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Title: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Forever In Your Heart (1/22/14)
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 Birthday Present (
 It All Started With A Confession (
 The Vampire & The Vampire Hunter (
 To Vow Eternal Love (
 My Feelings For You (
Forever In Your Heart (

well...I want to start a thread where I can start posting Atsumina oneshot so yeah.... some peeps probably already read this since it was on Kuro's competition thingy but it was my very first one shot so imma start with it! (I'm gonna post the next one... two days from now on! pls look forward to it!)

AND I'd like to thank you LovelyGaki for check it all out! thanks dude-ette!  :thumbsup and ofcourse all of the peeps who liked it xD ahahahhaha


Takahashi Minami looked in the mirror, checking her appearance before going out. Satisfied on how she looked, she nodded to herself and headed out the door.  She invited her friends if they would want to go out, but was turned down since they were busy.

Stepping outside the building, the sky was clear with the sun shining brightly. She could feel the hotness already, showing that summer was clearly approaching. 
Stretching her arms she said brightly, "What a beautiful day! I feel that something will change today!" and started walking. As Takamina passed by some of the stores, she was greeted by the store owners who were sweeping outside their shops. The tiny girl smiled warmly and they did the same. Thinking where she should go first, she thought of the renowned cafe, but decided to go there later and instead will go to the mall first.

Arriving at the mall, she scanned around the area to look for a good store to go in to. Scanning around she saw two of her friends, however she wasn't sure if it was really them since they were facing the other direction. Deciding to approach them, she walked in to the store, unsure with her guess she said, "Tomochin? Tomo? Is that you?" The two girls turned around hearing their names and were surprised when they saw Takamina.
"Oh, Takamina! What are you doing here!?" said Tomochin and Tomo at the same time who was nervous.
Takamina raised her eyebrow at the question and said bluntly, "I'm just hanging around? Am I not allowed to do that? And this is unusual for two being together," said Takamina, since when they're at school the two of them usually fight with each other.
"Err...", they said looking at each other, not knowing what they should say to the small girl. As dense as Takamina is, she was pretty good at knowing what other people are up to and thinking. Coming up with a possibility, she grinned, "wait, at school you're always fighting, but I noticed something of it. Could it be that you two are a cou-". Before she could finish, Tomochin interrupted her admitting to it, "Ok! Ok! You're right...we are." Tomochin blushed at her statement while Tomo did the same.
"Hah, I knew it! So you two are on a date, eh?"
They nodded and looked away from Takamina.
"Since when?"
"T-three months ago," stated Tomo.
"Oh~ and you still kept your act until this"
"Ok, I'll leave you two alone now. I wouldn't want to ruin your D-A-T-E," chuckled Takamina and waved goodbye, leaving the couple alone.

The small girl walked around thinking about the two and her own similar situation. Dismissing the thought since she was there to have fun and not think, she continued. While walking around the mall, her eyes spotted a parka decorated with bananas. Squealing over it, Takamina ran into the shop and grabbed one, trying to find her (small) right size. Finding her size she went over to the counter to pay. With the bag in hand, she continued to roam around, buying some clothes that she spotted and liked.

Tired, she decided to take a break and went to sit on one of the benches. Setting the bags beside her, she watched as the people pass by. Few minutes passed and she was still sitting down, too relaxed to get back up.
"Takamina? That you?" said Rena who approached her with Jurina, Mayu and Yukirin following her. Looking up to see who it was, she only said "Oh."
"Hey~" they said, greeting the small girl.
"Hey guys...what's up?"
"Hmmm...just cruising around." Grinned Rena.
"'Cruising around?'" said Takamina in quotation marks, giving them a look. They all giggled at her expression.
"You could say that."
"So what are you doing all alone?" asked Mayu bluntly. Yukirin just shook her head and sighed.
"Ah, so bluntly asked...I'm here shopping as you can see," sighed Takamina and mumbled, "'s not that I chose to come alone."
"You know, you should make up with Acchan," said Mayu straightforwardly. Takamina could only lightly laugh at it and said, "Well, it's nice seeing you four, but I'll go now. I need to go to the book store."
"Leaving us already?" said Yukirin sounding hurt.
"Hehehe...sorry...and it seems you people are...busy," smirked Takamina.
"Hey! We saw that smirk!" said Jurina.
"Hehehe...ja ne!" said Takamina grabbing her shopping bags and escaping before they could question her.

Near the exit she heard her name.
"Oi! Takamina!" shouted Yuko who was with Kojiharu. Takamina looked around, trying to find the source where her name was being called.
"Behind you!" said Yuko. Takamina turned around and saw them.
"Yo! What ya up to?" asked Yuko.
"Oh, hey Yuko, Kojiharu, and just bought some clothes," answered Takamina raising the bag that she was carrying.
" one was available you two are you on your little date?"
"Yep! Nyan-Nyan and I are on a date!" said Yuko proudly.
"Actually we're on a double date," added Kojiharu.
"Ehh? With whom?"
"Us." Interrupted Sae and Sayaka joining the three.
"Ehh! Is today a couple day or something!? Am I the only one that is alone today!" pouting, "...earlier I saw Tomochin with Tomo, Rena with Jurina, Mayu with Yukirin, and now you four. Great...I wonder who's next," frowned Takamina.
"What? Tomochin and Tomo, those two tsundere? Hah! I knew it!" said Sae.
"Yeah. I saw, they were all over each other."
Yuko laughed and said, "and what about you? Why not just confess to a certain someone, because everyone knows that you two are totally interested in each other."
"What!? With that...that...g-girl! No way! I don't like her at all!" denied Takamina and got her thinking again.
"Pshh, two were so close when you were little! But when that* happened, I don't know what changed," said Sayaka. The others also agreeing to what she said.
"Ugh, please no, don't talk about it. It'll ruin my day," said Takamina coldly. But in truth she thought back on what happened, and why did it all turn to be like this.
"Well, that's your choice...but don't lie to yourself," said Sae.
"We'd like to chit-chat longer, but we're ditching you, we have a lot of plans~ Gotta continue our date~" joked Yuko.
"Hai, hai, ditch your friend! I'll be fine all alone," said Takamina dramatically.
"Ja ne~" they all said to her and started walking away.
"Ehh? Nani, majide?"
"Un, Ja ne~" said Yuko and waved at her friend. Sighing, Takamina returned the wave and thought to herself,*ah-ah, it's so nice to have a date.*

Takamina looked at the time and decided to go to the bookstore. Heading to the bookstore she noticed that everyone was with someone and holding hands. "Nani kore," she mumbled to herself, "this is really weird." At her destination, the tiny girl rushed in and went to her usual section. "Oh here it is," she said to no one in particular, finding her weekly Shonen Jump; flipping through the book, she was satisfied and went to pay for it. Finished with everything that she wanted, Takamina headed to the renowned café.
The café wasn't that far from the bookstore, so it only took her 5 minutes. Debating if she should go inside or just occupy the outside tables, she decided on staying outside just because of the clear weather.  The chibi girl settled down after choosing a table near a tree for its shade. While waiting for the waiter to come, she let her eyes travel around. As soon as she looked ahead, at that direction she saw Miichan with Acchan. Miichan couldn't see her since she had her back on her while Acchan could, if she would just lift her head up. Seeing Acchan she mumbled, "Oh great! She's here too. Ugh!"

The reason they both hated each other was because of the incident that happened when they were 13 years old. It was all too sudden for her. She wrote a letter to her, hoping that she would find it, if she comes over. They were moving overseas, for god knows how long. For the last few days that Acchan and her hang out, she acted strange. Acchan noticed the sudden change but Takamina just dismissed her.  Takamina wasn't sure what to do, should she just tell her? Or not? She was scared of what might the other girl say, so she didn't tell her and just wrote a letter explaining everything. During the same day that they left, Acchan was excited to go over to Takamina's house but when she arrived, the house was isolated. She searched the place but didn't see anything. She turned back confused and not seeing the letter that was left for her, she passed by it.

After two years of spending time abroad. The Takahashi family came back and established a business. When they returned back to Japan, Takamina was overjoyed to be back. Her first stop was her best friend's house, but what awaited her wasn't that sweet of a welcome. Arriving at Acchan's house, she received a slap to the face then a cold glare from her. Takamina was confused and asked herself, "What just happened?"  She got turned away by Acchan and went home confused. When she started school, she was assigned with the same homeroom with Acchan. At first, Takamina always approached her, but she didn't get any response back. Acchan ignored Takamina. Then after a few weeks Takamina with her kind self, snapped and couldn't it anymore. After that, they competed in everything, even the smallest matter and went beyond name callings. Lastly, their family has a business and they're rivals against each other, which made it more spicy. Three years had passed since she came back and both are still enemies against one another.

Acchan finally saw Takamina when she looked up, across from her direction. Getting up she went over to the girl's table, +with Miichan who was surprised with the sudden move said, "Ehh? What's happening?"
"What the hell is this? Are you following me or something? Like yesterday and the day before that," accused Acchan who slammed her hands down on the table.
"Pshh! Right, as if I would follow you around! Why would I follow you?!" said Takamina nearly annoyed and stood up to face the taller girl.
"I-I don't know, you tell me!" shouted Acchan. With just a few exchanged words with each other, people that passed by gave them weird looks while others took interest and gathered around. 
Takamina just let out a huge sigh and was just about to walk away, but Acchan said something that caught her attention.
"Yeah, you're doing it again. Turning your back on me, just like you did five years ago." Takamina turned around, faced her and looked in to the other girl's eyes shouting, "Oh yeah! Acchan tell me exactly what I did wrong...that it happened liked this!? Huh?"

Miichan was bewildered and squinting with what was going on in front of her. She wanted to stop those two because they kept attracting bystanders, but was terrified to do so. All of them knew to never interrupt those two if they're having a quarrel. If they did, the person that tried to break them up will truly wish they never had interfered. It would take at least four people to refrain them from killing each other. Couldn't think of anything, one thing only popped up in her mind and that call her 'partner', Mariko, to come over. Her thought is, 'If you can't stop 'em, just have fun with it!'

Takamina clenched her fist, the tiny girl hated it, sick of it, and tired of it. She hated the fact that Acchan and her became rivals, enemies, the so-called "frenemy". They always competed with spots, grades, positions, and to make it worse, they're company rivals. She hated to admit that she missed her.  Sometimes she even questioned herself on what went wrong. As time passed by she realized that she kept her eyes on the girl. Observing, always following, watching but not in a stalker-ish kind of way. Was it because she wanted her back as a mere friend? Or something more? Did she only talk back to her because she wanted the other girl's attention? What did she want? She wasn't sure. She didn't know. She was confused, especially with her feelings.

Acchan was surprised with the smaller girl. In all the years that they've fought and talked badly with each other, she never saw Takamina like this. In her eyes she saw her, confused, angry, tired and hurt. Acchan shut her eyes tightly, ignoring what she saw and talked,
"You're asking me what you did?!" huffed Acchan.
"Just tell me what the hell is the problem!"
"...five years ago! Does that ring any bells now?!" Hearing that struck Takamina.
"W-what do you mean?"
"Leaving without saying anything! Not even a goodbye! Nor not talking to me about it! How do you think I felt? When you suddenly disappeared without a word!"
"...b-but I...I left you a letter."
"What letter?" said Acchan confused.
"On the doorstep, I left a letter there."
"...I...I...," said Acchan speechless and her mind race over to that day, trying to recall if she see something.
"I didn't see any letters, it doesn't matter now anyways. I could care less anymore!" shouted Acchan but the truth is...she did care. Takamina walked towards her, Acchan who saw the approach backed up slowly and said, "W-what?"
"Do you really not care?" smirked Takamina.
"T-that's right, I don't! The past is the past...I couldn't care l-" She was cut off when Takamina suddenly grabbed and pulled Acchan towards her....kissing her fully on the mouth.
"Hmmmphfff" Acchan who was blushing, pulled back and said, "...what the hell do you think you're doing?!" 

Mariko who was running through the crowd, finally reached Miichan.
"What happened?" asked Mariko, breathing heavily from running.
"Heh, it got interesting, Takamina sure knows how to shut up a girl," grinned Miichan who showed her the picture she took.
"A scoop!" Smiled Mariko with gleaming eyes.
"Yep! And I don't think they're done yet...let's see," said Miichan, turning back her attention to the duo.

Takamina didn't say anything and just kissed the other girl again. Acchan resisted, pushing the girl away and wiped her lips with her sleeves.
"What the hell!"
"I finally realized it," said Takamina softly.
"Realize what?" asked Acchan confuse.
"Atsuko...Aisheteru," said Takamina, her voice filled with passion. Acchan blushed at the confession, making her stumble down on the ground.
"H-huh...?" said Acchan whose heart is racing and forgetting all about her anger towards the other girl.
"All this time...that we fought with each other. I've loved you and I still do...I love you Atsuko." Takamina bent down, looked directly at Acchan seriously and hugged the petrified girl whispering, " you like me?"
"A-as i-if!" Lied Acchan who knew that she was lying but wouldn't admit it. She also realized her feelings long time ago. She thought it was just because they were best friends that she loved her, however as time passed by her love for Takamina went beyond friendship, "...let me go."
Takamina who planned on not giving up didn't let go of Acchan and instead held her tighter, whispering, "no...I won't, not this time. I'll never let you go again." Acchan struggled to get out of the smaller girl's grip but Takamina didn't let her, "can we stop this pointless fighting? I'm tired of it and I know you are too. Please Atsuko. Please. Please...don't make this hard for yourself AND I know you have feelings for me." She chuckled and looked at Acchan. Acchan stayed quiet and looked away. Takamina cupped her face and said, "look at me...Atsuko." Tempted, Acchan looked at her.
"Please accept my feelings," said Takamina and kissed her gently, this time Acchan didn't care anymore and kissed her back.

People who were curious on what was going on, piled up. The crowd was moved with the scene and started chanting, "Kiss her again! Kiss her again! Kiss her again!"
Mariko and Miichan took a picture of them and high-five with each other saying, "Score!"

They pulled back needing air and smiled to each other.
" you too," said  Acchan embarrassed at her own revelation.
Takamina was so happy that she ended up lifting the taller girl and kissing her for the fourth time.
"Wow, just how strong are you midget?" Chuckled Acchan.
"Mou, don't call me a midget," pouted Takamina and mumbled, "...but I guess it's ok if you're the one that says it."
"You're my own midget."
Takamina blushed and kissed her partner quickly again, saying, "...that's my apology for all the things that I've done to you."
"I'm sorry too. I was angry at you, and mostly at myself, it made me act that way."
"It's ok as you said it's all in the past."
"...oh just to say that was the best apology that anyone has ever given me."

Miichan faked cry and leaned against her lover saying, "awww...they've grown up so much."
Mariko wiped a fake tear and agreed with her partner, " mature, I'm so happy." On the other hand the crowd that gathered was touched and cheered at them (Guess everyone is ok with this type of relationship).

Yuko noticed that she received a new message, seeing that it was from Mariko she opened it. As she saw what was there, she nearly choked on her food. Her companions noticed her, giving her water, asking if she was okay and lastly what was it. Yuko raised up her phone for everyone to see and showed them a picture. Kojiharu, Sae, and Sayaka spitted out the water that they just consumed; their eyes grew big, shocked and surprised, shouting, "Ehhhhhhh!?!?!?"

The End.
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Aye aye aye! It was a good one! Mariko-sama and Miichan are the best!
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jaja and the next day everybody know about that!
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this one shot rocks! please do more atsumina os!  :twothumbs
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hahaha... all these time they were fighting over misunderstanding

I like the way Takamina shut Atsuko up

So great and sweet love confession...

I like the story lots

Thank you for the nice OS

Can't wait to see more

 :wub: :inlove: :heart: :love:
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Here it is my second proud of myself...lolol  :farofflook: *ahem* anyways I wrote this since it's like Takamina b-day today!  :onioncheer: I'm posting this Canada time (7th) but in Japan it's already morning of 8th so yeah postin' this today!  :whistle:
well when I was thinking about this I was like..."I need to make this hot, sexy and romantico~! all through the story" so yeah...i dunno how you'll take this...  :smoke:
oh almost forgot...cream! thanks for the description!!   :on lol:

                                                                                             Birthday Present

The short girl walked in hands with a taller person. Suddenly the tall person stopped, turned towards the short girl and looked at her sadly, "Minami...sayonara." Letting go of the shorter's hand and continued walking away from Minami.
Minami, confused said, "Acchan! Matte! What do you mean goodbye?" and ran after the girl.
Minami tried to reach the girl but she couldn't, the more she ran, the more the distance grew between them.
"Acchan! Nooooo! Don't leave me!" cried Minami as she still tried to keep running after the girl.
Tired, she stopped for a breather and looked up and saw that the other girl was already far away. Sinking slowly on her knees, tears started falling as she shouted, "Acchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

Minami opened her eyes and saw that her hands were extended in front of her. It took her a few seconds to analyze that it was only a dream and looked at the sleeping girl beside her. She smiled as she watched the girl sleep. The small girl caress the sleeping girl's face and whispered, "I could really get use to this." The other girl yawn as she woke up, stretching her arms and asked, "get use to what?" Minami cupped the girl's chin and kissed her briefly ,whispering on the other girl's ear, "waking up everyday with you by my side." The taller girl smiled and cuddled with the small girl, "Same here." They stayed at that position for a while before speaking again.
"Minami...Tanjoubi Omedatou."
"Heh Atsuko~ I thought you forgot." grinned Minami.
"How could I forget my girlfriend's birthday!" said Atsuko, bringing Minami's hands on her lips and kissed it gently.
" I have a present?" joked Minami.
"Wasn't last night enough for you?"
Minami blushed and covered her face, "too embarrassing...don't mention it."
"Eh? Why were calling my name...and screaming out loud. Also you w-" remarked Atsuko. 
"Yamete! >.<" pouted the short girl.
"'re so cute." squealed Atsuko, pinching the girl lightly on the cheek.
"So birthday girl what do you want to do for your day?"
"Mmm...well I'm glad that I got a break for my birthday! Being a general manger is hard!" groused Takamina but she did love her job. Sometimes's so stressful for her.  Too much responsibilities, it was tiring from time to time and she keeps getting complaints. No matter what happens regarding to things and feelings, she over came those times since she loves AKB.

"You're so lucky Atsuko."
"What do you mean lucky?"
"You're so focused on acting and decided that you need to graduated from AKB."
"Ah, I miss seeing you every single time though~" pouted Atsuko.
"It's been seven months...huh."
"You know sometimes I forget that you're not there anymore and I talk to you and turned around but when I do..,you're not there." said Minami sadly, recalling those times.
Atsuko hugged the tiny girl tightly and said, "I do that too."
Minami laughed, "well, doesn't that just say that we like to be around each other every time."
"I love you Minami."
"I love you too." said Minami and kissed the girl passionately. Minami and Atsuko shared a kiss that began as a sweet and tender, but quickly flamed to life as they nibbled, licked and gave soft kisses to each other's lips again and again.

Between kisses Atsuko said, "do you want to go again."
"Mmm...I'd love too but we should stop now." grinned Minami.
"Why not?" pouted the tall girl.
"The birthday girl says so?"

Minami was about to get but Atsuko held her down. Minami looked at the other girl with a questioning look.
"Stay in bed, it's your birthday after all...wait here for a bit." said Atsuko, getting up from the bed, she put some clothes since both were still naked and went out the room. The small girl just obeyed and also got up to wear clothes. She turned on the television and flipped through the channels, trying to find something to watch. Couldn't find a good program she just left it on a random channel, getting bored she  keep on tossing on the bed. After a few minutes Atsuko came in the bedroom with a tray of breakfast and bouquet of flowers. Minami's eyes widen as she saw what Atsuko prepared for her and almost cried.
"Why do you look like you're about to cry?" giggled Atsuko.
"No one ever did this for me." said Minami blushing and looked away...smiling.
"Ah, you're so cute!" squealed Atsuko and hugged the girl tightly.
"Hey! Watch it! You'll spill the food." grinned Minami, trying to hold the food so it won't spill.
"Why'd you put your clothes back on?" smirked the tall girl cunningly.
"Just because."
"Eh...and I wanted seeing you...naked." grinned Atsuko and started unbuttoning the blouse that Minami wore. Minami's face turned completely red. When Atsuko finished  unbuttoning the third button and moved to the fourth one, Minami grabbed Atsuko's hands and kissed it, making the tall girl stop.

As Minami started eating her food, Atsuko suddenly snatch the chopsticks away.
"Eh, what was that for?" asked Minami.
"Here...say...ahh." grinned Atsuko, waiting for the girl to do it, "or would you rather let me feed you mouth to mouth?"
"B-baka! I can feed myself!" blushed the small girl snatching back her chopstick. Atsuko put a strawberry in her mouth and without any warning grabbed the small girl for a kiss. The kiss was wet as Atsuko passed the strawberry to Minami's mouth. The tall girl broke the kiss and watched grinning, while Minami just chewed the strawberry. After swallowing the fruit Minami looked ah her girlfriend, "Majide." Atsuko looked at her innocently with a puppy dog eyes, "I always wanted to try this...with...y-o-u." The small girl couldn't always resist when her girlfriend look at her like that. Sighing in defeat, she gave up, "Fine." Since they all have the time in the world for the day, they took their time and fed each other...directly. Then there's the...drink. Atsuko stored the juice in her mouth and passed it the small girl.  As Minami gulped the juice some escaped from her lips and  flowed down her neck to to her chest. As soon as she drank it all, Atsuko pulled out from the kiss and started licking off the juice from the other girl's body, starting from the neck then travelling down to her...breast.
"This is so fun." said Atsuko enjoying  the moment. Minami sighed, sometimes her girlfriend is so daring and it feels like she's the victim. However she doesn't mind since she loves Atsuko deeply. She would gladly do anything for Atsuko even if it meant dying.

After their 'breakfast' both of them decided to stay in for the rest of the morning. Going in the small living room, the couple settled on the couch. Before doing so, Minami went through all of her dvd's to see what they should watch; Atsuko clinging to the small girl. Minami scratched her head unsure what to watch, "I don't know what to pick. Atsuko what do you want to watch?" Atsuko behind Minami rested her chin on the small girl's shoulder, "hmmm...I see...Titanic so what about that?"
"I guess we can." said Minami, opening the dvd case. Grabbing the disk she turned on her DVD player and inserted the disk.
"Yosh it's all set...c'mon let's go seat." said Minami standing up.
"Carry me~" smiled Atsuko who still sat down, not planning on moving an inch, unless Minami carries her. The small girl sighed, "You're too heavy for me to carry."
The tall girl looked at her madly, "Hey!" Minami laughed, "I was only joking...don't get too worked up. I'll carry my beloved problem." The short girl knelt down and scooped up Atsuko in a bridal style, "Happy now, hime?"
The tall girl smiled and nuzzled in to her neck, "Yep!" Reaching the couch, Minami happily put down the girl gently and also made herself comfortable. Watching the movie, the couple leaned against each other, fingers entwined with each other.

After a while Minami's cell phone started ringing. She got up from the couch detaching herself from her girlfriend and headed to where the cell phone is. Finding the ringing cell phone in her bag, she picked it up and answered it, "Moshi moshi?"
"Hey Takamina! Tanjoubi Omedatou!" yelled the other girl on the other line. Minami at the right timing, distance the phone away from her ears.
"Miichan, don't ears almost fell off." joked the small girl.
"Gomen ne, anyways just wanted to call you...saying Happy Birthday!"
Minami smiled and thought she heard someone, "is someone there with you?"
"Oh yeah... Mariko-SAMA here says Happy Birthday."
Minami laughed, "Tell her thanks too."
"Yep! So when will you do it?"
"Tonight for sure."
"Well, good luck my friend! You can do it!" encouraged Miichan.
"Un! Arigatou."
"Better go, I don't wan to disturb whatever you two are doing! Say hi to Acchan for me! Ja ne~"
"Yeah, thanks again! Ja." said Minami and pressed the end call.
The small girl was about to put down her phone but before she could do it, she noticed that her notifications for 'messages' is blinking. Checking it out, she was on the verge of tearing up when she saw the messages. The general manager received a lot of birthday greetings from everyone. As she read each messages, she couldn't  suppress her tears anymore and started crying out of...happiness.
Atsuko noticed a crying sound and decided to check it out. Going where Minami is, she saw her girlfriend crying. The tall girl slowly approached the crying girl, put her arms around Minami's waist and hugged the girl tightly whispering to the girl's ear, "What's wrong?" Minami shook her head, "Nothing's wrong, I'm just...happy." Atsuko stayed at her position, "Oh really and the reason is?" Minami wiped her tears away, "I'm just happy to have such good friends."  Atsuko smiled and kissed the smaller girl's neck, "C'mon let's go back, there's still an hour left before the movie is finished." Minami nodded and the couple slowly made their way to the couch, "By the way Miichan and Mariko says 'hi'."

After they finished watching the movie, the couple decided to go out for lunch. Both women went to change their clothes and got ready. Leaving Minami's apartment, they quickly went to Atsuko's car and headed somewhere to eat their lunch. Afterwards, the couple went to cruise around. Then for the remaining of the afternoon, they decided to go walk at the park. The two walked around hand in hand and showed their affection to each other. Some people looked at them but Minami and Atsuko just ignored them. They couldn't care less what people think. While they walked Minami looked up at her partner,"Atsuko care to dine with me tonight?"
"What's the occasion? ..It depends." joked Atsuko poking the small girl on the side of the ribs.
"You really have to ask? Fine, if you don't want to then...I guess you have better things to do rather than be with me." said Minami dramatically.
"You know I'm joking, right? I'll go anywhere with you."
"Yeah I know, I just wanted to go along you know." grinned the small girl, "Oh but can you drop me off at my apartment first."
"Sure." nodded the tall girl.
"So we should go back to the car then."
As the sun descended slowly, the sky showing less brightness, both women walked back to Atsuko's car and left to prepare for the evening. Arriving In front of Minami's apartment, the small girl opened the car the door, kissed the driver quickly on the lips and said before leaving, "I'll be the one to pick you up." She closed the door, waving at Atsuko as she drove away.

Stepping in her apartment, first thing she did was go and took a shower. Feeling refreshed, she went to her bedroom and dressed for the night. She wore a black silky one shoulder cocktail dress which had ruffles in the right side, revealing a layer of white silky cloth. Beside it are diamond sequence making the person wearing it looks elegant. The same design goes to the left side of the waist part, revealing some scrunches to add a kick in the dress. With her dress she wore a black stiletto heels and carried a small black leather purse. In front of her door she double checked to see if she got the item that she needed. Nodding to herself, Minami closed the door and headed to the the parking lot. Getting in her black Lamborghini Gallardo, she drove to pick up Atsuko.

The small girl waited for a while before Atsuko came out of her house. Minami's jaw dropped as soon as she saw Atsuko appear. Her surroundings completely went blurry in her sight, she could only stare at her girlfriend. The sight was breathtaking. Atsuko wore a red silk evening dress showing her bare shoulder, the dress has a long slit, showing her left leg and wore a black lace up heels. On her neck, she wore a silver necklace.
She opened the door and sat on the passenger seat,"I didn't know you have a car like this." Minami didn't answer.
"Hey Minami? You there?"
"Oh yeah sorry, I got a little...distracted." smirked the small girl, "So what did you say?"
"Mou, I said I didn't know you have a car like this."
"Oh yeah...I bought it a couple of weeks ago." laughed Minami and started driving.
"Nice car."
"Thanks~ by the way you look beautiful. I really am lucky to have such a pretty girl like you...with me."
Atsuko blushed, she often teases the small girl but when Minami says something it never fails to make her blush.

Arriving in front of the restaurant, Minami got out first and opened the door for her lady. She gave her keys to the valet, then the small girl accompanied her girlfriend in the restaurant. The waiter welcomed the couple and led them to their table. It was a private room, Minami instructed them what she wanted and looking around she was satisfied. The room was dim, musicians played their instruments around the corner, bouquet of flowers were placed all over the room and lastly you could see the beautiful view of the city. Near the big glass window was their table, candles were lit in the middle of the table, on each side is the fork and knife and the wine glass. Atsuko was amazed.
"Wow this is really amazing." said Atsuko looking at Minami. The small girl smiled, "yeah it is." Minami led her girlfriend to seat and after took her own seat. The waiter approached them with a champagne in hand and poured it to their glasses. He bowed then left the room, leaving the champagne on the table.  Minami took a sip, "Hmm...this is good." Atsuko did the same and agreed with the small girl. Few minutes later both women already drank two glass of the champagne. Also, the waiter came back asking for their orders. Minami and Atsuko quickly scanned through the menu. Finding what they wanted to eat, they gave their orders. The waiter bowed then left. Atsuko looked around the room then looked at the city view. She closed her eyes, enjoying what the musicians played and let the music fill the room. Minami watched Atsuko then smiled to herself.
"It feels like I'm the one who's getting treated instead." said Atsuko.
"Hmmm...really, it's fine by me."
"Not for me, since it's your birthday, I should be the one making the surprises."
"Atsuko.." purred Minami, looking straightly at her girlfriend's eyes, "...just you, being here and spending your time with me is all the thing I can ask for. I'm satisfied as long as you're here."
Atsuko blushed hearing what her partner said and mumbled to herself, " really know what to say."
"Did you say something?" asked the small girl drinking her wine. Atsuko smiled, "I love you."

Few minutes later the waiter came in with their food and set them on the table. The two women started eating and drinking. After their meal, Minami suddenly brought out a box from her purse. Smiling to herself she gave the present to the tall girl. Atsuko looked at her in confusion but took the box anyways. "Open it." grinned Minami. Atsuko nodded and slowly unwrapped the box. Before opening the box Atsuko looked at Minami one more time then finally opened the box. As she opened the box her eyes went wide open, shocked yet happy to see what laid in front of her. The box contained a diamond ring with a note asking, 'will you marry me?' Atsuko suppressed her tears and looked at the smiling girl that sat across from her. Minami placed her hands over Atsuko's, "I know it won't be an easy road for us as a couple but as long as you're with me and we're together. We can over come anything. Ever since we met, when I'm happy, sad or in a bind, the light that sustains me shining like a talisman, like hope, like a wish is Atsuko for the last seven years, I enjoyed spending my time with you. Being together with you is fun. I'm glad that I joined AKB since that's were it all started. Sometimes I wonder that if I haven't joined AKB could I probably perhaps meet you someday, somewhere. Before, I don't believe on those things like fate or soul mates but now I do believe it. I think it was fate when we met and that you are my only soul mate. Ten months ago I finally had the courage to confess to you and when you said 'yes' it made me the happiest person alive but now again, I'm here facing you right now asking you if you can spend the rest of your life with me." and kissed the girl's hand gently. Hearing Minami say all that, she finally cried out of happiness. Atsuko nodded and said, "yes." Minami stayed strong and didn't cry for the first time, instead she smiled. She gently touched Atsuko's face and brushed off the tears that flowed down. The small girl took the ring out of the box and smoothly slid it on Atsuko's ring finger. Atsuko's tears couldn't stop but she laughed, "You know it really seems that I'm the one who's getting treated."
"You, saying yes to me is the best birthday present that I could ever wish for and I won't trade it for anything in the world." grinned Minami and took a drink from her glass. Atsuko sighed and mumbled again, "You seriously know what to say."

Accomplishing what Minami wanted to do, she raised her glass. Atsuko did the same and said, "Cheers." As their dinner came to an end, both women still sat, listening to the musicians and looked at the perfect night view of the city. After a few minutes they decided to leave. Minami drove back to Atsuko's house. As they arrive in front, Atsuko looked at Minami, "Spend the night with me?" Minami smirked at the girl. Atsuko saw this and tried to defend herself, "N-not to do that! But just sleep with me...tonight."
"Sure, I would do anything for my hime." said Minami softly and kissed Atsuko's hands, "The ring really suits you my love." 

The small girl parked her car and went out to open the door for the other woman. As soon as the two women stepped in Atuko's house, the two started kissing while going right straight to the bedroom. Finding the bed, Minami unzipped Atsuko's dress, stripped her out of it and gently pushed her down on the bed. The two caught themselves in a heated passion, pressing their lips together and rubbing each of their bodies together. Atsuko felt her lover's delicate fingers run down her back trailing lower and lower and lower as Minami made patterns of kisses on Atsuko's chest and shoulders. Atsuko moaned with pleasure as Minami went over and muted Atsuko with her lips. Atsuko couldn't take it anymore, she caught hold of Minami's hand and slid it down the length of her quickening body, and then pressed it between her thighs, "Touch me here."  :cathappy:

The End~

SO how was it?  :smoke: ah well...  :depressed: I had the plan of writing a xxx scene  :on gay:  :on gay: :on gay: but I probably don't have any access to where u can post it so...I just decided to leave it like that...screw it...I'm still too young for that...probably can't take it!!! xD hehehehe  :on drink: but man seriously...good thing I didn't pass out (cuz of nosebleed)  :on bleed: during class when I was thinking about what I should write... (I usually plan out my next moves on these kind of things during classes o.o)
hahahaha xD  :nya: ...well...I hope I'll can make another one...soon...hehehe...thanks for reading~ ja ne~  :byebye: :byebye: :byebye:
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So great fic there....

Wish it was really happening in real life....

Atsumina is always the best

Minami is so natural... She really knew what to say there...

Atsuko is so melt over Minami's actions and speeches

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more Atsumina

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you should continue that *fireworks scene*..XD
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I really like this one shot.  It was very refreshing to read this.

Keep up the good work
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It was great! Continue to make awesome fics please.
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Another one shot!  :farofflook: I actually started with this like the second week of April and was planning on posting it at the end of the month... but I was too busy
working with the ending of that "Meeting You" and didn't finish... :depressed: Had been working on this on and off...  :smoke: Wahahaha anyways...
I find this one is a little longer than the other first two! (or probably my imagination)  :whistle: I decided to finish this just becuz... of that picture...  :on gay: (the one Acchan tweeted)  :mon lovelaff: and like all the "Handshake Report" about it...hehehehe  :mon inluv:  :  my atsumina power was filled LOL!  :on gay:
It really just  makes me grin like a fool when I see those...  :hehehe:

It All Started With A Confession

The short girl relaxed behind a big tree , it was their lunch time but she would rather go somewhere peaceful and quiet rather than in the noisy lunch room. She stopped reading her manga (One Piece) and laid it simply on the grass. She slumped on the ground and close  her eyes as she  listens to the bird chirping. The short girl smiled enjoying the sound that she's hearing. She suddenly heard someone coming in her direction  but just ignored it, knowing who it is.
The girl crouch down and poked the other girl at the side of her ribs. When the girl didn't flinch, she just kept poking her.
"Miichan, seriously stop that." said Takamina and opened her eyes to look at her friend.
"I thought you were dead since you know you didn't react at all." grinned Miichan. Takamina just rolled her eyes then asked, "Is it time already?"
"Why do you think I came here."
"Dunno maybe just to disturb me."
"I got better things to do rather than being here." said Miichan as she stuck her tongue out at the short girl.
"Hai, hai, well thanks for getting me."
"Why don't you just be like other people that bring their cellphone with them ALL the time." sighed Miichan.
"Mine's in my bag."
"They have uses you know!"
"It's a bother carrying it around." said Takamina and mumbled, "....every time I keep getting texts asking me to go on a date with them."
Miichan heard what Takamina said and smirked, "I see...popular as always eh, well I don't blame them, the GIRLS  here thinks greatly of you."
"I don't get it."
"Hmmm...first of all you're charming even though you don't really show it but it's there, second you're kakkoi since you have this boyish side and oh cute too since you're small that you look like a kid,  thirdly, the captain of the girl's basketball team and even though you're SO short I can't believe that you're good at it, it's a miracle and a mystery! AND every time you're in the court, when you do something all the girls go screaming in their fan mode. Hmmm...what else...oh and you have this aura that is kind of feisty and dangerous."
Takamina stood up and picked up her manga, she looked at her friend and frowned.
"What, It's true." grinned Miichan, "...aren't you glad that you're popular?"
Takamina didn't answer she just thought, 'I want a guy to ask me out.' Miichan like she just heard her friend's thought smirked, "or is it that you want a guy to ask you out once just for a change?" Takamina ignored her friend and started walking leaving her friend behind. Miichan caught up to her friend and put her arms around Takamina's shoulder, "Why don't you just accept one of the invites and try to go out~"
"No way, I'm not interested."
"Whoever you decided to go out with, I'm sure you'll fulfill their dream."
"I'm telling you...I am NOT interested."
"You're no fun."
Takamina removed her friend's arms around her and said,"I'm not planning to be." then went ahead leaving her friend behind.
"Hey! Wait for me!" shouted Miichan and started running to catch up with her friend.

