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Title: Atsumina: Puppet Master/ Wmatsui: Blood Wars COMPLETED
Post by: miyumi on April 29, 2013, 04:48:29 PM
Link to previous stories: (

Link to new story! Check it out guys: (

Minna! I've decided to make the Atsumina one but I made a different idea so here is a short preview and chapter one is on it's way! Oh and I also have a little bonus for everyone but I won't say yet~ for now enjoy the preview!

Puppet Master

Atsuko is new at school and she gets along great with the others. She's the school's princess and no one would dare touch her. However one day when she is being attacked by these strange doll things, she runs trying to hide from them. When she hides, she discovers a girl who is sleeping in the area she was. She tries to wake the girl up but she doesn't move. It was then she realized the girl was just a doll. Atsuko was about to be attacked but then the doll came to life and defended her. After the attackers were destroyed, the doll named Minami explains that they are now in a contract where she is her master and she is her puppet. Later on Atsuko finds there is a tournament where puppet masters from all over come to compete and whoever wins gets one of the greatest prizes ever. With Minami by get side Atsuko competes to win the ultimate title of puppet master.
Title: Re: Puppet Master Preview
Post by: korin48 on April 29, 2013, 04:55:42 PM
AtsuMina!! YAY!  :farofflook:
Please continue!!!!   :tantrum:
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Post by: Elo on April 29, 2013, 05:08:39 PM
yoshaaa ATSUMINA thank you miyu-chan

this story s interesting too pleease continue
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Post by: chichay12 on April 29, 2013, 05:30:30 PM
 atsumina FTW
:on gay: :on gay: :on gay:
Title: Re: Puppet Master Preview Atsumina
Post by: kuro808 on April 29, 2013, 06:23:09 PM
Interesting start and concept
Title: Re: Atsumina Puppet Master update Chapter 1
Post by: miyumi on April 29, 2013, 07:02:48 PM
Minna! Here's chapter one! Hope you like it!

Chapter 1

Maeda Atsuko walked into her new school determined to make new friends and try to blend in as well as possible. She walked in and sat down at her desk and watched the students walk by. The teacher walked in and said,

"Alright kids we have a new student. Maeda-san if you would please stand."

Atsuko stood up and said,

"Hello my name is Maeda Atsuko. It's a pleasure to meet you all so please take care of me."

Everyone became interested in Atsuko. With her perfect smile and happy attitude people came to know Atsuko as the school's princess. Girls idolized her while boys would do anything for her attention. Atsuko was the prime of the school and no one would dare touch her. However one day while walking to school, she felt something off with the path she was walking in. She turned around thinking there was something behind her but there was no one there. She continued to walk when suddenly a creepy figure stepped forward. With an evil smile she said,

"I'm sick and tired of your princess act! I'm gonna kill you!"

Then after a creature stepped forward and tried to attack her. Atsuko stepped back just in time and then ran as fast as she could. She ran to an old shed and hid inside hoping her attacker wouldn't find her. She looked around for something to help her fight but there was nothing there. In the corner she saw something covered with a blanket. Atsuko pulled it off and revealed a girl who was sleeping. She immediately started shaking her trying to wake the girl up but in the end she ended up getting cut. Her blood dripped onto the girl yet she did not move. After looking at it, Atsuko realized it wasn't a girl but a doll. Atsuko got up and tried to run again but the door broke down and there was the creepy person and her strange monster.

"Found you~ now die!"

Atsuko grabbed a shovel and swung at the creature trying to hit it. However the creature easily broke the shovel and knocked Atsuko down. The creature jumped and was going to strike down on Atsuko.


There was a bright flash and the creature was pushed back. Atsuko looked up and saw the doll she saw before but it was alive and standing before her. She was in a black skirt and top with strange attachments on her ear (outfit from itoshisa no accel) She also held a sword aimed right at the creature. The creature saw the doll and lashed out at her aiming for the neck. However the doll moved out of the way and then slashed the creature in half. Atsuko watched the creature disperse in a puff of smoke.

"Impossible! That was my heart too! No!!!"

The girl turned to stone and then crumbled into pieces. Atsuko sat there trying to comprehend what had happened but her brain was just scrambled. The doll put her sword away and then walked over to Atsuko. She held out her hand helped pull Atsuko up. When she stood up she realized the girl was very short for what looked like her age. She was about to say something but then the doll grabbed her hand and knelt down on one knee.

"My name is Takahashi Minami a puppet. You awakened me so therefore you are my master. Please use me in any way you please."

Atsuko was speechless and wasn't sure what to do. Instead she got up and just ran as fast as she could. She ran into the woods hoping to find a way to school but instead ran into more of those creatures.

"Get her!"

They all jumped and she thought she was going to die. Then suddenly another flash and all the creatures were dead.

"Are you ok?"

"Y-yes... Thank you."

"You are my master and it is my job to defend you with my life."

"What do you mean I'm you're master? What are you?"

The doll called Minami took a deep breath and said,

"My name is Minami and I am a puppet. You awakened me when your blood reached my heart and completed the contract between us. This mark proves it."

Minami showed a mark on her chest which was a red heart with wings on it.

"It's on you as well."


Atsuko looked at the spot and sure enough there was the mark. Atsuko was blown away by the sudden mark and asked,

"How did this happen?"

"Again you blood reached my heart which awakened me and I became your puppet. We are bonded now by spirit and blood. I am your puppet that will do whatever my master wishes with whatever the order is. The say word and I will do it."

"Wait wait slow down. So you're a puppet who came to life with my blood and now I'm you're master?" Atsuko asked.

"That is correct."

Atsuko was speechless once again and then said,

"I don't want to be your master. It was just a mistake. Isn't there a way to reverse it?"

"No I am sorry."

"Then what do I do now?"

"You compete in a tournament with other puppeteers and fight for the grand prize."

"What's the grand prize?"

"Something beyond your imagination."

Atsuko sat there and then said,

"I'm sorry but no."

Atsuko got up and walked away leaving Minami behind. She walked all the way to school and then spent the entire day trying to forget Minami. She was in the middle of class focusing on her work when suddenly a note slipped onto her desk. She picked it up and read it.

"Heard you got a puppet. Meet me after school so we can talk. I'll be waiting in the garden. Oh and bring your puppet."

Atsuko looked around to see if she could find the one who wrote it but couldn't tell. After school she went to the garden where a woman was standing there reading a book.


"Ah you're here! Please sit."

Atsuko sat down and the woman said,

"My name is Shinoda Mariko and I am a puppet master like you. I'm going to explain to you the world of the puppet masters so listen carefully ok?"

Atsuko nodded her head.

"Good then listen up. The puppets were created by a very powerful witch who originally used them as guardians to protect her. However when the witch died, all the puppets were scattered around the world. Years went by until one day, someone activated one of the puppets. The puppet saw the person as their master and soon the person learned the true power of the puppets. That person used the power and created the "Puppet Master Tournament" thousands of puppet masters came forward and competed with the puppets. Whoever won would be crowned Puppet Master and would have control over all the puppets. Minami is one of the many puppets out there and you awakened her when your blood entered her body. You two are bounded and cannot be separated so trying to run away is useless. Atsuko you are now a puppet master so you must compete for if you don't, you and Minami will be in danger. Those other puppet masters you fought came after you because you became a master."


"Yes in order to compete in the tournament, puppet masters have to destroy other puppets and obtain their souls. Once you've gathered enough, you may enter and compete. However if your puppet dies, you die as well."

"No way.."

"So I would suggest you stay with Minami and fight. You're now on the list which means other masters will be after you."

"But I didn't want this! This isn't fair!"

"I'm sorry but you're in it now and unless you don't want to die I would suggest you fight instead of crying like a baby."

Atsuko sat there frozen speechless at what Mariko said but then there was a shout.


Atsuko looked over and saw Minami walking with another girl with long black hair. The two walked over and Mariko said,

"Thank you for bringing Minami here Miichan."

"No problem."

"Well then Miichan and I will be going. You two should get to know each other since you'll be fighting everyday. See you later~"

Mariko left and Atsuko turned to face Minami.

"So have you decided Master?"

Atsuko placed her hand on Minami's shoulder and said,

"I'll do it."

"Great! Then lets start over. My name is Takahashi Minami."

"My name is Maeda Atsuko."

"We'll then Maeda lets work hard so we can win the tournament!"


That day Atsuko entered a whole different world she had no idea how big it was.

Well I hope you guys liked the first chapter! Tell me what you think!
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Post by: kuro808 on April 29, 2013, 07:08:35 PM
I have a feeling the puppets will have magical powers XD
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Post by: 7sam14 on April 29, 2013, 07:19:03 PM
Thanks for the update!!!!!!

I have a feeling the puppets will have magical powers XD

I have the same feeling too!
this Fic also reminds me of Fate/Night  anime....

I wonder if Takamina will accompany her to school or not...  :? :?

I hope u could update soon!!!
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Post by: Yuki88 on April 29, 2013, 07:37:57 PM
You know, I feel strangely familiar with this kind of setting. Fate stay/night? Or other anime? XD
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Post by: sakura_drop_ on April 29, 2013, 07:46:11 PM
I don't care if it's familiar...this is AtsuMina and beyond awesome!!!
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Post by: miayaka on April 29, 2013, 07:48:04 PM
I love this..
Thank you Miyu!!
The plot is awesome :3
Definitely will be looking forward on this one.
Minami as a puppet suteki!!!
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Post by: arrow27 on April 29, 2013, 07:58:57 PM
wow I really love this :D Great first chapter!! The concept is so interesting ^^ I look forward to the next chapter!
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Post by: sakura_drop_ on April 29, 2013, 08:14:52 PM
Nyaaa Nyaaa Nyaaa!! MariMii!! Yeah!! I love it!! Now I can imagine if Atsuko is going into the bathroom...will Minami follow her into the bathroom?   :on bleed: Owh God~ I'm so pervert!! Nyahahahh!!! :on gay:

by the way thanks for the story Miyu~  :P

exactly my thoughts XD we both are pervs, nee? XD
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unexpected story! it a bit like stay fate night to me ><

great story  :mon squee:

please update soon :kneelbow:
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miyu~chan I love this story

and I want to know more please update soon hehe
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Post by: Ruka Kikuchi on April 29, 2013, 10:55:25 PM
This is interesting!

Minami in Itoshisa no Accel form, fighting for her and Acchan's life!

Can't wait to see what happens next!
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Post by: FlameHazeKatsu on April 30, 2013, 12:11:18 AM
Hell yes! NEW atsumina  fan fictions~ woooooot! (imma post mine too laterz) since I'm seeing a few nowadays~  :farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook:
sooo...if either one dies both dies huh... oooh~ sweet!  :hehehe: Acchan just have to say anything and Takamina will do it...huh...  :cathappy: man...this will be awesome! can't wait to see what happens~  :glasses:
Title: Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 2
Post by: miyumi on April 30, 2013, 05:46:01 PM
Minna! Looks like everyone likes the story. However I wanted to say I swear this isn't based off of Fate Stay Night! I've seen the anime but I swear it's nothing like it! Mou I hope I don't get sued for copy right! Anyways I hope you like the update and once again, it's not Fate Stay Night!

Chapter 2

The next day Atsuko woke up to the smell of something good cooking in the kitchen. She walked in and saw Minami cooking eggs and bacon over the stove. She walked over to Minami and reached out to grab a piece of bacon already cooked. However she felt a light slap and then she said,

"Be careful master it's still hot."

"Hai hai~ and stop calling me master! Just call me Acchan."

"Yes master I mean.. Acchan."

"Good girl!"

Atsuko walked over to the table and took a seat. Soon after Minami set the plate and a cup of juice to the side. Then she sat in the other chair and watched her. Atsuko felt a little creeped out by Minami but then a question popped into her head.

"Nee Minami. Why aren't you eating?"

"Ah well puppets don't eat. All foods taste bland to us."


"Nope but it's not a problem because we never get hungry."

"Well I guess it's ok... But I still feel pretty bad for eating this good food in front of you."

"You're fine~ now eat up before it gets cold."

Atsuko are her breakfast and then set off to get in the shower. Minami got up and followed her as well all the way to the bathroom. However Atsuko stopped and said,

"I don't need you following me all the time Minami."

"But it's my job to protect you so I must go wherever you go!"

"I don't think a bar of soap is going to kill me."


The door was shut and Minami have in and went into Atsuko's room. She made the bed and set out her school uniform to change in. As she was doing so there was a ring at the door. When she opened it, there was no one there but a school uniform that was the same as Atsuko's. There was a note on the uniform telling her welcome to the school and she will be enrolling into the same school as Atsuko. Minami was happy about the news and quickly changed into her uniform. When Atsuko came out and saw Minami, she squealed a little and claimed that Minami looked cute. However there was something missing that made Atsuko worry. She went to her room and pulled out a bow that she had. She placed it on top of Minami's head and was happy seeing how it suit her image. When the two were both ready, they set off to school ready for Minami's first day.

When they arrived, Atsuko was greeted by many boys who tried to approach her but as they got close, Minami grew protective and threatened to attack. Atsuko thought it was funny how Minami was so protective. They went to their first class and Minami was introduced to their class. The first thing everyone thought was Minami was a living chibi. As soon as she sat down many girls walked over and started treating her like a baby offering her sweets and candies. Atsuko was close to bursting into laughter when she saw Minami's cheeks puff up in a pouty look and her face turn red.

"Acchan! Help!"

Atsuko finally stopped laughing and walked over to help Minami. The kids backed off and Minami hugged Atsuko.

"Mou I'm not a chibi!"

"Yes you are~ but you're my chibi~"

"Well that I'm ok with!"

Suddenly the door opened and three girls came in. They gave off a dark aura that made everyone back away. The three walked all the way over to Atsuko and Minami and stared at them. Then the middle one said,

"Heard you got a puppet. Meet me after school and we'll battle. If you don't show up, we'll just kill you the next day."

The girls left and Atsuko was a little confused. After Minami explained what happened, Atsuko's immediate reaction was,

"No way."

"Eh? But if we don't go they'll kill you!"

"So what? You're here so you'll just protect me."

"Yes that's true but-"

"Yes so I'm not battling."

Minami grew quite and didn't talk to Atsuko for the rest of class. When lunch came around the two ate in an awkward silence and didn't even look at each other. After lunch the two went back to class and still did not talk. When the day ended, the two were about to go home but then two of the girls from before grabbed them and dragged them out to a field. Scared and confused Atsuko tried to fight but ended up getting knocked out. When she came to she saw Minami being beaten my the three girls.


She tried to move but she was tied down.

"Pretty pathetic puppet you go here!"

The girl kicked Minami who let out a cry and Atsuko teared up. She watched as the girl beated Minami countless times until she stopped moving. Then the girls walked over to Atsuko and were about to start beating her. However Minami quickly ran to Atsuko's side and sheilded her from the blows. Hit after hit Minami took them and still managed to hold on.

"Minami stop!"

"I.. Must protect.. My master... Ah!!"

Another blow to the side and Minami coughed up not blood but a strange blue substance. Minami continued to hold on until she said,

"Master.. Accept the battle.."

"What? No way!"

"P-please... I can't hold on.."

Atsuko was being pushed against the wall with no way out. After finally giving in she accepted the battle. As soon as she did, her chest glowed and the area around her changed. A barrier was placed that separated her from the outside world. When she looked over she saw Minami standing her previous outfit she had seen before when they first met. Minami drew her sword and said,

"Leave it to me master!"

Up ahead Atsuko watched all the middle girl summon the two others. They both had daggers as weapons and both looked very scary. Minami however was unglazed and charged at the two. She swung her sword but missed and one of the two lashed out. Minami was quick and backed away but the other one snuck behind and slashed her back. Minami fell down for a minute but quickly got back up. She attacked and managed to cut one of them but then the other attacked and cut her leg. As she went down the other one came from above and cut Minami's arm. She cried out as more blue substance came out of the wounds. Minami went down and wasn't getting back up. The two were about to finish everything off and end it. At that moment something in Atsuko started to ring. Something powerful inside grew all the way to the point of bursting. With all her might Atsuko shouted Minami's name and something happened. Minami got up and moved out of the way quickly. Then she took her sword and cut the one of the legs off of one puppet. As she went down the other tried to attack but Minami was quick and sliced its arms off. The two were both down and then Minami finished them off by cutting their heads off. The puppets disappeared and then the barrier disappeared. The puffs of smoke cleared and revealed two glowing crystals. They moved over to Minami and entered her body.

Meanwhile the other girl quickly ran away but didn't get far as suddenly her body turned to stone and crumbled. Minami turned back into her regular outfit and then walked over to Atsuko. She helped her up and said,

"Are you ok?"

"Un.. Minami that was amazing."

"It was all because of you."

"What do you mean?"

"You have me the energy to fight. When you called out my name I felt a huge burst of energy inside me! It was really great."

"Well I'm glad that you won. Nee what were those things that went inside you?"

"Ah those were heart shards. When a puppet dies the winner gets a piece of their heart called a heart shard. We need ten of them to enter the tournament."

"So what happens if you lose?"

"I'll only lose one. All puppets start off with three but once you lose all three you die."


"Hey don't worry as long as we stay strong I won't lose any shards! So lets work hard and do our best ok?"


After the battle the two went home to get some much deserved rest. However they didn't notice the two people watching them walk by and studying them. The larger one walked over to the smaller one and said,

"What do you think Mayuyu? Wanna take them?"

"Yes.. I want to destroy them.."

"Then tomorrow we'll fight them and win."

"Yes.. Nee Yuki.."

"Yes Mayu?"

"Let's go destroy some other puppets."


The two walked away to prepare for the upcoming battle. Over with Minami and Atsuko, the two were eating a dinner and then got ready for bed. Atsuko got into her bed while Minami tucked her in. Atsuko asked where she was going to sleep and Minami said,

"Puppets don't sleep."


"Yes puppets don't eat or sleep."

"Well then what will you do all night?"

"Probably watch you sleep."

"Uh no come here."

Atsuko pulled Minami into the bed and under the blankets. She held her close and said,

"Even if you can't sleep... Stay with me.."

"Yes master.."

"That's Acchan."

"Yes Acchan."

That night Atsuko had a peaceful sleep being held in Minami's arms.

Well I hope you guys liked the chapter! Look forward to the next battle because it's going to be a really strong opponent!
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Post by: Temodemo on April 30, 2013, 06:08:37 PM
E-ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?! Temo, it will be a great fight with Mayuyu and Yukirin....Demo....that means, If Mayu or Yuki dies, the other one dies too!!!!!

By the way, when I readed it, it didn't sound like Fate stay night, to me it sounded like 'Rozen Maiden'  XD I love that Manga! I think its Mayuyu's favorite one as well....*trying to remember*

But if this doesn't happens, then it will be dull really.... -_- if Bakamina and Acchan decide to not kill or decide to not fight then it will be boring, so I expect Mayuyu and Yukirin to die in the next chapter *smile* I'm such a sadist.....*sighs and leaves to torture more people*Please make Mayuyu and Yukirin die Miyumi~ Thank you very much~*yandere smile*
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Great chapter.

I wonder what other duels is up for acchan and takamina
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Post by: sakura_drop_ on April 30, 2013, 06:25:54 PM
Bakadoll flat nee  :rofl:

make MaYuki die!!  :bow:

moar, we need moar!!! :deco:
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thank you for your update

haha cute chibi minami

they will fight against Mayuki
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Wah! Mayuki VS Bakaacchan?! Damn cool fight is coming!! XD

Ehhhh dont kill mayuki!! Mayuki moments are the best...why kill them!?

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Post by: arrow27 on April 30, 2013, 09:38:07 PM
Thanks for the update!! Great chapter :D Minami and Atsuko are so cute!!
& The battle was great. So I'm guessing then Minami can't fight back or transform if Atsuko doesn't "accept" a battle?
Anywas the chapter had pretty funny parts, I laughed when atsuko said "I don't think a bar of soap is going to kill me." or the "Well then what will you do all night?"

"Probably watch you sleep." lol

& wow, Yuki and Mayu eh, they're prob really strong and experienced. Looking forward to the next chapter!
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Post by: FlameHazeKatsu on April 30, 2013, 11:27:39 PM
awww... cute!  :nya: "you're my chibi" lol true!  :on lol: Well it wouldn't be that bad if Takamina watch Acchan sleep but them sleeping together is more cuuuute!  :nya: hehehehe... thanks for the update! looking forward to the next battle...!  :whistle: someone has to die though....
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Post by: DeadSouls on May 01, 2013, 12:29:13 AM
Just found  this one!  :farofflook: and it's AWESOME!!!!!  :ding: can't wait to see what will happen! Atsumina VS Mayuki!?!?!  :glasses: this will be something...
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~Puppet Master Prologue & Chapter 1  :deco:

Hi!  :onioncheer:

It’s a very interesting story  :bingo:

Please keep it up  :bow:

Thanks for update

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sorry, i did not mean that  :kneelbow:
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Post by: karenchan on May 01, 2013, 02:25:32 PM
Haha, i don't really think that you are gonna get sued  :on cigar:

Your fiction is incrediblely Acchan-awesomely won-won-WONDERFUL

 :on cny2: Whenever you are ready, Update real fast okay  :on asmo:
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Post by: -gibson-mayulover on May 01, 2013, 04:14:02 PM
I'm I the only one here that doesn't want mayuki to die?
Why I don't want them to die?
Simple I want them to make in the tornament
They can be an ally to gather more shard or heart
Or be the main antagonist in the story...
But the decision is yours miyumi-san
Ohh yeah thank you for the fiction
And thank you for the update
Looking forward for the next chapter

This is an interesting fic
Title: Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 3
Post by: miyumi on May 02, 2013, 03:11:49 AM
Are you guys ready for an epic battle?! Then enjoy the chapter and tell me what you think!

Chapter 3

The next morning Atsuko woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking once again. Atsuko was still a little sleepy so when she walked in she still wasn’t fully awake. She walked over to Minami and leaned on her almost knocking the little one down. Minami had to push Atsuko up and sit her down on the chair. She served her food and Atsuko woke up instantly. The two ate and then got ready for school. They headed off for school and when they arrived they were welcomed with a strange surprise. Outside the school was a puppet battle and people were gathered around watching it. By the time Minami and Atsuko got to see what it looked like, the battle was over and the loser was on the ground. The two watched as a piece of the puppet’s heart came out and went into the winner.

The puppet and master looked like a very strong pair. The puppet was wearing a blue dress with strange robotic accessories. She had futuristic headphones in and green tubes connecting her body to the rest of it. The doll looked like something out of a science fiction movie. The owner next to her looked like a princess with her long black hair and elegant clothing. The two made an interesting combo and one Atsuko was certainly interested in. When the battle was over everyone left and Minami and Atsuko were about to leave when they were stopped by the winner from the previous battle.

“Hello my name is Watanabe Mayu.” the puppet one said.

“And my name is Kashiwagi Yuki.” the master said.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Atsuko said.

“We were wondering if you would like to join us for lunch during break. Would you like that?”

“That sounds great.”

“Then we will see you then.”

The two walked away and Minami whispered,

“Master be careful. I can feel really strong energy coming from them.”

“Oh they’re fine. They just wanna have lunch with us.”

The two went to class but Minami was still worried about the two they met earlier. She was afraid they were going after Atsuko like the others were and was on high guard. When break came around they met up with Yuki and Mayu and had a nice lunch together. They chatted about school and other things and then Minami asked,

“How many heart shards have you collected?”

Mayu smiled and said,

“Three. How many have you?”


“Well keep working and I’m sure you’ll catch up. There’s plenty of time before the tournament starts so don’t worry.” Yuki said.

“Yeah it’s just Minami and I have to train and get really strong!” Atsuko said.

“Well keep working and I’m sure you’ll get there.”

They went back to eating and when lunch was over they said their goodbyes and left. However before they left, Mayu whispered something to Minami that made her body tense up. When she heard the news, she walked over to Atsuko and told her the same. Atsuko nodded her head and agreed to go after school. Turns out Mayu and Yuki wanted to challenge them to a battle just like Minami had predicted. When school was over they met out in the fields where the two were waiting. They walked over and Yuki said,

“Shall we get started?”


The barrier spawned and the puppets prepared for battle. No one moved with either one waiting for an attack. Minami grew impatient and decided to attack first by charging forward. However when she swung, Mayu vanished leaving a puff of pixels behind her. Minami looked around to try to find her but she was nowhere to be found. Then she suddenly popped up from behind and slammed her elbow into her back. Minami flew back but it wasn’t over yet as Mayu came back with another attack to the chest. Minami fell forward and Mayu came down with a brutal drop kick pushing Minami into the ground deep. Atsuko watched as Minami jumped out of the hole and then tried to slice Mayu but missed sadly with that vanishing pixel trick again. Mayu appeared from under and sent her flying up until she slammed into the edge of the barrier and was electrocuted. She fell back down where Mayu was waiting with a blast of some kind of sonic boom sending her down into the ground again. When Minami tried to get back up Mayu stepped on her stomach holding her down. The next thing Atsuko saw was something unbelieveable.

“Ready to lose?”

Mayu’s right arm turned into some kind of laser cannon thing and Atusko watched the tubes on Mayu’s body start to glow. All the energy was going into the cannon that was aiming right at Minami’s head. The cannon was almost completely loaded and Atsuko couldn’t stand to take it. She looked away so she couldn’t see Minami’s head blown to bits and waited for the worst. The cannon was ready to fire but right as she was going to, Mayu aimed her direction right at Atsuko.


She fired and a huge blast of energy came shooting straight at Atsuko. Atsuko saw this and was frozen stiff not sure where to go. Her legs were frozen with fear as she watched the beam get closer and get closer to the point where it was about to hit her. However suddenly Minami got in front of her and took the blast. Minami’s body flew and landed hard on the ground.


Atusko ran over to Minami was badly hurt.

“Minami are you ok?”


Minami didn’t say anything else as a crystal left her heart and went into Mayu’s body. Mayu and Yuki walked over and Mayu said,

“And I thought the battle was going to be interesting.”

“Now now Mayu be nice. They put up a good fight.”

“Whatever.. Let’s go find someone else to destroy.”

“Mou what am I going to go with you and that killer cyborg in you?”

The two walked away leaving Atsuko with the damaged remains of Minami. She saw a hole and saw the missing spot where Minami’s piece was. Now there was only two left which made Atsuko’s own heart feel heavy. Tears ran down her eyes as she started to cry upon her fallen puppet. She cried and cried until suddenly she felt someone place their hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw Mariko with a smile on her face.

“It’s ok. Minami is going to be fine. Look.”

Atsuko looked at Minami and saw the hole seal up and the rest of her body heal as well. Minami woke up and looked at Atusko.



Atsuko hugged Minami and held her tighly glad she was alright.

“Remember Atsuko that was just one battle. Lose two more times and you both die.” Mariko said.

“How do I get stronger?”

“You need to strengthen the connection between you and Minami. It’s very weak right now and nowhere near Mayu and Yuki’s. If you want to get stronger spend more time with Minami and get to know with her. You two should know everything about each other inside and out. Only then will you be able to grow.”

Mariko left and Atsuko carried Minami home where she got much needed rest. The two were sitting on the bed together when Minami said,

“I’m so weak…”

“You’re not weak Minami. We just weren’t ready for those types of battles. Mayu and Yuki.. They’ve been at it longer than us so of course they’re strong. But we can get stronger Minami we just have to work hard.” Atsuko said.

“I know but still.. I should be stronger! I mean I never even landed a hit on Mayu not once. I gotten beaten to a pulp and I couldn’t do anything. Face it master I’m useless.”

“Minami don’t you dare say that you’re not useless!”

“I am! And you know it…”

Minami got up and walked into the kitchen. Atsuko followed after her and stopped her by wrapping her arms around her and pulling her in for a hug.

“You’re not useless Minami. You’re my puppet and I’m going to do my best to help you get stronger. Don’t give up on me yet because we’re just getting started and I’m going to need you to believe me when I saw you’re not useless because if you’re useless then that means I’m useless too.”

Atusko started to cry again and Minami quickly turned around and dried her tears.

“Master isn’t useless. She’s stronger than any puppet or master I know. I believe you master so let’s do our best ok?” Minami said.

“Un!! Let’s work hard and get stronger! Then we can wipe that smug grin off of Mayu’s face.” Atsuko said.

“Yeah! I’m looking forward to that!”

“Then let’s work hard together alright?”


That night the two spent it training and becoming stronger like they had hoped. The next day, the two approached Mayu and Yuki challenging them to another battle. At first Mayu took it as a joke and tried to blow them off but then Minami taunted Mayu enough to accept the challenge. They met in the same place as before and went straight into the battle. Like before, Minami charged into the battle head first.

“Again? You know that won’t work.”

Mayu disappeared as Minami swung and then reappeared behind her. However Minami was expecting this and ducked while Mayu’s foot moved above. Minami took this chance and grabbed Mayu by the leg and then threw her across. She slammed hard into a tree but quickly recovered.

“Not bad but let’s see if you can handle this.”

Mayu clapped her hands together and sent a huge sonic boom heading straight for Minami. Right as the wave was going to hit, Minami took her sword and hit it making the sound resonate around it. The sonic boom wrapped around Minami’s sword who then redirected it right back at Mayu. The boom was too fast for Mayu to escape and ended up getting shot back all the way to the edge of the barrier where she got electrocuted. Mayu grew angry and decided to pull out the cannon. She loaded quickly and fired a blast not as strong but still fast. Using her sword, Minami charged at the blast and right as it was going to hit, Minami sliced the blast in half and then charged at Mayu cutting one of her legs and then her left shoulder. Minami got back before Mayu could attack and then sprung forward slicing her arm. While still in the air, Minami tried to turn around and strike again but Mayu grabbed her.

“Got you!”

Mayu started spinning around and around at an alarming speed and then finally shot Minami high into the air. Then she jumped up and slammed Minami back into the ground. She came back down and pinned Minami down in the same position as before. 

“Any last words?” 

Minami smiled and said,

“Yeah.. BOOM!”


Mayu looked over and saw her arm cannon was shooting sparks out of it and malfunctioning. Eariler before Minami had sliced the tubes connecting Mayu to her cannon and then jammed a piece of stone in it. The cannon was now getting ready to explode and Mayu couldn’t do anything about. The cannon exploded and Mayu’s right arm was blown off. It wasn’t over yet as Minami prepared for the final move. Just freed herself from Mayu and then jumped high into the air. She shot out chains that tied Mayu down and then pulled out her sword for one last final attack. Minami charged up and her sword glowed while vibrating at a fast pace. The energy coming from it was intense and almost too much to withstand. Minami held on though and she charged at Mayu.

“Minami go!”

“Take this!”

Minami sliced straight across Mayu’s chest cutting deep. Wires and circuits flied as Mayu went down.


Mayu went down and the battle was over. A heart shard came out of Mayu and entered Minami’s. Minami smiled and said,

“Now we’re even.”


Mayu woke up still badly injured and looked at Minami. With that signature grin Mayu said,

“Not bad… You’ve gotten stronger since last time. Good fight.”

“Same to you.” Minami said.

“Instead of fighting, why don’t we become friends and help each other out?” Atsuko said.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.” Yuki said.

“Well then Yuki, Mayu, let’s all work hard and strive for our goal to grow stronger and fight side by side in the future.”

Atsuko held her fist out and Minami held hers out as well. Yuki and Mayu did the same and then the four of them all agreed that from that point on they were friends and would help each other whenever things turned bad. Atsuko and Minami had made their first friends and will make more in the future.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed the battle! Minami and Atsuko have made their first allies but who knows the other opponents that are up next. Find out next time on the next update!
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Such a strong pair...

Atsumina, get closer and get stronger! :deco:

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okay this is nice :D :D :D
wow mayuki pair is strong  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
well I kinda expecting mayu will be the master because of nezumi characteristic and yuki will be the puppet because she look kinda look strong and have a black aura or black mode..
but this is awesome  :cow: :cow:
and the atsumina pair is great
they defeated mayu and yuki now they have both two heart or life left
I wonder if there will be more pair to come? :? :?
like Tomotomo, Kojiyuu, Wmatsui, Kuminon, Yuiparu, and ,many more...
oh yeah thank's for the update...
and looking forward for the next update...
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Atsumina and mayuki
I love it! :on gay:
Nice chapter!
Cant wait for more!
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so they are allys now hehe

I want more atsumina moments they are so cute

I cant wait to see who will they fight with
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So I see they are  allies for now I assume.  It seems like a serial type of fic coming along
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I have just come across this Atsumina fic...

Ah.. Atsuko as the master and Minami as the puppet, interesting idea

The story is a bit like Konjiki no Gash Bell (without the demons) x chobit (with the fighting and intelligent)

Ah... Minami is nearly beaten to death by Atsuko... and with Atsuko not wanting to fight, Minami could do nothing about

Yeah... great actions there...

Ah.. Next is Yuki and Mayu...

Yeah... Lost then Win... Great action scene there...

Yeah they become friends....

That's great....

How about Mariko and Miichan... are they friends or enemies?

Why did they keep helping and informing Atsuko what's going on?

Anyhow, Can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the lovely updates

:wub: :inlove: :love: :heart:
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Make a prediction..... Next battle, i think Kojiyuu, Saeyaka, Tomotomo, Kuminon, Ogiyuri

But i like Kojiyuu first to come out, Kojinyan will be a master and Yuko will be a puppet

Please update....  XD XD XD
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thanks for the update! Amazing chapter :D Both fights were great!!! & glad the four of them decided to be comrades in the end to help one another. They're all indeed strong! :) I look forward to the next chapter :D
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I've just realized there will be so many dead people/pairings after this  :shocked

Nami's so cute, I wish if I could have a puppet like her...

Please update as soon as you can listening to  Itoshisa no Accel

It fits this theme most  :twothumbs
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This fic sounds like accel word' anime.
That awesome!!
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I hope you like this update! Time for some more characters~

Chapter 4

Minami and Atsuko were sitting on a bench enjoying their lunch when suddenly Mayu and Yuki walked over. They asked if they wanted to go somewhere after school and said it would be fun. The two agreed and then Mayu and Yuki left. When the two finished eating, Atsuko stood up and said,

"Nee Minami let's play a game!"

"Ok what game?"

"Blind man!"


Atsuko took a piece of cloth and wrapped it around Minami's eyes. Atsuko explained how Minami had to find her without taking off the blind fold. At first Minami didn't like the game but she eventually gave in. She started to walk around looking for Atsuko who was only giving clues based on voice.

"Minami~ over here~"

"Master where are you?"

"Mou I told you to stop calling me master!"

"Eto.. Acchan where are you?"

"That's better! Now come here~"

Minami turned right and ended up hitting something hard. Atsuko giggled and said she ran into a tree and was nowhere near her. Minami turned around and charged at where she thought was Atsuko. She felt a warm body and grabbed onto it.




Minami's blind fold slipped off and revealed that the one she was holding wasn't Atsuko but was some other girl. She blushing while looking down at Minami who was really close to her. Minami realized this and quickly backed away. The girl looked very frail and weak so Minami was afraid she had hurt her. When she was going to ask, she suddenly felt someone push her back.

"Hands off! She's mine!"


Atsuko looked over and saw a younger girl holding onto the older one like a possessive child. The two didn't look like students of the school so Atsuko wondered where they came from. The younger one was glaring at Minami who was sitting there on the ground confused. Atsuko helped her asked and then said,

"Excuse me but who are you?"

"Matsui Rena." the taller one said.

"Matsui Jurina." the shorter one said.

"My name is Atsuko."

"And I'm Minami."

"Yes yes nice to meet you now paws off midget! Rena is mine!"

"Oi who are you calling midget you little brat!"

The two started getting into a heated argument while Atsuko and Rena stood there watching. They went at it for a while until Rena said,

"Come on Jurina we're going to be late."

"Ah that's right! We better go now!"

Jurina was about to go but then she turned around and said,

"From today on I'll be attending here!"


Jurina left leaving the two in total disbelief. The fact that Jurina was going to attend the school was just crazy. However they let it go for the moment because they had to go back to class. Atsuko and Minami finished school shortly after and met up with Yuki and Mayu. The two were waiting by the front gate and when they saw them, they called them over.

"Ready to go?"


The two took Minami and Atsuko to an abandoned building where it looked like it had been left untouched for years. When they walked in though, they heard loud growling and claws scraping against metal. Before they could as what was going on, something jumped out and tried to attack Atsuko. Luckily Mayu had transformed and blasted the thing to bits. Soon more and more jumped out and tried to attack as well. Mayu was shooting all of them while Minami and Atsuko stood there clueless. Then suddenly one jumped out from behind and was going to slash Atsuko but Minami transformed and slice it instead.

Soon after Mayu and Minami were killing the strange looking creatures one by one until there were none standing. However there was suddenly a loud thud and the two turned around to see a really big one. Minami and Mayu charged into the fight with Mayu blasting and Minami slicing. Mayu shot the creature's face while Minami cut off a limb. As it was falling Mayu finished it off with a massive blast to the head. Everything settled down and then Mayu said,

"Wasn't that fun?"

"What were those things?!"

"Rats." Yuki said.


"Yeah. You see when a puppet dies, if gives off an essence that causes mutations in anything around it. A puppet died here a couple days ago but Mayu and I couldn't take them all out alone. Thank you for helping us."

"So where is the dead puppet?"

"Over there."

There in the corner was something that looked like a body yet it wasn't. It was badly mangled and beaten that one couldn't even tell it was a body. There were large hole on the stomach and chest and the limbs were twisted or torn off. An eye was missing and even the lower jaw was gone. The sight of puppet made Atsuko's stomach turn as she imagined Minami being that puppet in such a horrible state. She also wondered where the master was but the body was nowhere to be found. Atsuko turned around and tried to walk away from the body but then something fell right in front of her.

There on the ground was the body of the master with a hook through and through her stomach. There were large cuts on her arms and and legs and her neck was no longer existent. The only thing keeping the head attached was the spinal chord. Now it was Minami's turn to feel sick. The two were both horribly mortified by the sight and thought they were going to lose it. Mayu and Yuki both saw this and decided to make them leave.

The four went to a cafe where they got something to eat. Yuki got some ice cream but Atsuko was too grossed out to eat. Instead she watched Mayu feed Yuki ice cream and then Minami interrupted them to say,

"Who did that?"

"Nani?" Mayu said.

"Who did that... To that puppet and master."

Mayu and Yuki stared at each other for a while and then Yuki nodded her head. Mayu turned to Takamina and said,

"The only one we could think of who does something that horrifying is a puppet called Gekikara."


"Yes Gekikara is a very powerful puppet." Yuki said.

"How so?" Atsuko asked.

"Well long ago Mayu and I knew Gekikara. We fought along side her for a while until she became too strong to handle. She almost killed Mayu if her master hadn't stopped her. That puppet is a monster so be very careful and hope you never meet her. Gekikara is strong I'm brute force and will easily break you. However she has an insane side and likes to "play" with her victims before she kills them."


"Gekikara is a sick puppet. No one knows how she got this way but it was truly horrible watching her tear the other puppets limb from limb and kill all those masters. Her owner must have a lot of strength to be able to control Gekikara."

"Do you know who the master is?" Minami asked.

"No I don't but I hear she goes to our school."

"Eh?! Uso!"

"I'm serious. Another puppet died today and when we went to investigate, it looked like the work of Gekikara."

Minami and Atsuko were both silent not sure what to say. At the same time though the door opened and a very familiar pair walked in. When they saw Minami and Atsuko, they walked over to say hello.

"Hello midget!" Jurina said.

"Oi shut up you little kid!"

"Who are you calling little? I'm taller than you!"

The two started arguing again and Rena just sighed. Atsuko looked over and saw Mayu staring at Rena with a cold expression. She leaned into Yuki and whispered something and she nodded her head slowly. The two noticed Atsuko was staring and smiled acting as if nothing was wrong. Atsuko knew they were hiding something but she decided not to ask. Instead, they all decided to have ice cream and they all watched Rena feed Jurina. Jurina was the little kid as Rena held her on her lap and fed her. The sight was cute but also a bit strange. When they finished, they said their goodbyes and then left. On the way out, Yuki stopped Mayu and asked,

"Mayu was that really who I think it is?"

"I don't know. She looks like her but doesn't feel like her. The energy isn't the same as Gekikara's." Mayu said.

"We'll keep and eye on her then and be careful."

"I know Yuki don't worry."

At home  Atsuko had already fallen asleep and Minami was in the other room cleaning. However Minami did not know Atsuko was having a horrible nightmare. She saw herself and Minami battling a dark figure. The figure grabbed Minami and tore her into bits while laughing. Then she saw the figure come closer to her and grab her by the neck. It raised Atsuko up into the air and slammed her into the ground. Then she took her hand and was about to stab into her body. The figure started to move and Atsuko screamed.


Atsuko woke up and saw Minami holding her.

"Are you alright?"


Atsuko grabbed onto Minami and held her close. She started crying and shaking with fear in her body. Minami stroked her hair doing her best to calm her down as Atsuko shivered and shake. Minami didn't ask any questions but instead leaned in and said,

"It's ok... I'm right here.."


Minami started swaying her body back and forth while humming a little tune. Soon after Atsuko fell back asleep and Minami tucked her in. She got up and walked into the kitchen where she looked out the window and saw the moon. The light illuminated the sky as it hovered over the Earth showering the land with it's gentle glow. The night was calm and peaceful and something Minami had missed seeing every night. As she sat there staring at the moon, she suddenly heard a crash. She ran outside and saw someone being dragged into a dark alley.

 Taking a deep breath, Minami walked into the alley and followed the sound of something snapping. She walked around the corner and there in the moonlight was the most grotesque thing she had ever seen. There was a body of a human that had been torn apart and damaged badly. Then a trail of blood lead to something hunched over snapping the bones. Minami was about to move but something behind her fell and the figure looked over. It saw Minami and she froze not sure what to do.

The figure smelled of blood and metal as it came closer. There was a small clicking sound and then a creepy giggle. The figure leaned in and said,

"Nee.. Okotteru?"

Minami quickly backed away and ran as fast as she could. She ran all the way home and locked the door. She ran into Atsuko's room and hid in the bed with her. Minami was scared for her life fearing the figure had followed her home and was going to attack. She didn't know what she saw, but it may have been the monster puppet Gekikara.

Back with the mysterious figure, she was about to go after Minami but something stopped her. She held her head and leaned against the wall trying to fight the increasing pain in her head. Then suddenly something changed in the figure. She looked around and when she saw the body she screamed and ran away. While running she said to herself,

"Mou not again!"

Hope you liked the update!
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This Gekikara puppet is a tough one and because Yuki and Mayu knows about it it could be a helpful hint but their strength has to build more to achieve victory
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Gekikara is here~~~ Woohoo~~~ So cool~~ Miyu, you're osam~
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This fanfic is great!! I like it!
I would like to ask permission to draw as manga, is it ok?
 Really Epic. With the puppet master idea.
 :banghead: waiting for your updates and hope I have the permission to draw into manga! Thanks. :twothumbs :twothumbs
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thanks for the update!! Great chapter as always :D Nice to see Mayuki and Atsumina working together. & now wmatsui makes an entrance and Gekikara is some crazy puppette that is dangerous to deal with :O

I look forward to reading what'll happen next!
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Whhaaa!!!!  :shocked :shocked :shocked
GEKIKARA  :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

okay I have a question for miyu-san
what happened to the family of the puppet master if they killed in battle?
is it like shakugan no shana? no body remembers you like you never existed in this earth?
and what if the puppet master die not in battle but just murder of puppet like gekikara?
I say it just like a murder because the body of the puppet master didn't turn into stone.
and it stay in this world to rot (okay I feel pity for the master do die in a brutal killing)

oh yeah thank you for the update
looking forward for the next chapter
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Arggg Miyu you never failed me on your fics when it comes to my bias pairs.
Thank you for spoiling me so much with this fic.
I really really love it!
You always update fast,
The scenes were freakin cool
You know this is my genre magic, battles and all  :heart:
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Ah...WMatsui are here...

Eh... Jurina is a genius... or Jurina is a very energetic puppet master?

Wah... Gekikara... is such a scary puppet.... She was nice and shy even if she is Rena... not Geki...

Atsuko is having a nightmare of Minami and her demise...

Ah... Minami was so scared of Geki...

Eh... It seems that Rena has split personalities...

She has no control of...

What's going to happen next

Can't wait to see

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Ok to help answer some questions eto when a puppet master dies and it isn't in battle, the parents know but they think it's some freak accident and don't know the cause. If they are killed by a puppet then their bodies remained and are eventually found. Anyways here's the next update so I hope you like it!

Chapter 5

Atsuko woke up and found Minami tightly wrapped around her like a koala shaking. Atsuko pushed Minami off and tried to calm her down from whatever she had seen before. When she tried to ask Minami just screamed and curled into a ball. She didn’t know what had happened but she was very concerned about Minami. Atsuko led Minami to the kitchen where she splashed on water onto Minami which seemed to have snapped her out of the strange trance she was in.

“Minami what happened? Are you ok?” Atsuko asked.

“Y-Yeah I’m fine…” Minami said.

“Really? You don’t look like it.”

Atsuko reached out and tried to touch Minami but she jumped back.

“I’m sorry… Why don’t we go get ready for school nee?”

Minami ran into the other room leaving Atsuko lost and confused. She knew Minami was hiding something but she decided to let it go seeing how she wasn’t in any mood to talk. They arrived at the school where they met up with Mayu and Yuki.

“Hey what’s up with Minami?” Yuki asked.

“I don’t know. Something must have spooked her.” Atsuko said.

“Well I’m sure she’ll calm down once we get into class. Let’s go.”

They went to the classroom and took their seats. Class began and the teacher started off the day by saying they had a new student. The girl walked in and all the girls squealed not believing what they were seeing. Atsuko looked over and saw a very good looking guy standing at the front of the class. That guy though was a girl and there standing next to her was another girl who looked very strong and huge. The two introduced themselves with the ikemen girl saying,

“Hello my name is Miyazawa Sae.”

“And I am Akimoto Sayaka.” the other one said.

“Please take care of us.”

The girl cheered so much that the teacher had to settle everyone down before they could finally resume class. Atusko could care less about the new students however when she looked over, she could see the one named Sae staring at Yuki a lot and Mayu was glaring at Sae. Sayaka was focused on the lesson and Yuki was reading a book. Something in Atsuko told her there was going to be a problem between Sae and Mayu but she didn’t care about it because she was more concerned about Minami. She looked over at Minami who was frozen stiff in her seat facing the board. She was still pretty scared and Atsuko didn’t know what to do because she had never seen Minami like this. When class ended, Atsuko took Minami to the cafeteria where she sat down and ate while keeping a close eye on Minami. Mayu and Yuki walked over and sat down as well and Mayu had a pouted look on her face. Yuki however didn’t seem to notice and was looking at Minami who was still the same as before. They all sat in silence until someone came from behind and lightly tapped Yuki’s shoulder. Yuki turned around and saw no one else but Sae.

“Excuse me are you Kashiwagi Yuki?” she asked.

“Yes I am.”

“Do you care if I have lunch with you?”

“Go right ahead.”

Sae manage to wedge herself between Yuki and Mayu and Atsuko saw the blood in Mayu start to boil. Sae didn’t notice and continued to watch Yuki who was just sitting there eating her food. There was a war preparing to battle the only thing that was missing that was the spark to start the battle. As the atmosphere started to tense up, Sayaka walked over and said,

“Sae what are you doing?”

“Ah Sayaka. I’m just getting to know Yuki here. It’s ok if I call you Yuki right?” Sae asked.

“It’s fine with me.” Yuki said.

“Well we better get going. The principal said he wanted to give us something so let’s go.”

“Mou and things were just starting to get good.”

Sae got up and left leaving Mayu more angry than ever. She looked like she was going to kill Sae if she got any closer to Yuki. Mayu growled and Yuki just patted her head and said,

“Don’t worry I’m not gonna fall for her. Relax Mayu.”

Mayu felt a little better but was still on high guard as she watched them come back and Sae had a seductive grin on her face. She walked over and sat next to Yuki and said,

“So would you mind showing me around the school after class? It’s awfully big and I would hate to get lost.” Sae said.

“Well here’s a map.”

Yuki shoved a map in Sae’s face.

“And if you’re going to ask anyone for directions ask then ask a teacher.” Yuki said coldly.

Sae raised and eyebrow and then smiled. She opened the map and looked at it and then leaned in and asked,

“Nee what is this spot then?”

Yuki leaned in to get a better look and Mayu could see what Sae was doing. She was about to do something but then Sayaka stepped in and said,

“Sae that’s enough. Can’t you see she’s already got a partner?”

“Yes but she’s just a puppet. I think Yuki-chan here wants a real person and not some doll.”

“What did you call me?”

Mayu was sending waves of hate and anger towards Sae who seemed to just brush them off and said to Sayaka,

“Don’t get me wrong Sayaka you’re a great puppet but you know I can’t take my hands of all these beautiful girls here. Especially this one.”

Sae started to get close to Yuki again but then Mayu got in the way and hit Sae with a bowl of noodles. Sae stood up and turned to face Mayu. There was an angry look in her eyes and Mayu was sending the same signal right back. The two were about really get into it when suddenly someone walked between them and slipped on the noodles. They were about to fall but Sae reacted and caught her. Everyone looked over and realized it was Rena in Sae’s arms.

“Well hello there~”


“Oi hands off!”

Jurina came charging in and slammed into Sae. Sae got back up and looked at the person who attacked her and turns out it was Jurina. When Sae saw Jurina she stopped and smiled when she realized who it was.

“Hey Jurina!”


“Long time no see!”

“You two know each other?” Mayu asked.

Jurina explained how she knew Sae way back when she was younger. Sae was the one that taught Jurina about the puppet battles and also a couple tips on picking up girls. The two were happy to see each other and when they finished their sayings, Sae asked Jurina if she wanted to have a quick sparring battle. Jurina seemed thrilled and was really excited when Sae asked. They all agreed to meet up after school and when the time came, for once Atsuko only had to watch. She thought it would be a good idea to bring Minami with her because maybe the battle would snap her out of whatever she was so scared of. Minami, Atsuko, Yuki and Mayu all sat and watched as Sayaka, Sae, Jurina, and Rena prepared for battle. Atsuko had never seen a sparring battle so it must not be a real one but something close to it. The Rena and Sayaka transformed and Atsuko was amazed at their battle outfit. Rena was in a white lace skirt and a black corset with a black hat and a parasol (outfit from kareha no station) Sayaka on the other side was in black pants and blazer with sparkles on them. She had a hat as well and sexy boots to go with them (outfit from mushi no ballad). She was carrying something that looked similar to mike stand but Atsuko wouldn’t tell. The battle began and Rena was the first one to move.

Rena jumped up and tried to strike with her parasol but Sayaka defended with her staff and then tried to punch Rena. Rena moved out of the way and went for a low strike aiming for the stomach. She managed to hit but Sayaka saw this and grabbed onto Rena’s parasol. She pushed Rena back and then struck with her stand right into Rena’s chest. However she wasn’t done yet as Sayaka raised her stand for another attack. It was then Rena opened her parasol and defended herself from Sayaka’s attack. Sayaka started pounding on Rena like a mighty hammer and Rena only sat there defenseless. To the side Atsuko could see Jurina get angry she shouted,

“Come on Rena move! Attack! Do something you weak idiot!”

Rena didn’t move and continued to be attacked and Atsuko could see Rena crying. With one last swing Sayaka broke through and hit Rena hard. She feel back and Sayaka aimed her staff right at Rena’s neck. She held there for a long time and gave Rena a deadly stare. Then she pulled back and said,

“Good match.”

She helped Rena up who quickly wiped her tears away before Jurina could see them. Jurina walked over and slapped Rena in the head.

“Baka! I told you to attack!”

“I’m sorry… It won’t happen again.”

“Good. It better not.” Jurina said.

“Now now Jurina be nice to Rena. She gave it her best shot.” Sae said.

“Yeah but still… Rena is so weak. Why can’t I have a strong puppet like Sayaka? She’s way stronger than Rena anyways.”



Jurina looked over at Yuki who had a furious look on her face. Mayu too was glaring and even Minami had snapped out of her trance to glare at Jurina. They were all staring at Jurina and Jurina just looked back confused.

“What are you guys ticked off about?” she asked.

“You shouldn’t be so cruel to Rena. She’s your puppet so you should treat her with respect.” Yuki said.

“Cruel? This isn’t cruel! I’m just showing her tough love so she’ll be stronger.”

“No it’s called being a jerk.” Mayu said.

“And what do you know Mayu? You’re just as cold as me!”

“Yeah but I don’t treat Yuki that way like you treat Rena!”

“You guys are all messed up. Come on Rena let’s go.”


Rena and Jurina left leaving the others behind. No one could believe how cruel Jurina was to Rena and wondered how does Rena put up with it. Sae explained how Jurina hated losing and whenever she did she would immediately blame someone else for something that was her own fault. It was something very bad for Jurina and the fact that she still does it isn’t good. After the battle, everyone went home and decided to rest. Atsuko was glad that Minami was back to normal but also felt sorry for Rena who had to suffer through all the stuff Jurina put her through. Minami walked in and Atusko hugged her.

“What is it Atsuko?”

“Nothing. I’m just happy that you’re back to normal.”

“Yeah it was nothing I’m ok now.” Minami said.

“That’s good to hear. I feel so sorry for Rena.”

“I do to but we can’t do anything. Jurina is Rena’s master and we can’t do anything to step in.”

“It’s so sad…”

“Hey don’t be sad. How about we go down to see them and talk some sense into Jurina!”

“That’s a great idea!”

The two went to Jurina’s house and when they got there they heard the sound of a crash and glass breaking. They walked in and found Rena on the ground and Jurina hovering over her. She swung her foot and kicked Rena making her cry out.


Minami ran over and grabbed Jurina from behind. She held her back while Atsuko pulled Rena back up. She tried to help her more but Rena pushed Atsuko up and ran out of the house. As she was running out, Mayu and Yuki were walking in. Yuki walked over to Jurina and grabbed her by the shirt collar. She pulled her hard and said,

“What did you do?”

“Nothing really. Just told her that she needed to get stronger.” Jurina said.

“We found her beating Rena.” Minami said.

Yuki’s face turned dark and she took Jurina’s neck and squeezed it tight.

“You will pay for what you did to Rena later. For now Mayu and I are going to go get her. Meanwhile you need to sit and rethink about your actions.”

Yuki dropped Jurina and then her and Mayu left to go look for Rena. Minami and Atsuko looked down on Jurina and waited for Yuki and Mayu to get back and decide what to do with her.

(Over to Rena….)

Tears were running down her face as she ran down the alley all the way to the end where she hid and cried more. The words Jurina said to her echoed in her mind as she sat there.

“You’re so weak! If I wasn’t bound to you I would get rid of you in a heartbeat! You’re so useless Rena. I wish I never became the master of a weakling like you.”

The words stung like hot metal deep inside Rena and the pain resonated throughout her body. She cried and cried until suddenly something happened. Inside Rena’s mind, she felt herself be pulled back and shoved away. There was a dark figure holding her and it leaned in and said,

“You want to get stronger right?”


“Then relax and I’ll handle things ok? When you wake up, Jurina will be on her knees begging you to come back.”


“Good. Then close your eyes and let me take over for a while.”

Rena closed her eyes and her other have took over. On the outside Rena opened her eyes and when she opened them she saw Mayu and Yuki. They asked if she was feeling alright and Rena gave them an eerie smile and calmly said,

“I’m fine~”

“Then let’s go back ok?” Yuki said.


(Over to Atsuko…)

Rena, Yuki and Mayu all came back and Rena seemed fine. She thanked everyone for coming over and Jurina to bed. Everyone left and went back to their own homes and when Minami and Atsuko got home, Minami hugged Atsuko and said,

“I hope things clear up between the two.”

“So do I Minami so do I.”

“But you know there was something different about Rena.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know but when she smiled and looked at me.. I felt like she was staring through my soul.”

Atsuko patted Minami’s head and said,

“Baka~ It’s Rena! She wouldn’t hurt us.”

“I hope so.”

“Mou quit being so weird and let’s watch a movie together!”


(Over with Mayu…)

The two were walking on the side of the road when Mayu suddenly stopped and turned to Yuki. She held her hand tightly and her body started to shake. Yuki became worried and asked,

“What is it Mayu?”

“Yuki.. She’s back… Gekikara is back..”

Well find out next update to see what happens next! oh and for those who have access to perv section well I posted the smut so check it out!
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thanks for the update!!! Poor Rena being treated like that But wow, as Mayu said in the end, it seems "Gekikara is back"

glad Minami is back to normal but I wonder how she'd handle coming across Gekikara again

I look forward to reading the next chapter!
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Minami is so scared that she is so jumpy... she is still scared of Geki...

Eh... Sae and Sayaka also joining the school...

This school seems to be very popular with the Puppet Masters and Puppets presence

Ara... Sae is going after Yuki... Mayu is so jealous...

Ah... Good reassurance Yuki... Telling Mayu that she would not fall for Sae advance...

But still she should just not encouraged Sae... Mayu would be so jealous that it might affect your bond with each other...

OMG... Rena is so weak as Rena even in battle... and Jurina is so cruel to her... no wonder she has a split personalities... as Geki...

The strong fighter with no feeling what so ever except destroying her opponents...

Poor Rena... I wish I was there that I could take her away from Jurina...

Jurina is even abusing Rena at home... well Jurina is still young right... I guess she is just a spoil kid... but a cruel one at that.

Ara... Geki is back... what is she going to do with Jurina...?

Can the puppets unable to break their contracts at all with their master without being killed?

If their Masters died... the contracts would automatically off right?

But is there really no other way?

Can't wait what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

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KYAA! Saeyaka has made their appearance. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

I can totally imagine that, Sayaka in her Mushi no Ballad outfit fighting to the death, especially since I saw her perform once and she leaned all the way down to the floor!! XD

This video desu:
[LIVE] 秋元才加 / 虫のバラード 2012 TDCH AKB48 ( Akimoto Sayaka / Mushi no Ballad ) (

And... OH CRAP!!! GEKIKARA'S BACK!!!!!!!!!! :shocked

This is your fault for tormenting her, Jurina! Now thing's are gonna get heated up!

I'll be waiting Miyu-chan~! :heart: Love you and your fics!
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good to see minami is feeling better :yep:
poor rena :cry: :cry: jurina!! why you so mean to rena?! :angry: :banghead:
damn!! poor mayu :( gekkira is back :shocked stupid jurina now gekki has woken up :smhid
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Nami's so cute
I can imagine a koala wrapping a tomato lol

Saeyaka  :twothumbs
Ooops! Saeyukkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ Hold on, Mayuyu are you jealous?  XD

Jurina, why you're so cruel to Rena? Tsk, you're still a kid
Poor Rena, she got hit by her own master, but Geki's coming now so...

Geki will beat Jurina-her ex-master and find another one or take a small revenge on Jurina... OMG this became more interesting

WMATSUI ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The aura of Gekikara has made Mayu on alert

Jurina is a horrible person in forcing Rena into situations that she is not ready for.
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Juju!!! How could you do that to Rena-sama!!!??

Nyaha, Sae was just shoved away by Yuki coldly~

Minami scared of my fav character..



*waits patiently*
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Poor Rena, Jurina is so cruel T_T
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Minna! New update! Hope you like it~

Chapter 6

Atsuko woke up to the sound of shuffling in the background. She opened her eyes and saw Minami running around cleaning her room. She looked at the clock and saw it was six in the morning and too early for her to get up. She rolled over and fell back asleep not worrying about Minami. The second time she woke up she actually sat up and walked into the kitchen where she was surprised to see Mayu and Yuki sitting at the table drinking tea. She walked over and Yuki said,

"Ohayou Atsuko."

"Ohayou. Uh what are you guys doing here?" she asked.

"Well we were up so we decided to stop by. Hope you don't mind."

"Ah it's fine but where's Minami?

"Over there."

Yuki pointed to the little one in the corner trying to cup from the high shelf. Atsuko walked over and helped her grab it. She handed it and said,

"Did you invite them over?"

"No they just came." Minami said.


"It's not that bad. Mayu helped me clean a little."

"Oh I see. Nee Minami can't you do the cleaning when I'm not asleep?"

"Sure but your room was a mess so it had to be taken care of."

"Was it really that bad?"

"I found wrappers that dated to two years ago."


Just then the doorbell rang and Atsuko walked over to answer it. She opened the door and there Rena and Jurina were standing there. Rena was holding a basket of bread and said,

"Mind if we come in?"

"Uh sure."

They walked in and everyone sat down at the table. When Jurina and Rena walked in, Mayu and Yuki stared at each other with strange looks. Atsuko wondered what was going on but she decided to let it go since she had to get ready. She prepared for school and then they all left. The morning was unusually strange with the gathering of all the puppets and masters. Atsuko wondered if there was something up.

When they arrived to school, Minami and Atsuko were sitting at their desks and Atsuko was trying to get help. She didn't understand the questions or the subject in general so she was asking Minami for help. However it looked like Minami also struggled with the problems and couldn't figure them out. The two were putting heads together trying to figure out the answer to the problem but had no luck. It was then Rena walked over and say next to Atsuko. She saw they were having trouble so she kindly explained the problem and how to find the answer. They thanked Rena for her help and then Rena told them it was not a problem. She then did something that was nothing like Rena and reached out and patted Minami's head. She smiled and walked away as happy as could be. Minami wondered if there was something up with her but Atsuko convinced her that it was just Rena behind her usual kind self.

Around gym class they had to runs laps and Atsuko and Minami were close to last place. Minami couldn't run very fast because of her short legs and Atsuko was just out of breath. The two were both struggling but not as bad as Rena. Rena was all the way in the back and Jurina was coming around about to overlap her. In an act of harshness, Jurina slapped Rena in the back telling her to move it. Rena started to but then quickly fell over and hit the ground hard. While Minami and Jurina got into a fight, Atsuko ran over to see if Rena was ok.

"Are you alright?" Atsuko asked.

"Yes but my ankle hurts a little."

"Here let me take you to the infirmary."

Atsuko helped Rena up and helped her walk to the nurse's office where she had to wrap Rena's ankle in a bandage. While doing that Rena was blushing and Atsuko thougt there was something wrong. She reached out and lightly touched Rena's forehead.

"You're a little warm. Do you have a fever?"

"No puppets don't get human illnesses. I can assure though that I'm ok." Rena said.

"Ah well that's a good thing. Well your ankle is wrapped up so just stay off it of a while ok? If you need any help just let me know."

"Thank you Maeda-san you're so kind to me."

"Well of course I am! It's natural as a master to treat a puppet with the same respect."

"Thank you..."

Just then the door opened and Minami and Jurina came in all beaten up. They needed bandages so Atsuko gladly patched the two up. After that Jurina made Rena leave even though Atsuko could tell she didn't want to. When they finished up in the nurse's office, the two went back to class and continued the rest of the lesson. Then when lunch time came, everyone gathered and ate happily while talking about other things. While eating, Atsuko noticed Rena was sitting at the other table all alone. Atsuko got up and walked over to her and asked,

"Rena why are you here?"

"Ah Jurina told me to sit here and think about my actions earlier today." Rena said.

"You mean when you fell?"


"Mou that wasn't your fault!"

"Well she is my master and I have to do what she says..."

"Well then I'll stay here with you because you don't deserve this."

"Thank you Maeda-san.."

The two sat together and talked about all kinds of things. Atsuko got to know a lot about Rena with things she never knew about. They were having a good time and soon Minami walked over. Being her puppet Atsuko knew Minami was jealous so it was pretty cute seeing her around her. However when she first came over, Atsuko thought she saw a dark glare coming from Rena. However when she looked again Rena had that kind smile she always had. They finished lunch and then after that they finished school. Minami and Atsuko were walking home when Atsuko realized she had forgotten something in the class room. She told Minami to wait outside while she ran back in. She ran up to the classroom and found the item she was looking for. When she was about to walk back, she felt something hard hit her stomach. Atsuko collapsed and fell over passing out soon after. Before she blacked out completely, Atsuko thought she heard a small giggle coming from someone but who?

(Over to Minami...)

Minami waited and waited for Atsuko but she never came out. Eventually Minami decided to go inside and found Atsuko was gone. There was no sign of her except the item she said she forgot to get. Minami immediately panicked and started framing out worrying about where Atsuko could be. She didn't know what todo she just panicked and started running around the school looking for her. She looked in every classroom in every closet. Every place she could think of but there was still no sign of Atsuko. She needed to get help and fast so she ran to Yuki and Mayu's home. She told them the situation to the two and she was very very ecstatic. Mayu had to slap Minami to get her to calm down. When Minami finally calmed down they all agreed to help her look for Atsuko.

(Over with Atusko...)

When Atsuko woke up she found herself in a bed in a room she had not seen before. She tried to move but found herself really tired and a little sore. She looked around and decided to call out. To her surprise Rena came in with a cup of tea and some soup.

"Ah you're awake."

"W-what happened?" Atsuko asked.

"You passed out so I took you to my home." Rena said.

"Where's Jurina?"

"Oh she went out to look for some medicine. You just relax and eat up. You're still pretty weak."


Rena left and Atsuko ate the soup she had made. It was pretty good and liked the flavor. As she sat there she looked around and noticed the room was quite strange. There was a mix of stuffed animals and anime figures. It was cute though and she thought it was interesting. Atsuko looked around and tried to find her phone to call Minami but saw it was gone. She wanted to get up and find it but she suddenly got very sleepy and fell back asleep.

(Over with Minami...)

After two hours of searching, they finally have up and decided to stop. Minami was close to crying when Mayu suddenly remembered something that puppets and masters have. When a puppet or master goes missing, they can find each other through a spiritual tracking system. Mayu taught her how to do it and so Minami focused on Atsuko. She pictured everything from her face to her body and soon enough Minami saw it. She saw the path Atsuko took and saw a house where she was being held. Minami said she found Atsuko and started to run to it.

(Over to Atsuko...)

Atsuko woke up again and saw it was dark. She moved but felt something heavy on her. She looked down and saw Rena laying on her chest. She was holding onto her hand and humming a little song. Atsuko moved and Rena quickly sat up. She apologized for waking her up and quickly ran out the room. Atsuko stood up this time and walked around. She turned on a light and saw there was something sticking out of the closet. She opened it and was horribly shocked at what she saw. There in the closet was a bunch of dead animals and even some body parts on the side. There was blood painted not the walls with the words "I hate you" and "kill" or "die" Atsuko was astounded by such things and didn't know what to do. This was something Rena never told her about herself. Atsuko stood up and was about to run but felt someone behind her. It was Rena and there was a dark look on her face. She held onto Atsuko and said,

"You aren't going to leave me are you?"

The grip on Atsuko tightened to the point where it was painful and Atsuko nervously said,

"N-no I just had to use the bathroom."

"Ah then come with me."

Rena led Atsuko to the bathroom where she stood outside the door and waited. Atsuko was now scared and wanted Minami to come and find her soon.

(Over with Minami...)

Minami, Mayu and Yuki found the house and knocked on the door. Rena asked her and they asked if Atsuko was here. Rena denied it but Minami knew she was there. She pushed Rena aside and started to call out Atsuko's name. She walked further into the house and then suddenly Atsuko came out. Minami was about to grab her and run but Rena moved past her and knocked Atsuko out. She sat her down on the bed and tied her to it. Then she faced Minami with an evil glare in her eyes.

"Rena what are you doing with Atsuko?" Minami asked.

Rena didn't say anything she just smiled and giggled.

"Oi answer me!"

"Nee okotteru?"

"Of course I am!"

Rena just giggled more and started biting her nails. Minami was getting mad to the point where she was gonna beat Rena but then Mayu stopped her.

"Minami that isn't Rena. It's Gekikara."

Minami froze in her tracks and looked over. After looking at her closely Minami could see the monster she had seen before in Rena. This was now Gekikara and fear instantly took over as she looked at the monster standing before her. However Minami swallowed her fear and asked,

"What do you want with Atsuko?"

"I want her as my master..." she said.


"I don't like Jurina. She's always mean to Rena! So I'm gonna take yours. She was really nice to me all day so I think Rena will like her."

"I can't let you do that."

"Oh? Try and stop me!"

Everything changed and the house became a battle field. Minami was in her battle outfit and Gekikara was in hers. She wore a green jacket with a dragon on it and a skirt with leggings. She truly looked different from what Rena was. Gekikara smiled and said,

"Lets go!"

Oh boy looks like they're gonna get into one intense battle! Find out next update to see what happens!
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nice shot~
please update soon~
i'll check it out after two week...exam,you know...
so frustrating~
btw,i really looking for your next update~
see you~ :thumbsup
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I know what's gonna happen!!!  :panic: :panic: :panic:

Minna, brace yourselves for the epic fight!!! Gah, can't wait!!!

Miyu, hurry and write it!!!

You have so much free time in your hands!!!


 :panic: :panic:
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oh flip :shocked minami vs gekkira, can't wit to see how it goes XD
awww gekkira is being nice in a way, well only to rena but it still kinda sweet :heart: :yep: she just wants a better master for rena
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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If Rena can change battle outfit by change personality...from Rena to Gekikara.....

I was thinking if Mayuyu will can able to do that....from Mayuyu to Nezumi...Nezumi's outfit is pink hood with backpack and majisuka gakuen uniform and she's eating chewing gum.....

And also to Takamina....from Takamina to Kawachi Nami or Kai..... Can be possible right???  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Waiting for the next update.....
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thanks for the update!!!!!!! Woah so Geki wants Atsuko to be Rena's master :O

& man what a cliffhanger!!! I really want to know how the fight goes!! IT'll def be intense! Not to mention both their masters aren't technicaly around at the moment.

Thanks again! I look forward to the next chapter!
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I would be worried if Rena does become Gekikara with Jurina that way but it could further weaken her to her death :nervous
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Yeah... it's weird that all the puppets and the masters all gather around Atsuko's place...

And also Rena is very helpful to Atsuko and Minami... she pat Minami... and she gets blush when Atsuko wraps her wound

Ara... Rena is jealous... over Minami for having a kind master like Atsuko...

And she wish for Atsuko for being with her so she kidnapped her...

Ah.. Atsuko found out about Rena's dark side... and She is so scared of Geki...

Ah... Geki battle suit is like Gekikara in MG... so cool...

Yeah... I thought Geki wants Atsuko as Rena's master... since she is kind...

What's going to happen in the battle?

Where is Jurina?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Rena's so cute when she get blushed

So Rena has 2 puppet modes and the Geki want Atsu as her master
wow, Atsu was so kind hearted to her so  ;)

Cant wait to see the epic battle, yeah Minami and Geki  :w00t: but where the hell are you Jurina?
She's so cruel to Rena but I feel that Rena got something into Jurina's heart

WMatsui? :? :?

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Wow why have I never read this fic of your before. I'm really disappointed and sad with the way you made Jurina is, but somewhere in my head, I'm hoping you make her learn her mistake anytime soon. Then again, I'm curious how you said Jurina can stop Geki from killing Mayu, cuz seem to me that Geki really dislike Jurina. =\

Ahh~ I love Great Escape (one reason is becuz it's Wmatsui main) and glad you update that quite fast, but I'm quite interest in this one too >.<
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Rena is two faced human puppet. that's awesome....
split personality--- gekikara~
oh, I sketched.... its rough, but hope you like it  :lol:
sorry for bad quality of scanning.  :smhid
Its crap, I know....  :cry:
I sketch this during class, so just an roughly image for them...

kawaisou no rena-chan....gomennasai!!!
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Very nice picture there...

Thank you for the images

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I just Felt Chills down my Spine a little when Geki said she wants Acchan. brrr. This is AWE- SOME!
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Wah this one took me a while so enjoy!

Chapter 7

"Let's go!"

Gekikara charged at Minami with full speed and tried to punch her. Minami moved out of the way and Gekikara zoomed past. She was about to attack again but Minami pulled out her sword and tried to cut Gekikara. She managed to make a small cut on her leg but Gekikara wasn't going to be stopped by it. She jumped up and slammed down onto Minami where she managed to pin her down. Minami put up her arms to guard while Gekikara raised her hand and started to punch Minami with all her force. Minami admitted that Gekikara was strong. Her punches were hard and powerful with enough force to put a dent in a car. However what Minami noticed was that Gekikara was only punching her arms and legs. Was she holding back? Maybe Rena was still in there fighting Gekikara. Minami didn't know for sure and there was only one way to test. Minami moved and got out of the hold and then she swung left and hit Gekikara's left arm hard.

Gekikara giggled and grabbed Minami's leg and threw her across. Then she walked over and then dragged Minami over to the edge of the barrier. She took her head and slammed it into the edge. Minami was jolted with volts of electricity that surged throughout her body. Gekikara held her there for a long time until Minami finally broke free and turned things around. Minami slammed Gekikara's back into the barrier jolting her. Then Minami stepped back and watch Gekikara fall to her knees. Minami thougt it was all over but sadly it was nowhere near over. Gekikara shot out and punched Minami hard in the stomach. The force was greater than the others and she was sent flying back.

"Hahaha this is fun!"

Gekikara stepped up and kicked Minami up and then swung her around far until she hit the ground. Minami tried to get back up but Gekikara moved her way over and grabbed Minami's sword. When Minami tried to get it back, Gekikara stomped her foot into Minami's arm crushing it. Minami screamed in pain and Gekikara walked away.

"Ohh this is pretty!"

Gekikara started playing with it as Minami struggled to get back up. When she was able to stand on her feet, Minami charged at Gekikara and tried to get her sword back. However Gekikara moved and actually cut Minami's arm. Every time Minami charged Gekikara simply dodged and attacked. After ten minutes of the nonstop slashing, Minami was covered in all kinds of cuts. She was weakly standing barely supporting herself and then Gekikara walked over. All she had to do was tap her forehead and Minami went down. Too weak to move, Gekikara was ready to finish Minami off with her own sword. Then suddenly something in Gekikara snapped and she dropped the sword and pulled back. She clutched her head and got onto the ground rolling and screaming in pain. Minami sat up and watched the strange event. However she saw Atsuko just outside the barrier. She got up and ran over quickly to check on her.


There was no response. Atsuko just laid there knocked out.


Suddenly Atsuko opened her eyes and saw Minami. When she saw the condition she was in, she almost started crying. She ran over and tried to get to Minami but the barrier shocked her. Minami told Atsuko to wait and then with all her strength, she pushed through the barrier and managed to grab Atsuko and then pull her in. The two hugged happy to see each other but their short reunion was interrupted when they heard a loud scream. They looked over and saw Gekikara screaming and rolling on the ground. Over with Gekikara, something was going on in her head.

"Gekikara what are you doing?! This is not what I wanted you to do!" Rena said.

"Shut up! I'm trying to help you!" Gekikara said.

"No Gekikara what you're doing is wrong!"

"This is what you wanted right? You wanted to get stronger."

"Yes but not like this. Gekikara stop it now before you seriously hurt someone!"

"I'm not gonna hurt someone I'm gonna kill someone!"

Gekikara pushed Rena back and then came back out into the real world. She got up now madder than ever. When she saw Atsuko, she started running towards her but then Minami got in the way and pushed Gekikara back with the butt of her sword. Then she ran around and cut her back and another slash on her stomach. Gekikara fell down weak and ready to finish off.

"Minami go!" Atsuko shouted.

Minami took her sword and slashed Gekikara with one big swing and then started making several smaller cuts at an incredible speed sometimes cutting other wounds. She kept moving and when she finally stopped, Gekikara went down and didn't move. Minami smiled and ran over to Atsuko happy thinking she had won. However they were horribly wrong when Gekikara started giggling and stood up. Covered in her own blood, she smiled at Minami and they both knew something was different. Gekikara cracked her neck and then dashed towards Minami. She was too fast and Minami couldn't block in time. She was pushed down into the ground and dragged across. Then Gekikara threw Minami into the air and watched her fly. When she was coming down, Minami saw Gekikara getting ready for a powerful attack and knew it was going to be bad if she didn't move. Minami balanced herself and then when she was going to hit, she managed to move just barely but she got a bad burn on her side.

Minami managed to land but stumbled and saw smoke coming from the area she was hit. She looked over at Gekikara and saw what had caused the burn mark. One of Gekikara's hands was on fire. There was a red flame on the right and on the left was something like black lightening. Minami didn't know what the other one was and didn't want to find out. She had to be careful if she didn't want to end up dead. The two stepped back and watched each others moves waiting for the right time to strike. Then suddenly Minami attacked first with a low blow to the stomach and then a quick one to the chest. Gekikara was going to strike but Minami backed away and slashed Gekikara in the shoulder. She was going to attack again but Gekikara punched Minami in the face but luckily it was with the fire punch.

There was a large burn mark on her cheek but it was alright. Minami ran was ready to attack but suddenly she took a hard punch to the face and then the chest. As she was going down she got another punch to her stomach and sides. Gekikara was holding her head with the left hand and Atsuko watched as the lightening from her hand went inside her body. When she let go, Minami sat there staring blankly at the sky. Atsuko didn't know what was going on but something told her it wasn't good. Suddenly Atsuko felt a heavy feeling in her heart. Her vision started to warp and everything went dark. When she opened her eyes, she saw Minami staring at something. Atsuko looked over and couldn't believe what she was seeing. There standing in front of Minami was Minami only there was something different. The other Minami was dirty and barely clothed. She was skinny to the bone and and flies hovered her. She was practically dead if she didn't breathe every once in a while.

Atsuko and Minami both watched as a hooded figure walked over to Minami. They leaned down and whispered something to her and watched Minami say yes. The figure smiled and after that everything went dark again. There was a scream and Minami was on the ground crying in pain. Atsuko ran over and tried to help but she wasn't getting through to her. Minami punched and kicked and then suddenly she stopped. When she saw Atsuko, fear appeared in her eyes and she pulled out her sword.

"M-Minami what are you doing?!"

"I don't want to die!"

Minami swung her sword but Atsuko backed away. She swung again and this time Minami cut Atsuko's arm. Before she could say anything, Minami pushed her down and then thruster her sword into her body. Atsuko felt her heart stop and everything start to fade. Then suddenly Atsuko opened her eyes and saw Minami standing over her with her sword pointed at Atsuko's chest. She looked over at Gekikara and saw her giggling as she watched Minami trying to kill Atsuko. Atsuko moved and ran over to Gekikara.

"Let Minami go!" she said.

"Sorry no can do~ the madness has gotten to her now." Gekikara said.

Minami ran around swinging her sword at things that weren't there. She was looking for something but every time she looked there was nothing there. Little did Atsuko know, Minami was actually seeing all kinds of monsters and demons that reminded her of her past. Monsters she hated or feared and made her heart twist in anger. Sometimes the monsters would change when they died and show she killed someone close. The one that made her snap was the one that turned into Atsuko. When she saw Atsuko die she thought she saw the real Atsuko. Minami went insane and held her sword up to her neck. She was going to stab through but then she felt something wrap around her.

"Minami snap out of it!" Atsuko said.

"I killed her I killed her! I have to die!"

"Minami stop!"

Atsuko pushed the sword out of her hands and held her close.

"Minami wake up.. Please..."

"Get away from me get away!"

Atsuko held onto Minami tightly making sure she wouldn't move. As she held her, Gekikara picked up the sword and prepared to stab it through the both of them and end it all. Then suddenly a voice called out and she stopped.


Gekikara looked over and saw Jurina standing there. She dropped the sword and then walked over to Jurina. She stared at her with darkness in her eyes and a spark of anger in her body.

"Rena what are you doing?"

"Rena isn't here. I'm Gekikara." Gekikara said.


"I'm Rena's other half."


