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Title: My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 5 (YukiRena) //Apr 26\\
Post by: sakura_drop_ on January 12, 2013, 11:44:57 AM
Minna !  :mon hi:

sakuchan is here~  :gmon sing:

This is a thread for my ongoing fic 'My Kuchi Utsushi Butler', a YukiRena version of the original wMatsui fic in AKBlsaphemy48 (be sure to check it out, as in the latter chapters the plot is going to differ). Also, this thread contains a few stories of the Challenge Project, which was dropped since no more participants appeared, hope you enjoy those few very well written works ;)


My Kuchi Utsushi Butler

Challenge Yourself


I am really happy to finally announce a long time lasting collaboration!!


If you want to participate in it, don't hesitate and PM me. The information I need is this:

Genre I'm best at:
Genre I'm against:

That's all I need. Then I give you the pairing and genre to challenge yourself in. The time is all yours, you send to me the story whenever you feel like it's ready to be sent. That means, after you write the story, you send it to me so I can post it.

I think you all already know we have a Facebook group and well, I am happy to announce that many people already agreed to do it. Whether the story is long or short, whether it is from someone's POV or just from no one's POV, it all depends on how YOU want it to be. Take your time. One month, two months, I don't care. Just participate in it.

There will be two versions of this challenge: a version here and one in the perverted section. Sorry for the minors who don't have access to that section. I can't help you. Just grow up faster if you wanna read it  :on gay:

So, I hope I explained everything clearly enough. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I will be sure to update this post with Q and A.

And... sakuchan is having a writer's block as of now... So sorry for not updating my stories... I think I'll keep writing the drabbles if something comes to my mind. I just hope inspiration hits me so I can present to you the stories that are laying in my hidden folder half or nearly written.  :sweat: :gmon ringu:

So far, bye bye~  :mon bye:


I like the idea, sakura, but it feels a bit... loose? Could you explain it a little more in detail? What is it exactly? It's not a contest as far as I can see. How exactly do you mean to challenge one's self? How do you put them to the test? (Just for fun though, right? Sorry if I sound... ...opposing? I'm really not.)

The main idea of this is to challenge yourself and yes, as you already mentioned, it is for fun. Let's give you an example.

My OTP is YukoRena, anti-OTP... I don't have one, as you all know I can write about ANY pairing. But let's say my least favorite is PaYuyu. The genre I'm best at is probably romance. So if I was to give myself a challenge I would say: "Do you think you can write a MariHaru or KumiChuri centered fic that contains lots of comedy?" If I don't feel the pairings we can try to choose different one, but not my favorite one. It's like you do it for fun, but at the same time you challenge yourself with different pairings and genres.

Another thing. Apparently, there is already a reader who decided to try and write. That means, a person is up for a challenge. This place is good for those who are new to writing or for those who want to try themselves in different genres or try different pairings. If they get enough recognition they might gather courage to start their own thread with their own story or continue doing the challenges. Or do whatever they want. This place is for fun. ;)
Title: Re: Challenge yourself! (a collabo challenge project) COMING SOON!
Post by: Crossing Crossroads on January 12, 2013, 06:52:53 PM
I like the idea, sakura, but it feels a bit... loose? Could you explain it a little more in detail? What is it exactly? It's not a contest as far as I can see. How exactly do you mean to challenge one's self? How do you put them to the test? (Just for fun though, right? Sorry if I sound... ...opposing? I'm really not.)
Title: Re: Challenge yourself! (a collabo challenge project) COMING SOON!
Post by: sakura_drop_ on January 12, 2013, 07:13:03 PM
@Crossing Crossroads: check out the first post ;)
Title: Re: Challenge yourself! (a collabo challenge project) COMING SOON!
Post by: Crossing Crossroads on January 12, 2013, 09:38:10 PM
Ahhh~ I see. I do hope the reader does well to their best effort. ;3
Title: Re: Challenge yourself! (a collabo challenge project) COMING SOON!
Post by: sakura_drop_ on January 13, 2013, 05:22:59 PM
Minna !  :mon hi:

It's the time for the first story!! This was a good read!  loved it, thank you so much!

Name: Suicchin
Gender: F
OTP(s): TakaYuu, MariHaru, JuriMayu, AtsuMina, KumiYuri; all Takamina pairings; MG pairings - YukoGeki, SadoTori, CeNezuOtabe
Anti-OTP(s): SaeYuki, KojiYuu, wMatsui, all Paruru pairings
Genre I'm best at: Romance, Comedy
Genre I'm against: Hardcore things (sex, violence, etc. Everything that's too explicit)

CHALLENGE. smut-angst story, ShibuDance pairing

So, here you go, a challenge story from Suicchin.


The reason why I can’t leave you

Since I entered school, or even before, I remember myself following others. But the only time it felt good, the only time it felt right was when I followed Shibuya-san. I still do it and I think I couldn’t imagine my life in any other way because I devoted my life to her. Yes, like you read. Someone may think I’m exaggerating but it’s the truth.

My life, everything I have is for her and only her. I’d sacrifice my life for her, my time is for her, everything. I don’t really care if she appreciates me, I don’t need her gratefulness, I don’t do it because I want something from her. The only thing I want is to stay by her side.

But you know, even If the only thing Shibuya-san does is punch me, or curse at me, or call me ‘pain in the ass’ or ‘useless’ or  ‘shit’, that’s the way our friendship works. A lot of people have asked me how I can keep doing this, being threatened so bad but still staying at her side. My answer is always the same ‘Shibuya-san is my best friend.’ They just laugh.

They laugh because they don’t understand. They can’t because they never saw the Shibuya-san I’m seeing right now. The broken Shibuya. The lonely Shibuya. The Shibuya that doesn’t have anyone to trust. Except me, that’s it. I’m always by her side even when she doesn’t want to. I can handle some punches but I can’t stand seeing her like this, so gloomy.

Suddenly, a loud sound makes me look into the other room again. I was hiding behind the kitchen door; in Shibuya-san’s apartment (I went there every Friday after school to clean it). So here I was, spying her, watching silently as my beloved leader break a glass and then leans on the kitchen counter. Her knuckles were white because of the force she was squeezing them.

I looked at her expectantly, waiting for some movement. I couldn’t see her face, just her back but I knew she had her eyes shut tightly, her lips trembling a bit. You ask why I know. Just because most of my time I observe her so it’s natural I know that kind of thing.

She started shaking, making me come back from my thoughts world. Silently I entered the kitchen and made my way to her. She didn’t notice me.

-Shibuya-san? – I asked almost in a murmur.

The next thing startled me a bit. She turned around and hugged me tightly, burying her face on my shoulder. At first I was shocked. She wasn’t the touchy-type; this wasn’t a normal situation then.  Soon I was hugging her back.

Silence filled the room and we stayed like that.

- Shibuya-san, what happened? – I said. I wasn’t expecting an answer really but she moved a little, talking directly to my ear and making me shiver slightly.

-Just shut up and promise me you will never leave me… - her voice was difficult to read. It was low and serious, and a little violent –like always- but I notice something. Something was different. Loneliness and fear maybe? She wasn’t a coward, no, she’s never been one, but I felt the fear there.

-O-of course, Shibuya-san. I’ll always be by your side… - I smile warmly, until I noticed we move from where we were standing. The coldness of the wall made me gasp and I found myself being forcefully kissed. The taste of alcohol filled my mouth as Shibuya kissed me, pushing her tongue inside my mouth without mercy. Her hands roamed everywhere, and I couldn’t help but moan.

-S-Shibu…Mmm…- Again she attacked my tongue, sucking it, nipping it, biting it until I feel the taste of blood. I yelp and tried to shove her away, but couldn’t. Because of the alcohol, she was acting more bold and violent.

-Shut up… -she huskily said on my ear, now licking it. I moaned but everything seemed so wrong. She was drunk, something was bothering her and she tried to escape it by drinking and… well, kind of having sex with me.

This wasn’t the first time I was involved in this situation.

About half way through the first year of school I started following her. I was helping her with her homework or rather doing it for her. She had a big heated dispute with her mom. She was really furious and ordered me to stay in her room. I was kind of worried but did as she said.

When the light began to fade, I decided it was time to go back home. I went out of her room and was about to say my goodbyes, until I saw her state. She was really drunk, she could barely stand up. When I said I was going home she held me tight, she pleaded –yes, PLEAD- me to stay with her and I just couldn’t leave her.

Then everything happened so fast. We entered her room. She shoved me on her bed. The clothes disappeared. And then you can imagine…

But you know? Even if this situation seems similar, it isn’t, because now our feelings are involved.

-Dance… Dance…Please…Don’t leave me – she said between kisses on my neck, trying to take of my black jacket- the one that matches with hers-.

-Shibuya-san… No…S-Stop…. – My knees were shaking so bad I had to hold her by the shoulder to keep standing. I was starting to panic. I didn’t want this. I want her, yes, because I feel attracted to her. But not like this, not when I say that I love her and she doesn’t remember it the next day. I’m tired of this.-STOP!

A slapping sound resounded on the kitchen. I realize what I did when the startled face of Shibuya turn to look at me. Her cheek was bright red and she twitched when her hand rubbed the irritated skin. I put my hands on my mouth, as shocked as her. I could feel tears stinging my eyes.

-I-I’m s-s-sorry…- was my trembling answer to my action and I passed past her, slightly pushing her shoulder. She didn’t move nor chased after me.

 We didn’t talk all the weekend, until I saw her at school on Monday. Yabakune was messy as always, but since the war with MajiJo was over, it wasn’t all that bad.

As usual, I made my way to her dodging some girls on the way. She didn’t look at me, not a single glance, not a single order. I take something from my bag.

-Here… - I said to her with a small smile, giving to her a coconut juice, her favorite one.
She looked at it, took it and threw it on my head. I yelp as the cold juice got inside my clothes and slid down my back. Everybody started laughing and she walked away with a big frown and a bad mood face. I sighed and wiped the juice from my face, because it was stinging my eyes.

