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Title: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings [COMPLETE] 13 Chapters
Post by: AshuraX on June 09, 2013, 11:39:55 PM
Thinking of writing a fanfic that I rarely see here.
Anywho, this is my first time, so please be gentle with me...
Wow that sounded perverted.

[Chapter 1 (Part I)]

"Number 1, Team K, Oshima Yuko!!!"

After trying hard for all these years, I finally made it back to the first spot.
But, even though I'm standing on top...
I still can't feel anything...
The rivalry I have right now with the Aces of the New Gens...
Can't be compared to those times.

When she shined with all of us back when we were all still together...
I would always be watching her back which leads us all to the heights of stardom
Sometimes, she would be by my side, but not relying on my strength...
I miss those times...
The group right now can't even be compared to how it was...
Even if right now, everyone is giving their 100%,
But if she was here, she would give her all... Even if it's beyond what she could do...
Leading us all, she gave her 200%

It took me years to realize my own feelings...
Even now I can't seem to accept what my heart is telling me...
I met her almost everyday but still couldn't get used to it...
But maybe someday...


"Y- Yuu-chan... Don't cling to me too much..."
"No~ I need to recharge my NyanNyan powers~ *rub rub*"
"I- Idiot! Don't rub my chest!!"
"Ehehe~ You might be saying that but you seem to enjoy it the most~"
"I- I'm not!"
"Hahaha! Look at how red you're blushing~ TsunTsun NyanNyan's so not honest with herself~"

   The two girls, Oshima Yuko and Kojima Haruna are flirting with each other without regards to their juniors. Seeing this, Takahashi Minami, the General Manager, decided to step it.

"Hey, you two, Get a room... I know you're lovey-dovey and all, but it's making the juniors embarrassed"
"What do you mean?"
"Don't know. Takamina's just jealous~ You can join if you want~"
"No! What I meant was-"

Before Takamina could finish, the door flung open. Then entered a few people they could recognize a mile away.

Mariko :"Yo, nice show today"
(I) Tomomi :"We came to check on how everyone's doing"
(K) Tomomi (Chiyu) :"Sorry for barging in chiyu~"

Yuko :"Yay~ It's been such a long time~" she says before pouncing on the three
Sayaka :"Hey, don't disturb them!" she stopped her
Yuko :"Eh?! Sayaka's here as well?! No!!! Let me go, you gorilla!!"
Sayaka :"Who you're calling a gorilla, you perverted squirrel?!"

The three other graduates ignored them and walked to Takamina and Haruna.

Takamina :"Mariko-sama? Tomochin? Tomo~mi? Aren't you guys supposed to be busy today?"
Mariko :"We just finished our work and met up here all of a sudden"
Chiyu :"Really! It was like fate!"
Tomomi :"Yeah, all of us suddenly felt like visiting for some reason"
Haruna :*drools*
Mariko :"Ah, she's in her own world again..."
Tomomi :"And she didn't even greet us"
Chiyu :"Haruna, Haruna. Wake up, will you?"
Takamina :"Don't mind her. She's been fooling around with Yuko for almost 2 weeks straight."
Tomomi :"What? Yuko getting the center again made them too lovey-dovey?"
Takamina :"I don't know. She's clinging to Haruna a lot more than usual."
Mariko :"Maybe because of stresss"
Chiyu :"Or she's hungry!"
Takamina :"No, I don't think the latter could be any true..." she gave a wry smile

   While the 4 are still talking (and 1 thinking about hamster world domination), they heard the door open again. A girl came in. Not realizing this, Yuko was still trying to get out of Sayaka's grip. She fell silent after the girl passed her. She tried to greet her and opened her mouth but before she could, the girl sprinted to the General Manager.

??? :"Takamina~~!!" she pounced on the little one
Takamina :"A- Atsuko?!"

   That girl was the Ex-Ace of the group and a famous well-known actress. She starred in a blockbuster that became popular world wide and even surpassing a classic, The Avengers.

Mariko :"Hey Acchan, it's been a long time."
Tomomi :"Yeah, how many years has it been?"
Atsuko :"Huh? We just saw each other last night" she giggled
Chiyu :"Eh?! I've never heard of this!"
Atsuko :"No, you were there too..." she says to Tomo~mi while she's feigning ignorance
Takamina :"Atsuko... Can't...Breathe..." she tries to say while the taller one is hugging her too tight
Atsuko :"Don't care. I missed you so much, Takamina~" she release her grip and patted Minami's head
Takamina :"Wait, we saw each other three days ago"
Atsuko :"That was that and this is this." She hugged her tightly again
Mariko :"And here's the other lovey-dovey couple"
Chiyu :"And she was complaining about Yuko and Haruna" she laughs lightly
Tomomi :"..." she clung to Atsuko all of a sudden
Atsuko :"Hm? What's wrong, Tomochin?"
Tomomi :"... Just felt like it..."
Sayaka :"Acchan, weren't you supposed to be filming today?"

   Sayaka, who was watching from the distance, decided to join in, leaving Yuko.

Atsuko :"Heh, we finished early and I was bored so I came here."

   Yuko watched them from a distance and realized all the juniors left since training already finished. She focused on her, watching her every movements, listening to what she's saying and looking at her smile while hugging Takamina. She felt a pain in her chest but decided to ignore it. So she went to where Haruna was dazing about something. She took Haruna's hand and brought her to another room then pinned her to the ground.

Haruna :"Eh? Yuu-chan? What's wrong?"
Yuko :"... Nothing..."
Haruna :"Then why are you crying?"

   Yuko felt her checks were wet with tears and laughed a bit.

Yuko :"Haha... That's just sweat..." she says lying while still sobbing a lot
Haruna :"There there..."

   Haruna hugged Yuko tightly while caressing her. Yuko finally broke down and cried so loudly but no one other than Haruna heard it.


   Yuko was finally done crying and wiped her entire face with a towel.

Haruna :"Are you okay now?"
Yuko :"Yeah... Kinda" She showed her usual smile
Haruna :"Then let's go." She brought Yuko to the previous room

Haruna :"Huh? When did you guys get here?" She asked, not realizing their arrival
Mariko :"You two done making out?" She teased the two that just came in
Haruna :"W- We weren't making out!"
Tomomi :"Now she's lying through her teeth"
Takamina :"Whoa, she's as red as a tomato!"
Chiyu :"You're red as well, Minami." She says looking at Takamina still being hugged and patted by Atsuko.
Takamina :"Geh!"

   While they teased each other, Yuko looked at Takamina and Atsuko hugging each other. With Atsuko showing her affection to Takamina, she manages to hide her expression even though it was painful. Atsuko looked at Yuko for a while and smiled just like the old times. She could feel her heart beating fast and her face getting red but Atsuko showed no sign of noticing.

... I want her to hug me... But why is she hugging only Takamina...? It hurts.... It hurts...

To be continued?
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 :w00t: wooaahhh ATSUYUU yeeaah
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Post by: cisda83 on June 10, 2013, 04:57:53 AM
Ah... This took placeafter Sayaka, Mariko and WTomo graduated...

She was still a perv... always skinship over NyanNyan...

Eh... she might have feeling for Atsuko but she could not show it...

Atsuko always liked to hug Takamina... They were so cute together..

And Yuko always hugged Haruna...

Was Haruna really that airhead...? She didn't notice people when they arrived...

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait...

Thank you for the new fic

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

Title: Re: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings
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I'm looking forward to this new fic too! Please update soon.
Title: [AtsuYuu] Unwanted feelings Chapter 1 (Part II)
Post by: AshuraX on June 10, 2013, 07:56:19 PM
Thanks, guys. I really love AtsuYuu and I always for some reason space out like NyanNyan and fantasize bout those two fooling around~
Oh yeah, this story takes place after the elections next year, where Yuko is at the top again.
Now moving on,


Chapter 1 (Part II)

[Atsuko's POV]

"... She's late..."

   And here I am, waiting for the girl's arrival. We have been hanging out a lot lately, even more than me and Minami but she was rarely late. It's been almost 50 minutes already. Maybe she stood me up!, I thought to myself and chuckled a bit. I was wearing a white shirt with black jeans. I also wore a hat so that nobody recognizes me, and it worked. Nobody even came near me. It feels lonely but it's better than having about 50 people chasing after you all the time. I updated my blog while waiting for her but...

Random bystander :"Wow! It's Maeda Atsuko!!!" the man points in my direction

   And there goes my free time. It's not like I'm not grateful that fans recognize me a lot but it's kind of annoying if they disturb me when I was busy with something else. I wondered if the members had it rough as well. While I was thinking that, people were swarming towards me asking for an autograph. Some even took a picture shouting "MY ANGEL!!!!!" and such. Hahaha! I was praised~ I decided to just take care of things here while waiting for her.


Girl :"Sorry I was late! I missed the train!"
Boyfriend :"Don't worry bout it, baby. You're always in my heart"
Girl :"Oh you player~"
Boyfriend :"But you love that side of me" he smiles
*lovey dovey lovey dovey*

Atsuko :"..."

   GET A ROOM!!! I yelled inside my mind while watching the pathetic couple flirting in front of me. I took care of all my fans and She's STILL not here!. I'm pissed. Seriously pissed. I haven't been this pissed ever since the incident in Seibu Dome.
   I took out my phone and dialed her number.

Boyfriend :"Hey! Isn't she that famous actress?!"
Girl :"She is! It's Maeda Atsuko" she says as the two of them gets closer to me
Girl :"Nee, nee, can I please have your autog-"
Atsuko :"Piss off. I'm in a bad mood right now" I gave them an intimidating look.

   The two of them were most likely scared and decided to run away.
   I still couldn't reach her phone. At first I was pissed then I got worried and called her a few more times. After the third failure, I saw the girl running towards me. It was the girl I was waiting for, Oshima Yuko.

Yuko :"Yo! Sorry, Acchan! I was-"
Atsuko :"..."
Yuko :"H- Hey, don't stare at me like that..."
Atsuko :"..."
Yuko :"I- I'm sorry! It's just that-"
Atsuko :"..."
Yuko :"O- Okay... I promise I won't be that late again..."
Atsuko :"..."
Yuko :"That death glare is REALLY painful, you know. Plus the silent treatment together is a Triple combo K.O!
Atsuko :"... Isn't it Double?"
Yuko :"Yay~! A response~!" she did a victory dance and it looked kind of silly.
Atsuko :"Fine, let's go. You owe me a cake"
Yuko :"Hai~ I'll be sure to remember that" she gave me a thumbs up
Atsuko :"And I meant a WHOLE cake." I walked off leaving her behind.
Yuko :"... She's still mad..." she followed behind me looking apologetic.


   After talking about a lot of things from sumo wrestlers to Martian baseball players, we arrived at our first stop.

Yuko :"And here we are in a love hotel!!!"
Atsuko :"Oh, Yuko. You're such a player."
Yuko :"Now let's start our 'fun', Atsuko."

   I already recorded what she said and sent it to NyanNyan.

Yuko :"Haha, it's rare for you to follow on with my joke." she looks a bit red. Maybe she's not used to joking around with me.
Atsuko :"Just felt like it." I closed my phone after sending the recording to NyanNyan and entered the butler cafe, our real destination.
Butlers :"Welcome to AKButler cafe, miladies."

   It's actually a place for AKB members and staff to hang out and bring their friends. Since Yuko invited me, I can enter. The butlers in the cafe are actually some Kenkyusei that I don't recognize. My eyes look at the shortest girl with short hair and charming facials.

Atsuko :"Hey, that short girl looks cute"
Yuko :"Reminds you of Takamina~?"
Atsuko :"Nah, Takamina's not as cute as this girl"
Yuko :"'Dear Takahashi Minami, I am sorry to inform you that the Actress Maeda Atsuko has eyed a girl cosplaying as a butler. You have been dumped' and send" she was typing randomly on her phone while joking around
Atsuko :"What? She's been clinging to NyanNyan lately as well so it doesn't make a difference."
Yuko :"Wait! First time I heard that!" her eyes open wide while staring at me to give an explanation.
Atsuko :"... Pafu." I ignored her
Yuko :"Explain yourself Q10!!!!"

   After joking around and teasing each other, we went to the arcade, watched a movie, and met with the other AKB members to go to the karaoke. There was Takamina, Mii-chan, Jurina, Rena, Sashi, Yui, Mariko and NyanNyan. I was clinging to Takamina almost all the time while Yuko was playing with her Oshiri sister and clinging to her pet cat. After that, we separated so Yuko and I went to a park. It was already night time so we could see most couples making out with each other but I'm used to it. Probably Yuko as well.

Yuko :"W- Whoa! Look at them go! Aren't they embarrassed?!" she says while closing her eyes with her hands and looking at the gap for some reason.

   Or not. She was red to her ears.

Atsuko :"Just imagine, Shunkan Bunshun's next front page. 'AKB SCANDAL! AKB's top ace and Ex-Ace found in the park filled with couples making out.'"
Yuko :"Oi oi. You know just how bad it was with Sato Takeru's case."
Atsuko :"Who cares. It's what they think."
Yuko :"I know but it's still a shock to most of the members. Even Takamina didn't know what to do."
Atsuko :"Hey, wanna make out?"
Yuko :"EEEHHHH???!!!!" she was red all over and kept her distance from me
Atsuko : (Whoa, I just LOVE her reactions) "Relax. I was joking obviously"
Yuko :"Haha... yeah, I see..." She looks disappointed... Maybe she wanted to joke around more.

   Before I could crack a joke and teased her more, I saw two familiar figures by a bush near a tree. I went to that direction slowly. Realizing I was acting suspicious, Yuko also followed me from behind. Slowly, I reached the bush, I could hear them giggling. Now, I looked behind the bush, and then I saw them. Without any top on. And their panties under the bush.

Atsuko :"Ah."
Yuki :"Ah."
Yuko :"Ah."
Mayu :"Ah."

   Thus... Silence fills the air...


   Whoa... Never expected that... XD
Anywho, thanks for reading~! And please comment on how I could improve this~ Your ideas are most welcome for this newbie~
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Interesting fic :lol:

I can't wait for you next update :nervous
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Ah... Atsuko always hung around Yuko more than with Minami...

Poor Atsuko needed to deal with lots of fans even in her day off...

Oh... Atsuko was so scary... glaring at the fans...

Ah... Yuko was in trouble for being late...

Eh... really AKButler cafe... where...? or just made up...?

Eh... Minami and Haruna had been clinging to each other as of late...

Poor Yuko... for being teased around by Atsuko...

She hope Atsuko would like her back... so badly...

OMG... really Mayuki were in the bush...

What's going to happen to Mayuki now that Atsuko and Yuko... found them in such compromise situation...?

Would Atsuko and Yuko tease them...?

Can't wait to see what's happening next

Thank you for the update

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Cute AtsuYuu moments! I like this pairing too.. XD

Yuko why disappointed..! Don't ya worry someday you'll be making out with Acchan someday.. :fap :twisted: I wonder what really Acchan feels about Yuko?

Uwaaaa! The last part was sooooo funny! :lol: I can't stop my laughing.when i remember that scene! MaYuki and AtsuYuu on the really awkward and weird situation! Ahaha :lol:

What will happen next? Can't wait.. :fap

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

GREAT~ HILARIOUS~ :twothumbs
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Yay.... Atsuyuu  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:

Gaah... Haruna is so sweet in previous chapter... My Kojiyuu haato  :luvluv2: :luvluv2: :luvluv2:

And my Atsuyuu heart feels so happy in last chapter...  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :luvluv1:

Yuko :"And here we are in a love hotel!!!"
Atsuko :"Oh, Yuko. You're such a player."
Yuko :"Now let's start our 'fun', Atsuko."

I already recorded what she said and sent it to NyanNyan.

