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Title: [BbSis's OS] MariMii Drabble 29/11/16
Post by: BbSis on November 08, 2012, 02:07:59 AM
Hey guys o/ I needed a break from my other fic, so I came up with this idea^^

It's sad, yet happy... You'll see :P 

My plan is to write different couples using the same storyline, of course also changing the situations hauahuah ( I'm not that lazy XD )

Thank you again Calyrica o/ (and I guess I'll keep saying this as long as you help me ><)

Hope you like it! Please comment \o/

I'll rebirth for you

(WMatsui version)

Little Rena was as happy as her parents, though she didn't understand why. Her parents told her that they would move into a new house, one they bought with their sweat money. It was a great house that they bought for a low price. But they didn't tell little Rena why such a great, beautiful house was sold. They didn't want to scare their cute daughter.
The house was western-styled with two floors. It had a spacious living room, a nice kitchen, and what little Rena liked most: a room just for her. In their old house, they slept in the same room. So the idea of having a single room for her was fascinating.  But it also left her a bit scared. For the first time on her short life, she would spend a whole night alone.
Little Rena walked in the room that was meant to be hers. It was all ready, filled with the few pieces of furniture she had. Her bed was leaning on the wall on the right side. On the other side of the room was her study desk. She ran and jumped onto the bed. Her mother, who was watching her fascinated daughter from the start, warned the little girl that it was dangerous. Little Rena sat and apologized. Feeling her daughter would be fine on her own, the woman left the room.
The little girl stayed on the bed, making small jumps and wondering where her mother had put her favorite doll.  That was when she heard someone crying. Little Rena stopped what she was doing. She looked around and saw nothing. Then, she get off the bed and tried to find where the sound was coming from. She thought that it might be coming from the closet. Rena approached the door and slowly opened it. To her surprise, there was a girl crouched inside. The girl seemed to be a high schooler. She had short black hair, extremely pale skin, and her dark brown eyes were red and wet from crying. She looked at little Rena quite confused.
"Hi," little Rena started. The girl dried her tears with her hands and kept looking at Rena.
"Can you see me, kid?" the girl asked Rena, pointing a finger to her own face.
"Un!" Rena answered, nodding her head. The girl smiled. Her lips curved in a funny way that little Rena thought was cute. It was a cute, cat-like smile. "Why were you crying?"
"Something really bad happened to me, and I was sad," the girl answered.
"And you are fine now?" The girl limited her answer to a nod. "What's your name?"
"I think it's Jurina..." The girl looked up vaguely. "Yeah. My name is Jurina!" She looked back at Rena, smiling.
"Nice to meet you, Jurina-onee-chan. I'm Matsui Rena." Little Rena introduced herself and offered a hand.
"Nice to meet you, Rena-chan! Call me just Onee-chan," Jurina said. Little, cute Rena-chan might get in trouble if someone caught her saying "Jurina" in that house. Jurina raised a hand and reached out to Rena's, but it passed through. Little Rena's eyes widened and Jurina gave her a sad smile.
"Onee-chan... Are you a ghost?" Rena asked cautiously. Jurina nodded again and waited for Rena to start crying. But the kid just kept staring her. "How old are you?"
"I had fifteen when I died," Jurina said with a dry voice. "And how old are you, Rena-chan?" Jurina asked, smiling. Rena liked that smile.
"I'm four, but I'll be turning five soon." Little Rena answered showing her fingers. Jurina thought it was just too cute. "Onee-chan, will you be my friend?"
"Sure! Just don't tell anyone about me, okay?" Jurina asked.
"Un! Let's play, then!" Jurina laughed and floated out the closet.
The little girl and the ghost played a lot, even though they couldn't really touch each other. They chatted, and Jurina found it was so funny how much a four-year-old girl had to talk about. Rena's parents liked to see their daughter so happy and talkative.
The days were passing. Rena couldn't wait to go home every day to play with Jurina. She learned to play silently with Jurina when her elders were around, because she knew they couldn't see the dead girl. Every day, Jurina helped Rena with homework, played with the little girl on the bathtub, and talked about what Rena did at school. At night, when it was time to sleep, Jurina watched over that little girl who was so gentle with her.
Eventually, Rena's parents started to get worried. They noticed that their beloved daughter sometimes acted weirdly. For example, when she was at home, her playing seemed to be for more than one person, and she always acted like there was someone with her. Rena often talked to herself and laughed about things they didn't hear. So they consulted a psychologist. Was their daughter having some kind of problem? The professional said it was normal for child of her age to have an imaginary friend, and it was probably due to the stress of all the changes on her life, like moving to a new house and transferring to a new school.
One day, Rena's parents sat her on the couch between them. They asked her if she had an imaginary friend. Rena looked at Jurina, who was floating in front of her. The ghost girl told the little to confirm. When they asked what its name was, Jurina placed her index finger on her lips. "It's Onee-chan," Rena said. Jurina smiled Rena's favorite smile and gave her a thumbs up. Rena's parents smiled and said it was okay.
So, the two friends started to play openly. It was fine as long as everyone thought Jurina was Rena's imaginary friend, and Jurina had grown attached to the little girl. Every moment with Rena was a happy one. She waited patiently until the kid arrived home from school, but it wasn't a lonely kind of wait anymore. Jurina felt like all of the hate and anger imprisoned inside of her was slowly going away, and that a peaceful and warm feeling was filling her emptiness. Unconsciously, she knew what that meant.
It was Rena's fifth birthday. Her parents held a small party just for their daughter's little friends from school and the neighbors who often came to play. Jurina watched from afar as Rena happily played with other kids. Rena often looked at the ghost girl, who kept saying that Rena should enjoy the day and not worry about her. Jurina was happy just to see Rena happy. It fulfilled her. She knew something was going to happen.
At night, after Rena's mother put her to bed and gave her a good night kiss, Rena was so tired that she was almost sleeping. Jurina was floating above the bed, looking fiercely at the girl behind her with the same cat-like smile on her face. Suddenly, the darkened room was bathed in light. 
"Onee-chan, why are you shining?" Rena asked with a sleepy voice.
"Rena-chan, listen carefully," Jurina started. "I think I'm free from the feelings that held me here." Rena's eyes grew wide. Despite her young age, she knew what that statement meant.
"So, Onee-chan is going to leave me?" Rena asked, tearing up.
"My soul has to go to the other side. But I'll never leave you. If you ever miss me, think about me with your heart." Jurina touched her own chest. "I'll be there. My feelings for you will never fade. I love you, Rena-chan. You are the greatest friend I've ever had." Then, Jurina leaned down and mimicked a kiss on Rena's forehead.
"I love you, too, Jurina-onee-chan." Rena said, sobbing. Jurina gave her best cat-like smile and her lit specter slowly faded away; the room turned dark again. Rena cried silently. She gently touched her forehead where she had felt a slight pressure. Sleep came without her noticing it.
On the next day, a sad little Rena told her parents that she no longer had an imaginary friend. At first, they didn't believe her. But then they noticed that their daughter didn't talk to herself anymore. She didn't act like she was with someone else. She didn't laugh alone anymore. Slowly, she recovered and went back to her lively behavior.
A month or so passed, and every night, Rena thought about Jurina. In her mind, she told Jurina about her day, school, and what she played with her friends before going to sleep. One day, her mother said that she had a surprise for the young girl. Her parents took her to eat at a nice restaurant. And when she was distracted, with the food that she didn't get to eat every day, her mother said that she was going to be a big sister. Little Rena smiled larger than ever. She was so happy with the idea of being a big sister. 
Little Rena was fascinated by how her mother's belly grew through the months.  They said that Rena could choose her younger brother's or sister's name. Rena said that if it was a boy, his name would be Jun; if it was a girl, her name would be Jurina. She waited patiently to see if she would have a little brother or sister. After eight months, the baby decided it was ready to be born.
A beautiful girl was born. Rena was so happy and excited that she almost couldn’t sleep at night. She asked her parents if, after the first few months, she could share the room with her little sister named after Jurina. Despite the fact the house had plenty of rooms, Rena’s parents conceded to her daughter’s request.
As time passed by, Rena took good care of Jurina. She gave her little sister the love she always had received from her parents. The first word Jurina spoke was “Rena-chan”, to the joy of the girl. They grew attached to each other. It was rare to find a moment when you would find one of them without the other. They shared almost everything.
But the teenage years came first for Rena. Of course she loved her sister and was always thinking about her, but now others occupied her thoughts as well. She started to worry about vanity and boys. She turned into a beautiful teenager and attracted the attention of all the boys. When Jurina was near, she would scare them away; Rena was her untouchable big sister for Christ’s sake! She wouldn’t allow any bastard get closer to her sister. Then, Rena lectured Jurina, saying she WANTED to have a boyfriend and that the girl should stop driving off the boys. Against her will, Jurina stopped.
A few years passed, and Rena’s love life was like a rollercoaster. Every boyfriend she got left her for no reason. They cheated on her or they assumed they fell for her little sister. Of course she disliked that, but for the last scenario, she couldn’t get mad at Jurina. Her little sister turned into a pretty mature-looking girl. If Rena were a boy, she would surely fall for her sister.
Jurina’s possessiveness didn’t decrease. She just learned to look like she had cooled down. But at night, when they were on their bunk, she leaned her head and looked down at Jurina’s sleeping face. She always felt happy doing this. Jurina turned out to be a popular girl with both boys and girls, but it didn’t matter to her. None of them were able to drive her attention towards them.
It was Jurina’s fifteenth birthday. As it was a weekday, she and her parents decided to hold a party on the weekend after. Jurina arrived from school, ate something light, and went to her room to wait for Rena come back from her part time job so they can do something together to celebrate. She ended up falling asleep on her bed, the upper part of the bunk. She woke up to the sound of someone sobs. As she was in her room, the sobs could only be Rena’s. Jurina opened her eyes and noticed it was already dark outside. She wondered what had happened to her sister and climbed down to the bed underneath.
“Nee, Rena-chan, what happened?” Jurina asked with a gentle voice, lying beside Rena. When Rena was like that, she refused to call her 'Onee-chan'.
“Yun-kun…” Rena started, but wasn’t able to finish. Jurina knew what had happened just by hearing Rena-chan’s boyfriend name. Or should she say 'ex-boyfriend'?
“He broke up with you?” Jurina asked. Rena nodded, embracing Jurina. “That bastard! I don’t want to hear the reasons. He didn’t deserve you. None of your boyfriends did,” Jurina said rashly. Then, she softened her tone. “Rena-chan, you shouldn’t let that bother you. Okay? I’m here for you. So don’t be sad.”