With a sad expression, I went to the bathrooms. The stares and giggles on my way to it made me nervous and it was the first time in years I wanted to hide on the bathroom cubicle and cried my heart out. Even if I was used to the constant humiliation from Shibuya-san, I wasn’t of the one from my classmates. They quite respect me, because I was the right hand of the leader.

-Finally… - I said as I entered the bath. There wasn’t anyone so I was kind of relieved. I started taking my clothes. Luckily my jacket wasn’t ruined. I didn’t mind my uniform, but that piece of cloth has a big meaning for me. I took the bottom of my uniform and stayed only in my bra. – I’ll have to wash this…Ugh…

-You…- someone said from behind me, making me jump from surprise. I was so deep in my head that I didn’t heard when the so familiar person entered the room. – You… -she repeated.

Instinctively I covered my chest with my hands, blushing slightly.- S-Shibu…-

-Shut up. – Her eyes were cold and distant. I saw that they darted to my body for a sec and then they locked on my brown and insecure orbs. I shut my mouth and looked to the floor, a little embarrassed of my condition.

-I’m s-sorry for the other day…

-I said shut up…- her voice was still strangely low and calm. – You didn’t keep your promise. –was her dry response.

I couldn’t say anything. Did she really remember everything that happened on Friday?

-You idiot… You think I’ve forgotten everything that happened just because I was drunk? I NEVER forget anything… - she watched her polished nails and started taking all the decoration of them. I gulped.

-You…didn’t forget? – I asked, still unable to recover. – Not even one time? Not even…

-Yes. Not even the first time I forced you to have sex with me. – She started walking to me. I was looking into her eyes, mesmerized by her sudden confession so I didn’t notice I got trapped against the sink.

-Shibuya-san… - tears started falling as I couldn’t hold them anymore. She cupped my face and wiped my tears, smiling tenderly.

-I’m sorry, Kumi… - it was the first time she smiled like that. And the first time she called me by my first name. So many ‘first times’ for one day, hu? But I’ve never feel so happy in my life. I couldn’t help it and jump over her, hugging her and the most amazing thing was she replied and also chuckle.- There, there, stop crying, you idiot – she stroked my hair and separated myself from her a little. Her hand caressed my cheek and then it moved to my lips. Suddenly, the air in the room started heating as my burning cheeks.

She closed the distance between us and kissed me slowly, carefully. Then, it became more passionate and roughly, but I didn’t care because now it felt right, so right.

Her hand caressed my back and waist skillfully, making me shiver.

-Shibuya-san…- I pleaded in the kiss. I needed her, I wanted her so bad.

-Tomichin… -she said from nowhere

-W-What? – I looked at her a little confused.

-You can call me Tomochin… But only when we are alone… - she pinched my cheek and I whined a little, gaining a little laugh from her. I smiled. I loved hearing her laugh.- You really are an idiot… - her expression changed for one more dangerous, like a predator looking for a prey… And I knew I was the prey.

-T-Tomochin…- it felt strange to call her like that, and it had a new effect on her. She jumped on me, shoving me inside a cubicle and locking us there. We resumed our make out session, playful tongues battling for dominance, she always winning.


The smexy part, or rather full version of the story can be found here~: ( Have fun reading it!


-I like it when you do as I want… - she said in a calm tone, tucking a strand of loose hair behind my ear.

-You like it when everyone does as you want…- I replied still a little weak. That earn me a smack on the head.- O-ouch…I-it didn’t hurt…- I sob where she hit and smiled sheepishly.

-Yeah…but I like it more when YOU do as I said… Because you are not everyone to me… - she looked to the side and I saw something near a blush on her cheeks. I hugged her again and squeal happily and she just let me. – Yeah yeah you are happy. Now stop being so annoying and get dressed.- I nodded happily and just when she was about to go out of the cubicle she lean to me and peck me on the lips. – And Dance…Never leave me alone again.

I just stayed there watching her leave the bath. I got dressed and went to the room where Shibuya-san always was.

Some may say that devoting my life to her is exaggerated. But the truth is I couldn’t leave her side even if I had the chance to. Because I need her, and she needs me - even if she doesn’t say it publicly-. And that’s the way things are for us. That’s how we work. That’s the reason why I can’t leave her.

Title: Re: Challenge yourself! (a collabo challenge project) 1st challenger. Suicchin
Post by: eSsIe21 on January 13, 2013, 08:06:34 PM
OTP(s):kuminon., yuiparu., miimari., umemii., kinume., nobuannin..
Genre I'm best at:idk
Genre I'm against:smut..
Title: Re: Challenge yourself! (a collabo challenge project) 2nd challenger. TTLuver497
Post by: sakura_drop_ on January 16, 2013, 12:31:31 PM
Minna!!!  :gmon hi:

Here's another story, this was such a troll-tastic read!! I had fun and enjoyed through the whole story! Here you go~

Name: Marley (TTLuver497)
Gender: F
OTP(s): SaeYaka :twothumbs, SaeYuki, SayaTaka :heart:, KojiYuu, AtsuMina, wMatsui, MaYuki :cathappy:
Anti-OTP(s): none :grin:
Genre I'm best at: Fantasy (magic, vampires, maybe ghosts, angels), Comedy, Romance (I love lovey-dovey stuff :deco:)
Genre I'm against: Horror (especially if it's NON-STOP MURDER AND BLOOD :angry:)

CHALLENGE. sci-fi story, MariHaru pairing



Mistaken Identity

Warning: Ecchi content included

Mario's POV
My name in Shinoda Mario, 26-year-old psychiatrist.

I'm well known for my sexual and sensual treatments, all of my clients being girls, because I'm quite the sadist.

I can't help it. It all happens so suddenly that I can no longer control it.

One of my "best" clients is Minegishi Minami, who normally comes once every two weeks.

I wouldn't say she's mentally disabled, but her personality tends to get the better of her, and thus, she goes out of control sometimes.

But, lately, she's been able to control herself a bit more since a few months past.

I was just starting one of my sessions with her tonight.

She's so cute this way...


Wanna read some smut? Go to the full version here~ (


After the session was over, I left the building and went for a last minute shopping spree.

Tomorrow was my wife and my wedding anniversary.


(Answer: Yes.)

But, my clients know that I'm married and understand I'm sadist. They know I can't control myself sometimes.

Even my dear loving wife knows I have sex to help treat them, and she doesn't mind.

"As long as I'm your one and only honey, you can date a PIG and still be my husband!"

What an airhead... But, that's why I love her.

I went in a certain jewelry store in Shibuya to get a ring for her.

"It comes with a free engraving. What is your wife's name?"

"... Make it to 'Haruna.'"

Kojima, no. ...Shinoda Haruna.

She was so sweet and always cared about others, although a little spacey.

After she graduated AKB, she remained a singer, actress, and model, after her long awaited solo debut sky-rocketed.

She's always been like that...

As I was leaving, I was holding onto the bow tightly, so I wouldn't lose it.

I suddenly felt someone grab me from behind and put a handkerchief over my mouth. There was a sleeping drug in it, so, even though I tried to let go, I
eventually fell unconscious.

My blurry eyes saw the black figure and I could barely hear his voice.

"Time fo* a li**le change in de**a**...***"

"***noda-sa*... *hinoda-san***..! Shinoda-san!"


"Shinoda-san, are you okay?"

I saw still a little sleepy from being knocked-out last night. But, I was still able to register who else was in the room.

A midget and a gorilla...

"Takamina? Sayaka?"

"We were so worried, Shinoda-san. Me and Sayaka found you in an alley completely naked."

EH?! They saw me naked?

"And... you were okay with seeing that?"

They raised their eyebrows a bit, confused at what I said, then burst out into laughter.

What's so funny?

"But, really, we were both really worried about you."

They suddenly started undressing themselves (well, Sayaka anyways), and I resisted almost nosebleeding.

"Besides, we WERE former partners."

"Former partners? Takamina, what are you talking about?"

She turned and smiled at me.

"Don't tell me you don't remember, Mariko-sama."


I slowly got up, taking a few steps forward as I finalized what she just said.

"Mariko... -sama?"


"Ah... Ahh... Ah!"

Something was wrong with my voice. It was still a low tone, but not as low as usual. It sounded more like a woman's, now.

"What's up, Mariko-sama?"

"Mariko-sam-? Eh?!"

I saw my reflection in the mirror. I looked like Mariko-sama.

Well, I already resemble her a bit, but, now I was exact.

No way...

I unconsciously let go of the towel wrapped around me, revealing my naked body to the two. Takamina covered her eyes and picked up the towel again.

"As expected, NICE BODY!" screamed Sayaka.


No way... No F***in' WAY!!!

I'm a GIRL?!?!?!?!


That night, I went to find Haruna performing "Cloudy Sky" at a bar she usually visits.

She was as beautiful as ever. Cute expressions, nice body, and a soothing voice. Again, I resisted nosebleeding.

As she finished her performance, she turned and instantly saw me.

A huge smile appeared on her face.

"Ah! Mariko-sama!"

She still had the mic in her hand, so everyone in the room turned to me and started gasping in amazement.

"Everyone, please welcome my best friend, and former AKB partner, Shinoda Mariko-sama!"

Everyone started clapping and cheering, most of the drunks just screaming "MARIKO-SAMA~!!!" like a wota.

Ah, dammit! I have to cover this up, quick!

"That's right. I'm Mariko-sama!" I just smiled a bit and waved to some of the fans. Haruna jumped off the stage and ran toward me.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were in Paris modeling for a new fashion line."

"Uh, I was. But... I got a job back here for a magazine, so... here I am."

"Oh! That's great! You wanna drink with me?"

I hesitated a bit, since she really thought I was Mariko-sama.


She smiled again and ordered us some really fancy cocktails.

"But, I don't want you drinking too much, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah! I know, I know!"

Later, already past midnight, I had to help walk her back to our apartment, since she didn't heed my warning and was completely drunk.

"Haha..But, really, it's bin zo lonely ever sinz ah graduated. I'm re *HIC*...eel-y glad you came."

"Thanks, Haruna."

