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Title: GunSword: Shikaku Kankei Saga [1st Arc](Multipairing) - Ch. 13-A (23/11/17)
Post by: Minamiyuki on April 03, 2013, 04:04:37 PM

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Tragedy, Action, War, Shoujo-ai, Comedy, Science Fiction (i don't know if that's what they called it  XD)

Table of Contents

Shikaku Kankei Saga

Psychosomatic Tower Arc (精神身体計画, Seishinkarada Keikaku) [Atsumina Story]

Theme song: Beginner (AKB48)
Beginner (
Title: Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/03/13]
Post by: kuro808 on April 03, 2013, 04:26:02 PM
Incredible start to the fic

Love the imagery you put into it, can't wait for your updates
Title: Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/03/13]
Post by: kurogumi on April 03, 2013, 04:43:12 PM
Eh its great,even though i dont know the pairing
Somehow i know this would be a great fic!

Hope its mayuki LOL i loved this pairing too much~
And who died on the grave?if its mayuki then itp should be wmatsui~
A sad story...full of drama i loved it

 Thank! And cant wait ch.1
Title: Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/03/13]
Post by: korin48 on April 03, 2013, 04:47:08 PM
Wow interesting!  :w00t: and please read my private message
Hope it is Atsumina! Please update soon! :twothumbs
Title: Re: Souhoukou Kankei Kinshi [04/03/13] Chapter 0: Shonichi
Post by: Minamiyuki on April 03, 2013, 05:45:39 PM
Just like I said...It will be lightning speed update for my first 5 chapters...

Thank you for your comments, I will continue... now

This is the Introduction for my story... and by the way its chapter 0 first...hehehehe XD XD XD

@kurosawa87: Thank you for your compliment

@kurogumi: Don't worry... You will know soon, I just wanna create some surprises  :lol: :lol: :lol:

@correnereyes: Well you can hope, but can not.. Will you???  :lol: :lol: :lol:

OK so lets START!!!!!


Chapter 0: Shonichi

8 years ago

It was the year 2148, an era that the world turn into a digital environment. There are some changes everywhere, such as holographic computers, high-speed maglev trains, hypersonic planes and many more. Although it has a little advancement, these will improve to the lives of the people and makes them work faster. Especially in Japan, where these technologies are even more advanced than their neighborhood countries and more lives are being helped.

   Aside from technologies, there are also some of the improvements that make the people life easier. These are natural gift and elemental ability, one of the branches of supernatural science. Natural gifts are inborn skills that rapidly improved by learning something and minimal practice. Elemental ability is a power that can able to control natural elements and can be improve by knowledge and practice. Both of these are only appearing uniquely to a person, about a ratio of one to ten thousands of people.

   But among of these advantages, there are some disadvantages. Some people will used these advanced improvements to hurt someone. These people can able to create a terror and annihilation for them to rule the whole world and become god. One of their most fearful creations is the making of weapons of mass destruction, which can exterminate every living thing in a very wide radius.

   Therefore the Japanese government create a defense force that will able to protect people from these destructive terrors, called Akiba Defense Special Force (or ADSF). This force will act as a nation’s military force. It was headed by Supreme Commander Akimoto Yasushi. His purpose is to exercising supreme command authority every headquarters in this nation.

    Akiba Headquarters, located in Tokyo, Japan, is the main headquarters of ADSF. This headquarters equipped with cutting-edge technology for multi-purpose and have many state-of-the-art weapons, making a fortress-like base. Of every headquarters across the nation, this headquarters is the most advanced of all. It also acts as a command center of Japan and to all headquarters located in this country.

   It was leaded by the twelve taishous. They are called Twelve Constellations (it is based on the twelve zodiacs). Each of the twelves taishous are given the rank based on their skill capabilities. The highest is the president, which has a liontail insignia (Leo-rank), and the vice-president is the second highest, which has a ram insignia (Aries-rank). Each of them has the highest authority to command every military force and organized a very large-scale assaults. They can able to fight too even they are the highest rank. They also have personal high-customized weapons that are suits to their fighting styles. They have also unique natural gifts and elemental powers but in more powerful version than the other gift users and elemental practitionists. Their senses are very high that they can able to feel anything or any danger that comes near to them. Their uniform, same as the officers but has little difference in appearance, are blue and white modified school seifuku on top and white miniskirt on bottom. They have also worn colourful jacket on their uniform. They have a four-star pin and zodiac sign insignia on their collar.

   They manage to protect the country and maintain peace in many years, until now. The world has been beginning to succumb as the new terror rises again from the grave. Now, the war for the future has been start.

To be continued…

So what you think of my introduction???  XD XD XD XD
Title: Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/03/13]
Post by: kuro808 on April 03, 2013, 06:40:08 PM
The end of the world is near but there is an unknown hero lurking XD
Title: Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/03/13]
Post by: arrow27 on April 03, 2013, 10:07:29 PM
Wow, sounds like a really awesome fic! Like the story & concept so far :) By the title of the prologue, I'm guessing it's Atsuko and Minami :D Then again could be deceived and its wrong lol.

Thanks for the updates! looking forward to next chapter!
Title: Re: Souhoukou Kankei Kinshi [04/03/13] Chapter 1-A: The Clumsy girl
Post by: Minamiyuki on April 04, 2013, 12:14:04 AM
The one that you've been waiting for is here!!!!!!  XD XD XD

This chapter divides into parts, so this will be a very long chapter

@kurosawa87: Hmmmmm.....

@arrow27 Thanks for your compliment, although that's my first story. Well you could say that its Atsumina, or not?  XD XD XD

WELL!!!! Let's start the very long chapter


Chapter 1: Beginner

Phase A: The Clumsy girl

Ichikawa City, Chiba

It was a silent peaceful afternoon in Ichikawa, Chiba; with only sounds are the chirp of the birds and the rustling trees. A girl was seen lying under the tree with the two hands on the head with the 50”x5”x4” bag beside her. She was there on the whole time, seems to feel the wind that slaps her face.

Maeda Atsuko, age 21, she is also called Acchan. Know to her friends as clumsy girl because of her lack of gracefulness and she sometimes making mistakes. She graduated in Chiba University at Physics degree. She was born muted that only she uses to talk someone are to use her hands (sign language) or bringing markerboard in case for some people who did not understand her sign language. Luckily, she was also born with telepathic ability (the capability to communicate directly by psychic means), but only using it to some people she close, either friends or families.

 She has an excellent marksmanship skill, able to use guns in melee and range combats at master level. She can also use guns in point-blank range, making her more dangerous in every distance. She can switch her weapons, although she’s more preferable to be dual-wielding. She can also reload her guns in a fast rate. She can use knives in case her gun is out of bullet. Her accuracy ratio is 1000/1000.

Her natural gift is Gift of Clairvoyance, an abilty that can able to perceive objects that are not accessible to the senses. She can use this to predict any movements (rather fast or slow) of an object either organic or non-organic, in just split-seconds. She can also see what is not been seen in the human naked eyes, including non-physical objects.

Her elemental abilities are blue pyrokinesis (blue flame manipulation) the ability to create and manipulate blue flames, a flame that more intense and hotter than ordinary orange flame, and an advanced version of fire manipulation; and plasmakinesis (plasma manipulation) the ability to create and manipulate ionized particles and molecules, such as flares, and can solidifies flames that can able to cut through solid objects.

She was given by her grandmother, which was Aries-rank General Oshima Mai, her 21st birthday gift. It is a high-customized, titanium-stainless steel alloy Heckler and Koch G3A3A1, which was the highly-improved version of G3A3 capable to shoot 12x farther than its maximum range and 15x more firepower, piercing 5” thick of concrete wall with continuous firing, and 9x faster the bullet travels. It has an improve recoil, decreasing its inertia when shooting, and magazine feed, carrying 30 bullets. It also equips telescopic sight with 50x zoom, which she can use to scout and shoot enemies in far distances. Because of its metallic content, it can block bullets, cannon shells and bladed weapons (including laser cutters) without either damage or scratch to its surface.

   She sighed, thinking about the words that released from her grandmother’s mouth on her birthday.

Flashback, 3 months ago:

Just like I said, Maeda Atsuko is mute so she can’t talk to her grandmother using mouth but she using her telepathic abilities to communicate through her mind.

“My beautiful dear, I have a birthday present for you.” Gen. Oshima Mai said and gave to her a golf-like bag.

“What is this, Oba-san???” an excited Maeda Atsuko asked.

When she opened it, a green and black gun is shown from the inside. Then she faced her grandmother with a questionable face.
“This is my weapon that I’ve been created last 3 years, though I did not use it until now. So I will give it to you as a reward for your successful graduation. Please take care of it because this is my most precious and most important treasure that I kept for so long.” The general said.
“And also when the time comes, you will able to take my place as one of the generals of the twelve constellations and also the vice-president.”
“Nande?” the young girl tearfully asked, knowing that there is something wrong with her grandmother’s words.
“I know that this peaceful days may not be last long and I’m old enough to remain my position. My life is very short now that I will able to die soon and my body was very weak now.”
“Don’t say that, you’re not going to die. You’re are too young to die yet.” The young girl said, liquid crystals formed from her eyes.

"Hahahahaha, your compliments are not flattered me. I can feel now that my time is coming, so i will leave my position to your care" her grandmother said.

“And besides the president of Twelve Constellations is the same age as you. So you will have joined to ADSF not only to protect the country but also to protect that you love. Can you promise that for me?” The old general asked.
“Hai, I will promise.” The young girl answered.

End of Flashback

Atsuko unconsciously cry about that past memory. After she receives her most treasure gift, her grandmother died of heart attack last month. She noticed her cheeks were covered by her tears so she wipes it using her sleeves.

'Yoshi, I will go now to Tokyo to join ADSF' Atsuko thought and stand up, getting the bag.

After what she said, she’s running now to home for preparing her things before setting off.

When she finishes preparing everything what she needs, she takes a bath and changes clothes. She’s wearing now a blue blouse with black and white jacket on top of it, and blue jeans. After that, she brought her things and went now to the garage, where her black Koenigsegg CCXR Edition, which was another gift from her grandmother, was there ready to take off. Before starting the engine, she thought about her decision to join in ADSF. Without doubts, she accelerates now the car on the road as she move forward to her destination.

To be continued…


This is the first part of the first chapter.... Now that you know who's pairing it is, right??  :cool2: :cool2:
Title: Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/03/13]
Post by: kuro808 on April 04, 2013, 12:55:10 AM
Yeah the pairing seems obvious now :lol:

I like how it is being set up to have a lot of action through guns and manipulation of items :thumbsup :thumbsup
Title: Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/03/13]
Post by: arrow27 on April 04, 2013, 02:18:27 AM
Yay was right, far? lol :P :D

Thanks for the update!

Great little back-story there of Atsuko. I like how you set up the explanation of her powers/abilities :D & the weapons sound awesome too!

Looking 4ward to next chapter as always :D
Title: Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/03/13]
Post by: Tanchan on April 04, 2013, 06:22:36 AM
Judging from your avatar and the first few chapters I think it's safe to say that this is Atsumina, right? You update really fast. I hope you won't drop it half way like some authors did :. :nervous. I'm curious as to who do those those two graves belong to?

"Their best friends and their lovers." I'm  a bit confused at this sentence.
Title: Re: Souhoukou Kankei Kinshi [04/03/13] Chapter 1-B: The Midget girl
Post by: Minamiyuki on April 04, 2013, 06:46:44 AM
First of all...Thank you for your warmheartly comments, it makes me cry.... :cry: :cry: :cry:

Do you think that only Atsumina?? (Read again the Title of this story)

FYI, this is the weirdest and most unique (p.......g) ever, it so confusing that I've imagine it so many times...

@kurosawa87: seem to be obvious now, but that's not it....  XD XD XD

@arrow27: talk about abilities, you would like to have that too?? Especially her gift (an ability to see anything, including hidden objects, that's the other meaning of her ability). You know what I mean???  :lol: :lol:
@Tanchan: just like i in the first post. i write this story 3 weeks ago and i cannot post it earlier due to my registration problem to this site. by the way i don't do that... All of you are the reasons why I motivate myself to write this, thanks for your stories that all of you created, I can able to challenge myself....

"Their best friends and their lovers." I'm  a bit confused at this sentence.

About that??? hmmm, you will know soon... I can't explain it right now since you don't want to be spoiled, it's a bit confusing you know  XD XD

Here's the part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Phase B: The Midget girl

Akiba Headquarters Tokyo, Japan

The short schoolgirl walking very fast to the hallway, ignoring any person she bumps. Then she stops to the wooden and metallic door. She very deeply sighs as she opens the door and close after going in. She went to her desk and silently sits.

Takahashi Minami, age 21, she is also called as Takamina. She’s a head general of the Twelve Constellations, having a Leo-rank (the highest rank of the twelve generals), and the President of Akiba Headquarters. She is wearing blue and white seifuku, with having four-star insignia and lionmane-shaped pin on her collar, and white skirt. Known to her friends as midget girl because of her very short height, which is 148.5 cm, and also known for her failing expressions and boyish-like personality.

She has an excellent swordsmanship skill, having mastered all swords styles at her young age. She is more comfortable to wield two swords, which she can use in full-offensive, offensive-defensive and full offensive stances, but sometimes she using one sword more often. She has a very fast movement speed and agility that she can evade barrage of bullets and any fast objects, thanks to her short height, which was her major advantage, and also can greatly using guns too. Her accuracy ratio is 400/400.

Her natural gift is Gift of Acceleration, an ability to move in inhuman speed, creating a blur vision when it is fast enough. Her speed is 5x than a speed of sound, making her the fastest general known. She can use it to confused enemies by leaving afterimage from her starting point. She can used it to fastly approach (the speed of sound at sea level is 340.30 m/s) far objects in split-seconds.

Her elemental abilities are audiokinesis (sound manipulation) an ability to create and manipulate sounds. She can able to create sound-barrier breaking blast such as shockwaves and sonicboom; and aerokinesis (wind manipulation) an ability to create and manipulate wind. She can able to create fast-velocity winds such as tornadoes and hurricanes. She able to travel in air by manipulating air particles around her, such as aerokinetic flight, air walking and levitating. She can use wind to propel herself from any direction, increasing her force of thrust to reduce drag.

She has personal weapon. Two 35” high-customized carbon-reinforced, titanium-steel katana, which has a high-concentrated beam cutting system on the edge of the blade, capable to cut a 10” reinforce concrete cleanly without destroying its surface. Her two scabbards are made with ultra-high carbon steel, with dragon engraving on each side, which can block bullets and bladed weapons without scratches.

She couldn’t contain her feelings anymore as her tears are starting to falling down her cheeks and suddenly broken down to sob. Her vice-president Aries-rank General Oshima Mai died last month because of heart attack. She considered her as mother since she became president of Twelve Constellations and head of the ADSF main headquarters 3 years ago. She also acts as her trainer in every situation and conditions in the headquarters since she’s very new and very young to lead the entire force. Now that General Oshima is gone, the shorter girl has nothing to do but keeping herself in sorrowful state. She locked herself at her office, only going out when in meeting or going home and only talk to her close friends although she can do properly her work.

While midget was busy for crying and sobbing, the sound of knocking door was heard, unfortunately she completely ignores it. The door is opened, revealed another short girl is coming to her office. She has also the same uniform as the midget, with the twin metallic tonfas hanging in her back. After the short girl close the door, she slowly move closer to the desk. Then she sits in front of the sobbing girl.

“Mou Takamidget, will you stop crying, for God’s sake. It’s been one month but still you’re not moving on?” The short girl frustratedly said.
“What do you want? If you don’t have anything in here, just leave me alone.” The midget tearfully said with her head lying down.

The short girl remains in her place and sighed, waiting to her friend to calm down. While the midget finishes sobbing, she raises her head and wiped her tears.
“I can’t do anything right without her.” The midget said.

“Daijoubu, we will always in your back, just be in yourself and have a confidence. We will not leave you alone, because we are your friends.” The short girl said.
Hearing the short girl’s sentence, Takamina’s resolution became goes high that it reaches its climatic stage and lighten her mood.

“Arigatou, Yuko. You’re really my bestfriend” Takamina said, then she smiles.

“That our president. By the way, since your right-hand is going to heaven, who will gonna replace her?” Yuko jokefully asked.

“You’re not funny.” The midget rolled her eye. ”I’m not thought about it, it’s harder to find someone who can replace her”

“Maybe we can promote someone that below us (she’s referring to the below general, general>lieutenant general)”

“That would be not easy; being one of the Twelve Constellations requires great skills and talent.” Takamina countered.

“I already thought about it, so I suggest we could have a competition. I called it ‘Shoushin Senbatsu Taikai’. It’s not all about promotion, it about how they could show their hidden potential that would filled the position. By the way, we have two vacancies since now.” Yuko suggest.

“Dou iu koto? (What do you mean?)”

“Well as you can see. After General Oshima Mai is gone” Yuko paused and tried to look Takamina with worried eyes.

“I’m fine, continue”

“Ahem, well after your right-hand is gone. Last week, Sagittarius-rank General Urano Kazumi was resigning from her position as General and leave from her seat as Twelve Constellations.”

“What? How? When? Why?” Takamina asked many question like there is no tomorrow.

“Hey, calm down. Where are not gonna have a war right now.”


“I will answer all your questions.” Yuko continued.

“First, she was resigning is not just about the death of her bestfriend.”

“Second, she was resigning because she’s very old now”

“And third, she was giving her position to someone that she knows.”

“Someone that she knows? Who is that person? And what’s the relationship between her?” Takamina asked.

“Her niece” Yuko answered.

“Ohhhh. Wait, we can’t just let her to have that position. We don’t have any information about that person!” Takamina said.

“Yeah I know. So that’s why I suggest this solution, right?”

“Ohhh. Ok, I guess I don’t have a choice. Permission granted, you may now to execute your project.”

“Thank you, General Takamidget” Yuko teasingly said then running at the door.

“HEY!!!!!!” Takamina shouted but Yuko was already in the outside.

“Mou, you’re not really funny, Yuko.” Takamina pouted.

“Maimai thank you for everything that you teach me. From now on, I’m gonna stand on my own feet.” Takamina said, looking to the ceiling. After that she smiles.

To be continued…


So what do you think???  :) :) :)
Title: Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/04/13] Chapter 1-B: The Midget girl
Post by: Kazan on April 04, 2013, 08:15:11 AM
 :thumbup interesting
I wonder what kind ability of yuko
Title: Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/04/13] Chapter 1-B: The Midget girl
Post by: Tanchan on April 04, 2013, 08:25:47 AM
Man I hate this triangle rectangle love ( not hating you though XD) because I hate a third or fourth person getting in between them (with the exception of Tomochin XD). But at the end it's still Atsumina, right? But still, you trigger my curiosity. Okay I guess that Cindy's niece is nyanyan, right? If so then I can guess the people involved in this rectangle love! Though admittedly I don't like it that much, for the same reason stated above.
Title: Re: Shikakkei Kankei (Love Rectangle) [04/04/13] Chapter 1-B: The Midget girl
Post by: kuro808 on April 04, 2013, 09:02:46 AM
Takamina takes on great responsibility although she faces the tough challenges ahead
Title: Re: Souhoukou Kankei Kinshi [04/05/13] Chapter 1-C: The Perverted girl
Post by: Minamiyuki on April 04, 2013, 11:13:57 AM
And again... Thanks for your comments...

@Kazan: You will know it in this part  XD XD XD

@Tanchan: Well this relationship is the most unique to these persons... actually there are other members are having this relationship too (Aside from Takamina, Acchan and the other two)  :lol: :lol: :lol:

@kurosawa87: You're right, much like how she express her thoughts about her suddden promotion into general manager

ENJOY READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :deco: :deco: :deco:


Phase C: The Perverted girl

Still at Akiba Headquarters

“Thank you, General Takamidget” The short girl teasingly said then running at the door.

“HEY!!!!!!” Takamina shouted but Yuko was already in the outside.

After closing the door, she’s running now in the hallway while laughing, remembering the failing expression from her bestfriend’s face make.

Oshima Yuko, age 24, she is also called as Yuko.  She’s one of the generals of Twelve Constellations, having a Gemini-rank. She is wearing blue and white seifuku, with having four-star insignia and Roman numeral ‘II’ shaped pin on her collar, and white skirt. She was known to her friends as perverted girl because of her doing some perverted ways, like touching the butt and squeezing the breast; and also to her height, which was slightly same by Takamina, although Yuko is 4 cm higher than Takamina. She’s known for her squirrel-like teeth and dimples, which she said that was her charm points.

She has an excellent ambidexterity skill, capable of using any objects she can get with either or both of her two hands, either from as small as pencil to the 1.5 meter pole. She has also a very fast movement speed and agility, but not as fast as Takamina, but fast enough to evade bullets. She can use guns, but not often. Her accuracy ratio is 250/250.

Her natural gift is Gift of Hyper-Intuition, ability to gain more knowledge without the use of conscious thoughts but only using their reflexes. She can use this to predict any movement of an object surrounding from her by able to receive and understand the details of an object spontaneously, making her the fastest responding general known.

Her elemental abilities are electrokinesis (electric manipulation) the ability to create, manipulate and absorb any charged particles. She can able to create any electrical forms, either offensive or defensive forms, from simple to complex forms; and magnetokinesis (magnetic manipulation) the ability to generate and manipulate any forms of magnetism. She can use to control any magnetic objects, such as metals (not all are magnetic, and can create magnetic force.

She has also personal weapon. Two 25” high-customized, platinum-plated, carbon-reinforced, stainless steel tonfas. It is strong enough to create a 5” radius of dent to the wall and can able to block every bullet, even the bullet of a sniper rifle. It can also block any bladed objects, including laser-cutting devices, without scratches. These tonfas equip high-intensity electromagnetic pulse device on its internal. When activated, it releases high-current electromagnetic charges surrounding the tonfa (excluding the handle) in which she can use to paralyses and stuns the enemy and disrupts any electric-powered devices in short time.
Yuko felt her body tired of running so she stop for a while and then walk. While she’s walking she saw a door with the silver cardboard hanging and a name engraved on it. She stop in front of the door and knock.

“Come in” Yuko heard from the other side of the door.

Yuko open the door and walk inside. After that she close the door and walk forward to the girl with same uniform who is busy eating melonpan while listening in MP5 and didn’t notice that Yuko was in front of her.

“Oi Rena-chan!!!! Could you please stop eating melonpan for a while and eat some meat.” Yuko shout.

“Kyaaaaa!!!!” A shockingly girl accidentally stumble herself from her seat.

“Hahahahahaha” Yuko laugh.

“Itai!!!!” Then the girl stands up and sits formally on her chair.

“Mou Yuko-senpai, don’t scare me like that. You’re giving me a heart attack you know”

“Hehehe, gomen gomen” Yuko said

“And could you please stop adding ‘senpai’ on my name, we are on the same rank!!!”

“But your 3 years older than me” Rena cutely pouted.

“That’s not the point!!!!!”

“So what you’re doing to my office, aside from startling me.” Rena said in serious tone.

“Wow, Aquarius-rank General Matsui Rena are in the serious mode. That’s the first time” Yuko clapped.

“I’m always been like this when comes in some obvious situations” Rena blushed from embarrassment

“KAWAII!!!!!” a girl, also with the same uniform, said behind them, making Yuko and Rena startled and jump from their seat.

The girl starts running from Rena and hugs her tightly, making Rena breathe deeply due to suffocation.

“Jurina-chan, I can’t breathe” Rena said.

“Hahahaha, Pisces-rank General Matsui Jurina, your Rena-chan is suffocating now” Yuko teasing.

“I can’t resist her cuteness. Rena-chan is so kawaii!!!!” Jurina hug her more tightly.

“I ca-n’t bre-athe. I’m gonna die now” Rena started now to feel fainted.

“Mou, will you stop that now Jurina. You’re killing Rena-chan you know” Yuko continued teasing.

When Jurina heard what Yuko said, she saw Rena’s skin turns paler. She withdraws now from her hug.

“Ohhh, Rena-chan gomenasai” Jurina apologize with puppy-eyes, her most dangerous and deadliest, ultimate superweapon that no one can able to resist this cuteness.

‘Uhhh too cute, I can’t resist it. I must fight it back’ Rena thought. She sweating a lot more due to her urging resistance.

“Pleases” Jurina said while making her face cuter.

“Fine, apology accepted” Rena sighed then she rubbed her temple with her hands.

“Hehehehehe, looks like Jurina force you to do that Rena.” Yuko teased.

“I don’t know. When she’s doing that, I can’t resist.”

After a while, the three sat down from the seats while Rena was continued eating melonpan.

“How’s Takamina-san?” Rena asked.

“Well looks like she’s fine now and I think it will not bother her anymore”

“Yokatta, I thought that midget will in a depression mode, that will gonna kill herself by that, Itai!!!” Jurina flinched.

“Why did you do that Rena-chan?”

“Don’t say that to Takamina-san, you know how she was shattered about the death of our vice-president” Rena said with concern.

“You’re right, gomenasai”

A knock was heard from the other side of the door.

“Come in” Rena command.

The door is open, revealing two girls, also with the same uniform as the three girls.

“Libra-rank General Watanabe Mayu, coming in” the girl with ponytail hair said and coming in.

“Scorpio-rank General Kashiwagi Yuki, coming in” the girl with raven hair said and coming in also.

“Wow my oshiri sister is here, hi Shiriri-chan” Yuko said.

“Ohh Oshiriko-chan, what are you doing here?”

“Nothing just visiting for a while and have a talk while drinking a tea” Yuko said while holding a teacup.

“So how’s your butt hunting, did you find yours?” Mayu said.

“Here are the two perverted sisters who can only talk about butts” Yuki said to Rena.

“Sou desu ne (That’s right)” Rena said

“Ie, I can’t find a perfect butt for me. I’m jealous to you because your have Yuki’s butt, can I touch it?” Yuko said.

“YADA!!!! Nobody will able to Yukirin’s butt beside me. Itai!!!! What is that for Yukirin.” Mayu shouts.

“Can you please shut up” Yuki shyly said.

“Hey I heard that Aries-rank General Urano Kazumi was resigned. Is that true?” Jurina asked, making the rest of the girls sit to any chair they will sit.

“Hai, that’s true” Yuko confirmed.

“Then, what should we do. Two position are in vacant now” Yuki said.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna start my project that will solved to our problems regarding that issue” Yuko said.

“What project Oshiriko-chan?” Mayu asked.

“I’m already proposing this project to Takamina. She permitted me now to execute it”

“What is it?” Jurina asked.

“I called it ‘Shoushin Senbatsu Taikai’ (Promotion Selection Tournament)”

“Oh it’s all about promotion, that’s easy” Yuki said.

“Sou desu ne, but it’s not a normal promotion”

“What do you mean about that Yuko-senpai?”

“It is a tournament for the lower ranks. The requirement of being a general must have very unique skills, natural talents and their elemental abilities must be in peak strength, right?” the four girls nodded.

“So that’s the basically the concept for this tournament. We need to find someone who has those requirements to fill the position by showing to us some their hidden potential through the series of competitions. But since there are two empty seats, we need two final winners. But that’s not it”

“There are more?” The four said in unison.

“To become Twelve Constellation generals, they must battle to one of us if they are worthy to worn these uniforms and have these badges.” Yuko proudly said.

“Ohhhhh, that’s a great idea” The four said in unison.

“So who will gonna join Yuko-senpai?”  Rena asked.

“Hmmm, they must be not lower than lieutenant colonel for them to participate”

“Ha?? But I thought only lieutenant general” Jurina said.

“If it’s only lieutenant general then there will have no fun at all. Besides, we have few lieutenant generals in all headquarters, right? So why not lieutenant colonel since there are so many with that rank?”

“Hmmm, you have a point. Sugoi, you are smarter than I expected” Yuki said
“I’m not a general anymore if I don’t have a brain” Yuko pouted.

“Well anyway, since we have a permission by Takamina, we should have now a preparation for this project and I need all of the general’s help, you understand?” Yuko said

“Unnnnn” all girls excitedly nodded

“So let’s started, Ikimashou ka? (Let’s go?)” Yuko shouted

“HAI!!!!!!” all girls shout

To be continued…..

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The tournament will be a great one to read about

Great work
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This is super awesome

Can't w8 to read the nxt chapter

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I can't wait to read about the Tournament!!!
I can't wait for the next chapter!!
hope u have time to update the fic!!
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What a promising new fic :shocked Me like :D

So... the pairings so far are atsumina (possibly), kojiyuu (possibly too), wmatsui and mayuki? Who are the other four?  :?

Please put in tomotomo :bow: :bow: :cry:
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This the last part of this chapter and the last person who will join in this confusing relationship.....  XD XD XD

Phase D: The Airheaded girl

Showa dori Ave. Taito, Tokyo
It was a very pleasant afternoon on the spring season of Tokyo. With the trees have been bloom and only a running vehicles was heard, makes the streets in the afternoon busier. On the front of Daily Yamazaki convenient store, a long-haired girl, wearing black jeans, pink blouse with navy blue and white jacket on of it,  black sunglasses and fingerless leather gloves, was there waiting for someone who can take her a ride, with her medium-sized slingbag on her back and cylinder-shaped pouch on her left.

Kojima Haruna, age 24, she is also called as Kojiharu or Kojipa. She is known to her friends as airheaded girl because of her oblivious nature and giving a nonsense answer that has nothing to do with the question. Although she’s airheaded, her IQ is abnormally high that she can able to answer higher-calculus problems, making her the smartest person.

She has an excellent sharpshooting skill, able to shoot projectile things without misses, either near or far distance, with greater precision and accuracy. She can also shoot objects in very fast straight direction, even there is more aerodynamic force. She’s most dangerous and deadliest in very long range but not in short range, which in short her weakness, but her practice in martial arts making her chance to protect herself in short range very high.

Her natural gift if Gift of Eagle Vision (or known as Eagle-eye), an ability that can see 10x more powerful than the normal human eyesight. She can use this, along with her sharpshooting skill, to shoot in extremely-far distance precisely and accurately. She can able to see 15x farther than human eyesight, that she can saw an small ant walking on the rooftop of 15-storey building from the ground where she stand. Yet despite from her very-sharp eyes, she can’t able to adjust her vision due to relative distance change and from her farsightedness. So she’s wearing a black high-customized, multi-purpose, state-of-the-art RB2132 New Wayfarer glasses, capable to auto-adjust of her sight to surroundings in split-seconds. Due to the technology inside of it, it can automatically able to scan and analyse anything from its glass’s sight of range, depends on the user's like.

Her elemental abilities are photokinesis (light manipulation) the ability to control and manipulate photons. She can use this, and again along with her sharpshooting skill, to shoot any projectile objects faster. It is so fast that it will behave like a laser beam when the object release from her hand, at the ¼ of the speed of light. She can also use light to rapidly accelerate the cell regeneration of organic things, making healing to the injuries, depends on severity, faster than normal human does. She can also to create illusionary projection by bending the light around her to confuse her enemies; and radiokinesis (radiation manipulation) the ability to manipulate subatomic particles to generate, emit and manipulate intense, toxic radioactivity (for those who don’t know about that term, radioactive radiations such as high x-rays, ultraviolet-rays, gamma-rays, neutron ray, cosmic rays and chemical elements/metals that releases radioactive rays are very deadly to organic things and could cause horrible results when too much exposure to it. Radioactive particles can take away or steal the electrons of a molecules in a excited state, causing the block of molecules disintegrate completely). She can use it with her shooting skills, to create toxic radioactive projectiles that will burn any organic objects that have contact with it.

She has a personal weapon. A high-customized 50 pounds, carbon-fibre, titanium-stainless steel alloy, perfectline modern recurve bow and ultra-high carbon metal, it’s string is made from Kevlar-coated carbon metal and razor-shaft arrows, which can able to penetrate 15” of reinforced concrete wall with only a draw length of 25”. The bow is so hard that can able to block bullets and any bladed weapons (including laser cutters) without scratches. The bow can be turn into twin bladed saber with beam cutting edge on its front limbs by remove the lock from its pivot point to divide its center and remove the lock of the string's nock point ,she can use it in melee combats when her arrow quiver is empty. She can also use her arrows in melee combat too, due to its razor-shaft head.

While she’s waiting for someone she remembered her aunt said from her last week.

Flashback, 1 week ago
“I’ve resign to be general of Twelve Constellations because I’m old now” Sagittarius-rank General Urano Kazumi said.
“Don’t say that aunt, you’re very strong and young and beautiful” Kojiharu said.
“Hahahaha, your words can’t be flatter me, although I’m appreciate of your compliment. Arigatou” She kissed Kojiharu, making her face bath with embarrassment.
“But still I’m gonna continue to resign and you will gonna replace me from that position”
“EHHHH!!!! Nande?” Kojiharu’s eye widened in sudden announcement.
“Because you have a potential that will complete the requirements for that position, your rank is colonel right?”
“Hai, but still only lieutenant generals will gonna take that position because they are much nearer than me” Kojiharu confirmed
“That’s nonsense, neither of them will can able to take my position, they have a lack of guts. Compare to you and Maimai’s granddaughter”
“Huh? You mean Aries-rank General Oshima Mai, who died 3 months ago?” Kojiharu said.
“Yes my dear, and do you know who is her granddaughter?” her aunt teasingly asked.
“Wakarinai-desu (I don’t know)” Kojiharu blushed.
“Silly girl, it was your bestfriend” her aunt smiles widely.
“EHH!!!!!! You mean my friend and….” Kojiharu widened her eyes and confused
“Yes it is my dear; Aries-rank General Oshima Mai’s granddaughter is your eternal bestfriend, Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko. She will able to take that position as the current Aries-rank and you will gonna take also my position as the current Sagittarius-rank. But don’t spread what I said to anyone until your bestfriend able now to take that position, because I like surprises. So you two must help each other to get that, you understand?” her aunt smirked.
“Hai” Kojiharu said
“Next week, both of you must come to Akiba Headquarters. I heard that Yuko was proposing a project about the vacancies of the positions. That’s your opportunity now to get that position, do you understand?”
“Ok, now that you understand, let’s talk about your abilities”
While the two talks about her improved sharpshooting skills, Kojiharu thought about the sudden revelation she heard from her aunt’s mouth. Out of the blue, she suddenly smiled about her bestfriend, mentally proud for clumsy friend.

Flashback ends
After her mind has back to the real world, she looks at her clock.
‘1:30 pm’ Kojiharu mentally said.
Five minutes more waiting, she looks to the right and she saw a black Koenigsegg CCXR Edition.
Kojiharu smiled, knowing the person own that luxurious hypercar.
As the black car stops in front of her, the left dihedral synchro-helix actuation door was opened, revealing a short-haired girl with a blue blouse with black and white jacket on top of it and wearing RB8041 Aviator Titanium sunglasses. Kojiharu entered the car, put her items on the back of the chair and close the door.
“It’s been a long while, Acchan” Kojiharu smiled.
Sou, it’s been a long while” Acchan mentally replied.
“So, where are we going now?” Kojiharu asked to her muted friend.
Before we go to headquarters let’s have a tea. Do you have a recommended place?
“Hmmmm how about Nekomaru Café” Kojiharu suggest.
Hahahaha, you really have fond of cats, Kojiharu” Acchan smiled while driving.
“Hehehehe, of course… But I’m a cat too, remember” Kojiharu laughed.
Hahahaha, You’re not a cat, you’re a human.
“Yeah, a beautiful cat-like human” Kojiharu said with nod.
Fine, fine, where going there now.  Please put now your seatbelt because were running now at full speed.” Acchan said.
“Hai hai, if you say so” Kojiharu obeyed.
Ok here it goes” the car dashing at the streets.
After 20 minutes of drive, they are now arriving to the building.

Nekomaru Café Ueno, Taito, Tokyo
As the two walked inside of the café, they look around and saw many cats playing with the humans.
“KAWAII!!!!” the two cutely giggled to everything they saw.
As the girls sit on the chair while the cats are running, the waiter coming to them with the pen and notebook holding, ready to take the order.
“Mine is Latte Macchiato and Omellete Rice please” Kojiharu ordered.

Hmmm, I want Iced Choco Latte and Vongole Bianco please” Acchan messaged to her friend.
“For my friend, she wants Iced Choco Latte and Vongole Bianco”

(I actually research about these foods)
After taking the order, the waiter was going now to the kitchen.
While the two was waiting for their order, the girls stand up for a while and take one of the cats to their table.

Acchan get a white Persian cat, while Kojiharu get a silver shaded Siberian cat.
While their playing the cats they held and wait for the order, the two start a conversation.
“I’m surprised that you are the granddaughter of Aries-rank General Oshima Mai” Kojiharu said while putting her finger to the cat’s paw.
Me too, I don’t know that you are the niece of Sagittarius-rank Urano Kazumi” Acchan said while holding the cat in front of her.
“Well I guess that we have been separated for a while, that we can’t talked about our personal living”
Yeah, you’re right

“So, are you gonna participate the tournament?” Kojiharu asked while the cat was sleeping at her nap.
Yeah since it’s my dream, and you?” Acchan asked back. Her cat was sleeping also at her nap
“Same too” Kojiharu said.

We are so lucky that they have two vacancies. If there is only one, we could have fight for it” Acchan smiled.
“Hahahaha, you’re right”
Just during their happy conversation, their order was arrive now.
“Well let’s eat, Itadakimasu!!!” the two said in unison. Then they both smiling look at each other and start laughing.
After the 30 minutes of eating. The two girls start saying goodbye to the cat their holding and leave the café.
They went and enter the car now. Then Acchan start the engine and look at Kojiharu. Kojiharu nodded, that makes Acchan nodded too.
Then she drives now the car to their long awaiting destination. Now their exciting adventure has just begun.

To be continued…….
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It is a really creepy thing for Kojiharu, but it could be her downfall if she manages to lose her powers or someone manages to take her out :nervous
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Thanks for the updates!! Love them all :D So Kojiyuu and Atsumina are the main characters, awesome :D
Great introduction to each one of them ^^ The tournament sounds cool!

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The tournament would definitely be awesome with the girl's powers and all
All of them are super awesome

By the way nice description on their weapons and different items

This is so cool!!!

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Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

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Here are the weapons of our main character

1. Maeda Atsuko
G3A3 (G3A3A1 has the ambidextrous selector switch)

2. Takahashi Minami


3. Oshima Yuko


4. Kojima Haruna


5. Kashiwagi Yuki


6. Shimazaki Haruka


7. Matsui Jurina


8. Shinoda Mariko


9. Watanabe Mayu
(Denel NTW-20 20mm Anti Materiel Rifle)
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For anyone who waiting for my updates, i'm just waiting for your comments before updating.....

@kurosawa87: Maybe I over-exaggerate Kojiharu's and Acchan's power....They are now equally on par with Yuko and Takamina  :P :P

@arrow27: I'm not saying that Atsumina and Kojiyuu are the pairing of this story.. but Acchan, Takamina, Kojiharu and Yuko are the Main characters...

@dark48: Just wait  XD XD XD

@Tanchan: Atsunyan and Takayuu are only bestfriends....  XD XD XD

@stv_wong In terms of strength of their powers...well maybe I over-explained it too much, teeeheee  XD XD XD



Chapter 2: Pioneer

Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseueno, Tokyo; 3:00 pm
It was a very busy afternoon at the basecamp. Many soldiers are start to running from everywhere, being guided by the generals. It’s because they are start to prepare for the incoming ‘Shoushin Senbatsu Taikai’ (Promotion Selection Tournament) which is 1 week from now.
Every general are volunteered to work on some duties. Takahashi Minami assigns for the registration forms of every person who will participate the tournament. Kashiwagi Yuki assigns to handle some forces in props and decorations. Watanabe Mayu assigns for the electronic equipments and computers. Oshima Yuko assigns for stages needed, since she knows that the battle will be ferocious. Matsui Rena, along with Matsui Jurina, assigns to help Takamina supervise the application papers.
While these generals are busy, they saw four girls with the same uniform arrived here and walking to them.
“Well here are the latecomers” Rena teasingly said.
“We’re very sorry that were late, Takamina-san” the short-haired girl said with Kyoto-ben.
“Taurus-rank General Shinoda Mariko, Capricorn-rank General Itano Tomomi, Virgo-rank General Yokoyama Yui and Cancer-rank General Shimazaki Haruka. You are all here.” Takamina listed and nodded
“It seems that we are now complete, I will gonna assigned you for your duty” Takamina ordered to the four generals

"Paruru, why you are wearing shades?" Rena asked

"I told you last 4 years ago, that I'm a blind. Remember?" Paruru said.

"Oh right, and your have a Gift of Clairaudience (ability to hear anything; as oppose to Clairvoyance, an ability to see anything. although they are equal), right?" Rena said.

"Yeah, that's right" Paruru smiled.
“Takamina-san, we still have 5 minutes left for the opening of registration” Rena said.
“Wakatta, let’s ready now open the registration process. Yuihan and Paruru, call now the officers lieutenant colonel and higher to come here and fall in line for them to get the application form”
“Wakarimashita, Takamina-san” the two said in unison immediately exit from the tent.
The two walk to a bunch of noisy peoples.
Then Yuihan went to the highest stone they found, bringing a megaphone, while Paruru sentry for her.
“All officers that are here listen up!!!” Yuihan said from a megaphone.
All of the people are silent now, waiting for the next sentence.
“The application for the registration of ‘Shoushin Senbatsu Taikai’ has been started. All officers lieutenant colonel or higher must proceed to the green tent. The registration will be close until 5:00 pm; all late application forms will not be accepted, failure to comply will not be entertained. Do you understand?” Yuihan said in military tone
“Maam, yes, maam” the entire officer said in unison.
“Then, move out!!!” Yuihan commanded.
Then Yuihan went down to the ground where Paruru helps her not to stumble.
“Arigatou” Yuihan said and blush while her hand touches Paruru’s hand.
“Are you fine?” Paruru blush too.

“Hai” Yuihan blushly said, while their hands are still held.
10 meters not far from them, Acchan and Kojiharu watch the seen that makes them smile widely.
Looks like I can see some butterflies flying around them” Acchan teased.
“Don’t tease them, come on before we are outrun from the application form” Kojiharu said and smile.
Ok, how about some fast forwards, you know what I’m thinking” Acchan smiled.
“Oh yeah, I know what you’re thinking. But are sure about it, you know we will cause more trouble if we try it?”
It’s ok; we need to finish this fast so I can sleep at your apartment” Acchan continue to smile.
“Mou~~~” Kojiharu pouted.
Are you ready?” Acchan smiled, moving forward her left feet.
“I’m ready” ‘this is going to be fun’ Kojiharu smiled too and doing the same as her bestfriend.
Many of the officers surrounding them are watching, some of them saying ‘what are they doing’ or they are crazy’
Yuihan and Paruru saw the two girls with casual wearing.
“What are they doing?” Yuihan said.
“I don’t know, maybe we should come to them” Paruru said.
“Sei no!!!! San!!! Ni!!! Ichi!!! NOW!!!” Kojiharu said.
With one push of their feet from the ground, they are suddenly disappeared from where they stand with the dust smoke only remains, making everyone who’s watching are shocked and eyes widened, including Yuihan and Paruru, who has more exaggerated expression.
The other generals suddenly stop from their doing as they feel the sudden outburst from somewhere.
“Wow did you feel what I feel?” Takamina said.
“Me too, I can feel a chilling sensation that touches me” Jurina answered and trembled as if she was getting a cold.
“This is the first time I felt that energy and it so very strong” Rena commented.
Yuihan fastly recovered from her shock.
“Where are them?” Yuihan said that makes Paruru recovered too. They hear someone shouting from the green tent.
“YES!!!! WE GOT IT NOW!!!!” Kojiharu said with her hand holding a form in front of Takamina, Rena and Jurina, making the three startled and jumped from their seats.
ME TOO!!!” Acchan said to her thought while holding high another application form.
“I can’t believe it; I’m sitting here along with you two” Takamina said.
“And suddenly they are appeared from nowhere, in front of us” Rena continued.
“In just a split second” Jurina finalized.
Yuihan and Paruru arrived and saw the two from earlier making their jaw dropped from amused.
Acchan and Kojiharu saw the three making a startled face.
“Ano~ is the registration going on, right? We already finished filling our application form” Kojiharu said.
The three recovered from their shock fastly, then Yuihan and Paruru and standing formally in military position.
“Ummm ok” Takamina get their application form and look at it. “So Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko, Commander of Delta Force and Colonel Kojima Haruna, Commander of U.S. Army Special Forces, both are from the United States Special Operation Forces. You two are the first one that has this kind of achievement that equivalent to a major general.” Then Takamina continued reading.
While she was reading Kojiharu’s paper, she was surprised what she saw
At the same time all of the generals are arrived at the tent.
“Hey what’s the commotion?” Yuko asked.
“I can’t believe it. Colonel Kojima, is this your writings are true?” Takamina asked
“Yes maam, they are true and authentic. If you don’t content what I write, I will give you my birth certificate as long as my personal documents, including medical papers” Kojiharu nervously said.
“What is it, Takamidget?” Mariko asked.
“Colonel Kojima Haruna is the niece of the former Sagittarius-rank General Urano Kazumi” Takamina calmfully said.
“EHHHH!!!!” making everyone, except Acchan who was tilting her head with the questioned face, are surprised.

To be continued……

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Kojiharu and Acchan finish first and a little truth comes from a blood line
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Oh Yui and Paruru... They are so cute

Atsuko and Haruna are so fast....

Now that they knew who Haruna is.... what's going to happen next?

Can't wait for the competition to start

Thank you for the lovely update

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lol ya kind of figured may not be atsumina and kojiyuu since the title is called love rectangle, but I was too lazy to refer to the 4 of them seperatly & thus wrote Atsumin and Kojiyuu instead :P

Anyways, great chapter!! THanks for the update!! Seems like everyone is already pretty impressed with Atsuko and Haruna  :D

Looking forward to what happens next!!
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Tnx for your Waiting......HERE IT IS, ENJOY READING

Chapter 3: Omoidasu Tabi ni Tsuraku Naru

Phase A: Yoake Made (Maeda Atsuko POV)

5:10 pm

After our sudden commotion in Akiba military base, we manage to finish our first step in entering that tournament. We give everything what they needed: DNA examination papers, medical certificate, birth certificate and passport. After that they have interview us about our personal experience in military (of course I didn’t say that I’m the granddaughter of their second-command, is just like I don’t want to be dead meat) and our skills (I didn’t include my talent and gift, I’m gonna surprise them later. Though I’m suspecting someone of these generals, another companion has the same ability as mine in different perception). After every process that we take, the short girl with ribbon stands before us, bringing a megaphone to making an announcement.

“Ok officers, we are finish through the registration. We will able to process finalizing your entrance. All of you must go home and ready everything what you take. We will announce through your mails for the confirmation for the tournament and for those who are not receiving the mail in 48 hours, meaning that you are not chosen to participate in this tournament. Next week will start the tournament; call time will be 8:00 am at the entrance of this place, so you will be have time to prepare whatever you need. Bring your own weapons and yourself in full condition, do you understand?” Takamina said in military tone.

“Ma’am, yes, ma’am” All of us shout, except me (I’m mute remember, hehehehe)

“Now, dismissed” Then she walkout to the tent.

“Ahhh, at last it finished” I stretch my hand like I’m tired.

Then we saw a raven-haired seifuku girl coming toward us with a ponytail-haired girl behind her.

“Ummm, Colonel Kojima Haruna-san, the niece of former Sagittarius-rank General Urano Kazumi?” The raven-haired girl said.

“Hai, what do you want to me?” my bestfriend said.

“I’m Scorpio-rank General Kashiwagi Yuki and behind me is Libra-rank General Watanabe Mayu”

My bestfriend nodded it. I glared at that ponytail girl. In my naked eyes, she’s just blankly staring at us. But in my clear peripheral vision (due to my clairvoyant ability), she’s doing something.

From what I expected she’s using her gift to us, called Gift of Mindsight. It is the dangerous gift, an ability to map somones’s mind terrain. In short, she’s mind reading us.

Fastly, I disrupt my telepathic connection to my bestfriend.

To my expectation, I can see of her frustration from her face. Meaning she didn’t anything from me and to my besfriend (because she’s airheaded).

“Our president, Leo-rank General Takahashi Minami wants me to bring you to her office. Will you come to us at headquarters?”

I and my bestfriend stare at each other with curious look. After that, we simultaneously nodded, signifies that we accept her offer.

“Ok, I accept it but could I bring my bestfriend?” my bestfriend requested to the two generals.

“Ok sure” after that she walks away.

“Oh, could you please wait for us in a while?” my bestfriend asked

“Ok we will wait at the entrance”

Before they are far away, I’ve accidentally eavesdropped their conversion which my curious mind wants me hear it.

“Ne, Yukirin” the ponytail girl said.

“What is it, Mayuyu?”

“I can’t able to read their minds”

“Why, somethings wrong?” the raven-hair girl concerned.

“That long-haired girl with sunglasses, her mind is completely blank. Like she doesn’t thinking of anything”

“You mean she’s airheaded one, what about the other girl, the short-haired girl with aviator glasses?”

“Yep, and the another one, I think she knows it”

“What do you mean?” the raven-haired girl asked.

“When I try to map her mind, all I can see is a black and white static image. Is just like watching TV without an antenna. My theory is she disrupt her connection to someone”

“Oh, so we say that these two are dangerous”

Me? Dangerous? My abilities are dangerous?

“Yeah, maybe we should watch them very carefully”

They are far away now so it’s safe now to relink to my bestfriend.

“Wew that was close one” I said

“What do you mean?” my bestfriend said

“That ponytail girl, she has mind reading gift”

“EHHH, really? So what did she saw to my mind?”

“She said your mind is completely blank “

“Are~?” my bestfriend tilting her head in blank look, as expected from the airheaded one.

“Let’s go now, we shall not wait our guest” Then we hold each other’s hand as we went to entrance

Then we saw the two again on the outside, leaning to their Pagani Huayra. Their eyes are locking on us now.

“So let’s go, please go inside now Kojima-san” the raven-haired girl open to door to us.

“I have my own ride” my bestfriend pointed at my car 5 meters away.

“That black Koenigsegg CCXR? Who own it?” the ponytail-haired girl shyly asked.

“It was hers” she pointing at me.

“Oh, then please follow us in headquarters” the raven-haired girl said

Then the two enter the car and start the engine. We go back now to our ride and start the engine.

After 15 minutes of following them, we’re arriving now to the 5 meter black gate.

The guard went nearer to the car in front of us.

“This is General Kashiwagi, please open this gate” she said.

Then the guard rush to the control gate.

After a multiple sounds were heard, the gate has finally opened.

We stop our cars in front of the entrance of headquarters and go out.

Kashiwagi-san along with Watanabe-san went toward to us.

“Uhm, if you want, we can call a valet here to send your car in our parking lot” Kashiwagi-san said.

I gave a sign to my friend when she looks at my face and she understands what I meant.

“My friend give a thanks to you but she said that its ok, the car will stay outside cause we will not here for a long while, right?”

“Is she mute?” Kashiwagi-san asked.

“Yes, and why?”

“Ahhh, so that’s why” I look Watanabe-san with curiosity.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh don’t mind my friend, please follow me”

When we go inside of the building, I started to amuse of this place.

This place is really big, 3 times bigger than the Pentagon building. The hallway is filled with great designs and numerous picture frames hanging on the wall.

Then we go to the counter with, the counter girl has patiently waiting for us.

“Good evening General Kashiwagi-sama and General Watanabe-sama, Welcome back” the girl politely greets to the two generals and bow.

“Good evening Captain Sashihara, is General Takahashi in her office?” Kashiwagi-san said.

“General Takahashi-sama is staying here for a while to finish some paperwork. Shall I inform her of your arrival?”

“It’s ok; I will inform myself to her. By the way, these two are being called by our president because she needs to talk to them”

Then the girl faces to us and politely greet.

“Good evening ma’am. Welcome to our headquarters, please nice to meet you” then she bows.

“Please nice to meet you too” my bestfriend replies and we bow too.

"Umm, is Rabutan here?" Watanabe-san asked

"I'm sorry, General Watanabe-san but 2nd Lieutenant Ota Aika was already left now to go home" Sashihara-san apologized

"Ummm, ok" the she frowns.

“Let’s go now, Kojima-san” Kashiwagi-san said.

We continue to walk deeper to the hallway until we reach the center of floor building. In front of us was an elevator door that was already opened. Then we went inside and Kashiwagi-san press #8 button.

After a while we are now in front of the door with gray cardboard that says ‘General Takahashi Minami’. Kashiwagi-san press the speak button on the intercom
beside the door.

“General Takahashi, we bring now your what you said” she said

“Wakatta, please let them in”

Kashiwagi-san opened the door for us as we come in.

As we enter to this room, we saw a table with several transparent holographic monitors on top of it with a girl watching on each monitor.

As she saw us walking toward to her, she waved her hand. The monitors automatically shut down and the roomlights have been turn on.

“Please have a seat” the midget offer us a seat.

“Kojima-san, I have asked you here to come because I want to talk some important matters to you”

“Hmm, ok” my bestfriend asked

“Well as you can see, you are a niece of our former Sagittarius-rank. So I have a proposed offer for you” Takahashi-san said.

Before I’m imagining of this beautiful midget girl in front of me, I forcibly disrupt my psychic link to my bestfriend so I can able to protect my mind from mind readers, especially the ponytail girl on our back.

My bestfriend hear some static sounds to her mind, and then she faces me with question look. Then she finally analysed the situation and calmly nodding to me.

“Ok what is your proposed offer?” my bestfriend asked.

“Well I want you to become my assistant” Takahashi-san said.

(Assistants are the subordinates that assist or help their boss; they usually rank at lieutenant general. Each of the general has its own assistant. Like generals, their strengths and gifts, although not so greater than their boss, are very powerful than normal lieutenant general and especially very useful.)

“And why I will accept your offer?” Kojinyan asked.

“If you become my assistant, I could protect you against any danger. I could able provide your needs. Being a general requires a very hardworking situation.” Takahashi-san explain

“And how will I able to do that?”

“Back-out of this tournament”

“My answer is this: a very clear ‘NO’” Kojinyan said the last word with harder voice.

“And why is that so?” Takamina arched her eyebrow.

“Because I don’t want that position to get by someone, my aunt will disappoint me if I do that what you said. And also, this is my dream now. So I will refuse your
offer and continue pursue my dream.”

“Acchan let’s go now.” Kojinyan stand up

“Before you go, I want you to rethink of your decision and accept my offer. Before the tournament, either you should not come to that place or going to me and accept my offer. It’s just for your own sake; I just don’t want my comrade’s loved ones to be hurt and see them died in front of my eyes.”

“Don’t worry, General Takahashi-san. I will be able to hurt myself, but I will not able myself to be died in front of your eyes.” Kojinyan smirked

“And besides I have a friend here that will protect me, and also to protect her too.”

“We will be going now, General Takahashi-san. Oyasuminasai” after that, I and Kojinyan had left in that building and enter in my car.

I reconnect my link to my bestfriend.

Wow that was terrific moment” I smiled at her.

“Well it doesn’t matter now. I finalized my decision, so I will officially refuse her offer and I will able to win that tournament to get that position” Kojinyan
determinately said.

Kojinyan has been hype-up, ehhh” I chuckled

“So where we will go next?” my friend, Kojinyan asked.

You know of that place right

“Oh I know what you mean” Kojinyan smiled.

It’s been a long while since I’ve been there” I insert the key to start my car.

“Yeah and you know that thing was still standing there?”

Really!!!!! Then let’s go on that place!!!

After 20 mins we arrive now at that place were talking about.

So that thing is still standing there, ehh?

The ‘thing’ we’re talking about was Kinmokusei tree, standing on the slight-hilled grassy surface, 10 meters away from this road that my car was sitting.
This place was very special to me and my friend, because this place was our first meeting as a stranger before my grandmother died. This place became also my hangout when I don’t have anything to do, sleeping below that tree.

Flashback, 15 years ago

Like I said she’s muted

I was just there, lying below on this Kinmokusei tree while having my two hands on my head and looking at the sky with clouds. It was very cold summer in here, and it was nothing to do except sleeping.

After a while I stand up and saw a tall, long-haired girl walking toward to me.

When she was very near to me now, and I can see her lips put in a smile which gave me a curious look.

“Hey, what are you doing in this place?” the long-hair asks to me

I don’t reply to her and continue to watch the moving clouds. But she continues to talk to me.

“You are here because you are tired, or you are nothing to do anything?” the long-hair girl continue to ask

‘How did she knows’ I suddenly thought about it and starting glaring at her.

Then the tall girl start to chuckle from my expression.

“Your very interesting girl, I like it. By the way I’m Kojima Haruna, what’s your name?” then her hand stretch on me, as she wanted to shakehands on me.
I look at her hand, then looking back at her with glare eyes.

Suddenly a woman shows on the back of that girl. Then the girl knows who on her back, started to run to that woman and hugging her.

“Look auntie, there’s a girl that was sleeping on that tree” then the girl pointing at me.

Then the woman smiles and went toward from me along with her niece.

“Hello Acchan, why are you here?” the woman ask

It was Urano Kazumi that asks me around. She’s one of my closest godmother.

“So ‘Acchan’ was her name” the little girl said

“So you see her here, right Kojipa?”

“Unnn, I already introduce myself to her. But she didn’t say her name, I wonder why?” Haruna curiously said

“It’s because she was mute, and her name is Maeda Atsuko” my godmother chuckled

“Ehhh, she was mute? So that’s why”

“Well Maeda-san nice to meet you” Kojima-san said to me and stretch her hand once again.

For the first time, I accept her hand. And this is the first time I had a friend.

To be continued....

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Takamina offers to save them with a safe job but both refuse and now they face off in the tournament.  It'd be interesting
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Eh... Why did Takamina asking Haruna to back out from the tournament....?

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Ah... so sweet how Haruna and Atsuko met each other for the 1st time

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Want to see some action...

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I was Glad that she didn't agree to it
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Phase B: Cloudy Sky (Kojima Haruna POV)

6:00 pm
As we watch the red illuminating ball, hiding from the sea, that the sky turns blacker, I saw Acchan stands from her seat, below in this Kinmokusei tree, where I was lying down. Then she raised her head and look at the blackened sky. I copied what she did, and I was amazed for what I saw. A beautiful blackish-blue night sky filled with many shining stars, that were continuously multiplied, and grayish clouds. The moon was finally showed up, from behind of us, illuminating the whole place.
Then Acchan walked toward in front of me, smiling, and mentally said.
Come on, let’s go home. It’s already dark now.” Then she went to her car and opens the driver’s door
I suddenly shake my head in amusement and smirk, I followed her afterwards.
After a while we arrive now to my apartment, a fire-storey building apartment, with a multi-security electronic gate in front of us. Then the AI of that gate talks to us.
‘Please input your required information to access’
“Kojima Haruna, No. 10798025” Then I put my thumb in the fingerprint scanner.
‘Colonel Kojima Haruna, confirmed. You may now proceed’ the AI said and opens the gate.
We arrived now in front of the garage of my apartment.
Acchan park her car beside to my Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition.
You still have your favourite ride, eh?” she chuckled. I just rolled my eye in frustation
We went to the elevator and I press the penthouse floor button and waiting for more than a minute.
After the elevator arrive now at the very top of this building, the elevator door opens, showing us a much decorated short hallway with the steel door, 5 meters in front of us.
I open now the steel door (the door has a multi-security system, I’m lazy to list it...Teeehee), revealing a multi-design room.
There are five peoples present in my penthouse; one of them was sitting on the sofa while reading a magazine, the two were playing PSP and the other two were on the kitchen…
“Tadaima” I said the girl heard it and look in our direction as we walk in the living room (the steel door automatically closed).
“Okaeri, Haruna-nee chan” the girl holding the magazine said to me. Then she look at my bestfriend. Her eyes widen in surprise.
“Ehhhh!!!! Acchan?” the girl said making the rest of the people widen also their eyes in amusement.
The girls running to Acchan and group hugging to her
I ca-can’t breathe
“Mou~..., Myao,  Kuumin, Yuria, Sayanee and Milky … Stop that, she’s suffocating right now you knows.” I glared at them
Finally, they loosen now their hug on her, Acchan breathe deeper like there is no tomorrow.
haa…haa~~,Thank you” Acchan said to me.
Well, these girls are actually my very close relatives. The two on her right, Watanabe Miyuki and Yamamoto Sayaka, are my cousin on mother’s side. The two on her left, Yagami Kumi and Kizaki Yuria, are my cousin on my father’s side. And the girl in front of her, Miyazaki Miho, is my only little sister.
“Nee~will you stay here? Will you stay here?” my little Myao repeatly asked Acchan with little exaggeration.
Acchan nod her head which makes the girls squealing in delight.
“Minna-san, how about we have a dinner. I and my bestfriend are actually tired because of that application and we are also very hungry. And will you please stop screaming around, and I don’t want my neighbours to complaint at me because of your goddamn disturbance.” And my cute but stupid relatives halt their doing and pout at me.
“Well, of course. You make it just in time. Milky and Sayanee are actually preparing our dinner for today.” Yuria said while smiling. That makes me feeling something creepy about her smile.
Milky and Sayanee get back to the kitchen and prepare the food while Yuria and Kuumin put some utensils on the table. Myao start running to me and hug me tightly.
“O-kae-ri~!!! Onee-chan….” Myao whispered to my ears.
“Tadaima!!! Myao-chan” I started also hugging and stroking her hair. She’s my very only sister since my parents died of plane crash accident.
10 minutes have past; they finished preparing the table as we start now to eat, then were having a conversation while Kuumin and Milky went to the kitchen to bring some desserts.
“How’s your school?” I asked to my cute little sister.
“It’s very fine; I actually pass on college entrance exam on a photography course.” Myao proudly said.
I knew that she will pursue photography, it’s her favourite hobby. Ever since in our childhood days, she always takes pictures anywhere. And also, she will improve her gift too. She has a Gift of Shutter Speed, an ability of vision that can visually capture high-fast objects that could cause blurry image by very long exposure to light in duration of time. Hmmm, looks like it is in our blood that we inherit from my ancestor of our highly enhanced eyesight.
“Nee~ nee~ nee~, Acchan… can you teach me how to use rifles?” I narrowed my eyes while looking to my sister, asking about that.
Acchan bobbed her head, agreeing my little sister’s request, which makes my eyes even narrower.
“Me too, me too, me too, please~~!!!!” Yuria and Sayanee butted in, pleading with their hand closed like praying.
Acchan brought out her signature markboard and her marker, and then she writes something on the board.
Ok, ok!!  One-by-one only, I agreeing, but please not now. I have something to do first.
“Oh, it’s all about that right? What happened? Did you pass?” It was Kuumin who began to ask.
Before we answer her question, we heard ringing somewhere, which is like our cellphone were ringing.
We have an eye contact with Acchan and I understand the situation, then we’re respectively stood up and said to my relatives.
“Excuse us, we’re receiving now a notification about our participation.” Then we went to the terrace and open our cellphone. We read the message that is said

From: Leo-rank General Takahashi Minami
To: All officers that participates
Subject: Nomination for the selection tournament

      Greetings to all officers, we finished now to process all of the documents you give to us. This is the list that will gonna participate in the First Challenge of the Selection Tournament. For the ones that didn’t include in the list, we’re very sorry.
   Here’s the officer who are listed:
For those who are listed, you must come same day and same place, at 9:00 am
Thank you and Good Luck

When we saw our names on the very last list, we’re joyfully squealing now and jumping all around the terrace. (Acchan has no voice, so imagine of voiceless squeal)
An hour had passed, after we finished our dinner, we went to the practicing room to prepare our equipments we will use as well as we prepare our strength. This is will gonna be exciting and I will enjoy this spectacular event.

To be continued.....


The long awaiting event will be seen in the next chapter
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Ah.. they passed their preliminary....

What's going to happen with the tournament next...

Can't wait to find out some action

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BY THE WAY.... I change the Title of this fic....Because of that damn google translate....



Chapter 4: Kaze wa Fuiteru

Phase A: Calm Before the Storm

1 week later; Thursday, 6:00 am

As the very exciting event has finally come, we can see the two main heroines sleeping beautifully, that they hugging each other like couples. After their very tiring practice, they decide to sleep early to relax their body. But they been sleeping now for more than 20 hours.
Myao suddenly rush from the door, shouting at the two beautiful sleeping princesses
“Onee-chan!!!! Acchan!!!! Wake up now!!!!!” then throwing a two glass of water at the two girls.

“Kyaaaaa~~!!!!!” the two sleeping girls scream and jump from the bed.
“Mou~!!! Myao!!!!!!” Harunyan cutely pouting and shouting at her cute stupid sister.
“Get down now, take a bath and eat a breakfast now. You will need a full energy for your full-scale war. And your hugging each other like couples” Myao seriously said. Afterwards, she running out now of her sister’s room while laughing.
‘Full-scale war? Wait a sec, couples’ the two girls thought, trying to understand what Myao was said.
The two realize now that their hugging with each other, quickly getting up from the bed...
Uhmm~~… M-m-maybe your taking bath first, I will just wait in here” Acchan said while blushing madly.
“Uhhmmm, ye-yeah sure. I-i-I go first..” Kojinyan reply with her face completely in red.
Kojinyan went now to the bathroom with her things, as Acchan sitting on the bed trying to erase that memory.
‘Ahhh, what I’m thinking something pervert. She’s my friend!!!! Acchan stop thinking anything!!!!’ Acchan shake her head and sighing.
While Acchan was in the deep thought state, Kojinyan was inside of the bathroom and also in a deep thought state.
‘What is wrong with me, I’m starting now to imagine her in a naked. No, no, no, I will not gonna do that to my friend.’ Kojima started to blush madly. She prepare now to bath while shaking her head to remove her perverted imagination.
30 minutes have passed after their mindbreaking imagination; they start now to prepare their wearing: Acchan wears white blouse with red, checkered short-sleeve unbuttoned polo, blue short jeans, combat boots and flower hairclip on the right side; Kojinyan wearing black shirt with blue and white hooded vest, brown checkered mini skirt, snickers and hairband.
They went now to the dining room as their eyes catch the objects on the table, their stomach growling furiously.
Myao then suddenly laugh from the kitchen while holding food. Yuria and Kuumin followed her with bringing drinks.
“Now I know that you’re hungry, so we prepared this food. And also, you will need energy more than you will expect” Myao giggled.
“Now don’t be shy, dig in.” Myao said.
“Itadakimasu!!!!” and they started to eat now.
After they finish now their heavy breakfast, Acchan and Kojinyan are preparing bring their things. Before they walk toward the door, they heard rapid footsteps. They saw Myao running toward to them.
“Nyan-nyan nee-chan!!! I have bring a bento lunch enough for the two of you”
“Goodluck one-chan, I miss you” Myao hugging her sister tightly.
“I will, I miss you too” Kojinyan hug her in return.
The two went to their respective rides, Acchan on black Koenigsegg CCXR Edition and Kojinyan on aqua blue Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition
Nee~, are you ready?” Acchan asked
“Uhmmm, let’s go” and they went off.

Entrance Gateway, Southeastern zone;  Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseiueno, Tokyo; 8:00 am[/i]   
As the two cars arrive now at the front of base, they saw the place has been crowded by now.
Kojinyan and Acchan had park their ride near the entrance where Captain Sashihara Rino was there with 2nd Lieutenant Oota Aika, along with several girls wearing military uniforms
As the two girls came out of their ride, they are being greeted by the said person.
“Good morning, ma’am. Congratulations to become chosen in the preliminaries” Captain Sashihara greeted to the girls.
“You’re the one who in charge in guarding our rides?” Kojinyan asked.
“Yes ma’am, I will be also the one who will manage take care your rides too.”
Captain Sashihara flicked her finger, the two sentry girls went to her. Then the captain orders the two to guard Acchan’s and Kojinyan’s car.
“You can now proceed to the Shooting Practice hall in the Middle East zone for your preparation, the tournament starts at 9:00 am, you must be at the circular arena in the Central Core zone at exactly that time. By the way, you can call me Sasshi”
“Thank you Captain Sasshi, we will be going now”
“Good luck to all of you” Captain Sasshi bow down in 75 degrees.

Shooting Practice hall, Middle Eastern zone; Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseiueno, Tokyo; 8:10 am
Kojinyan and Acchan bring their things to the nearest bench. As they prepare now their things, three girls coming toward to them.
“Hello, I’m Major General Takajo Aki, Akicha in short this is Brigadier General Kuramochi Asuka, or call her Mocchi and Lieutenant General Kasai Tomomi, also call her Chiyuu, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” The three bow in greeting.
“Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” Kojinyan and Acchan also bow in greeting
“I’m Colonel Kojima Haruna, you can call me Haruna and this is Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko, you can call her Acchan”
“So, you’re the person that has been rumored as the niece of Sagittarius-rank General Urano Kazumi, chiyuu?” Chiyuu said. Haruna nodded.
“That was really cool!!!” the girl named Mocchi shout making everyone in the hall were looking at her.
“The way that you move, it was awesome!!! How did you make that very fast?”
Acchan was only just tilting her head.
“Uhmm, is Maeda-san always silent? She’s not talking even now.” Akicha asked.
“Acchan is really silent because she is mute” Kojinyan chuckled.
“EHHHHH~~!!!!!” The three girls surprised
“Then how do you understand her? You said she is muted right?” it was Chiyuu who asked.
“Uhmm, she’s using sign language, see?” Kojinyan was pointing at her friend. Acchan make some sign language that Kojinyan only understands it.
‘We must hurry now; its 30 minutes have been passed.’
“Ohh, ok Acchan. Sorry girls but we must hurry now to prepare.” Kojinyan said.
“Ohh, that’s right. It’s only 30 minutes left. Well good luck to all of you.” Akicha said
“Good luck too you also” Then Akicha, Mocchi and Chiyuu went to their place.
And I thought you will say that I can able to talk someone in mind” Acchan chuckled. She opens now her bag revealing many guns and bladed arms and also, her grandmother’s gift. She take two IMI Desert Eagle, two MAC-10 with suppressor, two M9 Bayonet and her most favorite, modified Heckler & Koch G3A3A1. She also put magazine pouch on her waist. ‘Oops, safety first’ Acchan thought, and then insert her two fingerless leather gloves in both of her hands.
“Nope, It’s not in my head” Kojinyan smiled. She opens her slingbag and put out the folded black bow, she start now to assemble its pieces. Then she put the cylindrical pouch in her left belt, which reveals the quiver with many silver-colored arrows. Then she inserts the two fingerless leather gloves in both of her hands. “I’m ready” Kojinyan said
Me too” Acchan pull the G3A3A1’s cocking handle and releasing it.
“Let’s go” Kojinyan said.

Meeting Room, Northern zone; Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseiueno, Tokyo; 8:45 am
While everything is ready, the generals are here to have a meeting.
“I have been deciding that the first round is the elimination phase” Takamina explained.
“Yeah, and what will happen?” Mariko asked
“In this phase the selected officers will be eliminated by throwing them out in the 25 meter radius circular arena in the Central Core zone”
“And to make it more exciting and interesting the one who will eliminating them and throwing them out…..Are us” Yuko said
“Ohhhh” all of the generals smiled about that
“The generals who will join in the first round are-“
“Scorpio-rank General Kashiwagi Yuki” Yukirin smiled in an evil manner
“Don’t make that smile Yukirin” Mayuyu warning to her bestfriend
“Pisces-rank General Matsui Jurina”
“YESS!!!! I will gonna make them into ice cream” Jurina shout. Suddenly Rena smacked her head. “Itaaii!!! What was that for Rena-chan” Rena only ignored her.
“Cancer-rank General Shimazaki Haruka” Paruru only just nodding silently.
“Lastly, Taurus-rank General Shinoda Mariko” Mariko put her smile in a sadistic mode
“Wait!!! Of all of us, why her? Do you really want to directly send them to hospital?” Tomochin said.
“I know that Mariko’s way of fighting is likely, sadistic, but it will be enjoyable if I put her, right?” Takamina respond with sadistic smile.
“You’re a more sadistic than her” Tomochin just rolled her eyes
“We will finished this tournament in three days” Takamina said
“And I hope they make us a wonderful, memorable event”
“Now dismiss”

To be continued


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Takamina u sadistic!  :on lol: hahahaha and wait...why didn't Kojiharu say that Acchan can communicate by talking to someone's mid...or did i miss something? @_@ oh well.... great chapter! xD can't wait to see the "battle"  :kekeke: hehehehe waiting for the next chapter... eagerly  :ding:
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Takamina u sadistic!  :on lol: hahahaha and wait...why didn't Kojiharu say that Acchan can communicate by talking to someone's mid...or did i miss something? @_@ oh well.... great chapter! xD can't wait to see the "battle"  :kekeke: hehehehe waiting for the next chapter... eagerly  :ding:

Kojinyan keep Acchan's telepathic ability secret...only Acchan's close ones know her ability...  XD XD XD
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The title gave away the situation and now the tension builds over everyone
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Takamina such a Sadist!  XD

Can't wait!!!

wait... Acchan and Kojiharu...
Imagining each other...  :shocked:

Thanks for the Update!!!!  :D
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i feel like you want to kill me
im a fan of action stuff.....
omg....... sado........
takamina...... is sadist?
acchan... yosha!!!
mochi! chiyuu~~ shima-chan~~~
yuiparu ftw!!!! (for the win)
its interesting how they have disabilities.... paru and acchan....
like an ace?
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Haruna and Atsuko are attracted to each other... so cute

Wah.. Everyone seems to be heavily equip...

Elimination stage... Interesting

Takamina is sadistic... even more than the ones that she chose...

Going to be interesting tournament... the 1st round...

Yeah... This round is very good option... very fast was to get to the people who actually have the strengths and abilities comparable to the General class.

Since they are really looking people to fill up for General class positions.