Next day~
Takamina rested in her usual spot but this time she was just laying down and not reading her manga. She looked at the sky and saw the birds, "Must be nice to fly." The short girl slowly drifted off to sleep while looking up at the sky. After a few minutes, she suddenly woke up when she heard a voice. She yawned and rubbed her eyes then looked around. Remembering where she is, she remembered hearing a voice and was about to look around but stopped when she heard a guy talk, "I've really like you for a long time! Please go out with me!" While she listened she mumbled, 'ah, lucky her....a guy likes her.' Suddenly her cellphone rang, 'oh c'mon just for today  I brought it since Miichan kept insisting and it just had to ring this minute!'  it was quite awkward since the guy and the girl that he was confessing too got startled by the ringing and followed the direction of it. The two people looked behind the tree and found Takamina who was quite embarrassed, she felt like she just disturbed really something that is important well not felt like but she did. Takamina stood up quickly, looked at both of them and apologized, "I'm sorry....ummm just ignore what just happened and please continue like nothing happened." Obviously the guy, totally embarrassed ran away instead. "Ah, wait! Why are you running away!?" called Takamina after the guy. The guy still kept running. Takamina sighed and looked at the girl. She  apologized the second time, "I'm really sorry about that..." Her voice died down as she apologized. The girl   was overtaken by surprise as she looked at the taller girl in front of her. Takamina knew it is rude to stare at people but she just couldn't help it and kept looking at her. The tall girl smiled and for Takamina, seeing the girl smile had her heart skipped a beat, 'Eh, why did my heart just skipped there.'
"Thanks for that, I really got save." grinned the taller girl.
"Eh? W-what do you m-mean." stuttered the short girl.
"Well, I was going to turn him down but it's easier this way." answered the other girl quite bluntly.
"O-oh." was all Takamina could say and looked away from the other girl.
"Thanks again Takahashi-san!" smiled the taller girl and leaned down to kiss the short girl on the cheek. She smiled and  waved at Takamina as she walked away. Takamina stood there unable to move and just looked at the other girl speechless as she disappeared from her sight. It took her a few seconds to analyze everything that happened, suddenly she blushed, "eh? does she know my name? And did she just kissed me?" Remembering about her cellphone ringing she picked it up from the ground and looked at the message, "Takamina! come to the lunch room!" She frowned and sighed, "That's the message that interrupted a love confession." The short girl sighed again and started walking where her friends are.

Acchan returned to her classroom and walked over to where Mariko, Tomochin and Tomo were sitting. She took her seat and started eating her bento. Her friends looked at her like they were expecting Acchan to say something. Acchan noticed the stares and asked, "Ummm...what?"
"So how'd it go?" asked Mariko as she took a bite of her food.
"What do you mean how'd it go, of course I turned him down...oh wait no...I didn't actually turn him down since he ran away."
"A guy running away during a confession....hah that's the first." laughed Tomcohin.
"Did something happen?" asked Tomo as she took a sip of her drink.
"Hmmm, you could say that." smiled Acchan, thinking about what occured earlier.
"Ooooh~ why are you suddenly smiling?" smirked Mariko.
"Spill." grinned Tomochin.
"There's really nothing to tell."
"No, I know something happened...just say it." said Mariko.
"Fine, ok when this guy told me that he liked me well after that we suddenly heard a cellphone ringing behind the tree, so we looked behind and found 'someone' who was maybe sleeping and she suddenly stood up then apologized and after that the guy suddenly ran away." explained Acchan.
"That's something you don't see everyday!" chuckled Mariko.
"So what happened after?" asked Tomochin as she feed her girlfriend beside her.
"It turned out it was Takahashi Minami."
The three girls's jaw drop.
"No way!" said Mariko surprised.
"Yes way." grinned Acchan and took a big chomp of her food,
"Wait, does that mean she goes there most of the time since I heard that during lunch time she disappears." said Mariko as she chewed her food.
"I don't know, but she was there."
"Well, what happened then?"
"Uh...nothing really."
"Eh, nothing? majide, you just met the most popular 'girl' in school well, you're one of the most popular too but you get my point." Tomochin and Tomo nodded, agreeing in what Mariko said.
"You should talk to her next time." grinned Mariko imagining what or rather how their relationship will go.
"I'm sure it'll be know the two people that is  popular is...friends or something like that."
"Maybe." smiled Acchan and stood up from her chair and headed out to the door.
"Where are you going?" asked Tomochin.
"Just going to buy a drink."

Takamina upon arriving where her friends sat, she greeted Yuko a nd Haruna before turning her attention to  Miichan, "Great timing you got there."
"Huh? What?"
" should I start." said Takamina as she rub her chin, thinking about it, "Ok...when you texted just interrupted a confession b-" Miichan cut her off, "Oh my gawd! A confession? Who confessed to you?" said the excited girl a glint in her eyes.
"It's not about me, baka...let me finish... will you." sighed the short girl.
"...anyways there was this guy confessing to this girl and I w-" Miichan interrupted the girl again,"Eh it wasn't for you...ah..." Takamina glared at her friend before continuing, " there was this guy confessing to this girl and YOU..." she looked at Miichan, who just grinned, "...interrupted it when you sent me a message." Yuko and Miichan laughed.
"What's so funny?" said Takamina as she raised her eyebrows at the two.
"Well isn't it fu-*laughs* -funny, confessing to someone then gets *laughs* interrupted! It takes courage to confess you know." answered Yuko, still laughing. Miichan who was also laughing agreed and gave a high five to Yuko."
"That must have been embarrassing for him...poor guy!" said Miichan seriously, trying her best not to laugh.
"Don't you two have any pity or something." sighed Takamina.
"" they both answered in unison. Kojiharu just sat there beside her girlfriend totally not impress but what can she do, that's Yuko.
"Oh uh so yeah what was so important?" asked Takamina as she took a sit beside Miichan.
"Oh, uh...what was I going to say...crap! I forgot! It's because when you came in you talked about that." groaned Miichan.
"Great." sighed Takamina and took Miichan's unopened drink and drank it.
"Hey! That's mine !" pouted Miichan as she tried to get it back.
Takamina just stuck her tongue out and grinned.
"So who was the girl?" asked Kojiharu.
"Hmm...I'm not sure but I never saw in our class...I don't really kn- ...wait, that's her!" said Takamina as she pointed at the girl who was waiting in line.
"Doko?" said Miichan and Yuko in unison.
"Isn't that Maeda Atsuko?" said Kojiharu as she look at the girl where Takamina is pointing at.
"Maeda Atsuko?" said Takamina tilting her head in question, not really knowing who the girl is. Kojiharu's jaw dropped, can't believe that her friend doesn't know Maeda Atsuko. She took a deep breath and sighed, "Maeda Atsuko a popular girl like you." pointed Kojiharu at the short girl, "...but popular among the guys and she's popular because she's a role model, beautiful, graceful and really intelligent...unlike someone." grinned the girl. Takamina was about to protest but Kojiharu cut her off and continued explaining "...Wait, there's more! Even though she's in high school, the girl has appeared in some dramas and movies so basically she's an actress." Yuko and Miichan who heard this look at the short girl and attacked her, well rather than attack her both girls shook Takamina back and forth telling her how lucky she was. Takamina glared at her two friends, "If you don't'll regret it."
As soon as those words were spoken, Yuko and Miichan gulped then stopped, backing away from the short girl.
"Well, it's not really surprising that someone would confess to her." said Kojiharu, " what happened after that guy ran away?" Yuko and Miichan burst in to laughter.
"Seriously, a guy running away is so funny to you." sighed Takamina. Yuko and Miichan nodded, Takamina just sighed at  them.
"...Well after that guy ran away, I apologized to her again, since you know I feel bad for disturbing the confession moment...but really it was so awkward when the guy was confessing because if you're confessing you'll think that no one is watching or listening but there I was."
"Then what happened?"
"...She said it was ok since she was about to turn the guy down then she thanked me...kiss me on the cheek and left."
"Wait! Wait! Wait! Let's back track for a moment there...she kissed you!?" half-yelled Yuko and Miichan simultaneously.
"It was JUST  on the CHEEK, don't make a big deal out of it." said Takamina blushing but  then she touched her cheek where the actress kissed her. Yuko and Miichan ignored  what Takamina said and started squealing chanting, "Takamina got kissed!" The short  got embarrassed and blushed. Haruna just laughed at what was going in front of her, 'Maeda kissing Takamina and they just met...hmmm...interesting.' Even though it was only on the cheek, it seems like everyone is forgetting that it was only the cheek. Some of Takamina's 'fans' heard what Yuko and Miichan were saying and ambushed the two asking the the duo who kissed their beloved Takamina.
Miichan overwhelmed with all the girls swarming them blurted out shouting, "Maeda kissed Takamina!" Takamina's fans all stopped and the others in the lunch room stopped eating and looked at them shocked at what they just heard. Takamina blushed and gulped, she knew it would get crazy for her in a bad way but surprisingly it didn't. Instead, her 'fan club' squealed and jumped around as they saw the Takamiba blush, it was a rare sight for them to see her embarrassed and lose her 'cool' side.

Acchan who was just waiting for her juice watched as a lot of girls went over to where Takamina's friends were. She didn't know what was happening but where she is, the view seems funny. Suddenly she heard, "Maeda kissed Takamina!" she looked around the room and everyone was quiet for a few seconds then the girls surrounding  Miichan went crazy. 'What!?' she screamed in her head, she only caught a little glimpse of the short girl and saw her blushing, 'Is she blushing? Cute!' She turned around to get her drink and as soon as she turned back around the girls that were at Takamina's earlier are now advancing towards her. Acchan didn't know what to do, she told herself to run but her legs didn't move . She could only watch as they kept coming closer...and...closer. 'Is this the end of me?' thought Acchan and closed her eyes. The tall girl still didn't open her eyes and waited but after a few seconds of not hearing anything, she slowly opened her eyes and saw them all standing in front of her. Their faces were all serious, Acchan gulped not knowing what she would do or say. One of the girls took a step and bowed, the others did the same and shouted, "Please take care of 'our' Minami-sama!" Acchan was speechless. She heard some people shouted "Eh!?" but didn't knew who they were or couldn't really pay attention to them. The girl up front continued, "...We...'The Takahashi Minami fan club' totally approve of your relationship with 'our' Minami-sama. I guess Minami-sama is better off with you rather than a random stranger, so please take care of her...and...beside we rarely see her lose her 'cool' side and it's so cute when she does."  All of them bowed again and all of them waked  away simultaneously.
"But we're not even in a relationship." mumbled Acchan.

 Takamina, Miichan, Yuko and Kojiharu watched as Takamina's 'fan club' advance towards where Acchan is. "Umm...shouldn't we stop them?" said Takamkna worriedly. "Ooooh~ what's this? Worried about your girlfriend?" grinned Miichan.
The short girl blushed, "S-she's not my g-girlfriend! We only met today." The three giggled and pointed out, "You're blushing!" Takamina looked away from her friends, "No, I'm not! It's just hot today." Yuko smirked, "Hot? In what way do you mean?" Takamina punched Yuko on the arm making the other girl yelp in pain.
"Aren't we going to do anything?" asked Takamina one more time but didn't get any response instead all her friends were having fun watching what is happening. The short girl watch her 'fan club', she didn't know what they were going to do but she hoped it won't lead to anything. Hearing what they said, Takamina, Yuko and Miichan shouted,  "Eh!?"
Takamina looked at her friends, "Did I just hear that correctly?" Her friends nodded while they still watched. When her 'fan club' finished talking Yuko smirked, "Are you sure you two aren't in a relationship?"
"O-o-of course not!" denied Takamina quickly and looked at Acchan. Their eyes met, they held each others gazes, it got broken when Yuko started nudging Takamina and wiggled her eyebrows. Miichan whistled. Takamina looked at the two, "Do you want to get your death wish now?" Yuko and Miichan hurriedly backed away and went behind Kojiharu who just sighed. The short girl looked back to where Acchan is but when she did the girl was no long there.

Acchan returned to her classroom and found no one. She looked around for her friends but they weren't there. She went near the window and leaned against it. The girl looked outside and looked up at the sky. She sighed then flipped herself and now leaned back against the window. She took a deep breath and sighed again then took seat on a random chair near the window. Just then Takamina, Miichan, Yuko and Kojiharu entered. "Ah." was all Takamina and Accham  could say as they both saw each other. The other three were surprised to see the girl there and more importantly they got more surprised as she is sitting on where Takamina sits. Takamina stayed on where she is and asked, "ummm...why are you here?" The others quietly moved away from the short girl and headed to the corner to watch. Acchan looked at her strangely, "It's my classroom...what are YOU doing here?" Takamina scratched her head, "Same reason as you? This is MY classroom." Acchan stood up from her seat, "eh? No way." Miichan raised her hands, "Umm...actually your classroom is next door." Yuko and Kojiharu nodded. Acchan got embarrassed and quickly made her way out of the classroom, 'Oh crap...wrong class, I was thinking too much that I wasn't paying attention...this is so embarrassing.' They watched as the other girl quickly walked away from them. Miichan broke the silence, " Well that was weird." Yuko nodded. As for Takamina  didn't hear what Miichan said and instead she chucked remembering Acchan's face when the girl got embarrassed. Yuko poked the short girl, "Why are you chuckling to yourself."
"No, I wasn't." said Takamina and looked away as she made her way to her seat. Yuko grinned, "You're thinking about her aren't you?"
It was a good thing Takamina wasn't facing them since she blushed when Yuko mentioned her and if they saw her Yuko and Miichan would probably keep teasing her about it. She took her seat and looked out the window, "Yuko my friend, you think too much."
Just then she noticed something on the ground beside her seat, she picked it up. Miichan, Kojiharu and Yuko saw the object and quickly made their way to Takamina.
"What is it?" asked Miichan as she looked at the object.
"A key...obviously." answered Takamina bluntly.
"We'll that's not a house key since its like golden with some design in it." said Yuko in wonder.
"You think it's M-maeda's?"
Yuko, Kojiharu and Miichan smirked as they  heard Takamina stutter while saying Maeda. "Maybe." Takamina stood up from her seat, ready to go after Acchan but she couldn't since the bell just rang, ending the lunch hour.

Acchan went to her classroom, her real one and found Mariko, Tomochin and Tomo looking at her. She look back at them, "W-what?" 
"Oh...nothing." lied Tomochin, 'we just heard something interesting though.'
"Don't listen to her, the THREE of us want to ask you something." grinned Mariko.
"Uhh...ok...what is it?" said Acchan.
"We heard that you kissed Takahashi and that you two are going out." smirked Mariko.
"I was out for only a little while and you heard it that quick."
"Words travels fast... especially if it's about you two."
"Just to clear it up we are NOT going out and I DIDN'T kiss her." said Acchan then mumbled, " was only on the cheek."
"Oh...I see...that's disappointing." grinned Mariko, "...but you did kiss her though."
"What's disappointing? And it was only on the cheek! The cheek!"
"Disappointing is that you two aren't going out...duh~ and when did the kiss happen." smiled Mariko ignoring the fact that it was only on the cheek.
"I can't see that happening anyways and...why should I tell you."
"Do you really want to question it?"
"I kissed her JUST on the cheek...earlier, when we met like earlier...on the cheek...the cheek, want me to spell it out." frowned Acchan and mumbled, "Why is everyone making this a big deal."
Her thee friends just smiled as they heard what Acchan mumbled. Acchan took her seat and rested her head on her desk. Mariko, Tomochin and Tomo made their way to there seats also as the bell rang.

A few days passed since that incident and everything wasn't the same anymore, for the two that is.
During basketball practices, Takamina  wasn't entirely focused that their coach had to yell at her. Takamina apologizes and excused herself telling that she didn't feel good which was a lie. Her coach doubted it but let the short girl go.

As for Acchan it was the same. She sometimes forget what her line is supposed to be or say the wrong lines. The director senses the change of the actress. "Cut!" he yelled. Acchan apologized for her mistakes. The director said it was ok, telling her just to focus. The director gave her a few minutes for a break but Acchan didn't take it. She scolded herself, 'Focus! Stop thinking about...Minami.'

Takamina went to the changing room and changed in to her uniform. After changing she walked around the hallways before deciding to leave school. She sighed as she walk, she just walked, no destination in mind. The short girl's thought are filled with her...Maeda Atsuko. Ever since that day they never talk to each other.  The only communication that they could was when both girls meet in the hallway. Whenever they pass each other, their eyes would meet and that was about it. Her friends would encourage her to go talk to the other girl but she refuses. In truth however she did want to talk to the other girl but she didn't know what to say or do. "What am I supposed to do?" she asks herself but no answer comes out. When she's in her usual place during lunch time, she could only think of  and nothing else. She couldn't even get in to her manga. The girl even bought all of the drama and movies that Acchan appeared in and watched every single thing. She liked them all but there was one thing that she didn't like and that was watching... Acchan kiss some other guy. She felt jealous, that watching them kiss...the girl wanted to rip the guy's head off. She knew it was only acting but just watching Acchan kiss somone bothered her. She sighed again and looked around the place where her feet had gotten her in to. The short girl got surprised since it was in front of where Acchan works. "Eh? Majide!? Here of all places." said the short girl as she did a face palm, "I better leave quickly...maybe she'll be out soon." She turned around and was about to walk away when a certain girl saw her and called out, "Minami!"

Acchan bid her goodbyes to the others. They finally finished filming today's scene. The crew asked her if she wanted to go have dinner with them but she kindly refused. She was tired, besides she has to go to the grocery store to get ingredients. The tall girl pressed the elevator button and waited. While she waited, the thought of Takamina suddenly pops in. She shook her head as she heard the elevator 'ding' and went in. She walked out of the elevator and quickly walked over to where the doors are. Acchan smiled at the doorman as he held out the door for her. As she stepped out of the big building, she saw a small figure ahead, 'Is that who I think it is?' She stepped closer and saw the figure clearly and she was right it was Takamina. "Minami!" called out Acchan, she surprised herself, 'Why did I call out her name like that.' by calling the other girl by her name. Takamina turned around and saw Acchan. Acchan didn't expect to see Takamina and the two just looking at each other created an awkward atmosphere. A few seconds later Acchan cleared her throat, breaking the awkward silence and said, "Surprise seeing you here Takahahsi-san. Do you need something?"
"I surprised myself too..." mumbled Takamina then said, "I...I want to talk to you."
"If you don't mind, do you want to talk while waking? I need to hurry and go to the grocery store." said Acchan and continued walking.  Takamina smiled and nodded, "It's fine."

The two walked in silence for a while, they didn't know what they should really talk about first. Both girls talked in unison, "ano...." they look at each other then said again (same time) , "You go first." They laughed at each other for a while them after a few seconds the laughter finally subsided. Acchan looked at Takamina, "You should go first."
Takamina put her hands behind her head and looked up at the sky, "To be honest I actually don't know what to say."
"I guess we're on the same boat huh." smiled Acchan.
"You mean..."
"Yeah, I don't what to to tell you either."
"I see."
The conversation died and it was utterly silent again. Takamina tried her best to think of something to say, 'c'mon think of something! You're finally talking to her well not really but she's here beside me...argh! Think Takamina, this will get really awkward!' 
"Say..." said Acchan. Takamina stopped arguing with herself and looked at the tall girl beside her.
" you mind if you accompany me a bit?"
"N-n-no not all! I don't m-mind."  said Takamina, 'Why the hell am I stuttering.'
"Great!" smiled Acchan then pulled the short girl with her in to the grocery store.

In the grocery store, Takamina accompanied Acchan with her grocery shopping. Takamina watched the tall girl as Acchan hummed while picking up the vegetables. The tall girl put the vegetables in the cart then continued to look for other ingredients. Takamina just followed her with the cart and sighed, 'Why did I agree to this again? Oh yeah that's right she looked so damn cute when she asked me and I couldn't refuse her.' After they finished, Takamina carried most of the grocery with her and followed Acchan to their house. Takamina was surprised when she saw the other girls's house. It was in  the size of a mansion. They were greeted by the butler and maids as they entered the house. Takamina was confuse on why they needed to buy groceries since the other girl lives in a luxury. A maid greeted Takamina then  retrieve the groceries that she carried. After that another maid accompanied her to the guest room. She looked at Acchan in question but Acchan just smiled.

Takamina took a seat on the couch and looked around the place, she wasn't sure on what to do and just sat still. After a few minutes a maid came in with a tray in hand, she set two cups on the coffee table and poured a tea in Takamina's cup. Along with the tea she put cookies on the table then left. Takamina waited and watched the maid go. After that she finally touched her cup of tea and took a sip. "I never expected her to have a huge house like this." mumbled Takamina as she picked up a cookie and took a bite, "mmm...good!"
"I'm glad you like it." said Acchan appearing out of nowhere startling Takamina. Takamina turned around and looked at Acchan, "M-Maeda-san you scared me there for a bit, suddenly appearing." then sighed.
"Sorry to startle you and please call me by my name, it's strange when people call me by my last name." smiled Acchan and went to take a seat across Takamina pouring herself tea. The short girl nodded and smiled, "Then... in exchange... call me by my name too." Acchan nodded and smiled happily.
"So, ummm...why did we need to get groceries if you live in this kind of house...not to be rude or anything but I'm just curious." asked Takamina embarrassed at her own question.
"That's ok and well to put it simply I just wanted to experience grocery shopping." answered Acchan honestly.
"Oh." was all Takamina could say then started...laughing.
"Eh? What's so funny?" asked Acchan confused as she saw the girl  laughing.
"I'm sorry for laughing but somehow I just found that funny."
"You're strange."
"Eh, s-strange?"
"How so?"
"You just are." giggled Acchan then it was her turn to laugh. Takamina somehow didn't like being called "strange" but coming from Acchan it didn't bother her and just laughed along with her.

Tomochin and Tomo listened to the two talk outside the door. The two decided to stop by Acchan's house and hangout but when they came the maids told them that she is with a guest. Tomochin and Tomo were confused, they knew Mariko wasn't here since she said that she's busy. The maid offered the two to guide them to where they were but Tomochin said it was ok since she knew where it was. The maid then nodded and left.
"Who could be here?" asked Tomochin to no one in particular.
Tomo just shrugged, also wondering who could it be. They quickly made their way to the guest room. Upon arriving they could hear people talking. Tomochin quietly went to the door and listened, 'Well that's Acchan's voice for sure but the other one...hmmm...I don't know but it's a female...I wonder who's she talking to.' The curious girl slowly opened the door just a tiny bit so she could peek. Tomo looked at her girlfriend with a 'seriously?' look.
"What? Aren't you curious also." whispered Tomochin and peeked through the small opening of the door. She gasp as she saw that Acchan is talking to Takamina.
"What? What did you see?" whispered Tomo but Tomochin just motioned her to come, "Look for your self." Tomo sighed and went beside her girlfriend and peeked, curious on  what made the other girl gasp.
"Uso! Majide!?" said Tomo as she saw Takamina. The two watched some more and got surprise when the two suddenly started laughing. They shut the door and backed up from it then looked at each other.
"I thought they said that you know they weren't even friends but seeing them acting casual around each other is making me doubtful." said Tomochin. Tomo nodded in agreement.
"Too bad Mariko missed this, she could've probably made something out of this." grinned Tomochin thinking of the possibilities.
Tomo laughed and so did Tomochin.

Acchan stopped laughing, she thought she heard someone else laughing besides her and Takamina.
She stood up and slowly approach the door. Takamina also stopped laughing and looked at the taller girl with a confuse face. Acchan brought her index finger to her lips shhh-ing. Takamina nodded and just watched what the other girl is going to do. As she got closer she could hear someone laughing, she frowned upon having the thoughts of who could it be.  Arriving at the door Acchan gripped the door handle and opened it quickly shouting, "Hah!"

Tomochin and Tomo suddenly jumped surprised with the sudden outburst. They looked at Acchan who was just staring at them.
"Oh, hey Acchan we just thought we could visit to hang out but it seems that you have another guest, maybe we should come back next time." said Tomochin and grabbed Tomo's hands saying to her, "C'mon we should go...let's go on a date instead."
Before Acchan could say anything, the couple quickly walked away. Acchan just sighed, closed the door then went back to her seat.
"What was that?" asked Takamina.
"It was Tomochin and Tomo, they say they came to hang out but then changed their mind and left to go on"
"Oh, did I ruin your plans?" asked Takamina feeling bad that she intruded.
"Oh, no, no, no. You didn't do anything wrong, they just showed up unannounced besides I'm the one who drag you here." smiled Acchan, "...You know what, you should stay for dinner! It'll be fun."
"Eh, what, I can't possibly intrude...I'll be just a stranger to your parents."
"No you won't they're not here anyways." said Acchan sadly but hid it and smiled at the short girl, "C'mon...please? It's a thank you for carrying most of the groceries for me."
"If you put it that way...then I guess...I could." saidTakamina but in truth when Acchan told her that her parents will not be there, she sensed the sadness of the other girl and she knew the feeling.
"Great! Dinner will be in a few minutes." smiled Acchan.
" said earlier that your parents won't be here what do you mean?" asked Takamina since curiously took over her.
"Oh, sorry, you don't have to answer's fine." apologized the short girl, now she felt bad bringing that topic up, 'Bakamina.'
"No it's ok. My parents are working all the time." sighed Acchan and looked out the window, "...they're always working as long as I could remember...even when I was kid...they always  worked and worked...not having any time to spend with me. I asked when I was little why they keep working and they just told me 'so that we could have a good life', back then I just nodded at their answer but not  that I think about it...we got enough.  That's why I'm doing all the stuff that I'm doing now so they will notice me...but so far they never noticed not even a single clarification like 'I'm proud of you' or something like that." smiled Acchan sadly. The tall girl was surprised when she suddenly felt a pair of arms wrapped around her.
"I'm sorry to hear that." whispered Takamina and still embraced the other girl. Acchan hugged her back and clenched Takamina's shirt as she began to cry.
"It's ok to cry...let it all out." said Takamina as she patted Acchan's back gently. Acchan did indeed let it all out and cried on the shoulders of Takamina. After a few minutes, she finally calmed down and releaed her grip from Takamina's shirt then looked at the short girl, "Thank you."
Takamina smiled at her, "No problem." Seeing that there were still tears that was flowing, she gently wiped away the tears and whispered, "I admire your strength, for such a beautiful girl like really are strong."  Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the short girl say that. Acchan blushed, well she started blushing when the girl suddenly wiped her tears away. The tall girl noticing their closeness (physically) to each other and made her heart beat faster. Takamina looked at her in confusion asking herself why Acchan's face is red, thinking about it she got the answer as she noticed their distance. The short girl also blushed and got left speechless. Takamina's instinct is to move but if she does she's thinking  that the other girl would think that she's done something wrong and Takamina wouldn't want Acchan to think that.
"Onee-chan!" shouted her little sister as she barged in, "...dinner!" Her eyes winded as she saw her sister and quickly shouted, "Ah, gomen nasai! I forgot to knock! Sorry for umm..disturbing you two...please go on ahead on whatever you two are doing." as she walked away instantly out of the room. To be precise when she walked in she saw them looking at each other and they were also sitting quite close that there was an atmosphere.  Both girls blushed crazy that it seemed like there were steams that came out from their faces when they heard what Acchan's  sister said. Acchan stood up and shouted, "Wait! stop!" to her little sister but her sister didn't stop and dashed out the room. Acchan looked at the short girl and couldn't meet the other girl's eyes when she talked but she still stuttered, "I-I guess w-we better g-go." Takamina who couldn't do the same nodded and followed closely behind Acchan as they go to the dining hall.

"You can seat wherever you want." said Acchan shyly and went to take a seat. Takamina nodded and sat across Acchan. Acchan's sister watched the two, it was amusing for her since she never saw this kind of 'scene' before. While they waited for their food to be served, Acchan's sister cleared her throat, *ahem*ahem*. Acchan took notice if her sister and remembered she should introduce Takamina to her, "Takamina this is my sister Jurina. Jurina my friend Takamina." Takamina snapped out from her embarrassed  state and  smiled at the younger girl, "Hey, I'm Takahashi can call me Takamina, nice to meet you." Jurina did the same and returned the greeting, "Nice to meet you too, I'm Jurina...Atsuko-oneechan's younger sister." As soon as they finished with all of the introduction, the maids served the foods on the table. Takamina's stomach grumbled when she saw the food, making the two other girl laugh. She blushed, embarrassed that her stomach just did that, "Sorry about that...I guess I'm hungry."
Acchan smiled, the awkwardness finally disappearing, "Eat as much as you like."
"I'll just do that." grinned the short girl.

After they were finished eating, Takamina offered to help with the dishes, the maids laughed and thanked her saying it was ok she didn't have to since she was a guest. Takamina nodded. Acchan who watched giggled. The short girl looked at the laughing girl and raised her eyebrows, "What's so funny?"
"You're just interesting." smiled Acchan. Jurina watched with interest, she was amazed on how the midget could affect her sister so much. Her sister wasn't usually like this, she likes her sister like this, well it's not like she hates it when her sister doesn't act like this...anyhow she just likes her sister both ways,  whichever 'mode' she is in. Jurina turned to Takamina and asked, "So... Takamina-oneechan I hear that you're in a relationship with my sister."
"Eh!? 'Oneechan'!?" shouted both Takamina and Acchan as they look at the younger girl.
"What? You're in a relationship with my sister so it's a given that I call you 'onnechan'." smiled Jurina innocently.
"We're not in a relationship." said Takamina and Acchan in unison.
"Eh? You're not? Boooo...that's a two look good together."
"Anyways where did you hear that from?" asked Acchan ignoring her little sister's comment but she did feel happy...somehow..
"What? it's a popular topic at school, even though we're  first years, we also know whats going on and people in my class idolize you two~" grinned the younger girl.

The three girls talked for about an hour.
"Uh...I'd like to stay more but my parents are probably wondering where I am." said Takamina.
"Ah, I see." said Acchan, she liked the company of the short girl but she couldn't be selfish and ask her to stay at least a few more minutes.
"We can drive you if you want, I'm sure Sebastian won't mind." offered Jurina.
"No, that's ok, I want to walk but thanks for the offer though."
"I'll walk you out the door then." said Acchan, "...Oh, someone will bring you your bag."
"Im coming too!" said Jurina and went beside her sister. Takamina nodded and the trio headed to the front door. When they arrived at the front door, a maid stood near the door carrying her school bag. Takamina retrieved it and said 'thank you'. She earned a smile and a 'your welcome' then the maid left to do her other duties. The short girl face the two sisters, "Thank you for the lovely meal."
"Thanks for the company also even though I drag you here." smiled Acchan.
"I'm glad I came, so umm...see you at school? And nice meeting you Jurina, see ya." said Takamina then stepped towards Acchan and gave a kiss on her cheek and shouted as she ran, "Payback for the last time!" The short girl ran away as soon as she did that, a blush on her face and the last thing she heard was Jurina 'ooooooowing'.

Acchan blushed, it took her a few seconds to analyze just what happened. Hearing her sister 'ooowing' she hit her on the shoulder lightly. Jurina just laughed, it was a good thing she decided to come along with the two, if she didn't she couldn't have seen this. The younger girl turned towards her sister and grinned brightly, "Payback~ ooooo~"

"Tadaima!" shouted Takamina as she entered their house.
"Okaeri." said her mom, "Minami, where were you?"
"Oh, I was at a friend's house and I ate dinner there so you don't have to worry about it." said Takamina as she quickly headed to her room. She flopped on her bed, still thinking about what she did.

Next day~ (at school)

"Yo! Takamina! What's new~?" asked Yuko as she sat on the chair in front of Takamina.
"Ummm...nothing?" answered Takamina as she leaned back against her chair.
"That's not what I hear." smirked Yuko.
"It's no fun telling you, find out on your own." grinned Yuko and got up from seat when she saw her girlfriend come in, leaving Takamina to think about what her friend said. When she saw Miichan enter the classroom, the short girl called the other girl over, "Miichan!~ c'mere, I have a question."
"Yeah, I'm coming, I sit behind you." replied the tall girl. Taking a seat she poked the girl on the back and asked, "So, yeah what's up?" Takamina turned her seat around to talk to the girl, "Did something happen recently, that I don't know about?"
"Hmmm...oh yeah! When I was passing on the hallways I heard that y-" Yuko interrupted the girl and yelled to her, "Miichan come here for a second, I want to tell you something!"
"What? Can't it wait, I'm telling the midget here something important that I heard just a few minutes ago."
"No it can't wait, come here!"
"Fiiiine." said Miichan and went over to Yuko, leaving Takamina frowning.

"What is it?" asked Miichan as she approach the girl.
"Don't tell Takamina."
"What do you mean...don't tell her?"
"Let her figure it out, I promise it'll be fun~" grinned the short girl.
"*sigh* ok~ I want to see the fun~" smiled Miichan. Yuko grinned and gave a thumbs up to Takamina who is looking at them. Miichan returned back to her desk.
"So what were you going to say?" asked Takamina.
"Oh...what was it now? Hmmm...I can't seem to remember." said Miichan, putting her hands on her chin.
"You're not going to tell me are you.".
"Got that right!" grinned Miichan.
"Argh, is this what Yuko told you to do?"
Takamina rolled her eyes and turned her chair back around as her teacher entered the classroom.

"Class quiet down, I have an announcement to make." said the teacher trying to get the students to pay attention. The students ceased their talking and looked at the teacher wondering what his announcement will be.
"So, today in P.E. you will be with other class." informed the teacher.
"Ok." said the whole class who were actually expecting it would be something interesting  but it wasn't really.
'Thats his announcement? Nothing really special.' thought Takamina, forgetting about a certain someone that is in the other class. 
'Oh, the next class? This will be interesting.' thought Miichan as she did a back flip pencil trick. Yuko looked at Takamina, 'She's really not showing any emotion and I thought she would be since Maeda is there...hmmm...but well this will be certainly something interesting to see.'
"What are you grinning about?" whispered Kojiharu to her girlfriend.
"You." replied Yuko and gave the girl a wink.

Acchan, Mariko,  Tomochin and Tomo sat together. During their conversation, it suddenly went about Accan and Takamina.
"Mariko you missed something awesome last night." smiled Tomochin and winked at Acchan.
"Which is?"
"A certain someone was in Acchan's house last night."
"No way!" said Mariko and grinned, already knowing who that 'certain somone' is, well actually there's the rumour that is travelling all around already.
"Yeah! We saw them. If you were there it was so sweet."
"*ahem* ummm...guys...I'm here you know...I'm here." interrupted Acchan and waved.
"Ok then, what happened between you two then?" asked Mariko.
"N-n-nothing." answered Acchan looking away.
"It doesn't seem like it."
"Seriously nothing specially."
"As if, c'mon tell us what happened or else I will keep bothering you with this question."
"We talked, ate dinner, talked, then she left. Satisfied?"
"Somehow, I'm feeling something happened." said Mariko still believing that SOMETHING did happened.
"That was it, I'm telling you the truth."
"Hontou?" said Mariko, still doubtful. Acchan nodded. The tall girl gave up and left Acchan alone, deciding to change the topic again, "I hear... today during P.E. we'll be with the other class."
"Ugh, P.E." grumbled Acchan. The girl hated P.E. since she wasn't really the athletic type.
"What are you grumbling about? Don't you see..." smiled Mariko.
"Don't I s-- oh." said Atsuko.
"You'll be with your beloved Takamina~" teased Mariko. The TomoTomo couple just chanted, ''oooooo~"
"Oh shut up guys, seriously nothing between us."

During P.E.
"Aren't you excited?" said Miichan as she put her arms around Takamina's shoulder.
"Ummm, not really? Why would I be?" said Takamina in a bored tone.
Miichan gasped intentionally, "no waaaaay."
"I can't believe that you're taking this so lightly."
"...And there I thought you would be 'affected'"
"What are you talking about?" said Takamina looking at Miichan as she opened the door to the girl's changing room. Miichan just smiled as she saw Acchan there and whispered to the girl, "Look~" Takamina turned her head and saw...Acchan...topless. She blushed, 'I totally forgot about this.' Takamina slowly made her way in, trying not to look at the shirtless Acchan. Miichan beside her just smirked and kept nudging the short girl. Takamina just ignored her friend but she was on the edge of smacking her friend right on the head.

Takamina and Miichan went to there usual spot and changed. Takamina somehow felt shy, 'argh! Why the hell am I hesitating to remove my uniform!?'
"Takamina, you're still not changed, usually you're the first one to go." smirked Miichan.
"Shut it." said Takamina.
"Well, I'm going ahead,I'll see you outside~"

Takamina finally changed, she was able to so because Acchan left shortly after Miichan went ahead. She heaved a sigh, "What's wrong with me?" The small girl then made her way out to the gym and stood beside Miichan, Yuko and Kojiharu.
"Ok, all here? So today we'll be running doing some activities but before all of that we're going out to the track to run three laps." informed their teacher. Some of the students groaned at the mention of running.
"The quicker you start, the quicker we can go ahead and do our activity." half-shouted their teacher. The students quickly made their way outside to the tracks and started running. The class ran in a cluster but Takamina was the only one a few feet ahead. She was used to running, in fact she didn't mind it. Running clears things out of her mind. After the second lap, someone tripped and fell making a commotion. Takamina stopped and turned around to  looked what was the noise all about. The class were all in a circle, seemed like they were surrounding somekne. The small girl made her way to the middle of the circle and then she saw...Acchan. Acchan sat there, her knee was scraped , blood appeared on her knee. When she was about to stand up she lost her balance and was about to fall down but Takamina by reflex quickly caught the girl in her arms, preventing the fall. She looked at the injured girl, "Are you ok?" The other girls squealed saying how cool that was. Acchan looked at her saviour and blushed, "A-arigatou." She then stood up and tried to walk but the pain took over and instead fell back down. Takamina then lifted the girl up in a bridal style.
"Eh!?" said Acchan in surprise.
"You can't walk, let me carry you." smiled Takamina and looked at the girl in her arms. Acchan nodded, it seemed that she can't argue with this one and so she put her arms around Takamina's neck. Now it was Takamina's turn to blush, she didn't expect that Acchan would do that.  She then looked at her teacher, "I'll bring her to the infirmary." and she started walking. That action made the girls squeal louder than the first. Takamina and Acchan's friends covered their ears and watched the two leave the track.
Miichan grinned, "That was princely of Takamina, no wonder these girls are screaming like crazy." Yuko and Haruna nodded in agreement.
"That's something you don't see everyday." smiled Mariko and looked at her phone. The great Mariko-sama caught...everything. As for Tomochin she took a couple of photos.