“Un!” Rena tightened her hug. They stayed in this position for a long time. When Rena seemed to have relaxed, Jurina leaned over Rena and looked at her straight into her eyes. That sudden movement startled the older girl.
“Rena-chan,” Jurina said, and Rena had a nostalgic feeling. “I think it’s about time to show you why I’m so overprotective with you.” Rena got really confused by that statement.
Jurina leaned down on Rena and kissed her forehead. Suddenly, a flow of sad memories invaded her head. She recognized Jurina, but it was a different one. She saw tons of the moments the girl lived through. The happy ones, the sad ones, and the tragic one that had led her spirit to be locked inside the house. Everything happened here, in her own house. The memories continued until the moment the ghost girl met a cute little girl. Rena cried hard, harder than ever. Even with all the pain Jurina had gone through, she was still able to smile her beloved cat-like smile to her, to only her.
“Jurina…onee… chan…” Rena said between sobs. Jurina leaned her body down over Rena’s and hugged her. Rena embraced her tightly. “Why haven’t you told me earlier?”
“I couldn’t. I had to wait until the age when I died in my previous life,” Jurina explained.
“I prayed for you every night. I kept praying even after you were born…” Rena started. Jurina caressed Rena’s head.
“Yes, I know. They reached me every night, without fail. It was such a warm feeling that I knew it could only be from you,” Jurina said, gently smiling, backing away to her initial position beside Rena. Rena smiled, looking into Jurina’s eyes. They drowned in each other gazes.
“I love you, Jurina,” said Rena, breaking the silence. Jurina was wearing that cat-like smile she loved so much.
“I love you, too, Rena,” Jurina said, holding Rena’s hands and touching their foreheads together. They felt so comfortable and safe with each other that the two ended up sleeping.
After that, Rena stopped worrying about boyfriends and started to worry about her own life. She finally realized how happy she was, just having Jurina at her side. She finally understood the feeling Jurina held from the beginning. 



That's it! See you next version, which is going to be MariMii.

Any suggestion?
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Post by: miyumi on November 08, 2012, 02:35:08 AM
Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!   :farofflook:

I almost cried when I read this! :fainted:

Wahh this is just soo good! :gyaaah:

I look forward to your Marimii. If you need help feel free to ask!  :hee:
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my god!!

this is so EPIC!!!!
 :farofflook: :luvluv1: :luvluv2: :wriggly:

i want more!!!

thank you for the update!!!
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This was amazing! I love it.  :cry:

Thanks for this Bbsis-san.  :thumbsup
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Helping you is fun, especially when the stories are this good.  :cry: Waaah I loved this one!
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It was a deep story.....

Godd job... !!

 :cry: :cry: :cry:

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This was soooo good!!! Ah, though I love YukoRena the most, AtsuYuu, BlackGeki and WMatsui are other pairings I crave to read about.. Oh, and also any pairing with Milky  :wub:

So, this was an amazing read! I feel so refreshed and light after reading this!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:

Well, you got my hint about the paring I want to read about, but of course, it's up to you who to write about.

And I agree with miyumi, I'm really looking forward to your MariMii. If WMatsui were cute, I know dem GachaTroll couple will be damn funny  XD
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Wah.. This is so cute  XD
I really love this story.. It was really really cute xD I want more  :P
Thanks for writing this!   :twothumbs
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when i read this, my tears fall haha xD beautiful story!!!!

i can't say anymore... just  THIS IS GREAT!!  :thumbsup :pleeease:
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It's good! I like it!
Really :)
It is a touching story :)
Good job ;)
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Thank you for reading \o/

Miyumi: Don't cry >< they had a happy ending \o/ Maybe I'll ask for help ><' I'm just not good with funny situations (like the ones MariMii requires><) Thanks for the offering o/

Chichay12: Omg! Thanks!! It's the first time someone said on of my writings is epic *.*

Rhin_rihn: Yeeey!! \o/

Calyrica: I'm glad to hear that ;.; I kind of have low selfsteem, so I always think I'm a bother ><

Jessye: Thank you for the compliment \o/ is it a compliment, right? ><

Saruka_drop_: Yeey thanks!!! Suggestions saved o/ I'll pick one of them and try my best \o/ I'm so terrible with funny scenes, I hope I don't disapoint you ><

White Hawk: Thank you o/ Glad you found it cute, because cute wasn't near my head when I was writing =p

JuRikki: Don't cry >< *wipethetears* They lived happily ever after \o/ Thank you^^

Lightning: Thank you \o/

To everyone: Just knowing you guys reads it, make want to write more *.* my mind is popping with ideas o/ so please keep supporting me  :twothumbs

I already started the MariMii version, or like Sakura_Drop_ said GachaTroll (which I loved heuheu I'll start to call them by this from now on =p), and I'm in the middle the chapter of my ongoing fic. But I'll travel next week, so it won't be possible to update next week ><

see ya  :cow:

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AH I almost cried!  :cry:

I had this mixed feelings sad and happy one.

How Jurina waited for 15 years? To finally say to Rena that she and the previous Jurina ghost are the same.  :panic:

Splendid! Can't wait for next update of new paring!
ArígatoU! :kneelbow:
Title: I'll rebirth for you (GachaTroll version) OS
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Yo, minna~

I'm back o/ here is the MariMii version of I'll rebirth for you!! I hope you like it  :D

This time I gave lots of work to Calyrica >< sorry for the trouble and thanks o/

AND really want to thank Miyumi for the help and the idea she gave me o/

This ended up being longer than the previous one >< and, sorry, the two ended up being out of character in the end  :(

Megumi: Don't cry >< yes, she waited! Even I didn't know how she could handle it!! I'm glad you liked it and I hope you like this on too :)

This the surprise I talked about! (Sorry if it's too lame>< )


I'll rebirth for you

(MariMii version)

With chibi, chubby cheeks, Mariko looked up at the cheapl apartment building. From today on, that place would be her home. Her mother tightened the grip on her hand and sighed deeply. Despite her young age, Mariko understood the situation that they were going through. Her father passed away a few months ago due to an accident at work, leaving them with just his life insurance and half of Mariko's student fees paid. Her mother decided that they had to start a new life in another place, so there they were. An apartment in that building in front of them was the only one she could afford pay with her current job.

The apartment was in a calm family neighborhood, in an old ten story building. It had a small room, an average room, a single bathroom, and a kitchen separated from the living room by a counter. It was smaller than their previous house, but it fit the two. The rent was also really cheap for that type of building, but the landlord didn't say the reason. Mariko's mother thought about numerous reasons, but it wasn't time for being pessimistic.

A few minutes later, a young woman appeared and greeted the two. She was their neighbor. Mariko's mother met her when she had gone to check out the apartment. She was a very sympathetic woman and liked kids. She told them that all their belongings were already in their apartment, and that she was going to buy the ingredients for lunch and asked if they needed anything. Mariko's mother asked the woman to buy two ready-to-eat meals, but the woman refused to buy premade food and said that she was going to prepare a meal for them. While their neighbor was at the market, the mother and daughter headed to their new home.

They walked upstairs to the third floor. The two stopped at a door with 304 on it. Mariko's mother told her that that woman she met minutes ago lived at 305. Her mother took the keys out of her purse and opened the door. Mariko walked in first. She was really curious about her new home and her new room. So Mariko ran until she reached the middle of the living room, where she suddenly stopped. Something  visible called her attention: a girl in gym clothes with round cheeks and round eyes with long dark hair floating near the living room's ceiling. She was pouting with stuffed cheeks. Mariko and the girl exchanged looks.

"Mom," Mariko said without taking her gaze off of the girl.

"Yes, darling?" her mother said, walking into the living room.

"We have a ghost in our home," the kid simply said. The girl's eyes widened without undoing her previous expression.

"Really? Is it a boy or a girl? Is it a good or bad person?" the mother asked, placing her purse on the table. The girl was really confused.

"Un! It's a girl, and since she's making such a dumb face, I guess she's a good one!" Mariko smirked. The girl finally relaxed her strange expression, leaving just the pout.

"Mou! I'm not dumb! I was just bored!" the girl shouted, shifting in the air.

"Mom! She can talk!" Mariko said, still with her gaze on the girl. But something inside the girl's mind told her that the kid was teasing her.

"Good! Then ask for her name. If we're going to live under the same roof, we should at least know her name," Mariko's mother said. sitting on the couch. The girl just kept observing.

"Ne, ne, blowfish face, what's your name?" Mariko asked, obviously teasing.

"I don't have a blowfish face! My name is Minami!" The girl said angrily, floating down to Mariko.

"Mariko! You shouldn't tease someone you just met!" the mother reprehended.

"Sorry, mom." Mariko looked at her mother. Then, she turned to the girl, who was now floating in front of her. "Sorry, Minami. My name is Shinoda Mariko. Nice to meet you." Mariko offered a hand, and Minami shook it firmly. "Whoa! You're one of those ghosts who can touch things!"

"Yeah... I had a lot of time to practice..." Minami said sadly. "So, you and your mom can see me for real?" The ghost girl asked, just to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

"No. Just me. But mom believes in supernatural beings. And she believes me because I'm like dad. I was born with the same gift as him," Mariko explained.

"So your name is Minami. I hope we can live in peace from now on," Mrs. Shinoda said with a smile.

"It's going to be nice," Minami answered ,even knowing the woman couldn't hear her.