As we walked into our bedroom, I slowly removed the coat I was wearing. I heard a clunk from the pocket and saw the box with the ring I was
supposed to give her.

I heard her hiccuping more as she walked around the room a bit, stumbling onto the walls.

"Um... Haruna, I ran into your husband-"

"AAAH~MARIOOOO~ I mizz 'im sooo muuuuuch *HIC*"

"Uh, yeah. Anyways, I saw him before I met you at the bar, and..."

I suddenly heard music start playing. I recognized the beat.

SDN48? "I'm sure..."?

I remember Mariko and Haruna sang it once during a special concert.

"It's hot tonight..."


She started singing along with the song.

She slowly got up, her facial expression more serious, but still sexy and cute, and walked toward me. She made me get up against a wall.

"Do you wanna get naked?"

She removed the scarf I was wearing and started pushing her body up against me.

"But, Haruna... you're married."

"Just for one night, baby."

She's lost it. She REALLY needs to stop drinking.

She unbuttoned her shirt and took it off, moving on to her skirt. She came close and kissed me, instantly sticking her tongue in.

Her moans her soft, but intimidating, and I could taste the alcohol on her tongue.

After a bit, I stopped resisting and took my own tongue into her mouth, slowly tasting the rest of her alcohol painted tongue.


Wanna read some smut? Go to the full version here~ (


End of Mario's POV

The next morning Haruna woke up, all dizzy from the hangover.

She didn't even notice she was completely naked.

She suddenly tripped on something on the floor. She looked down and saw a small box. When she picked it up and opened it, she saw a ring engraved "Haruna."

She also picked up a small card and read it.

"To my honey, Happy anniversary :heart: Love, Mario"


Once Mario started waking up, he saw Haruna's naked body again.


She bit her lip and smiled.


She suddenly ran over and hugged him again, forgetting they were both naked.


"Mario, I don't care how this happened! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!"

"Haruna. You don't mind...?"

"To tell true... I liked Mariko a lot, and it was better when I thought you were her. But, forget that."

She pushed Mario down again, ready for another little "session" with her husband's new body.

"Time for another lesson... Mariko-sama."

"... Yes, Haruna."

The End

Comments by the author
"I really tried my best to keep my guard up, since I've never done ecchi before in my stories.
It's my first time with this. Sorry if it's a little weird."
Title: Re: Challenge yourself! (a collabo challenge project) 3rd challenger. Miyumi
Post by: sakura_drop_ on January 17, 2013, 11:54:38 AM
 :on gay: :on gay: :on gay: :on gay: :on gay: :on gay: :on gay: :on gay: :on gay: :on gay:

Sakuchan is so happy you all have no idea~!!! The person who I am close to, after long long pleading sessions finally agreed to write a challenge story!!! I am so happy, no one knows how happy!!! And this story... I SQUEALED OVER IT MANY TIMES, as I read it 7 times oredi!!!

 :nya: :shy2: :luvluv2: :k-inlove: :k-inlove: :k-inlove: :k-inlove:

Anyway, spazzing aside, this story is gold worthy!

Name: Miyumi
Gender: F
OTP(s): SaeYaka
Anti-OTP(s): none
Genre I'm best at: action (I'm good at any genre)
Genre I'm against: fluff

CHALLENGE. fluffy story, wMatsui pairing

Anyway, here you go, this wonderful story of wMatsui is worth reading!!!  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:


Sick Day

   It started off with a strange tickle in the back of her throat and a small cough. Now it's a stuffed up nose, unbearable sore throat, watery eyes and a high fever. Rena thought she was fine but turns out she was wrong and was now in bed trying to rest and get over her fever. However she was having a hard time since her mother kept telling her to work and she was having no time to rest during the day. She had already missed four days of school and knew she was going to have one heck of a time catching up with all the stuff she missed. However Rena didn't care at the moment because she was suffering from a major headache. As she was resting her mother called her probably wanting her to do another chore. Rena sat up and was about to get out of bed when her mother walked in.

"What do you need now mom?" Rena asked.

"Nothing you have a friend here to see you. She says she knows you from school." her mother said.


"Come on in."

The door opened a little wider and a girl walked in. Rena recognized the face but didn't know her name. She wondered who exactly the girl was or why she was here.

"She came to help you catch up on any studies. She also agreed to take care of you while I'm gone with your brother. Be nice to her ok?"


The mother left and now it was just Rena and the girl. The girl stood there silently and Rena wasn't sure if she was shy or just quiet. Rena was about to speak when suddenly she covered her mouth and started to cough. The pain in her throat was overwhelming like someone was punching it from the inside. This one was bad for she could feel tears starting to form around her eyes. The girl came over and rubbed her back as Rena got through her coughing fit. Rena stopped coughing eventually and then the girl said,

"You may not remember me but my name is Jurina. I'm in the same class as you. I noticed you had been gone for a while so I got worried and came here to see if you were alright."

This was a surprise to Rena because usually she never gets any visitors.

"Well thank you for coming by." Rena said.

"Is there anything you need?"

"Oh no it's fine really. You didn't have to come."

Rena's throat was screaming in pain on the inside from talking so much. However she was getting through it and trying to make Jurina leave. Jurina on the other hand saw Rena's pain and said,

"I'll be right back."

She walked away and a couple minutes later she came back with a glass of orange juice. She handed it to Rena and said,

"Drink it it'll help with your sore throat."

Rena drank it and as soon as the liquid went down her throat she felt pain and choked a little. But then after a while the pain faded and her throat actually felt relief. She finished the drink and handed the glass back to Jurina.

"Thanks. My throat feels a lot better." Rena said.

"Orange juice helps. Just don't drink too much." Jurina said.


"Are you hungry?"

"No I'm alright."

"Are you sleepy?"


"What can I do for you?"

"We can just chat for a little bit."

"Oh ok...."

There was another awkward pause when Rena asked.

"You say you know me at school but I don't see you in any of my classes."

"Oh well actually I'm in the medical department in the building across from where you are. When I first came to the school you helped me out and I was very thankful."

"Oh that's how you know me. But how did you know I was sick?"

"Well actually eto..."

Jurina's face turned a slight red.


"Well ever since that day I thought you were really nice and wanted to be friends. But I'm really shy and was too afraid to talk to you so I would just wait for you to show up at school and I would watch you walk into the school. When you didn't show up for a while I got worried so I came here."

"Ohhh I see..."

Jurina blushed even more and inside Rena's head she was thinking "kawai~" but kept a straight face. She thought it was cute of a first year to be her little stalker. While she was thinking about cute things Jurina reached into a bag and pulled out and apple. Then she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small pocket knife and began to peel the apple. She did it quickly as if she had done it before and the peel came off in one long swirl. Rena thought it was very cool and was impressed. Then Jurina cut the apple into slices and took one. She held it up and said,

"Open your mouth."

Rena opened her mouth and Jurina placed the apple slice in her mouth. She bites down on the apple and enjoys the sweet taste. Jurina places another slice in Rena's mouth and once again chews. When the apple is completely gone Jurina throws away the apple core and then sits back down. The two stared at each other for a while not sure what to say but then Rena groaned and Jurina asked,

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing it's just my eyes are watery and they're getting raw from rubbing them too much. They're watery again and I don't wanna rub them it's becoming hard to see."

"Here let me help."

Jurina pulled out a handkerchief and sat on the bed next to Rena. She lightly held Rena's chin and tilted her head up. Then she took her handkerchief and lightly dabbed away the water in her eyes. Rena's heart began to beat rapidly feeling the closeness between her and Jurina. Her lips were so close to her that she thought she could just seal them with a kiss right away. However Jurina finished and got back up.

"I'll go make us some dinner ok?"


Jurina left and Rena was left blushing a little. A half hour later Jurina came back with a bowl of soup. She handed it to Rena who began eating and enjoyed it a lot. When she finished Jurina set the bowl down and then tucked Rena into the bed.

"You rest easy now ok?" Jurina said.


Rena closed her eyes and started to fall asleep. But then suddenly she felt the weight shift in the bed. She turned around and saw Jurina's face right in front of her.

"Baka what are you doing!"

"Well I wanted to sleep with you if that was ok..." Jurina said.


"I can get out if you want."

"Ah you don't have to do that. It's just what if you get sick?"

"Ah I got an idea!"

Jurina got up and grabbed her bag. She reached in an pulled out a surgical mask. She put it on and then got back into the bed with Rena.

"There now I won't get sick!"


Rena couldn't see it but she could tell Jurina was smiling proud of her idea. The two fell asleep next to each other but while they were sleeping, Jurina wrapped her arms around Rena and cuddled close to her. Rena felt it and couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of the warm embrace by cuddling more. That night Rena had one of the most peaceful sleeps she ever had.

A couple days later Rena was back on her feet and back to school. She had missed a lot and was already working on it. Rena also had Jurina helping her out and going over the missed material. Turns out Jurina had managed to get her professor to teach her the material. The two were working diligently when Jurina suddenly started coughing. Rena asked,

"Are you sick Jurina?"

"Oh no I'm-"

Jurina went into another coughing fit. Rena patted Jurina's back and then leaned in close to her. She placed her forehead against Jurina's feeling how hot her head was. Rena pulled back and said,

"You have a fever Jurina."

"I'm fine Rena let's get back to studying."

"Oh no you're coming home with me."

Rena stood up and took Jurina's hand. She looked into her eyes and said,

"It's my turn to take care of you now. It's your turn to have a sick day."       

