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Title: AMNESIA: Chapter 14 ~ [WMatsui + MaYuki]~ (18/12/2015)
Post by: katekyohit on July 09, 2013, 06:04:33 PM
Sorry that I'm going to update pretty darn slow. I'm busy with many things right now and I don't want to update just for the sake of it. I want to write a best chapter each time so its worth the time you guys have to wait. All I can say, is that I'll finish the story no matter what, just going to take my time :P

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~Amnesia: SPECIAL Occasion~
Christmas Eve 2013 (


I saw the car coming towards us…in full speed.
It was a blink of second…It all happened instantly.
I was knocked out immediately by the strong impact…
…And couldn’t feel anything but pain.

It hurts so much that it feels like it’s burying me alive…
…It hurts…so much.


“U-Ugh …” I slowly opened my eyes and felt so tired. I felt like I had a nightmare…a really painful one. Gradually, I realized that I was on the bed. I couldn’t feel anything but pain spread across my head, legs, arms, and chest. It’s everywhere over me.

“W-Where am I…?”

“Ah, good morning Matsui-san.”

A woman in white uniform was busy organizing the flowers in the vase beside me. She turned to me and checked at the monitor on the screen filled with lines and numbers that I could even understand. “Ah, it seems everything is in a stable condition now.”

I turned to the nurse and looked at her while I tried to speak. It even hurts to do so. “Nurse…who am I…?”


She had a worrisome expression across her face. It doesn’t look good at all. “…I’ll call the doctor so she can do the explanation for you.”

“O-Oh…” My voice was even shaky. The nurse left immediately and only I could wait for the doctor to come see me. Ah, I remember the nurse called me Matsui...Is that my name? It felt familiar to me; maybe that’s my name.

When I try to remember what happen to me, my head hurts and I couldn’t remember anything at all. Even about myself…even my own name.


“If you need anything do call me.” The nurse bowed to the doctor beside her.

“Thank you, Yuki.” The doctor spoke back to the nurse before she left. Now it was me and the doctor in this quiet room. She approached in and sat on the chair beside my bed. I observed and studied her physical appearance; she had a shoulder-length hair and even though she wore glasses, I could see her pretty brown eyes so clearly. 

“Nice to meet you, I’m your doctor by the way.”

“Doctor-san…” I muttered softly and it seemed the doctor could tell that I’m confused as well as feeling the pain all over my body. She held my hand gently and gave such a warm caring smile to me. “Who am I…?”

I asked her and she looked into my eyes, speaking with a gentle tone.

“Your name is Matsui Rena.” She told my name, it felt so familiar. That must be my name… “Do you remember anything?”

I shook my head but that didn’t trouble the doctor at all. Her voice is so gentle that it made me really calmed. She’s really a doctor after all. “Don’t worry, we’ll be here with you.”

“What…happened to me?”

“It will be hard to hear it…” The doctor asked me whether I still wanted to hear or not. I nodded. For at least, I wanted to know what happen to me. She sighed softly before she told me what happened. “…Your car got into a car accident. I’m sorry that we managed to only save you.” She apologized sincerely even though I still couldn’t catch up with what she told me.

Only I survived? Then that means…


As if she could tell from my eyes as she continued explaining the situation in detail to me. “Your parents are there, but it was too late when they arrive at the hospital…we’re sorry.”

She stroked my head gently with a painful look in her eyes, as if she’s carrying the same pain with me. At that moment, I felt as if I started to remember the dream I had, it must be a car accident. The image became much clearer and I started to remember it.


I was in the car with my family.
 We seemed to be heading somewhere far away from home.
…Something important that I can’t remember.
While we’re travelling…
There was a huge truck coming from the side.
Then it crashed our car…
That was when everything went black…


“I…” I looked away from the doctor. “I think I remember it…the accident.”

“I see…Aside from the accident, do you remember everything else?” She asked me again but I shook my head. I only recall the incident right after she mentioned about it. It fits with the nightmare I had right before I woke up. “I see…the accident must have affected you.”


“You have amnesia.” The doctor explained. “That’s why you don’t remember anything about yourself or what actually happened. It’s due to the accident, but don’t worry it won’t be permanent. ”

“…I see.” Tears started running down from my cheeks as I remembered my parent’s face. I felt as if I forgot something so important to me. I don’t know why but its hurting me so much. It’s aching so wildly. Maybe… it was because I’m the only one that survived the accident when everyone’s dead.


I couldn’t hold back my tears as the doctor held my hand tightly. Her hand was so warm. She stroked my head as if telling me that I’m not alone. She’s here for me. Even I lost my parents, I didn’t felt as lonely as I thought I would be.

“I’ll be here until you feel better.”

“Doctor-san…Thank you.” I replied back to her and made her smile. She still held my hand and sat there quietly until I’m done with crying and felt lightened up a little. “Thank you for being with me…”

“Not at all.” She glanced at her pocket watch before she stood up. “I believe I have to leave now Rena-chan.”

I didn’t want that hand to let go from me at all. But, I had no choice but to let it go. Before she’s going to leave she explained a few things to me about using the button to call my private nurse.

“…Nurse Kashiwagi will be looking after you from now on, just call her whenever you need anything. She’s the nurse that you met earlier.”

“I see…Thank you for saving me.”

The doctor was slightly stunned and revealed a vague painful smile across her face. I wonder why she had that expression on her face…?

She bent down so that we had the same eye level with each other. “Whenever you need me, feel free to notify nurse Kashiwagi. I promise, I’ll be with you whenever you need.”

The honesty in her eyes that were staring at me made me believed in her completely. She was so kind to me and really cared for me. It made me felt that I’m not alone in this pain of losing my family without remembering anything about them at all.  “Also…”


“Sorry for the late introduction, I’m Dr. Kashiwagi Jurina, but you can call me Jurina.” Her smile is so bright and cheerful, yet gentle. I nodded and she patted my head again.

But wait…Kashiwagi? Isn’t that the same surname as my private nurse? Are they related to each other? I wonder…

“I’ll see you again later today for check-ups and do rest as much as you could, Rena-chan.”

“I will…Jurina-san.”


She had left. Time flies so fast when Jurina-san was with me. I decided to go into sleep without having any worries that I will have that nightmare again or not. Since the warmth from Jurina-san’s hand is still with me…


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YES!!!!  :cow: You posted it here! I'm so happy  :lol: I read it yesterday in akblasphemy48 and I'm currently waiting not so patiently for the next chapter.  XD More MaYuki fic please!  XD Thanks for posting your fics here, katekyohit-san  :bow:  :bow:  :bow:
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This is cool :) I can't wait for the next update! Are Jujubb and Yukirin related?  :dunno:

Anyway! Update soon  :hee:
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Interesting start  MaYuki and WMatsui will create intrigue for me
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Yatta your amnesia fic is here :cow:
Im so happy :on gay:
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Somehow, I didn't really expect Rena-chan to be the one with amnesia despite it being not so weird
Kashiwagi Jurina... hrm? I wonder~~
hehehe... I wonder... Mayuki and WMatsui nya~
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So you're posting your Amnesia fiction on here now~ Sweet! I've read it on Tumblr, but what the heck. Doesn't hurt to read it again. XD So Rena has amnesia... Yikes. That accident must be pretty bad if she even forgot what her name is. :panic: But there's Doctor Jurina and Nurse Kashiwagi~ I'm sure they'll take good care of her. :cathappy:

Looking forward to your updates on this fiction~ :deco:
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Fantastic fanfic and I read it on akblasphemy48 website thank you for
posting it on here too. (●´∀`●) I will wait on the updates!  \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/   
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okaaaaaaaaaaay *camping mode*  :on roll:  :on woohoo:

i like it i like it  :nya:
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Title: Re: AMNESIA: CH01 [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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Oh many comments >_<"  :nya: :nya: For people who read it on tumblr, I guess it's easier to comment on here than on tumblr, I want to hear your comments! Haha, in case it would give me more ideas. I'm a type that sometimes doesn't plan before writing the story out (bad example) I appreciate all comments from you! Even just a little.   :on gay: :on gay:

Rhin_rhin: Ahahaha please be a little more patient! XD I'll keep posting the old ones first until I update the latest one. Stay on tune! :)
WotaOtaku~: Whether they're related or not is revealed in later chapters (already out there in tumblr), but will definitely post it here!
Chichay12: YES! Finally it's on here.
LoyalFlutist: I love comments. Comment more! XD
Shinoki: Going to be some twists around so wait and see! :) I hope you enjoy it since I actually enjoy writing it myself xD
imteedee: Yatta! Glad you like it! :D
gek geki: Fan? Aw you making me flattered!  :shy2: :hee: Will definitely update asap! :D
Tupi: I mentioned it already in some comments above but well not bad to mention again. XD I'll gradually update all previous chapters until the latest one on here so stay on tune! Glad you enjoy it!



A/N: This chapter will be more of introducing Dr. Mayu into Rena’s life. It will start getting more intense in the next chapter! I’m sorry if the story might proceed slowly! ><”


It had been a week since I had woke up from my long sleep and first met with Jurina-san.

Ah, sorry for the late introduction…. My name is Matsui Rena, 20 years old, and I had survived from the car accident but as a result I had this amnesia. Jurina-san had explained to me on the day after I woke up from my long sleep that I received financial support from government… so the hospital and medication fee would be free for me until I’m fully recovered. I didn’t know much details but that’s a great thing! I’m glad she told me before I start worrying about money issues here…

So at the moment until I’m completely recovered from my amnesia, I’ll be under Jurina-san’s care. Well…deep down inside me partially didn’t want that day to come. I still wanted to meet and be with Jurina-san. I don’t know why, I felt so connected to her. I’m always happy and comforted with Jurina-san around me.

…Maybe because she saved me from being lonely after I lost everything.

“Rena-chan, it’s time to eat lunch.”

Nurse Kashiwagi spoke as she brought in lunch for me, but she insisted me calling her just ‘Yuki’ instead of her surname. “Dr. Jurina will come to check on you after your meal.”

I nodded with a smile. That is the only thing I always looked forward each day for Jurina-san to come in this white squared room.

“Ah~ Sure someone is happy to meet Dr. Jurina?” Yuki-san teased me.

“Mou Yuki-san…”

She turned her attention to the vase. She’s replacing new flowers everyday and she came to sit by my side after she’s done with her job. It must be some service in hospital here to replace flowers? Anyways, I’m glad they bring fresh flowers everyday! I do like flowers… it makes me feel fresh everyday too!

With Yuki-san, we always talked with each other all the time and about every little things that how teenage girls would do. I learned many things about Yuki-san too. She’s just three years older than me and her family was all a mix of doctors and nurses.  I’m so jealous of her; she must be really smart to get a job this quickly since she looked super young!

“Here Rena-chan! Don’t you think these clothes are cute?” Yuki-san exclaimed as she was showing me the fashion magazine.

“Ah! Kawaii~” I got excited as it’s a pink dress with cute lases. Yuki-san always brought these interesting magazines everyday and shared many funny stories in the hospital with me.

Jurina-san and Yuki-san are really nice and they never made me felt lonely at all ever since I woke up. Even it was their job, I’m grateful they’re always here with me and cared for me.


The door to my room opened and that was when I had my eyes met with a shorthaired doctor. I couldn’t hold back my smile as I realized that she’s the person I waited for to come. It’s Jurina-san!

“Ah, Jurina-san!”

“Good afternoon Rena-chan, great that you’re lively today again!” Jurina-san smiled lively as she approached to Yuki-san’s side. “Ah right Yuki…she called for your assist.”

“Jeez…that doctor…” I could tell that Yuki-san’s mood changed immediately. She sighed and got up from her seat. “Sorry Rena-chan! I’ll be back soon.”

“Not at all Yuki-san.” I smiled and it made Yuki-san’s expression softened down. I’m so excited and happy for Jurina-san to visit me everyday despite her being busy with her patients.


“So, how’s your day? Feeling better?”

“Yes! Yuki-san really took care of me and it didn’t hurt as much as it was few days ago.”

“Ah, that’s great! But don’t overwork yourself okay?”

“Okay.” I nodded back to my doctor. Then Jurina-san began explaining to me that they would begin treating my amnesia conditions after my body is in a healthier shape. She told me that she didn’t want to overwork me and they should take things slowly together.

“So…how does the plan sound like?”

“I like it.” I nodded and it made Jurina-san smiled with relief.

“That’s great!”

After my doctor did the daily check-ups on me, there would always be spare time for us to have a friendly talk with each other. I always learn something new every time from Jurina-san and especially funny stories in the hospital.

“If you get healthy enough, I’ll take you outside from hospital.” Jurina-san smiled and it made me shocked. “How does that sound?”

“R-Really!? Like…outside hospital?”

It would be like a dream for me to get to go out from this white squared room with Jurina-san. I have only memories regarding this room and I couldn’t help but to be excited to go see outside. I couldn’t help but be so happy that Jurina-san offered me such kindness like this. I wonder all doctors are like this.

“Yup! I promise~” The doctor smiled childishly back and extended her pinky finger out towards me. “This is called ‘pinky promise’, it’s something you always do to keep promise with someone.”

“Hehe, I know that one!”

I’m proud that I remember what Yuki-san taught me yesterday. She promised that she would bring updated teenage fashion magazines today and she did. “Yuki-san taught that to me yesterday.”

I extended my pinky and joined it with hers. Now I can’t wait but to look forward to the day Jurina-san would take me out from here. We kept on talking about many things and I couldn’t help but wanted to learn more about my doctor, Jurina-san.

“Ah…Jurina-san? Do you mind I ask questions?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Well…I just wanted to know more about you, so yeah…” I looked away from my doctor, it’s so embarrassing asking such a question like that but it made her laughed out. “M-Mou! It’s already embarrassing to ask!”

“Haha! I’m sorry, that’s really cute of you.”

Jurina-san wiped the tears out from her eyes. “Sure, feel free to ask anything about me.”

I’m totally relieved that Jurina-san allowed me to ask! Let’s see… I looked at the doctor. Hmm… Jurina-san looked really young just like Yuki-san…Ah! Now I know what to ask! “Jurina-san, how old are you? You looked really young…”

“Oh? I just reached 27 few months ago. I’m still new and inexperienced as doctor here.” Jurina-san replied humbly back. “It’s my 3rd year working as an ER* doctor.”
(*ER = Emergency Room)

“Wow…t-that’s so cool!” I was amazed with how Jurina-san was actually an emergency doctor at such a young age. She must be really talented and mature to do something that has so much pressure. But that made her extremely cool!

“Ah, not really that much.” Jurina-san spoke humbly again. “It’s just like any other specialty…”

“No you’re really cool! Just like a hero, saving people’s life at worse moments like how you saved me…that’s just amazing!”

That second, I swear I saw Jurina-san blushed. She ruffled her hair and looked away. “Ah jeez…Rena-chan you’re fluttering me too much!” The doctor was actually blushing!? It was the first time I saw Jurina-san like that. She really did have a cute side aside from her calm mature side after all!

I really like it… Even though Jurina-san is my doctor; we talked to friendly and casually unlike doctor-patient talks. It’s the same thing as Yuki-san too! I’m so glad that they are my nurse and doctor.

“Oh…it’s about time I have to go now. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow like usual! See you tomorrow Rena-chan.”

“See you tomorrow Jurina-san.” She patted my head before she left the room. I’m glad I’m able to learn more about Jurina-san! I wondered why but it makes me so happy just to learn a little bit of her. Right before I decided to go to sleep, I felt this cold object contacted with my skin. 


It’s a small tiny watch beside my hand. Is it belonged to Jurina-san?

“Did she forgot it? I think I should return it to her…” I sat up and stood on my feet. Even though my leg felt funny I’m actually good enough to walk, but not so well.  “Alright then, if I go now I might be able to catch up with her.”


I opened the door and sneaked out from my room (When I’m not supposed to without permission).

Looking at the right, safe. Looking at the left, safe. Yuki-san is not around, I started walking and hoping to find Jurina-san somewhere. I kept walking down the corridor and hoped that to find the doctor. But it seemed hopeless; I never knew that the hospital could be this big! I think I should return the watch to her next time when I meet her tomorrow.

“It might be better… if I head back.”

I turned around and suddenly just realized that I’m lost. I completely forgot to remember the path I came from. I don’t even know my room number and how am I supposed to go back!?

You’re such an idiot Rena…

In that moment of silence…

“Ah! You got nice oshiri!”


I felt my butt being groped by someone. I’m completely in shocked and stunned. I sprung forward and turned around immediately to see who’s the culprit. There’s this woman in white gown and wore glasses just like Jurina-san. Is she a doctor?

“W-Who are you?”

“Oh? Hey, it’s Rena-chan isn’t!? Ah heard that you woke up but I haven’t have a chance to visit you yet!” The doctor stared at Rena and scanned from top to bottom. Then something in particular caught her attention and stared at my leg. “Ah, you’re such a naughty girl. You shouldn’t be walking…your leg is still healing.”

“H-How did you know…?”

“I’m not a doctor for nothing! Of course I can tell how strange you’re standing.”

She laughed out loud before she walked in closer to me. “So…why is Rena-chan walking alone like this in the corridor? You’re not supposed to be here. This is the heart unit section.”

“Heart unit section…?” I got confused and the doctor pointed up at the sign that indicated that this was the heart section of the hospital. “Ah…”

“Oh~hoh~ It seems a poor girl is lost.”

The doctor kept teasing Rena and it made her blushed with embarrassment. She got her butt groped and then got teased by this perverted doctor. “Alright, since I’m not such a mean person…I’ll escort you back to your room.”

“Eh? Really? You know where it is?” I was amazed with how the doctor offered to escort me back. Maybe this perverted doctor wouldn’t be as bad as I thought.

“Yes I do! Here, allow me to help you.” The doctor sneaked and stole one of the wheelchairs from the counter close by. She insisted me to not walk when my body is still not ready for it. I had no choice but to listen to her as she pushed the chair along the corridor to my room.

While she’s taking me back to my room, we didn’t even bother to talk. She only hummed to herself. The perverted doctor seemed to be in a lively mood. Maybe she wasn’t as bad as I thought she would be. “Um…doctor?”


“By chance…now do you know my name?” I couldn’t help but to ask her. Since she knew my name. Maybe it’s something in the hospital but still it made me curious. I turned my head to the doctor and she only grinned back at me.

“Rena-chan is cute, that’s why?”

“…Now that’s making everything much more creepier.” I sighed out.

“Now we’re here.”

“Eh?” I looked at the door the doctor stopped. My name was on there. She actually knew where my room was! Wow, she’s a nice doctor after all. Even though she might be perverted and creepy. “T-Thank you very much. Uh…”

“Watanabe Mayu, just call me Mayu.” She smiled gently but cheesy at the same time. “Nice to meet you Rena-chan and don’t walk out again without kirin or Jurina with you.”

“Kirin…?” I don’t understand what she’s referring to. A giraffe? Who? Wait, she knew Jurina-san too? Ah, I’m thinking too much…

Mayu-san bent down to my ears to whisper. “Next time…If you’re being naughty again I can’t guarantee I’ll bring you back to your room next time~” She spoke with a cheesy tone and gave me goose bumps instantly.


…She’s creepy after all! I take back all my words.

Suddenly, I heard loud footsteps interrupting from behind. Mayu-san and I turned our heads around and saw this nurse rushing towards us, oh! That’s Yuki-san!

“Oh, here comes the kirin.”

Wait, so the kirin that Mayu-san is referring is actually Yuki-san??

“I heard that Mayu!” Yuki-san exclaimed and then rushed to my side immediately. “Rena-chan, please don’t’ go out like that again! You made me worried sick.”

“I’m sorry Yuki-san, but Jurina-san seemed to have forgotten this watch…” I gave the silver pocket watch to Yuki and she immediately recognizes it. It really did belong to Jurina-san after all! Well I do think so.

“Ah I see…you can return to Jurina-san tomorrow.” Yuki-san returned the watch to me and gave an angelic smile to me. “I’ll take care from here. You can leave.”

“Ouch. Being so mean to me again kirin?”

“Stop calling me a giraffe! Geez…It’s YU-KI.” My private nurse sighed and ordered the doctor to return back to her section immediately. “Just go back!”

“Whatever~” Mayu-san shrugged her shoulders before she turned back to me and gave a wink. “I’ll see you again Rena-chan.”

Ugh…I wonder I want to meet Mayu-san again. It’s fine as long as she doesn’t grope me again. I’m so tired, it feels as if it’s such a long day to me…My body is probably not ready for a long walk yet.

Yuki-san helped me onto my bed and sat beside me through out the entire afternoon. “I’m sorry for Mayu. I hope she didn’t do grope you or anything!” Yuki-san apologized with a sigh.

Actually she did…but I rather not mention it, yet. Mayu-san isn’t a bad person, well, a little.

“It’s okay! Mayu-san gave me a wheelchair while she brought me back here…I haven’t thanked her properly yet at all.”

“I see…” Yuki-san’s expression softened down. But then it made me wondered about the relationship between both Yuki-san and Mayu-san. Did Yuki-san dislike Mayu-san or something? “I won’t interrupt your sleeping time now. You should take a lot of rest.”

“Yes, thank you Yuki-san.”

“Not at all Rena-chan! I’ll see you again whenever you call.”



Several days passed by and I’m starting to get better and better. But at the same time, I’m getting really bored of just sitting in bed and resting. What killed time for me are magazines that Yuki-san brought and the times Jurina-san come to have a chat with me daily. Unfortunately, Yuki-san had an emergency case and had her hands full with work at the moment.

I sighed as I looked through the magazines for the 10th time for the day already. I could tell what are the articles in the entire magazine are all about now…That’s how bored I am!

“So boring…” I muttered to myself. Yeah, I usually talk to myself when Yuki-san or Jurina-san aren’t around. They would find me creepy. “What should I do?”

“I don’t know? For sure you’re not thinking about sneaking out again eh?”

…Huh!?! I threw my glance to where the reply came from. Then I saw this perverted doctor sitting on the stool beside my bed reading some comics.

“M-Mayu-san!? Since when are you here?”

“For few minutes ago. I knocked and called you already. You’re really focused on your daydreaming.”

Oh god this is so embarrassing. I didn’t know how long I’ve been talking to myself and how much did Mayu-san heard. But wait, why is she here? “By the way Mayu-san…why are you here?”

“Visiting of course. Visit!” Mayu closed her manga book before she turned her attention to me. “I told you I’ll come visit you.”


“Right, since you’re really bored enough to be talking to yourself. Why not try reading this manga? It’s good.” The doctor handed me a book and it’s the first time I saw the manga. I slowly read through it and never knew how interesting it is. I like the art. I like the story. This is so addictive!

“Wow…this is really fun!”

“Hm~ Glad you like it! I brought quite a few so take your time enjoying it.” Mayu-san seemed to be happy to know that I like the books she brought. “Also, here.”

Mayu brought out chocolate chip cookies she brought before she came to see me. She gave me one and had another one for herself. “This is a good one, try it out.”

“O-Oh, thank you so much.”

Mayu-san could be so kind to me, but also perverted and sarcastic. Overall, she’s a good person after all. I ate the cookies and it taste great! But it couldn’t beat melon pan. It’s always my number one food!

“Alright then! I think I should leave before I run into that kirin.” Mayu sat up and had a nice stretch before she leave.

“Wait! Your books…” I called her but she just shrugged her shoulders.

“I’ll come get it back later. I’ll have you read it first since you seemed to be bored than I do.” The doctor bullied me again but I’ll let it slip for once. Since Mayu-san gave her time to come visit me, and even brought me these manga books and a chocolate cookie.

“Mayu-san…thank you for visiting me. I’m really grateful.”

Mayu-san seemed to be caught off guard and then let out a smile. I couldn’t tell what’s behind her cyborg smile at all. I hope I said my words right and didn’t give her a wrong impression.

“Aw that’s sweet of you. Just don’t tell the kirin that I come here. Or else I won’t lend you any mangas.”

She didn’t directly reply me at all but that works. “Deal. It will be a secret…but I’m curious, why do you call Yuki-san a kirin?”

“Jurina and kirin’s friends called Yuki by Yukirin.” She replied simply. “It’s more fun to just call her a kirin~”

“Ah…make sense I guess? She’s taller than you too.” Suddenly, I got this glare back from Mayu-san. Oh no, maybe I shouldn’t have say that…. “I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to--”

“Height are just numbers!! Anyways I’m leaving!” Mayu-san took her leave and didn’t give me the chance to say anything at all. Maybe I did poked on the bull’s eye. She really did have a cute side after all!


Even in the late evening, I’m still fully awake by these manga books Mayu brought over. I can’t stop reading at all! This is getting so addictive; it’s the best thing to do to kill time ever! The quiet peaceful night with a manga book in your hands – the best moment ever.


“Rena-chan, are you sleeping yet?”

That’s Jurina-san’s voice! I sprang up immediately and placed the manga beside my bed. “Yes! Please come in.”

When Jurina-san came in, she looked really exhausted today. It must be tough on her since she didn’t make it this afternoon. “I’m sorry I can’t make it for this afternoon…something came up.”

“Not at all! I’m great.”

“I see…” Then Jurina-san’s eyes stopped at the manga book in my hand. She left out a soft smile and sat on the stool.

“So…Mayu came by didn’t she?”

“Ah… you knew?”

“She’s the only doctor around here that I know that would actually bring a manga to hospital.” Jurina-san spoke as if she knew Mayu-san quite well. Oh right! Now that it reminded me, I wonder what’s their relationship. Mayu-san seemed to know Jurina-san well too.

“Ah, Jurina-san? Did you somehow know…Mayu-san?”

“Haha! Yes, more than enough.” She shrugged her shoulders and continued. “Well, I guess I know her too much? She’s my best friend in university as we’re in same degree. You can say, best friends yet rivals at the same time.”

“O-Oh! Wow, so you two were friends for a very long time?”

“Yup we are. She’s a talented heart surgeon. She was actually the one that saved you too.”

W-What? Wait I can’t follow up with this. She saved me? “W-What do you mean?”

“Mayu’s the doctor that operated on you.” Jurina-san explained the situation that happened when I’m still unconscious. Now, I’m not that surprised anymore why Mayu-san knew me. “…It’s one complicated procedure… Yuki and I were there as well to assist her.”

“I see…Wow…” I can’t think of the word now. I’m completely lost with words. “T-Thank you?”

“Haha, I understand that you might be lost of words.” She smiled and enjoyed the conversation she’s having with me. As if she could read my mind out like a book. Jurina-san understood and knew me so well. “Hmm…I think it is about time I leave you to go to sleep! Good night Rena-chan, and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yes! Good night Jurina-san.”

It’s about time I went to sleep. Slowly drifting into another slumber like always. I had a dream this time. It’s so vague but I remember the feelings really well.

I walked in the park with my parents and with another older girl. I was really young back then.

“Rena-chan! Don’t go too far.” My mother called me form behind.

“I want to go over there!” I skipped along the path and then stopped in front of an ice-cream stall. “I want one…can I?”

“Ah, didn’t we have one after lunch already?”

My father spoke up with a soft sigh. He didn’t seem to approve me to eat more ice cream. But this older girl walked up to the stall and bought my favorite melon flavor.

“I didn’t have an ice cream back at the restaurant. So I’ll give my ice-cream to Rena-chan okay?” She smiled gently to me and patted my head.


“Jeez…aren’t you too kind to Rena?” father spoke to the older girl but then it made mother laughed out softly.

“That’s oneechan for Rena-chan.” Mother smiled as she favored the older girl’s actions for me.

“Eat it up before it melts!” Her eyes are so gentle and gave this bright cat smile to me. It’s such a nostalgic and familiar smile.

“Okay! Thank you so much oneechan! I love you!”

“Haha, I love you too, Rena-chan.”

They continued walking in the park together, as one whole family. I enjoyed her melon flavor ice cream while another hand was holding with the older girl’s hand.

I remember that feeling really well. Those warm gentle hands…without having to say anything. I could feel the caring and love from those hands.


I sprung up from my bed immediately. I could see the light in the corner of my eyes. It must be morning already. But my mind completely neglected that fact.


I could feel my heart beating so fast as if it’s going to broke my ribs from inside. I started to remember what I’ve long forgotten. That feeling in the dream, it felt so real that I still feel that tinge feeling on my hand. However at the same time I couldn’t believe what I had dreamt and how did I manage to forget that.


That older girl beside me, I called her oneechan. Is she related to me? Who is that? Is she my actual oneechan? But it’s so confusing. Whenever I tried to remember about oneechan, my heart and head hurts so much. It feels like it could suffocate me to death… All I can remember is that she meant something to me.

I…I want to know who is she to me. 



Minna-san~ Feel free to leave any comments! Arigatou gozaimasu!  :kneelbow: Feel free to ask anything, I'll do my best to answer it without spoiling the story though :)

Title: Re: AMNESIA: CH02 [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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I just remember I had a mission to go out tomorrow so I'll just post all chapters here at once. :D Also, if Rena's not present in that current situation it will be from narrator's POV, but if Rena's there, it will be from her POV. I hope this is not confusing! I wanted to have the story proceed based from Rena's POV, but also revealing other secrets behind her backs (for readers) :) Hope you find joy reading this!


Amnesia: CH02

It was about time! Finally Jurina-san allowed me to go out from my room freely, but I will still be under Yuki-san’s supervision. But still it’s great news to me! At last I’m able to get out from this room!

“Since you’re healed, I’ll give you a reward by taking you out this weekend!” Jurina-san patted my head with a cheshire grin. “I promised you didn’t I?”

Jurina-san really did remember the promise we made! Wow, I’m already so happy that she really did remember it. “Do you have any place in mind?” my nurse asked and allowed me to decide where I want to go. Hmm…I tried to think of all the places I wanted to go, my thoughts always ended up at ‘park’. My mind could only think of the ‘park’ after since I had that dream about my family trip to the park in the past.

“…Can it be a park?”

“Park? You mean like, a normal park?” Jurina-san questioned.

“Y-Yes! Few days ago I had this dream about going to a park with my family… I think it’s a part of my memories. I felt like going there…”

I told them about my dream, but I didn’t mentioned about ‘oneechan’ to them yet. I don’t feel like it’s the right time to mention it to them now until I know enough to be sure yet. Suddenly, I saw these very sparkling eyes from my private nurse.

“I really love the idea! I love parks!” Yuki-san exclaimed before she turned to the doctor beside her. “We’re going okay?”

“Who said we’re not? It’s a place where Rena-chan chose after all.”

“Thank you!” I’m so glad that we decided where to go this weekend. But suddenly another idea rushed into my mind. I turned to Jurina-san and made an eye contact with her. She seemed to know that I still have something in mind wanted to speak.

“Is it a private question?” Jurina-san asked and it made me surprised a little. It’s like she’s reading me like a book! She really did know that I wanted to ask something from her.

“…A little.”

Jurina-san smiled before she turned to Yuki-san, giving an eye signal the nurse. Yuki-san immediately understood what the doctor meant. I wonder it’s their code signal for work or something? “Alright. I’ll be back with some drinks if you’re still going to be here when I’m back.”

“Thank you~” Yuki-san left and it’s only the doctor and the patient in the room. “So, what’s your question?”

“You see… I wanted to invite Mayu-san too.” I requested Jurina-san to invite Mayu. Since I haven’t had a chance to thank her properly and even it’s indirectly she showed consideration for me. I feel like Mayu-san should come too. After I explained my thoughts and feelings to Jurina-san, I wonder what expression she would make when I’m making such a selfish request like this. “So…can we?”

“Of course! I bet Mayu will be glad that you invite her too.” Jurina-san smiled widely with relief and made my mind felt much more relaxed. “Is it why you want to ask when Yuki is not around?”

I nodded and made the doctor laughed out. “Haha! Not that surprising to hear that at all.” Jurina-san seemed to know things going on between Mayu-san and Yuki-san. The doctor patted my head and gave me a comforting look. “No problem, I’ll invite Mayu and I believe she will come.”

“Wow, thank you so much Jurina-san!”

“At your service, Rena-chan.”

Yuki-san had come back with drinks for Jurina-san and I. We continued talking about to prepare and Yuki-san would be lending her clothes for me since I don’t have any clothes with me. I’m so glad! Now, I couldn’t wait for this upcoming weekend! It’s also my first time going outside from the hospital too.


Finally, it’s the weekend I’ve been waiting for! I wore a pink dress that Yuki-san brought for me and it amazingly fit me perfectly. Gratefully it’s because Yuki-san and I had similar body size and height. We headed out at the entrance together with Mayu-san who dressed casually in short jeans with a pink hoodie over her head. She looked really mature in her doctor outfit, but in her casual clothing it’s a totally different impression.

“Let’s get moving, Jurina’s waiting.” Mayu-san was rushing Yuki-san, who was making my hair properly and neatly.

“Wait! I’m almost done! Don’t rush me.”

“Jeez, it’s just hair…” The doctor sighed right before Yuki-san finished tying my hair. We headed down to the entrance immediately and then entered the car that was parking right in front. Jurina-san was the one driving for us and then it’s about time we headed to the park recommended by Yuki-san as it’s one of the nicest park around here.


Finally we’re here.

We had arrived at the park and I couldn’t stop myself from throwing my glance all over the place. I felt so excited and nostalgic at the same time. Even though it’s not the same park in my dreams, it’s close enough for me.

“Rena-chan, don’t start daydreaming right in the middle of the park.” Mayu-san came from behind and hit my oshiri. I flinched with surprise and blushed slightly.


“Mayu! Don’t you dare molest Rena-chan!” Yuki-san exclaimed loudly and rushed to my side even before I could even say anything.

“Jeez…I’m just having fun.”

“Not on Rena-chan please.” The nurse grumbled back at the pervert doctor.

“Anyways! Let’s enjoy our trip today okay?” Jurina-san always has her bright smile in every situation she’s in. “Right, since it’s nearly lunch…should we go find a restaurant?”

“Sounds great. Actually I didn’t eat breakfast yet.” Mayu-san yawned as she crossed her arms behind her head. Then Jurina-san turned to me to ask for my opinion.

“What about Rena-chan?”

“Eh…we could eat something first before we start going around in the park. So we don’t get too hungry.” After everyone heard my thoughts, they agreed and headed to the closest restaurant from where we were standing now.


We ordered the food and we had time before our dish arrived. Oh! This is a perfect timing to talk to them. I think I should thank them properly about today’s trip. They took their precious day-off and gave that to me. I think this is the perfect time to thank them. “Everyone…I want to thank you all of you for today. I’m really happy that everyone gave them their time to come out with me.”

“Aw it’s nothing at all!” Jurina-san smiled widely.

“There’s no reason for you to thank us so formally like that.” Yuki-san turned and made an eye contact with me. “We’re friends, so don’t say that.”
…Eh? Wait! Did Yuki-san said friends? I’m really their friend? “Friends…?” I blurted out softly, but unfortunately everyone at the table heard clearly.

“Why not? It’s not like we’re treating you like a patient much anyways.” Mayu-san continued and it made me laughed. But that it made Yuki-san glared at her.

“You’re a doctor! THAT one is bad.”

She just gave a shrug back as her reply to Yuki-san. Wow, Mayu-san was really good at annoying and getting on Yuki-san’s nerves. Then I accidently made an eye contact with Jurina-san, who was sitting opposite from me. “Hahaha! So that makes things easier. It’s just like what Yukirin said. Can we all be your friends?”

“I-I’m more than glad to!”

Right after that, Mayu-san…I mean Mayu started forcing me to cut out the honorifics with her name and preferred me calling her just ‘Mayu’. “I’ll just call you just Rena too, that’s the deal.” She declared and didn’t even give me a chance to say anything, but that works. I think it’s her own way of expressing her friendliness?

“You can just call me Yukirin. That’s a nickname what everyone calls me.”

“Or you can call kirin if you want~” Mayu interrupted and made Yukirin threw her glare at her. “Shut up Mayu!” But its rather Mayu enjoyed making Yukirin angry every now and then. “Whoa hey there! We’re in a restaurant~”

“Ugh…seriously…” Yukirin sighed and was still annoyed by Mayu.

“For me, I’m great with you just calling me by my name too! You don’t have to be formal just because we’re doctors or older than you.” Jurina smiled at me and I nodded back as a reply. Fortunately the food had arrived right on the perfect timing! I didn’t know when our conversation topic ended, but today I have made 3 new friends in my life! Mayu, Yukirin…and Jurina.


Jurina-san offered to pay for the meal this time and told Yukirin, Mayu and I to wait outside. However, Yukirin insisted to pay another half and so it’s only Mayu and I waiting outside in front of the restaurant.  “Uhm…Mayu?”


“I was wondering…” I took another deep breath and doubt whether I should ask this or not but I can’t help but to be curious of it! I want to clarify my doubt! “…Why do you like bullying Yuki-san?”

“It’s ‘Yukirin’ for you. Get used to it.” Mayu didn’t answer my question and corrected my honorifics for Yu…Yukirin. It’s easier to call Mayu more than Yukirin somehow. “I won’t answer your question until you correct yourself again.”

This is annoying! Ah…Calm down Rena. Mayu is just trying to get on your nerves like always… “Okay, why do you like bullying, or teasing Yukirin? I’m curious.”

Mayu shrugged her shoulder. “Hm, because it’s fun to bully her. ”

“…Huh? It’s not really answering the question though.”

“You really ask a lot of questions do you? Ever since I met you.” Mayu turned to me and made an eye contact. I never realize I do ask a lot of questions, now she’s making me feeling guilty to ask too much now…

“I-I’m sorry…”

She sighed and then ruffled my hair roughly, unlike how Jurina always do with me gently. Mayu’s way is rough and it’s making my hair a mess. I don’t like it, but I’ll just go along with her way, just for now. “I didn’t say it’s a bad thing. You got amnesia and it’s best you keep asking questions when you’re curious. It does help you remembering things faster.”

“I-I see…” I can’t tell whether Mayu is being sarcastic or honest with that answer. Her cyborg face never shows any ‘true’ emotions much. Then again, Mayu slapped my oshiri and caught me off guard again. But I think I’m used to that coming, I’m not that surprised anymore. “W-What was that for…?”

“Jeez, stop holding back and quit apologizing with some little stuffs. We’re YOUR friends after all. Make us like one.” Mayu’s word struck my mind…for once, she’s right, and her words convinced me. Everyone’s my friend, and I should treat them like one.

“Y-Yes!” I replied firmly and made her have this cheeky grin across her face.


Just one simple word from her, but it made me felt much better than ever. Is this the real caring Mayu? But for sure, I felt Mayu’s kindness through that one single word. She’s so considerate, despite always being sarcastic and slaps my oshiri…


The four of us walked in the park together and had a very fun talk with each other. It felt as if this is my little ‘world’ at the moment. Together with Yukirin, Mayu, and Jurina. I want this time to last forever! This feeling is so similar to what I have in my dreams. It feels like I’m with my family again.

“Ah, hey girls! Are you guys all alone or something?”

Suddenly a group of men came up to us. They seemed to be focusing the conversation at Yukirin. I don’t understand what’s going on at all. I wonder are they someone that Jurina and others know?

“Wanna hangout with us? It will be fun!”

“We’re fine.” Yukirin replied with a monotone, attempting to ignore the guys in front of her by looking away.

“Aw! Don’t say like that! It’s going to be more fun with us.” Another guy spoke up but then I saw Yukirin sighed again. Hm, I wonder what’s going on…I’ll just remain quiet for now.

I slowly turned my glance to look at the other two and saw Mayu looking angry and annoyed. She tightened her fist tightly and I swear it’s my first time seeing Mayu looking THAT serious like this…

 “Hey, don’t act so cold like that! We’re friendly here.” The guy extended his hand towards Yukirin, but right before the guy could lay a single finger on her Jurina grabbed his arm. Even though the situation looks intense, Jurina always had this calm mature expression on her face.

“Sorry, but we’re busy if you do not mind.” Jurina smiled and threw the man’s arm away from Yukirin and stood in between them. Wow, Jurina looked like a knight protecting a princess! Just like in the manga books I read! Jurina looked so cool…ah, I just realized that she’s actually pretty and handsome too. “If you do not mind, please leave us.”

“Tch…what are you? Acting so big…” One of the boys spat, but then Jurina completely ignored him and turned to us.

“Let’s get going guys!” Her wide smile surprised me. It’s as if the guys that came up to us never actually happened. Suddenly I felt my wrist grabbed by Mayu and pulled me along with her. “Let’s get going Rena.” I’m clueless now! What’s going on? But I’ll just follow with the flow for now…

“Oi! You guys are not going anywhere---” One of the boys froze before he could even finished his statement when Jurina turned back to look at them. I wonder what kind of glare Jurina gave them, but their faces were horrified and eventually they backed away like an obedient kid. Wow…I never knew that Jurina could be scary sometimes too?

“I hope we don’t run into them again.” Jurina looked bothered and sighed. I think this is a good time to ask them what’s happening just now…I don’t understand.

“Uh…by the way. What are those people? I don’t understand what’s going on…”

“You don’t have to worry Rena-chan.” Yukirin replied instead and made me even more curious. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t explain it to me. Is the situation that complicated? “Those guys are trying to hit and flirt on her.” Mayu explained to me instead. Oh, I understand. It’s the same with the situation that happened in the manga I read yesterday. It’s really fun to read that. Ah…so that’s how it is in real life, I better remember that.   

“I get it now, thank you Mayu.” I turned to her and she gave me a shrug as her reply. Now, I’m clueless of what to do. “Eh…so, what should we do next?”

I saw a smirk on Yukirin’s face. “Hehe~ Let’s go check at the central area of the park, there’s always this ‘Saturday Festival’ going on every weekends!”

“Ah, sounds so interesting!” Mayu smirked with excitement. “So that’s why you introduced us to come to the park eh?”

“Obviously?” Yukirin replied firmly back and turned to me next. “Rena-chan are you in it?”

“Yes!” I replied as loud and clearly as I could as we headed to our next destination. I wonder what’s this event that Yukirin mentioned would be like…


As soon as we arrived at the central area of the park, there’s filled with gaming booths as well as sweets. Kids and parents were everywhere! Wow, this looks really fun!

This is the first game I ever played after since I got out from the hospital, the balloon darts. Basically, we throw darts, pop the balloon, and get the prizes! I tried to play as Mayu forced me to give it a shot. But my throw sucks so much…out of all 6 darts I got only 1 balloon.

“Now my turn~” It’s Mayu’s turn next. I watched her and she nailed down 5 balloons! Wow, that’s so amazing. She needed only one more to get the grand prize, but she got a medium prize as for her reward. “Wow! You’re so good…”

“My skills fell…damn! Doctor life ruined my gaming talents.” Mayu grumbled despite the fact she got the prize. Finally Jurina and Yuki had caught up with us. Jurina came to my side and have this smirk across her face. “Ah, this game eh? I’ll get the grand prize.”

“Never.” Mayu grumbled but it made Jurina felt even more confident that she could prove Mayu wrong.

“You’ll see. This game is my specialty.” Jurina smirked with excitement and then all of us watched her cautiously and quietly.


I saw each dart successfully popped the balloon right in front of my eyes. It was like as if I saw a miracle! Jurina did it! She got the grand prize, as well as beat Mayu’s record.  “Yosh!”

Jurina got excited herself as she did get the grand prize as well as beat Mayu’s score. “Wow! Sugoi!!” Yukirin and I exclaimed with excitement while Mayu grumbled even more with dissatisfaction.

“Dammit! I swear I won’t lose next game Jurina!”

“Deal. I’m up for it~” Jurina gave a challenging Cheshire smile to her friend. But before they would continue their long challenge, Jurina picked a huge pillow cat as her reward and handed it to me. She wanted me to carry it?

“Eh?” I’m confused what Jurina wanted me to do with the pillow and I just held it in my hand. “What do you want me to do with it?”

“Haha! I’m giving it to you. It’s my gift for you since you recovered faster than we predicted you would~” Jurina’s smile is the brightest smile I ever seen. She patted my head gently and I could feel the gentleness through her hand.

“Thank you so much Jurina!”

“Hehe, glad you like it~”


Yukirin and I followed Jurina and Mayu, as they kept challenging each other with various games they walked pass. Victors and losers kept switching. “Ah…this is so nostalgic. It’s been a while since I see them like this.”

“Hm? What do you mean?” I asked and then Yukirin smiled back at me before she started to tell me about Jurina and Mayu. After since they graduated, they had worked immediately in the hospital. And so, they sacrificed all their private time and devoted to their job. It’s really rare to see their energetic and childish side like this. The last time Yukirin saw was a senior in her high school. After I heard Yukirin’s story, Jurina and Mayu became much cooler in my opinion. They’re my savior after all. “I’m also glad that they’re enjoying today too.”

“Hehe, we all do.” Yukirin smiled with relief.  “Do you have fun today?”

“Totally! Thank you for choosing this place Yukirin.” My smile made Yukirin happier. I could tell from her expression. It’s so clear that you’ll be stupid to be unable to tell that.

“Oi! You two!” Mayu’s loud yell interrupted in and caught out attention. “We’re heading over there to take a break.”

“Okay, we’ll be there in a minute.”


We caught up with the two doctors who headed to sit at a faraway bench. Away from the crowd, we’re at this quiet peaceful spot. Both Jurina and Mayu managed to get several prizes as their reward. They looked like doll-hunters! I feel bad for the young kids since both of them really get a lot of dolls; it’s enough that they needed a bag for each person! We got thirsty, and then Yukirin and Jurina went to get some drinks for us.

“We’ll be back.” Jurina said to me before she left with Yukirin…And again I don’t know why, I’m alone with Mayu! But well, it’s not like I don’t have anything to talk to her. I do have some questions I’m curious and still left unanswered.



“Uh…” I left a gap and it made Mayu turned to me. Her stare sort of giving me a hint that I shouldn’t be hold back…alright, I’ll just say it then. “Tell me if I’m wrong…do you actually like Yukirin?”

She remained in silence and with that cyborg face. I could never tell what’s she thinking and what’s going on. “What made you think so?”

“Uh…I saw you looking at Yukirin so many times today…” Mayu only listened to my talking as I kept on going. She’s actually listening to what I’m saying carefully word by word. “…Also, I’ve been reading in the magazine articles that people who bully another person more than usual does have a tendency that you have affection for that person…”

I stopped, and it’s an awkward silence between both of us. She stared at me with this suspicious looking. I don’t feel good about this. Did I say something wrong? Or…it’s something that I’m not supposed to say? I hope I don’t regret what I just said just now.

“Oh geez…”

Mayu sighed and looked away from me. It made me wondering what would her response be. “I wonder what does magazine these days teach teenagers…also, you have my compliment, you’re one real good observer.”

Good observer? Wait, so that means… “So…”

“…I’ll tell you my little secret then. Since you already spill it out, there’s no point of hiding it from you now.” Mayu sighed and turned her glance up towards the bright orange sky. Ah, I didn’t realize that it’s this late already... “Yes, I like Yuki, no…I LOVE her. Ever since I met her. ”

I could tell the honest and caring in Mayu’s voice. T-That’s the first time I heard Mayu called by ‘Yuki’. She sounds so serious, it doesn’t sound like she’s lying. “W-Wow…Uh…since when is that?”

“Hm…I’m not quite sure myself. It’s been so long that I have lost count…” She shrugged her shoulders. “I guess, 6-7 years?”

W-What? So Mayu was in love with Yukirin for over half a decade!? This is like some dramatic romance in TV series and in manga books. I’m completely shocked. What kind of feelings did Mayu had for these past years until now? “Y-You should have told her about your feelings! Yukirin is really kind…I believe she will listen to you.”

“It’s useless.” She replied with such a simple face and without hesitation. How could she say like that without any emotions at all? “Why are you so firmed about that?” I argued back and she made an eye contact with me this time, but with that sarcastic ‘nezumi’ grin.

“Eh~ Seemed someone is enthusiastic here.”

“I…I just want to help you!” I yelled back and made her surprised. That cheeky smile disappeared and she started to look a bit more serious than that minute ago. I think she realized that I’m not playing around with her story.

“…I see. Help huh?”

“At the very least! You should express your feelings to Yukirin. I believe it’s better than doing nothing and keep those feelings to yourself!” I tried to persuade Mayu to confess her feelings for Yukirin but then it made Mayu looked surprised with what I’m saying. “Uh…is something wrong?”

“Seriously? What the hell did you learn that from…” Mayu looked with misbelieved and I told her I got it from all the magazines that Yukirin brought for my daily. Also, I listened to every morning and afternoon radios. “Uh…I see? Well…you have my thanks for that Rena, but it’s useless.”

“…Why?” I don’t understand, why is she being so persisted that it’s useless to confess her feelings for Yukirin. Its not like she’s got a boyfriend or anything!

“Do you didn’t realize it?” Mayu looked back at me, making eye contact with me as if she’s trying to convey something without words instead.

“Eh?” I’m confused; I don’t understand what Mayu was trying to tell me. She sighed and then it looked like I’m forcing her to say something that she didn’t want to mention.

“…Yuki is Jurina’s girlfriend. Don’t you recognize her Jurina’s surname?  Kashiwagi Jurina…she lived with Yuki’s family ever since I know her.” Mayu’s face looked in pain, yet she kept on going. I only could just listen quietly. I never realized it at all…so Jurina and Yukirin are actually…Ah, Mayu must hurt so much that the person she love is with her best friend instead. “…They’re both in a relationship even before I fell in love with Yuki…I’m not that stupid enough to do nothing if she’s single okay?”

“I…Ah…” I’m completely out of words to say to Mayu. There’s so many surprising facts all coming in at the same time! Mayu’s love for Yukirin…Jurina and Yukirin’s relationship…a real-life complex love triangle.

“Now do you understand why I said it’s useless?”

She had a point, I can’t argue back at all. Ugh…But I want to help Mayu! She looked in pain when she talked about Yukirin’s relationship with Jurina. What can I do for her…I want to do some help for Mayu. “Ah…Uhm….”

Mayu stared at me as if she’s waiting to hear something unexpected from me again after since I started convincing her to confess her love. I’m still trying to think but her stare is interrupting me! “Then…”

“…” Mayu remained quiet, but her stare was still there. This is awkward! She’s still staring at me like I’m some sort of weirdo….Ah! Oh! This could work! Now, I know what I can do for Mayu! “Ah! I have an idea.”

“Which is?” Mayu looked with me with disbelieve. She probably had this thought that my ideas wouldn’t work but I think it will!

“Let’s make a plan, and take Yukirin by force.”

…Another long silence between both of us again. Eh, I think I didn’t say anything wrong here though. “Huh?” Mayu was totally dumbfounded and before she would deny that it’s futile again, I’m going to argue like there’s no tomorrow!

“You love her right? Then you should do whatever it takes to snatch her! Seven years is more than enough already…” Oh no. I’m out of words now! I hope my feelings and words reached Mayu. I stared back at her and still have eye contact with me. I hope she won’t look away and have that ‘give-up’ expression again. “Also…I want to help you Mayu no matter what…” I accidently blurted out my own thoughts and then I realized how embarrassing was that. I covered my mouth but it was too late, Mayu heard it clearly.

“…Do you know that means we’re being enemies with Jurina? You’re fine to be enemies with her?” Mayu’s words struck me. I did thought about that. I knew that deeply my actions now are betraying Yukirin and Jurina but…

“…B-But still! Even though I’m in debt with Jurina for saving me…but I still wanted to help you!” I argued back and then Mayu suddenly had this cheeky smirk across her face.

“Ah…I get it now. So you want me to take Yukirin, while you take Jurina? Well, that doesn’t sound that bad to me.” She teased me again! What!? No way! I never thought of Jurina in that way before! Why does Mayu have perveted thoughts in such a serious talk like this!

“NO!!” I yelled back, denying with all my might. “That’s now that I meant! I mean like, you feelings for Yukirin is real! Your eyes are really gentle when you look at her…I can tell that.” Her eyes grew wide with surprise. She remained in silence and thought deeply to herself.

(Mayu’s thoughts: That’s the first time someone said that to me…so it seems innocent people could be scary huh?)

I wonder what’s she thinking. She took her time remaining quiet and sighed softly. “Fine, I give up. It doesn’t seem you will back down that easily. So…you still want to help me no matter what?”

Yes! Finally! I managed to convince her! “Yes! Because Mayu’s my friend.”

She smiled back and ruffled my head again, but not as rough as usual. It’s a little gentler… “Nicely said there, now, you’re in this mess with me and there’s no turning back. You got that?”

“I’m not planning to take back my words.” My reply made Mayu smiled with relief. She looked much more relaxed than before. I’m glad I can be some help to Mayu!  Also… “Hey Mayu.”

“What now?”

“I heard that you the person that did operated on me…I haven’t have a chance to thank you yet at all.” I smiled to her and it caught her attention. “…Thank you for saving my life, Dr. Watanabe.” I thought she would be sarcastic like usual, but not this time. She took my thanks with a quiet vague smile.

“It’s nothing. You’re her important person after all, Rena.” Eh? I don’t get it, what did she mean by important person? Did Mayu know something about me that I didn’t know yet? “I don’t understand…what do you mean by that?”

She gave me a weird look, and then remained quiet while staring at me. She’s not going to explain anything to me at all? “W-What do you mean by important??”

Before I could make Mayu explained what she said to me. Both Yukirin and Jurina were back. Ah, I’m so curious! What did Mayu meant by ‘her important person’?


Sun already set when we got back to the hospital. Everyone walked with me back to my room safely before they start heading back to their respective home. Right before Mayu, left she gave me a little paper note that written her mobile number and there’s a note saying that…

[It’s easier we contact via message than meeting up all the time, and good night.]

She must have written it when we’re in the car heading back to the hospital. Ugh, she acted like nothing happened! I wanted to know what’s behind what she meant! Mayu didn’t seem that she’s going to tell me anything further from that. She even left first. Then it’s Jurina and Yukirin next. “Good night Rena-chan, I’ll see you tomorrow morning!”

“Yes.” I smiled back to Yukirin. “Good night to both of you too.”

I closed the door and it’s only me again in this room. I changed my clothes, took a shower, and headed to bed early. However, Mayu’s words still stuck in my head.

(“It’s nothing. You’re her important person after all, Rena.”)

Does it mean that I’m important to someone? …But who? I wanted to ask Mayu but I believe she wouldn’t say anything. Maybe I should as Jurina and Yukirin about it? They might know something… Ah, I’m so tired, I should go to sleep now.


In the morning, Jurina and Yuki arrived at the hospital early like usual and just before they’re about to go to their office, another doctor came in their way. “Oh, good morning Mayu.” Yuki greeted the doctor in front of her but she acted differently than usual. Both Jurina and Yuki realized the unusualness in Mayu’s behavior.

“Did you need something?” Jurina asked straightly to the point and Mayu looked somewhat dissatisfied with her friend.

“You didn’t tell Rena about yourself, didn’t you?” Mayu’s words were sharp as always, went straight to the point and made Jurina being unresponsive. Mayu had been wondering through out the entire day off yesterday. Jurina and Rena’s current relationship was simply just a distant friend. “You think remaining quiet like that would work against me?”

“You should mind your business, Mayu.” Dr. Jurina’s words became cold out of the sudden and made Yuki froze. However, it didn’t make another doctor trembled at the slightest. “I have my own ways of managing things.” Jurina was about to leave in order to avoid any further conversation with Mayu, however she had underestimated her ‘nezumi’ friend.

“…By not telling Rena that you’re her older sister?”

Yuki didn’t say anything and only witnessed the intense conversation. She knew the truth as well, since she’s always with Jurina all the time. Jurina stopped, she didn’t say anything and continued walking away again. “Let’s go, Yukirin.” Jurina called her nurse and decided to ignore Mayu.

“Do you think you can escape from the truth that easily, Dr. Matsui Jurina?” Mayu muttered and before she realized again, Jurina had pinned her against the wall of the corridor. Yuki was shocked and went in to stop Jurina down before she would hurt Mayu. “Jurina! Calm down first!”

“…” Jurina and Mayu glared at each other and before she could say anything, Dr. Watanabe interrupted her first. “What if Rena recovered her memories? How would she felt to know that her older sister didn’t show herself when she’s this close to her?”

Jurina didn’t respond to Mayu. “…I do agree with Mayu.” Yuki interrupted and caught both doctors’ attention. “I felt that Rena-chan deserves to know it too.”

She sighed as Jurina was being disagreed by both of her close friends; it gave her a slight feeling that she could’ve been wrong. However, she’s still persisted to what she had decided --- it’s the sin she must carried. But it had been a long while someone had called her ‘Matsui Jurina’. She wondered when was the last time she heard that name. “…It’s been a while since I heard that name. But you would likely to know my reason well.”

Dr. Jurina loosed her grip on Mayu’s coat and backed away. “Rena-chan and I are not blood-related. I don’t find the point to tell her that I’m…” Jurina didn’t continue what she had to say. Mayu adjusted her coat properly before she walked up to her. “Mayu, I--”


Mayu slapped Jurina across her face and made Yuki gawked with shock. She didn’t expect that coming, so did Jurina. “O-Ow…That hurts Mayu.”

Dr. Watanabe sighed before she glared back at her friend. “She would learn the truth, either someone would tell her or she found it out by herself. I wonder what way is more painful for her?” Jurina’s face was covered with guilt after Mayu directly pointed out right in her face. It’s not like she didn’t know it. She knew that fact very well. It’s the burden she’s carrying on her shoulders ever since Rena woke up. “I guess you know the consequences well. I don’t know what’s going on inside your head, but I’ll play along with you for now until I can’t tolerate it.”

“Mayu…” Jurina turned and made an eye contact with Mayu. She could tell that Dr. Watanabe was still dissatisfied but then it made Jurina happy that her friend chose to believe her. “…Thank you.”

“Hmph, I’m back to work now.” Mayu walked away and left both Jurina and Yuki. That’s Mayu’s way of expressing her emotions.

“I know what I’m doing. Will you give me time for it?” Jurina turned to Yuki and had a little of pleading in her tone. Yuki could never refuse whenever Jurina made that pleading tone to her.

