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Title: [Lost Heaven's FC] Black Snow (Black / Gekikara) [21.06.2013]
Post by: Lost Heaven on February 21, 2013, 03:25:45 PM
Hi! I am a newbie on jph!p.
I want to share what is written earlier.
Please read my fanfics. I hope you enjoy!  :) :) :)
Warning: I am from Russia and I write fanfics in Russian. This is a translation of my fanfiction from Russian to English.
Sorry for my English is not very good.

List of Lost Heaven's fanfics:

One Shots

Yuko / Sado (Majisuka Gakuen)
Tonight... [This post]

Gakuran / Gekikara (Majisuka Gakuen)
Worthless angel (

Black / Gekikara (Majisuka Gakuen)
Black Snow (

Two Shots

Kilometres (Matsui Rena / Matsui Jurina, Akimoto Sayaka / Miyazawa Sae)
264, 51 kilometers ( (WMatsui)
1751 kilometers ( (SaeYaka)

Long Fanfics

Majisuka Gakuen
Beginning (Sado / Yuko, Yuko / Torigoya, Sado / Torigoya, Black / Gekikara)
Prologue. Matte iru no 14-sai (
Chapter 1. Dai ichi kozeriai. “Rappappa” o fukkatsu sa seru! (

Ultraman Saga
Newborn Phoenix (Takayama Sawako / Ozaki Anna, Shin Asuka / Shimazaki Haruka)
Trailer (

Tonight... [Yuko / Sado]

- Such a strong, yet ... She just over a month ...

Words nurse hot iron burned my heart. I did not know what to do to save you.

Then come running to school seemed the only option. Maybe it will all have a bad dream? In fact, you're still sitting in his favorite chair in the room "Rappappy" and waiting for me to go and smear on the pavement next portion of the students "Yabakune".

- Yuko - san!

The rest was in a fog, because you were not there. Eyes clouded muddy veil, tears ran down her cheeks, and in the mind there was only one question: "Why?"

I walked slowly back to the hospital, knowing that in the end, you'll come back.

Returned you only when it got dark and the black sky began to show the first stars.

- Where have you been?

- Sorry, I ... - that did not expect to see me? - Oh, it's you, Sado. There I forgot something, can you...

Your phrase interrupted slap. It was the last straw, the last fragment of my heart. Could not resist.

- I'm sorry, - I said it out loud.

Could not stand. Fled. I could not see your face.

But I came back tonight. I do it all from the day when you are admitted to the hospital. Take off my boots to heels chattering and did not wake you. I sit on the windowsill and guarding your peace. You sometimes talk in his sleep, which is usually something like "Maji ...", "Rappappa..." But today I heard something else. You said:

- Sado ... I'm sorry ... I love ... you ... - so vague, but it is understandable. You think you are guilty.

But actually this is my fault. I did not notice it in your condition. I bring bad news from school. I did not manage.

Because without you I am nothing. Zero. Worthless.

But, all the same, no matter what happens, I will continue to come to your house at night, to protect you, to correct your blanket. When you wake up and ask, "How long have you here?" Will answer that just occurred. And then come to you and say:

- Do not worry about anything. Just know - I love you ...

How do you?
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Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Tonight... (Yuko/Sado OS) [21.02.2013]
Post by: kuro808 on February 21, 2013, 05:20:15 PM
I like how it is complex between the two

Good Job
Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Tonight... (Yuko/Sado OS) [21.02.2013]
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on February 21, 2013, 10:22:01 PM
Make the next one Saeyaka please! :deco:
Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Tonight... (Yuko/Sado OS) [21.02.2013]
Post by: Wmatsui22 on February 22, 2013, 06:43:59 AM

This One-Shot is nice!!

Please make it long!!!

I hope you also make Black And Gekikara OS

Thank You!!!
Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Tonight... (Yuko/Sado OS) [21.02.2013]
Post by: Lost Heaven on February 22, 2013, 06:49:30 AM
Arigatou gozaimashita  :heart: :heart: :heart:
The first review  :inlove:
Ureshii  :wub: :wub: :wub:

SaeYaka  :deco: :wub: will be a bit later.
For dessert, if I may say so  :P :P :P

Thanks for the tip!  XD XD XD  :wub:
Glad you liked this fanfic  :w00t:
I'll try to write fanfic bigger, I promise!
Black and Gekikara OS? I'll think about the plot and write something.  :) :)

Thank you very much for your feedback!
Author happy  XD XD XD

Sorry for my poor English  :nervous

And now I present to you a new fanfic   :P

Worthless angel [Gakuran / Gekikara]

- Shibuya! - shout, as I thought, heard even in the street.