The End
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All the stories are  :twothumbs :twothumbs
Nice idea, Saku-chan~
Looking forward to see another update from the challangers  XD
Title: My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Prologue (YukiRena) //May 6th\\
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the other challengers did not send me their stories so I say this makes the end for the challenge...  :smhid

Anyway, a new story is coming from me and coz smexy wMatsui here is not legal this is gonna be another version of my wMatsui story, and it's gonna be YukiRena. Hope you enjoy it :)

My Kuchi Utsushi Butler


WARNING. Contains genderbender, smut, might contain strong language. The smut will go to the perv section so dun worry, mods, no violation of rules :)

It was a strange request The Queen asked me. ‘Do not ever let her eat the spicy crackers.’ That was all she said. Everything else she left in my hands, to decide whether the princess needed things or not. Thus when I started working as her butler I slowly began to know her and I knew exactly what she needed. There was the only problem though. She cried every morning because she wanted to have a spicy cracker. The Queen prohibited me from giving her one and I tried my best to avoid her tears. But really, I just couldn’t watch her being in such a state. So I sneakily took a cracker once for her next to her breakfast. If only I knew what things it would bring… No, even if I knew what things it would bring, giving her the cracker, I’d still give her the cracker without the slightest doubt in me. It was what made me feel love and experience such things one would never be able to as a butler.
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My Kuchi Utsushi Butler

Chapter 1

WARNING. Contains genderbender, smut, might contain strong language. The smut will go to the perv section so dun worry, mods, no violation of rules :)

Silent footsteps, echoing in the halls, kept going and going, until they reached their destination. The person checked his butler outfit and brushed away a single piece of hair, which was not being obedient unlike others, and stuck out in a wrong way. Then he proceeded, knocking on the doors gently and opening them widely enough to get in.

“Ohimesama~ Ohayou gozaimasu~” the cheerful voice resounded in the room. The so called ohimesama shifted in her bed just slightly and continued sleeping peacefully. The butler smirked and placed a tray on the table. Then continued his way to the bed and leaned in very close to the princess’s face. While observing the features, the man noticed a slightly fluttering eyelid and knew instantly the princess was awake. The butler decided to continue the game and leaned in closer whispering something in the beautifully shaped ear.

“Ohimesama~ I’m going to make you wake up if you do not wake up right this moment~”

The whispering did a wondrous job and the butler retreated while looking at the flustered red princess. He chuckled and then opened wide the curtains letting the sun rays fulfill the room with light. It only made the royal girl squint her eyes and hide herself under the blanket.

“I brought your favorite breakfast - melon pans and jasmine tea~.” The butler said in a sweet voice, chuckling at the view after the words been said. The princess peeked with her eyes from under the blanket and her shining chocolate orbs bored into the tray on the table.

“So, can you sit up, ohimesama?” asked the mischievous person and brought the tray closer. It made the princess jolt and sit straight up watching with pleading eyes as the tray slowly descended on the bed. As soon as the butler let go of the tray, she took soft melon pan and sunk her teeth in it letting its sweet and fluffy taste seep into her mouth and cover her taste buds and continue its way down her throat. She let out a small moan from the overwhelming sensations in her mouth and then sipped some tea smiling widely while keeping her eyes closed enjoying the food.

The butler watched her in amusement and smiled widely.

“I will now prepare a bath for you so enjoy your breakfast in solitude, okay?” asked he and the princess only nodded her head while sinking her teeth into another soft pan. The butler chuckled for the nth time this morning and went to the bathroom. The man let the water run inside and poured some lavender foam into it, not forgetting to place the princess’s favorite oil (made every morning from freshly plucked rose petals) by the side of the bath. Then the person in the uniform placed a few huge towels on the chair and dimmed the lights, making the bathroom look more intimate and cozy.

He noticed the princess standing in the doorway just in her light blue nightgown. It reached her knees and was long sleeved. The princess blushed like she always did when her butler was helping her wash herself. She knew what was going to come like it always did every morning yet it was unavoidable. The butler watched in amusement as the princess walked inside and slowly took off her nightgown revealing creamy smooth skin and beautiful curves of her body. The butler felt his whole body going on fire but kept his face calm and just smiled lightly.

“Get in the bath ohimesama. You have an important appointment today and we don’t want to miss it now do we?”

The princess only frowned and got herself comfortable in the bath. She puffed up her cheeks and pouted. One could tell she didn’t want to go to the meeting. But as soon as she felt the butler’s oily hands massaging her neck and shoulders, she relaxed herself and succumbed to the nice feeling. It felt good to be massaged by those gentle hands caressing her skin with light touches pressing harder just in the right places. After massaging the tensed shoulders and neck, the butler let the princess relax in the bath and went to prepare some clothes for her.

After relaxing and then taking the shower, princess wrapped herself up in one of the towels drying her hair and face with the other one. Then she returned to her bedroom where she found the butler with the clothes prepared for her. The princess blushed in deep red and took the towel away while looking at anywhere but her butler. She felt those gentle hands cupping her cheeks and there she was facing that perfect and cheerful face those brown eyes gazing at her intently. She shivered and lost the train of thoughts which was in her mind before.

“Ohimesama…” the butler whispered and leaned in placing a soft kiss on those rosy lips. He traced their outline with his tongue leaving a wet trail then pushing the tongue inside the princess’s mouth. He touched every nook and cranny of that moist cave enjoying the mix of saliva and the muffled moans in his mouth. The butler noticed the cheeks turning into very dark red and retreated with the sigh.

“Okay, let me dress you up.” He noted and helped the princess to sit down, as the royal girl was all limp from the enchanting kiss of the butler. She was so touched by it, so hypnotized; she could not even process any simple thought. The butler chuckled again and put on the princess her black lace panties and bra, touching the skin barely, seeing the princess shiver at the slightest touch. Yet the butler himself couldn’t show her how he craved her, so kept his cool face on, and put on the lady the red nice dress which suited the princess perfectly.

Then he went to the table and took a small covered dish from it and inside was a spicy cracker. The queen prohibited giving them to the princess, but the butler sometimes spoiled the royal girl even though it was unknown to the queen. In this case it was a necessity to give the cracker to the princess. The butler hated its taste, but it was the only way to make the princess her own self again. He approached the princess, while biting on the one side of the cracker, gathering all strength he had because the man knew the spiciness and the outcome of eating it.

The princess was slightly panting, all aroused from the kiss from before. The butler used a tiny drop of aphrodisiac in the bath which was just perfect for making the royal girl feel drowsy after the kiss. It was a must, an order from the princess herself to do this ritual before every appointment the parents arranged for her. She said it was to gather courage and to not fall asleep. The butler had other opinion but just kept it to himself. It was easy for the butler to place the other side of the cracker into the princess’s mouth and share it with her while kissing on the lips. He already felt the spiciness seeping into his mouth and throat but the person in the uniform was already used to it so it was easier to get through with it.

Then he heard a soft giggle. It was at that moment when the butler knew he had to stop. The butler pulled away and watched in amusement at the giggling princess who looked at her nails and struggled with the need of biting them. The butler let out a small laugh and brought the princess out of her mischievous state. It was then she spoke for the first time all day.

“Nee….” She pouted and shook her head. ”Okkocha dame…” she whined and looked up at her butler. “I don’t want to go, but it’s my duty. Thank you for always helping me prepare for it every time, Yuki.”

“Glad I can help, Rena-sama.” He smiled and then motioned to the mirror. “Let me comb your hair and do your make up. You’re still all flustered.”

“Un.” She sat down and let the butler comb her hair, while drying it with the hair dryer. She felt calm, relaxed and prepared for what’s to come… Another marriage arrangement.
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This. Is. Just. Awesome.
Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa *ala Kimoshita Momoka in Geinin* *combust*
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<3 <3 <3 Hoooooray~~~
yeah, I don't know how to comment on this
really epic! melon pan~~~ chuuuuuu~~
lol.............. but marry Yuki is all I have to say~
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My Kuchi Utsushi Butler

Chapter 2

WARNING. Contains genderbender, smut, might contain strong language. The smut will go to the perv section so dun worry, mods, no violation of rules :)

She absentmindedly chewed on the soft meat, which she hated with all her heart, and tried to stay focused on the conversation. Her parents, The Queen and The King, were chatting lively with another one of her candidates. Rena like always never even casted but one glance at the prince and even when greeting him she looked anywhere but his face. Surprisingly though his voice seemed somewhat nice but as she heard more of the conversation the raven haired girl got the impression the prince was cocky. She was good at reading people and she knew she’ll have to face the annoying man later on but now all she wanted to do was gaze somewhere else. Not so long after her wish was made true.

Outside Yuki was tending the rose bush, being without his jacket, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up and a few top buttons undone. His muscular arms made Rena drool and she felt happy she was eating as it was a good excuse of her drooling. Her butler was the best thing that could happen in her life and she would never exchange him into anything else. Especially because she had a crush on him and he was always so caring and understanding towards her. And he didn’t hit on her, always being polite and composed, even though he really had many chances to use her. As she was about to drift into her fantasies more she felt a light tug on her side.

“Darling, would you mind showing Mr. Miyazawa around?” her father asked and she sighed. She really had no intention of doing so but it might be a good opportunity to stare at Yuki. She casted a small glance at the window again. He was still tending the rose bush so she made up her mind.

“Un…” She stood up and waited, making sure that the prince would follow her. Rena still didn’t look at him and kept staring anywhere else, explaining about the grounds in her calm and silent voice. Prince Sae’s lame jokes while walking around the grounds were getting the best of her, and all she wanted to do was to run away somewhere safe where there would be no marriage arrangements. Yet the princess couldn’t do so and just kept on walking.

They then approached the garden and she looked around. Yuki was nowhere to be seen and the black haired girl frowned. The only reason why Rena gave this cocky man a tour was only because she wanted to see her butler badly. She sighed and kept talking and explaining until they reached the part where the flowers and trees hid them from the main grounds. She expected them to go around the castle and then the princess would finally get rid of him but apparently her intentions were understood wrongly.

“Mhm, so you led me to this secluded place with only one thing on your mind, right?” The black haired girl felt his arms sneaking around her waist, pulling her closer. “You just couldn’t contain yourself from dirty thoughts so you avoided my gaze all day…”

Rena wanted to scream but she was so afraid that she could not even move. The princess felt his hands caressing her belly, while his wet lips were kissing down her neck. She couldn’t move even one bit. All she could do was just stay in place like a statue. Only Rena’s expression gave away how the girl felt in reality. Her wide opened frightened eyes, trembling lips, even more pale than ever skin and the dead stare to somewhere far away told that she was nowhere near fine or content.

