woman seemed doesn't care what Atsuko is talking about; just like she's avoiding it.

-Earlier at the university’s ground-

         Since Kai and Yuko don’t want to attend their boring subject, history, they decided to skip it and just spend their whole time lying on the grass under a tree. Well, it’s for Kai but for Yuko there’s more, he wants to spend his time with the two girls on his side. He didn’t know them as he just met the two earlier before they reach their current location now. Kai, who’s already used to it, let his friend on whatever he wants to do but of course, the thought of being a playboy never fade on his mind.
         The blond rested his back on the ground while his head on his left arm. He took out his phone and scanned all the images that are stored on it. Yuko, even though he’s busy flirting with the girls, noticed the blushing and smiling look of his friend. He smirked then tried to take the phone from Kai’s hand but he failed. The blond quickly put back his phone on his pocket before it will cause an argument.

"What are you hiding huh? You're watching starts with the letter 'P' and ends with 'orn' right?" Yuko gave a smirk.
"Don't count me as one of your comrades........ perverts" Kai rolled his eyes.
"Tss. What are you talking about? What a polluted mind you have. I'm talking about 'Popcorn' not the nasty thing that you're thinking"
"Whatever. ....."

         Kai closed his eyes and when the moment he saw only nothing but black, a woman's beautiful face appeared. She was smiling then giving her head a tilt while waving her hand. Kai can feel the heat running over his face without knowing that he's also smiling. Then suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by lips that touched his cheeks.

"What the?! Who did that?!" Kai roared.
"I did" One of Yuko's girls admitted while blushing. Kai just give a glare on Yuko as he know that it was his idea.
"What? It's not my idea. It's hers... Haha! Tell us what you are thinking or rather WHO are you thinking" Yuko smirked again.
"Nothing. I just want to smile. ....." without thinking, Kai said a failed reason.
"Okay. I'll pretend that I believe that failed reason.... By the way, what's our plan for tomorrow's event?"
"Our? or your? I don't have plan for tomorrow. I'll just let whatever will happen" Kai closed his eyes again.

“Tomorrow will be so special ……. I think? But of course, I’m kinda nervous. I don’t know what will I say or what will happen tomorrow. Until now, my heart is beating so fast. I can’t control my emotion, should I be happy or scared? Damn it! Kai, show your guts! Don’t be so sheepish. This might be your last chance!”

As Kai continue on thinking about it, Yuko interrupted him by saying “Let me tell you about my plan tomorrow ………. I’m planning something on Kojima-san. I’m sure she’ll be surprised and of course, that will make her to fall in love with me”

By hearing that from his friend, Kai opened widely his eyes then grabbed immediately his collar that made his friend shocked. “What?! What are you going to do on her?!”
“Wooow~ Chotto Kai. Relax. I’m not going to do anything harm on her ………. Wait wait wait .. why are you acting like this? Don’t tell me ……. You like her?” Yuko looked at him seriously and upon realizing something that his friend shouldn’t know about it, Kai removed his possession on the collar then scratched the back of his head.
“Eh? Me? N-n-no.. of course not. I don’t like her. I’m just ………..worried on your plan because ……….. if it’ll harm that woman, her fanboys will surely get revenge on you” Kai stutter.
“Oh I though you also like her. That’s good! Because I’m ready to fight even with you just for her” Yuko smiled then he does the same and thought, ‘well, we’re the same’


          The other student’s from the other college departments were preparing the booth that they will use for tomorrow when Kai and Yuko left the university. The two were also wondering what they’re department will do on that event. They’re hoping that this time, they will do a perfect one not like last year when they did a supeeeer weird booth that no one wanted to participate on it.
          Meanwhile in their own houses, after a long time of not checking his friend requests notifications, Kai saw a familiar face who added him. She’s having a cute smile and her hair was just shoulder length and a bit curly at the tip of it. She also looks beautiful but the blond still can’t remember where he saw that woman so he just accepted her request; maybe someday he’ll remember about that person. On the other corner of ……….. somewhere, a woman named Atsuko is now jumping as high as she can and running around her room like she’s crazy. She’s also clapping her hands joyfully while screaming when she saw a notification that Kai accepted her request. Upon relaxing herself, she quickly sends a message to her friends to tell the good news (for her) but she just received a reply of “ok”. Atsuko pouted sadly but after a moment, a smile flashed back on her face when she thought of looking on other images that Kai uploaded before; not just looking, but also saving.
         Back to the blond’s situation, like what Atsuko did, he’s also smiling while typing/chatting with someone, the only difference is he’s a bit calm than her. Every beep, every red light flashing on the chat box is really making Kai’s cheek to blush. After an hour of chatting, Kai frowned when that ‘someone’ told him that they need to sleep early for tomorrow. He’s still not satisfied on the talk that they have. He still wants to talk to that someone for a long time so he replied a sad face. It took a while for that someone to reply so Kai thought that she might already logged out but before he could also click the close button of his browser, a beep and a chat box popped out with a name that really made his smile back. It’s not just the name but also the message that he received that made his night complete.

“Don’t be sad. We’ll still see each other tomorrow. I’m excited~ So, good night and have a dream with me ♥♥♥”

-The next day-

         Early eight o’clock in the morning, the students are now coming batch by batch wearing their best casual clothes for this event. The high councils of different departments are still arranging and preparing their booth’s designs. Atsuko with her friends and of course the other students don’t expect that this will be great and looks exciting than before. There they have a lot of food stalls, Karaoke, otaku store, cosplayers from anime club that you can take a picture with and the most eye catching and targeted by the lovers or those who have crushes in the university are the Wedding booth by the Theater club and the Jail booth by the Computer Studies Department.
         As Atsuko’s section and the said department are combined together to make that booth, all of them go to it to help the others but of course, since they come late before the time that was said to be their preparing time, they just gave them some foods and waters as the booth are now all set. While waiting for the signal to officially open the event, Atsuko is thinking what will happen now. Will she see her prince blond midget today or not? Is she going to enjoy this event or not? Almost all of the questions that Atsuko had in her mind are about Kai. She didn’t even think if she will participate on one of the booths as she already know that no one will like to go with her and also, she doesn’t want it.
         It’s almost 12 in the afternoon and almost 3 hours had passed when the event started. Atsuko with her friends except for Rena who’s in charge on listing the names in the Jail booth, took their lunch together then sat on the stairs which is near the booth. They could see the blushing faces of the girls that are sent to jail with their love one or the other campus heartthrobs. Some of them are preventing themselves on showing that they’re glad that this is happening to them; it’s now or never so they should take this chance. It’s not only the girls who are enjoying this but also the guys. Some of them are they’re the one who’s listing their names to get caught by the ‘pretending- to-be a police’ students with the person that they like; pretending that they also didn’t know anything what is happening. In order to be in that jail, you need to pay for a cheap price so that the names that you want to be in will be caught by the ‘Police Students’. Police Students are random officers of the Computer Studies Department so you will not know if you’re the next prisoner or not unless you’re already been leashed by a red ribbon which have a partner ribbon on the other end. In order for the love prisoners to go out in jail, they have two options: they need to pick a question from the rolled piece of papers and answer it correctly or someone from outside or their friends will pay for their bail but if none of them were accomplished, they need to stay there for 30 minutes.

         Atsuko keep on laughing with the student’s expression on that booth and also in the Wedding Booth which is located on the opposite direction then suddenly she noticed something or rather someone who is missing.

“Ne Mariko ….. Where’s your Gachapin?” Atsuko wondered as she looked around to search for him.
“Eh? I don’t know. He’s beside me earlier” she answered then did the same followed by Haruna.
“Owh he said he will go tommpph~” Yukirin wasn’t able to continue her words when Mariko suddenly covered her mouth.
“to the comfort room. Yes! I remember now, he said that. hehe” Mariko laughed awkwardly then whispered to Yukirin like she’s going to kill her, “I’ll kill you if she’ll know about it. That’s a secret you know?!”

Atsuko and Haruna gave a confused look at the two who are just smiling at them like nothing’s happened, then after it Atsuko decided to ignore it and continue on watching the funny expression of the students. After a few minutes, Atsuko noticed a strange person whose wearing sunglasses and keep on eyeing at her while his hands are on his back. Slowly, the man is now walking towards her and she felt scared about it. What if that man will do something harm on her? What if that man is holding a knife on his back then he will stab her? Those kinds of thoughts are running on her mind. Somehow, she felt that her feet are attached on the ground as she cannot move herself. She holds Yukirin’s hand and looks at her and said, “Do you know who is that man? He keeps on looking at me. He’s scary” but Yukirin calmly answered, “I don’t know. Maybe he’s not looking at you. You’re not the only one who’s in this direction. Don’t be a feeler Acchan”

Atsuko gave a sleepy look on her friend then rolled her eyes on what Yukirin said. Then back to the suspicious man, to her surprise, the man is now standing in front of her. The man removed his sunglasses and smiled evilly at her then showed a red ribbon and quickly holds her wrist.

Upon realization, Atsuko fluster and tried to remove the man’s possession, “Ch-ch-chotto! Chotto matte kudasai! I don’t want to! Guys help me!” she looked at her three remaining friends but all of them just have a grin on their faces and said, “Douzo Mr. Police”

         The Police Student assisted Atsuko to where her partner is and as she was already surrendered, she just let the man to take her. Followed by her three friends, Kuu showed up then give a smirk on Atsuko. Atsuko felt something on that smirk; she thought that the Gachapin did something or rather he was the mastermind of this happening. As they continue on walking, they can now see a woman who’s waving at them and she’s obviously one of the allies of this Police. The woman is holding the man’s wrist. The man is facing his back on them; he’s wearing a fitted polo shirt which is revealing his slightly muscular and manly looking shoulders. His another hand is in his pocket while he’s laughing with his friends in front of him like he doesn’t care if he was caught or not. Somehow, Atsuko is now convincing herself that her guess is wrong. Even though all the appearance of that man is really familiar, the back, the way of standing, the blond hair and of course the height, she doesn’t want to assure herself that he is Takahashi Kai.

“No! It can’t be! He’s not that man! But what if he really is? No way! I’m not ready!”

         As those kinds of thoughts are running on her mind, Atsuko didn’t notice that they are now close to the man with his friends. Atsuko gulped when she noticed a squirrel look man with dimples; now she knows that her guess is definitely right. The man who’s facing his back finally turns around slowly to face at her. Even though she already knew who he is, a shock expression still showed on her face without noticing that there’s also someone who did the same. There he is, Kai of her dreams who is smiling when he turned around but it quickly fade off when he look at the taller woman who’s with Atsuko.
         The two prisoners don’t have a choice; they just let the two Police students to take them into the Jail while their hands are leashed closely together. As they went inside, Atsuko can still see her friends and she is begging for them to bail them out but of course, because this is their plan, they just let Atsuko to cherish the once in a lifetime 30 minutes of her life with Kai. Even though Atsuko like what is happening right now, she doesn’t want her feelings to show up in this kind of situation so she’s trying her best to convince her friends; of course, she failed because all of them end up laughing at her redden face. Both of the prisoner don’t know what to do, Kai is just wandering around while Atsuko remained silent then suddenly, when a bunch of prisoners entered the Jail, the blond quickly move himself in front of Atsuko to protect her with those people. Their faces and bodies are now centimeters apart without noticing that their leashed hands are now intertwined. They looked directly at each other’s eyes for a few minutes just like the two of them are in love. Atsuko, same as Kai can feel the heat rose up onto their faces but somehow, they can’t manage to remove their eyes off. Meanwhile outside the Jail, Haruna saw everything what happened and it makes her heart hurt and jealousy dominates herself so she decided to leave quietly so that the others will not notice her but she’s wrong, Kuu was monitoring her actions since the start and the Gachapin is now at the peak of ‘knowing what’s going on with Haruna and Kai’.

“Okay! Eyes here! Who’s willing to answer a question?” Rena shouted that made Kai and Atsuko startle and break their staring session. Thank god Rena did that or else they might end up melting each other (if that can happen).
“H-Hai! Us! We want to!” Kai removed himself then raised his hand to point Rena’s attention to them.

Rena walked to their location while giving a smirk the two notice that she is not looking at their faces but on their hands; their 'still intertwined' hands. Both of them quickly remove it and blushed.
"Okay jail lovers... Since the two of you are IT students, I'll give you a question that will suit to your profession. Here, pick one" Rena showed an open box that has a lot of rolled pieces of papers.
"Call me again if you want to answer. I'll just go to the other prisoners"

Kai looked at Atsuko while holding the piece of paper that he got and asked, "So, we're in the same department. I'm a second year student. How about you?"
"I know. ... I mean, me too. I'm a second year student also..... Let's take a look on the question so we can get out of this. hehe" Atsuko said nervously then Kai shared the question to her.

What is the output of this:
system.out.println("I love you")

Both of them scanned the question carefully as both of their heads pressed on each other then suddenly, Kai called Rena to say his answer without consulting Atsuko.
"The output is, I love you" Kai said while looking at the paper then on Atsuko's face. The woman's thoughts went wild again as she thought that Kai is like saying those words to her even though it's just an answer. Atsuko avoid the blond's look and pretended that she wants to look at the question again.

"You're wrong.... Try to look on it carefully" Rena grinned.
"Oh I know! That should be on the second line because of the println?" Kai tried again.
"Nope. .. Wrong again. If you will not get the correct answer on your third try, you need to stay here for another 30 minutes again. Think about it carefully if you want to go out or else you really want to be with together in this” Rena winked at them then leaves again when the other student called her.

“I know Atsuko already knew the answer but ….. the real question is, will she answer it correctly or will she choose to be with Takahashi-san for another 30 minutes?” Kuu whispered at Mariko and Yukirin then the two answered,
“We’ll see” the three of them smirked at their friend but Atsuko ignored them and focused on the question. As if she can focus when the blond suddenly rested his head on her shoulder. She was shocked on it and even though she can’t see her face right now, she knows that it’s badly flushing red.

“Damn it. He’s such a flirt! We only met today and yet he’s doing this?! Does he know or is it too obvious that I like him?! Aarrgh!” She thought as she looked on the closed eyes blond.
“I should stop this. He must not know that I like what he’s doing! I’m going to answer this simple question!”
“Rena! I know now the answer!” Atsuko called her friend and it made Kai to look up.
“Really? Don’t you want to stay a little long-” Rena wasn’t able to continue teasing her friend when Atsuko suddenly stepped on her feet and gave a murderous look.

“Okay okay. What’s the answer then?” she asked with a pain on her tone.
“The answer is …… No output. This will be an error because there’s no semi colon” Atsuko answered; proud of herself answering a simple question.
“Eh?! You’re right! Oh damn it! Why I didn’t notice it. hehe” Kai chuckled a bit while scratching the back of his head.
“Nice one Acchan. You two can now go. This way please”

Kai and Atsuko leave the Jail and remove the thread that made them together for almost 30 minutes but before they could part ways, Kai suddenly hold her hand and said,
“Nice to be with you. Takahashi Kai desu” Kai offered a handshake.
“Maeda Atsuko desu. Sorry for the disturbance that my friend did just to make fun of me” Atsuko accepted the offer with a smile.
“Ehem .. Ehem” Kuu with Mariko and Yukirin showed up and pretended to cough.
“Oh guys. By the way, he’s Takahashi-san” Atsuko said to them with a ‘pretend that we did not know him’ look.
“Hajimemashite Takahashi-san” the three greeted in chorus.
“Someone’s missing ….. where’s Nyan-nyan?” Atsuko asked in confusion.
“Eh? You’re right. Where is she?” Yukirin looked around.
“I’m the one who should ask that! You’re with her earlier!”

         All of them are wandering around to find their friend then suddenly a loud scream from a group of girls captured their attention. They looked at them and some of them are crying and shouting a “Nooo! Oshima-kun” and beside of those girls are boys who are preventing themselves to let out their anger. The crowd is making a circle around the Wedding Booth like there’s a royal wedding that is happening. The four with Kai run quickly towards it as all of them have the same thoughts, “Oshima Yuko and Kojima Haruna’s Wedding”
         As expected, they are now seeing Yuko wearing a black coat while Haruna have a bridal veil. Four of Haruna’s friends are not expecting that this will happen today. They did not know that these two have a ‘something special’ relationship. They’re also confused if these two are meeting or dating privately but based on Haruna’s actions, she seemed not in love these days and also on Kuu’s investigation, she’s in love with the other person. Speaking of another person, Kuu checked if Kai is still with them and just like what he thought, he’s gone.

The wedding of the two campus crushes seemed on its final ceremony when the ‘priest look like’ said, “You may now kiss the bride”
Then suddenly a student from the Theater Club spoke “The bride may not allow the groom to kiss her since this is not a official wedding or something BUT in order for that to happen, she must pay a high price or if someone will pay for her”

         Since the fee for the kiss is too expensive, the fangirls and fanboys of Haruna and Yuko had nothing to do and just let that kiss happen even if it’s against their will. Haruna on the other hand also doesn’t have enough money for that; even though it’s just a kiss on the cheek, she still want that ‘another person’ to be her first kiss.

“I think no one has the guts to pay. You may now kiss her Oshima-san” The priest declared.

Haruna closed her eyes while Yuko’s face is now moving closer to her. The girls’ scream is a bit louder now than earlier as every millisecond are passing, their prince’s lovely lips are moving closer to the blushing cheeks of Haruna. It was only centimeters apart when the student speaker earlier spoke again and two muscular men grabbed Yuko’s arms and move him away from the woman. The crowd are wondering why it happened while the fangirls and fanboys were relieved about it same as Haruna.

“Relax girls and boys over there. Give your thanks to someone named ‘Persona’ for paying the kiss fee. That someone doesn’t want to reveal his/her name. I guess this wedding will end here. Thanks for watching and let us wait for another batch of grooms and brides later” By that words from the President of Theater Club, all of them are relieved except for one ……

“Chotto! Let me go! Let me Kiss Kojima-san! You two are unfair! You’re using your ………” Yuko scanned the muscular bodies “….. big bodies on the little one like me! Unfair! Unfair! Unfair!”. The men ignored the squirrel’s grievances and continued on moving him away from the booth. Poor Yuko~

“That was close Nyan-nyan. Phew! We should be thankful to that ‘Persona’. I wonder who is that person ….” Yukirin said when all of them go to where Haruna is.
“Yeah … I also wonder who is he/she … ” Haruna look far away when she noticed a suspicious person who might be that ‘Persona’ and her thoughts earlier were right; HE is Persona. “Thank you and I hope you’re not mad” she said to herself.
“Oh by the way, you still need to explain why all of this happened. Are you dating with Oshima-san?” Kuu smirked and followed by the remaining three. They continued their engravings when Haruna rolled her eyes and ignored them.

TBC ..  :cow:
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LOL poor Yuu
“Don’t be sad. We’ll still see each other tomorrow. I’m excited~ So, good night and have a dream with me ♥♥♥”
Arghh I wonder who is this SOMEONE  :mon look:
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Wow....complicated love
I kinda fell sad for atsuko n yuko
Please..please...put them back to their original couple
Atsumina n kojiyuu gambatte
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Chapter 5: Rena's Secret and a Confession


         Haruna move away from her friends and of course, from Atsuko and Kai who look so sweet on their actions inside the jail. The staring sessions of them plus the holding hands are totally killing the taller woman’s heart. She wished that she was on Atsuko’s position right now. As she continued on walking far away from them, Kai’s eyes which were looking on her friend’s eyes like he was mesmerized by her and his hand that was intertwined with the other woman were keep on flashing back on her mind. By those thoughts, it’s just making herself even more jealous and wanting to be with Kai every minute every second of this day. Yes she’s selfish for wanting Kai to be herself for today or even on the next days. While Haruna was lost on her thoughts, she didn’t notice that she’s now at the middle of the university’s ground. She only noticed it when the crowd encircled her while looking at her with jealousy. Then suddenly, as she was about to walk again and decided to ignore their gaze, she heard a complaint with a pain tone on it.

“Chot--- Itaii~!” a man who’s kneeling down groans in pain.
“Sorry mister. I didn’t see you there” Haruna apologized.
‘I don’t know if you’re insulting me or not. Yeah I know I’m small tss~’ Yuko thought then said, “It’s fine……..” he paused for awhile and hold the woman’s hand. “Kojima-san ……. Will you be my bride?”
“Ehhh??!!” Haruna blushed as she realize that the person who’s proposing to her right now is one of the heartthrobs of their university, of course, he’s also known as a player. She didn’t know what to answer as the crowd’s eyes are all pointing at them.

“Please?” Yuko pleaded when Haruna looked again at him.
“H-Hai .. Okay” She answered without any hesitation; just like she was hypnotized by the squirrel-look-like’s eyes.

After they heard Haruna’s answer, the members from the Theater club who are in-charge for their wedding immediately put a veil and a black coat to Haruna and Yuko then assist them to their wedding location. When the two reached it, as both of them were in front of the student-priest, Haruna suddenly realized, “What I’ve done? I approved this wedding without thinking about him? What will he think or feel when he will see this? ………….. Well, I guess its okay since he, himself, let those fake police to take him and be with …….. Arrgh! Okay, let’s do this wedding”

-End of Flashback-

         Haruna with her five friends, who stopped on forcing the cat-like woman to say that she’s having a relationship with Yuko, is now tracing the hallway to the stairs as they will now leave the university. The event ended at exactly 4:30 in the afternoon; the normal class dismissal. The six decided to not help the other students on cleaning all the messes that the event had caused since all of them felt laziness over their body. As they continued on walking silently on the hallway, an incoming sound of footsteps can be heard. And as the sound is coming closer, the owner of it is also slowly revealing himself. Atsuko and Haruna are shocked as they didn’t expect that the person who’s making the sound is no other than Kai. Both parties stopped for awhile to look at each other then continued on walking again. The blond on the other hand also didn’t expect that he will see these two girls; that their ways will meet after what happened to them earlier. Every second that is passing by, their distance is also getting closer and their heart beats are beating badly like they will meet a very important person; someone like a general manager.

“Waaa~! What will I do?! He’s now coming closer to us! Should I greet him? But we’re not that close yet! Or should I ignore him? But I don’t want him to think that I forgot already what happened to us!” Atsuko thought.

“Of all the students here, why him?! Why do we need to encounter him?! In this kind of place where we don’t have any choice but to pass each other! What should I do? I’m sure he saw all what happened earlier so there’s no need for me to give him a smile. The only thing that I can give to him is ………. Explanation? But how? And ………. Why do I need to explain myself?! Arrgh! This is freakin’ hard!” Haruna thought.

“I should’ve taken the other way! If only I followed my instincts, I will not see her here. This is not the right timing and place to meet her! Ugh~ What should I do? I cannot walk back and pretend that I forgot something because I’m really close to ………. them …………… now!!”

         As their distance became really close, Kai’s reflexes become automatic as his hands quickly grab the doorknob of the near classroom then dashed off inside. It’s not only the two girls who are confused why the blond went inside that room but also the remaining four. Meanwhile inside the room, the blond sighed in relief as he was thankful that the door isn’t lock because if that will be the case, his ‘avoiding plan’ will be surely fail.

“Does he have classes in that room?” Atsuko asked while she slightly tilts her head.
“Classes? But as far as I know, all evening classes are suspended” Kuu answered.
“Sou ….” Atsuko and Haruna said in a soft voice.

         When they all continue on walking, the other door of the room where Kai went to, made a sound as it was opened and revealed the blond who’s obviously in hurry to leave the place. Even though he’s just walking, it’s obvious that he really wants to run but he can’t because of some reasons. Atsuko and Haruna looked back at him with a worried look on their faces.

“What’s his problem? Is he avoiding me? But why? Could it be that he’s shy after that ‘jail thing’ that happened to us? Or he just wants to forget about it? Arrgh! Noooo! That can’t be happen! I thought we can be close now because of that event ………. I should think in positive way. Maybe that’s his room earlier and he forgot something so he just returned to get it. That’s right! That’s possible!” Atsuko said on her mind with full of encouragement.

“As expected, my thoughts are right. He’s avoiding me and it’s because of that stupid wedding. It was my fault on the first place so I deserve it if that what he wants. Now what? What will happen to us? Is it already over even if we’re not starting anything yet? Kai ………” Haruna frowned on her thoughts as she just looked at the ground while walking. The woman didn’t notice the Gachapin who’s giving a worried look on her.

         Those kinds of thoughts of the two women, Atsuko and Haruna continued while heading to their destination, going home. The two keep their frowned look and didn’t even hesitate to talk and it caused for them to have a very silent walking sessions. The remaining three, except for Kuu, who are not so bothered if Kai avoided them or not, was wondering why Haruna also seemed disappointed. Is it also a big deal for her when Kai did that? But why? For Atsuko, they already understand her but for Haruna …… Well, they still need to figure it out.
         When they arrived at the university’s main gate, the two women who’s still having a frowned look, sighed deeply in unison. This time, they will part their ways here and not in the usual place when the lovers, Mariko and Kuu decided to go alone and have their private time. Then suddenly, Rena excused herself while having a full smile on her face and obviously wanted to leave in hurry.

“Ano …. Guys, I’ll take my leave now. I have something important to do” She said while holding her phone and giving them a big smile. The four looked at each other with a grin on their faces as all of them suddenly thought of something that words are not needed to explain.
“Ooookay~ Go ahead. Itterasshai~” All of them said in chorus. Rena ignored what her friends giving to her and decided to just run far away from them quickly without realizing that her friends thought of a plan about her.

“So .. What are we going to do now? I guess we all have the same idea” Mariko smirked.
“I guess …. I’ll forget about my problem for now, let’s follow her” Atsuko confirmed their plans in their mind.
“Hai~ I guess this is the time that we’ll know what she’s hiding to us. She’s really acting weird these days” Yukirin said but she just receive a smirk that saying ‘same goes to you’.
“Ehh??! What’s with that look?! What are you thinking?!” Yukirin made her famous exaggerated shock expression.
“Owh nothing… now let’s go before she fade on our sight” Kuu ordered them but when they’re about to go, they noticed that Haruna stay on her position.

“Any problem Nyan-nyan? Are you not going with us?” Atsuko asked; a bit worried.
“I .. I’m fine” Haruna blushed while looking at her phone. “I need to go somewhere. Sorry guys, I’m not able to go with you now. Just let me know what you’ve figured out about Rena”
“Are you going to meet Oshima-kun? Well, good luck then. Tell us what you’ve done okay?” Atsuko teased.
“I’m not going with him! Now go before Rena could take a turn on that street!” Haruna pointed at Rena who is about to take her turn.
“Okay! Okay! Let’s go guys!”
“Ganbatte ne, Nyan-nyan …… I still don’t know what the two of you planning but I wish you all the best” Kuu whispered on her before taking his leave to follow their target.

         The four stalkers ran quickly then took their turn when their target did the same. Rena is walking peacefully and seemed happy as she swings her left hand while the other one is holding her phone; mailing to someone. Then as the time and their following passes by, the woman seemed not contented on mailing with someone as she dialed a number and put her phone near her ear.

“Moshi Moshi .. Hai! I’m on my way ..... Yeah sure, for you ….. ” Rena spoke with someone but her words stopped when she felt a thrill over her body. She felt that someone is following her but when she looked at her back, there’s none.

“Sorry. I just felt that someone or rather a bunch of stalker is following me ………… Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Wait me there. Bye” as she hanged up her phone, Rena continued on walking to her destination.

Meanwhile on the stalkers situation, all of them quickly hid at the back of a light post when they felt that their target was about to look back. They stood up straight and fell in line so they were able to fit at the size of the post. Keeping their breaths on their lungs while praying that they will not be caught, a rat suddenly passed by so before Yukirin could shout, all of their hands were automatically rushed to cover her mouth to prevent on letting out her loudest yell. After a few seconds, when they heard Rena’s footsteps again …………. One, two, three, four, their heads showed up one by one at the back of the light post to look at their friend.

“Who do you think it is? The one she’s talking on her phone earlier?” Atsuko asked them. Her eyes are still glued at their friend.
“I don’t know. We’ll figure it out later. Let’s go” Mariko leads them and start following again when Rena took another turn on the street.
“This way is somehow familiar …..” Kuu stated that made his co-stalkers look at him.
“We’re taking the way to a school but I can’t remember what the name of that school is”

         After taking a straight path then another turn, all of their eyes widen when they saw the school that Kuu was talking about earlier. It is the Akiba Highschool, the school that was established under their University’s owner. How come that they forgot about it since it also have the same name? All of them face palmed then quickly point their attention to Rena that made their eyes wide even more. There their friend is, she was gladly greeted with a tight hug as she slightly lifted then gave a gleam kiss on her lips by a man who’s having a not so long hair; it’s just an neck length hair and wearing an Akiba Highschool’s uniform. Rena’s friends are shaking their heads as they don’t know if their thoughts are right. Does their friend dating or rather have a relationship with this highschool student? This handsome highschool student?

“Happy Anniversary Jurio-kun” Rena said to the man.
“Hey! I told you to not call me like that. It’s Jun! Not Jurio!” the man who named Jun pouted cutely while his hands are still holding Rena’s.
“Owh~ You’re so cute ……….. Jurio-kun” Rena chuckled as she teased again the man then moves her head forward to touch her nose to Jun’s.
“Mou~ Okay I’ll let you call me that stinky name BUT it’s just for now since it’s our anniversary” Jun blushed. “Happy Anniversary too Rena-chan”

“EEEEHHHHH???!!!!” Upon realizing the situation that they witnessed and the words that they are hearing from their friend and her seemed like ‘boyfriend’, all of them said with the loudest tone that they can have. They quickly covered their mouths after it but it’s too late. The lovers who was about to kiss each other, stopped when they was interrupted by that shout. The four stalkers tried to hide again but Rena called them to come.

“Acchan! Mariko! Kuu and Yukirin! Come over here!”. The four had no choice since they’re already been caught on act. They move closer to their friend without looking directly at her flaming eyes.
“So, my instincts are right …. There are stalkers following me. What are you guys doing here?!”
“We’re sorry Rena …. It’s just, you’re making us curious because of your weird actions lately. You’re always going home early and leaving us but you always go on other way. Not the usual way. So we decided to follow you now to know everything about it” Atsuko explained while still looking down.
“Hey! Are we really the one who needs to explain?! And not you?! Tell us what this all about, now!” Mariko crossed her arms then raised her right eyebrow. The remaining three looked at her and thought ‘Nice one Marichan, reversing our situation’

Rena gulped then gave a awkward smile to them “Ano~ ….. ”
“Hajimemashite .. Jun Matsui desu. Rena-chan no kareshi” Jun interrupted Rena as he go in front of her friends.
“Ah! Now I remember! I know who you are! You are awarded as Mr. Akiba High that held in our University last year!” Yukirin pointed at the man.
“EHH?! Really?!” the three asked in chorus.
“Yes! Rena and I watched it ……….” Yukirin stopped when she realized something. “Aha! So does it mean that it was the time that you and Rena met?!”