Oh Acchan... You devil you  :hiakhiakhiak: :hiakhiakhiak:

Aaand Mayuki..., Get a room you two!!!  :scolding: :scolding:

Thanks for the update Ashura-san  :bow:
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Woah  :heart: An AtsuYuu fic  :heart: :heart: :heart: Thanks for making oneeeeeeee  :peace: Hope you update soon  :nervous
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even though I ship AtsuMina and KojiYuu, I seriously love the bond of the two Aces.  :heart:  :mon inluv:
Acchan you tease!  XD Hahahaha Yuko pervert as usual...  :smhid and Mayuki, go get some privacy!!  :on thumbb:
Thank you very much for this author~san!  :kneelbow:
Please update soon~!!!!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:
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Thanks for the feedback, guys~!
And yeah, the thought of seeing the Immovable Ace and the True Ace together makes it so cute~


[Chapter 2]

Yuko :"NyanNyan love~"
Haruna :"Eh?! Get off, Yuu-chan! We're on stage!"
Yuko :"Who cares. They want the service~"

   The fans roared. Most of the fans are looking at me and NyanNyan's skinship as we finished singing Aitakatta. NyanNyan was being deredere again and our juniors were showing us an awkward face. My eyes met Mayu's and I remembered the incident last night.



Atsuko :"... H- Hey, you two, fancy meeting you here!"

   Acchan, being the good girl she is, broke the silence to make them feel less embarrassed and focused on a different subject

Atsuko :"I- I thought you two were... err... going to eat at a restaurant" she says as she remembered them saying that during karaoke as they were leaving early
Yuki :"W- We just thought of going here first since we weren't that much hungry" she says as the other girl nods
Yuko :"Forget that. Just wear your clothes already" I could feel myself blushing and averted my gaze

   After they finished putting on their clothes,

Mayu :"Forget what you two just saw" she says with a terrifying gaze
Yuko :"Hey, no need to get mad."
Atsuko :"You're lucky that it's us. If it was a random bystander, then who knows what will happen"
Mayu :"He'd be dead, of course"
Yuki :"M- Mayuyu..."
Both me and Atsuko sighed.
Yuki :"C- Can you two please not tell this to anyone?" She says looking down apologetically
Yuko :"Yeah, I don't mind. Most of the members know how lovey dovey you two are, anyways" I smirked
Mayu :"I trust you, Oshiriko-chan, but it's her who I don't trust." She says while glaring at Acchan
Yuki :"Mayuyu!" She hits her head and glares at her
Mayu :"What was that for?!" She rubs her head and tries to glare at Yuki but stopped after she saw how angry Yuki was
Yuki :"I- I'm very for what she said, Maeda-san!" She bows and also made Mayuyu bow as well

   But even in this situation, Acchan still has her angel-like smile that could capture anyone's hearts. When I looked at her, I felt that my heart was beating faster and faster as my cheeks became crimson red. When I looked at the other two, their face was also red as they looked at her. Acchan stepped forward and rubbed Mayuyu's head. With that, Mayuyu and Yukirin got up.

Atsuko :"Awh, don't you trust me, Mayu-chan?" She said as her smile changes into a pout
Mayu :"I- It's not that, but..." She bit her lip as she looked down
Atsuko :"Eh? You don't trust your graduated senpai?" She says acting shocked
Mayu :"No! it's not t-" Before she could finish, Acchan put her finger on Mayuyu's lips to shush her. I could see Mayuyu blush as she felt her senpai's finger on her lips
Atsuko :"Well, because you don't believe me so much, then I have no choice." she held my hand
Yuko :"Eh?!" I was shocked and startled. Even though I've always initiated skinship with Acchan, she was never the one who started it. But before I could ask her what's wrong...
She kissed me.

   It was so sudden, my mind went completely blank. My heart was melting as I felt her soft lips touched mine. I hoped this could last for all eternity. I hoped that she wouldn't part her lips with mine. I was also hoping for her to part immediately because any more, I could break. But alas, it became worse. She put her tongue inside. I couldn't believe it. The girl I love French Kissed me, tasting my entire insides. I could feel our drools coming out of our mouths. I was even redder and hotter. After what felt like an eternity, she parted her lips.

Atsuko :"So there you go." She wiped her mouth

   I came back to my senses and looked at the other two. They were dumbfounded an embarrassed looking at us kiss

Yuko :"W- What was that...?" I asked her, still red to my ears.
Atsuko :"Hm? Oh, sorry for the sudden kiss." She turned around after apologizing to me and looked at Mayuyu. "There, problem solved."
Mayu :"Eh?! What does you kissing Yuko have anything to do with this?!" She says looking embarrassed and lost at the same time
Atsuko :"Huh? It's simple. you saw me making out with Yuko, I saw you making out with Yuki. If any one of us tattled about this, we could use what we saw to get back at the one who tattled it. So, if your secret's out, and you know I did it, you could tattle bout me making out with Yuko."
Mayu :"Eh? Are you serious?"
Atsuko :"Maji da yo (I'm serious)" She says in a way which reminded me of the Majisuka Gakuen days.
Mayuyu and Yukirin were still left speechless.
Atsuko :"So, trust me, okay?" She looked at her with her angelic smile, making Mayuyu blush more
Mayuyu :"F- Fine... I'll trust you... Senpai..."


Yuko :"Hey Shiriri-chan~" I pounced on her from behind
Mayu :"Oshiriko-chan?"
Yuki :"Well done today, Oshima-san"

   I got up and dragged both Mayuyu and Yukirin to an unused room

Yuko :"Err... About yesterday..."
Yuki :"No need, we know that there's nothing going on between you and Maeda-san"
... It kinda hurts when she says it like that...
Yuko :"Really?"
Mayu :"Yeah, we know that Maeda... -san, was only trying to make us trust her."
Yuki :"Yup, but are you okay about her k- kissing you... like that?" She says, getting embarrassed for what she said.
I also feel myself getting redder but I shrugged it off
Yuko :"It's okay, Acchan was just trying to make it looked convincing"

   It's true. When we were going home, I asked her why she did that, even putting her tongue in.
"Hm? Not like it matters, right? It's just a kiss. Plus, I bet you did it all the time~"
   Well, I did it with some of the friends I had just for fun, but I never felt like this with anyone before. The feeling when she kissed me was different. Even though it was only for a few seconds, I was breathless. My heart couldn't take it. I almost ran wild before she parted her lips. Yet, She only shrugs it off like it meant nothing. How could she be such an idiot?! Notice my feelings already! Baka! Acchan no BAKA! Weird girl! Sadist! Airhead! Shy girl! Ace! Beautiful! Angel! Good actress! Great kisser!

Mayu :"Oshiriko-chan~ You still alive there?" I came back to my senses
Yuko :"Ah, anyway, you don't need to worry about that."
Yuki :"Hai..."
Yuko :"Don't worry~ Acchan and I won't tell anyone!"
Mayu :"It's not 'that' that I was worrying about."
Yuki :"Mayuyu!" She glared at her but she just ignores
Yuko :"Hm? What do you mean."
Mayu :"We know already. Well, most of the members knew."
Yuki :"Stop it, Mayuyu!" She tried to hit her but stopped once she saw how serious Mayuyu was
Mayu :"*sigh* Hai, I'll shut up."
Yuko :"No way~ I'm curious now~!"
Mayu :"Really?"
Yuko :"Tell me~!!!" I made a curious face which made her grin
Mayu :"Do you REALLY want to know?"
Yuko :"Indeed, Watanabe Mayu-sama!"
Mayu :"Fine. All of us knew."
Yuko :"Of what?! Did you managed to find a UFO?!" I feel dat my eyes are shining of curiosity.

But, I regret telling her to continue

Mayu :"We knew...

That you have an unrequited love for Maeda Atsuko"
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Post by: cisda83 on June 12, 2013, 11:51:37 AM
Oh... Yuko was in heaven and back... after Atsuko's kiss

Atsuko was so great at handling Mayu.. she even made Mayu blushing here and there...

AH.... so cute Mayuyu

Eh... so everyone already knows about Yuko's feeling for Atsuko

But not Atsuko...

How about Haruna and Minami... did they also know?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

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Do you have an idea how happy i am when i saw this?!

Uwaaa heaven!!! LOL

*clears throat* XD
Oh they knew it! also Acchan?!
O___o ehhh... argh i cant wait for the next chapppiee
Can you update ASAP? LOL kiddin' take your time ^^

Wushhh Thank you very much! You make my day! Lovelots

Btw when i read the Maji da yo part, i miss MG =_=
i wanted to watch it again
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This is getting more interesting~  :thumbsup

and..EEHH~?! the members knew about it?

Please update soon~  :bow:
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OMG. I was LOL-ing ver hard on the part where Acchan 'french kissed' Yuko  XD Genius  :cow: :cow: :cow:

:"We knew...

That you have an unrequited love for Maeda Atsuko"

There you go  XD Now what will you do Yuko  :nervous Let's just hope that a certain cat won't know about that unrequited love else you're dead  :panic:

Nice fic. Please Update soon  :)
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The update keeps better and better! :fap

Acchan kissed Yuko! :wub: :wub: :wub: Ah! Mayu i just love your bluntness! Everyone knew! Wow! I think Acchan knows about Yuko's feeling..

What will Yuko do? Everyone knew about her one-sided love. Will she denied it or not? Does Takamina knew also about Yuko's feeling? If Acchan knew all about it. Does she have same feelings with Yuko? Will Yuko confess to Acchan? Or not just to keep their friendship.

What will happen next? Can't wait :fap

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

INTERESTING~ :twothumbs
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A little show from MaYuki and Acchan's kiss awesome
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 :w00t: AtsuYuu french kiss hoho
But unrequited love oh~.
I wonder what would yuko is doing so unrequited love finally avenged.  :thumbsup
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As per usual, thanks for commenting, ya guys~
Now I REALLY wanna know what happens.
@Yourockme-san, I know how ya feel. I watched MG 1 n 2 once more after writing that >w>

And as for what will happen next...
Let's just leave it at that...

Anywho, enough with the rants. Now for the next chap OwO


[Chapter 3]

   Her words rang inside my head. I was speechless. I wanted to protest and deny it but I realized that her eyes are dead serious. 'What do you know about me?! She and I are just friends! Don't make some silly accusation without any proof!', why can't I say it? Words aren't coming out of my mouth. Even if it did, I'm sure that she has solid proof of it. I knew Watanabe Mayu for years now, and she always think before she says anything. There's no telling if what she's going to say is for the better or worse. Which leads me back to last night.

   Acchan managed to calm down Mayuyu in an argument. Nobody in AKB could ever do that, not even Yukirin. More like she would make it worse for Mayuyu and she would calm down the next day, yet Acchan only took seconds. That's why I respect Acchan. Unlike me, she's level-headed and always think about her surroundings. Not only did she took action based on the outcome but also manages to excel in almost everything she does. I don't know when I started to fall in love with her, but I think as long as I'm in AKB, even if I'm a 9th gen, falling in love with Maeda Atsuko is inevitable.

"F- Fine... I'll trust you... Senpai..."

   Another mystery. She's usually a stubborn kid but why did she call Acchan with a 'senpai'? I mean, she never calls me that. Not even Takamina or Mari-chan. She only calls them that on screen or on stage. Yet, why? Wait, is this... jealousy? Am I being jealous? If I am, am I jealous of Shiriri-chan or Acchan???

Mayu :"So tell me, are you in love with Maeda-senpai"
There it is again...
Yuki :"Well, are you, Oshima-san?"
Yuko :"Yes."


WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST SAY?! I should at least deny it once! What are you doing, Yuko! Look! Even Yuki is looking at me strangely! ARGH! I blame Mayuyu for this!

Mayu :"See? At least you realized it."
Yuko :"Huh? What do you mean?"
Mayu :"The only ones who didn't realize of that fact is Sashi and Maeda-senpai herself"
Yuko :"... So... Atsuko didn't realize?"
Yuki :"I don't think so. Sorry to say this but in all my years in AKB, the most idiotic person when it comes to romance is probably Maeda-san."
Mayu :"I mean, there are even some juniors that fell for her"
Yuko :"Wait, what?!"
Yuki :"It's true. I think that Sashihara Rino and Itano Tomomi fell in love with her as well"
Mayu :"Yeah. We could always see them clinging to Maeda-senpai. In fact, if Mama isn't here, I think I would've fell for senpai as well"
Yuki :"Eh?! So that makes Maeda-san my enemy?!"
Mayu :"You know you would fall for her as well in that situation"
Yuki :"Err... Can't deny it..."

   Hearing that Acchan has many secret admirers made me kinda angry for some reason... So it's not just me that harbors these feelings for her.
But I realized something important. Something I should have asked.

Yuko :"Does Nya- I mean, Kojiharu and Takamina know about my feelings?"
Mayu :"..."
Yuki :"..."

   They were silent... which only means one thing.


'Heya~ There's something I needed to tell you! Could you please come to the theater? Please~? ( ・ω ・)'
I sent this message to several people and waited. I needed to set this straight.

??? :"Yuko/Yuu-chan?! What's wrong?!" two people barged in and shouted
Yuko :"Wow, no greeting? That's not nice, Takamina, NyanNyan~" I joked to both of them

   It only took them 5 minutes to come, even though it's already night time. Wait, how did they get in in the first place?! I had to wait for hours so I could trap myself inside!

Minami :"Cut the jokes, are you hurt? Is there something troubling you?" she put her forehead on mine to check if I had fever
Haruna :"If you're worried about what you did on stage, then there's no need. I don't mind it at all!" she says, trying to ensure me about how I hugged initiated skinship with her and some other members on stage
Yuko :"No, I'm not hurt and I didn't regret what I did on stage"
Haruna :"At least worry about it a little!" she smacks my head
Yuko :"Ow! That hurts NyanNyan~!" I acted like I was crying
Minami :"*sigh* Well, what DID you call us here for?"

As per usual, she's always on the more important things. As expected of the General Manager

Yuko :"I need to tell you two something"

   The two closed their eyes and listened to what I wanted to say. Their looks seem to indicate that they probably knew what I was going to ask, but I asked anyway. Because, if I don't. I can't move on.

Yuko :"I love Maeda Atsuko"

   As I expected, there was silence. It felt like time itself stopped.

What's with this awkwardness...? Did I just say something unbelievable? Did I go too fast?!

   I looked down and clenched my fists. I could feel that blood was coming out from it since I clenched far too hard. I can't take it anymore! At least say something! I couldn't take it anymore. I waited for my punishment. A punch in the face from Haruna and a glare of death from Minami.

   But as I looked up,

Both :"We already knew"

   They were smiling...
   It wasn't like an evil smile or a scary smile, it was a genuine smile coming from them. Their faces, indicating that they knew long ago, and as I wanted to ask them more, NyanNyan hugged me.

Haruna :"It's okay, so don't cry..."

   Huh...? I only realized after she hugged me. It was the same as before. I was crying without even realizing it. What was different is that it wasn't out of anger or jealousy, it was from pure relief. I was really relieved that my two best friends are okay with it.

??? :"Yo Yuko, Let's g- Whoa, was I interrupting?"

   The two's eyes fell on the girl who just arrived. It was the girl that caused all this, Maeda Atsuko.

Minami :"Eh? Acchan? What's Acchan doing here?!" She seems to ask Haruna that question
Haruna :"I don't know!"
Yuko :"Haha. Took you long enough." I said to her as I wiped my tears
Atsuko :"Sorry, my senpai wouldn't let me go."

Senpai...? Is she talking about a guy...?

Atsuko :"So anyways," She clung to Minami "I missed you~!!!"
Minami :"Eh? We just saw each other last night!" She says bringing up the karaoke

   But, I was red.