I then went to instead of you, thinking that I would win. One on one with the traitor turned into mass up-and-downer. First two-thirds of the Sisters Sanshou, also decided "to change schools", then Mayuge and Comeback. It would be strange if Shibuya came without their support team in the face of the Great Twenty Yabakune.

Already almost unconscious, I heard the creak of long-lubricated hinges. This came you. My happiness and my curse. Only later I found out that Nezumi told you about the letter.
You previously beating a couple of opponents, came over to me, and I felt your hands, gently lifted me up.

Almost crying, you called:

- Gakuran!

- Why did you come? - Painful to speak. Even the eyes can not open because they got in the sand. - They are not strong enough to challenge such a crazy girl like you.

- Gakuran!

- I'm sorry... Help me up, - still thought I could protect you. - If I lie, they think that I gave up ...

Naive. I overestimated their strength. I could not even talk, so fell back. Do not hold back a moan. How did hurt. And the body, and soul.

- It's over. Gakuran ... - you, in spite of its crazy, understand perfectly well. - You're resistant.

I'm trying to at least get a comb and do the final touch before the final admission of defeat.
- All my strength ... for Atsuko, for "Maji-Jo"... - I lied. Let all see me in love with our vice president. But only you and I know the truth. I love you and nobody else.

Darkness falls over my mind. And I only vaguely heard your laughter, almost the same as last year.


Woke up in the hospital with a needle from a dropper in hand. I do not remember who I dragged. Perhaps it was you.

All day the doctor arrived and checked my status. Girls out of school (my "fans" as he called them Otabe) tried to break into the ward, but, to my happiness, is not allowed. Allowed to pass only Shaku and Otabe. The two stayed with me till the evening, trying to somehow brighten the dullness in the hospital.

Before their departure, I asked:

- Where is ... - I could not finish, as the president interrupted me.

- Maeda? Still does not appear, - then she came to me and said softly to Shaku not hear. - Or you're interested in someone else?

The president smiled and with Shaku left the room.

Otabe wise. It seems that all the people for her open books. And I am no exception.

I got out of bed and went to the window. From the top of the seventh floor of people going nowhere, seem so small. But even among them, I would have noticed you. But you were not there.


- So many schoolgirls in hospital - just came former seito-kaicho unloaded on the table, gifts and cards. Apparently, for my "fans" she is something of a postman. Poor fellow, she has brought all of this.

- Shaku!

- You are still popular among girls! - Some cards have fallen to the floor. - I had to say that we're dating.

Has found an outlet ...

- I wonder how long ... - corner of my eye I noticed that Shaku took off surgical mask.

She closed her eyes and reached out to me with the substituted to kiss her lips ... so ...

- Yah ... - she does not stop. Okay. If so want ...

The sound of the door opening hindered Shaku implement his plan.

Gekikara ... You still came ..

- Hey! Ah-ah! - Sudden movements cause great pain.

- And we have just tuned up... - Shaku again donned his mask.

- Cut it out! Ribs hurt when I laugh, - it's true. I turned in your direction. - Yo!

You nodded in greeting us.

- Constantly mutters hospital discharge, - Shaku like complaining.

- I'm glad, - you're kind of too quiet. But your eyes express something else.

- Yeah, - prolonged pause.

- I'll change flowers, - Shaku decided to leave us alone. Grabbed a vase and left the room.

- Ah, - I climbed out of bed. You sat down on the chair beside the bed.

You looked down and fell silent.

- What happened? - immediately arose a premonition.

- I wonder what she thought Yuko-san, while she was in the hospital? - You still can not recover from her death.

- I'm sure she thought about "Maji-Jo." She always thought only of "Maji-Jo" and "Rappappa".

- I think, Yuko-san was lucky, - you looked at me. - Dying, after living a full life.

- Gekikara ...

- Shibuya ... I'll kill her - do you really want to take revenge for the "Maji-Jo", "Rappappa" ... Maybe for my sake.

You got up, took something out of his pocket and handed it to me. Green shadoof.

- Sorry. I'm so clumsy.

I took it.

- A beautiful shadoof.

You're already at the door, I called out to you:

- Gekikara, - turned. - I'm counting on you ... Celebrate my hospital discharge together.

You smiled and walked away. I have looked long at the closed door ...


Only the next day, I learned that you are in intensive care in a very serious condition. You stabbed a crazy out Yabakune.