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the lovely update

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Because the next part was very long to write..... I will post some appetizers before the first main event

I mentioned some of our girls' rides... I will show some of them

1. Takahashi Minami - Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa 2nd Generation

2. Maeda Atsuko - Koenigsegg CCXR Edition

3. Kojima Haruna - Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition

4. Kashiwagi Yuki - Pagani Huayra

Its in incomplete list... but I will post it later  XD XD XD
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They are cool looking rides...

Would be nice to have one of them....

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Phase B: Against all Odds

Kojinyan and Acchan are walking now while their equipments are on their back, ready to use. They saw the other participants passing to them along with some soldiers.

“They are such in hurry. Maybe this event was having a something.” Acchan touch her chin.

“Hmmm. Maybe, come on lets’s find out” and they running now to the coliseum-liked structure.

Circular Arena, Central Core zone; Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseiueno, Tokyo; 9:00 am
This 50 meter radius wide and 45 meter high highly-advanced roofless building was the perfect place for this extravagant event. It just likes a Roman Coloseum in the interior view. The grassy circular arena is 25 meter radius wide and the ouside layer is 15 meter radius for safety measures. The remaning 10 meter radius wide is the spectator seats. The frontal area of the spectator seats, near the arena, has equip of a psionic force field technology, with energy shield multi-layered magic circle all-around of it, to protect the spectators from any unnecessary projectile hits from the arena that being thrown out during tournament. They were also have a several two-dimensional holographic monitors from the above the arena for those sitting in the far seats and to exterior area of the arena for those who can’t able to watch the event.
As Kojinyan and Acchan running inside now to the arena, they are amazed on the surroundings they saw.
“Hmmm, looks like this structure is more highly advanced from the inside than to its exterior.” Acchan commented .
“Not only that, it also equips with highly dense magic circle to whole area.” Kojinyan
“Not only this building, I saw that the whole base and the headquarters are really heavily equipped with very high-dense magic circle. It looks like some sort of protection against some unnecessary invasions.”
“Ohh, I see” Kojinyan nodded. Then the two walk nearer to the central arena where the girl with general uniform waiting for them.
“Hello and congratulations for making up to this next stage. I’m Gemini-rank General Oshima Yuko desu. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” then she bows to Kojinyan and Acchan.
“Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu” then the two bowed also.
“So you’re Kojima Haruna that was being rumoured about, such a beauty.” Yuko bows her head to kiss the back of Kojinyan’s hand which makes Kojinyan blush.
“And you’re Maeda Atsuko, the friend of this beautiful girl, right? You’re also having the same beauty also.” Yuko doing it the same that Acchan also blush.
“It will such a waste to let these beautiful creatures scratch their skin” Yuko chuckled.
“Thank you for your compliment, but we need to do this because it’s my aunt’s wish”
“Ahh, you’re right. You may now proceed. Good luck, may you survive for this day” Yuko’s final words before leaving as the two girls walk inside of the center arena with confused face.

52 meters from the two, northwest side of central arena; same time

On that area, we can see now the chosen generals are step in of the central arena. They are heavily equipped and emit a distractive aura. On the 5 meters away from them, General Itano Tomomi is there along with several medics. She has a Gift of healing and elemental power of Chlorokinesis (Plant manipulation) and Xylokinesis (Wood Manipulation). They are there in case of severe injuries and some emergency matters.
Between those two mentioned, there are General Takahashi Minami, General Watanabe Mayu, General Matsui Rena, General Yokoyama Yui and the newly arrived General Oshima Yuko. It looks like they are here to watch the event.
“Mayuyu and Rena, prepare now to analyzation process, we need information and profile to all of the officers here”
Takamina look to her left flank, seeing that her friends are ready now to rage on combat. She’s very confident on their abilities and strengths that’s why she chose them.
General Kashiwagi Yuki has a Gift of Stealth, capable to erase their presence and hide their existence to move in disguised without any organic and artificial things noticed; and elemental power of Umbrakinesis (Darkness Manipulation) and Particle Beam Manipulation. Her weapon is a 5.5 feet double-bladed, pickaxe-like ultra-high carbon/titanium alloy scythe. She’s super adept of using bladed polearm weapons and she could use it without her speed reduced despite of its weight and highly master at Naginatajutsu, Taiwanese Bājíquán and Chinese Xingyiquan. She can be on par with Yuko, Takamina and Paruru in term of melee combat.
General Shimazaki Haruka has a Gift of Clairaudience, capable to clearly retrieve any information without using human sense and can able to hear anything; and elemental power of Seismokinesis (Vibration Manipulation/Soundless waves Manipulation) and Ferrokinesis (Metal Manipulation, either pure/impure and magnetic/non-magnetic metals).Her weapon is a 5 feet uranium/stainless alloy Japanese staff Bō and can be turn into Hanbō (half-staff) by releasing the lock in the middle and dividing it into two. She’s super adept at using this weapon and highly master Bōjutsu(black belt), Hanbōjutsu(black belt) and all of Philippine Eskrima and Arnis martial arts. She can be on par with Yuko, Takamina and Yukirin in terms of melee combat.
General Matsui Jurina, the youngest general, has a Gift of Reflection, capable of creating invisible shield to deflect any projectile and blunt attacks away from the user and reflecting it; and elemental power of Cryokinesis (Ice Manipulation) and Hydrokinesis (Water Manipulation). Her weapon is a twin 7 meter nickel/manganese alloy chains.  She’s super adept of using rope/chain weapons and she could use it without her speed reduced despite of its weight and length at a young age and highly master of any chain weapon martial arts.
General Shinoda Mariko, the current oldest general, has a Gift of Colossus, capable to block and absorb any physical damage she takes; and elemental power of Geokinesis (Earth Manipulation) and Lithokinesis (Rock Manipulation). Her weapon is twin spiky metal leather gloves. She’s highly master American Kickboxing, Western Boxing and Street Brawling.
Takamina walk inside of grassy arena, bringing a megaphone.
“Listen up, officer!!!” Takamina said which makes all the officers, including Kojinyan and Acchan, focused their eyes on her.
“Welcome to the First Shoushin Senbatsu Taikai (Promotion Selection Tournament). We congratulate for those who have been chosen and able to set foot in this stage”
“We will make this tournament finish it fast in three days, so we will require you a better understanding of this”
“Now for today’s first round is the elimination phase. We’re having a fourteen selected officers and the vacant seats are only two. So in this round we will having to eliminate through by surviving on this 25 meter radius grassy arena by fighting for 30 minutes.”
“You must not able to your body to contact on the land outside of the arena. Any officers who’ve been thrown out of the said area and touch the ground will be totally disqualified. The ones who survive for the given amount of time will reach the next round.”
“To make this more exciting and more enjoyable, the ones that you will fight are not on yourselves”
“Uhmmm, then who we will fight at?” Mocchi asked.
“You’re asking a very good question, the ones that you will fight are the generals that I’ve been chosen”
This makes all of the people in this arena shocked and surprised, except Kojinyan and Acchan who are amuzed and excited.
“The generals I’ve been chose are General Kashwagi Yuki, General Shimazaki Haruka, General Matsui Jurina and General Shinoda Mariko” the whole area are suddenly become noisier, then Takamina coughed out which makes all of them quiet down.
“It just keeps getting better and better” Kojinyan said while Acchan only nodding.
“Ok girl, you know what to do” Acchan took her dual Desert Eagle while Kojinyan one arrow on her quiver.
“Thank you, now the First Shoushin Senbatsu Taikai: Elimination Round starts!!!!!” then Takamina went away now from the war zone as the four selected generals walk inside.
“So who shall move first?” Jurina asked, dropping the remaining chain she holds.
“Shall we have a partial share on them?” Paruru requested on them, revolving her staff in high-speed.
“Ok, we can take three of them each and Mariko, don’t be so greedy” Yukirin said, holding her scythe in her back.
“That’s a deal” Mariko replied, tightly securing and locking her gloves.
“Oh no, get ready now” Acchan warned to her friend as she rotate her dual gun to her finger.
“I know about that, I sense something not so really good” Kojinyan singing.
Then in just blink of an eye, Yukirin was disappeared in front of them. In just a second, she appeared behind of Sae, Sayaka and Mocchi. Kojinyan know what it is happening and fastly respond.
“Minna!!!  Behind you!!!” Kojinyan shout.
Sae look behind and saw Yukirin prepare now her scythe and trying to slash her. As the point of the scythe reaches to her face, it only stops only an inch. Yukirin narrow her eyes and look at the person who dares to block her attack. She saw Sayaka using her silver-colored saber, trying to hold the movement of Yukirin’s weapon. Sae drop her knees in fear and thought she’s almost dead if her friend didn’t block that assault. Then Mocchi shoot her green camouflaged M4A1 at Yukirin. But to Mocchi’s dismay, Yukirin just jump backward and subdues all the bullets that coming to her, then Sae getting back her feet and charge at Yukirin with her knives. She attack very fast but all of her efforts are useless as Yukirin evading all of them with no sweat. Then Sayaka jump forward and upper slashing on Yukirin which she block it with her scythe. Yukirin kick Sae that sending her 5 meters away, and then she pushes back Sayaka. Yukirin put her scythe to her left side; a black energy was shown on the blade, readying to use her technique.
“Colmillo Noche (Night fang)” then she swings now her scythe, creating a wide black crescent shaped slash wave and then it flies toward to Sayaka, Sae and Mocchi. Sayaka trying to block the slash but to no avail, the slash was to strong for her that it continues to move forward and pushing her back. The slash continues to Sae and Mocchi and explodes. Because of huge explosion Sae, Sayaka and Mocchi we’re being thrown out of the arena.
“Hmmm, that was easy” Yukirin said.
On the far side, Mayuyu smirked. ‘That’s my girlfriend, don’t mess with her’ she thought.
Jurina move her feet and run toward Airin, Churi and Anna (Ishida Anna). She swings her chain very fast, but the three can manage to avoid it and jump higher. But Jurina hasn’t finished yet as she swing her both of her hands upward, the chain also moving upward. The chains revolve around Airin and Churi’s foot and Jurina pulling her chain,dragging them down to the ground, but Anna shot her dual Glock 9 to Jurina to save her companions but it’s too late as they are falling very fast and crash down to the ground. Jurina, by activating Gift of Reflection, the bullets are suddenly stop in air and reflected back to Anna in just a split-second. Anna was trying to evade, but realizing she’s on the air and the bullets are very fast, she has no chance to avoid that attacks. Anna points her gun from the side that makes Jurina confused.
‘What is she doing now?’ Jurina thought.
Anna charge now her energy to her gun and sudden shoot a blasting shot. Because of that blast, Anna suddenly recoiled back and able to dodge her own bullets.
Then Churi and Airin appeared from the smoke where they crash, attacking now the distracted Jurina. Jurina was surprised to their quickly rising from their fall, putting herself in defensive position. Airin attacks Jurina with her repeating crossbow. While Jurina was busying blocking all of the shot, Airin suddenly appear behind of her and swing her ringblade. Luckily, Jurina move her chain to block Airin’s attack, but the attack only blocks her back but her feet are exposed to damage. Jurina move back when her back feet are injured and smirked at them.
“Not bad, you manage to touch me.” Jurina congratulate them and laugh very loud. Then her expression turn into serious one.
‘But I think the playing time is over” Jurina prepare now her weapon. Then the three saw the dancing liquid around the chain
“Приливной Волной [Prilivnoy Volnoy (Tidal wave)]” Jurina swing her hand downward and the chain moving flow like a wave. The fluid surround the chain became the real giant wave.
Anna, who was on the above, watching down as her companions have been wash up by the wave. But the wave is very large that it reaches her, she joined the splash. Because the wave is large, the three we’re suddenly wash up outside the arena.
“Thank you, I enjoyed the fight” Jurina said.
Paruru was now readying her weapon and charging very fast at Minarun, Haruu and Miyu. Minarun and Miyu trying to shoot Paruru in fast succession, but Paruru blocking all of them with her metallic staff. Haruu use her beam cannon on Paruru, making a large explosion.
“Yosha~!!! We did it” Haruu shout as the smoke was coming out after the explosion.
‘I don’t think so’ Yuihan smirked
The smoke was suddenly dissipated as the air wave coming out of the source. Paruru was suddenly appeared of the smoke, standing and completely uninjured.
“No way!!!!” Minarun surprised.
“Impossible, she’s completely not hurt?” Miyu said.
“I can hear it, every beat of their heart. I can hear also their footstep.” Paruru said. She held her staff upward.
“Scossa dell’impulso (Shock impulse)” Paruru slam the point of her staff to the floor, releasing a focused massive shockwave. The shockwave was moving toward on Haruu, Miyu and Minarun at high speed. They didn’t have a chance to escape because it is moving fast and very large, so they trying to hold their position as the wave hitting on them. But the wave was very strong to hold them that they are thrown out of the line and hit their back on the wall of force field, which doubles their damage.
“Oohhhh~!!! That was really painful” Yuko flinched.
“Nine down, five to go” Tomochin said. She ordered her medics to bring them in here for medical treatment.
Mariko was the last person to move. She raises her fist now to the air, and then her eyes were set on Chiyuu, Kitarie and Akicha. She has a sadistic smile platered on her face as she punches her fist to the ground.
“Obélisque Roquettes (Obelisk rockets)” then two giant earth spears sudden appear on the side of the three and directly launch on them.
Akicha shoot her dual FGM-148 Javelin on each earth spear. The spear and missile contact, causing explosion. Then Akicha reload her weapon very fast. Then she points it at Mariko, activating its tracking mode. After the tracking mode has set, she directly fires it at her. Mariko then punches on the ground.
“Paroi en Béton (Concrete wall)” then the earth wall rise from the ground and block Akicha’s missiles which the wall destroys but Mariko is not injured.
“Nice try, but not this time” Then Mariko charge now at them which the three charge also at her.
Chiyuu swing her axe on Mariko, but she punches it which it recoils back. Kitarie attack her with a flurry of roundhouse kicks but she only blocks all of that. When Kitarie spinning kick on her, Mariko catch her feet and holding it very tightly causing Kitarie scream in pain. Then Mariko lift her and slamming Kitarie on the ground. Because Kitarie’s back was the first to crash on ground, she coughed out blood. Seeing this, Chiyuu was in rage mode, swing her axe at the point that she could cleave a mountain, but to her dismay Mariko catches the blade with a little force felt at her. Mariko smiled at her with a sadistic nature. Then she lifts the axe along with Chiyuu and swinging her hand in 720 degree, throwing Chiyuu along the way to the arena and slamming her back to the force field shield, making her to scream so loudly and coughed a blood.
“Ouch, that was really, really hurt” Jurina said.
Then she holds Kitarie’s feet and lifts her then throwing her to very far. When Kitarie touches the ground, she’s rolling several times and crash on the walls. Then Mariko’s was focused now on the Akicha, who finished reloading her weapon. When Akicha was trying to shoot her weapon, Mariko was readying her next technique now.
“Cercueil de Pierre (Stone coffin)” Mariko punches the ground. Then Akicha widened her eye, she’s being surrounded by wall of earth, that she’s trying to holding her shot back but it was too late. The missile warhead was seen on the hole of her weapon and make a contact on the wall then it explode inside of the cubic structure also destroys the wall and the smoke was show on the destroyed earth cubic structure. When the smoke was gone, a injured Akicha was appeared, standing weakly and holding her scratch weapons.
“It’s time now to ease your pain” Mariko said with her sadistic smile.
“Obélisque Roquettes” then a giant earth spear appear in front of Akicha and directly launch at her. It stabs on Akicha’s abdomen and continuing to launch until it contacts on the far roof side of the stadium, then it explodes. Akicha was seen falling now and crash her body on the outside of the arena.
Wow, they are monster. No wonder they are generals.” Acchan said on her mind.
“You’re right, they are not general just for nothing” Kojinyan said.
“Hmmm, it seems we have two left, ehhh….” Jurina said.
Oh my god, we are now in disadvantage now and we are only two left” Acchan holding now her gun on her hip holster.
“Let’s finish this fast, they are no fun now” Yukirin mocked.
“I will finish it” Mariko said. She’s raise now her two fist.
“Explosion de Terre (Earth blast)” then she punches the ground with full force.
Then Acchan and Kojinyan suddenly rise up with the ground they where stand was totally uplift and thrown out of the arena.
“Hmmm, I’m just wasting my time here for nothing” Takamina said and trying to walk out.
Before Acchan and Kojinyan touches the outside line of the arena….
FUZAKENAI!!!!! (Don’t joke with me!!!!!)” Acchan shout on her mind, unaware that her telepathy is on disarray, hearing the entire people inside of the arena, including the generals and Takamina who stop her track and look behind.
“Mayuyu who was shouting in my mind?” Takamina running now to the cyborg girl.
“It was that short-hair girl who was being on air, not only you but to all of the people around here” Mayuyu pointing her finger on Acchan.
“Acchan, get ready now!!!” Kojinyan draw her bow with arrow ready.
“I know what I’m going to do” then Acchan lift her hand in fist mode on both side. When she reaching 10 meters on the floor, Acchan put her hand in front of her.
Στολιδάκι Σατανικών!!! [Stolidaki Satanikon (Infernal geyser)]” then an intense wide-radius column of blue flame released on Acchan’s fist to the ground, trying to slowing down her fall. The launching of her flame from the floor is so highly intense that it creates widespread sea of flames. Her doing creates the attention to the eyes of spectators, including the generals which their jaw dropping in surprised.
“That girl releasing a massive flame” Yuihan commented.
“But that not just a normal flame” Mayuyu said while her eye focused now on the computer.
“What do you mean?” Takamina ask confusedly.
“Her flame that she releasing was color blue so her power was now in the advanced stage. And it’s not just an ordinary fire that only being seen on firecamp. Her fire was really intense when she releasing it, that whoever comes near to the vicinity will be burn into nothing. Not ash but nothing. But it looks like she could control her power that she could create a miniature flame.” Mayuyu commented.
“I already calculate now the temperature of her flame. It was hot enough to melt the metal that has a highest melting point, which is short carbon that has a melting point of 3500 degree celsius, and can able to boil even the sea.”
“WHAT??!!!!” Takamina, Yuihan, and Rena surprised.
While Acchan was trying to slowing her fall down, Kojinyan preparing now shoots her arrow. Her eyes were trying to find coordinates to where her arrow lands looking for spot with her eagle eye. When she saw now her landing point she drew her bow with more force as she precisely looking at that spot.
“Blinken Streik (Flash strike)” Kojinyan release now the draw, with the little shockwave released from the recoil. The arrow was moving at the 1/4 of the speed of sound passing on Jurina and Yukirin, almost hitting their hair. When the arrow touches the ground, in split-second, Kojinyan disappear on air and appear on where the arrow stabs and getting the arrow. This also caught the attention to all of the generals.
“That was fast, faster than Takamidget” Yuko said with her eyes widened.
“Nope, she was just using one of the ‘Transport’ skills” Mayuyu said.
“What?” Rena exclaimed.
“‘Transport’ is a skill that moving from one space to another in different time without moving its body. That technique was categorized as ‘Transport’ skill” Mayuyu explained
Finally Acchan was moving upward now, propelling herself. When she’s on 25 meters up, she stop her technique and perform a upward diagonal dropkick, then the kick release an blast of flame that recoils to her back to the arena where Kojinyan stands. After she touch the ground, she saw her fist was covered with blue flame, then she blows the flame that extinguished it.
“Ne~ Kojinyan how many minutes have been passed?” Acchan asked. Kojinyan activate her glass, reveals many calculations.
“Hmm it’s 15 minutes from now to when we start.” Kojinyan said and turn of her glass.
“So, we have another 15 minutes left to survive this. We can take in on.” Acchan said.
“Hmmm, it seems they are not weak. I would like to fight them” Yukirin said, readying her scythe.
“Finally, we’re having now a formidable opponent, I want to challenge that short-hair girl.” Paruru hold her staff in two hands on her back.
“Wow, that girl releases much of fire that it almost burns my hair. And that long-hair girl almost cut my hair.” Jurina commented.
“Hmm, this catlike girl was very fast and that short-hair girl is powerful. I’d like to take them all” Mariko readies her gloves.
When the four generals are ready their weapons, Acchan pulls her dual Desert Eagle to its holster while Kojinyan rotate her arrow in high speed.
Takamina check her watch and saw its 15 minutes have been passed. She then walks toward to Mayuyu and order that continue to record the fight in which Mayuyu only nod. Takamina look at her right side and saw Tomochin mend the officers who are injured and thrown out of the arena.
“Looks like I will enjoy this event now” Takamina smiled.
The real battle has just begun.


To be Continued
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Twelve go down, six are left with Takamina joining the party.

The action unfolded into a melee of knocking everyone around with their elemental powers :)
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This is really awesome !!!

The Generals are strong
but Acchan and Kojinyan are strong as well

Can't wait to see what's going to happen in the battle

Please update soon
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Yuko is such a flirt... And great one too... She can make both Haruna and Atsuko blush...  :inlove:

'may you survive for this day' - very funny for me... but confusing for Haruna and Atsuko  :lol:

Great actions there... all the generals are so good and strong... but Mariko is too sadist... everyone else didn't get that much damages as her opponents...

What's going to happen in the battle between the 4 generals, Haruna and Atsuko?

Can they survive the rest of the 15 mins?

Would there be any injuries...?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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yowza!~  :on lol: that was soooooo freeakkkkkiiiiiin' cool!  :nya: Acchan producing flames remined of KHR lololol man...that was cool~ and Kojiharu also! xD I'm just speechless...  :on gay:
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my fav countries for fun and interesting trivia besides japan are russia and germany~~
greek is interesting~~ but I found it a bit weird when they said their moves
or did they? couldn't really tell, but yeah.....
lol, paru vs iriyama, oba, and shimada~~ no lemon.....
and then the ske girls vs jurina
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@Shinoki: Those techniques are needed such a name. I will put it on the concept of Bleach. As stated on Zangetsu, knowing the name of the attack heightens its power compare to its strength when the wielder doesn't know its name. So basically knowing the name of the technique they perform will gives them a increase power compare to the nameless techniques.


Phase C: Climactic Stage

Circular Arena, Central Core zone; Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseiueno, Tokyo; 9:15 am

As Kojinyan and Acchan quickly prepare their armaments for combat, they are been surrounded now by the four powerful generals. Their backs are stick together and eyes focusing to each one of them.
Watch my back” Acchan said.
“Same to you” Kojinyan replied back.
On the far side, Takamina and the other generals are watching carefully as the fight was suddenly getting intense. Rena and Mayuyu was monitoring the situation, trying to retrieve some information of the two low rank but powerful soldiers. On their right flank, Tomochin tending some injured officers while her medics are collecting some plants for her to extracting them into medicine.
Back to the arena, Acchan was trying to think of some countermeasures since they are being surrounded. When the light on her head was turn on, she was trying to mind talking to her friend.
I’ve got a brilliant idea. You know how we play, right~?” Acchan said.
“What we play? Oh that… I get it.” Kojinyan said.
Shall we do it?” Acchan rotate her dual Desert Eagle.
“Let’s start.”Kojinyan reply.
“Tall girl, who are you talking to? Are you crazy?” Jurina asked.
“She’s not crazy; she’s talking to her friend” Paruru said.
“And how did you know?” Yukirin asked to her.
“I’ve heard their conversation. It looks like they have a plan” Paruru answered.
“Oh yeah, then they show us their plan” Mariko smiled, still having a sadistic aura.
Oh yeah, I’m gonna show it to you know” Acchan said. She’s patting her friend, signaling to execute their play.
Kojinyan use Acchan’s shoulder as jumpstand to jump higher. Acchan then took some magazine from her pouch and throwing to the air then she starts now shooting on the four. Yukirin and Paruru blocking the bullets while Jurina and Mariko evading it. When Acchan’s gun was empty, she removing the empty magazine from the gun and rotating her body in clockwise motion. In an instance, the magazine she throws was unexpectedly inserted to the magazine chamber and automatically reloads the gun. After that, she continues to shooting them. When she was out of bullet now, the generals thought that it is over and start to reach her.But Paruru knew that something’s wrong and stopping her track. Acchan see that what Paruru has doing and mentally congratulate her for able to knew what she planning.

“Paruru, why are you stopping? This is our chance to attack her.” Mariko said.

“Incoming” Paruru said.

She throws her dual Desert Eagle to the air, and taking the dual UZI in her back holster. Activating her andrenaline rush, Acchan shoot her gun while rotating her body in 360 degree motion twice, one in clockwise and one in counterclockwise.
Paruru know that and swinging her staff from left to right, blocking the bullets. She watches the others hit by the bullets from the side instead from the front. This is the first time that the generals are injured.

Takamina watches this and asking her informant.

“Mayuyu, what happened? How did they manage to get injury?”

“According to my analysis, that girl creates a momentum through by andrenaline rush. By that, she can able now to curve the bullet by shooting while swinging her gun. She’s using a submachine gun so many bullets will curve, shape like spiral galaxy. Doubling her rotation in different circular motion makes even more dangerous.”

Back to the fight, we can see that the three generals are in injury now on their shoulder while Paruru was not. She knows that the shot was curve using her high sense of hearing. She saw Acchan was smirking at her. Acchan knows that Paruru has the same gift as she has and Paruru knows the same.

So you know of my plan. As expected to the having a very clear sense, same as mine.” Acchan didn’t use her telepathy to her but Paruru hears it very clearly.

“Thank you for your compliment. Just like you said, you and I have a same kind of gift but different type.” Paruru said.

I thought that you are one of the Ace Generals and there are the other two. Is that right?

“Yes. The other two are General Oshima Yuko and General Kashiwagi Yuki” Paruru confirmed.

Acchan get her dropping Desert Eagle and raise her head. She is nodding now at Kojinyan, signaling that it’s her turn.

Kojinyan then land on Acchan’s back and draw her bow and the arrow and pointing it on the top.

“Meteoren Regen (Meteor shower)” Kojinyan release the stringbow and the arrow flew upward to the sky. When it reaches to the top, the arrow suddenly break into thousand light shards and falls back to the arena. The shards rain down to the four generals in rapid succession.

While Jurina, Paruru and Yukirin can defend themselves by revolving their weapons in high speed, Mariko cannot because she’s using only her hand and cannot able to block a barrage of falling shards.

“Barrière de Toit (Roof Barrier)” Then a Earth block was created and moving above Mariko to shield her. Unfortunately, it can only block the raining shards for a limited time because Mariko saw the crack of the block. Because of that, she’s move away from the rain to avoid further damage.

The raining shards have been finally subsided. Jurina, Paruru, and Yukirin stop rotating their weapons. Mariko then gritted her teeth and angrily looking to the two. Acchan and Kojinyan turn blurry for a while and disappear from where they stand.

“Shunpo? How did they able to perform that?” Yukirin said. She nod at Paruru, who also nodding at her. Then the two turn blurry and disappearing instantly. A striking sound was being heard from the arena and shows a dimly flashing light from every direction.

While the unseenable battle was continued, Takahashi and the others are surprised from the moment.

“That attack, looks like a rain of light.” Takamina said.

“Hmmm, they can able to use Shunpo. They are very strong.” Yuko commented while holding her chin.

“Well aside from Takamina, Yuko, Yukirin, Paruru, Rena and me, those two ones are really strong that can able to use that moves and they can able to endure the side-effects, just like us.” Mayuyu commented which makes the others around her nodding in agreement.

"Especially this girl, she’s really terrible strong.” Mayuyu said

“Who are you talking about Mayu-chan?” Rena asked.

“Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko” Mayuyu said, looking at Acchan’s profile.

Back to the battle, the four girls appeared now from the air and push back to each other. They are breathing heavily, due to high-speed counterattacks to each other.

“Stop this piece of shit.” Mariko angrily said and charging at Acchan while Paruru was following at her.

Same as Kojinyan, Jurina was moving forward to her and swinging the chain while Yukirin, also following to her.

“Танцующий Фонтан [Tantsuyushchiy Fontan (Dancing Fountain)]” Jurina swinging her chain, coated with water, wildly and moving toward to Kojinyan.

Kojinyan trying to avoid it using Shunpo but of all of a sudden, Yukirin was already in front of her which Kojinyan widened her eye. Yukirin then releasing dark energy and charge it on her scythe’s blade.

“Hender Sombras (Splitting Shadow)” Yukirin swing her scythe to Kojinyan. Kojinyan then fastly insert some light energy to her arrow.

‘Seele Schneider (Soul Cutter)” In an instant, Yukirin’s most powerful technique was being stopped by Kojinyan’s technique which it was Yukirin’s turn to surprise.

“White light, you’re a light manipulator?” Yukirin asked.

“And you’re a dark manipulator” Kojinyan answered back.

“It seems the two opposite forces are meeting now.” Yukirin mocked.

“Let see who will able to get the upper hand” Kojinyan said.

“Don’t forget about me~!!!” Jurina said, and then she rotates her chain in spiral motion and targeting it on Kojinyan. Yukirin then backing away from her.

Kojinyan trying to avoid the chains but it was circling around on her feet and holding it very tight. Jurina then swing it to the top and moving it down to the opposite direction causing Kojinyan to lift upward and smashing her body from the ground. Jurina was not finished so she swings the chain 360 degrees and targeting it to Yukirin who charging the point of her scythe’s blade with concentrated dark energy ball.

“Cero Oscuras (Night zero)” The dark energy ball turn into a black energy blast moving fast toward chained girl.

When Kojinyan saw that, she draws her bow with an arrow, and charging the high concentrated light energy on the whole arrow.

“Rechtdoor Schieten (Straight shoot)” Kojinyan release the stringbow. The concentrated light energy coated arrow was converted into a white energy blast, that recoiling her to the swing of the chain. Yukirin’s black blast attack was clashing towards the Kojinyan’s white blast attack that lightening to the whole arena with monochromatic scene. After that an explosion occurs and creates an aftershock which the chain was being hit by it and able to loosens on hold. When Kojinyan saw that the chain has been loosening, she uses Shunpo to escape and move on the other side. She quickly took an arrow from the quiver and draws the bow pointing at the two.

“Rayleigh streuung (Rayleigh scattering)” Kojinyan releases the arrow. Before it launches, it breaks into multiple shards, then the shards moves like a stream of light, bombarding to Yukirin and Jurina. Yukirin was trying to use Shunpo to dodge all of them. Even though she’s having a hard time because it pursues her despite of evading all of it, she can manage to avoid damage. But for Jurina’s case, she can’t able to dodge them instead she swing her chains in all direction, surrounding her in from multiple shards. Despite of that, five of the streaming shards are already inside of her defense and manage to damage her.

On the other side of the arena, Acchan was defending herself against the Mariko’s assault while Paruru was behind. Acchan felt Mariko’s heavy punches so she blocks punches using her dual pistol.

“You are only dangerous when it only on the right range, but what if in this kind of range?” Mariko smirked and continuing assaulting Acchan.

Oh, do you think so?’ Acchan smirked.

Paruru has hearing the next Acchan’s move and trying to warn Mariko.

“Mariko, watch out!” Paruru shout.

But it was too late as Acchan shot her dual pistol on Mariko’s shoulder, in zero-point range which Mariko force herself to back out. Mariko put her hand on the shoulder which it was shot and saw that in her hands with blood. Mariko gritted her teeth, she’s angrier now. Paruru saw that and start to ready herself for the next attack.

“Obélisque Roquettes” several earth spears appear to the ground and directly launch to Acchan at high-speed. Paruru knew that Acchan will survive that so she charges now at Acchan. Acchan saw of many earth spears coming toward to her. She took now her G3A3A1 for the first time, and pointing it at the spears.

Δυναμια Αποτέφρωσις [Dynamia Apoteprosis (Dynamic incineration)]” Acchan shot a couple of bullets, coating with burst of intense flame. The bullets passed through the spears. In a instant, the spears disintegrate into dust. Paruru then appeared on the flames and swing her staff to Acchan which she blocks it with her G3A3A1. An aftershock was created after their weapons clash.

You’re blind” Acchan didn’t use telepathy but she knows Paruru will able to hear her.

“And you’re mute” Paruru replied.

But you can hear anything” Acchan said on her mind

“You too, you can also see anything. And you’re very strong; I’d like to be your friend and also your rival.” Paruru offered.

Hmmmm, I’d like that. Let’s do it now. But first” Acchan pushes Paruru. Acchan then jump to the top and shot 4 bullets on the four corners around Mariko. Mariko looks at Acchan with confused face. Acchan then only smirked at her.

“Κολασμένος Κάθειρξης [Kolasmenos Katheirxis (Hellish imprisonment)] then a four sided square forming on each corners where the bullet hits. The four corners creating a flaming box line around Mariko, then the box starts now to envelop her with flames with the multiple flaming spear-like protrusion covering on box. The flaming spears are piercing to the flaming box from whole area as the Mariko’s scream was heard from the whole arena. The flaming box was diminished, revealing Mariko with burnt dress and multiple cuts. Then her body dropped down now on the ground.

Acchan was landed on the ground and smile innocently at Paruru who was having in shock state. Paruru then smirked at her and readying her weapon.

“Your sadistic than her, you know.” Paruru said.

Thank you for your compliment, I’m flattered. Now, shall we start?” Acchan continued to smile.

Paruru was nodding at her and charging toward Acchan. Acchan was also charging toward her. The clashing of their weapons continues to create aftershocks.

As the time pass, the four remaining standing girls are already tired. Kojinyan’s quiver is empty and having many cuts, Acchan has no magazine left and also have many scratches. Yukirin and Paruru also have many cuts and scratches. They are breathing very hard due to continuous attacks. As they are ready now for the final strike….

“STOP NOW~!!! Time’s up!!!!” Takamina shout. The four hear that and they lowered their weapons. They finally drop their knees and sit on the ground. Kojinyan and Acchan glared at the two as Yukirin and Paruru do the same. Acchan then smiled first and laugh very hard, then the three join the laughter.

Takamina, Yuko, Rena and Mayuyu walk to the four and congratulate them.

“Wow, it seems it’s a miracle that you are surviving now. You two are passed the first challenge” Takamina said while smiling.

Kojinyan and Acchan perform a high-five despite having a injury. Yukirin and Paruru laugh at them making Kojinyan and Acchan cutely pout at them.

“Congratulate for passing this round, Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko and Colonel Kojima Haruna. You will be able to move to next round.” Takamina announced to the whole arena. Then a massive cheering coming from the spectators and audience was heard.

“The next round will be three days from now so take care of your health now and prepare yourself.”

“Tomochin, send some medics here and tend these four.” Takamina ordered and they went away. Tomochin then walk to the four along with the

“Hi, I’m Capricorn General Itano Tomomi from the Medical Department and I will in charge of your medical treatment.” Tomochin introduced to Kojinyan and Acchan.

“You will be sleep and treated in our department for two days base on my analyzation of the conditions both of you.” Tomochin said.

“And also you two, you will be sleeping in there for two days.” Tomochin pointed at Yukirin and Paruru.

“Ok, now that all of you already understand it, we shall carry you now” Tomochin order the medics to bring them to the Medical Department.

“Ne~, thanks for the battle. It was so happy~!!!!” Yukirin cheerfully said.

“No, it was you who should I thanking about. I enjoy our fight.” Kojinyan said.

“Ne~, let’s do this again. We are friends right?” Paruru smiled.

Uhmm, I’m willingful to accept that” Acchan finally use her telepathy on the three. Yukirin widened her eyes as she amusedly looks at Acchan. But she understands why she hiding it so she didn’t try to ask now.

“By the way, I’m Scorpio General Kashiwagi Yuki, you can call me Yukirin.”

“I’m Cancer General Shimazaki Haruka, you can call me Paruru.”

“I’m Colonel Kojima Haruna but you can call me Kojiharu.”

And I’m Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko, you can call me Acchan.

The four smiled at each other and then laugh for the one time. Then they high-five at a onetime signifies that they are friends now. At the same time they are unconscious and dropped down their bodies due to fatigue and multiple injuries they’ve been got. But their smiled cannot remove even though they are down. The first round ended only the two persons left. Kojinyan and Acchan having now a friends and happily sleep.

To be Continued

Updates to the skills are here on this link:  Skills  (
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The four survive the magnificent display of action between each other and earn their rest before another stage that awaits them in two days :nervous
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Interesting battle plots there

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Phase D: Aftermath

Penthouse, 20th floor, Medical Department, Akiba Headquarter; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Friday, 7:00 am
The first day of the tournament has ended where the only two left to participate for the next round. But they are very tired and having several injuries, so the generals are decided to move it to on Sunday for the remaining participants to rest well. Right now, we can see that the two participants left are resting in the digital hospital room, along with the two generals that they became their friends. The other two generals are in the emergency room because they sustain the most numerous injuries and they need a heavy medical attention.

The short girl with a ribbon headband was walking to the highest floor of the Medical Department. She’s stops at the metal door and look at the intercom. She’s know that the persons inside are sleeping quietly so she press the button on the intercom to open the door and decide to enter the room.

The room was a very highly technological French-style design. It equips with several holographic computers with monitor projection. This room has a terrace so the person who rest here can see the Tokyo tower and the whole city skyline.

The short girl walks inside and monitor to the surrounding. To the left side were her two generals and from the right side were the two participants who were passed, are resting well. She walks to the farthest right side, which the person she wants to meet was there. She stops on the bedside and watch the girl sleeping cutely. She was amazed about how this girl was beautiful even in sleep.

‘My god, she’s very beautiful and very cute.’ The short girl thought. Her face went closer to the sleeping girl while her eyes lock on the lips. When their distance was only one feet, the sleeping girl moves causing the short girl straight her body.

Then she remembers their conversation with the other generals yesterday, about this girl. She sighs as she continues to watch the sleeping girl
“Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko” the short girl whispered.

Flashback, yesterday
“Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko” Mayuyu said, looking at Acchan’s profile.
“What about her? What do you mean she’s terribly strong, Shiriri-chan?” Yuko asked.
“She was formerly commander of Delta Force 1st command and she’s known of the proficiency at the guns. She’s a extremely highly dangerous marksman and deadliest assassins. She’s dangerous at every range, from long to mid-range, even short-range and point-blank range. She’s highly dangerous that it’s difficult to get near at her. Aside from guns, she’s excellent at handling knives, I can see that she’s have a M9 Bayonet on her boots but frequently cannot using it unless in some circumstances. She’s also master martial arts too.” Mayuyu stop for a while.
“Mayu-chan, why did you stop?” Rena asked.
“Takamina, it’s ok if I say this in front of you?” Mayuyu asked.
“Stop confusing us and straight to the point.” Takamina hissed.
“Ok, ok… Actually, based on my records here, I will say that, Maeda-san can be on par with our Ace Generals here or should I say, she will become the 5th Ace General when she able to pass these series of challenges. In short, she, along with me, Yuko, Paruru and Yukirin, will be on par with Takamina, Our president.”
“And what about Kojima-san?” Yuko said.
“About Colonel Kojima Haruna, she’s very strong but not as strong as Maeda-san. But she can able to manage to fight on the other generals. I don’t know maybe it’s just my miscalculation. To make sure, she can able to fight evenly at our president.”
“In short, those two are very strong and capable to par on us.” Takamina said.
“Yes, no doubt on it.” Mayuyu confirmed.

Flashback ended
The short girl then walks to the door, where it automatically opens. She’s stop for a while and leaving a message hoping that the ones who sleeping there can be heard to her.
“I can’t wait to see how strong you are. I want to test your strength and fight you. But for the meanwhile you must rest and make sure you will not die until we faced each other in the battlefield. Farewell and good luck.” Then the door closed as the short girl walked outside.

Acchan was awoken by the sunlight that was flashing on her. She opens her eyes and look at the surrounding.
"Where am I? How did I get to this place?” Then she trying remembers what happen yesterday. When Acchan recalled the event…
The tournament!!!” She shouted on her mind, which she totally forgot that her telepathy connects to the three people, who is the same room as Acchan. The three persons suddenly awaked from the shout on their mind.
“Mou~!! Could you please be quiet, I’m sleeping here.” Kojinyan and Yukirin said in unison and getting back to sleep. After a couple of second, Kojinyan and Yukirin wake up at the same time and looking at each other with their eyes widened in surprise.
“Ehh~!!! What are you doing here? Wait, why I’m doing here?” Kojinyan and Yukirin shout in unison. Acchan and Paruru laugh to the two which Kojinyan and Yukirin pouting cutely, then they join to the laughter. When the laughter dies, silent atmosphere appears. A couple of minutes no one’s able to talk, then suddenly Acchan breaks the ice.
“Question, where are exactly are we?” She asked.
“Well based to its structure, we are now at the penthouse of the Medical Department.” Yukirin confirmed.
“And why exactly are we in the same room?” Kojinyan asked.
“I don’t know, maybe space sufficiency?” Paruru said. Kojinyan, Acchan and Yukirin laugh at Paruru’s joke which Paruru also laugh too.
The laughter stops as the metallic door open revealing a women figure standing on the doorway. The figure walk inside and greeting to the four patients.
“Good morning girls. Have you being slept peacefully?” the girl asked. She’s wearing a general dress with doctor’s coat over on it.
“Ne~, Tomochin. Why are we in the same room?” Yukirin asked.
“Well it’s because Takamina ordered it.” The girl replied.
“By the way” She faces to Acchan and Kojinyan. “I will repeat my introduction, I’m Capricorn General Itano Tomomi and I’m the General Director of Medical Department. I will assist you in medical attention and careful physical conditions. Yoroshiku Onegaishimase.” Tomochin bow to the two.
“Base on my analysis, it looks like you all will be healed in two days. You don’t have any serious conditions, just having a good rest and eat well.” Tomochin explained and turn her head to face Kojinyan.
“Because of your ability to manipulate light, your regeneration rate is faster than I’ve been expected.” Tomochin said.
“Well that’s all. I shall go now to check the other patients”
“How’s Chiyuu?” Yukirin asked.
“As of her, I’m still angry at Mariko. How dare that she do that on my Chiyuu. Throwing her in full force and slamming at the energy shield with force field with strong force. She forgets that I’m still there watching. Next time she’s doing that, I’m gonna throw her at my pets.”
“What pet?” Kojinyan asked.
“Titanic Venus-flytraps. Their heads can able to eat you whole. Well except you Acchan since you can burn them alive” Paruru chuckles which Acchan smiles at her. Kojinyan and Yukirin just shook her head.
“Since when all of you are getting close to each other?” Tomochin asked
“Naishoune~!!!” The four said simultaneously which Tomochin narrowed her eyes.
“Fine, I will visit Chiyuu now. Take care” and Tomochin went out.
The four smiles only and at the same time drink a glass of water.
“Ne~, so after resting for two days, we will have a next battle.” Kojinyan said.
Acchan snap her finger on the right hand, creates a small blue flame on her index finger. Acchan then disappeared her flame by swinging her hand.
“Uhnn, the next battle will be the final day of the tournament since only the two of you are passed the first stage. It is set on Sunday.” Yukirin explained.
“And your next opponent will be Leo General Takahashi Minami and Gemini Oshima Yuko.” Paruru said.
The President and the Ace General?” Acchan asked.
“Yes, watch out for those two. Even they are mocked by their height, they are really strong.” Yukirin said.
“We already know their powers since we have a research about them.” Kojinyan said.
“By the way, Yukirin, Paruru and Yuko are the Ace General, right?” Kojima asked.
“Hai~!!! But we have also another one Ace General.” Yukirin said.
Who?” Acchan asked.
“Libra General Watanabe Mayu. She’s became Ace General last year.” Yukirin answered.
Acchan and Kojinyan were nodding only. Acchan insert the usb and press the button beside the table then a holographic computer appears in front of her. Then she open Takamina’s profile. This was her 750th times that she’s looking at the midget’s profile.
She’s beautiful’ Acchan thought
“Hey Acchan, are you starting to like her?” Paruru teased.
N-n-n-no, I’m n-n-not~!!” Acchan blushed.
“I just heared what you said in your mind.” Paruru continue to tease which Acchan blushing more. Kojinyan and Yukirin were chuckled at the same time.
Mou~!!! Stop listening to my mind.” Acchan slightly mad.
“Hai~~~ Hai~~~” Paruru raised her two hands.
But, she’s interesting” Acchan’s only final word.


Akiba Headquarters Tokyo, Japan; Saturday, 5:00 pm

(Takahashi Minami POV)
I’m just sitting on the terrace of my office with my coffee on my hand, watching on the sky as the sun goes down. I stared at the Tokyo skyline with my emotionless expression. My mind was starting to think of that beautiful girl. I just shook my head and sighed very deeply.
“That was the deepest sigh that I’ve ever been heard.” A girl’s voice that I’ve heard was echoed from my office. I look behind and saw a figure walking closer to me, holding a paper.
“Erepyon.” I said.
This figure was my sister and also my right-hand assistant, Lieutenant General Ono Erena. Although we are sisters, we have a different father.
“Ne~, onee-chan what are you thinking?” My sister asked.
“I was just thinking about the tournament.”
“Tournament or that girl?” My sister was trying to teasing at me.
“Who are you talking about?”
“Lieutenant Colonel Maeda Atsuko. You seem to like at her.” My sister continues to teasing at me.
“W-w-what are you t-t-talking about?” I flustered at my words.
“Maybe you’re thinking she’s beautiful, she’s cute and she’s sexy” My face covered with dark red because of embarrassment.
“Mou~!!! Yamete yo~~!!!” I said while blushing. My sister laughs at me that make me pout cutely.
“Joking aside, I’m interested on her. She’s very strong. I want to have a duel on her.” I smirked.
“Well, good luck for your battle onee-chan and also to your perverted friend.” My sister said.
“Yeah~~, good luck to myself.”  I’ve said.
Yeah, tomorrow was a very big day event. Together with my perverted bestfriend, we will enjoy this moment.


Circular Arena, Central Core zone; Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseiueno, Tokyo; Sunday, 10:00 am
(Normal POV)

The final day has finally come. The whole arena was surrounded by the cheering spectators and audience. Kojinyan and Acchan are already at the center of the arena with their weapons ready and full. On the far northwestern side, all of the generals are there. Takamina and Yuko walk in to the arena. Takamina bringing her dual sword, one on her back and one holding with her left hand, while Yuko bringing her dual silver-colored tonfas on her back.

The tension growing very fast as the two generals went nearer to the two powerful participants. When their distance was only just meter away, they stared to each other.

“Ne~, I’ve been glad to fight with you.” Takamina said.

Sou desu ne, I’ve been waiting for this moment.” Acchan using sign language.

Although you’re always been told by my grandmother’s story many times.

“I’ll be happy to fight these beautiful girls.” Yuko commented.

“Arigatou, I will do my best.” Kojinyan blushed.

“Then shall we start?” Takamina asked. The three nodding at her.

“Then let’s start”

The four using shunpo and disappear from the battlefield. Now the most intense battle has begun.


To be Continued.....

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This is a really amazing fic! Very well written and really interesting :D
Thanks for the update on another great chapter :) Intense end! With those 4 facing off ~ Can't wait to read what happens next!
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atsumina and kojiyuu will fight!
I cant wait what will happen next!!
XXX i really love ur fic :heart:
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Well the competition starts and now we see the true power against yuko and takamina
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Mayu, Yukirin, Paruru and Yuko were the Ace General... so Haruna and Atsuko indeed strong to be able to defeat both Yukirin and Paruru

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Acchan... Takamina...
Atsumina coming to life~
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@arrow27: Thank you for your compliment.  :) :)

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@kurosawa87: This first part will reveal the powers of the first two combantants.

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@Shinoki: This first part is the scene of the two combantants. Thank you for waiting.



Chapter 5: Arashi no Yoru ni wa

Phase A: Atsumina “Kajiarashi”

Trivia: Kajiarashi (火事嵐, Japanese for “Firestorm”) – An intense and destructive fire (artificial or natural created) in which strong currents of air (tornadoes, cyclones, and other strong winds) are drawn into the blaze, making it burn more fiercely. [Intense flame + violent wind]
The fight has been start, as the four disappeared from the battlefield. The generals watching outside are waiting for the others to reveal themselves. They only hearing clashing sound of metals and seeing flashing strike to any directions. Mayuyu and Rena continuing focus on the computer and analyzing the battle. Tomochin readies her medical supplies in case of emergency while her glaring eyes were locking on Mariko. Yukirin and Paruru were watching calmly and their eyes following the battlers’ high speed moves.
“I know that Acchan and Kojinyan will able to hold our two generals” Paruru said.
“You’re right, I can see that.” Yukirin replied.
“But you know that Takamina and Yuko are not only one element they can use right?”
“Yeah, and that makes the two in disadvantage situation. Takamina were using wind manipulation and sound manipulation while Yuko were using electric manipulation and magnetic manipulation. ”
“Unless Acchan and Kojinyan can be able to use more than one element too, as far as I know, Acchan using flame manipulation and Kojinyan using light manipulation but I don’t seeing using another one.” Yukirin confirmed
“Maybe they will show that to us now, let’s watch about it” Paruru said. Yukirin nodding in agreement and continue to watch.
Back on the battlefield, Acchan and Takamina fastly clashing their weapons while dodging some of their each attack. Acchan’s dual gun was holding on Takamina’s sheathed katana. Takamina sidekicking Acchan in which she blocks it with her left elbow. Then Takamina perform low roundhouse kick fastly. Acchan cannot react fast and fell down. She saw Takamina preparing to axe kick on her, so she performed starfish kick-up to block Takamina’s axe kick which Takamina surprised. Then she performs rising windmill which makes the midget defend her side. Acchan’s first kick hits on Takamina’s face and the second kick hit on the midget’s side that makes Takamina fell down. Before Acchan low roundhouse kick on her, Takamina do reversed kip-up and backflipping herself away from Acchan.
Takamina wipe her lips and saw some of her blood. Then she smirked at Acchan.
“Not bad. I’m just testing you if you’re strong enough to fight me seriously. Now that I know you’re strong, I shall fight you now in full force” Takamina said. Then she unsheathing her sword from her back using her left hand and removing the scabbard from her other sword.
Here it comes’ Acchan thought.
“Via Dolorosa (Way of sorrow)” Takamina slam her sword on her right hand to the ground, creating a wall-type wave of wind, moving at the high speed. Acchan was confused so she side dive roll on the right side. Takamina already know that she could dodge it so she sends another wave using her left hand to finish her technique. Just before Acchan regain her composure after dodging the first strike, she didn’t avoid the second one. The second wave directly hit on Acchan, sending her flying away.
Acchan stab the point of her assault rifle to slowing her down from getting away. The rifle was slowly sliding from the ground and stop just before reaching to the line. Acchan then disappeared and reappearing on Takamina’s back in split second.
"Στολιδάκι Σατανικών (Stolidaki Satanikon)" Acchan’s punch release a column of flame, firing to Takamina. When Takamina saw that, she’s starting to spin her sword like a fan from the palm of her hand at high speed.
“Caelum Volvuntur (Revolving heaven)” then the spinning sword fires a widening vortex of wind, clashing to the column of flame. The two different elements contact each other for seconds and explode violently. She repeats her technique by using another sword from her left hand then another vortex of wind fires toward to Acchan. Acchan was thinking fastly and she starts now to stand straight facing to the whirlwind that moving to her at quick pace.
‘What are you doing? You might get hit.’ Takamina thought. Then she saw Acchan just smiled at her which earning a confused look.
縛道の八十一「断空」[Bakudō no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” A large translucent rectangular wall was form in front of Acchan, blocking Takamina’s attack. This was earned by the shock of all spectators, especially the generals and also Takamina, who was very surprised.
‘That was Kidō. How could this girl do that?’ Takamina thought with a surprised look.
On the side of the arena, the generals are starting now to complaint.
“Hey, that was Kidō right? How could Acchan do that?” Yukirin asked.
“I don’t know.” Paruru answered.
Back to the battle, Takamina move forward quickly to Acchan and swing her sword. Acchan block it using her assault rifle. They exchanging strikes to each other, so very fast that even the eyes of the audience cannot follow the movement of their hands. When their final strike clashes, it creates a massive wave and recoils the two fighters away.
“You’re not the only one who using Kidō.” Takamina said. She point her palm on Acchan
“破道の三十三「蒼火墜」 [Hadō no Sanjūsan: Sōkatsui (Way of Destruction #33: Blue Fire, Crash Down] then a blue wave of energy was discharge from her palm firing toward Acchan but she use Shunpo to dodge it. Takamina has not finish yet as she use one of her second element’s technique.
“Sonus Flamenus (Sonicboom)” Takamina smash her sword through the air releasing a focused powerful compression wave with destructive volume of sounds directing to Acchan. Instantly, Acchan uses Shunpo to evade the attack and reappears in front of Takamina, much to the midget’s surprise. Then the short-hair girl performs butterfly kick on midget. Takamina was cannot able to respond immediately and for the second time, her face was being hit again and thrown several meters. Takamina was getting up and wipe her mouth. She saw her blood for the second time. Acchan feels midget was getting more irritating and pissed than last time. She prepares herself in very dangerous situation.
“You know that was the second time you hit me on my face. It’s time to end this piece of shit.” Takamina said harshly with her angry looks worn on her face.
Acchan attacks Takamina with smashing her rifle. But the short girl already expected this and starts to swing her sword.
“Deus Iratus (Wrath of god)” then a circle of violent winds was release from below of the ground, surrounding Takamina and reaching into the air. Acchan’s rifle hit on the circular air wall and recoils her back. When Acchan was staggered and the midget’s technique was stop, it was Takamina’s chance to attack.
“Ventus Ire (Wrath of the wind)” Takamina flap her swords, creating a gust of wind in front of Acchan. Acchan then receives multiple cuts from the series of wind attacks. She uses Shunpo to get away from the line of attack and start cocking her guns.
Takamina charges at Acchan with full speed in which Acchan readying her position. Then Takamina disappeared near in front of the girl, much to Acchan’s surprise. Then Acchan feels that the midget was behind of her but it was too late. Takamina swing her sword and slashes at Acchan’s back. Then the midget performs low reverse roundhouse kick that makes Acchan stumbled back. Before Acchan’s back touches the ground, Takamina perform a powerful axe kick on Acchan’s abdomen that sends her to the ground with crash force. Takamina has still not done yet and delivering a downward punch to the area where Acchan was inflicted. When the punch hit on the girl’s abdomen, it creates a massive aftershock and makes Acchan coughed a blood.
Takamina raise her left sword from the air. Then a highly dense vortex of air surrounds the sword at high speed. Takamina looks at Acchan with pity.
“It’s time now to bring your suffering to an end.” Takamina calmly said.
“Ensis Tempestas (Storm blade)” Takamina swing down the sword to Acchan and explosion occurs. The explosion replaced by a smoke. The smoke slowly dissipates, emerging Takamina first from the smoke. The spectators thought it was over but suddenly Takamina was frozen. She was shock at what she’s looking at.
“I-i-impossible” Takamina exclaimed. Then a figure below Takamina was smiling and shown an orange thing on the foreground of the figure’s smiling lips.

Flashback, seconds ago (Acchan’s POV)
“It’s time now bring your suffering to an end.” The midget said to me as her sword enveloped with massive wind was ready to turn me into dust.
I can feel my body tremble in fear. This is the first time I feel this fear on my lifetime. I feared that I’m going to die and going away without something that I will do. My body trembles more as the midget said her technique and preparing to smash me. But suddenly everything around me was frozen. In fact the time and space was really frozen. Then a figure was walking nearer to me. I know who is that figure.
‘Grandma?’ I thought. The figure smiled at me in agreement. I saw the figure beyond my expectation. My grandmother’s appearance was in beautiful youth form, the youngful General Oshima Mai.
“Yes my dear. It’s me, your beloving grandmother.” Then she reaches her hand to me in which I accept it. Then she lifts me. I suddenly hug her while my eyes flowing with tears.
‘I thought that you died’
“Yes my dear, I’m already dead you know.” My grandmother chuckled
‘But why are you here?’ I suddenly confused at my grandmother.
“I have given a chance from the above to talk to you. Come to me for a while. Don’t worry about the battle, it will just for a moment for a conversation.”
Then suddenly she brings to me to a white light. Then after we proceed, I amazed from what I saw. A Beautiful green field fills with several colorful flowers scattering around. I saw many birds from the sky. In front of as was a beautiful gazebo with a table filled with silverware and glassware utensils. We went to the gazebo and sat down.
“Would you like some tea, my beautiful granddaughter?” I blushed at her compliment as I nodded at her. She gives me a cup of tea and taking it from her. I was sipping quietly at the tea as watching this tranquil place. Then Acchan face her grandmother.
‘Why did you bring me here?’ Acchan thought.
“Before you will back to the reality, I just have to talk to you for a moment.” My grandmother said and sipping her tea.
“I know that you’re fear to die, is that right?” she said. That questions flinches me and looking at her with narrowed eyes.
“It’s ok to fear something. It will make you stronger.” She continued sipping her tea.
‘How does the fear can make you stronger?’  I asked
“Fear is just like the creation of your thoughts. It only acts as a defense mechanism against for you which you are uncomfortable with the things that can harm you. Your fearing to die means that you cannot let yourself to be killed, is that right?” I nodded at her.
“But if you realize that your fear is just your mere thoughts and understands its nature, then you can use your fear as your strength. You can do that by forcefully challenge yourself, don’t just run away or escaping it.”
I suddenly realized what was my grandmother said. She was right there’s nothing to fear about, it’s just my mere thoughts. Instead of escaping it, I could use it as my strength for me to push harder to my limits.
‘Thank you for your advice.’ I walk to her and kiss her cheeks.
“Ahh, looks like it’s my time now to go.” Now that makes me sad. She noticed my expression and smiling at me.
“Don’t worry; I will watch you from afar.” Then suddenly the scene turns blurry as my grandmother said her final statement.
“Just remember. Your fear will become your strength and your weakness will become your sword.” That was the last statement that I’ve been heard from her as I’m being suck down to the reality.
Back to the reality, I was lying on the floor still on the pain. Then in front of me was a midget with a wind-coated sword still on the air ready to strike me down. Then my grandmother’s voice was still on my mind, reminding me that statement.
‘Remember. Your fear will become your strength and your weakness will become your sword.’ I smiled as my thought still reminds me of that statement.
‘Thank you for everything, grandma.’ Then I’ve started now to move fast.
I’ve reach the bayonets which was hidden from my boots. Once I took the two knives, I saw that the small general started now to swing down her sword.
“Ensis Tempestas”
I quickly think something while my dual bayonet readies to block the attack. Then an explosion occurs and smoke was coming after. Then the smoke dissipates and I smiled as I saw the midget’s reaction to my doing. The dual bayonet was covered by a high-intensity condensed ionized gas flames, blocking midgets high-dense vortex of wind.
“I-i-impossible.” The midget exclaimed.
“Κόπτης Πλάσματος [Kopis Plasmatos (Plasma cutter)]” I said on my thought.

Flashback ended (Acchan’s POV ended)
Takamina was still in surprised state as Acchan blocks the wind attack using ionized gas attack. Then Acchan swing her left hand which Takamina’s sense back to reality and trying to block but no avail. She’s sent several meters away but she stabs her dual sword to stop her flying. Acchan shut downs her technique and kip-up so she could stand.
On the side of the arena, the generals are totally surprised at what they saw.
“Is that a flame?” Yukirin asked.
“No, it’s plasma.” Mayuyu reply.
“I’ve heard what she said. It’s a Greek for ‘plasma cutter’.” Paruru said.
“How do you know about Greeks?” Mariko asked.
“All of her techniques are named in Greek language. Mine is Italian language and Yukirin is Spanish language. I’ve studied Greeks about 3 years ago so I can understand some of her techniques.” Paruru explained.
“For example, Mariko’s technique ‘obelisk rockets’, as she explain of her technique, was being turn into ash by Acchan’s intense flame-coating bullets. She called that technique as ‘Dynamic Incineration’.” Paruru said which all of generals only nodding.
“And it looks like that ionized gas was her second element.” Mayuyu said.
“What do you mean Mayu-chan?” Rena and Jurina asking at the same time.
“Based on my observation, Maeda-san can use Blue-flame manipulation and Plasma manipulation; both are very compatible to each other. Her other element, plasma, is the fourth state of matter. She can able to ionized gases, creating ionized charge particles. Partnering to fire creates high-temperature compressed flames. She can able to create any plasmatic energy, even lightning.” Mayuyu explained.
Back on the arena, Takamina finally stand up and look at Acchan with confused face. Through her dense mind, she finally understand what was the energy released from the knives. She’s laugh very loud.
“So, that was your second element? You’re a Plasma manipulator?” Takamina asked whici Acchan respond with a nod, still plastered her smiling lips from her face.
“Our strength is now even. Let’s do this.” Takamina said.
“Eximius-sonus Acceleratio (Supersonic acceleration)” Takamina was covered with aerodynamic particles to lessen air friction and charging at the high speed.
Εκτοξευομαι Τρέχων [Ektoxevomai Trechon (Sprint launcher)]” Acchan using plasma flames on her feet to further pushing herself and covered by flame to reduce friction and also charging at high speed.
Then the two disappeared as their second elements clashes, creating a super firestorm as the audience are started to cheer.

To be continued

New skill updated are on this link (Including Kido Spells):  Skills  (


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Atsumina fight~o!
Plasma... interesting... Acchan... Maimai
Mayuyu commenting...
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mayuki want mayuki

great fic
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@Uncle Last Cross: SUPER CALIFRAGILISTIC EXPIALIDOCIUS is a freaking Song NOT A WORD. Go Google it. ( = _ =* )
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Incredible on the action.

That moment where Acchan had her chance to speak to her grandmother was a surreal point.

This will only get more exciting
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The fight between Yuko, Minami, Haruna and Atsuko was so intense and amazing...  :thumbsup

Nobody could see their figures at all... there were just flash here and there....   :heart:

Mariko was being glared at Tomochin because Chiyuu was injured by Mariko in the previous tournament...  :sweatdrop:

Great fighting scene between Takamina and Atsuko...

Kidō, Shunpo... like in 'Bleach' anime... Great input...

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She kept getting beat by Atsuko when Takamina was just normal...

Ah... I guess Atsuko was going to the Ace here...

Wah.. Atsuko also had another power...

So it's going to be a fair fight between the two of them....

How about Haruna... would she also has another power?

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And also the fight between Haruna and Yuko going to develop and conclude...

Can't wait....

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@Shinoki: You don't have to worried about, even they will have very severe injuries, they can able manage to take care of themselves.

@den_takacchan: Hahahahahaha, Thanks for your comment. Actually Takamina was slightly stronger than Acchan but Acchan can able to match equally on Takamina despite that slight difference.

@FlameHazeKatsu: Wag ka muna gumawa ng conclusion, Inuunahan mo na ako ehhh... Just wait ok?  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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@cisda83: Eventhough Takamina was beaten by Acchan in her normal state, it doesn't mean that she was weaker than Acchan (remember she was the president). About Haruna and Yuko's power will be revealed on this part.



Phase B: Kojiyuu “Taiyō arashi”
Trivia: Taiyō arashi (太陽嵐, Japanese for “Solar storm”) – A magnetic burst of solar wind and magnetic fields rising along the solar corona or being released from the space. Scientifically, they are called as Coronal Mass Ejection. [Magnetic field + solar luminescence]

At the same time, After Maeda Atsuko cast Bakudo #81 Danku (Splitting Void)
On the same side of the arena, Kojinyan and Yuko were exchanging strikes to each other. Kojinyan rapidly roundhouses kick on Yuko but the midget blocks it using her tonfa. Before Yuko regain her composure from blocking the attack, Kojinyan surprisingly dropkick in front of Yuko which she recoiled back.
But Yuko stop her recoil, and charge directly on Kojinyan. She punches on Kojinyan’s abdomen and starting to raining kicks. Kojinyan was trying to block all of them but the last kick was hitting on Kojinyan’s chest (luckily it didn’t hit on her breast). But in return, Kojinyan hold Yuko’s foot using her left hand and slamming her on the floor. Then she giant swing the midget and throw her several meters away.

Kojinyan back out for a while and pointing her bow, with arrow loaded, to the sky.
“Meteoren Regen” Kojinyan release an arrow and flew to the sky. After a while, a barrage of shards was raining toward Yuko. Yuko saw that and she rotates her tonfa and pointing it in front of the raining shards.
“縛道の三十九「円閘扇」[Bakudō no Sanjūkyū: Enkōsen (Way of Binding #39: Round Lock Fan)] Then a large energy spinning disk was formed on the spinning tonfa., blocking a massive waves of falling shards. Kojinyan was not finished yet as she took another arrow and setting to point on Yuko.
“Rayleigh Streuung” Then she release an arrow which break into dozen of streaming shards and bombarding on Yuko.
“Momentant Utladning (Instantaneous Discharge)” Yuko punch her tonfa to the ground, creating a massive discharge of electricity, successfully repel all of the bombarding streaming arrows.
Kojinyan was surpised while Yuko was only smirking at her. Kojinyan replied it with her smile as she points her palm to the squirrel. Yuko was aware of her next move as she started now to panic.
“破道の八十八「飛竜撃賊震天雷炮」 [Hadō no Hachijūhachi: Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō (Way of Destruction #88: Flying Dragon-Striking Heaven-Shaking Thunder Cannon)] then releasing a gigantic beam of electrical energy from Kojinyan’s palm and firing it to Yuko.
All of the generals are surprised on the scene they’ve been watch.
“What the hell? She cast a high-level Kido without incantation!!!” Yukirin said.
“And remains very powerful despite short casting.” Paruru said.
“Then this means that Kojima-san is really powerful.” Mayuyu commented.
“Despite of that, she has a no match for Yuko-san.” Rena said.
“But she can able to make on par with Yuko-senpai.” Jurina said.

Back on the arena, Yuko forcefully using a Kido before it’s too late.
“縛道の八十一「断空」 [Bakudō no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” A rectangular translucent wall was blocking the Hado, creating a massive explosion. When the explosion was gone, Yuko was suddenly appeared in front of Kojinyan and attacking her which the she forcibly defend herself by using her bow to block midget’s tonfa. Kojinyan insert condensed light energy on her arrow
“Seele Schneider” Kojinyan swing it on Yuko which only blocked by the tonfa’s head but staggered due to the strength. Kojinyan take it a chance and use Shunpo to get away from Yuko.
‘This general is more dangerous than I’ve been expected. I should watch her move carefully before she lands me an attack.’ Kojinyan thought.
“Based on your eyes, you are trying to analyze me.” Yuko breaks Kojinyan’s thought as Yuko laugh hysterically.
“I like you now. You’re a very interesting girl.” Yuko was flirting on Kojinyan which she blushing furiously.
“Hehehehe, you’re blushing. So cute~!!!!” Yuko said.
“Mou~~!!! Stop that.” Kojinyan was cutely pouting.
“Ok, ok, I will stop now. So shall we continue?” Yuko said. Then a high massive dense of electrical energy was charging on her right-hand tonfa and materialized into a giant spear.
“Torden spyd: Gungnir (Lighning Spear: Gungnir)” Then Yuko swing her right hand, firing the spear to Kojinyan at alarming speed. Kojinyan then pull an arrow on her quiver and rapidly charge light energy on the arrow.
“Rechte Schieten” Kojinyan release the arrow, firing a blast of light energy. Yuko’s spear clashes on Kojinyan’s energy blast. But Kojinyan was alarmed when her blast was being pushed back by Yuko’s spear. Then the spear went to Kojinyan, causing a large explosion. When the explosion was gone, Kojinyan was still standing only her left arm bruised as she blocking the explosion using Enkōsen.
“Hmmm, good thinking although your left arm was injured because of that explosion.” Yuko commented.
“Tsk, that was close one. If I didn’t cast one, I will gonna blast out in a second. And that spear was very fast that I don’t be able to use Shunpo away.” Kojinyan whispered. She was holding her bruised left arm while holding her bow.
“You know, you should give up now. You’re having an injury and also, you have no match for me.” Yuko said.
“And why is that?” Kojinyan tilt her head.
“Just like I said, you have no match for me. And I don’t want your beautiful skin to be scarred by my hands.” Yuko calmly replied.
“My answer is this” Kojinyan breathe heavily. ‘Nulpunt Ilvan (Zero-point Raid)’ Kojinyan cast it on her thought.
“NO!” Then she flicked her finger. In an instant a series of arrows suddenly appeared on Yuko in point-blank range at alarming speed which the midget surprised and explodes violently. Kojinyan watch as the explosion was subsided and replaced with smoke. The cat-ear girl thought that it was over and sighs deeply, but she was wrong as she heard a sparking sound coming from the smoke.
“Elektrosjokk Induksjon (Electroshock Induction)” Then large lightning bolt was appeared from the smoke and directly and instantly struck on Kojinyan, shocking her violently and screaming loudly in pain. Then when the shock stop, Kojinyan dropped on her knees, panting rapidly, as her body was releasing smoke and covered with burns injuries.
When the smoke was dissipates, Yuko was seen with many cuts and burns too.
“Not bad, you manage to land an attack and able to injure me without noticing it. But I think play’s over, I will show you my second power” Yuko said. Then she uses her said second element: Magnetism.
“Metalliske Regndusj (Metallic Rainshower)” Then a black metallic fragments are started to appearing from the ground and floating around Kojinyan. Then starting to rain down at the girl which she screaming in pain and creates a smoke. When the smoke disappeared, Kojinyan was seen lying on the ground.
“It’s so sad that you will die now but your death will not in vain.” Yuko apologized.

(Kojinyan’s POV)
Is this the end?

Is my life really gonna end so easily?

Am I gonna die now?

Will my pain disappearing instantly?

No, this is wrong. This is not the end. I have friends that supporting me.

I will not die now, not on this place. I have many things to do.

I will endure this pain no matter what.

(Kojinyan’s POV ended)
Yuko saw that the girl was still struggling to stand up, despiting many injuries she has taken.
“Don’t worry girl, your pain will be gone instantly.” Yuko said. Then a high electrical charge was seen on head of the Yuko’s tonfa where she points it at the standing girl.
“Lynnedslag Kanon (Lightning strike Cannon)” A wide highly concentrated beam was shot from Yuko’s tonfa firing to Kojinyan.
“Sayonara.” Yuko said.
Kojinyan’s head was still looking down as she took an arrow from her quiver. Then she looks at Yuko with her eyes wearing determination which gives Yuko a confused look.
“You’re not the only one who has a second element.” Then she input light energy on the arrow.
“That move again.” Yuko said.
“Nope this is the new one.” Kojinyan smiled. Yuko sense that the arrow was not only light energy, that the girl inserted, was not normal as she saw the grass below on Kojinyan are starting to wilt at fast rate. Kojinyan then started to point her bow at the electrical beam. Kojinyan breathes deeply and start to chant her technique.
“Gammastraal uitbarsting (Gamma-ray Burst)” Then a wide extreme concentrated light energy of beam are fired on Kojinyan’s bow after she release the arrow and clashing on the beam. When Yuko saw that her technique was started to push back, she cast a Kido.

“縛道の八十一「断空」 [Bakudō no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” A rectangular translucent wall was formed in front of Yuko.

Yuko’s technique was finally pushed back by Kojinyan’s technique but blocked by the midget’s invisible barrier. But the midget sense something’s wrong as she felt the invisible heat is starting to burn her skin. When Yuko cannot able to hold that heat, she forcibly to use Shunpo and went on the other side. The beam shatters the invisible wall and continues to move forward until it reaches on the energy force field. The audience is starting to feel the heat too. The beam was finally subsiding and the heat they felt is also disappeared.
“Wow, what is that? That’s not a normal light.” Yuko said.
“Gamma Radiation” Paruru answered back.
“You’re right. My computer detects a high massive of excited particles on the beam. I will assume that it contents radioactive waves. And from my computer, it seems that it is short-wavelength and tremendously high frequency radiation. From my description, I would say that’s a Gamma Radiation.” Mayuyu explained/
“So that’s why the audience is starting to get sweaty, because of Kojinyan’s attack” Yukirin said.
“Exactly, but still I can’t believe that this girl has a highly dangerous second element although I finally saw it.” Mayuyu exclaimed.
“What is her other power, Mayu-chan?” Jurina asked.
“Radioactive Manipulation, another power that can cause a horrible aftereffect when released, aside from Takamina, Yuko, Paruru, Yukirin, Rena, you (referring to Jurina) Maeda-san and mine.” Mayuyu explain.
Back to the arena, Yuko was panting while gripping her tonfa tightly.
“From what I saw, I could say you’re a Radioactive Manipulator. That’s a really dangerous power aside from your friend.” Yuko said.
“Yours too, that was really dangerous power, Magnetic Manipulation.” Kojinyan said.
“So to make it short: you, me, Takamina and that short-hair girl. Our second elements are very dangerous when using it.” Yuko said.
“But it’s too late now to stop it right?” Kojinyan was nodding her head.
“Even we have serious pains, shall we continue?” Yuko asked.
“Torden spyd: Gungnir.”
“Rechte Schieten.”
At the same time, both of them are casting their techniques and firing to each other while moving at impossible speed, creating an auroral effect.

To be continued

New skills updated on this link:  Skills  (


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doki doki! that was epic~
kojiharu vs yuko~
yuko = flirting during battle, but still strong and serious...
ah... yeah... superhuman ppl~~
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Yuko... u must really flirt during battle eh... lol  :on lol:
Haruna blushed~ oooooooo~ (well that's the start of somethin')  :kekeke:
well can't wait to see the conclusion of this too~  :smoke: hehehehe...
I'll be looking forward to the conclusions~~~~~  :on gay: :on GJ:
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This battle is crazy awesome

Both in a back and forth battle maybe to the death
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Haruna was also a strong fighter...

Would she be able to win against Yuko?

Eh.. Yuko would still tease Haruna around... or flirting with her...

Great action plot as usual

Ah... Here Yuko nearly won...