"She said it's going to be nice," Mariko repeated.

"Especially with a cute chibi chubby cheeked kid like you, Mari-chan!" The ghost girl hugged Mariko and ended up lifting her of the floor a bit. "How old are your chibi chubby cheeks Mari-chan?"

"I'm five. And I don't have a chubby cheeks!" Mariko shouted the last sentence while pouting, releasing herself from the strange feeling of being hugged by a ghost. "And you, Miichan?" Mrs. Shinoda just laughed.

"I died on my twentieth birthday," Minami answered with a blank expression.

"I hope we can be friends," Mariko said, smiling. Minami smiled widely.

"Sure! Let's play a lot!" Minami said happily, jumping in the air. Mariko smiled happily, and Mrs. Shinoda decided that a ghost girl was a good happening after all. So, she stood up and went to check if their belongings were all there.

"Let's go play outside!" Mariko said, trying to grab Minami's arm, but her hand slipped through. The kid blinked, confused. Minami could touch, but couldn't be touched. 'How sad,' Mariko thought.

"I can't! I can't leave the apartment," Minami shouted in a sad way. Mariko immediately understood it was related to the girl's death.

"Okay... So let’s play inside, then," Mariko said, a bit sad, but trying to understand the ghost girl. Minami smiled to the little girl and asked her what she wanted to play. Mariko said she wanted to play with dolls and went to her room to look for her toys. The ghost girl silently followed the kid.
Mariko suddenly stopped when she entered her new room. Surely, it was smaller than her old room, but her bed, her study desk, and the boxes she had helped her mother to pack were there. The bed was leaned against the wall, opposite the door. Her study desk was at the left side. There was a built-in wardrobe on the right side of the room.

After that moment of recognition, she walked to the boxes and looked for the one that has a 'toys' written in it. Minami arrived in the room through the left wall. She starred at the little girl circling a few boxes, then stopped. The kid looked at the box with a thoughtful expression. Then, she looked at the ghost girl. Her face lit up, indicating she had an idea. Mariko asked Minami to lift the box that was on top so that she could push the one that was at the bottom. Minami agreed, but warned Mariko that she had to be fast because she couldn't hold the box for too long. The kid nodded and they started. Minami held the upper box while Mariko pushed the bottom box. The box was heavier than Minami thought, so the time she could spend holding it wasn't very long. Luckily, Mariko was fast enough, so when the box passed through Minami's hands and hit the floor with a silent thud, the little girl was already far away from it. Mariko could finally get her doll to play with.

The neighbor lady had returned from the market saying that lunch would be ready in an hour. Meanwhile, Mrs. Shinoda made her daughter help her unpack their belongings. Minami wanted to help, too, so Mrs. Shinoda gave her few tasks. It was really weird to see things floating on their own. But after few minutes, she started to get used to it. With six hands, by the time the neighbor lady called for lunch, they had finished unpacking. Let's just say that mother and daughter didn't have much.

The days were passing and Mariko successfully made friends at school. But when she arrived home, there was just one thing on her mind: play with Minami. One thing she liked to do was make the ghost girl lift things. It was fun to watch. They spent lots of time together. Manami even helped Mariko to take a bath. It was so fun that Mariko didn't even care about the other kids of the building. But one day, Minami scolded her, telling her that she make as many friends as she was able to. From that day on, Mariko started to pay more attention on her neighbor kids.

Of course, Mariko always talking cheerfully and playing alone at home didn't go unnoticed by others, mostly the helpful neighbor lady. She always felt that Mariko was different from other kids. But since she liked the little girl, she didn't want to think about the worst. So she talked privately to Mrs. Shinoda about that matter. The mother smiled, not wanting to reveal her daughter's gift, and said that Mariko had an imaginary friend. The neighbor lady felt relieved hearing that and let it be, since it was so normal for kids at her age to have imaginary friends. Mrs. Shinoda spread that tale across the building and soon everyone knew that Mariko had imaginary friends.

Minami didn't mind being called an imaginary friend. She actually liked that term. It made her feel like she wasn't dead. She grew very fond of the girl who always made a disapproving face when she hugged her. It was funny to see Mariko struggling, even knowing that Minami couldn't be touched. Minami liked to play with Mariko and wasn't bothered by having to wait alone in the apartment all day long. To spend the time, she always ended up cleaning the house.

One day, Mariko was playing with her favorite doll while watching TV. It was randomly turned on just to make noise. Minami was cleaning the dust on it when something called Mariko's attention. She looked at the TV, and then looked at Minami. She repeated this action few times and said, pointing at Minami:

"Oh! Miichan is Gachapin!" It was tone of amusement.

"What?!" The ghost girl looked at the TV to see what a Gachapin was. She didn't liked what she saw. "No! Take it back!"

"Yes, you are! I won’t take it back!" Mariko said, teasing. Minami looked at her with a defiant look.

"Take it back!" Minami said, approaching.

"No!" Then, Minami took Mariko's doll and floated to the ceiling.

"Gimme back my doll!" Mariko shouted, looking up.

"Not until you take back what you said!" Minami said, thinking about how light that doll was and that she could hold it as long as she wanted.

"No! Gimme my doll back!"

"Take it back!" Seeing that it would lead to nowhere, Mrs. Shinoda decided to intervene.

"Okay. Time to go to bed," she ordered, wanting to put an end to the fight.

"But mom..." Mariko tried to whimper with tears on her eyes.

"No 'buts'. I'm sure Miichan will give it back tomorrow. Mariko pouted, not wanting to argue with her mother and walked to her room. She just stopped to stick her out tongue at Miichan, who playfully returned the gesture. Alone on her bed, Mariko started to cry silently. She loved to sleep with that doll. When she was almost sleeping due to fatigue, she felt a light weight on her. She smiled slightly, knowing what it was. Though she had already forgiven Minami, there'd definitely be payback.

A few days later, Mariko decided to put her plan to action. Every day, Minami woke her up with hugs and she always made a face. But this time was different. She pretended she didn't felt the ghost girl touches and whispered, "Oh, where is Miichan?" She stood up and got dressed for school. When she met her mother in living room, she asked.

"Mom, have you seen Miichan?" She was really puzzled.

"Dear, you know you're the only one who can see her. Why?" The mother looked at her daughter a bit confused.

"I can't seem to find her anywhere," Mariko simply said.

"Oi! Oi! I'm here! You're kidding me right?!" Minami said. But when she got no answer, she started to worry.

"I'm sure you will find her sometime soon," her mother said gently.

"Un!" Then Mariko started to eat her breakfast. Minami floated in front of Mariko and started to make faces. She made a blowfish face. Nothing. She sucked her cheek and turned her mouth into beak shape. Nothing. She widened her eyes and stuck her tongue. Nothing. She tried other faces, but still no reaction. So, she lifted something on the table, but at the same time, Mariko closed her eyes and... "It's delicious, mom!" Minami sighed, but she hadn't given up yet. Then, she started to lift things from the table. But every time, Mariko turned her face or closed her eyes.

Mrs. Shinoda understood what her daughter was trying to do. She didn't expect her daughter to be so vindictive. She decided to not interfere the situation. The two had to get through it by themselves. Minami tried a different approach. She started to touch Mariko. She pinched Mariko's cheeks. Called the kid 'Chubby Cheeks Mari-chan', but nothing. Mariko was trying hard to not show any emotion. She stood up to brush her teeth and get her school bag. Minami hugged Mariko from behind and rubbed their cheeks together begging the little girl to talk to her.

When everyone left home, Minami started to cry. She cried her heart out while floating near the ceiling. Was Mari-chan ignoring her or had she really lost her ability to see her? Both options were really sad to her. If it was the first one, she wanted to know the reason. For the first time in months, Minami didn't clean the house. After crying the entire afternoon, she decided to ignore Mariko as well.

When mother and daughter arrived home, they greeted the house out of habit. Mariko was waiting an answer, but it didn't come. She was bit puzzled by that. What could have happened to Miichan? She walked in and saw the ghost girl with a bored expression floating near the ceiling. She decided to keep up with her plan. But this time, there was no reaction from Minami. Somehow it wasn't funny anymore. While bathing on her own, she felt so lonely. For the first time since they moved in, there was a silent night. At bed time, Mariko couldn't hold any longer.

"Miichan, I'm sorry!" Mariko shouted, sitting on her bed. Seconds later, Minami appeared, floating fast, and hugged her. Mariko fell on the bed, surprised by the impact.

"Ne, Mari-chan, don't ever do this again! EVER!" Minami was crying so much that Mariko couldn't believe that she was the playful girl she knew. So Mariko tried to hug her, just to fell her arm slip through the girl’s body. Then, she felt loneliness. She wanted so bad to touch her friend, but she couldn't. Mariko also cried. She slept while feeling the good and weird touch of the ghost girl.

The next day, Minami woke Mariko up like always, hugging. And this time, she also tried to kiss the kid's cheek. Surprisingly, she didn't receive the usual scolding from Mariko, nor even a weird face. Instead, she received a smile, followed by a light pink blush. This was very unusual. But she was happy about that. She helped Mariko pack things for school and have breakfast.

The helpful neighbor rang the doorbell. She wanted to know if Mrs. Shinoda had few things to lend her. Soon, the two women started to talk cheerfully. Mariko left the house and said she would wait for her mom downstairs. She walked happily to the stairs. Minami was watching Mariko as always, but this time she sensed danger. Mariko was already far away, so she wouldn't hear her. Her mother and the neighbor couldn't hear her. The moment was closing in, and she was feeling so helpless because she couldn't even leave the apartment. The only thing on her mind was Mariko. She floated as fast as she could when she saw Mariko stumble on the stairs.