After that, I began to spend all the time next to your ward. I did not allowed inside. Doctors told to go to my ward, do not hurt yourself more and mentally.

But I did not listen to them. She sat up and blood bites lips thinking of you.

I promised Yuko-san be your guardian angel. I promised I did not happen to you, that you graduated from the school this year with us. Swore I would not let you go anywhere, I'll go myself, if it's too dangerous.

But I could only pray that you were fine. To your wound has healed, and you woke up and went on with the rest of "Rappappa" to do everyday patrols school. Continued to enjoy every day.

I did not leave with the shadoof for a second, thinking that I can support you even so.

I have become out worthless angel.


For the first time since we were alone only when you are already out of the hospital, and you're back in school. We gone to the roof in the lunchtime.

You sat on a bench and a few minutes staring at the sky.

- Ne, Gakuran, - you got up and walked towards me. - Thank you.

- Why? I could not protect you! - I hit fist on the nearest wall. - Why are you telling me "thank you"?

- As I lay in the emergency room unconscious, you watched through the window behind me. You were close. It is much more important.

- How do you know? Someone told you?

- All just. I feel you,- she took a step. - Being unconscious, I felt you. Your thoughts, mental experiences, warm. You pulled me from the other world for their warmth.

Now in her eyes was not a drop of madness. She said this in all seriousness.

- Gekikara ...

She came close.

Kiss. Our first and most real. Bitter and at the same time sweet. Gentle, full of our mixed feelings.

We broke away from each other only when the call alerted us to start another useless tutorial.

- You're the best guardian angel on earth, Sae, - she smiled warmly and ran to class, though she could stay here. She tries.

I leaned against the wall and reached into his pocket, where lay the same shadoof.

- I also feel you, Rena. You and I are now linked. Forever.

I turned around with a smile and followed her.

How do you?
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Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Worthless angel [22.02.2013]
Post by: kuro808 on February 22, 2013, 07:54:47 AM
You have love and violence down to an art form.  Its crazy but I saw a lot of what I did before here XD

Posted by the Hawaiian

Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Worthless angel [22.02.2013]
Post by: cisda83 on February 22, 2013, 09:35:29 AM
Yeah... in MG2, I saw the episode where Gekikara came and rescued Gakutan...

The way they interacted was a bit different than normal.... they were closer...

So I like the way you made this OS

Thank you for the OSs

Can't wait to see more MG OS

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:

PS: can you make OS about Atsuko and Minami from MG1?
Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Worthless angel [22.02.2013]
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on February 22, 2013, 12:50:48 PM
Gakuran, KAKKOII~~~! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Worthless angel [22.02.2013]
Post by: Lost Heaven on February 22, 2013, 02:41:04 PM
Thanks for your feedback!
I know that what I write is a bit abnormal.  XD XD XD

This fanfic based on the 4 and 5 episodes MG2, where first Gakuran, and then  Gekikara fought with "Yabakune".
Even the dialogues are taken from there. But the dialogue translated from the Russian translation, so I can not vouch for the accuracy.  :cry:
Atsuko and Minami in MG1? I'll try to write. A couple of stories have already invented.  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Gakuran ALWAYS KAKKOI ~~~!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Although I think that my English is normally impossible to read.  :cry: :cry: :cry:

Thank you very much for your feedback!
Sorry for my poor English   :nervous :nervous :nervous

And now I present to you a new fanfic   :) :) :)

Beginning [Sado / Yuko, Yuko/ Torigoya, Sado / Torigoya, Black / Gekikara]

Matte iru no 14-sai.

The first leader of the "Majisuka Gakuen" Nojima Yuriko nicknamed Yuri ("Lily") loved her school. "Maji" was her life. But the student was too disjointed - there wasn't a single uniting authority. Then Yuri has created a strong fight club school "Maji" gathering of those who followed her.

"Rappappa". The President, Vice-President, Four Queens (Shi-Tennoh). Yuri knew that other schools will want to beat them, so it has created this system of subordination.

Most team's laws were also written by her hand.

"Anyone who wants to climb the ladder, will be destroyed". Hundreds of students were trying to get there, but all as one, fell to the bottom.

"Only the one who can defeat the queens and vice-president, will be honored to fight with the president and, in case of victory, to take her place". This law is necessary to read between the lines. Because that is what is behind it, known only to members of the "Rappappa". "Even if you losing to the president, you can still become a leader in the next generation. Just prove that you are worthy of it".

