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Title: [END] Love Capture: SPECIAL ~ Valentine's Day?? [MaYuki] (03/02/16)
Post by: katekyohit on July 08, 2013, 04:32:05 PM
Completed Series for Love Capture! XD Hope you all enjoy this so far!!!!
This is the end of it :P Thank you to all the readers (both active and silent ones) that keep up with this until the end ^^
For ones who never read this.... This is a dark complex drama + romance with main pairing as MAYUKI~ and minor ones as wMatsui and KojiYuu.  :deco:
Complicated indeed...Hope you guys enjoy it!  :cow:

~Love Capture Chapters~
Prologue (
Chapter 01 (
Chapter 02 (
Chapter 03 (
Chapter 04 (
Chapter 05 (
Chapter 06 (
:Extra [wMatsui] ~ Our Deal: (
:Extra [KojiYuu] ~ Cruel Truth: (
Chapter 07 (
Chapter 08 (
Chapter 09.1 (
Chapter 09.2 (
Chapter 10.1 (
Chapter 10.2 (
Chapter 11.1 (
Chapter 11.2 (
Chapter 11.3 (
Chapter 12.1 (
Chapter 12.2 (
Epilogue (

~Love Capture: SPECIAL Occasion~
Christmas Eve [2013] (
Happy Birthday [2014.07.15] (
Valentine's Day??


A/N: A story that was sort of inspired from listening to “Romance Kenjuu” from Team B! At first want to use Yukirin’s picture from the PV but…doesn’t quite fit with the tone of the story. Haha, I want to try make the story a bit dark and intense than the first one. It’s my first time doing it so I hope for the best that you guys will enjoy it!


The siren of the police car echoed in the middle of the night. Polices were tracking down the thief. It was the 5th time that the same exact incident happen and polices were working at their best to catch the criminal no matter what. No one knew their intention but polices had to do their job. Only thing they did was to steal…and killed people.

“I saw them!” An officer yelled as she saw the silhouette through the corners of the old building. Then suddenly another officer sprinted to catch up with the thief with the gun in her hand. “Be careful Yuki!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll catch them!”

Yuki ran after the thief without fear. Deep down into the dark alley of the old abandoned buildings she spotted the human figure in a black hoodie. Her grew wide as she aimed the gun at that shadow instinctively. She knew that she came across with the thief and this time she would catch them without fail.

“Don’t move! You’re now captured!”

The human figure didn’t move. Yuki didn’t let her eyes off that thief at any blink of second. In that moment of silence…the cloud moved away and the light of the moon made the alley became brighter. At that second, Yuki saw the pair of dark color eyes made eye contact with her. That instant, the police could feel the silence in those eyes and she felt moved by it. 

Unfortunately, it was long enough for another human figure in black hoodie to hit Yuki’s gun out from her hands with a short knife. The police recanted back with surprise, she didn’t expect for another thief to come from above her. However, before she realized it again, both shadows disappeared from her sight already. Everything happened so fast that she lost track from them. It was too late for her fellow colleagues to catch up with her already since they let the thief out once again.

“Yuki! Are you alright?” The tall female officer came up to her with worries as Yuki slowly got up on her feet again and picked up her dropped gun.

“I’m not injured, don’t worry.” She sighed and turned to her colleagues with guilt on her face. She couldn’t help but to feel guilty for letting the thief away when she had a chance to shoot down and catch them. She was so angry at herself for being hesitant at that moment when her eyes met with the thief. “I’m sorry to let those thieves go…I didn’t expect another thief to be this close by.”

“Don’t worry about that Yuki-senpai. They got two people but you’re only one…seems lady of luck doesn’t side with us this time.” The junior officer tapped on Yuki’s shoulder before they headed back to group up with their colleagues.

Everyone were busy gathering evidences from the crime scene in order to find any significant clues that would lead to the thieves that robbed the house of an innocent family. Everyone got killed except the mother and the child. The corpses were collected and Yuki hated this part of her work the most. She saw tears from the child and the mother after they lost their loved one. She couldn’t forgive the thieves that done this to innocent families like them. She swore that she would track those thieves down and punish them as equal to all crimes they had done. Yuki tightened her fist and continued helping her colleague without being too emotional with the tragic scene she’s witnessing.

“I swore…I’d definitely not let you get away next time…!”


The two figures in black hoodie arrived at another area of the dark alley. They didn’t hear any footsteps, so it seemed they weren’t being pursued.

“Phew! I guess we’re safe now.”

“Did you get what we wanted?” The shorter one asked as the taller nodded. She brought her hoodie down and revealed her Cheshire grin across her face. She looked amazingly young yet had those strong ferocious eyes. There was also a scar presented above her left eye, which signified the battles she had went through.  She giggled as she took out a small little bag from her pocket. It was something that they had stolen from their target today. “Good.”

Her friend replied coldly back and made the taller girl rested her arm on top of the shorter one’s shoulder. “Oi Mayu, you almost screwed up right there. That’s not your normal self at all~ If I didn’t make it that police girl would shoot already.”

“Jurina, do you think I will get shoot before I shoot her down?”

Mayu leered back with a threatening tone in her voice. She continued to argue Jurina back due to having high dignity in herself. “If you didn’t interrupt me, I’ll be guiding her to gates of hell already.”

“Ouch…I’m sorry for interrupting you?” Jurina replied sarcastically as they walked into another dark corner of the buildings to head back to their hideout.  “I’ll be more careful next time then.”


Mayu didn’t reply anything back; her thoughts were occupied with the face of that police officer she saw. Despite the fact Mayu didn’t bother to remember the faces of her victims or anyone she met, she actually remembered that face of the police clearly like it was right in front of her now. At that moment her eyes with that officer girl, she actually hesitate to shoot her down. But Mayu didn’t admit that she’s hesitating, her arrogance blinded her from admitting the truth.

“Mayu, want to fetch some drink before we return back? I’m a bit thirsty.”

Jurina nudged her shoulder and Mayu showed sign of annoyance in her partner’s easygoing style. “The bills on me!”

“…Fine, do whatever you want. Let me inform Yuko first.” Mayu sighed and brought out her cellphone to text another friend of hers, Oshima Yuko, about their success in their tonight’s task. The shorter girl was always serious and made sure everything went smoothly and perfect. She couldn’t help but to inform back to others first before they made others worried about their long unusual disappearance.  Right after she’s done, she got dragged by Jurina to one of the hidden bars in the corner to fetch a drink before they return back home.

Another night of their mission came to an end, however Mayu was aware that the police forces were becoming more aggressive with catching them. The fact that the officer girl caught up with her was not something she was expecting to happen. It reminded Mayu that she had to increase more of her awareness if she didn’t want to get caught again. Its considered luck that Jurina saved her right on time, however she wondered whether there would be next time like that again or not… 

Mayu went up to the bartender and paid for Jurina and her drink. It made the puppy-face girl dumbfounded with Mayu’s silent action. “Eh? I told you that the bills are on me.”

“I’m not really in a mood of killing anyone at that moment, so consider as my little gratitude for back there.”

She finished her drink and walked out from the bar. Jurina was left dumbfounded and rushed after the shorter thief. The puppy-face thief grinned softly as she knew that it’s a way Mayu expressed her thanks. She had too much dignity to even say ‘thank you’, but that didn’t bother Jurina a slightest. As she caught up with her partner, she walked by her side as they headed back to their hideout…back to their home in this dark forgotten alley…


~To Be Continue~
Title: Re: Love Capture: Prologue [MaYuki]
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finally u post ur fic here!!  XD
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looking forward to read ur future update :on gay:

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I'm excited for this fic.  Can't wait for what happens next
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finally u post ur fic here!!  XD
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looking forward to read ur future update :on gay:

and by the way
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 :cow:  :cow:  :cow: Welcome katekyohit-san! 

Very interesting plot. My MaYuki in an action/lovestory(I assumed  XD ) Can't wait for the next part! Please update ASAP!  XD  :lol:

Thanks for the new mayuki fic. Hope there's more.  :bow:
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moar please :cow: :bow:
yuki is fast mayu :P she'll catch up with you in no time :yep:
jurina and mayu sneaky thieves :twisted:
i feel sorry for the mother and child though i admit :cry:
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So you finally posted your fiction on here! First of all, welcome to the forum! :welcome

I guess I've already commented on your fiction within Tumblr but doesn't hurt to add more here. XD Anyway, I guess we can predict that Yuki will catch up with Mayu soon enough. Considering how Mayu was taken by surprise when the older girl found her at such a fast rate, it should be possible (I think). I wonder if Rena will show up soon since Jurina is here (unless there's some JuriMayu and/or YukiRena moments aside from Mayuki).

I look forward to more of your work and the updates on both this and your other fiction, Amnesia! :cathappy:
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wow you're here welcome  :hee:
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I was waiting to read this kind of story  :ding: :ding:
I can't wait to see more  :wriggly:
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Update soon!

Mayuki is one of my favorite couples!!!

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MaYuki  :shy2:

very interesting plot  :on GJ:

 and I'm so seeing Yuko as mastermind in here  :wahaha:

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I will read it!! :P


Nananah I feel bad... :smhid
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i love officer yuki LOL
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chichay12: yes finally I did! and thank you :)

rhin_rhin: I had another fic which is MaYuki + WMatsui together, I'll upload soon then.  XD

LoyalFlutist: Hi again~ Yep! Eventually Yuki will catch up with Mayu since she's a dedicated officer after all~ Rena would show up! Well I hope to include her in it but still figuring how to do it. We'll see! I'll upload Amnesia on here too so do look forward to it as well  XD I look forward to your fic as well, "How Far Are You Prepared To Go?"!  :cathappy: :wub:

mo-chan: hello again! Oh wow I didn't know you look forward to this kind of fic. I'm excited to write it myself and I'm glad you enjoy it!

Title: Re: Love Capture: CH01 [MaYuki] ~ UPDATE (9/7/2013)
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A new update, please do enjoy and comment!  XD XD


Love Capture: CH01

A/N: Oh wow it took me forever to figure out how this story is going to proceed. I kept changing it around several times already…I’m a little indecisive with this chapter 1 but I hope it works.



Jurina got through the door energetically with Mayu following from behind emotionlessly. The puppy girl rushed in and jumped onto another girl who was sitting at the table enjoying her coffee. “We brought back the thing we wanted~ also, some extra cash.” Jurina did steal some gold and money from the victim’s house along with her. She always made sure that she had worthwhile trip on her mission.

“Haha! Good job Jurina! I heard it from Mayu already.” Yuko rubbed the snuggling puppy girl’s head to congratulate her success in the mission. “Mariko-sama is currently not back yet so just go relax. Dinner’s ready by the way~”

“Yay! I’m so starving now~”

Jurina ran into the kitchen immediately without waiting anyone, however that gave the opportunity for Yuko and Mayu to have their private chat. Yuko’s gentle eyes changed drastically to a calm serious one. The aura from her changed and Mayu realized that. “How many died today?”

“…Don’t worry.” Mayu replied Yuko’s dead serious question. “Jurina didn’t kill anyone, I did.”

“I see…I’m sorry Mayu.” The squirrel face girl apologized to her colleague. She could’ve gone in their place but she had a mission to do as well. It must be Mariko’s plan to make Yuko worked separately from Jurina since she could become too over worried about the puppy girl.  “Thanks for looking after Jurina.”

“Stop over worry about her. She’s quite strong herself, even though she’s could be too carefree and playful…”

The mouse girl sighed and walked into the kitchen as well. She was hungry since it’s already quite late. The two girls that accomplished their mission filled their stomachs with the food that Yuko prepared for them. It didn’t taste that bad, but it’s not in a level to call it really good either. However, everything became much more delicious when they’re starving. Enjoying their relaxing time, another woman came in from the door. It’s a shorthaired woman with a model body. She took off her sunglasses and it made Jurina sprung out from her chair.

“Welcome back Mariko-sama!”

“I’m glad to see you energetic as usual Jurina~” The puppy ran to her and she stroked her head playfully. “Did you get what I asked?”

“Yes! We got it! Plus some decent amount of cash too!” Jurina informed lively and it made Mariko smiled widely with relief. Not only because they completed the task she assigned for them, she’s worried about their safety as well and she’s glad that they’re back without any injuries. “We’re a great teamwork right Mayu?”

“Yeah yeah…”

Mayu kept eating her meal without giving much attention to what Jurina’s saying. After they were done with their meal, they were all summoned to Mariko’s main office to further plans from now on.

Jurina gave Mariko the bag that contained the item she wanted, and it was a chip. It seemed to contain some valuable information and she had to send it to her friend to get the information out. Which wouldn’t take that long but meanwhile, Mariko asked for reports from both Jurina and Mayu.

“So…what’s the report today?”

“It didn’t actually go well as I expected, the guards and servants were armed with weapons, I didn’t have a choice but to shoot them down. About 5 or more.” Mayu reported without any slight tremble in her voice. It seemed it’s something so normal to her already. “Also, the polices were becoming more aggressive these days...I believe it’s best we’re aware of every of out steps.”

“I see, thank you for your report.”

Mariko remained her calm composure as it’s Yuko turn to give out her report. “It’s just as Mariko-sama said~ your intuition was right after all. ” The squirrel girl giggled but it didn’t hint Mayu or Jurina anything about what she’s assigned to do at all. It’s another secret task that Mariko gave Yuko again.

“Thanks Yuko, I would need your help with gathering information.”

“Hai, leave it to me! No rumors can escape me in dark alley.” She giggled with that squirrel face. This time Mariko turned to the other two girls, it made Mayu wondered what task they would be assign this time. However, it was only Jurina that was given the task. She would go to meet with Mariko’s fellow hacker friend in order to unlock the data out from the mysterious chip they retrieved today. As for Mayu, she wasn’t assigned anything and was told to relax from her work.

“Thank you for your hard work everyone, call it a day and relax.”


They replied in unison and came out from Mariko’s office. Jurina and Yuko planned to go chill off at the Sae’s bar as usual. However, Mayu was quite tired for some reason and decided to decline that invitation. “Are you alright Mayu?” Yuko wondered with worries.

“Don’t worry, I might be a little tired. I’ll go to my room now then.” Mayu left her group and went to her dark silent room. Since it was already late, she decided to call it a day and went to sleep in her old comfy bed.


A dream…?

I was running in the alley. Someone was trying to catch up with me. I couldn’t run away from this pursuer at all. “Damn you…!”

I turned and pointed my gun towards the pursuer. She did the same. It was that woman officer that caught me on that day. Her gun was aiming at me; my gun is aiming at her…

Our eyes met with each other, but why did I suddenly hesitate? Something is not right with me…after all people I had shoot down…why did I hesitate to kill her?

Again…this dream, I remember this dream. Around this moment, it will…



Mayu got up from her bed and closed her alarm. She pressed her hand against her head as something was throbbing inside. She grumbled with irritation before she got out, what’s disturbing her the most was that she’s having this sort of dream consecutively for several days already. “Screw this crap…” It had been several days since she had been having day-offs. Mariko didn’t give her a task at all. So she sat at Mariko’s bar and had a drink alone quietly.

“Hey Mayu, enjoying your peaceful moments? Recently you just come and sit here without doing anything.” The bartender came up to talk to her; it’s hard to tell whether he’s a man or a handsome woman.

“…Oh, it’s Sae.” Mayu replied monotonously and had a sip of her drink.

“No job from Mariko-sama?”


Mayu shut down the conversation between her and Sae mercilessly, but it didn’t stop the bartender from continuing the conversation with the heartless mouse. “Well! Enjoy your moments for as long as you could. Today’s going to be quiet so feel free to stay as long as you need.”

“Good, I don’t intend to move.”

The cold-hearted nezumi sat alone peacefully at the edge of the counter. Enjoying her silent moments, she overheard a conversation of this group of men that came to have a beer.

“You know? Another kid got kidnapped again…”

“Eh? Again?” Another man grumbled with boredom. “This time is a girl or boy?”

“I heard screams…so I presumed is a girl. Jeez, that psycho is just too creepy.” Both men shivered as they were talking about this psycho man that recently appeared and started kidnapping kids from dark alley. He’s in the blacklist and even until now the police were trying to hunt him down. His only punishment would probably be death sentence. He kidnaped kids, disregarding their gender, he would do something terribly psychotic to them and as a result he will kill them. “You heard about corpse discarded in the alley right? It’s him.”

“Serious? This is too creepy…”

Sae was also listening to the conversation and she could tell that Mayu did the same too. She walked to her friend and whispered softly as she slid the paper across the table towards Mayu. “The old blood is boiling is it, Nezumi-chan?”

“…” Mayu didn’t respond to Sae, but her eyes stared at the paper. The psychopath man had a bounty in this dark alley in order to encourage people to eradicate him away from this place. If anyone were to become threats, they would have a bounty that would lure others to get rid of them. Usually Mayu wouldn’t take any action if Mariko didn’t say so. However, she finally snatched the paper away and walked out towards the exit of the bar without saying anything to the bartender at all. “…Whatever.”

“I’ll wait for your return.”

Sae spoke up and halted the young girl in her black baggy hoodie. Mayu looked back at Sae with the corner of her eye and simply walked out without a word. However, the bartender seemed to know what Mayu would be doing for the day today, she’s out for hunting once again.



The young girl had her hands tied tightly and was pinned against the wall by the kidnapper. Her eyes were filled with terrify. There were bruises and marks of being whipped all over her body. That pain kept her from staying conscious. “Please…kill me…”

“Hehe…I want to see you scream more. It just felt so exciting don’t you think?” He chuckled maliciously and it made the girl’s mind drove insane. She wished to die but the man wouldn’t kill her until she satisfied him. Even though death was right in front of her…it was just so far from reach. She couldn't ask anything more than that. “How about we try this one this time?”


She screamed the top of her lungs, hoped someone would hear her but it would be in vain as usual. Even though someone would hear her…she doubt anyone would come save her now.

“Ah, this trip isn’t as bad as I thought.”

A human figure in black hoodie picked up gold bars that were scattered on the ground, she had completely ignored the existence of the man and the helpless girl. She was only concerned with money that was right in front of her, she didn’t regret that she actually came out to hunt the ‘threat’ down at all. “This would give me decent money…”

“…Who are you?” The man asked but Mayu ignored him and looked around for more valuable items for money. She’s a thief after all. Bounty hunting was her part-time, but stealing is her main career. “WHO ARE YOU!?”

“You’re annoying.”

She pulled the trigger and shot at the man’s limb, causing his right arm to be immobilized. “…Too annoying.”

“Y-You…!” The man grumbled with anger and in pain. He ran in with a long knife in his hand. However he completely underestimated her, she dodged the knife easily and then thrust her kick right into his stomach. The kick was powerful enough to send the man fly across the room and crashed against the wall forcefully. “U-Ugh…”

The girl couldn’t let her eyes away from this mysterious hoodie girl that appeared right in front of her. Before she realized it again, Mayu pulled out a gun and aimed towards her.


The chains that bound her hands shattered. She couldn't believe that few seconds ago she’s in hell and now she’s finally freed. “A-Ah…”

“I’ll deal with you after I kill him…Ah?” Mayu looked back at where she expected the man to be, but he disappeared. Then suddenly, she began to chuckle with excitement. “Ah…I guess it’s more fun this way isn’t?”

She turned her gun and shoot towards the right of hers. It did hit something; it’s a sound of flesh. The man yelped in pain as he got shot right at his abdomen.  Mayu didn’t need any much attempt to find the psychopath at all.


He let out a chuckle, and it eventually became insanely loud. He slowly moved towards the window as if he’s planning to jump out from here. Mayu didn’t expect anything much from a psychopath; they’re just too insane to predict anything. “HAHAHAHA!!!”

“Shut up.”


She pulled the trigger and this time it struck right into the man’s forehead. He fell out through the window and Mayu showed no sign of mercy. She was slightly grateful that she didn’t have to see the corpse since it fell off the building already. It’s good thing for both her and this helpless girl behind her. It’s another simple task to do and she got extra valuable items back with her as well. “Now then…what should I do with you?”

She pointed her gun towards the little girl who froze instantly as she made an eye contact with Mayu. “So, do you want to die?”


“I’m not patient to wait for long. Yes or No?”

Mayu threatened the girl again, her leg felt weak and fell onto the ground powerlessly. She began to cry and believed that it would be the end of her already. Part of her wanted to die, but at the same time she didn’t want to. At that moment she thought that Mayu would’ve killed her, she heard a sigh and felt a pat on her head. She looked up into Mayu’s eyes, which were so close to her. Her mind was completely enveloped with the calm and silence in those dark eyes. Without a reason, the young girl felt peace within her heart by looking into Mayu’s eyes. No words were exchanged, but the young girl started to feel that the thief in front of her did came for good.

But before the thief could’ve said anything further, she heard a loud commotion from outside. She heard a siren and that’s when she realized that she’s no in a good position now.

“…Are you serious?”

She didn’t expected police officers to still be wandering around at this area. It seemed she had underestimated the persistence of police officers. They were already here and they’re probably busy with the corpse of this man they’ve been looking for so long. But obviously they would wonder who shot him. “Come.” Mayu grabbed the girl’s hand and dragged her along with her. She got out from the back entrance of the building. That moment, she felt a relief that they wouldn’t get caught anymore but it wasn’t as she thought.

“Who’s there!?”

That familiar voice completely caught her attention. She turned and then saw this police officer running towards them, it was that same woman that she met on that night. Out of all the officers, Mayu wondered why did it have to be the same woman that she almost kill, or almost got killed by.

‘That officer…’

“Who are you!? Raise your hands up, we will not hurt you.” Yuki pointed the gun at Mayu but the girl didn’t obey the officer. Their eyes met and the officer remembered those dark eyes. It was the same pair of eyes that belonged to the thief she saw that night. She remembered it clearly; the silence and calmness in those pair of dark orbs that made her hesitated to pull the trigger.

“You…! You’re that murderer from that night aren’t you…!?”

Yuki’s voice changed instantly. It was filled with anger mixed with hatred. Mayu was shocked that the officer actually remembered her; she wasn’t expecting this to happen. This had put Mayu in a much more tough position since the officer won’t hesitate to shoot her after she remembered that she’s a thief from that night.

‘W-Wait, how the heck did she…’

“I won’t let you go this time!” She was about to pull the trigger. At that instance, Mayu didn’t have a choice but to use the girl she brought with her as a shield. It made Yuki halted before she would shoot an innocent citizen. Nezumi pushed the girl forward and actually shoot her from behind without hesitation.


The girl’s shriek made Yuki’s attention diverted to the injured girl instead. Mayu used that chance to escape before Yuki could’ve catch up with her. The officer then realized that Mayu was using the girl was a decoy to escape; she tried to shoot but none managed to land a hit. “Damn it!” She hurried to the young girl; gratefully the bullet didn’t hit any of the girl’s vital spots. It’s just her arm. She couldn’t believe that the thief actually used this injured innocent girl as a shield and even shoot her. “Are you alright??”


“Yes, we’re here. You’re safe now…that murderer is gone now.”

Yuki stroked the girl’s head and then carried her to the car. They called the ambulance and it was presumed that she’s a victim of the psychopath they found. However the officers were wondering what happened since the criminal was killed by gunshot, he didn’t die by falling out from the window. Yuki stayed with by the girl’s side until the ambulances came, then suddenly, she felt a weak gripped from the injured girl. “Don’t worry, you’ll be back to your family…”

“…saved me.”

“Eh?” Yuki was confused as she tried to listen to what the girl said again. She was very weak from all the tortures that she barely had energy to speak.

“She…killed him…saved me…”

“Kill? Wait don’t tell me…” Yuki couldn’t believe what she’s hearing. The girl was telling her that it was the murderer that killed the psychopath and saved her.  It was likely to correspond with why there was a gun shot injury on the psychopath but then Yuki couldn’t understand the fact that the murderer she’s pursuing saved this young girl.  “I see, thank you for telling me…do relax.”

She patted the girl before the ambulance took her away. Yuki got up on her feet once again and recalled the eyes of that murderer she met. She tightened her fist and let out a heavy sigh. Unlike last time, she was terribly angry with herself for letting the thief go when she’s just so close to her already. However this time, she decided to let go for once since the murderer did saved the girl’s life. She had no evidence whether what the young girl said was right or not. But her sense of justice told her to believe in those innocent words.  Even though Mayu really did save the girl after all, it wasn’t enough to cover the crimes she had done to many innocent families.

“I’ll let you off, for just this time…but next time, I’ll not hesitate to shoot you down anymore.”


Mayu finally managed to escape without getting caught again. However, things were getting worse for her since Yuki actually remembered her. She didn’t actually expected that and things could get worse if they meet again. It was pure luck that she had a decoy to save her, but it wouldn’t be like that next time. She returned back to the bar safely this time.

“Oh! How’s the hunt?” Sae greeted but she didn’t budged to say a word. Sae could tell that Mayu did her job and so she handed nezumi a bag of coins. “Well…this is your reward.”

Mayu took the bag but also tossed few coins to Sae before she left. “The drink this afternoon.”

“Thank you and please come back again, Mayu.” Sae giggled but Mayu still had that emotionless face on her as usual. The girl left with the reward money. The bartender knew Mayu quite well enough to tell that the mouse girl would never show direct gratitude.

She got back and then met with Yuko who was having some snacks. Also, the squirrel girl recognized the bag in Mayu’s hand; she could sense money from it.

“Oh? What did you bring back?”

“Some cash from bounty hunt and some decent extras.”

She dropped the bag onto the table and walked away. It was as expected from a heartless thief like Mayu.  Yuko didn’t ask anything further since nezumi retreated back to her room before she could’ve said anything.

“Oh damn…just came by and gone like a wind huh?” Yuko ruffled her hair but then she diverted her attention to her snacks instead. Mayu always acted things upon her own without having permission or orders from Mariko. However it didn’t troubled the leader since Mayu never did anything that brought threat to them and to this place, dark alley. 

It wasn’t one normal day for Mayu at all. That officer, Yuki, was trying to catch her no matter what. She wondered whether it’s pure bad luck that she met with her today again or not, but it forced Nezumi to make a decision that she didn’t really wanted to…Killing a police officer would be one of the acts she didn’t want to do the most. However, Yuki wasn’t giving her a choice anymore.

“…It seems I seriously have to kill her next time.”


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Mayu is going to kill Yuki next time  :OMG: :scared: :stoned: :on blackhole:
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Love Capture: CH02

Few days later, Jurina had finally come back with the data. Obviously the little puppy didn’t really understand what was written in the file. Mayu would understand it for sure; maybe that was why Mariko sent Jurina instead of the smart cunning nezumi.

“Mayuyu…are we there yet?”

Jurina yawned widely as the two thieves were walking on the footpath. They were given a task to do and this time it’s on daytime. They came out from the dark alley and were about to enter the border of the capital city, the uptown. “I’m tired…”

“Stop calling with that name!” She yelled back but then the puppy ignored her.

“But that name is cute…”

“No it’s not. Shut up and go to sleep.” She replied coldly but then the puppy get throwing those pleading puppy eyes at the cold-hearted nezumi.

“How could I go to sleep while I’m walking? Can I ride on your back?” She pleaded innocently and this time Mayu snapped her finger right onto Jurina’s forehead to make her flinched away. “Ow! That hurts!”

“That’s what you deserve…”


“There.” Mayu finally saw the store that at the horizon. As they walked closer towards the store, the image and the signs became much clearer. It was a pharmacy store. Both thieves didn’t know why Mariko told them to come retrieve this confidential bag from here. Apparently the owner was a friend of their Mariko-sama. “Sigh…let’s get it done and leave.”

“Hai~” Jurina skipped into the store and yelled out loud like a kid. “Takamina! We’re here!”

The woman appeared in her normal casual clothes. Wearing her glasses, had her hair tied back like a ponytail. She’s the owner of the store and came to welcome her customers.

“Ah~ It’s been a while isn’t Jurina? Mayu?”

“Yes! We came to get the item Mariko-sama asked us!”

“I know you guys would be coming.” Takamina walked towards Jurina with a brown bag in her hand. It was the item that Mariko wanted them to come to retrieve. “Since you’re here, do you want me to do some check up for you two?”

“I’m fine.” Mayu completely denied instantly and it caught Takamina’s attention.

“I’m in!” Jurina answered completely opposite from Mayu. It made the mouse grumbled, as she knew that she would stick here at this pharmacy store because of Jurina. She wanted to leave so badly; there was a reason she wanted to leave.

(Mayu: I bet it’s Mariko-sama’s plan again…I tried to tell her my condition is good already…I guess she doesn't believe me as usual.)

Takamina used to be a mad pharmacist that worked together with Mariko-sama, she specialized toxicology and drugs. However she retired, graduated as a doctor, and took over her parent’s business, which was this pharmacy store. She looked at Jurina from head to toe and mused silently to herself.

“Ah~ you’re healthy as usual! Do keep it up okay?”

“Hai! C’mon Mayu, since we’re here already, just a little health check-up would be fine right?”

“…Fine! Whatever…” I sighed loudly and walked towards inside of the shop, towards the back room. Jurina and Takamina followed her and then they entered one of the rooms.


After Mayu had finished with her check up, both young thieves were finally about to leave this place and returned back home.

“I’ll see you again then!” Takamina waved at the two young girls.

“Bye bye~”

“…” Mayu didn’t say anything like usual and they decided to leave.

As they were walking back, Jurina got hungry and decided to drop by at one of the small convenient store to buy an ice cream. The hoodie girl walked around and look for anything in particular she wanted to eat. However, she’s being quite a cheap girl, she snatched one of the gums from the shelves swiftly. Jurina was being very honest girl, she bought two ice creams and the thieves came out from the store.

“Mayu…you’re stealing again.”

Jurina realized that Mayu stole a gum from the store without paying, but nezumi didn’t care. Suddenly, she passed one of her ice-cream bars to her partner. “Here! This is for you.”

“I didn’t say I want ice-cream.”

“C’mon…it’s your favorite flavor after all! I pay it, so it’s free for you. Take it.”

Jurina insisted Mayu to take the ice cream and so she did. She didn’t say a word, as she couldn’t deny that this was her favorite flavor. Besides, the sun was burning them into crisp; a frozen ice cream would help save them. While they were walking quietly in the sun…Jurina suddenly turned to look at Mayu with slight worries in her eyes.

“Mayu…how was the check up?”

“If you’re worried about my concussion, I’m fine.”

Mayu sighed, as she’s forced to tell her condition to the puppy. Last time she didn’t tell Jurina, the girl nagged her for almost the entire week and got too overprotected that annoyed Mayu so much. Nezumi didn’t want to experience that again, ever. “Takamina gave me the medicine, I’ll be fine, got it?”

“Hai…if you say so.” If Jurina were to have puppy ears, everyone would see her ears folded down. Then she looked back at Mayu again.

“…I’m worried about you, don’t overdo yourself okay?”

“…” Mayu didn’t reply however Jurina knew that the mouse understood it. As they were walking down the path towards the dark alley, they met with this little puppy on the floor. This puppy completely caught Jurina’s attention and then she rushed to it immediately. “Oi…”

“Mayu~ The puppy is just so cute! Do you have a name?”

“You’re talking to a puppy…amazing.” Mayu walked to Jurina and sighed with how the girl was being so childish. Nezumi wasn’t surprise anymore why Mariko gave a nickname ‘puppy’ to Jurina.  She kept watching Jurina playing with this playful puppy that seemed to be very familiar with humans.

“I bet this girl has a owner.” Jurina spoke up but Mayu didn’t really care that the puppy had an owner or not. She just wanted to return back home already. “Where’s your owner?”

“You think the dog can talk back? Genius…”

“Eh…” Jurina stared at the dog that was panting with energetically. The little puppy seemed to take a like of her and she began to lick her hands. “…I see.”

(Mayu: W-What? Did she just telepathy with the dog…!?)

“Mayuyu~ this puppy isn’t lost. She has an owner but she’s not here.” Jurina gave a clear description of the little puppy’s status to her partner. Mayu was dumbfounded and stared back at Jurina with misbelief.

She had a partner that was actually behaving like a puppy, and she could even communicate with an actual dog. Mayu started to wonder whether she actually had a human or a dog partner…


She scratched her head and could only think of leaving this place as soon as possible already. “Jurina, can we go back n--?”

“Ah…is this your puppy?”

An old man walked towards them with a very gentle smile across his face. He looked at the puppy in Jurina’s arm and he seemed to love animals.  “Nope, she’s not mine. This girl’s owner is not around at the moment.”

“Ah I see…such a cute puppy.”

“You like puppies?” Jurina asked with glittering eyes with excitement. The old man couldn’t help but to chuckle out as he witnessed her energetic and innocence from her eyes.

“Yes, I love animals.” He crouched down and patted the little puppy’s head.


“Ah! Kawaii~” Jurina fell in love with the puppy and rubbed her face on the puppy. It made the puppy ticklish and moved rigoriously.


“Hehe, this little girl seemed to like you a lot.” The old man spoke to Jurina.

“I go along with most animals especially puppies~ they’re like my family.” Mayu’s partner smiled energetically as she started to talk to this stranger like he’s her best friend.

As long as one had one common interest with Jurina, they could become her friend that instant already. It was one good trait as well as Jurina’s weakness. As for Mayu, who was just standing there, sighing, and waiting for Jurina to finish playing with this puppy before she decided to ditch her.


The sound of the siren from a distance and it made Mayu flinched. She turned and then saw the police car behind her parking. There were three cars, which were very unusual. Mayu was glad that she had a hoodie on to cover her identity, and the officers that came out from the car were not the one that actually remembered her. They were pointing the gun at Mayu, Jurina and the old man, which made them completely surprised.

“You two girls, get away from that man!”

One of the female officers yelled at Mayu and it made the thief confused. Before she realized again, she turned and saw her partner being locked by the man’s arm. Also, with a knife placed closely at her throat.

“…Are you serious?” Mayu spat and cursed out softly. She wondered how coincidence that they had met with a criminal, when they both were thieves themselves.

“Ah…Mayu, I got caught.” Jurina replied like the knife at her throat was nothing. She was still carrying the puppy in her arms and then this man dragged her as he’s using her as a hostage.

(Mayu: …Do you think I don’t see!? What a LUCK we have now…)

“Right…” Mayu facepalmed herself and then this tall woman officer came to Mayu’s side to protect her. They thought that she was an innocent girl.

“Don’t worry we’ll save your friend.”

“…” Mayu didn’t utter a word back. However she just stared at Jurina and this old man who was threatening the police to leave him or else he would slit Jurina’s throat right here.

“If you don't want this kid to die, leave here at once!”

“Do you think you will escape that easily!?” The woman officer yelled back at him.

That second, Mayu felt like she heard this officer’s voice before. She computed for a minute, and then she remembered this woman’s name. She just looked like the woman Yuko always described and yapped about all the time.

(Mayu: …So this is Kojima Haruna, Yuko’s target.)

Normally Mayu would never bother to remember people’s name. But after Yuko had constantly yapped and talked about this officer for over 100 of times. It seemed the name was carved right into her head.

“Eh…mister, what did you do?” Jurina asked innocently but he didn’t reply to her.

“That man broke into the house of an innocent family. He killed everyone and stole everything.” Haruna replied as she heard Jurina asked a question and then it made the girl formed an “O” shaped mouth. She seemed to understand the situation a little more now.

"She’s an innocent child, let her go.”

“Then do as I say! How about you be the hostage instead officer?”

He gave a one-sided offer. Obviously if the officer gone with him, it wouldn’t be surprising that she wouldn’t survive. Mayu started to get irritated with the situation. If it were only Jurina and her, without any police officers, she would kill that man already. She couldn’t risk exposing herself and Jurina to the officers right now. Since they’re hunting their asses off as well.

“…Fine, you’ll let the kid go right?”

Mayu was shocked and couldn’t believe how reckless this officer was. Her fellow officer friends told her to not do something reckless like that but then the justice in her heart was telling her to save Jurina.

“Eh…you need money?” Jurina asked the man again and this time he threatened her to shut up if she wouldn’t stop talking.

“Shut up or else I’ll kill you!”

“Nah…you won’t.”

She smiled as she ruffled the puppy’s head. “I don’t feel any slight killing intention from you. Even this puppy could even tell.”

“…!?” The man was shocked with Jurina’s respond, speaking in an innocent tone like that could make someone crept out as well.

“I actually don’t mind helping you out though~ I’m a thief after all.” The puppy girl whispered softly in order to le the man only heard her. It made him shocked that he’s using a thief as his hostage. “What do you think?”

“Like I will believe you…!” He retorted back. Mayu could predict what Jurina was saying to him and obviously he didn’t believe her. No one could imagine an innocent energetic Jurina to be a thief.

“I take your deal, let the girl go.” Haruna dropped her gun and walked in unarmed. The man seemed to not believe the police officer. “Please, let her go, she’s innocent…”

(Mayu: This is getting good as I thought…I wanted to leave that woman and have her die…but Yuko is going to complain so much at me until I die…Now WHAT!?)

“Eh…you’re quite familiar…OH!” Jurina gasped with a huge smile as she saw Haruna’s face. It made Mayu realize that her partner knew who that police officer was.  Nezumi sighed out and made an eye contact with Jurina. That instance, her partner understood what she was plotting and then took a deep breath.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t let things go in your way if you don’t want to cooperate.” Jurina smirked and then bend forward towards the knife. It made the man and Haruna shocked, but that’s the purpose for Jurina to do so. She jerked her head back and banged right in the man’s face. He fell back and then she walked away from him with a yawn. “I guess that’s going to hurt?”

Haruna was dazed for a second before she snapped. She picked the gun immediately and then seized the man. Other officers came in to help and had captured the man, as Haruna went to talk to Jurina and Mayu.

“I’m glad you’re safe! Please don’t do something reckless like that…”

“Don’t worry Haruna-oneesan~! I’m tough!” Jurina smiled energetically but then she did say a taboo. She called the officer’s name and it made her shocked.  Mayu glared at Jurina immediately and made the puppy realized that she said something she shouldn’t. “Aiyah…”

“H-How did you know my name?” She asked and before the thieves could come up with an excuse. This captured man yelled out loud and turned towards Jurina.

“I-I recognized you two now! Those people are thieves of the dark alley you’re been looking for!” The man exposed both Mayu and Jurina’s identity and made the nezumi grunted with anger.

“W-What the hell are you talking about?” One of the officers pulled him into the car but he struggled against it. “Stop your nonsense blabbering.”

“I believe you guys know the three mighty pillars of the dark alley…”

He muttered and it caught Haruna’s attention. The topic regarding the three criminals on the top black list of the record in the crime department was only known within a small group of high-ranked officers, and Kojima Haruna was one of them. However they could never catch them or even spot them once…

“They’re one of them! They’re CENTER and NEZUMI---”


The sound of the gunshot and the body of the old man collapsed on the ground. without fail, it was Mayu that shot him before he could leak any information regarding their identity. She shot him down at the head without fail and made the officers shocked with how hectic everything was happening.


Mayu kicked right into Haruna’s stomach and caused her to flinch badly. Another kick sent her fly across the ground and they two thieves retreated quickly.

“U-Ugh…” Haruna grunted with pain, as she couldn’t believe someone small like Mayu could deliver such a powerful deadly kick like that. 


One of the officers rushed to her with worries, and as soon as she could sit up she pushed him away from her. “Follow them…! If that man said was right…we HAVE to capture them!” She ordered her men to follow both thieves into the alley. More reinforcements came right at the perfect timing and one of them was Haruna’s junior.

“Kojima-senpai!” She rushed to her with worries. “Are you alright??”

“Miyuki…don’t worry about me. Follow them…they’re the Black Pillars we’re pursuing…!”

“Hai!” Miyuki rushed after the officers that were ahead of her in order to pursue both Mayu and Jurina. Meanwhile Haruna got back on her feet but she felt really bad. The 2nd kick from Mayu thrust right into the center of her chest. She even wondered whether her ribs actually fractured from that deadly blow or not.

“A-As expected from the black pillars…we finally found you…”

Black Pillars…it was the name that the crime department gave to Mayu, Jurina, and Yuko. Since they were utterly infamous for killing and stealing mercilessly. Never there was once they could spot them, or capture them. However this time, the actual criminal themselves were right in front of Haruna, both of them. She saw their face…that was not a good sign for Jurina and Mayu at all.


“Never knew that man would know us…”

Mayu grumbled as the two partners were running through the alley in swift speed, hoping the officers wouldn’t catch up with them.

“Hey puppy, leave here at once okay? This place is too dangerous.” Jurina talked to the puppy in her arms and she seemed to understand her intention. “Good girl.”

Jurina dropped the little puppy down softly before she sprinted to catch up with Mayu who was ahead of her.

“I heard them!”

The sound of one of the officers…the two thieves were in a terrible position right now. They didn’t know how much of them were following the two of them. If they couldn’t escape, they had no choice but to eliminate all of them.

“Mayu…what should we do?”

“…” Mayu took her time to think as she started to hear more footsteps from the side, she estimated that there would be about at least 10 officers that were pursuing them. “It is possible to immobilize them and escape before more reinforcements.”

“I’m in!”

“Make it quick, and don’t kill. Meet at the North entrance of dark alley in 10 minutes.”

Mayu reminded Jurina once again and the girl nodded. They split up and then nezumi got out her gun along with the short tube to connect with her gun. It was a silencer that will reduce the sound of the gunshot. Mayu had to warn Jurina not to kill since Yuko strongly disapproved Jurina to kill anyone.

“Where are they…!?”

Mayu heard a voice of the officer and suddenly ran out to confront with them. There were two. Before the officers could react. She shot them at their arms to make them release their weapon. She snapped her hand on the side of their neck to knock them unconscious immediately. She stole their gun and took it with her.

(Mayu: Two down…)


She heard more officers. As they turned at the corner, they were caught off guard to see Mayu running towards them.

“Here she is!!”

The officer yelled out loud to signal his friend. He pulled the trigger, but Mayu amazingly dodged it. As if the officers were witnessing a superhuman ability from nezumi. Before they could react she shot their shoulders and when she’s close enough to them. Her deadly kicks struck right at their heads and sent them black out instantly.


More sounds were detected by nezumi’s ear. It was coming at the corner. Mayu planned to finish this at the corner and as the sound was getting louder. She swiftly turned and pointed her gun at the woman officer. The gun was also pointing at her. Mayu was about to kick but her eyes grew wide with shock as she saw the officer right in front of her.

(Mayu: …!?)

That instance, the officer took out her baton and swung towards Mayu. The thief flinched and blocked with her arm instead. The mental baton did make her arm fractured and made her jumped away. As a result it caused her hoodie to fell off and revealed her actual face.

The officer…the thief…she both was stunned as if time stopped. The female officer stared at Mayu, they shared same eye color…same hair color.


The officer muttered softly as she slowly backed away one step and lowered her baton down. “I-Impossible…No…!”

“…I didn’t think I will meet you here, Miyuki.” Mayu stared back and held her right arm that seemed to fracture from the metal baton strike.

“S-So it’s really you!” Miyuki dropped her baton and approached Mayu but then nezumi pointed her gun up and made the officer flinched.

“Mayu…you’re still alive! I thought you’re--!”

“That I’m dead…is it?” Mayu continued and ended her sentence. “heh…maybe I am already dead.”

“Why are you a thief…and especially---”


Sounds of more officers were coming and distracted both Miyuki and Mayu’s conversation. Mayu bid her lips as she decided to retreat. The officer girl didn’t want this to happen, finally she met her sister that she thought was dead and she wouldn’t want this chance to disappear. “Wait! Oneechan---!”


Mayu shot the ground, which was about few centimeters from Miyuki’s feet to make her halt. “Mayu…!”

“I’m not your sister…”

A silence eye contact before she retreated into the darkness of the alley. More officers caught up with Miyuki and joined forces with her.

“Watanabe-san! Are you okay? Where are they now?”

“…I’m fine. I’m sorry I lost track to them.” She lied to her fellow colleagues as she couldn’t bear to tell them where Mayu went. Instead, she gave new orders to her men instead. “Help the injured officers…forget about them now. We can’t risk to put our lives on the line.”

“Yes ma’am!”

They obeyed her and they searched for their follow colleagues to help them from their bleeding injuries. Miyuki was terribly confused with what everything was going on. She was told that her twin-sister died from that incident night where the thieves broke into their house…and killed everyone. The officer had a flashback of her past back when she saw Mayu for one last time…it had been 12 years since then.




Miyuki was trembling behind her sister as Mayu. The thief killed their parents right in front of their eyes…only Mayu and Miyuki were alive. Mayu shoved her away towards the exit of the door.

“Miyuki! Run for you life and don’t look back!”

“M-Mayu…!” Miyuki tightened her fist and ran for her life. She felt so utterly weak to abandon her twin-sister, Mayu, behind in order to live.

…In the end, she did live. Police officers came and found her right on time. However…there was no trace of Mayu at all. They presumed the killer took her away and that was the last time Miyuki saw her older twin sister. She went to live with her aunt and then decided to become police officer in crime department in order to take revenge for her family and for Mayu. She wanted to be strong so she could reduce victims like herself.


But fate was playing a fool of her. The criminal she was pursuing for years was actually her sister. Right now…she had lost all her motivation to do anything now. What she had right now was fear that the criminal she would shoot would be Watanabe Mayu, her only sister.

(Miyuki: Why…oneechan…)

“Miyuki, are you alright?”

She flinched as Haruna called her. She didn’t realize that her senior was had came this close to her. “K-Kojima-senpai…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry. I’m glad you’re alright.”

She patted her head; other officers were busy with the dead body of the criminal that got shot by the thief in black hoodie. Miyuki remembered that Mayu was in black hoodie; it was her sister that shot the man, killed the man.

She couldn’t believe that Mayu changed so much…she remembered how her older twin sister was always kind, courageous, lively, and protective. Mayu was like a hero to me, I admired her and wanted to be strong like her but…

(Miyuki: Mayu…what happen to you?)

She tightened her fist and had taken another deep breath. She went to help the injured officers until the ambulance came to take them away. Haruna and Miyuki stayed behind to manage everything to be under control the death scene. Also, they were waiting for another officer to come assist them.


Another police car came and stopped at the scene. The officer came out and it was Yuki. She rushed out to meet with Haruna and Miyuki. “Sorry I’m late…”

“Don’t worry, most of things are under control now.” Haruna replied and then started to explain to Yuki regarding the Black Pillars that appeared. They were criminals they were looking for years, she saw only one of their face but not another. Haruna estimated that the girl was about early 20s.

“They’re both young girls…that’s quite surprising. That girl is really lively and energetic. I couldn’t imagine her being one of the Black Pillars.”

“That’s…quite unbelievable.”

Yuki mused; she couldn’t believe what Haruna was telling her. The criminals they were chasing were two young girls, and they tried to shoot and kill them so many times. “This is hard…”

“I know, it is…” Haruna replied back. “I’ll prepare a report to inform the head department.” She walked away and only Miyuki and Yuki were standing there.

“…” The young junior officer didn’t say a word as an image of Mayu’s face appeared in her head. She wouldn’t say anything; she had no opinions at all. Yuki realized that odd change in her junior and tapped her shoulder. “Huh-?!”

“Miyuki…is something wrong?” Yuki asked with worries.


“You don’t look like your usual.” Yuki insisted to ask Miyuki whether what was wrong with her. “Miyuki if there’s something wrong, I’ll listen to it.”

“Yuki-senpai…Thank you. I just need more time to settle it down.”

She replied and looked up to the sky. The sky was beautiful to her, yet life was just plainly cruel. A criminal ruined her entire life. Finally she had became a police officer, she had to hunt her sister.

(Miyuki: I’ll find her…I need to talk to Mayu again…)


Mayu finally arrived at the North gate of dark alley and met with Jurina there.  “You did take your time didn’t you?” The girl smiled widely and hopped down from the trashcan.

“I didn’t kill anyone too! I’m good right?”


Mayu sighed and then they walked back together into the alley. However Jurina realized how Mayu seemed to be overly cautious a little. As soon as they arrived back to their sweet home, nezumi excused herself and went to room to rest since she’s tired. Jurina was fine with it and went to give Mariko the item they were asked to get in Mayu’s place.

In her dim light room, Mayu moved her right hand and she felt little pain. Gratefully her arm didn’t fracture as she thought it would be. Likely, she would have a huge bruise the next morning. She applied medicine and could only hope it would recover soon.


“Mayu…are you there?” Jurina peaked in and nezumi sighed. She could see those puppy eyes coming form her partner.


“I had brought you painkillers…here.” Jurina came in and gave Mayu two pills of painkillers before she left immediately. Mayu’s slight odd actions would never escape Jurina’s eyes. She could even detect the slightest of slightest change in Mayu movement. Her eyes were just too good to detect any vague change.

“Take care of yourself okay?”

“…Thank you.”

Rarely Mayu actually thanked Jurina back and it made the young puppy flattered so badly. Her day suddenly brightened up instantly that millisecond. She felt like her whole week would be filled with blessing. “No problem~”

She took out the medicine that she got from Takamina from her pocket. She received it after the doctor had examined her scar. Yes, the scar that was located right underneath her bangs. She lifted her bangs up in front of the mirror and there was this huge scar across the side of he right forehead. It was a scar she received 12 years…it would always remind her of how weak she was and the despair that embraced her heart. She received that scar from the killer that ruined her whole family.

“…It’s been 12 years since then isn’t?”

She muttered to herself and applied the medicine on the scar. It had become lighter but it’s impossible for it to disappear. It would live with her for the rest of her life. Everyone knew about Mayu’s condition, due to that severe injury she received, it made her have concussion occasionally. Due to her concussion, she couldn’t fight for a long period of time…that was her main weakness. In order to hide that, she trained really hard to balance that weakness out.

“Ugh…” The concussion pain was coming again. She took a deep breath and moved to her bed. Just meeting with Miyuki already caused a huge impact with her. She realized that the next time she meet her twin, they would be pointing guns at each other…by their position. They’re enemies.



Mariko was reading the paper files that Jurina brought back for her. It was the information regarding the data that was in that mysterious chip she asked her friend to analyze. She sighed and dropped the paper on the table. Checking the clock on the edge of the table, it was already past midnight.

“As I thought…this is going to be a little complicated than I expected.”

She took her glasses out and then grabbed the brown small bag that she asked Jurina and Mayu to retrieve today. What she got out from the bag was this small cylindrical container, as she opened the lid. She took 2 blue pills and had a drink of water. She sighed softly and rested her hand on the side of her temple.

“We have to start moving soon…I have to find her.”



The same little puppy that Jurina played with, she was running in the dark alley and then stopped right in front of this woman. She was wearing long black heel boots. Black skirt. Black coat. Black Hair. Her hair was tilted more to one side than another…no one could tell she’s sane or insane.


“Sorry to make you wait…Ruby.”

The woman picked up her puppy into her arms as the little one was so excited that her master came back. “Fufufu…it seemed you enjoyed you day, didn’t you?”


“I see…let’s go home.” She talked to her puppy. Then she walked down in the mysterious alley and disappeared into the darkness…


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They escape luckily through the horrors of the police.  I hope their exposure doesn't cost them anything more
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AGAIN, Mayu and Jurina just managed to get out of their crisis from being caught by the police with a slim chance. They're some lucky thieves... But we all know that luck doesn't stick around for long if the police constantly finds them. :panic: And Miyuki is related to Mayu? Doesn't seem to be much of a surprise that the two girls are sisters since they do share the same last name, LOL. But it was surprising though when Miyuki finds out that her twin sister is alive. :shocked:

And poor Mayuyu and Miyuki with their past... So Mayu's believing that the next time she and her sister meets is with their guns pointing at each other... Things just got a lot more intense if Yukirin alone wasn't enough! :panic:

Love the update and looking forward to more of them! :deco:
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Haha so even in this situation yuuko is head-over-heel toward Haruna XD

And damn stupid Jurina revealing she's a thief *sweats*

Miyuki is Mayu's twin sister? Oh............ Didn't expect the twins part tbh xD

And Mariko is sick, isn't she? :/

Lastly, the dog's owner, I wonder if it Geki... i mean, Rena? 8D

Looking forward to next update :D
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Woot! Romance Kenjuu? The story is so awesome! I wonder how Yukirin and Mayu will end up with each other when they're enemies... :3
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Wow! :w00t:

Ohman! :banghead: Jurina! Energetic as ever and your loud-mouth! XD

Aww.. Mayu and Miyuki past were so dark.. That just sad..

And what a way to meet your long lost twin-sister.. Especially on each opposing side..
Unbelievable! :smhid

Can't wait to see more action and to see more mystery..

Everything getting more exciting.. Very intense! Me like it! :thumbsup

Thank you for the update :bow: :twothumbs
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so interesting ^^

the owner of the Rena ¬¬

thanks and update soon!!
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HoHo Rena is COMINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§§ :cow:
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kurosawa87: We'll see how things goes with Mayu and Jurina~

LoyalFlutist: Hehe, things would get more intense between Mayu and Yuki~ XD

Yuki88: I just feel like making them twins~ Mariko is not doing well, so she needs pills from Takamina :D And you got it! Rena (Geki) shall join the game~

Amakuchi: Glad you enjoy it! It's quite interesting to write how Yuki and Mayu will ended up together XD quite challenging

kenjoy12: Glad you enjoy it! Jurina is being too energetic and innocent~

Archer1992: Yup! The owner of the dog is Rena-chan. glad you enjoy it!

gek geki: It's going to be challenging to make them love each other, but that's why it's fun~!

Zita: YES! Rena is coming~!

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Finally I got to update it! Sorry to take quite a while everyone~ This chapter is going to focus a little on Jurina's background and yes...finally some more MAYUKI!!!!! Enjoy and leave some comments/opinions if you can~


Love Capture: CH03


The two ladies on the red motorbike had stopped right in front of this abandoned factory. They hopped off and took their safety helmet out.

“So this is the place?”

Mayu turned to her friend as Yuko finally brushed her hair up. She took a look at the sign on the wire fence and she nodded back at the mouse thief. “This is it, the hidden research laboratory that Mariko-sama told us to come.”

Mayu scanned around and tried to see whether the wire fence was closed or not. Fortunately, it wasn’t and it saved their time before they would break through the gate by force. They parked the bike outside and entered the old abandoned factory. They were cautious with every step they made. Mayu was looking at the paper note that Mariko gave her and then they had came to arrive at this opened space which was likely the lobby ground.

“Hm…” Mayu turned to this corridor and then Yuko just followed her inside.

The squirrel thief didn’t want to disturb her mastermind partner since Mayu was indeed a mastermind girl. Eventually at the end of the corridor, they found this opened metal door. It even had a lock on it but it seemed to be left opened like that for a very long time already. It seemed to suspicious. There must be something hidden secret up ahead of them.

They just kept walked in and then finally they entered this huge laboratory. There were plenty of huge capsules, but all of them were broken. What was even more, there were blood stained everywhere, literally everywhere in their vision. Yuko seemed to be speechless and threw her eyes everywhere. Both thieves didn’t expect such things like this to exist within the abandoned factory.

“The hell is this place…!?”

“It’s just like what Mariko-sama said…” Mayu walked up towards an intact computer and pressed on the starting button. Fortunately there was some electronic power running here. She used the USB drive and attempted to take as much information that was available on the computer. The first thing that popped up was the name of the project, called SuperSoldier Project. It’s an experiment using humans as test subject to make them become a super human for some economic purposes.

“Who would’ve known…that human experiments actually exist at this era?” Mayu was still trying to extract the data from the locked files.  “But I wondered why Mariko-sama don’t include Jurina in this, since she’s really insisted I always have to work with her…”

“…There’s a reason why Jurina shouldn’t come here.” Yuko went to her friend’s side and tapped the girl’s head. “Search Jurina’s name in there.”


“Try it.”

“Alright…” Mayu was wondering what went into Yuko. She did as her partner asked and I was amazed. Her name actually appeared in the list of human test subjects ever since she was five years old. Mayu’s brain went through numerous interpretations and realized that this must be the place where Jurina used to be…before she had met her. “Yuko…you knew all along?”

“Quite much…” She looked around at the broken glass capsule, if one actually looked more carefully there was a blood marks everywhere. It seemed like some tragedy happened or something.

“…What actually happened here?” Mayu muttered to herself softly as she finally had unlocked one of the files.

She had gathered as much information they had needed already. So while they were waiting for the file to be transferred completely, both thieves went on a walk through the abandoned laboratory…as they walked up a little further, they saw a huge pile of blood everywhere, also…there were white cloth covering some lumps of things on the ground. Yuko went to check what was underneath it and it was a horror that waited for her. It was a corpse of a child in adipocerous state. She closed it down immediately and managed to control herself to not puke from how disorientated the corpse was.

“T-This is insane…”

“…That’s why, I hate humans…I hate everyone, I can’t afford forgive any of them.”

Mayu bid her lips strong enough to make herself bled. Her eyes were filled with hatred and anger. She had experienced and touched the real darkness of society. She recalled the night that this man robbed her entire life away and destroyed her whole entire family just because of disagreements in business. She was a victim, just like these kids and Jurina, but likely not as worse as them.

As they kept walking and looked around for any information, Mayu accidently came across with this file that seemed to catch her interest. She opened it up and it was regarding this test subject who seemed to be the most successful one among all the subjects…but what surprised her it was a file regarding Jurina, her partner.

“Y-Yuko, come see this.” She called her partner over to see Jurina’s subject test files and there were loads observations from each experiment, which was conducted. All of them were really insane and there were all good compliments to how Jurina was compatible with many drugs that they gave her. It’s a test running to turn her into a super soldier, as their main purpose on Jurina was to turn her into a world-class assassin. “J-Jurina…she’s…?”

“Yes. That’s why Mariko-sama is asked us to come here.”

“…What’s her reason? You knew it didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Yuko nodded as she continued to explain to Mayu the truth that only herself and Mariko knew. The reason why Mariko was gathering this information again was to hunt down those who were trying to revive this cursed experiment. Also, she wanted as much information to formulate a medicine for Jurina, because due to countless drug consumption, she gained unlimited potential and talents to exceed in any paths, but she could live at max of 35 years only. It was a very sad story for the little puppy girl, but it seemed she didn’t know about that matter yet.

“…That’s why, we needed your help when it comes to gathering information.”

Mayu started to understand things a little more as everything seemed to make sense to her. Mariko sent her here because of her talented analyzing skills. She might be able to pick up the information that everyone would look over it. She understood the situation and obviously she’s more than welcome to help it out.

While they were heading back by motorbike, Mayu constantly thought about Jurina and finally understood why her puppy partner was extremely talented in battle, as if she was playing around in a playground. That’s why she had no fear for death, as she knew that she would never lose. Maybe that was the reason why Mariko and Yuko strongly forbid Jurina to even kill anyone? Then suddenly, she recalled the first time she had met with Jurina…that time…the puppy was very heartless and had no sympathy for anyone until Mariko taught her to become human.

(Mayu: It’s been so long I’ve forgotten why Jurina clings on Mariko-sama so much…I guess everything makes sense now.)


As soon as they got the data they needed, they returned back home and went straight to Mariko’s office to hand her the information.

“Thank you for your effort you two.” Mariko looked up to Mayu. “I presumed Yuko told you about Jurina already…we need your analyzing skills.”

“I’m gladly to help you, I’ll do at my best.” The mouse thief assisted Mariko in analyzing the data. Her talents allowed her to match up against her teacher, Maeda Atsuko, who used to be in the group but retired together with Takamina five years ago.


It didn’t take Mayu that long to manage all the data properly for Mariko. She would send the data to Takamina and leave it to her hands; even though Takamina retired from the group already she was still willingly to help when it comes to their cute adorable Jurina. After the girl was done with her job, she had encountered with her squirrel friend who seemed to be waiting for her at the living room.


“How’s your concussion going? I heard it from Jurina.”

Yuko stared at her but it made Mayu felt really irritated. She knew that her puppy partner would always spill the beans no matter how much she wanted to hide from everyone.

“You have to stop acting recklessly like that if you don’t want it to get even worse.”

“I don’t give a shit…” Mayu swore back and just walked passed Yuko hoping to escape from her friend but it made Yuko used her trump card against her.

“…Watanabe Miyuki.”

“…!?” Mayu froze instantly and turned to the squirrel. Her widened eyes told how much Yuko caught her off guard. She believed that she never shared anyone regarding Miyuki, not even once, but she couldn’t believe Yuko knew this.

“I have my way around. Don’t be surprise…” Yuko smiled gently back and attempted to calm Mayu down. “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I know that she’s an officer that’s tracking us down…you should stop.”

“…What did you say?”

Mayu raised her voice even higher due to anger. She demanded Yuko to repeat and the squirrel knew that she’s making her friend boiled badly. But she had no fear for nezumi.

“Basically, I’m suggesting you to retire. Soon, your concussion will be the one that kills you…and Miyuki-chan is your sister as well.”

“It’s none of your business Yuko.” She glared back. “I chose this path and I WILL have my revenge…until then, I won’t back down no matter what even it kills me.”

“…You really want that? You really seek revenge?”

“Do I have to repeat myself? My life is all about revenge, ever since that day…for 12 years.” Mayu declared before she walked out from the house. Yuko stared at her from behind and sighed softly. She knew how hardheaded Mayu could be since they had been living together for more than a decade. However, nezumi’s stubbornness wouldn’t stop her either.


While Mayu was walking in the alley aimlessly, she was still angry at what Yuko said to her and she punched the wall. “That Yuko…I thought she knew me well already yet she…”


Her cellphone vibrated and it’s a text from Jurina. She asked Mayu to meet her at the orphanage, which was really close by to their hideout. Since the mouse didn’t know what to do she decided to go to meet her puppy partner. She pushed through the door and then she could hear sounds of kids giggling and yelling all over the place.

“Ah! It’s Mayu-nee!”

One of the young kids pointed at Mayu and ran towards her. She threw her arms around Mayu’s waist with happiness and excitement. “Everyone! Mayu-nee is here!”

“Really!? YAY!” More kids ran towards the entrance and surrounded Mayu immediately.

“H-Hey guys…” Mayu sighed softly and ruffled the kids’ head before her puppy partner showed up in front of her.

“Oh, that’s fast Mayu!” Jurina got several kids clinging onto her tightly. “You didn’t come here for so long, everyone misses you! Let’s go in~”

“…Fine.” Mayu didn’t have a choice as all the kids were looking at her with puppy eyes.

As they went in, everyone was so excited for Mayu’s presence there. Since she used to be in this orphanage that was protected by Mariko’s presence. These kids were the same as Jurina and Mayu, they were victims of society and had many dreadful stories in their life before they would arrive here. However, after Mayu decided to pick up the gun and fight, she rarely came to the orphanage again. Maybe deep down inside her she didn’t want to touch those innocent kids with her bloodstained hands that killed so many people already.

“Mayu-neechan~ I miss you so much!” Young girl hugged her tightly and it seemed to reminded Mayu of her moments with Miyuki.


Miyuki’s voice from her memory replayed in her head again. She revealed her smile and then stroked the little girl’s head gently with nostalgic feelings blooming inside her chest. “Sorry to make you guys wait.”

“I’m glad to see Mayu-neechan healthy! Please come more often with Jurina-neechan~”

“…Will do, I’m pretty sure Jurina will drag me here.”

“Hehe! Yay!” The child’s smile was so innocent and bright. It reminded her so much of Miyuki.

Even she had became a thief, a killer, when the time comes she encountered with Miyuki…she wondered she would be able to pull the trigger against her or not. She didn’t wanted to admit but deep down she knew well that she dearly loved her sister. If not, she wouldn’t have use herself as bait for Miyuki to escape that night when their family got killed.


Mayu and Jurina spent their whole day at the orphanage before they returned home for dinner. As soon as they got back, Yuko had done cooking already so they had their meal together at the table.

“How was your day?” Yuko asked both girls but Mayu didn’t seem wanted to answer.

“We both had a lot of fun at the orphanage! Right Mayu?” Jurina replied happily and Mayu swore that she was cursing Jurina for her light mouth and told everything to Yuko.

The squirrel was surprised to hear that Mayu went to the orphanage and it made her smiled with relief. Mayu had isolated herself from others aside from the group ever since she held the gun.

“I see~”

From Yuko’s tone, Mayu could immediately tell that the squirrel was looking with a suspicious stare that made her annoyed. But before anything could be spoken, Mariko showed up form the 2nd floor into the living room and caught everyone’s attention.


The puppy threw her glance towards her immediately and Mariko came to join at the table. Yuko got up immediately and went to get the plates and dish for her. It was quite surprising to see Mariko joined the table since she would always be busy with her work. “I’m so glad you joined us today!”

“It’s been a while isn’t?”

“Yes! I miss the times you joined us at the table~”

Mariko giggled before she stroke Jurina’s head. But it seemed she came to join at the table with some other reasons than just relaxing. She turned her glance to Nezumi and it caught her attention. “So, Mayu, did you have a good relaxing day today?” Mariko turned to the quiet girl and she nodded as a reply. “So then…I have a job you might be interested.”

“…Which is?” It caught Mayu’s interest immediately. She could count times Mariko would say something like that…always, it would be something related to Mayu in some sort of way. Maybe it’s her hobby…or related to her revenge.


“Noriko, take our baby to sleep.”

The man replied to his wife and kissed her forehead. It was late evening already and their little girl was about to fall asleep already.  The wife nodded and returned to her room to sleep with her child. While the man was alone, he received a call from someone who seemed to be his friend.

“Hm, I see. I understand…so when will we start?”

He listened to the other side replying back to him and then he walked to the balcony. “I see, I’m gladly to join with this project. Thank you.”

He hung up and then sighed softly while looking up at the starry sky. It was a very quiet dark night. But then something didn’t make him felt that good at all.


He heard a cry and made him flinched. He looked down at the garden and saw one of his guards collapsed onto the ground, as there was this mysterious human figure that killed him with a short dagger. 


The shadow disappeared before he would realize it. He looked around and saw nothing but darkness. He ran out from his room to assemble his guards but when he arrived at the lobby…everyone was dead. They were all murdered in the silence of the darkness.

“W-What is this…!?”

“I’ve come…to retrieve what belonged to me.”

The voice replied him as the human figure was in a black outfit but she pulled her mask up and revealed her actual face towards the man. What surprised him even more was that the murderer that intruded into his house was a woman. She was also holding this short katana with a golden handle in her hand. 


“I have several question to ask you.” Mayu held both the dagger and the sword in her hand before she approached the man with coldblooded eyes staring at him. “How did you have this sword?”


“Don’t make me repeat…HOW did you have this sword?” She asked again coldly enough to make him flinched. He backed away but then Mayu kept pressuring him with her dark aura.

“What is your relationship with the Watanabe Massacre 12 years ago?”

She shot the question out and she could see his expression froze instantly. It made her realized that this man had connections with that incident of her family. “Ah, so it seemed you’re involved…”

“W-What the hell are you!?”

“I came from the death to revenge for anyone who’s involved with the incident…” She pointed her bloody knife towards the man. “I shall spare your life if you’re going to answer me…WHO is the one behind the massacre?”

“Why would you want to know!? Who would care about those people that die!”

He yelled with anger at Mayu. “It was Watanabe himself that tried to disrupt the business…if it wasn’t for him, the SuperSoldier project would’ve went smoothly already--”


Before he could realize it again, he was lying on the ground with Mayu strangling his neck. She managed to pin the man down on the ground and made sure that she could kill him whenever she wanted. She tried to remain as calm as possible in order to get the important information from the man. Since what caught her attention was about this SuperSoldier project that he mentioned. It was indeed the same project Jurina was involved. Half of her thoughts were surprised with the fact that her father was also involved with this.

“So that’s why…you have to kill him?” Mayu tightened her strangle and made the man suffocated. As he had a closer stare at the girl’s face, it made him shocked.

“I-Impossible! Y-You’re… Watanabe-san’s daughter!?”

He shrieked and his eyes grew wide as if he was seeing a ghost in front of him. He remembered the young girl that would always stood by Mr. Watanabe’s side when he went to visit him at his house…that kid shared the same eyes as the thief in front of him. “Y-You’re supposed to be dead! How is that possible!?”

“I told you…I came from death, to revenge, and it seemed you remembered me huh…Yoshiki-san?” Mayu called the man’s name, as he was her father’s colleague. He came to her house couple of times when her family was still alive. He remembered the man’s face very well. He panicked even more to realize that Mayu was still alive and it seemed he’s willingly to cooperate with her.

“P-Please…spare me…”

“So…tell me, who is the one behind this massacre?”

“I-It was the criminal investigation department…”

He finally told the truth and it made Mayu shocked. If she recalled it properly, its police officers from the criminal investigation department that was trying to hunt them down…Miyuki was in that department as well. “T-They were behind the SuperSoldier Project…T-They invited me and Watanabe-san, I agreed to help them…but he didn’t! T-That’s why he’s killed! It’s not my fault!!”

Mayu was analyzing everything that the man uttered to her. She only could hope what he was saying was not a lie. “Who…? WHO is the one behind the strings?!”

“I-It’s K-Kashiwagi Miura… Commissioner General of the Criminal Investigation Department…”

“Kashiwagi…” She muttered the name that would carve right into her head forever, she swore that she would destroy his family, in the way he had done to hers.

“P-Please let me go…I still have my wife and my child…”

Mayu couldn’t go back against her words, it’s her motto. She freed the man and backed away. At least she had the information she needed as well as the blade that originally belonged to Watanabe family. It’s the treasure of her family and she had retrieved it back. However, things didn’t go that smoothly as she had thought…the man attacked her with a hidden gun in his pocket, but she knew that was actually coming. She managed to dodge away from the path of the bullet before he fired it. She ran in towards him and stabbed right at the side of his groin, which the big artery was located. He would bleed to death anyways, so rather than spilling the blood all over the place, this would be the cleanest death that she could give to her preys. 


“I gave you the chance to live…yet you make it went futile.” Mayu was about to leave the man died on the ground but what caught her off guard was this sleepy young girl at the stairs.

(Mayu: A kid…!?)

“Papa…? Papa, where are you?”

The girl asked and Mayu realized that it was the man’s daughter. The man she just killed. Suddenly, the mother appeared and then she shrieked, as there was blood everywhere. The woman embraced her daughter tightly and glared at Mayu with fear and anger.

“P-Please spare this child…!” She begged Mayu and then it reminded her of how her mother protected her and Miyuki by saying the same time…but the killer had no mercy and just slaughtered her mother right in front of her. She managed to cover Miyuki so she wouldn’t witness their mother’s death right in front of her eyes.

“…I don’t kill innocent people. I gave him the chance to live, yet he threw it away…” She brought down her theater mask to cover her identity and walked out from the crime scene.

Mayu left the mansion, and spared only the mother and the child. Obviously she couldn’t bring herself to kill them, it had reminded her too much of her past. She would never commit the same thing that the killer had done to her family.

“Kashiwagi Miura…”

She repeated the name of the man that destroyed her entire family. Her eyes changed and it was filled with much more hatred. A malicious smirk appeared across her face, as she’s so excited that she’s at least one more step closer to taking revenge for her family….


Miyuki was sitting at her office but she wasn’t paying much attention to her surroundings at all. The only thing she could think was about Mayu. It had been 12 years she believed that Mayu was dead…but no, she was still alive. Her appearance changed so much, but she could still tell that it was Mayu. However, the life in her eyes was just so different from the old Mayu she knew. As if she’s a total different person. Right now, she’s too afraid to go out for work, as she couldn't shake the thought that the person she could’ve shoot was her beloved twin sister. Yuki was looking from a distance away and she was extremely worried about her kouhai. She walked up to Miyuki with a hot chocolate in her hand.

“Miyuki, have some.” She passed it to her and the girl took it.

“Thank you Kashiwagi-senpai…”

“Is something bothering you?” Yuki sat down beside her. “You don’t look that well at all…”

“Senpai…” Miyuki turned to her as she decided to share her stories to Yuki…

She already knew about Miyuki’s family incident but what surprised her was that one of the thieves they were hunting was Miyuki’s long lost twin sister. Yuki heard a lot of stories about Miyuki’s twin sister from her, since she really loved Mayu and admired everything about her. One could say that Mayu was Miyuki’s strength and idol to become a police officer of justice. She wanted to prevent situations like hers from happening again. So no one would have to suffer like Mayu and her. The senpai could tell that Miyuki wasn't lying to her. Yuki couldn’t even believe that coincidence could bully both Watanabe siblings this much. She could understand the pain and confusion Miyuki was going through right now…who would be able to go out to work in the field when you realize that the person you might shoot or kill would be your sister?

“W-What should I do…It’s…it’s too much.”

Miyuki shook her head and Yuki could only sit beside her silently and patted her head. “Senpai…what should I do?”

It made Yuki wondered what Mayu was going through, obviously she knew Mayu’s name because Miyuki kept talking to her and Haruna about how Mayu was such an ideal idol to her. Even though she didn’t know who Mayu was, but to her, Miyuki was like a younger sister to her in a way. She wanted to do something for the Watanabe siblings…everything was a total mess and she wished for both of them to have a normal sibling life again…

“I’ll help bringing you two back together.”

Yuki replied firmly and made Miyuki flinched with surprise. She looked up to her senpai and Yuki nodded silently back. “Things won’t end like this Miyuki, we’ll change fate.”


“No buts! I know it’s risky…but she’s your only sister in the world right? I know how you feel…I used to have a sister too.” Yuki smiled before she had a sip of her coffee. She smiled and tried to cheek Miyuki up.

But before anything could be said, their boss called them to go out to work in the field. Fortunately, they had to go investigate at this crime scene as a mysterious murderer broke into the house and killed everyone except for the mother and the child. As they headed there, they had a talk with the mother and the little girl.

“…Hm?” Miyuki realized the girl was staring at her and the she crouched down to talk to her. “Is…something a matter?”

“Oneechan, you looked like that person…”

“Hm? Who?” Miyuki got confused and as the mother came up she was seemed to flinch slightly when she saw Miyuki’s face. It made the officer confused and surprised simultaneously.

“Is something wrong?” Yuki came up to Miyuki and the mother shook her head.

“I must have hallucinations…you just looked really similar to the murderer…” The mother bid her lips and tried to stop herself from crying in front of her child. It made Miyuki flinched and the first thought she had in her mind was that the murderer was Mayu. No one would look as similar to her if that person didn’t share the same blood as her. “I’m sorry officer.”

“Not at all ma’am. Sometimes…this happens too.” Miyuki faked her smile and Yuki could see through that…

After the work was done, Miyuki had her own private time staring aimlessly while she realized that it was Mayu that committed another crime. Part of her was so happy that Mayu was alive, but a part of her didn’t want to see Mayu do something like this. It’s too painful for her.

(Miyuki: Mayu…is it really you that did this? Why…why does it have to be you?)

Yuki was staring from a distance away and that’s when she realized that she had to do something for Miyuki and Mayu. She wouldn’t have things ended up with both siblings pointed guns at each other. She seemed to have a plan in her mind and without further ado; she started immediately after she returned back to the office.


A girl in a mysterious cloak sneaked in the darkness of the alley. She looked around cautiously and hoped that she wouldn’t encounter anyone on her way. She had the paper and folded into a plane. This was the same alley that her eyes met with the thief. Even though she didn’t know which thief was Miyuki’s sister, but it was worth a try.


Yuki took a deep breath and threw the paper plane into the dark alley and fled immediately. That was her only way she could come up in order to pass the message to Watanabe Mayu.

As soon as she left, there was someone hiding behind the wall as she had been following Yuki ever since she entered the dark alley. If Yuki showed sign of suspicion she would’ve killed that mysterious intruder. But she got curious with Yuki’s action and proceeded to pick the paper plane.


It was like a miracle happened. Mayu was the one that picked up the letter. She unfolded it and read it quietly to herself.

[To Watanabe Mayu,
I wanted to discuss something regarding about Miyuki. Hope that we can meet up at river close to the outskirt at 12pm this Saturday.
I’ll wait for you to be there. I will come unarmed, please trust me.
~Kashiwagi Yuki]

“…” Mayu didn’t utter a word and crumbled the paper into her pocket before she disappeared into the dark alley. No one knew what she was thinking, whether she would go to meet with this mysterious person or not…


Time flew by fast for Yuki and it was already weekend that she made a blind appointment with Mayu. She was actually wearing her officer outfit, since she came straight from work. Even though she knew the risk that she could be shot down but she decided to take the risk for Miyuki. She was standing there and stared at the river while glancing at her watch to check for the time…

“It’s almost noon…I wondered will she show up or not. I don’t even know the message reached her or not.”

Yuki sighed and suddenly, an arm locked her from behind. She got pulled over to the shade under the bridge before she got thrown onto the ground forcefully. “Ugh…!”

She slowly looked up and then her eyes met with that thief again. It was that same thief that had those coldhearted eyes. She remembered that thief very well and it seemed to be the first time Yuki got to have a full glance at the thief’s face. She was sitting on top of Yuki and had the blade rested against her neck.

“Y-You…!” Yuki was so surprised to see that thief again. A slight anger rushed up her face. “Why are you here…!?”