“Let.Go.Of.Her. NOW.” The voice which suddenly stabbed the air around them didn’t promise anything nice and sweet, it was full of anger but it also held it cool and cold.

“Now why would I do that? She herself led me here.” The prince smirked and continued kissing Rena’s neck. He saw no reason why he should listen to some servant and let go of this delicious treat. He paid no attention that the princess was still not moving.

“If you don’t let her go now…” No one ever dared to oppose this voice and this glance that the butler now possessed, at least not those, who ever saw it. He could really burn a hole in a person’s skin if only he had fire power inside him. But he didn’t need that to scare people away.

Prince Sae backed away and then was hit will all power Yuki got inside. He tried to fight back but Yuki just avoided every punch which was laid at him and then kicked the prince to the groin. He then spit on Sae and kicked him yet again, watching the prince roll on the ground while holding onto his hurting prized possession.

“Get the hell out of here by your own will or The Queen and The King will know of your deeds. I will definitely tell them what I just observed here, and if you think my voice doesn’t mean anything in the castle…TRY to do otherwise.” The intimidating and killing glare Yuki sent to the prince made Miyazawa scoot away as fast as he could. Considering the state he was in that was a pretty fast escape.

Only then, when the cocky prince left, Yuki carefully took the princess in his arms and through the backdoor took her to her bedroom. He laid the lifeless girl on the bed and went to the kitchen. No one saw him taking the spicy cracker from the hidden opening behind the painting. Then the butler went back to the still laying Rena and locked the door.

The butler bit on the one side of the cracker and then got closer to the princess. He caressed her lips with one finger gently until she opened them just enough for the cracker to go inside. His mouth was on fire already but he didn’t care about it even one bit. All Yuki cared about now was this princess who showed no signs of life other than breathing and staring.

The spiciness though seemed to start doing its job as Rena’s eyes were getting back their light and she finally clutched onto Yuki’s shirt. She started munching on the cracker until it was all gone, even the part in Yuki’s mouth. That of course made them both kiss each other though surprisingly the princess was the first one to touch Yuki’s lips.. It was a bit unusual as it was mostly Yuki who took initiative; only because no matter how much the princess craved for the cracker she never stepped over the boundaries first, as  she was not only really shy around him but also...if anything was to happen, Yuki was always ready to take the blame. Now this time it was a bit different.

The butler felt the princess tongue inside his mouth and he gently sucked on it. He could hardly control himself but when the black haired bit hard on his lip he knew he had to pull back or she will become uncontrollable, like the last time. Yuki tried to pull back but the princess locked him in her arms, devouring his lips and pulling away his shirt. The minute she tried to unbutton his shirt Yuki found some strength inside and backed away all at once. He stood there by the bed, doing his buttons back and watching the princess giggle. Then she tilted her head to the side and he knew what was next.


If the butler didn’t kiss her at that moment, the whole castle would have probably heard the creepiest laughter in their lives and he’d lose his job immediately. The kiss he gave her made Rena open her eyes widely as Yuki poured into that kiss all emotions he was keeping inside as of now. Gladly, in a few minutes the princess was all limp and tuned on but at least the giggling side of her was gone. Yuki pulled back and caressed her cheek.

“Do not ever go with other men somewhere where I cannot see you. I could have killed him for what he did to you.” His voice only held seriousness and boiled anger but the gaze was gentle and the touch on Rena’s skin was really warm.

“Yuki… Sleep with me tonight…” Her eyes were pleading and he couldn’t say no to her.

“I’ll bring you dinner and then after the bath I’ll stay.” He gave in to her cute expression. He knew why she was so afraid, her past got back to her and he knew only in his arms she could fall asleep after what happened today. He was her butler after all but not just a random or simple one. He was her kuchi utsushi butler.

A/n. Thank you the silent readers and those who pressed 'thank you' or left the comments. It means a lot to me and it makes me wanna write more. :) :bow:
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hehe yuki protected rena

I cant wait what will happen next please update more

and If you can could you write a takayuu OS
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I agree with how awesome Yuki is~~
Sae tends to be annoying and cocky in fanfic......
Well, she needs to not be with Yuki or Rena...... Twin Towers....
but of course Sae-kun is probably a minor character that will lead to a better relationship between Rena and Yuki~
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~Hi Sakura_drop__san  :deco:

~Wow! YukiRena pairing!!!!  :otomerika: :otomerika:

~I love it  :wub: already although I just copy it now and I will just read it in my phone.

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Hey! Very very nice. Making it a YukiRena fic is a total win for me. Um, I don't mean to sound so noob, but my Japanese is seriously limited. Please forgive me for this: What does kuchi utsushi mean? I really don't know. Sorry.
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I've read the WMatsui ver. the first so it is weird for me when reread it again as YukiRena XD
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I've read the WMatsui ver. the first so it is weird for me when reread it again as YukiRena XD

yeah, I find it a bit weird too but... I can't possibly put here wMatsui, nee? And not all people are reading it in AKBlasphemy blog, nee? :D and I like YukiRena :D

Hey! Very very nice. Making it a YukiRena fic is a total win for me. Um, I don't mean to sound so noob, but my Japanese is seriously limited. Please forgive me for this: What does kuchi utsushi mean? I really don't know. Sorry.

Kuchi Utsushi means mouth-to-mouth. You can check out the Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate ( lyrics here to find out more~

~Hi Sakura_drop__san  :deco:

~Wow! YukiRena pairing!!!!  :otomerika: :otomerika:

~I love it  :wub: already although I just copy it now and I will just read it in my phone.

~I hope I will give a comment as soon as possible  :nervous



I'll be waiting for your comment about it then  XD

Minna, I'm happy you like it... I thought YukiRena is more popular...apparently not.. Oh well, one fan is already an army, nee? :D
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Ano why I can't open the smut scene in shibuya x dance story I wanna read it
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Can you atleast pm me the scene, I wanna know
Ohh thank you for the update
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Ano why I can't open the smut scene in shibuya x dance story I wanna read it
Yes I'm a pervert , so what?
Can you atleast pm me the scene, I wanna know
Ohh thank you for the update

there are a few rules we have to follow in this thread in order for it to thrive. One of them is that if you want the access to the perv thread you have to ask for it and you have to be of legal age. Also...I cannot PM you the perv story as it's against the rules and I love our mods too much to go against them :)
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Okay thank you
Who mod I'm gonna ask?
I have no problem with my age because I'm turning 20 this november
I still wanna read about it
( because my first time to read about shibuya x dance fic, so I wanna have the full version of it)
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Okay thank you
Who mod I'm gonna ask?
I have no problem with my age because I'm turning 20 this november
I still wanna read about it
( because my first time to read about shibuya x dance fic, so I wanna have the full version of it)

go ask in this thread~ (

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oh now i understand why this is a YukiRena version instead of Wmatsui. Due to smut scene not allowed here. A bit confused at first hehe.  :grin:

thanks for clarifying.
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Thank you
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How many times did I read it? And the only problem I had was reading it before exam....and I couldn't focus on the questions XD
And then after the exam I was still in a 'silent-fangirling-mood' to the point that my friends wondered what was wrong with me :P

I can't wait for the 3 chapter :)
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 sakura_drop - san

'My Kuchi Utsushi Butler' - very interesting fic

I like the twist, the plot and the characters you used in this story

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the story...

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:
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~My Kuchi Utsushi Butler

~Hi  Sakura_Drop_san! :D

~I already finished reading it from Prologue to Chapter 2!

~It's so cute! Yuki here is so brave!

~YukiRena moments is so sweet but I have a question about the Spicy Cracker???

~Yuki always eat it first and then he will going to pass it in Rena's mouth??? Why is that????

~Thanks for nice update!!!

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sakura_drop-san.. please..please update this story  :bow: :bow:
I want to know what happen next
So many mystery..
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What happened to this fic? I liked this...
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Those who have no access... Akblasphemy48 (wMatsui version) is your friend  :roll:
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Omg everyone fanfic are so sweet and amazing

Please update more
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It's here! I've been waiting for it and now it's here. Thank you Saku-chanchan~ ;D
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Post by: sakura_drop_ on May 08, 2014, 12:30:13 PM

added INDEX ( on the first post, make sure to check it out  ;)
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A/n. Can you believe this? I myself cannot believe this, but here it is. I am very sorry for posting this SO LATE, AFTER SUCH A LONG HIATUS but... Life can get in one's way... and procrastination, laziness, other stuff that is of no importance really... This will mainly contain a flashback where Yuki remembers his first encounter with Rena, and here some of your questions will be answered...hopefully >< From this chapter and onwards the plot will differ from wMatsui version, so I suggest reading both. You can find wMatsui version in AKBlasphemy48.

Before we go into the warning, I will say two things. One, I dedicate this chapter to Taro (an all over the place kid, who loves YukiRena as much as I do - if not more).


My Kuchi Utsushi Butler

Chapter 4

WARNING. Contains genderbender, smut, might contain strong language. The smut will go to the perv section so dun worry, mods, no violation of rules :)

Yuki simply couldn't take his eyes away off of Rena, who was peacefully sleeping in his arms after their hot session. Memories kept flooding into his head from the old days. Back then, the first time he met Rena, was a fated time that changed both of their lives. He couldn't help but bless that day, because if he was not there on time....things would be very different right now. He used to blame himself for not getting there way earlier, but now, when he was serving Rena-sama for three years, he realized he could have not changed anything, and maybe things would have gotten even worse. Looking at the raven beauty in his embrace, Yuki smiled and closed his eyes, letting the memories from the past flood his mind completely, hoping it will make him fall asleep.

FLASHBACK, 5 years ago

Kashiwagi Yuki always despised his mother to the point where he swore to escape from her grasp one day. No matter the consequences, no matter the fact that his mother's blood was running through his veins. He cherished all the little positive memories he had of his father, because his father left their lives too soon to change Sakiko-sama's obsession over Yuki, not that he had a chance to ever succeed. Not only did his mother made Yuki watch how she slept with many different men everyday and everywhere to the point it sometimes ended up being his room, but also blackmailing him into having sex with her, his own mother. He would refuse all the time, and every single time he did so she would beat him, tie him up and use him for her needs.