But Haruna also had a second power...

Now the fights would be getting more and more interesting... for both KojiYuu and Atsumina

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Phase C: Dairiki Tōitsu

1 hour and 30 minutes later

(POV's: Maeda Atsuko, Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami, Oshima Yuko)
The arena was covered with colorful blasts as the four combatants clash their techniques.
Acchan perform butterfly kick on Takamina with her flame but the midget dodges it using Shunpo. Takamina was trying to attack Acchan on back using her sword but Acchan blocks it with her G3A3A1.
On the other side, Kojiyuu was trying to block Yuko’s barrage of attacks using her bow. Kojiyuu saw Yuko’s attacks are getting faster, she evade all of it. Yuko was trying to punch Kojinyan but Kojinyan blocks it. Kojinyan feel her hands are numb as she blocks the attack that envelops with electric. Kojinyan look on the two figures on the other side. Kojinyan push back Yuko, drawing her bow and pointing it on the midget who was fighting on her friend.
“Rayleigh Streuung” Then a streaming shards fired on the two combatants.
When the two saw the streaming light, Acchan then jumps back. Takamina spin her sword like a fan then pointing it on the shards.
“Caelum Volvuntur” Takamina fires a wide tornado on the shards, throwing them away. Then the tornado continues on Kojinyan but she dodges it using Shunpo. Her landing was in wrong timing when she saw Yuko on her side, ready to strike her with electrical spear.
“Torden spyd: Gungnir” Yuko was about to strike her spear to Kojinyan but Acchan suddenly appears in front of her.
Κόπτης Πλάσματος (Koptis Plasmatos)” Acchan’s plasma cutter successfully blocks Yuko’s electrical spear.
“You….” Yuko said. She pushes back Acchan and throws her spear on her. Acchan then avoids it before the explosion contacts to her. When Acchan was in the midair, she saw Yuko on above with her tonfa charged with electricity.
“Musserende knuser: Mjølner (Sparkling Crusher: Mjolnir)” Yuko smash her tonfa on high force. Acchan was trying to block it using her plasma charged blade but due to the massive weight of Yuko’s attack, she was pushed back and crash on the ground.
“Acchan!” Kojinyan shout. She saw Takamina was nearing at her; forcibly defend herself from the attack. Takamina’s was covered with wind.
“Ensis Tempestas” Takamina swing her sword on Kojinyan but she fastly cast her technique to counter it.
“Seele Schneider” Kojinyan blocks Takamina’s wind sword with her light arrow.
The two exchanges their attacks while dodging at the fast pace. The audience cannot see their hands move because of their fast attacks.
Acchan suddenly appears on Yuko’s back, causing the general widened her eyes.
‘What? She is still moving?’ Yuko thought as her eyes still looking on the ground but her intuition was telling that the girl is still on her back.
Acchan activate her plasma cutter technique and trying to slash Yuko’s back. Luckily, Yuko quickly turn around and block the attack. Acchan suddenly disappears from Yuko’s sight which confuses the squirrel. Then in an instant Acchan appears from Yuko’s left side. Yuko was trying to attack her but she only hit nothing. The squirrel finally realized that it was just an afterimage. Acchan uses Shunpo very rapidly that she leaves afterimages, surrounding Yuko and confuses her more. Acchan suddenly appears on top of Yuko, performing axe kick on the top of her, sending Yuko to the ground. Then she uses herself as a meteor directly kicking on the crashing Yuko. But Yuko perform one-hand freeze, her feet stops Acchan’s kick, creating a aftershock on impact.
Kojinyan and Takamina are still exchanging very quick attacks to each other. On the final strike, the two hold each other weapons. Their weapons create sparks as it made contact with each other.
“I’m impressed that you can able to block my attacks using the arrow with your left hand while holding the bow on your right hand” Takamina said.
“Thank you for your compliment” Kojinyan said. Then she pushed back Takamina and starts to charge her arrow in high power.
“Rechte Schieten” Kojinyan fires a light energy blast at Takamina. The midget evades an attack using Shunpo but Kojinyan was not finished as she disappeared and suddenly appeared behind of Takamina and charging arrow, much to the midget’s surprised. Kojinyan fires her same technique at Takamina’s back in point-blank range. In desperation, Takamina swing her sword, slicing the blast into two, getting Kojinyan’s attention with shocked face.
“Impossible.” Kojinyan’s surprised words. Takamina delivers a massive barrage of slashes on Kojinyan. Kojinyan’s blocking efforts were useless as she can’t keep up the speed of each strike that some of them passing through her and enebles to cut her.
Acchan saw that her friend was in danger. She pushed her foot on against on Yuko;s foot, acting as a spring then use Shunpo, appearing in front of Takamina and successfully stop her attacks. Takamina was amazed about that.
“How could you block that?” Takamina asked. But Acchan only answer her with a smile. Then she pulled Kojinyan away of the midget.
Yuko suddenly appears on Takamina’s side, panting very hard as a result of Acchan’s sudden push on her that creates a crater where Yuko was there.
“Yuko are you alright?” Takamina said with concern look.
“I’m ok. Don’t worry about me.” Yuko replied.
Kojinyan, are your body still intact?” Acchan asked.
“Do you think my body was in disarray?” Kojinyan asked her with sarcastic looks.
“Ne~ Yuko, these girls are really strong.” Takamina said.
“Yeah, I can see that. They can able to injure me so far.” Yuko nodded.
“I think it’s time now to use this.”
“Takamina, are you sure about that?” Yuko asked.
“I’m sure about it. Besides, this brings back the memories about it, right?” Takamina smiled.
“Ok, let’s do it.” Yuko said.
Kojinyan and Acchan saw that Yuko and Takamin are standing there. Kojinyan wonders what are they doing but Acchan knows that somethings wrong.
“Ready.” Takamina said.
“I’m on it.” Yuko replied.
Takamina start spinning her sword like a plane turbine as Yuko preparing to generate highly-voltage electricity around them. Then a magic circle was appeared on the spinning sword
“Acchan, I know that skill.” Kojinyan warns on her friend.
I already knew it.” Acchan mentally hummed.
Takamina spins her sword faster that the audience cannot able to see its rotation while Yuko generates more electricity.
“大力統一 [Dairiki Tōitsu (Grand Unification Force)]” Takamina and Yuko said in unison.
“竜巻 [Tatsumaki] 雷雨 [Raiu] (Tornado Thunderstorm)”

Then a severely violent tornado was released on the magic circle followed by a covered with high-voltage of lightning moving very fast at Acchan and Kojinyan. The two avoid the blast before it touches on them as they saw rocks on the tornado’s path are suddenly disintegrate and turn into ash. The two midgets fired again for the second time on Kojinyan. Because of the blast, Kojinyan accidentally tripped her feet and drop herself on the ground.

“Oh no, this is the end.” Kojinyan fearfully said.

Then she saw Acchan was in front of her. Acchan draws a line from the ground and starting to shoot of them.
Φωτιά Τοίχο: Αμυντική Φόρμα {Fotia Toicho: Amyntiki Forma (Firewall: Defensive Form)}” Then a solidify wall of flame appears in front of Acchan, successfully blocks the attack. But Acchan knew that her wall of fire will not be able to protect them for a long time as she knows that the combination attack is too strong. She needs a plan.

Ne Kojinyan, I think we should do that too.” Acchan said on her mind.

“What ‘do that’?” Kojinyan blankly said.

Grand Unification Force.” Acchan said.

“Ohh, you mean that way.” Kojinyan asked with a statement sentence.

Yes that way.” Acchan smiled.

Then the wall of fire destroyed creating a smoke. When the smoke was gone, the two were seen nowhere.

“Where they are?” Yuko asked.

“On our left-flank” Takamina replied.

Takamina and Yuko saw Acchan and Kojinyan on their left side.

“Do you want to surrender now?” Yuko smirked.

“You know, you have no chance for this, since we combine our powers to create a destructive technique.” Takamina calmly said.

“We will not surrender no matter what.” Kojinyan determined said.

“I guess we have no choice.” Yuko lonely said.

 “竜巻 [Tatsumaki] 雷雨 [Raiu] (Tornado Thunderstorm)”

Another lightning-charged tornado was fired toward Acchan and Kojinyan.

“This is the end.” Takamina said.

Acchan points her G3A3A1 and Kojinyan point her bow with arrow loaded, on the tornado (they doing that by standing back-to-back to each other).

Then a magic circle was appeared on the side of the two where they are pointing at.

“大力統一 [Dairiki Tōitsu (Grand Unification Force)]” Kojinyan and Acchan, who was simultaneously talking voicelessly using her mouth while saying it on her mind, said unison.

“What?!?!?!” Yuko and Takamina surprisely asked.

焼け付く[Yaketsuku] 光線 [Kōsen] (Searing beam)”

Then an orange condensed gigantic laser, surrounded by a corkscrew-like aura, was fired on Atsunyan’s magic circle. The laser clashes on the tornado,
creating a massive discharge on sparks within each other. Then creates a explosion which shakes the whole arena that even generals feel it very hard.

“Wow that was awesome.” Yukirin amazed.

“You’re right. I can’t believe from what I saw.” Paruru said.

“Yeah me too, even I was surprised at that moment.” Mayuyu said.

The explosion creates a huge smoke on the whole arena. When the smoke was dissipate, reveals four combatants that was standing on the arena, having their same condition as they had before.

“So, you two can able to use it too.” Takamina said not able to remove her surprised face. Acchan and Kojinyan nodded simultaneously.

“You’re really formidable opponents.” Yuko smirked.

“So it’s decided.” Takamina said.

“You two will be promoted to become the official generals of Twelve Constellation.” Takamina announced.

“Maeda Atsuko promoted into Aries General. Kojima Haruna promoted into Sagittarius General. Congratulations to both of you.” Takamina congratulate, but before the two midgets walk away.

This isn’t over yet.” Acchan send her message on the two that makes them stop from walking.

“Yeah, we haven’t reached the conclusion of our fight.” Kojinyan agreed.

“What do you mean about that?” Yuko confusedly asked.

“I mean that our fight cannot be end like this.” Kojinyan said.

“Do you still want to end this? Despite having given to you now the award?” Takamina asked.

“Save that award later. But for now, we must end this once and for all.” Kojinyan said.

“As you wish, we will use our strength in full capacity. And we will not hold it back now.” Takamina seriously said.

Then the four release a tremendous aura that nearly suffocates the spectators (excluding the generals since they can able to withstand the pressure) but thanks to the force fields. They ready now to reach the decisive conclusion.

To be Continued.


New skills and techniques updated are on this link:  Skills and Techniques (

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I'm assuming that they will all end up in the infirmary after the fight or extremely exhausted  :nervous

Impressive fighting :twothumbs
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they wanna fight more to end this battle?
wow... yeah... me: wow... they're so awesome...
oh... using different color fonts, smart~~
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gaaaah!!!!! nooooooooooo... Acchan...majide...why couldn't u just let go... of it...  :err: *sigh* does this mean...someone will have to be the winner now...
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Great powers show there....

Both of team could combine thier powers to make a union attack...

Yeah... Both Kojima and Atsuko were promoted into the general rank...

But they still did not want to put an end to the competition....

What's going to happen with the competition.... when they really released their real powers?

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the update

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PS: I hope Takamina able to win the competition... because it would not be funny to be lead by a leader that was weaker than you right?

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@FlameHazeKatsu: Ahh so gusto mong matalo si Takamina ganon? HAHAHAHAHAHA

@cisda83: You're right. Because if that happen, there will be some worst events will fall on her.

@Amakuchi: Thank you!!!!!!

WELL............. ENJOY READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Phase D: Ketteitekina Ketsumatsu

Penthouse, 20th floor, Medical Department, Akiba Headquarter; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Tuesday, 11:00 am
The short girl open her eyes and looking at her surroundings. She was awakened by the sound of the birds and the light of the sun. She questions herself why she was sleeping in this comfy bed. Then she finally realized that she was sleeping here because of their last fight. She used her strength to the maximum level at which she reaching her limits and exhausting her body more. What’s more is that their final clash makes their body feel numb due to multiple injuries plus several bad muscle condition that makes it worse.
The short girl smiled as she remembered that moment. When she turns her head to the left, she was shocked from what she saw.
The person that she admires and respect was on the other bed, sleeping beautifully. The midget saw her face making a smile, thought that she has a good dream.
She’s so beautiful’ she praised in her thought.
When she was trying to get up, she feels the pain from her lower right abdomen.
Itai~, that’s hurt’s a lot.
After she slowly gets up and sits carefully on her bed, she looks at the other two persons who rested a very long time.
She thought about that moment and cherishing it as a best memory ever.


Flashback, 2 weeks ago
As the four combatants release a massive dense of aura, they sudden disappeared and instantly reappears from the above. The clash of their weapons creates an intense ripple on the sky and shooks the whole arena. The generals felt this monstrous aura, only Mayuyu, Yukirin, Paruru, Rena and Jurina are not ever flinched even in this state but amazed.
“Wow they are really strong” Paruru said.
“Well, it’s time now to add these two in our database.” Mayuyu said while typing on her computer along with multiple holograms surrounding on her.
“You’re really a Technology Manipulator, Mayuyu” Yukirin sighed.
“Of course” Mayuyu proudly said while continuing on her work.
“Rena-chan, I wish that I could possess such a power like yours.” Jurina said with sad tone.
Jurina and Rena are the Ace Generals on the SKE headquarters, the sister of AKB headquarters. What was Jurina said is Rena is a Heat Manipulator and Explosion Manipulator.
“I don’t think it will happen to that, Jurina.” Rena said.
“My powers are weak you know. And I’ve been defeated so easily.” Jurina looking at the ground, her eyes were on the verge of crying. But then Jurina feels her body was being hugged and getting closer by her friend.
“I don’t think your powers are weak too. You became the youngest general not just on your power, but also to your determination on your will to fight. I believe that you are not weak, yet you put a very good fight.” Rena continued to hug Jurina to ease her pain.
“It looks like their fight has reaching its conclusion now.” Yukirin said while watching the fight.
The generals are set on their eyes to the four combatants.
Takamina and Yuko are panting heavily as well as Acchan and Kojinyan. The four suddenly feel their body has reaching now its limit.
‘Oh come on, not today.’  The four thought in unison.
“I think that we are reaching our limits.” Yuko said.
“It is same here too.” Kojinyan also said.
“Let’s finish this.” Takamina said.
“Ensis Tempestas (Storm Blade)” “Seele Schneider (Soul Cutter)” “Musserende Kruser: Mjølner (Sparkling Crusher: Mjolnir)” “Κόπτης Πλάσματος [Koptis Plasmatos (Plasma Cutter)]”
The four released their technique in full power at the same time and charging with each other. When their weapons came to contact, creates a massive ground-shaking explosion with aftershock releasing in high speed.
“Tsk, where in danger now.” Paruru said. Then she readies her staff to counter that aftershock when Mayuyu suddenly appeared in front of her.
“Mayuyu, what are you doing in front of me?” Paruru asked.
“Blocking that wave, what do you think I’m doing.” Mayuyu calmly answered.
“Are you insane?” Yukirin asked.
“Nope, I’m not insane.” Mayuyu said. Then she pulled her Denel NTW-20 Anti-Materiel Rifle from her back and pointing it at the aftershock.
“What are you doing, you know that shooting it doesn’t able to stop the wave from reaching at us.” Jurina said.
“Shhh, just watch me.” Mayuyu fire her weapon on the wave.
“蜃楼胶体:水嫩装甲体系 [Shènlóu Jiāotǐ: Shuǐnèn Zhuāngjiǎ Tǐxì (Mirage Colloid: Geschmeidig Panzer System/ Mirage Colloid: Energy Deflection System)]” Then the bullet breaks into many fragments and scatter from all of the direction in front of them.
When the wave was near on them, the generals know that it was over. But suddenly the wave was stop in front of them, which the generals shocked. Then Mayuyu turn to them and smile.
“See I told you I’m not insane.” Mayuyu said while smiling.
They make a question face on Mayuyu. Then they saw and wide range invisible barrier on the front of them.
“I will explain it later. But for now were safe in here.” Mayuyu assured to them. Then she watches the explosion turns into smoke.
When the smoke was dissipated, reveals four standing figures with the hair hiding on their face and facing opposite to each other.
“Who do you think will win?” Jurina asked. Then she saw Paruru walk toward the arena. Jurina asked what’s going on.
“Mayuyu, Yukirin and Rena, I think we need to move now.” Paruru requested which the three nodding on her.
They saw now the four figures dropped their weapons. After that, their bodies are starting to fall out. Before Takamina, Acchan, Yuko and Harunyan land their face on the ground, Rena, Yukirin, Mayuyu and Paruru instantly disappeared on the other general’s side and reappears on the four to catch them. Paruru with Acchan, Yukirin with Kojinyan, Rena with Yuko, and Mayuyu with Takamina that using Shunpo to go back and bringing to Tomochin in bridal-style lift. After Tomochin check on the four….
“They are only just unconscious due to using too much strength which strains their body but I basically, they are fine.” Tomochin said to them with a smile. Then the four fastest generals sighed very deeply as thanks.
“They can put a good fight, they really can par on us. And now they are officially promoted as a general.” Yukirin said.
Then Mayuyu used Shunpo to go on the center of the arena and make an announcement.
“This Selection Promotional Tournament has finally ended. The winners for this competition and promoted to generals are Maeda Atsuko as Aries General and Kojima Haruna as Sagittarius General. Congratulations for all of them.” The audience has making a very loud cheering as the generals are leaving on the arena while bringing the four unconscious girls.
“Now what should we do, Hmmmm.” Yukirin said.
“How about we’re gonna throwing a party.” Jurina suggested.
“Good idea, we should have a congratulation plus welcome party on the two.” Paruru clapped her hands.
“But first, I should make them a customized seifuku on the two. Tomochin I need some materials and fabrics.” Mayuyu said.

Flashback ended

Acchan wakes up from the sound of the chirping birds. She realized that she was sleeping on the bed. As she was trying to get up in the bed while sitting, she heard a girl’s voice.
“Ohayo gozaimasu, it seems you’ve sleeping peacefully.” Acchan looks on the source of that voice. Then she saw Takamina smiling at her which she blushing at the quick pace. Afterwards Takamina and Acchan saw that Yuko and Kojinyan also woke up.
“OHAYO!!!!!” Yuko shout while her hands on the air.
“Urusai!!!!” Kojinyan accurately throws an apple on Yuko’s face but due to her hyper-intuition, she catches it with only one hand.
“You’re so meanie.” Yuko pouted. Then she eats the apple. Acchan and Takamina only just smiled at them.

Then four look on the opening door as the generals are entering their room. Mayuyu and Rena went on Yuko.

“Oshiri~!! Daijoubu desu ka?” Mayuyu asked with concern.

“Yuko-senpai~!! Daijoubu desu ka?” Rena asked also with concern.

“Easy girls, it’s not that I’m dying right?”  Yuko laugh on them. Rena and Mayuyu cutely pouted at her.

“Mou~!!! Stop joking at us.” Rena and Mayuyu said.

Kawaii~!!” Jurina and Yukirin said at the same time as they hug their respective partners.

Paruru called Yukirin and nodding her head, signaling it is time. Yukirin then reply it with nod and walk toward on Kojinyan. Paruru do it the same on

“Ahem, Takamina it is time.” Tomochin said.

“Ok. Kojima Haruna, you will accept this four-star badge as a proof that you are promoted as a general and this bow-and-arrow badge as a proof that you are the one of the Twelve Constellations. You will also receive a customized seifuku, modified by your power.” Takamina said as Yukirin give Kojinyan a complete set of seifuku (blue blazer, white buttoned blouse, red necktie and black-and-white checkered skirt), a four-star golden badge and bow-and-arrow badge which Kojinyan gratefully accepting it.

“As for you, Maeda Atsuko, you will also accept this four-star badge as a proof that you are promoted as a general and this double-horned badge that you are the one of the Twelve Constellations. And also, you will receive a customized seifuku which is also modified by your power.” Takamina also said as Paruru give Acchan a complete set of seifuku, a four-star golden badge and a double-horned badge which Acchan thoughtfully accepting it.

“Congratulations for the two of you. Welcome to the Akiba Defense Special Force – Akiba Headquarters.” Takamina said. The generals are applausingly clap ther hands.

“Ne~~!!! As the way of congratulating them, we’ve been preparing a welcome party for the two promoted generals” Jurina said.

“When?” Yuko excitedly said.

“Tomorrow.” Rena answered while Yuko only pouted in disappointment. The generals are laughing and Yuko joins too.


Rooftop of United Nations Headquarters; New York City, New York, United States; Friday, 11:00 pm
A man was drinking his coffee while watching on the beautiful night. Then he thought about the happenings on Japan.
His instinct telling to him that someone was walking on him and he was right. A middle-aged woman, wearing business attire, was walking gracefully while bringing some papers.
“Commander-in-chief Akimoto Yasushi, Your papers are here.” The woman said.
“Thank you for bringing to me this, Secretary Urano Kazumi.” Aki-p said.
“It’s my pleasure to help you sir.” Cindy said.
Then another middle-aged woman was suddenly appeared in front of them and sitting beside Aki-p.
“Well, well, well, Former Leo General Noro Kayo. What brings you here?” Aki-p asked with a smile.
“Oh I just have a vacation along with my family, when I sense that you are here so I’ve decided to have a visit.”  Kayo answered with a smile.
“And you are using Shunpo all along from the ground? You’re still really a fastest general even you’re retired.” Cindy said.
“By the way, I have news for you” Kayo said.
“Takamina was helding a tournament, a selection promotional tournament. It will able to refill the two vacant seats.” Kayo explained.
“And who are the ones that fill the vacant seats?” Aki-p said.
“It was currently Sagittarius General Kojima Haruna and Aries General Maeda Atsuko.” Kayo answered.
“Oh, so my niece was getting that position? I’m so happy.” Cindy smiled.
“And it looks like Maimai’s granddaughter has finally getting also that position too.”
“Indeed, it was beyond from my expectation. But I guess it is right.” Aki-p said which the two former generals nodding at him.
The Commander-in-chief was silently drinking his coffee while watching the beautiful night sky filled with infinite number of stars.

To be continued...

New skills updated are on this link:  Skills/ Techniques (


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And Atsuko was easily blushing over Takamina's smile...

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Watanabe Mayu - She is known for her excellent very Long-range Marksmanship (Although she can be shoot in short range)

Maeda Atsuko - She is known for her excellent Short-range Marksmanship (Although she can be shoot in long range)

Mayuyu and Acchan are the only two Markmen of them....

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Chapter 6: Namida Surprise

Penthouse of Kojima Residence, Higashi, Shibuya, Tokyo; Saturday, 11:00 am
Kojinyan and Acchan are preparing for the welcome party as well as packing their things for transfer to another area where they will be staying.
Kojinyan and Acchan are finished fixing their dress.
“Wow Acchan, you’re so beautiful” Kojinyan’s compliment. Acchan was wearing the General’s seifuku and a buttefly hairclip on the left side.
You too Nyannyan, you’re very beautiful also.” Acchan’s compliment. Kojinyan was wearing also the Genera’s seifuku and mini-ribbon headband.
“Oi~ you guys, stop complimenting to each other like you’re a couple!” Myao shouted.
“C-c-c-couple?” Kojinyan and Acchan’s face turn as red as tomato.
“And wow, you two are really cute and sexy.” Myao’s compliment.
“Mou~Myao-chan!” Kojinyan shouted while her cute sister’s laugh echoed on their house.

Rooftop of United Nations Headquarters; New York City, New York, United States; Friday, 11:00 pm
“Sir, are you checking their profiles?” Cindy asked.
“Yeah, I will make sure that it is all in order.” Aki-p said.
“Hey old man, leaving on your post, what will happen if someone attacks our country?” Kayo asked.
“Don’t worry about that, Former President. I’ll just leave to Takamina about that.” Aki-p said.
“But I’m still feeling that somethings not right.”
“What do you mean sir?” His secretary asked to him.

“There is some disturbance on the Quezon City, National Capital Region on Philippines, especially on the Cubao area. We, the United Nations Council, have sent some teams on that area but neither of them have comeback. Even our connections to them have been shut down.” Aki-p said.

“Wait, Philippines? The Pearl of Orient Sae, the Heart of Southeast Asia? What’s the cause of disturbance?” Kayo asked.

“I’m assumed it’s them sir.” Cindy suggests.

“And who could that be Cindy?” Aki-p said.

“Based of my prediction, I think its Kim Tae-yeon, Lee Chae-lin and Kim Yubin and their respective groups.” Cindy said

“Secretary Cindy, are you sure about that? You know that Tae-yoen and her group was already inprison in Al-Ha’ir Prison in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 20
years ago because of her activation of chain reaction nuclear meltdown on Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant on Iran, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant on China, Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant on Russia, Hartlepool Nuclear Power Plant on United Kingdom, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station on United States and Angra Nuclear Power Plant in Brazil. That could destroy the whole world in just single push.” Aki-p said.

“And we prevent it right?” Kayo asked.

“Exactly, so how did they manage to escape at that Super-maximum security prison?” Aki-p asked.

“Actually last month, a massive jailbreak was happened at that prison. According to the Saudi Arabian guards, they imprison her at the very core of that prison. That cell was equipped with the bleeding-edge technology and multi-lock system so that prisoner will not escape easily. But when the guard went on that cell, they said that the whole system was obliterate and completely wipeout.” Cindy explained.

“Eh?!?!?!?! Her whole gang escaped?” Kayo said.

“Yeah, and the ones who free her and her gang are Lee Chae-lin and Kim Yubin base on the survived security cameras that hasn’t been sabotage.”

“I think sir; you should stay here for a while. The whole group will have a revenge on the every nation, especially on the Twelve Constellations.” Cindy said.

“Damn, I’ve been worrying now at Takamina and the rest.” Aki-p said.

“Don’t worry about that old man, they are not child anymore. And besides they will protect our nation against them.” Kayo said.

“You’re right. Ok, I’m going to meet with the other Commander-in-chief from every nation to discuss these matters.” Aki-p said.

Grand Hall, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; 6:00 pm
Kojinyan and Acchan arrives as their cars, Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition and Koenigsegg CCXR Edition, was parked in front of mansion. When their out of the car, Sasshi, Lovetan and other soldiers are on the stairs, were walking toward on them. Sasshi was nodding at the two as Kojinyan and Acchan reply with nod also. Then she waves her hand, signaling the soldiers to bring their new officer’s things on to the respective room and bring the cars on the parking area.
“This way please.” Sasshi guides Kojinyan and Acchan on the inside of the mansion.
The two walked inside of the mansion and very amazed at the beautiful surroundings. In front of them is a French-style 30-step large T-shape staircase.
To their right is a way to the dining room while on the left is a way to the conservatory and greenhouse area.
Sasshi guides Acchan and Kojinyan to the dining room where the rest of the generals are having a meal.

Dining Room, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; 6:05 pm
Acchan and Kojinyan went now on the large dining room. Their eyes went wide as they saw how large this room was.
“Wow, is this a dining room? This is half large as my penthouse!” Kojinyan said.
“Ah, here comes our important guest in here. Have a seat.” Takamina said. Sasshi guides the two on the 22-seat dining table.
Wow, even this table? It’s 5 times as large as your table, Nyannyan.” Acchan commented.
“You’re right, Acchan. Even me I surprised at this huge room when in my first come in here.” Paruru chuckled.
Stop mapping my mind!!!!” Acchan glared at Mayuyu.
“Sorry, I just accidentally see it. Wow, using telepathy as a replacement for your muteness?” Mayuyu said.
Acchan blushed while nodded at her. The generals surprised while Paruru and Yukirin only smiled at her.
Acchan and Kojinyan sit on the chair where this position is.   
After the two sits, Takamina stands up from her seat.
“For all the generals that here, I congratulate again to the new promoted generals, Maeda Atsuko and Kojima Haruna.” The generals clap their hands in applaus.
“For this, we will celebrate. Let’s start this fun!” Takamina said.
The generals are starting to eat now. Some of them are drinking wine while some are eating very fast.
“Mayuyu say ahh.” Yukirin said while holding a spoonful of cake. Mayuyu replied and eats the cake. Jurina saw that and started to nag Rena.
“Ne, Rena-chan feed me too. PWEEAAASE!!!!” Jurina said while begging her with puppy eyes.
‘I can’t resist this cuteness. Stop torturing me.’ Rena sighed very deep.
“Hai hai, Jurina-chan say ahh.” Rena fed Jurina.
“Hey Acchan, are you sure you want to say it?” Paruru asked. Acchan only answer her with a nod.
“Ok, then I will going to say it for you.” Paruru said.
“Minna, I have something to say it to you related about Maeda Atsuko.” The generals stop from their doing and locking their eyes at Paruru. She looks again on Acchan for confirmation. When Acchan was only nodding at her, she continues the announcement.
“Mayuyu, did you saw other things aside from telepathy?” Paruru asked on Mayuyu.
“Nope, only her telepathy, the rest are static.” Mayuyu replied.
“Ok, I will say it now.” Paruru cough for a while then she continued.
“I would like to say that, newly-promoted Aries General Maeda Atsuko.” Paruru stop for a while as she looks her fellow general with tensed atmosphere.
“Is the granddaughter of desceased former Vice-President and Aries General Oshima Mai.” Paruru hear that her friends are taking a while to register information while looking to Kojinyan, Acchan and Yukirin that only smile at her. She smiled at them in respond.
“EEEEHHHHH?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” Paruru, Yukirin, Kojinyan and Acchan only laugh very hard at their late reaction.
“Wow, your reactions are very late. Even my Mayuyu here has a funny expression but very cute.” Yukirin pinched Mayuyu’s cheeks, Mayuyu only pouting at her.
“Kawaii!!!” Yukirin pokes Mayuyu’s cheeks.
“Really? You’re Maimai’s granddaughter?” Takamina asked which Acchan replied her with a nod.
“Wow, a shocking revelation. That’s make my heart goes bang.” Yuko joked. Tomochin shove Yuko’s shoulder.
“There’s no time to joke. This is a serious matter.” Tomochin glared at Yuko.
“So, you follow your grandmother’s step eh...” Yuihan said.
“Then this is a double celebration! Let’s party!” Yuko shouted while holding large meat. They continue their party 5 hours.

2nd Floor Hallway, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; 12:00 pm
“This mansion has a six bedroom with two king-sized beds. It has own ensuite bathroom, a two large cabinets for each users. The bedroom also equips with bleeding-edge technology capable for special purposes, hidden rooms such as weapon storage and other types.” Mayuyu explained as she walks with Acchan and Kojinyan while Yukirin was coming along with them. Then they stop in a door.
“This is your room. Actually, this is Maimai and Cindy’s former room since they are roommates. And also, this room is very private that even us, cannot able to enter this room without accessing this multi-lock system wooden-disguised door, even the veranda since the sliding doors are installed with force-field and illusionary mirror barriers. It has fingerprint scanner, DNA analyzer, eye scanner, and also, a key. Since you two are blood-related to them, I assumed that this room will permitted you two to enter.” Mayuyu said.
Acchan and Kojinyan unlock several locks, until the final lock is only left. The two look at each other as Acchan put the key where Maimai inherit to her.

Then they hear an Artificial Intelligent’s voice.
“Analyzation Completed. Aries General Maeda Atsuko, Vice-President of Twelve Constellation and granddaughter of former Aries General Oshima Mai. Sagittarius General Kojima Haruna, Secretary of Twelve Constellation and grandniece of former Sagitarrius General Urano Kazumi. Transmission Completed. Access Granted. You can now enter.” Then a series of clicking sound was heard.
“Then it is goodnight, see you on Monday.” Yukirin and Mayuyu waved as they went now on their own room.
Acchan and Kojinyan finally entered to their own room. Then their door automatically shut and a multible clicking sound was heard, signifying it is locked.
Wow, this is their room. I, i.. This is amazing!” Acchan said.
“Come on now Acchan, we have to put our things on each cabinet.” Kojinyan said.
Hai!” Acchan bring her things.
As the generals finished what their doing and finally sleep, they felt something’s wrong but many of them are ignoring. Only Acchan, Paruru, Rena, Yukirin, Yuko and Mayuyu knew that this moment was just calm before a storm.

To be Continued...


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Acchan and Harunyan's links have been mentioned to the group and the trouble in the Philippines might push all of them into action sooner than they think
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Now, Acchan and Haruna told to everyone their family hx.. Ehehe.. Uwaa~ MaYuki moments :wub: :wub: :wub: Lol at Mayuyu's reaction! XD

What will happen next? Will the 12 generals able to see what kind of storm will come? Will they able to protect the world? Kim Taeyeon and her group will they get their revenge? Hope everything's goin' to be alright..

I can't wait! :fap This is going to be fun! :thumbsup

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

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And about the weapon, soo awesome  :D
Hope they have more badass weapons lol
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OK, I have a received many comments about the location of the disturbance (which is short in philippines). It's just it only stuck in my mind... TEEEHEEE!!!!! BTW, I actually plan that this fic will having many Crossovers, acting as an antagonist or some of them are protagonist... I assumed that the admins will consider this (Don't worry, the main characters are AKB48) XD XD XD XD XD

@Shinoki: Thank you for reading...
@kurosawa87: It can be... XD
@cisda83: Maimai's room is very secretive that only Acchan and Kojinyan are able to know its secrecy. 'calm before the storm' means that they actually felt quiet but the real danger will come forth.
@kenjoy12: Nagulat ka doon? Hahahahahaha....
@Doko Demo Door: Makati?!?!?!?! At bakit ko naman doon ilalagay? XD XD XD XD
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@Amakuchi: Isa ka pa ehh... At bakit naman sa Fairview? Para makita mo si 'alam mo na'  XD XD XD
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Chapter 7: Manatsu no Sounds Good

Phase A: Summer Work

Security Council Chamber, United Nations Conference Building, United Nations Headquarters; New York City, New York, United States; Saturday, 3:00 am
Aki-p’s right hand man and Secretary Urano Kazumi and Former Leo General Noro Kayo are waiting on the door of the chamber while the meeting is still going on. It looks like the situation is very bad now.
“Hays, why the meeting was so very long that could take years?” Noro impatiently said.
“Maybe they discussed about the major jailbreak on Saudi Arabia Prison and disturbance on Quezon City, Philippines.” Cindy said. They simultaneously sighed as they sitting on the chair.
“Say, you’re still the fastest general even you retired that you could jump from the rooftop of this headquarters in just a second.”  Cindy said.
“And you’re still the most accurately sharpshooter that you could shot perfectly despite many obstacles. No wonder your grandniece is very good at bow, she inherit your traits.” Noro smiled. After a while they chuckled silently.
Finally, they hear the door is open revealing the interior area of the Security Council Chamber. The former generals stand up as they saw Aki-p walking on them.
“What happen now?” Noro asked.
“Cindy, contact the Twelve Constellations and order them to fortify the defense. The council will activate the Grand Fortress multi-layered magic barrier on this headquarters at any moment. Noro, I want you to contact the other former generals, saying that they should come here as we have to talk about this issue. Although the disturbance on Quezon City has stop, we can’t make sure that it is safe to come at that area. We’ve contact the Malacañang Palace a while ago; they said that everything was perfectly fine on their country. I’ve recorded our conversation with the palace.” Aki-p said.
“Will we hear it?” Noro requested. Then they start the recorded conversation.
“There’s no need to be worried about, everything was perfectly fine. Our military forces secure each corner of our country. We maximized the defense, ground aerial and sea. We will make sure that nobody will enter to our country without our permission. Any unauthorized person, intruders and anything in our sight will be shot down and destroy.” The President of the Philippines said on the recorder.
“Hmmm, something’s wrong on the President’s voice and his statement.” Noro said.
“What is it?” Cindy asked.
“His voice is something, monotonous. I will actually predict that He’s in control by someone. And his last statement, ‘shot down’? I don’t think that’s a very good idea.”
“Do you think?” Aki-p said.
“From what He said, it looks like no one will go on the inside in that country and also, no one will go outside. Anything will pass on their territory line will be shot down.” Noro explained.
“And we need to investigate about the Tae-yoen’s group. They’re making a plan now.” Cindy said
“Tsk, I think we need to watch carefully the terrorist now. Sooner or later, they will make their move now.” Aki-p said and walks now on the hallway. Cindy and Noro follow him.

Akiba Headquarter; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 9:00 am
It’s been a month since Kojinyan and Acchan their promotion into general. They have many funs like teasing each other, stealing foods during break, sparring on training and many more. They have enjoy to each other and their friendship grows more.  Especially on Yuko and Takamina, their relationship seems moving on the next stage.

Takamina was sitting on the stairs in front of the building. Her two hands were on her chin as she thinks very deep. While she’s not on the mood to talk someone, she didn’t feel the presence of her other generals who almost passed her. Acchan, Yuko, Yukirin, Mayuyu, Paruru, and Rena along with Jurina, Kojinyan, Tomochin and Yuihan, while Mariko walking very straight at her office, are looking at her when they saw their President’s ‘not-so-very-good’ look. They arched their eyebrow why she’s doing in there. Then the AKB aces are approach on her.
“Hey, takamidget what’s wrong?” Yuko asked.
“Don’t call me that while you have the same height as mine” Takamina said, still her eyes are focused only on one place.
“Paruru, Mayuyu and Acchan, stop that will you?” She’s talking about their usage of their gift to the midget.
What’s wrong with her?” Acchan asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe she’s having a fever, Tomochin.” Mayuyu said and called Tomochin.
“Hai!!!” Tomochin then put her hand on Takamina’s forehead.
“Nope, she hasn’t a fever. I think she’s in depressed mode.” Tomochin explained.
“I’m not depressed, it’s just like I’m comfortable that I have many friends like all of you. And I will lonely without you all” Takamina said.
“Ahhh, our midget in here was so adorable. Come on now guys; let’s give her a group hug.” Yukirin said. Then the AKB Aces plus Kojinyan, Rena, Jurina, Yuihan and Tomochin are hugging the midget.
“Arigatou~~” Takamina blushed. While their hugging moments are progressing Mariko came back with a paper files on her hand.
“Generals, I think we need to discuss something right now.” Mariko said. All of them are nodding their head and went inside of the building.

Meeting Chamber, Akiba Headquarter; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 9:30 am
“We have received news coming from the United Nations Headquarters in New York.” Mariko said.
“What is it?” Kojinyan asked.
“There is a massive jailbreak in Al-Ha’ir Prison at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They said that the world’s most wanted criminal, Kim Tae-yoen escaped along with her group.” Mariko explained.
“The world’s most wanted criminal and also the most dangerous group are escaped. Tsk, this is not really good.” Paruru said.
“But how did they escape? That prison is a Super Maximum Prison right?” Jurina asked.
“There is someone who helps them escape, right?” Rena asked
“Yeah, but we don’t have any information yet since its activation of the security system of headquarters.”
Grand Fortress Multi-layer Barrier System” Acchan said.
“Acchan, do you know what it is?” Yukirin asked.
Yup, I stayed at the U.S. military for 5 years. And I’m became also the temporary guard of that headquarters. It’s an underground system connected by the several circuits in form of circle. Once activated, even the most powerful thermodynamic weapons will not able to level the headquarters. But in price of massive defense, anything on the inside cannot able to go ou since the purpose of the barrier is to stop anything from moving onto the line. In short, even communications device will not able to connect from the outside source.” Acchan explained.
“Well, aside from that, there is major disturbance at the Philippines. According to our satellite, the area looks not having a problem. But I think something’s fishy. And I don’t know what it is.” Mayuyu said.
As the generals are talking about the Grand Fortress issue, they are suddenly interrupted by a call.
Kojinyan press a enter button on the holographic keyboard on the table, and then a holographic display appears. The image reveals Colonel Minegishi Minami, Taurus General Mariko’s assistant. The girl’s background looks like she’s on the large road.
“I’m sorry if I disturbed your meeting, but this is a very urgent situation.” The girl said.
“What is it Miichan?” Kojinyan asked.
“There’s a massive destruction on the northern part of Aomori Interchange, particularly between Aomorikyoritsu Hospital and the gasoline station meters away, luckily nobody injured.” Miichan explained.
“What is the main cause of the destruction?” Takamina asked.
“Our witness said that they saw many black riders starting to shoot everywhere. Our CCTV cameras saw that they trying to catch another black rider but his bike are different from the other bikers. They said that the color of the the bike was green and red while the others who catching him was purely black. We’ve trying to stop the pursuers at Owani-Hirosaki Interchange, but they suddenly destroy the barricade and shoot down many soldiers and police that trying to shoot them.”
“Ok Miichan, where are they now and what’s their next destination?” Yukirin said.
“Apparently, they are now on Kosaka Junction base on the report of our forces that station there.” Miichan answered.
“Tohoku Expressway, Japan National Route 4, that’s my prediction.” Yuihan said.
Actually you’re correct. Based on the locations of destruction, I assumed that the escaping biker needs some space to avoid the attack of his pursuers and to minimized impacts and crashes.” Acchan said.
“Ok, Miichan. Send some troops on the remaining Interchanges to stop the pursuers from destroying many areas.” Takamina said.
“Yes, Ma’am, Going out.” And the image disappeared. Kojinyan type something and a image appears revealing another officer.
“Major Umeda Ayaka, I want the surveillance cameras on every road online and record the pursuit. We need to investigate this.” Kojinyan commanded.
“Yes Ma’am.” The image disappeared.
“Ok, girls we need to move out now. The situation has been worsening. They need our support.” Takamina said.
“Uhmmm, Takamina, since this is a highway battle. I think that only the fastest among of us will able to confront them.” Tomochin said.
“You have a point. Okay, the one who will volunteer, please raised your hands.” Takamina said. The one who raised their arms are Rena, Yukirin, Acchan, and Mayuyu.
“I have an idea. Yukirin, Rena Acchan and Mayuyu will gonna pursuit these black riders while protecting the green rider while Yuko, Takamina and me will wait on them on the end of that highway to stop them.” Kojinyan said.
“Ok, we will stick to that Kojinyan’s idea, any objections?” Takamina asked. Then a silent occurs.
“If not then let’s move out, dismissed.” The generals went out of the meeting room and went on their respective duties.

Parking Zone, Akiba Headquarter; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 10:00 am
Finishing preparing their weapons they move out now on their rides. This is the first mission that Acchan have now. All that she can do was to finished papers. She was so excited about this moment. This is also Mayuyu’s first mission after 5 months of rest.
“Yukirin will come to me. Mayuyu you will come on Acchan.” Rena said.
“Mou~, I want my Yukirin.” Mayuyu pouted.
“Don’t worry, just for this now ok?” Yukirin said.
“Ok only now.” Mayuyu said.
“Are you ready Yukirin?” Rena starts her BMW S1000RR Sports Bike. Then she checks two hilts that rested on her left waist.
“I’m ready.” Yukirin holds her scythe on her right hand.
Mayuyu ready now?” Acchan asked. She reloads her G3A3A1 and her SIG SG 553.
“I’m ready.” Mayuyu cocked her Denel NTW-20 and her Cheytac Intervention M200.
“Let’s get this hot pursuit started.” Rena said. Then she over-revved her bike, forcing it on sudden acceleration, making the front wheel rise up as it accelerates on the parking lot. Luckily Yukirin holds Rena very tight.
Acchan suddenly release the brake while pushing the accelerator on her right feet, making it racing on the parking lot.
Then the roaring sound of the vehicles heard from the Akihabara road.

To be Continued


This is her ride:
Matsui Rena - BMW S1000RR

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Thank you for explaining the 'Calm before Storm' mean.... But I knew it already...

What I meant in my comment was that I am looking forward to the troubles that they would come across...

Sorry for the misunderstanding...

Ah.. so Philippine was being controlled already...

Ah... disturbance in Japan...

Who is this green rider?

What's going on with these riders pursuing this green rider?

Does this whole thing have anything to do with Kim Tae-yoen?

Can't wait to see some action...

Thank you for the update

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@kurosawa87: I don't know?  :lol:
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@FlameHazeKatsu: Traydor ka kay Acchan!!!!  :lol: :lol:
@cisda83: Philippines was in controlled now, but the culprit is unknown...



Phase B: Hot Pursuit

Kazuno-Hachimantai Interchange, Tohoku Expressway, Japan National Route 4, Kazuno, Akita; Monday, 11:00 am

(Black Biker with green-and-red bike POV)
I just ride this motorcycle avoiding much traffic and blocking cars. On my back are five dozen, no, seven dozen of bikers carrying high-caliber guns and destructive weapons. Their bike was equipped with several arms like machine gun, homing missiles and many more. Luckily, this bike that I’ve been stole for escaping was equipped with shield armor system. My only weapon that I’ve been carry was ultra-sharp Uranium/Diamond alloy five-foot Nodachi.
Tsk, these bikers are very good. They can able to catch me despite having many ways to escape them. It’s because these bikers are not ordinary ones, they are my friends and my comrades. They are brainwashed by that group and make them slave. They are chasing me because I saw that moment and of course because of my gift, the Gift of Resistance, capable to immune, resist and counter anything that will influences me, physically, mentally and emotionally. Because their brainwash didn’t affect on me, they order my friends to attack me so I have no choice but to escape.
Damn it, I need to find her right now.

(POV End)

Hanamaki Junction, Tohoku Expressway, Japan National Route 4, Hanamaki, Iwate; Monday, 2:00 pm
As the highway has only a minimum traffic, the roaring sounds of the vehicles are heard on the south of the road. On the aerial view shows the black Koenigsegg CCXR Edition was racing on the highway at the highspeed with the sky blue BMW S100RR tailing on them.
Rena was looking at her front environment while Yukirin put her retractable scythe on her back. Their helmet was equipped with wireless speaker with microphone and tracking sensor, installed with voice recognition system.
On Acchan’s car, Mayuyu was checking the area for the direction of their prey. Acchan input some coordinates on the monitor touch to check their distance.
Looks like I’ve found them.” Acchan smirked.
“Where is their location?” They heard Yukirin’s voice from the car’s intercom.
“Apparently, they are on Nishine Interchange, 50 km away, and they will pass on us withing 5 minutes.” Mayuyu said.
Once we and they were reaching on Shizukuishigawa Bridge, we will gonna make a sharp U-turn and the hot pursuit will start.” Acchan said.
“Wakarimashita, let’s do this.” Rena, Yukirin and Mayuyu simultaneously reply. Then Rena and Acchan dash their cars while counting the remaining kilometers, timingly for the massive sharp U-turn.
35 km… 30 km… 25 km… 20 km…
“We are near now!” Yukirin said. Then she pulled her scythe and detracting it. Rena pulled the twenty-centimeter hilt on her left waist while her hand was on the motorcycle handle, only the hilt reveals bladeless. Then she presses the button and a four-foot solidified beam of light appeared on the hole of the guard.
So your weapon was superheated plasma high-energy photon-emitter lightsaber sword.” Acchan slightly surprised.
“Yup. Since it can compatibles to my elemental powers.” Rena said.
Suit yourself.” Acchan smiled. Rena replies it with a smile too.
“Ok guys, we’re reaching now on the bridge and I can see them from very distance.” Mayuyu said.
“Get ready.” Yukirin position now her scythe. They are reaching now on the bridge.
10 km… 5 km… 2 km…
“Now!” the four shouted in unison as they reach now on the bridge. As the seven dozen bikers, those chasing a biker riding on a green-and-red bike, and generals are only just ahead of them, Acchan suddenly pulled the handbreak as she rotate the steering wheel three times, then she pushed the handbrake and she step the accelerator. Rena activates the gravity system then pulling the break so hard that her bike was skiing on the road but the bike was on equilibrium thanks to the gravity system, then she revved the handle as they accelerate on the bikers. The screeching sound of tires was so loud, that makes the bikers surprised a little as they thought that they’re just a travelers. Then they saw that the two vehicles that passing by are chasing them at the high-speed.
‘I sensed that I know that biker. But I don’t know where.’ Acchan shook her head and starting to put her car in fifth gear, about 200 mph.
“Rena, go in front of them. I have to do something.”  Yukirin said. Rena nodded her head and starting to put her bike on maximum speed (this is customized so its top speed is 250 mph), passing on the other bikes and Acchan’s car. When they reach on the front, Yukirin pats Rena’s shoulder. Rena knows this is the signal and activates the gravity system and starting to oversteer her bike, drifting on the road. Although the bike is in dangerous position that it will skids on the ground, the tires are heavier than the frame due to massive gravitation, acting as a balance, making the bike in dangerous slant while drifting on the road.
Yukirin stand on the side of diagonalled Rena’s bike as she started to charge her scythe with dark particles. Then she swing it reveals a black crescent waveslash.
“Colmillo Noche (Night Fang)” then it collide on the half-dozen of bikers and explode while the others are evading it. Then they start attacking Rena’s bike and Acchan’s car. Rena use her lightsaber to blocks the bullets. Then she sensed a familiar aura and looks on the bikers, finding that familiar aura. Her eyes widened as finally found that presence.
“Yukirin, go to Acchan’s car and protect them. I have something else to do.” Yukirin already knew that Rena says. She used Shunpo to transfer herself from Rena’s bike to Acchan’s car. Then she swings her weapon very fast, blocking incoming bullets.
“I know that you’re there.” Rena stands up on her bike. Then she turns off her lightsaber and pointing at the biker on the last line.
“최고 충격 [Choego Chung-gyeog (Maximum Impact)]” Rena sends a trail of explosions, that release from the lightsaber guard, toward the biker on the last line. The biker saw that and evades it, which the other tailing bikes behind him was hit and destroys their ride.
Rena went back on her sit and put her bike on normal stand. Then she went on that biker and starting to attack him.
“Tsk, I can’t believe that you’re here.” Rena said and swings her lightsaber on the biker, only to be block by the sword.
“I don’t know what you are talking about, stranger.” A girl’s voice was heard.
“Did you remember the Incident on Unhwa Village three years ago?” Rena asked.
“Oh you mean that village I almost destroyed entirely. So you’re the girl who almost decimates my men for just protecting those weaklings.” The biker girl said.
“Oh you’re not completely destroyed that village. I really can’t believe you’re attack your own country.” Rena said.
“I don’t need that country; we need to make this world ours.”
“You’re still having that greedy ambition, Sandara Park.” Rena said. Then they clash their swords as their bikes racing on the road.
“Tsk, Sandara Park, the one that half-destroyed the one village at South Korea three years ago.” Yukirin said.
“Yukirin, I think you should concentrate on blocking those bullets while we firing back at them.” Mayuyu said.
Tsk, these bikers are not normal ones, they are very good.” Acchan commented.
“Yukirin, Rena and Acchan, get ready.” Mayuyu point her Denel NTW-20 on the bunch of bikers. Rena saw that and she backs away from Sandara.
“What are you doing?” Sandara asked.
“Say cheese.” Rena said.
Sandara look at the car and her eyes widened as she saw the gun was pointing at her.
“Say goodbye to your world.” Mayuyu said.
“伽玛排放核爆炸刺激诱导系统 [Jiā mǎ Páifàng hé Bàozhà Cìjī Yòudǎo Xìtǒng (Gamma Emission by Nuclear Explosion Stimulate Inducing System) (GENESIS Cannon)]” Mayuyu fired a huge gamma-ray beam, annihilating half of the bikers and almost on Sandara but her bike was not lucky as it hits by the beam, making her bike broken and stops completely.
“Tsk, my bike was half-detroyed but I don’t think it will work now.” Then she flipped her cellphone and calling on someone.
“Yubin, my ride was destroyed and my target was getting away. My men will gonna chase her but there are some strangers who getting our way so I don’t think I can able to get her. We need to move our plan to the next stage but we need that thing so I think it take a couple of months. Ihae, I will come back.” Then she ends the call and looking at the chase. Sandara remove the helmet and smirks evilly.
Back on the chase, Rena, Acchan, Yukirin and Mayuyu continue the pursuit as the half bunch of them was eliminated. Rena stands on her bike and takes another lightsaber from her right waist and blocks any bullets that coming on her.
“자연폭발 [Jayeon Pogbal (Spontaneous Explosion)]” Rena flicks her finger and then a series of random explosion created, destroying several of them.
Forty down, thirty-two to go.” Acchan accelerates her car. Then she looks at Mayuyu knowing that her mind was read. Mayuyu arched her brow.
“Are you sure we gonna do that?” Mayuyu asked. She only answers with a nod.
“I understand, let’s begin.” Mayuyu reload her anti-materiel rifle.
Acchan’s car was on the front now on them as Yukirin curious what’s going on. Mayuyu send a message on Yukirin, telling her to go back on Rena as they have planning something. Yukirin agrees it and uses Shunpo to get back on Rena. Rena was curious too.
“What’s happening? What are they planning?” Rena asked.
“I don’t know.” Yukirin just shook her head.
Once the car was in front of them, Acchan made a dangerous move. She suddenly turn the steering wheel to the right making her car goes to the right but swift turning it to the left making her car drifting while she activates turbocharging system to accelerate the speed of her drift. Once she has the position, Acchan flicked her finger to create flames. Then she looks at the floor of road and put her hand below.
Ανάφλεξης Ρεύματος Πιδακας [Anaflexis Revmatos Pidakas (Jetstream Ignition)]” Her hand release a rocket-like propulsion, pushes them from the floor. The car suddenly lifted from the right and flipped on the air many times. Then Acchan and Mayuyu fired at many bikers while the car flips, exchanging its position. Rena and Yukirin surprised that move.
“Wow, what a move!” Rena whistled while yukirin just smiling at her.
After the car makes a ten 360 degrees flips, it successfully landed on the ground.
“Tsk, only fifteen has been disabled.” Mayuyu said while reloading her weapon.
Daijoubu, we still have time to disable them. Kojinyan, Takamina, Yuko and Paruru are waiting at the end of expressway right? So we could fully disable them before they reach on Tokyo.” Acchan fully steered the wheel to get her car in normal position.
“We still have 200 km left before we reach on Kawaguchi Junction. We’ve been chasing them for an hour.”  Rena said.
“I’m afraid they will able to reach on that where Takamina and others are there. These guys are really good.” Yukirin said.
I’m afraid so. But even they pass on Takamina’s line, we still gonna catch them.” Acchan reload her weapon while driving.
“Hai!” The three said simultaneously.

To be Continued

New Skills will be updated on this link: Skills (


This is Matsui Rena's weapon (Dual Lightsaber Sword):

Wow, Rena's technique are named in Korean and Mayuyu's technique are named in Chinese (Mandarin?  :P)

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sandara park? XD
Did i read it right? xxx? XD
Omg!this fic is hilarious!
Thank you for the update xxx :on gay:
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Yeah an update again...

Ah... Rena had grudged against Sandra...

Ah... so the other chasers were not at fault...

They were being brainwashed...

What kind of plan was Sandra and her team are trying to cook....?

Would Minami and the others able to prevent it...?

Who is the green rider....?

Who is the person that she wants to find...? Atsuko?

And Atsuko seemed to recognize her somehow... but dunno where...

What is their relationship?

Would Minami and the others that are waiting in the last line be able to stop the chasers and save the green rider?

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

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the development is becoming...
really interesting...
hrm, despite being chinese american, I can't read it... lol~
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Uwaaa~ :w00t: So cool! :fap An.galing! IDOL~! :thumbsup Akalain mo nga nman Sandara Park.. Hehehe X-overs with kpop idols huh..  ;)

This is going to be fun! Can't wait~! :fap

The pursuit not over yet! More action to come! Yey~!

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Half-shock= Half Filipino :lol:  I don't speak it but just culturally I am familiar mostly food :lol:

The chase is awesome for all of them although going into the wall should be soon enough to be eliminated hopefully :nervous
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Lol. I want more action! Update uncky!

Btw, binati ko na. XD

SHET! MAYU'S A GUNDAM!? Makes me wanna play Gundam S.E.E.D. Rengou vs. ZAFT again. XD

And... Rena... THE LAST JEDI? XD
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AH, forgot to bookmark. There.

I don't know who those are but man, I'm waiting for some booms!

Hope this will end up AtsuHaru and TakaYuu~

Since I don't think Yuko and Acchan are too close >w>
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WEW... FINALLY!!!!!!!

Chichay12: Your eyes are not deceiving, yes....  :) :) :)
cisda83: The rest are here.....
Shinoki: I just translating it on Google Translate  :P :P :P
kenjoy12: Salamat XD XD XD XD
kurosawa87: Half-shocked ehh??  :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Phase C: Burnout

500 meters north before Kawaguchi Junction, Tohoku Expressway, Japan National Route 4, Kawaguchi, Saitama; Monday, 3:00 pm
As the pursuit goes on, the Akiba Defense Special Force is stationed on the end side of the interchange. They are lineup below and above on the overpass. On the frontline, about 50 meters on the defense line was Takamina, Yuko, Paruru and Kojinyan. They are standing in the middle of road while their hands were full with their weapons, waiting for their guest to visiting them. Kojinyan’s shadeglasses automatically activates and enter in detection mode.
“I see them now.” Kojinyan said.
“What’s their distance?” Paruru asked.
“40 km. They are in Hanyu Parking Area.” Kojinyan draw her bow loaded with an arrow.
“What are you gonna doing?” Takamina asked.
“I’m gonna coming through them.” She said.
“Is that dangerous?” Paruru said.
“Everything that we did is dangerous you know.” Kojinyan smiled.
“Ganbatte.” Takamina cheerfully said.
“Arigatou.” Kojinyan said while the redness in her cheeks shows up. Then she points her bow to an impossible range.
“Blinken Streik (Flash Strike)” Kojinyan release the arrow and went away where the chase is.
“Wew Takamina, you’re fliriting her ehhhh…” Yuko narrowed her eyes.
“What do you mean?” Takamina asked.
“You are infected now by my playfulness.” Yuko smiled in squirrel manner.
“I’m not gonna like you, you’re pervert.” Takamina shook her head.
“Yuko-san, Takamina-san was right. You’re really a perverted squirrel.” Paruru giggled.
“What? You too, Paruru, that’s not fair. Don’t abuse such a cute squirrel.” Yuko said.
“You’re not a cute squirrel; you’re a old man’s squirrel.” Takamina said which makes Paruru laughed like there is no tomorrow.
“Mou~!! Stop hurting the cute squirrel’s feelings.” Yuko pouted.

Kazo Interchange, Tohoku Expressway, Japan National Route 4, Kawaguchi, Saitama; Monday, 3:00 pm
The battle was still going on. Rena can take care of herself while Yukirin was on the roof of Acchan’s car, blocking the bullets and missiles that coming on them. Mayuyu continues to exchange bullets to them. The four chasing them while protecting the other biker who is on the very front on them. While they are busy, Acchan suddenly flinched which Mayuyu arched her eyebrow in disbelieve.
“Are you sure she gonna do it?” Acchan replies it with a nod.
“That’s dangerous, we are in the high-speed road and we are on the high-speed motion racing on another high-speed motion.” Mayuyu said.
Here it comes.” Acchan said on Rena and Yukirin.
“What comes?” Rena and Yukirin both asked.
Then they saw an arrow flying through the bunch of bikers. The bikers saw that and dodging it. But for unexpected, when the arrow pass on them, a long-haired girl was suddenly appeared, getting her arrow then lands on one of them. The bikers are shock at this and they start shooting her but only dodging them gracefully.
In a slow motion, Kojinyan shoots the engines while maintaining her balance against the enemy’s ride. In that, she destroys only four of them. She knocks out the biker just beside her and stabs the motorcycle’s engine that she stands using the arrow and used Shunpo to getaway from the explosion. She appears on the above and using ‘Blinken Streik’ to get back on her last position.
“Five down, four to go.” Yukirin said.
I can see the defense line now. They are on the position.” Acchan looked on their front.
“And I can see Takamina and others too. They are on the frontline now.” Mayuyu said. Then they saw Kojinyan reappears swiftly back at her position, taking her arrow that was struck on the ground.
“Let’s bring them down once and for all.” Rena said. Yukirin point the end scythe of her scythe.
“Nocturno Metralleta (Night Submachine-gun)” Yukirin fires a barrage of dark-particle induced blast, destroying half-dozen of them.
“Tsk, only half of them.” Yukirin saw the other bikers are aimed at them with rocket launcher.
“Shit we are in trouble.” Yukirin said. The biker fired the rocket launcher, directing toward Acchan’s car.
“최고 충격 [Choego Chung-gyeog (Maximum Impact)]” Rena sends a trail of explosion toward the rocket, exploding on the air before it reach on them.
On the other side, Takamina, Yuko and Paruru are walking on ahead while Kojinyan is waiting.
“Minna, arms ready. Targets are the six black bikers, don’t shoot the green one.” Paruru ordered. Then a series of cocking guns were heard.
“Fire at will!” Then the forces fire their weapons at the bikers.
One of them was blocking the bullets using sword while the others exchange firing at them. Another one shots the rocket launcher, pointing on the overpass.
“Sonus Flamenus (Sonicboom).” Takamina sends a deafening shockwave on the rocket, making it explode on the air.
“Scossa dell’Impulso (Shock Impulse)” Paruru delivers a focused vibrating blast, hitting on the three bikers and destroying their ride.
The three remaining one are desperate to complete their order as they are now charging to their target.

(Black Biker with green-and-red bike POV)
I’ve finally make it, these guys saving my life. I really have the huge gratitude of them.
Suddenly my bike is starting to slow down. My eyes widened in horror when I can see the smoke coming from the engine. My terror grew as the tires are blown out. I was losing control as my bike was starting swerved abnormally.
My consciousness went away as I crashed on the concrete wall.

(POV Ended)
All of the people in there are shocked at that moment, especially generals when they saw the bike crashes on the concrete wall. Takamina, Yuko, Kojinyan and Paruru were speechless while Yukirin, Acchan, Rena and Mayuyu were widened their eyes as they saw the horrible scene.
Enraged, Acchan ordered Mayuyu to take the wheel as she disappeared from the driver’s seat. Yukirin disappeared also from the roof of the car. Takamina, Yuko and Paruru turn blurry and vanished from the air. Rena turn her bike in automatic drive and suddenly gone. Then they suddenly emerged from the behind of three bikers and starting to destroy their rides. Acchan shoots the engine; Rena, Yukirin and Takamina destroy their rid; Yuko and Paruru knock them out and throwing them on the defensive line.
When everything was over, they ran on the crashing site, hopefully that person will survive. Yukirin, Rena, Paruru, Yuko, Takamina, Acchan, and Kojinyan used Shunpo to fastly reach on the site. Mayuyu parks Acchan’s car and swiftly went also there.
“Bring the stretcher here, now!” Mayuyu ordered.
Then they saw someone’s lying on the ground with the helmet still worn. Takamina approachs to the motionless body and checks the condition. Then she removes slowly the helmet. When they saw the face of that person, Kojinyan and Acchan have the unexplainable reaction.
“No, this cannot be. Impossible, what is this person doing here?” Then she looks at Acchan with pity and concern look.

She saw her bestfriend covers her mouth using her hand while the streaming fluid flows on her face. Her eyes are filled with mixture of sadness, anger, and guilty as she look the person that she mostly cherish for since the past time. Then her flowing tears are uncontrollable now and hiccups are starting to heard.
Takamina and the others are looking at their fellow general with concern. Their face is full of questions, asking why she’s crying.
Acchan then slowly approaches the person that she knows if her assumptions are correct. When she finally saw that her tears are starting to flow more.

To be Continued

New skills updated are on this link: Skills (


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SHOCKS ~ :shocked Yun lng ang masasabi ko! :oops:

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The updates are getting more interesting.. More questions are coming and few were being answered.. :fap

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The ending of the chapter was a new twist to this fic.   Keep up the updates.
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oh, G-translate..
and that ending for this chapter was like...
wait... onee-chan... hrm...
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was it the one who was lying down was happened to be atsuko's sister or someone else sister?
so sad....huhuhu :cry:
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Ah... they were able to stop the other riders...

But the green rider's bike was over used that an accident happened...

Eh...Atsuko onee-chan...why she's in a gang?

Would Atsuko onee-chan be fine?

What's going to happen next

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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But damn, Acchan has an older sister?

Maybe the generals realized what Acchan was thinking and are going to question her later~? Bah! Nice job there, man~ Other than making sweet sweet angel Acchan cry >w>
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Newbie in this forum, and actually this is my 2nd comment xD
I like this story very much! Wow, action on the move! And there's kojiyuu wrote in title, so kyaaa (≧▽≦)づ♥

Have been following this story from chapter 1, yes I was a silent reader (‾⌣‾)♉ hihihi

Who's that onee-san ?? Why she is being chased ??
Seems need some acchan's flashback here  hehehehe

Thankyou for this great story, author-san m(_ _)m I'm looking for next chapter~

Oh and I like how you describe the weapons and skills, also how you explain the fights scene in detail ;)
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cross: Tama ba? tama ba? tama ba? tama ba?  XD (focus lang kung siya yun) wahahaha  :kekeke:

ur first question: (Acchan's oneechan) I know it's HER*...positive...since ur not denying it  :P (E.T.)  :ding: and u had the same reaction when I guess about ur other fiction~   :hehehe: lol hmmm...

ur second question: (kind of sister)  errr...umm...caring and protective when they were kids? @_@  lol also it seems that they're not in bad terms with each other...  :dunno: BUT again when Acchan saw her *oneechan it said mixture of sadness, anger, and guilty meaning there's something that happened in the past, that *oneechan did...  :depressed: again, that could have been directed to her oneechan's pursuers... hahahah i dunno...there's a lot of possibilities here....  :smoke:

ur third question: (kalaban) SNSD, Wonder Girls and 2NE1  :glasses:

oh yah~ maligayang kaarawan pre'  ;p  :onioncheer: hahaha

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kenjoy12: Totally in shock? XD XD XD
kurosawa87: Thank you!!!! XD XD XD
Shinoki: You will know it soon... XD XD XD
no-chan: Its her sister...  :) :) :)
Chichay12: You too??? XD XD XD
cisda83: It will reveal in this part...  :) :) :)
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atsukojiyuu_C: Thank you for reading!!!! XD XD XD
FlameHazeKatsu: Basahin mo nalang...  :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Phase D: Burning Desire

Intensive Care Unit, 15th floor Medical Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 8:00 am
Three days have been passed since the hot pursuit was ended. The girl who was injured by the crash was finally get to the hospital thanks to the rapid responsed of the ambulance, Tomochin’s fast first-aid and Kojinyan’s light healing.
But according to Tomochin, she’s sustained four rib fractures on the left chest, open wounds on her head that requires stitches, a cut on her should that also requires a stitches, a dislocation on her right foot and massive strain on her right lower extremities. All of these are life-threatening but they manage to save her life. Despite that she’s very far now from danger, she still in coma state even now.
Takamina, Kojinyan, Yukirin, Mayuyu, Rena and Paruru are watching on the helpless girl, waiting for her to be awakened from her slumber. Even from that, Kojinyan has more concerned feelings for her than the other generals because she knows this girl.
Her fellow generals are starting to ask her who is that girl but her only answer was silence but she said only Acchan knows and can give an answer. The generals didn’t urge her to get more answers as they still looking to the sleeping girl.

“I need some fresh air.” Without warning, Kojinyan storms out on the room making everyone flinched. Takamina followed her. Kojinyan went out on the
Medical Department with her teary eyes and flowing fluid on her cheeks.

Helicopter Landing Pad, Rooftop floor Medical Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 8:00 am

Yuko was walking around to get some fresh air when she saw Acchan (she can see the very ground from above) sitting on the edge of the building.

Yuko sighs and looking at her with pity and concern look. Acchan knows this but still looking at below.

Stop that, I don’t need it. Don’t worry I will not dare myself to jump of this building without stopper.” Acchan passes her message to Yuko’s mind. Yuko then replies it with a nod and going to where Acchan sits.

“Can I sit beside you?” Acchan nods making Yuko sit beside her.

It’s my fault that she’s on that condition. If I knew it earliear, I just, I just.” Then her eyes are starting to flow a tears once more.

“Don’t cry it’s not your fault.” Yuko holds her hand securely.

You don’t understand. When I see her that condition, it feels that my heart has been stabbed many times. I cannot hold it, it such a painful to watch.

Acchan hold her mouth using left hand while her tears are starting to flow more.

“Don’t torture yourself because of her condition. She’s safe now despite that grave injuries and life-threatening fractures. Our only need to do is waiting her to wake up.” Yuko assured to her.

But what if she’s doesn’t wake up. What if her body will not move? What if she’s dead now? I cannot able to endure that, she’s my only family.” Acchan stands up and walking fastly on the door but Yuko reaches her before she hold the doorknob. Then Yuko pushed Acchan away from the door and pinned her against the wall.

“Ease your mind Acchan. Have you not a faith on your sister? Your sister pushed herself just to finding you. Do you want your sister to live?” Acchan nods her head as she looks on the side.

“Then don’t worry too much, she will be ok. You should be worry yourself more. You haven’t sleep for two days; maybe you should take a rest.” Acchan gave her a nod as a reply.

Yuko and Acchan finally noticed that their bodies was still contact to each other, also their face was very closer, about 4 inches. Their eyes finally meet each other, locked by their stares. Acchan’s face was flushed when she saw Yuko’s hypnotizing eyes that she couldn’t look away. Yuko’s heart was racing very fast as she take a look at Acchan’s tempted pink lips. They too late to realize that their faces are very close now as they feel each other’s breathe. Unconsciously, Yuko captured Acchan’s lips as she put her hands on Acchan’s back, pulls her body closer. Acchan’s mind has been put in a disarrayed state as her thoughts cannot able to comprehend functionally. Without hesitation, Acchan’s arms went behind Yuko’s neck then pulling her very close as a reply. Because of that, Yuko cannot able to stop the kiss as their body’s temperature went higher that the world will melt. When Acchan pulled away their mindblanking and breathtaking kiss, they gasped very deep, getting some air. But their eyes was still locking on with each other.

Yuko…” It was Acchan’s first word after their kiss.

 “Acchan… I… I” Yuko stuttered from her words.

You like me right?” Acchan smiled while her face flushed. Yuko answer her with a nod.

“Maeda Atsuko, will you be my girlfriend?” Yuko asked with very deep blushed.

Hai…” Acchan answered also with very deep blushed.

Acchan caressed Yuko’s cheeks and pulled closer to another breathtaking kiss. Yuko answers it with a very deep one.

Greenhouse Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 8:15 am

Takamina looks from left to right, hoping she finds Kojinyan. But when she saw no one, she drops her arms in disappointment and went back to ICU.

Her eyes flew as she saw Kojinyan on the rose flowers area, sitting on a bench. Takamina’s eyes are full of concern as she saw her friend lowered her head and her hands holding on the edge of bench. Silently, she walks nearer to her.

“Ne~, what are you doing here?” Takamina asked.

“I’m just getting some fresh air.” Kojinyan said still lowered her head. Takamina kneeled on her as she looking at her sad face.

“You don’t need to hide that. Don’t worry, I’m here for you.” Takamina said. Then she put Kojinyan’s hand very close and holds it with security.

“You can cry now if you want.” Without warning, Kojinyan finally release the guilt inside of her heart as she cries very hard on Takamina’s shoulder.

Takamina put her hands on Kojinyan’s back to ease her pain. Then after 10 minutes, Kojinyan finally calms down and pulls away their hug.

“Are you ok now?” Takamina asked.

“Hai, arigatou gozaimasu.” Kojinyan blushly said.

“You’re welcome.” Takamina replied with her face very red.

They are sitting on the bench for half an hour as they avoid each other’s stares. Takamina wants now to break the ice.

“Haruna… I…” Before Takamina said some, in a instant, Kojinyan kissed her with burning sensation. Takamina widened her eyes as she savored
Kojinyan’s cherry-flavored lips. Then she closed her eyes and replies it with viscious kiss. Kojinyan feels this sensation cannot be stop asthey continue to ravishing their kisses. Then they pulled each other for a moment and when they realized what their doing, their face looks like a ripe tomato as the steam coming from their head.

“Uhmmmm…. Ha-ha-haruna… I-i-i…” Takamina stuttered from her words.

“Yo-yo-you d-d-don’t have t-t-to said it, T-t-takamina.” Kojinyan also stuttered.

“Takamina, May I’m be your girlfriend?” Kojinyan said.

“Yeah, sure.” Takamina said with her blushing face.

“Thank you.” Kojinyan was also blushing too.

“Let’s go?” Takamina offer her hand.

“Hai.” Kojinyan take her hand.

Intensive Care Unit, 15th floor Medical Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 9:00 am

Yukirin, Mayuyu, Rena and Paruru are still waiting for girl to wake up.

“Maybe I will get some drinks.” Mayuyu said.

When she went on the door suddenly the doorknob moves and the door opens reveals Takamina and Kojinyan holding their hands.

Mayuyu narrowed her eyes as she saw the two walk inside and sits on the chair simultaneously.

At the same time, Yuko and Acchan walks inside of the room, also they are holding their hands too.

The witnesses in there narrow their eyes as they look at those four.

“What are you looking at?” The four asked in unison.

“Nothing.” Paruru, Yukirin, Mayuyu and Rena answered at the same time.

So you want to know whose that girl and what is the relationship with me right?” Acchan said that makes them look at her with curiosity.

Mayuyu did you read my mind?” She asked.

“Nope, it’s all static.” Mayuyu said which Acchan nods.

Then I will reveal it now.” The atmosphere is getting tense as Acchan keeping it longer. She breathe very hard and start now to reveal her secret.

Her name is General Tonooka Erica, one of the commanders of United States Army Force Command and one of the commanding officers of 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta and Asymmetric Warfare Group. And she’s my older fraternal twin and our age gap was only 29 days.

To be Continued.


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The secret is out and now the unusual mating between each other XD
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Well look at that.. Congratulations we have our couples! :fap

Ah! Acchan's sister have a very high ranking position! :O Sugoi!

Wonder why Acchan and Erica got separated from each other?