Haruna :"Yuu-chan? What's wrong? Something happened with Acchan last night?"
Yuko :"I dunnoh watchar talkin bout!"
TakaHaru :'Bulls-eye'
Atsuko :"Let's forget about that and just go, Minami~" She hugged Minami tighter
Minami :"Eh? Where?"
Atsuko :"Hm? Yuko said she wanted to go play tonight, right?"
Haruna :"P- Play?!"

   Both Minami and Haruna were silent

Atsuko :"Mou, you both are too perverted" she laughed and teased them
Haruna :"Then where ARE we going?"
Atsuko :"Don't know. It's all on Yuko" she says and finally looked my way

   I was pouting and feeling a little jealous, probably because she hugged Minami too much...

Atsuko :"What's wrong, Yuko?" she lets go of Minami and walked to my direction
Atsuko :"Relax. I won't even try to make a move on NyanNyan~" she says, reassuring me as she pats my head

   Nyaaaa~~ I felt happy that she was patting my head but angry since she's so stupid. I looked at the other two and saw them staring needles and Acchan and me. Wait, maybe they're NOT okay with me and Acchan going out! I needed to reaffirm and ask them if they're okay with it, but now

Atsuko "*pat pat*"
Yuko :"Nyaaaa~"

   I'm in heaven~

Minami :"Okay, okay. Break it up! Let's go!" she dragged Atsuko as Haruna drags me
Haruna :"We can't be wasting time!"
Atsuko :"Huh? Go where?"

   I was really happy at the status quo. Haruna, whom I'm always comfortable with, Minami, whom I rely on, and of course, Atsuko. I wished that this relationship would last forever. But...

Yuko :"Takamina... Takahashi-san, there's one more thing I needed to tell you..."


Minami :"Huh? What is it? And why so formal?"

...I'm selfish!

Yuko :"From now on,

AKB is in your hands"
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acchan so dense  XD
oh wait what does yuuchan mean at the last!??  :shocked :O :panic:
tnx for the update!  :bow: :inlove:
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Ahaha.. :lol: Seriously i can't stop my giggling! Ahaha XD

Yuko said yes! :fap I think MaYuki were right about Acchan being dense but i doubt.. There 's something.. I don't know.. I'm sure there is :banghead:

Ah! Why Yuko just said that to Takamina? What did she mean by that? Uwaaa! TakaHaru knew about it too.. Yey! :fap Acchan feelings.still unknown for Yuko? Uwaa! Double date? :twisted: :thumbsup

What wll happen next? Can't wait :fap

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

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OMG!! Yuko'll graduate??
Finally... :mon trudge: :mon trudge: :mon trudge: :mon trudge:
Graduate at top place
Smart squirrel  :on GJ: :on GJ:

Haruna knew? And she always comfort that poor squirrel?
*hugs Haruna* Aa~h my kojiyuu haato   :luvluv2: :luvluv2: :luvluv2:

Thanks for the fast update Ashura-san  :kneelbow:

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Yuko admits her feelings and to hand it off kinda casually is affirming her actions
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Ahhh I hope our AtsuYuu would hit it off without a hitch~

But sadly, reality ain't like dat. *sigh*


Mission Starto da! Oh yeah, 4 MONTHS time skip. XD


   It's been 2 months since that day. The day she announced it to the world. The day that shook AKB to it's core and the day where phase 3 started.
   "... I, Oshima Yuko, will graduate from AKB and chase my dream"

   She announced her graduation to the world the day after she told her General Manager, best friend and crush. Takahashi Minami, the General Manager and her best friend, Kojima Haruna, tried to stop her and told her to think about it some more, but she has already asked AKB48's Producer about it and the only thing he said was "I don't have a clue what you have been through but if you think you can swim, then jump in the sea of sharks." She pondered his words and replied "If the bottom of the sea lies a hidden gem, then I shall gladly face the sharks"

   Before she told her 3 close friends, 1 of them already knew about it.


"Are you serious...?"
"Yes." she answered instantly. Without a sign of doubt in her eyes. The other girl knew that her friend would never make a big decision without thinking of the best. She could only sigh in defeat. "You know that I won't stop you. But tell me, what makes you want to graduate all of a sudden?" The short-haired actress asked her. The squirrel-like girl knew that the actress is stubborn and will pursue her for the answer if she doesn't so she answered her "I want to become the Number 1 actress.", the now Number 1 actress was shocked. There are times she had hoped that her long-time rival from the same industry would pursue acting more but she also doesn't want her to leave AKB. But, even if she doesn't want to, she smiled. Her smile was genuine. Which reminded the squirrel-like girl of how she fell for her. "I don't know why you wanted to pursue acting, but that's what makes you my rival, Yuko." she says as she stood up and left the restaurant, and the girl, Oshima Yuko. "Because of you..." whispered Yuko to herself as she no longer saw the figure of her crush.


   Now to the present, she has encountered various obstacles and rivals but still didn't give up. She was criticized by many of her seniors and even fans for graduating without second thoughts. The media viewed her as stuck-up and insane. Her seniors never gave any chances to her and many times she wanted to come back to AKB but alas, that was impossible. She had thought that show-biz was cruel. What saved her was the smile of her crush. Even in the presence of her seniors, she never once complained nor showed her weakness. In just 2 years, she managed to obtain the title of the 'Ace Actress' and 'The one who surpassed her seniors'.
   Is what I'm facing the same as what you faced, Acchan? How can you be so calm? Do I even deserve to call you my rival...? she thought about it and never came to understand, that is until a certain day.

[Chapter 4]
-Yuko's POV-

Yuko :"Hey guys~" I entered the karaoke room. The one where I usually goes with all the AKB members.
Minami :"Oh! Yuko!" she was surprised by my sudden visit.
I sighted NyanNyan hiding under the table
Yuko :"NyanNyan~" I cuddled with her there
Haruna :"Y- Yuu-chan?! F- Fancy meeting you here..." she averted her gaze somewhere else

   Actually, before I came in,


??? :"T- Takamina! W- We're doing it here?!"
Minami :"Of course, Harunyan~ We're basically going out, right~?"
Haruna :"M- Mou. The others might barge in, you know..."
Minami :"I don't care. All of the others knew about us."
Haruna :"Y- Yuu-chan and Acchan doesn't know..."
Minami :"Acchan is stupid when it comes to herself but she's perceptive when it comes to other people and you don't need to worry about Yuko"
Haruna :"Why's that?"
Minami :"Coz she's an idiot."
'Who yer callin' an idiot?!'
Minami :"So let's start our fun-making, shall we~?"
Haruna :"W- Well, I guess it's okay..."

Then I barged in


Yuko :"Aw~ NyanNyan's so cruel, making out with Bakamina and forgetting me~" I hugged her tighter
Haruna :"Eh?! You saw us?"
Yuko :"'Heard', actually. And I'm not giving my NyanNyan to you, Bakamina!" i said, caressing my NyanNyan
Minami :"Who are you calling 'Bakamina'?! And I don't your permission because Harunyan's already mine!" she took NyanNyan away from me and cuddled with her on the seat
Yuko :"Tch. Only 4 months after I graduated and NyanNyan's already lovey dovey with this midget. Miichan must be feeling lonely."
Haruna :"She's fine. Mariko always drop by to play with her."
Yuko :"What is she, a kid?!"
Mariko :"Pretty much."

   Before I realized it, Shinoda Mariko is already inside the room, drinking soda that she bought from a vending machine. Minegishi Minami is also with her. Listening to what I said.

Minegishi :"Why would I feel lonely without this old hag?! She's always barging in the theater and causing trouble for me"
Mariko :"Says the gachapin that was crying her eyes out when I didn't come one day due to work"
Minegishi :"I- I was peeling onions!"
Minami :"How and why would you peel onions inside the AKB theater?"

   While we were teasing Miichan, The two SKE members entered.

Rena :"Sorry for barging in, and thanks for inviting us, Takamina-senpai."
Jurina :"Hey guys, just before, Rena was-" before she could finish, Rena covers her mouth and glared at her
Jurina :"... Nothing, I'm sorry..."
Mariko :"Good thing Atsuko's not here or else she'd be curious and forced Rena to say what she did."

   My heart skipped a beat when hearing her name being mentioned.

Minami :"Oh, I already invited Acchan but she's gonna be a little late" she says while snuggling with NyanNyan

   My heart was beating faster. This always happen when I'm waiting for Acchan. I thought it would explode if I see her. We've been hanging out with each other a lot more than before after my graduation and we're also living together. My life is full of Acchan but I can't get used to it. My heart will always race when I see her. Once I saw her with only a towel on her after getting out of the bath but that's enough to make me faint. It was a good thing she was stupid though. She suspects nothing. I still remember her hot figure... Her sexy body...

Minegishi :"Yuu-chan, your nose is bleeding"
Yuko :"Eh?!" I checked and I feel blood came out of my nose
Mariko :"What were you thinking...?" her S mode is on
Yuko :"Hahaha! I have no idea what you're talking about" I wiped my nose and feigns ignorance
Yuko :"Oh yeah, Takamina. Who else is coming?" I changed the subject
Minami :"Chiyu dragged Tomochin to Nagoya and Sae wants to have her alone time with Sayaka since she just got back. Yuki said she's going to come with Mayuyu and there's no telling when Acchan will come"

Jurina :"Let's just sing~!" she grabs a mike and chose an AKB song, [Heavy Rotation]
Rena :"Jurina wanted to sing center for that song but Mayuyu got it first"
Jurina :"That damn twintails."
Mayu :"Oh, you dare to call your senpai and center that?"

   Mayuyu and Yukirin just got here and heard Jurina and Rena's conversation.

Jurina :"Like I care"
Mayu :"You're really uncute, you know that?"
Jurina :"Better than being a narcissist"
Yuki :"Okay, enough you two."
Rena :"First about Maeda-san's successor and now it became worse after Oshima-san's graduation."
Mariko :"Mayuyu actually wanted Atsuko's position since she likes her so much and Jurina wanted your position since she respects you but they got switched." she says, talking to me
Yuko :"I see... Well, usually, that's what's going to happen. I'm closer to Shiriri-chan and Acchan's closer to Jurina-chan."
Minegishi :"They're jealous of each other."

   We sang some songs and played around. Everyone was being merry, seeing as they rarely see each other these days. But then it became quiet. We heard the door open and what came through it was an angel. My heart was beating WAY faster than before and I could feel my face getting hot.

Angel :"Hey, sorry I'm a little late."
Minami :"Acchan, you made it~" this time, it was Takamina who clung to the angel. I feel a little jealous and angry... The same with NyanNyan
Atsuko :"Yeah, sorry. I was practicing my acting with my seniors." she patted Takamina's head
Mariko :"You sure are living your dream, huh"
Mayu :"Senpai~" she hugged Acchan as well
Rena :"When did the two get so close?!"

Atsuko :"Ah, dunno. We started hanging out with each other lately and she's so cute I can't ignore it~" she also pats Mayuyu's head
I glare at Mayuyu but she just sticks her tongue out at me and clings to Acchan more
Mariko :"Whoa, Yukirin's aura changed!"
Mayu :"!" she quickly lets go of Acchan and hugged Yuki
Mayu :"But I like Mama more~"
Yuki :"Let go."
Mayu :"!... Hai..." she lets go of Yuki and sulks in the corner
Jurina :"Haha! She got scolded!" she laughs as she points at Mayuyu
Rena :"The same thing happened when you clung to Oshima-san in front of me."
Jurina :"Urg..."

   While the others are busy choosing their songs, Acchan sat next to me. It seemed like NyanNyan dragged Takamina away outside.

Atsuko :"So how was your work these days, Yuko?" She asked with the same angelic smile as always.
Yuko :"As per usual... But..." I looked down, feeling depressed
Atsuko :"Your higher-ups, fans, family, friends and seniors giving you a hard time?" she asked me as she already knew what was going on
Yuko :"N- No... Just my seniors..."
Atsuko :"Oh. Then there's nothing to be worried about." she pats my head
Atsuko :"If someone as clumsy as me can make it, then the great Oshima Yuko would have no problem." she gives me her beautiful reassuring smile

   My heart was beating beyond fast, I feel that if I let my guard down, I would've confessed to her right at that moment

Atsuko :"Feeling better" She asks as she saw me smile a bit
Yuko :"The number 1 actress Maeda Atsuko called me 'the great'. Then of course I would do my best!" Acchan giggled a bit when I said that
Atsuko :"Yup. My expectations for you are high, so don't disappoint me~" she said jokingly
Yuko :"As you wish, my queen!"
We both laughed at the same time

   There's still a long way to go, but I wonder how long it'll take until I finally reach her...

   Just then, my phone rang and it was my manager. I excused myself and took my call outside

Yuko :"Haha. Great timing!"
Manager :"Huh?"
Yuko :"Nothing."
Manager :"Oshima! We have great news!"
Yuko :"Let me guess, I'm going to be starring in a lead role in a drama"
Manager :"Eh? How did you know?!"
Yuko :"Whoa, is that true?!"
Manager :"Yes! Sadly, there are two main leads in that story."
Yuko :"Who cares~ I'm gonna try my hardest!"
Manager :"Ah! I forgot to tell you!"
Yuko :"Hm? What else?! Is this about the Pluto Revolution?!"
Manager :"Stay with me, Yuko-chan! This is really big news! Your dream is going to come true!

The other main lead is Maeda Atsuko!"
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:shocked That was she meant about when she talked to Takamina.. Aaaaah!

Uwaaa.. Skip.. TakaHaru moment cute! Takaboy nice! :fap REUNION! :fap That's nice! Ah! I just love everyone moments!

Yuko got a role on drama and with Acchan! Ohmygosh! Will Acchan develop some feelings for Yuko? Will Yuko be true to her feelings? What will happen next? Can't wait! :fap

I can't stop smiling like a fool! :lol: :banghead:

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

SMILING~ GREAT~ :twothumbs
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kenjoy12, argh, i seriously want the two to pair up RIGHT NOW! But whatever, Yuko's feelings come first

[Chapter 5]
POV : Maeda Atsuko

Yuko :"What the hell are you talking about?!" she glared at me with bloodshot eyes
I put my head down and looked at the floor in fear of Yuko's anger
Yuko :"Look at me!" she yelled, grabbed my head and forced me to look into her eyes
Atsuko :"I- I'm sorry..." I apologized and faked crying
Yuko :"HUH?! Your tears are obviously fake! Tell me! Where did you go last night with Ken?!"
Atsuko :"H- He just asked me to accompany him..."
Yuko :"WHERE?!"
Atsuko :"T- To the arcarde..."
Yuko :"LIES!" She slapped me but I felt nothing
Yuko :"Miya... How could you..."
We looked at each other, she has tears in her eyes and I was in shock

Director :"Okay, cut!" he shouted signaling the end of today's shoot.
Yuko :"Waaa~! I'm so sorry Acchan~!" she hugged me tight, feeling sorry that she lightly slapped me before.
Atsuko :"I'm fine~ I'm fine" I gave her a smile but she still apologized while crying a bit

   This is the first time Yuko and I are starring in the same drama. Best part of it is that both of us are the main leads. I play a girl named Miya who the main character falls in love with and Yuko plays a girl named Mina, who is dating the main character in the early episodes. Miya and Mina are best friends who shared a deep bond, kind of like me and Yuko. The script writer was Akimoto Yasushi, our producer in our AKB days. He said he wanted us two to star in this drama. He even called Takamina to play as the main character. What's funny about this story is that the main character doesn't appear much at all. He'll only appear once and that's the kissing scene. When Takamina heard this, she mocked Akimoto-san in her MC the next day which led to Akimoto-san, being the nice guy he is, extending it to three scenes. The fight scene, the date scene and the kissing scene. Takamina still wasn't satisfied though...

   Right now, Yuko, Takamina, who wasn't supposed to appear at today's shoot but appeared anyway because she had nothing to do, and I are in the changing room since the shoot is already over for today.