“Aren’t you the one that called me here?” Mayu glared back and it made Yuki froze. She remembered she called Miyuki’s sister her and then everything seemed too much of a coincidence to her at the moment. Mayu could tell from Yuki’s shocked expression and then continued to speak.

“Yes…I’m Watanabe Mayu…so what do you want to speak?”

“Mayu…” Yuki muttered her name out softly but it seemed to make Mayu unsatisfied. She pushed the knife against Yuki’s neck even more and created a little cut on her. “…!?”

“I wondered, should I kill you here or no?”

“…I wanted to talk to you.” Yuki took a deep breath and calmed herself down. “I have Miyuki’s message for you.”

“From a police officer to becoming a messenger? What are you planning, officer Kashiwagi?” Mayu glared but then it didn’t make Yuki planned to back down either.

“I’m not lying…I came here as Miyuki’s friend, not as an officer.” Yuki declared firmly and made Mayu paused slightly. “But first…will you let me go? I don’t have any weapon as I told you earlier in the letter…trust me.”

“You’re asking a murderer to trust the officer? How naïve could you be…”

“Then stab my arm.”

Yuki insisted with eyes filled with hope and determination. It made Mayu flinched, as she couldn’t believe what she’s hearing. Never she met an officer that would ask her to stab her in order to gain her trust. She could’ve use this chance to kill Yuki, yet that officer decided to trust the deceitful thief like Mayu.

“Cut my arm tendon, I don’t care, just take my arm...If so, you’ll believe me right?”


“Do it…I’m not going to lie to you, Mayu.” Yuki stared into Mayu’s eyes without any slight of fear and hesitation. “I want to trust you…and I want you to trust me.”

“…If you asked for it.”

Mayu replied softly as she shifted her arm position so her elbow would lock Yuki’s neck on the ground and then stabbed her left arm without any mercy.


“…!” Yuki flinched but she didn’t utter a single cry.

Mayu could feel the officer’s trembling body. Slowly Yuki looked back up into Mayu’s eyes and it wasn’t clouded by fear at all. She didn’t lose any hope even though Mayu stabbed her. It made the thief pulled the knife out and backed away without saying a single word. Yuki slowly sat up as she looked at Mayu backed away from her. “…Thank you.”

“…For stabbing you?” Mayu replied sarcastically and it made Yuki decided to do the same back to her.

“Yes, and for trusting me.”

She pressed against her wound to hope that it would stop the bleed but it didn’t. Then suddenly, Mayu threw a bandage to her and it made her shocked. She looked up but before she could say anything, Mayu interrupted her first.

“It would be too annoying if you bleed to death. Treat yourself.”

Mayu went to rest her back against the wall of the bridge while Yuki treated her wounds to stop the bleeding. That’s when she realized that her tendons weren’t cut; she could still move her arm. Mayu didn’t aim at her tendon at all and it made her realized that hidden kindness in Mayu. After Yuki was done with treating her own arm, she pulled a letter and handed it over to Mayu. It was a letter written by Miyuki addressing to Mayu.


Mayu looked up to Yuki and gave a dead glare at her. “You’re here for more reason than this, spill it, I could see that this isn’t it.”

Yuki took a breath before she replied back to Mayu. “Please write a respond back to Miyuki.”

“None of your business.”

“Miyuki loves you! She still even does until now…” Yuki yelled back with honesty in her voice. It made Mayu flinched back slightly from the pure honesty from Yuki’s eyes. “She would always talk about her lovely sister to everyone! You’re always her hero…even until now.”


“I want you two to be together as normal sisters. I lost my sister so I know how it felt…I believe, you two don’t deserve this pain.”

“…” Mayu remained silence and Yuki just waited there for her to reply. The girl sighed softly before she turned to the officer. She seemed to be thinking of something inside her head quietly to herself.

“What's your trade for it then?”

“…Trade?” Yuki asked with slight curiosity.

“I will write a respond back to Miyuki’s letter, but you have to give me something in return equally.” Mayu gave an evil smirk and since everything reached this point already, Yuki didn’t plan to back down either.

“What is it then? Will I be able to trust you criminal with these kind of deals?”

“I didn’t kill you when I have a chance, I did let you go after I stabbed you.” Mayu crossed her arms in front of her chest, as Yuki couldn’t deny that.

“…Alright, I’ll believe you. What is it that you want from me?”

Mayu only just stood there and smirked. Yuki started to feel uneasy, as she couldn’t tell what’s going through Mayu’s mind at the moment. In that moment of silence between them, the thief walked up to Yuki and pointed at her.


“H-Huh!?” Yuki’s eyes were about to gush out with shock. She tried to lie to herself that she misheard things but it didn’t seem it would work. She didn’t mishear it.

“I will write a respond back to Miyuki as much as you wished, but in return…your body will be my possession until our deal is over.”

“…” Yuki couldn’t believe the deal that Mayu was throwing at her even she had got the chance to talk with Miyuki.

“I’m risking exposing my identity to you officers right now. Officer Kashiwagi… I’m in a position just as worse as yours. ” Mayu smirked and it made Yuki annoyed.

The officer started to doubt whether Mayu was actually a kind person as Miyuki told her or not. But then there was no space for doubt now; she had decided to trust Miyuki, and Mayu. She took a deep breath before she replied back. “…Alright, so be it. I’ll take that deal. As long as there’s no risk upon me, got it?”

“Same goes to you…Our deal is complete.”

Mayu looked extremely suspicious to Yuki, but right now they had made a deal. She could only but trust that Mayu would keep up with her words. She had a little faith that she might be able to change Mayu, only she could hope for it. Until then, she would tolerate all humiliations from the thief, for her friend’s sake.

“So, what do you want to do with me…?”

“…Heh.” Mayu smirked and came in closer and pulled Yuki’s head in.

That moment, Yuki froze instantly as she felt her lips being sealed against Mayu’s. Before the officer could react, she could feel Mayu’s tongue snaking inside her mouth and touched with hers. She pulled away and blushed terribly with humiliation, anger, and embarrassment. It was her first kiss and the thief stole it. She swung her hand towards Mayu, hoping to slap her with full power but then nezumi caught it before it even reached her.

“Not bad…your reaction is pleasurable. It’s your first kiss isn’t?”

Mayu teased and it made Yuki glared with anger and humiliation. But Mayu didn’t plan to break her promise with Yuki. She had paper and pen in her bag all the time in case she needed it. “I’ll write one letter back for each time you entertain me.”

Mayu leered back and licked her lips to make Yuki felt more embarrassed. Her first kiss was stolen and she couldn’t erase the irritating feeling inside her chest. Her anger towards Mayu increased, but at the same time, she tried to hold herself back for Miyuki’s sake. After Mayu was done reading Miyuki’s letter, she wrote a reply and handed back to Yuki.

“Take it.”

“…!” She snatched the letter forcefully and it indicated that she’s still angry at the kiss Mayu stole from her.

“It’s our deal, remember? I hope you keep your promise well and don’t plan to betray me…”

“Right. So you’re interested in my body huh? How filthy…” Yuki glared but it made Mayu even enjoyed watching her expression.

“What if I am? I cane do whatever I want…so make sure you behave properly before I don’t show any mercy against you.”

“…I’m leaving now.” Yuki just planned to leave since she couldn’t tolerate to see Mayu’s face any longer. But then the thief called her back again.

“Ah? When’s the next meeting?”

“Next week, same time, same place…Got it? Don’t you dare tell your friends about this…”

“It’s our deal, so do you as well…Yu-ki-rin.” Mayu giggled sarcastically as she called Yuki’s nickname.

“Y-Yukirin…?” The officer was shocked as she was given a nickname from the thief already and it made her even more irritated.

“It’s your nickname, now that your body is mine, I can name whatever I want now, couldn’t I?”

“Grr…fine. You’re the worst…”

“I’m glad to make a deal with you, Yukirin~”

Yuki had left as Mayu stared at her from behind. Her sarcastic expression changed instantly to eyes of hatred. She bashed her fist against the concrete wall and her knuckles bled. She remembered surname Kashiwagi very well. She had did a little of research before today and it seemed Yuki was a daughter of Kashiwagi Miura, the one behind Watanabe’s massacre and SuperSoldier Project. She tried to hold back her anger and hatred for Kashiwagi family so she wouldn’t kill Yuki, since she would have to make use of the man’s daughter for her revenge. She had couple of plans in mind already, and it’s going to be her way of taking revenge on Kashiwagi family.

“I swear…you’ll pay much more pain than what I got…” Mayu giggled maliciously to herself. “I’ll make sure the pain you’ll get will be far worse than death…!”
Mayu decided to return to her alley and with an evil plan within her mind. It was like a miracle to her as the daughter of the man she’s going to revenge came up to Mayu herself. It really did saved her time and the best way to reach Kashiwagi family would be through Yuki. Without any mercy, she planned to ruin Yuki’s entire life along with taking her revenge…


Mariko was sitting in her office and had dialed a call to her friend, Takamina. As soon as her friend picked it up the conversation started.

“Takamina, I got the information already and I’ll have Yuko send the information to you tomorrow.”

[Right, so…how’s your condition now?]

“It’s stable. I’m fine.”

[You better take care of your health. You’re really sick okay?]

“I know, thanks…and did you meet her yet?”

[Oh, you mean Rena-chan? Well, she comes every once a month for vitamin C as usual…next week will be the time she comes by again.]

“I see…Tell her my message when you meet her.”

[Alright, I will. Take care.]

“Thanks, take care too.”

Mariko hung up the call and leaned back against her chair. She took a deep breath before she stared up at the ceiling of the room silently. She had seemed to be desperate to look for Rena ever since problems started to happen. She recalled the last time she saw Rena, that was 9 years ago…it was right after Jurina turned 10 years old, she just disappeared mysteriously…

Few years later, she heard rumors regarding a female fighter occasionally with an insane laugh. Mariko’s instinct told her that it could possibly be Rena…Mariko had so many secrets in her eyes, but one thing for certain…she wished to bring Rena back to the group once again.


~To Be Continue~
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Love Capture: CH04

“Here, take it.”

Officer Yuki gave the letter to her junior and she couldn’t help but to be confused with it. Without further ado, she flipped to see the back of the letter and her gawked so badly. The moment her eyes read that name across the paper, she shot her eyes back up at her senior officer.

“T-This is…”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t tell anything more than this but…it’s a deal I made with her to protect both our safety. Write your reply to this letter and I’ll pass it on to her.”

Miyuki nodded with nervousness. She kept the letter into her bag immediately and couldn't wait for her next break time to read this letter that was written by her long lost sister, Mayu. As soon as she had finish with her work for the day, she sat down inside her car at the parking lot and pulled out the letter from her bag immediately. She couldn’t help but to be so nervous and decided to open it up and read it carefully word by word.

W. Miyuki,
   Our meeting is very unfortunate, but how long has it been since we met? 12 years isn’t…I didn’t expect you to become a police officer after you always wanted to become an idol when we’re young. I hope we could meet each other in a better way than this but that can’t be helped… I know there’s a risk we will turn guns to each other, but I’m sorry, there is something I must do. I probably couldn’t ask you to trust me after we’ve been separated over a decade. I would say I’m doing fine…and I hope you are too.
One more thing, never show this letter to Kashiwagi Yuki, I rather keep the content private only between us…between sisters. That’s all I would want to ask you to do for me…I’m glad I’m able to talk to you again.

W. Mayu,

The moment the officer finished reading her letter, even though it was really short, she couldn’t hold back her happiness. Her long lost sister replied her and it’s been 12 years since they exchanged a word. She leaned back against the driving seat with a huge smile of relief across her face. Her eyes began to become teary as she read the word that Mayu mentioned that they’re sisters. That meant a lot to her. She wondered what deal did Yuki made with Mayu, but right now she had to trust her senior as well as her twin sister.

“…I wonder what is this thing Mayu must do?”

But to just wondering around like this wouldn’t help anything. Miyuki grabbed a paper and pen from the back seat and scribbled another letter to Mayu. Obviously she wrote down much more things. She had so many things she wanted to tell and talk to Mayu for the past 12 years.


After one whole day of waiting impatiently, Miyuki passed her reply letter to Yuki at their office on the next day after she had spent a lot of time writing this letter to Mayu.

“Ah…senpai, can I ask something?”


“…H-how’s oneechan?” Miyuki asked with nervousness and then she received a gentle smile from officer Yuki. The senior patted Miyuki’s head and it made her confused.

“From what I see, she looks fine…don’t worry.”

“I see~”

Miyuki smiled with relief; at least she knew that her beloved sister was fine. It’s obvious for her to worry since the thief that they were hunting down was actually her own sister. She couldn’t help but to be worry about Mayu every single day that went by and every time officers were called out for duty.


It’s been a week since Yuki’s first appointment with Mayu. She was at that same location and same timing as she made a deal with the nezumi girl. She constantly checked her watch and didn’t realize the presence coming from behind her.

“Such an early bird…Good, you’re not in your officer uniform.”

Yuki flinched and turned around to see Mayu standing there in her casual outfit. She had a cap and sunglasses with her and it seemed its purpose is to hide her identity in public.

“…Finally you’re here.”

Yuki passed the letter to Mayu even before they could’ve said a word. The thief girl took it and kept in her bag. She would write a reply later today but it seemed she would be demanding some few things from the poor officer first.

“Before I give you my reply, come with me.”


“To the park close by.” Mayu replied bluntly.

“Why?” The officer replied rashly as well.

“Dating obviously.”

The officer froze and her brain begun to process once again. “D-Dating?!” She yelped with shock and Mayu placed her finger above her lips to tell Yuki to be quiet.

“Make sure you entertain me…Yu-ki-rin~”

Mayu teased her and the officer couldn’t help but to be annoyed by it. However, she didn’t have a choice and had to follow according to the deal she made with this nasty thief that stole her first kiss. She followed Mayu and it was about 10 minutes walk before they reached this small park. It seemed to be quite dispersed and peaceful. Yuki didn’t know such park like this would exist around this area.

“It’s quite peaceful here and not many people will be here.” Mayu smirked. “It’s my favorite place after all.”

“I see.” Yuki followed the thief and then before she realized it again she felt Mayu’s hand grabbed onto hers and pulled the officer forward. However she jerked her hand back with surprise and caused Mayu to stop.

“W-What was that for!?”

“What? We’re supposed to be dating right now.”

She extended her hand towards Yuki to grab onto, but the officer didn’t want to hold her hand at all. They made an eye contact with each other and she could tell from Mayu’s face that the girl was demanding Yuki to do as she was told.


Yuki sighed roughly and held onto Mayu’s hand. Her fingers intertwined with Yuki’s and the nezumi girl held the older woman’s hand tightly. It made the officer nervous at the beginning but then the scene of the park had diverted her attention from that immediately.


Yuki was amazed with the beautiful scenery of the clear blue lake in the middle. She wouldn’t expect such a beautiful place to exist somewhere like this, and yet very few people were here.

“It’s nice isn’t? How pitiful that only few people know about this place.”


Yuki was dragged to the free table under the tree shades. Without further ado, the thief threw her bag towards her and caused the officer to flinch slightly. Mayu just went to sit on the table and lied down facing upward silently.

“Drinks and snacks are in there, eat whatever you want.”


Yuki realized the bag was heavy and a little cold. She sat down on the seat and opened the bag. There were tons of snack bars and various flavoured cold soft drink cans, this could be found at any convenient stores. She was surprised to know that Mayu was well prepared and was actually planning to come to this park at the first place. Maybe…the nezumi girl wasn’t as evil as she thought.

“…What, is this something you steal?”

“Oi oi, don’t make assumptions that we steal every single thing. That’s why I hate you officer bastards…only thing you can think is that we’re bad guys, and you’re good guys…fuck that shit.”

Mayu roared back with hint of anger in her voice. Obviously she would be irritated when she was accused on something she didn’t do. All police officers always saw thieves as those who steal everything, without trying to understand what they had went through…that’s why, Mayu hate them so much.

“If you don’t want it, then don’t.”

“…I’m sorry.”

Mayu’s eyes grew wide with shock and forced her to sit up and turned to the officer. She grabbed a can of coke and snack bars from Mayu’s bag and sat down on the bench beside Mayu.

“I guess you’re right. Police nowadays always think of themselves playing a role of hero of justice…I knew it yet I let it get into my head.”

Yuki sighed softly without realizing that Mayu staring at her with surprised glare. The thief wouldn’t have expected Yuki to acknowledge what she said. This was beyond Mayu’s expectations. “I’m sorry about that… also thanks for the drinks and snacks.”

She opened the can bottle and enjoyed her cold drink along with the snack bars while leaving the mouse girl dumbfounded by Yuki’s response.

“You’re weird.”

“How so?”

“Who would’ve expect to hear the officer agreed with a thief for once?”

“What you state is a fact, it doesn’t really matter you’re a thief or not, it’s the truth.”

Yuki replied honestly and still, Mayu couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It seemed this officer had caught her interest even more than before. Kashiwagi Yuki…this woman, despite Mayu was planning to use her as a tool for revenge, it seemed she would be able to entertain the thief for quite a while.

“Ah, before I forget, give me your number.”

“Huh??” Yuki frowned with surprise.

“It’s rather easier to contact each other, don’t you think?” The mouse added on and Yuki couldn’t deny that. For them to just rely on meeting each other without any confirmation wouldn’t be such a nice idea. Things wouldn’t go smoothly for her, as well as Mayu’s side. After she took a while to think… She took out her cellphone from her pocket and handed it over to the thief.


She smirked and then snatched the cellphone out from Yuki’s hand. She typed in some number and then she put it on the table beside her. She had dialed her number using Yuki’s phone to obtain her number as well as added her number into Yuki’s contact list.

“My number is in there now, and now I have yours too.”

The officer took back her phone and kept in her pocket. She just hoped that by exchanging numbers with the thief known to be the one of the famous Black Pillars wouldn’t bring harm to her… as time passed by, Yuki had finished her drink already, but Mayu didn’t even utter a single word with her after they exchanged numbers. The thief just lied down on the table, facing up the sky, and it was long enough to make Yuki curious.

“What are you doing?”


“…Okay then?”

The officer gave up trying to catch up with Mayu’s pace, but suddenly, the younger girl hopped out from the table and turned to her. She used hand movement to call Yuki to her. It made Yuki slightly annoyed, but then she obeyed what Mayu ordered. As she walked up to her, the shorter girl grabbed her hand and pulled Yuki down onto the floor with her. The older woman didn’t expect that coming and she crashed onto the floor roughly.

“Ow…What was that for!?”

“Just lie down and look.”

Mayu was lying down beside her as she pointed up into the sky. As Yuki sighed and looked up as she was told, she could see that the branches and leaves were blocking the sunlight from above. The light went through the little gaps between leaves and she could even see bird nest everywhere on the tress around them.  She had been living in the city for so long that she was amazed with such simple natural scenery like this.


“It’s relaxing isn’t?”

“…It is.”

Yuki smiled while she enjoyed the scenery. The sound of the wind brushing against the leaves, and birds chirping brought peace to her heart. While she was dazed off with such beautiful scenery, she didn’t realize that Mayu was staring at her for quite a while already. When she saw that, it made her slightly uneasy. Who wouldn’t feel uneasy when someone was staring at them for a long period of time?

“Uh…what is it?”


Mayu suddenly shifted her body as she interlocked her hands with Yuki, and pressed her lips against the officer’s. With sudden surprise, she resisted but then the thief positioned her body so that she was on top of Yuki, locking her onto the grassy floor behind her. The older girl swung her arm attempting to hit Mayu away, but then the younger girl grabbed her wrist and pinned it back down onto the floor again. It seemed the thief was much way stronger than the officer this time.


She could feel Mayu’s tongue against hers…and it’s exploring around her mouth. The sweetness taste of vanilla from Mayu’s lips seemed to reduce her resistance against the kiss. She was still tensing herself from it but then it seemed she realized something…the kiss, it might a bit forceful at the beginning but right now, it was gentle.


She tried to catch her breath but then Mayu sealed her lips against hers to stop her. The younger girl bullied her and licked her lips to taste the chocolate flavor that was left from the snack bar she ate. As the thief stopped, Yuki tried to catch her breath and panted roughly against Mayu’s lips.

“Hmm…do you like it?”

Mayu whispered against Yuki’s lips and it made the officer blushed badly, with anger and embarrassment. She furiously pushed Mayu away and caused the thief to land on her butt. Yuki was obviously angry with how the thief was playing around with her like this.

“You bastard…!”


But before any further conversation could be made between both of them, a group of gangster boys came up to them with a very suspicious look in their eyes. Yuki sensed danger from them and the young thief stood up while glaring at them.

“What are you girls doing all alone here? Wanna go have some fun together?”

One of the boys smirked at them and that’s why Yuki realized that they’re now confronting with a group of gangster boys. She had no weapon with her and she’s vulnerable now. At least she had some martial arts but in this situation she probably wouldn’t be able to get out without being harmed. Right before the boys would approach Yuki, Mayu got in their way and kicked the one that was closest to her in the face. She sent him falling back onto the floor in pain. Yuki could hear a ‘crack’ noise and it seemed to fracture the boy’s nose as well. 


“Hey! You bitch!”

Another boy glared at Mayu but it just made the mouse girl smirked with excitement. He ran in and threw a fist towards her but then Mayu dodged it easily and swiftly thrust her kick right into the stomach, sending the boy flying across the ground. Yuki stared with awe, it was the first time she saw Mayu in combat without any guns and she didn’t know she was this strong. It’s expected no less from a criminal that police wanted the most.

“Sorry to be a party pooper, but leave…”

Mayu’s cold words struck all of them down instantly. Even Yuki could feel the chill down her spine. Such an intimidating aura filled with murderous intent. It made all those gangster boys retreated with fear as they felt Mayu would literally kill them if they don’t leave in few seconds. While Yuki was frozen with shock, that same exact person that released such immense amount of bloodthirsty aura turned to her and offered a hand.

“What? Don’t tell me you couldn’t stand up because of the kiss?”

The sarcastic thief was back but Yuki wasn’t annoyed by that provoke. She was still stunned with Mayu’s action in battle. She took the younger girl’s hand and stood back up on her ground.

“…They must be the rumored thieves around here. Heh, such an bad luck they have to accidently mug a thief like me.” Mayu scoffed with pity for them.

Yuki heard about those rumor about the group of thieves mugged people in the park close by. She didn’t know that it was this park and it was those gangster boys. She wouldn’t be getting out of this in a perfect shape if it weren’t for Mayu protecting her.

“…Thanks by the way.”

“Huh? What for?”

“For saving me back there.”

“…Save your thanks, officer. It’s because of our deal that we made. Didn’t I promise you that no risk shall be upon you during our contract period?”

The officer instantly remembered the time she made a deal with Mayu. She did say those words but she didn’t know that the thief would actually take it seriously and protect her from anything that could be a threat to her.

Yuki: …Alright, so be it. I’ll take that deal. As long as there’s no risk upon me, got it?

Mayu: Same goes to you…our deal is complete.

Her heart started to open a little more for the thief; she felt that she could a little more trust to Mayu after she realized how the younger girl took the deal seriously. At first she started to feel that Mayu wasn’t a bad person after she had bought the drinks and snacks for Yuki, but then she was forced down by a kiss… then the thief didn’t look evil after the officer learned about her seriousness with the deal they made with each other. It’s just so confusing for Yuki, such mixed emotions inside her chest right now. She didn’t know whether Mayu was actually a good person or not…or she was just playing around with her body.


Mayu lost her balance slightly and it caught Yuki’s attention. The younger thief placed her hand on the right side of her forehead. The thief didn’t expect her concussion symptoms to be creeping over her right now, especially at this timing.

(Mayu: Ugh…why now…!?)


“…I’m fine.”

She lied but no one knew whether the officer saw through that or not. She just simply nodded but at the same time, she was looking at Mayu with eyes filled with worries. Then suddenly, she sat down at the table, reading Miyuki’s letter and wrote a reply quickly. She was oddly in a hurry for some reason. As soon as Mayu finished writing a letter, she gave it to Yuki immediately without waiting.

“Leave now…”


“I told you…to leave!”

Mayu shoved Yuki away and it even made the officer even more confused. As Yuki made an eye contact with her…she could see pain in Mayu’s eyes. It made her worry, but at this moment, she didn’t want to make the thief angry. Right now, she felt that it’s best to just leave. However she felt utterly weird, normally she would be so grateful that Mayu let her leave early like this, but at the same time…she couldn’t shake out the worry for her.


Mayu was heading back home and on her way in the dark alley…the pain struck her again and she lost her balance and clashed against the wall. She panted hard and slid down against the cold brick wall. Her vision was blurred and she grabbed for the medicine in her pocket and forcefully swallowed it down her throat. She just had to wait for the medicine to release its effect and it would relieve her from this pain. She decided to take a nap to relieve her from this pain, but it seemed she had a very long sleep and when she woke up, the sun already set down and she’s surrounded by darkness of the alley…

“How long did I fell asleep…?”


She received a message, she wondered who could it be and as she grabbed her cellphone out…she was expecting it to be Jurina or Yuko, but it was that officer…Kashiwagi Yuki.

(Mayu: That woman…)

The thief opened the text and tried to read despite having a bad headache right now. She slowly read word by word.

   [Subject: Are you alright?]
   Mayu, you don’t look so well…are you okay?
   You looked as if you’re in big pain. Did you get any injury from the fight today in the park?
   I hope you get well soon…and yes, I am worried about you and I’m serious.

Mayu wouldn’t ever expect to receive such a message from Yuki, especially a message worrying about her. The thief just lied down there with a dumbfounded expression. She didn’t know how to respond to that and took her a long while to think of what to say before she replied back to Yuki…




Yuki was working over time in the office dealing with paper files. The sound of the cellphone broke the silence in the quiet office room; it was already late at night and who could be the one messaging her right now? Maybe it was Haruna or Miyuki. She checked her phone to see whom it is from. It literally caught her off guard as she saw it was a reply from Mayu. Without further ado, she opened the text immediately to read the thief’s reply.

   [Subject: (Not Titled)]
   I’m fine. Thanks for your concern.

Yuki was totally caught off guard as who would’ve expected to hear a word ‘thanks’ from Mayu? It did took her a very long while to send a message to Mayu because she think that she would receive such a rash sarcastic tone from the thief, but it seemed she didn’t…

“Maybe…she’s not a bad person after all…”

The image of Mayu that Miyuki always told her started to seem a little more realistic. Trying to be a little more optimistic, she recalled the time that Miyuki told her about her family tragic incident. It was Mayu that saved her from the murderer before he could have the chance to kill her…That was the last time Miyuki saw Mayu. The younger sister thought that she was dead but she didn’t…what happened to Mayu right after that? Yuki wondered and it didn’t sound good to her at all…maybe something bad happened that change the warm-hearted Mayu into a merciless killer. If that was the reason, Yuki felt that she couldn’t bring herself to hate Mayu…since it wasn’t her fault that made her become heartless, she was forced to become one.


Little by little… It seemed the officer’s heart had started to open to the heartless thief. A seed of curiosity started to grown within her…the desire wanting to know more about Mayu had gradually accumulate…

Then suddenly, for some reason, Yuki searched information in the database regarding Watanabe’s massacre 12 years ago. There must still be something left that she could trace, at the least she could find who was the one behind the massacre. As she was searching it up, it seemed the name of the killer was not even on the database. That never occurred to her before at all and it seemed utterly suspicious…she searched in-depth but found nothing…however, she came across with this article about Mayu and Miyuki’s family.

Suspect: Watanabe Koji being behind the human experiment …what is this?”

Yuki read the article and it was about Watanabe Koji being suspected to be the one behind this human experiment. It was a cruel experiment of using humans to create a super ideal human for combats in military and even in police departments. It made Yuki wondered whether Miyuki knew about this or not, but judging from how long the older officer knew her, it didn't seem Miyuki knew about it. Yuki tried to look into more of it but the information was restricted and she couldn’t access to it.

“That’s impossible…why?”

[Authorization: Restricted]

“Eh!? Why??”

Yuki was wondering why she couldn’t access to the database and everything seem suspicious to her after she found out the name of the killer was no longer in the database. However, that didn’t stop her from wanting to learn more about Watanabe’s tragic massacre…and about Watanabe Mayu’s dark past.


Mayu slowly headed back to her home in the dark alley and thank god that the pain in her head was gone now. While she was taking her time to return back home…she came across with this little dog. It's a very familiar dog.

“Wait…you’re that dog…”

It was the same dog that she encountered together with Jurina back a while ago (relate to Chapter 2). The dog was staring at her and was wiggling its tail with excitement.


(Mayu: Why is that dog here…?)

“It’s been a while…Mayu.”

A woman voice came from the darkest shadow at the corner of the building. As she walked out and revealed her long raven hair…it immediately made Mayu froze with shock. Even it had been years ever since she had last met this woman, she remembered her eyes, and that two scar lines above and below her left eyebrow…that signified only one person, it’s Rena.


“You grew up so much since we last met, it seemed your concussion is getting worse isn’t?”

Obviously Mayu was stunned. The woman that disappeared 9 years ago just suddenly appeared before her once again with that calm gentle smile. But, why now? Mayu couldn’t help but to be curious about it.

“Where have you been?? Why did you just disappear without saying a word??”

“Fufu…I wouldn’t be able to answer your questions if you just keep throwing at me like that, Mayu.” Rena giggled softly as she gently carried the Ruby into her arms and stroke its head.

“…There is something I must do, something that only I can do. That’s why I have to leave you all.”

“What is it that you have to do? I can help you! I’m not a weak like before anymore.” Mayu kept nagging but then she couldn’t break through Rena’s calm smile. She felt like to keep questioning but then a part of her mind was telling her not to, as if she’s afraid to push further on.

“Thank you Mayu…but I guess it is still to early right now.” Rena smiled gently and continued. “I believe you learned about the SuperSoldier and Jurina already, am I right?”

Mayu froze and couldn’t understand why and how did Rena know about that. As if the raven woman had been watching over Mayu for god knows how long and since when. However, it made the mouse thief realize that the Rena also knew about SuperSoldier project as well.

“There are things you shouldn’t nose yourself in…but I guess it’s inevitable, you’re also a victim to this as well.”


Mayu didn’t really understood what Rena was speaking and without further ado, the woman brought something out from her pocket and it was a small jar filled with pills in there. She threw it at Mayu and the girl caught it before it could’ve hit her. She recognized those pills; it was identical to those painkillers she got from Takamina.

“You would need some of that, you should start taking care of yourself aside from constantly thinking about revenge.”


“I shall leave now…”

“W-Wait! Rena-san! Jurina had been constantly looking for you!”

Mayu yelled out loud and it made Rena halted for a second. The thief used this chance efficiently and continued to convince the older girl to return to them. “Jurina misses you…even until now.”



“We will meet again, when the proper time comes…I believe there will be the day I will return to you guys once again.”


Mayu didn’t know what to say and only could watch the older raven disappeared into the dark corner of the alley. It’s totally impossible to catch up with the older girl right now. She had disappeared for good. However, Mayu couldn’t shake out the thought of why Rena suddenly appeared before her eyes once again after 9 years of disappearance. Furthermore, she seemed to know about the SuperSoldier and Jurina’s history as well. What secrets was Rena holding anyway? Lastly…why did Rena say that Mayu was a victim anyway?


The next day in the office, Yuki called Miyuki over to her desk and it made the younger junior wondered.

“What is it senpai?”

She questioned and then Yuki handed her another letter to her with a wink. It made Miyuki surprised and at the same time, delightful. She took the letter and it was written from Mayu.

“Neh, Miyuki.”


“…I believe that your kindhearted sister is still alive in Mayu.”

Yuki smiled and those words meant a lot to Miyuki. She didn't know what did her senpai conversed with Mayu but to learn that her sister, but to know that Yuki had faith in Mayu made her happier than ever. She always wanted to believe that Mayu would always be her gentle sister, and after hearing those words…she believed it full-heartedly.

“Senpai…thank you so much, those words meant a lot to me.”

“Don’t worry about it. I believe someday you two will be together again.”




Mayu was relaxing at Sae’s bar and she received an incoming message. It was from Yuki and she had a read immediately.

   [Subject: Next Meeting]
   For our next meeting: Saturday, at the same place, meeting earlier at 11am.
   How does that sound for you?

The girl smirked while reading the text and typed the respond back to without further ado. She kept her cellphone back into her pocket and it seemed everything went smoothly according to her plan so far. Mayu planned to make Yuki establish feelings for her, because after that, it would make the younger girl manipulated her much easier… even though she had to fake herself in order to make Yuki believe her. She didn’t care what method she would have to use on Yuki, since all she could think is revenge against Kashiwagi Miura…


Mariko decided to have a night walk alone after she had spent a lot of her time in her office doing intense research. She did gather some clue to what she’s trying to find, but yet it’s still so far from her goal. As she enjoyed the silence of the night, she flipped her cellphone and stared at the screen picture. It was a picture of her younger self, around late teenage, together with Takamina, Atsuko, and another woman. All of them looked really happy. This woman…she was standing right beside Mariko and she had a very gentle smile.


It seemed this woman name Haruna was important to Mariko, or used to be. That was the same name as the officer who was with Yuki and Miyuki. They might’ve been the same person. While the woman was dazing off, she didn’t realize another presence sneaking from behind.

“I didn’t expect to see you walking at night alone like this…Mariko-sama.”

It made Mariko flinched and as she turned, she had made an eye contact with the raven-haired woman. Those black eyes captivated her attention and it was one reunion for them. She was holding her little pet in her arm and had this vague smile across her face. Such a familiar presence, and such a nostalgic feeling.

“Rena-chan…you haven’t change.”

“So do you. I hope you’re feeling well…as you know what I meant.”

“As usual, and you? I heard from Takamina, that you’re starting to take the drug now right?”


The woman didn’t reply as she kept patting her pet dog in her arms. Both knew what each of them was referring to. However, that was enough of their friendly talk, Mariko looked a little more serious and went straight to the point.

“Rena-chan, it’s about time you return back…”

“Not yet…it’s not the time yet, Mariko-sama.”

Rena refused and shook her head. It didn’t mean that she didn’t want to return back, she wanted to, but she couldn’t. “You know that my existence will bring harm Jurina…isn’t that why I left?”

“Rena-chan, if you don’t trust Jurina…then nothing will change. Are you going to run away like this forever?”

“Mariko-sama, you know what I meant…”

She placed her hand on top of her necklace that said ‘ROCK’. Rena could feel another presence inside her body, the heartless sadist persona of hers. It was her split personality that was created by countless experiments; she was one of the survived test subjects from the SuperSoldier project. Her codename is [Gekikara].

“The existence of GEKIKARA is to trigger CENTER and NOBUNAGA to wake up, my existence will only bring pain to her…didn’t you remember? They day she turned into CENTER 9 years ago…”

Mariko remembered that disaster very well. It’s one of the normal days back 9 years ago. When Rena was still living together with them. She was also a survivor from the experiment just like Jurina. However, one day…there was this group of idiot thieves that didn’t know who they shouldn’t mess with. They tried to mug Rena and Mayu, but obviously they couldn’t beat Rena since she’s trained to become a SuperSoldier, she had brought out her split persona, Gekikara out and beat all those guys into pulp.

However…that was a huge mistake, it awakened one of Jurina’s personas, Center, and then she started…attacking everyone, including Rena and Mayu. All those foolish thieves were completely knocked out for good and their face was soaked with their own blood after Jurina knocked them all in one blow…she almost strangle Mayu to the point she’s asphyxiating, if it wasn’t for Rena fighting back against her…who knows what would’ve happen to Mayu back then.  Since Rena was older, she had an advantage with her body growth and managed to knock Jurina unconscious…

After that, it seemed Center had came out much more often when she saw Rena. It had got worse that Rena had to stay in a separate building from Jurina. The young girl…was like a mad dog that only could think of destroying everyone in her way. She’s truly a successful test subject as a SuperSoldier, the only thing that her split personas only could think is destruction. Besides, Jurina was way too young to learn how to control it, and she couldn’t recall any of her memories when Center took over her body.

After they had gone through Rena’s test subject profile…they learned that the purpose of Rena, or Gekikara’s existence is to control Center and Nobunaga inside Jurina. Because of that…few days later, Rena had disappeared, back then only Mariko knew about that. She had to leave for Jurina’s sake even though she didn’t even want to at all. This place was like a home to her…this is her precious family, but she didn’t have the choice but to leave.

“I know what you mean, but Jurina is no longer a kid anymore. She is strong.” Mariko approached Rena and tapped her head gently. “You have to believe in Jurina, or else you’ll have to keep running away from her like this for the rest of your life.”


“Either way, she will have to learn how to control her split personas, just like you…and me.” Mariko backed away and sighed softly. “I’ll wait for your return, Rena-chan.”

“Thank you…Mariko-sama, when the time comes, I will come back.”

“I see.” She smiled with relief. “So what did you do in this past 9 years?”

“Many things, I’ve been collecting as much information as possible. Since the SuperSolider project had dissipated…and Takamina-san said might be able to make the cure.”

Rena smiled and it seemed to amaze Mariko. It was the most excited news to hear. Since Mariko had been doing a lot of research for this as well. There was one side effect that all test subjects received via countless experiments on their body…the toxic from countless chemicals accumulated within their blood had started to show its effect and slowly deteriorating their body. Right now so far, Takamina was able to formulate a drug that could help subside the toxic from being active but no one would know how long with this drug will work. Mariko had been taking in this drug for quite a while already and it seemed Rena had recently started to use it. The only person that was far from this symptom would be Jurina.

“I see…thank you so much for your hard work, Rena-chan.”

“No problem, I don’t want Jurina to suffer like we do…let me be the last one.”


Mariko smile and it was about time Rena would leave. She told the older woman that she would always be around in the darkness watching over both Mayu and Jurina. When she felt the time was right, she will return back.

Only thing that both of them could do was waiting for the right time to come. There’s nothing they could do at the moment only but wait…



Next update: ...SURPRISE~ :D [It's just I don't know what to write yet]
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Ahem....Sorry for not updating for so long! I've been working on many things (fanfics), and I'm still working on the Ch05! My current project at the moment is Kevin's bday wMatsui OS! Please do look forward to it and it's going to be one LOOOOOOOONG oneshot once again~ So since I didn't update for so long...I decided to do Christmas Special version for LOVE CAPTURE!!! I just edited after I got back from it's technically 2am, so apologize for any mistakes or typos in this special christmas shot!

Also~ For those who also read Amnesia....I uploaded before this one! :) Do go check it out too~

Note: This scene is not relevant to the main story! It's completely fan-service. So this is not actually happening in the story itself! Hope you guys enjoy~

Love Capture ~ Christmas Special!

“Well then, everyone’s here so…cheers!”

Mariko gave a toast and everyone raised their glasses up. The thieves and polices were all together for this special Christmas eve together in the special excluded hideout belonged to leader Shinoda. It was the day that they would forget about their status in society… just for today they would spend their time together as normal beings.


Miyuki rushed to her sister’s side and couldn’t help but to smile so widely with contentment. To be able to spend time on Christmas with her long lost twin ever since they were separated was truly priceless to Miyuki.

“Calm down Miyuki!”

“But I miss you!”

“Yeah yeah…I know that.” Mayu sighed and had a slight hint of blush across her smooth cheeks. It made the younger twin had a huge smile across her face before she couldn’t hold back her excitement to have her sister close by to her side.

“Hehe, neechan~!”

Miyuki couldn’t help but to wrap her arms around Mayu’s tightly with contentment. Others simply watched the lovely twins finally get to spend time together. Rena and Jurina were sitting beside each other talking while the puppy Ruby sat on her owner’s lap. The younger one was so happy to be able to be together with the older one again and leaned closely towards her. Rena was blushing slightly with how childish Jurina was behaving, but it didn’t mean she didn’t dislike it. They sure had a very intimate relationship between the two of them that no one knew…

On another group Yuko, Mariko, and Haruna were standing together and having a very sentimental talk with each other. There was some certain relationship going on between Haruna and Mariko as they knew each other in the past. As for Yuko, she was heavily crazy with the officer and always cuddling her all the time. It was definitely an intriguing relationship going on between those 3 ladies.

Lastly…Yuki was standing alone against the wall from a distance away. Everyone seemed to have their own little group that each of them belonged to, unlike her. The closest person to her was Miyuki, but she didn’t want to interrupt her private time with her long lost sister. Kashiwagi sighed softly and didn’t realize the presence beside her.

“Why are you sighing alone here? How un-socialize are you, officer.”

Yuki turned and she was so shocked that she almost dropped her glass. It was the sneaky nezumi girl that was standing next to her sipping her drink. They made an eye contact with each other and Mayu couldn’t help but to laugh at Yuki’s overreaction.

“D-Don’t laugh at me!”

“Why are you standing here alone?”

“Well…I don’t know where to go I guess. It seems…everyone has their own place to be with. But unfortunately, I don’t have one here.”

“Now you are, with me.”

Yuki turned out with surprise and couldn’t believe what Mayu was saying to her. They made an eye contact again and it seemed the thief’s words didn’t seem to sink into her head that well.

“Miyuki is with Jurina and Rena right now. They sure go along well with each other since they are quite similar in a way. So now I’m alone.”


“Can you be my accompany tonight?”

Mayu gave a smile and it made Yuki’s heart skipped a beat. The officer didn’t want to admit that she’s having butterflies in her stomach when she saw that beautiful smile from the younger girl. She avoided eye contact and took another sip of her tea.


“Thank you~”

She replied with a sarcastic tone to Yuki. Shortly, Mayu invited Yuki out from the room to go up the stairs to somewhere the officer didn’t know. She only followed Mayu cautiously and when the arrived at the top floor to open the door, they arrived at the roof deck of the building. Yuki could feel the cold breeze against her skin and the sea of stars above her head. It was utterly beautiful. Snow was everywhere, as the snow was falling from the sky it looked like it's like a rain of stars to her.


“Nice right? I simply hate crowds and I prefer more to spend time quietly up here at night. That’s what I always do on the night of Christmas Eve.”

“Then…why drag me here? Aren’t we enemies?”

“Well technically yes, but not tonight…it’s Christmas Eve after all.”

Mayu lied down on the snowy floor while she stretched her hand towards the full moon that was swimming in the sea of stars. She smiled softly before she turned to Yuki whom was still standing beside her.

“Why don’t you lie down and join me?”


Yuki did what Mayu asked and when she looked up, the beauty of the stars made her mind calmed down. She could feel the thief holding her hand, but then she didn’t resist. She actually felt more secure with Mayu was holding onto her. The warmth from her hands was comforting Yuki from the cold sensation of snow on the floor. Before she realized it again, she could feel uneasy for a second as if someone was glaring at her. She turned her glance to the side and see Mayu was actually staring at her quietly.


“Heh, if we’re not enemies…we might become good friends.”


Mayu didn’t say anything else and she didn’t know whether she was lying to her or not. Yuki was confused with Mayu and herself. She didn’t know what to believe anymore. She wasn’t sure to believe this sarcastic cunning thief that stole her first kiss heartlessly or not.

“I have something for you.”

Mayu took something out from her pocket while she sat up from the floor. Yuki followed her up and then the thief put something into her hands. It was a white snowflake earring and it looked like it was quite expensive too.

“I-It looks expensive…you bought this for me?”

“It is expensive since it’s made from actual white crystal. And yes, I bought this for you. It’s your Christmas gift. Since your name is Yuki… so, the ‘snow’ theme sure fits you well.”

Yuki couldn’t believe the cunning thief actually bought her a Christmas present. Part of her wanted to ask whether she stole it from somewhere or not but then she wanted to trust Mayu for once. Just for today… just for tonight…she would trust this cunning thief. She smiled with contentment back to the thief in front of her.

“Thank you…Mayu.”

She couldn’t hold back her surprise expression as she was expecting Yuki to be doubting her whether she stole it or not. She decided to press on with this topic in order to solve her curiosity.

“Why didn’t you accuse me whether I stole it like usual?”

“…I decided to trust you, just for tonight.”

“I see…thank you, Yuki.”

It was the very first time she called the officer by her name. It made Yuki’s heart raced like crazy. She didn’t know that just for the thief to utter her name out with create such a huge impact to her heart. Mayu offered to put the earrings on the officer and Yuki nodded silently. She hoped that the thief wouldn’t hear her heart beating so rapidly against her chest. In the silence of the snow, they stared into each other’s eyes and fog came out from their mouth as they breathed closely to one another. Mayu took out her jacket and put it over Yuki’s shoulder so she wouldn’t be too cold. They didn’t say a word nor divert their glance away at all. The Watanabe gently brushed her fingers against Yuki’s cheek. Gradually little by little, the thief moved in closer towards her face but the officer didn’t move.

“…Are you not resisting today?”

“Just for this once…consider as my gratitude for the gift.”

“I see, then just for this once, I’ll say this…”

Mayu moved in closer and whispered against Yuki’s lips before it collided against hers. It was a soft sweet kiss that Yuki didn’t resist it. Watanabe slowly snaked her hands to the back of Yuki’s neck in order to pull her in to deepen it up. Yuki started to blush even more as she felt the thief snaking her tongue to explore inside her mouth, as well as tangling with her tongue. Soft moans escaped from the officer’s lips while they were still kissing. It’s making Yuki’s body burning even more and she no longer felt cold from the snow. Mayu’s words replayed in her head again, and again, and then again.

(Mayu: …The earrings look great on you…and you’re actually pretty with it.)

The younger one slowly pulled her lips away and they panted against each other’s lips. They still made an eye contact with one another before Mayu backed off from the officer. She brushed Yuki’s front hair gently and let out a smile from her heart. 

“How cruel the world is…”


“If we meet, as ordinary citizen…I wouldn’t mind fell in love with you.”


Yuki was blushing madly and Mayu couldn’t help but to laugh at her. She loved to tease the officer so much and she wouldn’t want to waste this precious day. Mayu wrapped her arm around Yuki’s waist and pulled her closer to hug. It was a very gentle and warm hug. It was something that Kashiwagi wouldn’t expect to receive from the criminal at all. Yuki wondered why she wasn’t resisting the hug at all. But before she could say anything else, Mayu spoke up first.

“If you don’t mind…let’s stay like this…just until the day is over…”


This was the only day they would just act like ordinary citizen. Such things as criminals and police officers do not exist right now. Then tomorrow morning they would resume their life once again. They would be pointing guns at each other once again. So just for today, Yuki wanted to know and understand Mayu a little more despite that it could be a big fat lie today. Everything could be a lie, but at the same thing it could all be the truth. For some reason…she wanted to believe in the thief today, just for today…



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And... God! She's damn good in using her gun!! Wow.
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Love Capture: CH05

The officer covered herself in her brown coat while she walked into the park. As she kept walking to the place of her appointment, she met with this person sitting alone on the table with her black hoodie on. Yuki knew immediately who it was and approached her. It was as if her instinct told her who she was.


The figure didn’t respond but slowly turned to her. Yuki made an eye contact with that heartless glare and eventually went to her side. However it was somewhat odd today since the coldhearted thief seemed to be quieter than usual. It made the officer curious and put her hand onto her shoulder.

“Are you alright?”


Mayu flinched slightly and that was when Yuki caught a glimpse of a red fluid all over her right arm. The officer rushed to held her arm gently and examined the wound with worries. It was a short cut across her arm but it was deep into her flesh. Then the next thing she saw was the shiny black ball on the floor. She picked it up and its coated with blood…it was Mayu’s blood. That’s when she realized that the thief was shot in the arm and she took the bullet out by herself…

“What happen…? Tell me.”

“Tell what? Tell that it was you guys that shot me in the arm?”

She glared ferociously at Yuki and the officer realized that she was to take the blame indirectly. Her colleague shot her. That glare just reminded her and Mayu’s status in society. They were enemies, they were supposed to be more than prepared to kill each other on the field any second. Instead of Yuki carrying the feel of guilt, she remained in silence for a short while.

“What did you use to take the bullet out?”

“…What else could it be aside from a knife?”

“Isn’t that painful?”

“There’s nothing I could do. Plus, I’m used to it already.”

Yuki sighed softly and then spotted this bloody pocketknife beside Mayu. It seemed to be the knife she used to take the bullet out. She knew it that it must be painful for her yet she didn’t make a single tear out. The officer asked Mayu to sit on the chair properly since she’s going to treat her wound. However, it seem the thug was refusing to do so.

“It’s none of your business, you’ll just add more anyways so what’s the point helping me here. Aren’t you supposed to be glad that I’m injured?”

“How could you say such things like that!?”

Yuki raised her voice with anger towards Mayu. She couldn’t believe what she heard and it was such a heartless word, yet tinged with sadness in it. As if she had lost all hope in humanity and everyone around her. Just hearing those words pained her heart.

“You’re injured…whatever status you have, you’re injured! I still have sense of humanity okay? So, are you going to sit properly or you’re going to force me to?”

Mayu remained in silence and simply got off from the table and went to sit properly. She did not say a word, and didn’t refuse Yuki’s offer. The officer sat down opposite from her and took out the first aid equipment she had in her pocket just in case anything happened. She was glad that it came to be useful today. She cleaned the blood out with her handkerchief and disinfected the wound that Mayu forced the knife in to take the bullet out. She bandaged around the wound carefully and tenderly so she wouldn’t apply too much pressure that it would inflict more pain to what she had now.

“Is it okay?”

“…Why are you doing this? What are you gaining for helping me here?”

“What’s wrong with helping an injured person?”

“When I’m the one out there killing your colleagues?”

Mayu’s question struck her immediately. However, Yuki wanted to trust the thief even it’s just a tinge of light in the darkest tunnel. It didn’t change the fact that this person is Watanabe Mayu, the older twin of Miyuki. There were just too many dark secrets being hidden and it was yet to be known. It would take time for things to be better. Instead of answering, Yuki avoided it.

“…I don’t think you will kill someone if you’re not forced to.”

“How so?”

“Because…I guess I want to believe in you. I want to believe in that kindness that Miyuki always talked about until now.”

Mayu didn’t respond a word, as she couldn’t still understand what Yuki would gain from being gentle to her. The thief expected the woman to express her anger and grudge towards her despite all the abuses she had done. However, the silence between the two of them broke off as Yuki’s cellphone rang out loud. The officer excused herself and picked up the call and realized that it was from Haruna.

[Yuki! I know it’s your day-off but we need your assistance! Right now the thieves are heading towards the park, are you close by?]


[I’m sorry, but I’m leaving it to you!]

Haruna hung up the call as she was tailing on the thieves at the moment. Mayu overheard the conversation so clearly that the officer did not have to explain anything further to her. They only stared at each other and Yuki had a feeling she understood those eyes very well.

“…You still have time. Get out from her as fast as you can.”


“Aren’t you good at running? Please leave.”

“…Why? Isn’t it beneficial if you just capture me here?”

“Stop questioning and just go, will you? Isn’t it obvious that I don’t want you to get hurt more than this!?”

Yuki shoved Mayu away and told her to run away when she could. It just reminded the officer about both of their status once again. They were together only due to the contract they made…Despite she knew that one day she would have to capture, or at most shooting her down, she couldn’t help but to be worried about Mayu. She felt that the younger girl didn’t deserve such unfairness of the world like this. 


Mayu took off while Yuki watched her from behind. That was when the officer had to head back to work with her colleagues to catch the criminals. Such an irony that she’s trying to befriend a thief while trying to catch them, sometimes Yuki couldn’t understand herself on what she truly wanted to do with herself.


Mayu finally ended up at the border of the park. She couldn’t hear any suspicious sounds and assumed that the police officers weren’t close by. However, she was still confused with Yuki’s actions. Kashiwagi could’ve captured her but instead she let her go. While she kept musing about this officer, her eyes accidently caught upon this scene that a group of boys were surrounding an elder woman. With her sharp senses, she could tell that they were trying to rob her. How pitiful and filthy the world was… Mayu wondered to herself and threw them off guard by using her powerful kick in the hip. It caused the boy to grumble in pain on the floor and made all his friends stayed alert.

“W-Who are you!?”

“How pitiful robbing an elder, do you have any shame as a human?”

“Who gives a crap of that!?”

The boy replied as he rushed towards Mayu in order to fight back against her. However, it was futile. The boys seemed to be quite younger than her and they couldn’t overpower the well-trained thug that easily. Mayu dodged all the attacks smoothly and struck her kicks right into their weak points without mercy. One by one collapsed onto the floor in pain and only the elder was left dumbfounded with what she had witnessed.

“…Are you alright?”

Mayu extended her hand towards the elder in order to give her a hand to stand up. The elder could feel that kindness via that touch and stood up with a smile across her face. She thanked the hoodie girl back for helping her and furthermore, Mayu told her to head towards the direction she came from in order to go meet with an officer. At least she would be safe from the thugs around here for quite a while.

“You’ll meet an officer there, a long raven haired woman.”

“I see…thank you little miss.”

The elder smiled before she took off towards the direction Mayu gave her. She should eventually meet with the officers and Yuki as she kept heading towards that direction. Also, it’s about time she had to flee from the park before she would be caught by anyone else.


She kept going through dark corners of the building to make sure she couldn’t hear any suspicious sounds coming of officers anymore. Coincidently on her way back, she accidently met with her energetic partner whom appeared from the corner of the dark alley. They almost bumped into each other as she was in a big rush as well and their eyes stared upon each other with surprise. 

“Oh! Didn’t know you went out at all. Went off the hunt some bounties?”

“…Where did you go, Jurina?”

The older girl refused to answer Jurina’s question and literally threw the question back at her. The young one told her that she went to visit Takamina’s pharmacy store as well as getting some medicines that Mariko-sama asked her to get. Also, Jurina passed her a small bag that contained the meds and everything that Mayu would need if she had another concussion stroke. It seem what Jurina told her was true after all and they headed back home together to their dark hideout.

“Hey Mayu, where did you go actually?”

“Shut up Jurina, stop asking.”

“Mou~ Tell me! I’m curious! Did you hunt bounties without me again!?”

“I said shut up.”

Mayu was glad that they finally arrived back at their home and the older one went straight to her room while ignoring countless questions from Jurina. The cyborg girl shut the door tightly and locked herself in the dark room. She threw herself onto the bed and realized this object in her pocket. It was actually a pen and it just reminded the nezumi girl that there was no letter exchange today due to unexpected situation came up. It was a call of the devil as she was thinking about the officer; she received a text that turned out to be the one she was thinking about.

   [Subject: Today]
   I forgot to give you Miyuki’s letter…can we meet in few days at usual place and time?

The Watanabe girl replied back without further ado and threw herself back onto bed. Such a moment like this, the cunning thug wouldn’t miss a chance. The more she meet with the officer, the more she would be able to approach her heart. Mayu smirked silently and decided to wait patiently for her next meeting with Yuki at the park…she’s one step closer to revenge.


By the time Mayu arrived, Yuki was already there and seemed to be in her officer outfit as well. However she put on her coat in order to hide her outfit from people around her. As the nezumi girl approached her, they went straight to business as Yuki passed the letter to her without saying any words. As usual, it would be Mayu’s job to read and write back the letter to Miyuki. While she was trying to wrap up the content she wrote on the paper, Yuki couldn’t help but to throw a question at her.

“…I have a question to ask you.”


“I tried to look it up but I couldn’t find it at all…as if it’s preventing anyone from knowing, but I got a feeling there’s something behind it!”

“What the hell are you blabbering, get to the damn point.”

Yuki gulped before she continued where she left off. She wondered whether it was a right decision to actually say it or not but there’s no turning back with this. She looked up into Mayu’s eyes and she could see that the younger thief was waiting for her to speak.

“…On that night…what happen to your family?”

Her eyes grew wide with surprise and Yuki could tell how shocked Watanabe was. Her widened eyes slowly turned into a glare of anger towards the officer. So much hatred pierced through Yuki’s heart as she made an eye contact with it. She could feel Mayu’s hatred through it clearly.

“What do you fucking want…? Do you DARE say further than that…”

Her voice changed as it gave chills down Yuki’s spine. Her voice was filled with anger, hatred, as well as despair. However, the officer didn’t like this disturbing feeling in her chest. She had a feeling that there was a story behind this, if not then there would be full information regarding the tragedy. Mayu was the survivor along with Miyuki from the incident…unfortunately Miyuki couldn’t remember the incident much after she was saved by Mayu. Therefore, the one that held the key to the truth behind the tragic murder would be the eldest twin of Watanabe…it’s only her.

“Why do you even bother asking me when you can ask Miyuki?”

“She remembers nothing…until the part you saved her.”

The thief argued but officer Kashiwagi was not backing down that easily either. She told her how Miyuki was could only remember to the part that nezumi saved her from the murderer. Until now, Miyuki regretted that she ran away with fear without turning back to save her sister. She carried that burden with her until now and that’s why she decided to become an officer. After the older twin learned about her younger sister’s agony about that incident, it seemed she was a little relaxed down and opened herself slightly to Yuki.

“Mayu… what happen on that day?”

“It’s NONE of your business…”

“Mayu please!”

“Why are you so desperate to know this!? When it’s frigging none of your business at all! Officer Kashiwagi…”

Yuki bit her lips as those cold harsh words were uttered from Mayu’s lips. Then again it made her questioning herself why she was so desperate to know the truth when it’s none of her business as Mayu mentioned. She seemed to have faith in what she believed in. She knew that if there’s no such stories behind the scene, then Mayu would’ve return to Miyuki already…but Mayu’s current self was a complete opposite of what anyone could’ve expected. As Yuki spent time with the thief…she could tell that Watanabe’s eyes were filled with hatred and hunger for revenge. She had a goal in mind…that did not wish to share it to anyone.

“Tch, if you’re that frigging desperate…put your own life on it.”


“I swear that the data is there…in the Criminal Investigation Department database. Since the officers are so DEEPLY involved with this crap.”

Mayu spat and glared at the officer without blinking. Yuki didn’t felt that good with that sly across the thief’s face and it seemed her instinct turned out to be true. She had a choice to believe Mayu’s words or not…however, she had a feeling that the younger girl didn’t lie to her. As a thief, Mayu did give an advice in a thief’s style to obtain the information.
“You can do it anyways, breaking through the security system to access the database…you’re the head of department’s daughter after all.”

“W-Wait…How did you know that I—”

Yuki froze with shock that Mayu knew about her father, Kashiwagi Miura, being the head of Criminal Investigation Department. The nezumi’s reply was just a silent smirk to the officer. It gave Yuki a chill down her spine when she really did underestimated Watanabe Mayu from not knowing her origin.

“Now you’re giving me a foul mood…leave at once, filthy officer.”

That ticked off the officer slightly and she left without saying a word. She had to tolerate this in order to learn the truth. As Yuki got onto her car and headed back to her office, she couldn’t help but to question herself why she’s making herself going through this. Maybe she didn’t want Miyuki to experience the same pain she went through…she lost her older sister in the mission after all when she’s around Miyuki’s age. But was that the only motivation that made her willingly to go through this entire burden? She sighed again and finally arrived at her destination, the department’s office.


“Ah, glad that you’re still around…”

Luckily, Miyuki was still working at the office so Yuki was able to pass the letter to her. Her younger junior got excited every time she received a letter and would always ask whether Mayu was doing okay or not. As usual, Yuki’s answer would be ‘she’s doing okay and safe’ in order to not make Miyuki get over worried with her. Obviously, the older senior couldn’t just tell her that an officer shot Mayu in the arm today.  That was one of the fears that both Miyuki and Yuki carried as they thought about Watanabe Mayu. With their status…there was nothing that both officers could do at all.

“When are you heading back? Haruna-senpai and I planned for a dinner and wanted you to join us.”

“Dinner eh…?”

“Yes! It would be a pleasure if senpai will join us tonight.”

Yuki remained in silence and seemed to be having thoughts in her mind. As she made an eye contact with Miyuki, she shook her head to refuse the offer. The officer had made up her mind in order to do something very serious. Officer Watanabe could tell the nervousness and seriousness in Yuki’s eyes and it made her a little worried about her.

“Ah…are you okay senpai? You look worried.”

“I-I’m fine! Don’t worry. Sorry to refuse today.”

“All good. Don’t overwork yourself again senpai.”

“I won’t.”

It wasn’t that long until Miyuki had left the office. Yuki had a glass of black coffee before she continued doing her research regarding Watanabe’s tragic massacre on websites as usual. She still didn’t want to use the method that Mayu suggested and refused to commit an act of treason against her colleagues, especially against her father. She desperately search articles online and in the department’s database. However, she couldn’t unlock the lock that was protecting the information within the database. She needed a password and an authorized username in order to open the full data.

“UGH! Is there anyway to know about this at all?”

(Mayu: You can do it anyways, breaking through the security system to access the database…you’re the head of department’s daughter after all.)

Mayu’s words replayed in her head but she shook it off immediately. But when she put her thoughts into it…the username and password that she could use to access this database would be her father’s. He’s the head of department after all…it’s obvious that he would be able to access to all the data in the database including this Watanabe’s massacre 12 years ago.

“…Is this leaving me the only choice?”

Yuki sighed softly as she remembered her father once gave her his username and password in cases of emergency if she needed something. She never knew that this would be coming in handy in such situation like this. She decided to secretly sneak into one of the computer rooms so to ensure no one would be seeing what she was doing. As Yuki sat at the furthest computer from the exit door, she took another deep breath before she entered her father’s password to log in into the database. Every act she was doing was going against the regulations of the department. She finally clicked onto the Watanabe’s massacre incident information and she was able to access to it without any issues anymore.

“It worked…!”

As she scrolled down…she couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. The information was altered from the articles online. It was like as it it’s a complete different set of information. Was this the truth that actually happened to Watanabe’s family? It was something that she couldn’t believe or accept it at first sight. Her eyes were widely opened with shock and devastation as she slowly read through the paragraphs…

“N-No… how could this…!”

The massacre was planned by the officers themselves to annihilate Watanabe Kouji, he’s a forensic scientist for the department and was invited into SuperSoldier project that was newly promoted back then. However, he refused to do so and the only way to prevent any information from leaking out was to assassinate him. One of the elite officers from the C.I. Department was sent to kill him, including the wife. Furthermore, it was planned out that the children would be used as a 1st generation test subjects in the SuperSoldier project.

However, the youngest twin, Watanabe Miyuki (10) escaped successfully. As for the eldest twin, Watanabe Mayu (10) was taken into custody and was escorted to the laboratory. However, that officer that escorted the child went missing in action and its known that the child didn’t arrive at her destination as well. She had disappeared without any trace and was recorded to be dead.

“What the hell is this…”

There were too many facts running through Yuki’s mind. She couldn’t process all in time and started to understand the hatred that was hidden within Mayu’s beautiful eyes. Did Mayu know about this? Was that the reason she had so much hatred and anger towards officers and humanity? Too many questions regarding the younger thug spammed through her head but before she could react to anything. She felt a presence close by to her and when she turned around she saw a gun pointed at her closely.

“Don’t move.”


He declared with a strong merciless voice. He wasn’t the only one that was in the computer room with her. There were other 4 more officers in here as well. Yuki recognized them very well and it seem they knew who she was too. They were actually her father’s men…

“You indeed surprised me…Yuki.”

A mysterious man appeared from the darkness and made a calm eye contact with the young lady officer. She couldn’t believe her eyes as she stared at him with fear and frustration. His calm smile mentally freaked her out and she bit her lips strongly to prevent her from trembling in fear. 


“I never knew you would use my username to search for such a confidential information like this.”

“F-Father is this all true!?”

One of Miura’s men held firm to his gun as if he was ready to pull the trigger anytime, but the old man Kashiwagi stopped him from shooting his daughter. If it were to be anyone else he would’ve killed them without mercy, but since she was his own blood and flesh daughter…he couldn’t simply commit such a heartless act like that.

“Well then, now that you’ve known about it…join with me.”


“SuperSolider project is the future. We will revive this project once again. This will save humanity in the future…this will prevent our men from dying pointlessly in the field, just like Yumi.”


Yuki froze and confusion had started to take over her conscious. Yumi was her older sister’s name and she died during her mission to arrest the serial killer she’s hunting. She was killed while trying to save the victim. Everything that her father said sounded so persuasive especially when it’s also regarding her dearest sister.

“We both suffer from that lost…join with me, Yuki.”


He approached her and extended his hand to Yuki. He gave his invitation to her daughter to join this project after she had discovered the dark truth of the C.I.  department. After the persuasion, she slowly moved her hand towards him as she had her reminiscing about her older sister. She didn’t want such a loss like that to repeat again…not with anyone anymore.

(Mayu: …Why are you doing this? What are you gaining for helping me here?)

Mayu’s face flashed into her head as she recalled the meeting few days ago in the park. She was shot in the arm and Yuki was treating her wounds. They really did have an unpleasant talk with one another regarding their position in society. The officers were ones that were supposed to be hunting people like Mayu…but Yuki ended up saving her instead…


“It’s none of your business, you’ll just add more anyways so what’s the point helping me here. Aren’t you supposed to be glad that I’m injured?”

“How could you say such things like that!?”

Yuki raised her voice with anger towards Mayu. She couldn’t believe what she heard and it was such a heartless word, yet tinged with sadness in it. As if she had lost all hope in humanity and everyone around her. Just hearing those words pained her heart.

“You’re injured…whatever status you have, you’re injured! I still have sense of humanity okay? So, are you going to sit properly or you’re going to force me to?”

Mayu remained in silence and simply got off from the table and went to sit properly. She did not say a word, and didn’t refuse Yuki’s offer. The officer sat down opposite from her and took out the first aid equipment she had in her pocket just in case anything happened. She was glad that it came to be useful today. She cleaned the blood out with her handkerchief and disinfected the wound that Mayu forced the knife in to take the bullet out. She bandaged around the wound carefully and tenderly so she wouldn’t apply too much pressure that it would inflict more pain to what she had now.

“Is it okay?”

“…Why are you doing this? What are you gaining for helping me here?”

“What’s wrong with helping an injured person?”

“When I’m the one out there killing your colleagues?”

Mayu’s question struck her immediately. However, Yuki wanted to trust the thief even it’s just a tinge of light in the darkest tunnel. It didn’t change the fact that this person is Watanabe Mayu, the older twin of Miyuki. There were just too many dark secrets being hidden and it was yet to be known. It would take time for things to be better. Instead of answering, Yuki avoided it.

“…I don’t think you will kill someone if you’re not forced to.”

“How so?”

“Because…I guess I want to believe in you. I want to believe in that kindness that Miyuki always talked about until now.”


Yuki paused for a second and caught her father’s attention. She retracted her hands back with instinct and started to realize what if she took her father’s hand…it would meant that she left Mayu in the darkness of hatred and revenge. Now that she learned the one behind the massacre was actually her father…and Mayu knew that Yuki was Kashiwagi Miura’s daughter…she bet that the thief knew that she was the daughter of the murderer that killed her family. She was no longer surprised that Mayu would be using her as tool for revenge…maybe she would do the same or far worse if she was in Mayu’s position.

“What’s a matter Yuki?”

Her father asked and the daughter bit her lips softy. A huge dilemma she had in her head. It’s either to go onto her father’s side…or not. She didn’t realize how she had grown to attach to the young thug after spending time and realizing many things regarding about her. Mayu was in pain and she could feel it…if she sided with her father would it mean that she had to shoot Mayu down? Yuki couldn’t bare herself to commit such an act upon her like that…but it was a dilemma she had to choose…

(Yuki: What am I going to do—!)


Her father called her again and she looked up to him. She could see the warmth from his eyes and he’s waiting patiently for Yuki to accept his offer to join him. As the young officer was taking her time to decide, she couldn’t afford to abandon Mayu at this state.

(Yuki: I-I…I’m so sorry…Mayu, I…)

She placed her hand back down onto her lap and stared down onto the floor. Her actions didn’t give much of an answer to Miura and then he placed his hand onto his daughter’s shoulder.

“I know this is tough to learn at first time…but believe your father, it’s for the better future of humanity.”

Yuki’s lips were trembling and she curled her fist tightly before she made a decision that could’ve change her life completely. She simply shook her head and looked up to her father for one last time.

“…I can’t…I’m sorry.”

The young Kashiwagi refused her father’s invitation to join him. In the end, she couldn’t bring herself to side with him by abandoned Mayu, despite she might be using her as a tool for revenge. However, what she hated the most was to go against her heart said. She rather die than regret for the rest of her life. Yuki gulped and realized that her decision was the worse answer she could’ve give to her father. But he simply smiled back at her and stroked her head.

“I understand you…Yuki. It is hard. I guess you need some time to understand.”

He raised his hand up and his men seized to arrest her. She was pinned onto the floor and was locked by handcuffs. A part of Yuki had a feeling that this would happen and then her father ordered his men to take her away.


“Yuki, you still need time…do take your time and father will show you that this project is very important to both of us…and humanity.”

Miura’s elite officers used a sleeping injection on the young officer and caused her to fall unconscious in few seconds. She tried to resist but failed…the men carried her away and taken her somewhere that no one would find her again. The best that Miura could do was not to kill his very own daughter just yet. He would do his best to convince her to join with him…if it didn’t work, then he would have to do whatever it takes to protect the secret of SuperSolider project from leaking out…one of the last option he would pick was to commit the same act he did upon Watanabe Kouji and his wife.


~To Be Continue~
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He raised his hand up and his men seized to arrest her.
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Miura’s elite officers used a sleeping injection on the young officer and caused her to fall unconscious in few seconds. She tried to resist but failed…the men carried her away and taken her somewhere that no one would find her again
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Love Capture: CH06

…Sitting quietly in the corner of the bar, Mayu tapped her drinking glass silently while she glanced at her cellphone several times. It had been couple of days already but her benefiting partner did not contact her at all for the next appointment. Then another younger girl approached her and sat down right beside her chair.

“Hey~ Why are you sitting here all alone?”

“…Shut up Jurina.”

“Jeez…you’re mean.” The young girl turned to the handsome bartender and asked for her usual order. She’s still a growing girl and was taught well to not drink any alcohol by Mariko. “I’ll have my usual drink~”

“Here you go Jurina.”

Sae passed her a glass of fresh milk and Jurina enjoyed every single taste in her mouth. As for Mayu, she didn’t respond to anything and swirled her finger around the corner of the glass to create this sharp sound.

“Are you waiting for someone?”

“…Again, shut up Jurina.”

“Fine…I’ll be heading to the orphanage! Come join me later.”


Maybe Jurina was right after all. Mayu seemed to be waiting for Yuki’s reply without realizing it. She felt quite uneasy and couldn’t come up with an explanation to explain this at all. Even she tried to shake out this funny feeling, she couldn’t seem to get rid of it completely.


A young officer came to the office to work as usual. However the first thing she did was throwing her glance to the table close by to hers. She did not see the figure there at all…and it’s making her worried about her beloved senpai. Miyuki couldn’t help but to wonder where did Yuki went…after she had not been coming to the office for couple of days.

“Where did Yuki-senpai went…”

It was unusual for the senpai that worked together in the same team as her went absent without any early notice at the slightest. Therefore, Miyuki decided to drop by to talk to the head of the department…who also was Yuki’s father as well. He would obviously know what’s going on and could give Miyuki an answer to answer her doubts. As paid Mr. Kashiwagi a visit at his office, she saluted at him before she questioned him about Yuki.

“Kashiwagi-san…do you know where did Yuki-senpai went? She didn’t leave an early notice for anyone in the team…”

“Ah, Yuki suddenly got sick so I didn’t make an early note about that. Sorry for inconvenience Watanabe-san.”

“Not at all sir. I hope your she get well soon.”

“I’ll pass your words to her.”

Miyuki left the room, but she didn’t feel that answered her doubt at all. She went back to her table and continued her work with her clouded doubts about her missing senpai. However, without further ado she was called by Haruna to go out to the field to patrol around the area.


Within the dark alley, the young black hoodie girl arrived back into her dark room. The usual strict officer would always make an appointment with her ahead of time due to her tight schedule…however this time was unusual. Yuki didn’t call nor text her. That made the thief wondered and decided maybe sending her a message would do. Mayu sighed softly before she pressed sent the text to Yuki. She lied down on the bed and decided to take the day to relax. Which she decided to take a nap on her bed…she slowly drifted off to sleep and had a dream regarding her past memories…



I’m squirming in pain as the old scar was aching once again. I’m lying on the bed breathing hard while this older woman stroked my head and gave me a pill to reduce my pain. She stroked my head and tried to calm me down as much as she could…

“You’ll be alright Mayu…okay?”


“Shh…you’ll be okay.”

I bid my lips as tears started to stream down my cheeks. For some reason I started to miss my family…I recalled my father and mother got shot and collapsed on the floor listlessly. The scar on her head that was given by the murderer could only reminded her of that tragic night. Back in those days…when I’m a young teenager, I would have such a hallucination and terribly traumatized with my parents’ death scene.


“Mayu, calm down!”

“N-No!! D-Dad!!! Mom—!!”

I yelled out to the top of my lungs and resisted against Takamina-san’s grip. She was trying to hold me still on the bed but was traumatized with that death scene replaying countless times. The sound of the gun…blood spattered all over the floor and on my leg…the listless body on the pool of blood…it’s horrifying. Then suddenly, this gallant lady entered the room and slapped hardly across my face…it snapped back my conscious and I turned my eyes to her…

 “O-Oi Mariko-sama…aren’t you taking it too wildly?”

“Not for her, this girl needs it.”

She gripped tightly onto my collar shirt and pulled me so my face was so close to hers. Her glare penetrated deeply into my subconscious and I was amazingly calmed down instantly. I finally had a proper breathing before Mariko-sama spoke to me.

“Life is harsh. World is cruel. Will crying do any better?”


“Answer me.”

“Mariko! She’s still a child!”

Takamina-san argued back against her but it seemed she wasn’t budged by it at the slightest. However for some reason…her words reached me and I didn’t know when since I stopped crying.

“If she wants to live. Then she needs to get over with it.”


“You need to stay strong. I’ll teach you everything you need to live on top of this ecosystem. Even it means you have to face your fear.”


Without a word, it seemed as if Mariko-sama could see that I understood it. She stroked my head and allowed me to have a rest from the concussion I was having. However…it’s not as painful as I thought anymore. Maybe I made it so hurtful because I always used to remind of my parents’ death. If it wasn’t for Mariko-sama…I wonder I would have this day.



A young raven haired girl sitting in the squared room covered with darkness. Only this small light bulb hanging form the ceiling would give a light to her. At least it was more than enough for her to see her own limbs and the locked door in front of her. She sat on the bed all alone and stared onto the floor without silently. It was that quiet that she could hear her own breathing. At least she was fed 3 times a day and given all the supplies she needed to have a leisure life in the room. The bathroom, clothes, all bathroom products were provided as well. However, the only thing she wasn’t allowed as to go out from this room. She still couldn’t understand why her father locked her up in this place. She did not know how long it went ever since she was locked in here. She began to think whether she made a good decision to reject her father or not… the reason she did so was because she didn’t want to betray Mayu.


Maybe Yuki was subconsciously pleading for Mayu to save her? However when she thought about it again, she had a feeling that it wouldn’t happen. Someone like her wouldn’t come save her. Especially when she’s the daughter of the man that was responsibility behind Watanabe’s massacre. Her father killed Mayu and Miyuki’s family…abducted Mayu to become a test subject in the newly introduced human experiment. She had the feeling the thief knew about this all along and that’s likely to be the sole reason behind those hatred eyes of hers. The feeling of guilt started to develop within her chest and she just wanted to apologize to Mayu…her father ruined their whole life. If Mayu knew all of this to begin with…it’s high likely that the thief was using her to revenge on Kashiwagi Miura. But a part of Yuki didn’t seem to be able to blame her for that.

“…Now I wonder, where is ‘true’ justice?”

If such thing were to exist, Yuki wondered where would it be based upon. On the police officers whom had their hands dirtied with blood of innocent victims? On the criminal that got everything shredded off from her life and living on hatred? As Yuki began to doubt…she didn’t know what’s the best solution anymore. Siding with her father or Mayu? This was the first time she had to think about it.

“What should I do…I don’t know what to do anymore.”

(Mayu: …I-DI-OT)

Suddenly, she felt like hearing Mayu’s voice echoing inside her ear. It was one heck of a hallucination to have at this moment when she’s locked in this room covered with grey walls. She laughed to herself softly and believed that if Mayu saw her right now she would probably say that. Would that thief show any heart towards the young innocent officer? Yuki doubted it.

“…I wonder why I rejected my father.”

(Mayu: …Why are you doing this? What are you gaining for helping me here?)

She recalled the scene that Mayu was bleeding from the gunshot wound. She treated her wounds and could feel that tiny body flinching every time her fingers brushed against her skin. It must’ve be so painful that made the thief utterly sensitive with any slight touch. Mayu didn’t deserve such a treatment like this…to be hunted and shot down…when it's the officers themselves that took everything away from her life.

“…I want to help her.”

(Mayu: Why…Why do you want to help me?)