 Takamina looked around the infirmary for an alcohol and a gauze. When they arrived the nurse wasn't there so Takamina needs to take care of it. Finding where the items are, she went over to where Acchan's sat down. Takamina sat down beside Acchan, applying the alcohol on the gauze and slowly dab it on the injury. Acchan flinched at the contact of the alcohol.
"Ah, sorry." apologized Takamina, "...just a few more then it'll be good." Acchan nodded. After a few dabs, Takamina put a new gauze on the scared knee. She smiled, "There, all done!"
"Thanks." said Acchan shyly. Then the two realized their position. The two sat on the bed, facing each other, their bodies only a few inches apart. The room was completely quiet. Acchan slowly leaned towards Takamina, her eyes looking deeply into his. Then it happened, Acchan is kissing Takamina, her eyes closed. Takamina was petrified but then she relaxed. She closed her eyes and responded to the kiss. The kiss was nice and sweet. They slowly leaned back on the bed, both still kissing each other. Acchan put her hands on Takamina's back. She could smell the smaller girl's perfume.
Suddenly the small girl noticed what they were doing and pulled away. Both girls were breathing hard from the lack of oxygen. Takamina looked at the girl, "S-sorry!" and stood up, planning on leaving but when she did a pair of hands grab her waist, "Don't leave...please." She stopped on her tracks, how could she say no to that. 'That was cute.' thought Takamina.
"Minami...d-d-daisuki!" confessed Acchan, her face red that it can almost explode. She then released her grip on the small girl. Takamina slowly turned around and met the eyes of the blushing girl. She smiled inside, her heart pounding and could feel the butterflies in her stomach. The small girl cupped Acchan's chin and flashed a smile. This time it was her turn, and so Takamina initiated the kiss. The kiss this time is totally different from their first kiss that they just did a while ago, this second kiss is more passionate, deeper and possessive. They pulled back, rested their forehead against each other and looked at each other eyes...smiling.
"That was my answer." whispered Takamina, "...I never really notice but I slowly fell in love with you ever since that day... in that short time."
"Same here, I couldn't stop thinking about you." smiled Acchan, the two were still looking at each other. Remembering something Takamina remembered that key that she found on that day and took it out of her pocket. Ever since she found it, she carried it with her all the time. When she went to Acchan's house she forgot all about it. She showed the key to the tall girl, "Is this yours? I found it near my desk that day."
"You found it! Yeah, that is mine, it was something given to me by my mother." Takamina took a hold of Acchan's hand and gave the object to her, placing they key on Acchan's palm.  Suddenly the two heard a noise outside. Takamina frowned and stood up, making her way to the door.  When she opened the door she saw Miichan and Yuko who was crouching as they slowly walked away. 
"Chotto matte!" said Takamina and grab the back of their shirts. Yuko and Miichan struggled to get free but Takamina held them with no problem.
Yuko looked at Miichan, "I didn't know she was this strong."
"It mud have been with all that training." answered back Miichan.
"What. Did. You. Two. See?" said Takamina. Yuko and Miichan gulped, feeling the aura of the other girl. The two turn around and looked at the small girl.
"We saw nothing!" said Yuko gulping but it was followed by Miichan who stumbled with her words, "I-i-it's n-not like w-w-we s-saw e-everything that h-happened." Yuko looked at Miichan in disbelief, "Baka!"
"Is. That. So." grinned Takamina evilly. The small girl was about to do something but Acchan showed up, saving the two other girls. Takamina noticed Acchan and let go of the two, her attention to her 'girlfriend' (well they haven't clarified it yet but she's assuming they are).
"Are you sure you're ok?" asked Takamina worriedly.
"It's just on the knee silly, I'm fine." reassured Acchan. Miichan and Yuko sighed, glad that they're safe but they knew it wouldn't be long until Takamina would do something. They took this opportunity leave.
"So what was happening?" asked Acchan.
"Yuko and Miichan were here." answered the small girl and turned around to where the two were but they were gone.
"Oh you mean those two?" said Acchan pointing a few meter ahead of them. Yuko and Miichan stopped just to see and when they did, the two met Takamina's eyes. They bolted.


It's a weekend and the couple decided to go have a picnic. Takamina  just knew the right place so the two sat on the hill, under a big tree. The small girl laid down on the mat, her head rested on the lap of the taller girl. Acchan took something out of her pocket and asked Takamina to sit up but she should close her eyes. Takamina nodded and happily did what her girlfriend instructed.
"Open your eyes." Takamina opened her eyes and saw what Acchan was holding. She looked at Acchan in question.
"I'm giving this to you because you're the one that opened my heart."  smiled Acchan and put the necklace on Takamina's  neck. Takamina looked at the object that clung on her neck,  she smiled. Takamina got a hold of the girl, pulling Acchan close to her and whispered, "I love you..." before pressing her lips against Acchan's soft lips.
The End~

Well how was it? comments would be nice... :hee: I was actually rushing with the end...and so I just ended it like that.  :on lol: You know what that "object"  is right?  :whistle:
I don't know when I can post a One-shot again since I don't have any ideas yet..I hope it'll come...hahaha but check out my other "work" if you haven't seen it... ahahaha... :mon sweat:
Well...'till next time! Ja ne~  :byebye: :byebye: :byebye:
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A key necklace. To open Acchan heart. Wohoo. So sweet their moment.
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OMG!!! You made my day!!! It was so cute and funny!!!!
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Great drama OS there...

About school students... very simple romantic story...

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more atsumina OS

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 My favorite part
"Instead, her 'fan club' squealed and jumped around as they saw the Takamiba blush, it was a rare sight for them to see her embarrassed and lose her 'cool' side."

I want to change this for "Instead, her fan club made another one "Atsumina fan club" since that day..."
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I'll start my comment on the story "Misunderstanding"...

Ouhhhh!! Can't believe that Acchan is a rival of Takamina for 5 years [i don't know,to lazy to read it again...XD]
 :O :O :( :cry: XD XD <---i put the XD cuz' its interesting to see them fighting!!

~Man...Takamina is the best, she did know how to shut girl up!!!~ Love it!!
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~Ouhh!!!Kissing in front of the crowd make me Doki-Doki all of the sudden!!XXDD
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"Birthday Present"....

Darghhhh!!! Why is Takamina being so romanitc!!! Its make my heart beat!!!
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~Ouh...The best birthday present be by her side...kyaaa!!
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~Lo-Love it...............(nothing to say)
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"It All Started With A Confession"....


~Sorry..i don't know how to express my feelings on this one...
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~It's's just to romantic!!! Can't give a comment at all...
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~Please..more AtsuMina!! Can't wait for the next one (is there any?
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I Am Speechless......

Your One Shots are so....


The Kissing Scene was just so...

:luvluv1: :luvluv1:

even the People around them is Supporting them... Atsumina!!!

*Birthday Present

Minami Proposed!!!
This so Romantic!!!!!
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*It All Started With A Confession

I Don't Know What To Say...
this seriously just Made My Cheeks hurt from smiling and grinning too much!!
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and The Infirmary Scene...
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First off that was an adventure in time and space :lol:

The overreaction of everyone and the two in denial was just classic as they seemed to just play along their line until they seemed to realize the effectsof that one action

Incredible job!!!!!!!
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OMG I dont know wht to say this is just .............

as always your OS ar the best

Please write more down your are so amazing
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omg my favorite was the 3rd oneshot
thanks so much for this
TT.TT im so happy
i love atsumina!!!!!
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I'm just speechless...I don't know what to say  :sweat: but I just have to say the ending was sweet! the whole story is~! :mon inluv: Acchan gave her the key right!? right!? kyaaa!! subarashi!  :mon lovelaff:
 ...and your OS too! I love 'em!  :mon thumb:
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Yo here!!! Me again!!!
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~I'm here to say "C-c-could you make another OS?? I'm lonely without your OS here...wuuwuwu"
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~That's all i wanna say..Thank you again for the great OS fanfic....Sugee~~!!!
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You write well, and your stories are very lighthearted and fun! Please write more - extra KojiYuu scenes would be nice ;)
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Sydney W: hahaha yup...what else could have been a better moment... than that... lol  XD
kahem: Lol, I really get that cute and funny a my OS really?  :D
cisda83: Yup~ I find it very simple when writing about school students but it's innocent so yah  :)
Haruko: hahahaha, change it to whatever you prefer  :P
Dieyg48: first comment: that method always work  :thumbsup second comment: Takamina is just is...  :twisted: and thanks~ third comment: LOL don't worry about it...I feel you...
7sam14: seems like some peeps are?  XD and yay thanks~  :thumbsup
kurosawa87:  It was?  XD hehehe thank you for reading  :)
Elo: lol thank you  :w00t:
nunku:  :twothumbs
Archer1992: well let's see if your mind will change after you read this 4th OS of mine?  8) LOL
DeadSouls: thanks insan~  :)
Dieyg48 (again): lol Yo, Well it took me almost a month writing this one..hehehe..I hope you'll like this  :thumbsup
sharlatan: arigatou~ Hmmm...I think it's  "lighthearted" cuz I'm not tainted yet... LOL  XD and since you asked for a Kojiyuu (and I'm a nice person LOL) I added's a short one but I hope it's ok  XD

THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS~!  thank you for reading this~ :kneelbow:

WELL I'm back! with another OS! :hehehe: lol, been working on this for almost a month now... but  I'm just glad I finally finished with this one *phew*  :sweat:
I thought I would be finish with this, like close to Acchan's b-day but I guess it was earlier than planned...  :on drink: This was supposed to be posted on her b-day but well...I have to share it LOL  :glasses:
like what I did on Takamina's b-day, this fiction can be Acchan's hahahaha not a b-day thing but oh well~  :ding: I don't think I can finish another OS on her b-day but hmm... I need to think...  :err:
Recently idk y but I suddenly got interested in vampires ...yesh..a die hard fan of been reading a lot of vampires books and yes including TWILIGHT  :on lol:
In the middle of writing... I've been searching for fan fictions that had vampires in them (pfft yuri all the way) was awesome...hahahaha made go crazy all over xD  :nya:
Oh yeah...I tried...I tried...writing xxx scene d-demo... I just c-couldn't T_T *sigh*  :on cloudeye: vulnerability...  :err:
As for my title...hah couldn't think of anything to put so I just put that....   :depressed: and it's supposed be The vampire & the vampire hunter but in that thing below it's the opposite cuz the way I placed them...   :sweat:
Oh yeah and just a note...I used some latin words just because... idk there vampires... and vampires lived way long... it'll be a glossary even though they should be at the end but naw...  :whistle:
angelus: angel
angelus meus: my angel
animae damnatae: tortured souls
firmus: strong
fratres: sisters
iudicium: judgemt
ocius: faster
sorores: sisters
vale meus amor: goodbye my love

( (

The Vampire & The Vampire Hunter

The woman ran through the forest, chasing after the vampire. Taking a throwing knife from her pouch, she threw it, hitting the vampire on the back. He turned around and snarled at the woman. The woman grinned and took her dual Heckler & Koch USP gun shooting at the vampire as he instantly lunge towards the woman. She dodged just in time and pressed the magazine catch, the empty magazines dropping on the ground as she put new ones. The woman started firing again and this time on the vampire's chest. The vampire suddenly dropped onto his knees...stunned. She took this opportunity to lit up a match and threw it on the body. The vampire's body rapidly caught on fire and in a few seconds turned into ash. She smiled to herself, satisfied with her performance, "Another job well done."
"I must agree." said an unknown voice.
The startled woman raised her gun up, whipped her head around and looked around to see where the voice was coming. She scanned the area but there were only trees that surrounded her, 'Tsk...the trees are in my way.' The woman gripped her firearms tightly and shouted, "Who are you!? Show yourself!"
The voice giggled, "I might see you soon." and what was said echoed through the whole forest. She shivered as she heard that proclamation.


The woman sighed, it was just another unsuccessful day to attempt to find the vampire. She walked over to the table and observed her weapons: a dual Heckler & Koch USP gun, a silver dagger, five pieces of double edged throwing knife, and a katana. Even though she doesn't use her katana that much, she always carried it since it's a family heirloom. She examined each weapon, checking if something was needed. Picking up the her guns, she grabbed a piece of clothing and started cleaning her weapons.  Being a professional vampire hunter for years, this assignment is the most difficult that she received so far.

She started as a vampire hunter when she was fourteen. The adults laughed at her, telling how she was too young to become a vampire hunter however when she demonstrated her skills...their jaw dropped, couldn't believe that such a young girl could display those amazing skills. The girl had a talent that was way more beyond than those vampire hunters that has been in the business for long but of course, she still isn't that strong like those top vampire hunters  however there was still much more improvement for her to grow even stronger. When she was asked, 'how did you learn to fight. The girl simply answered, 'It was my father who taught me.' and that's it...she wouldn't reveal anything else. As years passed, she learned new skills and became stronger and at the age of eighteen which is now, she was one of the top vampire hunter in the organization.
She was supposed to be one of the top hunters but now she couldn't even handle that single mission that was given to her.

She walked in their boss's office, knocking at the door, she was told to come in.
"Maeda was your mission?" asked their boss but of course he didn't have give her time to answer and kept talking, "I assume it went well, yes?" still didn't give her time to talk, "You're one of our best hunters so yes, your performance was probably...exemplary."
"Yes rather went smoothly." answered Atsuko and she was about to tell him about her encounter but didn't.
"Perfect! Well, I have another mission for you and this will be a top class mission." informed the boss and gave the girl a file. Atsuko took it and flipped through the pages, she looked at him, "Sir, you want me to kill a...pureblood vampire?"
"But aren't we in the agreement that we won't touch the purebloods unless they do something that is dangerous?"
"That's the point, this vampire needs to be eliminated."
Atsuko nodded and didn't want to push more questions since they shouldn't question the higher ups. She walked towards the door and her boss stopped her for a moment, "After this mission you can take break if you want...oh and if you meet this vampire be careful, she's one of the strongest purebloods. The vampire is also good at hiding so it may take a while until you find her. " Atsuko nodded and closed the door behind her.

Atsuko laughed to herself as she remembered what her boss said. She mumbled, "Hard to find huh... but not for long." She got her  weapon ready for tonight, putting them to their right places. Atsuko looked at the clock it was 1:00 pm. "Better take a nap for tonight." All satisfied she flopped on her bed and a few seconds later the girl drifted off to sleep.

She woke up and looked at her clock, it was 5:00 pm. Atsuko yawned as she got out of bed and went straight to take a shower. As the warm water  beat against her skin, she thought about the pureblood. It has been two while  days since she started to look around for her target but she could never find her...yet. Atsuko closed her eyes and thought about the photo that she saw that night, when her boss showed the files. She smiled to herself, "How can I miss such a vampire?" and for another five minutes she washed herself. Feeling refreshed, she turned the faucet off and stepped out of the shower, wrapping herself with a white towel. The woman walked in her bedroom and as she passed by the table, she noticed that she received a message. She smiled as she saw the content of the message, "Your vampire was last seen around Central City" Atsuko put down her phone and went to put on her clothes.

Atsuko drove to the Central City.  The time was only 7:30 pm. She touched her necklace which is a cross and closed her eyes for a little prayer. All finished, the girl got out of her car and went to find her target. She looked around the area and walked around. Some people started at her because of her weapons that she carried, it was a rare sight for them to see a vampire hunter. Vampires and vampire hunters are well known among the people, so if they see someone carrying weapons it's just natural for them not to react since they know the vampire hunters exist to protect the humanity from the 'devils'. There are three types of vampires, the lowest which is known as, "Class E" but there official name is, "Animae damnatae"Animae damnatae are vampires that are the most dangerous around humans. They could say vampires that failed to be a purebloods. All Class E started off as middle classes. They can choose: just to stay a middle class vampire or try to be a pureblood but most know that the chances of this happening is 30%. Class E are more aggressive,  crave for blood, couldn't care less what they do and can't think straight, it's like their conscience are gone.  Then there's the middle class which are more common. They are called Damphirs. The damphirs are made when a pureblood let a human drink their blood and when a pureblood drink a human blood. Also they can be an offspring of a vampire and a human. Lastly, there are the the top class, the...purebloods. Purebloods are vampire who are of course a real vampire meaning they came from two purebloods vampires who mated. Purebloods are the most superior amongst the vampire race. They have the features of the mundanes, however they are also far more superior than mundanes with their strength, agility and compulsion. Their senses way more improve than the normal. Purebloods also have this charm and attractiveness that every person will stare at them in awe. They also have another advantage, they could go out in the sun but their abilities will have a restriction.

Finally, she saw a woman that fit the description of the vampire. She started walking towards the vampire and quickened her pace as she got closer. However the vampire by coincidence or just by noticing suddenly disappeared. Well, she actually ran but in the human eyes it's like they instantly disappeared...poof. There's also an advantage of being a vampire hunter, of course they can't match equally with the vampires but it's not just about strength, it's also about able to think really quick and use what they can have as an advantage. Trained, Atsuko could see the vampire moving but just faintly since this is a pureblood she's facing. Having an idea where the vampire might be going, she didn't chase after the vampire.

Atsuko made her way to the forest. Then she remembered this is where she encountered someone well she didn't see her but she remembers well... she frowned. The hunter observed her surroundings and walked slowly. On spur of moment her back was now against a tree. She groaned at the forthwith impact of hitting the tree. 'What the hell was that?' she thought, remembering where she was, she snapped her eyes open and saw the vampire in front her. When she saw the vampire, she was surprised. The vampire was so much shorter than her. 'She can't be a vampire, purebloods have always a good physique, she's way too small to be a vampire but she has the attributes of a pureblood vampire. Pureblood resembles a mundane look but they are more pale and their eyes are are less dark red than the others...'
"Why did you follow me?" asked the vampire, both of her hands beside Atsuko's head. She wanted to speak but it felt like if she talks words won't come out. The pureblood let her eyes roam around Atsuko's body, 'She has a great figure, she's also beautiful...ah...what a waste...too bad...I can't let her escape can I?' The vampire chuckled to herself and unsheathed her fangs. Atsuko gulped as she saw the vampire sheathed her fangs, she knew she should move now but her body didn't obey her. She was petrified. The pureblood slowly moved her mouth to Atsuko's neck. 'Move!' commanded Atsuko to her body but it didn't. In truth the purebloods can command their prey however only stronger purebloods can do so. This is called compulsion, by using compulsion you can make any creature obey to your command. The vampire's fangs were now touching touching Atsuko's skin. Atsuko closed her eyes, 'I don't want to die yet!' she screamed in her mind, then the hunter regained her strength . She grabbed one of her guns and fired it, the bullet going in the vampire's body. The pureblood winced and pulled back. Originally normal bullets won't hurt them, they wouldn't feel it but it's different if the bullets were washed with holy water. It wouldn't make a major damage to them but holy water is enough to inflict damage. Atsuko was breathing hard, 'That was close.' Shaking her head, she raised her weapon and pointed it at the vampire. She fired her weapon but the vampire dodged them easily. The vampire closed the distance between them and threw a a powerful punch at the woman. However Atsuko blocked it with her weapon but Atsuko didn't expect that she would get kicked on her left side of the stomach. She flew and landed a few feet away from where they were. Atsuko groaned as she clutched where she was hit with her right hand. She tried to stand up but the pureblood stood over her. The vampire bent over and grabbed Atsuko by her collar, lifting her up on the air. Atsuko struggled but it was no use. She looked for her guns but it was on the ground a few feet away from them. The small vampire slammed the hunter on the ground. The impact was so hard that Atsuko was coughing out blood. She tried to move her body but it felt like her bones were broken, knowing there was no use trying to move, she just laid down and looked up at the dark sky. The girl saw the silhouette of the vampire, she couldn't see the vampire fully since the moon illuminated over the her making it hard to see but along with that silhouette, Atsuko could clearly see the vampire's eyes. She could see that the vampire stood over her, when she gaze at the vampire the only thing that stood out were the vampire's was light red. Then she hear the vampire say something,
"You shouldn't really mess with the purebloods...we all are beyond your leagues. I won't kill you...just because..." She didn't get to hear the vampire's full statement since darkness took over her.

•Four years later•

"Thank you for everything sensei." thanked Atsuko, bowing to her sensei and left the temple. She walked towards the gate, then she heard her name getting called. The woman turned around and saw Erena running towards her. Erana hugged Atsuko's legs since she was so small, she cried, "Atsuko-neechan... *sniff* do you *sniff* have to go? *sniff*" Atsuko smiled sadly and bent down so the little girl can see her eye to eye. The woman patted the kid's head, "I...yes..I have to go...I need to get back and continue my assignment. I have to continue hunting the vampires."
Erena wiped her tears away, "Will you kill the vampire."
"I...don't know." answered Atsuko truthfully.
"You won't be beaten right? You're the strongest vampire hunter that I know! You won't lose right?"
"I'll win." smiled Atsuko.
"When I grow up, I will become a vampire hunter also! I'll try to become as strong as you! So I can help you."
"You will? I'll be looking forward to that then."
She removed her necklace from her neck and gave it to the little girl, "Here, I'll let you keep it for a while and you can give this back to me when you become a great vampire hunter ok?"
 Erena nodded with determination, "I promise!" 
Atsuko smiled and hugged the small kid, "Thank you for helping me."
She stood back up and looked one last time at everything, she smiled.

Four years passed since that day, when she woke up she found herself in a temple. Thankfully she didn't receive any broken bones after that. She asked the monks why she was here and they told her that they found her at the bottom of the stairs. When she heard how she was found she frowned, how could she not be in the forest, she clearly remembers that she passed out there. She also thought that the vampire had possibly carried her but she didn't want to believe it but the proof that the pureblood didn't kill her is a strong possibility. When Atsuko regained all her strength, she was determined to train again and make herself more stronger. Coincidentally the head monk of the temple was a vampire hunter and one of the legendary vampire hunter. Atsuko begged him to teach her but the ex-hunter refused. However Atsuko didn't gave up and continued to keep asking the head monk. Then that's when the head monk changed his mind and decided to teach the girl. He saw determination in the girl's eyes thus changing his mind. Atsuko learned from the legendary vampire hunter and improved her skills. For three and a half years she spent her time training hoping that she will become stronger. Days, weeks, months and years passed and she improved in those time that the ex-hunter was really impressed. Atsuko even changed her weapon of choice. She now used two katanas as her primary weapon and her two guns became her secondary weapon. Her dagger and throwing knives were discarded.

As she entered their headquarters, everyone looked at her. It seemed like they just saw a ghost. Who wouldn't? After disappearing for four years and suddenly showing up, it's natural just to be bewildered. She smirked to herself but just ignored their stares. Making her way to their boss's room, she walked in and found him talking on the phone. When the boss turned around to see who it was, he dropped his phone and just looked at Atsuko in shock.
"W-w-what? H-h-how? I-is that y-you M-maeda?" He stammered. He bent down and picked his phone on the floor and said to the other called, "I'll call you back."
Atsuko didn't answer and went to sit on the seat in front of the boss's desk.
"We searched for you! High and low but we couldn't find you! After we couldn't find you...we thought you were..."
"Dead?" Atsuko laughed, "...that's why they looked like they've seen a ghost!"
"So what happened to you?"
"I got my ass kicked by that pureblood and well when I woke up I was in a temple somewhere,"
"Why didn't you call us?"
"I tried, I asked for phones but they didn't have it and it took a while until I regained all my strength. I decided to stay there and train to make myself stronger. Maybe it was just a coincidence but the one who trained me was one of the legendary vampire hunter. I didn't know what he was until the end of my training. I thought he was just a monk that knew how to fight but I guess I was wrong."
"Monk? I think I know who you're talking about...he's my best friend. I thought he died when he went to a mission but he's alive! I can't believe it! After all these years! That guy is still alive."
Atsuko just nodded.
"Well, I'm glad you're back. If you want you can take more time before doing any missions."
"No, I still want to go after her."
"You can't."
"Huh? Why not?"
"She's gone."
"What do you mean?"
"The vampire is dead."
"Oshima Yuko...your target is dead.
"H-how?" asked Atsuko her mind racing, 'How did she get killed? Who could've killed her? She was so strong, who could've beaten her? Does that mean some vampire hunter killed her?'
"Well...we're not certain if she did get killed but we can't find any trace of them."
"Yeah...after...we uh...couldn't find you. We sent in another hunter to go kill her instead. But this time the hunter should sacrifice herself no matter what, so they can get rid of that pureblood. I'm guessing that the hunter did what she was instructed to do."
"What was it that she was instructed to do?"
"Just say it."
"If the vampire did drink her blood, she would inject herself with these virus that would be unstable for the purebloods. The purebloods wouldn't be able to know what hit them since they can't tell the difference. Once they have it in their system, the virus will slowly take over their bodies and well that's it for them."
"Since when did we have this weapon?"
"Well it was created ten years ago however it was too risky for us so it was stored away."
"So why did you use it?"
"We didn't, the hunter insisted on using it, I don't even know why how she knew about it.
"What was her name?"
"Kojima Haruna."
"Wait sorry...can you repeat that again."
"The hunter name was Kojima Haruna."
Atsuko didn't say anything but she was processing what had happened, 'I heard Haruna before but where?'
"Are you ok?" asked her boss.
"Oh yeah. I was just thinking. So umm...can I get another mission then? It'll clear my mind off."
"Yes sure." said her boss and took out a folder from his desk, giving it to the woman. She took the folder and when she saw the picture of the woman her heart skipped a beat. 'Eh? What was that?'
"She's your next assignment, there's no killing involve here but instead I want you two observe then report. We still don't know if she would become a threat to us that's why I need you to spy on her."
"O-ok." stammered Atsuko only taking a second to look at her boss and returned to reading the vampire's information.
"We have a word that she would be attending a party tonight. I would like you to go to this party."
"How can I go? If it's all purebloods they would notice a human the moment I enter."
"It's not that kind of party, this vampire is going to a human party. This vampire is a huge part of this country's politics, so it's a party amongst government officials."
"A vampire in a politics? That's the first."
"Yes, this is indeed a rare case."
"So, why do I need to investigate this matter?"
"We have an insight that she may be planning on something inside the government that will endanger us. Also, you'll be on the guest list so you don't have to worry."
"Understood." nodded Atsuko and headed towards the door, the folder still in her hands.
"Yeah?" said Atsuko, turning around to look at her boss.
"Glad that you're back."
"Yeah, same." smiled Atsuko and left the room.

•That night•
Atsuko got out of her Lamborghini Aventador  and gave her keys to valet. The woman entered the big building. She surveyed the area, ' there must be at least fifty people here!' She looked around but the vampire wasn't there yet. The woman leaned against the pillar of the building, a wine of glass in her hand and watched people that came in. It wasn't long until the vampire came in. Atsuko wasn't looking when the vampire came in but when she lifted her head, she found herself face to face with the vampire. Atsuko blushed and dropped her wine glass however the vampire caught it.
"We can't make a mess here can we?" smiled the vampire, handing the glass back to Atsuko. Atsuko took it and when there hand touched Atsuko's heart fluttered, "T-t-thank you." Then something clicked in her mind, but she couldn't pin point what is it.
"Your welcome." grinned the vampire and extended her hand, "Takahashi Minami."
Atsuko took it and shook the vampire's hand. Vampires are always cold but distracted as she is Atsuko didn't notice. She smiled shyly, "Maeda Atsuko."
"Nice to meet you Maeda-san, sorry to be blunt but I don't think I've seen you here before."
"Umm...yes, I was invited here, name's in guest list."
"Oh yes, the guest list...silly me I forgot." laughed Minami, "Well, you must excuse me, I need to go say 'hi' to some people. They're probably expecting me. Nice meeting you Maeda-san." Minami smiled at her and kissed the back of Atsuko's hand. The woman's face turned red. Minami smirked to herself as she left the woman. Atsuko leaned against the pillar, put her hands on her heart and heaved a sigh, she mumbled, "Why was I nervous?" She drank her wine, making her nerves calm down a bit. As she drank her wine, she watched the pureblood. After an hour she was still in the same location, just observing Minami. Getting the feel to go sit, she made her way to a couch and sat. She leaned back on the couch and closed her eyes for a few seconds. When she opened it, the vampire is in front of her, startling her a bit.
"Sorry, if I scared you." apologized Minami.
"Ah,'s ok."
"Here." said Minami offering her wine of glass.
"Eh? Umm...I can't possibly take yours, I'll just go get mine."
"No, it's ok...I insist."
"If you say so." Then Atsuko took the glass of Minami. She put the glass on her lips and drank the red wine. On a spree, Atsuko asked for more and more forgetting that she was on a mission. The vampire was amused as she handed the wine to the woman, she has never seen anyone drink that much. Then after after Atsuko's sixth drink, she could feel the effect coming. The woman stood up and in the effort to walk she just wobbled.
"I think I need to go home now." giggled Atsuko making her way to the front door.
"Wait, you can't drive like that...I'll drive you home." said Minami and helped the woman on her feet. The vampire helped the hunter and made their way outside, Minami looked at the valet, "Where's her car?"
"Just a moment miss." answered the valet and went to fetch Atsuko's car. Minami whistled as she saw the woman's car, 'nice car.' The valet got out of the car and opened the passenger door. The vampire put the drunk woman in the passenger seat and closed the door. Minami thanked the valet and gave him a tip. The valet thanked Minami and went back to his position. The vampire went in the driver's seat and stepping on the gas, knowing where she was headed. Arriving at Atsuko's house she went out and took Atsuko out of the car. The woman was sleeping so she just carried the woman in a bridal position and walked towards the door. Atsuko stirred, feeling the coldness of Minami's arms on her skin. The vampire tried to see if the door was open and surprisingly it was.
"You should lock your door." said Minami to no one in particular. She went in the house and roam around the house checking to see where the bedroom is. Finding where it is, the vampire laid the sleeping woman on the bed. The vampire was about to leave but Atsuko grab a hold of the vampire's hand and pulled the vampire towards her. Minami fell beside Atsuko, Atsuko had her eyes open and she was smiling. She leaned in and kissed the vampire. The vampire's eyes were wide open, if her heart was beating, her heart would've probably been pounding. Minami also surprised herself when she kissed back. The vampire was now on top of the woman and could taste the red wine that Atsuko drank earlier. She could smell the woman's perfume,well when they met she could smell it pretty good since of her vampire sense but now huh at they're close to each other the scent of the woman is intoxicating. 
They pulled away, Atsuko gazed into the vampire's eyes. She whispered, "You're holding back." 'How'd she know?' thought Minamo to herself.
"I also know that you're wearing a contact lens to hide your eye color  and lastly...I know you're a...vampire."
Minami was surprise but she didn't show it and instead she chuckled, " just kissed me knowing what I am?"
"And I will do it again." grinned the hunter and pulled the vampire in for another kiss. The vampire could feel herself smiling. Between their kisses Atsuko said, "I've heard that when a vampire bites a human it feels-" She couldn't finish since Minami just put her index finger against Atsuko's lips, "Shhh..." Minami unsheathed her fangs and slowly sank her fangs on the woman's neck. Her hands roaming around the woman's body. Minami's fangs bit into her neck hard and she winced at the brief flare of pain. After a few seconds, the pain faded and got replaced by a pleasant pleasure that  spread through her body. They always said it was better than drugs or sex even but hell how can know? She had nver done those before. She moaned. 'So it is true.' she thought. The vampire pulled back licking the blood that escaped from her lips. Minami undressed Atsuko...well more of like 'her dress got ripped'. The vampire kissed her bite mark and moved over to the woman's collar bone to her shoulder, her hands snaking it's way between Atsuko's thigh. Atsuko could feel the touch of the vampire, it was cool that it made her shiver but she didn't mind. She looked at the pureblood and gave a seductive smile. Minami stop to look at the woman in front of her, she grinned to herself, she didn't know what took over her or what compelled her towards this human...they just met today...but that didn't matter, right now she wanted the woman...she wanted her so bad. Purebloods were forbidden to do as close as what they are soon supposed to do because it's a hunter that she'll be doing it with. Minami knew that the human is a hunter, they always had this instinct on who to avoid...but just for tonight all of that would change.


Atsuko felt something cool against her skin, she slowly opened her eyes and first thing she saw is well...someone. She quickly shut her eyes as soon as she saw a figure beside her. Thoughts quickly raced in her mind, 'Wait...what!? Someone is here beside me. What the hell!? I can't remember anything...last thing I can clearly remember is at the party talking with the...vampire. Oh shit! No fucking way...It can't be. Well, it can't be right...I can't possibly have slept with a vampire. It's totally breaking the rules.'m just imagining things...but I can seriously feel something cool against me...well holding me. It might be possible...since that vampire is attractive. I remember vivid images but I thought that was only a...dream.' Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard someone say, "I know your awake." Atsuko froze in place (like she can move), she doesn't know what to do. The vampire chuckled, running her finger against Atsuko's body. Atsuko shuddered and finally opened her eyes. Her eyes were met with the light red colored  eyes of the vampire. The hunter closed her eyes for a brief moment, 'Yeah...that totally wasn't a dream then.' then she opened her eyes again. Atsuko blushed when she saw the vampire, images of last night played in her head like a movie. They gazed at each other, not knowing what tent should do. After a few seconds which seemed like a eternity to them, Atsuko broke the contact and abruptly got out from her bed.
"This was a mistake." said Atsuko and picked up her dress from the floor then ran to the bathroom, locking the door behind her even though she knew the vampire could probably break it. The woman leaned against the door, hands in front of her face, 'Why did I have to that?' She sighed and looked at her dress, she couldn't get any clothes that quick so she only had a chance to get dress from last night. However when she saw it, the dress was...ripped.
"Of course." mumbled Atsuko and dropped the dress on the floor, " move locked yourself in without any clothes. A vampire just outside."
A knock on the door made Atsuko jump, 'That scared me.' She didn't didn't say anything and just waited for the vampire to say something.
"For wasn't a mistake. I didn't regret last night. I know we just met and all but for it seemed liked I knew you for a long time. Last night was the best night that I had in ages...literally...You could say it's forbidden for a vampire and hunter but screw that. Just let me tell you one thing...I did NOT regret last night."
Atsuko listened to every word that the vampire said and yes...she agreed. Last night was actually her first. For her the night was like a dream, it was ecstatic...a night she couldn't have imagined. She still stayed in the bathroom, she wasn't ready to face the vampire yet and it seemed Minami knew that. After Minami's small speech, the vampire put back her clothes and made her way out. Minami looked one last time at the house and smiled, "We are two different races so I know we will cross paths last time." Then she left.

Atsuko finally  opened the door and she was right, the vampire wasn't there anymore. She sighed, then closer the door again to take a shower. The woman was still troubled though, "That was a stupid move of me! If the association finds out about'll be a penalty...argh! Dammit! ...I just returned after four years and I'm screwing up already...ugh... I  really have to take this assignment properly..."

