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Title: Newborn Phoenix Ch2 UPDATE!!! (23.03.13)
Post by: Lost Heaven on March 08, 2013, 12:28:48 PM
「Newborn Phoenix」- Ultraman Saga X AKB48 Fanfic

So, this is my second long fanfic.  :)
I have long wanted to write something on the film "Ultraman Saga", starring the girls from AKB48.
Long thought on the plot, while in my head did not come to the plot of this fanfic.
I hope you enjoy!  :bow:

Trailer [This post]
Chapter 1. At the river meanders ... (
Chapter 2 (

This is the trailer for this fanfic. The first part will be put up soon.  :P
P.S.: Trailer was not created by a professional. The first time I work with video and music for such purposes. So I apologize for the terrible quality.  :bow: :bow: :bow:

How do you?
Do I need to put this fanfic? Or better finish, not starting?
Please comment!
Title: Re: [Ultraman Saga X AKB48] Newborn Phoenix Trailer (08.03.13)
Post by: Elo on March 08, 2013, 12:32:06 PM
Interesting !!!!!!!  :w00t: :D :drool:

I want to know what will happen !!!!!!!!! :thumbsup

Please update  :bow:
Title: Re: [Ultraman Saga X AKB48] Newborn Phoenix Trailer (08.03.13)
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on March 08, 2013, 01:52:39 PM
I can't wait! This looks awesome!!! :on GJ:
Good luck!
Title: Re: [Ultraman Saga X AKB48] Newborn Phoenix Trailer (08.03.13)
Post by: K-popJ-popAWESOMENESS on March 08, 2013, 03:44:03 PM
Looks awesome! Update soon because I can't wait  :sweatdrop:

By the way, are you gonna use their real names of use other names?

Title: Re: [Ultraman Saga X AKB48] Newborn Phoenix Trailer (08.03.13)
Post by: m00nchild on March 10, 2013, 06:12:57 PM
nice~ even not professional also nice video...

Hope u update soon,
Title: Re: [Ultraman Saga X AKB48] Newborn Phoenix Trailer (08.03.13)
Post by: qweakb on March 12, 2013, 01:00:23 PM
this look interesting...cant wait for it :)
Title: Re: [Ultraman Saga X AKB48] Newborn Phoenix Trailer (08.03.13)
Post by: Lost Heaven on March 16, 2013, 01:24:09 PM
@Elo, TTLuver497, m00nchild and qweakb
Thanks for the feedback!  :bow:
I hope I will not disappoint you!  :bow: :bow:
The girls who starred in the film, will be with the names of their characters.
Girls, do not starred in the film, will be with their real names.  :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thank you very much for your feedback!
Author happy     
Sorry for my poor English   :nervous :nervous :nervous

And look forward to the first chapter!  XD XD XD

Chapter 1. At the river meanders ...

- Leader! Leader! - Special Leader of Team U Sawa ran throughout the camp, trying to find their leader. Now the camp, despite the late evening, except for them was empty. After the victory they could safely leave the camp without fear of attack monsters. That's the other part of Team U in addition to the left on Earth Taiga , try to make up for lost time in the battle.

The only place where Sawa has not sought, was her and leader's room. But when Takayama went there recently, the leader is nowhere to be found.

Lately, the leader disappeared not known where and came to camp just before midnight, when all were asleep. She was leaving early in the morning, even before dawn.

At first, her tried to find everything, but seeing that she comes in one piece, they gave up too.

- Damn! Why are you so good hiding? ANNA!

Suddenly in her headphone something hissed, and the next moment there came a weary voice of the leader:

- Why shout like? Your voice can hear for miles.

- Huh? Leader, what the hell? I've been looking for you a long time! Where are you?

- At river's meanders near the camp ...

Sawa remembered this place - that is where they are sworn to protect each other.


Anna sat on the bank and looked at a small stream with clear water. In her head and in her heart was empty. With her never this was not.

- Leader ... - just come running Sawa sat down next to her.

- Stop calling me a leader ...

- Why is that?

- I'm not a leader, Team U broke up, - Anna, picking up a pebble from the shore, threw it into the water. - In times of peace it is not necessary.

- You'll always be our leader, no matter what - Sawa got up and came close to the brook. - Anna ... Why did you become so?