Her inner thoughts made a guess on what the heartless thief would argue back to her if she were to say that she wanted to help her. She talked with Mayu often enough to predict what would she reply…thinking about it made Yuki felt like a creep somehow.

“Because…you’re not a heartless person.”

(Mayu: When I’m out there killing your friends and colleagues?)

“…You’re human. Just like me…you have a heart too…and I hope you will open up to me…I really want to help you, Mayu.”

The voice in her head stopped as she finally found her solid answer to her doubt. It didn’t matter whether the thief would help her or not…she decided to help Mayu on her own behalf and wouldn’t regret what she had done. She wanted to stand firm on the justice she believed…that everyone do have kindness within them. It’s a matter who would put that effort to trust that dim light. As for the officer, she wanted to trust in that subtle kindness she witnessed. Even just a little, it gave her hope.

“…Mayu, can’t we just work things out together?”


The exhausted young officer finally returned back to the office after her patrol with her team. However, she couldn’t shake the thought regarding her senior’s sudden leave. As she approached her table after making a cup of coffee…she heard a cellphone ringing in the room, but the music was oddly familiar to her.

“Wait…Isn’t that…”

Miyuki rushed to Yuki’s table and could hear the sound clearer. She pulled the drawer out and saw her cellphone giving out such a familiar ring tone. She was more than surprised that Yuki left her cellphone behind. She saw the incoming message but what surprised her was the name of the sender on Yuki’s contact list…it’s from Mayu. Without further ado, she opened the text and read it without permission.

   [Subject: (Not Titled)]
   At the usual spot tomorrow, same time.
Young Watanabe didn’t understand the message that clearly and the only one that would understand it would be Yuki. However, she had disappeared and the only person that Miyuki could run to right now was her older twin. Miyuki wanted to meet her…she wanted to meet Mayu. That was when she decided to make such a difficult decision and replied back to her sister using Yuki’s cellphone. How lucky the battery was running very low after it was left untouched for several days, and likely to be ever since she’s gone. Coicidently Miyuki used the same cellphone version as her senior; she plugged it at her table and left it until it’s fully charged. It just reminded her of old times…how when she used to have a fight or a problem with anyone she would always went to Mayu and seek for advices…it was indeed a déjà vu. Back in those days, Mayu would always stroke her head roughly and made an eye contact back at her. She would always know what thoughts were running in Miyuki’s head and was able to give the answer she wanted the most. Every time she asked her how Mayu was able to read her minds…she would reply the same old answer.

(Mayu: …because you’re too easy to read, Miyuki.)

However, those were the old days that could only just be a memory. Things changed especially throughout these 12 years they were separated and lived alone without a family…she went through a lot of conflicts and hardships, but Mayu seemed to go through more than her. Part of her was excited to meet with her sister once again but she’s also afraid that she wouldn’t be the Mayu she knew anymore…



A young woman walked through the dark alley between the buildings wearing her sunglasses while heading to her destination. This time it was unusual that Yuki sent the text back to meet in front of this coffee café that was close by to Takamina’s pharmacy store. As she arrived there…she saw this woman standing in front of the shop wearing a long black jacket with the hood on. Mayu didn’t understand with the sudden change in plans but she walked up to the woman whom she believed to be Yuki. It’s just obvious that she was waiting for someone.

“This is the first time you’re here before me.”

The moment Mayu uttered out. The woman flinched and caught the thief’s attention immediately. That was when Mayu started to realize how Yuki was oddly shorter than usual. She finally turned to her and their eyes met…obviously Mayu was expecting it and before she could even utter a word, those arms were thrown around her tightly. Her face was buried onto her shoulder and it sounded like she was having a little sobbing.

“…So you’re the one that replied my text. No wonder it didn’t sound like that woman.”

Mayu spoke up and made the fake Yuki released her grip. She wiped the tears from her eyes and looked straight back to Mayu. The thief was right, it wasn’t Yuki that replied her but it’s her younger twin. They looked into each other’s eyes silently before Mayu decided to talk in somewhere else that it would rather be more private than the coffee café. As they went into the dark alley between the buildings, that’s when Miyuki took her coat out and revealed her officer outfit.

“It’s really you… oneechan.”


However, Mayu didn’t utter a single word and only but stared at the young nervous girl. As Miyuki didn’t know where to start at all, she held tightly onto her outfit until the older thief sighed out softly.

“…What’s bugging you?”

Miyuki flinched as if Mayu saw through her eyes. It gave her an opportunity to make a conversation regarding about her senior just disappeared out of blue. She began to tell Mayu about how Yuki was absent without any notice. Despite she asked the head of the department whom was her father…she couldn’t buy that after she discovered Yuki’s dying cellphone in her drawer. If she was actually sick then she’s supposed to be carrying that phone close to her…or ask someone to get her phone for her. Miyuki felt uneasy and didn’t know whom to ask…

“You found the phone because I texted her, didn’t you?”


Mayu sighed softly as she realized it’s partially her problem that made Miyuki found Yuki’s phone in the drawer. Maybe it was a good thing, or maybe not. That was when the thief began to muse silently before she turned to her younger sister once again.

“…You wanted me to help find her, am I right?”


“She disappeared the day after she gave you my letter…so I met her before she disappeared.”

“How did you know…what I was thinking?”

She sighed again and suddenly patted Miyuki’s head roughly, catching her off guard. She threw her glance up to Mayu and stared into those dark orbs. That instant, Miyuki swore she saw a vague hint of a smile across Mayu’s face before she replied back to her question.

“…Because you’re too easy to read, Miyuki.”

Her eyes grew wide with surprise as those sentimental words rung inside her ears. She couldn’t hold back her tears as she realized the kindhearted sister that she dearly loved was still alive in Mayu. Tears of happiness streamed down her cheeks and left her older sister in silence. The thief approached and gave her a hug with a soft pat on the head.

“You’re such a crybaby…ever since then.”


“…I believe it’s partially my fault as well.”

Her speech made Miyuki confused, but Mayu didn’t plan to explain what she said at all and continued where she left off instead.

“So, I help you find her. Then will you stop crying?”


“But I would need your help…will you give me a hand Miyuki?”

“O-Of course! I’ll do whatever you asked me!”

They seem to come to an agreement with each other. Even though Mayu could easily see through Miyuki’s thoughts like a book, but not vice versa. The thief had a feeling that the reason of Yuki’s disappearance was due to her provoke for the officer to hack into the department’s database to learn the truth. No one knew whether she did it or not…but everything seemed to be too much of a coincidence to Mayu. Furthermore, she didn’t understand why she actually gave her words to Miyuki to save the daughter of the murderer. Why she had sympathy for Yuki? She sighed softly and couldn’t understand why couldn’t just ignore Yuki like how she usually did with everyone around her.

(Yuki: Because…I guess I want to believe in you.)


Mayu hissed under her voice, as she was annoyed with how Yuki’s words replayed in her head. When was the last time someone said that to her with those honest eyes? It would be such a difficult task to find this officer who was likely to be grounded by her own father. She sure did had a way to find Yuki, but its one of the ways she didn’t really prefer to do so…but that was her only choice.


It seemed another day went by as Yuki woke up form her bed. She glanced over at the clock and its late afternoon. After she was done with getting ready for the day, she looked around and hoped to make a move in order to get out from here.  She approached the door and it seemed to have several locks on it. They would serve her food through this bottom hole on the floor in order to prevent every possible escaping mechanism that could happen. She came up with several plans to get out from here and it just reminded her of Mayu…if the thief were to be in her position right now what would she do? But as Yuki thought about her, she recalled the first time she met with Mayu…it was one heck of a first meeting as she was stabbed in the arm. Thank god no scar was left behind but it really did took a heck of a time to recover from that. Then her first kiss was stolen…and another one in the park…she treated Mayu’s gunshot wound… witnessing Mayu’s hatred when talking about her deceased parents… Yuki didn’t understand why these memories were replaying in her head. But after she had been thinking about Mayu every single day… she started to miss her a little. She hated to admit it, but she actually did for some reason.


The reason she was stuck here was because of Mayu running inside her head. She slid her body down against the door onto the floor. She curled up into a ball and sighed to herself. Yuki didn’t know how long would she be kept in here and what would her father to do her. Everything was too unpredictable and anything could happen. She questioned herself why she’s no longer hated Mayu when she really did despise her into the deepest core of her bone. She used to swear to herself that she would definitely hunt down the nezumi girl. However, everything changed…in the end she had feelings for Mayu. She cared for her, she wanted to save her, she wanted to protect her. It’s such a turmoil going on inside her heart. She couldn’t understand the whole situation, especially about her feelings.

“Ah! I’m starting to get insane after being locked in here and doing nothing!!! What am I going to do!?”

Yuki yelled out from the top of her lungs and obviously she wasn’t expecting anyone to hear or reply back to her…but someone did and it gave a huge embarrassment to her immediately.

“Being locked up turns you in a real psycho? Genius…”

“E-Eh? T-That voice…”

Yuki recognized hat voice immediately and it’s right behind the door. She stepped away and stared with misbelief until this mysterious savior slammed it widely opened. That’s when their eyes met…those dark strong eyes met with Yuki’s and it made her heart beat faster and faster… She recognized those eyes, face, body, and voice very well. However, she couldn’t believe that she’s actually seeing one right in front of her. 

“…Didn’t know officers can be a big idiot, but I guess it’s only you.”


The thief approached her and took off her black coat immediately before she put it over on top of Yuki’s shoulder to have her wear it. Mayu observed her from top to bottom and realized how she was dressed in such casual clothing while being held in here like a prisoner. Yuki was sure a VIP prisoner after all. However, she didn’t look that bad in her shorts and white long sleeve shirt though. This funny feeling inside Yuki’s stomach started to run wild as she could see Mayu’s face so close to hers and those eyes staring at her. But then her curiosity seemed to be distracting her quite well as she wondered how did Mayu even manage to find her here.

“Mayu, how did you—”

“Shut up, we have to leave now.”


“Hurry up you idiot.”

Mayu held her hand tightly and ran out from the prison with her. Those warm hands holding onto her so tightly made her face flushed harder. Such harsh and rough words coming out from Mayu, yet her actions expressed so much kindness she had. She recalled the moments she shared with Mayu in the park about how the cunning thief bought her drinks and protected her from the thugs that approached them. She could feel that kindness that was hidden behind the fake mask Mayu was wearing, and she could only hope that she could express it out clearly. Yuki was indeed old enough to realize what was this funny feeling developing inside her…it’s the deadliest poison called love. She hated to admit it, but maybe she was actually falling for the thief now… If she really did, Yuki had no clue what to do from now on…


They ran through the corridor and Yuki saw all the guards on her way were unconscious on the floor and believed to be all of Mayu’s work. The thief was leading the way and they turned at the corner in order to escape from here as soon as possible before they would be caught. If Mayu were to be caught here…only death would wait for her. She hurried and contacted her friend whom actually came with her to assist her mission to kidnap Yuki out from the enemy’s main headquarters. Mayu was wearing an earphone that allowed her to communicate with her friend directly without being a hindrance to her.

“Oi, where are you now?”

[Did you get the princess back?]

“Shut up, I’m heading out now.”

[Good, I’m already in a tight situation now…]

“Get out from there, and meet at home…stay safe Jurina.”

[I know, you too…I bet the security camera is on right now…be careful.]

The contact was cut off and Mayu turned at the corner once again. She had remembered her path out after she had passed by just once. Yuki realized that there was another friend within this place with Mayu and both of them were risking their life to take her out from here.

“M-Mayu…I’m so sorry to drag you and your friend into th—”

“Can we just talk later and just run!?”


Mayu realized that the officers including Yuki’s father would probably saw them escaping from their base. They needed to hurry if they wanted to get out from here alive…and uninjured.


The security camera was hacked by Mayu and Jurina when they had began their infiltration plan. As Miura was sitting at the security room and observed all the cameras within the whole building…he could see his very daughter running away along with this anonymous girl in black long sleeve shirt. She looked oddly familiar as if she resembled someone he once knew in the past. His men came up to him in order to ask for his orders.

“Sir, what do you want us to do with them?”

“…Capture them alive.”

He ordered while staring at the monitor, directly at his beloved daughter whom seemed to betray him and his trust for her. At least he wouldn’t want to finish his very own daughter off with the result of his own short temper. “If they resist, shoot them…make sure Yuki won’t be dead.”

“Yes sir!”


Turning at the corner once again, Yuki was getting exhausted with running but she’s attempting her best to keep up with Mayu’s speed. She wasn’t surprised that none of the officers managed to catch her at all…that speed was just ridiculous. Then they finally saw this door at the end of the corridor and then Mayu told her to keep running.

“Don’t stop running, trust me!”

That moment, Mayu let go of her hands and sprinted even faster. It’s such insane speed and the young thief swung her feet forward and kicked the locked door and made it flew off into midair. Such inhuman leg power that Mayu possessed and the thief landed safely on the ground. Yuki ran after her and finally came out from the building she was locked. That’s when she realized that she was locked within the main headquarters of the Crime Investigation department, which was a separate building from her usual office. After they successfully got out, they had finally met with another younger girl whom had just come out from the air ventilator pathway at the same time as them.


“Mayu, let’s use our last resort escape plan.”

“Right, let’s go.”

Mayu turned to Yuki and held her hand tightly. However, the thief could see that she was exhausted from the constant running within the building. It’s not surprising that no one would be able to catch up with Mayu and Jurina’s stamina…they were special after all.

“Just a little okay? We can’t stop now.”

“I-I know…”

Yuki held onto her hand tightly and then they kept running as Jurina led the way. It was the first time that she heard such encouragement words from the thief. Everything about Mayu seemed rather surprising to her today and everything she had done made her heart raced even more. They ran into the alley between the abandoned buildings that were behind the headquarters even it was likely to be the most dangerous path they could’ve picked. But if they arrived at their destination then they would successfully escaped from the officers. As they were running, a hoard of armed officers was running after them. They began to shoot at them in order to intimidate them.

“Stop right there! Surrender and you’ll be safe.”


“Like hell we’re going to believe that… We need to separate.”

“It’s far to dangerous for us Jurina—”

“We don’t have a choice right now, you have her with you so you’re vulnerable than I do!”

Jurina gave Mayu a push and turned at another corner in order to act as decoy instead. There wasn’t any moment for Mayu to say a word, only but to keep running and hoped to meet with Jurina at their destination. The sky was getting darker as the sun was about to set. Furthermore, weather was getting cloudy as if it’s going to rain as well. It could be beneficial for escaping, but her priority at the moment was to make sure Yuki wouldn’t die from any misleading gunshot. She could tolerate few shots…but not this officer she was kidnapping.

“Keep running, don’t stop!”

Even Jurina acted as a decoy, but there were few officers following after them. They were well-trained ones and were directly from Miura’s command. They were well prepared for situations like this and they were all armed with weapons that could kill them instantly in a single shot.  As they were so focused on running, Mayu didn’t see another officer coming from hidden corner from the right and he slammed his metal baton onto Mayu’s head. It struck right on the spot that she had her old scar on and caused the young thief to flinch. Yuki’s eyes grew wide with shock as she could hear the sound of a bone fractured from that. But before she could react, Mayu threw Yuki forward and got back onto her feet. She swung the knife from her hidden pocket to slash the officer’s throat without hesitation. The young thief knew that the officers were well armed with weapon and armor, and the only spot that wasn’t protected was their facial area. Then she thrust kicked him in the stomach and sent him flying to block other officers from pursuing them. She sprinted and caught up with Yuki while she’s starting to have a blurred vision from the officer’s preemptive strike. Kashiwagi threw her glance back and saw blood trailing down the side of Mayu’s forehead.

“M-Mayu, you are—!”

“Don’t turn back, just RUN!!”

She didn't say anything further and kept running. She held onto Yuki’s hand tightly and continued running. The scene that Mayu slithered the officer’s throat had burned into her eyes, but she was able to get over with it amazingly quickly. It was a life-or-death game they’re in right now…it’s either Mayu would be killed, or that officer. It was the first time she was experiencing the actual moments of life or death…the moment that she could live or be killed within a slight second. It was indeed scary and it’s making her trembling without realizing it. She held onto her hand tightly and Mayu responded the same back to her. From that grip…she immediately had a feeling that the thief was trying to indirectly cheer her up. Then again, they turned at the corner and came out to this wide area that seemed to be a main road. It was dirty and abandoned while being surrounded by old haunted buildings.   

Mayu glanced around quickly and finally spotted this huge opened drain on the road. That’s their escape mechanism that both Mayu and Jurina prepared…if they were able to get into the drain; it’s likely those officers would catch up with them. They knew the whole drain pathways as if it was a back of their garden. However, as they were heading towards the drain…the officers came out to surround them with guns.

“Stop right there or else we will shoot you two!”


Mayu let go of Yuki’s hand and stood firm onto the floor. As she observed her surroundings there were about 4 men around them and she could manage it so easily, but without Yuki around. She must finish them all in one go before any of them could fire the gun. She took a deep breath and stared at her first target with full intimidation.


The moment he flinched was her opportunity. She ran in and stabbed him right in his throat and swiftly swung her knife out to slash another man’s throat without hesitation. Such precise within a blink of second, she moved so swiftly and executing a kick into another man’s solar plexus despite the armor he was wearing. She knocked him out instantly before he could even react.


Another armed man was pointed the gun towards Mayu but then she finished him off by throwing her knife right onto his forehead. She killed 3 men instantly and knocked out one. Yuki only stared at the scene with shock. Within just few blinks, the criminal slaughtered 3 elite officers. There was blood splattered onto Mayu’s cloth and she did not show sign of hesitation at all. Yuki never knew that she could possess such dexterous skills. Normally Yuki would be terrified to witness such a heartless act…but surprisingly she wasn’t at all.


As the thief turned to her, her eyes grew wide with surprise as she saw a red laser dot on Yuki’s body. She picked the gun from the floor and run towards Yuki immediately with hope that she would reach her just in time before the officer would be shot down. Just when the sniper pulled the trigger, the rifle was aiming at their boss’s daughter since he wasn’t given a choice after watching a single girl killed three of his colleagues instantly.


Mayu felt the sharp pain running in her brachium to take the bullet instead of Yuki.  She glared back at the hidden sniper and pointed the gun at him with confidence before pull that trigger. Even within that darkness, the thief could tell how she managed to catch him off guard and landed a headshot on him. His body fell off from his hidden spot on the building and landed onto the floor listlessly. As Mayu realized things were safer now, she took a deep breath before she stood firm on her feet. Yuki eyes grew wide with fear and she was completely terrified. She couldn’t believe that Mayu took the bullet in her place and she could see blood streaming down her arm.


“Hurry to that drain—!”

Right after Mayu pointed where the drain was located. How unfortunate other officers had heard the sound of the gunshot and rushed over to their location immediately.

“They’re over here!!!”

Mayu bid her lips to suppress the pain aching in her left upper arm and pointed her gun towards the officers immediately. She pushed Yuki towards the drain with her injured arm before she distracted them with the gun in her hands. She pulled the first trigger and landed right in the middle of the throat of the that was standing in the front line…but before she could pull another trigger, she suddenly had a double vision that caused her to miss the shot.


She ran with all her strength towards the drain where Yuki was heading. Glad that she had that speed to prevented those officers from aiming at her properly but then one of the bullets deflected on the floor and landed right in her calf. Obviously she flinched with the surprise pain but she endured all of it. Mayu kept running in full speed and finally caught up with her hostage. She wrapped her arm around Yuki tightly and dragged her down so they slid across the floor until they fell right into the hole that led them to this huge drain tunnel underneath. It was one deep drain. The officers wouldn’t be able to see the bottom of the drain from above unless they insanely followed after them down here. At least it guaranteed half of their safety for landing in this place. 


They handed on the floor roughly but at least they managed to have the escape from the officer’s pursue… As Yuki recovered from the hard landing…she could see Mayu lying down beside her body breathing hard with pain. Her calf and brachium were bleeding from the shot. It felt as if her heart was ripped from inside out as she watched Mayu in this much pain. Everything seemed to happen so fast that she couldn’t process anything…everything happened just because Mayu tried to take her out from that prison.


“We still have to run…until we reach the hideout…”

“But y-you’re—!”

“They can still follow us! Do you want us to die here!?”


Mayu struggled to stand up and Yuki gave her a hand. She wrapped Mayu’s arm on her shoulder and supported her to walk. The silent thief pointed forward towards the direction they needed to head on in order to return back to the hideout.


Both of them heard the suspicious sound from behind and saw this flickering red light dropped from above and landed on the floor. Those officers must’ve thrown in down the drain and it was a mini time bomb… Mayu couldn’t believe that they were that desperate to kill them this badly and tried to sprint away as fast as she could but the leg she got shot just sent another spark of pain through her nervous system.



“God dammit…! Just throw me into the water…and run.”

“HELL NO!!!”

Yuki yelled back and completely rejected Mayu’s order. She carried the thief up in the bridal style and ran forward despite her legs were so exhausted from all the running. She was losing her breath but she rather hyperventilated than leaving Mayu behind. The sound was beeping faster as each second passed by.

“We will survive. We will…!”

It was about to explode and both of them were still in the range of the explosion…as the time was running out, Mayu felt her body being hugged tightly by Yuki as she jumped into the drainage water. She could feel that fragile body trembling against her and that warmth that somehow comforted her. That officer was planning to use her body to shield the explosion for Mayu…but before she did have the time to say anything further… everything seemed to black out immediately with that huge explosive sound and rung her ear drums so badly with a strong water wave tackling them.



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Love Capture: Extra
~[wMatsui] ~Our Deal~

The young girl kept running through the dark alley as elite officers were hunting her down. She had no clue how far would they keep following her but she’s about to run out of patience. Her heart was racing as she turned at the corner and met with the officers trapping in front of her path.


“Surrender and you’ll not be harmed!”

Jurina knew that it’s all a lie. They turned their guns towards her and there were other officers coming from behind to trap her in the middle of the narrowed alley.  Jurina took a deep breath before she realized how things were getting out of hand. She could feel the vibration of her heart beating inside her and the burning fire inside her. She could feel another presence in her trying to surface out and she could hear that sentimental voice.

[What are you going to do now?]

“…Do I have any other options?”

“Raise up your hand now!”

Jurina simply ignored the officers and replied back to the voice inside her head. She brushed her hair back and took another deep breath before she allowed that hidden presence inside her to take over the scene instead. She had not need to be afraid of anyone she cared will be hurt…she’s all alone, and she’s able to fight at her fullest potential.

“Obey us now!”

“…Shut the fuck up.”

Jurina muttered softly as her eyes were cold and heartless. Before they realized it again, the young girl somehow blended into darkness. They couldn’t see her anymore and tried to look all over the place in this dark alley. It’s impossible for her to just gone out of blue. As they scanned around the area…they saw nothing. The girl disappeared, but the intimidating atmosphere was still there. As if she was the darkness herself…and fear started to grow inside their hearts.

“W-Where did she go?”


A cry of the officer echoed and caught everyone’s attention. This officer from the back of the group was dropped dead on the floor and squirming in pain. His feet were bleeding and he couldn’t stand. His Achilles tendons on both his legs were severely slashed. He was unable to stand and could only yelped in pain and fear. He couldn’t feel his feet and unable to stand up just crept his mind up.


Another man’s cry echoed once again and his neck was bleeding. There was this huge cut wound across the side of his neck and it’s making him severely bleeding nonstop. As other men were trying to help him. More cries echoed in the darkness…one by one was taken down and they did not see even the shadow of the culprit at all. Fear and panic started to take over their conscious and that’s what Jurina wanted.

“How boring…”

Jurina’s heartless voice echoed in the alley and sent chills down all the survivors’ spine. They tried to look around for her and then they finally spotted her. The young girl that had her hands covered with blood, along with that bloody short knife in her hand. It’s the only weapon she used to slaughter every single officer that tried to pursue her. Just one simple knife…brutalized every elite officer that pursued her. That was when they felt the moment of regret and valuing their own life.


She began laughing and her pitch started increasing. The insanity bar of the soldiers was increasing drastically after they had a feeling that they’re fighting against an undefeatable psychopath. Even they tried to kill her, they doubt it would work…this girl was having fun brutally torturing and killing them. She was having fun seeing them in pain.

“…Let’s finish this.”



The silence took over and everything was in complete silence. As the young girl walked through the pool of blood on the floor, she couldn’t hide back her smile of excitement. The thrill of cutting through human flesh was just so nostalgic to her. She was down to one last man that was trying to squirm away from her with fear in his eyes. His legs were bleeding and he was unable to run away with his feet despite he was desperate with it.

“I’ll make sure to let it end…peacefully.”

“G-Get away from me…! Y-You monster—!”

Jurina flinched slightly but it just recalled her the memories back when she annihilated everything at the laboratory. She went rampaged and killed all the scientists on her way…including other test subjects like her as well. It was back in those bloodshed days that made her live on until now. She remembered their horrid faces when they realized they were being killed. She saw so many emotions that night, fear, anger, desperation, and such peace.

“Yes…Indeed I am. Thanks to people like you…I wouldn’t exist.”

Before Jurina could plunge her bloody knife onto the man before her. She heard a sound coming from behind and it was another group of officers aiming their gun at her. They didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger at her at all. Jurina had very less time to reach and doubt whether she could dodge all of it in time or not.


At least she managed to avoid her vital spots…but she had taken two bullets from behind. It penetrated through her left triceps and shoulder blade. She managed to tolerate the pain before her patience would run low. Then again…she diminished into the darkness of the alley once again. The survivor officer warned his comrades about the upcoming danger but he wasn’t able to finish his words. A knife suddenly appeared and pierced through his throat and prevented him from speaking any further.

“…Fear is the key, to insanity.”


Another two listless bodies collapsed onto the floor without the whole team realized it. Jurina didn’t have any weapons in her hand and the only thing she used was her bloody hand. She used pure strength and broke their neck easily like a toy. Only the smile indicated her excitement she’s encountering… it was the thrill of life and death.



She didn’t show any mercy this time and horridly murdered every single officer with her bare hands. She had an abnormal strength that allowed her to tear off humans into pieces with brute force. It’s the power she obtained for becoming a successful SuperSoldier, as well as an abnormal rate of natural painkiller inside her body that prevented her from feeling pain when she wanted. She could control her pain sensitivity at her own will. However…she had seem to forgot about two gunshot wounds she got on her. She slowly fell onto the ground and realized she’s feeling dizzy from blood loss, but the double vision didn’t start happening until she felt this massive pain struck through her head. As if a flash of lightning ran through her brain…she felt this utter familiar presence. The moment she turned she felt the blood pumped inside her quickly, the pain disappeared and stood back up on her feet once again. She saw that tall elegant woman in front of her with long raven-haired…and those eyes…that she could never forget.  However, before Jurina could’ve done anything, that woman disappeared and the second thing she realized as a fist struck right into her solar plexus.


She immediately took Jurina into her warm arms after she knocked the girl out. She didn’t have the choice since if she didn’t, then there would be another bloodbath fight… Jurina felt those gentle arms carrying her body away as her heartless persona seemed to drift off into sleep once again.


Little by little, Jurina felt her conscious resurfacing once again. The first thing she saw was the old ceiling with this fan spinning above her. She eventually regained her full conscious and then realized that she was in a bed. Jurina’s eyes grew wide and shot her up from bed after she was able to recall the memories before she fainted. She was escaping from the officers and fought against them, but terribly flinched in pain from her arm and shoulder blade distracted her attention immediately.


“Don’t move.”

This woman appeared in front of her and she had her face covered with her scarf and sunglasses. She seemed to prevent her identity from being exposed and then picked the pills on the table. Jurina kept staring at her from behind and felt this connection with her…she knew her, and she had a feeling that she knew who this person was. Despite all these disguises were put on her…it couldn’t escape Jurina’s instinct and senses that easily.




“You may have mistaken me as someone you know.”

“No way I would mistake Rena-chan as anyone! I-I…I can tell it. I can feel you…”

“I’m not Rena you’re talking about.”

She still denied it until Jurina forced herself to get out from bed and tried to grab onto her. But she was still exhausted from many things and her leg went weak. Then before she realized it again, she felt in towards the older woman’s arm and both of them eventually fell back onto the floor. Jurina ignored her pain and made sure she was holding tightly onto that older woman’s shirt. 

“If its not you, then why did you save me back then…?”

Jurina clung onto her tightly and buried her face onto the older woman’s shoulder. The long raven-haired girl couldn’t simply push the young girl away from her especially when Jurina was hugging her tighter each time she was trying to resist. Also, the girl was still injured…if she did anything rashly it would reopen her wounds again.


“I can feel her…I can feel Gekikara from you.”


“I’m not a successful test subject for nothing.”


Rena was surprised that Jurina knew about herself. The fact she was the first and only successful test subject that became the ideal SuperSoldier back in those laboratory days. High likely it was Mariko that told her about it. However, she didn’t want Jurina to know about those tragic moments at all…it made Rena frustrated about how much the young girl knew about this. How far did Mariko told her? How much did she remember? She wouldn’t want Jurina to remember that she almost killed Rena at that night of the massacre in the laboratory…

“Please Rena-chan…don’t leave me again. ”

Jurina clung onto her so tightly as if there was no tomorrow. Despite she was still injured, she held onto her with those trembling hands. Rena bid her lips she wanted to hug her back but she restrained herself. She gathered enough courage and pushed the trembling girl and could see those eyes hinted with sadness.

“I can’t. We can’t be together…it’s because—”

“The existence of Gekikara is to triggers Center. That’s why…I lost control of myself, I hurt everyone…you…and Mayu.”

Rena was speechless and only stared back at her, and that was when she saw teary eyes from Jurina. She was crying silently while staring back at Rena with those pleading eyes. It was a big silence between the two of them and only their eyes could convey their feelings. Then the young took a deep breath with her eyes closed before she reopened it again…and that instant, Rena could feel a huge change in the air around Jurina. It was cold as ice…and she remembered this feeling very well. As those eyes opened once again, she saw a huge difference in those eyes as if it belonged to another individual. It was cold and heartless. Those were not eyes don’t belong to Jurina that she known…

“…It’s been a long while since we met…Gekikara.”


“Do you know that I loathe you so much?”


Rena didn’t know what she should say as it had been so long since she confronted with Center once again. She smirked evilly before she grabbed her at the collar. Center pulled her in and their noses were few inches apart from each other. Rena couldn’t have her eyes away from those furious orbs that immediately pierced through her heart. She was dumbfounded and that allowed Center to have the chance to continue.

“Let’s revive those moments back…fight me, Gekikara.”


“The winner dictates everything…FIGHT ME!!”

That instant, Center threw Rena across the room with her abnormal strength. The older one crashed against the wall but she managed to regain her comeback immediately before Jurina dashed in with her clutching fist. The tall raven-haired girl wasn’t expecting this coming but her reflex was still sharp enough that allowed her to dodge that deadly fist right on time. It grazed her arm and she could feel that friction burned onto her skin from underneath. She leaped away immediately and saw the younger one’s fist struck onto the ground created a huge split onto the floor. The pain stinging her arm did not bother her at the slightest. When Center took over her body, she could no longer feel any pain that’s bothering her. Rena could tell that Center was not holding back and she was deadly serious…if she did not fight her back she could possible be killed by Center.

“…You’re serious, Center.”

“Hahaha…I know you’re in there…Gekikara!”

Center ran in with her tightened dominant fist but Rena managed to dodge it once again. However, that was just a decoy for her to fall into Center’s trap. An unexpected uppercut came from below and struck her right into her chin. She managed to land a fatal blow on the older one and Rena’s vision began to blur from the side effect. She was knocked back but she managed to grasp for a firm stand before she would fall. That was when the long raven-haired girl did not have the choice but to fight back…against the one she cared for.


Center’s eyes expressed so much excitement in her as she heard that familiar hysterical laugh coming out from Rena. She had been waited for this for so long and finally she had a chance to confront with her once again…the only person that could provoked and shut her down was Gekikara. It just brought back memories when she fought against that insane woman at the laboratory, if it wasn’t for Gekikara, she would’ve been dead already. Finally, that madness in Rena had resurfaced once again to accomplish her mission…to defeat Center. Jurina couldn’t help but to smirk with excitement as she saw that cold heartless eyes in Rena’s eyes…she knew it belong to her, to Gekikara.




“…Are you mad?”

“I guess I am. I despise you so much…!”

“I’ll shut you down…AGAIN!”


Both of them fought each other but it was different from any battles between Gekikara and Center…the older one was being more defensive and passive than usual. As if it was Rena that was fighting against Center, but possessed the tremendous stamina of Gekikara. Center constantly landed countless blows back at Gekikara without holding back and started to get annoyed with how she was not seriously fighting back with her. Rena managed to take all the blows without flinching at the slightest. Her endurance was just tremendous. They were literally fighting in the room and they were also destroying everything as well.



Another kick from center right into her stomach and it made her stunned immediately. However, before Center was able to struck another blow at her, Gekikara instantly grabbed her at the collar shirt and threw her against the wall with full power.


Center flinched with surprise she didn’t expect such ridiculous power from Gekikara at all. The only one that could inflict her pain would be Gekikara…and now she’s experiencing it despite the excess biological painkillers in her body. For all the times they fought each other, her rival had become so much stronger than in the past. But Center did grow compared to those days as well.


Before she could even react, Gekikara was already grabbing onto her neck and pushed her against the wall mercilessly. She was asphyxiating from the manual strangulation from Gekikara. She glared deeply at Center with anger and seriousness.

“…Are you done yet?”


“Let’s finish this, Center.”


A smirk and an unfamiliar voice echoed in the room. The life in her eyes changed, as it was calmer and colder. That instant, Gekikara realized that the persona inside Jurina switched to another conscious instead. That shaded green left pupil became visible. Out of all the personas in Jurina… she was the strongest, and the most merciless one as well.


She grabbed onto Rena’s head and forcefully crashed it against the wall that she was pinned onto. That was one huge tremendous force that allowed her to break free from the strangulation. Gekikara realized her head bled from that single struck and it was her turn to be pushed against the wall.


“Is that it, Gekikara?”


“Center is so childish…I should’ve come out at the first place.”

“Stop messing with Jurina’s body!! Give it back to her!!!”

Gekikara thrust her knee up into Nobunaga’s abdomen but she did not flinch at the slightest, only but glared back at the poor girl that was being strangled.  She tried to break free but she failed every single time. Nobunaga was likely to be the last person she wanted to fight with…because she’s the only one that can utterly defeat Gekikara. Despite she could beat Nobunaga before…she barely survived from it and she didn’t wish to encounter her again.

“I’m not messing with her, she willingly gave it to us.”

“Shut up! LIAR!!”

“You lose to us…and especially to her…Rena.”

 Before Gekikara could respond, she was thrown and pinned onto the ground and Nobunaga raised her fist up at her… that second, Rena believed that she would be defeated or killed by Nobunaga already. She closed her eyes tightly and ready to embrace the pain.


Despite she closed her eyes to embrace the pain but she couldn’t feel it coming. As she slowly opened her eyes once again she saw that fist struck onto the ground beside her head. When she looked up into Jurina’s face…she could see Nobunaga’s calm eyes, but it was no longer hunger for blood or fighting.

“Winner dictates everything, and let me tell you something.”

They both stared into each other’s eyes before Nobunaga continued where she left off. She whispered into Rena’s ears gently and caused her eyes to shot up widely with misbelief. She told her how Jurina gave herself in to Center and Nobunaga. The girl sold her conscious and willingly to share the body with her other two merciless personas. Rena still couldn’t believe it; she confronted Center and Nobunaga before…she knew they wouldn’t settle such a fair deal with Jurina that easily. They were born purely to have no sympathy for anyone. It made her worry even more since Jurina was such an innocent and honest girl whom would easily be tricked by her personas.


“…I’m not lying.”

The second thing she could feel were droplet of tears fell onto her face. She could see those eyes crying right in front of her and it just pained her heart. Despite Nobunaga’s left green eye was there… the life in those eyes were different, the honest and gentle eyes had returned. Those pair of eyes could only belong to Jurina. The shaded green started to fade away and her dark sparkling orbs had returned back. She stroked Rena’s cheeks and allowed her tears to stream down her cheeks. She let all the pain and sadness out while she made sure Rena wouldn’t disappear from her life again.

“I…I accepted Center and Nobunaga inside me…they’re not using me anymore.”


“I’m strong enough to take care of myself. I’m strong enough to control them now…so please…come back…”

Jurina lay on top of her and cried onto Rena’s shoulder. Her tiny body was trembling and Rena could feel the guilt accumulating inside her chest. She involuntarily hugged her back, tightly. This girl she used to take care had grown up so much.


“I miss you, please…Rena…return back to everyone, to me…!”

“I’m so sorry…”

Rena hugged her tighter and apologized non-stop to Jurina for everything she had done to hurt her feelings. It was just like what Mariko said to her that one day…that Jurina was no longer a kid anymore and she’s strong enough to take care of herself. She was right after all…Jurina was no longer a kid she used to know. During these years Rena ran away from Jurina had made a tremendous change. In the end…the puppy girl had finally caught up with her. She finally shed her first tear and continued to apologize back to Jurina.

“…I’m so sorry. I’m really sorry.”

“You won’t be gone anymore…right?”

“…If you didn’t want me to disappear—”

“Never I would want that!!!”

Jurina pushed herself away and yelled back at Rena from the top of her lungs. They both stared into each other’s eyes and realized how both of them were crying over this. Jurina didn’t want things to end like this; she wanted things to return back to how it used to be… because she loves Rena. One of the reasons she decided to join the frontline with Mayu and Yuko was solely to find Rena again. She needed to be stronger than everyone…in order to bring her back home where she belonged.

“I want you to be with me, forever.”


“Winner dictates everything…don’t break that promise.”

“Hehe, aren’t you the one that forced it on me?”

“Isn’t that our style? Winner takes everything…loser loses everything.”

Rena couldn’t help but to laugh but she was utterly relief for some reason. She stroked Jurina’s cheek and pulled her in to kiss the young girl’s forehead. That instant, it made Jurina blushed madly and pulled herself away from the raven-haired girl. Despite in the past Rena would always do that to Jurina at bedtime…it just brought back old memories to her.


“I promise, I won’t leave again…you won the deal and now I’ll solely obey everything you said…I’m yours.”


“And, I’m back.”

Those words meant a lot to Jurina and it made her smiled out from her heart’s content. She threw her arms around Rena tightly once again and nodded against her shoulder with utmost contentment. Finally she had successfully brought the woman back home, to their home. Jurina couldn’t explain this contentment and completeness in her heart. It was just so overwhelming that she felt she was the luckiest person ever.

“Welcome back…Rena-chan.”

That moment of silence between the two of them was just the best moments of their life. The entire running and escaping had come to an end as the young girl had finally caught up with her. They did take their time enjoying their moments in each other’s embrace before they broke apart.

“For you calling me Rena-chan just makes you cute.”


“Hehe. But when you just call me Rena…you look really cool.”


Jurina blushed and Rena could tell it immediately. She couldn’t hold back her laugh and its making the poor girl blushed with embarrassment even more. Just the moment they reunited with each other, the older girl bullied her already. It was like what used to be in the past when both were still together at that dark alley, along with everyone. Rena always protected her with those warm arms and heart. At least Jurina had enough courage to make a move, she was old enough now…and understood much more things comparing to before.

“T-Then…can I just call you with just your name?”


“Can I??”

“…Of course. If you want to… the winner dictates everything after all.”

Jurina gulped before she stared back into Rena’s eyes. She took a deep breath before she uttered that name out from her lips with hidden feelings aching inside her chest. Somewhat she didn’t feel like she saw Rena as a sister figure anymore. Jurina wasn’t sure what kind of feelings and relationship she was having with Rena right now but for certain…she’s more than happy to have Rena back, close to her, and by her side.



This time, Rena blushed when her name was called with such a tender voice. Her heart began to beat crazily and her face felt heated up. Then the young puppy constantly kept calling her name and it’s making her mind going insane. That young kid had grew up so much and Rena doubted that she could see Jurina as her younger sister anymore. Things changed through time…as well as her feelings for the young girl.







Rena closed Jurina’s mouth and panted hard. She didn’t understand why she was feeling crazy like this but she was so not used to have people calling her like this, especially in a very tender way as well. Especially coming from Jurina, she felt deeply touched and swayed in a way that never occurred in her life before.

“This is embarrassing!”

“But I want to call you. I want to make up for the time we’re apart…”

“Silly…we’ll have more than plenty of time to make up. But you need to recover from your wounds first before we head back home…together.”

“Okay. It shouldn’t take that long! I’m strong after all.”

Rena giggled as she saw Jurina’s bright expression. She always had that energetic face on her every now and then. She may have become mature than before, but her lively childish side never changes at the slightest. Rena couldn’t help but to smile out from her heart as she stroked Jurina’s head gently. It just brought back her memories, back in those days when they were together.  And now…they would always be together, forever. After all, Jurina took back what she wanted…and now she belonged to her. Winner takes everything…it was one of the golden rules in the dark alley when a fight couldn’t be settled. Jurina won, Rena lost, and so…Rena’s life and everything would belong to the young girl for as long as Jurina wished to govern. However, despite her life would be controlled forever, she felt utterly happy and peaceful. She was actually grateful that she belonged to Jurina, everlastingly.

“…I know you are.”


~[wMatsui] Extra: END~

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Love Capture: Extra
~[KojiYuu] ~Cruel Truth~

The young woman in her sleeveless black shirt dashed in the darkness and shadows of the buildings with full cautious. Her eyes diverted in every direction every chance she had in order to ensure her safety within the enemy’s territory. She could hear the commotion going on around the main headquarters of the Crime Investigation Department, the sneaky squirrel realized how much officers from the office moved over to the main headquarters… her little sisters sure did create such a huge blast in the enemy’s territory.

“…I hope both of them are alright.”

Yuko sighed softly, worrying about the puppy and the mouse that was attempting to kidnap the princess out from the enemy’s castle. She obviously overheard the kidnapping plan by coincident back at the hideout…but she decided not to say anything. It was the first time she ever saw Mayu tried to do something like this…it made her wanted to see whom was this princess that made the heartless mouse risked her life for. Also, it was thanks to the two girls, it provided her the chance to meet with the officer she always have her eyes on. Yuko couldn’t help but to smirk while she stared into the front building, where she knew that officer would be.

“…Time for some reunion.”


Officer Kojima was working in her office while other male officers were summoned to the main headquarter behind the building. Miyuki was also with her and she seemed to be worried sick of something. The older woman couldn’t help but to be worried about Miyuki and had to ask her no matter what.

“What’s a matter Miyuki? You looked very worried.”

“N-Nothing! Just thinking about things…the officers were summoned to the main headquarters out of blue…”

“I’m wondering too. I hope things will be alright.”


While they were in the office, with the only two watching over the place, the light suddenly turned off and caused both of them to be in the state of surprise and panic. However when the lights turned on again, the young lady in black sleeveless shirt was sitting on the table right beside Miyuki. It caused both officers to be in shock and they did not recognize that woman at all…she was also wearing her cool sunglasses and had that smirk across her face.

“W-Who are you??”

Miyuki couldn’t hold back her expression as she stared at that beautiful woman right in front of her. Despite her eyes were hidden behind those thick sunglasses she could feel that ardent beauty leaking from her aura. She seemed to recognize Miyuki and couldn’t help but to stare at her with amusement, she really did have a lot of things that resemble her sneaky mouse friend.

“Ah~ you must be Miyuki…”

“How did you know me??”

“T-That voice…Yuko-chan??”


She only smirked before she took her glasses off to reveal her clear orbs. Those brunette eyes stared straight into Haruna’s eyes caught her attention. The life and spark in those eyes never changed…despite how her appearance seemed to change so much, she remembered that cheeky girl she that used to cling onto her back in the old days. It was 5 years since then that she saw this squirrel girl.

“Y-Yuko-chan… Is that you??”

“It’s been so long…nyanyan.”

“Haruna-senpai, someone you know?”

Miyuki asked out of curiosity and Haruna nodded softly. It’s been 5 years, and Yuko looked so different from the last time she met her… she looked more masculine and had that scar across her left cheek. However, what grabbed her interest was that why Yuko suddenly appeared right now. Especially at this timing as well when no one was around…

“Why are you here?”

“Ouch, that’s the first thing you asked me? Don’t you feel any sentimental feelings of our reunion?”

“…Yuko-chan, it’s been 5 years since you and Mariko disappeared from my life…and then now, you just showed up, please understand that I’m more than confused.”

“…Life is cruel isn’t?”


“Do you wonder why Mariko broke up with you?”

Yuko pulled the gun out form her pocket and pointed towards Miyuki. Causing both of them to stun immediately…they were more than caught off guard with Yuko’s action. She swiftly took the gun out form her pocket without being caught suspicious by the well-trained officers. Haruna was more that surprised to see the innocent Yuko she knew had that cold eyes…and was holding that gun without any slight hesitation.

“Don’t worry, I won’t shoot…you’re Mayu’s beloved sister after all. I just don’t want you guys to call anyone.”

“Y-You knew oneechan??”

“Yup~ she’s a stubborn younger sister to me.”

“…What do you mean?”

Haruna asked and only Yuko stared back at her with that silence in her eyes. It was similar to the eyes that Mariko had before she left her all alone without any explanation, and destroyed everything between the two of them including their love relationship. It was like the same feeling was repeating…the night she was dumped was the same night that Mariko had those cold eyes.

“…I can’t let you touch Mayu or Jurina. If you do, even it’s you…I won’t be able to stop pointing my gun at you.”


“That’s why life is cruel. For you to be the chaser…while I’m the escaper.”

Haruna slowly processed what Yuko was trying to say and started to realize this uneasy feeling inside her chest. The more the younger squirrel kept talking, the more the truth became horrible and cruel to her. Despite the officer didn’t know what Yuko was trying to imply, she didn’t have such a good feeling from that at the slightest.

“W-What are you talking about??”

“The Black Pillars, have three people right?”


Yuko knew about Black Pillars, and her instinct seemed to connect pieces of information together. As time passed by, the tension in their surroundings started to increase as well. Before Haruna could’ve asked anything, it was as if Yuko read through her completely.

“I really wish we don’t have to point guns towards each other.”

“Y-Yuko-chan you—”

“I came here to tell you, just in case we meet in the battlefield, we wouldn’t have anything to regret.”


“Yuko-san…you’re the 3rd member?”

Miyuki spoke up while the gun was pointing at her. That flash of smile across Yuko’s face told the truth of everything. It just made Haruna’s heart sank to learn that the most wanted blacklist criminal was actually her close friend, Oshima Yuko. The truth was unfolded, with Jurina and Mayu as the side pillars supporting the main pillar…the strongest one of the team, Yuko. She was the most wanted of all the 3 members. Haruna couldn’t believe what the truth that was in front of her…the truth that she was trying to hunt and capture Yuko disregard that she had to shoot her, or to kill her.

“That’s why…life is cruel isn’t?”

“N-No…t-tell me it's a lie!”

“I wish it as well.”

Yuko didn’t bother argue back and it just forge the truth to be much stronger than before. As much as Haruna wanted to deny it, she possibly couldn’t escape the truth that one day, she would confront with Yuko, with guns pointing at each other. However, it made her wondered and thought about her ex-girlfriend…

“Yuko-chan…do you know where Mariko is?”

“…More than know. I live with her.”


“She’s out leader of the dark alley, and the black pillars…Shinoda Mariko.”

The truth regards her ex-girlfriend and close friend was the enemies she had been trying to capture for all these years. Since when did this happen? Five years ago after they disappeared? Was that the reason for their disappearance? Too many questions ran into Haruna’s head and she didn’t know what to believe anymore.

“Also…I want to see you again one last time as the Yuko-chan you knew, and to meet you as nyanyan.”

Yuko’s smile appeared on her face again before she lowered her gun and got down from the table before she swiftly went to her side and captured those soft lips. The young innocent Miyuki witnessed the whole scene right before her eyes and couldn’t help but to blush out with embarrassment. As for Haruna, she wasn’t expecting this coming and before she could react, the sneaky squirrel backed off and had that smile of accomplishment across her face.

“I still love you even all these years. I want you to know that, for one last time.”


“But you don’t have to love me…because I know you have your heart for Mariko only.”


“It’s about time I have to go…Haruna.”

She shot up at the light above her and caused a short blackout of the lights above their heads. Both officers closed their eyes with surprise and before they opened again…Yuko were long gone as if she didn’t exist there. Leaving both Miyuki and Haruna in shock…the older one didn’t know what to do, and what to comprehend. This was just too much for her to handle, both Yuko and Mariko was just downright unfair to her. They just did what they wanted to do and leave Haruna back without telling anything. Did Mariko tell everything to Yuko and that’s why she followed her? Why didn’t Mariko tell her anything at all? So many questions she kept asking herself, as well as asking about Yuko. She remembered about 5 years ago…when the three of them were together was one of the most happiest moments of her life, spending time with Yuko and Mariko.



Yuko rushed to her side and hugged Haruna tightly as ever after she came to pick her up at the entrance of the university. It was their daily routine as both Mariko and Yuko would come pick her up to go back to their apartment together. It was a perfect size one that the three of them rented together… Mariko was the one that paid the most shared as she insisted being the oldest one. Living together with the two people she cared the most was the best thing Haruna could’ve asked for. Yuko would come by for a week and stayed back at her home for another week or two. She said she had young kids she had to take care off and couldn’t be away for too long. However, Mariko was here everyday, living with Haruna.

“What do you want to eat today? I’m quite free today.”

Mariko suggested it up and then Haruna joined her immediately, she wouldn’t want her girlfriend to do all the work after she came back from her job. However, as Haruna followed her girlfriend to cook dinner tonight, Yuko would jump in as well. In the end the three of them would help each other.

“Let’s make some kaarage!”

“Haha, if Yuko-chan wants it.”

Mariko stroked the young girl’s head with tenderness and Yuko was quite fond to her. By the time Haruna had met them…they were already together. Shinoda told her that she had been with Yuko for quite a long while and they had a very complicated relationship with each other. The only thing that Haruna knew was that Yuko was not related to Mariko…and she had no parents.



“I love you~”

“Haha, I know.”

Yuko kept hugging Haruna all the time when they were at home watching TV together. The youngest girl would always cuddle and Mariko never got jealous at all, she was sure a perfect older sister for the squirrel. However…it was Haruna’s fault for never realize squirrel’s true feelings at all and always misunderstood her words. Saying ‘I love you’ probably was just so easy that people ignored it without realizing how heavy it was.


It was that night…the raining day, few days after Haruna got police training. It was one of her dreams to demolish the inequity and evil from the society…without realizing anything about Mariko and Yuko at all. That day, Yuko kept dragging her out and spent time together in the city without Mariko around them…she realized Yuko’s odd behavior and couldn’t help but to ask.

“Yuko-chan…what’s wrong?”


“You’re acting so weird today, please tell me.”

“I-I…I’m sorry.”


“I know you and Mariko are together but…! I can’t stop loving you…”

Right after Yuko made that confession, she dove in and stole Haruna’s lips immediately, in the middle of the crowd of people. Everyone saw the whole thing and the taller one couldn’t help but to push Yuko away from her with shock. That was when she realized…things were going down. The young squirrel didn’t say it out of just sisterly love…but it was out of pure romantic love. The moment her eyes met with Yuko she could see that pure sadness. It was an expression she never saw from her before…and it just struck her heart down.

“I just need to tell you…I really do love you, Haruna.”

The only times Yuko would call her by her real name was when she was serious…deadly serious. Oshima truly have her feelings for Haruna, despite the woman was already taken by Mariko. However, there was something about today that made her decide to tell her feelings to Haruna, as if it would be the last time she would have that chance.


“I’m sorry…I’m really sorry. I tried! But…I can’t…”

“W-What’s going on?? Why both you and Mariko are acting so weird??”


“Tell me Yuko-chan!”


Yuko didn’t reply, and it made Haruna reached her limits. She had a feeling that Mariko would be at their apartment and she sprinted off immediately. As for the young squirrel she didn’t have such a good vide and called out for her love to stop…but it wouldn’t work that easily.



“Don’t go!!!”

Yuko stopped her as she threw her arms around her body to prevent her from going away. For some reason the squirrel was just so desperate to stop Haruna from going to Mariko…as if she knew what would happen. She was trembling, and hoped the older one wouldn’t go. However, Kojima struggled and tried to free herself from the hug.

“L-Let me go!”

“No! You can’t! You can’t go Haruna!”

“Let me go Yuko!!”


Without realizing it, Haruna accidentally slapped across Yuko’s face and caused the girl to fall back on the floor. She carried that horrid face on her as she realized she hurt someone close to her, but what made even worse was that she saw that tearful expression on Yuko’s face…it just shredded her heart into pieces. But she didn’t have the choice but to keep running, she needed to know what was going on and only Mariko would be able to answer her…by the time she arrived there, the rain had started, she could see the older woman packed everything into her luggage and was about to leave the apartment. It was as if she was moving out permanently.



“Mariko, where are you going?”

“I’m leaving.”

“T-To where?”

“…Out forever.”

“E-EH?? W-What??”

“I’m sorry Haruna, but it’s for your sake, our sake. I have to…I need to move out.”

“Is it about work? T-Then that’s okay…we’ll still be together right…?”

“…I’m not so sure about it anymore.”

Mariko’s cold words made her heart sank. Those eyes…so calm yet so cold. Haruna was trembling slightly after she stared into those eyes that gave her a chill down her spine. Then again, the older woman moved away from her as if she was about to disappear away from Haruna’s life without saying a word. After all they had been arguing and loved each other…it was about to disappear into thin air. Haruna ran in and threw her arms around Mariko immediately, and caused her to pause.

“N-No! Please! Don’t go!!”

“…Let me go, Haruna.”


“…One day you’ll realize why. Life is always cruel to people, isn't?”

Haruna didn’t understand what Mariko was saying but then she felt those cold hands pushed her away and gave her that calm eyes…that crept her out. She could see tinge of sadness in it, those eyes were as if trying to tell her something but she failed to understood what it meant. That moment of pause…she didn’t know what to do or respond while watching Mariko disappearing away…before she could grasp her senses back, she saw Yuko at the exit of the hotel’s gate who seem to be waiting for Mariko’s arrival.


She got her senses back, she rushed after Mariko immediately and out to the field area. Ran through the rain calling for both of them from the top of her lungs with desperation. It was the worse day of her life, it was as if she was going to lose the two people that was so close to her heart.

“Mariko! Yuko-chan—!!”

She fell onto the floor as she accidentally stepped on the puddle of water. Mariko completely ignored her but Yuko couldn’t. She rushed to her side immediately to make sure Haruna was alright…despite she was rejected utterly, she couldn’t stop her love for the woman at all.

“Nyanyan…are you okay?”

“You knew this…! You knew this is going to happen!”


“Why didn’t you tell me!? Why…! Why Yuko!?”

“I-I’m sorry…I-I…”

“I told Yuko not to say it.”

Mariko finally replied before she handed her bag to the men in black suit and they put it inside the car. The older woman didn’t turn back at look at her girlfriend at the slightest…she bit her lips before she went straight into the car, leaving Haruna and Yuko soaked in the rain.

“Nyanyan…I’m sorry.”

“…I hate you. I hate you…!”

Yuko’s heart sank but she tolerated the pain. She was used to it somehow. She jerked Haruna’s chin up and captured those cold lips one again. Stealing what she wanted…but it was never satisfying for her at all. Haruna didn’t love her, the kiss was pointless, it was only for her satisfaction. Truth was just so painful for both of them. She gave the softest kiss to the woman before Yuko broke off with the painful smile.

“…I love you, Haruna. I will always, please don’t forget.”

Yuko finally stood up and left Haruna in the rain. She knew that Mariko was waiting for her and she couldn’t make her wait any longer. Since the older woman was the leader of the dark alley, and her master. That was the end of nightmare that still haunted Haruna until now…for the past 5 years she had been trying to find the two of them…and now she had realized, that both of them were the most wanted criminals that she had been trying to look for. Maybe when they knew Haruna’s motive to become officer, things wouldn’t work anymore.


Yuko finally headed back home, to the dark alley where her family was living. She had finally met her love that she never had talked to for the past 5 years. Still, her feelings for Haruna hadn’t change and she had been watching her ever since Haruna was in the pursuer team. Such a cruel truth for her, one day in the future, she would turn her gun to Haruna. Soon after she arrived back home, she went straight to Mariko’s room and knocked on her door before entering.

“Mariko…I’m back—Mariko!?”

She saw her leader collapsed onto the floor coughing blood out. She was struggling out from her bed to get the pills and she already swallowed it forcefully down her blood soaked throat. Yuko ran to get the water immediately and fed it to the sick woman with utmost worries.

“M-Mariko…I’m sorry I left…”

“It’s okay Yuko…Thanks.”

She escorted Mariko back to bed and sat down by her side to make sure she would be fine. Her conditions was getting worse as time passed by and the pills were doing its best to suppress the degradation of her cells. Mariko was just like waiting for her clock to die out each day.



“…I might not live that long though. I would need you to lead everyone if anything were to happen to me.”

“N-No! Mariko!? You’re the leader! You’re the one that gave light and hope to everyone of us…! You can’t die!”

“Yuko…the life is always cruel isn’t?”

Yuko couldn’t reply back and she was trying to hold back her fears and tears from bursting out. She knew it very well that Mariko wouldn’t have that long. Everything started ever since 5 years ago when they left Haruna…it was because of Mariko’s condition, and the fact that Haruna would become a police officer. A criminal in a relationship with an officer? It would completely demolished Haruna’s reputation in her dream career and Mariko couldn’t afford that to happen. They did this for Haruna’s sake…but despite so, the leader regretted her decision and hoped that Yuko wouldn’t repeat her mistake.

“…Protect Haruna…don’t make the same mistake I did…”

“Please stop, Haruna only loves you…you need to live—”

“Only you can give the love that Haruna needed…I know…only you could. Don’t repeat the same mistake I did…!”


“Heh…aren’t we thieves? Take and steal what you want…and make sure…you never lose it.”


Yuko bit her lips before she held Mariko’s hand tightly as her sign of determination. The fear from those orbs vanished and only determination and hope existed in there. It was more than enough for the leader to know what was going through Yuko’s mind, and she didn’t regret that Yuko would become her successor.

“…I promise, I’ll protect Haruna. I’ll protect our family…I promise.”

“Thank you Yuko…thank you.”

The next successor held her master’s hand tightly and only hoped that she could look strong and tough in front of her while her courage could allow her to do so. Deep down, Yuko was terrified about it. She could never imagine her life would be without Mariko. It was a year before Mayu came to join the family…back then, it was her 1st family of her life…Mariko, Atsuko, and Takamina. Everyone gave her such a warm welcome to an orphan like her that was being thrashed in that city… that was when Mariko found her.



The young kid was kicked out from the restaurant for being caught stealing the food in the kitchen. She was homeless, and was desperate for food and place to stay…but she wasn’t helped by anyone at all. 

“Get lost kid!”

They shove her away and she only wandered in the city…alone, after her parents left her when she was 8 on this one simple day at school. Wandering all alone for the past 5 years…she had became ruthless and aggressive like an injured beast. As she kept walking in the streets in those dirty clothes…she self-taught herself to pick people’s purses and it was one of her usual routine…it’s her only way to get food and place to live. As she did pocket-picked from this rich man that walked passed her, she did it successfully without him realizing it but then she was caught red-handed by this teenage woman.

“W-What are you—”

She took the wallet from Yuko’s hand and returned back to the rich man lying that he dropped onto the floor, and said that Yuko found it. She didn’t tell him that this homeless kid was attempting to steal his wallet.

“Ah! Thank you so much! This is a wallet given to me from my daughter, this is truly precious to me.”


“No worries, have a good day sir.”

“Thank you.”

He walked away with a smile of relief and Yuko was completely lost. Then suddenly, the young teenage grabbed her hand and pulled her over somewhere else into the dark corner of the city where no one would see them. As she kept dragging homeless Yuko along the corner, the young retracted her hand and threw a dead glare at her immediately.

“What are you trying to do!?”

“That wallet is important to him.”

“Who cares!?”

“Shouldn’t you care more of other people’s feelings? It’s sad when you rob something important from someone away.”

“…Shut up. Don’t talk like you know anything!”

“Come with me.”

“Huh? Where?”

“Home. I’ll take you to your new home.”

“What are you frigging blabbering!? Are you trying to give pity on me? A homeless kid??”

“You can eat as much as you want, we’re about to have dinner soon, you’re not going to lose anything for coming with me…after you come and see, its your choice you want to leave or not.”

She was right. Yuko didn’t have the choice as she was literally starving as she didn’t eat anything today yet, since this asshole teenager in front of her she didn’t have the choice. She decided to go with her ruined her pocket-picking time. That was when she met with Atsuko, Rena, Takamina, and other orphan kids that were abandoned like her. One day of trip to the dark alley…it made her felt that she didn’t want to leave this place at all, this place was just so warm…and she was taken into the family, living with Mariko, Rena, Atsuko, and Takamina. She didn’t regret that Mariko found her and took her here…they’ve grown up together and Mariko taught everything she needed to know…about fighting, family, friendship, and love. She was like a mother to Yuko in a way.


So many things happened ever since she joined with this comforting family…She was taken care by Mariko, Rena, Atsuko, and Takamina. She had become so close with Rena since they’re about the same age. A year later she met with Mayu and had to look after her together with Rena since they were older than her…a year later, Jurina joined them. After that…Rena had left to protect Jurina from her cursed fate as a SuperSoldier. Atsuko and Takamina took their leave and decided to start a fresh life together but still keep in tough with the dark alley family…only Mariko was left, and Yuko never left her side. She would never plan to abandon her and she would put her life on it. From the original family…it’s only the two of them left now. So much pressure, so much thoughts running inside her head…no one knew what Yuko was thinking, but she was the one that shouldered the whole family on her shoulders…if anything were to happen to Mariko, she’s the next successor. She swore she would protect Mayu, Jurina, and others with all cost…with everything she had.


~[KojiYuu] Extra: END~

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Love Capture: CH07

Utterly dark silence…only sting pain enveloped her senses as she slowly woke up from her long forgotten slumber. As she tried to move her limb, it was throbbing horribly. However, it was more than enough relief to tell that she was alive… Slowly opening her eyes, the vision was blurred for a second before everything became clearer. She slowly diverted her eyes around and saw the unconscious raven-haired girl beside her…that was Officer Kashwaigi. Flashed back to the time they jumped into the water to escape the explosion…they were blown off from the water and got up onto the pavement sides of the tunnel.


She tried to move and realized the throbbing calf and arm. It was the places she got shot…but was even worse was the bleeding wound on her head. It’s making her lightheaded and she wasn’t so sure how long she had been in here. She took the hidden knife from her pocket, and cut her shirt into strips to tie around her wound to prevent anymore blood loss…after she had treated herself roughly, she slowly scooted over to Yuki and checked whether she got any injuries or not.

“…Phew. She’s alright…”

She didn’t have any, but she got multiple burn and scratches on her body due to the explosion. She did cover herself for Mayu after all… in the end, she decided to take her outer jacket out and wore it on the unconscious officer instead. She checked her pockets and thankfully she had some painkillers and antibiotics for bacterial infection…but it was enough for one person to take. Mayu stared at her pills and took the painkillers for herself, she always needed it after all…it’s her mandatory pill. She took in the antibiotic pills into her mouth to manually turning it into viscous fluid before she moved in and enclosed her lips against Yuki’s…in order to force her to take the antibiotics easily since she automatically swallowed it down. The injured thief wiped her lips and decided to make a plan from now. She didn’t pay much attention about kissing the sleeping beauty since she was in a serious situation right now, but she had to admit that those lips were soft. Since they managed to escape that explosion, Mayu hoped that the officers wouldn’t follow them. But things like couldn’t be so sure though…they needed to get moving before the worse case scenario would happen.


Mayu carried Yuki onto her back but her leg got shot. But this pain wouldn’t stop her from moving on forward though. If they were to get caught here then her effort to risk kidnapping Yuki out would be in vain, and Mayu would hate that so badly. There was a reason why she gave the antibiotics to her after all…she wouldn’t want Yuki to die anytime soon yet. She still needed to make use of her…for her revenge. In that darkness in the drainage…the only thing that was Mayu’s friend was the sound of the water flowing softly. The only thing she could think was to get out from here and arrive back at the hideout…hoping that everything would be okay on Jurina’s side.

As they she kept walking down the path, the painkillers finally kicked in and she no longer felt any pain. But she knew that her body wasn’t that pleased with it since it’s about to breakdown any moment. At least the pain wouldn’t bother her for the time being as she headed back to the hideout…but she would suffer a lot afterwards.

“If you die this is going to be shitty pointless…! You better not die…”


“Tch, obviously you can’t respond…well, it makes things easier for me.”

Yuki was still dead unconscious while the short thief carried her along the pavement…it the dark stinky place, Mayu sure knew where she was heading and how to get out from here. In that deep silence she did had the chance to think through a lot of things though…about Yuki, and her revenge. Mayu’s hatred towards Kashiwagi did not change at the slightest…maybe it did, by Yuki’s influence. Never once Mayu would’ve expected a crazy officer like this woman to trust a criminal like her. She was willingly to bet her life on it to trust her, as Miyuki’s kind and gentle older sister. Mayu still couldn't believe that until now…and didn’t understand why Yuki would put her life on this. This officer, risked herself being caught by her own father for to learn about Watanabe family’s tragic truth…and for her to be captured in the cell it meant that she didn’t agree to work with her father. Just too many questions and doubts running inside her head…and Mayu wanted an answer. But it seem only Yuki could give her that answer and the thief had a vibe she knew what the officer would say.

“Because I trust you…I trust Miyuki’s sister.”

“Tch…that pathetic woman…W-Woa—”

Mayu fell onto the floor as her knee went weak all of the sudden. With Yuki’s weight on her back and her injured calf, she couldn’t gain her balance like she would normally do…the weight from Yuki’s body just added more crush against Mayu’s fragile body.

“Oof—! Ugh dammit…!”

Yuki didn’t wake up from that, which at least it was a good thing for Mayu. She would hate to have any conversation with that woman right now…she was mad, annoyed, confused, and frustrated. The young mouse carried the officer on her back once again and then kept on walking. She finally turned at the corner and realized how she was getting closer to the exit. In this huge drain…only the dark alley people would know their way around here. Mayu kept on walking in that silence why hoping that Yuki would be alive and good or else the antibiotics she gave would be worthless.


Turning at another corner…she finally ended up at this dead end. But that made Mayu smirked even more. Nothing could be seen in this darkness. She bent down and bit on something on the wall, it seemed to be like a cloth. She pulled it back and revealed the wooden floor that was leaning against the wall…it was her exit. She nudged it to the side and saw the path that kept leading on. She walked through and just few minutes later…she saw the light at the end.  However, it was right above her head, she needed to get out from here with this stair ladders in front of her. It would be hard to manage this with an unconscious woman on her back. At least the stairs seemed to be stable and strong enough… Mayu gave it a try and climbed up the stairs with the officer on her back. So much energy, so much effort, so much pain started to tackle her back, the painkillers were about to wear off. Slowly taking each step up the stairs…the pain haunted her. Successfully, she managed to get out from the drainage with the officer, she came into this abandoned room that had broken windows…the light shone through it and Mayu remembered this smell very well…the smell of her home. She was nearly there already. She gathered her strength once again and marched out through the old door…to find her way back home.


After Yuko had taken care of Mariko, she sat in the living room worrying about the two girls. The older one didn’t know what was going on with Mayu and Jurina, so the squirrel hoped that those two girls would come back quickly before Mariko got curious about their disappearance.


Yuko could hear the sound of something against the door, before she realized it, it flew open and revealed the young girl…carrying this woman on her back. The trail of blood was all over her face and Yuko recognized that girl immediately. It was her girl, Mayu. Without further ado, she rushed to her immediately as soon as she saw her losing her balance.


She came right on time and caught Mayu before the girl would fell onto the floor. Yuko could see the nasty wound on the girl’s head…and she knew how Watanabe do had concussion every now and then, and this could just make things worse for her. Before she could say anything, Mayu whispered weakly against her body…


“I’ll treat your wounds immediately don’t worry—!”

“…Save her…before she…help her…please.”

Mayu was not asking Yuko to take care of her, but the injured officer on her back. This woman must be the person that Mayu and Jurina tried to kidnap…she was Watanabe’s princess. She nodded firmly and it made the young mouse rest assured…and that was when she finally let herself went into some long sleep.

“What the hell is going on…! You crazy kid…”

Yuko couldn’t bring herself to be mad at Mayu right now. She needed to focus on treating their wounds before it would get worse that this. However, what grabbed her attention was that Jurina wasn’t with Mayu…where did she go? Worries started to consume over Yuko, but she needed to remain calm in Mariko’s place, and stay strong for Mayu. Since she would be so busy taking care of these two girls for a time being…


The warm and comfy feeling surrounded her body. The moment she slowly regained her conscious was when she felt such burning pain on her limbs. Her eyes slowly opened and realize she was on a bed, covered with the warm blanket. In this quiet silence…she didn’t know where she was and slowly sat up with confusion. She was still trying to process what was going on and slowly remembered…she protected Mayu from the explosion, and everything seemed to back out after that.

“Glad you’re awake now.”

A mysterious voice talked to her and that’s when she saw the woman crossing her arms while leaning against the side of the door. She seemed to be waiting for Yuki to wake up before she approached to her side to check on her condition. Amazingly she didn’t have any fever at all despite being in the drainage for quite a long while with injures all over her body. The antibiotics did played its role to protect the officer.

“I-I ah…”

“Don’t worry, I’m Mayu’s friend…she brought you here.”

Yuko pointed towards the bed beside her, and that was when Yuki saw the young thief being covered with bandages and still unconscious on bed. She seemed to be in a much worse condition than her. The officer didn’t know what happened and how she was brought here…but for sure she knew that Mayu was already injured before the explosion in the drainage.

“She needs a lot of rest, she’s injected by the bacteria in the drainage. It’s quite filthy in there…which made me surprise that you’re not infected at all.”

“I…I don’t know.”

“…I guess that kid gave you the meds for your protection.”


“Usually we would carry antibiotic pills if in cases we were to go through that filthy drainage. Someone alert like Mayu would always have one, but I don’t see she carrying it. She must’ve eaten it, or gave it to you.”

Yuko went to Mayu’s side while she explained the rough situation she predicted, no one knew how much accurate she was. However, that guess was more than enough to make Yuki’s heart skipped a beat…no matter what’s the truth for that medicine matter, the fact that Mayu kidnapped and carried her here was more than enough to prove her kindness. As she stared at that listless body on the bed…she couldn’t help but to have the throbbing pain growing inside her chest. To see Mayu hurt because of her was just painful than her wounds and things regarding her father.

“…Will Mayu be alright?”

“She will, she’s a tough kid…and you must be?”

“Ah, I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself…my name is Kashiwagi Yuki.”


Yuko recognized that name very well. It was the surname of the man that was responsible for Watanabe’s tragic massacre. The one that changed the warmhearted girl into a ruthless killer…it was the Kashiwagi family. Yuko couldn’t help but to ask in order to clarify her doubts.

“Are you…Kashiwagi Miura’s daughter?”

“…Yes. It was my dad responsible for everything that happened to Mayu.”

This girl knew the truth. Yuko was in shocked to learn that this raven-haired woman in front of her was the daughter of the one that killed Mayu’s family. What surprised her even more was that why did Mayu risked her life to save the daughter of the man she wanted to revenge the most? What was her motive? And unfortunately the only thing that the old squirrel could’ve think of was that Mayu was planning to use this woman…for revenge.

“I guess you knew about me too… so yeah, just hate me as much as you want. I won’t deny what my father did to—”

“I don’t hate you. You didn’t do it. I’m not idiot enough to blame an innocent girl like you.”


Yuki was slightly surprised with the young woman’s speech. But that didn’t help reduce the guilt for Mayu’s family at all. After all, her father robbed everything from Mayu, and not even an apology would make up for it. Yuko didn’t speak anything further and went out for a short while before she came back with a bowl of porridge she cooked. Yuko was well prepared and had it on the tray so that Yuki could eat it on bed.

“It’s hot, just make sure you don’t burn yourself okay?”


“I believe you think that Mayu saved you for revenge right?”


“I know her long enough, and I still don’t understand why would she risk so much for revenge. I don’t think that’s her real motive.”


“…But well, no one will know what this chump is thinking. She never shows her true self, like a sneaky little mouse.”

Yuko changed Mayu’s bandage to a new one to replace the bloodstained ones. For the officer…she was still in surprise that this woman she didn’t know was being so kind to her. She seemed to know Mayu so well and must’ve been her friend. She felt the warm welcome from Yuko and did take a spoon of the hot porridge. It caught her off guard that it taste so good. For some reason Yuki was literally starving and she finished the whole bowl without leaving any single grain of rice at all. It made Oshima surprised with such appetite Yuki had and realized the officer must be hungry.

“Hehe, do you want some more?”

“U-Uh…if that’s okay?”

“We need someone to help finish it. Please eat as much as you need. You have been sleeping ever since yesterday.”

“W-Whoa…no wonder I feel like I’m starving…”

“Eat as much as you need, you need to recover.”

“Thank you…uh…”

“Oshima Yuko, just call me Yuko.”

“…Thank you Yuko-san.”

That word filled with sincere feelings. Yuko could feel in and she knew it wasn’t just about food. Seeing from Kashiwagi’s eyes, she could tell that the woman was trying to thank her more than just the porridge she prepared. Those words were meaningful and it touched the squirrel’s heart. Finally, it allowed Yuko to smile with much relief before she left the room to refill the porridge for Yuki.

“That woman…if it’s her…maybe she could.”

Yuko remembered the feeling when she saw Yuki’s eyes. It was filled with sincerity and such genuine feeling. If it was her, the squirrel believed that she would be able to open the door to Mayu’s heart. What the heartless mouse needed was a person that was truly sincere to her, and Yuko had a feeling that Yuki would only be the one to do so. If anyone could, then Mayu would’ve opened herself to people already. Little by little, the squirrel started to have a little hope that Yuki could heal Mayu’s wounded scar…but the downfall to that was that she was the daughter of the bastard that destroyed Mayu’s family. Would the young mouse be able to forget the revenge? Was she that desperate for revenge? Even Yuko couldn’t answer that…

“I hope for the best for her…she’s still young…I wish she will open her heart.”


After Yuki had waked up, on that same day, she drastically got better since she received antibiotics to fight the infection earlier. She helped Yuko with watching over Mayu and always changed the bandages every now and then for time. Almost every time that Yuko went to check on Mayu’s condition…she would see Yuki sitting by her side with that worried face on her. This woman never left the room at all. Either way, Yuko still gave her the antibiotic pills to her whenever it was the time for both Mayu and Yuki to take.

“Any change?”

“Nothing at all…she’s still sleeping.”

“I see, don’t forget to take care of yourself too.”

“I will.”

Yuki just sat there, and didn’t complain anything. Yuko could see from her eyes…it was filled with such worries and love. However, that eyes Yuki had for Mayu caught her attention badly. The more times she observed the officer, the more her guts gave her a stronger vibe…the feeling that Yuki was in love.


“Hm? What is it Yuko-san?”

“…I’m just glad that this kid found someone for her.”

“Eh? I’m not sure that I get that or not…”

“Yuki, you love Mayu didn’t you?”


Yuki was shocked and her blush was just so obvious to Yuko. The young squirrel just watched the embarrassing officer trying to make bluffs to cover herself. Just seeing her panicking so much with this was more than enough reason to prove to her that Kashiwagi had feeling for Mayu. This was actually heading towards the direction she wanted, but it made her curious with how did this ruthless girl managed to capture the officer’s heart.

“W-What made you think like that…?”

“Isn’t so obvious? The way you look and treat her, as if you’re in love with her.”

“N-No way…I-I ahh…”

“Hmm…But I guess you started to realize it too didn’t you? Those feelings you have.”

Yuko hit on the bull’s eye and Yuki’s reaction showed it all. She decided to remain in silence since she did her role to trigger Yuki’s feelings for Mayu. The squirrel was actually looking forward to this, but at the same time she was worried what Mayu was planning to do from here on. She was hoping that the young mouse wouldn’t do something rash that would make her regret for the rest of her life…Yuko wanted to teach that stubborn arrogant girl that revenge was not the key to heal her wounded heart…only love cure her.

“A wounded animal is very hard to approach…just like her.”


“If she means something to you…please take care of her for me.”


“I bet you’re quite some special person in Mayu’s heart as well.”

Yuki shook her head vigorously immediately with misbelieve. Such things like this she couldn’t believe it. All these past moments she had with Mayu, this theif would always treat her like a toy, to be specific, tool for revenge. There would be no way that Yuki would have a spot in Mayu’s heart as Yuko was talking right now.

“She treated me like I’m her toy…well to be exact, her tool for revenge.”