"Pffft stupid kid."

"Hey who are you-"

Before Jurina could finish, Gekikara grabbed her and pulled her down into the ground.

"Listen up you little brat. Because of all the bullshit you out Rena through, I was created. You told her to get stronger so every night she would sneak out and train in the most horrible ways you could imagine. She even drank animal blood! She did all this to get stronger to keep her "precious master" happy. It made me sick and on that day you disowned her, she lost it so I took over. Now I'm doing something better for her and getting rid of you. You're a terrible master! Nothing but a spoiled brat! You're the one who's useless for not being there for Rena! Instead of scolding her and beating her why don't you comfort her and encourage?!"

Jurina was silent and only held her head down.

"You did none of these things and now you've made her a mess. I'm finally stepping up and doing what I should have done a long time ago."

Gekikara took her left hand and placed it on Jurina's head. The black lightening entered inside her and Jurina saw everything. All of Rena's struggles she endured to grow stronger and try to please her. Tears ran down her face as she saw it all and her heart grew heavy with the weight of guilt. Gekikara let go and then walked over to Minami and Atsuko. She raised the sword ready to stab the two when suddenly Jurina stood up and said,


Gekikara turned around and stared at Jurina.

"I'm sorry..."

"Haha sorry don't cut it kid."

"Then how about this!"

Jurina tore her shirt open exposing the mark on her chest that bounded her and Rena. She wiped some blood from her mouth and drew a line down the middle of it. The mark glowed and suddenly Gekikara stepped back and something happened. Slowly, something started to come out of her back until it was completely out. There on the ground was Rena only she was asleep. Jurina ran over and held Rena close to her. She was whispering apologies to her and saying things she wouldn't do.

"I'm so sorry Rena... I'm so sorry..."

When Gekikara came to and saw them, she quickly got up and started to get close to her. However suddenly she felt something sharp penetrate through her back. She looked over and saw Minami holding onto the sword and Atsuko holding onto her. Gekikara managed to pull herself out and and weakly walk over to Jurina and Rena.

"L-let go of h-her.." she said.

"No I won't! She's my puppet and I'm going to be a good master from now on." Jurina said.

"Liar! You'll just treat her like crap just like last time."

"I won't!"

Suddenly Rena started to move and woke up.

"Rena! Rena everything is going to be ok now. I promise I'll change and things will get better."


Rena looked over and saw Gekikara laying there.


Rena crawled over and held Gekikara. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as she held her.

"Hey Rena... Glad to see you in the real world.."

"Gekikara why did you do this? Why!"

"For you..."


"I'm sorry Rena. I was only doing so you could be happy."

"I was happy. I was happy with Jurina by my side and you in my heart. Why would you think such things!"

"I'm sorry... But hey at least now you'll be able to live a better life now."

"Gekikara you baka! Don't leave me!"

"I'm sorry."

Gekikara's eyes started to close but then suddenly Jurina stood up and said,

"I think it's time for me to take the blame for the things I've blamed others for..."

She took blood from Gekikara and Minami and placed it on her mark. She whispered something and suddenly, all the injuries on the both of them vanished. Then all the injuries appeared on Jurina. Every cut burn mark and bruise all came onto Jurina and when it was finally over, Jurina fell to the ground.


"Here take it!"

Gekikara took a heart shard of her own and threw it to Minami. Then she went back and focused onto Jurina. Rena was crying as Jurina bled out on the floor. Gekikara placed her hand on Rena's shoulder and said,

"She'll be alright. Let's go to the hospital while we still have time."


"It's been nice knowing you Minami. We'll have to battle again sometime~"

With that, Gekikara went back into Rena and everyone went to the hospital. Jurina was in critical condition for a while but made it out ok. She was now resting comfortably with Rena by her side. Meanwhile Atsuko and Minami were resting at home cuddling together on the couch. Atsuko was stroking Minami's hair when suddenly she asked,

"Nee Minami... Who was that hooded figure in your vision? What was that whole thing?"

"It's nothing." Minami said.

"Tell me."

"Just forget it."

Minami got up and walked to the bedroom. Atsuko was curious about it but decided to leave it. Besides she was tired after such a long day and a long battle.

I hope you like it! Oh and I love the drawing!
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atsumina protecting each other kawaii  :deco:
gekikara!! :shocked mou she's so extreme but so sweet at the same time  :heart: :cathappy: :nervous
im glad jurina is finally going to be good master :yep:
jurina! hurry take her to hospital :panic:
and Hirasawaizumi-san... your picture is amazing and that's only rough?! and you did it during class, sugoi!! :twothumbs :twothumbs mou i wish i could draw like that :( :nervous
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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thanks for the update!!! Awesome battle!! :O Both parties did well, and it was great to see how Atsuko and Minami helped eachother. Interesting vision Minami had there. I'm curious about her past now!!!

Glad Rena is okay, and Jurina too since now she promised to be a better master :) Geki may have had the wrong approach but she was def trying to help Rena in her own way.

Thanks again! Looking forward to the next chapter as always :)
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Eh? I thought Jurina knew of Geki hence she was able to stop her from killing Mayu. And I thought there gonna're be two Rena for Jurina from now on but then....ahhhh~ Geki went back in. >.<

Taking all the injures and nearly cost her life is a pretty good compensation I guess...and wow, Jurina can do those kind of stuff.

Also I was imagining Jurina stop Crazed Rena with a melon pan when I was waiting for your next update.. XD

PS: Wait. What did Jurina do to make Rena came out of Geki like that? Sorry I like to be specific when it's come to fic. >.<
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The bad side to controlling the puppet.

The manifestation of an evil side can bring out the worst and almost killed three in the making if it wasn't for Rena's reasoning
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oh my god I almost cried for the WMatsui scene
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MUST...NOT...CRY....Wmatsui Scene... :cry:
And while reading the Geki vs Takabear part I just had to play the Geki laugh XD
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Great action detail there... I like it... making it easy to follow what's going on

Geki is so strong and scary....

Poor Rena not able to stop Geki rampage...

Ah Minami is being made crazy....

Eh... Rena and Geki become two individuals...

Jurina is taking her the blame for Geki action and cure both Geki and Minami...

But Minami is a coward stabbing Geki in the back while Geki just wanted to go to Rena...

Ah... Jurina is a critical condition... Hope she is okay and she is really going to change...

Who is the hooded figure in Minami's memory...?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

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Uwaa~~~~ :shocked:

Jurina~~~~~~!!!!!!!! Sugoi yasashii kedo, yabai!!!!!!!!! :cry:

Anyways.... who the hoodie girl who made Takamina snap like that?! :O

Kyaa! So exciting~ :cathappy: Keep it up! :heart:
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Wow, Geki's so strong, she almost killed Minami  :shocked

But she's gone, Rena's back to her master
Jurina...I cried while reading that scene, but Ju-chan could make all the injures come into her?
Now good kiddo, be a better master :D hope WMatsui'll be fine


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great update :thumbsup
waiting for more from you
thanks for great fic :cow:
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I'll squeal about this update for you personally, honey~  :deco:

Waitin~ for the next chapter
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@Sherin: Ahh I'll explain all that as the story progresses~ Don't wanna give away all my secrets yet  :P

Minna this chapter focuses on Saeyaka but there's also a little Atsumina surprise in the end so I hope you like the update!

Chapter 8

It had been a week since the incident with Rena and Jurina but now things have moved on and everything was pretty good. Minami and Atsuko were sitting on a bench in the school garden when Sayaka walked over to them. She stood in front of Minami with a sad look on her face and tears in her eyes. Her head was aimed down toward her feet and her hands clenched into fists. Minami stood up and patted Sayaka's shoulder and then asked,

"What's wrong Sayaka?"

"It's Sae... I'm worried about her.." she said.

"What do you mean?"

"Sae is always going after girls. She's a player always using them for whatever she needs and then leaves them with a broken heart. I hate seeing the girls who fall because of her and their lives practically ruined because of her."

"Then what do you want us to do?"

"I want you to help me stop her. If she keeps it up she may meet a girl one day that won't let go and do something horrible to her. I've tried talking to her but she just ignores me and moves onto her next target."

"Then how can we help you?"

"I need you guys to help me lure someone."

Turns out Sayaka had a plan to get Sae to stop her from hitting on the other girl by getting her heart so crushed that there was no turning back. Her plan was to get someone she really liked and have them pretend to like Sae. They do a couple romantic things and then the girl dumps Sae in the most horrible way possible. There was only one person who fit that description and that person was Kashiwagi Yuki. The only problem was that Mayu was always protective with her and there was no way that she would let Yuki do that. Therefore Sae's plan was to lure Mayu away while Sayaka talked to Yuki. Mayu and Yuki were sitting together at the lunch table when Minami walked over and said,

"Nee Mayu can you come with me and look at something for me?"


Once Mayu and Minami were gone, Sayaka and Atusko made their move. They sat next to Yuki wedging her between them and both stared at her with an intense look. She looked at the two and then said,

"Do you need something?"

"We need you to date Sae." Atusko said.

Yuki nearly spat out her lunch when she heard those words. When she finally calmed down she said,

"Go out with Sae?!"

"Yes. Can you please go out with Sae?"

"No way!"

"Yuki please! I'm trying to save Sae and I need your help." Sayaka said.

"The answer is no now leave."

Sayaka pounded her fist on the table hard enough to make it split in half. Then she stood up and looked down on Yuki with a dark look in her eyes. She placed her hand on Yuki's shoulder and then softly said,

"Please.. she's my only friend and I don't want to lose her..."

Yuki took her hand and patted it gently.

"Alright I'll do it but you have to do something for me afterwards."

"Whatever you want."

"Good. Ah here she comes now."

Sae was walking towards them and when she saw Yuki she put on her cool ikemen personality and strutted forward. Yuki also got up and elegantly walked over to Sae until the two met at a middle. Yuki and Sae stared at each other with intense looks and then when Sae was about to say something, Yuki said,

"I like you let's go out together."

Everyone in the lunch room gasped all waiting to see what would happen next. Sae herself was a little taken back but then composed herself and said,

"I'll be happy to."

She then help Yuki close to her all the girls cried. Mayu walked in on the scene and when she saw Sae and Yuki, she went into crazy killer and started running towards the two. However as she was about to punch Sae, Yuki got in front and made her stop. She ordered Mayu to leave the two alone and Mayu ended up running out of the lunch room crying. Then after Sae and Yuki left while Atsuko ran after Mayu to try to calm her down and explain what was going on. A couple minutes later Mayu came running back in and gave Sayaka a mega punch to the chest sending her flying back.

"You're gonna pay when this is all over!"

Then she left with a pout on her face and steam coming from her head. Sayaka sighed knowing she was going to be in a lot of trouble when everything is sorted out. In the meantime however, Sayaka said she was going to follow Yuki and Sae after school. They all waited until school was over and then when the time came Sayaka, Atsuko and Minami all followed Sae and Yuki to a cafe where they sat and watched the two. Yuki was smiling and laughing but on the inside everyone could see the dark aura oozing from her very being. Sae being thick though couldn't sense it and just kept going on about how great she was. At one point Yuki got up to go use the bathroom and during the time, another girl walked over to Sae.

"I know that girl!" Sayaka said.

Sayaka explained how that girl was one of Sae's ex-girl friends and wondered what she was doing back there. The girl looked angry at Sae who was staring at her with an unamused look on her face. She said something and made the girl cry and run into the bathroom right as Yuki came out. She walked back over and sat down and the two continued there so called "date" Then when everything was done, the two got up and left, the girl from before came out with a cup of something. She walked over to Yuki and held it above her head ready to pour it. Sayaka saw this and quickly ran over and got in the way. Turns out it was hot coffee and it got all over Sayaka. Sayaka then turned around and pushed the girl out of the cafe before Sae could see her. The girl shouted at Sayaka and then left.

"Sayaka are you ok?!" Minami said.

"I'm fine.." Sayaka said.

"Your clothes are ruined. We should let you change." Atsuko said.

"I said I'm fine."

"No you're not now come with me. Minami stay and watch Sae and Yuki."

"I'm on it."

The three split up and Atsuko took Sayaka to a clothing store where the two looked for a new outfit. Seeing how Sayaka only wore jerseys or boy like clothing, she decided to make Sayaka wear something more to her style. She made Sayaka try on a short black dress with lace on the back and heels to match. They went to the bathroom where Atsuko washed out the coffee in her hair and used the hand driers as a hair dryer. Then she took some of her perfume and sprayed some on Sayaka as well as a little make up. When it was all done, Sayaka looked beautiful and couldn't believe how well dressed she looked. She was almost unrecognizable if Atsuko didn't know her so well. Sayaka was a little embarrassed about the whole outfit but they didn't have time to complain as the final plans were coming together and they had to move.

They met up with Minami in the park where Yuki and Sae were sitting in front of the fountain. They were talking when Sayaka arrived and when Minami saw her she nearly blew their cover if Atsuko hadn't covered her mouth. They watched Yuki and Sae and watched Sae wrap her arm around Yuki's shoulder. Then she faced her and started to lean in ready to kiss her. Yuki was backing away though and looking around for someone to help her. Out of nowhere the girl from before came out and this time she wasn't alone. She had a little group of guys who all looked pretty angry. Sae stood up and faced them.

"You wanna go?! Bring it!"

All the guys started to attack at Sae who started punching and kicking anyone she saw. Meanwhile Yuki faded into the background and moved over to where Minami, Atsuko and Sayaka were hiding. They were watching Sae fight off the guys and then Minami said,

"Shouldn't we do someting?"

"No she's fine." Yuki said.

They all watched Sae as she took out every guy one by one until there was none left. The girl stood there all alone and now Sae was more mad than ever. She was about to smack her but then the girl backed away and pulled out a knife. Sae was going to move out of the way and attack but then two more guys got in the way and held her back. Sae was trapped and the girl was aiming the knife right at Sae's neck. She started to charge and that was when Sayaka stepped forward and knocked the knife out of the girl's hand.  Atsuko and Minami knocked the other two guys out and all that was left was Sae and Sayaka. Sayaka turned around to face Sae who looked at her with a stunned look.

"Are you arlgiht?" Sayaka asked.

"Yeah..." Sae said.

Sayaka helped Sae up and Sae said,

"I don't know who you are but you're gorgeous. Would you like to go on a date with me?"

"Sae it's me Sayaka."

"Eh?! Uso!"

"I'm serious."

"Woah Sayaka... You look hot!"

"Thanks Sae..."

"What are you doing out here?" Sae asked.

"Well I came here to stop you from screwing up on something big."


"Sae, you always go after all these girls and then you break their hearts. If you keep doing that you're going to end up getting hurt like you did today. I'm worried about you and I want to protect you. It's my job as your puppet to protect you and I will keep my word until the day I die. I know you don't care but I do and just remember that no matter what you do, I'll always be here for you whenever you need me."

Sayaka turned around getting ready to leave when Sae grabbed her. She hugged Sayaka close and said,

"Sayaka... I'm so sorry for all the trouble I've put you through. I'm sorry for everything.. Please forgive me..."

Sae started crying and Sayaka just patted her back and told her everything was going to be alright. Minami, Atsuko and Yuki decided to leave the two be so they could make up and do what they needed to do. Overall though they were happy that the two made up.

The next day the two didn't show up for school and Mayu and Yuki needed someone to do the things that Sayaka owed them so they took it out on Minami and Atsuko. Mayu made Minami her personal slave and had her follow her everywhere and do whatever she wanted and Yuki made Atsuko deal with all the boys who were trying to get together with her. It was a long day of hard work and in the end the two were both tired. However Mayu and Yuki were satisfied and decided to leave the two alone. They went home and sat on the couch together more tired than ever.

"Nee Atsuko.."

"Yes Minami?"

"Why are we so nice to people?" Minami asked.

"Well it's because we are." Atsuko said.

"Yes but still, I something wish we didn't have to get involved with every little situation that requires help. I mean we're also risking out lives by doing this and I worry about you."

"Aww Minami relax~ We're fine so there's nothing bad that's gonna happen."

"But Atsuko-"

Minami was silenced with a kiss to the cheek making her blush a dark red.

"Just relax and trust me ok? I know that if anything bad ever happens to me you'll always be here and protect me right?"

"Of course!"

"Good then let's go to bed ok? I'm tired~"


The two went to bed together after such a long day however there was something that Atsuko didn't know was going on. In the middle of the night, the mark on Atsuko's chest started to grow and and mutate into something different. The heart started to grow two bulges on it's sides that didn't stick out much but slowly, the mark was starting to change into something else. Neither one of them knew what was happening and it was something for them to find out later on in the future.   

Nyaha so many things happen today~ Oh what's gonna happen to Minami and Atsuko? Find out next time!
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YAY~~~~~~~ SAEYAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

LOL, Sae didn't even recognize Sayaka-chan as a her; she saw her as another hot chic!!!!

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 :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: And, so cute. Hope to see some more romantic scenes from them~ :wub: :wub: :wub:

 :deco: :deco: :deco: This really makes my day! Thankz! :twothumbs
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Thanks for the update!  The sayaka and sae focus was nice in this chapter :)
& lol at Mayu and Yuki taking it out and Minami and Atsuko :O
& wow, more questions regarding Minami and Atsuko now, but this time involving the mark.

Can't wait to read what happens next!
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Stingy. >.<

Ahh~ too bad there was no WMatsui cameo, but still I enjoyed this chapter.

You know, I'm a really picky reader (or so my fellow wota friends said) and usually read only WMatsui or JuriMayu, but I've read almost all of your fics. XD You're just that awesome.
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So the SaeYuki didn't pan out but in the end SaeYaka got together
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Ah... even I understand Sayaka situation...

What is so good about that...?

Sae would know later that everything was just planned... Would that cure her...?

Poor Mayu... at least she was able to understand... what's going on.

Sayaka is in a lot of trouble indeed once it's over.

Eh... Sae would just ask every single hot person that come across her...

Does she even know the meaning of love... I think she is just someone that like every pretty things...?

Yeah.. I agreed with Minami... why did they need to be involved in others' problems...?

Why did the mark on Atsuko's chest evolve to something else?

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

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isn't it evolving because the connection between the two got deeper and they got a bit closer?

I think they are now connected even more, nee?

I also want wMatsui~ *puppy eyes*

Honey~ onegai~ at least a cameo appearance~

And I loved Sayaka here, she looked gorgeous in that dress  :twothumbs
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aww sayaka is so sweet trying to protect sae :heart: :yep: its good in the end those two made up :deco:
lol minami was mayu's personal slave and atsuko had to help yuki dealing with the boys :lol:
poor mayu though :(
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Minami and Acchan are so kind   :)
after help Sayaka now they have to replace Sayaka to repay Yuki and Mayu  :lol:
the mark in Acchan's chest change maybe coz connection between them became strong  :?
cant guess .. I'll wait for next update

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Hope you guys like the update! Atsuko unlocks a new power so lets see what happens!

Chapter 9

Atsuko and Minami were eating lunch together when Jurina and Rena walked over and sat with them. They talked about how things were going better for them and they're really starting to get along. As they were talking, Atsuko suddenly asked,

"Nee Jurina."


"Back when we battled you did this one move where you somehow managed to separate Rena from Gekikara. How did you do that?

"Ah the blood spell!"

"Blood spell?"

"Yeah it's a spell that enhances the powers of a puppet."

"How do we do that?"

"We'll you draw blood and then you draw the symbol of the spell you wanna use onto your mark."

"Can you show me?"


Jurina, Minami, Rena and Atsuko all went out to the field after school. They changed into their battle outfits and then the training session began.

"Now since you've never used a blood spell before let's start out with something small! Now first we need to make you bleed so Rena."

Rena walked over and made a small cut on Atsuko's finger.

"Now draw a circle around your mark!"

Atsuko drew a circle and the mark started to glow. She looked over at Minami and saw a barrier surround Minami. Rena swung her parasol at Minami and Atsuko watched it bounce off.

"That was a safety spell. It's one of the weaker ones though so they'll fade away quickly depending on how much damage it takes."

Rena hit the barrier again and it cracked and shattered. Jurina then told Minami to try to spilt a huge boulder in half. Minami tried but it didn't work.

"Now draw a triangle around your mark."

Atsuko drew a triangle and Atsuko watched Minami's body glow a red aura. Jurina had Minami strike the boulder once more and this time it split right down the middle.

"Again it's a weak spell but it's an attack spell that raises your power levels for a short time."

"Then what was the one that you used?"

"That was a duplication spell. It separated your puppet into clones depending how many times to divide your mark. My intention was to separate Rena from Gekikara but you could divide more."

"Let me try!"

Atsuko took her hand and divided her mark into two. Soon after Minami's body split and there was a second Minami standing before her.

"Wah sugoi!"


The Minami clone jumped on Atsuko and hugged her tightly.

"Oi oi what are you doing?!"

"One thing you should know is that the clone only has half the intelligence level of the original one. In other words she's as dumb as a box of rocks."


The Minami clone cuddled close to Atsuko and the real Minami had a dark look on her face. She walked over and pulled the other Minami off of Atsuko and stabbed it. The clone went down and Minami stared at Atsuko with a mean glare. Atsuko didn't say anything but giggled when she saw how jealous Minami was. She patted her head and then said that it was ok. However suddenly, the clone stood up and then divided into another clone making two of them. Minami thought they were dead so she sliced both of them. However those two came back and divided making four clones. She was going to slice them again but Jurina stopped her. She said she had to wait for the spell to ware off and when Atsuko asked how long it would take Jurina said two hours for every clone. There were four clones so eight hours and Minami told her she wasn't going to like it.

The day went on and Minami was already coming to the point of snapping. All day the clones clung to Atsuko like she was their mother and Minami couldn't get anywhere close to her. Minami wanted to just kill them all but she knew if she did then she would only make more. When school ended, the first clone faded leaving three left. They decided to go out with Rena and Jurina for ice cream but Minami was in no mood for it. She just wanted to go home and chain the other three clones and wait for them to die. Atsuko wanted ice cream though so they went and the get together was very awkward. Minami sat at the end if the table while the other clones clung to Atsuko asking for her to feed them. Jurina and Rena were laughing but Minami was getting angry.

"Relax Minami they're almost gone~"

Atsuko handed Minami a small parfait but Minami pushed it away and said,

"Puppets can't eat remember."

When they finished their ice cream another clone passed leaving two left. The girls decided to go to the shopping mall and look for some new clothes. Atsuko told her that she was gonna look for something sexy for Minami to wear. Minami was excited at first but when they got inside, the clones dragged Atsuko into the toy store and made her play with them. Already steaming mad, Rena decided to take Minami to a different store to let her cool down. She took her to a shop and the two looked around. Out of the corner of her eye Minami saw something that she thought would be a good gift for Atsuko. It was a cell phone strap making kit and Minami had the perfect idea for Atsuko. She bought the kit and quickly hid it in her pocket just as Atsuko finally came out with just one clone on her back. There was only one left and Minami couldn't wait.

They said goodbye to Jurina and Rena and then went home. Atsuko cooked her dinner and then sat at the table to eat. Minami ran off into her room and pulled out the kit she got and started to get to work. With some glue and some hair and a little glitter the gift was done. Minami finished proud of her work and walked into the main room. She was going to present her work to Atsuko but when she walked in, she gasped seeing something she never thought was possible. The clone was on too of Atsuko pinning her down. Atsuko's face was flushed and the clone had a smirk on it's face as it stroked Atsuko's body. The anger inside Minami had finally snapped and she lashed out on the clone. She tackled her clone hard to the ground and punched its face. The clone tried to fight back but Minami kicked it and it slammed into the wall. That was enough as the clone faded and now all the clones were gone. Minami calmed down and then faced Atsuko.

"Atsuko are you ok?"

"Yes.. I'm fine.."

Atsuko sat up and Minami hugged her tightly.

"Mou those clones were really stupid."

"That's what I've been trying to tell you." Minami said.

"I'm sorry Minami.." Atsuko said.

"It's ok. They're gone now and there's no need to worry."

"But for the rest of the day you were ignored. I feel so bad for ignoring you.."

"It's fine~"

Minami leaned in and kissed Atsuko's cheek. Atsuko blushed and then Minami pulled out the gift she made for her. Atsuko was stunned seeing the little charm she made. The charm was like a little chibi Minami in her battle outfit. Atsuko was speechless and didn't know what to say. The feeling of joy in her was overwhelming that she didn't know what to do. Instead, she blushed and pulled out a bag she had bought while shopping. She handed it to Minami and told her to go change into the outfit inside. Minami walked away and then she came back with a blushing red face.

"So sexy~"

"Mou Atsuko!"

Minami was in a short red dress with black lace on the end and shoulders and crystals on the chest area. Atsuko walked over and took Minami's hair out of her pony tail and watched it fall down naturally. Seeing the waves flow down to her shoulders and make the perfect frame of her face made Atsuko awe in beauty. Minami on the other side was blushing and didn't know what to say. The two stared at each other for a long time in silence until Atsuko suddenly stepped closer. She held Minami in her arms and slowly moved her lips closer to hers. Minami thought she was going to explode if Atsuko kept moving but was too stunned to move. Their lips were nearly inches apart and then suddenly the door opened.



Atsuko and Minami both jumped back and looked at who was standing at the door. It was Mariko and Miichan. Minami's face turned red and she ran into her room and changed then came out still hot. Mariko and Miichan laughed and then  Mariko said,

"Are we interrupting something?"

"No!" the two said.

"We'll we came to tell you that all the puppet masters are going on a trip and wanted to know if you wanted to come." Miichan said.

"Where are we going?"

"We're going to a temple where we can spend the night and even having some sparring matches. There's also a hot spring where we can relax."

"Sounds awesome! We'd love to go." Atsuko said.

"Great then we'll see you tomorrow ok?"


"Alright then we'll be going. Have fun you two~"

"We weren't doing anything like that!"

"Sure~ have fun~"

Mariko and Miichan left and Minami was still blushing. Atsuko hugged her and said,

"You excited for the trip?"

"Yeah but um Atsuko..."


"Nothing perverted ok?" Minami said.

"Hai hai~ nothing beyond hugs but in the hot springs I may get a little touchy~"

"Mou! Atsuko!"



Well there's the update! I hope you guys liked it!
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Minami and Atsuko are getting closer with everyday that passes by.  Although puppets cannot eat seems kinda funny yet you want to just show it for kicks :nervous
Title: Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 9
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Yay~ Hot Spring episode~

Don't worry Takamina, there WILL be sth pervert going on. XD

Need to prepare my yuri-google.

Ah! It would be nice if Geki join too. >.<
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the spells are so cool XD
haha minami's clone is dumb but keeps hugging acchan :lol:, cute jealous minami :P
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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Haha without the Marimii's interruption it would be too easy lol
Title: Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 9
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thanks for the update! Fun chapter lol. Jealous Minami is cute :P The blood spells are an interesting concept and it's good Atsuko knows about them now. Looking forward to the next chapter! :)
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mehehehe acchan aw you  :kekeke:
Wait a minute hot spring u said  :shy1:  :on bleed:
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Aw Minami's getting jealous even though the clones are hers.... she's so cute!!!!!  :wub: :wub: :wub:

Hot spring ehh..... Better bringing some Yuri detecting shades.....  XD XD XD

Waiting for your next update  :) :) :)
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Hahaha.... Minami's clones are so cute... like a small children....

Atsuko is so happy being surrounded with so many Minami...

Poor real Minami... so jealous unable to be near Atsuko or getting Atsuko's attention at all.

The clone Minami is molesting Atsuko in the end...  :lol:

Wah... they were going to kiss each other.... AH... Mariko and Miichan have very bad timing...

Oh.. They are going on trip with the rest of the master puppets and puppets...

What's going to happen during the trip?

Would there be battles?

Can't wait to find out

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I found your update at midnight and can't stop reading!!
Atsumina is cute! They always are~~ :P
Jurina! Teach more spells to Atsuko!  :thumbsup

*Me working on manga. Otanoshimini!*
This is getting interesting, ne?  :lol:

Thanks for your great update and I'm waiting for next chapter!!!  :panic: :panic:
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Minna! It's time for chapter 10 two part special! There's going to be lots of laughs and fun but also some serious battles! Lets see what happens to everyone and I hope you like the update!

Chapter 10 part 1

Atsuko and Minami had to get up early because the ride was going to be long. They helped each other pack and then they set off to the school where they would meet. When they arrived, Yuki, Mayu, Rena and Jurina were already there. Jurina was fast a sleep in Rena's arm while Mayu was comfortably resting on Yuki's lap. Atsuko looked like she was about to pass out as well but she had to stay awake. A couple minutes later Sae and Sayaka showed up. Everyone was here but where was Mariko and Miichan? They waited for ten minutes until finally, a small bus pulled up. Mariko and Miichan stepped out and greeted everyone.

"Ohayou! You guys ready for an awesome trip?" Mariko asked.

No one responded because they were all too tired.

"Well lets get going then."

They loaded all the luggage and then got on the bus. Minami and Atsuko sat in the back and Mayu and Yuki sat in front of them. Sayaka and Sae were in the front and Rena and Jurina were across from Yuki and Mayu. Once everything was situated, the bus took of on it's long journey. For the first half hour Atsuko passed out and slept on Minami. When she woke up, she saw everyone was up now and were doing whatever they pleased. In the front Sayaka was reading a book while Sae was texting someone. Behind them Jurina was being fed by Rena. Across from them Mayu was playing a video game while Yuki watched. Atsuko looked up at Minami who was staring out the window. She sat up and Minami greeted her.



Atsuko stretched her arms and looked outside. The whole scenery had changed from buildings and cars to trees and mountains. The scenery was beautiful that Atsuko had never seen such lush forests. The temple must be one of those really old and ancient ones you see in movies. The two sat there for awhile until suddenly there was a loud growl. Atsuko realized that was her stomach and she was hungry. Minami smiled and said,

"It's a good thing I packed some snacks."

She reached into her bag and pulled out a little sack of candies.

"Say ah~"

"Minami you don't have to do that."

"Yes I do now say ah."


Minami places the candy in Atsuko's mouth and she ate it happily. The candy was sweet with a little tang in it and some pop. The candy was something she never had before and wondered where Minami got them. She ate a couple more and then put the bag away. The two sat there in silence watching the scenery pass by and then suddenly there was a bump. The bus stopped and everyone looked up to the front. Mariko smiled and said,

"We're here!"


Everyone looked out and say nothing but the end of the road. It was just a giant wall of rock. Everyone was really confused about it at first but then Mariko made everyone get out. She had all the puppets line up along the wall and told them to try to push the wall out of the way. All the puppets focused their power onto the wall but it wouldn't move. Then Mariko made Miichan help and with just push the whole wall split revealing a tunnel.

"Wah sugoi! How did you do that Miichan?" Jurina asked.


"Alright everyone grab your things! We're walking." Mariko said.


Having no choice everyone grabbed their things and started walking up a trail. They walked past high trees and over a river. After a half hour they finally saw the temple and it was huge. It looked like one of the palaces you see in the old samurai movies. They walked up a hill and then finally made it to the temple. Everyone set down their things and collapsed onto the floor. They thought they were going to rest but then Mariko came out carrying cleaning supplies. She set them down and said,

"Grab a towel and a bucket. We need to clean this place!"

"Are you serious!" Mayu said.

"What you think I got this place for free? We had to pay somehow. Now get moving or you don't get dinner."


Everyone got up and split up to start cleaning. Minami and Atsuko went upstairs and started changing the sheets and dusting the shelves. Jurina and Mayu were having races cleaning down the hall while Sayaka and Sae were outside sweeping the front. Yuki and Rena were down stairs cleaning the windows and basement as well. Atsuko was cleaning a window when Minami called to her.

"Atsuko can you help me? I can't reach this spot."

"You mean this?"

Atsuko reached out but slipped and fell onto Minami.

"Itai.. Nee are you ok Minami?" Atsuko said.



Atsuko sat up and looked down and saw Minami's face really close to her. With her legs straddling Minami's waist and hands on her stomach, it looked like Atsuko was about to make love to Minami. Her face quickly turned red and then backed up. She helped Minami up and brushed her off. The two were silent and then got back to work. After a while there was a loud scream outside. Minami and Atsuko looked out and saw Mayu and Rena running down the hall. Yuki and Jurina were chasing after them trying to catch them. When Minami asked what happened, Yuki said Mayu got a bunch of baby spiders on her and they got on Rena as well. The two freaked out and ran around trying to get them off and they were trying to catch them. Minami ran out and managed to grab Mayu while Atsuko grabbed Rena. Then Sae and Sayaka took a broom and swept all the spiders off them. Mariko and Miichan came down and saw everyone.

"Well everything looks clean. So who's ready for lunch?"

They walked down into the kitchen and saw a nice feast for them to eat. Well the masters anyways. Meanwhile the puppets went to the side of the room and talked. After lunch Mariko said to follow her outside. Outside there was something like a battle arena. Mariko said they were going to have a little battle tournament. The winner gets two heart shards and the first to get in the hot spring afterwards. She would draw everyone's name and whoever got picked would go first. The first two names pulled were Jurina and Rena against Yuki and Mayu. Jurina smiled like a playboy and Mayu grinned evilly. It looks like they were both looking forward to this battle. Atsuko was also interested in the battle and couldn't wait to see it unfold. The two walked out into the arena while the others watched.

"Ready... Go!"

Mayu transformed and was the first to strike. She launched out at Rena and tried to attack with a low kick. However Rena got out of the way in time and fought back with a strike from above. She hit Mayu either parasol and then backed away right as Mayu shot a couple rounds from her cannon. Rena couldn't get out of the way in time so she took her parasol and opened it. The blasts bounced off and then Rena dashed forward. She swung high but Mayu moved and then kicked Rena from below. Rena stepped back and Mayu took this opportunity to attack again. She got behind Rena and pointed her cannon right at Rena's back.


Mayu shot and Rena was sent flying forward. It was then Jurina decided to use a blood spell by pulling out a knife and cutting her finger. She drew a star on her mark and suddenly Rena's body started to glow. When the start finished, Rena turned around while still in midair and opened her parasol. In the sky, five orbs of energy appeared and shot something at Rena's parasol. It started to glow brightly and then when it was ready, Rena closed it and then aimed it right at Mayu with the point facing her. Mayu saw what was coming and decided to charge her larger cannon. Since Jurina used a spell then Yuki decided to use one as well. She cut her finger and then drew a diamond on her mark. Mayu's cannon grew twice the size and added another cannon to the side. Mayu began charging but Rena was almost to her. She was about to strike but then the cannon fired and Rena was sent way back into the walls. The battle had ended and Rena could no longer move.


Jurina walked over and helped her up.

"I'm sorry..." Rena said.

"It's ok you did your best."

"Thank you Jurina."

The next ones up were Sayaka and Sae against Minami and Atsuko. Atsuko had never battled Sayaka before so she thought this was going to be an interesting match. The two got into their battle positions and then went into it. Sayaka swung her stand and managed to bash Minami in the side. However Minami also fought back and and sliced Sayaka's arm. The two stepped back trying to rethink their moves but then Sayaka decided to jump up and come down hard on Minami. Minami was quick though and managed to dodge.

"Holy crap!"

The stand crushed into the ground leaving a huge indent. It was then Minami realized how strong Sayaka was. She was going to have to be careful if she was going to win without any serious injuries. Sayaka jumped over Minami and hit her in the back knocking her forward. She was about to finish it off with one big blow but then Atsuko decided to use a blood spell. She cut her finger on her boot and then drew a triangle and a circle on the mark. Minami's body glowed red and the barrier rose. However as soon as it was up, Sayaka easily smashed it. Minami tried to attack but when she attacked it didn't do any damage. Minami was left stunned and confused but she didn't have time to mess with because Sayaka was charging once again. This time Sae used a spell and Sae drew a rectangle on her mark.

"Sayaka go!"

Sayaka's stand grew to the size of a huge hammer and she raised it above her body. She swung it down waiting to smash Minami into a pancake. Atsuko had to think fast and then came up with an idea.

"Minami hold out your sword!"

"Like this?!"

Minami held her word up pointing it towards Sayaka. Atsuko took her blood and drew little three triangles making one big triangle. Minami's sword grew ten times her sword and she struggled keeping it up. However with enough strength and power, she pushed forward and Sayaka and Mianmi collided. There was a bright flash and an explosion. Smoke was all around so it was hard to see who was still standing. When the smoke cleared, Sayaka was knocked out cold.

"What?! How?" Sae said.

Everyone looked over and saw Minami standing with a very large barrier around her. Minami was left unharmed because of the barrier and when they looked at Atsuko they saw three circles around her mark. Atsuko and Minami won the battle which means the moved on to the final round between them and Mayu and Yuki. The two stepped up to the battle field ready to fight. However before the battle started Mariko said,

"No blood spells this time!"

They all agreed and then Mayu said,

"We were going easy on you last time. Don't think we will be so merciful this time!"

"Sure you were. Lets go cyborg!"

"Bring it on midget!"

The two charged at each other and the last battle began. As the two were foghtingn though, they didn't see the three mysterious figures standing outside of the gates watching them silently. They didn't know what it was but there was someone there watching them but what they would soon find out was that they would turn into their most challenging battles yet.

Nyaha new battles are ahead minna! Find out next chapter!
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oho the battles are so interesting XD
thanks for the update :cow: :bow:
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I wonder how they will fo without the blood spells.  A cannon against a sword yay
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OMg, finally she's here~~!!!! I waited for this moment so long!! Next chapter is where my most fav appearance will take place~!!!! YAY~!!  :cow: :cow: :cow:
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Secret base... and they need to clean them 1st....  :lol:

Rena is still weaker than everyone else.... Why is that.. I thought Rena and Geki become one... so she should be strong right?!

Wah... Atsuko is clever... she was able to make her own spell to protect Minami before Sayaka's attack arrived...

Ah... why did Miichan and Mariko never fight with them?

Who is the mysterious figure that was watching them?

What kind of battles are they going to be in?

Can't wait to find out more

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Oh, I knows who's coming... I knows who's coming... YEHEY!!!!! It was them right?  XD XD XD

I can't wait to see that....!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Eh? Eh? Who's coming. Seems like everybody knows who's coming.... :banghead:
But I don't know~~
Me want updates!!  :lol:
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There's gonna be new enemies...

There's gonna be a brawl...

And, I SWEAR there's gonna be a KISS!!!!!!!!
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Cisda83 is right!

Rena~ don't worry, Jurina and will always love you no matter how bad or weak you are.

New enemies? Kojiyuu and another one? Wait did Kojiyuu made their appearences yet? Need to check. ^^'
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Well everyone I hope that you guys like the update! A lot of interesting things happen with some pervy and some very interesting things. New characters and new powers! Hope you like it!

Chapter 10 part 2

In the end Minami and Atsuko won the battle which meant they got the bath first. They stripped down and got into the hot spring. The water was warm and soothing with a nice relaxing scent of cherry blossoms. Minami and Atsuko were relaxing nicely under the full moon and thought things couldn't get any better. Then suddenly Atsuko noticed something on Minami that she had not seen before. There on her mark was a scar that looked like it had been there for a long time. There was a name on it but it was hard to read because the steam blocked it. When Atsuko tried to read it, the door opened and the sound of foot steps came running through.

"Time's up our turn!"

Mayu and Jurina came and jumped right in splashing water all over the place. Soon after Yuki, Rena, Mariko and Miichan followed in. Everyone was now in the hot spring and they were all enjoying the warm water. Jurina started to play games with Mayu while Rena and Yuki talked. Miichan and Mariko sat to the side and watched everyone quietly. Atsuko moved over towards Minami and decided to play a game with her. She took a towel and placed it over her eye. Then her hands quickly moved under the water and she pinched Minaimi's butt. Minami jumped up and yelped.

"Kya Atsuko! What are you doing?!"

Everyone was silent as they stared at Minami with wide eyes. It took Minami to realize that her entire body was completely exposed and everyone could see her. Then Jurina made a comment and said,


Minami blushed and everyone giggled as she sat down and buried herself deep into the water with a dark red face. Atsuko walked over and patted Minami's head saying it was alright.

"Then how about I see yours!"

Minami reached out and grabbed Atsuko's oppai. Atsuko let out a yelp and Minami's eyes grew to the size of plates.

"Wah so soft! Mayu come check this out!"

"M-Minami... Yamete..."

"I like it. They're the perfect size for my hands."


"Hey Minami check this out~"

Minami looked over and saw Mayu pull Yuki's towel off revealing her oppai. Everyone's jaws dropped but Rena quickly covered Jurina's eyes. Jurina tried to get around but Rena had her pinned down and in the end resulted in blindfolding her. Meanwhile Mayu was laughing as Minami became fascinated at how large Yuki's oppai were. She started walking towards them when suddenly Mayu pushed her back.

"Back off midget these are my oppai!"

To show ownership Mayu got behind Yuki and groped her. Yuki blushed and said,

"Mayu I told you to stop doing this!"

"Yuki's oppai are the greatest and they're all mine~"

Minami smirked and said,

"She makes up what you lack."

Mayu looked down and saw that her chest was very flat. Anger filled Mayu as she looked at Minami and said,

"Well you're flatter than me! If you didn't have long hair people would think you're a boy!"

"What did you call me?!"

"Takaboy Takaboy!"

"That's it come here you lolita cyborg!"

The two got into a fight and started splashing water everywhere. It was at that time everyone decided to get out and get dinner while the two fought in the bath. Mariko led everyone to the dinning room where there was a grand feast prepared for them. Yuki, Jurina, Atsuko and Mariko all sat the table and started to eat. Meanwhile Miichan and Rena sat to the side and talked about things. While eating, Mariko brought up the topic about the heart shards.

"So how many has everyone gotten so far?"

"Five!" Jurina said.

"Three." Yuki said.

"Four." Atusko said.

"Well it's good to see everyone is keeping up the competition. Remember everyone needs ten in order to enter the competition."

"How many do you have Mariko?" Jurina asked.


"EH?!" everyone yelled.

"Yep Miichan and I already got our ten. We're just waiting for the competition to start now."

"How much longer until the competition starts?" Atsuko asked.

"In a couple weeks."

"Oh gosh Mayu and I really need to work." Yuki said.

"Rena and I are ok since we're half way. If anything I can just pull out Gekikara and then we'll get plenty!"

"DON'T YOU DARE JURINA!" Rena shouted.

"I guess Minami and I have to get working as well."

All three of them started to think of where they could go for more battles. Then Mariko said,

"I would suggest the forest is a good place. Miichan and I found tons of puppets and masters all training. I would suggest you all go there as well."

"That sounds like a great idea! We'll all got there after we get back!" Jurina said.

Everyone agreed and ate happily the rest of their meal. Then suddenly the door opened and Mayu and Minami walked in. Their entire body was red like a lobster and the collapsed onto the floor. The two started to complain how hot they were and thought they were gonna die from the heat. It was obvious they had been in the hot spring for too long and were now feeling the after effects. Atusko and Yuki placed ice packs on the two and watched the ice melt as soon as it came into contact. They were almost on fire if it weren't for all the ice they had to cool them down. When they were finally cooled off, everyone went to bed and said their goodnights.

The next morning Atsuko woke up to the smell of breakfast. She walked down stairs and  found the others eating happily. Atsuko walked over and sat next to Jurina who was snacking on some toast. She ate breakfast as well and then headed outside where Minami and Rena were playing a game. Minami was blindfolded while Rena was running around trying to avoid her. Atsuko saw Rena run ahead of her but didn't see Minami and ended up slamming into into Atsuko.

"Wah who's there?!"

"It's me Minami!"

"Atsuko? Wah I'm so sorry!"

Minami pulled off her blindfold and helped Atsuko get back up. She brushed her off and soon the others came out to join in on the group fun. They all decided to play a game of hide and seek. Minami was the one seeking while everyone else hid. She counted to ten and once everyone was ready she set off to find the others. Jurina and Rena were pretty easy to find because wherever Rena was Jurina was. She ended up finding them behind behind a tree with Jurina practically glued to Rena. She then went to find Mariko and Miichan who were hiding in the trees. Minami found Yuki easily because her oppai stuck out but Mayu was a little more challenging. Mayu was hidden under a log where she had somehow managed to wedge herself under there. The only one left to find was Atsuko.

"Atsuko? Where are you?"

Minami searched the forest endlessly looking for Atsuko. As she was searching she suddenly heard a noise from the bushes. She thought she found Atsuko so she snuck up and then right as she was about to attack, the thing jumped out and turns out it wasn't Atsuko but someone else. Someone she had never seen before.


"I'm going to set you free. I saw you have friends as well so help us set them free as well."

The figure leaned in close to Minami and stared at her with a long and intense look. Then suddenly a purple light flashed into Minami's eyes and something entered inside her. The figure then said,

"Gather your friends and bring them out here under the full moon."

Minami nodded her head and then walked into the open field where the others were waiting. Atusko and the others were standing there watching Minami.

"There you are Minami! We were all getting worried about you." Atsuko said.

"Ah sorry. Hey can I talk to Rena for a second?"

Mayu and Minami stepped to the side where the two talked. Little did the others know, Minami flashed the same light into Mayu's eyes who then got the same glow as her. The two nodded and then said they needed to borrow Rena for a moment. Rena followed the two and then came out with the same purple glow in her eyes. The glow faded though and then the three were about to get Miichan but then they all got called for dinner. They ate well and then got ready for bed. Atsuko saw how Minami looked kind of strange and must have been tired. Atsuko carried Minami back into the room and set her in the futon. Minami complained how she wanted to be with Atusko but Atsuko said she didn't want to get too hot from Minami. Then she got into the separate futon and slowly started to fall asleep.

As she laid in the futon, she didn't feel Minami get up and walk into the kitchen. There she saw Mayu and Rena all standing there as well. They nodded their heads and then split up and walked into their rooms. They grabbed their masters and carried them outside to the garden. They placed them gently on the floor and and then Mayu held up a small glowing ball. She took one and placed it in Yuki's mouth and then the others followed by putting the balls inside of their masters. A couple seconds later the three woke up and suddenly clenched their chests in pain. It felt like there was something tearing their insides out and they didn't know what was going on but the pain was unbearable. Atsuko looked up at Minami and knew something was wrong. All three of them had glowing purple eyes. As she sat there she also saw three dark figures step forward.

"Good job you guys. Soon their seals will be weak enough and then when the time comes you will finally be free." one said.

"Aren't you guys excited?! Once you're free you'll be just like us!" another said.

"You won't be lonely anymore." the last one said.

The three giggled and Atsuko's vision slowly started to blacken until finally it was dark. The next time Atsuko woke up, she was tied to a table of some kind along with the others as well. Then she saw Minami standing over her with a knife aiming right at her chest. She raised the blade as it hovered above and then started to bring it down upon Minami.

"Minami no!"   

Wanna know what happens next? Find out next time!
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Uh-oh... Uh-oh, uh-oh, UH-OHH!!!! :shocked

This.... is not... good...

But, what I wanna know is... :?

WHERE THE HECK ARE SAYAKA AND SAE WHEN YOU NEED THEM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :panic: :banghead:
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The three in the end are trouble, I hope they can pull through
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Dam DAm DAm DAm! *Dramatic song thingy lols* :scared:
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Ah.. so funny.. the bath scene... Mayu and Minami  :lol:

Ah... Minami, Mayu and Rena got hypnotized

What do the other puppets mean... that they are going to be free?

Are they going to break the bonds between the puppets and the masters?

What's going to happen to Mayuki, Atsumina and WMatsui?

Who would help them? MiiMari?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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So lets find out what happens to Minami and Atsuko! Enjoy!

Chapter 11

"Minami no!"

The knife was about to come down on Atsuko when it suddenly stopped nearly centimeters away from her. Atsuko looked at Minami and saw a pained expression on her face. She also saw the purple in her eyes flicker trying to stay in control. However it looked like the real Minami was fighting as well and wasn't going to give up that easily. Atsuko started scouting at Minami telling her to fight it. Minami started to pull away but then one of the figures stepped forward and held Minami's hand.

"It's ok young one. Don't let her manipulate you with her words." it said.

"Minami no stop this!"

"Silence you piece of garbage! It's people like you who cause nothin but pain and suffering to us puppets."

"Minami I never hurt you did I? I never caused you any pain! Minami please stop this. It's me Atsuko remember?"

Minami struggled with her thoughts between killing Atsuko or saving her. She wanted to be free but the she couldn't kill the one closest to her. Minami struggled until finally the dark powers took over and she was going to kill Atsuko. She raised the knife and was about to bring it down but then suddenly something flew out and knocked the blade out of Minami's hand. Everyone looked over and saw Sae, Sayaka, Mariko and Miichan. They all ran over and helped out with Sayaka and Sae setting everyone free and Mariko and Miichan handling the strange figures. Atsuko got up and got on top of Minami pinning her down. Minami struggled and tried to throw Atsuko off. However Atsuko managed to keep her down and started shouting at her.

"Minami snap out of it!"

"Let go let go! You're just going to use me and then get rid of me! All you masters should just die and leave us puppets alone!"


Atsuko pulled Minami up and pulled her in for a reassuring hug. She held her tightly as she struggled but Atsuko stayed and said,

"Would a master do this?"

Without a warning Atsuko leaned in and kissed Minami's lips. Minami froze not sure what to do but as soon as their lips came into contact, the spell on Minami broke and she turned back to normal. When she realized what happened she quickly pushed Atsuko back and looked away blushing.

"Acchan you baka!"

"Minami you're back!"

Atsuko hugged Minami tightly not letting her go. Minami was confused but all she knew was that Atsuko had kissed her and now she was just flustered. However their moment came to an end when Mayu came rushing in with the knife. She nearly stabbed Atsuko but then Yuku pulled her back. Yuki and Mayu were fighting and Jurina and Rena were also fighting. They had to break the spell somehow but the question was how? Atsuko looked over and saw Mariko and Miichan fighting the three figures. Atsuko was amazed when she saw how strong Miichan and Mariko were. Miichan was taking on all three of them like they were nothing. There was a reasons by they gained all those heart shards and that was because they're strong. Atsuko watched Mariko and Miichan fight and didn't even notice the flying blade aiming towards her head. Luckily Minami blocked it and then quickly pulled Atsuko back.

"Yuki do something about Mayu!" Minami said.

"I got you!"

Yuki grabbed Mayu and held her close to her body. She stroked Mayu's hair and whispered something to her that made Mayu's face turn bright red. However Mayu was back to normal and all that was left was Rena and Jurina. Rena was about five seconds away from stabbing Jurina when Sayaka stepped in and knocked her back. She was about to strike again but then Jurina pulled out something that looked very confusing to everyone. There in her hand she was holding a melonpan. Rena immediately snapped out of her spell and ran to Jurina like a puppy. She took the melonpan and opened the pack. Then she took it and placed it on top of her head wearing it like a hat. Atsuko and Minami were confused but as long as it got Rena back they didn't care. Now all that was left was the three figures. Sayaka and Sae managed to defeat one of them but the other two were still fighting. Soon the others came and was ready to help out in the fight. It was then the figures decided to retreat and run away. After everything settled down, Atsuko asked,

"What were those?"

"Puppets." Mariko said.

"Where were their masters?"

"They don't have masters."


Everyone looked at Mariko with a surprised look. Mariko calmed them down and explained her reasoning.

"There are some puppet who live without their masters. They manage to survive and live on their own."

"How did they get like that?" Minami asked.

Mariko grew silent for a moment and then said,

"They killed their masters... They killed them and removed their hearts and then put them in their own bodies. By doing this the body of the puppet fuses with the body of the master and therefore it can still live even without a master."

"That's horrible..." Atsuko said.

"It is indeed a horrible thing. What causes them to do such things no one knows but it truly it is saddening."

"So why were they trying to get Minami and the others to kill us?" Jurina asked.

"They probably want more supporters. More puppets to fight with them." Miichan said.

"So then how will we know if a puppet is heartless or not?"

"Well look for a purple glow or a large scar on their chest." Mariko said.

"Ok then everyone be on the look out!" Minami said.

"Then for now let's take one last dip in the hot spring!"


Everyone rushed to the hot spring where they had a nice relaxing bath. Minami and Atsuko were were talking with Mayu and Yuku while Jurina and Rena were talking with Sae and Sayaka. Turns out Sayaka and Sae weren't there the first time because they got stuck back at the arena and couldn't find a way out. They were trapped in there for the night and so Sae was starving. As everyone was bathing, Mayu and Minami got into it again and this time Sayaka got involved as well. Everyone was surprised when they saw how flat Sayaka was and started to pick on her. It then Sayaka went gorilla on them and nearly drowned Mayu and Minami. Sae had to practically restrain Sayaka and drag her to their room to calm down. When dinner was ready the masters ate while the puppets talked some more. Then everyone turned in for bed and said their goodnight. Minami got into the futon with Atsuko and cuddled with her. Atsuko turned around and patted Minami's head saying,

"Even if you turned on me.... I would never hurt you Minami."

"Mou don't say that Atsuko! I would never turn against you!" Minami said.

"I know I know but I'm just saying."

"Baka you shouldn't think those things."

"Hai hai~ I'm going to sleep now so I'll see you tomorrow. Night~"


Atsuko fell asleep and Minami watched over her right by her side. However at some point something was starting to change again in Atsuko. The mark other chest started to change again and the bulges on the side of the mark grew. When one looked at them they looked like tiny horns. Atsuko and Minami didn't know it was happening but they would soon find out.The next morning everyone had to get up early and get on the bus for a long way home. The bus ride felt shorter this time probably because Atsuko was asleep for a long time. When they arrived home they were so relieved. The first thing the two did was lay down on the couch and lounge around like a bunch of lazy bones. They were happy they were finally home but they were a little upset knowing that they were going back to school. They couldn't do anything about it so they just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the day.

The next morning Atsuko woke up and found Minami laying on top of her. She didn't know what was going on but it was a bit strange even for Minami. She tried to pull her off her but she wouldn't budge.

"Minami? Are you ok?"

Minami was still with her eyes wide open. Atsuko shook Minami really hard and eventually she fell off the bed. Minami came back and was dazed and confused.

"Itai!" Minami said.

"Minami what were you doing?" Atsuko asked.

"I don't know. I remember laying in the bed next to you and after that everything blacked out.."

"Blacked out?"

"Yeah like everything got quiet and dark. I wasn't thinking or doing anything just laying on you."

"Uh Minami... I think you were sleeping."


Uh oh something's wrong with Minami! Or is it wrong? Find out next time!
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Hmmm... let me guess!



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Slowly turning into a human because they are getting closer as master and puppet
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thanks for the update! Really interesting about the lone puppets with no masters, but it's a cruel way to gain their freedom.
Atsumina was cute! And everyone was pretty badass :D

& interesting, still wondering what's up with Minami and Atsuko. Minami falling asleep is not something puppets do, so it'll be interesting to find out why and how that is happening.

Thanks! Looking forward to the next chapter!
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Master And puppet my Butt! They're gonna be lovers! XD ah~ the closer the bond the better but then... if takabear turns into a human wouldn't that spell danger of dying because of the other puppets off to kill them both? o.o
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Don't tell me that Takabear is turning into a human!
Kyaah  :wriggly:

Puppets without mastars? They kill their masters? Dats not good  :smhid

Is this my first time commenting? Cause i've been reading this when you began writing it, Same with Great Escape :)

The chapter was awesome as always! Can't wait til the next one :)
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Eh? They already going back home? They're not gonna fight the Wild dolls to collect the heart shards? O.o

Lol I thought dolls do sleep sometimes or power they're not? O.o

And I lol real hard at the melon pan part! Another side of Rena in this chapter. XD
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when i read at the part of waking up the puppets
my expression was like:
AtsuMina: ahhhhh!!! So Sweet :wub:
MaYuki: woahh what did Yuki said?? i think it kinda pervert :drool:
WMatsui: What the heck???? :shocked and then :lol:

anyway nice update
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ps: but really WMatsui scene was kinda stupid, but still cute
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Interesting ways of breaking the spell....kissing, whispering and melon-pan...  :lol:

Ah... Masterless puppets... why did they become like that?

Well what's happening with Atsuko's mark... it grew a tiny horns now...?

Eh.. Minami could go to sleep now... I thought she could not... what's going on?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Hi minna! I hope you like it guys! I have interesting news for all the puppets!

Chapter 12

"Sleeping? But puppets don't sleep." Mayu said.

"I know which is why I wonder what exactly it is that Minami was doing." Atsuko said.

"Let's go find Mariko maybe she'll know." Yuki said.

Mayu, Yuki, Minami and Atsuko all walked to Mariko's home and knocked on the door. The door opened and Miichan was there in a apron covered in flour. Minami and Atsuko said they were looking for Mariko and so she let them in. They found Mariko in the kitchen stirring a bowl of chocolate. Mariko saw the others and told them to wait in the other room while she changed. She then came out and Miichan brought out some tea.

"So how may I help you?" Mariko said.

"I think Minami slept last night."


Mariko paused and looked up at Atsuko with a disbelieving look. She was surprised and shocked and made Atsuko repeat herself. She heard it again and then leaned back to sip her tea. She thought about it for a while and then said,

"Let me see what happens."

Mariko had Minami lay on the couch for a while and try to recreate the scene that caused her to sleep. They waited twenty minutes before Mariko decided to try something different. She had Atsuko lay down with Minami and see if that worked. Atsuko held Minami close to her and stroked her hair. Minami felt very relaxed but not sleepy. After a while Atsuko passed out but Minami was still awake. Minami didn't feel anything and Mariko was about to give up. Then suddenly it happened and everything changed. Minami froze where she laid and her eyes opened wide. It was then Mariko and Miichan moved in and carefully carried Atsuko out of the room. They set her down and then watched Minami from a distance. Nothing was happening but Mariko did admit the sight was strange. Mariko had Mayu walk over and touch her to see of she'll come back. When Mayu touched Minami though, Mayu went into the same state as Minami. The two were completely still with their eyes open and bodies like stone. Yuki quickly grabbed Mayu and shook her waking her up.

"Mayu what happened?"

"I don't know but it was weird..." Mayu said.

"Like what?"

"Like I saw flashes of different scenes. I saw flowers and the sun. A clear sky and a lake. Everything looked so peaceful and it was flashing before me. I never got a clear view but at one point I thought I saw Minami sitting by a tree."

"So you saw everything Minami sees?" Atsuko said.


"Hmm I think I know what's going on."

Mariko walked over and pulled out a notebook and flipped through the pages. Then she walked over to Atsuko and unbuttoned some of her shirt. Atsuko yelped and stepped back.

"Mariko what are you doing?!"

"Checking something now hold still."

Atsuko stood as Mariko unbuttoned the rest of her shirt revealing her mark. Mariko looked at it and then said,

"I thought so."

"What is it?"

"Puppet evolution."


"Yes. You see when as a puppet and master bond and battle, they start to change and grow. This process is called puppet evolution and in a couple days Minami will evolve into a stronger form of herself. It's a good thing really. What's happening now is in order for the process to complete, the puppet has to store as much energy as possible. Therefore when the puppet is extremely relaxed, it goes into a temporary state of unconsciousness. They're not asleep because they can still hear everything but their mind is totally somewhere else."

Atsuko paused for a moment to try to figure out what Mariko just said. All the information took a while to process and then she understood and nodded her head. She asked when the evolution will happen and Mariko said that it would be during a battle. Atsuko was a little curious to see what would happen so she knew she wanted to get into a battle soon. However Mariko said that Minami needed at least a couple more dream stages and then she could battle. Atsuko agreed and then took Minami home. She set her down and then walked into the bathroom. She took off her shirt and then looked at her mark in the mirror. There she saw the two bulges sticking out of the side. Atsuko wondered what was going on but she'd find out soon enough. Atsuko walked back into the room and saw Minami still in that same state. She wondered what Minami was seeing so she decided to try to look in.

Atsuko leaned and pressed her forehead against hers. Nothing happened at first but as Atsuko was about to pull away Minami suddenly grabbed onto Atsuko and pulled her close. Then there was a flash and Atsuko could see everything Minami saw. She saw the sun and the sky, the lake and the trees. Flowers were everywhere and the air was cool. The place looked like a paradise fit for someone like Minami. She looked around saw a really big tree. There sitting under it was Minami who was staring out at the lake. Atsuko was about to walk over but then something happened. Minami stepped out and walked into the sunlight. Her body started to glow and the sky slowly grew dark. Minami glowed brighter until Atsuko started to see something. There on her back were two balls that had started to glow. The elongated into slits on her back that split open. Then slowly, something unfolded out of the slits. They stretched out and turned into something similar to wings. Was that what Minami evolved form would look like?

Atsuko continued to watch when suddenly everything turned dark and she woke up to the sound of Minami calling her name. Atsuko opened her eyes and saw Minami looking at her. Looks like she was back to normal which was a good thing. Atsuko hugged Minami and said,

"I can't wait for you to evolve."


"Never mind~ let's just go play some games ok?"


(Over with Mayu...)

Mayu and Yuki were sitting on the couch when suddenly Yuki felt something strange coming from Mayu. She looked down and saw Mayu was in the same state as Minami was before. She looked at her mark and actually saw it starting to change. There was something coming out from above that looked like two round circles. Yuki had knew what was going on and then suddenly she got a phone call from Sae.

"Oi Yuki! Something is wrong with Sayaka! She's all frozen and my mark is changing!" Sae said.

"I know Mayu has it too what it is is- hang on I'm getting another call."

Yuki hit a button and saw it was Jurina.

"Yuki what's wrong with Rena?! She's all stiff and won't move!"

"I know Jurina listen meet at Atsuko's place tomorrow ok? Call Sae and tell too."


Yuki hung up and then looked down. She stroked her hair and looked at her mark. She patted her head and then said,

"Looks like everyone is gonna evolve.. This will be interesting."

Things are gonna happen guys!! Big things! Hope you like it!
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They are going to evolve all at the same time :3
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eh? evolving huh. that means takamina is going to be more of a badass in fighting cant wait for her evolution ... :twothumbs  :lol: btw thx for updating!
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I hope their battle outfit will be Majisuka Gakuen Uniforms.... Hehehehe

Waiting for the next update  :twothumbs :twothumbs
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Takabear is still a that a..good thing or bad thing? Who cares Takapuppet is still cute to me :D

So not only Takapupp but the others to :D

Takapupp with wings (°~°)/ I musht shee dat!

Update soon I can't wait! :D
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oho its like everyones powering up :cathappy:
thanx for the update :cow: :bow:
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What are they? Pokemon? Digimon? XD

So is Miichan already evolved?
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Puppets evolve! in a name of...


... Mariko-sama xD
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Yeah... interesting... everyone are evolving...

It's going to be interesting...

What are they going to evolve into?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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something's great is gonna happen :grin:
i wonder how will everyone evolve XD
especially Rena :drool:
i hope she will become an angel just like in my my dream

anyway nice update
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Hope you like the update and the new evolutions guys!

Chapter 13

Everyone had gathered to Atsuko’s house to discuss what they were going to do with the evolution of the puppets. They didn’t know exactly when it was going to happen but they knew it was going to be soon. The masters were in the kitchen discussing about what they would do while the puppets were in the main room talking. Over in the main room the puppets were showing each other their marks.

“Nee did you know that the marks show what our evolution will look like?” Mayu said.

“Really?! Show us.”

Mayu showed everyone her mark revealing the two bulges on the top of it. Minami showed her revealing the bumps on the side. Rena had something like strings on hers and Sayaka had weird points coming out of the sides. Everyone was anxious to see what their new evolved forms will look like and then they all looked at Miichan where her mark was already fully evolved. There were all kinds of patterns and shapes surrounding her mark. It was really unique to the puppets and now they were really looking forward to their evolution. After talking for a little longer, the masters came out and then Yuki stepped forward and said,

“Come one guys we’re going to make you evolve.”

They took the puppets to a part deep in the forest where no one would find them. They remembered the place Mariko had told them about and decided to go there. Then they had Miichan transform so the others could battle her. The first one up to battle was Mayu and Yuki who were eager to go first. Mayu transformed and then prepared for the battle. Then it began and Mayu was the first one to make a move. Mayu charged at Miichan with full force and ran tried to strike Miichan. However Miichan dodged it easily and then smacked Mayu with some kind off weapon. Mayu looked back and saw Miichan holding a wooden sword. They weren’t sure if that was her real weapon or not but it was interesting to see so Mayu and Yuki kept battling.

Mayu shot blasts at Miichan but she managed to dodge and then hit Mayu with a blow to the stomach. She pushed Mayu back and into a tree where she then knocked her head a couple times before falling back. Then Miichan was about to move in for another strike but suddenly Mayu shot a powerful blast at Miichan sending her flying back. Mayu then raced forward and elbowed Miichan in the stomach and kicked her in the jaw. Mayu thought she had won but then Miichan performed a surprise attack to the head knocking Mayu into the ground. Mayu looked like she had lost but then something happened.

Mayu’s body started to glow and she started to rise. A pink energy surrounded her and grew brighter and brighter until no one could see her. There was a loud burst and then out came a newly transformed Mayu. She wore a white blouse and shirt with frilly high heels and a cute hat. There was also a large wind up gear sticking out of her back that looked very interesting (outfit from synchro tokimeki) Mayu’s new look surprised everyone and was really cool to the others. Now the next question was what was Mayu’s new powers? Mayu looked at Miichan and then smirked realizing there were a whole bunch of new things she could do. Mayu snapped her fingers and then the gear in her back started to wind up. Then there was a pop and that’s when the windup gear came out and Mayu pulled it revealing a sword. Mayu didn’t even move all she did was swing the sword and a large slash of energy shot out and attacked Miichan. Miichan fell back and didn’t get back up. Mayu had won the battle and she was so happy to see her new evolved form.

“Yuki I did it!”

“I know Mayu you look so cool!”

The two hugged and then Jurina and Rena stepped up to fight. Rena transformed and then she started to attack. Rena swung her parasol but missed and Miichan kicked her back. Rena quickly got back up and punched Miichan in the face and then swung and hit her in the stomach. However Miichan pushed back and then was about to slam her sword into her but Rena opened her parasol and provided protection. Miichan saw this and that was when she moved down and kicked Rena in the side pushing her into the ground. Then she got up and was about to hit Rena again but Rena switched positions and managed to get Miichan onto the ground. Rena then took her parasol and hit low smacking her heard. Miichan however grabbed the parasol and pushed Rena up in to the sky. Then she jumped and kicked Rena deep into the ground. It didn’t look like Rena was going to get back up. Then there was that same glow and Rena came back up from the ground.

Rena was surrounded with a silver glow and then she vanished from the sight of the others. Then when the energy dispersed, there was a new Rena. There Rena was standing there in a light brown long skirt and a white blouse with stripes on it. There was a bow wrapped around her neck. There were red marks on her eyes that looked like tears and then there was a tape ruler in her hair. An interesting thing that the others noticed was there was something like threads tied around her arms.(outfit from UZA) The new Rena saw Miichan and acted fast shooting the threads out aiming straight at her. The threads wrapped around Miichan and then Rena pulled her close and punched her hard in the chest. She then pulled up hard and directed Miichan to the left where she swung her around and then off to the side. Miichan went down and stayed down knowing what would happen next if she continued to move.
"Rena sugoi! You look really really cute!" Jurina said.

"Eh?! Yada!" Rena said.

The next one up was Sayaka and Sae and the two were ready. Sayaka transformed and then ran into the battle head first. She swung her mic stand and managed to hit Miichan in the side and then push her back. Then she was about to swing but Miichan caught the stand and then kicked Sayaka way back. She was about to move again but then Sayaka came charging at her with a strong punch to the stomach. Miichan took the hit hard but wasn't going down yet as she took Sayaka's hand and managed to wrap her legs around her entire arm. Then she kicked Sayaka back and then gave her a hard blast to the face sending her back. Miichan then took her wooden sword and hit Sayaka's chest and several blows to her sides. Sayaka went down and didn't look like she was going to get up but then her evolution started. A purple energy started to form around Sayaka and then she was completely surrounded by it. When she came out, everyone couldn't believe what they were seeing.

There Sayaka stood in a black pants, a long sleeved white button up shirt and red tie. Her hair had a purple highlight in it and was in a pony tail and there was a red cape like cloth on her back. What's also very interesting about Sayaka's new form was she had fangs like a vampire. (outfit from Infinity play) Sayaka looked strong and everyone was waiting for her new powers. Sayaka pulled out a blue rose and aimed it towards Miichan. Then suddenly a large blue beam shot out of the rose and aimed straight at Miichan. Miichan managed to dodge but then she saw there were blue rose petals floating in the air. Then suddenly the petals started to glow and then exploded soon after in a series of powerful explosions. Miichan was sent flying and crashed hard. It was then everyone knew Sayaka had evolved.

"Awesome Sayaka! You were so great out there!" Sae said.

"Thank you Sae." Sayaka said while blushing.

The last  one up was Minami who was looking forward to the battle as much as everyone. Minami transformed and then waited for Miichan to make the first move. Miichan charged and swung but Minami managed to deflect with her sword. She pushed Miichan back and then swung and hit Miichan in the leg. As Miichan went down Minami attacked again and managed to cut the wooden sword. Miichan didn't have time to react as Minami came at her hard and cut her arm.Then she attacked the chest area but Miichan saw this and avoided it and then went it for a critical attack to the back. She hit Minami and caused her to fall over. At that time she took her sword and attacked her back again. Minami couldn't move but she was in extreme pain. Miichan was about to finish her off but then Minami's energy rose and a white energy surrounded her. This was the moment Atsuko was waiting for and she was excited to see her new form. It was something Atsuko was anticipating to see and she watched as the energy grew  brighter and brighter. However suddenly something happened and it started to worry the others. The energy turned black and then Minami came out looking like something not right.

There were sharp spikes coming out of her back and she was barely clothed. She was emitting a dark aura and her eyes glowed red. Something wasn't right with Minami but the question was what. Minami tried to stand up but something pushed her back down and made her scream in pain. There on her chest her mark was glowing black and there were cracks around it. Atsuko knew she had to stop Minami but the question was how? Minami screamed in pain and that's when Miichan stepped in. Miichan ran over and quickly punched Minami in the chest. Then a white circle appeared around her mark and then moved and surrounded the mark. Minami's mark glowed white and slowly she turned back to normal. Atsuko quickly ran over to her and checked to make sure she was ok. At the same time Mariko and the others walked over.

"What happened?" Atsuko asked.

"Something went wrong with the evolution." Mariko said.

"What could be wrong?"

"I don't know but I'll look into it. For now don't let her do anymore battles ok?"


Atsuko picked up Minami and carried her to house.

"Don't worry Minami. We'll figure it out."

Hope you liked it guys!
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Great action scenes there...

And I like the evolved idea... and what kind of upgrade they were being...

Ah... But what happened with Minami...?

She seem to have a dark side there....

Like she was evolving into a demon...

Luckily Miichan understood what she was supposed to do to stop the evolution...

What's going to do with Minami...?

Would Atsuko be able to avoid fight anymore?

Would Atsuko be able to enter the competition... if she was not able to collect 10 heart sherd...?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Eh.... WHAT HAPPENED TO MINAMI........  :? I hope she is alright...
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Everyone went through their evolutions but Minami's one might be the most interesting of them all but it defected

Hope comes out better for her
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what happen to Minami ???  :shocked
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Mayu's evolution: I'll have to see the video; that outfit sounds cute. Plus, windup key/sword=Clever~

Rena's evolution: Aw yeah! Marionette puppet gonna take ya down, Gachapin!
That was so cool and so cute!!

Sayaka's evolution: Oh my God.
Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cathappy:
 :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: You're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Minami's uhh.... ???: Woah! What the HECK just happened?!
Hope she can evolve. I imagine her transforming into "Jane Doe" and maybe using that chain thing she had as a weapon.

Can't wait for the next chapter! :deco:
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Sorry if the update is kind of lame but I was having a hard time coming up with an idea! Hope it doesn't suck too bad!

Chapter 14

Atsuko and Minami were resting comfortably when Mariko walked into the house. She sat down and said,

"Ok so what I found out is that Minami isn't ready to evolve yet."


"Minami's evolution still needs more time to develop but we don't know when it will actually happen. What happened before is that we pushed Minami too hard and her body couldn't handle such a huge change. I think this happened because Minami hasn't been around as long as the others."

"So then what are we supposed to do?" Atsuko asked.

"I think you two should wait a while. Don't do any battles and instead go out and have some fun or something. I think maybe a little bonding time will help the process."

"Ok then I will do my best!"

After Mariko left, Atsuko told Minami they were going to go out and have some fun. They decided to go to a park where they would relax and have a nice afternoon. However when they arrived they were surprised to see a lot of different pets. Apparently it was a pet day for the park so people had brought their pets to enjoy the park as well. Atsuko and Minami were relaxing by the trees when suddenly a dog ran over and started sniffing Minami. Minami was a little freaked out and tried to back away but soon more dogs started to gather. Minami had no idea what was going on but the dogs kept coming and coming. Finally Minami stood up and started to run and the dogs followed.

"Minami wait!"

Atsuko chased after Minami who was being chased by the dogs. Minami ran all the way to a big tree where she started to climb it. She climbed all the way to the top and Atsuko had no choice but to follow. When they made it to the top they thought they were safe but then suddenly a bunch of birds started diving down on them. The strange birds kept pecking and diving until Atsuko suddenly fell over and started to fall off the tree. Luckily Minami grabbed Atsuko and managed to hold on but not for long because a bird pecked Minami's hand making her slip as well. The two fell and landed hard onto the ground.

"Are you ok?" Minami asked.


"You don't sound good."

"Uh Minami.."

Minami looked down and saw that she was on top of Atsuko in a very hot position. Her arms were on the side of Atsuko's head while her legs were around hers. When Minami realized this, she got up and backed away. Atsuko got up and brushed herself off and then helped Minami up. They were about to walk away but then suddenly a bunch of cats came over and jumped on Minami. They all swarmed her licking her check and rubbing against her arms and legs. At one point Atsuko thought she heard Minami moan from all the rubbing and meows. Atsuko helped Minami up and that's when she saw something on Minami's back. There was a strange charm on her back with three symbols on it. There was a cat paw, a dog paw, and a bird wing. Atsuko wondered where it came from but then suddenly she looked over at Minami and nearly jumped.

"M-Minami! Y-Your head. It's got cat ears!"


Atsuko showed Minami a mirror and there on her head was a pair of cat ears. The two were both very confused but they didn't have time to argue as the pets started to chase after them once more. The two ran into the city where the pets couldn't find them and they blended in with the people. They thought they were safe but then suddenly someone grabbed Minami and pulled her over with a bunch of other random girls. They all had cat ears on and it looked like they were posing for a photo. The girl who grabbed Minami made her do a cute pose and then when the photo was taken Minami was pushed into the building. Atsuko followed where inside there was a bunch of cat ear girl cosplay. It was very strange seeing all the girls but Atsuko was more concerned about finding Minami. She walked around and then saw Minami standing over by a table wearing a strange battle suit.

"Atsuko help!"

Atsuko ran over to Minami and tried to grab her but then someone grabbed Atsuko. The two looked over and saw a big man with a dark look on his face. He pulled Atsuko and said,

"No touching the girls."

"But she doesn't work here!" Atsuko said.

"I said no touching!"

The man pulled and Atusko let out a cry. It was then Minami changed and instead of cat ears, dog ears popped out. Minami growled at the man before jumping on him and biting his arm. The man let go and then Atsuko grabbed Minami and ran out of the building. They ran all the way home and when they got inside they thought they were safe. However Minami was still angry and ready to fight anyone that got in her way. Atsuko scolded her and Minami retaliated by biting her. The move was a shock but then Atsuko decided to train Minami.

"Minami sit!"

Like a dog an it's owner, Minami sat obeying Atsuko's command. Atsuko thought she would have a little fun with the dog Minami so she started to command other tricks.

"Roll over!"

Minami followed and rolled over onto her stomach.


Minami reached out and held Atsuko's hand who shook it. The overall experience was pretty fun but then something strange happened. Minami fell over and curled into a small ball. When she opened back up, the cat ears were there but there was something different about Minami. She got on top of Atsuko and pinned her down against the floor. Minami's face was red and her breaths were short. She looked at Atsuko with a strange look and wasn't sure what was going on. The suddenly Minami opened her mouth and said,


She then licked Atsuko's cheek and nuzzled in her chest. Atsuko thought it was cute but then soon realize things got serious when Minami held Atusko's hands back and slid hers under her shirt. Atsuko blushed and tried to escape but Minami had a strong grip on her. This cat Minami was a cat in heat and it wasn't good for Atsuko. Atsuko managed to push Minami back and then quickly run out of the room. She locked the door and then decided to call Mariko for help. When she arrived Atsuko told her what happened and she said,

"Ah the animal tag! I placed it on Minami so she could awaken a new kind of power. That way it helps her build up her strength when she evolved."

"Ok that's nice but why is she all hot and touchy!"

"Oh well that's part of it. The user goes under a heat spell and basically wants to mate with anything."

"How long will it last?"

"About a couple hours."

"Oh ok then I'll just leave her be until she ca- wahh!"

Mariko pushed Atsuko into the room and locked the door.

"Don't come out until you finish your bonding time!"

Mariko left leaving Atsuko with the horny Minami. Atsuko turned around and saw MInami heading towards her. She then jumped onto Atsuko and licked her neck and cheek. Minami was eating Atsuko out slowly her body growing warmer and warmer. Minami made her way down to Atsuko's chest and was about to take off her shirt when something else happened. Minami screamed as she felt something stick out of her back. Atsuko watched as two wings came out of Minami's back. They were black and evil looking and they hung over Minami's body. Minami herself was knocked out but the wings were moving on their own. Minami got up and then flew out of the window.


Atsuko watched Minami fly away and Atsuko had no choice but to follow her.

"Mou Minami what are you doing?!" 

Well there is the update after such a long time. Sorry if it sucks I'll work hard next time!
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it's been a while... :D
why the wings looks like that?
and...thanks for the update... :twothumbs
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that was a nice update ;D horny Minami. xD lol

Kyaaa~ Takabear in Cat ears >///<

update soon ^~^
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why did takabird fly away le me is curious :P
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iiya~ Subarashii~ (ah... wonderful)
I can't believe I never decided to read this
it may have been due to the atsumina as main
but omg this was so epic!!
the geki arc had a few mysterious things...
friendship yay!!
eh?? curious about what happens to minami
nekomimi~~ interesting... but that would be lol
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huwaa an update! yay

Gahd the latest chapter is just so cute. I like the slow pacing of Atsumina's relationship but eventually I am expecting changes with their feelings. I'm rooting for Atsuko to slowly fall in love with her doll Minami because she has the human heart  :wub: :wub: :wub:
Maybe after Minami's evolution? wwww

Kyaaa I'm so excited to what will happen next..  :wub: :wub: Thanks for the update!!
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Very funny.... :lol:

Poor Atsuko... she seem to always need to follow Minami around....

What's going to happen next to Atsuko and Minami?

Would Minami be able to evolve.... after being change around by those weird charm?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

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nice update  :twothumbs
ahh ~ bakamina fly away from atsuko u.u
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Such a hot scenes Atsumina got there ^^
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Dat minami cat  :drool:

please update soon!  :cow:
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Wow... Just wow...

Really wasn't expecting all that.

Can't wait for an update! Things are about to go down!!
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Weird transformation for Minami hopefully it doesn't go into overload :nervous
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Well here is the next update! Let's see what happens to Minami! We discover new powers and meet new friends!