Atsuko :"Oh, how are you and NyanNyan these days, Yuko?" I asked her out of curiosity.
Yuko :"Fine, I guess. But she's been all lovey dovey with Takamina lately." she glared at Takamina and she flinched.
Minami :"W- Well, even if we aren't in the same team, doesn't mean we shouldn't hang out. Besides, we're in the same unit!" she protested trying to explain herself to me for some reason. I don't mind it much, since it has nothing to do with me.
Atsuko :"Well, NyanNyan can have her during the day," I hugged Takamina seductively "But I'll have her during the night" and licked my lips
Takamina and, for some reason, Yuko blushed madly as I did that

Yuko :"T- Topic change!" she yelled and tore me and Takamina apart
Haha! She's jealous of me for being so close with Takamina~
Yuko :"W- What's actually going on with you and Mayuyu?" she asked me nervously
Atsuko :"Hm? I thought I told you before that she and I are just close with each other lately for some reason."

   Mayu and I always hung out with each other when she wasn't with the members and I wasn't with my seniors or ex-members. We actually have a lot in common so it's easy for us to talk about almost anything. It's probably because she realized I'm a closet pervert that she started hanging out with me a lot.
   I giggled a bit, making the other two curious.
Yuko :"What are you giggling so weirdly about?"
Atsuko :"Hehe, nothing~ It's just that it's laughable when Mayu, who I only recently hung out with, knows something about me that you two never figured out."
Both :"WHAT?!"

   Takamina gave a signal to Yuko then Yuko quickly took out her phone and dialed someone's number. The two waited for that someone to pick up while I just smiled. Yuko put her call in loud speaker and we heard the person pick up.

??? :"Moshi moshi, oshiriko-chan~"
It's Mayu... as expected
Yuko :"Shiriri-chan! Tell me something you know about Acchan!" she demanded her to answer
Mayu :"Huh? She's left-handed?"
Whoa, she realized even that?
Yuko :"No no! We already know that! Tell us something we DON'T know!"
Mayu :"Hmm... She's an S."
Minami :"That's obvious! What else?!" Takamina, who was silent until now, demanded her as well
Mayu :"Eh? Takahashi-san's there as well?"
Yuko :"Just answer! Please, Shiriri-chan!"
Mayu :"Ehm... she usually mastur-"
Atsuko :"Okay, okay. Don't talk anymore, Mayu." I said to Mayu over the phone. She seems to have heard me as she stopped talking about that
Mayu :"Oh, Atsuko-senpai! You're here as well~?" she sounded so merry
Yuko :"WAIT! What were you going to say?!"
Minami :"If you're talking about the way she's usually masturbating with her left hand, then it's obvious!"
Yuko :"Sou da!"
Atsuko :"HOW THE HELL DO YOU THREE EVEN KNOW?!" I finally lost my composure

   After that, Takamina had to leave so we split up. Yuko and I are walking towards our house since we're living together.

Yuko :"So, what DID Mayu know that I don't?" she asked, still on that topic
Atsuko :"NOTHING!" I pouted and crossed my arms
Yuko :"Haha! It's rare to see you acting so cute in front of me~!"
Atsuko :"So you're saying I'm not cute?"
Yuko :"No no~ You're the cutest in the world~" she complimented me with a blush on her face
Atsuko :"Haha, thanks~" I realized that I, myself, was blushing a bit
Yuko :"EH?! Acchan blushing?! KAWAII~!!!" She clings to me and rubbed her face against mine
Atsuko :"No, Yuko's cuter~" I giggled a bit

   When we got home, we laid flat down on the floor, finally feeling tired

Yuko :"Ahhhh! I'm tired!!!"
Atsuko :"Can't blame it. We were walking around all day from 1 set to another"
Yuko :"The drama, huh... Tomorrow's the kissing scene..." she says recalling that tomorrow is the kissing scene between me and Takamina
Atsuko :"Yup. It's a good thing Takamina's a girl that looks boyish. At least I didn't have to kiss a guy... Again." I remembered previous dramas and movies.
Yuko :"... I hope nothing goes wrong tomorrow..." her voice sounds faint... probably because she's tired and sleepy
Atsuko :"Yeah" I closed my eyes.
As I entered dreamland, I don't know if it was only my mind's trick or my inner thoughts but I heard a faint voice...
"... with my heart..."
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@AshuraX - Even the author can't wait.. Ahaha :lol: Gambatte ne~ :fap In my opinion i think it's too early to let Yuko confess her feelings for Acchan because i want more.drama! But it depends on you how you manage your story.

Wow! The drama scene was pretty intensed! Hohoho I think Yuko just vented her feelings for Acchan.. But it's drama! Nande!? I hope it was the real thing :banghead: Ahaha.. Uwaaa.. Acchan so cute! Yuko made her Acchan blushed! Ohmygosh! Everytime i read this story i smiling like a fool even when i'm typing my comment! :banghead: Whoa! Acchan and Takamina going to kiss for tom drama scene! And she heard Yuko! Yuko gambatte ne~

Will everything gonna be alright for tomorrow drama scene? Of course.not! ohmygosh! Can't wait what they will think about for each other? We know that TakaHaru are together. Surely Takamina will comfort and assure Yuko but Yuko can't help it especially there's no mutual feelings between the two (AtsuYuu).. ! Now i wonder if Takamina really loves Haruna ? And does Acchan have feelings for Yuko or she's just denying it? Ouch! This sucks! Yuko i feel your pain! :cry:

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

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Hmm... The latest chapter gives the feeling that acchan shares feelings for Yuko n seem to know Yuko has feelings for her? Or mayb thinks that Yuko has feelings for her but thinks Yuko doesn't know? ... Great chapter nonetheless! :thumbsup :twothumbs :bow:
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As per usual, thanks for the comments and likes~

kenjoy12, thanks for yer opinion~ but I was thinking of Acchan realizing > Yuko avoiding > Acchan S mode on~ Yeah, it's boring so I'll stop myself >w>

tfme3638, don't know bout that, but in my mind, Acchan's slow on the uptake. Yuko will somehow make Acchan realize it and Acchan would just go 'okay'~ And they marry each other. That's what I thought when I was doing the first chapter XD

   Anywho, next chapter. Time for the drama! (Not really, but it counts)

Chapter 6

POV : Takahashi Minami

   Today is the day I'll be doing the kissing scene with Acchan. I kissed her a lot of times before but this was making me very nervous. I'm in the AKB theater trying to practice the steps for our upcoming single but some person somewhere was glaring at me. I looked in her direction. The girl has cat-like features with her air-headed facial and pout. I instinctively smiled while I watched her ran away as I looked at her and tripped. She got back up, wiped the dirt and dust off of her and walked away, stylishly. Even though bumped into a wall thereafter.

   I finished my practice and Harunyan quickly came and hugged me.

Minami :"? What's wrong, Harunyan?" I asked curiously since it was usually me who initiated skinship with her
Haruna :"... Nothing..." she pouted, giving me the idea of what's wrong
Minami :"Oh, you're mad because today I'm going to kiss Acchan?" I looked at her with the same eyes Acchan always gave me
Haruna :"N- no! I- It's not like I care or anything!" she was red all over
Minami :"You don't need to worry, it's already over with Acchan and me." I said as I recalled her words

   "Takamina, there's already someone out there who loves you more than I do"

Haruna :"I know, but..." her look was still insecure. She knew how much I loved Acchan in the past
Minami :"Don't worry, don't worry~ Besides, there should be another person you should be worrying about." I patted her head and heard her purring, probably due to the said person training her that way
Haruna :"What do y- Ah..." She realized it and broke the embrace
Haruna :"Do you think she'll be okay?" she looks down, worried
Minami :"This is her we're talking about. She knows how to hide her emotions deep down" I gave her a reassuring smile


POV : Oshima Yuko

   I let out a weird sneeze for some reason and all of the seniors looked at me worriedly. I said I was fine and they gave me a warm smile.

   My relationship with the seniors are getting better by the day. It's all thanks to Acchan who took the opportunity to invite everyone for dinner. At first I was alone but then Acchan made the others come closer to me and get to know me better. They eventually loosened up their glare and we became much closer. If it wasn't for that girl, I would've given up on being an actress. Heck, I wouldn't even think about it if I hadn't met her.

   Right now, I was filming for a drama in which I played a major role in. After that, there was the drama which I was starring with none other than Acchan herself.

   I finished the first shoot and was on my way to the drama set. It was in a forest we don't know. Luckily, the staffs said they knew their way around the area yesterday so I felt relieved

   On my way there, while I was sitting in the car, which is on it's way to the filming area, my manager was talking about his children and how cute they are. I shared some things with him so he's really opened up to me and talks about his private life with me some time. I thought that her kids were cute, but that wasn't on my mind at the moment. I recalled how I realized that I fell in love with her in the past.

Yuko's flashback - Heavy Rotation

   It was the first time that I was the center all alone. Usually, when I looked in front of me or by my side, there was a girl who always supported me. But now, seeing as I have beaten her in the elections, I was standing in front of everyone. It was hard... I was breathless, suffocating and stiff. I couldn't do anything. Being the center of Team K was nothing compared to this. No wonder they called Team A a monster house. I was embarrassed at myself. It was only a practice session but that took everything from me. I looked behind me and saw that everyone was looking at me, disappointed. Except that person. She always looked forward. She looked in the mirror and saw herself. Her eyes didn't falter at all. I needed to do my best, I needed to face forward, just liker her. But I couldn't. That was until the duo between me and her.

   This time, she wasn't facing at the mirror, she was looking straight into my eyes. I could feel her breath on me, seeing as we were really close to each other. I realized that I was blushing madly, but decided to shrug it off as the pressure of being the center. Before our duo ended, which for me, lasted for eternity, she smiled at me. It wasn't a mocking smile... It was a smile of an angel.

   That's when it hit me. She have been in the center for years, yet she was always smiling. How could someone like her carry all the burden and pressure all alone? I needed to do better...

   I was thinking about her everyday after that. Sometimes I wondered why I was thinking about her, but thought it was natural since she is my No.1 rival. During the PV shoot, we had to redo it 10 times, probably because of my scene with Maeda Atsuko. I was seriously embarrassed. It wasn't like The Great Oshima Yuko at all. But even though we needed to redo it 10 times, I felt bliss...

   Thus, I realized it... I was madly in love with her. We haven't spoken with each other privately before but I just fell for her. I don't know what attracted me to her so much. Her smile? Her personality? Her looks? Her boobs? No! Hers was smaller than mine! But, there's no doubt about it... I fell in love with her.

   One day, I leaned next to the changing room's door and waited for her to come out and get to know her better thus becoming more closer to her. I thought of a million ways to start the conversation but none of them were perfect enough. I wanted to go with the regular one but I didn't think it would catch her interest. I greeted the other members normally as the came out of the changing room, then I saw her figure came out. The back which I always admired, so close yet so far. I tried to reach her but the more I stretched my hand, the further she went. After that, I tripped.

   She looked at me weirdly. 'AAHHH! YUKO BAKA! BAKA BAKA! LOOK! SHE'S LOOKING AT YOU LIKE YOU'RE SOME KIND OF BABY!' I was having inner conflict within myself. After a few seconds of silence, Maeda-san bursts out laughing. I was bewildered. To think she was laughing AT me made me kind of depressed but the sight of seeing her laugh like that not only made my heart skipped a beat but also made me laugh along with her. When our voices were dried up from laughing too much, she finally broke the ice "Haha, you're kind of cute, Yuko~", that was her first words directed at me and also the start of our friendship. And hopefully, something more.

End of Yuko's flashback.


   I finally realized that we reached our destination. Everyone was already there. They called me and I quickly joined them. We finally moved to the locations of the scenes.


   After I was done with my final scene, it was finally time for Acchan and Takamina's kissing scene, or should I say Miya and Ken's. I took in the determination to hold my inner feelings. I promised myself years ago, that no matter what it's for, I would never disturb Acchan's road to fame. This might be a chance for her to make herself more famous than ever before. With that set in mind, I finally looked forward.

POV : Takahashi Minami

   I was actually feeling a little nervous inside. It's been a long time since Acchan and I last kissed. The last time we kissed was when she apologized for rejecting me. It was kind of weird that she kissed me and apologized but nothing's not weird about Acchan.

   With the director's cue, Acchan took a step forward and looked at me straight in the eyes. There it was, the seductive eyes that first captivated me. It was as if she was staring straight into my soul. I couldn't explain it. It was soothing yet terrifying at the same time. She took another step forward. We are only 1 step apart now. I took the initiative and pulled her head closer to mine, almost meeting our lips. One more push and we'll finally kiss after a long time.

"STOP IT!!!!" someone shouted and pushed me and Acchan apart from each other and both of us fell to the ground.

   Before I could protest what was going on, I saw the person crying, as if she was holding her tears for so long. She realized what she had done and looked at Acchan one more time before running ahead through the forest.

"Yuko!" Acchan, who has gotten up already, shouted her name and chased her

   I, who was sitting there speechless got up as well, apologized to the staff and chased the other two.

[To be continued?]

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@AshuraX - It can happen.. nod nod.. ^_^ Are you sure it's alright to give my opinions? Well the example you gave it can happen then just to Yuko can avoid Acchan there will be another character Yuko's friend not from akb circle and members doesn't know about her and Yuko going to spend alot of her time with her so-called friend.. Oh you will get the idea.. Well AshuraX-san you're the author.. Sorry if my opinion made you annoyed somehow.. :bow:

TakaHaru moment! :fap I see Takamina confessed to Acchan but Acchan rejected Takamina because Acchan knew about Haruna's feeling for Takamina.. Ahh! Ohboy! Yuko! She really can't endure to see her Acchan with somebody else.. :'(

Ahh! Does Takamina's feelings for Haruna is stronger than her feelings for Acchan? Will Acchan going to realize  Yuko's feelings? Will Yuko be able to admit her.feelings for Acchan? Aaargggh! My head is spinning due to alot of questions in my head? :banghead: And there will be alot of dramas will happen.. I can't wait! :fap

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs
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I hope YUKO is alright If someone sees the love of hr life kiss someone else it is hard to control your feelings  :cry: :cry:
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Im not too into AtsuYuu, but... OMG! this is awesome! I want to know what is next! I thought that Yuko could bear to see that scene, omg omg

good fic, btw <3
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   Thanks for the comments~ And of course the likes =w=

kenjoy12, I like hearing others' opinion. They might contain information that I didn't realize or can help improve the fic~ As for what you said, yeah, I thought about it before. I don't know if that's a good idea, though, since I'm not actually a good enough writer(I think that's what I'm called?) to go that far. Yuko is more aggressive than Acchan. Meaning that if I made Acchan the aggressive one, I'm afraid that I might change Yuko's personality permanently. But hey, I should challenge myself OwO

Elo, it's kinda obvious that she isn't, but let's just see how her crush would handle the situation~

abcari, welcome to the AtsuYuu kingdom! (And LoL at the Boobies). Me too, I was actually thinking of making Yuko endure it and when it was night time and they were going home, she would attack Acchan, losing every bit of sanity left in her. And Acchan would finally see the light and realizes Yuko's feelings for her, and also her feelings for the little squirrel as well. But for some reason, it just happened...

   Sorry for dragging this out a little longer... *bows*

   Anywho, now to the AtsuYuu!!! and HER!

[Chapter 7]

   I was running.... Running away... Away from her... I don't know where I'm going but I kept running anyway, evading the trees that I've sighted. A girl is right behind me, chasing after me. It's funny because she was always in front of me but right now, I don't want to face her. If I saw her anymore, I'm afraid I might lose my mind and do things that I would regret. There was also something else. The girl's face indicates that she seemed to be in pain. She's really not good when it comes to anything physical. I wanted to help her and stop right now. I wanted to comfort her and tell her 'Are you okay, Acchan? I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry...' but... I needed to get away. I muttered the one thing in that I wanted to say, "I'm sorry" and dashed off.