“Maybe you’re right. But what you need to know is that I never saw her risk for anyone this much aside from our family…you’re definitely not just a toy to her. Even you are, I doubt Mayu would realize it, she’s a stubborn chump.”


“That kid needs someone that can comfort her, I have a feeling that you can reach her heart…that was locked for over 10 years.”

“Y-Yuko-san…aren’t you putting so much hope on me?”

“Well I guess I am, putting some hope for once in 10 years wouldn’t be a problem right?”


Yuko just broke that tension in the air and made Yuki felt more relaxed. But at the same time she could tell that Yuko was serious with what she said, Yuki could sense the weight on each word uttered. Despite she didn’t have any confidence that she would be able to reach Mayu’s heart or not, she wouldn’t know unless she gave it a shot and put her effort into it.

“What do you think of Mayu though? A son of a bitch?”

“Wow, that’s how you’re describing her?”

“Haha! Sometimes she is…so what’s your answer?”

“…She’s ruthless, evil, and heartless. But at times…if I’m not deceiving myself, she’s a warm and kind person.”

“…I see, thank you.”

Yuki didn’t understand why Yuko would’ve thanked her. However, she just nodded softly. At the very least…Yuki believed in the kindness lingering inside that coldblooded heart. That was probably the only thing she could do, to believe in Mayu. The squirrel left the room and allowed Yuki to be alone with the listless thief on the bed. Slowly, the officer stroked her cheek and felt that warmth against her hand…while another hand held onto her palm gently. It was plainly rough and thick, but it was the hand that held her tightly when they were escaping. It was the hand that protected her from danger…it was this hand that made her felt safe.


She prayed for the thief to wake up. She hoped that Mayu would be fine and woke up to yell at her, insult her, just anything…she just wanted this girl to wake up already. Even though Mayu treated her as a tool for revenge, and as her toy…she couldn’t bring herself to detest this girl at all. Likely it wasn’t out of sympathy either, since she had this feeling even before she knew the truth behind Mayu’s family. Her heart started to open to Mayu because she witnessed and was touched with Mayu’s kindness. Even it was just a blink of second, she could feel it, the warmth and tenderness sure wasn’t a lie. That’s what Yuki wanted to believe…that it was real, and that she fell in love with Mayu because of that.

“…Mayu, please wake up.”


Time flew by fast and it was the 3rd day already. Mayu was still lying down on bed, sleeping, unconscious, and had no sign of waking up at the slightest. However, this gave Yuki the big time to think through things much more after Yuko pointed out her feelings for her. She noticed as time passed by her heart raced with worries, she never felt this way before for anyone at all… Mayu was the only one that made her felt that way. Just more time to remember old times she had with this thief.

Their first encounter was at the dark alley when they were pointing guns at each other. Mayu stabbed her and stole her first kiss. They went on a date at the park and she was kissed again. She treating Mayu’s wound that was given by an officer. Learning about Mayu’s history and the cruel truth of what her father did. Mayu kidnapped her and protected her…every moment made her heart throbbed in pain along with happiness. She had to admit that she was happy to be with Mayu despite all the bad talks they always had. Yuki actually felt at ease when she was with her. She never got bored at all sitting here and watch over Mayu until she woke up from her sleep. She wanted to be there to make sure that the thief would be fine when she gained her conscious back… but she was sitting too long that she forgot to have some water.

“Now I’m getting thirsty…”

She got up and went to the table to have a glass of water, but that moment was when she heard a mumble of another individual. It immediately caught her attention and she diverted her eyes back to the bed, and saw the listless figure moving once again.



Yuki rushed to her side immediately and her heart started to pound so fast with worries. She held onto Mayu’s hand tightly while the younger one groaned and grumbled in pain. At least Yuki’s yell was loud enough to catch Yuko’s attention whom was downstairs to the room where they were in.


“Mayu…thank goodness you’re finally awake.”

That familiar voice caught Mayu’s attention, and she slowly diverted to this woman who was beside her holding her hand…her eyes grew wide with surprise. Those teary eyes with genuine worries totally captivated Mayu’s attention. That smile on Yuki’s face made her heart paused a minute. It was an expression she would never expected from anyone, and especially from Yuki. Little by little…Yuki’s genuine feelings slowly dug through the wall Mayu made to cover and protect her heart.


“Mayu does it hurt anywhere? Are you feeling okay?”

“…Don’t touch me.”

Yuko just managed to come on time to see Mayu coldly pulled her hand away. That created the awkward moment between the two as Yuki didn’t know how to respond to that. Before things would be more awkward, Yuko came in to break the tension and went to Mayu’s side immediately.

“Finally you woke up, idiot.”


“You better thank Yuki as well, she looked after you for 3 whole days after since she woke up.”

Oshima forced the arrogant mouse to at least thank Yuki for helping her. It was that awkward moment again that the young girl diverted her coldblooded eyes to the raven-haired woman with a sigh. They stared at each other’s eye and the moment Mayu gave a huge sigh while diverting her eyes away.

“…I didn’t ask you to look after me—OWWW!!”

Yuko literally knocked Mayu’s head with her iron fist and caused the mouse the startled with pain. The officer watched the whole scene with surprise and Mayu glared back at Yuko immediately with anger.

“Is this how you treat an injured person!?”

“If you’re going to have such a foul mouth, maybe later when you can RUN. Now apologize to Yuki.”


“Because she looked after you. Do it now or you’re getting more.”


Mayu sighed again before she turned to Yuki…that moment of awkward eye contact. She looked away again but this time, the officer swore she saw the young mouse had that shaded pink cheeks while she finally brought out enough courage to do what Yuko ordered her to do.

“…Sorry, and thanks.”

Just two simple words… It made Yuki’s heart skipped a beat and Yuko could tell from her expression. At least she was helping these two getting together. That was when Yuko decided to leave the check-up to Kashiwagi instead and she went to prepare some food for Mayu, this girl would have a huge appetite after she hadn’t eat for the past 4 days. As Yuki checked her body temperature and changed the bandages, Mayu sat there without a word, but it was bloody obvious she was annoyed.

“…Why are you doing this?”

“Is it wrong to worry about you?”

“Yes. Because I’m a criminal.”

“You saved me, and its more than enough reason for me to care for you.”

“When I also plan to kill your father?”

Yuki froze for a second and turned her eyes to Mayu. She could see that seriousness, and that heartlessness. It was the moment she knew that Mayu wasn’t playing around with her. Since she knew what her father did to Watanabe’s family, she wouldn’t be surprise that she showed so much sign of hatred towards Kashiwagi.

“…You still have the fever.”

“Where is Jurina? If I have been sleeping for 4 days, then she must be back.”



“Is it that girl that we separated while escaping…?”

“Are you telling me that Jurina isn’t back here!?”

Mayu roared out loud and caused Yuki to stun. Watanabe bit her lips before she threw herself off from bed and headed towards the door. But then getting up so forcefully just gave her a lightheaded moment, Mayu eventually fell onto the floor with her knees. She hadn’t eaten anything for the past 4 days and obviously she wouldn’t have any energy to even run at all.


Yuki rushed over to her to support her, but then she was pushed away immediately by the ruthless mouse. Watanabe could feel her fever attacking her again and it just increased her headache, but it wouldn’t stop her from getting out from here to find Jurina. Mayu was sure a smart kid; she could tell that if Jurina returned, Yuki would definitely know her since she’s a loud girl. She slowly got up but then she felt that arms wrapped around her body, preventing her from escaping.

“Let me go!”

“Calm down! Maybe Jurina is back!! You need to rest! You can’t move like that!”

“I know that girl too well, if she is then she would be here already!!”

No one could beat Mayu’s valid argument. Yuki hoped that it could stop the raging mouse but it failed in vain. Mayu struggled even more and usually she would be able to escape from that weak grip…but she had no energy to even fight back this officer. This situation was forcing her to use all her strength to shove this annoying woman away from her.

“Let me go now or else I—!”

“I told you that you CAN’T!!!”

Kashiwagi raised her voice and caused Mayu to stun for a second. It all happened so fast, the hug disappeared but she felt a big pain across her cheeks, making her face flicked to the side with surprise. The officer slapped her, very hard, and she did fell back on her bum. In that silence…Mayu slowly diverted her face to Yuki and that moment of shock…she saw tears. That tough officer was breaking into tears in front of her and she couldn’t understand the slightest thing that was going on. She usually was immune to see people crying, but not tears of sadness like this…but seeing Kashiwagi crying just made her so annoyed, and felt this disturbing thing stirring inside her heart.


“Please…I beg you…don’t go!”


“I don’t want to see you in pain again, no…please Mayu…”

 “Why? Its none of your business at all.”


Yuki didn’t respond, or its more of she couldn’t. She didn’t know what to say back to this stubborn girl and all and wondered how would she deal with this. She couldn’t possibly let this girl run off to look for Jurina without knowing where she was, and with that current condition. However, she took too long to be in silence that it made Mayu lost her patience to wait.

“If you’re not going to say anything, I’m in a hurry right now—”

“Stop it please! Don’t go! Just don’t go…!”

“…What the heck is wrong with you??”

“Why are you always like this…treating me like a toy, abused me, you even stabbed me before, yet I could tell that you’re not a heartless person at all…you’re kind and gentle.”


Watanabe was stunned. Something she would never expect to hear from an officer, to call a criminal like her a gentle person. Also, since when was the last time someone said like this to her…she couldn’t remember at all. Her old self that she hated so much was locked deep down inside her…that girl filled with kindness and justice. That was the side Mayu hated about herself; it would only make her weak. However, this officer saw through her and gently held her hand.

“…Mayu, why did you went in, risking your life, to save me out from that headquarters?”

“None of your business to know—”

“It is, because it’s my life that you saved and protected.”

Yuki was on a roll to argue back at Mayu in an equally matched level. Before she realized it, the thief wasn’t pulling her hand away from Yuki’s. Her attention was totally captivated by this officer’s sincere eyes. She could tell this woman was just so stubborn that she wouldn’t let her go that easily if she didn’t give an answer to her properly. Slowly, little by little, Mayu’s heart was softening up, as the more she got involved with Yuki. She remained in silence, without an answer.


“…Mayu, please.”

“Miyuki pleaded. She was crying.”

“Is that it? Is that the reason you pushed yourself that far to take me out from there? Especially when I’m a daughter of the man that’s responsible for—”

“Stop RIGHT there.”

Mayu roared back and this time, she was mad. Yuki really did hit on the bull’s eye and she could see hatred returning back to those beautiful eyes. However, Yuki wasn’t planning to back down from a fight either. If she wanted to save this girl from the mindset of revenging, she needed to be strong for herself, and for Mayu.

“…You knew it didn’t you?”


“And you planned to use me as a tool for revenge, right?”

“What if I am?”

“Is revenge the only thing you seek?”

“That’s the whole purpose of my living. Without it, I don’t have a reason to even live in this world—”


A big slap on the same spot that Mayu still had that sting pain. Yuki just added another one and it still startled her again. She was completely dumbfounded from another slap and she felt Yuki pulling her collar shirt towards her with that anger in her eyes. However, Mayu could see so much sadness in it. No matter how smart she was, she could never understand why this woman was so affected with Mayu’s actions when it was none of her business.

“Please don’t say something like that…that’s just too painful.”

“What do you understand? Have you ever see your parents being killed in front of you!? Seeing a brink of death!? Then tell me, WHAT do you EXPECT me to do!? Huh!?”

Mayu yelled out with pure anger, it was the first time she lost control of herself, but that didn’t stop Yuki…it wasn’t as hurtful as it used to be. This time, she could feel Mayu’s real feelings coming out from those words. Yuki simply just shook her head and embraced that wounded girl tightly in her arms without further ado. Mayu tried to struggle but Yuki just hugged her tighter in silence. Before the mouse could say anything further, she was interrupted first.

“Thank you for saving me…”

“…It is for Miyuki.”

Mayu seemed to be losing some touch with her cold-hearted argument and that was when Yuki was able to reply back to her so easily without having to think. She remained hugging that wounded girl in her arms without planning to let go at all. She didn’t wish to risk of letting this arrogant girl go…she just wanted to hold her tightly like this, and made sure she would be all good. 

“Whatever you say…thank you.”

“Why are you doing this? What would you gain for it??”

“Nothing, I care for you…I’m worried about you, and I hate to admit it…”

“Huh? What now?”

“…I love you.”

Finally, that word was uttered from Yuki’s lips. She finally had enough courage to admit it after she had days thinking about her feelings for the thief. The more she hid it away, the more her feelings grew. As she finally confessed her real feelings, she didn’t know how would Mayu respond to it. As for the Watanabe, she was stunned, completely in shock. The woman she despised said she loved her, and maybe she didn’t hate her at all…she hated Kashiwagi Miura…but did she hate Kashiwagi Yuki as well? It was one of the things Mayu had been doubting in herself whether she hated Yuki to the guts or not, because deep down she knew that none of this is Yuki’s fault at all…she’s complete innocent. What the mouse was doing was to drag this innocent woman into the cycle of her vengeance.


A deep silence between the two and Mayu was no longer resisting the hug. Before Yuki would have the time to believe that the girl gave up…she felt a strong push out and a crash against her lips. She wasn’t expecting this coming and her tongue invaded her mouth and deepened up the kiss even more. Mayu held her shoulder tightly while she kept on kissing the officer. The thief pushed her onto the floor and the kiss started to drain all of Yuki’s energy away.

“M-Mayu…! Stop!”

“Isn’t this what you wanted?”

“…I don’t hate you as much as you toying with my feelings like this.”

“Aren’t you trying to trick me to give a heart for you? You deserve a medal…”

“No! I will never lie to you. My feelings are real…and I really did fall for you.”


“Now you’re doubting in my words? Since when you care what I said is true or not?”

“…Right now.”

Before Yuki could argue back, Mayu resumed the kiss and made sure she pushed her body on top of the officer so she couldn’t escape. She wanted to resist, but all her energy was drained away from that kiss. However, they had to break off to get some air, breathing against each other’s lips…Mayu could see Yuki’s face turning bright red like a tomato.

“Then I’ll take it seriously. You don’t want me to leave right? Then give me something in return.”


“I’ll do anything you ask for one thing…in exchange for giving your body to me.”


“I’m deadly serious. I’ll do as you ask…aren’t we partners for benefits to begin with? I give you something, as you gave me something in return. So there’s no reason for you to feel any guilt for doing this anyway…”

“…Best way to hurt someone is to hurt their precious people. So to hurt my father, you chose me. If I reminded you so much of him, why don’t you just kill me?”

“Death is just too easy to be granted. I want you to fall for me, and belong to me. How humiliated will it be when he learned out his only daughter is screwing up with a criminal?”

Mayu expected some hatred from Yuki, but not at all. That woman just stared back with such sadness in her eyes. It wasn’t eyes of sympathy either. She couldn’t interpret what was hidden inside Yuki’s eyes at all…that second moment, she was pulled down and her lips crashed against the officer’s once again…it was a soft gentle kiss from Yuki.

“Then screw me up. Do what ever you want with me…I won’t leave you.”


“I won’t be able to understand your pain, but it doesn’t mean I will leave you. I want to understand you, and help shouldering that burden with you.”


“Please, believe me.”

“…I’ll do as what you ask. I’ll believe you, but you know you need to fulfill the deal.”

Mayu was still not over with this, as well as Yuki, she wasn’t planning to give up either, she pulled Mayu down again and whispered against her ear. She’s playing such a risky game with this cunning criminal. However, she had nothing to lose. At least, Kashiwagi was willingly to risk her whole life for Mayu. For some reason, she wondered why she could do that despite their circumstances.

“I really do care about you, that’s the truth…and I do hate to admit it, but I do love you…Mayu.”


“If that’s what it takes to protect you and make you do as I said…my body, and my heart, it’s all yours.”

“…I wonder how long will you be able to keep up with such deceiving words?”

“For as long as I’m breathing.”


She was annoyed. Despite everything went according to her plan that she made officer Kashiwagi fell in love with her, but she couldn’t explain why it was just so annoying and disturbing like this. Seeing Yuki giving everything to her just for her sake was just…unfathomable. They resumed the kiss, a rougher one, as Mayu slowly snaked her hands through the shirt and touched that perfect body…slowly undressing her and making her feel humiliated. Mayu should be enjoying messing and screwing with the daughter of the man that killed her family…why wasn’t she happy at all? She kept wondering while she tried to enjoy the body that the officer offered, but she wasn’t at the slightest. She did everything to make Yuki regret the decision for taking the deal…yet, those eyes filled with caring and love didn’t fade away. What was this feeling growing inside her heart…for some reason; it made her wanting to cry…


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I love ur fanfic :heart:
Damn why is ur story so good?!
I want to know what will happen to mayuki now... Mayu stop with the revenge and love yuki! Lol

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Omg!!! Mayu at the end have some feelings for yuki ::), but where is jurina ???
Is she ok???, Rena save jurina???...
Update soon

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Finally updated Mayuki part! Kate-san, U really made me hanging with the 'BAM'.

Okay go back to the topic.

In the end Mayu still care for Yuki. gave her the antibiotic even though she need the most. Asked Yuko to help Yuki first even though she had more serios wound. And I can't understand why Mayu is still that cold and treat Yuki as a toy or tool. Mayu, just wake up from the revenge already.  :angry:

I am really surprised with Yuki's confession. It really is a risk to say to the cold mouse but the end of the result is still the same. Mayu take it as a threat. :angry: she even wanted Yuki exchange her body whenever Yuki ask something from her. What kind of deal is you make Mayu! Somehow I don't really like the intercourse that they have in the last scene. It was full of pain and sadness  :cry: somehow I rather have Yuko to disturb it.

Anyway, thx for this update and waiting for the next update.  :)
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@Kairi65: Jurina? Its revealed in the extra chapter (6.5) that Rena came to save her and take care of her. Mayu is just too stubborn to let her feelings go with the flow XD Hope you’ll enjoy this chapter :P

@Chanaline: Eh? What do you mean by you want to cry? o.o Or you mean Mayu? Sorry I didn’t get your question >.<

@sakura_drop_: SPAZZING~ LOL, i would love to hear it :P Smut??? Wellll~ Depends? Maybe? LOL I’m glad you enjoy the angst and drama of this fic :P You’ll get more in this chap too.

@affiber: Oh wow, don’t worry this next update will be dramatic too! I personally thing its more than the previous one…but you’ll see! :P We will see when will Mayu realize her feelings and open up to Yuki without doubting her. LOL Another smut request again XDD I’ll see then! :P Hope you’ll enjoy this chapter.

@48matama: LOL no words right now? :P I hope you did enjoy the update, and will do with this next chapter ^^

@Kiri-el: LOL! Sorry if its getting complicated ^^” I agree that it is, but I’m glad you enjoy it in the end ^^

@gek geki: Glad to hear your opinion. It’s quite interesting. Making things more interesting between the two of them, so much drama and complication, just like life.

@kcard: LOL, don’t cry yet XD save the tears for later :P

@Kirozoro: I wish Mayu realize her feelings soon!!! Before its going to be too late~

@sastio13: Glad you enjoy the extra chapter for KojiYuu ^^ some pinch around with other character’s story, increasing the spice of the drama :D

@kazutoryu: LOL! Sorry for taking quite a long while, glad you look forward to this. WHOA? You cried? >< just wow, i’m speechless, lol.

@Akblaire48: Glad you love this fic! ^^ LOL, my stories are just average, might suit some people’s taste :P We’ll see how it goes with Mayu’s revenge and her relationship with Yuki later on.

@Archer1992: HAHAHAA! We’ll know later if Mayu really does have feelings for Yuki or not! As for Jurina, its revealed in extra chapter (6.5) that she’s with Rena and is safe. Hope you enjoy this update ;)

@Haruto Lee: There are so many hints Mayu cared for Yuki, but we will see whether its intentionally done or its truly how she felt. Oh yes! their intercourse needs to be painful :P The sadness and pain spices up the drama and the tragic of the story :P hahaha XD


Love Capture: CH08

Slowly awaken from a deep slumber. The raven-haired woman opened her eyes and felt the chill against her body. When she realized again she was actually naked on the bed and at least the blankets kept her warm last night…yes, last night that the most intimate relationship she ever had with anyone, and with Mayu. She remembered that touch and kiss on her body very well, and just thinking about it made her blushed heavily with embarrassment. She curled her knees in and buried her face onto her knees. She just sighed in silence while taking her time thinking through many things…if she recalled correct, during that last night she realized something. For the blink of second, she felt that she finally did touched with something inside Mayu’s heart…

Suddenly, a pair of brand new clothes was thrown onto bed and caught her attention immediately. She turned her eyes to see Mayu standing there with those pair of heartless eyes as usual, as if nothing happened last night at all.

“Breakfast is ready, wear something and come done.”


Yuki finally picked the clothes and wore it before she came out from the room for the first time. Looking around she saw the stairs and walked down with curiosity whether she came down the right stairs or not…eventually, she smelled the cooking porridge and saw Yuko preparing the food and Mayu sitting on the couch eating her hot porridge. The room was warm and the couch was cozy as well. It was like living in a warm cottage in the woods, it wasn’t fancy, but it gave Yuki a comfortable welcoming feeling. Furthermore, it had such a ‘family’ feel and scent overflowing too. 

“Morning Yuki! Come have your breakfast.”


Yuko handed a bowl of porridge to her and then she sat down at the table. It was the same one the squirrel made and she slowly diverted her eyes to the heartless mouse. She was eating her meal silently without and far away from both of them. Yuki just stared at her in silence without saying a word until Yuko came sitting down at the table with her.

“Do you like it?”

“It’s great…it taste so good.”

“Hehe! Glad you do, you need to take your time resting, and you too idiot over there!”

“Who are you calling an idiot. Shut up Yuko.”

“If you act anything recklessly, I’ll make sure to report this to Mariko-sama. She does know about Jurina absences already, and so about your crazy actions.”

Mayu just remained in silence since Yuko seemed to carry the secrets of what the young reckless mouse did, but gratefully Mariko didn’t punish her for it since Yuko asked for it. However, Yuki and her would be under Yuko’s responsibility.  The squirrel turned to the officer and asked her a favor as well.

“Can you look after Mayu for me? Making sure she’s not acting reckless again.”

“Don’t you dare let that woman supervise me—”

“You’re no in the position to say, Mayu.”

The girl grumbled and was terribly annoyed, however she had no choice but to listen to what Yuko ordered. Mariko-sama was her absolute leader; therefore if it were her words, she would obey it unconditionally. She had no choice but to obey and sighed out of dissatisfaction. Mayu didn’t say anything and only her actions told how annoyed she was. She went to refill the bowl for more food after she had been starving herself for several days. She needed to recover her energy back once more to speed up her recovery as soon as possible.


After the morning meal, Yuko had to go out for some duty that was assigned by Mariko. Only Yuki was with Mayu in that living room…they didn’t utter a single word at all until she suddenly stood up from her seat. She suddenly walked to the cupboard to get her black jacket and wore it immediately. Yuki kept watching her as if she was about to leave the house. She didn’t have the choice but to ask Mayu what she was possibly be doing right now.

“U-Uh, where are you going—”

“Follow me if you want, I’m not going to sit around doing nothing.”


Yuki got up from her seat and followed the younger girl after her. The moment the door opened it was the first time she saw the dark alley she always heard. She always had an idea of the scariest place she ever wanted to come…but she could see people walking around chitchatting like it was in a town. Kids running around and everyone was smiling. The only thing that was different was that lights of the sun blocked and only dimmed light was given to this dark place. Yuki expected to be dirtier than this…but this was unexpectedly cleaner than the city’s street.

“Where are we going?”


Mayu didn’t respond anything and Yuki just followed her along the path. Turning at so many corners that it made everything so hard and complicated to remember the path back. The moment they turned at another corner and finally arrived at this old building with the lights on. Mayu stopped at the front of the door and opened through it without any knocking. The moment they went in, the lights shone onto Yuki’s eyes as the sudden change of light made her blind temporarily.


“Oh hey Mayu-chan! Glad to see you around again.”

The lady came to welcome the two of them as she was carrying a baby in her arms. It was a young baby girl sleeping soundly after she had her meal already. Yuki could see her warm welcoming smile for the two of them, and observed her surroundings. The inside was completely different from her expectation since the appearance of the old abandoned building. At the entrance looked so clean and tidy as if it was an actual house entrance in the city. She followed the older woman and Mayu deep along the corridor to see bunch of children playing with each other, it was like one huge playground room where toys were everywhere along with the kids. The moment the kids saw Mayu they ran up to her immediately with such enthusiasm.

“Mayu-nee!! It’s Mayu-nee!”

“Hey, how are you guys? Being a good kid?”

“Of course! Jurina-nee isn’t here too?”

“Who’s that neechan?”

“Wow she’s so pretty~”

The kids didn’t give the chance for Mayu or Yuki to say any word and the officer slowly kneeled down and smiled at them with contentment. She loved kids and she genuinely welcomed them and was very friendly to them too. She introduced herself to the bunch of boys and girls who were excited to know whom she was.

“I’m Yuki-neechan. Nice to meet you all.”

“Are you Mayu-nee’s friend?”


The girl asked out of curiosity, but it really did hit on the bull’s eye. Could Yuki really call herself as a friend to Mayu? She doubted it at this stage since they were just partners for benefits. Obviously, the young thief could tell that the officer was hesitating to say anything and so she replied back to the kids instead.

“My guest at home, you kids are asking too much.”

“Wah~ Mayu-nee scary~”

The kids joked with the young mouse before they went in to hug around the gentler officer instead. It made Yuki chuckled with how the kids were not scared of Mayu at all, but instead they all loved her, very dearly too. She couldn’t help but to tease the heartless mouse and agreed with the children.

“Don’t worry, neechan is kind. Mayu-nee is scary isn’t she?”


Mayu shot a glare at Yuki, but she wasn’t afraid at all. Somehow she giggled along with the kids. Its either she’s getting used to it or the love she had was blinding her from feeling intimidated by that glare. Either way, she loved the fact that Mayu brought her over. However, there was a question why did they come to this place to begin with.


Yuki had been playing with the kids for quite a time being, while Mayu sat down at the side instead. Since she was still injured from breaking into the enemy’s main base, she rather stepped out from this or else she would reopen her wounds again. However, they had to go have their lunch already and so the two ladies finally had their time to chitchat in the playground room, just only the two of them.


“Yeah, I did…these kids are lovely. Where are their parents?”

“This is an orphanage.”

Mayu’s answer silenced her immediately and she started to have a taste of the real world in the dark alley. That was when Watanabe started to tell the story of this place. The adult woman they met at the entrance, her name was Minegishi Minami, as she was the mother and teacher of this orphanage and took care of these kids for the whole time. This orphanage was protected and supervised by Shinoda Mariko, the dark alley’s boss as well as Mayu’s leader. This place was a place for a homeless child.

“These kids, either abandoned, sold, or thrashed by society. Just like Yuko, Jurina, and me…that’s why we’re here.”


“Yuko was thrashed as an unneeded child. Jurina was sold to a human-experimenting lab since she’s a baby. As for myself, I’m not needed to explain further.”

Everyone had a cruel past, however these people had worse that what Yuki could’ve imagined. Her worse would be her sister died in mission, and her mother…she died by her heart disease. Mayu had far worse past that she did and she had no position to complain anything about her life. The young Watanabe kept on going and explained everything about what happened that night she was taken into custody before transferring her to the laboratory to make use of her as the test subject.

“That was 12 years ago, if it wasn’t for Mariko-sama I would be raped and became a test subject for the SuperSoldier project along with Jurina.”


“I was given a pill before that, and it gave me hell. It’s like a pool of acid is melting my inside, I thought I’m going to die. Learning it later that it's a testing drug for SuperSoldier subjects…they wanted to test my compatibility with the meds.”

Mayu kept going on telling what truly happened on that day, the same man that killed her parents kidnapped her was transferring her to the laboratory for to add another test subject. However, they tested her compatibility with the pills first and it literally tortured Mayu’s mind and body into pieces. Coughing blood and screaming hysterically in pain, even worse she had that oozing nasty cut on her head. At least she survived a day which meant that she’s eligible to be part of the experiment…however before she was taken there she was taken to this abandoned building to be raped first. She obviously had no strength to fight back…she was about to be raped by the man that killed her parents…she was already losing hope with living in this world. But at least the god had mercy on her. She heard the gunshot and the second thing was that that man collapsed onto the floor, listless, on his own pool of blood. That was when she saw a light of hope shining in front of her…and extended her hand towards Mayu. As for Yuki, she remained in silence and kept listening to Mayu’s story without interrupting her at the slightest.

“Mariko-sama saved me, and took me to my new home, the dark alley. In the end those pills left some goods for me, an abnormal leg power that grants me speed.”


“I lost faith in humanity and cursed everyone, there are just so much kids suffering the same as I do, but none need to taint their hands with blood, and be called a murderer.”


“I picked up the gun and knife, learning how to hunt and kill, so these kids won’t have to do it and pick the same path as me.”

“…Why are you telling me this?”

Yuki finally asked a question, as she believed Mayu had finished her part for the talk. The young mouse didn’t utter a world and picked up the toy beside her and played it on her palm. She took her time remaining in silence before she uttered her reply back, without being a bitch or an asshole.

“Isn’t that what you wanted?”


“If I don’t kill, I will be killed, and these kids will have to taint their hands with blood…I will kill everyone in their way, in their place. That’s the burden I carry.”


After hearing that burden. Yuki started to understand where Mayu was coming from. She took the role as a murderer, a thief, a monster, in order to protect the innocent children from picking the same path as her. She did everything for them, which made Yuki realized that deep kindness Mayu had. It was just the same as what Miyuki always said, about her older twin being the most warming and kind person she ever met in her whole life. That flame of gentleness still existed in the coldblooded criminal after all. One more step, she was getting closer to Mayu’s heart. She truly admired how strong the young girl was and also made her realize how wounded her heart was as well.

“You got what you wanted, you know what you have to pay back to me in return.”


The deal wasn’t over, and Mayu would still bring up the game no matter what. Yuki didn’t have the choice…but to play with this game along with the cunning thief. She nodded firmly knowing what would happen again tonight and she could see that cold emotionless eyes staring back at her without saying a word. Only but silence between the two of them and that was when Mayu got bored and wanted to head back to rest, on her bed. However after Yuki heard the story, she remembered about Jurina… the girl that came to help her on that night of the escape.

“…Is there any news regarding Jurina?”

“Yuko said Mariko-sama is looking into it, so it's a matter of waiting.”

“Ah I see…”

She got up from where she was sitting and headed towards the entrance, expecting Yuki to follow her without a word since the officer supervised her due to Yuko’s orders after all. She did went after her and walking after her from behind without saying anything further. It seemed Yuki learned how to adapt with the young ruthless girl.

“…I had enough being out now.”

“Alright, let’s go back. I’ll change your bandage okay? Its about time for replacement…”


“Don’t refuse, because I’m going to do it.”

“…Tch, what ever you want.”

Mayu didn’t bother to reply and just leaded the way. Yuki seemed to be able to deal with the young thief quite well since their deal was that Mayu would have to do anything that Yuki said in return for sleeping with her. Maybe this deal wasn’t so bad after all…just to keep the young reckless girl safety was likely to be her main priority, not her virginity nor body.  By the time they arrived back home, they had the porridge that Yuko made from this morning again before Mayu went straight to her room with Yuki. Soon after Yuki followed in, the thief closed the door immediately to create privacy between the two of them…and she knew where this was leading. The young girl collapsed onto the bed and sighed with exhaustion before Yuki went to get the first aid box kit and came to sit by Mayu’s side…changing the bandage on her leg, arm, and head. She didn’t resist it either, only but silence was between them and nothing was uttered.


As Yuki finally finished what she wanted to do, just right when she was about to get up, Mayu pulled her down onto the bed and closed her lips against hers immediately. It was a short passion kiss…and Yuki wasn’t expecting that coming at all. The next thing that happened was that the thief threw her down onto the bed so she was on top this time.

“…Take your reward.”

“Tch…your face annoys me so much. Didn’t you enjoy this?”


“I can tell from your body…you like it.”

“Shut up.”

“Tch, how pathetic…love does make people blind.”

She shut Yuki up with a deep kiss and their tongues tangled with each other. Only kissing and moans echoed in the silence in Mayu’s room. She did not care whether it was still late afternoon, the room was dark enough to manipulate one’s mind to believe that it was dark. The curtains were closed from last night and they didn’t open it yet. Mayu seemed to have fun mutilating the officer on bed, but at the same time she did it out of irritation towards Yuki. Those eyes filled with hope and love just made her angry so much. She didn’t understand why but it just pissed her off so much…


It was a very long night, and a silence one as well. Mayu didn’t take her reward after she came back though, and only slept for the whole time. The young heartless girl ordered the officer to lie still on bed as she used her as a pillow for the long sleep. Mayu was still recovering from her infection and fever after all…she had been sleeping since the late afternoon until now, which was late evening. Using Yuki’s chest to sleep…at least she was able to sit on the bed and leaned against the wall. Mayu made sure she warned her woman to not wake her up or else she would punish her harshly. In that silence, nothing was uttered, in that darkness…it was so long that Yuki had been sitting there with the young wounded girl in her arms. She could hear her every breath against her chest…she kept watching the young mouse sleeping soundly and hugged her gently with love.  She did pulled the blankets over so to keep Mayu warm while she was sleeping. Yuki had long forgotten the time and how long had it been since she was staying on this bed with Mayu until Yuko came over with a mug of hot beef stew for the officer.


“Here’s the stew for you, it’s quite late already and I doubt you had anything ever since you got back?”

“…Yeah. She’s still sleeping.”

“Heh, such a baby.”

Yuko passed the mug to her while Yuki had some food in her stomach without trying to wake the young ruthless girl on her body. It was such a convenience to have the stew for food in a mug. After she had some food in her stomach it made her realize that she was hungry…but she forgotten about it after she had kept watching Mayu in her arms. She finished all the stew in the mug before Yuko took it from her hands and sat on the chair next too the bed. They spoke quietly as they could so that they wouldn’t make up the girl.

“What did you guys do today?”

“She took me to the orphanage…and told me stories.”

“Hm? About?”

Yuko got curious and she could see the uneasiness from Yuki’s face. That was when she slowly told Yuko about the story of the orphanage, and the story how Mariko saved her on the night that her parents died. Yuko just sat down and listened quietly without further questions and couldn’t help but to be surprise with how Mayu actually told a lot of things to this officer. She also seemed to know about Jurina and Yuko’s story briefly too.

“I…I heard that you’re an orphan…”

“Everyone is technically an orphan here. What separate us all is the story of how we became one… As for me, my parents just decided to not have daughter anymore.”

“…I’m sorry to hear that.”

“I bet you have your story too, everyone does.”

“But not as worse as you and Mayu.”

“I don’t believe in such things like that. It depends on how people interpret it.”

Yuko was just so mature; despite she was actually younger than Yuki. The officer truly enjoyed her accompany and talk every now and then. The raven-haired lady could tell how much the squirrel cared for Mayu…maybe more than she had for her too. However, Yuko seemed to be too mature for her age, she was able to read through Yuki completely and tell that the woman had some past that was yet to be told as well.

“I’ll tell you my story, as you tell me yours? How about that?”

“Oh dear, another deal again…you two are really similar.”

“We’re the people of the dark alley, that’s how we compromise things with each other. You get something, and you pay me in return. At least it will keep you accompany for the long night?”

“…Sure, Yuko-san.”

The young squirrel smiled before she told Yuki her story. How she was abandoned when she was a kid by 8. She was left at school, on just one simple normal day…she stayed there until morning of the next day and her parents weren’t there to pick her up. How unfortunate that the next day was Saturday. She just sat there, crying with fear and hunger, waiting for her parents, but none of them came at all. On Monday, the teachers found her there sitting at the front of the school covered with dirt. They tried to contact her parents but none of them picked it up…she was truly disowned out of blue, with an unknown reason. Then the teachers called the orphanage to take Yuko into custody so she had a place to stay, but it wasn’t that long before she ran away. It was just a few days of staying at the orphanage and she hated it. Everyone was being discriminated against her and she ran away, hoping to find for her parents. She remembered the path back home, but by the time she arrived there…they were just about to leave the house.

“Y-You met them…?”

“Haha, yes I did, as well as having my final conversation with them.”

Yuko continued her story; she did meet her parents, as they were about to move out from the house. She ran up to them but then she was pushed away by the father immediately, with disgust. She didn’t know what and why her father despised her so much…until he yelled at her and told her the horrified truth. She was a bastard daughter from her mother as she secretly had an affair with her father’s best friend…that’s why they were divorced and left her all alone in school. None of them wanted her, so she was left behind. Yuko was a disgrace to her father. The mother didn’t want anyone to know how she had an affair and known as a single-mother due she had a high reputation in her business. As for her biological father…he had a family, he got his wife and children, no one was suppose to know how he had an affair with his best friend’s wife. All these years the father that raised her for her whole life just disowned her with disgust just because she’s not his blood-related daughter. So Yuko lived in the streets ever since…and struggled through each day with hunger, fear and hatred. Her fear of death transformed into hatred towards humanity and society…she hated everything, and that was the source of her motivation to live on.

“…Not a nice story, but at least I have a good life now.”

“Wow…that’s just…”

“Can sound horrible, everyone sure have their horrible moments. What about yours?”

“…My father is the only member I have. My older sister and mom are dead.”

Her mother died when Yuki was just 15. She had this chronic heart condition for a long while. It didn’t kill her instantly; everyone had to watch her slowly dying on the bed until father couldn’t hold it anymore. Yuki remembered she would always go to the hospital to visit her mother with her older sister, Yumi. Watching her getting weaker every single day…watching her in pain every single day…for so long that she lost count of days. Maybe for half a year perhaps? It went on until her father decided to give her a peaceful death. They called for euthanasia and put her mother in eternal slumber…at least, she was able to say her farewells to her. For the very least, which she wondered that her mother did have enough sense to understand her words or not. Before she was put into sleep, she was like a living corpse…that was breathing, but not interpreting anything around her at all.

“Hm…I see.”

“It wasn’t such a dramatic tragedy like yours…so please don’t expect anything much.”

“I would be suffering, if I have to watch my love one suffering for half a year, every single day. I feel you.”

Yuko’s words were just so kind to her, and so Yuki took another deep breathe before she continued where she left off, regarding her sister’s death. She was working with father as an officer just like herself, but back then Yuki was still in training to join the Crime Investigation Department. It was quite several years after their mother’s death. Yumi was tracking down this serial killer that was on the top blacklist of the city…many victims, both men and women, were slain by him and their bodies were mutilated. The 9th victim…it was a young kid, she was about to be killed but Yumi successfully found her first, at this abandoned building at the outskirt of the city. She protected that child while buying time, waiting for other officers to arrive…but if they arrived just a little earlier than that, Yumi wouldn’t die. Thankfully Yuki wasn’t there to see what actually happened, because what she heard was just completely horrified. She was taken away into one of the rooms in the abandoned building, she was tortured before she lost her breath, she screamed and made the officers know where she was…but the door was locked. Her father was the front line officer and heard every scream until the very last one. By the time they arrived, she was nearly dead and was held as a hostage…she was bleeding on her wrist and legs, multiple stabbing wounds everywhere on her body. That man smiled and giggled hysterically at them before he slit her throat right in front of them… right before he was shot to death. Her father didn’t tell her this, but Yuki learned the truth from coincidently seeing the autopsy paper at home…it was a detailed death of Kashiwagi Yumi. After she learned the truth, her father had one of the officers tell Yuki what happened, it was too much for the father to describe how his daughter died right in front of his eyes.

“…I guess that’s why I’m just so determined to capture every criminal in my way, because I don’t want that to happen again.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, I won’t judge you for wanting to arrest everyone one of us—”



Yuki shook her head. She would have that determination if she didn’t meet with Mayu, and Yuko. Everyone had their story, and had their own way of survival as well. They were not to blame, and she knew that everyone was a goodhearted person, but to whom. They fought to protect someone dearly in return of doing all the dirtied work…just like Mayu. Just as much worse things Mayu had committed, she knew that this heartless mouse had that kind heart inside her.

“It changed…ever since I know you two. I wished I could so something for you two…something for those kids as well.”

“…Hehe, thank you, I’m really happy to hear that from you. It means a lot.”

Yuki smiled with relief and knew what Yuko meant with what she said. She put her sincerity in each word she said and it did reached the officer’s heart. They were both smiling to each other in silence before the raven-haired continued where she left out after the short silence between the two.

“I’m glad to talk to you, Yuko-san.”

“Same here, Yuki.”

The young squirrel just smiled at her before she used the silence between the conversations to change the topic. There was something she wanted to discuss further, regarding that girl sleeping soundly in Yuki’s arms. Oshima stared at Mayu whom was sleeping with that peaceful face, which was quite some rare sight to see. That wasn’t a kind of face one were to see when Mayu sleeps…which made things much more clearer to Yuko even more.

“How much do you love her? I mean…that chump there.”

Yuko pointed to Mayu whom was sleeping and it made Yuki blushed slightly. Obviously the young squirrel seemed to know it well, but she wanted that confirmation for her dedication for the scarred Watanabe.

“…I admit it, I love her.”

“Mayu is no ordinary girl. She’s a scarred wolf; the deeper you reach her heart the more you’re going to be bound to her. I’m asking how much commitment you have for her.”


“I don’t want to see Mayu being hurt again. I plead you.”

“I never intend to hurt her, and never will. ”

Yuki argued back immediately without further ado. Which that caught Yuko’s interest even more. She could see that strong silent determination in her eyes, she was actually serious about the scarred mouse. The officer sighed before she looked back to the young girl in her arms…she’s just so mature, just as much she’s still a child inside. She must be so deadly exhausted to not overhearing the conversation at all.

“I wonder I did understand my feelings well or not. I want her to be happy…that’s all I can think and feel. I can remain protect her as long as my body belongs to hers.”

“…Wow, you sure know how to control that kid well. I’m glad she met you.”

“I guess I’ll take that as a compliment?”

“How was last night? Did she make you feel good?”



Yuko asked such a blunt question that made Yuki’s face burned immediately. She was shocked with the question and wondered how did the squirrel knew about this. She was still in shock and looked away to avoid any sort of eye contact immediately. As for the squirrel, she couldn’t help but to giggle softly and enjoy Yuki’s embarrassment when her intimate night with Mayu was revealed.

“Obviously I just went to get the food for Mayu and well…I heard something and so I decided not to go in.”

“Oh god…this is so embarrassing.”

“Hehe, I admire your courage to take that deal…and thank you.”


“…Thank you.”


She thanked her again. This time it caught Yuki off guard and it gave her a feeling that Yuko was supporting the officer’s feelings for the young arrogant mouse. She seemed to have so much hope and faith in Yuki to be reaching for Mayu’s locked heart. She was touched and it gave her some encouragement, at least for Yuki to know that someone supported and sided with her made her felt relief. Then that was when Yuko had the chance to glance at the girl’s sleeping face. 

“…I never see that peaceful sleeping face of hers for so long that I can’t remember the last time, and she had that, with you.”


Yuko gave her hint and finally decided to take her leave. It was getting late that she would allow Yuki and Mayu to sleep, but before that she got a blanket to cover on top of her shoulder so to keep her warm. She wouldn’t be able to cover her upper half with the blanket since Mayu was sleeping. That dark silence once again, Yuki sighed softly before she could feel the young mouse fidgeting in her arms as she tried to move her position to another comfortable one, at least she didn’t wake up. The officer just smiled out of love while she made sure she was in a comfortable position for the Mayu to sleep through the night. She must be so exhausted and tired. It was already 11pm and there was no sign of waking up at all. She slowly closed her eyes and let herself drifted off to sleep…


Having a deep good sleep, Yuki finally woke up from her deep slumber and started to gain control of her body. However the position she remembered she was in was different this time, she was lying down on bed and Mayu’s face was right in front of her. They were sleeping by each other’s side. She was caught off guard and her face turned pink instantly seeing that peaceful sleeping face. Her heart skipped a beat but it calmed down after she regained her control. Yuki just stared at that peaceful face and remembered what Yuko told her, about how rare to see that peaceful sleeping face. But then that was when she saw that old scar across her right corner of her temple. That huge nasty scar…she recalled not being the wound she treated though, she only stared at it and touched it gently. Thinking to herself…how painful must it be when the Mayu received this huge wound across her head.

“Don’t touch it.”


Yuki was shocked when Mayu suddenly replied back to her. She flinched back and slowly saw those eyes opened and stared straight right at her. She stared with that annoyed glare once again right after she woke from her long sleep, she really did had her long hibernation for full recovery. Mayu seemed to look much better and her body wasn’t as hot as yesterday, her fever seemed to go down after having that long sleep. However, Yuki couldn’t shake out her curiosity for that old nasty scar on Mayu’s side of the head.

“Where did you get that scar…?”

“First thing you asked me when I got up?”


The officer became more demanding and was making an order with Mayu. However, the thief had recovered most of her strength back and she swiftly got on top of Yuki.  She pinned both her wrists onto the bed and glared at her with such ferocious eyes. The untamed mouse wouldn’t like anyone that she didn’t acknowledge to be commanding over like this.

“Don’t you dare make an order with me.”

“Isn’t this according to our deal? You can have everything from me…in exchange of listening to me. Aren’t we on the deal?”


“But I should be softer…can you tell me how you get that?”


Mayu sighed and got off from Yuki’s body. She sat on the bed and touched her own scar, reminiscing about her past on how she got the scars. At least she told Yuki a little of her past as well as she knew about Watanabe’s massacre, just a little extensive explanation shouldn't be much of a bother to her.

“The mark that will always remind me of the night my parents were killed, and the revenge that never fade away.”

“Is that…the scar you got from the…”

“From the killer, yes. He slashed me deep with that same blade that killed my parents.”



Yuki suddenly pulled her down and pinned her against the bed and stared at her eyes calmly and strongly. Mayu was completely caught off guard and couldn’t help but to hissed back at her with dissatisfaction. She did not like anyone to take the aggressive role against her, since she had too much pride to let Kashiwagi do anything for her.

“What are you doing?!”


She didn’t reply and she slowly stroked her hand and brushed off that front hair from Mayu’s face. Slowly, revealing that scar across the side of her forehead. They didn’t utter a word, and only silence between the two. She touched it gently and Mayu didn’t respond to anything, only but staring back at the officer with those emotionless eyes. Afterwards, Mayu just started to relax on the bed, and began diverting her eyes up towards the ceiling. 

“…It was one of the high ranked officers himself, from the Crime Investigation Department.”


“The man that killed everyone. To make sure everyone is dead, they sent an elite officer to clean up.”

“I see…”

“Heh, starting to pity me? Going to reveal your true motive now?”


Yuki shook her head before she stroked her cheek gently with care. Mayu was surprised a little and then she felt that gentle kiss on her forehead, on that very old scar she had. The young Watanabe was shocked; her eyes grew widely and couldn’t respond to anything. She couldn’t understand why Yuki did this to her and what was her motive behind it…but it made her mind blown away. Kashiwagi sighed before she finally answered back to the rude officer beside her.

“I never felt pity for you, but I finally have the chance to get to know you more.”


“Just as much as I won’t be able to fully understand your pain, you won’t understand my feelings for you too.”


“I do what I want to do, just like what you want to do.”

“…Heh, doing what you want huh? Doesn’t sound like what an officer of justice would say.”

“Hehe, I wonder.”

Mayu only sneered before she pulled Yuki’s head down for a passion kiss. Her tongue pushed through her lips and deepened it up. They rolled and so Mayu was on top of the officer once again and licked her lips lustfully. She snaked and touched her bare skin underneath that shirt and made the older raven-haired flinched with a blush. Then before Mayu could enjoy her reward from the deal, the officer cupped her face to kiss her forehead tenderly. Watanabe was caught off guard. It seemed today, the raven-haired officer did so many things that made her mind blown. However, she couldn’t let herself lose to Yuki, she still fight hard and believed that this officer was working hard to deceiving her.

“Now you’re enjoying it this huh? How horny you are.”

“I do what I want to do, and it is to hold you…and be with you.”

“…It’s either you a stupid bitch, or you’re putting so much effort to deceive me.”

Mayu had not give up on that matter and still did not believe in Yuki’s actions at the slightest. She observed her for the whole time, and allowed the officer to do what she wanted… but Mayu did not have trust on her at all. She could still never be convinced that Yuki would truly love her, without a reason behind her scheme. She was not planning to lose this psychological game with her; she will win it, and take her revenge with Kashiwagi Miura. She would continue this game on and see the ending, to strip off Yuki’s mask to reveal her dark scheme.

“Love…makes people do things, that makes you look utterly stupid.”

“…Tch, you just annoyed me so much to the guts.”

“I know, you do everything you could to hurt me, yet I still love you.”


“Mayu, I love y—”

“Shut up already.”

Mayu silenced her with a passion kiss that made Yuki lost to her, in a blink of an instance. The kiss was so mesmerizing and unconsciously she moaned out through the gap between their kisses. Feeling that cold touch against her bare skin, she was slowly being under Mayu’s control once again…and knew what was going to happen after that. The young aggressive girl didn’t bother that its morning, at least she would have her ‘breakfast’ on bed. She was much stronger than the two days ago and there was no way she could fight back against that strength. She did not care about what she had to sacrifice for to be with Mayu…the deeper she approach the young girl, the harder she wouldn’t be able to escape this. The older one didn’t plan to back off and only held onto her body tightly…allowing the darkness to consume over her body, mind, and heart…as well as making sure she doesn’t lose grip on her no matter how hectic things are. She must not lose her clutch on Mayu, because if she let go of her…it will be the biggest regret she ever done in her life.



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Love Capture: CH09.1

Right since morning, everyone was waiting for something alertly in the living room. Yuki could see Mayu sighed so many times and had been staring at the door cautiously every second. Mariko was there as well and she was sitting in the living room having her morning coffee that Yuko made. It was the first time that Yuki met with Mariko…and she really did have this strong aura that unconsciously intimidated the officer. Both Mayu and Yuki were sitting at the warm cozy couch until there was a sound that caught all three criminal’s attention immediately. The officer swore she heard nothing until the doorknob turned. The door slowly opened and revealed that warm delightful puppy smile across the young girl’s face. She did had bandages around her limbs just like Watanabe, and that second she swore that Mayu just sprinted off from the couch and rushed towards the girl immediately.


She rushed in as well and threw her arms around her tightly when Mayu went into her arms. Yuki watched the scene that the two girls hugged each other with utter worries for one another. She knew how much Mayu worried about Jurina after that incident…and the only thing that would hinder her to go out to search for Jurina would be the deal she had with Yuki.

“Dammit…you crazy puppy! I seriously want to kill you.”

“Hehe~ Sorry…but I’m alright! I brought someone with me too!”

“Huh? What?”


That second, that familiar voice, Mayu saw this tall raven-haired woman came in through the door and she slowly let go of her arms. Jurina knew what kind of feeling was running through the mouse girl’s brain and she slowly stepped away allowing the older Matsui to approach in. She finally stood in front of Mayu with that smile of sentiment before she spoke to her again.

“Hehe, I’m back.”



“Yuko-chan, it’s been a long while isn’t??”

 The house became much livelier right after both of them returned back. Yuki could see everyone’s bond and feelings for one another, it was one huge family reunited by heart, not by blood. Even though Yuki was an outsider, she could feel that comfort by just being around them. She was smiling just by witnessing the family bond right before her eyes. However, right in the middle of their moments of reunion, Jurina had such a sharp eyes that caught Yuki standing from a distance away from everyone. The young excited child jumped towards her and stared at the officer with such a fascination.

“Ah! You’re Mayu’s princess!!”

“Jurina!? Shut up!!”


Jurina got so excited and it just made Mayu mad. Obviously she seemed to hate it when anyone said that Yuki was having any sort of close relationship with her. Or either she didn’t want to admit any of it at all. It seems things weren’t working well and so Yuko spoke up to introduce the officer to both Matsui sisters.

“This is Kashiwagi Yuki, she’s Mayu’s girl.”

“You too, SHUT! UP!!”

It seemed Yuko and Jurina were picking on Mayu regarding her girl, which just made the mouse madder. Yuki couldn’t help but to giggle out while witnessing the playful argument with each other.  Rena turned her eyes to Yuki and stared at her for a short while before it caught the officer’s attention. Both raven-haired women stared at each other for a short while before Rena let out a smile for her. It did surprised Yuki slightly but then before she could say anything, Yuko gathered everyone together as she had prepared hot chocolate. Everyone sat at the dining table as Yuko helped Yuko serving the hot mug of chocolate before they sat down together. The officer passed the mug to Mayu whom was beside her but the mouse didn’t thank her anything, as usual. Yuko saw that and she couldn’t help but to pick on the stubborn girl.

“Oi! Don’t forget to say your thanks to Yuki~”

“…Ugh, shut up.”

“It’s alright. It doesn’t really matter to me.”

“Oh come on Yuki!”

Yuko whined with how the officer protected the stubborn mouse, but it just made both of them looked cute and sweet in a way. That was the first time Mariko saw someone that cared for Mayu and it was just like what Yuko told her. It seemed this officer would be the only person that could reach down to Mayu’s wounded heart…and amazingly Mayu wasn’t pushing her away either. The leader seemed to have more interest on the raven-haired woman even more…on this officer that could possibly touch Watanabe’s true self.


Jurina and Rena did have a long day travelling back to the hideout and she did brought most of her stuffs along as well. Obviously the puppy was just so excited and Rena were busy with unpacking her stuffs to the old room where she used to share it with Jurina. Now the young puppy had to move her stuffs back to that old sweet nostalgic room so to live with Rena as closely as she could. That left both Mayu and Yuki alone again, and the youngster wasn’t in a mood for going out either. The younger one went back to her room and forced the officer to follow her in as well. However, no words were uttered and the young thief didn’t lock the door too, which that gave Yuki a heads up.

Mayu sat down on her bed and Yuki did as she asked, but didn’t know what Mayu wanted at all. She just sat there in silence while waiting for what the younger one would order her to do. But instead she threw in a question she wasn’t expecting, especially from Mayu.

“How can you be so calm here? Especially in the enemy’s base.”

“Huh? What is this all of the sudden…”


“…I guess I don’t have a anything to lose.”

“What about your family?”

Mayu seemed to be curious and kept asking the officer in order to solve her curiosity. That was when Yuki sighed and decided to tell the story to the thief after she had told to Yuko about it few days ago. She didn’t exactly have a family to go back to anymore…only but her father. Her mother died by her heart disease, while her older sister died in mission while saving the victim from a serial killer. She told every bits of detail of the story about her two beloved family members while Mayu sitting and listening to her silently. In that dark room, only Yuki’s voice echoed and continued on without knowing how long it had been ever since they were sitting here. However, Mayu didn’t say a word to interrupt her, only had that grumpy poker face on as usual… while she crossed her legs and rested her elbow on her legs. The time felt so short when Yuki’s story came to an end and finally she turned to the mad-looking girl.

“…The only person I have left is my father, but after all these things happen I have too many doubts in him.”


“What I believe is justice is evil…everything is so different. All I know I feel at peace when I’m here, I love how everyone is like a family here.”

“…Everyone is a family.”

“It is. Reminds me so much back when Yumi-neechan and mom is still alive.”


“The old me would want to get rid of all the evil and injustice in my way. But things change, making my kind gentle father into a heartless man.“

Yuki told Mayu about her conversation with her father before she was held captive in that cell-like place. Her father wanted to revive the SuperSoldier project in order to reduce the pain of losing Yumi on that night of the mission. He kept telling her how this project would save the lives of the officers that risked themselves in the field to protect civilians. She didn’t agree to accept his motive, she had a very bad feeling about it… human-experimenting project was never something she would support or agree to commit herself into. How many lives would be gone from it? She didn’t even want to know what actually happen in that laboratory. And so, Yuki finished telling her story to Mayu, but then it seemed Watanabe had something in mind…something that she wanted to ask her but didn’t dare to ask yet.

“Nothing to lose huh?”

“You can say that. I don’t have anything to go back to either…not with my father being so heartless like this.”

“…How did you like me anyway? After all the things I’ve done to you.”

Mayu finally threw in that question that seemed to be lingering inside her heart. Obviously that caught Yuki off guard, as it's a kind of question she never expected to come out from Watanabe’s lips at all. But it wouldn’t be surprising that she would be curious about it, she didn’t understand how did Yuki loved her to begin with and did all these selfless acts for her without asking anything in return, only but to protect her and wished for her safety.

“I wonder the same thing. How did I fall in love with you…”

“Tch, masochist.”

“Hey! Cut it out, you just don’t understand love.”

“How can I understand it? Love is just pointless.”

“Maybe it is, all I know is that it made me stuck with you…and I bet you must be so sick of me right?”

Yuki was expecting a yes or some sort of agreeing statement from Mayu, however, she got that silence and a soft grumble instead. Slowly diverting her eyes to the young thief beside her, she wasn’t even looking at her and diverted her face away from Yuki to avoid that eye contact.

“…Isn’t as horrible as I thought to be.”


She sighed again, and stared forward towards that table in front of her with those eyes wandering off somewhere. Her mind seemed to not be with herself and she stared forward calmly while thinking that she’s just mumbling to herself, but not to Kashiwagi.

“Being with you…isn’t as bad.”

Yuki wasn’t sure she heard the words right or not but she was shocked. She gasped and blushed at the same time. She believed that she misheard what Mayu said but those words kept repeated in her head continuously. It was something that no one would ever expected to come out from Mayu…after she had been treating Yuki like her pleasure toy and a tool for revenge. She stared at Mayu from the side and said those calm eyes staring forward as if she wasn’t acting as her usual self. Was this Mayu’s real side? Little by little…Yuki slowly unlocked more doors as she proceeded down to reach the young stubborn girl’s heart.


The moment she called her, it was like she was out from the trans and snapped back to reality. She didn’t realize what she said and she seemed to be surprised herself. That poker face returned back quickly and that coldblooded character returned again. It really did look like she had multiple personalities…but Yuki could tell that it was from one single person, every side that Mayu showed…it's a part of Mayu’s character. 

“I’m glad that you’re not annoyed about me, I thought you did. ”


“You asked, how can I still have feelings for you after everything you did right?”


“Now I have my answer to you.”

Gently, Yuki grabbed for Mayu’s hand and held it gently with care and love. Her actions did made the thief surprised and stunned, but at the same time she was waiting for an answer from the officer. She didn’t want to interrupt right now since this was the question she wished for an answer.

“Weirdly, being with you makes me feel so calm, peaceful, and happy. It feels like I can be myself all the time without holding back….and I know for one thing.”


The raven-haired took the younger girl’s hand and kissed her hand gently with utmost love. It immediately caught Mayu’s attention to her immediately. The arrogant mouse stared at Yuki without blinking; she was still shocked with how much the officer gave her feelings to her. Without any conditions at all…Yuki gave everything to her, body, heart, and soul. The more that Mayu witnessed this pure feeling…the more she felt lost and shocked.

“Your kindness can be so rough and cold…but it always protected me. By the time I realize again…I fell in love with you already.”


“Thank you, for always taking care and protect me.”

“Tch, shut up and stop blabbering all the stupid craps.”

“It might be a stupid crap to you, but it’s not to me.”

Mayu just felt more annoyed after Yuki stayed persisted with how she was a kindhearted person. She sighed with a grumble that she high likely couldn’t convince Yuki after she had decided what to believe. Just as much as Yuki learned about Mayu by being with her…unconsciously Mayu did learned something from the officer through time as well. However, that was when Yuki decided to throw this big question with the thief…and hoped to hear the answer from her.

“What do you think of me?”


“Answer me, what am I to you?”

Mayu was completely caught off guard and her voice stuttered slightly. She had a short eye contact with Yuki for a short while before she avoided it. That was when she still remembered that the officer was still holding her hand, and she pulled it back. The moment they seemed to reach each other, the bridge seemed to break off and Watanabe just closed the door that prevented Yuki from reaching her.

“…All for revenge, you're my essential tool.”

“You’re not answering my question. I want to know…do you hate me?”


“Mayu, answer me.”

Yuki demanded her, and as the deal settled, she had to listen to what the officer asked her to do. It seemed Mayu started to dislike this deal she offered to Kashiwagi. The arrogant girl stared with anger and sighed once again with annoyance, Yuki only stared at her while waiting for an answer.

“…I despise you. You’re just a toy to me, nothing else.”

She had a solid call on what is Yuki to her, and only silence was between the two. The arrogant mouse believed to see that sadness in those eyes when she caught a glance of her, however, she saw that vague smile across her face. She didn’t understand what was behind that smile.  Then she heard a soft sigh from Yuki before she looked down onto her hands that did held Mayu’s hand.

“…I’m glad.”

“Huh? What?”

“It means, if anything happens to me…I won’t be a burden to you in any kind of way. I guess its good at times to just be partners of benefit, is it?”

“…I told you I hate you, and you’re glad with it, this doesn’t make sense.”

“Truth is something that can’t be avoided and I rather hear it than to be deceived by lies. Thank you, it made me felt relieved.”

However, Mayu was just mad. In a normal case, she would be satisfied with how things went right now. With how Yuki was madly in love with her and was happy to know that Mayu hated her. Despite all these things went according to her way and plan, she felt her heart sank for some reason. She was annoyed, frustrated, and wounded. She couldn’t understand why she was having these complicated feelings towards Yuki, but hearing her reason that Yuki was glad to know that Mayu despised her just made her more worried than usual. It made her felt that Yuki would be doing something ridiculous as if she had nothing to lose…and with the intensity of the situation right now, anyone could die if anything went wrong. What if something happened to her? Now that Mayu had put some thought into it…. her mind just went blank and clueless what to do.

“…You’re just purely annoying.”

Mayu pushed Yuki down onto the bed and pinned her down while she stared at her with those ferocious eyes. She was mad, frustrated, and annoyed. However, Yuki only stared back with those calm gentle eyes. She still had that tenderness and kindness that she had for Mayu. The more Watanabe saw this the more she was annoyed.

“I hate your persistence. I hate your eyes.”

“…Do hate it. I don’t want to have value to you.”

“You’re insane…you’re too insane.”

“Because I have nothing to lose, Mayu.”


Mayu was stunned and bit her lips. Suddenly, Yuki stroked her cheeks with her hands before she pulled her down to kiss her temple. Wrapping her arms around Mayu tightly and embraced her tightly to her heart…she smiled with relief and happiness. To make felt happy was not only about having Mayu returning her feelings…but it was to have chance to protect her. She wanted to end all of these revengeful feelings that Mayu harbored. She seemed to have plans in mind, and didn’t have any intention to tell anyone about it either.

“The fact that I love you is the truth.”

“I’m not asking—”

“Mayu, I love you.”


The silence between the two of them remained and Mayu didn’t resist the hug at all. Only allowing herself to sink into that warmth that was given to her, she closed her eyes and rested on her body. She didn’t have the reason to not resist to it…or maybe she didn’t put a thought on it at all. She just let herself go with the flow that was leaded by Yuki. Even though the officer had said that Mayu was always bluntly honest despite how rude she was, this time the young thief wasn’t so sure she was telling the truth…or a lie.


Later through out the day in the late afternoon, Rena had to pick up some pills from Takamina and so she invited both Mayu and Yuki to come along as well. Yuko had a list of things that she wanted them to pick up as well as Mayu needed to get her usual pills for her concussion. So they headed out together with Jurina leading the group’s way. The young puppy girl was always cheerful and played around with the coldblooded mouse for the whole walk while the two raven-haired ladies were behind them. It was like a moment of miracle in a way that all of the four of them came together and walking peacefully like this. That was when Yuki had a chance to get to know about Rena a little more… who was another victim for the human-experiment project, the SuperSoldier project. Both did had a talk and Rena eventually knew that Yuki’s father was the man responsibled for Watanabe’s massacre as well as reviving the SuperSoldier project after Jurina demolished everything 11 years ago.

“It must be hard on you to have these things happen…especially led by your father.”

“…Yeah, and how weird that fate brought me to meet you Mayu and everyone.”

“It’s funny isn’t? Life can be so cruel…as much as it can be a gift.”

Yuki could see Rena was looking towards the younger puppy. She smiled with that beautiful eyes hinted with such tender and loving feeling she had for Jurina. As the officer watched her, she eventually realized what did Rena meant by life could be gifted…for Matsui Rena, it was because she was able to be with the one she cared the most. That was when the officer turned to look at Mayu from behind, after all these horrible things that happened…she was more than grateful that she met with Mayu. She didn’t regret any of those moments at all. Maybe Yuki was granted a priceless gift to her life after all…

“…Yeah, life is certainly gifted.”

Both raven-haired ladies enjoyed their time chitchatting while they walked along the path to the pharmacy. It didn’t take that long for them to arrive and it was quite a surprise to see a group of guest coming…she couldn’t hold back her shocking expression when she saw Jurina and Rena together once again. Also, there was this girl that she didn’t know came along as well, and she looked quite similar to Rena in a way.

“Whoa?? Such a huge group of visitor today!”

“It’s been a while Takamina-san. I came to get the usual pills.”

“My usual pills as well.”

Mayu added and the pharmacist went to prepare it after she took Yuko’s list of medications as well. All the four ladies kept with the chitchatting inside the shop while Takamina quietly eavesdropped on their talk. It was usually both Mayu and Jurina being loud as usual…but livelier than usual, which nostalgically brought back memories of the old times when she used to be with everyone at the dark alley.

“Will you stop bothering me already!?” The mouse yelled as she pushed Jurina away, but failed in vain.

“No~ I miss you so much Mayuyu!” Jurina tried to cling onto her all the time but the annoyed mouse would always push her away.

“Rena-san can you take her away from me??”

“Aw~ But aren’t you two cute? Don’t you agree, Yuki?”

Rena turned to Yuki and she was giggling while watching the whole childish fighting scene between a mouse and a puppy. She nodded firmly as she couldn’t help but to agree with Rena about how cute they were.

“Hehe, yeah.”

“Oi! Shut up you…!”

Mayu glared and pointed her finger at the officer, and never uttered that name out at all. Not even once. She never uttered Yuki’s name before ever since they were technically living together. However, it didn’t matter to Kashiwagi at all because they were partners for benefit after all.

“Go away Jurina! Go to Rena-san!”

“But I miss you! Aren’t you worried about me?”

“Ugh! Shut up!!”

Takamina glanced at all the four of them and could only remember the old days she was and back then it was Atsuko, Mariko, Rena, and Yuko. Just the four of them at first and the family slowly grew bigger and the new generations had taken care of the family while the older ones slowly quit their criminal life. She could tell Mayu seemed to be different from before…she became softer than before and she showed much more of her emotions on her face. Also, she couldn’t help but to be curious with this lady that was with them…she was certain she didn’t know whom she was, but if she recalled properly she saw her in the officer outfit before…

“Your name is Yuki is it?”

“Ah? Yes?”

It caught Yuki’s attention before Takamina approached the group with the bag with all the pills that the group needed. But then she couldn’t let her curiosity dropped down yet. How could an officer be in the enemy’s group like this as if they were friends? Something was odd, and Takamina needed clarification. She went straight to the point without hesitation. Despite she left the group, she was still concern of her family.

“Aren’t you an officer?”

“…Yes, I am.”

“How and why are you here?”

“Too long to explain.”

Mayu cut it short and didn’t wish to explain further. However she clarified with Takamina that Yuki was not a threat to everyone, if she did anything rash to bring risk to anyone of us, she would end her life with her own hands. However the fact that Mayu was serious about killing wasn’t a big deal to her…but it was the matter that Watanabe did have trust on her on regards that she wasn’t a threat. It wasn’t as surprising for Yuki and Jurina after she knew about Yuki’s origin, and Rena already knew about how the officer was just a tool for Mayu’s revenge. However, in that intense atmosphere, Jurina just suddenly broke the whole tension with her insanely innocent reply.

“She’s Mayu’s princess! It was so fun breaking into enemy’s base for her!”

“Will you shut up for once Jurina!?”

“Oh? Tell me about it your adventure then~”

Takamina had that innocent smile across her face as she asked Jurina for all the details instead. If Mayu couldn’t be bothered to tell her anything, this innocent puppy girl should be able to tell everything she needed to know. She did made a right call and she had a chance to listen to the whole epic journey that the mouse and puppy done to rescue the princess from her evil father. It was just like the story came out from some anime and it just made everyone stunned with surprise. As Yuki finally hear the story from Mayu’s side, she couldn’t believe what did both young girls do to rescue her. The mouse could just face-palmed herself while she let this whole fantasy rescue plan run wild.

“Oh wow, that’s one heck of a plan…you really outdone yourself Mayu.”

“Ugh…you don’t have to remind me of that.”

Mayu just sighed and Yuki was standing behind her with Rena while fidgeting her fingers. The older Matsui could see the officer blushing slightly and looked down onto the floor. She could tell from her reactions how did Yuki felt towards Watanabe. It was more than enough for her and no questions were needed. So pretty much the business was done at the pharmacy but they had some short talk with all the young girls from her family.  At least Takamina wasn’t asking anything further from Yuki anymore, but she pushed on a topic that seemed to have a huge impact on both Mayu and Yuki…

“Are you not done with this revengeful thoughts? Mayu, this is enough, it’s been 12 years! How long are you going to keep this cycle of death and revenge on??”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Yes its not, but too bad I still care you like my family.”


“Stop this stupid revenge. Don’t you have your sister? Isn’t she alive out there right now? Instead of revenging…go to your sister and live happily with her.”

“You know I can’t, not after all the things I’ve done so far. It’s too late.”

“Mayu, its never too late. I believe everyone in the family is willingly to fight by your side to overcome this—”

“Enough Takamina. This is my problem, my business, and mine alone.”

Despite Takamina tried to lecture and teach Mayu to stop the revenge, the young stubborn mouse couldn’t bother to listen to her. After Yuki listened to this debate going on back and forth, the more it pained her heart. She understood where both Mayu and Takamina were coming from, but at the same time she sided with the older pharmacist. Revenge wasn’t an answer to Mayu’s pain relief, it would just bring her more pain…Yuki wanted Mayu to stop this revengeful cycle she’s going to continue after her father had started. Both Rena and Jurina just remained in silence without uttering anything, they sure had their own opinions regards this but they decided to not mention it.

“Oh well, glad to see you chumps again. Take care and see you later.”

“…Thanks anyways Takamina.”

Mayu nodded softly before the group of ladies decided to head back to the dark alley. They were walking out from the pharmacy for a short while until Yuki suddenly felt a little pull from Rena before she moved her head over to whisper against her ears. That made the officer’s eye grew wide with surprise, she wasn’t expecting this and she diverted her eyes to stare at the Rena cautiously. Only that soft smile appeared across her face before she went up to Jurina’s side. She wrapped her arms around the young girl’s waist and rested her chin on Jurina’s shoulder. That sudden approach from Rena just made Jurina’s heart skipped a beat and her face blushed slightly. Her soft sedating voice just made her cheeks burned even more.

“Jurina, can we have a moment?”

“S-Sure~! Whatever Rena-chan wanted!”

“Hehe, then do you mind excuse us?”

Rena turned to both the mouse and the officer with that calm smile and for certain that Jurina would agree with her. Mayu just shrugged it off and was fine with what both Jurina and Rena wanted to do. The two Matsui went away for their private time but before that Rena turned to Yuki and gave that smile to her. She seemed to know that Rena was doing this intentionally to separate out from the two of them. It just reminded her what Rena whispered into her ears before she went off with Jurina.

Rena: …You could only reach her, please.

Both of them were standing there without any clue of where should they go. However, that was more than enough time for Yuki to decide what she should do with Mayu in their private moments.  She spoke up and it caught Mayu’s attention immediately.

“Can we go to the park? That same park we went before…”

“It’s not that far away, fine then, better than going back to home right now.”


Without further ado, Mayu leaded the way since Yuki wasn’t familiar with the road around here and didn’t know the way to the park she wanted. However, despite they were able to have their time together, there were no words uttered while they were travelling to their destination. Yuki had been putting a lot of thoughts of what to do after they arrive at that park and wondered what she should say to the arrogant stubborn girl. Mayu didn’t even bother to listen to a respectful woman like Takamina at all…but not only just Yuko, but also Rena seemed to have some faith in her as well. Despite the raven-haired woman just met her…she seemed to be a very clever to realize the slight changes in Watanabe, which was caused by Yuki’s influence… it made the officer wondered why these people did have so much faith in her. Yuki wasn’t even sure of herself that she could reach Mayu or not…but there’s no turning back after all the things she had went through. She needed to charge head on and take all the risk…


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you told me hold my tear
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mayu is so cruel
it too hurt  why you are so Tsun tsun like that!

this part make me cry
“I hate your persistence. I hate your eyes.”

“…Do hate it. I don’t want to have value to you.”

“You’re insane…you’re too insane.”

“Because I have nothing to lose, Mayu.”
Do I have to hold my tear for the future?
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very love you write so much feeling in there
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you told me hold my tear
now I have cried again  :cry:

mayu is so cruel
it too hurt  why you are so Tsun tsun like that!

this part make me cry
“I hate your persistence. I hate your eyes.”

“…Do hate it. I don’t want to have value to you.”

“You’re insane…you’re too insane.”

“Because I have nothing to lose, Mayu.”
Do I have to hold my tear for the future?
I'll ready to fill  a dam

very love you write so much feeling in there
it touch my heart ; × ; )

you're right..

this chapter is just so... :gyaaah:

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I like Rena, she's so... adult. I'm glad she's finally come back, together with Jurina.
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My heart also aches while reading this chap. :cry: Everything that Yuki said sounds too sad for her. She prioritizes Mayu too much, forgetting about herself and be just contented on how things will be like accepting that Mayu will always see her as a tool of revenge and pleasure toy, nothing more nothing less. That's really sad.

Not to mention she was happy that Mayu only thinks of her as only "that" but I know deep inside she was not that happy. It was more like she felt relief that she won't cause any emotional/mental stress to Mayu if anything bad happens to her. But because of that I'm worried of what in the world Yuki is planning. I'm sure she will really endanger herself just for Mayu. I mean she loves Mayu too much so of course she will do everything that she can. And also she "has nothing to lose" so why hesitate if it's for Mayu's sake? I'm really worried about Yuki. :(

I'm very happy that Mayu doesn't seem like how Yuki is acting. Despite things are going according to her plan, with Mayu feeling discomfort, annoyed, frustrated, etc. it only means that Yuki is doing well in reaching Mayu's heart.

I really love this fic. So interesting. :on GJ:

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@Konoe: Reading your comments are sure entertaining for me! XD Love makes Yuki do crazy things isn’t?  She might be plotting to do something insane…but who knows~ But obviously Mayu was affected by that in a way. :D Glad you love and enjoy this fanfic! Clubhappy would always remind me to update every now and then.

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Love Capture: CH09.2

It didn’t take that long for both of them to arrive at the park, which was the place they came for their first date. She remembered this place very well and went in deep to that very same place she sat down with the thief. After they arrived at the place, Mayu turned back to glare right into her eyes…those sparkling cold eyes stared deeply into her mind. Yuki knew that this was the moment that was either now or never.

“I need to talk to you.”


“…I want to talk about this revenge.”

Mayu looked very annoyed. After she had some heated argument with Takamina about this same topic, now she had to talk with the annoying officer about this again. She was dragged out this far to the park just for this talk she didn’t want to discuss at all. Before Mayu could shut her up, Yuki interrupted first and finished her explanation. 

“Will revenge make you feel better? Will it relief your pain??”

“…What do you know? Don’t say like you know it.”

“I know for sure that revenging will just make the whole chain continue!!”


“I know how hard it is to forgive someone for what they done intentionally.”

“Are you done with your blabbering?”

Mayu stayed stubborn and arrogant at the same time. She wouldn’t plan to listen to Yuki at all but it didn’t make her stop. She knew in some ways…her words would reach her, it was just that she had to say it out and to make her know that there would be people around her supporting her.

“What Takamina-san said is true. There will be people here supporting you. Don’t forget about Miyuki…she’s always worried about you, and yearn to be with you for all these years.”


The moment that Watanabe stayed in silence, it was a good sign she was listening to Yuki. That’s when the officer knew she successfully got Mayu’s attention and she pushed through it without holding back. If she wanted to save the mouse from the cycle of revenge, it was a moment of now or never…

“You two can be together again. She’s your only family member left! Don’t let this revenge feelings prevent you two from being together again…”

“…What do you know? I doubt you can say that if you were in my shoes.”

“I guess so. I would hate you so much that I want to kill you if you harm my father.”

“Then you should know—”

“But that’s before I met you and everyone.”


“You did many horrible things that couldn’t be forgiven. You killed people. You brought despair to many families…just like what my father did to yours.”

“I won’t deny that.”

Mayu stood firm with her believe and Yuki only stared back at her. Slowly, she approached her and took her hand. Holding it tightly that it grabbed Mayu’s full attention before she continued where she left off. Only but hoping her words would reach down to Mayu.