Chapter 15

Atsuko followed Minami to the roof of an old building where she was resting on the roof. There also on the roof was Mariko who was holding a strange staff. When Minami landed Mariko quickly ran over and held Minami down. Then she told Atsuko to take the staff and draw a circle around them. Atsuko did so and then Mariko stood up and the two watched as the circle glowed and then rods of light came out and stabbed Minami in various places keeping her down. Atsuko watched as her blood flowed down from the rods onto the reset of the circle which caused it to glow brighter. The circle went from a red to glow to a bright white. It was then something in Minami changed inside her. Her wings turned from black to white and feather scattered across the sky. They grew larger on her back and slowly her form started to change. When she came out, Minami was now back to normal and this time she was different. She wore a white jacket with feathers on the shoulder and end of sleeve with a black skirt and leggings (outfit from bird). There were some feathers in Minami's hair as well that glowed as she stood there. Minami faced Atsuko and then calmly walked over to her.

"Mi-Minami.. you-"

"Evolved." she said.

"Yeah.. You look so cool!"

Atsuko hugged Minami and then said,

"You finally did it Minami!"

"Yeah I'm so happy!"

"Good job Minami you've evolved. Ready to see what your new powers are like?" Mariko asked.

"Heck yeah!"

Minami and Miichan went into battle and Minami was excited to see what she could do. Minami was the first to move as she jumped up and flew into the air. She was excited about her wings and thought the overall feeling was incredible. However she had to a battle to focus on so she looked down at Miichan who pulled out her wooden sword and jumped up high. She was about to strike but when she did one of Minami's wings moved and protected her. When the sword hit it sounded like it had hit Minami. Atsuko looked closely and saw some of the feathers had turned into a strong metal almost like titanium. Miichan backed away and that's when Minami moved one of her wings and some feathers shot out aiming right for Miichan. She dodged some of them however some hit and left a couple cuts. Before Miichan could do anything Minami started to fly towards Miichan at a fast pace. Her wings started to glow and Miichan couldn't react in time for Minami flew faster and then straight past her. There was a moment of silence before Miichan suddenly fell back down and Minami landed beside her.

"Incredible power and speed." Mariko said.

"This is so cool!" Minami said.

"Well now that you got your new powers I think you should start battling. The tournament is coming up and is sounds like you guys don't have many shards."

"Ah you're right... Minami let's go!" Atsuko said.

"Now now you two it's late so you should go to bed. You can battle tomorrow ok?"


The two went home and slept happy with what they had accomplished. Then the next day the two set off to find some challengers who would be willing to battle. Surprisingly there was one they found who had just finished a battle and now Minami wanted to challenge them. The person accepted and the went into battle. The person was very surprised at Minami's form because their puppet had no evolved yet. The puppet moved and tried to hit Minami with it's blade. Minami dodged and jumped into the air flying high above. Then she dove down and started to slash the puppet over and over until it could no longer move. In the end Minami won the battle and she got the heart shard.

"Alright we have five now! Let's get another one!" Minami said.

The two went to a dark alley where they found one who was standing around looking for a battle. They said they wanted to fight and even mocked Minami for her height. This made Minami's fighting spirit even brighter and knew she was definitely going to win this battle. The battle begun and the first thing Minami did was take to the sky. This puppet was a different puppet from the last time and Minami had to be careful for its weapon was a gun. It shot rounds into the air and almost hit Minami who managed to dodge it. Minami tried to swoop down for a slice attack but the puppet shot and nicked one of her wings making flying a little difficult. Minami decided to try a different attack and this time flew high into the air. Then she stretched her wings out and then shot tons of feathers towards the puppet. They were fired at a speed similar to a machine gun and hit its mark every time. Minami kept going until Atsuko made her stop and the puppet fell to the ground. In the end Minami won and sadly that was the puppet's last heart shard. The two watched as both the puppet and master disappeared.

"I think we have enough for today Minami. Are you ready to go home?"


The two started to walk home when suddenly three girls came running out followed by a really big man. The man grabbed the smallest one and pulled her close while the other two tried to stop him. Obviously the three were in trouble so Minami and Atsuko decided to help and they beat up the man.

"Are you alright?" Minami asked.

"Yes thank you." the middle one said.

"Thank you so much for helping us!" the smallest one said.

"Well be careful next time ok?"

"Un thank you puppet!"

"You know I'm a puppet?"

"Of course! We could tell from the moment we saw you~"

"Well that's cool I guess. What is your name?"

"Kitahara Rie!" the left one said.

"Sashihara Rino." the middle one said.

"Maeda Ami." the right one said.

"Are you all puppets too?" Atsuko said.

"Well Rie I are puppets but Sasshi is our master." Ami said.

"You have two puppets?"

"Yep and I'm happy with both of them."

"Well we should battle sometime. I think it would be very interesting."

"Indeed. Let's meet up tomorrow at the park shall we?"


They all said goodbye and then headed home. When they made it home Minami relaxed on the couch with Atsuko and the two cuddled for a while. Then Atsuko remembered the things Minami had done before and backed away a little. Minami who didn't know what was going on tried to get closer to her but Atsuko backed away more. Minami tried to jump on Atsuko but then got off the couch and ran into the other room. Minami ran after but Atsuko ran out and into the hall where Minami chased after. Soon enough the two were chasing each other in the house with Atsuko running and Minami chasing. They ran all around into the halls and through all the rooms. Atsuko even ran outside where she tried to climb a tree but then Minami grabbed her by the skirt and pulled her down. Her skirt came down but Atsuko didn't revealing pink panties with little hearts on them.


"Mou Minami!"

"Atsuko climbed down and that's when Minami pinned her against the tree."

"Now tell me why are you avoiding me?"

Atsuko didn't say anything but blushed and looked away. Minami started to lean closer and that's when Atsuko said,

"Well last night... you did a couple things to me that were... embarrassing.."

"Like what?"

Atsuko flipped Minami over and pinned her against the tree.

"Like this."

Atsuko kissed Minami's neck and started to make her way down where she stopped. She looked up at Minami who was staring at her with a clueless face and Atsuko just face palmed herself.

"Don't you see what you were doing?"

"No I don't."

"Mou you're so weird!"

Atsuko ran back into the house and Minami followed. The two played for a while and then decided to go to bed. As the two were sleeping, someone else was outside their home who had just finished watching them. The person ran away to two others who were there waiting.

"So what do you think Sasshi?" Ami asked.

"She's perfect."

"When can we have her?" Rie asked.

"Soon but for now we need to wait. Don't worry we'll soon have another one just like us."

"Yay I'm so excited!"

"This will be great she'll be the strongest on yet!" Ami said.

"I know but for now girls we wait."

The threw smiled and walked off leaving a feint purple glow behind.

Hope you liked the update!
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sasshi, kitarie, and mayuge.... are like the rogue(masterless) dolls?
Takamina's outfit seems interesting...
pink... lol...
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Yeah Minami evolved...

She got 6 shard of hearts already....

What was Sashi planning on doing to Minami...?

Could the master linked to more than one puppet?

How would they break the link between Minami and Atsuko?

What's going to happen to Minami on the battle against Rie and Ami?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

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Aamin with Rie and Sasshi is such a great addition to the fic
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can't wait to next update :)
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Wah sorry it took me so long to update this I got back from vacation and I was caught up in all the relaxation~ Anyways enjoy the update! Lots of new stuff!

Chapter 16

"Nee Sasshi are you ready?" Ami asked.

"Of course I am." Sasshi said.

"What if we lose the battle?" Rie said.

"Don't worry I took a couple heart shards that we can give. I have no doubt that you two will win. If it seems like you're going to lose, place this on her."

Sasshi handed the two a small purple bug. The two hid it and understood what to do next. At the same time Minami and Atsuko were just arriving. They went straight into battle and Ami and Rie transformed into their battle forms. Minami transformed as well and then the battle began. Minami kept her wings hidden feeling that it wasn't time yet to use them. Minami swung as Ami and managed to punch her in the chest but then Rie tried to come from behind and attack. Minami ducked right as she swung and then she kicked Rie knocking her over. Minami was about to go in for another attack but suddenly Ami came back up and punched Minami in the stomach. Minami started to go down and that was when Rie came back and kicked her in the side. Then the two grabbed her and pulled her forward making her fall down. They were about to move in for more but then there was a bright flash and gust of wind.

Minami had taken to the sky and was now high in the air. It was then the two pulled out their weapons and Atsuko knew there was going to be trouble. Ami had multiple daggers with chains attached to them while Rie had a twin pistols in her hands. The battle was now starting to get serious. Ami tried to throw her daggers but Minami flew out of the way right into the line of fire of Rie. Rie shot two rounds and one missed but the other scratched her side. Minami flew up and then shot out her feathers. The came down hard and stabbed the two in a couple of places. However it wasn't enough and it was then Ami short one of her daggers at Minami who protected herself with her wings. The dagger bounced off and then Minami dove down and slashed a huge cut in Ami's chest making her go down. Rie shot more rounds but Minami dodged them all and then moved and then cut down Rie in the neck. The two went down and the battle was over.

"Congrats on winning! Here's your prize."

Two heart shards were handed to Minami who thanked them and Atsuko said,

"How about we all head out to get ice cream?"


As the two started to walk Sasshi leaned in and whispered,

"Did you plant the bug?"

"No.." Rie said.

"I managed to get one when I threw my dagger."

"That's good enough."

The five of them went to an ice cream place where Atsuko and Sasshi ordered some ice cream. The two ate happily while the others talked and chatted. While chatting Atsuko asked,

"How did you manage to get two?"

"Ah well first I met Rie and we were partners and then what happened was Ami was actually abandoned by her master. He broke the contract and left Ami to die. Rie and I came across and made a contract saving her and then the master died."

"That's terrible. Who would do such a thing to their puppet?"

"Well there  are some masters that aren't as nice people. You'll see a lot of them in the tournament."

"That's horrible... I would never do something like that to Minami. Right?"

Atsuko turned to face Minami and that was when Sasshi lightly placed another purple bug in Atsuko's shirt. When it was time to go the two said goodbye and left Sasshi, Ami, and Rie. They walked down the side walk until they ran into Rena and Jurina who happened to be at a cafe. The two walked over and Jurina said,

"What were you two up to?"

"We just won a battle against two puppets at the same time!" Minami said.


"Yeah this master had two puppets so we battled and I won."

Jurina and Rena looked at each other and then Rena said,

"Minami.. That's not possible."

"What do you mean?"

"Well a master is only allowed one puppet. They can't have two."

"But the master said she saved the other one and formed a contract with her!" Atsuko said.

"That's not possible one you've made a contract with one you can't make one with another."


Atsuko and Minami were left baffled and confused but now they wanted to know exactly what did they do? The two got up and decided to go look for Sasshi and her puppets. She had some explaining to do as in how she got two puppets. They started to walk but then suddenly Minami collapsed and didn't get back out. Atsuko panicked and got Rena and Jurina to help her take Minami to Mariko. When they arrived Mariko had them place Minami on the bed so she could get a look at her. She said it was going to take a while so she told Atsuko to go out with Rena and Jurina for a while. Atsuko left and decided to walk with Jurina and Rena where they talked about what had happened earlier. They decided to try and look for Sasshi and her puppets so they went back to their original battle zone and started to look. As they were looking, Atsuko suddenly started to feel really tired. Eventually she fell down and couldn't move anymore. It was as if her body was completely drained of all energy. As Jurina and Rena tried to think of what to do there was a loud explosion not too far from them. They looked over and there standing there was Minami in her battle form.


There was something different about Minami. She shouldn't be able to transform like that without Atsuko with her. Another thing that was different was that she had a purple glow in her eyes. She charged straight for Atsuko and was about to attack but then Rena got in front and protected her. She managed to push Minami back but not for long for Minami pushed Rena out of the way and headed straight for Atsuko. She was about to land a powerful punch but then something rushed by and grabbed Atsuko carrying her to safety. She looked up and saw it was Miichan who had saved her. Miichan set Atsuko down and told her to stay there. Then she ran back out to face the wild Minami. Mariko told Miichan and Rena to tie her down and keep her still. Rena shot her threads and wrapped them around Minami. The threads didn't hold her for long though as Minami broke free and headed towards Rena. Rena jumped and Miichan came forward and punched Minami hard in the face. That didn't stop Minami as she came back with a hard punch to the stomach on Miichan sending her flying back.

Rena stepped forward and did something Atsuko had never seen before. Rena's hands detached and shot out with chains connected to them. The hands wrapped around Minami's body and tightened the chains. The Miichan came forward and dug spikes into Minami's sides keeping her down. Mariko then threw one more thing which was a ring that wrapped around Minami's neck like a collar. The collar became heavy and weighed Minami's head down so she couldn't move an inch. Mariko then walked over and looked at Minami closely. Minami was on the other hand was going wild. She was growling and trying to bite Mariko. Mariko held Minami's head back and then saw what she was looking for. She reached out and pulled off the bug. Minami immediately calmed down and looked around wondering what was going on and why she couldn't move. Mariko removed the chains and ties and then went over to Atsuko who was still very weak. Atsuko looked over at Minami who was back to normal and was now staring at Atsuko with a worried look.


Minami tried to help but Mariko made her step back. She looked at Atsuko and then suddenly pulled up her shirt revealing a cute pink lace bra. Minami blushed but that wasn't what Mariko was looking for. When she spotted it Mariko reached out and picked off a small bug.

"What is that?" Minami asked.

"These are heart suckers. They're parasitic bugs that feed off the energy of a master and then cause extreme anger in a puppet. The puppet goes after the master because it has the other bug that the one on the puppet hates." Mariko said.

"That's horrible. Who would do such a thing?"

"I'm guessing it was the heartless puppets. Only they can create things like this."

"Them again? But we don't know any or see any? How do we know it them?"

"I have an idea who. Miichan!"

It was at that moment Miichan shot up and grabbed someone who was hiding in the trees. She pulled them down and Minami was surprised to see Rie sitting there. Before she could escape Mariko tied her up and then said,

"I'm guessing she's one of them."

Mariko cut open Rie's shirt revealing the scar on her heart. Rie was a heartless puppet. Minami was shocked and Mariko told her to take Atsuko home and let her regain the energy she lost. Meanwhile she would take care of the heartless Rie. Minami, Rena and Jurina took Atsuko home and then Jurina and Rena left. Now it was just Atsuko and Minami who was watching over her. Minami couldn't believe she tried to kill Atsuko and felt horrible with herself. She took hold of Atsuko's hand and promised that she would never hurt her again. Even if it meant hurting herself she would never lay a hand on Atsuko anymore. Minami felt a warm feeling in her chest that she didn't know what it was. However as she started at Atsuko she felt the warm feeling grow within her. The sleeping Atsuko looked so beautiful that Minami wanted to see more of the beauty. Minami leaned in and was going to just touch Atsuko's soft looking lips. She was so close when suddenly something jolted her and she backed away. Then Minami remembered another one of the bad things about being puppets.

"Haha I forgot... Puppets can't love their masters..."
Hope you liked the update guys! Look forward to the next one!!
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Finally an update....

As expected, they are really a bad guys...

And what in the hell in the world did you say that "puppets don't love masters" hmm????

And what's your doing right now? Kissing her right? Which means you're in love with her!!!!!

Waiting for your next update  XD XD XD XD
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finally a update yay

Minami is in love with acchan hmmm interesting :hehehe:
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And what in the hell in the world did you say that "puppets don't love masters" hmm????

And what's your doing right now? Kissing her right? Which means you're in love with her!!!!!
You and me, Last-Cross, let's play a game called "I predict."

I'll start: " I predict that, right at the end, they'll end up falling for each other, win the tournament, and make Minami human."
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Lucky for the group they recognized the bug in time.  Why are they the unlucky ones to get bugged?  XD
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takamina will break the laws of puppets!
cuz she obviously loves Acchan anyways...
well, yeah... they were that type of puppet...
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Ah... so Rie was a heartless puppet... how about Ami was she one too?

Then there would be no way they had a master... so Sashi could be a puppet too, right?

Minami had 8 shards now... another two more to go to be qualified for the tournament...

Luckily Minami and Atsuko were being saved by the others... if not Atsuko would be dead... and Minami became a heartless puppet...

Ah... Minami loved Atsuko more than as her master...

But the puppet had a warning system to prevent them from doing anything intimate toward the master...

Poor Minami unable to be with Atsuko as a lover...

What's going to happen next

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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I'm back minna! Haha sorry it's been a while but it was my birthday over the weekend so I was out celebrating and then suffering from the hangover... Anyways I'm back so I hope you guys enjoy the update! Lot's of cool stuff so I hope you like it! By the way cisda83-san, Minami isn't a heartless puppet sorry if I'm misreading your comment but I'm just making sure everyone knows.  :nervous

Chapter 17

The next morning Atsuko woke up to the sound of loud thunder. She was expecting to see a bright sunny sky but instead the sky was as black as night with on occasional flash of lightening.  Atsuko walked down stairs to the main room where she was surprised to see everyone sitting on the floor huddled around her TV.

"What are you guys all doing here?" Atsuko asked.

"Our power went out." Mayu said.

"Jurina is afraid of storms." Rena said.

"We were out and needed a place to take shelter." Sayaka said.

"So you all came here in the middle of the storm?"

"Yep." they all said.

"Where is Minami?"

"In here!"

Atsuko walked into the kitchen and there was Minami who was making snacks for everyone. Atsuko walked over and told her she didn't have to do that. She walked back into the room and told everyone that if they wanted snacks they could get them on their own. Minami was not their puppet was hers and Atsuko hugged Minami possessively showing ownership. The others groaned and got up while Minami and Atsuko walked over to see what was on the TV about the storm. Looks like it was almost a typhoon and the weather man instructed everyone to stay inside. Looks like the two weren't going to go anywhere and they were both pretty happy to get a chance to relax. Atsuko wrapped herself around Minami holding her as she watched the television. Then there was another bright flash of lightening and then there was an explosion. The power had gone out and now the house was totally dark.


There was a scream coming from the kitchen. Minami and Atsuko ran in and they couldn't see anything but they could hear a lot of shuffling. There was a loud thud and the sound of something breaking. Minami felt her way over to the drawer and pulled out a flashlight. She shined it on the people in the kitchen and there standing was Mayu, Yuki, Sae and Sayaka.

"Calm down guys!"

There was a glass that had fallen and broke as well as a chair was knocked over. They cleaned up the mess and then went off to find the others. Jurina and Rena were upstairs so they had to bring them back down and then once everyone was gathered, Atsuko lit some candles to bring light into the room. Since the power was out it was time to find another thing to entertain each other.

"Alright who's up for some scary stories!" Jurina said.

"Scary stories?" Mayu said.

"Yeah! It'll be fun! Wanna try?"


"Good then I'll start!"

Jurina took a flashlight and held it under face making her look somewhat scary.

"Once there was this guy who my neighbor knew. He lived in an old apartment complex with just him and his girlfriend. They were a pretty happy couple until one day there was a weird scratching sound coming from the walls. Every time the guy turned on the light to see where it was coming from, the sound stopped. The scratching sounded like something was clawing at the walls but he could never find the source. Every night the man would wake up to that awful scratching sound and every time her looked the source was no where found. Eventually his girlfriend left him saying he was crazy and it was just him. The more he stayed in that apartment the more crazed h e became.

Then one night, when he heard the scratching once more, he was able to pinpoint the spot to one part of the wall. There was a tiny hole and a dim light coming from it. Then when he looked into the hole, there clawing at the wall was a woman who had been trapped clawing at the wall making that awful scratching sound. The man didn't say anything but when he tried to back away he made a noise. The woman turned and saw him smiling from ear to ear. When the man tried to escape, the woman clawed through the wall and killed him. All that remained was claw marks on the floor. Now whenever you see scratch walls on the floor, be careful because you could be next."

"That wasn't scary at all." Mayu said. 

"Yeah it was pretty dull." Yuki said.

"Then why don't one of you give it a try." Jurina said throwing the flashlight to Mayu.

Mayu picked up the flashlight and held it under her face.

"There once was a woman who lived in a house deep in the woods. She moved there with her and her two children, a brother and a sister, and they were a happy family. Then one day while the kids were playing, they discovered a secret room. The mother told the two never to go into the room and she sealed it shut. However being kids, they wanted to know what was in the room so they disobeyed their mother and went inside. There the kids found the bodies of two children who had lived before them. When they tried to escape, the doors shut and behind them, the spirits of the former children rose.

 That was the last thing they saw before the children's lives were taken. The next day the mother searched the house for her children fearing that they had gone off somewhere. To her relief she found the children playing normally in the main room. The mother relaxed and went to bed that night. Then the next day, the police found the mother dead and the children gone. The house was cleaned out and filled with new tenants however they were killed as well. Five people were killed in that house and so therefore the home was closed. Now if you ever find a house in the middle of the woods, don't go inside because it could be your last visit."

"Lame~" Jurina said.

"I actually thought that was a little disturbing." Yuki said.

"Thank you Yuki."

"Mou you two. So anyone else wanna give it a try?"

"I will!" Sae said."

"Alright here."

Sae took the flashlight and began her story.

"A years ago I heard from my neighbor that there was a young girl who went missing from a house not too far from my place. She was only five years old and no one knew where she went. They gave up on searching and now the mother grieves over the loss of her child. A couple days ago my neighbor complained about hearing the laughter of children coming outside his door. However whenever he looked outside there were no children there. The next day the man's dog was found dead and his son went missing as well.

One by one children around my area went missing and no one knows where they went. The police tried to investigate but there was still no sign as to the children's whereabouts. Then one day I was watering the plants when I saw a little girl staring at me from across the street. When I tired to walk over to her a car drove by and she was gone. It wasn't until a couple months later when I told my neighbor what I saw she said that I may have just saw the ghost of the little girl who went missing years ago. I told the police and the hunt was back on. Then one day I was told they found the body of the girl and all the other children who went missing. They say the girl took the lives of the children so she wouldn't be lonely in the afterlife. The police cleaned the bodies and the girl was finally buried and put to rest. All was supposed to be peaceful but then just a couple days ago... I saw the same girl staring at me right outside my house."   


Everyone looked over and saw Jurina hiding in Rena.

"I don't wanna hear anymore!" she said.

"Relax Jurina it's just a story. This didn't actually happen." Sae said.

"It didn't?"

"No you silly."

"Mou! I was really scared you know!"

"Haha what a scaredy cat you are." Mayu said.

"Shut up Mayu!"

"Hey if you guys don't mind.. Can I give it a try?" Minami said.

Minami took the flashlight and held it over her face.

"Long ago in an old village, there was a young girl who lived with her mother, father and brother. They were all a happy family who loved each other dearly. Then one day, the father came home upset that he lost his job. The family was now getting no money and would starve if they didn't find any soon. The family was already poor so they knew things were going to get bad. However the mother managed to reassure hope in the family. That hope ran out soon as the father used his children for work and took the money they earned to buy alcohol. He would get drunk and then take out his anger on his wife. The children would hide and watch as the father beat the mother.

 One day the father forced the little girl into prostitution against her will. The daughter was used as sex slave and was treated horribly by the men she was forced to sleep with. One day the daughter came home to find her entire family dead. Turns out the father owed money and because he couldn't pay, the people took his life. They were about to take the girl's life as well but she managed to escape. She ran and ran until her little legs couldn't take her anywhere else. For two years the girl lived her life as a beggar begging people for money and food. She would eat trash or sometimes even dirt. Anything to satisfy the hunger. However one day the girl had not eaten. She was nothing but skin and bone. The girl laid there against the wall as the flies hovered over her waiting to start devouring her flesh. As the girl stared at the sun hopelessly she wondered why did things have to happen to her. Why was God so cruel to her? As the girl took her last breathes, a hooded figure walked over to her. With a woman's voice it asked,

"What a shame.. Fate has deceived you and know you have been left out here to rot int the sun. You were not given a fair chance little one but I am here to offer you a second chance. Will you accept?"

The girl nodded her head yes and the woman smiled.

"Then come with me child and I shall have you reborn." 

The woman held out her hand and the girl weakly took it. From that moment on the girl's life completely ended or so she thought. When she woke up, the girl was in a bed in a nice home. There the woman was sitting there cooking food. The girl herself did not feel hungry nor tired. She felt perfectly fine. However the food looked good so she reached out and grabbed a piece. When she ate it though the food tasted horrible so she spat it back out. The girl tried to sleep but she could not. Not even the latest of nights would her eyes closed. When she asked the woman why she said,

"You have been reborn as my servant. From now on you live to serve me and me only."

In the end, the girl sacrificed her life to be reborn only into an eternal life of servitude."

"Wah what a creepy story!" Jurina said.

"I have to admit that even scared me." Mayu said.

"Very scary." Sae said.

"Ah well it's just a story so relax you guys. Otherwise I'll call you all a bunch of wimps~"

"Oi don't you dare call me a wimp!" Jurina said.

Everyone laughed and at that moment the power came back on. Outside the rain had stopped and now the sun was starting to break through. Everyone ran outside to see the sky. As the clouds were breaking and the rays of sun broke through, the sky looked as if heaven itself was beginning to shine.

"Hey look a rainbow!" Rena said.

There in the distance was a beautiful rainbow that stretched for miles. Everyone gazed at its beauty admiring it all. All except Minami who was staring at her reflection in a puddle of rain water. She had a look on her face saying that she wasn't with the world but somewhere else. Atsuko reached out and held Minami's hand snapping out of her strange trance.

"Are you alright?" Astuko asked.

"Yeah I'm fine." Minami said.

Atsuko was about to ask her something else but then suddenly there was a bright flash high in the sky. They all watched as suddenly a building high in the clouds started to form and build. It turned into a giant stadium and then there was a loud voice.


"What is that?!" Yuki asked.

"The tournament."

Everyone turned around to see Mariko standing there.

"What is it?" Jurina said.

"That is where the tournament is going to be held. You guys have three days to gather the shards in order to enter." Mariko said.

"Oh wow..."

Everyone stared at the stadium and then Atsuko felt the grip on her hand tighten. She looked over at Minami who had a determined look in her eyes. It looked like she was ready to fight and Atsuko knew that she was going to help her win no matter what. As they were standing there they didn't hear the group of puppets come up from behind. There was a loud blast and it was heading straight for Yuki.

"Yuki look out!"

Mayu grabbed Yuki and the two managed to dodge. Everyone looked over and there was Sasshi, Ami, and Rie.

"Guess who's back!"

The three of them charged and the others quickly went into battle as well. It was obvious they were outnumbered so they thought they were going to win. Then suddenly, Sasshi divided into hundreds of clones. Turns out that was Sasshi's power and now it was a hundred to ten. Everyone prepared for battle and then they were off. Mayu sliced down as many clones as she could with her sword while Sayaka was blowing up a ton. Rena was also trying up clones and destroying them along with Miichan who was slicing and slashing everywhere she moved. Minami was in the air taking down clones everywhere however Rie and Ami came out and tried to attack. Minami dodged and then sliced Rie right in half killing her for good. Ami tried to attack as well but Minami was quick and stabbed her several time before finally ending her.

Meanwhile down on the floor Sayaka took a ton of roses and threw them across the sea of clones. With one swift movement all the roses exploded getting rid of all the clones. All that was left was the real Sasshi was now all alone with no one to come and save her. Mayu sliced an arm off while Rena took the other. Miichan took a leg and Sayaka blew off the other. All that was left was to finish her off and Minami dive bombed straight into her chest crushing it. Her exposed chest cavity showed a purple human heart beating and all. Minami raised her hand and was about to crush it but then suddenly Sasshi opened her mouth and a blast shot out knocking her off. The blast exposed Minami's two hear shards.

"Minami look out!"

Sasshi's chest sprung legs similar to a spiders and she started to move once again. She jumped at Minami and tired to finish her but missed and Minami flew low taking out two legs. She then swooped around took out another three. She was about to finish off Sasshi but then there was a surprise attack as the bodies of Ami and Rie held her back as Sasshi stabbed her piercing through Minami's chest.

Sasshi was about to move and finish Minami when suddenly someone got in her way. Sasshi hit and red blood came out. Minami realized that the one standing in front of her was Atsuko and Sasshi had slashed Atsuko's shoulder.


Atsuko fell over and Minami watched as her blood started to flow out. It was at that moment something in Minami's body exploded and a huge burst of power filled her body. Minami grabbed onto her leg and pulled it out. She shook off Ami and Rie and then quickly dashed towards Sasshi. She slid avoiding the attacks and the managed to take off another leg. She ran straight to the heart and then she reached out and grabbed it. With one good tug, Minami ripped out the heart and Sasshi died right there. Purple blood splattered everywhere getting on everyone. When the battle was all over, it was only Minami who stood holding the heart. She threw away the heart and ran over to Atsuko to make sure she was ok.


Atsuko weakly opened her eyes and made a small smile.

"Atsuko you baka! What were you thinking?!"

"I..I wanted to protect you..."

"That's my job!"

"Haha.. gomenne?"

That was the last thing Atsuko said before passing out. Minami screamed and started to panic but then Mariko rushed over and told her to calm down. They rushed Atusko to the hospital where she was treated and now resting. Minami held onto Atsuko's hand cursing herself for not being stronger. For not being able to protect Atsuko. She was hurt once again and it was all her fault. As Minami sat there, she felt someone place their hand on her shoulder. She looked over and saw Mariko standing there.

"It's not your fault Minami. Atsuko did that on her own will. She did it because she wanted to protect you. You shouldn't be blaming yourself. Atsuko is something very different from all the other masters I've seen. She cares and loves you Minami. Instead of blaming yourself use this as an opportunity to learn and grow stronger. The tournament is coming up and if you want to win then you need to get over this and expect the worst."

"Thank you Mariko."

Mariko left and Minami sat that there thinking about Mariko's words. She was right about the tournament and she was right about Atsuko. She was going to have to see this as a message to get stronger. She was going to win the tournament and then she could be there for Atsuko not as her puppet but as someone else. Possibly her lover. Minami was now set that she was going to win the tournament and no one was going to stop her.

Wah the tournament is coming up! Get ready for the epic battles guys! Ah it's good to be back~ well it's not like anyone missed me but hey I'm just glad to be back!
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ah, the stories were great~~
the mood changed and da-dum it happened
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great chapter :) The stories were awesome! I wonder if Minami's story had any hidden meaning....hmmm

Anyways, the battle was awesome too, and Atsuko really is an interesting and caring master since she wanted to protect Minami in battle :)

Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the next chapter!
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The tournament shall be a fun event for all of them :thumbsup
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Interesting ghost stories.... some was very disturbing actually...

Ah... great fighting there...

Poor Atsuko, she was injured to save Minami...

Would Minami, Mayu, Sayaka and Rena get enough shards to enter the tournament...?

Minami was very determine to win the competition...

So that she could turn into a human instead....?

Well can't wait to see what's going to happen to them next

Thank you for the update

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yay finally an update
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Well here's the next update! I hope you like it!

Chapter 18

The three days went by fast as soon they were up and the tournament was now ready to begin. Atsuko and Minami had gotten the shards along with the others and were now ready to enter. Atsuko met up with the others where they were all lined up to get in. There was an elevator that would take everyone up to the entrance and the elevator took fifty people at a time. There were a lot of puppets and masters from all kinds of backgrounds there waiting to compete for the title of puppet master. While waiting in line, Minami and Atsuko talked with some other people waiting in line. They all said they were going to win and the puppets were determined to earn their humanity back. Some of the puppets even shared how they became puppets. Atsuko and Minami were listening to one puppet who apparently was turned during World War Two.

"My group was surprised attacked by the Americans and we were hit hard. We were badly beaten and most of us died. I was badly wounded and there was no sign of medics coming anytime soon. I thought I was a deadman but then some strange hooded woman came up to me. I couldn't see her face but she said she would offer be a second chance at living. I took it and the next thing I knew I woke up all healed up and just fine. However she then told me that I was now going to protect her from that moment on. We were together for a while but then something happened and I was put to sleep. When I woke up I was in this time and with my current master." he said.

"Wow some puppets go back way far.." Atsuko said.

Suddenly another puppet spoke up and said,

"Hey I remember when I turned. It was during the bombing and I had survived the worst part but was suffering from radiation poisoning. I was about to die but then the same person came and said I could live again. I took it and then became a puppet. Like he said before I was with her a while and then suddenly I was put to sleep. When I woke up I was in a different time era and that's how I met my master."

"I was about to commit suicide when she found me." another said.

"She found me after being stabbed by my husband!"

Atsuko realized that all these puppets had turned right before the moment of death. In that case Atsuko wondered how Minami was found. There was a time where Minami was alive but the question was when. While she was wondering, it was their turn to get in and so they got into the elevator which took them up to the colosseum. They walked in where there was single woman at the front desk. She was accepting heart shards and letting people in. One by one Minami and Atsuko slowly made their way to the front. However around four people behind, there was a sudden shout and scream. Looking ahead, the two saw a puppet and master being dragged away and thrown out of a window. When they asked what happened people said they tried to get in using fake heart shards. When they made it to the front Atsuko presented the shards and the woman looked at them very carefully. She took a scanner which scanned each one and they came out with a pass.

"Welcome to the tournament. Your number is 48. Please walk through the gates and proceed to the next room."

Minami and Atsuko took their number and walked through the gates which led to the inside of the colosseum. There inside there were already thousands of puppets and masters sitting and watching the center stage which was empty at the moment. Atsuko and Minami took their seats and soon after the lights dimmed and a spot light came on in the center. A man wearing a mask walked forward and a mic came down. He took and said,

"Puppets and Masters! Welcome to the Puppet Master Tournament!"

The crowd cheered wildly and then soon settled down.

"You have all gathered here for one reason! For masters, it's to win the tournament and earn the title as Puppet Master and for puppets, it's to become human once again! Well prepare yourself because this tournament is rigorous and only wants the best of the best to win. Now the tournament shall be done in three parts! The first part is group battle. Puppets and masters will battle as teams and the team that wins will move on to the second round. The second part is individual where puppets and their masters will go on head to head one on one. Then the last part is fighting our current champion!"

The crowd cheered and even Atsuko herself was pretty excited for the tournament to begin.

"After this you will all be sent to rooms where you will rest for tonight and tomorrow you will battle. The teams are in groups of ten and will be your roommates. On the back of your number will be a room number. Please go to the room when everything is over. Understand?"

"HAI!" everyone cheered.

"Then without further ado let's meet the current champions who will start off the tournament with the traditional starting flare!"

The spotlights pointed to a certain area where a door opened and out walked two people. One was tall with long brown hair and milky skin. She walked gracefully along side with a very short girl with medium brown hair. They two walked to the middle of the stadium and then the short one took the mic.

"Let the tournament BEGIN!"

The short one shot out a blast high into the sky which exploded in a series of bright colors and sparks. The crowd cheered and then the two went back into stadium. Everyone started to get up and walk to their rooms and Atsuko was about to move but Minami did not get up.




"Ah nothing let's get going."

The two went to their room where they met their teammates and surprisingly it was Mayu, Yuki, Rena, Jurina, Sae, Sayaka, Mariko, and Miichan.

"No way we're all together!" Atsuko said.

They all gathered in the middle and hugged each other glad to know they were on the same side.

"So are you ready for tomorrow?" Mariko asked.

"I'm a little nervous but I think I'll be ok." Atsuko said.

"You'll do fine!" Jurina said.

"Just do your best." Sayaka said.

"We'll all be fighting for our lives." Mayu said.


Mayu sighed and said,

"You guys didn't know did you? When you lose you lose you're done for good. There are no second chances. Once the puppet dies the master also dies."

The whole room was silent for a while. Then Jurina said,

"W-Well it's not like we're gonna lose. We're gonna do our best and win!"

"Un! So let's not worry about it until we reach the individuals ok?" Atsuko said.

"Alright!" Sae said.

"Well then everyone let's all turn in for the night. We're gonna need a lot of rest." Mariko said.


All the masters went to bed while the puppets occupied themselves with something to do. When the time was right, Minami snuck out and walked into the colosseum. She stood at the center and looked at all the empty seats. She couldn't believe that she had gotten this far and was a little nervous over all. She knew tomorrow she was going to fight for the ultimate prize and she was going to have to do her best. She wasn't going to let Atsuko die and she wasn't going to lose as well. Besides she had a score to settle with the champion and wasn't going to lose. Minami remembered in the past and wasn't going to let that interfere with her fighting. However suddenly a flash in Minami's mind and there she remembered a time before she met Atsuko and was with the original puppet master. She was sitting by a tree when she suddenly felt something jump on top of her. She grabbed her sword and was about to attack but when she realized who it was she put her sword down.

"Jeez don't scare me like that!" Minami said.
"Ah sorry Minami. I was only trying to surprise you." she said.

"I could've killed you."

"I know~"

"You know if you weren't my friend I would've killed you."

"Well I'm lucky then~"

"Mou you baka."

Minami clenched her hands into fists as she remembered some of the days she had spent with her. She shook her head and tried to forget them and move on. She walked back to her room where the others didn't even notice she was gone. She sat down and stared outside at the moon where she gazed at it's beauty. This was one of the few things that she could enjoy even as a puppet. Just feeling the moon's gentle glow made her relax and feel at peace. There was another flash and Minami remembered one time she was with her under the same moonlight.

"Isn't the moon pretty tonight?" she said.

"Yeah it is.." Minami said.

"You know Minami master said she found you during a full moon."

"Yeah I remember. Weren't you found in the same thing?"

"No I was a new moon!"

"Ah same thing."

"Is not~"

The two giggled and and laid in silence for a while until she grabbed Minami and pulled her in for a hug. She held her and said,

"You're lucky Minami.. To be born again on such a beautiful night like this. When I was born there was no moon. Only darkness."

"Hey don't say that. You were born just like any other child but you're special because you're with me."

"Mou Minami you're making me blush!"

Minami snapped out of her daze when she heard something strange like crying. She turned around and saw Mayu sitting in the corner quietly. It took her a while to realize that Mayu was actually crying. Minami got up and walked over to her and hugged her. Minami didn't ask anything but she knew why Mayu was crying. She was afraid of dying. She was afraid of losing the tournament and dying. She was probably also afraid of Yuki. She was afraid she would lose her as well if they lost. Fears like this would definitely get to Mayu in the battle tomorrow so Minami did her best to calm Mayu down. Minami said to Mayu that everything was going to be ok and she just had to stay calm and focused. She said how acting like this could possibly endanger Yuki if she isn't focused to protect her. She tried to make a jokes with her saying was she really going to let a midget beat her. When she said that Mayu perked up a little and said she wasn't going to lose. After a while Mayu finally calmed down and then thanked Minami for helping. Minami took Mayu's hand and said,

"Mayu we're going to win this you hear me? We're going to win."


"Hey don't forget us."

Rena, Sayaka and Miichan all came over and gathered around.

"Don't worry Mayu you're not the only one scared." Rena said.

"We're all freaked out but we have to stay strong so we can protect them" Sayaka said.

"Don't let your fears get to you." Miichan said.

"Thanks you guys. I'm really going to hate it when I have to battle you guys.."

"Ah well if it comes to that we'll just battle as if we never knew each other." Sayaka said.

"Yeah! I don't know any of you~" Miichan said.

They all laughed and then they bought their hands together in a circle.

"Let's all agree that we're going to do our best tomorrow and win. When we have to fight each other we aren't going to hold back. We all want to win so let's give it our all." Minami said.


"Yosh then let's shake on it!"

The five of them raised their hands into the air signifying that they were going to fight with all their might and show no sign of mercy. Now everything was set and all that was left to do was wait for tomorrow for the beginning of their last battle.

Well the battles are going to start soon! Let's see what happens next on the next update!
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thanks for the update!! Great intro chapter to the tournament :D Interesting that we're getting more into Minami's past now. I'm curious! And Minami knows Yuko huh, that should be interesting ^^ Can't wait to read and find out more!!

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Tournament starting and death ends it all.  Can't wait for the action!
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The tournament is simply a battle royale. You lost, you're dead. I wonder what will happen when they're forced to face each other in a life-and-death battle.

And also, Takamina and KojiYuu's relationship.

Can't wait for the updates :3
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well the good things is that they were all in the same group...

But who was the person in minami's memory?

what's going to happen in the tournament?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Yuko!!! I knew she'd come in at the very end!

And Haruna's her puppet... Honestly, I saw THAT coming, too.
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Hope you guys like the update! The first round starts so lets see how everyone does.

Chapter 19

The next day the masters were fed and then it was off to battle. Atsuko's group wasn't the first up so they got to sit back and watch. Three groups were let into the arena where the first battle had begun. The first shot was fired and soon after the puppets all went into battle. Atsuko was amazed at how they all managed to remember who was on who's team. There were a couple cases where some teammates attacked each other probably out of confusion. The battle was brutal for some puppets and even more for the masters. Atsuko saw one master get their head chopped off and another lose an arm. There was even one that got their legs cut off. The sight was truly horrifying. It was obvious that the goal was to kill the master. Do that and you kill the puppet as well. Atsuko knew what was going to come and she looked over at Minami who lost in battle. She was watching probably trying to devise a plan on how to attack. Atsuko looked at the battle trying to pick out the people she thought would be a problem in the near future. She saw one of the teams was extremely strong. They had a lot of  strong puppets and Atsuko wondered if they were put together on purpose. After a while the battle was over and only one team remained.

Atsuko's team was called up next and now it was their turn to battle. They walked into the arena were the crowd was cheering and the clean up staff was cleaning up the leftover remains of the previous battle. To make the battle fair, all masters get one short sword to defend themselves with. Then once everything was settled the battle begun now everything was a bloody free for all. Atsuko and Minami stuck close to each other while Sayaka, Miichan and Rena went off to fight the other teams. The two other teams were fighting off and then one of the puppets came at Minami and Atsuko. They pulled out a sword and swung at Minami. While the puppet was distracting Minami the master was heading towards Atsuko. She didn't know what to do so she stood there holding the blade. Atsuko had never killed a person before so the sight of someone coming at her with a blade was surly frightening. Still not moving, Minami had to choice but to back up and push Atsuko out of the way why Minami took a hard cut to the arm.


"Atsuko focus! I can't do this without you."

"Un.. Gomen.."

Minami pushed the master out of the way and then went after the puppet. Atsuko took a deep breath and then raised her blade She knew what she had to do but the question was could she do it? She watched as the master came closer and Atsuko prepared herself to swing. However just as Atsuko was about to swing, something inside her told her to stop. Atsuko couldn't do it and she knew she was in trouble. The master was about to kill Atsuko but then something shot at him and killed him instantly.  Atsuko looked over and saw Sayaka holding up her rose. She was about to say something but then another puppet went after her and she went back into battle. Atsuko watched the puppet Minami was fighting vanish and now it was just them. They decided to go help the others who looked like they were struggling. They ran over to Mayu who was fighting two at the same time. Both masters were going after Yuki and she was about to get stabbed but then Minami rushed forward and cut both of them ending their lives.

"Thanks." Yuki said.

"No problem." Minami said.


Atsuko looked over and saw Sayaka being held down by two puppets while the third one prepared to shoot her. Sae was being held down as well with a blade pointed at her neck. Minami was about to help out but then Rena came over and slammed into the one holding the gun. She punched hard and actually blasted through the puppet's chest killing it. She then turned around and wrapped her threads around their necks. One swift movements and both their heads came off. The ones holding Sae down were about to kill her but then Minami shot out some of her feathers and killed them as well. Rena helped Sayaka up and then turned to see the entire group of puppets and masters all aiming towards Atsuko's group. Looks like they were planning on taking out Atsuko's team and then taking care of themselves. They all started to charge and Atusko knew she had to think fast if they were going to make it out alive. However before she could do anything Minami stepped forward and said,

"Everyone partner up! Rena and Jurina go with Sayaka and Sae. Mayu and Yuki go with Mariko and Miichan. Atsuko stay close to me alright everyone let's go!"

Before Atsuko even realized it everyone was charging into battle. Atsuko held onto Minami as she flew high above the others. Naturally, the ones with guns started to shoot at Minami who carefully avoided the shots fired. While they were distracted Rena was able to get close enough to wrap her threads around everyone in the group keeping them in place. Mayu rushed forward and cut down several puppets while Sayaka blew up the rest of them. Then to finish it off Miichan shot a powerful blast onto any survivors. When everything settled in the end Atsuko's team remained victorious. Everyone cheered for them and even everyone in the arena was celebrating. However Atsuko on the side was not as happy as the others for she felt was thinking of something else.
Everyone took their seats and the tournament continued onto the next match. As everyone was watching, Atsuko was sitting there quietly thinking to herself.

"Why couldn't I do it? Why couldn't I kill them? Was it because they were human? Was it because I was weak? I wasn't strong enough. If things keep up like this I'll only bring the others down. I have to get stronger but how? The tournament is happening now there is no time for training. Everything is happening now and there is nothing I can do! All I can do is be weak and do nothing else. I've sealed my fate and there is no turning back.. What have I done?"

As Atsuko was sitting there she felt a light tap on her shoulder. She looked over and saw Minami staring at her with worried eyes.

"Are you ok?"

"Y-Yeah.. I was just thinking about stuff.."

"Well pay attention because these guys look tough. We should study them now while we have the chance."

Atsuko looked down and saw a couple puppets who looked very very strong. They were killing everyone that got in their way and weren't even breaking a sweat. While watching the battle Atsuko saw something that was just absolutely horrifying. There was one puppet and master left and the master was just a young boy. He looked about eleven years old. He was trapped in the corner while his puppet was trying to get to him but the other puppets were holding her down. The boy tried to fight but he was so scared that he couldn't even pick up his blade. One of the masters walked over and grabbed the boy by the head. He walked him over and held him in front of the puppet who was being held back. The boy started to cry and plead for his life and try to make the master let go.

"I don't want to die! Please let me go!"

The master only smiled and said,

"This was the path you chose and now you must follow it all the way to the end."


Before the boy could say another word the master drove his blade into the boy's neck ending his life for good. Soon after the puppet died as well and the match was over. That was all the matches for today and now it was time to rest. Everyone started to get up but Atsuko sat there frozen stiff. At that moment and image flashed through her mind. That boy was just like her. Afraid to fight and in the end he died. After the boy died the announcer came out and said,

"This marks the end of the first round! The next round will be individual battles. Now go rest and prepare for another day!"

 Atsuko knew this would be her fate as well and now she fears moving onto the next round. She was afraid to tell Minami though to she kept quiet and went to the room with the others. All the masters had to go to the dinning area to get food so Atsuko and the others went down there to get some food and talk. While everyone was eating Atsuko was still worried about the next battle. It was individual rounds so there wasn't going to be anyone who would protect her. It was her and her only. She had Minami but she was still afraid, she was afraid of letting her down. She didn't want to be weak yet the inner being inside her wasn't letting her grow stronger. Atsuko was afraid she was going to ruin Minami's chances of winning the prize. This thought was on her mind throughout the entire dinner and when she went to bed. However Atsuko couldn't sleep so she decided to step out and get some fresh air. As she was standing by the window, she started to imagine her death. She imagined it being either quick or long. Painful or painless. She also imagined Minami's death. Atsuko saw many many horrible things happen to Minami. Things she didn't want to happen. She wanted to stop but them but how could she? The longer she remained this way the more weaker she became. Atsuko started to cry silently and didn't even notice the person coming from behind.

The person lightly tapped Atsuko and when she turned around she saw one of the champions of the previous tournament.

"Hey don't cry."

She pulled out a handkerchief and wiped away Atsuko's tears. She then placed her hand on Atsuko's shoulder, smiled and said,

"Don't worry it gets easier. If you pull yourself down now you'll only make it worse for you and your partner. Don't give up now. Keep fighting and you'll get stronger."

Atsuko was speechless for she didn't know what to say. The champion was about to say something else but then the other champion came out.

"Yuko let's go. We need to do some more training."

"Yes master. I'll see you in the final round ok?"

Atsuko nodded her head and Yuko smiled then walked away. Atsuko walked back into her room and got in the bed. The words Yuko had told her played over in her head. It was then Atsuko realized what she had to do and that night was able to rest peacefully. However at the same time Minami snuck out once again and walked out into the arena. Minami wanted to see the arena once more for she felt there was something she had to do. She walked over to the spot where the boy had died and picked up a stone that was there. She placed it over the spot and said a small prayer. Then she turned around and was shocked to see the one person she had wanted to see the most.

"Long time no see." she said.

"Same to you." Minami said.

"How long as it been? A hundred maybe two hundred years?"

"Longer than what I can remember."

"You haven't changed at all Minami. Still the same old midget~"

"Look who's talking you're only a couple centimeters taller than me."

"Well said..."

There was a moment of silence and then Minami said,

"I'm going to win this tournament and I'm going to take you down."

"Oh? I'd like to see you try~" she said in a teasing matter.

"I won't hold back."

"Really? You're going to kill your best friend? The one who helped you when you were dying and helped you recover. Help you accept your new life as a puppet?"

"You're not my friend.. You're a monster.."

She smiled and said,

"Then you must be the one who will slay me. Haha I'll look forward to it. Oh and I would keep a close eye on that master of yours. She's a lot more unstable than you think."

Before Minami could say anything else, she watched her walk away and fade into the dark. Minami reached around and felt the scar on her back. It reminded her of all those memories back then and reminded her how badly she wanted to win the tournament. She clenched her fists and looked up at the moon.

"I'm not doing it for myself.. I'm doing it for you.. Yuko.."

Hope you liked it!
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Acchan is a little gunshy about killing others.  Although Minami maybe in line to face the person who saved her if it all comes to fruition
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a bit hard to comment on this...
but wow... it was great...
the chap seemed a bit short... but it was awesome...
poor boy... hrm... nod nod...
Wmidget, yuko there~
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Thanks for the update!! Atsuko's worries are understandable. Hopefully she can figure things out.
And wow, now I'm really curious about Atsuko and Minami's past and connection!!! Can't wait to find out more :D
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interesting fighting

eh.... what does minami mean by 'it was for Yuko'?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Well here's the next update so I hope you guys like it!

Chapter 20 part 2

The next day the individual battles were now going to take place. While everyone was gathering to get ready for the first match, Atsuko was sitting in the room staring out the window. Minami walked over to her and shook her shoulder.

"Atsuko let's go."


Minami remembered the words that Yuko had told her last night but she really wondered if Atsuko was truly ok. This whole battle things must be a huge rush to her so she was worried that Atsuko wasn't going to be able to handle the pressure. It must be getting to her seeing how she was being very unresponsive to things and shaking sometimes. Minami knew she was going to have to reassure Atsuko when it came time to battle but the question was when will it be theirs? The first round was about to begin and the ones who were fighting was Mayu and Yuki. As they walked into the arena everyone cheered and Minami was worried about Mayu. She remembered how Mayu was anxious about this moment but she thought that Mayu would be ok. The starting shot went off and the battle began. Minami was going to focus on the battle but then she felt something chill down her spine. She looked over and saw Atsuko who was staring at the battle with a strange look on her face. There was something wrong with her and she didn't know what to do.


Atsuko was still silent. Minami thought that she was just concentrating on the battle and decided to leave her. However she couldn't help but feel that same bone chilling feeling in her that she didn't know what it was. Meanwhile with Atsuko she felt something slowly creep into her mind. Everything grew quiet and the background turned dark. She didn't know what was going on but everything suddenly got cold. When Atsuko looked around she saw herself alone and no one was with her. Then suddenly Minami was standing there in front of her. Atsuko reached out and was about to touch her but then suddenly she bursted into flames. Atsuko watched as all of her friends had turned into flames and disappeared. As she sat there in the ashes crying of the lost of her friends, she felt something touch her shoulder. She looked over and saw someone who she had seen before. It was the master of the puppet Yuko. She was the other champion Haruna.

"Tell me.. Do you want to stop this from happening?" she asked.

Atsuko nodded her head and Haruna pulled out a small red crystal. She held it in front of Atsuko and said,

"If you take this you will be granted with enough power to take down anyone in your way. Even me."

"Why are you doing this?" Atsuko asked.

"Because someone needs to end this horrible tournament. I've been the champion for hundreds of years and I've seen many people die. I need someone to put an end to all of this and that someone is you Atsuko."

"So you want me to kill you?"

"Yes.. When I die everything will end and there will be no more puppets."

"What about Minami?"

"She will turn into a human as promised."

Atsuko thought about about it for a long time and then finally she nodded her head.

"Alright I'll do it."

"Good. Then close your eyes and when you open them you'll feel stronger than ever."

Atsuko closed her eyes and she felt something warm enter her chest. The feeling overwhelmed her and she thought she was going to scream. Then suddenly she opened her eyes and just like Haruna said, she did feel stronger. The energy flowing in Atsuko was beyond her wildest imagination and she couldn't believe who good it felt. Atsuko now had more confidence in her body knowing that she could win. As Atsuko was sitting there watching the battle, Minami could feel that something had changed. She looked at her and for a moment she thought she saw a faint black aura surround her. Minami wasn't the only one who noticed it for she could see other puppets slowly backing away from Atsuko. Something had happened to her but the question was what was it. Minami was about to do something but then there was a loud shot and the match had ended. Minami looked down and was relieved to see Mayu standing victorious and the other puppet gone.

The next ones up to battle was Minami and Atsuko. They walked into the arena where their opponent was waiting for them. Their opponent was a puppet who carried twin machetes. Minami transformed into her battle form and when she did she felt something different in her. She felt like there was a strong urge of power inside her. She looked over at Atsuko who had a wild look on her face and Minami wasn't sure what was going on but there wasn't time to think for the puppet came running towards her. Minami jumped up and started to fly high in the air. She then started to fly around the puppet until she found the right spot and then she attacked slicing the puppet's waist. Then she jumped up before the puppet could strike again and then sliced his leg. As the puppet went down Minami was going to finish it with one final slash to the neck. However the puppet wasn't going to give up because it ducked and that was when it held up one of it's machetes. The machete cut Minami's wing and it made her crash.

"Minami look out!"

Minami looked up and saw the puppet coming at her with another blade. Minami didn't have time to get out of the way so instead she used her arm to defend herself. The blade dug deep into Minami and just as the puppet was about to take off Minami's arm entirely, something happened and there was a huge burst of strength in Minami. She grabbed the puppet's arm and then ripped the whole thing off. The puppet stepped back and that's when Minami pulled out the blade and then stepped forward. She swung the blade but the puppet managed to step back. Using his good arm her grabbed the other blade and swung only to miss. Minami swung the blade once again and this time she took off a leg. As the puppet tried to hop away Minami tripped him with the blade and then stood over him. She placed her foot on his chest keeping him in place as she prepared for the final swing.


Minami looked up and saw the master of the puppet staring at her with pleading eyes. It was obvious she didn't want to die and was now begging for her life. Minami stared at the master for a long time and didn't even notice the puppet raising his other blade and then cutting right into Minami's side. Minami was expecting pain but instead she felt nothing. It was as if the blade never hit in the first place. Minami looked down at the puppet with dark eyes and it was at that moment she felt something burst inside her. The energy was overflowing and was looking for a place to be released. Without even thinking Minami raised the blade and chopped the puppet's head off watching it fly and land next to the body. The battle was over and Minami had won. Slowly she felt the power fade and everything started to calm down inside her. She looked over at Atsuko and was surprised to see something she had never seen in Atsuko before. There was a wild look in her eyes. She looked as if she wanted to kill something but the thing inside her calmed down. Minami was about to walk over to her but then Atsuko walked over to the body of the now dead master. She bent over and then started poking the dead body. Her small pokes turned to slaps and then hard punches. There was laughing coming from her as she continued to punch the body and that was the moment Minami ran over and pulled her back.

"Atsuko get a hold of yourself! Stop this they're dead!"

"Eh? I could've swore I saw her move." Atsuko said.


"What Minami? I was just making sure that we won. There's no harm in that is there?"

Minami was speechless for the rest of the day. She didn't know what had happened to Atsuko but when they got back into the stands, Atsuko had turned back to her normal self. Minami was curious as to what happened to her and thought maybe she should talk to her after the day was over. The next battle up was Jurina and Rena. As Atsuko was watching the battle Minami decided to try to take a peak into Atsuko's mind to see exactly what was going on. She closed her eyes and focused only on Atsuko. With all her strength Minami dove into Atsuko's mind and found herself in a strange room. There were several doors with different labels on them indicating different ages. Minami walked forward down a hall to where there was a large mirror in a room. Minami looked into the mirror and there she saw Atsuko looking normal and cheerful as always. There wasn't anything that Minami thought was wrong so she turned around and decided to leave before she was noticed.

When Minami came back out Jurina and Rena had won their battle and now it was Sayaka and Sae who were up next. Their battle was surprisingly short since their opponent was someone who wasn't really meant for fighting. They didn't even last five minutes before Sayaka blew their head off. That was all the battles for today and the day was over. Now it was time to head back and the next day they would continue the rest of the matches. Minami and Atsuko went back to the room where the others were there to congratulate each other on the wins.

"Hey you did pretty good out there." Mayu said.

"Thanks you too." Minami said.

"Minami you and Atsuko looked super cool out there!" Jurina said.

"I was surprised at how strong you two actually were." Sayaka said.

Atsuko smiled nervously and said,

"Well Minami have trained hard for this moment so we wanted to show how strong we've grown! Right Minami?"


"Alright then let's go eat. I'm starving!"

While the masters went out to eat the puppets remained behind. As Atsuko was heading out, Minami saw it once again. There was that same red glow coming from Atsuko and Minami knew she saw it this time. She knew something was up and there was only one person who knew what it could be. When no one was looking Minami snuck out and then walked into the arena. There stacking rocks into piles was Yuko. When she saw Minami she smiled and ran over to her. She sat down next to her and then said,

"You did great today in the battle."

"Thanks.. I was surprised at myself to be honest." Minami said.

"Why? You're really strong Minami maybe you just don't know it."

"Yeah but something felt unnatural. It wasn't coming from me though but instead Atsuko."

With a giggle and sigh, Yuko looked at Minami and said,

"Well just go with it now because it could lead you to victory. From the way I see it this could be your chance to make it to the top and even take me down. But just because you're my friend doesn't mean I'll go easy on you~"

"Will you just shut it." Minami said.

"Hey hey aren't we friends?"

"No we aren't so quit it with the jokes."

"Jeez when did you become such a tight ass Takamidget."

Minami just sighed and looked over at Yuko. There was a heavy feeling in her chest that always weighed her down whenever she saw Yuko. Remembering what she really was, Minami could not accept what she was seeing right there and then. Instead Minami got up and said,

"You wear the mask of my friend yet you and I both know what you really are."

Yuko smirked and then said,

"The seed of evil has been planted. Now all it has to do is grow."

Hearing this made Minami curious but when she turned around to ask what that meant Yuko was gone. Minami decided to leave it for now and get back to the others.



Atsuko turned around and saw no one there. It was just her and the shadows that surrounded her. Atsuko continued to walk but once again she heard her name was called. When she stopped there was no one there though so Atsuko wondered if it was just someone pulling a prank on her. However when her name was called once more something changed.The whole scene changed and Atsuko was now standing before a large mirror. In the mirror she saw the reflection of herself. Then suddenly her reflection disappeared and a new one popped up. It was the reflection of a hooded figure and Atsuko couldn't tell who it was. Then the figure pulled down their hood and Atsuko was surprised to see it was her however there was something different about her. There were strange marks on her face and her eyes glowed red.

"Who are you?" Atsuko asked.

"You." she said.


"Yes! I'm the other you. The more powerful you."

"More powerful?"

"Yes and if you ever need my help just come and get me. I'll be here."

"Wow thanks but I think I'm fine on my own."

"Really? Then you didn't know that the reason you won today was because of my power?"


Atsuko stared at the other her in the mirror and the reflection just laughed. Atsuko couldn't believe what the reflection had just told her but she then realized that she was right. That power was not hers but the reflections. Atsuko walked a little closer to the mirror and have a better look when suddenly the reflection reached out and tried to grab Atsuko. Luckily she had pulled back just in time and the reflection silently cursed to herself.

"I was so close!"

"Why are you here?" Atsuko asked.

"Because you brought me here. You created me and now I'm not going anywhere. So just remember this. If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, call me and I'll be here to happily help you~"

"Ok.. thanks."

With that Atsuko came back to reality and saw that the others were calling her. She walked over to them and they all went to bed that night. Atsuko didn't know exactly what had just happened but she knew that it could possibly be trouble in the future. She wondered though if the other her really could help. She was stronger and it was because of her that they won. That night Atsuko started to reconsider what the reflection had said. Little did she know that slowly, the seed of evil was starting to grow inside her. Slowly it's roots dug into her flesh and were fusing with her body. It was something that she nor anyone else knew for now but in the future, it could cause very very horrible problems.

The next morning Atsuko woke up feeling very strange. It was as if there was a harsh burning in her chest. She walked into the bathroom and in the mirror she saw it. There on her chest was the red crystal Haruna have given her. It had burrowed itself into her body and whenever she tried to remove it, the crystal would burn her. She didn't have time to worry about it for it was almost time for the next battle and she had to hurry. Atsuko ran out into the main hall to catch up with the others but then she suddenly ran into someone. It was the man who had killed that one boy during the team battles. He had a smug smile on his face and when Atsuko tried to move around him he wouldn't move. Instead he pulled out a blade and said,

"I'm sorry but I don't think you'll make it to the next match."

He swung his blade and hit Atsuko cutting her arm. When Atsuko tried to run there was someone behind her preventing her from escaping. She was trapped and there was nowhere to go.

"Looks like this is the end for you."

The man raised his blade and then brought it down on Atsuko.


Wah what's gonna happen to Atsuko?! Find out on the next update!
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Thanks for the update, looks like things are getting dangerous for Atsuko and Minami in more ways than one!

The power Atsuko accepted clearly is a dark power :O

And hm...did something take Yuko over or is she just no longer herself??? Can't wait to find out!

& Atsuko is in trouble at the end there!!!!

looking forward to the next update :)
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Whoa Acchan is trouble and if Takamina don't come she is a goner
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so great... but so much stuff just happened...
ah... hard to say... the ending segment worries me
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This may sounds creepy. But, will you write more about atsuko getting evil,
like killing other Master with her own hand.
I really like the scene she slap the dead Master on her individual.
I kinda like the blackside of Atsuko because i think she endure too much,
I want her to let all burden flows out from her. Even its only in a fic.

Yoroshiku ne  :)
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Kowai~ Atsuko!!! :shocked This is some serious freaking business going on now!!!
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Hope you like the update!

Chapter 20 part 2


She heard it and knew exactly who it was. The shock in her body made her realize who was calling her. Atsuko was in trouble and now it was up to her to find her. Minami got up and ran inside trying to find her. She looked in every room in every hall but there was still no sign of Atsuko anywhere. Minami focused really hard trying to find her and then she felt a faint signal. It was coming from the very back and it was slowly growing weaker. Minami rushed over to the area and then stopped in front of a door. She could hear Atsuko inside and was ready to burst the door down when suddenly something stopped her. Minami fell to the ground and her body shook all over. It was as if something had just stopped her. There was something evil on the other side of the door. Something dark and powerful. She couldn't exactly tell what it was inside but she knew it wasn't good. Using her senses, Minami focused on trying to see what was on the other side of the door.

Inside the room Minami could see three different personas inside. She could see the white aura of Atsuko and there were two other ones. There was a blue one and a green one. The blue one was holding a sword above Atsuko and Minami knew that Atsuko was going to get killed if she didn't do something. Just as the blue one was about to swing the sword something happened that even Minami couldn't tell. However the next thing she knew, the blue aura had vanished and now only the green one remains. It was then Minami saw that there was Atsuko but there was also a black aura standing behind her. The black aura stepped forward and gabbed the green one. Then the green one vanished and there was a loud thud coming from inside. Minami watched as the black aura went back over to Atsuko and faded inside her. When Minami opened the door there sitting on the floor was Atsuko. Minami rushed to her and said,

"Atsuko are you alright?"

"Yes I'm alright." she said.

"What happened?"

"That master and his puppet were trying to kill me.."

"Well it's ok you're safe now."

Minami helped Atsuko up and then started to walk out into the main hall. On their way out, Minami saw just a glimpse of what had happened to the master and puppet. There was blood everywhere and two things that didn't even look like bodies on the floor. When they made it to the arena, there was a battle going on and it looked like it was about over. As they sat down Minami was focusing on Atsuko to make sure everything was ok and didn't even notice what was going on down in the arena. There was a loud scream from a voice that was very familiar to her. Minami looked down and there laying on the ground with a blade held up to her throat was Miichan. Minami couldn't believe it was her and she thought that it was just a joke. However suddenly the puppet brought their blade down and it was all over. Miichan's head was taken off and rolled off the arena stage.


Soon after Mariko's body vanished along with Miichan. The battle was over and now Mariko and Miichan were gone. Minami silently held her head down to honor the death of her close friend. When she looked over at Atsuko she was sobbing with tears gushing out of her eyes. Minami wrapped her arms around Atsuko trying to comfort her but instead Atsuko stood up and then ran into the arena. She wasn't supposed to be in there but Minami had no choice but to go in with her. She walked over to the puppet that had killed Miichan and said,

"I'm going to kill you!"

It wasn't their turn to battle but the champions allowed Atsuko and Minami to fight. Minami didn't even get a chance to transform for Atsuko was the one who went into battle. There were no rules saying that Atsuko couldn't fight so she went in. She was given a sword and that was all for she was fighting a puppet and there was nothing else they could do. Atsuko took the sword and charged straight towards the puppet. The puppet smiled and got ready to fight but then something happened. The puppet didn't move at all. As if frozen in time, the puppet was still and did not move. The master shouted at her to move but she did not move. Atsuko got closer and closer and then when she was right in front of her, Atsuko took the sword and sliced the puppet's arm off. Then she kicked her to the ground and got on top of her and stabbed the puppet's other arm pinning it to the ground. She then took the puppet's blade and held it up to her neck.

"Tell me what happens when you do this?"

Atsuko took the blade and stabbed the puppet's stomach. She sliced across the waist creating a  huge gash. The puppet screamed but Atsuko simply smiled and reached inside the wound. She grabbed whatever she could find and ripped it out of the puppet. Atsuko wasn't done yet for she took the blade and this time sliced it down the chest cavity. She tore open the chest revealing the puppet's heart. Using her hand Atsuko gently stroked the heart watching it glow with every beat. There was fear in the puppet's eyes as she watched Atsuko stare at the heart. She then decided to get off the puppet and walk over towards the master. The master tried to run but there was no escape. Atsuko grabbed the master and pulled her over next to her puppet. She then stabbed the master in the back of the knees so she couldn't run and then took two giant rocks and crushed her arms back. With both puppet and master side by side on the ground, Atsuko smiled wildly.

"Nee do you wanna know what it feels like to lose someone close to you?"

Atsuko giggled and then pulled out one of the blades she took. She moved down to the legs of the master and grabbed one of them. She grabbed the left foot and then with one chop she chopped off the foot of the master. The master screamed in pain and the puppet could do nothing but watch. She then grabbed the leg and stabbed the inner thigh. The girl screamed as her blood poured out but Atsuko still wanted more. She dragged the blade down all the way to the end of the leg. Then she grabbed the two pieces of flesh and split them open more exposing the bone. Atsuko did the same thing to the other leg and then she moved up to the chest. Atsuko took the blade and cut the master's cheeks showing more of her teeth. The master cried and tried to beg for Atsuko to stop but she didn't. Atsuko slid the blade between the master's teeth and made her open. Using the blade to hold the mouth open Atsuko took the master's foot and shoved it inside her mouth. Forcing it deep in throat the master gagged and even threw up. Because she couldn't get rid of it though, she was forced to swallow it. Gargling and twitching from all the pain, the master finally died after choking on her own vomit and blood.

Soon after the puppet also died and there was nothing left. The crowd was silent for there were no cheers. Atsuko took the blade and cut off the head of the master and held it high. She screamed and then threw it on the ground. Then she walked over to Minami who was completely and utterly shocked. Atsuko grabbed Minami and looked at her with tears in her eyes.

"Minami.. Mariko is gone..."

Minami hugged Atsuko and tried to calm her down since she was crying so much. They walked inside and everyone who saw Atsuko backed up or ran away. Everyone was afraid of her and even Minami herself was afraid. When they walked into the room everyone was there and they all stared at Atsuko. Atsuko didn't say anything but instead she went to her bed and fell asleep. Minami told everyone to go outside and talk about what happened today.

"I can't believe Mariko lost.." Yuki said.

"I'm going to miss her so much." Jurina said.

"That was one of us but pretty soon who knows who will be next." Sayaka said.

There was a moment of silence before Rena suddenly said,

"Minami what happened to Atsuko?"

"I don't know." Minami said.

"She was insane! Like worse than Gekikara insane!" Jurina said.

"Whatever happened to her we need to figure it out before she does it again. We don't want her doing something that disturbing to anyone else. I saw ten people throw up in the stands while watching Atsuko today. I'm tell you Minami we need to control her or find out what caused this. We all know Atsuko is a sweet girl so whatever it is we need to figure it out." Sae said.

"Everyone keep an eye on her and if it happens again then let me know and I'll stop her." Minami said.

Everyone went to bed but Minami went to see Yuko. She walked over and there was Yuko standing in her usual spot. This time she walked over and pinned Yuko against the wall. She looked at her with a serious look and then said,

"What did you do to Atsuko?"

Yuko smirked and said,

"Me? I did nothing~"

"Yes you did now tell me."

"I''m telling you I did nothing. Maybe master did something."

"Where is she?"

"Up in the room probably."

"Take me to her."

Yuko led Minami up to the room they were staying in and when she walked in she was immediately pushed to the ground. She could feel her arms being tied and then sat up and brought to a chair. When she looked up she saw Yuko standing next to her master. She walked over to Minami and asked,

"So.. What brings you here?"

"I want to know what you did to Atsuko." Minami said.

"Ah you're master? I did nothing. I just gave her a little pep talk."

"By the looks of what happened today something tells me there was something more than just a pep talk."

The master giggled and said,

"Well we could say I also gave her a little present."

"What did you do?"

"I planted a seed and it has now spread it's roots inside her. Try to take it out and she will die."

"Why did you do this?!"

"Why? She was weak and frightened. She wanted to become stronger and so I gave her the strength. She wants to win so you can become human. She only wishes for your happiness and so I helped her."

"You made her go insane!"

"No I simply helped her. Now tell me.. how badly do you want to become human?"

Minami grew silent. She knew that she wanted to become human very badly but after seeing what she did to Atsuko, she's starting to reconsider her thoughts.

"Atsuko is doing this for you. Why are you trying to stop her?" Haruna said.

"Because this isn't her! This.. is something else. It's dark and evil. It isn't Atsuko."

"Say what you want but this is what she wants and if you stop her you'll only make things worse. She's already been corrupted and all that is left is to let it spread. Once it takes over she will be stronger than ever."

Minami couldn't say anything for she knew there was nothing she could do. Haruna had won and now all Minami could do is watch as Atsuko is slowly being eaten away by the darkness that she had accepted and now it feeds off her. She didn't know what was going to happen next but she knew that it wasn't going to be pleasant. As Minami was talking to Haruna and Yuko, Atsuko was in her bed dreaming.

"We did good today~"

"I can't believe I did all that..."

"Hey don't worry you'll get used to it after a while. Just relax~"

"Still did you really have to go that far? Why did you make them suffer?"

"They killed one of your best friends! Don't you think they deserved it?"


The reflection walked over to Atsuko and placed her hands on her shoulders. She hugged her from behind and said,

"If we keep things up like this, you'll win for sure. You'll win and give Minami her humanity back. Not to mention all the power you could have. You could even bring back Miichan and Mariko!"

"I can?"

"Yes and you can do much much more Atsuko. Just stick with me and I'll help you win."

"Wah thank you so much!"

Atsuko hugged her reflection and the reflection smiled and hugged her. Little did Atsuko know, the seed was slowly making it's way deeper and deeper closer to the one thing that is still untouched by darkness. Her heart.

I think afer this chapter, a lot of my readers will think I'm mentally disturbed... Let's find out! Find out what happens next time!
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Well it helped the story along with the deaths and what not.

I feel Acchan will either get consumed or Minami will pierce the light into her.  (I'm feeling for the second one if they win because it would create a realistic sense of accomplishment) :nervous
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hrm, that was great~~
it's ok, you aint mental~
...acchan.... me: doesn't know how to respond to how acchan is right now
takamina is worried... lots...
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Kowai Kowai Kowai Kowai Kowai!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shocked:

Now, what's gonna happen? I've had ideas on what, but... :catglare: I'm not give any away.
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Mariko and Miichan.... :mon runcry:
well..they got avenged...but Acchan... woah...  :mon wtf:
Takamina...really worries for Acchan...  :mon noprob:
So Acchan believes that she can bring back Mariko and Miichan... huh... hmmm.....   :mon suspect:
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Ow! My freaking limbs! That was... Atsuko... Scary.. :shocked

Anyway.. Great up! :twothumbs

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup

Looking forward for more :fap
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Well here's the next update! Sorry it took me so long but I hope you like it!

Chapter 21

The next day it was time for the continuation of the individual battles. The last couple of pairs were Rena and Jurina, Sayaka and Sae, Yuki and Mayu, Atsuko and Minami. They were the only ones left in the tournament and now is the day to decide who will be victorious. The first battle up was betwen Yuki and Rena against Jurina and Rena. Atsuko watched as the four stepped up to battle arena. They stepped into the middle and then when the signal was given, they started the battle. Mayu was the first to move as she pulled out her sword and charged towards Rena. Rena stepped back as Mayu swung and then shot her threads out and wrapped around Mayu's body. She tightened the threads around her and was ready to squeeze her tight but then Mayu cut the threads and jumped up. She moved her sword downwards and managed to cut Rena's shoulder. However Rena also had some tricks in her for as Mayu was coming down, Rena used her threads and formed tiny drills. She launched them into Mayu's shoulder and leg and they drilled into her body. Mayu had to get far away from Rena and pull the drills out.

"Mayu watch out!"

Mayu looked up and saw Rena coming close to her with a large drill. Mayu didn't have time to dodge and had no choice but to try and block. Using her sword, Mayu placed it in front of her at the right time. The metal clashed and sparks flew. The two were pushing each other back trying to take over. Then suddenly Mayu's sword broke and the drill pushed forward. Mayu ducked and the drill impaled her left shoulder. As it drilled into her body Mayu screamed in pain and tried to get away. However the more she struggled the more damage she did to herself. Mayu was trapped and so Rena was ready to make the final move. She made a drill with her other hand and was getting ready to take off Mayu's head. Then suddenly Mayu was gone and there was nothing there. No one knew where Mayu went until Jurina shouted,

"Rena above you!"

Rena looked up and saw Mayu coming down on her with only one arm. Rena tried to step back but something prevented her from moving. She looked down and saw Mayu's other arm holding onto her leg. Mayu came down hard and slashed Rena's right arm. Now both of them only had one arm and now the battle was about to get serious. Something happened to Mayu that not even Yuki knew. It was something inside Mayu that suddenly came out and was now ready to burst. Her legs started to glow and looked like they were vibrating at an incredible speed. On Rena's side, Rena was now leaving and Gekikara came out. With her right arm gone, Gekikara couldn't use her fire punch but only the chaos touch which only works when she has a hold of Mayu. However the new thing with Mayu was something no one knew. Gekikara lashed out and tried to attack but Mayu vanished and reappeared behind her. Mayu threw a punch and then vanished again. It took a while for Rena to realize it but Mayu was actually moving at an incredible speed. She was moving so fast that it look like she was disappearing and reappearing.

"Can't catch me!"

Mayu started running circles around Gekikara and throwing punches at her. Gekikara may have strength but Mayu had speed and was much faster than Gekikara. The more Mayu punched the weaker Gekikara became. Then at one point, Mayu struck and hit one of Gekikara's eyes. Now blinded in one eye, Gekikara's chance of winning was becoming very low. Gekikara shouted and screamed trying to grab Mayu but had no luck. Mayu threw another punch to the stomach and this time Mayu didn't have time to run. Gekikara managed to grab Mayu and hold her tightly. A blast of black lightening shot from Gekikara to Mayu and entered her body. When Gekikara let go, Mayu fell to the ground and started shaking.

"Mayu snap out of it! Don't let the madness take you!" Yuki shouted.

Mayu was now screaming and crying on the ground. Kicking and thrashing Mayu looked like she was having a seizure. Gekikara giggled and then started to search for the sword Mayu had. As Mayu was screaming in agony Gekikara searched through the rubble.

"Mayu please wake up. It's not real!"

"I'm sorry Yuki I'm so sorry!!"

"Mayu wake up!"

"Finish her now Gekikara!" Jurina said.

Gekikara found the sword and was now slowly making her way over to Mayu. However suddenly something happened and Gekikara fell to the ground as well. There was something happening where Mayu somehow turned Gekikara's power against her and now she was suffering from the power as well. Not sure what to do, Jurina decided to grab the sword herself and finish Mayu off. However that's when Yuki came in as well and tackled Jurina to the ground. The two fought for the sword scratching and pulling each other's hair. The fight was fierce but eventually Jurina got the sword and was now running towards Mayu. She got on top of her and was about to plunge the blade into Mayu but then suddenly Mayu opened her eyes and saw Jurina. Quickly she reacted and pulled out a hidden dagger she had. She stabbed Jurina in the chest and seconds later Jurina died.


That was the last thing Gekikara said before she turned into ash and faded away. The winner of the battle was Mayu and Yuki and Jurina and Rena were gone. With that Mayu's arm came back and the two walked off the stage hand in hand but with a cold expression on their faces. When the two were gone, the next battle was preparing and the ones battling were Atsuko and Minami against Sayaka and Sae. The four walked onto the battle arena and prepared for the final battle. Minami and Atsuko were ready and weren't going to show any mercy towards Sayaka and Sae. They knew this day would come and they knew this would happen eventually. The time has come and now it is time to decide who will be victorious.

"Minami let's go."

Minami jumped up and flew high into the air and that was exactly what Sayaka was waiting for. Sayaka shot out her rose petals and they surrounded the air. When Minami got close to one, the petal started to glow and soon after it exploded starting a chain reaction of explosions. Minami did her best to try to avoid the explosions and managed to get past most of it. However Minami didn't notice it but Sayaka managed to get a petal into one of Minami's feathers. The petal went of and it blew off Minami's entire left wing. Minami crashed onto the ground and was now unable to fly.

"Minami watch out!"

Minami looked up and saw more petals heading towards her. They made a spiral tunnel and surrounded Minami trapping her in it. Knowing what would happen if she moved, Minami remained perfectly still. Slowly the flower petals started to move closer and closer to her and soon they will completely swallow her and blow her to pieces. There was nowhere for her to escape and now it was only a matter of time before the petals closed in. However suddenly there was something surging inside her that was slowly growing. Then there was a sharp burning sensation on her back. She could feel something stretching and growing until suddenly she felt something warm surround her. The petals touched and there was a loud explosion. There was a lot of smoke but everyone was expecting Minami to be dead. However to their surprise Minami was alive. There in the smoke was a small white ball. The ball started to move and then stood up on two feet. There standing in a silver plated armor was Minami. Her feathers on her other wing turned into a protective cover and covered her entire body. 

"Sayaka don't let that stop you! We can still win!" Sae said.

Sayaka shot more petals at Minami and this time Minami didn't move. The petals hit but there was no damage. The feathers protected Minami and weren't letting anything touch her. Minami decided to use this to her advantage and decided to charge towards Sayaka. She swung and punched Sayaka hard in the face. Sayaka fell back and Minami tried to punch her again but Sayaka managed to get away and shoot a rose petal that produced smoke. In the smoke Sayaka got further away and then this time she pulled out a very large rose. She threw it into the air and then multiple roses came out of it. They surrounded Minami and then started firing multiple rounds. The rounds had no effect on Minami and instead Minami took her right hand and formed a really sharp blade from the feather armor. Minami turned to Sayaka and then charged at her.