“…Okay, I trust you Jurina.” Yuki gave up with forcing on Jurina. It made the doctor smiled and it was about time to headed to their office to start their work.

…Unfortunately, they failed to realize someone was actually eavesdropping at the corner of the corridor and learned an interesting secret about Jurina. The mysterious eavesdropper smirked and walked away from the scene before being caught…


“Hm…” Through out the entire day, I had been thinking of ways to help Mayu approach Yukirin. It did take me quite a while to think of a good plan and its already late evening…I just sent a text to Mayu and surprisingly she’s heading here right now!


“Come in.” I replied the knock and then saw Mayu walking in quietly. I’m the one that texted her to come. “Sorry to take your time.”

“It’s fine.” Mayu replied and sat on the chair beside my bed. “So, what’s your plan, Rena?”

I wondered she would agree with my plan or not. “First…stop calling Yukirin a ‘kirin’ like you always do.” I waited for her reply but I only got an emotionless look from her. I hoped she wouldn’t say no to this. Since if Mayu don’t stop that it would make things harder to proceed.

“…Alright.” She agreed so easily! Wow, she became so obedient when it comes to Yukirin. Dealing with Mayu becomes so much easier than ever now… “But that’s it? Won’t it be too obvious?”

“We’ll create a scenario for it to happen.”


“How is that? Is it okay?” I asked Mayu’s opinion after I’m done with describing the scenario.

“Wow…I never actually thought that deeply.” Mayu replied back. “You seemed to be really good at these sorts of things. When are we starting this then?”

“How about…right now? I’ll call Yukirin now then.” I turned to click on the button to call Yukirin over. Mayu sighed and seemed restless, was she nervous? I never see Mayu be nervous like this before! When it’s things related to Yukirin, I get to see another new side of Mayu, most of the time.


Mayu walked out from Rena’s room and with such a perfect timing, Yuki had just arrived. The nurse was surprised to meet up with Dr. Watanabe. “Oh? You came to visit Rena-chan?”

“Yeah.” She replied monotonously like usual.

(Mayu: First…Make her angry at my like usual.)

“So kirin actually got night shifts today?” She added sarcastically and it seemed to make nurse Kashiwagi annoyed easily. The plan looked likely to proceed smoothly without any problems at all.

“Ugh…cut out with the kirin! I’m not a giraffe okay? It’s annoying, we’re not kids okay Mayu?” Yuki was angry with Mayu, but that made the plan proceeded much smoother. The angrier Yuki got, the better it is. 

(Mayu: Next, tease her.)

“I think kirin is a cute name.” She teased back and made Yuki sighed.

“Well then, do you like if I call you nezumi instead of Mayu?” She argued back and it hit at the bull’s eye. That was her nickname back in university and she totally despised it.

(Mayu: Lastly…)

“Alright. I give up.” Mayu shrugged her shoulders and made Yuki confused. “Well…is ‘Yukirin’ okay?”

“…Eh?” Yuki gawked with complete confusion. She’s totally dumbfounded with what Mayu said.

“Your name. You don’t like kirin, so I’m asking if it’s fine to call you Yukirin.” Mayu gave a better explanation to the nurse and this time she understood. She couldn’t believe that Mayu just agreed to stop calling her kirin out of the sudden like this. “Y-Yeah…” She nodded back slowly while still having mindblown.

“That sounds good with me.” Mayu avoided eye contact with Yuki and decided to return back to her office. “I have night shifts as well, I’ll see you around then.”


Yuki stopped Mayu before she could leave.  “…What’s all of the sudden with the name?”


“Normally you wouldn’t change that easily even though I told you countless of times…But why out of the sudden?” Yuki got curious but Mayu had no intention to explain why, but Rena told her to answer honestly nurse Yuki whenever if she asked a serious question. And it wouldn’t end nice if she decided to be sarcastic right now.

“…I guess I felt like changing. It’s fun to annoy you but there should be limits to it right?” She shrugged her shoulder. “That’s it.”

“I-I see…” Yuki received a reply and avoided eye contact with Mayu. That’s when she thought that Mayu was actually really kind. “Ah…thank you?”

Yuki gave a soft smile to Mayu as her thanks. It made Mayu’s mind fluttered and was happy to see her smiling to her like this. She couldn’t even remember the last time Yuki smiled for her like that. Only to her, and only her.

(Mayu: …This isn’t that bad as I thought, I get to see her smile again.)

“Not at all. I’m sorry about it too. I’ll see you later tonight.” Mayu didn’t realize she smiled unconsciously and it made Yuki froze with surprise. She returned back to her office and left Yuki alone in the corridor.

…Nurse never expected to see that kind smile from a cyborg doctor. It made her heart skipped a beat at that second. That second, Yuki thought that Mayu’s gentle smile actually suits her a lot more than her usual sarcastic one. “Ah…Mayu could actually be…surprisingly cute in her way.” 

Meanwhile on Mayu’s side, she was thinking what impression she left on Yuki and only hoped it went well. She decided she would talk with Rena again some other time about this matter later. “Well, we’ll see how it turned out to be~”



Title: Re: AMNESIA: CH03 [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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Essence of MaYuki and WMatsui starts~! Just a little bit but will come more later. This story going to proceed quite slow but have patience with it!  :kneelbow:


Amnesia: CH03


[Rena’s POV]

Few days later, Mayu texted me again and she said she’s coming in early in the morning. And she came really early…

“Oi, I told you I’m coming early. Wake up already.” She complained at me, but jeez…it’s 5:30am right now. She said she’s coming at 6:30am!!

“You said you’ll be here an hour later…” I yawned; I stayed up late last night because I got too addicted with reading the manga books. “What is it?”

“You see…I stopped calling her ‘kirin’ now, so what do I do?”

So it’s about Yukirin. No wonder she’s an hour earlier than our appointment time. “Be patient Mayu…It will take time, but I guess we can initiate some action?”

“What do you suggest?”

“Uh…” My brain is not functioning well in the morning, especially when someone forced me to wake up from my lovely sleep. But it’s not that I couldn’t think at all. “I guess why don’t you try invite her for lunch today?”

“Lunch huh…isn’t it too awkward? She usually eats with Jurina.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you out… I’ll do my best.” I yawned again as it’s about time Mayu had to go to work. Finally I got to sleep again! I’m so sleepy…I’ll just start the plan after I woke up and I hope I don’t overslept.


Thank goodness I didn’t overslept. I woke up again at 8:30, and Yukirin was waiting for me in order to give me breakfast. Now I felt bad to keep her waiting but she’s totally great with that.

“Ah Yukirin, is Jurina coming in today?”

“Normally she will, if something didn’t come up. But you can call her anytime when you want her to come.” Then she asked me. “Do you want me to call Jurina over now?”

“O-Oh…if that’s not a bother…?”

“Of course it’s not a bother!” She replied casually back to me and then send a text via pager to Jurina immediately. This is what I like most about Yukirin, she’s really sincere and always willingly to help in anything. I still have time to finish my breakfast before Jurina would be arriving here.

It didn't take that long at all until Jurina had arrived, just about 15 minutes? I wondered how Jurina excused from her work in order to come just because I said so…I hope I didn’t bother her. But this is for Mayu’s sake! I have to do this…

“You called me? Is something a matter?” She asked me and I nodded. Alright, it’s about time I start taking some action as well.

“Uhm…If you don’t mind. I wanted to have lunch with you today…I wanted to discuss something rather privately…” I made a selfish request and I was surprised. I didn’t see any uneasiness in Jurina’s eyes at all. She only smiled widely and nodded. She accepted my selfish request willingly and easily. Wow, I never thought that things could go this smoothly. “T-Thank you Jurina!”

“Not at all Rena-chan!” She giggled back before she turned to Yukirin. “I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to join lunch with you today.”

“Not a problem! Don’t worry Jurina!” Yukirin looked completely unbothered at all, and I don’t think she’s lying. I can’t imagine Yukirin lying that much at all, since she always had this sincere and honest expression on her. 

“So Rena-chan, I’ll see you today in the afternoon!” 

“Yes! Thank you so much, and I’ll see you this afternoon.” I’m grateful that my plan went well, now, Mayu could ask Yukirin out for lunch. I just could hope that Mayu would have things go well on her side too… Jurina didn’t stay that long since she had to go back to work, but she would be back this afternoon! As for Yukirin, she went out again, probably she’s busy with her work as well.

Ah…having lunch only with Jurina…I never expected that coming, but I believe it would be really nice. She’s Jurina after all!  Oh right…before I forget, I have to text Mayu that she needed to ask Yukirin out for lunch today in order to not make my effort go in vain! And wow, she sure replied really fast to my text. It seemed she always carried her cellphone everywhere, or I wonder whether it’s because its concerning Yukirin…Well, I guess both ways work!

[Sweet! Arigatou Rena! I hope you enjoy your lunch date with Jurina then~ Kuku~ (=w=)]

 What!? Lunch date!? N-NO it isn’t! Wait…uh…it’s just the two of us…only Jurina and I…Uhm, I guess it’s called lunch date? I’m out of words to reply to Mayu and then just closed my cellphone. I glanced at the clock in my room, and it’s 10am. I still have two more hours to wait for Jurina to come back…

“Lunch date huh…” Wait, why am I thinking about that!? “Gah!”

Oh jeez, Mayu’s words always messed up my mind! Ever since I decided to help Mayu with her relationship. She kept teasing me about Jurina all the time. I didn’t think anything about her at all! No I mustn’t let Mayu’s words reached me, she’s just messing with my mind!



I stared at the clock at its 10 minutes before it’s noon. I don’t know what to do so what I only do is just staring at the clock. I wondered when would Jurina come...?

I heard the door slid open and saw Jurina carrying a bag with her. “Did I make you wait?”

“N-No, not at all!” I got tensed immediately, I don’t know why. We sat down at the table instead and she brought me bento box from the shop in the hospital for me! Since I always ate the food that Yukirin prepared for me…this would be my first time having a bento box. “Thank you so much Jurina!”

“Don’t worry~ It’s just a bento box.” Jurina even both drinks and melon pan as well! Now I started to feel bad having her buying everything for me like this. When I opened my bento, it’s completely filled with vegetables. There’s no meat at all…did she know I don’t like meat? I guess Yukirin told Jurina about my appetite.

“Itadakimasu.” We both said at the same time and started eating our lunch together. Whoa! This taste so good! I never knew bento could taste this good.

“Do you like it?” Jurina asked and I nodded. She probably could tell that I’m enjoying the bento box so much. She smiled so brightly with relief. “Haha! I’m glad you really like it! This is my favorite shop.”

“It’s really good! Also, I really like vegetables too.” I didn’t realize that Jurina’s looking at me eating. Wah…this is uneasy, did something got onto my face…? “Erm…is there something?”

“Hehe, nothing~” Jurina seemed to enjoy teasing me, it’s just like Mayu! I want to know what’s she thinking!

“There must be something, tell me!”



“Hahahaha!” Jurina burst into laughter at my reaction and she seemed to enjoy it so much. She patted my head like a kid and had this radiant smile on her. I don’t know I’m just thinking to myself or not but that smile of her is so relaxed and really…genuine. “It’s just that I’m glad that you’re getting smiling so nicely now.”

After Jurina mentioned that, I had gone through so many things but I’m not devastated at all. Because Jurina and others were there for me, I’m able to go through my family’s death with any depression at all.

“…It’s because Jurina and everyone is with me. I never felt lonely even once.”

“Aw, you’re just so sweet!” She giggled before we finished eating out lunch together. Then it’s the time I have my melon pan! It’s the best food I ever ate. Jurina bought it for us and we had our melon pan together. “So…I’ll allow you to decide when you want to go through the treatment with your amnesia. ”

“Ah…” Oh right, I was busy thinking of a way to help Mayu with her relationship that I forgot about treating my amnesia. I nodded and asked Jurina to start the treatment as soon as possible. I wanted to recover my memories back in order to find who’s my ‘oneechan’ in my dreams.

“Oh right…so want did you want to talk to me today?” She asked me, and I completely forgot what to tell her. My main purpose to ask Jurina to have lunch with her was because for Mayu’s sake.

What should I ask her!? Ah…Oh! Even though it’s not appropriate but I don’t have a choice now. “Well…I heard that you’re in a relationship with Yukirin…”

Jurina looked shocked that I knew about that. I told her that it’s Mayu that told me about it and it made her sighed. “That Mayu…I’m sorry Rena-chan, it might’ve made you felt uneasy right?”

“N-Not at all!” I blurted back immediately. “It’s just… I think experiencing love with someone that shared the same feeling as you is really nice…so I guess I envy you two…?”

Jurina didn’t say anything so I decided to turn to look at her. I don’t understand her expression at all. She looked shocked and pale at the same time. Then she had this painful smile across her face. Did I say anything wrong?

“Ah…did I say something wrong?”

“No…it’s nothing.” She shook her head and sighed softly. “I guess you’re curious about Yukirin and I right?”


I nodded and then Jurina started to tell the story between herself and Yukirin. She told me that she wasn’t blood-related with Yukirin but she lived with her family for about 7 years already. Due to many circumstances that happened, and that she’s in a relationship with Yukirin, she changed to use Kashiwagi surname instead. Until now, Jurina was living with Yukirin’s family, as her family was the owner of this hospital too. So Yukirin was the daughter of the owner of this hospital! Her entire family were mostly mixed of doctors and nurses. So Yukirin’s father was the doctor and the owner of this hospital I’m in. Kashiwagi was a well-known name in medicine field. Its just wow…She never told me that! Well, I guess because I never asked her about her family too. No wonder why Yukirin was able to have such a solid job like such a young age. “So that’s likely about it.”

“I see…so it means you two must love each other a lot…” I started to felt guilty after I had planned to help Mayu. That meant that I have to break Jurina and Yukirin’s 7-years relationship apart.

She nodded weakly. “…Yeah, I do.” Jurina’s words were somewhat unusual. I couldn’t explain what this feeling is but it’s just weird. She didn’t seem that enthusiastic when we’re talking about her relationship with Yukirin. “But please don’t let that stop you from asking any help from. Rena-chan is also important to me too.”


Wah…My heart skipped a beat just now. Her words were so sweet and sincere that it even made me blushed! I think that’s why I really like being around Jurina. She’s so sweet, friendly, and very honest with her words. “Jurina is important to me too! If I can do anything to help you…I’m glad to do it.”

“I see, if I need anything I’ll make sure to ask Rena-chan~”

Her relaxed and lively smile was back again. I love that smile of hers the most. I think it’s the first time I saw that bright lively smile from Jurina, but why I felt so familiar with it…as if I saw that smile somewhere before…for a long time ago.

“Hmm…how about our next hangout together, we go to the amusement park together?” She asked me and I’m completely dumbfounded with her invitation. I even thought that I misheard things. “We’ll go together with Yukirin and Mayu again. What do you think?”

“I-I always wanted to go to the amusement park after I saw it many times in the magazine! Oh wow…I can’t wait to go at all!”

I’m so excited to go now, I don’t know how long I could wait to go to the amusement park together with everyone. I enjoyed the last hangout with everyone so much. Just get to be together with everyone outside from hospital is just so much fun already! “Ah…I can’t wait!”

“Hahahahaha!” Jurina laughed so loud that I started to get so embarrassed for acting like a kid just now. “Aw! You’re just so cute Rena-chan! We can go this weekend! I’ll ask Yukirin and Mayu about it.”

Did I mishear? This weekend? Oh no…I shouldn’t have said something so selfish like that. Because I said something selfish like that, Jurina was going to take a day-off from work again. “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have say something so selfish like that…last weekend you all went out with me already!”

“No problem~” She giggled and patted my head again. “We three worked on our day-offs all the time in the past years. So we kept loads of day-offs. It shouldn’t be a problem this weekend. Also, Rena-chan can’t wait to go right?”

Uh…I can’t deny the fact that I really wanted to go as soon as possible…I felt like Jurina is spoiling me so much right now. “Rena-chan is important to me, so you don’t have to hold back! Be as selfish as you want. I’ll always be at your service.”

I never knew that Jurina’s words were just so sweet and caring like this. I wondered she’s like this to other of her patients too or it’s just to me…w-wait I shouldn’t think of Jurina like that! She’s a doctor; of course she has to care every one of her patients! 

“T-Thank you so much Jurina…”

“Haha! I’m glad that I’m able to make you happy~” She rubbed my head again. I wondered why I always felt so comfortable whenever she did that. I don’t mind if it lasts forever. “Hmm…I guess it’s about time I have to leave now.” Jurina glanced at her silver pocket watch before she clean up the table and took the empty bento box back with her too. But I had this tinge feeling in my chest, this irritating feeling…there’s one thing I wanted to ask Jurina before she leave, this is the only chance I can ask her.

“Then, I’ll see you tomorrow! I’ll ask Yukirin and Mayu today and likely we should know by tomorrow.” Jurina smiled back before she’s about to leave the room. “I enjoyed our lunch today! I really did have loads of fun.”

No…she’s about to leave. Why am I scared to call out for her? But…what’s this mixed feeling my chest? I wanted to say something to her, but at the same time I don’t want to.


I yelled out and it stopped her instantly. She turned back with confusion and waited for me to reply. There’s no turning back anymore. My mind was all messed up and I can’t really arrange my words properly at all. Now, I’m making Jurina wait for me to speak.

“Is there something?”

“Y-You see…” my voice was shaking. Oh no, I don’t know whether I should say this or not. “C-Can we keep having lunch together again??”

I said it, I finally did. It was a huge relief inside my chest, but yet I committed a terrible mistake that I shouldn’t have done. But…no matter what, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wanted to know more of Jurina. Or it’s either I just wanted to spend as much time as possible with her. But I don’t know why I’m feeling like this…it’s just…aching my chest. Why do I have this yearning feeling for something from Jurina?

After I said it, I waited for her reply with frustration. I don’t want her to reject me…but at the same time, it might be a good thing if she did. Ah! Oh no I’m panicking so much!

“Sure! Why not?”

…Huh? I didn’t mishear it right? I looked back up at Jurina and saw her wide smile across her face. She didn’t seem to have any hesitation to reply me at all. “If that’s what Rena-chan wants, I’m gladly to come have lunch with you everyday.”

“R-Really…?” I asked again, and she nodded firmly.

“I promise! Even though there might be times I have emergency situations…but I’ll do my best to come every time.”

I don’t know why I believe Jurina’s words completely. Even though I knew that it’s not something I should’ve said, but to be honest I’m glad that Jurina said yes to my request. She giggled childishly and left the room. Now, it’s only myself in the room once again.

Am I committing a terrible mistake right now? I don’t understand anything anymore. No…I’m doing this for Mayu, even though it’s going to hurt Yukirin feelings. I hope I don’t regret this…Yukirin, I’m really sorry…


Meanwhile on Mayu’s side…after she sent the text to Rena, she glanced at her watch to check the time. It was 11:30am, and it’s nearly about the time that it’s Yuki’s break. She knew the nurse’s schedule and break time. That’s when she decided to drop by at the front of the ward where Yuki usually would be. As she turned at the corner, and arrived at the ward where Yuki was stationed.

“Is Yukirin here?” Mayu stopped in front of the ward and ask the nurses there.

“You’re calling me?” Yuki came from the side as she came back after one of the patients in the floor called her. “Is there something?”

“Oh, well…you got some spare time?”

“Well, luckily that I have a break in few minutes, do you guys mind if I leave for my break now?” Yuki turned to her friends and they didn’t mind at all. So then she decided to go with Mayu to the corridor where no one would hear them. “So, what’s a matter?”

“You see, I just wanted to ask that whether you want to have lunch together?” The doctor’s slightly blushed, as it’s something she didn’t usually do. “Jurina could come too, it’s been a while since we eat together…”

“Ah…yeah I agree!” Yuki smiled brightly. “But Jurina’s having lunch today with Rena-chan…so I guess it’s only the two of us?”

“I don’t mind that, you?” She asked and Yuki nodded softly.

“I don’t mind it too, shall we get going?” Yuki asked, as Mayu nodded quietly as her reply. They both walked together in the corridor towards the cafeteria and then the nurse suddenly spoke up to break their awkward silence. “Do you want to go to some other restaurant instead of the cafeteria?”

“I guess that’s a good idea. I’m getting sick of the food in the cafeteria…” Mayu grumbled softly and then Yuki suggested one of her small favorite restaurant, which was really close by to the hospital. She occasionally went there with Jurina whenever she wanted to eat at that shop. Mayu heard of it from her colleagues but never actually tried it before. As they arrived at the shop, luckily there were a spot left for them in the corner. “Oh! Thank goodness there’s a spot left!”

“Awesome! So…what do you recommend me? I don’t know what’s good here.” Mayu asked and then Yuki seemed to enjoy introducing her favorite dishes in the menu. So it was Yuki who actually ordered the food for Mayu. The doctor didn’t mind it at all, instead, she’s really happy about it. So after they had wait for their dish to arrive, they ate quietly and it’s a silent awkward between them.

(Mayu: Ah…this is awkward, what should I talk to her!?)

While Mayu’s thoughts were occupied with how to initiate a conversation with Yuki, it was the nurse herself that actually break the silence between both of them by her soft giggle. She looked up at Yuki, and saw her smiling like a kid.

“W-What is it?” Mayu asked with curiosity.

“Hehe, I’m just thinking back to when we used to eat lunch together. It brings back memories don’t you think?” Yuki’s words reminded Mayu about their past. Back when they were still students in the university, with Jurina and Yuki, they always ate lunch together outside the cafeteria. After since they graduated, she couldn’t recall the last time the three of them ate together. Also, her last time eating together with Yuki was probably back when Mayu started to focus on her studies in order to request scholarship. She had sudden money issues so she really needed to drop out if she couldn’t get the scholarship. “…Mayu? Hey Mayu?”


“You didn’t listen to me just now didn’t you?” Yuki looked mad and slightly upset. Mayu felt a little guilty that she didn’t actually listen to what the nurse said since she was daydreaming back about her past.

“I’m sorry…I didn’t meant to ignore.” She apologized and it made Yuki’s eyes wide opened with surprise. Her extreme honest reaction caught Mayu’s attention. “Uh, did I say something wrong??”

“I didn’t expected you to apologize that easily…” Yuki was still surprised and shocked with Mayu’s honest answer. “Hehe, but I like it this way.”

“O-Oh.” The doctor was completely out of words. Yuki’s praise made her mind blown away. She couldn’t hold her slight blush and avoided eye contact with her. “I-I guess…?”

Yuki giggled again. The doctor could see that the nurse was staring at her and it made her felt awkward. She knew that Yuki was actually laughing at her this time.  “W-What are you laughing at?”

She smiled as she placed her utensils on the table. She seemed to enjoy teasing Mayu this time. “I just missed the times you’re honest like this~ back then, you’re really cute!” She was referring back to how they newly met each other. The doctor reached her limits and couldn’t hide her blush from the nurse anymore. Unfortunately, Yuki could tell that she’s blushing. “Aw? Someone is blushing?”

“N-No I’m not! The food is a little spicy!”

Mayu argued back to hide her embarrassment. She’s flushing like a tomato but then Yuki was so dense that she actually believed what Mayu said. “Oh! I’m sorry I forgot that you’re not good with spicy food…” She apologized with slight apologetic expression, and it amazed Mayu, she didn’t know that Yuki would actually believe what she said just now. She could eat spicy food but just not so well. “I’ll be careful next time!”

“Ah…don’t worry about it.” Mayu glanced at her watch and realized it’s nearly the time that their break would be over. “I think we should get moving.”

“Oh! Yeah we should head back now.” They got up and paid for their meal before they walked back to the hospital together. The nurse had a glimpse of Mayu and smiled widely. “Thanks for inviting me today.”

“Don’t worry about that. I guess it’s nice to have a meal together like before…” The doctor smiled softly and it made Yuki felt much more relaxed. She liked when Mayu was being honest and not sarcastic with her. It’s not that she’s annoyed with Mayu’s sarcasm, but the problem was that she couldn’t tell whether the doctor was lying to her or not. In the end, Mayu had ended up came to send Yuki off at floor where her ward was located.

“Thanks for sending me off! You don’t really have to do it though.”

“Too bad I’m a bit free today.” She shrugged her shoulders before she headed back to her room. Mayu actually had work to do but she wanted to spend as much time as she could with Yuki as possible, since rarely she had a chance to be with her, just only the two of them. “I’ll see you later then.”

“Oh, wait a minute!” Yuki called her before Mayu could’ve left. She turned around and listened to what the nurse had to say. That image of Yuki’s lively smile carved down right into Mayu’s mind. “Let’s have lunch together again! I enjoyed so much today…hehe, and just the two of us too~”

“A-Ah…” Mayu was stunned and blushed with slight embarrassment. Also, she was beyond happy that Yuki was the one that asked her. It sounded like Yuki was asking her out but Mayu knew that the nurse only saw her as her close friend. So it would be normal for Yuki to invite Mayu again, but still she couldn't’ hold back the utmost happiness blooming inside her chest. Her voice was still shaking, but she tried to remain composed as possible. “S-Sure!”

“Hehe! I’m glad! I’ll see you later Mayu!”

Yuki left immediately for work and left the doctor blushing alone in the corridor.  She took a deep breath in order to calm herself down. She never thought that just spending one lunch together would make things progressed this fast. She felt grateful that she decided to rely and asked for Rena’s help with this. Now that she thought of Rena, she wondered how was things on her side.  “Well, I’ll ask her later today…” Her mind was too occupied about something else, right now, she’s just looking forward to spending time with Yuki. 


[Rena’s POV]


What should I do now…I really did asked Jurina. I guess there’s no turning back right now. I glanced at the watch and just realized that it’s already so late! Sun had set already, it’s already the time I should’ve slept. Time flew by so fast…



“W-Whoa!?” I turned to the door and saw Mayu there. She knocked so loud and opened the door roughly. My mind wasn’t ready for that! I’m so shocked that she broke the silence so roughly like this. “Oh please Mayu! You could be a little softer at night! You scared me off so badly…”

“Haha! Sorry~ Anyways, how’s your lunch date with Jurina?” She closed the door tightly before she sat down on the chair. “Tell me how it went.”

“Well…it’s good.”Mayu didn’t seem to take what I said at all and her looked was obviously telling me that she’s demanding for more detailed story. “Uh…it’s really fun, I asked her…”

I paused, I didn’t know whether I should continue to say it or not, but with Mayu’s glare, she heard what I left off just now and likely she’s going to force me to say it. “What did you ask Jurina?”

“Uh…well…” I looked away and turned back again, I could see Mayu still staring at me intensely. She’s demanding for an answer from me. I’m not allowed to turn back at all! So I explained to her what I actually said to Jurina. It’s so awkward to actually tell Mayu about it and she seemed to be slightly amazed, yet looked excited at the same time. “T-That’s it…”

“Ah! I didn’t know you’re blunt like this!” She teased me again. “But I guess I have good news on my side as well. Yukirin invited me to have lunch again.”

“Wow! That’s so sweet!”

“That’s thanks to your plan~ and I hope you best luck with Jurina too.”

“I didn’t have that kind of interest with Jurina, but…” I looked away because I didn’t understand what I’m feeling right now. It’s so confusing. I felt my chest tightened up, yet nostalgic at the same time. “I don’t know…I felt really nostalgic with Jurina around me…”

“I see.” Mayu nodded softly and she just got up from her seat. “Time for me to go home now, I don’t have night shifts today.”

“O-Oh, ok.” I replied immediately, that was really fast. Did she just come here for just a short talk with me?

“Good night.” She waved at me before she left the room. Now I’m alone again, now my mind was occupied with guilt again. I felt like I betrayed Yukirin and trying to separate her from Jurina, for Mayu’s sake. Ah, I don’t know where will this ended up at…

It’s just too much of a headache now…


In Kashiwagi’s residence….the lights were still on, just only one room in the residence. It was Jurina’s room. She was sitting on her bed reading a book quietly in her room in the middle of the night. She usually stayed up late as she helped Yuki’s father paper files. Right before she would go to sleep, she would give herself time to relax from work. Luckily, she had no night shifts today, so do Yuki. That’s why she’s able to come back home and have a good sleep on her bed.


The knock caught Jurina’s attention. However, she seemed to know who came knocking at her door at all. As it slowly opened… she saw a longhaired woman in her pale pink pajama. “What is it Yukirin?”


Her voice was shaking. Jurina could see that it’s not just her voice, but her hands as well. She seemed to know what’s going on with Yukirin, and so she put her book down and took off her glasses. “I see…come here.” Jurina called her over. She nodded weakly, and walked in quietly and sat on the edge of the bed. She hugged her and stroked Yuki’s head gently. The trembling girl rested her head on Jurina’s shoulder while Jurina could feel her shoulders wet by Yuki’s tears. She cried silently, and gripped on Jurina’s shirt tightly.

“I-I’m so sorry Jurina-chan…”

Her voice was still shaking. She kept patting Yuki and tried to calm her girlfriend down.  “Stop apologizing, it’s all good! Feel free to come whenever you have that again.” Jurina pushed away and gave her a bright smile and it seemed to make Yuki calmed down a little. “Let’s go to sleep, we have to work early tomorrow.”

“Y-Yeah…” Yuki wiped her tears and then slept on Jurina’s bed through out that night. She doesn’t usually sleep with Jurina, except on nights she had those ‘nightmares’… Whenever she had that, she couldn’t sleep alone. No one was there for her anymore, except Jurina. And she had become a place where Yuki could lean onto and rest at ease.

She didn’t realize that she was holding onto Jurina tightly through out the entire night. The doctor didn’t seem she could sleep as her mind was occupied with several things. Seeing Yuki right now just reminded her childhood when she was ‘Matsui Jurina’, because the nurse reminded her of her younger sister. Jurina remembered that smile very well, despite the fact that Rena had lost all her memories; her smile was still the same. It’s just making her felt nostalgic yet painful at the same time.


Slowly, she drifted into a deep slumber, and had a very long dream until morning.


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Amnesia: CH04

A/N: It’s an unexpected long chapter…it didn’t go like what I planned. I don’t have confidence with this chapter, since this chapter didn’t seem to go anywhere much…but I guess it works to certain extent. I hope everyone find joy in reading this! I hope to do better for the next chapter! Thank your for having patience as well!


[Rena’s POV]

“Hmm…I hope I’m not lost.”

I looked around and I think I’m at a right place. I’m heading to the Heart Unit section where Mayu was working at. She asked me to come to return her manga comic books. I asked the direction from Yuki and I think I did come to the right direction. I looked around again but I didn’t see any sign that said would lead to my destination! “Ugh…this sucks!”

I wondered why Mayu wanted me to come out like this and get lost!? Now what…I’m still not good with directions in the hospital yet… Oh! I spot a doctor from a distance; maybe if I asked him I might be able to find my way around. “Uh…excuse me!”

“Hm?” The good-looking doctor turned around and gave a gentle smile to me. “Ah, is there something a matter?”

“Do you know which direction heads to the Heart Unit section?” I asked him, he looked surprisingly handsome and really young too.

“It’s that way and turn left. It’s not far from here. Who are you looking for?”

“It’s Dr. Watanabe.” I replied and he seemed to be really familiar with the name. He smiled and giggled softly to himself. I wondered he knew Mayu or not, maybe since he’s wandering around here he might be working in the same section as her? I might as well ask him about that. “Do you know her?”

“Ah yes I do, I worked in the ER unit so I met her several times.” He replied really friendly with me. Ah, he must be a really good person! Oh wait, he’s in ER? So it means he also knows Jurina too! Wait, I better get moving now before Mayu started scolding me for being late.

“I’m sorry but I have to leave now! I hope I see you around!” I bowed before I left, I saw him waved at me at the corner of my eyes with those friendly smile on his face. He’s such a friendly person! Doctors are such a nice person, just like Jurina and Mayu! Oh no…I forgot to ask for his name. Ah this is bad…I hope I meet him around again so I could ask for his name.



I knocked on the door that said Mayu’s name on it and I heard a familiar voice telling me to come in. I slid the door and saw Mayu sitting on her chair with that sarcastic grin on her face. It felt as if she knew that I had a hard time to find her room. “Well~ you seem to manage to find my room!”

“…You knew I would have a hard time to find it right??” I grumbled and she shrugged her shoulders pretending to not understand what I said. The sarcastic Mayu was back again! Oh please, I really hope the topic of our conversation is about Yukirin now…

“Anyways…these are your manga books. Thanks for lending it to me though.” I placed the books back on the table but then Mayu didn't seem to have her attention on the books at all. Instead, she asked me to sit down on the chair in front of her.

I sat down as she asked me to and then we had this awkward eye contact with each other quietly. “Uh…what is it?”

“…Nothing.” She replied back quietly, I think I saw her sighing softly. I wondered what’s bothering her though. But then she changed the topic into something else that caught my attention instead. It seemed Jurina had told Mayu about the amusement park hangout this weekend already. “I didn’t know you are into amusement parks! This would be really interesting double date.”

“Double date?”

“Of course~ It’s your date with Jurina, while it’s mine with Yuki.” She giggled softly. Mayu looked more enthusiastic than I do to go to the amusement park. Now I’m so glad that Yukirin is now mentioned in our conversation, so that Mayu could be more obedient and stop being sarcastic with me now! “…Well, that’s what I hoped to do.”

“I-I’ll do my best to help you!” I blurted out and it made Mayu giggled. She looked happy when I said that, but at the same time…I think I saw that sarcastic smirk too. I don’t feel good about what’s coming up next. “Uh…is there something?”

“Hehe~ you’ll have a lot of fun in the haunted house with Jurina~” She giggled maliciously and now I’m curious what’s with Jurina and the haunted house. I wondered about it so much but fortunately Mayu answered my question before I could’ve asked her. “She’s no good with haunted house, prepare to be taking care of her~”

Oh!? Jurina isn’t good with haunted house? That’s surprising regarding her working in emergency room. Aside from Jurina’s cool, charming, and mature side…I never saw her childish side before. Unlike Mayu, it felt like I’m older than Mayu sometimes. She acted so much like a naughty sarcastic teenager to me…maybe I guess it’s only me? But that’s why I felt so comfortable talking most of the things with Mayu. “I’ll look forward to that tomorrow!” Yes, it’s tomorrow that we’ll be going to the amusement park together. I couldn’t wait for today to end at all!

“Nice~ well that’s about all I have to say. Since you helped me out with having lunch with Yuki, I might as well give you some interesting information about Jurina. Fair trade~” Mayu smiled widely as if she was enjoying this. She told me that she’s definitely going, as well as Yukirin. I’m glad that we’re able to make a plan for this weekend. It was about time I think I should head back to my room before Jurina comes in the afternoon, for our lunch. 

“Enjoy your lunch today~” Mayu waved at me before I left the room.

“You too. Enjoy it with Yukirin.” I said the same to her. It’s our little secret that no one knew. It’s the time I headed back to my room and on my way back this time I’m not lost! I looked at the direction signs and managed to return to the floor where my room was located.

As the elevator door opened, I met with that handsome looking doctor again! Wow, this is pure coincidence. He looked surprised to meet me again too. “Ah! It’s you.” He remembered me and I’m glad he did! It would be awkward if I start a conversation when he didn’t remember me. “Did you find Dr. Watanabe?”

“Yes! Thank you for your directions, or else I would be lost!”

“Not at all, I’m glad I’m able to help you out!” His smile was so charming and cute. Oh right! Before I forget again I should ask for his name first, but before I could have ask him, he continued where he left off. “Are you Matsui Rena?”

Huh? How did he know my name? I was so surprised and confused at the same time, and it seemed the doctor realized that and giggled out. “Haha, I surprised you didn’t I? I remembered looking at your profile when you were in ER before moving up to the main building.” He told me how he knew about me. I remembered Jurina telling me before that I came into emergency room right after I got into an accident.

“Oh I see…so you must know Jurina?” I asked and then he nodded.

“Yup! I do. We’re teammates in ER.” He replied back to me. I knew it! They both knew each other. I guess that’s not surprising despite the fact that they worked in the same specialty. “I was looking for you, here.”

The doctor gave me a small drink with strawberry flavor. I was confused, so he actually came up to this floor to look for me in order to give me this? Wow, he’s so cute! That made my heart fluttered. “T-Thank you so much!”

“Not at all! I’m glad I get to see you get well like this. Do you mind I call you Rena-chan?”

“Surely!” I replied immediately and it made him smiled with relief. Ah wait! Before I forget I have to ask for his name. “W-What’s your name?”

“Furukawa Airi, but you can just call me Airin. That’s what my friends called me.” His smile was just downright charming. So his name was Airin, I’ll make sure to remember his name. I’m glad I met lots of nice people here! “I hope I see you around again, Rena-chan.”

“I hope I see you around too! I’m glad we can be good friends.”

He smiled back and then he entered the elevator. We waved at each other until the door had closed. Ah, it feels so nice to meet new people, and especially when you make new friends as well. “I should hurry back to my room now before I’ll make Jurina worry.”

I knew the directions on this entire floor so I’m confident of running straight back to my room. I entered my room immediately and then I saw Jurina sitting inside there already. I felt slight guilty that I’m making her wait for me. “I-I’m sorry that I’m late! Mayu asked me to return the books back to her…”

“Haha! Not at all~” Jurina didn’t seemed to be bothered with it. It made me felt relieved that she didn’t mind but I still felt guilty. I looked around her and she did brought my favorite bento box again! It’s the vegetable bento box. “Shall we eat together?”


I sat down beside her and then we started to have our lunch together. This was the 3rd time I had lunch with Jurina ever since I asked her to come every time. I always had this easygoing conversation all the time and this time we’re gossiping about Yukirin and Mayu. I got to learn how they both used to be back when they were all still students. So many stories! Like how Yukirin accidently tripped on the floor and splashed her drink all over Mayu’s back. There was once that by coincidence the wild bird accidently pooped onto Yukirin’s shoulder while she was sitting on the motorcycle behind Jurina! Pure bad luck and perfect timing! Jurina’s stories were just downright hilarious! I couldn’t hold my breath, I’m laughing so badly that my stomach started to ache. “This is so funny!!”

“Yeah! Yukirin just have pure bad luck for that! Mayu and I couldn’t stop laughing about that for the entire day.” Jurina enjoyed telling stories to me. I loved all of it. “I look forward to go hangout tomorrow!”

“Me too! It’s going to be really fun.” I couldn’t hold back my smile. Then I saw Jurina looked at her watch; I guess it’s about time she had to leave. This is sad…I didn’t want it to end yet.  “You have to leave now?”

“Of course not.” She giggled and I'm confused what she’s saying. “Did you forget, I told you that today we’re doing a treatment for your amnesia!”

…OH! I completely forgot that it was today! We would start the treatment right after we’re done with cleaning up the lunch boxes. Jurina had already prepared paper files with her so we could begin immediately. I was sitting beside her while she was making several notes to her.

“Rena-chan, do you ever have dreams about something nostalgic?”

“Oh, yes I did once…” I replied and she asked me to explain about my dream and my feelings to her. I didn’t know where to start so I just started talking about my dream that I had about the park to her. “…I was with mother and father, I had a lot of fun, but there’s also this oneechan with me too. I think it was when I was really young…It’s just so vague, but really nostalgic.”

“I see.” She kept taking notes down. “What did you do in the park?”

“We…I had ice cream, this oneechan gave it to me…” I spoke slower and started to think even more than usual. I felt something was right on the tip of my head and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

“Ah, what flavor is it?”

“Flavor? It’s melon flavor. My favorite one too~” I giggled at myself and felt a bit relaxed. “I didn’t know that I like melon flavor since I was young, that’s just funny in a way.”

“Haha! I see. What did you do in the park?” She asked me in depth of the dream but I wasn’t sure how to answer anymore.


“Take your time and think…what did you do after you had the ice-cream?” She asked me again in a much gentler tone. I obeyed her and slowly tried to think what did I do back then…I pushed myself a little harder and harder in order to remember what happened. Then I saw this image of a girl I knew so well, now I remember what did I do in the park on that day! My face probably told Jurina that I figured out and it made her smiled gently with relief. “I guess you figured it out, didn’t you?”

“Yes…it was my own birthday.” I got up from my seat with surprise, I really did start to remember things even more than before. Jurina was caught off guard but then she giggled with that lively smile of hers when she saw me really happy to remember my past. “It’s my…7th year old birthday…”

“I see…” Jurina smiled and then she keep noting down on the paper before she closed it down onto the table. “I guess this is a good step for you to remember already. I’m glad that your amnesia isn’t as worse as we expected it to be. It wouldn’t take that long for you to remember everything once again.”

“Y-Yes…thank you so much Jurina.” 

“I didn’t do anything that special!” She laughed out and patted my head. “It’s all your effort. I’m just here to support you.”

“But your support made me able to remember many more things! I felt an improvement inside me…” I turned and made an eye contact with her. But before I could say anything further, I felt like a hurricane within my head. Everything was spinning and it’s painful. “…!?”

This image suddenly popped up. An image inside the car from the back seat…it was from the spot I was sitting. I heard my father’s voice, my mother’s voice. We’re in a deep hurry to Tokyo…Yes we’re heading to Tokyo! I don’t know what’s the reason to go to Tokyo but it’s really important. Father was driving in quite a speed and we didn’t notice that the truck moved out from its lane and heading towards us. My mother yelled my name, but it was too late, the truck crashed our car. The car began to spin and then I realized that my right arm had fractured. My head was bleeding and caught into my eye. It made my sight had a mix of red in it. What’s more horrifying was that…father and mother…they were covered with blood. I called and screamed for them but they weren’t responding. I’m the only one that had conscious.

I trembled with fear…I’m really scared.

I don’t want to die. I can’t die here now…I had something I must do…No…NO!!!


I screamed to the top of my lungs and pressed both my hands against my head. It’s aching so much! It hurts! I feel like dying! “NO!! NOOO!!!”

 “Rena-chan!?” I heard a voice calling me, but my sense weren’t responding to that voice at all. I felt a grab on my wrist but then I shoved it away from me. W-What’s this fear in me? I…I-I can’t control my self. “Do you hear me?! Rena-chan!”

“NO!! I don’t want to die! I can’t! I…I…!” I couldn’t control my tears. It was pouring out from my puffed eyes. I saw blood everywhere. I felt like I’m hallucinating. I’m seeing everything in red…and my parent’s corpse. “NOOO!!!”


I shuttered from that call. I felt that someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me in towards another human body. It’s human’s warmth. I felt the warmth of that body embraced me Jurina tightly yet gently. I slowly calmed down; finally I grasped my senses back. That’s when I realized that I’m in Jurina’s embrace.

“Rena…I’m here…I’m here.”

Jurina called me tenderly and her voice reached me. I slowly regained my control even more. I had stopped crying as well…She didn’t call me like she usually do, just ‘Rena’…I wondered why I felt so moved by that. Even more I felt my heart skipped a beat and started to ache. Her hug was just…I don’t know. I didn’t know how to explain this feeling I’m having right now. I just didn’t want this to end. I hugged her back tightly and buried my face on her shoulder. “…Rena-chan?”

“Please…let me stay like this…”

I pleaded and Jurina didn’t reply anything. She didn’t let go of the hug and that’s when I know that she listened to my request. I tightened the hug and trembled with fear. The images from the accident were like a flash, it made my adrenaline rushed, but yet I didn’t remember anything that clearly. Only something was bothering me was the purpose of my family heading to Tokyo. It’s something really important to me…but I couldn’t remember what is about.

I want to know…damn it…why did I forget…?


Time flew by without Jurina concerning about it. She had something to worry more than time itself. She still embraced her just like what Rena requested until now, quietly, without saying a word. Then she eventually realized that the crying girl had stopped moving. “Ah…Rena-chan?”

She didn’t responded, it was confirmed that she had fell asleep in Jurina’s embrace. She slowly moved away and saw Rena’s peaceful sleeping face. That’s when she decided not to utter anything else and carried the sleeping girl onto her bed. She caressed Rena’s forehead before she left the room. “Good night Rena-chan…”

She made sure she didn’t make any loud noises to wake Rena up. That’s where she met with an unexpected person in front of Rena’s room. It’s her friend, Dr. Watanabe. “…That was 4 hours.”

“Really? I didn’t realize that…”

“So it seems it’s as we expected.” Mayu seemed to read Jurina’s mind off easily without having her to tell her what’s going on inside the room. Mayu actually came by this afternoon because she knew that today’s was Rena’s 1st day of amnesia treatment. She’s worried about both Matsui sisters and right before she’s going to open the door, she heard Rena shrieked loudly with fear, as if there’s no tomorrow. That’s when she chose not to enter the room and come back another time instead when everything was calmed down. “So it’s dissociative amnesia isn’t?”

“Yes…the trauma from the accident was the main cause for her amnesia.” Jurina sighed with worries for her patient, her sister. She felt helpless for Rena. If it was as they thought, then it’s something that Rena had to overcome herself in order to remember everything again. Nothing could’ve be much of a help now. “How’s your day?”

“Its not bad…” The doctor shrugged her shoulders. It was actually a happy day for her since she had a very good time with Yuki again.

“…Hey Mayu, by chance do you know what does Yukirin usually do during lunch nowadays?” Jurina’s question made Mayu froze. It made Mayu’s heart skipped a beat, he didn’t know why she had to be panicking. But it’s making her really nervous. She knew what Yuki was doing every lunch, since she’s the one Yuki was with but she didn’t want to tell Jurina.

“I tried asked her but she’s not telling me. So I’m wondering do you know anything?”

“N-No! Not at all.”

Mayu replied bluntly and pretended to have no single clue of what’s going on. “I’ll make sure if I know anything I will tell you okay?”
“Thanks Mayu!” Jurina smiled with relief as she checked the time again. She’s already late for her work but she didn’t mind if it’s for Rena’s sake. “I’ll have to do night shifts today to make up for this afternoon…this is bad…Oh!”


“Do you have night shifts today?”

“No, why?” Mayu replied while a curious look in her eyes, as she’s waiting for Jurina to state her request. She just had a feeling that she’ll be asked to do something for sure.

“You see…do you mind sending Yukirin off at her house instead? She doesn’t have night shifts. Things didn’t go as I planned, so I couldn’t send her.”

Jurina asked for a favor and it made Mayu’s eyes grew wide. Everything seemed like coincidence, as things were making her getting to spend more time with Yuki. “Do you mind that?”

“Not at all, I’ll tell her that and don’t worry. I’ll look after your girlfriend.” Mayu teased Jurina and it made the doctor slapped her shoulder in a teasingly way. “Ow, now that hurts.”

“That’s my revenge back from when you slapped my face!” Jurina stuck her tongue out before she would receive another smack from her friend; she decided to leave to the emergency room immediately.

“Thanks again Mayu!”

She rushed off and left Mayu with another new task. However, it’s a task that she was more than willingly to do. Without further waiting, she called Yuki to tell her that she would send her today in Jurina’s place since things didn’t went according to plan today. Yuki was slightly surprised but grateful that Mayu offered to go send her. Even though Yuki was an adult already, Jurina always make sure that Yuki would always be safe in every kind of way. That's the charm that Yuki liked most in Jurina, she’s very caring and protective.


Yuki told Mayu to wait at the entrance of the hospital while she packed up her stuffs first. The doctor had gone to the entrance before time and she’s already in her casual outfit. She’s in her dark blue jeans, grey hooded jacket, and her favorite beige boots. In this outfit, she didn’t look like a doctor at all, rather more than a child herself. It’s one of the things that Mayu didn’t like about herself. Some people would think she’s a teenager and looked down on her due to her young appearance. “Hmm…She does take her time.”


The doctor heard her name being called from a distance away and saw the tall nurse in her casual outfit. With Yuki wearing heels, she’s especially taller than Mayu today. “I’m sorry to take so long.”

“Don’t worry. Shall we get going? I called the taxi for us already.”

“R-Really!?” Yuki was shocked and her eyes were goggled out. She looked towards the entrance and saw the taxi parked at the very front. It made her felt guilty that she’s making Mayu doing everything for her. “I’m so sorry…”

“Jeez, don’t worry about that little thing. Let’s go.” Mayu walked ahead of the nurse while she ran up to catch up with Mayu’s pace. They both got into the taxi and before they could tell their destination to the driver, doctor turned to Yuki. “Do you want to grab something to eat before you head home?”

“I don’t mind! Are you hungry?”

“A little actually. But I don’t mind to go eat after I send you already.” Mayu replied casually. She’s actually attempting to make it casual, so Yuki wouldn’t realize that she’s nervous right now.  However it made Yuki decided to go eat instead and she told the driver to head to this restaurant she was quite close by to here. “Hey, are you sure?”

“Of course! I’ll buy you this meal as my thanks for sending me home okay?”

“Uh…won’t Jurina mind that?” Mayu asked with concern. Since Yuki and Jurina were couples, and Jurina could easily pout with little things like this too. She knew her friend long enough to know that.

“Don’t worry! Jurina will understand. Ah! Please turn at that corner.” Yuki gave directions to the driver and they had arrived at this Japanese restaurant. The nurse sure knew lots of good restaurants around the hospital. They both got out from the taxi and Yuki paid for it before Mayu could. The doctor leered at the nurse and it made her stuck her tongue out at Mayu. “Heh~ Too bad! I’m faster.”

“This is war…” Mayu declared and it made Yuki giggled with excitement.

“I’ll look forward to that~ Let’s get going!”

Yuki and Mayu sat down and the table and they had ordered a meal. Before Mayu could’ve look through the menu for her favorite food, Yuki pointed out immediately the recommended dishes in this restaurant. “The recommended one is this one~ there’s loads of mushrooms in it. It’s your favorite right?”

Mayu turned to Yuki immediately with shock. The nurse remembered her favorite food? She could help but to be utmost surprised with it. “You remembered?”

“Of course I do! Why won’t I?” Yuki’s giggled and then Mayu was left no choice but to order the menu that her crush picked for her. While they were waiting for the food to arrive, Yuki had asked Mayu regarding about Rena’s progress with the amnesia treatment. She was worried about both Jurina and Rena, just like Mayu. Dr. Watanabe told everything she found appropriate to tell the nurse. So far, she told Yuki that Rena might likely to have dissociative amnesia. “I see…poor Rena-chan…”

“Tch, it feels like we have to look after both Jurina and Rena.” The doctor grumbled softly and Yuki actually agreed with her. They thought that this situation wasn’t just concerning Rena’s amnesia, but also Jurina too. “She’s a pain in the ass…”

“I have to agree to certain extent…”

“Whoa? Really? You sure it’s fine to think like that of your girlfriend?” Mayu wondered and Yuki just shrugged her shoulders without any worries.

“Nah~ Jurina won’t mind that. Besides it’s a truth after all?” Yuki stuck her tongue out and it had lightened the atmosphere around both of them. They laughed together and enjoyed their moments together. They both enjoyed accompanying each other in the evening after their work…


They called the taxi and then this time they’re heading to Kashiwagi’s residence. It wasn’t that far but due to bad traffic in this time, it’s making everything late. “Hmm…I guess it will take a while now.”

“Yeah…” Yuki’s voice sounded sleepy and Mayu recognized it. She turned to the girl beside her and saw the nurse started to fall asleep.

“Yukirin, just sleep. I’ll make sure we get to your place.” The doctor spoke up with care and it made Yuki surprised, she pretended to be awake but she couldn’t fool Dr. Watanabe with those novice tricks. “Those tricks don’t work on me, sleep.”


The nurse gave up easily since she knew the doctor wouldn’t back down either. She’s too tired to argue with the doctor now. She leaned back and closed her eyes before she drifted into sleep. Mayu stared forward and made sure that the driver was taking them to the right place. Time eventually passed by, Mayu lost track of time as she was just praying for them to get out from the traffic. It did take them quite a while to get out successfully; now, Yuki’s place wouldn’t be far now.

“Great…we’re almost there. Please turn at that corner.” Mayu gave directions to the driver. As they’re almost there, the doctor felt a slight weight on her shoulder. She turned with curiosity and realized Yuki’s face was just an inch away from her. She blushed instantly like a tomato with her eyes stared at Yuki’s pink lips. Her heart began to pound faster and faster. She’s now completely awake due to nervousness. Even though Yuki’s place was just so close from here, she wanted this time to last forever.

(Mayu: Oh no this is so bad…!!! Why the hell are you so adorable!?)

“Ah, please stop here. Thank you.” Mayu spoke to the driver and paid for the drive. She woke Yuki up as they had arrived at her house already. “Yukirin, we’re here now. Wake up.”


Her eyes widened up immediately with surprise. They got out from the car and their little evening time today had came to an end. “Thank you so much for today Mayu, I really enjoyed your accompany today!”

“I do too.” A soft smile from Dr. Watanabe was the one of the most rare thing that could be seen from her, and Yuki was glad that she got to witness that once again. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah! See you tomorrow! I bet it’s going to be really fun~” Yuki got into her house without realizing Mayu was watching her from behind with those longing eyes. After Mayu’s princess had disappeared into the huge house before her eyes, it was about time she had returned back home to prepare for tomorrow’s hangout as well.

“Its tomorrow…it’s going to be loads of fun.” She giggled to herself before she walked down and disappeared in the dark streets…


[Rena’s POV]

It’s a dream again…I realized that I’m dreaming. This time, I saw myself in this dark corner, crying all alone…I tried to talk to her, yet she wouldn’t say a world at all. I wondered how could I make her talk.

I walked in towards her and only heard her crying, and hugging around her knees tightly. “Hey…why are you crying?”


She didn’t reply me. I crouched down beside her and I started to hear some words from her a little clearer. I moved in closer and caught some few words.

“Help me…help…help…me…”

She’s asking for help. I tried to touch her shoulder yet she didn’t respond to it at all. I wanted to help her. But I don’t know how to do so. “Hey…I want to help you. Is there something I can do for you?”

“Please…help…it hurts…it hurts…”

Suddenly, I remembered the accident that happened. The image from the ‘me’ in my dreams rushed into my conscious and it’s breaking my mind into pieces! I backed away and the image disappeared instantly.

“It hurts….save me…oneechan…”

Again, she’s calling for oneechan? Who’s this oneechan she keeps mentioning. I wanted to help her…helping myself from this pain. But because I don’t remember anything, I couldn’t do anything but just watch myself crying and begging for someone to help.

She’s a part of me after all…a part of me that I neglected and refused to remember. I can’t remember anything anymore. I don’t want to remember anything, that’s why…I decided to forget everything.

I wondered whether that’s a right choice...Ah? What’s is this? The warm comforting feeling on my right hand. I approached myself again and touched her. This time she responded. She flinched with my touch this time. Did it work?

“H-Hey…I’m here, can you hear me?”

She slowly turned to me and we made an eye contact with each other. Only thing I saw was my own face covered with tears and puffed eyes. I could tell that those eyes were just downright filled with pain and despair.

“Oneechan…where are you?”

She spoke to me. It felt as if she’s not speaking to me, it didn’t make sense. But I could understand that feeling from myself. I wanted to meet my oneechan too…I really wanted to meet her. “I want to meet oneechan too…”


The other me kept crying and went back to the same position as the first time I saw her once again. At least this time, the other me responded to me. I have to accept her if I want to remember everything…I have to embrace all the pain in order to remember everything…I wonder whether I’m in for it…or not?

But this warmth on my hand…it’s still there, and I felt so comforted by it…I always had this dream about this warmth on my hand…

I wonder what’s it all about…?

Rena’s still sleeping on the bed and didn’t realize that there’s another presence right beside her, holding her hand. The doctor was sitting beside Rena quietly without disturbing the sleeping girl. She just sat there, and held the girl’s right hand gently.


Rena muttered while she was sleeping. The doctor heard her and was slightly surprised. She let out a smile for the sleeping girl even though Rena didn’t see it.

“…” Jurina didn’t utter a word while Rena was having a sleep talk. Then suddenly the doctor spotted a trail of tears from the girl’s eye. She wiped her tears out and caressed Rena’s head without trying to wake her up. “Good night…Rena-chan.”

She slowly got out from the room and left Rena to sleep peacefully. The warmth that Rena felt in her dreams was by Jurina. However since she was sleeping, she didn’t know it was by her.

As the sand of time kept on going…Jurina realized that Rena started to remember more things than before, but she didn’t realize it. Day by day, Rena had started to resemble her younger sister even more. When the time comes, she would no longer be able to escape from this. Time’s running out. She flipped her cellphone and stared at the front of the screen quietly. It’s tomorrow that they would go to the amusement park together. “It’s tomorrow…I guess I have to manage my stuffs tomorrow morning instead.” She headed back to work until her night shift was over…


[Rena’s POV]
“Yosh, I think I’m good now.” I got more clothes from Yukirin this time. Gratefully I managed to wake up early so I had time to prepare things before I headed down to the entrance to meet with Yukirin and Jurina, whom came to pick me up. As for Mayu, she said she would meet us there instead. I glanced at my cellphone and it’s almost the time that Jurina told me she would come pick me up. “I better get going now then.”

I opened the door and I got surprised as there’s someone standing right in front of me. I looked up and saw a familiar face I knew. “Oh! Dr. Airin!”

“Good morning! Hm? You’re going out somewhere?” he asked me and I nodded. I told him about the amusement park today and I’m heading out with Jurina and others. “Ah I see…”

“Is there something you need?”

“Not really. I just want to ask something from Rena-chan though.” I wondered what he wanted to ask me. So I waited for him to finish where he left off. “Do you by chance have a sibling?”

“Uh…I don’t know.” I replied back to him honestly. “I had this amnesia from a car accident…so I don’t recall any relationships I had after I woke up.”

“Ah…I’m sorry.” He apologized to me. Maybe he thought that he hurt my feelings but it didn’t! Dr. Airin is such a kind-hearted person.

“Oh no! Don’t worry about that! I’m really happy right now so the amnesia doesn’t trouble me.” I tried to make Dr. Airin felt less guilty and it worked. He smiled with relief and then gave me a small piece of paper to me. “Hm? What is this?”

“If you have a chance to read it, please do. It’s something useful to you.”