   It's been 15 minutes since I ran away from the set. I didn't see Acchan in sight anymore. I leaned over a tree and started to drift off. I remembered the scene. Acchan and Takamina. The two were always close. Even though Acchan and I are called the Aces, and even though some people say that our relationship is so close that it couldn't be explained, I do know one thing. My relationship with Acchan isn't even close compared to her relationship with Takamina. I always envied Takamina and regretted auditioning for the second gen. I asked myself 'Why didn't I audition for the first gen back then...?' and another question popped in my mind '... Even if I joined in the first gen, would it make any difference? Would Acchan and I be more closer than her and Takamina...?'

   I clapped my face with my hands and walked away, searching for a way out.


   "I'm... lost..." I muttered to myself. I was walking around, searching for a way out of the forest, but it's already been more than 50 minutes already. I could actually call the staff ask them to pick me up, but the thought of seeing Acchan again scares me more. I found a lake while I was walking around. It looked so beautiful. It's already night time, so the scenery of the lake looked kind of romantic and pretty, but also lonely. A river would normally connect with the sea and so on, but a lake is always stranded, alone. I sat down next to the lake and cried. I muttered to myself. "Maybe the lake is just like me... Alone and jealous of the river and sea..." while I was crying my hearts out, I decided to just give up on Acchan and start a new life. I wanted to get away from it all. I would even quit being an actress for that. But before I could plan ahead more, still crying, I heard footsteps get near me. I heard the person greet me "Hey, I've been looking for you". I didn't look up, as I was crying, but I recognized that voice. The voice of an angel. The voice that I loved. "Acchan..." I muttered her name.

   "Why are you here?" I asked her in a detested tone. I felt my heart was breaking when I asked her in that manner. It was as if I myself, broke my own heart. I decided to just wiped my tears away, but still won't look up. I could hear her giggle as she sat next to me and said "Because I was trying to fetch you, of course.". I couldn't see her but for some reason my heart, that was shattered in pieces, re-constructed again and the cold I felt because of the night time and the lake, suddenly became warm for some reason. I reminded myself that I needed to give up on her and the air felt colder again.

   "Acchan..." I said, anxiously. I was scared and sad at the same time. "We... We need to talk..." I finally looked up at her. The scenery and the beauty of the lake with an angel such as Acchan felt surreal. I was captivated. All the things that I thought of just vanished instantly. No words came out of my mind, and mouth. I couldn't say anything.

   "I already knew..."

   She said the one thing that I least expected. Everything came back to me again. There's only one thing she could be talking about.

   "And I'm sorry..."

   That took a blow into me. It made me lose all of my strength. Tears started to fall down again.

   "Ah, were you that touched?" she patted my head and ridiculed my feelings. I was angry and happy at the same time. "How did you know?" I managed to summon some bit of my strength and ask her. She pondered for a bit. "It was obvious. How many times did you think we hung out together?" I actually thought of it before since most of the members knew, but knowing that the real Maeda Atsuko knew it as well, was painful. I decided to ask her some more but refrained myself. "That's why I'm sorry... for kissing Takamina in front of you like that..." I was in doubt. Was that what she meant when she apologized? 'Then...', "Acchan... What do you think... of my feelings?" I finally asked her. She gave me her angelic smile

   "I don't mind..."

   I was happy. I couldn't cry anymore. I used up all of my tears. But...

   "... your feelings for Takamina."


   I was actually listening to their conversation by the lake and was so happy for Yuko, that is until Acchan said the last bit. I was shocked. I thought that Yuko was in love with Acchan but why me? The only thing I could think of is...

   "How...?" Yuko asked Acchan, still looking shocked. Acchan just smiled at her and explained "Well, because we've been hanging out with each other a lot recently and you always mentioned her name when we're alone even though the topic isn't about her at all." she continued "I confirmed it after today, when you separated me from her and looked at me after that. It's also because you mentioned something about being alone and jealous? Of course that's because of her and NyanNyan" she added confidently in her analysis. Yuko was stunned. Even I was. How could...

   "HOW COULD YOU BE SUCH AN IDIOT?!" Yuko yelled at Acchan, grabbed her by the collar and pinned her to the ground. Acchan, who was not used to seeing the angry Yuko was silent and shocked. "You... How many times are you going to toy with me...?" Tears started rolling down her face. She was crying. I thought that she couldn't cry anymore but I guess I was wrong. Acchan looked at Yuko, who was crying, confused. I decided to step in.


   What did she mean? What is she talking about? Why was she so angry? Various questions played in my mind. None of them were the ones I could answer. I just looked at Yuko confused. I heard footsteps coming to us. It was Takamina. Yuko seemed to have noticed and looked at Takamina in disgust. 'I thought they were great friends, why did she look at her like that?' She released her grip against me and got up. Her eyes are looking down at me, telling me to get up as well. I did as she said.

   "Hey, funny se-" before Takamina could finish, Yuko cut in "Did you hear us?" Takamina looked at Yuko with an apologetic face. "Not just heard, but also saw." She puts on a wry smile.

   I was still thinking about what Yuko said, processing what happened but couldn't get anything so I decided to just ask her some other time. "I know the area. Let's go" I said the the two and put on my usual smile but before I could turn around and walk away,

   I heard the sound of palm hitting a face at a fast motion. My cheeks were also getting hotter and painful.

   "How... could you be such an idiot...?" she says, with tears in her eyes, the other girl, looked in shock.

   That, was the first slap I got from Takamina.

[To be continued]


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@AshuraX - nod nod.. Well there still room for improvement, right? Don't ya worry.. You wrote your story very well.. :) Just keep going with all your might.. nod nod.. Whatever your decisions are, i'll support you.. :) I'll try to give more opinions.. :)

Ahhh! Acchan why! Why are soooo dense! :banghead: I thought Acchan knew but when she continued her lines.. My heart just sank and reached the abyss of the sea! :cry: Ohmygosh! Takamina just slapped Acchan! :shocked Hope it will wake you Acchan!

Aah! What will happen next? What will Acchan reaction after the slapped? Angry? Confused? Will Takamina have courage to tell about Yuko's feeling to Acchan? Will Yuko can still endure the pain? Will she just give up? What will be the answer? Ohman the drama shooting just starting and alot of days they will spend together. Uwaa~ Too much drama.. But.. I'm loving it! :fap

Thank you for the update :bow: :thumbsup :twothumbs

PAIN~ DRAMA~ GREAT~ :twothumbs
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oooh so thats the principal plot that you thought xD but this is good too!! oooh yeah! Acchan is too slow!!! omg Its drama time!! xD
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omg! takamina slaped acchan? xDDD i didn't spected that!! waa sugoi sugoi >u<
i'm not usually a reader for Atsuyuu but i like your fic so... i think i will keep reading :3
so mucho drama and acchan don't get anything ajjajaja xD
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if takamina = bakamina then acchan should be ahocchan...why you so dense ahocchan...
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kenjoy12, soo many questions, yet none of them shall be answered! Or at least that's what I'm thinking right now. Let's just wait and see

abcari, the drama is just starting! And yet, Acchan will take the lead this time!

rochilu, WELCOME to the AtsuYuu kingdom!!! Yes, let's just hope that Yuko would break the status quo right now and chase after Acchan!

bunny_rabbit Yup. Ahocchan's such an idiot. Wait, no! You can hate me all you want, but please don't hate Ahocchan!!! QAQ

   ARGHH!!! I'm getting impatient! I wanna make those two a couple RIGHT NOW! But my mind of this story is telling me something else! Drama, or lovey dovey AtsuYuu? ARGH! Why did I think of Acchan like a super dense protagonist of harem anime?! Why didn't I make her more smarter?! Is this because of her Real Life image???? BAH!!! CURSE THOU MIND!!!

   Anywho, enough of the Author's ranting. Next chapter, go go go!

[Chapter 8]

   "Bear it ,Yuko..."

   I was lying in bed, comforting myself. It's been two days since the incident with Takamina and Acchan. I lost myself and accidentally let out my anger at Acchan whilst Takamina, who knew my feelings and saw her close friend's misunderstanding, finally lost in anger and actually slapped the youngest of us three. After that, things have been awkward between us. Takamina and I avoided Acchan since that incident. She didn't question as to why we had the outbreak nor does she wanted to hear it. She just acts normally. That's what I don't like about her. She's always shouldering everything by herself, always thinking of others, always... always... puts on her mask...

   I'm lost in thought, being angry at myself, and even Acchan. Luckily, she isn't at home right now. She's in a movie shoot. It seems she's playing the main character yet again. I wouldn't care, though. It's for her that I became an actress. It's only for her and only her... Yet, why does my my heart ache so much? Is it because she's so good at acting that I've started to think that she's always acting when she's with us? Could it be I've never seen her real self? Why? What can I do to find the answer? I need to ask her...

   I wanted to ask her... Yet, these feet won't move forward...


   I needed to do something... Something to apologize... I needed to apologize... To her...
   We've always fought when we're in AKB, and always made up by the end of the day, but this time, it won't be that easy. Usually we didn't need to apologize. We've always forgot about everything sincerely and became closer to each other... But... Not this time...

   The last time I saw her, I was speechless. It was yesterday, on the drama shoot. The director decided to do the kissing scene some other time. When I spoke to her, she did it. I've never seen her do it looking at me before, but I knew... She was wearing her mask... It wasn't that physical mask that others wear just for fun. It was a skill she acquired. A skill that made it all go away. Usually, you would say that her smile is of an angel who descended to bring happiness yet the smile she gave me, was nothing more than a facade. It was as if she was telling me to forget about everything. To not continue about it. To never mention it ever again. That made me horrified and angry at the same time.

   As a response, I ignored her. Yuko was ignoring her first since she didn't want to face her crush anymore. She's probably thinking of moving on right about now. For me, I wanted to torture her more. I know that it's impossible but I just had to try it... She's actually independent and always does things at her own pace. Just me not being by her side is nothing more than a strain of hair left behind.

   I was strolling around with nothing to do, and came into the AKB studio. When I was looking around at the members, I saw that everyone was lively. They were all practicing for the upcoming performances. I felt proud of them. They greeted me as I entered and some even bowed. I just greeted them back with a wry smile on my face. But when I came to say hi to Mariko-sama, who was there because she was bored, she wasn't looking at me but smirked. She was looking past me.

   I could hear whispers of my kouhais. I realized some of them had stopped practicing and looked at where Mariko-sama was looking. Some of them even had happy smiles on their faces. But there were also some girls who looked at me with pity.

"Takahashi-san, we need to talk."

   I knew that voice. The voice that was with me for 6 years, and the voice which was made well-known throughout the world. The voice belonged to my close friend, Maeda Atsuko. I was confused as to why she was calling me so formally but decided that I'm not supposed to face her yet and tried to walk away but as soon as I made it to the door, the girl grabbed my hand. "This is important... Minami..." She rarely called me by my name... Heck, why is she changing the way she calls me? My kouhais were whispering with each other. Probably due to the scene they're looking at. I was pissed off and tried to shake her hand but realized that she, who physically became the strength of our group years ago, was more stronger than me...

   I tried to break free again, struggling but. "TAKAHASHI MINAMI! THIS ISN'T THE TIME TO RUN AWAY! JUST SHUT UP AND FOLLOW ME!" She looked into my eyes. It wasn't her usual eyes which entered the abyss of my heart, but the eyes of a person I didn't know. She was scary. Even scarier than Mariko-sama... I looked away in fear and decided to just follow her... hoping that she wouldn't kill me...


"So... what did... you want to talk about... Maeda?"

   I called her with her last name, since I afraid of being too close with her. She only looked at me with the same eyes she did before. I couldn't move... Silence and my fear filled the empty room we were in. We borrowed this room from Togisaki-san. She still had the key he gave us and intentionally used this room. She was the first one to break the ice. "I want you to tell me what was wrong with you and Yuko two days ago." Ah, a straight fastball.

   I really wanted to yell at her, that Yuko is in love with her, though I'm holding my feelings. Therefore... "I'm not answering that." I said it to her with a straight face. She didn't falter. Yet, she puts a smile on her face. This time, a real smile. Not her mask, nor her anger. But a genuine smile. "I see..." She closed her eyes. Silence fell on us. Yet, this silence is comforting... 'I miss her...'

   "Then I'm going now." I said, my back facing her, as I walked away. There's no turning back now. For some reason, I knew. Once I pass the door which is 6 meters in front of me, our relationship is over. Even though I didn't want it to happen, this is the only way.

   ... The only way I could let her go to Yuko...

   "Takamina!" I heard her shout and so I stopped my retreat. "Where are you going?" she asks me in a menacing tone. This time, I've already set my mind. "To make you realize your wrongs." I said to her clearly and continued to walk away. She's not a person who would show her feelings too much. This is going to be the step forward Yuko's been looking for. With this...

   '(Goodbye) Sayonara, Acc-'

   "DON'T GO!" I heard her shout in tears and embraced me from behind. She wasn't letting me go. It was so tight I couldn't even breathe. She's bigger than me, so her chest is by my head. I could feel and hear her heart beating fast. 'Is this love?!' I seriously thought to myself.

   "Please... I'm scared, Takamina..." she finally confesses, her tears still rolling down onto my head. "I don't want everything to fall apart anymore... Please... I know I'm stupid... I know I've done things that hurt you and Yuko... I know... But... There's nothing I could do... First, Yuko avoided me. It hurts but she was the one I probably hurt the most... I want her to be happy but I don't know what to do... Then you started avoiding me as well... I thought that we were going to be okay but... two days already made me go insane... I've lost my best friend, Yuko. And I don't want to lose you, as well... I'm lonely... Takamina..."

   Her words pierced my heart... At first I thought that her tears are covering me but then I realized my own tears have formed as well. "Promise me one thing..." I said, with tears all over my face. Mine and Acchan's. I could feel her nodding her head without myself looking at her. "... Don't ever... Don't you... Ever... lie about your feelings ever again..." I faced her and embraced her, finally...

   I blurted out my feelings... As she did with me.



   I had just finished bathing when I heard someone enter. It was my roommate, Maeda Atsuko. Her eyes are red, probably due to crying... or lack of sleep. We were staring at each other. The first one to break the silence was me. "Hey, okaeri (Welcome home)". I smiled and looked at her eyes. She met my eyes and answered with a smile as well. "Tadaima (I'm home), Yuko." Her angelic smile warmed the room. "And you've got a sexy figure there~" she grinned at me. I just realized that I reverted to my old self, not wearing anything. I lightly punched Acchan due to embarrassment and quickly put on my clothes. She smirked at my embarrassed self. But then I realized it... It's safe to say that Acchan finally made up with Takamina.

   When I finally put on my clothes and went to the living room, I found Acchan sleeping on the couch. Her figure so defenseless and so fragile... I wanted to hug her and have skinship but that would make my heart burst out so I stopped myself. Who knew that the absolutely perverted squirrel Oshima Yuko could be so scared to hug the fragile, yet immovable angel, Maeda Atsuko? If I heard about this before I talked to Acchan, then I would've killed myself.

   I decided to just sit at the end of the sofa, putting her head on my lap. I caressed her face and ran my fingers through her silky black hair. I started feeling at peace and started to blurt out my feelings as she slept. "Hey, Acchan... Why are you so beautiful...?" "Every time I see you, your beauty captivates me. Your smile made the room become warmer. And your voice healed the wounds of my heart... Yet, why? Why won't you realize it already...?" Tears started to roll down my cheeks but I wiped it. "Why won't you realize that I love you already, you idiot...?" More tears rolled came out. I decided to wash my face. I gently put down Acchan, making sure to not make the slightest move that could wake her up and went to the direction of the bathroom but stopped.