Yuki knew his mother killed his father as he was the one who witnessed the scene. To think mother was cruel and unforgiving was an understatement. His father was a nice man, striving his best to keep the Earl title at all costs so their family would live well and prosper, however, to Sakiko-sama it was of no importance. Not to mention that his father ignored the fact Yuki was not actually his son, since his mother slept with countless men right under his nose, he also let her decide on most of the important things while leading The County. He even went to such lengths where he gave his surname to Yuki and was proud, when years went by and little Yuki improved in a lot of fields. However, his mother killed Rinario for hogging up their son to himself, even if it all was her delusions.

Sakiko-sama was a cruel woman with no guilt feeling implanted in her brains and thus she did whatever she pleased. She said to then thirteen year old Yuki that if he didn't act the way she wanted, she would tell everyone it was him who killed his father. The boy was traumatized and scared for life. He still refused to willingly have sex with her and one day the worst happened. She was in one of her delusional states and dragged the poor young Yuki to the dungeons. She tied him up, heated the iron to high degree and imprinted MOTHER'S WHORE on his side. It went from just below his chest all the way to the middle of his back. It followed her saying in a very sweet voice, that he will belong to her forever and ever. After growing older Yuki had to choose if to stay under her wing and go through all the torture or run away and be called his father's murderer.

Yuki chose to run away and hide in the abandoned hut that he found in the forest once. Back when he was a kid, he used to play all by himself because no one dared to approach him thanks to his royalty. Well, other reason was that some kids would simply make fun of him. Yuki would explore the town, sewers, forest, fields and even the castle while pretending to be in search of the treasure. His father - back then he was still alive - would let him go play freely, letting mother blame Rinario for spoiling the child and taking him away from her, so he had all the time in the world to explore. Well, except the times when his mother would drag Yuki to her room to watch her have intercourse with various men or simply use him to get the needed pleasure levels.

So one day, while in search of the imaginary treasure, Yuki found this abandoned hut in the forest and since that day onwards the hut was his hiding place. No one ever came looking for him anyways, but he knew this was his hideout and safe heaven if ever he needed to run and hide, or just spend time alone and escape reality at least for a bit. Thus when he decided on fleeing the castle, the hut was where he went. Yuki would occasionally go check out the situation in the town or castle, and since he knew all the shortcuts, hideouts and secret entrances, it was no big deal to stay unnoticed.

It would be different if his mother kept her words and told everyone that he is the murdered of his father. However, no such thing happened and he was known simply as missing, while Sakiko-sama simply gave birth to another baby boy to keep herself pleased. Yuki fled when he was eighteen and was really fine and well on his own. He had a job as a caretaker at one of the lower class family's and he was happy being in charge of the most simplest things. The pay he got let him live simply but comfortably and Yuki even was able to fix the hut for it to look like a summerhouse. He had no friends even at the age of twenty, not that he ever needed any company, apart from huge loss in his heart due to his father missing from his life.

He really didn't care about his mother and her ways with her new young son, nor he cared that women were being brought to the castle to let the boy get used to the crazy fucked-up world that his mother has created in her head. Another reason was that Yuki was waiting for the perfect chance to take revenge on his mother for killing Rinario, and up till then he succeeded in making Sakiko-sama think that he was dead or long gone and lost. Yuki was sure his mother never even once thought about him more than his possession or toy to pleasure her the way she wanted, and just remembering how she treated his father back in the day always made Yuki's blood boil with anger and hatred. His father went through so much pain thanks to that woman and he swore he will not be Kashiwagi Yuki if he didn't succeed in his mission of revenge.

However, a fated time came when he had to act in order to save an innocent soul from being tainted and impure. Yes, he never paid any attention to whatever the mother and her followers were doing, but then he witnessed a little frail girl being carried into the castle. Her clothes were torn, the white dress was full of dirt and he could tell she fainted from all the beating wounds that could be seen on her tiny body. Older women and some of the older teens were of no importance, but a little girl being used was something he could not let happen. Yuki realized this was his chance to finally take revenge on his mother and save that girl at the same time.

Using all the secret passages and hiding places he followed the perpetrators into one of the castle's chambers, where Sakiko-sama and her five year old son were waiting in all their naked un-glory for the girl to be tossed at them so they could use her in whatever way they pleased. Yuki didn't wait any longer. He unsheathed his sword, jumped out of his hiding place and started slaying all the men in the room, until there were only him, his mother, her son and that girl left in the room. Sakiko-sama stared in shock but not for long. She turned to a pile of clothes, grabbed her own sword and extended the tip into Yuki's direction. Words were flowing out of her mouth while her son ran to hide somewhere deeper into the castle. Most of her words were about betrayal and full of hatred, but Yuki could care less. A fight broke out and in the end Yuki succeeded.

He killed his own mother, stabbing her right through her heart and revenging for Rinario and the little girl, who was lying on the floor without any signs of being alive. He approached the lifeless body and was stunned and amazed to see it was a young lady in her teens with her chest slightly heaving, her very pale skin marred with wounds and bruises, her beautiful face covered in dirt and with signs of it being slapped repeatedly. Yuki stood up and went up to his mother's body that was lying in the pool of blood and spit on it. He swore to never comeback here and to never let anyone know about his identity, even if it cost him his life. Yuki also decided to leave the little boy alone. The boy did nothing wrong to him and was only Sakiko-sama's little toy. He hoped for the boy to live a better life than what he had so far.

Then he heard a noise, a faint whisper and he knew it was a girl. He went back to her and took the poor lady in his arms bridal style, carrying her out of the hideous place, all the way back to his hut-now-summerhouse. Yuki laid the lady on his bed and treated all the wounds and bruises in the best way possible, ignoring the alluring body that the girl possessed. After he washed her up and made sure she is the best condition possible, he only then let himself look at her with the man's eyes. He regretted it right away. The girl was more than gorgeous, she was of fascinating and stunning beauty but it was not all.

There was just something about her that made Yuki's heart beat faster than usual. He never had this feeling in his chest before, where one's heart feels like it is clutched in the hand of the person you're looking at. He felt like if he was never to see her again, his heart would fail on him. As weeks passed by, Yuki realized he fell in love with the beauty in his bed. While the girl was slowly recovering, she was still not waking up, which made it harder for him to go to work everyday. The man got used to seeing the girl right after he got back home every time, however, he knew that the day when they have to part will come. Soon his premonition came true.

END OF FLASHBACK, 5 years ago

Feeling the princess stir in his arms Yuki returned from the journey of his past and looked at the girl in front of him. Her lips were slightly parted, with her chest going up and down in a steady rhythm. Her ever so pale skin was in a huge contrast with her long black hair, but it was what made her even more exceptionally flawless in his eyes. The butler used his free hand to undo the buttons of his shirt and his eyes right away squinted. He still couldn't stand seeing the scar from back when he was thirteen. It was the only thing, other than the thought of a now older boy being somewhere alive and having their mother's blood, that reminded him of his past. And he knew he will never be able to forget it. Ever.
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thank you saku san for the update!! wow, starting from here, it really is different from the wmatsui one! seems like its getting more intense too!! o.o now, im going to wait patiently for the next update!! ^_^ thank you again for the update, saku san!! :) *in a happy mood*
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The first sentence itself already told me that shit happened and Yuki really hated his mother. And wow damn.. Yuki's mother is losing her mind, being obsessed with her own kid and shit like that after Yuki's dad had passed on... or....... she could just be into incest from the beginning //winkwink WHAT A KINKY MOTHER. But of course we know that's not the case here. Obviously she lost her mind right after her husband died and was craving for the presence of a male by here side at all times. Watching your mom sleep is like the worst nightmare. Come on, don't deny it. I have a mom at home that sleeps with both her eyes half open. You want me to look at that? NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN! And watch my mom fuc-.................... NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN! *wash brains* *flips facebook* *wash brain* *flips bed* *wash brain* *flips youtube* *wash brain* *flips self* *wash brain*  #gonnagetnightmaresforamonththanksalot

Oh, now it's shown that Yuki's mom was the actual killer of her very own husband. How enlightening. Oh she killed Rinario just because he was hogging Yuki to himself? Here, have my middle finger. *inserts midfing* Poor poor Rinario dying innocently by his own crazy ass wife... I must tell Rinario's best friends, Alberto and Rodriguez about this.

She tatoo-ed Yuki with MOTHER'S......WHORE....... Is that the best you can think off, crazy woman? At least make it fancier. Make it in another language to make it seem more unique. For example, 'PUTA DE SAKIKO' sounds better right? Wait, why am I giving that crazy woman more ideas. *washes sakiko's brain* I didn't say anything to you, puta.

I see... So that's how Yuki started his care taking job... After he ran away... I seee........... He wants revenge for his dad, Rinario. Good. Since Alberto and Rodriguez isn't enough, Yuki could call his dad's past school mates, Carlos and Eduardo to help. Oh Yuki knows all the secret passages and managed to slay every single man in the dungeon. No need for Rinario's mariachi members help.

'Sakiko-sama stared in shock but not for long. She turned to a pile of clothes, grabbed her own sword and extended the tip into Yuki's direction.'

Yuki didn't seemed to have an ounce of mercy killing his own mother. Though given what he had been through for the past ten years, it's understandable. She deserved to die. Badly. If I was Yuki, I would not stab her heart. Too easy. I would do worse. Not suitable to be mentioned here.. But yeah.. DANG~! Did he or did he not spit on Sakiko's body *whistles* Yuki did a good job leaving the little boy alone and wishing for him to have a better life in the future. He's right. The little kid did nothing wrong. He's a little kid. What could he do wrong? Except for occasionally breaking stuffs, not wanting to eat, crying, throwing tantrums, peeing in his pants, annoying, having an attitude. Other than that, he's innocent. So, good job, Yuki. I give u 11/10 points for being an understanding guy. *claps*

Okay.. So Yuki fell in love with sleeping beauty.. But did he uhm...*cough*had some hot activities with her while sleeping tho? Dun wanna think about it. LELEL

Conclusion : One of the most messed up fic I've ever read aside from the ones I accidentally bumped into while having nothing to do. That one tops it all. But that's another case. All in all, good job with this chapter. Everything is well written. They way you portray Yuki's life was straight up well done. You literally made me feel what Yuki was going through. The pain and anger.. I was rubbing my forehead the whole time during Yuki's childhood misadventure. All of them, I felt it. Except for the part where he had sex with Sakiko. I don't wanna feel that. Really. Are you kidding? NEIN TO THE MAX n****!