"Rappappa" consists only of the students of the third class". Power should belong only senior.

"Rappappa" obey all school student and no one can stand up to them". And if they tried - were severely punished.

Five years - five generations "Rappappa". But the latter are not able to leave the receivers, and the club ceased to exist for a long fourteen years.

But after this time there was a person who was able to revive the tradition of the "Rappappa". Oshima Yuko, "Majisuka JoGakuen" 1 - C Class, the orphan ...

*待っているの14歳。Matte iru no 14-sai. Fourteen years of waiting.

How do you?
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Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Beginning (Long fic) Prologue [22.02.2013]
Post by: kuro808 on February 22, 2013, 05:15:33 PM
This sounds to be a driver for a great fic
Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Beginning (Long fic) Prologue [22.02.2013]
Post by: sofylerry on February 22, 2013, 09:10:32 PM
oooouuuyeah!  :w00t: it looks great!  :twothumbs
Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Beginning (Long fic) Prologue [22.02.2013]
Post by: Minami-chan on February 23, 2013, 01:04:19 AM
Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Beginning (Long fic) Prologue [22.02.2013]
Post by: cisda83 on February 23, 2013, 04:42:46 AM
Beginning (Sado / Yuko, Yuko / Torigoya, Sado / Torigoya, Black / Gekikara) fanfic...

It's going to be a very good story I think....

You wrote a interesting prologue there...

The story is basically the prequel of MG1, isn't it?

Can't wait to see the start of the chapter...

Thank you for the interesting story here....

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:
Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Beginning (Long fic) Prologue [22.02.2013]
Post by: Lost Heaven on February 23, 2013, 09:39:16 AM
   I also hope so  :lol: :lol: :lol:
@sofylerry, @Minami-chan
  Thanks for the feedback!  :roll: :roll: :roll:
  I hope that will not disappoint you.  XD
   Yes, this fanfic will be a prequel to the MG1.
   Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you very much for your feedback!
Sorry for my poor English    :nervous :nervous :nervous 

And now I present to you a new chapter of "Beginning"     

Chapter 1.
Dai ichi kozeriai. “Rappappa” o fukkatsu sa seru!

- Damn you! - Yuko shrugs off dust from old documents. - Who ever came up with locked important documents in the pantry for years!
It was good that she goes to school for the Yankees, otherwise it here for what would not let him. But who asked them? Teachers banal are afraid of their unpredictable students - who knows what they will do in the next minute?

Yuko cautiously crept between closely-standing racks to find the desired folder with documents. The search for her has already lasted for about twenty minutes, when, finally, on the very top shelf of the closet she last saw her necessary thing:

- Yeah! There you are! - Oshima tried to jump, but failed to consider two factors: her growth in meter fifty two centimeters and closely spaced shelves.

In the end, Yuko was sitting on the floor surrounded by all the books and folders, almost collapsed on her head, and in the fog ancient dust.

Now she wanted to curse everything: coward-teachers, and empty-headed classmate and headmistress, who came to the "bright" idea to hide the records and forget about it, and the school, for all the years of encrusted dirt and mother for giving birth (although mom, of course, only because of the anger and to a much lesser extent than the rest).

Finally, when the obstacle was dissolved and the dust cloud weathered, Yuko, grabbing her necessary folder, flew out of the pantry, along the way knocking over a mathematics teacher and a couple of careless students.


Oshima stopped only when they reached his favorite place - the roof of one of the abandoned houses near the school.

Discarding bangs from his forehead and sat in the still cold, despite the fact that it was midday, the roof, Yuko finally opened treasured folder, due to which she had to inhale the dust of fifty years forth.

- Well, hello, I suppose. You something and help me reach the goal, - and, smiling, she delved into reading.


- Wow! First years student of the "Maji-Jo" caught, - it was necessary to Yuko come across a band "Yabakune" on the way home! - Why are you here alone roam? Or older have not explained that the territory belongs to the "Yabakune"? So we are now quickly explain!

Apparently, their leader - she is not very good-looking, which Oshima was slightly below the shoulders - gave his "subordinate" sign, so they started to slowly encircle Yuko.

She counted about thirty people, all were older, taller, and even with bats and steel pipes.

- Uh ... you are afraid of me, or what? - Yuko's relaxed view could deceive anyone, but in fact her nerves were stretched to the limit, and the brain calculates all the options of attack and defense, - Once you have too much on one me.

- Who are afraid you? - A barely visible sign, and now with the bat at the ready the huge girl rushes out of this gang on Oshima.