Jun just scratched the back of his head and gave them a cute smile “Hai …. That was the first time that I met her and the time that I fell in love with her”
“Stop this question and answer portion now. It’s ……. It’s embarrassing” Rena intervened at their conversation while blushing.
“What did you hide it to us Rena? Are we not trustworthy enough for your secrets or you just don’t want us to meet your boyfriend?” Kuu asked seriously.
“No! It’s not like that …. It’s just I’m afraid that you might not like him since he’s still on highschool. The fact that he’s younger than me”
“Baka! So what if he’s younger than you? Remember, age doesn’t matter!” Kuu tapped the woman’s head.
“But height does ….” Atsuko smirked at Kuu and Mariko but the two gave a murderous look. “Okay, I’m just kidding …” Atsuko gestured a peace sign at the two. All of them laughed on how Atsuko withdraw her words; afraid that something bad might happen to her.

“By the way, where’s Nyan-nyan? Why she’s not with you?” Rena asked curiously.
“Oh, she said that she will go to somewhere. We did not force her to come with us since we thought that she might go with Oshima-kun” Atsuko chuckled innocently.
“If only you know about it Acchan …….” Kuu said silently.

         Meanwhile inside the Akiba University, Haruna sneaked inside when the guards are having their break. Slowly she walked at the hallway then run as fast as she can when she reached the stairs. She is now taking the path excitedly to the rooftop to meet with someone. While panting and gasping for some air as she reached her destination, she saw a man who’s looking at the other side while sitting at the edge of the rooftop. Haruna quietly walk towards him as she felt her heart skip a beat. She didn't know why she’s feeling nervous but at the same time, happy that she will meet this person. Before saying a word, Haruna took a deep breath and tried to relax herself.

“Kai-kun ……” by that call, she made the man to face her.
“Haruna-san …” Kai turn around then gave a smile but to his surprise, the woman suddenly go in front of him then hugs him tightly. Her arms are now crossed at his belly while her head is resting on his collarbone.
“Kai-kun! I’m sorry ….. I’m sorry about that wedding. I’m sorry if I let that happen it’s just …….”
“It’s just what?”
“It’s just ……. It let my jealousy to make that kind of decision” Haruna admitted; still not bothering to look at Kai.
“You don’t need to say sorry ……. “ Kai caressed her hair. “You’re jealous? Is it because of Maeda-san? I think I’m the one who should make an apology …… I’m sorry if I didn't refuse that jail thing it. I just did it because she’s your friend and I know that it was all a joke. Again, I’m sorry Haruna-san”

There was a silence between them for a couple of minutes. Both of them are hugging each other as their breaths and heart beats are the only sound that can be heard. The warm feeling of the sun rays from the sunset that is striking both of them made the woman to finally look up and face the blond.

“Are you mad at me?” she asked.
“No …. Why will I be mad at you?” The blond asked as he was clueless why the woman asked it.
“Then why you avoided me earlier?” Haruna pouted.
“Eh? That? Ano ….. It’s just I didn’t know what should I do and what I should say to you since I’m still shy and can’t believe that I will talk to you …… I’m sorry if I made you feel bad” Kai looked at his side.
“Sou~ I thought you’re mad at me….. Then if you’re shy, why did you call me to meet you here? I thought you will cancel it ……”
“hmm .. let’s just say that I thought that if I will be so sheepish about love again, I might end up losing you and you might be with ………… oh nevermind”
“Ooowwh~ I can smell someone who’s also jealous” Haruna smirked.
“Me? Jealous? Of course not …” Kai denied as he avoided the smirk of the woman.
“I didn’t say that it was you …..” she smirked even more then suddenly, that expression quickly fades off when the blond cupped her cheeks and looked directly onto her eyes.

“Yes. I’m jealous because ………… because I love you and I want you just for me” Kai confessed as he slowly moves his face closer to the woman. Their faces are now centimeters apart as both of them can feel their breathing.
“I’m all yours because I love you too …… Mr. Persona” Haruna smiled lovingly but with assurance on it then after the blond heard those words from his woman, the distance of their faces earlier disappeared when their lips finally touched each other to prove that they’re serious on what they confessed.

TBC ..  :cow: :wub:
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Chapter 6: Another Revelation (MaYuki)

         Together, hand in hand, the two individuals who confessed on each other and shared a sweet kiss at the rooftop quietly ran downstairs and avoided the roaming around guards. When they reached outside of their university, Kai put on his bonnet and Haruna was readying herself to start on walking towards their house. Before the woman could take a step, the blond reached for her hand and hold it firmly.

"Let me take you home. ..." he smiled.
"But. .. but your home is on the other way right? It'll be hard for you and you might go home late" Haruna said, a bit worried.
"I'll be fine. Don't worry. ..... I just need to assure that my girlfriend will be home safe" By that words from her man, Haruna nodded while blushing. The two started to walk while swinging their intertwined hands.

At the crossing road near Haruna’s house, a group of four girls with two men passed by and stopped when they noticed a familiar face.

“Isn’t that Nyan-nyan?” Yukirin asked.
“Yeah .. That’s her ……. Nya-” Atsuko was about to call Haruna but she was cut off by the Gachapin as he covered the woman’s mouth.
“Sssshh~ can’t you see that she’s busy? We might disturb them” Kuu pointed at Haruna with a man who’s facing their back at them.
“Who do you think it is? I can’t see the man’s face! Plus he’s even wearing a bonnet!” Rena was irritated as she tried to figure out who the man is.
“Such a gossip girl. Come here ….. We’re going home” Jun wrapped his arm over his girlfriend’s neck then slowly dragging her to their way home “We’ll take our leave now. Nice to meet you all” he bowed his head a bit then continued his business with his girlfriend.

“Tell me, who among them is really the highschool student?” Mariko asked as she stared at the lovers with a weird face.
“Hey! They’re gone!” Yukirin pointed at the recent location of Haruna.
“EH?! Ugh, we didn’t have a chance to see they guy’s face” Atsuko pouted “Maybe he’s Oshima-kun …. What do you think? …. Now let’s go home, let’s just put Nyan-nyan on the hot seat tomorrow” she laughed as she continued on taking her way home. The remaining three followed while the Gachapin is giving a worried look on her.

         It’s almost 7pm when Atsuko got home. It’s dark in their house as all of the lights are still off. She called her parents but it seemed that they are not around. She switched on the lights and go to their kitchen to prepare for her food and eat alone while watching a showbiz related show. Then suddenly, she stood up quickly and widened her eyes on what she saw.

“Woah! Kakkoi! Riku-san is sooooo cool! He proposed on Oshima-san! LIVE!” She said while the spoon is still inside her mouth. “I wish I can also have that kind of man” Atsuko smiled as her thoughts became Kai-related again.

         Atsuko shook her head to clear her thoughts and decided to finish her dinner before taking a shower and checking out her networking sites. After all the necessary things were done, she laid her stomach onto the bed as she opened her laptop and logged in her account. To her surprise, just like what she experienced before, she first blinked her eyes not once but many times as she also pinched her cheeks to wake herself up if she’s just dreaming. But what she’s seeing right now is true, it’s true that she have a message from her blond prince, Kai.

To: Atsuko
-Konbanwa ^.^ .. I had fun earlier even though I wasn’t able to answer the question. Haha .. By the way, I’m sorry for what I did. For avoiding you ….. it’s just I’m shy to talk and look directly to your eyes. ^^> I hope we can become friends Maeda-san

To: Kai
-Konbanwa ^_^ .. Me too, I really had fun earlier. You're just shy? I thought you're mad at me. Hehe. . It's fine now..

To: Atsuko
-So, friends? :)

To: Kai
-Hai! Friends :))

         Until their conversation continued and ended when they noticed that it's already late in the evening, Atsuko still can't believe on it; that she had a conversation with Kai. Before, she's just dreaming about it but now it was not a dream anymore as it actually happened with a bonus of they become friends. Same as the woman, Kai slept with a smile on his face, the only difference is the reason of his smiles us not Atsuko but Haruna whom he talked with before going to sleep.

"Oyasumi~ Have a dream with me and. ....... I love you"

Those words are kept on repeating the blond's mind as he can also imagine the face of the woman while saying it.

         Another morning and another day of school came. Atsuko is now walking towards the university when she noticed at the corner of her eye a two individuals who are looking so sweet. There is Jun who just gave Rena's bag and before he leaves, he give a rush kiss on the woman's cheek and run while waving his hand. Rena had nothing to do on the younger man's action so she just waved also her hand to say goodbye.

"Oh Acchan. .. Let's go?" she greeted when she saw Atsuko looking at her.
"I wish I can also experience that..." she said as both of them continued on walking.
"That? What it is?"
"What you and Jun-kun did. hehe.."
"Owh. .." Rena blushed. "Time will come for you. ... You never know, maybe later it will happen to you”
“Well …… I guess” Atsuko smirked as she skipped joyfully but in a wrong way to their room.
“Chotto Acchan! What’s with that smirk?!”

“Look what we have here. What’s the reason of that big smile Acchan?” Mariko asked then gave a smirk.
“Guess what …………. I had a conversation with Kai-san last night! AND he sent a message first!” Atsuko announced with full big smile and by that, it made Haruna’s attention to turn on her.

“What? Kai sent a message on her? But why? What did they talk about?” Haruna thought as she felt kinda jealous on it.

Before Atsuko could talk again, Haruna interrupted her by saying “Guys ….. I’ll join Theater Club later …. They’re accepting applicants now”
“Really Nyan-nyan? Me too! Kai-san ……… asked me if I want to” Atsuko blushed on her last words without noticing the puzzled look of her friend.
“I told you Acchan! Maybe that’s the sign!”
“I hope so Rena ….”

“Hoho .. I can smell rivalry ……. What are you going to do Haruna? Are you going to say it to Acchan or not?” Kuu said to himself then smirked when Haruna looked at him.
“How about you Nyan-nyan? Who asked you to join? Oshima-san?” Kuu teased but he never thought that his teasing was true.
“Hai ….” She answered shyly “She sent me a message last night and ……. I thought it will be great since I haven’t join any club”
“EEEHHH??!! I knew it! You’re really dating Oshima-kun!!” Atsuko with Yukirin and Rena squealed in chorus while Mariko and Kuu remained relax.
“No I’m not! Because …….” Haruna paused for awhile then whispered softly “Kai and I are dating”
“What? Are you saying something Nyan-nyan?”
“Nothing …. I said let’s go together at the theater later”

         Their conversations ended when their professor entered the room exactly when the bell rang. Today they will have two subjects before they can take their break. While those professors are lecturing, the Gachapin's attention was not on it instead he's just thinking about his friends situation. What will happen to Haruna and Atsuko if they will join together in the same club? The same club with the same love interest. Is she going to say it to Atsuko or just let Haruna to do it? There are still some thoughts that are running into Kuu's mind like is it going to be a rivalry between Atsuko and Haruna or Kai and Yuko also since it's obvious that the squirrel guy likes their friend. If that so, Atsuko will be abandoned because no one will fight for her love UNLESS one of those guys will give up or rather realize or will fall in love with her. Kuu said to himself that he or them still need to observe things and happenings about them. He will not butt in into their problems if it’s still not needed or if they can still handle it. He's sure, someday all the secrets that they're hiding will be revealed and it will really cause an ultimate heartbreak and even hatred. It's really going to be a big problem not only with Haruna and Atsuko but also for them as their friends.

         On the time that they took their break, they only spent 15 minutes on eating their lunch then after it, they went at the theater club's room. Actually, it’s only Haruna and Atsuko who will join while Kuu and the others are just wanted to come. ........... for moral support (lol). Before they could reach inside the club's room, they heard a sudden loud thud and a squeal from their back. By those obvious hurtful sounds, all of them turn around to look on it and to their surprise, they saw one of their close friends who left them for awhile to go to some place; Kashiwagi Yuki.

“Yukirin! What the hell are you doing? Are you fine?” Atsuko asked worriedly as they all went to the woman who remained on the ground while rubbing her sore bottom.
“Where did you go? What happened to you?” Rena added.
“Do you really need to ask what happened to her, Rena? Is it not obvious enough that she fell because of her stupidity?” Mariko raised her eyebrows while the two just rolled their eyes and ignored the trolling tall woman.

“I … I … when I was about to go here, I …. I saw ….. I saw a rat! Right, I saw a rat and that made me to run and accidentally ….. yeah accidentally and not because of my stupidity, I twisted an ankle then fell here” she explain with a pain on her voice.
“Can you stand up?”
“I can but I think can’t walk. My foot ….. it still hurt”
“Then we should take you to the clinic” Kuu was about to lift her up but she stopped the man from doing it.
“Ch-chotto! Where? At the clinic? No! I don’t want to go there!”
“But you need to …. we don’t want to lift you until dismissal, you know?!”
“But …”
“No buts. You’re going there ….. hop on my back now” Kuu went in front of the woman and positioned himself for piggy ride. Yukirin had no choice but to do it. She doesn’t want to be a burden with her friends.
“We’ll follow you later Acchan and Nyan-nyan after this. Let’s go Marichan and Rena”

The two nodded then head inside the club’s room when the three started on walking to their destination. When Atsuko and Haruna opened the door and showed the theater’s members, all of them looked at the two women including the surprised two midgets.

“Welcome aboard! Our very first applicants!” a woman who seemed like she’s a president greeted.
“SayaGori! Don’t scare them! ….. Welcome beautiful ladies. I’m Miyazawa Sae. Are you going to join our club?” a man who has a very ikemen type quickly shake his hand to Atsuko but when it comes to Haruna, he’s going to kiss her hand. Before the ikemen’s lips could touch the soft hand of the woman, he was quickly and hardly pushed to the side by the midget squirrel that made him fall to the ground.

“Don’t ever touch my Nyan-nyan! If you don’t want to die!”
Haruna just gave him a confused look and said “I’m not YOUR Nyan-nyan! And are we close enough to call me like that?”
“hmm .. Yes?” Yuko smirked. “You came here because I told you to and of course you do want to be with me”
“You’re wrong! I came here because …..” Haruna looked at the other midget who’s currently on Yuko’s side. “…because I want to experience new things”
“New things with me?” the squirrel smirked again then hold her hand.
“Of course! ………… NOT!” she removed Yuko’s possession on her hand and look again to Kai but the man seemed busy with Atsuko now.

“I’m glad you accepted my offer. I’m looking forward on acting with you” Kai greeted Atsuko with a smile.
“Me too. But of course, we need to pass the audition first. hehe” Atsuko said with a blush.
“Oh don’t worry about it! Both of you are accepted already!” Sayaka interrupted them.
“WHAAAAT?!” the other members complained.
“What? I can expel them if they can’t act well but for now, let’s just accept them since they are our first applicants”
“Really? Don’t worry, we’ll do our best! Did you hear that Nyan-nyan? We’re part of this club now!” she said to Haruna who’s just giving a slight smile.

Haruna met Kai’s eyes. They stared for awhile when Atsuko and Yuko went to the table to fill up some forms to finish their registration. Without any words coming from them, like they’re talking only with their eyes, Haruna thought “Why did you invite Atsuko instead of me?”

“Haruna let me …….” Kai was about to explain and hold her hand but he was interrupted by Yuko when he called the woman.
“Nyan-nyan! Come here and finish these forms!”
“Coming!” Haruna left the man who just giving a worried looks at her. Worried on what will happen to them now.

“Do you smell something fishy on them, Gorichan?” Sae whispered on their president.
“Yes. That why I accepted them quickly. Maybe this is going to be fun” Sayaka smirked.

-Meanwhile at the clinic-

“Good afternoon doc” Kuu greeted but a woman came out to assist them.
“The doctor is not here. He’ll be back later. What happened?”
“Oh, my friend had an injury on her foot. Can you please do something on it?”
“Put her first on the bed so she can relax. I’m not allowed to do things like that. I’m only responsible for medicines. I’m sorry”
“Is that so? Okay ….. We’ll leave you now Yukirin. We’ll be back here when Acchan and Nyan-nyan’s audition finished”

By Yukirin’s nod, the three left the clinic. Yukirin feel so nervous when she noticed the woman is always looking at her in a weird way. “She’s beautiful but she has this weird aura and still …….. I hate her!”.
Then suddenly, she walked towards Yukirin that made the woman feel even more nervous.
“Stay here. I’m going to call Mayu-kun” the woman smiled.

         She gave an awkward smile to the woman and when she left, Yukirin felt relieve on it. “Ugh. If only I did not have this stupid injury, I will not be here. I don’t want to be here! I hate him! I don’t want to see him! And what’s with that ‘Mayu-kun’ thing?! Are they close enough to call him like that?! Grr! I’m really going to kill that woman!”. The time passed by and still, no one is coming inside. She rests her back on the bed while looking at the plain ceiling and slowly, her eyes begin to close without noticing it. Another minutes had passed, Yukirin is now in dreamland as she’s having a full of sweets around her. She felt excited on it but at the same time, she doesn’t know what to eat first. “This one? This one? Or This one?” she hold three sweets on her hand but when she was about to eat one of it, a pair of lip touched her cheek that made her to wake up.

         She opened her sleepy eyes slowly and rubs it and when her visions became clear, she’s surprised to see a smiling man who’s wearing a white doctor gown.
“What a great day to see this person” she thought. Yukirin was about to smile back on the man when she suddenly realized something.
“Wait! I forgot! I’m mad with this person! I hate him!” she said to himself as she turns around to face the wall and avoid the melting looks of the man.

“Still mad at me?” he asked but the woman remained silent.
"See what happened to you? If only you listened to my explanation and did not run, you will not be hurt" the man touched her thighs down to her injured foot.
Yukirin gulped and felt a thrill over her body. She should not carry away with those touches. She still needs to show that she's really mad with this person.
"Don't touch me! Why are you here?! I don't want to see you!"
"Why am I here? This is my place remember?” Even though she couldn’t see the man, she know that he’s having a smirk right now and by imagining this she couldn’t help herself to feel even more irritated.

Yukirin quickly turn around again to face the man and show her twitching eyebrows but instead of giving him an angry aura and expression, her eyes widened in shock when the man is now lying next to her as their faces become centimeters apart only. She gulped not once but twice as her heart also skipping a million times per second when she can feel their warm breathings.

“Why does he look so calm?! I’m having a hard time here and yet he’s just giving me that ….. that lovely and melting smile?!”

“Yuki … please don’t be mad at me and let me explain first” The man changed his expression into a serious one and by the woman’s silence, he continued
“It’s not what you think between me and my assistant. We’re just friends and most of all, a co-worker. What you’ve saw earlier is not what you suppose to see and think. We did not do anything. I just wiped her tears because her boyfriend broke up with her then it was the time that you saw us in a wrong angle” the doctor explained himself with sincerity on his face.
“Mayu …….”
“Listen Yuki ….. I will never betray you because you’re the only girl for me and I love you” the doctor named Mayu touch his forehead onto the woman’s then cupped her cheeks while caressing it.
“R-Really? Promise?” she asked with a mild voice as her anger was quickly changed by the man’s assuring words.

“Hai …. Even though she’s having a nice oshiri, a big two chest muscles, and ………….. ITAAAII~!!!” Mayu groaned in pain when Yuki bumped her head on him and turn around again.
“Why did you do that? It hurts!” he rubbed his forehead.
“I hate you!”
Mayu wrapped his arms over Yukirin’s body and position his head near on the woman’s ear then whispered “….. but I love you”
“I don’t believe you” she pouted.
“Do you want me to prove it to you?” Mayu started on kissing her neck up to her jaw while slowly making the woman to pin her back on the bed. Yukirin put her arms around the man’s neck to feel him even more. While caressing her left cheek, Mayu’s lips are now trailing off to the woman’s lips but before they could collide, a sudden knock from the door and showing five shocked individuals made them to startle.

“W-What are you doing?” Rena asked as her eyes remained wide in shock.
“BakaRena .. Here you go again, asking questions which already have an obvious answer” Mariko said but her eyes are also glued at the two who remained on their positions. Both of them are also shock on the sudden revelation.
“Can you please explain what’s happening here? And ………. Can you please explain it in proper positions? Not like that” Atsuko added.

Upon realization from Atsuko’s words, the two got up and sit down properly while fixing themselves like there’s nothing happened. Yukirin keep on looking at the floor as she felt embarrass on what her friends saw so Mayu aim to start on explaining everything.
“Ano ……. First of all, can you please not tell this to anyone? You know that what you saw right now is forbidden so ………. Please, I don’t want to lose my job”
“Then explain us what did you do to our friend. We take her here to cure her injury and not to be harassed by a pervert doctor!” Kuu said with an angry tone. Before Mayu could talk again to defend himself, Yukirin stood up and look at her friends.
“He’s my boyfriend!” she proudly said.
“WHAAAAAATT??!!!” the shock that they experienced earlier increased a lot because of what their friend admitted.

“We’re dating for almost a year now and if you're thinking that he's too old for me, you're wrong because he's on the same age like us"
"Se~no. ..... WHAAAAATTT?" Atsuko lead them. "How come?"
"Well it's just because he's too smart that's why he was accelerated before"
"You don't need to say that. It's embarrassing Yuki" Mayu said with a pinch of red on his cheeks.
"Sugoii! That's not embarrassing! You should be proud of yourself! I wish I can also be like that" Haruna said with a tilt of her head.

"I...... I still can't get over with these revelations. First, we knew about Jun and Rena's relationship and now, Yukirin and. ..... this doctor!" Atsuko messed up her hair a bit.
"Dr. Watanabe Mayu desu" he introduced.
"I second the motion Acchan. Now we know the secrets of these two who are acting strangely these days. hmm. I wonder who will be the next one to reveal a secret. . ...." Kuu said as he took a glance at Haruna who looks so nervous now. "..... maybe you, Acchan? Tell us now if you have a secret" he smirked.

"Yes I do have a secret. ... I’m keeping this for a long time so I'm going to say it now because I trust you.....” she took a deep breath then continued “ ……Guys, Kai and I have a relationship" By this declaration from Atsuko, everyone became silent while looking with wide eyes at her specially Haruna who is now slightly twitching her eyebrows.
".... BUT if he will know about our relationship, we're going to break up. It’s only me who knows about it. Haha" Atsuko added to remove her friends' shock expressions.

After they heard it from the woman, all of them faced palm while Haruna just let out a sigh as she felt relieve about it. Thank god it was just a joke or else something bad might happen to her and Atsuko.
"You got us there Acchan. Nice one" Mariko said.
"You can really be a good actress you know? I thought it's true!" Yukirin added.
"Well if that is true, I'm sure something bad will happen" Kuu take a look again at Haruna then continued "I mean you'll surely get killed by Kai's fangirls"
"Then I'm ready to fight with them" Atsuko positioned herself in a funny fighting pose that made her friends to laugh then suddenly she realized,
"I forgot. ... Aaarrgh! Why did I say that?! I forgot that we're with someone else!" Atsuko pointed at the doctor.
"Hehe. I think I'm now part of your 'keeping a secret' team. Don't worry, I will not say it to anyone" Mayu smiled.
"Just make it sure doc! Or else, I'll kill you with these syringes!"

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Chapter 7: Falling in love or Falling out of love?

         After the incident happened between Dr. Watanabe and Yukirin, all the revelations that they knew, all of them went back to their classroom for their next subject. While they are walking towards it, they can hear loud girly screams that is obviously coming inside their room. They looked at each other with confusion and when Kuu opened the door, the reason why most of their classmates were screaming showed up as they were seating at the back seat.

To Atsuko and Haruna's surprise they suddenly squealed in chorus, "Kai-kun?! Yuko-san?! What are you doing here?!"
The two men heard the familiar voices so they quickly turn their head to look at them with a smile, "Yo! Come in! The class will start soon"
"What are you two doing here? You belong on the other class" Rena said.

"We just want to be here. Maybe it's more fun here" Yuko answered.
"Here or its more fun with Nyan-nyan?" Atsuko smirked.
"Of course that's also included. Haha!"
"Baka! Can you go back to your own class now?! You even take Ka-- Takahashi-san with your silliness" Haruna interfered.
"I can but I don't want to" the squirrel smirked but Haruna just rolled her eyes and avoid him.
"Yuko didn't take me here. I also want to be here. ....." Kai didn't know why he looked and smiled at Atsuko who just blushed on it; and when he turn to look at his woman, he's late, she already saw what he did.
"To guard you. ....... and every girl here that might get molested by my friend. Hehe" Kai continued as he laughed awkwardly. Now he's really dead with Haruna. He's wondering what will happen to their future conversation or if there will still have one.

Haruna doesn't have a chance to talk again when their professor entered to start the class. They quickly go to their respective seats and the two seat-in students just sat beside Haruna and the other one with Atsuko.
"You might get caught if you're too close with me. .." Atsuko can feel the heat rose up immediately on her face as she talks with the man beside her.
"Don't worry, that professor doesn't care much if there's another student in his class" Kai whispered but it sounds like it's not as all of the students and even the professor look at him.

"Takahashi-san!! If you will not shut your mouth, I will send you to the office! With Oshima-san!"
"Gomen nasai sensei. .." Kai apologized as he earned a soft giggle from Atsuko. Somehow, he found the woman so cute with her smiling face while making a wrinkle on her nose.

"Aarrgh! What are you thinking Kai?! You're here because you want to see Nyan-nyan and to protect her with your pervert friend! But. ..... wait, what am I doing here?! I should be beside her and not with Maeda-san!" Kai shake his head a bit then look to where Haruna is and to his surprise, the woman is also looking at him with a dull expression. He was about to make hand gestures but once again, Yuko made her attention to point at him.

         As the class continued, Kai also continued on observing what his friend will do to his girl. The time passes by and on those times, he's preventing himself to let out his anger as he doesn't want everyone to know their relationship in that way. He's closing his fists tightly and wanting to punch his friend with his every touch with Haruna's shoulders, hands, hair and even cheeks. "Why the hell she's allowing it?! Doesn't she know that her boyfriend is here?! She should avoid it!"

         Atsuko noticed that something is bothering with Kai as she looked at his still closed fist. She doesn't know why but it seems that her hand has its own mind as it hold the man. That made Kai to look at her and feel something strange. "Why does my heart acting like this? Hey! Stop beating so fast! Relax!"
"I. . I'm sorry. I don't know what I am doing. You just look something is bothering with you. ....." Atsuko removed her hand and look at the ground.
"That's fine... and thanks if you worry about me" Kai hold back her hand and gave an assuring smile without noticing a pair of teary eye that is looking at them.

At the not so far away part of the room, there's also someone who's watching all of their moves and analyzing all of it. "This is getting exciting. I thought this is only happening in dramas. I wonder what will happen on the next days and on the near next semester"

         When their class ended, Atsuko with the others and of course, with Kai and Yuko who remained as seat-in students in their class until the very last subject start walking down to the university’s ground to the main exit. All of Yuko’s fangirls felt envy on them as they really look so close with the squirrel but with Haruna, it’s different. They felt envy and most of all, anger. They don’t want her to be close with him because ……………….. actually, there’s no reason, they just don’t want anyone, specially a woman to be close with their Yuko. The man keeps on clinging on the woman’s arms and touching every soft and smooth skin of her even though he’s being push aside or even getting a smack on his head.
         While Yuko is busy with his business with Haruna, the two don’t notice another midget who’s looking at them with anger but despite of being angry, he also didn’t notice that his hand is holding another hand. All the way to where they will part their ways, Atsuko can’t remove the blush on her face and it increased badly when Kai said his goodbye to her.

"We'll leave now here. Goodbye Maeda-san. ..... See you tomorrow"
"Ah! H-Hai! Goodbye" Atsuko waved her hand nervously.
"Let's go now Yuko!!" Kai shouted at his friend who's still clinging on Haruna. Even though Yuko's hug at the woman is really tight, he still managed to get him and move away. Kai and Haruna's eyes met again with the same stare that they share earlier. The feeling of they want to talk but for some reason they don't know how and when.

"Har-- Kojima-san, we'll need to go now. I'm sorry with my friend's behavior. Goodbye" As Kai corrected himself from what he's going to say, he noticed a disappointed look of his woman; he had no choice but to call her like that when they're in front of their friends.

When the two men disappeared from their sight, Haruna starts to walk again and said, "I want to go home alone guys. ..... I'm not feeling well. Don't worry about me....."
She just receive a confused look from her friends and when Rena tried to go after her, Kuu prevented her and shook his head.

"Why he's acting like that? We're just a new couple and yet he's flirting with Acchan?! At first it's a bit fine if he invited her to join their club but. ...... the thing that I can't really take is he's holding her hand!!" Haruna gritted her teeth then continued her thoughts "What kind of man who will hold another woman's hand in front of his girlfriend?! He's a total flirt! I should've known about it! He's like Oshima-san!"

Haruna can't take what she feels right now so she shouted, "I hate him! I hate him! I hate himmpphh!!!" her words were interrupted when someone covered her mouth and dragged her on the near bench then made her to sit. Her eyes widen when she saw the person who’s the reason why she's being like this.

"Sshh~ don’t shout. People might think that I'm doing something bad" the small man said while still covering Haruna's mouth.
"What are you doing here? Aren’t you going home with Oshima-san?” she said as she managed remove the man’s hand. Kai look directly on her eyes as he cornered her by his arms that are put at the back of the bench.
“I came here to see you …. I want to talk to you …”
“See me? Or Acchan? This is not her way home ……. You should take the other way over there” Haruna rolled her eyes and look at the side.