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yuko kiss acchan??!!and haruna kiss takamina??
uuuuu.... :cry: I thought it will be atsumina and kojiyuu instead of atsuyuu and takaharu couple.... :grr: :frustrated:
I can't believe this...
I hope it will be atsumina..... :mon cute:

btw,nice update.... :on cloudeye:
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Eh... Yuko and Atsuko kissed and officially got together....

And Haruna and Minami together also....

I thought Atsuko attracted to Minami.... same with Minami being attracted to Atsuko,  right?

Eh... her twin.... and they don't have the same family name....

And they were not in the same countries too....

Would the sister be able to wake up before it's too late to avoid the second plan?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Wait, wait, wait . . . . Why would Yuko and Acchan? . . .   And Kojiharu and Takamina? . . . . .

I'm really shocked, but still lovin' it  :D

Matagal ko nang sinusubaybayan ang iyong fic . . . . Ngayon lng akong nag comment  :) lol.  :lol:

Anyway. . . I'm looking forward to your next update   :)
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Oi interesting atsuko and yuko ,minami and kojiharu but in the end its kojiyuu and atsumina! Like it!

Wonder if any mayuki here? Love this pair too~
Is mayu and yuki somewhat already dating? They look so close~
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HAH!!!!!! YEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT!  :farofflook: *victory dance*  :cow: LOL

I knew u were going to do the Takaharu & Atsuyuu but not that fast...Hindi ako ready... and it made me flip my desk....  :err: shiet...
The hell happened to those early hints~ about atsumina & kojiyuu...  :scared: hahahaha...
Well....I'll be waiting...
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Good news : Yuko and Acchan are together~

Bad news : I'm sure it'll end with AtsuMina *sigh*
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I'm not surprise about the current pairing, what I'm surprised is that there were no hints about them before and out of the blue they confessed they like each other :nervous. As long as it doesn't end up something like our-partners-are-no-longer-here-so-let's-get-together-just-for-convenience.
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^The opposite of mine.
I mean that Atsuko will still love Yuko more even if she got together with Minami.
Ya can't blame da fanboying XD
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Why would I blame you? Every one wants their OTP to be the ultimate pairing. But of course I don't want that to happen as I'm the Atsumina shipper right here and of course I don't like anyone standing in between them especially when they're the ultimate pairing.
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kurosawa87: Sou desu ne...  XD XD XD
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For those who are shocked by their confession..... This is the foundation of this story....

Clockwise from above left: Kojiyuu, Takaharu, Atsuyuu and Atsumina

ENJOY READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Phase E: Reheating Flashback

Special Patient Room, 18th floor Medical Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Tuesday, 3:00 pm
‘Where am I? Why I can feel a comfy thing lying on my back? Is this bed? I’m in heaven now?’ The sleeping girl thought. She open her eyes, revealing faint vision and blurry environment.
Onee-chan, you’re awake now.
“Who’s calling me? Someone’s calling me ‘Onee-chan’. I can’t be.’ Then she looks to a blurry figure. When her vision was finally unblurred, she can clearly see now the person.
“Atsuko.” Her first word that coming out from her mouth.
Okaeri, Erica.” Acchan smiles with tears. Then she hugs her like there is no tomorrow.
“Tadaima, Atsuko.” Erica said and hugs her back. Then they pull away.
It’s been a while since we part away three years ago.” Acchan stated.
“You’re right since of your transfer from America to Japan. By the way, how long I’ve been rested?” Erica asked.
Approximately two months.” Acchan said.
“I see, so that’s why I’m on the hospital now.” Erica stated.
“Ahh, so our patient was finally awaked.” A voice was heard coming from the opened door.
“So I have finally met now the Twelve Constellations. You’re Leo-General Takahashi Minami right?” Erica asked.
“Sou desu ne.” Takamina nodded.
“Atsuko, you’ve finally take over our grandmother’s position right?” Erica asked to Acchan which she replies with a nod.
“Hey Erica, what in the hell are you having a trouble right now?” A tall girl with long hair narrows her eyes.
“Gomen ne Haruna, I’ve just being chased you know.” Erica innocently smiles.
“By the way, who are those people that pursue you?” Yuko asked.
“They are my comrades.” Erica answered. Acchan and Kojinyan gasped while the rest widened their eyes.
“Ehhhh?!?!??! Comrades? Why are they chasing you?” all of them are shocked
“I’ll tell you the story.” Erica said.

Flashback, Two months and two weeks ago

Tokarevskaya Koshka Lighthouse, Golden Horn Bay, Vladivostok, Primorky Krai, Russia; Wednesday, 9:00 am

(Erica POV)
Sitting on the edge of the harbor, I watch the beautiful summer sunset.My civilian wearing was blown by the cold breeze, my right hand holding five-foot nodachi, and I forgot to bring my Shuusui sword and my sister’s Yamato sword which was on my grandmother’s house.
“Hey what are you doing here?” I know who owns that voice; it was the voice of my cute bestfriend, General Endo Mai.
“Nandemonai, I just want to have a fresh air.” I replied to her.
“I don’t think that’s a reason you have.” Another one was coming behind of Mai-chan. It was General Yokoyama Rurika.
“It was your twin sister right? She’s officlal Aries-General and Vice-President of Twelve Constellations right?” General Hashimoto Kaede, our youngest general, asked to me.
“Ehhh!?!?!?! She was the same rank as Tonotono-chan?” General Tachibana Yurika said.
Like Japan’s Juniseiza (Twelve Constellations or Zodiac), America is also having too, called Jikkai (Ten Commandments or Decalogue). But unlike to them those names by the Zodiac signs, ours were named in Greek Alphabets.

“What are you all doing here by the way?” I asked to them.
“We're finding you, what do you think we are doing?” Mai answered.
“I was just curious, why are you two a twin sister although having a different surname?” Kaede asked.
“Was having a same mother but different father. And don’t trying to asked it. I don’t want to think it.” It makes me blush.
“Ahmm, so who’s older?” Rurika asked.
“Me, I’m 29 days older than her.” I said.
“Ehhh?!?!?! 29 days?” All of them exclaimed.
“No need to explain it more, let’s go back now.” I said to them.
“You’re right, let’s go.” Mai said as we went away now to the lighthouse.
We’re arriving to the white estate that was facing on the sea near Krygina Street. My fellow generals are gone on their respective duties. Kaede was playing PSP; Yurika’s swiftly remove her clothes as she dives on the swimming pool, what a child; Hitomi and Erika are cooking our dinner; but the weirdest of all, Nao was just looking at us with blank eyes.
“Nao, are you ok?” I asked to her.
“I’m fine, don’t worry. I’m just taking a good feeling.” She gives me the creepiest smile that makes me shiver. Then she went away from our party.
“Rurika, is Nao ok?” I asked to her.
“I don’t know. I too, give me a sudden weird feeling.” She replies.
“Everyone, our food has been served. Let’s eat!” Erika shouted. Then we forget now that weird feeling as we enjoy the meal. Then Nao came back and joins to our party.
‘I know that something’s wrong and I really meant it. And it’s much worse than I thought. I must check it out.’ I thought.
11:00 pm, I just sitting on the roof of the estate while bringing my sword, looking on the shining moon. I just want to make sure that everything was
okay while my friends are sleeping peacefully. Suddenly, I felt something bad that makes me stand. I look at the front area and saw Nao was talking someone. Then they move inside of the house.
I went on my room and prepare myself for the worst coming. But before I open the door to warn them, I heard Kaede’s scream from the outside. I widely open the door and running on the hallway, only to be stop by a swirling sound. I hide at the side of the wall as I look on the other side. My eyes cannot believe from what I saw as the tears flows on my cheeks.
Kaede, along with Erika, Hitomi, Ami, Miyake, and Yurika, were in the inside of the glowing green circle as the three girls chant. I can’t stand the scene as they are screaming in pain, trying to resist the influence, while Nao was watching them with a grim smile. Nao was not in herself, as I saw from her eyes that she was in control.
When the three girls finally stop their chant, the green circle disappears. My friends are sits on the floor, due to pain and their bangs covered much of their face. I noticed that their smiling now, no that wasn’t their own normal smile that was an evil smile. They stand now and went beside Nao and laugh evilly.
Then suddenly my mouth was covered by someone’s hand as I’ve been pulled from that scene. Then I turn back to look that person, only to be Rurika and Mai.
“I don’t think you should see that scene completely.” Mai whispered.
“What is that thing? Why are their movements looks weird?” I asked to them.
“That circle called Hypnopsychosis Inversion Circle. It has the ability to uplift your worst nightmare and your darkest personality, and taking over its body. The original personality will be chained and caged inside of their mind. Once the other personality completely takes over the body, the users who chant that circle will implant a seal to control these overtaken bodies, making them their puppets.” Rurika explained to me.
“That’s awful. How do we able to bring them back?” I asked to them. Suddenly the evilly laughter dies out which makes us highly aware of our situation.
“Here they come.” Rurika circles now her dual hooksword.
“Erica, be wary this situation now. They are not in their self anymore. And no complains, is that clear?” I tearfully nod at her. Then I unsheathed my nodachi as I felt that they are near now. Mai tightly grips her Zweihänder and she positions herself. Suddenly all of my friends are appeared in front, unregretably ready to strike to at us with their evil smile mark on their face.
‘I’m sorry.’ I said on my mind as I forcefully unsheathe my sword even having a hesitation to hurt them.I have no choice but to escape to them.
“神鳴流「百花繚乱」 [Shinmeiryū: Hyakka Ryōran (God’s Cry Technique: Many flowers blooming in profusion)]” They forcefully defend themselves against my attack.
“Now it’s our chance, let’s get out of here.” Mai said as we run on them.
“Not so fast my dears.” The three girls appear in front of us.
“Kisama.” Rurika angrily said.
“Who are they?” I asked.
“They are the ones who halfly destroy the prison in Saudi Arabai that makes Tae-yoen and her gang completely escapes.They are Kim Yubin, Park Yeeun and Min Sunye.” Mai said.
“Thanks for your introduction. I’m happy for that.” Yubin said.
“Now for the rest, we will make you our slaves. My puppets make them busy.” Yeeun said. Then Kaede and Nao suddenly charge at me, Erika and Hitomi on Rurika while Ami, Miyake and Yurika on Mai. As far as I know, Rurika, Mai and me are very strong compare to them, but dealing with numbers, that was a slightly disadvantage.
“Ne~ Ton-chan, let’s play.” Kaede said while grinning.
“Yada, it’s already night, gets some sleep.” I scolding her while holding my feelings away.
“Mou~ I don’t want to sleep.” Looks like Kaede playing with me right now.
“I want to play too, Erica-senpai.” Nao said with temptation voice.
“Nao-chan, your temptation will not make me.” I countered.
Then I kick on Nao’s abdomen and slams Kaede on the ground. Sorry.
“Ok our puppets, playtime’s over. Come here.” Yubin said.
“Shimatta, We’re been caught.” Rurika said. Then a glowing green circle appears on the ground and an invisible shackle was restraining us.
“Give up now, Erica-chan. You can fight it but you can’t escape now. You will become one of us.”Hitomi said to me and they laugh evilly.

‘I don’t want to give up now.’ I thought.

“Wait a second; this circle is like brainwash plus mind control right.” I said while enduring the pain.

“Yeah, in just a second, we become one of them.” Rurika said.

“I get it now. Erica, you have a chance to escape since you have that thing. Go to them and warn them about these incidents.” Mai said.

“What about you two? I cannot just leave you alone.” I tearfully said.

“Just go! Don’t worry about us. We fend them off while you are escaping.” Mai said.

“Wakatta, I will get you back.” I promised to them.

“Goodbye, Erica.” Rurika and Mai said at the same time, they enduring the pain.

I forcefully to stands up while the shackle still restrains me.

“Why are you still resisting this?” Yurika asked while tilting her head.

“Have you forgotten now Yurika? Even that you are now under control of them you can still remember my potential.” I smiled. Then all of my friends, that been brainwashed, widened their eyes.

“Yubin-sama, we must kill her immediately!” Kaede shouted.

“And why?”

“She has a gift that can able to disperse any influences like mind control, the Gift of Resistance!” Yurika said.

“You’re right. In short, I’m totally immune to this!” I shouted.

“神鳴流「斬鉄閃」 [Shinmeiryū:  Zantetsusen (God’s Cry Technique: Steel-cutting flash)]” After that, I could hear a rattling sound of chains that drops on
the ground.

“Go!” Mai said. I feel that I’m being pushed away, discharged from that circle and almost hitting on the wall if i didn’t use my feet as a stopper. Mai’s Gift of Repulsion, just really great.

“We will not let all of you to get out of this place.” Rurika said.

“縛道の七十三「倒山晶」 [Bakudō no Nanajūsan: Tozanshō (Way of Binding #73: Inverse Mountain Crystal)]” Then I saw that they are trapped in a huge inversed pyramid, unable for them to catch me.

“Sayonara.” I ran to the hallway, avoiding all of the incoming soldiers that trying to shoot me.

Finally, I‘ve reached on the parking lot beside of that estate, on toppest floor. For a chance, I have a motorcycle key. I don’t need car, it makes me slow down.

“We found her!” The soldiers shout.

Started the motorcycle and breathing deeply, I need to get away of this place. I overreved the handle causing the motorcycle accelerates too much. When reached on the railings, I jump my ride as I know I’m 50 feet higher to the ground. Then I went on the road, avoiding all of the obstacles.

"I swore myself I will bring you back.” Then I accelerate my ride more, racing on the Russian road and going on Nakhodka port.

(Erica POV ended)

Flashback ended

“So that’s the story.” Erica said.

“I can’t believe that the whole Ten Commandments are fallen control now. And you’re the only one who survives.” Takamina said.

“Her Gift of Resistance saves my Erica’s life. Actually because of that gift, she’s immune to disease too; even AIDS and Tuberculosis will not touch her.” Acchan said.

“Why they want to control them?” Yuko asked.

“Based of her story, I think they want an army. And they want to revenge against us since Jūniseiza and Jikkai is equally match despite its number differences.” Mayuyu said.

“Actually Jikkai has a three aces just like Jūniseiza has a six aces.” Erica said.

“Yeah we have Oshima Yuko, Kashiwagi Yuki, Shimazaki Haruka, Watanabe Mayu, Matsui Rena and recently Maeda Atsuko” Takamina said.

“Who are those?”

“Endo Mai, Rurika Yokoyama and me.”

To be Continued.

New skills updated on this link: Skills (


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Introduction to another group seems to add more to the suspense of the story :)
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Uwaa~ I see that explained everything..

Taeyeon and her troop are preparing for war just to take revenge.. :?

Oh! I'm so excited what will happen next.. :fap

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Why do those names seem kinda familiar to me...?

I seriously need to stop showing off my OTP on the avatar *facepalm*
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its interesting~
somehow despite al the powers all over the place...
i forgot that it was like a supernatural/fantasy type story
yay~ interesting stuff happens~
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Great explinations in the chapter :D And now we know abour Erica :)
Seems like things will be getting tougher on our heroines! Hopefully they can handle whatever comes their way :D
Thanks for the update! Really loving this fic ^^
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AHHH.... Damn this memory block.... I cannot able to write easily....

I will be post the update either next week or next months.. Depends on my motivation to write....

Now on replies:

kurosawa87: It's just popping on my mind....  :lol: :lol: :lol:
kenjoy12: War + Planning on something, maybe I will reveal it later on...  :) :) :)
AshuraX: Sorry... My Eternal OTP is Atsumina and Kojiyuu.... XD XD XD
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For a tiny spoiler....

Chapter 8: Give me Five is the name of the next chapter....

It contains five parts, hence the name said....

This chapter revolves on the sudden announcement of the relationship between Acchan and Yuko as well as Kojinyan and Takamina....

This chapter shows the progress of their relationship too.....

There is a part that the four are hiding secrets to each other....

Finally this chapter reveals their most interesting revelations that makes the world shakes....

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Looking forward to it!  XD
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Secrets??!! what secrets??!!  :mon closeup:
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Sorry for the late commment...

Well interesting development...

Great knowing the background about Atsuko's sister

What's going to happen when they announced their relationship to others and each other?

What would AtsuYuu and Takaharu come across next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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I hate it when people change their love just like that...

It hurts reading it.

Wait... did I ever do that on my fics...?
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OMO~ can't wait for the next update~!  :heart:
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Chapter 8: Give me five!

Phase A: Once in a while

Special Patient Room, 18th floor Medical Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 11:00 am

Ne Erica, are you sure you are alright?” Acchan asked.

“Daijoubu-desu. Besides, 2 months and 3 weeks of rest was enough for me to completely regenerate and get up on this hard bed. It so boring in this place eventhough this is VIP area.” Erica excitedly said.

Erica has been permitted to go out to the hospital. Tomochin said that she’s fully recovered and only her need is rest. But it seems that she wants to do something that even her two close ones are worried to her.

“You don’t have to do this.” Kojinyan said.

“Why not, its thankful way that you save my life so in return I will become officially Atsuko’s assistant.” Erica pouted.

“But you’re a general remember? The same rank as Atsuko.” Kojinyan reminded to Erica.

“But I want to help you know. We have problems about the war right?”

“Fine, do what you want. It’s your own wish and I have nothing to do against it.” Kojinyan defeatedly sighs.

Fine, fine, thanks for offering of your help to me.” Acchan smiled.

“So since I’ve been totally discharged, we should have taken a walk. What do you think?”

“Ok, sounds a good idea.” Kojinyan smiled.

Let’s go?” Acchan asked.

In front of Electric Town Exit, JR Akihabara Station, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 11:30 am

“Uwaa!!!!! Kimochii!!!!!” Erica shouted as she runs. Nyannyan and Acchan only watch her with a sigh. ‘What a kid.’ They thought simultaneously.
The cold wind passes that makes the two shiver slightly.
“It so cold in here despite that we wearing jacket.” Kojinyan exclaimed.
It doesn’t matter now, besides the weather was so nice that we could take a very good walk.” Acchan smiled.
“Hey let’s sit in here.” Erica said. She points on the circular metal barrier that surrounds the tree.
“I’m gonna get some drinks.” Kojinyan said and she left. Acchan went on Erica and sit beside her.
“Ne Atsuko, it’s been a while since we having this fun.” Erica said.
You’re the only one who has having fun.” Acchan pouted.
“Atsuko!! Kawaii!!!” Erica pinches Acchan’s cheeks.
Mou Erica, stop that.” Atsuko said.
“Hehehe, you’re cute when you’re pouting.” Erica innocently smiles.
Arigatou.” Acchan blushed.
Silence has taken over to the twin sisters as they feel the cold wind passes by.
“Three years that we’ve been part away but you haven’t changed a bit, even the way of your conversation.” Erica chuckled.
And you too, you haven’t also change a bit, even your stubbornness.” Acchan smiled.
“I’m not stubborn, I just simply unconditionally reckless to do something.” Erica pouted.
You said the truth, that’s equivalent to stubbornness.” Acchan teased.
“What about you? Your clumsiness still remains.” Erica said.
I’m not clumsy anymore.” Acchan said.
“Are you sure?” Erica teased.
What do you think?” Acchan asked her back.
“Hmmmm, you’re clumsy as always.” Erica smiled.
Mou, yamete yo.” Acchan pouted.
“Hahahahaha, just kidding. I love teasing you so much.” Erica laughs.
While the twin sisters teasing each other, they saw Yukirin and Mayuyu on the far side. It looks like there are having a day off for now, as the two happily talking to each other as evidence.
“Atsuko, is that your friends?” Erica pointed at them.
Yeah, that’s them.” Acchan said. She sends a telepathic message to them. ‘Hey Mayuyu, Yukirin, over here!’
On the other side, Yukirin and Mayuyu are happily walking, when suddenly they stop after they heard a voice on their mind.

“Hey, is that Acchan’s voice on my head?” Yukirin asked, tilting her head.
“Yup, she is.” Mayuyu said.
“Where is she?”
“Ahh, there they are.” Mayuyu’s pointing at Acchan who waves her hand on them. Then the two walks closer on them and sits beside them.
“Yo Acchan, having a day off too?” Mayuyu asked.
Yup, and I just want to accompany my stupid and reckless twin sister. You know.” She winks on the two. Mayuyu chuckles on that statement.
“Hey~!!!! I’m not stupid~!!!” Erica’s half-shouted making Acchan, Mayuyu and Yukirin laugh on her. She only responds with a pout. After 10 minutes of their talk, Kojinyan arrives with drinks on her hands.
“Omatase shimashite~!!! (Sorry to keep you waiting)” Kojinyan said.
“Ahhh~. Yuki-chan, Mayu-chan konnichiwa.” Kojinyan greets.
“Konnichiwa.” They replied. And they continue their extra very long chat.

Shooting Range Field, Weapons and Armaments Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 2:00 pm
The sound of shooting gun roars on the silent green field filled with targets on each trees. On the far side was full of lining shooting houses. All of these houses are empty except on the very right corner. That corner was occupied by a short girl with ribbon on her head. She’s on day off, killing her time on this place, shooting the target board using Ruger LC380 caliber pistol. She continueously shoot until her gun’s empty. Looking at the target board, all of the bullets are on the bullseye.
“Another bullseye.” She sighed.
‘I think I should having some time with her’ She thought.
While reloading her weapon she heard a familiar voice calling on her.
The midget stops reloading her weapon and turn around to meet that person who calls her.
“General Yagami Kumi and General Kizaki Yuria” The midget said.
“It’s been a while Takamina-san.” Yuria said.
“Yeah, it’s been a while.” Takamina nodded.
“You’re still killing your time here, midget?” Another person walks toward to them.
“And I told you many times, you’re also a midget.” Takamina rolled her eyes.
“And I told you also many times, I’m four centimeters taller than you.” Yuko replied.
“So what brings you here?” Takamina asked.
“Nothing, we just want you to visit.” Kumi said.
“Is that so?” She cocks her gun.
“Who are the new ones?” Yuria asked.
“Aries Maeda Atsuko and Sagittarius Kojima Haruna. Why did you ask?”
“Nandemonai.” Yuria said.
“It looks like they didn’t know that we are their cousins.” Kumi whispered.
“Let’s just keep it as a secret. Ok?” Yuria said. Kumi nods.
‘Since this is my day off. How about I ask her for a date?’ Takamina and Yuko simultaneously thought. Takamina puts down her gun on the table and get her cellphone on her pocket while Yuko do the same.
Kumi and Yuria curiously watches on the two girls. It looks like they mailing someone.
‘I wonder who is being mailed.’ The two thought at the same time.
In front of Electric Town Exit, JR Akihabara Station, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 2:15 pm
While they having a very long talk that takes a forever, Kojinyan and Acchan feels the cellphone’s vibration in their pocket. Then they took it at the same time. Kojinyan read her message.

   I’m been thinking if we have to date.
   Meet me at the usual tomorrow.

At the same time, Acchan reads message too.

   Hey, you’re free tomorrow right?
   Let’s have a date. You know where it is right?

“Who’s that?” Mayuyu asked.
“Oh, it’s nothing.” Kojinyan said.
It’s just a promo.” Acchan said.
“Hmmm… I smell something fishy around here.” Erica smirked. Acchan smacked Erica in reply.
“Ouch, what was that for?” She asked.
Nandemonai.” Acchan smiled innocently.
While they’re continuing their chat, Kojinyan and Acchan have deeply thought something. Their minds went very far that they didn’t able to absorb their talk.
‘Hmmm… A date huh? I can’t wait for it.’

To be Continued


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He~ . . . So they're gonna have a date . . . And wow,  those midgets texted their girlfriends at the same time  :D :D . . . 

Would they run into each other? . . or not.

Can't wait for the next update  :)
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Ah... both are on a date the next day with their respective partners

What kind of dates are they going to get into?

Would they kept secrets about their status to the other general and each other?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

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I wonder how the dates will go and to be honest I was mad knowing that Atsuyuu and Takaharu got together even though its clear that Atsumina likes each other X3

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Well here it is~!!! Thanks to AlmiraTheGreat-san for helping me on this part... ENJOY READING~!!!


Phase B: Double Date
Following the emails from their respective partners asking to meet them up, Kojiharu and Acchan excitedly went to bed. The next day, whilst making up their minds on what should they wear, both Kojiharu and Acchan grinned on the mirror. After a few moments of picking, they finally decided their attires and head out to the station where they will their respective partners. Yuko said to Acchan via mail that she will meet her at Minami-yono Station while Takamina will wait for Kojiharu at Yonohonmachi Station. Few minutes have passed and the two lass finally arrived at the respective stations where Yuko and Takamina waited for them.

Entrance of Minami-yono Station, Suzuya, Chuo-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan; Friday 2:00 pm

“Nyan~ over here~” Takamina grinned while waving her hands to Kojiharu

“Takamina…” Kojiharu did the same

Kojiharu then dashed towards Takamina and held her hands. She grinned to Takamina which prompted her to blush and eventually intertwined hands with Kojiharu.

“Shall we go somewhere now?”  Takamina asked

“Of course…”

West Entrance of Yonhonmachi Station, Suzuya, Chuo-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan; Friday, 2:00 pm

“Acchan~ kocchi kocchi~!” Yuko waved her hands

Yuko... Did I make you wait?” Acchan asked with a smile

“Nope~ I just got here myself~”


“So… shall we go now?” Yuko took Acchan’s hand and held it tightly

Unn…” Acchan nodded and intertwined her hand with Yuko’s

4 Chome, Suzuya , Chuo-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan; Friday, 2:30 pm

Takamina and Kojiharu went on various stores. The lovers bought all sorts of clothes and went to pass their time on an arcade.

“hey… this game…” Kojiharu pointed a certain game in the arcade

“Want to play Taiko no Tatsujin?”

“Of course~”

“Then let’s play versus mode!” Takamina smirked

“I won’t beat me that easily Minami~”

“Let me see your skills Nyan~”

With that said, the two of them played Taiko no Tatsujin with a smile on their face. The gameplay lasted for about 30 minutes since Kojiharu will ask for a rematch whenever she loses to Minami. In the end, Minami won their battles which made Kojiharu frustrated. Seeing her lover at that kind of state, Minami asked for one last rematch with Kojiharu.

“Nyan~ I want a rematch~”

“meh, I’ll lose to you no matter what anyway~”

“I thought my girlfriend won’t back out from any challenges give to her?” Takamina started to tease Kojiharu

“who said that I’m gonna back out!? If you want some rematch then bring it on!” Kojiharu was all pumped up

“Then let’s have some rematch alright!”

Minami inserted another coin and the match commenced. Minami knew to herself that she was going to win all over again. But, if she wins again, that will make her girlfriend frustrated so Minami decided that she will let herself lose on purpose. After a few moments, things went smoothly accordingly to Minami’s plans.

“Uwaa~ I can’t believe I lose~”

“Haha! Our scores are only 100 apart~ looks like your luck ran out Minami~”

“You got me…”

“Hahaha~ so….”

“So?” Minami was puzzled

“Shall we go now and head out to grab something to eat?”

“I thought so…”

7 Chome, Suzuya, Chuo-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture Japan; Friday, 2:30 pm

Acchan insisted to Yuko that they should go and watch a romance movie in Suzuya. Yuko cannot resist Acchan’s pleads and eventually went along with her demands. The moment they arrived in the cinema, Acchan cannot stop grinning which prompted Yuko to blush.

You seem to be blushing hard than usual.” Acchan teased Yuko

“It’s because you’re so cute Atsuko… you know that I can’t resist your cuteness right?” Yuko covered her blushing face

Haha~ you’re so cute when you blush Yuko… it makes me fall for you even more…” Acchan held Yuko’s hands

“Shall we go now?”


The two of them went to Cinema 1 and watched a romance movie. Whilst on the cinema, Acchan laid her head on Yuko’s shoulder while Yuko held Acchan’s hands tightly.

Nee Yuko?

“What is it?”

Thank you for taking me on the cinema even though you wanted to go in the arcade.

“Nah, first thing first babe…”



Without knowing it, the two of them blush hard and eventually kissed each other passionately. After the movie, they went to a local family restaurant to grab some lunch.

Route 165, 4 Chome, Chuo-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan; Friday, 3:00

When they have arrived in the restaurant, the two of them quickly ordered their food. Whilst waiting, Kojiharu gave Takamina a peep talk about their future together.

“Nee Minami…”


“Do you think that we will stay forever?”

With those words by Kojiharu, Minami suddenly remembered Acchan. The lass then closed her eyes and replied Kojiharu with a smile.

“Only God knows Haruna…”

“I think the same thing also…” Haruna blushed

“Haruna, would mind going to the theme park with me?”

“Much obliged”

Near the East Dental, 7 Chome, Chuo-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan; Friday, 3:00 pm

After watching the movie, Acchan and Yuko went to a nearby family diner.

“Nee Acchan? What do you want to eat?”

I want some pudding~

“Ermm kay~ pudding for the lady~” Yuko smiled

The waiter then took up their orders. Whilst waiting for their order, Yuko and Acchan talked to each other with such expression on their faces. All of a sudden, Acchan brought out a certain question to Yuko in which she was shocked about.

Yuko, you think our love will last forever?

“What’s with the sudden question babe?”

Hehe~ nothing in particular~ I just want to know~

“Last forever huh…”

With Kojiharu on her mind, Yuko replied to Acchan with a smile.

“I guess so… I guess our love will last if we take good care of it…”


“By the way Acchan…”


“How about the two of us go to the Theme Park?”

For real!? Yay! I want to go the Theme Park~


The waiter then brought out their orders. After a few minutes, both the TakaHaru and AtsuYuu pair finished eating their foods and eventually went to the Theme Park. Little did they know that the couples were fated to meet in the Local date spot.

Molly Fantasy Shop, AEON Mall Yono, Honmachinishi, Chuo-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan; Friday 3:30 pm

“are? Minami, isn’t that Yuko and Acchan?”

“Ahh you’re right…”


Ara? Haruna and Minami on a date?” Acchan spotted them

“Hehe~ that midget!”

Seeing each other, they’ve approached each other with a smile although that smile hides something.

“Nice move midget~ asking your girl on a date~” Yuko teased

“Aren’t you a midget yourself Yuko~” Takamina teased Yuko also

“Whoa there… Minami~ will you please behave?” Haruna said

You too Yuko, it’s rude to tease people like that…

“hai…” the two midgets bowed down

Well anyway… why don’t we go on a double date?” Acchan suggested

That suggestion makes the four unnoticeably flinched for a while.

“good idea~” Haruna agreed

“What can I do Nyan? Your orders are absolute~” Minami smiled

“As you wish Acchan” Yuko smiled too

With that said, the two pairs went on a double date. They rode various rides including the jet coaster which made the two midgets shout like there is no tomorrow. Before they eventually parted ways, they rode the Ferris wheel for last time. After their Ferris wheel ride, Yuko decide they should have a coffee before they will part away.

Starbucks Coffee, AEON Mall Yono, Honmachinishi, Chuo-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan; 5:00 pm

They went to the nearby café to have their last coffee talk. As they sit to the table that the waiter reserves for them, a heavy silence occurs. After the waiter went to the counter for their orders, Yuko decide to break the ice.

“Ne~ so you two are officially relationship?” Yuko asked

“Yup, since the day where Erica is been hospitalized.” Takamina answered

“So that means its eleven weeks.” Yuko said in hurtful voice.

“And you two?” Kojinyan asked in mild voice

Just like you.” Acchan said

“Sou ka~” Kojinyan lowered her head.

“Are you alright, Nyan?” Takamina asked

“I’m fine. This only needs coffee. Hehehe~” Kojinyan hurtfully laughed

Then the silence appeared once more while waiting for their order. Below the table, Kojinyan tightly clasped Takamina’s hand while Acchan do the same to Yuko.

After waiting for 10 minutes the waiter arrived with their orders are being given to them. The four, while drinking their coffee, have their thoughts to themselves.

“What’s this feeling? Why it hurts to watch?”

“Why my heart started to break apart?”

“What’s happening to me?”

“This feeling that I’ve feel, it looks like…”

“I’m started to feel jealous”

To be continued


POV's (Takahashi Minami, Kojima Haruna, Oshima Yuko, Maeda Atsuko, All of them.)

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Hmmm...they're starting to realize that they're not in love with their respective partners..

What will happen next??

Update soon..
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So this is the branching point for them to start realize about their inner feelings for other girls, huh?
I don't actually like the idea of feeling changes since it might hurt their current partner...
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Interesting dates...

They were fine with their chosen partners... until they had those double dates....

Now they started thinking that they chose the wrong person...

But it's unfair if Takamina and Haruna did not kiss each other...

While Yuko and Atsuko did

What's going to happen next?

Would there be any fighting next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Well, it's seems that our main characters started to doubt their feelings . . .

I sense a break-up  :) . . . Well not really  XD but I hope so, so they could be with their rightfully, respective partners . . .  :D :D

ano kaya ang susunod na mangyayari?? . . .  :?

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Well, it's seems that our main characters started to doubt their feelings . . .

I sense a break-up  :) . . . Well not really  XD but I hope so, so they could be with their rightfully, respective partners . . .  :D :D

ano kaya ang susunod na mangyayari?? . . .  :?

Anyway, thanks for the update! :D

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Well, it's seems that our main characters started to doubt their feelings . . .

I sense a break-up  :) . . . Well not really  XD but I hope so, so they could be with their rightfully, respective partners . . .  :D :D

ano kaya ang susunod na mangyayari?? . . .  :?

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Well, it's seems that our main characters started to doubt their feelings . . .

I sense a break-up  :) . . . Well not really  XD but I hope so, so they could be with their rightfully, respective partners . . .  :D :D

ano kaya ang susunod na mangyayari?? . . .  :?

Anyway, thanks for the update! :D

F-Filipino!? XD

Filipino talaga yan.. May fans na ako.. Joke....

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But something caught my eye. Is 30minutes still considered a movie? Or did the AtsuYuu pair just leave early?
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HEHEHE I'm sooo happy that you updated, its like right timing or something since you updated after I posted a comment :D

So it seems like they are jealous of each other... they are sooo dumb, like if you like the other one, why the hell would you asked another out? You are just hurting yourself X3 and i'm talking about YOU!!! Minami and Yuko!!!  :angry1:

I hope you would update soon, arigatou  :kneelbow:
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YEHEY!!! UPDATE!!! For the replies:

Amakuchi: LOL...  :lol: :lol: :lol:
olive29: Let me say... They have a feelings for each other but they have also a feelings for another....  :) :) :)
AshuraX: Two words: Emotional Complex...  XD XD XD
cisda83: It looks like their emotions started to malfunction, I think??  :lol: :lol: :lol:
AlmiraTheGreat: Thank you!!! *hugs*
shiruba_rein: Mangyayari kaya ang break-up??  :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Phase C: True or False

Central Training Field, Weapons and Armaments Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; 1 week later, Monday, 11:00 am

The Generals went to the 120 square kilometer training ground for warm-up after their one week of day-off. They saw many soldiers are having their training. Some of them are having their weapon firing while the others are in assault training.

On the far side, the twins are on the combat training area wherein they engage in sword practice battle.

“Well, it seems your swordsmanship doesn’t fade away despite that you always using guns.” Erica smirked. Their swords clash, create a spark that all of the soldiers stop their training and watch the practice battle. The Generals saw their practice battle and went to them.

You think? How about we use our powers now?" Acchan said while she tried to block Erica’s attack.

“Are you sure?” Erica’s question was answered with Acchan’s nod.

“If that’s what you wish.” Erica slips her hand to the side of her sword.

Erica’s first Elemental Power: Sharpness Manipulation. An ability to imbues, increases, decreases or takes away the sharpness of any object they touch. That power is the proof that you still hold the position of the highest military rank. “Acchan position herself.

“Why thank you for your compliment. Shall we start now?” Just like Acchan said, Erica’s sword exponentially increased its sharpness.

“神鳴流「百花繚乱」 [Shinmeiryū: Hyakka Ryōran (God’s Cry Technique: Many Flowers Blooming in Profusion)]” Erica swung her sword, fired an energy blades. Acchan dodges some of them but because their intervals are very low, she forcibly blocks all of it.

Φωτιά Τοίχο: Αμυντική Φόρμα [Fotia Toicho: Amyntiki Forma (Firewall: Defensive Form)] A wall of fire rises from the ground, blocks all of the energy blades coming from her.

The Generals are amazed by the twins’ combat performance.

“So Erica is a Sharpness Manipulator. She could be rivaled to Takamina when it comes to swordsmanship battle.” Yukirin confirmed.

“Let me battle Acchan’s sister.” Yuihan said. Then she enters to the combat area that makes the two combatant look at her with curious looks.

“I want to have a practice battle with her.” Yuihan points at Erica which the Beta General points at ownself.

“Me?” Erica asked that Yuihan answers it with a nod. Before they’re ready to strike, someone’s shouting at them.

“Acchan, Erica!” A cute voice was heard from the far side of the field.

Wait a second; I know who owns that voice.” Acchan said. In a instant, a long-haired girl suddenly appears in front of Erica and tries tohug her. But Erica swiftly Shunpo to avoid the tackle, went behind the girl and holds her collar to prevent the inertia. The girl wears the same as the General but with a slight modification, sleeveless blue blazer, white buttoned blouse, red necktie and blue denimed mini-pants. She’s alse wears silver cross earrings and also, her modified high-tech motorized inline skates. Erica noticed the girl’s face as she releases her from the hold.

“Yuria. What are you doing here?” Erica tilted her head.

“What am I doing here? I’m a General you know, Ianthinium (Violet) General.” Yuria innocently smiled.

“Yuria, I told you don’t rush recklessly.” Another girl passes behind Erica and went in front of Yuria.

“Kumi!” Acchan rushes toward Kumi and hugs her.

“Acchan.” Kumi replies the hug.

So you’re a Hyacinthum (Blue) General, one of the Generals of Nanatsunorai (Seven Thunders)” Acchan said.

“Yup.” Kumi smiled at her.

“I heard that Brigadier General Furukawa Airi was promoted to Rubeum (Red) General and become one of the Nanatsunorai.”  Yukirin barged on their little reunion. The rest of the Generals also joins to their meeting.

“Yup. She passed on Selection Promotional Test last month. She’s been given a modified uniform and a badge.” Yuria said.

“I’m gonna ask a forgiveness for her since I punished her last tournament.” Jurina lowered her head.

“Don’t worry about that, Jurina. I already forgive you.” Airin suddenly appears behind Rena and Jurina, make the two jumps from their stand.

“Airin!” Jurina sobbingly hugs her.

“Hush now Jurina. Despite having a General-rank, you’re still a crybaby.” Airin smiled.

“I’m not a crybaby!” Jurina shouts and cutely pouts.

“So Yuria and Kumi are Acchan and Nyan’s cousin, am I right?” Takamina asked that the two answer with a nod.

“Wow, your family are really strong.” Yuko singsongly said.

“By the way, you’re having a practice battle right?” Yuria asked.

“Yup.” Erica said.

“Kumi, let’s join too.” Yuria excitedly said.

“Sure.” Kumi rotates her modified high-tech motorized skateboard.

“How about we have a royal battle in here?” Takamina asked.

“That’s a great idea.” Yuko said.

“But I don’t think we should do it in here. It so very small.” Kojinyan said.

“You’re right. We could create massive chaos because of this small arena.” Mayuyu said.

“How about on Central Arena?” Yukirin asked.

“You’re right! Let’s go!” Paruru said.


Circular Arena, Central Core zone; Akiba Military Air, Ground and Naval Force Base Keiseiueno, Tokyo; Monday, 11:20 am

After 10 mins of their preparation, they went to the large arena and circle to the very center. They’re eyes lock down to each other as their weapons are clad with their powers.

This is the first time I’m gonna fight Yuihan.” Acchan said as she cocked her weapons.

“Yeah, me too. By the way, my elemental power is Magma Manipulation so watch of for it.” Yuihan inserts her two alloyed knuckles on her fist. Suddenly a pyroclastic eruption appears on the Yuihan’s ground.

“Magma ehh.” Yuria smiled. Acchan knows of Yuria’s capabilities. Yuria mastered all of the martial arts relate to kicking since her childhood life. Despite being a slightly idiot, she can able to create a tactics and strategies. She has Vacuum Manipulation (ability to manipulate empty space) and Gift of Aura Channeling (generates aura from the parts of her body).  Her weapon is a high-tech motorized nuclear-powered inline skates.

“Let’s have some fun.” Kumi rotates the skateboard. As for Kumi, she mastered mix martial arts. She, like Yuria, has a great intelligence for strategies and tactics despite being a slightly idiot. She has Vector Manipulation (ability to redirect anything she contacts with it) and Gift of Illusionary Trick (performs magic tricks). Her weapon is a high-tech motorized nuclear-powered skateboard. Yuria and Kumi share their hobbies, they like sports.

“I’m warming up.” Yuko released a large dischagement of electricity as she rotates her tonfa very fast.

“You need to be cool, Yuko.” Takamina rapidly rotates her sword.

“Hmm. I want to try you all.” Erica said.

“Let’s go.” Paruru and Yukirin said. Then all of them are suddenly disappeared and streaking flashes brighten to the whole arena.

The ones that don’t join to the practice battle are Mayuyu, Kojinyan and Airin. Instead, they only have a tea while watching a spectacular scene. The rest of the Generals are gone on their duties. Their practice battle lasts for three hours as Takamina calls for a snack break. Yuihan leave first cause she have to buy something important. The rest went on a nearby café; take their orders and having their chit-chat for a while. While having a break a middle-aged woman approached to them. She’s wearing a casual outfit, blue jeans and white blouse, and golden cross necklace.

“Miss, what can we do for you?” Yuko politely asked.

“It seems that you don’t know of each other completely.” The woman said.

“What do you mean?” Paruru said.

“I forgot to introduce myself. I’m a former Gemini General Ohori Megumi.”

“EH?” They’re shocked to see the former General in front of them. Meetan chuckles of their reaction.

“Your reactions are funny.” She chuckled cutely, despite her looks.

“You don’t need to laugh us, Ohori-san.” Takamina pouts.

“Joking aside, I’m here because I want to tell you something. It’s an order from Commander-in-Chief Akimoto Yasushi.” Meetan seriously said.

“What is it, Ohori-san?” Takamina asked.

“I want to tell to you about your family lineage and their secrets. Especially Acchan, Takamina, Yuko, Kojinyan, Yukirin, Mayuyu, Paruru, Yuria, Kumi, Captain Sasshi and you, Erica.” Meetan said. The mentioned one flinched as their eyes lock on the former General.

“What do you mean about our ancestry?” Yuko asked.

“All of I mentioned are not really human, what I mean is you’re half-human. It’s because one of your parents is not purely human, or should I say supernatural beings.”


This is Yuria's weapon:

Modified High-Tech Motorized Nuclear-powered Inline Rollerblades

This is Kumi's weapon:

Modified High-Tech Motorized Nuclear-powered Skateboard
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eeehh? . . . hindi pa cla nag-break?? . . .

So they are actually half-human, but what is the other half? . . . Angel? Demon? Witch? Wizard?  :? :? :? :? :? . . .
Are their predecessors are the most powerful beings  or what?  :? . . .

Thank you for the update!  :D :D

Hinihintay ko pa rin yung break-up  :twisted: :twisted:

 . . .  :twisted: just patiently waiting  :twisted: . . .
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So the reason they are the generals because of their supernatural blood

What kind of blood residence inside their bodies?

What's going to happen next? 

Thank you for the update

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UPDATE~! \ :v /
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The history this great one :twothumbs, continues.
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Minna... Sorry for not updating this fic... I'm actually starting to lose my dedication to write due to this stupid Writer's Block...  :( :( :(

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Before the end of the year, I will make sure I'm gonna able to work it.... 

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@shiruba_rein: Maghintay ka. Mangyayari din yung inaasahan mo  XD XD XD
@cisda83: Their blood is not the reason why they become General. You will know in this part.  :) :) :)
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Phase D: For You, For Me and For Them

“All of I mentioned are not really human, what I mean is you’re half-human. It’s because one of your parents is not really human, or should I say supernatural beings.” Meetan’s sudden revelation caused the mentioned names to surprise a lot but some of them are silent and try to look away.

“This is the not the right place for saying it. Let’s move to another place, shall we?” Then the former General exits to the café leaving the Generals stranded to the tables with their coffee still brewing.

“Shall we follow her?” Jurina asked.

Without second thoughts, Acchan, Takamina, Yuko, Kojinyan, Yukirin, Mayuyu, Paruru, Yuria, Kumi and Erica went to the doorway and disappear from the crowd. The rest wondered about about their expression.

“Shall we go too?” Jurina asked again.

“Well, my curiosity strikes now so I say let’s go.” Rena said.

Chuo Dori, Keiseiueno Staton, Tokyo; Monday, 11:30 am

The remaining Juuniseiza and Nanatsurai went on Meetan, who is waiting for them in front of the station.

The former General felt their presence nearby and smiles at them.

“So, who are we waiting for?” Takamina bluntly asked.

“We are waiting for our ride as you see.” Meetan points at the bus that stops in front of them.

“Where are we going?” Kojinyan asked.

“We’re going to the place where no crowd will go deeper through except us.” The former General said.

“What is that place?” Mayuyu airheadedly asked.

“The Sea of Trees, or known to the whole world as the Suicide Forest, Aokigahara.”

Aokigahara Jukai Forest, Northwest base of Mount Fuji, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture; Monday, 4:00 pm

As they went down to their ride, they’re being greeted by the silence of the forest. Additionally, the smell of rotten deaths of living things went on their nose, welcoming their presence.

“Wow, aside from the death of animals, I can smell the death of humans too.” Paruru covers her nose.

“Despite several police are monitoring this place, the suicide incidents escalating slowly. Not to mention the heart of the forest, which is the place we’re stand right now.” Meetan explained.

So that’s why I can see many souls in here unlike the area that we passed. It looks like they want to attack us right now.” Acchan said as she ready her signature weapon.

“Don’t worry, Generals. These souls will not touch you, unless they want to disappear in this world.” A young lady appears behind the dark area full of trees.

“Who are you?” Takamina asked.

“Who am I? Such a cute question, I know that some of you could know what I am.” The young girl giggled.

“Sato Yukari, it’s been a while.”

“Sato Yukari? Former Scorpio General?” Yuko amazedly asked.

Yes. Former Scorpio General Sato Yukari, one of the five strongest Generals in Juuniseiza. By my research, she’s a master Telekinetic user.” Acchan said as she went in front of the young lady.

“You’re right, Acchan. Unlike all of you has dual element manipulation, which is the rarest ones, we can only manipulates one element. You’re so lucky that you can control more than one element.” Yukarin smiled.

“Five? What do you mean five?” Yuko asked.

The five strongest Generals, they’re strength are more powerful than their fellow Generals. Scorpio General Sato Yukari the Object Manipulator, Leo General Noro Kayo the Atomic Manipulator, Sagittarius General Urano Kazumi the Chemical Manipulator, Gemini General Ohori Megumi the Weather Manipulator and lastly, my grandmother, Aries General Oshima Mai the Eclipse Manipulator. They are known as the Five Pillars because they are the main foundation of the whole three military force of Japan as well as the founders of Juuniseiza.” Acchan explain.

“You’re right, Acchan. After the former Aries General died, the foundation of the three militaries of Japan almost crumbled. When you take your grandmother’s position, the whole foundation has finally repaired.” Yukarin said.

“Since Maimai died, only four of us can able to fight. Some of our former companions have a new life so we can’t able to disturb them. Only Maachun and Jo are can able to help us.” Meetan said.

“Libra General Ogasawara Mayu and Cancer General Jo Eriko? Are they still alive?” Takamina asked.

“Yes. As the matter of fact, they retain their youth body even that they very old for now.” Yukarin said.

That will make sense since they serve in military for almost 40 years. After their retirement, some of them are going to other country for having a new life; others are in veteran’s day care center.

“Well, are we all standing here for talking while we’re being surrounded by numerous ghosts?” Rena asked.

“Don’t worry; I have a little base in here for our little talk. Let’s have a little walk, shall we?” Then Yukarin walks deeper to the forest. Although the Generals are hesitant, they decide to follow her and they start to walk now.

Silence filled the air as the girls walking deeper and darker to the forest. Mayuyu and Yukirin start to chat, talking about cellphones, clothes and others. Paruru puts earphones and listens to music.And some of them are quiet and just look at every corner. Yuria went on Kumi’s side and talks about what she noticed.

“Ne, Kumi. Did you feel something strange?” Yuria whisperly asked.

“What is it?” Kumi replied with a whisper too.

“That.” She pointed at Acchan and Yuko’s hands are close together as well as Kojinyan and Takamina’s hands.

“They’re very close for now.”

“It’s because they’re now in relationship.” Paruru and Erica said.

“Ehh, really?” Kumi said.

“Or so I thought.” Paruru said.

“What do you mean?” Yuria asked.

“I don’t know, just a hunch.” Paruru said.

“Hey Paruru, you’re relying on hearing right? So why are you listening music?” Erica asked.

“Because I’m bored and don’t worry about it, I can still hear even the tiniest movement of an atom.”

“Ok minna, we’re here.” The girls stop from what they’re doing and look on Yukarin’s pointing at. They saw a simple but decent house that being surrounded by thousands of flowers ranging from roses to lilies.

“Wow, so many flowers in the middle of this very dark forest.” Airin commented.

“These flowers are created by Libra General Ogasawara Mayu the Nature Manipulator and Cancer General Jo Eriko the Genetic Manipulator. They are acting as a force-field barrier and can able to create mirage against any living things who dares to invade this place. Now let’s go inside and have some coffees and cookies, Yukarin.” Meetan said and Yukarin went inside the house. Then Meetan show the girls a way and they arrived to the French-style Gazebo.

After a couple of minutes of their waiting, Yukarin arrives with several floating trays filled with teawares and cookie plates filled also with cookies. Then she fills the cups and plates and set it to each person by levitation.

“As expected from the former General, you really mastered your powers to the fullest.” Takamina said.

“Thanks for your compliment.” Then Yukarin fills her own cup using her telekinetic powers.

“Now, as I said earlier, I will gonna tell you about your lineage as ordered from the higher-up.” Meetan said as she sipped her tea. The girls lock their eyes on Acchan as she only looks down, knowing the fact that she already knows it.

“Aries General Maeda Atsuko, your mother is a human while your father is one of the Primordial Dragons, the most powerful and the ancestor of all dragons. Because of that, you have the blood of Primordial Dragon; still it’s in dormant state. In short you’re a Dragon-Human Hybrid.”

“Gemini General Oshima Yuko, you have a blood of a god the flows on your vein. It is because your father was none other than the Norse God of Thunder, Thor. In short, you’re a Demigod.”

“Leo General Takahashi Minami, although your mother is very young at first sight, that’s only a disguised. You’re mother is known as the personification of bright, glowing upper air of heaven, Aether. Although according to Greek Mythology that Aether is a male, Aether said that she can able to change gender since she has a primordial powers but the god wants a beautiful body that represents the beauty of heaven.”

“Scorpio General Kashiwagi Yuki, you have witness so many things of this world for a very long time, especially the creation of Juuniseiza 45 years ago. Your father is a Death Angel and your mother has a blood of a Fallen Angel comes from her great-grandmother side.”

“Sagittarius General Kojima Haruna, you inherit your father’s beauty even from your childhood. You and Yukirin are quite opposite, yours is beautiful white wings and hers is elegant black wings. Your father is one of the Seven Archangels, the most powerful archangel who overthrew Satan from the heaven during rebellion, Saint Michael. Although your father commits a grave sin, God forgived him because of His love towards His creation, this includes angels and humans and also, nephilims. You and Yukirin are both nephilims but you have a blood of Archangel while Yukirin have a blood of Death Angel.”

“Libra General Watanabe Mayu, your genes have nano-cybernetic DNA that gives you to control machines and enhanced your Technology Manipulation. Your father, Watanabe Kagami, is a cyborg created secretly from the equipments came from the Skynet although not the Skynet itself. The one that creates your father is his parents who are a scientist. The reason they do that is to save him from his injury. You inherit his cybertechnology parts, but not all since you also born as a human.”

“Hyacinthum General Yagami Kumi, I assumed that your dual elemental powers are not come from your lineage and only your gift is. I don’t need to say about your past, but I say that your mother is the most powerful and highest Archsage of your world, Archsage Yagami Reimi. And also, your mother is the queen right so that mean you’re the princess.”

“Beta General Tonooka Erica, the research on your lineage is currently in progress. But we found out that you’re the descendant of Hijikata Toshizou, the vice-commander of Shinsengumi. His refined swordsmanship is similar to yours. But, for our surprised, we also found out that your grandmother was no other than Ame-no-Uzume.”

“Lastly is Captain Sashihara Rino.” Meetan pause for a while.

“I forgot, did we bring Sasshi here?” Takamina asked.

“I think she’s excluded on coming here.” Kojinyan said.

“Don’t worry, she will come. She’s not a Temporal and Spacial Manipulator for nothing. As the matter of fact, she’s a perfect candidate to become a General. But she doesn’t want it for now.” Yukarin said.

So that’s why.” Acchan said.

“Acchan?” Yukirin asked.

When I first meet her, I feel something’s about her. It’s just like her powers, are comparable to Ace Generals. I predict that she’s not only a perfect candidate to become a General, she will become one of the Ace Generals.” Acchan said.

“I’m flattered for that, thank you for compliment. But just like I said, I don’t want to be in rush.” A girl’s voice echoes by.

“Captain Sashihara Rino, you’re very too late.” Yukarin said and sips a coffee.

“Portálem Disků (Portal Disc)” A distortion appears on the roady rock and a black circular portal is created. Then a girl with casual wearings appears on the portal while holding her Wodao. As she swiftly swings her sword, the portal disappeared and the distortion diminished. Then she sheathes her sword on the scabbard hung on her back and walks towards the company.

“Hi guys.” Sasshi gaves them a greeting smile.

“Captain Sashihara Rino, I assumed that you already know your lineage right?” Meetan asked.

“Yup, it’s like me and Takamina are kinda cousins.” Sasshi smiled.

“What do you mean about that, Sasshi?” Takamina asked.

“Her father is no other than the personification of time and brother of Aether, Chronos.” Meetan said.

“Ehh?! So that means we’re cousins?” Takamina astonished.

“Ehehe, I think so.” Sasshi rubs her head.

“Ok ladies, that’s all for the revelation. For the mean time, let’s have a happy chat while we enjoy this coffee treat.” Yukarin happily shouts.

With all of these revelations, things remain unchanged. No matter how much of their difference with each other, their bonds will not be broken. Their laughed and teased like nothing happen. But this happiness will not be too long, as their bond will be put into a test.

To be continued


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I was wondering when you were going to update this. But yeyy!

They all have cool lineages.  :inlove:

TakaMina and Sasshi, cousins.  :lol:

Thank you for this. Will wait for the next one.   :twothumbs :bow:
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Uwaaaa~ I wonder, why now Meetan/Aki-p told about their ancestry? Of all the years/days? Why now? Ahahahaha xD Bakit ngayon lang? :lol: *Sorry, may nakalimutan ba ako sa kwento?

I want to see some action, baby~! :twothumbs Where are the enemies? :fap

TakaHaru and AstuYuu holding hands. Feeling ze love :wub: :wub: :wub: But i can't wait to see how AtsuMina and KojiYuu will develop.. :fap


Can't wait to see what ill happen next.. Thanks for the update and your hardwork.. :bow: Hope you update soon :bow: :fap
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So that's why they were so strong . . . .

Their lineage came from the most powerful beings, plus they trained hard. . . . .

I was really excited when I saw your update. . . . Akala ko kasi magka-develop na ang Atsumina at Kojiyuu, hindi pala  :depressed: . . . .

Nevertheless, it was a really great chapter  :thumbsup Can't wait for the next one!  :D

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Interesting cross breeder concept...

So... They are related to some supernatural creatures one way or another...

What's going to happen next?

Would there be any fight soon?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the explanation.. and the update

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I read them and WOW-ED
really.and their fact of half-human thing, and sasshi too XD
please update soon...waiting for atsumina~
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Phase E: Why do you hurting me like this?

Flashback, 3 hours ago

Aokigahara Jukai Forest, Northwest base of Mount Fuji, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture; Monday, 4:30 pm

“Wow these cookies are really good.” Sasshi said while munching cookies.

“Hey, you should drink water. I think you will gonna…” Airin’s words were not finished as Sasshi grabs the glass of water and instantly gulps it until the glass empty.

“Yokatta.” Sasshi relievely said.

“Told you so.” Airin smiled. The whole gang laughs which make Sasshi pouts after that she joins the laughter. Acchan take a glance to the garden, and then she noticed a butterfly flying around on the flower.

‘A crimson butterfly? I know who owns that.’ Acchan slowly stretch her hand trying to reach something.

“Acchan, what are you reaching out?”Acchan ignored Mayuyu’s question as she continues to stretch her hand. Then they saw a crimson butterfly lands on Acchan’s palm.

“A red butterfly?” Takamina asked.

“Acchan, it was her right?” Only Acchan knows what Kojinyan points at.

“No mistake, Nyannnyan. I wonder why?” The butterfly went on Acchan’s shoulder.

“What are you all talking about?” Yuko curiously asked.

“It was nothing.” Kojinyan said.

“Did I forget something?” Meetan asked while sips her coffee.

“Yeah, you forgot about them.” Yukarin points at Rena, Jurina, Airin and Yuria.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry for forgetting all of you. Then I will continue it.”

“Ianthinium General Kizaki Yuria and Rubeum General Furukawa Airi, you two are the only being that has no supernatural lineage. In fact, you two are only put in serious alterations.”

“Alterations?” Yuko asked.

“Yes, they are part in separate operations that alters their cellular codes. In short they’ve been put in Genetic Modificaiion and DNA Alteration. But that’s not the reason why you have those powers. For Yuria’s case, she’s been put in Genetic Engineering operation when on zygote process. Before that project puts on her, she’s already had a gift and powers. But according to the doctors her power will consumed her because of out of control. With that, she needed to be put on that operation to ensure that she could able to control her potentials. The operation successed and Yuria was born.”

“Oh, so what about Airin’s case?” Takamina asked.

“In Airin’s case, she’s been also put in Genetic Engineering operation same as Yuria but in separate place.The reason for that operation it’s because she needs to be cured from a life-threatening disease.”

“That’s awful.” Yukirin said.

“Well like Yuria, the operation successed too, but with a price.”

“What price?” Sasshi asked.

“The death of her close love ones, the ultimate sacrifice for the success of her operation.”

“………..” All of them are silent.

“Pisces General Matsui Jurina, like Takamina and Sasshi, your father is also a god. In fact, your father is one of the Twelve Olympian Gods.”

“Olympian God, you mean?” Jurina surprisedly asked. Then she took a glance to the full glass of water.

“If you’re thinking about that God, then yes. You’re father is no other than one of the Three Supreme Olympian Gods, Poseidon.”

“Wow, it so wow.” Jurina whistled.

“Lastly is Aquarius General Matsui Rena. Rena, is it ok if I will tell them?”

“There’s no need to hide it. After all, they will better know it today than tomorrow.” Rena said.

“I don’t know what will be their view to Rena after I will say this.”

“I feared that too, Meetan.” Yukarin calmly said.

“What’s with Rena’s lineage?” Jurina asked.

“Rena is born with a blood of a mortal and a blood of an immortal. The mortal is the being who set foot on this surface, in short it is human. The other one is the being who set foot falling to this surface.”

“Falling to this surface, what do you mean?” Kojinyan widened her eyes.

“You’re thinking it right, Kojinyan. Rena has both blood of human and a demon. In fact she’s a daughter of one of Princes of Hell, Belphegor. And for all of you to be not worry, Belphegor is a demon who rebels the devils and protects the human world from the stray devils.”

Flashback Ends

Entrance Gateway, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 7:30 pm

“Yokatta, I thought I’m gonna faint in there.” Yukirin stretched her hands while exiting to the bus.

“Yukarin’s place really amazed me.” Mayuyu followed.

“You’re right, despite the stench of the dead.” Yuko said.

“I want ice cream!” Sasshi shouted.

“Not now, Captain. You have many things to do.” Takamina scolds to Sasshi.

“Mou. Why I can’t be just like Jurina, spoiled by all of you?” Sasshi pouted.

“It’s because Jurina is younger than you.” Paruru said.

“And because I’m the youngest in here, you should treat me an ice cream.” Jurina innocently smiled.

“I don’t want.” Sasshi stuck out her tongue. The girls laugh at Jurina’s reaction.

“Uhhmmm… Minna….” The girls stop laughing and look at the source. They saw pale girl lowered her head and looked to the ground while her she circled her fingers.

“Now that you know about me, I was just thinking if you despise me. Well it’s alright if you hate me, I’ll move to another place.” Rena was expecting for an insult or a slap but instead a slow pat on her head, then she saw Jurina’s hand on her head.

“That’s actually cool lineage, Rena. I don’t think I will hate you for that.” Jurina smiled.

“We have a same boat, Rena. You know that demons and fallen angels are slightly same so we can be agreeing on that.” Yukirin said.

“Actually Yukirin, demons and fallen angels are still angels even that they commit a crime.” Kojinyan said.

“Is that so? Then we three are having the same boat right?” Yukirin cutely smiled.

“Minna, thank you for accepting me.” Rena smiled while in tears.

“Aw, my melonpan-lover cries in tears.” Jurina teased.

“I’m not!” Rena blurted out

“Yes you are.” Jurina continued to tease.

“Ok minna, time to have a night dinner!” Mayuyu shouted. Then they storm inside.

“Yuko, can I talk to you for a while?” Kojinyan asked.

“Sure, about what?” Yuko asked.

“Before that let’s go to the secluded place.” Kojinyan said.

Main Hallway, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 7:35 pm

As the rest are rushing to the dining hall for dinner, Paruru, Takamina and Acchan are having fun chatting with each other and don’t join on the run.

“Hey, don’t run too fast or you will be tripped yourself.” Paruru shouted.

“No worries, we can take…..” Mayuyu hasn’t finished her statement as she tripped her foot and lands her face gracefully to the ground. Her scream was heard all across the mansion.

“I told you so.” Paruru said.

Wait a second, I think I forgotten something.” Acchan said as searching on her pockets.

I forgot my pen.” Acchan confirmed.

“Do you know where it is?” Takamina asked.

“Maybe I left it on the railings. You should go first without me.” Acchan then walked away to the two. Before Takamina and Paruru continue their way to the dining hall, Paruru stops her track making the midget looks at her with curiosity.

“What is it, Paruru?”

“I don’t see Kojinyan and Yuko.”

“Maybe they went on their room.”

“I will fetch them.”

“Ok, then I will be going now to dining hall.” Takamina was out of the sight. Paruru then look at left and right, search to the two.

“Where are they?”

Garden of Eden, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 7:40 pm

Garden of Eden is the one of the five utopian areas that resides on the mansion; the autumnal scene and the enchanting landscape of this garden making a place for serenity and relaxation. The wooden bridge crosses over the blue pond filled with lilies and fishes. The moon shines to the trees, gleaming like a fireflies scattering to the grass.

Kojinyan walks on the edge wooden dock and sits on the corner of railings while Yuko tails her.

“So, what are we talking about?” Yuko started the talk.

“It’s about you two.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m referring to you and Atsuko.”

“There’s nothing to talk about that, its official.” Yuko looked away from Kojinyan’s stare.

“I know there’s a reason behind it, I can feel it.” Kojinyan said.

“There’s nothing else.” Yuko feel Kojinyan holding her hands.

“I know that you love me. Please Yuuchan, say it.” Yuko looks up and saw Kojinyan’s tears flowing on her cheek. Yuko couldn’t stand looking at her but she holds it.

“I know that you don’t want her to be alone but it hurts, it hurts. When I see you two, my heart started to break apart.”Kojinyan holds Yuko’s hands tightly while her tears falling more.

“I can’t take it anymore.” In desperation, Yuko holds both of Kojinyan’s shoulder that makes the tall girl flinched.


“You’re right Nyannnyan, I love you. I love you ever since I met you on the field. And I can’t take it anymore. I can’t hold my feelings for now.”

Kojinyan couldn’t catch the moment as their lips are contact with each other. She couldn’t believe in an instant, her heart gonna blow apart. She raises her hands, trying to reach her. But Yuko further deepens the kiss, making Kojinyan stops from her doing and savor the passion. After less than a minute, Yuko separates first from the kiss trying to grasp the air. Kojinyan gasp too.

“Just like you said, I love you and I already say it to you now.” Yuko smiled.

“I’m thinking about Atsuko.” Kojinyan nervously said. She felt Yuko cupped her cheeks, trying to calm her down.

“You don’t worry about it; I will say it to Acchan.” Then Yuko continues to kiss her. Kojinyan replied it back with deeper answer.

A figure hides behind the walls, saw everything. Her tears are unstoppably flows as she leans to the wall. Her weeps can’t able to make sound even Yuko and Kojinyan couldn’t hear it.

Now I understand, I completely understand.’ She silently drops to the floor.

Don’t worry about me, Yuuchan. You should worry about Takamina. I would worry more if she find out of this.

Another figure was hiding not to far from the crying girl. She overheard all of the conversation that been made.

“Just as I thought, I know this will not last.” The figure said in very low volume.

To be continued


This is Captain Sashihara Rino's sword. It's actually Miao Dao, a sword resembling to Katana.

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Na.una na yung KojiYuu  :heart: :heart: . . . .

Yuko seemed to have a reason why she was with Acchan . . . . .  and  she fell in love with Haruna for quite some time . . . .

Acchan found Yuko and Haruna kissing . . . . and the other person . . . Takamina? . . .

Thanks for the update!  :twothumbs
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Well I'm happy that Kojiyuu got together but they went about thier relationship was wrong.

They should not have accepted the proposal to be with Minami or Atsuko respectively.

Well who was the other one that heard everything that had happened between Kojiyuu apart from Atsuko?

Is it Minami....?

What's going to happen with the friendship that Minami and Yuko also Haruna and Atsuko?

What kind of troubles this confession between KojiYuu will do to the coming battles...?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Ah finally kojiyuu being honest to each 'bout atsumina..?
Thanks for update!
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Hello everyone~!!!! The updates for the next chapter would be quite working on it.... So here's the little spoiler

Chapter 9: After Rain is the title of the next chapter. This chapter would be the conclusion of Atsuyuu and Takanyan. There would be some fighting scene and I don't want to say it who's gonna fight.

That's all... Please continue to look forward it...  :) :) :)
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Can I say it's AWESOME?!!!!!

Since I don't have much time to read I kinda become lazy :v but don't worry! I finally read it!
And yo, this is my first post here lol xD

I still want zombie action :v
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The thing that they are half-humans makes it even better!  :twothumbs
I want to know what kind of powers they will have when their other half awakes  :w00t:
But I bet it would be awesome!
I really like it!!!!  8)
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Man, did I miss a lot!!! :shocked

Awesome as always author-san!!! :yep:

I wonder wether they would break up to be together or keep it secret?....go hopefully it would be the first... :panic: :banghead:
It would be less painful for Atsumina.....
Can't wait for the next chap.! :twothumbs :twothumbs
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I need to know what happens to Acchan and Takamina!! :panic:

Will they forgive Kojiyuu? :?

My friend had recommended me to read this fic and once I started reading the prologue I got sucked into the story XD

Who will be the people that will fight? :doh:

I'll wait for your update~ :twothumbs :nervous Ang galling na story ito~ :thumbup :twothumbs

P.S - I know its a late comment but regarding to the prologue it just came to me that the two people that visited the graves were probably Acchan and Takamina right? :roll:
I do not even want to think to who the names in the graves were! :cry:
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Chapter 9: After Rain

Phase A: Hageshii Aishuu (Torrential Melancholy)

Office Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Wednesday, 7:00 pm

Today was not a very good day for all of the Generals. The main area is very quiet aside from Captain Sashihara playing PSP, sitting to her comfortable chair and guarding the entrance for unauthorized people. Above the floor where Sasshi is, Mayuyu ran through the hallway while carrying some important documents. She went on her girlfriend’s office to drop some work. Then she went on Rena’s office to deliver paperwork. Then she saw the pale girl busy eating melonpan. Mayuyu scolds her to get back to work, which Rena fastened finish the meal and went back to her table.

After a while, she excuses herself to Rena’s office and walk to the hallway to bringing more documents for work. While she’s walking to the next room, she saw and passed to the girl holding Samsung Galaxy J and Galaxy Note 3 while she’s looking on her Galaxy Gear which worn on her left hand. Then Mayuyu stopped for a while and look at her with curiosity.

“Paruru, what are you doing? And why do you have a phone on your mouth?”  Mayuyu points at Samsung Galaxy S4 SC-04E, which was hold on Paruru’s mouth. Paruru throws the phone on her mouth to air which lands on Mayuyu’s hand perfectly. Paruru thanks the cyborg girl for catching her precious cellphone.

“There are so many important contacts that I need to reply back. Plus I’m looking to the messages for the latest information of weapon deliveries from Russia and Israel.” Paruru said as she still looking on two phones that still on her hands.

“You answered the first one but not the second one.” Mayuyu said.

“You mean the phone on my mouth? I’m calling for a pizza delivery.”

“Pizza delivery? Really huh?”


“And what did you order?”

“Large Hawaiian Delight, I ask them to add pineapples and hams. I also ordered a Nugget Mix and three cans of coke.”

“That’s too many. Are you sure you can eat all of that?” Mayuyu amusedly stares Paruru.

“Too much work is equivalent to hunger. So I can eat all of that.”

“You’re very greedy when comes to food.” Mayuyu shook her head.

“I just don’t let the grace go away. Since the delivery hasn’t come yet, maybe I should wait here for a while. You have to bring those documents to them right?”

“I almost forgot it, thanks for reminding me.” Paruru listened her friend’s footsteps went away then continues to her work. She stop for a while when she heard fluid drops to the ground, producing splashing sound. Paruru look to the window and saw the whole sky has covered by the grey cottons (despite being blind, she can create imagery from her mind by listening to the sounds, as if that she can see things due to her clairaudience).


Rooftop, Sakae Headquarters, Nishiki Street, Naka, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan; Wednesday, 8:00 pm

A certain girl, with red hoodie jacket on her seifuku, sitting above the chain-linked fence. Despite that, the whole building she stood is six-story and the fence that she sat is thin, the girl has no worries. All that the General’s want to do is enjoying her view. The night city has illuminated by several, colourful streetlights, building lights and neon lights. Above the horizontal skyline, is a clear nightsky filled with numerous cloud dusts and bright stars.

“Looks like you’re enjoying everything what you saw.” The girl sought the source of that voice and smile at that person.

“Yuria, what are you doing here?”

“I’m just giving you this.” Yuria showed four cans of coke from her both hands. Then she throwed one to Kumi.

“Thank you, Yuria.” She opened the can and start drinking the content.

“You’re welcome.” When Yuria tries to go back to the door, her skates stepped a small transparent plastic, causing her to trip over and thrown away all her loads. However, she luckily uses her hands as a spring to push up at caught all three cokes at the same time, landed perfectly. Kumi saw that, jump down to the fence, and go to her friend.

“Wew that was a close one.” Yuria said. She saw her friend running to her.

“Yuria! Are you ok?” Kumi asked filled with worries and concern.

“I’m fine, Kumi. I just tripped over and manage to recover back.” Yuria tries to make Kumi’s worries away.

“You sure? I saw that you’ve being slipped cause by the plastic over there.” Kumi points the plastic.

“Don’t worry about me Kuuchan; I can handle this on my own.” Yuria shrugged Kumi.

“If you say so, Yuri.”

“Wow, it’s really unusual for you to fall over like that.” A ponytail girl wearing the same uniform as they’re walks to them.

“I don’t know, Airin. I’m always fall over, but not this kind of fall over.” Yuria shaked her head in confusion. She throws one of the cans to Airin which she catch it with one hand.

“You’re right, Yuri. I’m surprised that you falled like that.”

“I don’t know guys, but I think this is a sign that something’s not right.” Kumi, Yuria and Airin shivered when a cold wind passed through them.

“I’m wearing a jacket here, still it’s so cold.” Kumi commented.

“Maybe we should go to Akiba Headquarters.” Airin suggested.

“You’re right, Airin. I think we should check them.” Yuria cleaned the mess on her dress.

“I hope there will be no bad things coming.” Kumi joined to her friends.

Main Entrance, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Wednesday, 10:00 pm

“Uwaaa~! Finally, my torture day has come to an end.” Jurina said. Her hands stretch to the air.

“We still have another torture day tomorrow.” Rena teasingly said.

“Rena-chan~! I’m trying to comfort myself. You know how it’s hard to stay in very close space environment in 6 hours right?”

“I know, I know. I’m only just teasing you.” Rena stuck out her tongue to Jurina which the young girl replies the same thing too and they start blabbering like there’s no tomorrow.

They saw Takamina’s rushing out to the building.

“Hey, Takamina. What’s with the rush?” Yukirin asked.

“Oh, I just want to buy somewhere. Hey did you see Nyannyan?”

“I think she’s went home first before us. Why do you want to know it?” Mayuyu asked the midget with narrowed eyes.

“Well, I’m gonna ask her to a date, since she’s already home. Maybe I should visit her.” Takamina said.

“Oh, our midget in here is so sweet.” Mayuyu smiled.

“I’ll take that insult as compliment.” Takamina glared at cyborg.

“Mah mah, maybe you should go now since you need to buy something right?” Yukirin reminded the midget.

“Oh I forgot. See you guys!” Takamina’s running very fast that she leaves afterimage.

“Well, Mayuyu. Shall we?” Yukirin holds Mayuyu in bridal style.

“What are you doing?” Mayuyu struggled and blushed at the same time.
“Well, I’m just want to show you the whole skyline. So let’s go?” Yukirin said. She showed her jet-blacked wings to Mayuyu for the first time, expanding with Yukirin’s order.