“But you don’t enjoy hurting others. I know it…you have a warm heart, and with all the rights I have…I want to use it all for just this one plead to you.”


It made Mayu stumbled slightly. This was the first time someone proposed her such an outrageous idea like this, by using all of her rights to make any plead to her for the sake of this one request. However, it told the mouse that it must be one of a huge request…and she waited to hear what the officer wanted to say to her.

“…Please stop the revenge, and go back to be with Miyuki.”


Her voice stuttered, at first she thought Yuki was joking, but that seriousness in her eyes didn’t say so. The officer was calm, decisive, and determined, she was full on serious with what she said and Mayu couldn’t believe how insane this woman was. She knew how much she cursed and hated Kashiwagi family for robbing everything from her…yet she was asking Mayu to stop this hatred that had been boiling for the past 12 years that easily? It did made her anger boiled up…and her hatred as well. The very own daughter of the man responsible for killing her parents told her to stop her revenge.

“What if I say no?”

That silence between the two of them, and only they stared into each other’s eyes without a single word after that. However, the spark of persistence and determination in Yuki’s eyes did not fade away at the slightest. It stared back at Mayu with such pure intentions. Just as much as Mayu was planning not to back down, Yuki was the same as well.

“Then I will stop you. I won’t let you take the revenge.”

“How could a weakling like you do to stop me?”

“…I will stop you, no matter what.”

Yuki held another hand and then brought it together closely to her heart. Letting Mayu felt her heart beating, and thankfully that she didn’t pull her hand away. Watanabe allowed her hands to feel that beat pounding against her ribs, that was the first time she realized that someone’s heartbeat could be that warm…

“No one can fight all their problems alone. Not you, or even me. That’s why, as I promised…I’ll never leave you, and I’ll carry that burden with you. I will never let go of you, I promise.”


Mayu was in utter shock, but as there was a little sign of resistance from her, Yuki pulled her in closely and rested her forehead onto Mayu’s. Feeling that warmth against her body, she felt amazingly comforted by it. The officer slowly moved her head away slightly allowing an eye contact with Watanabe…and it was like it's the first time she witnessed that life in those coldhearted eyes. Nothing was clouded in those beautiful orbs and only she could feel Mayu’s feelings through it…as if the real Mayu was staring back at her. It was like a moment of connection that it felt as if both of the were the only two in the world. Those eyes…Yuki could feel that vulnerable side that was hidden for the whole time resurfaced up. That was Mayu’s real self, she was a vulnerable girl with a fragile heart. The only way for her to survive was to be stronger and seek for revenge, its her fuel for her wounded soul to live on in this cruel world. Allowing the silence to do all the communication between the two. It was like everything was going in a flow as their faces slowly closed the gap between the two of them. That moment of life, Yuki finally saw Mayu’s real side and she was more than ready to embrace her in tenderly with love. Yuki moved in more as both of them slowly closed their eyes before their lips met one another.



Both of them flinched and its like Mayu realized herself allowing her hidden side to resurface up. She instantly pushed Yuki away and had that distress expression. That moment Yuki was able to reach her but that opportunity slipped away. But what was that scream? Before any of them could even say a word, they heard the next sound…the gunshot.



Gunshots. Screams of pain. What was going on? Both of them could hear the sound of men, women, and children screaming in fear…which just made Mayu’s face went pale instantly. She recognized that voice really well…it was the voice that belonged to one of the kids in the orphanage. She sprinted off immediately without giving any single and so Yuki rushed after her without further ado or else she would lose track of the mouse. She was certain a fast runner after all.



The sound of the child got louder as Mayu and Yuki eventually approached closer to the dark alley. As they made the turn at the corner at this public street, she could see listless bodies on the floor, and a kid that were cornered against the bricked wall in fear. Yuki finally caught up with her and witnessed the whole scene as well…she could see the one that wield the gun was in that official officer outfit, as well as that badge on the side of their arm indicated they were from the Crime Investigation Department…the same department as her. High likely they were her father’s men, only his men would be shooting civilians without hesitation. It was deadly obvious that her father would sent his men to look for his missing daughter, especially when she was kidnapped by someone. His daughter carried the secret of SuperSoldier project, as well as being his only family left too. 

“Tell me, do you see the woman name Yuki around here?”


One of the orphanage kids was threatened and it seemed the adults did try to protect them but they got shot instead. Without further ado, Mayu pulled out her gun and pulled the trigger immediately. She didn’t hesitate to shoot them in the head to stop them from harming the orphan girl. When it comes to protect the kids and her family, she turned into a merciless monster that was ready to kill anyone in her way.



The man that was threatening the child collapsed onto the floor and made all the other officers turned to her with their armed gun. Mayu wasn’t terrified at the slightest. She could see the young orphan ran away with that chance which that gave her a slight relief. Yuki rushed to her side immediately and stayed closely to her, and that was when the officers recognize her. She was the daughter of Kashiwagi Miura after all, the head of C.I. department, obviously her father’s men would recognize their boss’s daughter at that instant. The leader of the team ordered his men to put their aim down since they were ordered to find Yuki, not to kill her.

“Put your aim down!”

“Yes sir.”

They all replied in unison and lowered their aim down, but not Mayu, she was still holding the gun firmly and this time she aimed at the man whom was likely to be the leader of this group of officers. He came forward to confront with both Mayu and Yuki face to face. He lowered his head down softly and spoke to them calmly instead of using force.

“We’ve been looking for you, Yuki-san. Your father is worried about you.”

“…Is he?”

“He is indeed.”

“I really doubt that.”

Yuki confronted them and stood by Mayu’s side. It was so obvious that she was on the thief’s side and glared back at the officers right in front of her. She doubted that her father was worried about her…but at the same time she couldn’t tell what her father was plotting and thinking right now. After she had refused to agree with his plan and escaped away, Yuki couldn’t predict what would her father do after she returned back…everything would be different than before, for certain.

“We’re just here to bring you back. We come in peace.”

“My ass, you shot them…! They’re just civilians!”

“Unfortunately, they interfered and did not support the officer’s investigation. We will do anything to accomplish our objective. If it wasn’t for Yuki-san with you, we would’ve shoot you down without hesitation as well.”

“Don’t!! Don’t you dare shoot her or anyone!”

Yuki stepped forward and yelled angrily. She was angered when the young Watanabe was threatened. It made Mayu startled slightly as she can’t remember the last time she saw those eyes filled with anger. It seemed she got used to Yuki submitted herself and always let Mayu did what she wanted, and it just reminded her of the fierce hunter that used to hunt her down without any mercy of turning the gun at her…that officer Kashiwagi. So many things had changed since then until now, they used to turn their guns to each other, and now…they were somehow together.

“We don’t intend to hurt anyone, Yuki-san. We need to take you back home as we were ordered by your father.”


“He passed me a message to you…I give you the chance to come back unharmed. If not, we shall bring you back by force, no matter what ma’am.”

The man smiled before he uttered his words. The way he uttered just similar to what her father would say, cold and blunt. She could see the other officers behind the leader prepared their guns ready to fire at anytime. It really did left Yuki no choice, she didn’t want Mayu unharmed…and she could see the two adults on the floor squirmed in pain from the gunshot, they were still alive, but if they were not treated quickly it wouldn’t look nice at all.

“So what’s your answer Yuki-san?”

“…Very well, you win…I’ll go with you.”


Before Yuki could move forward, Mayu lowered her gun down and grabbed that thin wrist forcefully. She tugged her back roughly and it made them have that short eye contact with each other. Mayu made sure she hid her actual feelings underneath her angry poker face so no one would be able to read her thoughts. 

“Mayu, let me go.”

“I didn’t risk my life just to see you walk away like this. You know if you go back you’ll…”

“High likely I’ll be locked up in a cell again. I know that.”

“Then why—”

“Because I have to.”

She replied firmly without hesitation. Slowly took Mayu’s hand off from her wrist to make herself free. She seemed to have some thoughts run in mind and no one could tell what she was thinking. However, those eyes told Mayu more than enough…it was decisive, yet hinted with sadness in it…it didn’t give her such a good feeling, as if it would be the last time she would see Yuki. Those eyes were same to what her parents had right before their last breath…same to what Rena had before she disappeared…it were eyes filled with farewell intention.

“There are things that only I could, it might be my fate to do this… as the daughter of a man that destroy your family. We're just partners for benefit after all, there's nothing for us to lose after all.”


“Your revenge…I will end it. So please, it's the time you should find your happiness.”

She smiled for one last time and took off her necklace. She took her hand and put it onto her hand. It was the memento of her mother, it was her protective charm and it was the only thing she had she could give to Mayu. The thief was still stunned with Yuki’s decision and no words were uttered from her lips.

“I want you to keep it…and I guess it's a goodbye.”


She walked forward towards the group of officers, hoping that they would keep their words to not hurt others after she gave in to them. Despite Mayu wanted to run in to stop the crazy raven-haired woman from leaving, she wondered why she couldn’t move her feet at all. It was as if something inside her was preventing her from doing so. Only but remain in silence and watched Yuki slowly walked out from her life, it was the same feeling when she saw her parents…as they died right before her eyes. That traumatized feeling returned back and Mayu hated to admit that her body was actually trembling from it. Unconsciously, she was scared…

“If I go with you, please don’t hurt anyone.”

“…Yuki-san, your father is waiting.”

“Answer me first that you won’t hurt anyone.”

“Taking you back home is our priority, and our boss’s command is absolute ma’am.”

The officers raised their guns up and before anything could be done, the shot the two wounded men on the floor to end their life quickly. Making both Mayu and Yuki stunned, they turned the guns towards Mayu this time and pulled the trigger. The raven-haired’s eyes grew wide with fear and shock, however the officer close by to her locked her with handcuffs so to prevent her from escaping again. Gladly Mayu managed to dodge it but it sheared passed her cheek and left a thin cut on it.

“Don’t hurt her! PLEASE!!”

“Maybe I forgot to tell you what your father also said…he told us to clean up everything that came in our way too, in order to protect our department’s image and secret.”

Yuki was taken away and she was blindfolded as well. Only darkness consumed over her mind and it was filled with fear. She could only hear multiple gunshots and yelling everywhere. She screamed to the top of her lungs, calling Mayu’s name restlessly, obviously she struggled with all the strength she got but she couldn’t possibly win over her father’s elite men. She was thrown forcefully into this place and the momentum made the blindfold loosed up. She realized she was thrown into the van and her instinct was to escape from here, but the door shut tightly before she could do anything. She crashed her body against the door but it was pointless and she could only hear the voice of the team leader making an order to his men.

“Kill her, make sure they’re dead.”

“Yes sir.”

Yuki’s heart sank in utmost fear, only sounds of the gunshot were heard and she shook her head while her body was trembling. She was in complete terrified with the fact of the fighting happening outside and anything could happen to Mayu right now. Each sound of the trigger pulled…it haunted her how much each bullet could end Mayu’s life. She was too panicked to notice that the commander said ‘they’ instead of her, which meant that someone was also out there as well. Yuki’s  eyes became teary and banged her head against the metal door. Shaking her head while bit her lips…only she could pray that nothing would happen to her…hoping that Mayu would be safe and alive.

“Mayu…Mayu…! Please be alright…please.”

The vehicle moved despite the sound of the gunshots was going on. It seemed they were trying to take her out from there as quickly as possible. Despite she was utterly worried about Mayu, but she had something to do, she needed to prepare herself to confront with her father…and this time, there was no space for mistakes. At least, she wanted to make things right…and only she could do it.




“Taking you back home is our priority, and our boss’s command is absolute ma’am.”

The officers raised their guns up and before anything could be done, the shot the two wounded men on the floor to end their life quickly. Making both Mayu and Yuki stunned, they turned the guns towards Mayu this time and pulled the trigger. The raven-haired’s eyes grew wide with fear and shock, however the officer close by to her locked her with handcuffs so to prevent her from escaping again. Gladly Mayu managed to dodge it but it sheared passed her cheek and left a thin cut on it.

“Don’t hurt her! PLEASE!!”

“Maybe I forgot to tell you what your father also said…he told us to clean up everything that came in our way too, in order to protect our department’s image and secret.”

Yuki was taken away and she was blindfolded as well. Mayu could see the woman being taken away and she could see armed officers pointing the guns at her. It was the brink of life or death, and she instinctively pulled her gun up and fight back. Obviously they were not planning to keep their words with Yuki, and despite she wanted to take her toy back…she needed to survive through this first. She could hear that woman kept shouting out her name, with so much worries and fear…

“Mayu! Mayu!! Mayu!!”


She kept hearing it until she eventually was thrown into the van that was distance away. She could feel her own heart pounding strongly against her ribs. It was the moment she sense death so close to her and she managed to kill one more officer and injured two more, but it wasn’t enough to save her from a storm of officers in such an opened area like this. The commander ordered his men as he knew that he would win over Mayu in terms of quantity number of people, for just one individual to defeat the whole team of elite officers would likely to be impossible, even a SuperSoldier would truly have a tough time to deal with it. 

“Finish it.”


Before the officers could pull the trigger the gun snapped from their hands.  The brink of moment that she wasn’t dead, she thought she would be…if it weren’t for those gunshots that disarmed the officers. She could Yuko stood firmly on her ground as she managed to save Watanabe right on time. It was long enough to stun off the officers and to give Mayu the opportunity to retreat. She knew that Yuko did this to buy the time and the mouse had to have faith on her leg powers…to grant her the speed of wind.

“Kill that woman over there too.”

“Yes sir!”

They turned their guns towards Yuko but she was already gone. With a blink of moment, the squirrel had disappeared from their sight and that’s when the commander ordered them to pursue over the two of them immediately. No one that saw them must survive to say a word, which was what Kashiwagi Miura ordered them before they left.

“Kill her, make sure they’re dead.”

“Yes sir.”


They pursued after them deep into the dark alley and it seemed the mouse that finally caught up with the squirrel but Miura’s elite forces were still pursuing them. Obviously Mayu didn’t know how did Yuko know she was there and if it weren’t for her she would be in deep trouble.

“…How did you I’m here?”

“Saki told me you’re in danger.”

The kid that Mayu saved ran back to tell Yuko about her, and that saved her life. She was relieved that the orphan girl was safe and sound, but they had something to deal with right now. They could hear footsteps coming for them…the officers trying to hunt them down, but they wouldn’t lose that easily in their territory. They knew this place like a back of their hands… they both stopped at the same time and prepared their guns and waited for the officers to finally catch up with them. They hid at each side of the small path so let the officers ran passed the main path before they could give them a preemptive kill. A couple of officers ran passed them and that was when both the mouse and squirrel came out from their hiding and shot them all from behind. Obviously, they didn’t have the choice but to land all the vital spots so to kill them instantly without giving them prolonging death. However, there were more officers coming from behind them and they were more than ready to shoot the two of them any moment. However, both of them were not afraid at the slightest and did not turn back at all…they knew this place like a back of their hands, as well as they had allies that would protect their backs.

“Die you little piece of shits…!”

“Sorry I can’t let you do that.”

A calm mature voice echoed in the alley before they realized one more enemy jumped from above. Rena grabbed both of the officer’s back neck and snapped it with brute force. The power of the SuperSoldier lies in her despite she was not a successful subject; at the very least she trained to be able to bring her powers out to its maximum potential. There were a few survived officers that were lucky that were not in the front line. They were glaring at them with such fear…they were just too strong. That’s when they realize that they couldn’t kill them if they were together…they were completely invisible. However, before they could run away, there was a young girl that was behind trapping them already. She was cracking her fingers with that ecstatic grin across her face. It seemed Center had came out to take the fun role of hunting even just a little. This was truly essential, and she needed to kill them.

“Too bad, I can’t let you get away…alive.”


They all cleaned up all the officers that came for them. At least they did not hear anything anymore so they were safe, for now. However, another serious issue arose up as Yuki went with them for the sake of ensuring Mayu and the other two wounded men’s safety…but they broke the promise. The mouse had to inform Yuko about the unfortunate death of the two men that saved Saki, but she was unable to save them in return. These officers were far more serious than what anyone of them thought…it seemed they were getting close to their main enemies after all. He wouldn’t leave them be as well after they killed his met like vegetables. It was about time they needed to discuss about this matter seriously. Mayu told everything she knew and how Kashiwagi Miura, the man responsible for her family’s massacre planned to revive the SuperSoldier Project up again. Mariko sure knew that Miura was a part of the project that was long disappeared…and a decade after that he planned to revive it. It seemed Mariko knew about it but wasn’t so sure whether that information was true or not, but now that she got Mayu’s confirmation, it made her decision became solid. That was when Mariko decided to take action on this matter. After this horrified project had disappeared…she swore she would never allow it to revive back again. There were enough victims from this already, just like Jurina, Rena, and her. Maybe it was the time for them to make a move on this, either ways, Miura wouldn’t let them go freely that easily as well. They had two choices to pick, either do something, or wait for them to come kill every single one in dark alley. The right person to end all of this mess would be the test subjects from the project themselves, let the creation destroy the creator.

“Rena, Yuko, I’ll need you two to help gather information for me, it is about time we make the move.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Both of the older women nodded firmly to their order before Mariko turned to the other two younger girls. She asked Jurina to look after Mayu since she still needed to recover from her old wounds. She ordered the mouse to rest as much as she could in order to be ready for their strike. There were a couple of things that Mariko wished to discuss to only Yuko and Rena, and so the two younger ones had to leave the room.


Jurina simply followed her friend around as she was asked to look after Mayu at all cost. However, by the time they arrived in front of the mouse’s private room, she requested to be alone and she would only be in her room. She wanted to have some time alone to think of things right now, her mind seemed to be messed up somehow.

“Come nag me later when I got out from my room. I want to be alone.”

“Okay, if you need anything I’ll be sitting out here waiting for Rena-chan.”


Finally Mayu got her time to be alone in her room to reflect over many things that happened. She could smell a different scent in her room…it was Yuki’s scent. It just reminded her that she was in this room today when they were talking about how Mayu despised her. After she had put some thought to it again she wondered whether she really did meant it or not. Slowly, she dug her hand into her pocket and pulled out that small golden necklace…that Yuki left for her. She only stared at it and remembered it used to be around her neck all the time, the officer never let it stay away from her at all, and it must be special to her.


She sighed as she slowly sat on her bed while playing with that necklace with her fingers. If Mariko planned to annihilate the SuperSoldier project along with Kashiwagi Miura, would that mean that she would have to pull the trigger on Yuki? Would she be able to do so? For some reason it made her heart throbbed in pain just to think about it. Never she felt this way before and she could never understand why she’s feeling like this. Just as much as it brought her annoyance…it brought her fear and devastation. She shook her head, having such a huge confusion of her life. Using all her time silently in her room…her mind was completely occupied with just one thing…just about Yuki.


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I seriously hope Yuki would not have to sacrifice her life to stop the insane killing of her father, or in order to let Mayu realize her true feelings, and to put a permanent stop to the revenge cycle.

Like the title of the fanfic, it is indeed very appropriate, Love Capture.

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Love Capture: CH10.1

That evening, everyone was gathered at Mariko’s office room in order to discuss the real serious business. Obviously, especially someone like Mariko, Rena, and Jurina would have the highest motive in this plan…to obliterate the SuperSoldier project from this world. So the leader had discussed the plan after she had a private conversation with both Yuko and Rena. Their objective of this plan is to destroy all the information and knowledge of SuperSoldier forever, and that could mean that they needed to kill Kashiwagi Miura as well. He used to work in the old project…and now he was being the leader. They couldn’t risk this happening again in the future. Too many victims were contributed into this already…only the three survivors of the project, was more than enough curse. However, Jurina got a question on how they would know where Kashiwagi Miura would be…he could be anywhere, as well as the data of SuperSoldier project too.  It was like searching for a needle in a vast deep ocean.

“How would we know where will he be?”

“I assume where his daughter is…he will be there.”

Mariko pressed the button on her laptop and showed GPS on the projector right in front of them. Mayu stared in front of the screen and could see where it was located in the C.I. main headquarters and for a sharp mouse…she knew immediately who carried that GPS. She diverted her eyes to her leader and it seemed it was all according to her plan.

“Since when did—”

“She offered it, the GPS is in her earring and so high likely no officers would detect it.”


Mayu was completely lost. However, the more that Mariko explained the situation the more she was shocked. Her leader used Yuki as to help them track Kashiwagi Miura, their main target for their assault. It was like Yuki had secretly cooperated with Mariko with this plan. It just sound so impossible to Mayu that a person like Yuki would do something risky like this…against her own father. Mariko was extremely confident that the new laboratory would be located at that same old warehouse…where the old laboratory was located. That place was a part of to C.I. department’s property, and so it had all of those abandoned equipment that was essential for the human-experimenting project. Or at most they would be close by to that place. It was the best area to conduct such an inhuman experiment without having anyone caught them. As Mayu listened to the whole thing…she was stunned, and in a state of shock. It made the mouse reflected on many things that happened…and none of those incidents seemed to make Mariko surprise at all.

“…It’s all planned?”


Others around were confused with what the mouse uttered, but not Mariko. She only looked back with those clam emotionless eyes as if she understood what Mayu was saying. The young thief looked back into her leader’s eyes…and realized that her instinct said was true. It was all planned. When she put some thought into it…how would the officers knew this area out of a sudden. How did they manage to come so close to the dark alley? If they knew where she was they would’ve come since the beginning already…if it was by luck then they would’ve found them many years ago. Watanabe realized…something was odd about it.

“Those officers…! It is all planned isn’t!?”

“…Sometimes, you can be too sharp for your own sake, Mayu.”

“Eh? I’m lost, what are you talking about Mayu?”

Jurina was lost, but not the other two ladies. They knew about it already during the private discussion that happened before this official meeting. They did know all the truth through Mariko and all the hidden plans she had been plotting…with Yuki. The squirrel was shocked to learn the truth… such things like this wasn’t something she would expect at all, from both Mariko and Yuki. As for Mayu, she seemed to be enraged for some reason. In some ways, Mariko leaked the information about Yuki that she was close by to the dark alley so to have Yuki be abducted by her father once again. Mayu couldn’t think straight at the moment, right now, she was angry. All she could feel was the anger boiling inside her when she knew the hidden scheme Mariko plotted.

“About how those officers came so close to dark alley…about that woman giving herself in…it’s all the plan??”

“…Yes. It is.”

“People were killed from that!! If I wasn’t there Saki would be dead too! Also…you knew how much risk is this and yet you used her—!”

“It’s a deal I made with Kashiwagi Yuki. I did tell her the risk, but she still accepted it. It is a fair deal that we came to an agreement with.”

Mariko stayed so firm to what she said and she even explained the deal she made with Yuki. She told how the officer Kashiwagi would be her spy and force herself to get involve with SuperSoldier project in order to find its exact location. The more Mayu listened to it the more she couldn’t believe it. It’s so outrageous that she couldn’t believe Yuki was willingly to do something like this. She was literally selling her father out to Mariko, and the mouse knew her leader very well…that she could be so heartless that could make the ruthless Watanabe terrified.

“…I know you’re good with manipulating people. Someone like her wouldn’t be selling her father out so easily.”

“How much did you know her anyways, Mayu?”


How much did she know Yuki? It just made Watanabe wondered what and how much did Mariko knew her…she barely saw any moments that Yuki could be alone with her leader. She did take some confidence that she knew the officer the most since she was with her majority of the time in dark alley. But seeing that confidence in Mariko’s eyes, Mayu didn’t know what to argue back to her at all. It was the moment she started to realize that she didn’t actually know Yuki as much at all.

“We will commence the moment we received a signal from her, telling us the exact location of where the project is continuing.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Everyone replied in unison but except Mayu. There were too many things for her to process and many of it was unbelievable to her. Part of her couldn't believe how Mariko plotted of these with Yuki…and that officer giving information to their leader too. At least she was getting the information into her head but then the next thing that Mariko stated gave her a heart attack…

“Mayu, you’ll be staying here and look after the base while everyone goes on the mission.”

It wasn’t just Mayu, but literally everyone except Mariko. They were shocked, and couldn’t think of a reason why Mayu shouldn’t be going at all. She was a strong and smart fighter that was essential for their front line. The best hacker out of everyone living in the dark alley, it would be her. None of them couldn’t figure out what would be the reason behind Mariko’s order to leave Mayu at the base…obviously Watanabe rebelled and protest against it.

“What the—! Why!?”

“It is not your problem, you shouldn’t risk your life on something that’s not a matter related to you.”

“For all these years, none of the task I did is related to my matter! Why now!?”

“The deal is what needs to be kept. In return for Yuki’s cooperation, is to ensure you won’t participate in this mission.”


She was stunned. Completely stunned. Mariko said it was the deal she made with Yuki…whatever you received; you’ll have to pay equally back. As Yuki gave her cooperation to Mariko to be the spy in the enemy’s headquarters…so definitely she knew that Shinoda Mariko would launch an invasion into the base to annihilate the project once and for all. Therefore, Yuki requested for Mayu not to go…for Mayu not to participate in this mission. That somehow replayed her words in her head about how Yuki would stop her from revenging…was this her plan all along? To prevent her from going to kill Kashiwagi Miura? This just made her so annoyed with how a weak woman like her was capable for such a thing to make a deal with Mariko. Not many dared to do such a thing…and hardly Mariko would accept a deal with someone unless she found it as an extreme good deal. Yuki alone wouldn’t be able to stop her from going. Even Yuko, Rena, or Jurina… They wouldn’t be able to stop Mayu if she was being really serious. But if it was Mariko, then that would be a totally different story, since probably she was the only one that could order over Mayu unconditionally.

“You’ll remain station here, without any further arguments.”


Others could see how much Mayu was struggling against that absolute order. Everyone knew that Watanabe was the one that wanted to go the most since her whole living was for this day…to revenge on Kashiwagi Miura. However, despite how much Mayu wanted to disobey her, she couldn’t do it. Mariko’s order was absolute to everyone and no matter how much she despised it; she needed to do it…that’s the golden rule within the family. Leader’s order is absolute.

“Right now, prepare for the commence any second from now. Be ready to leave at anytime when we receive the signal from our spy.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Mayu remained in silence without saying anything. She tightened her grip without being rebellious against Mariko at the slightest. Rena glanced at the corner of her eyes and saw how upset Mayu was…from her actions, from her expression, it said it all. She just stood there listening to the plan that she wouldn’t be participating…for Rena to just watch the poor girl looking down onto the floor like this made her hurt. As for Watanabe…she was hopeless with what to do. She even wanted to storm out from this place immediately because it was utterly pointless for her to even be here and listen if she was to stay at this place. She really did underestimated Yuki after all; the woman really did make her stop the revenge, forcefully, by having her locked up in this place. She did just stood there in silence until the whole discussion ended. It wasn’t just anger that was stirring inside her heart…but it was filled with fear as well. She couldn’t understand why… The more she heard the plan that Mariko organized, the more she was scared. The mix of fear and anger create a complete mess that she didn’t know what to feel anymore.


After the whole discussion was done, Mayu was the first to leave the room and Rena could see that. She seemed to know what was going on inside Mayu’s mind and gave the girl sometime to cool herself down first before she plan to approach her. Probably no one could understand how she felt right now…Mayu obviously needed to calm herself down, and so she went to the roof deck to get some cold breeze of the night. 

Sitting under the moonlight, watching the clear sky having few stars and the full moon. She allowed the cold breeze to tackle her bare skin in order to calm herself down from her anger from Mariko and Yuki. She was wearing her usual sleeveless black shirt and shorts in order to allow her limbs make contact with the wind. She was sitting down on that cold concrete floor while her mind drifted off. Their stupid deal just prevented her from the goal of her life…to take revenge on Kashiwagi Miura. She lived for 12 years for this, but both of them came to stop her so easily like it's a piece of cake. Obviously she would be so angry about it…but it wasn’t just anger that was dominating her feelings, it was fear. She had this overwhelming fear ever since the discussion started and the more Yuki was mentioned from Mariko. The more the leader mentioned the more she felt lost…she didn’t know what Yuki was doing at all. It felt as if she didn’t know her at all…but then Mayu questioned why she was feeling like that. Yuki was nothing to her…she was just a toy, a mere toy, and nothing else. But deep down could she always deny that?

“Ugh! Dammit…! Fucking hell!!”

Mayu banged her fist onto the floor with full force and sighed when she replayed the discussion in her head once again. So Yuki knew about the officers…she knew they would appear, she plotted to tell her to stop the revenge. It was all planned. At that moment she was actually swayed by Yuki’s words and she didn’t know whether to believe it or not. She was confused…half of her wanted to believe that she’s a liar and only did good things to her to trick her.  However…another half that she couldn’t deny was that she wanted to believe in her, that her words were real, and it’s not trying to deceive her in any kind of way. Watanabe only could bit her lips and shook her head. The more she think about Yuki, the more fear accumulated inside her heart. She feared what will happen to her after this? She was with her father, Miura, the main target, would she be okay? Will she be safe? Will she be harmed? Will she die? The more she thought of it, she could feel her heart trembling and she was having a shortness of breath. She squeezed her eyes shut and banged her tightened hand onto the floor without mercy for her hand. The only way to express her stress and frustration would be inflicting pain to herself. By coming out to gaze at the moon didn’t really help her at all.

“That woman…frigging hell…”

Mayu sighed and was completely lost. She didn’t know what to do anymore…she was prohibited to go in the mission…it just reminded herself that last smile she saw…that farewell smile. It gave her a chill down her spine, which it left an impression that it would be the last time she would meet Yuki. There wouldn’t be that genuine smile and touch anymore. She had to admit that even for a short while…she experienced the feeling to be cared and loved. She hated to admit that she missed that feeling…she missed Yuki’s presence beside her. The only thing she carried right now was that necklace that the officer let behind. She took it out form her pocket and stared at it while it was resting on her palm. Having the chance to observe the pendant, it was an outline of a tree in the middle of the circle. It was made from gold, and seemed to be quite old too. She clutched onto it and remembered how this necklace used to be around that woman’s neck. When she thought about it…ever since she met her, she never called her by her name, not even once. How many times did Yuki call her name already? So many times that it was uncountable. Never she had uttered through those lips at her at all. She sighed again and looked back up to the shining moon. It was beautiful, and unfortunately, Yuki wasn’t there to see it.

“Yuki: Wow…it’s so beautiful. It’s not something I can see in the city.”

“…I guess that’s what she will say.”

Unconsciously without realizing, she actually thought about what would the officer say if she were to be here. Her mind was truly occupied about Kashiwagi, for the entire time. She didn’t know how long she had been up here, but it must’ve been for quite a long while already. Maybe an hour or two? Or longer than that? She was lost with time until she heard the door roof deck door opened. Mayu glanced to see who it was and it was the tall raven-haired woman. That moment she thought it was Yuki…her eyes grew wide and she was about to stand up already.


“I thought about waiting for you to come down, but I give up.”

She walked out from the shade and revealed that gentle eyes of hers. It was Matsui Rena. She was completely deceived, that was when Mayu realized that Rena’s appearance was similar to Kashiwagi’s. She almost mistook her as Yuki already, thankfully she didn’t utter her name out by accident, or else it would be so embarrassing and humiliating.

“Can I sit with you?”


She sat down beside Mayu and looked up into the sky. It was a beautiful scene today. She only smiled while she enjoyed the scene above her along with the nice cool breeze. They didn’t utter a single word for quite a while and enjoyed the silence along with each other’s accompany. However, it hit the point that Mayu got curious with the reason Rena came up here to talk to her.

“…Rena-san, what is it that you want to talk to me?”

“I know you’re upset with Mariko stopping you from going, yes?”

“…Pretty much.”

“Are you scared?”


Mayu was surprised with how Rena was able to read through her thoroughly. She expected others to think that she was angry and upset…but not scared. Mayu just simply nodded softly while she played around the necklace on her hand without saying a word. Rena simply just watched over her actions and threw in more questions at Watanabe.

“Can you tell me why are you scared?”


“Go on.”

Rena was probably the only person that Mayu could talk to openly. She always had this gentle motherly older sister, which made her always comfortable to talk about her feelings and issues. It was always like this ever since Mayu became a part of the family. Rena was probably the one that the mouse respected and was able to open herself to…but after the older Matsui disappeared, Mayu had no one to talk to. Even though she knew Jurina and Yuko for so long…for some reason, she couldn’t talk to them about it. So Mayu talked about the fear that ran inside her…the fear about Yuki. Obviously she wasn’t telling everything but she did told quite a lot coming from Mayu, who never said her feelings to anyone. She told how this was the first time she was ever scared like this…ever since that night when her parents were killed right before her eyes. She couldn’t understand why she would be so afraid like this.

“I…can’t stop wondering about it. That frigging woman, become Mariko-sama’s spy? Is she nuts? Ugh…I can’t believe it.”


“I can’t stop thinking about her. I can’t understand why is she doing this…and what’s the point of it. She could die…yet she didn’t care about it at all.”


“…It annoys me, it really did…and I’m so confused too. I don’t understand these hectic emotions inside me at all. I can’t believe I’m scared so much like this….the last time, would be that night my parents were killed.”

“Eh~ Haha, I see.”

Mayu was surprised that Rena was laughing at her after she vented out her feelings. She didn’t understand what part of it that was funny for the older raven-haired woman at all. She had that puzzled look at her and couldn’t wait to ask her what was the reason behind her laugh. The curious mouse demanded for an answer.

“W-What was that for??”

“Haha~ you’ve become so cute for the past years.”

“Ehhh??? What?! I don’t get it!”



Mayu got a little more curious and frustrated with what Rena was thinking. After all these years that both of them didn’t have their private conversation, nothing really did change at all. Despite Mayu became colder and more merciless, but she was still the same old innocent Watanabe Mayu that Rena always took care of. After she did enjoy her moments teasing her, she decided to go to the main point in order help the lost sheep understand her feelings.

“…You love her, didn’t you?”

“E-Eh?? W-What?! NO!! No way that I—!!”

Mayu was blushing madly. Her heart started to pick up the pace and her face started to burn. She couldn’t believe that Rena asked that at all and she was flustering and panicking even more. She couldn’t understand why would she be so restless like this. The older woman just only giggled at her and looked away with that cheeky smile across her face. The answer for Rena was just so obvious that she couldn’t believe Mayu was purely dense to not realize her feelings. She couldn’t help but to pat the younger girl’s head while laughing at how naïve Mayu could be. The young girl would always be the little Mayu that Rena knew.

“…I had enough with running away from Jurina, for nine years isn’t?”


“Even it looks impossible for both of us, Jurina showed me we can do it together…she reclaimed what is hers…and taught me that nothing is impossible.”


Rena told everything to Mayu about how Jurina declared a challenge against her. It was that famous rule among people of dark alley; the winner takes everything while the loser surrenders unconditionally. What Jurina claimed as her victory prize was Rena’s life, which was why she was taken back to the dark alley to be with everyone again. As Mayu listened to the whole story she wasn’t surprise as much since it was Jurina after all. The young innocent puppy, she could so outrageous when she was truly serious with something. The young mouse watched Rena’s expression and she could see that warm gentle smile from her as she talked about Jurina. She was happy. She could tell that Rena was happy that her life belonged to Jurina forever. For some reason, it quite somehow reminded her of Yuki…how she sold her body and soul, just in order to be with Mayu. 

 “That’s why, I will never run away from anything anymore, we will walk down this rough path together…with hope in our hearts.”



Rena turned to Mayu and patted her head again before she told her gratefulness that she had. She never felt this much relieved for her entire life until Jurina broke into her comfort zone. It made her realize that she always ran away from the future because she was scared to confront it. Always lurking in the shadows and running away from everything.  She was scared of Center, Nobunaga, and even Jurina. She was terrified with the unknown future up ahead…but the warmth from Jurina’s hand told her everything would be fine, and there was nothing to fear. If Jurina was with her, she had faith that she could move on without being afraid anymore. Rena found the one that she wanted to be with and wanted to move on together with. As Mayu listened carefully word-by-word, she was in a moment of awe. She seemed to be able to relate her feelings to Rena and was deeply touched by her words.


“...I believe you found it too. That person you want to walk down the path together with…right?”

Only but silence remains between the two, and no replies from Mayu. But just by glancing at her was more than enough; Rena could obviously saw that blush across Mayu’s ears. She simply looked away without answering back; it was a form of indirect acceptance.  Obviously the older Matsui didn’t push on further and only sat there closely by Mayu’s side. The young girl obviously needed the time to understand her feelings; especially she was a stubborn type as well. Just as much as Rena was very smart, Mayu was as well. She could tell that Rena saw through her, completely. The raven-haired woman’s words made her realize that either way, she needed to admit these feelings inside her no matter what. Despite how much she wanted to deny its existence…it would never disappear and it would grew even more too. The moment Rena asked her that question, her face popped up, Yuki’s smile came into her head.

She remembered the moment she unconsciously gave in to the officer at the park…deep down inside her heart, she accepted Yuki. She was yearning for her because she had faith that Yuki could heal the severed wound on her soul. The times she spent with her, was probably the most comforting and relaxing moments of her life. When she disappeared and everything returned back to how it used to be, it felt utterly empty inside. She felt like she lost the light and purpose of her life. She felt like she was a living corpse, like how she used to feel ever since her family’s massacre. In the end, she seemed to have figured out what was the cause of her fear. She was scared to be alone again. She was worried about Yuki’s whereabouts and safety. She was scared for Yuki… it was the moment everything seemed to fit perfectly like a puzzle. The clouds in her mind started to disappear and she started to realize the truth regarding her feelings…

“…If you want anything, then take it with everything you’ve got, in order to claim that is your and only yours. Isn’t that our style?”


Mayu turned back to her and stared with those innocent eyes. The moment of realization of her feelings and what Rena was attempting to teach her. If she wanted anything, she needed to claim that it’s hers…by force. It was always the golden rule of the dark alley. If you want it, steal it, take it, and claim that it’s yours until the last moment of your satisfaction. Those words just somehow calmed Mayu’s feelings down instantly as if it gave the answer to what she wanted. Her eyes became softer and Rena could tell that Mayu finally reached the point of realizing her true feelings. She was no longer in a state of denial anymore and then she patted the young mouse’s head again.  Rena was relieved to see her young girl finally understand her real feelings without having anything to cloud it any longer.

“I believe your worries are solved right?”

“…It is.”

“We will always take what we want…and desperately steal what truly belongs to us, to show that we’re the rightful ownership.”

“…Yes, we will.”

“Hehe, it does feel relief, isn’t?”

“It does…. Thank you, Rena-san.”

“Always, you will always be my little sister.”

Rena patted her head again and made Mayu smiled out with utmost relief. Just from their conversation, it seemed the young arrogant mouse had changed. The life in her eyes became softer and seemed to be livelier than usual. It was as Rena thought to be…she knew that Yuki was the right person that will bring the real Mayu out from the shadows. Thankfully, things were not too late between her and Jurina…but she wouldn’t want Mayu to experience that pain. To be running away from herself for 9 years never gave her a pleasant or peaceful feeling at the slightest.

“Let’s go talk to Mariko, I’ll convince her for you to come.”

“E-Eh!? Really??”

“Yes, it was because you have a new reason to go there.”

She slowly stood up from the floor and extended her hand to Mayu. Without any words exchanged, the young mouse took that hand and was pulled up to stand on her feet. After Rena pointed it out…the reason she wanted to go seemed to have changed. Mayu was utterly surprised; the feeling of revenge was not her main motivation anymore…the reason that was driving her to go was to go to see Kashiwagi Yuki. She needed to see her…and reclaiming the ownership on her property.

“You know I never can support you for your revenge. But if is for your new reason, then I’m more than glad to fight for you.”


“You better rest well and get ready soon, it will be a tough fight.”

“…It will be.”

“Let’s go back in then.”

Rena leaded the way as Mayu followed her from behind. She glanced at that necklace in her hand again and returned it back into her pocket. She looked forward and it was so obvious the life in her eyes changed. It was not hunger for revenge as usual. It was filled with hope and determination that was overwhelming inside her heart. She didn’t utter any single word out, but it seemed her mind was made up already. Nothing would cloud her emotions and feelings anymore…after she had realized what she truly wanted.



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Love Capture: CH10.2

On Yuki’s side, she was surrounded by officers and was taken back to the headquarters where her father was waiting for her. The moment she arrived at the room, the handcuffs were still on her though. However, one of the officers came to her and unlocked it since Kashiwagi Miura wouldn’t want to treat his daughter as his prisoner. However, the officers couldn’t leave the woman with her father all alone after she had escaped from here once.

“My sweet girl, I’m glad you’re alright.”


“I believe those thieves are evil to you, aren’t they?”


“It’s okay now, you’re safe here with me.”


Yuki tightened up her grip and went along with the flow. She didn’t want to argue or fight back against him; she only looked down onto the floor in order to avoid eye contact with him. The commander that lead the team to take Yuki back knew how Kashiwagi had grew attached to the thief, to Mayu. It was about time her father did the interrogation on her to find out the objective of the thieves that kidnapped her out.

“What did they want from you?”


“It’s quite unusual for someone to break into the headquarters to kidnap someone they didn’t know…she knew them didn’t you?”


Her father saw through her completely. He wasn’t the head of the Crime Investigation department for nothing. He was used to interrogating with criminals and investigated on them to find out the truth behind their lies. He was basically doing the same thing on Yuki right now. It would be obvious as well that he realized his daughter was willingly to go with that criminal…as if she knew that person.

“Are you going to tell the truth or do you want me to bring them here instead?”

“W-Wait! Please…”

The moment Yuki finally realized how terrified her father was. He was showing no mercy on her and allowed his daughter to confess everything that she knew. He wouldn’t stop interrogating her until he got what he wanted as well…it would be a very tough moment for Yuki in order to sway him to believe that she wanted to side with him…it was the deal she made with Mariko after all, to be Mariko’s spy.

“Let me ask again. What did they want from you?”

“…The SuperSoldier project. They knew you were behind all the plans.”

Yuki began making up the story about how she was taken into custody and interrogated regarding the project, but she didn’t tell anything to them. She kept on going telling about her situation until the officer saved her out from that situation. However, the information wasn’t satisfying for Miura yet. There were few spots that made him still wondering about the truth.

“You knew they were criminals?”

“I didn’t…”

“But you knew them.”

“…I did. They were friends of my friend again. I met them in the old school reunion party, we knew each other as acquaintance.”

“Then why did you go with them?”

“…I let my guard down because I knew her, the second thing that happened was that she threatened to kill me if I don’t go with them.”

Yuki forced a lie through her poker face every second that Miura threw a question at her. It reminded her the conversation she had with Mariko right after they made a deal with each other. It seemed the leader was truly smart enough to know that Miura would try to dig every bits of information from her after she returned back to him. She sort of gave Yuki an order for her what to do and those words repeated in her head again…


“Do sell us out as much as you have to, as long as you become part of your father’s team…that more than enough of what I need.”

“Shinoda-san, but that’s—”

“Risky, I know. Can you do that?”


She bit her lips softly before she looked up to her father. She needed to put on a full act against her last family member for the sake of her justice. She knew what she was doing was no different from selling her father out to the enemy, but all the crime he had done behind the word “justice” was just as worse as a criminal himself. She really wished for things to be right…for Mayu to no longer have revenge and her father stopped this human-experimenting project, but life couldn’t be so beautiful like that though.

“But what I heard from my men, it said you resisted against coming back. If they were ruthless to you then why did you fight back to ensure their safety?”

“…I’m sorry father…I don’t like seeing people hurt. I-I didn’t really think thoroughly at all, I just—”

“That’s enough, I know what you mean…you really did take a lot from your mother. Both Yumi and you really took from her.”


The man seemed to be satisfied with the answers he got from Yuki, and it was about time they went into deep serious business. The first offer he gave, Yuki declined on him, but for him to be the leader of the project, he needed his daughter to support him as well…to have her hands tainted along with him. He planned to offer her again, for one last time, and hoped that Yuki will take into consideration or accept it.

“Allow me to ask for one last time, Yuki, please work with me. For Yumi, and many fallen officers…we need this project for human race to move on.”

“Even though…many will die?”

“Sacrifices needed to be done for a better future. That’s how the world in the past ran and gave us a wealthy life right now. ”

“…I understand, father. I understand what you mean.”

“So does that mean?”

“…I agree with you. I’ll join with you, for Yumi-neechan’s sake.”

The man smiled with relief after his daughter finally accepted his offer. He got up from his chair and went to her, stroking her head tenderly with love for his daughter. He was happy that she finally opened her eyes and realized what needed to be done for the sake of humanity. Yuki only stood there and looked down with relief after she successfully got herself into her father’s plan.

“Then I want you to come with me for the conference in today in about 15 minutes. Regarding the project, we’ll be talking about getting our supplies.”


Supplies for human-experimenting project…that would mean he was referring to human subjects. Yuki froze for a second before her father continued explaining what would he be talking in the meeting today. It wasn’t that long before the meeting started and that was when Yuki saw many elite officers like her father was contributing in this as well. They were the people that she used to believe to be a person filled with justice and integrity, so much disappointment in how corrupted justice could be. Everyone seemed to know that she was Miura’s daughter and so they didn’t question her appearance at the meeting.

“How’s the update of the laboratory? Is it done yet?”

“Yes, it is sir, thanks to the technology that was left behind in the old laboratory, it allowed us to finish faster than we predicted.”

“Good to hear.”

Miura replied and was satisfied with the answer. Everything seemed to progress in a good pace and it was about time they discussed the main topic of the conference today…one of the hardest task ever for a human-experimenting project would be human subjects. It was already hard to gather subjects, but they needed ones that are compatible with the drugs.

“Kashiwagi-san, how are we going to find subjects? How did the old project team manage to gather that much of the subjects?”

“…Homeless ones, and also criminals could be a good use as well. I know there are quite a long of people along the outskirt of the city.”

Yuki’s heart sank for a second when she heard that, it was the location where Mayu and others were. She had flash back memories of the time she spent and met with many people there especially the orphan children. If she recalled correctly from her memories, Mayu said she was compatible with the drunk as she survived through the testing sample, but it brought her pain beyond imagination. The fear started to grow but it became even worse when her father uttered that heartless statement.

“Children will be the best subject, they have higher potential to become a successful subject. The legendary success one started the experiment when she’s an baby.”

They were referring to Jurina. The more Yuki learned about this the more she felt the pain aching inside her heart. She remembered that innocent puppy smile from Jurina…and couldn’t believe that she was the successful test subject from the previous experiment. She couldn’t possibly imagine if those kids she met at the orphanage would become the test subjects…how about Mayu? She was compatible with the drugs, would she be used as a subject as well if she was caught? The more Yuki thought about it the more her hands were trembling. But she needed to remain her posture and keep that poker face on all the time despite how much she was suffering from this. She needed to do this for the kid’s, everyone’s, and Mayu’s sake.

“They were some group in that area that knows about the project and we need to get rid of them as soon as possible.  At least it will be a good punishment of them for abducting you away, what do you think Yuki?”


The woman was shocked that he father turned the statement to her. He was asking her to make that call on punishing Mayu and others…was this his way of testing whether Yuki was truly dedicated to this or not. If she was able to pass through this ordeal, then she would likely to gain her trust from her father…but with the cost of Mayu and other people’s life. She began to hesitate to reply, but then Mariko’s words came into her head again…it reminded her duty that she was here. It prevented her from being lost and surrendered into the cruelty of these people around her. 


“No matter what you need to gain your father’s trust, even it costs our safety and life. You need to do it.”


“Either ways, everyone’s life here is already threatened. Just adding more tension to it will not matter anyways.”

“But…! I ah…”

“That is all I’m asking, Yuki, sell all of us to your father, and make him trust you. We will figure out the way to protect ourselves…and I promise I will protect Mayu at all cost.”

“…Understood, I will do it.”

“Don’t allow yourself to be engulfed by the cruelty of humanity, don’t forget your duty. It will be tough of you, but I do have expectations it will be successful. Let our deal, be your strength.”

“Yes…thank you for your advice, Shinoda-san.”


Her words made Yuki realized her duty at this place. She needed to carry on this mission as she promised Mariko; she needed to trust her in order to proceed on forward. She finally understood what Mariko meant after all…it would be tough and suffering when she allowed herself to step into this inhumane darkness. That was when Yuki looked firmly back at her father and nodded without a single word. Miura was honestly surprised to see such determination in those eyes, which made him realize that he could trust his daughter for this matter. He only smiled before he turned to other officers that were waiting for him to speak.

“Very well then, we will send our men to collect subjects for the experiment in few days after all the preparations are ready. Dismiss.”

“Yes sir.”

Everyone took their paper files and left the room after the meeting was over. Yuki sat there and sighed with relief after the whole meeting was over, and then she could feel those big rough hands patted on her shoulder. She turned back to look and it was her father, smiling back at her gently.

“You did well Yuki, it’s getting late now…let us have dinner before we go home.”

“…Yes, father.”

She followed him out from the room with that heavy burden on her chest. She finally allowed herself to step into this world filled with pure cruelty. There was no turning back from this. She needed to move on and must create the chance for herself to visit that laboratory place as soon as possible. Maybe the time with her father today could give her the opportunity to collect more information regarding this project. However, she realized that the more she knew, the more burdens and pain she carried. If anything were to happen to Mayu because of her actions…she would regret for the rest of her life and would prefer to die than to live in shame.


Yuki had dinner with her father in this restaurant in the city alone. It was one of the rare moments she was able to spend her family time with her father, but not in a situation like this. While she was eating she finally spoke up to him and caught his attention.


“What’s a matter?”

“Uh, well, there are still many things I don’t know and so I…”

“You want to know, right?”

“…Yes, is it okay?”

“Of course it is okay, you’re my daughter. It is better we talk in the car when we’re heading back home than in a public restaurant.”


It seemed everything was going smoothly as Yuki realized. After they finished the dinner they went into the car and Miura was the one driving back home. Yuki sat on the passenger seat beside him and it was about time they return back to their sweet home once again. It’s been quite a while Yuki was away from her home after Mayu saved her…

“So what do you want to know?”

“Oh, well…I heard in the meeting today…about the laboratory.”

“We technically used the same place as where the old laboratory is located due to its convenient technology. However it was quite a huge mess in there and it took quite a long while to clean everything to become useable again.”

“Ah…I see.”

“I’ll be heading over there tomorrow, if you want to come with me.”

“C-Can I?”

“Sure, I was planning to take you there with me…there are many things you need to learn.”


The conversation seemed to end there but Yuki was making a huge progress right now. She would be heading to the location of the new laboratory that was basically where the old laboratory was. She would be able to send the information to Mariko before the officers would be invading the dark alley to take the homeless and orphans for the experiment. She thought about many things that Mariko said, the time she spent at dark alley, and the moments she had with Mayu. By the time she realized again she already arrived back at her sweet home.

“Go and rest, today must be a rough day for you.”

“Ah…it is. Thank you father.”

“Sweet dreams Yuki.”

“You too father.”

Yuki went to her room, her old familiar room. Even for a short while she wasn’t here, it felt so long to her. The time she spent with everyone at the dark alley felt like forever. She went straight to take a shower to wash all the sweats and the exhaustion on her skin. It was getting late and she needed to go to bed because tomorrow would be another intense day again. She would be visiting the new laboratory with her father…and she would click the button on her earring to send the signal to Mariko for the location of the new laboratory. Everything was going according to the plan that Shinoda organized…and Yuki hoped that everything would be fine though.


She muttered her name out while she clutched her hands tightly on top of her chest. She felt that heavy pain on her heart after she was forced to sell everyone to her father, but it wasn’t like she had a choice for it after all. If she didn’t do it then she would still be suspected of betraying her father again. It was as Mariko said to her…it would be a tough role for her and how ironically she offered it herself. She recalled the last conversation she had with Mariko before she went to sleep.


“You knew that there’s a chance we will kill your father. Yet you’re still planning to help us?”

“…For all I know, this human-experiment, it is not right.”

“For that ideal justice, you’re willingly to sell your father out?”

“It’s not an ideal justice…I just don’t have anything to lose. Plus…”

Yuki remembered her very kind gently father. But that was before her mother and Yumi’s death. After Yumi’s incident…she changed so much as if he was a different man. He became less interactive with her and focused only on work. He was no longer the father that Yuki always knew and loved. Her beloved father was a man that would never treat people like subjects and disposable toy like this. His passion that drove him was sadness and hatred towards criminals. It was his source of motivation…just so similar to Mayu. She finally realize they were both similar in a way, they were both cursed their fate and seek for revenge against this cursed fate.

“…He’s not the father I used to know anymore. He’s an insane man that only seeks revenge against his cursed life, just like Mayu.”


Mariko was surprised, not just because Yuki said the bad things of her father, but it was the fact that she saw through Mayu. The mouse always sought for revenge against her cursed life and fate that robbed everything from her. Just to kill Kashiwagi Miura would not heal her from the hatred and anger she had towards her life. It seemed Yuki wasn’t any ordinary woman after all, Mariko started to realize how she was able to understand Watanabe Mayu, but the matter regard her determination was a different story.

“You love her that much to risk your whole life?”

“…I guess love makes people do stupid things. As I said, I don’t have anything to lose.”

“That is not true.”


“Mayu. Before, you’re likely to not have anything to lose, but now you do. You have her, and you wouldn’t want to lose her…that’s why you’re here, to offer a deal.”


Mariko was just so sharp that she saw through Yuki completely. The officer didn’t deny that matter and simply nodded her head softly with silence. No more words needed to be uttered. The older woman continued where she left off and interrogated Kashiwagi in order to understand all her reasons behind her insane decisions.

“So, what’s your real motive? Kashiwagi Yuki…”

“…It was my father’s insanity that made Mayu become one as well, and this will be a never-ending cycle of hatred and revenge. At the very least…I want to save her, even it could cost my life for it, and I admit that love her that much to not hesitate making this decision.”

She replied with complete honesty and with those determined eyes. She didn’t know whether her answer would be impressive enough for Mariko, only but silence remained between the two. It started to make her wonder whether the leader of dark alley would accept her deal or not… but then the lady approached her and brought back her attention to her once again. They stared into each other’s eyes and she felt as if the leader was reading everything that was inside her mind through her eyes.

“…You have something to lose, Kashiwagi Yuki, and that’s Watanabe Mayu.”


“Because you have something to fight for, something to protect, that’s why you’re right here in front of me. That persistence was more than enough to sway me to accept your deal.”


“Kashiwagi Yuki, I’m gladly to accept your deal, I will ensure Mayu is staying away from this matter, in return you have to be my spy in the enemy’s base and do as I said. Got that?”


She remembered that she shook hands with Mariko and their deal was forged. That was why she was here…back home…and betraying her father. She had to put an act as if she betrayed Mayu and everyone in order to gain his trust…while in reality she was betraying her very own father. The old her wouldn’t be able to put such an act like this if she didn’t have enough determination and persistence to do this. Her only motivation was to stop Mayu…at the very least; she wanted to save her from turning into a monster like her father…she wouldn’t be able to afford seeing someone she loved and cared become such a demon like that anymore.





The next morning, there was a meeting again in Mariko’s office. Everyone was summoned there except for Mayu since she was not a part of the mission. But before anything could’ve start, Rena wanted to object something and it caught everyone’s attention. It forced the meeting to halt temporary and discussed about her objection.

“Mariko, I want you to reconsider having Mayu as a part of the mission.”

“My decision is made, she’s not going to be a part of it, and I’m surprised that you’re supporting her revengeful motives.”

“Maybe after you’ve talk to her…you might change your mind like me.”

Rena turned to the door and that was when Mayu entered the room. She was in her usual outfit for battle. In her black thin hoodie and dark navy trouser. She came in with those eyes filled with determination and it somehow surprised Mariko…everyone seemed to realize the change in the air around Mayu. It was different from usual. There was actually life within her eyes.

“Mariko-sama, I beg you, please let me participate, let me go.”

“…Why is that? To kill Kashiwagi Miura with your hands?”


Everyone was startled when Mayu said that she didn’t want to go for revenge. Only but Rena understood the feelings that was inside the young mouse. As for the leader, she remembered that yesterday she still had those vengeful eyes she usually had…but it was no longer there anymore. It was like she was a completely different individual right now…as if it was the real Mayu. Those were not eyes of filled with hatred and sought for revenge, but it was filled with determination and persistence for something…for something she held dearly to her. It was similar to the eyes that Kashiwagi Yuki had when she confronted with her…and that blink of moment; Mariko was actually slightly swayed by that strong passion coming out from Mayu.

“…So what is your reason that you’re coming?”

“I want to reclaim what belongs to me…and with my own hands. I need to go and confront with her, and then I will able to find the answer that I’m looking for.”


Everyone was in state of surprise. It sounded so different from the usual ruthless Mayu they knew. It was as if she came to enlighten something, and she needed to do this in order to find the answer to her heart. Mariko could see how the youngster wouldn’t give up that easily even though she said no…and even though she said no, she was certain that Mayu would be going anyways. She overcame the point that she would disobey everyone that tried to stop her, even though it was Mariko. Her eyes told how much she was serious about this and never even once in these past 12 years she saw those eyes before…and now, it was as if she matured out of blue.

(Since when did this kid…)

Mariko was still in shock before she glanced shortly to Rena. She was just smiling back at her with a nod and that was when Mariko realized what was the cause for all of this matter…Mayu was changing, and it was because of Yuki. Something inside the young girl was changing. The leader’s eyes grew wider as she recalled her talk with Yuki about Mayu walking down the same path as Kashiwagi Miura…but they were wrong after all. It seemed Mayu would never turn into a man like Miura, after Mariko had witnessed that passion in those eyes. It made her sighed softly before she leaned back against her working table.

“Mariko-sama! Please!!”

Seriously, Mariko’s mind was blown away. Mayu became like a complete different person from last night. It just made her wonder what did Rena talk to her to make Mayu become such a different person like this. Mayu was pleading her to let her go than the usual yelling and being arrogant. It wasn’t just Mariko was surprised, but both Yuko and Jurina as well. The only person that seemed to knowing everything that was going on was Rena and she was just smiled and supported the young Watanabe.

“Such passion that can sway people’s mind, isn’t?”

“…Oh god this kid.”


She sighed again, and finally had decided to speak after all the things she had witnessed from Mayu. However, there was one thing that was stopping her to let that was the deal she made with Yuki. The condition was that she needed to keep Mayu out of this for her safety.

“The deal I made with Yuki was to guarantee your safety in return for her being our spy.”

“I’ll talk to her about it! Just please let me go!”

“Let me finish what I need to say.”


Mayu was being more obedient than usual. Mariko started to wonder did this girl realize the drastic change she was making? Or she was just too desperate and focused to go along with this mission just to see Yuki again. It just made her remember when Yuki said how love could make her do stupid things such as giving herself to Mayu just for the sake of holding her closely. It seemed she had left a huge impact on the young Watanabe…and she was being too crazily insane right now too.

“She didn’t want you to go down the same path as her father…cursing your own life with all the hatred you have. Revenge will not make you stop the thirst and Yuki realized that.”


“She wanted to end the cycle of hatred and revenge for your sake even though it’s risking her life on the line.”


”But that was only if your intention is to revenge against Kashiwagi Miura.”

Mariko’s words made Mayu and others stumbled. She looked back up with eyes filled surprise and could see her leader sighing with that smirk across her face. That somehow made Mayu saw the hope and then Mariko continued where she left off.

“If your reason…is to reclaim your possession. Then that’s out of the deal she offered.”

“Yes! Thank you so much Mariko-sama!!”

“But I’m violating one of her conditions, your safety. What are you going to do with that?”

“…I’ll do anything, please let me go. That’s my deal!”

Mayu was basically making a deal that violates Yuki’s deal with Mariko. The usual Watanabe Mayu wouldn’t do something so insane and rashly like this…but she wasn’t the usual coldhearted one anymore. For once in her lifetime, Mariko was going to be flexible with the golden rule for the sake of her love for her family…she rather have Mayu under her mission than for her to run over there herself like a mad girl. It was more than enough to prove Mariko that Mayu was actually in love with Yuki…and it was more than enough reason for her not to stop the young Watanabe.

“Okay, I’m not let you do that. To make a deal with me to violate other person’s deal is prohibited and I won’t tolerate such an act.”


“If I say no, you’ll go on run into enemy’s base again to find her, right?”


“Therefore its safer that I actually take you with the mission in order to have you under my lead… so do you know what that means?”


Everyone understood Mariko’s last statement. At this state, for Mariko to take Mayu on the mission would be safer than to just leave her behind. This girl was ready to do anything crazy and charge right into the enemy’s base recklessly just to see Yuki. It seemed like a coincidence that the new Mayu completely got out from the condition Yuki established…as if it was a miracle. The youngster’s objective was not for revenge, and she would be less safe if she were actually left behind. How coincidence all that everything seemed to let Mayu go along in the mission…Maybe things were meant to be that way.

“Good you’re here, let’s discuss the plan.”


Mayu was finally accepted to join the plan and it seemed they took their time talking for quite a long while. Time went by so fast and before they realized it they were losing too much of their valuable time. But then good news happened, Mariko received a signal from Yuki’s earring device that gave out the location of the new laboratory.

“…That’s from Yuki.”

Mariko went to check her computer immediately and projected the screen onto the projector. That was when they saw the blinking red dot on the map…at that very familiar place they all knew well. As long as Mayu been there once, she would remember its precise location and she knew immediately where it was…that that old laboratory used for the experiment. It was the place where Mariko, Rena, and Jurina came from. They really did use the old laboratory after all…and it was the best place for the three super soldiers to fight since they knew the place like a back of their hands. They also had the whole map of the each underground floors of the laboratory as Mayu retrieved the information from her first and last visit.  Everyone was assigned to different tasks…Yuko would be stalling and acted as the bait to get all the enemy’s attention. Jurina and Rena were assigned to destroy every machine and technology that came in their way. They would be armed with mini bombs to destroy everything. Their objective in this mission was to destroy every trace so the SuperSoldier project will never be revived again.

“I allow you two to activate your own persona to fight as well. Go all out.”


They replied in unison and exchanged a look with each other with a soft smile across their faces. Mariko was no longer afraid of Jurina being controlled over Center or Nobunaga…the young puppy had Rena and she had grown up to become a young adult already. Then lastly, the last person was Mayu.

“…As for you, do whatever you want.”

“Huh?? Eh?”

“Go claim what is yours, okay?”

Mayu was surprised that Mariko was putting much trust and faith in her. In such an important mission like this, she allowed the youngster to do what she needed to do. She smiled with relief and nodded firmly before she looked back at her leader with that utmost determination in her heart.


“As lastly for me, I will hack into the program and make sure everything is eradiated. I need to clean this up with my own hands. Now, ready or not, I told you all to be ready ever since yesterday, we’re leaving in 30 minutes.”

“Yes ma’am!”

Everyone replied in unison and they made sure that they were fully prepared for this final mission of their life. It was the moment for the unfortunate subjects like Mariko, Jurina, and Rena to realize that everything was about to come to an end. It was the time that the creation will destroy the creator. As for Yuko, she loaded her gun and made sure she had everything she needed…realizing that there might be a chance that she would confront with Haruna, she would confront with her with that strong determination to protect her family, at all cost. Lastly…for Mayu, she put the necklace into her pocket and remembered about how Yuki told her it was her lucky charm. She took a deep breath before she went to join with everyone else that were preparing to depart any moment. She took off the bandage around her head as her wound was completely healed…she was more than ready to go into the battlefield and do what she needed to do…to meet with Yuki again and retrieve the answer that her heart sought for.


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Love Capture: CH11.1

Finally, Yuki clicked on her left earring, which will send the signal to Mariko. She looked up and was standing right in front of this old warehouse. Her mission was technically over after she notified where the laboratory was located. There were officers everywhere ensuring the security of the area around. Yuki was actually surprised to see many of the officers here despite this were the place where the experiment would take place. She was back to wearing her usual officer outfit, but it felt rather weird to her. She wasn’t as proud to wear this uniform as she used to. While she was spending her time having her mind dazing off, her father called her and snapped her back to reality.

“Follow me, Yuki.”

“Ah, yes.”

She followed him into the warehouse and just simply followed him down to this limited area where only certain people could enter, and obviously they could go through the security guards so easy. They were all Yuki’s father’s men and they were a part of the new SuperSoldier project as well.  They went in deeper into the restricted zone which Yuki could see glass tubes on the wall. She couldn’t help but to wonder about it but didn’t ask anything about it…slowly, went in deeper and down the basement floor, they finally arrived at this main lobby of the secret laboratory where she saw other scientists working on the computer for the entire time. Diverting her eyes around, she saw nothing but machines and things that crept her. She watched her father approached one of the scientists in order to ask for any further updates.

“How is the system? Able to operate any time soon?”

“Should be by tomorrow sir, if nothing went wrong again.”

“Good, make sure to take your time and make it precise. There must be no mistakes in the system.”

“Yes sir!”

Yuki only stood there listening to what her father commanded to his people. While allowing her eyes to drift around and observe this wondrous place, this place was very clean and organized. Miura must’ve been repairing and renovating this for quite a while. Then her father took her to another place that was deep down into the laboratory and there was where a huge mechanical door preventing them from heading further. He took out a keycard and opened it up…that moment when her eyes saw the things behind the door…it was a cell. A hallway down the path in front of her and on both sides there was a small monitor that showed the inside of the cell-like room behind. Just a tiny hole was made for to see through into the room manually. Yuki was stunned…in shock, while her father kept explaining the things she needed to know as a part of the project.

“This is the cell room, high likely I doubt you will have a chance to come down here anytime soon. It’s likely to be one of the most unpleasant place of the whole laboratory.”

Her father had been here before in this area, when he used to be a part of the old project. He witnessed everything and he ensured that Yuki wouldn’t be involving with this section. It made the young officer realized that her father knew how cruel this was…yet he continued to pursue on it. Was he that upset with Yumi’s death that much that he needed to bring back this cruel project? She hoped that this would end soon…she hoped that her father’s insanity would come to a halt before anyone would be sacrificed.

“…Will this really save everyone? …This project.”

“Every week, we have officers were either wounded, hospitalized, or killed in missions. We don’t need victims like Yumi to die again…and SuperSoldiers are the key to wipe out evilness from this world.”

Listening to her father’s ambition, Yuki realized he was truly obsessed over Yumi’s death. But nothing could blame him for that after he watched his very own daughter died right in front of him. But to destroy evil with a more powerful weapon would just chained up the cycle of hatred and revenge…Yuki knew that this wouldn’t truly solve the problem but she could only simply watched in silence…and felt in pain watching her father being succumbed by that overwhelming sadness… Yuki couldn’t figure out a word to respond to her father at all, she was completely speechless.


That name kept repeating inside her head and bit her lips with pain. She was obviously worried about what would happen from now on. She didn’t know what Mariko was planning to do after she sent the signal…the only thing she remembered the leader said was that they would head there as soon as possible to end everything. Mayu wouldn’t come in this mission so she wouldn’t get to see her, but just as much as she was relieved… she was sad about it. Probably she wouldn’t have the chance to meet with her again after this too. She clutched her fist tightly and prevented her emotions from taking over her decision. She must not forget her determination to end this vicious cycle down…even it meant that she had to blunt it forcefully. She didn’t wish for Mayu to become like her father…if she could safe at least one person she loved with her life, she wouldn’t regret it. Then suddenly, her father called her name and made her snapped back to reality once again.

“Yuki, come with me.”


She nodded and followed her father deep into the laboratory. There was no turning back anymore and she needed to proceed on without losing hope and the light she carried. If she did, she wouldn’t come out from the pit of insanity. That heart to protect Mayu was solely the reason that made her walk through this cruelty without losing her mind.


The adult squirrel looked through the spyglass and saw how there were numbers of officers surrounded the area of the old warehouse. They were scanning around, and it looked like just a general security protection. It doesn’t seem to be any strong security for a human-experimenting project that was inside that warehouse. They were hiding at the abandoned building that was opposite from where the warehouse was located. After she was done scanning the area, she turned to report to her friends.

“It’s just normal security…guarding the restricted area.”

“Seems to only be normal officers around here, I doubt they’re involved with the SuperSoldier project inside.”

Rena replied as she analyzed the situation along with Yuko right by her side. Their leader processed the information and seemed to figure several possibilities out those officers surrounding the warehouse. However, she was rather convinced that they were just normal officers that didn’t know all the truth about SuperSoldier project that was inside that warehouse. If they knew, then the securities would be higher and the officers would be armed. At most the officers they saw had only handguns or Tasers. So it would be slightly hard to fight against them since they were innocent officers after all. If they were to be armed with weapons to kill anyone that invaded the warehouse, then they wouldn’t hesitate to just break through to hunt down Kashiwagi Miura. However, as Yuko was scouting with her spyglass, she turned to Mariko to give her confirmation with the leader’s prediction.

“…They are definitely normal officers.”

“What makes you say so?”

“I spot Nyanyan.”


No words were mentioned after that and they knew whom Yuko was referring to. She’s an officer and as well as Yuko and Mariko’s friend. If she was there as well, then definitely the officer at the outside the warehouse sure didn’t know anything about the human-experimenting project. After Mariko’s prediction was confirmed, they continued the plan to invade into the warehouse, but then they would need a decoy. Someone needed to be buying time outside while others infiltrated into the secret laboratory. Everyone was listened to Mariko’s plan intensively but Yuko was the only one staring out at the window, at Kojima Haruna that was guarding the area due to her duty.

“I’ll be the decoy, I’ll buy the time for everyone.”

Everyone didn’t say anything and seemed to understand what was behind Yuko’s intention to act as a decoy. Then they proceeded to discuss this matter as they planned to invade, it would be tough but everything would work well would depend on how much Yuko would capture their attention. Obviously despite these criminals killed countless people before, but they’re not fond to kill innocent people.

“I won’t kill them, don’t worry. They’ll just be immobilized.”

“That’s good to hear…we leave it to you.”

“Yeah, I’ll catch up with you after I cleared everything.”

Yuko made her word with Mariko to not kill anyone, who made the leader felt slightly relieved from it. However, they wouldn’t want to increase the number of deaths, as it would be already. There would definitely be well trained officers armed with weapons and will kill anyone that tried to intrude in, those were the ones that worked with Miura…and they would need to either severely immobilized or kill them. But they would high likely needed to kill them in order to survive. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, if they intended to kill them…they wouldn’t have much a choice but to kill them as well. But they would want to have fewer deaths as much as they could from this, but since this mission was as important as their life…they wouldn’t stop if it means to massacre everyone. The three SuperSoldiers were more than ready to take that role and soaked themselves in the blood of their enemies. They went over the plans again and everyone listened carefully…as for Watanabe, she was more than ready to charge into the warehouse. Having the whole map memorized in her computer brain, there was no corner she did not remember, unless Miura made modification with the laboratory aside from the old structure. However, having the map of every floor in the laboratory memorized would give her a huge advantage in this invasion. Mariko made the last confirmation with her members before they executed the invasion plan…it was their last battle.

“Everyone understand your roles? Let us end this, and come back alive.”

“Yes ma’am!”

It was about time…as for Mayu, she stared out from the window for one last time reminding herself that her possession was in there, and it was the time she had to go reclaim in back, once and for all.


The officers were strolling around the area was they were assigned to, thinking that they were just doing their usual guarding duties. However, something caught their attention as a young girl ran up to them as if she was running away from something. She threw in her puppy eyes and successfully caught their attention. Few male officers approached the young girl who was panting from exhaustion from running.

“P-Please help!! We’re attacked by this scary people…I’m the only one that got away—!”

“Do take us there, we’ll save your friend. How many they got?”

“A-A few…Let me take you there.”

“Alright, few officers should be fine, please take us there.”

The young girl led the way and guided couple of officers into the dark sneaky alley and they did not know what was waiting for them. The young girl turned at the corner and then kept leading the way…making the officers unaware with the presence above them. The young girl suddenly stopped and grabbed the closest officer before she threw him onto the floor to knock him out in one blow.

“What are you—”

“Hehe~ Sorry!”

The three other ladies landed from above and instantly knocked all the other 4 officers in an instant and successfully lured them into their area. The decoy girl, Jurina smiled with success before Mariko came out from the hidden corner. They stole officer uniform in order to disguise themselves into the warehouse without being caught. Thankfully they got five male officers, as it was the exact number to their team as well. They all disguised as an officer and they wouldn’t forget their hat as well. They tied the unconscious officers tightly so they wouldn’t run and wrapped the cloth around their mouth to prevent them making noises. Just about time that the fake officers would return to their position, Yuko ran to tap on Mayu’s shoulder to get her attention. She seemed she wanted to say something to her before she wouldn’t have the chance.

“Mayu, don’t die okay?”

“…Of course, none of us will.”

“I’ll see you soon, and as well as Yuki.”

“…You will.”

Mayu lowered down her hat before she followed up with others who were ahead of her. Yuko only smiled in silence before she followed up with the mouse. It was about time that the squirrel would confront with her crush, and it was just like what she jinxed it…that they would find each other on the battlefield, point guns at one another. Today was the day, and Yuko would do everything it takes to protect her family, even it meant to fight against Haruna.


The fake officers returned to their position without being caught, but then Yuko broke off from them and went to another direction. As the other four fake officers they acted as if they were doing the patrol as usual. They were waiting for Yuko to give them the signal of commotion before they started infiltrating. The young squirrel approached this officer without a word and caught his attention; obviously he was wondering what Yuko wanted with him…without realizing that she was a fake one.

“What? You need something?”

“…Pretty much, yes.”

He got a female respond, which was weird because Yuko was wearing a male officer’s uniform. She punched right into his solar plexus knocking him out in one single blow and she swiftly snatched his handgun and Tasers from his pocket as well. The moment he collapsed onto the floor, everyone turned their attention to Yuko and that was the beginning of the show. She only smirked and other officers were getting confused with what was going on.

“Hey! What are you doing!?”

“…Heh, let’s have some fun shall we?”

She pulled out a mini bomb hidden inside her outfit and threw it into the crowd. It wasn’t deadly as it was just a firework but it was more than enough to create the commotion and direct all attentions to her. Everyone got into their position and ready to make a call when the bomb exploded. Every second was ticking by as the ball Yuko threw took its time to land onto the floor in the middle of the officers…


“What is going on!? ”


“Seize over him! NOW!!”

 A huge breakout for all the officers, Mayu and her friends used that opportunity to rush into the warehouse without anyone realizing them at all. They didn’t hesitate to look back to see Yuko at all, they couldn’t be worrying about her since this was just the start of everything. They knew the squirrel took the most dangerous role ever, but she was probably the best one to do so because she’s the one with the highest stamina and endurance between everyone of the team. However, Rena had this small glimpse to look at Yuko who was being attacked by countless officers…obviously she knew they wouldn’t be able to harm her, but she couldn’t stop worry about her best friend. She prayed softly to herself, hoping that Yuko would be fine, and they would get out of this safely, and alive.

As for Yuko she was obviously surrounded by officers that were pointing their guns at her, but she was not afraid at the slightest. It gave her thrill, the enjoying of death so close to her gave her the adrenaline rush. She only smiled and ignored whatever the officers said to her. None of them realize that she’s the fake and thought that there was a betrayal happening, which made it better because none of them should know that she was a decoy for her fellow friends.

“You’re now surrounded! Surrender and you’ll be unharmed.”

“…Heh, this is just the beginning…let it run wild.”

She muttered softly to herself, and used the Taser to electrocute the officers right in front of her before she shot others on their leg to so immobilize them. This created a bigger ruckus and was more than successful to have everyone’s attention. However, they knew that the news would reach Miura faster as well about the attack…but she knew her friends would act very fast before they even realize it. As long as Yuko stood here, Miura wouldn’t be able to leave here. She was standing right at the entrance and the exit from this warehouse. It’s so much easier to kill than to immobilize people, this would be one of the hardest tasks she ever did…maybe it was the hardest one too.

“This would be a long day…this might be my new record.”

It would be the longest, tedious, and the hardest task she ever did, just as much as her life was on the line if there was any mistake. She would be shot down…and her task as a decoy would fail. There was no gap for mistakes in this mission, everything must be precise…and so Yuko let her battle instincts run wild, and defeat everyone in front of her. She also wondered deep down inside her heart…Wondering when would Haruna showed up right in front of her, as her enemy.


The four of them entered the warehouse and took their positions. They informed other confused officers about crazy commotion outside and they were told to pass the words to the Kashiwagi Miura. Watanabe sure bluffed very well and her act was flawless.

“Please be careful, its like its not the officers.”

“Intruders you mean??”

“Maybe sir, I believe we need reinforcements to support us!”

“Thank you for your report, we’ll definitely join forces with outside. Go on to report others inside the warehouse.”

“Yes sir.”

That man allowed Mayu to slip away from him and the young girl couldn’t help but to smirk with success. As according to plan, Rena would go along with Mayu while Jurina went along with Mariko. They went in deep and knew where the path leading to the laboratory was, Rena voted herself to approach the armed officer with the machine gun. She approached him and made the officer got suspicious on her, and obviously she used the story about the commotion happening outside which was caused by intruders. They sure observed the man and realized how much Miura was serious about this matter…he had his personal SWAT members protected the laboratory. Obviously, that grabbed the man’s attention immediately because he knew what was the purpose the intruder was here…however, he wouldn’t leave his post as he was ordered by Miura, he reported through the walky-talky to his fellow SWAT members about the commotion outside.