Mrs. Shinoda and the neighbor lady felt a weird wind pass around them and a ghostly voice shouting 'Mari-chan'. They turned to the stairs just in time to see a blur curl over Mariko, while she fell from the stairs. Mrs. Shinoda ran as fast as she could. The neighbor lady just stood there, too terrified by what she had seen. The mother saw her daughter fly over the stairs and hit the next floor with a soft thud. Mariko was there alone and unconscious, but she didn't seem to be seriously harmed. She took her daughter on her arms and carried her inside, silently crying and thanking god that nothing bad had happened to her daughter.

Mariko woke up several minutes later. She was in her room, and her mother and the gentle neighbor lady were looking at her worriedly. She looked around to look for Minami. The ghost girl was behind her with the same worried look. Mariko asked herself what had happened. The last thing she remembered was that she had stumbled near the stairs. Then after a gentle touch, it was completely black. She looked at Minami again and saw a tear fall. Then, it started to glow. She widened her eyes. She knew what that meant.

"Mom, untie. Can I be alone for a moment?" Both found the request a bit strange, but left the room. Mrs. Shinoda closed the door when she passed through it. "Miichan. Thank you." The ghost girl smiled. "You're shining."

"I'm so glad you're fine. And I guess you know why I'm shining," Minami said softly. Mariko nodded.

"Why do you have to go? I don't want you to go..." Mariko said, starting to cry. She knew that answer too; it was the same for the reason why Minami was shining. Minami approached.

"It need to. I also don't want to leave you," Minami said hugging the kid. "I enjoyed every moment we spent together, I'll never forget about them."

"So do I! I won’t ever forget about them!" Mariko said between sobs.

"So, if you never forget about them, I'll always be here," Minami said, placing a hand on Mariko's chest. "Think about me, and you'll never going to feel lonely."

"Miichan... I love you!.." Mariko started to cry again. Minami patted her head.

"I love you, too, Mari-chan," Minami said with a genuine smile.

"I love you like... mom loved dad..." Mariko said, sobbing. Minami blusehd.

"You... You are too young to know this kind of love..." Minami said softly.

"But... I do.." Mariko insisted.

"Okay..." Minami smiled. The she leaned closer and kissed Mariko's nose. The kid blushed and watched Minami's figure slowly fade away. Before the girl vanished forever, she leaned up and tried to kiss Minami's cheek. To her surprise, she felt her lips touch a soft skin for a second. The last thing she saw was Minami's surprised eyes. Then, she found herself alone in her room.

Mariko skipped school that day, but her mother had to go to work. So the gentle neighbor lady took care of her. Mariko was crying when she called her mother. And saying between sobs that 'she went away'. Mrs. Shinoda explained that 'she' was Mariko's imaginary friend. The lady was worried and didn't want Mariko to think that she pitied her. She called Mariko in a sweet voice and said she wanted to share a sad story with her. Mariko nodded, wondering what the reason of that was.

"When I was a bit older that you," the lady started, "I had a really sweet, cute and cheerful girl as a neighbor. She was full of energy and liked to help others. I really liked her. But one day, she started to be bullied at school, and she didn't tell her parents the reason why. She got so depressed that she dropped out of school and started to spend the whole day inside her room. She just stayed inside the apartment. As the years passed by, she started to grow afraid of leaving it. So, one day, her parents traveled for few days and left her alone. They wanted to make her a surprise and came back early with a cake and a nice birthday gift. When they arrived, they found her dead inside her room. They found a note with her. 'I don't want to be a burden anymore.' That's what it said. I liked her a lot, so I cried my heart out when my parents told me she was dead." Mariko had tears in her eyes again.

"Why did you tell me this?" Mariko was silently crying.

"Because sometimes the ones we love goes away, even if we don't want them to. I liked her, and not just because she played with me. It was because she was a nice person. And she didn’t deserve what she had gone through. I swore that if one day I had a child, I would name him or her after her name. Well, I just wanted you to know that everyone have their own sad moments in life. And unfortunately, not just one. But you can always count on your friends and family to surpass those moments," she said. Mariko looked at her amused and smiled.

"Ne. Where did you live when you were around my age?" She wanted to know.

"I've always lived in this building." The woman answered with a smile. "Now, rest. It's a miracle that you have no scratches after falling from the stairs." Mariko shifted in her bed and slept.

The months were passing and Mariko had finally composed herself. The neighbor lady invited Mrs. Shinoda and her daughter to a party at her house. It was unusual for the couple next door to give parties, even though mother and daughter are always invited to eat meals with them. And the contrary happened a lot, too. There were other people that Mrs. Shinoda didn't know, but she assumed that they were friends from the lady's husband's work. After the meal, the lady's husband asked for attention. He happily announced that his wife was waiting for their first child. Mariko looked at her lovely neighbor carefully. So, that was the reason the woman was so different lately.

As time passed by, Mariko noticed something familiar with the lady's growing belly. Everyone was saying to Mariko that she should take care of the child like her own sister. And she was willing to do that. But after seeing that, she could no longer do that. But she would treat him or her with love and care, anyway. And it was amusing to see the belly growing through the months.

Mariko smiled and played as before, but she never forgot about Minami. She knew Miichan would want her to do that. Her heart always skipped differently when she thought about the ghost girl. She just needed to be patient.

The lady didn't want to tell the name she picked for her child. She wanted to wait until the birthday. Nine months had passed, and a cute girl with round cheeks was born. And the lady finally said her name. It was Minami. Mariko almost cried when she heard the name. But she had already decided she would be strong. She was also so fascinated that the baby gave her the same vibe as that girl.

The two girls were growing healthily. At first, Mariko thought the baby Minami was really cute, since the first word she said was Mari-chan. But when Minami was old enough, they started to bicker with each other. It was funny and worrisome at the same time see two kids arguing. But Mariko grew up fast. So when she entered on her teens, she started to ignore every attempt from the kid Minami to bicker or tease.

Soon, Mariko's interest for boys appeared, and she stepped into the world of dating. It wasn't difficult to her to find boys interested in her, since she grew pretty and tall. Dating boys was nice, but nothing compared to what she felt a long time ago. And she didn't even have time to taste it well, since the little Minami followed her everywhere. Sometimes, she felt really grateful for that. If the guy was a pain in the ass, she always had Minami to make her day a bit funny.

Minami always admired her neighbor Mariko. They were together since she could remember and she had that urge to follow the older girl everywhere. She liked to see the outfits the girl wore on her dates, even though she didn't like Mariko dating at all. So she always played pranks on Mariko's boyfriends. One day, she was between Mariko and a boy, interfering with everything they wanted to do. So the boy asked why she was doing that. Minami looked at him and simply said, "Isn't it obvious? It's because I like Mari-chan." She was ten at that time. Mariko hissed and blushed discreetly.

To everyone's surprise, Minami managed to get into the school Mariko went to. Even for just one year, the young girl insisted she wanted to study under the same roof as Mariko. Minami joined the drama club and it started to boost her popularity. Mariko pretended she didn't notice it, but she didn't like the attention Minami was getting. It deeply worried her.

It was about time Mariko decided to what she wanted to do for living. Her mother thought she would go for fashion, since it always caught the girl's interest. But she said that she wanted to be a school nurse. Her studies started to eat up her full scheduled and didn't have time to see her noisy neighbor. After a few semesters of studying, and she could get a trainee scholarship. When the school she wanted had an open vacancy, she applied. She easily got the slot, due to her good grades and because she had been a student there.

Every day, Miichan, the famous senpai from drama club, went to visit the school infirmary. Everyone at school knew that most of the time she got trolled by the nurse trainee, but the girl insisted on going. Soon, rumors about those two started to run around the school. But the person who spread the rumor didn't get what she wanted, since Minami said openly she liked the nurse trainee, but the nurse didn't like her back. It just made her fans squeak more.

Time also passed for Minami, and she found herself having to choose a career. She picked psychology. She was one of the first students who turned in the career papers. But she hadn't told anyone the  reasons why she wanted to take psychology. The truth was that there was a motive she didn't want to share with anyone. She knew that the path she was taking was hard, and would make her turn away from lots of things, but Minami wanted it anyway.

Minami was giving her best effort towards her studies. When she wasn't at college, she was at home with her face buried in the books. She rarely took a break, but when she managed to, Mariko was working, so she ended up hanging up with her other friends. She missed her cranky neighbor, but it was the path she chose. Parallel to this, a really important day was approaching.

Mariko was now living alone in that apartment. She loved that old place, and when her mother found a man and got married to him, she announced she wanted to stay there. Her mother wasn't against it, since Mariko worked and earned her own money.

It was a cold night, and Mariko left work really late. On her way home, she felt like she was missing something. As soon as she turned to the third floor hallway, she saw a feminine figure curled around herself on the floor, leaning against her door. Mariko sighed as she approached. She knew who the girl was.

"Oi, Miichan. What are you doing here?" Mariko asked, leaning down and shaking the girl gently. The girl looked up and smiled.

"Mari-chan. I was waiting for you..." she answered in a groggy voice.

"Why didn't you wait in your apartment?" Mariko asked, helping Minami stand up.

"I was afraid to miss you," Minami said in a serious tone. Mariko sighed in defeat. Then, she opened the door and let the girl in. Minami took off her shoes and walked in the living room. Mariko locked the door and went straight to the kitchen to make some tea. "Ne, Mariko...."

"What?" She turned to the girl sitting on her couch.

"Today is my twentieth birthday," Minami said simply. Mariko blinked few times. So this was what she was missing... "I want my gift."

"I don't have a gift for you," Mariko said, raising an eyebrow. What a lie. Mariko always bought a gift for Minami.

"I don't care. I want a gift from you. It can be anything!" Minami insisted.

"Right. Let me think about something." Mariko took a deep breath, while Minami waited anxiously. "How about I do anything you want until midnight?" Mariko said in a bored tone, but inside she was nervous. Minami smiled widely.

"This is great!" She said cheerfully standing up. "Let me see what I want. I want to cook dinner for you; I want to take a bath with you..."

"Wait! One thing per time. What do you want first, dinner or bath?" Mariko interrupted the girl to make her calm down. Maybe it wasn't a good idea.