She swung her blade and managed to cut Sayaka's arm but when she tried to attack again she missed and Sayaka punched her in the mouth. Minami stepped back and Sayaka advanced forward with another powerful blow to the gut. Even though she had the armor on, she could still feel the punch. If she wasn't wearing the armor Minami was sure that there would be a hole where Sayaka had punched her. Sayaka went in for another punch but this time Minami ducked and kicked her in the leg pushing her down. As her head went down Minami raised her foot above it and was preparing to bring it down on her. However her foot ended up hitting nothing and instead Sayaka kicked Minami shooting her back. Then Sayaka pulled out a blue rose with light and dark blue petals. Sayaka bit her finger and then dripped some of her blood onto the rose. The rose glowed and then suddenly a large sword came out of it. The rose had turned into sword and not just any sword but a sword meant for quick movements. Sayaka took the sword and charged towards Minami. Minami formed on of her own out of the armor and the two began a sword fight.

Minami thought she was invincible with the armor she had on but sadly she was wrong. When Sayaka sliced into Minami's leg she actually cut through and scratched her leg a little. There was something about the sword that was letting it cut through and Minami needed to know what it was. Sayaka swung and Minami blocked it with her sword. Then she reached out and when she felt the sword she felt a harsh burning sensation coming from the sword. The thing was as hot as lava which explains why it was able to cut through so easy. The sword was practically blue fire. Minami knew this was going to be a problem if she didn't do something soon so she backed away and then pulled out two little daggers. She charged towards Sayaka who was waiting for her and when they collided Sayaka managed to block one but the other dagger Minami had went straight into her leg. To make things worse the dagger was actually a feather and when Minami let go of it, the feather expanded making the wound worse. Sayaka fell back and that was the moment Minami thought would be perfect to finish her off.

However Sayaka had a little surprise of her own for she puffed her cheeks and spat out blue fire. The fire burned Minami and melted some of the armor on her. Minami's head and chest was now exposed which wasn't good for her. Sayaka spat more flames and Minami did her best to try to avoid them. However suddenly Sayaka held out her sword and Minami ran right into it. The sword sliced Minami's arm causing major damage. Then Sayaka grabbed her by the head and slammed her into the ground. She placed her foot on her chest and raised her sword above her head. Minami thought it was the end but there was something in Sayaka that Minami noticed. Her hands were trembling and there were tears running down her eyes.

"I... I can't.." she said.

Minami realized that Sayaka didn't have the strength to kill her. She didn't know what to do because everything seemed to have stopped for a moment. Seeing Sayaka's crying face made Minami realize that she was being forced to kill one of her best friends. Something no human or puppet would want to do. Because fate is cruel though, here they were fighting to the death. In this very moment, Minami was reminded of her past. What she had done back then and what Sayaka is doing now. She understands the pain of it all.

"Minami get up and kill her!" Atsuko screamed.

Minami wouldn't move. She didn't care what Atsuko said this was something that only her and Sayaka were allowed to handle.

"Sayaka she's not your friend remember! We want to win don't we?!" Sae shouted.

"I can't!"

Sayaka dropped her sword and fell to her knees.

"I can't do it.."

Minami stood up and looked down upon Sayaka with a sad look on her face. With her sword in one hand and a fist in the other, Minami bit her lip regretting the thing she was about to do. She looked at Sayaka who kept her head down and continued to cry silently. Minami sighed and patted Sayaka's head gently. Then she raised the sword high into the air and said,

"Any last words?"

Sayaka looked up and said,

"Yeah... Win Minami. Win for not just yourself but everyone who sacrificed their lives for this. For Mariko, Miichan, Rena, Jurina, Sae and me.. Win for us Minami so we know that we didn't die for nothing."

Hearing those words left a heavy feeling in her heart and understood Sayaka's final wish. She knew that she was going to win for everyone for their honor and sacrifice. Minami nodded her head and then prepared to make the final strike. However suddenly someone pushed her out of the way and Minami fell to the ground. She looked up and she saw Atsuko with an angry look on her face. She grabbed the sword and quickly stabbed Sayaka in the neck. As her body fell to the ground Minami heard Sayaka's last words to her.


Then her body turned into a cluster of blue rose petals. Meanwhile Sae's body turned into a cluster of red rose petals and the wind carried the petals away. As the petals faded into the distance, Atsuko looked down at Minami. She raised her hand and then slapped Minami hard in the face. With a dark glare in her eyes Atsuko said to her,

"Next time I tell you to kill someone you do it."

Then she walked out of the arena leaving Minami alone. Later on that night, she met up with Mayu and Yuki and the three of them talked. They were happy that they made it to the final round but were also kind of sad. All of their friends were now gone and it was just them. They were also concerned about Atsuko. There was something about her that was changing and it was up to Minami to figure out what it was. The three said goodnight and then went to bed. However Minami went up to Haruna's room and this time planning on finding and explanation. She charged in and she then knocked Yuko out quickly and pinned Haruna down.

"I don't care if what you did to Atsuko is making her stronger it's making her mad. She only cares about winning and killing. This isn't Atsuko. I want my Atsuko back!"

Haruna smiled and said,

"I'm afraid I can't do that. The seed has taken a liking to Atsuko and I don't think it'll be leaving anytime soon."

"Take it out or I'll take you out.."

"Do you really think you can?"

Haruna vanished and then reappeared behind her. She pulled her arm back and then pinned her against a table. She leaned in and whispered,

"The damage has already been done."

Minami struggled but Haruna pressed her down further.

"Tell me do you know what happens when the puppet wins?" she asked.

"Yes they get their humanity back." Minami said.

"And do you know where they get that humanity from?"


"The master."

"You're lying!"

"I'm afraid not. You see in order to obtain humanity you cannot create it so easily. It takes time and effortless work. Instead we've developed a way to gain it much easier. That way is by taking the humanity away from the master itself."

"Then what will happen to the master?"

"With its humanity lost, the master will become a puppet and become the most power puppet earning the title as the puppet master."

Minami's body froze as if it was stone. What Haruna just said made everything in Minami's head crash and explode into pieces. If the humanity comes from the master then that means that if Minami wins then she will take Atsuko's humanity and Atsuko will become a puppet.

Well now that Minami knows the truth, what will happen between her and Atsuko? Find out in the next update when they go into the battle before the final round. Who will in? Find out next time!
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Omg lots of people died already...

Now, Minami knew that if she win.. She would take Atsuko's humanity..,

What's she going to do about the tournament now?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you

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shock shock shock
so much just happened...
Acchan baka!!
WMatsui died... Sayaka died...? (TT_TT)
Master's humanity transfers to puppet and becomes a puppet? Waa...
Can't wait for update... wanna know... well, no pressure, take your time
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Well the best thing seems to be find another life source to gain her humanity back or risk dying in the next round
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Time for the final battle! We all know who's gonna win but let's watch anyways! Hope you like it~

Chapter 22

It was time for the final battle. Everything now came down to this and there was no way out. It was time to find out who will remain victorious and who will die. Everything has been set into place and now all that's left to do is move it into action. Minami and Atsuko walked out into the main battle arena where Mayu and Yuki were already waiting. They stepped forward and waited for the battle to start. When the signal went off, the battle begun and no one moved. There wasn't a single sign of movement with either Minami a or Mayu. It was just a silent stare down. Then suddenly, Mayu was the first to make a move where she pulled out her sword only this time she stabbed it into the ground. The sworded fused with the ground and suddenly threads shot out of the ground and surrounded the two in a capsule like structure. No one outside could see or hear them. It was just Mayu and Minami no one else. Atsuko and Yuki were outside not sure what exactly was going on. Minami herself was also confused for the only one who seemed to know what was going on was Mayu.

"We need to talk." she said.

"Aren't we supposed to be fighting?" Minami said.

"There's something I want to warn you about."

"And what is that?"

"There is something about Atsuko that we all noticed a long time ago"


"Rena and I talked about before and agreed that there is something inside Atsuko that is eating her. The Atsuko you know is being eaten away and replaced with something else. Something horribly dark."

"So what should I do?"

"You need to get rid of it."

Minami had no idea what was going on but outside there was a storm brewing. Inside Atsuko's mind the other person inside her was slowly taking over.

"What are they doing?!" Atsuko asked.

"They're talking about something. I have no idea what though." the reflection said.

"I wanna know what they're saying."
"Well we won't know unless we get in there."

"But I can't! I'm too weak."

"No but we know someone who can~"

The reflection pointed to Yuki who was sitting on the ground waiting for Minami and Mayu. Together Atsuko and the reflection started to move towards Yuki planning to do something really really bad. Meanwhile inside, Mayu was explaining how to remove the thing that is eating Atsuko.

"So I just have to remove the crystal in her chest and she'll go back to normal?" Minami asked.

"That's what I think."

"Alright thanks Mayu."

"Then I'm going to release the barrier and when I do we grab Atsuko and rip that thing out of her deal?"


With that Mayu removed the sword and the threads went away. When Minami looked around she didn't see Atsuko anywhere. Then suddenly she heard a scream and when she looked over there was Atsuko on top of Minami with her hands wrapped around her neck squeezing the life out of her. Mayu rushed over to her and pulled Atsuko off of Yuki. Then Minami grabbed Atsuko and pulled her back. Atsuko was shaking and thrashing like a wild dog. She was determined to kill Yuki and if Minami had let her go then who knows what could have happened. When Yuki was alright Mayu walked over to Atsuko who was still fighting Minami. Mayu was about to open Atsuko's shirt but then Atsuko knocked Minami back and then grabbed Mayu's sword. She charged towards Yuki and was ready to stab her. However Minami managed to get to her first and pull her back. When she touched her though, something happened that even Minami couldn't comprehend. It was as if something slid it's way into her and took over her body. There was a cold shiver throughout her entire body and then she heard a dark whisper.

"Kill them all.."

Minami let go of Atsuko who remained unconscious on the ground. Meanwhile the there was something changing in Minami that she didn't really know what was happening but she couldn't stop it when she tried. She looked over at Mayu and she didn't see Mayu herself. She just saw a blank face and a strange fuzzy outline. There was something inside Minami's chest that was wanting to burst out yet something was holding it back. She felt a tight grip around her neck and something like knives sticking out of her back. The same voice whispered to her,

"Kill her.."

Then like that Minami's body moved on instinct and she was aiming towards Mayu. It was like Minami could control her body yet she couldn't. There was something that was just telling her over and over to kill Mayu. The voice was telling her that Mayu was only going to betray her. Minami didn't know what to believe. Her mind was somewhere else but her body was moving on whatever it felt like doing. All emotions and feelings had left Minami and now she was just a moving mass. She punched her hard in the stomach and then threw her high into the air. As she came down, Minami pulled out one of her wings and watched as Mayu fell right next to the wing. When Minami looked back she saw Mayu's side bleeding. She was hoping the wing would cut the neck but Mayu must have moved. Mayu got up and quickly backed away trying to get away from Minami. Then to make sure that Yuki would be safe, Mayu put a barrier around her. Then she turned to face Minami and said,

"I didn't want to do this."

Minami stood there not sure what Mayu was doing but the thing she saw next was something truly horrifying. Mayu opened her chest, reached in, and pulled out her own heart. Minami thought it was suicide but on the contrary it was something much different. Mayu was still alive only in her eyes there was only plain white and her body was glowing a strange blue aura. Mayu took her heart and palced it inside the barrier that Yuki was inside. She closed the barrier and then turned to face Minami. The aura grew and grew and then slowly Mayu's body started to change. Blades came out of Mayu's forearms and calves. Her legs grew a little taller and shoulders elongated along with her hair turning white. Minami had no idea what was happening to Mayu but whatever it was it didn't look good. It was almost as if Mayu had evolved again. A third evolution. Mayu turned to look at Minami and then she vanished. Not knowing where she went Minami tried to look around but then suddenly she felt a sharp pain to her right shoulder. She looked over and saw it cut and bleeding and pain was pulsing throughout the wound.

"Please this is nothing.."

The wound healed on it's own and it was as if nothing was there. Minami looked over and saw Mayu staring at her with a blank expression on her face. She then charged at Minami again this time aiming low with her legs. Minami dodged it but Mayu moved up somehow and then kicked Minami in the chest cutting it open. The wound healed quickly however Mayu was still attacking and made several more cuts to Minami's waist and abdomen. Minami fell and while she was taking the time to heal Mayu aimed towards Atsuko who was still knocked out. Minami knew it would be the end of her if she got to her. Therefore Minami sprung into action and dashed towards Mayu at full speed. This is what Mayu wanted for when Minami was close enough, Mayu grabbed Minami by the head and slammed her into the ground. Before Minami had the chance to move out of the way Mayu slammed her foot onto Minami's head and pushed it deep into the ground preventing any movement.

Minami felt Mayu grab one of her wings and then slowly, she ripped off the whole thing and threw it aside. The pain shot throughout her body and it was something that she could not bare. She thought she was going to black out but then suddenly she felt something shoot out of her back. It caused Mayu to back away and Minami was able to stand. She looked over and saw something moving on her back. It was shifting and changing until it created the shape of a wing. On her right side was a white wing and on the left was a black one. Quite an interesting turn out but Minami didn't care at the moment because Mayu was coming towards her once again. She was fast and too fast for Minami to keep up with so before Mayu could do anything Minami jumped up and took to the sky. She flew high thinking there was no way Mayu could reach her however she was wrong.

Mayu jumped up and reached to her level where she grabbed Minami and started to bring her down. Minami couldn't get out of Mayu's hold no matter how hard she struggled. Right as they were about to hit the ground Mayu let go and Minami slammed face first hard into the ground. Mayu wasn't done with her yet as she grabbed Minami's head and dragged it across the arena. She then threw Minami's body straight into a pillar that came down on her. Mayu thought that Minami was dead but to her surprise Minami was alive and very well. Black spikes shot out and impaled Mayu in several different areas. They lifted Mayu into the air and then out of the rubble came Minami with half of her face gone. Most of the interior structures could be seen moving and bleeding. However Minami didn't seem to care as she walked over to Mayu and looked at her for a long time. Mayu showed no sign of fear or emotion. It was as if she had become a lifeless doll. Minami twisted the spikes deeper into Mayu's body but there wasn't a single cry of pain. She ripped off her arms and legs and still nothing. The Mayu that Minami was gone and now all that was left was a lifeless shell. Minami kept stabbing Mayu's body repeatedly until suddenly her whole body vanished. Minami looked over and saw the barrier that was around Yuki had vanished. With the barrier gone Minami Yuki sitting there with a knife in her chest and in her hands was Mayu's heart.


As Yuki's body vanished, the heart fell out of her hands and rolled over to Minami. Minami just stared at it as she watched the blue glow slowly fade away. Deciding to end it all, Minami raised her foot and crushed the heart ending the battle and claiming her as the victor. As soon as the battle ended, the dark thing inside her slid out and left Minami feeling nothing but pain, sadness, and weak. She watched as the dark energy made its way back over to Atsuko and moved into her.

"We have our champions!!"

Haruna and Yuko came down clapping their hands. The two walked over to Minami and smiled at her.

"Congrats Minami. You made it all the way to the final round." Yuko said.

"S..Shut up..."

"You better go rest for tomorrow because it's going to be one hell of a battle."

Minami didn't have the strength to say anything because she was too weak. However she did manage to see Haurna walk over to Atsuko and pull open her shirt. There Minami saw the crystal embedded into Atsuko's chest glowing a bright red. It's roots looked like they stretched throughout her entire body. Haruna giggled and said,

"It's almost done. Soon the vessel will be ready."

"Vessel for what?" Minami thought.

That was the last thing Minami thought before she passed out completely. For once Minami's body had shut down and when it restarted it, she found herself in her room. She looked over and saw Atsuko staring at her with a worried look.


"Minami calm down it's me Atsuko!"

Minami couldn't tell if it was the real Atsuko or not. She looked at her for a long time and didn't sense anything dark. She could see only worry in her eyes and not bloodlust. Therefore she concluded that the person she was talking to was Atsuko. Minami sat back up and said,

"What happened?"

"We won the battle!" Atsuko said happily.

"That's great..."

There was a moment of silence for they both realized that they had killed all their friends. Then Atsuko said,

"Nee whenever I see you and Yuko talk it looks like you know each other. Did you guys meet in the past?"


Minami thought it was about time Atsuko found out about her past since tomorrow may be the last time they ever see each other. It's time she came out with the truth. Minami took a deep breath and began her story,

"When I first became a puppet, it was just me and Yuko who were the only two puppets. We served the witch like her loyal dogs and did whatever she asked. The witch would go around making more puppets but the entire time Yuko and were always together. We were best friends and we could never be separated. Yuko helped me when I first realized I had turned. She helped me discover my powers and accept the fact that I would never be able to be human again. We were always together through the worst parts of our lives. Then on the day the witch was going to be hunted down and killed, we were running. The witch was badly injured and we had to carry her and hide somewhere. We hid in an old shed where it was then something horrible happened."

"What happened?"

"We were planning on leaving the witch but then.. The witch transferred her soul into Yuko."


"You see another reason puppets were created was so that the witch could escape into their bodies when hers grew weak. With that in mind, the witch went into Yuko's body and took over completely. The last thing I remembered before being shut down was Yuko struggling with the witches soul. The last thing Yuko told me was to set her free somehow. Then I fell asleep and the next time I woke up, I found you. You woke me up after such a long time and now here I am nearly a battle away from setting Yuko free."

"Wow Minami.. Well tomorrow let's do our best and win! I'm sure if we do you can set Yuko free and I can bring everyone back!"

"Bring everyone back?"

"Ah nothing let's just sleep ok?"


The next day Minami and Atsuko walked into a special battle arena where Haruna and Yuko were waiting for them. Minami transformed along with Yuko and Minami smiled when she saw Yuko in her old battle form. It was nothing but a simple blue and red sailor uniform with a long skirt and a red scarf. Minami thought she would never see that form again. The two were about to go into battle but then Haruna stopped them.

"Since this is such a rare occasion, I'm going to add a bonus. If you win, all the puppets and masters who died in this tournament shall be revived!" she said.

Atsuko's eyes widened and a bright smile came across her face.

"Alright! Minami we can do this!"

"However if you lose... Atsuko becomes my puppet~"

"Deal." Atsuko said.

"What?!" Minami said.

"Great then let the battle begin!"

With that Yuko and Minami charged at each other and the battle began.     

Uh oh who's gonna win?! Find out next time~~
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Minami defeated the final opponent for the tournament and now the final one to end it.

I wonder who will win :)
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What just happened!!??? Noo!! Despair!! Interest!! Want more!!1 <- short comment, but meh
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Ah... finishing soon...

Can't wait to see the next battle...

Great Update as usual... Thank you

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Oh this is so sad. Thanks for update.
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how will Minami help Atsuko? Will Atsuko lose and become Haruna's puppet? Who is really Haruna? Will there be more Atsumina lovey dovey scene?  :tantrum:

ahhh the wait is killing me!!! UPDATE SOON ONEGAI SHIMASU  :kneelbow:
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Big battle guys! Let's see who wins! I hope you like it~

Chapter 23

Yuko ran towards Minami and got the first hit with a punch to the face. The punch sent Minami back and crashed into a wall. Yuko ran over and jumped up holding out her right foot. She came down on Minami and kicked her hard in the stomach. Then she bounced off Minami and the gave her another kick to the head. Yuko was about to make another move but then suddenly Minami grabbed Yuko's arm stopping her. Minami pulled Yuko in and then quickly punched her in the stomach. Then when she was behind Yuko she did a back shop and hit Yuko hard in the back. She then kicked Yuko into the wall and stepped back to see if she was still moving. Of course that seemed like nothing had hurt Yuko and she got up and charged at Minami. Minami waited for the right moment and then she jumped high up. She was going to dive in  for a slam but Yuko had other plans as Minami saw Yuko jump up and bring her fists down on Minami. Minami shot down into the ground and Yuko jumped on her.

"Don't tell me you're holding back are you Minami?" she said.

Minami span around and grabbed Yuko's arms. She flipped her over and then got on top of Yuko.

"Of course not Yuko. I'm just warming up!"

Minami started to slam hard fists onto Yuko who somehow managed to block just in time. However Minami wasn't going to let up and Yuko decided to try a different technique. Right as Minami's fist came down, Yuko forced her head up making Minami's hand hit right in the center. Minami could hear the sound of Yuko's skull cracking but that didn't seem to mind her for Yuko shook Minami off and then moved in for another attack. Yuko started using her legs delivering high kicks trying to hit Minami's head. Minami was blocking most of them however the more she kicked the more powerful they got. Eventually Minami got hit with a powerful blast and was shot back. Before she could get back up Yuko brought her foot down on Minami's head and started pressing it hard into the ground. Her foot was crushing Minami's head and in a couple seconds her head will be completely crushed. Minami stretched out one of her wings and slashed Yuko in the back with it making her get off. Then she got up and punched Yuko hard in the face sending her back.

"Not bad Minami but I can do better."

Yuko ran really fast up the wall all the way up to the ceiling. She reached into the ceiling and pulled out huge pieces of rocks and started dropping them on Minami. As Minami moved Yuko followed dropping rocks everywhere she went. Minami thought fast and then ran over to where Haruna was. As soon as Minami reached her Yuko stopped dropping the rocks. However Haruna didn't like the closeness and so she pulled out a knife and was about to stab Minami but she got out of the way in time. Minami grabbed a rock and chucked it at Haruna knocking her out. She looked over at Yuko who had a slightly pissed off look for what she had done to Haruna. Yuko grabbed another rock and chucked it at Minami. Minami decided to knock it aside so as she struck the rock she didn't see Yuko charge in and deliver another powerful blow to the face. As Minami went back Yuko quickly moved around and kicked Minami's back sending her high up into the ceiling. Using the holes as cover, Minami went into one and started to dig around. Yuko couldn't tell where she was so she started throwing more rocks up at the ceiling.


Yuko looked down and there was Minami who somehow made her way underground. Minami had a hold of Yuko's ankle and before Yuko could move Minami pulled Yuko down into the ground. No one could tell what was going on underground but there was a lot of thrashing and rumbling. Then suddenly something came out in the shape of a leave. The thing unfolded and revealed that it was Minami and her wings. Minami flew up and soon after Yuko jumped up but she didn't look like herself. Ears had grown out of her head and she had sharp claws and teeth. There was also a big fuzzy tail almost like a squirrels on her back. Yuko started jumping towards Minami who wrapped herself in her wings and started to spin. Like a drill she went into the ground and Yuko followed after. The two were popping out of the ground like daises where they would come out fighting and then go back in. Like a squirrel and a bird the two fought like animals trying to outwit each other. When they came back out, Minami stayed in the air this time  and flew up high. Yuko started to climb the side of the walls determined to reach Minami.

"Stupid squirrel!"

Minami had a trap set up and thought she had got Yuko. With a flap of her wings a huge gust of wind was blown towards Yuko pushing her back. At the same time a bunch of rocks that were in the holes in the ceiling came down and started to fall. Yuko was falling but not for long for when she stretched out her arms, fur came out and extended creating a glider for Yuko. She had to avoid the falling rocks while trying to make it safely to the ground. However Minami wasn't done with her yet as she hit a certain spot in the wall that made the whole ceiling crack. Soon after huge chunks came crashing down onto Yuko and everyone below. The room collapsed and then after the whole mess there was nothing but rubble. A couple seconds later some pieces of rubble moved and out came Minami followed by Yuko.

"What have you done? You basically killed your master you idiot!" Yuko said.

"Is that what you think?"

There was more shuffling and then Yuko looked over and saw a black and white sphere come out. The sphere split in half and revealed Atsuko who was safe and unharmed. Yuko realized that Minami's wings must have come off and then created a protective barrier for Atsuko during the demolition.

"My master is alive and well. Yours however is dead."

Minami pointed to a rock with blood under it. There sticking out of it was a hand that belonged to Haruna. Haruna was dead which meant the battle was over and Minami had won. Or so she had thought. Instead of turning into dust Yuko was still there. Haruna's body vanished but Yuko still remained. Yuko laughed and said,

"You think I need her? Please she was more of a puppet than me." 

"Of course I should've expected this coming from a witch. Luckily I had a backup plan."


Minami reached into her pocket and pulled out a glowing blue chain. She wrapped it around her fist and said,

"I've kept this hidden for this moment. One good punch and you are out of Yuko's body."

"Well see if you can catch me~"

Yuko suddenly multiplied into five different Yukos. They all ran around and Minami lost track of which one was the real one. They all smiled and then charged at Yuko with fists in the air. Minami could only stand there because she was still a little weak from before. They all circled Minami and then started to run in a circle around her. They took turns beating on Minami trying to weaken her and then move in for the final kill. However Minami had other plans as she took the chain and swung it around her. The chain hit all of the Yuko's but none of them was the real one. The real one was somewhere else. Minami stood there quietly waiting until suddenly she heard a small rumbled from below her. Minami jumped up just in time as the real Yuko came out from under.

"Damn it!"

"Take this!"

Minami punched Yuko right in the chest sending a huge shockwave. The chains rattled and glowed brightly. Then at that moment something was pushed out of Yuko's body and then completely vanished. The chains settled and then Minami held onto Yuko.


Slowly Yuko opened her eyes and Minami gave a sigh of relief.


"Yuko you're back!!"

Minami hugged Yuko and held her close so happy to have her old friend back. Yuko who was confused only smiled and went along with it.

"It's been a while nee?" Yuko said.

"Un! I missed you so much.." Minami said.

"Ah well hey I'm back and I'm not going anywhere."

"It's good to be back."

"Minami we won!" Atsuko said.

"Yeah I guess we did. Wait that means.."


At that moment Minami realized that they had one which meant that Minami was going to become human. That also meant that Atsuko was going to become a puppet. Minami was expecting something to happen and a couple seconds later there was a strange glowing aura around Atsuko. It glowed brighter and surrounded her. Yuko said,

"This is the master's part of the deal. Atsuko you can now do whatever you want as the puppet master."


Atsuko closed her eyes and when she opened them they glowed a bright blue. She jumped high up and then raised her hand up towards the sky. She created eight different orbs of energy and then shot a blast into the sky. A hole in the clouds appeared and a beam of sunlight came down. Then Minami saw a eight bright orbs come down from the sky. Each one entered the orb that Atsuko had created. The orbs changed to different colors and then glowed even brighter. Atsuko set them down to the ground where they grew until they bursted. The next thing was unbelievable for what came out of the orbs was Mariko, Miichan, Sayaka, Sae, Mayu,Yuki, Rena, and Jurina. They all came back from the dead and were alive once again.

"You guys did it!" Jurina said.

"Good job!" Sayaka said.

Everyone rushed to each other and reunited with hugs. Atsuko was happy she was able to bring back everyone. She came back down and reunited with everyone so happy to see them. While everyone was talking with Atsuko, Minami walked back over to Yuko and helped her over to the rest of them.

"Guys this is Yuko. She's my best friend since the beginning of the whole puppet thing." Minami said.

"Yosh. Nice to meet you." Yuko said.

Everyone became very fond of Yuko every quickly. They were all happy to welcome Yuko into the group. Then to Yuko's surpise, there was one more person who came out. That last person was Haruna and when she saw her Minami thought she saw tears in Yuko's eyes. Minami didn't know the exact relationship between the two but it must have been deep. It wasn't until later Yuko explained that Haruna was actually Yuko's lover way back before she became a puppet. The witch brought her back to life so Yuko would be at least happy while the witch lived inside her. The two embraced each other happy to know that both of them were alive.

While the two were hugging they didn't notice the dark energy lurking closer and closer to Atsuko. The crystal in her chest started to glow and soon after Atsuko started to scream in pain. Slowly her body was being taken over by witch's spirit and Atsuko was being consumed. Her body started to surround itself in black aura and the sky turned dark. A red moon broke through and shined down onto Atsuko. Minami rushed over and tried to stop it but it was too late. Atsuko was no longer there inside. Now the only thing inside was the witch.

Last chapter coming up next! Let's find out what happens in the final chapter!
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They won but I guess is to finally finish the witch
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Ah... It was suppose to be a happy ending for everyone

But seem the battle with the witch is not end yet...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

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Acchan!!! Noo!! Stupid witch...
and it was so close to a happy ending...
well, fight ppl! and rescue Acchan!!
Title: Re: Atsumina: Puppet Master update Chapter 24
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Well this is the final chapter guys! Hope you like it! Thank you all for reading and hanging with me because I write so slow. Anyways enjoy and thank you!

Chapter 24

The witch has now taken over Atsuko's body and now she is bent on destroying everyone once and for all. Minami wasn't going to let this happen to Atsuko let alone anyone else so she was determined to stop the witch once and for all. Everyone agreed that they would all try to attack all at once. There was no way she would be able to stop them all at once. Sadly the witch was very strong and couldn't even get past the barrier she had created. Minami was going to have to get rid of that barrier somehow but the question was how? She looked over at Yuko who was also wondering the same thing as she watched the others try to get near her but where blasted away. Then suddenly a light bulb went off in Yuko's head and she looked over at Minami with a familiar signature grin. Minami nodded back and the two were going to pull off an old move they used to do long ago. Without any warning Minami took high to the sky and started to dive bomb the barrier trying to attack the witch. Meanwhile Yuko dug deep within the Earth trying to create some distance.

When the timing was right, Minami moved out of the way while Yuko sprung up from the ground. The witch was right in her sights but the witch saw this and simply moved out of the way. This action was what exactly the girls wanted as Yuko flew up Minami caught her and then threw her back down with even greater force. Yuko slammed into the barrier and it broke shattering to pieces. The witch was now slightly angry at the whole thing and now her true powers were about to be released. Because she wasn't used to her new body yet she needed time for all her powers to come back. In the meantime she was stuck fighting everyone else.

"You guys stay back!" Minami said.

"Screw you no way!"

Minami was pushed back while Mayu and Rena stepped forward.

"You think we're gonna let you have all the fun?" Mayu said.

"You can't leave us out as well." Rena said.

"Go check on Yuko. She seems pretty knocked up."

Minami looked over and saw Yuko out cold on the ground from where she must have lost her footing and didn't land quite where she wanted. Well it was a move they only partially knew. As Minami went to check on Yuko, Mayu and Rena were going to do a little tag team attack. Mayu needed cover so she needed Rena to distract the witch. Rena understood and ran towards the witch. She shot out her threads and tried to bind the witch but the witch easily broke through and was now going after Rena. Meanwhile Yuki was behind Mayu winding up the windup gear on her back. Slowly Mayu's arms raised and two canons formed. There was a small and faint glow that was slowly starting to grow the more Yuki span the windup gear. Rena shot several threads wrapping around the witch's arms. She tried not to do too much damage because the body was still Atsuko after all. Rena decided to try something else so this time when she shot it wasn't threads but a cloth. The cloth wrapped around the witches body and then marks appeared on the cloth. 


The cloths tightened and the witch actually couldn't move. Rena quickly moved back and said,

"She's all yours Mayu!"

Yuki wound the gear as tight as she could before letting go and then the gear suddenly started to move really fast. The canons fired and a huge blast shot out of Mayu's arms. The blast was about to hit the witch dead on but she managed to move but the blast took off her left arm entirely. The witch screamed and tore free from the cloth. She was going to try to flee but the gear was still moving and now Mayu started to run at an incredibly fast speed. She started to run in circles around the witch trying to confuse her as much as possible. Then Mayu started jumping off random surfaces and started punching the witch in different spots. She got the face and the stomach, the chest and the head. Mayu was moving so fast that the witch couldn't even stop her. However the windup gear started to slow down and Mayu along with it. The witch noticed and struck knocking Mayu back and slamming her hard into the ground. Rena tried to help as well and decided to switch over to Gekikara. Gekikara charged head first at the witch and decided to give her a fire punch right to her stomach. She managed to land one hit before being hurled the other direction. However Gekikara wasn't done with her as she sprung forward and this time grabbed onto the witch's head.

"See how you like this!"

Gekikara used her chaos hand and shot waves of darkness into the witch's mind. However it didn't seem to bother the witch who only laughed and said,

"Please haven't you forgotten? I'm the one who created you so I know all your tricks!"

The witch smiled and then Gekikara suddenly pulled back. The witch however moved forward and pinned Gekikara down onto the ground. She then covered Gekikara's eyes and did the same thing Gekikara did sending waves of darkness inside her. It was much worse though for Gekikara who started to scream and cry trying to escape the things she was seeing. The witch gipped Gekikara's neck and started to squeeze the very life out of her. She had almost Gekikara if suddenly a rose petal fell onto the witches back. The witch quickly moved out of the way as the petal exploded creating a puff of blue smoke. Something went inside and grabbed Gekikara and pulled her out. Out of the smoke Sayaka sprung and placed Gekikara next to Mayu as Jurina and Yuki tended to them. Meanwhile Sayaka and Miichan started to cook up a plan that would take care of the witch. Sayaka shot out many rose petals and surrounded the witch. The witch knew if she moved then they would explode so she remained still. Then Miichan pulled out three daggers and threw them at the witch. The witch managed to dodge them however the blades came back around and started to strike again. One blade stabbed the witch's arm while another the leg.

The two blades released an electric shock petrifying the witch for a short time while the final blade exploded setting off the rose petals. There was a chain of explosions and the witch went down. It was then both Miichan and Sayaka moved in to make another move but then suddenly there was a strong glow that pushed the two back. The witch sprung up and her body started to emit large amounts of powers. Her full powers have now awakened and things were now going to get much harder. Sayaka pulled back and then threw more rose petals. However they didn't seem to affect the witch as they blew up but no damage was done. Miichan jumped forward and tried a direct attack but still had no effect and her head almost got blow off. Sayaka decided to try a huge attack so she had Miichan stand back as she suddenly pulled out all the rose petals she had. Then she directed them towards the witch and they swarmed her forming a giant tornado around her.

Then Sayaka closed the tornado and there was a huge explosion that was big enough to take out the entire city of New York. However even after all that the witch managed to survive and knocked the two back hard nearly killing them. Everyone else accept Minami was down now and it as up to her to finish off the job. She knew that she had to get that crystal out of Atsuko if she was going to get her back. She looked over and saw Yuko who was now getting up and she explained how they hand to finish it now. Yuko understood and said she had an idea how to finish it all off. Yuko hopped onto Minami's back and the two flew up extremely high. The witch knew they were planning something so she shot out blasts trying to knock them out of the sky. She missed though and when they were high enough, Minami let go of Yuko and dropped her down from the sky. Yuko came down hard and managed to dodge the witch's attacks. She then grabbed her and slammed her into the ground.

"Gotcha now!"

Yuko pinned the witch down and then waited for Minami to come down. Minami started to gather all the power she had into her wings to gain more and more speed. Then she slammed into the witch and grabbed the crystal. With all her strength and power she began to pull the crystal out of Atsuko's chest. Slowly it was starting to move but the witch wasn't going to give up. She struggled and tried to move but soon the others got on top of her holding her down. Minami pulled and pulled and then slowly the crystal was starting to move out. There was only a little more and then with one final tug the crystal was out. Minami threw the crystal into the air where she destroyed it completely. The witch cried and then she disappeared leaving Atsuko's body.


Minami grabbed her and shook her trying to wake her up but she wasn't moving. Suddenly she felt something warm inside her chest. The warm feeling started to grow and grow and then she felt it. She felt a single beat of something inside her. The beating started to speed up and was now beating at a regular pace. It was then Minami realized that she was now human. To prove the theory even further everyone else started to feel it as well. Rena, Sayaka, Mayu, Yuko and Miichan had all turned human. Everyone was so surprised at the whole thing but sadly, Atsuko's heart was not beating. Atsuko was dead. Suddenly a light came down and slowly lifted Atsuko's body into the sky. Minami tried to stop it but Yuko stopped her. Atsuko was gone now and there was nothing she could do. Atsuko faded into the sky lost forever. She was now gone.


Years had passed and there were no more puppets running around. After the battle everyone had separated and are now living their own lives to the fullest. Minami now lives in a small apartment and works at a major business company. She still talks to her friends and even managed to make new ones. She's living her life happily as a normal human being. However she missed Atsuko and everything about her. She would have dreams about her when she slept and would wake up lonely and frightened. She missed Atsuko but there was nothing she could do. All she could do was sigh and keep living the life that Atsuko had given her. Today was another normal day for Minami. She woke up and got ready for work. All she ate in the morning was some toast and a cup of coffee. Then she was off to work.

Minami was the head boss at the company she works at so everyone respected her. She was a very powerful woman in Japan and keeps growing everyday. After countless meetings and paper work, Minami sat down to have some lunch. The one nice thing she liked about being human was being able to eat for once. She was trying all kinds of foods seeing what she liked and disliked. She liked eating food but it wasn't as enjoyable without Atsuko around. This was one of the dreams Minami would always have was her and Atsuko sitting at the table enjoying a delicious meal. How badly she wanted that day to come. When Minami finished lunch it was back to work then after work it was straight home she would go. Minami didn't like showing off her wealth so she lives in a small apartment and likes it there. She walked inside and was surprised to see Yuko sitting on her couch.

"Hey let's go out." she said.

"No thanks. I'll just stay here." Minami said.

"Come on you need to have some fun. It'll be my treat!"

"Alright fine but nothing big."

Yuko and Minami went to a bar where they sat down and had a couple of drinks. They talked about how everyone and how they were doing. Things were going fine and all and Minami was happy that everyone was doing alright. Yuki and Mayu are married now and are even expecting a child soon. Looks like those two have been very busy since the last time they spoke. Rena and Jurina are living together and the two own a restaurant together which has become very popular in Nagoya. Minami thought to herself that she should go visit them sometimes. Sae and Sayaka are living together as well and word is that Sae is planning on proposing to Sayaka soon. Miichan and Mariko are also very popular. Mariko has become a very famous model and Minami has seen her in a couple magazines. Meanwhile Miichan works as her agent and is very good in the marketing business. Minami was glad to hear that everyone was successful and is doing well. Yuko and Haruna own their own clothing line selling sexy underwear. Minami laughed thinking that it suit the both of them very well. Overall everyone was happy and doing well and it was something Atsuko would have loved to see.

Thinking about Atsuko started to give Minami a heavy feeling in her heart. One of the things she hated about having an actual heart. Whenever she thought about Atsuko her heart would feel like there was a weight inside weighing her down. She didn't like the feeling of it and it was something she did not find enjoyable. However she did love the taste of alcohol. It would sooth her nerves sometimes and it relaxed her greatly. She was actually glad she had a drink in front of her now because her heart was starting to grow dark. She ordered another drink and chugged it down like it was nothing.

"Hey take it easy. That's like you're third one." Yuko said.

"I'm fine~" Minami said.

"If you say so.. Hey did you hear about that meteor sighting not too far from here? They say something was inside it but it was gone by the time they got to the site."

"Yay aliens~"

"Well I think I'll head out. You're coming with me as well."

Yuko pulled Minami out of the bar and then left. Minami was a little tipsy but was sober enough to go home. She got into her car and started to drive down the road. A couple minutes later she wasn't focusing on the road and suddenly something got in her way in the middle of the road. Minami stopped the car right before hitting it and stopped. She looked out and saw that it was a person. She got out of the car and when she stepped out she couldn't believe who was there. There standing before her was none other than Atsuko.


"Hey Minami.."


Minami ran to her and hugged her tightly making sure it wasn't a dream. It wasn't a dream though Atsuko was there and she was back. Minami hugged Atsuko and started to cry a little bit. She couldn't believe that Atsuko was there but she wondered was how did Atsuko get there? There were many things she wanted to ask Atsuko but there was one thing that she wanted to do for a long time. Minami pulled Atsuko closed and then kissed her right on the lips. It was passionate and filled with all the emotions that she had held up for a long time. However when she kissed Atsuko she felt something was wrong. Her body felt somewhat cold and there was no emotion coming back from her. She couldn't feel the same warmth from her as before. It took her a while to think about it and then something came to her mind. It was something she didn't want to think about because she was just happy to see Atsuko.

"Let's go home."

Minami took Atsuko back to her apartment where they sat down. Minami wanted to see if her theory was correct so she got some snacks and laid them on the table. She picked up a candy that was really sour but hid the rapper so Atsuko couldn't see it. She handed it to her and said,

"Eat it."

Atsuko ate it and she was expecting no reaction. However Atsuko's face scrunched up and she spat out the candy. She grabbed the tea and drank it all and then said,

"Mou Minami that was really sour!"

Minami sighed with relief when she realized that Atsuko was a human. However just to make sure, Minami pushed Atsuko down and then laid on her chest. She waited until she heard a small heart beat. Atsuko's heart was beating which meant that Atsuko was for sure alive. Minami smiled and hugged Atsuko happy to see that she was back. Atsuko giggled and said,

"Mou Minami did you miss me that much?"

"I did.." Minami said.

"Well I'm back now so we can finally be together!"

"Yeah! But Atsuko.."


"How did you get here?"

"Well.. I don't remember exactly but I was laying in a bed for a really long time and there were these things on me slowly healing a huge black hole in my chest. Then when it was all finished a woman said she was going to send me back here. I was falling from the sky down to the Earth and then crashed. When I came to I found myself here."

"That's incredible."

"Un and now I'm here with you Minami. But there's one thing the woman wanted me to tell you."

"What is that?"

"She wanted to say that there is a new generation of puppets soon to come."

"So that means..."

"Yes Minami.. There will be a new puppet master."


Well thanks for readinga and I hope you liked it! Look forwad to the next story!
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Such a great ending...
I almost died when Acchan 'died'
LOL at their jobs...
Happy Ending... happiness~~
it's ok, you write at a good pace~~
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Interesting ending...

Yeah... Atsumina able to be together at the end...

Thank you for the interesting ending...

Can't wait to see other stories or sequel

Thank you again...

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Great ending.  Acchan returns with good news so it might be a continuation later on
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Happy 500th post anniversary, Miyu!!! :twothumbs Nice job!!!

Ah~ Happy ending for everyone. :wub: :wub: :wub:

It sure was crazy. XD

I can't to see what you come up with next. :deco: Bye~!
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Well everyone here is the next story you voted for which was Blood Wars! I hope you all like it and enjoy the story. It's time for another adventure so I hope you are ready for the crazy things I write about. Anyways enjoy!

Blood Wars


A hundred years ago, there was a great accident that caused mutations in all of Japan. No one knows what caused the accident but the other countries decided to quarantine the country and let their government handle with the mutations. The accident caused a mutation in people's blood. Their blood either turned black or blue and based on the color determined the power. The blue bloods have an incredible amount of wisdom and smarts. They use their powers to help the society and try to fit in. The black bloods however are filled with madness and have incredible amounts of strength. They can be very corrupt at time and merciless if they want. The black bloods seek power and total control over everything but the blue bloods won't allow them to drag the innocent people into a world of chaos. The war had been going on for a hundred years up until this very date. The two blood clans have their leaders and their powerful warriors. They fight day in and day out to see who will remain victorious.

In the middle of all this battle, there are some red bloods that still remain. Not all of them had disappeared. That one red blood is a young girl who lives with her grandmother up in the mountains far away from all the violence and war. The red blood did not know of the war and her grandmother had forbidden her from leaving the mountains. The girl had lived there in the mountains for years peacefully and unknowingly. Little did they know that their peace was about to end and a new world was going to open to the red blood.

"Grandmother I'm back from the garden!"

A girl walked in and set her basket on the table. She fixed her skirt and took the bandana out of her long black hair. She took a look at herself in the mirror and started to wipe away any dirt stains on her pale skin. Her almond eyes shined in the sunlight and her skin glowed. As her hair fell down she grabbed the basket and walked into the kitchen where her grandmother was sitting drinking tea. The girl sat down and started to peel potatoes as the grandmother watched.

"Don't forget the ends dear. You always forget them."

"Hai hai I know grandmother. What do you want for dinner?"

"Anything is fine."

"Then I'll go get started on it."

The girl got up and walked to the kitchen where she began to fix dinner. Before she started she stopped to look at a picture she had sitting on the counter. It was a picture of her when she was a baby. The adults holding her were her parents and the baby was her. The girl never got to meet her parents and wish she had but her grandmother told her they had died shortly after. Her grandmother had brought her up to the mountains to raise her is what she was told. The girl went back to work on the dinner but then realized she had forgotten something and ran back out to get it. It had just started to rain and the girl didn't want to get wet. She ran as fast as she could as the rain got harder and harder. Finally she found what she was looking for and started to run back to the house. By the time she got back she was soaking wet and couldn't wait for a warm bath. She walked into the door and rung out her clothes. Then she walked further into the house and called out her grandmother.

"Grandmother I'm back! Sorry but I forgot something and had to run and get it. Can you ready a bath while I make dinner?"

There was silence. There was no reply from the girl's grandmother. The girl called her out again but there was still no answer. The girl walked further into the house to the main room where she had left her and when she walked in she almost screamed. There lying on the floor was her grandmother. The girl ran over and tried to see if she was still alive.


There was no answer. Her grandmother had died. The girl began to cry and held her grandmother close. It was then she felt something wet on her clothes. She looked at it and saw a strange blue substance. The girl also saw that there was the same blue substance coming from a cut on her grandmother. It was then the girl realized that the grandmother's blood was blue. Shocked beyond belief, the sat there frozen staring as the blood trickled down her body. Then suddenly she heard a faint noise in the background. She looked up and saw a trail of her grandmother's blood leading to something behind the couch.

The girl looked out and saw a figured curled up into a ball eating something. The noises it was making was terrible and made the girl want to puke. She looked a little further and saw that the figure was eating a piece of flesh from her grandmother. The girl was now frightened and wanted to run away as fast as she could. She started to move but then she bumped into the table causing something to  fall. The figure looked up and flashed glowing red eyes staring directly at the girl. She did not move an inch. Her heart was racing fearing what was going to happen if she tried to move. The figure stood up and walked over to her. It leaned in and smelled her like she was some piece of meat. The girl took this chance and grabbed something hard and bashed the figure in the head. It howled in pain and stepped back.

The girl saw this as a chance to escape so she got up and started running for the door. However the figure was fast and got in front of her. The girl turned into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. She pointed it at the figure and shouted,

"Don't come near me! I'm warning you."

The figure laughed and smiled revealing two rows of jagged teeth that looked like the ones you see in monster movies. It reached out and grabbed the sharp end of the blade and bended it like it was nothing. The girl grabbed another blade and this time the figure tried to strike but the girl was quick and managed to lash it's arm. The figure started to bleed and to her surprise its blood was black. The figure was angry now and ready to kill the girl any second. It jumped on top of the girl and tried to bite down into her neck. However right before it could sink its teeth into the girl's flesh, it fell over dead with a knife in its heart.

The girl stood up and tried to wipe away the black blood. But the blood stained like ink and was hard to come off. The girl had no time to deal with it and just had to get out. She packed as many things as she could including the photo of her parents and was ready to go. She placed a blanket over her grandmother and kissed her one last time sorry for not being able to give her a proper burial. She grabbed a couple weapons and then stepped out of the house and off to the woods down the mountains. The girl didn't know what was out there but she now knew that she was all alone and on her own.

Well this was just the prologue so who knows what will happen in the first chapter! Look forward to the next update guys!
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Nice start to this fic!!
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I knew this fic will be so cool and interesting!!!

I can't wait!!  :D
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Interesting  :w00t:

i need the chapter one


update Soon!!!
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I'm glad you chose to write this story.  :deco:

Chapter one...I need chapter one!!!

And don't go all random with RenaxHarem again!  :angry:

Great Escape was really painful even though it supposed to be a WMatsui  :banghead:
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I want to know the rest of story. :grin:
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Finally you posted this!!! Nyaha, come come chapter 1!!!
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Yeah another long series...

Great beginning...

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the new story.

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Yay, Blood Wars won! This is what I've been waiting for!

Rena's gonna be awesome, of course, with Jurina's help. Good luck. Can't wait! :heart:
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very much looking forward to more, but take  your time
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Well here is the first chapter guys! Hope you like it! Let's see what happens to Rena now shall we?

Chapter 1

It was dark and the woods were dense as the girl shifted through the trees. The darkness surrounded her following her with every step she took. She couldn't see anything for visibility was at an all time low. Because of her fear from previous events, every noise she heard was a possible threat to the lone girl. She wandered the woods only carrying a knife and nothing else. She didn't know what was out there in the world and feared for whatever was out there. As she walked the paths that she managed to make out, she slowly made her way down the mountain. While walking she started to think of a plan of how to survive. She would find the nearest town and then ask them for help. Then she would go back up to her old home and give her grandmother the proper burial she deserves. She had a plan and now all she had to do was make it happen. The first thing she had to worry about was making her way to the nearest town. She kept walking along the path until she heard a noise coming from up ahead. It sounded like more people and at this point she couldn't tell who was good and who was bad so she hid.

The girl watched as she saw a group of men walk by. In the very front was a girl who looked quite interesting. She looked like she was from some kind of armor that looked like something a knight would wear. With black armor plating on the chest and shoulders, a helmet shaped like a lion and carrying a long spear, the girl looked like a very fierce warrior. The girl wasn't sure if the group was safe or not seeing how most of the men were armed with swords of their own. She decided to stay low and wait for them to pass. However suddenly she felt something cold pressed against her neck and when she turned around there was a man holding a sword against her.

"What are you doing here?" he said.


The man pulled the girl up and said,

"Captain I found something!"

The girl stopped and walked over to the girl. She pulled off her helmet and revealed a very beautiful face. One wouldn't think she was warrior if it weren't for her outfit. She looked at her with cold black eyes that looked as if they would gaze into your soul. The girl wasn't sure what to do so she remained still like a statue afraid to move. The captain noticed the black blood on the girl's clothes and said,

"Cut her so we can see the color of her blood. Is she one of us or one of them?"

"Yes captain."

The man pulled out a sword and was about to cut the girl's arm when suddenly there was a loud siren. The captain ordered all the men to prepare to run.

"Take her with. She may be useful." she said.

The man picked the girl up and slung her over his shoulders. Then they all started running through the woods as fast as they could. The girl didn't know why they were running or what was going on but she could hear shouts and the sound of something being fired. Looking over the girl saw arrows that were lodged into the trees. Then the man running next to her was shot down and black blood leaked from his body. It was then the girl realized that she was being taken by a group of the same people who killed her grandmother! She didn't want to fight them fearing that she would end up like her grandmother so she let them take her to wherever it was. They ran out of the woods all the way up to a clearing where there was a large wall. A huge gate opened the men ran inside and then quickly shut the gate.


People on the top of the walls started firing arrows with black fire on them. The people outside were screaming retreat and were falling back. Once they were gone the girl looked around and realized she was now in some kind of kingdom. There were many buildings and small houses and restaurants. People of all kinds were running around doing whatever it was they did during their daily lives. However the thing that stuck out the most was the huge palace in the distance. It looked like that was the place the girl was going since the men started to walk that way. As they walked all the people who were on the streets moved to the side and then stopped to bow to the captain. The girl thought that the captain must be very powerful and respected. They walked up a long hill and through many bridges until they finally made it to the castle doors. They walked in through the doors into the main entrance hall. There were many statues of gargoyles and other animals sculptured from stone. The overall castle seemed very gothic with black interior and some red carpet and windows. There was a large chandelier in the center of the hall and also a large stair case leading to the upper levels.

However the girl was going somewhere the exact opposite as the men led her down a hall and down a long spiral stair case. As they moved lower, the area started to grow darker and colder. There was the scent of something foul coming from the bottom and the girl was afraid as to what was going to happen down there. They reached the bottom and there were several rooms with bars on the entrance. It looked something like a dungeon considering there was a girl wearing a black mask in the middle of the room cutting up pieces of meat. There was blue blood all over her and in one hand she held a hatch and the other an arm. When she saw the captain she pulled off her apron and ran over to the captain.


She jumped up and hugged the captain who almost fell over if she wasn't holding onto her spear.

"Hello Mayu." she said.

"Welcome back Nee-chan~ How was today's hunt?" the one called Mayu asked.

"Good. We caught two boar, three deer, some sheep, and a couple rabbits."

"Any blue bloods?"

"We caught one but we weren't sure if she was a blue or black blood. I'm going to need you to take a look."

"Ok where is the poor soul?"


The captain brought the girl forward and Mayu looked at her with an intent stare. Mayu's eyes turned pitch black and the girl felt like she was being examined from the inside out. Mayu closed her eyes and when she opened them they were back to their original color. She looked at the captain with a serious look and said,

"Nee-chan I can't tell.."

"Eh?" the captain looked at her sister with disbelief.

"Maybe I'm just tired.. I think I'm going to go take a nap.."

"That could be it. Go rest."

"Can you come with me?"

"I can't I still have work to do."

"Mou Yuki Nee-chan hidoi."

"I'm sorry Mayu. I promise when I'm done with work I'll come back and we can sleep together ok?"

"Yay! Arigatou Nee-chan~"

Mayu kissed the captain called Yuki on the cheek and then skipped away. The girl had no idea what just happened but then she saw Yuki staring at her with a dark look. She pulled the girl forward and looked at her with a dark glare.

"It's very rare for Mayu to not be able to see clearly. I think I'll keep you in lock up for now."

Yuki threw the girl into a cell and then walked away with the rest of the guards. The girl didn't know what was going to happen next but for now all she could do was hide in the cell. On the other side of the room there was a worn out mattress with black blood stains and smelled of urine. There was also a small bucket that the flies circled and who knew what was in it. As she sat there she suddenly heard something move. It was in the corner and the girl wasn't sure what it was until it came into the light of the candle. It was a woman and by the looks of it she looked like she had been there for a long time. Her face was very thin to the point where you could see her bones and there were dark bags under her eyes form lack of sleep. Her hair was long and knotted with all kinds of things in it. There were also blue blood stains on her clothes along with several scars. She was looking at the girl with a dazed stare eyeing her like a hungry coyote. Then suddenly the girl asked in a very weak voice,

"Do you have any food?" 

The girl reached into her pocket and pulled out a potato. She held it out and as soon as she did the girl snatched it quickly and then ran back to the corner of the cell. She could hear the sound of munching and scarfing down of the potato. The prisoner must have been very hungry seeing how badly starved she was. When she finished she looked over at the girl and said,

"Haruna.. My name is Kojima Haruna."

"Nice to meet you Kojima-san my name is-"

"No need. I try not to get to know people here. They usually end up dead the next day or so." she said.

"Oh.. How long have you been here?" the girl asked.

"Years I think. Don't know the number but it's been a long time. How I've managed to survive I have no idea but I have."

"What is this place?"

"This is the Black Kingdom. All the people who live here have black blood flowing within them."

"And where are you from?"

"The Blue Kingdom. I was captured and brought here as prisoner. Now I live out my miserable life here."

"What is this black and blue bloods?"

Haruna looked at the girl with a very surprised look. Haruna thought that there was no way this girl could have not known about the great explosion and the war. She thought there was something strange about the girl but for the meantime she decided to answer the question.

"Long ago there was an explosion that caused mass damage across all over Japan. Those who survived suffered mutations from the radiation. The mutation was different color of blood. There was black blood and blue blood and at first they lived in harmony trying to rebuild what was lost in the explosion. However soon there became arguments between the two sides which eventually led to a war. They are still at war now and continue to fight for total control of the land. How is it you never knew these things?"

"I lived in the mountains with my grandmother for my whole life. I never got to leave outside."

"That explains it. Well your grandmother was a wise woman. Trust me no one would want to live in this kind of war. Now tell me are you a black or blue blood?"

"I don't know."

Before Haruna could say anything else, the guards came by and opened the cell doors. They grabbed the girl and pulled her out. They pushed her into a line along with other prisoner and led the group down a hall. They walked into a small stone room that was filled with blood. The door was shut and everyone stood around not sure what to do. Then suddenly an arrow shot out of the wall and shot a man in the head. He fell to the ground dead as his blood spilled out. Soon more arrows shot out and everyone was now struggling to stay alive. The girl herself barely managed to avoid some arrows with one nearly hitting her stomach. Eventually the arrows stopped and three people were dead. Everyone thought it was the end up but then suddenly spikes started to shoot out of the floor. One woman was skewered and another man soon after. The girl had to be careful where she stepped for the next step could be the end of her. The girl noticed that when the spikes were about to strike some stones would shift. The girl noticed the spot she was standing on was starting to shift so she quickly moved out of the way.

However the next next she took made another one come out but luckily she avoided it by spinning over to the side. The girl jumped over another just as it was coming up and then leaned back as one suddenly came out of the wall. Eventually the spikes stopped and then something really bad came out. A small disk like structure came out and shot needles in a circle into the room. They stabbed a couple people and as soon as the needle hit they dropped dead. The needles must have been coated in poison so when you were stabbed you were dead. The disk would reach a certain height every time it came out so the girl ducked as low as she could and managed to avoid the needles. In the end it was just her and everyone else was dead. She thought that it was the end but then there was a small ball that came down from the ceiling. Turns out it was a bomb and there was nowhere to hide. Just as the bomb went off though the girl grabbed one of the dead bodies and hid behind it. The bomb went off and the girl felt the impact of the explosion. The room filled with smoke making it hard to breathe but then it cleared and there was silence. The girl came out from the body and suddenly there was a loud shot.

"There's a survivor!"

The guards ran in and quickly grabbed the girl. Then the captain came out and said,

"Take her to Mistress."

The guards took the girl up to the highest tower of the palace. They opened the door and pushed the girl in. The door shut and the girl was surprised to find herself in what looked like a child's room. There were stuffed animals everywhere and paintings of nature scenes. There was a huge bed in the center and a large window looking out onto the kingdom. Then suddenly another door opened and a young girl came out. She looked about sixteen years old and had short black hair. If this was the one called Mistress then she must be the leader of the black bloods. When the young girl saw her a bright smile appeared on her face and ran over. She looked at her with bright eyes and asked,

"So you survived?! Yay! I've been wanting a new one for a long time!"


"My name is Matsui Jurina. I'm the boss around here and you have been specially selected to be my personal assistant. From now on you will follow me where ever I go and do everything I say. You must also protect me at all costs even if it means sacrificing your life! If you got any problems then consider yourself dead! Any questions?"

The girl shook her head and Jurina smiled.

"Good! Now tell me what is your name?"

"Matsui Rena." she said.

"Wah we have the same name! I like you already!"

Jurina grabbed Rena and pulled her in for a hug. However she quickly pulled back and said,

"You reek of blue blood! Let's get you changed!"

Jurina had Rena put on a simple black night gown and then made her comb her hair in front of the mirror. As Rena ran the comb along Jurina's short hair she could hear Jurina hum some kind of tune. It seemed Jurina was enjoying herself happy to have a new personal slave. Who knows what had happened to the previous ones. When they finished Jurina led Rena over to the bed where she had her get in it with her. It was obvious the girl was tired and needed much needed rest. Rena herself was tired and was ready for some sleep as well. However suddenly Jurina said,

"Nee Rena are you ever afraid of being alone sometimes?"

Rena paused to think of what Jurina had just said and then said,

"Yes I do. Being alone is a terrible feeling."

"So you know what's it's like right?"



Jurina wrapped her arms around Rena and pulled her in for another hug making Rena blush a little.

"I hate being alone so don't you ever leave me."

Rena could hear the sadness in her voice and thought that even though she was the leader of the Black Kingdom she was still a child and carried a lot on her shoulders. Rena placed her hand gently on Jurina's head and stroked her hair running her fingers through it.

"I won't ever leave you mistress."

Jurina smiled and snuggled close to Rena. She started to think that maybe staying here with her wasn't going to be so bad. Perhaps this might actually be a good thing. It was obvious Jurina needed someone in her life and looks like Rena was going to be that person. Rena actually felt a little sorry for Jurina who was stuck right in the middle of a huge war. It wasn't fair to her or to anyone really. If Rena had the power she would stop the entire war and give Jurina the life she deserves. Sadly she isn't that strong. Before Rena fell asleep she remembered something that she had to do. She snuck out of the bed and went to the kitchen where she grabbed some food. Then she made her way back down to the dungeon where she found Haruna's cell. She threw some potatoes and apples into the cell and Haruna quickly came up to eat them. In the middle of her little feeding frenzy she said,

"So word is you survived the audition."


"The audition is a test that the prisoners go through. When the mistress needs a new assistant some prisoners are selected to go through a series of tests. If they pass they become the assistant."

"Oh.. Well I'm alive so that means I passed."

"Yes that means you are now the mistress's new servant."

"Well it's better than down here."

"I must warn you though."


"The child is very dangerous. Do anything to upset her and it could be the end of you."

Rena left the dungeon and went back up to the room. The words Haruna said rung though her head as she laid in the bed next to Jurina. As Jurina moved a little closer cuddling in Rena's arms, she started to wonder was this child really that dangerous? Rena has never seen how dangerous Jurina is supposedly is so for now she didn't believe it. As long as she did what she did and avoid trouble, Rena was sure she would be able to live a safe life.   

So what do you guys think? Not bad nee? Let me know what you think and look forward to the next chapter!
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And Mayuki are sisters? O.o

A slave huh~ now can Rena turn this blacked hearted kingdom upside down? :3

Lol for some reason, I have a feeling Rena will be kidnapped or sth by the Blue Blood.

Oh one question, it's an audition for the prisoners which full of Blue blood right? So in way, the one who passed is just a toy to Jurina right?
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@sayanee123: Rena is the same age as she is now.

@Sherin: Yep the one who passed the test becomes Jurina's little "toy" who she can use in any way she chooses~  ;)

Well here's the next update guys. Hope you like it!

Chapter 2

The next morning Rena woke up to a heavy feeling on her chest. She opened her eyes and saw Jurina staring right at her with a very luscious gaze. Rena couldn't help blush a little as Jurina giggled and sat back up.

"You look really pretty when you sleep." she said.

Rena looked outside and saw it was morning already. She didn't know the exact time but before she could figure it out, Jurina pulled her off the bed and said,

"I'm hungry. Let's go eat!"

Jurina led Rena down to the dining room where there were maids and butlers running around preparing everything for the young mistress. At the table there were already some people sitting. There was the captain and the dungeon master and two others Rena had not yet seen. Jurina took her seat and then had a chair pulled up for her right next to her. Rena took a seat and soon after the food came out and was served on nice plates. Rena herself was starved since she had not eaten anything since she had arrived so she was looking forward to eating a nice meal. However when the maids pulled up the cover to reveal what was to eat she felt her stomach turn. There on the plate was a slab of meat that didn't even looked cook and the blood was still there. It was black blood and along with it there were some vegetables that looked somewhat edible. Rena quickly grabbed them and placed a piece of carrot in her mouth. However as soon as the food touched her tongue, she almost gagged and spat it out. She didn't want to be rude though so she managed to swallow it.

 She couldn't believe how bitter it tasted and not to mention vile. It was something she knew her stomach wasn't going to be able to handle so she set her fork down and just kept drinking water for the time being. When Jurina asked why she wasn't eating she simply replied by saying she wasn't hungry. As they were eating Jurina suddenly paused to introduce everyone.

"Rena you've already met captain Kashiwagi Yuki. She leads the military here and is a very powerful and sometimes scary captain. Yuki this is Rena. She's my new assistant so be nice to her!"

"It's a pleasure to meet you." she said in a gentle tone.   

"You've also met the dungeon master Watanabe Mayu. Yuki and Mayu are sisters despite their names being different. They were separated a long time ago and now they're back together! Mayu is in charge of the prisoners and also the executions so be careful around her. Mayu this is Rena so you are not allowed to kill her!"

"Nice to meet you!" Mayu said in a very happy tone.

"The one next to Mayu is Maeda Atsuko who is the medical doctor here. If you're ever feeling bad go to her and she'll fix you right up! Atsuko this is Rena so treat her nicely."

"You can call me Acchan." she said.

"Then last but not least, the one next to Yuki is Itano Tomomi. She's the weapons master but also a major fashion diva. Tomochin this is Rena!"

"You have very nice skin. I have outfits that would go perfectly for you." she said.

"Well that's everyone here that you should be concerned about. I made sure that they will all treat you nicely. If they cause you any problems you tell me and I'll handle them personally."

Jurina gave them all a dark glare which caused all of them to get a little tense. Then she finished her meal and grabbed Rena's hand.

"Let's go play Rena-chan!"

Jurina led Rena outside to a large garden filled with all kinds of flowers. It was a very beautiful garden for sure as it looked like it stretched for miles. Jurina brought Rena over to a large tree where there was a hammock hanging from two branches. Jurina got in the hammock and then motioned Rena to come over as well. Rena got in and then Jurina pulled a string and the two started to swing. It was quite relaxing for Rena with the sun in the sky and the cool wind blowing, it was a very relaxing scene. While staring at the sky, Rena felt something warm leaning on her shoulder. She looked over and saw Jurina sound asleep on her shoulder. Rena smiled and moved a couple strands of hair out of the way. Rena really did have a hard time believing that Jurina was a weapon of mass destruction. She just looked too innocent for something like that. Suddenly there was a loud explosion and screaming coming from outside. Yuki came running out and said,

"Mistress the blue bloods are attacking!"

"Mou again?! Prepare my horse."

"Yes mistress."

"Rena you go with Acchan. She'll keep you safe."

Atsuko came out and led Rena inside while Jurina and Yuki went their separate ways. Atsuko took Rena to a room with several beds in it. There were also jars of herbs and medicines that were unknown to Rena. Atsuko told Rena that it would be a while before Jurina came back so she decided to run a couple of tests on Rena to make sure she was healthy. She took Rena's pulse and found everything was fine and also found her breathing was good. Her strength wasn't as strong as the average girl and Atsuko found that Rena's very pale skin was something of concern. When she asked if she was eating properly Rena lied and said she had been. Atsuko said she would need to do further tests but for now she could go rest. Rena found a nice bed where she could rest and relax while Jurina was off into battle. Rena relaxed on a bed and then soon after she fell asleep.

When she opened her eyes she found herself not in the bed but in the middle of a war zone. There were people killing each other from all around her with the bodies piling on top of each other. She looked over and saw Jurina with a sword in her hand slicing through people and blue blood splattering. She was looking at something but what was it? Rena looked over and saw a woman standing on a body holding a long saber. Her eyes glowed bright blue and she was short with brown hair. Rena couldn't make out a face but she could just see the blue energy around her. It was obvious she was strong and someone Jurina despised. The look on her face showed anger and hate towards the woman. Rena watched as Jurina charged towards the woman and the two clashed into combat. Rena watched as the two swung their swords and fought to the death. Feeling helpless, she tried to stop them from fighting. She ran over and tried to pull stop the two blades. Rena grabbed Jurina's blade and also the woman's. The pain was excruciating as the blades dug deeper into her hands.   

Her red blood dripped down her arm onto the ground where it combined with with a small puddle of black blood and a puddle of blue blood. Rena watched as the two blood puddles both turned red. She couldn't believe what had just happened but before she could do something there was a bright flash and fire was everywhere. She saw a large smoke cloud that looked like a nuclear bomb had went off. The explosion was far worse than the ones in World War II though because Rena looked down and saw almost the entire island of Japan caught in the explosion. There was another flash and Rena saw people walking among the ashes searching for food or supplies. She saw some of them had black blood and some of them had blue blood. They were working along happily trying to rebuild what they had lost in the explosion. Then time was moving fast and the scene changed to a part where there was a black blood and a blue blood fighting with each other. Rena was very surprised to see that the black blood looked a lot like Jurina. The two got into a fight and then chaos broke out when another black blood stabbed another blue blood. The fight broke turned into a battle which turned into a war. This must have been the beginning of the war between the blue and black bloods.

Rena woke up to the sound of the door slamming and heavy footsteps. She looked peaked out from the bed and saw Jurina helping Yuki walk inside and set her on the bed next to Rena's. Jurina had a worried look on her face as she saw the blood coming out of the wounds from the  marks. Atsuko rushed in and asked,

"What happened?"

"We managed to fight the blue bloods off but Yuki got cut a couple times. That damn saber of hers..."

"Alright I'll handle it. Grab the blue jar on the top shelf."

As Jurina started to get the supplies, Atsuko started to remove her clothes. There on her back were several cut wounds that were deep in the body. Rena couldn't believe how severe the wounds were. Atsuko took the herbs and mashed them into a paste like substance where she placed it over the wounds. Yuki howled in pain and then Mayu came rushing in.


Mayu rushed over and held Yuki's trembling hand. She looked pretty bad and if Atsuko didn't do something then Yuki was going to die. Atsuko said she was going to need some help so she had Jurina go with Mayu to grab some more supplies. When they left Rena came out and and asked if there was anyway she could help. Atsuko told her to hand her the scalpel and then some rags. She grabbed the rags but couldn't find the scalpel. She started to search when suddenly she felt something sharp poke her finger. She pulled back and that only made it worse. She found the scalpel but her finger was cut and bleeding a little. Rena handed Atsuko the scalpel and rags trying to hide her bleeding finger. She didn't know how they would react to the sight of red blood so for now she would try to hide it. Atsuko wiped away some blood and then made a small incision which revealed pieces of metal shards caught in her body. Atsuko was about to remove one when suddenly there was loud pounding. Atsuko ran over and saw it was Jurina saying she can't find the supplies Atsuko needed.

Atsuko left and now it was just Rena and Yuki. It was obvious that Yuki was in a lot of pain from the metal shards so Rena decided to try to help her in anyway she could. Very carefully, Rena started to remove the metal shards. She managed to get three out before Yuki's body jerked and the metal shard cut Rena's already injured finger. Her blood dripped onto Yuki and the sound of footsteps could be heard outside. Rena quickly tried to wipe away the blood and then backed away. Atsuko came in and she saw the blood on Rena's hands and asked,

"Did you remove the shards?"


"Thanks but I'll handle the rest."

Atsuko turned to face Yuki but then she backed away in surprise.


Rena looked over and was surprised to see all the shards out and all the wounds healed. There was a little black blood left but otherwise Yuki was resting peacefully. Mayu moved Rena to the side and started to cry. She was happy that her sister was alright and made it out alive. Jurina said she was tired and wanted to go lay down so she took Rena and they went up to Jurina's room. On the way up Rena quickly bandaged the wound and tried to hide it as much as possible. They got into the room where Jurina plopped onto her bed and said,


Rena just stood there and giggled a little bit as she watched Jurina roll around on the bed. Then she looked over to Rena and said,

"Change me."


"You heard me. Take off my clothes and put on some new ones."


There was a small blush on Rena's face as she made her way over to Jurina. She had Jurina hold her hands up and she pulled off her shirt. Rena admired how there wasn't a single scratch on Jurina despite all her encounters in war. Her skin was a smooth cream like color and the white binding around her chest blocked her from seeing Jurina's most private parts. Rena grabbed a shirt and slid it onto Jurina and then moved down to the pants. At this point Rena's face was bright red for she felt that this was going to take some quick and accurate movements. With the pull of her arms Rena pulled off Jurina's pants and then closed her eyes so she wouldn't see anything private. She grabbed the clean pair of pants and slid her new ones on. She opened her eyes and saw Jurina really close to her face and wore a cat like grin on her face. Rena backed away and Jurina just chuckled as she grabbed Rena and pulled her onto the bed. Rena watched as Jurina sat on her lap straddling her and then she placed her hand on Rena's chest. She leaned in and said,

"You're really cute when you blush you know?"

This comment made Rena blush even more as she realized that Jurina was on top of her in a very misleading position. Jurina placed her hand on Rena's chest and at first she thought she was going to start taking off her clothes. However instead she placed her head on Rena's chest and then remained silent. The room was quiet with only the two of them. Rena was laying perfectly still not moving as Jurina rested on her chest. Jurina giggled a little and then said,

"Your heart beat is so peaceful. It's calm and steady."

Jurina continued to rest but then suddenly the door opened and there was a maid standing there. She said dinner was ready and then quickly ran away after seeing what Jurina was doing to Rena. Annoyed and slightly irritated, Jurina got off Rena and the two went downstairs to eat dinner. Once again Rena did not eat and just said she wasn't feeling well. Yuki was still asleep as well and Jurina asked her to go bring her dinner to her. Rena nodded her head and then took the plate of food. She walked down to the room that Yuki was supposed to be in and knocked on the door lightly. There was no answer but instead the door opened. It was dark inside and Rena couldn't see much. Picking up the tray, Rena brought the food inside and set in on a nearby table. she then prepared to leave but then suddenly she heard a rumbling that didn't sound too far from her. She looked over and couldn't see anything but she could hear something.


Rena looked over to where the sound was coming from and could hear something like a growl. She then felt something cold placed against her neck. She looked over and saw Yuki holding a blade against her. There was something different about Yuki that scared her. She didn't know what was wrong but something wasn't right with Yuki. Her eyes were pure black and she had fangs instead of regular teeth. Before Rena could do anything Yuki jumped on her and pinned her down. She let out a scream but that didn't help as Yuki pinned her down and started giggling. She bore her fangs at Rena and then leaned in towards her neck. Yuki was smelling her for some odd reason and then suddenly she licked Rena's neck. Looks like she found the spot she was going to bite into seeing how Rena could feel Yuki's fangs poking her skin. Just as Yuki was going to take a bite, the door swung open and there Jurina and Mayu stood.


"Get off her!!"

It happened so fast that Rena didn't even get a glimpse of anything. One moment Yuki was on top of her and in the next moment she was slammed against the wall. Mayu ran over to her and the next thing that happened was quite shocking to Rena. Rena watched as Yuki bent Mayu's neck and then bit into it. Mayu let out a yelp and then Rena saw Yuki sucking black blood from Mayu's body. Everything was happening so quickly that Rena's brain was having a hard time wrapping itself around the situation. The overwhelming emotions and actions made Rena's mind collapse and she then fainted right there.

Rena woke up and found herself in Jurina's bed. She looked around and saw it was night time. After realizing that she had passed out she was going to get up and walk around but then the door opened and Jurina came in. When she saw Rena was up and moving her face grew bright with joy and relief.


Jurina jumped on top of Rena and the two fell on the bed. Jurina hugged Rena tightly and said,

"I'm so glad you're ok."

Rena patted Jurina's head and then asked,

"What happened?"

"You passed out."

"Yes but what happened with Yuki? Is she ok?"

"Ah yes she's fine. Her and Mayu are resting now in their room."

"What happened back there?"

"Well you see, when black bloods lose a certain amount of blood, we go into an extreme survival mode. We act like wild beasts and start searching for anything that has blood in it. We drink the blood to replenish what we lost and once we've had enough we go back to being normal."

"So the thing with Mayu was.."

"Yep and don't worry this happens often after Yuki is seriously injured in battle. Mayu often volunteers to give her sister blood and we allow it as long as she doesn't take too much."

"That's so kind.."

That got Rena thinking about what would happen to her if she were to get seriously injured? There's no one who can give her blood because they don't have the same kind and she doesn't know what would happen if she got black blood. What would happen if they found out she was a red blood? Would they kill her? Would they torture her? All kinds of fears and anxieties started to fill Rena's mind but then they were put to a halt when Jurina called her name. She looked over and saw Jurina staring at her with a concerned stare.

"Are you alright Rena-chan?"

"Ah yeah I am."

"You look a little pale.."

"I'm probably cold."

"Really? Then come here."

Jurina pulled the blanket over the two of them and then pulled Rena in for a warm hug. Rena was a little embarrassed from the closeness of Jurina but she did like the warm feeling she gave her. It was comforting and subtle like her grandmother before she died. Thinking of her grandmother made her a little sad and her eyes started to tear up a little. However she had to stay strong so she quickly wiped them away and embraced herself in Jurina's warm embrace. After a long and crazy day Rena was pretty tired. All she wanted to do now was fall asleep and drift away in her dreams. As Rena fell asleep, Jurina snuck out of the bed and walked down into Mayu's room. She walked in and saw Mayu holding a sleeping Yuki gently stroking her hair. Jurina walked over and moved some of Mayu's hair out of the way to see the bite wound Yuki left. A couple minutes later Atsuko walked in and looked at Mayu's wound. Atsuko placed her hand on Mayu's wound and then closed her eyes. When she opened them they were black and Atsuko took her finger and started to trace the puncture wounds where Yuki's teeth bit in.

A couple minutes later the wound was healed to only a couple small marks. Jurina thanked Atusko who then left. Once she was gone Jurina faced Mayu and asked,

"How is she?"

"She'll be alright by morning but she took a lot though."

"Are you sure you don't need any blood?"

"I'm fine. Remember Jurina I can regenerate my own blood."

"Yeah but I'm just making sure."

"Thank you."

The two were silent for a while until Mayu said,

"Jurina I think you should know this but you know there's something funny about Rena."

"What is it?" Jurina asked.

"When I first met her I couldn't tell what type of blood she was. When I looked inside her all I saw was nothing. There was no black or blue just nothing."

"What are you saying?"

"I think Rena is a different kind of blood we haven't seen before. I think she might be a red blood."

Jurina looked at her with a confused stare. She thought that there was no way Rena was a red blood. All the red bloods had died a long time ago. There was just no possibility of Rena being a red blood. She was with the prisoners so obviously she was a blue blood. That night Jurina completely disregarded the possibility that Rena was a red blood. Red bloods had been dead for a long time and Jurina was intending to keep it that way.

================================================================================== Find out what happens on the next update!!!
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What's going to happen next??

Will Jurina find out that Rena is a red blood??  :panic:

Update soon pleasee...
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The only thing I want is that Jurina finds that Rena is a person with red blood ndwnkdjw *so damn curious to what will happen after that*

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What will happen to Rena when Jurina find out about her blood?

Would Jurina find out?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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It's getting interesting.... :mon star:

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OMG, this is getting better and better with every paragraph~!!!

Nyaha, I also want Juju to find out Rena-sama's blood~
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I hope Juri will not hurt Rena because of her blood.
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hello there!

i'm your new reader :)

i hope jurina will not kill rena. jurina must have feeling for rena
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...intending to keep it that way???
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So Rena's red blood can heal them? But still...I'm afraid to know wht J would do to R if she knew about her blood...

This is getting really interesting, you're really good with fantasy and supernatural themes more than Everday Life themes, you know.    :P
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Wait...I forgot to ask...if Black blood eat raw meat and drink blood when they need it....what about the Blue blood? O.o

And I forgot to mention about that brown hair leader of the Blue blood. Yuko? Takamina? XD But it seems like we have a cross blood pairing, Atsumina. :D
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Red bloods are the normal humans right? So what in the hell that blood has a healing ability towards the other blooded beings?

Or just Rena has a superhuman capabilities that she can outmatch the two bloods...  :? :? :?

Waiting for your next update.... XD XD XD
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wow, this fic is interesting, about the types of bloods is a little crazy >< but I like it, waiting for youre next chapter! :D
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Well I guess the best thing for rena is to try not to expose herself too much to the rest but seems Jurina may keep her alive for the time being
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@Sherin: Everyhting will be revealed about the blue bloods later in the story~

@X_Last-Cross_X: Well you could say Rena is pretty normal however there is something in her blood that will hold a major key in the story but you'll find out later~

Wah everyone wants Jurina to find out about Rena's blood! Be patient minna all will come when the time comes. For now you'll all have to wait and enjoy the story. Besides it's too early to reveal the big secret you know? But who says that's the only big secret~ Anywas here's the next update so I hope you guys like it! Today we get to witness some stroy time!