Trite catching opponents hand just a second before impact, Yuko, slightly receded, unscrew it to cod in the joints. Blow on the legs to their knees, and, without holding back, a good kicked in the back of Yabakune's student.

- Bastard! - Yuko turned and saw face of leader of the enemy school contorted with rage. - Do you think we'll run away?

- Hmm ... I don't think so. This one on one was only the demonstration, right? - Oshima smiled. - Well, well, the show must go on!

With that high school student attacked. Next half hour she did not remember - someone slightly beat her, and she beat someone strongly.

"Demon, born in battle" - after this battle Yuko became known by that nickname.

- It was fun! - Oshima wiped the blood from his knuckles and throwing someone a metal pipe, continued its way to the house, leaving behind beaten to death by students "Yabakune" led by their leader.

Then in Yuko's head was only one single thought: "Rappappa" will be revived!"


- Leader! - One of subordinates almost knocked the door to the classroom. - "Yabakune" and their leader were defeated!

- Yes? - leader of the team "Mongoose" seems to do it was not interested. - And who does so? What the school?

- This is not a school. This is our classmate ... - the girl hesitated. After all, the whole team was afraid of their leader.

- Do not mumble! Who is she? - It seems that the fear of subordinates annoying her .

- 1-C class, Oshima Yuko ...

- Oshima, so ... It's time to visit her...

*第一小競り合い。"ラッパッパ"を復活させる!Dai ichi kozeriai. “Rappappa” o fukkatsu sa seru! The first skirmishes. Revive "Rappappa"!

How do you?
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Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Beginning (Long fic) Chap1 [23.02.2013]
Post by: kuro808 on February 23, 2013, 09:43:15 AM
Yuko is going to start up the group again :lol:
Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Beginning (Long fic) Chap1 [23.02.2013]
Post by: Wmatsui22 on February 23, 2013, 10:32:49 AM

I will definitely love this!!!

I love Majisuka Gakuen Drama!!!

I also love Black and Gekikara!!!

Please Update Soon!!!

I hope you also make a One-Shot of BlackXGekikara!!!

Thank You
Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Beginning (Long fic) Chap1 [23.02.2013]
Post by: cisda83 on February 23, 2013, 10:54:56 AM
Waoh.... Go Yuko...

So strong.... Yuko...

Great story there....

What's going to happen when 'Mongoose''s visiting Yuko?

Who is this 'Mongoose'...? I think in MG1,  I never heard of them there.... In MG3, I heard of them then.

Anyhow, can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:
Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's] Fanfics Collection - Beginning (Long fic) Chap1 [23.02.2013]
Post by: Lost Heaven on February 24, 2013, 12:43:17 PM
    Oh, yes. Unruly Yuko put gang  on their own  XD XD XD 8)
    I also love Majisuka Gakuen  :wub:
    I promised that I would write a separate fanfic Black / Gekikara  :) I fulfill promises  :P :P :P
    You're right, in MG1 was not team "Mongoose" and the MG3 team "Mongoose" was.
    But no one can prevent us to dream?

Thank you very much for your feedback!
Sorry for my poor English    :nervous :nervous :nervous

Today, your attention is not on fanfic Majisuka Gakuen.
New Two-Shot fanfic about member AKB48 and SKE48.

Kilometres [Matsui Rena / Matsui Jurina, Akimoto Sayaka / Miyazawa Sae]

Chapter 1.
264, 51 kilometers

- Starting tomorrow, I'm officially will be in Team K - in Jurina, as always, has accumulated too much energy.

After evening gatherings in cafes with Team S and part of girls from KII two Matsui always had to accompany all home, and then go through the dark streets to another part of the city. Usually during such trips their laughter and fun bickering heard everything, but not today.

- Yeah, - Rena, always lively debating Stages and funny stories behind the scenes, walked now, with her look into the asphalt without any emotion on her face.

- Rena, what happened? Who hurt you? - Jurina jumped to her friend, but she did not lift her head.

- Nothing ... - a little too indifferent, aloof, cold.

Jurina stopped abruptly and, pull the strap of the Rena's bag, forced to lift her eyes.

- Rena, I see. You have a concern, - empty, no expression eye co-worker made ​​the heart of the girl of fifteen year freeze. - Tell me ...

- I do not worried, - Jurina first time in all their acquaintance heard Rena said through clenched teeth. - Absolutely nothing!

First time outside shooting areas elder Matsui screamed and plucked palm of the hand of his partner, ran away into the night, barely illuminated lantern light.