"Dinner!" Minami exclaimed, walking to the kitchen and pulling up her sleeves.

"Let me help you. The two of us can make it faster. And I'm hungry, you know." The idea of having Minami cooking for her made Mariko feel a bit flustered. Minami just nodded.

The two cooked  dinner in silence. They just talked to each other to ask for tools or ingredients. It was an awkward silence. When the meal was ready, they arranged everything on the counter and ate. Mariko broke the silence to say the food was tasteful.

"Ne, Mariko..." The older looked at the younger holding a bow. "You know I like you. Why didn't you ever say anthing?"

"I thought it was a kid thing." Then she finished her meal. "I'm done. Would you like to bath now?" Mariko really wanted to avoid that subject. Minami nodded, discouraged. Why did it seem like Mariko wasn't enjoying her company? She used to be cranky, not displeased.

The two headed to the bathroom and started to strip. A sudden shyness caught both of them; it wasn't like the two hadn't took bath together. They decided to ignore the feeling. Mariko was just wondering if the two would fit in the tiny bathtub. They would be too close in there. Mariko took the sponge to wash Minami's back, but the girl stopped her. Minami said that Mariko never let her wash her back, so this time, she wanted to do it. Mariko sighed and let the younger do what she wanted to. Minami sighed happily.

"This is so nostalgic..." Minami mumbled. Mariko turned to Minami with a confused glare. "What?"

"How is this nostalgic if I've never let you do it before?"  Minami blushed and gulped. "Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Ah..." Minami wanted to say something, but she couldn't find the right words. So instead, she leaned closer, making Mariko retreat a bit, and kissed the other woman's nose. She rested her head on Mariko's shoulder while the other processed all the information. Mariko was stunned. She didn't understand the reason for her shock, since she knew all of this already. Maybe it was because she was seeing and knowing what the other side saw and felt.

"I know that, silly." Mariko finally said, touching Minami's bare back gently. Her heart was beating faster than she wanted. The younger looked into the older's eyes, confused. "I'm sensitive, forgot about that? What I don't get is why you remember your past experiences when most of the reincarnated spirits don't."

"I.. I know it won't make sense but... I left unresolved things here," Minami said, blushing. "I thought you had forgotten..."

"I could never forgot you. You're always in my thoughts and in my heart, so I never feel lonely. You told me that," Mariko said seriously.

"I know. Your thoughts always reached me. And it made me feel grateful and warm," Minami said with a smile touching her chest. "But when I was reborn, you started to treat me differently. I wanted to ask you why, but I couldn't."

"Why?" This time, Mariko didn't know the answer. "What is your unresolved problem?"

"There's a rule that says we can't talk about the experiences we had as ghosts until we reach the age of our death. So even if I wanted, I couldn't." Minami explained already thinking about how to answer the second question. "The moment I felt your lips on my cheek, my heart raced, and I knew I loved you like mom loves dad." A tear fell from Mariko's eyes. "I also know that your behavior towards me was because you knew the situation of my death in my previous life. Mother told me the reason my name is Minami, and that she had told you that story once. I was really surprised to know that she was that kid... Well, I knew that you didn't want me to be bullied. But this was my second chance and I wasn't willing to let it happen again. I wanted to be true to my feelings, even if you didn't like me anymore." Mariko was crying silently. "Ah! I'm so relieved that I could finally let it out," Minami said while stretching, tears in her eyes.

"Miichan..." Mariko whispered and hugged the other girl. Their hearts started to race due to their feelings and their bare skin contact. "Who said I didn't like you?"

"Huh?!" Minami felt lips on her again. But this time, they weren't on her cheek, but on her lips. She felt like she was melting, but she didn't wanted to stop time.

"Baka! I never stopped loving you... like mom loves dad," Mariko said in a rare soft tone. Minami buried her face in Mariko's neck. The taller girl tightened her grip around the smaller when she felt her trembling. She was crying tears of joy. "How about we finish this bath so we can go to bed? It's a week day, so I jave tp work and you have classes." Minami nodded.

After they washed each other, they got in the bathtub. Minami was between Mariko's legs, leaning her back against the older woman's body, with their heads supporting each other. Mariko's arms were lightly wrapped around Minami. They were surrounded by a warm and comfortable silence.



"I love you," Minami said, leaning closer.

"I love you, too, Miichan," Mariko said tightening her grip.

After that, the two started to see each other more often. They finally stopped avoiding each other and Mariko decided to be true to her own feelings as well. Minami started to spent nights at Mariko's apartment gradually, until one day, she moved in. And they continued their love/bicker relationship.



So? How was it? ><

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Yo, minna! I hope it’s not too late for a valentine’s os /o\ Everything led me finish it now, this late at night where I live :/

So, Max asked me if I would write a valentine’s os. As I was unsure, he encouraged me, soooooo here it is. Despite everything, is with my OTP. Though I thought about doing it with other pairs >.>

Sorry if it’s lame (which I think it is….), I just finished it (I know it is not an excuse¬¬). Also, it is no proofread, so forgive any mistakes, please o/

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Being considerate – Valentine’s os

Leaning against the wall, I sighed tired. The practice session was harder than it usually is. The younger girls started to talk about an upcoming especial day. They were so loud that the entire room could hear them. Soon, everyone was talking about give and receive chocolate from each other on Valentine’s Day. What a waste of time. After the hectic week we had, they still managed to have time to think about frivolous things.

Remembering the events we had during the week, I looked at one of them. Miichan was silently making the dance movements, ignoring all the cheering talk about Valentine’s day. That was not the Miichan I know. She would usually be one of the firsts to talk about it. Maybe what happened let her a bit sensible about this matter. Yet, she didn’t say a word about what really happened; she only say that they are only friends. I just want the cheerful and naughty Miichan back.

“Mariko-sama,” Karen asked, bringing me back. “What kind of chocolate do you like?” I gave a thought about the question. It irritated me a bit. How come they are talking about this in front of Miichan?!

“I don’t like chocolate. It gets us fat.” I simply said in a normal tone. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Miichan turning a bit to our direction. So, she was sensible about this. She rearranged the cap she was wearing and silently walked out the room. My eyes accompanied her, while the girls blabbed about my answer. I smiled at them and excused myself. They got a bit confused, since I  usually would acidly participate in their chat.

I followed Miichan to the changing room and found her already undressing. We were all drenched in sweat, so she would obviously take a bath. I looked at her body, checking every spot of bare skin. I’ve been doing this ever since she shaved her head; I’m afraid she could do other things to her body. Miichan finally seemed to notice me. She was still with a serious face.

“Why?” I looked at her questionably. “Why you lied to the girls? Most of the girls know you accept and eat valentine chocolate.”

“What’s your problem!? I was just being considerate with you.” Without noticing, I was using my ironic tone.

“I don’t want your pity. Save it for someone else.” The bitter tone in her voice made me feel bad.

“Calm down. I just thought that you might be sensible about it.”

“You thought wrong then. I’m not in the mood. All I want now is work hard to recover from my mistakes. To let them know that I’m grateful that they let me stay.” Her bitter tone again made me feel bad in a way I never thought I could. And it irritated me deeply.

“But you don’t have to do that with a sad Gachapin face. You made a mistake. So? We are humans, we are vulnerable beings. We all know that you feel sorry for what happened, but it is about time you take that damn demotivated expression off of your face. All we want it to see you well and with good high self-esteem.” I could feel my veins pulsing. Wait. Did her face gain a bit of color now?

“It is not an easy thing to do. You don’t know how I’m feeling.” She countered. I sighed angrily and walked towards her. Leaning closer, I stretched my arm and hit the locker behind her with the palm of my hand. She just widened her eyes.

“I don’t want these things for me if it means I have to quit my career. So no, I don’t know how you are feeling. But there is one thing I know. Your fans are being unconditionally nice and supportive. So respect to your fans a little and get out of whatever dark place you mind is and show them you are fine.” After this, a long silence took place while we stared at each other. Our faces were really close and we could feel our warm breaths blowing hardly. Maybe she would say something, but I’ll never know. The other girls started to enter in the changing room and get a bit confused with the scene they found. Shaking my head negatively, I walked to my locker, got my towel and headed to the shower.

Underneath the shower’s hot current water, I took a deep breath. I needed to think about my behavior towards Miichan. It is really weird lately. Precisely, after this whole scandal thing. Also, Tomochin announcing her graduation didn’t help my mood either. So, why? Why I was acting like that? Things are getting out of my control. Raising both hands, I rubbed my face and my hair in one large movement. I couldn’t afford spend more time in the bath. I have a full schedule today. With that in mind, I turned off the water and dried myself. After dressed up, I departed saying goodbye to everyone and anyone in particular.

All my appointments kept my mind busy for the rest of the week. I could only see Miichan very fast from afar. But to every glance I gave her, I tried to check if everything was right. And every day I spared a thought for her. Why is that only now I realized I’m always following her with my eyes? Why do I do that? I always thought that I was a smart girl. Where is the smart woman who could figure out every change of mood of every teammate? I couldn’t even figure out my own feelings. I sighed again and smiled for another shoot.

In the middle of my busy week, I found out that my day off would be on February fourteen. Great. I wouldn’t want it differently. No kouhai wanting to give admiration chocolate. Nothing to watch the couples gathering together and act all lovey-dovey. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, but it’s hard to stand when they start to act cheesy. Of course there are girls who don’t have a pair, they are young and have each other. What about me? Well, I don’t mind being alone in that matter. I just need my career and my friends. And I’m just happy if I can troll them.

The so awaited break arrived. I actually had plans for the day. I would sleep as long as I could; if it ended up being near lunch time, I would prepare a light meal. Then, I would go to Shibuya. Shopping is always good to relax. Maybe eat again and go to bed early. But my plans were completely ruined when a certain Gachapin rang my doorbell too early in the morning.

“O… Ohayou, Mariko.” I glared at her with few friends face. She faked a smile while I pounded if I would let her in. Watching closely, I noticed she seemed she hadn’t back home last night.