As soon as Minami entered the mansion, she was greeted by her best friend.
"Yo! Minami where have you been?" asked her friend then she grinned, "Oh wait...never mind."
"Hey Yuko."
"I have to say, this is the first time you came home and you have a human smell all over you..." smirked Yuko, "...Did you have fun?"
"That'a boy!" grinned Yuko, patting her best friend on the back.
"I'm not a 'boy' ...sheesh, be glad that I'm not kicking you out of my house."
"Yuuchan~! Don't tease Minami that thankful that she allowed us to stay here." said Haruna as she walked down the stairs.
"She won't kick us out~"
Haruna rolled her eyes, "Still don't tease her too much."
"Fine...just because it's an order by you~" smiled Yuko, striding to Haruna when she reached the bottom of the stairs. Yuko put her right hand around Haruna's hips, pulled the tall woman towards her and kissed her fully on the lips. Their mouth moved as one, tongues slipped inside each other. Minami groaned, "Get a room." and threw a pillow to Yuko who caught it with her right hand and threw it back without looking since Yuko and Haruna were still engaged in a kiss. Haruna blushed when the two pulled away, she's still shy when someone is there and Yuko and her are 'make out' however she's getting used to it bit by bit.
Yuko looked at Minami and stuck her tongue out, "Maybe we'll just do that then." Yuko sweeped Haruna off her feet and was about to go up but Haruna stopped her, "Nuh-uh.'
"Eh? Why not?" pouted the vampire.
"Just 'cause." smiled Haruna and kissed Yuko quickly on the lips making Yuko not pout anymore.
"Now put me down." Yuko nodded happily and set her girlfriend down. The vampire then turned her attention to her friend and wiggled her eyebrows, "So..."
"So? What?" said Minami, kind of having an idea what Yuko will ask.
"Who were you with? I know it's a human since I can smell it and it seemed you two had a smexy night together. So who's she? Oh wait maybe it was just a one night stand? Is that it?"
"I'm not telling YOU anything but maybe I'll tell Kojiharu if she asks me since I know that she won't comment in it inappropriately."
"Stingy Takamina! Tell meeeeee!"
"Fine, I'll just say that this woman is a vampire hunter."
" too huh." smiled Yuko and held her girlfriend hands, their fingers entwining.
"Who's she? Maybe I know her." asked Haruna.
"Maeda Atsuko."
"Eh!? Did you just say 'Maeda Atsuko'?"
"Ummm yeah...why?"
"Well, I haven't met her personally but I know that she's one of the best hunters around. I heard she got the assignment to go after Yuuchan but after that she disappeared...that was four years ago."
"Oh...yeah...I remember her...When we fought well...I won of course and I don't know why but I didn't kill her. Instead I carried her to the temple in the mountains and left her there." explained Yuko, "...So she's alive huh...well it seemed she had a purpose to be alive."
"Wait, wait, wait, So your telling me she's the one who was after you? The one who put a bullet in you?" laughed Mnami.
"Why are you laughing? And yes and yes." answered Yuko.
"S-sorry but I just find it funny."
"What's so funny about that?"
"It's just is ok."
"You're weird."

Atsuko stared at the bite mark on her neck, her thoughts drifted at the moment when the vampire bit her. The bite was like a drug but better. She touched it, "She actually bit it at a good spot, so it wouldn't actually be noticeable." The woman fixed her collar and left the mirror to go get her weapons before going to their headquarters. Arriving at her destination, she immediately went to their boss's office.
"There you are, so how did last night go? Any unusual activities?"
"Last night...went umm...good. There weren't any unusual activities that I uh...saw." answered Atsuko nervously.
"I see...well keep working on it."
"Yes sir." said Atsuko and left the room.

For the next few days, Atsuko tailed Minami, however nothing was out of the ordinary. Minami knew she was being followed and who it is. Atsuko reported to the headquarters everyday but it is always the same report, "Nothing ordinary." The boss was becoming impatient. Atsuko frowned, she was never given a reason why she should even go after the vampire, having the nerves to do it. She finally asked why it was necessary, "Why am I given this task? and what did the vampire do?"
"I...was waiting for the right time to say this to you...and that's why I gave you this mission. Takahashi Minami is the one who killed your...parents." Atsuko became speechless, 'No, no, can't be possible right? That small vampire killing the two best vampire hunters? Not possible right?' Thoughts circulated in her heads. She knew that her parents were killed by vampires when they were on the job but other than that she didn't know who killed them. However now, her telling her that...Takahashi Minami the one who she slept with, the one that she can't get her thoughts of out of her head, the one she's following, the one who she had sex with and the vampire that she may have fallen in love with is the vampire that killed her parents.
"Excuse me." said Atsuko and left the room. She doesn't know anymore but there is one she is sure of and that is to ask the vampire herself.

Minami sat on her chair, hands behind her head as she leaned back, her foot on the desk while thinking about the meeting three days ago.

Minami entered the dimmed lit room, cloak hooded figured sat on each chairs in a circle. It seemed Minami was the only one that they were waiting got since eleven seats were already occupied while only one seat remained. Minami slowly approached her seat and sat down.
"Now that we're all here." said a man with a deep voice, he was the leader of the circle but of course he takes orders from the higher ups. He continued to speak, "Fratres and Sorores, the time has come to put an end with those foolish hunters. Fourteen years ago we have failed but now...the sign is proclaiming that we will take them down with success! Those hunters thinks that they are stronger than us but what are we?"
"Vampires!" shouted the other hooded vampires, except for Minami who's still shocked on what she just heard.
"Yes! fratres and sorores we are vampires! We are far more superior than those humans. Firmus and ocius than humans, all our senses are in another level than them! We are what they could call a...superior race! The vampires!"

Minami sighed and put back her feet on the ground. Then her assistant came in carrying a letter.
"Ma'am you have a letter." said the assistant and handed the letter to the vampire. Minami thanked the woman and dismissed her. She knew right away from who it is because she could smell the perfume. The only one that she met that wears a perfume that has an evocative of nature in the spring...a bewitching fragrance of lilac, lily of the valley, violet, iris and rosebuds scent is none other than...Atsuko. She opened the letter and was puzzled on what the hunter wanted. The letter only said, "The East Woods. Tonight." Minami walked towards the trash can and lit the letter on fire and threw it. She watched as the piece of paper burned.

Evening came and Minami went to the designated place. She looked around the area but didn't sense anyone her. However after a few seconds, she sensed something quick coming right at her. She turned her body to dodge just in time and looked to where it was coming from. Atsuko stood there, guns on her hand. She fired her gun one after another. Minami was confused why Atsuko was firing her guns at her. The hunter put her gun back in the holster and unsheathed her two katanas that she carried on her back. She closed in and started swinging her weapon at the vampire. The small vampire could only dodge.
"Wait! Wait! Wait! Why are you attacking me?"
"You killed my parents!" shouted Atsuko, a tear showing at the corner of her eyes. Minami abruptly froze in place and didn't move when Atsuko charged towards her; Minami got stabbed right in the stomach. The hunter was stunned, she expected her to dodge but it didn't happen. The vampire only winced as the blade entered her body, blood oozed from the wound. All vampire hunter's weapons are made with a special material that will inflict damage to vampires if the weapons successfully get inside their body somehow. It wouldn't fully kill the vampires but it is enough to weaken them if they get the weapon in their body a few more times. To kill a vampire, they must behead them. Minami grab Atsuko and pulled her into a hug, the katana stabbed deeper.
"W-wh-what are you doing?" said Atsuko, trying to peel herself off from the vampire.
"It's ok, that won't kill me...yet." smiled Minami, still not letting Atsuko go. The hunter just gave up struggling and dropped her other sword, tears started to flow down her cheeks.
"Why? Why? Why? Why did you kill them." chocked Atsuko between her sobs.
"It wasn't like that." answered Minami softly.
"W-what do you mean?"
"First I must remove this katana in my stomach then I'll tell you." grinned Minami in a joking manner. Atsuko nodded and stepped aside. The vampire slowly removed the blade in her stomach, she flinched, the pain bearable. She look at her wound, "It'll heal but slowly than average since your because of your weapon." Minami held out the weapon to Atsuko but Atsuko didn't move to get it so she just stabbed it on the ground, the katana standing up. The vampire looked around for somewhere to sit but found nothing, having an idea she went beside a tree and gave a hard kick; the tree fell down easily with a loud thud, the sound echoed through the big dark woods. Atsuko gawked at what Minami did.
"What? I don't want to talk standing up." grinned Minani innocently, "...please sit." The vampire and the hunter sat on the fallen wood. Minami looked up at the night sky, "It was a full moon..."

"That's outrageous!" half-shouted Minami at their leader, "...We can't possibly kill all the hunters. They help us in a way too."
"Those hunters, have killed a more than a hundred purebloods over the past year, that's what you should call outrageous! Killing purebloods is like killing god. No one kills a purebloods and lives to tell the glory of it.  As for those lowly vampires, we can take care of them ourselves."
"No buts, Takahashi! And what is this, are you defending those humans?"
"Then go! Our fratres and sorores are already fighting!"
Minami could only nod as she gritted her teeth. She knew she has to follow orders but killing all the hunters is just egregious. The vampire ran towards the battlefield but she noticed that their leader went off to a different direction. She stopped and decided to follow their leader. After a few minutes, she saw the leader attack a woman who had a child with her. Minami wanted to shout 'watch out!' but she couldn't. The woman noticed the vampire and pushed her daughter away. The woman unsheathed her katana and faced the vampire. The two fighters circled around each other, both watching anxiously what the other one will do. The vampire went first, his nails became long, it is like a weapon for them, stronger than steel. He charged towards the hunter, hands stretch out aiming for the woman's body but the hunter blocked it with her right hand which carried the katana and her left hand reached over to her gun. The woman took out her gun and shot the vampire but he dodged just in time. Minami just stood on a branch in a tree and watched was happening. She looked over to the kid, "The kid must be seven or eight." The kid sat on the ground, hugging herself. She looked scared yet she she didn't cry since her mom always said 'be strong'. The hunter managed to get a hit on the vampire but it was healing. The vampire laughed evilly, "You stupid hunters are weak! You're all pathetic!"
"We. Are. Not. Weak." said the woman as she pulled out a long chain from the hilt of her katana. She swung the chain in a circle and threw it at the vampire but he dodged left however the chain followed him and got a hold of his hand. The hunter closed in and slashed the vampire's left hand. He howled in pain as his left hand got sliced easily. The vampire growled at the hunter as he jump backed a few steps away and held his left arm with his right.
"How's that for a weak hunter huh?" grinned the woman as she continued it swing it around.
The vampire ignored it and the two clashed a few more minutes, the hunter had an advantage but she could only land a few hits at him. The vampire also landed a few scratches at her. They jumped back a few feet away from each other, the hunter was panting, she could feel the tiredness taking all over her body. The vampire looked around and thought of an idea. He ran towards the kid, right arm stretches out with his pointy nails. "No!" shouted Minami who was watching and leaped out from the tree and on the air. Minami knew she wouldn't make it in time. The hunter didn't anticipate the attack but she threw herself in front of her daughter and the vampire got her instead. She coughed up blood and looked at the vampire, he was grinning. "You dirty bastard." hissed the woman, blood washing over her lips. She fell on the ground, breathing hard. The kid finally started crying and threw her arms around her mother. He was about to land the final blow but Minami grab him at the back and slammed him on the ground. She went on top of him and started punching his face. Minami stood up, lifted the leader by his collar, threw him on the air and kicked him on the chest; he flew hitting a tree, resulting it to break and hit a few trees more. The leader got up groaning, it happened too fast that he didn't even know who it was. He made his way back and was surprised when he saw Minami.
"What's the meaning of this!?" growled the leader.
Minami looked back at him and hissed, "I don't take orders from you."
"This is your biggest mistake Takahashi."
"Oh yeah? Come get me."
He did and rushed towards Minami, however she was stronger than him and easily evaded his attacks. The fight was intense and fast that, a normal human wouldn't be able to follow it with their eyes.
"In the end you will die." laughed the boss while they're still fighting.
"Shut your mouth and go to hell." grinned Minami, appearing behind him and ripped his head off with such great force. His body turned into dust instantly and flew as the wind picked up. Minami appeared immediately beside the mother and daughter. The woman turned her head and looked at the vampire, "A vampire killing another vampire to save a human? That's the first."
"Mom, don't talk!" cried the little girl holding her mother's hand tightly.
"Vampire, w-what's your n-name?"
"Takahashi Minami."
"I-I...s-see...Takahashi-san t-this may be a s-s-selfish request b-but can you watch my l-little angel for me? It seems...I...can...entrust my daughter to don't have to be by...h-her side...but p-p-please watch over her." rasped the woman, more blood washed over her lips as each word were spoken. Minami could only nod at the final wish of the hunter. The woman smiled and looked at her daughter, "Be strong my little strong. I'll always be here over you...your father and I love you and don't ever forget that..." those were her last words before closing her eyes, her hands fell from her grip. The little girl wailed, Minami felt a rush of sadness go through her and hugged the girl as she cried loudly. Soon they were discovered by other vampire hunters and saw the scene. The way they saw it was there's one of them on the ground, full of blood and a vampire had a girl in her arms. They mistook the situation and started shooting at the vampire. Minami sensed the bullets towards her but she didn't move because if she did, the bullets would hit the girl. The bullets pierced through her back. Several bullets hit her before they stopped. The girl was still crying. She felt the pain, but didn't show the pain for the sake of the girl. The vampire looked back and saw at least a dozen of vampire hunters showing up. 'Shit, I can't take them all...I better go.' Minami took one last glance at the girl and smiled at her, "I'll be in the shadows." then left. Minami hid herself up a tree and watched as the hunters quickly ran over to the crying girl and took her away while they checked to see if the hunter was still alive. One hunter checked her pulse but he could feel nothing, the guy that checked her pulse looked at the others and shook his head in sadness.

"That's how it happened." said Minami and heaved a sigh.
"I...I...really don't remember that's always a blur if I try to remember always followed me!?"
"From all of that you're main questions is that..." smiled Minami, "...and to answer your question...yes...I wasn't always there though but most of the time."
"I see..." 'I didn't even notice you at all.'
"Listen...about that night..." Minami couldn't finish since Atsuko stood up, grab all her weapons, she looked at the vampire, "This doesn't change a're a vampire and I'm a vampire hunter." then left running.
Minami sighed and looked to the direction of someone, "I know you're there Yuko,  you don't need to hide."  Yuko stepped out from where she was hiding and grinned at her friend, "How'd you know I was here? I'm sure I concealed my self pretty good."
"My friend you didn't do a good job, I could sense you a few feet away from here."
"You didn't tell her the whole story."
"I didn't lie, I just told her the part that she wanted to hear."
"I bet you did." said Yuko sarcastically.
"If she ask me about that, then I have to tell her ok."
"So what are you doing here anyways?"
"I wanted fresh air."
"And you came here?"
"It's a coincidence."
"Right, now that you're here why don't we go hunt?"
"Sure, good thing you mention it...I'm getting thirsty."

Atsuko sat on chair, thinking about what the vampire told her. She tried to remember that moment but nothing came up. It just made her head hurt more. She cursed in frustration, 'So what now? She said she didn't kill my parents but she only talked about my what about my father? Do I still continue to tail her? What I do? Argh! Dammit...the boss will have a say to this.'


The two midget vampires stood in front of the veranda looking at the horizon and waiting for the sun to come up.
"Hey Yuko, I have a question for you."
"If there's a war between the hunters and the vampire, will you continue your place and do what your told to do...fight the one you love or don't do it and instead go to where she is."
"In my case, Nyan-Nyan is well a past hunter so if there is a war, I would ignore their damn orders and go to her. I'll take her and escape from them even."
"Didn't you already do that?"
"Yeah, but it's different...she was sent to kill me and well we were lucky...if you know what I mean. So about your're talking about Maeda aren't you?" grinned Yuko and poke her friend on the side of the ribs.
"S-so what if I am?"
"Nothing~" smiled Yuko then turned to her friend, "So what is this going to war thing huh?"
Minami just shrugged.
"C'mon Takamina, what is it? Is it because of that group again? You know I don't know why you're even in that group."
"Yes...and you know why...our family has always been always royal to the's a given that I'm with that group."
"You can leave if you want to cant you."
"Hah yes, but death is the only way to leave the group."
"So what will you do?" Before Minami could answer, Haruna joined them, hugging Yuko from behind, "What are you two talking about?" Yuko placed her hands on her girlfriend's hands, "We were talking about how sexy you are."
"Lies." whispered  Haruna to Yuko's ear. Then she turned to Minami, Haruna's chin rested on Yuko's shoulder, "So what were you talking about?"
"We were talking...about 'ifs'." grinned Minami and covered her eyes as the ray's sun hit her face.
"You two don't really share things with me." pouted the tall vampire.
"Ok, ok." said Yuko and looked at Minami for confirmation. Minami just shook her head mouthing, 'no, not yet.' Yuko nodded and turned around to face her girlfriend, "We'll tell you later."
"We promise."
"Ok fine." sighed Haruna, knowing that they will surely keep their promise. The couple was about to go in when Minami said to Yuko, "I'll tell her." Yuko was confused about it then she remembered her question. The vampire nodded and the couple went in the house.

"So what do I do?" asked Atsuko, looking her boss straight in the eyes.
"You do whatever you think is right. Killing her or not totally depends to you. But right now I want to send you to a different mission so it'll take things out of your mind for a while."
"Ok, so what do you want me to do?"
"Recently a lot of animae damnatae have showed up, a couple of people have already been killed. I want you to eliminate them, for this mission you'll be partnering up with Minegeshi Minami."
"I work alone though."
"I know but more than a dozen of
animae damnatae has shown up, you can't possibly take them all down...I'm aware with your strength but it's just a precaution."
"Minegeshi, come in." called the boss, and the woman entered. He looked at her and introduced their to Atsuko, "Minegeshi this is Maeda, the one you'll be working with for today's mission." The woman turned to Atsuko and introduced herself, "Minegeshi Minami desu, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!"
Atsuko smiled at her, "Maeda Atsuko...nice to meet you."
"Now that the introductions are done. You two will go tonight since that's when they will strike other than that you can do whatever you please." informed their boss and dismissed the two.
Atsuko looked at her partner, "Can I call you Miichan instead of your name?"
"Sure, no one ever gave a nickname so sure." grinned Miichan and nodded.
"I'll see you there then at six, don't be late."
"Yes ma'am."


Atsuko looked at her watch, it was already 6:15 pm.
"Sorry I'm late." apologized Miichan.
"It's ok, c'mon lets go."
The two made their way to the streets, walking around. The sun had already set, the sky is turning dark. Atsuko looked around as she heard a noise, "Did you hear that?" Miichan also looked around the area, nodding at Atsuko's question. Seconds later fifteen Class E vampires showed up, surrounding the two hunters in a circle.
"Holy shit..." cursed Miichan, "...This is the very first time I've seen them in packs."
The two hunters were back to back. Atsuko smiled, "Are you ready?"
"Of course, I wasn't late for nothing." grinned Miichan, showing her choices of weapons. She wore a black vest concealing weapons, guns, grenades, a tomahawk and two wooden stakes. A chakram hanging on her belt. She had four Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum guns, two on the holster while two already drawn out.
"Are you serious?" asked Atsuko.
"What? I like to carry a lot of weapons." said Miichan in an innocent voice.
"It's your choice- here they come!"  One vampire leaped to Atsuko and  the hunter unsheathed her two swords and jumped as well. The hunter jumped and the two met on air. Atsuko made a swift motion and when she landed back on her feet, the vampire was headless. His head rolled over to Miichan. Miichan looked at what touch her feet and screamed when she saw the head. She was about to kick it but the vampire turned into dust.
"One down fourteen to go. Hey Miichan let's split it up, you take care of seven and I'll do the same."
"Ok." grinned Miichan, turning around to look at Atsuko, just then a vampire advanced towards her.
"Behind y..." shouted Atsuko at her partner but Miichan already  fired her gun without looking and got the vampire right in the heart. The vampire suddenly fell on the ground and turned into dust. Atsuko stared at the woman in disbelief, "Wha-? How did you do that?"
"I just knew."
The vampire hissed at the hunters then two vampire charged towards Atsuko, Miichan also had the other two coming right at her. Atsuko held her katanas tightly, waiting for them to close in. The two male vampires spilt up going on either side of Atsuko. The hunter stood still, neither facing the two, her hands slightly extended with her katana pointing at the vampires. She flicked her gazes back and forth between the two. The woman watched as the tall vampire on her left took a step and in a second the vampire were now in front of her and threw a punch. Atsuko raised her left katana to block the punch but she was still thrown off and hit the wall. The two male vampires didn't let her recover, as soon as she hit the wall, the short vampire lifted her up, threw her about thirty feet high up on the air and the two guys jumped. Atsuko felt herself going up, she opened her eyes and saw the two vampires above her. She put back her katanas in the saya on her back and drew her two guns before landing back on the ground. She landed earlier than the two vampires, she looked upwards and pointed her guns at them, pulling the trigger. The bullets hit them directly at their heart. Atsuko spins both of her guns around her fingers by the trigger and trigger guard then put them back in the holsters, she looked at her five remaining targets. She smirked, "Next."

Miichan fired at the two vampires as they ran towards her but they easily dodged the bullets. She frowned then put her right gun back in the holster and took out her chakram. The hunter threw the chakram at them but they duck. "You missed." grinned both vampires, showing their fangs. Miichan just smirked, "I didn't miss." One vampire turned around and saw the chakram coming right at him, it was too late to dodge since the weapon already slicked his throat off. Once the chakram is thrown it has the ability to ricochet off objects and return to the thrower. While the other one was distracted, Miichan took this opportunity and fired three bullets at the vampire. The two vampires fell and she caught her chakram. She turned to see Atsuko but she wasn't there, then she looked up and saw her partner up on air. "How the heck is she up there?" She got interrupted since another vampire launched at her, she got punch right on the stomach and flew a few feet away hitting a tree. "Ok, that hurt like a bitch." cursed Miichan getting up and wiped the blood from the corner of her lips. The five remaining vampires came at her all at once. "Oh crap." She didn't have any match for their speed so she just got a grenade and threw it at the approaching vampires then ran away well more like of going to where Atsuko is. The grenade exploded but the vampires got away quick however they were thrown off.
"You ok?" asked Atsuko as she saw Miichan draw near. The younger woman nodded, "You?"
"This is nothing." smirked Atsuko.
All ten vampires all attacked at once, Atsuko drew her two katana then made a lashing gust of wind towards her enemy. Four were only caught and they fell back. The fifth one made his way behind Atsuko, ready to attack however someone showed up, put her hands on the vampire's neck and slammed him on the ground making a big crack on the cement.  Atsuko turned around to see Minami. The pureblood grinned at her, "I wasn't late was I."
"What are you doing here?"
"I need to talk to you."
"Can't you see I'm busy." said Atsuko as she slashed one vampire on the neck. Minami sighed and used compulsion on the three remaining vampires and the ones that Miichan were also fighting. The seven Class E started fighting among themselves. The short vampire turned towards Atsuko, "Not anymore."

Miichan continually kept firing at her opponents. She grunted  as only one vampire turned into ash. 'Ok them dodging is annoying. Tsk...if only they would fight among themselves.' Then it happened, her eyes grew wide as she saw the vampire fighting among themselves, 'No way!' Miichan got excited and turned to tell Atsuko, "Hey Atsuko! The vampires are fighting among themselves..." Her excitement died when she saw one small woman facing Atsuko. 'Huh? How'd she get here? I didn't notice her.'
"Ummm who's she?"
Minami turned around and Miichan quickly pointed her gun at the vampire.
"Atsuko can you tell your friend here to put her gun away."
"Miichan like what she said here... can you please put down your gun."
"But she's a vampire."
"I know."
Miichan was hesitating, but she finally put it down.
"Thanks." smiled the small vampire.
"So I guess that's your work?" asked Miichan pointing at the vampires who were still fighting with each other. Minami nodded.
"It's seriously cool being a vampire." sighed Miichan.
"Want to be one?" grinned the small vampire. Atsuko punched her on the arm. Minami slightly raised her arms up, "I was only kidding."
"So what do you want to talk about then?" said Atsuko coldly.
"Why are you so cold to me now? Did I do something wrong, if yes then can you tell me what it was?"
"Nothing." said Atsuko avoiding to meet the vampire's eyes. She told herself to not act around Minami so casual since it would be dangerous for both of them.
"We even slept together." mumbled Minami, Atsuko didn't hear it but Miichan did. Miichan's draw drop and looked at Atsuko then Minami back and forth.
"Umm...what?" asked Atsuko, unsure why Miichan is looking at her.
"Y-y-you two s-slept t-t-together!?" half-shouted Miichan, still bewildered about the information. Both women blushed, even though it was night. It was easy to tell that they were blushing especially for Minami since she has a pale skin.
"OH...MY...GOD...!" squealed Miichan, "...this is the first time...a vampire and a hunter..." Then she whistled.
"No we didn't." denied Atsuko but she was still blushing. Minami felt a pang of sadness when Atsuko denied it but what can she really do?
"I heard your VAMPIRE lover mumble it." smirked the younger hunter. Atsuko shot a look at the vampire.
"What? I was only taking myself...I didn't know your friend here would hear it." said Minami in defence.
"I have a good hearing." grinned Miichan proudly.

Minami turned to Atsuko and looked at her seriously.
"I came here to tell you something. Atsuko...I 'think' I love you...No... I don't 'think' that I love you...I do love you. Like I told you before...I've always watched far...somewhere in the distance and I guess I slowly fell in love with you without me noticing it. That night...that night was when I knew about's when I discovered my feelings for you. I am not lying about what I said to you back then. That felt it too didn't you? I know I wasn't the only one."
Miichan stood there, watching the confession. She was just on the verge of tears, 'awww...this is so sweet!' Then when she heard Atsuko's answer, she started sniffling.
"I...I'm sorry...I just don't feel the same and will never will. I just don't love you." said Atsuko, her words spreading like poison in Minami's heart. Atsuko clenched her fist and forced herself to say those words to Minami. She was happy the vampire felt something towards her but she had to decline to protect the two of them. The tall woman felt it was the best thing to do.
"I see...I wasn't expecting much...I just wanted to say that since I've been thinking about it for a few days now. I understand...this is goodbye then." smiled Minami sadly. If the hunter didn't feel anything towards her, she told herself she would leave her alone.
"I better go..." Minami started to walk away but she stopped and turned around once more, "Oh yeah...I forgot I just wanted to say be a few days there will be a war. The next time we see each other...we will be in the different side." Then she mumbled before disappearing from their sight, "Vale meus amor..."

Once the vampire was out of sight, Atsuko dropped on the ground and started crying. Her tears dropped on the ground like raindrops. Miichan wiped her tears away and move to comfort her partner. She actually don't know what to do but she knelt down and patted the crying woman on the back.  Minami could hear Atsuko crying even though she was a few miles away. She shut her eyes tightly to prevent herself from breaking down too. The short woman stopped for a few seconds and punched a huge pine tree in front of her, the tree fell loudly on the ground. A lot of crows flew squawking as it fell, just then three  lower class vampires showed up and surrounded her. She looked up and saw the hungry low class vampires, their eyes were dark red. The small vampire smirked, "So hungry little vampires are out hunting huh." Before the three could react, the pureblood made her move quickly and in an instant the three lower vampires were beheaded then they disintegrate to ashes. Another two  pureblood vampires showed up and were surprised to see that the three lower class that they were pursuing were gone in an instant.
"Hmph, never face your superiors if they're mood is affecting them." sighed Minami then she turned her attention to the other two vampires, "Were you after those three?"
The two nodded in unison unable to speak.
"I see...I kind of took care of them...sorry for that...I just need to let out some steam."
The two just nodded in response again.
Minami chuckled, "You two loosen seems that you two are newborn. Why would a two newborn pursuing those aggressive vampires hmmm?"
The two looked at each and nodded.
"We were after them to prove to our parents that we can take care of ourselves." They both said in unison.
"But you could have have been killed...this animae damnatae are quite aggressive, they don't think before attacking."
"But you quickly took care of them! That was awesome!" said the short haired girl.
"That's because I was quick, it takes time to become strong you know."
"Eh? You're older than us?"
"Hey, what do you mean by that!"
"But you're shorter than us." said the girl bluntly. Her sister hit her softly and whispered, "That's rude."
Minami smiled but inside she was kind of pissed off. Everyone knows she's sensitive about her height.
"You're funny you know that...well tell me what's your name?"
"I'm Matsui Jurina."
"Matsui Rena."
"I see, so you're from the Matsui family huh...nice to meet you...I'm Takahashi Minami yoroshiku."
"T-Takahashi Minami!?" shouted the two in awe.
"Umm yeah?"
"You're Takahashi Minami! I didn't expect her to" said Jurina and once again Rena elbowed her on the ribs.
The older vampire frowned, "Ok stop talking about me now."
Minami sighed but it was replaced by a smile. Somehow talking to these two made her a little bit calmer. "You two should go home now, your parents must be worried about you two."
"You sound like an old hag."
"Oh shut it, or else I'll drag you home."
"I was only joking."
"Right, you two go home now and don't even think of going anywhere else, I can tell."
"Thanks for the help Takhashi-san." said Rena and bowed then drag her sister with her. Minami watched them as they disappeared and waited until they stepped in a good place before leaving also. She smiled, "Young vampires nowadays."

Miichan accompanied Atsuko home and left after. The hunter removed her weapons and placed it on the table. She slowly made her way to the bathroom. She turned the shower on and let it run for a while before going in. The woman stared at her reflection on the mirror or more particularly, she looked at the was almost was faint. She touched the mark and smiled bitterly, "I'm really stupid to think that I can forget about her."


"Yuuchan why does Takamina keeps sighing." asked Kojiharu while her girlfriend sat on her lap.
Yuko shrugged, "I don't know...ever since she got home a few nights ago..she's been like that."
"What do you think happened?"
" has something to do with you know who."
"Do you want to go ask?"
"You don't want to do that Nyan-Nyan, she's just going to ignore you." said Yuko. She was speaking from experience.
"You never know...I'll go talk to her."
Kojiharu made her way to the veranda where Minami is sitting while she was just staring at the night sky. The tall vampire blocked the moonlight from Minami's view. The small vampire raised her eyebrows, "Ummm...can you please move? You're blocking my view."
"I'm not moving until you tell me what happened."
Minami sighed and closed her eyes, "Suit yourself, you'll be just there the whole time." Stubbornly Kojiharu did stay there even though thirty minutes passed, she didn't move an inch. Minami looked at her friend, "Seriously?"
"Yup!" grinned the tall woman, "Like I told you earlier, I'm not moving until you tell me what happened."
"There's nothing to tell."
Kojiharu crossed her arms, "Yes there is now spill."
"Argh...fine...I got rejected ok." said Minami in a painful tone and looked away. Kojiharu's face softened and hugged the small vampire. Minami just let herself get hugged and they stayed that way for a while. Finally all her emotions came out and tears slowly fell down. "It hurts..."
At that moment Minami looked like a broken child crying. Kojiharu patted her friend's back, "It's ok to cry."
"Naze? Naze? why did I I have to fall for her? Dammit!"
Kojiharu didn't answer, she knew the feeling of falling in love with someone that it might be possible to be with. She closed her eyes, trying to be strong for her friend and not cry.
"You shouldn't give up. I may not have seen her so I can't tell for sure but I'm sure she loves you like you love her. C'mon don't give up now, the Takamina that I know doesn't give up that easily."
"But there's no use of pursuing her more."
"Do you really believe that?"
"No." answered Minami with determination and wiped her tears.
"See, now go to her."
"Eh...what now?"
"Yeah, why not."
"But in a few hours, the war will break out."
"Huh, what war?"
"I thought Yuko told you already."
"No...she didn't."
"Yuuchan..." called Kojiharu and turned to where her girlfriend is. Yuko gulped, "Ooops...I forgot."
"What war?"
"Well you know that Takamina is in the Iudicium group right?"
"No, I don't."
"Err...well anyways that group wants to eliminate all the hunters."
"What!? Takamina Is this true?"
Minami nodded.
"So you're fighting her?"
"Are you planning on it?"
Minami just looked away.
"You're not serious. What happened to 'go to her'?"
"There's another catch." said Yuko.
"And what is that?"
"If Takamina betrays the group it'll be death for her and her family."
"What have you gotten yourself to?"
Minami just shrugged, "I didn't have a's a family thing to be in that group."
"What will you do then?"
Minami didn't answer Kojiharu's question instead she asked a question, "Do you two want to go somewhere, you know out of the country?"
"Paris!" grinned Yuko, "always wanted to go there."
"Your lucky my friend we're going there later. I have a plan...but it's really simple. You could say similar to how you two disappeared."
"Ah...I see."
"Yes, we're going to meet at the airport. I'll get the tickets so you don't have to worry about it. Don't forget your passports though."
"I'll go prepare things...I'll see you two later."
"Wait...what about the government? Don't you "work" with them?"
"No...not anymore..I quit."
"Eh? when?"
"Just now." grinned Minami.
"You're a piece of work." laughed Yuko.
"I know."
"Well...Takamina...good luck."
Minami nodded and went in the house to make some calls.
"C'mon Nyan-Nyan we should go too."
"But don't she need any help."
"No, it's ok she can take care of things herself."
"Will she really be ok?"
"Yes, that's Takamina we're talking...she's strong, just believe in her."
"Ikimashou." said Yuko and took her girlfriend's hand.

The night will be different, it wouldn't be the same old nights, this night is when the vampires would make their attack. The moon hung high in the sky, this particular night it glowed more than usual. The wind that whirled was colder than usual. The air was filled with bloodlust. Far from the distance wolves howled, their loud ear piercing sound would send a shiver down anyone's spine who heard it. It was a perfect night to start ...a battle.

Minami went to where they were supposed to meet. When she arrived everyone's already there.
"I'm glad that everyone could make it. We have brought a few Class E with us...they can be a good help. fratres and sorores it is time." said the leader and started walking. Minami sighed but walked along with the group. 'Atsuko...I'm coming for I thought I can't give up on you."
The vampires arrived at the hunter's HQ quickly however the hunters were all ready for them.
"Let's go!" grinned their leader and both races clashed. Minami took this opportunity to find Atsuko but it wasn't that easy since vampire and hunters were fighting all over. One young male hunter charged towards her but Minami avoided him and hit him on the back of his neck. "Sorry about that...but better than dying, right?" In those few seconds, some hunters already lay lifeless on the ground as the lower vampires drank their blood and a few lower vampires had disappeared. The small vampire avoided the attacks of the hunters that they tried to land on her and just knocked them all out. Finally, after a few minutes of searching she found Atsuko fighting a lower class vampire which she quickly dispatched. Another two lower class vampires attacked her following the defeat of the first one. The two vampires attacked her continuously, not giving her the time to strike or do anything. She could only dodge their attacks as she kept stepping back. Not long after her back was against the tree, the vampires grinned and swung his claws but Atsuko ducked. Ducking, she stabbed the vampire's stomach making him yelp back. The other one was about to attack her but Minami showed up and used compulsion on the two vampires making them go away. Atsuko was surprised to see the small vampire standing in front of her. She actually didn't know what to do or say, worst she didn't know how to act around her. Her heart ached seeing Minami right in front of her, the vampire was near yet so far away. Atsuko wanted run to Minami and say that she loved her, that all she said before was a lie...but she couldn't. She made her choice and it was the best for both of them. The hunter shut her eyes and tightly gripped her katanas, hoping that her love one wouldn't be there when she opens her eyes. She didn't want to fight her, it would just bring such a heart ache. "Please don't be there once I open my eyes." She mumbled then once she did, the vampire wasn't there anymore. The hunter sighed but was startled when she heard someone behind her, "You can't get rid of me easily, angelus meus...I came here to get you. Come make it look like we're fighting so it wouldn't look suspicious."
"No, I'm not fighting you." said Atsuko stubbornly.
"Either that or I'll use compulsion, choose angelus." grinned the small vampire.
"Fine." grumbled the hunter and started attacking the vampire.
"First off, like I said earlier I came here to get you."
"Why?" asked the hunter and almost slashed the vampire's arms if Minami didn't dodge but she got a scratch.
"You almost took my arm off. Anyways I'm not giving up on you. I want you to come with me, we'll get out of the country." informed Minami as she caught the katanas barehanded, her hands started to bleed but she didn't mind since it would heal soon enough. She released her grip and backed away from the hunter.
"What? You wanted it to look like a fight." grinned Atsuko then her tone changed, a hint of sadness in her voice, "That can never happen." 
"Yes, it can..."
"It's impossible."
"It's not trust me on this, we can leave everything behind." said Minami and gave a kick which Atsuko just blocked with her two katanas.
"How? If we disappear they want bodies...well not you since you know but you get the point." sighed Atsuko and threw a punch directly at the vampire's cheek. Minami could've avoided it easily but she took the blow. She looked at Atsuko, "Even though I told my friend I have a plan...I don't. My intention was just to come here and get you... it may or may not work, regarding it it doesn't work we have a few hours to get started ahead and flee. If it doesn't work, we may have to run but I don't mind as long as I am with long as you're here with me." Then the vampire  said, "Ok, now punch me again, so I'll fall on the ground..." Atsuko did what Minami requested and the vampire is now on the ground with Atsuko on top of her.
Minami placed her right hand on the Atsuko's cheeks, "Don't you love me?"
" do love you."
"Then why are you hesitating?"
"I'm not sure if I can leave everything behind...I...I grew up hoping to be the best hunter that they could have and I..." Atsuko looked away from Minami's gaze. Minami gently took Atsuko's hand and placed it against her heart, "You know...if I have a heart would beat for you, angelus meus." She chuckled at what she said.
"What more proof do you want that I need you and love you? Tell me."
"K-kiss me." instructed Atsuko and blushed. The vampire smiled, "Is that all,angelus?" Minami reciprocated their position and leaned in, their nose touched, both eyes were locked at each other. Minami closed her eyes and gently placed an innocent sweet kiss.