“Wow Yukirin, your wings. It’s wonderful.” Jurina compliment.

“Thank you. Now Mayuyu, shall we?” Yukirin jumps as her wings make a wide flap, enables her for full lift-off and shooting up to the sky.

“KYAAAAAAAAAA~!!!” Mayuyu screamed for her life as she holds Yukirin. The fallen angel then flies at supersonic speed, creating a vapor cone on their trail.

“Maybe we should go home now.” Rena said. All of them nod and went out to the headquarters.

‘Yuko’s gone too. Maybe she’s with Nyannyan now.’ Acchan’s face turns more melancholic. Only Paruru noticed the mute girl’s expression and she knows the whole situation. Then the blind girl looks up the sky.

‘The clouds are forming now. Soon the sadness will start to fall down.’

Eastern Tree Farm, Near the Main Gateway, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Wednesday, 10:30 pm

The tall girl walks in the midst of many trees, looking for someone. Her eyes stared on the human shadow behind the inclined tree. When the girl saw whom she’s looking for, she walked to the source of the shadow.

“Seems you’re know that I’m looking for you, Yuko.” The girl spoke.

“My instincts tell me so. But anyway.” Yuko pulls the tall girl and fastly pins her to the tree.

“Haruna, what I said last time, I love you.” Haruna tries to avoid Yuko’s stare but she holds the tall girl’s chin.

“My feelings are real, so please love me too.” Yuko then press her lips to the tall girl, claiming her thing. Haruna was trying to release herself from the restrain but the Yuko’s hold is very strong. Then her mind started to go disrupted, as her mouth tasted Yuko’s lips. Without thinking, she unconsciously moves her hands to Yuko’s neck as she savors her new lover. It makes her realize that she really loves Yuko and want to be her forever.


Yuko’s instinct tells that something’s wrong. Haruna completely heard that and acknowledged it who owns that voice, so she fastly loosens her hold to Yuko. Their eyes widened as their assumptions are correct.


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AAAAHHHHH!!! Cliffhanger!!! :OMG: :scared:

So... Kojiyuu will happen.... how 'bout Atsumina?!....  :pleeease:

looks Acchan already knew.... :glasses:

I always say this.. but i still would..

"Awesome as Always Author-san!!!"

can't wait for the next Chap.!!

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but guess it's okay, so they can be with their respective partner soon  XD
i mean, takamina herself attracted to acchan in the first place, rite?  :smoke:

but yeah, you guys got your love after passed the rough road for sure..
oh gosh i'm blabbering over nonsense here  :on lol:

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incredibly curious of what will happen and what's coming next  :oops: tee~hee~

thankyou for this awesome story  :kneelbow:
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hwaaaaaa update update update ............
finally an update after a while  :wigglypanda:
wohoooooou, amazing story  :ding:

Paruru so cool!!!  8)
why Kojiyu betrayed Atsumina? after acchan discovered about yuko and NyanNyan now Takaminaaaaa  :frustrated: :gyaaah:
will takamina ask NyanNyan fro explaination? or maybe breaking up?
and how about acchan and takamina in the future?  :mon runcry:

I'll be waiting for the next chapter Author-san  :mon tantrum2:
Thank you  :twothumbs

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First of all, I don't get why AtsuMina and Kojiyuu date each other instead of asking out the person they are attracted to in the first place? That will always be in my head...

Secondly... Who was the figure that hide behind Atsuko when she found out about Kojiyuu?

Thirdly... Kojiyuu should have done something instead of letting Minami found out about it this way.

Hope you update soon :)
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Well good that Yuko and Haruna got together but poor takamina

To be honest, 1st they said they had a crush on one another's supposing love partner now they love the opposite ones.

I think the one behind Atsuko when she found out about kojiyuu is Paruru (maybe)

Would there be a fight for this betrayal?

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

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Good day! New reader here! :D

I'm happy that Yuko and Haruna are together now but how could they!
Hurt Atsumina like that is not nice! :(
And I don't understand why Atsuyuu and Takaharu have come together if they love someone else? I don't get it :P

Nice story author-san! At first I was very surprised how interesting and exciting your story was.
But in the middle I wanted to stop because I thought that it's all about Atsuyuu and Takaharu! You really hurt me with it because I'm a big Autsumina shipper... But Thank god you chance it.

Your story is really awesome! Pls update soon, I can't wait. I'm so curious :)
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Justqle: Paruru is so cool, that she has THREE SAMSUNG TOUCH PHONES and ONE SAMSUNG GEAR~!!!!!  XD XD XD
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Phase B: Kisetsufuu Kurushimi (Monsoonal Anguish)

Part 1:

Before the event in National Armed Force Mansion

Fushimidori-Sakuradori intersection, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan; Wednesday, 8:15 pm

“Ne, Yuri. We have to buy ticket right?” Kumi shouted.

“We don’t need. I already have.” Yuria showed three JR Central Shinkansen and three base fare ticket.

The three Generals of Nanatsunorai are trying to make their way to Tokyo. They felt that something’s wrong and they must go there to investigate. To do that, they need to rush to the next Shinkansen train on Nagoya station. Although Yuria’s roller skates can reach at the maximum speed of 270 mph and Kumi’s skateboard at the maximum speed of 280 mph, they can’t able to reach to Tokyo fast. Kumi’s skateboard can only hold one person when in maximum speed so it’s a bit troublesome if Airin’s join in to the ride. They have no choice but to catch the next stop.

As soon as they’re reach in Nagoya station, Yuria distribute the ticket to Kumi and Airin. Before some of the security guards tries to stop them for inspection, they show their identification card. When the numerous guards saw the ID with four golden star imprinted, instead of stopping them, they make the way for the highest command. In fast motion, they’ve insert the ticket and pass the first ticket gate at the same time, and in the second ticket gate, (Shinkansen has two ticket gates, regular ticket gate and Shinkansen ticket gate).

“15 minutes, and we’re arrive at the Nagoya station Shinkansen platform. And I can see our ride now.” Yuria points at the fast moving bullet train, which it quickly stops in front of them.

“Nozomi Shinkansen?” Airin asked.

“Well I’ve been planned to visit Acchan again, so I chose this fastest train.” When the door opens, they walk inside through the green car.

“Really huh? Two seats and you two will seat together while I’m in separated seat?” Airin said with sarcasm.

“Unless you’re gonna invite Churi sitting beside you.” Kumi smiled.

“Not funny.” A coach attendant checks them and saw of their belongings.

“Excuse me, ma’am. But bringing weapons and skateboards are forbidden as well as wearing roller skates.” In an instant, the three gives their ID to the coach attendant. When the attendant saw the contents, she quickly bows down and apologizes. She gives back their ID’s and welcoming them to enjoy the ride then leaves to check the other customers. Yuria saw Kumi’s worried expression.

“Ne, Kuuchan. Are you alright? Is the train gives you motion sickness?”

“I’m fine, Yuri. It’s not the train I’ve been worried.”

“Then what is it?”

“I’ve felt that something’s not right.”

“Yeah, I know. That’s why we should go back to Tokyo for that.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about, Yuri.” Kumi felt uneasiness.

“Then what is it?”

“Do you not feel it?” Kumi looks at Yuria. Then it was the younger girl who felt uneasiness right now.

“I don’t know, Kuuchan.” Then suddenly they surprised by Airin’s shout.

“OH SHIT!” Airin tries to stand but the whole coach suddenly scrambled causing them to out-of-balance. The train manages to get the balance and continues to run at maximum speed.

“Where are we?” Kumi asked. Airin checks her technological multi-purpose watch. By saying, “Hologram Expansion”, the data on watch’s screen will becomes sensory-sensitive 3D holographic display with many choices. When she found the sphere with many axis, she points it. Then the 3D hologram change into 2D holographic map.

“It looks like we’re in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.” Airin reported. When she said “Hologram Compression”, the holographic display went back to the watch.

“Hamamatsu? Tsk, we’re still far from Tokyo. And worst of all, we have intruders.” Yuria said.

“I’m gonna go to train operator and ask him to continue to operate the train. Yuria go to outside and take care of those intruders. Airin go to the crowd and make them to evacuate at the front coach, I felt the aura from the last coach.” With that, they separated to their duty. Kumi go to the driver’s room, when the operator saw her, he respectively salutes the girl.

“General Yagami, what are you doing here?”

“Operator, you should continue the train on-run. We need to make it in Tokyo right on schedule.”

“But how about the passengers?”

“Don’t worry about the passengers, General Furukawa will ask them to evacuate to the front coach. I felt the aura surging on the last coach and I fear that there will be a battle inside the Shinkansen. In addition, as of the rest, we will take care of the intruders; just continue on your job. General Kizaki and I will gonna support the train from the outside. Do you understand?”

“Wakarimashita (I understand), General Yagami.” Then with that, the train remains its speed and Kumi went out to the driver’s room.

“Maybe I should help Airin taking care of the passengers.” Kumi went to the next car.

Outside of N700 Series Nozomi train, Toukaidou Shinkansen Line, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan; Wednesday, 9:03 pm

As Yuria opens the second airtight, a funneled wind gust meets her face resulting from the aerodynamic design of the train. She hangs to the side and closes the airtight door.

“Turbocharger activate!” When Yuria heard a surging sound coming from her roller skates, she jumps from the train. Her skate’s wheel landing to the grassy land has followed by loud jet thrust sound. The lower part of her skates emits a green exhaust flame. After the turbocharger activated, Yuria suddenly boost out and accelerates very fast, overtaking the Shinkansen train. Then she went to the railings and performed railslide, retaining the high-speed.

“There they are.” Yuria saw four attack helicopters, ready to destroy its target.

“Heavily-armed Boeing AH-64E Apache attack helicopter? Since when they have those advance vehicles? And their speed, 300 knots (345 mph)?” Yuria’s speed now reaching 270 mph as she was trying to prevent those helicopters to attack the train.

“Well, well, well. Time now to use my Vacuum Manipulation.”

To start the epic railway battle, one of the helicopters turn around still not decelerating, and fires the chaingun to Yuria. Yuria replies by fast somersault, which it deflects all the bullets. She runs fast, overcoming the maximum speed of her roller skates. She flash steps, instantly appears to the helicopter that attacks her. The soldiers points at her and start shooting but she evades them. In response, her skate’s wheels rotates very fast creating vorpal vacuum on each wheel.

“Förkrossande Slag (Crushing Blow)” Yuria slams her feet to the tail rotor and destroys the maneuverability mechanism. The helicopter’s out of balance and crashes to the forest and afterwards, it explodes.

Yuria flash steps back to the railways and continuously dodge the bullets at the same time deflects them when they try to shoot the train. When she saw the missiles fired, she immediately kicks in wide motion to each missiles.

“Virvlande Svalla (Whirling Surge)” A series of vacuum waves were created from each kick, hitting to the rockets and destroying them before they’ll make contact to the surface.

“Don’t mess with me punks. I’m not became a General just for being a weak and do nothing.” Yuria saw another seven AH-64E Apache Helicopters.

“You’ve disturbed my Yuria Piisu (Yuria Peace). Now all of you will be my Yuria Piisu (Yuria Piece).” The Ianthinium General smirks.

Inside of N700 Series Nozomi train, Toukaidou Shinkansen Line, Makinohara, Shizuoka, Japan; Wednesday, 9:26 pm

Airin calms down the passenger and tells them to evacuate to the front coach. She also said to them to bring all of their belongings if the situation becomes worst. After all of the passengers were transferred to the front coach, Airin make sure that no one’s left in here.

The Rubeum General stops as she felt the evilness environment. She takes her crossbow that slings on her back and rotates the bolt magazine. When the magazine was locked, she aims it at the very back corner of the coach.

“Kinetinis Strėlė (Kinetic Bolts)” Airin fires her crossbow. The bolts explode upon a sudden contact to an unknown object, or either human.

“I’ve taken the bolts’ potential energy and charge them with kinetic energy, which accelerates the molecules and making the bolts volatile, so blocking them is a mistaken choice. Now for the question, who the hell are you?” Airin still pointing her automatic crossbow to the unknown person.

“He he he he. So you’re the one that recently became General, Rubeum General Furukawa Airi.”

“Wait a second; I know who owns that voice.” The smoke has dissipate reveals a long hair girl holding a long zweihander. Airin widened her eyes, as she knows who that person is.

“Gamma General Yokoyama Rurika.”


To be continued

New skills updated at this link:  Techniques  (
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anyway what about takamina when she saw kojiyuu??

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ah so this part 1 is about SKE, they got some great actions there  :w00t: i really like yuria's roller skate hhahaha
so what's next? NMB? lol jk

is something bad gonna happen in tokyo?? is it related with atsuyuu-takaharu relationships??  :dunno:
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Ah... Someone trying to prevent them from reaching Tokyo

Would they success escaping from the trap?

Would all of them be able to escape unharmed?

What's going to happen next?

Thank you

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KONNICHIWA~!!!!! For the reply...

Justqle: Nope, just saying....  :lol: :lol: :lol: The Nanatsunorai (Seven Thunders) and Juuniseiza (Twelve Constellations) are very cool  8) 8) 8)
atsukojiyuu_C:Lol, only Yuria's roller skates??  :lol: :lol: :lol:
cisda83: Thank you for the comment, this is the answer..  :) :) :)

The Part 2 of SKE48 Action... OH YEAH~!!! ENJOY READING~!!!! :onionwhip: :onionwhip: :onionwhip:


Part 2:

Outside of N700 Series Nozomi train, Toukaidou Shinkansen Line, Yaizu, Shizuoka, Japan; Wednesday, 9:35 pm

Outside of the moving high-speed Shinkansen train, the Ianthinium General still in front of the train and battles the incoming AH-64E Apache attack helicopters while jumping the incoming horizontal highways and roads that blocks her way.

“Damn, how can they able to send more of them? These things keep coming like a virus rapidly multiplies.” Yuria send another vacuum wave to the incoming missiles.

“Shit, at this moment, we’re gonna coming to the populated city.” Yuria saw the lights coming from the very far in front of them.

“I guess I have no choice.” She jumps on the top of the train.

“縛道の八十一 「断空」 [Bakudou no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” Yuria said it three times, causing three translucent wall appears on the front of the train, blocking all the bullets and the missiles combine.

“霊武器、発動! [Reibuki, Hatsudou (Spirit Weapon: Invoke)]” A whirling surge of wind surrounds Yuria with no air inside the eye. Then the wind focuses its rotation to her lower legs at the high speed. Then the tornado dissipates revealing a calf-length white boots with zipper on the back. It has two loosen white straps circling on the boot’s collar and one strap on the tongue (lower front shaft of the boots). It has a half wing tattoo on the opposite sides of each boots. The wheel frame still integrates to the boot’s sole, the heel brakes shape like a reverse right triangle with small exhaust on the inclination.

“Vacuum Regalia: Sleipnir.” Yuria jumps very high and skates to the air at high-speed as if the whole sky is like the ground. The Ianthinium General charges through the enemies, creating a blast of vacuum winds on its wake.

Inside of N700 Series Nozomi train, Toukaidou Shinkansen Line, Yaizu, Shizuoka, Japan; Wednesday, 9:40 pm

Multiple sound of clashing metals strikes everywhere. Airin continuously fired non-kinetic bolts at the girl but she only deflects them. Then the Rubeum General pulls the retracted sword on her waist and flash steps in front of the girl. She quickly swings it but the other one deflects it using her zweihander.

“I know that the Gamma General uses dual hooksword, this is the first time that I’ve seen you using zweihander.” Airin pushes the Gamma General.

“I know my dear, but as for the starters like you. I would like to use this beginner weapon.” Rurika smirks.

“Don’t play me around! And don’t call me ‘dear’.” Airin gritted her teeth.

“Aw don’t be too serious, young General. Soon you will become part of us.”

“Shut up!” Airin fires ‘Kinetinis Strėlė’ to the Gamma General.

“縛道の三十九「円閘扇」[Bakudou no Sanjuukyuu : Enkousen (Way of Binding #39: Round Lock Fan)]” Rurika hands releases a spinning disk of condensed energy, blocking Airin’s attack.

”Now my turn.” Rurika raise her zweihander. Airin saw a yellow aura coming from the blade.

“Отруйній Різання: Кислота Форма [Otruyniy Rizannya: Kyslota Forma (Venomous Cutter: Acid Forme)]” Rurika swing the zweihander downward, creating a yellow wave that moving toward to the Rubeum General.

“縛道の八十一 「断空」 [Bakudou no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” A translucent wall appears in front of Airin and blocks the wave but the girl knows that something’s wrong as she heard a hissing sound. When she looks at the sound source her eyes widened, the wave that makes contact to the wall creates a smoke. What was the more surprising is the wall started to crack and it spreads widely. In panic respond, Airin side steps to the chair as the whole translucent wall shatters like a glass.

“Shit, that attack is acidic.” Airin watches the wave continuously move forward until it reaches the most alarming of all.

“Damn, not that area!” Airin tries to reach the front corner but it was too late, until.

“Díraonta Teorainn (Boundary Diffraction)” Another translucent wall appears in front of the train door.

“Another Danku again? You’ve seen the result right?” Rurika groaned in frustration.

“So the dark-side Rurika has been frustrated now huh?” Kumi stands on the chair near to the front door.

“But saying that wall is another danku? You’re insulting me right?”

“What do you mean?” Rurika asked.

“Although their similar, this technique is not a danku. This is my personal technique, especially against this kind of attacks.”

“Kuumin!” Airin surprised by Kumi’s sudden appearance.

“This technique is an Irish phrase for ‘Boundary Diffraction’. It can block most of the attacks and it has an ability to hold them for a while. As shown in this.” Kumi points at the acidic wave that was completely held by the wall.

“You’re a lifesaver~!!!!” Airin hugs the Hyacinthum General.

“You’re welcome, Airin. As you can see, Rurika. You’re corrosive attack was being held by my technique. With that, I could use any held attacks, either projectile or melee and physical or magical, to either reflect back to them, or this.” Kumi waves her hand.

“Lánpháirtiú Comhbhrúiteach (Compressive Integration)” The acid wave was being compressed into a tiny globe and disappeared into an air.

“You and you’re Vector Manipulation.” Airin rolled her eyes.

“Don’t tease me around, Kinetic Energy Manipulator. You can block those with yours right?” Kumi glared at the otaku.

“I forgot that. I’m sorry.” Airin innocently smiled.

“Nevertheless, you shouldn’t underestimate her. She’s an Acid Manipulator so watch out of those corrosive attacks.”

“Wakarimashita (I understand)”

“I think I should go outside now, I sense Yuria uses her Reibuki now. I need to help her.”

“Don’t mind me; I can hold her off here.” Airin locks the bolt magazine to the crossbow.

“Oh, I forgot something.” Kumi stands in front of the door.

“Bacainn Frithchaiteacha (Reflective Barrier)” An invisible wall blocks the door. Then Kumi rotates her skateboard and when she catches it, she flash steps to the outside.

“Thanks for the reminders, Kuumin.” Airin flash steps in front of Rurika and melees her which the Gamma General parries the attack.

“So that another General gave a guidelines eh?”

“Nope, she only gives me an advice. And with it, that gives me a brilliant idea.” Airin smiled.

“And what is that, may I asked?” Rurika smiled.

“This.” In an instant, both Rurika and Airin disappeared from the train.

Outside of N700 Series Nozomi train, Toukaidou Shinkansen Line, Shizuoka, Shizuoka, Japan; Wednesday, 10:00 pm

Airin and Rurika appears on the top of fast moving Nozomi Shinkansen train. The Rubeum General pushes the Gamma General away, which Rurika flash steps back away. Airin saw two AH-46E Apache attack helicopters, pointing at her. Airin shoots two bolts and catches them very fast.

“Sarvamuse Kulka (Armor-piercing Bullets)” Airin throws the bolts to each helicopter’s main rotor, which the attack helicopters crash-landing to the traffic-less road. Then the crashed helicopters explode.

“Now it’s my turn.” Airin takes another crossbow that slings on her back then activates ‘Kinetinis Strėlė’.

“This only just a support. This is what I’m gonna use on you.” Airin rotates her two crossbow then points at Rurika.

“Ultragreitis Audra (Hypervelocity Storm)” Then a salvo of kinetic bolt fired from each crossbow.

“縛道の八十一 「断空」 [Bakudou no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” The transparent wall appears in front of Rurika and tries to block the wave of bolts. However, the explosion of each bolts can’t hold the wall too much, as it shows the cracks from everywhere. Rurik had no choice but to dodge them while the wall was destroyed.

“What in the world?” Airin was held to the floor, stopping her attack.

“Who did that?”

“Oh my, it looks you’re total disadvantage here, Rurika.” Airin saw two figures appeared behind the Gamma General.

“Chaerin-sama, SunYe-sama.” Rurika bows to them.

“Shit, Lee Chaerin and Min SunYe.” Airin tries to move but the invisible restrain makes her immobilize.

“This girl is really powerful; we could make use of her.”

“You’re right SunYe, shall we start the conversion?”

“I’ll gonna do it, CL.” SunYe raised her hands to the air.

“Hypnopsychosis Inversion Circle: Start!” A circle appears below Airin and starts electrocuting her, preparing for the conversion.

“Damn you! I’m not giving up!!”

“Too late my dear, soon you will join to them as our puppets.” Chaerin grins evilly.

‘Is this over now? Minna, I’m sorry.’ Airin close her eyes to meet her end. Suddenly.

“Don’t ever think you’ll gonna give up in front of me now, Airin!” A voice shouts at her that makes Airin open her eyes.

“It can’t be.” Airin said.

“Réimse Veicteoir! (Vector Field)” An invisible field surrounds Airin, breaking both of the circle and the restrains, and then disappeared. Airin can move now her whole body with her own control. Then a girl appears in front of her, holding a skateboard.


“Airin, that’s the second time I’ve help you.”

“I’m sorry.” Airin lowered her head.

“It’s fine, Airin. We Generals make a mistake too. However, a mistake should be use a stepping-stone to make things right. And I admit that the Hypnopsychosis Inversion Circle is really dangerous, Even Yuria will be fallen to that too.” Kumi gritted her teeth. They saw Rurika swing again her zweihander, firing the ‘Отруйній Різання: Кислота Форма [Otruyniy Rizannya: Kyslota Forma (Venomous Cutter: Acid Forme)]’ to them.

“Stormväder Ryttare (Windstorm Rider)” A drill-like tornado appears behind from Hyacinthum and Rubeum General and clashes to the corrosive wave. This clash then results the explosion. Afterwards, Yuria appears beside Kumi and Airin.

“Finally, those things are gone for good. So these are the left?” Yuria fixes her hair.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Kumi glares at them.

“We need to finish you off one by one.” Chaerin said.

“So we can get the power source.” SunYe said.

“Power source? What do you mean about that?” Airin points at the enemies.

“Eight corners connected each other by three axes. Four dimensions merged into one space. Two elements blended as true physical existence. One power can change anything.” Chaerin said.

“What do you mean about those words?” Kumi shouted.

“You will know the answer once you solve that riddle.” Then suddenly a Mil Mi-8AMTSh armed transport helicopter appears behind the enemies.

“Shit they are trying to escape.” Before the three Generals charge them, the helicopter fires the multi-barrel gun at them that makes them tried to block the bullets. They only watch the helicopter flies away from them.

“Tsk, damn them. Why they want to kill us all?” Kumi asked.

“I don’t know. Nevertheless, for now we need to deal the situation here. Let’s go.” Airin said.

After a half-hour, they safely arrive to the Tokyo station, which the medics and police are waiting on the platform. They carefully take all the passengers inside the Shinkansen train. The Generals go to the chief police officer whose standby beside the ticket gates and drinks the coffee.

“Are you the head of the response police units?” Kumi asked.

“Yes, and who are you?” The police officer asked.

“I’m Hyacinthum General Yagami Kumi. On my right side is Ianthinium General Kizaki Yuria and on my left side is Rubeum General Furukawa Airi.” This makes the officer spits his coffee then respectfully salutes at them.

“The three Generals of Nanatsunorai? I’m sorry for my sudden behavior to you.”

“It’s fine. By the way, you should take care of the passengers.” Yuria said.

“Yes, ma’am!”

“And take this report.” Airin gives the police officer the report papers.

“What will I do to these, ma’am?”

“Take that as a part of investigation. Moreover, make sure you create another copy and give that copy to the Flavenium (Yellow) General and Indicum (Indigo) General. Do you understand?” Airin said.

“Yes ma’am!”

“We’re leaving now.” The three Generals walk away to the train station.

“We need to move fast.” Yuria said.

“Do you deactivate your Reibuki, Yuri?” Kumi asked.

“I’ve already deactivate it, Kuuchan.” Yuria

“How I wish to get that.” Airin then gets up to Kumi’s skateboard.

“You will have that too, Airin. Soon.” Then they’re racing now to the street of the night city.

Eastern Tree Farm, Near the Main Gateway, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Wednesday, 10:50 pm

Kumi, Yuria and Airin arrive now at the mansion to check something.

“Looks like we’re arrive now and it’s too quiet in here.” Kumi said.
“Maybe it’s just our hunch.” Yuria said. Before they go back, Airin accidentally stepped something. Then she picks the thing.

“A bouquet of blue roses?”

“Look there’s a letter.” The three reads the letter inside.

“This flower is from Takamina-san and she wants to give it to Haruna-san.” Airin explained to them.

“Maybe today is their monthsary.” Yuria said.

“T-t-takamina?” Kumi, Yuria and Airin heard the familiar voice.

“Hey it’s that Haruna-san’s voice?” Airin asked.

“You’re right it’s onee-chan’s voice.” Kumi said. Their eyes search for everywhere until they stops at the inclined tree. Then they try to focus the vision and saw three persons near the inclined three.

“Oh shit, we’re too goddamn late.”


To be continued

New skills are updated on this link: Techniques (

BTW, about this riddle:

“Eight corners connected each other by three axes. Four dimensions merged into one space. Two elements blended as true physical existence. One power can change anything."

This riddle will be revealed on the update.. For now, you can guess the answer if you want....  :) :) :)
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what happen to yuko, takamina and haruna?? please update soon
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Do Yuko and haruna have to tell takamina about their relationship yet? :?

Actually I little do not understand about yuko and haruna but I'm curious :D haha

Please update soon :twothumbs
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finally they arrived at tokyo!!  :on woohoo:
are they gonna witness that haruna-yuko-takamina incident???  :shocked
woooaaahh, this what i'm waiting for!  :imdead: what will happen to takamina??
i'm really curious  :on freeza:

update soon update soon  :cow:
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I was depressed about what happened yesterday [UTC 8:00 (Philippines)] so I can't able to update it.. Now that they're fine, I'm gonna support them for their fast physical, mental and emotional recovery. And with that, I'm gonna update now my fic....

cisda83: You're welcome.  :) :) :)
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Kakeru15: Actually this arc only focused much on Atsumina even though that Kojiyuu are there...  :) :) :)
Justqle: This update is your reply.  :) :) :)

And now... ENJOY READING~!!!!!!


Phase C: Kanashimi no Ame (Rain of Sorrow)

Roof Garden, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Wednesday, 10:40 pm

A seifuku girl, who’s wearing eyeshades, appeared behind the opening door of house-like rooftop exit. Closing the door, she walks on the highest floor of the mansion, filled with green grasses. The blind girl walks to the center of the garden and breathe the incoming fresh air.

“Kaze wa kimochi (The wind feel good).” The girl said.

“For three years of my life as General and living in this mansion, this place never fails to amaze me.” Her eyes went narrow as she tries to remember why she’s here.

“Ahh, I forgot. There something I need to do in here. Now where’s that thing?” The girl uses the wind as her radar to detect something. In an instant, she heard the wind bounces on an unknown structure.

“Ah, I found it.” She went to the unknown object.

A 250 cm shelter standing on the right farther side of the rooftop. The 300,000 square centimeter roof was made in glass-fibre reinforced plastic. The frames including the roof beam and the poles are made in Ti3Al2.5V0.05Pd also known as Gr 18 Titanium alloy.

Below to these advanced materials and the center of this shelter, is a 1960 Steinway D-274 Concert Grand Piano. With the size of 274 cm long and 156 cm wide and weigh about 480 kg, this 188 years old piano still standing in one piece. The reason behind the very old piano remains in one piece, without any decay and destruction and without any sign of breakage even it passes to the 50-year lifespan, is that the shelter has installed with anti-corrosion, anti-radiation and anti-decomposition system. With that, the piano will remain new and doesn’t need a maintenance.

According to Leo General Takahashi Minami, this piano was own by former Cancer General Jo Eriko. The former General bought this at the City of Music, Vienna, Austria on September 15, 1961. After the three Japanese military powers and the Juuniseiza were formed in 1975 and the mansion was created in 1980, General Jo brought her favorite piano and placed it on the right farther side of the rooftop, the same place where the current Cancer General was standing. This metal shelter, with the installation of those mentioned systems, was made also by her to provide the protection of her possession against the cruel ways of the nature and the man-made pollutions.

The girl open the keyboard lid, showed a multitude of black and white keys. She sighed and looked at the most wondrous musical instrument.

“It’s been a while since my last touch with this thing. How many years? I think its seven years. I hope that my piano skills didn’t deteriorate after my very long hiatus.” She sits on the piano stool as she ready herself to play. But before her hand touches the keyboard, she put her hand on her chin.

“Wait, what piece should I play?” Then after a couple of minutes of thinking, the girl snaps her fingers.

“That’s right. Since I’ve heard the the water from the sky. I’m gonna play this.” Her pair of hands finally touched the keyboard.

“Frederic Francois Chopin’s Prelude, Op. 28 No. 15: Raindrop.”

Frédéric Chopin's "Raindrop" Prelude, Op 28, No. 15 (

Eastern Tree Farm, Near the Main Gateway, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Wednesday, 10:55 pm


When the two saw the short girl looking at them, Kojinyan quickly separates herself from Yuko. On the other hand, Yuko can’t look directly at her bestfriend. She felt the guiltiness rising to her mind.

“How could you do this to me?” Takamina said. The midget was ready to give in her emotions now but she forcely fends it from inside.

“Takamina, let me ex..” Kojinyan can’t finished her sentence as she blasted out by the powerful force of the wind. Luckily, Kojinyan uses both of her hands to push the wind and prevent herself from being thrown.

“Explain? Do I need now an explanation? After what I saw the whole thing?’ Kojinyan remove both of her hands blocking on her face and lowered her head.

“Please Takamina, you have to understand.” Yuko’s instinct prevails, instantly dodge another blast of wind.

“Oh sure, I really understand what are you two doing now, Yuko.” Takamina stressed the last word very hard.

“I’m sorry.” Yuko also lowered her head.

“Why should I trust everyone? Why should I love someone? In the end, I’m all alone.” Takamina’s tears flow on her cheeks.

“You’re not alone, Takamina. You have us.” Kojinyan saw another blast of wind and dodges it using flash-step, then she’s reappeared beside Yuko.

“Us? You’re referring to all of you? You don’t love me nor think of me as a friend. You’ve only think that I’m a garbage. A trash. All of you are the same!”

“We don’t think that way!” Yuko protests.

“Shut up!” Takamina swinged her hands in wide motion creating a deforestating sonicblast.

“縛道の八十一 「断空」 [Bakudou no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” A translucent wall appears in front of Yuko and Kojinyan.

“You’re just using me, then after that you’re gonna betray me and throw me like a trash.”

“Takamina.” Kojinyan’s trying to get near to Takamina but she’s received another sonicblast.

“Don’t come near at me!” Takamina activated her Gift of Acceleration then disappeared instantly.

“Itai~” Kojinyan tries to stand up but she’s almost stumbled down. Before the tall girl touches the ground, Yuko catches the girl instantly.

“Are you alright, Nyannyan?” Yuko’s face with concern.

“I’m alright, Yuuchan. But we should worry more to Takamina than mine.” The two saw their fellow friends coming to them. Acchan saw Kojinyan’s injury.

“All of those injuries are made from Takamina right?”

“Yeah.” Yuko supports Kojinyan. Then they saw the three Nanatsunorai Generals coming to them.

I saw what happen last time. Don’t worry about that, Yuuchan. And I should thank you for what you did.” Acchan gave to Yuko a smile full of assurance.

“Thank you, Acchan. And I’m sorry from what I did.” Yuko said.

It’s fine. We should worry more to Takamina. Her speed is superbly unbelievable. Even my clairvoyance can’t catch Takamina’s movement.”

Tomochin goes to Kojinyan with her medicine box and tends the tall girl. The Sagitarrius General gave her gratitude to the Capricorn General. The duck-lip girl replies her with a smile as she continues to tend her.

“Gift of Acceleration gives Takamina an unnatural speed. It also gives to her a massive boost to her movement that she can outrace all of us, until Acchan, Kumi and Yuria came. Despite being weak in terms on raw physical strength, she can cover that weakness using hyper-speed attacks. Overall, she’s really a very powerful General.” Yuko explained.

“We should find her as soon as possible or else, bad things come.”

“What bad things?” Mayuyu asked.

“I’ve known about Takamina since we’ve became friends 11 years ago. I found her on the dark alley muttering some words like ‘alone’, ‘distrust’, ‘solitude’. I’ve tried to talk to her but she attacked me with destructive wind. Luckily, my Gift of Hyper-intuition takes over my body and avoiding that or else, I will be into a million pieces.”

“Destructive wind? Are those wind attacks are not destructive enough?” Yukirin asked.

“Those attacks are indeed destructive, but what I’ve experienced 11 years ago is more destructive than now. Those winds are capable of obliterate anything, even the air in the atmosphere.”

“When I looked to her eyes, what I saw is empty.”

“Empty?” All of them said.

“Her eyes are completely empty, as if she has no soul.”

Somewhere in Kanto Region, Japan; Wednesday, 11:00 pm

The midget sits beside the sliced tree. Her unstoppable tears are flowing on her cheeks. The girl was surrounded by the destroyed trees and uprooted grasses.

“Why Nyannyan? Why?” She continued to cry.

“I’m all alone.”

Without the crying girl noticed, an unknown figure walked to her. The figure pats the midget that makes her look up at the figure.

“Who are you?” She asked between in tears.

Living Quarter, National Armed Force Mansion, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 1:00 am

All of the girls are finding a way to find Takamina. Mayuyu and Rena are in charge in computer while the rest are looking at the holographic map. On the outside, the heavy rain drops from the sky along with the wailing thunders.

“We have to find her as soon as possible.” Yuko said.

“We’re trying, Yuko-chan. However, it’s been three hours and still no Takamina.” Mayuyu said.

“How about you, Yukirin, Yuihan?” Yuko asked.

“We’re searching on every corner of Japan, Yuko-san. Sill the same result, no Takamina.” Yukirin said.

Acchan was the only one who’s not in front of the computer nor searching on the holographic map. By the look, her mind wanders around, trying to think about the situation. In her mind, she’s trying to recollect something that relates to this. An imaginary lightbulb appears on her head. Then she looks at the bulb, which it envelops with imaginary fire then turns into a dust. Then the Aries General went to Yuko for slight interrogation.

Ne Yuko, about what happen in 11 years ago. You said that her eyes are empty, right?


And she muttered some words like ‘alone’, ‘betray’ and ‘trash’, right?

“Yes it is.”

And you said that her attacks are more destructive than now, right?

“Yes. Wait a second, Acchan. Why are you asking?”

Well, by all of your answers. Looks like I know what that was all about.

“What do you mean, Acchan?” Paruru asked. The rest stops from their work and looking at the mute girl.

It looks like we saw Takamina’s doing but that’s not really Takamina’s doing.

“Wait wait wait, I’m confused. Takamina’s doing but not Takamina’s doing? I don’t really get it.” Yukirin said.

All of those things, the destructive wind. The ultra fast movement without being imbues with either gift or her elemental powers, and the attacks that totally focused on the lethal spots, are not really Takamina’s work.

“What do you mean?” Jurina asked.

I also experience that too, although totally different to Takamina. 8 years ago, I was wreaking havoc everywhere that I almost took a village into an incinerating wildfire until Maimai-baachan totally disabled me and bring me back to real world.

“You mean that, all those flames you’ve created last time are not your doing?”

Exactly. Moreover, by the research that I’ve done a couple of years ago, it looks like I found something interesting.

Each one of us has an own shadow. And I’m not saying about the literal shadow, it’s the shadow in our conscious mind. Now each of our shadow we have starts as an empty vessel and the shadow develops through individual’s mind. The shadow is the sum of all personal and collective psychic elements, which are denied expressions in life. As we grow and change the shadow, also grow and change. The shadow was created depends of every situation what we have. We can encounter our shadow through imagination and dream. The appearance of the shadow is mirror to us, same gender. Their personality was completely different from ours, because all of the shadow’s personalities are the personalities that we completely deny it from our life. The shadow will act as your adviser first, enlightens you to the situation what we have. Be warning, when we experience stressful circumstances, fully indecisive or showing full vulnerability, the shadow will gonna control the person’s body and take command of the will. And take note, because they’re like very same to us, they can also have the powers that mirrors to the original personality but in more powerful version not in darker version.

“So what are you saying is..” Yuko said.

That Takamina’s will was being controlled by her own shadow.

“Hey guys look at this.” Airin interrupts them and points to the holographic video screen. Then they saw a weathergirl holding the umbrella and the mic and stands on the side of the road.

“Minna as you can see from my background, the rain drops heavily. But what was very disturbing is an whirling clouds appeared on my back. By the location, it’s 40 km east of Shimoda, Shizuoka. Despite so far, we’ve currently experience high-speed gusts. Oh my god, there too many flying objects everywhere. We’re going out here now.” Then the video feed turns series of monochromatic lines.

“Minna, I’ve calculated the wind speed of the whirling cloud. Its 300 mph.” Mayuyu said.

“No doubt, we already know who can do that.” Paruru snapped her right hand.

“No mistaken, it’s her.” Yukirin nod her head.

“By the weathergirl’s report. 40 km east of Shimoda, Shizuoka.” Kumi pinpoints the Japan country map using her index finger and stops at the certain area.

“Toshima Island.”

Tsumekizaki Park, Shimoda, Shizuoka, Japan; Thursday, 3:00 am

The gang runs to the very long road until they reached the dead end. Then they saw what the weathergirl’s report, a giant typhoon appears on the top of the small landscape.

“Well, here it is. We’re at the cornerstone of this country. And I thought it’s very near yet it’s far.” Kumi pouted. The wind was so strong despite being far, that their seifuku’s skirts are almost flying.

“Minna, it seems that the typhoon was growing stronger and faster spin. We need to stop before the whole Japan will be erase to the map.” Mayuyu shouted.

I’ll go.” Acchan volunteered.

“Then, we will go too.” Jurina and Kumi said.

No, I’m going alone.


I want to save Takamina. She needs a support and love.

“Go now, Atsuko.” Erica said from behind.


Like you said, Takamina needs a support and love. And I know you’re the only one who can do that.” Erica goes near to Acchan and hugs her, and then the mute girl hugs her twin sister in reply.

“But remember, I want you to get back here alive. Do you understand?”

Wakarimashita, my dear twin sister.” Acchan jumps to the cliff and hovers herself using Ανάφλεξης Ρεύματος Πιδακας [Anaflexis Revmatos Pidakas (Jetstream Ignition)]. She look at the gang’s waving at her. With her motivation and determination, she takes a flight now on the deep sea.

Toshima Island, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 3:15 am

Acchan tries to look the midget in the middle of the artificial typhoon. Despite the strong wind and the clouds blocking on her way, the mute girl can’t give up. After 5 minutes of search, she found the girl with ribbon standing on the multitude of large sea rocks. The Aries General lands on the large sea rocks and takes her weapons. With the preparation has been complete, she jump on each rocks and trying to get near to her fellow General.

Takamina!” The midget heard that and looked at the source. Acchan swears that she saw Takamina’s change, along with her empty, soulless eyes.

“What do you want?” Even the way of her talk also changes.

Takamina, I want you to come back.

“Come back? Hahahahahahaha.” Takamina laughs hysterically.

“Why should I come back? So you will gonna throw me again like a trash? Betray me again?” By those words, Acchan’s expression changes to anger.

Looks like I was right. I know who you are now, Takamina’s shadow.” Takamina flinched at that statement.

Why are you doing this?

“I’m protecting her for the likes of you. You always throw her like a garbage. You’ve pretended about making friends with her but in the end, you’re simply put her away like a useless trash.”

We’re not like that! We’re consider Takamina not as a friend, but as a family. And as her fellow family, I will gonna save her from the depths of sorrow.” Acchan then she felt a cut on her left cheek and felt a water explosion from behind.

“Enough of those not-so-interesting, makes-me-sleepy words. If you’re here just to hurt her more, then you make me have no choice. As far as I promised to her not to hurt someone, you will be my first victim.” Takamina unsheathes her two katana.

As far as I’m gonna end this in a conversational matter; then I also have no choice. I’m gonna use physical force just to remind Takamina to think straight and get back to her right sense that she’s not alone!!!

Takamina releases a tremendous royal blue colored spiritual aura which Acchan also releases a tremendous scarlet red colored spiritual aura. Their tremendous spiritual auras clashes that makes the whole area shaking from the clashed immense forces.

Then the two dash forward and clash their weapons; creating a star-like light that shines to the whole island.


To be continued

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When powers tapped on feelings can do great result either positive or negative.

Can help ppl or self-mutilation.  :banghead:

Minami, snap out of it! :banghead: :cry:

Thanks for the update and hardwork. :kneelbow:

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The pressure created shadow..
Whoooo atsumina fight! Hope acchan can save both of them..
thanks for your work :)
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SUBARASHII .... !!!!!!  :mon scare: :mon scare:
Takaminaaaaaa, i can feel you  :on speedy:
i can imagine kinda scene in one piece when Aokiji vs Akainu in the certain island  XD XD
acchan you can handle takamina, ganbatte! make takamina calm down  :(
Thank you so much for the update author-san, i can't believe this is happening .. subarashii  :mon angel:

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Ah... Atsuko is so understanding over kojiyuu situation

Poor takamina... The way she reacted was understandable

Wanting to shut down yourself when someone betrayed you emotionally

But would Atsuko able to save takamina?

Did Atsuko reliase her feeling for takamina?

Can't wait to see

Thank you

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Phase D: Akumu no Arashi (Storm of Nightmare)

Part 1

Toshima Island, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 3: 20 am

The two fighters recoil each other after their weapons clashed. Takamina slashes her two swords, creating a rock slicing airwave coming to the sharpshooter.

縛道の八十一 「断空」 [Bakudou no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” After casting, Acchan back jumps and plans to cast another kido.

El Escudo (The Shield)” Acchan saw the Danku destroyed but before it hits her, she raised her arm. Then two light green barrier appear on her both arms and blocks the airwave. She swipes both her arms widely, dividing the airwave into two and crashing them to the ground.

Minami, snap it out!” Acchan rushes to Minami, only encounters another airwave, which she successfully evades.

“Over my dead body!” Takamina releases a gust of wind. Acchan doesn’t prepared that attack, which it hits her.

Itai! (It hurts)” Acchan said. Because of blocking that destructive gust using her two arms, she suffers multiple cuts.

’Over my dead body’ my ass!! That’s not your body, that’s Takamina’s.” Acchan regain her composure and charge to the midget.

“I don’t care!” Takamina’s sword covers with wind.

“Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrow)” Takamina slams her sword, releasing a monstrous-size destructive windwall. Acchan already predicted the nature of the attack so tries to put her theory in action. In Takamina’s vision, the windwall travels very fast and the distance between Acchan is only an inch, and then prepares for the second swing in case she will evade. But to her surprise, Acchan was not on the windwall and instead, she’s already in front of her. The Acchan that was hit on windwall, cuts into two but vanishes instantly like a captured image.

Before the midget gets away, Acchan charges her hand with blue flames and delivers a heavy uppercut directly to Takamina’s jaw that sends her upward. Then she propels herself upward and flash-steps to Takamina’s upper, delivering flame-charged double hammer fist. Takamina blocks the attack but the force makes her throw back to the ground. She uses the wind as a cushion to avoid the impact. Acchan saw the midget was gone and surprised when she saw her on the back. Takamina cuts through Acchan’s back, shows a blood scattering to all direction.

Takamina has not finished yet as she continuously assault the poor mute girl to all directions. The Aries General can’t keep up Takamina’s pace because of her hyper-speed attacks and with an addition to her gift. In response to this, Acchan gathers flame from her hands full of cuts.

If I can’t keep up to you in speed, how about I’m gonna attack in all directions.

Πυρκαγιά Τρικυμία [Pyrkagiá Trikymía (Conflagration Tempest)]” Acchan rotates her body very fast, creating a high-speed flame that surrounds her. Takamina can’t anticipate that move and accidentally let her hand touches the flame. The midget falls back and solidifies the gas particles to make a stepping ground. She looks at her right hand and saw the smoke coming from her hand as well as heard the singed sound.

Acchan stops the attack and use the flame as her hovering booster.

Even you’re just her shadow; you two are both hard-headed.” Acchan saw Takamina’s grip to her swords more tightly.

“SHUT UP!” Takamina rotates her sword very fast.

Hey, that’s new to me. I wonder what the midget’s gonna do?

“Aerea Lamina (Aerial Blade)” Takamina swings her rotated sword, releasing a wind slicer that moves in arc line. Acchan tries to block it using Danku. To her surprise, the win slicer effortlessly cuts the translucent wall and continues to move toward to her. Therefore, instead of casting another barrier spell, she completely evades it.

This thing is like a homing boomerang! Even I completely evaded it, it still on my back! Damn!’ Acchan gets her military knives on her boots. She saw Takamina swings the rotating swords many times, releasing more wind slicers. Acchan’s face says like ‘are you kidding me?’ expression.

“Κόπτης Πλάσματος [Koptis Plasmatos (Plasma Cutter)]” Acchan downwardly swings, slices the first wind slicer coming to her back using her plasma-blade infused knives. Acchan dashes to the rest, slices the incoming two wind slicers. She performs butterfly twist to dodge the incoming wind slicer coming from below and rotates on the mid-air to destroy the rest. Acchan swings her two knives at high speed, destroying all of them. She looks around to make sure that those were already gone.

Wow, those things are very dangerous. Finally, they’re all gone.

“I don’t think you should let your guard down.” Acchan saw Takamina raised her rotated swords.

What are you planning to do, Minami?

“Turbine Dividendo (Slicing Cyclone)” Takamina instantly appears in front of Acchan and throws her sword.

Oh shit. This thing is heavier than those flying air blades!’ The thrown sword rotates very fast and the sound is like a saw cutting through the metal. Acchan’s plasma sword clashes to the thrown sword filled with countless microscopic wind blades. But the force was too much for her to handle that makes her skid backwards. Another flying rotary sword passes in front of her then it curves back to Acchan, which the mute girl uses another one plasma sword to block it.

Something’s wrong, I can feel it. Minami, what are you planning to do?’ Acchan saw Takamina’s in front of her. The midget points her inder finger to her.

“縛道の六十一「六杖光牢」 [Bakudo no Rokujuuichi: Rikujoukourou (Way of Binding #61: Six Rods Prison of Light)]” Takamina’s finger generates spark of yellow energy, divided into six thin, wide beams and slams into Acchan’s midsection, holds her in that place. Then the two rotary swords go back to Takamina’s hand.

What the hell? Binding Kido?

“縛道の七十九「九曜縛」 [Bakudo no Nanajuukyuu: Kuyou Shibari (Way of Binding #79: Nine Sunlight Traps)]” Acchan was being surrounded by eight black holes with purple outlines, and the ninth black hole on her chest.

Two binding Kido? Masaka? (What do you mean?)’ Acchan saw Takamina putting her right arm forward.

“千手の涯, 届かざる闇の御手, 映らざる天の射手! 光を落とす道, 火種を煽る風! 集い手惑うな, 我が指を見よ! 光弾・八身・九条・天経・症宝・大輪・灰色の砲塔! 弓引く彼方, 皎皎どして消ゆ!”

Romaji: Senjū no hate, todokazaru yami no mite, utsurazaru ten no ite! Hikari wo otozu michi, hidane wo aoru kaze! Tsudoi temadō na, waga yubi wo miyo! Kōdan, hasshin, kujō, tenkei, shippō, dairin, haīro no hōtō! Yumihiku kanata, kōkō toshite kiyu!

Translation: Limit of the thousands hands, respectful hands, unable to touch the darkness. Shooting hands unable to reflect the blue sky. The road that basks in light, the wind that ignited the embers, time that gathers when both are together, there is no need to be hesitant, obey my orders. Light bullets, eight bodies, nine items, book of heaven, diseased treasure, great wheel, grey fortress tower. Aim far away, scatter brightly and cleanly when fired!

Oh shit. That Kido!’ Acchan saw ten pink energy points around to Takamina.

“破道の九十一「千手皎天汰炮」 [Hado no Kyuujuuichi: Senjuu Kouten Taihou (Way of Destruction #91: Thousand-Hand Bright Heaven Culling-Sear)]” Takamina fires them all to Acchan, resulting in an exceedingly devastating explosion that shakes the whole island. After the explosion was gone, Acchan appears behind on the smoke, full of burnt skin including on her face. Her knees shaken very weakly due to enduring the explosion. Her hair half-cover her left face. She glares to the midget, which change into widened eyes. Takamina’s closed index and middle finger generates a black energy. Acchan gritted her teeth in annoyance.

You’re kidding me.’ Acchan can’t move her weak body nor raise her hands to use a defensive Kido.

“滲み出す混濁の紋章. 不遜なる狂気の器! 湧き上がり否定し! 痺れ瞬き! 眠りを妨げる! 爬行する鉄の王女! 絶えず自壊する泥の人形! 結合せよ! 反発せよ! 地に満ち己の無力を知れ!”

Romaji: Nijimidasu kondaku no monshō. Fusonnaru kyōki no utsuwa! Wakiagari hiteishi! Shibire matataki! Nemuri wo samatageru! Hakōsuru tetsu no ōjō! Taezu jikaisuru doro no ningyō! Ketsugōseyo! Hanpatsuseyo! Chi ni michi onore no muryoku wo shire!

Translation: Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!

“破道の九十「黒棺」 [Hado no Kyuujuu: Kurohitsugi (Way of Destruction #90: Black Coffin)]” The black energy on Takamina’s fingers disappeared followed by the massive torrent of gravity envelops Acchan. The sky darkens; multiple boxes of black energy appear, each one of them tops off with cross-shaped spears, and multiplies rapidly, closing the weakened girl. Then the spears pierce the box, lancerating inside from head to toe.

The black box disappears, revealing the weakened girl with burnt skin and multiple cuts. Every ounce of her strength has gone, that makes her body lying drop to the ground. The midget walks to the weakened girl, with her sword envelops with the wind. In Acchan’s vision, although blurry, saw Takamina standing beside her and raise the wind-enveloped sword.

“Ensis Tempestas (Storm Blade)” Violent storm surrounds to the sword, ready to destroy any targets.

It happens again. Shit, I can’t move my body anymore now. Is this my life ends today? I’m very weak person. I can’t save my twin sister in the accident. Now I can’t save my most important person that I’ve loved. I’m such a useless human being.’ Her vision darkened as Takamina swinged down her final attack. The whole time slows down, in Acchan’s consciousness.

And what do you think you’re planning to do? Giving up?

Maybe, this will end my pain.

Moron! That’s why I’m here right?

Wait a second. You! What the hell are you doing here?

Man, you’re a pain in an ass. I don’t want my light disappears instantly. Therefore.

Chotto matte! That’s my body!

I borrowing it for a while, dude. Don’t worry; I will not make ruckus again, thanks to your grandmother. And also, I’m gonna punish that thing for hurting my light physically, mentally and emotionally.


Sooner or later, you will know how to use a shadow like me.

Takamina swings down her sword, initiating a finishing moment.

Ensis Exsequens. (Executioner’s Sword)” In an instance, Takamina’s sword recoils from a blast followed by the appearance of a double drop kick coming to her face that sends her several meters away. Takamina use the wind to stop her from being thrown away and spits out the blood.

“What the hell was that?” Takamina saw Acchan standing behind the smoke.

Ensis Exsequens is a Rank-S spell which can be cast by the hand covered in magical energy in form of a sword. The true effect of this spell is to cause damage via instant matter conversion from solid or liquid to gas in violent phase transition. The temperature of this spell is very low, approximately 100 Kelvin but instead of freezing and solidifying, this spell vaporizes anything.” After Acchan’s explanation, she showed her right hand, enveloped with an eighty-centimeter long energy sword.

That’s for hurting my Acchan and for making her suffer.

“Who are you?” Takamina lands to the ground.

Me? I’m Acchan’s shadow and have violent personality, Hinako desu!


To be Continued
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Great action there...

Now both Minami and Atsuko have other personality...

What's going to happen to Atsumina next?

Can't wait

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hwaaaaa i could tell that's a deathly fight :shocked
i thought acchan would die there  :nervous
then now takamina shadow vs acchan shadow??
that'll be most thrilling!
will takamina and acchan know how to control their shadow?
waiting yoo for the update  XD XD
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so acchan's white and takamina's black..
seems takamina the one that can bring acchan's hiding power
nice chap! Thanks!
Please continue~
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Shadow Takamina vs Shadow Acchan  :shocked
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Hello minna~!!!! Sorry for the late update... Now for the replies:

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Part 2

Tsumekizaki Park, Shimoda, Shizuoka, Japan; Same time, same day

While the battle’s raging on, the girls, who are still oblivious to the happening to the island, are monitoring the situation. While many of them are busy on the electronic gadgets they’ve prepare, Yukirin calls the group as she points something.

“Minna look.” The girls stop their work and looking where Yukirin’s pointing. They saw the flames burting out from the storm and it seems growing violently more.

“Tsk, this is getting worse than we have been expected.” Mayuyu looks at the laptop that shows the infrared satellite imagery view of the storm.

“What is it Mayuyu?” Paruru asked.

“The storm increases its size as the time progressed and its keep getting larger at abnormal rate. The maximum sustained wind is also increasing at alarming rate too, about 200 mph.”

“Wait, wait, wait. Wait a second. Did you say mph? As in miles per hour?” Yukirin widened her eyes.

“Let’s pretend it is kilometers per hour. Yes, it is Bakarin it is miles per hour. And it’s still increasing its speed by 0.5 mph every 10 seconds!”

“It’s like a tornado hurricane-version. Speed of tornado and size of hurricane.” Jurina said.

“What was Acchan’s doing? She should able to finish this right now.” Kojinyan annoyingly said.

“Takamina is not a president if she’s being finished very fast. Judging from those flames appearing from the island, I know that Acchan was having a hard time to calm Takamina down.” Yuko replied.

“I suggest someone will go there, in case everything is getting worse.” Mayuyu said.

“Well, I think that’s my job. I can just surf to that place.” Jurina said.

“Not you Jurina. We need someone who can stealth his or her powers while spectating and observing the situation. Possible chance is the above of the storm since the wind only appears in the storm’s vicinity, mainly below the moving clouds.”

“Why?” Erica asked.

“Because going to that place is equivalent to suicide. Two reasons: being sweeped by the storm or Takamina will notice you and literally, she will tear you apart. So I suggest someone that can go there without being noticed by Takamina.”

“I think I can do that.” Yukirin volunteered.

“We will go too.” Kumi and Yuria raised their hands.

“No, only I can do that. Stealthing is my specialty and only Acchan can see me clearly.”

“Yukirin’s right. With her Gift of Stealth, she can able to spectate the area without being noticed by the midget.”

“Stealthing you say? I think someone who can fill this vacant seat too.” Airin said while her hand is on the chin.

“And that would be?”

“My assistant.” Airin gets her phone in the pocket and start dialing to call the person.

“Really, Airin? Her? Do you think that it’s a suicide times ten?” Yuria asked.

“You didn’t know? She has a toy that can able to do that job.”

“Toy?” All of them asked.

“Yes. Her toy, an ultra-high cutting edge jet fighter equipped extremely state-of-the-art technology.”

After a several dial tones, someone on the other line pick the phone. Airin heard the very long yawn from the other line

“Moshi moshi?” Ther person on the other line in sleepy voice.

“Hello, my beautiful assistant. Sorry for waking you up in this not-so-good time.”

“Thank you for waking me up, Airin. You’ve disturb my dream. I was dreaming about many birds and suddenly my phone with Aishiteraburu! ringtone suddenly burst one in my room.”


“Anyway. By waking me in this not-so-good time means this is very important right?”

“Yes as you can see, the storm increasing its monstrosity at alarming and abnormal rate.”

“I can see from the window. My god, if this continues, it will eat the whole country by this morning.” By the background sound, Airin knows her assistant was taking her shower.

“Can you fly here? We need your help.”

“Ok, General Furukawa. Give me some time to go there.” After that, Airin cuts the line.

“My assistant will come here at any moment.”

“How long your assistant will gonna make it here?” Yuko asked.

“Well.” Airin looks from left to right and above.

“About 10-15 seconds with 20 seconds of preparation. And 15 minutes of taking bath since she just wake up.” This makes everyone widened their eyes.


“Her jet fighter, which is a tenth-generation jet fighter, is made with depleted uranium alloy sandwiched by carbon steel armour plate to decrease being destroyed due to high aerodynamic flight. The jet equips with Pulse Detonation Engine combined with Hyper-X X-43D scramjet booster and variable-sweep wing. And also, her precious jet, has a super-intelligent AI inside, made exclusively by her.”

“What the hell is that technology?” Mayuyu asked.

“Oh and by the way, 10 second is just my prediction. The maximum speed of her jet fighter is actually very imaginable and what I said is just an approximation. In atmosphere, Mach 5.1 (6248 kilometers per hour) and when in vacuum, Mach 9.5 (11638 kilometers per hour). And I hope her plane doesn’t create a massive shockwave or not approaching hypersonic speed, about Mach 1.3 (1593 kilometers per hour).” After Airin, explain about her assitant’s toy, a booming sound was heard out of nowhere.

“Really? That fast.” After a booming sound, it follows a jet propulsion sound. Then Airin looks to the sky that was being covered by the clouds, and saw a triangular-like shadow above those floating cottons. The shadow disappeared and no movement has been seen.

“Where’s the jet?” This makes everyone confused and wondered.

“Tsk, that silly girl. Why did she use Tachyon Particle Accelerator?” Airin sighs in annoyance.

“Your girlfriend slash assistant slash partner-in-crime possesses that technology? Just how that bird-brained girl has an intelligence equivalent to Stephen Hawkings?” Yuria asked.

The flying object suddenly appears above them. Despite moving very fast, it didn’t create a sonic boom.

“Are you ready, Yukirin-san?” Airin jumps to the tenth-generation Mitsubishi F-27 Hayabusa variable-sweep winged hypersonic jet fighter.

Yukirin shows her beautiful jet-black wings to the spectators, flapping it for gliding action.

“I’m ready.” Then Airin knocks the plane.

“Hey, don’t go to hypersonic nor supersonic speed.” Airin commands.

“How about subsonic?” A voice came from voicecom was heard.

“Much better. And we should be above the storm.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Let’s go.”

Toshima Island, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 10 minutes later

Takamina charges to Acchan and swing her sword but was being intercepted by Acchan’s gun. With her free left hand, Acchan rapidly draw her handgun and start shooting at Takamina’s lower extremities. Two bullets hit on each lower leg part, the rest are evade. Then Acchan separates herself from Takamina’s hold and delivers a high knee to the midget’s chin, sending her backwards.

But Acchan was not finished yet. As soon as Takamina’s still on the air, Acchan suddenly appears below her, perform handstand then delivers an upward kick to her back. Then she kicks Takamina’s leg, turning the floating girl 180 degrees with the midget is in front of the ground. Acchan jumps toward Takamina, grabbing her head in a three-quarter lock while parallel to the ground and slamming Takamina’s face to the ground, into jumping cutter.

Before Acchan will recover, Takamina flips to Acchan’s side and pulls her. In Acchan’s peripheral vision, she’s in Takamina’s shoulder. Takamina runs and leaps, then rolls over, slamming Acchan’s back to the ground. Then she separates to her, goes back to her sword and tries to slashes the downed girl. However, Acchan recovers right on time before the blade touches her neck. Takamina then tried to slash her but only parried by Acchan’s rifle.

Tsk, this is getting harder than I thought. No wonder she’s the president of the Twelve Constellations.

“I’m impress about your resilience, Hinako. You’re far stronger than your original counterpart.”

Is just me imagining something or this thing is complimenting me?

Oh, I forgot to ask about your name. May I know?” Acchan (Hinako) smiled at the midget.

“I don’t have any names, and I don’t need those.”

Oh sou desu ka? Jaa, I will give you a name. Your personality and powers are very violent as giant waves crashing to the stone. How about I called you ‘Nami’ means waves, what will you think?

“Do what you want.” Takamina (Nami) said. Then she’s disappears from where she stands.

Here she comes.’ Using her clairvoyant vision, she can see the midget moving three times the speed of sound. Despite blurry, she saw the next move.

Φωτιά Τοίχο: Επιθετικός Φόρμα [Fo̱tiá Toícho: Epithetikós Fórma (Firewall: Offensive Form)]” Acchan (Hinako) swing her hand, creating a wall of fire. Instead of protection purpose, the wall of fire moves very fast and tries to charges Takamina (Nami).

Atsuko, we need to end this right now, I don’t like this.

What will happen?’ Atsuko replied on their mind conversation.

If this will gonna continues, your precious Takamina will be plunged into the darkness of her mind for eternity and will replaced by that ‘shadow’. And that ‘shadow’ will gonna creates destruction if we’re careless of this.

Ehhh? Then what should we do?

I have a plan.

Back to the reality, Takamina tries to dodge the wall of flame but it continues to catche her. Frustrated, she slams her sword to the ground, creating a violent gust of wind that disperses the fire.

“My turn.” “Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrow)” Takamina (Nami) slams both of her swords to the ground creating two semi-black colored walls of wind that moving towards to Acchan at the speed of the sound.

Plan A, initialize.” Acchan (Hinako) lowers her legs, her right hand holding her dear G3A3A1 and her left hand combs her long hair. She closed her eyes, trying to remove any disruption and only focus to one point. Her breathing slows down but synchronizes to her heartbeat. Activating her Clairvoyance, she readies to make a highly risk move that a single tiny mistake will end her life. However, for the sake of her original personality, she will gonna do this once and for all.

“Let’s end this.” Takamina only stands, watching the two black walls of wind going to Acchan, ready to slice the girl apart. The wall of wind is only one centimeter away from Acchan’s forehead, almost cutting her hair. She questions herself why Acchan doesn’t move, as if like she’s willing to be hit by her attack. Then realization hits to Takamina as she finally knows the answer when she saw Acchan uses her rifle to clash with the wind. The mute girl uses ‘Ensis Exsequens’ for double effect and coated them each with fire for additional support. Despite of what she got, the walls push her, skidding all the way to the rock on the far side. Nevertheless, for the sake of this plan, she will not give up that her forcely gaining momentum, stopping the wind from pushing her. Then with her final effort, she destroyed the walls.

Yatta! Now continue to the plan. This technique has a second round with delay time. I need to go there as fast as I can.

Before Takamina readies for the second round, her eyes widened from what she saw.

Acchan (Hinako) was already in front of her, holding the two raised hands and not letting the technique to be completed.

You’re right, Nami. Let’s end this. Let’s end this madness right now.

Let’s end this lies and delusions, saying that you’re alone. Hell man! You have family that worries for you! Friends that cares for you! And someone that loves you, saying that you’re not alone! And that someone does everything what she can just to save you from this despair!” The last sentence makes the midget flinched.

In Acchan’s mind.

Acchan. Now it’s your turn.’ Hinako pats Atsuko’s shoulder. Then she walks and disappears through the darkness and that only leaves Acchan, alone in the black room.

Thank you, Hinako. I guess need to stick to the plan. Plan B, initialize.’ Acchan opens the white door and walks through the light.

In Takamina’s mind.

‘Why? Why do you still doing this? Why you’re trying to sacrifice your life. I don’t understand. I thought you don’t care.’ While her mind is still processing on so many questions, that leads her to breakdown, someone pats her shoulder. This makes her look at that owner.

‘Takamina?’ Takamina suddenly hugs Nami.

‘That’s enough, Nami. You don’t need to push yourself too hard.’ Takamina gives her ‘shadow’ a reassurance hug that this makes her calm.

‘Thank you but I think I’m gonna settle this.’

‘Ehhh?’ Nami cried.

‘Don’t worry about me. I finally realize now. Ja, nee.’

Back to Reality

Both of them resurface to the physical world. Takamina can feel the wind blowing at her. Acchan can able to move her hands. Now she need to finish this.

Plan B, initialize.’ In an instant, Acchan went behind to Takamina, grabbed her around her waist. Then she lifts her up and readies to German Suplex the midget.

Takamina! Anata wa bakayarou!” Acchan slams Takamina to the ground. Then she releases her hold as her body feels the heavy pain result from the consecutive hado attacks. Acchan feels her body getting heavier and lastly, loses her consciousness.

“You’re right, Acchan. I’m an idiot. I’m an idiot to not realize that you’ve loved me. I’m sorry that I’ve gave you this pain for saving me. Thank you, Acchan. And I love you too.” Before Takamina loses her unconscious, her hand finds Acchan’s hand and holds it as if she owns that. Then she looks to the sky lighten by the rising sun.

“Every rain or storm has a rainbow waiting to be shown.” Takamina closed her eyes.

Stratosphere, 3000 meters above Japan; Thursday, 7:00 am

The girl slightly opens her eyes, her vision still not clear. She saw the clouds moving very fast and the sun continues to rise. Then she loses her consciousness.


To be continued.

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Yeah... Atsuko's love for Minami is acknowledged by Minami

What's going to happen to them?

Would they be official?

Can't wait to find out the next chapter

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Phase E: Taiyou to Niji (Sun and Rainbow)


Toshima Island, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan; Thursday, 4:00 am

The gang silently arrived above the Category VII hurricane. They surveyed the surroundings and found nothing except thunderous sound and violent gust raging forwardly. Airin suggest that they should wait above the eyewall of the storm until the fight has been ended.

“Oh shit. I’m gonna blown out, this storm is too powerful.” Yukirin went to the plane and sat above the jet’s body, behind the cockpit.

“Wew, that was close.”

“Careful, General Kashiwagi.This is a Category VII hurricane, even though we’re above the storm there a still possibility that we’re gonna blown out.” A voice coming from the cockpit said to Yukirin.

“Yeah, thanks for reminding me, Akane.” Yukirin sits in lotus position.

“Akane, what’s the condition from below?” Airin asked.

“There are many heat signatures in my infrared thermography, mostly dark reds. I assume those are came from General Maeda’s flames. As of the several distorted blue and green areas, maybe from General Takahashi’s windblasts.” Akane’s explanation.

“Additionally, their aura signature growing weaker from the duration of their battle. In my calculation, the battle will be ended approximately 10 minutes.” Another voice was heard inside the cockpit.

“Did my ears lying to me or I really heard there are two Akanes inside this jet?” Yukirin narrowed her eyes.

“Well actually, that’s my A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).” Churi opens the cockpit and smile to Yukirin.

“EHHHHHHHH?!” Again, Yukirin in exaggerating overreaction.

“You heard it right, Yukirin-san. This Churi’s plane equips with cutting-edge technology which being controlled by the A.I.” Airin explained.

“The name of the A.I. is Asymmetric Kernel Autonomous Network Environment System; or A.K.A.N.E. System or just Akane.” Churi said.

“Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.” A Churi-like voice greeted the raven girl.

“Wow, Airin. I’m really impressed now to your girlfriend.” Yukirin praised to Airin.

“G-g-g-girlfriend?”Churi and Airin’s face were flushed like a ripe tomato.

“Oh my, Churi-sama and Airin-sama’s heat signature are suddenly increased at 0.5%” Akane giggles.

“Urusai, Akane.” Churi went back to the cockpit.

“Ho, ho, ho. This Akane A.I. knows how to tease ehh. Not a normal A.I that I’ve read and knew.” Yukirin giggles too.

“It’s because this A.I. is exactly came from Churi’s brain data that transformed into computer data. Because of that, this A.I. retained Churi’s personality, likes, dislikes, hobbies and nature.”

“Churi-sama, multiple aura signatures are being weakened now. Also, the storm is starting to dissipate about 70%.” The A.I. said.

“Looks like the fight is over. Let’s go down.” Airin said.

After passing to the roof of the storm, they saw the aftermath of the battle. The whole rocky shore of the Toshima island is on the mess. Flames burning everywhere, many craters marked the ground, trees were sliced in half and several boats were partially destroyed. Then they saw two bodies lying to the ground with the weapons on their side. Airin and Yukirin instantly appears beside those unconscious girls.

“Are they alright?” Yukirin asked. Airin checked their pulse.

“They’re unconscious due to enduring each other attacks plus getting slammed to the ground, but in overall they’re fine.” Airin said. She picked her phone from her pocket.

“Then let’s carry them to the main headquarters for the treatment. I’ll gonna carry Acchan.” Yukirin lifted Acchan on her back then spread her wings extendedly and flew away to the area. Airin put the phone to her ears as she called someone.

“Minna, the coast is clear. We’re bringing the injuries to the main headquarters for the treatment. The storm is calming down. Over.”

“10-4 (shortcut military term of ‘understood’), we will send a party in there. The rest of the generals will be return the main headquarters. Over. “A voice coming from Airin’s phone.

“Affirmative. We will leave this place as soon as possible. Over and Out.” Airin disconnect the call and put her phone to the wallet. Then she lift the midget and carries her to the jet.

“How’s General Takahashi?” Churi asked worriedly.

“She’s fine.  Just a minor injuries and currently unconscious, but no life-threatening blows. Let’s go.” Airin put the midget on the jet.

“Affirmative.” Churi starts her Vertical and/or Short Take-off and Landing (V/STOL) Mitsubishi F-27 Hayabusa. Then the jet tookoff and leave the place.

Flashback ended

Special Patient Room, 18th floor Medical Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; 1 week later, 9:00 am

The midget opened her eyes and look at her surroundings.

“Ah, the same place where I’m being rested after a fight with Acchan.” Takamina smiled at her memories. She looked at her right side and saw another person who’s currently sleeping.

“She’s still adorable as always. No wonder I’ve fallen to her.” Takamina surprised when the door slammed open.

“TAKAMINA!” The squirrel shouts.

“Urusai, Yuko! (Shut up)”The midget picked the apple and threw it to the squirrel. As always, the intuition wins as Yuko constantly dodge the thrown apple and...

“I’m almost getting hit by this apple, Yuko-san.” Yuko saw Paruru’s salty frown expression as she eat the apple furiously.

“Gomen, I automatically respond when my intuition picks something.” Yuko scratched her nape. Takamina saw another familiar face behind Paruru.

“Nyannyan.” Kojinyan went in front of Takamina’s bed and bows at 90 degrees.


“Ie, I’m should be saying sorry to you. I’ve hurt you physically.”

“But I’ve hurt you mentally and emotionally, so it’s my fault too.” Then Takamina saw Yuko bows down at 90 degrees too.

“I’m sorry too, for hurting you.”

“I forgive both of you.” Kojinyan and Yuko saw Takamina smiled at them, which makes their emotions lift up.

“Don’t make a sad face here. I don’t recover well if you do that.”

Can you all please shut up? I’m sleeping here.” A voice coming from their mind. Then they look at the source.

“Hey, Acchan. I know you’re awake.” Yuko went to the sleeping girl and jumped her.

Itai!” Acchan slaps Yuko, that driven the squirrel to the wall.

“Ouch, that’s a very powerful slap.” Mayuyu said while drinking a can of milk. Acchan sat on her bed and looked at them.

What’s up?” The shorthaired girl yawned.

“’What’s up’ my ass. You suddenly slap me like that?” Yuko caressed her swollen cheek.

“It’s because you suddenly jumped over to me, moron.” Acchan snickered.

“Sorry guys, you may take your private time!” Kojinyan pulled Yuko away from the scene to avoid chaos, while the squirrel tries to fight back but failed.

“Well that’s for visiting hours, see you when both of you are fully recovered.” Paruru and the rest walked away and locked the door leaving the two hospitalized girls left.

“Ano, Acchan.” Takamina shyfully called her.


“What you said last time. I mean, you really mean it right?” Takamina’s face now on slightly shade of red. Then she saw Acchan stood up and went to the midget.

“Accha-” Takamina didn’t finish her words as Acchan captured her lips, which widened her eyes. The shorthaired girl backed away for in short distance.

Yes my dear midget. I love you and I mean it.” Acchan smiled at her with an additional of red flush.

“T-t-then.” Takamina pulled Acchan into a hug. Both of the girls released their deep feelings inside by tears while hugging each other. After that, they broke the hug and looked again to each other. Then they capture each other’s lips while they holding their hands.

Helicopter Landing Pad, Rooftop floor Medical Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; 1:00 pm

The girl sitting on the edge of the building, with her skateboard leaning on the side of the railings.

“Kaze wa kimochii~ (The wind feels good)”

“Ne, Kuuchan. You really like staying on the rooftops eh.” The said girl looked behind and saw the skategirl coming to her.

“You’re right Yuri, it’s because I love the scenery from above.” Yuria sat beside Kumi. They silently enjoy the day scenery of Tokyo skyline.

“Ne, Yuri. You’re still unease about what happened last time right?” Kumi asked worriedly.

“Yeah Kuuchan. As the matter of fact, I’m still unease about that incident, especially their leaving message.” Yuria hold Kumi’s hand.

“It’s been a couple of months since their appearance. I wonder what was really they’re aftering.” Kumi said.

“Maybe we should start making our move after Takamina-san and Atsuko-neechan’s recovery.” Yuria said.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Kumi gave a can of coke to Yuria. They simultaneously opened it and drank at the same time.