He came to give me this piece of folded paper before he left to work. So he came this far just to give me this, I wondered what’s it about but right now I better hurry before I make Jurina and Yukirin wait for me!I kept the paper in my bag and then rushed down to the entrance of the hospital where I met with Jurina and Yukirin.


Meanwhile…Dr. Airi was looking through some files in the computer room of the hospital. He searched up for ‘Matsui’ and there were several names that came up. Rena’s name was included in there as well. He looked through and came across with some interesting fact that he never expected regarding Rena’s parents.

“Wah…you are really something, Jurina…”

He giggled to himself as he stared at Jurina’s name. For some reason, the paper file included ‘Matsui’ in her name as well. “Hm, so it’s true that you’re Rena’s sister after all…this is getting more interesting.”

He left the room while making sure that no one knew what information he had looked up. Having that mysterious grin across his face, no one knew what was he plotting in his head. “How nice that it’s Rena-chan that greeted me first…I won’t have to figure a way to approach her anymore…Heh.”



Title: Re: AMNESIA: CH05 [WMatsui + MaYuki]
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Yosh...This is the latest one so far! Please stay tune for Chapter 06 :) For those who also read "Love Capture", I'm currently planning to switch around between two chapters! So the next chapter will be out is going to be Amnesia:CH06, then the next one will be from Love Capture and keep going on~ I want to maintain both fics as possible, so I presumed this is best solution for me. Please do enjoy!


Amnesia: CH05

A/N: Going to get more intense now! My apology if there’s this weird-ness in Jurina, I wanted to try write her in an ‘mature’ figure but it seemed I messed up a little…So I hope this chapter is good and how you all enjoy it!


[Rena’s POV]

In the car, both Yukirin and I were sitting at the back seat. “We’re here now.” Jurina mentioned it up and then I threw my glance out to see the tall amusement part rides through the window. I couldn’t hold back my excitement at all! I believe it’s going to be a really fun day or sure!

Yukirin and I got out from the car at the entrance while Jurina went to find a place to park the car. That was when we met with Mayu whom had arrived earlier than us. She seemed to be waiting for us for quite some time already.


“No! You’re just too early!” I yelled back and we’re actually 15 minutes earlier than our appointment time. It’s Mayu that’s just here for too early! Mayu didn’t care what I said and ruffled my head very roughly. “Hey…”

“Mayu! Don’t be so mean to Rena-chan!” Yukirin came in protecting me and the trolling doctor had to back off a little. Phew! I’m saved from Mayu’s troll now with Yukirin by my side, I’ll be safe for the day now!

“I know what you’re thinking Rena~”

Mayu giggled maliciously and I don’t feel good about it. As if she was reading through my mind! I wonder what she’s thinking…huh, maybe I rather not think about that. At such perfect timing, Jurina came and then it’s about time we go buy the tickets and entered the amusement park together. I couldn’t help but to have my eyes threw all over the places. It did look like what’s on the magazine! I couldn’t wait but to check out all the rides here!

“What do you want to try first?” Jurina asked me but I didn’t really know which to go on yet. “Hm…how about we start from inside and walk out?”

“Not bad! Let’s go~!” Mayu got energetic to play with the rides. It’s been a long while she had come to the amusement park. She grabbed Rena’s wrist and dragged her along the way. I tried to stop her but it won’t work…I don’t know where is she dragging me now. Ow! It hurts…jeez, that Mayu!

The other two that were left exchanged glanced and giggled. “Let’s hurry before we lost sight of them.” Jurina spoke up first with Yuki nodded softly with that happy smile across her face. They walked side by side and followed the other two whom were ahead of them already.

We started playing so many rides and Mayu loved playing spinning rides so much! It’s really fun but I couldn’t play as much as Mayu and Jurina…my head is literally spinning so badly now. I decided to take a break while Yukirin went to buy some drinks for both of us. “Here!”

“Thank you.” I took the drink from her and sighed out loudly. This was much more tiring than I expected! Mayu and Jurina really hardcore people, I wondered they don’t get headaches like me and Yukirin at all? “Where did they go?”

“They said they’re going to the bathroom.” Yukirin sat down beside me as she we waited for the other two to come. However they did took their time and made us wait. “Huh…I wonder where are they?”

“yeah, I wonder…”

I titled my head to the side wondering why Mayu and Jurina took so long at the bathroom.


“Kyaaah!!?” Both Yukirin and I shrieked as we turned around immediately and saw both Mayu and Jurina laughing at their success. “J-Jurina!!”

“Hehe~ Are you surprised?”

She giggled like a child and that gave me a heart attack. But I’m pretty sure Yuki was more shocked than I do, she shrieked even louder than me. “Sorry! But it’s just so tempting.”

“You two are so dead!” Yukirin grumbled with that death glare at the two of them but it made Mayu much more energetic. Is she a masochist or something?

“Sorry~ It’s just too tempting not to do.” Mayu stuck her tongue out and then Yukirin literally ran after her and tried to hit her until she’s satisfied.

“W-Whoa!? Why chasing only me!?”

“Because you almost killed me!”

Yukirin yelled back as she didn’t chase Jurina. It’s my turn to enjoy Mayu being the victim this time! I’m so cheering for Yukirin to catch up with Mayu! She deserved it!

Mayu was getting tired of running away and gave up. The victory goes to Yukirin! It made me felt so good. “Ow…you don’t have mercy do you?” Mayu sighed softly since Yukirin didn’t seem to show any mercy when she’s hitting her at all.

“That’s what you get for messing with me!” Yukirin stuck her tongue out at the doctor and it’s about time we decided to go on other rides.

We didn’t know how long we had been going through all the rides we encountered, we were just enjoying everything so much now! Ah~ this is just so much fun! Also, Mayu suggested a highlighted ride here which was the bumper car. We all got in, but I didn’t know what to do at all! Before I even had time to figure out someone crashed me from the side so roughly. “W-Whoa!?”

“Got ya~” I turned and it was Mayu! Oh jeez, that cheesy grin on her face. I started to grasp the sense of controlling the car and bumped back at her this time. It’s my turn for revenge. “Oh! Now that’s getting fun!”

Wait…She just drove away. “Mayu! Don’t run away!” I followed her from behind and then Jurina came up to me to say something. “What is it?”

“Why don’t we partner up and beat Mayu?” She giggled and I couldn’t help but agreed with her plan so much. I agreed with her immediately and then we decided to revenge on Mayu for bullying me. If Jurina’s with me, I don’t have anything to be afraid of now. “Hehe! Let’s do it!”

“Hey! That’s isn’t far! That’s 2 versus 1!” Mayu saw Jurina and I negotiating with each other and then Yukirin came in and bumped on my side. That completely caught me off guard and then it ended up as 2v2, with Jurina and I versus Mayu and Yukirin. It’s just so much fun! We kept bumped into each other. It made me felt so relieved! Too bad the time’s over, we got out and decided to have a short break before going on to play other rides.

“Ah~ how’s it Rena?” Mayu asked and I nodded with this wide smile across my face. It’s just so much fun that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. She could tell from my expression on how much I’m enjoying it. “Let’s relax this time and go to haunted house~”


Jurina flinched immediately and caught everyone’s attention. Ah, I remember Mayu mentioned that she’s not good with haunted house! Eh~ I wanted to see how would Jurina be in there but I don’t want to force her too…I felt bad. “Uh…we’re really going in?”

“Rena wanted to.” Mayu said with that poker face. What!? I didn’t say anything about that at all! She’s basically just throwing it on me. That’s just so mean! “So what do you guys say?”

“I’m great, will you be okay Jurina?” Yukirin turned to her girlfriend with worries. The doctor only could hope that she would manage through it and gave a weak nod. I wondered why she’s forcing herself to go in…wait, is it because Mayu said I wanted to go in? I don’t mind not going in but…things came this far already, I don’t know it’s good to just say that or not.

“Alright, let’s go!” Mayu leaded the way and then we finally stopped right in front of the haunted house. Whoa, it’s huge! I hope it’s not that scary. I don’t think I’m scared of it so I should be fine. I turned to see Jurina and saw her clutching on Yukirin’s shoulder like a kid and looked completely pale. Whoa, she’s actually trembling! I could even see that. She must be scared of haunted house…

We walked inside and then I was behind Jurina. I could see her held onto Yukirin tightly like there’s no tomorrow. Mayu leaded the way and we’re the only 4 in here…it’s so cold and there’s loads of weird sounds going on.

“W-Whoa!?” Mayu accidentally tripped over something and fell onto the ground. Her surprised yelp made Jurina shocked, I could hear her gasp and suddenly let go of Yukirin and sprinted forward without looking back. She ran passed Mayu and it made her dumbfounded. “J-Jurina??”

“Wait Jurina! Mayu are you okay??” Yukirin got down to help Mayu but at the same time she was so worried about Jurina who just suddenly ran forward into the haunted house like that.

I’m getting worried about her…I think I should go after Jurina right now, since she’s no good with haunted house like what Mayu told me. “I’ll go find Jurina.” I offered and ran after Jurina hoping to find her in this darkness. Then it seemed we’re forced to separate into two groups automatically…

“Ugh…this is so dark…and so cold.”

I shuddered and walked down the path alone. The lights on the ground helped guide me along the way and slowly I saw a dark figure crouching on the ground. I slowly approached with curiosity and then I managed to examine that object…wait, it was Jurina! “Finally I found you!”

I sat down beside her and touched her shoulder. But then she flinched back and I could see her body trembling. She was this much scared? I felt pity for her that she’s forced to be in here by Mayu’s lie. It didn’t seem she heard me so I decided to call her again. “Jurina…it’s me, Rena.”

 This time, Jurina moved and looked up at me. I could tell from her eyes that she’s afraid. It’s actually just like what Mayu said, she looked completely different from how she was in the hospital. Jurina right now just looked like an ordinary woman that hated haunted houses. I held her hand and smiled at her hoping to make her felt a little bit more secure. Wait, this is in the dark, she probably won’t see it anyways…what an idiot of me.


“Yes, it’s me.” I pulled Jurina up to stand by my side. I’m glad that Jurina got her senses back after she just sprinted out of blue like that. Now, I hope to find the entrance as soon as possible before she would feel even worse than this. “If you’re scared, just hold onto me. I’ll take you out from here.”

“O-Okay…” She clutched onto me so tightly and closely. I could feel the warmth from her arms that were wrapped around mine. Actually, Jurina right now was quite adorable…Eh, it’s not time to think like that! I have to get out from here as soon as possible for Jurina’s sake. Here we go…continue our journey in this darkness.


Uh…I couldn’t see the exit. This is getting bad. For the worse, I seriously hope I’m not lost. Jurina just kept hugging my arm tightly and right now I could even feel her trembling so badly. I would expect Mayu and Yukirin to catch up with us already, but they didn’t. I’m so glad I’m not afraid of these things, or else we probably would be stuck here forever.

“This is bad…”

“A-Are we lost…?”

“I’m sorry…I think we are.”

“O…Oh…” She gulped and tried to calm herself down but it didn’t work. I think I should talk to her so it might help her forget the scary atmosphere of the haunted house.

“Jurina…you’re scared of dark places?”

“Well…rather than dark places…I’m really not good with ghost stuffs…”

“Ah…I see. I’m sorry that Mayu dragged you in.” I thought what I should say next but then I couldn’t think of one. Then as we were walking, I came up with a topic I could talk to Jurina just for the sake of calming her down. “Well…I didn’t expect Jurina to be sensitive to ghost-related stuffs at all.”

“I-I tried to cure myself but I failed all the time…”

“I didn’t meant like that…” I replied back and I guessed I made her confused with what I’m trying to say. I corrected myself and continued where I left off. “I mean like…I didn’t expected this side from you, but I like it though! I guess it made me felt like I get to know Jurina even more now.”

“I-I see…I guess I haven’t become that much expressive ever since…”

She paused. I turned to her and realized that she couldn’t finish what she was saying. It must have hit at the bull’s eye for some reason. She looked as if she’s having a dilemma of either to say it or not. “You don’t have to continue if it’s something you didn’t want to mention.”

She didn’t see Jurina’s reaction after what I said since I had my mind focused on getting out from her as soon as possible. I kept walking forward with Jurina clinging onto me and I heard sounds of people chatting. We’re close to the exit? I sped up my walk, the talk is getting louder and louder each time I continued down the path. “We must be close to the exit now!”

We turned at the corner and then it was as I thought, it’s an exit! Finally we had got out from this dark place. I saw Yukirin and Mayu waiting outside. As I expected, Yukirin had this worrisome expression clearly shown on her face. She hurried to us as soon as she saw us out from the haunted house.

“Jurina! Rena-chan! Are you two alright??”

“I’m alright.”

“Y-yeah…thanks to Rena-chan.” Jurina’s voice got better after we came out but then she still felt like she wanted to faint. It was partially my fault since Jurina wouldn’t be in this state if I didn’t get lost in there.

I heard from Yukirin that Mayu accidently twisted her ankle so they’re going to the emergency clinic here to treat her ankle properly. They would be back with a medicine for Jurina as well. It’s a good time for her to take a rest from the long horrified adventure in the haunted house. I sat on the bench while she actually slept on my lap. I guess she must be really sick right now, I didn’t say anything to her and I made sure I have water close to me.

“…You see, I wasn’t able to express my real feelings after I had a dead serious fight with my parents.”

Jurina spoke up out of blue with a weak voice. It caught me off guard and confused but then I slowly realized what she’s referring to. She actually continued where she left off in the haunted house. I nodded back and listened to her carefully word by word.

…Back before she’s going to university, she had this huge fight with her parents regarding her younger sister. Her father was a close friend with Yukirin’s father, so that’s how Jurina moved from her hometown to Tokyo to continue her studies. Yukirin’s father was a famous doctor himself so he helped guaranteed Jurina’s position for study. However she didn’t change that much enough comparing to how she was right now. What really changed everything was when she’s in her 2nd year of her degree…it was Yukirin’s 18th birthday. Everyone would expected it to be one of the happy days of hers, but it’s a devastated tragic that haunted Yukirin even until now…

“W-What happened…?”

I asked as Jurina had a moment of pause before she continued to tell me the saddest truth I ever heard so far. “It’s the day that Yukirin’s mother died in the car accident...”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was left dumbfounded as Jurina kept on telling what actually happened. It’s really usual for her family to have sudden plans, so they couldn’t spend time with Yukirin on her birthday. However…they got a call that Yukirin’s mother got into an accident while she was driving back home from work since she managed to cancel her night shift. What’s worse was that she wouldn’t survive through the night. Since then, she always stayed by Yukirin’s side. Even until now she had nightmares about her mother’s death several times…only Jurina and Yukirin’s family knew about this. Not even Mayu knew about it!? I couldn’t tell the pain that she had in her heart through that bright energetic face of hers. At this point, I started to understand Jurina’s position even more. She stayed so strong and mature in order to stand by Yukirin’s side, because she made a promise with Yukirin’s mother before she passed away that she would protect and look after Yukirin in her place. It’s a promise that Jurina never intend to break.

I wasn’t surprise anymore why Jurina sometimes acted so unnatural…she was so different from how she’s in front of others and just only with me.“Haha…I guess I quite unnatural am I?”

“A little…but its reasonable! If it’s me, I would do the same.”

I replied her back and then I could see her looked up at me. Our eyes met and then I saw her childish smile. It made my heart skipped a beat and felt as if my mind was stunned by it. “Thank you, Rena-chan. I’m sorry to make you worry as well…I guess I’ll stop acting this mature and unnatural character.”

“I-If there’s anything I could do, I’m willingly to help you!”

“Ah~ thank you so much Rena-chan. Just to have you around makes me felt really relieved. I could open myself up when I’m with you and Mayu only…I guess that’s a good start for now.” She got up and then turned her body towards me. She continued where she left off that she’s also really comfortable with Yukirin around her, but sometimes, she felt the pressure that she had to be mature for the sake of her girlfriend, in order to protect her from harm. She seemed to be thirsty and asked for a water bottle from me. “Can I have water?”


She took the water from me and then drank almost half of the bottle. She looked more refreshed than the beginning when we got out from the haunted house. I’m glad she’s getting better now. “Thank you, you’re really my savior today”

My eyes grew wide and my body froze instantly. She closed the gap between us and kissed my forehead gently. That instance, my mind went blank and I couldn’t formulate anything properly. She backed away and ruffled my head a little roughly, in a friend-way. “You made me remember many nostalgic things, I’m really happy. Thank you so much Rena-chan~”

That smile, I felt like I seen it somewhere before. It made my heart ached. That bright puppy-like smile from Jurina, ah…my stomach felt really uneasy…


My heart ached and my face felt like burning. As I made eye contact with her, my mind turned into complete mess. My chest felt so tight. It felt as if my heart was going to burst through my ribs. W-What is this feeling…W-Wah…! I cannot look away from Jurina at all, why…why??

“Rena-chan, are you okay?” Jurina wondered and placed her backhand on my forehead. She looked really surprised and suddenly had this worried expression across her face. “Whoa? You’re burning, are you not feeling well?”

She came in closer. No…the more she came in the more my mind went blank. My body froze. I couldn’t breath. What’s this disturbing feeling!? I could feel her warmth from her hand, out of the sudden I felt so sensitive with her touch. I don’t know what’s going on anymore. I think I’m sick now, but I couldn’t even move my mouth, I felt immobilized…

“Jurina, Rena, sorry to make you guys wait.”

I flinched with a Mayu’s voice. As if the spell that binded my body disappeared instantly. I turned and then saw Mayu holding onto Yukirin’s shoulder. She could actually walk but she insisted the injured doctor to hold onto her in order to not strain her ankle any further.

“Yukirin…I told you I’m fine! It’s just a little injury!”

“No it's not! You twisted it badly and the nurse even told you to get on a wheel chair, but you didn’t!”

“I had the ankle support already…jeez, stop being so paranoid!”

“I know you long enough, you’re too forceful with your injury.” Yukirin nudged right onto Mayu’s forehead with her finger. “Last time, you said your bruised arm is fine but in the end it’s actually fractured!”

“Guh…” Mayu looked away. Seemed it hit at the bull’s eye. Then again, it seemed they both realized that Jurina and I were completely forgotten while they were arguing back and forth. “Oh right, we brought you the medicine.”

“Ah yeah! I’m sorry Jurina…” Yukirin hurried to her girlfriend’s side and gave her the medicine. Even though she had gotten better already, she still took the medicine that Yukirin brought for her.

“Thank you Yukirin.”

Phew…I’m glad that Mayu and Yukirin came. I didn’t know what’s going to happen with my body at that moment already. It felt like it’s going to break down. That’s just so scary…I wondered what’s that uneasy feeling in my chest.

“I guess we should go to the ferris wheel before we call it a day?” Mayu asked as she sat down by my side and rested her arm on my shoulder. “It’s the main highlight~ you need to get on one first before we leave.”

“Ah right! You must go on it! It’s the best~” Yukirin completely agreed with Mayu. I don’t know they were over exaggerating things or they’re being realistic. But it’s not like I’m going to refuse that! I actually look forward to it! I saw the picture in the magazine; I wanted to know why it’s the highlighted of this amusement park.

So now, we’re heading to where the ferris wheel was and on our way there. Everyone just suddenly stopped, especially Yukirin and Jurina. The only ones confusing were Mayu and I. “Hm? What’s wrong?” I turned back to ask them and suddenly, Yukirin clinged onto Jurina immediately, as if she’s afraid of something.

“Ah~ I didn’t expected to meet you here, Yukirin.”

I heard a man’s voice. I turned around and saw this man in his casual trendy clothes. He was with his group of friends but he recognized Yukirin. Did they knew each other? If they do then why Yukirin had to be scared like that?

“Oh? Then you must be Jurina. I guess this is our first time that we met?”

“Who are you?” Jurina asked back and then she realized Yukirin clutched onto her arm tightly. Eventually she started to realize something was wrong and hoped what she had thought wasn’t right.

“I’m Miyazawa Sae, I’m certain you heard my name before.”

She froze; I could tell from Jurina’s expression that she was as she actually saw a ghost. Then suddenly, her face changed and it became dead serious. “I see…so you’re Sae, yes, it’s our first time that we met.”


He looked at Jurina from head to bottom, and then gave that pity look towards her instantly. “Huh, I wonder what’s so good about you that made my Yukirin choose you instead of me.”

“H-Huh?” Mayu and I yelped at same time with utmost confusion. I switched my glance between this man named Sae and Jurina. They had this ferocious glare with each other but Jurina wasn’t moved by his insult at the slightest. Wait, did he say ‘my’ Yukirin? What does that mean??

“I couldn’t remember since when Yukirin is yours to begin with, Sae-san.”

Jurina taunted back and it made the tension in the atmosphere increased. Sae-san’s friends had their attention caught with his argument with Jurina. I could hear whispers from them. They were gossiping about Jurina in a bad way.

‘So they were the ones that Sae said…ew, they were those kind of people right?’

‘I feel so bad for Sae-kun…well, that woman looked so boyish, not surprised she’s a lesbian…’

“S-Shut up!!”

My yell suddenly broke their conversation instantly. I didn’t realize that I just yelled out loud and bluntly like that. What’s wrong with me today!? I suddenly just felt a surge of anger rose in me. I couldn’t listen to them insulting Jurina like that. Now this is awkward, I don’t know what to say further on now.

“…If you come back to me, I’ll forgive you for breaking our engagement.” Sae-san gave an offer to Yukirin. Wait, did he said engagement!? I’m stunned. I turned to Mayu and she had the same expression as I do. It’s not only me…it seemed Mayu didn’t know about this as well.

“I won’t change my mind…” Yukirin finally replied and walked forward to confront with Sae-san face to face. “That is something our parents made, plus my father already canceled the engagement! I rather be with Jurina than you.”

“Heh…I like tough and rebellious ladies. Just like you…”

He stretched his hand forward to hold onto Yukirin’s hand but then Jurina came in and smacked it away. She didn’t utter a word but only glared furiously at Sae-san. “Huh…what an meddling dog.”

“Say what ever you want to say…don’t you dare touch Yukirin.” She declared clearly and everyone remained in silence. Not only me…even Sae-san’s friend could probably feel the pressure coming from Jurina. Then suddenly, that man shrugged his shoulders and backed away this time.

“Well, I don’t want to spoil the fun of my hangout yet. I’ll not give up on you yet Yukirin~ I already decided that you’ll be my wife already.” He gave a wink before he went away with his friends.

Now it’s only the four of us once again. Mayu and I had an eye contact and we seemed to want some explanation of what’s going on. “Jurina…it would be nice to have some explanation about this if you don’t mind.” It’s Mayu that asked and I’m waiting for the answer quietly. However, before Jurina could say, Yukirin interrupted her and decided to be the one that would tell Mayu and I the entire story for it.

“You see…before Jurina and I are couples…my father and Sae’s father were best friends and so they organized the arrange marriage for us.” She continued the story. It seemed she used to be friends with Sae-san when they were still kids. After she had told her father about her relationship with Jurina he’s willingly to cancel the engagement between her and Sae-san. Unfortuately, he didn’t give up and kept pursuing on Yukirin no matter what. He didn’t care whether Yukirin had a relationship already. “That’s how it is…I’m sorry that he ruined our mood for the day. I didn’t expected to meet him here.”

“Don’t worry about it. I hope we don’t meet him again next time.” Jurina sighed as she showed concern and worries towards her girlfriend. She stroked Yukirin’s head tenderly. “I’ll protect you, don’t worry.”

“Thank you Jurina…”


Ugh, what’s this pain…it hurts. I slowly turned my eyes to Mayu and saw this forced smile across her face. I could tell that she’s badly hurt while she’s watching Jurina and Yukirin. But, I think I understood how she felt. I do felt pain in my chest when I’m watching both of them right now…


“Alright! Let’s brightened up the mood and get on the ferris wheel.” Jurina suggested with a lively smile. She wanted to cheer up the mood and I did my best to go along with her.

“I look forward to it!”

We got in line, but then Mayu said she would stay out this time since her feet didn’t feel well. So, Jurina decided to stay with Mayu and it’s going to be Yukirin and I on the ferris wheel. Finally it’s our turn and we got in. I looked out from the window as the ferris wheel kept moving up. Wow, this is getting so high! This is so exciting~

“Rena-chan…Thank you.”

“Eh?” I turned towards Yukirin who was sitting opposite of me. “I’m confused…”

“I heard those people insult Jurina too…I was really angry too. It’s like you did in my place…those people deserved to be scold.” Yukirin diverted her glance out towards the window to witness the beautiful scenery of the entire amusement park.

“Yukirin…you must love Jurina a lot, don’t you?”

She turned with slight surprise with the question. W-What am I saying!? I accidently blurted out the question I had in my mind. But there’s no turning back, I couldn’t take back the words I said out already. I hope it’s not awkward.

“Hehe!” She laughed and it reduced the tension between us. Yukirin’s smile was just so pretty. She looked out the window at where Mayu and Jurina were sitting below them. Those loving eyes of hers looked towards Jurina. Without her having to tell me anything, I felt like I knew the answer already. “Yeah…I love Jurina. She’s really irreplaceable and precious to me…”


That pain again. Why I’m having this chest pain so much…but Yukirin’s so admirable. She didn’t hesitate to say she loved Jurina at all. I heard that people find it really hard to admit it bluntly like that sometimes. “Rena-chan! Look!”

She broke my thoughts and then I immediately turned towards the window. What I witnessed was the scenery of the entire amusement park. It was just so pretty. Especially the sun was about to set. The sky was completely shining radiantly in scarlet. It was just downright beautiful. I’m no longer surprised why it’s the highlighted ride of this park.

We finally got out and then we went to Mayu and Jurina who were waiting for them. “Did you enjoy?” Jurina asked me and I nodded.

“Yes! It’s just so beautiful.”

“Great you like it. Shall we get home?” Mayu asked as we all agreed. It was a long day, many things happened, both fun and unexpected moments. But…I don’t understand this pain aching in my chest, I’ll have to ask Mayu tomorrow, maybe she might know what’s wrong with my body…


The next day, I went to Mayu’s office after I texted her I wanted to talk to her. Since she’s busy, she told me to wait at her office and she would come meet with me as soon as possible.

“Sorry to make you wait.” She had finally come and she sat down at her chair. “So, what’s the thing you want to ask?”

“Y-You see…” I tried to remember the feeling I hard yesterday in detailed and started explaining my symptoms to her, I don’t know why but I’m avoiding eye contact with her. “I suddenly had this weird feeling in my chest, like…a tight chest, couldn’t breath properly, felt like my heart is about to burst out through my ribs…”

I kept on going as Mayu’s expression slowly changed. She blinked and looked confused, and misbelieved. After I’m done, I looked back at her and she frowned back at me. “D-Did I say something wrong?”

“Wow, you sound like you’re in love! Are you in love with Jurina or something?”

“In love with Juri-” I paused as my face flushed immediately as I remembered Jurina’s smile back at the park. It made my heart skipped a beat and I didn’t continue where I left off, I couldn’t.

Mayu blinked and realized that she hit at the bull’s eye. She’s as equally shocked as Rena was. “Ow…I guess it hits at the bull’s eye?”

“I-Impossible there’s no way I…!” As I thought more of Jurina, my mind felt like exploding and I hid my face behind my hands. “No…this is not possible…”

“…I really think you are now.” Mayu remained in silence for a while before she continued where she left off. “Did it hurt to see her with Yukirin?” I slowly looked up and then nodded softly. It made Mayu sighed quietly before she diverted her eyes away to avoid eye contact.

“…Me too, it hurts.”


Nothing continued between us. She apologized to me, which I didn’t know why she had to say it. But I guess it’s best I returned back to my room and clear my thoughts. I couldn’t believe it…it’s impossible…that couldn’t happen…

Suddenly, Yukirin’s loving smile appeared across my face, it’s the smile I saw back when we’re sitting on the ferris wheel. She loved Jurina, and right now I…I couldn’t believe this.

This is just bad…this is so bad…not only I betrayed Yukirin by secretly helping Mayu, but also now I’m in love with…why did it have to happen?

…Why did I fall in love with Jurina?


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And I see that Rena is slowly regaining her memories bit by bit.... Even though it is painful to remember them, at least she's coming closer to the truth. But if she is coming closer to the truth... That might be difficult in the near future for her to get Jurina's attention in terms of romantic love since Jurina IS her sister... Holy cow. :shocked: What's Rena and everyone else going to do when she regains her memories? Especially Jurina, since she's hiding them from her younger sister. I don't quite understand why she doesn't want to let Rena know though... There might be a good reason for her silence though. :?

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Amnesia: CH06

A/N: This chapter is going to be a little long due to the fact I'm being a little too descriptive for this chapter. Bear with me and hope that you enjoy it! I hope it solves anyone's doubts in the story.


[Rena’s POV]

“Good afternoon Rena-chan!”

Finally, she came. It’s Jurina. She brought a bento box like usual to eat lunch with me. I never had this feeling before when I’m with Jurina alone. Right now, my heart felt like it’s going to explode. It’s pounding so fast that I thought Jurina could hear it already.

“Oh right, I got something for you.” Jurina gave a brown small file and I took a bunch of paper pictures out. It’s a picture that they took at the amusement park together. When they’re fooling around, eating together…it was my first picture I had ever since I remembered. My first solid piece of memory is together with everyone. “Hope you like it!”

“Thank you so much Jurina…” I couldn’t hide my smile and hugged the picture closed to my heart. It’s one of my precious gifts ever. “I’ll treasure this!”

“Aw! You’re just sweet Rena-chan!” Jurina patted my head and I could feel my heart beating spontaneously. I looked down hoping to not have her see my blushing face. Unfortunately she had to leave a little earlier so she only had small snacks before heading back to work.

Rena finally got time for herself in her room. She decided to go out to the roof deck of the hospital. Mayu once took me there once and it wasn’t as far from where room was. I went up there and took a deep breath of fresh air. I often came up here when Jurina and Yukirin were busy with their job. I took my time watch through the pictures back from the amusement park.  There were pictures that I took with Jurina. Only the two of us…


My heart was pounding clearly. I could feel it against my ribs. I remembered that moment I’m with her back then…Just staring at the picture I had with her already made me feeling uneasy like this? I really…I really did love Jurina huh?

I sighed softly as I could feel my face burning slightly. As I thought about Jurina, it made me so happy. It felt like a flower blooming inside my chest. “Jurina…”

“Eh~ Day dreaming about your crush up on the roof deck? What a typical romance drama…”

I flinched as I heard an anonymous voice coming out from nowhere. I turned to where the voice came from and I saw the same old trolling perverted doctor. “Mayu…how did you know I’m here?” Now I began to wonder she had GPS on me or something? She could find me all the time and always appeared out of nowhere whenever she wanted.

“A-Aren’t you working??”

“Isn’t it obvious? You’ll either be in your room, or up here.”

Mayu shrugged her shoulders and checked her watch. It’s around late noon and it’s her lunch break since her previous case had a longer surgery than she expected. Unfortunately she didn’t have lunch today with Yukirin due to that matter. “Well…I didn’t know you got this kind of romantic sense too?”

“W-What ever!” I roared back and I kept the picture in the bag. But before I did, she took the first picture on the pile, the picture that I was staring. It’s the picture with Jurina and I. As Mayu looked at the picture, I could see her cheesy grin across her face…Oh no I don’t have a good feeling after this.

“Ah hah~ you’re seriously ADORABLE when you’re in love~!”

“SHUT UP MAYU!!” I blushed so madly and snatched the picture back from her hand. At least she didn’t pull it away from me. I kept it back into my folder gently to not damage the picture as much as possible. She’s so mean bullying me about Jurina like that. “You’re even crazy when it comes to Yukirin! I wondered who’s far effected by love.”

“Eh~ I don’t deny that I love Yukirin.” Mayu spoke bluntly and poked my head roughly with a chuckle. Her giggle was just unpredictable, with that cyborg expression; I couldn’t tell what she’s thinking at all. I wondered what’s coming next from her. “By the way, want to go fetch some snacks down stairs? There’s a good bakery shop below the Heart Unit. So come to my office when you’re ready.”

She left immediately and didn’t allow me to say a word. “A-Are you serious…wow.” I sighed and I had no choice but to follow with her. I went back to my room, changed my clothes a little and took my bag. As I rushed out from my room, I forgot to zip my bag so my stuffs all fell onto the ground.

“Oh no…” I sighed and hurried keeping all my stuffs into the bag. Then I saw this note…Ah, it’s a paper note that Airin-san gave it to me. She told me to check it when I’m available. Now I am, I guess I should have a check before I actually forgot it again. “Hm…”

I opened the paper but…ah…what…? Wait…it’s…no no…I…I don’t get this…



I slammed the door so hard that I could see the shocking expression on Mayu’s face. She’s reading a book before I came and she almost dropped the book. She got up and walked up to me who was huffing quickly. I was running here without stopping after all…but this is serious, I HAVE to talk to Mayu now.

“W-What’s happening?” She asked me with slight worries in her tone. Maybe I never acted like this, that’s why she seemed to be concerned of me.

“Mayu…I have to talk.”

“Uh…sure? You sound really serious.”

I just sat down and felt so pale. Mayu didn’t say anything and came to my side. I showed her the paper I got from Airin. I passed it to her and Mayu picked it up. Then suddenly, I saw a wide shocked expression on her face. She might have known something…that I didn’t know…


“So it’s true…isn’t it?” I got out from my seat. I felt a surge of anger and sadness struck right into my chest. I grabbed onto her coat tightly and felt like wanted to yell at Mayu as loud as I could. “You knew it!?”

“Rena calm down first--”

“WHY!? Why didn’t you tell me!?”

I shook her as hard as I could and yelled at the top of my lungs without holding back. Mayu tried to struggle against me but it’s not working. As if my adrenaline rush was giving me all this unlimited surge of power. “Yukirin knew this too right!? Everyone knew it! Why…!?”


“If I knew that Jurina’s my sister then I wouldn’t fall in love with her already!!” Suddenly, I broke into tears and my knees felt weak. I kneed down onto the ground and I couldn’t hope my cry, I cried…I started to cry heavily. I was so angry at the fact that everyone was hiding this from me. But…it also hurts so badly too. “Don’t you know how I felt!? Do you even…understand this pain?”

“Rena…I’m sorry…”

Mayu crouched down and hugged me tightly. It’s the first time she hugged me. I could feel the sincere and honest from that hug, and her voice. She’s stroked my head gently and I started to cry even harder. I buried my face on her shoulder and just screamed out with pain.

“Mayu…Why…why does it have to be like this…?” I hugged Mayu even tighter. “Why is it painful like this…?”

“…I’ll tell you everything.” Mayu replied calmly to me and slowly pushed away. She rested her forehead on mine. “I’ll tell you everything…Rena.”


[I overheard Jurina and her friends’ conversation by accident…
She might not told you this,
but I heard that Jurina is your older sister.
She admitted herself as well…
I’m sorry if they didn’t actually tell you yet.]

…That note that Airin-san left for me. I couldn’t believe what I learned from Airin-san…this is just…I…I don’t know anymore. After Mayu started to calm me down, she told me how she actually knew to begin with that Jurina was her older sister. She wanted to tell me for so long already, but Jurina begged her not to tell me…because even we’re sisters…we’re not blood-related.

I asked Mayu…but she told me she didn’t know about that either. The first time she had that conversation about me with Jurina was the time she knew that we’re not blood related. After I compromise the story Jurina told me back at the amusement park…she moved out when she’s 18…I’m still 13 back then? She told me, when she moved to be with Yukirin and was still a first year in university…she remembered that Jurina’s surname is Matsui before she changed to Kashiwagi. Then I started to ask her…about my family.

“So…about my parents and Jurina…Uh…”

“I understand what you’re trying to ask. Unfortunately, I don’t know too…whether you or Jurina, who is related to your parents.” Mayu replied me honestly. She wasn’t lying. It meant that Jurina didn’t even tell her about it either. Why is Jurina hiding this from me? “If I find anything, I’ll tell you.”

“I see…”

“I’m sorry Rena…” Mayu sighed softly and caressed my head gently. She was worried about me…I could feel it. She’s not trolling or being sarcastic like how she usually did. “…I’m sorry.”

“Please Mayu…it’s okay…it’s okay.”

She shook her head and I could se guilty within those pair of eyes that were looking into mine. “…I shouldn’t have dragged you into my mess.”

“No, Mayu don’t blame yourself! Please…I’m the one willingly to help you out. It’s not your fault.” I gripped onto her clothes tighter to nudge her. After this sudden adrenaline rush, my grip felt so terribly weak. “I…didn’t start loving her from that last hangout…maybe, it’s since the beginning.”


“I…I always had this feeling since the beginning I met her.” I tried to keep talking but I don’t know why I felt like crying. I hugged Mayu tightly so I could bury my face onto her shoulder as I forced myself to tell my true feelings that I never even mentioned before…I had this yearning feeling for Jurina ever since I met her for the very first time. It’s a very disturbing feeling in my stomach and in my chest. But I never came to understand this feeling, or either I’m suppressing this feeling for so long until it’s too overflowing. It got out of control…as I started to get close to Jurina, I started to want her more. I don’t want to admit at all, this lust and this desire feeling. I wanted to forget about it, but I couldn’t do it no matter I how much I suppressed it.

“…Maybe I love Jurina to begin with it, but never I realized it.”

“…” Mayu remained quietly without saying a word. She stroked my head gently and allowed me to cry on her coat. “I’m a single child…I never felt how it is to have a sibling at all. I was alone…all alone. My parents were just too busy with their work. They gave me everything, only but time. I really envy you and Jurina…so I…I might’ve bully you two too much because of that.”

I slowly pushed away and looked into her eyes. It was a lonely pair of eyes from her; I never saw that side from Mayu before at all. But I wondered why she’s telling me about her like this. “But after I knew you, Rena, I guess it’s my first time I really felt like…I had a younger sister. If there’s anything I could do for you…let me do it.”

I felt so touched by her. Mayu’s presence made me felt secure. However…I’m grateful that Mayu’s here beside me. When I thought about it, maybe her sarcastic did brighten me up without I realizing it?  Then suddenly she pinched my cheeks and it HURTS! OW! OW! That’s too much!

“Mayooo dat hurts!!” I pulled myself away and then she started laughing at me. Jeez, at this serious speech we had she just bullied me out of a sudden! That’s just so---yeah…typical Mayu after all. “What was that for…?”

“I have something for you.” Mayu stood up and went to her shelf to get something. She came back and handed the key into my hand. Before I’m about to ask what’s this key, she explained it to me. “The room beside to mine, it’s my special hideout, whenever you felt like being alone quietly…just go there.”


“Just take it, Rena.”

“…Okay.” I took the key from her and kept in in my bag. Then suddenly Mayu grabbed my hand and pulled me up to stand. She didn’t say anything, grabbed her small handbag and got out from the room. “Uh…where are we going?”

“Eat obviously. I asked you to meet me here in order to go to my favorite bakery below here.” Mayu spoke bluntly and it just recalled me that it was the main purpose I had to come to her office. My mind was completely filled by stories about Airin-san’s note regarding Jurina. “There’s good melon pan as well, I checked it up already, the bills on me.”

“Oh melon pan!?” I accidently blurted out without thinking. Then it made Mayu giggled and ruffled my head roughly again. Now she’s making me felt embarrassed with myself. “…Now that’s embarrassing.”

“Hehe~ I’m glad I got your attention~” Mayu grabbed my hand and dragged me down two floors below the Heart Unit Section. Then we finally stood in front of this bakery shop.

We got in and bought melon pan and a shortcake. Mayu insisted we sit there and she even ordered drinks for herself and I. “How’s it?”

“I-It’s SO good. Just like you said!”

“I’m glad~” Mayu giggled as she kept eating her shortcake. “Sweets make your mood brightened up.”

I had another bid melon pan before I replied her. “…Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“I AM right, it’s not just a guess!”

“Okay! Yes ma’am Dr. Watanabe…you’re right.”

“Good.” She smirked before she had a glass of her iced coffee. She didn’t say anything and kept eating the cake until strawberry was the last piece left. “If you need anything, just call me okay? I’ll ditch my case and run to you.”

“Woah! That’s a little exaggerating?”

“Whoo! You’re smart~ Yes I am.”

“Jeez Mayu…you’re such a troll.” I actually laughed out a little with her sarcastic tone in her voice. That’s just typical Mayu I knew! I guess I started to know her well enough to actually start adapted to her sarcastic character now. “Thanks for your treat.”

“No problem. At your service Re-na-chan~”

(Mayu: But…how did Airi know about this? I never knew it until Jurina told me…what was he hiding?)


We got back after Mayu’s break was done. Then I started walking back to my room. As I was walking, my mind was occupied about Jurina. It felt everything seemed to fit somehow. The reason Jurina gave me so much care and attention was because I’m her sister? I doubt why she didn’t tell me the truth to begin with. Just because we’re not blood related? Why…why did Jurina didn’t tell me the truth about her?


Suddenly a voice came from behind me and it made me flinched badly. I turned and saw Airin-san there. He smiled and walked towards me. “How are you doing?”

“A-Airin-san! Don’t surprise me like that.”

“I’ve been calling you twice already. So…did you read the note I gave you?” He finally asked me and I nodded. He sighed softly and came to pat my head gently. His face seemed to show concern or sympathy for me. “I see…I’m sorry.”

“Not at all. I’m grateful that you told me about it.”

“I just overheard it by accident and I felt like I have to tell you.” Airin-san smiled kindly to me but before she could say anything, I had to ask her something. Since she’s a doctor, she knew that Jurina’s my sister, she might know about my parents.

“Airin-san…do you know anything about my parents? Like…am I related to them?” I gathered my courage to ask her without making myself crying from reminding myself from this doubt and fear. “I know already that Jurina and I are not related…”

“I see so you knew that already…I did checked the database on that. If you wanted to know, I will look it up for you.”

“…Really?” I was shocked when Airin-san offered to search that information for me. This is something I really wanted to know! Since Jurina and others wouldn’t tell me…I have to find a way to know this no matter what. I wanted to remember everything. I have to. “Could you really do that??”

“Yeah. Not much people know…my father is one of the founders of this hospital. He’s great friends with Dr. Kashiwagi, who is nurse Yuki’s father.” His smile gave me hope. I totally believed in him. Also, I wanted to believe in him. “How about I contact you tonight about it? I actually have a day-off today, I’ll look up for you.”

“Thank you so much Airin-san…I’m in debt with you.”

“Not at all! I’m gladly to help you Rena-chan.” He suddenly hugged my gently in his arms and it caught me off guard. He even stroked my head and whispered to me softly. “I’m here for you, don’t worry. I’ll contact you again tonight okay?”

“Thank you so much Airin-san…” I was about to hug him back but suddenly a voice made him and I stumbled. 

“Dr. Airin!!”

It was so loud enough that it stumbled me. It made both Airin and I pushed each other away from that surprise. I turned to where the voice came from and there were Yukirin and…Jurina there saw us.


“Ah, it’s Dr. Jurina and Nurse Kashiwagi.” He remained his composure and had this bright smile across his face. “Is there something a matter?”

“…I thought you’re on a day-off.” Jurina spoke with a blunt voice. Even I saw that gentle innocent smile on her face. I actually stumbled by the tone from her voice. She actually sound irritated to me.

“I believe there shouldn’t be a reason to here Dr. Jurina.”

Airin-san replied with slight sarcastic. I started to feel the tension in the atmosphere rose up as the conversation kept going on…I don’t feel good about it. “My father is one of the founders after all.”

I could feel the scary aura emitted from both Jurina and Airin-san. Then she came and grabbed my arm. “I’m sorry to interrupt, Rena-chan needed to go through treatment now.”

“Ah~ I see, then pardon my leave.” He replied and patted my head before he left with an angelic smile. Airin-san’s smile made me felt a little relieved.

However, Jurina’s grip was getting tighter and tighter. I flinched as I’m getting to hurt. “J-Jurina…?”

“Oh…” She suddenly let go of my arm and had an apologetic face on her. I started to wonder that Jurina and Airin-san didn’t seem to go along well. But when I talked about her in front of Airin-san, he seemed to be okay with it. I might not be a good idea to ask Jurina, so I think I should ask Yukirin about it…Wait, did Jurina said about treatment? What treatment?

“Uh Jurina? What do you mean by…treatment just now?”

“Well…I’m sorry it’s a little sudden, but we wanted to try a new theory for amnesia treatment.” Jurina chuckled wryly and her usual face came back. I felt relieved that her usual smiling face is back. I love that expression from her. I nodded and then I followed Jurina and Yukirin down the corridor of the hospital.


I didn’t know where we were heading at all. Then suddenly we entered this white room that had a small round table in the middle with about 5-6 chairs around. We all entered, then Jurina asked me to sit down with Yukirin and her sitting opposite from me.

“Eh…so what are we doing?”

“Before we start anything…I wanted to talk to you about the previous treatment.” Jurina started to speak seriously and it made me a little tensed up. She started telling me how there’s a possibility that I couldn’t remember due to the fear of remembering the tragic from the accident. No treatment could work with me if I’m afraid to remember it. Basically…whether I’m going to remember or not depends on my decision. Jurina put in a very simple language so that I could understand what happened. She told me, when I started to remember about my past, I suddenly got insane and started screaming hysterically. I-I didn’t remember that at all! As I tried to remember my memories again, I might go berserk again.

“I see…so…what do you think I should do?” I asked and then Jurina gave me a notebook and a pen. “A book…?”

“The best to remember everything quickly is for you to write it out. Just like writing a story.” Jurina started to explain to me that by writing it out like a story, it would help me figure out what actually happened after from the last point I remember. Also, it could trigger me to remembering other thing else too. “This is actually an idea that Yukirin and I personally discussed, write it down when you have a chance to do so.”

“I see…thank you.”

I actually forced myself not to tell Jurina that I knew she’s my…not blood-related sister. However, if Jurina is not planning to tell me, I will find it out everything myself, and why she didn’t tell me. That’s what I decided to do from now…I guess that would be the first thing I would write in my diary.


Jurina’s pager rung suddenly out of blue and she was called down to the emergency room since there was a case coming from an accident. She’s forced to leave. “I’m sorry I couldn’t stay any longer…”

“Don’t worry! Leave it to me Jurina.” Yukirin spoke in a cheering tone and it made Jurina laughed before she left. Then suddenly Jurina rubbed Yukirin’s head roughly, made her moved away and glared at Jurina with her exaggerated reaction. “What was that for!? Go!”

“Now you’re chasing me away? That’s nice. I’ll see you later Rena-chan.” Jurina hurried out from the room and now it’s only between Yukirin and I. Now I started to wonder what are we going to do now…

“Alright! I guess we should start then…” Yukirin gave me a pile of cards to me as each contained a picture of an object, place, animal, people, and events. I wondered what she wanted me to do with it. Eh…I should stop questioning before Yukirin start explaining about the purpose of these cards. “These cards could help you remember your lost memories. If you do remember anything…writing would do.”

“I got it, so…we’re doing this flashcards now?” I asked Yukirin, but she shook her head instead. Which made me a more confused.

“The flashcards and the diary would be outside the treatment time. Today…if you don’t mind, we’re going to try the talk again like last time.” Yukirin moved in closer to sit beside me instead and then we turned towards each other. I knew what she meant, we’re going to try to remember again by conversation and only could hope that I don’t traumatized about the car accident.  “So…did you remember anything else aside from the dream you had?”

“…I remember living alone with my parents through out my high school, I hangout with my friends back…in Nagoya.” I remembered the name of the place I came from, I really did start to remember little minor things, bit by bit…however, this unknown irritating feeling in my guts still remained there. Something doesn’t feel right, as if there was still a missing piece. “I love my hometown, my friends are there, but…I felt lonely.”


“The house, inside my house, there’s my father, mother, my dog Ruby…but still it felt hollow…”

As I keep speaking out, I started to understand a little bit more about myself. Everything started to compromise, maybe the reason I had this hollow feeling about home because Jurina isn’t there. She’s not there, back when I’m a teenager, a high schooler. Everything made sense…Jurina left right after she graduated, back then I was 13…I started to remember a little bit by bit, it’s like rewinding my memories back since from that accident….


We had gone through several questions and I started to remember more things after the conversation. Also, I’m forcing myself to not remind of the tragic accident or else I would go crazy again.

Oh right, maybe this is about time I ask Yukirin about Jurina’s relationship with Airin-san. “Eh…Yukirin, do you mind me asking something?”


“What’s a relationship between Airin-san and Jurina? They seemed to be…” Before I even could finish my sentence, Yukirin understood my point immediately. She really did know what’s going on between both of them.

“There’s a long story behind both of them…”

Yukirin continued explaining to me. Airin-san attended the same university as Mayu, Jurina and her; he’s their senior. Also, he’s the first candidate to be the head of ER department, but then Jurina had that position instead due to her talents. Many things happened and they couldn’t go along well that much in terms of relationship. If it were not related to patients, they would never go along well at all. “So that’s how it is.”

“Ah…No wonder the atmosphere seems a little tensed.”

“But…how did you know Dr. Airi?”

“I met him by coincidence when I’m going to go see Mayu. He showed me the way to her office.”

“I see…” Yukirin trailed off her speech and it made me wondered. It seemed a little suspicious, it was like she wanted to say something but she forced herself not to. I didn’t bother to ask anything from her…I don’t feel like it.


Finally the treatment session was over. Yukirin escorted me back to my room before she had to go back to her position if there’s nothing I needed. Now that I had my own time, I looked at the flashcards that she gave me. The objects, sceneries, and animals…they’re all familiar to me. I stumbled upon a picture, which was scenery in Nagoya.

I’ve been there before, it’s Sunshine Sakae.

“…I started to have a feeling that they knew I came from Nagoya to begin with.” I placed the card down and picked up the book. “Well…I guess it’s from my medical profile. Maybe I’m thinking too much.”

I started scribbling things onto the book. I wrote how I felt onto the book. About Jurina, Mayu, Yukirin, Airin-san…everyone I could think of. Also, even about this doubt I started to have for Jurina and Yukirin…and my feelings for her.

[I wondered I could trust Yukirin and Jurina now. I know they’re really kind and care for me, but they’re hiding this huge secret behind me. I don’t blame Mayu for not knowing it but… This mixed feeling I have for Jurina is just killing me.
…I started to doubt in her but…my feelings for her is….]

My pen stopped as the pain throbbed inside my chest. I sighed and stopped thinking about it before it’s starting to get into me too much.  I glanced at the clock in my room, it was already 6pm. I didn’t know it was this late already! The treatment session thing did really took my time…


My cell phone vibrated. I received a message? I checked it and it was from Airin-san. Wait did he found out about my parents already? That was so fast! I immediately checked the content inside the text with nervousness.

[I had something to tell you regarding your parents, when could I come in?]

I texted him back that he could come in now. I only did just wait about few minutes before he actually arrived. That was fast! I guess he must be close by to my room, he also carried some sort of paper file with him too.

“Good evening Rena-chan. How’s your day?”

“It’s good. So…what did you know about my parents?” I went straight to the main point before anything else. I’m just too desperate to learn the truth. He nodded softly before started explaining to me about…literally everything.

“So…Am I?”

“They are your biological parents. Jurina is high likely to be an adopted one, there’s not much data to confirm that.” He sat down on the couch as well as inviting me to sit down beside him. He continued to talk without me interrupting him.

“Actually…I just knew that the doctor that was on your parents’ case was actually Jurina herself.”

“W-What? Really?? But that's impossible.” I remembered Jurina told me before that she’s with Mayu and Yukirin when they’re trying to save me from the injuries. The accident happened at same time…it’s not possible.



I heard clearly word by word from Airin-san. I sounded unrealistic, but it was the truth. I don’t know whether I interpret what he said properly or not but…from what Airin-san, Jurina never make a mistake or failed to fix her patient yet….

…But she for the very first time she failed…was our parents’ case.

After what Airin-san told me. I don’t feel like meeting anyone at all. I want to be alone. I want to be alone…He had left as I asked him. He's just so kind to me. I'm so happy to meet someone so kind like Airin-san.


I heard a soft cling sound, it was a key…the same key that Mayu gave me. Right, she told me, whenever I felt like being alone, I should go there. That's when I decided to go to that mysterious room beside Mayu’s office. I plunged in the key twisted it and unlocked the door. As I entered, what I saw was a plain simple room with a tatami mat, low small table, and shelves filled with books. It was a simple room, yet you could feel really…quiet in here.

“So this is what she meant…” I sat down on the floor as thoughts about Jurina rushed into my head. I cried. I started crying. Tears of mixed feelings for her, I love but I doubt in her. I couldn’t understand what Jurina was thinking. I wondered what she saw me as…likely, as a younger sister for sure. That’s why she cared so much of me. The more I thought about that, I wanted to cry.

…So I cried all alone in that silent room. No one knew…why am I crying.


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Rena should not trust airi so easily
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I have a huge feelings that Airin wants something big..
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So Rena now knows the truth of who Jurina really is to her... And she is forced to act like she doesn't know in front of Jurina. Yikes... That's tough. Getting to know the truth yet unable to speak to the only person that hid them from her... :( But I guess there's a reason to why Jurina doesn't want to let Rena know about her. Failing the operation on their parents must be one hell of a slap to the face for failure. :cry:

I'm glad Mayu was nice to even give her the keys to the private room for some peace. Not to mention buying some melon pan to cheer her up even a little bit. :yep:

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Sorry for a late reply everyone! I thought about replying with the next chapter, but it's going to be quite a while so I decided to put a reply on for now...

Terragen: Agreed! But that's how story goes. :) rena-chan is innocent after all!

kenjoy12:Glad you enjoy it! XD the story would get more intense from here now.

Shinoki: Glad you enjoy! there would be loads of more fights going on between Jurina and Airin, and obviously with Rena in the middle of it

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White Hawk: Glad you enjoy it! RenaMayu? Hmm~ There will be more of their moments, but in the end it would be WMatsui and MaYuki. Who knows? If there's many people wanted RenaMayu pairings in this fanfic, I might write a side-story or OS of an alternate ending of Amensia with Rena x Mayu pairing? :D if that's what everyone wants I'm willingly to write it out~ (it would be so interesting to write that pair out)

♪Bababa baba nana, Bababa baba nana, Bababa baba nana, Banana na arrrr♪

Me like that plan~ :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

Looking forward for your next up.. :fap :thumbsup
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White Hawk: Glad you enjoy it! RenaMayu? Hmm~ There will be more of their moments, but in the end it would be WMatsui and MaYuki. Who knows? If there's many people wanted RenaMayu pairings in this fanfic, I might write a side-story or OS of an alternate ending of Amensia with Rena x Mayu pairing? :D if that's what everyone wants I'm willingly to write it out~ (it would be so interesting to write that pair out)

♪Bababa baba nana, Bababa baba nana, Bababa baba nana, Banana na arrrr♪

Me like that plan~ :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

Looking forward for your next up.. :fap :thumbsup

I guess I'll make a poll after the story ends for those who wants RenaMayu pair ending then! :D
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A/N: Finally it’s here~ I’m writing this super long because my school is about to start, for the next chapter to come out would take quite some huge amount of time…so please enjoy this chapter as well~! Probably the longest chapter ever I updated too.


Amnesia: CH07.1


[Rena’s POV]


I slowly woke up and I started to remember what I did before I fell asleep. Right, I was at Mayu’s secret room and I was crying there along. I’m still at her room and…eh? There’s a blanket on top of me. “…Is it Mayu?”

I guessed with was Mayu that out a blanket and a pillow for me. But she was nowhere to be seen. She came to check on me? I wondered… I got up and then got out from the room to see Mayu at her office. I knocked on the door and entered quietly. Gratefully, Mayu was there and she was working on her paper files.

“Mayu…thank you.”

“…What got into you now to thank me?”

She asked as she put down her pen. “You must slept in so much, this is now 2am…”

“Wow…that’s late.”

“YES it is…I’m really tired now.” She yawned and then suddenly stood up. “I’ll take you to your room…okay?”


So I walked back with Mayu to my room. It was a huge silence between us and as we arrived at my room, she ruffled my head and walked away. But before she did, she turned back to me to say something first.

“In few days, it’s the Yukirin’s father’s birthday, so there would be a evening party at the lobby. Pretty sure Yukirin will invite you as her guest, I look forward to see you there.”

“O-Oh, okay.”

“Good night.” Mayu left and went back into my room. She seemed to be a little odd today. I wondered what happened. I guess I would ask her tomorrow if I’m dropping by to her office. I washed my face and stared at the mirror.

There was my reflection. I touched the mirror and stared at myself.

“Am I afraid to learn the truth?”

I asked my reflection. Obviously I won’t get an answer from it. But then it started to make me worry. I wanted to know who I am and the truth that Jurina kept it hidden from me. I swore I would learn the truth by myself but then…some curiosity popped up in my head. What would happen if I regained all my memories, what would…happen to the current me right now? Will I be the same person?

The moment I blinked again, I saw blood scattered everywhere in the mirror, and all over my clothes, arms, hands, and my face. I flinched back and then the blood had disappeared. It was just a hallucination? But it felt too real. Was it a part of a memory that I…might’ve wish to forget?


I woke up again and I was at this house, this place looked so familiar…I walked around and then saw this young girl that looked like to be around 3 years old, she was playing with a stuffed animal in the living room.

(This place…it’s my house!)

“Rena-chan, snacks are ready.”

I heard someone speaking from behind me and then the young girl turned towards me. Her face, I knew that face really well. Those eyes, nose, lips, and face structure…it was me. She got up with that bright delightful smile and rushed in towards my direction. “Oneechan~!”

She ran through me and went into someone’s embrace that was standing behind me. As I turned around to see, I recognize that face very well. That Cheshire grin…it was her…it must be her…
“Let’s go, neh?”


They both walked away, holding each other’s hand. I remembered that warmth from that hand really well…the warmth from Jurina’s hand. Back then, I looked happy, and Jurina looked happy too. She always looked after me ever since I could remember…she was there all the time, by my side, protecting me.