The leader quickly got rid of his opponent by snapping the hunter's neck. Toshiro looked around and grinned to himself as he saw what was happening. Fighting and killing surrounded him. His grinned disappeared though when he saw Minami kissing someone. "What the..?" He made his way to where the couple is and said coldly, "Takahashi...what is the meaning of this?"
The couple stood up and Minami smirked, "What does it look like?"
"I knew sooner or later you're a traitor to the group and here I am seeing you with a hunter, our enemies and to add to that I see you kissing our enemies. You disgust me."
Minami could feel Atsuko shaking in anger since they were holding hands. She whispered to her lover, "Don't mind him."
"Now I find a reason to kill you Takahashi." grinned the leader.
"Oh me too Toshiro, I've been itching to see who's stronger. Do you remember your brother who died fourteen years ago? The time where we attacked the hunters? Well let me tell you something. I'm the one who killed your pathetic little brother. You know what I did to him? I ripped his head off...and I'll just do that to you too."
"You bastard!" snarled the leader and instantly appeared in front of Minami throwing a punch but the small vampire caught his punch. She grip his hand tightly, "Is this all you got?" then she twisted his arm, the leader spun around and fell on the ground. He stood up and glared at the small vampire. The fight went on for a while, both of them went at it, both vampires landed their attacks on  each other and dodged. After ten minutes, the leader took a glance at Atsuko and he grinned. Using compulsion he ordered two lower vampires to capture however by using compulsion he had an opening. Minami got him by the collar and threw him up a few feet away on the air. She appeared on top of him, kicked the leader on the stomach and sent him right down on the ground. The impact was so strong that the ground cracked when he landed. Minami was on top of him and was ready to give the final blow but she stopped when she sensed something was wrong. She looked back and saw lower class vampires holding Atsuko.
"Atsuko!" she shouted and turned around to face the laughing vampire.
"Kill me and your precious girlfriend dies." grinned the leader then he stood up and made his way to Atsuko. He touched her face and licked his lips, "Your girlfriend seems tasty."
Minami gritted her teeth, "You dirty bastard! Get your filthy hands off her!"
Toshiro laughed and circled around Atsuko, "How about this Takahashi, your life instead of hers?"
"Fine! Kill me! but don't you dare touch her!" said Minami.
"No!" shouted Atsuko and tried to fight her captor but it was useless.
"I admire you're bravery Takahashi." Toshiro made his way to Minami, "Kneel." The short vampire didn't do it, he got frustrated and made her kneel. Them when she was kneeling, he slapped her right across the face. Toshiro  bent down so he was face to face with the small vampire, "I win in the end eh?" Minami just spat on his face. Angry, he stood up and kneed her under the chin, the small vampire fell on the ground. Atsuko looked away but one of her captors grab her hair and made her look at what was happening. Minami coughed up some blood as she stood back up. Toshiro thew a punch right on her stomach and Minami fell on her knees. The leader stood over her and is ready to kill the small vampire. Minami looked at Atsuko and mouthed, "Aishiteru." before closing her eyes.
"Minami!" shouted Atsuko and tried again to get out of her captor's grip, this time she was successful. She rolled over to where her gun is, grabbed them and fired at the two lower class vampires. The hunter looked to where Minami is and was confused when she saw Toshiro down on the ground. She looked around and saw Miichan with a gun in hand. The hunter heaved a sigh and smiled at the other hunter, "Nice timing." Miichan gave her a thumbs up and a wide smile.  Atsuko smiled and looked back to Minami who looked confused like she was but her expression changed to horror.
"Behind you!" shouted Minami. Atsuko turned around and saw Toshiro smiling with his fangs unsheathed, she didn't have enough time to do anything as he sank his fangs in her skin. Toshiro was aiming for the hunter's neck but Atsuko raised her arm by sheer luck and her arms got bitten instead. In seconds Minami appeared behind Toshiro's back and grabbed him slamming the male vampire on the ground. She went on top of him and started throwing punches at him. His mouth was covered with blood, his own blood and Atsuko's blood. He just laughed madly.
"Kisama!" growled the small vampire and threw one last punch.  Minami wasn't done yet as she made him kneel.
"Looks like we switched placed but this time you'll die for sure!" shouted Minami and snapped his head back. Seconds later he disintegrated into ash. Atsuko screamed in pain and clutched her bitten arms. Minami turned her full attention to her lover and held Atsuko in her arms. Miichan was behind them, "What's wrong?"
"She got bitten...the venom is probably spreading out now."
"Can't you do something?" asked Miichan who stared to freak out.
"I can't."
"Well can't you turn her into a vampire or sake thing!?"
"Yes but...I don't know if I can do it. I might not be able to stop once I taste her blood."
"D-do it..." said Atsuko hoarsely, she was getting the pale and started sweating, "M-minami...p-p-please make the p-pain stop."
"I...I trust you..."
Minami nodded and pressed her lips against Atsuko's forehead. She then looked at Miichan.
"This will take only a minute...if I don't stop in a minute and continue to drink her blood then do something, ok?"
"Eh? Like what?"
"Anything to make me stop."
Minami nodded and she unsheathed her fangs sinking her fangs into Atsuko's neck. Atsuko's blood was warm, savory and sweet, it was exquisite...she had never tasted such blood as hers.

Atsuko felt like every bones in her body was breaking. She groaned and screamed in anguish. Her whole body writhed at the horrible feeling. Her eyes were watery with the sheer pain and her breathing came out in sharp, shallow rasps. Sweat dripped down the side of her face and covered her forehead in a thin sheen. She opened her eyes and saw her lover, her sight was blurry but she knew who it was, they were talking about something but she couldn't really comprehend what it is.
"D-do it." her voice came out hoarsely, she was confused why she said it but she had an idea what they were talking about.
She heard Minami protest but she cut her off, "I...I trust you." Even with those words spoken, it took her all her might to say those. Atsuko's eyes closed again preparing for the worst to come. Somehow when she felt Minami kiss her on the forehead, it made her a little bit calm. Once Mimani's fangs sank in her skin, the pain doubled in her body. Every second that passed, she felt her life being drained slowly. With her breathing becoming shallower it made her want to cry out for oxygen.

The small vampire pulled away in time, she was amazed that she was in control. Getting the katana of Atsuko that laid on the floor, she cut herself on the arm and sucked some blood. With the blood on her mouth, she kissed Atsuko transferring her blood into her. She repeated this process until it was enough.

Atsuko tasted something bitter, salty and metallic. She wanted to spit it out but she didn't have the energy to do anything.

Minami looked at Miichan, "We have to move since I don't know how she'll react with all the blood around. Do you think you can convince your higher ups that something 'bad' happened Atsuko?"
"Sure, leave it to me...even though it might be a little bit of a challenge but I'll do what I can."
"It's no problem, I'm glad for you two...I hope you find happiness. What am I talking about? Of course you will. See you two."
"I'm really thankful, thank you. Perhaps we will meet again sometime."
"C'mon you two go! With this goodbye I'm going to start shoo! Shoo!" smiled Miichan and wiped her tears away.
Minami smiled at their friend and carried Atsuko out of the battlefield.

"Ok, this is probably safe now." said Minami to herself as she looked around the open wide field. The vampire searched for a good place, where they could be away from civilization. She set Atsuko down on the grass and watched the sleeping woman in awe. Minami chuckled to herself, "Angelus meus, you look like sleeping beauty."

Outside, Atsuko looked so peaceful but inside was different. She felt pain, a pain worst than earlier. The pain was bewildering, bewildered that she couldn't really comprehend what was happening. It felt like she was on fire, close to the sun that any moment she would burn. Her body ached, that she wanted to raise her arms and claw her chest rip everything that ached inside her. She was in agony. Everything was changing inside her and she could feel it every second. She wanted to scream, yell, shriek and cry but no sound came out. The endless burn...raged on. Atsuko could have sworn it would last for days, weeks, months or maybe even years. It was a never ending feeling. Then in a second everything everything seemed to become clearer but slowly. The pain slowly subsided and this time it was bearable, she waited a few more minutes for the pain to go away before opening her eyes. She let her other senses know what was going on. Her thoughts started to form again, her senses started to return one by one; her hearing got clearer and she could hear the crickets chirping, the owls...everything that was making a sound in the next few miles. Especially the other vampire that watched over her, she could hear the low, even breaths that came from her lover.
Her sense of smell became stronger, the fragrance of Minami hit her first...carnations drench in sunlight...punctuated there with roses, jasmine, violet and lily of the valley. Finally, she slowly opened her eyes. Everything was clear and detailed even though it was dark. She  could see the leaves falling like she was in front even though she was far away from it. Suddenly she heard something rustle in the bushes, she quickly looked at the direction and saw it was only a rabbit. She was astonished, she definitely felt that she changed...somehow. All her senses are sharpened. Atsuko then turned to her lover. Minami smiled and whistled when she saw the transformed woman, "Wow, when you were human you were really gorgeous but looking at you surpassed your beauty." The newborn smiled and quickly made her way close to the small vampire. She touched Minami's face and was shocked because she felt warm. The small vampire could tell the shock on the newborn's face, she touched the hand that Atsuko touched her face with and pressed it against her cheek, "We're the same temperature now...that's why." The small vampire chuckled and brought Atsuko's hand to her lips and kissed the back of her hand, "I'm glad everything went alright, angelus. Being turned into a vampire is a 50/50 chance you know."
"It was because you were the one who changed me." smiled Atsuko. That was her first words as a vampire and it shocked her again. It was her voice, it came out directly from her mouth but it sounded like it wasn't her. Minami grinned and tip toed so she could reach Atsuko's lips with hers. That was Atsuko's very first kiss as a vampire and she gladly let herself get carried away with the kissing until the small vampire pulled away. Atsuko frowned at her, she didn't understand why Minami pulled away, it's not like they needed any air. The small vampire could see the frown from the newborn. She smiled to herself, "I have a good reason. First off, you probably need to drink, my blood isn't enough for you since well you need more but it should satisfy you for a few more minutes." When Minami mentioned blood, Atsuko's throat felt dry and it ached.
"Hmmm...ok...that didn't last long...we probably should go now then." Minami took a hold of Atsuko's hand and both vampires started running. In a few minutes, they were in the city, in an alley. It was dangerous for a newborn vampire to be around a lot of humans but Minami trusted her and she was there.
"Are you sure about bring me here?" asked Atsuko, her throat burned more as she smelled the blood all around her.
"Yes, you probably need three humans and before you can you're not draining their blood, just take small amounts of each and that should satisfy your hunger for about a day. Also we need a clean blood. Ok, wait here, I'll be back."
Atsuko just nodded and waited. A few seconds later Minami appeared with two passed out women in her arms.
"Just a few...ok?" instructed Minami and gave the body to her.
"But what if-"
"No buts, I'll be here with you." said the small vampire smiled giving her a reassuring look. Atsuko nodded and sank her teeth into the woman's neck. She would have never thought that she will be drinking blood and would enjoy it! It was so strange for her, drinking blood but it seemed natural. A few seconds later Minami said, "Angelus, that's good."
She could still her throat burning but it wasn't as bad as earlier. Grabbing the second woman, she moved to her and drank what was necessary. When she was done, Minami licked the bite marks on them so it would heal, after that she went out and 'returned' them. She went back and carried the last person. "This should do."
Atsuko did her thing and when she finished, the burning sensation in her throat disappeared. Minami put back the last person.
"Where to now?" asked Atsuko.
"We head out of the country." smiled Minami and clasped Atsuko's hand.

The End?

OK, this one is a short "backstory" kind of... of Yuko and Haruna...made this since well "Sharlatan-san" SAID SO...... xD  Yo! hope ur satisfied with this~  :mon whimper:

For months, Yuko and Haruna have been in a relationship. But it wasn't just a relationship, she's in a relationship with a hunter and that was forbidden for them. The very first time they met it was a coincidence. Yuko stumbled across the hunter fighting some other vampires. She watched in the shadows as the fight went on. The moment she laid eyes on the hunter, she was in a trance. For the centuries that she has been alive, no one has ever captured her but that night, someone did. After the fight, Yuko revealed herself to the hunter, she knew she shouldn't have done that since maybe the hunter will go after her but surprisingly the hunter didn't. Instead the hunter asked the vampire, "Are you my enemy?"
"I see."
Yuko's first impression was that the hunter was well...easy going?
The hunter kept walking and didn't ask any question even though Yuko followed her.
'I'm following her and yet...she's not asking any question? Wow.' thought Yuko then suddenly she bumped into something since she wasn't paying attention. She looked and saw it was the hunter.
"Hey why did you stop?" asked Yuko then she stepped beside her so she could see what was going on. She was confuse since the only one ahead of them were a couple. Then she got it, she looked at the tall girl beside of her and she was crying. Yuko felt a pang of sadness, seeing the girl cry in front of her.
"Hey...are you ok?" she asked the girl gently. She didn't know what took over her but somehow her hands found its way to the girl's face and wiped the tears away. The hunter turned away and started walking back. Yuko didn't know what to do but she still followed the hunter. Eventually, the hunter went to the park and sat on the bench. The little vampire then sat beside the hunter.
"Say...why are you following me?" asked the hunter.
"I don't know."
"You don't know that you're following me? You're weird." laughed the hunter. Yuko smiled, happy to see the hunter laughing.
"I'm Kojima Haruna."
"Oh...umm...Oshima Yuko."
"Nice to meet you Oshima-san."
"If you don't mind me asking...about earlier?"
"Earlier...Well he's my boyfriend, wait no was my boyfriend. I kind of new he was cheating on me but I didn't want to believe it...but I guess seeing it with my own yes...I really believe it now."
"I'm sorry."
"It's not your fault, *sigh* but when I see him...I'll give him a piece of my mind."
Yuko laughed, "You can handle him."
"You think? I fought stronger opponents. His nothing." smiled Haruna then she look at her watch and stood up, "I guess I better go."
Yuko nodded, "I'll see you again."

Days passed and Yuko tagged along with Haruna. Sometimes she would even help the hunter with her mission. She really didn't mind killing the lower vampires. Yuko was happy every time she spent her time with Haruna. She felt a warm, fuzzy feeling, she didn't know what it meant but she liked what she was feeling. It took her a few more days to know what she was feeling just because she asked a friend about it. A few more weeks passed and she definitely knew what she felt but she couldn't act on it. The vampire didn't want to risk their friendship, she was afraid that Haruna will reject her. Just thinking about not able to see the hunter scared her. She just couldn't risk it.

When the hunter met the vampire, she felt that there was something different about her. She was puzzled with herself on why she hang around the vampire, well the vampire was the one who always followed her but she didn't mind. Haruna felt more safe, as a hunter everyone has to work alone. It was a rare thing to be partnered up with someone, so having someone by her side she felt more safe. She didn't mind one bit that it's a vampire who keeps her company. Each day they became closer and closer that both gave nicknames to each other.

 Haruna and Yuko walked back home, after a mission. Yuko had always walked her home after every mission that she got. This night though she noticed something different about the little vampire. When she would ask her question, Yuko would just nod or reply with a "yeah." Once they reached Haruna's apartment, she took this opportunity to ask the vampire questions. The hunter pushed the vampire against the wall, so she wouldn't be able to escape. Both of her hands beside the small vampires's head. 
"Yuuchan, you're acting strange today? What's wrong?"
"Nothing." muttered the vampire and looked away, not able to meet the hunter's eye. It feels that if she did, she will loose all of her control and will do something unforgettable.
"You won't even look me in the eye. Please...tell me what's wrong." pleaded Haruna and rested her forehead against Yuko's. Yuko was surprised with the hunter's movement but she still didn't move. She could feel Haruna's warm touch though and it sent a thousand butterflies in her stomach. Yuko hated to see Haruna worried about her but she can't really do anything about what she felt.
After no answer, "Fine...goodnight then." said Haruna opening the door to her apartment and shut the door behind her. She leaned against the cold steel door, hurt that Yuko couldn't even tell her what was wrong.

Yuko clenched her fist then unclenched it again, ''re stupid.' She still leaned against the wall then after a few seconds went to face the closed door. "I'm sorry..." She mumbled and left.

Upon arriving home, Yuko noticed someone in her house. She frowned and look who it is and it's only her best friend. Minami looked up and sensed something wasn't right.
"What's wrong with you?"
"Life." grumbled Yuko.
" to be more specific? Wait...let me guess this about that human you've been hanging around with?"
"Wha- how'd you know? And she's not just that 'human', she has a name."
"Woah calm down...sorry and you ask me how I know, duh...her scent. So what's her name then?"
"Kojima Haruna."
"So what's the problem then?"
"I think...I'm in love with her."
"Woah! Did you just say that."
"Yeah...don't you dare comment on that."
"I'm not." grinned Minami, shrugging her shoulders, "Why not confess then?"
"That's the thing...I can't because I don't want her to reject me. I don't want to lose her."
"Well...have you ever considered her feelings also? What about if she feels the same? You're scared to confess because you're thinking of yourself, you should also think about her feelings...consider it."
"What about if, she doesn't like me back?"
"Then face it, something might change between you two but I'm sure she won't avoid you."
Yuko nodded and considered everything that Minami said. She finally knew what to do, she laughed at herself for being negative. The vampire then turned to her best friend, "I can't believe...I'm getting your advise on this matter."
Minami just grinned.


"After this...can I talk to you?" asked Yuko as she killed one of the vampires that they were fighting.
"Now you want to talk to me."
"Yesterday...I'm sorry...I wasn't myself yesterday, that's why I need to tell you something today."
"Fine." sighed Haruna and kick the Class E on the chest.

After that small mission, Yuko and Haruna went to the park where they first talked to each other. They sat on the same bench like last time.
"So...tell me what's wrong now?"
"Yesterday...I'm really sorry. I didn't know what to do or act around you."
"Umm...why?" asked Haruna, not sure where the conversation is going.
"This." said Yuko appearing in front of the hunter and cupped her face. She leaned in and pressed her lips against Haruna's. Yuko was ready to be pushed away but it was just the opposite. Haruna put her hands on the vampire's neck and pulled her closer to deepen the kiss. After a few seconds, they both pulled away.
"Wow." said Yuko in bewilderment, "I thought you were going to push me away."
Haruna blushed, "Baka...I would never do that."


"Yuuchan, what are you thinking about?" asked Haruna, noticing that her girlfriend was somehow 'out' of this world. Yuko laid on Haruna's lap.
"I was just thinking about the time we met." grinned the squirrel.
"I see." smiled the ex-hunter, "...Four years since I became a vampire...huh."
"Yup, why you don't like it?"
"No, I actually prefer being a vampire..I don't even know if I should be glad I said that." laughed the vampire. Yuko smiled and clasped her girlfriend's hands, "I love you."
"I love you too." whispered Haruna and leaned in to give a quick kiss on Yuko's lips.
"I want more~" said Yuko.
"We're in the airport. Be glad that I even gave you a kiss."
"Fine~" sighed Yuko, then look at her watch, "Ok, we've been waiting for like forever here...where the hell is Takamina."
"They're here."
"Where?" asked Yuko and sat up. She looked around and finally saw Minami with Atsuko enter the building, "Wait...something is different about Maeda."
"She has the presence of a vampire."
"Eh!? Majide. Takamina changed her that quick." smirked the short vampire.
"I didn't have a choice." replied Minami hearing what her friend said, "I'll explain later."
Atsuko was taken back when she saw the couple.
"Yo, seems we meet again eh?" grinned Yuko.
Atsuko looked at Minami and her girlfriend just smiled, "My best friend...Oshima Yuko and her girlfriend Kojima Haruna."
"Maeda Atsuko, Takamina's girlfriend...we know." said the couple in unison.
"C'mon we should go, less talking more walking...we can do the talking later, right now we have a plane to catch." grinned Minami and walked hand in hand with Atsuko. Yuko and Haruna nodded and also walked beside them.

The End~

AAAAANNNNDDD....that's it!  :mon yeah: comments~ I need comments~ feel free to comment LOL I really want to know on what u think of this... (desperate) LOL  :mon innocent:
holy shizzle...MAN...that was long...I hope u didn't fell asleep in the middle... :cool2:
I Just noticed that this one is a "little" (hah riiiiiight) longer than the rest...  :whistle: and I kind of even rushed the ending...ahahaha  :sweat:
but I think this will be the longest OS that I will write...  :mon exhaust: hahahaha I got carried away writing this...  :mon evillaff:
Thank you for reading! Till next time~! (hoping I can get an idea and write another before Acchan's b-day)  :mon bye: :mon bye: :mon bye:
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Damn this OS was long.  Seemed like a short fic to me.

Yuko and Haruna were alive and pretty much mated.  Acchan and Takamina ran away from their factions.

I like it a lot :D
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Awesome one shot :D Very entertaining and fun to read! Really like the story between Atsuko, Minami, Haruna and Yuko :D
Miichan was great too! Glad she sidded with Atsumina!
Really nice OS, great job ^^
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you fic is as good as always ^^

it is so sad and beautiful I love it

they say love wins over everything ^^

I want more atsumina and kojiyuu please ^^
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All of your one-shots are like epic!!!!!!!!
whew, the vamp one was long, but good
personally, I'm pickier on atsumina than I am on other pairings
thumbs up!
I was silently [kyaa!<3]ing when i read your one shots
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Good long one shot <3 *claps* *claps*
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wow! that was awesome! and I like miichan!!!!
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This is not a one shot it's a short story. OMG can I get a sequel, I want to know Atsumina's life after eloping.
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Great...A long fic, and it took me like...3o minutes to read it? Ahahah~~
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~Ahh....At last, it has been a long time since i read an AtsuMina OS~~Ahh...
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~Wow...Damn it~~Hunter and vampire!~!~ I was looking for this!~!~ LOL
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~Bwaa...Oh man, the way the story flow...Muahh...perfect~~ Takamina!~!~!~!
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~Great OS...I'll be looking forward for the next one...if there is...well i hope there is!! Tnx for da' nice OS!~!
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Love your fic
The vampire,hunter the blood the action and most of all
My atsumina kyaaaaa!
and theres a bonus kojiyuu moment!
I love it~
Ps.atleast bumawi ka sa atsumina!di pa din ako maka getover dun sa takayuki! XD
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The Vampire & The Vampire Hunter OS

Yeah... Atsumina OS...

Very long but interesting story...

Very well written... great action, nice drama twist...

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more

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YAY!!!! The OS!!!  :on woohoo:

after.... umm... maybe a week?...  :? IDk...  :nervous

Awesome as Always Flamey-Kun!!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs

Yeah It's the Longest OS you've written.... But!
It Was really Interesting all Through out!!!  XD

Me Wanna Have More!!!  :panic: :panic: :tantrum: :tantrum:

(maybe even on my B-day?
Lol even if it's still months away haha)
Thanks For the OS by the Way!!!  :stuffed:

Can't Wait For More!!!  :on cny2:   :panic:
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i have to say this i alredy read all yours one-shots

they like me a lot


Update another soon please!!!!!

^_^ i love Atsumina!!!
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GOOD ! GOOD ! This is just too GOOD !
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I hope you continue this OS.
Make this OS into a fic if you are free.  :hee: :hee:

This is just my humble opinion, divide the story-line into more paragraph.
It is quite hard to read.  :grr: :grr:

I ENJOY THIS, thank you  :on cny1: :on cny2: :on cny1: :on cny2:
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Like what I've told you before, I love vampires. www This is a great OS! Hope to read more from you ;) also a bit of hurtful moments between them, I would really like to see from your stories wwww or maybe just my preference.. nevermind XD

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Kyaaa~ Very well written OS.. :thumbsup

Hope to see more stories from you.. :D

AWESOME :twothumbs

Vampire novels? Ahmm.. Have you read vampire academy series, bloodlines series still ongoing, dark series and black dagger brotherhood? but i think you'd finished them already.. Hehehe :nervous

Oh! for the OS you's shared.. :bow: :thumbsup
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this is awesome!  :mon inluv: really awesome! I really loved it~  :mon lovelaff:
This was really long~ hah...took me forever to read it LOL  :mon lol:
thanks cuz! for this!  :mon thumb:
make another OS before Acchan's b-day!  :mon fyeah:
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@kurosawa87: lol yeah xD I didn't know it turned out this way until I was done.. ahahah  :nervous
@arrow27: Thanks you~  :)
@Elo: hahahaha, I'm flattered xD and yeah... the power of love~ lol
@Shinoki: It is? hahaha thanks~ and I'm glad that u liked it then if ur picky on some Atsumina fictiosn... Phew* I passed?  XD
@abcari: arigatou~ :3
@kahem: thanks and lol it seems I made Miichan lovable~ lol   :yep:
@Tanchan: lol yeah...short story it is... ;p and the future...  :nervous
@Dieyg48: ahahaha, that long!? xD satisfied with it then? and hehehe I'll post stuff if I get an idea...  :twothumbs
@Chi: Thank you~ hehehe and lol I wrote this so you can get over the Takayuki but it seems that, ur still not get over them?
@cisda83: lol yup long and interesting~ thanks, that you liked it... xD
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@kenjoy12: salamat po~  XD and yah, I did read the Vampire Academy novels...hehehehe and just a few weeks ago I was reading some fanfiction about yuri of course~  :twisted: wahahaha and bloodlines I heard about that and I want to read it but...when I entered in HS lol, my reading time got decreased  :sweatdrop: As for the dark series and black dagger hood, heard about them but never really checked it out... you could say that I'm picky about vampire novels...hehehehe  :nervous


Soo....yeah I'm back with another OS yay~  :onioncheer: This one is a sequel to my second OS, "Birthday Present" This one is well...just pretty straight forward so I hope no one gets bored...  :err:
I actually finish one~ Phew* well this WILL be my dedication, it's this one not the other one ;p lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACCHAN!  :onioncheer:
I saw on twitter that the others greeted her happy birthday and of course! the one I'm waiting for is WHAT WILL TAKAMINA DO~ :nya: hmm...I atsumina heart... :luvluv1: LOL anyways... I think this OS is a special one for me since...there's something...  :ding:

To Vow Eternal Love

Atsuko laid on her stomach, her arms crossed in front of her as she rested her chin. Minami's on her side, her head propped on her right hand. Her fingers trailed up and down on her lover's back.
"Ne, Atsuko when do you want to get married?"
The tall girl didn't answer right away, she thought about it first. A few seconds passed then she looked at Minami in the eyes and answered, "Hmmm...I don't want to be selfish but what about my birthday, it'll be a double celebration."
"Your birthday is on a Wednesday though."
" is that a no?"
Minami grinned and rolled Atsuko over then kissed her soon-to-be-wife on the forehead, "If that's what you want...we'll do it...anything my fiancé say will be given...and don't be foolish you can be selfish as you want."
"Oh is that so? Right now...I want a kiss." smiled Atsuko and put her hands on Minami's neck. The small woman's now on top of her lover and grinned, "Your wish is my princess."

•Three months later•

Minami and Atsuko waited at the airport, waiting for their ride to come. The couple decided to do their wedding in Naha and so the couple flew there, only a few days before Atsuko's birthday. They have three days to relax then the wedding will commence on the fourth day. They decided to let the wedding planner plan all of it, it’s their job after all. After a few minutes a red CR-V pulled up in front of them. The driver got out of the car and introduced himself as Takahashi Yuji.
"Atsuko this is my brother Yuji, he was kind enough to pick us up." The short woman introduced her brother.
"Maeda Atsuko, nice to meet you."
"Takahashi Yuji, it's finally nice to meet the woman that grab my little sister's heart." Yuji smiled and put his arm around Minami's shoulder.
"Stop that." said Minami however even though she said that, she didn't remove her brother's arm around her.
Atsuko blushed at what Yuji said and looked down on the ground.
"Ah sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you."
"No...It’s fine."
Minami just smiled then went to open the trunk of the car and went to get their bags but Yuji stopped her.
"Takamina you must be tired, I'll take care of two can just relax."
"I'm fine." said Minami and lifted the luggage.
"I see that you still really haven't change, stubborn as always." Yuji laughed and took the luggage from Minami. Minami sighed and gave up, she smiled at Atsuko and held her hand. Opening the door she grinned, "After you, my hime..."

Shortly after they got in the car, Yuji finished with the luggage and went in the car. He looked at the rear view mirror, "So where are you two staying? You never mentioned it to me, you just said to come get you in the airport."
"We made reservation in the Nikko Alivila."

After driving for an hour, the trio finally arrived in front of the hotel. Minami got out of the car and held her hand out to Atsuko when she stepped out. The couple walked in the hotel hand in hand. As for Yuji he carried the luggage and followed the duo. Atsuko and Yuji waited while Minami approached the reception desk and got greeted by a smile, “Good after ma'am, welcome to Nikko Alivila hotel, how I may help you?" The female receptionist asked.
"We have a reservation under Takahashi Minami."
The receptionist nodded and checked the computer, after finding what she was looking for she looked up at Minami, "Your room number is 390 on the top floor. Your luggage will be there and here are your room keys." She gave Minami the two card keys. The bellhop person went and took the three luggage putting them on a trolley.
"Thanks." Minami said and took the keys.
"You’re welcome and enjoy your stay." The receptionist gave a smile.

Minami went back to the two who were waiting, "All set."
"Well, I guess I'm done here for today, I have to go anyways need to go back to work."
"I see...thanks for coming to pick us up even though you were in the middle of work."
Yuji shook his head and lightly laughed, "No, it's ok besides I'm glad to finally meet Maeda-san."
"Oh, so that was your only reason you came?"
"Pretty much."
"And there I thought you were glad to see me." Minami sighed dramatically.
"I was joking, yes I'm glad to see my little sister again and of course I wasn't kidding when I said I was glad to meet your fiancé."
"Well I have to go, you two have a good day. I won't be able to see you the next few days but I'll be there at your wedding and I'll bring my family with me." Yuji said then pulled Minami close to him and whispered, "I'm really glad for you little sis, she seems like a nice girl so you better not screw things up!" Yuji released her and smiled at the couple then bid his goodbye and soon left.

Minami and Atsuko waved goodbye and when he was out of sight, the two headed to the elevator with the bellhop following them. After they reached the tenth floor, the bellhop led the way and showed the couple to their room. Opening their room, the bellhop placed the three luggage near the door then left.

Minami and Atsuko were pleased as they laid their eyes on the room. The room did really live up to the name 'deluxe'. The room has a sitting and work areas: an arm chair, desk, ergonomic work chair and desk lamp.
It has a king size bed and the bedside table also incorporates an iPod compatible clock radio.  On the wall is a 42-inch LCD TV with a DVD player connected with it. Even the bathroom has a 17-inch flat screen TV. It also include complimentary services like complementary tea and coffee maker, mineral water, magazines, newspaper,  large wardrobe, electronic safe, a mini bar, etc. However the most breathtaking thing would be that room has a clear dramatic ocean view (every room DID have an ocean view).

After taking a quick glance around the room, Atsuko flopped herself on the bed. Minami softly chuckled, "Tired?"
"Un." Atsuko replied then rolled on her back, "Your brother seems nice."
"Funny...that's what my brother said earlier too." Minami grinned.
Atsuko looked confused however after a few seconds she finally knew what Minami was talking about.
"Is that so? What else did he say?"
"Osutsuki." Atsuko said and threw a pillow at Minami. The short woman caught the pillow and walked towards the bed. She put the pillow back and crept up on top of Atsuko. They were now face to face.
"Oh yeah? Why do you want to know?"
"Because...I want to know if I should work hard to impress your family."
Minami stared at her lover and laughed to herself. This made Atsuko pout and look away.
"Ah, gomen...I wasn't laughing at's just that you were cute when you said that."
Atsuko still didn't look at her lover. Minami just smiled and waited patiently until Atsuko looked at her again. When she did, the small woman rested her forehead against Atsuko's and gazed deeply into her eyes.
"You don't have to worry about that you know~ they already think of you as a family." Then Minami pressed her lips against Atsuko's forehead. After, she removed herself on top of Atsuko and was about to walk away however Atsuko held her hand. "Lie down with me."
"Whatever you say, hime." Minami said and laid down beside her fiancée. She wrapped her arms around her lover and before they knew it, the couple drifted off to sleep.

Minami woke up first, yawning.  The room was dark. The only thing that illuminated is the clock indicating that it's 7:00 pm. At first she didn't know where she is but her mind registered after a few seconds. She quietly got out of bed so she won't wake up the sleeping figure beside her. The short woman stood up and picked up the remote control on top of the bedside table to turn the lights on. Then she yawned again then went to the bathroom to wash her face. After a few minutes, she went back out and as she did Atsuko's stomach growled. She lightly laughed and said to herself, "Ah...that's right we didn't eat dinner yet." Minami took a quick glance at the sleeping figure on the bed then stroked her chin. "Hmmm...I guess I'll order room service. When she wakes up maybe she wants food." Nodding to herself, she walked towards the phone, and ordered food. They said it would take a while and so she decided she might as well take a shower. After spending fifteen minutes in the bathroom, she got out and found that Atsuko is still sleeping. And so, for the remaining of her free time, she found herself reading a novel on the corner of the room.

Hearing a knock on the door, she set her book down then looked at her watch. It's quarter to eight. She sighed and went to open the door. The room service attendant stood there with the cart of food then left after a quick conversation with the small woman. Minami brought the food in and decided to wake up the sleeping beauty but she didn't have too since Atsuko finally woke up.
"Great timing, I was about to wake you up. Ordered us some food since I knew you'd be probably hungry when you wake up."
Atsuko smiled and went behind her fiancée. She wrapped her arms around Minami's waist and leaned her chin on her shoulder.
"I'm really lucky to have such a considerate husband."
Atsuko brought her mouth close to Minami's ears and whispered, "What? You WILL be the husband on this partnership you know. The dominant one...even in bed." then nibbled on her ear making Minami's face turn red and shudder at the same time.
"Mou, stop teasing me. We better eat before the food gets cold."
The couple used the desk as their table and ate their meal.

After eating their meal, the couple decided to go out even though it’s already eight thirty. Stepping out of the hotel, they made their way on the beach. It was almost empty, only few people were there. The moon illuminated the whole ocean, stars filled up the sky, and the breeze was calm. It was a perfect night to go walk along the beach. Minami and Atsuko held hands, their fingers intertwining with each other perfectly. The two of them walked quietly, it wasn’t necessary for them to talk, sometimes they would fall into silence and both didn’t mind, they just enjoy each other’s company. Being together is everything. Walking for quite some time, Atsuko stopped and looked at the horizon, the wind gently blew, her hair streamed out mingling with in the air. The tall woman removed her slippers and stepped on the sand then she felt something underneath her feet. She lifted her feet and looked down, it was a sea shell. Atsuko bent down and picked up the curved and twisted shell and placed it upon close to her ear. It was the sound of the ocean…whooshing. Minami watched her lover in awe. Her heart fluttered as gaze at her. Every move that Atsuko made was so beautiful, elegant, and graceful…like an angel. It was really captivating. Atsuko turned smiling to look at her lover and pulled her closely in the water. The waves sparkled and glittered playfully, splashing over their feet. The water wasn’t cold but it wasn’t warm also. If there is such thing as between then it would be that. Atsuko almost lost her balance but Minami quickly caught her before hitting the sand. She pulled her up and smiled, “You don’t want to be wet at night. You may catch a cold.”
“Worried about me are you?”
“Of course, I am always worried about my hime.” Minami said and kissed Atsuko’s hand then pulled her closer, their bodies touching, eyes locked on each other. They heard the wave’s splash, the wind rose and blew. Their lips drew near and finally clung into a sweet kiss.
They drew back and smiled. Minami tucked a piece of hair behind Atsuko’s hair grinned, “You know…I actually wanted doing this…walking along the beach hand in hand and at least a kiss while we’re at it.”
Atsuko laughed, “Not those usual fantasies like, I was running wearing a bikini saying ‘Catch me if you can~’ and you were running after me.”
“Eh, we’re not teenagers.”
“Ah…that’s too bad…I always wanted to try doing that.”
“E-e-eh!?” half-shouted Minami looking at her fiancée in shock.
“So…do this with me?” Atsuko said and looked at Minami with a seductive look. Minami gulped, she always couldn’t refuse even if she tried when Atsuko looks at her like that. Her face is beginning to turn red and Atsuko could see it. The small woman fidgeted in her position. Atsuko felt bad teasing Minami but it was always so fun and cute.
“A…a…alright…if y…you want to do it …then...I…I…don’t mind.”
Atsuko squealed and hugged Minami, “Gomen…I was only kidding…I wanted to see you reaction that’s why I said it.”
“Mou~!” Minami pouted and hid her face.
“Forgive me?” Atsuko asked and planted a kiss on Minami’s cheek. Minami didn’t say anything, instead she held Atsuko’s hand and walked back quickly to the hotel.
“Minami why are we in a hurry?” Atsuko asked as she followed Minami. The small woman kept quiet and continued to walk. After a few minutes they final reached their room and Minami opened the door. Minami pushed Atsuko on the bed and went on top of her. She grinned, “I’ll forgive you after this.”