“What happened to you?” I asked dryly. I was really angry. She woke me up from my beauty sleep, for Christ sake!

“Can’t I just get in?” She kept faking her smile. Miichan was becoming an expert of making me mad.

“I won’t let you in until you tell me what happened. You know if you get yourself into another scandal, it’s over for you.” My hard tone made her stare sadly at the floor.

“I just stayed at the theater practicing and they ended up locking me inside.” she explained looking to the side. I raised an eyebrow, she was lying. The security guards would find her and send her home. I noticed her lips were with a deep blue color, almost turning purple. It was cold, and the cold morning breeze was giving me chills. I took a deep breath very unsatisfied.

“Okay. You can come in.” I said opening making a movement to let her in. She hurried inside rubbing her arms. Miichan took off her shoes and walked slowly to my couch. I sighed while locking my door. I didn’t want any unwanted visit; anyone else I was already having.

“You don’t look well. Why don’t you take a bath?” I suggested warming water to make some tea. She nodded taking off her hat and scarf. It was almost two weeks, her hair was already growing, but it still had the shaved appearance. I went to my room and grabbed her a towel and a change of clothes. When she was out the bathroom, the tea was ready. I noticed that her lips were back to the normal light pink color when she sipped the tea. “Can you tell me now what really happened?” I yawned. “Ok. Tell me later. I’ll take a nap. You do the same after finish the tea; you know where the guest room is.” After saying this, I backed to my room and cuddled onto my bed.

Orpheus was already embracing me with his gentle grip when I felt strong arms pushing me back to reality. What the heck she was doing in my bed?! When I was about to turn to scold her, both arms tremble around me together with a body which was now leaned against my back. It started low, but in a matter of seconds my room was filled with a loud cry. I could also hear my heart cracking. It started to run in a weird sad decomposed way. I wanted to turn and hug her tightly, but I was afraid she would run away again. So I just let her be. Before I notice, I fell asleep.

A cold sunray was passing through the curtains and illuminating the room. I tried to shift, but there was something heavy impeding my arm to move. I opened my eyes slowly and saw Miichan nuzzled in me. She seemed to be asleep. This time I couldn’t hold myself and hugged her. I felt her giggling and then she stretched her arms to hold me again. Miichan buried her face on my neck.

“Thank you, Mariko.” Her voice was muffled. “You’re right.” About what? Whatever, I’m always right.”This whole thing bothers me a lot. I never thought thing would turn this way. I’ve already done this so many times… We shouldn’t stay until late playing video games… ” Oh! She is mixing things. Wait! That was the reason she spent the night there?! I tightened my grip to not scold her. She was just f***ing playing video games! It was not because she was damn in love with him! No! I’m talking like Yuko now! Right. Breath. I don’t know why, but I feel so relieved now.  No wonder she was depressed. I would be depressed too if everyone thought I was dating and doing other things too, though spend a night at a guy’s place would suggest this.

“It’s okay. So now, explain what happened today.” I said kindly, which was unusual.

“I was indeed practicing, but when the time came, the guards asked me to go home. But I didn’t want to. I decided to stroll on the streets. But people started to recognize me, so I remembered what you said and ended up at your door. But you would scold me if I rang your bell late at night. Also, I heard you had a day off today.” She explained in a way I could barely understand. I still couldn’t understand why. After a long period of silence, her stomach growled loudly. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Come on, let’s make something to eat.” I said that looking at her. She looked me back with red and swollen eyes. I fondled her head, and then we lazily got out of bed. I could finally peek at the clock, and find out it was already lunch time. I wondered when the last time Miichan ate something was. We walked slowly to the kitchen, with me thinking deeply about what I could offer to a hungry Gachapin. And remembered something important. “Hey, don’t forget to call your parents to tell them you are here.”

“Hay!” She nodded quite energetically. I felt really relieved that she could still remember how to be energetic. I made her sat at the table while I cooked something for us. Well, we were still at my house and I had to make the honors. When the food was ready, Miichan ate everything in an incredible speed. I gaped at it. But ok, today I felt like doing whatever she wanted. So it was a really rare moment.

“Calm down, my pantry has plenty of food, Gachapin.” I scoffed. She looked at me pouting, but kept chewing. She swallowed the food and walked silently to her purse, which was on the couch. Miichan turned to me a bit shy.

“Ano… T.. This is just as a thank you, ok?” She said to me shyly handing a chocolate bar, those you buy from a convenience store. “You see… I hadn’t time to handmade one…” I was totally sure she was blushing.

“Thank you…” I thanked feeling unexpectedly shy. To my surprise, Miichan leaned closer and kissed my cheek; but it was on the corner of my mouth. Something burned inside me. “Right I’ll let you be my date today.” She definitely blushed hard as I approached my face to hers.

“Mariko…” She said in a mix of sigh and moan. I couldn’t resist it. I closed the distance between our faces putting our lips together. What was a light kiss, turned into a deep hot one. My heart throbbed so fast that I felt I would melt down. When we parted, I hid all my feelings with a trollface.

“See? That’s how it’s done.” I said winking and poking her forehead. She just showed her tongue. I smirked. “Happy Valentine.” I wished putting more food on her plate.

“Ha.. Happy Valentine.” She said shoving another portion of food into her mouth, blushing. I smiled at that. This was the best valentine I have ever had, but I wouldn’t be telling this to anyone.


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Mariko is a calm character with burning passion
Title: Re: Being considerate – Valentine’s OS [MariMii]
Post by: mo-chan on May 29, 2013, 10:49:47 PM
woooow I did not saw this!!!!!! :D
I'm really happy seeing that
someone wrote a fic about MariMii
after all what happened to Miichan
I like this os sooo much ><
your writing style is the best as
always Bbsis ;)
your fics always make me
laugh so much or it make
my heart warm
please make more MariMii (T^T)
thank you for this update and
sorry if my comment iis a bite
(very) late :P
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Do you know how glad I was seeing your fic again? XD

It's very cute and fluffy btw. Cute Miichan here... XD

And, btw... I saw your photo on tumblr, nice hair color  :lol: :thumbup
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So BbSis...

I just realize that you're the writer of "I'll rebirth for you."

I read it before I'm start to write fanfics...
maybe you didn't realize.. but this fanfic really inspired me for my 'VOICES' ending.  :heart:
I love that so much.  :D
Title: Letters – requested by Javs [PeaceParu]
Post by: BbSis on October 26, 2013, 04:50:09 AM
Hello~~ This post finally being updated =p

Kuro: I agree with you~~ Thank you for reading o/

Momo: Yes, when Max asked me to do a valentine's OS, I could only think about write about the scandal. Thank you for the compliment^^ I'm glad you like my writing style o/ I'll make more MariMii yes! I'm a MariMii lover after all ^~

stv_wong: Really?! Thank you! I'm supper glad that you like this OS And I'm still with that hair color :3 But my hair it a bit longer =]

Tianne: Yes. I am :3 Do you know that I didn't write that story at night? I was somehow scared xD I'm really glad that I'll rebirth for you inspired you for you fic~ Thank you for liking it so much  :bow:

Minna: Sorry for the late reply  :bow:

Javs: Sorry to make you wait so long  :bow: :bow: :bow:

This is a request from Javs, and as it took so long to be done and because it is short compared to my usual fics I decided to make it a three-shots!

It was brilliantly proofread by Sakuchan, that showed me that I still have a lot to learn :3 Thank you very much  :bow:

Enough with the talk!


      Dear Paru,                                     

      As you may know by now, I am back to Prison Hope. I'm sorry if I disappointed you, but there was no option left. Ever since we three, me, you and Nanashi, managed to escape with the help of our friends this thing got stuck in my throat: I can't accept the fact that we left our friends behind.                                                           

      Nanashi always said  it was their own choice to stay to fight and back up our flight with the compromising data to denounce the truth behind Prison Hope objectives and goals. I am well aware of that. But it just seems that their efforts were in vain.                               

      Don't you remember when we went to see the authorities to proceed with the denouncement , how they treated us? I don't even know if they actually did something about that matter!!! Though I am truthfully grateful that they decided not to punish me about Keita's murder , but  what really matters to me is that you have  completely forgiven me for  what I did  and accepted me.                                                           
      However, I must confess that I felt a bit secure when they decided to put us under a protection law. They moved us three in an apartment and we had a bodyguard guarding us twenty four hours  a day. Days  were passing and I realized that it was basically like being back to prison. This  thought led me to think what was going on there. How were our friends? Were they still remanded in Hope?
     One thing I knew for sure: with my mother being dead   our jail keeper, that creepy captain would be promoted to director. I  hate to inform you that I was right. He is the new  director and he's been doing crazy stuff. He came back with the teams and made them fight each other for  his own entertainment. Sometimes  he takes Uruseeyo to the interrogation room for no reason and keeps  her there for a few hours. At those times  Tetsuo just goes  back to their room and sulks curled on her bed. Uruseeyo said  she just waits  while sitting on a chair until the captain takes her back to the common room, and that sometimes he asks her strange questions.

      They put me back in  our room, C-4. It seems emptier without you here, but it is better like this; you did nothing to deserve coming  back here. Actually, you did nothing to deserve  being  arrested in the first place. Even so, I'm glad I could meet you. This time I don't have the privileges I had back then, but Messi is helping everyone with her hacker skills.

       After our rebellion, the relationship between Team Mangoose and Team Habu changed considerably. Bunker and Komimi are getting along well, much to Daasu’s  dismay. Every time she sees the two together,  her already closed up expression darkens . Nantene doesn't  use the doll to talk anymore and the others stopped teasing  her consequently. On  top of that,  sometimes Nobunaga and Annin go out to have a duel  and we don't see them until the  next day. I'm pretty sure that Messi knows what they do, but she doesn't  tell us. Well, I have a hunch  though.

        Another thing that made me want to come back here was this inner voice telling me that they kept following the project. I don't want anyone to suffer like me or Nobunaga. So I'm using my methods to gather information about this. I'm sure Messi is doing her homework. Then all this will finally come to an end.