“Your job is done now, return back to your post—”

He froze as he was stabbed right into his neck, which went through his vocal cord and made him mute instantly. The blood got onto her officer outfit and she finished his life before he could utter any word. Mayu and others realized that Rena cleaned up the entrance gate and so they went to join with her as she dug out the key card from his pocket and stole several portable weapons that they could use. They were sure dealing with an elite SWAT team here. This really gave them a signal to kill them before they would be killed.

“Remember your duty, and do not die. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Mariko gave her command and then it was about time they stepped into the laboratory area…the SuperSoldier subjects remember this feeling very well. They used to be in this place, and went through phenomenal pain from the experiment. Things were repaired from the last time Mayu entered and it gave the chill down her spine since she could feel that strong intimidating aura from the three of her companions. This was the place that granted them hell…and it was about time, to destroy everything in here, once and for all. The overwhelming feeling surged out from the bottom of their heart and it just pumped up their determination to massacre everything in their way.

“Let us go, and destroy everyone. Our target is Kashiwagi Miura…and seize over him, if he resists, kill him.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Those were the final orders before they separated up. Jurina went with Mariko while Rena went with Mayu to protect her. Mariko wouldn’t be able to leave Mayu alone by herself since she could be utterly reckless in her way, and she would need someone to look after and protect her from that danger. Rena would be the best person to do aside from Yuko, and the mouse took out her cellphone from her pocket. It was installed with the GPS program, which would tell the location of Kashiwagi’s earring…that would tell where Yuki and Miura were. Despite Mayu was running quite fast, Rena was able to catch up with her face. However, despite Mayu had her objective to find her girl wouldn’t forget her duty to destroy this project…after she had been thinking through things last night after Rena gave her the revelation.  Her family’s massacre was a victim for the existence of SuperSoldier project…at the very least she didn’t want anymore victims involved with the project. 

“…Let’s get this done.”

 Mayu spoke up and caught Rena’s attention. She turned to the young mouse and only smiled softly to her before she patted on her head. This was their last serious mission and everything would be done, nothing would be chaining Rena and others back anymore. She hoped for a happy ending to this matter…despite much bloodshed would be, at least Rena swore to herself that she would not let Mayu shoot Kashiwagi Miura, as well as not let her kill anyone anymore.

“And we will go back with Yuki.”


Mayu only remained in silence and looked back to her path. As they were running in this hallway of the laboratory, they threw off the officer hat. However, it wasn’t that long until they confronted with two more SWAT members that were patrolling inside the laboratory area. They were surprised to see both Mayu and Rena, but before they were able react to the intruding. Mayu swiftly took a knife from her pocket and stabbed right into his shoulder joint. She used her knee and broke the man’s arm joint to disarm the gun. However Rena shot both of them at the head before Mayu could’ve slit their throat. It was an instant death and silence kill for the officers as Rena’s gun equipped with the suppressor. Watanabe stole the light portable guns and restocked their weapon supplies before they proceeded on further deep into the laboratory. Mayu knew where they were in the map as well as knew each computer rooms that were close by to them as well. Obviously they wouldn’t plan to miss any of the database rooms here.

“There will be a room close by here, one of the computer rooms.”


Both of them stopped at the corner and Rena closed her eyes to focus how many officers were in that hallway before they jump out to confront them. There were two officers standing at the front of this door that was guarding the computer room… swiftly without much discussion between the two, Mayu sprinted with full power and reached them before Rena did…and slashed both their throats in one single slash. She flicked her knife to get the blood off, and it was inevitable for not to have the young swift mouse to not kill in serious situation like this. However, this time Rena approached the younger one and whispered softly into her ears.

“Let me clean this, just wait for me okay?”


Mayu didn’t bother argue with Rena and stood away from the door and let the older one finish what she needed to do in there. The moment she used the key pass she stole from the first officer she killed to open the door, Mayu could hear yells and then screams followed after that. But a short while after that, everything went into deep silence before Rena came out and took off her officer disguise that was soaked in blood. Mayu was not needed to see what happened inside that room…and how many people that Rena slaughtered.

“I set the bomb already, let’s go.”

She simply nodded back at her before Mayu headed over to the closest computer room. In a short while, they could feel the floor vibrated as the bomb that Rena set exploded the whole computer room into bits. It obviously triggered the alarm went off and alerted the whole laboratory. It was both good news to send the signal to Jurina and Mariko, but at the same time it did made the officers became alert with the break in.

“Where’s Yuki?”

“No where close by…still far away.”

“We should act faster, the longer we buy the time…the more things will become unpredictable.”


Rena was right, the longer they loitered around, the more things become unpredictable for them. Miura would have more time to prepare against them and things could go downhill from there. They needed to act fast before the Kashiwagi man could react to their invasion. However, it seemed the sound of the bomb caught more attention of SWAT members even more. They were prepared to fight against anyone that was suspicious to them in that blink of instant. It seemed the enemies knew where their location was through the hidden camera on the ceiling, both of them could hear footsteps approaching them from behind and front as they were in this curved corridor. They realized they were surrounded and only way to escape out from here was through a fight, a blood bath one. Mayu stood firmly on her ground just as much as Rena, with their backs against each other.

“I take the front, you take the back okay?”


They waited for to listen to those footsteps getting closer and louder. Slowly bending their knees to get into good balance, ready to sprint head on at any second they saw the first officer showed up in their vision. That instance, Mayu saw the first appearing at the horizon of the curve pathway…she threw in a knife straight right into the first man’s head, and obviously promoted a ruckus. However, Mayu didn’t let this chance slipped away and sprinted towards them with one gun in her right while her left held her signature blade without any second of hesitation… as for Matsui Rena, she literally ran up to encounter with the officers quickly, she literally jumped in and completely slaughtered every single one of the officers that came in her way. She was grateful what Mayu wasn’t fighting by her side as it would be a problem if she let out her Gekikara…it would be hard to control it for not to attack Mayu as well. Despite she could control her Gekikara’s insanity, it was hard to tame its true nature to hunt and kill anything in her way. Wielding two sharp knives in her hands, she was like a monster swiftly cut and pierced the through the chainmail armor beneath the officer’s protection and clothing. Rena’s strength was just too strong that no protection could fight back against her, and every thing they wore was completely pointless right before her. Rena only smiled and giggled as she slaughtered down officers that approached her. Blood spattered onto her clothing and all over her body, only that smile across her face left a strong impression on them…that overwhelming fear inside their chest. They were well trained enough to sense danger from certain people…and they could tell that Rena was no ordinary person and she enjoyed every second she cut through human flesh. She was smiling, and gave a chill down their spines, the moment they had that pause, it was more than enough for Rena to finish things too.


“Shoot her!!”

Even though another officer warned the man in front of him, it was too late, Rena threw a knife straight into the man’s chest, directly into his heart. Eventually he collapsed onto the floor, listlessly, in his own pool of blood. More deaths that occurred right before their eyes, the more they were provoked to kill the intruder. However, they were mentally dominated by Gekikara’s murderous intent…it was as if her grudges against this place resurfaced up. It reminded her the first time she awakened Gekikara inside her…it made her so irritated even more.

“Do you know how much lost does it bring? Do you know how much hatred this would bring…?”

“What are you blabbering about!?”


She dodged the bullet as she dashed forward towards them. It wasn’t that she saw the bullets pathway but it was that she allowed her instinct to take the role of evading the danger. She did not have to think of anything and allowed Gekikara to take the lead in the fight. She tightened her grip on her knives before she dashed passed in between the two officers. They were stunned in that second and realized the horrendous pain diagonally across their bodies. Their own arms were in the way of the slash and sever it off.



They both cried in pain and kneeled onto the floor with blood spattering onto the floor. It was something that no one was expecting for a skinny girl like Rena could have such a power to cut through bones in one slash. They both turned to stare at Rena with those terrified eyes…the raven-haired turned around and her innocent excited eyes stared back at them. Those eyes controlled their mind and it was a moment of pause. She threw in the first knife in her hands and went through one of the officer’s throat, instantly cut his carotid artery and it was an instant death call. The survivor was trembling and realized that he was confronting a demon, not a human.

“This is the product of the experiment on human…this is what you guys tried to revive, a living being that kills for pleasure and life.”


“I will not kill you, you’ll live…to pass on this fear on and on…and forever.”


“But before that…”

Rena approached him and kicked him onto the floor before she used that sharp knife in her hand to cut the both legs tendon. She did not kill him as she said, but it didn’t mean she would not brutally disable him before she decided to leave him. He begged Rena to stop but it didn’t budge at the slightest. Gekikara was born not show any mercy to anyone despite they’re pleading for her to kill him. She went to take the knife that was stuck on the corpse’s head before she flicked the blood off and kept into her scabbard. Rena left the bloodshed scene and returned back to Mayu while she left her last words with the survived officer.

“To be alive…one can die millions of times…and endlessly.”


Mayu did not have super powers like Rena or others did, only her legs were. She aimed her gun knife in the unprotected spots of the officers, which was their neck and facial area. Slaughtered one by one that came after her, they pointed their guns at her but they were hesitating to shoot because they didn’t want to give a friendly fire. The moment Mayu saw them trying to shoot her the moment she turned her back on them, but then she dashed away with her lightning speed.


The officer that was trying to fight her in the close combat got a friendly fire and he collapsed onto the floor in that blink of the instant mistake done. The other three officers from a distance away wasn’t expected Mayu to dash up to them in such a nonhuman speed like that. She aimed at the man in the middle, grabbed onto his head and struck her knee right into his face. They could hear the sound of the nasal bone fractured from that powerful blow and it was an instant knock out. Mayu slashed the knife upward and slashed the closest man diagonally across his face.


“You monster…!”

The 3rd man had his gun pointed at Mayu already and was more than ready to pull that trigger despite the friendly fire that he could give to his wounded friend. Mayu could see that coming and attempted to hide behind one of the officers for them to take the bullets in her place, but then one of the bullets grazed her leg and caught her off guard slightly. Those bullets did landed on the slashed officer, but it was more than enough time for Mayu to use that second to get ready. She stole his submachine gun, kicked the severely wounded man away and pulled the trigger without hesitation. She couldn’t remember how much bullets went through that officer that she confronted, but she was certain his body was completely listless. Despite there were some other men that could still be alive…but they probably wouldn’t get up to fight her anymore. The young girl panted after her short fierce battle and realized she got herself wounded. She looked down and realized that her trouser pocket was torn from the shot and that’s where she kept Yuki’s necklace. The moment of shock she looked around on the floor searching for the necklace but she was interrupted by more incoming officers that were targeting her life.

“That’s the one!!”

“Ugh…that leaves me no choice…!”

She took the mini bomb from her hidden pocket and threw it towards the hoard of officers that were coming for her. However she needed to buy the seconds for to survive from the possible incoming attacks. She grabbed the closest man and used him as her shield for the bullets and the explosion.


Cries of pain and the sound of explosion mixed up together and she could feel the strong impact coming from the explosion. Obviously she wasn’t caught in it, but it completely blew up the whole SWAT reinforcement team. Either they were dead or completely unconscious from the explosion. Mayu threw that corpse shield away and took off her officer disguise since it was not needed anymore.  Revealing her usual black thin jumper underneath after she scanned the floor shortly, she saw that gold sparkling necklace on the floor. She picked it up and unfortunately she didn’t have any pockets to keep it anymore… she didn’t have any choice left she wore it around her neck, and tied her hair back as a ponytail. She took the GPS out from her pocket and she was still far away from Yuki, she bit her lips with that frowned face.

“Goddammit…where the hell are you…”


While Mayu was muttering to herself, Rena finally caught up with her as obviously. She finished clearing off everything as well as Mayu did. As they finally reunited and was about to continue on, they heard a sound of the explosion along with the floors vibrating. It gave them a signal of the active battles going on else where…could be Jurina or Mariko. Rena turned to the younger mouse and tapped on her shoulder, giving a signal they should push on harder. The danger level increased as time passed by and they couldn’t afford to be slow now.

“Let’s get moving.”


Both ran by each other’s side and headed to the next laboratory where the next computer room was located and she would constantly check the GPS for Yuki’s location. It was moving all the time…she believed that the young Kashiwagi must’ve received the news about the invasion already. The longer she was fighting in here, the more anxious she got regarding Yuki…each step she ran through the corridor, the closer she was reaching her.




“What are the SWAT teams doing!?”

Miura yelled at one of his commanders and they wondered the same as well. They could still hear explosions going on from afar distance from them. However, they realized that danger was approaching them. As for Yuki, she was anxiously worried about what was happening right now, she assumed that it must’ve be Mariko that was breaking through into the laboratory right now. She was obviously known that her father was their main target…and he was right beside her. What if either one of Mariko’s group confronted with them? Yuki wondered whether she would protect her father or not…she probably would. However, despite she didn’t want anything to harm her father, she wanted to end this chaos…she learned how much this SuperSoldier project destroyed people’s lives. It was like counting down to making a decision of what she wanted to do, since her actions could contribute to a huge impact on this fight…


She closed her eyes and thought about that young heartless girl that she cared for. She bit her lips and recalled Mariko’s words, to not lose sight of the path she decided to pick…she did all of these, in order to protect Watanabe, and she must not lose sight of that. Despite she could regret this for the rest of her life…and be known as a traitor to her own father, but she needed to move on with that path she chose. There was no turning back…ever since she proposed her deal and offer to Mariko.


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“This is the product of the experiment on human…this is what you guys tried to revive, a living being that kills for pleasure and life.”


“I will not kill you, you’ll live…to pass on this fear on and on…and forever.”

“To be alive…one can die millions of times…and endlessly.”

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Love Capture: CH11.2

“Capture him!! Shoot if necessary but don’t kill him!”

The ordinary officers were trying to capture Yuko, whom they were still assuming to be one of their people. The squirrel was making sure that her cap didn’t fell off while she was fighting against countless officers. None of them knew she was a girl and she continued to knock each one of them onto the floor with one single blow as well as using Tasers. Some of the officers were losing their patience and thought that the only way to stop the fake officer was to shoot her down. They were ready and aimed at gun towards her while they signal their friends to move away from the bullet’s pathway.

“Step away now!”

“Heh, you think will be that easy?”

Yuko pulled the trigger and shot the three officers that were aiming at her. She didn’t hesitate at the slightest and she aimed it perfectly onto their arms in order to prevent them from attacking her. Obviously for her to make them bleed just increased the commotion around her. She looked around her surroundings and she realized she really did beat up many of them though. Most of them were knocked out from her strikes and Tasers. Yuko ran in without hesitation and she used two metal batons she stole to smack the three of them in swiftly in the head to knock them out for good. About 20? 30? She lost count how many she knocked out after the invasion had began. She was not breaking into sweat at all and was still pumped for more.

“You bastard!”



Yuko was shocked that she didn’t saw that coming but at least she managed to dodge it. However, it hit her cap and made her flew off…revealing her face and identity to the officers. That was when all of them realized how unfamiliar she was and that she was suspicious to wear a male officer uniform too.

“Surrender right now and we won’t use force!”

“I think we got enough force here.”

She only smiled before she got into her fighting stance with the two batons in her hands. Despite she preferred to use knives to slay down her enemies, but since she wasn’t allowed to kill people in this decoy task, the metal baton was her only weapon. Her squirrel smile showed how much she was excited for this and more officers surrounded her. So far she didn’t see Haruna yet, but she would appear soon…she will, and she would know by now that it was Yuko fighting in the middle of the crowd like this.

“…Wait for me, Haruna.”


“The SWAT members still can’t stop those people yet?”

Miura asked his men but they shook their head as their answer. He became more restless as he realized that the enemy struck him back…and he had a feeling that it must be the same people that kidnapped his daughter. Could it be a coincidence that the moment he took his daughter here, the invasion happened? He turned to Yuki and couldn’t help but to doubt in her.

“Yuki, you happen not to be involved with this invasion right?”

His question just knocked Yuki back slightly. Obviously she was, but she couldn’t possibly say it since she still needed her father to believe in her…and Yuki wouldn’t want to imagine how much Miura would be damaged to know the truth about this. She immediately shook her head with denial and stood firm on her ground.

“Never…I’m with you father.”

“…I’m glad to hear that. We need to proceed on, there’s a special passage we created in cases of emergency. To have only one exit is not clever.”

He told Yuki how they would at least get out from here through the secret passage that was just built in cases of emergency, and it seemed they were able to make use of it now. It just made the young Kashiwagi wondered what would happen if her father successfully escaped from here…this wouldn’t be the end for Mayu’s revenge as well as Mariko’s life-long objective. This would continue on for how long god knows. It could be the next few years, ten years, or longer. She didn’t wish for that…part of her wanted her father to be safe, but she wanted to end this chaos and cruelty too. It was the most painful decision she had to make for her life.

“Let us get moving now, Yuki.”


“Make sure you kill them, if you do, report immediately.”

“Yes sir!”

The commanders rushed away to do their ultimate mission to kill the intruders, Mariko’s team. Yuki simply watched the man rushed away before her father tapped onto her shoulders. It caught her off guard but what was even worse was that he was telling her that everything would be fine and she would be safe. Despite he dragged her into this mess with him, he didn’t wish for Yuki to die from it.

“I promise, I’ll protect you…I won’t fail to protect you like what happened to Yumi.”

Her father was deeply hurt from the lost of her older sister. She felt her father’s love through his hands and then she told her to follow him down the path of the corridor. Yuki bit her lips softly since her father’s love just made her emotions and decision swayed slightly. She couldn’t make up her mind in the end…she loved Mayu so much, but she loved her father too. She didn’t want to choose either one of them at all…but the situation was forcing her to do so. She simply followed her father without saying anything and hoped that a miracle would happen that would end this mess once and for all.


Another explosion was heard, but Miura ignored it and continued walking down the corridor. Yuki didn’t have the choice but to follow her father anyways. By being with her father at all times would tell Mariko where Miura was…but it seemed the reason she was there was because she’s worried about her beloved father. She only could pray and wished for the ending to this…despite she knew that a miracle needed to happen for this to be a happy ending.

(…I ah…Mayu…Someone, please end this mess…please stop my father…)


The young girl was stretching her neck to the right and left… giving out that cracking sound effect while she was standing in the middle of the blood pool. She had those bloody knives in her hands that were stolen from the officers she fought with and just literally painted the whole corridor with blood and corpse. She threw those knives onto the floor and continued walking down the corridor after she placed a bomb in one of the computer rooms she encountered. She looked utterly young in terms of appearance…but her eyes told a different thing. Her left eye was shaded in green and had that cold aura constantly leaking out from her body. She was not in her officer outfit anymore as she threw if off right before the slaughter. Her original clothes were completely tainted with blood, as well as there were spatters all over her face.

“The place we’re born huh…it really does irritate me to see this.”


“I know, thanks for at least letting me have some fun doing with I’m good with…at least Mariko have my gratitude.”
(…I’ll make sure to tell her that.)

“Too bad Center, I need to clean this up.”


Nobunaga spoke to her other two conscious that was residing in the body, Jurina and Center. The strongest and merciless persona took the control of the main body and allowed herself to enjoy hunting people in her way. She only smirked as she remembered the last time she did the hunt…and it was here, when she slaughtered all the scientists, guards, and other test subjects with her own hands. This place surely did annoyed Nobunaga and Center…they were born here after Jurina went through countless tests and visited the gate of death countless times. The ones that would come across with Nobunaga would be ones that have the worse luck of all…because none of them survived, and Nobunaga didn’t plan to give them a quick death either. Only gradual and prolonging death was the only thing that would satisfy her when she was utterly annoyed for returning back home.

“She’s there!!!”

They came to catch up with her, the poor officers that were running towards the true reaper. No on would be able to match up against the true and only successful SuperSoldier that lived from the previous experiment…surely none of them were aware of that and simply charged in. Some ran in towards Jurina with their knives, while some stood behind with their guns ready to shoot her down.   Obviously at the sight they saw a young girl covered with blood of their comrades, it slightly terrified them…

“Fools…pitiful fools.”


One of them rushed towards her with a knife, eyes filled with anger to kill Jurina without hesitation. The young girl just grabbed his neck and pulled him down, slammed right onto the floor without mercy. Instantly shattered his neck and brainstem…the sound of the bone fractured echoed in the corridor and gave goose bumps to the survived officers. They were aiming their fires at her but she suddenly disappeared from their scope vision. All of them were shocked and looked up again, Jurina was long gone…nothing but silence in the corridor. It was too quiet that it crept them out.

“W-Where did she go!?”


The officer right beside the man collapsed onto the floor as his Achilles tendons was severed as well as having this weird bone protruding against his skin with that utterly twisted shape. He was still breathing…but barely and the body was seizing in response of adrenaline rushing and lack of oxygen going to the brain.

“There are things that are scarier than death…”


The other 4 officers turned around but they saw no one…but they swore they heard Jurina’s voice speaking right behind them though. She started to scatter out and made sure they have eyes in all directions. They didn’t know what to expect the young girl to show up.

“…Killing is like my air, it's a must to do.”

The voice spoke up again and this time, one of the officer’s head twisted 180 degrees and collapsed onto the floor listlessly. It all happened in a blink of second they had their eyes away from that man…and now he’s dead. Fear started to take over and they realized they were fighting against the demon. This was no ordinary human’s doing anymore and they felt like it was pointless to fight against her…because only death waited for them.

“Sight of blood gives me excitement…”

Nobunaga’s cold hands touched 3rd man’s neck and suddenly he felt the huge amount of pain and blood spurting out from his neck as his flesh was ripped off. It did ripped his carotid artery and the pressure in his artery made the blood gushed out from his neck nonstop. There was no way to stop it only but to give him a quick death…but Nobunaga didn’t plan to do so. The other 2 were stunned in fear watching their friend slowly dying and desperately tried to stop the bleeding…but obviously it wouldn’t work. Just few seconds of watching their friend squirming in terror and in tears right before his body became still on the floor on top of his own blood pool. They were at the verge of wanting to die or either run away from here as fast as they could. This was definitely a demon’s working, she were completely scared…they never realized that there was something more scarier than death, and that was Nobunaga.


One of the officers ran away immediately and left his friend. However, that just made him become the next target for Jurina, he suddenly saw that young girl with that green left eye staring at him with that puppy smile…and that left hand still holding the flesh that she ripped of from the officer’s neck.

“Watching fear gives me pleasure…”

“P-Please spare m—”


Nobunaga thrust her hand right into the officer’s right chest, through his protection and everything. He was stunned and blood trailed down the corner of his lips…and saw how Jurina’s hand was inside his body…and he could literally felt it. He didn’t know what was going on before his eyes grew wide in responds to the part of his lungs being crushed in Nobunaga’s hands. Tears streamed down his cheeks before Jurina forcefully pulled and ripped off that lung tissue from the man’s body. Leaving him suffocating in his own blood leaking inside his lungs in pain.

“G-Gah…G-Guh…! A-Ack! Guaaah…!”

He collapsed onto his knees and began coughed blood while the hole Nobunaga left kept bled out. He started to suffocate even more and he couldn’t breath at all…his body then collapsed onto the floor and the last member just watched all his fellow friends died in pain while Jurina was standing right in front of him with that innocent smile across her face.

“…Phenomenal powers, like a demon, that is SuperSoldiers. How does it feel to be haunted by the product you wish to create?”


“Do you wonder why the previous project came to an end?”


“The scientists, elite SWAT guards, as well as other test subjects…one single subject slaughtered them all. All killed, by a successful subject they ever created.”


“How nostalgic for me to come back here again after you guys repaired this stupid place…”

The man couldn’t formulate the words, he collapsed down on his knee and tears ran down his cheeks. Obviously he was witnessing the real reaper…a monster. That monster was basically telling him indirectly that she was the product of the project…of the human experimenting one. Only thing that the project would bring were terror and death. It wouldn’t save anything…only but destroy everything in its way, even its own very creator or master.

“…I would take so much pleasure to rip you into pieces like your friends. But sadly, I was nagged to give you a fast death at most.”

“P-Please…let me live.”

“Hm…maybe I should?”

“P-Please!! I beg you!”

His real nature came out, the desperation to live. Despite he was trained to fight dangerous criminals, this was just too much for him to handle…he had a family and children to go back to. Every one of his friends that died did have something to go back to…and he wanted to live. Nobunaga slowly approached him and crouched down right in front of his face while she seemed to have this discussion going on inside her head. She only tilted her head to the side with her eyes closed before she opened up again, and stared back at him.

“I’ll let you live…heh, yes I will.”


The moment Nobunaga saw that hope in his eyes, she immediately crushed it down with her fist. She struck down right at the man’s left thigh and broke his femur, the biggest and thickest bone in human body. He screamed in pain and collapsed onto the floor squirming with utmost pain.

“G-Gaaaaaah!!!!! U-Uaaaah—! A-Aaaaaaaaaaaghhh!!!!”

“How nice of my fellow friends, telling me to have you live to tell the legacy on…about the true nature of SuperSoldiers…the real terror of death.”

Nobunaga smiled and stood up, she grabbed his right arm and had another feet stepped on his body. The man looked up at her in fear and realized that the worse thing would happen. Only but that smile from the reaper made his insanity and fear hit beyond the peaks…The next thing that happened was that he saw the young girl swung her arms back and had something in her hands…it was an arm. That was the moment he didn’t feel his arm anymore. The pain took over his conscious as he finally realized that it was his arm, and the young girl just ripped it off like a piece of paper.


His screams were melodious to Nobunaga. She only smiled and tossed the arm right in front of the man’s face before she decided to leave him alive as the real owner of the body pleaded. She walked through the pool of blood she created, with all corpses left as the decoration to this cruel place. Sure blood and corpse suits for it, for such an inhuman place like this. Jurina left her last words to the man before she continued on her mission as she was assigned.

“To live…can be worse than death, it was worse than dying thousands of times.”

She had the blood footprint along the path she walked and the only survived man watched that girl slowly disappeared from the corner of his eyes. He was still trembling in fear, and was deeply scarred by Jurina. They needed someone to live on to prevent the SuperSoldier from happening again…it was their last warning to tell that only terror and death shall be granted as a result of the project. It was like a repeating ending from the previous project…with everyone being killed…the creation came back to destroy its creator.


Yuko kicked right into the officer’s stomach before she kicked him off and flew in midair. Her body was just getting pumped after the long brawling against the general officers, and they seemed to have a hard time to seize control over Yuko. They fight went on and then only few officers were left…they did called for reinforcements but it had not arrive yet. After Yuko just beat down the closest one, she felt that murderous intent from the side and she turned her gun to him. When their eyes met…Yuko froze that instant and realized it was the time she faced the biggest boss of her mission.

“…Hey, finally you showed up.”


Kojima Haruna, the female officer pointed her gun towards Yuko. Both of them didn’t lowered their gun down despite they were having this conversation. They were not planning to lower their guard down at the slightest…because a blink of second could change everything between the two.

“Finally, we met in the battlefield.”

“…Why are you here?”

“We’re here to end everything.”

“I don’t understand…What the hell are you trying to do!?”

Haruna raised her voice even more but it didn’t move Yuko at the slightest. She only stared back and made sure her finger was so close to pull that trigger at any blink of second. However, it was not like Yuko could tell her love anything about this invasion as well as Mariko’s whereabouts in the laboratory right now. She really did say that if she would to meet Haruna in the battlefield like right now…she wouldn’t hesitate to shoot her if it was to protect her family. 

“I swore to protect my family, and I won’t let anything get in my way…I’ll do everything for them, and whatever Mariko ordered me to do.”

“Why…Why are you two always like this? Playing this mysterious role and do what ever you two wanted!! Do you even care about me!?”

“We do, that’s why we left you on that day. We had to…for your sake.”

“How is that for my sake!?”

Yuko didn’t reply and only smiled painfully to herself. The officer saw it and was in a moment of pause when she sad sadness on the intruder’s face. It was such a calm smile, and yet it crept her somehow. It was actually a smile of someone that had nothing to lose, and was willingly to do anything to achieve their goal.

“You know I’m not going to stop unless I die.”

“Don’t do this to me…please.”

“We’re enemies, there’s no other choice, officer Kojima.”

It was the very first time Yuko addressed her by her surname instead of her name, or the nickname. The tension seemed to escalate and Yuko was kept pressuring on Haruna regarding their positions and that they would have to shoot each other down. Nothing would stop Yuko as long as she could still breath and move. That moment of intensity between the two… Haruna didn’t realize that her other friends were trying to use that opportunity to snipe Yuko down when they had that chance. They turned the guns towards her and the squirrel was good enough to react to the situation.

“Kojima! Shoot!!”

One of the officers commanded, but then it made Haruna hesitated to shoot her down, despite so many years they were apart she still had that connection with Yuko. She remembered that young innocent smile that the squirrel always gave to her, and said she loved her genuinely. Those memories she shared with Yuko was hindering her actions…


A younger girl appeared and she just looked very closely similar to Mayu. Making Yuko surprised slightly, it made her remember that girl was the mouse’s younger twin sister. She came to join with Haruna and she was quite surprised to know that Yuko was her enemy. These two were the worse enemies that Yuko could confront…because she wouldn’t dare to even hurt them.


Other two officers were shooting from the right but then Yuko manage to dodge it and shot them down at their fingers. They used that chance where Yuko’s mind was dazing off somewhere else. Her precise accuracy was still sharp as always, it made both officers flinched in pain and dropped down their weapon. The hangs, especially the fingers have a whole bucket load of nervous system and so the pain would multiply than usual. Their fingers were crushed from the bullet and that would stop them from using a gun with their dominant hand. Suddenly, Yuko turned her gun towards Haruna again and continued where they left off.

“I won’t hesitate to shoot, so do you too.”

“Don’t do this Yuko…please.”

“This is life, it is always cruel…even it means either one of us have to kill, by all means, to protect my family and friends.”


Yuko suddenly pulled that trigger towards Haruna, and it made her startled and pulled that trigger as well. She closed her eyes tightly to embrace that pain, but felt nothing. Then she heard that grumble sound of pain coming from behind…she slowly opened her eyes, and realized that she wasn’t shot. She turned back and saw another officer behind her collapsed onto the floor as he got shot right his head. He was dead that instant…he was holding that gun as well in his hand as if he was ready to pull that trigger. Then it reminded her that she did pulled that trigger as well…she quickly threw her glance back at Yuko and saw her bleeding. The bullet went through her left arm and she bit her lips to not let any voice slipped. The moment that she froze in shock when she realized she shot her dear friend, Yuko and she immediately approached her without any second thoughts. The fact that she’s an officer and Yuko as an intruder disappeared…the fact regarding they are friends only remains. But then Yuko pointed the gun back up at her to prevent the officer from approaching her no matter what reason she had.

“Y-Yuko I’m—”

“This happens, and I don’t need your pity.”


Yuko looked at that dead officer from a distance away, she really did killed that man after she promised herself not to. However, that man was more than willingly to do friendly fire on Haruna in order to have that chance to shoot Yuko. Obviously, the squirrel wouldn’t allow anyone to touch her beloved even with just a tip of the fingernail. She didn’t hesitate to kill anyone…if it was for the sake of her family, friends, and love. However, she slowly lowered her gun down and stared back into Kojima’s eyes intensely.

“I don’t need your concern…but Mariko needs it.”


“…And your sister, and Yuki…they need your help.”

Yuko turned to Miyuki, and she was shocked to hear that. She didn’t think that the squirrel would know about her Kashiwagi-senpai, despite she knew nothing what was going on and what’s Yuko’s relationship with Mayu…but she seemed to trust her. She could feel that weight on those words and it was unconsciously convincing her without any further explanations needed. Yuko scanned around and realized that everyone was all down except for both Haruna and Miyuki. The reinforcements had not arrived yet and she could see a couple more trying to capture her. She approached and pushed Haruna out of the way before she shot that Taser gun at the officer that was coming from behind them.

“For Mariko, Mayu, and Yuki…please, they need your help.”

Both of them didn’t utter a word but seemed to know that Yuko was coming for good…and the way she said just completely convinced them. Mariko was important to Haruna, as well as Mayu to Miyuki, furthermore Yuki was one of their closest friends in the department. With the time Yuko could buy in order to talk the two officers, she had no time to waste even just a second…because it could mean gambling with her family’s lives.


The mouse and the raven-haired woman ran through the corridor to follow up with the signal on her phone, little by little they were getting close to where the Kashiwagi was. However, they were also running away as well. It’s a moment of who would outrun better…the pursed one, or the pursuer. Obviously Mayu increased her speed even more in order to catch up with the red spot on her cellphone screen…the closer she was to reach Yuki, the more frustration and restlessness she became.

“This way!”

She turned at the corner and wasn't actually going in the same direction as Yuki. Rena wondered what was the mouse thinking but she simply followed her along they pathway and then they suddenly encountered more officers that were attempting to kill them. They didn’t stop running and Rena did clear everything by giving headshots to all officers. Their speed didn’t drop and the she reloaded her guns again before they could encounter with more officers up ahead of them. After they broke through, they rushed down the curved staircase and then Mayu barged passed the door before them came out to this B-floor of this big intersection room that had multiple doors. She could hear the sound of the man from above talking to someone and Mayu looked up…that was when she saw that man standing with the raven-haired woman, and she knew immediately whom it was. That moment when Rena caught up with her, and she caught a glimpse on Mayu’s screen that the red dot was just right close by to them. Eventually she realized where the mouse was staring at…and it was at that familiar man. She saw him before when she was locked in this laboratory…of course the time made him looked different but she remembered that air coming out from him.


“Kashiwagi Miura!!!”

Mayu yelled out to the top of her lungs. She knew exactly who that man was, what made her angry even more was that she knew him... that man came to her house several times when she was still living with her parents. He was an acquaintance and coworker with her father. However, in the end Kashiwagi Miura betrayed Watanabe’s and led to that massacre. Her yell echoed in the room and caught both Yuki and Miura’s attention. When Yuki’s eye slowly turned to that girl on the ground level…her eyes grew wide with shock, and was utterly terrified with it. Her mind just froze and she was completely speechless. There was an officer closeby to Miura and he spotted both Mayu and Rena below them, it was quite obvious that they were the intruders that everyone tried to stop or kill. However, when Miura stared at that young Watanabe, he seemed to realize some features she had…it was similar to some he knew. 

“…That girl.”

“They’re here! Call all the SWAT members over here now!!”

The officer used the walkie-talkie to summon the officers as quickly as possible to come kill the intruder before they could lay their finger on Kashiwagi Miura, and his daughter, Yuki. The young girl glared at him with pure anger and hatred…the moment she realized that she knew this man, and he was her father’s friend, it made her anger resurfaced once again. This was not looking good and it was starting to make Rena worried about her…she was scared that the vengeful Mayu would resurfaced up again before this would end. As for the younger Kashiwagi…she couldn’t let her eyes away from Mayu at all. The moment of relief that she was able to see her love again, but it gave her fear regards what would happen to her. Too many questions ran inside her mind with how did Mayu came here after she had made that deal with Mariko to keep Watanabe safe…it made her wonder that Shinoda broke the deal with her or not. Also, those bloodstained on her clothes, was it her blood or someone else? It was just so much fear taking over her mind. Miura stepped forward and looked down upon Mayu who was still glaring at him with those hatred eyes.

“…Who are you? Why do you look utterly familiar.”

“Watanabe Koji is my father, does that name ring any bells?”

“Ah…Watanabe Koji, wait, isn’t it suppose to be…”

“One is supposed to be dead, while another is alive, right?”

Mayu read his mind and her eyes were clouded with utmost hatred for Miura. Those vengeful eyes were not something that both Rena and Yuki wanted to see at all. She finally pulled her gun out and held it firmly with that vengefulness burning inside her eyes. Rena didn’t see that this was going so well and then called for her name, loudly and clearly to stop her.



She snapped back to reality and realized that she was holding a gun already. She was more than ready and tempted to pull that trigger towards Miura. She looked back up again and saw Yuki’s face…she was utterly frustrated and had that expression of agony. She realized that she almost committed an act that she would regret for the rest of her life…she lost control of her body by those vengeful feelings inside her heart.

“They’re here!!”

It wasn’t that long that the officers that came to interrupted them. It seemed, both Mayu and Rena would be occupied for a time being before they would be able to have one heck of a talk with both Kashiwagi members. Miura pulled his daughter over and they proceeded on towards the secret exit, if they reached that place then they would be safe from the pursuer. Mayu turned her gun towards the officers but then Rena took her role slaughter everyone before they could pull the trigger. Swiftly allowing Gekikara to take control, she killed everyone in her way but except this man…


She was slowly too slow and then she got shot at the right arm. However, before she would fell she threw her knife from her right hand into the man’s head. The older Matsui managed to grasp her balance before she would fell. She clutched onto her wound before she stood up with a new knife in her left hand that she stole from the corpse close by to her. By the time Mayu looked up again, both Kashiwagi members were gone, the anger she had slowly subsided down…but it was more than enough to tell Rena that those hatred feelings were still there after all, it wasn’t gone, it was just hiding.

“…We’re here for Yuki. Don’t forget that.”


 Rena reminded her girl before she would do that same mistake again. It was the first time Mayu lost control of her body, and she was utterly terrified by it. She didn’t realize any of this happening at all and she almost shot Kashiwagi Miura. Injured Rena approached Mayu and then pulled her necklace from underneath its cover so that everyone could see it.

“…Don’t forget her. Your feelings for her.”


“I won’t let you kill any further, you tainted your hands way too much already. Let’s go, and get what belongs to you back.”

That necklace that she wore reminded her the reason she was here, and she allowed her vengeful feelings took control of her actions. She bit her lips softly before she nodded firmly at Rena again, that was the first time she realized that her hatred was just so strong…but she didn’t plan for it to make her commit the mistake that she would regret for the rest of her life. She was not here to kill Kashiwagi Miura…but to take Yuki back with her. She dug her hand into one of her hidden pockets, swallowing that pill inside her hand, which is for her concussion. She took it every now and then before she would have any side effects her condition.

“I’ll guard you, just don’t stop…and take back what belongs to you. Don’t kill anyone, I will kill for you.”


Rena’s words made Mayu realized her main objective here at the first place. She was here to take her princess back home with her. The matter regard Kashiwagi Miura was none of her business…despite how much she wanted to be the one to pull that trigger. But Rena would always remind her to not taint her hands any further from this; she nodded firmly to her and got that smile as a reply. It was about time for them to catch up with Miura and Yuki…things were getting close to the ending.


A shorthaired woman walked through the pool of blood on the floor through that utter silence. She coughed in that silence and a small amount of blood came out. Her sickness was still there and her time was slowly ticking off her time.  She sighed before she brushed her hair away from her face and continued walking on forward. Nothing could obviously come SuperSoldier’s way, despite she was an unsuccessful one like Rena. But she learned to tame and mastered her persona, Sado. Mariko finally came to a stop in front of this room and used the card key she stole from the officer to unlock it. This was one of the room that was the heart of this laboratory…it was the main computer room. She finally entered it and encountered scientists as well as guard officers.

“Who are you!?”

They were shocked with the amount of blood on the woman’s clothes, but before they could react, she headshot all of them swiftly without missing her target. It was a blink of an instance that everyone was dead and she kicked the corpse out from the chair before she began to hack into the main computer of the laboratory. This was her objective…to take control, and to destroy everything in this place, once and for all.

“…It’s the time, to bring the end to this.”


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Love Capture: CH11.3

Jurina walked along the corridor until she reached this big metal door that required a keycard. Obviously she obtained it from one of the officers she killed, she unlocked the door and it was that familiar corridor cell where they kept the test subjects…Nobunaga, Center, and Jurina remembered it very well. It was the place where they were locked up and lived ever since they could remember. Their childhood was at this place; she walked through that corridor and remembered that exact cell she was kept in. It was one of the special cells at the middle of the cell corridor because she was an important subject that had the most compatibility with the drugs. Suffering from the side effects of the drug and went through countless tests to test her maximum capabilities to reach the ideal SuperSoldier’s power that the scientists idealized.

“This place…how sentimental, where I born.”



“How annoying,… how annoying.”

Jurina’s conscious inside remembered her memories of her childhood in this place. It was all repaired back and it just looked exactly like how she used to live in. She remembered seeing the scientists came in through that door, gave her the usual drugs despite how exhausted and listless she was due to the effects of the previous dose. She coughed out even more and she felt the burn inside her body melting every flesh and organ inside her. She puked and her head was spinning and she couldn’t even stand properly. Despite she felt like dying, they took her out and went into this physical test room to do the weekly tests. Every single time, she needed to kill at least one thing, an animal they gave her…they tested her sense of sympathy for another living being. SuperSoldiers should not have any in order to accomplish their task at maximum effect. However, it was the main reason that brought doom to the project…through all these countless heartless experiments, and being all alone, and as a result it gave birth to Nobunaga and Center. There were no such things as sympathy in them, and only killing would satisfy them. By the time she finished reminiscing her past in here, Nobunaga had used most of the bombs she had everywhere in this cell area… she walked through that hallway until she went out from another end. She activated on the one bomb at the end path and closed that door, forever.

“…It is the time, for it to come to an end, forever.”

She kept walking on and when the first bomb exploded…the impact sent to another one and triggered another explosion. It was a chain explosion everywhere and it echoed loudly throughout the whole laboratory. Every single one in the lab area realized this tremendous impact that made all of them stunned. They could tell it was more than one single bomb exploding and it made the floor became unstable from that impact. Jurina kept moving on to hunt everything that came in her way, her blood thirst returned back and she needed the sight of blood to calm her down…especially the blood of the one that was a part of this reviving experiment.

“I will destroy everything and everyone…I won’t make that mistake again.”


Mayu and Rena was still pursuing after Miura and Yuki despite those officers came in their way to slow them down. They did heard the explosion from afar distance, and likely to be on the same floor as them too. That huge impact bothered them, but they didn’t let it let it take their attention away. Every time Mayu attempted to shoot them down, Rena would stop her and said to keep running as she promised to guard the mouse no matter what. It was as she said, she would support Mayu with her life…and she did. The mouse ran through the officers that came from the front, as the bullets that came from behind her shot them down.

“Go Mayu! Don’t stop!!”

“Thanks Rena-san!”

She sprinted and broke through the crowd of officers in an instant. She had that lightning speed and it left Rena alone in the middle of all of SWAT members. However, despite they were attempting to follow or shoot Mayu, Rena mercilessly shot them down first before they could hurt her. With just this amount of officers that she was fighting to buy the time for Mayu…the result was quite obvious…not could stop the SuperSoldiers.


Yuki and her father were walking in a faster pace. For her to know that Mayu was pursuing after made her terribly terrified…those eyes that Mayu had were filled with so much hatred. If they were to confront again, she wouldn’t hesitate to shoot Miura for sure. She would need to stop Mayu, if the worse comes…she must not let Mayu kill Miura. If that happen, this would just extend the chain of revenge.

“Yuki, hurry up.”

“A-Ah, yes…”

They continued along the pathway despite they were hearing sounds of gunfire every now and then from a distance away. At the same time, she was utterly worried about Mayu…her father ordered the SWAT members to kill them. Anything could happen to Watanabe, and if it did…she would be scarred for the rest of her life. She couldn’t believe why Mariko would break the promise they had with one another, she asked her not to bring Mayu yet…she did. However, by the time they walked turned along the pathway and were about to enter another tunnel-like corridor, suddenly they felt the presence coming out from that darkness and had that gun in her hands. That familiar face glaring at Miura and holding her gun firmly…only but that silence remained and forced both Kashiwagi members to come to a stop. Miura couldn’t believe how this young girl managed to catch up with them, and even ambushed on the pathway they were using…it really meant that she outrun them very badly.

“How did you…”

“This is what you did to me. That testing pill did left me something nice after all…these legs, and the super speed.”

“Ah…so your compatibility must be very high. As expected from Watanabe Koji’s daughter—”

“Don’t you speak of my dad’s name with your filthy lips.”

Mayu gripped her gun tighter and made sure that she pointed at Miura despite Yuki was standing behind him. She saw those eyes filled with worries, and she promised to herself that she wouldn’t let her hatred take control of her body again. She kept chanted inside her mind regarding the reason she was here for, every single second she had a chance…she told herself that she was at this place to take back her belonging…and she shall not fail it again.

“…This is the end, Kashiwagi Miura.”


On Mariko’s side she was sitting in the main computer room to hack through the security and the database of the laboratory. She was here to destroy every piece of information regarding the SuperSoldier, to avoid this revival again. However, the security of this database was really tight and she tried to break through as quickly as she could and as fast as she could. However, its security level was beyond her expectations and she had a second thought that Mayu should’ve be here to do this job instead. She was an experienced hacker, but this was beyond her skills…she tried again and again, but failed.


“Damn it! Huh…this is not looking that good.”

Mariko wished that the young mouse was here with her, but maybe this was beyond Mayu’s skills as well. The young Watanabe was a sharp cunning girl, she was sure talented in hacking, but she lacked experiences to accomplish this task successfully. Then suddenly she remembered the only person that could do such a thing like this. She was a talented with everything related to programs, and she was the only one that was more experienced than Mariko…and she brought that talent with her with her dream to become an officer. Apparently, it was her love as well, her ex-girlfriend.

“…At time like this, why did I remember about her?”

She kept trying to hack into the main computer but then it didn’t work at all. The security was utterly tight, and it seemed Miura might’ve upgraded the security of this project. But before she realized it again, she could hear footsteps approaching and the door of the main computer room opened. She didn’t panic or anything…because she remembered that familiar air that entered the room.  She slowly turned around and had that smile of relief across her face when she saw the young squirrel and that officer right beside her. It was such a familiar face, Kojima Haruna, the woman she loved once. She could see that blood stained handkerchief around her left arm on the wound she got shot. Mariko knew that this could happen, and she didn’t say anything further.

“…You really did it, Yuko.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting, sorry to take some time with this.”

Haruna stared back at Mariko, after these years they never met each other, she could see those bloodstained marks all over her clothes. She did saw that subtle blood trails from the corner of her lips as well…it was just like what Yuko had told her regarding Mariko’s dying clock. Her time was ticking away little by little. She really did learn a lot of things while she had the chance to talk to Yuko, and realized the situation to a certain extent that she needed to know at this moment. At the very least, Yuko promised to explain things after this matter is over to her, and so that’s partially a reason why she stuck along with the squirrel. The officer spoke up first while she approached Mariko.

“…I can’t leave you two at all, can’t I?”

“Hehe, I guess not…?”

Yuko smirked and it made Mariko sighed with a smile. The leader got out from her seat and Haruna took the chair and sat down. The squirrel approached the two of them and gave a tap on Mariko’s shoulder softly. Its been a long while that Haruna had her hands on this again and she didn’t ask anything from Mariko and knew what she was supposed to do. It seemed Yuko had did her job well to bring Haruna here to help them. This mission meant a lot to Mariko, it was like her life, and she truly appreciated what officer Kojima had done for her right now.

“…Thank you, Haruna.”

“This is for Yuki and Miyuki’s sake.”

Haruna spoke up and the older woman only smiled in that silence. She knew her woman long enough to tell her true intention for this. She partially did that for both her friends, but another half was because of her soul of justice that can’t turn her back against evilness. She didn’t know how much Yuko had told the woman, but it was already enough to make Haruna willingly to help and assist Mariko’s team in this invasion.

“…Fair enough, we both share the same objective.”

“You two owe me a full story for this matter, or else I’m capturing you two and send to jail.”

Both of them really got involved with a very scary officer here. After all these 5 years, it seemed being trained to become an officer had made her into a hardcore woman. However, they could feel that hint of kindness through her words. It made both of them exchanged a smile softly before they nodded for confirmation. Mariko would always keep her words, and so she made a promise with her ex-lover.

“Everything, I’ll answer everything you ask…I promise.”


Just one simple word from officer Kojima, but it warmed Mariko’s heart already. As for the young squirrel, she could tell that her leader still had those feelings for Haruna. They were forced to leave the officer reluctantly. Also, the officer sure did have feelings for Mariko too…but she wasn’t being indirect with it because it was obvious that she wouldn’t want to just forgive her for what they did. She knew her love would be one-sided…but as long as both of them are happy, she would be happy. The happiness of her family was her happiness too. While she was watching her love working hard to hack into the laboratory’s security system, Mariko turned to her and grabbed her attention instead.

“So…what about the other twin?”

“She’s on her way to meet her now. I guess she received your message too.”

“Yeah…she’s our last hope for it.”

“She will come help us, she is a part of our family after all.”

Yuko smiled back and encouraged her leader to have hopes. Yuko had asked Miyuki to help stop the reinforcement orders by fake that they captured the intruders already. Obviously its one heck of a crime to lie to police officers, but this was one serious matter they were dealing. Also, she was asked to head off to this place to meet with another woman who was Yuko’s close friend and she would bring another reinforcement to help them out instead… meanwhile after their short discussion, Mariko sighed softly and couldn’t help to worry about the young kids that she brought with her.

“It was not a matter of time…I hope those kids are alright.”

“They will, have faith in them, especially Mayu.”


The young Watanabe was still gripping her gun tightly and she didn’t allow herself to even have the chance to let her eyes away from Miura. The man that killed her family was right before her eyes…but he was Yuki’s father as well. Suprisingly, Miura was not threatened by Mayu at the slightest, and initiated that conversation to mess up with her mind state.

“Why don’t you kill me? Hesitate to shoot?”


“Do you know why I have to kill Watanabe-san? I didn’t want to do at all, but he wasn’t giving me the choice.”


“He disagreed with the project, and planned to release that information to the military and government, but ironically this project is supported by one of the government members themselves.”


“He is a very helpful man if he joined with us, if he did…he wouldn’t have to end his family’s life due to his own arrogance.”

Yuki could see that her father was provoking Mayu, and the young girl showed that facial expression of anger. Obviously everyone would be mad if someone were to provoke about her family’s death like this. The young Watanabe tightened up her grip and made sure she didn’t pull that trigger after he provoked her this much, and he wasn’t even planning to stop…he revealed the darkest fact regard Watanabe’s tragedy even more to her. So that Mayu would be succumbed by the darkness inside her heart.

“Yes…I ordered my men to go kill every single one in the Watanabe’s household, and to keep the kids alive, it was the twins, and make them take responsible of her father’s decision by serving the country as a SuperSoldier.”


“Obviously I know she worked for me…Watanabe Miyuki isn’t? If you have such a high compatibility like this, she will become a very decent subject for our new project.”

“Don’t you dare touch Miyuki—!”

Hatred started to appear in those round orbs of hers. He was telling how he was planning to make both Miyuki and her as a subject for the experiment. What made her angry was that this man planned to harm Miyuki and her in the first place…it was all planned. She wondered how heartless this man could go with treating them as objects like this, back then they were just 10 years old. Even more, he was planning to make Miyuki as the subject for the reviving SuperSoldier project. That was something she couldn’t forgive the man and it made it more tempting to shoot Miura down right now. The man just gave her more reasons to kill him…but there were many things that were hindering her to do so too. Yuki was there, standing and watching her…if it was mayu in the past before she had met Yuki, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill these two in a blink of a second. But now…she didn’t even have the strength to even pull that trigger.

“I ordered them to kill the parents in front of the kids, for them to understand the cruelty of life. But the plans went a little wrong…one twin made another one escaped successfully…we had that only the older twin.”


“But it seemed that child didn’t reach the laboratory and disappeared somewhere ever since…and how amazingly life brought you back here, and for you to stand right in front of me.”

“Enough…enough with your shitty nonsense.”

“I believe you have more than enough reason to kill me…but why not? Pull that trigger now.”


Mayu was more than willingly to pull it, but everything seemed odd to her. Why would he want Mayu to shoot him? Did he know that Mayu wouldn’t pull that trigger? Or he had some plans up his sleeves. All possibilities could happen and Mayu wasn’t willingly to risk any of it…if it were to threaten Yuki’s life. She started to break faster and she could feel her heart pounding against her rib. It was hard for her to even breathe properly and so many conflicting feelings inside her heart…to pull that trigger, or not?

“What’s a matter? Watanabe Mayu.”

 “Don’t you call me name…!”

“That is indeed a nice name, how pitiful if it were to be in a different circumstances…you’ll be a wonderful subject for the experiment.”

“And that’s the only thing you could think…despite how many lives you have to take away!”

“You and I, what’s the different between both of us anyways?”


Mayu froze and realized some little irony. Just as much as Miura killed so many people in order to accomplish his goal, so did Mayu too. She killed so many officers, and other people who just simply stepped in her way without any mercy. She remembered that night she killed the father of this child…and left the woman a widow. She remembered their tears and face very well, and it reminded her of that man that killed her parents right before her eyes. Her act…was no different from what Miura did at all.

“You’re wrong!!!”

That loud voice snapped mayu back and realized that it came from the raven-haired lady behind Miura. She was tightened her grip and she was shaking as well. She looked utterly painful to hear such heartless words from her father. It killed her heart even more to see the man hurting Mayu with that taboo topic regarding her family. She couldn’t hold back anymore and she stepped up for the young Watanabe, and going against her father.

“Mayu isn’t like that…Mayu is not the same as you!”


“So you really did know this girl after all, just as I thought.”

Miura only smiled, and he pulled that gun out from his pocket to aim it at Mayu. It made the young Watanabe tensed up and made the whole situation even worse. The sole purpose that the man provoked Mayu was in order to see whether Yuki knew her or not? And it seemed Yuki fell right into his plan, she revealed herself that she knew Mayu, and she was actually siding with that girl instead of his side. He was a smart man beyond what Yuki knew…she completely underestimated her father.

“I know something is fishy, I assume its you that told them where the laboratory is as well.”


“I know you too well, Yuki, I wished that I can change your mind, but it seems I’m unable to do so, right?”


“Why don’t we end this, Watanabe Mayu, if you pull that trigger, you win…you have that chance within 10 seconds from now.”

It was a straight confrontation with Mayu, and he was indeed a mind manipulator. It was as if he knew that the young girl wouldn’t do it, and he would win…but at the same time, Mayu had enough hatred to kill that man at any second. It was a matter of when her hatred would succumb her conscious and taking control over her body. If that happen…then that would result Miura’s death, but why would he want that? Mayu couldn’t understand what the man was thinking at the slightest and why would he gamble his life this much on just a simple matter like this. What was his intention…what was his plan?



He started to countdown and it was like a moment of terror for both Yuki and Mayu. The young Kashiwagi ran in to stop her father, but then he swiftly pushed his daughter aside and made her fell back onto the floor. He didn’t hesitate at the slightest and the gun was still remaining, pointing at Watanabe while he continued to countdown.

“Father! Stop this!!”



Yuki got up again and was planning to forcefully push her father so he would fall, but then she totally underestimated him. He turned to glare at Yuki and smacked right across the woman’s face, causing her to fall back harder. Mayu wasn’t expecting to see such a thing like this as well and the time was running out…She needed to pull that trigger if she wanted to live, but she couldn’t. She was hesitating, but at the same time she was utterly tempting. She was just too confused with herself and what she wanted to do right now.




The explosion happened right behind Miura and Kashiwagi, the exploded and the young puppy appeared out from that whole. She exploded the wall in order to make a new path for her to come out here…Mayu was utterly shocked to see Jurina caught up with her now, and it was Nobunaga that was controlling the body. She stretched her neck, making that cracking sound before she turned to have her eyes on Miura.

“…I finally found you.”

Both Kashiwagi members were surprised with Jurina’s appearance and yuki swore she never saw those eyes from that innocent puppy girl at all. It was so cold, and it gave the chill down her spine. Her instinct was telling her that Jurina was utterly dangerous and she needed to run away as quickly as possible before she would be killed at any blink of second. The moment Nobunaga saw him, it was like all the grudges she had burst out from her chest, and it wasn’t just hers…Center’s and Jurina’s heavy grudge mixed up with hers as well. Even Mayu was trembling under that heavy presence from Nobunaga… Miura stared at her and he realized that he was intimidated by that heavy presence from the girl, and he remembered that left green-shaded eye color…it belonged to that same girl that killed every single living being in the laboratory. She was the only successful subject that brought the end to the project. Time flew by so much since back then when he once saw that young girl sitting in the cell, and staring back at the scientists and him…and now that child was a grown woman right in front of him.

“You…you’re that kid.”

“Hahaha, Hahahaha!! Finally…Finally I found you!! I’ll kill you…!”


Mayu yelled to stop her, but failed in vain. The young girl vanished ran in towards Miura and suddenly vanished into thin air. No one could see Nobunaga when she was using one of her skills, she was moving in a speed that human eyes could see her and she was coming from the side where Miura was having his back facing at her… Before that second raging Nobunaga could even have her hands on him, a loud echoing voice managed to stop her in a blink of a second.




Nobunaga froze as Jurina’s conscious took control of the body in that blink of second. That made Miura realized that Jurina was right behind him. He swiftly turned around struck the girl with his elbow strike. Despite in that moment of pause, Nobunaga managed to catch it on time before it would hit right at the side of her temple. She was forced to jump away but then the man pointed the gun at her and pulled couple of triggers without any hesitation.


Nobunaga managed to dodge the one that was aiming at her head but she didn’t manage to evade the other two. She felt two bullets penetrated through her arm flesh as she used it to block the two bullets that aimed at her heart. She managed to get her ground before she jumped off from the 2nd level to the 1st level safely without injuring herself. If it wasn’t for that voice that called her, she would’ve kill Miura already.

“Don’t do it…Jurina.”

That voice spoke up again and it caught her attention. She turned to the side and saw Rena panting hard. She seemed to be fairly exhausted from the fights she had before she manage to catch up with Mayu and Miura. Those calm gentle eyes from the older Matsui managed to make Jurina stop in a blink of a second and Nobunaga had no choice but to submit against Rena at all conditions.

“…Rena, why did you stop me?”

“You can’t kill him, any of you three.”

As Rena made her declaration, she turned up to look at Miura who was staring back at her. They sure had some business to clear up with…what a day for Miura, to confront with the two subjects from the previous experiment 11 years ago. The survivors of the experiment and for them to break into here alive, and through all those elite SWAT members showed how powerful they were. This SuperSoldier project in the past proved to him that it was a success. However, he still had to deal with this young Watanabe in front of him. He turned back his gun at her and startled the young girl once again.

“So, what is your answer?”


Rena and others were staring at Mayu and obviously the older raven woman was hoping that Mayu wouldn’t lose her senses again. But then Jurina and her could hear footsteps coming…more officers were coming to kill them while Mayu was handing with Miura, all alone on the 2nd level of the room. It would take too long for them to run up the stairs on the side of the room before they would be able to join up with Mayu. The moment the showed up into the room, both Matsui ladies didn’t hesitate to fight off against them, and killed them right at that spot. They had their own battle…as well as Mayu. The young Watanabe could feel her heart racing even more as she held that gun in her hand…and pointed at Miura.


“Shoot me, Watanabe Mayu, and take your revenge.”

In that midst of silence, Mayu closed her eyes and bit her lips. She remembered the whole tragedy as if it was yesterday, and it always replayed in her head…sometimes she even dreamt of it. However, she then met with this idiot officer that believed in her unconditionally…she couldn’t understand her intentions at the slightest. But that was the first time she felt someone’s warmth…the very first time in her life. She slowly opened her eyes again and saw Yuki got up on her ground and looking at her with those painful eyes…maybe she thought that Mayu would shoot her father. Would she hate her for it? She thought about her feelings again…obviously she hated this man so much, but she didn’t have that strong desire any longer…the desire to kill him. The time she spent with Yuki was just so short, but just so powerful enough to change her black scarred heart. She really did change Mayu’s heart…the power of love could change someone.

“…I can’t.”

Mayu slowly lowered her gun down. Her mind and heart wasn’t able to do this at all…and as Yuki watched. She was shocked, she didn’t understand why did Mayu lowered her gun in front of her father, Kashiwagi Miura, the man responsible for robbing everything away from her. She looked into Mayu’s eyes and saw that pure sadness and despair. It was no longer filled with the usual hatred at all. She saw none in those beautiful eyes that belonged to the real Mayu. The man was still having his gun pointing at Mayu, and he was not planning to lower his guard down despite the younger one gave up with killing him.

“…Even you’re the man responsible for everything that happen to my family…I don’t wish to kill you anymore.”



That very first time, she heard her name coming out from Mayu’s lips. Her mind was completely blown away and was immediately touched by that weight put on her name. Mayu uttered with feelings…it was not just a simple word. She couldn’t explain this growing inside her when she heard her name coming out from Mayu, it really did meant a lot to her…for all the times she spent with her, this is the first time…she called her by her name. She was definitely looking back at Yuki with those eyes, the life in those eyes were the same as the ones she saw at the park…the eyes that belonged to the real Watanabe Mayu.


“…That is unfortunate…you got your chance.”


The trigger was pulled, twice, and it was from Miura’s gun. Everyone heard that and when both Matsui heard that shot and threw their glance immediately…and it seemed them realized that the person that pulled the trigger wasn’t Mayu, but it was Kashiwagi Miura. Mayu’s body flinched that second and she felt that massive pain in her abdomen…she stumbled back slightly from that impact. Yuki’s face was filled with horror; she could see that droplets of blood splattered against the floor and real nightmare happened. Her own father shot Mayu, and she could see Mayu stumbling back while trying to grasp for balance. Her mind just went black when she was witness this scene right before her eyes…it was the 2nd time she was witnessing death…and she remembered that coldness of a dead body. She didn’t want to feel that from Mayu’s warm body at all. She remembered holding the younger one in her arms, tightly, and felt that heat from her body. 


Mayu still had that reflex and attempted to dodge that bullet that was aiming at her heart, but then she didn’t manage to completely evade it. It pierced right into her left shoulder and made her lose her balance even more. Yuki could see her father was about to pull another trigger, to end Mayu’s life once and for all.

“NO!!!! STOP IT!!!”


Yuki tackled her father and made him missed the target. The bullet went passed Mayu and struck onto the wall instead. Her father lost the balance and crashed against the wall while he saw his daughter ran in towards Mayu without any second hesitation. The young Watanabe fell back against her back and it was such a terrible pain succumbing her conscious. It felt horrible to be shot in her stomach, it made Mayu wondered it hit any of her organs or not because that could be utterly fatal to her. The second thing she realized was being supported in those warm arms and that familiar scent. Those smooth fragile arms were trembling while holding her…and she knew that it belonged to whom. She looked up and saw that face that was about to tear up any second from now, and she could hear her calling her name so clearly.

“Mayu…you idiot! Why…Why do you have to come here!?”


She moved, trying to sit up but the bullets that went through her guts killed her so badly. She never knew it could be this painful and she fell back into Yuki’s arms again. That was the moment when Yuki saw that moving necklace around Mayu’s neck, and she was shocked…it was the necklace that she gave to Mayu before she parted away from her. The young Watanabe was wearing it and she couldn’t believe at all. Part of her mind thought that Mayu would trashed it away, or at most leave it back at the hideout…but no, she wore it today to this place.

“T-That necklace…w-why!? Mayu!”


“Mayu! Please hang in there! Don’t force yourself to move…!”



She called her name again; at this time…she wondered why it must be at this timing right now when their feelings were about to reach each other. That moment when Yuki was holding Mayu by her side, her father stood firm on his ground and pointed the gun at the injured Watanabe…despite his daughter was there as well.

“So you’re planning to betray me again, for that child?”

“I won’t let you hurt her, even you’re my father. I won’t let you hurt Mayu ever again, no matter what.”

She embraced Mayu tighter and closer to her body so it could act as a shield for the wounded Watanabe. Mayu still had her conscious and overheard everything, but she felt like was about to faint already. If she did, it could mean death in a way…she wouldn’t wake up from it. Mayu could even hear Rena and Jurina calling her name while they were trying to clean up the mess down here in order to catch up with her.


Jurina kicked the officer away and ran towards the stairs, carelessly she forgot all the armed officers behind her that was aiming the gun at her. The young girl lost her guard as she was utterly worried of her dear friend, but that almost meant her life. Rena saw it and yelled out loud to warn the younger one…but it was too late. That trigger was pulled and the bullet was piercing towards her.




She lost her balance as she got shot at the back. Due to momentum she slid down on the floor. Rena lost her touch and immediately slaughtered everyone to protect Jurina at all cost. There were too many officers to buy their time and no one was there with Mayu aside from Yuki…and how would they be able to fight with Kashwagi Miura? No one know whether this man would dare to pull that trigger against his daughter or not, if he was insane enough he probably would do…and it meant that both Mayu and Yuki’s life were in danger.

“Mayu is never the same as you, I believe in her…I love her. Even it means my life, I won’t let you hurt her again. This is enough, father…please stop this insanity!”

“…Yumi died right in front of my eyes. What I’m doing is for her, and for us. I really wish you could understand me, Yuki.”

“I can’t understand you at this state, you’re no the father I used to respect, love, and know…just a mad man that has no heart.”

Yuki insulted her father back and she didn’t regret what she said at all. Obviously the father was completely disappointed in his own daughter. She chose that girl instead of him, her own biological father. However, he wouldn’t let this stop him…his insanity drove him mad and he still had that gun pointing at Yuki. If his daughter would stop him no matter what, then he had no choice but to pull that trigger to finish the two of them off to end this mess. He firmly held the gun and said his last words before he pulled that final trigger…

“…Let this end the madness.


Yuki shut her eyes tightly and was ready to embrace the pain, or death. That moment, she wouldn’t regret if she die to protect the one she love…if that was her last resort, she would not mind at all. However, Mayu didn’t felt that way. She bit her lips and gathered all the strength she got before she used it all in this one single second.


The raven-haired Kashiwagi felt that strong impact against her body and it pushed her back. She could see Mayu used all her strength to push Yuki away from the pathway of the bullet. Yuki couldn’t understand why would Mayu do such a thing like this as pushing her away…and that moment everything seemed to be in slow motion to her. She felt her body moving away from Mayu and she was out of her reach…and Mayu wasn’t in a state that could dodge the bullet without her leg’s power, it was the only thing that granted her lightning speed. Also, Mayu picked the right time to push Yuki away as it was about a blink of a second before Miura was about to pull that trigger. She exchanged that short glance with Mayu and swore that she saw that vague smile across her face before she diverted it towards Miura, with that face ready to embrace anything that came in her way. Mayu was wondering why she was doing this…but it seemed she reacted on her own without thinking at all. However, the only thing she knew was that she wouldn’t be able to afford it…if Yuki was to be wounded or killed. By the time she realized it, she already pushed that woman away from her and was the one in the pathway of the aiming. She caught a glimpse of her and realized saw her face for one last time…at least; she could go in peace, if she were to die from this. Also, she got to hear Yuki called her name so loudly that it echoed in her ears, before that blink of moment between life and death. 




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Chapter 7


She tried to move and realized the throbbing calf and arm. It was the places she got shot…but was even worse was the bleeding wound on her head. It’s making her lightheaded and she wasn’t so sure how long she had been in here.
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She took the hidden knife from her pocket, and cut her shirt into strips to tie around her wound to prevent anymore blood loss…after she had treated herself roughly, she slowly scooted over to Yuki and checked whether she got any injuries or not.

“…Phew. She’s alright…”
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She checked her pockets and thankfully she had some painkillers and antibiotics for bacterial infection…but it was enough for one person to take. Mayu stared at her pills and took the painkillers for herself, she always needed it after all
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She took in the antibiotic pills into her mouth to manually turning it into viscous fluid before she moved in and enclosed her lips against Yuki’s…in order to force her to take the antibiotics easily since she automatically swallowed it down. The injured thief wiped her lips and decided to make a plan from now. She didn’t pay much attention about kissing the sleeping beauty since she was in a serious situation right now, but she had to admit that those lips were soft.
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Mayu carried Yuki onto her back but her leg got shot. But this pain wouldn’t stop her from moving on forward though. If they were to get caught here then her effort to risk kidnapping Yuki out would be in vain, and Mayu would hate that so badly.
Kidnapping her princess was tough job  :mon kungfu:
There was a reason why she gave the antibiotics to her after all…she wouldn’t want Yuki to die anytime soon yet.
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She still needed to make use of her…for her revenge
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“Because I trust you…I trust Miyuki’s sister.”

“Tch…that pathetic woman…W-Woa—”

Mayu fell onto the floor as her knee went weak all of the sudden. With Yuki’s weight on her back and her injured calf, she couldn’t gain her balance like she would normally do…the weight from Yuki’s body just added more crush against Mayu’s fragile body.

“Oof—! Ugh dammit…!”
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Yuki didn’t wake up from that, which at least it was a good thing for Mayu. She would hate to have any conversation with that woman right now…she was mad, annoyed, confused, and frustrated. The young mouse carried the officer on her back once again and then kept on walking. She finally turned at the corner and realized how she was getting closer to the exit. In this huge drain…only the dark alley people would know their way around here. Mayu kept on walking in that silence why hoping that Yuki would be alive and good or else the antibiotics she gave would be worthless.

Thanks god Yuki didn't wake up or it will annoy Mayu so much  :hiakhiakhiak: :hiakhiakhiak:
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She came right on time and caught Mayu before the girl would fell onto the floor. Yuko could see the nasty wound on the girl’s head…and she knew how Watanabe do had concussion every now and then, and this could just make things worse for her. Before she could say anything, Mayu whispered weakly against her body…


“I’ll treat your wounds immediately don’t worry—!”

“…Save her…before she…help her…please.”
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The warm and comfy feeling surrounded her body. The moment she slowly regained her conscious was when she felt such burning pain on her limbs. Her eyes slowly opened and realize she was on a bed, covered with the warm blanket. In this quiet silence…she didn’t know where she was and slowly sat up with confusion. She was still trying to process what was going on and slowly remembered…she protected Mayu from the explosion, and everything seemed to back out after that.
FINALLY Yuki is up  :gyaaah:
“Glad you’re awake now.”

A mysterious voice talked to her and that’s when she saw the woman crossing her arms while leaning against the side of the door. She seemed to be waiting for Yuki to wake up before she approached to her side to check on her condition. Amazingly she didn’t have any fever at all despite being in the drainage for quite a long while with injures all over her body. The antibiotics did played its role to protect the officer.

“I-I ah…”

“Don’t worry, I’m Mayu’s friend…she brought you here.”
DUN worry Yuki~~ Yuko is a good friend!  :on GJ: no harm (?) from her side  :dunno: :dunno:
Yuko went to Mayu’s side while she explained the rough situation she predicted, no one knew how much accurate she was. However, that guess was more than enough to make Yuki’s heart skipped a beat…no matter what’s the truth for that medicine matter, the fact that Mayu kidnapped and carried her here was more than enough to prove her kindness. As she stared at that listless body on the bed…she couldn’t help but to have the throbbing pain growing inside her chest. To see Mayu hurt because of her was just painful than her wounds and things regarding her father.
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“Ah, I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself…my name is Kashiwagi Yuki.”


Yuko recognized that name very well. It was the surname of the man that was responsible for Watanabe’s tragic massacre. The one that changed the warmhearted girl into a ruthless killer…it was the Kashiwagi family. Yuko couldn’t help but to ask in order to clarify her doubts.

“Are you…Kashiwagi Miura’s daughter?”

“…Yes. It was my dad responsible for everything that happened to Mayu.”
oh crap not this again  :grr:
“I don’t hate you. You didn’t do it. I’m not idiot enough to blame an innocent girl like you.”


Yuki was slightly surprised with the young woman’s speech. But that didn’t help reduce the guilt for Mayu’s family at all. After all, her father robbed everything from Mayu, and not even an apology would make up for it. Yuko didn’t speak anything further and went out for a short while before she came back with a bowl of porridge she cooked. Yuko was well prepared and had it on the tray so that Yuki could eat it on bed.

“It’s hot, just make sure you don’t burn yourself okay?”

:mon exhaust: I told ya!! Yuko is a friend  :mon determined:

“I know her long enough, and I still don’t understand why would she risk so much for revenge. I don’t think that’s her real motive.”


“…But well, no one will know what this chump is thinking. She never shows her true self, like a sneaky little mouse.”
yeah..who knows  :on drink:
“What do you think of Mayu though? A son of a bitch?”
this bring memories...
She prayed for the thief to wake up. She hoped that Mayu would be fine and woke up to yell at her, insult her, just anything…she just wanted this girl to wake up already. Even though Mayu treated her as a tool for revenge, and as her toy…she couldn’t bring herself to detest this girl at all. Likely it wasn’t out of sympathy either, since she had this feeling even before she knew the truth behind Mayu’s family. Her heart started to open to Mayu because she witnessed and was touched with Mayu’s kindness. Even it was just a blink of second, she could feel it, the warmth and tenderness sure wasn’t a lie. That’s what Yuki wanted to believe…that it was real, and that she fell in love with Mayu because of that.

“…Mayu, please wake up.”
wake uup sleeping beaty!! oh Yuki should kiss her maybe she would wake up  :wahaha:


Yuki rushed to her side immediately and her heart started to pound so fast with worries. She held onto Mayu’s hand tightly while the younger one groaned and grumbled in pain. At least Yuki’s yell was loud enough to catch Yuko’s attention whom was downstairs to the room where they were in.


“Mayu…thank goodness you’re finally awake.”
thank god! Mayu is awake  :on woohoo: :on woohoo: Yuki is loud  :on lol:

“Mayu does it hurt anywhere? Are you feeling okay?”

“…Don’t touch me.”
tsk.  :on hobo: heartless  :cool2: :cool2:

“Finally you woke up, idiot.”


“You better thank Yuki as well, she looked after you for 3 whole days after since she woke up.”

Oshima forced the arrogant mouse to at least thank Yuki for helping her. It was that awkward moment again that the young girl diverted her coldblooded eyes to the raven-haired woman with a sigh. They stared at each other’s eye and the moment Mayu gave a huge sigh while diverting her eyes away.

“…I didn’t ask you to look after me—OWWW!!”

Yuko literally knocked Mayu’s head with her iron fist and caused the mouse the startled with pain. The officer watched the whole scene with surprise and Mayu glared back at Yuko immediately with anger.

“Is this how you treat an injured person!?”
Yuko and Mayu are so funny  :hiakhiakhiak: :wahaha: :on lol:
Mayu sighed again before she turned to Yuki…that moment of awkward eye contact. She looked away again but this time, the officer swore she saw the young mouse had that shaded pink cheeks while she finally brought out enough courage to do what Yuko ordered her to do.

“…Sorry, and thanks.”

Just two simple words… It made Yuki’s heart skipped a beat and Yuko could tell from her expression. At least she was helping these two getting together.
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Yuki is going all doki doki fufufufufu   :mon misch:
As Yuki checked her body temperature and changed the bandages, Mayu sat there without a word, but it was bloody obvious she was annoyed.

“…Why are you doing this?”

“Is it wrong to worry about you?”

“Yes. Because I’m a criminal.”

“You saved me, and its more than enough reason for me to care for you.”
Yuki is worried about you !! ya stupid kid  :mon pissed: :mon pissed:
“When I also plan to kill your father?”

Yuki froze for a second and turned her eyes to Mayu. She could see that seriousness, and that heartlessness. It was the moment she knew that Mayu wasn’t playing around with her. Since she knew what her father did to Watanabe’s family, she wouldn’t be surprise that she showed so much sign of hatred towards Kashiwagi.

“…You still have the fever.”
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“Where is Jurina? If I have been sleeping for 4 days, then she must be back.”



“Is it that girl that we separated while escaping…?”

“Are you telling me that Jurina isn’t back here!?”
dun go anywhere Jurina is ok wait they didn't read the extra wait I'm saying nonsense  :mon sweat:
“Let me go now or else I—!”

“I told you that you CAN’T!!!”

Kashiwagi raised her voice and caused Mayu to stun for a second. It all happened so fast, the hug disappeared but she felt a big pain across her cheeks, making her face flicked to the side with surprise. The officer slapped her, very hard, and she did fell back on her bum.
ouch ouch ouch ouch that must hurt a lot  :mon closeup: :mon closeup:
In that silence…Mayu slowly diverted her face to Yuki and that moment of shock…she saw tears. That tough officer was breaking into tears in front of her and she couldn’t understand the slightest thing that was going on. She usually was immune to see people crying, but not tears of sadness like this…but seeing Kashiwagi crying just made her so annoyed, and felt this disturbing thing stirring inside her heart.


“Please…I beg you…don’t go!”

Don't go MAYUUUUUUUUUUUU  :mon waterworks: :mon waterworks: :mon waterworks:
wait I only cry for Leo  :mon suspect:
“And you planned to use me as a tool for revenge, right?”

“What if I am?”

“Is revenge the only thing you seek?”

“That’s the whole purpose of my living. Without it, I don’t have a reason to even live in this world—”

an other slap  :mon lmao:
“Whatever you say…thank you.”

“Why are you doing this? What would you gain for it??”