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wow, they censored the n word. good job, jphip. LOLOLOLOL
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A/n. Okay, so this is more Rena centered and I hope you guys enjoy it. This continues on from where we left last time. Um, another thing, it has less strong language and more inner emotions. New characters appear, we will see them more later in the future ;)

As I will keep saying on every update from now on (LOL) wMatsui version is different, so please check it out on AKBlasphemy48

So, I want to dedicate this I guess? LOLOL enjoy~

My Kuchi Utsushi Butler

Chapter 5

WARNING. Contains genderbender, smut, might contain strong language. The smut will go to the perv section so dun worry, mods, no violation of rules :)

Rena was having a hard time inside the memory lane while dreaming, and her body just couldn't keep still. If she knew about her shuffling she probably would feel sorry for Yuki, who before couldn't sleep because of his memories, and now because of this beautiful ohimesama tossing and turning too. The raven haired girl hugged Yuki tighter while still deep in her sleep and as if knowing he returned her hug with his firm embrace, Rena stopped squirming as much.

FLASHBACK, 5 years ago

Being still in a recovery state and in a deep sleep as well, it didn't mean that the girl had no recollection of what happened before she fell to it. Since the day she was born Matsui Rena was a spoiled pretty princess who everyone loved and adored. Despite not being able to feel pain due to her mother having difficulties giving birth, the white porcelain skin and long raven hair owner had quite a joyful life. Yes, maybe her nannies changed too much over the years, but it was only because they never managed to spoil her in a correct way. It all changed one day when she was thirteen years old. Her parents employed yet another nanny and day by day they were more and more impressed with her abilities to tend to the spoiled princess. On the other hand, Rena liked this nanny the least out of them all. The nanny was not bad, maybe even the best out of all she had in her not so long life, however... Despite being young, the Matsui girl just had quite a keen sense and she just had a hunch the nanny was somehow too good... Too good to be true and thus she was very well aware of the too sweet behavior that the nanny possessed. Of course, over the time she got used to the nanny's well polished nature and had forgotten about her worries from way before.

She had no clue that her premonition was true and that one day Rena will regret trusting the sweet nanny. The girl could just so well remember being out in the park, where Suda-nanny took her on a bright summer day. Rena was fourteen and usually all kids of her age would be more curious about make-up, books or music, hanging out with friends and even dating. However, young Matsui was a spoiled princess who had no friends and thus she enjoyed being alone and playing with her dolls. At that fated moment she was taking a bite of the ever so delicious spicy cracker and waiting for her doll to reply to her random question, when suddenly a huge man's hand stuffed the whole bunch of those crackers in her tiny mouth and then gagged her with some smelly clothing. She couldn't remember anything else afterwards, but in her now slowly-returning-to-active mind the image of nanny grinning at her face and then kissing one of the men was becoming very clear. Rena wanted to get up and go find them, especially that sly Suda Akari, and then kill them all with her own hands. It seemed as if the more awake the girl was becoming, the more insane mentally she was turning.

One day she slowly opened her eyes and found herself in a huge comfortable bed with soft mattress. She wanted to lift her head from the pillow and look around the room she was in when a man walked into the room, surprising her completely. Her eyes probably shot wide open as the male stared at her with an eyebrow raised and had a questioning look on his face. At first Rena wanted to scream and shout but was unable to do so for two reasons. One was that her body was too weak and her throat was too dry. Another was the memories of a gentle caring voice that she heard while being in this deep sleep. Rena looked at him with pleading eyes and then she heard him speak in a very gentle and relaxing voice. She realized it was the same voice she kept on hearing all the time so decided he was her savior. He had to be. He must have found her all used by those men and tossed away somewhere in the woods. He must have brought her to his place and taken care of her. Unless why would she be in this huge bed with soft mattress and the tray full of deliciously smelling food in front of her?

As days went by and the girl was slowly recovering, she heard from Yuki some parts from what was happening while she was out of it. Since she had recollection of her memories before the kidnapping, Rena somehow realized he was omitting things he thought she might find too hard to deal with. The princess understood his point of view, however, she was tougher than he thought. Trying not to show her inner thoughts and revealing over the curious part, she kept on pressuring Yuki to tell her all the details he missed out. In the end the man gave in and told her all of it, leaving only the most gruesome details out. All that time the girl kept on clenching her fists tighter and tighter until the story time was over. She felt sorry for him for than for herself and it was making her feel more and more hatred inside. Was it okay that he noticed her being tensed and hugged her? Was it okay for her to feel at peace while in his arms? It felt as if all what happened was a dream for those few comfortable silence minutes while in Yuki's embrace. Rena didn't know what was right or wrong, and she didn't really care. The hug was just what she needed.

Despite all Yuki's efforts Rena's mental state was not getting better, on the contrary, day after day she kept on remembering the tiniest details of her kidnapping moments. She could just feel the taste of spicy crackers in her mouth, she could feel it live and thrive within her body, resonating as a venomous need of revenge. The girl found Yuki's story so painful and mind blowing that the more she thought about it, the more she felt the need to go out. She was sure the man missed out on a certain detail, and he was unaware of what she discovered while pondering day after day. Rena just knew he left the little boy alive, judging from what he told her of his revenge and her rescue. There had to be some way to find him and make sure he is dead, for one day he could come with an ulterior motive and kill unsuspecting Yuki in his sleep. The girl just didn't realize her mind was going more and more crazy and that she slowly has been losing her inner self to the vengeful insanity. The plan started brewing in her head and Rena just had to wait for the perfect timing to make it work. To think she was a fourteen year old...

It so happened that Yuki was unable to notice Rena's changes because she was good at hiding it all under innocent demeanor. One could say it was thanks to Suda-nanny that the girl knew how to manipulate someone by outer appearance while having different ideas inside and hidden. So when one time Rena ever so innocently asked him to bring her some spicy crackers, he didn't think she had any ulterior motives but to eat her most favorite food ever. The princess has her recovery process over, except she still stayed in bed, making sure to add few days of additional recovery just in case. Since the day she was able to speak Rena kept on saying to Yuki that she had no recollection nor of her kidnapping, neither of anything up to the point where she woke up. The man believed her and, finding out she wanted to feel the taste of her childhood snack, followed her wish, not knowing that this simple task would bring hell of immense proportion out to the very daylight. He got a pack while on his way back from the caretaker's job and gave it to her once back home while smiling, to which Rena replied with a smile too. Even so, deep in her heart she felt her plan finally coming to fruition. She just needed to taste one of them and see if that brings any important memories she might have missed that could help her in finding the little boy.

Be that as it may, the girl herself didn't know the proportion of her mental harm and just one tiny bite of the spicy cracker was enough to make her go crazy. She was safe enough to taste it when Yuki was away at work. However, some time later she regretted making that decision because after the so well-known flavor entered her taste buds, all the memories hit her like an earthquake and her mind shattered into the tiniest pieces, as if it was made of glass. She lost control of her body or mind, completely shutting herself out of the reality around her and some other entity took over. The different person inside her pushed the body on running and running, until it reached another town. It didn't even have any purpose, other than the most important one, at least to the crazy being that it was at that moment. To destroy.

What people saw that day was not a girl who ran away from mental hospital or her pursuers, nor a girl who was just fine a while ago and now all of a sudden was crazy or not in her right mind. They didn't see a girl. They didn't see a human. What they saw was a monster at its finest. Eyes bloodshot red joined by a vicious smirk, with lips formed into a grin and teeth constantly chewing on the body's own nails and flesh, giggling and laughing in a maniacal way as if it was all that mattered. Her hair was half onto her face, her clothes torn and dirty with blood stains all over them. Her identity was unknown due to the drastic change in her looks thus no one thought of her as of the princess, they just didn't recognize her as a human being. No matter how many of the few braver people tried to approach her and negotiate with her, they were beaten badly and wounded to such extent that some were balancing on the verge of life or death. However, no one wanted to use a gun on the girl, even if she was a monster in their eyes.

Regardless of all that, there was one courageous person who saw through the monster and had an idea of a great misery that the girl could have been going through. She was one of the underrated doctors who used weird means and treatments to heal people, so her clientele was that of the low number. The woman stepped out from the crowd and used an arrow, whose sharp end was dipped in a sleeping drought. It was thin enough to not hurt the girl but strong enough to knock her out. The scary monster fell and the chaos stopped, that's how other people saw it. The doctor simply took the girl into her house and treated her in best way possible. However, now that the girl was all cleaned up and calmly sleeping, something about her bothered the doctor greatly. Iriyama Anna could have sworn she saw the girl's face somewhere and it just bothered her to no end. Few days later, while going back from one of a few of her clients she saw a poster in one of the street boards and it hit her. The King and The Queen announced The Princess missing. The girl on the poster was Matsui Rena. That girl who Anna took care of, while others just wanted to get rid of her, was The Princess.

It was very important to be discreet about this matter. Iriyama had to let The Royal Family know the girl was a live and well but it was dangerous for the news to get into the wrong hands, especially after what the doctor witnessed. That was the sole foundation for her decision to send the most trusted person in the world to The Palace to give the news directly to The King and The Quuen. There was a reason why Anna relied so heavily on Kawaei Rina. Not only were they lovers, best friends and coworkers - Rina was her assistant; but also the silly girl was the one who would never share a secret with anyone other than those in need. Even if tortured and threatened to be killed, she would still keep her mouth shut no matter what. If needed, she would take the secret to the grave. Why? Because Riichan - that's how Anna called her precious lover - was a mute. She made her feelings and emotions known through expressions, and that was how the two communicated. In the town the girl was called Bakaei because she didn't feel like sharing her honest expressions to anyone but Iriyama, and thus acted like the most dumb person on this Earth while in front of the townspeople.