“Don’t you hear it correctly? I said YOU, not Maeda-san ………” Kai said but the woman remained on her position and ignoring him. Kai knows that his woman is having a grouch on him so he decided to make things clear as he grab her chin to make her look at him.
“Haruna ….. I want to see and talk to you”
“Haruna? Or Kojima-san?” she pouted.
“Mou~ How long will you be like this?” Kai move his face even more closer to the woman as it became only centimeters away. “Listen, I’m sorry for what I’ve done … I promise, I will not do it again. Just don’t be like this”

“Why did you invite Acchan?”
“Eh? Ano … it’s because ……. I thought you weren’t interested on something like that. And since she’s your friend, I also want to be close with her”
“Owh~ Sou ka .... one more thing, why did you hold her hand?” Haruna gave a deadly glare.
“Hold? When? I didn’t do that …” Kai answered innocently. Haruna was about to stand up but she was restrained by the blond and made her sit again.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. And why you’re being like this? It’s not only me who did something really ………… err! Why you’re accepting all Yuko’s touches huh?! I’m just inches apart from you and yet ……….. Don’t you know that seeing you like that makes me want to blurt out that YOU’RE MY GIRL?!” Kai twitched his eyebrows as he look at the woman’s shocked eyes but after a milliseconds of staring, the blond felt something on his lips. He’s now feeling again the soft lips that were pressing on him before at the rooftop and that made him to widen his eyes on the sudden move of Haruna.

It only took a few seconds when Haruna decided to cut it before someone else sees them. “I guess both of us did something wrong……. So don’t be mad my Kai” she said as she gave a very lovely smile.
“Y-you don’t need to do that …” Kai blushed.
“Eh? You don’t like it? ….. Okay then I’ll never do it again” Haruna teased.
“No! I mean, what if someone sees us …”
“Look. There’s no one here” Haruna smirked.
“Oh stop it now. Let’s go, I’ll take you home …” Kai said as he want to change their topic to avoid the ultimate embarrassment that he’s feeling right now.

         The two walked with their intertwined hands to Kojima’s residence while having a discussion about themselves, about their secret relationship. They agreed that they will not tell anyone about it until they get a proper timing to say it. They also agreed that they will not touch or flirt with Yuko or Atsuko, but it seemed that of all their agreements, it’s the only thing that they can’t do or avoid. The days pass by and on those days, Yuko and Kai continued on being a seat-in student in Atsuko’s class whenever they have a free time. Kai was always with Atsuko as they both look comfortable with each other. The other students noticed also their sudden closeness as some of them were making issues that they are dating. Haruna with Yuko on the other hand were also treated the same; there are some rumors that behind Haruna's resisting sessions with the man, she actually like what he's doing to her. By those issues, Kuu is now having a hard time on thinking and figuring out what will happen next.
         The final day of their first semester came, and on this day, they will have their final exams. Until now, both parties remained the same; Yuko with Haruna and Kai with Atsuko. The couple who agreed on some agreements is trying their best to not be so close to the persons who are the main reason for their jealousy. They can't do anything about it as somehow they thought that this must be nice to prevent everyone on knowing about their relationship. The two were just spending their time together every weekend in Kojima's residence when her parents insisted that Kai should not take their daughter anywhere when Haruna introduced him to them.

"Mou~Yuuchan! Get back here! Bring back my reviewers!" Haruna shouted while running after the squirrel at the hallway.
"Give me a chuu first!" Yuko stopped as he made his lips longer like he's waiting for a kiss. Haruna blushed because of the cuteness of the man and said,
"I don't want to!" She quickly took the papers from the hand and starts running away from him but the little man don’t give up as he run as fast as he can to capture the woman.
"Gotcha Nyan-nyan!" Yuko hugged her from the back.
"Let go of me! You pervert!"
"Nyan-nyan. ..." he said in a serious tone that made the woman to stop on freeing herself from his hug.
"....... I really like you"
"Yuuchan. ..." Haruna turn around to face Yuko but something catches her eyes when she looked at the window of their classroom.

There they are, her boyfriend with her friend doing something. ..... so sweet. Kai is sitting across Atsuko while resting his head on the table. He's wearing a smile while doing something funny on Atsuko face; pinching and sometimes poking her cheeks, nose and even forehead.

"Let me go Yuuchan, I'm not in the mood. ..." Haruna frowned then start walking inside their room to review, as if she can review if she's thinking about Kai and Atsuko. Yuko just followed her with a confused look as he didn't know why the woman suddenly changes her mood.

"You don't need to review Acch--Maeda-san" Kai said as he corrected himself.
"Hehe. You can call me Acchan if you want. ..... " she giggled.
"We can just use our stock knowledge on answering that. .... Acchan" He blushed as he called the woman by her nickname. Atsuko found it so cute so she pinches the man's red cheek.
"Itaaaii~ why did you do that?"
"Gomen. .. It's just you're cute when you're blushing. ." Atsuko gave a cute smile while making a wrinkle on her nose.
"I'm not blushing!" The blond pouted then quickly pinch back Atsuko's cheeks but instead of slightly hurting the woman, he end up cupping both of her cheeks. The two stare at each other's eyes like they were captivated by each looks.

Their staring sessions continued for a few minutes and if looking at each other could melt, they are now probably gone. Every millisecond, their heads are moving closer same as their lips that seemed thirsty to feel each other but before that could happen, someone interrupted them by poking their temples.

"Chotto. ... As far as I know, PDA is not allowed here. Plus we're here to review and doing that is not part in the reviewer" the person smirk at Atsuko but it quickly fade when she look at Kai.
"Ha--Kojima-san. ......" Kai was shock to see her girlfriend with an obvious jealous expression with her eyes seems to be teary. Haruna can’t take what she’s seeing anymore so she decided to break what the two were sharing earlier.
“Nyan-nyan is right! Kai, just do it in private! We all know that you’re dating but you don’t need to lovey dovey Acchan here. Control yourself man” Yuko added.
“I .. We … arrgh! We’re not dating!” Kai shouted.
“What’s your problem Takahashi-san? Go back to your room with Oshima-san! We’ll now start the exams!” the professor scolded.

         The two lazily went back to their classroom when the professor told them to. Kai, who was worried again about Haruna, can’t focus on his exams. If only ‘Haruna’ is in the choices, he will surely answer all of it with that. ‘I’m such a fool! Why did I do that?! I got carried away with the situation! Damn it! I’ve made Haruna hurt again! Aargh! Why does Acchan have that kind of looks?! I can’t prevent myself on looking at her …… and also my heart beat, it’s not acting normal when I’m with her…… Could it be? ….. No! It can’t be! I love Haruna and she’s the only one for me. I need to think a plan for us. To make her feel special …..’
         It’s not only Kai who were troubled but also the two women that he left inside the room. Haruna is still thinking about him and the possible positive reasons why Kai did that but instead of thinking a positive one, all the negatives are running onto her mind. ‘Is he just acting or not? But his looks …….. it looks natural as if he really mean what he’s doing. Is he falling in love with Atsuko? But how about me? ….. I hate this. If only we can tell our relationship with everyone right now, this will not happen………. Atsuko please, let go of my Kai. Don’t make him fall in love with you. I can’t take it’ Haruna sobbed on her thoughts but he prevented herself to cry as she knows that it will get everyone’s attention.
         Meanwhile while shading the answers on the answer sheet that they have, Atsuko didn’t notice that she’s already shading out of the circle because of the scenes that were flashing back on her mind. ‘He’s making me fall in love more with him! Why he’s acting like that?! If only Nyan-nyan didn’t interrupt us, we might ………….. Aaaaah~!! I can’t take these thoughts anymore! I can feel the heat running up on my cheeks!! Kai, why you’re making me feel this way!’ Atsuko blushed while having a big smile on her face.

         It only took half an hour on answering their last final exam then Atsuko with others gathered up and start walking outside their room. On the time that they opened the door, it was also the time that the door from the room across them opened as it revealed the two midgets. The other is having a full smile while the other one look so stressed.
“What happened to you Kai-kun? Did you have a hard time on answering?” Rena asked.
“Huh? Ah, no .. I’m just thinking something …….important”
“Important? About how will you ………. You know, with Atsuko” Yuko smirked.
“Baka!! You’re really a pervert you know?”
“Yes I know. Thank you” the squirrel chuckled then quickly runs toward Haruna who also look problematic.

“Any problem Nyan-nyan?”
“Nothing. I just don’t feel well ……”
“Do you want me to make you feel well?” once again, the other midget smirked but he just received a hard smack on his head.
“Itaaii~ I’m just kidding …”
“I’m going home now …… See you next enrollment” Haruna starts to walk but after she took a few steps, a hand interrupted her from leaving.
“Chotto Kojima-san ……. I want to discuss something” from what the blond said, everyone looked at him confusedly. Haruna look at him a bit shock and wondering if he’s going to tell about their relationship same as the Gachapin.

“Minna … ano …. I …... I want to say that …… ano …… that”
“That you and Acchan are dating?” Yuko guessed.
“No! That ….. I ….” Kai take a look at Haruna.
“That Acchan is now pregnant and you’re the father?! Woah! You’re fast man!”
“BAKA Yuko! Can you please saying nonsense guess?! Okay, here it is ………… I’m planning to take you everyone in our resort. Don’t worry, it’s my treat….”
“Resort? Is that the resort that you’re family not visiting for a long time? The one that we used when we took out girls and fucmmpphhhhhh!!” Kai quickly covered the man’s mouth before he blurts out the secret that they did before.
“Yes that’s it! You don’t need to say those to them. Hehe. So what do you think?”

“Sounds nice! I’m in!” Mariko agreed.
“If my Marichan will go, I’ll go too” Kuu second the motion.
“Me too! Me too!” Rena and Yukirin said in chorus.
“If the whole troupe will come, then I’ll go too” Atsuko smiled.
“How about you Kojima-san?” Kai take a look at her again and hoping that she will agree on it because the plan is all about her.
“Pass …. I …. I’ll do something important on our short vacation”

“Whaaaaaaat?! Nyan-nyan! Please come! Please come with us!” Yuko pouted then continued, “I want to see you in bikinis! Ah! I mean, I want to be with you on our vacation. So please, come with us! I promise I will not look on the other sexy girls out there”
Haruna just gave him a ‘the hell I care’ look then suddenly, because of what Yuko said, she realized something that made her change her mind. “Ok, I’ll go”
“Yattaaaaa! I will see Nyan-nyan in bikinis! I know you also want me to see my abs!”

Haruna ignored what the squirrel is saying and just focus at the blond and thought ‘I’ll go because of you. I want to make sure everything will be fine. I'll make sure that you're only for me ....... just for me’

“What is this all about huh? An outing Kai? Can we go?! Can we? Can we?” An ikemen type guy suddenly popped out with a manly woman beside her.
“Sure Sae and Sayaka. It will be more fun”
“Can I take …….my ……. girls? …..” Sae looked dumbfounded as his eyes pointed at the woman who’s beside Rena. “…… I mean can I take this girl with me? … Hi, I’m Miyazawa Sae” he smiled and offered his hand for a handshake.
“I’m Kashiwagi Yuki … Nice to meet you”
“Nice to meet you too …… Kai, why you didn’t tell me that you have an angel like friend here” Sae said without breaking his stare at the woman.

“tss~ You’re really a playboy …”
“Like you ..” Haruna whispered that made the blond to look at her with a ‘what?’ expression but she just waved her hand signing that it’s nothing.

TBC ..  :cow: :deco:
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The original pair will come!hohoho
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Chapter 8: Vacation - Confession

After Atsuko with the others part their ways with Kai and Yuko, Haruna took her way home alone. While she was walking towards it, she can't remove on her thoughts the scene that she saw earlier; the scene that really made her heart break. She bit her lower lip to prevent herself to cry then when she arrived in front of the gate of their house, she was surprised to see a man who is giving her a frowned look. The man come closer to her and holds both of her hands tightly.

"Kai. .... What are you doing here?" Haruna asked; still preventing her tears to come out.
"I want to see you and. ...... apologize" he looked down on their intertwined hands.
".... I know I did a mistake. .. I'm sorry, I didn't know what I'm doing. I. ... I can't explain. It's just, I want to say sorry if I hurt you. Really really sorry. Haruna, please still believe in me, I love you"
"Kai!!..." Haruna can't find any words to response with what the blond said. All that she can do now is hug him tightly and feel she is longing to, his presence.
"Haruna. ... I'll make you feel special. I promise, I will not hurt you again"
"Kai. ... Being you here with me is enough...."
"No its not enough..... We will tell them about us"
From what the blond said, Haruna broke the hug and look at him in confusion, "What do you mean?"
"When we find the right time when we're at our resort, we'll tell them. I don't want to hide this relationship for a long time. I want them to know that you're mine and I'm yours"
"But Kai. ... I don't know if my parents will allow me to go with you"

"Go with him. We already packed the clothes that you need for tomorrow" suddenly Haruna's parents came out of their house.
"Mom! What are you doing here?! And how come you know about it?!"
"I told them. Hehe" Kai admitted.
"If you want, you can go with him tonight so you'll go together on your destination" Mama Kojima smirked.
"Mom!! Pop look! Mama is bullying me!" Haruna blushed from what her mother said but her father, he just ignored her as he just wistle while looking around.

"So, do you want to go with me? Tonight?"
"I. .. I don't want to. I mean, it's not nice to see that. .. erm.. It's hard to explain"
"Hehe. I know what you mean. Don't worry, I'm just kidding"
Haruna blushed badly because of her thoughts, her bad thoughts about them doing. ..... "See you tomorrow? It's already late. You should go back home now"
"Okay but before I go. ...."
"Where's my kiss?" Haruna's face grew redder from it but when she was about to move her lips closer to the man, she realized that her parents is still there. She looked at them and said,
"Mou~Do you really need to watch us? Go back inside! It’s embarrassing!"
Her parents chuckled from what her daughter is acting but when they was about to go inside, Kai quickly cupped both of Haruna's cheeks and gave her a short kiss. He quickly run a few meters and waved his hand.
"See you tomorrow. Bye bye!"
"Ah!" Haruna responded with a still shocked face.

-On the Next Day-

         Kai can’t sleep properly last night because of the excitement that he’s feeling for this day. He packed the clothes that he needed and some items inside a backpack. He also woke her father early to get the keys of their resort and also the car that they will use. After everything was all set, he drove their car towards Haruna’s place to pick her and go together to their meeting place. When he arrived, he took a few steps but he immediately hide from a light post when he saw Yuko in front of Kojima’s house then suddenly, Haruna came out with a smile on her face; looks like she’s happy to see the squirrel. Yuko take the woman’s things and start walking together while Kai who’s still hiding behind the post doesn’t know what to do.

‘The heck! They’re going here! What should I do?! What will I say?! Err!’ Kai thought as he moves in a panic way. Then when the two came closer to where he is, he just decided to face at the wall.

“Kai …. What are you doing here?” Yuko asked. At first, Kai doesn't want to face them and decided to just ignore them but of course, he can't do that. He slowly turn around and give a sheepish smile while rubbing the back of his neck.
"Ano. . hmm. ... I'm here to pick you. hehe.... your mother told me that you go here"
"Ah.. sou~ so are we going to have a ride in your car?" His friend smirked "I can see your car over there"
"Ah! Yes. Come on... We still need to meet the others"

         Yuko move first to the car and was followed by Haruna. The woman and the blond stare on each other’s first like they want to talk. The one want to ask a question while the other one wants to explain. Then suddenly, Yuko interrupted them by shouting Haruna's name to get her inside the car. The two quickly responded as Haruna sat beside Yuko while Kai on the driver's seat. They are now taking the road to where their meeting place is and while the squirrel is busy playing or holding the woman's hand, Kai and Haruna were secretly looking at each other through the rear mirror.

"Look! They're already there!" Yuko suddenly squealed and pointed to the other direction that made the two to break their contact.

         The car stopped in front of their friends and when Yuko opened the door, it showed an excited faces. I guess? There they are, Kuu with the lovely Mariko beside them wearing a very fashionable clothe that really suit to where they are going same as Atsuko who also look so cute and obviously prepared much for this day. Rena with the Mr. Akiba, Jun and Yukirin with Dr. Mayu. Yuko greeted all of them as she noticed that there are still someone at their back. There is Sayaka and the ikemen type Sae who is twitching his eyebrows while wrapping his arms around.

"What's the problem Sae?" Yuko asked but the man ignored him as he quickly go inside the car and sits down at the 3rd row back seat. He was followed by Sayaka and the two Matsui. Yukirin with Mayu sat on the 2nd row with the belongings beside them so Mariko and Kuu sat beside Yuko and Haruna. Now tell me, how big is this car?

"Ano. . Where will I sit?" Atsuko asked; still outside the car. They almost forgot about her then suddenly a smirk flashed in everyone's face except for Haruna.
"Acchan, the seat beside the driver is still not occupied" Mariko teased that made her friend's face to blush.
"Yeah Acchan. There's no space here so you have no choice" Kuu added.
Atsuko's face is totally red right now. If only you'll have a face off of her and a tomato, you'll not know which is which. The heat that Atsuko is feeling right now grew more when the blond said,

"Hop in now Acchan. Sit here..." Kai tapped the space beside him ".... beside me"
"Go now... We know you want it" Mariko gave a smirk. Atsuko just quickly go beside the man to stop her friends' teasing sessions on her.
"L-Let's go now and stop teasing me okay?!" She said while still having those blushing cheeks.

         Kai started to drive to their destination again but this time without hesitating to look at the other woman on the rear mirror. He's driving while focusing on the roads and specially to the woman beside him. Without noticing about it, he’s obviously having fun with Atsuko. They’re pinching each other softly, holding hands and sometimes just looking directly to the eye then they will laugh for no reason. The people behind them gave a confuse look on what they are doing and at the same time feeling worried for themselves as they thought that Kai might only focus with Atsuko instead on the road.

“Ano Kai-kun, can you please focus on the road first? I still want to marry my Rena….. I don’t want to die early” Jun interrupted them.
“Jun is right Kai! We all know that you really want to do lovey dovey with Acchan but we still have plans for our future! You can do that when we arrive at the resort. We promise not to interrupt you” Sayaka added.
“Hai! I still want to be with someone …… here” Sae said as he looks at the woman which is beside a man who is wearing eyeglasses.

“We’re not doing anything wrong you know?! And can you please mind your own business?! I’m focusing on driving! So stop!” Kai scowled.
“On driving huh?” Haruna suddenly said without taking a look at the blond as she remained looking outside while resting her head on the car’s window. By that simple question, Kai shut his mouth and put both of his hands on the steering wheel.

         After an hour of being silent inside the car while taking the path to the resort, finally, they arrived safe and sound. The maids and the caretakers welcomed them with a smile and assist them to their respective rooms. Each room contained two persons and the pairs are, Haruna and Atsuko, Mariko and Kuu, Yuki and Mayu, Rena and Jun, Sae and Sayaka and last, Kai and Yuko. The pairings are supposed to be with the same gender but since most of them are complaining, Kai let what they wanted except for Yuko’s wish. Of course, even if he’s his friend, he still doesn’t want him to be with his girlfriend; inside a room, together, with no one else!

“Ne Nyan-nyan ….. Look over here. We have a nice view here! We can see clearly the shore and I’m sure this is a nice spot for seeing the sunrise or sunset” Atsuko said happily while spreading her arms to feel the breeze at the balcony. After Haruna arranged all her things, he joined the woman silently.
“This vacation will be fun. What do you think?” Atsuko asked.
“hmm .. I hope so” she answered lazily as she thought if it will really be. Will she enjoy this or just feel another heartbreak? Is this a good idea to come here or not? Will Kai and she have a private time alone or her man will just be with her friend? Well, we’ll see what will happen next.

After a moment of silence, a knock from their door startled them as it showed a double midget.
“Nyan-nyan, Acchan, let’s go downstairs. The maids said that the foods are ready” Yuko invited them.
“Haaai~ Okay” Atsuko responded. The two women left their room and start walking with the two midgets to the dining room to meet the others. Atsuko and Yuko walk first then followed by the secret couple. Kai is trying to reach for Haruna’s hand but it seemed that she’s intentionally avoiding it.

‘Baka Kai! Why do you always making your girl feel that way?! And why you can’t control yourself when you’re with Acchan?! Aaarrgh! I hate myself! I’ve just made our situation worst! Now what will I do with this?! Damn!’

"Is there something bothering to you?" Atsuko interrupted him.
"Ah, nothing. Hehe. Come on let's eat" The two sat across to where Haruna and Yuko is.
Yuko noticed that the woman seemed not in her mood to eat and having this sad aura. He took a spoon of food then offered it to Haruna.
"Nyan, you need to eat. Here, say aahh~"
"I don't want Yuuchan" Haruna move her face away from the spoon.
"Come on. Just a little. We're going to have fun later so it's not good for you to not eat"
"Then I'll just stay in my room. ..."
"No way! If you'll just stay there, I'll take you home now. Remember, I'm here because of you. Because I want to have fun with you"
"Yuuchan. ....... Why are you acting like this? I'm not that good to you and yet you're still....."
"It's because I love you. .... I've told you many times about it"

Before the conversation of the two gets deeper, Kai can't take the words that he's hearing so he quickly stood up and say,
"I'm finish. See you outside. Near the pool"
"Wait Kai, but you still haven't touched you food" Atsuko said but she failed on preventing the man to go.

"What's his problem? Did you have a fight?" Yuko asked confusedly.
"No. I don't know..... Maybe he's just not in the mood" After Atsuko answered and after a moment of silence, suddenly Sae talked that made everyone to glare at him.
"Yuki-chan, here. Take some apples" the man smiled without noticing a twitching eyebrow of the doctor.
“Oh, Arigatou Miyazawa-san”
“Just call me Sae-kun”
“Uhn. hehe”

         Meanwhile outside, Kai sat down on a chair that is near the pool and rests his chin on his palms. He took a deep sigh as he look at the waves that the ocean is forming on the not so far away place from his position. ‘What’s happening to us? Do we really need to be always like this? How dare them to talk like that? I’m just sitting across them and yet ………. Aaargh. I should really need to tell them about us, specially on Yuko. I know he might get mad with me but, what can I do? I also love Haruna plus I saw and known her first than him! Now, my problem is HOW will I say to them and WHAT will I do to make Haruna and I get back together like the first time that we started our relationship’ Once again, Kai sighed and to his surprise, someone tapped both of his shoulders.

“Yo! We are here to have fun and relax. What’s your problem?” Yuko showed up with the others at his back.
“Nothing. Nothing important ….”
“If that so, let’s start now! Take off your clothes! I know you’re already wearing your swimsuit. I mean your boxers” Yuko aimed to take off his clothes but he quickly run away from him and go to the near change room.
“I .. I .. Wait me there!”

After a few minutes, Kai went back to the pool but he found no one there. He looks around to find them then he found a woman facing her back. She’s wearing a yellow bikini with some lace around while her hair is tied upwards like the one that Chunli have.
“Ano ….” Kai said as he wasn’t sure who this woman is then suddenly, she slowly turns around revealing a lovely smile on her face.
“Kai!” she called happily.
“A-A-Atsuko?!” he was shock to see this woman in this kind of outfit as he didn’t think that she will look so gorgeous and sexy.
“Why do you look so shock? Do I look bad?”
“Nonono! I just .. hmm … I …” Kai stutter.
“Nevermind. Come on. Let’s go. They are waiting for us” Atsuko started to run to the shore and stop for a while to say, “By the way, you look so manly with that”

Kai’s face reddens on what the woman said and specially, on what Atsuko is wearing. He gulped and thought, “I never expect this. I didn’t notice that she have a nice body…… Oh come on Kai! Here you go again!”

         When they arrived to where the others are, the maids are preparing for foods that they can eat if ever they feel hungry after a long time of having fun. Mayu with Yukirin are building a sand castle while Sae is just looking at them with jealousy. If only he knew that this will happen or rather if only he knew that the woman that he like already have a boyfriend, he will not join this outing. On the corner of his eye, he saw a bowl of sliced apples so he smirked and quickly go to where Yukirin is.

“Yuki-chan … here. Some refreshments”
“Owh .. Arigatou” Yukirin took one and eat it while Mayu is giving a murderous glare at the ikemen.
“Do you also want some?” Sae asked the doctor but he didn’t answer.
“Oh I forgot. This is only for Yuki-chan.. Gomen” He smirked then left the pissed off doctor.

“What’s his problem?!” Mayu asked the woman who is currenly busy continuing the sand castle.
“I don’t know? And I don’t care” Yukirin answered.
“You don’t care? But you’re accepting all of his offers! It’s obvious that he likes you!”
“And so? ….” Yukirin finished putting the small flags on their castle then look at her jealous man. “….. He likes me but I like someone else and that ‘someone else’ is the little jealous rat beside me” she smiled then pinched Mayu’s nose cutely.
“I’m not jealous!” the doctor pouted.
“Really? Then I should go to him and ask for some apples again …” her girlfriend was about to stand up but he quickly hold her hand then pull her closer. Instead of making her sit down again, the woman ends up lying on top of him because of the force that he exerted unintentionally(?).

Mayu and Yuki look at each other while their heads are just centimeters apart. Sae remained on his position as he was shocked on what he is seeing right now. The two can feel each other’s warm breathe but it was interrupted when Rena and Jun appeared.
“This is not the time for that! Be careful on your actions, we have an underage boy here!” Rena rebuked as she covered Jun’s eyes.
“Mou Rena-chan! I already know that things! And we even did thammmmpph!!!” the woman quickly move her hand to the man’s mouth from his eyes.
“Come on! Let’s get out here! You two, follow us over there …… We’re going to play beach volleyball”

         Meanwhile on the other part of the shore, two people are now walking together while feeling the ocean’s breeze that is passing to them. They are just walking silently as they don’t know what will say or how they can start a conversation. Yuko invited Haruna for a walk when he noticed that something is really bothering with the woman but the main reason for this walk is not that, it’s about the things that need to be express, tell and know for an answer. The two saw a bended tree that can be a place to rest for awhile so without any words coming out, they go over there and take a sit as both of their shoulder touched. Haruna remained silent as she stare at nowhere while thinking of a lot of things even though it’s just only about Kai. Yuko take a look on her first then closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

‘Come one Yuko. You can do this!’ the man said to himself.
"Ano. ... Kojima-san" Yuko called as the woman's attention quickly point at him by his sudden formal form of addressing.
"You're really troubled. ... What's bothering you?"
"Hmm. .. Nothing. Don't mind me" Haruna smiled a bit.
"You're not bothered but me. ..... there's something really bothering on me. ..."
"What it is? Do you want to share it with me? Is that the reason why you invited me for a walk?"
"Y-Y-Yes... and not only want but I really need to say it"
"It sounds really important. Go ahead Yuuchan. I might help you whatever it is"

Once again the man takes a deep breath as he really feels nervous by this. He really needs to say this to the woman or else, he might explode by not getting an answer on his questions. Yuko closed his eyes then open again as he hold Haruna’s right hand tightly.

“Do you know that I never liked or loved someone truly?”
“Eh?” Haruna didn’t know what to say as she doesn’t have any clue what the man is saying.
“I'm sure you know what the others are thinking about me..... Yes I'm quite popular at school and with that popularity, the thought of being a playboy is also included. I flirted with the other girls, make them fall in love, play with them then hurt them in the end”
“Why are you saying this to me?” Haruna asked but Yuko continued his words.

“They think I’m such a bad person to do that and they said that karma will come to me soon. Yes I admit it, I’m a player but they did not know the main reason why I’m like this……….. There was a person before that I loved so much. I give everything to her, love, expensive things and even lust but all that I get from her was just betrayal. I caught her with my best friend before; they’re doing things that really made me mad and promised that I will not be nice to any girls and I will make them suffer and hurt ……..”

Haruna can see that Yuko was really hurt and of course mad on his past. That was really a painful experience and if that will happen to her, she might end up being like Yuko. Suddenly, by that thought, Kai and Atsuko’s face flashed on her mind. ‘What if it will really happen to me? What will I do? I can’t lose Kai. I love him so much and I want him all by myself….’. This is not the time to think about herself as she need to comfort the midget beside he so she hold his hand even more tight to express that she’s here for him.

“So that’s the reason why you’re like that …… I mean if only other people know about that, they will understand you but for me, even though you experienced that painful past, you should not implicate the innocent girls around you. If you don’t like to be hurt again, they also want the same”

“I know and I feel sorry for them because they’re affected with my stupidity…….. Believe me or not, I met a person who changed my vision in life. Because of her, I don’t want to be a playboy anymore. I want to be the best man for her and I want to prove to her that I’m willing to change. I promise to myself that I will not hurt her no matter what happens. Have you notice that I’m not going with the other girls lately?”. Yuko look directly to the woman’s eyes with a serious expression.

“Yeah and that’s good. I’m happy for you” Haruna smiled in relief. “I’m sure that woman is very lucky to have you”
“hmm .. Maybe? I guess? But there’s still one problem. One BIG problem….. ”
“What it is?”
“She doesn’t even know that I’m referring to her ….” Yuko frowned as he looked on the sand.
“What? Then tell her directly so she will know about it …. About what you really feel….”

“I once told her about it but I think it was not the right time. So since you told me to do that, I’ll follow you. I’ll tell her again ……”
“Good. Go ahead and tell her” Haruna said in encouraging tone.
“Haruna, I love you …” Yuko said right after what the woman said to him. Haruna widened her eyes and didn’t know what she will say. How come she forgot about it? Yuko told her before that he do really like her and all this time, she didn’t know that she already changed the man from being a playboy into a good one.

“Haruna believe me… I do really love you” the man repeated. “I don’t know how it happened. I just found myself already in love with you. I promise, if you will be mine, I will never ever hurt you…..”

         Haruna just look at the sincere man. She never thought Yuko can be like this and what does she heard? He will never hurt her? Not like Kai who’s hurting her since the time that he became close with her friend. Is Yuko better than Kai? Can really a playboy change because of her? Should she believe him or not? All of those questions are now running on her mind but before she could answer all of it, she didn’t notice that she’s already captured by the squirrel’s glare. Their heads are now moving closer to each other same as their lips. Haruna closed her eyes when she felt the man’s lips pressed on her. They stay on that position without any movements as they are feeling each other but after a few seconds, Yuko decided to move his lips to deepen their kiss. Right after the first move, before the woman carries away on their situation a sudden thought came up on her mind.

‘This shouldn’t be the lips that I’m kissing! Kai will surely get mad if he will know about this!’

Haruna opened her eyes then broke the kiss as she pushed the man slightly. Yuko gave a ‘why?’ look so she said, “This is not right. Oshima-san …….. I’m sorry”
“Why? Don’t you like me?”
“Listen, you’re not hard to love. I’m thankful that you’re willing to change but I think I’m not the right person for you….”
“Do you love someone else?”
“I … I … This is just not right …… I’m really sorry. I’m not ready for this” Haruna stands up and remove the sands that stick on her body.