"Why did you run away, Rena?" - Constantly repeating it to himself Jurina, moving away from the shock, rushed her friend (the good, on the legs were running shoes, not heeled shoes).

She, in spite of its good speed and, in general, light bag, could not overtake the angry girl.

Their race is over near the house younger Matsui. Jurina, of lungs which, as it seemed to have beaten out all the air was ready to stop and let go of her companion, when Rena tripped on something and fell to the pavement.

- Rena! - Jurina, barely dragging his feet, ran up to her friend to help one climb. - Rena are you okay?

Instead of answering, she heard a sob, then another and another. Partner's face was not visible because of the hair.

- Go home, I'm fine - the voice of the older Matsui somehow sounded plaintive and depressed.

- Rena, are you crying? - Jurina saw her friend get up.

- Go home, - Rena repeated, without accepting help.

- I'm not going anywhere! - Jurina rose from her knees and looked at did not expect such a tone companion. In the dark streets were perfectly visible wet path, running down on Rena's cheeks. - While I don't find out the reason for your current mood, escape, tears ...

- Jurina ... - sob again. - You would not understand, so you better leave me alone ... Your house near, I has brought you...

Rena turned away, ignoring the pain in his knees flayed, wanted to leave, but the youngest Matsui grabbed her arm, not allowing to do so.

- I'll try to understand! Do not you say that we feel each other?

Rena was silent, her head bowed. It seemed that the silence between them would never end.

Jurina suddenly remembered that after the concert in Tokyo Dome her friend is often a short time as it dropped out of reality.

- Rena, it's started after the first day of the concert, right? Your condition is associated with transfers? - Older Matsui jerked as if waking from a long sleep, looked up at Jurina. - Really ... because of my official transfer you become so?

Rena did not answer, just continued to look at fifteen-year friend. But the center of SKE48 understood all by herself.

- Come on, - she raised her companion bag with asphalt and pulled Rena toward her house.


- Hold, - Jurina put on the table in front of her friend a hot cup of tea. - You can not hurry - you need to talk about it.

- I ... - younger Matsui noticed as her partner cringed, as if she would disappear. - Almost two hundred sixty-five kilometers ...

- A? What do you mean?

- We will separate in with you two hundred sixty-four kilometers and five hundred ten meters ... - recently dried tears flowed down her cheeks again. - Tomorrow will be your debut in the theater at Akihabara, and I will remain in Sakae.

Elder Matsui chuckled:

- Moreover, there is, with whom to form a new duo with the old name ... - Rena tried to wipe away a tear. - I think Sakippe would be a good replacement me.

- What are you talking about? - Jurina did not notice that was on her feet in no time and was near a friend, gazed at her anxiously. - What replacement? Which new duet?

Younger Matsui knelt down and took co-worker's hands in herself's hands.

- Remember, I am always with you, no matter what happens - Jurina touched cheeks Rena, wiping away tears. - I am a member of SKE48 Tim S and it always will be. And these poor few hundred kilometres is not to divide us.

She reached up to her friend's lips:

- Never ...

- Promise? - Rena looked in the co-worker's eyes.

- I promise.

Their oath sealed kiss that they will remember, even through the distance.

Dawn Rena and Jurina met together, and on their faces were shining smile.


- Promise?

- I promise ...

How do you?
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Title: Re: [Lost Heaven's FC] Kilometres (Two Shot) Chap1 (WMatsui) [24.02.2013]
Post by: ryeangryu on February 25, 2013, 08:06:35 AM
ahhhhh Wmatsui <3

I love it! :DD

please continue more!! d.^.^b
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Ah so cute... how Rena was worried that their relationship was finishing... with Jurina's transferred became official.

Hehehe... so sweet... how Jurina was the one that comfort Rena and making Rena sure that their relationship would be fine....even after the transferred.

Great fic there... can't wait to see more

Thank you for another OS

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Nice WMatsui story

Saddening but kinda understanding from Rena
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   I also love WMatsui  :heart:
   Maybe I'll write anything else about them.  XD XD XD
   Thanks  :) :) :)
   I hope that the characters leave in the reality. I leave, ne?  XD XD XD
    Thank you  :) :) :)

Thank you very much for your feedback!
Sorry for my poor English      :nervous :nervous :nervous
And now I present to you a new chapter of "Kilometres"

Chapter 2.
1751 kilometers

- Hey, Miyazawa, boarding a plane has already begun! - Loud voice of the manager cut through the noise, always prevails at the airport.