(She’s…my older sister, but…my feelings that I have for her are…)


(Eh? I thought I heard a voice…who is that…?)


I slowly woke up from my dream. It was already morning; I had a dream again…a dream about Jurina. After I woke up for quite a while already, Yukirin came to see me and brought breakfast with her as well.

“Good morning Rena-chan!”

“Good morning Yukirin.” I smiled to her as I started to enjoy my breakfast while she sat beside me, watching me eating. “How’s your day?”

“I’m good~ Oh right!” She told me about her father’s birthday and the evening party that would be organized in few days from now, and she wanted to invite me to the event as her friend. The staffs here would be attending, so Jurina and Mayu would be there as well.

“So…are you coming too?”

“If that doesn’t bother you guys…sure?”

“Awesome~! Hehe, I’m so glad you’re going!”

Yukirin’s smile brightened up my mood. She shared so many stories with me and told me that she would bring me a good dress so I could attend the evening party with her and everyone. I bet Airin-san will be there as well…After Yukirin was called over for help at the emergency section, I decided to walk around the hospital, as for exercising and relaxing at the same time. I needed to distract myself from Jurina sometimes…it could be painful just to keep thinking about her all the time.


Suddenly what caught my eye was this lost boy in the middle of the corridor. I walked up to him to talk to him. He looked really frustrated. “Are you okay? Do you need help?”

“I-I can’t find mommy…”

“Ah…is she a patient here?”

“Yes…” He started to cry and I tried my best to comfort him with a hug. I patted his head gently. “Oh…don’t cry, I’ll help you find your mommy.”


“Yep! Don’t worry, oneechan is quite familiar with the hospital.”

“Thank you oneechan!” A smile finally appeared on his face and then I decided to go to the ward where Yukirin would be in order to ask her for help.

I held the boy’s hand and walked to Yukirin’s ward. As soon as I arrived there, the person I met there was Jurina. I was shocked to meet her there and she looked slightly surprised to see me there too. “Oh? Where are you going Rena-chan?”

“A-Ah…I’m helping this boy finding his mom, he said she’s a patient here.” I replied back to her and she nodded. She looked at the boy and crouched right in front of him.

“You’re looking for your mom?”


“Okay~ I’ll help too!” Jurina giggled cheerfully and ruffled the boy’s head. She made him smile so fast, she must be really good with dealing with kids. “What’s your name?”

“Koji, Kitamura Koji.”

“Oh? I think I know where you mom is now~” Jurina made Koji-kun smiled delightfully and exclaimed with happiness.


“Yup! So, shall we go together then?” Jurina turned to me and I nodded softly.

Both of us each held Koji-kun’s hand and walked down the corridor. I asked Jurina how did she know where his mother was and she told me that Ms. Kitamura was actually her patient. She was about to go check on her but before she did she met with us first…wow, that’s a pure coincidence we had there. 

As soon as we arrived at the patient’s room, we entered and the boy had this surprised expression across his face. He ran in towards his mother immediately. “Mommy!”

“Oh Koji! Where did you go!? Don’t you know your daddy is so worried about you?” The woman stroked the boy’s head before she turned up to look at Jurina and me. “Thank you so much Dr. Kashiwagi…for help bringing my son here.”

“Don’t worry about that~ It’s Rena-chan that picked your son up.” Jurina replied and the mother’s eyes directed to me instead. What I saw was a warm welcoming smile from her as she expressed her gratitude towards me.

“Thank you so much, Rena-san. Koji-kun, thank you her too!”

“T-Thank you so much oneechan! You’re super kind!”

I was a little surprised and realized that it did felt really comforting to help someone out…Both Koji-kun’s smile and his mother’s smile made me smiled with content. So this is how Jurina felt when she helped someone? After that, I watched Jurina doing her job with Koji-kun’s mother and it seemed she’s getting much more healthier after the operation, she would be released in few days. I felt good for them, and afterwards, Jurina and I left the room.


“So, what are you going to do now?” Jurina asked me and I only shrugged my shoulder. She glanced at her watch and it was already her lunch break time. “So, do you want to go grab something to eat?”


I went to the cafeteria with her and then ordered some noodles to eat. Jurina bought for me again since I didn't have any cash with me. She would always pay everything for me…I started to feel guilty to put such burdens on her.

“I’m sorry to make you pay everything…”

“Don’t worry~ I have too much money to just use it on me.” She joked and it made me laughed softly. We enjoyed our lunch together and then I don’t know why I just wanted to talk about love with her. Maybe…I wanted to know how she thought of me? So that’s where I tried to start the conversation with Jurina.

“Hey Jurina…how does it feel to love someone?”

“W-Wow…that’s a bold question.”

Jurina looked surprised and mused for a second before she replied back to me. She was actually trying to think of a proper answer to reply to me. “I would always be happy to be with this person all the time. Sometimes I felt my stomach was filled with butterflies, but sometimes I felt so calm like a still water…that’s how I felt.”

“I see…so that’s how it feels.”

“Is something a matter?”

“…But if the person you love already loved someone already…how would you deal with it?”

My question made Jurina froze. I wondered I should’ve asked that question or not. She took a sip of her coffee before she actually replied back to me. My question really did give her a hard time to answer it. “I…probably will still love that person and waited for the day that person will turn to look at me…hehe, I could be greedy sometimes though.”

I didn’t expect that kind of answer from her at all. My eyes grew wide with surprise, also with tinge of happiness in my chest. Her answer gave me hope for my love, but at the same time, I felt like if I had too much hope it would be so painful if I got shot down by disappointment.

“Thank you for answering though, I know the questions are weird…”

“Don’t worry about it! Is something bothering your mind?”

I couldn’t tell her the truth. I looked up at her into her eyes, I didn’t want to lie to Jurina at all, but I have to. “Nothing, I’m just curious.”

“Ah I see, that’s fine~”

After we’re done with eating, Jurina had to go back to work while I returned back to my room to rest. My mind was slightly distracted from the ‘truth’ I’m trying to find about Jurina. I really started to calm myself down more than before, maybe I could think things much straight than before now.


It was pure silence in the room. I walked towards the window and glanced outside to see the traffics in front of the hospital. I was on the 25th floor, so I had a wide view of the scenery of Tokyo. Also…it’s raining.

As I stared at the rain, it felt as if it helped arrange my thoughts more properly. I was eager to know my past, but a part of me feared it. But no matter what I tried to think or maybe be deceiving myself…there was one fact that was certain.

“…I love…”

Yes, I started to understand my feelings even more after I was calmed down by the scenery of rain. I couldn’t erase the fact that I had fallen in love with Jurina, my stepsister. But I guess what really matter was that what would I deal with these feelings from now; will I still love her after I regained all my memories…?


Today was the night of the party that Yukirin told me. Around early evening, Yukirin dropped by with this black lace shirt that she prepared for me. She also did my hair and put on the make-up. It was really cute and I love it! She also brought her clothes to change as well and she was wearing a white pink one-piece dress. She did her hair and put on the make-up herself, it was just…wow, Yukirin looked ridiculously pretty with those make-up on!!

“Are you ready to go?” She asked me and I flinched myself out from my daze

“Y-Yes!” I replied quickly and then we both exited my room and headed to the party, which was located at the big hall room at the lobby ground.

As we entered the party, it was filled with people. I recognized some of them, as they were staff of the hospitals themselves. Nurses and doctors were everywhere! Everyone in their casual outfit, yet looked very neat at the same time. It was also a special night that they would get to party since they barely had enough time to do anything socializing. As I wandered my eyes around, it seemed there were people that came to catch up with Yukirin and I.

“Ah, you guys were here already? That was fast…”

I turned around and it made me surprised. I saw Jurina in her neat looking blue gingham shirt and black jeans. As for Mayu…wow, she made me stumbled so much. I gawked with her as I never saw her in this kind of look before! She was in a pink girly shirt and a white skirt. I never saw her wearing a skirt before at all…she looked so much like a girl, and now my gaze at her started to make her irritated.

“STOP staring at me…it’s not like I want to wear this!”

“Wow~! It really looked good on you Mayu!” Yukirin yelped as Jurina nodded with agreement. “Phew! Glad that the size fits you.”

While Mayu was busy blushing and looking away from Yukirin, without I realizing it, Jurina came in to pat my head softly. “I guess we can start moving to get some food?”

“Agree, I’m starving…”

Mayu added as the four of us headed to grab some dinner at the main table. It was a buffet. It was just so luxurious! I guess that’s what you expected from the owner of the hospital. Everyone had wine and cocktails to enjoy their night together along with their food. A classic song was opened as the background music of the party. It gave a really relaxing atmosphere that made me felt safety.  While I was getting some more food, I accidently met with Airin-san at the buffet line. I was so surprised and really happy too.

“Ah, I didn’t expected to see you here Rena-chan. ”

“Airin-san! Good evening.”

“So it seems Yuki-san invited you didn’t she?” He asked as I nodded. “Ah no wonder, since it’s only staff members party, if you’re her guest it won’t be surprising to see you here.”

“Yeah, how’s your day?”

“It was nice and same as usual, thank you…I’m glad you’re cheered up now.” He smiled to me and made me remembered that the last time I talked to him, I asked him to leave me alone after I learned about my parents’ death. Of course I was devastated from it, but how could I blame Jurina for that mistake? Because…mistakes happened everywhere. I would say…it’s already a miracle that I survived the accident, without her, I would be dead by now.

“Yup, thank you for caring for me.”

“Not at all, if I could help you anything, feel free to ask.”

He patted my head before he decided to leave back to his table. Airin-san was a very kind person that really cared for me. But Jurina was really nice as well…I wondered why they couldn’t go along that badly? Just because Jurina took the position that Airin-san was supposed to get? I had a feeling there were something more than that…

After we’re so full with food, we went to sit down around this small table to listen to the music while enjoying our drinks.

“Yukirin, your dad sure throws one luxurious party again.” Mayu turned and made her nodded.

“Probably he wanted to thank you the staffs?”

“Hmm…I guess that’s as expected Azuma-san, he’s a really kind person.” Jurina had a sip of fruit juice while we’re talking with each other around the table. I didn’t recognize the name Azuma-san at all, was he Yukirin’s father? Before I could even ask them, Jurina turned to me first. “Do you enjoy today Rena-chan?”

“Yes, it’s really fun.” I smiled back to them and made all of them smiled with relief.

While Yukirin was looking for her purse, she didn’t seem to be able to find it. She looked through her back but saw nothing. As a result she started to have a feeling it would be somewhere in the party, maybe she accidently dropped it somewhere.

“Oh no…I’ll go look for my purse, can you guys wait here?” She asked but then Mayu stood up as well.

“I’ll go help find it with you, it would make things much faster.” Mayu followed Yukirin from behind to help her find the phone. I don’t know whether she was doing this on purpose or not but…I was left with Jurina right now. I stared at Mayu and Yukirin’s back as they disappeared into the crowd.

…This is an awkward silence.

I didn’t know what to talk to her. As I slowly diverted my glance to her, I saw Jurina had this weird expression on her face…as if she looked…sick? My attention was focused on her instead as she acted unlike her usual self. “Jurina?”


She wasn’t responding to me. She sighed out softly and pressed her hand against her temple. Oh no, she didn’t look well at all! I touched her shoulder in order to grab her attention this time. “Jurina, are you okay? You look really sick…”

“Ugh…I-I don’t know why but…I don’t feel good.”

“Alright…I’ll take you back to my room, bear with me.”

I took her arm and she clung onto my tightly. I could feel her weight shifting against my body, she walked so wobbly, just now she still looked good and now she looked like a person who was going to faint! As we finally reached my room, I sighed with relief and put Jurina on the sofa. It seemed she still have a vague conscious left but at the same time, barely none. I wondered what made her like this. There were alcohol drinks around…but I’m pretty sure she had fruit juice! Did by chance she take in an alcohol? Hm…but I believe after she had a rest she would be good as new. Should be though.

“I’ll go get some water for you, it might help.”

I grabbed a water bottle from the fridge and then crouched down beside her, nursing the sick Jurina. “Do you want to have water?”

“Nngh…” She grumbled in pain and didn’t respond to my question.

“Jurina…take the water, it might help you feel better.”


Now she wasn’t responding to me anymore. I sighed softly and held the water bottle to myself while I tried to figure out what to do. Maybe I should get a pillow and a blanket for her to rest here for the night. But before I did so, I actually felt thirsty myself and decided to have a sip of the water. Oh right! I should tell Mayu and Yukirin that we left the party earlier since Jurina looked sick, so I sent her a text, hoping that Mayu would see it before they started finding us all over the places in the party.


I flinched as I heard Jurina calling making a weird sound in a wobbly weak voice. She totally grabbed my attention, as she seemed to be mumbling something that I couldn’t even hear or understand at all.



I sighed again; she acted unlike herself so much today. I wondered what happened to her that made her like this. Her hair strand dropped down to block her face and I brushed it away for her. “…Why do you have to be my sister?”


“Tell me…what am I to you?”


I chuckled sarcastically to myself as there was no way she would answer that kind of question to me, but those were things I really wanted to ask her ever since I know Jurina was my stepsister. I would be so hard to gather any information from the hospital itself, maybe the only thing I could rely on was the memories I regained back from my amnesia. I had faith that all the answers would be lie within my lost memories.

“You protected, and cared for me, because I’m just a sister to you…right?”


Oh, now she had fallen asleep, I bet it was when she started to remain silently. I chuckled softly hoping to not wake her up. I brushed her hair with my fingers gently and realized that Jurina looked cute when she was actually sleeping. I couldn’t hold back my smile, seeing her sleeping soundly like this…I don’t mind being in this position forever though.


“…Why do you have to hide things from me? What are you trying to hide? You know what, I was really sad that you didn’t tell me that…you’re my sister.”

I sighed softly and slowly diverted my glance towards the floor. Bearing this pain in my chest, I continued to speak what I truly felt. “Even we’re not blood-related…I deserve to know this…why Jurina? Why…?”


I flinched as I watched Jurina twitched and slowly opened her eyes. She was looking at me but I could barely guess what was going on in her mind. She looked like she had just woke up from a deep slumber and her conscious was not perfectly here yet. “Juri---”

Suddenly, even before I could finish my words, she leaped towards me and threw her arms around me tightly. She rested her face on my shoulder as I fell backward from the momentum. Even though I crashed the floor, I still managed to still sit, as for Jurina she was still in the same position… hugging me tightly.


“Rena…” She called me without any honorifics behind my name. Just Rena, just my name and it made me blushed instantly. For Jurina just to only call my name like that already made my heart beat insanely spontaneous already. N-No, I should get a grip, Jurina wasn’t act like herself right now, I should try to talk to her to find what’s wrong with her instead of thinking about this.


She kept calling my name, I didn’t know what’s going on but I could feel her hugging me tighter like there was no tomorrow. I wondered what’s wrong with Jurina right now. “Yes, I’m here…talk to me. ”

“No~” She released me from the hug and backed away. Making an eye contact with me with those half-asleep eyes, but with that suspicious cheshire grin.

This didn’t look good as I expected it to be. “Jurina are you oka—mmph!?”

My eyes grew widely like it’s about to pop out. My mind went instantly blank as Jurina’s lips clashed with mine roughly. With enough of Jurina’s strength, it made me fall back onto the ground but still she remained the lips intact with mine. I resisted against her, I tried to swing my arms but then Jurina grabbed my wrist, pinned it down on the floor without any mercy. She had so much strength…I never though she could be this strong, or it’s just my body was really weak. But as my thought started to function again…Jurina was kissing me. Oh no this isn’t good at all! Part of me didn’t want to resist and urged to kiss her back, but I know I have to. I forced myself to but then I could feel her tongue entered my mouth and she started to deepen the kiss even more. Oh I hate to admit this…that it felt really good. I don’t know it was because it’s Jurina or because she kissed really well…it had weakened my body and eventually I don’t have enough force to resist her. She even played and dug her teeth onto my lips, making me twitched in slight pain, she seemed to enjoy it…she had now turned into a sadist…

Then suddenly, she removed out lips before I could’ve suffocate from the kiss…I panted quickly as I could see Jurina’s alluring eyes and smile in front of me. When I started to realize that she was sitting on to of me right now, it made me felt even more embarrassed with this…My mind right now couldn’t understand what was going on and why did it happen and what caused it…the only thing I could think of was about her tempting kiss.

“Rena…I love you.”

W-What did she just say just now? I snapped and I was just…I don’t know how to explain this feeling. Happiness bloomed in me, but then I knew that this wasn’t right, but a part of me hoped it was the truth…the reason was just so obvious.


“Neh…Do you love me?” Out of blue, she just asked such a bold question that it made me flushed immediately. Obviously, how could I maintain my tone when she asked me a question like that!? Why did she have to ask me a question like that…it’s a question that really hit on the bull’s eye.


“Do you…hate me?”

This time, she had that sorrowful puppy eyes and it felt like tons of needles pierced in my chest. I never saw Jurina made that kind of sad expression before ever since I could remember. Why she looked so sad like this…it was so sad enough to even pained me to see her like that. “…Do you?”

“N-No!!” I yelled out back to her. “I-I don’t hate you…never I will.”

“So…do you love me?”

Why was she being so demanding like this, it starts to hurt my heart even more…it pains me too much for her to make me answer that question.

“Stop playing with my feelings…Please Jurina…!”

I uttered and shed tears at the same time. It made her expression changed slightly, now she looked a little surprised. But I couldn’t hold back any more tears. I hate it. I hate when Jurina was doing like this to me. Kissing me, saying that she loved me, asking me whether I love her or not…that’s just too much for me to handle right now. “Stop playing with my feelings! You don’t love me, I’m only just a sister to you!!”

“No…you’re not.”

Jurina replied coldly and wiped the tears from my eyes with her cold finger. She slowly caressed and brushed my hair away from my face. Her touch was just so gentle and caring. Her eyes were... actually dead serious. Just only making eye contact with her, it made my mind froze and mesmerized by that seriousness in her orbs. “I’m not lying…I’m serious, my feelings for you are serious.”

“No…it’s not.”

I denied and it made her move her face in closer and whispered closed to my ears. “You don’t love me…in that kind of way.”

“I really love you…Rena, please…don’t hate me.” She slowly up and kissed my forehead gently. Then she rested her forehead against mine, closing her eyes. “Don’t hate me…”


“Rena…do you love me?” She pulled herself back, and asked again, but this time in a much more gently tone that softened my heart down instantly. I gulped, looked away, before I looked back into her dark pure eyes. I couldn’t lie to those pure eyes at that were staring at me calmly.

“…Y-Yes, I…love you, so much, or maybe…too much.” 

Finally I confessed my feelings to her, even though Jurina didn’t seem to be at her right self right now, but I did felt like I finally got to tell her my feelings. A smile slowly appeared across her face and it was the most beautiful smile from her. It was a smile that actually did came…from the bottom of her heart.

“Yatta~ I love you too…Rena. I love you so much…”

“…What love do you actually have for me?”

I asked and it made her looked puzzled for a short while. “What kind of love…do you have for me?”


“…Answer me, Jurina.”

“Uhmmm, as much as I wanted to make you mine forever~!”

W-WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO SAY THAT!? T-TThat is too…MUCH! It made me blushed so BADLY that I as I actually dumped my face into a bucket of red paint. Definitely, Jurina was not on her right mind. Normally she wouldn’t say something…like that…but deep down inside me, I really did hope she meant that way, because…I felt the same towards her.

“Let me show my love for you…”

This time, she cupped my face and kissed me gently this time. It was so tender and I couldn’t resist this temptation at all. As she had her tongue explored my mouth, and I kissed her back…I hugged her tightly to deepen the kiss. I hate to admit it…that my body desired her and was lusted for Jurina so much. I didn’t care I would suffocate or lose my breath from this kiss with hers. She held my hand and I held back tightly as the kiss started to get more aggressive and lustful. At this point, I lost my mind already; I don’t care about any little things anymore. I just let my instincts took over me, right now…I just wanted to belong to only Jurina, and wanted her to only belong to me…because…I love her so much, or maybe just too much…


~Continue Part 2~
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“Let me show my love for you…”

This time, she cupped my face and kissed me gently this time. It was so tender and I couldn’t resist this temptation at all. As she had her tongue explored my mouth, and I kissed her back…I hugged her tightly to deepen the kiss. I hate to admit it…that my body desired her and was lusted for Jurina so much. I didn’t care I would suffocate or lose my breath from this kiss with hers. She held my hand and I held back tightly as the kiss started to get more aggressive and lustful. At this point, I lost my mind already; I don’t care about any little things anymore. I just let my instincts took over me, right now…I just wanted to belong to only Jurina, and wanted her to only belong to me…because…I love her so much, or maybe just too much…



Amnesia: CH07.2


“Eh…Mayu! Did you find my purse yet?”

Yuki asked as Mayu was still diverting her glance around the floor. The nurse had started to get worried about leaving Jurina and Rena at the table already. “I think we should head back…”

“Forget about them, they left already.” Mayu replied as she still had her eyes throwing all over the place. “Rena texted me that Jurina they went back earlier.”

“Oh I see…I guess that works?” As they kept looking for Yuki’s purse, the nurse seemed to lose her patience and just suddenly yelled out loud. “Mayu! Let’s go drink!”


Mayu was dumbfounded, and Yuki just grabbed her hand and dragged her to the bar counter to grab some alcohol drink. “Uh…Yuki--”

“Shush…let’s just drink now, and forget about the purse…I don’t want to ruin the night.”

She sighed as she ordered a cocktail to drink, as Mayu had a weak alcohol drink instead because she didn’t quite favor it that much. Yuki seemed to enjoy the drink a lot while Mayu was sitting there looking after her quietly. The doctor knew that Yuki was upset, that’s why she dragged her to have a drink. That’s how Yuki avoided being upset in the middle of public and Mayu knew that very well. She obeyed what Yuki wanted to do and then the nurse ordered another drink again, which started to make Mayu worried about her.

“Yukirin…I think that’s too much.”

“I’m not drunk yet!”

“…Jeez, you are.” Mayu sighed with how Yuki was acting like a child now. “Do you feel better now?”

“…A little.”

“Right…So, do you want to have a walk outside?” She invited the nurse for a quiet walk and she nodded softly. Mayu was slightly relieved that Yuki accepted her invitation and then they both headed outside the party room. As they got out, it was ridiculously quiet, this is a place that would always filled with sick people, patients, staffs…the lobby floor would probably be one of the place that never there wouldn’t be people there…24 hours a day cramped with people. However this time, there was no one here at all, except Mayu and Yuki.

“Ah…this feels totally unusual!” Yuki skipped around and threw her eyes all over the lobby area, which was amazingly peacefully quiet. “I like it this way more.”

“Then we won’t have a job!” Mayu teased back and it made Yuki pouted at her. She slapped the doctor’s shoulder, it made her laughed and started to run away from the nurse. “What was that for?”

“Mou…your sarcasm again!”

“Haha! Well it’s fun for me.” Mayu stuck her tongue out at Yuki and it made the nurse to chase over her. But then it was hard for Mayu to run because she was also wearing heels tonight and eventually Yuki caught up with her.


“Too bad!”

Yuki finally caught up with Mayu and then she threw her arms around Mayu’s neck to catch her from behind. That instance the doctor flinched with a big surge of heart attack striking her. She could actually feel Yuki’s chest against her back and her breathe against her own neck. It made her froze and blushed badly. Gratefully Yuki was behind her so she didn’t see Mayu’s expression but then an uninvited guest was interrupting the doctor’s paradise.

“Ah, it’s nice to see you here, Yukirin.” It was the man’s voice and it made Yuki flinched.

Mayu could feel Yuki’s twitch as the doctor turned towards the origin of the sound and saw this same man that she once met at the amusement park, if she recalled his name properly, it was Miyazawa Sae, whom was Yuki’s ex-fiancé.

“Sae-san…” Yuki stared at him with uneasiness and irritation in her eyes.

He slowly approached them and then Mayu stood up forward to block him from Yuki. As well as pretend to be friendly as she could because she wouldn’t want to lose her temper against him. “Ah, Miyazawa-san is it?” She smiled to him, using her well-known cyborg expression with him. She extended her hand towards him as a formal greeting. “Nice to meet you, I guess this is the 2nd time we met.”

“Ah, you’re the person at the amusement park…nice to meet you, I’m Miyazawa Sae, but I guess you know my name now.” He grinned and took Mayu’s hand and had a firm handshake. “And you are?”

“Watanabe Mayu, a heart surgeon of Kashiwagi Hospital.” She introduced herself with that cyborg smile. “I am Jurina and Yukirin’s friend.”

“I see, I can pretty much guess that you’re their friends.” He looked passed Mayu and made a short eye contact with Yuki, but then she stared back and made him sneered softly. “You looked pretty today, Yukirin.”

“Why thank you, Sae-san.”

“You don’t have to be formal with me.”

He smiled, trying to impress Yuki no matter what. “I hope you’re enjoying your night today.”

“Why are you here?”

Yuki threw in a bold question at him and made him chuckled sarcastically back at her before he showed her an invitation card to the party. It was addressed to Miyazawa’s family, and that’s when she knew that it was her father, Kashiwagi Azuma, the man that invited Miyazawa’s family to the party as well as his special guest.  After Yuki realized that it was her father, she remained in silence and didn’t utter a single word, only but stared back at him.

“As you could tell, my family is invited to the party. So it’s obvious I would be here…” He smirked and approached closer to both girls. He scanned around looking for something before he turned back to Mayu and Yuki.

“Ah? So that girlfriend of yours not here?”

Sae scorned with a soft smile across his face and it caught Mayu’s attention. She knew immediately he was referring to Jurina. As he approached closer to Yuki knowing no one would hinder him this time, but unfortunately Mayu stood forward and glared at him. She’s indirectly declared enemy against him. Also, it seemed he realized it as well. “Ah…Watanabe-san, I would give you this chance to move away, I have some matter to talk to Yukirin.”

“…” Mayu remained in silence but she knew that Yuki didn’t want to talk to Sae, or even meet him here. “Sorry, but no.”

“May I enquire why? I’m certain it’s none of your business.” He smiled, but his words were extremely aggressive. But that didn’t make Mayu moved an inch. She was completely unaffected by his words, as if she was used to hearing harsh conversations. “I wouldn’t want to ruin our good introduction we have on a matter that’s not even your business.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you Miyazawa-san.”

She smirked back to him, with that suspicious smile that caught Sae’s attention. It made him realized that now he’s confronting with a dangerous person, whom can be a huge threat to him. Since Mayu was a mastermind like him. “…I do whatever I want to, so I’m being a bitch, meddling in my friend’s problem when I’m not supposed to…so unfortunately it’s my business now.”

It made Sae stumbled and he whistled softly, he didn’t expect that kind of counterattack from the doctor whom he just known today. But then it didn’t stop him from continuing. “But that made me curious, why are you keen to hinder Yukirin and I? I believe there’s much more reason that you just wanted to, am I right?”

He nailed right at the point. Mayu twitched slightly and knew he’s a mastermind type like her. But then it made her smirked maliciously with excitement, she didn’t meet a mastermind type like her that often and it made her blood boiled with excitement.

“I’m flattered you think so deeply about my thinking process.” She chuckled softly. “But I guess I’m acting as a good friend, protecting my best friend’s girlfriend.”

“Ah? I doubt that…” He smirked back. “Is that really your reason? Or is there more than that?”


Mayu glared back and Sae started to grasp a sense that he got the upper hand in this argument, but then before he could say anything, Mayu continued where she left off.

“…One more reason then, it’s because Yukirin is my best friend.”

Sae couldn’t analyze her cyborg expression at the slightest. He stared at her and wondered what Mayu was thinking, but he failed. He could only guess what the doctor was thinking but then…there wasn’t enough evidence to support his reply. Before he could even say or think of anything further, Mayu continued to push harder.

“I believe it is not wrong to help your best friend when they needed one, right?”

Her questioned nailed the conversation down and it made Sae smirked. He was excited, and impressed with how Mayu could equally matched with him in an argument. It made him looked forward to meet with Mayu even more. He clapped his hand softly and slowly stepped back.

“Hehe, I’m satisfied with today. I’m impressed with you…Dr. Watanabe.” His calm suspicious smirked appeared across his face. “It is much more intriguing to talk to you that Jurina…nice to meet you though.”

He suddenly left without saying a word, likely returning back to the party. Mayu didn’t even bother to say a word to him. But after he left, she could hear Yuki sighed behind her. The doctor turned around to the nurse. “Are you okay?”

“Thank you Mayu…you really did save me there.”

“Don’t worry about that.” Mayu crossed her arms in front of her chest. “I’ll look after you when Jurina’s not around. You’ll be safe.”

Even though Mayu said with a smile, deep down inside her she was damaged by what Sae asked her. She didn’t really see Yuki as her best friend, but it was one-sided love. She saw Yuki more than just a friend, but she had to lie. With her poker face, only she could hope was that Sae didn’t see through that poker face. Mayu’s main weakness was her crush, Kashiwagi Yuki. If he discovered about Mayu’s love, hardly the doctor could protect her nurse like this time…

“It’s my first time seeing Sae backed away with a smile like that…I don't feel good.” Yuki got more cautious but then Mayu tapped her shoulder to not make her worry too much about it.

“Don’t worry about that.”

“Alright…I won’t then.” She smiled with relief. “I’m so jealous of you, Mayu is so strong…”

“No I’m not.” Mayu replied back immediately and avoided eye contact from Yuki. “I’m not that strong…it’s just everything forced me to be or else…”

She stopped. Mayu didn’t continue where she left off and it picked up Yuki’s curiosity. The nurse approached the doctor and tried to have her eyes meet with Mayu, and then she started to get worry about her.

“Mayu…are you okay?”


“Is something bothering you?” She asked and Mayu didn’t want to just lie to Yuki. Something unpleasant was bothering her right now and it made her sighed. She nodded softly back. “Do you want to share it?”

“…I guess it might make me feel better.”

They had a seat on one of the benches in the lobby ground. It was when Mayu started to talk about her family issues that she was the only child, and was expected to inherit her father’s position in his business. The doctor didn’t want to mention what kind of business it was and Yuki didn’t force her to tell, only she listened quietly and patiently. So her father made her go through many intense teachings by him and his men to make Mayu become a well all-rounded person that could do everything perfectly, since she was a woman, he needed her to be strong enough to carry the surname Watanabe on her shoulders alone. She was taught to show no emotions to people, and show no affection towards anyone…

 She was admired by many people in the hospital due to her being independent and capability all-rounded skills…but back then she had went through so many pain and sufferings that she couldn't share with anyone…because she had none to go to. “…I’m not that quite proud of being admired due to my independent personality and being capable to do everything.”

“I see…I’m sorry for saying something like that.” Yuki apologized and it made Mayu felt guilty instantly.

“Don’t say like that! Its okay that you say it…” Mayu sighed softly and finally let out a smile of relief. She never shared this story to anyone before and it really did made the weight on her shoulders lifted away. “It feels much better to talk to someone about this.”

“I know right? I’m glad you felt much better!”

Yuki chuckled with a lively smile. “I’m happy that you felt better~ If there’s anything I could do for you…you must tell me okay?”

“A must?” Mayu giggled softly with surprise on how Yuki was being demanding on her. The nurse nodded back and made her sighed softly on top of that smile. “I guess I don’t have a choice huh…”

“Yup, you don’t. I said so.” Yuki declared and confirmed her previous statement.

“I see…” Mayu felt glad that Yuki cared for her, even though she only saw her as a friend. The unintentional smile that came out from her heart after she received a warm care from the nurse. Before she forgot, she pulled out a purse from her pocket, and it was actually Yuki’s purse.

“T-That’s my purse! You found it!?”

“Right after you called me over to go to drink with you, I tried to give to you but you kept interrupt me…”

Yuki took the purse back and sighed with relief while Mayu stared at her with those loving eyes before she uttered a word that she kept repeating inside her heart. “Also, thank you for your help…Yuki.”

Yuki’s heart skipped a beat by that genuine smile from Mayu. She was dumbfounded and also realized that the doctor didn’t put any honorifics in her name, she just simply called her name…just Yuki. She couldn’t recall when was the last time Mayu called her just by only her name, or maybe this was the very first time she heard it from her. 

“Yukirin? You there?”

Mayu’s call snapped her off from being too absorbed by Mayu’s smile. Suddenly, she felt so embarrassed that she was staring at the doctor all the time and tried to change to topic quickly.

“Oh right! What happened to Jurina by the way? Did Rena-chan tell you?”

“Oh, she said that Jurina looked sick.” Mayu replied back calmly but it made Yuki paused for a second. She mused and then she snapped back to Mayu.


Her yell and dramatic reaction caught Mayu off-guard. “H-Huh?”

“She’s healthy like a horse before the party! D-Don’t tell me she had alcohol!?”

Yuki shrieked and got up with a pale expression. As Mayu tried to formulate what Yuki was saying, her jaws dropped and had that gawking expression. The doctor broke into sweat and realized that right now Jurina was with Rena, and it’s not good at all.

“Oh no…R-Rena is screwed!! We have to hurry!!!”

Mayu sprinted towards the elevator before she could even think of anything else and Yuki followed from behind at full speed…it seemed Yuki picked a great topic to actually distract her from the awkwardness she had in her stomach. Since they had another whole new problem to focus on now.


[Rena’s POV]

“J-Jurina…” I tried to struggle, but then Jurina nibbled my ears. I don’t think I really have a good feeling how things were proceeding anymore. “S-Stop!”

“Nono~ your expression is so cute~” Jurina giggled and licked my ears and it made me twitched, I held back my moan but then it seemed Jurina knew it. “I know you like it…you don’t have to hold back.”

She whispered with that sexy voice and I felt turned on somehow…I struggled but her grip was too strong and now I felt like my wrist was hurting, I guess I got a bruise now…

“Jurina get a grip! Stop! You’re drunk right now!”

“No I’m not~”

“Y-yes you ar---AH!” I yelped as she kissed my neck and slowly moved down to my collarbone. “Y-You have Yukirin…! Don’t do this! Don’t you love her!?”

“I do~ But I love Rena~”

“S-Stop! Yukirin will be sad if you—O-Ow!”

D-Did she just bite my collarbone!? I could feel her teeth dug onto my skin, it wasn’t as deep, but it was enough for me to feel pain.

“You talk too much…”

Oh now she’s dominating me. I used my full strength to move my wrist, but even though I did slightly move it up from the floor, Jurina would always manage to pin my arm straight down onto the ground again. My endless struggling would always have the same ending and the pain accumulated…now what I’m suppose to do…please…Jurina…stop…


I started to cry silently and she realized it. She stopped what she was doing and slowly backed away, watching my crying. I could see that guilt slowly accumulated on her face. The grip on both my wrists slowly softened down and we had this long silent eye contact.


She apologized to me? Her mood was too fluctuating for me to follow up with her. Just now she’s being a sadist and now she’s apologizing like a guilty puppy. When you’re got drunk, one could change much huh…?




I heard a familiar voice; I turned my head towards the door and saw both Mayu and Yuki there with a shocked expression. I expected no less than that since Jurina and I were in the very…bad position. She barged in and then pushed Jurina away from me. When I realized it again, Yukirin came to my side and hugged me close to her chest, as if she’s attempting to protect me at all cost.

“Ah! MAYUYU~!”

Jurina’s attention turned to Mayu immediately and then it made her frowned back. As Jurina leaped towards her, Mayu struck her down with a handknife strike right on her forehead.

“Don’t touch me!!”

She yelped back with anger and it seemed Jurina had knocked out instantly with that one strike from Mayu. She panted hard and had a huge sigh from her. Both Mayu and Yukirin sighed as the same time as they realized that Jurina was now unconscious. She rushed to my side immediately and I could see worries on both their faces.

“Rena-chan, you’re alright now…we’re so sorry to leave you alone!” Yukirin stroked my head, trying to comfort me as much as she could. But she looked more panicked than I do actually.

“Mayu! You should’ve told her that Jurina’s very sensitive to alcohol and never go close to her if she drank it!”

“How the hell should I know!? Isn’t it Jurina herself that should tell Rena?!”

Mayu yelled back but she changed the topic really quickly. “Anyways, we managed to save Rena before things might get too ugly…”

“A-Ah…thank you, I didn’t know what to do back then at all…”

I replied back as I looked at both my wrist, it was really red and I could still feel the pain from it. “She’s so strong…I couldn’t fight back at all.”

“I’m so sorry for Jurina…”

Yuki apologized to me still embracing me. “Jurina is REALLY weak against alcohol, she might’ve accidently had a sip without realizing it…if she did, she will always ended up like this.”

“A kissing raping molesting monster that targets cute girls.” Mayu sighed with anger in her tone, it made me wondered why she was angry since Mayu was always composed and calm in all situations.

“Wow, that’s one complete description of her when she’s drunk.” Amazingly, Yukirin actually agreed with what Mayu said.

“How the heck she took alcohol without realizing it…that idiot!”

“You looked angry…did something happen?” I asked Mayu and she didn’t answer me, I wondered why. After Mayu avoided asking me, Yukirin decided to answer in her place for me.

“Mayu was actually a victim…once.” Yukirin spoke up while Mayu still had that frowned and terrified expression across her face. “It’s back during the graduation night, Mayu was exactly in the same situation as you…taking Jurina back to her room after she looked really sick at the party, it was quite terrifying…”

“BACK then you could’ve told me you know…?” Mayu remembered her graduation night that she was with Jurina back in the hotel. But she seemed to be terrified and sighed just to think about it. “I ended up sending her to hospital…”

After this had happened to me, I’m not surprised that Mayu managed to send Jurina to hospital. I’m just too weak to deal with Jurina right now but not Mayu. But I wondered how it actually happen that time for her though... Yukirin chuckled wryly and felt slightly guilty that she could’ve told Mayu in order to avoid it.

“Hehe…I’m sorry~ didn’t know that was coming.”

She apologized to Mayu before the doctor went to check on Jurina’s condition. Yukirin then released me from her arms and apologized to me again. “I’m so sorry in Jurina’s place, please don’t get angry at her…she didn’t meant to hurt you.”

“D-Don’t worry…I figured she’s drunk…” I chuckled wryly and it made Yukirin felt really guilty for what Jurina had done to me. She’s a really kind girlfriend…she didn’t blame Jurina for what she had done, but it made me felt even guiltier.

“Will…Jurina be okay?”

“Green pass, she’s knock out for good.”

Mayu had a check on Jurina to confirm that she’s already unconscious. “Yukirin, why don’t you take Jurina for now? I’ll be with Rena.”

“O-Oh…okay, sounds good.” Yukirin nodded and went to take care of Jurina while Mayu walked towards me.

“Yukirin.” Mayu called her back before she left the room. “I think…let’s not tell Jurina about what happen, what do you think?”

“…I agree.” She nodded and then headed out from the door. “I’ll see you later.”



Right now, it’s only Mayu and I in the room. She crouched down beside me and held my wrist. She realized that I flinched from her touch because it actually hurts when someone touch my wrist now. “It’s bruised…”

“I-I guess it is…”

“…I should’ve realize this sooner.” Mayu hugged me and patted my head gently. “I’m sorry Rena, I’m sorry…”

“Why are you apologizing Mayu? I’m okay. Nothing happened to me…really.” I replied to her but at the same time I’m trying to comfort myself with my own words.

“It must hurt when that beast was playing around with your feelings…I know how that feels.” Mayu saw through my feelings and then slowly backed away to look at me from head to toe. She realized the biting mark on my neck and some vague hickies around my neck and collarbone.

“Damn…that beast.”

“Mayu…I’m okay.”

I tried to tell her I’m fine, but she ignored me. “Do you want to tell what actually happen? I’m…concerned with your feelings at the moment right now.”

I froze as I slowly looked down at my bruised wrists before I replied back to her. “She…kissed me.”

(Mayu: …As expected from that kissing beast)

She nodded and waited for me to continue finish what I’m saying. She knew that I’m not done yet. Part of me wanted to tell her everything, but at the same time, I didn’t want to remind myself what happened. “…She pinned me down, talking with beautiful words…but what’s worse…she told me she love me.”


“It…I didn’t resist her even though I know it’s wrong…!” I saw tear droplets dropped onto my hands, I was crying and I hurried my face on my hands. I wanted to hide myself from this shame and sin I committed. “Mayu…I kissed her back, there’s once…I ignored everything and only think about Jurina! I disgusted myself so much for doing that! I betrayed Yukirin…!”

“Stop it Rena.”

Mayu grabbed my arm and pulled it away from my face. I accidently made an eye contact with her and I could see a vague smile on her face. Her smile calmed me down so much…her smile was just so pretty. “If it’s Yukirin and me, I would do the same, probably much worse than you. I even attempted to break up Jurina and Yuki even though I know it would hurt both sides despite being their best friend…you’re not disgusting, you’re not.”


“You’ll be too insane to stop your love for someone. I couldn’t even do that.”

Mayu ruffled my head and had a big smile across her face. That moment, I didn’t matter whether it was a cyborg smile or not, but all I know was that I’m really comforted by it. “If your love for Jurina is real, this time…it’s my turn to help you, if something were to happen, blame me, don’t blame yourself…I’m much more selfish and dirty than you.”

“N-No! You’re not dirty at all! Please don’t say something like that…”

“…So what’s your answer?” Mayu completely ignored what I said and demanded for an answer from me. “Is your love you for Jurina serious enough?”

“But she’s my step sister--”

“Screw that.” She replied as if it was some simple thing that could be neglected. “What I really care was that do you love her or not?”

“…” I blinked with surprise before I started to calm myself down by closing my eyes. I still remembered that kiss I had with Jurina, which was also my first kiss I could remember. But because of that kiss…I understood my feelings more.

“Rena, your answer?”

“…Yes I do. I love Jurina…I love her.”

I finally I got the guts to confess and state it clearly to her. It made Mayu got up and lent me a hand to pull me up on my feet. I took her hand and made an eye contact with her after I stood up.

“Glad the hear that.”

She still had that smile across her face. She looked really happy. I wondered what made her that happy though. But Mayu really looked good with that smile, she should smile even more. “You gave me courage to approach Yuki…this time, it’s my turn to give you as well. Don’t give up on Jurina, you got that?”


I nodded weakly and she ruffled my head again, even though it’s roughly like she usually do, it was filled with her kindness. “Thank you, Mayu.”

“I didn’t do anything much, you’re the one with a strong heart Rena.”

I was shocked to hear her actually complimenting me on something with that honest tone. I actually thought she was lying, but maybe she actually was not. She didn’t say anything further than that, even do I. She told me to go take a shower while she went to take a medicine to apply on my bruised wrist. As she’s done with giving me the medicine she left the room in order for me to rest. So many things happened tonight, too many things happened. So many emotions surged all over the places and made me so confused with myself. Even that kiss got from when Jurina was drunk…I couldn’t forget that sensation I had. I really couldn’t give up on my love for Jurina after all…couldn't I?


Mayu grabbed her bag from her office and was about to head home using her car. Before she was about to leave, she received an SMS from someone.

“…Who is that in the middle of the night like this?”

She flicked her phone and surprisingly it was from Yuki. She opened the text immediately without waiting.

[I forgot to tell you something…please just keep the clothes I gave you. It looked really pretty on you. I have loads of it more at home so don’t worry about it. Don’t return it to me, because I won’t take it!]

The clothing and heels that Mayu actually got today was from Yuki, she was forced to wear because the doctor always wore jeans and a hoodie all the time. Yuki wanted to change Mayu’s appearance a little so she brought her clothes for the doctor, but it seemed she gave it to her in the end.

“Hehe, that nurse…” She chuckled softly with a smile of relief. “I guess I’ll take it then.”

She drove back home with happiness in her heart. But then what Rena told her about Jurina today actually made her surprise. She recalled properly that…even though her doctor friend was drunk and would turn into a kissing monster, she never lies. She remembered there were few things that when drunken Jurina told her back at that graduation night…and it was all the truth despite her being a molester in that situation.

(Mayu: Jurina, it seemed you’re hiding much more things that I expected…)

The mastermind doctor mused and no one knew what she was thinking. But it seemed she had some ideas in her mind already…


~To Be Continue~

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clubhappy: YES! There will be more MaYuki moments for sure~ XD

kenjoy12: Hehehe, don't worry Sae is interested in Mayu because she's just the same type as her, mastermind people. We'll see what did Mayu decide to do with Jurina for Rena's sake~

kevinwkl: Sou desu~ When Jurina's drunk, she becomes a kissing monster! Yuki spend a lot of time with Mayu and started to have feelings for her~! Don't worry, I'll try update asap! I look forward to your supernatural partners season 2 as well! :)

Sherin: Hehe! Glad you enjoy the WMatsui moments~! We'll soon know later on what did Jurina said to Mayu during the graduation night! WOW! You nailed it~ You seemed to got my hint! Jurina's confession + when she's drunk, she speaks only the truth = she does have feelings for Rena. Sugoi~! You got it! XD

kurogumi: As you thought kurogumi-san~ I couldn't tell whether Jurina and Rena's relation in the past is bad or not, but there's something that actually happen :D (The reason I couldn't tell yet becuz I'm not completely sure about their past yet! XD) Yuki's past desu neh~ Might be a good make for this! Mayu as yakuza daughter? Wow, how did you know that!? Hmm...! you're so sharp kurogumi-san...  :OMG:

Yuki88: EH!?!?!? I guess many clues through out the story is enough to make a guess now? ><"  :OMG: As much as I could tell now! Jurina got into a fight with her parents and left Matsui family, the reason is Rena herself. XD Glad you enjoy it!

OMG right after Sherin-san, everyone started to make a very sharp guess O_O! I guess it's starting to get a little more obvious now. Thank you for your lovely comments minna-san~!

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Post by: clubhappy on July 25, 2013, 11:54:19 AM
Argh I accidentally delete my comment while trying to edit it =w=" my stupid phone
Then...... This will be a re-comment lol XD
I'm waiting for the next Mayuki moments then :D
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Post by: katekyohit on July 25, 2013, 12:03:16 PM
MINNA-SAN! Some announcement,

I made a poll for CH07 ~ Omake! Well, i'm just a little bored that's why XD Vote which ever option you like! The one with the most vote will be posted soon :) Cheers~
Title: Re: AMNESIA: CH07.1 + 07.2 [WMatsui + MaYuki] ~ (25/07/2013) + Omake Voting POLL!
Post by: Rena-chan Daisuki on July 25, 2013, 12:18:38 PM
for the poll
can i ask all of them to be post?
i'm curious 'bout all of it
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Post by: kenjoy12 on July 25, 2013, 12:41:18 PM
I think all of them.. Ahaha :fap

1st pre-prologue, 2nd Jurina's history and Mayu's history.. Oh and Yuki's 18th birthday

I think that's the sequence? :?


Thanks :bow: :twothumbs
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Post by: katekyohit on July 25, 2013, 12:48:41 PM
Rena-chan Daisuki: Don't worry, all will be revealed, like, if everyone wants it, I guess I'll do for all! XD But I need the order for each and prolly it's going to be written according to vote points. We'll see how it goes :)

kenjoy12: Ah I see~ Thanks for showing me the sequence! XD Might come in handy in the future~

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Post by: Sherin on July 25, 2013, 01:47:12 PM
The poll.....a hard choice.  :catglare:
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Post by: POPCAT on July 25, 2013, 02:53:10 PM
The poll why dose it have to be so difficult to decide :(

Why is Jurina a kissing raping molesting monster??? :nervous hahaha
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Post by: LoyalFlutist on July 25, 2013, 05:33:02 PM
Okay, first of all.... WHY ARE THE CHOICES OF THE OMAKE SO DIFFICULT!? XD What are you trying to do to us, Kate! What to choose, what to choose, what to choose... So hard to pick one! :panic:

"Kissing Raping Molesting" person is what Jurina transforms when she becomes drunk?! Although the scene with Rena is quite hot, I somewhat agree that it was a little wrong at the same time with the current situation at hand. Thank god Mayu and Yuki were able to come in time and save her before things goes too far (as much as I want to see some wMatsui, LOL). But since Mayu knows that Jurina doesn't lie when she's drunk, then Jurina's feelings for Rena must be the same as Rena herself to Jurina... (As they say, one of the two times an individual is completely honest is when they're drunk like hell) And poor Mayu having to go through Jurina's "Kissing Raping Molesting" transformation back a while ago. :panic: Though they didn't want to tell Jurina what happened, I hope Rena gets a chance to express her love in a proper fashion to the other girl. :sweatdrop: Ganbatte Rena-chan! :cathappy:

Now for Mayuki... Yikes! Sae wanted to talk to Yuki and Yuki doesn't seem to want to talk to her... Better yet see her. At least Mayu was able to shoot down Sae's arguments and made her leave. Then there's Mayu's past, which was sad when she has to remain picture-perfect and stuff for the sake of her family. :cry: Telling Yuki about it made her feel happy, so I'm glad that happened. :thumbsup Burdening yourself with guilt and keeping a cyborg mask does wear down over time, so I'm glad Yuki was able to let the other girl spill out what was bothering her. Now for both Mayu and Yuki, looks like their relationship is forming and bonding deeper and deeper the more they spend time with each other. :deco:

Thanks for the update and looking forward to more of your work! Ganbatte on your school and take your time! I'll be waiting~ :deco:
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Post by: White Hawk on July 25, 2013, 06:22:32 PM
Thanks for the update~

White Hawk: Glad you enjoy it! RenaMayu? Hmm~ There will be more of their moments, but in the end it would be WMatsui and MaYuki. Who knows? If there's many people wanted RenaMayu pairings in this fanfic, I might write a side-story or OS of an alternate ending of Amensia with Rena x Mayu pairing? :D if that's what everyone wants I'm willingly to write it out~ (it would be so interesting to write that pair out)
Oh oh oh~! I love your idea! Please write it! Hihihi xD

Oh yeah~! Those chapters are good!
Yukirin started to fall in love with Mayu~ lol
And that WMatsui moment! (DrunkJurina is scary >.<)
Ughh.. It would be much better if Jurina wasn't drunk.. xD
And the MayuRena moment~  :heart: :heart: :heart:

The moment I blinked again, I saw blood scattered everywhere in the mirror, and all over my clothes, arms, hands, and my face. I flinched back and then the blood had disappeared. It was just a hallucination? But it felt too real. Was it a part of a memory that I…might’ve wish to forget?
For a second, I thought Rena was Gekikara before she lost her memories, then I remembered that she got into an accident LOL xD

Btw, is Mayu's father is a mafia leader? xD

Cant wait for your next update xD
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Post by: Koneki on July 25, 2013, 06:44:07 PM





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Post by: Zita on July 25, 2013, 07:24:09 PM
Thank you. :cow:
About the poll, I would like to know everything. :sweatdrop:
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Post by: mo-chan on July 26, 2013, 12:36:32 AM
when Jurina said that she didn't feel well I didn't think that she is only drunk   :lol: It surprise me to know that she can turn to be a kissing molesting monster intersting intersting  :lol: But Poor Rena-chan she really loves Jurina she will think that Jurina did it because she is drunk  :sweatdrop: But the truth there is a secret that Jurina hides which is that she loves Rena-chan~ :wub: But she is hopeless she keeps refusing to admit it  :banghead: And Mayu as always she knows and suspect thinngs and at the end she keeps it for herself  :doh: Still I loved Wmatsui moment I imagine a sexy Rena and on top of her a handsome Jurina kissing her  :bleed eyes: Mayu also are cute~ and lovely~ :inlove: But I'm still asking myslef why would Yuki love Mayu if she loves Jurina  :huhuh or she doesn't love Jurina?  :? or She didn't really fell in love with Jurina and it's just a like?  :panic: Thanks for this long update kate-chan I love it :thumbsup I wanted to call you kate-chan for short if you don't mind of course  :P  And I voted for Mayu's History I'm wanted to know more about Mayu  :cathappy: Okey I think I wrote all what  I wanted to say~ I'll be waiting for your updates  :lol:
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Post by: katekyohit on July 26, 2013, 03:19:59 AM
ANNOUNCEMENT FOR POLL: Sorry for making it a hard choice minna~ I just try to figure what are things that readers might wanted to know (apparently remained secret in the story right now)! It seemed this is quite a tough choice! ><" So I think I'll write all of that, but in order of number of votes. They will become OMAKE for each chapter from now starting Chapter 7 (until Chapter 10) All of those secrets will be revealed in much in depth, but just which one you guys wanted to know first XD I'm having so much fun myself by just looking at the results of the poll each time I check this page~ Deadline will be Aug 1, after that I'll announce which is going to become CH07 Omake!

Sherin: Hehe, sorry for making a hard choice~

POPCAT: Eh, I don't know why she's like that too. I just got an idea from how Jurina's a kissing monster XD

LoyalFlutist: Long comment as always LoyalFlutist-san~ LOL, I know the choices are difficult~ Yup you got it~ There's a hint that Jurina did have the same feelings as what Rena have for her. We'll see how will Rena act after this happened to her. XD  Mayu started to express herself a little more with Yuki and their relationship is definitely becoming stronger since they spend a lot of time together.

White Hawk: Yep~ Yukirin started to have feelings for Mayu!!! I agree that the WMatsui moment would be much better if she's not drunk...but at least she's being honest when she's drunk~! XD RenaMayu moments are nice too~ I just like it how Mayu is being really kind and always look after Rena when she's feeling down...  :heart: As for Mayu's father is a mafia or not...I'll just say yep you nailed it! Right now, Mayu's history is on a lead~! We'll see by the end how much people will vote~

Koneki:Wow, your reaction!! >< I'm glad you really enjoy this chapter as well~!

Zita: AHAHAHAHAHA! I know how that feels~ I hope the announcement I made at the beginning of the comment would do some help~

mo-chan: Yepp, poor rena....but now we know Jurina's feelings! I agree she's hopeless to admit it!!! Oh wow that's a nice scene (sexy Rena and on top of her a handsome Jurina kissing her) to imagine XD Now you're giving me ideas.... :glasses: I would love to answer it but that's the biggest secret of the story XD Keep questioning it! There will be more hints coming up through out each chapter + omake until the end :D And just call me whatever you prefer! I'm good with all names XD Obviously I don't mind it at all~ Glad you enjoy it!

Minna~ Thank you for all your lovely comments! I appreciate it all and it gives me a lot of motivation + inspiration XD I look forward to which OMAKE I will be writing for Chapter 7~

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Post by: gek geki on July 26, 2013, 04:58:39 AM

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Post by: Archer1992 on July 28, 2013, 03:26:34 AM
waaa Mayuyu is such a nice person ^_^

hahahahaha Juju Drunk is  very hot actually

thanks and Update Soon!!!!


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Post by: katekyohit on July 29, 2013, 01:00:19 PM
Attention to everyone: Ah, gommenasai minna-san!  :bow: I just realized that the "Yuki's 18th birthday" overlapped with Jurina's past, so if I write Jurina's past, it would also include Yukirin's 18th birthday incident in there as well.  =S I didn't realize it until recently!!! I apologise for this mistake!!! ><" I'll edit the poll so people can change their votings! I'm sorry for this inconvenience  :bow:
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Post by: katekyohit on July 29, 2013, 01:02:19 PM
Oh no, I can't change the poll setting....  :shocked:
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Post by: mo-chan on July 29, 2013, 01:37:00 PM
of course you can't .You can only add and not delete it  :grin:
or you have to make a new poll  :rofl: :rofl:
but you don't have to do anything cause Jurina's History is always the winner in all ways XD
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Post by: katekyohit on July 29, 2013, 05:00:30 PM
mo-chan: LOL you're right, Jurina's History is on the lead right now XD
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Post by: Minamiyuki on July 29, 2013, 06:37:54 PM
I want Yukirin's 18th birthday......  :) :) :)

Hehehehehehe XD XD XD XD
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Post by: Sherin on July 29, 2013, 07:19:33 PM
I want Yukirin's 18th birthday......  :) :) :)

Hehehehehehe XD XD XD XD

Well Kate just said Jurina's past is related to Yukrib's past and Jurina's one is leading. XD
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Post by: katekyohit on August 01, 2013, 01:36:59 AM
ANNOUNCEMENT FOR OMAKE: The vote has come to an end! As the results might be obvious already...Since Mayu's History and Pre-Prologue has the same vote...I decided to do the coin flip, I hope that's fair with everyone!

CH07 Omake: Jurina's History (Yuki's 18th Birthday is included in this part)
CH08 Omake: Pre-Prologue
CH09 Omake: Mayu's History

Please look forward to it! We shall know why and how Jurina became a part of Yuki's family...  :hee:

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Post by: mo-chan on August 01, 2013, 03:34:02 AM
eeeeh Mayu's History and Pre-Prologue has the same vote and it turned Mayu's History is the last   :mon ref: It is unfair~  :mon annoy:
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Post by: katekyohit on August 01, 2013, 09:19:14 AM
I know....It's sad :(  :OMG: :err:
It would be much better of the vote didn't tie...
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Post by: mo-chan on August 02, 2013, 06:25:07 AM
oups I accidentelly delet my comment >< I really rememer what said earlier
I know that Mayu is a yakuza daughter or something like but still to know about the part of her first love~ *w*
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Post by: katekyohit on August 02, 2013, 06:28:44 AM
hehehehe, we'll soon know~ XD  :ding: Going to be fluffy~ :deco:
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Post by: gek geki on August 17, 2013, 04:33:36 AM
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Post by: Angeldarke on August 18, 2013, 12:50:22 AM
WoW Jurina and Rena so   :shy2:

OMG what will happen next  :ding:

please update soon  :onioncheer:
Title: Re: AMNESIA: CH07 ~ Omake [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (02/09/2013)
Post by: katekyohit on September 02, 2013, 04:41:14 PM

Finally I finished writing my Omake....thanks to LoyalFlutist-san checking it out (whether it works or not) I have quite a problem writing it out whether it's good enough or not...So if it didn't reach your expectations, gommenasaii~  :bow:

A little present for Mayuki-fans~

If you all recall it's a scene from Ch.07 of Amnesia XD I just feel like I have to draw this no matter what! :3
My drawing is not that awesome...but just feel like wanting to draw it out ><"

For WMatsui....will come soon XD (I guess it would be the kissing scene?)