Chapter 3

The next day Rena woke up to see Jurina was gone and there was no one left in the palace. She thought that maybe they had gone out again and she didn’t know how long she would be gone. There was a sudden growl coming from Rena’s stomach. Rena was absolutely starving and she knew that she was going to need to find food soon if she was going to be alright. She ran to the kitchen and started to search for something that didn’t have any black blood on it. She managed to find a couple potatoes that weren’t too bad so she ate those along with some apples. It seems that apples were something that she could eat no matter what and they tasted fine. She ate some of the potatoes and almost all the apples. Once that was done she got dressed and decided to explore the castle a little bit. She found rooms full of all kinds of things from games to weapons. She walked into one room that looked quite strange and thought that it must be Tomochin’s room. Half of it was filled with weapons and a crafting bench while the other half had several dresses and clothes along with a large mirror. It certainly was a strange room.

The next room she visited was Yuki and Mayu’s room. They both slept in the same bed but the room was divided from which you could tell who’s side was who. Mayu’s side had lots of plushies and cute things while Yuki’s had a more serious side to it. A couple weapons and some pictures of her when she was in some kind of training academy. Rena had to admit that Yuki did look cute as a young girl. There was a picture of Mayu as well when she was just a baby. Mayu was smiling and was such a happy baby while Yuki looked somewhat sad. There was another picture showing years later where Mayu was smiling but something didn’t feel right about it. Meanwhile Yuki’s face just seemed colder as she stared at the camera when the photo was taken. It certainly was something odd and made Rena wonder what had separated in the first place. 

Following down the hall to a strange room where Rena thought it must have been Atsuko’s. Out of all the rooms Atsuko’s seemed the most normal. She was surprised though how most of the room was white despite this being the Black Kingdom. Everything was so clean and sterile. There wasn’t much in Atsuko’s room except a single picture of her with someone else. She was smiling and having fun and looked far different than from what she looks like now. The other person in the picture was a very small girl but she wore a large bow on her head. She must have been a childhood friend of some kind and something must have happened between them.

Rena left the room and made her way towards what looked like a library seeing how there were many books of all kinds. She walked over and picked a random book and began to read it. It looked like some kind of fairy tale seeing how there were drawings of small creatures on it.

“Once upon a time there was a crow and a dove. The crow represents death and darkness while the dove represents hope in the new world. Crow was always hated by the people and so was always driven away when it tried to get close to people. All Crow wanted was to be loved but instead it was casted aside. All the love was focused on Dove because of its purity. Crow became jealous of the dove and one day decided to take its anger out and unleash its fury. Dove was killed with its white feathers stained red with the blood. After realizing what it had done Crow said,

“What have I done?”

Feeling regret and remorse, Crow called upon a demon and asked,

“Demon! In exchange for my soul please bring back Dove.”

The demon nodded its head and said,

“Very well…”

The demon granted the Crow’s wish and brought back the dove. However there was something wrong with Dove that worried Crow. Dove’s eyes glowed black and it looked right into Crow’s. Then suddenly Dove flew off and Crow had to chase it. When Crow caught up with Dove, it was astonished to see people dead and the town in flames. Dove was killing the very people who loved it and as the people bleed the people shouted,

“Why Dove why?!”

Dove did not answer and continued to slaughter the people as if they were nothing. Crow tried to stop Dove but failed to do so and in the end was killed by Dove. Seeing the trickery that the demon had performed, an angel came down and stopped the demon from taking Crow’s soul. Instead it gave Crow a new power and sent it back to the Earth to stop Dove’s destruction. Crow’s eyes became blue and it came down to stop Dove. The two began what became a hundred year war and now they fight to gain total control.” 

As Rena was finishing the story, she heard the sound of a door opening. She quickly but the door away and then ran to the front door. When it opened in came Jurina and the others who all looked very tired after a long day. Jurina didn’t even greet Rena but just went up to her room as well as the others. Rena didn’t know what had happened until a maid explained that they had just gotten back from a fan rally. Apparently they are quite famous here and the people love and adore their leader very much. At least once a week Jurina and the others parade around the town and the people shout cheers and offer gifts. The maid showed a wagon that was being pulled in full of presents for Jurina and she watched as they were all being thrown into some kind of incinerator. Rena was surprised to see that they were just burning away the gifts so Rena asked if she could take a couple before burning them.

The butler handed her a small pile and Rena took them to a place where she could open them. She opened one and found a small necklace in it. It certainly was very beautiful and to think that it was going to be burned. The next present she opened was a cute little stuffed cat. Rena thought she could give it to Jurina when she was feeling better. The last present she opened was a love letter. The person was telling Jurina all the things they loved about Jurina. It really was a sweet letter. Rena wondered why Jurina would have such things thrown away. She walked up to Jurina’s room and saw she was awake and was just staring out the window. Rena walked over and said,

“Look at all these nice things that the townspeople gave you mistress. Why do you burn them?”

“Let me show you.”

Jurina took the stuffed cat and tore the head off. There inside it was a small ball with needles and nails in it.

“If I hugged this it would’ve gone off.”

She then took the necklace and threw it on the ground. She took a glass of water and dumped it on the necklace and Rena watched as it started to sizzle and burn. 

“If I wore this and it had gotten wet it would’ve burned my neck and melted to my skin.”

She took the letter and read it and then walked over to the mirror.


Rena read the letter and she saw all kinds of hateful words and and curses towards her. In the mirror she could see them hiding behind the words of love. Jurina tore up the letter and burned it up.

“See the people don’t love me. They hate me.”

Jurina fell on her bed and curled into a small ball. She wore a blank expression on her face and her eyes looked cold to the very pits. To think that the people would hate Jurina despite that she’s protecting them from the blue bloods. Honestly the people should be grateful for what Jurina is doing for them. Rena thought to herself that she would handle it later and for now was going to do something that would help Jurina.

“Mistress I want you to have something.”

“What is it?”

Rena reached into her pocket and pulled out a small bracelet with a flower on it with a red crystal in the center on it. She took Jurina’s hand and clipped it onto her wrist.

“What is this?” she asked.

“It’s a bracelet that my grandmother gave me a long time ago. I want you to have it Jurina. Think of it as a thank you gift from me for taking me and taking care of me.”

“Why are you giving this to me Rena?”

“Well because I want to show you that not everyone hates you. There are some people who love you.”

“Then does this mean you love me?”

Rena froze realizing what she had just said and now Jurina was asking her if she loved her. It’s not like she could say no knowing she would probably get her head taken off. Instead she just blushed and tried to look away. However Jurina was persistent and pinned Rena against the wall. She looked at her in the eyes with that gaze that would make her heart flutter like a humming bird’s wings. Jurina leaned in close to her and asked,

“Do you love me?”

Rena didn’t answer but instead managed to slip under Jurina’s grasp and run outside the door. Jurina started to chase Rena around the castle saying she was going to get her and then get her answer soon enough. At first it just looked like a serious chase but then it became a game of hide and seek. Rena hid behind doors and in closets waiting for the chance to run. When Jurina passed by Rena would run and she could hear Jurina’s light footsteps following after her. Every time she turned back she could see Jurina getting closer and closer. She was surprised at how fast Jurina was and that just meant that she had to keep moving. She ran around a corner and then hid behind an indent in the wall. As Jurina ran past Rena ran the other way. Rena ran and ran as fast as she could up the stairs and back down them because Jurina once again was right on her tale.

“Almost got you!” she heard Jurina shout.

Rena kept running until suddenly Jurina came out of nowhere right in front of her and Rena didn’t have time to stop. Rena slammed into Jurina and fell on top of her. When she tried to get up she felt herself being pulled in closer. She looked up and saw Jurina staring at her with a very serious stare. She held Rena's chin and pulled it up and then asked,

"Now tell me Rena.. Do you love me?"


Rena tried to look away but Jurina's eyes were locked onto hers and there was no escape. Rena was about to say something but when she looked at Jurina she found something was odd. Jurina's face was very very blurry and she couldn't see her face properly. When she tried to focus it only got worse. Then suddenly her body started to feel very weak as if all the energy inside her was gone. After that the only thing she saw was darkness. As if she was floating on air, Rena opened her eyes and saw that Jurina was carrying her to Atsuko's office. There was a worried look on her face and she didn't know why but she just looked scared. When she tried to say something nothing would come out. Jurina rushed her inside where she was set on the bed and Atsuko came over to examine her. She could see Jurina screaming and yelling but she couldn't hear anything. Atsuko took a small light and waved it in front of her eyes. Rena followed the light and Atsuko stepped back. Then she had Jurina grab a small bottle of some strange liquid.

Atsuko opened Rena's mouth and slid the liquid inside her mouth. Rena swallowed it and suddenly she started to feel slightly better. She sat up and looked at Jurina who was on the brink of tears. She smiled weakly and said,

"Gomen.. I'm alright."


Jurina hugged Rena and said,

"Mou you scared me!"


Rena patted Jurina's back and then Atsuko walked over and asked,

"Have you been eating?"

Rena nodded her head no and Atsuko explained how Rena was suffering from starvation. She needed to eat or else she would die. Jurina had the cooks prepare the finest meal for Rena and they brought it out for her to eat. However when Rena tried to eat the food she had prepared she only spat it back out and even threw up a couple times. Jurina began to worry and wonder why this was happening to Rena. Atsuko explained how Rena's body must not be used the foods with black blood in them. Therefore Jurina made sure no meat was to ever be served on Rena's plate. There were also some vegetables she couldn't eat because of the soil. The only foods she seemed to be able to eat was apples, strawberries, cherries and potatoes. It was very strange really but because it was Rena Jurina was willing to make special changes to she could eat properly.

Once everything was settled, Jurina noticed that Rena had been wearing the same outfit for days now and decided she needed some new clothes. Taking Rena's hand, the two walked to Tomochin's room who was busy making some sort of knife. When Jurina said she needed some fashion help Tomochin's personality did a 360 and went from weapons expert to fashionista. She at first thought Jurina was the one she was going to be playing with but when she said Rena was she was a little upset. Later on Rena learned that Jurina hates dressing up like a girl. She feels stupid and embarrassed so the young mistress rarely wore anything that resembled girl clothing. Rena was taken behind a changing curtain where Tomochin removed some of her clothes. Then she took out a tape measure and took Rena's measurements for the new outfit.

"Wah you have a really nice body Rena!" Tomochin said.

"No fair I wanna see!" Jurina shouted.


When they finished Rena came out wearing a long black skirt with a white blouse and black vest. She also had long boots with bows on them and a ribbon on her chest that ties the blouse together. When Jurina saw her Rena could have sworn she saw a little drool coming from her mouth. Then she walked over and started to examine Rena checking to see if there was anything at fault. Jurina nodded and gave Tomochin a thumbs up saying she approved. Jurina was very happy and then Tomochin explained how she also added a couple attachments to Rena's outfit. She showed how inside the boots Rena could hide some blades and in the vest she could hold different kinds of explosives. The skirt itself was fire resistant and could be easily taken off with just the undoing of one hook on the front. Jurina seemed to be very pleased with that design and gave Tomochin a perverted smirk.

Something inside Rena told her that Jurina and Tomochin both have similar tastes. Once that was done Jurina took Rena down to the library once more and said,

"Rena can you read me a story? I'm still a little freaked out with the incident from earlier so I think maybe after a good story will help me."

"Anything for you mistress."

"Great! I know the perfect book!"

Jurina ran off to look for the book she was talking about. Seeing Jurina like this made Rena laugh a little seeing how cute she was still acting like a little kid. In reality she is on so this is suitable for someone like her. Rena just hoped it wasn't the book she had read earlier. Jurina came back and she had a different book this time. She led Rena to a large couch that was set in the middle of the library. There was a netting laid over it so if she wanted she could close it and make a curtain. Jurina and Rena sat down on the couch and Jurina handed Rena the book.

"This is a story my mother would read to me all the time when I was little."

"Well I'm not your mother but I'll do my best to read like her."


Rena opened the book and started to read the story.

"Once upon a time there was a young master who was a very powerful man at the time. He won every battle he got into and no one dared to challenge him.

"I am the most powerful ruler ever! All shall bow before me!"

The master also owned a servant whom he cherished with all his heart. The servant did everything the master asked without any question and always did it in a matter of no time. The young master loved his servant and didn't want to give her to anyone else in the kingdom. She was everything he loved and everything he wanted all in one body.

"I do what thy master wants and will do it without hesitation."

However the young master was often spoiled and used to getting everything he wanted. When he didn't get what he wanted he would lash out and take his anger out onto the servant. Time after time the master would continue to beat his servant and the older he grew the stronger he became. The master grew into a fine man where he found a wife and had children along side with him. He had a happy family and the servant was always there to help when needed. However one day the master and his wife got into a fight and the master lashed out his anger onto her. Because of his overwhelming power, he killed her with just one hit to the throat. Fearing himself and the safety of everyone around him, he told his children to run somewhere far far away.
"What have I done? I have slain the one I loved with my own hands! Children run and get away from me! Get away from this evil place and never come back!"

 He told the servant she was free and could do whatever she wanted now.

"You are free to do whatever you like now go!"

With that everyone fled the castle and it was only the master who stayed their hiding from the people outside. However the next night, there was a knock at the door. When the master opened the door he was surprised to see that it was the servant standing there.

"Why have you returned?" the master asked.

"I've returned because I cannot simply leave master." the servant said.

"I ordered you to leave now go before I kill you as well!"

"I cannot master. I am loyal to you and my very soul is bound to you. I cannot leave."

"You are a fool!"

"No master you are."


The master raised his hand ready to strike down the servant when suddenly the servant ran under him and hugged him tightly. The servant held him and said,

"I love you master. That is why I do not leave."

Rena finished the story and looked over at Jurina who was staring at her a gentle smile. She rested her head onto Rena's lap and then said,

"Neat story nee?"

"Un.. It was very sweet."

"I would always ask my mother if the servant really did love her master and she would always say she didn't know."

"Well when you really love someone you'll do whatever you can to be with them."

"Ah souka.. then Rena why haven't you tried to escape? I mean I don't watch you all the time and the doors are easy to escape from."

"Well I like being with mistress. I'm happy to be with you and take care of you."

Jurina didn't say anything but she pulled Rena down and hugged her close. She kissed Rena's forehead and then said,

"You're like the servant you know? Just you don't love me nee?"

"Well as my grandmother would say, ya never know."

Wah strange end for a chapter nee? Well find out what happens next time! Hope you liked the update!
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more questions without answers~ you are a bad D:

well... I have to wait now u.u

good job with this chapter and waiting the next <3
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that was a great chapter...
me(in my mind): ha... of course you love Jurina, Rena-chan~~
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Poor Jurina being hate by the people... At least not Rena...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to see more...

When us Atsumina coming on?

Thank you...

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Aha, i now wonder why people hate Juju if she protects them.. The stories were great... The dress created by Tomochin...convenient~  Rena-sama is so isam makes me cry and proud~
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Poor Juju...she seems lonely..  :cry:

Fortunately, Rena is there for her..

Can't wait for the next chapter..
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Well Jurina understands the people's hatred but I guess why court them if they want to kill her :nervous

Rena is doing well under Jurina :thumbsup
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Lol lot of snuggle and soft kisses, it's like a revenge from Great Escape. XD

MAN I love this fic, it's one of my most favorite now  and as expected from you. Fast update as usual.

Don't worry Jurina, Rena loved you, that's why she couldn't answer.

But yah the ending was abit confusing with Rena saying that.

So Black Blood eat spoiled veggies? Would it be weird from them to COOK the meat? XD

And that Dove and Crow story seemed to give alot of hint about this Blackblood were once very nice people instead? Hmm....

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I hate these people who try kill Jurina. She do everything for them.
Rena chan is so sweet
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Alright time for the next chapter! Hope you like it guys! We meet a new character today who's part of the blue blood side~ Enjoy!

Chapter 4

Today Rena was the first one to wake up while Jurina was still resting. She thought that today she would do something special for Jurina so she went down to the kitchen and decided to make her own meal. She made her a breakfast that her grandmother used to make for her. When she finished she walked back upstairs and set the tray down on the table. Then she made her way over to the sleeping Jurina and gently placed her hand on her shoulder. She shook her lightly telling her to get up but she wouldn't move. she shook her a little more and then suddenly a pillow was thrown in her face and Rena was swept off her feet and pushed onto the bed. Then she felt someone grab her right arm and twist it in a very uncomfortable position. They also began to pull it and in a dark tone she heard someone say,

"Move and I'll rip it off."

"Mistress it's me!"


Jurina let go of Rena's arm and helped her up.

"What were you doing?" Jurina said.

"Waking you up. I made you breakfast."

Jurina saw the breakfast Rena had made and Rena watched Jurina's head drop in a shameful manner. She apologized to Rena who forgave her and then led her to her breakfast. She made a soup that just brought back the essence of her grandmother with it's smell and taste of homemade cooking. Rena remembered when her grandmother first learned how to make it. While Rena was off in her little day dream land Jurina was about to taste her soup.

"Wah this is really good!" she said.

"Thank you mistress. I'm glad you like it." Rena said.

Jurina finished her breakfast with joy and then the two got dressed to get ready to start the day. Today Jurina had to go out again and this time she was going to take Rena with her. Fearing for Rena's safety, Jurina had Rena wear a hood so no one would see her if they ever ran into trouble. Once everything was set, the two set off into the town and for the first time Rena was going to have a chance to explore.

The town was quite lively for it's size. There were all kinds of people running around doing whatever it is they do. Rena was quite fascinated by the city life since she herself had never seen anything like it. Her grandmother never let her leave the mountains so seeing everything was like a whole new world to her. Jurina explained how she came to pick up something but for now they were just going to explore and show Rena around. Jurina showed her all kinds of things from different shops to markets and clothing stores to other things. The store Jurina wanted to go to wouldn't be open until later which meant that her and Rena had the entire day to explore and enjoy the day. Jurina took Rena to a little food stand that sold some kind of meat on a stick that was grilled. It smelled really good but Rena couldn't eat it so Jurina got something and then she took Rena to a fruit stand where she got her some apples. The two ate their snack happily and then Jurina decided to take Rena to the central area where many people gather.

In the center of the kingdom was a large fountain with statues of people who must have been the leaders before. Rena noticed the woman she saw in her dream who looked like Jurina was there as well. Jurina handed Rena a coin and told her to make a wish and throw it in. Rena made her wish but wouldn't tell Jurina because otherwise it wouldn't happen. Unhappy about not knowing, Jurina continued to pester Rena about telling her what the wish was. Still not willing to tell Rena said it had something to do with Jurina and if she wanted it to come true then she shouldn't tell. Having no choice Jurina gave in and the two walked over to a performer who was playing the guitar. Rena loved the sound of the instrument and wanted to stay longer but then Jurina said that it was time to go get the thing she wanted.

The two walked into a small store with all kinds of strange witch charms and whatnot. The place looked like something that deals with supernatural things and Rena wondered why Jurina wanted to come here out of all places. A couple minutes later an old woman came out wearing a skull on her head. It looked like the skull of some kind of beast but Rena couldn't tell what it was. Jurina told Rena to wait outside while her and the old woman went into the back. Rena sat down and waited for Jurina patiently while looking around the store. She saw there were many things all having some sort of hidden meaning behind it. Out of the corner of her eye she saw something moving in the far corner of the store. She looked over and then suddenly a small child popped out. It was a young girl who walked over and sat next to Rena. She started to smell her unexpectedly and then said,

"You smell nice!"

"Thank you." Rena said.

"Nee nee did you know there's going to be an attack today?"

"Eh? How do you know?"

"I saw it! Here I'll show you!"

The little girl grabbed Rena's hand and before she could pull back, the girl's eyes turned black and suddenly everything around Rena changed. Rena saw the town only the buildings were on fire and there were people running everywhere. Dead bodies were lying on the ground and there were people being killed but people in blue. She saw Jurina and others fighting off the blue bloods while others were trying to escape. All of this was happening and then suddenly everything turned back to normal and Rena was back in the shop. The little girl was gone now and Jurina just came out of the store.

"We need to get back to the palace now."

They had just left the store when suddenly there was a loud explosion coming from the gates. The gates were busted down and a flood of blue came in like a huge wave. People started screaming and running trying to get away from the chaos that was slowly starting to unfold. Jurina grabbed Rena and started to run as fast as she could. They made it to the castle and Jurina had everyone come out and prepare for a battle. She told Rena to stay behind with Atsuko while her and the others went out. As Jurina set off for battle Rena felt something cold in the back of her head. In her mind she saw a flash of Jurina being stabbed by someone. She didn't know who though but Jurina was stabbed and killed right on the spot. Fearing that would happen to her, Rena grabbed some weapons from Tomochin's room and then ran outside. She ran into the town where people were being chased or killed one by one. There were buildings burning like in her vision and there were warriors in blue causing all this damage.

Rena had to find Jurina no matter what so she started to run but at the same time hide trying to avoid being killed by the blue bloods. She hid when they got near and when they were gone she would run. Rena kept running and running searching for Jurina trying to find her. Then suddenly a body shot past her and she was confronted face to face with Yuki.

"Where's mistress?!" she said.

"What are you doing here?!" Yuki said.

"No time to explain take me to mistress now!"

Before Yuki could say something else more blue bloods came at both of them. Rena pulled out a dagger from her boot and stabbed one of them in the chest. However she had trouble pulling the dagger out and the blue blood was still alive. He raised his sword about to strike down onto Rena but then suddenly his head completely came off. Rena pulled out her dagger and turned to Yuki.

"Thanks now take me to mistress." she said.

"You were supposed to stay at the palace." Yuki said.

"I saw a vision of mistress being killed! Take me to her now!"

Yuki had no choice so she took hold of Rena's hand and said,

"Don't let go."

Yuki's eyes turned black and suddenly her whole body turned black as well. Then Rena's body also started to turn dark and then suddenly everything around Rena became dark. Yuki started to move and fast too. Rena had to hold on tightly as she felt herself passing by other people all the way to where Jurina was. Suddenly everything turned back to normal and there in front of her was Jurina fighting off some blue bloods. She turned to Yuki who only nodded her head and then once again she turned black and Rena saw her body blend in with the shadows and move from shadow to shadow. She watched as Yuki came out from one of the blue blood's shadow and kill him right there and then move to the next one. It was something Rena had never seen before but was truly amazing. Not paying attention, a blue blood was about to take of Rena's head but then there was a clash of metal and two blades were close to her head.

"What the hell are you doing?!"

Rena looked over and saw Mayu holding a large scythe trying to push back the other blade. Feeling useless Rena took her dagger and stabbed the blue blood in the neck killing him. Mayu drew back and then said,

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm going to help mistress. I saw her being killed!"

"Well get over there then! I'll cover you!"

Mayu's eyes turned black and suddenly she shot small black rabbits towards a couple of dead blue bloods. Suddenly their dead bodies rose and they became alive one more only their eyes were pitch black. They pulled out their swords and then surrounded Rena to protect her. Rena herself was a little freaked out but she didn't have time to complain. She thanked Mayu and then made her way over to Jurina  who was just finishing up a fight. Coming up from behind though she saw someone with a blade coming up from behind Jurina. Rena quickly made her way over and stabbed him in the stomach. She pulled across gutting the blue blood and then finished him with a stab to the neck. Jurina turned around and was surprised to see Rena standing there.

"Rena what the hell are you doing here?!" she said.

"I'm here to protect you!" Rena said.

"I should be the one protecting you!"

"Someone is going to kill you mistress."

"I can defend myself now go back to the palace now!"

In the middle of the argument a blade shot out and nearly took out Jurina who managed to dodge it just in time. The two looked over and saw a woman standing there holding two very large mallets the size of barrels with spikes on both ends. They looked extremely heavy but the woman seemed to be moving them just fine. The woman stepped forward and stared at Jurina with a menacing glare. Jurina stared right back at her and then said,

"What's her reason for attacking this time?"

"She wants us to find Haruna. We know you have her here somewhere." the woman said.

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Quit lying we know you have her. Why don't you just bring her out and we'll go peacefully."

"I think you've caused too much damage to be considered peacefully."

"I'm just doing my job."

"Then why don't you go back to your master like a good gorilla Sayaka."

"Don't you dare call me that."

"That's all you are to her. A stupid guard gorilla~"

"Shut up!"

Sayaka charged at Jurina swinging her mallets furiously. Jurina pushed Rena out of the way and then pulled out tonfa blades that were about the length of her forearms. She charged as well towards Sayaka who was the first to make a move towards Jurina. She swung one of her mighty mallets right down on top of Jurina. With one tonfa she blocked Sayaka's attack and then with the other she quickly tried to cut Sayaka only to clash with her other mallet. The two started to push each other but neither one of them was going to move. The suddenly Jurina slid under Sayaka and then came up from behind. She sliced her back before jumping back and preparing for the final blow. Sayaka was a little taken back by the attack but she managed to stand strong and face Jurina who was coming at her again. Sayaka raised both mallets and started to spin creating a safety barrier between her and Jurina. Then she started to spin towards Jurina who had no choice but to back away. Sayaka was an unstoppable top as she destroyed anything in her path.

Jurina moved quickly but Sayaka was just as fast. Sayaka then stopped and then her eyes turned blue. She raised her mallets and pounded them onto the ground hard causing the very ground to shake and crack. Then random spikes of rock came out of the ground all aiming for Jurina. Jurina had a hard time dodging since they were coming out of nowhere. She managed to dodge most of them but then one hit her in the back and she fell hard. She wasn't moving and Sayaka was getting ready to strike again. With a mighty swing Sayaka pounded the ground again and this time flames bursted from the cracks all heading towards Jurina. Rena quickly ran in front of Jurina and took off her skirt. She used most of it to cover Jurina and covered as much as herself as she could. The flames hit and luckily Rena didn't feel any burning. When they passed, Rena put her skirt back on and made sure there were no burns on Jurina. There weren't any to be seen so it was a good thing but they didn't have time to celebrate because Sayaka was going to strike again and Jurina was in no condition to move. They were stuck and Sayaka was about to smash them to mush if they didn't do something.

Right as Sayaka was about to strike, something stopped her. Sayaka looked down and saw that there was something wrapped around her arm. There on her arm was a thread and when she followed the thread it lead down to her legs that had explosives taped to her legs somehow. Tomochin came out and said,

"One more move and your legs come off."

Sayaka set her mallets down and surrendered. She took off the mallets and then quickly fled before the others could catch her. Once her and the other blue bloods were gone, everyone went back to the palace where Atsuko tended to her wounds. Rena walked over to her and asked,

"How is she?"

Atsuko sighed and said,

"The blow to her back broke one of her vertebra. I'm sorry to say that she will be paralyzed from the waist down."

"Isn't there anything you can do?"

"I'm afraid I can't."

"This is awful."

"She'll need lots of help and support when she wakes up and realizes she can't move. I'm counting on you to be there for her."


Atsuko got up and left the room to give Rena some alone time with Jurina. Tears began to stream down Rena's face realizing that Jurina won't be able to walk. She felt awful about what had happened even though she herself hadn't done anything. Still just the thought about it brought Rena to tears. There had to be something she could do. Something to help Jurina and let her be able to walk again. Rena thought long and hard and then remembered back when Yuki was hurt. Rena remembered some of her blood got into Yuki's wounds and then they suddenly healed perfectly. Maybe if Jurina had some of her blood then maybe she would be able to walk! However Rena didn't know how much blood to give her seeing how the injury was very great. She decided to give her a large amount hoping it would be enough so Rena grabbed a scalpel and a glass. Holding the scalpel up against her arm, Rena braced herself for the pain that was about to come.

Rena moved her hand and a sharp pain shot up her arm. Soon after blood started to drip into the cup and slowly began to fill it up. When the glass was full Rena bandaged her wound and then brought the glass over to Jurina. She sat her up and then placed the glass against her lips. Tilting the glass slightly, the blood poured into Jurina's mouth who drank it slowly. When the glass was empty Rena washed it and put it away. Then she walked over and sat next to her holding her hand for that's all she could do. Now all that was left to do was wait. The next day Jurina woke up and everyone gathered to see how she was doing. Atsuko walked over to Jurina and asked,

"Mistress I want you to try to move your legs."


Everyone was expecting no movement at all but to their surprise there was a tiny wiggle of Jurina's legs. They didn't know how it was possible but it was and there was a small chance that Jurina could be able to walk. Atsuko said that if she rested enough then maybe she would be able to walk once more. Everyone was happy to hear the news but for Rena she knew what this meant. The amount of blood she gave her wasn't enough which means she was going to need more. Every Rena was going to have to sneak Jurina more blood until she has completely healed. She didn't know how many times she was going to have to do it but if it was for Jurina then it was worth it. Rena was determined to help Jurina get better even if it cost her life.

Yosh so what will Rena do? Well you all know but what will happen during that time you don't know~ Look forward to the next update guys!
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Rena-sama is willing to sacrifice herself for Jurina's good!!!! GOD!!!! Juju!!! If u ever hurt Rena-sama after she did all of this for you...  :bleed eyes:

Anyways, Sayaka was so cool but Tomchin's choice of weapon~  :wub:

And MaYuki were awesome... I am just curious what's that little girl that talked with Rena-sama...  :wth

P.S. Yuko-sama wants her NyanNyan back!!! I knew it!!!! :deco:
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They want Haruna back. :)
Rena is really powerful. :grin: :grin:
I think Jurina will find out that Rena gave her her blood.
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So BlackBlood DO eat cooked food. Lol sorry for some reason this fic eating habits interest me. XD

Who's that small girl I wonder....

When Sayaka mentioned Haruna, I thought for sure Rena would remember her, guess not. And I see, so Yuko is the leader of the Blue Blood, not Takamina.

And there's the thing with Rena giving blood to Jurina...hopefully it won't get notice too soon. But last time I remember, only a few drop of red blood cured I'm scared that Jurina might attack Rena out of blood lust like Yukirin did, but  i'm looking forward to seeing that. XD

Though she ALREADY gave her blood everyday so guess not.
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It might take awhile for her to do it by herself but long enough to halt the advances
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Blue blood's leader is Yuko..  :grin:

Wow..Rena is willing to sacrifice herself to help Jurina..  :wub:

If the leader of blue blood is Yuko..

Then, where is Takamina??

What happen to her?? Because there's a photo of her and Acchan, maybe something happened to her..

Can't wait for the next chapter..
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Blue blood leader is Yuko then...

Why Yuko wanted Haruna?

Did Haruna run away from her or get kidnapped?

Rena was so nice, willingly sacrifice her blood for Jurina.

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait

Thank you...

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Yosh next update coming your way! I hope you like it and today we are going to learn a little more about the blue bloods and Haruna's reason for being locked up. Enjoy!

Chapter 5

Jurina bed ridden and couldn't move around for the longest time. Because she was in such a weak state, everyone was on high guard incased the blue bloods came back for another attack. Meanwhile Rena had become Jurina's personal nurse getting her whatever she needed and helping her when she needed it. Today Rena had just gotten back from the market with some fresh apples she was going to feed Jurina. She walked inside and saw Jurina sitting there reading a book. When she saw Rena she looked up and that was when Rena saw Jurina's glasses. Rena didn't know that Jurina had glasses but thought she looked quite stunning in them. Jurina took off her glasses and then asked Rena to come sit with her. Pulling up a chair Rena made her way over to Jurina and then pulled out one of the apples she bought. Then she pulled out a small knife and started to peel the skin off.

"So how was your trip to the market?" Jurina asked.

"It was good however you didn't have to send Yuki with me. She was quite popular with many of the men in the town so they were mobbing us wherever we went." Rena said.

"Ah I forgot how Yuki was when it comes to men. Some of them admire her for her beauty but most of them for her body. Men are really disgusting sometimes."

"Tell me about it. Today there was a strange man who was getting a little to close to me."

"Who?! Tell me the name and I'll have Mayu execute him!"

"Relax mistress it's ok. I got away safely and everything is fine."

"Oh.. Good! I don't want any creepy guys touching MY Rena-chan.."

Rena noticed Jurina with a pout on her face and she couldn't help but giggle a little. It was obvious that Jurina was very possessive of her things and seeing her like this was actually kind of cute to Rena. Finishing the peeling, Rena sliced a piece off and fed it to Jurina who ate it happily knowing that it was Rena feeding her. For some reason Jurina has developed a habit where she won't eat unless Rena feeds it to her. The others started to think that Rena was babying Jurina but it was towards her recovery then they showed no complaints. Because of Jurina's condition everyone is busy doing all the work Jurina usually does. Rena knew Atsuko was probably caught up with paperwork in her room so Rena decided to bring in some apples for her as well.

"I'm going to check on Atsuko. I'll be right back."

"Ok come back soon~"

Rena left the room and walked down to Atsuko's room where she was sitting at her desk under a pile of papers. There she was writing away and organizing papers getting everything done. In the middle of her calamity Rena slide a small plate of apples slices onto Atsuko's desk and then quickly slipped out. She didn't want to disturb her so she shut the door quietly and then walked into the hall. Rena noticed there were some extra apples so she thought she would bring some to everyone. She stopped into Tomochin's room who was sleeping soundly so Rena left the apple sitting on her pillow and then left. Then she made her way to Yuki's room who wasn't there at the time so she left the apple sitting on the desk and then left. The last stop was Mayu's room that was down in the dungeon so Rena walked down to the stairs to the dungeon. The cells were awfully quite and for a while Rena thought that there was no one there. However when she looked inside she saw that the prisoners all had their mouths stitched shut. They couldn't cry even if they wanted to because their voices have been silenced.

As she walked by each cell Rena saw each prisoner had something horrible done to them. There was one who was missing their eyes and another who was missing their ears. One was missing their nose there was one who's lips were missing. Some of them had nails in different areas of their body while others were missing limbs. There was even something as horrible as two live people sewed together back to back. Seeing these people made Rena wonder what exactly Mayu did to these people. What caused her to be so twisted to do these things to people. Fearing what Mayu could do to her if she ticked her off sent chills down her spine. Rena opened the door and saw Mayu sitting on her bed polishing what looked like a skull. When she saw Rena she smiled and told her to come in.

Rena started to walk but suddenly she tripped over something causing her to fall. However something caught her midway and helped her back up. She turned to thank whoever helped her and was surprised to see nothing but an arm sticking out of the wall. Rena lightly shook the hand and then the arm went back inside. Mayu simply giggled and apologized for what had just happened. Rena gave Mayu the apple who thanked her and before Rena left she turned to Mayu and asked,

"Nee Mayu back when we were battling.. you brought back those blue bloods from the dead.. How is that possible?"

"Well it's my special ability." Mayu said.

"Special ability?"

"There are certain black bloods who are born with special abilities so to speak. Anyone with these abilities are brought here where they serve mistress."

"So you power is bringing the dead back to life?"

"Yes. The body moves but the person is gone. The only thing that's left is an empty shell and my power takes the shell and fills it with a temporary soul that does whatever I command."

Rena felt a little sad because she was hoping that maybe Mayu would be able to bring her grandmother back to life but it wouldn't even be worth it.

"So what is everyone else's powers?" Rena asked.

"Well Yuki's is she can blend into darkness and become a shadow herself. She can move very fast in that form and when she becomes one with your shadow you're done for. Mine is bringing the dead back to life and to be honest it's really fun. Tomochin's is her ability to manipulate the earth around her. She can touch anything and turn it into any weapon she chooses and when I say anything I mean ANYTHING. Depending on the size of the object determines how big and powerful the weapon is. Atsuko's ability is to be able to heal wounds at an incredibly fast rate. She isn't able to heal them all the way but she can heal them to an extent where it isn't as serious. She can also attack your organs internally if she touches you. With just one touch your all your organs could explode all in the inside."

"Wow.. the why can't Atsuko heal mistress's injury?"

"Well she said something about how her power isn't enough to heal a wound as serious as mistress's.

"Wow.. Then what's mistress's ability?"

"Eto.. she doesn't like us talking about it so you'll find out someday."

"Eh? Ok.. Then can you explain what's going on with Haruna? I heard Sayaka mentioned something about her and I know she's here because she was my cellmate for a while."

"Ah the blue blood! Well you see Haruna is actually the lover of the leader of the blue bloods."

"And why do we have her?"

"Well I was planning on doing some experimentation with her because I've been working on a way to turn blue bloods to black bloods. I'm getting really close but I still haven't found the solution. In the meantime she'll remain here under my care while I try to find the solution. I've gotten to where they change for a short second but then they reject the blood and they die. Therefore I'm waiting until I know I have the exact solution! Then I'll release her back to the blue bloods and also my experiment that will turn all the blue bloods into black bloods. As soon as they turn they will serve us and once and for all we will end this war."

"So who exactly are the blue bloods? Who are the ones who have the abilities?"

"Well you already met Sayaka with her big ass mallets. The woman is already strong but when she uses her ability she becomes super strong and can cause a lot of damage. Along side her is an ikemen named Sae who is known for hitting on the ladies a lot. Sae has the ability to move really fast like a ball of light and she's the only one I know who can actually keep up with Yuki. There is also a midget named Minami who has the ability similar to Atsuko's. She can manipulate her own blood so that when it enters your body she can completely shred your organs or make you move your body against your own will. Then there's Mariko who's known for shape shifting and also seeing the future. She can see what will happen in the future and because of that the blue bloods always know when we're going to attack. Then last but not least the leader is Yuko and her ability is-"

"Mariko can shape shift as well?"

"Yes I just said that were you not listening?"

Rena thought back to the time when she met the little girl in the shop. She remembered how she had showed her that vision in the future where the kingdom was under attack. She remembered how the girl was gone as soon as the attack started and Rena started to wonder if the little girl was actually Mariko in disguise. Rena thanked Mayu for the information and then went back into Jurina's room. She found Jurina was sound asleep so she thought it was time to feed Jurina once again. Rena rolled up her sleeve and cut the same spot as she did before and bled into the cup. Then she held the glass to Jurina and titled it forward letting the warm liquid slide into Jurina's mouth. Naturally Jurina drank it until it was all gone leaving no trace behind. Rena washed the cup and then bandaged herself up as well. Once that was done Rena left Jurina so she could sleep and then she went down to the dungeon to talk to Haruna about the blue bloods.

When she went down she found Haruna staring at the wall clawing at it. Rena could see the scratch marks on the wall and it looked like she had been doing that a long time. Rena pulled out an apple and handed it to Haruna who gladly took it and ate it. When she finished Rena asked,

"Nee do you know why you're here?"

"No I don't." she said.

"Well I'm not supposed to tell but I can tell you it's not going to be nice."

"I just want to go back to Yuko. I miss her so much and I hate it here!"

Haruna started to cry so Rena pulled out a small handkerchief for her to use. Haruna wiped away her tears and Rena did her best to help her calm down. Haruna kept looking at something but she wasn't sure what it was. She looked over and there sitting in the dim light was what Rena thought was a man. His eyes were missing though and his legs were attached to where his ears should be. His arms were attached to his chest and the scary part was the man was alive and could still limbs. He didn't even have a voice for all he could do was make a raspy noise revealing that his tongue had been cut out and all his teeth were gone. Haruna must have feared that she would end up as something as horrid as him one day. Rena would also be afraid if she was confronted with something like this and therefore understood Haruna's fear. All she could do was hold her close and try to calm her down. Once Haruna was calm Rena looked at her and said,

"I'll make sure nothing like that happens to you."

"Really?" Haruna said while shaking with fear.

"Yes I'll make sure nothing bad happens. Just give me some time and I'll have you home in no time."

"Thank you! Thank you so much!"

Rena had to leave before Mayu came and found her so she quickly left and went back to Jurina's room. Jurina was now awake and had a slightly irritated look when she saw Rena walk in. Before Jurina could say anything Rena quickly ran over and hugged her tightly. She kissed Jurina's hair and then said,

"Gomen mistress I was giving apples to the others and lost track of time."

Jurina immediately calmed down and enjoyed the warm embrace of Rena. The two held for a long time and then Rena finally let go feeling that Jurina was feeling better. She sat down next to Jurina and then told her what Mayu had told her about the abilities. Jurina nodded her head in agreement and then said that she was not going to tell Rena her ability for she wanted it to be a surprise. With a pout on her face and puppy dog eyes Rena did her best to try to get Jurina to tell. Sadly it had no effect and Jurina just simply patted her head and told her that she would find out eventually one day. In the meantime Jurina wanted Rena to read another story to her so Rena ran down to the library and picked a random book from the shelf. When Jurina saw it she smiled and said that Rena had chosen a good one. Together the two cuddle on the small bed and Rena began to read.

"Once upon a time there were two sisters who lived with a loving family in a small house in the middle of the forest. They were a very happy family living together happily with love and warmth. However one day the family was attacked by a powerful demon and the mother and father were killed. The sisters were separated where the youngest was taken by the demon while the oldest was forced to stay behind. Years went by and the two siblings grew into strong young women. The oldest was taken in by a kind leader who raised her as her own and trained her to become a very skilled warrior. One day while scouting the woods for food the oldest came across a camp that had been recked. Searching for survivors there was one lone girl who survived but was badly injured. It was then the oldest realized that the girl was her sister the one who she thought she had lost a long time ago.


The oldest ran to the youngest and held her tightly so glad to see her sister again. However shewasn't the same cheerful self that she used to be. She wasn't laughing or smiling let alone showing any signs of happiness. Instead the youngest looked at her sister and said,

"I want blood."

With a creepy giggle and a crooked smile, the youngest was no longer the sister that oldest knew. Suddenly the demon appeared and said,

"Foolish human. This little one has become my underling and now kills whoever I command her to. She enjoys the screams of people as they are being stabbed to death and tortures them until they are pleading for death. She feels no emotions and only seeks the death of others. She is my perfect creation."

"Release my sister demon! She doesn't belong to you!"

"But she does. See?"

The demon moved the youngest's shirt up revealing a brand mark with a skull on her shoulder. This showed proof that the youngest was property of the demon. There was nothing the oldest could do but her heart was screaming for her sister. She was so close to her that she was willing to do anything to be with her. Without even hesitating the oldest said to the demon,

"Take my soul and make me yours! I don't care what you do but as long as I'm with my sister you can take whatever you want."

The demon grinned and said,

"Very well human.. From now on you are also mine."

The demon took the oldest's soul and soon she became like the youngest. Together the two killed anything in their way to satisfy the demon doing everything he commanded with no question. They lived their lives killing people one by one not even caring who they killed. Whether it was men, women, or children, the two just kept on killing. Then one day the demon was killed by a very powerful woman. The woman said that the sisters could come and serve for her where she promised them love and affection. The sisters agreed and went with the woman back to a large palace. There the woman would see the girls everyday and treat them as if they were her own daughters. Together the sisters grew and then on the day they found out the woman was pregnant. A daughter was born and on that day the woman had the sisters swear their loyalty to her daughter. She made them vow that they would always protect her daughter if anything were to ever happen to her.


Sadly the woman was killed in battle leaving her little daughter all alone in the world. The daughter cried and cried as she sat next to her mother's grave. The sisters knew they had to keep their promise with the woman so together the sisters raised the daughter to become a powerful leader just like her mother. Now the daughter rules her own kingdom with the sisters at her side ready to fight for her."

"What a sad story.." Rena said.

"Un it is but don't you like the ending? I mean the sisters are together now." Jurina said.

"Yeah but still.. that poor daughter must have been all alone when her mother died."

"I bet she was... Nee Rena when I get better and can walk again I wanna take you somewhere special ok?"


"Good then cheer up! It's just a story anyways."


For the rest of the night Rena was quiet until it was time to sleep. Before going to bed Rena slipped Jurina another cup of blood and this time Rena was starting to feel the affects of so much blood loss. She couldn't walk straight at all and then suddenly she started to collapse right there in the middle of the hall. However something came out and caught her before she could hit the ground. Looking up Rena saw the somewhat worried face of Yuki who asked,

"Are you alright?"

"Un just a little tired."

"Let me help you to bed."

Yuki picked Rena up and carried her to her room where she was placed into the bed and tucked in. Rena said goodnight and then Yuki left the room leaving Rena alone to sleep. Before falling asleep Rena thought she saw something on Yuki that she had never seen before. She thought she saw something on her left shoulder that looked like a scar or something. Rena didn't think about it too much though because soon after the weak girl fell asleep. As Rena was falling asleep Yuki was walking in the hallway on her way to her bed when she stopped to look at herself in the mirror. She wore a blank expression on her face and then noticed that her shirt was revealing some of her body. Yuki grabbed the fabric and was about to pull but instead pushed it back a little. She revealed a nasty scar from a wound that was inflicted a long time ago. However the memory was burned deep into her mind and would never be erased. The wound had healed since then but you could still make out what it originally was. There on Yuki's shoulder was a scar that was originally a skull.

Well I hope you liked the story Rena read. I think you already know who it was about but it was a good story nee? Anyways look forward to the next update!
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Ahhh I'm fascinated with this fic >3<!!!  :cathappy:

*waiting for more wmatsui moments*  :cow:
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Waaah. So that's why Mayuki were serving J. I like how all these fairy tales hinted their past. Wait...then aren't Mayuki like waaaay older than Jurina?  :?

Maybe Haruna has some kind of special BlueBlood, that's why Mayu was keeping her even though she knew its the BlueBlood leader's lover. Hmm.....but if Mayu knew this....she could have stop the war, but she didn't and J seemed clueless about this. Hmmmm.....

So the loss of blood finally kick in for Rena.... :(
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Interesting... so Jurina is the daughter of the kind lady that died...

And Yuki was the oldest sister in the story...then who is the younger sister?

Was the story that Rena read based on the real story?

What's going to happen next to the story?

Would Haruna be able to go back?

Would there be Atsumina?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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The sisters story is extremely cool although I wonder when rena will link it together
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Everyone have their sad past.
That tale was nice.
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Following and reading this fic in silence. . . .
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Been late in reading this, but glad I didn't miss it. Nice story! :D

And as I expected when you describe Atsuko's room, that Atsumina is in different side of the war. Haha XD

The tale that Rena read for Jurina... All of them related to the people in the kingdom, right.

And then Mariko, I wonder what's with Mariko and Jurina. Jurina seems to hate Mariko so much.

Lastly, Rena's red blood! She can heal other people with it, but nobody can give her blood transfusion XD;

Can't wait for the next update :D
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I have nothing to say than just randomly squeal about Rena-sama or wait for Rena-sama's appearance..

I'll wait for the next update~  :deco:
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@cisda83: Mayu was the youngest

Update guys! Hope you like it! Enjoy~

Chapter 6

Rena didn't know when it was she woke up but when she opened her eyes she saw that the sun was already high up. She guessed that it was around noon which surprised her because usually she never sleeps this late. Quickly getting out of her bed and dressed she went into Jurina's room and when she walked in she saw Jurina and Atsuko talking together.

"Ohayou sleepy head~" Jurina said.

"Gomen I usually never sleep in this late." Rena said.

"It's alright it's alright~"

Rena sat down and Atsuko explained how they were going to attempt to see if Jurina has any more movement in her legs. She was going to need Rena to help her so together they helped Jurina up and then Atsuko asked Jurina to try to move her right leg. At first nothing happened but then slowly Jurina's foot moved a little bit. It never made it off the ground but it was more like a shuffle. Jurina could slide her feet across the ground little by little. Although it wasn't much it was something and Jurina seemed pretty happy about it. Atsuko said that as her recovery progresses she will be able to walk eventually. However this still means that Jurina is going to be stuck in bed and today wasn't going to be another easy day.

As Rena was helping Jurina back into bed, Yuki walked in and said that she needed Jurina to come into town with her to deal with some blue bloods wandering outside the walls. Jurina was in no condition to move and Yuki said she was going to need someone to go with her since she was clearly out numbered. Mayu was gone on some other business and Tomochin had gone with her. Yuki needed someone to help her so Rena volunteered to go. Jurina didn't want her to go but it had to be taken care of. Therefore Yuki gave Rena the weapons she needed and then the two set off to the walls. They walked outside a secret entrance and made their way over to where the blue bloods were. There was a group of them hanging around and when Yuki and Rena showed up they eyed them like a pack of hungry wolves. They all pulled out weapons and then the one who was supposedly the leader said,

"We're gonna take you filthy black bloods down!"

Yuki didn't say anything but instead pulled out a sword and pointed it at the leader. Then she said,

"You normal blue bloods have no right being here. Leave now or suffer the punishment."

"Ha you don't scare me black blood! Get them!"

The blue bloods charged but they didn't get to do much because as soon as they moved Yuki disappeared into the shadows. The blue bloods were confused but then suddenly one of them was stabbed and then another had his arm cut off. Three of them were all killed at the same time and then five more. One by one they were all slaughtered right before the leader's eyes until he was the only one left. Yuki walked over to him and pointed her sword at him.

"Are you scared now?"

The blue blood was cowering in fear trembling from the near sight of Yuki. He knew that this was going to be end of him. Yuki raised her blade preparing to finish the job but then suddenly her blade was stopped. She looked behind her and saw Mayu standing there.

"Nee Yuki don't kill this one. I wanna take this one home and play with him!"

"But Mayu he must die."

"Come on please~ I need some new toys."

"Alright fine."


Mayu pulled out a chain and collar and hooked it onto the leader. With a crooked smile she looked down at the leader and said,

"We're going to have so much fun~"

Rena dragged the man into the kingdom to what Rena knew was going to be certain torture. After the little fight was over Rena walked over to Yuki and asked,

"You seemed to handle it pretty well. You didn't really need me so why did you have me come with you?"

"Well.. eto.. usually Mayu comes with me when I got into battle.."

"Ok but why did you take me with you?"

"I don't feel comfortable fighting alone ok?!"

Rena looked at Yuki with a surprised look from the sudden outburst. Yuki herself realized what she said and quickly turned away and started walking towards the palace. Rena followed her and soon after Rena understood why Yuki brought her. Even if she has the strength to take down a whole army when Yuki fights alone she feels comfortable and perhaps afraid. Yuki could be the strongest fighter she knows but when she's alone she could also become the weakest. This was something that Rena thought was a very weak spot but also a little cute.

Rena walked back into the palace and Rena went up to Jurina's room while Yuki and Mayu went to their own. Rena walked over to Jurina and sat next to her. When she asked how things went Rena said that she was fine and the battle was good. They won and now Mayu has one of them that she plans to "play" with. Jurina giggled a little and said that Mayu always like to take at least one new toy home. Jurina warned Rena on how she shouldn't go near Mayu when she's angry because when she's angry it's literally a slaughter house down in the dungeon. After that Jurina pulled in Rena and said,

"Nee Rena I really do wish I could walk now. There are a lot of things I want to do with you. Besides being stuck in a bed all day really sucks."

"Hmm then I may have something that could help."

"What do you mean?"

Rena got up and walked into the dining room. She took a chair and then went down to the horse stable where she knew the carriages were there. Rena broke off some wheels and then with some hammer and nails attached two of the wheels to the back end of the chair. She broke off the legs and then pushed the chair around to see if it worked. When she saw the wheels were moving Rena became excited and quickly carried the chair up to Jurina's room.

"Mistress~ I made something for you."

"What is it?"


Rena walked in pushing the chair with her and when Jurina saw it her eyes widened with amazement. This strange device that Rena had brought to her was something she had never seen before. It was strange at first but then Rena helped Jurina into the chair and she was nervous. Once Rena started pushing though Jurina found that she was moving without actually moving her legs. Rena was so amazed by the whole thing that she couldn't stop smiling. She was laughing and smiling shouting with excitement. 

"Rena this is incredible!"

"You like it?"

"I love it!"

"I'm glad then."

"Rena let's go outside!"

"Hai hai~"

Rena pushed Jurina outside where for once Jurina got to feel the outside world. She was so happy finally able to breath fresh air and to see the sun. She loved being outside once again and she wanted to stay for a long time so Rena pushed her over towards the hammock and helped her into it. The two rocked gently in the hammock staring at the clear sky as the leaves in the trees rustled. The two just swung back and forth but then suddenly Rena felt something grab her hand. She looked over and saw Jurina who was holding her hand and intertwining their fingers together. Rena was blushing a little and Jurina just smiled as she watched Rena. Rena felt herself becoming lost in Jurina as she could feel her wrap her heart in a warm embrace. She didn't know what this feeling was but it was something that she had never felt before. It was at that moment something overcame Rena and she got the strangest wanting in her chest that was telling her to get closer to Jurina. Slowly she felt her body moving closer and closer to Jurina. She pressed her forehead against hers and slowly started to move her lips closer.

Although it was silent, Rena's heart was beating rapidly.  At that moment Rena felt that she wasn't controlling her body but something else was. Whether it was internal instinct or just plain lust Rena wanted to be more closer to Jurina than ever. Their lips were so close to contact that it was now just a moment of waiting to see who will be the one to move closer. Capturing the soft lips of Jurina was something that Rena had never dreamed of before but now here was her moment now. All that was left was to move a little closer. Then out of nowhere a huge gust of wind blasted the two and the hammock flipped over throwing the two off.

"Itai! Rena are you alright?"

"Hai are you mistress?"

"I'm fine but let's get inside. I think a storm is coming."


Rena quickly helped Jurina back into the chair and pushed her inside where it was safe. Soon after the skies began to rain and thunder roared in the distance. Rena went to the kitchen to get some tea and then made her way back up to Jurina's room who was awake and Rena knew that she hadn't given Jurina her blood yet. She was hoping that Jurina was going to sleep soon but the storm was keeping her up from the loud thunder. Turns out Jurina was terrified of storms and couldn't sleep at all. It was already late and Rena knew she wasn't going to be able to stay up much longer so she decided that maybe a little story would help. She sat down next to Jurina and held her hand and then began to tell the story.

"Once upon a time there was a young girl who lived in a house high in the mountains with her grandmother.  The girl and her grandmother lived peacefully there in their little house for a very long time. However one day the grandmother was killed by a monster and so the girl had set off to find a new home. The girl came across a kingdom where she was taken in by the prince. The prince took good care of her and the two bonded very closely. The more time the prince and the girl spent time together the closer they became. Slowly the girl started to fall in love with the prince until one day-"

Rena was cut off when she heard the feint sound of snoring. She looked over and saw Jurina fast asleep. Just like magic she knew it would work and now was the time to sneak the blood. Rena gave Jurina some more of her blood and then bandaged her wound back up before passing out right on the bed with Jurina.


Rena opened her eyes and found herself staring at the clouds. It was a bright sunny day and when Rena looked out she saw there was no one there. It was just her and the sky and no one else. Rena got up and started to walk around and then suddenly she ran into something. At first there was nothing but then she saw that there was some kind of coffin. She looked inside and there Rena was horrified to see that the person inside was her. It was herself in the coffin which means that she had died. Soon after the sky turned dark and then it started to rain. However it wasn't just ordinary rain. The rain falling from the sky was blood and it was just plain red blood. It rained down hard on Rena and she became drenched in the liquid. Then she started to hear the groans of other people.

Rena looked out and saw people who were coughing a lot until suddenly they started to cough out blood. At first it was black or blue blood that was being coughed out but then both started to cough out red blood. Their blood had changed and now all the people had started to cough up red blood. Soon after the bloody rain had stopped and once everyone realized that their blood colors were no longer different, everyone started to get along. They were hugging and kissing and laughing together. Everyone was being so peaceful and happy. Rena wasn't sure whether to be horrified or happy but then she heard a familiar voice. Turning around Rena saw Jurina standing there with a happy smile on her face. However suddenly she collapsed and Rena caught her. Jurina weakly held up her hand and said,   

"Look Rena.. My blood is red.."

Then her hand dropped and Jurina no longer moved. Rena cried out to Jurina but there was no answer for Jurina was dead. Soon after Rena woke up shaking with fear after what she had just seen in her dream. She didn't know what it was but it was certainly something she would not forget. She looked up and saw Jurina was still asleep so she decided that she would give Jurina a quick blood meal. She unrolled her sleeve and when she did she found something very disturbing. There on her arm she saw the beginning of a very nasty infection that she had seen many times on animals. She must not have been careful when bandaging the wound over and over. This infection can kill if not treated and Rena couldn't give Jurina her blood if she was infected. Not knowing what to do Rena decided to go to Atsuko.

She was on her way there but then she stopped realizing that Atsuko would probably want to see the wound and there she would see the red blood. Not wanting that to happen Rena had to think of a plan to quickly find a way to treat the infection. Rena went down to the infirmary where Atsuko was and walked over to her. She sat down and said,

"Nee Atsuko do you have any medicine for infections?"

"What kind of infection?" Atsuko asked.

"It's a wound that's been infected."

"Hmm well I have some cream I can give you but why don't you let me take a look at it."

"Ah no it's ok I'll handle it myself."

Rena took the cream and quickly went somewhere private to try to treat it. She took the cream and rubbed it on and though it stung she soon found a soothing sensation in her arm. Wrapping her arm back up she decided to wait an hour and check on it. Meanwhile she decided to go see if Jurina was awake and when she walked inside she saw that Jurina was still asleep. Rena walked over and moved a couple strands of hair out of the way. Then she leaned in and kissed Jurina on the forehead. Even though she couldn't kiss Jurina on the lips the forehead was the next best thing. She then got ready to leave the room but then suddenly she felt something grab her arm. She looked down and saw Jurina holding onto Rena's hand with a couple tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Mama.. please don't go.."

She must have been having a nightmare and Rena knows what it's like to have one so she held Jurina's hand and said,

"Don't worry Mama's not going anywhere."

Saying that seemed to sooth Jurina but she still didn't want to leave her yet so she stayed a little longer. However Mayu suddenly came in and said that she was going to need some help with something. Rena went down to the dungeon where Mayu said that there was a certain prisoner that she was going to show Rena to give her an insight on what her project was like. Inside a room there was the leader that her and Yuki had taken in yesterday. He was strapped to a chair and looked very frightened. Mayu put on her mask and then walked inside the room while Rena stood outside watching through a small window with bars over them. She watched as Mayu injected him with some strange medicine or something. Then she unstrapped the man and quickly ran out locking the door behind her. The two sat back and watched as the man got up and tried to escape but the door was locked so it was useless trying to escape. He started to pace running around the room in circles trying to find a way out.

At one point he started to bang against the small window that Rena was staring at. He was very close and at that moment Rena saw that his eyes were black. He started shouting about how he couldn't see anything and that he felt like something was eating at his brain. Eventually his body almost exploded on itself as he spat out a mixture of black and blue blood. Then his body collapsed and Mayu ran back inside to check on him. She shook her head and then came back out saying that he had died.

"Mou and I was so close!" she said.

"Is that what you're trying to achieve?" Rena said.

"Something like that. Still working out the kinks though."

"Do your best. I'm sure you'll find a way."

"Wah thanks Rena!"

Rena went back up to the main hall and decided to check on her wound. Sadly the infection was getting worse and the medicine Atsuko had was no effect. Rena remembered an old treatment that her grandmother had used on an infection like the one she had. Perhaps it would work if she could find the right parts. Rena went to the library and found the plants that she was going to need in order to treat the infection. She knew that going out on her own was going to be plain suicide so she decided to ask someone to do it for her. Sure it seemed cowardly but Rena didn't know the woods well let alone how to get back to her old home. She had no choice but to confront Yuki on the matter and ask her for help. When she found her she told her of the plants and said that it could help Jurina. Yuki reluctantly agreed and set off to find the plants. Rena hoped that Yuki would find them and bring them back in time. In the meantime Rena went over to Jurina who was now awake and when she saw Rena she was very happy. Rena walked over and asked,

"Have a nice dream?"

"Hmm well it was kinda happy kinda sad." Jurina said.

"How so?"

"Well I had a dream that I had been stabbed and surprisingly my blood wasn't black but red."


"Un and you were there holding on to me and calling for me but I had died."


"I was happy I was able to have red blood but also sad that I had died.."

"Well it's just a dream so don't worry about it!"

"Yeah you're right Rena-chan I shouldn't"

The two laughed over the silly dream however Rena wondered if having the same dream as Jurina was just a coincidence or something else. Perhaps something bigger than she could have ever imagined.

Find out what happens the next update!
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waaaaaah this fanfic is so cool!!
I love the wmatsui moment outside the house cnwdkjcwdjdwkckjwdnkdwj

mmmh I don't want that rena be afraid to say she is red blood :C
I don't think that they will do sth bad to her for that >_<
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Ah... So the story was true...

Eh.. What's wrong with Jurina?

Dud she got infected from drinking rena's blood?

Can't wait to see what happen next?

Thank you for the update

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whats the significance of the dream!!!!???? omg this fic is so interesting! ><

Waiting for the next one! good job here!
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The infection!!! Rena!!!! Do sth about the infection!!!

I thought about it...don't tell me if R keep injecting her red blood to J, her blood will turn red as well? But then wouldn't she lose her power? O.o

And the dream, seems like everyone going to turn back to red blood but how? With the cause of J's death?!!!!  :banghead:
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I hope J will not die because of Rena's blood.
Rena should take bigger care about herself.
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Update time! Hope you like it and now it's time for some new questions and secrets and new determination! Enjoy~

Chapter 7

Today Jurina's recovery was going a lot better. She was able to take more steps but only for a short amount of time. She still needed more time to heal and they didn't know how much longer but hopefully not much. Meanwhile Rena was trying to deal with the infection on her arm. Yuki came back with the herbs that she needed so she worked on the antidote that her grandmother had showed her. When she finished she added the hot water and then mixed the rest of the herbs. Then she rolled up her sleeve revealing the somewhat grotesque infection on her arm. She took the antidote and dumped it on the infected area. It burned and stung and Rena cried in pain as her skin burned and the medicine took effect. Soon Rena started to feel a soothing sensation and when she looked back at the infection she saw a burn mark that singed the infection area preventing it from spreading any further. She knew it would take a couple more treatments but there was a six hour wait in between so she would have to wait for the next time.

Rena left the room and when she came out she found Jurina waiting for her. Rena was surprised and nearly screamed but managed to hold it while Jurina giggled and told her that she want to go out to the garden again. Rena gladly moved Jurina out to the garden where this time she had Rena take her to a field of flowers that she had never seen before. Despite being called the black kingdom Rena was surprised so see the vast field of white flowers. Rena recognized the flowers as the same ones she saw when lived with her grandmother. She remembered her grandmother would make her a little flower crown and place it on her head. Then she would dance for her grandmother and she would always say how much she enjoyed watching her dance.  This gave Rena the idea about something that would cheer Jurina up. Walking over to a small patch of the flowers she began to pick the and slowly weaving them into the crown. Then when it was done she hid it behind her back and said,

"Mistress close your eyes~"


Once Jurina closed her eyes Rena placed the crown on Jurina's head and said,

"Ok open!"

Jurina opened her eyes and at first couldn't see anything. Rena pulled out a small mirror and showed Jurina and when she saw the flowers she smiled brightly and said,

"It's so pretty Rena-chan!"

"You like it?"

"I love it!"

"I'm glad."

"Nee nee teach me how to make one!"


Rena took some flowers and then handed them to Jurina. Then step by step she showed her how to weave the flowers into the crown. Jurina was very confused at first and struggled trying to get the flowers to attach. Then when she finally finished she presented it to Rena who tried her best to hold back her laughter. It was her first time but it still looked very funny. Rena tried to hold back her laughter and she watched as Jurina placed it on her head. Rena looked at herself and smiled while Jurina herself started laughing.

"Rena you look like you got into a fight with a bird!"

Rena looked at herself and started laughing. The two were laughing and giggling for a good two minutes before Jurina finally calmed down and said,

"Thank you for showing me this Rena. Next time I'll try to not make you like a wild woman."

"Thank you mistress."

After their little flower adventure the two went back inside and Rena took Jurina to her room to let her take a nap. Meanwhile Rena went to her private room where she checked on the infection. When she looked down she saw that it had gone down a little bit but still had a long way to go. Rena made a new batch of antidote and then dumped it onto the infection. The burning sensation spread throughout her arm and it was painful but she managed to hold in her screams and when it was done she bandaged herself and then went back outside. When she came out she was surprised to see Tomochin standing there staring at her with a curious face.

"Whatcha doin?" she asked.

"Oh just doing some cleaning." Rena lied.

"Well if you're done I need some help with something so come with me!"

Before Rena could object Tomochin took her outside and then Tomochin said,

"We're going to do some experimenting!"

"Like what?" Rena asked.

"Well I've found some new items and I want to see what kind of weapon I can make out them."

"Ok but why do you need me?"

"Because I need someone to watch and remind me what they all do incase I forget."

"Ok then."

"Yosh! First item is this!"

Tomochin picked up a strange kind of stone that had a bright red color to it. She held the stone and focused hard on it. Her eyes turned black and so did the stone in her hand. It shifted and changed it's form into something different. When the black went away all that was left a small ball of spikes. Tomochin threw it at the ground and as soon as it hit the thing let off a huge explosion. Rena was nearly knocked over if she wasn't holding onto a tree. After the explosion there was nothing but a crater on the ground. Tomochin's next item a small bar of something metal. It didn't look like regular steel or iron. Rena wondered what kind of metal it was so when Tomochin activated her power she was surprised to see the small bar of metal grow into a large metal wall. It looked like it was used for some kind of defense so to test it Tomochin took another one of the red stones and threw it at the wall. They went off but the wall looked as if it was untouched.

The last item was a strange blue liquid. It didn't look like blue blood and it didn't look like water either. Rena was curious to see what kind of weapon Tomochin would make out of a liquid so she hid behind the tree again and watched. Tomochin used her powers and Rena saw the liquid shrink down into a tiny ball. Tomochin held it in her hand then pointed it outwards. Suddenly the tiny ball shot out a huge blast of water that cut down several trees at a far distance. Rena was amazed at how powerful it was and when she asked what was that liquid Tomochin said it was water that had been mutated from radiation. Rena had no idea where she had found it but thought it was best not to ask. When the testing was done Tomochin said that Rena could go but before leaving she wanted to give her something. Tomochin walked over and pulled out one of Rena's hairs. She used her power and that hair became a needle which she then placed inside her mouth. When she pulled it out she saw that the needle had a faint green tint to it. Tomochin then placed it inside a small container she made from a rock.

"This needle is coated with enough poison to kill even the strongest man. Use it wisely."

"Thank you Tomochin.."

Tomochin left and so Rena went back inside. She decided to go back to the library and read some more stories since there was nothing better to do and she was bored out of her mind. She was on her way down when suddenly Atsuko called her over to her room. She asked her how her infection was doing and asked if she could take a look at it. Rena declined and then quickly ran away before Atsuko could do anything. Rena found her way to the library and grabbed a book she thought would be interesting. She pulled out the book and then walked over and sat down and started to read the book but found it boring and eventually dozed off into a sleep.

Rena opened her eyes and found herself in a room similar to the one in the Black Kingdom. She was just standing there when suddenly she heard a loud scream coming from the other room. Rena opened the door and found there was a woman giving birth on a bed. There were nurses and maids all gathering around to keep encouraging the woman to keep pushing and telling her that the baby was almost there. With one more push the baby was born and small cries filled the room.

"It's a girl mistress!"

"Thank... goodness."

The maids and nurses cleaned the baby that was covered in black blood and then wrapped her up. The nurses handed the baby to the woman who was now a mother. She smiled as she held her crying baby holding it close. Rena stood by watching thinking that the baby was Jurina and the woman was her mother. Her mother was very beautiful woman and Rena thought it was a shame that she had died. Rena was just watching silently at the happy mother and her child and then suddenly the mother's expression changed. The mother's face turned into a look of horror and disbelief.

"It's can't be... How is this possible?"

Rena walked over to the mother to see what's wrong and when she walked over she saw it. There the baby's eyes were not black but blue. Rena knew the mother was a black blood so something was wrong. The baby was a blue blood.

Rena woke up to the light touch of Yuki shaking her shoulder. She said that Jurina was asking for her to come to her room. Rena rubbed her sleepy eyes awake and then went to Jurina who was eagerly waiting for her. She wanted to talk about things that they would do once Jurina got better and Rena just nodded and agreed to everything. However in her mind Rena wondered what was that dream all about. The mother was clearly Jurina's mother but she somehow gave birth to a blue blood. Could it be possible that Jurina is a blue blood herself? Uncertainties filled Rena's mind as she started to think of the possibility that Jurina could be a blue blood. What other possible explanation could there be except for maybe one other probably cause. Perhaps Jurina had an older sister but the question was who?

In deep thought Rena started to wonder who Jurina's sister was and where she was now. Since she was a blue blood then she would probably be in the Blue Kingdom which means she's somewhere out of her reach. Rena thought that maybe if she could get Jurina's sister to come out and try to help end the war then maybe things will get better. Still thinking of the possibilities Rena didn't notice the figure sneaking up behind her. She felt someone grab her shoulders and pull her back. She turned around and then saw Mayu standing there smiling. At first Rena thought Mayu was just playing but then suddenly Mayu's whole body turned blue and her figure changed into a much taller woman. She had short brownish red hair and was very thin. When Jurina saw the woman she smiled and said,

"Long time no see Mariko."

"Hey Jurina." Mariko said.

Rena was a little confused seeing how Mariko was a blue blood yet she wasn't attacking.

"Mariko is a good friend of mine. We met under the terms of killing each other but we somehow became good friends." Jurina said.

"I came by to drop in some interesting news involving you." Mariko said.

"What would that be?"

"I saw a vision of something very very disturbing."

"What is it?"

"The sky was raining blood and you were badly hurt. It was only for a quick second and I didn't see much but it has something to do with Rena here because she seemed to be the center of all of it."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm saying Rena could be the cause of your death if you aren't careful."

Jurina was silent for a short time and then said,

"There's no way Rena would hurt me like that!"

"I would never do such a thing to mistress." Rena said.

"I'm just saying what I saw. You don't have to believe me but it's not like my visions have ever been wrong."

With that Mariko turned into a bird and flew out a nearby window. Rena couldn't believe how easy it was for Mariko to sneak in and out of the kingdom but Jurina didn't seem to mind it. Instead she held onto Rena's hand that was trembling and her body shook. It was obvious that Jurina was scared after what Mariko had told her so Rena pulled Jurina in for a hug and reassured her that she would never hurt Jurina in anyway. Once Jurina had calmed down she left and then decided to do another antidote treatment. Once again the burning sensation tingled throughout her arm but it looked like it was doing better. The infection was almost completely gone and one more dose should do the trick. In the meantime Rena decided to do some investigating in terms of Jurina's families. She had to know who that other baby was if it was Jurina's sister.

Rena went back to the library and started to look up some of the family records. She didn't see anything about a sibling and there were no pictures of one either. The closest picture she could find was one of Jurina when she was very young. Rena searched for hours and still didn't find anything. She was about to give up but then suddenly something slid out of one of the books. She picked it up and was shocked to see Jurina's mother holding a young girl that wasn't Jurina. It was the baby that she had saw in her dreams only she was a little older. There was no name but a date dating back to a time before Jurina was born. She was going to look into it more but then the door opened and Rena had to leave. She kept the photo hidden though determined to find out who the other child was.

After she left the library she went down to the dungeon where there were more records of past prisoners. While Mayu was away Rena started to search through the many many people who were on file. She went to the section that was around the time the photo was taken and only found one prisoner. It was a man who was taken captive and then killed here in the dungeon. There was a small picture of the man and Rena noticed how the man looked a lot like the child in the photo. Another thing that struck Rena was that the man was the leader of the blue bloods at the time. The lines in Rena's brain started to connect but before she could get the full picture Mayu came back and Rena was forced to leave. She fled quickly and then ran into her room where she started to think about the things she found. Jurina does have a sister who is a blue blood and possibly Jurina's father could be a blue blood. Now a new question arose thinking that maybe Jurina was a half blue and half black blood. That would explain why her ability can't be described by the others. Maybe because it's half and half of both sides.

There were many speculations but Rena just wasn't sure which one was right. Therefore she decided to sleep it off and worry about it tomorrow for it was too big for her to figure out. New questions were starting to arise and if she will find answers or not is completely up to her. All she could do now is sleep and hope to find answers the next day. As Rena was falling asleep, Jurina in her room was looking out the window. She looked up at the moon and then looked down at the bracelet Rena had given her. She remembered the words about love that she had spoken about and how they meant so much to her. Jurina would often find herself thinking a lot about Rena and started to wonder if she was starting to develop feelings for her little servant. The feelings inside Jurina's heart was a confusion of love and obsession. She wasn't sure if Rena was someone she could love or someone she should kill. She remembered Mariko's vision and was still afraid about it. Even though she was sure there was no way Rena would kill her she still feared some things. Jurina's heart wavered between love and hate not sure which way to go. When she looks at Rena she sees a beautiful and kind girl and when she's with her she feels at peace.


Her name echoed throughout Jurina's mind as she imagined Rena's sweet scent surrounding her in a comforting hold. Then she also started to think of Rena's beautiful body and how she wanted so desperately to touch it. She wanted to tear away Rena's clothing and have her way with the beautiful body inside. Since she was the master she had every right in the world to order Rena to strip down in front of her and make love. She's done that in the past though and always concluded that they did it based on her order. Jurina never really felt what real love was like. Therefore she decided she would wait for Rena. Jurina was determined that she would be able to win over Rena's heart. She wanted to experience love for the first time therefore her new goal was to capture Rena's heart. 

Look forward to the next update to find out what happens to Jurina and Rena~
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ah... rena is Jurina's sister?

Why did Mariko see that kind of future involving Jurina's apparent demise?

What's going to happen next

Can't wait to find out

Thank you

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For some reason I think Yuko-sama is Juju's sister...

Mhm, Mariko saw the vision that Rena-sama saw too, right?

Well, next chapter, we're waiting for your appearance!!
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more mystery..

can't wait for the next chapter..
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While Yuko could be a possibility, why is no one thinking that Mariko might be the big sis?

I'm still wondering how Rena can hide her bandage wrist without other noticing it, especially Jurina :?

With Rena around, Jurina is a goodie two shoes girl. XD Though that half blood thing...but surely I remember her eyes were black.

More question arise.

PS: How can Tomochin gave THAT to Rena when she's the closest to their mistress. XD Well this just mean how much people were trusting Rena now.
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If Jurina have blue and black blood, why she fight with blue bloods?
Well I really want to know who is big sis.
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Alright guys time for the next update! Now I know many of you are trying to guess who the big sister is and I'm not going to say who but I will say this. Rena is not Jurina's sister. Anyways hope you like the update!

Chapter 8

Rena's infection was now completely gone and everything was back to normal. She could now feed Jurina once more and so as soon as Jurina had fallen asleep Rena snuck in and gave her a large amount of her blood. Then to make sure the infection didn't come back, Rena dipped her bandage in some antidote and wrapped it around her arm tightly. Then she quickly left and when she walked outside she was surprised to see Yuki standing there. There was a dark look in her eyes despite the blank expression she wore. Rena was about to ask what was wrong but Yuki pushed her aside and left out the front doors. Rena didn't know what was going on but she decided to leave it be and try not to say anything. Instead she went down to Atsuko's room to see if she needed anything. She hadn't seen Atsuko out of her room in a couple days and wondered if she was doing alright. Opening the door Rena carefully looked inside to see a very tired and stressed Atsuko. It was obvious she had a lot of work since Jurina was still resting and then she had work of her own. Rena silently left and then came back with some apples and some water. She walked over and set the snacks down. Then she walked over to Atsuko and said,

"Ano.. Acchan? I think you should take a break."

"Break?? Take a break? There is no time for a break!" Atsuko shouted.

"You just seem so stressed and tired I thought-"

"You don't know anything! Now get out before I have your heart turned inside out!"

It was obvious that Atsuko was way too stressed and needed some relaxing time. Usually Rena would back away when people are like this but seeing the heavy bags under her eyes and the nonstop twitching of Atsuko's body she knew what Atsuko needed. Rena grabbed Atsuko's pen and threw it across the room in order to make her stop moving. Atsuko stood up and stared at Rena with a deadly look in her eyes. She placed her hand on Rena's chest and then her eyes turned black. Suddenly Rena felt a tight feeling in her chest growing tighter by the second. It was as if there was a snake wrapped around her heart strangling it with a tight squeeze. Rena grabbed Atsuko's hand and pushed it off her. The grip on her heart loosened and went back to it's normal heart rate. Atsuko was still furious but Rena had to be brave.

Atsuko grabbed Rena by the head and pulled her hair closer to her. Her eyes turned black once more and this time Rena felt like her brain was being crushed from the inside. Rena grabbed Atsuko's arm and looked at her with a deadly glare. She held her arm tightly and suddenly Rena felt something take over her body. As if a sudden burst of power had taken over Rena looked at Atsuko and when she saw Rena she immediately let go. Rena grabbed Atsuko and picked her up and then carried her over to the bed. She threw her onto it and said,

"Sleep now."

Atsuko shook her head and then got under the covers preparing to take a rest. Once she was asleep, Rena felt the power start to fade away. Once everything was back to normal, Rena decided to try to do some of Atsuko's work. She sat down and looked at the papers she was filling out but when she tried to start she only got confused. There were so many papers scattered all over her desk and Rena couldn't figure out where to start. She started to look around for papers that could help and instead found a small journal. She knew it was wrong but she wanted to see what was inside. Rena was expecting something like a diary but instead it was a story. Rena leaned back and began to read silently.

"Once upon a time there was a young girl who lived with her mother. Her father had died a long time ago and the girl never got a chance to meet him. The mother was a famous doctor who was known for curing all kinds of illnesses and injuries. She had a magical healing ability that made her famous and because she was so famous the mother was always gone and the girl would have to stay home alone. One day the girl was playing alone when there was a small pounding at the door. The little girl opened the door and was shocked to see a small girl around her age who was severally injured. Her side was bleeding badly and there were also cuts on her arms and legs. The young girl quickly took her inside and set her on the bed where she tried to figure out what to do.

The young girl had the same healing abilities as her mother but they weren't as strong as her mother. She didn't have time to think about it though because the girl was moaning in pain. Remembering what her mother had taught her, the young girl used all her abilities trying to heal the other girl's injuries. She managed to heal the scratches on her arms and legs but the one on her side was a major one. It took all the strength she had to finally be able to get the wound healed enough to where the girl's life wasn't in danger. However when she was done the girl passed out cold onto the ground tired from overusing her powers.

The next day the young girl woke up to the surprise of the girl who was hurt yesterday. She was away an staring at the young girl with curious eyes. Then she said,

"Thank you for saving me."

"It was no problem.." the young girl said.

There was an awkward moment of silence between the two for neither one knew what to say. The young girl couldn't believe how small the other girl was considering she was basically almost the same age. Since she didn't have a name, the girl decided to call the other girl chibi. chibi didn't mind it and actually liked the name she was given. Together chibi and the young girl became very close friends and bonded well. They would always play together and do fun things. For once the girl wasn't alone in the world when her mother was away. She never wanted her time with chibi to end. However one day the mother came home and she saw the young girl and chibi. The mother also saw the bloody bandages leftover on the bed. When she saw them she immediately panicked and pushed chibi back. She grabbed the girl and started to drag her away but she wouldn't let her. The girl struggled trying to get free but she had no use. Instead the mother pulled out a knife and pointed it at chibi threatening to kill her.

"Mommy no don't hurt chibi!"

The mother swung the knife and managed to cut chibi's arm. Chibi let out a cry and watched as her blue blood dripped onto the floor. The mother pushed her daughter aside and then started to run towards chibi. She was within striking range but before she had a chance to strike she felt something grab her. The mother looked down and saw her own daughter holding onto her leg.

"Mommy please don't! I'll be all alone again if you do this!"

The mother looked at her with disgust.

"You're such a weak child just like your father. You're pathetic!"

The mother started to beat her child with the butt of the knife trying to get her off. The girl's head started to bleed and eventually she let go of her mother. The mother started to move again but then she felt a grip on her ankle. She looked down and there was her daughter holding it. She was about to strike again but then the daughter looked up at the mother with black eyes and said,

"You're the weak one."

Then suddenly the mother's screamed in pain and clutched her chest as she fell to the floor. The daughter held onto her as the mother screamed louder and louder in pain. She started coughing up pools of blood until eventually she stopped moving. The mother was dead and all that was left was the girl and chibi. The girl looked over at chibi who had a terrified look on her face. When the young girl tried to reach out to her she started to back away.