- A? What do you mean? - Ozaki did not even look at the special leader, continuing to look at the bottom of the stream.

- We almost did not see you. You're always somewhere to disappear, we can not find you. You changed much - Sawa put a hand on the shoulder of Anna. - What has changed in you after the battle?

- What has changed? - Ozaki jumped up and looked at Takayama. - I died then, Sawa! And the one thing for which we both tried so hard to save the Earth, died along with me. And you ask me why I changed!

- Anna ...

- Baby ... - leader laid a hand on her stomach. - He's gone, Sawa!

Anna cried. Cried so hard as never before.

- Anna ... - Sawa hugged her friend and hugged her close. Leader continued to cry bitterly on Takayama's shoulder.

- Forgive me ... - Sava heard through sobs Anna apologized to her. - I promised you ... that after the victory ... We will live three of us ...


What happened to them? What led them to this?
Randomness, betrayal, vow - in the second chapter of "Newborn Phoenix"

How do you?
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Title: Re: [Ultraman Saga X AKB48] Newborn Phoenix Ch1 (16.03.13)
Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on March 16, 2013, 01:30:34 PM
Uwaa~~ Kanashii~~ :cry:

Such sweet, tear-jerking Saeyaka moments. :deco: :heart:

Can't wait for update! :cathappy: :twothumbs
Title: Re: [Ultraman Saga X AKB48] Newborn Phoenix Ch1 (16.03.13)
Post by: qweakb on March 16, 2013, 02:29:25 PM
Baby ... - leader laid a hand on her stomach. - He's gone, Sawa!

hmm... what had happen to the baby???

please update soon, there is lot of question in my mind..hehe  :bow:
Title: Re: [Ultraman Saga X AKB48] Newborn Phoenix Ch1 (16.03.13)
Post by: Lost Heaven on March 23, 2013, 12:26:16 PM
You already know that I love this couple :deco: :heart:
Arigatou for having read this ravings of a madman.  :lol:
In my head many questions too. I never know where the inspiration lead me at this time.  XD XD XD

Thank you very much for your feedback!
Sorry for my poor English  :nervous :nervous :nervous
And look forward to the second chapter!

Chapter 2.

Four months before the main events

Anna turned off the alarm clock and abruptly sat down, cast away a blanket. Slight dizziness and darkening of the eyes made ​​her make a wry face and just sit for a minute.

After the dizziness passed, she looked at the bed against the opposite wall. There, lounging in a very strange position, lay Sawa, which never heard the alarm clock.

Anna got up and called Takayama:

- Sawa, get up, - Ozaki took a towel from her chair and hung it around her neck. Turning around, she noticed that the position of special leader has not changed one jot - she just slept peacefully.

- Sawa, get up! - Anna pulled the blanket with the sleeping girl, but she just mumbled something and turned to the wall, fell asleep again.

- Okay, I did not want to do that, but... - Ozaki took her pillow and with all the force threw it into Sawa.

After a moment, special leader was standing on the floor.

- Ozaki, what the hell! - Her sleepy and angry face was so comical that Anna barely restrained laughter.

- Takayama, stop being angry and bothered to remember that today we have sortie into the city. Or do you listen so inattentively at session?

Sessions were special tradition of Team U. Every day after dinner and after the kids go to sleep, the whole team gathered in a room in the camp and discussed the results of the day and plans for the next day.

Most plans are developed by Anna and Misato (as leader and vice-leader). Only occasionally the plan been amended by Nonko (as chief mechanic) and Risa (as a nurse).

- Okay, I think others have already woken up. Completely wake up and get down, - with these words Anna left the room and went to the bathroom.


Anna POV

Yet, no matter how Nonko and Maomi were great mechanics, the equipment let us down today.

I had to divert suddenly appeared monster in order to Nonko, Maomi, Misato and Sava ran off at a relatively safe distance.

And, no matter how well I control the robot, the monster's fire was faster.

Unsuccessful crash landing - and here, the robot refused to obey commands, and I was directly under the gun of monster.

And all would have ended sad, if not appeared in time giant with incredible force, who easily defeated the monster.


This was a Shin Asuka, or as he is better known, Ultraman Dyna - man from another planet, who saves the world.

Prior to that, none of us has ever seen or heard about Ultramans.