While Kawaei was away on her task, something happened that changed Iriyama's view of the girl in her house. A man visited her one day, claiming he knew the girl and he just wanted to see if she was well. At first the doctor didn't want to believe his words, but when he retold the whole story of what he and the girl had been through, she let the man see the girl in bed. To both of their surprise, Rena was awake and confused of her whereabouts. She had no recollection of what she did that day, not even the tiniest memory and was slightly taken aback by Anna's story. None of them knew that spicy crackers was the cause since Rena failed to remember anything from that fated morning or anything onwards. She did tell them she had vague memories of wanting to take revenge on the boy - and felt greatly ashamed of wanting to hurt an innocent boy - but how she got to the state, she was still clueless and oblivious. On the other hand, that made Yuki realize the girl was still completely affected and in pain from what she had been through and when Rena went back to sleep, he consulted Anna about it.

The doctor agreed something had to be done, in some way the memories just had to be taken away. She told him about the girl's real identity only at that point but assured they still had a few days before The Royal Family comes to take her back in. Yuki suddenly knew that maybe taking Rena somewhere peaceful and quiet might trigger her memories to a slightly different level and he was determined to at least try. That was how the next day they both went for a walk and he took her to the uninhabited lace in the forest that he found while traveling to find her. It was lavish, full with flowers, trees and serenity. Somehow, while being there, Rena realized she could feel those dirty hands all over her body and she couldn't keep quiet about it anymore. She knew she was very young, however, she didn't know if she was tainted or not. No matter what, she wanted the memories to be erased, if better, replaced by something more pleasant. The princess turned to Yuki with determination in her eyes to ask for something embarrassing, but something very important to her. He had to make love to her, he had to change her memories. It had to be him and no one else.

END OF FLASHBACK, 5 years ago

Hearing gentle cooing just next to her ear she knew it was Yuki waking her up. The princess lazily opened her eyelids, only to see his face right in front of her. She blushed, thinking back to her memory of that time when he asked him to take her memories away. Seeing his handsome features she couldn't help but extend her hand and caress his cheek, her finger brushing his lips and feeling a sudden intake of breath reverberate through them. His slightly surprised expression soon turned into that of  a hungry wolf and it made her heart beat like crazy. Yet it lasted only approximately a minute, and then Yuki returned to being a proper butler he was. He retreated and pulled away the covers off of her, making Rena hug her naked self in embarrassment and excitement at the same time. It was a bright sunny morning and a pleasant bath time was awaiting her.


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everyone have their hurtful part, and we try to forget them, and move on.

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but the problem is i don't know what I'm feeling.

(Now I'm writing what I'm feeling )

I'm imagining Yuki as boy, i wonder how does he look.

truthfully i can't imagine her as boy,i never say her in danso, Yuki was always beautiful and sexy girl to me.

How does her abs look alike that make Rena drool?

*imagining Yuki as boy and her abs that make Rena drool*

*imagining *

*imagining *

*imagining *

*imagining *

*failed *

i really want to see her in danso.

I really wanted to get kidnaped by Yuku. xd

well leave it.

Ahhh, when Yuki feed Rena melon pan with her mouth. *dreaming Yuki feeding Rena*

i wonder if this fic is angst or romantic or others.

Rena come on stop being jsunder and make Yuki yours, you will not find amazing prince like her

(Oh, did i said her!!)

oops i forget that, RenaYuko is Shaku-sama favorite couples so What if she drag Yuko here as Rena prince?

Yuko and Rena enjoying their sweet moment in garden, while Yuki is watching them from far and curshing Yuko.

who knows it make greet fic xd

i should be careful, what if secretly she write Rena Yuko beside Rena yuki!!  No one will be notice it because only 'i' is missing, reader will think Author make mistake she will correct it later xd.

*just joking *

Whoa first time i comment that looong, well i know it is not that long but i did my best xd.

*Still imagining Yuki as boy*

So what will going to happens next,waiting or maybe can't wait for it, Yooooosh.

*Imagining their sweet kiss*

*Wishper* Shhhh, actually i like rough kiss.

*vanosh *
Title: Re: My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 5 (YukiRena) //Apr 26\\
Post by: giotuyet on April 26, 2015, 07:20:40 PM
I can't imagine yuki's male ver with how girly she is ! And yuki's character is weird ! Maybe because In fanfics which i had read before yuki is yukirin, black or a playgirl ! So maybe yukirena make love when rena is 14 years old just because rena want replace bad memories (-o-") Thank you for updating and please come back asap !!!         
Title: Re: My Kuchi Utsushi Butler. Chapter 5 (YukiRena) //Apr 26\\
Post by: kevinwkl on April 27, 2015, 05:24:56 PM
'Despite not being able to feel pain due to her mother having difficulties giving birth'
When I read this I was like so she doesn't feel pain because her mother had difficulties giving birth... Ok? It means that her mom squeezed out all her pain receptors out of her when she was squeezing Rena out? Yea. Sounds legit. My mom squeezed all the logic out of me and left me with bullshits as well when she was squeezing me out. So yea.. It's definitely possible. And I'm proud to be left with nothing but bullshits.

How dare that human disturb Rena's snacking time while playing with her dolls!? Damn it! You ruined everything! The doll was about to confess his love to Rena and you just have to appear out of nowhere and force her to sniff your grandma's dirty sock! Yuck! Wash that shit at least. Or wash your granny's feet Dayum, that shit is so smelly, it made Rena pass out. And of course. She woke up in someone else's bed. And I'm assuming this prince charming of hers saved her before anything bad happened? HOPE SO. And there's a tray full of delicious food set up for her. Damn. I wanna try getting my nose stuffed with some smelly sock and get kidnapped so that a random prince charming comes by and save me. And voila! FREE DELICIOUS FOOD. Or I could just be kidnapped and appear dead on tv the next day. LEL. I'm a guy and I want a prince charming to save me. So what? It's food. I'm gay for food.

Aww.... So a single spicy cracker would ignite her insanity... You're 14 year old, Rena. What can you do? Fight with your talking dolls? ...... Actually that would work very well on me. I hate talking dolls. #nightmares Yuki did a very SMART move bringing those spicy crackers to her. SMART MOVE INDEED. COME YUKI. COME CLOSER. I GIVE U CLAP *CLAP...............................CLAP................................CLAP......................................* now have my middle finger. *inserts midfing* why did you do that?????? I dun care if u dunno. What you did could bring down the whole country! I'm out. *flies to Mars and continue typing there.* Shit, the air here smells like shit. Just like granny's smelly sock. But at least I don't smell Rena's wrath here. Phew..

Red-eyed Rena? Hmm.... Where have I seen this before.. Sounded awfully familiar LOL. An underrated courageous doctor who used weird means and treatments to heal people, so her clientele was that of the low number. Would you have a large amount of patients when people know you use your tongue as a stethoscope? OMGLOL A doctor using an arrow? LOL What doctor is that? I wanna learn my archery skills from her. Ho.... Annin realized that the Geki was actually the princess.. Her eye of courage helped her a lot in the process. Sounds like a superhero to me lel. Wait... Courageous person who uses an arrow to knock out someone else... Am I watching an episode of Arrow here? LOL

Question. Does her look really change into a monster? Or does she just look like a super crazy Rena whom nobody would think it is actually Rena?

Annin and Riichan in a relationship. Why am I not even surprised. But the fact that Riichan was mute, caught me off guard. And back to the bed, Rena wakes up once again and finds out that she did some shit but just don't quite remember what was it and the cause of it. But the fact that nobody knows that a simple spicy rice cracker could cause such a turmoil is scary. Anybody could have offered her a spicy cracker randomly out of good intention and he/she would just end up half dead, not knowing what he/she did wrong.

They be like "Hey, do you want some spicy crackers? ^^"
"Yeah, sure.. Why not? ^^ *grabs and bites* *le gasp!*"
"*le gasp le gasp le gasp*"
"Are you okay?"
"*le gasp le gasp le gasp le gasp le gasp le gasp*"
"Do you need a doct- *got stabbed with a spoon on the eye* AHH MY EYE!"

Shit like that could happen. Innocent people would be hurt lolz And the innocent boy Yuki left to survive will not last long if Rena eats another spicy cracker.

Yuki brought Rena to a place full of flowers. Smart move. When you see flowers, it reminds you of bees which reminds you of stinging which reminds you of pain which reminds you of torture. See the relation? Or maybe I was thinking too much LEL

OMG Did she or did she not ask Yuki to make love to her at the age of 14? Dafuq. What a way to erase those memories away. Bad move. You're 14, woman. I mean girl. You're still illegal. Be happy there ain't no rules like that during that time. There's plenty of ways for you to erase your memories.. Take me for example. You wanna know how I erase my memory? I use an eraser and rub my forehead hard. When a red mark appear on it, I stop rubbing and grab a peach. Then I will break it in half and let the juice cover my fingers. And as I look at myself in the mirror, I swipe my thumb over my forehead and chant slowly. "SIMBA...."
#lionking #rafiki #cantwaittobeking #simba #BAAAAAASOWENYAAAAAAAMAMABEATSEBABAAAAAA(sing it. i know u want to)

Conclusion : Not a bad chapter. The Gekikara part was the WTF moment of this chapter. She literally messed some shit up. So a lot of people were hurt in the process and what I'm curious about is the fact that they will find out about Rena's Geki personality sooner or later right? How would they deal with this matter? They be like "THE PRINCESS IS A MURDERER!" Hope it doesn't happen. But if it does.. It's gonna be full of drama and how Yuki would be the one helping Rena escape once again. Keep up the great job. And one last thing. OI CRICKET UPDATE FAST OR FACE ZE CONSEQUENCES, BITCH!

This is Kevin signing off~ CHIAOZ~!!