        Lastly, I want to say this to you since I don't know if this time I'll manage to get out of here alive. or even if I'll get out of here  Remember that tunnel we used to escape from  the building? The place where we hugged each other and reassured our friendship? I'm always returning  there. With crossed legs I sit there and relive all our times together from the moment you appeared in my life.  When we were at that apartment that the government  provided you with,  you  opened up to  me, as I also opened myself to you. The practicing we always made with Nanashi after the classes with the particular teacher they hired for us. Our calm moments watching TV  side by side late at night. These memories always made my heart pound in a decomposed way.

       There was one time, when you slept with your head on my shoulder, one of our late-night TV times.  You were sleeping soundly and silently. Ever since we got out of HOPE you never had a nightmare with Keita. With the movement I made to turn off the TV, since I myself was also sleepy, you fell on my lap facing me. Then you started to mumble something. I couldn't understand, but you weren’t  making a sad face. Instead, you were smiling . That time I wished you were dreaming with me. In an automatic movement I leaned down and kissed you briefly. Then I took you in my arms  and carried  you to your room to place you on your bed. As I passed through Nanashi's door, I heard her mumbling Nantene's name. That was when I decided to come back here.

       If I had stayed I would have made you feel sadness again, I would have hurt you again.  I don't want  that. Yes, Paru, I love you. I fell hard for you. I don't know how you will react by knowing this, but I hope you  keep being my friend.

       This is all  I have to tell for now. If anything different happens , I'll send you another letter.



Sorry for being too short ><

I don't know if I'll post the rest in sequence ><
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I proofread this while being sleepy.. I see more mistakes but least the biggest ones are fixd...
Title: Re: [BbSis's OS] Letters – requested by Javs [PeaceParu]
Post by: BbSis on October 26, 2013, 05:04:34 AM
I proofread this while being sleepy.. I see more mistakes but least the biggest ones are fixd...

I feel like I'm a terrible writer now... ><' But thank you again :bow:
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(TTvTT) <- somehow feels like crying... de parupeace feels... nyaaa...

ok... let's just beat up the creepy warden in... 5, 4, 3, 2,...

wonderful, nyan! and pat, pat, 'ts really good~ :3
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Granny.... glad to see you write a fanfic again  XD

Can't wait for your update.
Paru x Peace.... I miss MG3.

But.... when I read this, It's kinda sad.
I hope they'll have a happy ending.
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I know I should be writing my updates >< I am, believe me! But this shorty thing came to when I was on the bus going to my class.

I made this thinking of MariMii, but I ended up writing it in a way any couple would fit as long as you think they fit. It is an angst and I do not have the intention to write more of this. This is something very very very short.

Shinoki: Thank you :3 don't cry, granddaughter D; *hug*

anakpanti: I'm always writing, or at least trying, but I'm slow and sometimes I feel lazy to type>< I miss MG3 too~~ It was nice after all :3 I hope they will have a happy ending too~~ Thank you for reading o/

Javs: Welcome~~ I'm glad you like it a bit heheh My next update on this thread will be the next part, it will be Paruru's letter :3

And thank you Miyumi for proofreading it for me :3 (OMG! Miyumi proofread my fic *.* *dies*)

Short OS – Sulk (any pair you want)

Once more I looked at the grimy ceiling. The room was claustrophobically small, windless, with only one furniture: the one I was tied up to. I couldn't feel my extremities, my legs got numb first, then my hands in less than a day. How many days have I been here? My body was aching due to being tied up in an uncomfortable bed in the same position for days.

Why? I don't know. I just know I’ve been kept here as a hostage in a poor condition. Once a day, a hooded person enters in the room and gives me food. When I need to fulfill my physiologic necessities, they just tell me what to do on the bedpan. Shame is a luxury I don't have.

On the first days, I screamed my lungs out for help, I screamed until my voice left me, but no one came. My skin under the handcuffs was already torn and bleeding from my struggling. They did nothing to stop me, they just left me here molding in this fucking room. As days were passing by my hope of being found by the police was slowly fading. Now I was only hoping that death would find me. I didn't want to leave this world so soon, but I have no other choice. Hope left me already. I have so many unfinished things, but only one is worth to be finished.

Every time I remember the circumstances we last saw each other I want to cry, but my eyes are already dried up. My last sight of you was a crying face. I should have grabbed you, begged you to stay, and told you how much I love you but instead, I just let you go. Every inch of your back that walked away from me hurt more than I could imagine, more than I ever thought it would. More than the chains forcefully tearing my flesh, grinding it. If I could just go back to that night, maybe I wouldn't be here now. I would be in your arms, making you happy.

I sighed frustrated leaning my head on the wall waiting for fate to find me. To ease my suffering or making me agonize more, I started to relive all of our happy moments. Like that time when we first met. You were having trouble with a few guys at the club bar. They were being so insistent on asking you out and you were refusing them vehemently. I decided to help you, so I intervened them saying that you were my friend. I asked if I made you wait too long, you gave me the brightest smile I ever saw and scolded me in a soft tone for making you wait. Later that night we shared our first kiss; with a bit of alcohol I admit. Our firsts were all so memorable for me. So different, yet so cliché. The thought of never being able to make firsts times with you again made me desperately sad.

My head is starting to spin as the days passed by. I'm seeing my body languish. My mind started to play pranks on me as one day I heard shots and screaming coming from outside the room. The door opened roughly and a hooded person ran in pointing a gun towards me. Finally death was about to find me and take me out from this suffering. I heard a shot, but I felt nothing. I thought dying would hurt like hell, but I felt nothing. There was blood all over the mattress and me. As the hooded person fell over my legs, you appeared in front of me with your gun and wearing a bullet proof vest. Everything happened in slow-motion. Your teary worried face approached and I swear I could feel your gentle touch on my hair. Your voice sounded distant when you called my name. I gave you a feint smile. Even if you were just an illusion, I had to say this...

"I'm sorry... I love you...." My voice sounded so husky as you started to untie me.

"It's okay. It doesn't matter anymore." Your voice was so soft as you held me in your arms. The last thing I remember was the warmth of your lips on mine.


Sorry about this  :sweatdrop:

See ya~~   :cow:
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Granny... how can you do this to me??!!  :cry:

I started to imagining WMatsui.

And then... in the middle of story.... how can I imagining Jurina suffered like that?!
Okay... Jurina is dead.  :cry: :cry: :cry:

As the hooded person fell over my legs, you appeared in front of me with your gun and wearing a bullet proof vest.
Ano... So, Rena (I chose Rena) is the one who killed her? or Rena actually want to save Jurina but failed?
Title: Re: [BbSis's OS] Sulk – Short OS [Imagine you fav pairing here]
Post by: BbSis on November 29, 2013, 05:41:50 AM
Granny... how can you do this to me??!!  :cry:

I started to imagining WMatsui.

And then... in the middle of story.... how can I imagining Jurina suffered like that?!
Okay... Jurina is dead.  :cry: :cry: :cry:

As the hooded person fell over my legs, you appeared in front of me with your gun and wearing a bullet proof vest.
Ano... So, Rena (I chose Rena) is the one who killed her? or Rena actually want to save Jurina but failed?

Don't cry dear *hug*

Don't imagine the worth >< You can always be positive and imagine that Juju just fainted because she was very weak.

Rena wanted to save Jurina. But if she failed is up to you to decide :3

Thank you for reading, Tiane, I really appreciate  :bow:
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So Atsuko confessed to Yuko, wanting to take it to the next level, but Yuko just wanted to be friends, thus making Atsuko cry in the process and leave Yuko. Yuko, being awfully sorry for what she did, went around town to take her mind off of Atsuko but couldn't. In the end, Mayuyu found her and then drugged the already complicated Yuko, and kidnapped her. She took her to a house she found, chained her to the bed and then left her. Thus, this and that happened and Yuko eventually gave up on being rescued and wanted to die. That was until Atsuko came inside. Turns out Atsuko is the daughter of the neighborhood Yakuza and Mayu wanted to kidnap Atsuko's lover. Why did she do that? Because Mayuyu wanted Atsuko's attention. She loves Atsuko more than Yuko ever hoped for. While in a shoot-out with each other, Atsuko tried to negotiate with her, but Mayu never faltered until she asked Atsuko to make her her lover. Atsuko went into self-conflict but in the end, she says she still loves Yuko. Raged, Mayuyu stormed inside the room and pulled the trigger, shooting Yuko. Atsuko also went inside quickly and shot Mayu. Yuko smiled happily seeing Atsuko and Atsuko, in tears, hugged Yuko. Yuko finally lets out her true feelings and Atsuko kissed her passionately. The kiss was warm, and their minds left their bodies. But... Yuko's mind never came back. She died in her lover's arm. The death she wanted to have since the beginning.

Damn, what the hell did I just write?
Title: Re: [BbSis's OS] Sulk – Short OS [Imagine you fav pairing here]
Post by: imteedee on November 29, 2013, 08:29:01 AM

@Ashu: oh another Mayuyu death, amusing.  8) and the winner is....ACCHAN!  :twisted:
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Post by: anakpanti on November 29, 2013, 09:39:50 AM

@Ashu: oh another Mayuyu death, amusing.  8) and the winner is....ACCHAN!  :twisted:


TD, I'm so sorry about your kami-oshi.
You're right. I read a alot of fanfics and Mayuyu often being the one who suffered.  :P
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Allow me to edit this in the near future, BbSis. :sweatdrop: Will properly respond back to you soon.

[Will be edited]

Okay then! Finally got the chance to comment on this just because I can and want to. :thumbsup

Interesting how you wrote this out, allowing our imagination to be our main motivation to reading this short, but lovely OS. And yes, I did say lovely despite how angsty it could be, LOL. :sweatdrop: Not to mention leaving just enough gaps in the story to have us readers imagine what it would be like for our pairings/characters to go through before ending up in this situation.