Anyways~ please enjoy the omake!


Amnesia: CH07 Omake ~ History of Matsui Jurina


“You’re going to Tokyo.”

The man replied as the girl’s face frowned with shock. She couldn’t believe what the man was saying. “W-What do you mean?”

“I’m sending you to live with a friend of mine back in high school, he will guarantee your spot in medicine in one of the best universities in Tokyo, but you MUST leave here.”

“…You want me to leave that bad huh, dad?” Jurina glared back at her father whom was sitting at the couch with his wife. “Just say that you didn’t want me to be here.”


He got up and slapped across Jurina’s face and made the girl fell onto the ground. She looked up and saw her father’s angered face. He was extremely pissed with how Jurina was picking a fight with him. “How dare you say something like that to your dad!?”

“Then did you just tell me that I’m leaving to Tokyo today!? TELL ME WHY DAD!” Jurina raised her voice against her dad and it made him angrier as ever but before he could say anything, the daughter continued where she left off. “Especially on the day that Rena-chan has her school fieldtrip. This is all of your plan…isn’t?”

“Stop this nonsense!”

“Dear! Please stop hurting Jurina!” Her mother came in to stop the husband before he would hit Jurina due to anger.

Fortunately, the sound of the car arrived in front of Matsui’s residence caught their attention. Kashiwagi Azuma, an old friend of Jurina’s father finally had arrived at Nagoya in order to come escort Jurina to Tokyo to live with his family instead. Jurina didn’t know what deal that her father made with his friend but she left her house with cold eyes to her father…she wasn’t given a chance to even say any farewell to Rena properly. To Jurina, she felt more of being kicked out from her family than moving over to study at Tokyo…


A handsome girl was sitting at the back seat silently without uttering a single word throughout the entire ride. She didn’t seem to be in a mood for anything after she just had a boiled argument with her father. Nothing was but silence within the car. As soon as they turned at the corner and arrived in front of this prestigious house the car parked at the entrance. The driver went to open the door for the man and Jurina to get down. The girl had no life in her eyes. It seemed she didn’t have any expectations in anything in her life right now. The maids came to take her luggage in order to put it into her new room.

“Welcome back dad!”

The longhaired raven girl exclaimed energetically as she welcomed her father back home. She was standing alongside with another woman who looked similar to her. “Is it her?”

“Yup~ this is Matsui Jurina that will be living with us from now.” The gentle aura man turned to the quiet girl. “I welcome you to our home, please make yourself at home and I shall introduce you to my family.”

Jurina looked up and saw the raven-haired girl in front of her. She was shocked as she saw an image of her younger sister on that girl. But something was different between both of them. Jurina could say they shared some similar aura. She smiled energetically to her and approached towards Jurina.

“I heard a lot about you from father, I’m Kashiwagi Yuki, you can just call me Yukirin. Nice to meet you Jurina-san.” She extended her hand out and then Jurina took her hand and had a firm handshake.

“Matsui Jurina…nice to meet you.” She looked up to her and could feel the warmth from her smile.

“I’m Kashiwagi Saeko, I’m Yuki’s mother.” She warmly welcomed Jurina to their house. “I’m glad to meet you.”


Every story began right after Jurina had stepped into Kashiwagi’s family.
After left her precious hometown and family behind…
Many things waited for her in Tokyo that would change her life…
…This is Jurina’s History.


“The test score is available online right now. If you have any questions do ask.”

The teacher announced to her students as they all got real tensed. Some were excited, some were depressed, but I don’t seem to care what I got on the test at all. I simply stared out from the window and just waited for her lecture to begin. Right now I’m currently studying in a medicine degree at this prestigious university in Tokyo. After I’ve been reading books whole day whole night…I started to wear glasses these days.

Also…it had been two years since I didn’t contact much with my family as well as…my younger sister.


A familiar voice called me and as I turned her eyes met with her closest colleague I had so far in this university. She’s the well-known cyborg girl known to be the ‘ace’ of our year…Watanabe Mayu.

“How’s your test?”

I sighed softly as not much people knew about this, but Mayu was one real competitor that would seem like she’s forcing you to always compete with her in terms of grade…and I’m the victim for that ever since last year.

“You’re so competitive that I couldn’t follow up with you.”

“Well, my life is all about competing. Unfortunately I failed to get a 100. Its just a 98 though…” Mayu sighed with displease. She wasn’t happy to get 98% due to her ridiculous high standards in this degree. Anyone would be screaming and crying with happiness to get that high already. Nothing could satisfy the cyborg girl aside from 100%

“So what’s yours?”

“I’ll check it now then.”

I opened the result page on her phone before showing it to Mayu. It made the cyborg girl slightly surprised as she saw I got 100% on the test. “I guess I won this time.”

“Hehe~ you’re always a best rival I ever wanted to have.”

The mouse smirked with excitement, as I’m the first person that could equally competed with her in terms of knowledge and intelligence. That’s what she told me. She said she got quite attracted to me because of the aura I emitted. I still don’t understand that part but it didn’t really matter now because I’m stuck with her ever since then until now.

“Glad that I’m used to that side of yours already…”

I shrugged my shoulders as the cyborg sat beside me for today’s lecture. Mayu could be extremely annoying but I had to admit that because of the cyborg’s presence it helped make my life have some change in taste and color. I used to get really annoyed at Mayu back in 1st year but we seemed to become closer as ever in their 2nd year.

After the classes were over, I got a message from Yukirin. That’s quite surprising that she told me to meet at the entrance of the university as soon as I could. I wondered what’s so urgent about this. The only time I got a message like this would mean something quite…important. It caught Mayu’s attention and made her questioned my musing face.

“What is it?”

“A text from Yukirin. She came to pick me up so I’ll be leaving early then.”

“Heh, have fun with your girlfriend.” Mayu replied sarcastically and it made me smacked her head softly. “Ow…what was that for?”

“Nothing~ I’m leaving.”

I went out to meet with Yuki at the entrance of her school before Mayu could catch up with me to give her revenge back. From a distance away I could see Yukirin waiting for my arrival in front of this luxurious black car.

“Wow, that was fast?” Yuki was surprised to see me coming out early from my class. But without further ado, we both went inside the car before we could have any further conversations.

“So…is there something?” I asked her and she nodded firmly. Oh dear there’s actually something.

“Yup. Dad asked me to bring you to his office at the hospital.”

Yuki replied and it caught my attention. I couldn’t imagine what would Yuki’s father wanted to meet with me. A part of me was slightly scared since Azuma-san was a man that no one could really tell what he was thinking. “Don’t worry about it! Dad really likes you so he won’t harm you or anything.”

“Haha…thanks Yukirin. I’m just a little nervous. Never I could get used to that.”

I sighed as Yuki leaned against my shoulder and held my hand. It’s quite obvious as we’re couples and even Yuki’s parents accepted that too. They didn’t mind me dating their only beloved daughter but still I couldn’t share the uneasiness of having to confront Yuki’s father at times, especially when I’m alone with him…He can be really scary sometimes.


As soon as they arrived at the Hospital owned by Kashiwagi group. Yuki and I headed up to Azuma-san’s office to meet with him immediately. However he seemed to only want to talk to me in person and told Yuki to go wait somewhere else until we’re done with their meeting.

“I’ll go wait for you at the lobby ground then. Text me when you’re done.”

“Alright.” I patted Yuki’s head before she left the room.

Right now it’s only Azuma-san and I in the room. He asked me to sit at the empty chair in front of his table while he was getting out some sort of paper files onto the table. While I was switching my attention between the papers and Azuma-san, I tried to remain as calmed as possible.

“Jurina, you’re already 21 aren’t you?”

“Yes…?” It made me slightly confused and wondering why he would be asking about my age before he passed this paper file to me.

“I guess it’s the time for you to know who are you…”

I took the paper and the first word that struck her was her birth certificate that didn’t have. My name, my birthday, my blood type was indeed accurate but the except my family name. My family name of my birth certificate wasn’t Matsui…but it was Shinoda.

“…I received the permission from your foster parents to tell you the truth.”

Azuma-san continued while I had her mind blown away from seeing my birth certificate. I looked back up with my eyes filled with misbelief. It was something that he expected to see from me. “I know this is surprising…to be kept hidden behind you until now.”

“W-What…is the meaning of this Azuma-san??”

“Your biological mother, Shinoda Mariko…she’s a model. You’re likely to recognize that name didn’t you?”

His words echoed inside my mind. I remembered seeing this famous model of Japan on several TV shows as well as magazines…that woman was Shinoda Mariko and right now I was told that woman was actually her mother!?

“A-Ah…this is just too much for me to process…”

“I understand the feel, do you want to listen to the full version?”

“…Yes.” I tried to remain as calm as I could while listening to what Azuma was telling me.

It was one hell of a story. I didn’t know that my…mom was a closed friend with Shinoda-san back in their high school. Azuma-san wasn’t there to see but he heard the whole story from my mom and dad. About 21 years ago…Shinoda-san suddenly came to visit mom with a baby in her hand…that is me. She couldn't raise that baby because it would ruin her reputation as a model. I’m a child born from her and a movie director she secretly had an affair with. Obviously my mom and dad didn’t want to take me but then because Shinoda-san forced onto them…due to pity my mom had on me, she decided to take me in and raise me as their own daughter. Until now, they hadn’t told me the truth…and finally I learned all of it.

“Back then you were too young to know the truth. The world isn’t much of a beautiful place.” Azuma-san sighed and just waited for me to respond. But obviously how could I respond to that?

Then that means…Rena-chan is not blood-related to me. Then why did dad…have to chase me out? Instead of sadness, a tinge of anger rose within my subconscious. At this point, I couldn’t understand what dad was thinking at all.

“So that’s why I wanted to give you an offer.”

He passed me another paper and it even made me shocked even more. There were too many things gushing into my head today. At first he told me about my birth…and now…an adoption paper into Kashiwagi family. It made me understood immediately what Azuma-san was trying to say. He could tell from my facial expression that I understood the situation very well…

“I talked with your parents already and they allowed you to make the decision…whether you wanted to still be Matsui or become a part of Kashiwagi.”


“That’s a part of the reason why they left you with me…they wanted to give you a better future that they couldn’t give to you.”

Azuma-san spoke to me honestly without holding back. But then I could see him sighed softly. “I honestly didn’t agree with them for doing this…but they’re so persisted with it.”

“…” My eyes kept staring on the table and Azuma-san just kept on continuing the talk.

“Take your time to decide it. Since you’re Yuki’s girlfriend…I don’t actually mind if you two decided to tie a knot with your relationship and become a part of Kashiwagi family with us. Yuki seemed pretty much really happy with you too.”

D-Did I misheard what he said!? I shot my head back up again and I couldn’t believe what he said. He gave me the permission to even marry his daughter? Marry to Yukirin? That’s just… T-There’s just too many things happening today now. I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

“I guess you shouldn’t make Yuki wait any longer. Thank you for coming and do take your time to think about it.”


I walked out from the room and my head felt like exploding. I felt like things were getting too far serious than I expected now. I had to go talk to Yukirin about this immediately… I rushed down to the lobby and before I could text her I saw her sitting in the café.

“Oh Jurina! You’re done already?”

“Yeah, we need to talk a little.”


We got back home without further ado. I didn’t bring the topic up because the driver would overhear us so I waited until we got back home into my room. I made sure that the door was shut completely so no one would hear us.

“Jurina…what’s a matter? What did dad told you?”

“Well…quite a long story if you don’t mind.”

I slowly told her everything that I learned. About me being the daughter of the famous Japanese model, about given the choice to either be Matsui or Kashiwagi…about Azuma-san given me green flag to marry Yukirin.  I could tell she was equally shocked as me. It wasn’t that surprising at all since who would expect that coming? Especially…when Yukirin and I weren’t in a real relationship.

“T-That’s…I-I’m so sorry Jurina!”

“It’s okay, I didn’t expected things to become that serious…” I sighed softly and just seemed to remind myself the purpose I became Yukirin’s girlfriend.

It was for the sake of protecting her from getting engaged to Miyazawa Sae. It was a fake relationship between us. I never thought of Yukirin more than a sister, or a friend, because…it seemed my heart still belonged to someone else. That was one hell crazy day when I went to talk to Azuma-san regarding cancelling Yukirin’s engagement. I’m quite glad that he didn’t kill me and Saeko-san was there to help us as well. That incident end smoothly than I expected it to be. It’s a great news for me, but after Azuma-san gave a green flag to actually marry to Yukirin it’s just…beyond my expectations. It was quite one big tension between us right now and I think I should loosen it up a little…OH RIGHT!

“Yukirin, isn’t your birthday coming up?”

“O-oh! Talking about that…you’re right.”

“Well it’s next week Wednesday…sounds good! My class ends quite early on that day.” I patted her head and hoped that my energetic smile would break the tension down.

“We’ll celebrate it!”

“Aw~ that’s so sweet of you Jurina!”

Yukirin jumped into my arms and hugged me tightly. She could be really childish at times too. That’s her attractive side, but then she left since she had to go finish her assignments. So I’m just resuming my studies but for some reason I couldn’t focus that well at all. My mind was really distracted by the facts that was thrown onto me all of the sudden. It’s just too much for me to actually focus on my studies.

(Jurina: So I’m not a part of Matsui…no wonder they kicked me out like that.)

My dark inner thoughts kicked in and made me froze. I denied that I didn’t actually felt like that but I couldn’t shake the fact that…I might felt like that.

(Jurina: But then why…since Rena and I are not related…why did dad shove me out? Why…!?)

Suddenly, anger surge through my heart and it’s obvious that I’m angry with dad. He always did something like this and never explained anything to me.  In the end it’s Azuma-san that told me the truth. Maybe I should have left Matsui and start a life with Yukirin. She’s a really nice person; maybe being with her might help me forget about…Rena.



The odd clashing sound caught my attention. It’s a necklace I brought from Nagoya and that’s…a necklace that Rena-chan gave to me on my 18th birthday before I got kicked out from the house.


I don’t want to leave her. I miss her. Even though I’m really angry with my dad…but I still love him so much after he’d been raising me for this long without abandoned me. Then it seemed I realize that in the end…I don’t want to abandon the name of Matsui. I’m proud to say I’m Matsui Jurina beyond anything else. Is it a coincidence that this necklace fell because I was have a dilemma about being Matsui or Kashiwagi? Did my thoughts reached Rena in some sort of way? Maybe? Or maybe not? But I hope it did…I wonder what would Rena say to me if she knew about this.

“I guess I can’t abandoned my feelings for you after all…Rena.”

Even after for two years I had this ‘fake’ relationship with Yukirin, I really hope I would change my feelings and forget about her. Yet I failed, and ended up yearn for Rena even more…I’m just a failure sister.


One night, I went to Azuma-san’s room in Kashiwagi’s household. I knocked on the door and he allowed me to enter his room.

“Good evening Azuma-san.”

“Good evening Jurina, is there something you want to talk to me?”

“…Yes.” I replied firmly and as expected, he could tell what I was thinking from my eyes. He asked me to sit down and then he went straight to the point of our conversation.

“So…it seemed you made your decision already am I right?”

“Yes, no matter what…I’m proud of be Matsui. I love my parents, my family, and I’m proud to be their child even though I’m not blood-related to them.”

Azuma-san looked at me and he had a smile of satisfaction across his face. He was really impressed with my answer and told me about how my parents loved me so much even they’re willing to sacrifice everything in order to give me a better future. Even until now…they would always try to send as much money as possible for me without I realizing it at all. It was really shocking to learn about that…it made me even happier that I decided to hold the name Matsui for the rest of my life.

“Well, I’m glad you’re able to give me your answer. By the way…isn’t it Yuki’s birthday tomorrow?”


“Both Saeko and I will definitely excuse ourselves to come back for her birthday. We missed too much of her birthday already, please do tell her for us.”

He smiled back at me and I’m really happy about it. I’m so happy for Yukirin that her birthday this time, her parents would be there to celebrate with her! It was one of the best news I never expected coming. Oh I just felt so happy for Yukirin!

“That’s amazing! Yukirin will definitely be so happy about it.”

“You think so? I’m glad! Well then I shouldn’t keep you from staying late any further, I hope you have a good sleep Jurina.”

“Thank you, and you too Azuma-san.”

I can’t wait to tell Yukirin tomorrow with such awesome news like this. I could see her screaming and hopping around with utmost excitement. This would be her best birthday ever.


Today’s is already Yukirin’s birthday. I did go to buy her birthday present with Mayu’s help for selection. At least she did bought something for Yukirin as well. We came out to Yukirin’s favorite café to have her shortcake after Mayu and I are done with our classes. Since it’s her birthday today, I’m paying it for her.

“Oi, happy 18th birthday. You’re now one more year closer to death.” The cyborg girl stuck her tongue out at Yuki while passing a present box to her.

“Can’t you be anywhere close to stop being sarcastic on my birthday?” Yuki grumbled and snatched it immediately.

“Where’s your gratitude kirin?”

“I’m not a giraffe for god’s sake!” Yuki glared and then Jurina broke the tension for them as she started a whole new topic of the conversation.

“Guys~ let’s order the cake okay?”

Jurina called the waitress over and they ordered their snacks and drinks before both Mayu and Yukirin would continue their debate again. Yukirin knew Mayu beause she dropped by to our place once and she had Azuma-san’s attention as well due to her talents. We spend time together just the three of us before Yukirin and I headed back home together. Mayu is sure really sarcastic with Yukirin…I started to wonder why since she doesn’t usually act like this with others. EH!? Don’t tell me…Uso~! If this is like some actual drama or anime…Oh wow Mayuyu! I don’t know how she usually acted when she’s in love but she’s really sure one HELL tsundere…I wonder what I really think is right or not! If its right, this would be…oh I just reminded myself that Yukirin is my girlfriend. This is becoming one insane love triangle…

“Jurina, I think it’s about time we should go?”

Yukirin nudged me before I glanced at my watch. Oh wow it’s already late 5pm! I agreed with her that we should be heading back soon now. I guess Yukirin’s excited as well since her parents said they would be there for her this time. I turned to Mayu and she seemed to understand before I could even say a word.

“I’ll see you guys next week then.”

“Yeah. I’ll talk to you tomorrow night about our assignment okay?”

“Yeah yeah~”

Mayu shrugged her shoulders and left. She gave me the money but it seemed she gave me more than what she ordered. I looked at her with dumbfounded look while we made a silent eye contact. “Special occasion to pay.”

Then she just walked away. Somehow I had a feeling she’s speaking to me indirectly that she’s willingly to pay half of what Yukirin ordered. Obviously Yukirin didn’t understand Mayu’s communication but I stayed with her long enough to understand how indirect Watanabe could be.

(Jurina: That girl could at least be a little more honest with herself…)

“What did she mean?” Yukirin asked but obviously, there’s nothing to stop me from telling her about this.

“Mayu paid for you.” As I expected, Yukirin’s eyes gawked widely with shock as she couldn’t believe that the sarcastic woman would be that generous to her.

“Eh!? No way!”

“That’s Mayu~”

I giggled at Yukirin’s overreacting reaction. As we headed back home I told her how Mayu could be really indirect at times and it would take one hell time to actually get used to her. Obviously Yukirin couldn’t believe that she always seen Mayu as a sarcastic annoying asshole all the time. Maybe at least this might be able to help Yukirin view Mayu in another perspective.


As we got home, I could obviously tell how much Yukirin was excited to have her parents come to celebrate with her. Azuma-san told me he would be back around 7pm and right now…its 10 minutes before it hits 7. Yukirin was there staring at the clock patiently in the living room like a little puppy waiting for her master to arrive home any second. I studied a little while waiting for both Yukirin’s parents to arrive home and suddenly my cellphone rang…


It’s from Azuma-san. For some reason…why didn’t I felt good about it at all? I picked up the call while Yukirin was looking at me with curiosity. She probably didn’t think that it’s her father that’s calling me.

“Hello? Ah yes she’s here…W-What!? N-No way…!”

Obviously, my thoughts could process what Azuma-san was telling me. The news was just…too shocking for even me to be able to control my emotions. As I kept listening to him I slowly able to grasp my control back, but still my mind was exploded already…

“Y-yes…I understand. ”

Azuma-san hung up the call and Yukirin walked up to me. As expected she had a puzzled look on her face.

“Who’s that?”

“…” My mind wasn’t even ready to utter a word. How am I supposed to tell Yukirin about this? It’s just too much for Yukirin to handle; especially today is her birthday…why does it have to end like this?


“Yukirin…we have to head out now.”

“Eh? Why? Both dad and mom are heading back right now aren’t they?”

She asked and I couldn’t hide my dreadful expression, I ignored everything around me and just grabbed her hand. I dragged her out from the house without bringing anything along with us aside from our cellphones. Great that I learned how to drive, so I took one of the cars at the parking lot and drove off to our destination…to the hospital.

“Jurina-chan…what’s wrong? Please tell me.”

Instead of Yukirin furious over me, she was worried about my odd behaviors. I glanced at her and I could only see worries within her beautiful dark orbs. Sometimes at moments like this…I wished she would be raging at me more than worrying about me.

“Yukirin I…please don’t ask anything and just come with me for now.”


She listened to me and I drove quickly in order to reach my destination. My heart was trembling and aching badly in order to embrace the truth that Yukirin and I would confront. As soon as we arrived at the familiar building…obviously Yukirin was surprised and got confused about why am I bringing her here.


I didn’t reply anything to her and hurried parking the car before I leaped out immediately. I could see her following me but still with that puzzled look on her face. I held her hand and then walked into the hospital quickly as I could.

“Jurina-chan! Why are we here at dad’s hospital??”

“I-I can’t tell you…!”


Yukirin raised her voice and shook her hand off from mine. Obviously she seemed to reach the peak that she demanded for an answer or else she wouldn’t do as I asked her. The moment I knew she’s unsatisfied was the moment she didn’t call my name with any honorifics anymore.

“Tell me…why are we here?”

“…I can't tell. I’m not in a position to tell you that.”

“TELL ME! You have to tell me Jurina! You knew right?”

“Yes, Jurina knew it but I asked her not to mention of it.” A male’s voice came from behind, as it was Azuma-san in his surgery outfit. He just came out from the surgery room and didn’t change into his normal clothes yet. “…Because I have to tell you directly instead, Yuki.”

“Dad…? What’s going on?”

“Let me take you there…and I’ll explain everything.”

Then we followed Azuma-san up to the ICU center, the intensive care unit center…I knew that the horror was waiting for us. My legs are trembling so badly. It’s not that I’m scared or anything…I’m scared what would Yukirin reacted to this when she’s meeting her mother who’s about to pass away any second from now…or at most, tomorrow morning.


I saw tons of wires everywhere and Yukirin’s mother lying on the bed with the ventilator helping her to breath. What would you expect Yukirin to react; obviously she was shocked beyond anything else. I only could stand by her side while Azuma told what actually happened.

He told Yukirin that her mother got into a tragic accident that the bus driver seemed to sleep in and accidently went off its path and crashed the crowd of people walking on the footpath. It was one big tragic and obviously this would definitely go on the newspaper tomorrow… loads of people were terribly injured and right now the hospital was indeed really busy as endless numbers of injured citizens hoarded into the emergency section. Azuma-san wouldn’t expected his own wife to be one of the victims from the tragic bus incident…but what made Yukirin’s mom even worse comparing to others is that she’s shielding herself for this young child beside her. That made the boy unharmed, but she took twice the damage she’s not suppose to have taken…Even though Azuma-san did his very best, he’s isn’t god that could save everyone…Saeko-san might be gone tonight or at most…tomorrow.

“M-Mom…!” Yukirin went to her mom’s side and held her hand tightly. At the least, her mom still had her conscious.


“Mom! Please! Don’t die!!” Yukirin sobbed very hard and her mom just only smiled at her, patting her head. “Why do you have to be so selfless!?”

“I’m sorry Yuki…”

Her daughter didn’t reply anything only but crying even harder. What could be even worse with her mother getting into an accident on her very birthday? It’s just purely coincidence and I wondered destiny was having fun treating us like this. Yukirin don't deserve this…why does she have to go through this pain?

“Jurina…I have something to talk…to you.”

“H-Huh?” I was surprised, what would Saeko-san wanted to talk to me at this moment?

“Azuma…please…take Yuki out for a minute…”

His wife asked for a favor and he took care of Yuki. Maybe she needed to calm down a little. I could hear Yukirin’s yell from outside, she’s raging at her father…maybe they knew that this is coming and Azuma-san decided to take all the burden with him. I walked up closer to Saeko-san and I held her hand gently.

“Jurina…I know…that Yuki and you are not…together.”


I flinched upon words I heard from her. She knew that Yukirin and I aren’t actually having a relationship but how!? We never told anyone about this at all yet how did Yukirin’s mother know about this?

“Azuma and I knew that…but only he thought that you’ll eventually love Yuki in the end…but you didn’t feel like that for her, right?”

She smiled at me as if she’s reading me like a book. She knew that I didn’t love Yukirin in that way. She told me the way I looked at her was just different from how lovers would look at each other. She could tell from my actions…that I already loved someone and it’s not Yukirin. She’s right for everything she said…

“I’m so sorry…and thank you so much for looking after…my dear Yuki.”

“Not at all, Yuki is like a sister to me. I love her, and I care for her…”

“I’m glad…please don’t hurt Yuki more than this…from her eyes, I can tell, she dearly loves you.”

Upon those words, she told me how Yukirin always looked at me with those eyes of those who were in love. I never knew that Yukirin would felt like that towards me and since when she felt like that? I had no clue at all… Saeko-san kept going on, telling me that only I could support Yukirin from now on since she wouldn’t be able to go on any further than that. She pleaded me…to look after Yukirin and take care of her. Obviously how could I refuse that?

“I promise I will protect and look after Yukirin with my life.” I replied and I could see a weak smile from her face.

“Thank you Jurina…please…you have to be happy as well. You’re like a daughter to me…please you must find your own happiness---Ack ack!!”


The alarm from the machine went on and then both Yukirin and Azuma rushed back into the room. There were nurses rushed in to help Azuma-san as Yukirin’s mother’s heart rate was decreasing. It seemed she doesn’t have any time left anymore…

“NO! PLEASE! You can’t die!!!” Yukirin screamed to the top of her lungs and I embraced her from behind. I never seen her cried this hard before and that’s so obvious…


Her mother called her name for one last time and it immediately caught Yukirin’s attention. “Be strong…and be happy…I love you.”

That was the last word we heard from Saeko-san…we could hear the long BEEP sound and a straight line across the screen. Obviously both Yukirin and I understand what it meant…right now, Yukirin’s mother had went into a peaceful eternal slumber. I hugged Yukirin tightly and she started to cry on my shoulders. Why does this have to happen? I kept asking myself all the time. Why does these bad lucks have to happen to Yukirin? She never did anything to deserve this at all. I could feel…my tears ran down my cheeks upon the sight of Saeko-san’s death. She cared for me like I’m her daughter…and I saw her like my 2nd mother ever since I moved to Tokyo. To lose her…was like losing someone closed to me.

“Jurina…please…don’t leave me as well!”

Yukirin’s words struck me. She spoke up out of blue but I knew what she meant…This morning I didn’t just told her the news about her parents coming to celebrate with her, I also told her about my decision to remain as Matsui instead of being a part of Kashiwagi. She obviously accepted my decision but at this point…I had learned that Yukirin didn’t wish like that. It all made sense after Saeko-san told me that…Yuki had feelings for me. I understand how she felt…how is that different from me having feelings for Rena? I just felt like I’m seeing myself in Yukirin right now. I wish to remain as Matsui because I still wanted to have something to remind me about my eternal connection with Rena. Even it is just a last name…it still worth something to me.

“Yuki…I promise, I won’t leave you.”

I hugged her tightly and it seemed…I had decided to make one huge decision. I couldn’t leave Yuki like this. I know this is just as ridiculous but this is a decision I made. I can’t leave her just like how she’s now…even it’s going to sacrifice my own personal happiness. It’s the promise I made with Yuki’s mother. I will protect Yukirin and always stay by her side. She just resembled me back then too much. Seeing her right now just reminded how desperate I am to remain at Nagoya because I don’t want to be separated from Rena…she’s no different from me back then, and I don’t want her to experience the same pain as I haunted me until now.

“Azuma-san…I wanted to make some changes with what I told you.”


“I…If you don’t mind it, I’ll become part of Kashiwagi.”

I declared firmly out and it made both Kashiwagi turned their full attention to me. Of course they would be and I kept going on to finish where I left of. “Please let me become Kashiwagi Jurina.”

“Are you certain about this? I know this situation right now is dreadful but it could have an impact on your deci---”

 “I’m certain and I’m completely aware of the consequences…my decisions could be wrong, but this is what I’ve decided. It’s the promise I made with Saeko-san.”

“I see…I understand.”

Azuma looked at me and he could tell how serious I was. He sighed softly and came in to stroke my head gently. He nodded and accepted my decision. That moment, there’s no turning back. I could feel a tinge of pain aching in my chest since then…the pain that I left Matsui, and left Rena. But I’m willing to sacrifice my own happiness for Yukirin’s. She’s important to me and I couldn’t leave her like that. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t look at Yukirin as a lover at all…until someone could come fill the hole inside Yuki’s heart, I will always protect her. Even it’s going to be a decade…it’s a promise I made with Saeko-san…

I’m so sorry Rena…I’m so sorry…I’m no longer Matsui Jurina to you anymore. As I’m already…a member of Kashiwagi family.


[Yuki’s POV]

The moment I saw that dead straight line across the screen, my heart sank. I never knew how painful it could be to lose a family member. Now I know how it felt and why they cried so hard…I’m used to seeing that but never could be used to that feeling. I could feel Jurina hugging me tightly and I cried heavily on her shoulders. At least I’m not broke down because I still have Jurina…but she declined to be part of Kashiwagi…it made me upset to know that, maybe I should’ve told her I love her and wanted her to be with me. What should I do…I don’t want Jurina to leave me. I don’t want her to leave me or else I…!

“Jurina…please…don’t leave me as well!”

Words came out from my mouth unintentionally, I was surprised and I knew that’s the most dreadful mistake I could ever make in my life.

“Yuki…I promise, I won’t leave you.”

She replied me and patted my head gently. Her words were like a medicine that would always healed my wounded heart. Jurina’s always so gentle to me, no matter what she would always help me even until now…I couldn’t help but to think I’m just a burden to her.

“Azuma-san…I wanted to make some changes with what I told you. I…If you don’t mind it, I’ll become part of Kashiwagi.”

My eyes grew wide with shock and I swore at that moment, I did stopped crying. Why did Jurina change her decision about that? I swore she told me this morning she decided to remain as Matsui instead. Don’t tell me it’s because I said those selfish words…! Why Jurina? How could you be this selfless…?

“Are you certain about this? I know this situation right now is dreadful but it could have an impact on your deci---”

 “I’m certain and I’m completely aware of the consequences…my decisions could be wrong, but this is what I’ve decided. It’s the promise I made with Saeko-san.” Jurina cut off my dad’s sentence and it made him stayed in silence…

“I see…I understand.”

He replied her and accepted her decision. I couldn’t help but to cry but not just from the pain of losing my mom…it’s almost mixed with guilt feelings I had so far. I pushed so many things on Jurina. I forced her to be my girlfriend, I forced her to be together with me, and now I forced her to become a part of Kashiwagi…it’s all because of me. I’m just so disgusting…when I already knew that Jurina’s in love with someone already. Her eyes told me everything…I could see the way she looked at her sister’s picture…she loved her, the girl name Rena. I knew it for all along but I always had faith that one day…she would look at me as a lover. But never it would happen. Even though she would be forever bounded to Kashiwagi family and me…I could never be happy about it. I made Jurina sacrificed her own happiness just because of me. At that moment…I gave up with having Jurina fell in love with me. I just wanted her to be happy…but how could I do it? I’m so weak that I always had to rely on her. How could a weakling like me save her and give happiness back to Jurina?

I’m so sorry…I’m really sorry Jurina…but I promise you. One day…I’ll give your happiness back to you. I’ll repay all the things you’ve given to me. But just for today…right now…let me cry in your arms…



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I've already told you how I felt about the fan art and fiction, but I might as well comment again. XD

So now it's understandable to why Jurina has to be a part of the Kashiwagi family... It was for Yuki's sake. Even though she wanted to stay in the Matsui family, she had to go over to Yuki's side. Not to mention that she is actually an adopted girl of the Matsui family too! Oi! Mariko! Y U LEAVE YOUR DAUGHTER BEHIND? :shocked Such a tragic past the girls have... :cry: But we could see that after the omake chapter here, the two girls are able to support each other till Rena came rolling around the corner. Which... I suppose then poses as a problem as we can see right now. :sweatdrop: And I see that Mayu back then loves Yuki, but uses heavy sarcasm around them. Oh Mayuyu... Even Jurina could tell that you're head over heels with Yukirin! :sweatdrop:

Then there's the fan art, which I really love! Mayuki! Seeing Yuki's priceless expression is... well... priceless, LOL. :inlove:

Thank you so much for uploading it and looking forward to more of your future work as always~ :deco:
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It tell us why jurina with yuki when we know  jurina loved rena.

Don't worry yuki,you will help jurina when you fall in love with mayu LOL

But it's not that easy right?
There still some mistery,like what happen to matsui family after jurina left.and what happen to rena before that accident,the matsui family look goes to somewhere but end up tragic.

Jurina obtacle was yuki and rena amnesia

And mayuki,i could knew that yuki start fall for mayu,but even she falls, there some on mayu side we still don't know even jurina.i was curious about mayu family,look so dark.LOL

Thank for the update.ah it make my day! I super missed this fic,last week i wonder when you update.and here! LOL
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OUAHHHHHHH! I want more Mayuki  now!!!!!!!!

When I read this I was like "Rooooh Yuki love Jurina :cry: "

But who wouldn't be in love with someone that nice! It is your fault Jurina  XD

Mayuki!!!! (It was a Mayuki fan :twothumbs )
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Souka,i understand yuki situation.
Yuki is the only daughter of kashiwagi's
She doesn't have brother nor sister
So when jurina come to her life it's like a new experience feeling.
she loved jurina indeed ,but maybe the loved is not love like lovers.
i'm guessing she couldn't recognize the different cause is the first time she felt this.having someone that so caring and gentle like jurina make her blindly.
It get worse when she lost her mother,being the only daughter with no brother or sister sometime could make you weak,not strong enough to accept when you lost your loved one.
Yuki is vunerable that's why saeko san want jurina to take care of her so she could learn how to be strong.
Eventually i want yuki learn from mayu too...hehe
Here i could see yuki start felt different seeng mayu new side that she never knew before.with mayu,maybe she became strong,because i see or bet that mayu family is err~ yakuza? Hehe if that true,when yuki finally set her eyes on mayu,she have to be strong for mayu.
Remember what her mother last word to yuki,she must be strong and happy.well be strong for mayu because if its true mayu fam was yakuza,then more difficult for yuki and happy with mayu because awww just happy.

Ah forgot!
About jurina and rena case,
Rena lost memories is the key
I felt something off about that accident,where they go?i guessing they go to jurina place.but i don't know why so suddenly.let's wait rena regain her memory.
On the previous chapter we learn,that rena lost memory cause traumatic and she doesn't want remember it.after read the omake,i think its about her memory when she being separated from jurina,if she love jurina before the accident,then it the case,she hurt a lot from the separation.

As for mayuki,they just need to fall in loved with each other,but mayu already in love so just wait for yuki.

i cant wait the next update and another omake,especially when it comes about mayuki hehe

Thank,this update make my day more bright.ugyaaa~
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 :( Poor Jurina, too many things happened to her  :cry:
and Yuki too, she's the only child and now lost her mother.

But JuriYuki relationship is only a fake one  :shocked YAAAAAAAAAAY should I be happy about this or not  :P
As a Mayuki shipper, I'm happy that it means that Mayu has a chance with Yuki, but........still Jurina only wants to be by Yuki's side....................... I'll wait for the next chapter XD Just hope there'll be more chances for Mayu to be together with Yuki :)
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What's going to happen next?

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after a long time I got time to spare to read fanfics :mon ehh:
even though JuriYuki is a fake one, it doesn't make things easier to pave way for wMatsui and MaYuki, err how should I put it? it's just too complicated. Feelings are there (check!) let's see, after all I believe all lie on Jurina's actions and decisions, I hope you could continue this one sooner Thanks Kate!  :)
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LoyalFlutist: Sou sou~ About Mariko-sama we will know what happen!!!!!  :fap There will be more to her role!! I wonder why I like making characters suffering.... XD Glad you enjoy it~

Chichay12: Jurina is such a selfless person!! She carries all the burden on herself for the sake of others... T^T I'm glad you're enjoying a lot of this! XD I hope you'll enjoy the future chapters as well!

kurogumi: The omake tells a lot of it :D Since it's going to be hard for Rena-chan to learn all about it (since the story is from her pov) I fine omake would be helpful for readers to learn more about the situation XD and YES! Mayuki shall happen! As you said, it won't be easy~ Many more mysteries need to be answer. Mayu's family shall be hinted in chapter 09 and in the Chapter 09~Omake  :theking I'm glad you enjoy so far! XD

Koneki: Jurina's a selfless girl~ But even though she's going through a lot of pain right now...Wmatsui is the ending so it's a happy ending~ Glad you enjoy so far!

Zita: Hehe~ Here it is chapter 08~

Chanaline: Yes my comrade~ there's more mayuki in this chapter and let's say~ chapter 09 will have quite big mayuki scenes XD Jurina's too kind that she's making people falling in love with her!! (Yuki and Amnesia-Rena)

ezha: Glad you're enjoying it! I hope you'll enjoy this chapter and future chapters as well~! I love writing complicated stories XD

Terragen: S-Sugoi... O_O your comment is super long and I love it! Yuki actually have a crush on Jurina after they had been living together for quite a while but then she's able to give up on it because she know Jurina will never love her the same way as her. (More about their relationship will be discussed in this chapter 08~) I love your idea between Mayu and Yuki~ I pretty much had that idea in mind~ we'll see how it goes! Definitely Rena's lost memories is the key to everything. You're getting there! That shall be revealed in Chapter 08~Omake!  :cathappy: there will be more mayuki next chapter! guarantee~ (more intense!!)

clubhappy: JuriYuki is fake~ (unrequited love on Yuki's side), and there shall be more mayuki!!! XD

kenjoy12: There's a happy ending waiting for them~ glad you enjoy so far~

cisda83: Glad you enjoy it!

gek geki: Hai hai~ it's here~

imteedee: things are not getting easy for Wmatsui and mayuki yet~ (mayuki is getting easier that wmatsui right now...) since they're already separted, mayu can now approach yuki fully! however there would be more complications coming to interfere with her love with Yuki XD


Amnesia: CH08

A/N: Finally it’s here~ I hope it's not bad. It took me quite a while to figure stuffs out :\ This chapter might be a bit angst >< At this it would end with a good happy ending!


I’m holding Rena’s hand…I’m kissing her. I could feel her warm breath against my lips and we shared a passionate kiss…

She kissed me back…

So I kissed her back harder…

She did the same back to me…

I felt a surge of yearning for her…I miss her...for all this time we've been separated. I miss her...I love Rena so much. She's my life...


“Rena…I love you.”

“…I love you too.” 

We continued the kiss and it became even bolder. As if our hearts a if we became felt so real, and i want this to last forever...



Jurina woke up from her bed and flushed badly. She had one of the most embarrassed dreams she never ever wanted to mention to anyone. No one would wanted to talk about their dream kissing someone as if they’re actual lovers…the doctor glanced around and then realized that she was back at her room. She was pretty sure she was at the party last night with others…

“Jurina-chan! Are you alright??” Yuki entered as she heard Jurina’s scream from her room. “Did you have a nightmare?”

“A-Ah…yeah.” Obviously she lied to her girlfriend. How could she tell Yuki about her dream? “Did you bring me back home?”

“Yes I did. You were sleeping at Rena’s room.”

“I see…thanks for your help.”

“No problem!” Yuki gave me a short hug before she walked towards the door. “You better get up since we have to head our for work.”

“Ah…yeah. I’ll get change now.”

She tried to not think about her dreams but it was indeed disturbing her anyways. Her heart was still pounding fast and she remembered the sensation on her lips when it met with Rena’s…it just felt too real that it felt like she actually kissed Rena. But it was just a dream. Jurina shook off her idiotic thoughts and went downstairs immediately to meet with Yuki who was waiting for her.


[Rena’s POV]

I kissed Jurina last night…it’s my first kiss. I had to admit it that…it’s so good. My heart was pounding so fast every time I think about Jurina’s touch and lips. It’s just making me melting somehow…



I snapped as I saw the grumpy Dr. Watanabe in front of me. Uh oh…I don’t feel good about this. He pinched my cheeks and it hurts! Ow! I slapped his hand but he pulled it back before it even hit him. I ended up hitting on the table instead. It’s not just my cheek that hurts, my hand as well! I seemed to have forgotten that I’m sitting in Mayu’s office right now…

“Ow…what was that for!?”

“Quit daydreaming, its too early for that.” She sighed softly. “If you’re already daydreaming about lastnight, I’m hopeless with asking you how would you deal when facing her again… ”

“E-Eh!? H-How did you---”

“Your face tells it all. You’re too easy to read!” Mayu snapped her finger at my head and I flinched with a new pain added onto me. Is that that easy to read me off? Or it’s just because it’s Mayu that I’m dealing with…

“So, how are you going to deal when meeting Jurina again?”


“Better find a way because Jurina never will recall what happen last night. Act as natural as you can.”


I sighed and obviously how would I be able to manage this!? Just thinking of her is just making me blushing so badly already! I returned back to my room after my talk with Mayu and on my way back…I met with Airin-san. He was surprised to see me and came in to talk to me. We just talked normal things and then he asked me whether I wanted to go have lunch with him or not. I was surprised but at the same time I’m happy. Maybe it’s a good opportunity to give myself a little break…I don’t think I can face Jurina right now. I accepted his offer and he seemed to be really happy.

“That’s great! How about we meet at the front of the cafeteria around noon? I’ll text you when I’m heading there.”

“Sure! I’m looking forward to that.”

He smiled back at me before he left. It’s about time I headed back to my room. I had met with Yukirin who just seemed to arrive. She brought breakfast and melon pan with her. Ah~ my melon pan!

“Good morning Rena-chan! How’s your sleep?”

“It’s good. Can I have the melon pan?”

“Sure~ It’s all yours.”

She passed me the melon pan and then I sat down at the couch eating it happily along with my breakfast. I could see Yukirin enjoyed watching me eating and then she sat down beside me. She seemed she had something she wanted to say to me as well.

“You see, I have something to talk to Jurina in the afternoon so she might be able to come by today…”


I was surprised to hear that, I didn’t expect that coming but that’s a great coincidence! I had a lunch meeting with Airin-san so this is quite perfect. “Don’t worry about that!”

“Thank you Rena-chan. If you need anything just call me okay?”

“Yes, thank you Yukirin.”

The older girl left and I was all by her in my room. I just stared at the clock and waited for lunchtime in order to go meet with Airin-san. Then as I’m daydreaming again, this couch I’m sitting reminded me of what happened last night. It all happen right here…the kiss…and everything---!


I pressed my hand against my head, as I felt so uneasy. Something is like about to burst out from my head. It hurts so much…but I can’t remember anything. It feels like all my memories are at the tip of my brain. This hurts…

“For god’s sake…please…let me remember everything.”

(Do you really want to remember it?)

I felt like a voice echoed in my head. Before I realized again I saw this woman in front of me. She’s…me. Am I hallucinating?? But something’s a bit different, she looked relatively younger than me…she’s shorter, but I’m definitely sure that…this girl is me.

(Do you really want to remember it?)


(Do you really want to remember it?)

“I said YES!”

I stood up and stared deep into her dark orbs. I don’t know why but I’m really scared when I made an eye contact with my other self…why am I scared? But I couldn’t stop now; I’ll do what it takes to remember it all. “I want to remember everything…please give me back my memories.”




“Why? Because if I regain all my memories back then I---! I can…confront with Jurina properly again.” My voice contained hesitant. Why am I hesitating at this crucial moment? I could see her emotionless staring at me. Her eyes were making me hesitating what I’m saying…

(You will disappear.)


(You will disappear if you remember. The real Rena will return.)

“The real…me?”

(You will disappear.)


(Do you really want to remember it?)

It seemed her words went in reverse order but it made sense…all those words were connected and it’s making me terrified. I backed away from my other self as she took a step forward towards me. So it means that if I remember everything…I will disappear? The real Rena Matsui will return? Then…what about the feelings I had right now? It’s…all fake?

(Truth is always painful…yet; you want to remember it even you will disappear?)


(There’s hesitant in your voice…Humans are selfish…)

Then suddenly my other self disappeared from my vision. As if she had dissolved in thin air. I couldn’t tell whether I’m just hallucinating because of my own stress or it’s actually my inner self’s voice. Only thing I knew now is that…I’m terrified of myself. Will I want to really want to regain all my memories? When I thought about it…if I did remembered everything…what would happen to the current me? My feelings and thoughts…are they even real anymore? This is too frustrating…it hurts…please someone…save me….J-Jurina…!


On Mayu’s side, she was working at her office and someone came knocking on her door. It made the doctor surprised as she was certain that she didn’t have an appointment with any patients today until late afternoon. Before she could go open the door to see who came, the beautiful nurse entered first.

“Yukirin? That’s odd for you to come here.”

Mayu’s eyes grew wide with shock as the nurse didn’t utter a word and only closed the door behind her. She walked in and sat on the chair in front of Dr. Watanabe. She could see some stress and seriousness in the nurse’s eyes.

“Neh…can I ask for some few questions?”

“Go ahead. I don’t have any appointments right now. Make use of my valuable time, patient-san.”

The doctor teased her nurse and make Kashiwagi broke out into laughter. It made Mayu smiled with relief that at least she made the nurse relaxed herself a little.

“Yes yes, Dr. Watanabe.”

Yuki sighed with a smile before she went straight to the point why she was even here at Mayu’s working office.

“After I thought about your family story…what made you this strong?”

“…” Mayu didn’t expect that kind of question coming out from the nurse and she seemed to be dazed by it. At that second, she could see frustration on Yuk’s face.

“I-I’m sorry! It must be private isn’t---”

“Because I learned it from someone I met back when I’m still a student.”

The doctor replied as she was ignoring what Yuki was saying before that. Even more she just literally cut through nurse’s speech even before she could finish it. They made a silent eye contact with each other and somehow the nurse felt engulfed by Mayu’s dark orbs. She hadn’t spoken up a single word and just listened to what her doctor was talking.

“I used to think being a cold-hearted asshole is the best way to protect myself from feeling pain and pressure from the responsibility of my family. But then this person taught me the what real strength is…Heh, I bet she didn’t even realize it herself.” Mayu smirked while she had a flashback about her old self in university while she was studying medicine with Jurina…she encountered this girl that changed her whole perspective. She’s clumsy, easily panicked, but yet very strong and kindhearted. Just by being around this weird girl slowly made her life changed and she did learned one big lesson from being around this girl…it’s once priceless lesson that changed her whole life ever since then.

“I would say, the more burdens you carry…the stronger you become. Human’s capability is limitless.”

Yuki was speechless by Mayu’s words and slowly revealed a smile. From hearing what her doctor talked seemed to give her a resolution inside her heart.

“…Thank you, Mayu.”

“I guess that answers your doubt?”

“Yup~” A big energetic smile appeared on Yuki’s face once again. It did made the doctor felt relieved than ever. Mayu smiled with contentment at her patient. It’s a smile that appeared to be coming from the bottom of her heart.

“I’m glad I’m able to help you out.”


Yuki felt her heart skipped a beat after seeing Mayu’s genuine smile. It’s such a rare thing to see the Dr. cyborg’s smile and likely every time she saw one she would feel her heart skipping. Some times she thought she’s going to have a heart attack.

(Yuki: Wah… She should smile more like that. It suits her so much.)

“I’ll have to go now. Please wish me luck!”

“Hm? What are you going to do?” Mayu asked out of curiosity but it made the nurse winked at her instead.

“It’s a secret~ I’ll tell you later!”

She went out from the office…that second Mayu swore that if Yuki stayed a little longer she would’ve see her blushing face. That wink she got from Yuki burned into her eyes and right into her heart. She couldn’t help but to bury her face into her hands with embarrassment.

“T-That woman…she sure knows how to bully me.”

She sighed but she couldn’t forget that relieved smile on the nurse’s face. At the least, she was happy that she’s able to do something for Yuki. “Well…she said she’ll tell me later, I wonder what’s it about.”


“Jurina! Sorry to make you wait!”

Yuki rushed to meet with her girlfriend at the lobby area on the same floor as Rena’s room. She made an appointment with the doctor, as she wanted to talk something with her.

“Don’t worry about that, is there something you want to talk?”

“…Yes, let’s go to the roof deck.”

Yuki and Jurina headed up to the roof deck in order to have a private conversation with each other. No one would know what Yuki wanted to discuss with her girlfriend but it seemed it’s going to be some big thing…


[Rena's POV]

“Wahhh~!! I’m late!”

I ran through the corridor and went down the elevator to meet with Airin-san at the cafeteria. I just totally forgot about my appointment with him. Because I received his text, that’s why I remembered about this. As soon as I turned at the corner I saw him waiting for me there.

“I’m so sorry Airin-san!”

“Don’t worry~ I just arrived.” He smiled back at me and then we walked into the cafeteria.

I came here few times and my most favorite dish is spicy vegetable udon! It’s nice! I would always order this every time I came to the cafeteria. So after we bought our meals we sat down at the table.

“How was your day?” I asked him and he just gave me a soft shrug.

“It’s just the same as usual. Nothing interesting happened yet.” He giggled and ate his chicken curry.

We had a very casual conversation with another and this was the first time I actually talked with anyone else this long aside from Mayu, Yukirin…and Jurina. He’s also the first friend I made that was a man. I’m glad that it’s Airin-san, he’s such a kind person! But suddenly, there was a nurse rushed into the cafeteria to other nurses and it seemed something had happened that caused a big commotion among the staffs.

“H-Hey! Is it real!? About Yukirin and Jurina-san!?”

“Eh? What happen?”

Another nurse asked and I saw the panicked staff whispering to her friends. It made the whole table stunned and finally it had caught Airin-san’s attention as well.  “Eh!? NO WAY!”

“Did something happen?” He asked and then the nurses nodded in unison.

“Yukirin and Jurina-san broke up! Apparently it just happened and the news is spreading everywhere!”

I was stunned. Did I hear it correctly? Jurina and Yukirin broke up!? How did this happen! I couldn’t hold back my shocking expression; even Airin-san didn’t expect that coming at all. The nurse kept talking while all the staffs in the cafeteria listened to her. Apparently…it was Yukirin that broke up with Jurina first, and she even slapped Jurina across her face. Some other staffs saw Dr. Jurina’s reddened cheek as well. I couldn’t believe that this insanity is happening. Was it because what happened between Jurina and I…l-last night? This is bad…I wondered did Mayu know about this already! Oh no…what is going on?


Airin-san tapped my shoulder and I snapped back to reality. I was daydreaming for too long that I forgot that Airin-san was with me. “I-I’m sorry!”

“No worries! Well, I guess it’s about time I head back to work now.”

“I see…I’ll see you later!”

“Yup. I’ll see you later Rena-chan.” Airin-san patted my head before he left.

I went to keep my plates and the only thing I could think was to go see Mayu. I don’t know why but I had to go talk to her. If the news were spreading this fast, I bet Mayu would know it! She might know something more than what I know right now…Jurina…Yukirin…what’s going on?


A grumpy doctor marched through the corridor towards the raven nurse. Yuki sensed the sound was gradually getting louder and louder. She turned and then her eyes met with the grumpy heart surgeon, Dr. Watanabe.

“Hey Ma--”

“Oi Yukirin! What the hell is going on? What is with this broke up with Jurina!?”

The doctor went straight to the point and other nurses were remaining in silence while eavesdropping the conversation. Yukirin noticed that and sighed softly. She grabbed Mayu’s arm and dragged her away from her colleagues in order to have a private conversation. “Come with me…”

As they stood in an empty corridor, it was about time Mayu interrogate with nurse Kashiwagi about this huge news that shook the entire hospital instantly.

“What’s the meaning of this? I don’t understand.”

“…I believe it’s the time I start to take a step forward.”

“But aren’t you guys in love with each other for 7 years??”

“We…never are couples to begin with.” Yuki confessed the truth between her and Jurina. The point that they became couples was make Sae stayed away from her. They only loved each other as siblings and nothing more than that. Mayu’s eyes frowned with shock with what she was hearing, but she didn’t interrupt the nurse while she was talking. However, the doctor spotted a lie within her story and pointed it out immediately. She knew that Yuki was lying to her, and lying to herself about her feelings for Jurina.

“You’re lying.”

“H-Huh? I’m not lying! I’m telling the truth!”

“You love Jurina. Didn’t you? I saw you guys long enough already…you love her.”  Mayu kept pushing the nurse and it seemed she broke into a big yell against her.

“YES I DO!! I LOVED Jurina! But I know at the very beginning that she cannot look at me as a lover! I gave up on her but it still HURTS okay!?”

Mayu froze that instance. It was the first time she saw Yuki raised her voice like that and what made her surprise even more was that Jurina loves someone else that’s not Yuki? Since when? How did it happen? Who’s that person that Jurina loves? Too many questions ran through her head but Yuki’s watery tears caused all those questions to be halt… It made her felt guilty instantly for interrogating the nurse too much that it seemed to push over Yuki’s limits.

“I…I’m sorry Yukirin.”

The doctor approached her nurse and embraced her gently. The warm gentle hug from the surgeon made Yuki surprised but then she didn’t resist. She buried her face on Mayu’s shoulder and hugged the doctor tightly. Mayu soft gentle words did successfully calmed her down. It’s the first time she realized that Mayu’s shoulder was actually really warm and comforting. It made her felt safe and…amazingly relieved.

“I’m sorry that I pushed overboard.”

“It’s okay…I’m sorry for ranting at you like that. I actually planned to tell you anyway…”

Yuki slowly broke the hug away as she seemed to be calmed down already. She wiped her watery eyes away and looked back to the doctor. For some reason, she felt comfortable to even cry and tell everything to Mayu. However she didn’t give much attention to it, she felt that maybe its because the doctor was one of her closest friends she had.

“I had her protecting me for too long already…it’s about time I free her from me, I have to stand for myself now.”

“I guess that’s why you came to talk to me?”


Mayu patted the nurse’s head and made her heart fluttered in that slight second. She looked quite surprised, as rarely the sarcastic doctor would be treating her so nicely like this without trolling with her. “It’s hard to stand and confront all your problems alone. But don't force yourself too much. It’s never wrong to have someone supporting you by your side.”

“I know…Thank you Mayu.”


She gave a cheshire smirk to the nurse before she backed away. A smile of relief on her face totally captivated nurse Kashiwagi’s attention. Recently she realized that she seemed to see a lot of Mayu’s smile. She loved it. She agreed that the smile suited on the doctor more than anything else.

“But you sure create a big commotion in the whole hospital.”

“Hehe…I wonder why…”

“Duh!? You’re Azuma-san’s daughter! Obviously it would be a big news for the daughter of the hospital’s owner broke up with someone she’s with for 7 years!”

“O-Oh! You’re right!”

Mayu sighed but then she couldn’t hold back of her laugh with how forgetful Yuki could be. At the least she saw the tension relieved out from Yuki’s face and it did make her felt relieved. It was about time she had to go back to work since she ditched out from her office right after she heard about this news.

“Hey Yukirin…”


“If you’re bored or lonely, I don’t mind keeping you accompany during breaks times though.”

The doctor gave an indirect offer and Yuki couldn’t help but to laugh at the tsundere Mayu. The doctor knew that the nurse usually would hangout with her ex-girlfriend most of their break times but since they’re not together anymore, Yuki wouldn’t have anyone to keep her accompany. Mayu avoided eye contact with the nurse, which obviously told Yuki how much her doctor was being dishonesty with her words. She smiled with contentment with how concerning Mayu was for her and she was utterly grateful to the deepest of her heart. 

“Heh~ I’ll make you regret that, Mayu.”

“Hm, is that a challenge? I’m up for that.”

The doctor smirked back and the tension between the two of them was softened down much by their playful conversation. She had left the nurse and returned to her office immediately before her colleagues for being missing would scold her. Yuki watched her from behind and let out a smile unconsciously. She wasn’t as sad as she was expected to be and felt grateful that she had Mayu who was actually caring for her.

(Yuki: Mayu…thank you.)


[Rena’s POV]

I came to Mayu’s office and she wasn’t there…UGH! Where could she be---Ah! She’s there! I ran over to her and she seemed to be surprised to see me waiting at the door of her office.

“Rena? What are you doing here?”

“I-I came to ask you about Yukirin and Jurina…is it true that they broke up??”

(Mayu: News sure spread so fast…)

Then suddenly, the doctor seemed to freeze for a second before she nodded back at me. As if she was having something in her mind that moment. She didn’t explain anything as much as I wanted to know but the rumor seemed to be true…Mayu told me that she didn’t know the reason why but the only thing Yukirin said to her was that it’s true that she asked to break up with Jurina.

“W-Why…what’s going on? I thought Yukirin and Jurina are together!”

“I believe they have their own complications…”

Mayu shrugged her shoulders, as she didn’t know anything as well. Maybe it’s better if I ask Yukirin or Jurina directly…wait, I don’t think that’s a good idea anymore. I started to feel guilty that I might be the reason…since many things happened last night between Jurina and I…GAH! Let’s not think about that again!

(Mayu: I guess I can’t tell Rena the truth now that Jurina…I still need solid evidence to this. Maybe I should ask Yukirin more about this…?)