“Wait… ” Yuko followed the woman. “I’m sorry for what I did. I didn’t mean to scare you or what….. It’s hard to accept your decision but I’ll try ………….. and please, don’t leave me or avoid me because of this”
“Okay ….. but I will not promise that I will treat you like before ……… Let’s go, the others might be worried about us” Haruna said while facing her back on the man.

The two went back together to their friends. Haruna was walking as she was followed by Yuko who seemed disappointed. When they reached the place, Kai and the others look at them.
“Where did you go?” Kai asked as the jealous feeling came again on him.
“A-ano …… over there. We tried to find big shells but I think there’s none. hehe” Haruna lied.
“Okay ….” Kai doubt Haruna’s answer. He wonders what the two really did and why he didn’t even notice that they left them. The two look again on each other like they are talking by just looking but it was interrupted when one of the maids came.

“Master, you have a message from someone” the maid gave his phone.

Kai tapped the show text on the screen and displayed a message,
“Please take care of my daughter Kai-kun.
Promise us that you will not break your promise.
That you will make our daughter feel special BUT not the other special one or else, I’ll kill you!!”
-Mr. Kojima

Kai smiled a bit on what he had read and when he looked again at Haruna, the woman is now walking towards him. Then suddenly, when she’s just a few inches away, she twisted an ankle that will surely make her to fall on the ground. Luckily, Kai’s quick reflexes saved her from falling. He supported her by wrapping his arms onto the woman’s body. Kai can feel the soft skin of the woman as the heat quickly rose up onto his face. He can’t explain what he’s feeling right now then when he observed Haruna, his eyes passed through the woman’s cleavage that made his eyes shut.

“I’m sorry Papa Kojima. I’ll prepare myself to die now. It’s your fault that you’ve created this goddess!”

TBC ..  :cow:
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Chapter 9: Accidental Revelation

         Haruna and Kai stayed on that position, looking at each other like they're attached to their glares. It's been a while that they experienced being this close. Both of them feel their thumping hearts and at the same time feeling of missing each other. Even though they saw each other yesterday, it’s still not enough to fulfill what they need: their presence. Through the woman's glare, Kai suddenly forgot everything about Atsuko, like all that he wants now is this woman. Feeling of wanting to be with her all the time without thinking any problems around them and that will only surely happen if they will tell to everyone about their relationship. But how? How will they tell it ‘together’ if they’re still facing this problem, this jealousy problem.

“I miss you …” Kai whispered softly.
“What?” Haruna asked as she isn’t sure if she heard it correctly. Did her man said that he miss her? Or is it just her imagination?

Before the man could repeat his words again, Kuu interrupted them from their session.
“Hey! Isn’t that long enough Kai? Atsuko will get mad … look at her” he teased.

Kai quickly remove himself from the woman that made both of them unsatisfied. When Kai looked at Atsuko, she's just staring at them with an unreadable expression. He doesn't know if she's really mad or she doesn't care about it. Then just after a few seconds, Atsuko smiled at him and also to Haruna.

"Woah! What are you two going to do now? I don't know if Acchan noticed that there's something on your looks and also that squirrel …… What will he do if he finds out that both of you have a relationship? I’m sure both parties will argue and we need to prevent that. Damn! How I can talk with these two?! They need to tell them as soon as possible or else, even them, might have a problem. It’s better to tell them than to know them by themselves” Kuu said on his mind as he examined the moves of the four.

“What’s wrong?” Mariko interrupted him.
“Nothing …” he smiled.
“Nothing? I know you Kuu …. For your information, I’m suspecting your moves, looks with these four since the start and I know you know something about them…”
“What do you mean? I don’t know what you’re talking about …. hehe”
“I noticed it also. It’s not only you who have that kind of ability …” his woman smirked then continued through a whisper, “I know there’s something going on with Haruna and Kai”

“H-H-How?” Kuu widen his eyes.
“I told you …. It’s not only you” Mariko smirked then left the man to go with the others who are making their way back to the house.
“Chotto Marichan!! Tell me how’d you know!!”

-Atsuko & Yuko’s POV-

Why am I feeling like this? Why I feel …… jealous? This is not right; he/she’s my friend and nothing to worry about it. I know they’re just friends and I know that they will not fall for each other. Argh! What kind of thoughts is this?! When I saw them on that position earlier, I can’t help myself to think about their glares, they like ….. they known each other for a long time and there’s something that I can’t explain. I should not think about this much, I should think about us and what will happen to us.

         After a few hours of having fun while losing all of their energies, all of them went back to the house to have a shower and change their clothes. They decided to spend their night here when they noticed that it’s already late to go back home. They took their dinner quietly and they didn’t know why all of them acting that way. For the others, there’s nothing happened to be like this but for the four with Sae, the start of their vacation was not that nice. Sae kept on looking with Yuki and Mayu who seemed happy (as usual) with each other. They keep on smiling every time that their eyes are meeting even though there’s really no reason to smile about. The Ikemen felt really jealous about this. He didn’t experience this kind of feeling before towards the other girls that he met and have a relationship with. He didn’t know why his heart is acting like this. There’s really something with this girl that made him so attracted to her. His jealous feeling get even worse when he noticed that the people around him are lovers as all of them were being lovey dovey except for Sayaka, Kai with Atsuko with Haruna and Yuko across them. The two Matsui were giving foods to each other cutely while the trolling couple Mariko and Kuu were also doing the same except for they were messing each other’s face.
         Kai and Atsuko were eating quietly same as the two across them. Atsuko felt uneasy as she wanted to talk with Kai but she didn’t know what to say first to start their conversation. Yuko was also feeling the same. After what he had confessed with Haruna earlier and after what the woman said to him, he can’t act the way that he’s acting before: clinging, touching etc. Kai and Haruna keep on looking at each other every time that they knew that the two persons beside them were not looking at them. Through their looks, they can see that they are longing to spend some time together. Kai thought of saying their secret to them tonight but it seem that his friend, Yuko is not in the mood and this made him to be curious about what happened between him and Haruna earlier.

After they finished eating silently, they all went to their respective rooms except for Mayu and Yuki. Before going to their room, they went first outside to sit on the sand and take fresh air. Of course, Sae saw them so he told to Sayaka to go first as he will make some business out there. Waiting for a proper time to go near with the woman, he hides at the back of a large statue while holding a bowl.

"Ne Yuki, do you want something to eat?" Mayu started.
"Eat? Again? I'm still full. Do you want me to be fat?" Yuki pouted.
"It's fine for me if you're fat or not. I still love you" he smiled as he takes a look at his blushing girlfriend.
"... and also, no one will go near to you if that happen"
"My little nezumi, he's jealous again. ..." Yuki cling on the man's arm as she rested her head on his shoulders.
"No I'm not!"
"Yes you are!" Yuki face and look at him them captured his lips for a short kiss. Mayu remained unspeakable as hr didn't expect and didn't know why she did that.

         Sae, who is a bit sleepy now behind the statue, smirked when he saw the man left his target. At the time that Mayu finally got inside, he knows that this is his right time to go near. He started to walk while fixing himself and when he go near the woman, he hold her shoulders to be able to look at him. Yuki was surprised to see this man and at the same time, feels irritated as she know that he will be a disturbance to her and Mayu.

"Miyazawa-san, what are you doing here?"
"Oh I'm just walking by so I came here when I saw you.."
"Ah. ... Okay.." Yuki can't find any words to say. After a few seconds, the cold wind blows up again that made her hug herself to lessen the cold that she's feeling.
"Are you not going back? It's cold here. ..'
"No. I'm fine here"
"Do you want me to help you? Help you lessen the cold that you're feeling by a hug?" Sae asked but Yuki remained on not looking at him then suddenly,

"EHEM!!" a voice pretending to cough can be heard from their back. Both of them look and found a man who's holding a blanket.
"What are you doing here?" Mayu asked as he made a wrinkle on his forehead.
"Relax man. .. I'm going to leave now" Sae was about to stand up and leave when he remembered something. He forgot the bowl of sliced apples at the back of the statue that was supposed to be given to the woman then luckily, he remembered that he still have a whole apple in his jacket's pocket.

"Here, take this' He showed.
Yuki just look at it and felt intrigue why this man is always giving an apple to her. "Why do you keep on giving apples to me?"
"Why? hehe. It's because. .... an apple a day, keeps the doctor away" he look at Mayu and gave a smirk. "Can I talk to you for a second, Doc?"

Sae start to walk away from Yuki as he is followed by Mayu. The woman was about to stop her boyfriend but Mayu insists that he also want to talk to this man. He wants to make things clear about what he really wants with his girl.

"What's your problem? What do you want?" Mayu asked as he tried himself to calm.
"What do I want? Okay, I'll make this straight to the point. I want Yuki and I want you to leave her"
"Do you think I'll do that? How stupid you are. ."
"I know you'll not do that BUT I will MAKE YOU to do what I want. .." Sae gave another smirk that made the other man even more irritated at him.
"You're the university's doctor right? Even though I'm not going there, I know who you are. And I'm sure you know about the employee's policy. No employees should have relationship with the students"

Mayu gulped as he already know what this man will do. He doesn't want to lose his job but he also doesn't want to lose his important person in life, Yuki.
"So you're trying to blackmail me? Do you think it will work? Of course I will still not give you my girl!"
"Then by that, you choose to lose your job?"
"Why are you doing this?! If you really like Yuki and get rid of me, you should fight me in a fai way!! You're such a coward!"

"I don't care whatever you say. I just want Yuki and that's it..... I'll give you time to think about it. If you still can't decide until next school semester, I'll say your secret to the board of committees. Ja~ doc!" Sae left the man with so much anger but still, preventing himself to smack down the Ikemen. He knows that if he will do that, Sae will just use it for another blackmail.

         Mayu went back silently while thinking what he will do. To choose between his job and his girl is really hard. He still wants to keep both of them but with this Sae beside them, he needs to choose only one. When he arrived, Yuki noticed his problematic expression so she quickly stood up to ask what happened.

"What happened to you? Did he do something?" she asked worriedly while examining the man's face.
"Don't worry. Nothing happened and I'm fine. I. . I just talk to him about leaving us" he smiled to assure his girl. He doesn't want her to know about what really happened as he doesn't want her to worry about it. This is his problem and his deal with Sae so he needs to solve this by himself.
"I feel tired. Can we go back to our room now?" he said to avoid the woman to ask another question. Yuki granted what he wants but still, she feel worried for him.

         Meanwhile inside of two dark rooms, there are four individuals that are divided into two who are now sleeping. Actually, it's only Atsuko and Yuko who are sleeping as they felt tired because of what they did today and specially the happenings on them. Kai and Haruna still can't sleep because of the same reason, thinking about each other, about how much they miss each other and wanting to be together. Kai covered himself up with the blanket as he opened his phone to look for Haruna's picture. He browses all of the folders that he has and by doing this, it just made himself miss the woman even more. In the other room, Haruna also did the same. She looks at the pictures of her and Kai together and even the secretly captured videos of the blond that she have.

'I miss you' the two whispered in chorus without knowing.

Suddenly Kai thought of something when he saw the time on his phone and the mail icon.'What if I send her a mail? Will she answer it? But it's already late at night, she's probably sleeping now...... But I miss her! I want to tell to her that I miss her so much! Arrgh! Okay, there's nothing to be gone if I will try'

Kai typed his short yet a very sweet mail then sends it to Haruna. He decided to wait for a reply as he keep on looking and looking on the screen of his phone but when its almost 30 minutes had passed, he decided to give up and thought that she's probably really sleeping now. Kai closed his phone same as his eyes and wait himself to fall asleep then suddenly, a light flashed on his eyes that made him to open it again and saw where the light is coming from; it's from his phone and when he take a look on it, Haruna's name appeared on the screen. He tapped the read button to show the woman's mail on him and while reading it, Kai can't remove the smile on his face.

'I'm sorry I fell asleep..
I'm glad you've mailed me and. ... you miss me.
I miss you too Kai :((
By the way, where do you want to meet? It's already late at night'

'I'm sorry, did I wake you up?
Don't mind what I said.
You're right it's already late so you need to go back to sleep ^^
Have a good night. I love you'

'No! I don't want to sleep again. ...
I also want to see you. We also need to talk'

'Okay then. Wait for me, I'll go to your room.
I'll mail you again if I'm already in front of your door'

         Kai start to go up from his bed and walk silently to avoid of waking up his friend, Yuko. Before completely leaving the room, he once again checked his friend and when it seemed that there's no sign that he woke him up, he closed the door then head to his destination. He's walking excitedly but nervous at the same time as all the negative questions keep on asking himself. When he arrived, he mailed the woman and it was quickly responded when the door opened. Right after the door was closed, Kai was surprised when Haruna suddenly hug him tightly. She buried her face onto the man's shoulder while saying, "I miss you" for the nth time. In exchange, Kai hugged her back but he broke it when he realized something.

"Let's go to the other place. They might see us here" he said as he cupped her cheeks.

Haruna only nodded to agree. The two walked together with their intertwined hands to feel the warm of each other. It seemed that it’s really cold tonight so Kai removed the jacket that he’s wearing and put it to Haruna.
“Here. You might catch cold ….”
“Thank you … by the way, where are we going?”
“To a special place ……… for a special person …” he smiled. Through the smile and the words, Haruna remained silent while slightly hiding her redden cheeks.

After a few walks, finally they arrived at the place. It is just a simple Nipa Hut with colorful lights around it. There’s only a couch, a coffee table and a cabinet inside it. They go inside and rest for awhile as they sat on the couch. Haruna rested her head on the man’s shoulder while looking at the pictures on the wall. There are a lot of little boy’s pictures with his family and that little boy looks like Kai.

“That’s me … I’m cute before right?” Kai said.
“Cute? Who said that?” Haruna joked that made the man to pout. “I’m just kidding ….. you’re still cute until now”
“Okay, enough now …” he blushed as he rolled his eyes. There was an awkward silence when the two didn’t know what else to say. They’re just glad being together as they don’t want to end this moment like they want to be here forever. Then before they could fall asleep here, Haruna remembered that they still need to talk about them.

“Ne, what’s your plan now?” she asked without looking at the closed-eyed man.
“Plan? About what?”
“About us ….”
“Ano …… I was about to tell them earlier but I noticed that Yuko was not in his mood and I don’t know why …” by this statement, Haruna felt guilty on what she did but she knows that she did was the right thing. She remained silent so Kai continued.
“We’ll tell them on our last day here …. I’ll accept whatever the consequences will be. I just want to be with you without hiding our relationship anymore. I just want us to be together …….. forever” Kai cupped Haruna’s cheeks then made her to look at him. The woman can see the sincerity on the man’s eyes so the jealous that she felt before towards Atsuko lessen but still, she wants to know and make it sure that her boyfriend doesn’t have any feeling for her friend.

“I have a question …… I want you to answer it honestly”
“What it is?”
“Do you … hmm … ano ….” Even though she really wanted to ask it, she can’t continue her words so Kai answered it as he already know what’s bothering on his girl.
“No I don’t …. ” somehow, Kai felt something when he said it. He wasn’t sure if he really answered it correctly as something also bothering on him. Does he really not like Atsuko? But why he’s acting in a strange way whenever the woman is around him?
“Once again, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so close with her. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Trust me, I do love you”
“Don’t say sorry. Just do whatever you think is right…. You already said that for many times and yet, you’re still doing it. You’re still hurting me Kai …… Do you know that Yuko confessed to me earlier? And I rejected him because I know, to myself, I will only love you. I can’t imagine myself being with someone else” finally, Haruna admitted what really happened to them earlier but of course, she will not tell about the kiss as she know that Kai will be really mad at her. There’s no need to tell that info, the most important thing now is the assurance of each other that they will not flirt nor be so close with those two persons.

         Kai only look at her. He can’t find words to say as he knows that what Haruna said was right. Every word stroke directly to his heart. He should know and think about his girlfriend’s feelings before doing something. And about Yuko’s confession, he already knew that. That’s the first thought that came up on his mind when he’s observing his friend’s actions while they’re having their dinner. He knows that his friend really like his girlfriend and he’s sure that it really hurt for him to be rejected and of course, the hurt that he feels right now will increase if they will say about their relationship. Kai know that he’s friend will probably think that he betrayed him, but he’s ready about that consequence. It’s better to tell them than to know about it by themselves or with the others.

“Like what I’ve promised to your parents, I’ll be a better man for you and I will not hurt you …… Haruna, I love you”

         Their eyes met and without noticing, both of their faces are moving closer to each other. Kai holds her cold cheeks as both of them closed their eyes when they felt the lips that they wanted to feel again after a long time. The blond start to move his lips to deepen it and it was quickly answered back by the woman. They kissed in a way like they’re thirsty to feel it and later on, the simple kiss that they’re sharing became intense when Kai’s tongue asked for permission to enter. Haruna teased the man by opening then closing her mouth so he won’t make his entrance but this midget seemed a bit naughty when he bit the woman’s lower lip that made her to groan and open her mouth widely. He smirked on his victory then continued his business. Their tongues dance in synchronize and at the same time, battling for dominance. Haruna wrapped her arms around the blond’s neck while Kai move his hands down to the woman’s hips then slowly, he’s making her back to lean on the couch. Upon his success on making the position that he wanted, he move his lips to his partner’s neck and start to unbutton the upper pair of her pajamas. The tall woman groaned on the blond’s actions then shivered because of the coldness of the night. She just let the midget to do whatever he wants and let the intense actions warm their half naked bodies. Kai put the jacket around them but later on, it just became a hindrance for them when they finally remove all of the clothes that they are wearing.

"Let's go back to our room. That's enough. We saw already what we need to see" a man said softly to the woman beside him while both of them resting their backs at the wall of the Nipa hut. They feel their knees weakened when they saw what's happening inside between Kai and Haruna.
"Let's go. I can't take here anymore...." the woman said.

Both of them went back to the house but they stay first for awhile at the front door to have a talk. They can't still believe on what they have seen. They can't believe that the two have that kind of relationship. Why they didn't notice about it? Are they good enough to hide about it? Or they're good enough to fool others?

"Acchan, can I ask a question?" Yuko asked while still looking at the ground with wide eyes.
"What it is?" she answered while doing the same.
"Do you like Kai? Do you love him?" By that question, Atsuko gets back to herself and look at the man beside her.
"I said, do you like Kai? Because. ..... It’s too obvious even if you deny it"
"Really? Then I guess you already knew the answer"

"Are you hurt?"
"Hurt? Because of them? Well, I'll just lie to myself if I will say I'm not..... I just don't get it. Why they didn't tell us about them?"
"I don't know. ... Aarrgh!" Yuko messed up his hair. "Now I know. That's the reason why Nyan-nyan rejected me when I confessed to her"
"Sou~ then it really hurt more for you. ..."
"Yes. Aargh! Why it ended up like this?! I didn't expect this! Of all the people, why Kai?! Why does he need to be that man?! Why does it need to be my best friend again?!" Yuko can't take it anymore when almost all of the scenes that they saw earlier flash back on his mind so he just went back inside their room and buried himself onto the bed.

Atsuko also went back to their room while asking so many questions on herself. “Nyan-nyan, I've trusted you because you are my friend and you know that I really like Kai. But why did you do this to me? Why are you with him now and doing. ....." she sobs. "It really hurts. I can't understand why Kai did those sweet things on me. Are those his ways so we can't notice that he and Haruna have relationship? It's better if they told us about it before, than knowing in this way. This is more painful!!"

TBC ..  :cow:
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Well they found out.... BUT IN WHAT WAY!!!!
They caught them having you know what. It's really funny!!
But poor Acchan and poor Yuko.... So what happens now?
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Yuki just look at it and felt intrigue why this man is always giving an apple to her. "Why do you keep on giving apples to me?"
"Why? hehe. It's because. .... an apple a day, keeps the doctor away" he look at Mayu and gave a smirk. "Can I talk to you for a second, Doc?"
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I won't eat apple anymore!  :lol:
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And I like the KaiHaru pairing here, but somehow I didn't like how Yuko and Atsuko found out their relationship. Poor souls.  :cry:

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Now, both Yuko and Acchan will get over to this unfortunate events in their lives and ended up dating each other instead! ATSUYUU <3
I'll expect some ATSUYUU in the next chapter! :)
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What's gonna happen now?
Hope Acchan and Yuko don't linger on the revelation too much...
So sad for the two of them
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I.. Think i have the ugre to kill some people here /A\..
As usual, good job!
*altho am spreading hate aura*
But you better update it fast D:<
I want a new chapter!
We want a new chapter!
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Finding out that your crush is dating your best just really sad.
And finding out in that way? It's like a stab to your chest. :( :cry:

I wonder what's going to happen next and what would Acchan and Yuu do.

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Chapter 10: The Real Problem Comes


Yuko who was sleeping while having a dream about what happened between him and Haruna, woke up but remained on his position when he heard a cracking sound that came from Kai's bed. By the sounds, it's obvious that the blond stood up from his bed and when he heard another sound from the door, he knew that his friend left their room. But where will he go?
After a few minutes, Yuko decided to go after him when he thought of something. "Maybe he will go to Acchan? hmm. that midget" he smirked. He took out his jacket from the cabinet and put on his slippers then left the room. He was walking at the hallway with hands inside the pockets of his jacket when he recognized someone who's also taking the way outside.

"Acchan!" Yuko called.
"Yuko? What are you doing here?" she asked as she turn around to look at the man.
"I'm looking for Kai.... I thought you're with him. What are you doing here?" he asked confusedly as his thoughts earlier were wrong.
"Me? With him? No, I'm looking for Nyan-nyan. I noticed a light that was coming from outside then I saw Nyan-nyan left the room. I thought she will just get water or something but it's almost an hour now and she still didn't come back"
"Is that so? Come on, let's find them. Tsk, where did they go. .."

The two continued on searching for their friends. They went at the kitchen, living room, bathroom, balcony and even in the storage room but they found no one. They decided to find them outside but there's still no sign of them. Atsuko and Yuko felt tired so they sat first on the near bench and think of a place that the two might go but they didn't know this place much so they took a deep sigh and give up. After a moment of silence, Yuko stood up and point his index finger upwards while smiling at Atsuko.

"What? You look like a fool you know" the woman chuckled a bit.
"I know a place here. Kai might go there because he said before that, that place is important for him"
"Really? Then do you know how to get there?"
"Not really but if I will see the way to it, I'll remember how to get there"

The two started to walk to their destination. Even though the cold wind was preventing them to continue, they still insist just to find their friends. After a few minutes, Atsuko and Yuko finally saw a Nipa hut with colorful lights. The man realized that the way that they took was wrong as they ended up seeing the back part of it but its not important now, the important thing now is they reached the place. The two was about to go in front and check the wooden door if it's locked or not when they suddenly heard a familiar voice.

“Like what I’ve promised to your parents, I’ll be a better man for you and I will not hurt you …… Haruna, I love you”

They looked at each other with widen eyes and thought if what they heard is correct. Did the familiar voice said Haruna? And what's with that I love you and promise thing? Yuko saw a small hole so to confirm if their guess was right, they look inside and to their surprise, the owner of the familiar voice and the person that they were thinking is right. It came from Kai. The two went even more shock when the blond and Haruna started to kiss passionately and tasting every part of them. They stared on it for a little longer then decided to stop as they rested their backs on the wall when they saw the two inside starting to remove their clothes and ready themselves in a more passionate and intense showing of love. The only thing that they can feel at that time was slowly breaking of their hearts specially when they heard moaning and cracking sound that was coming inside.

-End of Flashback-

         Back to where the two naked bodies are, Kai laid himself on the couch while the woman who felt so tired after what they did positioned herself on top as she wrapped her arms around the blond’s body. Haruna rests her head on the man’s collar bone while Kai is holding her tightly to support her. The only thing that is covering their bodies is the jacket that finally becomes useful. They are still feeling both of their bodies as every part of it touches directly. Kai closed his eyes when he felt sleepy and also tired but when he was about to reach the dream land, a warm breathe soothes on his neck. He opened his eyes and saw the woman on top of him blowing her breathe playfully.

"What are you doing? I thought you are sleeping..." the blond asked with a still tired voice.
"I can't sleep. ...... in this kind of position" Haruna blushed same as Kai when they realized their current position.
"Owh. . I hmm. . I-I'm sorry. I think we should get back so you can sleep now" Kai stuttered and ready himself to stand up but the woman prevented him by burying her face on his neck.
"I don't want to. .. I still want to be with you Kai!"
"But. ..."
"Please?" Haruna look at him with puppy eyes. Of course, Kai can't say no to her so he just hug the woman even more to say okay.

         After they spent another hour together, they decided to go back to their respective rooms before the sun shines and before the others see them. When both of them reached it, they walked silently towards their beds and laid their backs again to continue their sleep and also to rest. They fallen asleep right after it without noticing the persons who are also with them, letting out tears but preventing to let out a sound of hurt feelings. Atsuko and Yuko knew that the two really had a good night together while them, they still feel the pain that really whacked their hearts. They can’t even sleep again as the scenes, every stroke of the blond’s hand, every moan and every kiss that Haruna and Kai shared, it all flashes back to their minds.

-Atsuko’s POV-

‘I am now here, drowning on my own tears and feeling almost all the pain that every person can have. I heard the door opened and I know that she’s back. She’s back happily and satisfied. I can’t help myself to just cry even more. Why do we need to know about their secret in that kind of way? She knows that I really like Kai but what have she done?! Is that what I can get for being so nice and being a friend to her?! I can’t believe this ……. It .. It really hurts….’ Atsuko buried her face once again on the pillow while sobbing silently.
‘Kai, why you didn’t tell me about it? I can understand if you do like my friend but what have you done? You just made me feel important as you showed that you care for me and you ………. like me. Or is that only my imagination? But how can you explain those looks, touches, and everything that you did to me when we’re together? ….. you’re just making me confused Kai ….’

-Yuko’s POV-

‘So the bastard is back ….. back from tasting my Nyan-nyan!!’ I said to myself when I heard the door opened.
‘If only I can stand up here and punch him ……… or kill him, I’ll do it but of course he’s still my friend even though he betrayed me. Why all my best friends became like this? They’re always taking the person I really love! They’re so unfair! I can still feel the pain here in my heart, does history really repeats itself? But why am I the one who’s always experiencing these things?! What a cruel life!’
Yuko covered the blanket all over his body but still, pretending to be asleep.
‘Nyan-nyan …….. I really love you so I’ll fight for you’

         The sun shines up as the rays of it strike directly to every window that made their rooms lighten. It’s already 7 in the morning but Haruna and Kai still felt sleepy while the two witness of their ‘love scene’ wasn’t able to sleep properly. They still thought of what will happen today and what will they do or react if they will see the two. Will they blurt out their secret or just keep it? Well they will know it when they gather up downstairs to have their breakfast. Yuko and Kai go downstairs together but the squirrel just remained silent; showing that he’s not in the mood and preventing his anger to come out as he doesn’t want to cause a scene. While they’re taking the way to it, the door from the other room suddenly opened up showing two lovely ladies that made the two midget’s heart skip a beat. Kai and Haruna smiled at each other while the other two just gave a problematic look.

"Ohayou Ha- Kojima-san" Kai greeted. "Ohayou Acchan"
'tss~ call her Haruna!' Yuko thought.
By the greeting of the blond, Atsuko doesn't know what to react or say. She was shocked about it so she just mumbled without looking, "ah, Ohayou"
"Ohayou Kai" Haruna blushed then continued, "Ohayou Yuuchan"
"O-ohayou Nyan" Yuko greeted back shyly as he looked on the floor.
"Come on. Let's go now and eat. I'm hungry and I feel like that I've lost my energy”
'Lost of energy because of eerrr!' Yuko whispered; luckily, the man didn't hear it.

         When they reached the dining table, everyone is already there as they sat next to their love ones. All the foods are all set and they are the only one who is missing to start this breakfast. Atsuko sat beside their school doctor who looks so gloomy today and seems that something bothering on him. Beside Mayu is his girlfriend Yuki with Sae on her side. Yuki is giving a worried look on the man as she holds his hand but Mayu just gave a slight smile that made the woman to worry even more. The doctor is acting strangely since that night when he had a talk with Sae and until now, her girlfriend doesn't have any idea what happened to them or rather what they talked about.

         Back to the current situation of the four, Kai was about to sit next to Atsuko but Yuko stopped him as he quickly sat beside the woman and pretended that he's having an important conversation with her. Kai had no choice but to sit next to Haruna who is sitting on the opposite direction. Well, he thinks that this is better if they will start to announce their secret relationship. Atsuko and Yuko remained silent with the same thoughts on their mind. As all of them start eating the prepared food, Yuko's spoon suddenly fell so he bended down to get it and to his surprise, he saw Kai and Haruna's hand intertwined just like they don't want to let go each other. By seeing this, the dimpled man rose up again with jealousy and anger as he took his spoon. He holds Atsuko's hand tightly to prevent himself to strangle the two. The woman also knew about it when she noticed that the two were only using their spoon to eat and not bothering to use its partner.

         After a few moments, Yuko can't really take it anymore. Seeing his Nyan-nyan being so sweet with his best friend is really killing him. Their smiles, even though they're not having an eye contact, he knows that those are for each other. Atsuko on the other hand is also feeling the same, jealousy wrapping all over herself as she wishes that she could be that woman; the woman that is currently in love with Kai.

“Ne Mariko, Kuu ….” Yuko called the two after he gritted his teeth with anger. Both of them just look at the man with confusion as they don’t know why he called them suddenly in the middle of their lovey dovey moment.
“Are you proud of your relationship?” he asked.
“Eh? Of course. One of the famous models in our school is in love with me so I’m proud of it” Kuu answered but still confuse why the man asked about it. Same as the others, they just look at them and wait for Yuko’s next response.
“How about you Mariko?”
“Do you really need to ask that? Is it not obvious enough?” she rolled her eyes that made the squirrel to proceed to his next words.
“Sou~ I guess all of you are proud on what you have right now. Hmm ……. What if I say that I’m also proud on what I have right now? The special person that I have right now?” by his statement, he just made everyone to be even more confused.