Minami as usual was the first one to get up. Climbing out of the bed quietly, she went to the bathroom and took a shower. After twenty minutes, the small woman got out of the bathroom and looked at the sleeping beauty. She smiled, seeing her fiancée sleeping on the bed. The view was really stunning. Her love slept peacefully, her black hair sprawled on the pillow, and the white blanket wrapped some part of her body: part of her stomach, legs and arms were bare. With the ray of sunlight shining on the sleeping beauty, the sight deeply struck Minami. She grinned to herself and went to get her cell phone. “I wonder what she’ll say about this.” Minami said to herself then took several pictures of Atsuko’s sleeping body. Feeling that she had her fun, she went on the desk and took out a paper and a pen. The small woman wrote,
“Good Morning hime… I went out but don’t worry I’ll be back… I love you ♥
 Oh by the way, you sleeping is really beautiful… Minami ♥”

Satisfied, she nodded to herself and put the note on top of her pillow. Minami leaned in, gave a quick kiss on Atsuko’s forehead, grab her card key, put on her shoes and went out of the room.
Minami went down to the lobby just for a walk then after a while she saw Yuko, Haruna, Mariko, Miichan, Kitarie and Sasshi. The small woman looked at them with surprise.
“Eh!? I thought you weren’t coming until a day before the wedding.”
“That’s what we wanted you to think.” Mariko said.
“So why are you all alone in the lobby? Where’s you soon-to-be-wife?” Yuko asked grinning.
“She’s still sleeping.”
“Eh? But it’s almost ten.” Haruna said.
“Ha…ha…yeah.” Minami said and put her hands behind her head looking away.
“Late night?” Mariko smirked.
“Who knows?” Minami grinned.
“The others will be here later, they wanted to ‘explore’ the place that’s why they aren’t here.”
“I see.”
“We’ll talk later we have to go to our rooms and settle down. After that we can all go out.”
“Ok, I’ll go up ahead maybe Atsuko’s awake.”
“See you later.”
Minami nodded and headed to the elevator. The others went and retrieved their keys to their room. After getting the information about their room, the six women went in the elevator.
“What room are you guys in?” asked Yuko while they waited.
“360.” Mariko answered.
“355, you two?” Sasshi asked.
“361.” Yuko answered.
“Oh no!” said Miichan dramatically, then leaned against Mariko’s shoulder, “Mariko…you know what this means right? We won’t be able to sleep.”
“Sasshi change room with us.” Mariko asked.
“Nah, we’re good.”
“Hey!” Yuko said.
“Gomen…gomen…” Mariko said, then Miichan added, “… but I really hope the rooms are soundproof.”
Yuko chased Miichan and the two ran around in circles, it was a good thing they were the only ones in the elevator since they looked silly. Suddenly Yuko tripped and grabbed the closest person to her which is Haruna. Still, they both fell on the ground in an awkward position for others.
“Itai…” Yuko and Haruna said. Just then the elevator opened, revealing a few people looking at the two with surprise.


Minami entered their room and found Atsuko already up. She smiled upon seeing Atsuko, “Ohayou…hime.”
“Ohayou…so found anything interesting?”
“Hmmm….yeah actually Miichan and the others are here.”
“Eh? I thought they won’t be here until the day before the wedding.”
“That’s what I said too and Mariko answered, ‘That’s what we wanted you to think’.”
“I see…”
“Yeah and the others will be here later, apparently they went ‘exploring’.”
“Of course.”
“Well, it’ll be lunch soon, do you want to dine out with the others?”
“Sure, we can.” Atsuko answered then went to the bathroom, “I’ll get ready.”


"Here comes the bride and groom to be~" Yuko said grinning at the couple.
"I'm not even gonna bother to comment." Minami said regarding to Yuko calling her 'the groom'.
"Hey guys! It's really a surprise to see you here today." Atsuko said and went to hug all of them.
"Our plan worked." Mariko said and grinned.
"Shall we go and eat? I'm getting hungry." Miichan said.

The group went to the deck terrace and sat on the seats.  From left to right its: Minami, Atsuko, Haruna and Yuko across them were: Mariko, Miichan, Sasshi and Kitarie. The waiter came and gave each a menu then left the ladies. After a few minutes he returned and the ladies gave him their orders. While waiting for their order, Miichan brought up the scene that had happened in the elevator. The others laughed while Haruna just bushed feeling embarrassed. As for Yuko she tried to argue that it was really an accident. Then their conversation turn towards the couple that will be getting married.
"So are you two excited? There’s only two days left." Sasshi asked, looking at the couple.
Minami grinned and put her hands on top of Atsuko, "Nervous but yes."
Atsuko nodded agreeing with her fiancée.
"That's to be expected." Mariko smiled.
Minami stood up and excused herself heading for the washroom.
"So where did the others go?" Atsuko asked.
"Probably here and there." Miichan answered.
"That doesn't really say where they are but ok."

For a few minutes, they talked more about different things. Then Atsuko thought maybe her friends have a clue where Minami and her will be going after the wedding.
"You know Minami didn't tell me where we're going after."
"Already thinking about what will happen after the wedding?" Yuko grinned and winked.
"Part of it but I really want to know where we're going. Do you know? I'm dying to know where it is."
Before they could answer Minami slid back on her seat and smiled at Atsuko, "I'm telling you, it's a secret. You'll just have to wait, besides they don't asking them is useless."                                 The others nodded, "Sorry, don't know where it'll be."
Then their waiter arrived with their food. Miichan looked at her food, a slow roasted back ribs. Her eyes glittered.
“Oi, you’re drooling.” Mariko said.
“I can’t help it, it looks delicious.”
The others laughed. Having their food in front of them, they started eating.
Later in the afternoon, the others revealed themselves: Tomochin, Tomo, Mayu, Yuki, Sae, Sayaka, Jurina and Rena. It seemed that the first four went to the mall to check what’s in the place while the other four went ahead and visited some places.


With only two left before the actual wedding, time flew by and it felt like those two days never existed. It’s now the fourth day, Wednesday, their wedding day and also Atsuko’s birthday.The day that everyone has been waiting for arrived. Minami as usual was the first one to be awaken.  She went to the bathroom and got ready to leave, it was agreed that they won’t see each other until the wedding. Changed, she wrote down a note and set it on her pillow.

“The day is finally here, I’m really excited and nervous, I wonder if you feel the same. Also it’s your birthday today, too bad I really wanted to be here lying beside you when you open your eyes and greet you a Happy Birthday but the deal that we made is preventing from doing that. I won’t be here to greet you happy birthday and say what I wanted to say… but writing it down is I guess another way. 
...My love, you bring a smile to my face. You bring joy to my heart. You are the sunshine of my life. All of that and much more, every time I think of you. I draw a circle around you, not a heart, because a heart can break, but a circle goes on forever. I love you. Happy birthday hime.
                                                                                                                                                                                   -Minami ♥"


Minami stood in front of the mirror, looking at herself. Her medium hair that usually touched her shoulder were tied up. The short woman wore a slick white suit from head to toe with a shoes that shone brightly. A long sleeved white polo shirt, on top of it is a three buttoned waistcoat and lastly a jacket with a silver wave pattern on her right shoulder. She turned towards the door, hearing the door open.
“Hohoho, you actually look great with those.” Yuko grinned.
“You guys were the ones who told me to wear this, besides I could say the same.”
“Did we now…and hah, I’ll be happy when I hear that from my Nyan-Nyan. Anyways how do you feel?”
“Don’t be.”
“Trying not to.”
“Everything will go great, don’t sweat it.”
“I hope so.”
“It will, c’mon I came here to get you, you’re the man here so you should be out already~”
“Wait, I just have to put this bow tie on.” Minami said and faced the mirror one last and wore the white bow tie. She turned towards her friend who’s waiting at the door, “Ok…I’m all set, let’s do this.”

Atsuko sat on the chair, waiting for her hair and make up to be done. She imagined herself walking down the aisle. Her friends and family looking at her from the sidelines and lastly the person that she loves the most...waiting for her. Thinking about it made her all...emotional inside. When she's almost finished, her mom entered the room and waited. She smiled seeing her daughter. All finished, Atsuko turned to her mom.
"You're so beautiful honey." Her mom said, a tear escaping from her eye, " I'm thinking my times. It was so -"
"Mom." Atsuko said, making her mom stop before she'll start rambling about her 'past'.
"Ah, right sorry. Well I came here to check on you."
"Are you sure about this?"
"Mom...seriously. Yes, I'm sure about the love of my life."
Atsuko's mom smiled, "That's good, I just wanted to make sure."
A few seconds later, Miichan and Mariko strode in the room.
“Oh…sorry did we disturb something?” Mariko asked.
“No…nothing…mom was just about to leave.” Atsuko said, then looked at her mom, “Weren’t you?”
“Yes, I’ll go…I need to check on your father.” Her mom said and made her way out.
“Did something happen?” Mariko asked.
“Just came asking if I’m sure about this.”
“Of course I’m sure about this! Minami is everything to me.”
“Yeah we know.”
"Acchan! You look gorgeous." Miichan said.
“Ah…I wonder how Takamina will react on this.”
“Want to make a bet?” Mariko asked.
“Hey!” Atsuko said.
“I’m in.” Miichan said.
“Seriously, don’t make money off this.”
“Who said we’re talking about money.” Mariko grinned.
“Oh god…why did I have to say it.”
“Anyways, we came here to say good luck and that it’s starting soon.”
“We’ll see you there.” Miichan said and took Mariko by the hand then the two left Atsuko all alone.


Everything was already, the bridesmaids, ‘groomswomen’, maid of honor, best ‘woman’ and lastly the bride were all waiting. The bridesmaids were: Haruna, Tomo, Ami and as for the groomswomen: Yuko, Tomochin, Sayaka. Also as agreed, all the ‘acting men’ in the wedding wore a tux so Minami wouldn’t be the only one. One by one the partners walked down the aisle: Haruna & Yuko, Tomo & Tomochin, Ami & Sayaka. Lastly the maid of honor (Mariko) and the best woman (Miichan) entered.
The ‘groom’ watched as her friends walked down the aisle. Everything went really well with the ‘dressing up as the guys’ for them. Both pairing did look beautiful and handsome. After the maid of honor and the best woman entered. Minami’s her heart started thumping really loud in her ears, nervous and yet excited at the same time. She’s shaking and she knew it. It’s finally happening and she couldn’t believe it. In a few minutes Atsuko and her would be bounded, will make their vows with each other and she would be proud to finally call Atsuko her wife. The music started playing and Minami stood still, her eyes on the entrance of the chapel. As soon as she caught glimpse of Atsuko, her heart stopped. When the couple set their eyes on one another, Atsuko smiled at Minami. The short woman felt like her heart melted. Atsuko wore a one piece, strapless, A-line gown with a corset closure. The luminous satin gown features the glamour of a glistening jeweled bodice. An asymmetrical wrap waist is highlighted with a spray of beading. The back of the gown is accentuated with cascading pleats embellished with jeweled accents.
Minami couldn’t take her eyes off her lover. Each stepped that Atsuko took, Minami’s heart started to beat fast and faster. Her eyes were glued on her lover. To her it was only her and Atsuko, her surrounding were all blurry, her focus is just on her fiancée. They wanted the day to be one of the best moments that they’ll have.
Atsuko is just outside the chapel, waiting for the music to begin. Her father stood on her right.
“Ah…my dream is finally becoming true.” Her father said, tears forming in his eyes.
Atsuko rolled her eyes but she smiled, ‘Mine is too.’
The bride took a deep breath and linked her arms with her father. Her father looked and smiled at her daughter, “Ready?” She nodded and the two started walking, the music started playing. Her heart pounded as she took her first step on the crystal glass aisle. Her family and friends were at the sides smiling and cheering for her quietly. She smiled to herself and look up ahead to where Minami is waiting. When she saw the petit woman standing on the end of the aisle with the white tux. Minami looked so cute and handsome with the tux on. She had the urge to run towards her and hug Minami but of course she refrained herself from doing such embarrassing action. After what it seemed like forever, they finally reach the end of the aisle and Minami grinned at Atsuko.
“Take care of my daughter Takahashi.” Atsuko’s father said as he smiled and stepped away.
Minami nodded and took Atsuko by the arm and soon the two slowly walked on the altar but before doing so Atsuko handed her bouquet to Mariko since she’s the maid of honor. While they walked towards the altar Minami had the time and whispered to her lover, “You’re so beautiful.”
Facing Mai the priest for the day, she started,
"We are gathered together on this beautiful morning to share with Atsuko and Minami as they exchange vows of their everlasting love.
Who gives this woman to be married to this man errr…I mean woman?”
The crowd laugh and Minami just blushed.
Atsuko’s father said, “Her mom and I.”
Mai nodded and continued, “As Atsuko and Minami take their vows today, we are privileged to witness the joyous love of a new family -- a family that will be nourished and nurtured through the devotion of two separate individuals growing together through the common bonds of love.
May their marriage bring them the peace, joy, comfort and contentment that is known in the hearts of all God's children. And may Minami and Atsuko both look forward to each new season of their marriage --- just as the world looks forward to each new season of the year. For all seasons bring with them their own special moments and memories.
An essential requirement of a good marriage is a strong bond of real friendship and trust. Atsuko and Minami, your love for each other will grow deeper with every passing day, but it's important to remember that your love stands on a foundation of genuine, mutual affection and respect for each other. To truly LOVE another person is to be willing to accept both their strong points, and their weak points, with equal measures of understanding and respect.
The vows you are about to exchange, will serve as a verbal representation of the non-verbal emotions that are as real as anything that can be seen, heard or touched.
For it is not the words that you will speak today that will bond you together as one --- but the strength of the love and commitment found deep within your souls.”
The couple faced each other and held each other’s hands.
“Minami, you are so many things to me, and I am sure you will be many more in our life together. No one is perfect, but with all of your strengths and weaknesses, and with all of mine, together we ARE perfect. You complete me in more ways than I could have thought possible. I knew before my heart did that we were made for each other. Now my heart has caught up, and the joy that I feel from the love that I have for you is incomparable, and I know that you feel the same because your love radiates from you and surrounds me in warmth.

Because of all of these things, I want with all my heart, to be the best person I can be for you. I will love you forever. I will laugh with you when times are good, and I will lift you up when times are hard. I will be the joy of your heart, and I will be the food of your soul. I promise to wash away your tears with my kisses, and hold you with passion. My affection will know no bounds. With this ring I give to you my body, my mind, my soul, my ENTIRE BEING.” Atsuko vowed and slid the ring on Minami’s ring finger.
Minami was on the verge of tears, she wanted to cry out of happiness but she held it in, she stayed strong for the ceremony and just smiled at her partner. Taking a deep breath, she looked at Atsuko’s eyes and said her vow.
“As I stand here before you, my eyes looking so deeply into yours, I see all of the things I fell in love with.
As I stand here before you, my heart beating so loudly in my ears, I find myself so lost for the right words to say. As I stand here before you, this ring in my hand, it makes me remember how complete you make my life. With every smile, every embrace, every tear you've ever wiped from my face. It makes me remember how blessed I really am, how I can't ever thank the Lord above enough, for allowing you into my life. It makes me remember every laugh we've ever shared, every hard time we made it through together, and every beautiful moment there is to come.
I give you this ring, my heart, my soul. I give you the everything I am today as I stand before you. I promise to love you, protect you, be with you forever, and cherish every moment as if it were the last moment on earth. Atsuko, I love you. With this ring, let it be known, that over every other person in the world I could be with, I chose you. Let it be known, that with this ring, I'm promising to be here for you for all eternity, 'til death do us part.”
Minami slid the golden ring on her lover’s ring finger and lifted Atsuko’s hand to her lips and kissed it.
“I now pronounce you husba- wife and wife.” Mai grinned then turn to Minami and winked, “You may kiss the bride.”
Minami smiled and pulled Atsuko close to her, then Atsuko slightly leaned down and met Minami’s lips. Forgetting where they were, well more like ignoring where they are, their kiss deepened.
“You go Takamina!” Yuko shouted then Haruna hit her on the shoulder.
“Oi! Don’t forget where you are!” Miichan commented.
Hearing that, the newlyweds pulled away and both were blushing as they face their friends and family. Mariko congratulated the couple and gave back the bouquet to Atsuko. Astuko thanked her and Minami held Atsuko’s hand, the two walked down the aisle on to the reception. Their family and friends clapped and cheered for the couple.
Arriving at the reception, all their guest were there and when the couple entered, they announced the dance. Minami smiled and held her hand for Atsuko, Atsuko took it and soon the newlyweds started dancing. After all the dancing (father/daughter dance & mother/groom) dance was done. Dinner was served but before that could happen someone needed to give a toast and the first one to go is none other than Miichan, “Good afternoon, my name is Minegeshi Minami and on behalf of Takamina and Acchan, I would like to thank you for attending this blessed event today! I have the honor of acting as ‘best man’ tonight or should I rather say ‘best woman’.” The crowd laughed. Miichan smiled and continued, “…I am thrilled that I am with these two wonderful people as they begin this new chapter in their lives. Acchan and Takamina have each walked many miles to be here together today, and this wedding is a joy to behold. I can speak for everyone in this room, when I say we all wish you the happiness that you deserve. We are so glad that you have found one another, and this day is a reminder that the best is yet to come.
Congratulations, Takamina and Acchan! Also I would like to greet Acchan Happy Birthday! It’s her birthday today and I think everyone has forgotten because of the wedding!”
“No we didn’t!” Yuko shouted.
Miichan just continued, “Anyways…we’re not too old to sing Happy Birthday right? If you don’t mind why don’t we sing Happy Birthday to the lovely bride!”
After Miichan was done telling her speech she earned a loud applause. Also, with that requested, all of them sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Atsuko. Atsuko hugged Minami’s arm as the others sang. She was embarrassed but at the same time happy.
With that done, the dinner started and shortly got followed by cutting the cake. Then what everyone was looking for happened next…tossing the bouquet.
“Nyan-Nyan you should go~ maybe you’ll catch it~” Yuko grinned as she held her girlfriend.
“Mariko~ aren’t you going?” Miichan asked teasingly.
 “Ne, Yukirin we should go~” Mayu said as she poked her girlfriend.
“Rena want to go? We can be next.” Jurina grinned.
“Tomo you should go.” Tomochin said.
“Eh…but I’m not really interested it in getting it though.”
The couples talked about going and if they should go and in the end the ones who were ready are: Haruna, Mariko, Tomo, Mayu, Jurina, Sae, Sasshi, Kitarie, Asuka, Mai, Ohori and other members gathered up.
Atsuko turned around, the bouquet on her hands and she was ready to throw. Taking a deep breath, she mumbled, “good luck girls” then threw the bouquet over her head. For all of them that were waiting for it, when Atsuko threw it for them it was like in slow motion. Everyone looked up on the air watching the bouquet fall, their hands were raised. Tomo just stood there, just watching it but her hands wasn’t raised like everyone else’s. She was only there since Tomochin convinced her to go. “I don’t really get why everyone is fussing about this.” She mumbled to herself and sighed. Then the bouquet landed on her arms. Her eyes widened in shock and amazement.
“Tomochin it seems that it’s your turn next!” Miichan grinned and added, “…I’ll be your ‘best man’ right?”
“Maybe.” Tomochin answered.
“Disappointed that Nyan-Nyan didn’t get it.” Yuko sighed, “…maybe it just means that it’ll be a while until we exchange our vows too, right?” She turned to look at her girlfriend. Haruna ignored her.
“Ooooh~ look what you did.” Miichan snickered.
“Eh? What? Did I say something wro- oh…”
“Yeah, ‘oh’.”
Yuko approached her girlfriend, “Nyan-Nyan…what I said earlier…”
“You were saying that you don’t really care.” Haruna pouted, still not meeting Yuko’s eyes.
“I do care~ Nyan-Nyan c’mon~ I know you won’t be mad at me forever~ besides even if we don’t ‘get married’ I will still be with you forever.” Yuko smiled and offered her hands, “Dance with me please?”
“Ah, Tomo got the bouquet instead.” Rena said.
“Were you expecting me to get it?” Jurina asked and sat on her girlfriend’s lap.
“Did you want me to get it?”
“That’s the same question you asked and I’ll change my answer to yes.”
“No not really.” Jurina smiled then leaned and whispered in her ear, “…besides if you did wanted to ‘get married’ we don’t really need the bouquet you know…we can plan it ourselves.”
“You weren’t disappointed that you didn’t get it?” Yuki asked Mayu.
“Hmmm…I really wanted you to get it.”
“We don’t really need it.”
“Because you’re already mine and I’m already yours…ever since our first night.” Mayu said as she grinned.
Yuki’s face started to turn red, Mayu laughed and grabbed her girlfriend’s hands, “C’mon let’s go dance.”
“So…who do you think is going to go next?” Minami asked her wife as the two danced.
“I’m not really sure, but whoever they are, I bet they’ll treasure that day too, like how I’m treasuring every moment on this day.”


Continuation is here~  CLICK ( :mon mischief:

Atsuko collapsed on her lover's body, her head rested over Minami's heart and listened to the rapid beating as it slowly calm down and settled back to a normal pace a short while later. Minami wrapped her arms around Atsuko, feeling the warmth of her lover. A few minutes later, Atsuko climbed up so she was face to face with Minami, they gazed at each other and lastly smiled. Atsuko's finger reached out to lightly trace the side of Minami's face, her thumb caress against her lips and Minami kissed it. Minami brought her hands up and grab Atsuko's hands and kissed the back of her hand. The small woman smiled and let their fingers intertwined. She looked at their clasped hands then after gazed deeply into her lover's eyes.

" live my life with all I desire."


SO how was it?  :hee: Well that is my third attempt  to write a lemon scene and I finally succeeded!  :farofflook: My third attempt is my first~! so happy... lol :ding: I wonder what changed? hmm... hahahaha anyways...yeah..that's all what I have  :on lol: look forward for my other ones (if there will be other ones)  :depressed:
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ah oh yeah, DISCLAIMER: those wedding speech and vows and Miichan's speech those are from the XD
P.S. SO Chi satisfied ka na ba? nag get over ka na ba sa Takayuki? xD  :on lol: bawe ko to especially yung firework scene~ since u kept asking for it~ :sweat: I hope that passed since no one really checked over that....  :nervous
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Well with this I changed to First person :v I wanted to try it...ahahahha to see which is more comfortable for me...since I always wrote Third Person... but after writing this I think I'll stick to Third Person... o.o xD ahahahhaa but maybe I'll use this once in a while...

  My Feelings For You

Today, is like none other day but this day is different. We sat on the school rooftop having our lunch. Every day during lunch we would always sneak up to the rooftop to eat our lunch. It’s our daily routine. Lunch time is the only time that I could spend my time with her. Only the two of us, alone. It’s not like I don’t like spending my time with the others, but we would always be surrounded with our other friends and I don’t mind really, it’s just that Acchan and I never get a time to be alone together. Every day I would always look forward for lunch time, even though it would only last twenty minutes or so however I don’t mind as long as I get to spend my time with her. Todays is supposed to be like other typical day but it’s different. It wasn’t just about her, it was also about me…that is changing.
“Ne, Takamina.” She says.
“Yeah?” I asked her.
“Do you like someone?”
When she asked me that question, my heart almost stopped. I wanted to say, ‘Yes…you! I’ve been in love with you for a long time.’ But no I couldn’t say it. I’m a coward. Instead I said, “No, Do you?”
I looked at her and I knew something was different, she fidgeted in her seat and her face started to turn red.
“In fact I do.” She answered and looked up at the sky, “…I think I really like him.”
Hearing her say, that she loves someone, I felt a pang of sadness. I really got my hopes up right there, I should have expected that she would say that. Of course she would be interested in guys. What was I thinking? We’re both girls, of course she wouldn’t love me like the way I do. I grinned at her and acted naturally, masking my sadness, “Oh really? Who is it? Is he from our class? Do I know him?”
“Hmmm…I don’t know if I should tell you.” She smiled at me and I knew that she was teasing me. I knew that she wanted to tell me who it is but right now she wanted to tease me about it.
“You won’t even tell your best friend, who your crush is?” I asked her, sounding dramatic.
“Ok, If you tell me I’ll give you one if my side dishes.”
“It’s a tomato, it’s obvious you’d give that to me.”
“You got me, are you going to tell me now?”
“Fine but don’t tell the others ok? I’m sharing this with you because you’re my best friend.”
“I promise.” I told her smiling.
“It’s Sato Takeru from the soccer club.” She said and obviously was blushing.
“Hmm…well…he’s popular, it’s only natural that you would have a crush on him.” I told her and gave her a playful poke on the ribs, “So…did you tell him your feelings?”
“Eh? Why not? I’m sure he will agree! You’re the most beautiful girl that I know! Who could turn a pretty girl like you down?” I said to her and thought to myself, ‘They’d be stupid if they do.’
“You think so?”
I nodded.
“Acchan.” I said, our eyes met for a moment and I swear it felt like eternity. My body moved on its own and before I knew what I had done, it was too late since I’m kissing her on the lips. I don’t know why I did that, maybe it was because I didn’t want to give her first kiss to anyone but me? As expected her lips was soft and I tasted strawberry from the lip-gloss that she uses. I pulled back and I could tell she was surprised, thinking of something to say, I quickly told her, “It’s a good luck charm so everything will go well with that guy.” It seemed to work since she smiled and nodded at me. Thank god that she didn’t slap me or yell ‘gross!’ or something like that. If she did…I probably wouldn’t know what do. I would probably die.
‘Acchan I’m really sorry that I stole and gave you your first kiss but just thinking about him laying his hands on you, it’s making my heart ache. However I won’t do anything that you dislike until you tell me and I won’t hold any anger towards him. I’ll try. As long as you’re happy, I can be happy. Staying with you by your side is enough for me.’
After that, we quietly ate our lunch, it wasn’t an awkward silence or anything, we were just quiet. The time with her I have left ended and we went back down to where our friends are.
“Hey, you two are back!” Yuko said to us, as we entered the classroom. Yuko is another good friend of mine, she’s one of the two people that knows that I like Acchan. I really do envy her, no, not only her but Kojinyan as well. The two are a couple and I’m the only one that knows about it. It was an accident when I found about it. We were in Yuko’s house, we decided to go there because Yuko agreed to help Kojinyan and I to study. Usually it would be Acchan that would help me study but during that time, she was busy so she couldn’t help me. That day, since I needed to use the washroom, I excused myself and went to do my business, I was really quick. So when I came back and opened the door, I found them kissing and I automatically yelled, “No way!” The entire neighborhood probably heard it. Yuko quickly grabbed me and closed to the door. “Takamina, what did you see!?” She asked me anxiously.       
“Ummm...” That was what I could only say, and I looked around the room trying to avoid her eyes.
“I’m sorry Takamina but I think I have to give you a little memory loss.” Yuko told me. I thought she was just joking but when I looked at her, her eyes were filled with seriousness.
“Yuuchan!” Kojinyan scolded her then she looked at me, “Gomen…Takamina but can you keep this a secret?”
I quickly nodded and said, “Sure.” I didn’t really ask any questions or anything, I think I knew it before but just never asked. It really is fine by me. I’m just glad for them.
As for the how Yuko knew how I like Acchan, it was a few days later when I found out that she and Kojinyan were going out. When we were alone, she suddenly asked out of the blue, “Do you like Acchan?”
I figured I should be honest and it’s only fair that she should know something since I know a secret of theirs too and so I could only nod at her question, then I asked, “How do you know?”
“The way you look at her.” She simply answered and grinned at me.
“Eh? Do I stare at her that much?” I asked her, if I did stare at her a lot, then I don’t notice that I do.
“No but I can just tell the way you look at her, it was the way I used to look at my Nyan-Nyan.”
“I see…”
“So why don’t you tell her how you feel?” She asked me, making it sound so easy but really it’s not that easy.
“I...don’t know.” I lied to her, but the truth is I know why I won’t say it and it’s really simple. It’s because I’m just scared of her rejecting me and…losing her forever. The thought of Acchan distancing herself from me is quite scary, I really can’t imagine it. I wouldn’t know what to do.
With my answer, Yuko just nodded, I think she knew I was lying but she didn’t press the subject further in and I’m thankful for that. The other one that knows that I like Acchan would be my childhood friend...Miichan. God, I’m sure that girl knows everything. I’m sure that she even knows where Acchan and I go every day for lunch. I don’t know how she knew about it but I wasn’t really surprise when she told me. She’s Miichan after all, I wonder if she knows about Yuko and Kojinyan.
After we got back to the classroom, all of us just chatted. Nothing really interesting that caught my ears, it was the usual subjects like: grades, shopping, nails, all girl stuff, etc. Then the bell rang ending our lunch break. With our lunch break finish, I only have English and Math left, my two worst subject. The others went back to their classroom and I went back to my seat, it’s the third seat and I’m close to the window, which I prefer and like. If I would get bored I would just look outside.
 When lunch is done, Acchan would have gym and this time of the year, they’re outside. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of her laughing with the others, the sight of her laughing or smiling always made me calm and I would always smile to myself if I see her doing something clumsy. Acchan is clumsy at sports however she do excel with all her subjects, well except for Gym of course. As for me I’m the opposite, I love sports even though I’m short. Overall I like running, I don’t even know why I like it myself. When I entered the girl’s track & field club for my first time, the senpai teased me saying I’m too short, that I have short legs and that I can’t really run fast however when we got to the real thing, I proved them wrong and left their mouth hanging. That was really funny. Even though I’m short and have short legs, I can run. As for my subject, my second best subject after gym would be Science and as for the rest I’m managing to pass those except for English and Math. Acchan would always help me study.
Finally after two hours, the bell rang ending our day. I heaved a sigh and stretched my arms out. Getting up, I went straight to our club room and changed. Luckily, I was the first one to be there. I went out and did some stretches. Feeling all ready, I jogged one lap around the track, it was then that the others started showing up.
“Takamina! We’re going to have a race!” Yuko shouted, waving at me. She’s also a member of the club, for the last two and half years that we joined, Yuko would always challenge me to a 200 meter race. So far we had 75 races and I’m leading by one, thirty-eight for me and thirty-seven for her.
“Sure.” I answered grinning at her.
“I’m going to beat you this time and it’ll be tie then after that I’m going to challenge you and lead by one.”
I laughed and nodded, “Bring it on.”
“They’re at it again.” I heard one of the junior say and others laughed.
While we went to the starting line, I saw Jurina ran up to the starting line with a stop watch. She would always time me and Yuko, and the one who would start it. I crouched down to take the position, waiting for Jurina to start it.
“Ichi ni tsuite…”
 I leaned forward.
 I moved into an upright position, my heart thumping and waiting for the last keyword to start.
“Don!” I heard Jurina say. I took my first step, then the second and when I stepped on my third, my vision got blurry, I saw Yuko’s figure, getting further away. “Huh?” I said to myself, confused at what was happening. My body felt heavy and before I knew it I was on the ground. Confusion took over me as I can see some people running towards me. “Takamina!” I heard someone say but I didn’t know who it was from, next thing I knew everything went black.


It felt that I was floating. I could see nothing. I lay still, hoping to hear something but there was nothing. If all this darkness was a dream then I wanted to wake up. I tried to open my eyes but failed, still nothing and only darkness. Trying once more, I met failure once again. This time more darkness took over me and I drifted away.


Something drop down on my face, I didn’t know what, but it was warm. I opened my eyes and saw my mother crying. It was her tears. She wiped her tears away. Instantly, she hugged me. I didn’t know why she cried, however I lifted my arms and put my arms around her in a hug.
“Okaasan, Doushita no?” I asked her and when I said it, it came out hoarsely.
She looked at me with sad eyes and more tears spilled out of her eyes. I didn’t know what was wrong since she wasn’t telling me anything so I just patted her back. A few seconds later, my eyes drifted to the door and saw my father enter. He looked at me and smiled, I smiled back. My mom stopped crying again and went beside my father. Then the doctor came in, that’s the only time I realised that I’m in a hospital.
“How are you doing Takahashi-san?” He asked me.
“Umm…fine? Why am I in the hospital?” I asked him.
“You don’t remember?
I shook my head, “iie.”
“You collapsed during club activities.”
It still didn’t ring any bells and I could only said, “Is that so.” I knew I was in trouble since the doctor said before that I should stop going to my club activity.
“Do you even know the condition you’re in now?”
I shook my head again, “No, is it that bad?”
“We’ll leave you two to talk.” My father said and my parents went out of the room.
“Takahashi-san…as you may know…we’re trying our best for the last past few months. Even this month, we’re still trying.”
I nodded.
“You know that you shouldn’t over exert yourself.”
“Yeah…I know…you told me that a few weeks ago but…it’s just that…”
“I know, you don’t have to finish,” He said and smiled at me; putting his hands on my shoulder and patted me, “…but please understand.”
“Ok, I will.”
“Thank you and if you don’t mind me asking…did you tell your friends?”
“No, I can’t and it’s better this way since I don’t want to worry them.”
“I see…it’s yours decision after all.”
“Yeah…I’m glad you understand.”
“It’s fine.”
“Doctor, tell me how long have I been out?”
“Three days.”
“When can I go back to school?”
“I think it’s better if you stay in the hospital.”
“What!? No, please…give me one week…then I’ll return please…I still have some things that I have to.” I pleaded. Yeah…I still have something that I need to do…especially for her.
“I don’t know.”
“Please…doctor…just for a week…then I promise I’ll be back.” I asked him. If I have a week then that’s fine, as long as I’ll be by her side for a few more days then I’ll be fine.
I just watch him as he sighed, eager to know what he would say.
“Ok, but for a week.”
I smiled and said thank you.
“As long as you come back.”
“Yes, I promise…so when can I leave?”
“Tomorrow is fine.”
“Arigatou Anzai-sensei.”
“Good luck,” He told me, “…I need to go.”
I nodded and watched him make his way out of the door.


Today is Monday, it’s a new week and my last week with them, especially with…her. I stood in front of the classroom door, thinking of what I should say about my ‘little’ incident that happened four days ago. With an answer in my head, I opened the door and walked in. The others were there all huddled up in a group like always. I smiled, I would miss seeing this. I walked towards them and said my greetings. As expected I got swarmed with questions. I just laughed, “I’m ok, don’t worry about me…I just fainted, that’s all. I didn’t really get enough sleep since I was thinking about the upcoming tests.” It seemed that the others bought my reason since they sighed in relief, but there is one who wasn’t convinced about my reasoning. She really is keen. I laughed to myself.
“Are you sure you’re ok?” Acchan asked me, giving me the ‘I’m not believing you’ look. I put up the brightest smile I could and smiled at her, “Un.” I looked at her as she took a deep breath and exhaled, she looked at me, I could see guilt on her face, “Sorry I couldn’t go visit you.” I shook my head, “It’s ok.” She smiled at me and took a step forward then hugged me. I was surprise but I just relaxed and hugged her back. She whispered in my ear, “I’m glad you’re ok.”
“Oi you two, stop being all lovey-dovey, class is starting.” I heard Yuko say. We pulled away and I turned around to shot Yuko a look. She just winked. I felt Acchan’s chin on my right shoulder, her hands wrapped around my hips, I blushed. She said, “It’s ok~ I love Takamina~so it’s fine.” I think my face got redder, but I really wish that she really loves me like the way I do, not just as best friends. Well…I get what I can get.
“Sensei’s here.” Miichan said, the others going to their seats. Acchan let go of me and went to her seat. I just sighed and went to my seat also.
Finally, lunch came. As soon as the bell rang, I quickly took off and made my way to the roof. When I got their Acchan’s already sitting, she’s leaning against the wall. She smiled at me when our eyes met. Those smiles of hers really is enough to get my day going, I would do anything just to see her smile. I waved and went to sit beside her. “You know ever since we started going up here, you’re always the first one to be here even though I ran here every time the bell rings, you will always be here. I don’t get how you can be here so quick.” She laughed, “It’s a secret~ C’mon let’s eat.”  I nodded and opened my bento and of course there’s a…tomato in it. I stared at it like it’s a strange creature.
“You should eat your tomatoes~” Acchan said.
“But…I just can’t. I hate it.”
“You’re still a kid.” Acchan teased and took all the tomatoes, putting it on her bento, “Happy?”
I nodded, forgetting that she just called me ‘a kid’, I was hungry so I really didn’t care anymore. “Ittadakimasu~” We both said and started eating our food.
“Oh yeah! I have something exciting to say!” Acchan said.
“Oh really? What is it?” I asked her as I started to drink water.
“Say it.”
“T-takeru-kun accepted.”
My whole world stopped, did I just hear what she said? I felt something drip on my hands then I realized it. I’m crying. Huh? I wiped my face but the tears wouldn’t stop coming. I felt a heavy pain in my chest. Is this what they call rejection? Jealousy? Broken hearted?
“Eh? Takamina why are you crying?” I heard Acchan say, a hint of panic in her voice.  I wiped my tears again but it was still the same, it wouldn’t stop. I just shook my head and as much as I hated to say it, I said it, “I…I’m just happy that Takeru accepted your confession.” I was lying. I wasn’t happy at all. I never thought that Acchan would really go and confess to him that quick. Why couldn’t she wait? In that moment I hated Takeru. I think it wasn’t that moment, it was probably a few days ago when Acchan told me she liked him. It was then that I secretly started to hate him but with my resentment, there comes envy. My feelings are all jangled up. I stood up, “Sorry, I have to go to the restroom for a while.” I quickly ran away from her and headed down to the restroom.
Reaching the restroom, I stopped and looked at the mirror. At me. My reflection…and what I saw is a girl…hurt, scared, vulnerable, lost and broken. Is that me? Never once in my life, had I been this so weak. I always tried to be strong and cheerful, not this pathetic little girl that looks broken. Something snapped inside me and suddenly I was laughing madly. Then after a few seconds, I finally calmed down. I felt…refreshed. Turning on the faucet, I washed my face. I looked at the mirror once again and this time…I knew something became different but I don’t know what. I left the restroom and went back to the rooftop.
“Are you ok now?” Acchan asked and I could see the worry on her face, “Why…did…you cry?”
“I’m fine and like I told you earlier I’m just happy for you Acchan. I really am.” As long as you’re happy I’ll be happy but I don’t want it like this…not Takeru. I…won’t give you to anyone.
“You really got me worried there.” She pouted and came to take my hand, guiding me to sit back down.
“Gomen…I just became too emotional. You know me.” I softly laughed.
She nodded and kept continuing to eat. As for me, I didn’t feel like eating anymore so I just put it away and leaned against the wall. I looked up at the sky and saw two birds flying. I extended my arms towards where the birds are. It must be nice to fly so freely. I drop my arm on my lap and sighed.
“What’s wrong?” Acchan asked.
“Nothing…just wondering what it feels like to fly.” I replied and she nodded.
“I’m sure it’s nice.”
After she finished eating her lunch, we went back down to the classroom like usual. In front of the door, I stopped her and asked, “Oh umm…Acchan?”
“Do you want to go somewhere after school?”
“Ah, gomen ne…I can’t.” She said then I saw her blush, “Takeru asked me to go with him later.”
I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth but I smiled, like how any good friend acts, “I see…another time then. Have fun then.”
“Thanks.” She said. I just nodded and slid the door open to the classroom.