   "Hey, Acchan... won't you hear my Oogoe Diamond (Diamond shout)?" I chuckled to myself, flushed and went to the bathroom. When I came out I decided to go back to Acchan. She was still sleeping so I pinched her cheeks. "Sleeping on the sofa is bad for an idol!" she woke up, pushed me to the side and answered. "I'm an actress~" and continued sleeping. This girl...

   I decided to just go and sleep. "Oyasumi, Acchan." I said to Acchan as I walked to my bed, hearing her response. "Oyasumi~" with a slightly sleepy tone


   I opened my cellphone to check if there are any mails. Seemed that there are some mails from my seniors. I looked around and see there's no Yuko and dialed a number. "Hm? Acchan? What's wrong?" the voice at the end of the line spoke. "Hey, Mari-chan. You're still awake?" I could hear her giggle. "Of course. I'm older than you, you know." I, too giggled. "You're right... about the being older part and about Yuko... having feelings for me..." I got embarrassed as I recalled what Yuko said earlier to my 'sleeping' self, though I was just closing my eyes, remembering my lines in my head. "See? I told you. Would your big sis ever lie to you?" I let out a chuckle. So did she. "Yeah, you really are like a big sis to me, Mari-chan..." I realized I was smiling warmly. "Having a troublesome little sister like you makes me feel all old and stiff" She was probably making and old woman impersonation which made me laugh.

   While I was chatting with Mari-chan over the phone, I pondered on what to do from now on, but... "Don't worry, Acchan. Your big sis is here for you." A reliable encouragement was heard from Mari-chan. "Thanks, big sis..." I put on a happy smile, knowing that Mari-chan knows me well and that the future is going to be smooth.

[To be continued?]

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   I decided that Chapter 12-15 will be the final chapter, since Acchan already knows Yuko's feelings. As to not agitate the readers to the max (LoL) I decided that Chapter 15 is the longest I could do. And I also found out how the ending is going to be~ More like I thought it'd be cool if it ended like that OwO

   Here's a hint.

   Now that everyone knows the ending, let's just keep at it for this chapter.

   Oh, forgot.
Blue  = Acchan
Brown = Yuko
Red = Takamina
Yellow = Mariko
Usual black is probably time skip

   Chapter starto da!

[Chapter 9]


"I'm bored!!!!!"

   I finally broke the 43 minute silence in the house. The younger girl next to me was fiddling with her phone, probably texting her sweetheart, Takahashi Minami. I, on the other hand, am lying on the floor, doing exactly nothing. The girl, Kojima Haruna finally spoke up.

"Then why don't you just storm in Acchan's filming, Yuu-chan?"

   She was obviously being sarcastic but I really wanted to do what she asked. "There's NOTHING to do today!", I shouted, hoping that my crush would hear it and storm right in our apartment and comfort me, though that's impossible.

   "YUKO!" someone really did stormed in. She shouted my name. At first I was as happy as a dog with two tails, that is until I looked and saw that the person is the Kojima Haruna's lover, Takahashi Minami. My face turned from schoolgirl smile to a dog frown whilst NyanNyan's face turned from a poker face to a... More happier poker face?

   "Ah, Takamina? What are you doing here?" I asked the obvious question. "I should be asking YOU that!" she replied and pointed at me... The answer was obvious, though... "Because this is my apartment?" I said with a straight face. "No, what I meant was, what are you doing here, with Harunyan?!" she looked back and forth between me and NyanNyan. She's probably worried that I'd be all over her. The reason NyanNyan's here was because she wanted to talk to me about something. But, all she did was, came inside, sat on the sofa, and fiddled with her phone. She didn't even talk to me, let alone get on with the topic!

   "There, there. I wouldn't do anything to your Harunyan. That would betray my feelings. And she wouldn't let me either way." I said, proudly. She just sighed as she sat on NyanNyan's lap. Ah, this couple really knows how to barge in someone else's home and disrespect the owner of the house, I thought to myself and went to the fridge to get some orange juice. I poured into three glasses and came back to where the two couples were making out. I offered it to them and they happily took it.

   "Ah yeah, Yuu-chan. Did you have sex with Acchan yet?" I literally spat out my juice when NyanNyan suddenly asks the question out of the blue. Takamina was looking at her lover, baffled. "How could you even ask something like that so suddenly?! And no! Acchan didn't even REALIZE about my feelings yet." I put down my glass, hard, almost spilling the contents. Takamina, who was sitting innocently showed me a look of sympathy. 'I don't need that, thank you very much.' NyanNyan continued, "Oh, I thought that you'd lose it by now. I mean, it's been years already. I think you're the one who should confess, Yuu-chan."

   I know what she's trying to say, but every time I try to confess my feelings to her, I just can't. Fear takes over. I'm scared... Scared that she would end our relationship. I already heard that she turned down Takamina. She's still friends with her, but they rarely see each other. And that's Takamina, who is the closest to Acchan. 'If it's me, she'll surely...'

   As I was in dilemma, I decided to ask the two, "Hey, between you two, who confessed first?". The two looked at each other, trying to recall and smiled as they remembered it. "It just happened. We didn't need any words." Takamina said, happily. I knew what happened, though. They were lost in about me falling in love with Acchan and Acchan rejecting Takamina's confession, thinking that I loved Takamina. I didn't want to pry any further so I decided to just continue drinking my juice.

   "Why did you ask, Yuu-chan?" NyanNyan looked at me worriedly. I knew why I asked them. I was jealous. Not because of NyanNyan, not because of Takamina, but because of their special relationship. There won't be any of that kind of magic between Acchan and I. I just shrugged as I put down my juice and laid down on the floor, not answering her question. Without noticing, I suddenly blurted out... "It'd be a miracle if Acchan would realize my feelings..." And with that, I hoped that I raised another flag.


   "Maeda-san! Thanks for your hard work today!" Some fans came and bowed to me when I finished my shoot for the day. I was kinda happy that they went to such lengths for me, but also embarrassed since well, it's embarrassing. I put on my usual smile and bowed to them as well. "Thank you for supporting me!" I thanked them, for their dedication and their time. They smiled as well, some with tears in their eyes. They were probably happy. I was as well, knowing that my fans could be really nice... But who knows how long this will last...

   When I walked away to the direction of my house, I received a text from someone. I unconsciously smiled as I looked at the sender's name and the what she sent. I quickly changed my course to the restaurant we always go to.


   I had already arrived and seated at an empty table. The one who sent the text didn't arrive yet. She already told me in the text to wait for her, so I wasn't really angry. A waitress came to take my order. I didn't really want to eat anything so I just ordered ice tea. She went away to finish the order and after a few seconds she came back, with an ice tea. 'FAST!' is what I usually said but I've gotten used to it. That's one of the ups of this restaurant. They're fast. I mean, REALLY fast. It's like, fast food even though you didn't order fast food! And not that fast food. Just, FAST.

   While I was busy enjoying my tea, someone hugged me from behind. I could recognize the breast that was enveloping me from behind. It was Shinoda Mariko.

"Hey, Acchan, sorry to make you wait."

   She lets go of me and sits across the table. Ah, I wanted her breasts more... "I know what you're thinking, Acchan, but realize that you're a well-known actress. Fans would blow up if they realize the angel Maeda Atsuko is actually a closet pervert." She says, as if she knew what I was thinking. Well, can't blame her. She was one of the few people that knew that I was a closet pervert. In AKB, I mean, when I was still in AKB, the ones that knew are her and Tomochin. Mii-chan realized it but isn't sure. Mayuyu knew after I graduated.

   Mari-chan took the glass of ice tea and drank it. I unconsciously said, "Ah, indirect kiss" and she looked at me weirdly as if she was trying to tell me to stop thinking about that. I decided to just do as she said. I drank the ice tea again and looked at her. She was waiting for me to crack another perverted joke but I just shrugged it off. "So, the reason you brought me here?" I asked her the question which lingered in my mind. She smirked and asked me...

"Say, want to go back to AKB?"

-To be continued-
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@AshuraX - You decided already.. Uwaa! Can't wait..

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Ohmygosh! I can't wait! What are you planning Mariko-sama? Yuko don't you dare raise the white flag! Not yet! Acchan you better hurry!

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Acchan is going back yo akb? :o and yuko left because of her! waa. Yuko is coming back too?
i'm waiting for your next chapter :3
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woot!? Acchan in AKB again? this a turn of events very interesting!

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kenjoy, that wasn't the flag Yuko was raising O.O, and nah, Mariko-sama ain't planning anything too out of the world

rochilu, who knows, let's just see what'll happen~

abcari, thanks~ And don't mention about dat. I WILL FOOL ALL YER READERS SOMEDAY!

I'm surprised nobody protesting about how the ending's going to be too expected or something O.O''
I kinda regret using the AKB route, since it'd take at least 4 chapters for it, 2 chapters for Yuko's actions and 1 chapter for the finale... And there goes my 12 chapter dream *sigh*

Oh well, onto the next chap!

[Chapter 10]

"Say, want to go back to AKB?"

   I asked the girl. She seemed to be taken aback by my sudden question. Well, can't blame her. This was the only answer that I could think of. Her eyes were wide open. She kept being surprised for almost a minute now. So I broke the silence

   "I know you're shocked and all but this could be the only way for you to get away from Yuko." I reassured her. This is the only way. Using AKB's rule. There won't possibly be any moves from Yuko if she entered the group again. If she entered AKB, then Yuko would definitely follow as well. Yuko isn't stupid enough to make a move and break the rule once Acchan is in AKB. "This is the only way you can run away from her." I added. She looked down, pondering of what to do. I won't say any more. It's her decision and her decision alone. If she doesn't take the offer, then Yuko will make a move. She's not the type to give up just like that. Acchan finally looked up and met with my eyes.

   I could tell already... This will lead into a horrifying ending...




   I woke up at the sound of the alarm clock. Today I have a photo shoot and after that, a fan meeting, a date with my cute kouhais, some drama shoot and a gathering. I blame Acchan for making my life more busier than what I bargained for. Well, it wasn't as bad as it was when I was in AKB. I have some time before I leave, so I went to Acchan's room but it seems that she wasn't there. I relieve my stress by smelling Acchan's bed.
   "Ahn~ Acchan's scent~!" I unconsciously let out what I was thinking as I smelled her bed and messed with it as I rolled around. Then I realized something. I just became a one hell of a pervert. I took a picture of me and Acchan's pillow and saved it. I decided to send it to Takamina as well. After a few seconds, she replied so I decided to just call her, since I was feeling lonely and I don't want to disturb Acchan if she's working.

   "Huh? Yuko?" I hear the voice of the midget at the end of the line. "Yo, midget! So, are you jealous of me and Acchan~?" I teased her a bit. Even though she's in love with NyanNyan, she still has a special place for Acchan in her heart, though I have no idea how she does that. "It's just a pillow. Me and Acchan already slept together a couple of times." she brags about her 'special' relationship with Acchan so I became a little angry and jealous, even though I was supposed to tease HER. "Heh, I've already seen her naked." I bragged to her, thinking she couldn't talk back anymore.

   "So? Me and Acchan already kissed~" she sounds a little too proud of it. But it still makes me jealous. "HAH! Me and Acchan already FRENCH KISSED!" "WHAT?!" She shouted at the end of the line. She's probably gone mad wherever she is. I could hear she yelling at me about who knows what, so I decided to just end the call. "HAHA! See you later, Acchan's NUMBER 2!" Thus I ended the call there.

   I put my phone down and laid on the floor, being bored. I heard the ringtone of my phone. Seems that someone messaged me. I thought that it was Takamina lashing out her anger at jealousy at me but as I looked at who sent it, I unconsciously smiled. Until,

From : Sweet sweet angel Acchan
Subject : I got in~

Hey, Yuko~ It's me!
I just finished asking Aki-P about joining the group back and he accepted!
There's only a few people in this generation's group
Hope the fans will accept me again
Wish me luck~

   "What the..." I kept reading the text over and over. My brain STILL couldn't process what I just read. All I knew is that...


   I quickly left the apartment and dashed towards where the most obvious place. I knew that Aki-P is choosing the candidates at the theater.


   "Aki-P! No, wait. Akimoto-san!" I shouted his name as I got in the theater. I saw him and quickly went to him.

   "Hm?" he looked at me with his never-changing expression. I looked back at him and stated my business. "I want to join AKB48." I knew that it was probably already too late, not to mention that I've already graduated before, but I just have to get back to AKB again. He looked at me, not shocked, not angry, nothing.

   "State your name." He told me. He's probably asking this like a real audition. Kind of like the auditions in the old days. "Oshima Yuko."

   "Who's your oshimen?" He asked me a pretty weird question. I didn't know what to say. I knew who my oshimen is but I can't figure out why he would ask me that. Until I looked into his eyes. He was serious. Then I'll be serious as well.

   "Maeda Atsuko."




   I hugged the girl that just passed her audition. I never knew that she was coming back to AKB but I was already happy without knowing her reason. There was also Mariko-sama and Tomochin in the room. I then realized it.

Minami :"EH?! You two are coming back as well?!" I looked at the other two in disbelief
Tomomi :"Mari-chan asked me. Plus, Acchan's coming back as well. There's no way I could refuse, right?"
Mariko :"You just want to be lovey dovey with Acchan."
Tomomi :"Can't deny that." she hugged Acchan as well.
Atsuko :"Haha, but didn't you ask Tomo~mi?" she patted Tomochin and me as she asked
Tomomi :"She's visiting Erena overseas so she couldn't make it."
Mariko :"Those two are so close"
Minami :"So is WTomo."
Tomomi :"You still remember that?"

   At that time, the door flung open.

   I knew who it was. It's just impossible if she wasn't here. Besides, the two are the Ex-Aces of AKB48.

Yuko :"Yo."
Tomomi :"Oh, so Yuu-chan's joining as well?"
Mariko :"Of course she would."
Minami :"Truly."
Atsuko :"..."
Yuko :"I'm joining you guys as well, Acchan."
Mariko :"She only sees Acchan, huh..."
Tomomi :"Yeah, she ignored us."
Atsuko :"I know..." she gave us a relieved smile. As if she wanted it to happen.



   "So why did you suddenly want us to join back, Mari-chan?" Tomomi asked me. The others nod, as if to say that they wanted to know as well. Acchan knew why but she decided to play along. "Well, this will make the others grow more." They looked at me dumbfounded. "You know, if our kouhai suddenly felt the pressure of us pushing them right behind them, then they would eventually grow more." I added "This is so that we could leave AKB in their hands once NyanNyan, Mii-chan and Takamina graduates."

   They seem to have understood my reasoning as they sighed. "But still, do you know how many of us are in this generation's group?" Yuko asked me. I shook my head, not knowing the answer. She pointed at me, Acchan, Tomochin and herself. "Wait, just four of us?!" I was in shock as she nodded.

   "Are we some sub-unit or something?" Tomochin added, she was as shock as me. "I don't know. Aki-P told me he won't combine us with the other Kenkyusei." Yuko told us what she heard.

   ""Who cares about that." Acchan stood up and walked to the door. "This is for our kouhais." She smiled, looking back at us. As we looked at the back of the Ex-Ace, we also smiled, knowing we can rely on that back of hers again. The back that lead us in the past. We all stood up as she looked forward and opened the door.

"Saa, time for some practice"

[To be continued]

Ahh, so many mistakes in here... Yet I don't know what to fix anymore...

Oh well.

Hope this doesn't confuse ya lot~ XD

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kenjoy, thanks~ And Acchan's probably thinking of avoiding Yuko because of the confession. Thus using AKB's rule.

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Blue  = Acchan
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Usual black is probably time skip

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[Chapter 11]

   It's been a year since they entered AKB. At first it was hard, because the thought-to-be graduates came back to AKB again. Some fans couldn't take it and hated their return. But most of them welcomed them with open arms. The fans hoped and hoped for something interesting to happen. The return of the Fashion Queen and Older Sister were interesting enough, but with the return of the two legendary Aces, it's becoming more and more crazier.