“Hm? Is there something wrong?” I asked Mayu and she seemed to snap back to reality. I wondered what she was thinking and didn’t seem like she wanted to share about it. What’s up in her mind right now I wonder…

“Sorry Rena, I got to go work now. I’ll talk to you later tonight?”

“Oh okay! I’ll talk to you later.”

I walked back to my room without any answer. How would I get to know what’s going on between Yukirin and Jurina without having to ask them? Maybe I should come talk to Mayu again other time…OH WAIT! I had Airin-san! I should ask him! I decided to text him to ask whether he knew anything more about Jurina and Yukirin or not.


In just few minutes I received a text back! That was so fast, and he told me that we could meet up tomorrow lunch again at the same time. I agreed with him and then I got another lunch appointment with Airin-san again. As soon as I headed back to my room I took a rest, as I felt so exhausted. I wonder why I felt so exhausted like this…



I opened my eyes again and I’m in this familiar house once again. I remember it very well… this is my own house! Then suddenly I heard a sound of the car outside and the entrance of the house opened…

“I’m back home~”

I saw my younger self entered the house while she was carrying a huge bag, as she had overnight sleep somewhere. She came back with mom and as my younger self walked into the living room…I followed her.

That’s where I saw my dad sitting on the couch as if he was waiting for me to arrive back. My younger self looked around and seemed to be looking for someone. As she didn’t find the person she was looking for, she uttered out.

“Dad, where’s oneechan?”

“She’s not here.” He replied calmly and I could see mom’s saddened face immediately. I couldn’t help to always keep my eyes locked at my dad and my younger self. I knew what was coming…

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“She’s no longer here. She had gone to Tokyo to continue her studies.”

“Eh!? S-Since when!?” My younger self exclaimed with shock. Obviously who wouldn’t? They didn’t even have a proper farewell…yes, it seems I didn’t have a proper farewell with my oneechan too…

“Rena, it’s for your sake, and for Jurina’s as well.”

“…Why? W-What happen?”

I could tell that my voice was shaking… as if my younger self wasn’t ready to embrace the truth that was waiting for her. While I’m witnessing the scene in front of my eyes…my heart started to ache with agony. I am connected my younger self and I feel her pain.

“Until the time comes. I’ll tell everything, but now just trust your dad.”

“I-I…I don’t understand! Please tell me why! Oneechan didn’t want to see me…?”

“It’s not like that!” My mom suddenly yelled from behind and caught my younger self’s attention. She shook her head denying what I said. “There are many complications…Jurina wants to see you so badly. She would always care for you.”


“Just for now, you’re too young to understand it.” My dad replied and I eventually had to accept what he told me to do. More pain ached in my chest as my younger self nodded softly at him.

“Thank you for understanding Rena…I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine…I’m going to my room.” My younger self walked up the stairs to her room and no one would know what was she doing afterwards. Mom and dad didn’t follow her as if they know what she would be doing. Before I could even follow her up there…I heard a voice.

(You will disappear if you remember. The real Rena will return.)

I froze even before I could take a step on the stairs.

(The more you keep going on…the more the real Rena will return.)

I looked around but I spotted no one. Those words from deep down inside my subconscious were repeating again. It made me fear to take a step on these stairs… won’t there be a way for me to know everything without…losing my existence? In order to learn every dark secret I will have to disappear? I’m just a mere substitute of my real self after all? So…why am I even here? But…there’s one thing that still drove me to seek my lost memories.

(…It’s for Jurina, isn’t?)

I nodded softly as a reply to the voice that’s echoing inside my head. Obviously she knew what I was thinking. She’s me after all.

(I warned you…I had warned you.)

Before I could even decide to take a step up the stairs or not…everything slowly blacked out. I felt so heavy and my eyelids are closing…It seemed I had a very long dream already…



The early morning welcomed me as I slowly woke up from my dream. It's a dream that felt like reality. I remembered every single second in the dream. Technically it wasn’t a dream since it’s my own lost memories…but it’s so weird. Why do I felt as if my younger self is hiding something? I wanted to know but…that voice kept echoing in my head every time I tried to learn about my memories always interrupted me. It always threatened me…or it’s warning me instead? But to be honest, I’m really afraid of it. I know that as time passes by I slowly regain bits of my memories…even from last night. It meant that one day I would disappear…I wouldn’t be able to see Jurina again? When I thought about that, it hurts so much. I…I don’t want to be separated from Jurina agai---H-Huh?

“J-Just now did I…?”

Why did I say ‘again’? I froze and started to feel uneasy. I felt like something inside my head was trying to gush out…it hurts. But before I could start remembering more things, someone came to tap me on the shoulder.

“Rena-chan? Are you alright?”

I looked back and it’s Airin-san. Oh right, I was walking to the cafeteria to meet up with him. My mind was totally filled with many things regarding my dream and totally forgot about him.

“Y-Yes! I’m just thinking of things.”

“I see, so shall we go inside and have lunch?”


We went inside and then bought our lunch as usual. As we sat down at one of the free tables, I was so curious about what Airin-san knew regarding Yukirin and Jurina’s situation. Without further ado, I asked him immediately.

“Uh…did you know anything about Yukirin and Jurina?”

“I heard more from the nurses. It seemed it’s really true that they broke up…I don’t exactly know the reasons.”

“I see…”

“Are you worried?” He asked me and nodded back.

“They’re…Yukirin is one of the first group of friends I made after I woke up… I’m obviously worried about her.”

“I see.” Airin-san smiled and stroked my head gently. “But don’t worry, I believe everything will reveal itself without Rena-chan having to search for the answer.”

His words comforted me and it made me felt amazingly relaxed. I nodded back and then he brought up another topic that truly captured my attention. He mentioned about my deceased parents again as they were under Jurina’s treatment when they’re admitted into hospital along with me. However, it seemed Airin-san discovered something and felt that he should tell me about it…

“You see…I checked the file and it said---”

“Rena-chan?” A familiar voice called from afar and shattered my focus on the doctor in front of me. My eyes stopped at this familiar woman who was looking towards my direction. It’s Jurina…at this perfect bad timing. 

“What are you doing here---Dr. Airi…” Jurina halted as she made a strong eye glaring at him.

“Good afternoon Dr. Jurina.”

“…What are you planning to do?” Jurina went straight to the point and started to interrogate him as softly as possible without adding more attention to her. “Rena-chan, let’s go.”

Suddenly, Jurina grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the table. Obviously it startled me and I never saw Jurina acting so rashly like this before. Why was she in a hurry? Was it because I’m with Airin-san? Then suddenly…I saw a vague grin across his face. Airin-san was smiling? I wondered what he was thinking.

“…How long are you going to keep this away from her?”

I turned back to him, as I never expected such question to come out from his lips. However he was not directing to me…he’s saying to Jurina instead. She didn’t turn around but before she could drag me out from the cafeteria, Airin-san continued.

“I looked at the files, about the cause of their death.”

Jurina froze instantly. It made me even more confused as I’m trying to catch up with their conversation. He got up from his seat and walked towards us, he seemed to be…really pissed. What did he know that I didn’t know about Jurina? It was like I’m in the middle of the whole thing and I couldn’t catch up with anything at all.

“I guess you haven’t told her how did Rena-chan’s… or I should say, how did both YOUR parents died right?”

Jurina didn’t responded and I could feel her hands trembling and slowly…she let go of her hand. I knew already she’s my stepsister but…Jurina didn’t know that I knew about this already. She didn’t even want to make an eye contact with me. Jurina…Why are you trying so hard to hide this from me?

“R-Rena-chan, I--”

“Jurina, I knew about that already…” I interrupted her instead. “I know that you’re…my sister, my stepsister.”

“H-How did you---” Jurina froze and suddenly turned towards Airin-san. “You…!”

“I’m merely telling her the truth that she’s supposed to know. I wondered why do you have to hide that?” He asked back and I could see Jurina was holding herself back from actually punching Airin-san. She tightened her fist and bid her lips. She didn’t responded to him and then Airin-san continued to speak. “Why are you so desperate to hide yourself? Matsui Juri—Ugh!”

Suddenly, I saw Jurina ran in towards him and grabbed his collar. Not many people saw what’s going on since Jurina was trying to remain as quiet as possible. She tightened her grip on Airin-san’s coat and gave a deadly glare at him.

“Don’t you call that name…!”

“Why?” Airin-san didn’t felt threatened by Jurina’s serious hissed at all. But instead, he replied back softly and only the three of us around could hear it. “Is it because…of how your parents’ die?”

“Shut up…!”
Jurina was about to throw in the punch but then I ran in to stop her. I grabbed her wrist and caused her to flinch. She turned to me and that’s when our eyes met…however, that instance Jurina diverted her glance away. I suddenly felt the pain ached in my chest when she’s behaving like this.


“Rena-chan…” My plea had reached her as she released Airin-san as well as relaxing her fist. I felt relieved that things didn’t get too out of hand but…I guess there’s no secret between our sibling relationship anymore. “I…”

“What happened…with our parents?” Finally I had asked her and I could see her avoiding eye contact with me. I approached her and grabbed her hand again. “Jurina, please…tell me. What am I supposed to know?”

“…There’s nothing you need to know.” Even we came this far already, Jurina still wouldn’t open herself to me at all.

“Jurina…!” I pleaded her but then she shook her head and stood firm to what she said just now.

“Please just believe me Rena-chan…I’ll tell you when the time comes. Okay?”


I don’t know at this point I’m able to bring myself to trust Jurina or not. She didn’t tell me that we’re siblings, even though we’re not blood related…we had grew up together. Yet why is she still keeping so many things away from me? I just felt like I had enough of that already.

“Why? I’m not a kid. Why can’t you tell me!?”

I asked her back and Jurina still remained composure. I’m pretty sure she could tell that I’m really unsatisfied with what she’s doing to me. But it didn’t seem she’s planning to go easy on me either. 
“There are things that shouldn’t be mentioned…please believe me.”

“No! I had enough already Jurina! What’s that different from having me remembering my lost memories or you telling me now!?”

I couldn’t hold back my voice and it seemed I’m grabbing everyone’s attention in the whole cafeteria. Jurina and Airin-san were trying to make me talk softer but then my anger made me refused. Right before Airin-san could touch me, I swung my arm away to avoid him. I glared back at Jurina and burst all my anger and sadness I had in my heart. At that time…I had said something I might not have supposed to say it.

“Just because you’re my oneechan doesn’t meant you can do like this to me!”

At that second, I saw Jurina flinched back and her eyebrows frowned. I had stepped on Jurina’s landmine and then she raised her voice back against me. 

“I’m NOT your sister!”

This time…I froze and I couldn’t utter a word back against her. The whole argument ended at that point. Then suddenly I saw slight hint of guilt from Jurina’s face and it seemed she said what she wasn’t supposed to as well. But it didn’t mean that what Jurina said was a lie…she’s technically not my biological sister but…genetic doesn’t determine that we’re a family. I don’t really understand what Jurina’s thinking at all…I thought she treated me so kindly because she only saw me as her sister…but she didn’t see me as her sister. So what am I to her? She’s so gentle to me because it’s out of sympathy?

“I…I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to--” She apologized but before she could continue I interrupted her. 

“It’s alright, what you said…is the truth anyways.”

I avoided eye contact with her and just walked out from the cafeteria. I don’t have any guts to even look at Jurina anymore. I just felt so lonely and…hollow. I could hear Airin-san calling and following me from behind. I just want to go somewhere and cry right now. It hurts more than anything else…is this feeling of being rejected? I felt Jurina rejected my existence. I don’t know anymore…what am I to her?


Jurina had a rough day today. But despite that she maintain her quality of work until the very end. It was late evening that her job came to an end. However before she’s going to leave the hospital back home with Yuki, she was standing alone at the room deck of the hospital.


She had a flashback of what happened today in the cafeteria between her and Rena. Those words were still haunting her until now.

“Just because you’re my oneechan doesn’t meant you can do like this to me!”

“I’m NOT your sister!”

She regretted what she had said so much. It's the worse mistake she had ever done after her parents were no longer here in this world. She had broken the promise she had made with her mother right before she went into eternal slumber…her words replayed in Jurina’s head again and again…and again.

“Rena…we…leave Rena to you…only you can…make her happy…”

She stood there silently and closed her eyes. Feeling the icy breeze contacting with her face. The warm tears streamed down her cheeks in the darkness. Only but the bright moon above her was the witness for those tears she had never shown to anyone for years. The last time she shed tears would be when she witnessed her parent’s last breath…

(Jurina: Mom…I’m sorry, I don’t know I still can keep my promise anymore.)

Jurina whispered inside her mind quietly. Then suddenly at the perfect timing, someone came up to the roof deck as well and caught the doctor off-guard. She turned around and her eyes met with the raven-haired nurse.


“I was wondering where would you be and I thought so! You’re he---Jurina…?”

Yuki’s voice suddenly became much serious as she dropped her bag onto the ground and rushed to the doctor immediately. Without saying anything further she threw her arms around Jurina and embraced the doctor tightly. Jurina was caught off guard and tried to push Yuki away, but the nurse didn’t let go.

“Stop it Yukirin…let go.”

“Shush!” Yuki ignored her doctor and stroked Jurina’s head. “I’m not watching and it’s too dark to see anyways…so cry as much as you want.”


Jurina didn’t respond anything and allowed her head to be leaned onto the nurse’s shoulder. Allowing her tears to stream down her cheek silently. Yuki didn’t utter a single word and just hugged the doctor. No one knew how long both of them were standing there…


“Neh, Jurina.” Yuki spoke up in the car while Jurina was driving back home. Without waiting for the older girl’s reply, she continued to speak. “I love you.”

“H-Huh!?” Jurina almost turned the turned the wheel to the wrong direction due to sudden confession from Yuki. The nurse couldn’t help but to laugh at Jurina’s expression. “Hey! That’s not funny…”

“But your reaction is just hilarious! But I’m not really lying though, I used to love you…but not anymore.”


“I haven’t given you a reason why I asked you to break up right?”

Yuki leaned against her seat while explaining her feelings to Jurina. It was a very long talk between the two of them. Jurina listened carefully to every word that the nurse uttered to her. “I’ve been restraining you for too long already. It’s the time that I should stand for myself. Because of my feelings for you…I’m really acting like a bitch and bound you into Kashiwagi family. Until now I still regretted what I said to you on the night mom passed away.”

“Yukirin…that was my decision, it’s not your fault--”

“Shut, let me finish.”


“That’s why…it's the time I freed you. I want you to see for your own happiness. You’re important to me, right now…I love you dearly like my own family, as if I actually have an older sister.” Yuki smiled and turned to her older friend. “The person you love…is Rena-chan isn’t?”

“H-How did--”

“I knew it for so long already, I can tell from the way you look at her. I lived with you long enough to tell that apart.”

“…” Jurina didn’t utter a word and remained in silence.

“About my problem with Sae-san, let me deal with it. I don’t want to always hide behind your back anymore. I want to walk along your side…that’s how I felt.”

Jurina felt so touched by Yuki’s words and couldn’t help but to smile out widely. The young Yuki she once knew had grown up into a bid adult already. She wondered since when Yuki had become so much mature beyond her expectations.

“Phew~ that felt so much better after I had told you my past feelings.” Yuki sighed loudly and revealed a smile of content.

“Thanks for telling me how you felt…I really appreciate it.”

“Hehe~ then you should be a little more open to Rena-chan. You can’t always keep hiding from her. It’s better to also convey your feelings to her without regretting it later.”

“I wondered about that…” Jurina sighed softly. “I’m scared Yukirin, if Rena knew the truth…I’ll become a murderer in her eyes and I wouldn’t be able to face her ever again.”

“Stop saying like that! Didn’t Mayu and I always tell you that it’s not your fault that your parents die!?” Yuki argued back and then pinched the older girl’s cheeks mercilessly and it forced Jurina to turn the wheel towards the footpath to stop the car before she would end up crashing into some other vehicles.

“I-Itai!” Jurina yelped with pain as Yuki seriously did pinch her real hard. When the younger raven let go there was a red bruise on her cheeks. She rubbed it and sighed loudly.

“That REALLY hurts Yukirin!”

“Yes it should! But it hurts me more when you keep blaming yourself for things you haven’t done.”

Yuki’s words made Jurina paused and remained in silence. She drove back towards home once again and they didn’t really talk anything in the car afterwards. As soon as they arrived back, Yuki gave Jurina a quick hug before she went to her room to sleep. The doctor went to her room and decided to call it a day as well, right before she was about to go sleep she glanced at the family picture she took with her parents and Rena when she was still in Nagoya. Even by paper files she’s Kashiwagi…but by heart she would always remain as Matsui. However, no matter what Mayu or Yuki said to her… the guilt that she felt that she killed her parents still haunted her. The reason why she didn’t really want people to call her Matsui was because deep down inside her didn’t want to be Rena’s sister because she loved Rena more than just a sibling. But she had made a promise with her mom that she would look after Rena in their place. They wished for her to be a good older sister to Rena, but obviously Jurina couldn’t always force herself to become something she didn’t wished to.


Jurina stared Rena who was standing beside her in the picture with that huge wide smile. The doctor wondered she would see that smile again or not after Rena learned the truth…would she be forgiven? No, it is more of…would Rena not blame herself for it? There was a reason Jurina hid the secrets behind their parent’s death…it’s because to protect Rena.



Next Update: A requested OS [Furuyanagi] and then...Book of Transcendence :)  :deco:
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So Yuki will be free now, and Mayu has her chance now XD But I guess Mayu will still struggle whether she should confess to Yuki or not, maybe she would think that she shouldn't take advantage on Yuki just because she just broke up with Jurina~ :P
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Again, I stated that both Yukirin and Juju here broke up. A little startling, but it was somewhat expected since this is a MAYUKI and WMATSUI fan fiction. :nervous Looks like Yuki took the chance to also tell Jurina that she can stand up on her own. To face Sae by herself (or not really since she'll have the cyborg girl by her side, haha) is brave on a realistic standpoint. On the other hand, Airin and Rena went out and stuff. Yet we see again that Airin is acting fishy as always with Rena's information on her past. When he said out loud why Jurina was hiding it, he actually did have a good point. In my personal opinion, I believe that it's best just to bluntly explain the reason why. I mean, the truth can't run away and hide forever. Not to mention Rena here isn't a baby like she said. Oh Juju... Why are you making things so much harder between you and Rena? :doh: I really hope that both Mayu and Yuki plan something out in the future about the two Matsuis in the future if they can. For Jurina to blurt out her angry, yet not true opinion about their relationship... You're technically making things much worse, my dear puppy. :sweatdrop: As much as I love the girls, Airin might also want to take into consideration that there might be a good reason to why Jurina is hiding it. Maybe she wants to prepare herself for a very long explanation and brace herself for the emotional slap from Rena? I can see both sides of the situation, but I don't know what's better or worse. Let's just hope this all goes well in the end... :nervous We see though that Rena might end up... finding out about her past anyway on her own (which isn't surprising since she IS going through those medical therapeutic session to regain her memories with Jurina...) Again, I just hope this doesn't spell out disaster for those two... :bow:

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Terragen: Hoho~ It seemed you picked up the hint from the last few lines of Chapter 8 regarding Rena might be the cause of their parent's death~ Now that Yuki is free, obviously Mayuki shall become more intense! Mayuki DATE! it's a must~ Let's see I'll put it in there or not. XD For Airin, yes he has his reason for interfering, and yes! Omake shall reveal much more things from now :D Everyone would understand the position Jurina's in more.

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excellent episode u3u <3

....all my hate for airin ヾ(゚∀゚*)ノ彡
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LOL i'm late to comment  :cathappy:

finally i had a time to check this lovely FF and... lot of think happen,new update new author new fic LOL  :deco:

and the most important is YOU updating this!!! LOL

OK! let's see~ humm~ since the other already commenting a lot about yuki,mayu and rena...and that furukawa jerk! can't helped it, i hate airin in this fic he's a devil with angel eyes

i will comment about our juri

when i knew rena's mother last word...about want her take care remind me about yuki's mother last word too...why people entrust their child on our poor jurina  :cry: :cry:

jurina bear a heavy burden by herself...but fortunately yuki decide to release some of jurina burden GOOD JOB YUKI!!!  :thumbup

but still we had that furukawa problems and rena problems (the real rena....maybe gekikara?? LOLOLOLOL),

i can't wait the next omake since i voted for it before but jurina history and yuki past win LOL  :catglare:

and also you said chapter 9 will be more intense mayuki....gosh think a lot  about it make me fainted LOL  :nervous

thank for the update kate-san  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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Terragen: Hoho~ It seemed you picked up the hint from the last few lines of Chapter 8 regarding Rena might be the cause of their parent's death~ Now that Yuki is free, obviously Mayuki shall become more intense! Mayuki DATE! it's a must~ Let's see I'll put it in there or not. XD For Airin, yes he has his reason for interfering, and yes! Omake shall reveal much more things from now :D Everyone would understand the position Jurina's in more.

it make me scared to know the truth  :sweatdrop:
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I want to comment but I don't want gaarrrrh I'm scared of Rena's past  :mon scare:
too many ideas in my head  :mon chilly:
should I read it?  I donnu :mon ghost:
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The next one will be the chapter 09 or the omake of the 08??  :panic:

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Sorry for really late reply minna~ I'm in the kendo competition so I'm away from my computer for the while week! ><" Finally I got back and had a chance to reply everyone's comments now~ :)

Koneki: LOL, It would be so fun to see if Rena run in and kiss Jurina XD We'll see how wMatsui will go through this ordeal!! Also~ It's going to be omake 08 before Chapter 09 :)

kurogumi: Jurina is carry so many burdens... T^T but definitely it will become better~ Airin will be a big obstacle for wMatsui and also the real Rena too~ We'll soon know more about her XD I see~ So you voted for the Pre-Prologue omake! XD I hope that this omake won't disappoint you~ Oh don't faint yet! There's going to be more intense Mayuki coming up soon!  :twothumbs :twothumbs

it make me scared to know the truth  :sweatdrop:

Hehehehehehehe~ you can't escape the truth! XD

mo-chan: LOL! Don't worry~ Rena's past won't (i hope) be that scary :D

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Sorry for really late reply minna~ I'm in the kendo competition so I'm away from my computer for the while week! ><" Finally I got back and had a chance to reply everyone's comments now~ :)

Koneki: LOL, It would be so fun to see if Rena run in and kiss Jurina XD We'll see how wMatsui will go through this ordeal!! Also~ It's going to be omake 08 before Chapter 09 :)

kurogumi: Jurina is carry so many burdens... T^T but definitely it will become better~ Airin will be a big obstacle for wMatsui and also the real Rena too~ We'll soon know more about her XD I see~ So you voted for the Pre-Prologue omake! XD I hope that this omake won't disappoint you~ Oh don't faint yet! There's going to be more intense Mayuki coming up soon!  :twothumbs :twothumbs

it make me scared to know the truth  :sweatdrop:

Hehehehehehehe~ you can't escape the truth! XD

mo-chan: LOL! Don't worry~ Rena's past won't (i hope) be that scary :D
somehow... I got more scary reading this  :( :( :O

I'm scary of what will happen to my WMatsui because of airin  :angry: :cry: :cry:

PS: asdasd intense mayuki asdasd :cathappy: :cathappy:
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and that furukawa jerk! can't helped it, i hate airin in this fic he's a devil with angel eyes

super agreeeeeee~
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I might be a bit late to join the party but now I can't help but keep reading the whole fic all over again ><~

First, I love how you made Jurina the big sister for once. Something about her being all protective over Rena makes me all happy for some reason. xD Nevertheless I can't help but wonder what happened between them that made her family send Jurina away. Seeing how Rena is afraid to regain her memories I'm guessing that we're still in for a larger backstory in the future. In the end all Jurina wants is to protect Rena yet she ended up hurting her by being all secretive - get it together, the both of you (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Well, it's not like Rena is able to avoid Jurina forever in the hospital.

I'm glad that Rena was able to make new friends quickly, but she has yet to face to pain of fully remembering the accident and the loss of her parents. It looks like she has a different road ahead of her once she gains a memories back, hopefully Jurina will be able to support her with that :| I can't help but feel sorry for Rena all the time, she really deserves some WMatsui fluff now.

Jurina and alcohol: She is a total pimp, even as a doctor xD I was really happy to read that WMatsui scene, now if only Jurina would remember it too....

Thank you for this fic, you really know how to write touching plots (ノ´∀`*)ノ Looking forward to the next update~
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I'm impatiently patiently waiting for the next chapter. :)
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Ahem....Sorry for not updating for so long! I've been working on many things (fanfics), and I'm still working on the Ch08 omake one! My current project at the moment is Kevin's bday wMatsui OS! Please do look forward to it and it's going to be one LOOOOOOOONG oneshot once again~ So since I didn't update for so long...I decided to do Christmas Special version for AMNESIA!!! I just edited after I got back from it's technically 2am, so apologize for any mistakes or typos in this special christmas shot!

Also~ For those who also read Love Capture....I'm going to upload one shortly after this! :) Do go check it out too~

Note: This scene is not relevant to the main story! It's completely fan-service. So this is not actually happening in the story itself! Hope you guys enjoy it before the angsty arrives! :D

AMNESIA ~ Christmas Special!

“We’re back, did we make you guys wait?”

Jurina entered the living room with Rena, where Mayu and Yuki were preparing the tables. They were in their casual clothes. Jurina was in her plain shirt and jeans while Rena wore a cute pink top and skirt. They were using Yuki’s house to organize the Christmas Eve party. The doctor and her patient went out to buy food and drinks at the supermarket close by. 

“Ah, thank you Jurina! Rena-chan!”

Yuki turned around to reply to both of them. She was wearing a plain shirt and shorts since it was a relaxing night. She surely took an advantage of being at home in order to wear her comfy plain clothes.

“Not at all Yukirin.” Rena smiled back while she was holding two big bags of food that each of them wanted to have tonight.

“We’ll prepare the food while we wait okay?”

“Alright, thanks for that.”


The doctor took the food out from the plastic bag onto the plate neatly before they would put it at the table. Rena was helping her out as well and put all the drinks in the fridge before doing anything further.

“I’m so excited to celebrate Christmas with everyone…”

“Hehe, me too. I can’t exactly remember the last time I enjoyed Christmas Eve party like this with Mayu and Yukirin.”

Rena looked at the doctor with surprise. But when she thought about it again, the three of them were always busy with their work despite they were in the same hospital. They probably didn’t even have time to spend time together among the three of them due to schedule conflicts between the three of them. 

“But I’m glad that we’re able to celebrate Christmas with Rena-chan.”


“I believe both of them felt the same too! We love Rena-chan, and obviously we’re more than happy that you spoke up about it.”


Rena blushed slightly by the doctor’s sweet words before she decided to rush to her side to help her with preparing the food out. It was actually Rena that suggested they have Christmas Eve party together. The answer was obvious that that the three of them agreed with it immediately. They all took a day off on that day in order to celebrate and relax on Christmas Eve together.

“I’m really happy to able to spend the night together with you and everyone…”

Jurina was blushing slightly with how adorable the younger one was. Her heart began beating faster but she tried to remain calm and collected as possible so it wasn’t obvious to Rena. She patted her head and grabbed her attention.

“I’m happy too, let’s have fun tonight neh?”



As Yuki was trying to move some other tables out of the way, the shorter girl in her blue hoodie came from the side and carried it instead. The doctor didn’t want the weaker nurse to do heavy caries when she’s around her. Obviously, Mayu was secretly worried about her. 

“I’ll do the job with moving things okay?”

“It’s fine I can do it---”

“NO. I’m much stronger than you so let me do it.”

Mayu stuck her tongue out at Yuki before she moved the table to the side of the living room to provide more space. It made Yuki stare at her with slight dissatisfaction, so she went to carry the heavier chair and did overestimated her strenght. Right before she was about to lose balance and drop the heavy chair down, Mayu swiftly came in and supported it before it will fall. 

“Oi…I warned you already! You’re so stubborn…”

“I-I can do it!”

“You almost drop the whole thing, here, let me do it.”

Mayu carried it easily and turned to Yuki before she walked away. She looked around to see that Jurina and Rena would not be seeing this by chance. As she was certain that it’s only Yuki, she whispered softly so only the nurse would hear it. Her blushing cheeks told how she was actually embarrassed to speak out. 

“Just use and rely me on things that requires physical strength…I’ll do all of it for you.”

Yuki blushed by those sweet words before Mayu walked away carrying that heavy chair for her. Her heart skipped a beat by the doctor’s kindness and it’s making her face burning hotter. As for the doctor, if she didn’t turn away quick enough she swore Yuki would see her blushing so madly. After that, Mayu moved all the heavy stuffs out of the way while Yuki was doing other easier things instead.

“We’re done, can we bring out the food now?” Rena came out from the kitchen to ask and Yuki nodded firmly. That was when the nurse went to help out Rena moving the dinner onto the table.

The food was brought out and then they all enjoyed their meal together at the table. Only among the four of them, they have forgotten about their job and just have as much fun as they could. With all the random and nonsense talking, Rena enjoyed all of it and was more than happy to spend time together with everyone. Mayu would always pick on both the younger ones and then the nurse would be debating with the sarcastic doctor all the time. Jurina would always be laughing at the two of them.

“Ah right, I’ve got something for everyone!”

Yuki went to grab her brown paper bag and handed out small black boxes to the three ladies at the table. She smiled widely and faced to everyone. “Merry Christmas Eve~”

“Ah, thank you Yukirin!”

Rena exclaimed loudly and then they opened their gift. Jurina and Mayu got a brand new pocket watch, and Rena received a beautiful flower earrings. Then it was Mayu’s turn to take something out from her long paper bag. As she put it onto the table without saying a word, it made everyone surprised as Mayu actually bought classic champagne for everyone instead. Jurina was completely out of option to drink this. The doctor convinced that it was decent champagne and the alcohol wasn’t as strong. Rena was actually curious how it would taste like and so Yuki decided to also drink with her. The only person that didn't drink was Jurina and when Rena took the first sip she was surprised that it taste great.

“W-Wow, it’s so good!” Rena took another sip again.

“I told you its great.”

“Wow…yes it is.” Yuki was also surprised with the smooth taste of the champagne.

Jurina only enjoyed her soda drink instead while others enjoyed drinking champagne. It went for a while that both Yuki and Rena started to get a little tipsy. That was when Mayu told them to stop before they would be drunk. Then it was Jurina’s turn to bring out her present. She bought a white silky scarf for Yuki, a decent quality grey hoodie for Mayu, and a golden bracelet for Rena. The young Matsui was actually really surprise to see it, as well as Mayu. It seemed they seen that bracelet somewhere…

Lastly, it was Rena’s turn to give her gift to everyone. She nervously took out her bag and it was a card to each of them. She didn’t have money to buy anything luxurious like everyone so this was the only thing she could do for them. She was so shy that she asked them to read the card privately at other time instead. As time passed by, they all believed that it's the time they should head back home. Rena was offered to stay for a night at the house but then she said she wanted to go back to the hospital. Jurina was more than willing to do as her patient asked her to do without asking for the reason.


As they drove back to the hospital, Rena seemed to still be a little tipsy. Jurina was still wondering why she wanted to go back to the hospital when they planned to stay over at Yuki’s place tonight.

“Rena-chan…why do you want to go back to the hospital.”

“I have to give you something there…something…special…”


Rena seemed to be restless to return back; maybe it was something really important. She didn't mind driving in the middle of the night for her patient since she actually wanted to have some private time with Rena even just a little. As they arrived back at the hospital, it was utterly quiet. There were nurses there stationed and they greeted both of them. Rena suddenly grabbed Jurina’s hand and took her back to her room.

“Ah…so nostalgic…”

“Hehe, we’re not here since morning only though.”

“No…it’s the place where I met you.”


Jurina blinked her eyes with surprise and the younger raven told her to sit at the couch first. Rena went to grab something from underneath her pillow and then went to put something onto Jurina’s hand. It was actually the same identical bracelet that the doctor got for her. Jurina looked back up into Rena’s eyes with surprise, she could see that the raven girl was wearing the bracelet she gave.

“T-This is…”

“I was surprised we got the same Christmas gift for each other. Mayu helped me out with the money part…I hope you like it though…”

“Of course I do…”

Jurina smiled and put on the bracelet immediately. She couldn’t believe it either that she bought the same identical present as Rena. It was like a joke somehow. Then suddenly, Rena leaned in towards her and held tightly onto her shirt.


“Can I be selfish today…?”

“…Yes, what is it?”

“I…want to sleep, while hugging you…here.”


Jurina agreed easily and then due to Rena’s mood swings, she suddenly launched into the doctor’s arms and snuggled on her collarbone. The older one wasn’t expected such a sudden contact and blushed heavily. When she realized it again, they were both lying on the couch with Rena lying on top of her body. She seemed to be sleepy and mumbling something inaudible.



Jurina started to realize that her girl was drunk now. She sighed and let Rena do what she wanted to do. As the doctor was able to adjust her position on the couch, Rena rested her head onto Jurina’s shoulder and revealed a smile of happiness.

“Jurina…thank you…”

Then Rena slowly drifted to sleep. Jurina couldn’t help but to chuckle softly at her friend’s random mood swing. She stroke Rena’s head and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. The doctor was blushing by her own actions and revealed a smile from her heart’s content. This was one of the rare moments that the doctor showed her true emotions out… She looked at the clock and realized that it reached midnight already; it was the time she would go to sleep as well.

“Good night Rena…and Merry Christmas.”


“Hey, you should take a rest. I don’t think they’re coming back.”


Yuki kept drinking the champagne and Mayu didn’t felt that good about it. There would be a problem if the nurse were drunk since they have work to do tomorrow. The doctor sighed and realized that the nurse didn’t seem to have her senses to think or talk anymore.

“Stop drinking, I’ll take you to your room.”

She gave her a hand and took Yuki to her room in order for her to go to sleep. As the doctor put her on bed, she seemed to be really sleepy. Mayu decided to help take the belt off from the nurse and could hear her mumbling to herself.

“Mmmgh…I want to sleep…”

“I think you should at least change into your pajama before you sleep.”


Yuki went to change her clothes and completely ignored Mayu who was also in her bedroom. She simply stripped off without any slight embarrassment and it made the doctor blushed madly. She turned away and made sure she didn’t see anything of her crush. That second, she swore that she almost had a heart attack. However the image of Yuki’s curved sexy back burned into her eyes so badly.

“O-Oi! I’m still here! Don’t just strip like that…”

“It’s okay…it’s only you…”

“Ugh, seriously…!?”

She sighed and then she could hear Yuki throwing herself onto bed. Mayu turned around and walked up to the nurse with a sigh. She put the blanket on Yuki so she could sleep on her bed peacefully.

“Go to sleep, okay?”

“Nnngh…where are you going?”

“Sleep obviously.”

“Why not here…?”


“Don’t leave me alone…don’t leave me again…please…”

The nurse was mumbling and held onto Mayu’s sleeve. She could feel Yuki’s hand trembling and it gave Mayu a hint that she shouldn’t leave her alone tonight. She stroked Yuki’s head and smiled softly to her before she replied with a sweet gentle voice.

“I won’t leave you…I never will.”


“I’ll always be with you, even you don’t want me…I’ll be there when you need.”


The nurse didn’t seem she was able to respond to the doctor that properly, maybe she wouldn’t even remember Mayu’s words at all. However, Yuki was still gripping onto Mayu firmly and the doctor didn’t have a choice but to sleep by her side tonight. She lied down on the bed beside Kashiwagi… as she looked at the sleeping beauty; she was completely mesmerized by her beauty.



She moved in closer to have her body felt the warmth from Mayu. The doctor was tensed immediately and could hear the nurse mumble even more.

“If you’re a guy…”


“…I would be so annoyed.”

“Ouch, why thank you.”

Mayu grumbled and wanted to wake the nurse up forcefully to take revenge but she was restraining herself to do so. Since it was the effect of the champagne she would let go of this for once. But then she could hear Yuki continuing her mumble.

“I won’t mind…if its you…falling for you…”

The doctor froze and her face blushed instantly. It sound like an indirect confession from her, however no one could believe what the drunken person speaks. She never actually saw Yuki tipsy before so she wasn’t sure whether she was speaking of random things or she’s saying the truth. However, she knew that Yuki didn’t have interest it male at all and for her to say that she wouldn’t mind falling in love with Mayu if she were a man meant a lot to her. Mayu combed Yuki’s hair and it tangled in between her fingers. It was so soft like silk and she could smell the scent of the shampoo from her. The doctor was still blushing and her heart was pounding so fast. 

“You can love me even I’m not a guy…when will you realize my feelings?”


“Heh, it’s pointless talking to a drunk person.”

Mayu sighed and then gently held her arms around Yuki’s body. She could feel the warmth of her body and it’s making her mind rest at ease. It made her realize that bringing champagne wasn’t such a bad idea at all. At least she got to spend some private time with the person she had a crush on.

“I will never leave your side. I promise…I love you, Yuki…and Merry Christmas.”



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Hope you guys enjoy it before the angsty arrives!

nooo ;_______________; </333333333333333
I don't wanna suffer more

PS: cute OS >________< ~now I'm going to read the SP OS for Love Capture  :D
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Hope you guys enjoy it before the angsty arrives!

nooo ;_______________; </333333333333333
I don't wanna suffer more

of all the update you saw this Saki  :lol:

thanks for this update Kate~ you're always spoiling us  :cathappy:
I can't wait for Bday fic  :deco:
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Fanservices are nice. :heart: :heart: :heart:

This is so cute to read :mon fu:
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I love you Kate from the bottom of my Hypothalamus!!!!!  :deco:
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This is so sweet. :grin:
Thanks for update.
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Sorry im a silent reader.. I didn't comment on other ch

Im so in love with ur story and i want to know how Jurina going to tell Rena the truth

And i hope Rena don't hate Jurina

Please update soon
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(º̩̩́Дº̩̩̀) I'm dying waiting for this great fic of yours. Please update more, I'm dying now, I'm dying ! I need to see my goddess wMatsui's next progress here ...
Please (˘̩ʃƪ˘̩)
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Buahhhh So much CUTE!!! But I want the nes update  :drool:

Ahahah.... I'm an idiot :D
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Kyaaaa!! what a great story :inlove:
Somehow I'm feeling like wanting to be jurina, having the attention and love from yuki and rena..
and also wanted to be Rena, indulging all the sweetness of jurina and be friends with yuki and mayu..
being yuki, feel protected by jurina and having mayu crushing hard on....
being mayu, able to feel the presence of yuki and secretly in love with her..

But no! I also feels like wanting to be someone in this story that can snatch one of this girls as my own HAHAHA XD
BUT but in the same time I want Mayuki and WMatsui to be together  :cathappy: so much!!
I'm having mental breakdown haha!
feeling like my heart going to EXPLODE right now!

This really really made my day sooo much! :roll:
I shouldn't do this...I can't get my head off of this fic
I'm supposed to study right now for my final exam yet ughh..
feeling exited impatiently  waiting for your next update!
really scared to know what's going to happened next
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update, please  :panic: I'm crazy about this fic  :shocked
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Comeback QUICKLY PLEASE....!!!
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KONEKI: AW~ Don't worry, just a little drama going on and then it will be a happy ending in the end~ Just have to wait patiently.

MO-CHAN: I will always spoil the fan-readers~ Will try to do my best :P Hope you enjoy the bday OS one too!

KONOE: Indeed fanservices are always nice~!! XD There shall be more in CHAPTER 9~! (some MaYuki dating)

IMTEEDEE: Bottom of your hypothalamus!? LOL Awwww Tii. You're weird. XD

ZITA: Glad you enjoy the update!

KIROZORO: Don't worry about being silent reader, I'm one as well XD Now that I know u are, that makes me really happy to see you comment out like this! ^^ Jurina is sure going to have tough time telling Rena the truth as she's in a position that can barely say anything if you think about it? :O Like...she's Rena's unrelated sister...and also the tragic incident that happened right before the prologue begins (THIS UPDATING I'M ABOUT TO POST). We'll see now things between them goes~!

RenshuChan: LOL! It's just an okay fanfic, but I'm really glad that you enjoy it so far! As for wMatsui, they will sure need to go through this ordeal in order to reach the happy ending. XD

GEK GEKI: Sorry to take a while! HERE IT IS! :fap

LAHIKA: LOLOLOL!!!! sorry for taking a while~ XD I want to make sure the update is good enough for the series as well  :lol:

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Amnesia: CH08 Omake ~ Pre-Prologue, Tragedy of Matsui


Its been a year since Jurina, Mayu and Yuki had graduated and been working in Kashiwagi’s hospital. Despite the two doctors were still new, their talents were equally matched against majority of experienced doctors within the same field as them. Kashiwagi Azuma, one of the founders of the hospital, didn’t hesitate to select Jurina as the next head of ER department due to the years training under his guidance personally. It didn’t take that long for other doctors and nurses to acknowledge Jurina’s talent as well. They were fond to the young humble doctor and respected her as a gifted doctor.

However, as she was the head of department she barely had the time to even reply her mother’s letters. She wanted Jurina to visit home because all of them missed her. But the doctor hesitated to reply those messages, her feelings for Rena was still disturbing her until now despite she had a girlfriend already. Furthermore, the fight with her father was not even settled yet. She did not have the mood to meet with him yet despite the anger that was still lingering inside her. Suddenly, one of the nurses received a call and turned to Dr. Kashiwagi whom was strolling around the department. 

“Dr. Kashiwagi, Dr. Watanabe needs you at the ICU now.”

“Again…? Alright then, tell her I’m heading there.”

The doctor rushed to ICU immediately as her friend called her over. Obviously when she arrived there, she joined in the surgery operation immediately to assist Mayu along with other nurses. Many doctors and nurses could barely follow up Watanabe’s speed. Only a few people like Jurina and Yuki could work with her when the short doctor was being serious. Obviously Jurina wasn’t that pleased because she wanted Mayu to learn to adapt with other people in the hospital. After their intensive operation, they managed to save the patient and that’s when both doctors had their time to have a little chat.

“Mission accomplished. Glad you made it on time.” Mayu took off her gloves and scrubs outfit in order to change back to her default clothing.

“Mayu…you should learn to work with others aside from Yuki and I.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Oi! You need to! Yuki and I won’t always be free for you to call every time you have a serious patient okay?”

“Tch, fine…I’ll try.”

“You better.”

Jurina sighed with how Mayu was acting selfish with her. She had to admit that Mayu was definitely a talented heart surgeon, but due to her gifted talents it separated inexperienced nurses and doctors from her automatically. Even though Jurina scolded her friend every single time she was summoned, it didn’t seem to sink into Mayu’s head at all. Yuki was out of option to convince Mayu as well.


As they were enjoying their break at the moment…the silence within the Emergency Department did not give Jurina a good feeling at all. For some reason, she was using her precious quiet moments in her office room; she had stared at her family picture that was put on the table. It was the picture that was taken when she graduated from high school at Nagoya. Rena and her parents were in there and she wondered why she thought about them so much.

“Dr. Kashiwagi! There are patients coming from the accident! The ambulance is heading here right now.”

It was as she thought. The silence peace was a bad omen for Jurina. Other doctors along with her were ready for the patients to arrive and the only thing they knew was that there was this terrible accident happening at the outskirt street of Tokyo. The blood-soaked patients finally arrived and the whole emergency department was chaotic. There were several adults and children that came in and Jurina called both Yuki and Mayu over to help her with the havoc within the department. However…as the chaos was about to be under controlled, another storm came in again.

“Another ambulance is coming!”

“What!? It’s not over yet?”

Mayu yelled out loud and the ER nurse replied back to her immediately to provide more information to all the busy doctors who were trying to save their patients.

“They rescued 3 more from the car within the same incident. Their conditions are far worse than others that came earlier so please be ready!”

Jurina didn’t have a good feeling about it and quickly dealt with her current patient before the incoming ambulance would arrive. Luckily her patient that she had to take care wasn’t as severely injured as she expected so he was quickly sent up to the surgery room to sew up his wounds.

“The critical patient arrived at Bed 2, the last person is coming in a minute!”

“Right, I’ll take that.”

Jurina worked swiftly as expected from the head of ER department of Kashiwagi Hospital. Her hands were covered with blood of the previous patient and she replaced with her new gloves before she arrived at her destination. She recalled that she remembered the nurse said that there would be 3… However as she arrived, it seemed her doubt was cleared. There was another patient that was beside the barely alive one…he was already dead by the time he arrived at the hospital due blood loss. As Jurina approached the old woman…her eyes grew wide and realized her facial structure, and her body.

“She’s losing too much blood and we’re still waiting for the blood supply!”

The nurse informed her with information, but then her eyes were still staring at that old woman. As she slowly looked towards the doctor that came to save her, she couldn’t believe her eyes either. A smile appeared across the woman’s face and it made Jurina froze even more. The doctor couldn’t believe how and why would she even be here.



The nurses around the patient were all surprised and caught off guard when they realized that the patient that was just barely alive when she arrived at the hospital was actually Jurina’s mother. Then as she turned to the listless man body beside her…it was when she realized that it was person she didn’t want it to be…its her own father. No one would’ve expected this happening in one of the ordinary days in hospital, especially Jurina. However, there was no time for her to be wondering and devastated about her father’s death. She focused on saving her own mother from dying due to blood loss and internal injuries. Jurina managed to put on her poker face in order to hide all the frustration and chaos running wild inside her heart. As she was treating her mother’s wounds, she realized how fatal it was and high likely she wouldn’t be able to survive from it. Within that turmoil in Jurina’s hands…the last patient from the accident arrived and it was the person that she did not want to see the most…she saw the glimpse of her long black hair and that pale skin, with just a short glimpse of her blood-soaked face she knew it’s her…it’s Matsui Rena.

“The last patient is here! We need a doctor here immediately!!”

The nurse yelled and Mayu was just done from saving her preceding patient before she went up to take Rena’s case instead. Jurina was frowning and she couldn’t hide her pale expression from her. With much of fear running hectically inside her chest, she couldn’t help but to plead at her doctor friend to save her younger sister, her love one.

“M-Mayu! Please! Save Rena! I beg you!!”

“Huh?? This girl you mean?”

“S-She’s my sister…!”


The doctor turned to the patient before she nodded firmly at Jurina. She immediately took the girl into the emergency operating room in order to conduct the operation immediately. She needed Yuki as her assistant as she needed to work seriously and at full speed in order to save Jurina’s younger sister. She wouldn’t want her friend’s sister to die on the operating table with her own hands. She promised her friend to save Rena without fail.


As for Jurina, she couldn’t stop herself from constantly thinking about Rena’s whereabouts in the operating room while she was treating her mother. However, the wound that went through her stomach was so deep that she could’ve die any second that went by on the bed. Her internal organs were terribly bruised and she couldn’t confirm whether she would be able to save her mother or not. Jurina never realized that death could be this much terrifying when her instinct told her that her mother would barely have any survival chance from this.

“This isn’t working…she’s dying.”

The nurse spoke up and it seemed Jurina was not the only one that felt that way. Her white gloves were soaked with blood but she did not want to lose any hope with her mother. She couldn’t afford to give up until the very end.

“We can’t give up yet! We can’t!!”

As the nurses followed Jurina’s orders and assisted her despite they knew that the patient might not survive from this much injury. They only knew that Jurina was adopted by Yuki’s father and became part of Kashiwagi…and it’s the first time they met Jurina’s actual mother. Despite all the confusion they had in their head, one thing for certain was that she was truly important to Jurina. The doctor’s words did give them a tinge of hope to flip the situation and create a miracle. However…things did not went well as Jurina wanted it to be.

“Dr. Kashiwagi! Dr. Watanabe is calling you over to the operating room immediately.”

Another nurse rushed over to Jurina, while she was at her limits of saving her mother from dying on the bed as each second passed by. It was one of the worse things she could’ve wished for. She realized that Mayu needed her help to assist the operation…and the person she’s saving was Rena as well.

“Can she wait??”

“She said this is absolute order, it not…the patient will die in the middle of the operation!”

Jurina’s heart sank and this was the biggest dilemma she had to make. She knew Mayu long enough to know that the surgeon was very proud of her skills and would not demand for assist if she did not realize that she was reaching her limits. Either Rena or her mother could die any second that ticked by. It was as if she had to choose whom she wanted to save…and whom would have to die.


The weak voice spoke up and caught Jurina’s attention immediately. Her mother was struggling to speak as she was having a heavy internal bleeding in her lungs. She’s suffocating her own blood and felt the constant pressure inside her that prevented her from breathing.

“I can’t just leave you like this!”

Jurina yelled back immediately and the mother tried to speak back as she wanted her to go save Rena instead of herself. She valued Rena’s life more than hers and she was willingly to give her life if she had to in order to save her.

“Rena is…more important…please…”

The doctor’s heart felt like stopping. She bid her lips till the point it almost bled while she did her best to hide her emotions. Her heart was screaming in pain and with the worse dilemma in her entire life. Suddenly, another ER doctor rushed over to Jurina as he received an order from Mayu to forcefully drag Jurina to the operating room immediately.

“Dr. Kashiwagi, I’ll take your place and will save her. The patient in the operating room needs you!”

The doctor turned to the nurses and they nodded back. All of them supported Jurina to go save her younger sister while she still had that chance. Jurina tightened her fist and nodded silently. Any second she’s hesitating could mean death to Rena.

“…I’ll come back as soon as I save Rena.”

She spoke back to her mother and held her weak hand gently despite with her blood-soaked gloves. She could see a tinge smile across her mother’s face and it told Jurina that she was satisfied with the doctor’s decision.

“Please know…dad and I love you…like our own daughter…”

Jurina remained in silence but the nurses could see a hint of pain in the doctor’s eyes. She bid her lips and remained her calm expression and suppressed all her frustration within her chest.

“He loves you…he misses you…and I as well…”

“Mom…I love you too. I love you both as my real parents.”

“Rena…we…leave Rena to you…only you can…make her happy….”

Jurina held her mother’s hand tightly for one last time before she had to rush over to the operating room before it would be too late. She could feel her hand trembling with fear. Obviously, she was scared to lose her mother and Rena in this moment of crisis…

“I promise, I will save Rena. I’ll come back, so please don’t die.”


The doctor rushed over to the operating room and replaced new gloves before she entered the room where Mayu and Yuki were doing their best to save the injured young girl. They had no choice but to open her thoracic up in order to manually pumping her heart after her heart beat stopped.

“We’re going to do thoracotomy!”

Mayu ordered and it’s just got Jurina joined in to assist Dr. Watanabe. After she heard upon that word from her friend, she realized how serious Rena’s condition was. It’s one hell of a method that none of the doctors preferred to do if the patient was not on the verge of death. If they do nothing, she will die…however with thoracotomy, there might be some hope to this. It was indeed the toughest operation that the three of them ever did but with Mayu’s talent, the whole operation preceded neatly and found out the bleeding within the pericardium was suppressing her heart from beating. After they released the pressure around her heart, Rena’s heartbeat returned on the screen once again. It felt so long as if they were inside the operating room for the whole day. However, they needed the neurologist to check on her as she also received a strong blow in the head. They did treat her wound but they did not know the side effects that could happen after that.


It was just about time Jurina and others came out. As Dr. Kashiwagi glanced at the clock, she realized she had been in the operating room for 3 hours despite she felt as if she stayed over a day. She felt much relieved after Rena was saved, but she couldn’t stop worrying about her mother. She rushed back to the ER section and returned to the bed where her mother was without even changing her scrub outfit that was dirtied by blood. However…a part of her knew that three hours was long enough for everything to turn into miracle…or horror.


As she arrived, it was as part of her doctor instinct warned her…she saw that listless body on the bed and her face was covered with white cloth. It’s just so obvious that no one had to say anything to Jurina at all… Dr. Kashiwagi asked what time she passed away and that’s when she realized that her mother was no longer on this world even before the operation could’ve end. The doctor that didn’t manage to save her mother came up to her and bowed down with guilt. Jurina could understand his feelings if she was to be in his position, and also she knew that it would require a miracle to save her mother from that kind of injury.

“I’m really sorry Dr. Kashiwagi…that I couldn’t save her—”

“I know how deadly her wounds are, don’t worry about it…and thank you for doing your best to save her.”

Jurina put up a vague smile to cheer up her colleague from the patient’s death. She would not even tell that the patient was actually her mother, it would only cause more ruckus and inflicted more pain to the male doctor.

“Dr. Kashiwagi…”

“Nurse, do put my name under both patients’ profile. I’m taking responsible for their death.”

“But it isn’t your fault! It’s my—”

“It was my decision to leave her in order to save another patient. I’m also the head of this department…as soon as the two of them stepped into the hospital, they’re under my responsibility.”

Jurina interrupted her colleague and it made him remained in silence and shock. The male doctor remained in silence and then the nurse nodded firmly as she took Jurina’s order.

“…I understand.”

“Thank you for respecting my decision.”

Jurina left and glanced back at her mother’s listless body before she turned her eyes back onto the path she was walking. She changed back to her proper clothes before she headed up to the roof deck to take a break from the chaos in the ER department. It was no ordinary tragic for Jurina and no one would understand the pain she went through…the pain she didn’t have a chance to say a word to her father…the pain she had to decide between her sister and mother…the pain she had lost her mother by her own decision…the pain that she became a doctor yet she can’t save any of them.

Old memories when she had with her Matsui family repeated in her head and she recalled the last moment she exchanged words with her father. They were actually having a heated argument with each other…the last time Jurina met her father was right after she had graduated her medical degree in Tokyo and she decided to visit her parents along with Yuki.


Jurina and Yuki used their vacation after they graduate to go up to Nagoya. She came to visit her parents after she never met them for over 6 years…and Yuki pleaded her to at least come meet them once. Jurina still remembered the path back home very well and they stopped right in front of this house. The house tag still said ‘MATSUI’ and it seemed they didn’t move out yet so far.

“Jurina…you’re nervous?”

“I guess it’s more of frustrated. I told you…I had a fight with my family right before I was forced to leave here.”

“…I see.”

Jurina sighed and pressed on the doorbell. The next thing she heard the sound of a familiar woman telling them to wait until she came to open the door for them. As soon as she slid the door and her eyes met with Jurina…it seemed she recognize her immediately. Her jaws dropped and formed a huge smile across her face immediately.

“J-Jurina…is that you??”

“…It’s been a while, mom.”

She threw her arms around Jurina and embraced her daughter tightly. It had been so long since Jurina felt the warmth of her mother. It’s been so long and she had long forgotten that comforted feeling. At least, a smile appeared across her face once again.

“You’ve grown so much! Kashiwagi-san had told us about you coming. Dad is waiting for you, he misses you.”

“…I hope he actually is.”

Jurina still remembered that bitter argument she had with him and the mother welcomed both of them into the house. Everything still looked the same from the last time she left this place. The father was sitting at the couch waiting for Jurina to arrive. As his eyes met with hers, obviously…it seemed that bitter talk they had the last time was still bothering both of them until now.

“So…you must be Azuma’s daughter. You indeed look like him.”

“Good afternoon Matsui-san, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki.” She bowed her head down slightly to formally greet Jurina’s parents. He smiled back to her and then he turned his attention back to his eldest daughter.

“I heard that you decided to become Kashiwagi, didn’t you?”

“…Yes, my apologize for not consulting or discussing anything with both of you.”

“It’s okay Jurina, it is your decision and it’s your life after all.”

Her mother spoke up as she brought tea for Yuki and Jurina. The only person that would make Jurina felt rather comfortable to discuss anything with would be her mother. She always treated her with love and understood her feelings the most, unlike her father.

“…Thank you, mom.”

“I’m grateful you’re having a good life now. Do feel free to come back anytime…you’re still our daughter after all, disregarding our blood.”

It was indeed a peaceful talk between Jurina and her parents. That was something that she wanted and she nodded softly with a smile for her father.

“Thank you dad, that meant a lot to me…this place, will always be my home.”

But ever since Jurina had stayed at home, she did not see or saw any signs that Rena was here at all. It made her wonder but she did not utter her name at all. She recalled the last time she had a heated fight with her father was regarding Rena. It seemed her name became some sort of taboo between her and her father. However as she had been constantly looking around, her mother had known what was behind Jurina’s actions.

“…If you’re looking for Rena-chan, she’s sleeping over at her friend’s house tonight.”

Jurina remained in silence and realized that her parents did not tell Rena about her visit today. A slight tinge of sadness and anger grew within her, but at the same time it would be better she didn’t meet with her. A part of Jurina’s heart still couldn’t forget about Rena yet…

“I see… I’m glad she’s doing fine.”

“Now that she’s mentioned, did your feelings changed?”

Her father asked but then the young doctor didn’t utter a single word. Only Yuki wasn’t able to follow up with the conversation that was going on. Jurina’s father looked at his daughter with a sigh.

“I see, so nothing really have changed ever since then despite you’re having a relationship with Yuki-chan.”


Jurina didn’t utter a single word and clutched on her pants tightly as she was trying to hide her dissatisfaction from her father. However, it seem the mother was siding with her daughter instead.

“Please don’t say like that…it doesn’t really matter anymore.”

The mother turned to her daughter and had that warm genuine smile across her face. Rena really did inherit that beautiful smile from her mother, as well as her kindness.

“Rena-chan always talks about you ever since you moved out to Tokyo.”

Jurina was surprised despite she barely exchange any words with the younger Matsui. It made her heart skipped a beat and wished to hear more from her mother. Jurina’s voice changed and everyone could tell that it’s livelier than the first time she stepped into the house.


“Yes! Rena always talk and misses you. Also she—”

“Don’t say it.”

The father interrupted and broke the whole conversation apart. He knew what the older woman would say and he prohibited her to tell anything further to Jurina. Obviously, it made the young doctor slightly dissatisfied with it. She hated when her father was being unreasonable like this to her.

“But dear—”

“Some things are better not mentioned.”

The eldest daughter of Matsui stood up from her seat and glared at her father. She reached the limits of her patience and she tightened her fist tightly. Once again, the whole heated fight she had with her father before she was taken away to Tokyo was repeating.