"Nee what's wrong?"

She tried to get closer but chibi just kept backing away further and further.

"Please don't go! Don't leave me alone!"

The girl reached out and grabbed chibi's left arm. Then without even knowing it chibi's entire left arm exploded from the inside. Blood spread everywhere and chibi began to cry in pain as she saw the spot where her arm used to be. Seeing this the girl didn't know what to do but sit there and watch. Blue blood flowed out of the stub onto the ground and made a large puddle around the two. Suddenly chibi looked at the girl with angry eyes and then suddenly they turned blue. Using her one hand chibi pointed at the girl and suddenly the blue blood started to move towards her. The blood turned into a sharp needle and then stabbed the girl in the leg. Inside the girl could feel something moving inside her invading her body. She felt it move to her right leg and then suddenly her whole leg exploded. Black and blue blood mixed and now both girls were crying in pain. Eventually the young girl passed out from blood loss and when she woke up she found herself in a different room.

Turns out a woman who was traveling had found her and took her in. The woman told her that the blue blood she was with was gone as well. She treated her wounds but said that it was too late to try to reattach her leg. Therefore a new one was made for her and she went into apprenticeship with the medical doctor. There she learned many things about the medical world and used her training well. She was even there when the woman gave birth to her daughter. The girl grew and became a good doctor like her mother. Then one day when the kingdom was being attacked the girl saw a very familiar person who was leading the attack. She was very small but the girl emitted a lot of power. The girl also saw that the leader's left arm was fake. She wasn't certain for sure but then when she saw how she attacked  using her blood to get inside her enemies bodies and kill them that's how she knew. That leader was chibi the one she thought had died a long time ago."

That was the end of the story and there was nothing else written. Rena thought it was strange how there was no real ending. She put the book down and then quickly left the room before Atsuko woke up. She walked down towards Jurina's room to check on her and when she walked in she saw that she was still asleep. Rena was surprised at how long the young leader could sleep. Rena shut the door and decided that she would come back later and in the meantime she would go check on Yuki who seemed very upset earlier. Rena went to Yuki's room and didn't find her anywhere so she went down to Mayu's room and at first didn't see anything. Then suddenly she felt something pull her in and the door slam shut behind her. A single candle light flickered on and there standing in front of her was Mayu. There was something about Mayu that seemed very off and Rena thought that there was something wrong.

Mayu reached down and grabbed Rena and pulled her up. She then held her scythe against Rena's neck and said,

"Nee your face is really pretty.. Mind if I take it?"

"Mayu no!"

Yuki ran in and pulled Rena out of Mayu's hand and then pulled out a sword. She pushed Rena out of the room and told her to stay there. Rena quickly ran away straight to Jurina's room and shut the door. Jurina woke up and saw how scared Rena was and asked,

"What's wrong Rena?"

"I-It's nothing.."

"Well just calm down. Come here."

Rena sat next to Jurina who pulled her in for a hug and then said,

"How about I read you a story?"


Jurina pulled out another book and then began to read the story,

"Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a large castle. The princess was spoiled beyond any person on the planet getting everything she wanted. Everyone loved the princess for her kindness and beauty that she had possessed. She was idolized by everyone in her kingdom and everything seemed perfect. However one day the princess required a certain item but her parents said she could not have it. As soon as they had said that the princess threw a fit and started to scream at her parents. Having no choice the parents locked the princess in her room hoping it would help her calm down. Eventually she did and so she was going to sneak out and apologize to her parents. However right as she was about to enter the room she heard her mother and father talking about her.

"I can't take anymore of this!" the queen said.

"I know dear but please just wait a little longer." the king said.

"I can't take that stupid whiney brat anymore. When are we going to get rid of her?!"

"Soon. I found someone who is interested and is willing to take her in. We're getting over a hundred million yen for her!"

"That's wonderful! Soon she'll be out of our hands once and for all!"

The princess ran back into her room and began to cry. She couldn't believe that her parents were going to sell her and get rid of her. The princess thought that her parents no longer loved her and therefore they were going to get rid of her. The princess cried and cried as her heart grew darker and darker. Dark images floated in the princess's mind and slowly that kindness changed into cruel hatred. The princess wished she could fight but she had nothing to defend herself. She didn't have any weapons let alone how to use one. She also knew the men would probably overpower her and she would lose for sure. All seemed hopeless for the princess but then suddenly she felt a small tap on her arm. The princess looked up and was surprised to see her teddy bear staring at her alive and full of life.

"Please don't cry princess. I'll protect you." the teddy bear said.

"How can you?" the princess said.

"You brought me to life princess and now I will defend you with my life."

The teddy bear raised its arm and a small blade came out. The princess was very surprised at first but then an idea slowly started to from in her mind. There were literally mountains of stuffed animals that she had obtained from her parents. The princess started to think that maybe she could put the stuffed animals to use. That night the princess and the teddy bear worked together to create an indestructible army that would protect the princess from anything. Then the next day when the king and queen came in trying to take away the princess they were killed by an army of stuffed animals. They took over the whole castle killing everyone inside leaving only the princess the sole ruler of the kingdom. The princess lived in happiness with her stuffed animals until one day the kingdom was attacked by a very powerful woman. All of the stuffed animals were destroyed and all that was left was the princess. The woman walked over to the princess who was cowering behind a pillow and said,

"You have a very impressive power. How would you like to come with me and use that power to create more new things? I'll be happy to get you whatever you want just come with me."

The princess accepted the woman's invitation and was brought to a castle much bigger than hers. The princess was happy living with the woman and when the woman had a baby girl she was even more excited. She saw the daughter as her little sister and knew that she was going to have all kinds of fun dressing her up and playing games. The princess had found a new home and has lived there ever since happily."

"Wah what a nice story." Rena said.

"Un I like this one very much but there's one more I want to show you." Jurina said.

"When will you show me?"

"Maybe tomorrow for now though I want to ask are you feeling better?"

"Yes I'm fine. Thank you for showing me that story."

"That's good. Then why don't you tell me what happened that made you so frightened?"

Rena explained what had happened and Jurina listened closely. She nodded her head and then looked at Rena and said,

"Mayu must be going through her regression period again."

"Regression period?"

"Yes you see sometimes Mayu gets flashbacks of her past that we had originally tried to erase but sometimes they come back and Mayu acts a little strange. It's just best if you stay clear of her for now if you want to stay alive. Last time she acted out she almost killed Tomochin."

"What exactly happened to Mayu that caused such an awful thing?"

"Bad things that I don't want to talk about so I would suggest you stay out of it and let Yuki handle it ok?"


"Good then let's get going to bed."

Jurina slept easily and Rena fed her before going to bed herself. Then just as she was about to sleep she worried about Yuki hoping that she would be alright. She didn't know what she usually does to keep Mayu calm but she hoped that she would be alright. From what it sounds like it appears that Mayu was turned into some kind of monster and Yuki is the only one who can tame her. Rena feared for Yuki's safety but Jurina reassured her that she would be alright if she let it be. However Rena had other plans for the two sisters plans that she wasn't even sure about herself but she was going to go through with it not matter what.

Wah next chapter we're going to take a look into the Mayuki sister world! Look forward to the next update!
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The story that Rena read to Jurina is about Tomochin, right??  :?

What happen with Mayu?? Hope she's okay..

Can't wait for the next chapter...
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Lots of small stories at a few chapter here and there.

Like legends... so whose past were they talking about now....Tomochin...?

Still wondering who is this blue blood daughter that the black blood had?

And Rena is not the sister... Who is it then...? Yuko?

Can't wait to find out more...

Thank you for the update

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Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful fic. I grow more and more curious with every chapter that you write.

I really love how you put the background/past of the characters through the stories that Rena reads from the books in the palace.

The wheelchair was epic. I thought Rena was going to carry Jurina around. I guess nobody had thought to invent such machinery during their time. That or nobody gets paralyzed anymore so wheelchairs aren't needed anymore.

I'll be anticipating the upcoming chapters.
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I feel sorry for Maeda, because she couldn't control her power.
I want to know what J wants to show to Rena.
J better should start walk soon, I don't like when Rena give her so much of her blood.
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Well here's the next update! I'm sorry if it seems short but with classes and all I've been really busy so sorry guys hope you like it!

Chapter 9

The next morning Rena woke up bright and early. She went into Yuki's room who was still sleeping and grabbed her sword. Before leaving Rena stopped and saw that Yuki had several cuts and scratches on her arms. Mayu must be really wild if she is able to do damage like that. To make sure Yuki stayed asleep Rena slid some sleeping medicine into Yuki so she would stay asleep for another four hours. That should give her plenty of time to go handle Mayu down in the dungeon. Once Rena was sure that Yuki was asleep, Rena made her way down to the dungeon. Rena saw that she wasn't in her usual room and wondered where she had gone. Following a trail of black blood, Rena walked down a long corridor all the way to a separate room. When she opened the door she was welcomed with the sight of a man's arm being torn off and blood spreading across the walls.

"Wha.. What is this??"

"That is Mayu when she's having her regression period."

Rena looked over and saw Tomochin standing to the side watching.

"What Yuki does is lock her in this room and then throw in random prisoners for her to slaughter. Honestly it's a very gruesome scene so we usually just leave her down there." she said.

"For how long?"

"The longest was a week but sometimes she can go longer. We just let her vent out all her anger and when she's done we let her out."

"Can't you do something?"

"Usually Yuki or mistress do something about it but recently Yuki has been unable to and because of mistress's injuries she can't do anything. All we can do is wait."

"Does she turn out ok?"

"Well sometimes she tries to hurt herself and that's when Yuki steps in to stop her but because she isn't here we don't know what will happen. Last time she tried to chop off her legs."

"Well I won't let that happen. Watch out for me Tomochin."

Rena walked in and watched as Mayu continued to dismember the man's body. The man's head was later cut off and rolled over to Rena. Looking up, she saw Mayu tearing into the body of the dead man and ripping out body parts. She was giggling and laughing as she stretched out the intestines until they snapped. Rena thought she was going to puke at the mere sight but she had to swallow and face the monster that was Mayu. Being distracted with the bodies, Rena easily snuck her way over to Mayu and crept up closer and closer. Then right as Rena was about to pounce on Mayu, Mayu suddenly spun around and kicked her sending her flying back. Rena slammed into the wall and when she look up she saw that Mayu wasn't the same as she usually was. Her eyes were a dark black but with a white ring in the middle. It was very strange to see and it was something that Rena herself had never seen before. Mayu stared at Rena with those piercing eyes glaring at her. Then she grabbed her scythe and looked over at her. She smiled and said,

"Have you come for death as well?"

Rena quickly got back up and pulled out Yuki's sword. Mayu grinned and then stepped forward swinging her scythe towards Rena's head. Rena moved out of the way just in time before Mayu had stuck and crashed into the wall. Rena quickly got back up and then moved in for an attack. Little did Rena realize that Yuki's sword was a very strange sword. When she tried to strike the blade bended and almost cut her. Every time Rena swung it was as if the blade did not want to attack and instead tried to attack her. Having no choice she threw the blade and watched it crash into the wall. Then she rolled away to avoid another attack from Mayu who almost took off her arm. She pulled out a chain that she had kept hidden in her skirt and had a plan to try to help Mayu. Her first plan was to get her to stop moving so she pulled up her skirt and let a bunch of tiny pellets fall onto the ground.


The pellets went off filling the room with black smoke. Mayu couldn't see Rena coming at her and didn't know where. When Rena was close enough she sprung forward and was about to grab her but she stopped abruptly when she heard the swoosh of the scythe. She had stopped just in time as the glow of the blade passed right by her neck. Rena fell back as the blade swung again right across her midsection just barely hitting. Quickly shuffling over to the opposite side Rena then kicked Mayu in the ankle knocking her over. She then got on top of her and started to chain Mayu up preventing her from moving. She kicked the scythe far away from her and when the smoke cleared Rena could clearly see Mayu tied up. She was growling and snarling but Rena wasn't afraid. Mayu tried to bite Rena but instead she pulled Mayu up and then hugged her tightly. Mayu started to scream louder. Rena held her tigher and said,

"It's ok Mayu! Just forget everything!"

Mayu screamed and suddenly Rena saw a strange image in her head. She saw a flash of a little girl get taken away from a man. She saw the little girl get thrown into a dark room with no food or water for days. Then on the day the man threw another person into the cell he said to her,

"That is your food."

He also threw in a single knife and locked the door. Rena watched in horror as the two fought over the knife and the the little girl got it first. She killed the person and to Rena's disgust the little girl ate the person. When the man came back and saw the girl gnawing on the bone covered in blood he smiled a wicked smile. He pulled the girl out of her cage and threw her a weapon. He told her she was going to kill those people because they had food. Like instinct the girl went berserk and killed them all instantly. For a long time the girl did nothing but kill and listen to the man as if she was his pet. Then one day the man came across another girl who claimed to be the little girl's sister. The sister agreed to join him as long as they could be together. The man agreed and took her in. There Rena watched the man brand the girl with the mark of a skull.

As Rena was watching all this she soon realized that this was the exact same thing as the story her and Jurina once read. That story must have been about Mayu and Yuki! Rena watched many painful memories of Mayu being tormented by the man for his own amusement while all Yuki could do was sit there and do nothing. He was making both of them suffer and Rena could only watch in horror. Mayu was screaming and crying and Rena just couldn't stand it. Rena ran forward and grabbed the young Mayu holding her close.

"It's ok Mayu! No one is going to hurt you anymore. You're safe.."

Mayu kept screaming and crying and Rena just kept holding her tightly.

"Remember the good times Mayu! Remember you're not alone Mayu!"

Mayu suddenly started to see a time when Yuki had protected her from the man when he was going to beat her. She was hurt so badly that she had been knocked out for days and barely breathing. No matter what though Yuki had held onto her never letting go and protecting her little sister. Then she saw the moment the man was killed and the woman took the two in. She saw the moment Jurina was born and they got to hold the baby. She saw Mayu meet Atsuko and Tomochin as well. Suddenly Rena felt something warm on her shoulder and when she looked down she saw Mayu was now calm and was crying. Rena saw a particular scene where Mayu would have nightmares and every time Yuki would hold her close and wouldn't let her go. Mayu would cry and cry as Yuki would kiss her and soothe the frightened girl.

Suddenly Rena felt a tap on her shoulder and when she looked over she saw Yuki staring at her. She asked her to move so she did and Yuki quickly took Rena's place. Mayu held onto Yuki as she held her kissing her and stroking her hair telling her everything was going to be alright. At that moment Rena saw on both Mayu and Yuki's shoulders, the scar of the brand mark from long ago. They really were the two sisters from the story and Rena couldn't help but feel so sorry for the two. However out of nowhere Rena was pulled back and the door was shut. Tomochin looked at her with a strange grin and then gave her the thumbs up.

"Not bad Rena not bad."


"By the way that thing with Yuki's sword. I made it specially for her. It's bonded to her and anyone else who tries to use it will be killed."

"I see.. Well I'm glad I got rid of it then."

"Yeah you're lucky you did."

With that Tomochin left Rena and Rena went back up to Jurina's room. Jurina was still sleeping so Rena decided to feed her quickly and then an hour later Atsuko came in to run some more tests. Today Jurina was able to take a couple steps at a time with the help of a cane but not very long. She was making progress though and pretty soon she'll be able to walk which will be a great thing for Jurina. When Atsuko left Jurina said that she wanted Rena to take her somewhere. When she asked where she told Rena that she wanted to go the forest. Rena took Jurina to the forest where she led her to a river. The weather was very lovely which made the lake look beautiful. Rena pushed Jurina as close to the water as she could and then the two sat together staring at the water.

"It's very beautiful." Rena said.

"Un I would come here all the time with my mother." Jurina said.

"Did you ever swim?"

"Nope. I was too young and I didn't know how."

"Well when you get better how about we go swimming and I'll teach you how to swim?"



"Wah thank you Rena-chan!!"

As the two were talking Rena suddenly saw something running towards them. It looked like a ball of light coming straight towards them. The ball ran across the river and was heading towards Jurina. Thinking it was going to hit her Rena stood in front of her and protect her. Just as the ball was going to hit it stopped and the ball faded. Instead a girl with short hair stood in front of Rena with a bright smile.

"Delivery for Matsui Jurina!" she said happily.

"What is it now Sae?" Jurina said.

"Message from Yuko-san!"

The one called Sae handed Jurina a note and then looked at Rena.

"Miyazawa Sae! Nice to meet you~"

She looked at Rena with a strange look and Jurina quickly became irritated.

"Get out of her Sae. Can't you see we're trying to relax?"

"Hai gomen! See ya later sweety~"

Sae's eyes glowed bright blue and then she turned into that ball of light that ran off incredibly fast. Jurina opened up the note and then began to read. When she finished the note she crumpled up the paper and then threw it away.

"What was it?"

"Apparently the leader of the blue bloods is requesting a meeting. She's coming over in two days." Jurina said.

"What does she want?"

"Don't know but we'll find out eventually. Anyways I don't wanna worry about it so take me back."

"Hai mistress."

Rena took Jurina back to the castle where she went back to bed to rest. Meanwhile Rena went to Yuki's room to check on her and found her and Mayu sleeping soundly. Yuki thanked Rena for doing what she did and then Rena informed Yuki on what was happening in two days. Yuki understood and so Rena left the two to be alone. She went to Tomochin's room and told her and she seemed like she didn't really care at all. When she finally went to Atsuko's room and told her Atsuko almost jumped out of her chair and ran over to Rena.

"Yuko is coming?!" she asked.

"Yes?" Rena said.

Atsuko stepped back and started to mumble to herself. Listening closely Rena was able to hear what she was saying.

"Yuko's coming tomorrow which means.. she's coming. I have to prepare!"

Atsuko pushed Rena out and then shut the door. Rena didn't know what was going on but guessing on her reaction something told her that the meeting was going to be very interesting. It looked like everyone was looking forward to the meeting and all Rena could do was wait. She herself had no idea so she hoped nothing would go bad. Jurina was still in no condition to fight and that worried Rena. Therefore she had no choice but to think of a plan on what to do incase things go bad. Sadly Rena didn't have that much time to think because Jurina called her again needing her. Rena got ready to head off when a small thought came to her mind when Atsuko was talking to herself.

"Who is she..?"

Wanna know what happens at the meeting? Find out next time!
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Atsuko will meet Takamina...  :shocked

What will happen next??

Update soon, please... :bow:
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Atsuminaaaaaaaa!!! I want kojiyuu too >w<

waiting for the next one C:
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Yuko is going to demand the release of Haruna next, isn't she?

Minami is going to come next?

Would they get some adventure or fight?

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

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Lol, Sae is hitting on Rena, I can already see Jurina's jealousy sparking. Possessive Jurina is just so fun ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
I love your fast and consistent updates, they supply me with the WMatsui I crave <3
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Whoa I really look forward to this meeting.
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ahh atsuko will meet takamina again yeah :twothumbs
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Minna! It's time for the 2 part chapter! Let's see what happens at the meeting shall we~? Hope you like it and enjoy!

Chapter 10 part 1

The day came when the meeting was going to be held and so everyone prepared to head out to the designated place of meeting. Before leaving Jurina had Mayu set up a trap so that if anyone were to try to break into the palace they would be killed immediately. Mayu had summoned strange stone guardians and dead bodies as well. Tomochin also activated some of her traps as well as Atsuko. Yuki used some her power and left part of her shadow behind somehow and so it turned into her only it was a more Black figure. Once everything was set they headed off to the meeting place that was supposedly somewhere in the woods far from the two palaces. On the way there Rena noticed that everyone was pretty calm. Atsuko on the other hand also seemed very anxious. She would sometimes walk ahead of everyone else and Jurina would have to call her back to make sure she doesn't get too far ahead. Rena pushed Jurina along the path following Yuki who was leading the way. She remembered some of the woods back on the day they first found Rena and took her away. That day wasn't too long ago so Rena started to wonder how the house was. She started to remember the path way back up to her house as she walked through the familiar woods. Perhaps she would go up and visit if possible.

Eventually they made it to the meeting place which was a large house in the middle of the woods. The gates opened upon their arrival and so Rena walked in almost welcomed. They moved inside where there was a main hall like the one back at the palace. Suddenly a cat came out and sat in front of Jurina. The cat was purring and moving its tail almost happy to see Jurina. The cat turned around and then started to walk to another set of doors. Jurina instructed Rena to follow the cat and so she did into a large room with a circular table. There sitting at one end was Sayaka and Sae. Rena had recognized them but there were two others she did not know. There was one empty chair and there was also a girl who was sitting there with her hands folded. She looked very small for a person her age but what really fascinated Rena was the fact that the girl's arm was made of metal.

There was a big chair sitting in the middle of the group and when Rena saw her she could have sworn she was the girl from the dream she had. The dream with Jurina being killed. The girl had the same brown hair and short figure. When she smiled Rena saw two buck teeth that were similar to a squirrels. Everyone sat down and then Rena watched the cat walk over to the empty chair and sit in it. Soon after she transformed into Mariko who Rena had thought wasn't there. Jurina didn't make eye contact with the girl in the middle but the girl was definitely staring at Jurina. The room was silent for no one was talking let alone moving an inch. However Rena could feel the tension in the room for when she looked at the others they were all staring at each other. Atsuko was staring at the short girl, Yuki was staring at Sae, Mayu was staring at Mayu was staring at Mariko and Tomochin was staring at Sayaka. Rena didn't know what was going on but it appeared to be some sort of long time rivalry. For a long time no one spoke until suddenly the one in the middle said,

"So you got a new toy Jurina?"

"She's not a toy. Her name is Rena." Jurina said.

"Well it's nice to meet you Rena. My name is Oshima Yuko and I am the leader of the Blue bloods."

Rena bowed and Yuko smiled and then said,

"This one seems to have manners. Much better than your last one. Rena you've already met Sayaka, Mariko and Sae. Let me introduce you to Takahashi Minami. She's one of our leading medics in the Blue kingdom."

Yuko pointed to the small girl with the metal arm and that's when Rena realized this was the one that could turn her blood into a weapon. Her arm also reminded her of the story that she had read about the girl who couldn't control her powers. However Atsuko didn't have a metal leg from as far as Rena could tell. Her leg seemed pretty normal to Rena. Yuko looked at Jurina and said,

"Jurina I know you're holding her in your kingdom. Surrender her now or face the consequences." Yuko glared at Jurina as she finished her sentence.

"I told you I don't have her Yuko." Jurina said calmly.

"I know you do."

"I'm telling you I don't Yuko and the more you ask the more time you waste. You and I both know she left because of that fight you two had."

Suddenly Yuko's expression turned to a very angry one and she banged the table with her fist. Jurina simply smiled easily and rested her head on one head. Rena could see the others getting ready to fight each other and she knew this wouldn't be good. She had to think of something to calm everyone down and only one thing came to her mind.

"N-nee minna let's have some tea!"

Rena quickly rushed to the kitchen and grabbed some cups. She then quickly made some tea with the herbs that the kitchen had and then carried all the cups in on the tray. She placed a cup in front of everyone and then walked back over to Jurina. Yuko took the cup and sniffed it and then looked over at Sayaka. Sayaka held her cup of tea close to her nose and took a sniff of it. She looked over at Yuko and said,

"It's clean."

Yuko took a small sip and her anger disappeared and a happy face appeared on her face.

"Wah this is really good! Minna try it!"

Everyone took a sip and all nodded in agreement as they continued to drink.

"You're quite a good cook Rena. I must say this is far better than the tea back home. How would you like to come with me to the Blue Kingdom?"

"Back off Yuko she's mine!"

Jurina glared at Yuko who only giggled and said,

"Relax~ I was just kidding Jurina relax."

Jurina eased a little but was still cautious of Yuko's words. When everyone finished their tea Yuko said she wanted everyone to hang out for a while since it had only been and hour and she wanted to relax a little bit. Therefore everyone split up where Mayu and Yuki went with Sayaka and Sae while Tomochin and Mariko went their own way. Atsuko and Minami went somewhere else as well and Jurina and Yuko went somewhere else as well. Rena was on her own and didn't know exactly what to do so she decided to make dinner since the others were going to stay for a while. Rena searched the kitchen and found some ingredients for a dish she knew how to cook. One of the main ingredients she was missing though was a boar which she knew would be too hard to handle. Rena knew that she was going to need help so she decided to try to ask one of the blue bloods for help. Rena walked over to Sae and Sayaka to go hunt a boar for her. They eventually agreed and headed off into the woods. Once that was done Rena started to prepare a soup that would be served with the dish. She cut up potatoes, carrots, lettuce, onion, tomatoes, leek, and other vegetables. She added some spices for flavor and when Sayaka and Sae got back, Rena skinned and gutted the pig and then placed it over the fire to cook.

"Yosh! Now that that's done.."

Rena knew it was going to be a while so she decided to leave the food to cook for a couple hours and in the meantime go exploring around the house. It certainly was a very interesting home since she had never seen it before. She walked down the halls and into many beautiful rooms. There was one room she came across that was very strange for a home. The room looked like something for a a little girl. The bed was small and there were plushies everywhere with pink ribbons on the bed posts and flowers painted on the walls. Rena walked over to a dresser where there was a single picture of a little girl. When she looked at it she realized that it was the same girl she had the picture of. This was Jurina's sister which means this was her sister's room when she was young. Rena started to look around for more clues but was soon interrupted when she heard noise outside. She looked out through a crack in the door and saw Atsuko and Minami. They looked like they were talking about something so Rena stood behind the door listening.

"It's been a while nee Minami?" Atsuko said.

"Yes it has.." Minami said.

"How have you been?"
"Fine.. You?"


The two were silent for a while. Both of them were moving awkwardly side to side. Then Atsuko walked over to Minami and suddenly hugged the smaller girl holding her tightly.

"I missed you so much.."

"Get away from me!"

Minami pushed Atsuko away and then said,

"Atsuko stop it. You and I can't be together. Not after what you did to me..."

"Minami I'm sorry. We were kids and I couldn't control my powers. I can now so please Minami.. can't we be together?"

"No Atsuko. You are a black blood and I'm a blue. We can't."


"I'm sorry Atsuko. It was nice seeing you again."

Minami walked away and Atsuko ran off crying. If what happened in the story was true then Atsuko really did destroy Minami's arm. She felt bad for Atsuko because it was obvious that she really loved Minami. Rena started to think about the things she just said and then Rena came up with a plan that would surly work. With that she ran off and began her plan to get Minami and Atsuko back together. When dinner time came around Rena had everyone gather back into the dining room. There she served the food and everyone ate happily.

"You are really good at cooking Rena!" Yuko said as she ate some more boar.

"Thank you.." Rena said shyly.

As everyone was eating Rena walked over to Atsuko and leaned over to grab a plate. At that moment Rena whispered something very hurtful to Atsuko. Atsuko looked at her with disbelief and Rena just smiled evilly and walked back over to Jurina. A couple minutes later Rena walked over to Atsuko again and did the same thing making it more hurtful. Atsuko glared at Rena who only stuck out her tongue and walked away. When dinner was over Rena collected the plates and then brought out some water for everyone. When she made it over to Atsuko instead of setting her glass on the table, she dumped the water directly onto Atsuko's head. This caused everyone to stare in shock as the water continued to be dumped onto Atsuko. When the water was gone Atsuko quickly pushed Rena onto the table and wrapped her hand around Rena's neck. Her eyes started to turn black and Rena could feel pressure on her neck start to tighten. It felt as if her throat was being twisted on the inside squeezed so no air could come out. During her struggle Rena managed to say one word,


When she heard it Atsuko changed back to normal and let go. Everyone was surprised to see Atsuko able to stop the destruction midway because usually it was extremely difficult for her. Atsuko backed away and then ran away from the others. Soon after Minami got up and followed her. Once Rena assured everything was ok she went to go see if Minami and Atsuko were ok. She found them talking to each other outside so Rena hid in some bushes and waited. She could hear them talking about what had happened just moments before.

"That was incredible Atsuko. You managed to control your powers." Minami said.

"I told you I could.." Atsuko said.

"I was wrong about you Atsuko. You have grown."

"Un.. So can I.. hold you?"

"Yes Atsuko."

Atsuko ran to Minami and pulled her in for a tight hug. She started to cry and cry as she held onto the smaller one. She kept saying how sorry she was and how much she missed her. Minami simply smiled and patted her head. Minami kept telling Atsuko that it was ok and she had forgiven her a long time ago. She wiped away Atsuko's tears and then suddenly Atsuko held Minami's arm. She took it and placed it on her thigh moving it up towards her hips. At first Minami was blushing but then she quickly changed when she felt something odd. Rena watched as Minami grabbed a piece of thread and pulled it. As soon as she did she saw the skin on Atsuko's leg start to come off. Minami pulled down a little more and under the moon light Rena could see the reflection of Atsuko's metal leg. It was then Rena realized that Atsuko used fake skin to cover up her fake leg. Minami herself was taken back and then Atsuko said,

"I too remember that day Minami and at one point I was afraid to touch you. However the more I thought about it the more I realized that I love you Minami. I want to hold you forever in my arms and never let you go."

Minami didn't say anything. Instead she kissed Atsuko and said,

"I love you too."

At that moment Rena knew her work was done and then quickly went back inside the house. She cleaned up the mess everyone had left and then went to check on Jurina. When she walked in she saw that she wasn't anywhere in the meeting room. She walked towards the main hall and that's when she was surprised to see Jurina on the floor and Yuko on top of her with a sword pointed at her neck. She looked as if she was about to kill her but then Jurina looked at her and said,

"Are you really going to kill me Yuko? Are you really going to kill your little sister?"

So will Yuko really do it? Find out next time in part 2!
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Rena u are the best  :twothumbs

wowowowo I DIDN'T expected  that end, I didn't expected jurina knows about her sister....
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Atsumina finally together..

Yuko is really Jurina's sister

Can't wait for the next chapter...

Update soon, please... :bow:
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So Yuko is Jurina's sister...

Yeah... Atsumina... together at last...

Rena is a good matchmaker...

What's going to happen next?

Would Yuko injured Jurina?

Would Rena stop Yuko from hurting Jurina?

Would Yuko be able to get Haruna back?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Eh Yuko will not kill Jurina.
So complicated family :sweatdrop:
At least Atsuko and Minami are together. :)
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Sorry I haven't been keeping up on the updates. School just started and all.

And wow~ lot of stuff happened and J is still on wheelchair.

And seems like Rena need to apologize to Acchan. I'm curious of what she whispered to Acchan though. XD

The meeting is more friendly than I thought.

PS: Aren't you making Rena abit too badass lately despite doesn't know how to fight. ^^' Surely there's no way she can handle maniac Mayu. Not saying badass Rena is bad but it just doesn't seem right. ^^'
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Sorry it took me a while guys but here's part two! Enjoy!

Chapter 10 part 2

Rena couldn't believe what Jurina had just said. She basically stated that Yuko was her older sister. She was the one who she saw in the pictures and maybe even the one in the dream. It was incredible and very hard to believe that the two were sisters despite looking nothing alike. Still baffled by the thought Rena almost forgot that Yuko was still standing over Jurina with a sword to her neck. She was afraid that if she moved then Yuko would slice Jurina's throat so she had no choice but to stand by and watch. Everyone was still fearing that if they tried Yuko really would try to kill Jurina. The atmosphere was tense as there wasn't a single movement between everyone. Then suddenly Yuko pulled her sword back and said,

"No I'm not Jurina however next time you make a smart comment about Haruna like that I'll seriously do it."

Yuko stood up and turned to the others.

"You have three days to comply to my demands. If you do not return Haruna we will attack."

With that Yuko and her group left leaving Jurina alone with the others. Rena rushed to Jurina's side and helped her up into the chair. They all quickly left and went back to the palace where all the traps were still there untouched. Everyone disarmed their traps and then walked in freely without any worries. After a long day like that all everyone wanted to do was rest. Jurina on the other hand said she wanted to be alone for a while so she locked herself in her room and wanted no one to disturb her. Seeing that Rena had nothing to do, Tomochin offered to invite Rena in and they could hang out for a while. The two sat on the bed while Tomochin braided Rena's hair. As she was sitting there quietly Rena noticed there was a picture of Tomochin when she was a little girl. There was also another girl with her and so Rena asked,

"Who's that?"

"Ah that's me and the girl next to me is Kasai who's my little sister." Tomochin said.

"You have a little sister?"

"Well I had one..."

Rena figured out that Tomochin's sister was no longer with her and felt bad for asking about it.

"When we were little we lived in this huge house and we were the princess's of our own kingdom. Then one day our parents tried to sell us and so we protected ourselves. It was around that time I discovered my powers and it was very powerful. Kasai had a power as well but she couldn't control it very well back then so she didn't use it. I was able to turn anything I wanted into a weapon and so I had created an army out of all the things I had. Together Kasai and I stayed held up in that castle for many years. However one day someone managed to get through our wall. It was a very strong and powerful woman who destroyed my army. That woman was Jurina's mother. In the end I thought we were going to die but then she said she that she could protect us. Therefore we went with her and we were happy for a long time. However one day we were ambushed and I watched Kasai die right before my eyes. To make things worse we had to run so I couldn't even take her body home. I was forced to leave her there and when I tried to go back to claim her body it was gone. A fire was started and all the remains in that area burned there. Because of that I've never been able to bring her home."

"That's terrible.."

"Yeah but I've moved past from all of it. Yeah it was sad but I'm not a huge over react kind of person. I just mourn for a little bit and then move on. That's all I can do you know?"

"Wow Tomochin you're very strong."

"Thanks. I do my best because everyone is so strong here so I just have to be stronger."

"That's the spirit! Move forward and stay strong!"

Rena tried to do a little leader pose but failed and Tomochin laughed. She patted Rena's head and said,

"For a servant you sure are strange. I'm surprised you've lasted this long."

Rena was about to say something else but then suddenly there was a loud thud outside the palace. Rena looked out the window and saw a puff of smoke coming from the village. Tomochin and the others went to go investigate and when they walked in they saw a strange figure in all black. Her head was covered with a strange helmet and her arms were tied back. She was struggling to break free of her binds but instead was destroying part of the village. Yuki quickly ran behind her and tried to hold her back but she was nearly thrown off. Mayu tried to stop her as well but all her attacks were deflected by some strange force. Tomochin stepped up and was about to attack when suddenly she had to back up from the figure's strange attack. Like a wild animal the figure charged towards Tomochin who could only block her with a wall of stone. That didn't seem to work though for the figure broke through and smashed into Tomochin. Tomochin held onto her but then suddenly the figure went right through Tomochin's arms and then stood up once again.

"No way.. this power..."

"Tomochin look out!"

The figure had stuck her arm through a rock and then swung it and hit Tomochin right in the head. Tomochin stepped back and then when the figure tried to strike again she held her one arm and then grabbed the figure's helmet. Long brown hair flowed out and a female's face appeared. Tomochin looked in surprise and said,


When the woman saw Tomochin she stopped and said,




Tomochin pulled the one called Kasai in for a tight hug and the two started crying. Everyone was in shock but they all clearly knew what had just happened. Tomochin had just found her little sister Kasai. Thrilled with finding her sister she started to cry with tears of joy and didn't want to leave the spot they were in. Yuki and Mayu had to help the two sisters move back to the palace where the two finally calmed down and then Tomochin introduced Chiyuu to everyone. Rena thought that Chiyuu was a very nice girl. Her voice was something that was a lot higher pitched but very cute. She was very girly like her sister and apparently Chiyuu's power was the ability to move through objects. When she moves through them she can cause them to explode as well. It was a dangerous power which is why she didn't use it when she was little. The two ran off to Tomochin's room where they got a lot of catching up to do.

Overall Rena was happy and decided to go tell Jurina the good news since she had been in her room the whole time. She walked upstairs and slowly opened the door where she saw Jurina was resting in the bed. She seemed asleep but the blankets weren't on her. Rena thought she should fix that so she walked in and made her way over to Jurina. She grabbed the blanket and pulled it over Jurina and then then tucked her in carefully. Rena was about to leave but then suddenly Jurina grabbed Rena and pulled her into the bed. Holding her tightly Jurina was squeezing Rena as if she was holding onto something for dear life and when Rena looked at Jurina she was surprised to see tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Please don't leave me mama.."

Rena realized that she must have been having a nightmare about her mother. Jurina's mother did die when she was younger so she could understand why she would still have dreams like this. Rena managed to free her arm from Jurina and move it up to her head where she started to calm the crying girl. Rena leaned closer to Jurina to the point where they were touching foreheads and Jurina was still crying and holding onto Rena. The grip grew even tighter when she was having a scary moment and it was almost painful. Then instantly Jurina let go and Rena was finally able to breathe again. When she realized that Rena was in the same room as her Jurina glared at her with a mean gaze.

"What are you doing here?" she asked harshly.

"Well I thought you were cold so I came in to put the blankets on you.." Rena said nervously.

"I told everyone not to disturb me.."

"I'm sorry mistress I was just worried that's all. I also wanted to tell you that Tomochin's sister has returned."

Jurina sat straight up and said,


Jurina ordered Rena to get her out of the bed and take her down to Tomochin's room. They entered the room where Tomochin and Chiyuu were laying on the bed together. Jurina quickly grabbed Chiyuu and pulled her away from Tomochin. Tomochin tried to take her back but Jurina ordered her to stand down. She looked at Chiyuu for a long time as if she was analyzing her. Chiyuu looked at Jurina there standing in fear. Then Jurina let go and said,

"She is not allowed to leave this room. Understand?"

Tomochin nodded her head and then after that Rena had to take her back up to her room. Once that was over she came back down to make sure Tomochin and Chiyuu were alright. Rena wasn't sure what had just happened but it much not be good. She thought about going after her but Tomochin told her to stay and talk for a while.

"What do you think that was about?" Tomochin asked while holding her sister.

"I don't know but it was very odd." Rena said.

"Mou does she hate me or something?" Chiyuu asked.

"I don't think so. I think I'll talk to her later but in the meantime Chiyuu what happened all these years? Where were you?"

"Well after the ambush I thought I had died but turns out I was alive. I woke up after everyone had left and so I was on my own. I was saved by a group of travelers who happened to pass by. They took care of me and healed me for and during that time I had lost my memory. I lived with them for many years but then a war lord came and killed everyone. He took me and used me as his little pet and it was awful. Today I had escaped from him and now here I am happy to be with my big sis again~"

Chiyuu hugged Tomochin who was happier than ever and the two enjoyed the sisterly bonding. The bonding time was interrupted by a loud growl coming from Chiyuu's stomach. Looks like she was hungry so Tomochin got up to go get some food. Rena and Chiyuu sat there silently waiting for her to return. During that time Rena noticed something very odd. Chiyuu was staring at Rena with a very strange gaze. It was as if she was looking through her up and down and all around. Rena started to feel very uncomfortable with Chiyuu's gaze and wanted Tomochin to hurry up. Finally Tomochin came back and brought some snacks for everyone. Together they ate and Chiyuu was no longer staring Rena which made her feel somewhat relieved. When they finished they continued to talk more until suddenly something fell and hit Chiyuu. It was a dagger that was hanging from the wall next to her and so Chiyuu grabbed it to try to put it away.

Chiyuu pulled back and let out a yelp when she realized that the blade had cut her. Tomochin immediately reacted and tried to help her sister. However she refused to help and said that she was fine and handle it herself. Tomochin said she was going to leave to get some bandages so she left. Rena wanted to try to help as well so she grabbed Chiyuu's arm and tried to see the wound. Chiyuu reacted and pushed Rena back away from her. Rena looked at her with surprise but then she saw something very shocking. Through the spaces between her fingers, Rena could see the tiniest speck of blue coming from Chiyuu's wound. She didn't see it for long because Chiyuu covered it good and then when Tomochin came back she bandaged the rest herself. Everything went back to normal but for Rena she thought something was very suspicious of Chiyuu. Not wanting to talk about it Rena quickly left the room and went down to Yuki's room.

"Nee Yuki."


"Did you see what happened in Tomochin's room?" Rena asked.

"Yes and I know why she did that." Yuki said.


"Jurina was there when Chiyuu died. She saw her die and she saw her body when she left. Atsuko explained how there was no way Chiyuu could have survived and so she's very suspicious."

"Souka.. but isn't there a way to tell if she's the real Chiyuu or not?"

"Yes there is and I don't know if Tomochin will let us do it or not. It all depends on what Jurina does and what Tomochin does as well. For now all we can do is hope it is her."

After that Rena left and then ran into Mayu who was on her way to Yuki's room. When she saw Rena though she decided to change some plan and instead took Rena down to the dungeon where Haruna was. She claimed that she was getting really close to finding the answer to her solution and she wanted someone to witness the moment. Rena really did not want to be down there but she had no choice and agreed. She went down and on the floor there were all kinds of dead rats. Rena herself was having a hard time breathing and asked Mayu what was the awful stench in the air. She pointed to a large pot that was boiling in the back of the room. Within it, Rena could see parts of body parts sticking out. It was then she realized that Mayu was boiling body parts in a thing of blood. The stench coming from the pot was disgusting and when Mayu said she was going to make Haruna drink it Rena felt her own stomach turn. Mayu scooped a cup of it and prepared to go to Haruna's cell. Rena didn't want Haruna to drink anything as horrible as that so she ran over to Mayu and tried to distract her.              
"Nee Mayu why don't you test it on something else before Haurna." Rena said.

"I did! It worked on the rats." Mayu said gleefully.

"But they're all dead.."

"No they're just sleeping~ See?"

Mayu kicked one of the supposedly dead rats and Rena saw it come up and start to run around. Mayu continued to walk and Rena had to think of something. Then suddenly Rena saw the one rat attack another so she called Mayu back to watch for herself.

"Hmm looks like the rats are attacking each other because of the black blood. Now we wouldn't want that.. I'll have to to some more testing. Thanks for catching that for me Rena."

"No problem Mayu.."

Rena quickly ran out of the dungeon and back up to the main hall where Tomochin and Chiyuu were sitting on the couch. Tomochin was sleeping on Chiyuu's lap who was gently stroking her hair. Rena was happy to see the two together and there was no way Chiyuu was a fake. How could you fake something like that after all? Rena thought that Jurina was just being over reactive and just needed time to get used to Chiyuu. Thinking only that Rena went up to check on Jurina and when she went inside she saw Jurina was sound asleep. Rena thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to feed Jurina since it's been a while. She began the feeding process but had to cut it shut it short when Jurina started to wake up. Not having enough time to run, Rena hid under the bed and hoped Jurina wouldn't notice. Through a mirror Rena could see Jurina sit up and then lick her lips. Rena had realized that there was still some leftover blood on Jurina's face and she had just licked the rest of it off. Jurina's face suddenly perked a little and licked her lips more. She pressed her finger against her lip and said,


Wah hope you liked the update! Find out what happens next time on the next update!
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Finally an update... :bow:

Eh, Chiyuu is a blue blood?? Is she really Chiyuu??

Rena nearly go caught... :panic:

Can't wait for the next chapter..
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Yeah... Is this chiyuu fake?

What would Jurina do about Yuki's demand?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

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So red blood is sweet?  :grin:
Maybe Chiyuu drank red blood too. :?
And she became blue blood.
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Yosh next update! Enjoy!

Chapter 11

The next day Rena walked into the kitchen and saw Chiyuu and Tomochin sitting at the table eating together. They were happy as usual and when Rena came in they giggled and quickly ran away. Rena thought they were just being childish and continued to look for something to eat seeing how she was hungry. She grabbed an apple and then got ready to go up and wake up Jurina. However suddenly Yuki came out of nowhere and told her that she couldn't go to see Jurina. Seeing how it was strange, Rena had no choice but to comply and go with it. Instead, Rena went with Atsuko down to the infirmary where she claimed she needed help. Rena went down and in the room Rena saw a huge pile of papers. Atsuko said that she needed Rena to reorganize all the files in order because they were knocked over earlier. Rena sighed but was happy to help so she began to file the papers.

After two hours Rena had finally finished the papers and put them neatly in a nice little stack. After that Rena thought it was ok to go see how Jurina was doing so she got up and started to head to Jurina's room. However Mayu suddenly came out of nowhere and said she needed help cleaning up the mess from her last experiment. Before Rena could say anything she was pushed down to the dungeon and into a room full of blood and guts. Mayu handed her a mask and a bucket and told her to start cleaning. Rena took the broom and started to scrub off the wall guts and blood. It was very gross and smelly as well. Not even the mask could help her seeing how the stench was so horrid. That was another two hours before she finally finished.

Rena left before Mayu could say anything and she was determined to get to Jurina no matter what. However suddenly Tomochin and Chiyuu came out and directed her towards their room where they had her model for their new clothing. They had her try on all kinds of outfits and accessories that she really didn't care about. It seemed endless with all the clothes they were making her try on. Some of them she liked and some of them she thought were really stupid. She also thought some were very revealing and quite embarrassing. Rena thought she was going to die of embarrassment but then finally Tomochin and Chiyuu had run out of clothes. Rena quickly stripped and ran out of the room before they could grab her.

She thought she was free but then Yuki needed something from her and after that Mayu needed her. After Mayu Atsuko needed her and then Tomochin and Chiyuu needed her. Rena was racing all around the palace to get to them and help them. Some of the needs were very serious and some were extremely stupid. No matter what though Rena kept moving and helping others as she was told. However she wondered why everyone needed her so suddenly all at once. When she finished her last thing for Mayu she ran up to her room and plopped onto her bed. She was dead tired and didn't want to move anymore then she had to. All she wanted to do was sleep and that was exactly what she did a couple seconds later.

"Rena-chan~ Rena-chan smile~"

Rena opened her eyes and saw her grandmother standing in front of her holding a camera. She felt herself being picked up and felt a woman holding her. She felt the woman kiss her on the forehead while the man stroked her short hair. They all faced her grandmother and then there was a bright flash. Rena wasn't sure what was going on but when she looked over she saw the man and woman and at first didn't know who they were. Then after looking at the woman, she realized that the woman was her mother and the man was her father. The people holding her were her parents and this was the picture that she had when she left home. Rena was so happy to see them and wanted to say something to them desperately. Sadly there was no voice that would come out so she only cried sad she couldn't tell her parents how much she missed them.

"Mah mah don't cry Rena-chan." the father said.

"Look look here comes mama~" the mother said.

The mother picked Rena up and held her close comforting her crying child. The father walked beside the mother and said,

"She's beautiful.."

"And she's ours."

"I love you so much honey.."

"I love you too."

Rena could only watch as the two relished in their own love. Meanwhile Rena looked over at her grandmother who was smiling happily and watching them. She looked a lot younger back then and Rena couldn't believe how different she looked. Her hair wasn't even that gray yet where there was still some black in it. Rena's thought that her parents must have been very young when they had her. Suddenly the scene changed and Rena found herself in the kitchen. She was sitting on the floor holding a doll and she heard shouting coming from her mother.

"Mom we need to leave this place! They found us and they're going to kill us!" she said.

"We're fine dear they haven't found us. There's no way they could have." the father said.

"No they found us. I saw one and I think he followed me here."

"Will you relax! We're safe up here as long as we don't go outside."

"You should listen to my daughter! I saw them as well." the grandmother said.

"You're both over reacting. Everything is fine we're going to be safe and-"


Everything went black and the next thing she knew, her mother and father were on the ground dead. Her mother's blue blood was splattered across the wall while her father's red blood was forming a pool around him. When Rena saw the blood she knew who she got the red blood from but now the question was why were they dead? She could say anything all she could do was cry. She cried and cried and then suddenly she felt something grab her and pull her in. She looked over and saw her grandmother with tears in her eyes and a scratch on her face. She held Rena close to her and said,

"Don't cry little one. I'll take care of you and make sure no one ever hurts you.."

The grandmother started to hum a small lullaby that soothed the crying Rena somewhat. The humming echoed in Rena's heart as she suddenly found herself starting to wake up. Rena woke up to the sound of soft humming. The tune was very childish almost like a lullaby that a child would sing. Rena opened her eyes and was surprised to see Jurina sitting there on her bed stroking her hair and humming. Slowly realizing how close Jurina was, Rena started to blush a deep red. Jurina saw Rena was awake and said,

"Good morning~"

"G-Good morning.."

"I came down to wake up you. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes I did and-"

Rena just replayed what Jurina had said and then realized that Jurina had come down to her room on her own which could only mean one thing.

"Mistress you can walk!"

"About time you noticed."

Rena grabbed Jurina and hugged her tightly overly excited with such good news. Jurina could finally walk now which meant Rena no longer had to feed her blood. She now realized why the others had kept her from seeing Jurina. Jurina was going to surprise her by showing Rena the results and Rena was very happy. Now that Jurina could walk, the two could do whatever they wanted now. Rena was really happy about it all and seeing how her mood was, Jurina decided to have some fun time since Rena worked so hard to help her recover. To thank Rena for all her hard work, Jurina decided to take her somewhere very special that she had talked about for sometime. Putting on their best clothes, the two headed off to a place Rena thought was going to be really fancy. In reality though, Jurina took Rena to the garden of the palace. She took her all the way to the back where there was a stone wall. Jurina pressed a certain stone into the wall and suddenly a piece of the ground moved to the side revealing a hidden stair case. Rena and Jurina went down the stair case and walked through a long hall all the way to what Rena thought was a secret garden. There was a pool of water and wines all over the walls. Flowers were sprouting from the side and there was the base of a tree that stuck through the roof up to the top. Beams of sunlight broke through the cracks in the ceiling lighting up the room in a golden light.

Up ahead was a single stone path that Jurina and Rena followed to a stage in the middle. There Rena saw what looked like an old head stone. There on the head stone was a name of someone. It was hard to read because there were a couple vines covering some of the name. Jurina walked over and moved them out of the way so Rena could read it clearly. When she read it she gasped and said,

"Mistress is this?"

"Yes Rena.. This is my mother's grave."

There was a moment of silence between the two until Rena asked,

"Is this where you buried her?"

"Yes. We didn't want anyone coming to disturb her grave so we dug deep underground and then built this sanctuary for her." Jurina said.

"It's beautiful.."

"Un.. I wanted to bring you here to show you this because it's a very special place to me. I come here a lot and talk to mother as if she was still here when I'm upset."

"I see.. Thank you for showing me this. It's beautiful."

"Un let's come by again and we can bring flowers."

After she said that there was an explosion and the sound of shouting could be heard. Jurina and Rena quickly came out and saw there was fighting going on. Mayu and Yuki were fighting Sae and Sayaka while Atsuko was fighting Takamina and Tomochin was fighting Mariko. It was a surprise attack and no one knew what was going on. All they knew was to fight and not let anyone into the palace. Jurina looked over and saw Yuko standing in the distance glaring at Jurina. She pointed her sword straight at Jurina and said,

"I told you I'd be back for her!"

"You said two days!"

"I lied! Give me Haruna back!"

Yuko charged towards Jurina and tried to slice her head off. However Jurina pushed Rena out of the way and then pulled out her own sword. The two clashed and began to fight in what Rena thought was a battle between two Gods. Both of them were equal in strength and skill. She didn't know who would win and wondered who would win. The suddenly she felt something pull on her and when she looked over she saw Kasai.

"It's not safe for you here! Come with me!"

Kasai led Rena to the other side of the palace where there was a carriage waiting for someone. Rena wondered why it was there and then suddenly she felt something hard hit her in the head. Blackness surrounded Rena and the next thing she knew she was knocked out.

(Over with Jurina...)

Jurina was swinging her sword left and right trying to block Yuko's attack. Yuko was a little better than her in terms of sword fighting because she was the oldest. Everything Jurina learned she learned she learned from Yuko so she had a slight disadvantage. However she was still able to keep up with Yuko and managed to block all her attacks. Then when the window was open, she managed to strike and actually hit Yuko. She made a small slash on her leg and that was enough for Jurina because soon after Yuko suddenly backed away along with the others.

"We'll be back but be careful with the things around you. You never know something is missing until it's gone."

After that Yuko and her gang left while everyone else started to assess the damage done by them. As that were doing that Jurina started to call for Rena. She called her over and over but there was no answer. At that moment Jurina started to panic so she called everyone over and asked them where she was. No one knew however Kasai mentioned that she might have seen her over on the other side of the palace. Jurina walked over and found a piece of Rena's skirt. She also saw wheel marks on the ground leading away from the palace. Jurina realized that the worst thing had just happened to her. Rena had been taken away and Jurina knew exactly who took her. 

What's going to happen to Rena? Find out next update!
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Finally!!! The moment I've been waiting for!!!!

Something you promised me is gonna start in the next chappie~!!!!


I mean poor Juju, butt hat's gonna be a lesson for her on how to not keep NyanNyan locked.

Can I spoil?!!!

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Haha... they just should give Haruna back.:kekeke:
Rena would be still there.
Yuko definitely did that. :hehehe:
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Ah...since Jurina's group kidnapped Haruna...

Yuko asked Chiyuu to kidnap Rena...

What's going to happen now?

Would Jurina ask Mayu to hand over Haruna?

Did Jurina even know about Haruna being in Mayu's dungeon?

What's going to happen to Rena while she was being captured by yuko?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Minna! Sorry it took me forever to update this but I finally did it! I hope you like it and sorry for taking forever!!! ><'

Chapter 12

Rena opened her eyes and found herself in a room that was very well decorated. There was blue everywhere in the room where everything from the walls to the bed was blue. Rena tried to move but found her body was still very weak. There was something wrong where she was having a hard time comprehending where she was. It was obvious that she wasn't in the Black Kingdom anymore but the question was where was she? As she sat there in the bed wondering, the door suddenly opened so Rena pretended that she was still sleeping. She heard footsteps walk over towards her and then stop. Someone spoke and Rena recognized it as Minami's voice.

"She's still asleep Yuko-san."

Another pair of footsteps could be heard and then stopped.

"I see. How much longer do you think she'll be out?"

"The drug I gave her was supposed to only last for a couple hours. It's well past the expected time limit."

"She must be very tired."

"But Yuko-san why are you keeping her in your room? She's a black blood she should be in a cell down in the dungeon."

"Now now Minami we don't need to do such things. Rena is different from the black bloods. She has class and manners along with elegance and grace. I don't think she will cause us any problems because she knows better."

Rena could felt a warm touch stroke her cheek.

"She's special.."

"Whatever you believe I'll support you but I hope you're making the right decision."

With that Minami left leaving Rena alone with Yuko who was still in the room. Rena decided it was time to open her eyes and so she did to find Yuko very very close to her face. When Yuko realized Rena was awake she backed away and then said,

"Good morning."

Rena suddenly felt she could move her body a little more so she sat up and Yuko helped a little.

"Where am I?" Rena asked.

"In the Blue Kingdom." Yuko said.

"Eh? Why am I here?"

"Well you see I know Jurina has Haruna and until she gives her back, I'll be holding onto you for a while."

"I see.. So what are you going to do to me?"

"Nothing. Just keep you here. You are allowed to walk around the palace but you cannot leave. If you do well we will do something. I'm giving you all this freedom because I trust you so don't make me regret it. Understand?"

Rena nodded her head and Yuko smiled. She was happy that Rena understood and so a meal was brought to Rena for her to eat. Once again Rena found none of the food appetizing accept for the fruit and the bread. Yuko was a little worried about Rena not eating much but she said that she just wasn't that hungry. When she was finished Yuko pulled out a set of clothes that she had made specially for Rena. Yuko claimed how Rena shouldn't walk around wearing clothes from the Black Kingdom and so she had her changed. Rena was amazed at how nice it looked on her. It was a light blue knee length skirt with a white blouse and blue corset over her. She also had small heeled leather boots and to tie it off, a necklace with a blue crystal embedded in a flower made of silver. Rena thought she looked very pretty and so did Yuko who walked over and tied the strings on the corset. Then she stepped back and looked at the work that was done.

"You look very beautiful Rena."

"T-Thank you Yuko-san.."

"Well then come down stairs and we'll go meet the others."

Yuko took Rena's hand which was very strange to Rena but it also felt kind of nice. They walked down the stairs and towards what seemed like the dining hall where everyone had gathered. Rena knew all of them and they all knew her but she wondered why Yuko wanted her to meet them again.

"Minna this is Rena. Yes she is a black blood but she's different so don't think she's like all of them. Treat her nicely or you'll get it from me. Understand?"

Everyone nodded and then Yuko took Rena outside to the garden. Outside there was a field of blue flowers everywhere and Rena was kind of expecting that. However what she didn't expect was the large fountain in the center where there were stone figures carved into the fountain piece. There was a mother and two girls holding each of the mother's hands. It was a very nice fountain and Rena admired how clear the water was. Yuko walked her over and the two sat at the edge of the fountain. She looked at Rena with a intense gaze and then said,

"I know it's going to be hard to adjust but I think you'll fit in just fine. If anyone of them bother you, come and tell me and I'll take care of them ok?"


"Good! Then how about we play a little game."

"A game?"

"Yes. Mariko!"

Suddenly a bird flew down and landed next to Yuko. The bird started to glow and then it grew into a person who was Mariko.

"You called Yuko-san?"

"We're going to play capture the rabbit. Would you please start the game?"

"With pleasure."

Mariko then turned into a rabbit and sat there scratching her ear. Yuko picked up Mariko and set her down on the ground. Then Mariko ran off into the flowers and Rena watched her run into the distance. Yuko explained how the point of the game was to try to catch Mariko and whoever caught her first won. Yuko said that if Rena won then she would get a special prize. Therefore the two ran off chasing after Mariko who was still running. Rena ran and ran but couldn't see Mariko anywhere because the flowers were so tall. However suddenly Rena saw two ears pop out of the ground. There Rena saw the ears run away and that's how Rena knew it was her. Following the ears Rena ran as fast as she could to try to catch up with Mariko. Mariko wasn't going to make it easy for her though for she was running very fast. Rena was having a hard time catching up with her but then she saw an advantage point. Up ahead was a rock and she thought that she could use the rock to jump up and then capture Mariko like that. Therefore Rena ran as fast as she could and then when she made it to the rock she stepped on it and then jumped. She flew higher than she had originally wanted to and didn't have a good idea how she would land. However she was right on top of Mariko so she came down hard and then grabbed her holding her tightly. Rena tumbled and rolled a little before finally settling and stopped. Her head was spinning and she felt incredibly dizzy but that wasn't going to let her grip on Mariko loosen at all.

Yuko rushed over and Rena proudly showed her Mariko who she had caught. However to her surprise Yuko had also caught a rabbit that looked like Mariko. The question was which one was the real Mariko. In the end the one in Yuko's arms started to glow and then turned into the real Mariko. That means the one that Rena was holding was a real rabbit and it looked very scared. Yuko walked over and picked up the rabbit and then said,

"Wow Rena you caught a real one!" Yuko said.

"I did? I had no idea! I thought it was Mariko.." Rena said.

"Well good job Rena! I think you deserve that special prize."

"And what is it?"

Yuko walked over and pulled Rena up. Then she suddenly got real close until Rena felt something soft touch her cheek. Yuko pulled back with a grin on her face and said,


Rena didn't say anything but instead blushed madly. Yuko and Mariko laughed while also teasing Rena about it. After that they all went inside and relaxed. Rena was surprised how much fun she was having despite being on the other side. She thought she was going to tortured or something but instead she was treated like one of their own. Maybe the blue bloods weren't as bad as Jurina sought them to be. Rena did wonder though how Jurina was doing since she was no longer there.

(Over with Jurina...)

Over at the palace things were very dark and gloomy. Jurina was locked in her room furious about what Yuko had done and was debating if she should go over there and get Rena back. She knew it was a suicide thing though because Yuko was still better than her in terms of combat. She remember Yuko said that she wanted Haruna but Jurina couldn't give Haruna to her just yet. She still needed Haruna for her little experiment and until then she couldn't give her over. Not yet anyways and therefore she was forced to suffer the loneliness. Because Jurina was impatient though, she yelled at Mayu to hurry up and figure it out so she could get Rena back. She hated being alone and the fact that Rena was gone was driving the young ruler crazy. She wanted to hold Rena and take her back away from Yuko. She was also worried that Yuko was doing terrible things to her hurting her and torturing her. All these worries were not good for Jurina and the others started to notice. Jurina was not her usual self and it was starting to scare the others seeing how violent she was acting.

"Rena... Rena please come back.."

Jurina hugged her pillow tightly crying and silently praying that Rena would come back to her soon .

(Over with Rena...)

It was now night time and Rena was very tired after a long day. She changed into some night gowns and then went into the room where she had first woken up in. She got into the bed and then soon after Yuko came in and slid next to her. Rena was a little embarrassed seeing Yuko so close to her but then she realized that it was her room. Trying to keep her distance Rena moved to the very edge of the bed where she was almost falling off. She thought she was going to sleep like that for the rest of the night but Yuko had other plans. Suddenly Rena was pulled back into the embrace of Yuko who held her tightly making sure she wouldn't escape. Now Rena was really embarrassed but Yuko calmed down by stroking her hair and telling her that everything was ok. She was about to say something else but then Rena asked,

"Yuko-san how long will you keep me away from Jurina?"

"As long as it takes to get my Haruna back." Yuko said.

"And what if she never gives her back?"

"Then I'll keep you forever."

That last statement made Rena blush a little more but Yuko seemed very serious. Rena was a little bothered by the fact that she would never be able to see Jurina again if she didn't return Haruna and wondered if Jurina would actually do it. She thought she was originally nothing but a toy to her in the beginning so she thought maybe Jurina didn't care at all. Thinking of those things was bad though so Rena tried not to think of Jurina in that way. She knew Jurina and she knew that she wouldn't do something like that to her. She cares about Rena and there was no way she would leave her like this would she? That night Rena fell asleep not certain about what to think of Jurina. Yuko on the other hand could sense this in Rena and grinned a little knowing that her plan was slowly starting to come together. All she had to do was wait and see how long it would take for Jurina to finally return Haruna.

"Take something important away from me.. Then I'll just take yours."

Yuko pulled Rena close and held her gently staring at the young maiden in the moonlight. For some reason Rena kind of reminded Yuko of Jurina when she was younger. Before Jurina became the ruler of the black bloods. Before all the death and destruction between them. Rena looked just like Jurina before all of it happened and she thought to herself,

"Innocence is so pure.. I almost feel bad holding such an innocent child."

With that Yuko kissed Rena's forehead goodnight and fell asleep peacefully already knowing that she had won the battle and soon she will win the war.   

Find out what happens next time!
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Yes, YUKORENA MOMENTS!!!!   :wriggly: :wriggly: :wriggly: :mon love: :mon roll:

Yuko kissed her on the cheek!!! The held hands!!!! Sleeping like that together!!!!  :luvluv1: :mon lovelaff:

KYA~~~ More YukoRena moments!!!! Motto onegai~~~
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Ah... Yuko likes Rena... For she reminded Yuko of younger Jurina...

Why did they become like this?

So Jurina knew about Haruna..

And she did want to turn Haruna to black blood?

What's going to happen next?

When will Jurina get Rena back and vice verse for kojiyuu?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the lovely update

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Thanks for the update...  :bow:

At least, they treat Rena kindly..

Can't wait for the next chapter..

Update soon please.. :bow:
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Thank you for the update I can't wait for more wmatsui moments  :wub: looking forward to the next update :twothumbs
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 :hee: Yuko likes Rena.
Even if it is more like sister love ( now ) it is nice.
Look forward to another.
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Well here's the next update! I hope you like it!

Chapter 13

Rena woke up to the soft sound of humming. The tune sounded a lot like the lullaby that Jurina had once hummed but the tone was different. It sounded deeper and more mature than Jurina's childish tone. Opening her eyes, Rena was surprised to see not Yuko at her bed but Sayaka. Sayaka was sitting at the foot of the bed humming softly as she was playing with something. Rena sat up and Sayaka noticed her moving so she immediately stopped and then said,

"Breakfast is ready."

Rena went down stairs where there was food and sadly it was nothing Rena could eat. She managed to find a couple apples and some potatoes but otherwise everything else she couldn't eat. Yuko once again worried about Rena's eating habits but Rena said that she was going to be fine and there was nothing to worry about. When breakfast was over Yuko said she had work to do so she wanted Rena to go and get to know the others. Rena however was scared and didn't really want to talk to the others since they did try to kill her in the beginning. Well at least Sayaka did at least and she was still a little nervous. Yuko insisted that she got along with the others so she had Sae escort her and watch her wherever Rena went. Sae seemed very pleased with the order and therefore the two were destined to spend the entire day together. Rena didn't really know what to do so Sae decided that she would try something.

"Hey are you still hungry? I know a place that sells really good bread."

"Um sure.. Let's go."

"Great! Here take my hand."

Before Rena could do anything Sae grabbed Rena's hand and then suddenly there was a bright flash. Rena found herself being swooped up and then Sae told her to hold on tightly. The next thing Rena knew she was moving really fast surrounded by a ball of light. The light felt warm to Rena and very comfortable. It was almost like Yuki's power when she was traveling with her. The moved past an open field and a river and then they were in the town. Rena could see the people and Sae moving around every single one of them. She wondered how Sae was able to move so quickly yet still be able to avoid all the people. They went all the way to a small shop and then the light faded. Rena looked around an saw herself standing in front of the shop. Another thing she noticed was a group of people gathering around her and Sae and many of them were looking at Sae.

"Sae-sama is here!!!"

"Sae-sama, Sae-sama!"

"Kya she looks so cool today!!!"

Rena didn't know what was going on but then out of nowhere the girls started to mob Sae and push her out of the way. Rena got up and ran into the shop before the girls completely ran over her. She stumbled inside and found herself in a nice little shop that was cutely decorated. Rena walked in a little more and was suddenly greeted by another girl.

"Welcome to our shop. I take it you're friends with Sae-sama?" she asked.

"Um.. yes?" Rena said unsure.

"Ah come with me then."

The girl led Rena to a table and then handed her a large piece of paper. Rena didn't know what to get since there was so much so the girl recommended the shop's famous melonpan. Rena had never tried melonpan so she ordered it and a couple minutes later out came a circular piece of bread with lines on it. It was still warm indicating that it was fresh out of the oven and it smelled very nice. Rena picked it up and when she took her first bite Rena thought her mouth had just exploded with flavor and she was eating heaven itself. Rena instantly fell in love with the soft yet sweet bread and gulped it down in less than five seconds flat. The melonpan was so good that Rena ordered three more and ate them all as well. Rena ordered five more and just ate to her heart's contempt as she sat there and ate the heavenly food known as melonpan. Rena thought that she had just found her absolute most favorite food of all time and couldn't stop eating it. As she was eating Sae walked over and was surprised when she saw the mountain of plates next to Rena that was slowly rising.

"Um Rena-chan.. what are you eating and how much have you eaten?" she asked.

"MELONPAN!" Rena said happily as she finished one and started to eat another.

"How many have you eaten?"

"I don't know..."

"This is her 30th." the girl said.

"Eh?! Rena how can you eat 30 melonpans?!"

"Well I guess I was really hungry." Rena said nervously.

"You're gonna get fat eating all these. Anyways how much do I owe you?" Sae asked.

"Nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety eight yen please."

"Eh?! Mou Rena!"

"Gomen Sae!!!!"

After Sae had paid the two went back to the palace where Rena was happy and full after not eating for almost an entire month or so. She walked in and Sayaka was passing by as well. She asked how their little trip was and Rena quickly ran away fearing that Sayaka was going to try to kill her or something. On her way out she heard her yell and that's how Rena knew Sae had told her about the melonpan incident. Rena ran to Yuko's room and plopped onto the bed too tired to move. She was hoping that Sayaka wouldn't come up with her mallets and try to smash her brains out. Her fear soon turned into drowsiness as she could feel the food coma settling in and now Rena was becoming very tired. Slowly Rena's eyes closed and her mind drifted off into a sleep.

(Over with Jurina...)

Jurina was in her room once more trying not to think about Rena and focus at task. She needed to find a way to get Rena back and soon because she didn't know how long she could handle Rena being gone. She was missing her desperately and wanted Rena back badly to the point where she was ready to charge out there and get her back. Sadly she had to control herself if she didn't want to danger Rena anymore than she probably is. However she needed to know what they were doing to Rena and so she called Yuki and Mayu forward. The two sisters came forward and then Jurina had ordered the two to go get a dove. Mayu quickly found one and brought it over to Jurina who quickly took it and broke its neck killing it quickly. She then held it up to Mayu who nodded her head and understood what Jurina wanted. With a wave of her hand the dove came to life and stood perfectly still in Mayu's hand. Jurina then looked at Yuki who also understood and therefore held her hand over the dove.

A small black ball came out of her hand and entered the dove giving it a shadow. Yuki moved her hand and the bird moved with her. Mayu's eyes turned black and so did the dove's and Mayu said she could see everything clearly. With that Jurina took the dove and threw it out the window where it took flight and flew all the way to the Blue Kingdom. The dove landed on a window and looked inside where Rena was sleeping.

"I see her and she's sleeping. She doesn't appear to be hurt." Mayu said.

"Thank goodness." Jurina said.

"They've made her wear their clothing."


"Yuki move there's someone coming."

Yuki moved her hand and the dove moved to a different spot where it wouldn't get seen. Then Mayu focused in on the room and said,

"Sae is inside with Rena. She's walking over to Rena and placing her hand on Rena's head. She's stroking her hair and.. she kissed her forehead."


Jurina slammed her fist against the wall creating a large crack. Yuki walked over and tried to calm her down as Mayu was describing what was going on.

"Sae's gone now and Rena's alone now."

"Let me see."

Mayu took hold of Jurina's hand and then Jurina could see Rena. She saw Rena sleeping peacefully and she was relieved to see she wasn't hurt at all. The ball in her chest started to tighten when she realized that Rena was there all alone probably scared and frightened as to what they were going to her. Jurina wasn't sure what Yuko was planning but it probably wasn't good. She had to do something quickly before anything bad happened and so Jurina told Mayu to keep an eye on her while she went down to the dungeon. Down in the dungeon, Jurina walked over to the cell Haruna was in and opened it. She walked over and grabbed Haruna who was cowering in the corner. Jurina dragged her out and then threw her onto the operating table where she quickly tied her down. Haruna started to panic and screamed loudly as Jurina grabbed a syringe filled with black liquid. She placed it against Haruna's arm and said,

"It's time you become one of us."

Loud shrieks and screams could be heard throughout the entire palace and yet no one could help Haruna.

(Over to Rena...)

Rena woke up to what she thought was as scream. It sounded painful and scared and sent shivers throughout her body. Rena didn't know what it was all about but then the door opened and Yuko walked in. She told Rena that she heard about her little melonpan experience and the damage she did to Sae's wallet. Rena gulped fearing the worse for what Yuko was going to make her do. Yuko did have a punishment but it wasn't what Rena was thinking. Yuko mounted on top of Rena and quickly stripped the girl down to her underwear. Feeling exposed and embarrassed, Rena quickly covered herself but Yuko wouldn't allow it. Instead Yuko put a leather collar around Rena and then pulled her out of the room and outside. She unhooked the chain and then said,

"Since you ate thirty melonpans you will now run thirty laps around the palace. GO!"

Rena didn't even question Yuko she just ran as fast as she could after hearing the seriousness in her tone. The palace was large which meant long laps and Rena knew it wasn't going to be good. Rena ran and ran and by the time she came back around it was only her first lap yet she was already tired. However she didn't want to be punished by Yuko so she kept running and by the second time she came around Sae was there sitting next to Yuko with a grin on her face. Rena felt really embarrassed now and didn't want Sae to see her like this so every time she got close to them Rena ran really fast and then slowed down once she turned the corner. Rena was had done ten laps and was almost dying but she still kept going not wanting to disappoint Yuko. When she ran by though she saw Mariko and Sayaka as well staring at her now and she knew she would never hear the end from them. Sayaka only shook her head in disappointment while Mariko said something but she couldn't hear because she was breathing heavily. Around her twenty fifth lap Rena was getting ready to pass out but Yuko wouldn't let that happen.

"You better get running Rena-chan~ Otherwise Sayaka will get you!"


Rena looked behind her and saw Sayaka coming at her with her huge mallets swinging. This made Rena immediately panic and start to run as fast as she could sprinting all the way for the last five laps. When she was coming up on her last lap she rushed through but didn't stop for she was still afraid that Sayaka was chasing her. However out of nowhere Yuko got in front of her and stopped her slamming hard into Rena causing her to lose her breath. When she stooped she couldn't stand and she could hardly breathe. Her body was drenched in sweat and she was on the verge of passing out. Yuko quickly gave Rena water and then carried her back up to her room where she set her on the bed. Then Yuko got on top of Rena and said,

"You look very sexy right now~"

Rena couldn't do anything but blush for she was still too tired to move. She felt Yuko kiss her neck and lick the sweat off her which made her even more embarrassed. That didn't stop Yuko though who slowly started to make her way down Rena's hot body. She moved down to her chest which was still panting hard and when Rena saw Yuko start to pull up her chest cover she felt her heart race. When Yuko saw Rena though with her extremely red face and embarrassed expression she smiled and simply kissed Rena's cheek.

"So hot Rena-chan~"

Yuko took off her top and then pulled Rena in for a hug which she thought was going to be a terrible idea since she was already hot. However when she touched Yuko she found her to be very cool. This made Rena move on her own and hold Yuko even closer seeing how she was practically a human ice cube. Rena enjoyed Yuko's touch and comfort as she felt Yuko stroke her hair and telling her to calm down. Rena's heart was beating so strongly that even Yuko could feel it all the way to her heart. After a while Rena finally began to cool down and relax in Yuko's gentle embrace. Then soon after Rena felt the wave of tired swoop in and after that Rena was out cold. Yuko simply smiled and said,

"I think I'm starting to like you more.." 

Wah what's gonna happen next?! Find out next time!
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i think i will stop reading until ju's appearance in the  blue kingdom x'D
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I'm late for a few chapters and it's full of YukoRena? I know there's definitely some RenaxHarem at some point. = =

Still, Yuko is terrible for hitting on Rena like that despite acting all furious trying to find Haruna. And Rena too, being all too willingly.  :smhid

At least the story is processing nicely.
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No... Don't make Rena be with Yuko...

What's happening to Haruna... Now that she got injected by the virus?

Was mayu's experiment bearing any useful fruit?

Would Haruna be able to be together with Yuko?

Can't wait to see what's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

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Well here's the next update guys. Hope you like it and don't worry Rena is returned safely but who says I didn't put a little twist~?

Chapter 14

Rena woke up and found herself alone once again in the room with no one. She got up and then walked down to the main hall where she was surprised to find Jurina there talking with Yuko. Rena had no idea what Rena was doing there but it appeared that the two weren’t fighting for once but instead were talking. She couldn’t hear anything but the two saw the Rena so they asked her to come with her and the three of them went into a room where they could talk privately. Rena sat down next to Yuko and she saw a spark of anger flicker in Jurina’s eyes. However Jurina managed to keep her anger under control and then she said,

“I want Rena back.”

“I’m sorry but I cannot return Rena until you give Haruna back.”


Jurina snapped her fingers and the door opened with a familiar person walking in. When Rena saw her she couldn’t believe it was her. Haruna didn’t look like the usual mess but instead she was cleaned and well kept. Rena didn’t know what Jurina was doing but something told her there was some kind of trickery behind it. When Haruna saw Yuko she immediately ran to her and hugged her. Yuko in return held Haruna as she started to cry. Yuko told Rena to go back to Jurina and so she did. It was obvious she didn’t want the two to be around them anymore so Jurina and Rena left the castle without any fights. When they were out of the palace, Jurina instantly hugged Rena tightly and said,

“I missed you so much..”

Rena simply hugged Jurina and said,

“I missed you too.”

“Let’s go home then.”

When the two came back everyone greeted Rena with open arms. They were all happy to have her back and Rena was also happy to be back. However she wondered why Jurina had given Haruna up so easily. She knew that she had some sort of plan involving Haruna but at the moment she couldn’t remember. In the meantime Jurina took Rena up to her room where she threw her onto the bed and then mounted on top of her. Rena wasn’t sure what was going on but then Jurina suddenly got very close. Looking at Jurina who stared at her with a serious gaze said,

“You are never to leave my side ever again.”

Rena only nodded her head nervously as Jurina got off her and then laid next to her. Jurina was acting very strange even for herself. As she thought that suddenly Jurina held her hand and pulled her close. When Rena looked at her she thought there was something really wrong with Jurina. The look in her eyes looked much different. They were almost empty and nothing was there but a void of emptiness. It scared Rena and made her think that Jurina wasn’t herself and she needed to find out what was going on fast. Rena started to get up but then suddenly Jurina grabbed her arm. She tried to move but Jurina only tightened her grip. Every time she moved the grip only got tighter until it became painful. Rena wanted Jurina to let go so with all her strength she pulled and actually managed to flip Jurina over her and slam her on to the floor. There was a loud bang and after realizing what had just happened, Rena had just made a huge mistake. She knew that things were about to get really bad so she knew this was going to be the end of her. However she thought that maybe if she had apologized then Jurina wouldn’t kill her. Rena looked over the edge of the bed and then looked down to see Jurina face first on the floor. Rena knew this was going to be the end of her but she thought that she would give it a shot.


There was no answer from Jurina let alone any sign of movement. Rena was starting to wonder that maybe she had knocked her out or something but then Jurina slowly got up then sat on her knees. She looked around for a while and then when she saw Rena she froze. At that moment Rena thought Jurina was going to pull out a sword or something and cut her head off. Instead the area around her started to darken and then Jurina started crying. Rena walked over to Jurina and when she got closer she realized that the ground was wet and smelled a little. Then Rena knew that Jurina had actually wet herself. Thinking this was really strange, Rena said,

“Mistress are you ok?”

Jurina looked at Rena and instead of saying anything Jurina hugged Rena.


Rena wondered why Jurina was calling her mama and didn’t know what had happened to her but then the doors opened and Mayu and Atsuko came in. When they saw Jurina and Rena they only sighed and then Mayu said,

“Well that didn’t last long.”

“I wonder why the effects were so short.” Atsuko said.

“Can someone please explain what’s going on? What’s wrong with Jurina?” Rena asked.

“Well you see.. That is Jurina only it’s half of her.”


Mayu and Atsuko explained how Jurina couldn’t stand being away from her and wanted her back but she couldn’t because they never completed the experiment with Haruna. Instead what they did was they split Jurina’s mind in half so one half was still in her body while the other was inside Haruna. Rena was having a hard time comprehending what they were saying but in overall summary, the Jurina she was with was a little kid while the mature Jurina was inside Haruna’s body. Rena didn’t like this at all and wanted the real Jurina back but they said that if she tried then both Jurina and Haruna would be killed if Yuko found out. All Rena could do was wait because Jurina was going to do something but she didn’t know when. For now Rena was stuck with the kid Jurina and she wondered if she really was going to be alright. On the other hand she also wondered how Jurina was doing with Yuko.

(Over with Jurina…)

When Jurina saw Rena she immediately wanted to hug and kiss her. However she couldn’t since she was in Haruna’s body. In the beginning Haruna fought but Jurina managed to make Haruna stand down as she took control. Now she was inside the blue palace and she was with Yuko. Tonight she was going to use Haruna’s body to kill Yuko once and for all. All she had to do was wait for the right moment. She would probably do it while Yuko was asleep and so for now she had to act like Haruna which was going to be very hard for Jurina since Haruna is almost the complete opposite of her. Jurina was sitting in a chair when Yuko came in holding a glass of water.

“Here you must be thirsty.”

“Thank you.”

Jurina took the glass and took a small sip.

“I was so worried about you Nyannyan. I thought they did terrible things to you.” she said.