- Sae-chan, are you coming? - Mariyanna already is near to output stairs.

- Yes, of course, - I barely looked up from the transparent door of waiting room and, getting up from the seats and grabbing backpack, approached her.

- Sae-chan, you're kind of sad, - Suzuki's face expresses genuine concern. - What's wrong?

- No, it's okay, - I smile to her. - Just a thought.

- Here's how ... Do not worry, Sae-chan, we'll be back here in a year, and everything will be as before - she tries not to submit the form, but she is also sad.

- Suzuki, Miyazawa, why are you standing there? - manager, as always, at the wrong time. - Get in the plane! Not enough yet, so I forgot you here!


"Better to forget us ..."

Last time I look around at the available area in front ladder and not seeing anyone familiar, follow the manager of an aircraft.

In the soul of emptiness.

The one I was waiting, did not come to say goodbye.

The plane leaves the ground. Goodbye, Japan. Goodbye, Sayaka ...


- Miyazawa Sae - SNH48, Shanghai! - Togasaki's voice, amplified microphone, powerful beating on the ears.

I inkling that I will choosen.

For some reason, when one of the rehearsals entered the room Akimoto-sensei, all at once there was a bad feeling.

When we were talking about trips to foreign groups-sisters - JKT48 in Jakarta and SNH48 in Shanghai - the girls looked at each other anxiously. No one wanted to leave the band and friends. Even if only for a year.


On the same day of the Concert Dreams Sayaka deprived rank of captain Team K. I saw her tears, understand how her was bad. But I could not come up and say something.

Since that day, four months have passed. We both acted as if nothing had happened.


Last week before I left, I almost did not see Sayaka. Our communication was limited to occasional SMS.

I thought that, in the end, it is now, Sayaka along with the other girls will come to the airport to say goodbye.

But I was wrong.


Our entire team and a few girls from Team A and Team B were found at the entrance to the airport. They were waiting for me and Mariyanna to wish good luck and a speedy return.

Yuko solemnly handed me an album in which all the members left their wishes, Ume-chan and Yuttan did not want to let me go, even when the rest left to train.

But she did not come. Seemed she have forgotten about me ...

In the soul of emptiness ... In my soul knock 1751 kilometers ...


- Sae-chan, you have something fall - Mariyanna, who was sitting next to me on the plane, quickly picked up an object from the floor and handed it to me. - Here.

- Thank you, - a small card was in my hands. - Might have fallen out when I took out the player.

"I do not remember if it was at me ... Maybe fell from a Yuko's gift ..."

- Sae-chan, what is it? - Suzuki, you, as always, very curious ...

- Do not worry about it - for confidence I smile, though it is difficult for. My energy, where are you gone?

- Well, - Maria jokingly pouted and ostentatiously sat back in her chair.

I opened the card ...

Caught his breath and the tears were not given normal to see ...

HER handwriting ...


I know you're mad at me now. Because so little time spent with you for, a fact that did not come to say goodbye ...

All this week I have dreamed a first Stage of the our team. Again I saw a girl of fifteen years, before going on stage was at a loss all his energy. How do you then come to me, no less confused, for advice, thinking that you can somehow cope with excitement.

Remember how before filming the third single group, we had a fight because of a nonsense? Then all the participants and the staff tried to reassured us. The next day, we talked as if nothing had happened.

Remember when I was deprived rank of captain because of the scandal ? Only you came to me to help me survive.

Concert in Tokyo Dome- it's all about what we dreamed. He became our specific finish. But after the finale always in fact be a new beginning, right? The fact that the captain of Team K became Yuko, and you transferred to Shanghai, only confirms that.

SNH48 will be for you a new stage in life. Please try to reach the same heights there, as in AKB48.

I'll wait for you here in Tokyo. And all the time, even after a 1751 kilometers between us, I will support my partner.

A year later, you come back to Team K, and restless TwinTowers reunited.

Sae, remember, I love you.

Forever yours,

Akimoto Sayaka".


Even in Shanghai, coming out of the plane and wiped my tears, I realized something and vowed.

Even through these miles TwinTowers forever remain TwinTowers.

And Miyazawa Sae, the member of SNH48 group, will always love Akimoto Sayaka, her eternal partner ...

How do you?
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Damn that's sad even though the distance won't help, they still connect somehow :(
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Great sweet story there...

Yeah... it would be good if it is true...