“Oishi! (delicious)” Both of them said at the same time.

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Chapter 10: UZA

Phase A: Connecting the dots

Unknown Location; 1 week later, 9:00 am

“Eight corners connected each other by three axes. Four dimensions merged into one space. Two elements blended as true physical existence. One power can change anything.”

“Shut up with those literature storybook telling, YeEun.”

“What, Minzy? You want some fight, huh?” Before their head clash together, a sword sheath suddenly came out of nowhere and smacked the two Korean girls.

“Ouch!” Both of them shout at the same time.

“Shut up you two, we’re on the meeting.” The girl put the sword on her shoulder.

“Really, Sandara? Meeting on this oh-so-dirty place?” Minzy sarcastically asked, referring to the alley where they’re standing.

“What do you want? On the top of hotel with several butlers and maids? Just shut up ok?”

“Hm, it seems we found now the key to the locked chest, Taeyeon.”

“The seven-month construction of the tower is complete. Prepare for the step-two.”

“And which is?”

“The tower cannot be started without the battery. We need to get the power source.”

“Looks like it’s time right?”

“Yes, Sunye. We’re going today. Chae-rin, prepare our puppets for the war. And we need more puppets.”

“Invasion in Japan starts.” As soon as the group was prepared to leave, Sandara stopped for a while.

“Rena.” She shrugged her thoughts and continued to walking.


2 km away from the scene, on the rooftop of the highest building, two girls currently spy the group. One of the girls, wearing sleeveless blue blazers, white buttoned blouse, red necktie and black-and-white checkered skirt, was holding a high-tech long range binocular. Then a crimson butterfly appears and lands on the girl’s shoulder.

“Yappari, they will gonna invade Japan.” The girl removes the binocular from her eyes.

“Damn, we can’t go out in this country nor can’t able contact them.” A girl, wearing the same uniform except her blazers have tied around her waist and a pair of high-tech forearm protector, installed with electric motor with circular disc attached to the posterior area.

“Yeah, the government really shut down its connection to the outside world. In short, we’re trapped.”

“What do you think?”

“I hope Takamina and others are safe. I’m also worried to Acchan-neechan and Kojiharu-neechan.” The girl snapped her finger, thousands of crimson butterflies appeared. Then she ordered the butterflies to scatter.

“We should hide for now. We have no choice but to watch until the reinforcement will soon arrive.” The girl went to the other side of the building and jumps below.

“You’re right.” She also went to the other side, but instead of jumping down, she jumps up. Then a pair of piston grappling hooks has fired from her waist. As soon as the hook slams itself to the wall, the girl pulled herself to the hook.

Database Center, Science and Technology Department, Akiba Headquarters; Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Tuesday, 9:00 am

After the cryptic message left by the terrorist group, namely Angmonglyu (Korean, ‘Nightmare Wave’) the gang went to the place where they can able to search anything, the Database Center. This place was equipped with library filled with written and holographic books files and notes, petabyte-speed supercomputers, innovative technological tools and scientific researches and results.

On the central area of this room, is a large round table that has 3D holographic toughscreen on the table’s glass surface. Around the table, several Generals are tapping on each 3D hologram, while the others are on the library shelves and read some very thick books. Kumi, Yuria and Rena are on the supercomputer, looking for something.

“Man it’s not here.” Yuko dispersed the pixelized 3D holographic image and wearly sat down to the soft, rolling chair.

“I’m tired.” Airin threw the book she read to the table.

“Me too.” Paruru put her head on the table.

“Ne Airin, are you sure about what the terrorist group, Angmonglyu, said? Maybe they only trying to trick us.” Mayuyu asked.

“Eight corners connected each other by three axes. Four dimensions merged into one space. Two elements blended as true physical existence. One power can change anything. No mistaken, Mayuyu. They are looking for something, a power source. And I know that this message or riddle will hold the nature of this thing.”

Eight corners connected each other by three axes. That makes no sense because if you connect each corners by three axes, there still other lines that will extend outward.” Acchan said.

“Four dimensions merged into one space. What kind of dimension? Is that part of Minkowski spacetime or Euclidean geometry or non-Euclidean geometry?” Mayuyu asked.

“Two elements blended as true physical existence. There are 120+ elements; we don’t know which one of them.” Yukirin said.

“And also the last phrase.” This made the group sighed simultaneously.

“Eight corners connected each other by three axes. Four dimensions merged into one space. Two elements blended as true physical existence. One power can change anything.” Kumi whispered while thinking about the message. Then her eyes widened.

“Kuuchan, what’s wrong?” Yuria patted Kumi worriedly.

“Nothing Yurichan. Wait a second, if my assumption is right.” Kumi stood up and pulled Yuria to the holographic table.

“Kuuchan, what is it?” Yuria asked.

“I just have a hypothetical solution about this message.” That made the people in this room stopped from their doing and went to Kumi.

“Well, Kumi. What’s your solution?” Rena asked.

“I analyzed that this message is incomplete, but I guess this is a riddle so that makes sense.” Kumi explained.

And then?” Acchan asked.

“If you look closely.” Kumi drew eight points from the 3D hologram.

“This is the eight corners. And then.” The girl draws three lines on each points.

I already did that, but there’s no result if you connect each line to the point.” Acchan explained.

“There’s no result if you connect to each point. But if you do this.” Kumi then put the three-axis point to the nearest point. Then she made the lines of each point overlapped. Kumi tried again to the rest of the point, creating a geometrical figure.

“A cube was formed.” The group said.

“Exactly, so we answered the first part. Now for the second part, ‘four dimension merged into one space'. Looks like I know what dimension is referring.”

“What is it?” Yukirin asked.

“Four-dimensional Euclidean space. There are four axis, namely x-axis, y-axis, z-axis and w-axis. One of many examples of 4D Euclidean space is hypercube, duocylinder and spherinder.” Kumi then put the cube into four-dimensional space. The cube turns into hypercube.

“The third part, ‘Two elements blended as true physical existence’. I don’t think the message refers to the elements of the periodic table.”

“Really?” The group surprised.

“Physical existence refers to the whole universe. Now the question is what makes the whole universe?”

“Matter and Energy?” Jurina asked.

“Precisely, Jurina-chan. Matter and Energy are the structural components of the universe. After we complete the figure, this will answer the last part and the whole riddle.” After Kumi put the the solid (matter) and heat (energy) to the hypercube, it turns into blue 4D figure.

“Don’t tell me…” Kumi surprised at the result image.

“Impossible…” Mayuyu said.

This cannot be…” Acchan’s word when she saw the familiar image.

“How dare they will gonna use this on diabolical way?” Rena enragedly said.

“They really gonna use that? For what? What is their purpose?” Yuria asked.

“Eh? I am currently oblivious. What is that thing?” Jurina asked.

“Jurina, that thing is the terrorist group, want is what we called as.” Rena paused.

“Blue cube: Tesseract, the Governor of Space and one of the Seven Universal Components.”

Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan; Unknown time

On the outside of AKB Headquarters, we saw Yuko, Kojinyan, Takamina, Acchan, Mayuyu and Yukirin walking from the building.

“Finally, our break is here!” Yuko stretched her hands and suddenly hugged Kojinyan.

“Yuuchan! Not here!” Kojinyan tried to pacify her girlfriend but to no avail.

“But Nyannyan! I missed you!” Yuko cuddled Kojinyan’s shoulder.

“Mou~!! But I miss you too.” Kojinyan patted Yuko’s head.

“Aww, that’s cute. But you should do that later, because we’re walking on the streets and I don’t want to cause commotion here.” Takamina said.

“Yeah, and I want ice cream!” Mayuyu childishly shouted.

“Ice cream again?” Yukirin sighed. Yuko released Kojinyan from hugging and stopped walking. Then she looked from left to right.

“Yuuchan what’s wrong?” Kojinyan asked worriedly.

“Nothing Nyannyan, let go.” Yuuchan happily pulled Kojinyan.

“Mou, you scared me!” Kojinyan pouted.

“Gomen ne, Nyannyan.”

Yuko, always like that.” Acchan said.

My instinct tells me that someone was stalking to me, but I do not know where and who. Maybe it is only my stress. Oh well, gonna shrug it off.

When the group was gone away for their break, a figure, wearing a middle school uniform and full of accessories and megane, appeared behind the column of elevated train station.

I travelled in this world, just to see both you. However, I guess only stalking is the best thing I will do, Mama, papa.’ The girl went to the opposite direction and saw her friends were waiting to her.

“Hey! What take you so long?” Her friend asking her.

“Gomen ne, I just want to buy a coke, I’m thirsty.” The girl responded.

“Come on, let’s go. We have a next class and I don’t want to be scolded by sensei.” Her friend shivered in fear.

“Mah, mah. You do not need to be scared. Let’s go?” She patted her friend and went along with the group.

I wonder how my friends’ condition to my world was.


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SUPERB! *hands down

When I've read the scene with the two girls plus the middle school kid, a phrase suddenly popped on my mind
"Here comes the new challenger/s".

It seems like your terrorist are not only trying to invade Japan, but Asgard as well XD

Can't wait for your next update, just make it a bit faster XD.
Thank you for your hard work sensei~~~~ :3

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Back to the terorist..the crazy one huft
who's the kid? traveled time?
ah just wondering now, are kojharu's sibling blood related?
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Eh.. papa mama?

Who is the stalker?

Whom is she stalking?

What world?

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

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 :O :O :O

To answer your question, Minamiyuki-sama, her brain is mainly occupied by bird who fly around seeking freedom XD
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Hello everyone~!!! Sorry for the late update~!!! I will going to finish this arc as soon as possible... So here's the reply for the comments.

Rinca: LOOOOL, Challenger...  :lol: :lol: :lol: About Asgard, you will know it soon...  ;) ;) ;)
deguchi: Oh about the kid.. Yup, that kid time-travelled just to see her parents...  :) :) :)
cisda83: About that part, it will be a far progress to know about her.  :) :) :)
MaYukiIsLife: That's the reason why she has a jet. To experience of flying around like a bird.  XD XD XD

Well, here it is.. Enjoy Reading~!!!!!!  XD XD XD


Phase B: The Unexpected Meeting

Japan Airspace, Above Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, 10:00 am

After they know what the terrorist group wants to take, Takamina ordered the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 3rd Division (resided in Itami, Hyougo) and 13th Brigade (resided in Kaita, Hiroshima) and Japan Maritime to guard the place where the Blue Cube: Tesseract was located, Makizaki Mansion, Tsunoshima, Shimonoseki city. Then she ordered Mariko, Yuihan and Tomochin to go there first and take command the units. Kumi said that she want to go to the Fukuoka city to investigate since she felt something unusual.

The rest of the Generals are on board to the Boeing CH-47JA Chinook Transport helicopter.

“Hey, where’s Churi?” Yukirin asked.

“I send her to Sakae Headquarters in case of emergency. I hope she’s save inside of her jet.” Airin said.

“Here’s the classified information about Blue Cube: Tesseract.” Mayuyu put her laptop to the holographic table inside the helicopter.

“I know that the Tesseract is one of the seven components of the universe.” Yuria said.

“The seven components, or Nanauchuseibun, are composed of Space, Time, Matter, Energy, Existence, Void and Force, right? I saw that on some books I had read on National Archives. ‘There are seven things that made the whole universe. A physical region, the flow of event, a structural substance, the capacity of all things, state of reality, containment of nothingness, and power of body.’ I deciphered that sentence and it looks like it represents to the seven words that I had mentioned. ” Yuko said. Mayuyu pressed the 2D cube on the table, which turned into 3D holographic display.

“The Governor of Space, Blue Cube: Tesseract. It was said that this component has the power to manipulate space. Same as the rest of components, The Tesseract grants infinite energy that can able to modify space and creates wormholes and portals.” Mayuyu explained.

“So it means we cannot let Angmonglyu possess this thing. Or else the whole world is in danger.” Rena clenched her fist.

“Ok, my fellow Generals, I want to say that this war will start today and it is unavoidable. I know that our enemies will be much stronger than we can imagine. In any case, I cannot let anyone of you die in front of my eyes. So please, fight with your strength, to protect our friends, families and the whole world. At the same time, do not die. You all understand?” Takamina

“Hai!” All of them shout at once.

“OK, prepare what you have to prepare. We still have 20 mins until this chopper lands on Makizaki Point. Dismiss!” Takamina shouted. Then all of the generals went to their respective pairings. Acchan went to Takamina and held her hand.

Ne, Takamina. Do not worry. We can able go through this.” Acchan smiled at her.

“Acchan, I’m scared.” Takamina said.

As far as I know. A general must not fear instead trust his comrades and lead his soldiers with great courage.” Acchan said.

“But..” Her words coming to her mouth were halted as Acchan catches the midget’s lips, shutting her from talking.

No more talking any negative words, my dear little general. We still need to prepare for the incoming war. Let’s go.” Acchan went to the weapon storage and took some magazine she could carry. Despite her lover’s courage, Takamina still have uneased feelings.


“I wonder what will happen today.” Kojinyan inspected her titanium arrows.

“I don’t know.” Yuko sat in lotus position, staring to Kojinyan. The longhaired girl sensed it and faced her lover.

“You are staring me for a long time, Yuko.” Kojinyan slightly irritated.

“Oh, sorry. I’m just staring at the beautiful girl in front of me.” Yuko said.

“Your cheesy lines are more irritating; at the same time I like it.” Kojinyan blushed.


“Ne, ne, Airin. Look at those lovebirds. Too sweet, like a strawberry dipped in chocolate.” Yuria pointed to Kojiyuu pairing.

“Isn’t a strawberry sour?” Airin asked. Yuria was looking at her with annoyance.

“Nevermind.” Yuria said. Airin shrugged it and continued to load her magazines with bolts.


“Ne, Mayuyu. What you will going to do if I’m going to die?” Yukirin asked.

“I will ignore you completely.” Mayuyu straightly answered.

“Mou, hidoi~! Mayuyu never cares about me.” Yukirin pouted.

“That was a joke. Of course, I care about you. I do not know what to do if you are going to die. Like Takamina said, do not die. Is that clear?” Mayuyu asked with authoritarian voice.

“Yes, ma’am!” Yukirin saluted.


“Ne, Rena-chan? Hey, Rena-chan!” Jurina shook Rena making the older girl snapped out of the trance.

“What is it, Jurina?” Rena asked.

“You are thinking very deep. What are you thinking?” Jurina worriedly asked.

“Nothing, Jurina.” Rena smiled at the puppy with assurance.

“Well, if Rena-chan said so.” Jurina sat beside Rena and played her PS Vita. Rena still thinking about a certain person she will meet.

‘Soon, I will able to meet her. In that case, there’s no avoid in this.’


Paruru was sitting on the other side and listening to her Galaxy. Until a faint sounds were heard that she paused her music player.

At the same time, Acchan stopped from preparing her weapons. Then she looked at every direction. This made attract the attention to everyone.

“Acchan, what’s wrong?” Yukirin asked. Then Acchan looked at Paruru.

Did you?” Acchan said telepathically.

“You are not the only one Acchan.” This make Paruru stood and picked her Bo.

Missiles incoming!” After Acchan alarmed them, an explosion was heard from outside. The whole chopper was shaking very violently that it made them threw and slammed to the wall.

“Itai!” Mayuyu said. Yukirin saw Mayuyu’s head was bleeding.

“Mayuyu!” Yukirin went to Mayuyu.

“Prepare for crash, everyone!” Takamina said. The helicopter crashed to the small forest that sent all the passengers flying upward. Because of crash, they are being unconscious.


“H- He- Hey, Acchan. Acchan.” Acchan opened her eyes and saw Takamina.

Wha-what happened?” Acchan stood but she felt a pain on her left knee.

“Hey your knee is bleeding.” Takamina held Acchan’s knee.

Hey, what are you doing?” Acchan blushed because of Takamina’s action.

I’m going to tend your wound.” Takamina took her pink hankerchief and wrapped it around Acchan’s knee.

“Here, it’s done.” Takamina stood.

Arigatou.” Acchan said while still hiding her face from blushing. Acchan looked around and saw the wreckage of their helicopter ride.

“I can’t see everyone. The helicopter crashed very badly that it separate us from the rest. Luckily I found you first.” Takamina said.

Neither my clairvoyance can’t able to see them clearly. It must be jammed due to the crash.”Acchan tries to stand up along with Takamina’s help.

“Can you walk now?” Takamina asked.

Yes, I can walk. Thank you for helping me. By the way, where are we?” Acchan said.

“We’re actually on the forest region of Makizaki, Tsunoshima; one kilometer away from our destination. If my assumptions are right, the enemies are already know that we are going to guard the mansion. That means they are already in this place.” Takamina said.

Then we have to hurry right now. I know that the rest thinks the same as I am.” Acchan said.

“Then let’s go.”


When they reached to the mansion, stood 10 meters above the shore of Makizaki and connected on by the bridge, they saw many soldiers dead and covered with blood that made them disgust.

“What the hell is this monstrosity?” Takamina angrily asked.

We are too late.” Then they saw Yuko, Kojinyan, Yukirin and Mayuyu running through their right side.

“Oh my god, they are all dead.” Yuko said.

“Marichan, Tomochin and Yuihan are still inside.” Kojinyan said.

“You are right maybe they are still alive, protecting the Tesseract.”

“Everyone!” They saw Yuria, Airin, Paruru and Jurina running through them.

“What the hell is this shit?” Jurina shouted as she looked on the disgusting scene.

“The whole place was being painted with blood.” Airin said.

“Where is Rena?” Yukirin asked.

“Rena said that she will going to check below this building. She sense that something’s wrong.” Jurina said.

“Ok guys, prepare yourself. The enemies are already inside of this building. Tomochin, Mariko and Yuihan are still inside, protecting the most important artifact. We have to help them, let’s go!” Takamina unsheathed her two katanas; Yuko rotated her pair of tonfa; Acchan loaded her gun with magazine; Jurina dropped the length of her chains; Airin put the magazine on her automatic crossbow; Yukirin lengthened her retractable scythe; Mayuyu locked her sniper rifle to shoot mode; and Yuria kicked down her feet, activating the nuclear power of her roller skates. After preparing their weapons, they went inside.


“Why this place is so quiet?” Jurina asked as they are inside in the mansion. Then they heard a scream coming from the long hallway.

“Hey, that’s Mariko, Yuihan and Tomochin right?” Yuria asked panicly.

“Masaka (Don’t tell me).” The generals were flash stepping to where the source of scream was located. When they reached the place, they were shocked by the scene they saw.

Mariko, Yuihan and Tomochin are inside of Hypnopsychosis inversion magic circle, still enduring the pain due to the invisible chain that contrict them and resisting the conversion process. The Angmonglyu terrorist group surrounded the three entrapped girls while the mind-controlled Jikkai were guarding them. TaeYeon noticed them and smiling innocently.

“Oh my, looks like we have more guest coming. And look who’s here, the leader of Twelve Constellations, Takahashi Minami.” TaeYeon mocked.

“Why you.” Takamina and Yuko charged at them, with both of them releasing a wave of electric and wind attacks respectively. They saw Endo Mai stood in front of TaeYeon.

“縛道の八十一「断空」[Bakudō no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)]” A invisible wall appeared, blocking the electric and wind wave attack. Then she along with Yokoyama Rurika vanished from their position and instantly appeared above Takamina and Yuko and swinged their weapons. In reflex, both of them parried the swing and successfully got away from the mind-controlled generals.

“Damn, they are more powerful than before.” Yuko snickered.

Careful, Yuko. Dark personalities are more powerful than original personality. And with the addition of Hypnopsychosis Inversion, their strength intensifies up to 10 times.” Acchan warned.

“Ah, the conversion has been finished.” Yoona said. The remaining Juuniseiza saw the three did not resist the constriction. After the circle has vanished, the three fall on their knees, their hair covered their face. Their shock intensified as they saw the three smiling evilly. Mariko, Tomochin and Yuihan stood up, facing them with new appearance.

“Shibuya and Sado.” Yuko said with wide eyes.

“Well, hi there Yuko. Long time no see.” Tomochin smiled.

“It’s been a while Yuko.” Mariko said.

“Now this is more dangerous than Code Red” Yuko said.

“Now my wonderful puppets, time to play.” After the command, the mind-controlled Jikkai, Mariko, Yuihan and Tomochin charged the Juuniseiza and Nanatsunorai, which forced them in defense mode.

“Hey, where is Paruru?” Then they saw Paruru is on the center of the enemy. The blind girl faced the Kyoto girl.

“Yuihan. No, Otabe.” In an instant, Yuihan crashed on the ceiling. Then Paruru instantly appeared to where Yuihan crashed and thrust her Bo. Unfortunately, a clashing sound was heard that dispersed the smoke, revealing Yuihan blocked the thrust.

“And I thought you are not going to use that.” Paruru seriously said.

“That’s the old Yuihan. I’m the one that controls her body now.” Yuihan swinged her lance to Paruru, which the blind girl blocked it.

“Tsk, this will keeps getting worse.” Paruru said.


“Ah, so the war has been started.” A girl was standing on the seashore. She looked at the mansion sitting 10 meters above the searocks with only granite pillars as support. She felt a familiar aura coming behind her.

“So you have finally come, Matsui Rena.” The girl faced Rena, who is holding the activated lightsabers.

“Sandara Park, iya.” Her serious face changed into compassionate expression as she finally looking to the person that she cared.


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O-O-Onee-chan?! You mean...? Dara is actually Rena's sister in this fanfic?

MaYukiIsLife: That's the reason why she has a jet. To experience of flying around like a bird.  XD XD XD

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Oh, my!  :panic: 
They are in realy, realy bad situation..  :O  I hope with them will be okay, however, can happen anything..

Thank you for update!
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Ah... Crash... FIGHT....

Lots of troubles coming out there...

Would they be able to defeat the enemies?

Can't wait to find out

What's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

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Yuiparu battle with each other
The enemies are really strong, what they'll do then??
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Sorry guys.. I can't able to update. I'm currently focus on my Final Examination this week...  :( :( :(

But I will do my best to update as soon as possible, after the exam....  :) :) :)

For now, please enjoy reading this fic...

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Sorry for the late update guys~!!!! PLEASE READ AND ENJOY THIS UPDATE~!!!!  XD XD XD


Phase C: I’m so sorry

Hiroshima Jogakuin University, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, 10:15 am

The bell rang as the girl students appeared in front of the university. Some are running to catch their next class; others are taking a morning break. The colorful leaves danced along the wind.

A group of college girls was surprised when a girl, wearing casual clothes and holding a long sword, instantly appeared in front of them. The girl went to the group and tried to ask them.

“Hello girl. Do you mind if I ask something?” Erika asked, which the group replied with a nod.

“Is this Hiroshima Jogakuin Daigaku?”

“Hai, onee-chan.”

“Oh. Thank you. Now I must take a leave.” Erika then continued to run. In an instant, she arrived Hakushima station, Hiroshima. Erika ran on the streets, overtaking vehicles and pedestrians. Her sister, Acchan, knew that Erika is one of the fastest generals, on par with non-accelerated Takamina, with both of them did not using Shunpo. Her speed can able to outrun a Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II at maximum speed.

“I sense it, Acchan is in danger. I must hurry.” Erika instantly appeared on the top of buildings. Then she make her way to save her sister.

Makizaki shores, Tsunoshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, 10:30 am

Their long silent stare created an intense fiery atmosphere. Both of them were still holding their own weapons in case of emergency. Despite both of them are relatives, they were still enemies because of their different faction. Rena, the youngest of them, broke the silence.

“It’s been 15 years, right Sandara-neechan?” Rena tightened her hold to the lightsaber swords.

“You’re right.” Sandara replied.

“Why, neechan? Why did you killed our mother? Why did you kill all of our friends? Why did you destroy our home? Why did you destroy other villages?” Rena asked as her tears started to flow on her cheeks. Her grip to the sword tightens more.

“I-I can’t answer that.” Sandara looked away to her little sister.

“Please neechan. I know you have a reason of doing that; our mother said to me that she let you to kill her. Please, I want to know. I want to help you.” Rena whimpered. Sandara sighed and straightforwardly looked to her sister.

“If you want to know the answer, if you want to help me, then you will have to do this.” Sandara said.

“Wha-what is it?” Rena asked between in tears.

“Fight me.” Sandara picked her sword, which was stabbed on the sandshore, and then she unsheathed it. The sword looks normal, but Rena saw something far from normal. She saw the unstable distorted surrounding on the blade.

“But you know that I can’t do that. I can’t do that to my dear sister.” Rena said.

“I know, like you did last time on motorcycle chase. You’ve only disabled my ride.”

“But you have to do this. Defeat me and I will tell you everything.” Sandara revolved her sword that releases spark sound effects.

“But…” Her words did not finished as she instantly parried Sandara’s first attack.

“If you hesitate to fight me, I can able to kill you effortlessly. I’m serious even that you are my sister.” Sandara continued to assault Rena, which the latter dodges the attacks.

At this rate, she will seriously going to kill me. I must not hold back my strength. I know that she’s a lot stronger than me, but for the sake of knowing of her motivations, I will do it!

Sandara’s sword was finally parried by Rena’s lightsaber sword.

“So, you’re fighting back now.” Sandara said.

The distortion of her sword and the sparking sound, she is using Ultrasonic-bladed sword.’ Rena thought.

Sandara pushed her sword that staggers Rena backward, then she sweeped her sword upward. Rena continued to move backward and almost touch the tip. However, Sandara did not finished her attacks and she continued to slice Rena in all directions. Rena only dodged and intercepted all strikes.  Sandara instantly disappeared in front of Rena. Rena sensed that her sister is behind but her reflex was too late as she felt a stinging sensation on her back.

“Gah!” Rena moved away to Sandara and saw her blood dropping to the sands. She saw Sandara rotating the sword filled with her blood.

“It seems the battle has begun. I heard the explosion coming from the mansion.” Sandara said and point to her right. Rena looked and saw the smoke coming from the mansion. Despite blur, she saw two dots flying away from the mansion.

“Looks like I have no time left. I need to finish this.” Rena saw a spark coming from Sandara’s hand. As Sandara moved her hand, the flame instantly appeared to the hand’s path and disappeared. Sandara punched the ground, creating a fissure of fire that moves toward Rena. Despite being weak due to Sandara’s backstabbing attack, she siderolled to evade the flames. Then she saw the fire instantly disappeared.

Shit, damn that molecular acceleration.’ Rena thoughtfully cursed.

“Like I said, I won’t hold back. Even I will use this power.” Sandara sweeped her sword many times, creating series of moving firewaves going to Rena. Rena siderolled many times, but the last firewave hit on her leg causing her to stumble.

“Kyaaa~!!!!” Rena screamed painfully.

“Why, Rena? Why you don’t use your power to attack me? Why only dodge and parry my strikes?” Sandara asked.

Rena shut-off her lightsaber swords and put it on her belt.

“I can’t.” Rena smiled. Sandara bend down her head and tighten the hold to her sword.

“In that case…” Sandara instantly disappeared. A tearing flesh sound echoes on the silent beach.

Rena coughed many times and saw her blood coming from her coughs. Then she saw Sandara is already in front of her, the sword was already on Rena’s body near to her heart, plunging deeper until the tip is coming out from her back. Blood was flowing through Sandara’s sword. Her hands drop down and her vision was blurred.

“Onee-chan…” Rena tearfully said. She saw tears coming from Sandara’s eyes.

“I’m so sorry.” Sandara pulled out the sword as Rena’s body falling drop to the sands. She cleaned her sword filled with blood and put it on the scabbard.

“I’m going to leave this place before they saw me here.” Before she leave, an explosion appeared behind her. Then she felt an intense aura that she known a decade ago.

“Ne, okotteru?” Sandara heard a maniacal laugh.

“You’re going to be kidding me.” When she turned around, Sandara widened her eyes in surprise. She saw Rena was already in front of her, and instantly hold her left arm.

“Shit.” Suddenly an explosion engulfed them followed by a smoke.

“추진 점화 [Chujin Jeomhwa (Ignition Propulsion)].” A large jet of flame appeared on the smoke that rising diagonally, sending someone very far from the seashore, splashing to the sea. The smoke disappeared, revealing Sandara massaging her left arm that was being covered by smoke.

“Damn, if I don’t accelerate the molecules to create a barrier, I would lost my left arm.” The smoke dissipated, revealing her left arm having a burnt injury.

“Rena, before you fight me again, control your inner demon first. That’s the first step of becoming stronger.” Sandara take a glimpse for while to Rena, who was being washed by the sea, away from the shore, then she left the place.

Mansion in Makizaki Point, Tsunoshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, 11:15 am

The whole place was totally in damage. Glasses scattered everywhere, furnitures are totally destroyed and electronics are wreck out. Despite of that, the battle still continues, or so we thought.

Yukirin was sent flying and slammed to the wall, Mayuyu was sitting on the corner while the knives are stabbed to her body, Jurina receives too much wounds and blood loss that makes her lay down to the ground and unconscious, Yuko was being covered by the rocks and stones made from Mariko’s attack, Airin receives large cuts coming from Kaede and Takamina and Harunyan are nowhere to be found and the rest that still not controlled are totally downed. The only General that was still breathing is Acchan.

“I’ve got now the Blue Cube: Tesseract.” Yoona put the Tesseract to the fiberglass container.

“Now, what shall we do? How about we should have additional collection to our puppets?” Chae-rin said.

“Good idea, Chae-rin. Another more slaves to be created. Ok girls, spread out.” Taeyeon commanded.

“Ok my puppets wait here, while we will make them into your playmates.” Sunye said. Mariko, Tomochin and the rest nodded.

The terrorists went to each down girls and proceed to summon the circle, and then used the Hypnopsychosis Inversion Spell.

No… Please…’ Acchan’s vision was being blurred but she saw Yeeun coming to her.

“Oh what we have here. You are still conscious. Now don’t worry dear, you will be joining them.” Acchan look to the others who are still in the process of conversion.

“KYAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!!” She saw Yuria, Airin, Jurina, Mayuyu, Yuko and Paruru screams in pain while resisting of being converted into a puppet.  The circle surrounds her followed by the massive shock causing her screaming in pain.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH~!!!!!!” Acchan screamed. Her vision was being blur further. Until…


Before the invisible chains from the circle touches the body, Acchan vanished instantly.

“What the hell? Where did she go?” Yeeun shocked.

Looking for me?” The unknown figure backhand chopped Yeeun, causing her to stop the spell and being staggered for a while. Yeeun saw the rest felt the same fate like her. Then she saw the bodies inside the circle are gone.

You’re still looking for me? Here I am.” Yeeun saw the girl standing on the corner where the Tesseract formerly rest.

“You! I thought you’re done.” Yeeun angrily asked.

That was your question? Well to answer that, Acchan was almost done until I forcefully switch from her to me for the control of this body. And to answer to all of your curiosity out there, I’m Acchan’s inner demon.” Hinako said. Then she looked to Acchan’s friends.

Looks like I managed to save them just in time before they become like them.

“What the hell? Then how?” Yeeun asked. Then Hinako suddenly appeared in front of Rurika and Mai.

Στολιδάκη Σατανικών [Stolidaki Satanikon (Infernal Geyser)].” Acchan fires pillars of flame coming from both of her fist, which propels her back to the original position while Rurika and Mai was being hit by the flame and pushed them to the wall. In an instant, she suddenly appeared above Mariko and axe kick her. The kick hit Mariko’s head that sent her body down to the floor. Tomochin fired several vines to Acchan, which the latter sweep her hands, creating a wave of fire that instantly disintegrated the vines. Rurika and Mai instantly appeared behind Acchan and tried to backstab her. Acchan sense it and point her gun to the attackers on her back, then fire the gun. The two avoid it but not the wide kick that sent them a couple of meters.

Then Acchan saw something.

She’s here.

Makizaki Forest, Tsunoshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, 11:35 am

“Foxtrot-seven any signs of enemies, over?” One of the helicopters was guarding the mansion.

“Negative, Charlie-three. Looks like it is clear.”

On the forest, four dozen of soldiers are currently standby. Suddenly the bush moved making some of the soldiers alert their attention.

“Who’s there?” The soldier carefully approach to the bush.

“Is someone there?”

“Clear, si-.” The soldier did not finish his statement as the blood splattered.

“Who’s there?” Another bush was moving.

“Fire that thing!” The soldiers fire their guns to the bush. Then they stopped shooting but the soldiers are still on alert despite the bush is not moving now. Suddenly a woman appeared in front of three soldiers and swinging the sword in 360 motion, slicing them. The remaining soldiers are firing to the woman, but her speed seems to be impossible for the bullet to catch her.

The two helicopters are in alert when they heard the sound of fire. Then a missile was coming to the one of the helicopters, sending it to the deep forest. The remaining helicopter looking at every direction and firing its gatling gun to the forest.

Instantly the woman appeared 10 meters in front of the helicopter.

“You’re dead now, woman.” The pilot press the button that makes the gatling gun fire to the girl. However, the girl, swiftly slice all of the bullets coming to her.

“What the hell?”

“神鳴流「斬鉄閃」[Shinmeiryuu: Zantetsusen (Gods’ Cry Technique: Iron-cutting Flash].” The girl sweeped her sword upward directly to the helicopter, then after she flicked the windshield, the helicopter was sliced into two. The girl used the other half of the helicopter to crash it on the top of the mansion.

Mansion in Makizaki Point, Tsunoshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, 11:55 am

Acchan felt the mansion is moving and heard the crash coming from above. Then it followed by the sound of multiple gunfire which also followed by the clashing metals. Acchan moved a little and looked above.

“神鳴流「斬岩剣」[Shinmeryuu: Zanganken (Gods’ Cry Technique: Rock-cutting Sword)].” Acchan saw the ceiling fell down.

You came, Erika.” Acchan said.

“Damn, and I thought you’re Acchan.” Erika jump down from the hole of the ceiling. She saw Yuko, Yuria, Airin, Jurina, Yukirin, Mayuyu and Paruru are lying down to the floor, beside Acchan.

“Are they…” Erika asked.

Nope, I managed to save them before they’re turn into them.” Acchan pointed to the group.

“What in the world? Mariko, Tomomi and Yui are… And the Blue Cube: Tesseract. No choice, Acchan, no, Hinako, you stay here, while I will deal with them.” Erika pulled out her five-foot long nodachi from its scabbard.

No need to tell me that. I already did that now.” Acchan load her guns in ready.

The twin sisters will face the nightmare that soon engulfs the whole world.


To be continued
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 :? :shocked

This is surprising... Korea vs Japan.... I hope the girls will save the world....
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Ah... split personality for Atsuko...

Great twist there...

Would Atsuko and Erica be able to defeat the Korean?

Would they be able to help their friends?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Hinako! Nice~
ah what about Rena? Someone help her..
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Wow nice!
Thank you for your update!
Looking forward to your next update  :)
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Holy shiii* I haven't dropped into this site for ages and now there's bunch of interesting fics to catch up!

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Phase C: True or False
"I want to tell to you about your family lineage and their secrets. Especially Acchan, Takamina, Yuko, Kojinyan, Yukirin, Mayuyu, Paruru, Yuria, Kumi, Captain Sasshi and you, Erica.” Meetan said. The mentioned one flinched as their eyes lock on the former General."

but for some reasons paruru and erica isn't mention on Phase E: Why do you hurting me like this?
which to my surprise and the last people to be told about their ansestry is jurina, rena and airin. Though I want to know about Acchan and Erica being twins because of the 29 days older thing somewhere here.

but since I've finished the whole story plus having good and great plot it was amazing ^__^

next update please  =)
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HELLO~!!!! I manage to update before the start of our class..

MaYukiIsLife: Don't worry, they will.  :) :) :)
cisda83: Thanks for your comment...  :) :) :)
deguchi: Thanks you..  :) :) :)
Megumi: Thank you for reading on my fic...  :) :) :)
yuuri14: Thanks for your comment. As for Paruru and Erika's ancestry, I will reveal on my later update.  :) :)

And now... ENJOY READING~!!!!  XD XD XD


Phase D: Prologue of the Nightmare

Mansion in Makizaki Point, Tsunoshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan; Wednesday, 12:10 pm

Erika unsheathes her 5-foot long nodachi as she stops from walking 5 meters away from the mind-controlled crowd. She knows that her sister, Acchan, have no condition to fight as evidence of bleeding knee. The appearance of Rurika and Mai along the rest of Ten Commandments makes her glad but at the same time she sad that they are fallen to the darkness.

“Yo, Rurika, Mai. It’s been a while ne?” Erika said.

“Why are you gone, Erika?” Rurika smiled.

“You asked? Because I promised myself that I will save you all.” Erika retorted.

“You don’t need to save us. We are glad that they made us their slaves. Come, join us.” Mai offered.

“No thanks. I like rather to die than to become puppet.” Erika said.

“In that case, we will make you like us, by force!” Rurika and Mai flash-step instantly appeared near in front of Erika. Rurika pick her two hookswords that sling on her back, and tries to slash her. Mai unsheathes her zweihander and tries to slash her. Erika tightens her hold to the long scabbard.

“剃刀収束 [Kamisori Shuusoku (Razor Convergence)]” Erica parries their attack. The nodachi blocks Rurika’s two hookswords, while the scabbard slices Mai’s zweinhander. Erika pushes with her nodachi, which makes Rurika skids to the ground while being pushed back several feet away.

“神鳴流「秘剣、百花繚乱」 [Shinmeiryuu “Hiken”: Hyakka Ryouran (God’s Cry Technique “Hidden Sword”: Profusion of a hundred flowers]” Erika slams her scabbard to ground, creating a linear wave of energy, moving towards Mai. In desperation, Mai unclipped her metallic whip to the belt. Then a red fluid appears and envelops the whip.

“Вермилион Вълна [Vermilion Vulna (Vermillion Wave)]” Mai whips to the ground, creating a bloody linear wave, clashing to Erika’s wave. Both of the waves explode. Erika instantly appears to Rurika, setting a duel to her, exchanging slashes at high-speed rate. Yuihan appears behind Erika, with her whole arm coated by molten magma, and then tries to punch her.

Oh come on. This is not fair.’ Erika parries Rurika’s attack, and then pushes her away. She executes front flip, kicking Yuihan’s arm that has not enveloped by magma. When Yuihan’s staggered, Erika roundhouse kicks her to back, sending Yuihan to the wall. Erika saw Mariko firing large earth spear to her.

“神鳴流「斬岩剣」 [Shinmeiryuu: Zanganken (Gods’ Cry Technique: Rock-cutting Sword)].” Erika swings her sword to the earth spear, slicing it in process. Kaede instantly appeared in front of her.

Damn, our Space Manipulator, Hashimoto Kaede.’ Kaede tries to slashes her but Erica parries it.

Just like I thought, she’s using ‘Cross-sectional Divider’. Luckily, I counter it using my ‘Razor Convergence’ or else this place will be destroyed.’ Erika thought.

Erika, we need to get out of here. Most of us in here are not in condition to fight. What’s more, we are much outnumbered. If we continue this, we will be end up like them.’ Acchan telepathically talk to Erika.

But how? They already block the exits.’ Erika thought. She avoids Mai’s whip attack while smashing her scabbard to Kaede, sending her to the wall. Rurika sends an acidic wave attack.

“縛道の八十一「断空」 [Bakudō no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)], Seven-layer Formation.” Seven translucent walls appeared in front of Erika. The first wall blocks Rurika’s acidic wave attack. As Erika’s expectation, the wall melts and the wave continue to move only to be meet by the second wall. Erika knows the limit of her friend’s acidic techniques, those attacks can melt the wall defense, but not too many. Erika saw Tomochin firing thorn vines to her followed by plant spikes. She slices those vines in quick succession then rotates her sword.

“旋風嵐刃 [Senpuu Ranha (Whirlwind Stormblade)]” Erika fires several saw-like wind cutter through her rotating sword, slicing through plant spikes. The whirling blades continue to Tomochin, which Yuihan blocks it by using magma wall.

Slice this building into two.’ This makes Erika look at her with surprised face.

‘What the hell? Then we will be buried down by debris!’ Erika noticed Yuihan’s magma wave and she summon Danku, Nine-layer Formation.

That’s not what I meant. You will cut this building vertically, separating them to us. Then let the half, where we stand, fall to the sea. I have a plan after that.’ Acchan said in Erika’s mind.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. But I don’t have a choice.” Erika pushes Yuihan’s spear. Then she jumps back to Acchan. The mind-controlled Generals tried to follow them.

Φωτιά Τοίχο: Αμυντική Φόρμα [Fotia Toicho: Amyntiki Forma (Firewall: Defensive Form)]” Acchan fired her gun horizontally 3 meters away from her. Then the fire grew and slowly solidified.

“神鳴流「斬岩剣」 [Shinmeiryuu: Zanganken (Gods’ Cry Technique: Rock-cutting Sword)].” Erika rotated her body in full revolution while in mid-air, parallel to the floor. After that, she managed to pass through the fire before it fully solidified. The rest of them stops its track, a fully solidified flame means it completely unpassable, not even Yuihan’s volcanic blast can’t able to pierce it.

縛道の八十一「断空」 [Bakudō no Hachijūichi: Danku (Way of Binding #81: Splitting Void)], Three-layer formation.” The firewall disappeared revealing Acchan, Erika and several downed Generals are on the side of the triple-layered translucent wall. Acchan throws a little rock and hits to the ground.

“What are you doing?” Mariko asked.

“Just watch.” After Erika finished her statement, the building where Acchan, Erika and the rest moved while Taeyeon and the rest are still standing. They realize what they're doing and look to the ground. The ground was splitting, no; the whole building was splitting into two.

The part where we stand is facing to the sea. The only support is the two pillars from below. Slicing the mansion vertically will slightly move the part. I have thrown the rock to the place where you slice, so that the part where we stand will unbalance. Then I will cast bakudo to protect us from the falling debris.’ Acchan thought to Erika.

No wonder.’ Erika thought.

“That’s my power, ladies. I can able to cut through anything; even the hardest diamonds can’t able to stand up against my cutting force.”

Except Adamantium, Orichalcum or anything that has the same hardness as them. Like Akane’s jet that has made from Adamantium-Orichalcum Carbon Nanotube Hyperalloy and I wonder how the bird could able to create that alloy.’ Erika thought.

“This is suicide you know, Acchan.” Erika said.

I know, but this is better than become like them.” Acchan replied.

“Well, I hope someone will able to find us.”

Yeah. I hope.

The Taeyeon and the rest watch the halved-building crashed to the sea. Then she turns around and walks away while bringing the Blue Cube: Tesseract.

“Let’s go. It’s time to rule this world.” The rest follow her suit.

Shore near Munakata Shrine, Munakata, Fukuoka, Japan; 3 days later, Saturday, 4:45 pm

A girl, who wears General’s uniform and brings skateboard, walking on the shores of Munakata. It has been three days since the unknown signal engulfs the whole world, turning people into mindless puppets with their shadow side surface and possesses the body. The people they know become violent, destroying anything within their sight, turning the world into chaos. Four of the five headquarters in Japan tried to activate the force field, but they already fallen to the dark side, leaving only one intact headquarters in Japan. In short, their last hope to save the world.

To avoid being converted, the girl activated the ‘Vector Field’ to herself, shielding her from unwanted frequency signature as she walking to the sands. Then she saw many small debris coming from the sea.

“Eh? Building rocks? Where did those came from?” The girl keeps walking until she saw a pyramid-shaped crystal with large building debris inside.

“That’s a Tozanshou (Inverse Mountain Crystal) and I only know some people can able to cast that large, which means.”  Kumi felt the fear coming through her. Her fear intensifies while walking nearer to the crystal structure. Kumi widened her eyes as her fear become reality; finally saw what is inside of the large building debris.


Unknown location; Sunday, 2:05 pm

The girl slowly opened her eyes as she tries to focus her vision.

“W-w-where am I-i-i?” She tried to stand up only later to be stopped by shackles to her hand that was connected to the wall by chains.

“It seems that you’re wake up, Takahashi Minami.” Her vision was finally cleared as she looked to the source of the voice.

“Sandara Park.” Takamina said with audible voice.

“Here.” Sandara gives the food to Takamina.

“I don’t need it. My friends are already died. The whole world will be succumbed to the darkness. What’s the point of living?”  Takamina said.

“. . . . . .” Sandara was silently looking at Takamina.

“I want to die.” Takamina requested.

“You don’t need to request it, Takahashi. 6 weeks from now, you will be executed in front of the 30,000 people and broadcasted all around the world, along with Kojima Haruna.” This makes Takamina’s ears flinched.

“Kojiharu? Is she alive?” Takamina weakly asked.

“Yes. And just like you, she also in weakened state. The execution of both of you will be marked as the new beginning of Taeyeon’s rule to the world.” Sandara explained.

“And I know that they will come.” Takamina understand what Sandara said.

“How can you tell?” Takamina asked.

“She has some unfinished business to me. That’s why I believe in her.”

Unknown Location; Sunday, 2:30 pm

The girl is standing in front of the large reactor. On the center of the reactor is the Blue Cube: Tesseract, floating and releasing energy, powering the whole structure.

“Now, let the whole world plunge into the darkness. The Prologue of the Nightmare!” Then the diabolic laugh echoes through the whole building.


End of Chapter 10

Next chapter would be Chapter 11: Kurumi to Dialogue
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whoaaaa it's just getting serious!!!
and Takamina!!!!
who's the last part?
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I'll be waiting for it I really wanted to know
how they become twins😀
and ofcourse paruru's story 😊

this is getting more dangerous...

thanks for the update 😉👍
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Thank you for your update!!
Can't wait to read your next update  :inlove:
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Ah... Execution...

Would they be able to escape from the execution?

Would Atsuko be able to save them?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out'

Thank you for the update

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HEY YO~!!! UPDATE TIME~!!!! Cause tomorrow is the start of my 1st Trimester.  XD XD XD

deguchi: Actually, that's Taeyeon.  :) :) :)
yuuri14: This update will reveal Erika and Paruru's ancestral lineage.. Thanks for reading...  XD XD XD
nguyen23: Thanks for reading my fic...  XD XD XD

Now here it is.. ENJOY READING~!!!!


Chapter 11: Kurumi to Dialogue

Phase A: Entering Mind Realm

Unknown Location; 7 days from now, Monday, 10:00 am

The sound of chirping birds fills to the room, waking the girl.

Soft bed? Where am I?” The girl slowly opens her eyes then she sits on the bed. She looks at the birds perching on the metal beams above her.

“Ah. You’re awake, Atsuko-neechan.” She saw the girl came from the door.

Kumi, where am I?

“We are in Hakata Headquarters. The last surviving headquarters that did not affected by the unknown frequency signal.” Kumi said.

I remember it, so that’s why. No wonder that I can see flower field 150 meters from here. And I saw Churi playing with the birds while her plane is on the other side.” Acchan said.

“I don’t know if she’s using her bird manipulation to attract them or the birds are started to like her. By the way, I’m surprised the range of your Clairvoyance, you could able to see the whole island even you’re sitting in the bed.” Kumi smiled.

Where are the rest?” Acchan asked.

“Yuria was awaked, but she’s still on the bed. Erika is on the rooftop of this building. Airin went to Churi. Paruru, Yuko, Jurina, Mayuyu and Yukirin are still sleeping. As of Rena…” Kumi’s voice trailed.

“What is it?”

She is still in critical condition. The stab near the heart really put her in near-comatose state, but it is not lethal. In overall, she will recover 3 more days.” Kumi said.

How about Takamina and Kojinyan?

“About that, we can’t able to find them. My prediction is they are being captured by the enemies.” This makes Acchan’s shoulder drops. Kumi tried to cheer her.

Don’t worry about me, I’m happy that they are still alive. We can still able to save them.” Acchan gives to Kumi a reassuring smile.

Nokonoshima Island Park, Hakata Headquarters, Fukuoka, Japan; Monday, 10:05 am

Airin looks at the wide flower field, searching her partner. She wears sleeveless shirt and black jeans. Her bandage binds below her breast and above the abdomen, due to her broken ribs. She brings her automatic crossbow, which was slinging to her back. Her search was ended when she saw the girl sitting on the field of flowers, being surrounded by the birds.

Wow, Akane is more beautiful today.’ Truth to be told, Churi wears white dress. Her gun was lying to the ground. With addition to her beautiful smile, Airin would saw a heaven walking on the earth. Churi felt that she’s being watch and look to the source, only her eyes met to her partner’s eyes.

Airin, I’ve never thought you could this cool.’ Churi was mesmerized by Airin’s appearance. She couldn’t take her eyes away as she follow looking to her while Airin walks nearer to her. Airin then stops 1 meter away from Churi.

“Wow, Akane. You’re an angel falling from the sky.” Airin sits beside Churi as the girl giggles at her partner’s compliment.

“Thanks. You too. You’re cooler at that appearance.” Their compliment follows by silence but only chirping birds were heard.

Airin make her move, by moving closer to Churi, which she did not mind. Their eyes still connected, mesmerized each other. When Airin is in the right position, she tried to kiss her.

I suggest you do that later, Airin. You still have rib injuries. Aside from that, I’m not the only one who was watching both of you.’ This makes both of them snapped their hypnotic trance. When they realized their situation, they blushed like a red tomato.

“Mou, Acchan! You’ve suddenly appeared out of nowhere when I’m almost there.” Airin frustrated which Churi giggled to her.

“Atsuko-sama was right; she’s not the only one.” Akane said on Churi’s Digiwatch. Churi noticed Airin’s black hairpin.

“Charisma is not your gift, but the real one is Seductive Magnetism, right?” Churi was lying to the flowerbed.

“Yeah, that’s my real gift. Everytime I pull out this hairpin, chaos happens. Even I, myself, was not immune to my own gift that I cannot activate it without putting the Psionic Barrier Fortress on. But who knows, maybe sooner or later, I can control it.” Airin followed her suit.

“Ganbatte~!!” Airin and Churi look to the blue sky as their eyes closes, falling to the sleep.

Rooftop of Central Building, Hakata Headquarters, Nokonoshima, Fukuoka, Japan; Monday 11:00 am

You’re still in deep thought, Erika.” The girl looked behind and saw Acchan. She is wearing gray sleeveless shirt under her three-button opened polo and blue short jeans. Her left knee was binded by medical bandage.

“I wonder if my father was worried about me.” Erika continued to look under the sky while sitting on the edge of the building. She felt Acchan sit beside her.

Yup, Erika. Your father, the God of the Moon: Tsukuyomi was worried about you. But I think he believes in you.” Acchan said.

“Thanks, Atsuko.” Erika smiled.

Say, how come that our age difference is only 29 days.” Acchan smiled.

“You already know that. Luckily, that our mother is not normal human or else she will die before you born. Bearing a twin that one has a blood of a dragon and one has a blood of a god, was really dangerous.” Erika giggled.

That’s why mama let you born first. I am still in development stage despite that both of us are already in matured stage.” Acchan said.

“I’m happy that you’re my twin sister.” Erika said.

Archaeon, my father, that’s an English name. The greek one is Αρχαίων (Arkhaion). He’s a Primordial Dragon as far as I know.” Acchan said.

“Yeah, and that makes you an old woman, cause your father is an ancient.” Erika giggled.

Hey! You and I are twins, so I am not an old woman.” Acchan pouted. They look each other then giggled.

I will save Takamina and Kojinyan.” Acchan looked to her palm. Erika pats Acchan’s shoulder.

“We will save them, and the world.” Erika smiled to her, which Acchan make a smile.

Shimazaki Haruka’s room, Medical Department, Hakata Headquarters, Nokonoshima, Fukuoka, Japan;

Paruru was playing in her Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet when she heard a knock to the door. This makes her eyebrow arched.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Paruru looks like she knows who the other side of the door was. When the door opens, Paruru closes her tablet and close her eyes.

“Papa, why are you here.” Paruru asked.

“Why am I here? I just want to visit you, that’s all.” Her father sits beside Paruru’s bed.

“How’s mama? Is she fine?” Paruru asked.

“She’s in heaven. Protected by my father and your grandfather. The unknown wave maybe able to sink this world in the depths of nightmare, but it cannot reach to the heaven.” This makes Paruru sighed in relief.

“But that’s not what I came here for.” Her father said.

“If you want to save the world, you need to be stronger.”

“How?” Paruru asked.

“I will tell it after your full recovery.”

Basement of Science and Technology Department, Hakata Headquarters, Nokonoshima, Japan; 3 days later, Thursday, 2:00 pm

The mechanical sliding steel door opens, revealing Acchan, Yuko, Kumi, Yuria, Jurina, Rena, Airin, Yukirin, Mayuyu and Erika. The group enters to the large facility filled with state-of-the-art computers, large monitors pinned on the metallic wall and holographic displays. On the center of the facility are two sets of fifteen pods surrounding the two pillars per set.

“Ah you come.” Kitarie said and motioning them to come to where she stands. The group saw another person beside Kitarie.

“Ah, Kitarie. Who’s that person?” Yuria asked. Before Kitarie could answer, Paruru introduce her father to them.

“That person is Maori God of Earthquake, Rūaumoko.” Paruru said. This makes the group widened their eyes.


“And also, he’s my father.” This follows by the minute of silence, and then it follows by…


“What a perfect unison.” Churi giggled as she continues her work.

“Thanks for taking care of my cold, salty daughter. Arigatou Gozaimasu.” Rūaumoko bows to them in 90 degrees.

“No, no, no, no. Please don’t bow to us, Rūaumoko-sama.” Yuria panicked.

“Nah, my daughter’s friend is my friend too whether it is human, demigod or other species.” He smiled to them.

“There’s the reason why I bring you here. Do you want to get stronger?” The group nodded.

“Do you want to save the world?” They nodded again.

“Good. Now before that, I will explain something. After the unknown wave releases out of nowhere, I observed the behavior of the humans. When the wave passes, they have experience heavy headaches. Several minutes have passed, they stand and laugh like a crazy animal. But what I notice is not just a crazy laugh, their inner demon has totally possess the body. After the possession, as the evidence of their crazy laugh, it soon follows by a focused stare. After that they walk like nothing happen.”

“It looks like it’s the same as Hypnopsychosis Inversion Spell, but on large scale.” Kumi said.

“You’re right, Yagami Kumi. Moreover, this is the reason that you need training. This training.” Ruaumoko showed to them several pods.

“Takayanagi Akane, can you explain to the training they will experience.”

“As you can see, these pods are connected to the pillar. Once you are inside the pod, your consciousness will be inside of your inner world. This training, that the God of Earthquake suggested, is to fight your inner demon inside of your inner world. Once you defeat them, the inner demon will lend their powers, thus you can able to use them. Take note, the damage you will take in the inner world will be processed by your brain; in short you will also deal physical damage.” This makes the group look at her with widened eyes.

“Takayanagi Akane, Kitahara Rie and Takajo Aki are already finished the training. So it’s your turn now.” Paruru’s father said.

“Now please lie down to each respective pods, if you may.” Kitarie assists the Generals lying down to each pods. When the Generals are already lying down, the pods are closing. Churi press several buttons, which the pods were powered up. Then Churi press the red button, activating the machine.

“Sweet dreams, guys.” Then their world shuts down like a TV turning off.

Maeda Atsuko’s inner world

Acchan appears the place where she remembered, Tel Aviv, Israel.

“This is the place where you out of control, Acchan.” She saw Hinako coming from the dust wind.

“Hinako.” Acchan said.

“If you want my powers, you will have to take it. By force.” As soon Hinako said that, a raging burst of flame surrounds her.

“You don’t need to say that, Hinako.” Acchan’s gun suddenly appears to her hands out of nowhere.

I forgot that this is my inner world.

“Bring it on.” When Acchan finished loading her gun, the large explosion of flame surrounds her. The battle of the flame has begun.


To be Continued

Next part:
Phase B: Dark World: Raging Conflagration
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I really like the part when they were all shocked and say "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEH" in unison.
Though i'll like it more if they all shouted, longer. XD
And you did interrupt that Furuyanagi moment like what you told me on facebook.

How dare you. XD

Anyways, will there be a third update this week? Don't you stress yourself too much (but it will be nice if there will be another update).  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Airin looks at the wide flower field, searching her partner. She wears sleeveless shirt and black jeans. Her bandage binds below her breast and above the abdomen, due to her broken ribs. She brings her automatic crossbow, which was slinging to her back. Her search was ended when she saw the girl sitting on the field of flowers, being surrounded by the birds.

“Atsuko-sama was right; she’s not the only one.” Akane said on Churi’s Digiwatch. Churi noticed Airin’s black hairpin.

“Charisma is not your gift, but the real one is Seductive Magnetism, right?” Churi was lying to the flowerbed.

“Yeah, that’s my real gift. Everytime I pull out this hairpin, chaos happens. Even I, myself, was not immune to my own gift that I cannot activate it without putting the Psionic Barrier Fortress on. But who knows, maybe sooner or later, I can control it.” Airin followed her suit.

Crossbows, broken ribs and birds.... XD

But..... Ha...Ha... OMG XD I can imagine said chaos that can occur when Airin takes off said hairpin....
Well...... XD Seductive Magnetism.....
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You’re still in deep thought, Erika.” The girl looked behind and saw Acchan. She is wearing gray sleeveless shirt under her three-button opened polo and blue short jeans. Her left knee was binded by medical bandage.

“I wonder if my father was worried about me.” Erika continued to look under the sky while sitting on the edge of the building. She felt Acchan sit beside her.

Yup, Erika. Your father, the God of the Moon: Tsukuyomi was worried about you. But I think he believes in you.” Acchan said.

“Thanks, Atsuko.” Erika smiled.

Say, how come that our age difference is only 29 days.” Acchan smiled.

“You already know that. Luckily, that our mother is not normal human or else she will die before you born. Bearing a twin that one has a blood of a dragon and one has a blood of a god, was really dangerous.” Erika giggled.

That’s why mama let you born first. I am still in development stage despite that both of us are already in matured stage.” Acchan said.

“I’m happy that you’re my twin sister.” Erika said.

Archaeon, my father, that’s an English name. The greek one is Αρχαίων (Arkhaion). He’s a Primordial Dragon as far as I know.” Acchan said.

“Yeah, and that makes you an old woman, cause your father is an ancient.” Erika giggled.

Hey! You and I are twins, so I am not an old woman.” Acchan pouted. They look each other then giggled.
Phase B: Dark World: Raging Conflagration

Erika is making fun of Acchan 😄 sister love
a demigod and a Primordial Dragon

“That person is Maori God of Earthquake, Rūaumoko.” Paruru said. This makes the group widened their eyes.


“And also, he’s my father.” This follows by the minute of silence, and then it follows by…


“What a perfect unison.” Churi giggled as she continues her work.

“Thanks for taking care of my cold, salty daughter. Arigatou Gozaimasu.” Rūaumoko bows to them in 90 degrees.

“No, no, no, no. Please don’t bow to us, Rūaumoko-sama.” Yuria panicked.

surprise haha they were like 😨😨
Paruru's dad look kind and yet his daughter
is the opposite of him haha...

thank you for the update.
to their inner minds 👉👉👉👍👍👍👍
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Some members are going to get stronger

Would they be able to save Minami and Haruna?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

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Hello guys~!!!! Sorry for the very long wait...

Rinca: That "EEEEEEEEEHHHH?" reaction, totally priceless. And the Furuyanagi interruption. XD XD XD
MaYukiIsLife: That gift, total chaos.. XD XD XD
yuuri14: Here's the world of inner mind~!! :) :) :)
cisda83: Thank you for reading. :) :) :)

And now, here's the update.. ENJOY READING~!!!!!!!


Phase B: Dark World: Raging Conflagration

Maeda Atsuko’s inner world

The battle rages on as both fighters exchanging their strikes while the firestorm surrounds them, dancing along with their movement. Acchan suddenly appeared behind Hinako and tried to kick her on the head. Hinako saw the attack, using her right arm to catch Acchan’s feet, surprised the General. The other girl held Acchan’s foot and threw her away.

That strength.’ While in the midair, Acchan saw Hinako summoning a flame from her hand.

Φωτιά Τοίχο: Επίθεση Φόρμα [Fotia Toicho: Epithesi Forma (Firewall: Assault Form)]” Hinako swung the flame downward, creating a large wall of fire, moving to Acchan at alarming speed.

You have got to be kidding me.’ Acchan swung her arm then fired her gun on the ground.

Φωτιά Τοίχο: Αμυντική Φόρμα [Fotia Toicho: Amyntiki Forma (Firewall: Defensive Form)]” A wall of fire appears in front of her, blocking the incoming large wall of fire.

“Do you ever think that is all?” Acchan widened her eyes as Hinako suddenly appeared behind her. She realized that she is still in the midair, parallel to the ground. Before she could act, Hinako kneed on her abdomen very hard. That made Acchan sent flying across the plains and finally rolling on the ground.

Shit, she’s more powerful than before.’ Acchan tried to stand up. Instead, Hinako stomped her hard, putting the injured girl to much weakened state.

“Hmph, too boring.” Hinako turned around and looked under the sky. Before she could walked away, Hinako cannot able to lift her feet up. She looked below and saw Acchan holding her feet. Despite weakened, she still has some strength left.

“This is not the end. I have not done yet.” Acchan weakenedly said.

“You are still do not give up?” Hinako asked.

“As long as I have any breath left. I will not give up.” Acchan pulled Hinako’s leg, which surprised the inner demon. While her opposite was in the midair, Acchan curled her fingers to the palm of her right hand, into the fist. She slapped the ground using her left hand, which releasing blast of flame that recoiled her from the ground.

Στολιδάκη Σατανικών [Stolidaki Satanikon (Infernal Geyser)].” As soon as Acchan’s fist connected to Hinako’s chest while in the midair, a very large pillar of flame fired from her hand. The pillar reached to the sky, wiping out any clouds above. After the pillar disappeared, Acchan fall back to the ground. She saw the body, still on fire, fell several meters away from her.

I did it.’ Acchan breathed rapidly and looked under the sky. However, before she could celebrate, Acchan did not saw her opponent standing up.

“You have got to be kidding me, right?” Acchan widened her eyes when she heard those words coming from her inner demon. She looked at Hinako and surprised but slightly relieved that the attack has great effect to her, as shown that Hinako could barely able to stand up.

That’s what I’m trying to say. You are still can able to stand? I had put all of my remaining energy to that attack!’ Acchan rolled on the ground and tried to push herself on the ground. However, before she could stand, Hinako instantly appeared in front of her and delivered a powerful kick, sending her very high. Acchan was surprised that Hinako instantly appeared above her. The inner demon clasped her hands together; interlocking the fingers then swung it downward, into hammerblow strike. The attack connected to Acchan’s back, violently sent her falling and crashed to the ground. The impact was so powerful that it created large crater and releasing a blasting shockwave.

Hinako landed safely to the ground and walked toward to the crater. Approaching to the lying body, she saw Acchan did not move anymore. This made the inner demon sigh deeply.

“Is that all you have got? Do you ever think you could save Takamina and Kojiharu with that? Pushing every bit of your strength to one attack is not enough.” Hinako turned around and started to walk.

“I will left you here and let you watch as I will own your body.” Hinako felt something that she stopped from walking.

“What do you think were you going, Hinako? Like I said, this fight is far from over.” Behind Hinako, Acchan appeared from the crater. Despite loss of blood and full of severe injuries, she can able to stand barely.

When the original personality is dead in the inner world, the original mind and owner of the body is also dead. The damage received in the inner world will be proportionally convert into neural damage. If the body cannot able to endure the pain, that will result physical death. However, this girl, she already has highly severe injuries that most of them are lethal to normal humans. She also have broken ribs, damaged internal organs, and even a crack on the skull. Those, when converted into neural damage, will cause instant death. But she endured it, she endured all of those.’ Hinako thought.

“Tell me Acchan. Why do you do this? Why are you risking your life? You should know the effect of everything you take now.” Hinako asked.

“Yeah, I already know that. An instant death.” Acchan said.

“Then why are you still doing this?”

“To push myself further.” Acchan answered straightforwardly.


“I cannot able to save everyone. I cannot save Takamina. I cannot even save myself. All because I am too weak. That is why I want to fight you, to push myself from the limit.”

“Limit.” Hinako repeated the word.

“Yes, I want to push my limit. I want to be strong so that I could able to protect. That is why I am fighting you so that I could able to convince you to fight with me. I need you, Hinako.” Acchan said. After a long silence, Hinako stood in front of Acchan then she put her hand to her opposite’s shoulder.

“Very well, I will lend you my strength. Your answer really moves me.” Hinako smiled at her.

“Hontou ni?” Acchan asked which the latter answered with a nod.

“I will fight alongside with you. After all, I’m part of your existence, right?”

“Uhm!” Acchan smiled at her.

“I think it’s time for you to go back to the physical world. See you later, Atsuko.”

“See you later.” Atsuko turned into mass of light particles. Hinako touched the particles before it disappeared to the atmosphere.

“What do you think?” Hinako asked.

That girl, she’s strong, both physical and mental. As expected from the daughter of primordial dragon king and my contract. Except that she’s very stubborn.” A voice echoed from out of nowhere. Hinako turned around and looked to the sea.

“Yeah. Stubborn indeed.” Hinako smiled.


Basement of Science and Technology Department, Hakata Headquarters, Nokonoshima, Japan; Tuesday, 3:15 pm

Churi and Akicha saw one of the pods finally opened and revealed Acchan rising from the pod. Kitarie approached to the mute girl and carefully supported her to one of the comfort chairs.

“How is the pain?” Churi asked.

Exaggeratingly painful. I can still the pain even now. It looks like the pain I receive in the inner world was proportionally converted into neural damage. Hell, I can still feel that very painful pricked to my arm.” Acchan telepathically said. She felt another pain from her leg causing her to squeal very loud. They heard another ring and saw three pods were opened.

“Oh shit. ITAI!” One of them instantly rose up.

“Careful, Myao. The neural damage was already in effect.” Akicha supported the girl.

Myao?” Myao looked around and saw Acchan.

“Atsuko-neechan! Ouch.” Myao called. Akicha put her to the comfort chair near Acchan.

“Now that hurts, a lot.” Acchan saw Erika beside her. She then looked at Myao, who was suffering from the pain.

“Myao, I’m glad that you’re still alive.” Acchan smiled.

“Hey! And I’m not the only one, Rabutan and Sasshi are also here.” Myao massaged her arm. After she flicked her finger in the air, a bottle of coke appeared from above and went to Myao’s hand. She opened the bottle and drank the content.

“There are others who still inside the inner world. We hope that they could able to get out alive.” Erika concerned.

Yeah, I hope too.


Oshima Yuko’s Inner World

Thunderous sound echoed on this world. The ground shook violently with each strike of electric discharge. The atmosphere distorted heavily, producing uncontrollable shockwaves. Sparking lights came everywhere with the sound of clashing metals. Dark clouds surrounded the whole landscape, accompanied by series of lightning.

A girl instantly appeared on the middle of field, her right hand shook due to the electric shock, as evidence of discharging current coming from the skin. The girl instantly clenched her hand, discharging the current out of her hand. When the shock was gone, the girl can able to move her hand freely. She glared at someone, who instantly appeared several yards away.

“Don’t be mad, Yuko-chan. I’m just repaying for what you did.” The girl held her arm. As soon as she rotated the arm, the cracking sound was created from the arm. After that, her dislocated arm was finally relocated to the original position.

“Oh, I am not mad. I am just getting excited. Shall we continue, Rinko?” Yuko slammed her tonfa to the ground, creating an electric field.


Somewhere in the deep forest; Unknown time

Inside the foggy deep forest, a mysterious dark castle stood from the ground. Hidden from the eyes of the mortals, this invisible structure gained popularity through by legends and myths. According to the legend, there are people who live inside the castle and they are not human. However, what was writing on the legend, is entirely true.

On one of the towers of the castle, an unknown figure sat on the window of the tower. The figure looked at the rising full moon.

“The moon never ceased to amaze me. Even in a thousand years I lived, it still beautiful.” The figure said. The maid appeared behind the shadows.

“Master, it’s time for your dinner.” The maid said.

“Ah, yes yes. How are my two cute daughters?” The person asked.

“They are fine, master. The two mistresses are playing their game.”

“Oh, I see.” The figure went behind the maid.

“It’s time, master.” The maid positioned her neck to the master of the castle.

“Dinner time.”


To be continued

BTW, this will be the theme song for the arc:

Beginner by AKB48 :)

Beginner (
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That figure. . .  daughters. . . *runs in circles.. . .
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Ah I've missed the previous chapter...
Just glad that some members are still can be saved. The world's now in chaos
how about Taka n the other? Will they can save them?
Hope you keep writing this story. Thanks Author-san :)
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Rinca: That "EEEEEEEEEHHHH?" reaction, totally priceless. And the Furuyanagi interruption. XD XD XD

I'll get you for this. Because lately, you've been liking this reaction.  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Would the others able to survive?

Would they be able to save Minami and Haruna?

Who were the master and the 2 daughters?

What's going to happen next?'

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Rinca: LOOOOOOOOL... Still waiting for the Furuyanagi kissing scene? XD XD XD
deguchi: Thank you.. I will do my best to update as soon as possible... :) :) :)
cisda83:Thank you for reading. :) :) :)

And now, here's the continuation of Yuko's fight in her inner world. ENJOY READING~!!!


Phase C: Dark World: Lethal Electrocution

Nokonoshima Firing Range, Strategic and Tactical Weaponry Department, Hakata Headquarters, Nokonoshima, Japan; Tuesday, 3:10 pm

Inside the firing range, a girl was in the shooting stand, readying to shoot the target. However, instead of holding any firearm, she was wearing a pair of black leather gloves. The gloves were embroider with two white-lined circles forming into a ring and each riing contains different set of runes and symbols.

The girl raised her left hand and pointing it to the target while looking to it. The girl put the thumb and middle finger together then quickly slide them out, creating a snapping sound followed by a index finger pointing to the target. Then a compressed beam of flame was fire from the finger, piercing through the target paper.

“I do not know if that’s a flame or some sort high temperature air that released from your finger.” She turned around and saw another girl approaching her. The girl’s dress was similar to her; she is wearing a standardized Japanese military officer uniform. Her wodao sword slung on the back of her waist and the hilt is on the right side.

“That is a plasma beam. I had discover lately about this. If the temperature increased at thousand degree Celsius, the electrons knocked out from the atomic structure, allowing the ionization to take place. By channeling the sufficient energy to the air so that the atmosphere will be ionize, I can able to create plasma flames.”

“But the atmosphere was polarize that it became highly conductive. You have to be careful when using your right hand.” The girl said.

“Yeah, thanks for the concern, Sasshi.”

“Don’t mention it. Firestorm Alchemist, 1st Lieutenant Oota Aika.” Sasshi said.

“Tsk. That title again.” Aichan snickered, showing her tsundere side.

“Awwww. Tsuntsun Aika is so cute.” Sasshi cuddled herself.

“Shut up, Sasshi. Go to your Kitarie, I’m currently busy in here.” Aichan tightened her gloves while trying to hide her blushed face.

“Awww, you should do that to your Erepyon.” Sasshi teased.

“Shut up! I am going to smack you. I’m not kidding.” Aichan said. Her blush worsened as her face became slightly red.

“Joking aside. Speaking of Rie-chan, the Inner World Training is still in progress. Well, remembering that, I could feel the ache on my back.” Sasshi held her back as if she was on backpain.

“Yeah, reminding on my first experience, it was so goddamn painful.” Aichan bent her body and slightly pulled her skirt, revealing two black hankerchiefs tied on each leg. Like the gloves, the handkerchiefs are embroided by circles and multiple symbols and runes.

“Well, I know that they will survive. I believe in them.” Sasshi said.

“You are right, I believe in them too.” Aichan kicked in the air that followed by a spark sound. Then a gust of wind appeared from where she kicked and moved at high speed toward the target paper, ripping it into many pieces.


Oshima Yuko’s Inner World

The sky roared continuously as the battle raged on. Lightning continuously struck on the solid floor of the rooftop of building. The two young female warriors clashed their weapons while moving at instantaneous speed. In normal perspective, they can be seen as blurred objects. However, in slow-motion perspective, Yuko and Rinko are attacking on each other while changing their position, from the rooftop to the water tower to the steel tower and vice versa. Their speed are quick, to the point that the lightning strike was seem slower in their reference perspective. This made Yuko as one of the very fast generals, only surpassed by Takamina, Erika, Yuria and Kumi.

Both fighters stood on the rooftop, turning back to normal speed perspective. Yuko tightened her hold to the tonfas as she looked onto her opponent, her inner demon.

This is bad, she’s better than I thought.’ Yuko thought, complimenting about her inner demon’s capabilities.

“Eh, so you are still standing. Well, how about this?” Rinko raised her hand very high that followed by a loud growling above the clouds. As soon as Rinko swung her hand downward, a lightning bolt instantly appeared from the cloud and going to strike Yuko.

“Oh shit.” Yuko used shunpo to avoid the lightning bolt and reappeared on the other side. The bolt instead struck to the ground creating a small crater and sparks appeared from the ground.

“I have still not done yet.” Rinko said. Then a series of lightning bolts appeared from the clouds and tried to strike Yuko. Yuko sidestepped many times, avoiding all of the incoming bolts. However, one lightning bolt managed to slip through Yuko’s hyper intuition and struck her, electrifying her body. The lightning did not stay longer as it disappeared instantly, but the girl felt the current inside her body. Yuko can able to handle very high voltage of electrons, but this kind of electricity is not part of her control. In fact, this lightning is not made of negatively charged electrons, rather.

“Positive lightning.” Yuko gritted her teeth while resisting the current inside. Her hands are shaking violently due to the electricity.

“Yes. You already know that positive lightning are more powerful than negative lightning. Those lightning were release from the anvil of the cloud instead from the lower portion of the cloud. They carries 300 kiloampere and the potential may exceed a billion volts, about ten times that of negative lightning.” Rinko signalled her hand that followed by another lightning discharge from the clouds, striking the already electrocuted Yuko.