The bell rang ending our day. I just sat on my desk, my chin resting on my propped arm. Nothing really to look forward to this afternoon. I couldn't participate on the club activities since...I'm not allowed. Acchan has a date with that guy. There's really nothing to do except to go home. My eyes twitched as I saw Takeru with Acchan outside. I watched the two, it seems Takeru said something to her which made Acchan laugh. I clenched my fist and I didn’t even feel my nails dig into my flesh. I felt nothing, no pain from that, but watching Acchan laughing, those smile and laughter of hers wasn't for me, it made me jealous and more bitter towards Takeru. My chair fell on the floor as I abruptly stood up. I grab my bag and ran out of the classroom, not bothering to fix my chair. I ran down to my locker to change my shoes and quickly walked to where Acchan and Takeru is but when I arrived they weren't there anymore, I walked towards the gate and maybe they already went. To my luck they're still in sight. I knew it was wrong and if Acchan ever found out...I know she'll be mad at me but I couldn't really care less anymore and so I followed them on their 'date'.

For their first destination, it's an arcade. I watched the two from a couple of feet away, blending along the crowd so I wouldn't get seen by her. When they went to play a game I went to the Knockout Boxing Machine.  Acchan started with the racing car game, Takeru stood beside her. I couldn't see if Acchan is kicking the game or not but I think she wasn't, since Takeru put his hands around Acchan and placed it on Acchan's hands. I saw him say something to her but I couldn't comprehend but Acchan just nodded and smiled. Anger flooded all over me, I clenched my fist and threw a punch at the pad, then it started blinking saying I got the highest score. I saw people stop and clapped. To be honest I thought of the pad as Takeru's face. I guess it worked. Next, the two were in front of the Acme Crane. Removing the boxing gloves, I left that game. Acchan couldn’t seem to get one, so Takeru stepped in and got a rabbit and gave it to her. I really wanted to be in his position right now.

I stayed and watched them for a few more minutes but after I had to leave since my parents were calling. That is when I made the decision to do it. Jealousy can really make you do a lot of things.


I walked under the night sky. The street that I'm walking on is really empty. I held and drag a baseball bat on the ground with my right hand. The aluminum scratching against the ground, the noise didn’t even bother me one bit. I really didn't know where I was going but at the same time I had an idea. This street is where Takeru runs every night. How do I know? Acchan said so when she talked about Takeru. A few minutes later, I finally saw a figure running. I smiled, I knew it's him. Going to a dark alley, I hid their and waited for him to pass by. Few seconds passed and I heard him coming closer because of his footsteps. I gripped the baseball bat and raised it up on the air, waiting. When I saw him past, I immediately brought down the bat and hit the back of his head. He dropped on the ground. I saw blood trickle down on his face. Dropping the baseball bat, I crouched on the ground and buried my head in my arms. "What the hell am I doing?" I muttered to myself. I stood up and looked at Takeru’s body on the ground. Moving towards him, I carried his unconscious body to the dock. That place is the only thing that’s near. Surprisingly, I didn’t had a hard time carrying him, I don’t know where all the strength came from. Reaching the dock I set him down. I stared at the ocean then I heard him groan. I turn to look back at him. He’s standing up, his hand on the back of his head where I hit him. I panicked. I didn’t really plan anything, didn’t think of anything. My feet just brought me to where he is. Then without thinking, I took the knife that has been strapped behind my back, unsheathed it and ran towards him, without noticing it, everything went dark. Only nothing but darkness. Confused, I looked around but heck it was dark. You don’t see anything, just the blackness.

"Don't you want her?" I heard a voice speak.
"Who's there?" I asked, I have to admit I was a little bit scared. Someone emerged from the darkness and I looked closer. It's me. Strange, it’s so dark yet I can see her clearly.
"How? What?" I asked myself then asked my replica, "Who the hell are you?"
 My 'copy' laughed and said, "I'm you, who else."
I didn't believe her and I pressed on, "Who are you really?"
She sighed, "I'm telling you I am you and you are me. I'm the person that knows everything about you. I'm a little part of your heart." She walked towards me, her hands touched my face. It was warm, her face got closer to mine, then she grinned. My 'replica' breathed close to my ears, "I know what...or rather who you want."  I didn't say anything. She circled around me as her hands also roamed around me and she said, "You want Atsuko isn't it? You want her all to yourself. To kiss her and touch her. You don't want to give her to anyone.” I blushed, what she said is true. She stopped in front of me and pointed at someone, it's Takeru, he wasn't there earlier but now he is, "But this preventing you from getting what you want." I nodded. She smiled, "If you do it, he won’t be near Atsuko anymore. He will be gone…forever. Isn’t that what you want? Him gone? He’s the only that is standing in your way. I’ll lend you my strength so you won’t feel...scared.” I nodded again, afraid that if I speak I’ll back down.
“I’ll be with you…” She said like a whisper and with that everything went to normal.

I’m there running towards him, my feet didn’t stop. I kept running forward. Then it happened…I stabbed him on the stomach. I looked up at him, his face showed confusion and fear. He opened his mouth, blood washing over his lips, he whispered, “Takahashi…you can’t do this.” I didn’t feel any pity, I didn’t know why and I answered, “It’s already done.” I plunged the knife again deep into his stomach. Once…twice…thrice… I lost track after but I knew that I probably stabbed him more than I can count. I stopped when I felt something warm land on my face. I touch my cheek, then slowly moved my hands in front of my face. My hands were covered with blood. His blood. I dropped the knife, it clattered on the ground. I stared with horror when I looked at my hands full of blood then I switch my glance on Takeru’s lifeless body on the ground. The sight of him almost had me puking. “What have I done?” I mumbled to myself, a tear escaping from my eyes. Guilt? Regret? Happiness? Relief? I didn’t know where it came from. My hands started shaking. I sank on the ground, hugging my knees, my body rocked back and forth, before I knew it tears spilled down my cheeks. It didn’t stop. Seconds, minutes, hours those didn’t compare the time that it felt to me…it was like an eternity. Killing…I thought it would be simple and it was, however there is something…something that it took from me. Killing takes something from you and it’s irrecoverable.

Hearing the police sirens echoing to the docks from the city, that got me going. I wiped the tears away with my sleeves and walked towards his lifeless body on the ground. My family owned a boat so I used that to my advantage. I carried his body to the boat. Going to back to where he died, some spots were covered with his blood. Looking around the place, I smiled as I laid my eyes on a hose. Pulling my sleeves to my hands, I turned the hose on, I let the water wash the blood away. With that done, I went and started the engine. I drove the boat until I knew it was deep enough then stopped the engine. Going where his body is, I took the rope and tied it on his feet. The other end is tied on an anchor. I double checked everything, to see if it’s all tight enough. Before throwing his body, I tossed the knife and the baseball bat first.

Heavy as it is, I carried the anchor and dropped it in the ocean, soon after his body followed down. I watched as his body disappeared and imagined the anchor sinking, going deeper…deeper…and deeper until it would finally hit the dark ocean floor. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. I looked up at the night sky. The moon shone brightly that I could see the blood on me. Seeing his blood one me, I was disgusted. Quickly, I washed my bloody hands in the ocean. I took a towel and wiped the blood that stained the boat. With all of it cleaned, I went back.

Arriving at the dock, I headed to the back of the warehouse while carrying the towel that I used earlier.   Dropping the towel and my jacket on the ground, I poured gasoline on the item then, taking my match out of my pocket. I lit it and dropped it on the clothing. Putting my hands deep in my pocket, I just stood and watched it burn. My tears fell thinking about what I just had done. I took a man’s life. I wasn’t even thinking. I only cared about myself. How selfish. I knew from that day on that this will leave me guilty as long as I live but to be honest I didn’t care. It would be gone soon. All of it.


The next day, I went to school like nothing had happened. I left my house a little early than usual, so when I arrived at the classroom, I was the first one to be there. Dropping my bag on my desk, I leaned against the wall and looked outside. I stood there for how long…I don’t know but it must have been a few more minutes before I sat back down. My classmates started coming in one by one. Among my friends, Miichan was the first one to arrive. I turned my chair around to face her, her seat is behind me.
“I called at your house last night but they said you weren’t there, where’d you go?” She asked me.
Mentioning about last night, I almost forgot all about it, how sinful. “I went out to buy my manga.” I answered and that is true. After…all of that. I went to the bookstore to buy my manga.
“I see.”
I nodded.
“Well, I wanted to ask you if you want to go to a festival this Friday, I asked the others and they already agreed, you’re the only one that I didn’t ask. Sooo what do you say? Everyone will be there.”
“Sure, I’ll come along.”
“Awesome! It’ll be a blast!”

That morning nothing really exciting happened, it’s the usual talk, however I noticed something. Acchan seemed worried. I may have a guess on what she’s worried about and I decided to talk to her about it during lunch.

“Is something wrong?” I asked her since she wasn’t touching her food.
“No…nothing.” She answered.
“I don’t buy it.”
“Acchan…I know when you’re lying.”
She laughed a little, “You really know me, I guess it’ fine if I tell you.”
I nodded.
“Takeru didn’t show up this morning, even though he said he will come pick me up at my house and I texted him but I didn’t get a reply back.”
“Maybe…he’s sick. Why don’t you pay him a visit? I’m sure he’ll be glad to see you.” I told her. Inside I’m laughing at my own words. Right, ‘sick’ more like dead, being eaten by a fish.
“You think so?”
“Un, I’ll even go with you.” I told her. She smiled and suddenly hugged me, “Arigatou! Takamina~ you’re the best! Daisuki!”
If only you did as much as I love you. I grinned, “What are friends for. You should eat now, you don’t want to be collapsing this afternoon.”
She nodded and started to eat her food. I smiled as I watch her, the guilt inside me is starting to eat me. I really am a liar.

As promised to her, we went to his apartment. Acchan rang the doorbell and of course no one answered. We waited for a while but of course no one came.
“Maybe he’s not here.” I told her, “You know we’ve been waiting for a few minutes.”
“I guess we can go.” She said but I knew she was disappointed.
I nodded and I walked her home.


Searching in my drawer, I grab his cell phone. I was tired last night that I forgot about sending Acchan a message. My eyes darted to the clock, at this time Acchan is probably at her room. Thinking of something that I should send her, it took me a few minutes to decide. Typing the message, I read it over again when I was finished, “Hey, Sorry but something came up with my family. So I needed to go back. I’ll be away for a few days, hopefully.” Simple enough I think, nodding to myself I pressed the send button. With that message, I hope she buys it so she wouldn’t worry. As for his cell phone, I decided to keep it for a while.

After that night that I sent her the message, during the next day she seemed a little relieved. I guess it’s better than worrying. Then the next few days flew by and Friday night came. At first we were all together but as we continued to advance everyone went to their own, well more of like everyone went off in parings. In the end Acchan I were left wandering on our own.
“So much for, ‘this will be blast’.” I said referring to what Miichan said.
“Well we can have fun on our own, c’mon let’s go. I wanna buy cotton candy.” Acchan said and grabbed my hands as she led the way. We bought some foods and played some games. Tired after all the activities, we decided to rest for a bit. Then, I heard a boom.
“That must be the fireworks!” I said to her as I suddenly stood up. I looked at her and offered her my hands, “C’mon let’s go, I know a place where the view is good.” She nodded and took my hand, I smiled and we went up to the place. When we finally got at the building, the stairs going up had ‘Do Not Trespass’ sign, we just ignored it and went up. It’s a rooftop of a building not too far from where the festival is held. The place is an old building, I found it when I was just roaming around the place. After climbing up the stairs, we finally arrived on the rooftop.

The fireworks lit up the night sky. There were several of colors and sizes. It was amazing, I was so amazed that everything seemed fine, my problems, my life, my sickness. The feeling I felt was so calming, I had the feeling that I could do anything. I stole a glance at Acchan, her expression told me that she liked what she was seeing. Seeing the smile on her face it made my heart flutter.
“Acchan I have something to tell you.” I blurted out.
“Hmm…what is it?” She said as she turn around to face me.
I gulped, the words were stuck in my throat, and I clenched my fist. Something took over me and instead of words, I put them into action. Going in front of her, I slammed both my hands on the wall, cornering her.
“Takamina?” She asked.
I didn’t say anything, instead I rested my forehead on her chest and closed my eyes. We stayed like that for a moment.

The inner desire of mine got ahead of me, and I kissed her, or you could say I started to push myself to her. Even with my eyes closed, I could tell that she slowly slid down to the ground. Maybe it she was surprised that, her knees went weak? I don’t know…I’m only assuming.  After a few seconds, I pulled away and opened my eyes. Her eyes were filled with confusion and…anger. Though I didn’t care, I wanted her to be…mine. Mine only. Pushing her to the ground, I was now on top her.
“You know…I’ve been in love with you as long as I could remember.” I whispered close to her ears then pressed my lips against hers. My free arms started to undo her yukata. I placed my left hand on her breast while the other snaked down to her thighs.
A tear escaped from eyes. “N-no…d-don’t.” She said as she resisted me.
Hearing her say that made me want to go further. I licked her neck making my way down as I ‘massaged’ her breast. I could her squirm beneath me however I didn’t let it bother me.

“Takamina? Hey are you there?” Acchan asked and I snapped out of my delusion.
“Ah…gomen, I’m tired.” I said as I stepped back, “Sorry…if I acted weird.”
“I didn’t know what that was about but you’re always weird.” She said as she laughed, “…So what was it that you wanted to say?”
“Now…you made me all curious.”
“Gomen…gomen. So shall we go down, maybe the others are already in the meeting place.”
She nodded.

When we arrived to where we agreed to meet the others were already there. The night came to an end for us and we bid our goodbye’s, especially for me to them. This would be the last time that, I will see them.
“Wait, before we all go our separate ways, can we all take pictures?” I asked.
“Yeah! We should!” Miichan said.
“We can.” Mariko said.
As a couple passed us, Yuko went to ask them if they could take a picture and they agreed. Yuko gave her cell phone to the couple. We all huddled up then Yuko said, “Guys say…matsuri!”
“MATSURI!” We all said. Once the photo was taken Yuko thanked the couple and retrieved her phone.
“I’ll send you the picture later when I’m not busy.” Yuko grinned. After that we all bid our goodbye for real and went our own ways.

“Takamina…you’ve been quiet for a while…is something wrong?” I heard Acchan ask.
“Oh…umm…nothing I was just thinking of something.”
“I see…”
“Ne, Takamina do you think ten years from now all of us would hang out just like this?”
“I bet.”
“You’ll be there too right?”
I could only nod. Then we finally arrived at her house.
“Do you want to come in?”
I shook my head, “No…it’s ok, I need to go back home.”
“I see…maybe next time.” She said, sounding disappointed.
“Yeah…next time.” There is no next time.
“I’ll see you at school then.”
“Yeah…” Not happening.
“Sleep tight.” I smiled trying not to cry. This night is the last day I would see and talk to her.
She nodded and started walking towards the door. My chest tightened, at least for one last time, I wanted to properly say to her what I’ve been keeping from her all the time. My feelings.
“Wait! Acchan!” I said and walked close to her.
“I…I…” I couldn’t finish, nerves got to me and instead I kissed her. When I pulled away, I looked at her and Acchan was blushing. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but I bolted. I bolted…and started running.
“Takamina!” I heard her say but I didn’t turn around, I kept running forward. So much for wanting to confess my feelings but maybe…there’s a slight chance that she would know what all of that was about. Also, when I’m gone, maybe Yuko or Miichan will tell her since they’re the only two that knew about it. Now, I think I know my answer about why I like running so much. It’s because I always run away.


Three years later~

•Accan POV•

This makes the third year ever since that day. The day when I last saw Takamina. After she kissed me, I was confused but I just thought of it as nothing, that there was no meaning behind it. I thought of it that way, I don’t even know why I did. The denial probably just got over me. When Monday came, I was ready to face Takamina and confront her about it but she wasn’t there. It was a no problem. I told myself that I will ask tomorrow but the next she wasn’t there either. However I wasn’t discouraged, I kept telling myself ‘tomorrow for sure!’ but that never did happen. After a whole week of not seeing her, I decided to go their house but when I got to their place, there was no one. Turning around to leave, I saw the old woman that lives next to Takamina’s house. Taking the chance, I asked her what happened and her only answer was that they left. I asked her if she knew anything else but she said she only knew about the family leaving. The first week past and I decided to ask Miichan about it but she said she didn’t know. I was disappointed since she was the only person that I thought would know. A few more weeks passed and I stopped looking for her however the more I thought of her, the more my feelings became clear. I did love Takamina. Thinking countless of times about what we went through together made me realize that, however it was too…late. I remember thinking that if they had moved, why didn’t Takamina tell me. It hurts that she didn’t tell me anything at all. Nothing. Just disappeared without telling anyone anything. However as each day passed, I had to at least move on and stop thinking about her. And I did. We rarely talked about her, we didn’t know why but it seems like if we talk about her. It just brings an uncomfortable feeling to all of us since none of us knows what really happened to her. Sometimes I would even dream about her. The dream was so happy that I didn’t even want to wake up from it.

Then there was Takeru, he never called me back, never came back to school and I learned that he never did went home. It was a mystery on how he disappeared. Police looked for him, but they never had a lead on it and after having nothing. They stopped. I didn't know why but it didn't really leave a huge impact on me. I thought there would be since I liked it him but I guess it wasn't enough. My feelings for him wasn't real.


I stared at the pedestrian light, waiting for it to turn green. Finally, after a few seconds it did. I started to walk then I saw her. I stopped in the middle, not caring if people will push me. Tears dripped down my face as I looked at her. I couldn't believe it but it was real. My heart started to beat faster. I smiled and lifted my feet, running towards her as the tears kept coming out.

The End...?  :glasses:

*sigh* Phew* how was that?  :smoke:  tbh I wanted a really really really sad ending  :sweat: but I changed it lol....but with this kind of ending it kind of makes it a lil' mysterious? does it? o.o  :dunno: lol I dunno... But yeah...I wanted Takamina to have a dark side...ahahahaha so yep... Comments are welcome! How was this first person? ahahaha  :byebye: until next time~ I'm sure there's another once since I already started another one...hohoho...  :kekeke:
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Waaaahhhh...Takamina is scary...

She kills Takeru because she's jealous...

But, eventually Acchan did love Takamina..
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another interesting story...

Minami killed Takeru because of jealousy...

And Atsuko recognise her feeling for Minami too late... is it?

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more OS

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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That was.... sad... mysterious... strange....
Takamina..... you are sick... killing someone just because you're jealous?
You should've talked to Acchan first....
And in the end maybe Acchan did love Takamina
Am I the only one who thinks you should make another part??
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Am I the only one who thinks you should make another part??

I think you should too.  :cry:
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Post by: Archer1992 on August 25, 2013, 03:01:23 AM continue this....


and thanks ^_^
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You have to make a Second Part!!  :bow: :kneelbow:
U'r killing me here!!!  :panic: :bleed eyes:   :fainted:

this is the first time I read Takamina being like this...and it surprised me a bit...
but.. I LIKE IT~...  :panic:

but i'm seriously not kidding about wanting a 2nd part.... :doh:
U can't just leave us hanging!....  :x

anyway... Thanks for zee OS!!!
Can't wait for more!!  :panic: :twothumbs
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holy shit!!! That was sooo good

I really like how Minami killed Takeru, that bitch deserve to die anyway X3 lol I really can sympathize with Minami. I felt bad for her and I can really feel her pain. Love can make you do crazy thing and thats fine with me :D

I'm glad that Minami didn't die from whatever it is that she had, but Atsuko really was a bit too late recognizing her love for Minami >_< I hope you could write another Atsumina story :) I look forward to it and if you can make another similar one, where one of them kills for the other, that would be awesome <3 hehe
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FlameHazeKatsu-san, I love all of your OSs. XD Please can you write some more? :bow:

Please update more of your OSs soon. I'm really looking forward to it. XD
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Osu! my last update was last year! xD lol so uh...I was actually debating if I should leave replied from those comments from  ze past OS but decided not to...since it's been a few months... o.o though thanks for the comments :3 I really appreciate them~ So a new OS and seems long again ^^; idk how it ends up being more than 10k words >_<" lol I was actually trying to finish and post this like a few days ago before my exams, but I got too addicted playing games now...and reading doccubus fics... o.o and so...since there was supposed to be a "blizzard" today they cancelled school, and I just really wanted to get it all over with since today was supposed to be the last day for exams... DX sad thing is the blizzard didn't hit us here... =_= BUT well one good thing happened and that is I finish! on~ oh and uh...bare with it? lol

Forever In Your Heart

She isolated herself from everyone, ever since she lost the person she loved. No reason to live. No reason to make her move forward. Nothing at all made her want to live. Every passing day seemed like a torture for her. If only she could kill herself or someone would kill her but it’s not happening. She didn't know the reason but she was scared- scared of dying. Not knowing what she wanted made it so confusing. An irony really, she wanted to be gone from the world yet it scared her. It was pathetic and she kept telling herself that. Ten years of living in isolation, this day made it ten years. This day...April 10 was the day her lover died. Every year on that day, she would go to where her lover is buried. Breaking down on her knees...crying, asking for forgiveness, telling her sorry and that it was her fault. That her fear took over and everything went wrong after. Every year, her grief and anger would resurface. She doesn't know why but she would go on frenzy, go to the nearest village to let it all out. Her anger would take over all of her senses. It was her body but she could only watch herself kill everyone that she would come across to. A dark side of her would appear. The months that she hasn’t fed, the emptiness in her was useless. Every year she would be full again. The villagers knew that when the day would come. A village would lose half of its people. And every year it would always be a different village. That designated day, everyone was scared. They didn't know how to stop her. The warriors would fight but she would just crush them. The villagers calls her a...vampire.

She walked on the empty street, her pale skin glowing under the bright moonlight. Her eyes red with hunger. Fear, she smelled fear and that made her excited. It thrilled her. She would give them a chance to run and hide and after a certain time she would chase them. Just thinking about it made her body squeal in delight. She turned on a corner and found herself suddenly surrounded. Humans, with their weapons in hand. Sweat trickled down on their temple, nervous seeing the vampire in front of them. The vampire smiled, and her fangs gleamed. The warriors swallowed in fear. One man gripped his sword and ran screaming, charging towards her. "No! Don't!" Another man shouted but it was too late. The warrior swung his blade at her, but she sidestepped, dodging the blade. He swung it again and this time, the vampire caught the blade with her right hand. A cut forming in her palm. The man tried to pull his weapon back but it wouldn't budge. She tightened her grip on the blade, breaking it into two. His eyes widened in shock, fear forming on his face. He trembled in fear and took one step back, ready to run. He quickly turned around but found himself on the air. Her left hand wrapped around his neck lifting him slightly. He struggled, swinging his legs back and forth, but it was useless. His comrades should've move to help him but they were petrified. She smiled and brought her fangs on his neck. Her fangs sinking in his skin. He kept struggling, but weakened as second passed, then he suddenly stop struggling. His blood drained from him and his body was so thin that bones were visible. She dropped the body on the ground, the warriors's eyes staring at their dead friend.

The vampire finally spoke, breaking whatever spell was casted upon the warriors. "Ah, that was refreshing...but his blood wasn't delicious at all." She sighed and wiped her mouth. The warriors's eyes widened as they saw the cut on her palm slowly heal. Staring at her healing palm, "'s not healing as fast as it should...well that blood wasn't enough." Lifting her eyes up, looking around she grinned, "Who's next?" They all came charging at her but it was useless. She dodged their attacks, drank their blood and if they manage to land a hit on her. Her healing abilities are the one to take care of it. She tossed the last one on the pile of bodies. "This is not enough." She grumbled. Fifteen men died and it still wasn't enough to satisfy her hunger. A slight noise caught the vampire's attention. Turning around, she found a little girl carrying a doll. The human looked at the pile of bodies on the ground and at the vampire. Back and forth, her eyes kept darting between them. The vampire watched the little human, intrigued that she didn't run from her…yet. She walked towards the human and stopped when she was in front. Squatting so they were in front of each other, the vampire started at the human, "Tell me, why don’t you run?"
The little girl tightened her grip on her doll, "Why would I?"
"Everyone runs away from me." The vampire answered. She really didn't mind...humans always ran away from things that they can't defeat or scared off. Although her past lover was different. She accepted her and loved the vampire. Treated her like a normal person. That's why she fell in love with the human.
"Really...Why?" The girl asked.
"To your people, I'm a monster." She smiled, remembering what her lover would say whenever she would say that.
"You don't look like a monster." The girl smiled at the vampire. The vampire was startled with the response. When the girl said that, to the vampire it seemed that she saw her lover standing behind the little girl.  "Atsuko?" She mumbled. It was a part of what Atsuko would always say. She closed her eyes thinking about everything. Thinking back to how they met.


People stared at her as she passed by. It was strange to see someone wearing a full hooded cloak during summer. The vampire sighed, she was used to being looked at but it still felt weird. It wasn't her fault that she couldn't really walk under the sun. The sun would kill them if they were exposed too much. However they could avoid that. In order to freely roam they would need to wear a cloak. However not just a normal cloak. It had to be a special cloak, where they needed a rare material. Since gathering the materials were difficult, only those vampires that were strong enough or rich could acquire the cloak.

She walked until she finally reached a dead end. Looking around to check that there was no one, she pushed a brick, opening an entrance. Entering the dark entrance, she soon arrived at the bottom of the stairs. The narrow hallway lit up, the wooden torches on the sides coming to life. "Welcoming." She mumbled and kept walking. The vampire arrived at her destination- a bar. Entering the bar, she stood on the entrance. Her eyes slowly scanning the occupants all around. Putting her hood down, she went to sit on one of the stools.
"What can I get for you?" The bartender asked as she wiped the glasses.
"Just anything to drink."
The bartender gave a nod and started pouring a drink. "You're not from around here, are you?"
"Just passing by."
"Heading somewhere?" The bartender asked and put the glass in front of the woman.
"Nowhere...really. Just wandering." She chuckled, and took a small drink.
"Well, the name is Miyazawa Sae."
"Takahashi Minami."
"So Takahashi-san why not travel around the world?"
"Been living for a couple of centuries, don't you think I tried that already?" She grinned and kept turning her glass.
Sae laughed, "I guess. So you've been here then?"
"You could say that."
"Well what do you think of it now?"
"Nothing really changed." Minami grinned and finished the rest of her drink.
"Nothing really exiting too." Sae sighed and refilled the glass.
The two women talked for a while and Minami stayed for a few hours waiting for the darkness to come. As soon as the sun had set, she bid her goodbye to Sae and left. "Well, I guess time to find somewhere to wash." She mumbled, thinking since it's been a while since she last felt refreshed. "I wonder if the tavern is still standing until now...considering it’s been 60 years."

"Uh...I'm sure it was here..." She sighed and looked around, "I guess it's gone." Minami jumped up on the roof, checking to see another tavern where she could go. Traveling on the roofs, a sound of laughter caught her attention and she stopped. Stealthily walking to where they were, she squatted down, checking to see what was going on. Three vampires were laughing as they surrounded one human. "Seriously?" She asked herself, she always saw this kind of situation but never bothered to interfere. It wasn't really her business. Sighing, she stood back up and looked at the human. This time she saw her clearly, she couldn't see before because the other vampire was blocking her view, but she knew it's a human because of her smell. Their eyes met. The short vampire dismissed it and started to turn her heels but suddenly stopped. Something about the way the human looked at her made her not want to go. It was strange...but in a good way. There was something different about her. Jumping down from the roof, she faced the three vampires, "Get lost, she's mine."
"It doesn't seem like it." The one standing in the middle smirked.
"You don't want this to get messy."
"There's three of us and you're the only one here right now."
"Dude, I don't think this is a good idea." The other vampire whispered to his friend.
"Why? We can win this."
"No, look." He said and pointed at a tattoo on Minami's left hand. "She's one of them."
"You better listen to your friend there." Minami grinned.
"Who cares!" He shouted and threw a punch, but the little vampire simply caught his fist. His two other friends stared in horror.
"Last chance." Minami sighed, still firmly gripping the vampire's fist.
"Screw you!" He shouted and spit on her face.
"Ok, that's it." She heaved another sigh. Turning around to look at the human, "You might not want to see what will happen." She nodded and only looked on the ground. Minami looked back at the vampire, "You just stepped over the line." Gripping his fist, she twisted his hand until the vampire's hand got dislocated. He fell down screaming gripping his shoulder. The two other vampires running away, leaving him. Falling on the ground after, the short vampire kicked him on the chest; Minami stepped on his chest and hovered above him, "You see, I don't get why you people well...I should say this kind of things. Normally I wouldn't interfere since it would be none of my business but it's just..." Placing her foot on his shoulder, she put all her weight on her foot, the fallen vampire screaming in pain. "…Anyways I might just leave you a reminder." Minami grabbed the vampire's right hand. "...too bad we can't grow limbs huh." Right then, Minami was ready to take the vampire's hands off but she was suddenly stopped.
"Please don't." The human whispered and gripped Minami's cloak.
"But he was about to..." Minami glared at the vampire, still not letting go.
"It's fine..."
Minami let go of his hand and hissed, "You're lucky but next time...I will really leave you a reminder." She punched him on the face. "Now get lost." She heaved a sigh. 'Almost lost my cool there.'
"I...umm...well...thank you."
Minami turned around to face the human. Struck as she looked at her, her face flushed. Up close, the human is really beautiful. Centuries that she lived, she had never seen anyone as beautiful as her. 'What's wrong with me? Why can't I just reply?' Minami could only nod in embarrassment. She just noticed it but they were really standing close to each other. Only an inch apart. In her lifetime, this was the very first she was close with someone like this...literally.
"Are you ok? Your face is red- wow you're really pale." She smiled and placed her hands on Minami's face. Minami flinched, not used to to someone touching her, but soon relaxed under the human's touch. Her touched felt warm. Snapping out of it, Minami took a step back.
The woman put her hands behind her back. "Thank you for saving me."
Minami only nodded, still couldn't reply.
"I'm Maeda Atsuko...what about you?" She smiled.
"Takahashi Minami." She replied and started to walk away.
"Thank you Takahashi-san! I'm sure we'll see each other again soon." Atsuko smiled and watched the vampire go.

Finally spotting a suitable inn that she liked, she went in. To her surprise, Atsuko stood on the other side of the counter.
"Welcome!" Atsuko greeted enthusiastically even though she wasn't looking who entered. Looking up to see who it is, she had the biggest smile on her face. "It seems that we met really soon."
"I guess." Minami answered and looked around the place, trying to avoid looking at the human. The place also served drinks and food on the first floor while the second was an inn. She cleared her throat. "So uh...can I get a room."
"Sure, follow me." Atsuko still smiled as she led the vampire to a room.
"If you need anything, just call ok?" Atsuko told the vampire as she opened the door.
"See you around." Atsuko grabbed Minami's hand and left the key on her palm. Minami's body tensed, not seriously used with someone touching her out of nowhere.

After Atsuko left, Minami quickly entered her room and let heralded fall on the soft bed. It wasn't like they needed any sleep, they didn't need it. Still, Minami liked laying down on the soft bed. Then her thoughts drifted to one particular human: Maeda Atsuko. She heaved a sigh and lightly laughed at herself, "Seems I've been sighing a lot today." Standing up from her chair, she walked over to the veranda. Touching her throat as she felt a slight burn. She sighed again, "It's been a few months since I fed...only six months huh." Roaming endlessly for a few years, after her travels- seeing the whole world. There was nothing else new to do. "Being immortal is a curse." She smiled sadly. Those words became a daily saying to her. She looked at the people walking on the streets. "I don't think I'll feed...let's see how long I last." She chuckled and went back in.


Minami stayed at the village a little longer than she originally planned. Not having any idea why, but a small part of her knew the reason. She would pass by the entrance and catch a glimpse of Atsuko. It became natural to the vampire to watch the human. She was careful not let herself get caught but there was a day where she did. Atsuko smiled and waved at her. Minami quickly turned her head away and walked hastily to her room. As each days passed, her hunger- thirst was also becoming a problem. Then an eventful day finally came. It was almost midnight, Minami had lost the track of time. Sighing she mumbled to herself, "Ah...I wonder if she went home already." She smiled, "I wonder if she was worried." She stopped, "Hah, I don't even know where she lives or anything about her. Finally arriving in front of the building, ''s noisy in there.' Opening the door, she stepped inside, the scent of alcohol, hitting her hard. She groaned.
"Atsuko!" A man called.
"Yes father?"
"Bring more beer here, for me and my friends!"
Atsuko nodded and did what she was told to do. Minami quietly watched Atsuko as she made her way up the stairs. Deciding to not go in her room yet, she stayed and kept watch on the second floor.
Atsuko made her way to the table, the tray in her hand. As soon as she set them on the table, her father's friend touched her where he isn't supposed to. Minami who was leaning on the walls wasn't leaning anymore. Annoyed, Atsuko slapped his hands away and started to walk but she was stopped when the same man grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her towards him. He whispered to her "C'mon, play nice." She looked at his father but he was just laughing. It was disgusting, to be even related to him that was worst. She shut her eyes, trying to not the tears escape. The man played with her hair, sniffing it. Her blood boiled and she wanted to hit him, but she knew that if she did, she would be questioned later by her father.

The situation wasn't really helping her. Her hunger and anger was mixed and that made it a bad thing. She leaped off from the second floor and sighed to herself, "I'll probably regret this." Walking towards where the man who held Atsuko, she grabbed him on the shoulder, "Let her go."
"No way, besides who the hell are you!?" The man said, ignoring the vampire.
"I wasn't asking and I'm just a concerned someone passing by." She answered and tightened her grip on his shoulder. "Now, don't let me repeat myself. Let. Her. Go." And her eyes flashed bright red. She quickly closed her eyes, hoping no one saw them. Well probably except for the guy in front of her. The drunken guy gulped, he felt scared yet didn't know why. He felt that there was something about the woman in front of him. His hands started to tremble and he loosened his grip on Atsuko. Minami also did the same and walked away or rather disappeared in front of them.
His eyes widened, "Where'd she go?"
"Who?" His friend asked and took a big swig of his beer. "And you were talking to yourself."
"There was a girl here, she was short and wore a cloak."
"Man, you're thinking things!" He laughed. The man went quiet and looked at the spot where she saw her. Atsuko who heard what the other guy said was confused. She knew it was Minami that saved her. But she was also puzzled, the woman instantly disappeared. Needing to know what all of that was, she only did what she could think of, and that's to ask Minami directly.