“What’s wrong with you Yuko? You’re acting strange huh …… and what’s with that ‘special someone’ thing? We all know that your special someone is Nyan-nyan …” Rena said.
“What if that special someone is this woman ……….. beside me?” Yuko look at Atsuko who is now having a shock expression then raised their intertwined hands to show to them. Their friends, specially Atsuko doesn’t have any idea what this man up to. How come that Atsuko is his special someone if he’s obviously in love with Haruna? Somehow, the man who is sitting across them felt something; something that he can’t explain.

“Are you kidding? Atsuko? Special someone? Do you want to get killed by Kai?” Yuki said after a few moments of silence.
“Yeah. See those flaming eyes of Kai? You’re dead man! Haha!” Sayaka added.
“No way. I’m sure he’s just kidding us guys. What’s up with you Yuko? You’re acting really strange lately……. Is that the reason why you sat beside Atsuko? Just to joke around?” finally, Kai said as he wanted to know if it’s true or not even though he knew that it’s really impossible.
“Heh ….. Are you jealous?” Yuko asked with a smirk.
“Me? Jealous? Of course not ….” The blond answered that made Atsuko’s heart to feel pain again.

“Then that’s good. Am I not allowed to say it? At least I’m open to all of you. I’m open to my friends, MY TRUE FRIENDS and I’m PROUD to have this girl. I’m not like the OTHER men out there who are secretly DATING WITH SOMEONE. Tss~ I feel pity for their girlfriends. Their man doesn’t have any guts to say to the world that they love each other. Ugh. I wonder why they should keep it as a secret. Oh and one last thing, I also wonder why the OTHERS are seizing someone’s love….. Do they really need to do it?” Yuko said as he emphasized some words through a high pitch tone while looking directly to his friend’s eyes. Somehow, Kai and Haruna felt nervous by Yuko’s words. He sounds like he knows something about them, but how? Or maybe it’s just their imagination? Through the squirrel’s glare, the two hold each other’s hand tighter to lessen what they feel right now. There’s really something going on with Yuko and Atsuko, not about having a relationship but something related about Kai and Haruna as it was also noticed by their friends.

"Y-Yeah. Me too.. I'm also wondering about that. Hehe...." Kai stutter as he decided to pretend that he's not affected on what Yuko said.
"You too? heh...... Then why don't you try to ask yourself about it?" Yuko smirked.
"Huh? What are you talking about? What do you mean?"
"Oh come on Kai. Stop pretending that you don't know what I mean!"

"Uh Oh~ I think I know what's going on here. The problem is here. Kai, Nyan-nyan, what are you going to do now?" Kuu said on his mind while still looking at the becoming intense conversation.

"I don't know what you're talking about Yuko!"
"Really? Then I'll ask Kojima-san instead" Yuko quickly turn his glare at the woman.
"Me? Why me?" Haruna asked nervously. 'He does really know about it! But how?!'
“Are you also going to deny it?! Come on! Blurt it out!!” Yuko stood up with anger as he stomped the table with his hands.
“Yuko stop it!” Atsuko stopped him but it seemed that his anger and jealousy really wanted to make this argument.
“Stop? How can I stop after what we have known?! How can you be like that if both of us are being hurt by them?! If you can remain silent about it then I can’t be like that! I want them to know that I’m really hurt deep inside! Like they took off my heart just to step on it!”

“Ch-chotto Yuko …. We’re clueless here. We don’t know what you’re talking about. Can you please relax first?” Sayaka said.
“Stop?! Relax?! I can’t do that if I know that these two in front of me are secretly betraying us or rather me!! Don’t you know that these two are already in a relationship?! Don’t you know that all those times, they are already together and fooling us?! I can’t believe it Kai, how can you do that to me?!” finally, Yuko blurted out their secret same as his anger that he felt last night. All of their friends except for Mariko and Kuu were shocked about it; they also didn’t expect the sudden revelation. Haruna just look on the ground while preventing her tears to come out. Kai know that the woman doesn’t know what to say so he stands up while still holding her hand.

“A-are you sure about it Yuko? How did you know?” Rena asked.
“I’m definitely sure about it! Atsuko and I saw and hear everything last night!” After what Yuko answered to Rena, Kai suddenly bowed down to them and said,
“Minna, Gomen nasai! It is true, I and Haruna are dating for almost 5 months now” Kai looked up on Yuko again then continued, “Yuko, I’m sorry ….”
“Sorry? That will not change anything. You’ve already hurt me, you’ve already betrayed me!! Don’t you know that seeing your best friend f*cking and pleasuring with your love one is killing me?! How can you do that to me?! I’ve trusted you and you know that I like Kojima-san a lot!!”
“I did not betrayed you! I knew and fell in love with her first! I decided not to tell you because I know you’ll be mad!”
“Of course! But if you told it to me on the first place, I’ll surely accept it and forgive you but knowing it on that way?!! Just forget that I’m your friend!”
“But we were about to tell it today! Can you please listen to me first?!”
“Whatever …. This vacation is over. I’m going to leave now!”

Yuko started to walk to leave the room and his friends who are feeling worried for him. Kai and Haruna don’t have any choice but let him go as they know that it will help him to lessen his raging temper. Atsuko on the other hand stands up also to do the same but before she could leave, her eyes met Haruna’s and without any words, through her friend’s eyes, she could tell that she’s saying sorry but of course, like what Yuko felt, she could not forgive her easily. When she reached the edge of the door a hand interrupted her from going and she already knows who it is.

“Let me go…… Please”

         Kai removed his possession to the woman’s hand and let her go. He sat back to his position and buried his face on his palms. Both of them didn’t expect that this will happen, they didn’t expect that this problem is worst than they expected. They only think that the two will surely get mad but not that much. Haruna rested her head on the man’s shoulder while sobbing and thinking what will they do next. All of them just look at the two but after a few minutes, all of their attention was caught by the doctor who suddenly stood up and ready to leave also. Yuki did the same but before she could walk towards the man, she was stopped by his words.

“Don’t follow me …… I want to be alone. I need to think ……” Mayu said without looking at his woman.

         Yuki remained silent and immovable as her tears began to flow on her cheeks. She still didn’t know what is going on with him. She still didn’t know what’s bothering him. Is he tired of being with her? But why? Does he love someone else? By thinking those negative ideas, Yuki cried even more. Then when Sae noticed that she can’t breathe properly because of it, he made the woman sit again then give her a glass of water to calm her down. The ikemen wrapped his arms over the woman’s shoulders without noticing a glare coming from their club’s president.

‘What have you done Sae ….I know you did something. Tsk …’

“What the?! What’s happening here?! Why all of them left us?!” Rena said in a bit high pitch tone when she heard footsteps which obviously came from Atsuko, Yuko and Mayu as they also heard the door closed.
“Now explain to them, Kai and Nyan-nyan. I’m sure they’re all confused because of the sudden happenings” Mariko said.
“Yes. To them, because we already knew about it …..”
“Oh well, that’s not new to hear….”

         The two explained everything to them as they also answered questions about it. Their friends can’t believe that they really hide it for a long time without getting caught or without having suspicions from the others. Even though they were amazed about it, they still disagree on that way. It’s not they’re against on their relationship but they’re against on that ‘hiding’ thing. If they really love each other, they should tell it to them as early as possible so no one will get hurt badly and hope for something. Just like Atsuko and Yuko, because of their closeness with the two, both of them thought that there might be a mutual understanding between them. As their serious conversation continued, Kuu and the others who know what Atsuko really feel for Kai, prevented themselves on telling about it. They respect their friend’s decision that she wants to say it or confess it to the blond directly. But because of this, they think that it’ll be impossible now.

“So what are we going to do now? This is not only your problem but it’s also for us. We don’t want to disintegrate this friendship you know ….” Kuu said while massaging his temples because of their current problems.
“I think before we think of a solution …… we should think first of the other problem” Kai said as he look at the other problematic woman besides Haruna, Yuki.
“Oh I forgot about it. Yuki, what happened between you and doc?” Kuu asked but Yuki’s tears fell down again.
“I .. I don’t know …. He’s really acting strange since last night and he’s not saying if there’s something bothering on him ….” She answered while sobbing.
“Maybe he’s tired of you …..” Sae whispered.
“Nothing … I said, don’t worry … I’m just here for you. I’ll take care of you. I promise” the ikemen said but Yuki ignored it as she start to cry again while reaching for her phone to send a message to her runaway doctor.

“I think this is the end of our vacation. The three left us and this will not be fun anymore. What do you think? We should go home now?” Kai suggested as he receive a nod from all of them to agree.

         They packed again their clothes and ready their bags and themselves to go home. When everything is all set, Kai drive again his car to their destination. While driving, Haruna noticed the bothered look of her man so instead of sleeping just like what their friends are doing, she holds his hand to comfort him and giving a smile saying “We can do this”. In spite of those comforts coming from his woman, there’s something really bothering on him and it is Atsuko. ‘Why am I’m feeling like this? Why did she leave with Yuko? Maybe she’s also angry with me ……. But why? Aargh! Maybe she’s thinking that I used her just to cover up my relationship with Haruna which is not true…….. I did not use her and I didn’t even think of doing it. I don’t know why but being her by my side is really making me happy. It’s like she’s comfortable to be with. Like ……….. Aargh! I can’t explain!’
         After a few turns on the road, finally they reached the place where they will part their ways. As usual, they went home with their love ones except for Yuki who went home with Sae and Sayaka. Even though it’s his fault why the woman is now in this state, he can’t let her go home alone and for Sayaka ……. Well, he needs talk to the man about it.

“I’ll leave you now here…” Kai said when they reached Kojima’s residence.
“Are you sure you don’t want to come inside?”
“Uhn … I’ll call you later when I get back home ….. be sure to rest huh? Ja~” Kai was about to leave but a sudden hug from his back prevented him to go. Haruna wrapped her arms to the blond’s body as both of her hands met on the man’s stomach. Kai made his turn to look at the woman then gave her a short kiss and said,
“Everything will be fine. Don’t worry ….. I’ll visit you tomorrow okay?” right after he received a nod from the woman, he quickly went back to his car and start driving back to his home.

“There are two things that I’m worried about …… our relationship between our friends and specially ……….. ours. I don’t know if it’s just my imagination or you’re really slowly falling in love with her …… That can’t be! I can’t see you being with someone else Kai ……” Haruna said to herself while looking at the car which is slowly fading on her sight.

Meanwhile at the other street, the couple who seemed not so affected with the happenings today, stayed for a while on an empty park. They sat on the bench near the fountain which is located at the center.
“I’m glad we don’t have any problems like what they have right now ….”
“Me too …… Their situation is really complicated right?”
“Uhn ……. Let’s forget their problems for awhile. It’s just making my head hurt…”
“I’m sorry …….. One last thing, what do you think will they choose? I mean which is more important to them, friendship or their love?”
“I don’t know but for me there’s only one ……..”
“Eh? What it is?”
“You~ My Jurio. Hehe” Rena giggled as she teased the man with his nickname.
“Mou~ I told you not to call me like that ….” The young man pouted.
“Sorry …… hmm .. How about you? What’s important to you?”
“For me?”
“No! For me, for myself! ….. so I’m going to repeat what I’ve said! Tsk … Of course for you, you heard it correctly ….”
“Since when you learn to talk like Mariko-sama? Ugh. Okay, to answer your question ….. Love is important to me ..”
“hmm … My parents will not be home tonight. Wanna come? Do you want to fulfill what’s important to me?” Jun smirked at the woman as he moved his face closer to her.
“Is that what love means to you?! Bad Jurio!” Rena covered the man’s face by her hand then pushed it a little to draw it away from her.
“Come on let’s go home! I’ll do what you want if you can catch me …. Bleh!” Rena started to run away from the young man who is laughing because of his girlfriend’s childish actions.

TBC …  :cow:
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Sae is so bad!!! :smhid
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Go Yuko and Acchan! Teach them!  :onionwhip:

I just love how you progress the story  :onioncheer: Will be waiting for the next update!  :hee:
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my head hurt after i read ur update karupin!
My god so many problems!XD

And kai x haruna make love scene!

Thank you for the update karupin!
I want more
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EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH but i was expecting a sweet revenge here! I was anticipating some more!  :angry:
 If i were Yuko and Acchan, i would never forgive those friends who betrayed me! I will let them feel ashamed with themselves by having someone that is HOTTER and GOOD LOOKING GUY/GIRL that is also worth for their love!

Acchan and Yuko are both popular in their school, right? why not use it to get the entire school's attention being the hottest and sweetest couple? I mean, that would be really exciting, right?  :w00t:

Of course, for them to make them jealous to death, Yuko and Acchan will act like nothing happened and will be more  interested ONLY to each other.

LOL sadist  XD
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Wow..... That was...... awful.......
Seriously, Kai and Haruna should've told everybody in the beginning. Look what happened now....
What will happen next? Please update SOON!!
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I'm sorry. I don't intend to offend you but this is how I really feel.  :bow:
One can just laugh it off like "Oh, It's just a fanfic. They can write whatever they want. You don't have any right to judge them". 
I'm sorry, I'm this kind of person. I'm really serious about doing something. Even I feel kinda uncomfortable when writing this. So you can just skip my comment, or tell me and I will just delete it.

I got kinda emotional when reading your story. I'm Asian. So yeah, our traditions are very strict. [I guess you know what I'm going to say].
5 months for a relationship is a short time. Too short, I dare say. You can't just give the man your everything even if you love him very much.
Moreover, the man is uncertain about you. [yeah, I'm sorry *deeply bow*. :bow: I mention the man like a baddie here even though I knew he wasn't :bow:]
So yeah. I think I understand my Oshi's feeling there *pat oshi's back*  8)2

I'm sorry to offend you once agian *deeply bow*  :bow: :bow:
Thank you for updating. Waiting for your next update.  :cry:
If you don't work something out, I'll give you a lecture again. XD XD
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I hate sae,hope mayu know how to solve this,or yuki will think mayu really tired with her

I hate sae!!

Thank for the update
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I like reading that kind of comments  :twothumbs

@haruhi16: I like your idea :kekeke:
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I really hate kai and haruna  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:
How could they live with what happen??

I'm sorry when I say this, but I have to say it
At the beginning I can still keep my anger down
But now, I think I can't hold it anymore

Karupin12 san, you're the first and hopefully the last, that can make me hate kai and haruna
Please....don't make me hate them more  :cry:  :cry:
Please.....please.....  :bow:  :bow:
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I know that AtsuYuu is not written in the forum all the time, that's why... When I started reading this fic, I wanted to see what would happen. I mean, TakaHaru is cute and sweet, and all. But the other two? They're really hurting badly. I don't know why but... I really want Atsuko to end up with Yuko. Maybe it must be my sadistic side wanting to have Kai realizing his feelings for Atsuko while she starts getting along better with Yuko. I just don't know.

This fic is really sad, and it breaks my heart everytime I read about Yuko and Atsuko getting hurt. I feel like I want something to happen between those two, and make the TakaHaru pair suffer by making them realize their true feelings for them. To be honest, if I could do anything here in the fic... I'd definitely make that pair suffer terribly. Sorry, TakaHaru fans. :kneelbow: But I can't bear to read Atsuko and Yuko hurting too much.
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I agree with Karochan~! (Karomuwi)  :thumbsup

Now i feel like i want to do a collaboration with karochan in this kind of story  XD cause we all know that we're both sadistic authors  XD AND WE BOTH WANTED THE SAME THING!

Karochan~ I miss u!   :deco:
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Karupin-San hehehe thank you for the update :)

Hate Kai and Haruna so much in this fic :angry:

Love Yuko And Atsuko so much XD

Please make an Atsuyuu :wub: I really want Yuko to be with Atsuko and Kai haruna will feel guilty hehehe

Go Atsuyuu :deco:

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I AGREE with Karomuwi. With Kai feeling's in the future... I want him suffer because he hurts Yuko and Atsuko... And Haruna the same thing.

And Mayuki... I HATE Sae.

I am happy that it have WMatsui!
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YES!!! Yuko preach man preach it :twothumbs

I agree with Karomuwi... but Kai and Haruna should still suffer for hurting Yuko and Atsuko

Sae needs to learn his lesson too  :angry:

WMatsui are super cute and please more MariMii moments :)

Thanks for the update!!
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With each chapter gets more interesting.  :deco:

I do not like what Kai and Haruna did  :angry: and Acchan & Yuuchan discovered them in 'that' moment was the worst, poor them  :cry:

But the "swinger" strategy for saying it somehow is very predictable, would be more interesting Takaharu's reactions before a playgirl  Acchan and Yuuchan close to someone who Haruna doesn´t like.

keep up the good work   :thumbsup
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I wonder their friendship will be the same again after what happened. Kai x Haruna should have declare their relationship to their friends instead of hidden it. It becoming more complicated. Anyway, please update the next fic soon ~
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Oops, sorry Kai but I won't take your side this time. You deserve it if later you find out that you're in love with Atsuko and she's already falling for Yuko. This is probably the only fic where I don't mind if Yuko annd Acchan end up together. Luckily this is Kai and not Takamina
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EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH but i was expecting a sweet revenge here! I was anticipating some more!  :angry:
 If i were Yuko and Acchan, i would never forgive those friends who betrayed me! I will let them feel ashamed with themselves by having someone that is HOTTER and GOOD LOOKING GUY/GIRL that is also worth for their love!

Acchan and Yuko are both popular in their school, right? why not use it to get the entire school's attention being the hottest and sweetest couple? I mean, that would be really exciting, right?  :w00t:

Of course, for them to make them jealous to death, Yuko and Acchan will act like nothing happened and will be more  interested ONLY to each other.

LOL sadist  XD

Yeah!!!  YOu have my vote... i want that takaboy and haruna suffer.. >_<.. because it was a betrayal....
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Well I feel sad for Atsuko and Yuko, but I don't think Kai and Haruna is at fault too.
I mean the setting of the stories is that they are very popular people that have lots of fans.
Fans can be good and bad, right?
Some more they are on a relationship before Atsuko and Yuko meet Kai and Haruna... so for Atsuko and Yuko to fall in love with them, weren't they fault
at all.
Also their friends keep teasing them (AtsukoxKai and HarunaxYuu), they are also at fault to keep encourage Atsuko and Yuko with their feeling for Kai and Haruna respectively.
I mean Kuu and Mariko knew about them, and they are the ones that teasing them more... I can say the faults lie with them some of it.
For Kai and Haruna, telling people their love lives or not.... I think I can respect their choice... I mean it's their loves lives...who are they so say anything. It's their own business. Some more, they might need more time with their relationship... I mean they are new into the relationship... so it might not be stable yet... they might need more time to be more comfortable with their new status.
As I said before, they are very popular... so before others giving them hard time whether in or out of school.
Furthermore, in the story... it seem like both Atsuko and Yuko... the first time they met Kai and Haruna respectively... they are already falling in love with them so whether they know the relationship before hand does it matter? They are going to be broken heart anyway.
Okay may be knowing the relationship before seeing them making love to each other might soften then blow but are they at fault... may be a bit.
I can't really say Kai and Haruna 100% at fault... everyone contributes in this tragedy.
In the other hand, Sae is very much at fault with what he did to YukixMayu relationship. He tried to blackmail Mayu... Mayu please quickly think... To solve your problem is very easy. 1st, tell Yuki what Sae said (about the black mail), 2nd, quit and find another job... there is always some where you can get a job. Doctors... there are always places that will need doctors. Or 3rd, Tell Yuki to ask for a break until Yuki graduate from the Uni... then continue the relationship.
But these are all my personal opinions, I don't mean to offense anyone with my comments.
I hope u guys don't mind them.
It's very good fic. Thank you for the update.
Can't wait to see the next one.
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Yeah please make Atsuyuu :wub:
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It looks like everyone hates Takaharu :lol:
except for one, cisda83  :)
I'm glad that she saw that side of the story's situation ..  :)

but still, just like the other sadist out there want, the two still need to suffer :lol:
it's unfair if its only Yuko and Acchan :lol:
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I like TakaHaru and AtsuYuu also but I prefer AtsuMina and KojiYuu more.....   :mon cute:

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Chapter 11: Let's get this plan started!

            When the blond reached the free space on the side of their house, he parked his car lazily then quickly goes inside as he felt tired and problematic at the same time. His father was there and reading a newspaper while having a cup of coffee. The old man just look at him and felt confuse why his son came back unexpectedly. He tried to ask about it but it seemed that he's not in the mood as he lazily went upstairs to his room. 'Love problem I guess' Takapapa thought.
            Kai laid his back on the bed as he stare at the ceiling while the scenes earlier flashes back on his mind. He covered his face with his hands then spread both of his arms on the side as he let out a deep sigh. After a second of thinking, Kai thought of something. He quickly got up and goes to his desk to open up his laptop. After a bunch of loadings and initializing on the startup, finally, he can now open his facebook and check if 'someone' is online or not. To his disappointment when he did not saw the green thing on the person's profile, he sighed again “Did she get back home safely? Is she mad at me?”. Then Kai decided to just send a message and wait for a reply ……… if any.

“Did you get back home safely?
I’m worried. Please tell me if you’re already at home.
And also …… I’m sorry for what happened.
I’m sorry if we didn’t tell about us ….”

Kai stared at the monitor while resting his head on his left hand. He browses the woman’s profile, looking for old pictures and even her previous posts until he reached the very end of it. When he felt tired on doing those useless things for pastime, he checked again the chatbox of the person whom he sent a message and all that he saw is just “Seen 01:48 PM”. ‘Sou~ I guess she’s home already and she’s definitely mad at me. Atsuko, gomen’

         Earlier, right after Atsuko and Yuko left their friends and go somewhere, the two decided to just have a walk to anywhere where their feet take them. Along with their bags, both of them sat on the ground with full of grass beside the road.
“Ugh~” they sighed in chorus.
"Why did you tell them? Now we'll face a big problem"
"Since the start, we're already facing a problem. And it's not my fault if they made me really jealous!! Are you not feeling the same way at that time?!" Yuko asked but the woman remained silent and not bothering to answer his question.
“Oh c’mon Acchan …. Don’t be shy, I know you really like Kai. I mean that bastard”
“Ah! I remember! Why did you say that I’m your ……..” Atsuko blushed and didn’t continue her words when the squirrel smirked at her.

“Why? Don’t you like it? My special one?” Yuko move his face closer to the woman without removing the smirk that he’s having and that made Atsuko’s face to grew redder.
“I .. I ... Ano …” she stuttered.
"Haha! You're cute Acchan!" Yuko pinched her nose. "You know what? I did that because I want to see if he'll be jealous"
"Then your plan failed. ..." she frowned.
"Yeah. I think so. ........"

There was an awkward silence between them when both of them can't think of any topics to talk about except for 'Kai and Haruna' thing. Then suddenly, a car dashed off from their back and when they looked at it, it seemed that everything went in slowmo as they saw the two who made their hearts broken, staring at each other.

"I guess they didn't notice us. .." Atsuko said, eyes were on the ground.
"How will they notice us if they're busy with each other?!" Once again, Yuko gritted his teeth with jealousy.
"Ne. ... I have a plan. What if we make it true? The one that I've said earlier? To make revenge to them, WE’LL DO WHAT THEY DID" Yuko suggested that made Atsuko's eyes widen in shock.
"Wh-wh-what do you mean? We-we'll do what they did? You mean. .... No! Don't ever try to do it to me! Pervert!" Atsuko move a bit away from the man and quickly put her bag in front of her to cover herself.
"Huuuuhhh?! You're the one who's pervert! What you think is wrong! I will not do it to you. Now come closer so we can talk about it properly!"
"Uh, Oh-okay. Sorry. So what it is?" she moved closer again and felt embarrassed because of her thoughts; dirty thoughts.

"We're going to return back what they did to us. We'll make them jealous. ..." the man started.
"Are you insane? That's impossible! They both love each other so they don't care or even they will not know that we're making them jealous!"
"I know I know but can we just give it a try first? I know there's something going on with Kai's mind right now. He's my friend so I know about him a lot. I'm still unsure about it so by doing this, we'll confirm it"
"Confirm what?"
"That he likes you. .."
"That's really impossible. ..... so okay, let's think that it's true then how about you? Are you sure Nyan-nyan will be jealous? Are you sure she'll be affected on this plan? Are you sure that if Kai really likes me, she will give him to me? And one last thing, can you see a little percent of her love towards you? Because me, I can't see it! All I can see is she really love Kai!"

"STOP IT!! Okay! I get it! You don't need to ask those questions with obvious answers!" He felt irritated and at the same time, hurt. He knows about it already and Atsuko was right; even if he will look directly on Haruna's eyes for many times, all that he will see is not his reflection but Kai's.
"I'm sorry. ....." Atsuko apologized.
"No, I'm sorry too if I yelled at you. I know that you're right but. ......... If ever Kai really likes you, then he'll go for you and leave Nyan-nyan. Then that's my time to be with her and make her fall in love with me. ......... Yeah I know it's hard, but I'll still try. I will not give her up. So, deal?"
"If that's what you want. ... deal!" Both of them smiled.

"Just don't fall in love with me okay? That'll be another big problem. Haha!"
"Whatever Yuko. Don't worry, that'll never happen......... by the way, we still have a problem"
"Have you noticed that there are no other vehicles passing by? Even a bus! So how can we back home now?! This is your fault! If only you did not do that walk out blues, we'll never be here!"
"I didn't know that there's no vehicles passing by here okay? And also, did I tell you to come with me?! So this is your fault, not mine!"
"Okay you win. Come on now, let's start to walk"

The two started on walking and after a long road that they took, they noticed a mini truck which was coming so they quickly waved both of their hands to sign at the driver to stop. At first, the driver doesn't want them to have a ride because he will take a different way but because of Atsuko's hidden talent, (if it's really a talent) the driver became like hypnotized when he said 'yes'.

"I didn't know that you're like that. I didn't expect that you know how to make those seductive yet cute way of talking" Yuko whispered.
"That's the first time that I did it. It feels weird"
"Now I know why Kai is kinda attracted to you" he smirked.
"Shut up Yuko. ..." the woman blushed and that made the squirrel to give a small laugh.

         When Atsuko and Yuko reached their houses, like what Kai did, they immediately laid their bodies on their soft beds. Resting not only their tired bodies because of the long walk but also their minds which are tired of thinking. Suddenly, Atsuko noticed something on her phone, there was a notification indicating that she had a message from someone from her facebook account. Even though she's not in the mood to see whoever the sender is, somehow, her instincts were saying that she needs to read and see it. Upon opening and reading the message, all that she did was logout, exit and slammed her phone onto the bed.

'Worried huh? ...... Why are you like that Kai?! Why you're so nice to me?! Don't you know that you're just making me suffer because of thinking that you might like me?! All those times, I really thought it in that way! Can you please stop caring about me?! Caring to much!' Atsuko said as if she's talking to Kai. Releasing all of her anger through this is really helping her because she knows that she can't say it directly to the man.

Meanwhile on the other heartbroken person, Yuko also received a message, not from Kai but from Haruna.
'Yuuchan. ... I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I'm sorry if I didn't tell you about it when you confessed.
it's just I'm not yet ready. ... we're not yet ready.
I'm really really sorry. I hope you came home safe'

Of course, Yuko didn't reply on her message. It's too late to say sorry, they're already hurt enough and even though he really loves Haruna, it's too hard to just forgive her and forget all of it.

'Kai, I'll do anything to make her mine but I need to make you realize something first. And for Nyan-nyan, I'm sorry because I know that'll hurt you. I know you really like him, I can see it but I can't take it if you will end up loving him and yet he loves someone else. I don't want it to be one sided love'

         On the next day, just like what Kai promised to Haruna, he visits her house and stay there for awhile. The two are now currently on a sofa, sitting next to each other while watching a movie. Haruna hugged the man's arm while resting her head on his shoulder. There's an awkward silence between them as they didn't know what else to say. Haruna is focusing on the movie while Kai, even though his eyes are on the screen, his mind is absent as he keep on thinking about Atsuko. He doesn't know why but the woman keeps on appearing on his mind; her face, her lovely smiles and even her melting looks. Suddenly, Kai shakes his head to clear his thoughts; she should not be in his mind at this time specially now that he's with Haruna.

"Any problem? You look not in yourself today" the woman asked worriedly.
"Ah, nothing. .... Don't mind me"
"Still thinking about yesterday's happening?"
"Uhn.. a bit"
"I've sent a mail to Yuuchan yesterday. ...." Haruna confessed that made the man to move a bit and look at her. Somehow, he felt jealous about it. Why would his girlfriend send a message to his rival? What did she say to him?

".... I said sorry to him but. .... I didn't get any reply" Haruna frowned. The blond also remembered that it’s also the same thing that happened to him yesterday.
"I did the same way. ...... I've send a message to Acchan but she ignored it"
"I don't want you to mail her again" Haruna whispered as she pouts.
"Nothing. .. I said can we just forget about it for awhile? It's bad if we'll start our day being like this"
"Owh. Sorry" Kai kissed her forehead.

         The two point their attention again on the movie that is still playing on the screen. Once again, silence occupied the room where they are, as the sounds from the movie and the wind from the fan can only be heard. After a few scenes from the movie, Haruna remembered something that made her cheeks to blush. It's because of the scene from the movie where the woman was surprised to know that she's pregnant and the father of it was her bestfriend. Haruna tighten her hug to the man as her imagination started.

"Ne. .... What do you think of that?" she asked while her eyes are still on the screen.
"That? What it is?" the blond asked; confused on what his woman talking about.
"That one. When the leading woman got pregnant"
"hmm. .. I don't care about it. It's just a movie. Hehe"
"Kai. .."
"What if I got pregnant also?" Haruna asked that made the blond to cough a bit.
"Huh? What's with that question?"

"Mou~You don't need to cough like you're shock about it" the woman pouted.
"I'm sorry..... but your question really shocked me. I know we. ..... ano. ..... did that but that doesn't mean you'll get pregnant easily"
"But we did not use any protection. ...... Sounds like you don't want it. Meanie daddy"
"No, I mean ano. ..... We're still not ready on that kind of situation"
"Then why you did that to me? If you're not ready for that, you should've not done it. At that time, I already prepared myself for anything that might happen. It's not only the pleasure that I'm thinking. I hate you!" Haruna move herself away from the man as she positioned herself to another end of the sofa. She turned around while hugging a pillow to avoid the man's glare.