“Gah!” Yuko screamed in pain. The sparks are visibly travelling on her skin while

“Until you can able to hold off this, you can’t able to defeat me. Nor you can able to save Takamina and Kojinyan, your friends, family, and the whole world.” Rinko send another lightning discharge to Yuko, causing the girl to scream very loud. The heat generated by the lightning did not affected to her, but the overloading current released, that will slowly killing her inside. Yuko felt her body getting weaken as she slowly dropped her knee to the ground.

No, not now. Not on this place.

“Well, looks like I do not have any choice. Sayonara.” Rinko raised her arm upward and swung it downward quickly. It then followed by a very large lightning coming from the cloud, striking directly to Yuko. The impact was powerful, that the shockwave it released, dispersed the cloud and destroyed the glass of all the surrounding buildings. After that, Yuko’s body finally gave up as she falling to the ground. The current was still in there, showing by the spark on the surface of her skin. Rinko turned around to leave. However, before she walked away, she heard a rustling sound that followed by a loud spark sound. When she turned around to look, she saw a foot that was proximity distance to her.

“Torden Keiserens Vrede (Thunder Emperor’s Wrath)” Yuko swing her foot down, slamming her foot to Rinko’s head that followed by a blast of electric discharge. Then a lightning bolt descended from the cloud, striking the inner demon. After that, Rinko fell on the ground. Yuko also fell on the ground, due that she resist the overloading current. While both of them lying on the ground, Rinko smiled.

“It’s my loss.” Rinko said.

“…….” Yuko silently looking under the thunderous clouds.

“I was wondering. How did you manage to move after that last strike?” Rinko asked.

“I just let the current flow inside my body, while resisting the electric shock. Although that is really goddamn painful.” Yuko said. Her hands are still trembling while the sparks appeared on the surface of the skin.

“I admire at your courage and determination.”  Rinko raised her hand and saw the spark coming out from her palm.

“All for the sake of my friends and my family, I want to protect and save them.” Yuko said.

“Very well then. You have passed the test. And with that, I will help you.” Rinko declared.

“Thank you.” Yuko saw her body was start to vanish, as evidence of her hand turning into shimmering dust.

“Looks like it’s time.” Rinko looked at Yuko.

“Yeah, see you. Rinko-chan.” Yuko gave to her inner demon a smile before disappear into nothingness.

“Don’t mention it, Yuko.” Rinko looked under the sky and gazed below the lightened clouds.


Basement of Science and Technology Department, Hakata Headquarters, Nokonoshima, Japan; Tuesday, 3:20 pm

One of the pods opened revealing an awakened Yuko. Churi and Kitarie assisted her quickly and took her to the recovery room where Acchan, Erika and Myao are resting. After they put Yuko to one of the chairs, they went back to the main room to monitor the rest. Akicha is in the recovery room to monitored the four and assisted them.

“It looks like the electric pattern in your nervous system is distorted as shown in the oscilloscope. It means that we detected an unstable electromagnetic signal inside. This will slightly hinder your recovery process. However, your body is starting to adapt the high current and overloading voltage. After that, you can able to channel very high-powered electric discharge.” Akicha explained. After that, she went to her station to continue her work.

“Minna, ganbatte.” Yuko said. Then she was drifting to sleep.


Kashiwagi Yuki’s Inner World

Yukirin looked around, hoping to find her opponent. However, she cannot able to see because her vision is very black. The blackened vision is not due from her eyes. She can still clearly see her hand. The reason for that is…

“I can manipulate the darkness. However, I still cannot see through darkness.” Yukirin said.

“It is because this darkness is not part of your control. It is mine.” A voice echoed from behind which Yukirin swung her scythe in reflex. However, her weapon hit nothing. Yukirin slam her scythe to the ground, creating a blast of darkness. Using her enhanced hearing, she heard the rending cloth. With that, she instantly appeared to the source of the sound and attacked it. It then replied by a clashing sound of metals.

“Nice work. However, that is not enough, Yuki.” The girl said. Yuki gritted her teeth as she called the name of her inner demon.



To be continued

NEXT UPDATE: Dark World: Blinding Darkness
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Somehow they all got stronger one way or another

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Coooolll the girls are got stronger with the training session with their respective shadow
ah but still I'm curious about how's Taka and the other that in the enemy's hand.
pry for their safety....
thank you author-san
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Hello~!!! Sorry for being late.. Here's the update... ENJOY READING~!!!!!


Phase D: Dark World: Blinding Darkness

Someone’s Inner World

“Hey, wake up.” The first thing she heard. She remembered that the she and Kojinyan are the only people inside the cell. She remembered that Mariko’s Earth Blast sent them to the outside of the mansion, which they were been found by Sandara after the mansion’s fall to the sea. Moreover, no one in the prison visited to them for now. So, why she heard a voice other than Kojinyan? In curiosity, she weakly opened her eyes and saw a blue sky with the silhouette on the foreground.

“Is this heaven? Am I dead now?” The girl said.

“This is not the heaven, silly.” The silhouette replied. The girl suddenly recognized that voice and tried to focus at the silhouette. As her sight became clearer, she was surprise by looking at the familiar face.

“Nami?” The girl rose up from where she lying.

“Welcome to your inner world, Takamina.” Nami announced.

“This is my… Inner world?” Takamina looked around to survey her surroundings. She was sitting beside the tree that only erected on the large elevated landform. To the left, she saw a large lake that situated below the plateau where she stood.

“Wait I know this place…” Takamina remembered something.

“This place is the copy of your hometown, created by your mind. L’Aquila, Italy.” Nami finished what Takamina is trying to say.

“So, why am I in my inner world? What happened to the physical world?”

“The reason why are you here, is to make you prepare for the upcoming battle. About 5 weeks before your execution.”

“What do you mean upcoming battle? Training?” Takamina was confused at her inner demon’s statement.

“Your friends are currently undertaking an inner world training, where they need to convince their inner demon to help them. If success, the inner demons will assist them. However, expect that every damage you will take in inner world will be convert into neural damage. Therefore, if you have a pierce through your heart in inner world, in return, you will feel nerve pain to your heart in physical world.” Takamina looked at her inner demon with ‘are you serious?’ look that was being reply by a nod. “Don’t worry; you can still use your power here. How about a demonstration if your wind manipulation is still working?” Takamina summoned ‘Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrow)’, two bladed wind walls are released from her hand that moves like a wave.

“Then, I will undertake the inner world training. I still need to furnish my sound manipulation.” Takamina opened her right hand, and then a ball of air appeared on her palm. When the air ball popped out, Takamina swing her hand widely, causing a screeching noise generated from the swing followed by a distortive crescent-shaped wave that rushing at high-speed. Then the wave contacted to the ground, creating an explosion followed by a highly distorted explosive noise.

“Ok, let’s do it. Are you ready, Minami? I will not holding back.” Nami swing her sword downwardly, generating a squall of wind that sends the grass, soil and even some small plants flying.

“Did I say you go easy on me? Not any chance, Nami. Not any chance.” After Takamina said that, a tornado suddenly appeared around her, sending everything within her vicinity up.

“Then it’s time.” Nami and Takamina charged and prepared to attack. As soon as their sword contacted to each other, a large explosion of gust and shockwave generated, spreading from all direction and making the trees dancing.


Kashiwagi Yuki’s Inner World

Yuki was still in fighting pose for a long time. Her clothes have partially torn from continuous attacks, which she did not see even before the fight.

“Damn it, how could this place to be so very dark? Is this place already a night or just a pitch-black?”

“The answer is neither.” As soon as she heard the voice, Yukirin tried to anticipate the next strike. However, that was her mistake, as she felt another pain coming from her back followed by a squirshing sound of fluid.

Shit. Why? I tried to anticipate her next attack but how could she appeared instantly from opposite area?’ Yuki thought. She was currently holding her scythe in two hands while analyzing her situation.

“Ever wonder why I appeared on the opposite place despite that I’ve leave a sound from your expected place? You may be hear me, feel me or even smell me. However, it does not mean that I am in that place. This darkness distorts all of your senses, so anything that you feel, hear, taste, smell, see or sense is only an illusion. Until you know how to adapt this place, you can’t able to defeat me.” As Black finished her explanation, Yukirin slammed her scythe to the ground, creating a shockwave of darkness. Then she heard a clashing metal not far, from where she stood. Despite that, she really cannot see in this pitch-black place, she kicked the ground and instantly appeared on Black’s place then swung her scythe. Black astonished that Yuki can still followed her despite this place is messing her senses.

“I see, so you are using that shockwave as a sonar to get me here. Nice try, unfortunately.” Black immediately disappeared in which Yuki changed back in defensive state. What happens next is Yuki felt a series of slice coming from all directions. Yuki tried to attack but as soon as she raised her arm, she received multiple cuts.

“Saraba (Farewell)” Black dealt a heavy blow to Yuki by swinging her scythe diagonally upward. It followed by a large shockwave from behind of Yuki. Yuki released the hold of her scythe, letting it fall to the ground.

Tsk, I don’t have any strength anymore.’ Yukirin slowly fell to the ground. ‘Mayuyu, Rena, Takamina-san, Atsuko-san. Minna-san. I’m sorry.’ Before her back touched to the ground.

Accepting the darkness is not enough, my dear Yuki. You need to be part of it. Because, the darkness is you.

Black rotated her own scythe while turn around. However, as soon as she tried to make her footstep.

“What?” Black heard a loud sound of stomp coming from behind. When she turned around to look what is happening.

“I found you, Black.” Yuki suddenly appeared right in front of Black and swung her scythe widely, dealing a heavy blow on Black’s torso. Because of that force, Black walked back. She was holding her torso which stained now by her blood. She saw Yuki still holding her scythe in mid-air and panting many times.

“How could you able to sense me completely?” Black asked.

“I just remember what mama said to me when I’m still a child. She said ‘You don’t just accept the darkness; you need to be part of it.’ Instead of relying to my senses, I used the darkness as my senses. It’s similarly to radar. Like my mama said, darkness is me.”

“Impressive. You never cease to amaze me, Kashiwagi Yuki. Very well then, you have pass the test. I will lend my strength in assisting for your upcoming battle.” Black announced.

“Yokatta.” Yuki lose all of her strength, falling her feet and making her sit to the ground. As her body was finally adapting to the darkness, she was amaze from what she saw.

“This is…” Yuki saw the sky covered by the gray clouds

“This place is the replicated landscape of where you and Mayuyu firstly met created from your mind. If I remember correctly, somewhere in Russia?” Black tried to refresh her memory.

“Kazakh steppe, Altai Krai, Russia.” Yuki suddenly have a short flashback, where she met Mayu on the large rock in the middle of the grassy field.

“Well, I think it’s time for you to go back right?” Black said.

“Oh right, thanks for reminding me. Well, thank you for helping me.” Yuki smiled. Her body glowed as she slowly to disperse into fragments of light.

“Your welcome, see ya.” Then Yuki disappeared in front of Black.


Watanabe Mayu’s Inner World

Moutaineous rocks made from the ruins of the buildings, destroyed roads, fallen posts, these are the results of the fight inside the cyborg’s inner world. Despite of the catastrophic result, the atmosphere is highly suffocated with silence. Behind the ruined house, is a twintail-haired girl, holding her left shoulder which stained by her blood. Her sniper rifle was sling from her back.

She unloaded the magazine from her pistol. After loading it back to her short firearm, she put a deep breathe first. Then, she revealed herself from her hiding place and shoot to her target, only replied by another gunfire. When the gunfire turns into gatling-speed fire, the girl immediately hid to the car.

“You have to be kidding me.” The girl put on her shades, which worn on her head, to her eyes. The shades activated its function, a multi-purpose HUD scanner/navigator. After its activation, the shades detected several heat signatures, in form of the triangular arrows, pointed above the limit of the optical vision. The girl looked up and surprisingly saw several missiles coming to her. She evaded most of them using flash-step that destroyed upon contacting to the ground. The rest were explode in the mid-air by shooting their fuse.

When all of the homing projectiles are gone, she looked straight in front of her. The shades read a heat signature not far from where she stood. It magnified its image several times, revealing a girl wearing hooded jacket and holding two assault rifles. Her arrogant smile still did not disappeared, In annoyance, Mayu summoned two SMGs and loaded them with magazine.

“Tsk, Nezumi.”


Next Chapter: Dark World: Madness Operation
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Phase E: Dark World: Madness Operation

Watanabe Mayu’s Inner World

Mayu kept dodging all of the incoming missiles and shooting them at the same time. She ran toward to the truck and slided down below, allowing the missile to hit the truck instead. She saw her scanner detected an object coming to her at high speed. When Mayu was turning around, she was surprised that the cannon shell was already in front of her, about dozen centimeters. Via slow motion, the shell slowly moved towards Mayu. As the shell is in 5 centimeters to her, the time returned back, and then the shell hit its target and exploded upon the contact. Not to far from the explosion site and on the top of the building, Nezumi was watching with her grin on her face.

“Smart move, Mayu. If you did not do that, you are already a dead meat.” Nezumi smirked. She was holding FGM-148 Javelin Missile Launcher on her right hand and two Colt .45 on her left hand. Nezumi saw the smoke is gone, revealing Mayu standing on the center of 5-meter radius crater.

“Unlock: Advanced Tech System” “虚拟形式【25型】:陽電子偏折器 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì “25-xíng”: Yángdiànzǐ Piān Zhé Qì (Cyberform Type-25: Positron Reflector)]” An energy barrier appeared in front of her, shielded the girl from the hit of cannon shell and its explosion.

“Using an anti-tank portable missile launcher as shell cannon, what an unorthodox way.” Mayu pointed her rifle to the hooded-girl.

“虚拟形式【57型】:强子炮 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì “57-xíng”: Qiángzǐ Pào (Cyberform Type-57: Hadron Blaster)]” After Mayu said her technique, a spark of electricity appeared above her. Then it followed by the appearance of the holographic framework of an energy cannon, which materialized into solid physical cannon. The slowly glide down to Mayu’s shoulder until the rifle docked on the underside of the cannon mount. After the docking process finished, Mayu pulled the trigger which the cannon fired stream of black crimson beam, which contains stream of hadron particles, to Nezumi.

“Hadron Blaster eh. So finally, you have finally use the true name of your techniques. However…” Nezumi pulled out her own sniper rifle, which was sling on her back.

“Unlock: Advanced Tech System” “虚拟形式【70型】:陽電子破城砲 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì “70-xíng”: Yángdiànzǐ Pò Chéng Pào (Cyberform Type-70: Positron Blaster Cannon)]” A holographic framework of a cannon appeared in front of her, which materialized physically. Nezumi put her sniper rifle in reverse-grip; her pinky finger is on the trigger of the rifle. Then she docked the rifle to the left side of the cannon.

“You’re not the only one who can do that.” Nezumi pulled the trigger, firing a large red with white border beam from the cannon. The two beams collided, creating multiple sparks from every direction. Not for long, Mayu’s beam pushed back that the twintailed girl alarm. The next happened; the positron beam finally pushed the hadron beam and made contact to its target, causing explosion. A silhouette appeared above the smoke. Nezumi saw that and pointed her rifle to Mayu.

“Where do you think you are going?” “Unlock: Advanced Tech System” “虚拟形式【62型】:卫星遥控炮 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [62-xíng]: Wèixīng Yáokòng Pào (Cyberform Type-62: Satellite Remote Cannon)]” Four satellite cannons appeared beside her, and then started to fire the helpless girl. The satellite cannons mirrored her, firing barrage of lasers.

Mayu saw multiple lasers coming to her. “Oh shit.” “虚拟形式【07型】:光束盾發生裝置 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [07-xíng]: Guāngshù Dùn Fāshēng Zhuāngzhì (Cyberform Type-07: Beam Shield Generator)]” A diamond shaped armband appeared both of Mayu’s shoulder. When Mayu put her arm in front of her, a rectangular-shaped translucent beam shield appeared. The shield successfully blocked most of the lasers, but Mayu knew that her shield would not last long. With that, she needed to think and act quickly.

What should I do? If I used Hadron Blaster, she would reply either another Positron Blaster Cannon or blocking it using Positron Reflector then charging to me. That would be a big no. What if I use Positron Blaster Cannon too? Wait, I have no timing for that. She would also charge at me. Another no.

Tsk, her area of influence is so great. Her calculations are near perfect. I cannot able to outmatch her.’ She saw her beam shield started to crack. When it happened, she used her left arm to generate another beam shield. Mayu realized something.

Wait, her calculations are near perfect. So means, there is a room for errors. On the other hand, there are some things that she cannot able to calculate or analyze. What if…’ While defending from the lasers, she summoned large beam cannon from her side.

“虚拟形式【57型】:强子炮 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì “57-xíng”: Qiángzǐ Pào (Cyberform Type-57: Hadron Blaster)]” Mayu docked her rifle to the underside, while her beam shield continued to blocking barrage of lasers.

“Hadron Blaster again? You are still did not learn.” Nezumi mocked.

I will have to rely on this. I hope this will work.’ Mayu fired the cannon with hadron particle beam. Nezumi stopped the attack and dismissed the satellite cannons, dematerializing from physical world.

“Unlock: Advanced Tech System” “虚拟形式【25型】:陽電子偏折器 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì “25-xíng”: Yángdiànzǐ Piān Zhé Qì (Cyberform Type-25: Positron Reflector)]” An energy barrier appeared in front of Nezumi, blocking the hadron beam with no efforts.

“See? I told you. You should change your…” Nezumi did not finish her statement as she saw the Hadron Blaster fired without its shooter. “Where did she go?”

“Unlock: Advanced Tech System” After she heard Mayu’s voice, Nezumi looked down and saw her holding two sniper rifles. Large cannon, about twice the size of Hadron Blaster, appeared above the twintailed girl.

“虚拟形式【72型】:僵硬强子破城砲 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [72-xíng]: Jiāngyìng Qiáng Zǐ Pò Chéng Pào (Cyberform Type-72: Stark Hadron Cannon)]” Mayu docked her two rifles on both sides of the cannon. Then she pulled the trigger, which the cannon fired huge dark-red hadron beam, larger than the Hadron Cannon. Nezumi instantly casted another Positron Reflector to block another hadron beam. However, what made her surprise is Mayu left the Stark Hadron Cannon fired and rushed along the hadron beam.

“What the hell she was going to do now?”

As Mayu finally overtook the beam, she fired five bullets. “Unlock: Advanced Tech System” “虚拟形式【28型】:幻像化粒子能量偏转系統 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [28 xíng]: Huànxiàng Huà Lìzǐ Néngliàng Piānzhuǎn Xìtǒng (Cyberform Type-28: Mirage Colloid Energy Deflection System)]” The bullets, were fire by Mayu, shattered into countless shard. The beam passed through the spreading shards, which then dispersed into smaller beams and bent away from its target.

Nezumi prepared to cast another Positron Reflector. However…

“What the hell?” Nezumi saw Mayu was already in front of her and ready to pull out her guns. At the same time, the multiple hadron beams are coming to her.

“So, you used the Hadron Blaster as a bait to fire Stark Hadron Cannon. Then you let it fired continuously then used the Mirage Colloid Energy Deflection System to split the beam so that I will cast another Positron Reflector. However, before I will cast it, you will appeared beside me. Letting me to choose whether fight you or deflect those hadron beams. That is a very nice plan. However…” Nezumi flashed step away from Mayu and appeared above her.

“That’s not going to happen.” Nezumi smiled.

As soon as I snapped my fingers, all of the Positron Reflectors that I have summoned will disappeared. With that, all of the hadron beams are direct to her. Now Mayuyu, it’s your turn to choose.’ Nezumi readied now her finger as she tried to snap it. When suddenly…

“I finally got you.” Mayu smirked. When the Positron Reflectors are disappeared, she made her own Positron Reflectors.

“I’ll never thought that this gambling will work.” Mayu rotated her rifle.

“What?” Then what Nezumi realized, she saw Mayu’s six Positron Reflectors are forming in a spire-shaped.

“虚拟形式【08型】:幻像化粒子隱身系統 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [08-xíng]: Huànxiàng Huà Lìzǐ Yǐnshēn Xìtǒng (Cyberform Type-08: Mirage Colloid Stealth System)].” “Deactivate.” After Mayu announced the deactivation, twelve pods appeared, 10 meters around her.

“Hyper Access: Cutting Edge System” “虚拟形式【85型】:超級龍騎兵系統 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [85-xíng]: Chāojí Lóng Qíbīng Xìtǒng (Cyberform Type-85: Super DRAGOON System)]”

Note: DRAGOON System is the acronym for “Disconnected Rapid Armament Group Overlook Operation Network System”

“When did she summon DRAGOONs?” Nezumi asked

“Unlock: Advanced Tech System” “虚拟形式【28型】:幻像化粒子能量偏转系統 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [28 xíng]: Huànxiàng Huà Lìzǐ Néngliàng Piānzhuǎn Xìtǒng (Cyberform Type-28: Mirage Colloid Energy Deflection System)]” Mayu activated the DRAGOON System. Each of the pods emitted beam of light, crossing each other, turned into beam barrier which capturing the shards from Mirage Colloid Energy Deflection System.

“This is the unknown to me. I did not see any of this from my calculations.” Nezumi said.

“Actually this is the first time that I will use this. In addition, by your location, this will be the best timing. In short, you will be my first subject for this test.” Mayu said, and then she made the hadron cannons disappeared.

“All systems combined. New system: Initialize.” Then she raised her rifle and pulled its trigger.

“Maximum Access: Bleeding Edge System” “虚拟形式【93型】:尼伯龙根高射炮 [Xūnǐ Xíngshì [93-xíng]: Níbólónggēn Gāoshèpào (Cyberform Type-93: Nibelung Anti-aircraft Cannon)]” The spire emitted red beams from all directions, which were absorb from the fired hadron cannons earlier, and scattered it to the captured shards, which act as an array of concave mirrors. The light slowly surrounded Nezumi and the next thing happened, a cone of explosive nuclear beam engulfed the sky with the pillar of red beam, centered from the pulsating radiation, emitted from the ground. The explosive blast is so powerful; that it completely obliterated any remaining buildings within its vicinity and the shockwave it created, sent the ruins of surrounding structures flying.

Suddenly, a figure appeared several hundred meters away from the nuclear blast.

“If I didn’t use Type 15: Blaze Luminous Shield, my body will sure turn into dust. Still…” She saw her energy shield formed a crack. “So finally, she can able to use Hyper Access: Cutting Edge System.” A gun pointed behind her head. She knew that it was Mayu behind her. She deactivated her Blaze Luminous System and smiled while looking at the glowing sky. “But what’s more impressive, is the Maximum Access: Bleeding Edge System. I’m really surprised that you used that.”

“I know that you are going to use that. Why hesitate?” Mayu asked.

“I did not have time to react after the Nibelung Anti-air Cannon fired. Eventhough I can able to summon its components, it requires complex calculations for positioning, strength varying and timing.” Then she turned around to face her while still pointed the gun on her head. “That Nibelung Anti-air Cannon is exaggeratingly powerful. The perfect reason why should put it on superweapon-class technology, a fourth tier-class technology.” Nezumi said. Mayu lowered her gun down and slung it to her back.

“It looks like the test is complete.” Nezumi checked on her holographic board. “You have done well, Mayu. Your statistics were improve dramatically. Aside of accessing the quantum-class, the third tier technology, you have also unlocked the fourth and final tier, superweapon-class technology.” The board disappeared from her hand. “To make it short, you have passed. And for that, I will give you my complete support.”

“Thank you.” Mayu bowed to her then turned around. However, before she left…

“Wait, Mayu.” Nezumi called which Mayu stopped.

“What is it?”

“There’s something I want to tell you, about the Hypnopsychosis Inversion Spell.” This made Mayu confront her.

“What’s about that spell?”

“The details behind that spell and how to counter it.” This made Mayu hold Nezumi’s collar, which the latter surprised.

“Tell me, Nezumi. Please, tell me.” Mayu’s desperation struck on Nezumi. She knew that Mayu really want to save her friends.

“Calm down, Mayu. I will tell you soon. I will also tell you the way of curing the person inflicted by that spell and the reverse spell of that.”


Shimazaki Haruka’s Inner World

The whole space was shaking due to the clash of the titanic powers. Grasses were blow from the tremendous blast of winds. The continuous tremor generated causing the ground to show fractures.

The girl was throw away from out of nowhere, crashing her back to the solid rock. She instantly caught the end of the flying metal stick before it reached to her face. Her ears captured something and when she finished deciphering the sound she heard, she immediately got away. After she left from where she crashed, she saw the shockwave pass through to the rock, which turned into dust afterwards. The girl then stomped, causing the ground uplifted, and used her metal stick to smack it, sending the uplifted ground out to the horizon. Before it will hit to its target, the girl flash-stepped, facing her opponent.

On the other side, the silhouette sensed an incoming uplifted ground and immediately destroyed it by stabbing her metal pole. However, before she lowered her defense, the other girl appeared behind her, which the latter slightly surprised, and backstabbing her by swinging her own weapon. Unfortunately, the other mirrored weapon of hers blocked it. The clash generated an intense burst of shockwave and subsidence crater was form from where they stand.

“I’m impressed, Paruru. After all of those beatings I made plus sending you hundreds of kilometers away, you still able to come here immediately. I wonder now who is the monster, the original or the inner demon.” The inner demon smirked.

“We cannot figure it out, until one of us will fall.” Haruka said.

“Nice answer. No wonder that I liked you.” The inner demon parried, sending the girl flying and thrusted her weapon, while Haruka is in mid-air in inverted position. However, the girl blocked the thrust while both of them are still moving.

“Well, thank you. Unfortunately, I have no time for your flatteries, Fumie.” Haruka flicked to the girl’s weapon, sending a distortive blast, causing the latter skidded away while resisting being push further.

I can able to see clearly here. So the inner world ignores any disabilities from the physical world.

“Accelerazione Distortivo (Distortive Acceleration).” Haruka suddenly disappeared in the mid-air, leaving an atmospheric distortion in its wake. Fumie looked around, trying to find her. However, only she saw are numerous distortions from every direction. In her late reaction, Fumie felt that she was being throw up, and a pain from her leg appeared. Her ultra-enhanced hearing does not work, as she only heard is whispering sound of wind. Fumie felt the pain from all over her body while thrown to every direction like a ragdoll.

“Tsk. Now you are irritating.” Fumie hammered her fist to the air, creating a glass-like crack in the atmosphere. “Zona di Frantumazione (Shattering Zone).” The crack shattered with glass-shattering sound, followed by the generation of defeaning blast. The blast was so powerful, that it splitted the ground apart, as well as the atmosphere and dispersed the clouds above. The force of the blast stopped Haruka’s movement, regaining to her normal speed.

“My turn.” Fumie stomped to the ground, creating cataclysmic earthquake. “Discontinuità Tettonica (Tectonic Discontinuity).” A large mass of ground, about the size of hill, suddenly upheaved from the crust and launched directly to Haruka.

“Shimatta! (Oh shit!)” Haruka saw the stone coming to her. Then an idea came to her mind. She splitted her metal stick, turning into two small stick, similar to baston in arnis. With her weapon used, she switched her stance into weapon’s style, Eskrima Martial Arts. When the large stone is already a couple of feet to her, Haruka spun her baston to both of her palms then smashed it to the rock, similar how to play the gong.

“Interiorizzare Detonazione (Internalize Detonation).” The hill-sized rock exploded after its contact to her stick.

“Zona di Frantumazione (Shattering Zone).” Haruka widened her eyes as she realized that Fumie was already behind her. The inner demon elbowed Haruka, followed by the crack appeared in point-blank range on her back. After the shatter, the explosive shockwave blasted to Haruka’s back, crashing her to the ground at the speed of jet. The powerful crash made the ground look like jumping upon the impact. Fumie landed to the ground gracefully and then watched to the impact site with the smoke rising. After of minutes of waiting, Haruka still did not come out from the impact site, which the inner demon concerned.

“Haruka, this is not time to take a nap. You need to get up in there.” Fumie said, which replied with silence. This made her even more worried.

Inside the smoke, Haruka was lying on the rocks.

Your kindness shows up again, Fumie. Don’t go easy on me yet, I’m still not down here.’ Haruka slowly tried to get up. ‘Luckily, this smoke blocks her supersensory hearing. She could not hear my thoughts in here.’ She picked her two metal bastons. ‘This fight is endless, that it looks like we are playing rath I need to finish this. Time to give use my triumph card.

Fumie still waited for someone while watching to the smoke rising from the crash. Her worriness intensified as the time passed that Haruka still did not appear from the smoke.

“Mou, Haruka. You could just give up, there’s nothing…” Before Fumie could finish her statement.

Limit Break: Hatsudou (Release)” The smoke instantly dissipated that followed by the surge of energy coming from the crater. Fumie covered her face from the surging blast of wind using her right arm. After she removed her arm from her face to saw what is happening, her expression changed from curiosity to astonishment. It then showed Haruka was envelop by the aura.

Limit Break!? Since when?’ Fumie saw Haruka instantly disappeared which alerted her. She then felt a force coming from behind, this time it became more powerful than last time. Fumie quickly recovered from the attack and rotated her metal stick on the palm.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Esplosione Primaverile (Spring Explosion).” Fumie stabbed her stick horizontally that generated a direct focused shockwave, at the same time sent her recoil away. Haruka saw the attack coming but she does not have time to dodge despite the Limit Break granted her lightning-speed agility. Instead, she slapped the shockwave, redirected it away from her. It hit to the large rock and upon the contact, the rock exploded loudly. However, that did not end as Fumie appeared behind Haruka, surprising the blind girl. The inner demon swung her stick, like swinging a baseball bat, which hit Haruka. The swing continued to bring Haruka and after that, Fumie sent her away and made her crash to the mountains. Fumie saw her arms were now sweating a lot and her hands were start to shake due to usage of much force.

“Shit, my hands are now shaking. I have used 80% of my powers just to counter the Limit Break, which it allows the wielders to overcome body limiter to the fullest and can able to use 50% more power. Base of my analysis, Haruka is only using 56% of her overall strength while I’m using 125% more than that.” Fumie saw Haruka appeared 10 meters in front of her.

“I’m gonna do it now.” Haruka combined the two bastons into one long stick.

“Oh shit, not the Limit Break Technique.”

Haruka rotated her stick then stopped and held it on the end of the stick.

Haruka swung her metal stick then pulled it back in split-second, like flicking using towel or handkerchief. Suddenly, after she retracted back her stick, a compressed shock wave generated from the centerpoint and fired it to Fumie. She tried to block it using multiple Danku, but changed her mind after her second thought and instead dodged it away.

“I almost forgot that is a Limit Break Technique. Only the strong ones on par with the Limit Break or another Limit Break Technique could able to block a Limit Break Technique.” Fumie saw the compressed shock wave passing through the mountain, completely turned into dust.

“That was just a small one, an enhanced version of Scossa dell’Impulso (Shock Impulse). This is the real Limit Break Technique.” Haruka rotated her stick at high speed, so fast that it created a miniature tornado. Then she stopped the rotation, that made the tornado disappeared, then held the one end of the stick in near on her face while her left hand held the half portion of the stick.

“Wait, what?” Fumie surprised of the revelation.

Scomposizione Supercritico (Supercritical Breakdown)” Haruka did the same as Enhanced Scossa dell’Impulso, but this time the aftereffect is in completely new level. After she flicked using her stick, it fired a highly devastating titanic-sized shock wave, which was follow by a shattering glass sound effect. The wave is so powerful that it distorted the space within its wake. The wave moved 100 times faster than the sound, so fast that Fumie can’t able to react nor dodge as it passed through her without any defiance. It continued moving, destroying everything in its path until the wave is gone within the sight. Haruka was now the one who is worrying as she saw the area where the wave’s path, is nothing. However, her expression changed to gladness when she felt something that she instantly flash-stepped. Then she appeared and caught Fumie before she fell to the ground.

“I’m glad that you are still alive. Are you fine?” Haruka asked.

“How could I fine, where I physically tanked that. I never thought that technique is so powerful that it almost brings my knees to the ground.” Fumie said.

“Well it’s a Limit Break Technique right? It supposedly equivalent to a weapon of mass destruction.”  Haruka joked, which Fumie replied by playfully punched Haruka’s shoulder.

“Still considerate as ever, Fumie. You maybe kind, but your strength is monstrous.”

“It is said that the inner demons are completely opposite to the originals right? Well, I’m opposite to your saltyness and coldheartedness. Time to go now, isn’t we?” Fumie said.

“Yeah, your right. It’s time for the war. See you next time.” Haruka walked away and disappeared.


Strategic and Tactical Weaponry Department, Hakata Headquarters, Nokonoshima, Japan; 5 days later, after training and recovery, Sunday, 11:00 am

The door to the equipment room was open, revealing the Generals entering. They are amazed how highly advanced the weaponry department of Hakata Headquarters. They walked to the table where Akane, Rie, Miho, Rino and Aika resided and greeted them.

“We have received an order from the Commander-in-chief Akimoto Yasushi. It is sent by the traditional way, snail mail.” Rino showed them a gray envelop.

“What’s the way of transportation of delivering the mail?” Yuki asked.

“Dogs. They used dogs.” Rino answered.

“Most of the animals are affected by the unknown wave. However, dogs are immune to this outbreak. They are highly sensitive to electromagnetic waves; however, they can counter this unknown wave by using the random magnetic field generating areas as support. The dogs only followed the area with highest magnetic field strength; hence, they can able to get where without being affect by the manipulation. If my prediction is right, the dog used the North Pole as the bridge.” Akane said while patting the dog beside her. Rino started to read the content. After she read the letter, Rino put it in the envelop and lay it on the table.

“The letter said that after all the Generals were finish the training, all of the remaining stable forces will prepare. Then tomorrow, at 0500 hour, we will go to the Nagoya to rescue the Prime Minister. Then we need to go to the Souri Kantei (Prime Minister’s Official Residence), along with the Prime Minister, and use His Excellency’s biometric code to grant the permission of using the Kokudo Hankyuu Bouei System (Nationwide Hemispheric Defense System). After that, we will report to the Commander-in-chief about the mission and the next thing we going to do. Well, that’s summary of this letter.” Rino said.

“So, how could we use the Kokudo Hankyuu Bouei? Alternatively, should we shorted it as Kunikyuu Bouei (National Sphere Defense)? I’m too lazy to say that long name.” Yuki said. Everyone agreed to Yuki’s suggestion on shorted name.

“This Kunikyuu Bouei has three stages of activation. The first stage is the connection of the network system of the archipelago. As of now, all of the three islands’ network system is still offline. However, there are six main network servers in the country; three are which in the Honshu Island, and the other one is in the Okinawa Prefecture. The second stage is the approval of the government of Japan, which is the Prime Minister’s biometrics. The final stage is the erection of three layered anti-ship stainless titanium steel walls, which the vertical limit, is 100 meters high and can withstand 50 megaton of nuclear explosion without any scratch. Then followed by the electromagnetic force field, which covered the whole country. It can destroy any projectile before it enters the Japan’s airspace; even the 1 km radius meteor can’t penetrate the field, and deflects any electromagnetic waves, including the unknown wave. It also masks the country from outside, not even any satellites could able to detect the country, as if they saw the empty land. After that, the country is now safe from the nightmare.” Mayu explained.

“There are six main network servers, if I presume. What are those networks?” Yuko asked.

“Those six main network servers are Kyushu server, Okinawa server, Hokkaido server, Tohoku-Honshu server, Chugoku-Honshu server and the Kanto-Honshu server. Apparently, those network servers are still operational but due to the outbreak, they are offline.”

“In addition to this letter, he authorized us to use any necessary and possible option to make this mission a success.” Rino said.

“Ok now, ladies. We will have another new batch of uniforms. These uniforms are made of multiwalled Mythril-Titanium Alloy strands with the melting point of 30,000° Celsius and has an ultimate tensile strength 360 gigapascal, 3 times stronger than graphene. Myao, what is the tensile strength of yours in your bracelet?” Mayu asked

“500 exapascal and can slice the air due to its tiny radius.” Miho answered.

“Wow, too strong. Back to the topic, these uniforms maybe made of that metal but it’s not heavy; it looks like you’re wearing a normal clothes. Aside of that, the uniforms are equipped with variable gravitational nullifier device; this thing negates the gravitational frame of reference and only the inertial frame of reference is preserve, which is the wearer. For example, if you turn upside-down, instead your clothes going down to the ground, it will still standing like floating in the air; and instead your blood is going to your head, it is still flowing like nothing. Only non-gravitational force could able to affect your clothes, such as wind.”

“So this thing is more like, anti-hentai device?” Airi asked.

“Yup, you could say that.” Mayu smiled at Airi.

“Damn it.” Everyone laughed.

“Ok, the next one is the biometric analyzer device. It scans the wearer’s body and physical characteristics. Then it modifies the clothes’ properties to match compatibility of your powers, strengths, weaknesses and special abilities. For example, the melting point of these clothes is 30,000° Celsius and we know that Atsuko can create a flame 10 times hotter than that, or theoretically, hotter than the Sun’s core. To counter that, the device will input a force field capable of withstanding the temperature of nuclear radiation. This will prevent the clothes from being molten by the exceeded threshold.”

“Lemme guess, there’s a battery inside the uniform, right?” Yuria asked.

“You’re right. The uniform was power by a miniature tritium generator. It also powers the variable electrical shield from the uniform, which protects you from any all forms of physical damage and reduces the effective damage of any energy attacks.”

“And since I still have some fashion sense, so instead it looks like your wearing a metal plate. Those uniforms have same color, texture and design as the most common textile and cloth. So, feel free now to choose your own preferred wearing style. By the way, these are the upgraded version of multipurpose watches. We called it, Chromewatch. The watch will scan on your finalized chosen clothes and will put it in its database as standardized uniform. I already import all of the weapons you have from the previous version of the watch to the latest ones.” Mayu said.

“We may start the preparation.”

The girls started to choose their own style of clothes. After they finished put the chosen clothes as their standard uniform, they went to the table to inspect and ready their equipments and weapons.

Airi saw Akane bringing a metal briefcase.

“Really, Churi? You’re going to use that?” Airi asked.

“Not only that, I will also give this to someone. Hey Yuria!” Akane called Yuria. Yuria went to Akane.

“What is it?”

“I just want to give this as a present to your 20th birthday next 2 months.” Akane plant her hand to the palm print scanner on the briefcase. After the scan, a clicking sound generated from the briefcase.

“Really, huh? Then what is that present that you’re talking about?” Yuria asked.

“This.” Akane opened the briefcase, revealing the four 11-inch cylindrical-shaped object resting synthetic cushion and one silver cube, and then she took one. It has two disk on the side near the end of the object. It also has one button between the disks and two buttons on the other side also between the disks.

“Wow, what’s that?”

“This is my creation. Auxiliary Reinforcement Multiple Armament Generation Embedded Derivative Drive Operational Network System. Shortened for Armageddon System or you could call it Armageddon. Basically, it is a multi-tool, swiss knife-like which contains several weapon forms in one equipment. The right disk, known as mono-force mode selector, has five modes, which can be select by rotating it and set it to the upward. The two buttons known as form selector, where you can choose which form by pressing one of the buttons once. Then the one button on the back, known as the lock button, where after you press it, the equipment will assume to your selected form.” Akane gave to Yuria four units.

“Why four?” Yuria asked.

“You can combine it pommel-to-pommel to use it as double-hilt, known as dual-force function. And the reason of giving you four, cause of this.” Akane gave to her a silver cube.

“What is that cube?”

“This is a Cyber-core Cube, or Cube for short. It can be use as a central network for the tri-force and quad-force function.” Yuria took the cube and the four hilt. She threw and caught it.

“This thing has the power source similarly to Rena’s saber, am I right?” Yuria asked.

“Yup. It’s because of the fifth form of mono-force function.” Akane said.

“Ok, I take it. Thanks Churi.” Yuria said.

“Your welcome. In addition, if you asked if what about me. Don’t worry about it. I have these.” Akane showed to Yuria her 10 units of Armageddon, which holstered on her belt.

“How many did you created?” Yuria asked.

“Because of its complexity to construct it as well as very rare materials, I say 50 units only.”

“That few.”  Airi commented.

“I assume that all of you are finished for preparation right?” Yuki asked, which everyone replied it with a nod.

I was just thinking. This mission will start at 5:00 am right?” Atsuko asked.

“Yes, Atsuko. Why you asked?” Rino asked her back.

How about we named this mission as. Operation: Daybreak?” This made everyone think for a while.

“That’s a great name, Acchan!” Yuko said.

“Yup, a perfect name for this mission.” Kumi said.

“Well then, Vice-president of Twelve Constellation, Aries General Maeda Atsuko. You may announce the commencement of this mission.” Rino said. Atsuko stood in front of her friends.

Everyone, I can’t say more words to you. However, I hope that all of us here won’t die and will go home together. Thank you for the pain, laughter, sadness and joy that you have shared. We are the last hope of the Earth. We have friends, relatives, love ones, and home that we need to save.” Atsuko silent for a while and looked at them. Everyone replied to her with a smile, Yuko gave her thumbs up, Yuria have her peace sign gesture of her right hand on her head and winked at her. Atsuko smiled and started to announce the mission.

Operation: Daybreak, COMMENCE!

To be continued

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“So this thing is more like, anti-hentai device?” Airi asked.

“Yup, you could say that.” Mayu smiled at Airi.

W-What...? Airin and Mayuyu both being secretly hentai in their own respects....  :shocked

“This is my creation. Auxiliary Reinforcement Multiple Armament Generation Embedded Derivative Drive Operational Network System. Shortened for Armageddon System or you could call it Armageddon..” Akane gave to Yuria four units.

Thank God, Churi had acronyms for her inventions... The 'Akane' AI system and now the Armageddon System... Though the Armageddon's full name is longer.

Operation: Daybreak, COMMENCE!

I like the name... 'Daybreak'...

Anyway, this is long for me of a comment. I'll wait patiently for your update.
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Nice update.. Please continue this great fic author-san...
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Sorry for the late update.. Here it is.. ENJOY READING~!!!! XD XD XD


Chapter 12: River

Phase A: Operation: Daybreak – Delta

Someone’s inner world; Unknown time

“We should start now our training.” An unknown person rotated the arrow to its palm. “Are you ready?”

“I’m ready, let’s do it.” The girl said then drew her bow.


There are three stages in this operation. The first stage is to reactivate all of the network servers in the country. There are six servers, so we will divide it into six teams. Yukirin and Kumi will go to the Kyushu Network Control Center.

Kyushu Network Control Center, Sakurajima, Kagoshima, Japan; Monday, 5:00 am

Cherry Blossom Island, the English translation for the stratovolcano and former island of Kagoshima Prefecture, Sakurajima. It has three peaks namely Minami-dake (southern peak) and Naka-dake (central peak). The highest of all, is Kita-dake (northern peak), is also where the building of the central control network system of the whole Kyushu Island. Its location is highly impenetrable due to that only way to reach it is to cross the bridge where the the lava flows below. Or so they have thought.

One of the mind-controlled soldier was patrolling on the left wall. He saw a black point moving from the clouds, and then it became larger and larger. What was he remembers, is a skateboard smacks to his head causing him to unconscious. Before the skateboard touches the ground, a girl appeared and caught it.

“Sorry for that. Just need to do this.” The girl apologized. She looked at the horizon and mesmerized the bright darkness of twilight.

“The brightness blooms in the sky. What a beautiful dusk it is.” The girl whispered. She rotated her skateboard and threw it in the mid-air, and then she jumps. As soon as the sole of her shoes touches the board, she instantly disappeared. The next happened is a series of smack sound effects flowing in the air followed by multiple whispers of the wind. After a while, the girl appeared on the large gate and went to the gate control to open it. The gate was open, revealing another girl holding a scythe.

“You lived up with that title, Manipulator of Vectors, Yagami Kumi. You have knockout 200 guards and soldiers in less than 1 minute.” The girl amazed. They saw some soldiers coming and started to shoot at them. Kumi raised her hands in front of her, creating an invisible barrier that stopped the bullet from approaching her, while the girl with scythe instantly disappeared, which made the platoon confused. What they didn’t know and didn’t see, due to the darkness, but Kumi is a shadow moving on the ground at the high speed. In an instant, the girl appeared from the shadow and behind the soldiers. She knocked out all of them using only the butt end of her scythe. ‘Shadow Dash’ Kumi said on her thought.  After the area was clear, Kumi walks to her.

“I say, you’re pretty damn good, Manipulator of Darkness, Kashiwagi Yuki.” Kumi grinned while putting her skateboard on her nape and holding it with two hands. Yuki only snickered and then turned around. They approached to the metal door with keypad lock. “I’ll try to unlock the door. I know that they changed the passcodes.” Kumi connects the keypad lock to her hacking device and starts to analyze the algorithmic codes. As soon as the pass codes were duplicate to her device, Kumi typed the duplicated codes to the keypad lock. After for a while, the metal door was open.

Kumi and Yuki passed all obstacles, knocked all remaining guards and completely hacked the security system. Finally, they’ve reached the operation control room. Kumi went to the mainframe computer and started to decrypt the system while Yuki’s defending her from behind. After the level 5 security system has been crack, Kumi reactivates the central network of Kyushu Island.

This earpiece is called as Informative Reinforcement Interconnection System, also known as IRIS. I made this similar to scouters on that I’ve watch on Dragon Ball series. A telecommunication device uses gamma radiation as carrier wave signal instead of radio waves, making the range of communication to be as large as the total area of Solar System. Aside using this as communication, this device can be also use as analyzing scanner to scan the details of locked object. The scanner will be activated by showing the holographic screen on your right eyes and deactivating by retract it back, turning it into normal earpiece with small microphone. Churi have made a modified IRIS for those who owns Armageddon. All of these can be activate without any physical touch, only your brain commands it.

Kumi mentally turned on the communication mode of her IRIS. “Kyushu Network Server, network system online.”

Kitarie, Yuria and Paruru will go to Honshu-Kanto Network Control Center.

Tomei Expressway, Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 5:15 am

“Kumi and Yukirin activated the Kyushu Network Server.” Haruka announced.

“Well, since Sakurajima is only several hundred kilometers away, they will be the first ones to activate one of the network servers.” Rie said while driving Atsuko’s Koenigsegg CCXR Edition. Haruka looked to the outside of the car and sighed deeply.

“It’s so quiet. That I only heard dancing plants.” Haruka said.

“Maybe the radiated waves also affect animals too. I don’t know.” Yuria commented.

Haruka then focused on her hearing to the sound of sea waves, despite that Suruga Bay is several kilometers away from the highway. Then she heard something that makes her eyes narrow.

This is…

“Kitarie, can you please stop the car.” Rie tried to question but as soon as she saw Haruka’s face turns serious, she didn’t continue it. Nevertheless, Rie stopped the car. Haruka then went out of the car.

“Go, there something else that I need to do.” And with that Haruka walked away. Rie obeyed her orders and rushed the car away.

Yoshiwara Park, Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 6:00 am

Haruka walked cautiously in the deserted city of Fuji, Shizuoka. She held her Bo one-handedly, readied in case of either ambush or surprise attacks coming to her.

But before that, let me drink something.’ Haruka went to the softdrink vending machine and inserted 50 yen. After she drunk the drink, she accurately shoot the bottle to the garbage can, which is 50 meters away from her. After of while of walking, she felt a small quake coming from the ground.

“Oh shit.” Then instantly, a pillar of magma rose from Haruka’s position. It will thought that the blind girl was completely eaten by the ultra-hot magma, or so we thought. Above the pillar, Haruka was riding on the magma using her Bo as surfboard. After she finally located her target, she burst forward, which generates a shockwave from its wake. Her weapon stops instantly, right from the other solid object, which is a spear.

“I’ve been waiting on this deserted place for a couple of weeks. And now you’re here, shall we continue what we left off?” The person swung the spear that sent Haruka away.

“Yeah. Let’s finish this, Otabe.” Haruka slammed her Bo to the ground, creating a shockwave.

Tomei Expressway, Near Tokai University, Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 6:20 am

Damn it. I knew that something’s wrong. We shouldn’t let Paruru go alone.’ Yuria thought. She looked at her roller skates that are automatically activated from the command of her thoughts.

“Kitarie…” Before Yuria finished her sentence, Rie stopped the car.

“I know, Yuria. We have the same thought. Letting Paruru alone meeting to her, means suicide. Especially in this situation.” Rie said.

“Colonel Kitahara~”

“You should go, General Kizaki. General Shimazaki needs help.” Rie said.

“But what about you?”

“Don’t worry about that, I will meet with Major General Takajo Aki once I’ve reached to our destination. Also, your cousin, Lieutenant General Yamamoto Sayaka was waiting on the foot of Mt. Fuji.”

“Well, the only thing that I should worry right now is Paruru.” Yuria said.

“See ya. And don’t die!” Then Rie pushed the accelerator really hard that made the accelerates quickly. After the car disappeared from the horizon, Yuria looked on the other side of the road. She looked below and slightly pulled her skirt up, showing the holster that was attached on her legs. Then she took two of it.

“Armageddon system. After I read all of its data. I don’t know if I will surprised or amazed.” Yuria merged the two Armageddon together. Then the green light from the end of the weapon rotated so that it aligned to the other light, then switched to red light signifying that it’s locked. Yuria heard an announcement from her earpiece.

Dual-force, Engage.

“Omega Adamantium. One of the strongest, indestructible alloys in existence. Churi, you made a fictional alloy into a reality eh. No wonder you are one of the most dangerous humans in the world. A bird with an ultra-high IQ. Well then…” Yuria rotated the two-sided Armageddon on the palm of her hand. Then she instantly skates away at the high speed that creates a shockwave within its wake.

“I’m coming, Paruru. Hold on.”

Yoshiwara Park, Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 6:35 am

The fight leaves indescribable destruction to all of the surroundings. The buildings are ruined, the trees are burnt and covered by lava, glasses were shattered, and everything was thrown into chaos. However, the battle seems didn’t stop until one of them are down.

Haruka skidded away from the large pillar that generated below the ground. She saw her hand singed from the burn of the lava.

“Tsk, I can’t able to touch her. Her body was enveloped with magma. What’s more, is those pesky magma pillars are suddenly appeared below.” Then she heard multiple sound of falling objects.

“Don’t tell me. That’s Supervolcanic Shower!” She looked up on the sky. Via her clairaudience, she visualized the multiple large flaming ball falling above her.

“Zona di Frantumazione (Shattering Zone).” Haruka kicked the air that created the crack. Then she delivered another kick to the crack, which makes it bigger, and finally a dropkick.

“Forza di Frantumazione (Shattering Force).” As soon as her dropkick connected to the crack, it shatters violently that generates large-scale shockwave, much larger than Shattering Zone. The shockwave propagated to the incoming fireballs in the air at highspeed, destroying all of them upon the contact.

“If those things continuously fall, then this place is over.”

“Yo.” This made Haruka widen her eyes. As soon as she turned around, she saw a magma fist coming to her. Luckily, with her instinct, she blocked it using her Bo. However, that didn’t end as the latter delivers multiple magma-infused punch towards the blind girl, which Haruka continuously defended herself using her weapon. Her defense ended when a magma-infused underhook punch connected to Haruka’s abdomen, sending her flying and crashing to the building. Haruka was seen sitting on the rubbles while rubbing her abdomen.

Goddamn, it hurts. Even though these clothes are made in composite alloy, I can still feel the heat. Nevertheless, I should be thankful that this thing that I wear prevents Yuihan’s magma fist to make contact in my skin.

“縛道の六十三「鎖条鎖縛」[Bakudō no Rokujūsan:Sajō Sabaku: (Way of Binding #63: Locking Bondage Stripes)]” Before Haruka could stand, a white thick rope of pure yellow energy suddenly appeared out of nowhere and binds Haruka’s upper body, restraining her from moving.

“Shit.” Haruka tried to break it but even her monstrous strength can’t able to destroy the kido. Then she heard a footstep getting closer to her.

“My, my. Don’t struggle a lot. You could hurt yourself, you know?” She saw Otabe’s coming to her holding a spear and both of her hands are smoking.

“Damn you.” Haruka gritted her teeth.

“Hmm… I was wondering, of how your beautiful body is delicious. Maybe I should taste it.” Otabe licked her lips.

“Don’t you dare!” Haruka struggled more than usual. However, all of her efforts are vain. Otabe held her face and made her look straightly to her eyes.

“Such a beautiful creature.” Otabe forcefully kissed Haruka. Haruka tried to avoid Otabe’s forceful sensual attacks by turned her face away. Finally, the blind girl headbutted her, which makes Otabe back away for a while. She wiped her nose and saw a blood from her hand.

“Hahahahahahaha! I like you, Haruka. Let me be your lover in place of Yuihan.” Otabe placed her hands to Haruka’s cheek.

“Never!” Haruka used her head to slapped Otabe’s hand away.

“Then, I will make you mine. By force.” Otabe kicked Haruka’s abdomen, which were previously damaged by her magma underhook punch, so hard. Then she hugged Haruka from behind and slowly inserted her both hands inside of Haruka’s upper uniform then slowly rubs her hands on Haruka’s belly. This makes Haruka slowly weakened.

Oh shit. Otabe unconsciously used my weakness. I cannot… No…’ Despite all of her efforts to resist it, Haruka suddenly moaned from Otabe’s erotic touch.

“Oh my. Looks like your body gave in very easily from my touch.” Otabe erotically whispered from Haruka’s ears in husky voice.

Oh no body, you’re not helping. Don’t fall to my lust. Not now, not now.’ Haruka tried to contain her moan but fail as she moaned louder when Otabe’s hand crawled up to her breast and slowly played it.

“Now then, it’s time to taste your body.” Otabe said. Then slowly sniffed Haruka’s neck.

I can’t resist. My body is started to fall on my unwanted temptation. I’m sorry guys.’ Haruka closed her eyes.

“Who said giving up now? CANCER GENERAL SHIMAZAKI HARUKA~!!!” Someone shouted on her earpiece, that instantly makes Haruka opened her eyes. Luckily, Otabe was busy on violating Haruka’s body and didn’t hear that shout.

That voice.’ Unnoticed, a wheeled shoe suddenly appeared on Otabe’s left head. Then the shoe directly made contact on Otabe’s face and instantly, sent her crashing to the building. The impact was so powerful, that the building collapses and falls down, burying Otabe inside by the falling debris.

Weakened, Haruka fell her knees from the ground, trying to catch her breath from the torture. She looked up and saw her savior.

“Yuria~” Haruka said in husky voice.

“Hold on, I will destroy this.” Yuria lifted her feet above her head and quickly kicked downward, destroying the bakudo. This makes Haruka free from the restrains and uses her free hands to support herself. “You ok?”

“I’m fine now; let me buy me some time to get up. Thanks, Yuria.” Haruka weakenedly smiled at her.

“Don’t mention it.” Yuria said.

“But why did you come? I thought that…”

“Kitarie will do the mission; she will meet Akicha and Sayanee at the rendezvous location. She knew that you would need help. Especially this.”

“She also knew that your weakness is Yuihan’s erotic touch. Moreover, Yuihan’s weakness is your erotic touch. In short, both of you are each other’s weakness.” Yuria facepalmed.

“That Kitarie… Still, I’m grateful that you save me.” Suddenly, both of them felt a very dense spiritual aura that makes the whole surrounding shake, the leaves falling to the trees and the ground is shaking. Then a large pillar of magma burst out of the mountain of rubbles, turning them into molten rocks. Afterwards, Otabe appeared from the large pillar.

“Damn you, Yuria.” Otabe tightened her hold to the spear.

“Rest there, while I’m dealing with your girlfriend.” Yuria said and walked towards to Otabe. Then she stopped 10 meters to her.

“You angry now, Otabe?” Yuria teased her. Otabe replied with a fast magma-infused punch. However, it also replied with a fast kick, suspending the magma fist to the air using her foot. This makes Yuria smirked at her.

“You will pay for interrupting my dinner.” Otabe angrily said.

Yuria, while holding the fist, rotated the switch from the merged hilt, then pressed the second button and finally pressed the lock button. Yuria heard the announcement from her IRIS earpiece.

Input complete. Initializing form.

Yuria kicked Otabe away and rotated her Armageddon on her palm. Instantly after she held it, the Armaggedon transformed into a double plasma dual-edged sword. Then she rotated the switch of the two Armageddons holstered on her leg holsters and double pressed the second button.

Input complete. Charging initialized.

Yuria looked at Otabe with a smile then turned into a serious face.

“Let’s do this.”


To be Continued
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Sorry for the late update.. Here it is.. ENJOY READING~!!!! XD XD XD


I can’t resist. My body is started to fall on my unwanted temptation. I’m sorry guys.’ Haruka closed her eyes.

“Who said giving up now? CANCER GENERAL SHIMAZAKI HARUKA~!!!” Someone shouted on her earpiece, that instantly makes Haruka opened her eyes. Luckily, Otabe was busy on violating Haruka’s body and didn’t hear that shout.


I'll give you a slap next week for letting Yuria interrupting Otabe. Seriously. hahaha

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Phase B: Operation: Daybreak – Theta

“Me and Churi will go to Okinawa Network Control Center. That plase is also known as Ryukyu Network Control Center.”

Ryukyu Network Control Center, Cape Irizaki, Yonaguni, Okinawa, Japan; Monday, 6:25 am

The sun slowly rose up from the sea horizon. Sea gulls are appeared above the blue surface, some of them are flocking on the rocks of the shore while the others are flying beside the sea cliff. Above the cliff is a lighthouse that stood on the edge of the cape. This lighthouse is one of the major tourist spots in Yonaguni, Okinawa before the global pandemonium. Now the lighthouse was heavily surrounded by the electric-grid fences. Several soldiers are patrolling the cape. Tanks and armed helicopters are in standby, ready to deploy for any intruders who dare to trespass the restricted area. By this heavy defense, entering is highly impossible. Or so we thought…

One of the patrolling soldier noticed a small bird flying above the electric fence and perching on the top of the lighthouse’s lantern room. He thought that the small bird is not threatening so he didn’t mind and continued to patrol. The bird leaped on every corner while while looking on the whole surrounding. After finished monitoring, the small bird flew away from the lighthouse and passed above the electric-grid fence. After 10 minutes of flying, the small bird saw two silhouttes hiding on the shrubs and in prone position. The small bird dives down and perches on someone’s shoulder. The silhouette rubs the bird’s throat with its thumb which the bird replied it with its head rubbing back to the silhouette's thumb. The silhouette smiles at the bird’s playfulness then listens to the bird’s chirping.

“The swallow said that there are 20 unarmored soldiers, 10 armored soldiers, 10 tanks and 5 attack helicopters. The fence is powered by 20,000 volts of alternating current electricity. The only way to reach inside the area is via the 4-foot height electric gate. Oh and also, there are also 25 CCTV cameras and 15 hidden cameras. Not impossible, but very hard to enter without suspicion.”

“Well, not anymore. I’m going to switch the barrel and the calibre.” The girl pulled the bolt of the breech from her Denel NTW-20, then she spoke one of the commands.

“Silencer.” After that, she pushed the bolt and closed the breech. It followed by spark sounds coming from the gun. Then an announcement was heard from her IRIS.

Silencer mode, Engage.

Then she pulled a rectangular metal that slides from the magazine, revealing a PIN keypad. She pressed the number 879, and then she pushed the metal bar that sliding up back to the magazine that follows the announcement: Code locked. Then she pushed the magazine to the gun that follows the announcement.

Tranquilizer Cartridge, Loaded.

“Let’s do it.” She then looked at the scope of her rifle and calculated the variables.

“Number of total targets including personnels: 85. Range of targets: 250 meters. Angle of elevation to the targets: 12°. Wind temperature: 28° Celsius. Wind speed and direction: 13 km/h, northwest.” After all of the calculations, she fired her weapon.
The soldier felt a sting from his neck. Before he put his hand to the neck to check the sting, he felt sleepy and yawned. Then afterwards, he immediately dropped to the ground and slept deeply. The soldiear in mechanical armor saw his fellow soldiers consecutively fall down to the ground and sleep.

From the sniping ground. The girl encode another number: 367. Then she pushed the bar and the magazine to the gun.

Code locked. EMP Catridge, Loaded.

After that, she fired the new cartridge. The solider in mechanical armor heard a clanging sound from his armor. Then it followed by a distortion to the holographic display of his armor, then afterwards, the mechanical armor was completely shut down. However, that was not ended yet. The mechanical armors, tanks and helicopters, all being hit by an unknown source, are shut down due to the electromagnetic disruption.

From the sniping ground. The girl encode the last number: 526. Then she did the same before.

Code locked. Jammer Cartridge, Loaded.

From the security control room. An operator saw a monitor with black and white dot pixel patterns on display. The operator tries to fix it but it still shows the patterns. Then all of the monitors are one by one turned the display into a noise video, totally jammed the surveillance.

One of the soldiers from the mechanical armor went out and loaded his weapon. From his peripheral view, he saw a girl walking towards the gate, that was automatically opened. All of the remaining soldiers point their weapons to the trespassing person. The girl unclipped two hilts from her holster and set it up to her desired form. Then an announcement was heard from the IRIS.

Sword Mode. Input complete. Initializing form.

Instantly, the two hilts transformed into single-edged katana. After the soldiers saw the girl holding two swords, they started to shoot her. The girl casually parried all of the incoming bullets; some of it was sliced while the others are deflected away. The girl jumps above the gate while parrying all the bullets. After she landed to the ground, she immediately knocked down multiple soldiers one by one while evading the bullets. After the coast was clear, a swallow perched on her right shoulder.

“Pacific swallow, 13 cm passerine swallow that has blue back with browner wings and tail, a red face and throat, and dusky underparts. It breeds in tropical southern Asia and the islands in south Pacific. In addition, it is a fast flyer.” Suddenly, a door from a small house opened, revealing reinforcement soldiers. The girl prepares to fight them, when several bullets passed through her that slices the wind. The bullets hit the target, sending the reinforcement units knocked down.

“That’s a Knockout Cartridge. It can put a target into sleep by delivering an impact blow when the bullet makes contact. It has small similarities to Tranquilizer Cartridge.” The girl holding a sniper walks toward the other girl from behind.

“Churi, can you please refrain from fangirling from the birds, especially at this situation.” The girl complained.

“Sorry for that, Mayu-san. I can’t help it. This bird is too cute to ignore.” Akane rubs her thumb to swallow’s throat. The bird replied with a happy chirp, which made Akane squealed from the cuteness.

“Ok, that’s enough. Let’s get this mission done. We still have things to do after this.” Mayu pulled the bolt. “Automatic.” She pushed the bolt back.

Automatic mode, Engage.

The two raids the control center, which was below the lighthouse and the small house beside it is the entrance. After they reach to the main operation control room, Mayu and Akane went to the respective computer to activate the network system. Then Akane announced the activation to her IRIS.

“Ryukyu Network Server, network system online.”

Yoshiwara Park, Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 6:45 am

Swordstaff Mode. Input complete, Initializing form.

“Bring it on.” Yuria teased Otabe. Otabe replied by charging at Yuria, delivering a magma-infused kick. Yuria replied the kick with a roundhouse kick. The clash creates a large spark followed by an intense shockwave that sends large debris flying. Yuria release a force from her kick causing Otabe to be pushed backward and skidded away.

Yokoyama Yui’s Magma Mimicry, the power to transform her body into molten stone or magma. I really hate that ability; it makes my kicks pass through her. She’s like that Akainu that I’ve always watch and read from One Piece. Adding Magma Manipulation to her arsenal makes this fight difficult to finish.’ Yuria raised her right foot. Then the wheels from the skates started to slowly accelerates the rotational speed. The ultra-high speed of the rotation, creates the vortex from each wheel.

“Förkrossande Slag (Crushing Blow)” Yuria instantly disappeared from Otabe’s sight and reappeared behind her, which the latter surprised. Otabe immediately jumps forward and rolls as Yuria slams her foot to the ground, causing it to uplift the ground from the earth. The inner demon saw the effect, a 250-meter radius of crater appeared with Yuria stood on the center.

“I’m amazed the destruction you have caused. How about joining to our league, your powers will be an asset to our cause.” Otabe asked.

“No thanks. Maybe I possessed a much destructive power, but I will use its destructive capability to protect my friends, families, my country and the world. Rather than joining to the side where destruction, calamity and madness is all matters.” Yuria said.

“Very well then, I respect your decistion. By your answer, you will die by my hands. Your friend’s hands.” Otabe slammed her fist to the ground.

“чысцец прагарыны [čysciec praharyny (Purgatory Burnout)]” Suddenly, the whole ground shook, then a massive column of lava erupted from the ground that almost hit Yuria if she didn’t saw a burning ground below her. However, that didn’t stop as several column of lava erupt from where she stood but she continuously dodge many of it. One of it managed to graze her skin.

Itai~!!!’ Even though she’s hurt, the magma didn’t stop to erupt. When one of the lava column erupted below her, she sidestepped for a while and letting the pillar of lava appeared. Then she stomped the side of pillar to gain speed. Instantly, she appeared already in front of Otabe and swung her swordstaff. Otabe parried it using her spear. Yuria delivered series of high-speed sword slashes while Otabe replied it with series of high-speed spear slashes. They continuously parried each other attacks while sparks appeared because of clash of their weapons.

Otabe separates her spear into twelve segments with chains connected each segment. She used the segmented spear as whip and swung it to Yuria. Yuria dashed backwards, dodging the spear and letting it slammed to the ground. However, the segmented spear swung upward and encircled Yuria’s foot and managed to capture her. Then Otabe swung her spear down, sending Yuria crashing to the ground. That didn’t stop as Otabe swung it left to right that Yuria continuously being slammed and crashed to the ground.


On the other side, Haruka, who was still recovering from the torture, watches the fight. Suddenly…

I think Yuria’s in danger. She maybe powerful, but she can’t able to hold on against Otabe.

How? I’m still in disadvantage to fight her.

I think it’s my time to shine. Am I right?

Wait, what? But…

And besides, that weakness is only applied to you, not me. So let me fight her. Also, only inner demons are capable to fight with another inner demon on equal grounds.

I don’t have any choice right? Then I will let you do this, on one condition.

And that is?

Please. Save Yuihan.

Don’t worry. I will do it.

Then let’s do it.


Mount Fuji, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 7:00 am

The Koenigsegg CCXR Edition stopped near the bricked wall. Rie saw the girl waiting for her and slowly walking towards to her.

“You’re late, Kitarie.” The girl was completely not amused.

“Gomen ne, Sayanee. You already saw the pillar of flames right?” Rie asked.

“Yuihan’s fiery magma pillars. More reason that Yuria was not coming with you.”

“How’s the Control Center?”

“Akicha is on the Control Center right now. Right now, I’m currently preventing any enemies to set foot on Fujinomiya Trails.” Sayaka saw an incoming armored vehicle. She threw several cards that hit on the armored vehicle’s wheel and destroying it, stopping it from going further. Then she saw a tank positioning the cannon.

“Shit.” Sayaka prepared to throw another card. However, Rie summoned armor-piercing swords and throws it to the tank, one of it going through the mouth of the cannon. The cannon backfired, making the tank self-destruct. They saw three helicopters above them. Rie immediately summoned array of swords and fired all of it to the helicopters, destroying the tail and sending all of them crashed to the ground. Sayaka summoned cards from her hand and threw it at high speed, hitting all the long-ranged snipers.

After the long time of defending, they finally heard Aki’s announcement from their IRIS.

Honshu-Kanto Network Server, network system online.

Yoshiwara Park, Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 7:16 am
A figure crashed down to the ground, revealing Yuria lying to the debris. She saw Otabe coming towards her.

‘Shit, I never thought that this inner demon is too strong.’ Otabe stood in front of her.

“This is the end.” Otabe raised her arm that transformed into magma arm. Yuria closed her eyes, preparing for her end. Then…

Eh?’ Yuria didn’t feel any contact from the magma nor any heat or burn. As soon as she slowly opened her eyes, she was amazed from what she saw. Another hand, who held on her arm, stopped Otabe’s magma fist.

“What the hell? Another intrusion? Who the hell are… YOU?!?!” Both Otabe and Yuria widened their eyes while looking at the source of the hand.

“Hello.” The figure smiled at her.

“Haruka?” Otabe asked.

“Haruka ja nai. Fumie da yo.” She kicked Otabe’s belly that sent her crashing to the mountain pile of debris. Fumie offered her hands to Yuria, which the latter reached it, allowing her to stand with help.

“Fumie? You’re Haruka’s inner demon?” Yuria asked.

“Yup, I’m her inner demon. A compassionate and soft-hearted inner demon, Fumie-desu.” The girl introduced to Yuria.

“Why are you here?”

“Inner demons are capable to fight another inner demon on equal grounds. It’s because our strength and power are one-step ahead of yours. You may have Limit Break that we not possess, a technique that grants you to access the remaining 50% of your capabilities, but we still able to fight you even activating it.” Fumie explained.

“Oh I see. How you could able to hold Otabe’s magma arms without your hands getting burnt?”

“Ever heard the technique “Reigai [霊鎧 (Spirit Armor)]?” Fumie raised her eyebrow.

“Oh shit, I completely forgot about that.” This makes Fumie sighed.

“Next time you should prepare. By the way, I think you should called her.”

“Why?” Yuria asked.

“Because even though inner demons can par with another demon. A spell enhanced inner demon is a different matter. We need two inner demons to deal with her.” Fumie suggested.

She’s right. You already have no chance against her. Even Fumie can’t able to hold her for a long time.

“Ok then. Let’s do it. I leave this to you, my inner demon. Good luck.” Yuria smiled then she closed her eyes.


Fumie saw Otabe standing several meters away, this time with angry face.

“Damn you.” Otabe said in more annoyance.

“Well then, are you ready? What’s your name, Yuria’s inner demon?” Fumie asked. Yuria’s eyes slowly opened. Instead of brown-colored iris, Yuria’s iris turned into regal blue, similar to Fumie’s iris. Then she posed with peace-sign hand beside her winked eyes.

“Me? I’m Peace, a playful and cheerful inner demon.” Peace saw the two clipped Armageddon with green light on. Then she picked the swordstaff that was stabbed on the ground.

Looks like you've unconsciously prepared for this, Yuria.’ Peace smiled.


To be continued
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Phase H: Operation: Daybreak – Lambda

Myao-chan, Acchan and Erika-san will go to Hokkaido Control Network Center.

Hokkaido Network Control Center, Mount Rishiri, Hokkaido, Japan; Monday, 7:00 am

The next control center is somehow near impossible to reach due to the large trees that cover the structure and its location is somewhere near the base of the mountains. Several CCTV cameras where hiding in the dark area of the forest and soldiers patrolling the area.

One of the soldier saw a girl walking towards the building. He then points the gun to the girl which the she raised both of her hands.

“Although I don’t think that would be work. Am I right, soldier-san?” She smiled at him. The soldier fires the gun without any hesitation. However, none of the bullets reached to her and instead, those bullets disappeared into dust.

“You’re wondering why those bullets can’t able to hit me? It’s because of this.” The girl waved her hands and in an instant, the gun sliced into many four pieces, surprising the soldier. Then he pulled the pistol from his holster.

“Oh no. You don’t.” The girl restracted her arms like she’s pulling something. Then the soldier felt that he’s being pulled to her. Once the soldier is in her range, the girl punched his face so hard that knocks him out.

Really? Like that?” The girl noticed her companions appeared from the shadows.

“You could say that you have carbon-titanium monomolecular razor wires, Myao-chan. In addition, you have the ability to manipulate strings and wires.” The girl with sword said.

“As if that they will able to comprehend that.” Miho pouted. The security alarm sounds, signifying that the intruders were being found.

“As expected to the Hokkaido’s Northern Army. Their response is something that we shouldn’t joke. Aren’t we, Erika?” Miho said.

“As much as I want to thank you for your praise. I think we should move now.” They saw sentry guns appeared from each hole of the turret. Then the guns fired simultaneously. Atsuko went behind of Miho while Erika unsheathed her long nodachi and executed multiple slashes in split seconds, slicing all the incoming bullets. Miho clasped her hands then separated it, revealing multiple white lines connected from each of her hands. Then she waved her hand, which the wires moved at high-speed and sliced all of the bullets. Miho waved both of her hands downward, slicing the turrets vertically into two.

“Angrebsstryke Kategori #01: Slangebøsse (Assault force Category #01: Slingshot)”

“神鳴流「奥義、斬空閃」(Shinmeiryuu “Ougi”: Zankuusen, Gods’ Cry Technique: Air-cleaving Flash)” Erika’s swing fired bladed-shockwave, destroying the metallic gate upon the contact. When the gate was destroyed, two tanks appeared in front of them and preparing to fire. Atsuko went in front of her sister as both of her hands are on fire.

Φωτιά Τοίχο: Επιθετικός Φόρμα (Fo̱tiá Toícho: Epithetikós Fórma, [Firewall: Offensive Form)” Atsuko swung both of her hands downward, firing a wall of fire that move at the high speed; destroying the tanks before any chance of firing its cannon. Upon entering the restricted area, multitude of machine guns appeared from all direction and firing all at them.

“Avantgarde Kategori #70: Størknede Fuglegitter (Vanguard Category #70: Solidified Screen)” Miho flicked her fingers. Then a mesh of wires surrounds the girls, shielding them from the ambush.

Erika disappeared from their sight. After 3 seconds, she appeared beside Atsuko with her sword partially unsheathed. When she completely sheathing back her sword, the patrolling soldiers are knocked out, their weapons are sliced into four. Even the sentry guns, turrets and cameras are divided into two.

That’s my sister. No wonder you’re being called as ‘Queen of Blades’.’ Atsuko thought. She gestured them to raid now the area.