“Nothing, I care for you…I’m worried about you, and I hate to admit it…”

“Huh? What now?”

“…I love you.”
Finally Yuki confessed her feelings to Mayu  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon cute: :mon cute: :mon cute:
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Before Yuki would have the time to believe that the girl gave up…she felt a strong push out and a crash against her lips.
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The thief pushed her onto the floor and the kiss started to drain all of Yuki’s energy away.
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“…I don’t hate you as much as you toying with my feelings like this.”

“Aren’t you trying to trick me to give a heart for you? You deserve a medal…”

“No! I will never lie to you. My feelings are real…and I really did fall for you.”
She likes it tesk you dun understand love Mayu  :mon duh:
Before Yuki could argue back, Mayu resumed the kiss and made sure she pushed her body on top of the officer so she couldn’t escape. She wanted to resist, but all her energy was drained away from that kiss.
Another KISS  :mon inluv: :mon inluv:
It wasn’t eyes of sympathy either. She couldn’t interpret what was hidden inside Yuki’s eyes at all…that second moment, she was pulled down and her lips crashed against the officer’s once again…it was a soft gentle kiss from Yuki.
KISSS AGAIN and Yuki was the one !!  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:
“I really do care about you, that’s the truth…and I do hate to admit it, but I do love you…Mayu.”


“If that’s what it takes to protect you and make you do as I said…my body, and my heart, it’s all yours.”
what are you waiting Mayu! after Yuki saying that I'm... :mon bleed2:
They resumed the kiss, a rougher one, as Mayu slowly snaked her hands through the shirt and touched that perfect body
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Love Capture: CH12.1

“We have taken control of the area now sir.”

The military soldiers came to take over the area as the General was standing with Mariko, Miyuki, and another lady with that curled hair. This was the ending that everyone wanted…everything came to an end, as all the police officers were taken care off while the military act on its own and seize over this area for further investigation. Mariko turned to the woman and gave that warm smile before she bowed her head down softly.

“Thank you for your help, Acchan, Yusuke-san.”

“Obviously Mariko, we’re always a family. How can I leave you in that danger without doing anything? Glad we came right on time.”

“Yeah…it’s all thanks to you, Miyuki.”

Mariko turned to the younger twin Watanabe and she felt that she didn’t deserve such a compliment like this from her. However she was forced to take it anyways. It was because of her that the news was able to reach with Atsuko and allowed the military to act fast. The woman that Yuko ordered Miyuki to go contact was actually Maeda Atsuko, the ex-member that moved out from the dark alley… and she’s currently a teacher in high school and was living with her older brother, Maeda Yusuke. Mariko also knew him as well through Atsuko, and how coincident that he was a General in the Landforce. He had been investigating on the SuperSoldier project but never found any valuable trace to pinpoint the one behind this whole tragic mess. However, with this information Mariko copied onto the USB, it would allow the General to do further investigations to bring the end to this inhuman nightmare. He acted at his will, and he was certain this topic would bizarre when he brought it up to the main headquarters.

“Let me handle with this mess from here on. Thank you for your cooperation Mariko-san.”

“I need to thank you too, Yusuke-san…please end this for us.”

“I will, I promise.”

The matter came to an end as the soldiers were cleaning up the mess that the SuperSoldiers did, both inside and out of the warehouse and laboratory. It was the power of social connections. Mariko planned so thoroughly that there wouldn’t be a single mistake happening. The General decided to take his leave as he had many things he needed to take care of and allowed the three ladies to have their private conversation with one another. Atsuko glanced over at Miyuki and realized how closely she shared that same appearance as Mayu. It made her smiled out of reminisce.

“Oh wow, you really do look like Mayu. As expected from her twin sister.”

“Ah, many people do say so too.”

“Ah right…how’s Mayu?”


Mariko sighed as Atsuko brought up that taboo question. She slowly glanced over to that raven-haired officer that was sitting all alone with her forehead resting against her hands. Anyone who saw her could obviously tell that she was truly devastated in many levels…there were too many things happening in the same time for her, and it was plainly bitter for her. That silence Mariko gave was more than enough for Atsuko to grasp the situation slightly. But as Miyuki was trying to approach her senior, Mariko stopped her.

“Let’s give her time…she needs it. I’ll need you to help me several things if you don’t mind it.”


Miyuki watched her decaying senior sitting in that silent as if she was carrying the whole world’s weight on her shoulders. However, Mariko took her away to do several things with her since she needed a hand from an officer as well. Everyone was kept busy with many things; Yuko and Rena were helping the soldiers taking care of massive amount of corpse inside the laboratory. It wasn’t such a nice scene after all, but the soldiers did their job without questioning anything. At least the General knew the whole story through Mariko and Atsuko already, and he well aware of this matter and went through each procedure cautiously.


Yuki body was still trembling and still had that bloodstain on her hands and clothes. It wasn’t her blood…it was Mayu’s blood. She was holding that body closely to her and she ignored how much blood it would stain on her clothes. She closed her eyes and recalled that sound of the bullet that was fired from her father’s gun while he was aiming at Mayu. At that blink of a second that she believed the young Watanabe was about to be killed…



That was Miura’s last words and it was like everything went blank. It was like everything happened in slow motion…she saw Mayu flinched and fell back onto the floor. She felt as if something forcefully ripped her heart into pieces from inside. She swore that she believed Mayu was dead from that…that stubborn mouse pushed Yuki away so to take the bullet instead of her place, despite how much she was gambling her life on it. Before any words could be formulated from her lips, she heard another sound. The sound of the body collapsed onto the floor, but that sound didn’t catch her attention as her eyes only stared at Mayu… Her world already collapsed at that blink of horror, and nothing could be worse than this. She never felt this devastated before, it felt even worse than dying…it was as if she was stabbed and killed over thousands of times, and couldn’t die or escape from this horror.

“T-That gave me a heart attack…”

That familiar voice echoed in her ears. Yuki’s eyes shot wide and then saw Mayu moving, and tried to sit up. She saw that small cut horizontally across her arm, and it was as if its a miracle that the bullet just grazed passed her. It was a short pain before it became bearable for Mayu. The moment Kashiwagi saw the young mouse sighed with relief, and was more than certain that she was alive…she couldn’t hold back her tears and broke down right there. The young Watanabe could her sniffling and turned to Yuki with her eyes grew wide with surprise. Yuki was crying madly before she threw her arms around her body tightly. Obviously it gave more sting pain to her from the arm and abdomen after receiving that impact from her…but it didn’t bother her.

“M-Mayu…! Mayu…! Mayu—!”

She could feel Yuki’s body trembling and she was crying on her shoulders…as well as crying for her name repeatedly. Obviously it wasn’t just Yuki that thought Mayu would die. She also thought she was dead from that fire she heard, but she didn’t…the warm from Yuki’s hug and the terrible sting pain made her amazingly relieved. It was a feel of relief to be alive…and living.


Then suddenly, the young Watanabe finally caught a glipse of that dead body in front of her… it was Miura’s body. She was shocked and slowly looked up to see Mariko, Yuko, and another officer with them. It was actually her leader’s gun that pulled the trigger…and end Miura’s life. She came here in order to end this madness with her hands and she had enough with young kids having to dirty their hands with blood.


“Let this…end the madness.”

“…This is the end, isn’t?”

Yuko spoke up softly and Haruna watched the two friends of hers. Realizing how much they carried the burden… it was just so heavy that she couldn't’ believe they pulled it through until the very end along with the young kids for all these years. In the end of this, she wasn’t sure what to feel anymore. Grateful? Upset? Only but silence is what she could do, and it seemed it was more than enough for her right now.

“…It’s over.”

Jurina took control of the body as she tried to get up on her knees. She saw Rena approached her quickly with utmost worries after she had massacred every single one of the officers that tried to harm her precious Jurina. The older one wrapped her arms around the puppy gently and it was more than enough to tell her how much she was worried for her.

“I’m sorry Rena-chan…I was very careless aren’t I?”

“It’s okay Jurina, it’s okay…you’re safe, and that’s all. We’re all alive.”

“…Yeah, we are.”

The last thing that Mariko wanted the young kids to do was to taint their hands even more than this. She took that job instead and killed Kashiwagi Miura with her own hands…she would carry that burden on herself instead. As for Miura’s daughter, she didn’t bother to turn to see her father’s corpse at all and just hugged Mayu tightly with those trembling fragile arms. It was like they were having this special telepathy with one another, without any words conveyed Mayu felt that Yuki knew what happened to her father…and obviously no child wanted to see their parent’s dead body. Mayu slowly stroke Yuki’s head with her less injured arm and pushed her head gently onto her shoulders.

“…Don’t look.”

Yuki didn’t reply anything and kept crying, but then the blood kept oozing from her abdomen injury and it made her head felt lighter. She was losing her control of her hand but she tried to grasp for her conscious as much as she could. If she were to faint now, no one would know what could it mean. She might not even wake up again…and that’s not what she wanted. She wanted to live, Yuki made her wanted to live despite how much her life was cursed…she still wanted to live, with her.

“…You’re safe now.”


Yuki nodded while murmuring on Mayu’s shoulder. That tight hug from the raven-haired girl was more than enough to tell her that she was more than safe. That moment, Mayu let out a smile of relief and began to have this double vision. Things became a little twisted and blurred when she lost her control of her arm at last. Such a perfect time, her concussion pain came in as well and a whole combination of everything just made it worse.

“I…guess I need a…”

Yuki felt Mayu’s body became heavy and fell back onto the floor again. This time, she was completely knocked out. This could formulate various reasonings, it could mean that it was just a simple faint and she would be fine. However, after being shot twice in the abdomen, that assumption would be too beautiful.

“M-Mayu? H-Hey…don’t do like this. Mayu? Mayu!?”

Yuki shook her but the girl wasn’t responding at all. It immediately caught everyone’s attention and Yuko rushed to the unconscious girl’s side and checked her pulse. It was still there, but it wasn’t enough to tell that Mayu was in a safe line. It was as if they were playing around with this bomb that could explode any second from now. They don’t know whether there was any internal bleeding inside or not and they needed to take her to the doctor as quickly as possible.


“Takamina should be here anytime soon, take her out now!”

Yuko scooped Mayu up in her arms and she could see Yuki looked totally lifeless. She was obviously in a state of shock and she wouldn’t want to leave this poor woman alone, but she needed to take care of this mouse first. She tapped Yuki’s shoulder to grab her attention, but the officer wouldn’t make an eye contact with her. Only she could hope that her words would reach her.

“Mayu will be alright…I promise. You need to stay strong for her too, okay?”


Despite Yuki didn’t respond back, Yuko had faith that her words reached the scarred officer. She carried Mayu in her arms and literally sprinted out from this laboratory to go back up to the surface. Leaving Yuki all alone with that fresh blood on her hands and clothes. It was Mayu’s blood…and she didn’t know what to do at all. After she realized that the girl wasn’t shot dead, she was utterly relieved beyond anything else…but then it was as if it was a matter of when would the ticking bomb exploded inside Mayu. Haruna hated to see her friend being in this state and went to her side immediately without any further waiting. At this moment, she couldn’t obviously understand what Yuki was going through…she lost her last family member, and now she was about to lose someone she cared to her. The only thing was to be by her side and hoped that Yuki’s heart would not shatter.

“Yukirin…it’s me, Haruna.”

Haruna crouched down right in front but the young Kashiwagi didn’t bother reply at the slightest, or it was the fact that she didn’t hear her at all. The only thing Yuki kept feeling and seeing was Mayu lying down on the floor listlessly and she trying to shake her. Those images kept replaying inside her head and she couldn’t get over with it. She had not need to see her father’s body to tell herself that he was already dead… After she lost the person she loved, she was about to lose another one. She couldn’t stop chanting her name and her hands just kept trembling in fear for anything that could happen to Mayu any second that ticked by.




Haruna slapped her across her cheeks to allow her to regain her conscious back. At least, the officer turned back to her friend with that reddened cheek. It seemed she was finally out from her endless hallucination. Obviously Mayu’s friends wouldn’t allow that to happen and Yuko promised to her that the girl would be fine. Haruna used those words to give hope and support to the broken heart friend of hers.

“Yuko never make promises if she can’t keep it…believe her, and believe Mayu. You need to be strong for her too, okay?”


“Get up, let’s get out of here. I believe Mayu would need your support as well.”


In the end, Haruna took care of Yuki and escorted her out from this hideous laboratory. Yuki made sure that she wouldn’t catch a glimpse of her father…because she didn’t want the last image of her father to be his corpse. Kojima walked passed Mariko and exchanged a short glance with her before she took the main path to get out from here. The older woman understood her ex-lover’s action and allowed her to do what she wanted. After she was taken outside and the soldiers had arrived to clear up the mess, Yuki had been sitting outside and tried to calm herself down for the entire time. She was told that Mayu was in good hands, but there were no news at all…which that didn’t make anything better for her at all. She just remained there, ignoring all the surroundings and prayed silently to herself for Mayu.


While Yuki was sitting all alone and away from everyone, there was this young lady that approached her and it was Oshima Yuko. She was told off by Atsuko’s brother since they had done more than enough already. He would deal everything instead and the Mariko’s team would not have to dirty their hands any further now. The decayed raven-haired woman could see Yuko approaching her, and then just stood there in front of her, but she was not really in a mood to talk to anyone at the moment.

“There’s nothing we can do here now and everyone needed to treat their own injuries. So we’re about to leave now.”

“…What about Mayu?”

Yuki spoke up with that weak tone. Obviously Yuko could tell that Kashiwagi was indeed worry about Mayu so much that it was destroying her heart ever second that passed by. The squirrel sighed before she crouched down to match her eye level with Yuki before tapping on her shoulder. But despite that…Yuki still didn’t make that eye contact with her.

“Takamina is a talented doctor, she’s doing what needs to be done to guarantee Mayu’s life. I’m certain she will be alright, she’s a tough girl.”

“…I see. I guess that’s good bye for us.”

“What are you talking about? Yuki, you’re coming back with us.”


Yuki looked up and finally their eyes met. The squirrel only smiled positively to give that energy to her. She held Yuki’s hand and pulled the officer up to stand on her feet despite her hand was dirtied with dried blood. Yuko wasn’t bothered by it at all and had those warm hands that comforted her.

“I’m really sorry for your lost, and I guess you really don’t know where to go too, right?”


“Mayu needs you, and I believe you need her too. There are many things I want to tell you too, but let it be after me cleaning up my mess. Let’s go back together, okay?”


Yuki was totally stunned and her silent reply was more than enough to tell Yuko that she was coming along as well. She let go of her hands and escorted her to the van they would get on to head back to their hideout. Jurina was already resting inside the van after Rena did an emergency treatment on her wounds. Rena was still helping several things out with Mariko, Miyuki, and Haruna…but now it was a time for some short farewell. Then the raven-haired woman also invited Miyuki to come along as well. She was Mayu’s beloved sister, and so she was a part of their family too. It was obvious that she would be worried of her sister.

“I-Is it okay for me to come?”

“Mayu is your sister, you have more than enough right to come. Please do, Miyuki.”

“…Thank you. That really meant a lot to me. But I will go after we cleared things here first.”

Miyuki smiled with utter relief and it made Rena happy as well, what could’ve been better when the separated loving twins could finally be together again? As for Mariko who was exchanging glances with Haruna, it was her turn to give the answer and she said the same thing as Miyuki. They were still officers of Crime Investigation Department and they couldn’t abandon their job. At the very least they would assist the General Maeda as much as they could before they were asked to leave.

“…I’ll be there when things are over. You owe me tons of explanation.”

“Yeah I do. Please contact me or Yuko through this number, and we’ll come pick you two up.”

“Sounds fair to me.”

Haruna took the paper that the older woman handed to her. She kept in her pocket safely as she knew she would be using it soon. Then suddenly they heard Yuko calling them and it was about the time they would be leaving this place once and for all. Atsuko would be driving the van for them and her brother was trying to chase her off so she wouldn’t be involved with his work. This was probably the best thing she could do to get away as well as helping her family. However, before they would leave Yuko shouted out her officer’s name so loudly that it probably caught many attention.


“Huh? Yuko-chan?”

“I’ll see you later~”


Haruna smiled back and watched the squirrel skipped away into the van before it took off. She never sighed with relief for a long while and she wondered why. Maybe it was because she finally reunited with her old friend and ex-lover again? Despite how crazy it was that happened today, Haruna went back to work with Miyuki to clean this mess. She carried that sense of responsibility to clean up the mess that the officers had done.  At the very least she had something to look forward to after this tiresome job was done…both Haruna and Miyuki would go to pay everyone a visit for certain.


Takamina had used that special operating room that was in the hideout. She was surprised that room was maintained very well despite she left 5 years ago. No one should ever underestimate Mariko; she was always prepared for every circumstance that could happen. She prepared this room just in case anyone was to be injured and needed Takamina’s help. The moment she received Mayu from Yuko, she rushed straight back to the dark alley and used her clean special operating room. She treated her immediately and did what she needed to do for Watanabe. For how long she didn’t keep track of the time, as she was too focused on saving this young girl from the ticking bomb.


But for that time being, as for Yuki…she had been waiting in the living room and prayed for the whole time. If Yuko didn’t force her to change her clothes and wash the blood out from her, she would be sitting there ever since they arrived back. Atsuko was treating Jurina’s wound for the time being in the living room with Rena assisting her. She wasn’t a professional like Takamina but she did learn a lot back in those years that they all used to live here together with everyone. The young puppy got shot and it didn’t take that long since the bullet didn’t penetrate into any important area of the body. Nothing could make Yuki move from her spot at all until she could hear the sound of the door opened and the midget woman came out while taking off those bloody gloves. The operation ended faster than they thought and it made them slightly worried with what was the result of this matter.

“Takamina! How was it??”

“…That kid sure got some luck. I wonder how lucky can this kid be.”

She came out sighed softly and explained how miraculously that none of the organs were damaged at all. She did have some internal rupture and bleeding but it wasn’t as severe as she thought and so Mayu did not need to go to the hospital. Nothing dangerous for the young Watanabe but she did lose some amount of blood. After enough rest she would be fine and get better soon. If her organs were to lacerate from the bullet and impact, then they would seriously needed to send her to hospital as soon as possible. Luckily there was one close by that was owned by Takamina’s friend. That moment everyone sighed with relief, and especially for Yuki. It was like the whole world was lifted from her shoulders and she sprang up from her seat towards the midget savior immediately. She was obviously the one that worried about Mayu the most and she spoke up without further ado.

“…Can I see her?”

Takamina did have a short exchange glance with Mariko before she nodded with a smile. The doctor turned back and gave that smile of comfort to Kashiwagi and remembered when she came to her pharmacy. From what everyone told her and from how she saw Yuki… she could tell that she was the special one for Watanabe. And so she decided to ask the officer for help.

“Sure, we will need someone to take her up to her bed. Can you help?”


Yuki followed Takamina with excitement into the room while others could see that the officer was more than happy to do this. She finally got to see her love after all these hours and Mayu lying on the operating bed. The midget woman told her to carry the unconscious girl and take her up to the main bedroom on the 2nd floor. She seemed to be able to get her thoughts around and Takamina was likely to refer to that same room she used to sleep before.

“I’ll follow you up with the first aid kids and the meds, someone will need to always keep an eye on her, will you?”

“I will do it. Let me, please.”

She replied without hesitation to Takamina before her attention diverted to Mayu. Yuki gently scooped the unconscious one into her arms…that warm body she felt gave her so much relief beyond anything else. She felt that she could broke into tears any moment right now and the fact that Mayu was safe just made felt like it’s a bless. At least god didn’t take away the only and last person alive that she loved unconditionally…Mayu was still here with her. Watching her sleeping face, it reminded her the time that she had been embracing her the whole day and to not interrupt Mayu’s sleep…it made her smiled out without unconsciously and Takamina saw it.


The midget doctor was surprised to witness that smile. Everything that Mariko told her seemed to make sense instantly…this woman cared and loved Mayu so deeply. She was no longer surprised that Yuki was capable to reach down to Watanabe’s scarred heart. She really did caught Takamina’s attention even more and she started to take a like Yuki. She eventually watched Yuki taking Mayu up the stairs and took her time preparing the essential things before catching up with her. When she finally caught up with her, the midget doctor sat down by Yuki’s side and told everything that she needed to know for to take care of Mayu until she would wake up. Approximately she would be unconscious for 2-3 days and should be waking up since her body produces enough blood to fill up the lost part. She would need to sterilize the wounds 4-5 times a day and replaced the bandages too. It would be a tough work, as Yuki would need to nurse over Mayu literally the 24/7. However, Kashiwagi was more than willing to do this job. It was quite obvious that she wouldn’t plan to leave Mayu’s side despite carring that job or not. After Takamina finished explaining everything that Yuki needed to know, it would be about time that she would return back to her usual pharmacy store.

“Do you have any questions?”

“Not at all. I’m all good.”

“If anything were to happen, please contact me immediately. Always keep her wounds hygiene and everything should be alright.”

“Thank you Takamina-san…thank you.”

That officer lady thanked her with such a sincere heart. It did caught Takamina off guard slightly, and finally understood how did she managed to touch the heartless girl’s heart. For that kid who only sought for revenge chose not to kill the man, despite it was her life goal to kill him with her own hands…it just made her smiled with utmost relief. She was grateful that Mayu found the one for her and the person she was willingly to change for. 

“…I’m glad that Mayu have you.”


“Please take care of her.”

Takamina decided to leave Yuki alone with the young girl, and ever since then she had been by Mayu’s side and made sure that she treated her wounds every now and then when it was the time to. She wouldn’t even leave her spot and always sat down by her side…watching her sleeping and held her hand gently. Every time she heard her breathing, every time she felt the warmth and pulse from Mayu’s hand, it reminded Yuki that Mayu was alive and right by her side. The only thing was to wait until she wakes up, but until then she promised to herself that Watanabe was safe.

“Yuki, I brought you dinner.”

She turned and saw another raven-haired woman came in with a bowl of stew on the tray. It came along with a bottle of water as well. She placed it on the table close by before she approached Yuki. Rena knew that the officer had been looking after Mayu the whole time ever since she got out from the operation room. Rena sat down beside her while she looked at Mayu who seemed to be sleeping peacefully. 

“How is she?”

“Everything’s good, I just changed her bandage few minutes ago.”

“That’s great. You should eat something. A hot stew always taste good.”

“Thank you Rena-san.”

“Just call me Rena, it's a bit awkward that you’re older than me.”

The younger raven giggled softly and it made Yuki felt slightly relaxed. Rena really had that comfortable air around her which made people felt welcomed to talk anything to her. She would always have that gentle smile all the time and she started the conversation with Yuki first though. It was as if she came up here wasn’t just to pass the dinner to the officer after all.

“I believe you wondered why Mariko let Mayu went on the mission right?”


“If I were you, I would feel the same.”

It was as if Rena read her mind, and she had to admit she had doubts on that matter for a very long while. She couldn’t understand why Mariko would break her deal she made with her, and she felt rather betrayed. Judging from her expression, Rena could tell how Yuki was feeling and she wished to clarify things with her before they continued anything else.

“Mariko is not someone who will break the deal once she made one. However, the circumstances just flipped all around. No one was expecting this as well.”

“What do you mean?”

“If we were to leave Mayu back here then she will far reckless things than this. That’s why Mariko have to bring her with us in order to keep her safe.”

“I’m still not sure I understand that?”

“Mayu didn’t come with us with the desire to revenge.”


Yuki was in a moment on processing and awe. She was shocked with what Rena stated regarding Mayu’s motive. The younger raven-haired said that the vengeful Watanabe wasn’t doing this for revenge when she had been seeking for over a decade. Rena could tell that Yuki was completely mind blown away and obviously pretty much everyone felt the same as well when they heard that. She only smiled back to Yuki before she continued, to tell Mayu’s real intention and everything that she needed to know regarding her feelings.

“She said…she want to reclaim what belongs to her with her own hands and she will find the answer she looked for when she meets you.”

“T-That’s quite—”

“Hard to believe?”

“It is...”

“That’s why Mariko cannot stop her, if she were to left Mayu behind this kid would either charge in recklessly and things would be even worse than this. So please understand Mariko’s decision…she’s doing her best to fulfill the promise with you.”

Yuki remained in silence as things started to process things. Also, Rena knew that the officer was smart enough to be able to realize and catch up with many things based from what she said to her. She already told her about Mayu’s real intention to be a part of this dangerous mission, which already indirectly indicated Watanabe’s feelings. Mayu knew the consequences that could happen yet she still went on just for the sake of meeting Yuki again. Only thing that Rena hoped was for Mayu’s feelings to reach her.

“Mayu changed, because of you. She no longer seeks revenge anymore.”


“Yuki, will you stay with her?”

“E-Eh?? But…”

They both had exchanged glances with each other and it was the moment Rena was reading her eyes. However, it didn’t take that long until Kashiwagi diverted her eyes away to avoid making further eye contact. That body language she gave allowed Rena to make that clever assumption. The way she blurted out and how she looked away was more than enough information.

“…You didn’t intend to stay, didn’t you?”


“Can you at least do me a favor? At least stay here until she wakes up…she needs to talk to you.”

“Well, I ah…”

“When did you plan to leave?”

“I don’t know. Everything finally ended and there’s no point for me to be here. Maybe this is the best for both of us I get out from her life...for Mayu’s sake.”


The way Yuki talked just exactly reminded what she said to Mariko before she left Jurina and everyone. It was as if she saw old self overlapped on Yuki and she could fully understand how the officer felt. Despite Rena realized that she would be making the same mistake that she had done, but she didn’t plan to stop her. Some things needed to happen in order for them to felt each other’s feelings. If she didn’t leave Jurina…then a future that Jurina came to take her back won’t happen. Some things needed to happen for the best between the two. At the very least, she wanted Yuki to be with Mayu until the day she would be awake…hoping that Watanabe would create another miracle.

“Miyuki and Haruna are coming tomorrow, it seemed their work is done already.”

“I see.”

“If you need anything please feel free to call me or anyone okay?”

“I will, thank you.”

She decided to leave Yuki alone and hoped that her words would reach her in some sort of ways. Obviously she didn’t want the officer to leave…but Mayu needed to be the one to stop Yuki herself. Only she could prayed that the reckless girl would wake up soon before the officer would disappear out from her life.

Leaving the raven-haired officer all alone again, she remained by Mayu’s side and always checked her body temperature to make sure she wasn’t catching any fever while recovering. The young girl slept peacefully and she couldn’t help but to smile out from heart’s content. Eventually she glanced at the bowl of stew Rena brought it up for her… she realized she should eat it before it go wasted. The stew was warm and had that nostalgic tasting…it was that family taste. Then after she finished everything she didn’t leave Mayu’s side at all and just stayed there. She slept on the bed that was adjacent to her to make sure her girl would be fine…today was the most hectic day ever of her life. So many things happened, and finally she could call it a day…


The next early afternoon, Yuko went to pick up Haruna and Miyuki from Takamina’s pharmacy before they brought them over to the dark alley, they were both wearing their casual clothing since they asked for a several days off from work. It was the first time they were here and obviously they would be alert due to the unfamiliar surrounding, however the moment they stepped into the house they felt that welcoming air in here. If felt completely different from how the outside appearance looked like. Everyone was pretty much sitting in the living room except for Yuki since she would always be at her usual spot. Haruna certainly had something to talk with both Yuko and Mariko, and so Rena approached to the younger twin and gave Miyuki an offer to take her to Mayu.

“I’ll take you to see Mayu and Yuki. Come with me.”

“T-Thank you.”

The young Watanabe followed Rena innocently upstairs and it was the time between the three adults to have the conversation they promised to one another. They decided to go to Mariko’s working room to have this matter be dealt, and the serious talk began.


It was like they both traced back in their past together and about several reasons they needed to leave Haruna behind. They didn’t believe that different statuses would be able to live together…especially when one was the hunter, and one was the hunted.  They doubt that things would work, and the truth would be too hurtful if they continued being together. If anyone found out then Kojima’s reputation would demolished, and she would be in danger as well as she would be suspected to be cooperating with them. Mariko’s group was quite infamous back then and was in the top of the blacklist as well. If Haruna were to be with them at that point she joined the police force…there would certainly be many things that have an effect on her. Haruna just stood there listening to everything in silence without interrupting or adding anything. 

“…So that’s why we decided to leave. I’m sorry.”



Haruna walked up to her and slapped across her cheek. Obviously it made Yuko stumbled slightly but that was a good sign from the officer…she could tell from her eyes that she was obviously angry, but not as serious though. She came to understand Mariko and Yuko’s position even more, but that wouldn’t make her forget what the two of them had done to hurt her feelings. Mariko just rubbed her cheek with that dumbfounded look before Yuko realized that both of them were just reconcile things in their own way. She took her leave to let the two of them have their private time that they needed…she shouldn’t want to be the 3rd hand in this relationship. Despite she loved Haruna unconditionally, if it was for her own happiness she was willingly to step away and let her be with Mariko. She came outside and had her body leaned against the wall with a sigh.


She flinched as she almost forgot that injury she got on her arm. It was the wound she got from Haruna pulling that fire. She was grateful that it didn’t hit at any vital spots or else things would be more serious than this. Since it was about time she would need to sterile and replaced the bandage, she untied it without realizing her who was coming towards her. 


“Huh!? Oh, eh??”

She looked up and she was obviously shocked. She couldn’t understand why would Haruna be out from the room this fast after Yuko just came out less than a minute. She wondered why her conversation with Mariko finished that fast and she couldn’t help but to question so many things back to Kojima.

“Why are you here? I thought you and Mariko are…”

“I’m done with her already. There’s nothing much we needed to talk.”

“That is fast trip to reminiscing your old times.”

“Sure it is…and I’m sorry.”

“Hm? What?”

“…That I shot you.”

Haruna saw that wound when Yuko was taking the bandage off. Of course it wasn’t intentionally and she was just about to walk to the living room to get the new bandages. It was more than obvious that Yuko didn’t care about it whether Haruna shot her or not. She did quite an outrageous thing to shoot passed her to kill another officer behind and anyone would’ve pull that trigger out of surprise and fear. She even expected it to be worse than this.

“It’s nothing! Just an arm, I will soon get better.”

“Let me treat your wounds okay?”


“Let me replace those bandages.”

“It’s okay I can—”

“Let me do it Yuko.”


They both went downstairs and got the first aid kit before Haruna forced Yuko to sit down so she could treat her wounds. There were no words exchanged with each other and the officer cleaned Oshima’s wounds gently and didn't say anything. She knew that she did this and felt utterly guilty to shoot her. She gently bandaged everything back up again and hoped that it wasn’t too tight on Yuko.

“Is it too tight?”

“Not at all.”

“…Does it hurt?”

“Not anymore.”


Haruna sighed again and then backed off slightly. However, she had her eyes staring on that wound and gently stroke it with worries. She did have small cuts on her arms and legs, but it’s healing already. Yuko could see that the officer was too worried about her and then she stroked her head. It did caught Haruna’s attention immediately and their eyes met. She smiled warmly to indirectly tell Haruna that she was not bothered with all these mess that she had done. She was truly sincere with that she said and called her by her first name.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me Haruna.”

“…You’re always like this, you never change.”

“Hehe~ I don’t think I did that much.”

“Yeah…and I prefer like that more.”

She leaned in and rested her head on Yuko’s shoulder. It made the younger squirrel blushed with Haruna’s silent move and it seemed she didn’t want to say anything further too. Both Jurina and Rena witnessed the whole scene and then Yuko told them to go away using hand signal. Obviously the two only smirked and slowly sneaked away to leave the two all alone in the living room. Yuko bit her lips nervously as she felt Haruna scooted in closer and had her hands held onto Yuko’s shirt.  The squirrel was deadly nervous with the situation but she eventually held around her and patted her back gently. In that endless silence, Yuko’s heart was beating like crazy as she felt Haruna’s body close to her, it was like a dream, but at the same time she was quite lost with why Haruna was acting like this.

“Can I hug you… like this?”


“…Thank you.”

She smiled softly on Yuko’s shoulder while they just stayed in that position on the couch. The squirrel obviously still had her heart for the officer, but she had been hiding it for all these years and hoped for the best for Haruna. However, it seemed that officer Kojima started to make some move and realized the comforted and caring Yuko always gave her. Despite all the things about fighting each other in the battlefield, she could tell that the squirrel never intended to hurt her at the slightest. She showed no fear towards whether Haruna would kill her or not. It’s not that she believed in her, but Yuko didn’t mind if Haruna would kill her. She couldn’t understand why Yuko could be so selfless like this, but that was her appeal ever since she knew her…Maybe she might give her a chance for herself to fall in love with the squirrel…


Back to Miyuki who was sitting down by Yuki’s side having a talk with one another while watching over Mayu. They were sure having some sort of intense conversation and the younger twin had that frown on her face…she blinked and seemed to look nervous. It seemed Kashiwagi told her younger junior about her plans and what was she going to do from now on. Judging from Miyuki’s expression she was surprised and wasn’t sure whether it was a right thing that Yuki was doing or not. It was decided already that Yuki would be leaving, but it was a matter of when though.

“S-Senpai…when you’re leaving?”

“In two days, I’ll be talking to Mariko-san about it and help take me back to the city. There are many things I needed to do.”

“Will you come back?”

“…For both Mayu and I, its best that I don't come back here again…or ever meet her.”

Yuki was still not convinced with many things that Rena tried to tell her, but at least she would do as what the older Matsui asked which was to stay here for at most 3 days. It was the time that Takamina estimated when Mayu would wake up. She did have several things to go clear in the city and probably its best to leave as soon as she could. Also, there was nothing she needed to worry anymore too since Mayu no longer had the thirst for revenge, and everything would be smoothen down. There was nothing to stop Miyuki and Mayu from being together anymore, they only had each other left in this world.

“Nothing will stop you two being together anymore. Please do take care and look after her okay?”

“But…I’m sure Mayu-neechan cares for you too. Why would she risk herself into the lab just for you?”

“…I still can’t convince myself she did that for me. I meant nothing to her and I’m her tool for revenge. My purpose here is defeated and so as an outsider, I should leave here.”


“Please take care of her, and don’t let anything separate you two apart again. Mayu dearly cares for you, I can tell…even until now.”

Miyuki couldn’t seem to convince her senior about this matter. She seemed to make her decision regard about leaving this place, or it was just because she wanted to leave Mayu. She did listened to how Yuki came to know and be with Mayu until now…it sound truly unbelievable but she didn’t say a word and kept listening to everything. She knew about how Mayu was using her for revenge against Kashiwagi Miura, but now there’s no point for it since she no longer thirst for revenge. The man she had hatred for was no longer alive and this would end Mayu’s insanity. Eventually took her back to the normal peaceful life. However she would need support from people around her especially her only and last family member, Miyuki.  However, the younger twin felt that something wasn’t right and had to ask that question to her senior.

“Senpai, do you really like Mayu?”

“...No, I think I love her, maybe too much too.”

It did clarify many things in Miyuki’s mind. She could see the way her senior watched over and took care of her older twin…she could even feel it. The way that Yuki treated Mayu was like the way lovers would do. The raven-haired woman really loved her sister. She nodded in that silence and stayed by her senior’s side for the rest of the time until dinner. Haruna and her did bring clothes as well as some extra for Yuki. Everyone was very friendly and welcomed the two of them. Mariko was more than welcome to have them around in the house and they could stay as long as they wanted too. Obviously they had a plan that they would stay and left with Yuki back into the city. But Miyuki was still making that decision since she might stay here a little longer because her sister is here. She would obviously have so many things she wanted to talk to her to catch up with the missing 12 years they were apart.

Everyone sure had a long break after all this chaos and mess that happened. They never felt this much peaceful for a very long while. Rena, Jurina were excited and thrilled to get to know Miyuki. They were having fun playing around with each other as how the usual Jurina would be doing. As for Yuko and Haruna, they were helping each other cleaning the dishes and everything after the dinner. They seemed to be spending some time together after the long grudge Haruna had, reminiscing about their nostalgic past as well as maybe giving the opportunity for their feelings to grow. Haruna loved both Mariko and Yuko…but she no longer love the older woman like she used to anymore. She was still wondering she saw Yuko as a friend or more than that and only time would tell her. She seemed to have a discussion with the younger squirrel already and Yuko was obviously more than welcome to wait for Haruna despite they would still be just friends. The other three ladies saw and feel that little sweet atmosphere happening around Yuko and Haruna, and the young naive Jurina couldn’t help but to speak her thoughts.

“Yuko and Haruna-san looked like a married couple…”

“O-Oh shush it Jurina!”

Yuko was blushing mad, and it seemed Haruna was a little too. Rena couldn’t help but to giggle to see that love started to bloom everywhere. It would take quite a while for the two of them to settle together but at least there was a beginning to it. The older Matsui wrapped her arms around Jurina and pulled her in while she leaned back against the couch. The younger one was flushed this time and was completely submissive in Rena’s arm. She couldn’t help but to tease Jurina and kissed her head gently and cuddled her playfully.


“Hehe, you’re just cute Jurina.”

“How is being like a married couple now?”


Yuko sneered back and the puppy was blushing madly. As for Rena and Miyuki they couldn't help but to laugh at how Jurina was acting right now. She really did look like a helpless puppy in Rena’s arms. The older Matsui patted her head tenderly and kept Jurina in her arms for the whole time. Everyone was sure having fun and relaxed despite their status in society…officers, criminals, killers, whatever their status was, they could still live together happily with one another.


As for Mariko, she had sat down in her office working as usual but working on a new objective this time. She received a call from Takamina who was working something for her and she wished she would hear some good news. She passed the information she copied in an extra USB to the midget doctor before she left today; she wanted her to help do some special research for her.

“Any updates?”

[It is possible to make a cure for the toxin in Rena and your body. The data you gave me is really helpful; I should be able to tell you in few days.]

“I’m glad to hear that. Thank you so much Takamina.”

[I guess Mayu is doing well now?]

“She never left her side at all. I assume she’s alright.”

[I see, I’ll contact you if I got any further updates. High likely I should be able to formulate a cure for it.]

“…I’m glad to hear that. Good night.”

She hung up the call and rested against her chair. It seemed she really did ask the right person to come up with the cure for her and Rena. They were suffering from the side effects of the poison in their body and their bodies were decaying. Their lifespan had shortened down due to countless experiments on them…and if Takamina successfully made the cure, then it should buy get back some lifespan for them to live longer than they expected. However, they would be able to live that long comparing to ordinary people. The experiment they went through didn’t care they live long or not, as long as they could function as a SuperSoldier, it would still fulfill the experiment’s purpose. Mariko thought back to the old days when they worked so hard to come this far…and it’s finally over. Maybe it was about time they could finally take a rest from this matter. 


Lastly…Yuki was still there by Mayu’s side and gently stroke her head. She pushed that bangs away and saw that nasty scar across her left temple, she remembered the story that Mayu told her. Then it would always remind her that everything was over. The long hatred vengeful cycle was broke down and there was nothing that would come to harm Mayu anymore. Part of her hoped that Mayu would wake up quickly…but another part she didn’t want it to happen. If she woke up before she left, then it would be too hard for her to leave. Obviously she didn’t want to leave at all, but she still carried that guilt that her father hurt so many people, especially the one she loved. There were much confusion and frustration going on inside her and she would need a break to settle things down. She needed to give herself time to be alone, to filter things inside her mind before she could make any decision from now. Or she just wanted to run away from Mayu because of her feelings for her? She eventually glanced at the clock and realized that it was getting late, and so it was time for bed. Before that she stroke her cheek and slowly bent down to plant that soft kiss on her forehead.


She only called her name and nothing was said further. It was mixed with love and sadness. So much mixed emotions going on inside Yuki and she sighed before she decided it to call a day…just 2 more days before she would leave here.


It was the night before Yuki would leave. She was called over by Mariko after she had her dinner for a private talk. She wasn’t sure what Mariko wanted to talk to her and she was getting a little nervous when its only the two of them in her office. She leaned against the table and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Sorry to call you this late, but I need to tell you something…it is very important.”


“About Kashiwagi Miura, about your father…”


Mariko continued on and revealed the truth behind Miura’s action. She found this hidden message in the main computer after Haruna had successfully hacked into the main computer. It was in the same folder that contained literally all the information regarding the SuperSoldier project. When Mariko recited it, it made Yuki froze for a second because that was the same exact word he said before he was dead.

“…Let this end the madness…”

Later on, everything made sense when she had found his will. It was in his hidden pocket of the jacket and surprisingly it was written to Mayu… It revealed all his intention to be stopped by someone, to be killed by someone. He had done so many crimes beyond forgiving…and by the time he realized it, it was too late already. He always wondered who would be able to stop him and he hoped that his daughter would…but he knew Yuki too well. She was too kind and she wouldn’t be able to stop him that easily. However, recognizing Mayu in that security camera when she was attempting to kidnap Yuki out from their headquarters gave him hope… He obviously knew about Mayu’s identity and existence ever since then, and realized that she would be the best person to kill him…

Watanabe Mayu, she would be the best one to stop his madness after he failed to do so. He was deeply affected with Yumi’s death and lost his humanity already…he killed so many innocent lives and it was just too much for him to repent. It was too painful for him to live on and wanted someone to end his life. He wanted someone to stop him his madness. That was the hidden meaning behind his words… Let this end the madness…he always wished for someone to stop him from this insanity that was ripping off his humanity.

He was sad that he made Yuki disappointed. He couldn’t be a good father to her in the end, and allowed his own weakness to take control over her. Before he wrote this he had faith that Mayu would kill him. The girl would have the most motive to kill him, as he was responsible for her parent’s death. He pushed hard to play as a villain role to provoke Watanabe even more…to make her have a stronger motive to kill him. However, the last part of the letter…he addressed to his daughter.

“I’m sorry I can’t be the good father that you can be proud of,
and please know that I love you so much.”


Yuki literally broke into tears and but it was a mixed with too many emotions. She didn’t know what to say after she learned the truth regarding her father’s feelings. He was obviously an insane madman…but it was because he was severely wounded from her sister’s death. She was literally killed right in front of him…and no one could understand the pain he went through. She was sad that she failed to be her father’s emotional support and to understand his real feelings. People could be so desperate because of the permanent scar that was left behind and would always sought for something to fill in that gap. Everyone sure that that traumatizing past that left a scar on their heart, but what made a difference between everyone of them was either they let themselves be succumbed by darkness and hatred…or to move forward with that strong heart without letting it get to them. If one were to see, Kashiwagi Miura was a victim of the society just like everybody else, but his weakness lead to tragedy for many other people like Mayu and Miyuki.  One event lead up to another one, like a continuous cycle that needed to be severed.

“Do feel free to hate me, since I’m the one that killed your father.”

“…No, I have enough of it.”

Yuki shook her head and looked back at Mariko. She approached her and held that right hand that Mariko used to pull that trigger to end Miura’s life. The young officer looked into Shinoda’s eyes filled with hope. Despite she knew that this left some scar on Yuki’s heart…she was willingly to move on forward without letting that tragic past drag her down. Enough with this revenge and hating each other…Yuki didn’t want to continue this. She knew that Mariko was the one responsible for killing her father, but she didn’t hate her. She hated herself more for unable to understand her father and be by his side when he needed that emotional support.

“I think my father would want to say thank you to you. At least…he went with peace and no longer have to suffer.”

“…You’re very strong, Yuki.”

“Not really, but I guess I learned a lot by being around Mayu, and everyone.”

“I see. And so about tomorrow, you’re certain you’ll leave without waiting for Mayu to wake up first?”

Yuki shook her head sideways and looked back at Mariko, she explained her feelings how it would make it too hard for her to go and she needed the time to be alone to settle her feelings down. But obviously, Mariko could see through it clearly and could tell that Yuki wanted to leave because out of fear towards Mayu. She just looked the same as when Rena came to tell her she was leaving for Jurina’s sake…Yuki was here because of the deal that Mayu forced on her, but now that everything was over, she lost the purpose to be here and felt that she was needed to be here.

“I’ll send you two off tomorrow, Takamina will be coming to pick you two up and drop you in the city.”

“Thank you…for everything, Mariko-san.”


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I was looking around and saw nothing but darkness. I kept walking and was looking for something that I lost. It was rather…important to me. I can’t seem to figure out what it is but…I know it’s very important to me. Then I felt like I know where it is…I kept running towards this darkness even more and desperately until I felt that familiar warmth that have been holding me ever since I could remember. It is so familiar…but now it’s just gone, and I’m desperately trying to get it back.

“Where is it…!?”

I kept run towards this random direction hoping that I could find it, but I failed. I tried to recall what it is, but I couldn’t at all…I can’t remember. I felt like if I called it then I would know where it is…I will be able to take it back. What’s the name…what’s her name…


It was like a flash ran through my head and everything started to return back to me. I turned back and then I saw that familiar raven-haired woman with her back towards me. I don’t see her face…but I know who she was. I remember that warmth coming from her, and that comforting air she always have.


I extended my hand towards her, but she slowly started to distance away from me. I literally sprinted but she started to distance away…the faster I run the faster it disappears away from my site.


It didn’t stop at all…but if I call her, then she might. Her name…yes, I finally remember her name and it was stuck in my throat. I tried to shout her name but it failed. I literally screamed to the top of my lungs but it didn’t work.


(W-What the—!? W-Why can’t I…)


 I started to get even desperate and then I just reached my limits…it felt as if the a part of my heart was ripped off from me, and I never felt this horrible in my whole life. This is really a nightmare…and I gave my one last try and yell her name to the top of my lungs. However, her name, kept repeated in my head, endlessly…

(Yuki…! YUKI!!!!)



The wounded Watanabe sprang up from bed and she was breaking into sweat. She was having that nightmare and literally yelled her name out from the top of her lungs. It’s been so long she was living in the dream…and didn’t know how long had it been since she was sleeping. She was panting and finally realized the pain on her abdomen as well as on the shoulder. There was a huge different from that dreamland she was in. She definitely realized that she was back to reality and was trying to process things around her…she recalled she fainted after Mariko came to save her from being killed by Miura…and then everything seemed to fade away. Before she could even think anything further, she heard someone coming towards the door and it was that familiar girl that looked similar to her. She was panting as if she ran from somewhere, likely was because she heard Mayu’s yell. Then that huge smile of delight appeared across her face. Mayu was obviously surprised to see her here…she wouldn’t expect to see her twin here.



The younger twin literally sprinted in and threw her arms around Mayu tightly. She was already broken into tears and hugged her beloved sister as if there was no tomorrow. Obviously she felt that sting pain after receiving that colliding impact but then she could feel Miyuki trembling and crying on her shoulders. She only hugged her sister back without any further words and patted her head gently. He could tell that she was so worried about her.

“…I’m sorry to make you worry, Miyuki. I’m fine, okay?”

“Thank goodness…Thank goodness you’re awake! You made me worried so much…!”

“I do have some tough luck.”

Miyuki slowly pushed herself away and both twins exchange glances with each other, and finally witnessed that smile from Mayu. It was the same exact smile that her gentle older sister always had…it was as if the older sister returned back to whom she used to be, and no longer was a slave of vengeance. Mayu patted her head again and tried to calm the crybaby sister of hers.

“You never change, always a crybaby.”

“…You changed, back to the neechan I love so much.”

They both smiled and enjoyed the sense of reunion, however Miyuki seemed to snap back to reality. There were so many things she wanted to talk to Mayu after they were finally united again, but there was something important that needed to be done right now. Miyuki bit her lips before she looked back up at Mayu and went straight to the point so to make things proceed much quicker. She stepped back and stood up firmly.

“Everyone just left a short while ago before you woke up. They were off to send Haruna-senpai and Yuki-senpai. They’re both heading back to the city today.”


“Please hurry, neechan. If you go now, you can still make it.”

It was like the power between twins. Mayu didn’t have to tell Miyuki what she wanted to know, but it was like she read her mind. The moment of short silence between the two and they had that eye contact with each other before Mayu smiled out of relief. Maybe the first word she blurted already hinted Miyuki more than enough that the older twin sure had some sort of feelings towards officer Kashiwagi. However it wasn’t the time to think about that since every second that ticked was very important. She finally got out from bed and stood right in front of her.

“Thank you, I wish we can talk…but I need to go now.”

“Also one thing neechan.”


“…Don’t let senpai go, okay?”

“You bet it. Now you really sound like people who lived here.”

“Hehe, I’m your sister after all!”

Both twins were very similar after all. She was starting to speak as if she was one of her people in dark alley now. It just made Mayu nodded firmly before she rushed out towards the door before she sprinted with all the life and energy she had…once and for all. 

She didn’t even bother grab her jacket and just ran out with her black sleeveless shirt and shorts. She just charged out bare feet and sprinted like there was no tomorrow. If they were about to take their leave from dark alley to the city…it would be that usual spot that they would always use if they were to head out from the dark alley. It would just be straight out from here to the public road…and Mayu just had this massive adrenaline rush and so it was keeping her alive. She barely had any food in her stomach and not much energy in her muscles, but she was still running with full strength. Her natural painkillers inside her body were stimulated and she was no longer feeling any pain at the moment. The power of adrenaline rush sure was saving her right now and she knew that she would be in horrendous amount of pain after this.

“Goddammit!!! I hope I make it in time…! Run faster—!!” 

She’s getting exhausted but that didn’t stop her from speeding up at all. She pushed harder despite her feel was getting lots of cuts from stepping on rocks and other unknown materials all over the floor. She couldn’t be bothered thinking about it since she needed to get there as quickly as she could…before she would regret so badly that could be worse than death. 

“I’m not fucking going to let happen…! I need to hurry up…!”

It was just like her dream, she was running desperately to catch with Yuki but she failed to reach her…she didn’t want to embrace that despair again. This time she would yell for her as loud as she could to the top of her lungs in a way she never did before in her whole life… she would make sure to not fail to call her name.


Everyone came out to send Haruna and Yuki off as Takamina came to pick them up with her car. They were loading their luggage to the back of the car before she gave each other the farewells. Jurina seemed to take a like on Yuki and she was hoping that she would come visit them again sometime.

“Yuki-san, please come back again.”

“I will try Jurina. I can’t say for sure.”

“Mayu would want to see you too! Everyone will sure miss you.”

“…Yeah, I hope so. There are few things I need to do, I’ll try my best.”

After she finished her farewell moment with Jurina, she turned to Rena who was standing beside the puppy girl. She had that soft smile across her face and was disappointed that Mayu didn’t wake up before both officers would leave. She wanted to stop her, but she needed to respect Yuki’s decision. Despite they had a happy ending to this SuperSoldier incident…it didn’t guarantee it would be a happy ending to both Mayu and Yuki after all.

“…Please take care, and feel free to come again. Thank you for keeping your promise to stay around this long.”

“It’s okay, thank you for everything Rena.”

“It’s a pleasure to get to know you.”

They both shook hands with each other as they had became good friends with one another. During her times here Yuki had made friends with everyone as well as the leader of the dark alley. Kastly, it was Mariko that she faced with and before any words could be said, she bowed her head down to her before the older woman could say anything. Mariko obviously didn’t know what to say at all, to give her condolence? But they had this talk already last night and they didn’t need to add anything further that what they already know. Yuki only smiled to her and thanked Mariko for everything she did.   

“…Thank you for everything, Mariko-san and thank you bringing the end to this.”

“To be honest…I don’t really know what to say. ”

“Please take my gratitude and I believe father wants to say thank you too.”

“…You’ll always be welcome here, whenever.”

“I’ll always keep that in mind.”

They both shook hands with each other and seemed to form a strong friendship with Mariko. At the very least Yuki got to realize her father’s true feelings and she no longer saw him as a complete madman anymore. The father she loved and respected always lived and would always be there in Yuki’s heart. It made her felt much more peaceful than the past days that she felt horrible about her father. Right now…it was the time to leave and depart from here once and for all.


The young Watanabe was still running and her adrenaline was still pumping. Rn. Run… and run harder. She turned at the corner quickly and accidently tripped over this stupid can, but she kept on running, it just made it worse since the opened can scratched on back of her feet. However she just completely ignored it as she knew she was about to reach that usual spot, and that was when she heard people conversing with each other. She remembered those familiar voices talking in a farewell matter…she recognized Yuko’s voice first.

“See you guys later! Take care!”

(N-No…! W-Wait!!)

“Bye bye! Please visit us again!”

The next voice was Jurina and it was getting louder and she sprinted harder. She realized that she was about to reach up to them and as she looked forward…she saw the back of the raven-haired woman approaching the car first. It was identical to the one she saw in the dream and it just made Mayu desperate even more. She remembered that feeling when that warmth disappeared away…and left her empty in the darkness.

“No…p-please make it on time…!”

She didn’t want to feel that again and it just made her and she started to feel that sting pain on her abdomen and maybe she had ripped her wounds up, but that could be dealt with later. She was about to hyperventilate from this long sprint and finally gathered all the air into her lungs…before she desperately screamed the loudest as she could.


The loudest scream ever and made everyone froze on the spot. No one would be expecting to hear someone screamed like that but they immediately recognize that familiar voice. Rena turned around and she couldn’t help but to be shocked, and eventually that smiled appeared across her face before she whispered softly.

“A miracle…did happen.”

The one being called was the one that was in a shocked state and she turned back to see everyone moved away and let that familiar girl walked through. She stood right in front of her panting hard with that exhausted expression. She couldn’t believe her eyes with who was actually standing right in front of her…her eyes grew wide with shock as Mayu was still catching up her breath. It was like a dream and she blinked to make sure she was not dream. Apparently, she wasn’t at all.



“W-Whoa, are you nuts Mayu?? Did you just ran barefoot here!?”

Yuko suddenly yelled out loud with surprise, as she was the first to recognize that trail of blood that Mayu left. She had that cut across her feet because she accidently kicked the opened metal can on her way here. Also, she had pretty much stepped on sharp materials and did cut her feet. Yuki looked down and was shocked; she got into her worried mode and scolded at Mayu for being insane and reckless.

“W-Why are you doing this?? You just recovered from the injury you—”

“Why…are you leaving…!?”

“This is not the time for this, you’re blee—“

“Listen to me…!”

“Mayu! Stop being stubborn already you need to—!”


Mayu grabbed her collar shirt and pulled Yuki down to seal her lips. It was fastest and simplest way to shut the officer up and everyone was caught off guard with the scene they were witnessing. Everyone was literally shocked with Mayu’s blunt move; she did gone straight to the point without any further words and really did shut Yuki up. As for surprised officer, her mind completely blown away when Mayu’s lips sealed against hers. It was a forceful kiss and she was resisting against it. She tried to push Mayu away…but Watanabe used every bits of energy left in her muscle cells to hold firm of her grip and keep Yuki close to her, but she was still exhausted from the run and had to pull the kiss away from her. She was still trying to catch her breath after that long running.

“Listen…to me already…!”

“M-Mayu stop this, w-why are you doing this?!”

 “Isn’t that the question I have to ask—U-Ugh…”

The adrenaline seemed to have dropped down and she just felt pain everywhere. Her legs went weak and she fell on her knees. Yuki reacted fast enough and held onto her to support that weak body before she kneeled down with her as well. The pain came from the reopened abdomen wound, which was killing her mentally, and she instinctively pressed her hand against her stomach. As she pulled her hand away and made both of them saw the blood. Yuki immediately realize that Mayu reopened her wounds due to her insane running from the hideout to the front here and it just made her angry with her.

“You just reopened your wounds! Are you insane!? Why can’t you stop being reckless like this!?”

“Shut…! Up!”

“You almost died because of this recklessness, why couldn’t you stop being this crazy—”

“Then stop running away from me already!!”


Jurina tried to go in to help but Rena stopped her first. It was a matter between Mayu and Yuki that needed to be settled before anything else…that’s why everyone just stood there and allowed the two of them to understand each other. Watanabe held tightly on Yuki’s shirt and her head was leaning against her shoulder too. She was panting and groaning in pain…but her body language was more than enough to tell Yuki that she would not let her go if she didn’t either faint or die. She never saw Mayu acted so desperate like this before in her life… Yuki was too stunned to continue anything else and that made Mayu continued where she left off. 

“I didn’t risk me life…to just see you walk away from me again. Do I need to lose an arm or something to make you stay—!? U-Ugh…”

“M-Mayu!? Stop moving already!”

“Don’t you dare…leave…”

She was breath so hard against Yuki’s chest and she could feel that weak arm trembling. Mayu didn’t eat anything in the past days she was asleep…at most was that she was given water every now and then by Yuki. However, it wasn’t enough for her to have the strength to fight back against the officer. At this condition, Yuki could easily push her away…but she can’t. No matter how much Kashiwagi ordered herself that she needed to do so, she still couldn’t push Mayu away.

“Why do you have to do this…aren’t we just using each other for our own benefits?”

“…I can’t…anymore.”

She let her body leaned against Yuki and both arms wrapped around Yuki tightly. Like a desperate child clinging on her precious thing that she valued more than her own life. The officer could feel those arms and her body trembling badly. It was from all the adrenaline rushed and she was still panting due to exhaustion… She looked like she was about to collapse any second but she was stilling holding on no matter what.

“Kill me if you going to leave…”

“You’re exaggerating things too much—”

“Try me…want to bet on it?”

“I’m not playing any stupid games with you anymore! This is not a game.”

“…I’m serious.”


Her voice became serious and Yuki could tell it immediately. It made her stumble slightly and Mayu was still trying to catch her breath and she was slowly regaining her breathing back…but the pain was just killing her so badly. She got a massive cut across the back of her feet, countless cuts all over her feet as well reopening her abdomen wounds. The combination of all was just mentally disturbed. 

“I rather die…if you plan to just go away like this…”

“S-Stop it. Stop staying ‘die’ so easily like this!”

“Because I’m SERIOUS here!! Goddammit! Why can’t you tell!?”


“What do I have to do…to keep you here…!?”

“…Mayu, this is the best for both of us. You’re now freed from the vengeful feelings and you have Miyuki with you…you have a life waiting for you.”

“Do you hate me that much?”


“Do you hate me?”


“Do you…?”

“Please stop it.”

“Why…did you lie to me then…?”


Mayu gripped onto Yuki’s shirt tighter and continued the conversation with that unbearable pain. However, she knew that this physical pain couldn’t match up with this emotional pain if she let go of Yuki…she knew that she would regret for the rest of her life if she did. As for Kashiwagi, she was completely dumbfounded with what Mayu was trying to say to her…and she couldn’t believe what the stubborn girl brought up. It was something she promised with her right before Yuki returned back to her father.

“You said…you’ll never leave me…carry those burdens with me…never let me go…is that all a lie?”


She remembered she said those words at the park with Mayu. She promised to her that she wouldn’t leave her no matter what and would always be there by Mayu’s side… she stop Mayu from revenging and would support her no matter what. Yuki promised to be there by Mayu’s side. She obviously remembered what she promised, but she was shocked that Watanabe remembered every single word she said. Little by little, her strong determination to leave started to weaken down with Mayu’s desperation and feelings.

“Is it all a lie?”

“N-No. It’s not a lie! I never intent to lie to you—”

“Don’t give out words when you can’t even plan to keep it…!”

“Stop it! You’re making this too hard for me…is this your scheme again? What do you want from me this time?”

“…What the hell do I have to do…to make you believe what I said—G-Guh…!”

“L-Let go of me! You’re forcing your wounds to reopen again!”

“I beg you…Yuki.”


She called her name and it made her froze at that instant. It was like she was casted on a spell when Mayu called her name so clearly and gently like that. She gently pushed herself away but still had that firm grip on her shirt. She kept repeated that name to keep Yuki’s attention at her. She hoped that her feelings would reach the officer through that name she never ever said to her. For all this time…she never said her name, and it seemed like she was making up for all this time that she never said it. Mayu let out all her emotions, and kept calling her without any thoughts of saying anything else. She stared right into Yuki’s eyes and kept calling her name…and the officer was completely mesmerized with those eyes. For some reason, she couldn’t let her eyes away at all, as if she was completely stole her heart away.


“…Stop it.”


“D-Don’t call my name…please…!”


“S-Stop it! Please I beg you…!”


The older officer avoided that eye contact and her voice was already cracking up. She was hitting the verge of tears…but then it didn’t stop Mayu at all. She cupped her cheeks, turned over back to her and sealed those lips again. However this time, the kiss was very tender. Mayu never kissed her like this before…. it was so soft and gentle. As if it was a kiss that lovers do…and it was too hard for Yuki to even resist against it. She felt that tongue entered her mouth and touched hers. She tried to push away, but Mayu just deepened it up even more and its like she felt so many emotions through it…her energy was drained as well as it shattered her determination to leave Mayu’s side. In truth she never wanted to, but she didn’t know what would be the best for Mayu at all. She was being utterly selfless that she ignored her feelings that wanted to stay by Watanabe’s side forever. However, this kiss they had was making those feelings resurfaced again. Without realizing, she gripped tightly onto Mayu’s shirt and let her emotions poured out through her tears instead. The younger one didn’t stop and deepened up the kiss even more and finally felt that Yuki was kissing her back too. Raw emotions took over instead and they both felt like they were in their own little world now…

Miyuki finally arrived after she had tried to catch up with Mayu as she hoped that her sister made it on time. However, when she finally arrived at her destination, she could see everything turned their backs towards the car and had their eyes off somewhere as if to avoid looking at something. She approached with curiosity and she could see her sister and senior were having a private moment with each other and couldn’t help but to blush awkwardly.


“Shhh, Let them be for now. Damn…never knew she can do such a thing.”

Yuko turned Miyuki around so she wouldn’t be staring at her own sister kissing intimately with her senior. She was slightly surprised, but in a good way. It did showed her that Mayu really did felt the same way as how Yuki felt for her…she didn’t expect to witness a scene like this when she arrived…but she felt quite relieved for them that there was a good ending for the two.

…The couple slowly parted their lips away after their deep intimate kissing, and they were both blushing heavily. Yuki was completely embarrassed that she allowed her raw emotions to resurface again and kissed Mayu back with her heart’s content. It just indirectly revealed that she still have those feelings for Mayu after all the things that happened. In that short moment they were staring into each other’s eyes before Mayu made a move on her. 

“I take back what I want…I claim what’s mine. Even you’ll hate me for this, I’ll make sure you fall in love with me again…and even more than before.”


Mayu’s blunt speech just made Yuki turned redder and it was just too bloody obvious for the younger one to ignore it. That moment Mayu swore that Yuki looked like a kid and she couldn’t help but to let out a soft laugh. She couldn’t recall the last time she laughed relieving like this at all…maybe she didn’t have anything to hold her down any longer.


It made Yuki’s eyes grew wide… and everyone couldn’t believe what they heard. That was likely to be the first time of their life that they heard Mayu laughed like that…like an ordinary girl. Yuki swore that it was the most beautiful smile she ever saw in her life. It was so gentle and kind just like how Miyuki always explained to her. That smile touched her heart, and she could feel the face heated up even more.  It made the intense atmosphere around the two of them decreased and then Mayu held onto both of her hands tightly as well as gently.

“Yuki…can we make one last deal?”


“A deal, one last deal between us.”

“…What now?”

“Your body, heart, soul, burdens, and pain…everything. It will all belong to me, and only to me. You’ll become mine forever.”

“And in return… what will I get from you?”


The officer was certainly familiar with this rule very well. For one to give out something they would get something equally in return. If Mayu asked Yuki to give everything to her and always belong to her, then she needed to repay something that was equivalent to that. She couldn’t tell what would be coming at all. At first Yuki was looking downward and waited for Mayu to reply, but she was sure taking her time… The moment she looked up she could see the young Watanabe blushing with that dishonest face. She diverted her eyes away and covered her lips with her fingers. It was obvious that she was totally embarrassed to say something. However, seeing Mayu blushing embarrassingly like this was something rather new and surprising…she looked like a normal girl. That side of hers was just downright adorable and Yuki couldn’t help but to repeat what she asked again. 

“What will I get in return…?”



Yuki was lost with Mayu’s indirect answer but then it made the shy stubborn girl blushed even more. She couldn’t say those words out of embarrassment and Mayu knew that her friends were behind her. She needed to make that declaration of her deal but it was just too embarrassing for her. She had to turn back to yell at everyone to close their ears so only Yuki would hear her.

“C-Close your ears now! All of you!”

“Jeez, so complicated, just say it already…”

“S-Shut up!!”

“But I want to hear it…”

“Don’t you dare Jurina—!”

Yuko and Jurina whined back but in the end everyone did as Mayu asked. This time, only Yuki would be hearing what Mayu said and she took one last deep breath before she told the officer the prize she would get in return for belonging to Mayu…she was blushing like a kid and Yuki couldn’t help but to be curious with what Watanabe had to say right now. She wondered what could be more embarrassing than all the things that Mayu had done to her already.

“So…what’s my prize in return?”

“I-I told you…everything.”

“Mayu, Not that again—“

“Everything that is me, if you belong to only me forever…I’ll be yours.”

She interrupted Yuki and replied back softly while blushing madly. But it wasn’t just her anymore. Yuki felt like she was abut to explode right now. The way Mayu was saying was indirectly implying that they would be lovers when she accepted that deal…or they would even be more than that. Yuki just suddenly broke into tears as if her emotions just started pouring out nonstop.

“So…w-will you accept the deal? Our deal…?”

“I-I ah—!”

She tried to hide it but Mayu just pulled her in and let her cry on her chest…she gently stroked Yuki’s head and let her cry as much as she needed to. Maybe it was tears of happiness, or mixed of everything… Mayu didn’t bother to ask anything and just let Yuki burst all her feelings out. She knew that Yuki loved her…and it had always been on-sided for the whole time. It was obvious that one would be happy when their feelings and love was returned back. Everyone behind could hear Yuki crying all her tears out and realized that the things were settled now. They turned around and saw a good ending before their eyes. It seemed Yuki wouldn’t be leaving to the city after all…at least not today. Rena got an eye signal from Mariko and realized what she needed to do, take Yuki’s stuffs out from the car since she probably wouldn’t be going back today. All of them just watched with a smile and let the two lovers enjoyed the silence between the two. It seemed Mayu didn’t need any words to get a confirmation with Yuki…since the answer seemed to be obvious for both sides. The officer slowly pushed away and Mayu was the one that wiped the tears from her eyes with her finger.

“…You and your crazy deals…I wondered why I can’t stop loving you at all. The more I tried forget these feelings, the more I tried to get away from you, the more I realized that I just love you so much.”


“Hehe, you’re blushing? That’s so cute of you.”

“Shut up, don’t tease me.”

“I can’t believe it at all, you’re crazier and much more insane than I thought.”

“Hmph…I guess love makes people do stupid things after all, didn’t you say so?”

“Yeah—wait what??”

Mayu covered her mouth and just felt like wanted to dig down to the core of the earth. She literally just confessed out that she loved Yuki without realizing it. Everyone heard it clearly with both ears and Yuko couldn’t help but to laugh out loud at how Mayu just literally dug her own grave in front of everyone. It was a silly mistake she did and obviously the older twin was mad with the squirrel.

“Don’t laugh! Oi!!”

“B-Bwahhahaha! You just literally dug your own grave! What’s even the point for us to close our ears again? ”

“Shut up Yuko! Don’t remind me anything about that!”

“Haha, Yuko, you’re just mean.”

Mariko chuckled softly and Mayu wanted to just die right there out of embarrassment. Rena couldn’t stop giggling as she knew how much Mayu would always be cautious with her words, but it seemed she just slipped it out so easily like this. Slowly little by little, she could see Watanabe slowly returning back to an ordinary girl…back to who she used to be and who she truly was. As for the one that received that indirect confession looked as if she was about to die from a heart attack. Yuki was literally got a shock of her life…and was still trying to process the fact that Mayu felt the same towards her. Yuki pulled on the younger girl’s shirt and brought her attention back to her, she still wanted to confirm what she heard and had to ask Mayu again.

“I-Is it true? What you said just now…”



“I-I’ll tell you in a special occasion, not here.”

“Hey, that’s mean.”

“Shut up, I said not here, so it’s not here.”

“So when Mayu is in love she’s a stubborn tsundere type eh~”

Yuko couldn’t stop teasing the young mouse and it just made her wanted to kill the squirrel so badly, she got up as she tried to go ask for a fight. But it seemed she forgot all the package of injuries she got at the moment, she literally fell back onto the ground and was groaning with pain. That made everyone remembered that Mayu had those new injuries she just got today along with a reopened one. It was a wakeup call for Yuki and rushed to her love’s side and held her in her arms. She couldn’t help but to sigh and realized that she would need to stick around with her for a long while.

“Geez…someone crazy like you, I cannot leave you at all, can’t I?”

“Never, because you’re mine.”

“Hehe, yeah I am… I allowed my heart to be stolen by you and I will never have it back again.”


Mayu just remained in silence blushing before Yuki got small towels from Takamina to wrap around her feet gently. Glad that the bleeding stopped but they needed to disinfected it before it would get worse. The older one scooped Mayu up and carried her in her arms. It seemed the Yuki would have to take care of the restless girl for the rest of her life after all, or else Mayu would be doing a lot of insane things again. The midget sighed as Mayu just increased the work for her. Takamina had to follow back to the hideout to re-stitch Mayu’s wound that she forcefully reopened as well as checking the new big cut across her feet. She couldn’t believe how reckless Mayu was but at least she knew that Yuki would make sure it wouldn’t happen again.


So it seemed the plan to head back to the city was moved away. However, Haruna would need to go back today so Takamina would send her off after she was done treating Mayu’s fresh new injury. Rena peaked behind her to see Yuki and Mayu finally together at last and couldn’t help but to feel grateful for the two. Everyone was talking to one another while they were heading back to the hideout. This was the best ending that Rena could’ve ask for… there was no longer a reason to fight anymore and finally they were able to live with the ones they cherished. Obviously none of them would let this moment go again…and would always hold firm to this moment for the rest of their life. Rena held Jurina’s hand and leaned against the younger puppy beside her whom was so close to her height. It did made Jurina flinched slightly with a bold move.

“W-What is it Rena-chan?”


Both Matsui were far from developing anything else, but Rena had a feeling that they should take it gradually instead of having a dramatic swinging relationship like Mayu and Yuki. The two Matsui ladies sure enjoyed their moments together while Yuki and Mayu seemed to have their privacy a little while they were walking behind everyone. Officer Kashiwagi wasn’t weak after all as she was able to carry Mayu in her arms easy without feeling exhausted. They didn’t say a word and the younger one just leaned against Yuki’s shoulder until Yuki suddenly spoke up to her. 

“Hey Mayu.”


“Since I gave my heart to you, is there anything in return I would get?”

“I stole that. You didn’t give it to me. So I don’t have to give anything in return back.”

“Ouch…haha, that’s mean?”

Yuki chuckled softly with how Mayu was acting all mean again. It was funny seeing how she switched between being such a stubborn girl as well as being very mean. She turned to look at her and saw those blushing ran across Mayu’s ears. The younger one just grumbled to softly so only Yuki could hear it…and she was glad that only she could hear it.

“What do you want…when you got what you want already…?”

What an indirect speech, but the message was passed to her. They sure had their own way of communicating and Yuki couldn’t help but giggle out of utmost contentment. Mayu’s way of communicating was just so complicated, but it’s just so like her. As if she was just so new to this and was yet to bluntly speak of her true feelings to her. She could finally tell her feelings and knew that it would reach Mayu this time…as well as it would be requited. She didn’t regret that she met with Mayu back at that alley on that very first time they pointed their guns at each other. The memories how their relationship came up until now replayed in her mind and it sounded ridiculous that they came this far and came down to this beautiful ending.  Yuki would always belong to her forever… since in return, she would have her stubborn little love right by her side till her very last breath.

“I love you Mayu…and I don’t regret it at all.”

“…I know that.”

“Can I ask you if you feel the same?”


Mayu was plainly mean to her but then Mayu scooted up a little to whisper against her ears before she face flushed horribly. It was like Yuki’s heart was about to explode with the way Watanabe was being just so indirect to her. She could just be downright adorable and made Yuki fell in love with her even more. It was one heck of an adventure and it was like a miracle that they were together at the end of everything. In the end, Yuki fell in love with every side of hers…both the heartless and gentle side, and didn’t regret any of those moments she unconditionally believed and gave up everything to Mayu.

“You two lovebirds, I didn’t want to interrupt you two but move faster will you?”

Yuko couldn’t help but to tease which made both of them blushed embarrassingly even more. The officer was walking a little slower since she was distracted with what Mayu said to her. She increased her speed immediately to catch up with everyone and Watanabe just allowed herself to rest in those arms without arguing or saying anything back. It seemed both of them were still blushing from what Mayu said… Yuki wasn’t expecting such a statement like that since it was mixed of being bold and indirect in a way.

“You’re mine…and I’m yours…forever. That’s our deal, isn’t?”

Mayu’s words kept repeated in her head and she couldn’t help but to look forward for the moment they would be alone together. She would nag as much as she wanted from Mayu in order to hear out her true feelings. It was just a beginning of their story together and maybe she would get to see much more of the real Watanabe Mayu from now on. Either way, she was madly in love with her already. She would have so much fun dealing with Mayu from now on and watched more of her cute sides. … The thief got what it wanted by stealing, while the officer’s job was to capture the thief. And so it seemed both of them successfully accomplished their role in a way… Mayu stole her heart and in returned Yuki captured hers… and none of them planned to let go of that precious tresure until their very last breath.




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Epilogue~ Epilogue~ Epilogue~ Epilogue~ Epilogue~ Epilogue~
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Love Capture: Epilogue

Several years had passed since that SuperSoldier incident. Thinking back to those days, it felt like a dream. Things changed so much ever since then… Atsuko’s brother, General Yusuke had made the military alerted with this inhuman actions happened and finally tracked down the people in the government that secretly funded this project. He did kept his promise with Mariko to end once and for all…and the existence of SuperSoldier project had diminished away for eternity, only its name shall passed down through future generations about its horror and disaster to leave fear behind.

Good news from Takamina who had officially became a doctor and worked in the hospital belonged to her cousin. She had come up with a cure for the three survived SuperSoldiers so to prevent toxics from decaying their body. Obviously Mariko was too old to regain all the lifespan back, but for both Rena and Jurina they would live quite longer than what they would expect at the beginning. Even though they might not live as long as normal human lifespan…they didn’t mind it at the slightest as long as the could be together. So many things happened since then. Mariko had to stay in the hospital for several months to make sure her health condition was stable enough for her to live on a healthy life for a long while. Everyone started to move on with their own lives peacefully, but they would all still be a family. Their bonds were unbreakable…and today was their annual reunion day and it would be the day that everyone gathered up together…surely everyone took a day off for such a special day like this.

They had an appointment at this big park in the city they knew. It was right in the middle of the city and so it would be the best place for their meet up. So it seemed that the older adults had arrived at the place first and decided to have a seat on one of the free tables in the park. The midget one sat down with a huge sighed followed, she seemed to be exhausted from her work. 

“Finally I get a chance to get out from the hospital.”

“You really sound like an old geezer, Takamina.”

Another woman spoke up as she was sitting beside the midget doctor. She took off her sunglasses and kept in her bag, revealing those beautiful brunette orbs underneath. She had that gentle calm and mature aura from her, it was as expected from a sweet loveable high school teacher.

“Dealing with young kids…I had enough dealing with someone insane like Mayu and Yuko already.”

“Haha, not everyone is as unique as those two though.”

The high school teacher, Maeda Atsuko, giggled out as she couldn’t help but to agree that those kids in the dark alley was a truly different from any other children in the city. However, she knew that Takamina didn’t meant that she didn’t like this…it was just that she worried about Mayu and others so much. She got emotionally tied down to someone too easily to get involved with children. The retired leader approached them with a smile, as she was the 3rd member of the group that arrived early. Since they have the time to have some chitchat with each other to update with their lives through each year they’re apart.

“How’s your job treating you now Mariko?”

“It was alright. Thanks to Acchan I’m able to get a spot as school counselor.”

Shinoda Mariko, she was working as a school counselor as she was suggested by Atsuko and she was doing great. She had gone through the probation time and was on a contract with a school. She had been spending time with Atsuko during break time at school and always kept accompanying each other. They sure were working together as a coworker as well as a friend too. She used that money she earned to create an official orphanage for the kids in the dark alley and received a lot of donations and supports from many people; it was a success so far.

“Mariko is working really well! The kids like her. She really does have a sister figure.”

“I’m not surprised.”

Takamina shrugged her shoulder and they were continuing their conversation without realizing that there was another two more people came in to join. They saw the three ladies from a distance away and they knew them immediately. It caught Atsuko’s attention when they were getting closer to them. That made the other two turned around and saw the two other ladies came up to them.

“Everyone~! It’s been a long while isn’t?”

“Hello everyone.”

“Oh Yuko-chan, Haruna, it seems you two were doing well.”