“…You’re always like this, some things that are better not mentioned? Just like when it’s the case of my biological parents!!”

She couldn’t contain her anger any longer and released it all out. It was the first time that Yuki ever saw her girlfriend lost her temper like this before. The Kashiwagi girl stood up by Jurina’s side to calm her down but it didn’t seem to work out that well.

“You made Azuma-san told me the truth about my parents…do you even know how I felt back then!? When will be the right time to tell me the truth!? By having someone tell me instead?!”

Jurina unleashed all her anger and yelled to the top of her lungs. She took a deep breath and glare at her father without blinking. The mother could feel her daughter’s anger through her words and knew it very well that Mr. Matsui’s decision wasn’t such a good one. However, she understood his intention, as it was his own way of caring Jurina, his eldest daughter.

“Jurina…” Her mother tried to approach Jurina, but then the girl continued where she left off.

“What am I to you? Just a thing that you can just discard whenever you want because I’m not blood-related to you? I bet you forced Rena to stay over at her friend’s place so that we can’t see each other.”

Jurina did step over the line and horribly insulted her father. However, she did not show any sign of remorse and walked away towards the exit instead. She had enough with meeting her parents today and deep down inside her chest…this massive pain was killing her.

“So be it then, I’m leaving.”

“J-Jurina—!” Yuki called after her but then she simply just exited the house and slammed the door loudly with anger.


A huge pause of silence within Matsui household as Yuki turned to Jurina’s parents and bowed to them to apologize in her girlfriend’s place.

“I’m sorry in Jurina’s place…things are really tough for her when we’re studying at Tokyo…”

Her parents didn’t say a word and the mother approached up to her instead. As her eyes met with Jurina’s mother, she was slightly captivated by that gentleness in those eyes. She held Yuki’s hand tenderly with care.

“Yuki-chan…is it?”


“…Please do look after Jurina in our place.”

The father finally spoke up after he remained in silence from his daughter’s shout. Yuki turned her eyes to him immediately and realized that he cared for her but he did not show it obviously enough to Jurina. Yuki could see tinge of sadness within his eyes. As expected…he was deeply pained by Jurina’s words, but it wasn’t something he denied either. He knew that he committed a terrible mistake on her and he deserved to be hated by Jurina.

“…Yes I will.”

Yuki nodded firmly and she could see a smile from both of them. So Jurina’s mother continued where she left off while slowly releasing Yuki’s soft hands. “Thank you so much, Yuki-chan. We’re sorry to leave Jurina with you…”

“Not at all…I’m actually the one that have to say that. If it wasn’t for me…Jurina wouldn’t accept the adoption offer from my father.” Yuki bowed towards both of them once again and apologized to them with guilt buried inside her chest. “…I’m really sorry. ”

“We heard the story from Azuma-san…it must be tough on you too isn’t?”

The father asked and Yuki only nodded in silence. She was deeply scarred regarding her mother’s death. She didn’t have any words to say further than what the truth was.

“Jurina’s a strong girl… I support that decision she made so don’t feel sorry about it.” 

He continued where he left off and that was when Yuki could confirm that her parents really loved Jurina. She nodded again and decided to leave after her girlfriend before she would make her wait any further. Lastly…Jurina’s father exchanged words with her for one last time.

“…You’re more than welcome to come by anytime, together with Jurina.”

“I’ll make sure to tell that to her.”

Yuki left the house and followed up to Jurina whom was already in the car. As she got in and sat down on the passenger seat beside her, Yuki glanced to see her girlfriend and saw her calmed expression. It seemed she have settled her flames of anger down. She could see eyes of guilt on those orbs.


“…I know it’s my fault there.”

“It’s alright, I’m here…I’m here for you.”

The Kashiwagi girl pulled and embraced her girlfriend closely to her. She stroked her head tenderly with love for her. Jurina closed her eyes in silence and allowed herself to be comforted by her girlfriend. The only person that the doctor could lean on right now would only be Yuki.

That was the last time she had exchanged words with her father. She did not even have the chance to apologize anything to him for those harsh words she said to him. It would always be the guilt and regret inside her heart forever…


The doctor inhaled the breeze at the roof deck of the hospital as she felt tears streamed down her cheeks. She sniffed and looked up into the deep blue sky with guilt and anger towards herself. It’s such beautiful scenery that it felt like a lie that such tragic happened today. As she did not know how long she had been up here, she heard the sound of the door opened behind her.


It was Yuki’s voice and then she ran up towards her immediately with Mayu following her from behind. As the doctor turned around she wiped those tears from her eyes and put a smile across her face. However, both her friends could see through that fake smile yet decided to speak nothing of it. Obviously they knew about the news regarding Jurina’s and Rena’s parents’ death.

“…Rena is having a stable condition now. I just checked on her before we came up here.”

Mayu spoke up and made Dr. Kashiwagi smiled with relief upon such good news. Despite all the tragic that she went through with her hands, Rena is saved and she’s alive. She couldn’t hope for more than this and before she realized it again, Yuki threw her arms around her tightly. They had not need for words…Yuki could tell that Jurina was in complete despair. 

“…Thanks Mayu, as expected from the most talented heart surgeon. Thanks for saving Rena for me.”

“It’s us, you idiot. I won’t be able to do it without you. We saved her.”

Mayu said clearly as if she was emphasized ever single word she uttered. However, she had another case she had to treat right now so she had to leave both couple alone.

“Go continue with your sobbing, I’m leaving to work now.”

“Mayu—!!” Yuki was about to shout back at the rude harsh Watanabe, but her words ended up making Jurina giggled out softly.

“Thanks Mayu.”

Watanabe did not say a word and simply walked out through the door, leaving the couple alone and have their private time. The nurse was still mad with how she was not treating Jurina’s feelings gently after the worse tragic that anyone could’ve least expected happened to her.

“Jeez…That Mayu…”

“It’s her way of expressing her kindness.” Jurina smiled while the nurse was still embracing her. She hugged her back and rested her head onto her shoulder.

“But still—”

“Please just be with me now…Yuki.”

Her voice was trembling and the nurse did not utter a single word out. She hugged Jurina tighter and stroked her head gently with tenderness. She understood that pain very well but she knew that Jurina felt far worse than this.

“Mom died…because of me.”

“N-No way!” Yuki couldn’t believe those sad words uttered from Jurina’s lips. She shook her head vigorously with denial. “You didn’t! It’s not your fault!!”

“Rena would hate me that I decide to abandon her mom…”

Yuki bid her lips and pushed herself away as she swiftly slapped across Jurina’s face. The young doctor was shocked and held her reddened cheek while staring back at Yuki.

“Jurina, she will never hate you…believe me. You’re not a god! We humans…do have limits on what we can do too. You did your best…and we saved Rena.”


“You got me, and Mayu…and Rena-chan too. You’re not alone.”

Yuki’s words allowed her to gather her conscious back and realized what she should be doing instead of being blinded by guilt. She recalled her mother’s words that she said for the last time.

“Please know…dad and I love you…like our own daughter…”

“He loves you…he misses you…and I as well…”

“Rena…we…leave Rena to you…only you can…make her happy….”

Her eyes grew wide with realization. Despite her parents were not biologically related to her, she loved them as if they were her real parents. There was something she could still do. Rena’s still alive…and she’ll protect her no matter what. She wondered whether what would it be when they met each other again. Will Rena recognize her? Will it be a sad or happy reunion? What would be the first thing she’ll say to Rena? Just thinking about it made her smiled without realizing it at all. She loved her younger sister so much that just thinking of her brightened up her mood instantly like a miracle.

“That’s right…I still have some things I have to do rather than weeping like this.”


“Yuki, can I ask you for a favor? Will you please…be Rena’s private nurse?”

She asked her girlfriend and she accepted without hesitation. She promised to Jurina that she would take care of Rena and would always stay by her side 24/7 until she wake up from her long hibernation. No one would know when she would wake up…but the only thing Jurina could do right now was to wait for Rena to open her eyes…


~Few days later~


Yuki came in to clean Rena’s room as usual as well as checking the monitor that was attached right beside her bed in order to check her current condition. She would do it every morning, afternoon, and evening. Yuki wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to Rena when she’s under her care. She simply waited…for the day that Rena would wake up. She knew that Jurina would be brightened up after she heard such delightful news like this.

While Yuki was making sure things in Rena’s room was clean, she suddenly heard a mutter from someone and she immediately threw her glance towards the bed. She saw Rena fidgeting slightly and obviously her heart was filled with happiness. She wanted to just scream but then she remained her composure first in order to not scare away Jurina’s sister.

“W-Where am I…?”

“Ah, good morning Matsui-san.” 

Yuki greeted her with a smile and approached the screen that was right beside Rena’s bed. As she checked the graph and the values, it made her smiled with relief to know that her condition was good.

“Ah, it seems everything is in a stable condition now.”

Rena looked at her with a confused look and that caught Yuki’s attention. She recognized the oddness within Rena’s beautiful brunette eyes and they exchanged a short silence glance with each other.

“Nurse…who am I…?”

Yuki froze instantly. She had a worrisome expression across her face and obviously it was something she wouldn’t be expecting it to happen. She knew this condition very well, and didn’t think that this would be happening with Rena at all. The neurologist told her after they had checked on Rena that the memory section of her brain was damaged and there was a chance she might not remember several things. However, Yuki didn’t expect that it would be so severe that she didn’t even remember her own name. She wondered how would she inform this news to Jurina.

“Ah…I’ll call the doctor so she can do the explanation for you.”


Her voice was shaking, as it seemed she was still weak. The nurse left immediately to go call Jurina over immediately to tell her that Rena finally woke up from her long sleep. Obviously, it didn’t take that long for Jurina to arrive at the front of Rena’s room. However, Yuki had to inform the most depressing news to her girlfriend that Rena had amnesia from the accident. She did not recall who she was and likely…as well as about others she knew as well. Jurina remained in silence and just simply nodded. Maybe a part of her thought that it might be better Rena didn’t remember anything after that bloody tragic. She walked towards the door as she wanted to see her face right now.


As soon as the door opened…Jurina’s eyes met with the awakened Rena and she couldn’t control the happiness surging inside her chest. The young Matsui had grown up into a beautiful woman, and she’s alive, breathing, right in front of her eyes.

“…If you need anything do call me.” Yuki bowed to the doctor before she told her softly that she would wait for Jurina in front instead. 

“Thank you, Yuki.”

The doctor spoke back to the nurse before she left. Now, it was only the doctor and her sister who had a huge amnesia. She realized how much Rena grown up to resemble her mother. She could tell from those gentle eyes. Jurina approached her while another hand was in her pocket, clutching her fist tightly. Despite the happiness to meet with Rena once again after 7 years of being apart…she felt as if a spear went through her heart. It was the pain of being forgotten.

“Nice to meet you, I’m your doctor by the way.”


She muttered softly with those words. Rena’s voice was just so melodious and it rung inside Jurina’s ears clearly. It had been so long since she heard her voice…it had been so long that she felt that she had forgotten how she sounded like. She sat down on the chair and held Rena’s hand gently with love. Finally she was able to hold her hands once again after they were forced to be separated before they even had a chance to say proper goodbye. The love and care she had for Rena resurfaced once again and was passed through via this touch.

“Who am I…?”

She asked Jurina with a weak voice. The doctor could tell how much pain she was going through right now. Jurina looked into Rena’s eyes and smiled with love. She promised to herself that she would always protect Rena and take care of her no matter what. It’s the time for Jurina to protect her after she attempted to forget her feelings for Rena. She would give all her love and life to her, even though Rena would not remember who she was. Maybe it would be better for them to start their relationship from scratch instead.

“Your name is…Matsui Rena.”

Jurina finally told her name with a soft gently voice. She wondered whether she should be happy with this or not, all she knew was that her heart was screeching in agony that the memories she once shared with Rena were no longer meaningful…as if none of them existed to begin with. 

“…Do you remember anything?”

It seemed it was that one question Jurina wanted to ask Rena the most. But the doctor knew the answer very well…she knew the answer too well, yet she still asked that question…Rena simply shook her head as she recalled nothing about herself or anything.



Spoiler for CH09.......... FINALLY! the time for MaYuki couple to bloom! A DATE!? Sae showing up!? ...We'll see :)
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Jurina, Yuki is right. It's not your fault. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Yuki and Mayu are with you Jurina.. Be strong~!

All of you, be strong~! :fap More drama to come. :twothumbs

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This not answer all my question about rena,

what actually happen to her?

I mean her father seems hide something about rena that everyone doesn't know,

why always separated them?

I think the reason why jurina has to out from matsui house is rena,

the reason? Only kate know it LOL

I just hope when rena memories back,she still the rena i know,but looks like its not gonna happen,its always the opposite LOL at least hope,no matter what happen with rena,her love for jurina is real,maybe the problem from the start is this love feeling LOL

So the next is mayuki! Yeaah! This is my oasis! Wmatsui seem in the verge of cry? LOL
Expecting sweet moment between them,when i read mayuki,always make my grin and doki doki,mayuki act like teenage LOL

But sae come?

 I dont care LOL ,

somehow i know when you mention about sae mean the happy moment replace by sad or bad moment

I just hope the next waiting is not to long like this one LOL

Love your fic kate~ and thank for this update
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So the matsui family were to surprise visit jurina in Tokyo, and sadly some truck driver hit them. Maybe it was rena who wanted the family to visit jurina since she won't visit them back in nagoya, and thus rena's subconscious(?) is blaming her
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Rena is the most intriguing person here. Why does Rena's father wanted to separate the two so bad?

They are right! It's not Jurina's fault that her foster mom died. She tried hard to find a way but it's too late. :cry: Her mom also encouraged her to go and save Rena instead. I guess Jurina is afraid to tell Rena what really happened at the operating room on the day of the car incident. Afraid that Rena will get mad at her and hate her for not being stubborn in trying to save her mom. 

Why the hell do you make awesome fics?! I really want you to update faster. I want to read MORE!!! :pleeease:

Next chapter is Mayuki~ Sae will show up? That guy will only get defeated by the Great Mayu. :bigdeal: Mayu and Sae's last 'conversation' was interesting. LOL. It's time for Mayu to save Yuki again. :inlove:
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that was what happened..
I can see is acting like her father when she wants to hide things of Rena D:
ow next turn!!
Sae will be there yay I can't wait !
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What Rena's father hide :mon dunno: Such a big question :mon speechless:
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Is there's any possibility rena has some mental...uh you know?but i'm not sure,she seems normal,after i read this update i check again on the prologue,i was sure when rena on that car before the car got hit by truck,she's healthy and aware what's going to happen,so i could said rena was fine,mentaly fine.

I couldn't think a good reason why rena's father want separated jurina and rena.
They always said it was for their sake.
What so good?,as we know what happen to jurina after kick out from matsui household,we don't know what happen to rena,if jurina has yuki and mayu for her support,i scared to say who's support rena at that depressed time?the only i know is,when rena got that accident,if she has friends,shouldn't her friends at least visited her?she has friends right?when jurina visited the matsui house again after she graduated,rena mother said that rena has sleeptover on her friend,is that true?or not?maybe she went somewhere else~

Jurina was totaly fine,do thing normaly,nothing wrong with her,so it must rena,the problem is rena.i'm so curious with the real rena,is the real rena is bad person?yankee?gekikara?hahahaha rofl. When first time rena know that her sister is not in house anymore,i'm quite shock she accept it so easily,not like jurina that on rage at that time,but rena?she so calm~

In other side,i could seen jurina know the truth about rena,why?because after her step father and mother died,it's imposible to not know what exactly happen.jurina sure investigated it.that's why jurina want to protect rena.that's explain why she stubornly dont want rena know the truth even thought rena already know they are step sister,so i though, 'there must be another secret behind secret'.and its not just about jurina is the cause rena mother's died hahahaha or maybe i'm wrong~

Oh i think much too much talk neh? That was just what i thought,i re-read again cause i almost forgot what the story about hehe sorry

I really anticipated the next chapter,wanting know about rena,honestly i hate jurina character here,she want protect rena but i felt like she kinda slow hehe

Mayu mayu mayu finally! Watanabe family!yeah!

And sae will show! Yeah i kinda like mayu sae interaction,somehow i got a feeling sae has interest on mayu!

Update fast kate~ hahahaha fast! Hahaha
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Before that I just want so say... Oh Kate you Mother of Surgery... LOL

The doctor rushed to ICU immediately as her friend called her over. Obviously when she arrived there, she joined in the surgery operation immediately to assist Mayu along with other nurses. Many doctors and nurses could barely follow up Watanabe’s speed.

Mayu, Mayu.... Why you gotta rush stuff? Operations are supposed to be carried out slowly and with extra care.. You're not competing with other doctors for the title of 'Fastest Operation in the World'.. Really.. There's no such thing.. So, slow down, girl..
There's a saying.. "If you wanna go fast, go alone.. If you wanna go far, work together" I should totally knock these words into your head LOL

“Mission accomplished. Glad you made it on time.” Mayu took off her gloves and scrubs outfit in order to change back to her default clothing.

“Mayu…you should learn to work with others aside from Yuki and I.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Oi! You need to! Yuki and I won’t always be free for you to call every time you have a serious patient okay?”

“Tch, fine…I’ll try.”

“You better.”

What's with the "Tch" LOLOL
You gotta learn to adapt with other people, Mayu.. Don't make me smack your buttocks

“Dr. Kashiwagi…”

“Nurse, do put my name under both patients’ profile. I’m taking responsible for their death.”

“But it isn’t your fault! It’s my—”

“It was my decision to leave her in order to save another patient. I’m also the head of this department…as soon as the two of them stepped into the hospital, they’re under my responsibility.”

Jurina interrupted her colleague and it made him remained in silence and shock. The male doctor remained in silence and then the nurse nodded firmly as she took Jurina’s order.

“…I understand.”

“Thank you for respecting my decision.”

Somebody give Jurina a cookie~!
Jurina, you earned my full respect.. Two thumbs up high in the sky for you~!
Well, I understand that it's her mother..
But not many people will want to be responsible for other's death, what more for that reason.. "Leave her in order to save another patient"

“Go continue with your sobbing, I’m leaving to work now.”

“Mayu—!!” Yuki was about to shout back at the rude harsh Watanabe, but her words ended up making Jurina giggled out softly.

“Thanks Mayu.”

Watanabe did not say a word and simply walked out through the door, leaving the couple alone and have their private time. The nurse was still mad with how she was not treating Jurina’s feelings gently after the worse tragic that anyone could’ve least expected happened to her.

“Jeez…That Mayu…”

“It’s her way of expressing her kindness.” Jurina smiled while the nurse was still embracing her.

Mayu's unique way of expressing kindness, huh? Well, she deserves some buttock slapping XD

I mean, of course she survived.. This is the pre-prologue.. If Rena died here, I'd be like "Did the time and space got distorted or some shit?"
And the ending of this chapter is zee Prologue of this fic~

Spoiler for CH09.......... FINALLY! the time for MaYuki couple to bloom! A DATE!? Sae showing up!?

Finally Mayuki is here~  :heart: :heart:
I'm hoping for lots of Mayuki fluff~  :heart: :heart: :heart:
This is gonna be good, i can tell..
And Sae please do not mess things up.. Go find Sayaka instead.. Shoo~ Shoo~

So in conclusion,
Bravo once again, Kate..
Your updates never cease to amaze me...
As for this chapter... *cough*needmorefluff*cough*
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I want to know what is nexttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. :grin:
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is it to fast to demand the next chapter?

well i'm not often doing this LOL
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kenjoy12: Glad you enjoy it~! More dramas are coming! So prepare to embrace it~ :P

kurogumi: What actually happen to Rena? XD I wonder too, we'll see at the end when she retrieved all her memories back! Her father sure have a reason that he believes that its better to not tell Jurina, however, who knows? Maybe Rena knew it! But its kept within those lost memories!? :D We'll see how things goes with Rena and Jurina~ Let's say....I like inflicting a lot of pain to characters, but a good ending always wait for them~ (I'm a fluff writer after all!) I'm not planning for this to be angst ending story, but it's gonna take a while~! SO~ I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS MAYUKI MOMENT IN THIS CHAPTER!! It's sure one big step within their relationship!!

lahika: You don't have to thank me!  :nervous As long as you enjoy it, its all COOL! Glad that the omake did answer your biggest question!!

gek geki: HAHAHAH! Now you got a lot of info~! But there might be more coming! Especially from Mayu's side (the last omake) and from Rena (regaining all her memories)! Indeed you got it right! Things that happen in the pre-prologue are things that Jurina didn't want Rena to know, even worse, when she recalled nothing at the slightest (including her existence). Ahhhhhh...misunderstandings are the worse things! :( Jurina needs to make a move soon or else she would make a biggest mistake. About Rena's memories~ It's the MAIN highlight of the story I guess? :D Let's say she would regain all of it towards the end of the fanfic...but HOW!? We'll have to look forward to it!! XD Too bad that the next chapter is focusing more on Mayu...since the last omake would be about Mayu's past! There would be some moments about Rena...but it shall be focused on once again on Chapter 10! :) Martial arts move! HAHAH! We will see it, definitely, maybe just not in this chapter~ go embrace the fluff for now... :D

qr.rima: Wow, you're getting a good start with the guessing! :O You're quite close to it! Its indeed some sort of surprise visit...but they have an intention why they're going to visit her without telling her. Rena is indeed tied to this and indeed that accident made Rena's subconscious blamed on herself! Jurina had a feeling that Rena would do so...that's why she chose not to tell anything :D

Konoe: Jurina is indeed afraid of it! Especially to tell it to Rena. Oh >//< It's not that awesome! Here's your update~! It's focusing a lot on Mayuki right now, since the last omake is about Dr. Watanabe~ Obviously, Mayu will always come to rescue and save her princess from the stalker! :D

mo-chan: Indeed Jurina is becoming like her father. She might be repeating the same mistake that her dad did to her... D: I hope you enjoy the next chapter as well ^^

leEwẬy: OH! Hello there~ XD I'm glad you like my writing style >///< Thank you~! Mayu's past would be mentioned towards the end of this chapter! don't worry~ More of it will be mentioned in the final omake! :) LOL! Everyone wants to see Mayu in action!! Definitely you will, just not yet~ I'll update asap~ :D Here's your chapter for now~

Terragen: Hey Terragen! Let's say...Rena's is completely normal. :) She's just going through the transition of remembering everything and she's afraid of it. That's why she's having such a dilemma and fear about herself. You sure got great questions!!! :D I have the reason why the father wants to separate both of them...but so many people question that and it made me wonder whether the reason I planned is good enough or not ><" Ah yes...who is supporting Rena during that one knows. Let's say...she did have friends, and this friend of hers would show up later on in the story :) That's another good idea about whether Rena went to sleepover at her friend's place or not! Maybe its a lie... :D Let's say...her father deliberately planned for Rena to be away on the day Jurina came back to visit. Real Rena a yankee? XD THAT WOULD BE SO FUN~!! LOL, ok jokes aside, i didn't plan for that to happen so don't worry. Rena's a good girl :) Rena is indeed not freaking out about Jurina leaving the house...maybe she holds some information that is not known by ANYONE at all...only one that knows is her. About Jurina investigating...hmm~ That's one insightful thought! You got the point that Jurina doesn't want to tell Rena about it...she's scared that if she learns the truth...Rena might hate her. Don't worry about talking a lot! I like it! :D I hope you enjoy the next chapter~! Mayu would do her job and give Jurina a good lesson to treat Rena properly. I'll do my best to update fast~!

kevinwkl: Oh geez....Hi my apprentice~ Your comment is so long!!!!!  Okay, now i'm mother of surgery? XD I got too many names from you already!! Mayu is sure a hardcore stubborn girl! But don't worry, Yukirin will do that job and tame her to become a sweet fluff doctor. :D Chapter 09....MAYUKI IS HERE!!!! :D Oh you bet it my friend, lots of fluff since its probably the biggest MAYUKI step that ever happen so far in this series! I so love your penquin dances! and BOB TOO!!! Maybe he's reading my fanfic? :P LOL! Hope you enjoy this chapter as well~

Zita: Here's the update! Hope you enjoy it as well!

kurogumi (once again): It's not fast to demand~ I'll do my best to write asap~! Not going to rush it too hard since i don't want to ruin the story :P Hope you enjoy it~


Amnesia: CH09.1

[Rena’s POV]


Mayu had been staring at me as she was sitting opposite from me in her office. I did not utter a word ever since I was sitting in this room and left her slightly annoyed.

“…Are you going to say a damn word?”


“Jeez, what the hell happen now?”

She asked and it seemed to be a big taboo for me. I recalled the scene that I had a heated argument with Jurina at the cafeteria. I did learn the truth behind my parent’s death that they died after they arrived at the hospital…but I didn’t understand why Jurina didn’t want to tell me. I finally told Mayu what happened and she couldn’t believe it. She face palmed her face and sighed out loud.

“…Genius, that idiot.”

“I…I don’t know what to do anymore.”

I stared back at Mayu and she could tell that she needed advices for what to do from now on. I didn’t know how would she react when I encountered Jurina today and from now on since their argument was not cooled down yet. Mayu could understand my situation and did give the best advice she could do. She didn’t agree with the method that Jurina used, but it didn’t mean that she didn’t understand her position. She told me Jurina did have a tough life in her own way that not many people would be able to understand it.

“Give yourself and her the time to think thoroughly. I don’t agree with Jurina’s method…but I understand her position. Maybe, be considerate of her position might make you understand her more.”

“Her position…”

“Do you know why Jurina is afraid to tell you what happen to your parents?”

I shook my head and Mayu placed her chin on top of her fingers and continued where she left off.

“They are still Jurina’s parents…she loved them, and she lost them both. Your dad passed away before Jurina could exchange any words with him… How would she feel after her sister woke up without any memories about her at all?”

Mayu elaborated the picture out based on Jurina’s experiences back during the tragic incident that made her lost her parents and put me into an amnesia state. It made me stumbled slightly as I started to picture out Jurina’s situation a little clearer. When I put thoughts into it…I started to realize how much burden Jurina had went through as she had put so much smile on her face when she’s around me. Maybe those smiles were not fake after all…

“Jurina didn’t consult anyone…I doubt she did talk about her feelings to Yukirin. She’s so stubborn, that she’s carrying it all alone.”


“I guess you saw the picture a little now didn’t you?”


Mayu sighed softly with a smile, as she was relieved that she gave me a good start to understand Jurina. However, she had a plan in mind to give her friend a few punches to also make her understand my feelings as well. Mayu told me that we’re both so stubborn in their own way…she wasn’t that surprised about it since they were siblings after all. After the consultant session is over, I decided to spend her time reading Mayu’s personal manga books in the doctor’s special hideout. Just enjoying my day quietly and peacefully today…


It was sure a busy day of the doctor as she had been in the operating room since dawn and another one right after Rena left. Mayu changed back to her default outfit and headed back to her office, but on her way there the nurses called out for her.

“Dr. Watanabe! Do you want some free tickets?”



The doctor walked up to the nurse at the counter and she handed over a ticket to go to this new amusement park for free. She got two tickets for two people to go free on all rides. It seemed one of the nurses got it from her friend but she wasn’t able to go. She didn’t know what to do with it until Dr. Watanabe suddenly walked passed her sight.

“Well, uh, thanks?”

“No worries doctor! Thank you for hard work. Good news, there wouldn’t be an appointment until late afternoon.”

“That’s sure a good news for me.”

The doctor had to wake up at 4am to do the emergency surgery on one of her patients. She headed back to her room and threw herself onto her chair with a sigh. Now that she had put some thoughts regarding the free ticket she just received, she wondered what could she do with it though.

“…I guess I’ll go give it to someone? It’s not like I have anyone to go with after all.”

Suddenly, Yuki’s face appeared in her face and she blushed instantly. She shook that thought away immediately and tried to encourage herself that the nurse wouldn’t be going on date to the amusement park with her. Then again, she was shocked she thought about dating with nurse Kashiwagi at the amusement park, alone, between the two of them.

“W-Wait…date?! HELL NO! Why the hell I thought about that—!”


Mayu’s cellphone rang and out of all the people that could’ve called her…it was the girl she had been thinking about. She picked up the call immediately without waiting and she could feel her heart beating spontaneously. She still couldn’t get the thought about dating out from her mind just yet.


[Are you busy?]

“No! Not at all, something a matter?”

[I was thinking that we could go grab some lunch together…if you don’t mind?]

“Ah sure. Where are you? I’ll go pick you up.”

[It’s fine! How about we meet in front of the cafeteria? I want to get some food and take up to the roof deck…]

“Sounds great to me. I’ll see you.”

[Okay, see you.]

The call was hung up and the doctor took her purse before she sprinted towards the cafeteria. But before that, she remembered the ticket she had with her. Just for some reason she felt like it might be a good idea to give it to Yuki so she could make use of it. Mayu wasn’t a big fan of crowds anyways so amusement park wasn’t her style. She stuffed the ticket into her gown’s pocket and headed towards the cafeteria where she met with the young nurse standing by the entrance.

“Hey, did I make you wait?”

“Not at all, sorry to drag you around though.”

“Well, I offered it to you. So feel free to abuse it.”

Mayu gave a slight pat on Yuki’s shoulder before they walked into the cafeteria. They bought some sandwiches and snacks before they headed up to the roof deck to have their peaceful meal. It was quite unusual since Yuki would often sit with people…but this time she’s being distanced from everyone. As they sat under the blue sky, they had their meal peacefully.

But it was such an awkward silence between the two. Mayu could see eyes of pain hinted in those beautiful orbs. Yuki didn’t seem to recover from the break up yet despite she was the one that started first. Unrequited love was painful after all and Mayu understood it very well.

(Mayu: …now what. What can I do for her…Oh!)

She recalled the ticket in her pocket, and fortunately it’s to the amusement park. The doctor took it out and snapped her fingers to grab Yuki’s attention instantly. She passed the free tickets to the nurse and made her dumbfounded.

“I got it for free from my colleague. You would make use of it more than I do.”

“To the new amusement park…ah, I heard about that.”

“Go with someone like Rena or your friends. I’m still wondering why my colleague gave it to me.”

“Heh…I thought the same.”


Mayu grumbled and it made the nurse giggled out once again. However she seemed to be having some thoughts in her mind and caught the doctor’s attention. Before Mayu could’ve had the chance to speak anything further, Yuki turned to make an eye contact with her first.

“Then…will you come with me?”

The doctor froze and her jaws dropped with surprise. She wasn’t expected this coming and her shocking reaction just made Yuki laughed even more. Mayu wasn’t able to grasp the situation that properly yet and had to ask Kashiwagi again.


“I’m asking you to come with me. There are two tickets after all.”

“Are you sure about asking me? I might not be a the most fun person to—”

“Oh shush Mayu. Are you coming with me? I take either yes or no.”

Dr. Watanabe couldn’t help but to blush slightly. It was as if Yuki was inviting her for the date. No one could’ve expected this coming, especially the doctor. She bit her lips slightly before she gave a silent nod to Yuki. She didn’t find a reason to refuse such an offer like this. Going out with just between Yuki and her was like a dream she could’ve ask for before she die.

“…Heh, I don’t like refusing free stuffs.”

“Haha~ that sounds more like you. That’s the deal!”

Mayu was glad to see Yuki smiling a little more than before. Those past few days just looked very horrendous. The nurse wasn’t as energetic and bright like usual. Not many could see through that fake smile of hers, but it would never escape Mayu’s sight. So they had talked about their plan for the entire time during lunch break. They would be going to the amusement park this Friday together and would use their day off for it. Since there’s an expiry date on it, they need to make use of it before it would be unusable.

“So, I’ll pick you up at your house, okay?”

“Sounds good! At 9am though.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Now I’m getting excited.”

“Oh geez, acting like a kid.” Mayu used her sarcasm again and made the nurse slapped her shoulder roughly without holding back. “Ow.”

“Shut up Mayu, let me enjoy for once.”

“What ever.”

She acted as if she didn’t care about Yuki’s feelings. However, the nurse failed to see that smile on the doctor’s face. It could tell many things such as her happiness for her date with Yuki, as well as grateful that the nurse was cheered up.


Yuki was making up her hair in her room while glancing at the clock every now and then. It was almost 9 and the time Dr. Watanabe would come pick her up. After her last touch with her hair, she checked whether she had everything ready along with her free tickets before she rushed down the stairs. Such a perfect timing, the moment she came down she heard the doorbell ringing. Yuki rushed out immediately and made sure the lock the house before she left. She could see the black car from a distance away and a girl standing beside it.

“Thanks for picking me up!”

“Don’t worry, did you have everything ready?”

“Yup. Along with the free tickets.”

“Sounds good, then let’s get going.”

They headed straight to the amusement park as Mayu used her GPS to guide them there. The doctor sure knew how to drive smoothly that it even surprised the nurse. She had expectations that the sarcastic doctor would be driving fast and furious though.

“Didn’t know you’re a smooth driver.”

“I take as a compliment then.”

“Oh yes it’s a compliment from me, and I like this way more too.”

“Glad you like it. I get carsick easily so I hate driving fast and furiously.”

Mayu put on her sunglasses while she drove down the path while the GPS guided her to her destination. It seemed even though Mayu looked tough and rough, she certainly had some weak spots too. Surprisingly, she had the same problem as Yuki.

“Ah! Same here. I get carsick easily…so I actually prepared some meds for myself.”

“Don’t have to worry about it. I’ll make sure to drive as smoothly as I can.”

“Hehe, thanks Mayu.”


It didn’t take that long to reach their destination as they had constantly been talking throughout the entire ride. As soon as they parked in the parking area, that was when Yuki finally get to have a glance on Mayu’s outfit. She was sure wearing a very boyish clothing today. Black long sleeve jacket, navy jeans, and black boots. At least she wasn’t wearing her usual hoodie, so she looked especially mature today. Yuki had to admit that she didn’t look bad in that outfit that outfit at all. As they stopped right in front of the entrance, they witnessed hoards of people gathering at this place. It’s a new park after all so it’s crowded with people, but since the school was not closed yet this place was filled with couples at the moment.

“Let’s get in line so we can get moving.”

The doctor offered and Yuki followed her. They went in line and then it was Mayu’s turn to observe the nurse’s dressing today. She was wearing a one-piece peach dress with laces. With just simple clothing, Mayu personally thought that Yuki looked utterly gorgeous. She’s always pretty in whatever outfit she would wear despite many people said her fashion was lame and simple.

“You look good today.”

She complimented the girl behind her and it made Yuki smiled with happiness. “Thanks, and you looked…boyish today. You could’ve worn the skirt I gave you!”

“I hate skirts, you know that.”

“You should act more feminine…you’re a girl after all.”

“But I prefer to dress comfortably.”

“It is comfortable if you pick a good one.”

“We’re there now.”

Mayu simply ignored Yuki’s last sentence as they reached the ticket man. They showed the free ticket they received and they were given a wristband that would allow them to play all rides for free. As they entered together, Yuki couldn’t stop glancing her eyes all over the place. It looked so much prettier and better than the amusement park that they went together with Jurina and Rena (referred to Chapter 05). As Yuki was getting so excited to hop on all of the rides, Mayu could tell that she was very happy about it. However she wasn’t expecting Yuki to grab her hand and dragged her deep into the park.

“Let’s go!”



Mayu simply followed her princess everywhere she went and on every ride she wanted to play. She was sure one hard-core girl that still enjoyed a life as a child. They got onto rollercoasters as well as the Viking ride. Yuki was also a big fan of taking pictures too and she took many pictures of herself and Mayu as they walked deeper into the park.

“Take your sunglasses out.”


That instance, Yuki used that chance to capture countless pictures of the doctor and it caught May off guard. The doctor tried to snatch the camera back but Yuki refused to give it to her. She stuck her tongue out and ran away from Mayu immediately.

“O-Oi! Come back here!”

“No way I would.”

“Oh jeez…you’re such a kid.”

“Let me be one today then.”

Yuki finally laughed out from her heart and it gave Mayu some sense of accomplishment. She followed the selfish princess and it was about time they grab some food to eat since its lunchtime after all. They got some burgers and had ice cream cones later while they walked around in the souvenir shops close by. They sure had interesting things and it used their time to look around.

“Oh hey Mayu, what’s that flavor you chose?”

“It’s macademia.”

“Ehh, I never had that before…”

“It’s good. It’s my favorite of all time.”

“Let me try some~”

Yuki suddenly had a bite on the icecream and caught Mayu off guard. She ate the tip and was surprised with the taste inside her mouth. She enjoyed the flavor and wasn’t surprised that it was Mayu’s favorite flavor of all times.

“It’s so good! Let’s buy it again before we head out.”

“…U-Uh, Oh! Okay.”

She walked ahead of Mayu as she kept looking around her surroundings. As the doctor stared back at her ice cream she couldn’t help but to think about this indirect kiss. Yuki just ate her ice cream so that meant that Yuki indirectly kissed Mayu. The more the doctor elaborated those thoughts the more she felt that she’s giving herself a heart attack.

“Mayu! Come over here!”

“O-Okay. Wait up!”

Mayu caught up with her energetic girl and she was standing in front of this game stall. She had to knock down the can tower in order to win a plush toy. As she tried it out she failed two times due to her talentless. Then it was about time that Watanabe stepped in to help her little friend. She paid for one game and she seemed to be confident that she would win the prize for her nurse in one shot.

“Don’t fail.”

“Oh~ Who do you think am I?”

Mayu smirked and threw the first ball. She literally destroyed the entire can tower instantly. Others that saw and the shopkeeper was surprised with such a throw and she didn’t have to use the other two balls to help at all. Watanabe won the 1st prize but she allowed her friend to pick the prize instead.

“Pick what you want. There’s nothing I’m particular interested.”

“Wow really? Then…can I have that sheep?”

The shopkeeper got the cute round sheep plush for both of them. Yuki seemed to be very happy and she hugged the soft sheep in her arms. Mayu didn’t know that the nurse was a fan of sheep at all. She needed to ask in order to answer her curiosity.

“You like sheep? I didn’t know that.”

“Hehe, it looks like you.”


Another unexpected thing coming out from Kashiwagi once again, and Mayu gave her a dumbfounded glare. She couldn’t understand her relationship with a sheep that would make Yuki said that she’s like a sheep.

“W-What? I look like a sheep?? How?”

“I’m not telling~”


“I like sheep because they’re so soft and fluffy.”

Yuki wasn’t answering her questions that directly and all and she couldn’t see any relationship of those words with her at all. Many people said she looked like a mad dog or any carnivorous animal that people could name out. But the doctor didn’t have much of a choice but to give it a shot and ask Yuki.

“So…I’m soft and fluffy?”



“Let’s go over there~!”

“…Great, I can’t catch up.”

The doctor ran after her friend and continued their long day in the amusement park. However, they stumbled at the haunted house and Yuki held her hand tightly with excitement. She wanted to check out the haunted house and it’s apparently known to be really scary. As Yuki wanted to know how scary it was…the doctor’s face seemed to be a little pale.

“Mayu, are you scared?”




“We don’t have to go in if you’re scared though.”

“I’m. Not. Scared. Let’s go in.”

“W-Wait up!”

As they entered the haunted house together, the doctor slowly held onto Yuki’s shoulder and stuck by her side closely. The nurse was got confused whether Mayu was actually scared or not because the last time they went into the haunted house she wasn’t afraid at all. As they walked through the corridor they stopped right in front of this elevator and it’s freaking Mayu out slightly.

“T-There’s an elevator…?”

“Mayu are you okay?”

“I-I’m okay!!”

Her voice didn’t say so though. As the ghost talking was done the elevator opened and they entered together…they went up and waited for the door to open. As the elevator stopped, the door opened and before they could’ve walked out…a ghost ran passed the front of the elevator and it freaked Mayu out. She held onto Yuki so tightly and her hands were trembling. It was more than enough to tell the nurse that the doctor was freaking out badly.

“I though you’re not scared of these stuffs. You’re not this scared when we went into the haunted house together with Rena and Jurina.”

“I-I hate surprises…t-that’s because I went in there before! I know when things would pop up…”

Yuki could help but to laugh at her friend with how scared the mighty tough doctor could be. Her appearance in the hospital made her looked very mature and independent, but she seemed to have such a weak spot after all. It made the nurse thought how cute Mayu could be.


She took Mayu’s hand and held it tightly. Yuki calmed Mayu down as much as she could while she’s laughing and walked their way out to the exit together. As they proceeded through the haunted house, the chill inside this darkness was warmed up by Yuki’s hand. She hoped that Yuki wouldn’t be able to feel her pulse from her hand since her heart was beating like crazy. She held onto those soft hands tightly and finally reached the exit.

“Finally we’re out…!”

Mayu sighed out loud and took a deep breath of the fresh air. As for Yuki, she couldn’t help but to laugh at Watanabe on the new side that she discovered. Even though Mayu was embarrassed with Yuki laughing at her weakness that no one knew except Jurina…it was worth going through that horror since she could get to see this huge smile across Yuki’s face. But then something unexpected came up and interrupted their moments. This familiar man approached both of them and it instantly caught Yuki’s attention.


“Hm, I’m glad you’re doing well, Yukirin.”

As Mayu turned to the where the voice came from, she met with this unexpected guest that came to see them at this park. The doctor mumbled to herself whether it was the curse of the amusement park that would always bring this man to them all the time, it was Miyazawa Sae. He bowed and approached Yuki with a letter of invitation.

“…What’s this?”

“It’s my invitation for you to come to my party next week. Sort of like pre-marriage party.”

“You finally got a fiancé already?”

Yuki asked back and he nodded softly with that suspicious smile across his face. It brought a huge relief to the nurse but something about that smile didn’t give Mayu such a good vibe.

“It’s quite surprising for me as well. I was told today.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“I would be pleased for you to attend.”

Sae insisted Yuki to be going but then Mayu interrupted him by pulling Kashiwagi back behind her. As she made an eye contact with Sae, it was like a déjà vu that a situation like this once happened, when Mayu interrupted Sae from approaching the nurse.

“Ah…isn’t it Watanabe-san?”

“Don’t force a lady to do what she’s not willing to do. So, are you here just to give the invitation?”

“Indeed, I want to give it to Yukirin in person since it’s an important party after all. How about you attending my party as well? You’ll be my VIP guest…”

“Pardon me, I do not like crowds.”

“I see, that’s not surprising to hear. So many I ask what are you two doing here all alone?”

Mayu shot a glare at him, as he seemed to have stepped on the landmine. His words seemed to catch her attention somehow. Her eyes turned cold and had a perfect poker face that prevented him to read her thoughts through her eyes.

“I believe it’s not wrong to enjoy a day in an amusement park with a friend.”

“Heh, you are indeed right Watanabe-san. It’s a pleasure to talk to you again.”

“Pardon me, but we have to go now.”

Mayu’s words made both Yuki and Sae slightly confused. The poor nurse wasn’t able to catch up with what Mayu was saying but it seemed the man in front could tell that the doctor was indirectly trying to make him go away.

“Oh? Why in such a hurry may I ask?”

“Recently there’s a creepy stalker around so I would like to be cautious.”

Kashiwagi had no clue what was going on between both Sae and Mayu but the man could tell that the doctor saw through him completely. She knew that Sae had been stalking on them ever since they entered the park. Her eyes glared straight at him and showed how much she did not trust him.

“...Heh, very well then. Seems I’m an uninvited guest after all. ”

“Glad you realized that.” Mayu smirked and pointed towards this direction within the park and continued where she left off. “…The exit is over there.”

Yuki was stunned; she was out of words and realized how scary her doctor could be. Sae’s eyes grew wide slightly as he wasn’t expecting such a blunt statement from the woman at all. He was caught off guard and showed interested in Mayu even more.

“Hm~ I wonder why you’re acting so over-protective on Yukirin, acting as if she’s your…girlfriend.”

That statement really did stepped on Mayu’s nerves. She didn’t want Yuki to know about her feelings so soon and she must not let her poker face be shattered. Mayu mentally calmed herself down and reminded how she’s good and used to making this fake smile all the time. Eventually, a cyborg smile appeared across her face and she continued to argue back at him.

“I told you didn’t I? I loved meddling into people’s business. Plus, I already did last time so this is technically my problem, just as much as it’s your problem.”

“…Heh, intriguing.” Sae wasn’t expecting such a counter attack back and he couldn’t hold back his smile anymore. He was actually getting excited.

“It is a friend’s job to protect one from a creepy stalker.”


Mayu nudged on the spot once again about Sae being the stalker. He wondered how the doctor figured it out and it might be because of the problematic in his speech. If that was the reason, he’s fascinated how Mayu managed to catch that.

“Or…you’re saying that I’m wrong? Miyazawa-san…”

The doctor left a sarcastic smirk before she grabbed Yuki’s hand and walked away. He only watched them from behind as they disappeared into the crowd of people. The man seemed to be enjoying so much for the day and decided to take his leave. He had enough of fun today and had a suspicious smirk across his face…no one knew what he was thinking at all.


~PART 2~
Title: Re: AMNESIA: Chapter 09.1 & 09.2 [WMatsui + MaYuk]~ (24/02/2014)
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Amnesia: CH09.2

Mayu took Yuki to this garden maze section of the park to run away from Sae. She looked around cautiously and realized that the man wasn’t following them anymore. Maybe he had left but it didn’t let Mayu’s guard down at the slightest. She could tell that Sae was a dangerous man and she turned to Yuki immediately.

“Be careful around him…there’s something funny in the air around him. He’s really suspicious.”

“…Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind. So…what do you want to do now?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. Is there anything in particular that you want to do?”

As Yuki mused for a while, she saw this post about the parade today, which would be in an hour from now. It wasn’t too late so Yuki asked to stay here for a while. They walked around and found this photo booth at the corner. Yuki dragged Mayu over immediately, as she wanted to take a photo with her as a memorial for their day today. However, Watanabe wasn’t such fan of photos but since Yuki requested…she didn’t have a choice. They had some few shots and they printed 2 copies so that Mayu could keep one. Even though the doctor didn’t like photos…this one was indeed memorable and precious to her. As they checked the time again, it was about the parade would begin and they went to check it out.

It was this cute parade consisted of Disney and other manga characters as well. With the bright colorful lights made it much beautiful within the moment of dusk. They street lamps were opened and gave lights to people who were still in the park. Mayu glanced to Yuki and could see how much she enjoyed watching the parade, and she didn’t realize that she was smiling out as well. Then again she glanced at her watch and realized it’s getting late soon. She held Yuki’s hand and it caught her attention instantly. Maybe she wasn’t expecting such caring from the doctor like this.

“It’s getting late. It can be dangerous.”

“You’re so paranoid.”

“Say whatever you want. I rather stay safe than sorry. Who knows whether THAT stalker would still be around or not.”

“…About Sae-san, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”

“No way, he’s not frigging an ordinary person! He’s too dangerous for you to deal with. You can’t tell what he would do to you!”

It was one of the few moments that Mayu raised her voice up at her, or even with anyone else. It was different from usual. Her voice contained such seriousness, yet with worries as well. Those feelings reached Yuki and it made her realized that the doctor wasn’t speaking with sarcasm.

“Do you know how much I’m worried about y—!”

She froze as she realized what she was going to say. She swore to herself mentally that she accidently blurted her thoughts out. It was a suicidal move and it created an awkward silence between both of them.


“…Fine! Just DO whatever you want from now then.”

The doctor let go of her hand and it made Yuki’s heart sank. She didn’t understand why she’s having such frustration and fear developing in her but she grabbed Mayu’s hand again with instinct…and tightly. Obviously, the doctor felt those hands holding her back tightly, as if Yuki didn’t plan to let go of it.

“I…I’m sorry.”


“But…thank you. I’m really happy that you stood up for me that time against Sae-san…and also worried about me. It makes me to know that I have you with me.”

Yuki looked into Mayu’s eyes with a smile from her heart. She was utterly grateful to have the doctor by her side, protecting her, and worrying about her. She couldn’t ask for more and was utterly grateful for everything that Mayu gave to her today. She leaned onto Mayu’s shoulder and whispered softly to her again.

“…Thank you, for everything you did for me today.”

Thanks to the darkness of the dusk, it hid Mayu’s blushing cheeks very well. She stood very still like a cyborg, as she couldn’t explain how cute and adorable Yuki was. Then suddenly, Yuki moved out and turned to her with a smile.

“Why don’t we have another ice cream before we leave?”

“Heh, if it’s still open.”

“Then let’s hurry!”


Yuki leaded the way quickly since she wanted to have another ice cream with the flavor that Mayu had this afternoon. Despite she’s being in a hurry, she made sure that she was still holding onto Mayu’s hand tightly and firmly until they reached their destination. They could see that the ice cream store was still opening and made Yuki sighed with relief. Also, that’s the moment she seemed to have grasped for her senses once again. She realized she was holding onto Mayu’s hand so tightly and she instantly let it go. She was blushing and nervously took her wallet out to get cash out for ice cream. As for the doctor, she pretended quickly grabbed her left over coins in her pocket so to hide that burning cheeks. In the end, they bought the ice cream, but there was an awkward silence between the two of them.

“…Is the ice cream good?”

Mayu spoke up and started the conversation. Yuki replied instantly that she loved it and it’s going to be her new favorite flavor. It seemed the silence was shattered between the two and then they had their usual talk as they walked back out together. They managed to finish it before they got into the car and it was about time they headed back home. Dr. Watanabe promised to send Yuki back home and she made sure to drive safely and smoothly so her princess wouldn’t get any carsick.

“Thanks for today…I really enjoyed it.”

Yuki spoke up first and the doctor simply replied with her usual sarcasm. “Thanks to the free tickets I got.”

“Heh, You and your sarcasm…I’m really happy that you came with me though. Thank you again.”

“…Anytime and always at your service. Didn’t I promise you to keep you accompany whenever you need? Also, you said too much thank you.”

“Haha~ Now that you reminded me. Did you have fun?”

Mayu remained in silence for a short while before she replied back with a tinge of smile across her face. “…I did.”

“Ehh…But I can’t really tell it apart at all.”

“My perfect poker face.”

“Ugh, that again? Then are you actually enjoying today?”

“You asked so much questions today.”

“Because I don’t want to force you to be with me when you don’t like it…you didn’t like crowds didn’t you?”

Yuki remembered that the doctor didn’t like crowd of people. So the amusement park wasn’t such a thing for her but she still came out with Yuki. Mayu glanced over to her and could see how she was staring at her without blinking. She could tell the honest and how considerate Yuki was giving out. That was one of the traits that the doctor loved about her nurse…that’s why she loved her.

“…You looked down recently.”


“I don’t know what to do to cheer you up. I’m sucked with these kinds of things…then I got this free ticket from my colleague.”


“Yukirin without a smile looks really wrong.”

Mayu had told Yuki how she truly felt before she tilted her head to make an eye contact with those huge eyes. Kashiwagi was slightly caught off guard when she saw that smile from Mayu to her. There was no sarcasm hidden in it…it was pure and genuine just like those smiles she once witnessed.

“…I’m glad that your smile returned.”

Yuki could feel the heat rushing up her face and this butterfly feeling in her stomach from those gentle words from Mayu. She could be so sarcastic and so annoying that she wanted to punch her…but the doctor could be so sweet and gentle that could heal her broken heart instantly. Then the silence welcomed both of them again and Yuki just hugged her sheep plush in her arms tightly. She buried her face onto its soft texture and mumbled out loud.

“Sheeps are…fluffy, soft, kind, gentle, sweet…and caring. It’s very comfortable to be with them…that’s why I like sheep.”

“Uh, so…?”

Mayu didn’t really understand Yuki’s sheep fetish and had no clue why she suddenly speak about it out of blue. Her curiosity just forced her to ask back immediately.

“…It’s just like you.”


Now everything made sense somehow to the doctor. Due to her fast thinking skills, she was able to understand those subtle hints that Yuki gave her. The instant she realized what Yuki was trying to convey to her she couldn’t help but to be surprised and embarrassed at the same time. That literally meant that Yuki was complimenting her how she’s sweet and caring, and very comfortable to be with…she wondered whether Yuki realized it or not but its like she was indirectly saying that she liked Mayu. But Watanabe wasn’t convinced with that part, she knew that Yuki wasn’t over with Jurina yet…the nurse was sure so innocent that could become deadly to her.

“I hope that answers you.”



With the long car ride, they finally arrived back at Yuki’s place and it’s about time for the day to come to an end. As she was about get out from the car she gave Mayu something and it was a keychain…a giraffe keychain. She seemed to secretly buy it wouldn’t Mayu seeing. It was a gift as her thanks for the sheep plush the doctor got for her.

“Hope you like it. It’s my thanks for the plush and for taking me around today.”

“A giraffe huh?”

“It’s the only thing I could think of…you always bully me with this giraffe thing…”

“Well, you do look like one.”

“Oh SHUT up Mayu. Are you taking it or not?”

“Who said I wont?”

Mayu held it tightly in her hands. She couldn’t hold back her smile and it was probably the best gift she could’ve asked from the nurse. It would always remind her about today no matter how long it would be. This funny looking giraffe keychain would bring back those memories as if it was yesterday.

“…Thanks Yukirin.”


As Mayu was driving back to her apartment, she placed the keychain on top of her lap and smiled for the whole time. She kept thinking about her times with Yuki in the park today and it was priceless. Probably the best day of her life, she did not have any regrets within her life anymore. She could die peacefully with just one single day spending together with Yuki.



Her cellphone rang up and caught her off guard. She plugged in her earphones into her cellphone and picked up the call so she could talk while driving. Mayu was slightly surprised that the call was actually from Rena.

“Hello, what’s up?”

[H-Help me…! Please…]

“H-Huh? Rena?”

[Help me…Help me…N-No! S-Save me…P-please!!]

“Rena! Where are you!?”

[T-The room…hospital…I-I’m scared…!]

“Alright I’m heading there right now, you’ll be okay. I’m heading there!”

Before any conversation could be continued, the line was cut and it made Mayu panicked even more. She began to wonder what’s going on with the young Matsui right now and isn’t Jurina supposed to be at the hospital today due to her shift? Without further ado, Mayu drove as fast as she could to reach the hospital. Gratefully that Yuki’s place wasn’t that far from the hospital. As soon as she reached the front she used the emergency parking slot and rushed up the building to Rena’s room immediately.

“Oh you frigging elevator…hurry…!”

Mayu never knew that waiting for the elevator to reach her destination floor could be this long. As soon as the door opened she didn’t wait and just sprinted straight down the hallway.


She heard a scream. It’s Rena’s and Mayu ran harder and saw the nurses trying to call for the doctor to come help the panicking patient. However they were more surprised with Mayu’s presence within the hospital at this night.

“Leave this to me, call Jurina right now!”

“Y-yes Dr. Watanabe!”

Giving out her orders, she barged into this last room at the end of the corridor and could hear the screams and cries clearly. Mayu glanced towards this blob of blanket on the floor…and saw Rena curling up like a ball, terrified. The doctor didn’t know what was going on but she tried to approach Rena would freaking her out. It seemed she’s having an unstable mental at the moment. She seemed traumatized by something.

“N-NO! Get away from me! S-STOP!!!”

“Rena! It’s me, Mayu. I’m here…”

“N-No! GO AWAY! Don’t come any closer!!!”

“Get a grip of yourself…!”

Mayu hugged her tightly and hoped it would snap her conscious back, but it didn’t. The girl squirmed with more fear and shoved Mayu away from her with a louder scream that could’ve wake the whole floor up.

“N-No…No…please…! A-Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!”

“Oi! RENA!!”


The doctor did give a good slap across Rena’s face. She made sure she wasn’t hitting with all her strength and it seemed its working. The young Matsui was stunned and slowly regaining her senses back one again. However, as Mayu made an eye contact with her…she seemed different somehow. It was not those innocent eyes that belonged to Rena. As if she was possessed by something…



She only stared back at Mayu without saying a word and made the doctor more worried about her mental state. At first she’s freaking out like crazy and now she had became like a total different person. Mayu gripped onto her shoulder to get her attention to her.

“Rena, you seem…different.”


“Tell me, what happen?”

The sparkling of innocent in those eyes returned back once again. It seemed the Rena she knew was back once again. She was tearing up and trembling in fear. Nothing could be a threat to her in this hospital (aside from Jurina), so the only answer that Mayu could think of would be that…Rena’s forgotten memories.

“I…I’m scared…! M-Mayu…!”

She threw herself in and hugged Mayu tightly as ever. She cried in those arms and that was when Jurina finally arrived after being summoned by the nurses. Jurina softly opened the door and made an eye contact with Mayu whom was comforting the little girl in her arms. The doctor placed her finger on her lips to tell her friend to be quiet, so that Rena wouldn’t realize that Jurina was in here.

“Everything is going to be okay, don’t worry.”

“N-No Mayu…I’m scared…I’m scared of myself.”


It seem both Mayu and Jurina expected this coming sooner or later. The transition between amnesia and remembering her lost memories. Despite most patients had subtle evidences of fear; they managed to get over with it in the end. However, there were some few cases like Rena…could be deeply traumatized by something that none of them knew. The little Matsui was a special case after all, it’s not only the accident that gave her amnesia…she also chose to forget about it.

“Will I disappear if I remember everything…? Remembering everything about…the real Matsui Rena…”

“You’re thinking too much.”


“Shh…just sleep, okay? Just go to sleep. It’s all a nightmare. When you wake up, everything will be back to normal…Enjoyable times with Yukirin, Jurina, and I…like usual, okay?”


“Trust me.”


The young patient seemed to follow the doctor’s advice and drifted into deep sleep so quickly. She must be exhausted from all the screaming and terrified with her own memories. Mayu carried her up and put her onto the bed gently before she put the blanket over her. It was a big silence within the room after the young girl was calmed down, but it seemed there was something that Watanabe had to talk to her dear best friend.

“We need to talk.”


Jurina didn’t reply anything and avoided eye contact with Mayu. That was more than enough to tell how much her friend wanted to avoid this. They made sure that they talked in the corridor that not many people would be eavesdropping on their conversation.