At first, we treated him with suspicion, but then realized that he is our friend. Asuka quickly made ​​friends with all the kids, especially with the older boy - Takeru, and then he became our friend.

He became involved in the sessions and gave valuable advice. Asuka proposed to divide the city into squares and place in each of them explosive device.

Takeru joined to the process of the installation of these "bombs" , stating that he is an adult and can help us.

I do not remember how long it took me to understand - I'm in love. Fell in love with his eyes, his smile, his voice, his sincerity and kindness. I'm in love as a high school student, despite the fact that the school has been left far behind.

End of Anna POV


A month before the main events

- Tomorrow I go back to my planet, - there was evening and everyone was ready to retire to their rooms when Asuka said it.

- Huh? - Taiga jumped up from the chair on which he sat. - How is it? We need to stay to help rebuild this planet!

- I was called by Management. Ever since that moment as the entire top-brass of knew I was alive. You, Musashi and girls, - nod in the direction Team U. - Remain.

- Are you coming back? - Musashi as always calm, as if he did not care. - It would be nice if you helped us.

- Probably not. I was waiting for not only management. I was waiting for Haruka. I can not leave her lonely again , - with these words, Asuka turned to the stairs and went upstairs.

It seems no one but Sawa, did not notice that Anna clenched her fists.


Returning from the shower Sawa found Anna sitting on the window sill (sill's size allowed to sit on it for at least three people).

Absolutely a stone face, soulless eyes - Takayama knew this mask. Had seen this mask more than once for all his familiarity with the eldest Ozaki.

Anna hiding. Hiding behind his mask, trying to hide her feelings: sadness, anger, pain, much less often - joy or delight.

In this they differ greatly with Sawa. "If Takayama in bad mood - hold on to something stronger. Otherwise, you will wash away the tsunami "- so said, half-jokingly, their comrades of the biker gang.

Sawa went to the Anna, who watching in window, and put her hand on Anna's knee. Ozaki turned slowly and looked at Takayama, as if to say, "What do you want? If nothing urgent - go away. "

- Don't hide anymore. Don't hide, - Sawa did not recognize her voice. So he was pleading. - If you want to shout - shout, if you want to cry - cry if you want to hit somebody - I'm ready and I will not resist. Just please, - Takayama took her partner's hand. - Don't wear the mask. Do not hide your true feelings. Just know - I'm here. With you. I will always support you, no matter what happens.

- Sawa ... - Ozaki tilted her head so that her face not to be seen. - How could he ...

- Anna?

- It turns out he have a girl or wife who is waiting for him, and he ... - Anna shook her head. - Cheated on her with the first counter. Do you think this is normal?

- Are you about Asu ...

- Do not say his name, - Anna sharply interrupted Sawa. - Never. Anyway, in my presence.

Ozaki jumped from the window sill and went to the mirror that hung in their room.

- I hate him. I hate... - Anna raised her head and stared at the reflection of his own face for a minute. - And for more I hate myself. For the fact that I contributed to this cheating ... If I hadn't gone with him to the city...

- Anna, do not blame yourself. That's his problems, - Sawa sat on her bed. - You're not to blame.

- I am guilty! - Ozaki with full force punched the wall.

- Do not blame yourself! - Takayama jumped out of bed and screamed. - Is your fault that he raped you?! You don't wished that!

This is the second chapter! I made ​​it bigger than the first chapter, I hope you not strongly angry because of this.
P.S. For Ultraman Dyna fans (if there are any). I'm sorry for what I've done here with Asuka. My fantasy in this fanfic flew beyond the canon and beyond the reasonable. I hope it will not affect your relationship to my fanfic.
P.P.S. How do you?
Please, comment!
Title: Re: Newborn Phoenix Ch2 UPDATE!!! (23.03.13)
Post by: qweakb on March 25, 2013, 10:23:08 PM
hmmm...not bad...  :D

Wonder how she had been rape..and what had happen? haha

please continue to update soon.. :)
Title: Re: Newborn Phoenix Ch2 UPDATE!!! (23.03.13)
Post by: Cometerz48 on May 25, 2014, 07:24:33 PM
Nee, I was actually (more like secretly) looked forward to this..

I wonder if you still going to update it..if you are, I'm looking forward to it :D