To prevent the woman on moving away from him again, Kai slowly and quietly move forward to approach her. He slid his hands to her belly then hugs her tightly as he touches his cheeks to the woman's.
"Before you say that you hate me, let me say I'm sorry again and. ....." Kai massage her belly then continued "...... and if there will be someone here soon, I'm sorry also. I promise I'll take the responsibility on you"
"Kai. .." Haruna looked at him.
"So don't be mad again okay? I don't want to see those pouting lips again. ......... it's just tempting me to kiss it" Kai smirked but that smirk quickly fade away and turn into a shock one when the woman captured his lips. The blond closed his eyes but before he could make his move, Haruna suddenly bit his lower lip.

"Itaai~!! Why did you bit me?!"
"That's what you get for making me upset" the woman stick out her tongue to tease the man but he just captured her lips to continue their kiss.

         Days had passed and it just became a very silent and unusual days for them without their friends by their side. It's not like the vacations before where their always meeting each other and spent some time. Everything changed since that time when the revelation happened and until now that they're back in school for the second semester of their year. Nothing's change on their schedule, professors and even classmates but there's an unexpected addition of students and they are, Kai and Yuko. The professors said that since the two were always in their class, they added them there which is really not a good idea for them.
         They are in their usual seats except for Haruna who is now sitting next to Kai, and Atsuko with Yuko on her side. Still, both parties are ignoring each other and it's not only them who are having a hard time on that kind of situation but also their friends who feel like they are in between of two rocks. As the bell rang, Kai and Haruna with Mariko, Kuu, Rena and Yuki went to the cafeteria to grab their lunches while Yuko and Atsuko remained inside the room for awhile. The six sat on their usual place when they noticed that it was vacant and before they could dig in to their foods, a deep sigh escaped from Yuki's lips that made the others to look at her and feel worried.

"Doctor problem?" Rena asked.
"uhn. He's still not calling, mailing or anything to me since the day he left me" Yuki sobs. "I went to the clinic earlier but her assistant said that he's still not there" The woman buried her face on her palms to avoid the others on seeing her crying.
"Are you sure there's nothing bad happened between the two of you?" Haruna asked.
"Maybe you didn't allow him to. ...... you know" Kai guessed jokingly but he end up receiving a deadly glare from his woman. "Okay, I'll keep my mouth shut" he nervously said as he took a sip from his cola.

"I can't remember something bad happened between us because on the night before that day, we're still okay but right after Sae-kun talked to him, his mood suddenly changed"
"Hmm. ... I guess there's something going on with your lovers ……… and speaking of Sae, he’s coming here…..”

“Yo! Guys, can I join you?” Sae confidently waved his hand then quickly sat on the vacant seat beside Yuki and put his right arm at the back of the woman’s chair.
“There’s nothing we can do if you’re already made your sit there …..” Mariko rolled her eyes.
“What’s with that face Yuki my dear?” the man ignored the older woman as he touched Yuki’s chin to look at her frowned face.

“Nothing. It’s none of your business …..” Yuki move away from the man then playfully take a spoon of her food. Sae just smirked on what the woman acted and found her more attractive because of it. He knows that it’s only the start but as the days pass by without that doctor by their side, all of his plans will go smoothly and the woman will surely fall in love with him.

As they start eating their food, Kuu saw someone who entered the cafeteria on the corner of his eyes. He looks at it to confirm if his guess was right. It is a man who is wearing a white doctor gown with hands on its pocket.

“Ah! Look! It’s your doctor Yukirin!” Kuu said after he swallowed the food inside his mouth.

Yuki with the others look at the direction where the Gachapin is pointing and to their surprise, Dr. Watanabe is really there and walking towards their table. The woman doesn’t know what to say as her eyes glued at the man. Sae on the other hand twitched his eyebrows and felt confused why the man is here and having a smile on his face.

“Sorry. I’m late. Did you miss me?” Mayu asked after he kissed Yuki on her cheeks. The woman remained silent so he continued,
“I’m sorry for leaving you for awhile. I hope you’ll forgive me ……. Don’t worry, I’ll never leave you again and I will not let ANYONE get you from me” Mayu glared at Sae who is currently gritting his teeth.
“I .. I don’t know what’s going on. Where have you been? And what did you think about? Is there any problem?” Yuki asked.

“Yeah there’s a problem …….. before, but I already fixed it and made some remedy” Mayu smirked at Sae.
“What’s going on with you?! Come on let’s have a talk again!” Sae stood up then grab the man’s wrist but Mayu harshly remove it.
“Do you have a crush on me? Why do you always want to talk to me? In private huh?” Mayu doesn’t remove the smirk on his face that made the Ikemen to be even more pissed off.
“So, do you want them to know about it? Do you want to lose your job?” finally, through Sae’s words, all of them realized what happened to him and Mayu. The reason why the doctor acted so strange on that day was because of a blackmail.

Yuki was about to stand up and shout at Sae but Mayu prevented her as he smiled at her to say that he’ll handle this.

“Then go for it… If you want, I can help you on telling it. I can even help you on shouting that THIS GIRL IS MINE!”
“Hey! Minna, do you know who I am right? Sorry for a sudden interruption but I just want to tell you that I really love this woman! Okay, you can now continue on eating…” Mayu shouted to inform them then gave a smile. The witnesses of his confession started to talk about it as they all go on gossiping around. Some of them took off their phones and start posting on their blogs and networking sites.

“What do you want to do next? Go to the department head? I can go with you if you want, so I’ll witness how you’ll feel ashamed for yourself” once again, he gave an annoying smile.
“What did you do huh?! Oh maybe you already gave up your job and your just pretending that you’re still the school doctor by wearing that stinky gown!”
“Gave up? Na~. I’ll never give up my beloved job. Oh by the way Yuki, see you in class later. I wasn’t able to go to our first class earlier because I fixed some things ….”
“Huh? Class? Later? What do you mean?” the confused woman asked.
“Oh I forgot to tell you, I’m you’re new classmate”

“EEEHH???!!! New classmate?! How come?!” All of them yelled in chorus.
“Why everyone of you seemed so shock? Am I not able to study again?”
“Because it’s really shocking!” Rena said.
“Yes it is! And how come you’re in our class?! If you’re going to study again, then you should be a first year student!” Kuu added.
“Don’t underestimate me. Hehe…. In order to be in the same year, I studied all of your lessons and took an exam and guess what? I passed it. I also talked with the department head if I can still work here and he said a ‘yes’ but I’ll work here only during our free days” Mayu explained as he sit beside Yuki where the ikemen sat earlier.

“Oooh~” All of them make a round on their lips.
“Of all the courses, why did you choose it? I thought you don’t like computers?”Rena asked.
“hmm .. well I just thought of something ……. In order for my file, my precious file to be protected, she needs an anti-virus to prevent the ‘blackmailing Trojan’ on getting closer to her” the doctor smirked.

“Now, I can be with my Yuki without thinking of getting fired” Mayu move his face closer to the woman but before their lips collide, he remembered something or rather someone.
“I forgot… you’re still here. Now, what are you going to say? Do you still want to report our relationship?” the doctor gave an annoying smile for the nth time.
“R-Remember this day! Y-You’ll regret this!!” Sae gritted his teeth then dashed off with embarrassment as all of the students there are laughing at his epic fail plan.

“Can I continue my reward now?” Mayu closed his eyes then move again to capture Yuki’s lips but he end up kissing the spoon which the woman used to block him.
“No! No kissing or anything! You’ve made my whole vacation a very stressful one! So that’ll be your punishment!”
“Whaaaat?! Ugh~ come on Yuki, I missed you” Mayu pouted sadly.
“I don’t care …..”
“Okay .. I guess you didn’t miss me at all. Ja~” the doctor stood up and about to go but Yuki made him to sit again then after a milliseconds, a soft lips pressed on him as he can also feel the warm breathe coming from the woman.

         Everyone inside the cafeteria went wild as they all shout for the doctor and Yuki’s name. Some of them are taking pictures, like the two are celebrities who will surely have a scandal on Bunshun in the future. Even their friends on the same table joined the other students but a sudden appearance of a two person stopped them. They keep their mouths shut and look at the two individuals who are just smiling at them while their hands are intertwined. The lovey dovey scene of Mayu and Yuki was also interrupted by them.

“What do we missed?” the man asked while showing his trademark, his dimple.
“I think we’re late. Can we still join on this table?”
“H-Hai~ Douzo ….” Rena pointed at the vacant seats while her eyes are still widen in shock.
“Why all of you look so shock?”
“Nothing Yuko ….. It’s just we’re not used to see you being like that with Acchan” Yuki answered.
“Then we’ll make you used to it. Ne Acchan?”
“Uhn …” Atsuko gave her most heart melting smile.

Mariko and Kuu observed their actions. They look at Rena, Yuki and Mayu and they are obviously shock about it but when they look at the lovers beside them, they noticed that there’s something on their glares with Atsuko and Yuko. Their attention was caught by the blond who seemed to be shock yet there’s this word ‘jealous’ on his eyes. The trolling couple smirked at the same time then look at each other.

‘I think I know what they’re going to do …’ they said on their minds as if they have mental telepathy.

TBC ..  :cow:
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Chapter 12: Listen to your Heart


As the bell started to ring, all of their classmates quickly took their bags to go outside and have their lunch. Atsuko and Yuko decided to remain inside to have a talk about what they're going to do.

"Acchan dear, are you ready?" Yuko smirked as he move closer to the woman.
"Stop it Yuko!" she rolled her eyes. "Now what? Aren't we going to eat now? I'm hungry you know"
"You're always hungry. .... We're going to eat with them. I know they're in the cafeteria now so when we get there, our plan will start"
"Just don't do it too much! Okay?! Now let's go, my pets inside my stomach are now struggling for food"

-End of Flashback-

Kai is now staring at the 'pretending to be a couple' who are being so sweet as they are giving foods to each other and don't mind with the other persons around them. Same with Kai, the confused friends are now giving this 'huh?' look as they didn't know what's going on with these two. They look so heartbroken before but now. .... Why they're being like this?

'Are they really together? Did they really mean what they said before? Yuko? Acchan? I never thought they will be like this. And why am I feeling this weird feeling again..... Hey! Keep your hands off her!' Kai thought and twitch his eyebrows when his friend, Yuko, wiped the stain of the food on the corner of Atsuko’s lips.

‘You’re really a player Yuuchan! You’re also a smooth talker! Change because of me huh? I thought you were really hurt at that time but I’m wrong ……. Totally wrong! I should’ve not believed in you! How come a player will change just for me? Tsk. I should’ve known that’ Haruna thought while giving an irritated look at the man.

         Haruna noticed that the hand that was holding her earlier loosens its grip. She looks at Kai and found him looking at the two without blinking an eye like he wanted to see or inspect every move of them. Seeing her love one being like that, makes her feel uneasy and …. Jealous? She doesn’t know why but the man seemed not liking the current situation of Atsuko and Yuko as his eyebrows keep on meeting each other.

'Is he mad?' she asked to herself as she holds back the blond's hand but it doesn't change anything as Kai keeps on focusing with the two.
'Kai. ... look at me. Don't mind them. Don't make me feel this way. ...' Still, she's hoping that the man will look at her but she failed. Kai’s attention is now already captured by the sweet couple.

"Acchan, here take some tomatoes. This is your favorite right?" Yuko offered and it was gladly accepted by the woman as she opened her mouth.
"uhmm. Arimmghato"
"You're cute when you're eating but don't talk when your mouth is full" Yuko pinched her cheek slightly while giggling.
"Hello? Earth to Yuko and Acchan. We're here also so can you please explain these?" Rena interrupted them.
"There's nothing to explain Rena-chan. .... What you see is already an explanation" The squirrel answered.

Rena prevents herself on asking another question that might hurt the two again. She, Mayu and Yuki are still wondering why Yuko and Atsuko became like this, so sweet; after the anger that they showed before.

"Look at him. He's looking like he wants to kill me" Yuko playfully whispered on Atsuko so the others will not doubt on their 'being sweet' acting. Atsuko took a fast glance at the blond and like what Yuko whispered to her, Kai is really like a person who wants to kill. If you will look directly to his eyes, it seems that it's burning. When Atsuko's eyes pass through the woman beside Kai, she noticed something so she whispered back to the squirrel.

"How about Nyan-Nyan? She seems not caring about us. She's just looking at Kai" That statement made Yuko to frown as you can see sadness on his eyes but because he's a good actor, he immediately changes his expression into a cheerful one.

"Oh I love you too Acchan" He showed his dimpled smile. He pretended that everything's fine and he's not affected on what Atsuko said. Yes he knows about it and it's really making his heart hurt to see Haruna doesn't care about him.

Yuko looked again to Atsuko and he found the woman giving a confuse and shock look on him; probably because of what he said. Before the man could make an excuse about it, Kai suddenly stands up from his seat and takes his bag; ready to leave.

"Where are you going?" Mariko asked.
"I forgot, theater club has a meeting today... I need to go" he answered without looking at her. Kai starts on walking far away from them and he is followed by Haruna who bowed down before leaving. Haruna reached for his hand but even though the man is holding it, somehow she feels weird on it, like it isn't like the hold that they were doing before.

"Ano. .. We're going too. We also forgot that meeting. Hehe. See ya later" Yuko stands up and drag Atsuko with him. The two go to their club room and stop in front of it to have a talk.

"Let's stop this Yuko. I don't want to do this. I'll be fine whether I will know that he likes me or not. I just don't want to lie on myself" Atsuko looked at the ground.
"But Acchan. ... What we did earlier is not enough. It's just the start. ..."
"That's enough already. We'll just end up being like them... Fooling everyone around us!"
"But. .."
"Please Yuko. ... I'm now satisfied if Kai only sees me as a friend or whatever. I don't want to ruin his relationship with Nyan-Nyan. .. I don't want my friend to be heartbroken because of me! You see her reaction earlier? She's really worried about Kai when he can't take his eyes off to us! Tell me, do you want her to be like that every time?!"
"Of course I don't want. ... Okay, I understand you. You're really a good person Acchan but we still need to know something so please, cooperate with me. I promise I will not force you on doing things that you don't like. ."

"Ugh. .. Okay Yuko. ."
"Thanks Acchan. .." The squirrel hugged Atsuko tightly to say thank you. Though he understand what the woman wanted, all that in his mind now is how to make Kai realize his true feelings for the woman. He's also a man like him so he knows the meaning behind those glares that he received earlier. Before the two could break the hug that they're sharing, it's too late as Kai and Haruna saw them already. The two decided to ignore them as they excused themselves to make their entrance to the room. Atsuko was taken aback when she saw the blond. She doesn't want him to think that everything is true about her and Yuko, that all of the caring and everything that she did before is just a lie.

-Inside the room-

         The members formed a half circle for their meeting. Sayaka, who's their president stands up at the center to begin their discussion and beside her is the 'not in the mood' Sae who is just forming an irritated pout on his lips.

"I received a news from our adviser and this is it. ..." Sayaka started their meeting with a smile on her face when she showed a piece of paper to the other members. Some of them clapped their hands and felt glad about the good news that they knew.
"So that's it. .. We're going to have a play again and this time, I'll be the one who will make our story plot but on choosing the members who will participate, our adviser did that already. Hmm. . I already thought of a story and it's a love story"
"Oohhh~" all them said in chorus.
"Since that genre is really popular to all teenagers. ... So do you want to know who will be the leading roles?" Sayaka excitedly asked.

Even her, she still doesn't know who will play the leading roles. Their adviser only gave her a task to make a story that will revolve around four people that is composed of two men and women. She doesn't know why but somehow, she felt that she already know who will be the casts.

"Even me, I still don't know who are the lucky members so here it is. ..." Sayaka opened another paper that was folded into two and just like what she expected; the casts are those four that is really close to her.
"Just like what I expected. ... Hehe. .. So congratulations to Kai, Haruna, Yuko and Acchan! Four of you will be the leading men and women!"

"Whaaaat?! Is that true?" Atsuko asked in disbelief.
"I guess? It's stated here. ." the president smiled.
"Woah! It's only our first semester here and yet we have this roles. ..."
"Congratulations Acchan" Yuko said.
"Congrats to us. .." she smiled excitedly.

"Sorry to interrupt both of you but I still have an announcement. .... Today we're also going to practice it. I'll discuss the flow of the story and I'll give you copies of it later" the lead casts look at her and nods so she continued,
"So ano. .. I didn't expect this set of cast so don't blame me about the story. .... Atsuko and Yuko will be a couple same as Kai and Haruna. The set up is, we'll make this a bit 'musical' where the two couples will show their love but there's a conflict that will happen. ... I'll discuss it as soon as I finish it. So for now, we'll just practice those scenes...... Sae, give them their copies"

'This is great. I didn't expect that everything will go on my plan' Yuko said to himself with a smirk on his face when they received their copies for the play.

         Yuko and Haruna felt glad about their scenes as well as the lines except for the two person, Atsuko and Kai. When Atsuko read the other couple's lines, she felt. .... as usual, jealous. She wished that everything will change and make Kai as her partner but since she already said that she needs to be contented on what she has right now, she needs to stand on it for their own good. Kai on the other hand isn't sure if he's glad or not. Glad that Haruna belongs to him and not on Yuko but at the same time, a strange feeling covering himself once again when he heard Yuko and Atsuko's name together. He doesn't want to read their lines because he knows that he will only imagine it and by doing that, he will just make himself irritated and annoyed.

They proceed to the theater to practice and discuss for the other details. The two couples sat far away from each other to avoid a possible fight between the wmidget. Sayaka noticed it so she goes to the center to gather them all.

"Minna, go here at the center. We'll now start..... and for the main casts, can you please go to the stage so we can see you clearly?"

The four went upstairs but in different location. The other pair is on the end of the stage while the other one is on the opposite one.

"Okay, let's do this.. Kai and Haruna, both of you go first. Go at the center. .." Sayaka instructed.
"Ne, what do you think of this? Is this a great idea for them?" Sae whispered on her.
"I think so? Well, let's see" she smirked.

Kai and Haruna positioned themselves at the center of the stage while holding the papers that have their lines. They scanned it once again to recall what they will say and do. There's a scene there that is really making them nervous and. ..... shy. They don't know if they still need to do it or not since it's only a practice.

"Start~!" Sayaka shouted.
"Ready?" Kai asked his partner.
"Uhn. .." Haruna nods.

"Baby I won't forget the day that I've met you. ...." Kai hold both Haruna's hand and look at her eyes directly.
"..... You softly opened my heart with your smile as a key" he continued as he made Haruna sit on a chair.
"Baby, though there are unintentional painful days, I'll still try to understand you. .." she cupped the man's cheeks.
"No matter what happens, even if you hurt me, I'll still love you. ... Just give me your full love and attention and I'll be fine of it. ...." Haruna's eyes become teary by her words.

         Kai doesn't know why but he feels that what his woman said came directly to her heart. Like this aren't just lines on the play but also her real words for him. Kai remained silent and didn't know what to say or do. He felt like everything that he memorized earlier fade out off his mind. Meanwhile, Yuko and Atsuko notice and feel also Haruna's words and that made them to feel guilt about their plan but it was only for a mean time when Yuko realized that it is fine and nothing to be guilty about. He still needs to do it; not only for himself but also for Haruna’s sake.

“….. I can’t take it to see you with someone else. I want you only for me … Kai, I love you” she continued while holding back her tears. Everyone was wondering why Haruna said those lines that aren’t on the script; maybe she’s doing adlibs to make the scene more interesting? They don’t have any idea but they find it great and true.

" ... Ha-Haruna. ... I'm sorry if sometimes, I'm making you feel that way... Haruna, remember that I love you and you're the only one for me..." Kai paused for a second to make his and Haruna's forehead touch before saying, "You don't need to worry because having you beside me is more than enough. I love you"

Their lips are now slowly moving closer to capture each other. The members who are excited on that scene, have a big grin on their faces as their eyes went bigger when the couple finally kissed with closed eyes. Kai is holding Haruna's left cheek and starts to move his lips but before the two will carried away from it, a sudden voice interrupted them.

"Hai! Arigatou~! That's nice!" Sayaka shouted that made the two part their flushing red faces. Everyone shouted like crazy fangirls who have seen their favorite pair doing sweet things.
"You may now go here. .. Let's now watch the next one, Yuko and Acchan"

         Kai and Haruna sat down with the other members and watch the other pair walk at the center of the stage. Yuko and Atsuko sit down on the floor like they are couple who's spending their time together on a ground with full of grass and flowers around; just like what they did before. When Sayaka instructed them to start, Atsuko started to act that she's looking faraway while smiling, then Yuko suddenly make her hair tuck at the back of her ear that made Atsuko give a 'why' look.

"Nothing. ... I just want to see your lovely face" he showed his dimpled smile.
"You're really a smooth talker you know? That's why you're known as a playboy" she rolled her eyes.
"I'm not a playboy, I'm just saying the truth"
"Ne, I have a question. .." he continued before the woman says a word again.
'Question? What is he planning? That is not on the script!'

"What do you think will happen to a couple if their love becomes one sided? Like the other one fell in love with another person?"
'Damn Yuko! What's with that question!' she said to her mind before answering "T-Then I guess it'll be a big problem. They might just end up hurting each other"
"Sou~ It's really a problem. hmm. If you're in that kind of situation, what will you do?" the man asked another question.
'Yuko stop now! I feel that I'm being questioned for Ms. Universe! Please go back to our script!'

Atsuko took a deep breath before answering, "Even if it hurts, for me, if it’s just going to be a relationship of hardship and mental agony, you should put an end to it"
"I see. .. I'm thankful we're not in that kind of situation and. ..... we're just friends"
'Oh god Yuko! Thank you, you finally end that out-of-script questions' Atsuko sighed a bit in relief before nodding to agree on what the man said.
".... But I want you to know that I want to end this friendship.."
"Huh?! W-What do you mean? Am I not a good friend for you? Did I do something wrong?" Atsuko acted worriedly as she faced and looked at the man directly.

"No. You did nothing... and you're a good friend. I want to end this friendship because. ....." Yuko holds both Atsuko's hand tightly. ".... I'm starting to love you as my girl Acchan, Will you be my girlfriend?"
“Yu-Yuko …. I don’t know what to say… Are you serious?"
"Do I look not? I'm serious Acchan, I love you" after Yuko said those words, Atsuko quickly gave him a tight hug and said,
"I love you too Yuko"

'What the hell is happening here?! Move away from him Acchan! Don't. .. don't hug him! and. ..... oh come on, tell me you're not going to do that!' Kai is now panicking in his mind when Atsuko and Yuko seemed like they're going to do the scene that they did earlier when both of their faces are now moving closer. Yuko cupped the woman's cheeks while Atsuko closed her eyes but before their lips collide, the lights suddenly turned off same as the theater curtains that automatically closed.

"Hey! Who turned off the lights?!" Sayaka asked by shouting then suddenly, the lights went back again.
"Kill joy! We're at the climax of their scene!" one of the members said.
"Yeah! Hey, Acchan, Yuko, Are you fine?" Sae asked.
"We’re fine …..” The two showed as they entered at the closed curtains.

“Ano …. President, we still have classes … I guess we’re now done? See you next practice” Kai stood up and ready to leave while both of his hands are in his pocket.
“Wait Kai …. I still need to say something ….. Four of you did a really great acting and to tell you the truth, this is just a test to prove that our adviser really chose the right actors and actresses. Gomen ….”
“Owh .. That’s fine. Can we go now?” Kai started to walk and followed by Haruna. The man seemed not in his mood as he ignored what Sayaka stated.

When the two finally left the theater, Yuko smirked as he put his arms onto Atsuko’s shoulder.
“I told you, it’ll be fine …. He will not let me kiss you”
“Baka! How sure you are that it’s his fault? And what if he didn’t do that?!”
“Then I’ll be your first kiss …..” he looked at Atsuko who is now pouting while still having those red cheeks.
“Remove that smirk! It’s making me irritated! I’m so nervous earlier you know?! Come on, let’s go to our classroom …..”

         They excused themselves and leave the theater to go to their classroom. While walking to their destination, Yuko can’t remove the ‘smile of victory’ on his face. He thinks that a little more moves to make Kai jealous will confirm or make him realize his true feelings for Atsuko. Same as Yuko who is thinking a lot about the happenings at the theater, Atsuko is also thinking and felt confused on what Kai really thinks of her. Does he like her? Does he love her? Does he felt jealous when Yuko tried to kiss her? Those questions will remain unanswered if she will just let herself distant to the man and if she will not cooperate with the squirrel’s plan but what about Haruna? What about her friend? What about the sincere words that came from her earlier? It only showed how much she loves Kai and as her friend, she doesn’t want her to be heartbroken even if it costs her own happiness.

         Meanwhile on the other couple who is also silently taking their way to their classroom, Kai is thinking why he did that ‘kiss interruption’. He doesn’t know why he felt like he needed to do it and why he felt jealous like he doesn’t want anyone to kiss nor touch Atsuko except him. She’s not his girl but why he’s feeling that way? Because of his thoughts, he shakes his head to clear all of it and it was noticed by the woman beside him who’s now worried. She’s now being ignored by her man and she knows the reason. It must be because of Atsuko and Yuko’s scene but why he seems bothered about it? Haruna doesn’t know but thinking the possibility of Kai being jealous is just killing and making her heart hurt.

Before going inside their classroom, Kai went to the comfort room and to his surprise, a sudden familiar voice interrupted him from washing his hands.
“I know what you did ….”
Kai turn around and asked, “What do you mean Yuko?”
“I know you’re the one who turned off the lights and made the curtains close” the squirrel smirked.
“You don’t have any proof plus I’m sitting with the other members earlier so how can I do that?”
“Oh come on Kai, you can’t fool me ……. Oh, I forgot, you already fooled me. Fooled by my own best friend” Yuko snorts “I don’t have any proof BUT I know what you did before! You secretly made a controller for that!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about ….” Kai denies and ready to leave but the squirrel quickly grabs his collar and look directly on his eyes.
“Just admit it and listen to your heart Kai!”
“Wh-what do you mean? Can you please let me go!”
“I’ll let you go but remember this! I will do what you did to me! If you can take someone away, me, Yuko Oshima, can do it too!”

Yuko pushed Kai and made him tumble on the ground. He left the confused and puzzled blond who remained on his position while thinking the meaning behind his friend’s words.

TBC ..  :cow:
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Yuuboy is right!! Kai you should listen your heart!!!  :mon geek:
Yuuboy and Acchan should be 'pretended couple' to make Takaboy and Haruna jealous!!! Goooo!!  :mon yeah:
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Can you just make it ATSUYUU instead? They look so cute together!  :wub:
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I really...... don't like Yuko..... I know he is pissed, but his last words were...... awful.
I'm fine with TakaHaru and Atsumina, so I don't really care how they end up.
But yeah, Kai should listen to his heart, before he hurts Haruna more than he already has.
Update SOON!!
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I feel sorry for haruna she doesnt deserve that, yeah yuu love her so much but playing dirty its not the correct way

Yuu needs to be nice and thinks more in haruna's Feelings

But i like atsumina and kojiyuu so more troubles is fine for me

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When I read this. I have a feeling that Yuu will be the one that end up hurt the most. I mean everyone will get hurt but Yuu .....please update soon
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Yuuboy head on with Kai!!
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Kai is so dense... he really should listen to his heart
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make up your mind dude...if you choose haruna then forget about atsuko...but if you want to choose atsuko,then tell haruna about it...don't hurt her more than this...stop being a jerk like this...

as for my little squirrel,fighting for your love is good...but not this way...think about haruna's feeling will you...what you do is not better than what kai do...both of you said you love haruna but you two hurt her at the same time...

huft...i feel like somekind of love conselor for those midgets :on lol:
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I like how you develop the story... but honestly, Yuu is very bad.. and selfish... he just wants his happy ending.

I feel bad for Haruna for being stuck in the middle. Haruna really really LOVE Kai so please don't hurt her.

Kai might have feeling for Atsuko because of his short interaction with her before the trip.

But it doesn't mean he will try to do anything to hurt Haruna... I don't think he's that bad...

If you want me to choose who should be with whom... I would like Kai with both Atsuko and Haruna...

I don't care much about Yuu... He's a selfish, childish, and revengeful in this fic.

Mayu is great... by becoming a student like Yuki, he can be with her. CLEVER

Anyhow, can't wait to see more update for this fic.

Thank you for making this interesting story.

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He's just a cheeky boy :D
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Chapter 13:  Learn when to hold on and to let go ...

-Kai's POV-

I stood up from sitting down on the ground when Yuko pushed me. The pain on my bottom doesn't bother me but what's bothering me the most is the words that Yuko said to me. What does he mean of listening to my heart? And what should I admit? I. .. I can't understand him. I started to walk again at the hallway while having those questions on my head then suddenly, another one pops into my mind when I stopped at the door of our room and look inside through the box shape glass of it.

'If you can take someone away, I, Oshima Yuko can do it too' what was that mean? Taking someone away? Will he. ..... really take Atsuko? But I thought he likes Haruna? ....... Oh damn it! What am I thinking?! Why did I think that he might get Atsuko instead of Haruna? I'm confused! Why am I feeling this way?!

"Mr. Takahashi! Come inside! Our class will now start!" Our professor shouted at me that made my thoughts clear on my mind. I really hate her, she doesn't need to shout! Every time I see her, I feel irritated and annoyed. Every time she acts that her subject is one of our majors!

-End of Kai's POV-

         Kai sat down on his chair beside Haruna without noticing a worried look that the woman is giving to him. He relaxed his back and started to think again on Yuko's words while playing on his pen.

*click click click*

         He pressed his pen continuously as his attention caught by Yuko and Atsuko who are giggling silently on the other side of the classroom. They seemed enjoying pinching each other whenever their professor is facing the glass board. Once again, Kai feels the strange feeling in his heart same as Haruna who is secretly watching every move of the blond. Kai keeps on looking at them then suddenly, a shout startles him.

"Mr. Takahashi! Can you repeat what I said?!"
"Ah. hmm.. Mr. Takahashi, Can you repeat what I said?" he repeated awkwardly; he knows that he will just receive another shout from that answer.
"Baka! What I mean is about our lesson for today!" Kai is right; another shout that made his classmates to laugh.
"I'm sorry ma'am. .. I didn't hear what you said" he apologized while looking at his desk.

"How can you hear it if your attention is on Maeda-san instead of me?!"
"Are you jealous ma'am Mochi?"
"Aargh! You midget!!" she blushed. "Okay then, let's have an activity for awhile!"