   The new Aces, Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Miyuki and Watanabe Mayu were facing a great threat. They thought the aces came back to claim back their spot. The center, Shimazaki Haruka was glad. She knew that her seniors came not to do harm, but to help them. She knew and believed in her seniors. Because of their return, everyone in AKB tried harder than ever before. All of their stage concerts were so full of life, full of vigor, that they managed to surpass the other 48 families' stage. They managed to do what they couldn't when their seniors were at the top.

   The four lessened their current jobs and focused on AKB's concerts, stages and events. Akimoto Yasushi created a team for them. The new Team 4. This was more different than the last one. The new team exactly has 4 members. It was actually a unit which he thought up but named it Team 4. After a 4 months of hard work, they were promoted. They each held a Concurrent position. This time, Shinoda Mariko entered Team A, Itano Tomomi entered Team K, and Oshima Yuko and Maeda Atsuko entered Team B.

   The reason the two Aces entered Team B is still unknown. Some say that it was to challenge AKB's new center, Shimazaki Haruka and one of the Aces, Watanabe Miyuki, some say that it was to challenge them into a different team than their original but no answers were found til this day. They tried hard but because of the new atmosphere and different auras in the team clashing with each other, the team almost broke down, until one day, Maeda Atsuko was chosen to be the center in a song. Everyone's aura became different, as if to signify that Maeda Atsuko managed to harmonize everyone into the song. At the end of that performance, Shimazaki Haruka bowed her head to Atsuko and cried. After that, she practiced every night with Atsuko and after a few months, managed to bring everyone together. When she leads the group after that, the fans didn't see around 20 girls dancing to the beat, but a group of idols living their dreams.

   Team A became more spirited at the rebirth of Captain Shinoda Mariko and became the monster house it originally was. Watanabe Mayu who only felt the cuteness and sparkle of Team A, finally realized the spirit that was buried within them. The team overpowered their center, which made her feel depressed and entered a slump. This was until she looked forward again, realizing her mistake. She underestimated the house of wolves. After that, started to dance more seriously than she ever did, even if it meant that she might destroy her cute idol image. A couple of months before the elections, she became the center fit to lead the pack. Thus, making her the most suspected to win the elections.

   Team K who had lost their vigor after Akimoto Sayaka and Oshima Yuko's graduation, became worse. Matsui Jurina broke down due to the stress that has built up. Miyazawa Sae returned to AKB one day after years of experience in SNH, JKT and NMB. She entered Team K and replaced Jurina by being the center. Jurina reluctantly accepted. The destroyed Team K was revived. Sae gave everyone in her team strict training. Stricter than it was in the past. The team eventually gained back their fighting spirit and became the crazy team the fans knew and loved. Jurina realized this and decided to give the position to Sae and focus on SKE. Now with the old members returning, there's no reason for her to stick in AKB much. She took in what she learned from Team K and used it in SKE. SKE eventually surpassed Team B in a few weeks after Sae's return.

   Team B faced the pressure from the fans, other teams, and even SKE. Yuko took action and took over everyone's practice. She used the training she had done with Akimoto Sayaka. Even if Team B is supposed to be called the idol-like team, they needed to do more than that. Kashiwagi Yuki unexpectedly brought everyone closer with the harsh training Yuko thought up. Atsuko who didn't like harsh things of course, skipped them, which made all the members laughed, seeing AKB's legendary Ace running away from training. But alas, Yuko forced Atsuko to practice every night, making Atsuko feel less motivated than she already was. Kojima Haruna also skipped practice to meet up with the General Manager. Thus Yuko realized that no one can fix Team B's carefree attitudes. But because of that, Team B became a lot more closer to each other, including Atsuko and Haruna. Shimazaki Haruka strived to become the center that could lead the two Aces. Which she did a few weeks before the elections took place.


   It's finally time for the elections. Even if I'm not going to be in the senbatsu, I'm already proud of what I accomplished. I actually did nothing. But even if I didn't, I'm proud that I'm in Team B. It was a lot more different than what I had in mind before I entered. Team K was the team most suited for me, I think, but Team B is the Team in which I gradually grew up more. The carefree members are also something. I never knew that Team B was so laid-back. I thought with Yukirin's mercilessness, they'd be hell, but I guess I was wrong.

   What really made me glad that I'm in Team B is that I'm with Acchan~

   I thought that I had to work harder so that I could be in the senbatsu to stand on stage with her but the earlier the better! Now Acchan is with me 24/7! She stopped her actress jobs for this year so I also did with mine. Adding the time we spent at home, we're basically with each other all the time~ I'm really thankful for what Aki-P did~ I don't care what his reason is for putting me and Acchan together but I don't care~

   I'll use the time we have with each other to make her love me! This way, I don't have to confess so early. When Acchan is ready, I'll make sure to confess!

   "Number 3, Team B, Oshima Yuko!"

   'EH? SERIOUSLY?!' I thought to myself. I'm not sad that I got third place. In fact, I was really happy. Knowing that my fans still support me is more than enough. 'But still, isn't number 3 a bit too high...?'

   I sat on the number 3 seat. Then I realized, Acchan wasn't called out yet. I was in dilemma with myself. I was thinking that she might get a high number but a part of me was thinking that she will be non-ranked. I don't know. I was scared. I don't want to be separated from Acchan!

   "Number 2, Team A, Watanabe Mayu!"

   Shiriri-chan got second place. Paruru got fifth and Jurina got fourth. Paruru didn't get much exposure since she only managed to lead Team B only a few days ago. 'Wait, who cares about that?! Where's Acchan?!' I scanned the area with my awesome normal human eyes and saw her looking down. I know what she's thinking... That she isn't going to be called out.

   She's always like that. Even though it's obvious that she is the most well-liked member, she's the one who doubts it the most. But even though she doubts it, she'll eventually get what she deserves.

   "Number 1..." the announcer spoke, tension building up. But before he could speak her name, the fans grew wild "Acchan! Acchan! Acchan!" They chanted and shouted, not at the announcer but at Acchan herself. I could see her looking surprised, the announcer was as well. He smirked and shouted in as well.

   "Team B, Maeda Atsuko!"


   "Congrats, Acchan~" I hugged her, standing up from my seat. She was still crying, even after her speech. Then the announcer suddenly spoke. "Err, I think there's something that needs to be done." he looked at the two of us. We were still confused.

   "Ladies and gentlemen, with all the members here, we would like them to sing a song." she clapped at us, and the fans called out as well, asking us to perform a song. I didn't know what the song was until the staff came on stage and set up the mic and mic stands. With the formation, I knew what the song was.

   "Well, Oshima Yuko, if you would please?" he showed me the mic at the front, asking me to go there. Everyone realized what the song was now and get into position. Atsuko grabbed my hand and smiled at me. I smiled back, blushing a bit and we went to our positions as well, with me in front of everyone. Thus I grabbed my mike. The staff gave me the OK sign and

   "One, two, One two three four!"


   When I realized it, I was lying in my bed. I tried to recall what was missing in my memory.


   It was our duo together again. The song is pretty nostalgic. It is pretty popular back then but not these days. We got closer together. Acchan was really close to me. I could feel her hot breath on me. It was erotic and satisfying at the same time.

itsumo kiiteta

   We sang our part, Acchan and I both had this satisfying look on our faces, probably because it's been a long time since we've sang this song.

favorite song

   It really was my favorite song. It just feels so good, singing with Acchan so closely like this. Not to mention what we did in our PV.

ano kyoku no you ni

   I really listen to it all the time when Acchan's out. I even have the song on my ringtone. Call me a narcissist or whatever. Acchan looked at me in the eyes this time. I feel kind of embarrassed doing this. I still can't get used to this feeling. Even if we did have each other by our sides 24/7. When we reached the end of our part, Acchan got close to me, close enough that our lips met. It wasn't intentional but...

   I blanked out due to the embarrassment.


   "What a stupid way to pass out." I criticized myself.

   "Hey, had a good rest?" Acchan peeked at me at the door. She looked so cute doing that. Well, like there's anything she does that isn't cute.

   "Yup~ I'm fine~" I gave her a thumbs up. She giggled a bit and entered the room then sat on my bed.

   "Sorry I accidentally did that, Yuko... I didn't know you hated kisses from me that much..." she looked like she was about to cry.

   "Of course I don't hate it! I love Acchan~" I hugged her playfully. She gave me a wry smile, seeing as she doesn't like skinship much. Though she does that with Takamina ALL THE TIME.

   I'm jealous of that midget. Even when they were in separate teams, Acchan would always find the time to visit her, sometimes even disturbing Takamina and NyanNyan. Thank you NyanNyan!!!

   "What's wrong, Yuko?" she looked at me worriedly as I was raising my fist in the air without realizing it.

   "Err... I'm the statue lady!" I imitated the western statue of with the crown on her head and holding the fire thing.

   "You mean the statue of Liberty? I don''t think so." she giggled and patted my head

   'Ahh I don't mind Acchan being the seme~'

   As I thought that, she suddenly opened up a topic regarding a certain midget.

   "Hey, did you hear? Takamina's going on tour in a couple of days. Ah, she's so lucky~"

   "YEAH, REALLY LUCKY" I replied to her with a pissed off tone. She looked at me worriedly again.

   I don't know why she's so close to that midget. What does she see in someone so small and weird as her?! Does she like the ponytail? I can do that too! I grumbled to myself, knowing she wouldn't hear it. I'm very jealous of Takamina. There's no way you could be calm when you hear the person you love talking about someone so frequently about! I pouted, crossed my arms and looked away. Acchan just sighed, not knowing what to do. I needed to do something. Something she would never do with Takamina...

   "Acchan, how about we break the rules?" I finally made my move.

[To be continued]



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[Chapter 12]

   "Are you serious...?"

   I asked the girl who was drinking her orange juice so cutely in front of me. The girl nodded lightly without removing her mouth from the straw. I was thinking if she was either weird or just an idiot. At first I thought she was troubled by Yuko's confession then I thought she was actually in love with her but now? I don't know what's she's thinking at all.

   "So, you said no, Acchan?"


   "Acchan, how about we break the rules?" she said to me, looking straight into my eyes.

   "No." I clearly said to her without any hesitation. It's not like I hated her, but...

   She was shocked by my immediate answer. I could tell that she was disappointed. I mean, who wouldn't? She looked like she wanted me to explain why, so I told her. "It's because I have my reasons..."

   She looked down, probably holding in her tears. I wanted to pat her head and say 'It's okay, It's okay' but decided against it. But even though my spirit is high, seeing my best friend crying like that, hurts... She got up and walked to the door.

   "Where are you going?" I asked her, looking at her back. "To get some fresh air..." she says, not turning back. She opened the door and went outside the room. I followed her to the apartment door. "Have a safe trip." I said to her. But, I never heard her reply.

   And that was the last time I saw Oshima Yuko.


   She tells me what happened and made my conclusion.

   "So that's why Yuko's been missing..." She nods her head as I made my statement.

   Yuko has been missing for weeks now. Nobody has seen her at all. She has a lot of friends and connections so she's most likely staying with them, since she's not home. The last time I visited her home, her mother told her that Yuko was staying at a friend's place for a while. I couldn't tell why she would skip her work as an idol until I heard Acchan's explanation.

   "Why are you only telling me this now, Acchan?" I asked her one of the questions that's lingering in my mind. She looked down, not knowing how to answer it. I just sigh, knowing that I won't get my answer from her. But...

   "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" I grabbed her by the collar and shouted at her. Luckily we were in her apartment so nobody could listen in. Her eyes didn't indicate any surprise, sadness, or anger. Which made me even more angry inside. "Mari-chan, I know..." with that one sentence from her, all my anger and hate seemed to have left me at that instant. "Sorry about that..." I apologized to her and she just gave me her usual smile. I wished that I wasn't so weak against it.

   "Don't get so full of yourself" I lightly hit her head and she sticks her tongue out with a smile. "Hehe~ You noticed~"

   "What will you do?" I asked her, knowing she would just ignore it but.. "I don't know..." she replied and continued "Thinking of AKB, her disappearance won't matter much. There's the new generations which could make up for her. But, I don't think I can take it any longer..." that was the first time I've ever heard her actually being true about her feelings. She was looking down, and hugged her own body tight, as if cold.

   Before I could ask her any more, she gave me the smile. The smile that says 'Don't dig any deeper', so I'll just shut up for now. Knowing that she's being true to me is already good enough. She'll eventually find out the answer she's been looking for... And she will finish her business with Yuko. Even if it meant breaking the small girl's heart...




   I'm in the car to pick up the two closest to me. I got to my lover's place first and then at my best friend's.

   "Takamina~" she hugged me when she entered the car. The girl on my left is staring needles at me. "A- Acchan, you know that we can't act so close..." she pondered my words and smirked, getting the answer. "Ne, NyanNyan, want to know how to overpower Takamina~?" her eyes sparkled and gets closer to Acchan, beckoning for the answer. "No no no!" I covered Acchan's mouth with my hands, as to not let the secret get out. I don't want Harunyan to get corrupted by Acchan!

   After a few mishaps and teasing from Acchan, we were almost at the destination, the airport in which I'll start my tour. Then, I finally asked her the question which I wanted to know the answer to the most. "Acchan, why are you even with me...?" she looks at me, confused. Harunyan, on the other hand, looks depressed and sad for a bit. I continued to ask her. "Why are you even here...? What will you do with Yuko?" I asked her, knowing what date today is. It's 17th October, in other words, Yuko's birthday.

   Even if they were fighting, there's no way Acchan would ignore Yuko's birthday just like that. Acchan's not like that... Yuko disappeared for months and Acchan didn't even mention her once... I continued to speak my mind. "Acchan... I don't know why you two are fighting..." I cut my sentence half-way, not having the strength left anymore.

   Then Harunyan held my hand and gave me a beautiful smile, assuring me that it will be okay. I smiled back, having more confidence in myself. I turned towards Acchan again. Her eyes captivating me... But...

   "You should go to Yuko..."


   I entered the apartment. As I suspected, there aren't anyone there. I went into her room and sat on her bed, feeling the last bit of presence left from her... I recalled Acchan's look when I asked her to break the rules with me. Her eyes aren't like the eyes as if she misunderstood anything. She knew what I meant but still rejected me anyways.

   "I should've given up sooner..." I lie on the bed, as if to let my consciousness get enveloped by my first serious crush's presence. The presence which shoulders everything, the presence of the one who took the top, and the presence that stole my heart.

   I realized that my cheeks are wet. "Haha... This is really ironic..." I laughed at my own weakness. Why was I so stupid to have believed that she will love me back...? There's no way that would ever happen...

   "Now I can't see her anymore..." I almost let my consciousness get enveloped by the sweet aroma of my crush. My heart was screaming, telling me not to give up. But this time, I won't listen to it anymore.

   "I'll start anew..." I get up from the bed, going to move forward yet again. "I won't be looking back anymore." I looked forward and saw a mirror and a table. On the table is a piece of paper. Probably from her drama.

   I don't know why but I felt drawn to it for some reason. I get closer to it. This might be the chance I'm looking for.

   I picked up the paper and looked at the contents.

   "What... the..." that was when it all made sense yet didn't...

[To be continued]

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   Saa, let's see how Acchan finish things off with Yuko. Oh yeah, Acchan's POV and Yuko's POV are in different times at least until they're together. Takamina's POV is the same time with Acchan (duh) XD

[Chapter 13]

   "Takamina..." I looked at her, shocked. She fixated her eyes with mine.

   "Acchan, go..." I could see that she was trying to hold back her tears. She was shaking a lot. NyanNyan was beside her, holding her hand as if transmitting her energy to the small girl. With that...

   I smiled at her. I looked at Takamina's manager through the mirror. He met his eyes with mine and he nodded. The car stopped and I went out. Before I closed the door, I took a last look at Takamina. She didn't met my eyes and looked down instead. I smile escaped my lips.