“They didn’t do much but instead they just kept me locked in a room for a long time. It was so dark and cold and scary. I felt so lonely..”

Jurina started to shake and tear up trying to act like she was upset and Yuko quickly stood up and held her close. At first Jurina wanted to punch Yuko and get her off but she had to remember she was in Haruna’s body and had to go with it. Jurina didn’t really like the close contact from her sister and wondered if Yuko was going to do other things to her later on which just sent shivers down her spine. She was hoping to god that Yuko wouldn’t do those kind of things to her since it would technically be incest in a weird way.  Jurina was trying to shake the thoughts of her sister doing her and trying to focus on the task at hand. It was getting late and Jurina was planning on suggesting to go to bed and then when they sleep, that’s when she’ll make her move.  Jurina finished her water and then said,

“Nee Yuko I’m really tired.. Can we sleep?”

“Sure Nyannyan. Let’s sleep.”

Yuko led Jurina to their room where the two changed and then got into bed. Yuko tried to make a move on Jurina but she simply denied and said she was too tired. Yuko understood and simply kissed Jurina’s cheek and then turning in for the night. Jurina waited until Yuko was soundly asleep and then pulled out a blade she kept hidden. She prepared herself to get ready to turn around and slit Yuko’s throat but then suddenly she felt someone’s arms wrap around her from behind. It was Yuko who held Jurina close and then said,

“I love you Haruna.”

“I love you too Yuko..”

Yuko was holding Jurina tightly and Jurina actually liked the closeness of her sister. She kind of missed her and felt very peaceful with her. Because of that Jurina decided not to kill Yuko and for now just enjoy the time she missed with her sister.

(Over with Rena..)

“Jurina get back here!!”

“Can’t catch me mama!”

Jurina was running all over the place while Rena was trying to catch her so they could take a bath. Jurina still smelled like she had wet herself and so she needed to be cleaned. However she was being very difficult and wouldn’t take the bath. Therefore Rena was going to have to chase her and then drag her to the bath. Jurina was fast at running but because of all the running Rena did with Yuko, she was actually faster than Jurina. She managed to catch up with her quickly and then finally catch her. With that, Rena made Jurina take a bath and then she took her up to bed. Tucking her into bed, Rena kissed Jurina’s forehead and then got ready to leave. However she felt Jurina grab her hand and then say,

“Where are you going mama?”

“I have to go to sleep.”

“I don’t wanna be alone.. Can’t you stay?”

“Well alright.”

Rena got into the bed with Jurina who was very happy and hugged Rena while settling into the covers. Then she asked,

“Mama I can’t sleep. Can you tell me a story?”


Rena held Jurina and then began to tell a story that her grandmother had once told her.

“Once upon a time there was a little kitten that wandered the land alone with no one to love it. The kitten was scared and very hungry but no one would take care of it. Then one day a young girl happened to pass by and found the starving kitten. Feeling bad for the kitten, the girl took the kitten in and took care of it. The two got along very well and became best friends playing every day and sleeping together every night. Time passed and the kitten grew into a full grown cat. One day the cat walked in and found the girl holding something in her arms. She set it down and then saw that it was a leopard cub. At first the cat had no idea why the leopard was there let alone what the girl was doing with it. However when the cat tried to get the girl’s attention the girl pushed the cat away and only paid attention to the leopard. Feeling forgotten, the cat left the girl and wandered the land alone once again..”

“Mama that’s a sad ending..”

“I’m not done yet dear.”


“While wandering the woods, the cat stumbled upon a bear cub who was crying all alone. Turns out the cub had been abandoned by its mother and had no one to take care of it. Seeing how the cub was all alone just like the cat, the cat decided to befriend the cub and in the end the two became very good friends. Even though the cat was forgotten somewhere else, it managed to find a new home with another one and lived happily ever after.”

“Wah that’s great for the kitty! I’m happy it found a new friend.” Jurina said.

“Un.. The kitty was very happy with the bear cub.” Rena said.

“Thank you for the story mama.”

“Good then let’s sleep.”

The two cuddled up and then shortly after Rena could hear the soft snores of Jurina. Rena felt that this kind of Jurina was a very nice kind. This was Jurina when she was a child and Rena now realized just how sweet and happy she was. Rena wondered what had happened to her to make such a sweet child go so bad. How did Jurina start from this and turn into the cruel thing she is today. There were many questions Rena had in her head but for now all she could do was hope for the best that Jurina will be alright with Yuko. She also thought she could finally have the chance to have some fun with the little Jurina even if it was for a short amount of time. Overall Rena was happy with the way things were and she was actually hoping that they wouldn’t change back. For a while at least or just enough time for Rena to get to know Jurina a little more.

Hope you liked it guys. Find out what happens next on the next update~
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It is good story, but to short.
Don't worry I'm just complaining because I love your stories. :grin:
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I accidently missed two chapters...
Ah... ah... EXCITEMENT!!!!
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Ah..Jurina is so childish here... Like it...

Rena do happy to get to play with childish and innocent Jurina

And adult self seems to miss her sister, Yuko

Why did they become what they are now?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

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Wah sorry it took me forever but I've been so busy with school and all it's become hard to update. Anyways I hope you like the update! Today we get to learn new things!!! Enjoy~

Chapter 15

Rena woke up to a strange slimy feeling coming from her arm but she wasn't sure where it was. She opened her eyes and was shocked to see Jurina licking her arm in a very strange manor. She wasn't sure what Jurina was doing but as soon as she felt her tongue on her arm it sent chills down Rena's spine. She shook her arm trying to wake Jurina up but she only held her tighter and said,

"Don't go.. Shaved ice.."

Rena smiled when she realized that Jurina was dreaming of food and was probably thinking that her arm was shaved ice. She at first thought it was cute seeing the sleeping Jurina lick her arm like a kitty but then when she bit her, Rena had to wake her up. Pushing Jurina off her, she had accidentally pushed too hard causing Jurina to roll off the bed. There was a loud thud and a cry heard after. Rena looked over the bed and saw a confused Jurina sitting on the ground. She looked at Rena and then said,

"Mama I fell."

"Come here~"

Rena grabbed Jurina's hand and was about to pull her up but instead she was pulled down and onto the floor with Jurina.


"Haha got you mama!"

"Why you come here!"

Rena got on top of Jurina and started to tickle her causing the little one to roll and giggle all over the place. Rena continued to tickle Jurina until the door suddenly opened and Yuki came in. When Jurina saw Yuki she pushed Rena off her and then ran over. It appears that the younger Jurina still has memories of Yuki and Mayu which was surprising to Rena. Because of her childish mind, she only remembers Mayu and Yuki when they were younger so she doesn't see them as they are now but instead as what they looked like when they were younger. The last time Jurina saw them when she was little was what she was seeing. Because she didn't know Rena though, Jurina saw Rena similar to her mother. Rena did actually see a picture of Jurina's mother and Rena did somewhat look like her. Until the other half of Jurina is fully returned Jurina will remain seeing the delusions that was once her past. Rena thought that this was actually a good thing since she wouldn't have to relive the horrible things that happened to her. In the meantime Jurina wanted Rena to go downstairs with her to have breakfast and so she followed her down to the dining hall where everyone else was.

"Let's eat everyone!"

Jurina sat down at her chair right next to Rena while the others also gathered. The food was brought out and everyone started to eat. However Jurina didn't even touch her food but instead just stared at it. Rena was getting a little worried and wondered why she wasn't touching her food. It wasn't until Yuki leaned over and whispered,

"She doesn't know how to use chopsticks yet."

Rena understood and then used her chopsticks to help Jurina. Picking up a piece of food, Rena held it up to Jurina and then told her to open her mouth. When she did so Rena placed the food into Jurina's mouth who ate the food happily.

"More mama!" Jurina said happily.

"Alright say ah~"

Rena continued to feed Jurina until her plate was entirely empty. When breakfast was over everyone went back to their stations however Jurina had suddenly called to Yuki and Mayu. Apparently Jurina used to play with the two sisters a lot when they were little so today was going to be a little play day for the four of them. Rena knew things were going to be interesting but she also wondered how the other Jurina was doing.

(Over with Jurina...)

Jurina had woken up to the feeling of something heavy on her chest. When she opened her eyes she saw Yuko's head right on her chest. She wasn't sure whether to call it annoying or not so she just laid there and waited for Yuko to wake up. When she finally did Yuko sat up and looked at Jurina with a weird smile on her face. Suddenly Yuko reached out and grabbed Jurina's oppai. Technically it was Haruna's but Jurina could feel everything and immediately flipped out and pushed Yuko back. Yuko stared at Jurina with a surprised look and at that moment she thought she was screwed. She thought she had been found out but instead Yuko just smiled and said,

"Mou you're so cute Nyannyan!"

Yuko hugged Jurina and gave her a big squeeze. Jurina was having a hard time breathing but eventually Yuko let go and she was able to breathe again. Yuko cuddled with Jurina for a good thirty minutes before finally getting up and going to go down to get something to eat. At the dinner table everyone was seated to eat. When the food came out Jurina realized that she couldn't eat any of it. The food was terrible to her and all she could do was sit there and do nothing. Yuko asked if she was ok and she just said that she wasn't hungry. When breakfast was done, Jurina and Yuko went down to Yuko's room to her work desk. Yuko sat down and then said that she could go talk to the others since they all want to see her so much. Jurina decided to go with it since now wasn't going to be a good time to try to kill Yuko. Walking down the stairs to the main hall, the first person she saw was Sayaka. When Sayaka saw Jurina she lit up and instantly rushed over.

"Hey Haruna. How are you feeling?" Sayaka asked.

"I'm feeling a lot better." Jurina said.

"Wanna go have some tea? There's so much I want to talk about with you."

"Um sure..."

Together Jurina and Sayaka walked off and Jurina was already wishing she had her old body back.

(Over with Rena...)

"Jurina get back here!"

"Can't catch me Mama!"


Rena was running after Jurina because she had taken something of Mayu's and now everyone was trying to get Jurina and get it back. Jurina had taken one of Mayu's plushies that she slept with and Mayu was furious. She wanted to use her powers but Yuki said not to use it because she could get hurt. They had no choice but to chase Jurina around the palace and it was very hard to catch her. Running from room to room Jurina would move everywhere and even hide in certain places for a while trying not to be seen and then running when they pass by. For a girl her size Jurina was able to hide in many places. It had been almost an hour and everyone was getting tired of chasing Jurina. Eventually Rena decided to use her mother authority that she had and said,

"Jurina you give back the plushie now!!"

Rena used a serious tone and soon after Jurina came out with a scared look on her face. Jurina gave Mayu the plushie back and then looked at Rena with tears in her eyes.

"I-I'm sorry mama.."

Rena realized that she maybe was a little too rough and didn't want her to feel bad. Rena quickly hugged her and said,

"It's ok Jurina. Mama still love you."

"I love you too mama!"

Rena felt better and happy seeing Jurina smiling again. After all that running Jurina was feeling sleepy so they decided to take a nap. Cuddling in the bed together, eventually Rena fell asleep. The next thing Rena knew heard a loud screaming and shouting. She opened her eyes and saw fire engulfing a town and people everywhere were dying. She didn't know what was happening but then suddenly a man ran in front of her but was then later on stabbed down. His body fell and black blood poured from his body as more people stepped on him to get out of the way. Rena watched as the people fled from something that looked like blue fire. The flames swallowed anyone it touched and burned them to death. Horrified by the sight, Rena started to run herself and then suddenly she was knocked over by something. A man came over her with a large sword and was about to swing but then another sword got in her way. Standing in front of her in black armor was a woman who's eyes were as black as darkness itself. The man's eyes were a vast blue color and together the two battled with fierce power.

Rena realized that these two were Jurina's mother and the leader of the blue bloods. This must have been the battle they fought and then she remembered that Jurina's mother had died in this battle. It was quick and Rena didn't see the moment but the next thing she knew Jurina's mother was on the ground badly injured. The man walked over and placed his sword on her neck. She looked at him with a sad stare and said,

"As my last wish.. please.. Please take my children. Who will protect them?"

"Very well.. I will take the one with blue blood but the one with black must stay. Even though they are both my daughters I cannot take that monstrosity you call a child. That is my final decision. Goodbye."

With that the man swung his sword down and her head came down as well. Rena was devastated to see such a thing but it was truly a gruesome sight. After that Rena followed the man to the black palace where he broke into the room and grabbed the eldest child who must have been Yuko at the time. He took her away and some guards held the young Jurina back as she cried for her little sister. The others tried to stop the man but he was too strong and were no chance against him. All they could do was watch as Yuko was dragged away and Jurina was crying so desperately. To make things worse Rena watched Jurina walk into the burning town and watch her discover her mother's body. Jurina cried louder and louder as she held onto her mother's head. Rena herself thought she had felt her heart crack watching Jurina like that but then she soon noticed that there were other black bloods gathering around Jurina. Rena could hear them whisper about killing her and someone else become the leader. No one dared to move but then suddenly a man came forward holding a blade. He was gong to sneak behind and kill Jurina.

"Die demon child!"

He ran towards her and was about to strike but as he was going to attack, he suddenly stopped. Rena didn't know what had happened because it happened so fast but the next thing she knew the man's entire upper body was torn off. Soon more and more people died while Jurina was nowhere to be seen. Only a very dangerous growl could be heard and it sent chills down Rena's spine. Then suddenly a pair of dark black eyes appeared in front of her and then after everything turned dark.

Rena woke up with a heavy feeling in her chest. She could feel her heart beat rapidly and sweat dripping from her forehead. When she realized it was a dream she sat up and looked over at Jurina who was still sleeping. She had a light grip on her hand and a peaceful smile on her face. Rena moved some hair out of her face and then patted her head. She was glad that at least Jurina was having a nice dream.

(Over with Jurina...)

Jurina was wandering the palace and came across the library. Jurina thought this would be a great idea to steal some information about the blue bloods while she was there in the home base. Browsing through the books Jurina came across a large painting of a very familiar face. When she saw the painting anger and hate rushed to her and her heart grew dark. There on the wall was a large painting of the former ruler of the blue bloods. Jurina's father who abandoned her when she was young and killed her mother. Seeing his face again brought anger to her very spirit and she just wanted to tear down the photo and burn it to pieces. She hated her father for taking away her sister and she hated him for killing her mother. She didn't understand why he did such a thing let alone why they even had children in the first place if things were going to turn out like that. Because of what happened Jurina despised her father who is long dead now but still she hated him. However she also remembered the day she killed her father with her own hands. The day she broke into the very place she stood and slaughtered the man she called father.

That day was glorious day for Jurina and just thinking about it gave her the giggles. However she didn't have time to think about her father and was now looking for information about the blue bloods. Searching amongst the books Jurina found countless medical records about blue bloods and all their weaknesses. She could already feel a devious and dark plan working up in her mind and all she had to do is go back home and tell the others. Knowing this information, Jurina decided that she wasn't going to kill Yuko but instead use the new knowledge she had learned and use it against them. It was a perfect plan and all Jurina had to do was escape. In order to do so, Jurina opened a window and whistled a small tune. Suddenly a dove came swooping in and Jurina pulled out a small piece of paper. She tied it to the dove's ankle and then sent it off back to where it originally came from. After that Jurina sat down and smiled thinking that her plan was soon going to fall into place.

Jurina's thought train was interrupted when the doors opened and Yuko walked in. She walked over to Jurina and sat next to her. Then she said,

"Nee let me read you a story that I used to tell my sister when we were younger."   

Yuko walked over and picked up a book that Jurina had seen before. Yuko sat next to her and then opened it. When Jurina saw the picture on the first picture she knew exactly what the story was. Jurina relaxed as she heard Yuko tell her a story of her childhood.

"Once upon a time there was the light and the dark. The two saw each other a lot and were always together a lot. They would talk and play games and do all kinds of fun things together. No force could ever separate the two and they thought they were going to be together forever. However one day, light noticed something strange about dark. Dark said how it could never be bright like light and it was sad that it could never shine. Light said that dark didn't have to shine because it was beautiful on it's own. However dark was still upset about light and remained sad. Because of this, light went to God and asked him to turn dark into light. God said that he could not do so because it would throw off the natural balance of the world if there was only light and no dark. Light begged and pleaded God to turn dark into light and so after convincing God, dark was able to turn into light. Dark was overly excited to be light and thanked light for such an amazing gift. However shortly after, the people down on Earth noticed the change and it effected them greatly.

Because there was no dark, people didn't know when to sleep. Due to the lack of sleep, people became crazy and and started to kill themselves just to finally sleep. Because of this mass chaos, God became angry and was going to punish dark and take away its light. Dark didn't want to lose its light and so Light decided to make a very serious sacrifice. In order to save dark's light, light said it would become dark. Therefore, Light became dark and no longer lit the world. It no longer shined but instead darkened the sky. Because of light's sacrifice, the people were finally able to sleep and peace was once restored. Dark felt terrible for what it had done to light and so it asked,

"Why did you do such a thing?"

Light smiled and said,

"Sometimes you make sacrifices for the things you care about."

Yuko finished and then smiled saying,

"I used to read that to Jurina all the time. She loved how light did such a nice thing for dark."

"I see..." Jurina said.

"Nee let's head down stairs. I think dinner is almost ready and this time I'm going to make sure you eat~"

"Hai hai~~"

Together Jurina and Yuko got up to walk downstairs but on their way down Jurina thought about the story.

"Sometimes you make sacrifices for the things you care about." 

(Over with Rena...)

Rena had just finished dinner and was now tucking Jurina in for bed. As she was doing so, Mayu came in and said she needed to talk to Rena in private. Rena stepped out and then Mayu showed her a note that she had received from Jurina over in the Blue Kingdom. It said that she was ready to come back and to make preparations for the transfer. With that Mayu and Rena understood and so when Jurina fell asleep they carried her body down to the dungeon where they would do the body transfer. There was a large circle drawn on the floor and Jurina was placed in the middle. Then Mayu stood on the outer edge and started to chant some strange words. Soon after the circle glowed green and Jurina's body started to shake. There was rumbling outside and then suddenly a large thud. Rena saw something enter Jurina's body and then after that everything settled down. Jurina opened her eyes and when she saw Rena she weakly said,



Rena hugged Jurina tightly and said,

"Welcome back."

Jurina is back! What's gonna happen now? Find out next time!
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What about Harunyan? D: and Yuko? D: omg I want to know!!
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Ah... What the heck... The father killed the mother

Yeah why did they even have children together if they are going to fight next?

Weird in so many level and very disturbing...

I could not blame Jurina for killing the father

He made his bed, he should laid on it

Well now that Jurina got the info she wanted and came back to her kingdom

What would she do next?

What was this meaning about sacrificing one self for others

Whatever it is... Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

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next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!!next!! :bow: :bow: :bow:
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Great! Jurina managed to come back before being found out. But what will happen to the real haruna?  :huhuh
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Sorry it took me so long anyways here's the next update. Enjoy!

Chapter 16

Rena was anxious and wanted to see Jurina as soon as she could. However because her body was still adjusting to the sudden change, she needed time to rest. Time seemed to be lasting forever as she stood outside Jurina's room pacing back and forth. All of the worst things possible were going through Rena's mind. She was worried that maybe something was wrong and Jurina would never be able to go back to normal. Fear and panic started to fill her mind but then suddenly she felt a light tap on her shoulder. She turned around and saw Yuki standing there with a kind look on her face. She patted Rena's shoulder and said,

"Don't worry. She'll be alright."

Moments later the door opened and in came Atsuko. She said that Jurina had woken up and everything was fine. Bursting through the doors Rena ran over to Jurina who was staring out the window. When Rena walked over Jurina smiled and said,

"I'm back~~"

"I'm so glad you're alright!'

Rena hugged Jurina  causing her to fall back a little but she managed to hold. She could tell Rena had missed her and so she held onto her. When they finished hugging, Rena had told Jurina everything she had done with the other Jurina. This made the young ruler blush like a bright tomato and squeal over how she didn't get to see any of it. When Rena asked what Jurina did over in the Blue Palace Jurina only remained silent and then called for Yuki and Mayu to come in so she could speak privately to them. Rena had no choice but to leave the room to let them do their private talking. Not knowing how long they were going to take, Rena decided that she would go and have some private time on her own. She picked the prettiest flowers she could find and then walked over to the secret entrance that Jurina and her had been down before. She walked down the hall and into the grand open space. Then there in the center was the headstone of Jurina's mother. Rena walked over and placed the flowers in front of the grave. She said a small prayer and said,

"You're daughter is safe and on my life I will protect her. Even if I can't do much I'm going to do my best."

Rena stood up and was about to leave but then suddenly she felt a cool wind brush against her neck. She turned around and didn't see anything at first but then suddenly she felt something pierce her chest. It was as cold as ice and sent massive shivers throughout Rena's body. There was a burst of dark and everything surrounded her making her blind. She felt an ill feeling as if something was trying to crawl out of her throat. Clenching her chest she slowly started to feel everything grow heavier until she suddenly couldn't move at all. In the darkness, Rena saw a woman standing a head of her. Who she was she didn't know but she was getting closer to Rena. She tried to get away but Rena was land locked and couldn't move anywhere. When the woman was close enough she said to Rena in a quiet voice,

"You are the last of us.."

She didn't know what the woman meant but then suddenly she felt something warm in her chest. It started to get warmer and warmer and then suddenly it started to glow. Rena could see her own heart glowing and beating. Then suddenly all he veins in her body glowed a bright red covering every inch of her body.

"This is the power our people had.. Now it is up to you to stop this war..."

"W-Who are you??"

"Make me proud Rena-chan.. I know you can do it.."


Rena couldn't see anything else for her body shut down on itself. When she woke up she found herself in the room still. She quickly got up and ran out back to the palace where she walked in only to be greeted by Tomochin who was asking where Chiyuu was. Rena had no idea where she was and speaking of Chiyuu Rena remembered the day when she was first taken away. It was Chiyuu who led her away from the others and Chiyuu was the last person she saw before getting knocked out. Something wasn't adding up and Rena wanted to know soon. She didn't want to think the worst since it was Tomochin's sister and all but still there was the smallest thought that Chiyuu was actually a blue blood. Together Tomochin and Rena searched the palace for Chiyuu and couldn't find her anywhere. They decided to go ask Atsuko and so the two went to the infirmary where they actually found Chiyuu shifting through one of Atsuko's drawers.

"Chiyuu? What are you doing?"

Chiyuu froze and didn't move. There was a long moment of silence before Chiyuu slowly closed the drawer and then said,

"I was looking for some medicine. I'm not feeling very well..."

"Are you getting sick? Let me feel your forehead."

Chiyuu walked over to Tomochin who started to check on her and that was when Rena saw the drawer Chiyuu had been looking through. It was the drawer that Atsuko usually kept locked because it held a lot of dangerous chemicals. Chemicals that could easily kill someone if they weren't handled properly. She checked to make sure none of them were missing and they were all in their place thankfully. Rena started to wonder why Chiyuu was looking through that drawer and it made Rena even more suspicious. During her whole thought process, Tomochin asked Rena to get her some medicine for Chiyuu. Rena walked over to the medicine drawer and was about to grab the cold medicine but instead grabbed a sedative. She handed Tomochin the powder where she put it in water and had Chiyuu drink it. The sedative would take at least an hour to kick in so Rena had time to think of a plan. She decided to follow Chiyuu around wait until the sedative finally took over. When it did, Rena was there to catch her and bring her to the bed. Setting her on the bed, Rena stood there and tried to think of what she could do. Then she decided that she would take a small pin and prick Chiyuu's finger just enough.

Rena grabbed a pin and then grabbed onto Chiyuu's hand. Very carefully, Rena punctured Chiyuu's finger making sure she didn't wake her up. Then she squeezed the finger and Rena was expecting to see blue blood however what she saw was actually black blood. Therefore Chiyuu was a black blood but there was still something up with her. Wanting to know if there was anything else she could use, Rena started to search Chiyuu for anything useful. Running her hands up and down Chiyuu's body, Rena looked for anything that could show signs of a traitor. There was nothing sadly and just as Rena was going to search for more, Chiyuu started to wake up and that was Rena's signal to get out. She left the room before Chiyuu could see anything and then quickly ran down the hall. As she was running, she suddenly ran into Atsuko who quickly grabbed her and pulled her into the infirmary.

"Rena can you please explain to me why one of my restricted drawers was unlocked an opened?" Atsuko asked staring at her with a serious glare.

"Chiyuu was looking for medicine earlier." Rena said.

"Really? Then why is is the sulfuric acid missing?"


Rena walked over to get a better look and suddenly she felt something fall out of one of her pockets. A small bottle rolled over to Atsuko who picked it up and read the bottle. When she saw it she immediately ran over to Rena and grabbed her by the neck. Suddenly Rena could feel her neck tighten extremely hard and Atsuko's eyes were glowing a furious black.

"You have two seconds to explain why my bottle of sulfuric acid was doing in your pocket.."

Rena couldn't say anything for Atsuko's grip was too tight. Desperately trying to gasp for air Rena was helpless. Instead of dying right there, Atsuko threw Rena onto the ground and then grabbed her by the hair. She started to drag Rena down to the dungeon where she threw her into a cell and slammed the doors shut.

"I'll deal with you later.."

Atsuko left leaving Rena alone to gasp for air and finally be able to breathe. Rena didn't know what could have happened. She didn't know how the bottle got there let alone know the fact that it was missing. She didn't know how any of it happened but something wasn't right and she knew that she didn't take the bottle. Someone else did and Rena started to think that it was Chiyuu somehow. Rena knew that no one would believe her so for now she had no choice but to hope that someone will believe her. The doors opened and footsteps could be heard. Mayu and Yuki came to the door and both of them looked at Rena with a dark look. They opened the door and grabbed Rena dragging her across the floor. They went to the main hall where Jurina was sitting on her throne with a disappointed look on her face. They threw her in front of Jurina on her knees and then had her look up. Jurina stood up and walked over to Rena while pulling out a sword. She placed it against Rena's neck and then said,

"You have one chance to tell me why you did this before I end your pathetic life you traitor.."

"Jurina please I didn't do it.. It was Chiyuu.."

"Shut your mouth!!!" Tomochin shouted.

Tomochin walked over to Rena and pulled out her own weapon. She aimed it at Rena's head and said,

"How dare you call my sister a traitor!!!"

"You have some nerve saying those things about Chiyuu." Jurina said.

"Mistress let me kill her please!"

"Very well Tomochin.."

Jurina stepped back and Tomochin moved closer. She raised her weapon ready to bring it down on to Rena's head and at that moment Rena thought she was seriously going to die. However suddenly someone or something whispered to her to say a word. She barely heard it but she heard enough to know what the word was. Rena quickly looked at Chiyuu and said,

"Blue heart!"

Suddenly Chiyuu screamed and collapsed onto the ground rolling in pain as she clutched her head. Tomochin rushed over to her and tried to help her but then suddenly Chiyuu pulled out a knife and stabbed Tomochin in the arm. Tomochin backed away and Chiyuus stood up while holding a throwing knife. She looked at Jurina and said,

"Kill the black blood!!"

Chiyuu tried to throw the knife at Jurina but Jurina managed to dodge it time. Mayu and Yuki quickly threw chains and they wrapped themselves around Chiyuu binding her from moving. Chiyuu struggled and tried to fight so they only tightened the chains to the point where they were strangling her. Atsuko walked over to Chiyuu and managed to hold Chiyuu's head still. Looking into her eyes Atsuko could see what was going on and then she gasped in shock. She looked over at Jurina and said,

"She's been brainwashed. I'm guessing it was by the blue bloods telling her to kill you."

"So it wasn't Rena after all.. Take her to the dungeon and lock her up good. I don't want her going anywhere."

"Yes mistress."

Yuki and Mayu took Chiyuu away and Tomochin followed to make sure everything was going to be alright. Meanwhile Atsuko released Rena and as she stood Jurina walked over to her. She hugged her and said,

"I'm sorry for doubting you Rena.."

"It's ok Jurina. I understand why you would be suspicious of me.." Rena said.

"We'll take care of Chiyuu later but for now let's just go to bed."

"That sounds lovely."

Together the two went up to the room where they laid in bed together. Jurina held onto Rena snuggling close to her body. Rena had forgotten how nice it felt have Jurina clinging to her like a baby koala. She really did miss having Jurina's company and was very happy to have her back. As Rena held onto Jurina, she started to to think to herself what had happened to Jurina when she was at the Blue Kingdom. She didn't know what she had intended in the first place but she came back and now Rena wonders what she had done over there. It must not be good though and Rena started to fear something was going to go terribly wrong. The thing that was bothering her the most though was the strange dream she head. Who was the woman and why were her veins glowing? What did she mean when she said that she had the power to end the war? So many questions that were going to be left unanswered for now at least. However she still wondered what exactly it was that she saw.

The next morning Rena woke up to a strange sound coming from outside. She looked out the window and saw a that there were workers building something but the question was what. There on top of a large stand was a something that looked like three pipes of different sizes melted together with strange holes in them. Rena walked out and asked Jurina what was this strange device that was created. Jurina turned to her with a smile and said,

"It's our secret weapon. Watch."

Jurina had a couple of blue blood prisoners brought out where they were forced to sit right in front of the device. Jurina raised her hand and made a fist with it. The man at the top understood and so he took a mallet and struck the longest pipe. It let out a strange deep noise that sounded odd to Rena. For the blue bloods though it was different for they all collapsed onto the ground and started rolling in pain trying to cover their ears. The sound went on for quite some time until Jurina suddenly held up two fingers and so the man hit the other pipe. The sound that came out was a more medium tone but still very strange. This time the blue bloods were crying and blood was coming out of their ears. One of them even started banging their head against the ground. Soon all of them started to hurt themselves and the attempt to do so was very horrifying. Finally Jurina lifted her hand and this time it was just a regular hand.

The man rung the bell and the tone was very silent and high pitched. Rena almost didn't believe there was a sound but she could hear the small pitch. The blue bloods were still and didn't move at first. Then suddenly one of them literally spewed out blood and died. Soon after the others did until they were all dead. Rena was shocked by the sight but to make things worse Jurina was smiling and laughing. She then explained how she had learned that the blue bloods have a weakness to a certain frequency of sounds. They were useless against black bloods but to blue bloods it could make them do things that would surely help them in battle. Jurina thought that this for sure would lead her to victory. Rena was happy for her but she was also a little worried about Yuko. She knew she wasn't supposed to support Yuko yet she felt that she should warn her. What Jurina was doing was going to kill millions and she didn't know if Mariko knew already or not. Therefore Rena decided that she would go and warn Yuko about Jurina's secret weapon before it's too late.

She didn't have the chance to do it now since everyone was still around her but she would find a chance eventually. For now the next thing to do on the list was try to figure out how to break Chiyuu of the hypnosis that was placed on her. They had her locked up in the dungeon in high security and so Mayu said she may have found something that could help. There was no way to undo the trance without killing Chiyuu and so they were going to try reverse hypnosis where they would reverse the command given to her. Mayu took a single candle and lit in front of Chiyuu. Yuki made her stare at the light and then Mayu started to make the candle rotate around Chiyuu making her follow the candle's light. Rena herself started to follow it and she suddenly started to feel dizzy. Everything became blurred and her eye lids became very heavy. Luckily Atsuko had saw this and before it was too late Atsuko covered Rena's eyes. Rena came back to focus and could still hear Mayu. In a deep voice she heard her say,

"You will kill the blue blood leader. Black bloods are your friends. Tomochin is your sister. You will kill the blue blood leader.."

Chiyuu's eyes closed and when she opened her eyes and saw everyone she became confused and asked,

"Guys what's going on? Why am I chained up? Tomochin I'm scared!"

Tomochin was filled with joy and released her sister once more pulling her into her arms. Tomochin finally had her real sister back and now they could be together without any problems. Rena was happy that the two were finally back together and now it was on to the more important task. She had figured out a time where she would sneak out and go to warn Yuko. All that was left was to wait and even though Rena was a little hesitant about her decision, she was doing this not only for herself but for the safety of everyone.

Hope you liked it!
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Ah... Who is this person that brainwash chiyuu?

How Jurina would think if she ever catch Rena warning Yuko about her danger?

Why did Rena need to be the one that stop this war?

Was this war caused by other blue blood?

What's going to happen next?

Thank you for the update

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Thanks for update. :grin:
It is possible that chiyuu was brainwahsed by blue bloods or by some third side. :wth
Poor Rena so much work to do.
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Uwaa~ Chiyuu was brainwashed!

Thank goodness they got her back to normal, though, thanks to Mayu.

Eh? Rena? Help Yuko? Are you serious?

What's gonna happen?

Thankz! Can't wait for update! :heart:
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Wah I hope you like the update. Sorry it took me a while but I finally did it! Anyways enjoy!

Chapter 17

The next morning Rena woke up to something soft touching her face. She opened her eyes and saw Jurina who was running her finger down her cheek. She blinked twice and Jurina giggled before pulling back.

"Good morning~" she said with a sweet tone.

"G-Good morning.." Rena said trying not to blush.

"Come down when you're ready."

Jurina got up and walked out of the room giving Rena time to change. When she finished she came down where Jurina was there waiting for her. She took hold of Rena's hand and then led her down to the dungeon. Down in the dungeon, Rena found Mayu and Yuki who were waiting for them as well. They all went to a big cell where at first it looked like there was nothing there. Then Mayu snapped her fingers and the torches lit up. There in the middle of the cell was something that looked like an abomination to humankind. Rena couldn't even tell if it was human or not it was so disfigured. The thing was huge and bigger than anything Rena could ever imagine. There were four arms with huge muscles and bones sticking out of its back similar to spikes. For the head All Rena could see was a little hair but never really saw a face of any kind.

"What is that?" Rena asked.

"That is our back up plan incase the other one fails. I call him Toto!" Mayu said.


"Yes. I made him myself."

Mayu smiled brightly and Rena was a little disturbed at how Mayu was proud of making such a monstrosity. However it was typical Mayu and Rena had no right to judge unless she wanted to be turned into something like Toto. Therefore Rena just gave Mayu the thumbs up and a smile. Rena wanted to leave but then suddenly she heard the door open and she was pushed into a cell. Rena turned around and saw Mayu smiling and said,

"Don't worry it'll only be for just a second~ Toto won't listen to me but maybe he'll listen to you."

Rena turned around and saw Toto staring at her with big black eyes. Too scared to move, Rena didn't even breathe she was so scared of what to do. Toto looked at Rena without even blinking and was breathing heavily. Then suddenly Toto reached out and Rena watched as his big hand moved closer and closer to her. Rena wanted to scream right at that moment but her fear kept her from doing anything. Toto reached over Rena and picked up something behind her. He pulled it over her head and Rena picked up the scent of something awful. Toto opened his mouth revealing several rows of jagged teeth and then bit into what looked like human bodies all tied into a ball. Rena could hear the bones crunching and the flesh tearing as Toto ate his snack. When he finished, he picked up an arm and in his fingers it seemed really tiny. Toto held the arm out to Rena and gestured for her to take it. Rena took the arm nervously and when she looked at Toto she knew what he wanted her to do. Gulping down the last of her saliva, Rena opened her mouth and took a tiny bite of the arm. The flesh was bitter and the blood tasted awful. However Rena managed to swallow it and smile.

Rena was surprised when she saw Toto himself smile a little. Rena didn't know that Toto was capable to feel human emotion considering the fact that he was hardly human at all. Somewhere under all those muscles and teeth, there was a heart. Feeling a little less scared, Rena walked a little closer and then said,



Rena jumped back a little when hearing Toto's voice. It was deep and very vicious like an animals. Toto sat down and said,


"Toto? My name is Rena. Re-na."

" Rena."

"Yes! It's nice to meet you Toto!"

Rena bowed and Toto smiled brightly. He clapped his hands and started to laugh. Rena was confused as to what was going on but she was happy to see that Toto was happy. Rena wanted to get out of there desperately so she turned to Mayu and pointed at the door asking if she could leave. Mayu nodded her head no with a smile on her face. Yuki was also smiling a little and Jurina had actually grabbed a chair and was now eating while watching Rena. Rena couldn't believe what they were doing but she had no choice to argue because suddenly she felt something big wrap itself around Rena and pull her up. Rena was very frightened when she realized how high up she was and was even more closer when Toto pulled her in really close. Rena's arms were locked in and so she couldn't move even if she wanted to. Toto took one of his fingers and brought it over to Rena's head. Then he lightly placed it on top and rubbing Rena's head. It was very rough but to Toto it but have been his version of gentle. Rena thought he was going to rub her head off but then he stopped and suddenly threw her into the air.


"Rena fly!"

Toto threw Rena high up and then caught her and then threw her up again. Then he grabbed Rena and started swinging her around like she was toy bird or something and made strange noises. Rena was scared and thought Toto was going to let her go or worse make her crash. Toto began to spin with her in his hands and Rena thought she was going to be sick with the things he was doing to her. Then suddenly there was a whistle and Toto stopped everything he was doing. He set Rena down and then the door opened. Rena made her way out of the cell before Mayu closed the door. Jurina helped Rena up and on the way out she heard Toto say,

"Bye bye Rena!"

They made it out of the dungeon and when Rena was finally able to see everything without spinning, Rena asked,

"How did you create something like Toto?"

"Simple I'm just not telling you." Mayu said and then left.

Yuki started to follow Mayu but before she left she leaned into Rena and said,

"Mayu created Toto from a child.."

With that Yuki left and Rena was left frozen stiff. She also felt very sorry for the boy that Mayu used to create such a monster like Toto. He must have went through a lot of pain and endured so much to be turned into something like that. Sometimes Rena forgets how disturbed Mayu was but still that was going a bit far. Still bothered by all of it, Rena tried to forget about it by talking to Jurina who was talking about how she was going to go out and do somethings for the battle plans and so she left. Rena thought this would be a great opportunity to try to sneak out but then she realized that it was still day out and people would be able to recognize her. Rena decided to go and relax until night time so she went to Atsuko's room to talk to her about things. She walked in and found Atsuko cleaning out some old books. She asked Rena if she could help and so she agreed to. As she was sorting through she found one that intrigued her and so she opened it.

"History of the Red Bloods.."

"Ah I should probably throw that one out. I don't need it anymore." Atsuko said.

"Why do you say that?" Rena asked.

"Well because Red Bloods don't exists anymore. Jurina had the last of them killed."

"Why were the red bloods killed?"

"Read the book and find out."

Atsuko let Rena borrow the book and so she went to her room where she would have some peace. She opened the book and was surprised to read what was inside.

"Red bloods are known for being very powerful beings. Due to the radiation there were those who were either black or blue bloods. Those who remained red though gained a sort of power that was far greater than both of them combined. In the beginning, they tried to maintain peace between everyone but because of the black and blue bloods constantly arguing, the peace was soon lost. The red bloods went into hiding since they could do nothing to stop the other two sides. The red bloods only attacked when the black or blue bloods got too close and when those attacks happened both sides suffered great losses. One day both the black and the blue bloods wanted to expand their territories but the red bloods prevented it. Therefore gathering all the forces they had, both the black and the blue bloods joined together to take down the red bloods. They took down a majority of them however there were still some that managed to escape. Over the years the remaining red bloods were taken down one by one until all of them were killed."

During that time Rena had figured out what had happened to her parents. They must have been killed by the black bloods and she had managed to survive. Now the question was she the only one left or could there be others? Rena was curious but she wasn't sure and was afraid if she continued to pursue it. Therefore she decided to keep quiet now and not say anything but she was going to try to look more into it later. Rena returned the book to Atsuko and then went up to her room where she was surprised to see Jurina there. Jurina called her over to the bed where she was pulled onto it and pulled into a nice cuddle. Jurina said that she missed Rena a lot and wanted to cuddle with her after having such a long day. Holding her close, Jurina relaxed with Rena and then said,

"Nee Rena when I when the war, I'm gonna make you my queen."

"Eh?" Rena asked confused.

"When I become ruler I'm going to make you my queen."


"Well because I want you always by my side forever as long as I live."

"Why do you say that Jurina?"

"Because I love you Rena."

Rena started to blush madly and thought that she was just thinking things? She wasn't sure if she was imagining things or if Jurina was being serious. However the look in her eyes and the smile on her face, Rena was just lost in it all. Jurina placed on of her hands on the back of Rena's head and the other on her side. She pulled Rena in close looking deeply into her eyes and said,

"I love you Rena."

Rena was speechless as if time itself had frozen. However she had to remember that there was a person there waiting for her to answer. Rena didn't realize that she was shaking and was too nervous to say anything. Despite the fear though Rena swallowed them and then said,

"I love you too Jurina."

Jurina smiled wildly and said,

"Thank goodness! I'm so happy Rena you have no idea!"

Jurina held Rena tightly and then suddenly tried to lean in and kiss Rena. However Rena stopped Jurina and told her it was a little too early to start doing things like that. Jurina put on a cute pout and tried to win over Rena but Rena held strong and didn't give up. She denied Jurina her kisses and whatever else she had planned and then got ready for bed. She felt Jurina wrap her arms around her waist and she knew this was going to be a problem if she was going to sneak out. For now she didn't worry about it and just tried not to fall asleep while waiting for Jurina to sleep. When she finally did, Rena started to move but then Jurina held her tightly. Her grip was strong and Rena knew there was no way she was going to be able to get out. However she suddenly remembered a trick she used to play on her grandmother sometimes so she pulled out a feather from her pillow and tickled Jurina's nose. Soon enough Jurina let go and rolled over. Rena was free and so she got up and got ready to leave.

Rena went down to the library and found a map where she studied it. Then she grabbed a candle and snuck out one of the back doors. Making sure no one saw her, she put up a hood and then quietly snuck out the palace. Rena was nervous and scared that  someone would find her but in the end she was able to make it out without anyone noticing. Shemade her way outside the wall and into the forest where she would hide in the dark.
It was pitch black and nothing could be seen. Not even the moon was out but just complete utter darkness. However in the darkness, there was one person who was moving guided by a single candle light. Wandering in the forest, Rena manages to move without falling over on something or running into something that could kill her. She managed to get outside of the palace and was now on the road to the Blue Palace. She had studied a map before heading out so she would have a better idea on where she was going. She recognized most of the path she had seen on the map but then there came a fork in the road that she had not seen. There was a right and a left and there was no sign telling her which way to go. Using her best instincts Rena had decided to go left and luckily she was right. Up ahead was the walls to the Blue Kingdom. Sneaking past the guards Rena snuck in as one of the blue bloods and then made her way into town. The night life in the Blue Kingdom was very lively and Rena was surprised to see all the people out. In the Black Kingdom not many people are out so seeing all these people looked so different to Rena.

Rena made her way through the people trying not to be recognized by anyone. She managed to make it to the palace gates but the only problem was she couldn't get in. The place was heavily guarded and there was no way she was going to be able to sneak past anyone. Rena had to think of another way to get around and so she started to walk around the palace walls and happened to see a door that was left slightly open. It was a small space but because Rena was thin she was able to easily slip through. Quickly she ran and took cover so the passing guards wouldn't catch her and when the coast was clear she would get out and start running again. Rena crawled in through a window and then hid behind a statue to avoid detection. When no one was watching Rena quietly ran down the hall searching door to door to find Yuko. Then she remembered how late it was so she went up to the top floor where Yuko's room was. Slowly opening the door, through a crack Rena could see Haruna sleeping on the bed but Yuko was nowhere to be seen.

Looking around Rena thought that Yuko was somewhere else in the room where she couldn't be seen. Therefore Rena opened the door a little more and that's when the door swung completely open and there standing on the other side was Yuko. Yuko grabbed Rena and covered her mouth silencing her. Then she dragged Rena out onto the patio where she slammed her against the edge and started to push her over it. Holding her just by her clothing Yuko looked at Rena with a dark look and said,

"What do you want?"

"I.. I came to tell you something important about Jurina..."

"What is it?"

"S-She's made a kind of weapon that makes blue bloods crazy!"


Yuko let got and Rena explained what Jurina had done. As Rena continued to talk she saw Yuko's face grow darker and darker by the minute.

"How did she find that sound is our weakness?"

"I don't know.."

Yuko glared at Rena and then pulled out a blade. She pointed it at Rena's neck and said,

"I do I know if it was you?"

"Because I was with you the whole time.. Remember?" Rena said nervously.


Yuko withdrew her blade and then asked,

"So why are you telling me this?"

"Because I wanted to warn you about Jurina. I think something bad will happen if she goes through with it I just don't know what."

Yuko looked at Rena for a long time not saying anything. The atmosphere between the two grew tense and she wasn't sure what was going on. Yuko's stare felt like it was going through her very soul and maybe even beyond that. Then Yuko open her mouth and finally said,

"You're not like most black bloods are you.."

"No I'm not.." Rena said.

"No you're something different.. Something special.."

Without even knowing Yuko drew her blade and Rena didn't have enough time to dodge. She felt the blade cut her arm so she quickly covered the wound as it started to bleed. Yuko then came up to Rena and pinned her against the wall removing her hand. There on her hand Yuko saw the red and on her arm too. It was then Rena knew she had been caught and now it was up to Yuko what was going to happen to her.

"As I thought.. You're a red blood. To be exact though.. the last red blood."

What's gonna happen next? Find out next update!!
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omg, now we know about the red blood people o.o and Yuko knows about Rena now!! o.o
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Ok i next is so tempting
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 :shock: She knows.
What now. Run Rena run.... :grin: Well something like that.
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no, I think Yuko-sama might want for Rena-sama to be safe, it might be a key to the piece between the blue-black bloods...

some YukoRena~  :deco:

poor kid that Mayu made into the monster....
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Now, there is no way for Yuko to return her back to Jurina...

She knew the strength of the red blood..

She would do everything she can to get her to drive the black blood

But would she used her own people or used Rena's?

And Jurina would be so angry with rena's betrayal

What would Jurina do?

Rescue Rena or still go to her plan to destroy the blue blood?

Would they fight or make peace?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Another update! Hope you guys like it!

Chapter 18

Rena froze in fear staring at Yuko with wide eyes. Yuko knew what she was and now she was doomed to whatever she was going to do with her. Yuko stared at her with a long stare and then said,

"You are a very rare person. All the red bloods are dead. You are the last and by law, it states that I have to kill you but I have a better idea.."

"What did you have in mind?"

Yuko took Rena down to the deepest level of the palace and had her lay down on a table. She tied down her arms and legs and then Mariko walked in holding a strange red gem. She stood at the front of the table above of Rena's head and then started to swing the gem back and forth and had Rena watch the gem. Rena's eyes followed the gem and soon after the gem started to give off a feint red glow. The glow started to make everything darken around Rena's field of vision accept for the red gem swinging back and forth. Rena's body start to feel hot as if she was on fire and it was becoming hard to breathe. Her body started to shake but because of the restraints she didn't move much. Her breathing was heavy and her eyes were twitching as the gem started to swing faster. The suddenly Rena felt a strong feeling of power in her chest. It kept growing and growing until she couldn't hold it anymore and letting out a scream, Rena released the power. The gem shattered and everything stopped inside of Rena. She calmed down and when she opened her eyes she saw that her own body was glowing. The veins in her body were glowing red on their own like she had saw in her dream. Too weak to move, Rena looked over to Mariko who only shook her head and then placed both hands on the sides of her head.

"I want you just to relax."

Rena took a deep breath and stared at the ceiling. She then started to feel a cooling sensation coming from Mariko's hands that felt very relaxing to her. Mariko let go and Rena instantly felt better and then Mariko said,

"She has a lot of power. Far more than any of the other red bloods I've encountered."

"That's good.. Do you think we can use her?"

"Well she hasn't awakened her powers let alone know how to use them. She'll probably need training."

"Can you train her?"

"I can teach her the basics but she'll need to learn the rest on her own."

"Do you think she can handle it?" Yuko asked staring at Rena.

"I think so. Just give me time and I'll work with her."

"Very well.. I'll leave her to you then."

Yuko released Rena and helped her up off the table. She thanked Rena about the information about Jurina and then told Mariko to escort Rena home. Mariko agreed and then sent Rena home with a pat on the shoulder and she said lessons will begin in a week. They will meet in secrecy and she must not tell anyone about it for if she did she would surly be killed. Rena understood and so she went back to the Black Palace and snuck back into bed without Jurina even noticing. She was glad that no one noticed she was gone and now all that was left was to rest. The next day Rena woke up to Jurina gone and it was just her. She got up and walked into the main room where Jurina was standing and staring at her with a fierce glare. Startled, Rena stopped moving and looked at Jurina with a scared look. Jurina stared at Rena and then asked,

"Where were you last night? I heard you leave and didn't come back for quite some time."

"You heard?" Rena said trying to act clueless.
"Yes and I want to know where you went."
"Ah well.. eto..."

Rena was trying to think of something and then she thought of the perfect excuse.

"I went up to use the bathroom and on the way down I fell and hit my head hard. I must have passed out because when I woke up it was late so I came back up."

Jurina thought about it for a while and then started to giggle.

"Silly Rena. Maybe I should go with you whenever you go to the bathroom you kid~"

"Mou I can handle myself."

Rena pouted and Jurina just smiled believing what she was saying. When that was done Rena went down to have breakfast with the others and then do the daily chores that were needed for the day. She did the laundry and the shopping and all the things she would usually do. When she finished Rena realized that she had free time and so she went out into the forest where she could be alone. She sat on a rock and looked out at the trees a head of her thinking quietly to herself. The run with Jurina was very close one and she started to wonder how she was going to be able to sneak out and go to the private lessons with Mariko. If Jurina keeps a constant eye on her than moving around was going to be hard. She was going to have to talk to Mariko about that for that was going to be difficult. In the meantime though all Rena wanted to do was relax. Sadly that wasn't going to happen for there was a strange rustling in the bushes behind her and so Rena turned to see what it was. Behind her she saw a person standing there and based on the looks of the man, it was like the one who killed her grandmother.

The man saw Rena and started to get closer to her. He started to growl and bare his fangs as he crept closer. Rena started to move back and was going to try to get away from the man but was trapped for her skirt was caught on a stick and she couldn't get it out. Looking back at the man she saw him getting closer and closer and Rena knew she was going to have to do something. She grabbed a strong stick and when the man came close Rena started to swing the stick trying to get the man to back off. The man grabbed the stick an threw it out of the way while Rena was left defenseless. He got on top of Rena and started to lean in thinking getting ready to make a meal out of Rena. Heart racing and body shaking Rena thought she was going to die right there and then. The fear in her body started to overwhelm her until suddenly something bursted inside Rena. It was fast and she didn't even see it happen but the next thing she knew, the man was thrown across the area and slammed into a tree. Rena was freed and so she stood up looking at the man. She looked at her arm and saw the veins were glowing once again. The man stood up and roared at Rena getting ready to charge again. When he started to move though, Rena moved her hand and then the man's head just exploded. Blood rained down in front of Rena and almost got on her. Rena herself was confused and wasn't sure what had happened.

Rena quickly got out and went back to the palace where when she walked in she almost ran into Atsuko. She saw her veins were still showing and so she pulled up her hood and ran quickly to her room. Shutting the door behind her Rena sighed and relaxed seeing that the veins had stopped showing. When she turned she was surprised to see Jurina wrapped in a towel naked and wet. Rena blushed madly and closed her eyes trying not to see anything in front of her.

"I-I'm sorry for disturbing I didn't know!"

Rena tried to feel for the door but couldn't find it and instead she felt a hand grab her. She felt Jurina's warmth coming from her body and she knew Jurina was close. Feeling a slight tug on her shirt, Jurina suddenly said,

"There's blood on your clothes. Are you hurt?"

"N-No.. I'm ok.."

"Let me check to make sure."

Rena felt Jurina's hands slide down her body and start to pull off her shirt. She also felt her hand linger around her waistline where the skirt would come undone. Rena knew what was going to happen and didn't like it one bit so she moved to the side and then turned around. She opened her eyes and found the door and so she ran as fast as she could outside of Jurina's room. There was Atsuko standing there and when she saw Rena she immediately pinned her against the wall and then started to search her body. She rolled up Rena's arm exposing her bare skin and also pulled her shirt down to her chest. Rena was blushing madly seeing how close Atsuko was but didn't move fearing she would do something bad to Rena. There was a pounding on a door coming from Jurina demanding to be let out and so Atsuko let go and then left. Rena stepped forward as well and as she did Jurina swung the door open and the door hit Rena hard in the butt causing her to fall over.

"Itai!" Rena shouted.

"Rena I'm so sorry!" Jurina said.

Rena stood back up and fixed her clothes before turning back to Jurina who now had a gown on. What Rena noticed the most on Jurina's face was a slight reddish color.

"What's wrong?" Rena asked.

"I um.. nothing.. Just wanted to say you have very cute undergarments.."


Jurina left before Rena could ask anymore questions but then she realized that Jurina had seen her bloomers and that was truly an embarrassment for Rena. Feeling her face turn bright red, Rena ran into the room and tried to calm down as soon as possible for she was so excited. Then out of nowhere there was a knock at the door and there was Jurina once again with a towel wrapped around her head. She asked Rena if she could dry her hair and so she agreed. Sitting Jurina down in front of a mirror, Rena took the towel and started to run it through Jurina's short hair. She also combed it making it nice and neat making the young one look her best. Pleased with Rena's work, Jurina closed her eyes and began to relax as Rena did her magic. When she finished Jurina looked at the results and was very happy with what she saw. Once that was done the young one got dressed and then said that she wanted to take Rena somewhere.

"You'll love it I swear." Jurina said.

Walking through the town the two made it to the center where there was a large gathering of people. In the center of it all was all kinds of street performers and actors. There were jugglers and fire throwers. There were sword swallowers and acrobatics. Music could be heard from all throughout and the smell of food was strong in the air. Jurina explained how this was a festival and everyone was celebrating another good year and so Jurina said that her and Rena were going to celebrate as well. Therefore Jurina first took Rena to watch the jugglers who were throwing many various objects. They were throwing everything from balls, pins to shoes. There were also things on fire that looked dangerous but they managed to catch them. They were also juggling knifes and swords and that scared Rena a little since she was so close but Jurina seemed fascinated her overall. What surprised Rena the most was when little kids started to come out from the crowd and they jumped into the juggling rhythm. Now the jugglers were throwing kids and knifes into the air and catching them without even scratching them. Then they decided to do something daring and throw the kids across to each other along with the knifes expanding the distance between the two jugglers. Rena thought for sure that something bad would happen but in the end nothing happened and they ended the act with one big toss and everything went back into place including the kids. The crowd clapped and Jurina was jumping up and down with excitement.

Rena thought this was something that Jurina rarely did and she must have been very happy to do something like this. Even though Rena didn't like it herself very much, she was happy to stay as long as it made Jurina happy. Walking with Jurina the two saw many fascinating things that brought wonder to her. When they stopped at the fire breather Rena was nearly set to flames when the fire came straight at her however the fire breather changed the direction of the flames instantly and the flames went into the air. When the flames stopped, flower petals fluttered in the breeze and the crowd cheered. The fire breather walked over to Rena specifically and snapped his fingers causing a small burst of flowers. In his hand a flower appeared and the fire breather gave it to Rena. He smiled at first but when he saw Jurina he quickly backed away. Rena looked over at Jurina and saw a very dark and serious face with a deadly glare. She had to calm Jurina down so she wouldn't kill the fire breather and explained he was only doing his job. That seemed to calm the young ruler but she was still troubled and so Rena suggested they got a snack.

They were looking for a place to eat when suddenly there was a chime of a small bell. When Jurina heard the chime she immediately started to look around for the source. She found the source and so she grabbed Rena and quickly dragged her to a small cart that was slowly making its way down the pathway. Jurina walked up from behind and lightly tapped on the owner's shoulder. The owner of the cart was an old woman who looked almost one hundred years old. The woman sold a very strange candy called Sakura Drops which Jurina used to have all the time when she was little. The old woman had apparently handmade them and wrapped each individual candy in a small wrapper. The woman had been alive so long that she even made candies for Jurina's grandmother who was long gone now. She truly was a walking artifact and Rena was surprised she was able to live that long. Jurina bought a small sack for her and Rena to share and then thanked the old woman who left soon after. Jurina pulled out one of the candies and wrapped it revealing a small pink ball.

"Say ah~"


Rena opened her mouth and Jurina placed the small candy inside. As soon as it hit her tongue, Rena tasted a very gentle sweet flavor. It wasn't too sweet and it wasn't too bland either. It was the perfect amount of sweetness and within a minute or two the candy melted in her mouth. Jurina said that on the wrapper there was a little saying written on the wrapper and told her to read hers. Looking at the wrapper Rena was amazed to see tiny writing that she could barely read.

"Never look back on the mistakes you make but always learn from them."

Jurina ate hers and read her out,

"All you need is one person you really love to not be alone."

The two nodded in agreement that both sayings were very meaningful. Jurina also said how sometimes the old lady would write funny sayings and so Rena ate another one and this time the wrapper said,

"Never worry too much or you'll only get older faster."

The two laughed realizing she was probably write and that was probably why she was able to live so long. After eating Jurina said she wanted to save the candies and since it was getting dark the two decided to go somewhere private where they wouldn't be disturbed. Rena found a nice spot on a hill where no one would bother them and so the two sat together and watched the setting sun slowly fade behind the horizon. When it was gone, fireworks lit up in the sky and it was filled with sparks and colors. Rena watched in excitement for this was the first time she had actually seen fireworks. She was amazed by all the different sizes and shapes and colors. Each explosion had a different pattern and Rena really liked the big ones. They ended the fireworks with a series of really big fireworks. This caused Rena to go nuts and spin and dance as the fireworks were exploding in the skies. When they finished  she crashed panting and tired but had a big smile on her face. Jurina started to laugh and then laid down with her. Watching the stars, the two laid there eating the candies and enjoying the time they were having together. When it came down to the last candy, Jurina said Rena could have it and so she picked it up and ate it savoring the sweetness one last time. Rena read the saying and was very surprised with the one she got.

"Love is always found when you least expect it."

Rena smiled and Jurina became curious and wanted to read it as well. Deciding to tease Jurina, Rena said she couldn't read it unless she kissed her. Thinking she wouldn't do it Rena had a victory giggle but it was stopped quickly when she felt a small yet soft peck on her cheek. Dazed and fazed, Rena was blushing but because of the dark Jurina couldn't see it. Instead she took the wrapper and read it while Rena was still blushing. She looked over at Jurina and started to think that maybe there was something growing in her heart for the younger one. Then she remembered the saying and that made her blush even more.

"Love is always found.. When you least expect it."

Find out what happens next time!!
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so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
WMatsui is so damn beautiful!!  :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:

Though I wanna know what will happen now with Rena >_<
I don't want her to be hurt  :panic:
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gooosh i had red blood too~

sweet wmatsui always
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Ah.. Yuko wanted to use Rena...

Did she by any chance hypnotize Rena to kill Jurina also like what she did to Chiyuu?

Yeah... Wmatsui are going to get together soon...

Would Yuko attack Jurina kingdom 1st before Jurina able to assemble the device that she was going to use on the blue blood?

Would Jurina know about Rena's betrayal?

How would that affect their relationship?

Can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

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How can I found out what is going to happen next?
Well anyway, What Yuko wants to do?
I'm really curious. :P
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Please update soon :P I'm looking forward to lots of wmatsui moments :heart: xD
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Miyu~ update this when you can (ASAP  :nervous XD )
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Minna!! Sorry it took me forever to update! Things have been very busy over here so I've been coming home late and tired a lot. Anyways here's the next one and I hope you like it! Again sorry for taking forever!

Chapter 19

A couple days later Rena's training began and she wasn't expecting the things of what she had imagined. She met Mariko deep in the woods and when she left she told Jurina that she was going to go gather herbs so she wouldn't be suspicious. When she walked to the meeting place she found herself in a wide open field surrounded by trees. Standing in the center of the field was Mariko who was holding a staff in her hand. She walked over to her and when Mariko saw Rena she smiled.

"It's good to see you again. Are you ready to begin your training?" she asked.


"Alright then we're just going to start something simple."

"And that is?"

Mariko didn't say anything else but instead Mariko picked up her staff and swung hitting Rena hard in the chest. Rena was knocked back and fell onto the ground with the wind knocked out of her. Coughing and trying to catch her breath, she looked up at Mariko only to see her getting ready to swing again. Rena rolled out of the way right before Mariko brought the staff down on her. It hit the ground making a hole and Rena thought at that moment that the hole could have been her head. Rena stood up and then quickly backed away waiting for Mariko's next move. Watching and waiting the moment finally came and this time Rena was ready. Mariko swung and Rena ducked then quickly moved to the side where she was going to try to kick the staff out of Mariko's hand. However when she looked back the staff was right there and then seconds later it went straight into her stomach. Rena thought her organs were being pushed back but in reality she was actually flying back landing hard onto the ground. She tried to get back up but then Mariko's staff hit her hard on the back pushing her back onto the ground. The pressure in her back started to get tighter and if it got any worse her spine could possibly break.

"M-Mariko.. Please stop.."


Mariko lifted her staff and then slid it under Rena's stomach and flipped her over onto her back. She placed the staff right above her neck and with a tap on the end, a blade slid out and formed a sharp point at the end. She swung her staff up and down between Rena's eyes and her neck. Rena's heart was beating rapidly and her body was tense. She was afraid that Mariko was either going to gouge Rena's eyes out or slice her neck open. She didn't want either one and wanted to do something but she was helpless and couldn't do anything. Fear took over and just like last time Rena felt that same feeling she had felt before when the one man tried to attack her. She didn't want that to happen to Mariko but she couldn't control it. The next thing she knew, the power erupted and Mariko was sent flying back. Rena stood up and only looked at Mariko which turned out to be a big mistake. Out of the corner she saw it moving at an incredible speed aiming straight towards Mariko. It got closer and closer right up to Mariko and just as it was about to strike Mariko raised her staff and a barrier had appeared around her just as it hit. The thing spit into two and crashed into the ground creating two long ruts in the ground.

"Are you alright Mariko!" Rena shouted.

"I'm fine Rena just calm down." Mariko said.

Rena took a couple deep breaths and slowly she began to calm down. Everything inside her cooled down and she was no longer in the panicked state she was in before. Mariko walked over and placed her hand on Rena's shoulder.

"Now that I've seen what your powers can do, we're going to try to control them ok?" she said.

"Ok.." Rena said.

Rena was actually very worried about Mariko. After seeing what her powers could do, Rena was scared. She killed a man just by looking at him and she almost killed Mariko if she hadn't put up the barrier. Rena was now more worried than ever fearing that she could seriously hurt or even kill Mariko. However she seemed pretty confident in what she was doing so Rena trusted her. She just hoped that the same thing wouldn't happen again where Mariko was basically trying to kill her. Mariko's next exercise was trying to get Rena to awaken her powers without being put into danger. To test it Mariko took a rock and placed it on the ground. Then she told Rena to try to move the rock. Rena understood and so she stared at the rock for a long time and focused hard on it. However the powers just wouldn't come out and nothing was happening. Rena thought that the powers would only come out when Rena felt she was in danger and so she thought that the training wasn't going to help her. Mariko on the other hand thought differently and told Rena to not force it but relax and let things flow naturally.

Taking her advice, Rena calmed herself and formed a stable mind. She looked up at the rock with a calm and clear mind and then just like that the rock moved slightly to the left. Rena started to move it more and more and slowly she began to see that she could see the rock move in every direction she aimed to. Rena became excited and that excitement was a little too much and so the rock suddenly exploded right there leaving a hole in the ground. Mariko started to laugh and Rena was confused as to what was so funny. Mariko walked over to her and said,

"Rena I think for now you shouldn't try to get so excited and try to remain calm. Otherwise you just might blow up the whole forest if you get too out of control."

"Oh yeah.. Thanks Mariko."

"No problem. Now then let's get back to training!"


For the next test Mariko had several boulders ranging in size from tiny to really really huge. Mariko wanted to see how much could Rena lift using her new powers. Therefore Rena used her abilities and was able to move the first three but then she came across a struggle at the fourth. She was able to move it up but moving it out of the way was almost impossible. Rena used all her might and still wasn't able to move the boulder a single inch. Eventually her body gave out on her and the whole boulder collapsed back onto the ground. Rena got back up out of breath and shaking trying to regain her footing. When she was able to stand Mariko said that it was enough and they would try another test to see how fast she can use her powers. She had Rena step back and then she said she wanted Rena to try to hit the targets she throws at her. Rena was ready and so Mariko pulled out medium sized wooden disks. Mariko threw one and Rena easily deflected it. Then she threw two at the same time and Rena was able to knock them back. Mariko threw three and once again Rena was able to stop them. Mariko threw one once again only this time it changed direction and Rena wasn't expecting that. The disk changed and zipped past Rena's arm cutting her a little. Mariko threw two more and Rena was able to stop one but the other one changed quickly and hit Rena right in the forehead. Rena fell back and quickly got back up for there were more disks coming.

Rena was going to do something but then something inside her decided to move by itself. She didn't even move but instead she just looked at the disks and all three of them stopped. Mariko decided to upgrade and so she pulled out metal ball and shot them at Rena. Rena was scared but the thing inside her stopped two of them but the third one got past and hit Rena right in the stomach. Rena fell to the ground and started coughing trying not to throw up. Meanwhile more balls were coming her way and she didn't have time to dodge them. One hit her arm while another slammed into her leg. The third one hit her shoulder and the last one hit her head really hard. Rena could have sworn she heard the sound of her skull cracking on the inside but she was slowly losing conscious of what was going on around her. Mariko threw another one aiming straight for her face and at that point Rena thought she was done for but then that thing inside her came out again. This time Rena saw it for herself the thing that had been protecting her from before. She didn't see the whole thing but just as the ball was about to hit, she saw something grab the ball and throw it straight back at Mariko with more power and speed.

"A claw?"

Mariko had little time to stop the ball but somehow managed to move out of the way and watch the ball crash into the ground like a meteorite. Rena stood up but quickly fell back down. Mariko rushed over to her and said that she would fix her right up. Holding her hands out, Mariko produced a light blue glow surrounding Rena. Slowly, Rena started to feel all the pain in her body start to disperse and she started to gain her strength back. When Mariko stopped Rena was completely fine and was able to get back up without any help.

"Thank you Mariko." Rena said.

"No problem. I think we'll call that a night. Let's get you home."


Mariko took Rena back home where she snuck into the palace without even being noticed. She made her way to her room where it was empty and so she decided to rest for a while. As she was laying on the bed she didn't even feel herself drift off into a peaceful and relaxing sleep. While Rena was sleeping Jurina was down in the dungeon talking to Mayu about their recent project Toto. Jurina was complaining how Toto wasn't tough enough because they put him through a couple tests and it appears he's easily afraid of things when they're in many numbers. Jurina demanded that something be done and so Mayu walked in herself with a long whip in her hand. With a good swing Mayu whipped Toto hard causing him to let out a yelp of pain. Toto stood up and tried to rebel but Mayu only swung again and caused him to cry again. Jurina released dogs into the cage and they all started to attack Toto. Toto didn't want to hurt the dogs so he just sat there and took it as the dogs bit and scratched him. Feeling outraged, Jurina walked into the cage and took the whip from Mayu herself.

"Attack you piece of trash!"

Jurina put as much force as she could and whipped Toto hard across the chest. She did it repeatedly over and over again until suddenly Toto snapped and stood up. He started to charge towards Jurina screaming with rage. If it wasn't more Mayu she surly would've been torn to shreds. Mayu and Jurina made it safely out while Toto was still inside and was banging on the cage door. He continued to do so until he heard the dogs and decided to take his anger out on them. He crushed some of the dogs and he tore the others apart. He killed ever single one of them until there was nothing left. However Toto was still angry and wanted to destroy more and more things and so he kept banging his cage and growling. On the other side of the cage, Jurina was smiling knowing that her plans were coming together and soon she will have her victory. Jurina smiled and then up to her room to take a rest. She walked inside and there was Rena sound asleep on the bed. With a snicker on her face Jurina quietly crept into the bed and moved in close to Rena. Wrapping her arms around the slim girl Jurina settled herself in. She leaned her head against Rena's back and could feel the warmth coming from her. The sound of Rena's heart beat was relaxing to the young ruler and she found everything about her little helper lovely.

Rena turned over and her face was right in front of Jurina who was surprised by the sudden movement. Over the time Jurina got to know Rena she was happy to know that she had finally found someone who wouldn't try to kill her or try to leave her. Jurina had finally found the one that she could call her own and they wouldn't hate her or despise her. This was something that Jurina rarely found in a person and so she was truly astounded to see how far Rena has come since that day she met her. However Jurina suddenly started to wonder where did Rena exactly come from. She was very far to be part of the blue kingdom and where they found her she looked like she had lived somewhere else. An unknown village perhaps is what Jurina thought but she still wondered. Therefore Jurina decided to do something that she had learned from Yuki herself in terms of finding information out from others. Placing her hand gently on Rena's head, Jurina closed her eyes and focused on Rena. Soon after Jurina's shadow went inside of Rena an inside Jurina was able to search through Rena's memories.


Inside Jurina found herself in a are with a large tree in the middle. On the tree were spheres of light all hanging from the tree. Jurina walked over to one and lightly touched it where she was suddenly seeing everything that the sphere had to offer. She saw herself and the others sitting at the table. This was the first time Rena had met her and the others. Seeing how things worked, Jurina pulled out from the one sphere and started to look for the one that said something about Rena's past. She thought that the higher the sphere the more recent the memory was and so she decided to start low. She reached for the one at the far end and when she touched it she found herself standing in a room. The room was decorated with bunnies and cute things that a little girl would adore. Jurina giggled thinking of back when she was young and her room had puppies painted on them. Jurina's trail of thought was interrupted when she heard a cry coming from the corner of the room. Jurina looked over and saw a crib and inside it was a baby. That baby was Rena and Jurina couldn't believe how cute Rena looked when she was a baby. Jurina wanted to reach out and touch Rena but suddenly the door opened and in came a woman who looked a lot like Rena. She walked over and picked up the crying Rena holding her close in her arms.

"There there Rena-chan Mama is here. It's ok.."

Soon after a man walked in and walked over to Rena's mother. That man was the father and said,

"She must have had a bad dream."

"Maybe. That or she needs to be changed." the mother said.

"Then you do it since you're the expert at it."

"Oh and what happened to "I'm the man so I have to do manly things." eh?"


"Exactly so be a man and do it."

The two giggled and took Rena into the other room. Seeing that made Jurina herself feel a tight feeling in her chest. She never met her father so seeing Rena's father act like that made her wonder if her father ever acted like that. Also seeing her mother brought back painful memories of Jurina's own mother remembering all the good times she had with her and the last. Jurina thought she was going to start crying but she had to keep it together and so she tried to go outside but when she opened the door, there was nothing but darkness. Jurina knew this wasn't going to get her anywhere and so she left the memory and went into the one next to it. This one was her outside the house and there Jurina saw where Rena was originally from. She was high in the mountains and there at the top was a small house that stood there all alone. Jurina took a good look at it and made sure she wouldn't forget landmarks that were recognizable. Then when she had everything she was about to leave but then she looked over and saw an old woman taking a picture of Rena with her parents. They all looked so happy and Jurina started to feel worse. Therefore Jurina left and was preparing to go but then she saw something that intrigued her. On the very very far end of the tree was a sphere that was just flickering barely lighting at all. Jurina was curious as to what the memory was and so Jurina walked over and touched the memory.

This time it was different. All Jurina could see was the ceiling and nothing more. She tried to move but she wasn't and so she wondered what was happening. Suddenly she heard screaming coming from the other room of Rena's parents. They were fighting over something and she also heard the voice of the old woman. Then there was glass breaking and the sound of screams. The door swung open and suddenly Jurina felt herself being lifted. She saw the old woman holding her and she said,

"Shhh Rena don't cry stay quiet."

The old woman took Jurina and went into a closet of some sort. It was dark and Jurina couldn't see anything but she could hear lots of things. She heard to sound of fighting and the sound of swords swinging. She heard the sound of one last cry and then silence. There were heavy footsteps sounding like whoever was there leaving and the old woman waited until there was no movement left. Then she opened the door and started to walk into the other room. It was only for a second but Jurina saw two people on the floor dead their blood pooling onto the ground. The woman quickly covered Jurina's eyes and started to cry silently herself.

"Oh God why... Don't worry Rena I'll take care of you.. No one is ever going to hurt you.."

Jurina was shocked to see that Rena's parents were killed only when she was just a baby. She never got the chance to experience what it was like to have parents. What also surprised Jurina was that the parent's blood was black and not blue. Jurina wondered why was that but before she could get an answer, the memory changed and it showed Rena when she was older to the Rena she knew now. She watched Rena walk inside and she saw Rena scream in horror when she saw the body of the old woman who had taken care of her all those years. There feasting on her corpse was a wild black blood and he was stained with blue blood. She watched Rena fight for her life as she killed the black blood and then fled. Watching Rena run all the way to the very spot Yuki had first found her. Jurina left the memory feeling hot tears stream down her face. She just saw Rena lose her entire family all at once and the whole thing was hard to take in. Jurina tried to compose herself as best as she could before finally getting up and leaving. Back in the real world Jurina looked down at the sleeping Rena.

"How can you smile even after all that..?"

Jurina asked Rena that quietly and gently stroked Rena's cheek. Jurina knew what she was going too look for and now once and for all she was going to get to the bottom of Rena. She was also confused though at how her parents had black blood and the old woman had blue blood. Jurina remembered that the old woman was her grandmother and so she wondered what was Rena. Was she a black blood or a blue blood?

"What are you.. Rena?"

Well I hope you guys liked it and I'll try to update faster next time. Anyways look forward to the next update!
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tis the curiousity!!!!!!!!! (<-... idiotic screaming...)
yeah... i'm curious~~
Jurina's gonna find out hrm?
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Ah.. Poor Rena... for having such a sad past...

Would Jurina know about Rena's blood colour?

Would Jurina also going to use Rena to defeat Yuko?

Did Yuko hypnotize Rena to attack Jurina when the time is right?

What's going to happen to them next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Hm this is interesting.
Poor Toto.  :(
Was that her real parents? Both black boolds. :?
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I feel like maybe Yuko-sama tempered with her memories inside so no one would be able to find out that Rena-sama is a red blood...
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I feel like maybe Yuko-sama tempered with her memories inside so no one would be able to find out that Rena-sama is a red blood...

Oh that is good idea. :O
I didn't imagine that.
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Wah minna sorry for another long wait but here's chapter 20 part 1!! Enjoy~

Chapter 20 part 1

Jurina woke up early so she wouldn't be seen by Rena. She went to the spot where Rena was said to be found on that day. Looking back at the memories she had seen, she looked for the path that Rena had taken when going down the mountain. Jurina searched the memories and then she found it where Rena had fallen and the path she had taken from there. She looked at a rock and noticed scuff marks on it probably from when Rena initially fell. She touched the rock and saw some of the path that Rena had walked. Looking up, she saw tall grass that swayed with the wind making it hard to see. However she noticed that there was a certain part of the grass that was shorter than the rest. Jurina was able to conclude that the shorter grass was the grass Rena had walked on and walked over and later grew back. Jurina walked into the grass and followed it all the way up to the clearing where there was nothing but dense trees. Jurina knew she was going to have trouble navigating through such dense forest and so she decided to try to search the memories once again. It was dark but Jurina was able to make out the figures of all the trees and there was one tree that she saw that would be very recognizable. It was a forked tree where the tree looked almost like a Y. Jurina looked around and far in the back was the tree.

Jurina made her way over to the tree and when she touched it she was able to pick up a couple of memories. She saw Rena rest against the tree and then continue to move towards the path she had just come from. Jurina looked at the spot where Rena came from and managed to look a little further ahead. There was a river up ahead and Jurina guessed that Rena had crossed the river to get down the mountain. Jurina took the same path and sure enough there was the river and the waters were moving rapidly moving down the mountain. The waters were moving so fast that if you fell in you would surely be carried by the current. The last thing Jurina wanted was to fall into the water especially after seeing all the debris that were drifting with the current as well. Seeing there were stones she could step on, Jurina didn't want to take the chance so instead she stepped back and then charged forward. One good jump was all it took and Jurina leapt all the way across the river landing safely on the other side. Rena looked ahead and saw a clear dirt path leading up the mountain. Jurina knew she was getting close and so she straightened her clothes and continued to move forward.

(Over with Rena..)

Rena woke up and saw Jurina was already gone. Yawning and stretching, Rena prepared herself for another long and hard working day. She got dressed and started to leave the room when suddenly she felt someone tug on her and pull her back. She looked over and saw that the person holding her was Tomochin and Rena was very surprised that Tomochin would do something like this. Tomochin shushed Rena so she wouldn't say anything and led her outside. When Rena stepped outside she felt a brush of cold air hit her body and send chills down her spine. Rena wanted to go back inside where it was warm but Tomochin wouldn't let her. Instead Tomochin took Rena to a shed that Rena never knew they had. When they walked in Tomochin released her grip on Rena and then Rena asked,

"Why did you bring me out here?"

"No reason I just thought we could talk." Tomochin said.

"Talk about what?"

"Stuff. I thought it would be interesting to bond with each other since we don't really know each other. Plus I wanted to apologize for the way I treated you so roughly when you accused my sister of being a traitor.."

"Ah that's alright I understood why you did those things. There's no need to apologize."

Rena turned around and attempted to leave but Tomochin stopped her. She insisted on talking to Rena and so Rena had no choice but to sit and talk with Tomochin. Once again Rena thought it was very strange but there was nothing she could do.

"So how have you been?" Tomochin asked.

"I'm good and you?" Rena responded.

"I've been doing alright."

It was obvious that this was just idle chat and Tomochin had something hidden. In order to get what she wanted to know though she was going to have to play twenty questions with Tomochin and find out what she's hiding.

"How is Chiyuu by the way?"

Tomochin looked at Rena with a surprised but saddened look and said,

"She's.. doing fine.. Atsuko has her in lock up still and under observation. She wants to make sure that Chiyuu is completely cured before we finally release her."

"How much longer will that take?"

"I don't know but I hope soon.."

Tomochin tried to look away from Rena now trying to divert her attention elsewhere. Rena was curious as to what was wrong and so she started to ask more questions. She knew she had hit something with Tomochin but the question was what?

"I bet you miss her a lot don't you?" Rena said.

"Yes I miss her.." Tomochin said softly.

"Really? You don't sound like it. To me you sound like you don't miss her at all.."

"What did you say?!"

Tomochin stood up and knocked the chair back. She tackled Rena onto the floor and pinned her arms back. She had the same look she had back then and looked like she was going to kill Rena. However that look of rage soon turned into a look of sadness. Tears started to form around her eyes and she slowly fell moved down onto Rena. Holding her tightly Tomochin said in a shaky voice,

"I miss her so much.."

Rena knew this is why Tomochin had called her and now all she wanted to do was try to help Tomochin the best way she could. In the meantime though she wondered where Jurina was since she didn't see her in the morning. Rena hoped that whatever she did she was ok.

(Over with Jurina...)

Jurina made her way up a very steep hill to the top and when she looked up she saw the thing she had originally came to look for. There on top of the hill was the house she had seen in the memories. She walked over to the front door and found it was left slightly open so she was easily able to walk in. She walked inside and stepped in where she was welcomed with the scent of rot. Jurina walked around and found the source of the stench and it was the dead body of Rena's grandmother. Nature and other elements had gotten to it and so the body had decayed to an extent. Feeling bad, Jurina took a blanket and carefully wrapped the body and then carried it outside. She placed it against a tree and then quickly dug a grave for her. She placed the body into the ground and buried it. Using a large stone as a grave, Jurina placed it in front of the grave and said a little prayer. Then she went back inside the house where she started to explore its insides. She walked into a small kitchen and a bedroom. She saw there was only one bedroom so Rena and her grandmother must have shared a room. Jurina saw old pictures of Rena when she was little with her grandmother growing up. Seeing little Rena made Jurina laugh a little however she wanted to get what she had intended to look for. She wanted to find out more about Rena.