Atsuko knocked on the door but there was no answer. She knocked again, "I know you're there Takahashi-san." As soon as she said it, the door opened. Minami sighed and stepped away from the door. "Come in." Atsuko nodded and closed the door behind her. "You saved me again."
"I guess."
"No problem." Minami went to lean against the wall and watched Atsuko closely.
"Say...what happened earlier?"
"What do you mean?" Minami asked and looked away, even though she asked, she knew what Atsuko was talking about. Atsuko made her way in front of the vampire and stood directly in front of her, her eyes stared at the shorter woman's eyes, "You of them said no one was there." Noticing something, she leaned forward, her face came close to Minami's. The vampire couldn't go anywhere, since she was trapped, between Atsuko's arms, her arms on either side of the vampire's. Atsuko squinted her eyes, "Your eyes...they're like a red-ish color. You never notice since from far away, it looks like brown but up close they're not." Atsuko's eyes still not leaving hers. "What are you?"
Minami locked eyes with Atsuko, studying her. Trying to read what she's thinking. She licked her lips.
"Are you scared?"
"Why would I be?"
"You know what I am?"
"It's better if you don't."
"Why not?"
"Why do you care?"
"That's saved me twice already."
"Then you can just leave it there."
"I can't."
"And why is that?"
"Because...I want to know who the person is that keeps staring at me every day."
Minami was caught off guard and smiled inside. 'So she knew.'
"Does that mean you were looking at me too?"
Minami laughed. It's actually been a while since she laughed like that. Years perhaps. The human really fascinated her. What was it about her? Did she want something from Atsuko? If so, what is it? Then she turned serious.  "Why do you bother with me?"
"I don't know, but whenever I think about you...I feel strange." Was it this that Minami wanted? Living for more than centuries, knew what this meant. After all, she was in several relationships before. 'Wait, why am I thinking about relationships?' The vampire blushed. She was jumping ahead.
Atsuko continued. "...I want to know you." Now it was her turn to blush.
"Do you even know what you're saying?" Minami smirked. It was really strange with everything that is happening however it was 'happy strange'.
"You say that even though you just asked me earlier, 'What am I'?"
Atsuko nodded and her voice had certainty. "I'm not scared of you."
"Even though...I'm this?" Minami's eyes glowed red and she showed her fangs. "I'm a vampire Atsuko." Atsuko stood on her ground, sure she was surprise but she wasn't scared one bit. She also noticed that, it was the very first time the vampire called her by her name and it made her heart flutter. From that sentence, all she really paid attention to was her name being said. Of course she heard the word 'vampire' but she couldn't care less about it. She smiled. "You called me by my first name."
Minami lightly laughed. "All of that and you were engross about that?"
"Who said I was engross about that." Atsuko said looking away. A little tsundere side of her showing up.
Minami smiled at Atsuko but she's still serious. "I'm a vampire."
"I know."
"Aren't you scared of me?"
"Like I said...I'm not."
The vampire chuckled. "You really are an interesting human."
"So...where does this lead to?"
"Can I be your...friend?" Minami asked. She also didn't where this 'strange relationship' would lead to but she didn't want it to move quickly.
Atsuko smiled and wrapped her arms around the short vampire. "Yeah, I would like to be your friend Takamina."
"Takamina?" The vampire raised her eyebrow at the new nickname. She did like the ring of it.
"Yup, Takamina!"
"Then...I'll call you Acchan." Minami surprised herself with the name. She didn't know where it came from but it felt natural. It just popped out from her mind. That was their exchange and start of friendship.

Weeks passed and they became closer and closer. Minami still stayed at the tavern. And still with her stubbornness, she didn't feed yet and it was getting worse. She didn't want to. If she didn't feed, it would make her more 'human'. If she doesn't do it, it won't remind her what she is. She sat down on the stool, the same stool she sat when she came over.
"Oh, Takahashi! I thought you already left since you haven't been here since the last time you came." The bartender woman said. She was surprised to see the other vampire here since she said she was just passing by. It made her wonder what changed and made her stay a little longer. Taking a shot glass, she set them on the bar table and poured the drink.
"Thanks and you might see me here for a while." The short woman grinned and took her glass but didn't drink yet.
"So what changed?"
"Nothing, just thought that I should stay for a while."
"Are you sure?" Sae smirked and looked at the woman in front of her still continuing to clean the glasses.
"What make you say that?" Minami raised her eyebrow, a smile forming on her face.
"Oh...I don't know...a certain human's scent lingers around you." Sae grinned.
Minami chuckled and downed her drink. The liquid slightly helping the burning sensation in her throat. It would help a bit but wouldn't fill her up.
"Bulls eye? I take it." Sae took the bottle before Minami could and she refilled the glass for her.
"You know the rules right."
"Yeah and don't remind I’ve been around longer than you.” She teased.
Sae just laughed. "Does she know?"
"And what did she say?"
Minami chuckled, remembering that moment. "She said and I quote: 'I'm not scared of you'."
Sae burst out laughing. "Wow."
Minami nodded, agreeing with what Sae said, 'Wow.' She drank the shot and choked when Sae said down something that caught her off guard.
"Well, what are you going to do with your hunger?"
"Eh? How'd you know?" Minami coughed and set the glass down.
"Your eyes, they keep turning bright red."
"That noticeable huh."
"You know this drinks won't really help with your hunger."
"I know but at least they ease my throat up a bit." she sighed and looked at the liquid. In their 'world' drinks were the same however blood was mixed when making it. Though it wasn't exactly blood either, a liquid close to blood.
"Is that why you came back here?" Sae smiled, lightly teasing the smaller vampire.
"You could say that."
"And here, I thought we were becoming friends."
"I thought we were already friends?" Miami smiled.
Sae laughed but soon her laughed died down upon seeing three vampires enter the place.
"I take that you don't like them?"
Sae nodded. "Always think they own the place."
"Want me to take care of them?"
"In your condition? Honey, just sit down and relax."
"I offered."
"Thanks though."
The three vampires came laughing towards the bar. Talking about a woman that their boss took interest in and so got captured. As they describe the woman, Minami's anger flared, realizing who they were talking about. Her glass broke immediately as soon as she clenched her fist. 'How dare they!' She thought. Soon as the trio arrived at the bar, she grab and slammed one of them on the counter. "Woah." Sae said and took a step back. Minami looked at him. "Care to repeat what you boys were talking about? Wait- I know you, you're from the other day. So you went running to your boss to take her huh!?"
He gulped.
"I guess stupid people never learn." She hissed and threw a punch on his face.
"Please no more." He cried holding up his hands in surrender, "I didn't do it. Our leader just stumbled across her and took a liking." His other two companion nodding in agreement. She just looked at him. Knowing that he probably won't get out. "Ok! Ok! Ok! I'll take you to where she is!"
Minami raised her eyebrows, "Really?" He nodded, "I know not to cross paths with you." She looked at Sae, who was giving her the look 'What the hell is going on?'. She let go of the guy. "When I come back, I'll explain."
"If I'm thinking what I think it is...then well...just don't die or something."
"I'm already considered dead." The small woman joked.
"You know what I mean!"
"Yeah...yeah...and I'll try not to." She sighed. "This is the third time."
"Third time what?"
"That I have to go get her."
"Wow, if you stick around her too much, you might find yourself fighting a lot." Sae teased.
"That's a risk I have to take...for her..." She smiled. "...besides I'm used to it.
"Aww, that was deep and sweet... anyways go get yo' girl!" Sae chuckled and shooed her friend away. Minami rolled her eyes and turned her attention to the three vampires, "Ok, now we can go."
The three nodded.
"Oh and if you try to do anything weird, I suggest you don't want to do that." She smirked and walked out. The trio following closely behind her.

Minami looked at the building in front of her. The castle was made out of concrete but everything was falling apart. Making the castle, look eerie on the outside especially in the dark. On the arc shape entrance, it had two torches lit, one on each side. "Is it really this place?"
"Yes ma'am!" The three answered at the same time.
She frowned and wait when did they start calling her ma'am? She sighed. Oh well. "You three can go now but if you tell anyone, I will track you down and kill you myself."
"Yes ma'am!" They answered and went away.
Minami smiled to herself. "Let's see if I still can do this, I may have lost my touch." She observed the building, closing her eyes, she let her vampire senses see what was ahead of her. There was more than thirty vampires. At least. Opening her eyes, she cursed. "That's a lot." She approached the entrance carefully. She brought her hands up and touched the huge wooden door, creaking wide open the moment she touched it. "I guess I was expected." She sighed and didn't even bother to go further in anymore, since two female vampires appeared beside her. "Can't I just find way in? I don't really like escorts." The two vampires shrugged and didn't say anything to answer. The one on Minami's left just simply said to follow them. Thinking that it was better to follow than start a chaos. It wasn't a short walk, they had to turn left and right, the place was like a maze. Outside, the castle looked huge but inside, well its way beyond huge. After the long walk, they finally arrived to the heart of the castle. It was busy, more like of a party busy. She frowned and ignored them, just focusing checking where Atsuko is.
"Go talk to the leader." One of the girls that escorted her stated.
"Well, where's this leader of yours?"
"Just keep going straight."
"So who's this leader?"
"You'll see for yourself." They both said and disappeared.
She sighed and just went straight, like they said. On her way to there, she had to dodge some of the vampires just because they started fighting. She rolled her eyes and just passed by. Soon she found herself standing in front of the "leader". Her jaw dropped as she saw who the "leader" is. "Ray?"
"Hey." She smiled and looked at the short woman from head to toe, "You've been doing well I see..."
Minami took a step forward and slightly lifted Ray up by her collar. The other vampires suddenly got quiet and stopped what they were doing to look at what was happening to their leader; ready to attack, but what stopped them from moving was their leader. She slightly raised her hands signalling them to stop. "Where is she?" Her voice growling a bit. If it was Ray that "kidnapped" Atsuko then well, it was problematic since Ray always hated humans. Ray would always see vampires as more superior than humans. She hated it that they couldn't reveal themselves and do whatever they wanted. There were the rules after all but Ray just ignores it and would kill a human to feed. Sighing, Ray asked. "Is she that important you?" and removed herself from Minami's grip then sat back down.
"What did you do to her?" Minami asked, her tone not showing any friendliness.
"So you know her after all? I knew it was your scent on her."
"I'm not asking again."
"She's safe, I can tell you that." Ray sighed. "I never thought you would associate yourself with a human. I thought you didn't like them."
"I said...I didn't mind them." She crossed her arms on her chest. "Stop avoiding my questions. Tell me where she is."
"And if I do then what?"
"You see, I didn't find her...this man gave her to me as payment because he couldn't pay and when he brought her…I was really surprised when I smell your scent on her."
"Then...what can I do to have her back? I know that you don't let go quickly."
"Well..." She stood up, lightly touching Minami's shoulder and walked in circle around her before stopping in front of the shorter vampire. She leaned in. "There's always that option." Minami's stepped back. "No way. You're the one who left me."
"And I'm sorry for that." She sighed. "We were young and I...didn't know what I...wanted."
"I loved you once but that was it."
"So what's the deal with this human?" Ray asked deciding to change the subject.
"Nothing that you need to know."
"Well...if you want me to free your human..."She smirked and went back to sit on her throne then crossed her legs, " know what I want."
"I can't do that." Minami answered and clenched her jaw.
"Well...come back when you change your mind." She said and made a waving gesture with her hands, the two vampire that escorted her, appearing beside her again, "Escort her outside." Minami clenched her fist, her fingernails digging in her palm then she unclenched them, her palm slowly healing back to normal. "Alright." She said and looked at the ground, "I'll do it." Ray smiled, a wicked smile on her face. She felt like she had won. Minami then looked at Ray, "But...I'll be the one...leading." Ray nodded then smirked, "Just like old times." The short vampire didn't say anything...just shrugged. "I'll see you shortly." Ray grinned.


"You sure about this?" Ray asked, her hands resting on Minami's hips.
"Hah, you're the one who wanted this. If I didn't, it's not like we're stopping."
"Just asking." Ray smirked and leaned down to kiss Minami. Surprisingly, Miami started to kiss back. She was surprised herself. Was it because the need to touch someone?  And Ray was here to fill that role? Is it the inner part of herself? The one that wanted contact with someone?  Even though centuries passed, she remembers the feeling of being kissed by Ray. Soon the kiss went to hot and wet kisses of exploring each other’s mouth. Minami started to feel guilty, she doesn't know why but she did. However she put that feeling at the very back.  Then the two vampires found themselves on the king size bed. The kisses continued, Minami placed hot wet kisses up Ray's jaw line, then down on her neck. Ray moaned with each kisses. She really didn't like being vulnerable so she reciprocated their places. Ray was now on top. "Didn't I tell you I wanted to be on top?" Minami breathed, refusing to let herself be taken yet. Ray leaned in and whispered beside her ear, "I didn't promise anything." Her hands rested on Minami's abdomen, slowly making their way up. Minami hissed at the contact. She really didn't like being the one under. She was about to switch their places but she saw glint on the ceiling and instead pushed Ray aside.

The attacker then was eye to eye with Minami. Minami held the assassin's arm, preventing the assassin to stab her with the knife. The assassin had a mask on so she couldn't identify whether it's a girl or a guy but something about the assassin felt familiar. The assassin's knife was slowly getting closer to Minami's face. The short woman brought her knees up and hit the attacker, right on the groin. Taking advantage of the situation, Minami slapped the knife away, the knife flying out of the assassin's hand, clanging on the ground. She put her hands on the assassin's shoulder and pushed them, the vampire now on top of the assassin, "Who are you?" The assassin didn't say anything and just struggled, trying to get out but Minami pinned her down. "Alright, if you don't want to say then..." She removed the mask, slightly falling off guard for a second. "...Acchan!?" With Minami caught off guard, Atsuko tried to push the vampire away but Minami didn't let her, the vampire regained herself quickly.
"How the hell did you-" Ray was the one who spoke. Getting up from her fall.
"Escape? Well, those guards of yours were slackers." Atsuko answered, her eyes looking straight at Minami's. Really, it was a good thing nobody was naked because it would've been really awkward. Minami was really surprised, she never thought that Atsuko could be an assassin. She could've defended herself easily. An assassin was quick and precise and they can have a good match fighting vampires. Minami just laughed. She'd fallen for this woman in front of her. Who she taught she knew but the human had a secret. Ray looked at the laughing vampire and frowned then stepped forward. "Minami get away from her so I can kill her." Minami stopped laughing and released her grip on Atsuko. Her face turned serious. "I can't let you do that."
"She was here to kill me and anyone who tries to kill doesn't get away...alive."
"Then I have no choice."
"What? You're going to try to kill me too?" Ray laughed. Minami shook her head and scooped up Atsuko in her arms. "I..." She shook her head. "What we had before...I cherished those moments...tonight...well...forget about was a mistake." Minami walked towards the windows and turned back to face the other vampire. "Don't bother to look for that for me." She sighed and ran forward, breaking through the window.

"Are you crazy!" Atsuko shouted at the fall. "It's like a hundred feet!" Minami just grinned, "Relax...I've got this. It's not like we're falling to our deaths...though I don't mind when it's with you." Atsuko blushed, "Who says that!" Minami laughed, "I've done this before. This drop is nothing." Atsuko nodded, deciding to trust her and held tightly. It became a comfortable silence. She looked at the vampire's face, the moon's glow, lighting up Minami's face. Atsuko then noticed how beautiful she is under the moonlight. Her skin seeming so pale, her lips was red, and her's bright red like a scarlet. Minami smirked, "Didn't your parents tell you that staring at someone is a rude thing." Atsuko looked away and mumbled, "I wasn't staring." Even though she said that, Minami knew that she was. She was just amused, before she would feel uncomfortable if someone kept staring at her but when it's her...she doesn't mind. The vampire turned her attention to the ground, checking if they'll be having a good landing or not. They were quickly getting closer. Finally, the two landed. The ground beneath the vampire made a crack from the force. She smiled to herself, ""
"Can you put me down now?"
"Oh, uh..yeah...of course."
Minami glanced at the woman beside her. Thinking on what to say. 'Hmm...what should I say?'.
"We probably need to get moving..." Atsuko looked around the dark forest. The different sound of the forest howling with the wind.  She would be lying if she said she's not scared, the place just gives her the creeps and to add to that she doesn't even know where she is. Minami grinned and decided to lighten up the mood. "Eh? What's this? You're scared? And you weren't scared of us?"
"This and that is different!" She pouted. "...anyways you can get us out of here right?"
"Sure, I already started planning our route when we hit the ground,'ll be a long walk."
"It's fine." She sighed and started walking.
"The other way." Minami informed her. Atsuko turner around. "Right, I knew that." The vampire chuckled, "Right. Just be careful when or rather where you're walking."
"I'll keep that in mind." Atsuko smiled. Minami "walked with her vampire speed" and in a second, she's walking beside her. They walked in comfortable silence for the rest of the way.

While they walked, Minami staggered. She cursed to herself. 'Dammit, this is bad...' Atsuko took notice and stopped, "Hey, are you ok?" Looking at the vampire, she noticed her eyes, it was light was different than earlier. They locked eyes, starting at each other for a moment then Minami closed her eyes and turned away. "I'm fine." She smiled weakly, "Let's keep going, we're near." taking a step forward and it went badly. If Atsuko didn't catch her, she would've fallen. "Tell me what's wrong."
The vampire exhaled, even though it wasn't needed. "Nothing." Atsuko shook her head and sighed, "I'm not stupid, there's obviously something..."
"Like I said...nothi-"
"You're hungry." Atsuko cut Minami off and she knew she hit the spot.
"..." Minami couldn't answer. Atsuko touched the vampire's face and made Minami look at her. "Feed from me." Minami's eyes widened and close her eyes. "No, I can't do that." Inside, she was madly laughing. How can Atsuko not be scared? The human's courage was really something. Though, she wondered how her blood would taste. Would it be different from the others? Or will it be the same? It was tempting, Atsuko offered after all. The dark part of herself wanted to taste her, while the other side kept reminding her about the promise she made herself and also that it wouldn't be a good idea. She promised herself, that she wouldn't feed from her. Minami sighed and went to sit in the ground, leaning against a tree. She looked up at the human, and the human also looked back at the vampire. "You need to feed."
"No I c-"
"I'm giving you permission," Atsuko sighed, “…why are you so stubborn?"
"Tell me, how long has it been since you last fed."
Minami looked down in the ground, "A few months." Atsuko didn't hide shock. Who wouldn't? A vampire not feeding for months, that's ridiculous. She really was surprised.  "Are you starving yourself to die...? That's stupid." Atsuko extended he right hand towards the vampire. "Now, feed or else I'll force you too."
"Fine." She agreed and took Atsuko's hands to stand on the ground.

Personal space was invaded, Minami's arms rested on Atsuko's back. She could feel, the human's heartbeat. It was beating fast. From nervousness? Or the closeness? It was either one of those or maybe even both, "You sure about this?" Atsuko just nodded. Minami's fangs appeared, she closed her eyes once again then opened them. Her fangs sank in Atsuko's flesh, the blood rushing in her mouth. Minami gulped, it was warm and sweet. A blood that she never tasted before, it's different. She couldn't really explain but it was beyond what she ever tasted. The hunger in her screamed for more and she didn't stop. No, not yet. Her thoughts about stopping was disappearing. She heard Atsuko moan, the feeding also gave pleasure to the other woman. Hearing the other woman moan, her senses was returning and that was good however she continued to feed. The vampire spun herself and Atsuko, the human now leaned against the tree. Atsuko's hands wrapped themselves around Minami's back. The feeling was sensual when the vampire bit her, she felt amazing. She heard herself whimper once the vampire pulled back. She was about to protest but Minami didn't let her since the vampire kissed the human. Atsuko allowed Minami to enter and could taste the blood- her blood. Atsuko felt the cool touch of the vampire underneath her shirt and Minami's legs were pressed between her own. She was pinned against the tree. Their bodies pressed together. Atsuko let out a moan when Minami started to touch her there. The vampire's pulled away from the kiss and started to kiss the human's jaw. Just with all of those Atsuko felt herself getting close. Then her thoughts started to come back. Her eyes snapped open and she was suddenly embarrassed, her face was flushed. She pushed the vampire away and out of nowhere, she brought her right hand up and fling it across- slapping the vampire hard across the face. After that she took off, running towards the town. Minami was paralyzed, she just stood there, analyzing the situation. What the hell did just happen? She was feeding, then it turned to kissing then it was leading to that. The vampire shook her head, trying to erase the memory of what happened. It was a good thing, Atsuko slapped her, if she didn't, then she probably would've lost control. Heaving a sigh, she decided to go for a run.


Minami sighed, she was in her room, thinking about the things that Sae suggested. After she went running, she went and talked to Sae. In this village she was actually her only friend. When she came in the inn, she hoped that she wouldn't see her yet and that wish became true, Atsuko wasn't in her usual spot. She would give it a day, then after she'll talk to her. They needed to talk about everything around them. Sae said the sooner the better, but waiting for a day is better, right? It would be better since they could sort out their feelings and think straight. Thinking about it, what makes her so sure that Atsuko will talk to her? If she wouldn't, that would be a problem. She'll try, she would make them talk. The feelings that they have isn't something that can be easily ignored. If her relatives were here, they would probably laugh at her for falling in love with a human. It isn't prohibited because it rarely happens but that was the thing, it rarely happens. She sighed, she'll use this day to sort out her feelings and think about what she will say. A day to do it and think about what she wants.


Her eyes was still closed, the little human still watching her even though time has passed. The little girl heard someone was calling. "Hey! Come here immediately! It's dangerous!" She looked at her mother then back at the vampire, hesitating to leave. The vampire with her eyes still closed nodded and smiled. Somehow an indication that she should go. The little girl nodded and looked at her mother, then back at the vampire once again, before walking away. Minami never once move, still in the same position she was a while ago. Everything was quiet again. Soon it would be morning. Soon. She had made up her mind. She can go, set herself free. Meet with her. Realization came upon her when she thought about what had happened. The thing that she was most afraid of. Why she didn't want to die. It was still the guilt but the thing that scared her was Atsuko wouldn't look at her the same way. After all, it was her that killed her lover. By her own could say. Maybe if she was quick enough, she could’ve saved her after all. The fear of not being accepted again. That was the reason. But now she knew. She could face them. Face her lover once again. If the after world really exist, then...things will happen. She would make something happen. Apologize a thousand times, be it, anything. She slowly opened her eyes, her eyes filled with determination. Everything that she'd done to the innocent people, she couldn't take it back. If only she could rewind back time then she wouldn't have done it. But it already happened. There was nothing she could do except for one thing. She left the village. That was the very last one and would be the last.


"'s been years since we were together..." Atsuko said to her lover, who was beside her in bed. Minami played with Atsuko's long hair, "Mmm...yeah?" and looked at the human.
"Don't you think it's time?"
"Time for what?" Minami grinned but she knew what her lover was asking. The moment that was one of the thing she feared was finally coming up. She tried to avoid this subject as much as she could but she knew that eventually they will talk about it. "You know what I'm talking about." Atsuko pouted. Minami smiled and stopped playing with Atsuko's hair. Her attention now with the human. She moved to kiss her lightly on the lips and whispered, "I don't want to hurt you." It was true, she didn't know if it will be a success. She never did it. Her fear was that she won't be able to stop or something will simply go wrong. Anything could go wrong. She really have to stop thinking about the negative and just focus on what’s in front of her. Their face was only cm apart from each other. Atsuko took a hold of Minami's hands and brought them to her lips, kissing her knuckles, "I trust you." Minami smiled and lightly squeezed Atsuko's hands, "I'm afraid that something will go wrong. I have a feeling it will. I don't know why but I do and if...I...hurt you...I wouldn't be able to forgive myself." Atsuko moved forward so that their heads were touching. She looked deeply into the vampire's eyes, "I love you. I trust you. I want to be with you…forever.”
"Don't you think I feel the same way?"
"I know…but you know we will eventually have to do this."
Minami closed her eyes.
"I don't want to wait," Atsuko smiled, "...I've waited long enough...each year I get older and you d-"
"But you're always beautiful!" Minami opened her eyes and protested, interrupting her lover before she could say anything else.
"Hah, you only say that." Atsuko smiled but she actually blushed from the compliment.
The vampire chuckled. "See, you're blushing."  She took a deep breath. "...and win...I knew that someday we will have to do this." The human smiled, thankful about the response. She pulled Minami closer and gave her a hug.


She stood up in front of Atsuko's grave.
Now, all she have to do is wait. Wait for the light to come. Minami smiled sadly, "My love...I'll be there soon..."


Minami's eyes were wide open, shocked from what was in front of her. She stood there watching...watching as the whole village burned. The smoke was rising up was so thick. Dropping what she carried, she quickly ran to their house. Along the way, she found bandits. They were the cause of it. She ignored them, her priority was to find Atsuko and see if she's ok. Arriving at their house, she went in even though it was on fire. "Acchan!?" She called and looked around the house. There was no answer but there was no body either. 'At least she's not here.' With their house searched, and not seeing Atsuko, she went back out.

The vampire cursed, she couldn't find her yet. If there was no fire, she could easily track her but the different smell was messing her up. She turned into a corner then finally spotted Atsuko. She was about to call out to her but surprise took over her. All of it was like slow motion, their eyes met and Atsuko smiled. She faced several bandits, surrounded by them. A few already on the ground. "Behind y-" Minami shouted, but it was too late. The human got stabbed on the back. The sword piercing her body all the way. The vampire reacted quickly, going for the bandit that stabbed her lover. She threw a punch and it connected with his face, the bandit flying with incredible speed towards one of the burning houses. Atsuko removed the sword and dropped it. She was about to fall but Minami caught her. "No..." the vampire mumbled in disbelief, "This can't be..." Atsuko smiled weakly, and touched Minami on the cheek, her blood smearing the vampire's face. Minami closed her eyes when Atsuko touched her. Blood, came out from Atsuko's mouth, "I love you...Minami..."
"Shhh... don't talk." Minami said, tears were starting to form. "I love you too."
Atsuko smiled, more blood coming, her face was pale, "Don't ever…forget the…kindness you have...I will always love you...always..."
Tears started to fall from the vampire's eyes. "I...I can fix this. It's still not too late...I can still turn you to a vampire."
Atsuko shook her head. She knew that a human must be in their best condition in able to survive the process. It was too late now, she was getting weak. Minami denied it. "No...I can still do it." She kissed Atsuko on the lips and whispered I love you before she bit the woman in the neck. Even though Atsuko was weak, there's a slight chance. That slight chance is her only hope. " on..." Atsuko said, the human knew that Minami wouldn't try to get over her but she understood, she had to say those words even though it hurts her so much. It's for the vampire's safety. It was only faint since her voice was getting weak but the vampire should've heard it. Her hands falling from Minami's face, her eyes closed. Minami cried. "No! No! No! No! No!" She screamed. "This can't be...this can't be happening. Atsuko...I need you...please..." She pleaded, but there was no changes. She hugged her, tears fell, crying more than ever before. She sat there on the dirt, crying and crying...holding the person that was dearest to her. The feeling, it felt that she lost a huge part of her...there was a missing hole there and it would never heal. It'll stay empty. Loving someone deeply, that person becomes a huge part of you. A part of you being strip away, a void it was painful…empty.


The vampire remembered all of it, the memory she never let herself remember. Rethinking about it, she missed what Atsuko said to her but now she knew. But it was too late, she'd been living years without her and it was unbearable. Atsuko was her soul mate, the other part of her. She already found her soul mate, hat was good enough. Living for more than centuries, she's tired, all she wants is rest. Rest forever. To go the other side and meet her. That was all she wishes. Nothing more. She looked at sky, it was almost morning, just few seconds then the sun would start to rise. She was ready, she didn't need anything else. There would be nothing left of her anyways, so it didn't matter, all she have to do is be where Atsuko's grave. It can be both of their graves. Then sun started to rise, she watched as it slowly crept towards her then it hit her. At first it was warm. She never actually knew the feeling of the sun. Atsuko told her before, that it was warm and she was right. She knew the feeling wouldn’t last forever. Her skin started to burn, not with the "firey" way but smoke was being produced. In truth, she was scared. Who wouldn't be? But she didn't shut her eyes, she would stay strong until the end...her end. Everything burnt like hell, it was painful, like she was just boiled and her skin was now being pilled. Oh, how painful it was. Dying painfully was the worst. There were other options for her but she didn't take it. All the pain that she inflicted on people. She needed to feel it herself or else she would never move on from what she'd done. There would be regrets. The whole sun, it felt like she was under it. No matter how much painful it was, she didn't scream. Screaming was weakness and she didn't want to show any weakness at all. She could feel it. The feeling of death. She knew it was almost time. She closed her eyes, a single tear dropping down. Bracing herself, she whispered, "Atsuko...I'll be there soon...sorry for making you wait so long." Those were her last words, before everything turned into dust.


"This is a do or die." The vampire mumbled to herself. She stayed in her room for the whole day, thinking of what to say. It seemed the day went shorter than expected. Stepping out of her room, the presence of Atsuko was there. Even though she couldn't see her, she knew she was there just base by the smell of the building. Her sweet scent gave her away. Minami suddenly felt petrified, her body wouldn't move. 'C'mon...go! Stop being want this, and you know she does too.' her conscious told her. After heaving a sigh, her body started to relax a little, then made her way to Atsuko.

Minami saw Atsuko starting to walk away, once she revealed her presence. She caught up to the younger woman, "Wait...can we talk?" Atsuko didn't stop nor look at the vampire. "What is there to talk about?"
Atsuko didn't say anything, just kept walking forward. Minami still followed her, still wasn't sure what to do. This went for a while and when it seemed that no one was going to talk, Minami went in front of Atsuko, blocking her path. There was no other way, so that was the only thing she could come up with. The human looked down the ground, avoiding eye contact, "Can you move?" Minami crossed her arms, "No, not until you talk to me." Atsuko knew she didn't have a choice, she couldn't outrun a vampire and she couldn't force her way through, it'll be useless. "Fine. Follow me then...better taking some where private."

"Do you want tea?" Atsuko asked then took it back. " you even drink tea or..."
The vampire chuckled, "Yeah I could drink tea but no...I'm good... thanks for the offer though." The human nodded and just went near the window leaning against the wall. Everything went quiet, Minami thought she was ready but damn, seeing the human changed it. Few more seconds of silence passed, then finally someone spoke or rather both of them did. "Listen-" They stopped, then it happened again. "You go first." Surprisingly it went for the third time. " can go." Minami lightly laughed, Atsuko wanted to laugh but she hid it. The vampire was thankful that somehow the awkward mood was gone. Now it was a perfect time to talk. "Listen...I'm not going to lie...I like you, heck...I love you. The first time we really talked...I knew what I wanted but I was scared...I was scared of hurting you. This..." She waved her right hand back and forth, pointing at herself and at the human." and you...a vampire and a human, it’s rare for us.” She sighed, “I'll be blunt...I know you like me. That was why that night...well..." She scratched the back of her head. " led to that. I thought I had control when I fed, but were intoxicating. I became overwhelmed and I started to want more. More than just the feeding, that's why I made a move. I thought that you didn't mind since you know...but then you pushed me and slapped me...well I...felt rejected. After that, it seems I read the situation wrong since you did'm sorry. Sorry if I tried to force myself upon you. I can't apologize enough. I'm really sorry. You're probably mad at me and don't want to see me...but I had to tell you. Tell you that I love you. And since u made everything so awkward, I'll leave. Please forgetting about everything...about me and what I am. It's better since that way you'll be safe." She stood up. "Again...I'm sorry." Then with that she disappeared, not even waiting to hear what the other woman was going to say.

Minami banged her head against the wall. All those words that she said, it wasn't the words that she planned to say. Everything changed. Now the other woman was probably thinking she's crazy. And why did she leave right away? She was actually scared of what Atsuko would say. It's better of not hearing. She had to go...move one...she was used to this anyways. Leaving and going somewhere again. She heaved a sigh, she have to go. But before going, she should go and say goodbye to Sae. She smiled...she'd actually miss everything here. Though there wasn't much to miss. Leaving her room, she went out, it was night but there seems to be a lot of people outside. Then she remembered that there was a big event. She and Atsuko actually planned together that they were supposed to go. Guess, that changed now. Though, since she's already there, might as well go and look at it.


"Bakamina!" The vampire heard someone scream. She recognized the voice, a hint of smile forming on the corner of her mouth. Turning around, she found the human a few feet away from her. "Baka!" Atsuko said and started walking towards her. The other people getting out of the way, making a trail straight to the vampire. They were curious, they watched the human as she made her way to the surprise vampire. Probably thinking, "what the heck is happening?" Atsuko stopped in front of Minami, they looked at each other. Then Atsuko slapped the vampire, this time on the left. "Eh...what's that for?" The vampire asked, it didn't hurt but well...getting slap the second time from the same girl who slapped her the first time, she had to ask.
"That's for leaving after you finished speaking. Who suddenly leaves in the middle of a conversation. You didn't even hear what I had to say."
Atsuko cut her off, it was her turn to speak after all. "So you think I hate you thought wrong!" Grabbing the collar of the vampire, she pulled Minami towards her and kissed the vampire. She couldn't care less about the audience, all she needed to say is that she feels the same. To prove the woman in front of her that she thought wrong. She had her reasons that night and it was embarrassing, so she did what her instinct did.

Minami was surprised at the sudden initiation, not that she didn't like it. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around the human, pulling her closer. Then they pulled apart, eyes staring at each other, their forehead both touching. It was the sweetest thing. They didn't care about the people that looked at them, didn't care about their differences, all that mattered was that they love each other. The two confirmed it with one another. Minami smiled, "So I totally guessed wrong huh?"
"Yes, yes you did." Atsuko happily answered.
Minami pulled back, noticing all the audiences they were getting. She couldn't care less, but she wanted to be alone with her lover. So she grabbed Atsuko's hands and ran.

The two sat down near the river, watching the water flow.  On the other side was where the festival was being held. A huge bonfire was in the middle, people interacted with each other, danced, are food, etc. Only a few people passed by on their side, since most people are in the festival. Their fingers were intertwined, savoring the moment. Minami felt Atsuko lean on her shoulders, she smiled, she really wanted to tackle the human on the ground and kiss her forever and not stop. And while at it, do some stuff too. She blushed at the thought. What's wrong with her? Ever since that day, her libido's been...well...out of control. Good thing, she's in control most of the time. Though, she's sure it's because of the woman beside her. She sighed.
"What's wrong?" Atsuko asked.
"I...uh...was just thinking."
"You eventually we have to talk about us and the things that happened before. Like me and uh...R-"
"I don't have to finish. We'll talk about it one thing at a time, ok?"
Minami nodded, the she grinned. "Though...I never knew that my sweet, beautiful, harmless girlfriend is an assassin? I never could have guessed."
Atsuko chuckled, "Didn't I say one thing at a time?"
"Hah, well I'm just saying...because before I guess you didn't need any rescuing." Minami said, remembering about the times she did "rescue" the human. Atsuko looked so exposed at those times. Never really guessing she has those feisty skills hidden.
"Usually I wouldn't tolerate and would probably do something but that time, I couldn't let them know I can do things." Atsuko replied, thinking about the second incident in the inn. She was that close to losing it. If she did act, her damned father would be questioning her 24/7.
"Aren't you going to tell me how and when you became an assassin? I want to know."
"Maybe soon, I just want to stay like this for a while and not worry about things."
The vampire lightly laughed, "You're right." What would she do without her lover? It's unthinkable now. Everything felt complete. This day was the happiest moment of her entire lifetime- finding her soul mate. She smiled and made Atsuko look at her. Minami leaned in and gave her a kiss, whispering "I love you." then "tackled" her on the ground. Who knows? Maybe it'll become true after all.

The End.

Ahah, so yup...what you peeps think? Tbh when I started this, everything was supposed to be a happy ending? perhaps...? but changed my mind and well it headed towards this direction...I also wanted an aaangsty feeling...though I didn't know if that was accomplished... As for the ending! Well...I was debating if I was going to end it like this (how it ended as now) or the other way around where the very last piece of "memory" wasn't there.... but I was like..."if I do that...if I'm in their position...I wouldn't like it like that?" but well it depends...but's a bittersweet ending? ahahaha...well...until next time...thanks for reading! Going back to study...the last minute again since forget the four essays that I memorized word per word DX for the damn exam today

P.S. comments are welcome (if you have some)  (or if it happens that you were soooo...speechless from reading it... I understand xD lolololol) good or bad...whichever...hit meh XD

P.P.S. The very last tine...awesome right? xD I just had to put that :3 (that was the only sentence that I adored lol jks)

P.P.P.S. just realized that it's been a year since I discovered this site and started writing and getting to this OTP!
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Can I just say that, I really really really love you? Like I love you sooo much that I could fall in love with you  :shy2:

That was truly amazing, like, no words can describe how fucking good that story was. You have my full respect  :kneelbow:

That was totally worth the time that I'm suppose to be reading for my homework. Like who gives a damn about my school work when I can indulge myself in an awesome AtsuMina fic? lol

I love the whole Minami turns bad because Atsuko died. I wish you could have made this longer instead of a one-shot. Maybe you could write a long chapters story on this instead?

Anyway, thank you sooo much for writing this, I really love it. I hope you write more and looking forward to it  :on lol:
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Ah... been a while since I have seen any atsumina...

Great OS there...

Very deep love story

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see more

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I think this is my first post in here?  :?
yeah it is~ but It's time for me to comment I guess  :sweatdrop:
All of your OS are really great!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
I really loves them~ thank you so much for it~  :heart:
and Forever in Your Heart~  :heart: :yep:
sweet sorrow~ sad that Atsuko is died  :cry: but the way you arranged the part is  :thumbsup
at least we're thinking that it is a happy ending...of course it is! Minami will get to see Atsuko in heaven~  :yep:
is vampire going to heaven too?   :?
hope to see more from you soon!  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Forever In Your Heart (1/22/14)
Post by: chichay12 on January 23, 2014, 03:51:07 PM
P.S. comments are welcome (if you have some)  (or if it happens that you were soooo...speechless from reading it... I understand xD lolololol) good or bad...whichever...hit meh XD
im still shock flamey~  XD :shock:
im happy that ur back with a new os..
more please!!but please i want my atsumina to be happy  :luvluv2:

update more please :on gay:
Title: Re: ONE SHOTS ~ Atsumina~ Forever In Your Heart (1/22/14)
Post by: Dianalrs on April 23, 2015, 07:54:34 AM
I'm very impress after read this storys
some of them very sweet others very tragic
but all with to much Atsumina love :heart:
great job  :twothumbs