When they reached to the control room, Atsuko replaced the CPU board with their own board. Then she nodded at Miho, signifying that it’s time to activate the system.

“Level 6 security system eh. This is the highest level of security that I’ve ever seen. No worries.” After 30 seconds, Miho cracked the firewall security.

After a couple of minutes, Miho gestured Erika with OK-sign. Then Erika mentally switched her IRIS in communication mode.

“Hokkaido control network server, network system online.”

Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 7:10 am

The fight escalated further when whole city turned into their battleground. Most of the structures are completely obliterated; roads are destroyed; in short, everything is in total chaos.

“Tsk. This is harder than I thought, Fumie.” Peace said in frustration. She’s currently leaning behind the building, trying to make some distance from the intense fight. She saw a dragon-liked magma pillar appeared several meters on her side, trying to get Fumie who was currently in midair.

“Burst blaster.” A large beam of energy appeared, passing in front of Fumie and destroying the dragon-liked magma before it reaches her. Fumie saw Peace holding the Armageddon with smoke coming from the mouth of the hilt. Then she clipped it to her holster. Peace unclipped the other one and merged the two Armageddons together.

Dual-force, Engage.

“Moonblade.” Peace rotated the switch from the left side and selected the Dual-bladed Polearm Mode. Then she pressed the second button.

Moonblade mode. Input complete. Initializing form.

The hilt transformed into a large polearm weapon, with dual-bladed scythes on each end. Each scythe has the   side of the blade larger than the other side, that makes it shape look like ‘S’. Peace rotates it from her hand and then holds it.

“Yup. Even with the two inner demons like us, can’t still able to defeat her.” Fumie’s regal blue eyes staring to the horizon. They saw Otabe slowly walking towards them.

“What’s the matter? Even your inner demons, still can’t able to defeat me? This is too boring.” Otabe slam her spear to the ground.

“Расплаўлены Шипы (Rasplaŭlieny Šipy, Molten Spikes)” A thorns of molten rocks erupted from the ground. The eruption moves at high speed, that it rapidly approach Peace and Fumie. The two girls kicked the ground so hard that created a small crack of crater to the road. That kick made them disappear that the spike passes without hitting them.

“Tsk, they evade that.” Otabe saw the two inner demons gliding on the midair. “Then.” Like the two, Otabe kicked the ground and instantly appeared in front of them, surprised Fumie and Peace. Yokoyama Yui and her inner demon may be lack of speed, as Jurina who’s the slowest shunpo user, is hundred times faster than her, she can compensate it with the strength of her legs, thus she can able to catch up for the likes of Yuria and Haruka.

Otabe infused her spear with molten rocks then instantly swing it to the two. Fumie flash-stepped, dodging the spear. Peace instead used both of her foot to block it, but the force of the swing sent her crash to the building. However, before Otabe can react, Peace suddenly appeared behind and spinning kicked her, sending her flying. Then Fumie appeared above Otabe and smashing her Bo, which send her to the ground. The impact was so strong that it created the shockwave, enough to make the heavy debris around fly.

Peace kicked the midair, creating the shockwave on its wake, and dashing towards the crash site. Fumie did the same. As about to hit their target, a metal clashing sound was heard. When the smoke was cleared, they saw Otabe holding two spears, blocking their respective attacks.

Two spears, that means…

Bring it on, Otabe.’ Peace smirked.

“My patience has growing thin now. I’m going to send you all to hell.” Suddenly, Otabe’s aura flunctuated at alarming rate that makes the whole area shaking. Then Otabe swung her two spears to the Fumie and Peace, which the two parried her weapons. Peace and Fumie swung the moonblade and Bo respectively in high-speed, but Otabe can still parried them. Then the three engage in high-speed fight, lighting the whole area from the sparks created from the clash of their weapons.

Otabe kicked with her magma foot that sent the two away, skidding on the ground. Then she kicked the ground, allowing her to dash towards them. She coated her fist with magma and ready to punch Fumie. Fumie cannot able to prepare herself to defend due to the short instances despite that she’s faster than Yuihan.

霊鎧 (Reigai, Spirit Armor)’ Otabe’s magma fist hits on Fumie’s chest. However, before she retracts it, Fumie holds Otabe’s hand despite that it still covered with magma. With her free hand, she put on Otabe’s abdomen in fist.

“Usually, only Yuihan, Paruru and some humans skilled in martial arts can able to do this. The main requirements of this are calm mind, patience and focus. Fortunately, Paruru taught me this since I’ve met those requirements. Now then, I’ve made some variations of this skill, let’s try this. Shall we?” Otabe tried to get away. However, Fumie holds Otabe’s magma hand tighter while her fist is still on her abdomen.

“Shit. Get away!” Otabe struggled, using her free hand to punch Fumie while increasing the temperature of her left hand. However, Fumie endured all the torture she received and still holding Otabe’s hand despite that the magma’s heat already bypassed her reigai-coated hand.

“One-inch punch: Radial explosion.” Fumie instantly pushed her fist against Otabe’s abdomen. The force of the punch was so powerful that the aftershock was generated from Otabe’s back. Due to the exploding impact from the fist, Otabe was propelled at high speed. However, before she will flying further, when in slow motion, Peace appeared from behind.

“Meteorenstorm (Meteor Storm)" Peace unleashes barrage of kicks at blinding speed to Otabe. After that, she ends it with high-speed roundhouse kick, sending Otabe across several buildings. Then she went to Fumie.

“You all right? You’ve taking that risk, receiving Otabe’s magma fist just to punch her at point-blank range.” Peace said as she saw Fumie’s left hand covered with burns.

“I’m fine. We should focus of finishing this as soon as possible. As of now, four control centers are now in operational. Only Kansai and Tohoku Network Control Center left.”

“Ne, you still remember about what Mayu-chan said before this operation started?” Peace asked.

“You mean of turning the brainwashed inner demons back to normal? Yup, I remembered it. And I know just the way of how to do that.” Fumie smiled.

“You do?” Peace looked at her with curious face.

“Yup. Just leave that to me. All you have to do is to support me.” Fumie walked to Otabe.

Nezumi discussed about how to revert the brainwashed inner demons back to normal. Since the process of Hypnopsychosis Inversion Spell is to let the inner demon use the body then using the magic chains to brainwash them, the only way to bring them back to normal is…

Honshu-Chugoku Network Control Center, Awaji Kaikyo, Awaji, Hyogo, Japan; Monday, 7:20 am

“Tsk, I’ve never thought that they are here. This is harder than I thought.” Jurina said while riding on the water like wave surfing. They almost reached to the control center, which was located on the strait near the Awaji Kaikyo Bridge, until an unexpected hindrance appeared. Not the patrol soldiers that obstructed their mission though; it was other than Lieutenant Colonel Ishida Anna and Colonel Oba Mina.

While riding through waves, Jurina saw energy beams firing from the shores. She butterfly-flipped to avoid most of them.

“Time to make some snowman.” Jurina flipped again, creating a giant wave. She put her right index finger on the water, which later the wave she created turned into ice. Then the freezed wave blocks all the incoming energy beams.

“Tsk. Hang on there, Rena. I’m coming for you.”

On the port of Akashi strait, Rena was currently fighting Colonel Oba Mina. While defending herself against Mina’s aggressive melee attacks, she saw Lieutenant Colonel Ishida Anna standing on the floating dock and firing her energy-charged pistols while laughing maniacally.

“Yo, Rena-senpai. You shouldn’t look away while fighting someone right? What a bad general we have here.” Rena quickly switched her glance to Mina and instantly blocked a high-speed thrust.

Minarun’s using a photon-bladed spear, despite that less powerful than Yuihan, she still a dangerous opponent in her own right. Adding with a magically empowered, brainwashed inner demon, I shouldn’t underestimate her. However…

“Gomen ne, Minarun. I’m worried to Jurina that she might get sick or something that makes me concern. So much that this fight is less important than my concern to her. You know that she’s still young right?” Rena calmly said.

“Why you?! Don’t mock me!” Mina shouted.

Oh god. I just flicked the wrong switch.’ Rena felt the pressure as Mina’s charging at her with blind rage. Despite of that, she’s calmly parried all of the spear thrusts. She saw Mina rotated her spear then tried to thrust at her. Rena flash-stepped away to avoid it and instead the rotated spear hits the ground.

Hmmm. Yuihan’s technique eh, what a copycat we have here.’ Rena smirked. She saw Mina instantly appeared in front of her with the spear is already several inches from her face. Rena sighed as she took a glance to her left.

“Why are you here, tsundere queen?” Suddenly, a glove-covered left hand appeared beside her and does a finger snapping. Then a burst of flame explodes right in front of Mina that sending her across the port, crashing through the shipping container.

“Cause we’re the reinforcement? And no thanks?” The girl went to beside her.

“Why should I thank you?” Rena raised her eyebrow.

“Stubborn general here.” The girl whispered.

“What did you say?”

“Ah, nothing. By the way, Sasshi is already inside the control center.” The girl reported.

“Since that you’re here, take care of her. I’ll deal with Annya.” Rena ordered.

“Yes, General Matsui Rena.” Rena revealed her silver-gray wings from her back. Then she flapped her wings to take-off and fly away, disappearing from their sight. The girl saw Mina appeared from the destroyed container.

“Aika!” Mina said with the hint of anger from her voice.

“This is 2nd Lieutenant Ota Aika speaking, are you there Sasshi?” Aika called from her IRIS.

“I’m right here from the main control, give me 1 hour. I’m currently busy dealing with these guys.” She heard gunshots and metal clashing sound.

“Be careful.” Aika disconnect the call. She tightened her gloves while a spark appeared from her right hand. Mina appeared beside her and prepared to thrust her spear. Aika parried it by delivering right spinning kick to the spear. Then a gust of wind appeared right after the spinning kick, sending the inner demon skidding away. With a singe step that creates a wind upon her wake, Aika appeared in front of her and sending right hand-punch Mina. During the contact of her gloves to Mina’s face, a static electricity discharges from her gloves that electrocute the latter. Then she push the punch to her, sending the inner demon again crash to the containers. 

Blaze Transmutation Circle on left hand: check. Lightning Transmutation Circle on right hand: check. Storm Transmutation Circle on both legs: all check. Ok, now time to finish this.’ With her single step and the activation of the transmutation circle from her legs, Aika dashed forward. During her mid-dash, a thrusting spear appeared from the smoke. Aika tilted her body to the right, causing the spear passes beside her head.

“What the hell?” Mina saw Aika already below her. Before she could react, Aika delivered a lower spinning sweep kick to Mina’s foot, causing her to trip. While she’s in the midair, Aika then lifts her feet in the air while using both of her hands as stand then spins her body. Her three transmutation circles suddenly sparked.

“Infernale Tempesta (Infernal Storm)” Her spin creates an electric-charged blazing tornado. Her left and right hand continuously generate flame and electricity respectively due to the friction of the air while her legs generate a gust of wind due to the large momentum, to carry the flame and electricity. The spinning of her body allowing the wind to rotate around her, thus creating a large tornado with fire and lightning combined. Mina didn’t able to react and thus already caught by the blazing tornado. Aika appeared several meters from the tornado and walked away. After a while, the tornado finally dissipated, revealing Mina covered with burnt clothes and burnt injuries. Then a body crashed onto her, putting the two unconscious.

Aika saw a white vertical line appeared in front of her.

That’s Planescape Divider if I’m correct. Then it means…’ Aika saw Sashihara Rino appeared from the white vertical line. Rino saw Aika and giving her a thumb’s up while smiling.

“Done. The Control Center is fully operational, although I didn’t announce it yet. Where’s Rena and Jurina?” After Rino asked, Rena landed beside them while holding Jurina.

“We’re here.” Jurina said. She put her chains to her holster.

“We need to restrain Minarun and Annya before they’ll wake up.” Rena said. Her gray wings still unfurled from her back.

“I’m on it.” Jurina pulled out a chain from her slingbag. Then she went to Mina and Anna to chain them. Rino activated the communication mode of her IRIS.

“Honshu-Chugoku control network server, network system online.”

Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 7:30 am

Peace went to the crash site. Her eyebrows raised when she found nothing.

“Huh? Where did Otabe go?” She felt a shockwave coming from below. Peace instantly sidestepped, avoiding an eruption of magma.

“I’m right here.” Otabe appeared behind her and attempting to backstab her. Unfortunately, Peace blocked the attack by putting her Moonblade-form Armageddon behind her.

Now, Peace! Initiate the plan!’ Yuria shouted from their mind.

I know, Yuria!

“Meteorenstorm (Meteor Storm)” Peace unleashed a barrage of high-speed sidekicks to Otabe. Otabe already analyzed the technique after Peace used it to her once and successfully blocked all the kicks.

“That technique again? You know that using again the same technique will not work again.” After the last word she said. Otabe hold Peace’s right leg, which is her last kick.

“Oh you didn’t know right? As far as you know. There are some techniques that can work twice or many times. After all there are plentiful of surprises.” Peace smirked.

“Which is?” Otabe airheadedly asked.

“This.” While her leg was being held, Peace jumped and used her left leg to kick Otabe’s head. Otabe didn’t expect the attack coming out of nowhere. Despite being thrown in midair, she still holding Peace’s right leg.

“While our attacks were successfully initiated, we can finish it with devastating attack. On the other, if we cancelled our attacks or our attacks were being reflected, held, parried, blocked by someone or something. Only she can able to do this."


“In terms of this. Only me, can able to initiate this, high-speed cancellation counterattacks.” Yuria backflipped in the midair so that her held right leg was set free. Suddenly, a ripple of waves appeared on Yuria’s foot.

“Chain Cancellation.” Then she flash-stepped and appeared below Otabe. “Turbocharger system: Activate.”

“Hypersonisk Regnskur (Hypersonic Rainstorm)” With a push to the ground and the activation of the her skate’s turbo system, Yuria unleashed a double-legged barrage of kicks at hypersonic speed, so fast that Yuria’s feet can no longer be seen and only leaving jet streams and streams of light resulting from the turbocharger’s ignition. Otabe can’t able to dodge nor block any hits; even her magma can’t able to protect her from Gatling barrage of assault.

Hypersonic Rainstorm. Yuria uses turbocharger booster to enhance the force and speed of her kicks. Yuria’s speed in conjunction with her turbocharged skate; she can able release 300 kicks per second. That’s faster than Meteor Storm. I wonder how many kicks she could release if she’ll use Sleipnir.’ Peace thought.

Yuria concluded her technique by delivering high-speed dropkick to Otabe, sending her upward. “Now, Fumie. What’s your move now?”

When she reached 100 meters above the ground, Fumie appeared in front of her, holding her before being thrown further to the stratosphere.

“I have a special gift for you.” Fumie did something that made Otabe widened her eyes. Yuria, who was watching from the ground, also widened her eyes and her jaw dropped.

Really, Fumie?’ Yuria and Peace thought simultaneously.

Fumie cupped Otabe’s chin then to her cheek, afterwards she slowly kissed her. She retracted herself while smiling her, and then she moved her lips as if she’s talking silently. Otabe’s priceless reaction made Yuria giggled. Afterwards, Fumie kicked Otabe, sending her crashing to the ground.

Yuria saw Fumie landed beside her.

“So that’s the plan. I wonder if that will work.” Yuria said.

“Trust me, this will work.” Suddenly, they saw an explosion where Otabe crashed. Then they saw her fuming with anger.

“Yup, it’s working. Then, what we will going to do?” Yuria picked her Armageddon that stricken to the ground.

“We wait.” Fumie calmly asked.

“HAH?” Yuria raised her voice.

“We will do nothing and wait here. Trust me, something will happen.” Fumie divided her metallic stick into two then put it on her stick holster.

“I hope your right. My god, standing here while doing nothing is like kissing this world goodbye.” Yuria deactivated her Armageddon and clipped it on her belt. They saw Otabe coated both of her arms heavily with magma. The coating was so thick that makes her arm very large.

“Here goes for nothing.” Yuria said. Otabe charged at them like a bull. While running, she leaved trails of magma on her wake. The rock and metallic debris on her surroundings melted like a lava, indicating the temperature surpasses the temperature of the Earth’s core. Suddenly…

Here it comes.’ Peace thought. She felt something’s coming.

The real fight starts.’ Fumie said. She also felt it.

As soon as Otabe readied to throw an overheating punch, it suddenly stopped by an unknown force.

“What the hell? Who the hell stop…” Otabe didn’t finished her statement.

“Limit Break: Hatsudou (Activate)” A surge of energy slaps on Otabe that slightly pushes her backwards.

Wait, Limit Break? What do you mean…’ Before she raised her overlarge, magma arms to look in front of her, a palm appeared in front of her.

“Муспелльсхейма Гіпервыбух (Muspielĺschiejma Hipiervybuch, Muspelheim Hyperburst)” Suddenly a stream of molten materials burst out from the palm, blasting through Otabe. Otabe tried to block it using her overlarge, magma arms. Unfortunately, her magma arms slowly started to evaporate.

What the hell? My magma-coated arms are evaporating?’ She felt her sweat flowing from her skin.

My sweats increase dramatically. I can’t endure the heat, my skin will burn from this.’ Otabe jumped away from the firing zone. The eruption stopped, leaving only a stream of molten materials flowing to the ground.

What the hell is that thing? It doesn’t look like molten rocks or minerals. The molten substance is highly viscious for such rocks. Wait a second.

“The chemical element with the highest melting point is tungsten. At standard pressure, the melting point is 3687 kelvin. Now the question is, what if I increase the pressure exponentially? Up to 500 gigapascal. Maybe it can also able to increase the melting point. By approximate calculation, the melting point is 1.09 million kelvin.”

No wonder why I can’t able to endure the eruption. Instead rocks, a high-pressurized molten metal.

“Who are you?!” Otabe asked. She saw the silhouette slowly approaching her. The silhouette remembered the first words after being awakened.

Wake up, sleeping beauty.

“Thanks for that, Fumie. You used my weakness to wake me up. What’s more, I can still feel and taste Haruka’s lips even in my inner world.”

“You. Yokoyama Yui!” Otabe said.

The only way to bring them back to normal is to awake the original inside the inner world, no matter how it takes, as they are the only ones that can able to destroy the shackle bracelets worn by the inner demons. Those shackle bracelets are the strings that control the inner demons, while the puppeteers are the one who initiate the Hypnopsychosis Inversion Spell. That’s how the spell works, first they knockout the original and putting them in eternal slumber state, then they put the shackles to the inner demon, making them a living puppet.

“Now then. It’s time to set you free from that chain, Otabe.”


To be continued.

The next update will be the conclusion of Battle of Fuji and the Reclamation of Japan.
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Sorry for the late update guys.. Here it is now.. ENJOY READING~!!!!!!!


Phase D: Operation: Daybreak – Sigma

Part 1

Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan; Monday, 7:40 am

“Is it started?” Yuria asked.

“Yes. Apparently, Yuihan was already wake up and pulled Otabe back to her inner world.” Fumie stated. They saw Otabe standing while her fist, now without magma coating, still in the midair. Fumie catches Yui’s body before it lands to the ground.

“Well, I hope that Yuihan win this and reclaim her body. A brainwashed inner demon is totally a monster.” Yuria said. Fumie nodded in agreement.

“Let’s go with the others.”

Yokoyama Yui’s inner world

Yui deactivate her Limit Break while looking at Otabe.

“I can still feel Haruka’s lips even that I didn’t control my body.” Yui draws her finger to her lips while reminiscing the memory.

“Yokoyama Yui.” Otabe gritted her teeth while angrily looking at her. Yui snapped her imagination and calmly looking at her.

Those bracelets. I need to destroy those things. However, it’s very difficult to approach her without preparing a counterattack. A brainwashed inner demon is twice or trice more powerful than an average inner demon. Limit Break is a very possible option. However, I can’t use it for a long time, much that I can’t activate it twice since I don’t have a training to master it. A Limit Break Technique-delayed Chain Cancellation may be a highly possible option that I can’t think of. However, most of my techniques are straightforward one shot and has zero timing to cancel.’ Yui pulled out her two-segmented spear. She looked at Otabe with smug face despite the latter roaring with anger.

With one kick to the ground, Yui instantly appeared right in front of the inner demon and initiated spearthrust. Otabe delivered uppercut to the spear, causing Yui to stagger, then she spinned around behind Yui and going for a rough slash. Despite being staggered, Yui used her unbalanced momentum to put her spear behind her, blocking the incoming spear slash. Using the spear as her leverage, Yui backflip around Otabe and delivered downward dropkick. Because of the kick, a crack formed from where the inner demon stands.

Using the counterforce from the kick, Yui tried to leap away. However, a hand suddenly held her leg. Then Otabe smashed Yui to the ground like a baseball bat consecutively. After that, she threw her with full strength which leaving a sonic boom upon the launch. While being thrown at supersonic speed, Yui’s body hit several building and finally crashed down to the street ground.

“You made a terrible mistake of pulling me back to the inner world, Yui. This time, I’m going to put you to sleep, for eternity.”

Yui suddenly got up from the ground and went to the nearest building to rest for a short time, while Otabe was still far away.

I can see that she has too many openings. So many that I can able to speedblitz to her. However, it doesn’t mean that she willn’t fight back. No wonder of her fighting style.’ She saw the building behind her melts into molten rock so she jumped to the rooftop of other building.

She’s more on defense and can able to initate counterattack while being hit. Totally opposite to my fighting style.’ In an instant, Otabe appeared behind her and readied her feet to kick her. Yui already anticipate that, stomping Otabe’s feet upon swinging it to her. Then Otabe delivered a hook punch to Yui’s face. Yui’s fighting style is more on total offense and she knew that she couldn’t win if she will continue to use her style.

However, it doesn’t mean that I’m in total disadvantage now.’ Otabe channeled all of her strength directly to her right fist and delivered a high-speed straight punch. Yui slapped the right arm, redirecting the punch away to her then delivered a very low sweep kick that trips the inner demon, sending her in the midair. Then Yui lift her left foot above her head and instantly release an axe kick, sending Otabe below the ground and the force is so powerful that whole ground where they stand folds itself. Yui jumped away to avoid falling to the abyss.

Finally. I can manage to have some space even for a while.’ Yui winded her breath while looking at the large fault. Then she let herself falling to the ground.

Sooner or later, she will come. Right now, I need to think some contingency plans.’ When she took her last breath, suddenly a hand appeared below the ground and caught her neck, slowly choking her.

“Do you ever think that will knock me out? Think again.” Otabe smirked. She tightened her hand to Yui’s neck.

“GAH!” Yui coughed from the intense choke. ‘What the hell? She instantly appeared from below. I’m not still prepared yet!’ She tried to struggle.

“It’s fruitless. Your struggle will go nowhere. Why won’t you accept that you’re weak and you can’t win?” Otabe asked. Then she saw Yui didn’t struggle and smile that made her little surprise.

“I already accept of being weak. You know why. Because I fear that, I’m going to hurt someone for being strong. And because of this, I’m not strong enough to protect and save you, Otabe.” Yui slowly raised her hand and held Otabe’s face, startling the inner demon.

Otabe gritted her teeth then tightened her right fist while being coated by magma. “Fool.” Then she tightened further her hold to Yui’s neck. She raised the magma arm. “Begone.” Then she threw now the magma punch to Yui.

Matsuda, Kanagawa, Japan; Monday 8:45 am

A Lexus RC F rides along the long road of Tomei Expressway with moving at the top speed of 170 mph. Fumie drives the car while Yuria watching the still unconscious Yui. Their trip to Prime Minister’s Official Residence has no interruption, due that the most of the cars in the expressway are beside the railings.

“I wonder what happened to the people right now. I can’t see them everywhere.” Yuria said.

“Due to the sudden surface of their inner demon, most of them are hiding like a wild animal. Some are brawling to each other as you saw 10 minutes ago. After the activation of the shield, expect about ten millions of casualties, thousands of deaths and trillion yens of property damage. Of course, that excludes the near-completely leveled Fuji city.” Fumie explained. Suddenly, she stepped the brake so hard, causing the tire skidding on the road before going to complete stop.

Fumie?’ Haruka said on her mind.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Fumie opened the front seat’s door.

“Eh? What’s the matter?” Yuria asked.

Oh shit. This is not possible.’ Peace said on Yuria’s mind.

“Peace? What’s happening?” Yuria and Haruka are now confused on their inner demons’ blabbering. Fumie opened the back seat’s door and slowly pulled Yui out then put her lying on the ground. Yuria and Fumie’s eyes are now widened. They’re horrified as they saw a blood coming from Yui’s mouth.

“Oi, Yuihan! Hold on!” Fumie shook Yui’s body. In an instant, Peace switched in to control Yuria’s body. Then put her two fingers on Yui’s pulse.

“Her pulse is getting weaker.” Peace said.

What is it? WHAT’S GOING ON?!’ Both Yuria and Haruka shouted on their mind out of their fear. Peace and Fumie looked at each other for a while. Fumie nodded at her.

“Do you know how the Hypnopsychosis Inversion Spell works right?” Peace asked.

‘Yes, the original will be put in eternal slumber of prison and brainwashing the inner demon.’ Yuria explained.

“However, do you ever ask yourself why they should need do that?”

I don’t know.’ Haruka said.

“It’s because the original is the main core and the central nerve command of the body. The original personality is also the pilot of the whole body system. Whatever happens to the original personality will proportionally affected the physical body as they are connected completely. When the original was put in sleep, the body will be pilotless. Hence, it can takeover by the other personality of your mind.” Peace explained while Fumie still shook Yui’s body.

NO WAY!’ Yuria and Haruka finally realized behind Peace’s explanation.

Honshu-Tohoku Network Control Center, Lake Inawashiro, Inawashiro, Fukushima, Japan; Monday, 8:50 am

Two girls are standing in front of the gate. Behind the gate is the last control center needed to reonline.

“Say, Erena. This is the first time I will see you fight, right?” The midget asked.

“Yup, General Oshima. You always see me as a secretary that always holding a clipboard and a fountain pen. In reality, it’s been 3 years since my last usage.” Erena pulled something on her pocket and put it on her ring finger.

“A ring?” Yuko asked.

“Not just an ordinary ring, Yuko-san.” Erena adjust her ring to her left ring finger and put another one on her right ring finger.

“The ring in her left ring finger is color blue while the ring in her right ring finger is color violet.” Yuko then suddenly realized.

“Hyper Dying Will Flames, release.” Flames suddenly appeared on each ring’s gems.

“If I remember correctly, that blue flame is known as the Rain Flame of the Sky with the characteristic of Tranquility. That violet flame is the Cloud Flame of the Sky with the characteristic of Propagation. There are seven Flames of the Sky, and those things are the most commonly things known in Mafia World. In addition, by the shape of the ring.” Yuko saw twelve-petal shape on each ring.

“Flower-shaped rings? Many mafia families used flower as emblem. However, only one family I know that used chrysanthemum flower as emblem…” Yuko’s voice was in trail. Then suddenly, her eyes were widen. “What do you mean?”

“If you referring to Aurefiore Famiglia, yup.” Erena unsheathed her two Italian-styled sabers from each side. The edge of the saber are completely blunt, making it look like a rod stick. Then the sabers’ blades were coat with blue and violet flames respectively.

“And I thought the Aurefiore Famiglia was totally eradicate 12 years ago.” Yuko curiously said.

“I totally not disagree with that. I’m the only survivor of the family. I was adopted by Takamina-neechan as her little sister.” Erena said.

“That I didn’t know. Tell me that story when all of these are over.” Yuko twirled her tonfas in both of her hands. Suddenly, an alarm was raise that makes both of them in fighting stance.

“Here they come.” They saw multiple soldiers pointing the guns at them. Yuko and Erena split away to each other, running to the wall while avoiding the rapid fire coming from the control center’s defense. A large barrel of cannon appeared from the wall of the fortress and fired its shell to Erena. The shell reached its target and exploded upon the contact.

“Erena!” Yuko shouted. The smoke subsided, revealing Erena with no visible injuries.

“I’m all right, Yuko-san!” Erena dashed towards the gate and swung her violet flame-coated sword. The gate instantly exploded and all of its shards are scattered due to the blast. Yuko instantly flash-stepped, disarming several soldiers as well as destroying cannons and sentry guns before they could able to shoot. Then she appeared beside Erena.

“How did you survive from explosion?” Yuko asked. They’re currently standing now to the password-encrypted gate. Erena tried to crack the security code to unlock it.

“I used the rain’s tranquility factor to absorb the kinetic energy of the explosion, shielding myself from the blast.” Erena cracked the code then tapped the green key. The gate slowly opened.

“Now I know.” Yuko smiled. Finally, they arrived to the central room of the base. Erena went to the mainframe computer and tried to crack the security. After several mistakes, she finally gained access to the CPU matrix.

“Now then… What do we have here?” Erena scans throughout all the folders. Of all the files she scanned, a one folder that piqued her curiosity.

“Codename ‘Project: Morpheus’?” Erena looked at the details of the folder. Then her eyes widened while she stare at the last line of words.

“Author: Sandara Park.” This makes Yuko went beside her.

“Eh? Rena-chan’s biological sister?” Yuko asked. Erena tried to access the folder, but she was greet by a word program filled with lines and dots.

“Erena, please tell me that these are not Morse code.” Yuko facepalmed.

“As much as I want to say no, they are indeed the Morse code.” Erena now trying to decipher the codes.

“If only Kitarie was here, her gift of Cryptanalysis may put in use.” Yuko said.

“Either Rena-san’s older sister is really a paranoid or she has some trust issues.” Erena frustatedly said.

“What do you mean?” Yuko asked.

“A multilevel encryption system. Once you deciphered the code, it reveals another code. The difficulty of deciphering a code increases with each codes per level are cracked.” Erena translated the Morse code, revealing a word full of ones and zeros.

“Great, Binary codes. And without spaces.” Erena rolled her eyes. “Let’s try seven-digit binary decipherment.” After translation, Erena put her both palm to her face.

“Let me guess, Hexadecimal code?” Erena nodded with frustration to Yuko. Erena tried to decipher the third cipher. When everything is all done, a last window appeared.

“Oh you have got to be kidding me.” Yuko said. She saw a square of letters.

“Transposition cipher. Neither horizontal nor vertical lines can be able to read the whole code. However, if I put the whole words in right slope. Then…” The letters are now put in paragraph form, revealing its hidden message.

“Hmm, this message: ‘If you reading this message, it means that you have survive from the terrorist’s hands, including mine. I have put this great gamble at risk. Once they discover that I’m helping you, I will be consider as the traitor of the group. Moreover, the punishment for that is execution. That’s the reason why I put this file in cascaded encryption, so that someday you, Rena’s friends, will able to unlock this folder. We know that someday, the whole world will be plunged into eternal nightmare. Well, it’s already happen, the whole earth was blanket by the madness. With all these things have come, I prepared a backup plan. In this folder consists the information of the cause of this mayhem, Project: Morpheus, as well as the surprising information of all the members of the Agmonglyu terrorist group. May the gods forgive me for all that I’ve done. If Rena is not there, please tell her that I still love her.’” After message window was close, Erena finally have access to the folder, showing several files, including the information of Project: Morpheus and the members of Agmonglyu group.

“Wow, that…”

“Don’t say anything, Yuko-san. We already know how much Sandara-san went through just to protect Rena-san. To the point of creating chaos.” Erena interrupted Yuko.

“Well, at least Sandara still have some goodness in her heart. However, with all of her present action. She still considered as a terrorist.” Yuko said.

“Yeah.” After transferring the viable information to her USB, she finished reconnecting the network. Then she announced it on her IRIS.

“Tohoku-Honshu Network Server, network system online.”

Yokoyama Yui’s Inner World

“Gah!” Yui spat out too much blood. She looked down and saw Otabe’s magma arm pierced through her torso. The smoke risen up from the pierced part due that her flesh and internal organs are slowly char to cinder. This makes Yui getting weaker to recover from great pain.

“Otabe…”Yui looking at her inner demon.

“………” Otabe quickly pulled out her hand.

Is this now my end? Am I really going to die?’ Yui trying to held Otabe to avoid falling. However, her little strength failed her to do so as she slowly falls down to her knees. Otabe stepped backwards, making Yui dropped down on the ground. She looked at Otabe’s feet with blur vision. Despite her sight blurs down, she saw several liquids falls down in front of her.

What are those? Tears?’ Yui slowly adjust her vision to above and saw Otabe’s eyes filled with watery fluid. When Otabe noticed she’s crying, she wiped out her tears.

“Why am I crying?” Otabe then walked away to the dying girl. Yui let out her last word before completely succumbed to her wound.


Matsuda, Kanagawa, Japan; Monday 8:55 am

Haruka heard Yui’s dying word from her thought causing her panic to grow exponentially. Fumie stopped doing the CPR as she looked at Yuria with sorrow face.

“She’s… She’s gone.” Fumie lamentably said.

“Yuihan~” Yuria said while crying.

“Switch.” Haruka regained the control to her body.

“Yui? Yui?” Haruka shook Yui’s body while trying to call her. Yuria patted Haruka’s shoulder. When Haruka looked at her frantically, Yuria only replied her with a slow shake of her head. Haruka pulled up Yui and hugged her head to the chest. Then she let out her anguish cry as she called out her lover’s name.


Unknown Place; Unknown Time

Gazing at the fluffy clouds while lying down under the tree, she silently admired the beauty of the sky. Her eyes, with the same shade as the grasses around her, were glittering with amusement. Her blue sukeban jacket laid down beside her. She wore collared white shirt with sleeves, a gray vest over her shirt, green-checkered pleated skirt, and a navy blue blazer. Her style of wearing have something similarity much akin to a Korean school uniform.

“So this is how the mountains in Earth looks like. I find it actually beautiful. No wonder that she likes this world.” She said in earthly girlish tone.

“Sadly, we don’t have this in my homeworld. It’s more like machine workshop to me.” Her smile turned upside down when reminiscing her life in her own world. She heard several girlish laughs coming not to far away from her. She then sat up and looked at the source. Luckily, the large bush in front of her makes it a better cover.

“Mou~! Stop teasing me~!” The shorter girl pouted. She wore white one-piece dress and a 3.2 shaku (96.97 cm) cybernetic nodachi that slung on her back. She also carried the same nodachi from her hand, in case of any surprise ambush attacks. She also wore a pair of polarized glasses.

“You’re so cute that I can’t stop teasing you. You know. Also, your head is big for me to pat you like a crystal ball.” Another girl, slightly taller than her, held her head like a crystal ball. Like the short girl, she wore white one-piece dress. Her cybernetic bow which restracted into a small box that looks like an attache case was clip on her black belt.

“Mou~” The shorter girl pouted more adorably.

“Kawaii~!!!” The taller girl hugged her.

“I still wonder how we get these kind of eyes. Having a glowing limbal ring around our iris.” She mournfully asked. It shown that her eyes has glowing yellow ring around the iris. The taller girl has also glowing ring around the iris but the color is different, hers is blue.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s a mutation. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, we are still humans. We’re not still different from them.” The taller girl hugged the shorter girl, effectively calming her down.

“Despite all the teasing, you’re still very kind to me.” The shorter girl said.

“Of course. You’re the only important person left to me; even you’re not my biological sister. I don’t want to lose someone anymore.” The taller girl tearfully said. Hearing that statement, the shorter girl hugged her, replying the tenderness that she received from her.

Behind the bushes, the girl still evesdropping their conversation.

“Eventhough you’re both humans, judging from the color of rings around the iris, both of you have still have the DNA and the blood of our kind.” The girl whispered.

“In addition, humans are our archenemy, ever since that incident a hundred years ago. Well, in our race’s perspective, not mine.” She picked up her sukeban jacket then wore it. She pulled up and adjusted her hair.

“Since I made a promise 20 years ago to my bestfriend, Mai, that I will watch over you.” She walked away to the soil road.

“You really much look like Mai, she has blue iris instead of blue ring though. Nonetheless, you have the same image and personality from her, like mother like daughter.” She smiled while walking. “Although I don’t know about that yellow one, but you remind me of my another bestfriend. She has yellow iris and have the same feature as that short human girl. However, as far as I know…”

Suddenly, her field vision changed into digital HUD vision. All of the icons and the lines are color green, similarly to the color of her iris. Then a phone icon appeared on the top right side, signifying that someone calling at her. She pressed the button on her single wireless earpiece to answer the call. In her HUD vision, a live-streamed video appeared on the top right side by picture-in-picture form, showing a girl with red iris in her eyes. The girl wore slimmed leather jacket and a cute hairband. She has a sniper rifle slinging on her back as shown of the barrel of gun from the video.

“Sturmjäger Juggernaut, the Kaiser wants to summon you here immediately.” The girl said from the video.

“What does she wants?” She asked impatiently.

“She wants the four Sturmjägers to be summoned right away for the next large invasion.” She groaned in frustration upon hearing the word ‘invasion’.

And here goes with another shit. Instead of having peace treaty with humans and able to live with them, she’ll go with worthless invasion. Just to instill fear among humans and telling them we superior to them? This is the reason why this war will not end.

And having four Sturmjägers on the same mission? It looks like her desperation keeps increasing as of now.

“I know what your thinking, my friend. We two have the same connotation that this war is nothing but bloodshed. However, we have no choice; we must do it for the sake of the survival of our race.”

“I know. I’m coming right there, Sturmjäger Dreadnought. Over and out.” After that, she ended the call and her vision goes back to normal. She looked at the two girls, still hugging from each other.

“If fate will able to meet us in the battlefield, I have no choice, but to fight you with all of my might.” She tightened her fist. She didn’t want that kind of meeting.

“Mata nee, my friend’s daughter.”

To Be Continued


The last part of that is the cameo for the new character. Hope that you enjoy the update.. :)
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Damnnn, is Yui really dead? I mean, it's cute that her last word were Haruka but that does not mean that she should die xD

And what happened at the end? Are they robots or something? That would be cool lol
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Phase D: Operation: Daybreak – Sigma

Part 2

Black, everywhere’s black. Why it’s so dark?

Why I can’t feel anything? I only feel like floating.

Wait, I remember. That’s right. She thrust her hand right through my heart coated with molten rocks that most of my internal organs are incinerated. So it means that I’m dead right now?

Not yet, idiot. You cannot die just yet.

Wait that voice. But how?

I can communicate to you via your soul, thanks to what you did. Your words pierced right through me. However, due to the spell, I can only maintain this communication for short duration. After that, it forces me to sleep again.

I don’t think I can’t able to do anything, I’m dead now.

Then what’s your promise to me? You will going to save me, right? Moreover, you will go back to Paruru. Or everything that you said was a lie?

Paruru? Haruka?!

Listen to Haruka’s tears, she’s weeping to your death. You don’t want to see her cry right?

That’s right.

To do that, you need to wake up. Fight and free me from these chains. Go for it, Yui!

I will, Otabe.

Yokoyama Yui’s Inner World

“Now that she’s gone. I have now a total freedom to control this body.” Otabe said while walking away. However, before stepping further, a dense aura suddenly exploded out of nowhere, causing to stop her track.

“What the hell? Where did that came from?” Her eyes went wide after she realize where that came from.

“You have to be kidding me.” She felt something’s approaching from behind.

“You’re still alive?” She furiously turned around to face the approaching person.

“I can’t die yet, Otabe. I still have many things to do.” She said.

Most of her organs are charred to cinder. She still have large hole to her chest. She should be almost weak at that state. Nevertheless, how did she able to stand up? Moreoever how did she able to get that energy, at that tremendous amount?’ Every step that the injured girl made, Otabe slowly stepped backward.

“I don’t get it. Why do I feel scared of watching you approaching me? I DON’T GET IT! GAAAAHHH!” Otabe suddenly charged to the injured girl without any hesitation. Then she was going to punch her. The next thing is a sound of impact echoed throughout the field.

“You felt fear and you didn’t know why? It’s not just I’m a monster. Like I’m still mortally injured, still standing up and walking while an oceanic-sized aura approaching you, right?” She smiled at her, with flowing blood on her mouth.

“Get away from me, Yui! Release my hand!” Otabe frantically said.

“As you wish.” Yui released Otabe, by pushing her fist. Causing her to stumble uncontrollably.

 “限界解放、発動!(Genkai Kaihou: Hatsudou, Limit Break: Activate).” An aura explodingly appeared to Yui. Then she kicked the ground, causing her to instantly move to Otabe, who was still in the midair. Otabe widened her eyes when she saw Yui above her, readying her fist. She only used both of her hands trying to block her.

“Муспелльсхейма Гіпервыбух (Muspielĺschiejma Hipiervybuch, Muspelheim Hyperburst).” A torrent of silver-colored hot molten metal fired from Yui’s fist directly in front of Otabe, causing her to being enveloped from the blast. The molten metal flowed down to the ground then slowly cooled down until it turned into solid. After the solidification, Otabe appeared, who was still lying above the solid metal ground.

Eh? Why am I still moving? I’m supposedly being covered by the molten metal and turned into a metal statue. Masaka~’ Otabe saw Yui standing above her.

“My ultimate technique indiscrimately solidifies anything into metal, whether it is living or non-living. However, I managed to control the flow of the molten metals to pass through you, letting you unharmed, and instead these things turned into solid metal.” Yui held Otabe’s hands. The inner demon saw the shackle bracelets turned into metal. Yui crushed the bracelets using her hand’s brute strength, completely freeing Otabe. She saw Otabe’s chest rose while closing her eyes. Otabe let her final scream before fainting.

“Yokatta.” Yui finally fell down to the ground, with her face on Otabe’s chest. Two hours later, Otabe opened her eyes.

“I’m free.” She saw Yui sleeping on her chest. ‘Kawaii~

“Thank you. Now sleep well, Yuihan. I’ll take care the rest. Paruru needs someone to calm her down.” She caressed Yui’s head. The latter replied it with a silent moan.

Matsuda, Kanagawa, Japan; Monday 9:15 am

The large road was succumbed by the dead silence with only the mournful wail of the blind girl. Yuria, who’s standing beside Haruka, could only watch and cry silently. It’s been 20 minutes ever since they declared that Yui has been passed away.

“Yui~” Yuria said. She turned around and tried to walk away to let Haruka alone for a while. Until…

What was that?’ Her inner demon, Peace, suddenly felt a heartbeat from someone else.

What’s happening, Peace?” Yuria said from her mind.

I felt a heartbeat from someone. Like it’s trying to fight to live.

What do you mean?” Yuria turned her head around to look at the lying girl. While the girl was still crying, her inner demon also felt a hearbeat.

Haruka, did you hear that?’ Haruka didn’t respond from Fumie’s call.

Oi, Haruka! Did you hear that?!

What?” Haruka finally responded to Fumie.

Try to focus your ears.’ Haruka calmed down for a while then she focused all of her sense to her ears. She heard a faint beat.

Is that a heartbeat?” Haruka tried to focus again, only to be hearing the same thing.

Yeah, but who owns it? Wait a second.’ Haruka heard a faint heartbeat coming from Yui. Then she widened her eyes. As soon as she lifted her head up, she saw Yui’s eyes slowly opened.

“Yui! Yui! Is that you?” Haruka held Yui’s should and shook her hard.

“Itai! Itai! Haruka stop that!” Yui said while in pain.

“Yui!” Haruka hugged her. Her tears started to fall again.

“Don’t scare me that, Yui.”

Yuria walked towards them then she placed her arms in cross.

“You’ve done it, Yui.” She lifted her right hand slightly and showed her thumbs up posture to Yui.

“As much as celebration for this is a must. I will have to say, I’m not Yui.”

“What?!” Yuria and Haruka said. This caused them to put in high alert state.

“However, do not be fret. Yui finally destroyed the cuffs after all that near-death experience and she’s currently resting in her inner world. She authorized me to use her body for a while.” Otabe smiled at them.

“Really that hard?” Yuria raised her eyebrow.

“Yup, that hard.”

“It doesn’t matter to me if you’re Otabe, you’re still Yui to me.” Haruka held Otabe’s cheeks.

“Haruka~” Otabe looked at her. She saw Haruka’s gray iris through her the medium-dark sunglasses.

Haruka, if your sight is not like a negative film, you could able to see Yui’s beautiful smile.

“Okaeri, Yui.” Haruka hugged her.

“Tadaima, Haruka.” Otabe replied to her with a hug.

“Uhm, guys? Enough making out. Our battle is still not done yet you know.” Yuria smiled at them. Causing the two to separate themselves while blushing.

“Sou da ne. We still need to go to the rendezvous location.” Haruka put Otabe’s arm on her shoulder as she helped her stand up.

“Yuria, fill me the details of the current situation while we’re on the way.” Otabe said.


Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Monday, 10:30 am

“The Prime Minister’s Residence: Souri Kantei.” Rino said.

“All we have to do is to wait the Prime Minister, right?” Aika asked.

“Correct. Apparently, Jurina-chan and Rena-chan found the Prime Minister in Atsuta Shrine and they’re currently on their way in here. Oh and speaking of the demon.” Aika and Rino saw a mini-bus coming to them. After the parking, the door opened showing some passesngers getting down the bus, including the Prime Minister, Rena and Jurina. Aika and Rino salute in front the presence of the Japan’s leader.

“My Grace, I’m apologize chaos and carnage that stormed to our country.” Rino said.

“You don’t need to apologize, Captain Sashihara Rino. You’ve done your very best, now it’s my turn to protect my people and my country.” The Prime Minister said.

“Rena-chan, did the Prime Minister being affected by the signals?” Aika asked.

“Nope. While the Prime Minister is in the Atsuta Shrine, the shrine priests erect a barrier right before the outbreak happened. They stayed there for several weeks.”

“I see. So, why the shrine priests are here?” Rino asked.

“The head priest wants to meet Ten Commandments’ Beta General Tonooka Erica. I have no choice but to bring them in here. How’s the Kantei?”

“All clear.” Aika showed her thumbs up sign. “And most of them are already inside, except Yuria, Yuihan and Paruru-chan.”

“Then, let’s go inside. My Grace, if you may.” Jurina said, allowing the Prime Minister to walk into the residence first. Just after all of the peole went inside with only Aika and Rino left in front of the gate, they heard an engine sound. Then a black Lexus RC F parked just in front of them. The driver window slowly downed, revealing the driver.

“Yo.” Yuria smiled at them.

“Yo my ass. What took you so long? All of them, including the Prime Minister are already inside.” Rino angrily said. Yuria went out to the car and opened the back seat’s door.

“Sorry, we have a very long stopover.” Haruka pulled out the injured Yui.

“Yo, guys.” Yui salute to them. This caused the lower officers to pull out their weapons.

“Oi, calm down, guys! She’s already free from the control. See?” Yuria pointed onto the IRIS that hung on Yui’s right ear.

“Oh.” Rino and Aika lowered down their weapons.

“Apparently, this is the extent of her injuries after a lengthy and intense fight with her and in her inner world.” Yui was almost covered by bruises and cuts.

“Aika, help Yui bring inside the Kantei and tend her with your medical transmutation.”

“Wakarimashita.” Aika helped Haruka bring Yui inside the building.

“So, let’s go?” Rino asked.

Cabinet Room, Sōri Daijin Kantei; Monday, 10:35 am

While the girls were waiting, the wooden door opened causing them to look at the doorway. They saw the most important person entered the room along with the attendants behind. Then Yui, Haruka and Aika entered, with the two helping the former to walk. The last ones who entered are Yuria and Rino. The Prime Minister went to his seat and surveying the whole room.

“Girls, I apologize for the hardship that you endured to save this country. I truly regret myself for being unable to do anything while inside the force field.” The Prime Minister bowed in 90 degrees.

“It’s nothing, My Grace. It’s our duty as a soldier to protect the citizens. However, we unable to fulfill that responsibility, resulting the chaotic fall of the world. Therefore, the fault is ours to shoulder.” Yuko said then she bowed at right angle.

“Even the world falls into the abyss, we can still able to save it. Therefore, we must move forward and carry on. As long as we still have breath, we will never give up!”

“HAI!” The girls shouted.

“General Tonooka.” The Prime Minister called. Erika and Atsuko went in front of him.

“The Head Priest of Atsuta Shrine wants to talk both of you.” The head priest approached in front of the Erika, with the shrine maiden holding a long object, standing beside him.

“Tonooka-sama. Your grandfather, Tsukuyomi-sama, asked me to give you this sword as a present.”

“But my birthday is 6 months away, why Tsukuyomi-jiisan giving me this in advance?” Erika tilted her head.

“Tsukuyomi-sama said that the sword was made by himself especially for you. He saw your maturity reaches its peak. That’s why he wants to give it to you.” Erika took the sword that was cover with black cloth.

“Thank you. I will cherish this.” Erika went to her twin sister.

“Acchan, I forgot to give this to you.” Erika gave a black-sheathed sword to Atsuko.

You brought Yamato. Thank you, my twin sister.” Atsuko hugged her.

“Sir, it’s time.” Yuko said while holding two Zero Halliburton briefcase. Atsuko also hold the same one, albeit the color is black.

“Ah yes. General Oshima, General Maeda. Prepare those cases.” Yuko set the silver briefcases on the table then Atsuko set the black briefcase between the silver ones. Yuko opened a small case, revealing three identical keys. Then she gave the middle one to the Prime Minister and the last one to Atsuko. The Prime Minister along with Yuko and Atsuko simultaneously insert the key to the hole below the briefcase handle. Yuko and Atsuko looked at each other. The three rotated the keys, putting it in parallel to the briefcase, and then pushed it into the briefcase. They heard the clicking sound coming from the three briefcases. Then the Prime Minister, Yuko and Atsuko opened the cases, revealing a monitor, a keyboard, a key in each cases and another keyhole. The black briefcase has a toggle switch with a red safety cover.

Yuko and Atsuko took the key from the briefcase and inserted it in the keyhole. Then they simultaneously rotate the switch. The black briefcase received an activation command from both of the silver briefcase, signifying that it’s time for the main switch to be push. The Prime Minister insert the key to the keyhole then rotated it allowing the safety cover to unlock. Then she held the toggle switch.

“It’s time for counterattack, are you ready girls?”

“HAI!” The girls shouted.

“Kokudo Hankyuu Bouei System (Nationwide Hemispheric Defense System), ACTIVATE!” Then the Prime Minister pulled the switch which it followed by a clicking sound. The holographic monitor appeared on the wall, mirroring the image coming from the black briefcase. It showed the map of the Japan. Six large points, representing the network centers, appeared on the map of Japan. Then several small points appeared, surrounding the whole archipelago, starting from the westernmost of the Cape Irizaki, Okinawa, to the southernmost point of Okinotorishima, Tokyo, to the easternmost point of Minamitorishima, Tokyo, and to the northernmost point of Cape kamoiwakka, Hokkaido.

15 km, south of Okinotorishima, Tokyo, Japan; Monday, 11:00 am, JST

A lone fisherman currently waiting while his fishing net scattered in the sea. He saw a small water wave crashing to the wooden hull of his boat. Then the sea suddenly trembled, causing the boat to swing a little violently. After a while, he saw a collosal metallic wall slowly rose from the sea, stretching from the ends of the horizon. It continued to rise until it reached 100 meters from the ground. Via the aerial view from the low-orbit space, we can see the Japan and all of its territories including the seas, islands, islets, atolls and corals, are surrounded by the series of black lines connecting into a polygon. The endpoints, representing as wall towers, fired a beam of light to the six network towers. Then, an energy barrier erected from the top of the wall, slowly crawling between the lines. Afterwards, a grid-like energy barrier erected from the top of the wall, this time it covered the whole top like a spherical dome. Lastly, another energy barrier covered the grid-like barrier. Then the spherical grid-like barrier and the pyramidal barrier disappeared into nothingness, leaving only clouds visible.

Cabinet Room, Sōri Daijin Kantei; Monday, 10:45 am

“Activation complete! The walls are fully armed with variable-identification stationary guns in case of outside invasion.” Yuko said.

“Wow, so this is Kunikyuu Bouei.” Yuki said with amazement.

“Yup. There are two parts of the system: aerial subsystem and terrestrial subsystem. Aerial Subsystem is composed of three energy barriers: the first barrier, the mirage barrier, masks the aerial defense, preventing to be detected from any sources. It can also repels any radiation waves. The second barrier, the grid-like spherical barrier, consists of extremely high-powered lasers forming in a grid with nanoscopic separation. The lasers can slice the graphite without any efforts and it’s powerful enough to slice atomic bonds. And if the intruding object survives the second barrier, the final barrier will grab the job. The pyramidal barrier is made of ultravibrating microwave, which the vibration increases the heat output enough to toast a pure tungsten into gas. The Terrestrial Subsystem is similar to the Aerial, albeit that the very thick wall takes the job of the three energy barrier, minus the toasting and slicing part. However, the wall is durable enough to tank a 50 teraton nuclear bomb or 150 tons of tungsten cylinders moving at Mach 1000.” Mayu explained.

“No one goes in; no one goes out, whether from air or sea. Nothing, not even the light itself can pass through the defense. The good thing is, we’re safe from the unknown radiation. The bad thing is, the dome cuts off any communication from and to the outside world. In short, we’re isolated from the outside world, for a while. Another thing is, since not even the light can able to pass through, you know all about it. The only communication we can able to use that doesn’t require radiation is the telegraph key. And the only way to get out of this dome is the gates that reside on the four extreme points of Japan.” Akane said.

It means we need to finish this as soon as possible. We don’t want anyone inside die from dehydration, starvation and asphyxiation. Much less that, the total number of trees in this country can’t provide enough oxygen for several months.

“Ladies, now that the defense system has been erected, it will take time before the enemies acknowledge the presence of the gigantic fortress. We need to prepare for the counterattack. First, we need to find the source of the unknown wave. General Watanabe, Lieutenant General Takayanagi, General Yagami, I want you to pinpoint the location of the source.” The girls who mentioned saluted to the Commander-in-Chief then they went to the laptop. Then the Prime Minister went outside of the Cabinet Room to his own office.

“How’s Yuihan, Aika-chan?” Aika saw Sayaka coming to her.

“She’s currently in critical condition. According to Otabe, her inner demon, Yuihan receives many lethal damages in her inner world. The most lethal is her internal organs are burn into crisp. Later, all those pains will kick-in and Yuihan will suffer in agony from those pains.” Sayaka saw five knives around Yui, forming into five points with pentagram inscribed in a circle drawn on the ground using chalk. Aika slammed her hands to the circle, causing it to emit blue sparks.

“Can she able to move from those damages she received?” Sayaka asked.

“In her current state, it will take 1 week for her to be fully heal. However, I can able to lessen the intensity of the pain and speed up her recovery with my medical transmutation. Therefore, it will take 3 days for Yuihan to be in good condition.”

“Sayanee, how’s your girlfriend.” Yuria asked.

“I still can’t able to contact her. I hope she’s fine.” Sayaka’s shoulder dropped from disappointment. Then she felt a hand tapping her shoulder.

“Daijobu, she can take care of herself. She’s not a General for nothing, you know.” Yuria smiled at her.

“Guys, we found the location of the source.” Kumi said.

“Connect it to the main display.” Yuko said. Kumi connected her laptop to the table. Then the holographic globe appeared on the center of the table. Mayu inputted the coordinates to her jacked laptop to the table. A cross line appeared, analyzing the inputted coordinates, then starting to adjust its position according to the coordinates. After the last coordinate pinned a cross line to its final position, they started to look at Erica. Then Erica smirked while looking at the position of the cross line, where she familiar with.

“Well, well, well. Hisashiburi ne. I’ve never thought that the final stage would be you.” Erica said. Her smirk didn’t disappear.

“Looks like the last boss is in Erica-chan’s hometown.” Jurina said.

“Well, we still have four weeks left till Kojiharu-san and Takamina-san’s execution.” Akane said. Except Kumi and Mayu, all of attendants in the room looked at the three with widened eyes.


“How did you able to get that information?”

“Well, before the defense system erected, I managed to hack and get some classified data from the archieves.”

Even though the whole fortress itself completely envelops the country, it doesn’t mean that we are completely cut off from any forms of communication. Aside from Morse Coding, I can still use seismic technology to track the location though.

“Acchan and I set the agreement. Five days from now, we will stealthly invade the hostile country. After that, we will hide in Erica’s place for the rest of the day while preparing for the upcoming war. On the execution day, we will commence the counterattack.” All of the girls nodded at Yuko’s plan.

Atsuko looked at the holographic globe, which she saw the cross line positioned to an archipelagic island. Her mouth moved.

Manila, Philippines.

Seashore, Unknown Location; Unknown Time

The sound of the waves echoed. Water moved at ebb and flow. Feet stood above the coarse sand. A chilly wind crashed to the denim jacket. She’s in a deep thought while looking at the large ball sitting in the sky.

“How many times I saw the moon so close, and yet my amazement still didn’t disappear.” She looked at her left side, showing a small girl playing.

“Your daughter is highly energetic you know.” The girl wearing the denim jacket said.

“Sayanee-papa! I want to show you something?” The tiny girl said.

“Ok. What’s my daughter showing to Sayanee-papa?” She smiled. The little girl breathed slowly, then her hands clasped together. She moved her hands in seven hand formations, the last one she put her thumbs straight up. Then she faced to the sea.

“火遁・豪火滅失の術 (Katon: Gōka Messhitsu no Jutsu, Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction Technique)” The small girl inhaled for a while, and then forcefully exhale from the mouth. Then a massive stream of intense flames fired from the mouth. Due to the intensity of the flame, the seawater evaporated into vapor. After finishing the demonstration, the little girl looked at her.

“Wow, that’s a B-rank technique. To pull that out someone at the age of 12.” She smiled. She patted the head of the small girl causing the latter to giggle from the affection of her father.

Ne, did you see it? Despite being a cutely small, she’s a force to be reckon with. She has those eyes too, similarly to yours and mine. Well, except that the design is highly different from ours.’ Sayaka saw the little girl smiling at her with scarlet eyes glowing. The little girl looked at Sayaka’s vermilion eyes then she tilted her head.

Despite being a genius, she still airheaded. Just like you.’ Sayaka giggled. The little girl looked at the glowing moon.

Mama, even you’re gone, I know that you’re watching us right? I’ll promise, I will protect Sayanee-papa until the time that you will able to meet her. I’ll promise.

To Be Continued - End of Chapter 12

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“Well, we still have four weeks left till Kojiharu-san and Takamina-san’s execution.” Akane said. Except Kumi and Mayu, all of attendants in the room looked at the three with widened eyes.

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Final Chapter: Densetsu no Sakana

Phase A: Hammer and Anvil

City of Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Philippines; 6 days later, Sunday, 3:00 am

A large cargo ship, sailing across the night coast of South China Sea, has arrived at the Port of Currimao in Laoag City, the Northern Gateway of the Philippines. The supposedly entry point from the northern countries has been turned into a naval base used for importing and exporting arms, weapons, military vehicles and personnels, and guarding the land against any invasions from the sea, and serving as dockyard for warships and naval ships. Six anti-submarine frigates, four anti-aircraft corvettes, three anti-armor destroyers, two anti-ship battlecruisers, two anti-fortress battleships, and one nuclear-powered aircraft carrier guarded the Port of Currimao. At the coastline, four bunkers are stationed 100 meters apart, with six battle tanks are in standby. This kind of defense makes any attempt of invading the country or escaping from the country nearly impossible, whether it is from air or sea.

One patrol frigate approaches the cargo ship to inspect the cargoes. The frigate crews went to each container and using muon scattering topographic cargo scanners to inspect the containers.  After they see no suspiscious, they let the cargo ship enter. It passes through the gap of the defense line of the battleships before finally arrives at the port. After docking, the containers are unloaded from the cargo ship by the container crane then loading to the container-loading vehicles. Two purplish red containers were currently unloaded from the ship and being loaded to a single semi-trailer truck. The driver inspects the paper that contains the information of the goods he will deliver. He read the name of the destination of the delivery: Northpoint Alliance Motors Corp. After that, the truck runs to the silent nightly road.


Northpoint Alliance Motors Corp., Airport Road, City of Laoag, Ilogoc Norte, Philippines; Sunday, 4:00 am

After unloading the two purplish red containers, the semi-trailer truck leaves the building. Two forklift trucks are carrying the containers to the storage yard. Placing the containers beside the other ones, the trucks leave the place. After that, the lights inside the storage yard are switched off, which it followed by a several minutes of silence. Suddenly, two clicking sounds appeared on the purplish red containers, and then the doors were slowly opened. Later, a loaded gun came out from the container; pointing on each path in case of any personnels appeared. When no one’s coming, the gunner lowered down the gun.

“After ten hours of sitting inside the container in naked, we’re now finally here.” The girl said with a blush.

“Y-y-yeah. We are here now, Churi.” ‘Luckily there are no lights lit up, or else…’ Another girl in naked bashfully said.

I know guys we are all embarrassed from seeing each other naked in flat 10 hours. But right now, we still have a job to do. We should carry out our equipments and prepare for meeting with our informant. Yuria, Kumi, Paruru and Yuihan, please take out the heavy supply crates from the container.” The muted girl commanded telepathically.

“Hai~” Yuria, Kumi, Haruka and Yui went inside the container.

“Yurichan, ano, you’re beautiful.” Kumi bashfully said while carrying 3,000 kilograms crate.

“Ano, you too, Kuuchan.” Yuria blushed.

“You two, do that to your own room after this.” Yui monotonously said.

“Yui, you have such a fine abs, you know.” Haruka smiled.

“Y-you, you don’t have to say that.” Yui blushed. Then she saw Yuria and Kumi staring at her with a smirk plastering on their face. Yui raised her eyebrow before saying ‘nevermind’ then continued her work. Yuria and Kumi chuckled at Yui’s reaction.

The four powerhouse girls slowly put down the supply crate to the cemented ground. After setting the portable armory, Atsuko called everyone.

Ok, guys. Ready?

“REQUIP!” Everyone said. Light started to surround them, brighten the whole storage yard. After 30 seconds, all of the officers are wearing their respective modified uniform. Atsuko ordered everyone to prepare for 20 minutes. They went to the portable supply to get their own weapons and equipment.

“To think that this country have muon scanners. They really don’t like illegal immigrants. Luckily, Yuko-san tampered those scanners using her magnetism.” Rena said. She put her four lightsaber hilts to her thigh holster that was under her skirt.

“I must admit, their security is pretty tight. With those high-advanced ships roaming around the seas of Philippines, it may look like a giant dome covering the whole country.” Jurina said.

“Sasshi volunteered to stay in Japan to guard the country right? Also Erepyon?” Aki asked.

“Yup, she also said that she want to contruct a tower specializing for extradimensional scanning and transfer. And for that tower to be fully operational, she needs the Space Component.” Rie said.

“So after we’re done in this mission we should bring the Space Component back home.” Aika said.

“Yup, and also, she said that the tower would be the secured container for the Space Component.” Rie said.

“It’s been a long time since I lived here. How nostalgic.” Erica sighed.

“Erica-san, how long did you live in this country?” Yuko asked.

“14 years, I lived somewhere on the large island in Laguna de Bay. I loved the serene hills there.” Erica said.

Ne, Erica. That house…” Atsuko said.

“Yup, that’s our next destination after we meet our clandestine forces right?” Erica suspended her two soul weapons on her back then carried two nodachis on her hand.

“As far as I know, there are two individuals in that team, one of them is Atsuko-san’s cousin.” Airi said.

Yup, and to meet them. We need to create an attention. Kitarie, Akicha, Aichan, and Churi will you please open those two green containers.” Atsuko smiled at the four junior officers. Rie, Aki, Akane and Aika went to their respective container, and then revealed the hidden keypad on the container. After putting the correct 7-pin codes. The side of the containers opened revealing a set of sports bikes, ranging from lightweight to superbikes.

“Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW, Yamaha, Ducati, Honda, MV Agusta; are you kidding me?” Mayu asked.

“Well, it’s our cousin’s gift for getting in Philippines without being detected.” Erica smiled.

“Reminds me of this country is known for their superior hover technology.” Akane said.

“Well, I imagined of all police forces with hovering police cars chasing wheeled bikes.” Airi smiled.

“This is interesting.” Yuki whispered to Mayu. She went to Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R and carefully inspected the body. “Really interesting, are all these bikes possessed advanced state-of-the-art technology?”

Yes. All of them are made from ultra-reinforced lightweight carbon-fibre coated titanium-magnesium frames for ultimate endurance and durability. Those bikes are equipped with gravity stabilizer technology, allowing us to riding on near-impossible roads, such as transmission cables or the side of the building; also, making our bike lighter by decreasing the gravitational attraction to the ground, allowing us to do any kind of tricks we think. They are also equipped with militarized technology such as radar, jammer, gps, and biometric technology that only us to use it, and mirage technology to hides our bikes as well as riders from any detection. Enough to challenge PNP’s ion plasma-propelled hover police hypercars and superbikes.” Atsuko explained. She went to Suzuki Hayabusa then inserted her right thumb to the fingerprint scanner near the speedometer. After three scans, the bike went on. When she saw the crates are completely empty, she flicked her finger, which the crate conflagrated extremely fast that even no ashes are left.

Now then, shall we start?


Cagayan Valley Road/Pan-Philippine Highway, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Province, Philippines; Sunday, 4:56 am

A group of police officers is currently patrolling in night. Their hovercars are gliding above the asphalt road while searching for the offenders and traffic violators. One of the police, sitting beside the driver, was holding a LIDAR gun. He points the gun to each hovercars he notice and read the car’s speed on the monitor.

They heard a series of roaring sound of engine that was increasingly louder as it getting nearer. The police officers suspect that there are some illegal racing of hovercars or hoverbikes. However, to their surprise, it’s not the thing they’ve expect. A series of high-powered wheeled superbikes suddenly appeared from behind and passingly dashed at high speed. The police officer who held a LIDAR gun surprised from what he read, 400 kilometers per hour.


Pan-Philippine Highway, Ilagan City, Isabela Province, Philippines; Sunday, 5:07 am

“Ah, here they comes!” Airi said. From their side mirror, they saw dozen of police hovercars chasing to them.

“Wow, what a fast response. They thought that no common police cars can catch a motorcycle moving at 400+ kph speed, so instead they match it with their own hypercars.” Erica said.

Just as plan, everyone!” Atsuko said.

“HAI!” Everyone readied their respective weapons. Watanabe Mayu riding Kawasaki Ninja H2 with Kashiwagi Yuki on backseat. Takayanagi Akane riding Ducati 1199 Superleggera with Furukawa Airi. Maeda Atsuko riding BMW S1000RR with Oshima Yuko. Ota Aika riding Suzuki Hayabusa with Takajo Aki. Matsui Jurina riding MV Agusta F4 RR with Matsui Rena. Yokoyama Yui riding Yamaha YZF-R1M with Shimazaki Haruka. Kitahara Rie riding Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade with Tonooka Erica.  Lastly, Yamamoto Sayaka riding Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R with Miyazaki Miho. The rest, Kizaki Yuria used her motorized skates and Yagami Kumi used her motorized skateboard.

“Now then, shall we start?” Erica jumped out of the motorcycle, allowing herself to be passed by police hovercars. Before they call a warning to the speed offenders, they surprisingly saw a girl jumped out of the vehicle.

Before the police hovercar were slow down, Erica suddenly vanished after her feet touches the ground. She instantly appeared alongside the hovercars.

“神鳴流「二刀連撃斬鉄閃」[Shinmeiryuu: Nitō Rengeki Zantetsusen (Gods’ Cry Technique: Dual Sword Successive Strike, Iron-cutting Flash].” Erica unsheathed her two nodachis from her back and slashing the two police hovercars. When she place her feet to the car, it suddenly splitted into two. The other police hovercar that was hit by her previous attack was also separated into two. Then she land on the top of the moving police hovercars.

I thought that you’ve killed them.” She heard Airi’s voice from her IRIS.

“Nah, I just disable their car.” Erica said. Several police officers started to shoot her, which she deflected all of it using her two swords. Kumi suddenly appeared from the fight and kicked the hovercar’s propeller, sending the vehicle crashing to the post.

“By slicing the car into two eh?” Kumi smiled. Erica flash-stepped back to Rie’s motorcycle. More police officers still shooting at them.

“This is annoying now.” Miho pulled something between her hands, revealing ultra thin strings.

“Angrebsstryke Kategori #01: Slangebøsse (Assault force Category #01: Slingshot)” With near precision, she disabled all of the hovercars by destroying all of the pulse propellers.

“Finally, all pipe down.” Miho retracted all the strings back to her bracelet.

“Wow, Myao-neesan is really annoyed.” Yuria said.

“Beats me.” Mayu said. She inspect the road for the remaining police forces they will encounter.

“Looks like later in the sunrise, the police will respond in full force, with SAF, SWAT and SRU in heavy package. Or worst, they may be even send Armed Forces of the Philippines” Rena said.

“Let’s meet them.” Haruka grinned.


NLEX/SCTEX Mabalacat Interchange, Mabalacat City, Pampanga, Philippines; Sunday, 5:57 am

The Generals of Japan SDF are now arriving at NLEX. As Rena’s prediction, 12 Philippine Air Force’s Boeing AH-64 Apache are currently chasing them along with some animal-like creatures with weird appearance.

“To think that they sending Chimerae against us. Kinda cute though.” Airi commented. One of the Apache helicopters fired salvo of missiles, which the girls avoid all of those missiles. Haruka jumped from Yui’s motorcycle and kicked the incoming missile, sending back to the attack helicopter. She instantly flash-stepped to the other helicopter, then firing sonic boom that destroys the helicopter. She threw her Bo to the nearest helicopter, smashing through the rear rotor. Haruka instantly appeared where the Bo is; then picked her weapon. She swing the Bo to the main rotor, causing the helicopter to plunging its destruction.

One of the Chimerae, with the head and front limb of a lion and rear limb and tail of a horse, lunged towards Akane and Airi’s ride. Akane tilted her motorcycle, causing the attack to be miss.

“I’m sorry to do this but I have no choice.” Airi fired several kinetic-powered bolts to the Chimera then exploded causing the flesh and blood to splatter. Erica instantly appeared, standing on the Rie’s motorcycle backseat. She resheathed her sword back, followed by ten Chimerae sliced from head to toe into two. Rie summoned arrays of sword, firing them to the rest of attack helicopters, destroying all at once.

“I can’t use lightning here. Two of the Chimerae have resistance to electricity.” Yuko gritted her teeth.

“Leave that to me.” Rena instantly disappeared from Jurina’s motorcycle. On the top of bull-like Chimera, Rena swung her lightsaber, slicing the body. She flicked her finger, causing the Chimera she sliced explode with the incoming Chimera unfortunately involved in the blast.

Atsuko saw a crimson butterfly passing by.

Everyone, we’re nearly reaching the rendezvous point.” As soon as she said it, she heard a female voice speaking in Latvian accent.

“Dimantu Cietoksnis (Diamond Fortress)” All of them saw five crimson butterflies gliding in the center of the highway. Ten meters before they approach those butterflies, the air slowly crystallized and formed into a crystal wall in which it slowly rises. After three seconds, four corners of crystal walls and ceiling are now surrounded the girls. The crystal walls refracts the light of the sunrise, preventing from being seen from the outside.

“We’ve unexpectedly thought you’ve come this early.”

“Far from our estimation of their arrival. Those Chimerae are hard to deal with.” Two girls appeared in front of them. One girl has two crystallized blade sitting on top of each of her gauntlet.

“Anyways, welcome to Valenzuela City. I’m your guide, Miyawaki Sakura.” The girl with crystal blade said. She let the crystal blades dematerialized, disappearing into thin air.

“And I’m Watanabe Miyuki. It’s good to see you again.” The scarlet-eye girl with Vertical Maneuver Gear said. “Sayanee!” Miyuki run to Sayaka and hugged her.

“Yo, Milky.” Sayaka replied with a hug to Miyuki.

“So how do we escape with this exitless diamond castle along with the pursuers outside?” Yuko asked.

“There’s one method.” Miyuki tapped the side of her eyeglasses.

“Milky, you’re planning to use that?” Erica asked.

“Actually, yes. I already marked the location where we land. So we can escape here without notice from the outside.” Miyuki closed her eyes then removed her eyeglasses.

Milky’s gift eh.’ Atsuko smirked.

Miyuki opened her eyes, revealing her scarlet-iris eye transformed into red-iris eyes with three tomoes.Then her left eye transformed from tomoe to biohazard symbol-like pattern overlapped by three straight tomoes while her right eye transformed into ripple-shaped pattern overlapped by three spiral.



Traffic Control Department, MMDA Headquarters, Makati City, Philippines; Sunday, 6:37 am

The room was filled with multitude of computers along with many monitors attached to one wall.

“So they’re here.” Sandara said. She leaning on the table while watching on one monitor that was capturing live image of the diamond fortress. The diamond fortress shattered into dust, revealing nothing behind.

So they’ve deciphered my message. Goodluck, Rena and your friends. They have expected your arrival and already finished preparing the trap if you try to save Minami Takahashi and Haruna Kojima on the day of their execution.’ Sandara went to the door and exited the room.


Unknown Location; Unknown Time

A 2nd year high school girl lying down on the grassy shore of the river. Her eyes are closed while contemplating something. She lift something right in front of her face, revealing four cards.

“It’s been three months since I’ve won that war.” She rotated her hand that holds the four cards to the back of her hand. A red snowflake-pattern embedded on the back of her right hand. After several minutes, she stood up and put the cards on the hip car holster.

Hey master, I think it’s time to go back, right?” She heard a childish girl voice from her mind.

“I know, Saber. Berserker, I need you later for my mission.” The girl said.

Understood, master.” She heard a deep girl voice.

“Lancer, Rider, you will be on stand by. Be ready when everything is not on our favor.”

As you wish, master.” She heard two male voices.

What about me, master?” A childish girl voice speaking from her mind.

“Just watch. Your powers are somehow too powerful for this mission.” She said.

Okay~” She heard a pouting sound that made her giggle.

“It’s time.”



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