I at first envisioned Mayuki in this situation with Mayu stuck as Yuki finally came in the last minute to save her ex-girlfriend. Afterward, I had the thought of YuiParu and wMatsui, haha. :lol:

While reading it, the last two lines had a section that I really liked:

"I'm sorry... I love you...." My voice sounded so husky as you started to untie me.

"It's okay. It doesn't matter anymore." Your voice was so soft as you held me in your arms.

Looks like every last moment in our life, we would confess and throw out the statement that we would never say if we weren't near our expiring dates. Then again, this fiction didn't explicitly state that our chosen character here died. Rather we could believe that they were knocked unconscious and fainted on the spot, right? Ah, but for my reader role here at least, I did imagine and choose an angsty ending of the poor character dying with her last words. :nervous Not too surprising but still.

Honestly, my heart did skip a beat not out of happiness (obviously) but rather out of... the pure angst, LOL. But that's good! If you can make your readers feel some sort of emotion through the piece, then it's another brownie point earned. :cathappy:

Thank you so much for writing this short OS! I truly enjoyed it and made me feel a bit angsty during the time I had read it, haha. :deco:
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"I'm sorry... I love you...." My voice sounded so husky as you started to untie me.

"It's okay. It doesn't matter anymore." Your voice was so soft as you held me in your arms. The last thing I remember was the warmth of your lips on mine.

Why everyone think that she died? For me she just fainted. I want to be a positive person :grin:

I imagine wmatsui. :)
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Post by: kuro808 on December 03, 2013, 08:19:45 PM
This could relate to anyone if you looks past the description of the people involved.  Since I like to keep an open mind, I like the fact that it open to anyone.  Great job!!!!
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Post by: Kirozoro on December 04, 2013, 12:06:37 AM
wah your story is so touch, special the first two one

I want more Mayuki and Wmatsui

Please update soon
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Why~ Why~? Their is tears on my eyes~  :gyaaah:
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BbSis-chan! :)
I've read your OSs... Waaaah They're really cool.  :thumbsup
I love the MariMii version of I'll rebirth for you!  :wigglypanda:

Sulk... I imagined Mariko saving Haruna~ Dunno why... but that's what I imagined. XD

you're really great kyaaaah~  :kneelbow:


 :mon mischief: :byebye:
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I imagine FuruYanagi.... Idk why but I did. I imagined Churi saving Airin, though most people I know will say the other way around.... I only thought she fainted not that she died...
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Hello! Yes, I live. But I'll soon be gone again...


Happy birthday, Mariko~


Mariko arrived at home expecting only silence, and a well deserved rest from a day of work. But as soon as she opened the door...

"Happy birthday, Marichan~" A cheeky voice greeted her joyfully. A paper-popper was popped almost near her face. The now twenty-nine-year-old woman sighed and prevented her hand to go massage her temple.

"Er... Thank you, again, Miichan..." Mariko ignored the cheerfulness of the girl and walked toward her couch and placed her purse there. She finally allowed her hand to go to the side of her head to work on easy the slight pound she started to feel. If she recalled well, she had dinner with the girl and her closest friends before leaving for a late night radio program. "Tell me why I should let you stay?"

"Mou, you are so cold! I brought you cake~" Miichan whinned pouting.

"We ate cake already, and it's really late now for sweets." Mariko pointed. She, then, looked at her table and found a small cake on there. It was decorated with sliced different fruits and on its white center was written 'Happy BDay, Marichan <3'. It was obviously the younger girl's letter.

"Aw, come on. It's from that place you like," Miichan approached Mariko, cupped her face, pulled it down as she stretched her neck, and planted a kiss on her cheek. "And I missed you." Mariko had to admit she was taken aback by that, but she wasn't a woman who does such thing.

"Tsk..." Mariko hissed. "You always misses me. Cheesy girl." She made a dismissing gesture with her right hand. "I can eat the cake tomorrow. Thank you for being such a devoted friend." Mariko turned her back to the girl to hide her gin. She couldn't see the big pout forming on Miichan's lips, but she was aware of it. She wanted nothing more.

"Fairy well, you cold hearted woman! Eat your cake alone! I hope you get fat! I also hope you freeze tonight on your bed, because this 'friend' here will back home right now. You insensible being!" Miichan retorted in her dramatic-serious voice. The shorter girl turned her heels to get her purse which was on a chair, but before she could reach it slender arms wrapped around her waist.

"I missed you too, you dolt." Mariko whispered on her left ear. Her entire front fitting Miichan's back. The taller tightened her grip, making both of them shiver. Yes, they missed the body contact. With her left arm, Mariko topped Miichan's, caressing all its extent until the extremity, where she intertwined their fingers. "We can't do this in public. Not like this." Mariko Kissed the bottom of Miichan's ear, earning a struggled moan.

And then everything was forgiven. The surpise, the rudeness, the bickering. They were synchronized again. Together one more time. Mariko gently turned the girl, releasing the grip on her hand, and they kissed. An eager kiss, full of necessity and fever. The needing took the leadership as Mariko directd her girl to the table. Miichan felt her back touch the edge of the furniture not much longer. The taller grabbed the other girl by the hips, lifting her high enough to make her sit on the table, and positioned herself between the legs.

"Mariko, the cake!" Miichan exclaimed, trying to push the cake to the farthest side of the table. She ended up dirtying a couple of fingers with glacé in the process. Mariko took her girlfriend's hand and put all the dirty fingers on her mouth, sucking and licking the white sweet cover.

"Very sweet indeed." Mariko stated in a very husky tone. The gesture completely turned them on.

The pair kissed again, with Miichan wrapping her legs around Mariko's waist. Hands traveled trough the winter clothes, trying desperately to go underneath them. As the heat wave stroke, they started to take each other clothes off, and throw them randomly aside. Another kiss took scene and the friction of their bare bodies just made them want more. Miichan laid on the table and Mariko topped her, their bodies fitting perfectly into each other. As Mariko stretched her arm sideways in order to find another position, her hand touched the cake. She retreated her hand, raised her upper body with the help of her other arm, and showed it to Miichan. The girl on the bottom hold the hand and slowly licked it, looking into her lover's eyes.

"It's just the way I like." Miichan said almost breathless.

"I think I want to eat this cake now." Mariko grinned. Miichan grinned back.

It would be another anniversary full of secret tasteful memories.

End (?)
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Oh yeah !!! Fantastic! Author I love you !!!
Have long not read fanfiction on this pair.
At this point
The taller grabbed the other girl by the hips, lifting her high enough to make her sit on the table, and positioned herself between the legs.
I too shouted
"Mariko, the cake!"
I want to continues the feast! Please!
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BbSis-san, that WMatsui 'I'll Rebirth For you' fic was superb!  :thumbsup FANTASTIC! I really got teary eyed and it touched my heart so much!!!  :thumbup :cry:

My motivation is being powered up again thanks to you!!!  :cow:

As for your MariMii B'day fic~ that was short and steamy~ xD

Nice fics you've written, seriously! >w<
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Im still waitin´ for the "It starting with a wedding~"
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*stepping out of the hideout*
Because I still love MariMii after all this time :3


Mariko was laying on her bed, with one arm under her head, when she heard her front door being opened. She sighed.

"Tadaima!" A cheerful known voice greeted. Her dogs heard the girl and barked happily, probably giggling and jumping on her legs. Mariko smiled with the thought. "Hey, hey. Look who is back! Mommy Miichan brought you snacks, but it's late now and we'll save it for tomorrow!" The older woman heard plastic bags noises and she guessed Minami bent down to pet the dogs and ruffle their fur. After that small celebration, the house got quiet again. The pets returned to their cushion beds and dragged steps approached the room.

"Ye ye, okaeri. Can you make less noise next time you appear?" Mariko bored while turning to her side, facing the door. She was kinda regretting giving a spare key to Minami on her birthday two weeks ago.

"The dogs seem to love me more than you these days..." Minami opted to ignore Mariko's remark. She wore a sweater, a skirt, and above knee socks; she left her hat, scarf, and heavy coat in the living room.

"Ah, dramatic as always... Sure. You feed them like they are hungry street dogs. And who said you're their mommy?" Mariko inquired without moving an inch.

"I'm their mommy since I started dating you." Minami replied, taking off her socks and opening her skirt, letting it slide down her legs. Then, she sat on the edge of the bed and removed her sweater, dropping it on the floor.

"You know you have to organize your stuff here before leaving tomorrow right?" The older woman reminded her, ignoring her reply.

"This is not the problem here." Minami then stood up and grabbed her phone on her skirt's pocket. She typed something and showed the screen to Mariko. "They are not shipping us anymore!" Mariko raised an eyebrow with the statement. "They keep shipping you with Kojiharu! They even ship you with Jurina!" Minami gestured exaggerated with her arms. The other woman sighed again, but opened a space under the blankets for her girlfriend.

"Don't worry too much about it. It doesn't matter what they write. My only lover is you and you alone." Mariko stated with a stoic expression, but her tone said otherwise. Minami blushed, put her phone on the nightstand, and hopped on the bed.

"Huh. One can never get used to sweet talker Mariko." Minami mumbled, laying down. Mariko smirked, covering Minami with the blanket.

"I hope not." Mariko said leaning closer and kissed her tenderly on the lips. "I love you, noisy."

"I love you too, cranky." And Minami nuzzled on Mariko.

"Good night." They said at the same time. Mariko sighed contented. Maybe it wasn't a bad idea gifting that key after all.
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Welcome author  :welcome

Its been a long time. Btw nice drabble!  :thumbsup

Thanks and waiting for the other stories to be update.  :bow:
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YOU ARE ALIVE!!!! YES!!! Long time to see you!! Hellow!!!

I ship this two because your fault so thank you for this marimii fic and *cof*cof* stillwaitingforthe"itsstarted"'sfic *cof*cof*

Thaaaaaank you for this! :D
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The good thing is people are still here for you :thumbsup
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Long time no see Author. Glad to read your story again.

Nice, soft drabble. Sumptuously as always.