Searching through different drawers and dressers, Jurina looked for anything that could tell her about Rena's past. She found many old clothes and toys but nothing leading to the parents. The grandmother must have gotten rid of all their things making things harder for Jurina. She tapped into the memories of the items there trying to find something that could help her. She walked over and sat on an old rocking chair where she could sit and think. However instead, Jurina got a flash of the grandmother rocking back an forth while holding Rena when she was kid. Jurina realized that maybe if she touched things Rena's grandmother had touched then she may be able to find what she was looking for. Jurina started to touch all different kinds of things and got useless but cute memories. Then eventually she came across a memory that led to something interesting. She saw Rena's grandmother pull up a floor board and pull out a box. Jurina found that floor board and so she pulled it up and found the box. She opened it and found old pictures of Rena's parents and old documents of her parents birth and where they were from. She even found Rena's birth certificate and there was a footprint of Rena's tiny foot back then. While looking at at the picture she heard shuffling coming from something behind her. Jurina looked behind and saw a squirrel sitting on the floor staring at Jurina. Jurina moved and the squirrel ran moving the carpet a little bit.

"Ah stupid squirrel.."

Jurina got up and walked over to the spot where the squirrel had disturbed the home. She picked up one end and started to move it. It was then she noticed something under the carpet. It was dark and dry and Jurina didn't know what it was. At the same time though she realized this was the area where Rena's parents were killed. She looked back at the dark spot on the floor and realized that the carpet was covering an old bloodstain.

(Over with Rena...)

Rena and Tomochin had an intense conversation for a good two hours before Rena was finally able to settle Tomochin's problems. Feeling better and more positive, Tomochin left giving Rena free time to try to look for Jurina. She hadn't seen her all day and was wondering where the young ruler was. She started to walk around when suddenly she felt something cold from behind her. She was going to turn around but before she could do anything, everything went dark and Rena couldn't see a thing. When she opened her eyes she saw only darkness and a couple specks of life. She got up and started to walk around and then suddenly a figure appeared in front of her. That figure was Yuki and she said,

"I need to borrow your body for a while Rena."

"Why?" Rena asked.

"Mayu is mad at me and I want to know why. She won't let me in though so I'm going to use your body to get close to her."

"Mou why can't you use Atsuko or Tomochin's body?"
"Because they hate it when I use their body so just go with it alright? I promise I won't do anything bad."

"Ok fine.. Just I don't want to die thanks."

"Sit back and watch."

There was a hole and through it Rena could watch every movement Yuki made. She watched her walk down the hall to the dungeon and over to Mayu's room. She raised her hand and knocked on the door three times. The door opened a little and there was Mayu standing there.

"What do you want Rena?" she said harshly.

"I wanted to see if you were doing alright. Yuki told me you were upset so I thought we could talk." Yuki said using Rena's voice.

"Well alright.. Just give me a minute."

Mayu opened the door and Yuki stepped in closing the door after her. She walked over and watched Mayu jump onto the bed burring her face into the pillow. Yuki sat down next to her and asked,

"What happened?"

"Stupid stuff between Yuki and I.." Mayu said.

"Like Yuki being a baka.. She really is sometimes."

"What did she do?"

"Well.. All week I've been keeping her side of the room clean because she always comes to bed late and throws her dirty clothes everywhere. I've been cleaning and folding her clothes and even organized them! I make the bed and even clean the sheets every time she stains them with blood which is almost every night because she always forgets to shower. I do all these things for her and not once had she even stopped to notice or say thank you. She just comes home and says, "I'm tired" and sleeps without saying goodnight to me!"

Rena saw some tears forming in her eyes but tried to hide them. Rena saw Yuki's vision start to blur for her own tears were starting to form. Inside she heard Yuki say to herself,

"Damn I'm such an idiot.."

Yuki moved a little closer to Mayu and started to rub her back as she hid her face in a pillow to try to stop the tears. Rubbing her back gently, Mayu looked up and looked over at Yuki with a glare in her eyes. She sat up and said,

"Thanks but I'm alright. Now if you excuse me I have to do the laundry. That baka sister of mine already went through a weeks worth of clothes in just two days."

Mayu got up to take the clothes and then Yuki got back up and said,

"Let me help you."

Yuki grabbed the basket Mayu was going to grabbed and helped her carry it up the stairs and outside. She set it down and got the water and soap. Mayu brought over two stools and together the two did the laundry together. Yuki pulled out one of her own shirts and saw all the blood stains on them. As she started to wash them she noticed that they blood was incredibly hard to get out. Yuki scrubbed and scrubbed but had no luck. As she continued to scrub furiously, she heard a giggle coming from Mayu.

"Like this baka."

Mayu took Yuki's hands and moved them in a circular motion making the stains come off almost instantly.

"Wah thanks Mayu!"


When the two finished washing, they hung the clothes up to dry and then went back into the palace where they talked for a while. Mayu had told things that she had never told Yuki and Yuki herself was surprised to hear those things. She learned how Mayu got lonely when she left her and how much she worried about her when Yuki was out on her missions. She also learned how Mayu had her own internal anxieties and worries and when she was alone she struggled with them. There were times she thought about ending her life but she remembered that Yuki was there fore but at the moments she wasn't there she felt alone. Now knowing this, Yuki vowed that she would do her best to try to help Mayu and be there for her. After that, Yuki left Rena's body and came back to Mayu in her own. She walked over to Mayu and shut the door behind them. Even though Rena didn't see anything, she could hear the both of them crying and each one of them saying they loved each other. It was then Rena knew that Mayu and Yuki had made up.

With that done, Rena went back up to walk to her room when suddenly the door busted open and in came Jurina with a panicked look on her face. When Rena tried to ask her what's wrong, Jurina grabbed Rena and quickly ran down to the dungeon. Jurina dragged Rena into a room and shut the door locking it tight. She then threw Rena onto a table and strapped her arms and legs down. Rena wanted to say something but before she had the chance too, Jurina gagged her. She saw Jurina run to the side and start to search for something mumbling things she couldn't understand. Then she came back and in her hand was a large syringe with black fluid in side. She placed it against Rena's arm and said,

"I'm not going to let them take you away from me!"

Then Jurina injected Rena with the black fluid and Rena felt as if fire was being injected into her body. She felt every single drop of the black fluid shoot into her veins spreading throughout her body. When the syringe ran out, Jurina grabbed another one and did the same thing injecting Rena over and over repeatedly. She did the same thing seven times and each time Rena cried her heart out in pain as her whole body burned and trembled in pain. Eventually she couldn't take it anymore and Rena passed out from the pain.

"Everything is going to be ok.. I'm not going to let them take you away from me.. I won't let them!"

Jurina was scared and nervous fearing the worst of the worst. After seeing what she had seen at the house, she knew it was only a matter of time before Yuko found out and then she would come and take her away. Thinking back to the moment, Jurina couldn't believe what she had seen. When Jurina moved the carpet she saw the black spot she had seen in the memory but as she pulled the carpet back further, she saw the blood wasn't black but red. The blood was red which meant only one thing.. Rena was not a black blood or a blue blood but a red blood and in this world, red bloods are forbidden. If a red blood is ever found they must be killed immediately. Jurina herself had killed one herself and it was quite a challenge. She thought they were all dead but after seeing Rena she was wrong. By law Jurina was supposed to kill Rena but she couldn't do it. Not after all the time they had spent together and all the moments they had bonding. Rena had become someone Jurina had cared deeply about and couldn't afford to lose. Therefore she was going to do everything she could to protect her even if it takes drastic measures.

"I'm sorry.. Rena.."

What she had injected Rena with was a serum that was supposed to turn any blood into black blood. However it was still under development and wasn't fully approved by Atsuko and Mayu. However Jurina couldn't risk it and so she had no choice but to use it now. She didn't want to lost Rena not after all the things they went through together. Jurina was willing to do anything for Rena even if it meant killing getting hurt. She just didn't want to lose Rena and so this was her only hope in any chance of saving her. All she could do was wait and that was something Jurina could not afford. Jurina loved Rena and she wasn't going to lose her no matter what.

What's gonna happen in part 2? Find out next time!
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Finally !!! An update !!!

Waaaa....finally Jurina know that Rena is a red blood !!

What will happen next???

Update soon, please... :bow:
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Well I am happy that Jurina didn't kill her.
But I don't think this will help to turn Rena to black blood.

And also Yuko knows Rena's secret too and she didn't kill her. So she broke the rule too.
They are sisters indeed.   XD
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Ah.. finally Jurina found about Rena's blood colour...

But Yuko already knew about it... though Jurina did not know...

She just wanted to protect Rena...

What's going to happen to Rena now that she had been injected with Jurina's potion?

Would she survive and able to change her blood to black...?

Would she suffer a side effect?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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woah!!! (doki doki)
Jurina!! (she makes me worry so much sometimes)
...this was great as always
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The story is always good  :inlove:

i wonder what will happen in part 2  :?

Can't wait. Please update  :deco:  :twothumbs
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Thanks!!!!! Sugoooiiiiiii!!!!!!! OMG!!!

Update Please!!!!!  :thumbsup
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Minna! Sorry it took me so long to update. Anyways enjoy!

Chapter 20 part 2

Opening her eyes, Rena found herself in the bedroom tucked in bed and in her pajamas. She didn't remember what had happened last night for everything was a blank to her. Jurina got up and started to walk around when suddenly the door opened and Jurina walked in. She led Rena over to the bed and said,

"Good morning~ Did you sleep well?"

"Un.." Rena said.

"Are you ok? You still look pretty tired."

"Ah no I'm ok.."

"Good! Then how about breakfast."

Jurina clapped her hands and a maid brought in a tray of food. She sat it down and then left where Jurina picked up a fork and knife and cut a piece of meat off and held it in front of Rena. Rena knew she couldn't eat it and so she tried to deny it. However Jurina was persistent and managed to get the meat inside Rena's mouth. Rena was expecting a horrible taste of bitter and sour feelings. To her surprise though, Rena found the meat was very good. She thought it was extremely delicious and wanted more. She took the fork from Jurina and ate the whole thing in a matter of seconds. Jurina had the maids bring in another plate but Rena wanted the whole pig and so they brought it in. Rena wasn't even thinking but she just ate and  ate every single scrap of meat that was there cleaning the bones. When she finished, Jurina took a napkin and cleaned her face of the black blood on her face.

"Wah you sure were hungry. I've never seen you eat that much Rena!"

"Yeah.. Guess I was really hungry.."

Rena wondered why she was able to eat something like that. Black blood foods tasted horrible to her but yet somehow this tasted good. Rena wondered what had happened but before she could get to a conclusion, Jurina said to her,

"Come on Rena let's get you some fresh air!"

Jurina took Rena outside where she was nearly blinded by bright light. The light was so intense that it almost seemed painful. Rena actually retreated into the palace to take cover from the harsh rays. Usually Rena never had problems with the sunlight and actually she loved going outside. However right now she seemed very weak in the presence of light and actually thought it burned. This was very strange to Rena and started to think something was wrong but then suddenly Jurina pulled out an umbrella and held it over Rena's head.

"Stay under here. That way the sun won't get to you!"

Rena took the umbrella and together her and Jurina walked along side by side around the palace grounds for a while. The fresh air was nice for Rena and she did like the fresh scent of roses in the early afternoon of a nice sunny day. Rena began to relax and forget about her strange weakness to the sunlight and just continued her stroll with Jurina until suddenly Yuki walked over to the two and told Jurina that she should come down into town for there were things that needed Jurina. Jurina and Rena walked into the town where there were villagers gathering and saying things that Rena couldn't hear because of all the shouting. When Jurina came to them, one of the people stepped forward and said,

"We are tired of you and your childish ruling tactics. We've heard what you're planning to do and honestly it's pathetic. We're demanding a new leader and if you fail to step down then we'll take you down."

All the people pulled out weapons and prepared themselves for battle. Rena knew that Jurina could handle things very easily without even moving and these people were only running to their deaths. However suddenly Rena felt something hit her in the back of the head causing her to fall over. The next thing Rena knew, her body was being dragged by the people and away from Jurina who was too busy fighting off the rest of the people. Rena was dragged into a building where the door was slammed shut and she was tied to a chair. There was a group of the people who were a bunch of men. One held up a knife to Rena's neck and said,

"We got her now boss. What do we do?"

"We wait until things have calmed and then we use her to take control!" another man said.

"Can we have a little fun with her first while we wait?"

"Depends if she decides if she'll be a good girl or not."

"Ok fine but as soon as she messes up I'm punishing her the best way I know how."

The men all laughed and Rena sat there defenseless unable to do anything as she watched outside the window Jurina fighting. She could tell Jurina wasn't trying to kill her citizens so she was only knocking them out or throwing them off. Meanwhile the people were all attacking with weapons of all kinds. Rena never really understood why Jurina was holding back but then she realized that they were her people and as their ruler it was her job to protect them. Seeing the people act like this made Rena feel anger towards them. The fact that they were doing such a thing to her was just irritating. Rena was watching Jurina and watched as one man knocked her in the head while a woman hit her in the side. Jurina started to go down and the people just continued to beat her relentlessly until Rena couldn't see her anymore. That's when Rena started to panic and worry about Jurina. She wanted to get in there and fight all the people. She tried to break free but the ropes were too tight and the more she tried, she was suddenly smacked.

"What do you think you're trying to do?!"

"She was trying to escape! Can we punish her now?"

"Go ahead boys."



At that moment something inside Rena forced itself out and took over Rena's body. She had no control of it and just watched it take over her body. The ropes snapped and the men were knocked back. Then when one tried to attack, Rena just stared at him and his whole arm came off followed by his head. The other men could only stare as Rena looked over at them and then they were all dead as well. Rena blasted a hole through the door and made her way outside where the crowd was fighting. Rena didn't see anything else for things went black but she could hear the sounds of screams. It was dark for a long time until she finally came across Jurina's body. At that moment the thing inside her faded and Rena turned back to normal. She looked down at Jurina and picked her up then carried her to the palace not even seeing the mess she had made. She ran into the palace where Atsuko treated her wounds and left her to rest. Meanwhile Rena told Yuki and Mayu what had happened and so they went down to check on the people. After that Rena felt very tired and weak and so she went to her room where she collapsed on the bed and slept.

Jurina opened her eyes and saw she was in the infirmary and so she sat up. She looked at a mirror and saw her face was bandaged up probably because of Atsuko. A couple minutes later Atsuko walked in and saw Jurina.

"Ah you're awake. How are you feeling?" she asked.

"A little sure but ok." Jurina said.

"That's good. Rena was freaking out about you worried that you weren't ok."

"Where is Rena anyways?"

"In her room."

"I'll go check on her."

Jurina started to get up but then the doors opened and Mayu and Yuki rushed in. They walked directly to Jurina and said,

"You need to come with us."

Yuki and Mayu took Jurina back into the town where she was attacked earlier. When she walked into the area though she saw that there was blood and dead bodies everywhere. The bodies were horrible mangled and mashed to a point where they were almost unrecognizable. The sheer sight of all the bodies made Jurina's stomach turn and twist. There were bodies littering the roads and blood flowing down to the sewer drains like rainwater after a storm. There were even some bodies dragged across the building walls. Whatever happened here was truly a horrible tragedy with the deaths of at least a hundred people. While Jurina was searching amongst the bodies, she suddenly felt something grab her ankle. She looked down and saw a man only this man's lower torso was completely gone. He weakly looked at Jurina panting and saying,


"Who did this to you?" Jurina asked.

"A demon.."

"A demon?"

"A demon.. who wears the skin of a young girl.."

That was the last thing the man said before he died. Jurina looked over at Yuki and Mayu who both stared at Jurina with a concerned look. Jurina claimed she wasn't the one who did this for she was knocked out. The only question was who was it? Who was this demon? 

Rena was sleeping peacefully when suddenly she felt something was wrong. She knew she was asleep yet she felt awake. She didn't know what was causing this feeling but it felt odd to her. Rena looked around and saw that she couldn't move but she could still see everything as if she was awake. Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw something dark standing in the corner of the room. It looked like a figure of some sort and Rena didn't know who it was. She watched the dark figure stand up and slowly move closer to her. She tried to run but her body remained as still as stone. The figure walked right in front of Rena and then slowly it turned into Rena herself only its eyes were black. It reached out and touched Rena's chest where she could see her heart glow red. It was beating lively and the red glow spread throughout her body. However suddenly, the black figure started to fade into her body and Rena watched as the red glow dispersed and a black blow glowed vibrantly. Her body felt heavy and her heart beat started to slow down as if she was slowly starting to die.

Rena's eyes started to close and before she completely lost consciousness, she heard a voice say,

"I won't let them have you.."

Rena woke up and felt as if she was going to throw up everything inside her. She felt as if the very organs inside her were all pushing and cramming themselves into one area all screaming to be released. Her body also felt as if it was on fire where she was sitting in a field of fire. Everything just felt wrong to Rena and she wondered what had happened. All she remembered was Jurina restraining her and injecting her with a horrible fluid that made her pass out. Rena tried to sit up but her body was so weka that she couldn't and so she fell back. Rena looked around and saw she wasn't in the dungeon anymore but back in her regular room. Rena's body still felt violently ill as if she was going to regurgitate an entire ocean. Rena was able to move her arm and managed to reach out and grab a mirror to see how she had looked. When Rena looked into the mirror she thought she was looking at a ghost. Her skin was white as snow and her hair was dark like the night sky. Her lips were pale and her hair eyes had black lines under them. Rena looked like she had seen a ghost but in reality she hadn't. Seeing herself made Rena even more sick to the point where she couldn't take it and became ill. She forced herself up and ran to the bathroom where she released her vile into the sink.

After a half our of violently vomiting and gagging, Rena was finally able to pull herself back together and try to regain her stance. She looked in the mirror once again and saw her distraught face. The sheer horror of it was going to give her nightmares if she continued to stare at hit. Suddenly Rena had the urge to cough and so she leaned down into the sink and started to cough. The coughing was so violent that out of nowhere she felt something spit out. She knew it was blood and knew she was going to have to clean it up so she looked down and was expecting to see her red blood. However what she saw wasn't red but black blood. Rena froze right there thinking that it was just a mistake and it was leftover blood from Jurina. However she looked up and saw black blood on the corner of her mouth and that's how she knew that the blood was hers. Now knowing this, Rena thought something was wrong and wondered what caused her blood to turn black? Then she remembered the stuff Jurina had injected her with and realized that it was the cause.



Rena looked over and saw Jurina standing at the doorway staring at her. She walked over to her and cleaned out the mess she made in the sink. Then she sat Rena down and just stared at her for a long time. The two both just stared at each other until Rena said,

"How did you know?"

Jurina looked at Rena with an expressionless stare and said nothing.

"How did you know I was a red blood?" Rena asked again.

This time Jurina sighed and said,

"I looked into your memories and found you old home.. I went back to there and found the blood stains.."

Rena became very aware of what Jurina had done and now she was starting to develop a whole new view on Jurina. The fact that she was able to see into her memories now revealed a whole new level of secrecy. Rena didn't know what was safe and what wasn't anymore now knowing that Jurina was able to do things like this. As she was thinking though her thought was thought when Jurina said,

"When I found out, I panicked.. Rena here they kill red bloods and I just couldn't let that happen to you. I wanted to protect you and keep you away from those who will want you dead."

"Jurina you're not the only one who knows.." Rena said.

Rena saw Jurina raise an eyebrow and her eyes glare a little. She leaned back and asked,

"Who else knows?"

"Mariko and Yuko.."


Now there was silence between the two and there was nothing interrupting them. It was as if time itself had froze and now it was just her and Jurina. Rena knew she had screwed up when she told Jurina who else knew about her blood type but Jurina had to know. She thought Jurina was really going to kill her but instead Jurina walked over to her and hugged her tightly.  She leaned in close to her and said,

"I won't let them have you."

Jurina knocked out Rena and quickly locked her up in the dungeon. Then she gathered everyone and said she was tired of waiting and was ready to go to war. Therefore, they gathered all the soldiers and armed forces and headed out to the Blue Kingdom along with the secret weapon. They hid the weapon and then Jurina personally walked through the main gate of the kingdom killing the guards at the gate. Then she pulled out her sword and said,

"To battle!!!"

With that the soldiers flooded the palace and soon lives were being taken one by one. Soon the soldiers off the Blue Kingdom came out and started to attack as well. Then the one person Jurina was looking for the most was Yuko who came forward and came face to face with Jurina. She looked at Jurina with a furious look and said,

"Why are you doing this Jurina?"

"I know you knew about Rena's true blood color." Jurina said with a stern tone.

Yuko was silent and Jurina pointed her sword at Yuko.

"I won't let you have her!"

With that Jurina swung her sword and Yuko pulled out hers to defend. The two blades clashed and the war began.

The war has began, what will happen next?! Find out next time~
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And that is how the war began.  :cool1:
:mon curtain: is anyone going to die?
Rena is still powerful. :grin: But is she OK?
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Ah.. Jurina is so scared about losing Rena that she attacked Yuko's kingdom

Would Jurina be able to defeat Yuko?

Would Rena be able to escape the dungeon and stop Jurina and Yuko?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Rena-chan... I wonder what...
nyaa! a war desu!!
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Sorry it's taken me a while minna. Hope you like the update.

Chapter 21

The war had begun and already it was off to a gruesome start. Bodies were flying and the clash of metal could be heard for miles. There were explosions from cannons being fired and smoke from the remaining ashes. Every soldier in the battle field was fighting each other head on head with either sword or mallet. Each one of them was fighting for the blood that flows through their veins and neither one is going to let up. In the very front of the battle was the Tomomi sisters fighting side by side. They were moving perfectly one after the other attacking and defending at the right moment. Tomochin would set up walls from the ground and Chiyuu ran through them causing them to explode in front of the enemy. Chiyuu even ran through some of the enemy soldiers causing them to explode. At one point one of the enemies tried to attack Chiyuu but he was suddenly shot down by something from a distance. Chiyuu looked back and saw Tomochin holding a gun she had made out of the armor of one of enemies. Tomochin looked at Chiyuu with a certain glance saying that she was going to do something big. Chiyuu confirmed it with a nod and quickly got out of the way as Tomochin pulled out four different types of stone. She threw them into the air and then all at once she turned them into giant stone golems. Tomochin sent them out onto the battle field and so the stone golems followed their orders and started to reek havoc on the enemy. Seeing how Tomochin was having a lot of fun, Chiyuu decided to have a little fun as well. Pulling out a metal wire she had, Chiyuu threw it across the battle field as far as she could. She watched it hit the end and so Chiyuu pulled the wire hard and suddenly the wire started to pull her across the battle field. Using her power, Chiyuu phased through many enemies causing them all to combust within seconds.

Blue blood showered the front of the battle field as both of the Tomomi sisters destroyed everything in their path. However their fun was about to run out when suddenly a new enemy had appeared an enemy they had never seen before. She didn't look like she was part of the army but more like a common villager. Despite the innocent appearance though, the girl was covered in black blood and the two knew she was not on their side. The girl smiled and she said,

"My name is Minegishi Minami but you will know me as Miichan, the one who KICKED YOUR ASS!!"

The two started to laugh at the one called Miichan. She was just one normal villager who looked like she couldn't hurt a fly. Plus both of them had a dangerous power that could easily kill her in a matter of seconds. The two just laughed thinking it was just some kind of joke. To their surprise though, Miichan had more than what the two had expected for suddenly that one girl divided into two and then four and then eight and then sixteen and so on until what seemed like the hundreds. She had created a whole army of herself with mass numbers far greater than anything the two sisters had ever seen. They all laughed and then said,

"Let's party bitches!!!"

All the Miichans attacked and there were so many that neither one of the sisters knew where to start. They didn't have time to attack and so Tomochin created a shield out of the ground they stood on to the protect the two from the army of Miichans. They could hear the sound of all the Miichans punching and attacking the shield. Tomochin had to make another smaller layer because she could see the first one already starting to crack. They had no idea who this girl was but they knew she was going to be a very strong opponent.

While Tomochin and Chiyuu were fighting off the mini army, to the left of the battle field was a fierce battle of intense speed. There were two streaks of energy zooming all over the battle field knocking out soldiers of any kind. There was a beam of black and a beam of white passing by everything in matters of seconds with no one really knowing who were the two beams. Those two beams though were actually Yuki and Sae battling it out at supersonic speeds. Yuki had her sword and Sae had daggers and the two were colliding with each other trying to knock the other. The two kept up at the same speed trying to outrun the other but it was obvious that both of them were at equal speeds. Yuki swung and missed and instead took down ten men. Sae attempted to stab Yuki but missed every time and so she took out at least seven men. No matter what though the two were constantly moving faster and faster keeping up with each other neck and neck. Then at one point Sae struck and hit Yuki hard in the side causing her to derail and crash. Sae zoomed past her as Yuki rolled back and fell hard into the ground gasping and coughing for air. She looked at her injury and saw how it was bad so she decided to play it cool and hide by taking over the body of another soldier. She found one right next to her and so she faded into his shadow and slowly took over his body. The good thing about being in another body is that Yuki is able to heal herself somewhat. Meanwhile Sae made her way back to where Yuki had crashed and was now looking for her.

In order to avoid detection, Yuki had to move body to body slowly healing herself and sending Sae on a chase to find her while trying to be killed by the enemy. Sae knew Yuki was hiding in a body but the question was which one. Sae didn't know if she was in a black blood or a blue blood but she had to think quickly if she was going to be able to take her out. Sae ran and ran trying to find where Yuki was but Yuki always managed to slip away into the shadows. Eventually Sae gave up when she heard the loud thud and something zoom right past her. Flying across the battle field was a small figure who nearly crashed into a sharp rock if it weren't for the large amount of dead bodies she had summoned to cushion her fall. Mayu stood up and looked ahead as a colossal woman with large mallets came charging through. Sayaka targeted Mayu and charged at her determining to kill the necromancer. Sayaka swung her mallet and Mayu was barely able to dodge if it weren't for the wall of human heads she had summoned from the ground. Mayu turned around and swung her scythe just inches away from Sayaka's stomach. Sayaka stepped back and was about to defend but then Mayu came from above and Sayaka had little time to move out of the way. Using all her strength, Sayaka moved just in time however Mayu managed to knick Sayaka's shoulder and she began to bleed. The cut was deep enough to the point where she couldn't hold onto her left mallet and was now only using her right one.

Mayu knew that she was going to win the battle now and all that was left was to make a couple of quick and deadly moves. Mayu rushed forward and Sayaka tried to attack as well but sadly Sayaka's other mallet was thrown to the side and she was left wide open for an attack. Mayu almost had her but suddenly a white flash came by and moved Sayaka out of the way just in time right before Mayu sliced off what would surely be Sayaka's head. Mayu scowled angry at the fact that she lost her kill but then quickly changed when she saw her sister limp out of another body and collapse on the ground. Mayu ran to her and helped her sit up as she looked at her fallen comrade. Mayu knew she had to find Atsuko and get help. The only problem was there was an entire sea of people blocking her and there was no way into getting to her in time. Not to mention the oncoming enemies that were trying to pierce their swords through their bodies. While trying to find a way to get to Atsuko, Mayu created a shield made of skeletons protecting Mayu and Yuki. Then Mayu used her senses to try to pinpoint Atsuko and her location.

Off on the other side of the battle field was Atsuko who was battling Minami in a battle of blood. Both of them were trying to injure themselves in anyway they could. Atsuko was trying to touch Minami and release her power onto her while Minami was trying to cut Atsuko so she could enter her body and destroy her from the inside. Every time the two moved, they were only mere centimeters apart with one trying to grab the other. Despite their previous meeting before, they were still under orders to  battle things out to the death. Minami hated having to do this along with Atsuko but there was nothing they could do about it and so they were bother battling yet if one looked closely, they could tell they were holding back. They were just jumping around hoping someone would get injured so they could run away and try to help. Atsuko ran as fas as she could and then suddenly she felt a large thud behind her. She turned around and saw a giant human being without skin though and smelled of rotting flesh. When it saw Atsuko, the flesh decomposed further and further revealing Mayu and Yuki. Mayu ran to Atsuko and said,

"You gotta help Yuki!"

Atsuko nodded and started to tend to Yuki's wounds meanwhile Minami was tending to Sayaka's. Both of them were happy that they weren't going to have to kill each other and were glad for that. However suddenly a large wave of enemies started to attack and Atsuko couldn't move for she was treating Yuki. Therefore Mayu stepped up and defended with her own personal little army of the undead. As they were fighting Atsuko was treating and Yuki was starting to recover. As they were fighting though, there was suddenly a huge shadow that was being casted above them. Atsuko looked up and saw what looked like a giant wave of people all the same girl. The wave of girls was about to crash down onto Atsuko but then a giant stone golem stepped forward and shielded Atsuko and the others from the mass wave of people. The golem fell and Atsuko and the others slipped right between its legs as the golem tried to fight off the girls but was overpowered in numbers. Atsuko had no idea where all the girls were coming from but then she looked over and saw Tomochin and Chiyuu fighting all the girls. Tomochin and Chiyuu were having a hard time taking down all the clones of Miichan. The Miichan girl was surly something they had never seen before because every time they killed one, another would pop up seeming like it was endless. They knew they were going to have to do something to stop the mass production if they were going to have any hope of winning. Then Chiyuu came up with an idea that may be able to help if she could get to them. Out of the corner of her eye, Chiyuu saw Mayu and so she ran over to her and said,

"Mayu take over the ones that we kill!"

"Got it!"

Once Mayu understood Chiyuu rushed and killed at least ten of the clones. As they all fell, Mayu used her ability and was able to take over their bodies. It started to work and there were no more clones being reproduced. When Tomochin saw what Chiyuu was doing, she summoned one of the stone golems over and the golem started to take down the clones by the number of hundreds. Then one by one Mayu took over each and every body sending out waves of her dark mice to take over the bodies. As the stone golem killed more and more clones Mayu kept taking over all the bodies. Then Mayu made the clones attack the other clones where she then took over them once they died. Soon the numbers started to die down and it was getting down to a select group of clones. Tomochin took out five and Chiyuu took out six. There was only two left and Tomochin was going in for the final clone where she chopped off it's head and Mayu quickly took over it. Now there was one and it was Chiyuu's turn to take the real one out. She moved fast and Miichan tried to dodge but she moved the wrong way and it was the end from there as Chiyuu swung her blade and pierced it through Miichan's chest.


Miichan coughed up blood as she fell to the ground and died right there and then. They thought it was over but then Atsuko saw the supposedly dead body smile and then she shouted,

"It's a trap!"

Before they could react there was a noise coming from above and then there was a huge slam right on top of Tomochin. Tomochin was pushed onto and into the ground hard going deep into the Earth.


"Sup bitches?!"

Miichan said as she came back out from the ground and smiled proudly. Meanwhile Tomochin was out cold her eyes rolled back and her body bent in a strange way. Atsuko quickly ran down to Tomochin to inspect her injuries and quickly looked back giving Minami a look that asked,

"She one of yours?"

Minami only nodded her head no and looked at Miichan who was quickly kicked hard in the face by Chiyuu and knocked back far. Then Chiyuu grabbed one of Sayaka's mallet and when Miichan came charging, Chiyuu used all her strength and swung hitting Miichan square in the stomach sending her flying.

"Home run!"

Soon after all the clones dispersed and they were gone along with their original. No one truly knew who that girl was but they didn't care because they had some critically injured to take care of. Atsuko rushed to Tomochin to examine the damages that had been done. She was breathing and barely had a pulse but she was alive and it was up to Atsuko to try to save her. Placing her hands on Tomochin's chest Atsuko could see inside of Tomochin and saw three broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Her heart was beating but barely and she was going to have to do something if she was going to save Tomochin. Using all her power that she had, Atsuko focused on the lung and tried to heal it up to top health. She was able to heal the lung and Tomochin was breathing normally but her ribs still needed to be put back into place and sealed. Atsuko used whatever strength left to heal two of the three broken ribs before falling back exhausted and out of breath. As she was laying there she head a cry coming from the other side of her. She looked over and saw Sayaka screaming in pain as Minami tried to heal her shoulder. Through her eyes she saw Sayaka's muscles tearing the more she moved and Minami wasn't able to heal it because she kept moving. Atsuko stood up and walked over to Minami where she sat next to her and grabbed Sayaka's arm.

Somehow she managed to muster up enough strength to heal most of Sayaka's shoulder all the way up to just a small scratch on her arm. She looked at Minani saying nothing and then collapsed in her arms. Minami smiled and kissed her forehead silently thanking her before looking up and seeing the confused stares of Sae and Sayaka. Sae was about to say something but then there was a cry from the other side as Yuki was in an extreme amount of pain. Atsuko never finished Yuki's treatment and so she was now in pain. Minami quickly rushed over and saw the cut and how deep it was. She was losing blood and it needed to be stopped quickly. Minami didn't know if it was going to work but she tried it and so she cut her thumb and then a small butterfly made from her blood appeared. The butterfly flew and landed on the cut where it entered Yuki's body. Inside the butterfly started to patch up and seal Yuki's wound. The bleeding stopped and Yuki was no stable enough to move. Minami told Sayaka and Sae to see it that the injured are taken somewhere safe. Therefore Mayu carried Yuki and Chiyuu carried Tomochin. Minami carried Atsuko and together Sayaka and Sae made a path for the others to run through and make their way to safety.

 As all of this was happening, a single raven flew over the scene watching it from a bird's eye view. Then the bird flew back all the way to the Black Palace where it made its way through a small hole in the wall and into the dungeon. The raven transformed into a snake where it slid between the bars and then turned back into a regular person. That person was Mariko and Mariko walked over to the girl chained to the wall. That girl was Rena only there was something inside her that was trying to eat her alive. Inside Rena could feel this horrible thing eating away her heart and slowly it was starting to win taking over her body little by little. She knew what was inside her but there was nothing she could do about it. It was too strong and Rena knew she wouldn't be able to fight it for the thing inside her was a monster that she had never faced before.


Inside, Rena could see a black monster eating away the red thing in her chest. Slowly bit by bit the monster was eating her away and her mind began to fill with corrupt feelings and voices telling her horrible things inside her head. They were telling her to kill her friends and destroy everything in her path. Rena tried to refuse the thoughts but the energy was so strong that she was almost completely overpowered with darkness. There was nothing Rena could do and so, all hope was lost. 

What's going to happen to Rena? Find out next time
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Life is wonderful today - fact.
...yeah, I have nothing else to say other than... wonderful~
(though you accidently made a typo, spelling Minami as Minani? somewhere?)
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Aww mann, just when everyone seems to have finally helped each other thanks to Atsuko and Minami, prelude to disaster comes in the form of Rena. What will happen to her red blood? Will Mariko be okay?

And then there's still the battle between the sisters. What will they do once Rena is fully awoken?

Can't wait for the next episode.
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Well who is Miichan?

Mariko's friend?

Ah.. Rena is going to be Gekikara-self now...

What is she going to do?

Would she destroy everything in her path?

Would Yuko and Jurina put aside thier issues to help safe Rena?

Yeah... Atsumina, WTomo, Saeyaka and Mayuki... all left the battlefield

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Yeah they all are so cool in battle.
But what Jurina and Yuko? Where are they? I hope they will help Rena.
Rena keep fighting!!!! Please :bow:

Btw what is Kojiharu power, I forgot if you said that. Sorry.
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Wow the battle is start

Why is Miichan there? And who is she? :?

Yay Takamina sides help Acchan side [ they helping each other]

Can't wait for the next ch.. Rena fighting!!!

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Hey sorry it took me forever once again. I got the new Pokemon game and I've been playing like that nonstop. Anyways enjoy the update and again sorry for being so late!

Chapter 22

In the middle of the battle field, two great figures stand between each other. Yuko the leader of the blue bloods and Jurina the leader of the black bloods, the two were emitting strong energy. Jurina stepped forward and said to her sister,

"Looks like you're losing. It's not too late to surrender."

"I will never surrender to you Jurina."

"Then die!"

Jurina pulled out her sword and swung hit hard aiming for Yuko's head. Yuko backed away however and then pulled out a long saber. Jurina was coming back and Yuko was able to pull out her saber just in time to deflect it. Yuko slid her saber across Jurina's blade and then pulled back releasing a high pitched sound that stunned Jurina for a second. That second gave Yuko the opportunity to strike Jurina when she wan't looking and so she jumped up and came down fast slicing what she thought was Jurina's body in half. However when she looked down she only saw a long line in the ground and Jurina gone. She looked around and didn't see Jurina anywhere. Then suddenly she felt a gust of wind behind her and that's how she knew where Jurina was. Quickly bending back and forcing her blade up, Yuko was able to stop Jurina from taking off her head.

"Not bad Jurina." Yuko said.

"I'm just getting started Yuko!"

Jurina backed away and then dashed forward slicing through a Yuko's side. Yuko fell and then Jurina span around and then thrusted her blade through trying to stab through her stomach. All she hit though was air for Yuko had managed to jump up and come down cutting Jurina's left arm. Jurina hissed in pain as her blood leaked onto the ground she stood on. The pain though was light to her and she was still able to move with much power and speed. Jurina charged towards Yuko once again at full speed trying to take down the older one as fast as possible. However Yuko wasn't going to let herself be taken down so easily. Moving her saber to the left, Yuko leaned far to the right as her saber was pointing almost straight up. Jurina was confused as to the technique Yuko was trying to pull off and easily saw an opening where she could strike. Changing her direction, Jurina went around and then swung aiming for Yuko's weak side. However that was the mistake that Jurina had made when she realized what Yuko was doing and it was too late for her to react for as she was swinging, Yuko released her saber and then slid under the blade and punched Jurina straight in the stomach.

"Angler's Play!"

Jurina remembered this technique back when they would practice sparring with each other. Yuko would use her saber as bait and move at an angle making it seem obvious which spot to strike. However if one were to strike the spot, that's when the play came into motion for Yuko would toss her saber and move under it and then strike the opponent. It was that and many other moves that Jurina would always lose to when they were kids. Grunting in dissatisfaction, Jurina scowled thinking how foolish it was for her to fall for one of Yuko's silly tricks. She was also surprised though that Yuko didn't stab her or cut her. She knew that Yuko had blades with her but instead she chose to punch her. Was she going easy on her?

Jurina wondered that thought but then she saw that Yuko was coming around for another attack. Jurina got up and was ready to move but when she tried a sharp pain shot throughout her body and she collapsed on the ground. It was then Jurina remembered another trick that Yuko would do that caused the disruption of nerves. In a certain spot in the abdominal area, there is a nerve that if you hit it right, you can cause the whole nervous system to collapse for a short amount of time. Jurina realized this and now she was a sitting duck waiting to be slaughtered if she didn't think of something. Then out of the blue, Jurina thought of a way of escape and so she started to spin her body at a fast speed digging into the ground. By the time the end of her foot dug into the hole, Jurina felt Yuko's saber just barely cut her. Jurina dug deep into the ground and then started to make a series of different tunnels and pathways to try to confuse her. Then once she had made enough tunnels, Jurina waited for Yuko's next move.

Jurina used the vibrations to pinpoint her sister's location and when she found her she waited and waited until suddenly she heard a sharp slice of Earth being cut not too far from her. Yuko too was trying to pinpoint Jurina's location and so she started stabbing at the ground. Jurina felt Yuko stand right above her and she felt her ready her sword. She had to move so by twisting her body, Jurina popped up right in front of Yuko and before Yuko could swing Jurina punched Yuko in both of her shoulders.

"Nezumi trap!"

Jurina smirked and then quickly backed away back into the hole as Yuko fell back in pain. Yuko got back up and tried to grab her saber but her arms wouldn't move and she couldn't get them to cooperate with her. As Yuko was struggling to get her legs to move, Jurina laughed and thought to herself that Yuko wasn't the only one that had a couple tricks. Jurina had hit the nerves that connected the arms to the rest of the body. Now that they were out, Yuko couldn't move her arms and couldn't hold her saber. Also Nezumi's trap is a series of tunnels made for not only confusion but an escape route giving Jurina plenty of areas to run to. Now all that was left was to finish her off and the victory would be hers. Jurina pulled out a dagger and then made her way to a tunnel that lead right behind Yuko. Once she was there, Jurina popped out and then cut one of Yuko's ankles from the back. Then she went back down and came out once more and cut the other ankle. Yuko was now unable to move her legs and her arms leaving her completely immobile. This was Jurina's chance to finish her sister off once and for all. Jurina came out of her hole and jumped high her blade in her hand. She came down fast right on top of Yuko where there was a loud crash and a large puff of smoke. Jurina thought she had  got her but to her disappointment, she was wrong.

(Over with Rena...)

Inside Rena was battling one of the greatest enemies she had ever faced in her life. In her mind, Rena saw a giant black monster eating away the very being that she was. She knew she had to stop it but she didn't know how for she was too weak. Everything seemed lost and there was no hope in trying to fight. Rena started to give up and she felt herself drift away and be consumed by the darkness. Then suddenly there was a bright flash of blue and Rena found herself engulfed in the warm blue light. Rena looked around and then suddenly Mariko was standing next to her.

"Rena listen to me. The war has started and people are dying. We need to get out there and stop them before it's too late." Mariko said.

"But how? That thing is eating me alive and I can't do anything!" Rena said.

"You can Rena you just need to open your eyes."

"What do you mean?!"

"Open your eyes Rena!"

Hearing those words Rena suddenly felt a surge of power flow through her very veins. Rena looked at the black monster and all she had to do was raise her hand and the monster was destroyed. Rena's body had changed where her veins were glowing bright red and there was a strange mark on her chest. It looked as if it was some kind of stone and when she reached down to feel it, it actually was a stone. It glowed on and off in a rhythm similar to a heart beat. Rena looked over to Mariko and she said,

"Where is Jurina?"

"Out there." 

Mariko pointed and Rena looked outward where she saw something but wasn't sure what it was. There were two entities flying and clashing with each other and fighting. Rena looked closer and managed to get a clearer image where she saw something she couldn't believe was there. In the battle was a black dove and a blue crow. Rena looked at Mariko and Mariko only sighed and said,

"Let me explain.."

Rena nodded her head and listened.

"As you know, the leader of the black bloods and the leader of the blue bloods had conceived a child and that child was Yuko. She took after her father with her blue blood and because of that, her mother never truly love her. Then when Jurina came along, her mother was very happy because Jurina was a black blood like her. Once the war started, the father wanted nothing to do with the mother and so Yuko and Jurina were with their mother. The mother only paid attention to Jurina along with the rest of the people because she was a black blood and Yuko was a blue blood. Yuko was constantly isolated or ignored by the others and for a good five years of her life Yuko was forced to raise the very thing that made her life miserable. Then one day, Yuko got tired of everything and so she released her anger on Jurina and accidentally killed Jurina. Yuko had regretted everything she had done and that is when she called upon me.."

"Mariko.. you..."

"Yes Rena. As the story said, I am the demon who brought dove back to life."

Rena was astonished and didn't know what to say. Mariko had brought Jurina back to life and turned her into the very monster that Yuko was fighting out there right now. Before Rena could say anything Mariko said,

"I was young back then and foolish. I saw Yuko as a pitiful soul who was only starved for attention and did something unfair to her sister. Therefore I brought Jurina back and turned her into the monster that she is and set her on a rampage to destroy the people that hated Yuko because well back then I thought I was doing Yuko a favor. However when I saw Yuko killed, I knew I had screwed up and that's when the angel came in and brought Yuko back to life. The two started to fight and meanwhile I had been punished by the great powers above. They removed my demonic powers and now I am nothing more than a mere witch stuck in this mortal body. Honestly I find being a mortal quite fun with all the things I can do. Anyways, I stayed by Yuko's side since it was my fault in the beginning and I watched her grow into a very powerful ruler. I was quite impressed at how far she had gotten and now I am proud to say that I stuck by her side. However I also kept taps on Jurina and I was actually quite disturbed at how much hatred she had built up on her sister. I thought about doing something but after last time I learned not to get involved. Now it's getting down to the final battle and we have to stop it before it's too late. You see when I gave Jurina her power, the angel gave Yuko her power and a little bonus with it..."

"And what is that?"

"If one dies.. so does the other."

(Over with Jurina...)

The smoke cleared and Jurina thought she had finally killed her sister but sadly that wasn't the case. When the smoke was gone, Jurina saw her sister glowing a blue aura and her blue veins were visible on her skin. Her eyes were glowing bright blue and she was holding Jurina's blade but the blade wasn't cutting her. Jurina moved her head to the side and cracked her neck before looking at her sister and saying,

"So you're using it now?"

Yuko didn't say anything but instead broke Jurina's blade and then moved forward to punch Jurina. Jurina dodged luckily and watched as a blast of blue energy shot out of Yuko's arm and into the battle field where tons of soldiers were instantly evaporated in the blast. Jurina knew she was going to have to be extremely careful if she was going to avoid getting her head blown to smithereens. Jurina thought now as the right time to unleash her secret weapons and so Jurina pulled out a small whistle and blew it as hard as she could. Minutes later there was loud thudding coming from the distance and men being thrown out of the way. There was a loud roar and then suddenly a huge figure stepped through. That figure was Toto and when he saw Jurina all Jurina did was point to Yuko and she shouted,

"Sick em' boy!"

Toto let out a loud roar and charged towards Yuko who did nothing but stand there. Jurina thought Yuko was just going to get ran over but then when Toto moved his arm to punch Yuko, Yuko stopped it and in an instant, Toto's entire arm came off. Toto fell back and screamed in pain over the loss of his limb and before he could do anything else, Yuko finished him off with a blow to the head taking down the mighty beast. Seeing how that plan didn't work out Jurina decided it was time to use the other plan. She signaled to have the device be brought out and then quickly signaled which ones to use. The bells rang and many men were left frozen where they stood. Yuko however seemed unfazed by it and in the end she destroyed the device Jurina had created. Yuko looked over at Jurina and said,

"You truly are pathetic to think these small things will take me down."

Jurina became frustrated and so she decided to awaken her true power just as her sister had done. Concentrating all her power, Jurina was swallowed by a cloak of black and and then came out a new person. Her veins were black and showed through her skin as her eyes had turned black as well. However Jurina added one final attachment for she had bent over and then two large wings sprung from her back. Jurina smirked and then took off into the sky going high up. Yuko too sprouted wings and flew up to where Jurina was at. It was there the two started to fight midair ramming into each other trying to knock each other down. Yuko pulled out a whole new blade and out of it shot blue energy that took shape of a falcon. It raced towards Jurina and was coming fast but Jurina counter attacked when she opened her mouth and released a long viper heading for the falcon. The two collided and created a large blast setting the two back a bit. However that didn't stop Jurina who used her powers and sent out multiple blasts all aiming for Yuko.

There was no room to escape so Yuko put up a shield and protected herself from Jurina's attack. She was about to put her shield down but then Jurina dashed forward and crashed into the shield shattering it and sending Yuko back. Before Yuko could regain herself Jurina came from above and swung down on Yuko's chest sending her all the way to ground. Yuko slammed hard and Jurina was coming down to finish the job but then Yuko shot up and slammed into Jurina sending her soaring up into the sky. Yuko came up and grabbed Jurina and then threw her down on to the ground. This time it was Jurina's turn to react for Yuko was coming down fast and Jurina wasn't as fast as her sister.

Therefore Jurina decided to try a different approach and so she focused her power on her arms and then suddenly Jurina's arms grew ten times her size and they stopped Yuko from causing any severe damage. She pushed Yuko off her and then flew back up into the sky where Yuko chased her up there. The two backed away from each other and prepared for their final attack that would take out one of them depending on who was stronger. Both of them charged up all their energy into their bodies preparing for the final blow. The energy around them started to grow bigger and bigger until they formed two large orbs in the sky. The black and the blue where both of equal size and strength and all that was left was to initiate the attack. Almost instantly, the two finished at the same time and so they both moved heading straight for each other. They drew closer and closer and then right when they were about to touch, something got between them and the two collided into something that completely destroyed their attacks. There was a large puff of smoke blinding both of them from seeing what had stopped them but when they tried to move neither one of them could. Jurina was angered and wondered if it was Yuko that had stopped her but when the smoke cleared both her and Yuko were both surprised and shocked. There floating between the two holding their hands stopping them from hitting each other was a figure who's body glowed red with her veins outlining her body, her eyes a bright red, and a large set of red wings. That figure was none other than the one that Jurina was trying to keep away from all of this. Jurina looked at the figure and said,


Rena looked at Jurina and said,

"This war ends now."

What's gonna happen next? Find out next chapter!
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Yuko's and Jurina's battle is so intense!!  :shocked
and mariko trolling demon! XD cool!
rena stop those two from fighting so that they wont get hurt anymore!! :( :bow: go rena!!  :cow:
thanx for this miyu~  :deco:
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(will comment tomorrow, saving spot)

(same here)
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Would both Jurina and Yuko stop the fight?

Would Rena need to put themin thier places?

Would Rena be able to have her happy ending with Jurina?

How about the rest?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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:O If one will die the other one will die too. So bad.
And Mariko was a XD
Thanks for update.
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Pokemon~ X/Y?
Ok, to the actual comment...
...both die or both live...
nyaaaa! so much killing each other...
And then... kaboom.. the Rena-sama appears!!!!
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Yosh time for the final battle to come to an end. Hope you like and it isn't the true final end but to others it may seem like it~

Chapter 23

"This war ends now."

"Rena.. how?"

"Don't ask Jurina just listen to me. We need to end this war now before you end up killing each other!" Rena said.

The two sisters were both silent before Jurina said,

"That's what I'm trying to do! I'm trying to kill her!" Jurina said with anger in her voice.

"Jurina if you kill her then you'll die too!"


"Jurina if you kill Yuko you will die as well. You two are connected spiritually so if one dies the other does as well. Stop all this fighting Jurina and look around you. Have you not seen how many lives had been lost already? How many people have died over something not even worth dying for. Think of all the families left without a loved one, all the wives without husbands and children withouts fathers! Do you not see all the damage this war has done to the people around us? Look at yourself Jurina you're only 16 and here you are leading an entire army! You're wasting your life for God's sake you should be enjoying it with your loved ones and not wasting it in this stupid battle!"

Jurina stood there quietly staring at Rena for a long moment pausing to think about what Rena had just said. Rena was hoping that Jurina would realize her mistake and stop this pitiful war. Sadly it was the exact opposite and a look of fury appeared on Jurina's face. She looked at Rena and said,

"I don't care if I die I just want her dead too!"

"I agree with her Rena. Neither one of us can live with the way things are now." Yuko said.

With that Jurina broke off from Jurina and headed for Yuko. Jurina slammed into Yuko and pushed her far away from Rena. Rena knew this would happen and she was going to have to find a way to stop the two. Rena flew towards the direction and found they were going out towards the mountains deep into the woods. Following the sounds of explosions, Rena did her best to try to find the two before they seriously killed themselves. At first she couldn't find them but then when a tree came flying at her, she knew she was in the right place. Looking down Rena saw the two blasting rays of energy at each other trying to knock one of them back. Rena took this as her chance to swoop down and stop the two once and for all. Yuko shot a blast and Jurina shot one as well. Both were about to hit but then Rena got between the two and took the hit hard. She managed to redirect the flow of energy off to the side where the two blasts went off course and one ended up destroying an entire mountain while another destroyed a lake. Water shot into the sky and started to pour down onto the three great figures battling. The water was just making the Earth wet and Rena wondered if this rain was God weeping on such a tragic event between two sisters. Rena looked over at Jurina who was now soaked and was staring at Yuko with a deadly look.

Yuko in return was glaring at Jurina and neither one of them were moving. Then suddenly Yuko made the first move by dashing forward and trying to cut Jurina's arm. However Rena got in the way causing to Yuko to move out of the way. Sadly to Rena Jurina used this as an advantage to attack Yuko by sliding her blade past Rena's shoulders and stabbing Yuko in the leg. Yuko let out a cry and Rena turned around only to punch Jurina in the chest sending her back. Meanwhile Yuko tried to recover the best she could but the wound looked pretty severe. While Jurina was off somewhere else Rena decided to try to Yuko out of the chaos of bloodlust.

"Yuko listen to me! This war will lead you to nothing but death! Do you really want this?"

"I cannot let her live Yuko. Not after all those things I did to her.. With my death, this is the least I can do to atone for my sin."

"Yuko if you die there will be no one left to lead the people let alone to stop all this violence. More lives will be lost and it will just keep on going until there is no one left!"

"Then perhaps that is just the fate for us all."

Suddenly a blast of energy shot out and knocked Rena back far causing her to break through several trees. Rena looked up and saw Jurina coming straight for her with blade in hand. Rena got up and moved out of the way before Jurina's blade stabbed deep into the tree. As Jurina was trying to retrieve her blade, Rena took this and moved forward punching Jurina in the legs. Jurina collapsed and Rena continued to proceed with a sealing chain that would prevent Jurina from moving. However before she could even cast it Yuko came out from above and tried to cut down on Jurina. Yuko was off just by a bit and only managed to slice Jurina's arm which wasn't fatal but definitely painful. Jurina howled and Yuko wasn't letting up for she raised her blade preparing for the final attack. Then Rena shot out energy sending Yuko flying upwards and Rena followed up after. Rena punched Yuko hard in the stomach and then grabbed her by the waist holding her tight. She started to rotate both of their bodies until they were spinning at a high velocity going down fast. Then right as they were about to crash, Rena let go and went back up while Yuko slammed into the ground with a large impact onto the Earth. Rena was sure that the attack would knock Yuko out for sure. Sadly when Rena looked back she saw a blue sphere and then the sphere opened revealing Yuko unharmed and fine. Meanwhile Jurina struggled to stand up and move her arm but managed to hold. Jurina used one of her wings to cover her injured her arm and Rena watched as the wing mended the wound that was inflicted. When the wing was removed her arm was completely fine.

Rena looked over at Yuko who was also healing herself with a strange blue aura surrounded her leg. Both of their injuries were healed completely and they were back to normal. Rena knew that if they continued to use their healing abilities, this battle was never going to end. She was going to have to find a way to stop their healing abilities but the question was how. Rena watched as the two started to fight again and then she came up with an idea that could possibly work. Rena cut the palm of her hand and then cleared out a space in the Earth. She then dragged her hand across the ground running in a series of circles and diagonal lines. She then wrote symbols within the circle and when it was done, Rena herself healed her wound. Once that was done Rena flew up to where Yuko and Jurina was still fighting. The two were colliding into each other when Rena got between them grabbing them both by their heads and bringing them down onto the circle. As soon as they touched the ground, Rena activated the circle and suddenly the ground glowed red. It ground glowed brighter and brighter and then it all stopped leaving everyone in a daze. Once back to normal, Jurina and Yuko continued to fight once more not even knowing the difference. Little did they know that what she had done was stopped their healing ability. It was good for Rena for that means they'll tire out easily but since Rena was also in the circle, she also lost her healing abilities. That meant she was going to have to be more careful.

Rena snapped back into action and went back up to the battle field. Rena flew up and headed straight for Yuko who seemed to be having the upper advantage. Rena slammed into the Yuko and then shot a blast at Jurina splitting them apart. Then Rena pulled out a weapon of her own creating a large short sword that was as hot as the sun itself. Rena faced Jurina and charged at her first aiming for her wings to stop Jurina from flying. She was close to her target but then Jurina dive bombed down and Rena missed. Jurina had evaded Rena's attacked and flew around to get to Yuko who was coming at her with her blade. Yuko swung her blade and a blue dragon came out of the blade heading straight for Jurina who did nothing but move towards it. The dragon opened its mouth and swallowed Jurina whole engulfing her entirely. Rena thought Jurina was dead at that point but then suddenly the dragon exploded and out came Jurina surrounded by a black gorilla. Jurina faced Yuko and then started to move towards Yuko with the mighty gorilla coming to take her down. The gorilla reached out and tried to grab Yuko but missed and instead Yuko moved up and then sliced down onto the gorilla's arm. Jurina backed away and then Yuko summoned another dragon to attack the gorilla. The dragon bit down onto the gorilla's arm and then tore the whole thing off.

Jurina howled herself for though her arm didn't come off, her arm was badly injured. Rena watched Jurina try to heal herself but it did not happen. Jurina was surprised at what she was seeing but she didn't have time to react for Yuko was coming at her fast. Jurina managed to dodge and grab the dragon's leg pulling it up off the ground holding it by its leg. She then grabbed the leg and tore it off causing Yuko to collapse and scream in pain. Both the dragon and the gorilla vanished leaving Yuko and Jurina on the ground. They both tried to heal themselves but the healing powers weren't working. They both looked at Rena who had a grin on her face and she said,

"You two done now?"

"What did you do to us?!" Jurina said.

"I took away your healing abilities."

"Why?" Yuko asked.

"Because you two need to stop fighting."

"Well that isn't going to happen and I'm tired of you getting in my way!"

Jurina snapped and attacked Rena this time hurling a large ball of dark energy towards her. Rena got out of the way and then counter attacked with a several shots of small amounts of energy. Many of them missed but one of them managed to hit Jurina square in the chest and knocked her back. As Jurina went down Yuko stepped up and threw three balls of energy all aiming towards Rena who moved out of the way but the balls followed her. Rena ran in all different kinds of directions but they managed to keep up with her. She knew she was going to have to shake them off somehow and then she came up with a brilliant idea. Flying high up, Rena rose up into the sky and then plummeted down  heading straight for Yuko who tried to move out of the way but Rena grabbed her and then pushed her behind her where the balls of energy crashed into Yuko. There was a big puff a smoke and it was impossible to see anything. It was unclear to see who was still up and moving but then suddenly Rena heard the sound of something coming at her. She ducted and watched a blue blade pass over her neck and then a black blade zoom past her back. Rena knew she was going to have to be careful since she couldn't see anything. She could hear Jurina and Yuko's every movement and using that alone she was able to dodge their attacks. Then all at once the smoke cleared and she could see both Jurina and Yuko standing on opposite sides of her. Yuko attacked first with a powerful blast and Jurina came at her at a fast speed.

Rena reacted quickly by moving low below Yuko's blast and then to the side to avoid Jurina's attack and managing to get them both on one side. Rena then proceeded to send out chains attempting to bind the two together keeping them from moving. Sadly Yuko and Jurina both broke the chain and moved towards Rena with a fierce attack coming her way. Jurina went high while Yuko went low and together there was nothing stopping the two. Rena saw what they were trying to do and so instead of trying to run she created a barrier that protected her from both of them. She reflected the two and then Rena jumped high into the air where she sacrificed her wings to create a large red barrier encasing the three into a contained area. There was no escape now and it was coming down to the final moments. Rena pulled out a long blade and then started to charge towards both of them. She swung high releasing a slash of red energy long enough to cut both of them. Jurina jumped up and Yuko slid low avoiding the attack however Rena wasn't going to let them get away that easily. Rena bent her blade and so the the slash as she warped itself and managed to cut both of their legs. Rena then  started to spin a fast pace and then she jumped up as high as she could go. Then focusing her energy, Rena started to release waves of energy that attacked anything in its path. Jurina and Yuko tried to avoid that blasts but it was very difficult for they were coming at different speeds and different places. Eventually Rena couldn't keep up her attack so she had to stop and because of all the spinning she was slightly dizzy. It was hard for Rena to focus and see that Jurina was coming and then soon after she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. Soon after Yuko came in with a harsh blow to the head and after that Rena was out.

"Now that she's out of the way let's continue where we left off shall we?" Yuko said.

"With pleasure." Jurina responded.

"Rena you need to get up!"


"Rena open you eyes!"

Rena opened her eyes and saw Mariko staring at her with a concerned look. Rena looked at Mariko and then asked,

"What's happening out side?"

"The battling has stopped for a moment since Jurina and Yuko fled the scene. The injured are being treated now and no one is fighting." Mariko said.

"Really? Who told them to stop."

"The others. Yuki, Mayu, Atsuko, Minami, Sayaka, Sae, Tomochin, Chiyuu they all stepped in and told everyone to stop fighting."

"Sugoi.. I never knew that they would start to work together."

"Well after seeing what this war was doing they decided to help those who were injured. Think of it as a temporary break. They will go back to fighting though."

"We have to stop them then."

Rena stood up and looked at Mariko for a long time. She needed to think of a plan to stop everyone once and for all. Then at that moment she remembered the dream that she had about everyone suddenly turning into a red blood. She had vague images of the dream but she remembered seeing everyone become a red blood and there was peace. She also remembered seeing her own death as well and that was something that frightened her at the moment but if this was the only way to stop the fighting then Rena would be willing to do it. Rena turned to Mariko and said,

"Go back to the battle field and gather everyone all to the battle field. I'm going to need everyone to be there in order for this to work."

"What are you planning?"

"You can see the future can't you? Find out yourself."

With that Rena woke up and then saw the two fighting once more. She knew that Mariko was going to need time to gather everyone so she was going to have to buy some time. Rena ran up between the two once again and created a barrier that stopped the two from hitting each other. Surprised by Rena's sudden entrance, the two backed away and then Jurina said,

"Why do you try to stop us?!"

"Because this isn't right Jurina! You need to stop this fighting!" Rena said.

"I'm tired of you getting in my Rena. This needs to stop and just let me finish this once and for all."

"I won't let you!"

"Then you leave me no choice."

Jurina blasted Rena out of the way and then she started to charge for one final attack. Rena tried to move but there was something preventing her from moving and all she could do was watch. Yuko and Jurina both charged for the last and final attack that would surly kill each other if nothing was done. With all her might Rena tried to move but it was no use and the two were almost done charging. Then all at once the two finished at the same time and started to charge blades pointing straight ahead. Using all her strength and power Rena managed to break free and in the last second right as Jurina and Yuko were going to collide, Rena got between the two and the rest was all a blank. There was a sharp pain in Rena's chest and when she looked down she saw Jurina's blade in her chest and Yuko's in the same spot. She looked up and saw Jurina with a shocked expression and a sad look in her eyes. Neither one of them moved except Rena who used the rest of her strength to transport the three of them back to the main battle field where everyone had been gathered. When they all saw what was going on, they were all shocked in horror. Rena looked at Jurina and smiled and said,


After that Rena's body released a enormous burst of red energy that spread for miles on endless engulfing everyone in the wave. Once the energy faded, the sky started to rain only this time it wasn't water but it was blood. The sky was raining red blood and all at once everyone started to cough madly. They coughed and coughed until suddenly one of the men coughed up his blood only it wasn't black or blue but red. Soon after more and more people started to cough up red blood and even Yuko's blood had turned red. Jurina saw a cut on Yuko's face turn from blue to red and even Jurina's blood was now red. Jurina couldn't believe what Rena had done and why she had done it but now everyone was a red blood and there was no blue or black. Jurina looked at Rena who was smiling with half empty eyes looking at everyone who was on the ground cheering and celebrating. There was no more war and no more fighting. All that was left was peace from this point all. Just knowing this made Rena feel happy even though now she was going to lose her life. Rena looked at Jurina and said,

"Now this war is done and there shall be peace.."

Those were Rena's final words to Jurina before she closed her eye and took her final breath dying peacefully and happily knowing that what she had done would change the world forever for the greater good.

Hope you liked the update look forward to the next chapter which could be the final one.
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rena died  :cry: ... she sacrificed herself.... mou baka rena! jurina needs you! :( :banghead:
baka yuko and jurina too! you should have never fought in the first place! :angry:
thanx for the update miyu :cow: :bow:
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R-Rena-cha-an O_O
iyaaaaadaaaa Rena-chaaaaaaaaan you can't diiiiie (T____T)
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Whoa, I'm deeply captivated by this story, will be waiting for future updates. Good job author-san!! :thumbsup
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Nooo please dont make Rena die

And finally she mange to stop the war and sacrifice herself

Cant wait for the next ch
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Whoa finally caught up and the whole battle ends with a Rena sacrifice.

Can't wait for the next chapter
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Noooooo!!! Please don't die Rena!! I want Rena and Jurina to live happily together as a couple at the end  :( please be a happy wmatsui ending  :bow: please update soon!!
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I don't know if I should be happy or sad about the death of Rena

Good for everyone.. Even Yuko...

But poor Jurina... She lost someone that she loved

What's going to happen next?

Who would be the leader now?

Would Jurina have her happy ending somehow?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Well this is the final chapter guys. It was fun writing this so I hope you all enjoy the last chapter. Now it is time to see the true final end. Enjoy~

Chapter 24

Jurina watched as the sky rained red and people started to claim that their blood had turned red. Everyone was the same now which meant there was no reason to fight anymore. Even Jurina's powers were gone and everyone was just normal. As happy as she should be, Jurina wasn't happy at all but instead it was the exact opposite feeling. Her heart sunk as she looked at Rena's dead body that hung limp on her sword. Yuko looked down and slowly pulled out leaving Jurina's blade still inside. Jurina carefully set Rena's body down and pulled her blade out. She then looked at her body for a long time trying to comprehend the fact that she had just killed Rena. Jurina was silent and her stare never left Rena for her eyes were fixed onto her body. The rain had stopped and everyone had left to go celebrate the ending of the war. All the remained was Rena and Jurina and Jurina wasn't planning on moving anywhere. However Jurina felt someone grab her shoulder and she looked over and saw Yuko. She looked at Jurina with sadness in her eyes and said,

"We can't just leave her out here.."

Jurina nodded her head and then together her and Yuko carried Rena's body into the palace. They carried the body down into the chamber where Jurina's mother was buried and dug a new grave for her. Atsuko and Minami cleaned the wounds and Tomochin and Chiyuu dressed her in the finest gowns. Mayu and Yuki said some prayers and then Sae and Sayaka buried the body into the gound. They put a tombstone next to the mother's grave and Yuko placed some flowers on top of the grave. Everyone stood in silence and then they all left along with Jurina and Yuko who went into the palace where the discussed future plans for the people.

(Ten Years Later...) 

It had been ten years since the war ended and everything has been peaceful since. Yuko and Jurina had combined the two lands into one big city and things have been going well. Jurina still rules the city with Yuko to make sure that the people are happy and safe but they don't have powers anymore. They use peaceful methods and only use force when required. Those who had powers were now only using weapons and still used them with extreme skill. The city was in order where there was no violence or fighting. Everything was peaceful and this was the one thing Rena would've wanted to see. Jurina had grown cold since Rena's death feeling that it was her fault. All Rena was trying to do was stop all the fighting and she didn't listen to her. Instead she fought childishly and in the end she killed the very person she loved. Every night Jurina goes down to Rena's grave and talks to her telling her everything about her day as if she was there. She doesn't tell Yuko that she's been visiting Rena's grave for she feared Yuko would get angry. Today was the tenth anniversary of Rena's death and so Jurina had brought down flowers, a bottle of alcohol, and a cigarette. Jurina walked over to the old grave and threw out the old flowers she had left and placed the new one. She then opened the bottle of alcohol and took a drink. Then she lit the cigarette and started to smoke it as well.

There was nothing but silence and as Jurina sighed and took another sip of her drink. She looked over at the grave with a tried and sad look in her eyes. She remembered all the fun times she had with Rena and started to miss them once more. How many times had she called out Rena's name and how many nights she had cried alone for her. All the time Jurina had spent caring for Rena even after death. Jurina wanted Rena to see all the great things she had done for the people to help them live peacefully. She had done so many things all for Rena and now all she wanted was for Rena to see them. Jurina sighed in sadness remembering that Rena wouldn't be able to see them but maybe she could in heaven. The thought of heaven made Jurina laugh realizing that she may never get to see Rena even after death. She had killed so many people in the past and to make things worse she killed the purist person she knew. There was no way Jurina was ever going to reach heaven and that was what made Jurina want to scream into the sky. Sadly Jurina had lost her will to fight it after ten years she just learned to give up. All she had to do was life out the rest of her life like Rena would want and when the time comes, maybe she'll be able to see her again. Jurina looked over at the grave and due to the alcohol, she imagined Rena standing there standing there with a saddened look on her face.

"Jurina what have you become?" Rena said with a sad tone.

Jurina was silent and then said,

"Can't a girl drink in peace?"

"You shouldn't be drinking let alone smoking? Didn't I teach you better?"

"What are you my mother? You're not here Rena so you can't do anything."

"You shouldn't be doing this. Stop now before it's too late!"

"You're ten years too late Rena.. It's too late for me.."

"Is it too late?"

Jurian looked over and saw Yuko standing at the entrance with a disappointed look on her face. She walked over to Jurina and said,

"What are you doing Jurina?"

"Celebrating. It's been ten years Yuko.. can you believe it?"

"Yes.. And Jurina you need to let go. I understand you loved her but you need to move on. Do you think Rena would want to see you like this? Smoking and drinking on her grave?"

Jurina became silent when Yuko said. that. She knew she was right but there was nothing she could do about it. This was the only thing that kept her calm and prevented her from going insane if anything. Jurina put out her cigarette and then threw her bottle at Yuko who caught it midair.

"Better?" Jurina said.

"It's a start. Now get back up here. We have to discuss about the increasing number of bums and the lack of jobs in the slum area."


Jurina looked back at Rena who was waving her to go with Yuko. Jurina blinked her eyes and the fake Rena was gone leaving her with Yuko. Jurina went back up with Yuko into the light and got back to her usual work life. She followed Yuko into a large building and up to the top floor where there were the others waiting for them. Jurina sat at her usual spot and then the other started to talk about things she really didn't care about. The city really had changed since back then and people on the outside would say that it was fantastic. However to Jurina all she saw was the old town filled with people who hated each other and there was no love. She never saw the good in things anymore after Rena's death for she would punish herself for everything even if it wasn't her fault. Jurina was never same and many of her friends started to worry about her. However every time they tried to talked with her Jurina just pushed her away. Jurina wouldn't let anyone in and wasn't planning on it anytime soon.

When business was done, Jurina left the building and went to the local bar where she usually goes to. She ordered her favorite drink and watched the other customers converse and talk as she waited for her drink. When she got it she stared at the red liquid thinking of how the color reminded her of Rena. Almost everything reminded Jurina of Rena and it was hard for Jurina to live out her daily life without thinking of Rena. She wondered if she was going to be able to take it any longer with the way things are now. She may just end her life shorter than she was hoping for. As she was finishing her drink she felt a light a gust of wind behind her as the door opened. She felt someone sit next to her and in a velvet feminine voice say,

"One Gekikara Popper."

Jurina thought this woman was very strange for ordering such a spicy drink but she had no right to judge. All she could do was look over and watch the bar tender serve a tall glass of red liquid that was fizzling on to top. The woman picked it up and took a small sip as if it was nothing and licked her red lips. She had a hood on so Jurina couldn't see the face but her lips looked very similar to Rena's. The woman chugged the whole drink and then paid for it before leaving. As she walked past Jurina, Jurina picked up the faint scent of a smell she had known a long time ago. The scent of Rena was feint in the air and the very scent made Jurina almost choke on her drink. She looked over at the empty seat and then watched the door close behind itself. Jurina didn't know if it was the drink or if this was real but there was no way that the scent could be a dream. That woman smelled exactly like Rena and not to mention she drank only something Rena could manage to stomach. Jurina remembered Rena's love for spicy foods and so she she was starting to draw conclusions but wasn't sure. She had to find out more so she got up an ran after the woman. When she got outside though there was no sign of the woman and she had lost her. Jurina sighed feeling stupid thinking that the woman could have been Rena. Rena was someone no one could replace and she was just imaging things.

Jurina went back inside and paid for her drink and then decided to go on a walk for a while. She walked though old areas that her and Rena used to hang out at and places they used to go to. She went to the lake they had went to once and fountain they went to once. Jurina walked over to the fountain and stared at the newest edition they had added. In honor of Rena, the people added a beautiful statue of Rena with angelic wings. Jurina thought the people had done well with the statue and was very happy. Jurina pulled out a coin and made a wish before throwing it into the fountain. She once again sighed knowing that her wish probably won't come true because it's always the same as every other time she wishes.

"I wish I was with Rena.."

Her wish would never come true but she could always try. Jurina giggled a little and then continued her walk along the empty street watching the sun set in the distance. It was another beautiful sunset and Jurina remembered all the sunsets she and Rena had watched together. Many many things reminded Jurina of Rena and she started to think that maybe she wouldn't be able to handle it for she felt she was going insane. Everything was starting to drive her closer and closer to the edge and Jurina was thinking about jumping over it. The thoughts had been in her head ever since the day Rena died and they never really did leave. She wanted to end it all and just suffer in hell like she was supposed to for doing such awful things in the past. Even if she had begged for forgiveness she would never get it and there was no point in even trying. The thoughts were running in her head and she wondered if they would win this time. Walking down an alley way, Jurina saw something ahead walking slowly. Jurina was walking behind them from a distance watching her and then suddenly there was a strong gust of wind and saw a the person drop something. They turned around and bent over to pick it up and that's when a hood came down and at that moment Jurina saw Rena. There was no mistake that the woman was Rena and she was here and alive.


She looked up and saw Jurina and then quickly turned around and ran. With the swiftness of her legs Jurina ran as fast as she could trying to catch Rena but every time she got closer Rena grew further away. Jurina ran around the corner and saw Rena had turned down the other corner. Jurina ran with all her might as she tried to catch up with Rena and then she realized that they were coming up to a dead end and that's where she would try to catch her. Jurina was catching up with Rena and then when they made it to the alley all the way to end, Jurina knew she had her. Rena stopped at the dead end and turned to face Jurina who had stopped and was now trying to catch her breath.

"Re-Rena.. Why did you run?"

Rena was silent and Jurina decided to move closer to her wanting to get a better look. She reached out and grabbed the hood and pulled it off revealing her entire face. To Jurina's shock, it was Rena but another girl who looked very very similar to Rena. However it wasn't her and Jurina felt more discouraged than ever for the girl was scared of Jurina chasing her. Jurina apologized and then left the girl feeling idiotic and foolish. The thoughts were now suffocating her and she couldn't take it anymore. She was done with everything and so she decided that tonight she would end it all. She didn't want to talk to anyone all she wanted to do was leave the world. Making her way down to Rena's grave, Jurina looked at the grave one last time. Tears were flowing down her eyes and Jurina's body was just slowly giving out. Taking out a blade Jurina held it against her neck and looked up at the sky.

"I'll be with you soon Rena.."

Jurina closed her eyes and started to press the blade harder against her neck feeling it start to slice through her skin. Then suddenly she heard a voice coming from the middle of nowhere calling out to Jurina. Thought it was fake and continued to cut getting a little deeper but then suddenly there was a bright flash and a blast of power that knocked the blade out of Jurina's hand. She looked over and saw Rena's grave emitting strong energy coming from the stone. The suddenly there was bright flash that appeared and it started to split open. Soon after a figure came out and that figure was Rena the one and only who Jurina had thought she had lost. Rena had not changed a bit since the day she had died and Jurina was marveled by the sheer sight of Rena. Rena looked over at Jurina and gave her the warm smile that Jurina had missed for such a long time. Rena's smile turned into a frown though when Rena saw the cut on Jurina's neck.

"Jurina why are you doing this?" Rena asked.

"I'm tired of living Rena! I can't live without you!" Jurina cried.

"Jurina I sacrificed myself so you could live and bring peace to the people." 

"I did that Rena and now I'm tired of living in a world without you... I want to be with you Rena!"

"Jurina we can't be together.. My time has passed Jurina and I cannot be with you among the world of the living."

Jurina reached out and tried to grab Rena but she phased through and couldn't touch her. She couldn't feel Rena's warm touch or embrace her. The sheer thought brought Jurina to more tears and Rena simply sighed and moved closer to Jurina. Jurina didn't want to anger Rena and so she backed away towards the knife. She grabbed it and held it high an then said,

"I'm doing this because I love you!"

"Jurina no!"

Rena couldn't do anything as she stood there and watched Jurina plunge the knife deep into her chest. Jurina gasped and then fell to the ground bleeding out and eventually dying there in front of Rena's grave. Rena cried knowing what Jurina had done and there was nothing that she could have done to stop her. Then there was a glow and Jurina's spirit rose from her body. She walked over to Rena looking as she did ten years ago and with a smile she said,

"Now we can be together Rena.."

Jurina reached out and for once in ten years she was finally able to hold Rena. She pulled her in for a long awaited hug and for once in her life Jurina was able to feel happiness once again. Jurina was more than happy to finally be with Rena but Rena however was not. She knew this was wrong and she knew Jurina shouldn't be there with her. However there was nothing she could do for her now for Jurina had taken her own life on her own and Rena could not interfere with the will of others. Even though Jurina had thrown away her life, Rena was actually happy to see Jurina again. She had actually forgotten what it was like to feel Jurina and hold her. Rena knew that this was wrong but she had no complaints since she was able to be with the one who she loved and nothing was going to separate them now. Rena looked at Jurina with a dazzling stare and then said,

"Let's go."

Jurina nodded her head in agreement.


The portal opened and the two ran through giggling and holding hands forever never separating. The portal closed and now there was only silence. Jurina's body remained where it was and then a single butterfly fluttered in and landed on Jurina's body. The butterfly transformed into none other than Mariko who looked at Jurina's body and simply shook her head.

"Who knew you would actually do it.." she said as she stroked Jurina's cold cheek.

Mariko picked up Jurina's body and buried it next to Rena's but didn't put a tombstone. Instead she put a single flower and then looked at the two graves. She smiled and said,

"And so this is the final end of the Blood Wars.."

Then she turned and left the graves for the two lovers to rest eternally and to insure no one would bother the two, Mariko sealed the chamber so no one could ever disturb them and the two could be together in the afterlife forever. Then Mariko herself vanished into the great beyond finally redeeming herself for the wrong she had done such a long time ago. With this peace was finally restored and life as we knew continued to prosper into the future. 


Ah sad end it is but good at the same time kinda. Anyways hope you liked the Blood Wars story and look forward to the next one! I'll be putting a poll to my next story in my OS thread so check it out! Thanks for reading and look forward to more fun and exciting adventures! 
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That was awesome...sad...
wonderful story... nod nod..
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You make me cry !!!

At 4 A.M !!!

It's so sad... :cry:

Wonderful story, though !!!
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that was sad...
my heart...
but I'm wmatsui r together :)
otsukare papa~~ you did  a great job ;)
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Bitter sweet ending... for Wmatsui

You ended the story perfectly...

Nothing to say.... the perfect story until the end...

Like it lots...

Thank you for the sweet ending...

Can't wait to see more of your stories...

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The last ch is so touch   :cry:

Nooo... I want more

Thank for the update
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That was a spectacular/beautiful story... Me want more Action/Adventure fics...

Thank you for your update...  :) :) :)
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reminds me a bit of romeo and juliet  :lol:
:cry: wmatsui died!! *cries*
mariko-sama as so sweet at end, marking jurina-chan's grave with a flower.. :heart: :yep:
thanx for this  :cow: :bow:
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Jurina finally ended her suffering after Rena's death.  Poor her

Great story
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This is so great story.
I am usually sad when there is sad ending but now I am not. :grin:
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It's so sad T_T
The story was really great
By the way who is Miichan?
I was thinking about something when the blue blood blush they become blue and when the black blood blush they become black, right? I think it's something  very funny to see lol
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I will see it as a happy ending. Thanks for the good work!  :)
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Puppet Master Is a sad story, but have a happy ending  :)

Blood Wars is sad  :cry: Rena and Jurina is death

But it was a really heart touching story  :thumbsup