That Sae would be back after a year in oversea

Thank you for this OS

Can't wait to see more fic from you

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This is my new OS. Request from Wmatsui22 - Black / Gekikara OS!  XD

Sou, dozo~~~

Black Snow

Last night, snow began to fall. At first, light as feathers snowflakes, he went to the rooftops, window sills, cars and asphalt, sparkling in the light of the full moon. From this magic heart was happy and sad. Puddles of rain recently spilled covered with thin ice. Already cold, and want to hide under a warm blanket, turn on the heater and sit quietly, looking like frost on a window pane draws intricate patterns.

- Nee, Black ... - apparently Gekikara started to come around a little bit. Or so admired the scenery, just forgot for a moment about her madness.

- Hmm? - second Queen lifted her head up, as if she wanted to see where falls fluffy misunderstanding - the first snow.

They were sitting on a bench in a park next to the school. In addition to them on the street was empty.

Today, the two Rappappa queens were in first task - to find a Yankee from a nearby school for boys and away what he has long had to give to Yuko-san.

On the job Black and Gekikara coped perfectly well - the right envelope is sourced and the guy is in one of the side streets, stained with the blood of the innocent and pure snow.


10 years ago.

- Nee, nee, Yuki, look! - a girl of eight years old with funny tails nervously jumping in place, waiting for her less emotional friend. Her jacket was opened, and now as a cloak. - Snooow!

Their class had just returned from trips out of town, but suddenly from the sky fell transparent crystals, covering the whole earth. Yuki, falling asleep on the way home, got out of the bus, still rubbing the sleepy eyes, when it suddenly someone threw a snowball. Snow with pieces on impact, hit her on the hair and jacket.

The girl immediately woke up and, evaluating the attacker, rushed after her:

- RENAAA ~! Come back here!

She began to run away, but slipped and fell, knocking her head.

- Itai ...

Yuki, who fled after her, did not have time to stop and fell right at her. Rena, who had not expected this, could not dodge.

- Get off me! - Rena is tired of lying on the cold, snow-covered, earth, but Yuki, it seemed, was not going to get up. - Hey! Yukirin! I'm cold!

In response Matsui heard leaping laughter of her friend, a bell sounded in the air.

- What are you laughing at? - she did not laugh - it's no joke when you can turn into a piece of ice!

- Your ... face ... - Kashiwagi covered with the new wave of laughter.

- Oh yeah! - Rena turned sharply, once lying on her friend. - Do you want to laugh - then obtain!

Matsui began to tickle Kashiwagi, and she laughed and tried to throw her off.

- I'm sorry, forgive me!

After a few minutes Rena got off her classmate and picking up her backpack and scarf, looked up at the sky. She felt that Yuki had calmed down and stood beside her.

It was dark, but the sky wasn't stars. At least Matsui did not see them.

- Stars do not there ...

Rena sadly lowered her head and was about to go home as casually looked at her friend.

- Snow ...

- Huh? - Yuki stared at her.

- He's black ...

- Huh? Where?! - Kashiwagi began looking around in search of the mysterious snow.

- On your hair ...

- Eeee?! - Yuki quickly took out a mirror and tried to look in her hair. A few seconds later she laughed again.

- What? What is wrong?

- Rena - baaaka ...

- You're like that! - Matsui was mad at her. As a joke.

- I'm now without a hat ... And the snow transparent. It's all a reflection. Therefore, it seems that snow is black ...

- Ahhh ... I see ... Well, it's late. Let's go home.


- Black ... Do you remember, ten years ago, I saw a black snow? - Gekikara continued to stare into the distance, trying to see something known only to her alone.

- This is when I came to school without a hat?

- Yep, - a third Queen nodded.

- I remember ...

There was silence, broken only by the howling wind. The snow is still falling and the sparkle in the moonlight.

- I see him again ...

- I told you, that ... - Black broke off, catching Gekikara's serious look so alien to her.

- Black Snow - it's you, - Geki took her partner hand in herself. - You - my invisible black snow.

Black got up from the bench and smiled slightly.

- Again you for yours ... - she took a deep breath. - Let's go home. Tomorrow it will be necessary to give it to Yuko-san ...

- Yeah, - Gekikara also rose. - Again, early to rise ...

- Do not start ...

The two girls went to the exit of the park in silence. They were holding hands.

From the sky was falling black snow ...

Sou, it was my new OS.
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Dark yet open to see what Geki was trying to get at
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Black Snow

very nice simple flashback OS... 

Ah... Rena and Yuki were so closed and fun to image how they were interacting when they were still young...

So good to see BlackGeki together...

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to find out more OS

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