Kuramochi sensei takes her class list same as her pen. She smirks on her idea before explaining their activity. "Okay, here it is... I'll choose only three pairs for this activity. The random pairs that will be chosen will explain or show us what LOVE means to you..."

'What the?! What is she thinking?! We aren't high school students anymore to do that! And also this is a History class! That is not even related to each other!' Kai said on his mind.

"I'll be fair; I'll choose random students using my pen. ... whoever this pen pointed at, you will be the first pair...." their professor starts scanning the class list using the tip of her pen and right after a few up and downs, her pen stops.

"Owh, congratulations Kai-san. ..." she smirked.
"Oh well, as if you really make it FAIR" he rolled his eyes.
"I really do. ..." she teased. "Okay your partner will be. ..." she closed her eyes then quickly pointed her pen on her class list. To her surprise, the person that she unexpectedly chose is the person that she wants.
"Woah! Everything is going on what I want. It's you Maeda-san!" she announced excitedly.

"WHAAAT?!" both of Kai and Atsuko exclaimed.
"Why? Don't you like each other?" Mochi innocently asked.
"Ma'am, Kai is dating Kojima~" one of the students whispered.
"Owh. I don't know. .. I thought. …… I'm sorry Kojima-san, this is just an activity" she apologized. Haruna just gave an 'it's fine smile' but deep inside, she's hurt.

"Okay, the next pair is. ....." she searches for someone in the class. "Ah! You! Kuu!"
"Eehh?! Why me?! I thought you'll choose fairly!"
"Just do it. I'm the teacher so do what I said.... for you, you can choose your partner"

Kuu looked at Mariko and. ....... they know already what those stares mean.

"Let's have our last pair. ... class, you decide!"
"OSHIMA-SAAAAN!" All of them squealed in chorus.
"Wow! One for all, all for one? Okay then, who will be his partner?" she asked but the class keep their mouths shut. "Eh? What happened? You don't want someone to be with him? hmm... then I'll be the one to choose. ..... Kojima-san!"
"Eeh?! Why her?!" Kai asked.
"Because I want her and that’s final! Go with your partners and start thinking how you will do this activity! I'll be out for awhile"

         Mochi walks outside the classroom and once the door shuts, the two pairs look at each other. They don't know how they will talk or approach each other after what happened to them. To stop their awkward staring sessions, Atsuko decided to go at the back part of the room and sat down on a vacant sit. Kai take that as a sign that she wants to start to talk about their activity so he go and take another seat and positioned himself in front of the woman. Haruna avoids Yuko's glares to look at her boyfriend whom she failed to stop on walking towards Atsuko; she really doesn’t like what's happening right now. For her, it's just making their or her situation worst.

         She sits down on her chair again and wraps her arms around her body. She totally forgets about their activity now because of the jealousy and worries that she's feeling. Then suddenly, a small figure made Kai's seat move even closer to her and sits on it.

"Care to discuss about our activity?" Yuko smiled at her.
"Yu-Yuu- .... Oshima-san" she stutters.
"What's with that formality? You can still call me Yuuchan. .." Yuko can't help himself on still being nice with Haruna in spite of the pain that he received from her. He missed talking to her, he missed being this close to her, he missed everything on her and by that, it's just making himself to fall even more with her.

"So, what are we going to do now?" the squirrel asked.
"Yuuchan. ..."
"I'm sorry. .. I'm sorry again if I didn't tell you about us. I'm really really sorry for hurting you" she said while looking on the other midget's eyes deeply.

Yuko shakes his head. "I understand and I already accept it". It's true that he now understands it but 'accept'? He thinks not.
"Can we bring back what we have before? Can we be friends again?"
"Nyan, we're still friends. .." Okay, that word really strikes his heart. "... and yes we can but not much. Kai might be jealous. Hehe"
Haruna frowned and look on her side.'I don't think he will. .'

"Did I say something wrong?"
"Ah! No, don't mind me. Hehe. Let's start now" she smiled to assure the man but she failed. Yuko knows that there's something bothering with her and he's sure that it's about Kai and Atsuko.
"Oh by the way, Thank you. ."
"For forgiving me....."
"No need to say thank you. .... For you, I can forgive you because you're important to me. ." Yuko smiled at her showing his cute dimples. Haruna blushed and thought that the man could be really so sweet and nice to her after the heartbreak that he received from her.

         The two started on discussing while the other pair that is located at the back part of the room stay silent and feel shy to start a conversation. Though their chairs are facing each other, their faces are looking on the side to avoid eye contact that will surely make their hearts skip a beat. Kai’s hands are slightly shaking because of being so nervous. He doesn’t know why he’s feeling this way; it’s only Atsuko who’s in front of him. After a few minutes, he took a deep breath and decided to say a word to her to stop the awkward time that they’re sharing.

“Ano ….”
“Ano ….”

         Both of them said and look at each other at the same time. The heat quickly rose up to their cheeks while their hearts are skipping hundred times per second. Their eyes locked like they can’t free themselves on it, like they are glued, like. ... like. ..... like they really miss having this kind of stares.

"You go first. .." Kai said; finally managed to avoid on looking deeply on Atsuko.
"No, you go first. .." Atsuko insisted.
"Ano. ..." though Kai wanted to start discussing about their activity, he still wants to ask something important first before he could go crazy by thinking of it.
"... Ach- Maeda-san" he corrected himself "... are you mad at me?"
'Isn't that obvious?' Atsuko answered on her mind. "Mad? Why will I be?"

"I don't know. ... Then why you're avoiding me?" the blond asked again but Atsuko remained silent.
".... I know you're mad that’s why you're avoiding me ....” he looks at her hands then grabs it to make the woman look at him again.
“… Atsuko, I’m sorry for not telling you about Haruna and I. Please forgive me …”

“Wh-Why you’re saying sorry ….” She avoids the man’s eyes and removes his possession on her hands. “It-It’s not a big deal for me …. I’m not like Yuko who likes Haruna. I …. I don’t like or even love you so there’s no reason to be angry at. Hehe” she let out a ‘forced laugh’ to hide the hurt that she’s feeling inside. Saying that she doesn’t like ….. no, Love Kai is just making herself suffer more from grief.

         Same as Atsuko, Kai also felt like his heart was strike by arrows a hundred times when he heard that the woman doesn't like him. Could that be true? That Atsuko feels nothing for him? But why he's feeling this way? Why it seems that he's expecting that the woman could possibly like him? Again, a lot of questions are popping in into his mind and popping out blank answers.

"Wait. .. Yuko still likes Haruna and not you? But. ..." he suddenly realized something.
'oops~' she remembered their plan.

"I. . ano. .. yes, he still likes Hauna and nothing's change with that so. ....." Atsuko thinks of a word on how she will deny about their plan. "... so I dumped him earlier. I know he will just use me to try if he can forget Haruna but I know he can't do that... so I did it"

Okay, now Yuko can't continue his 'make Kai jealous' plan anymore.

"Hontou?!" Kai asked in disbelief while forming a smile on his lips.

'Why he looks happy about it? Hello Kai, Yuuchan still likes your girlfriend! Could it be. .... no, that's really impossible. I don't want to hope for something more about his feelings towards me'

"Why are you smiling?" she asked.
"Ah. Ano. ... nothing, don't mind me"

'What the hell am I doing?! Why do I feel glad about it?! Aargh! I can't understand myself!'

"Ano. . Acchan, can I ask you something. .." he said in a serious tone as he look directly on the woman's eyes.
"What is it?" Atsuko asked; a bit confuse why the blond suddenly change into a serious one.
"Can you please. .... stop avoiding me? I. . I'm not used to it. There's something wrong in my day if you're not around" Kai shyly said that made him and Atsuko to blush.

         It's true, though he's always with Haruna on their last vacation; it is unexplainable why he wanted to be with Atsuko. Every day, every night he misses her smiles, laugh, voice and everything. It's like his body and presence were only with Haruna but his mind was completely into Atsuko. He didn't know if it's only his mind or also his heart. Atsuko on the other hand became even more confuse on his feelings towards her. She doesn't know what's going on in his mind. She doesn't know if he's just playing with her and making her to fall in love with him even more.

"I. . I'm sorry. I just. ... don't like what you and Haruna did. You should've told us"
"I knew it, you're really mad because of that. That's why I'm saying sorry. Acchan, I'm sorry. ... Don't worry; I'll take care of her"
"Uhn. Take good care of her and don't break her heart" she let out a forced smile, leaving the words 'though it'll just break mine'.

Meanwhile outside the room, their professor, Mochi is currently watching at them while holding her phone and talking with the other person on the line.

"Our plan went smoothly and what you said is true, I can also see it"
"Okay sir, I'll wait for your next instruction. I'll also contact- .... yes, so we can discuss about it. Bye"

Mochi hanged up her phone with a smirk on her face. As she put her phone inside her pocket, she goes inside the room so they can start their activity or rather continue their plan.

"Okay, let's start. I guess you now know what to do. Let's start with Kuu and Mariko. Please stand up" she instructed.

Kuu stands up but his girlfriend remain on her seat just like what they have planned. He sits on his table then Mariko cups his cheeks and makes his face closer to her.

"Kuu, tell me what is looooove for you..." she said seductively that made her classmates' excitement rose up.
"Marichan, love is. ... love is so. .. " he closes his eyes and open it again before continuing his words, "Marichan……… ♫Love sooo sweet~♫"
"♫Wooo~ oh~ oh~♫" Mariko continued.
"♫Yeah~ yeah~ yeah~♫"
"♫Wooo~ oh oh♫"
"♫YEAAAH~ YEAH~ YEAH~!!♫" Kuu sang the last part with all his might as he closed his eyes and rose up his hands but he ended up receiving pieces of crumpled papers rather than a round of applause.

"Hey! Stop it!” The Gachapin yelled.
“What a lame answer Kuu!! Now go back to your seat before me and your classmates do something on you!”
“That wasn’t lame ….” Kuu pouted as he sits back and put his arms around him without noticing the giggling tall woman beside him.

“Kojima and Oshima-san, it’s your turn ….” Yuko and Haruna stand up after Mochi, their professor called them. They faced on each other while holding their hands and smiling like there’s nothing bad happened between them; like everything’s fine and they don’t care on everyone around them.

“Haruna …” Yuko started.
“Love is …….. YOU. I love you”
“Hahahah! That’s lame Yuko!” Kuu suddenly exclaimed with laughter.
“Shut Up! What you did is lamer than that!” one of the students shouts.
“STOP! Can you please keep quiet?! Let Oshima-san finish!” Mochi intervened.

“Ma’am, for me or rather for us, love is …….” He continued; still having an eye contact between the taller woman in front of him.
“……. Needed to be cherished and put importance on it. You’ll do anything for it even though it will cost your own happiness. You need to learn when to hold on and to let go….” They said in chorus but Haruna ended up saying only the half of it.

         She’s now preventing her tears to fall to her lovely cheeks as she doesn’t want her classmates and her professor to worry for her and of course, she doesn’t want to make a scene or another issue that will surely affect her and Kai’s relationship. She bits her lower lip and return back to her seat as she was followed by Yuko. The squirrel knows that she’s facing a problem and heartache and by saying their lines on their activity, it just made her to think more on how to solve her problem with Kai. Can she really solve it by herself? If Kai, her partner doesn’t even know that she’s carrying this burden? Can really a relationship work if it’s only one person making it to work?

         The two look to where Atsuko and Kai are. As Haruna’s head turns around, it only took a few seconds for her tears to fall. She buried her face onto Yuko’s collar bone then cried silently. There they are, her boyfriend and her friend laughing and having fun. They seemed like they didn’t listen or even watch what they have done earlier. They look like they are in their own world. Haruna guessed that the two are okay now and maybe this is the time for her to realize the last phrase that they said. “You need to learn when to hold on and to let go …..”

“Next one is Maeda and Kai .. Please-” Mochi was cut off by the university’s bell. “What a lucky midget…. We’ll continue this on the next meeting. You can go now ….”

         The students quickly run outside and leave their room. Atsuko and Kai, who are having a conversation, were stopped when the bell rang. Kai was about to go to Haruna but to his surprise, Yuko is currently wiping her tears that made his anger and jealousy rose up. He dashed off and left Atsuko behind to push away the squirrel from his girl.

“What are you doing?!” he shouted.
“Yuko!” Atsuko followed and helped Yuko to stand up from the ground.
“Kai stop! He did nothing!” Haruna stopped the blond.
“Nothing?! Then why are you crying?!”

‘Because of you Baka!’ Yuko answered on his mind.
“I’m .. I’m not crying …. Come on, let’s go home ….” She drags the man away from them as she holds his hand and start taking their way home. The others just look at them worriedly and wondered what really happened and what WILL happen to them.

         Kai decided to take Haruna to their home. They take the streets silently; it’s only the blow of the wind and the sounds of the cars passing by can be heard. They’re not even holding each other’s hand which is not usual for them.

“I’ll take my leave now. See you tomorrow ….” Kai said when they arrived in front of Kojima’s residence’s gate. He was about to take a step to leave when Haruna hold his hand.
“Come in first. Mom and Dad aren’t here ….. I don’t want to be alone ….”

Kai blushed on his thoughts, his dirty thoughts. Why would Haruna say something like that? Is she planning something? But this is not the right time for that! The blond shakes his head to clear his thoughts and say,

“Uhn.. Okay~ …”

         They head towards the living room and switched on the television to watch some movies. Haruna clings on the blond’s arm and rested her head on his firm shoulder. She’s pretending that everything’s fine as she just wanted to calm herself before she starts a serious conversation. Minutes had passed and they were still in their position while watching a movie. Actually, both of them can’t understand what’s going on with that movie as their minds are focused with different thoughts. Kai is thinking why his girl is acting weird today and also what happened between her and Yuko while Haruna is thinking how she will talk to Kai about them, about their relationship.

“Kai …” she started.
“Are you and Atsuko … Okay now?” she asked without looking at him.
“Us? Yes .. We talked a lot earlier ….. I miss talking with her, and she said that *blah blah blah* and *blah blah blah*

Kai continued on talking and telling about what happened between him and Atsuko in a joyful way. He told everything that they had talked about and always saying that he do really miss the woman. He didn’t even notice that it’s only a simple question that Haruna asked to him and yet, he responded very long and not related answers.


Kai was startled when Haruna suddenly shouts. She finally removes herself from the man and faces him with teary eyes. The blond was shocked to see his girl being like this. He’s confused and didn’t know if he said something wrong as all that he’s saying was about Atsuko, his and her friend.

“Are you happy now? Are you happy that your relationship with Atsuko is now okay?” she asked.
“Wh-wha …. Of course…. Why did you asked? Something wrong? Wh-why are you crying?” he asked worriedly.
“Is it hard for you when she’s avoiding you?” she continued on asking questions and not bothering to whatever Kai said.

“Y-Yes … Because she’s my friend and I don’t want someone to avoid me ……. She’s ….. she’s important to me …”

By that ‘without thinking if he will hurt Haruna or not’ answer from Kai, Haruna bursts out her tears. She tried to stop it by quickly wiping but it’s like an endless tears coming from her eyes. Kai was about to grab her hands and ask her but the woman move away from him. He’s completely clueless what’s going on with them. He doesn’t know why his girl is being like this. He doesn’t know if being glad because he and Atsuko are now okay is a bad news for her.

“I .. I can’t understand you …. What’s going on?! I’m completely clueless with your actions. Tell me what’s the problem …” he asked in a panicking tone.

“Problem? The problem is you Kai!! You’re the one that I can’t understand! Why you’re so numb?! You’re hurting me without noticing it!! I’ve been watching all your moves since that day that Atsuko and Yuko known about us! I know everything Kai!”
“Haruna …..” Kai can’t find any words to say.
“I know that your eyes are always with Atsuko! And now, now that you and her are okay, what will happen?! Maybe you’ll treat me just like before! Before they knew everything! Kai, it really hurt for me to hear those answers from you! Tell me ……” she took a deep breath before continuing her words.

“I don’t! I don’t love her!” Kai answered as he knows what Haruna will ask. “Haruna, I’m sorry if all this time, I’m being a fool for not knowing that I’m hurting you …. Haruna, believe me …. I love you ….” He continued and managed to hold the woman’s hands tightly but hearing those words from him doesn’t change Haruna’s decision. Though it really hurts for her, she really needs to do it for Kai. For him to know what he really feels.

She stood up and took steps forward. Her back is now facing the blond. “This is hard for me but I guess …… Kai, we need a break. You need a break ….. Think carefully about your feelings”
“W-wait… What do you mean?! Break?! I don’t need it! Haruna, please don’t do this! I love you!” he hugged the taller woman from the back.
“I .. I can’t feel it Kai ….. Please, respect my decision. It’s for you …… listen to your heart first before saying those three important words….”
“But Haruna ….”
“No buts …. Please, leave now before my parents see us in this kind of situation …..”

“I don’t want to! Haruna, don’t do this to me!” tears fall down on the midget’s cheeks.

She faced the man and holds his wrist then drags him out of her house. Though the blond is struggling, she still managed to push him outside. She didn’t want to do it but she needed to before her decision will change. She can still hear the loud knocks from the door as she rested her back on it while slowly making herself fall on the ground. Her tears are continuously falling on her cheeks same as her heart which is continuously breaking into pieces.

It’s almost 30 minutes had passed when the knocks and shouts from Kai ended. Haruna thinks that he might felt tired and decided to go home so she stood up weakly and head towards her room. Instead of resting herself onto the bed, she quickly goes into the near sink when she felt that she needs to puke. She continued on retching for a few seconds and when it stopped, she looks at the mirror and feel worry and nervous for herself.

“It can’t be …..” She said to herself.

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Chapter 14: Sacrifices Everywhere

-Kai's POV-

         My throat hurts because of shouting her name same as my fists which are getting numb from continuous knocking at the door. I know Haruna is still there and she can hear me but she still doesn't want to let me in and talk to her. What I have done? What happened to us? Is it really over? Did I exceed on over doing things without knowing that I’m making her jealous? Yes, I know that she’s jealous and …….. Why the hell I did not notice it as early as possible?! If this isn’t happen to us, I will not realize what I have done!

         I stop for awhile and sit down on the ground to take a rest. I know whatever I do and say, it will never change her decision but at least I tried. I rested may head on my palms and think of the things that made our relationship be in this worst situation. Instead of thinking about it, the question 'Why Haruna wanted me to realize my true feelings?' came into my mind. I also think about it and I guess I know what she means on it. What do she and Yuko mean. Did I fell in love with Atsuko? Do I really feel something for her? Do I love her?

Yes, she is important for me as. .... a friend. Yeah, as a friend, no more no less. Is it not right for me to feel that way? Why they can't understand it?! I just missed Atsuko! Is it wrong to feel so comfortable with her?! Is it wrong to be so happy with her?! Is it wrong to. ....... feel this way? I'm confused! God, please help me on this! Tell me what I should do! Help me to know what I really feel! Tell me if I'm in love with Atsuko!

As I close my eyes for awhile, I heard footsteps coming inside. It sounds like Haruna is now walking far away from the door. Maybe she thinks that I finally left this place.

I frowned right after I took a deep breath. Move heaven and earth, if gods will believe me or not, I really love Haruna and I can't take it to be far away from her. I can't live without her. Aargh! Why is it so hard to be torn between two women?! And ……. How will I tell this to Atsuko? I’ve said earlier that I will not break her friend’s heart. What if she found out that she’s the reason of our break up? Aaah! I don’t know what to do! Haruna, please come back to me. I love you~

I stand up from the ground and wipe the tears that fell from my redden eyes. I decided to just leave and talk to her tomorrow but as I look up, I saw Mr. and Mrs. Kojima looking worriedly at me. I bowed at them and gave a smile to say to them that I’m alright but I know that they already knew that something bad happened between me and their daughter.

“Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Kojima” I addressed them formally; not the usual mom and dad call. “I’m leaving now” I bowed again and ready to leave but Mr. Kojima stopped me from going when he grabbed my right shoulder.

“Kai-kun, I want you to listen to whatever my daughter will say to you. Please don’t make her suffer more”

I remained looking at the ground with widened eyes. Do they know already what happened to us? But how come? Maybe they knew that their daughter is suffering because of me. I feel ashamed for myself. I promised to them that I’ll protect and will not hurt their daughter but what I just did? All this time, I'm hurting her.

My foot started on taking a step when I felt the hand on my shoulder loosens. Once again, I think of the happenings that happened earlier; the crying face of my Haruna, how she delivered her resentments and how the heartbreaking words echoed back on my ears. As I continued, I did not notice that I'm already in front of our house. My mind is completely blank as I also did not notice that my father is currently sitting on his favorite sofa when I entered inside.

I look up at him and he's giving me a smile. I know those smiles, I know that he knows that I have a problem and if I want to talk about it, he's just there for me. I go and sit beside him after I put my shoes on the shoe rack.

"What's the problem my son?" he started but I just remain silent; I don't know how I should start it.
"Haruna problem?" he continued. Why does he need to say Haruna problem? Ah! I know, maybe it's because I once called her as my 'love'.
"Uhn. ." I bow my head to look on the carpet. "She. .. She broke up with me. .." I said as I felt my heart aches again.

"Why? Did you two have a fight? Did she tell you a valid reason why she broke up with you?" my father calmly asked.
"Yeah. . I guess.... Can I ask a question dad?" I did not wait for his response so I continued "Have you felt being in love with someone though you're in a relationship? and you also love that person?"

"Hmm.. let me think. .... Ah! Yes but my situation is different. I didn't have any relation with that girl yet we treat each other as lovers. We're doing things that lovers should do BUT there was a time that I met someone. I felt so glad when I'm with her like. ... like. ..... it's an unexplainable feeling! It's like my heart is jumping whenever she's around. That someone is your mom" he smiled at me. His aura suddenly changed into an in love one just like the teenagers nowadays.

"But what happened to the other girl?" I asked.
"You know, it's hard to dump or leave someone that once became part of your daily life. It's also hard to make sure of your true feelings towards someone BUT like what I did before, I just ask myself to know what's the best decision to make. Like, can I live without Haruna or can I live without Atsuko?"

"Hey! I did not say my problem is about them!" I blushed.
"Come on son, I know you. There's no need to hide it on me. ...." he tapped my shoulders. "... Kai listen, Please make a manly decision. Listen carefully to your heart and you'll know your answers to your questions. Though it's hard, you still need to choose only one. You can't avoid hurting one of them in this kind of situation"

I can't help it, a tear falls to my cheeks when I heard the word 'hurt'; it's just making me to remember Haruna.
"Dad, I really love Haruna. ... I can't live without her.." I sobbed.
"Sshh~ don't say things which you're still not sure. Kai, ask this to yourself whenever you think about them, 'Do you really love her or you're just used to when she's around? Real love is different from getting used to, son. It's like using your computer, though you said you can't live without it, I'm sure you can, you lived in this word for years without that gadget"

"Don't cry little buddy. ..." he wiped my tears. ".... I know you can do it. Now go and take some rest. Tomorrow will be a new day for you"
I stand up from the seat and ready to leave but before I completely take the stairs, I face my father once again and said, "Thanks Dad"

-End of Kai's POV-

Another morning and school day came. Today is an unusual day for Kai and Haruna for not going together to school. Earlier, right after Kai step outside and drive his car, he was about to go to fetch Haruna but he remembered that it's now over between them and he doesn’t need to do it anymore.

Haruna entered at the school gate and takes the path towards the room of their first subject. It's almost 8:30 in the morning and she's now 5 minutes late but she doesn't care of it as she know that their professor will come late than her. She stands still in front of the door while looking on the ground; still thinking what will happen today because she knows that everyone, not only her friends will notice the sudden disunion of her and Kai.

Haruna grabs the handle of the door to open it but as the time that her hand touches it, another hand accidentally holds her. She looks at the person with a blank expression like she doesn't care whoever it is.

"Ohayou Nyan-nyan!" The squirrel look like smiled at her. "You're late. ." he added.
"Ah, Yuuchan, Ohayou.... " she answered plainly.
"Not in the mood? Cheer up, it's too early to be like that. .... Ne, look at me" Yuko showed her best funny face; showing his fangs, widening his eyes while making her nostrils big. By that face, Haruna giggled and showed her lovely smile that made Yuko's heart to beat abnormally.

"That suits you... Keep on smiling. You'll never know that through your smiles, you can also make the others do the same....... like me"
"Uhn.. Arigatou Yuuchan~ Let's go?"

Yuko nods to agree then open the door. Right after the door opens showing the two late students, the class who's been crazily making noises, became silent when they saw them. Everyone looks at them confusedly while asking themselves 'Why they are together?'. After a few seconds, their glares move to Kai who is also now wondering why they came to class together.

The blond ignores his classmates’ glares as he quickly closes his fist, wrinkles his forehead and grits his teeth because of jealousy and anger. He wants to strangle Yuko for being so close to his Haruna or rather his EX.

-Haruna's POV-

It feels awkward when all of our classmates became silent while looking at us. Is it really strange to see me and Yuuchan together? But we've been like this before. Aagh! I'll just ignore them. I noticed that Yuuchan is still holding my hand so I quickly remove it; maybe it's the reason why our classmates are being like this.

I'm about to go to my respective seat but once I look at it, I remember that I'm assigned to sit besides Kai. My foot stops from taking a step when my eyes met him. He looks like a dangerous wild animal who's preventing himself to kill its prey. Seeing him being like this really scares me. I never thought he will be like this after our break up or maybe after he saw me and Yuuchan.

I'm still standing with Yuuchan near the door when it suddenly opens again showing our 'also late' professor.

"Kojima and Oshima-san! Please take your seats!" our professor shouted.

I start to walk slowly without keeping my eyes off with Kai while thinking what I should do to avoid him. I still don't want to talk to him and I still don't want to go near him then suddenly, I saw a vacant chair from the corner of my eyes. It's only located at the fourth row, 2 chairs away from his back. I take my turn and avoid my seat next to him to go at the vacant chair. I can see that his reaction became a bit shock and at the same time, disappointed. Sorry Kai, but I still don't want to be with you.

-End of Haruna's POV-

Kai felt disappointed when he thought that he can talk with Haruna now. He just look at the avoiding woman who is now completely ignoring him and pretending that she's listening to the discussion. Because of what Haruna did, it just made their classmates and friends to feel confuse and start murmuring their speculations instead of paying attention to their professor. One and a half hour had passed and it's not about the lesson for today that they have learned but the rumors that Kai and Haruna might broke up.

The university's bell rang so their other classmates quickly go outside and start gossiping the issue that they have got to the other sections and even to the other courses. Haruna is busy arranging her things in her bag and once everything are all set, she takes one step forward to leave but a grip on her hand prevents her.

"Let me go. .." she said without looking as she already know who that person is.
"Haruna, please. ... Let's talk. .."
"Kai. .. Let me go. ... Please" she's preventing her tears to come out again.
"But Haruna. .." Kai finally let go of her hand when he noticed that her hand is trembling.

Haruna didn't say any word as she doesn't want to make their conversation longer that will probably or surely end up a crying scene again. She started on walking outside the room and ignoring her friends glares at her. After a few seconds, Yuko decided to follow her as he knows that the woman needs someone to be with her and share her problems. Though Kai wanted to stop him and follow Haruna instead, he just let what the woman wanted like what her father said to him.

The blond took his bag and start to leave the room to go to somewhere where his feet will take him. Kuu wanted to follow him and ask for some things but Mariko prevented him. His troll girlfriend knows that the blond needs some time alone to think; the time will come for them to know what really happened between him and Haruna.

-Yuko's POV-

"Damn! Where is she?! I don't even know that she can walk fast!"

I take the path to where Haruna might go while also searching in some rooms and group of students at the hallway. Somehow, I feel glad that I was born small because I can easily walk through these 'coming-on-my way' students. Aargh! Am I walking at the entrance? Why do these people coming in the opposite way?

I already reached the end of the building and yet, there's no Nyan-nyan's sign somewhere. Maybe she already gone downstairs and left the school? But, I think it's impossible, she has a problem and I'm sure she doesn't want the others see her and talk about her. Hmm~ Ah! How fool I am to not remember that place?! Maybe she's there!

I quickly run upstairs towards the rooftop while hoping that she's really there. After a few steps, I gasp for air when I finally reached my destination. My guess was right, she's here, sitting beautifully while the wind is caressing her smooth hair but despite of that, I can clearly notice her problematic and frowning expression. I wonder what happened between her and Kai. Did she really. ..... but she loves Kai, so much *Ouch!* She probably needs someone to talk to now. I should give it a try to ask her.

I walk silently towards her but it seems that she already noticed me. I sat beside her and thinking how I will start our conversation but instead of me talking to her first, she suddenly talks and say,

"What are you doing here?"
"I. . Ano. . Hmm"

Damn it! I can't say any word!

"I. . I'm worried about you. .."
"Sorry. .. Is it obvious enough?"
"Uhn.." I nod. "I'm here for you.. You can tell me anything if you want. .. I'll try my best to help you..." I reach for her hand and hold it tightly. She's now looking at me with teary eyes; she really needs someone to talk to. Nyan-nyan, I hate when I see you like this.

"Yuuchan~!!" suddenly, she pull me closer to her and hug me. I'm not taking this situation as an advantage but I'm taking this to support and care for her. I think my guess is right, they broke up. Though I want it to happen, I also hate it at the same time; I hate to see Nyan-nyan in this kind of situation; crying and looks so depressed like she's carrying all the problems that the world can have.

"Yuuchan!" she cries while saying my name for the second time. I can feel my shoulder is getting wet because of her tears.
".... I really love him Yuuchan but. ... it really hurts" she continued.

It's not only her heart who’s breaking right now but also mine when she said those right near on my ear. It's like those words are bullets that keep on shooting directly to my heart but this is not the time to think of my own sorrows, I should think of a way and proper words how to lessen her sadness.

"Ssshh~ don't cry... Tell me, do you want this to happen?" I asked and she just shakes her head.
"... then why did you do it?"
"I did that because I love him. I did that for his own sake and for him to realize what he really feels. .." she answered while sobbing.

You're really a good person Nyan-nyan. .. Sacrificing your own happiness just for Kai, just for someone you love. Suddenly I thought of something, did I do something to make them like this? But. ..... Aagh! I don't know if it's right or wrong! Is it wrong that I've made Kai's mind confused?! That I've made him to think what he really feels?! Kami-sama, answer me!