Atsuko smiled as the 1st couple finally arrived at the meeting spot. They were in their casual comfortable outfit to fit with this reunion day they came for. After that incident, Yuko moved in to live with her in order to find a job in the city. It was hard but everything went very well. Yuko worked hard and did became the manager of the café close by to the apartment she lived in with Haruna, and seemed to gain a lot of popularity due to her charm with other people. Seems many things changed between her and Haruna and eventually they seemed to have settled with each other and been living together ever since then. As for Haruna, she was still working as an officer but moved her department to a much safer one than the Crime Investigation department. They were officially together 2 years ago until now as they revealed in their reunion. Both Yuko and Haruna changed slightly but not as much, but their air around them was completely different each time they appeared at the reunion.

“What about Jurina and Mayu? Yet to come?”

“Still waiting for them, how’s your life these days?”

Mariko asked and could saw Yuko smiled with relief and held Haruna’s hand. It seemed they have something to tell others and that was when the squirrel showed the finger wore on her left hand’s ring finger. Indicated that she was engaged…it wasn’t a big surprise for them since they knew how much Yuko loved Haruna, but what really caught them off-guard was that the officer accepted the proposal. They were engaged few months ago and they were planning to surprise everyone with that secret. They were both indeed old enough to open the new chapter to their life after all. Takamina was so shocked but she was very happy for them…the young squirrel she used to know was moving on with her life with someone she truly loved.

“Whoa! Congrats Yuko! And you too Haruna!”

“T-Thank you…”

“I’m happy for you both, Yuko, Haruna.”

Mariko smiled with relief that both of her closest friends have feelings for each other and would wish to tie a knot between the two. Maybe she was already expecting this to happen and that was why she was not surprised. She could see the way that the two looked at each other and could tell how much Haruna cared and loved Yuko back. Mariko was more than grateful that her ex-lover finally found someone that could take care of her unconditionally and with her whole life. Only Yuko would be the person that Mariko would leave Haruna in her care.

“Ah~ Everyone’s there!!!”

They could hear a loud sound of a young girl exclaimed as she approached the group. It was that familiar voice of the usual loud girl. They all turned around and finally met with the other 3 ladies that came. Obviously the first person that led arrived first was the usual energetic puppy Matsui Jurina. She had grown her hair longer and had become much prettier. The other two ladies whom were older than her followed Jurina from behind and had that smile across their face. 

“It’s been a while everyone, sorry to keep you waiting.”

Rena spoke up and actually did cut her hair a bit so it looked shorter than last time. It was as expected that wherever Jurina was, Rena would always be there. However, they were slightly surprised with the appearance of the young woman beside her who looked very similar to how Mayu after she let her hair down and not as tidy as before. Others swore that if she wore a jumper she would look identical to her older twin sister. Yuko was the one that was quite surprised with their similarities, the more Miyuki grew up the more she seemed to resemble her sister in terms of appearance.

“Oh wow Miyuki! I thought you’re coming with Mayu and Yuki?”

“Neechan went to pick up Yuki-senpai and should be heading here soon.”

Jurina was surely excited to meet with everyone again and made sure she greeted every single one of them with a big hug. After that incident, Nobunaga’s and Center’s strong desires seemed to diminish and settled down peacefully inside her mind. However, it wasn’t that long that she had been forced to pursue her future studies and was actually studying to become a nurse along with Yuki. They both were actually studying in the same class, same year, same degree, and same university. She was apparently very smart and such a fast learner since she managed to catch up with everything despite she never learned in a school before. Yuki would always take care of her when Rena wasn’t around busy working. Due to her genius, Jurina received a full scholarship so no money was spent on her education at all. The older Matsui, she was working as a journalist and wrote books as well, it didn’t take her that long to become successful with her first book and she did received a fair amount of income. Both Matsui were living together in a convenient apartment together after Takamina and Atsuko supported them to move into the city so to be close with everyone else. Seemed nothing change much between the year they last met, but everyone could tell that Jurina’s air changed and became much livelier and positive than before. Between Rena and Jurina’s relationship…they really had that intimacy and it was obvious they have feelings for each other. However, Jurina felt that when she was ready, she would ask Rena to be her girlfriend for certain, but for now…she wanted the older raven-haired to wait for her a little longer. The young puppy finally had her arms around Mariko and nuzzled her closely like a little baby just like in the past.

“How’s your study going Jurina? Hope you’re being a good girl?”

“Yes! I’m doing good with Yukirin~ we’re having a lot of fun studying together.”

“So how’s it going on your side Miyuki?”

Yuko spoke up and caught the younger twin’s attention. She told how things went on her side. She had been working with Haruna in another new department and they were still working together. They sure still were officers, but they learned so many things from that experience. They would always keep an eye and make sure that no more inhuman things would be led by officers again. They would make sure to keep an order right this time. Also, one good new this year was that Miyuki was promoted to be the boss of Juvenile division she was working in currently. Everyone was grateful for her and congratulated her. Then Yuko couldn’t help to ask about Miyuki’s love life at the moment.

“You’ve found anyone so far?”

“Well…I’m actually dating someone.”

“Oh wow! Who!? Someone in your department?”

“A-Actually yeah…she’s a very serious person and always have that scary face on. However she’s a very gentle person after you know her. We’ve started dating like few months ago?”

“What’s her name? You should introduced her to us next time!”

“She’s actually here, she went to park the car and would be heading here.”

The moment Miyuki told her about her love life to everyone, just only Jurina and Rena met her already since she was the one that drove them here. After the chitchatting had been going on for a while, an unfamiliar woman appeared and was approaching them from a distance. Takamina and Atsuko couldn’t help but to point it out, as it could possibly be Miyuki’s girlfriend. The younger Watanabe turned around and she waved at her for that handsome looking woman to approach the group.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, there’s not much parking available so yeah.”

“It’s okay. I want you to introduce to all my friends as well as my sister’s friends.”

“Ah, I’m Yamamoto Sayaka, please to meet you. I’m Miyuki’s girlfriend.”

The shorthaired woman was sure wearing boyish shirt and cool jeans, however her manners were perfect. Anyone could feel that sense of strong independence and calm mature aura from her. It would be such a type that would attract Watanabe Miyuki. It was sure one complicated relationship between the two since it was between a boss and her own subordinate. Everyone went around and introduced themselves to Sayaka and obviously welcomed her into their circles. It seemed most of the young generations found their love life unlike the older three ladies that enjoyed their single life. Yuko couldn’t help but to be curious about Miyuki’s love life every second from now on.

“Did Mayu know about this?”

“A-Actually…I plan to introduce Sayanee to her today.”

“Oh wow!!! This is going to be so excited to see this confrontation!”

“Yuko-chan! Jeez…”

Haruna sighed at her fiancé for meddling into people’s love relationship. Sayaka seemed to be slightly tensed since she didn’t know anyone here but she felt utterly welcomed by the warm presence. It was as Miyuki told her; everyone was like a big family. She recalled her girlfriend told her how they went through a lot of things and so it really deepened up their bonds with each other. The squirrel and the young puppy got curious with Miyuki’s blooming love while Rena and Haruna watched from a distance away watching their respective partner interrogating the poor twin and her girlfriend.

“So you two met with each other when working? When did the whole thing started?”

“Well…yeah, but when we’re colleagues…I didn’t see Sayaka like that way yet.”

The two was blushing and decided to tell the story that happened. They both were working together in the same department and Miyuki was always the senior in the office despite of their age. They had always work together until one day that Sayaka confessed her affection to Miyuki. But obviously she didn’t accept it since she didn’t felt that way. However, Sayaka never gave up and continued to love her until that incident that she saved Miyuki from being attacked by the suspect they were pursuing. Slowly her heart started to open and they started to spend more time together. It really did soften her heart up as time passed by. Later on she was later promoted to become the next boss of the division, which also came along with her accepting Sayaka’s feelings and in the end they have a relationship. The two excited ladies were listening with such sparkling eyes, they loved to know about other people’s love story and they were slightly surprised that Sayaka was actually few years older than Miyuki.

“Ah~ you two are just so sweet! Hehe~ But you can’t beat me and Rena-chan!”

“Oi Jurina! You can’t beat my lovey-dovey moments with my Haruna!”

Both their partners sighed with a wry giggle. They don’t really know what to complain or say to their partner at all. Both of them kept arguing whether their relationship was sweeter or fluffier every second, and then suddenly an unexpected guest joined the argument as well.

“M-My love for Miyuki won’t lose! That’s for certain.”

Sayaka spoke up and it made her partner blushed horribly. Yuko and Jurina couldn’t help but to tease the younger twin that she got a very honest and sincere partner with her. At first they thought that Miyuki was older…but apparently not, Sayaka was older than her for a couple of years and it just made Yuko realized some sort of patterns that Watanabe twins established.

“Are you Watanabe people only getting older partners or something? First is Mayu with that huge 6 years gap between Yuki! Then now you—”

“Shut the hell up Yuko! I can frigging hear you from afar!”

They all froze and turned around to see the other two ladies that just arrived. Yuki was in her plain proper feminine dress for today as the younger one beside her was wearing such a comfy baggy jeans with that sunglass on. She had that grumpy sigh before she took it off to reveal her angry round orbs staring towards Yuko and Jurina. She still had that serious angry look all the time no matter how many years had been since she was freed from those vengeful thoughts.

“Goddamit, shut up! I could hear you from far! You even got Haruna-san that’s older than you!”

“But not a 6 years gap like you!”

“Shut up!! Mind your business!”

“Anyways, how is it going Mayu?”

Mariko spoke up and caught her attention. She kept her sunglass in between her shirt before she replied back to her. Obviously the pairing that had the most changing going on was between Mayu and Yuki. They were actually living at Kashiwagi’s house, which was currently owned by Yuki right now. Mayu was working in the forensic department as an IT consultant. With her talent in Internet programming she brought it to use while receiving scholarships to study full-time forensic science degree to become a forensic pathologist like her father. She was a very smart person and shouldn’t take as long to graduate. As for the older one, she quit her job as an officer and decided to go back to study again, and it was doing nursing degree with Jurina. She was having a part-time job at the café close to her house to bring some income while studying. She had been living with Mayu ever since until now. Their bonds and relationship was just as strong as ever, as everyone witnessed and knew that already. Nothing much happened in the past year, as it was the same as usual, then suddenly Sayaka’s presence caught Mayu’s attention.

“Oh, who are you?”

“Well I…”

“Ah right…neechan, I need to tell you something.”

Miyuki turned to her with Sayaka beside her as she confronted her overprotective sister right now. She sighed and took a deep breath before she told her that Sayaka was her lover. She only but hoped that her sister would understand her and that moment of pause…Mayu was quite shocked that her sister found her love already which turned out to be her subordinate in her work. Mayu disagreed that such a relationship like that should happen. It would bring such disorders to Miyuki’s work as well as Sayaka’s. The older twin was being very protective once again over her younger sister.

“This is crazy Miyuki…she’s your subordinate isn’t she? Won’t this interfere with your decision.”

“But neechan…”

“What’ are you going to do, Miyuki? Give me a good answer for me to agree.”


“I really heard a lot from you Mayu-san, from Miyuki.”

Sayaka finally spoke up and held Miyuki’s hand tightly with such determination. She confronted Mayu and told her how much she cared and loved the younger twin. She promised that she wouldn’t hurt her and would not let their relationship come in their work life. Miyuki would always be her boss in work, but at home they would be lovers…that’s what they promised each other and believed that this would work out between the two.

“I beg you, Mayu-san, please let me have your sister! I love her, and I’ll take care of her with my life!”


“You damn got some guts…how about if you beat me in running?”

Everyone excepted Sayaka knew about that mouse’s extraordinary leg power. Obviously she would not be able to beat Mayu’s lightning speed and the winner was already decided. Miyuki knew that her love would accept the challenge and would never win…that was why Yuki decided to step in. She wrapped her arms around Mayu from behind gently and pulled her in to nuzzle her face into Mayu’s ears in a teasing way.

“C’mon Mayu…Miyuki finally found the person she cared for, and the person that cared for her this much. Give Yamamoto-san a chance to proof herself.”


That arrogant Watanabe suddenly disappeared as Yuki tamed her woman completely. She knew very well that Mayu wouldn’t disobey her and she gave Mayu a soft kiss on the cheek before she let go of the younger one. Others were not as surprised with how Kashiwagi managed to control the wild horse like Mayu. They had more than enough past that they shared to forge their relationship to be this strong.

“…Yamamoto Sayaka is it?”


“…Take care of Miyuki, she’s my only sister I have and I really do love her.”

“I promise I will Mayu-san!”

It was like a blink of second that Yuki made Mayu give that smooth approval. Obviously everyone could see how much the arrogant girl had softened herself down after she got herself a lover. Love really did change people and Mayu did change a lot too. As it seemed everyone had gathered up together, it was the moment of their reunion time. Obviously Yuko couldn’t help but to announce her engagement with Haruna and surprised everyone. Yuki and Miyuki couldn’t help but to be so excited for her ex-coworker that she was finally turning to the next chapter of her life with someone she wanted to spend her time with for the rest of her life. The young girls were surely excited with the ring on Haruna’s finger, as it was a beautiful diamond ring. Afterwards they went to the café that Yuko worked and spent their valuable times chitchatting with each other to reminiscing their past together. They had been sharing their experiences and interesting stories that happened in the past year to one another…before they realized it again, time flew by so fast.


Obviously time flew by so fast that the day was almost over…it was about time they all headed back to where they belonged. As for the most dramatic couple, Mayu and Yuki, went back to their sweet warm home and took a shower immediately when they got back. It was indeed such a sweaty day and so after they cleaned themselves up they sat down in the living room together chitchatting as usual. Mayu finished her shower first and so she prepared warm hot tea for herself and her love at the table while waiting for Yuki to come out. Her princess did take her time before she came out to sit down right beside her on the couch. They really enjoyed today’s reunion and Mayu got a special wakeup call regarding Miyuki’s relationship. Obviously deep down she was being overprotective over her and disagreed with her relationship…but Yuki managed to convince her very well.

“You did well Mayu, I know you’re holding back at that time.”

“Well…it’s Miyuki’s life. She can do whatever she wants and be with whomever she wanted to as well. What really surprised me is about Haruna and Yuko though.”

“Really! It is. I can’t believe it…they’re moving on to a new life together.”

“Engagement huh…Yuko really did pull it through.”

Mayu had a sip of green tea before she leaned back against her couch. She looked up to the ceiling and thought about what Yuko did. She proposed to Haruna for her to be her eternal partner for the rest of their lives…and she accepted it. It must’ve been hard on Yuko worrying about many things, but they were indeed old enough to have that kind of thought. While she was thinking about things, she listened to what Yuki was talking with that smile of slight envy.

“Engaged eh? It’s what women dream of towards the end of their life. After that will be marriage. Aw, I want to have kids as well…”

“Hmm, I don’t really care of marriage.”

“You’re just not a normal woman.”



Both of them shared their sweet times together before Mayu decided to throw that question at her love out of curiosity. After she knew that Yuko proposed to Haruna…she had been thinking about that for a while. Both Yuki and Haruna were the same age, but now her friend was moving on to the new chapter of her life…while she was still here, stuck with Mayu.

“…Do you want to marry? And having kids?”

Mayu asked out and they had that eye contact with one another. Sharing that slight blush on each other’s cheeks, Yuki only smiled and shook her head. It didn’t matter to her that she would marry or not, as long as she was able to live with Mayu like this. Only thing she cared was that she belonged to Mayu and she belonged to her. That’s all she needed in life and marriage was unnecessary.

“Maybe having kids running around would be fun…but I only need you, and that’s it. I don’t really care about marriage. You’re the only one I want in my life…Mayu.”

“But don’t you want kids?”

“I told you, I need only you. Please don’t misunderstood what I said…”

Yuki seemed to be slightly guilty with what she had said but then Mayu held her hand gently. It caught her attention but she didn't know what the younger one wanted right now…she only hoped that she wasn’t hurting Mayu’s feelings at all but then she started to kiss, nibble, and licked her fingers. It made Yuki flinched and began to blush even more.

“M-Mayu what are you—N-Nngh…!”

She kept licking and kissing on Yuki’s fingers and hand seductively before she sucked her fingers teasingly. She could hear moans escaped from her love’s lips while she tried to prevent any weird sounds from leaking out with another hand. She sucked it roughly and bit hard enough at the base of the finger before it made her flinched in pain. She retracted back her hand but Mayu was holding onto her wrist so she couldn’t pull it away from the sucking.


She slowly pulled that finger away and looked down without saying anything. It made Yuki slightly in pain to see her love quiet and looked so down like this. She had a feeling what she said regarding marriage and kids hurt her…it was obviously that she couldn’t have her children if she was to live with Mayu like this forever. She really did step on the taboo and quickly apologized to her with utmost regret.

“I-I must’ve upset you…I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean that I want kids at this age, it used to be my childhood dream and—”



“You know what, we’re even better than that marriage thing…”


“Our deal and vow…that you’re mine and I’m yours…that’s an eternal pledge we made, doesn’t that make us even more than just a lover and married couples? We can’t live with one another no matter what.”


“You have my heart, and I have yours…we’re each other’s life and air. I need you to live, just as much as you need me to live.”

Mayu intertwined her fingers and she finally realized the bite mark Mayu left on her skin…it was on her ring finger. She did it on purpose to mark her eternal ownership on Yuki and it probably worth more than even a diamond ring… it was a mark that Mayu carved on her to show her utmost devotion. As she remembered the deal they made, it really sound as if they gave themselves to each other even more than married couples would do. There were such things as divorce and move on with their lives when things didn’t work…but it wasn’t a case like that for both of them. They have each other’s heart…they were each other’s life and air. They can’t take what they had once lost back, and thus they were eternally bounded to each other no matter what. They needed one another to live and they will die if they were to be separated. When Yuki realized that she couldn’t help but to blush so hard… as Mayu was claiming that they were more than married to each other ever since that day Yuki returned back to Mayu’s side forever. She couldn’t get used to Mayu’s sweetness during these years, she had become so romantic and sweet when they were alone by themselves. She still acted tough and rough around others, but not with her privately. This would be so hard for Yuki to deal with her since she couldn’t fight back against that fluffiness of her love.

“I’m not rich right now, I can’t afford to buy expensive rings like what Yuko did. I can’t support a 3rd life in our relationship. Things are pretty much inconvenient for many things…but I want you to know, I’m really serious about you.”

“I-I ah…”

“Let this bite on your finger remind you about our vow, that you’re mine forever.”


That smile completely comforted her poor heart. Yuki let out that smile of contentment without realizing it at all. She took Mayu’s left hand and bit on the base of her ring finger hard enough to leave a mark. It did catch the younger one off guard but then she understood Yuki’s actions instantly…it was as if their minds were connected to one another. She slowly pulled her hand away and kissed on that mark Yuki bit on her with that smile filled with utmost happiness in her heart.

“And you’re mine forever, this will always remind you that.”

“Haha~ Yes, I’m always yours…ever since you captured my heart.”

Both of them hugged each other tightly and closely to their hearts with utmost happiness. Yuki couldn’t help for her heart to race out of rhythm because of Mayu being too adorable and so sweet like this. The younger one just stroked her love in her arms and enjoyed every second that she felt her warmth.

“If we’re together, everything will work out, no matter how hard it is.”

“We will make it happen.”

“Mayu…I love you, so much.”

“…Me too, Yuki.”

Slowly they parted away before they turned their head slightly to close that gap between their lips. Having that good angle they managed to kiss even deeper and more passionately as well. Yuki made sure she was holding firmly on Mayu’s body while enjoying that deep passionate kiss with her. Despite they kissed literally every single day and many times per day…every kiss meant a lot to both of them. It reminded them of many things that happened in the past between the two and also how they came this far with each other. The kiss reminded them that they’re together and lived for one another...and they will always protect this moment between the two forever.


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Love Capture: SPECIAL
~Happy Birthday [2014.07.15]~

“Here we are.”

Yuki turned back to Mayu and had that excited smile across her face. The young Watanabe seemed to be dazed off as she scanned around the area…it’s been so long she came to place called “house”. Today was indeed a special and so it was their time to be alone together. That’s why, Yuki brought her love to her house in the city so they could spend their time together just between the two of them alone. Mayu had that backpack packed with clothes since she would be staying over for few days at Yuki’s place. The officer went to unlock the entrance door and let Mayu entered in first. Yuki turned on the lights and made Mayu witnessed the scene of the house; despite she lived in a better house than this before in the past with her family…it felt like she went back to her past…this feeling and smell. It really felt as if she came back home. 

“I have tea and some snacks. It was quite some long trip for us to get here.”

“A-Ah, okay.”

“Wait at the living room, I’ll follow up with you.”

Yuki told where the living room was and let Mayu waited for her on the couch instead. The youngster threw her bag to her side and scanned around the room. It was not that huge, but its size was just perfect for a family to live in. Then suddenly a picture frame caught her attention…she approached it and took a closer look on it. She could see a younger Yuki in there with the slightly older girl and parents behind them. It must be her family and it made Mayu remembered what happened to Miura very well…despite she hated him so much, she felt sorry for his death.

“Mayu, I brought you tea.”

“O-Oh, thanks.”

She put down the frame and went to sit right beside Yuki to have her hot tea. She did have some crackers as well and Mayu did have some since she didn’t have any breakfast yet since they left dark alley. Then it was about time they talked about what Yuki wanted to do, it was her special day after all and it seemed Mayu would especially docile with her…just today. After the younger one finished sipped her tea, she turned to her woman in order for them to decide should they do today.

“So what you want to do?”

“I can ask for anything right?”

“Go on, your day.”

“Well…can we go food shopping together? Also, we can go grab some early lunch since we didn’t eat anything yet.”

“Let’s go then, I’m starving to death already.”

Mayu was seriously hungry and she needed food. She wouldn’t want to stay starving any longer because she could be very moody. However, the moment she got up, Yuki grabbed onto her hand and pulled her down again. It made Watanabe confused and glared at her woman with annoyance, she was still yet to get used to being under Yuki’s selfishness.

“What the hell are yo—mmph!”

Yuki made the first bold move and sealed her lips against Mayu’s. It shut her up immediately and it eventually progressed even further… They played with each other’s tongue and they felt their hearts racing so badly. The older one sucked Mayu’s bottom lips playfully before she moved out with that cheeky smile. It was like she just drained away all of Mayu’s energy and the youngster fell back on shoulder weakly from that kiss.

“Also, I want to get a lot of kiss from you too…please?”


“Hehe, Let’s go now~ I’m so starving.”

Yuki just left Mayu hanging right there and the youngster was terribly blushing on the couch. The officer already grabbed her wallet and went to the entrance already. She completely lost her composure from that kiss and was still having that heating face when she thought about Yuki’s wish…it would indeed be a long day for the two of them.

“Mayu! Let’s go!”

“G-Goddammit…! Coming!”

She sprung out from the couch and rushed after Yuki. Glad that it was a walking distance away from the shopping and restaurant area and so it didn’t take them that long to find a restaurant they wanted. They went into one of the restaurants that Yuki recommended and they had their lunch together. Mayu was surprised it taste really good and finished everything in her plate and left no single rice grain on the bowl at all. When they went to pay for the food, Yuki stopped Mayu and offered to pay everything instead.

“I have too much money to spend on myself, let me.”

“Uh…okay, if you say so?”

After they came out, Yuki dragged her around to go do food shopping with her. They would be having dinner at home and Yuki would cook it too. The older one kept asking Mayu want she wanted for dinner and she didn’t mind what she would be eating at all. All she cared was that as long as it tasted good, she would be happy with it.  However, it did made Yuki pouted slightly since Mayu was not helping her making a decision on the dinner tonight at all.

“You’re not helping at all!”

“We just had lunch! I can’t really think of anything.”

“Jeez, do you want to have hotpot today?”

“Anything is fine with me.”


Yuki pouted and it made Mayu sighed softly. It seemed she still needed to fix her indirect speech since it wouldn’t make things go that smoothly at all. Despite she knew that Yuki wasn’t seriously pouting at her, she still didn’t feel that good though. The youngster sighed and decided to at least speak her real thoughts, just for today, because it’s Yuki’s special day.

“As long as its you that cooked it…it will be good for sure. So it doesn’t matter to me what you make…I’ll love it anyways.”

A moment of sweet silence between the two, Yuki finally understood what Mayu was trying to communicate to her and she couldn’t help but to laugh at how stubborn she could be. She smiled out and then patted Mayu’s head and they continued to do their food shopping. It was as if Watanabe went back to her childhood days, and seemed to pick a lot of drinks and snacks into the basket. She seemed to enjoy her time catching up with her childhood times and before they realized it they were enjoying walking around in the supermarket.

“How does Kaarage curry sounds?”


It grabbed Mayu’s attention immediately, and she had that innocent childish look on her face too. Yuki knew that it was Mayu’s favorite food and she would love it, but since she already had that for lunch she thought that she might try something different with it.

“Can you really make that??”

“Never try it but sure, it wouldn’t be that hard and it should taste good.”

“Don’t worry, it will.”

She smiled back to Yuki before she continued walking forward along the while scanning for snacks and some soft drinks she never tried before. It wasn’t just Mayu needed to get used to being direct with the officer…but Yuki needed to get used to seeing that irresistible smile from Mayu. After they finished their shopping, they seemed to be loitering around the area as Yuki wanted. Sat down in the café having ice cream and drinks. Looking for cute stuffs in the shop while Mayu walked with her and carried most of the stuffs. The younger one was sure tough and strong and so she did the manly job instead of her woman.

“Hehe~ this felt great! Let’s go back home.”


Mayu agreed so easily and they were walking by each other’s side along the road until they reach back at Yuki’s place. Time flew by so fast when they were together and it felt like they didn't do anything special yet at all. However, they still have several hours left between the two before this special day would be over.


Then it was about time they walk back home together and sat down at the living room before they would start preparing for dinner. It was quite some day they spent together being outside, and not it was about time they have their moments at home. Yuki leaned against Mayu and held her hand while their fingers intertwined. There was so many things that Watanabe needed to get used to it and obviously Yuki was enjoy teaching as well as teasing her.



“Can I be really selfish with you?”

“I told you, its your day…be selfish as much as you want with me. I won’t resist or argue.”


“You have my word.”

Yuki smiled out of relief before she just sat there in silence while having her head leaned against Mayu’s shoulder. The younger one was waiting for her woman to making another demand but she didn’t seem to say anything else but having her body rested closely to hers.

“You haven’t said directly to me before about your feelings.”


“Maybe it's a good chance you tell me today.”

“I ah…well you know how I felt!”

“Jeez, you’re so mean.”

She moved away and pecked on Mayu’s cheeks before she got out from the couch. Yuki had that cheeky grin while the younger one rubbed her cheek that got kissed. The officer would always have that gentle smile on her face but Mayu knew that it was unfair to her that she never told her feelings directly to Yuki yet…when the raven-haired one told her countless of times already. Without any words needed to explain their relationship, they were already together with one another for a month already. A lot of things really did happen in those months but Mayu have become much softer than before because of Yuki. Since it was Yuki’s day after all…maybe it was the time that Mayu should get out from her comfort zone.

“I’ll start preparing for dinner, you can go shower for the time being.”

“Do you need me to help?”

“It’s okay, you’re my guest. Please make yourself at home.”

The youngster scratched her head softly and before she was sent off to the bathroom to take a shower first. Yuki told her that all the things she needed was already prepared so there was nothing for her to worry. She went in and was surprised that everything was literally prepared for her…and Yuki did all of this for her. A little slight guilt grew inside her chest and she decided to take a shower to wash all the sweat and dirt out from her skin. She sure did take her time washing her hair and took a shower before she came out with her grey tank tops and black shorts. She had that small towel on her shoulder so to help dry her wet hair. As she went back to the living room she could smell the curry that Yuki was preparing and started to get a little hungry.

“How was the shower?”

“It was great…I prepared a hot bath for you.”


“I’ll take care from here, go take a shower when it’s hot.”

Mayu went to her side and snatched whatever that was in her hand without any further explanation. She shooed her woman away to go take a bath that she prepared right after she finished showering. At least Mayu was capable of doing little small things like this to impress her woman, however she knew what Yuki wanted the most…she wanted to hear Mayu’s direct feelings. For the time being, Watanabe took in charge of the cooking and Yuki was about to fry the chicken. The curry seemed to be done already and she had a taste of it, surprisingly it was great but then she grabbed one of the ingredients and added into it before tasting it again. She unconscious smiled out and was truly satisfied with the taste. Maybe it would be good if she actually told Yuki that she knew how to cook because Yuko taught her ever since she could remember. 


Yuki finally came out from the bathroom after she long showering, she could see Mayu frying the chicken she prepared and was busy cooking the dinner. Obviously she didn’t know that Watanabe could cook…and she was quite surprised to see her knowing what she needed to do. Mayu pretty much started cooking right after she heard the bathroom door opened, since it would indicate that Yuki had finished her shower.

“Just sit down and the kaarage will be done shortly. I’m getting a little hungry…and you?”

“Yeah, a little. You knew how to cook it?”

“Taste it and it should answer you.”

“I’ll prepare the plates and water then.”

“That will be nice.”

Yuki prepared other things while Mayu was doing all the cooking instead. It didn’t take that long for her to prepared the kaarage before it was ready to be served. The older one passed her the plate with rice to her before she put the meat down and followed by the curry Yuki prepared. Finally their dinner was done and they sat down at the dining table before she enjoyed their meal together. The clasped their hands to pray for the meal before they started. The first bite Yuki had on the kaarage just made her stumbled before she turned to Mayu with those surprised eyes. That young cunning girl knew that reaction was coming and couldn’t help but to smirk cheekily.

“T-This is so good!! Also…the curry tasted a little different too. You flavored it?”

“A little. I told you this would taste good.”

“Its combination…its perfect. You knew that it would go along well?”

“You can say that.”

Kashiwagi was surprised with Mayu’s skills that the youngster never told her. She didn’t even bother to tell Yuki about her cooking skills. She had been hidden in her sleeves and that cunning character of hers never changed at all.

“Maybe I should’ve let you cook…”

“Heh, that’s why I didn’t say anything.”

“How mean! It’s my day today!”

“I did the kaarage, do you like it?”

Mayu avoided the point and asked about her chicken instead. Obviously Yuki loved everything on the plate…and this was probably the best dinner she ever had ever her mother passed away. To be sitting at the dining table with Mayu and enjoyed the meal they cooked together was utterly priceless. She nodded softly before she continued her food while Mayu watched her with that soft smile. The youngster was utterly happy that her woman loved her food. They both had 2nd plate and Yuki was completely filled with the food. Then she had a glance over Mayu’s plate to see that she didn’t even leave any single grain of rice at all, it made her believe that she must be hungry.

“You always cleaned up your plate. I realized it for quite a while that we eat together…”

“Hm? Well, I don’t want you to have pimples?”


“It's a funny childish stories that parents make to scare the kids…the amount of rice grains you leave will indicate how much pimples your future married partner will get.”

“Eh…Ah! I remembered that!”

“It became my habit in the end.”

After Yuki managed to process everything together, she couldn’t help but to blush with what Mayu said. She was being so sneaky in her way and she eventually realized what the young one was saying to her. She looked back at her and she saw that cheeky grin that made her realized that she just fell into Mayu’s scheme. However, her way of saying was just so sweet. It was such a childish teaching, and Mayu just looked utterly adorable. After they finished their dinner and cleaning the plates, Yuki decided to talk Mayu to the bedroom where they would be sleeping. It was a room with two beds and she could smell Yuki’s scent in here. It must be the room she usually used for sleeping.

“That will be your bed, I hope it’s comfy enough.”

“Ah, thanks.”

Mayu placed her bag beside the bed and sat down on Yuki’s bed instead. The older one went to get her comb to comb her hair and seemed to look confused with what Mayu was intending to do. She stared at each other and Yuki was wondering what Mayu was thinking in her mind. The youngster just gave her a hand signal and indirectly told her to sit down beside her.

“What is it?”

“…Your birthday present. I’ll give it to you.”


She held her hand tightly and had a deep sighed before she began saying what she needed to do before they day would be over. Mayu was obviously shy to say any of it, but since it’s just the two of them…maybe she would have the courage to speak her true feelings without holding back. She needed to step out from her comfort zone for Yuki’s sake.


“First time I met you, I really do hate you to the guts.”

“Whoa? Okay?”

But it was all because you’re Kashiwagi Miura’s daughter…I cursed you and threw all my hatred on you despite I know what I’m doing is terribly wrong.”


Mayu continued what she needed to say and Yuki listened to it quietly. It was the whole story of what the youngster truly felt ever since she met with Yuki. The first time they made the deal with each other…Mayu told how much she was annoyed with Yuki’s expression. She showed no fear and had that unconditional trust on her when she had that knife ready to kill Yuki any moment. She planned to make Yuki fall for her ever since they met but the more time they were with together…the more she felt this annoyance inside her chest.

“…You’re just so pure, and be someone that I could never be. I guess I really do envy you so much back then.”


“I bully you out of anger and frustration. I’m jealous of you that you can express yourself out like that and have so much hope in your eyes. I can’t do that…”

The story kept on going with Mayu learned the truth that Yuki disappeared from Miyuki. It was the day that she barged into the enemy’s headquarters with Jurina to kidnap her out. Mayu spoke out honestly that she didn’t know what she was thinking or feeling at all…the only thing she knew was that she needed to take Yuki out from there. She had been wondering what feeling she had and until now, she was still wondering it. She didn’t know why she even protected Yuki from the shots at all…but the only she knew for certain that she acted on her own without thinking.

“I always say to myself that I hate you…but in reality I didn’t. Little by little I started to my guard down. I hate to admit that deep down…I cared about your whereabouts. I’m…worried about you.”


“I can’t deny that the time I’m with you, I felt utterly relaxed and comforted. I hate to admit it…so I turned that into hatred towards you.”


“In the end, I lied to you. When you asked me, I said you’re not “nothing” to me…but I hate to admit that you meant something to me.”

 Yuki could feel her hands holding her gently and that blushing face while she explained her feelings to her. She could feel her holding her hand a little tighter as Mayu continued to confessed her feelings to Yuki, she really did emphasized how she felt truly insecure after the officer said that she was happy that she meant nothing to Mayu.

“I was so frustrated. I don’t understand you at all…but all I know, you made me scared with what you plan to do. You’re just so selfless that it actually made me worried.”


“I’m worried about you…I really do.”


The next story was about Yuki giving her promise with her. It was when the officer gave her hope and light to her burdens. Yuki asked Mayu to stop the revenge and she would never leave her side…and that really touched Mayu’s heart. That was something she always sought for. The support and comfort from someone that could stay by her side without leaving her again… she was obviously traumatized when her parents were killed right in front of her, and she truly understood the fear of losing someone more than anyone else.

“…I really lose my control when you said that. That was when I started to let you reach into me. I started to have hope…in what you said.”


“I’m not strong at all. I’m always weak. I turn my fear into hatred and anger towards others…it’s just to avoid facing my own fear. If I’m not strong…everyone will leave me like what my parents did.”

“It’s not your at all! You’re not weak…I know you’re not—”

“…Then when you left, it felt like it was the last time I would see you. I was terribly frustrated to many levels. It can’t even make a decision on anything. I hide all of that under denial. But then Rena-san made me realized that I need to face it.”

Mayu slowly looked up to her and placed Yuki’s hand on top of her chest, on top of he heart. The officer could feel that strong heart beating against her hand…with warmth and filled with love. They both made an eye contact with each other in that silence while Yuki was completely mesmerized with those innocent orbs. Watanabe took a deep breath again before she continued where she left off and made sure that she would do this to the very end. She needed to tell everything to Yuki.

“…I realized that you’re someone I can’t afford to lose. You meant a lot to me, and I would be able to find the answer I’m looking for.”

“The answer?”

“That what is this feeling I have.”

“And what is it…?”

“…I love you.”

Mayu spoke those words and it made her blushed madly. She could feel that heart beating stronger against her hand and saw Mayu’s blushing face as she bluntly confessed her love to Yuki. Gently, she pushed the officer down onto the bed and got on top of her while she cupped that smooth cheek. She took a deep breath again before she continued she left off. Mayu could see that Yuki was completely listless and was lost of words…she was still under Mayu’s spell.

“I love you, Yuki…and I only want you to belong to me, forever.”


“Your happiness is my happiness too. I want you to be happy. Right now…you’re everything to me, and will always be.”

Mayu slowly bent down and Yuki didn’t resist anything as their lips met each other. The sweetest and gentlest kiss they shared and Watanabe hoped that nothing would go wrong. The older one’s arm slowly snaked around Mayu and pulled her body in closer to her while they deepened up the kiss. Their tongue tangled and tasted each other passionately to the point it’s unstoppable. Their kissing sound echoed in the room while both of them were lying on bed together…however they eventually have to parted their lips to grasp for some air. Mayu parted away and then kissed her forehead before she pushed herself up from her woman.

“Sorry I did so many bad things to you… Sorry from being so indirect for the whole time…but I’m yet to get used to this. Hope you bear with me? I’ll do my best to be more expressing. ”

“Just kiss me…and make me felt that I belonged to you forever. You’re the only one I have, please…always hold me like this.”

“…I will.”

Mayu understood what Yuki was referring to. She had lost all her family members already and she was alone. She was in a far worse position than Mayu since the twin still have her younger sister and they were reunited once again. However…Yuki had none, and only the person she had is Mayu. That was why the younger one smiled and felt that this was the right time to give the present to her love. She got up and took something out her pocket. Yuki slowly sat up out of curiosity but then Mayu interrupted her before she could say anything.

“I have no clue what you like, so Miyuki told me you love bracelets and I hope you like it…. Happy birthday, Yuki.”

It was a silver bracelet with white crystals decorated. It looked completely glorious and expensive…she was shocked that Mayu gave her such a gift and she looked up to her immediately. She could see the young Watanabe blushing with slight embarrassment… she wore it around Yuki’s left wrist and only but hoping that her woman would love this present she prepared for her.

“Mayu…thank you. I love it.”

“Hehe, glad you do.”

“…I love you, I really do.”

“Me too.”

Yuki cupped her cheeks before she moved in to peck against those lips softly with desire. She wanted more kiss and love from Mayu today. She wanted everything that her Watanabe have and wanted to feel that warmth right beside her. It was the only thing she wanted from her love…she wanted Mayu to always be hers forever. They both stared into each other’s eyes passionately before Yuki pecked on her lips gently again and followed by the older one rested her head on top of her chest.

“Can you say it again? I want to hear it again and again…and again. That I meant something to you…”

“You’re my world. I promise I won’t let you even have a moment you felt lonely. You’re mine, and I’m yours forever.”


Mayu cupped both her cheeks before she pulled her in to kiss again. Getting more passionately and aggressively, the younger one stood up on her knees to make her slightly taller than Yuki and made sure there wouldn’t be a single second their lips would be apart from each other. Yuki blushed and flinched every now and then during the kiss and gripped tighter on Mayu’s shirt. They pushed their bodies closely against each other to feel one another’s warmth. Yuki could feel her heart racing faster as well as her face flushing even more…she felt body was heating up, as their lips were intact with each other. Mayu kept pushing her tongue in to explore every corner inside Yuki’s mouth and could hear moans escaped from the corner of her lips. She ate it all and sucked her bottom lip before she whispered against it softly.

“I love you, you’re my life…my world. I love you, Yuki.”


“I never love someone as much as I do for you. Only you will always have my heart, and only you can have it.”

They closed the gap between each other again and enjoyed every second their lips were intact with each other before Mayu broke off to continued where she left off. She was pouring all emotions she had inside her out for Yuki…all the feelings she always hidden from her, she let it all out and tonight she would make Yuki the happiest woman ever. Her princess wanted a lot of kisses and love from her today as well…and she would give all of that to her. It became addictive with Mayu expressing herself; the more she did the more she wanted to tell Yuki about all her hidden feelings. She wanted to tell her woman how much she meant to her and wanted her to know that Yuki was everything that she wanted in life. Slowly parted again, Mayu whispered softly against those lips with utmost love.

“…I love you, always will.”


“Be with me, forever. I need you…I’m empty with you.”

“Me too…I need you. You have my heart…and I have yours.”

Mayu only smiled softly before she sealed those lips again ate all her moans that escaped from her lips. She could feel her love hugging her so tightly and broke the kiss again. She swiftly pecked her the corner of her eyes before she pulled Yuki in closer so she could hug her woman so tightly. Yuki received more than enough feeling that she belonged to someone…and it made her felt utterly belonged. 

“Yuki…I’m really sorry for back then.”

“For what?”

“Well…uh…this is embarrassing?”

“I ordered you to say it.”

Mayu blushed heavily and her love was waiting for her reply. That was when she sighed out and decided to give it all out. She said what she was referring to and did as her woman said. It seemed be regarding the night she didn’t treat Yuki very gently and did it rather abusively.

“Uhm…I guess the night that I…took your first time.”

It seemed Yuki remembered that night that Mayu toyed with her body and she lost her virginity to her. She slowly pushed herself from the hug and saw that shy blushing face that was apologizing her regarding her heartless act she did. Obviously Yuki knew it well…and she was surprised that Mayu remembered it and apologized back to her. She pretty much forgot about it already, but not her love though. Mayu seemed to carry that guilt inside her and she gently stroked her love’s head hoping that Yuki would forgive her vulgar act.

“You still stick with me despite how heartless and vulgar I treated you. I couldn’t thank you more than enough that you have faith in me…I’m really sorry that I treated you horrible like that.”

“It’s okay. I didn’t regret it…I don’t regret any single moment.”

“…Then, can we do it, again?”


Mayu blunted asked her love and it made Yuki shocked more than anything else. She broke away the hug and had that dumbfounded looked on her face. She had to recollect the fragments inside her brain to make sure she didn’t misheard what Mayu was saying. However, by seeing her flushing face like this…it seemed she didn’t misheard it after all. Mayu really did ask her whether they wanted to do this again or not. Before any words could be spoken, Mayu stroked her cheek before she kissed her forehead tenderly with utmost care.

“…I-If you don’t mind, let me do it properly…and I will not hurt you again.”


“T-That’s if you wanted! I don’t want to force you or anything. It might be a bad experience and could’ve traumati—mmph-!”

Yuki shut her love up with a kiss and gave that moment of silence allowing her to continue where they left off. Slowly making an eye contact with each other, she caressed both her cheeks and spoke directly to her face. She was trying to process everything right now, despite words wouldn’t come out properly from her she hoped that her feelings would reached Mayu.

“For you to care and love me is the best thing I could’ve ask…but I want to ask you, are you doing this out of pity for what you did?”


Mayu placed her hand on top of Yuki’s before she felt that warmth coming out from that smooth silky hands. She took a deep breath before she continued where she left off. Looking passionately into Yuki’s eyes for a short while before she turned her face to kiss that smooth hand gently with utmost love. She was terribly embarrassed with what she would be saying, but she needed to do so. It was for Yuki’s sake, for both their sake.

“I want to hear you call my name. I want to see that side of yours…I want to become one with you…I-I…”


“…I really want to do it with you, because I love you.”

That childish shy expression, Mayu was not definitely lying to her and she was being sincere to her. She was working so hard to express herself out to her. The officer knew that it was hard for Mayu to do it…but she did more than she thought. She didn’t know what to say when her younger love asked about making love again, properly, as a lover this time. It was like a dream that she asked her like this…and obviously, she wanted this as well. She felt the same as Mayu…and then she saw that shy puppy eyes from her before she asked Yuki once again with that adorable look.

C-Can we…?”

“…You’re so silly.”

Yuki pulled her face in and kissed those lips seductively to turn her love one on even more. She sucked and nibbled that bottom lip before she broke the kiss away leaving Mayu blushed horribly. She had that surprised dumbfounded look on her face as well, and it was something that Yuki would’ve expected to see.

“Mark me as yours…please.”


While staring to each other’s eyes passionately…their feelings reached each other and they felt the same towards one another. They both wanted this, and it didn’t seem nothing would want to stop them either. Mayu bent in to resume the long passionate kiss before Yuki wrapped her arms around her head. They both fell onto the bed together while their lips were intact and Mayu pushing her heated body against her love. It was just the beginning of their night together, first time as a lover, and Mayu swore that she wouldn’t make the same mistake she did again…and promised that she would make Yuki the happiest person ever.


Mayu was having a very good sleep until she felt that coldness of the bracelet against her cheeks. She flinched slightly and was about to wake up after that heated night she had with her Yuki. Slowly opened her eyes, it was like she was witnessing an angel right in front of her. That sweetest smile that melted her heart welcomed her and looked passionately towards her. Both of them were sleeping on the same bed and under the same blanket as well. She was top naked and it made Mayu remembered what happened last night…it was the most intimate thing they ever done together and it couldn’t help for Mayu to be blushed by just thinking about it.

“Good morning, Mayu.”


“Ah, you’re blushing? That’s just so cute.”

“Hey don’t tease me…I-I’m just thinking about last night and…yeah.”

Yuki blinked before she giggled out softly. It made Mayu blushed with embarrassment but before she could say a word, the older one dove in and rested her forehead against Mayu’s neck. She wrapped her arms around Mayu’s body and the younger one could feel that two round firm chest pressed against hers. It made her heart raced and started to breath in an odd rhythm. Yuki seemed to know how to tease her love and just snuggled her tightly without saying anything further. As for Mayu she slowly wrapped her arms around Yuki’s naked body and stroke her head with that naïve curiosity she had.

“Well…is it good?”

“You’re very gentle to me and because it’s you…of course I felt so good.”


“Thank you for everything Mayu…this is the best birthday I ever have ever since my mother passed away. I will never forget this day, for the rest of my life.”


“I love you, with all my heart. You’re my world…and will always be.”

Mayu didn’t say a word and just kissed Yuki’s forehead gently with utmost love. She wanted this time to last forever…even it wouldn’t, she would create a moment like this again and again, until the very last breath of hers. She would always hold onto Yuki like this and made sure that she had utmost happiness. It was her time to give everything she had to her…after Yuki sacrificed so many things to be with her.

“…I love you too, Yuki.”

Without anymore further words, they claimed their morning kiss from each other before they could do anything else today. Mayu sure did overcome her shyness and was kissing Yuki passionately back without holding back anymore. She let all her emotions pour out without any longer holding back. She might not be that expressing outside…but only with Yuki, she would show all her sides to her. Despite Yuki’s birthday was over, everyday was a special day for the two of them. Little by little they were trying to work things out between the two such as moving in together. Despite it wouldn’t work right now, they would believe in that future together…either ways, they would make it happen no matter what. Mayu has her heart…while Yuki have her heart…they needed one another in order to live on with hope. They will cherish every moment they were together by each other’s side…for the rest of their lives.



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Woah thats really cute and sexy scene  :bleed eyes:

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Awwf Mayu is so cute when she try to tell what she really mean

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I don't think THAT scene is always necessary when the atmosphere is not like that, but now, I miss this.
Without that, this extra chapter is still beautiful and romantic, but something missing, something important. How Mayu shows her feelings for Yuki.
So if someday you're in the mood to write that, it would be a good thing. ^^
But if that not happen, I still love this whole fic so much! Thank you for writing this!
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aww kate :wub: thankyou for the epilogue & special yukirin's birthday... :twothumbs:
epilogue, i glad they're reunion and still close each other :) and miyuki have sayanee now. even mayu so overprotective with her twin sister, but there's yuki who know how to handle mayu so well
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special for yuki birthday, fluffy & sweet! fluffy fluffy fluffy hehehe finally mayu said "i love you" to yuki
and about mayu's gift for yuki's bd... i love it  :hip smile:
kate, thanks for your update,
I LOVE YOU! :love:
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Wow gosh Mayu is so sweeeeeeetttttt when she's only with Yuki. I WANT TO HAVE HERRRRRR :wub: :oops:
This chapter is so sweet.. LOVE IS IN THE AIRR :w00t:
it would be good if you write some explicit scene there lol :P

I'm looking forward to your next fics, whatever it is cause you're amazingg!! :thumbsup XD
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Looking forward to your next fics and Amnesia. ^^
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Tsundere mayu is cute but this one is the best~
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This story is juste so good that whenever I read it, it feels like it is the first time.
I always have this feeling of anxiety even if I already read it. Yahhhhh very very good story!!!!!!
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This fic was great! Almost everything was spot on. The fight scenes were very graphic as well, making it easier to imagine.
I'm regretting to why I just stumbled upon this forum and this coolness of a fic just now. first time finishing a fic in one sitting I'm
Tsundere Mayu is always great, right? ^^ And Yuki's selfless character here is great as well.
Thank you for sharing this with us!
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Too many comments I'm lazy to reply to each one of you all so I'll just write it as one. XD
Thank you for all enjoying this completed series. It did make me happy to see people still liking it despite its done for years already.  :deco:
After seeing comments from everyone it kinda gave me an inspiration to write a short MaYuki to explore their life that takes place several years after the epilogue. Just gonna be focusing on MaYuki, so I hope you all will enjoy it.

For some particular questions addressing to me:
Kriyu: Do you take fanfic request???
= Yes I do, but currently I don't because I have quite a number of requests already. It takes me a while already to write my current two ongoing stories (AMNESIA and WHO IS MY PRINCE?). Besides from that, I have quite a number of ideas for one shots and another new series (IN THIS CAGE). So yeah, it will be tough for me to take requests...I value quality more than quantity :P I hope you get what I mean~

fath107: Maybe next is mayu birthday  :D *request*
= HAHAHAHA! Who knows? Depends I guess. Instead of Mayu's birthday one, have this one instead. I think this portrays more of their relationship and I hope you'll enjoy it. Consider as an my indirect response to your request :P

I know its still 11 days from the actual day (Feb 14), but I guess this still works anyway.
Whether it is Valentine's Day or not doesn't matter to both MaYuki anyway :P

~Special: Valentine’s Day?~


The lady had a sip of her coffee as she read the files that were printed from the lab instrument. As she read all the data closely through her thin glasses, a smile of satisfaction beamed across her face before she placed it back on the table. The results went according to her anticipation. She walked up to the wall where there were tons of photos hanging on the thin string. All of those pictures were marked of blood patterns from the crime scene. While she was quietly analyzing the results in her computer brain, another scientist entered the lab room to see Dr. Watanabe.

“Watanabe-san. You’re still here?”

“Just checking out the results for one last time. This would nail the case, have a look and see if you understand it.”

“O-Oh? Okay.”

The man walked up to the files on the table and that was when his eyes grew wide with shock. All the results strongly supported the prosecutor’s team and it would be a powerful evidence to allow them to win in the court in the next few days from now.

“Watanabe-san! This is amazing! You figured it out by yourself??”

“Pretty much, after simulating countless cases in my head for days. I’m satisfied with this result.”

“Yes, this is amazing.”

“Anyway, what brings you here?”

“Oh right.”

The man remembered he was here to give Mayu the paper files for her to fill in. Apparently the head of forensic department wanted Dr. Watanabe to be the expert witness and presented it in court. The woman sighed as she preferred working in the shadows and unnoticed by others…but because of her phenomenal talent in presentation made her receive this task.

“I hate being expert witness…I thought Akimoto knew about it already.”

“She knew, but she still wanted you to do it.”

“…I demand a raise from her.”

The scientist took the files reluctantly and agreed to be the expert witness. As she was signing the papers, the male colleague of hers stared at Watanabe silently. He seemed to have a crush on this talented lady, but he didn’t have the courage to confess or ask her out. Mayu put the paperwork back into the folder before she passed it back to her male colleague.

“Here, is there anything else?”

“N-Not at all!”

“Good, I’m leaving now. I’ve been up for 20 hours already. Finally I can go home and sleep…”

“You should leave and get some rest, sensei. It’s not good to push yourself too hard. You’ve been working on this case for over a week and didn’t leave this laboratory except for the team meetings!”

“I know what I’m doing, don’t worry. Thank you for your concern, Ishida.”

Mayu was backing her back and files into the boxes before she was about to leave the laboratory. However, the man looked up to the clock and realized it was already late 2am. He turned back to the lady and asked her how she was returning back home. At very least, she had a car and would be driving back. He only smiled softly before he told her to drive safely in this late night.

“Drive safely and take care, Watanabe-san.”

“See you tomorrow Ishida. Take care of the files for me. I’ll be here by 6am.”

“Akimoto-san said you have a day-off tomorrow. So don’t worry about coming in.”

“Oh, okay then. That’s good for me. See you later.”

Mayu removed her coat and put on her black blazer just before leaving the room. As she just came out into the corridor, the male colleague bit her lips and turned around to call Mayu once again. He called out her name and caught her attention. While she was staring at him with confusion, he only smiled with a sigh before he finally spoke what was in his mind.

“Since it’s already the day, Happy Valentine’s day, Watanabe-san. Have a great day-off.”

“…Ah right, it is Valentine’s Day today! Thanks for reminding me though.”

“Hahaha, as expected from you who’s so obsessed with the case that you forgot the days… and no problem.”

Mayu finally arrived back home after she was away for a week. She yawned widely before she checked her watch to see that it was already 3am. It was very late already and knew that her partner would be asleep at this time. She entered the house softly hoping to not disturb anyone that was sleeping. She dropped all her stuffs in the living room before she went up to the 2nd floor to take a quick shower before dropping on bed. She came out from the bathroom with a towel on her head to dry off her wet hair. However, the moment he stepped out from the bathroom into the darkness of the corridor, she saw a dark figure in the dark and was facing her, and it literally gave her a heart attack.


“Ugh…don’t yell…”

“Jeez…you freaked me out…”

The figure replied back and Mayu realized that it was Yuki. She woke up from her sleep to come to the bathroom. The older raven-haired walked passed her into the bathroom to use it, but before she closed the door she turned to Mayu and gave her a cold glare.

“Stay there, and don’t you dare move.”

“…O-Okay ma’am.”

Mayu stood there in the hall waiting for Yuki to finish her business. As the raven-haired came out from the bathroom, she turned to look at Mayu who was still drying her hair with the short towel. The scientist was already in her sleeping attire—sleeveless men’s shirt and shorts. It was quite an awkward silence between the two and the moment Mayu was about to say something, a brute force stopped her abruptly.


The nurse student walked up to her and slapped Mayu across her face out of blue. The forensic scientist was in a moment of stun and she placed her hand onto the red bruised cheek. No words were uttered from Yuki before she walked back into her bedroom and left Mayu standing in the hallway alone. The younger one sighed before she turned towards the stairs. She walked down to the living room and used the sofa’s pillow to sleep onto.

“…Well, I guess I’ll do some work before hitting the couch tonight.”

She was checking some few things on her laptop and stared at the numbers on the screen. She started counting and seemed to be coming up with several approaches she could do to make what she planned work. She glanced over at the clock and it was already 4am, and that was when she realized she needed to hit the bed before Yuki would wake up.


Yuki woke up in the morning at 6am and after she washed her face and dressed up, she came down to the living room to make her breakfast. She saw Mayu still sleeping in the couch quietly and tons of paperwork scattered on the table. She walked up to see her and she had such a peaceful expression before it made Yuki sighed softly. She went to get a blanket and put it over her before she went to make breakfast for the day. How fortunate that today was Saturday and also didn’t have any practical shifts today. She decided to relax for the day and watched TV at the couch whilst Mayu was still sleeping. The older one had her coffee with croissant that she bought yesterday after her shift.


Mayu’s phone rang loudly and it made the younger one sprung up from sofa. She stretched out to pick the phone but then she fell off onto the floor. Yuki’s eyes grew wide with surprise. She watched her drowsy partner got on her knees and stretched out to grab her cellphone before she rushed out to the hallway of the house.

“Yo Akimoto, you got my email right?”

Yuki quietly eavesdropped the conversation but she had a feeling it was just about work like always. Akimoto was Mayu’s boss and sometimes they would have a long conversation on the phone regarding cases they’re on. Sometimes Yuki would get jealous over how Mayu and Akimoto were good friends with each other.

“C’mon, just consider it as a token of appreciation for me that I accept to be the expert witness.”

[Jeez, what a demanding employee you are.]

“Duh, I TOLD you already! C’mon Akimoto, do it for me please! Just like what I written in the email!”

[…You’re such a troublesome but yet a very valuable coworker. I’ll do it now, and it should be all good by 11am. Is that okay? That’s the fastest I could do.]

“Great! That’s perfect, thanks Akimoto.”

[Good luck with your expert witness presentation. I look forward to your promising result, Watanabe.]

“…Yah, whatever.”

Mayu hung up the call and walked back into the living room with a big yawn. As she just entered, that was when Yuki passed her a warm glass of coffee to her. She turned to look back at the raven-haired and she just only gave her a poker face before Mayu took that glass of coffee. The young one couldn’t help but to let out a soft smile of relief before she had a sip of the coffee her lover prepared.


“Did you have enough sleep?”

“Longest I ever have for a week. I’m happy enough.”

“Are you hungry? I’ll warm up your breakfast.”

“I’m starving.”

Mayu smiled before headed over to the dining table and waited for her breakfast like an obedient child. Yuki made omurice this morning and the younger one was so focused on eating that she didn’t even bother to talk at all. Yuki simply sat down in the chair next to Mayu, and watched her focused on eating like no body’s business. She must be starving so badly that Yuki decided to wait until Mayu was done eating before uttering a word. The moment the younger lady placed her utensils back onto the table, she stretched her arms up into the air with utmost satisfaction.

“I missed this so much! Your cooking is always and will always be the best. This I the BEST meal I ever have through out the hellish 7 days.”

“What have you been eating for the past week?”

“Junk food and takeaways. We needed to wrap up a lot of things and we’re running out of time. I was able to figure out the results this morning before I came back.”

“Ah, I see. So…you’ll be an expert witness again?”

“Akimoto forced me to do it, but at least she’s giving me a raise. That asshole forcing me to do the job I hate again.”

“So when are you leaving today?”

“I’m not leaving for work today, Akimoto gave me a day off. How about you?”

“I don’t have any shifts today.”

Both of them remained in silence as Mayu smiled softly before she picked up her plates and headed towards the sink. She offered to wash all the dishes and Yuki only nodded softly. Kashiwagi went to grab all the cups and plates from the table before passing it to Mayu. She waited for the young one at the dining table and watched her from behind. It turned out both of them had a day-off today and Yuki seemed to be wondering what to do.

“Is there anything you want to do?”

“Let’s go together to the city, I need to pick up something from Yuko..”

“Hmm, sure. It’s been a while since I met Yuko-chan.”

Yuki replied with a shrug and after Mayu finished washing the dishes, she walked up to Yuki and stood next to her. They both looked into each other’s eyes and the young one placed her hand on top of Yuki’s silky hands. She bent down and gave her a kiss on the forehead before she smiled with love towards her.

“Good morning, Yuki.”

“…Morning, Mayu.”

“Not going to give me a morning kiss?”

“Well I gave you one this morning already. Right on your cheek.”

“Haha! Nice try, and that one hurts.”

Both of them laughed if off before Mayu decided to go change to her casual attire for the day. As she was about to get up the stairs, Yuki went after her and grabbed onto Mayu’s hand to get her attention. The young scientist turned to her partner but then what she received was another slap across her face. Her face swiftly turned due to the impact of the hit and her eyes dilated with surprise.

“…Ouch, you really didn’t hold back.”

“I didn’t.”

Mayu only rubbed her cheeks in silence and accepted that slap. She realized she deserved it because she didn’t tell Yuki that she would be staying at the laboratory for the entire week. She would only text Yuki once or twice a day during her working hours. Mayu sighed softly but then that was when Yuki cupped her cheeks and pulled her in to seal those lips. It was quite a surprise kiss, but then Mayu accepted it and kissed her older partner back. 


“Change in plans, we’re not leaving.”

“What? I thought you have—”

Before Yuki could finish her line, Mayu kissed her again and it made her blushed again. She held the raven-haired lady’s hand tightly before she pulled her in to embrace in her arms. She really missed this warmth from Yuki’s body that was always by her side every single night. However, she had been missing it for the past week due to work.

“…It never feels right without having you next to me at night.”

“Jeez, you’re such a child.”

“Does that bother you?”

“…No, not at all.”

Both of them rested their forehead against each other while they felt each other’s warmth close to each other. They missed being next to each other, and right before they were about to kiss again…they were interrupted by a phone call that came in through Mayu’s cellphone. It made the young one sighed with annoyance before she hung up the call right in front of Yuki.

“You’re not going to pick it up??”

“It’s not important, its just Yuko.”

“I though you’re going to pick up something from her?”

“She can drop by to our place instead. Right now, I want to be like this.”

Mayu hugged Yuki tightly and it made Kashiwagi sighed softly with a sweet smile across her face. She patted Mayu’s head and allowed her girlfriend to hug her for as long as she wanted, but before she realized it the short one swept her up in her arms. She carried Yuki into the living room and dropped her onto the sofa before she get on top of her and slept on top of her.

“I’m still sleepy…”

“Didn’t you have coffee already?”

“I slept at 4am, and its just 9am right now…I need more hours. I’ve having only 2-3 hours of sleep per day until now…I think I’m crashing.”

“Jeez, why are you overworking yourself like this?”

“This would be the last time, don’t worry…”

“Promise? I won’t like it if you collapse out of exhaustion.”

“I promise, but even I did I’m certain my nurse will nurture me up again right?”

“Don’t push your luck, Mayu. I can be very mean, you know?”

“I don’t mind being a masochist for my sadist queen.”

“I’m not a sadist, you masochist.”

Mayu only giggled before she buried her face onto Yuki’s soft chest and slowly drifting off to sleep again. It was less than a second that Mayu went into deep silence, and that was when Yuki realized that her girlfriend fell asleep in her arms already. Mayu was sleeping so peacefully and Yuki couldn’t just push her away. She allowed herself to relax on the sofa while her beloved Mayu was in her arms, but before she could use this opportunity to take a nap, Mayu’s phone buzzed again. It seemed Mayu left it on the table and put it on silence. Yuki picked it up to check and saw that it was Yuko again. She picked it up this time and talked in Mayu’s place.

“Hi Yuko-chan.”

[Mayu you jerk how dare you—Wait, Yuki??]

“Haha, yes it’s me. Sorry, right now Mayu is sleeping right now…she’s very exhausted from lack of sleep.”

[Yeah, what an idiot. Anyways, I guess I’ll drop by to your place later at 3pm? I need to pass something to that jerk. Will you guys be at home?]

“I’m certain we will, if not I’ll make her stay home by the time you arrive.”

[Thanks Yuki! I know I can rely on you! I’ll see you soon then.]

“Not at all, will see you soon Yuko-chan.”

Yuki hung up the call and could feel Mayu snuggling up closer to her before she patted her head softly. She hugged her back and the warmth from Watanabe’s body was drifting her to sleep as well. She also didn't have a lot of sleep but she woke up early due to a habit she picked up after she started having shifts in hospital. Both of them fell asleep in each other’s arms and thankfully that the sofa was wide enough for the two of them to sleep together.


Few hours passed by and Yuki slowly woke up from her long nap, and the moment she opened her eyes she saw Mayu watching her sleeping with that soothing smile. It seemed the younger one was awake before her, but she didn’t bother to get up at all.

“Nngh…Since when you’re awake?”

“Just few minutes ago, I want to stay like this for as long as we could.”

“…Mayu, I miss having you next to me when I go to sleep.”

“Me too.”

“Can you not stay overnight like that again? I hate it.”

“I won’t anymore, I promise.”

“You better, or else I will be mad. Very mad.”

“I keep my promises, don’t I?”

Mayu’s smile of confidence made Yuki smiled before she scooted in closer to the younger one’s body. The younger one wrapped her arm around Yuki and pulled her in to kiss her nose gently, which caught her off guard. However, that act made Kashiwagi pouted softly instead. She wasn’t satisfied with what Mayu did…because she wanted more than that.

“Just that? C’mon…”

“…Don’t do that, it’s hard to resist temptation you know? I still want to follow the plan I made today.”

“What plan?”

“Yuko texted me. We’re going to meet with Haruna and Yuko at the plaza close by. We’re meeting there at 3pm instead of having those two coming over.”

“Eh!? Haruna too?? I didn’t see her for ages!!”

“Its good to catch up right?”

Mayu sat up and checked her phone to see the time and it was about 2pm. They had about an hour before they need to leave the house to meet with their friends, but as the young one was about to get off from the sofa, Yuki pulled her down again and she buried her face into Mayu’s chest.


“Didn’t you say you want to stay like this for as long as we could?”

“…You’re making this very hard for me. I really want to touch you now.”

“Keep your pervert hands to yourself. We have to go out later in an hour.”

“You’re being too adorable here.”

“…Well, it’s your fault for leaving me for a week. You better make it up to it.”

“You slapped me twice, doesn’t that make it up already?”


“Nope, it’s not enough.”

Right after Mayu finished her words, she got another slap on the cheek out of blue and made her blinked with surprise. Yuki only giggled softly before she bent in to peck on Mayu’s lips before resting her head against her neck. She didn’t say a word and the young one only hugged Yuki back. They both sure had quite a complicated relationship with each other. It seemed Yuki picked up such an abusive form of love after spending many years with her lover.

“How abusive my girlfriend is…do I need to take 4 more slaps to make up for 7 days that I’m gone?”

“Something like that.”

“How about I do something else in return for you?”

“Maybe, what are you going to do?”

They both stared at each other and the younger one only smiled with that confidence before she ruffled Yuki’s head. It seemed she had something in mind that was yet to tell her. However, Yuki didn’t persist to ask Mayu because she knew that even though she asked her…the young one wouldn’t tell her until the time was right. Mayu just pulled her in and kissed her forehead before embracing her tightly once again. Yuki didn’t resisted and just rested her head onto her chest and embraced every second she’s next to her girlfriend. They just stayed like that for the entire time until it was about time to leave and head off to meet with both Yuko and Haruna.


The two arrived on time at the plaza where they saw both Yuko and Haruna waiting for them in front of the fountain. She still had that squirrel face and she rushed in towards Mayu before extending her fist out towards her old friend.

“Hey! You’re late!”

“It is called on time, you jerk.”

Mayu extended her fist forward to bump with hers before they gave one another a big hug of reunion. Haruna and Yuki were both excited to catch up with each other after not seeing each other ever since their annual reunion six months ago. They decided to walk around the plaza checking out stores and supermarket. It seemed Haruna had to buy food to restock her fridge at her and Yuko’s apartment. Mayu and Yuko left both two ex-officers to enjoy their old times together and that was when Yuko gave Mayu a plastic bag containing something inside.

“A 7-11 convenience store bag? How classy.”

“Shut up you jerk, does that even matter?”

“Nope, thanks for your effort.”

Mayu took it and put it into her bag before Yuko threw her arms over her shoulder and pulled her friend in closer to whisper against her ear. It seemed they were having some sort of secrets that didn’t want to overhear their conversation in public.

“So…how romantic you picked valentine’s day to give her this?”

“Actually I forgot it is on Valentine’s day, it was an accident.”

“The heck, you serious??”

“I’m joking.”

“…I actually believed that, you troll.”

“I think I knew it was Valentine’s Day long time ago, but I just remembered it was Valentine’s Day this morning by my colleague. Isn’t it just another damn day in a year anyway? Its just people gave importance to it and make it a lover’s day.”

 “…Said by someone who’s living with her girlfriend for years. Oh well, at least you remembered it. Enjoy your day my friend.”

“So do you, enjoy your day with Mrs. Oshima.”

“Shut up.”

Yuko knocked onto her head and Mayu grumbled back as her response. They continued shopping and it was about time that both Oshima ladies had to return back to their apartment to enjoy their valentine’s date together. Both Watanabe and Kashiwagi headed back home and as soon as they arrived they dropped their groceries onto the table. Before Yuki could ask Mayu what she wanted for dinner, the young one offered to cook instead.

“I’m making dinner.”

“Eh? You?”

“I’m NOT that bad. I can at least make good meatball pasta.”

“Hehe, you sure?”

“I take that as a challenge then. Go sit down, and embrace your defeat upon my dish.”

“Ah, I’m so scared.”

Both of them laughed at each other before Yuki offered to clear out the table and prepare the drinks for both of them. They both bought a bottle of red wine to drink together for tonight. It didn’t take that long for the young scientist to finished cooking pasta for two servings and it was about time they both were starving. As Yuki had the first bite and Mayu watching her with a smirk of confidence, the older one had to admit that it was better than last time Mayu made. It exactly tasted like how Yuki would love to eat her meatball pasta and she had to compliment her girlfriend about it. Mayu could tell from her lover’s expression that she enjoyed it.

“It’s good right?”

“It is better than last time! Wow, I’m amazed. It tasted like—”

“Your mother’s meatball pasta, right?”

Yuki froze and stopped whatever she was doing. She slowly lowered her fork and turned over to Mayu who was looking at her with such calm smile across her face. The older one wondered that it was her girlfriend’s intention to perfect her mother’s meatball pasta that Yuki would always talk about. This indirectness made her heart skipped a beat and she nodded softly in return to Mayu’s question. The young one smiled with satisfaction before they continued eating their dinner.

“Let’s eat.”


Yuki didn’t leave a single pasta strand on the plate and was more than satisfied with the meal. However, she couldn’t help but to be curious how did Mayu perfected the meatball pasta that her mother made back in Yuki’s childhood. As the short Watanabe washed the dishes, she had a sip of red wine from her glass and had to ask out of curiosity.

“…How did you know this is my mom’s signature meatball pasta?”

“From your past comments, and two weeks ago while I was cleaning the storage room I came across it. Your mother has a recipe book.”

“Eh?? Where!? I was certain that it wasn’t there!”

“Apparently you suck at finding things. Anyways, do you like it?”

“…No, I love it. It was as if I ate my mom’s pasta once again.”

Yuki’s face was slightly blushing from the alcohol and Mayu couldn’t help to notice that sweet smile on her lover’s face. She was reminiscing her past when her everyone in her family was home and enjoying mom’s signature meatball pasta. Yuki could remember her sister, mother’s, father’s smile at the dining table and remained in deep silence for a while. Mayu just left her be and after she finished washing the dishes, she went to get something from her backpack before placing it on the table in front of Yuki. The older one was curious but Mayu just simply told her to check it out before she had a sip of her wine. Kashiwagi was overly curious and had a look inside the bag. It was in such an old thin wooden box, but she didn’t seem to recognize it. She removed it out from the bag and Mayu told her to open it up.

“What is this?”

“Just open it, and you’ll know.”

Yuki was still confused, and the moment she opened it she saw a set of pearl accessory—earrings, necklace, and a ring. It seemed to be very old as well. However, its beauty still remained just like how it looked like 30 years ago. The moment Yuki’s eyes laid on it, her eyes grew wide and it was like its beauty paralyzed her. Mayu didn’t utter a single word because she already knew that Yuki would have that kind of reaction. Kashiwagi took the necklace into her hand and stared at it closely to observe every single detail on it…before she turned over to Mayu with eyes of misbelief.

“How did you…!”

“It took me quite a while to find these after it had been pawned for years. Thanks to Yuko and Mariko-san helping me out.”

“T-These are very expensive!! These are Mikimoto pearls! How did you manage to get it back!?”

“Yeah, it is bloody expensive. That’s why I need to work overtime to get some raise from Akimoto. Today was actually the deadline to the payment and Yuko would meet up with the owner of the pawn shop in Aichi for the item.”

“A-Aichi?? Isn’t that really far?”

“This thing sure travelled very far. But it’s back to where it should be already. She really helped me out.”


“I know it is important to you. It is your mother’s memento that she left behind. It’s horrible of you to pawn it at the shop.”

“I-It was because—”

“I know, to support both of us when we’re trying to get back on our feet.”

Mayu sighed and took the necklace away from Yuki’s hand before she unhooked it. The young one hooked it back again behind her girlfriend’s neck for her to wear this beautiful pearl necklace. The young forensic scientist worked overtime in order to get a raise in order to pay back for Yuki’s mother’s pearls. Yuki couldn’t believe that Mayu did all of it for her and she couldn’t hide her tears. She wept silently and Watanabe knew it was tears of joy…but she still hated to see her love cried. She bent in and wiped those tears off from her ears before she got Yuki’s attention to her again. She cupped her cheeks and whispered closely to her face.

“I wanted it to be a surprise. I know that if you knew, you would be against it. At least, you should be honest that you didn’t want to let this go because it's the only thing that will forever remind you of your mother.”


“So, am I forgiven yet? Your slaps hurt so I don’t want to take four more to make up for disappearing.”

“Now you’re making me feel guilty for hitting you. How devious you are to have this planned.”

“Yup, I planned all this so that you’ll be guilty for being mad at me.”

“…You haven’t changed at all, my devious little mouse.”

Yuki couldn’t hold back her smile and that was more than enough for Mayu to feel that her effort paid off. To see her lover’s smile was the best reward to her.  As Mayu was about to step back, Yuki quickly grabbed onto her arm and stopped her from moving away. The younger one looked back at her and Yuki quietly stared back with that such a sweet face. Mayu only sighed quietly before she flashed a vague smile to her. 


“…You’re mean. Now I can’t stop crying…”

“I don’t mind a crybaby Yuki.”

“Stop teasing me but… thank you…thank you so much…! This really meant a lot of me and now…it meant so much more than before because you brought it back to me. I promise I wouldn’t let it go again.”

“You better…and a smile always suits you the most.”

“How cheesy you are, Mayu.”


Mayu only smiled and she was satisfied that Yuki was smiling with her heart out upon reuniting with her mother’s memento. Her smile was just so beautiful that Watanabe couldn’t resist the temptation. She tilted her chin up so that their lips could meet one another in a proper angle. Yuki accepted the kiss whole-heartedly and enjoyed this sweet longing kiss they shared with each other before Mayu broke off shortly with that troubled face. That instant, the nurse student could tell that her lover wanted to be close and intimate with her right now…and she caressed her girlfriend’s cheek before Mayu placed her hand on top of Yuki’s.


“Can you hug me the entire night?”


Mayu pulled Yuki off from the chair and swept her up in her arms easily. Despite her short and slender appearance, she was still very fit from back in those old days she used to be a criminal. The shorter one flopped onto the couch on her back whilst Yuki was still in her arms…and she slowly adjusted her position so the two of them were facing each other on the cough.

“Isn’t this couch a little too small for two people to sleep?”

“Doesn’t it force us to be really close to each other?”

“…True that. Hey, Mayu.”


“I love you.”

Yuki spoke out with utmost love for her, and Mayu could feel it very well. She only smiled before she cupped her cheeks and pecked her lips softly. She didn’t like to say it as often as how Yuki would do…however, she allowed her actions reassure her lover that her feelings were still burning and remained strong ever since they came together. Mayu only patted her head before she let out a sweet gentle smile that made Yuki’s heart skipped a beat…and then the older one buried her face into Mayu’s chest with embarrassment.

“Gah, what a charming smile—!!”

“If that’s what is in your mind, then that is very loud.”

“Just be quiet, and hug me. Don’t let me go until morning.”

“You’re ordering me??”

“What if I am?”

Yuki grinned cheekily and it made Mayu sighed with a smile across her face. She wrapped her arms around her lover tightly and kissed her head before she enjoyed feeling Yuki close to her heart. Mayu didn’t bother to reply back to that question, but her actions told the older one that the young one would obey her demands. It seemed Kashiwagi was getting good with dealing with her rough girlfriend and she accepted that Mayu had her ways of showing her affectionate, which was different from hers. However, Mayu’s quiet love was something that made her so appealing and attractive. 

“Yuki, did you know today is Valentine’s Day?”

“Yeah? What about it?”

“Not going to make a big deal of it?”

“I don’t care if its Valentine’s or not. Isn’t it your job to always give me your 100% love and attention every single day for the rest of your life?”


Mayu cracked up so hard and she had a smirk of satisfaction across her face. It seemed both of them shared similar thoughts after all. Both of them didn’t care whether it would be Valentine’s Day or not, but all that mattered was that they’re still by each other’s side as they vowed to each other. They couldn’t live without one another as Mayu has Yuki’s heart…and Yuki has Mayu’s heart. They couldn’t live independent from each other anymore, as they could only live and be alive when they’re next to each other like this. Just the way it was, no need for anything special, they’re happy with their love life already.

“Actually, it would be nice to hear you say ‘I love you’ to me though. You only say it on my birthday!”

“I’ll say again in the next 5 months from now.”


“D-Don’t tickle me there—H-Haaahahahahahahahaha!!! STOP!!!”

“No~! Until you say it!”

“O-OVER my dead body—A-Ahahahaha! Oh god, stop it Yuki—!! Hahahahaha!”

“Give up already, Mayu.”

“B-Baah—ahahahahahahaa!!!!O-Okay! I love you! S-Stop!”


Yuki finally stopped tickling her girlfriend upon hearing her confess and she stared at Mayu panting after the most exhausting battle she went through. However, the young one will surely have her revenge, someday.

“…That’s the statement of the year, so wait for 2017 then I’ll say it again.”

“Hey don’t do that! Meanie!”

“Who is the one being mean here?? You’re torturing me to death to get what you wanted!”

“Make me an exception.”

“…Jeez, so greedy. How did I become such a softy like this?”

“Hehe~ Because you're madly in love with me, right?”

“...Whatever you say, idiot.”


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