   "You've grown a lot, Takamina." I said to her, who still didn't look at my direction. I knew she heard it though. I took one last look NyanNyan as well. "Take care of her, NyanNyan." I also smiled at her. She met my eyes and smiled as well. "You can count on me." I closed the door and saw the car heading towards the airport. There wasn't any time so I should run there but running's a pain...

   "Well, I've got to try this, even if it is." Luckily, I was wearing jeans so it's not impossible for me to run. Though people who notice will die from seeing 'sweet angel Acchan running around in jeans' so good thing it wasn't a skirt. Or I'd probably die of embarrassment before I lose my breath.

   "I hope I'll make it in time..." I dashed towards the apartment, knowing that she'd be there. "Wait for me, Yuko..."


   "It's okay, Takamina..." Harunyan hugged me, telling me that it will be okay... With the last ounce of strength I have left, I burst out crying. My manager knows everything so I didn't need to hide it anymore.

   "... Sorry, Harunyan..." I apologized to her about everything... She's a good girl. She only smiled at me and patted my head as she hugged me. I knew that she is my love. I know that she will be with me all the time. But I still can't forget about Acchan...

   "You and I are the same, Takamina." I looked up and see her crying as well.

   'Was she holding it in all this time...?' I felt guilty about relying on her a lot and always complaining to her about Acchan. I know that she's still in love with Yuko.

   "Ne, let's start anew, Harunyan!" I stood up and bumped by head, forgetting that I'm in a car. "And I was supposed to be the clumsy one." she rubbed my head, soothing the pain. "Even if we start anew, you're still going to travel overseas though." she added and gave a wry smile. "Eh? Who said I was going alone?" I blinked at her, acting surprised.

   "What do you mean?" she was confused as to what I had just asked. "I already told your manager that you're coming along with me~" I hugged her and cling to her. "EH?! I have to come along as well?!" she protested about it and all but, she's still blushing. No wonder Yuko found her cute. "So let's be together always, Harunyan~" I rubbed my face on her chest.

   "Now you're even acting like her." she pouted a bit. "But, I don't hate that part of you." and kissed me, not caring that my manager is seeing everything. But I didn't care as well. This is our first step forward.




   My eyes widen as I read the contents. I never knew that she was actually on it all along...

How to ensure eternal love

Step 1
Find your crush and if you did not befriend them yet, do not do it. Wait for them to befriend you. Get closer to them without them noticing and when they befriend you, be sure not to spend much time with them. In fact, only spend time with them when they're the ones who wants to. This is to make them closer to you and longing for you

Step 2
Start spending a lot of quality time together. If that person has a lover, then spend time with them lesser than what they did together. If it crosses the line, then the lover might get jealous and spend even more time with them.

Step 3
Leave them. This doesn't literally mean stop hanging out with them. Lessen the time you two have together. This is to make them want you more. This can be done by simply changing classes, start spending time with other people more than them or even graduation

Step 4
Spend more time with your best friend. Do things that you would never do with your crush, but don't do things that are too extraordinary. Making your crush jealous is one thing but making them a little too jealous might piss them off too much.

Step 5
Find a suitable time to make a move on your crush. Take a step further without knowing that you're taking it further. If they asked, make an excuse. This is to make them more curious about you and your actions. Be sure not to make them realize it.

Step 6
Work together with your crush. This can be done by either projects, work or even studies. This could extend the time you have together with them without going too extreme. The more time you have, the worse it will get at the moment so try to do it as less as possible

Step 7
Cause a misunderstanding crazy enough that would make your crush go angry. You can also use the best friend you have been with. Look at their reactions and what they will do. If they continue to be friendly with you, then there's no chance that they love you at all. If they cut all ties with you, then there's still a slight hope, but not too much. If they chose to ignore you, you're going at the right path.

Step 8
Make up with them. First you should make up with your best friend if they knew. Then also make up with your crush. Don't make too light of what you did. Even if you apologize, there's no telling what will happen. If they love you, then a smile would appear on their faces. Not of facade, but a genuine smile.

Step 9
Gather an ally. With the help of an ally or even allies, discuss what to do. It would be best not to tell them about your feelings. The opposite is good.

Step 10
Spend more time together. A lot more. At this stage, time is the most important thing for you. Make use of it. Even if you have a job, quit it. Or at least postpone it.

Step 11
Wait. Until they confess. Being the first one to confess might be okay as well but making them confess is better. If they confess, then it's better to reject them. This might make them hurt, but it's the only way to make them love you forever. They might break ties with you. Stay strong.

Step 12
Your best friend will speak their mind. If they are still clinging over the past, then they would be selfish. If they tell you to go to your crush, then congratulations. You have the approval of your bestest friend in the whole wide world.

Step 13
The crush would read this, realizing what is going on. Appear before them in an awesome manner.

   I looked at the door. There was Acchan, sweating and trying to catch her breath. "L- Long time no see, Yuko." She breathed in and out and grabbed a towel to wipe her face. "So much for appearing in an awesome manner." I glared at her. It wasn't me joking. I was serious. I was seriously angry...

   "Haha, sorry about that..." she laughed it off and looked at me, recovering already. I was still glaring needles at her."So how did you think?" she looked at the paper in my hand. I looked at it as well and finally snapped.

   "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST DID?!" I shouted at her. I don't care about the neighbors. They can go to hell. I continued my bashing "YOU FRIGGIN PLAYED WITH MY FEELINGS! HOW COULD ANYONE BE OKAY WITH THAT?!" I grabbed and pinned her to the wall, still holding the paper. I could feel myself burning with anger by the minute. They say anger subdues when you let it out, but this is the opposite.

   "I know, Yuko..." she looks at me with her apologetic smile. I wasn't done yet, but my heart couldn't take bashing at my loved one and letting out my true thoughts. "YOU KNOW?! THEN WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU USING YOUR BRAIN FOR?!" I continued "You knew I loved you as well but why..."

   She smiled at me with her usual adult-like smile. She pushed me away lightly. I could feel the tears are trying to escape my eyes but I held it in. I don't want to lose to her.

   "Yuko, turn the paper around." she says to me, looking at me calmly.

   I did as she said and

Step 14
Hope she still loves you back


   I took out the ring and showed it to her. It was actually the ring we made when we were in AKB. I wanted to buy her a real ring but time doesn't really wait for me. I made a proposing position and finally asked her.

   "Oshima Yuko, I love you... Please... Will you stay with me forever?"

   I could see her getting frustrated. "EVEN AFTER ALL THIS, YOU'RE STILL CONTINUING?!" she grabbed nearby cosmetics and threw them at me. That was nothing compared to the pain I've caused her. She then grabbed a vase and spilled the water that was in it at me. I only continue to smile and showed her the ring, hoping she would take it.

   "Why are you even..." she finally lets out her inner feelings. She looked at me with shock and tears in her eyes. "Why do you go so far..." she asked me.

   I know that this is stupid but that's the only thing I can do... "Yuko..." I spoke to her. "I've known many people, loving each other and then breaking up. They faced a lot of challenges in life and lose the love they've been holding for their partner..."

   "I'm scared, Yuko..." I was being true to my feelings, finally I spoke my mind. "I don't want us to be like that." Tears started to roll down my cheeks as well. I didn't bother to wipe it off. Whatever the outcome, tears will always start dropping.

   "The first time I fell in love with you, I didn't notice at all." I recalled when we were still new in the AKB world. "When I realized it, I didn't know what to do. You were really different from me. You're everyone's idol. I couldn't even be compared to you. When the Sousenkyo happened, I didn't deserve to be number 1. You were the one who I longed for. You were the one  who deserved it more than I do." I let out my thoughts. She listened to me in silence.

   "When I heard my name in second place during 2010, I knew that you'd have to be there in first place. Even if it's frustrating as an idol, as someone who is in love with you, I was really happy. That's when I start to become more and more scared. I wanted us to be together forever. Not like most of the couples these days. Plus, we're both girls. Most girl couples doesn't last long. I know because of the people I've met..."

   "Yuko... Even if it took me years to finally say it, I only want you... I don't want people to get closer to you than I did... That's why I hooked Takamina up with NyanNyan..." I recalled the time when I rejected Takamina and called NyanNyan thereafter. Yuko's face was shocked because she didn't know that I was the one who hooked them up together.

   "I want us to be together... Forever..." I let out my smile with tears still rolling down my cheeks, ending my confession. I looked straight into Yuko's eyes. Waiting for her answer.

   "Is that all you have to say...?" she was glaring at me. I know that she couldn't take it. She's probably going to kill me now... I planned everything for her to accept it but fear gets a hold of me. I'm still scared... There's no telling what her answer will be. I know I'm harsh but that's the only way. Rather than living fools out of our lives, I'd rather end it all here... I will regret it someday, but this is for the best.

   "Do you think I'm just going to accept it like some damned idiot after all you've done to me? To Takamina? And you even involved NyanNyan in it..." she looked at me like staring down at an enemy. I stood up, knowing that this is going to answer everything. I looked at her firmly in the eyes. This time, I put on a real smile. Not the ones I used as a facade, but a genuine one. I know that this won't cut it, but I can die trying

   "YOU DAMN IDIOT! Even after all this time, you're still..." she was crying because of regret. I didn't change my smile. "I know..." I replied to her.

"I... hate you."
"I know."
"I really... hate you."
"I know."
"You're the most... sick person... I've ever met..."
"I know."
"Then why?"
"Because I still love you, Yuko."

   "Forever and ever. Even if you kill me now, I would still love you. Until eternity." I didn't erase my smile. My muscles hurt from smiling too much but who cares about that.

   "You..." she lets out a yelp and tears started to fall down her cheeks again.

   "You know that I don't hate you!" she comes to me and buries her face in my chest. I could feel myself blushing a bit.

   "You know all this time... I would never hate you, you idiot!" she hits me lightly, still crying in my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and she started crying more loudly.

   "So Yuko... Will you stay with me forever?" I asked her the question again, still smiling.

   "Yes!" finally I saw her smile with her cute dimples showing.

   Thus I broke into tears and we embraced each other for the whole night.




   "Ah, it's morning." I looked at the morning sky through the window as I woke up. I looked at my right side and see my best friend, who is now my lover, clinging to me, sleeping soundly. I didn't want to disturb her sleep so I opened my phone. There was a new message. It was Takamina who sent me a pic of her and NyanNyan with a statue that looks like the lion statue in Singapore. There's no way only the two gets to go to Singapore, right?

From :Bakamidget
Subject :We're in Singapore! (Duh)

Hey, how are you doing with Acchan? I told her to go to you yesterday so I hope you're not mad. Acchan's my bestest friend! So you better take good care of her! Oh yeah, and NyanNyan's breasts are big! OAO

   "Whoa, those two really are in Singapore? Hell, why are you all so proud of NyanNyan's breast?!" I grabbed Acchan's breast and groped her. "See?! Acchan's might not be as big as NyanNyan's but Acchan's Acchan!" I said proudly to particularly no one.

   "Why the hell are you grabbing my breast and comparing it with NyanNyan's first thing in the morning...!" I could see veins popping out of her head. I was amazed that my cartoon knowledge would come in handy in figuring out Acchan's reactions!

   "Err... I love Acchan~" I hugged the younger girl and clung to her in our bed. It was hers before. But now it's OURS!

   "Don't think I'm just going to let it go just like that." she glared at me and I gulped, knowing that something horrible is going to happen to me sooner or later. "But, for now, I'm going to enjoy the time with my girlfriend." she added and smiled at me. I smiled back.

   "Hehe~ Don't worry~ We have all the time in the world~" I assured her and put my face in between her breast. "We're gonna be together forever~" I added but she hits my head lightly. I could see her cheeks getting red. I made THE Acchan feel red because of embarrassment. I'm going to need a Nobel prize for this.

"Together forever, right?" she says, with her angelic smile. The smile that stole my heart.
"Yup, together forever!"

   Thus our friendship ends and our love life begins. Until Forever.


Yay~! I'm so proud of you, Acchan!  :farofflook:*hugs imaginary Acchan*

Thanks for reading this inexperienced writer's fic. I'm sorry for any hate or insults that is rude to you.  :kneelbow:
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Oh my gosh! When i just read Acchan's pov and Takamina just let Acchan go.. My mind was *Oh yeah :peace:*.. Then when Yuko's pov when she read the steps to ensure eternal love and i reached step 3 to read.. Again.. I was like *Wait.. You don't say.. :w00t:* Ahahaha :fap Yeah~! TakaHaru also got their happy ending! :)

Yuko shouting at Acchan  was really entertaining actually i find it very romantic of her (Acchan).. Hehehe :oops: I mean Acchan's looking for true love and she followed the steps though it will hurt Yuko and she took the risk.. XD Oh man! Yuko you did not just compared Acchan's breast to Haruna! :O Ahaha..Oh well that just so Yuko! Hehehe :oops:

Thank you so much.. Nicely done! :twothumbs Unwanted Feelings is a big SUCCESS~ :thumbsup

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dont, im not happy with Acchan ¬¬ she deserve to suffer more than this, Yuko is so cute to forgive her so easy <3 you are love Yuko <3

well... good final here xD Still i cant forgive Acchan -_- so cruel with Yuko... but Yuko is happy now with her love, so thats make me happy... hmmm... xDDD so, Im happy but still im not too happy, its hard to explain LOL!

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aww that was a cute final :3
haha Acchan what the hell xDD she make all this mess because she was insecure D: i'm happy that they are togheter.
i hope you will write another story i really like this.
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nice ending... :on GJ:
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Nice :fap

Challenge yourself on making of different genres of fanfic.. That's nice.. :thumbsup Making a room to improve yourself surely you will learn alot something out of it.. So wishing you goodluck on the nxt project of yours.. Hehehe :oops:

Gambatte~ Looking forward to it :fap :D

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Thank god (or maybe more specifically the writer XD) that yuko forgave acchan for her "stupid" actions!!! though, poor takamina? Or not! since she got nyan nyan! :hiakhiakhiak: :hiakhiakhiak:

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Yeah I'm looking forward for it! FTW AtsuYuu! (≧▽≦)づ♥
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I cant forgive her ;A; its just... too stupid xDDDD

well... I love your fic <3 good job :'D
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after i finish reading it, the first thing in my mind is, WHO THE HELL GAVE ACCHAN THOSE LIST!?  :scolding:
seriously, my emotion get on me at ch12. i was frowning and think, yes Yuko, you should leave Acchan and be with someone else..
but you surprise me in the last chapter, AshuraX-san.
this fic is great, any fic that could trigger people emotion like this is SUGOI!!  :k-great:

thank you for this wonderful Atsuyuu, and i think we need more Atsuyuu fic, don't cha think??  O0
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kenjoy, I will! And I'm on the decline right now. What was it? Writer's block? Bah! Oh well, my mind's thinking bout mages and heroes. OS time~

tfme, Where there's TakaHaru, then there's probably AtsuYuu

atsukojiyuu, I don't remember much but here's some I remember~ ( = TakaAtsuYuu by unicorn48-san ( = AtsuYuu OS by sakura_drop_san ( = AtsuYuu by irgheto-san

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the flying cosmetics scene is priceless :D :D AtsuYuu feels, i think im gonna faint right now :O
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on the other hand, can anyone here make a fanfic for the upcoming appearance of Acchan on AKB48 stage, she'll be appearing on one of the concerts this July so if anyone care to take this idea I'D BE SUPER ULTRA MEGA GLAD TO READ IT  :cow:

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"How to ensure eternal love"

That List i'm Curious you know i want to try that  :nya:

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whahh i really liked this fic !! i really thought takamina had a crush on acchan at some point lol
idk if you're still active but if you are please continue writing ! we're on dire need of atsuyuu :twothumbs