"You're taking the risk Nyan-nyan.. What if. ...." I don't have a chance to continue my question when she suddenly answered,
"Then I'll accept the painful truth... *hiks hiks*"
"..... If it's really us in the end, then its fine, it's great but if it's really the end for us, it’s fine also, at least I've made him happy with his true love one"

"I. . I can't say anything. You're such a good person. ... Nyan-nyan, I'm sorry if I can't do anythig for you. ." I frowned.
"No, it's okay. Your presence is too much already. Thank you for being here. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you Yuuchan" she brakes our hug and look at me with a small smile on her face.

“Can I ask a favor?” I said.
“Eh? Nani?”
“Can you please keep that smile on your face? Because it’s making my heart …… UGH!” I put my hand on my chest and acted like my heart is aching. Nyan-nyan looks worriedly on me so I continued, “……. To fall even more for you” then I smile, showing my dimples and squirrel teeth.
“Hehe …” she let out a small laugh, “You’re really a sweet talker Yuuchan …”

Though she ignored or maybe she doesn’t want to talk about it; my feelings for her, I’m still glad that I can make her smile in spite of the problems that she’s facing right now. I promise, I’ll do anything for her without receiving anything in return. I’ll do this voluntarily; I’ll do this not for myself but for her. Now, I don’t care if she and Kai will be together, the most important thing for now is I’ll make her happy and forgot her problems even for awhile.

But Kai …… Please hurry on realizing your feelings, if you do really love Nyan-nyan, you should go after her again and make sure not to hurt her again or else, I’m really going to take her away from you!

TBC ..  :deco:

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Yuu's little trick didn't help anyone except himself. He didn't even have the gut to say to Haruna... that he was fake dating Atsuko so he can make Kai become jealous or something like trying to jeopardize KaixHaruna relationship, so they can break up and he will get Haruna.

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Chapter 15: Confusion

-Kai's POV-

I put my hands inside my pocket and ignore all the gazes that I'm receiving from the stupidents (stupid students) while taking my way towards. ...... I don't know where I am going. Those murmuring students are making me annoyed! After a few steps, I finally reached a silent and peaceful place. I lay my back on the ground with full of grass and placed my hands at the back of my head to rest on it. There's also a tree that is preventing the sun rays to strike on my face.

"Ugh~" I sighed when I saw two birds who are seemed in love on the tree. I really miss Haruna. I really miss the time that I'm with her. I'm such an idiot; I didn't even cherish those times, those precious times. Now, she's gone; I can never call her as MINE again.

Maybe she's with Yuko right now. I wonder what they are doing, what they are talking about, wondering of everything!

On the time that I closed my eyes, once my vision became dark, Atsuko's image suddenly flashed that made my heart skip a beat. Why? Why you're the one that I'm seeing right now? Ugh~ It's you! You're the reason why I'm feeling like this, why I'm being confused, and why Haruna and I broke up. Yeah, it's not right to blame you; you did nothing because it's my entire fault. It's my fault that I fell in love with you!


Wh-what the heck I said?! I. . I'm in love with her? No no no. . It can't be. I only love Haruna and that's final! I need to win her back and never let go again. Yes! That's right! I'll make her feel just like the first time that we've been together. Those sweet and happy moments. ..... Haay~ I miss you Haruna. ..


A soft familiar voice interrupted me that made my closed eyes to open. My sight is a bit blurry but I still know who's the person or rather an angel that is standing in front of me. W-wait. Here I am again! Stop Kai!

"Kai? Are you okay?" she asked me worriedly when I shook my head to clear my thoughts.
"H-Hai. . I'm fine Acchan. .. What are you doing here?"
"I. . ano. . I am looking for you. .." she answered shyly. Damn it! Why her cheeks suddenly getting red? And why she looks so cute being shy?! Acchan, stop it!

"Eh? Why? .." I stood up from the ground to face her properly. Since she sat down in front of me, our face ended up so close to each other as we can feel our warm breathes. I can feel that the heat quickly rose up to my cheeks. I admit it, I'm enjoying this BUT I also want to remove my face far away from her. It's so embarrassing! But I can't help myself, it's like I can't control my body.

Our awkward position ended up after a few seconds when she suddenly move her face away while having those redden cheeks same as mine. We avoided each other's gaze and decided to just look on our side.

"Have you eaten your lunch?" she asked.
"Not yet. .. I'm not in the mood to eat"

We became silent for awhile until she asks another question. .

"Are you fine? We noticed that you and Haruna. ....." By hearing Haruna's name I look at her plainly then she continued,
".... Oh, I'm sorry for being rude. I shouldn't say that"
"No, it's fine. Maybe you guys are worried because of what we did earlier. .."

I tried to smile to hide the pain that came back to my heart again but it seems that I failed to convince Acchan that everything's fine. She just looks at me worriedly and waiting for my next words. ..

I took a deep breath before saying, "It's over. .."
"Eh? O-over? W-what do you mean?" she asked; a bit shocked.
"Haruna and I broke up. ..." I frowned and look at the grass then suddenly, I felt a hand touches mine.

"If it's just a simple fight, please fix it immediately so that the two of you will not be like this. .... You're just making yourself suffer. .."

This isn't a simple fight Acchan! This break up includes you! Damn it! If only I can tell this to you.

"Uhn. . I promise. I'll fix this as soon as I know the answer to my question. ..."
"Answer? Question?"
'Yes, if I love you or not' I said to my mind. "Ah, nothing. ... Don't mind it"
"Oh, okay" she said; unbelieving my excuse. "... have you received the mail that came from Sayaka? She said that we have a practice for today"

"Really? What time?"
"After lunch I guess. ..." she took her bag and reach for something. "... so you need to eat. Here, take this" she gives me a sandwich with an orange juice.
"But. .."
"No buts.. You need to eat or do you want me to feed you?"

There she is again. Acchan, why you're being like this! Once again, the heat rose up to my cheeks, luckily she didn't notice it when her attention was caught by her beeping phone indicating that she has a message from someone. I wonder who it is hmm. .... She's smiling while reading it! I want to know who it is! It's making me. .... No no no no! I'm not jealous! Kai you're not jealous! Okay?!

"Sayaka sent a mail again. ... hehe" she said. Maybe she noticed my wondering expression. If that's Sayaka, then why she's smiling? Maybe they're talking about something. .... something funny. Oh well, whatever. I'm starving now so I'll just eat this sandwich.

-End of Kai's POV-

-Atsuko's POV-

Thanks god I have this 'being an actress' talent. I'm just smiling just to hide what I really feel inside. Why did I go here at the first place if I already know what will I see and know? Yes we were right, they broke up but that's not a good news. Well, a bit I guess but still, I don't want Kai to be like this. The way he held Haruna's hand, the way he look at her, his sincerity and seriousness are there and it's really making my heart hurt; Haruna, you're so lucky to have him.

Though I wanted to know why they broke up, somehow, my inner self is telling me that it's better for me to not know about it. But why? I can't understand myself. Sayaka mailed me but actually, that isn't a funny one but a sad one. I don't know where she is but she said that she can see us here and Kai and I look like a couple who skipped their classes just to spend some time together. She also even saw the 'almost kissing part'.

Haaay~ Couple? If only it's true, I'll probably be the happiest person in the world or maybe in the universe but that single word can't be and will surely never be called to us. He is in love with Haruna and Haruna is in love with him then me? There's no place for me there nor for Yuuchan. All that we can do is to support them and. ...... be hurt.

"Burp!" I look at him when he made that sound.
"Excuse me" he said shyly. Okay, he's being cute again.
"I thought you're not in the mood to eat?" I smirked.
"Hmm. It's just a joke... hehe" he said after he took the last sip of the orange juice that I gave. He looks satisfied now as he lay his back down again on the ground.

"Wake me up if it's time for us to practice. Let's go to the theater together. .." he smiled at me.
"H-H-Hai. .. O-O-Okay.." I agreed with a shaking voice. How can I decline that dimpled smile?!!

As the time passes by, I just spent my entire time looking at the photos that I secretly captured when Kai was asleep. He's like a baby while sleeping and looks like having no problems; a peaceful expression on his face. It's almost five minutes left for our practice to start so I decided to take my phone out and capture another photo. I found him so cute when he smiled a bit so I move my phone closer and even my body on him to take a ‘perfect’ photo.

I'm wearing a smile when I pressed the capture button but when I'm about to take another one, my attention points at his lips as I slowly put down my phone on the ground.

‘His lips look so perfect; it's kissable, sexy and seductive. Maybe it's the reason why some of the girls also like him. I wonder if Haruna tasted his lips. ... hmm I want to exp- ...... What the hell I'm doing?!’

I stop my movements when I noticed that my face is now centimeters apart from him. I gulped as my face also turned into red. I slowly and silently withdraw my face so I will not wake him up but it only takes a second when something stopped me from going. I widened my eyes when I felt a pair of hands cupping my cheeks and also lips that is now pressing mine.

‘W-what’s happening?! Is this real?! Kai is kissing me?! Is he a mind reader now?! T-this is not right! What if someone sees us?! I should break this but ……. I can’t, my whole body is preventing me!’

It feels only a gleam kiss when Kai broke it. Thanks god but when I look at him again, a disappointment flashed on my face as I also felt heartbreak when I heard what he said

“Haruna …..”

Why does my first kiss needs to be like this? I was kissed by a sleeping man and thought that I was his ex-girlfriend. How lucky I am.

-End of Atsuko's POV-

Atsuko's phone beeps again that brings her back to the real world. She was looking blankly at the ground while thinking about that kiss. She looks at the message that she received; it's from Sayaka saying that their practice will now start. She closed her phone and took a deep sigh.

'How am I going to wake him up?'. she thought.

"Is it time already?" Kai said while rubbing his sleepy eyes in a cute way.
"Ah. H-hai. ..." Atsuko's face suddenly turned red. Luckily the blond didn't notice it.
"Should we go now?" he asks again.

Atsuko just nods and stands up to avoid remembering what happened to them earlier that is really making her heart to skip a billion times. Kai stands up quickly to follow her while feeling confused why she's acting that way. They silently and awkwardly walk together to the theater. Kai keeps taking a look at her on the corner of his eyes while Atsuko just remain holding her books and looking at the ground while walking.

As they arrived at the theater, when the large doors open, the entire club members are looking at them and stop everything that they're doing.

'What the heck is their problem?' Kai thought.

The members remain looking at them but after a few minutes, someone at the back caught their attention. It was Yuko and Haruna who arrived right after Kai and Atsuko. The two notice the sudden change of glares so they look at their back. Kai twitches his eyebrows and gives a deadly glare to Yuko who is currently holding Haruna's hand. Upon noticing it, Haruna quickly removes it and avoids the blond's 'I need an explanation' look.

"Hai hai. .. Go inside now. We will now start!" Sayaka talked to stop the tension that is building between the two.

"Please sit down. I want to discuss something before we start. Our adviser made some modifications about our play. I don't know why and I don't want to know why" All of the members look so confused and intrigue at the same time on how their play will be right now.

"I think it's not 'SOME' modifications but a total change of it" Sayaka continued as she scans the papers where their play is.
"Ooh" she smiled. "So to start, our new partners will be Kai and Atsuko and the other one, Yuko and Haruna"

"Wait! W-why?! Why our adviser changed it?! Haruna IS mine!!" Kai suddenly blurted out what he feels that made Haruna and everyone to look at him, shocked.
".... I mean, she is my partner" he lowered down his voice.
"Sorry Kai but we need to follow this. ..."

Kai silently bowed his head as he knows that he can do nothing about it. Sayaka just continue discussing their all new story plot. After it, the main casts go to the stage to start practicing their lines and everything. Kai and Atsuko delivered their lines well and perfectly but the others can still see the sudden change of Kai's mood. This isn't the real Kai who's acting on stage.

"Do you want me to talk to our adviser? I'll try to convince him about. ...." Atsuko whispered but she was cut by Kai.
"... No. I. . I'm sorry for being like this. It's not that I don't want you as my partner. It's just......" Kai frowned.
"Don't worry Kai. I understand you. ...."

Kai look up at the stage and found the other two lead casts. Sayaka shouted at them to start but the little blond take that as a sign that he needs to leave and avoid whatever the scenes that the two will make. It took half an hour for Haruna and Yuko to finish when the taller girl seemed not in herself as she kept on making a mistake on every line. The people around them are really affected about their breakup: the club members specially Atsuko and Yuko.

Sayaka can't control the situation so she just postponed their practice and decided to reschedule it on the other day; hopefully the two will be okay at that time.

"Nyan-nyan. ...." Yuko called worriedly.
"Sorry Yuuchan. I think I'm not in the mood today. .."
"It's fine. ... Do you want to take a rest?"
"I want to go home now. Kindly tell on our next professor that I'm not feeling well"

"Do you want me to take you home?
Haruna shakes her head. "Thanks Yuuchan but I want to be alone for today"
"But. ..... Okay but please take care of yourself. I'll get you a cab"
Haruna nods to agree.

“Are you really sure about this sir?”
“Yes. Do you think it will not work?”
“But sir …. Your …..”
“I know what I am doing. Don’t worry”
“Okay sir. I’m sorry …”

TBC ..  :cow:
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Fuck!! why Kai being like jerk. even though my OTP is Kojiyuu but in this story i really really hope this story will end with TakaHaru and Atsuyuu. It's not fair to Yuko because Kai already take Haruna's virgin. And Kai also will take Atsuko's virgin. No No No. A BIG NO!  :panic:
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Fuck!! why Kai being like jerk. even though my OTP is Kojiyuu but in this story i really really hope this story will end with TakaHaru and Atsuyuu. It's not fair to Yuko because Kai already take Haruna's virgin. And Kai also will take Atsuko's virgin. No No No. A BIG NO!  :panic:

i'm agree with her/him  :angry1:
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Really ! Feel like can you just pair Yuko with someone better? And have a better friend too? 'Cause seem like none of those people deserve him ; _ ;
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Really ! Feel like can you just pair Yuko with someone better? And have a better friend too? 'Cause seem like none of those people deserve him ; _ ;

TOTALLY AGREE! :angry1: Yuuchan deserves something better than this :on voodoo:
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Hahaha look like readers want to kill Kai XD

Fuck!! why Kai being like jerk. even though my OTP is Kojiyuu but in this story i really really hope this story will end with TakaHaru and Atsuyuu. It's not fair to Yuko because Kai already take Haruna's virgin. And Kai also will take Atsuko's virgin. No No No. A BIG NO!  :panic:

Agree  :smhid
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Yay the long wait is over
I feel bad for all four of them... They are all miserable in their own way
Hopefully Kai can man up and admit his real feelings soon
Who's the mysterious person at the end... Hmmm I wonder
Thank u for the update!!
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I just started reading this fanfic of yours, and WOW!  :onioncheer:

I have to say that's it's quite addicting! I LOVE IT XD  :inlove:

Your writing skills are amazing. You have great talents  :twothumbs

I can't wait to read more, when you update. Thanks for this wonderful story ~  :cathappy:

Until Next Time ~   :byebye:
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Please update~! I just read it and thought it was good~
Even if I don't ship AtsuYuu, I think I would've wanted them to be together in this fic. They faced hell because of their crush together and they even know how to keep each other company. TakaHaru was cute together but Kai seriously needs to sort out his feelings. I don't care if he loves NyanNyan but he also has feelings for Acchan? Now that's just GREAT. Nobel prize for the midget, I say.
If he actually has the balls of kalium to actually go for Acchan, then I'll have to rate this as a 'Awesome story, whatthefuckisthisending', no offense for the writer.
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karupin-san where are you??  :(
I miss your updates  :cry:

I've been a silent reader ever since my friend showed this to me and this is my first time posting here.

I really really really miss this.
Hope this fic isn't dead.
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yes yes yes, where's the update??!!!!!!?!?!!!
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Please update

I have been waiting for the continuous of the story

Can't wait to see what happen next

Thank you

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please update author-san ...
this fic makes me feel doki doki
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karu is with mia..
same MISSING IN ACTION.. :oops:

update soon!! PLEASEEEE XD
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karu is with mia..
same MISSING IN ACTION.. :oops:

update soon!! PLEASEEEE XD

I am forever waiting for the next chapter!   XD Please update karupin12-san  :bow:
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After 7mos. of busy schedule, I finally updated this fic  :lol:
I decided to end this instead of making it hiatus ...... forever  :lol:
actually, I don't know where this story is heading to XD
so here it is .. enjoy  :twothumbs

Chapter 16: END

-Haruna’s POV-

I cried all day and night and I didn’t even go to school for the past days. But that’s before, before Yuuchan made so much effort just to cheer me up. He did everything for me. Buying gifts, foods and even going to an amusement park just to have fun even though I’m not asking for it. I accepted all of it for my own sake just to forget Kai but of course, it didn’t work. After having fun all day I always end up thinking of him every night. I know what Yuuchan feels for me and he knows that there’s a restriction on what I can give to him. Friendship, no more no less……. I guess?

Since there are a lot of activities in our school for this semester, we rarely meet at the four corners of our room. I’m always with Yuuchan so I don’t have a chance to see Mariko and the others. I feel so distant to them and maybe it’s because of me and Kai’s problem/issue.

I went to school early in the morning though our classes will begin in the afternoon. I was about to go to the rooftop to relax myself but a sudden conversation from random students stopped me from going.

“What?! You didn’t know?!” one of the three students said.
“I thought they have a special relationship? But what happened?!”
“I don’t know …. Kai is avoiding Atsuko these days”
“Really? But why? Their love story is really complicated. And Kai, I can’t understand what he’s thinking …..”
“I don’t have any idea …. Maybe he still loves Haruna?”

My eyes widened from what the students said. I quickly ran far away from them when I felt that they will see me eavesdropping.

“He’s avoiding Atsuko? Again?” I said to myself when I reached my destination.

-Kai’s POV-

My back was lying on the ground while my eyes were shut. I heard running sounds that are coming to where I am right now. I really don’t mind whoever it is so I just remain on my position. After a few minutes, before my eyes and myself go to the dream land, I heard a small voice saying words that I can't fully understand.

"Maybe that's the person who went here earlier..." I said.
The voice continued on saying words and it’s really making me irritated. Whoever that person is, he/she will receive a whack on the head. I stand up from the ground and to my surprise, I see a familiar back. A tall and long haired woman.

"Is that Haruna?" my heart suddenly beats faster than normal. I don’t know why it’s acting like this again.

I take a step forward and slowly walking to where the woman is standing. I can’t be wrong, she is really Haruna. But wait, what am I going to say? I can’t stop my foot. It’s …. It’s moving on its own. Should I tell her my thoughts? My decision? The freakin’ thoughts that are running on my mind these past few days? After a few more steps, it seems that she already noticed that there’s someone from behind. She turns around and her eyes were surprised to see me.

“I .. ano ….” I say and I can’t find words to continue this.
“Kai …. What are you doing here?”
“Ah. Yeah. I was just ….” This time, I really wasn’t able to continue when she suddenly hugged me tight.
“Haruna ….” I called. I don’t know if I will hug her back or not.

“Kai … I miss you so much” she said.

I remained silent because of her statement. She noticed it and broke the hug. The thought of her walking away from me again was gone when she closed her eyes and moves her face closer to mine. Before our lips collide, my hands automatically stop her as I hold her shoulders and look on the side.

“Haruna …. Wait.” I uttered but she just gave me a small laugh.
“Atsuko?” she said.
“Huh? What about Atsuko?” I was confused why she suddenly says that name.
“I knew it. You can’t kiss me again because of her, right? You do really love her” she gave a forced smile and turns around. “Tell me the truth Kai … I don’t want to assume that you’ll be mine again. Tell me what your heart really feels”

“Haruna …. I’m so sorry. I was confused these days. I don’t know what I really feel until I talked to my father and to myself. I’m like an idiot talking to myself every day and night. Asking myself whom this heart really belongs.”

“You don’t need to say it in an essay form Kai. I already know the answer. Actually I already know it a very long time ago but I keep on insisting and pushing myself to you and it just made you suffer and confused towards your true feelings. I’m sorry for that”

“I want to thank you for everything. For giving me a chance to love you and to be loved by you”

“No need to say thank you. I just did what I need to do and what I want to do. But I guess it wasn’t enough to hold you…….. hehe I’m just kidding.  Go now and talk to her. I heard that you’re avoiding her again. Tsk bad Kai. She might be gone insane like you. Talking and asking to herself what she is to you” she said without facing me.

“Hehe …” I rubbed the back of my head. “You’re right. I’ll go now” without any response from her, I leave the place and start looking for Atsuko.

-Haruna’s POV-

“I can feel my heart. It’s breaking. I’m really hurt but I don’t regret having a conversation with him now because I know, sooner or later, I will surely feel this way. I can’t avoid the truth. The truth that his feeling for me is over and we can’t be together again” my tears flow uncontrollably and my moment was interrupted when my phone beeped.

‘I didn’t mean to hurt you Haruna.
I’m sorry if I can’t be your man.
But I know, for sure, there’s SOMEONE else there
who can be the man who will stay with you
and love you forever’

Kai ran downstairs and went towards the school gate to wait for Atsuko. He walked from left to right, sitting down and standing up just to check for Atsuko’s presence. Hour had passed and it’s almost the time for their class to start when the school’s bell rang. ‘She’s impossible to be late’ Kai thought. He ran back inside and search again for the woman when he thought that she might be in their room a little bit early. He ran across the students and pushed whoever is blocking his way.

When he reached his destination floor, he ran and passed the other rooms; travel through the hallway but stopped when he thought of checking the students’ locker area. He takes a peek then smile like he saw a treasure when the person that he’s searching showed up. Atsuko is holding her things that she got from her locker. To surprise the woman, he went behind her and moves his hands to trace Atsuko’s arms to her hand. He’s now hugging while their hands are intertwined.

“K-Kai ..” Atsuko said. A bit shocked.
“I’ve been looking for you” Kai hugged her tightly and made his cheeks touch Atsuko’s.
“Why? Is it important? Do you have something to say?”
“Uhn .. I …. Ano … actually” Kai removed himself from the woman.
“I ….”

Atsuko sighed “If you can’t tell it, I better go now. Our class is now about to start” she turned around and ready to walk away from him when Kai quickly hold her shoulders. He made her turn around and pin her on the wall and without further ado, the man captures her pink soft lips.

“I love you Atsuko” Kai said after the gleam kiss.

Atsuko widened her eyes and wasn’t able to talk because of the shock that Kai gave. She doesn’t know if she’s dreaming or what. Did she hear it correctly? Does this guy really said that she love her? She wants to believe this but there’s still this doubt inside her. What if he’s still confused with his feelings? What if …… what if …… what if…… All of the ‘what ifs’ inside her mind was interrupted when Kai spoke again.

“Atsuko, I said, I love you.”
“What are you talking about? If that’s a joke, then you better stop it. I don’t like it” Atsuko rolled her eyes and look to the side to avoid the tempting eyes of Kai.
“This isn’t a joke or whatever you are thinking. I really mean it. I really love you and I’m sorry because it took a long time for me to realize this” he cupped her cheeks then make Atsuko to face him.
“But …. I heard from the student that you and Haruna …….” She spoke that switched her mood into a gloomy one.

“That we’re together earlier? Yes it’s true and I’m thankful for that”
“Then you’re really making a joke!!”
“Wait. Let me finish first. I’m thankful because I finally settled what needs to be settled. Me and Haruna are over, same as my feelings for her. Actually, it really happened a long time ago but I didn’t notice it. My heart became blind towards my feelings for you, my love for you. Now, everything is clear to me. I love you Atsuko ….. so much”

“Kai ….”
“Do you accept my feelings for you? Can you be my girl?”
“I ….. hmmm I still don’t know if I’ll believe you or not~” Atsuko said jokingly. She knows to herself that the man really mean his words. She can feel it and she’s happy for it.

Kai knows what this woman is thinking. ‘She wants to make fun of me? Then I’ll do the same’ he said to himself. Kai wrapped her arms to Atsuko’s waist that made their bellies touched. Slowly, he moves his face closer and said, “Do you want me to give you another kiss for you to believe in me?” then smirked.

“W-what?! I .. I believe in you. I’m just kidding” Atsuko became a bit panicked as she knows that she can’t resist those teasing smiles and his eyes.
“Don’t take back your words. I’ll prove to you everything that I said earlier” he smirked even more.
“W-w-wait!! I said I believe in you. I promise. You already took my first kiss earlier without my permission!!”
“I already take it before Atsuko” Kai moves his face. Their pointing noses are now touching each other. “Under the tree. Remember?”

“Wait, I thought …..”
“Stop now. Whether you like it or you like it, you’re going to give your 3rd kiss to me” Kai made his move. His lips touches and feel the kiss that he felt earlier.
Atsuko broke for a while the kiss and said, “Wait. I didn’t answer your question…… Yes and I love you too” Kai just smiled and continued the kiss.

Because of what happened to them at the locker area, Atsuko and Kai didn’t go to their class and decided to wait for Mariko, Kuu and the others at the school lobby. They told them their news with full of loving smile and it was happily accepted by their friends. This is what they want not only for Kai, but also for Atsuko, Yuko and Haruna. Kai and Yuko also talked and fixed their problem. Since they treat each other as best buds, they easily forgive and decided to forget whatever happened to them. They don’t want to ruin their friendship again just because of girls. As the time goes by, there’s something unusual that Yuko noticed.

“By the way, where’s Haruna?” Yuko looked at the place where they are but the tall woman isn’t with them.
“I don’t know. Did she attend our class earlier?” Kai answered.
“Yes. But……. I need to go now. I’ll find her”
“Promise me you’ll take care of her. Never do what I have done” Kai said before his friend leave.
“Yes. I won’t do that. I’m not confused like you. I really like her” Yuko said jokingly and starts running away from them.

Yuko runs as fast as he can outside to search for Haruna. He looked at the parking area and asked the guards but he failed. He decided to search the road to the woman’s house. He looked at every street but there is no sign of Haruna until he heard someone nauseate at the back of a post.

“Here” Yuko gives his handkerchief to the person.
“Yuko … I was just… ano… not feeling well”
“No need to make an excuse Haruna. I know”
“What do you mean? You know what?” Haruna felt a bit nervous that Yuko might already know her situation.

“My auntie is a Doctor and she’s the one that consults you and your …… baby. I accidentally found your papers on her table”
“Did you ….”
“No. I didn’t tell Kai. I don’t want him to hear it from me”
“Thank you for not telling it to him. But I don’t have a plan to tell this to him”
“But why?”
“My parents already know about this and we decided to move to another country. I don’t want him to know about this. I want him to be happy with Atsuko. I don’t want this child to be the only reason why he will come back to me. It’ll be unfair for him”

Yuko thinks of Haruna’s words and after a moment of silence between then Yuko uttered, “I want to take the responsibility. I’m willing to be the dad of your child. I’m willing to take care both of you”
“Yuko, this isn’t easy as you think ….” Haruna was shocked by the squirrel’s decision. She knows to herself that she can raise this child with the help of her parents but she also knows that as the child grows up, he/she will ask about his father and she doesn’t know how to answer and explain it.
“I know but I don’t want that child of yours to grow up without a father, without the guidance of a father. I want to help you because I love you. I’m not expecting any return from you. I’m not expecting that you will forget about Kai easily but I’m willing to wait Haruna. I’ll treat that child as my own” Yuko hold both Haruna’s hands and look deeply into her eyes.

“Thank you Yuko” the woman smiled and let out a tear. “Thank you for always being here with me”
Haruna puts the little man’s hand on her belly. “Say thank you to Daddy Yuu, baby”

With the thought of becoming a father and will have a family with the one that he love the most, Yuko smiled and kissed Haruna on the cheeks.

 :hee:-THE END- (at last XD)
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and this fic also ends...

poor haruna...i think it's slightly unfair to her..
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:hee:-THE END- (at last XD)
Finally!!!thiers an update!!!
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Finally there's the End!!!!
1 more request though... requesting for an alternative ending boss!!! (Where Yuu is the father of Harunyan's child pls).
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Finally there's the End!!!!
1 more request though... requesting for an alternative ending boss!!! (Where Yuu is the father of Harunyan's child pls).

I'll try  :lol:
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Finally there's the End!!!!
1 more request though... requesting for an alternative ending boss!!! (Where Yuu is the father of Harunyan's child pls).

I'll try  :lol:
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PS. MaYuki ending is missing.  :tama-mad:

Thanks for finishing your fic, karupin-san! ..and don't forget the mayuki ending rawr  :cow:
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Well I'm happy that you are updating the story at last...

But... you wrapped the story up to quickly...

But then again... the twist and the dilemma of Kai trying to understand his feeling took too much time...

So I guess it's fine to wrap up the story...

So Kai chose Atsuko and get his happy ending with her... but sadly Kai didn't know that he had a child with Haruna

Poor Haruna... she got her heart broken from Kai... and willing to let him go for his sake

Sure I understand Haruna reason as to not want to get Kai just because of the child...

But then again... I'm sure he would learn to love Haruna too overtime...

He did love Haruna long ago, he would sure to like Haruna again in the future...

But at least Haruna has someone with her... taking care of her child...

And Yuu is really great to be so patient and willing to help and wait for Haruna to accept him

Thank you for the update

Can't wait to see other stories

Or a sequel about Kai finding out about his child from haruna in the future

Or a sequel of their lives in the future after the Uni... whether they got married with thier respective partners and their lives both in careers and loves

Thank you again for the nice ending...

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i wonder how about the others?

i mean rena,yuki,kuu,mariko,mayu,and jun??
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EEEHHH?? Finished already??!
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But that's better that left in on hiatus mode. I even thought that the author wud never come back. LOL

And.... finally!! KojiYuu!!
Idk why but I think this story is dedicated to KojiYuu than KaiAcchan because I found their love story is more real and romantic.

however, thank you author-san. Thumbs up!!
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Thank you. For an update, eventhough it was short..
Actually I expected long stories but I guess not.
But its it's okay . Im really glad u finish the fic :thumbsup
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Was a good story but some times
make me hate Kai  :angry: I would like that
he suffer a littel  :twisted: jaja
but I love the Atsumina end  :twothumbs
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I don't comment much, so here it goes.. From the beginning.. Bloody hell, TakaHaru when Atsuko is right there!? Nope nope nope, man I felt sooo weirded out during the love scene... Thankfully they ended up together, but the ending is a bit rushed. Anyhow, hope to see more from you =)