“Try to understand Rena’s position more. Things are getting harder for her as she’s starting to remember about her past.”

“…Then what do you ask me to do?”

“Tell her everything. About her and yourself…all the truth.”


“Truths are always painful Jurina!”

Mayu roared out loud and gripped onto her friend’s collar tightly. Her eyes were filled with anger and it told how serious she was with what she’s saying to Jurina. The doctor was completely succumbed by those eyes and she was too stunned to argue back against Watanabe.

“I know that very well…but it’s the only thing that will make people move on and get over all the obstacles in their life. ”

“…But some things are better not mentioned.”

Finally her voice had come back but Mayu was not buying it at the slightest. The argument between the two of them wouldn’t seem to be deescalating. Jurina was stubborn in her own belief, just as much as Mayu.

“What would Rena feel when she had to learn all of the truth by herself…and without hearing it from you?”



“I know!! I know how painful that crap is…!”

Dr. Kashiwagi finally broke down and yelled out from her heart. Mayu sure knew how to push Jurina until she reached her limits to hide her pain and sorrow within her heart. As the pipe broke…Watanabe planned to sever it harder in order to let her words reached into Jurina’s head.

“…Jurina, let me warn you as a friend. Don’t run away from the truth. One day…Rena will remember everything. One day…you’ll have to confront her. If you care and love her, don’t run away from Rena… I don’t want you to repeat the same mistake I’ve done.”


“That’s all I can say to you, also…”


She hooked right into Jurina’s cheek and caused the doctor to fell back onto the floor. Obviously Jurina wasn’t expecting this coming at the slightest and it’s hurting so much. She was that her nose didn’t fracture from that punch because it’s likely to be the hardest punch Mayu gave to her so far. As she stared back at Watanabe with confusion, she suddenly just took off and walked away from her.

“That’s for Rena.”

“That frigging hurts…”

“It’s supposed to be painful, but it can’t match up with Rena’s pain though.”
Mayu walked away and left Jurina in silence. She slowly stood up from the floor and rubbed her cheek hoping that none of her bones were fractured. Even though her friend could be aggressive and forceful, she did it because she cared for Rena. Part of Jurina was grateful that Rena had someone that was willingly to protect her…even from a sister like her.

“…Thanks for taking care of Rena for me.”

“Shut up.”

Mayu took her leave and it was about time she returned back to her comfy apartment. It had been a long day for her. She needed a good sleep before she would go to work tomorrow early in the morning.


Finally she had reached her sweet home…she threw her jacket onto the couch and headed towards the fridge to fetch some cold fresh water. She dropped onto her couch immediately. Now that she had the water refreshing her mind, she just recalled how irony she taught Jurina to not run away from the truth…when she’s actually doing it right now. She couldn’t help but to scoff at herself…Ever since she got into the medicine degree, she always run away from her origin and her truth.

“…I wonder I should suck it up, or keep running away.”

No one really knew about her origin even its Jurina. That she was actually the only daughter of the biggest yakuza group of Japan. The Watanabe group was the leader of the yakuza association in Japan…and had established many partnerships with many businesses as well. However, subconsciously she didn’t want to admit it and accept the faith to continue her family’s name.


“UGH! Why so many calls today!?”

Mayu picked up her apartment’s phone and seemed to be slightly annoyed from today’s event. However, the first greeting that end of the call gave to her caught her off guard instantly.

[G-Good evening Mayu-sama…I hope I’m not interrupting you.]

“Is that…Rabutan?”

[Y-Yes! It’s me. I have news to inform you…]

“…What is it about my dad?”

[Ichiro-sama is summoning you back home for the—]

“Partnership meeting to make me find a parter again, am I right?”

[…S-So it seems ma’am.]

Mayu sighed again and realized this was coming. Since she’s getting older and older, her parents had became more persisted to make her find her future husband in order to create the next generation of Watanabe after her. However, Mayu had always fought for her right to do what ever she wanted to…including her interest to be a doctor.

“Tell him, I had no interest what so ever to get a partner according to what he wants. Cancel it.”


“No buts, do it.”

[Uh…Mayu-sama, there’s another thing…]

“What now?”

[You see—]


Her apartment door was knocked loudly as if this mysterious guest wanted to barge into her room immediately. However, before Watanabe could’ve responded or thought about going to open the door…it suddenly flew off as this man in black suit kicked it. Mayu froze in shock and her jaws was hanging down as she saw this black haired woman walked into her apartment after the man who kicked her door. Aika whom was on the end of the call realized what was going on in Mayu’s place and left her final words for her since she didn’t need to explain anything much now.

[Kikuyo-sama knew that you would say like that… so she went to pick you up herself.]

That was the last thing Mayu heard and the call was hung up. The strong elegant aura was unleashed from this woman as she was wearing a long black dress with sunglasses. It looked as if she just came from some fancy meeting before she dropped by to Mayu’s apartment.

“Hmm…it seems you’re living a good life here, Mayu.”


“I came here to bring you back, it’s about time for you to fulfill your task as the only heir of Watanabe group.”

 “…You can just call me or something.”

“If it worked I would do so.”

Mayu was left in silence and she didn’t know what to say back to the woman in front of her. Her stare gave her a chill down her spine and obviously there was no way that she could fight back against her mother. To Mayu, she’s far worse than a demon.

“There will be an important meeting with Miyazawa group next week and you better attend. You’ll be coming back to live at home until then.”


“Boys, DRAG her.”

Her mother’s men locked both her arms tightly and dragged out from the apartment immediately right after the mother. As Mayu struggled to get out from the lock, she still couldn’t fight with her mother’s elite men that easily. She had been slacking off from training ever since she had been working in Kashiwagi Hospital.

“M-Mom—! OI! LET ME GO!!”

“Shut her up.”

“Yes ma’am.”

The boys obeyed the wife of the head yakuza and used a long white cloth to tie around Mayu’s mouth in order to keep her voices down. She could’ve wake up the whole building with her yell and they didn’t want to bring such commotion in the middle of the night like this. As she was dragged down to the entrance of the apartment and thrown into the back seat of the car, without further ado the mother got into the front seat and driver drove off immediately. By the time Mayu untied the cloth around her mouth it was too late to run away…the car was heading back to Watanabe’s household…Mayu’s actual house.



“Who—uh, I mean, what’s the name of this guy you’re forcing me to meet? From the Miyazawa…group.”

“This is the first time you asked. His name is Miyazawa Sae, the oldest son of the Miyazawa group that have done countless businesses with our family.”


“So behave properly. He’s your potential man that would help our family business after all.”

Mayu hoped that she was deaf and didn’t hear what her mother said. She was actually telling her that she would be seeing with Sae in the upcoming meeting as her potential husband. Then it just reminded her how he showed up at the amusement park today to give an invitation to Yuki…she remembered that sly smile very well…so he actually knew that the person who was his possible fiancé is actually…her.

(Mayu: …Are you frigging kidding me? Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?!?)

Being tied down by her family’s name. Despite she tried to escape so many times from her faith as Watanabe, it seemed she couldn’t run away until the end. She looked away and then saw this giraffe keychain on the floor of the backseat. It might’ve fell off from her pocket when her mother’s men threw her into the car. She picked it up and clutched onto it tightly. She could only see Yuki’s face in her head and she couldn’t believe that two miracles can happen in a single day…she wanted to run away from this world. She wanted someone to save her…but who could? She doubted that anyone would be able to save her from this curse. Maybe she couldn’t escape from her truth after all, despite how desperate she had been running away for years. The only thing she could do right now was to reminiscing about her moments with Yuki…regarding the first time she met her at school. Aside from Jurina, she was the second one that held her hand with those pure eyes…it was Kashiwagi Yuki. She still remembered that smile until now. It was the smile that melted the cold ice around her heart…that smile gave her hope to fight for her freedom. She’s the one that taught everything Mayu needed in her life. Mayu missed her…and bit her lips with despair.




... :D I don't know why I'm making this complicated, but I'm having fun. XD  :jphip:
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OMG MAYUKI DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  キタ――(゚∀゚)――!!
and I was the one who voted "Mayu's background" for that special os, but it didn't now I'm really curious about Mayu's family.........yakuza eh.......
and bad luck for her becuz her husband-to-be is Sae  :lol:

no no no laughing
but don't really think Yuki can do anything to help...................still, YUKI SAVE HER!!!!!
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This whole WMatsui fiasco... I hope it ends soon...  :(

Mayuki date !!! One step closer for Mayu to be Yuki's girlfriend  :inlove:

But then, you crush it with Mayu being engaged to Sae  :banghead:
That's two step back from Mayu's goal...

Yuki has to save Mayu now...
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Can I kill Mayu's family and Sae  :wub:

ahhhhh dammit ;A;
I hope someone can save her  pls....don't dare to touch Mayu >_>
and I also hope Jurina to start taking action

I want sugaaaaaaaar but I also love how Kate makes works the drama in her fics}
ahhh such a complicated feeling  XD

Thanks for the update! :cathappy: :cathappy:

PS: Nice punch Mayu  8)
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this update make my brains go crazy :banghead:
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Whaaat it was so good! But the end :'( Poor Mayu

Noooo Someone save Mayu from that!!!!

And Rena? What is happen!!!!? :panic:

JURINA!!!!!!! :angry:

Wait for the nex chapter!!!! :D
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In the first fic, i was quite surprised when Yuki asked Mayu to go the amusement park together. And Yuki learned Mayu a lot but Yuki still haven't discovered her feeling yet.

The second fic, it started to ruin my day.... No my night... Luckily I read it at my home. Or else I will find someone to hit. Sae.... Sae indeed cruel. I bet he knew about Mayu's feeling toward Yuki well. Or I should say I doubt that he didn't know about it. How could he? And what the hell with the mother! I would call police for kidnapping her own daughter! But I wonder the pre marriage meeting..... How would Mayu meet Yuki?  :banghead:

Kate-sama i demand a new chapter soon! But still thx for the hard work!  :bow:
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*gasp* Mayu is Sea finace what is going on here

Please update soon
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I really enjoyed Mayuki's date. :nya: :nya: :nya:

“…You looked down recently.”


“I don’t know what to do to cheer you up. I’m sucked with these kinds of things…then I got this free ticket from my colleague.”


“Yukirin without a smile looks really wrong.”

Mayu had told Yuki how she truly felt before she tilted her head to make an eye contact with those huge eyes. Kashiwagi was slightly caught off guard when she saw that smile from Mayu to her. There was no sarcasm hidden in it…it was pure and genuine just like those smiles she once witnessed.

“…I’m glad that your smile returned.”

Yuki could feel the heat rushing up her face and this butterfly feeling in her stomach from those gentle words from Mayu. She could be so sarcastic and so annoying that she wanted to punch her…but the doctor could be so sweet and gentle that could heal her broken heart instantly. Then the silence welcomed both of them again and Yuki just hugged her sheep plush in her arms tightly. She buried her face onto its soft texture and mumbled out loud.

“Sheeps are…fluffy, soft, kind, gentle, sweet…and caring. It’s very comfortable to be with them…that’s why I like sheep.”

“Uh, so…?”

Mayu didn’t really understand Yuki’s sheep fetish and had no clue why she suddenly speak about it out of blue. Her curiosity just forced her to ask back immediately.

“…It’s just like you.”


“I hope that answers you.”


And this:
“Hope you like it. It’s my thanks for the plush and for taking me around today.”

“A giraffe huh?”

“It’s the only thing I could think of…you always bully me with this giraffe thing…”

“Well, you do look like one.”

“Oh SHUT up Mayu. Are you taking it or not?”

“Who said I wont?”

Mayu held it tightly in her hands. She couldn’t hold back her smile and it was probably the best gift she could’ve asked from the nurse. It would always remind her about today no matter how long it would be. This funny looking giraffe keychain would bring back those memories as if it was yesterday.

“…Thanks Yukirin.”

I want clubhappy to draw this! Kate-sama please tell her!!! Those scenes are too adorable that they had to be drawn!!! :luvluv1: The ice cream was great too and the haunted house. Lol Like I said I really enjoyed Mayuki's date. :D

Oh, Sae found somebody else to disturb and it's Mayu! :angry:

I'm worried about Rena but I'm more worried about Mayu. Yakuza and engagement. They are forcing her!
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kate your surprises are like shuffles surprises
mmm Mayu....
I think the only one who can help Mayu is Jurina
for Yuki is impossible
mmm sae...I hope he is not crazy...
Rena...she has a gekikara side...Rena is crazy! 0_0
Jurina...I donnu talk about coward people
Yuki....glad she had fun with her cyborg
mmm that's all I guess
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This is frigging amazing!!!!

The whole story is amazing!!

It's like I'm reading a book that sold billion of copies


Mayu ill save you XD

But I'll give the spot light to yuki or Rena XD


More mayurena please :bow:
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this chapter somehow so funny LOL

mayu x sae LOL!! i already had feeling when sae x mayu first encounter, sae had a special feeling for mayu, or at least he felt intrigued, like mayu is more attractive

you know when smart people meet smart people LOL

don't tell me sae will fall in love with mayu for sure LOL

because if that really happen then this time sae will keep, guard, maintaining (LOL), his status as mayu fiance no matter what happen

and yuki vs sae is so interesting!! maybe this will be the first time for yuki to fight for her love LOL

 i can't wait the next next chapter when yuki attend sae pre wedding party!!! that would be awesome!!!

it's kind of dejavu for yuki...LOL

will yuki safe mayu like jurina safe her from sae?

i think this time will be different,sae would not let anything destroy his wedding...

and not to mention yuki will face mayu family too if she want safe mayu,

 mayu parents want a successor of watanabe family


rena...lets wait the next event i couldn't thing anything....LOL

but i'm sure mayu punch on jurina will help the wmatsui couple....

thank for the update
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Etooo what is chapter 10 about? Give me aome enlightment
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~Hello :D
~Chapter 09 Part 01 and 02 finally updated!!! Yehey!!! :D
~MaYuki moments is so sweet and cute…
~I also like the Giraffe and sheep thing that the two possess but it pissed me off due to Sae-kun’s evil appearance….
~Mayu is only for Yuki…..
~I’m also curious about Rena and Jurina’s pasts…
~It’s quite interesting….
~thanks for the great update….
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Mou, you just disturb them, sae.. :angry: :angry:

well, time for Black to appear... LOL

Thanks for your hard work
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Your story is interesting QAQ

Will Rena remember again?


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oh c'mon kate...dont abandone this we love this ones and others

basicaly all your works
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@clubhappy: YES! MAYUKI DATE~ Ah so u voted for Mayu’s history…and here it is! ^^ We’ll see what Yuki could do to save Mayu out from her problem :P

@olive29: Double update~ Quite some tough time for me! Drama is not going to end that easily! XD There will be more coming later when Yuki tries to help Mayu from her family’s curse.

@Koneki: LOL don’t kill Sae yet! >< Someone will definitely save Mayu, let’s see will Yuki be the one or not~ dramas are always awesome hehe

@chichay12 YAAAAAH~ Glad you enjoy the update! Here it is now!

@Chanaline: Yes! We’ll soon know what’s going on in chapter 10…but for now, have the omake regards Mayu’s past~ It will help answer a lot of questions :P

@Haruto Lee: LOL!!!! So much reactions! We’ll see he knows Mayu’s feelings for Yuki or not, so much drama in Mayu’s family! We’ll know the secrets behind her family in this update! :D We’ll see what will Yuki do from now!? XD

@Kirozoro: Here’s the update! :D

@abcari: OMG XD

@River1721: Sorry for the wait! This is the update~ I’m happy you love this fic ^^

@Konoe: LOL! I enjoyed Mayuki’s dating too! So sweet~ AND CLUBHAPPY’S drawing is amazing!!! Those two scenes are just so cute! There’s just gonna be so much more dramas happening on both Rena and Mayu’s side!!

@mo-chan: Oh hello there. shuffles of surprises? LOL! Okay, i’ll take that as a compliment? :P We’ll see who will help, and what will Yuki do for Mayu after things get more complicated~

@MayuxMatsuixMusic: LOL I’m glad to see your comment! ^^ Glad you love it :) This is my first series that i ever wrote! So i’m really happy you enjoyed my very first product ^^

@kurogumi: glad you enjoy this chapter~ many things will go on more between Sae and Mayu, :P We’ll see how things goes with Mayu and Yuki~ and who will save her out from this curse!

@gek geki: IT DID HAPPENED!!! XD much much much much MORE drama will come!!!! complicated love between all pairings~! Yuki will sure do some interesting things~ :P

@Terragen: Chapter 10? Let’s say it will be about Sae’s engagement party which he invite Jurina and Yuki…without knowing that Mayu is there! XD

@Wmatsui22: I’m glad you enjoyed mayuki moments! We will know more about Rena and Jurina’s past later~! :P

@achina-chan: Mayuki time!!! I hope to see black appear soon too~ :P

@CheesyBits: LOL oh wow, glad you have the chance to read it!! I’m happy that you enjoyed it >< So i hope you’ll enjoy this next chapter as well :P

@48matama: We’ll find out whether Rena will remember or not….if she does, how? what way? LOL,  we’ll see more dramas going on between mayuki~!

@leEwẬy: LOL, hello~ glad you enjoy it along with Love Capture!! We shall see more Mayuki in action~ lots of dramas coming and don’t worry that I will drop it, its just Uni is keeping me away from this fanfic ^^”

@qweakb: LOL! Here’s the update! XD



Amnesia: CH09 Omake ~ History of Watanabe Mayu


It was the same every morning. She was forced to wake up and do her usual morning training for two hours before her private teacher would be coming over to do homeschool for her.  She wasn’t able to go to school due to her family’s status… since she’s the only child after all, they wanted to make sure she obtain proper training and education to become the next proudly successor of Watanabe group.


The young short girl fell down onto the wooden floor inside this huge dojo. She seemed to be between 5-6 years old and she glared back at the man that made her fell. She ran towards him and tightened her fist before she executed right towards him.

“That posture will make you lose balance, young master.”

The man dodged and the young child fell forward due to her own momentum. She got back up on her feet again and ran up to him before she threw in a kick in the side. However, he blocked it as if it was nothing to him at all. He only smiled back to the young girl with that calm happy face.

“That’s indeed a good kick.”

“I’m not done yet…!”

She swung her leg back so she could stand firm on the ground before she performed an uppercut on him in his chin. He did not dodge or blocked the hit and willingly accepted it in order to test his master’s strength. His head was cocked backward but he recovered from it instantly with the happy smile on his face.

“It’s a great hit master~ I believe its about time we end the morning session.”

“…I hate this, Sayanee.”

The young girl spoke up and caught the man’s attention. He only smiled to her and patted her head lightly with care. His eyes showed how much he cared for his little young master. He could understand the reason behind those painful eyes she had…but he did not have the choice either. Sayaka couldn’t disobey his boss’s orders.

“I feel you, my young master…”


“Your teacher will be arriving soon. I’ll make sure breakfast would be ready for you, so please do go take a shower.”



“Do you think I could…get away from this? I don’t want to be like dad…”

The young master asked but the man couldn’t answer back to her. He hoped to say that she could…but he didn’t want to give her such beautiful lies that would only stab back at her. He held her hand and looked into her eyes.

“Just be who you are. I’ll always be with you until the last breath of mine, I’m your bodyguard after all.”

“…Thanks Sayanee.”

“At your service, Mayu-sama.”

It was about time they both left the dojo and continued living according to her routine. Her morning training, breakfast, studying, lunch, afternoon training, dinner, and sleep… it was a routine in Mayu’s life ever since she could remember. The only friend she had was Sayaka, her personal bodyguard that took care of her ever since she could walk. To Mayu, he was the only person that expressed love and caring to her more than anyone else, including her own biological parents. He’s the only person that Mayu was able to trust. This whole cycle repeated every single day until she reached the age of 15…

As she reached the age of 15, she finally managed to convince her parents to have her go to high school and get into college like any ordinary teenagers in her age would do. However, since she never had socialized with anyone aside from her father’s inferiors. She got no friends since she’s not that sociable after been locked in the mansion for all these years. Mayu had gone through hardships with getting along with people around her. She attempted but failed every single time until she finally graduated with the highest grade in her year. At least her intelligence allowed her to get into Tokyo University…and into medicine program as she initially planned without telling her parents about it. Who would send their successor of the yakuza branch to learn medicine? Mayu took a huge step and lied to her parents about the major she applied into…she was so desperate about it and successfully managed things out in a way she wanted.


“The test score the cardiovascular system is out! Did you know your results yet?”

One of the students in the lab class was chatting about their test scores every single time they had the test. They would be complaining as usual with how hard it was and how much they didn’t do well on it. As for this cold quiet woman she continued her dissection in order to finish her lab class quickly. She didn’t want to waste her time talking about the test that she got 100% perfect on. There would be nothing to discuss any further; she knew all the answers already.

“Jurina~ what did you get again?”

“Oh well…”

“She’s definitely 100% again! Matsui-san is always a genius.”

That caught the loner girl’s attention. There was actually another classmate that got 100% just like her…the moment Mayu turned her glance to look at this woman, she saw that good looking feature she had. If that woman were to be a man she would look deadly hot. However, her being a woman made her became a handsome lady. Matsui Jurina was probably the only person that Mayu could remember out from her class. This girl who always smiled and enjoyed her study with her fellow classmates…such a perfect life she had.

“…Matsui Jurina huh?”

She had been observing and watching over this student for quite a while after her intelligence caught her attention. Jurina would always ace everything and gladly to help everyone that needed help with studies. She was a type of person that Mayu never would expect to meet in her life…for some reason, her smile and the way she treated others reminded her of Sayanee.


“Alright, this next assignment you will need to work in pairs!”

The lecturer made the announcement and Mayu hated it the most. She disliked everything about group work since no one could follow up with her intelligence at all. However it was like a miracle though…the moment she heard her name, the person she coincidently paired up with was actually Matsui Jurina. That made her surprised and after the lecturer briefed everything; the students were allowed their time to arrange their team before they submitted their partner form the teacher. 

“Hello, I’m Matsui Jurina. Nice to meet you.”

“…Watanabe Mayu.”

“Okay, is it alright I call you Mayu-san?”

“Whatever you want to call me. Let’s get this paper done.”

“Alright, all cool.”

They both filled in the paper before Jurina handed it over to her teacher. It was like fate and destiny brought these two geniuses together…to become rivals, and become irreplaceable friend for one another. No one was able to catch up with Mayu’s working and thinking speed, aside from Jurina. She was the only one whom could point out flaws in Mayu’s perfection. She was the only person that could rival up against her. She was the kind of person that Mayu hoped to meet…the person that could be her eternal rival, as well as best friend.


As time passed by, Mayu started to become more talkative with Jurina, and their relationship became stronger. It seemed this didn’t only apply to Mayu’s side, maybe Jurina felt the same about finally meeting someone that could equally rivaled up against her. Without words, even outsiders could tell that both of them were happy while they worked together.

“Why don’t we do it this way? We need several medical articles for this.”

“I think that’s a good idea, but do you think its better if we work during weekends together?”


Jurina smiled as she brought up a suggestion and made the Watanabe surprised. As Matsui slowly explained things, it just made Mayu shocked even more. She was actually suggesting the shorter girl to come over to her place so they could do their group project together without worries about having to stay late in university to do research. Since Jurina was living with an uncle, whom was a doctor, he also had a room filled with medical articles that could be useful for them as well.

“What do you think?”

“…Fine then.”

Mayu just wanted to get this work out of the way, just like Jurina, and so she accepted the offer without knowing how much this would have an impact on her life. As they exchanged numbers with each other, this weekend would be the day that Mayu would be heading over to Jurina’s place for the assignment. By the time the young girl arrived back home…her role as a student changed to the daughter of the yakuza. She went to the parking lot close by to the university as she ordered her men to do so…it would be too much of an attention grabber if there was this deluxe black Benz picking her up at the front gate.


As usual, every morning and evening. Ever since Mayu could remember she was forced to train every sort of weapons that man invented. Swords, spears, dagger, and including variety of martial arts the world had. She was trained by her father’s men to fight everyday, in order to nourish her into become a suitable leader of Watanabe branch. Since she was the only child and the daughter of Watanabe Ichiro, the leader of the Japan’s yakuza branch. The talent of the fighter ran in their blood…and Mayu was a prodigy. She swung her staff and then disarmed the man immediately before she thrust forward his neck before she struck the deadly blow. 

“That is splendid young master…you truly mastered the arts of pole-arm.”


“I believe boss and madam would be proud of your talent.”

“As you may, Mayu-sama. Let us meet again tomorrow evening.”

The young master took her leave and washed the sweat out from her body. Her body got adapted to this intensive training every single day that she probably could defeat many men in her way. However, she did got injuries and scars from it. After she had taken her shower, she had a meal in her room while she did her studies instead. Not that she’s a prodigy with fighting; and she’s a genius as well. She would be wearing her reading glasses all the time while studying. She studied hard while reading thick medical textbooks for the whole time before she went to bed. Every night, she would hide the book away from her parents so no one would find it out. The only person that knew about this was her loyal uncle, whom was her father’s younger brother. He took care of Mayu’s intuition fee without having her parents know anything about it…or else they would force her to quit her dream and accept the duty as the next leader. She slowly took her glasses off when she realized that it’s getting late.

“…Tomorrow huh? I guess I need to head to bed now then.”

Tomorrow would be the day that she met up with Jurina in front of this café nearby the university. After that, her Matsui friend would pick her up and headed over to Jurina’s place afterwards. She went to bed and decided to call a day…she didn’t know what actually awaited for her tomorrow.


Early in the morning, she commanded her men not to send her off with an attention-grabber Mercedes Benz. She ordered one of her close men to drop her nearby the café with a motorbike instead. She didn’t want to grab necessary attention from anyone, especially from Jurina. Her secret as the daughter of Watanabe Ichiro must not be known by anyone…

“Mayu-sama when do you want me to pick you up?”

“I’ll call you, and pick me up at this same spot.”

“Yes young master.”

Mayu headed off to meet with Jurina at the café and that was when she saw this white car parking in front of the shop, as if it was waiting for someone to arrive. The moment she approached closer to the car, the moment she saw the familiar girl coming out and waved at her.

“Hey Mayu! Over here.”

“Oh, hey.”

Jurina invited her into the car and they headed over towards Matsui’s place. On their way, they decided to drop by at the convenience store to buy some snacks and drinks for their intensive research today. However, Mayu had a glimpse of what Jurina brought and it was much more than just for two people to consume. She couldn’t help but to ask out of curiosity.

“Can we finish all of that?”

“Nope, I bought some for Yukirin as well.”

“Who is that?”

“Remember I told you I lived with an uncle who was my father’s friend? Yukirin is his daughter, she’s a very nice high schooler, and I bet you’ll like her.”

“…If you say so.”

One of the things Mayu hated the most was to confront with strangers that she wasn’t familiar with. The only person that she could accept was Jurina and she doubt that she could prevent herself from behind blunt and insensitive. She hoped that she wouldn’t make things awkward with this girl name Yukirin. She did not know what waited for her there at Kashiwagi’s house.


Mayu followed Jurina into the house while her eyes casted all over the place and observed the house closely. It was quite huge considering normal family would have, but it was nowhere beating Mayu’s house at all. Since Watanabe’s family was considered one of the wealthiest and richest family in Japan. However, Mayu preferred a house like this, just a small one that was enough for a family to live. Having such a big house just made it felt…empty.

“Yukirin! I brought some snacks.”

“I’ll come down~ Just wait a minute.”

“Okay! So…let’s go to the living room for the time being.”

Jurina guided her guest to the living room where Mayu could put her bag down and then her young friend went to the kitchen to get some tea for her guest. Meanwhile, Mayu was waiting for her she saw this photograph on the shelf…it was a picture of this young raven-haired girl, mother, and father. It was such a warming family, Mayu could tell that.

“Ahhh~ are you Jurina’s friend?”

That cute feminine voice caught her attention and that’s when Mayu turned back to see that innocent raven-haired girl staring with a smile. She was wearing such comfortable outfit of shorts and light blue shirt. Her innocent wide smile just completely mesmerized by that innocence. She never witnessed such a kid like this in her life.

“Wow! This is the first time I met Jurina’s friend~”

“…Aren’t you overly excited?”

Mayu gasped for that second. She just let her cold usual self came out and spoke blunting to this kid in front of her. She could tell that she just destroyed this good moment she could at least befriend with Kashiwagi’s daughter. However, it wasn’t as she predicted at all, she saw that awkward chuckle from the young girl in front of her. There was no sign of fear or worries from her eyes at the slightest at all, she smiled even more and approached her.

“Hehe~ Sorry, what’s your name?”

“…Watanabe Mayu.”

“Nice to meet you Watanabe-san, I’m 2nd year high school, Kashiwagi Yuki.”

This is the first time someone approached Mayu with such sincere smile and eyes. She took the older one’s hand and held it gently with excitement like a little kid that just got her brand new toy. Instead of Mayu chasing the girl away from her…it ended up she attracted the girl towards her even more. That warm hand and comfort that passed through those hands…it gave her the comfort that she never received.

“…N-Nice to meet you.”

Watanabe wasn’t expecting this and she ended up stuttering with surprise. That girl holding her hand firmly wasn’t afraid or stressed when near her. This girl just seemed to favor and like her, just unlike anyone that tried to approach her. Even Jurina never gave her this feeling before…this girl, was the first one that gave her such a comfortable welcoming feeling. She’s a girl that someone Mayu couldn’t be…a normal girl with such a normal life, she would be the one that Mayu desired to be and envied the most…someone like Kashiwagi Yuki.


Jurina had arrived back with a tea and both medical students sat down and worked in the living room together. However, the young high school girl accompanied them and worked in the living room as well. She seemed to be too excited to leave the room since she met a new friend, since she met Mayu.

“Ah right Yukirin, if you have any questions feel free to ask Mayu, she’s very smart.”

“Ehh? Really?”

Yuki looked so excited as she threw her eyes to Mayu. That made the glasses girl backed off slightly as the young girl skipped to her to ask chemistry questions. Since Jurina couldn’t remember the old content from high school, Mayu was likely to be Jurina’s hope for this matter. As the young Kashiwagi stormed her with questions, Mayu was able to explain and answer every little detail so easily.

“Wow! You’re so amazing Watanabe-san!!”

“Not really, I just remember things easy.”

“Hehe~ Can I ask you for help if I need again?”

“…Up to you.”

“Yay, thank you!”

This girl was just something to Watanabe. She was able to speak normally like how she would do with her, and she wasn’t bothered at the slightest. Mayu never met any girl like this before and it was like destiny… That was the first time they met one another, as time flown by… Mayu was invited more often to come over to study as well as tutor for Yuki. She also enjoyed it in a way as well; at least it was better than studying at home. As she get closer and know more about this young girl…the more she received the warm and comfort. As they gone by…they had became closer without Mayu realizing it. They were so close that Kashiwagi had been calling her by her name already…and Mayu calling her by her nickname, Yukirin.


One day, Mayu was heading back home but she accidently met someone familiar in front of the entrance. That young girl in her school uniform, and that long raven hair flushed through the wind. Mayu’s attention was captivated immediately as their eyes met, her smile appeared and she approached her without further ado.

“Ah Mayu! Good afternoon.”

“Yukirin? Coming here to pick Jurina up?”

“Actually…no, I came here to talk to you.”


Mayu was surprised that the young girl came to talk to her. So they decided to go walk around the campus together while they had their conversation. Yuki seemed to have something in mind, and the only person that she wanted to talk to about that matter was Watanabe Mayu. She seemed to have a dilemma, whether she wanted to do medicine degree or not like her father.

“Why not discuss this matter with Jurina?”

“Well, I don’t know too. I feel like I have to talk to you.”

“So…you don’t know what you want to do?”

“I want to help people like dad and Jurina, but still I don’t know I’m doing it because I’m the doctor’s daughter…or because I wanted to.”

“…I see.”

Mayu stopped walking and invited Yuki to go to another place instead so that they could have a quiet peaceful talk. As they decided to sit down on the bush area of the campus, they finally had their talk with each other. Mayu could understand the confusing that Yuki was having, and she hoped that she could help this confusing girl.

“If you don’t have a strong reason to become a doctor, then don’t be.”

“…Wow, your advice sure is blunt and mean.”

“Heh, I know myself well. You shouldn’t waste your time on something you don’t want to be…that’s what I think.”

“How about you?”


“Why do you want to be a doctor?”

“…Helping people.”


Yuki caught her red-handed and it made her eyes rolled back. This young girl just seemed to read through her lies so easily that she sighed out loud. She looked away but then Kashiwagi kept nagging her and poked her cheeks.

“C’mon! Tell me!”

“Ugh, you’re annoying…”

“And you’re so mean! C’mon…please?”

The young girl nagged on the girl with glasses and kept shaking Mayu until the older one gave up in order to tell her the truth. This young girl had no fear or any kind of frustration for Watanabe at the slightest…she was the only one person aside from Jurina that liked to be around Mayu. Yuki would always be honest to her and would point out how mean the older girl was…slowly as time passed by Mayu had seemed to get soften down from being with her.

“Jeez…okay FINE! I give up, stop with that puppy eyes. It’s quite some story, if you want to hear it…”

“Of course! I want to know.”

Mayu sighed and decided to tell her the story of what made the daughter of the yakuza wanted to become a doctor. For her whole life time she had been only thinking of inheriting her father’s position and honor after she had reached the coming age of an adult. However, that disappeared after she reached the age of 15…that was when that incident took away her most precious man, guardian, teacher, and friend. Obviously she didn’t directly tell her story, but she made some changes with it…but as she kept telling about it the more she remembered that tragedy.


“Mayu-sama, it’s time for lunch.”

“But I don’t want to eat…can’t we have something?”

Mayu complained with her usual lunch at her house. So the young master wanted to go somewhere else instead for a meal but Sayaka wasn’t able to take her out though. However the young girl stayed so persisted and wanted him to be taking her somewhere close by to the house. Despite Sayaka wanted to take his master out as she demanded, but Watanabe family was in a crisis moments that family’s business could bring threat to the young innocent girl. Mayu was currently staying at the main branch for her full protection. It wouldn’t be surprising there would be spies trying to assassinate Watanabe Mayu… Sayaka knew that fact very well and he couldn’t tell his master that easily.

“I order you to take me out Sayanee!”

“Uh…but if boss knew this he—”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take responsible for it! Take me out please?”



Sayaka smiled and cut off his master immediately with surprise. He possibly couldn’t let his master go out at this current tension happening between Watanabe group and other yakuza groups. Mayu would be the no. 1 target that people eyed to kidnap for every sort of reasons.

“Sayanee you meanie!!”

“I’m sorry Mayu-sama, but I can’t do that. It’s for your safety.”

“Safety. Safety. Safety. Why can’t I go out like anyone else?”

“There’s a reason ma’am…but its because boss and madam cared for you.”

“FINE! Whatever!!”

Mayu wasn’t happy about it and stormed away immediately. It’s always like this whenever his young master wasn’t satisfied with what she wanted. However, the bodyguard knew where the young girl was trying to convey…she wasn’t able to leave this house unless she went with tons of guards or her father. He had been taken care of his young lady ever since she could start training at age of 4. Ever since then, he was always by her side, and was her personal bodyguard as well as servant. Obviously having this bossy girl to take care, he wasn’t bothered by it at all…he was happy to serve her. Sayaka saw her as like his younger sister in a way.

“Well…I should let her calm down while I went out to buy some kaarage ricebox for her.”

He would know her favorite food and know which restaurant that was Mayu’s favorite one. He went out without further ado and bought two kaarage lunchbox for himself and his master. He came here quite often that even the shop owner remembered him already…since Mayu would always ask him to buy from this shop every time she wanted kaarage for her lunch. This is the best thing to cheer up his childish master.

“Right, let’s go back…Huh?”



Sayaka picked up her phone and it was from one of the maids from Watanabe main branch. It was news that she wasn’t expecting to hear at the slightest…the news regarding the only daughter of the branch disappearing. The maids were looking for her but she was nowhere to be found. This was different than usual since Mayu wouldn’t be disappearing like this…fear started accumulating in Sayaka’s mind, what if Mayu was kidnapped? It made he felt that he’s a big failure in being Mayu’s personal bodyguard since he’s supposed to be by her side at all times… He pulled out his GPS and tracked down for his master immediately. Sayaka was forced to use this since his boss wanted to know Mayu’s exact location at all times if anything were to happen…and it did.

“There it is…!”

Finally he found it and she was at this warehouse that wasn’t that far away from here. She was actually kidnapped but how did anyone manage to get through Watanabe’s main branch protection? Unless… Mayu came out by herself and then was kidnapped by the spies that were lurking around. Sayaka cursed himself for unable to protect his master and rushed to save his beloved master using his GPS immediately.


“So you’re the daughter of Watanabe Ichiro! Heh, how smart of you to walk around without guards?”

The kidnapper, which was from the enemy branch against Watanabe spoke to her while he had the young girl being tied tightly. The cloth covered her mouth to prevent her from making any noises. However, she was taught not to fear anything. She glared back at them and it just made them annoyed seeing her eyes. They gave her a punch in the face to teach Mayu a lesson.

“What are you staring kiddo!?”


That punch was strong, but she was used to fighting ever since she could remember, such pain like this didn’t bother her at the slightest. She turned her eyes and glared back at the kidnappers once again. However, she was just so naïve that she just made the men got pissed seeing her face. Before he would be able to give the young girl a lesson again another man came to stop him.

“Oi! Don’t hurt her, she’s our important hostage.”

“Tch, that rude and mercilessness sure runs in the blood of Watanabe family.”

Hearing that man insulted her father and her family’s name made her angered even more. She glared with pure hatred and the dark aura was emitting from her. Just from a young child…the beast blood in Watanabe still ran in her. That blink of second, the kidnappers swore they felt threatened and a chill running down their spine. They felt utterly insulted that they allowed a 15 year old child to intimidated a well-trained yakuza from their honorable family. They punched her again and her teeth accidently cut her lips. The young girl fell onto the floor and her lips started to bleed from that cut…obviously the other men stopped the short-tempered one before he would hurt their previous hostage even more.

“Are you insane?? She’s our precious hostage!”


“What are you guys doing!?”

A loud familiar voice echoed in the warehouse as it caught Mayu’s attention. That was the moment she saw her precious bodyguard that came to rescue her from the danger. He came alone and unarmed as well. He was panting as if he had been rushing over here without any further waiting at all…he walked in without fear, but with anger towards the men that kidnapped his master. However, his eyes caught the blood that was drooling from Mayu’s lips, that just increased his rage bar up even more…and he took his jacket off to increase his speed.

“How dare you…How dare you hurt Mayu-sama!?”

“You’re Watanabe’s lapdog? You can be our messenger to that arrogant Watanabe Ichiro, with your death!!”

The kidnappers pulled out their knives before they rushed in to fight against Sayaka. He fought all alone, while Mayu watched the whole thing before her eyes. He dodged it swiftly and punched right in the deadly spots without fear for the blades that could slit him. Mayu watched with stun as she never realized how strong and good Sayaka was…and finally she got to witness his strength. It was identical to the martial arts she learned before…but he was far better than her. Finally, he kicked the first one in the stomach, uppercut the second one in the jaw, and swiftly turned around and elbowed right in the last man’s face without hesitation. They all knocked backward onto the floor, the winner was known and the moment his eyes met with Mayu’s, he smiled with relief.

“Mayu-sama…I’m glad you’re alright.”

He came up to her and untied her immediately. The ropes started to get lose but then Mayu could see the horror. She saw another man coming from behind with that gun in his hand. She wasn’t able to yell for Sayaka for the up coming danger and the second thing that she remembered was that she heard gunshots…and seeing Sayaka collapsing onto the floor.


He collapsed onto her body and blood did spattered onto her clothes and arm. Her eyes grew wide with shock as she glared back at that man with such terror. He spotted her bodyguard and he’s now lying listless by her side. Mayu was trembling in fear and was completely lost…she didn’t know what to do or react at all.

“I admit your bravery to charge in, but how insolent are you to come alone.”

This old man seemed to be one of the one manipulate over the kidnappers that tried to capture Mayu, he grinned with excitement as his plan would be successful. He was ordered by his leader to come kidnap Watanabe Mayu, the daughter of Watanabe Ichiro in order to make a forced negotiation with him. That man slowly approached the two of them and Mayu couldn’t stop shaking.

“Hehe~ you’re shaking, scared of death?”


“This is it young kid, come with me if you don’t want anyone to die—”


“Too bad no one is dead yet…only but you.”

Sayaka smirked while he slowly turned to give that victory smile at the man. He had his gun in his pocket and he short through his shirt so the man wouldn’t be careful of the incoming attack. Sayaka caught him off guard and the man collapsed onto his own pool of blood… as he successfully protected his master, he slowly backed off to sit while watching Mayu completely unharmed.


“S-Sayanee! Y-You got shot—”

“It’s my duty to protect you ma’am. It must be scary isn’t…?”

He wiped the blood from the corner of Mayu’s lips with worries before he had no energy left to sit. He finally collapsed onto the floor with exhaustion as the three bullets landed on some vital spots. Mayu was completely horrified with the scene, she went to his side immediately and didn’t know what to do. She was in complete panic, she wanted to help save him but she didn’t know what to do at all…she’s completely helpless.

“I-I…I’ll stop your blood!!”

Mayu flipped him so he faced down onto the floor while Mayu tried to stop the bleeding. However, she didn’t know what to do, she pushed her hands against the gunshot wounds hoping it could stop the bleeding…but it made Sayaka grumbled in pain. So much panic and fear ran through Watanabe’s mind and made her retracted her hands away. Her eyes started to become teary and tears started to form down her cheeks.

“S-Sayanee! Don’t die! Please!!”

“It’s okay…I’ll be fine…”

“No you’re not! I’m so sorry…! I’m so sorry that I ran away…! It’s all my fault—”

“No my lady…it’s not.”

Sayaka slowly flipped himself back and raised his hand towards Mayu’s cheek. He gently stroked his hand onto those warm wet cheeks with that smile. It was that warm comforting smile that always protected and took care of her no matter what. Slowly, his hand fell onto the floor and Mayu’s heart sank even more. Her eyes grew wide and she started to yell for help, no one replied. Her cellphone was taken away and she had to get Sayaka’s cellphone instead to dial back home to ask for help…it took quite a while for Watanabe’s men and the ambulance to arrive to send Sayaka to the hospital…but it was too late. He had lost too much blood from the wound. Mayu was completely traumatized, and dreaded over it until this day. It’s a priceless memory that she lost her closest men from her childishness. 

From that incident, Mayu learned how helpless she was. In many situations people would like to be stronger so to protect the ones they love…but for the young Watanabe, she wanted to be able to save Sayaka. What killed him was the time he was left untreated before he reached the hospital…if Mayu knew what to do she might be able to save him. She would be able to save her only friend…that’s one thing she regretted. Absolute power of yakuza wouldn’t save anyone, she realized the power she was taught could only destroy, harm, and kill people. That was the moment she decided…she wanted to do medical profession instead of inheriting her father’s position.


Obviously Mayu did some modify with her story so that she wouldn’t reveal herself as the daughter of the yakuza. She told something like her friend saved her and ended up dying in her place, which made her regretted until now. Finally the story came to an end and it just reminded Mayu it had been 4 years since then, it still felt like yesterday to her though…that one last smile from Sayaka still burned deep into her memories.

“I guess that’s why…even just 0.1% I want to risk taking that miracle to bring life back to someone, I don’t want people to feel that regret I have when I lost Sayanee…”


“So that’s the sto—Yukirin???”

The young girl beside her was crying and sobbing so hard. Mayu was completely speechless and she suddenly wrapped her arms around the older one tightly. It was like Yuki was crying in Mayu’s place…since her tears went dry regarding Sayaka’s death already. When she saw Kashiwagi crying…the more it reminded her of how she used to cry so hard every time she thought about Sayaka.

“I-It’s so s-sad…! I think I understand you even more now…!”


“Let me cry…please, and don’t tease me!!”

Yuki buried her face onto Mayu’s shoulder before the older one just smiled softly. This girl’s sincerity touched her heart and she patted her head gently with appreciation. It was as if Yuki truly understood Mayu’s pain very well, and was crying for her…to have someone that could understand her just reminded her of times she had Sayaka beside her.

“…Thank you, Yukirin.”

Both of them stayed like that for quite a while before Mayu started to hear less of the young girl crying. Slowly, Yuki parted away and Watanabe pulled out her handkerchief to wipe the tears from her eyes.

“Here, use this to clean your face. You look insane.”

“Shut up! Stop being mean.”

“…Hehe, yeah, whatever.”

Mayu’s expression became more relaxed after she had vented it out her emotions that seemed to be accumulating inside her. That regret that she couldn’t do anything to save Sayaka was her biggest motivation to become doctor. She probably wanted to specialize some acute intense specialty to save acute patients…just like Sayaka. 

“But I think I know what I want to do now.”

Yuki finally showed her smile and she saw Sayaka’s smile overlapped with hers…no, her smile was far prettier than that. It was one of the most beautiful smile she ever saw in her whole life, especially given to her. Mayu’s eyes grew wide with surprise and she could feel that slight heartburn inside her chest.

“…I’ll be a nurse.”

“A nurse? Why?”

“An awesome doctor like you and Jurina needs an awesome nurse to work with right? No matter what you’ll need me in every case…I want to fight and work together with Jurina and you…that’s what I realized.”


Yuki smiled and bent in for a kiss on Mayu’s cheeks. The older glasses girl retracted back and blushed heavily as ever since it was the first time she was kissed by a girl and had this huge crazy contraction in her guts. It was like a storm inside her stomach that was giving her such a burning face right now.

“Taking the front isn’t my thing…I want to support dad Jurina, and you. I want to be your strength and create that miracle together with you. Let’s work hard together, and I’ll definitely not lose to you!”

That bright smile of excitement, filled with determination and encouragement. She received such a meaningful lesson from Mayu’s story and gave her a brand new determination to pursue nursery degree to support both doctors in the future. As she said, a good doctor needed a good nurse to support them. Watanabe was completely blushing and couldn’t understand this feeling burning inside her…the more she saw Yuki’s smile the more she felt so happy.

“I finally understood what I wanted to do…thank you so much Mayu.”

“Y-Yeah…y-you’re welcome…”

Mayu couldn’t believe it that she was stuttering and that was when Yuki got a text from Jurina that she was done with her classes today. That was when their conversation ended…however as they walked over to meet with Jurina at the front gate, Mayu couldn’t help but to ask Yuki for one thing.

“Uh…Yukirin? I got a question.”


“Well, are you not scared of me? Or tensed around me?”

“Huh? Why do I need to? I like being with you.”


Mayu was dumbfounded before Yuki had a chance to explain what she felt. She told everything about how she was just so blunt, mean, and dense sometimes, but it just made Watanabe such an honest and sincere person. That’s why Yuki loved to talk and be around her. That was the first time Mayu ever heard such a thing. She couldn’t help but to feel this throbbing inside her chest starting to bloom out with overflowing contentment.

“I like being with you, talk to you, it just makes me feel comfortable! It’s like I can talk anything to you. Don’t you feel the same too?”

“E-Eh? Uh…”


“…Yeah, I do too.”

“Hehe~ that’s great we felt the same!”

The childish smile again. Making Mayu’s mind went blank and made her forget about things around her…as if it's a world only between the two of them.  It was the first time she felt this way and she never understood what it meant at the slightest. This overflowing feeling inside her chest…maybe Jurina would know what it meant. After they met each other at the gate, Mayu excused herself with Jurina for a short talk before both Jurina and Yuki headed back home together. The shorter glasses girl made she Yuki wouldn’t hear it and made a short consultation with Jurina.

“What’s a matter?”

“Uh you see, I recently have this condition. Need your help to analyze.”

“Oh, tell me about it.”

“The heartburn feeling…funny stomach contracting…heating face…and mind going blank?”



The young Matsui kept staring at Mayu before she let out a huge smile across her face with pure excitement, however the shorter one still didn’t understand what it was at all and hoped that it was not some serious condition. She never read or came across any diseases with these symptoms before.

“Oh Mayu you’re definitely sick.”

“W-What?! What disease is that?”

“Hehe, it’s called love. You’re in love!”


“Wow! Who is this lucky person you love?”

 Mayu was shocked by the moment Jurina said that was she was in love. She had these conditions with only Yuki, which meant that she was actually falling for Kashiwagi Yuki, that young innocent girl. She covered her face with realization and couldn’t believe that it was real. She didn’t understand how she fell for her at the slightest…but she already did, and quite deeply as well.

That was the story when she fell in love with the girl that was in a relationship with her best friend…for longer than five years. For all these years she hoped that her feelings might change, but it didn’t at all…instead, it grew stronger. The longer and more time she spent with her made her feelings grew deeper. Even until now, she never had her heart for anyone except Yuki. It was like a curse to her…to see her loved one being taken already and knew that her heart belonged to the person, the only thing she could do was to remain in silence and carried that burden along with her. Unless there would be a miracle that one day…Yuki would finally look at her not as a friend, but as someone she could love.


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Mayuyu's background is so sad :fainted: :mon surr:
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Sayanee sacrificed himself for Mayuyu's protection :depressed:
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Omg i never though Mayu is daughter of yakuza

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Mayu had a hard life.  :cry: Please yuki realize mayu feeling before its too late.
and I wonder what will happen if yuki found out that mayu is daughter of yakuza.
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Finally you updating this very first fanfic i do love from yours kate san! Thank you!

Souka ne~ mayuyu past was really sad,she lost the only person who knowing her best. That her motif to be a doctor than her family successor

I wondering how mayu parent looks like? i mean her mother sound cool~ and friendly~

I dont know about her father but maybe he's a cold man with heartless personality

But still when on the previous chapter mayu mom comes to her apartement it make me felt that mayu family is fun person.not as scary as i think,actually im getting too excited to know mayu family!

What if yuki and jurina know mayu real background? Well i'm sure they will accept it but mad cause mayu hide it from them.

More important is how yuki will deal with this situation?i'm quite sure,somehow after those engagement party yuki will know her real feeling toward mayu. Oh maybe  it like a doom for her after the news announced.they sure need to talk...

Yuki was totaly love mayu since long time ago since their first meeting. It funny when yuki though her love for jurina is unrequired but there someone already loved her,how lucky yuki are?

happiness in the future is determined by our actions.

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when mayu was asking jurina about the symptom she feeling...

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Nothing can be done when yuki attend the engagement invitations, at least when it happens.
The engagement ceremony will open her eyes about her feelings for mayu
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>> Full Ver. ( <<



[Rena’s POV]

I woke up in the morning and I’m still terrified. I always have a dream almost every night, the dream she had about the real Rena living with her family in that warm house…living with Jurina. She could remember their faces vaguely and what they said to me…but not their voices. I can’t remember it.


I keep seeing the younger me living a happily life with her family…this time, I dreamt about Jurina picking me up from school with her bike. I was so excited that she came and we went hanging out in the café and bought snacks before heading back home. She always took great care of me and caressed my head with that loving smile. I could only smile with joy…myself back then is just so happy to be with her and I could feel the happiness through her. She’s me after all, but then that voice spoke back to me again. 

(The more you walk down the path…the more you’ll learn the truth.)

“…I know”

I replied back to that voice and I could see that dark shadow appeared right in front of me. That dark scary mist that took a form of a human, even without eyes, I could tell it was staring back at me…and talking to me.

(Is this what you wanted?)


(You’re afraid.)

“I guess I am.”

(You’re trembling.)

“I’m scared to know the truth. I guess I wondered what will happen to me after all…if I remembered everything.”

(You’ll die.)

“…Can I escape it then?”

(You have the choice for it.)


(Think wisely…Matsui Rena)

That was the last time I heard the voice before the darkness took over my vision. I knew that was the end of the night, the end of my dreams and was about time I need to wake up to face the cruel reality once again. Every time I had a dream of it…I felt like something inside me is changing little by little. It was like I was about to become something else…someone else that is not myself…maybe I’m slowly turning into the real Matsui Rena.


I finally had changed my clothes, took a shower, and had my breakfast already. I remembered that last night Mayu came to calm me down and I needed to give my thanks to her though. I glanced at the clock again and its almost lunch break for the doctors, I knew that in few minutes later I will get a text from Airin-san for some lunch. He always accompanied me nowadays since Jurina and Yuki were quite busy with work. This time he would be coming to pick me up at my room instead since today he was quite close by to my room. While I was dressing myself up ready to get out for some lunch, I heard the door knocking and opened.

“Sorry to make you wait Rena-chan, I got caught up a little with work.”

“It’s okay Airin-san.”

We went out sitting in the cafeteria having some lunch together, and he paid for me again. Despite I wanted to pay for myself, he offered to pay since he invited me out. Besides, he told me I should save that money I got from Mayu and Jurina in important situations aside from this. I felt a little guilty with him paying everything for me though…but he always had that smile and told me it’s alright. I did tell him that I do have weird dreams every now and then…but not in detail though. The only person that knows the detail of my dream is only Mayu.

“So how was your day though Rena-chan? Still having nightmares?”

“Yeah…I do.”

“Don’t let it get to you okay? It will make your mind unhealthy, it will prevent you from recovering your memories too.”

“I will, thank you Airin-san.”

“At your pleasure Rena-chan.”

After we’re done eating, Airin-san still had some more spare time before he needs to return back to his shift. Before he did we sort of went on a walk together in the lobby floor in case I want anything special before I return back to my room. Obviously I did go to get some melon pan and some drinks in the convenient store, but time flew by so fast that Airin-san needed to go back now.

“I’m sorry I can’t accompany you that long though.”

“Not at all, I’m more than happy you spent time with me Airin-san.”

“I’m glad I’m able to spend time with you too, I enjoyed it.”


Before he left, I called for him and got his attention. I took a deep breath before I continued where I left off with that smile across my face. He seem to be done a lot lately, maybe it is due to work. So I really hope that I could cheer him up and so I gave him a bottle of fresh juice to give him some freshness.

“Eh? For me?”

“Yeah, you really look down lately. I hope everything is okay for you and I’m more than welcome to hear you out. You’ve been there for me for many things, and so I want to do for you too.”


That moment I can see him blushing slightly before he took the juice from my hand. That was when I can see his smile of relief across his face and he seemed to be refreshing up in a way. His nodded his head softly and sighed with huge relief. I could tell from his eyes that he’s happy and grateful.

“Thank you so much Rena-chan, that meant a lot of me. It’s been tough lately for me…so your words made me happy.”

“Hehe, I’m glad to help you Airin-san! Anytime.”

“Hehe, okay. I’ll see you later Rena-chan.”

“See you!”

I waved at him and seeing him slowly returning back to his office. Checking the clock in the lobby floor I realize it's the time I should head back as well. She had not been talking to Jurina for a long while…she meets with Yuki everyday when she comes to check up on her. As for Mayu, she heard nothing form her at all. The last time she did talk to her would be…few days ago? When I thought about it was quite a while ago, and after that I never heard anything from her at all…I wondered she was okay though. By the time I arrived back home I decided to send a text to her, hoping to receive something back from her but nothing at all…I wondered Mayu is alright though.

Most of the time I spend my day staying and relaxing in my room. Obviously I was also trying to remember many things as well, but I feared it at the same time. Every time I felt like I’m about to remember everything, that was when I remembered that what voice always reminded me…about me disappearing and the real Rena will return.

“…Eh? It’s alright this late??”

Time flew by so fast before she even realize it. However, I didn’t receive any messages from Mayu at all, which was very odd. I wondered whether Yuki would know about this or not and so she decided to go find her. Just about time that I was going to open the door, it slid open right in front of me and I saw her standing right in front of me with a surprise look too. We’re both technically having a heart attack from the surprise. I could see her overreaction and she tried to calm herself down before she spoke back to me.

“W-Whoa!? Rena-chan! Oh god…you gave me a heart attack.”

“S-Same here…I was about to go find you.”

“Hm? What’s a matter? You need something?”

“Well…I’m wondering you heard anything from Mayu? I tried to contact her but she didn’t reply anything back.”

“…So it's the same to you too?”

It seems its not only me that didn’t get a reply from Mayu, apparently Yuki and Jurina tried to reach her but they got nothing back. All they knew was that Mayu did contact hospital that she wouldn’t come in to work and all of it started few days ago. Both Yuki and Jurina did have a talk about it and she told everything to me, about the last time Jurina saw her in hospital…when she came to see me. That made me realize that was the last day everyone heard and saw Mayu…so what happen after that? At least we know Mayu is safe because she had been contacting the hospital about her work absences…but she didn’t say anything further than that and did not reply any single texts from anyone.

“I hope Mayu is alright…”

Yuki sighed and seemed to be worried about her. I guess everyone is. Mayu is not a kind of person that will just disappear out of blue without saying a word and running away from her job. Everything seemed to be fairly odd somehow, but there’s nothing that we could do aside from waiting. Hoping we will hear any good news from her.

“If I heard anything from her I will tell you.”

“Thank you Yuki…and one more thing.”


“Uh…about Jurina.”

“…What about her?”

I could feel that the tension was getting heavier as I mentioned Jurina’s name. She was indeed Yuki’s ex-girlfriend…and the one I had a crush on. I believe she knew the fight I had with Jurina in the cafeteria, and I think it's the time to clear this problem. I don’t want to prolong it…it bothers me every single day if I leave it as it is. At the very least I want to apologize to her for pushing and pressuring her more than what she needed.

“I want to talk to her, but she never come by anymore so I don’t know where can I go find her, can you help me?”

“…Sure, do you want me to take you to her office or for her to come here?”

“Uhm…Maybe to her office. I don’t want to be a bother to her.”

“She’ll have a break in few hours. I’ll come back to pick you up okay?”

“Thank you so much Yuki.”

“Not at all, I’m glad that at least you two will talk together…Jurina can be stubborn at times, and so dense too. She probably doesn’t know how to talk to you again after that.”

“Ah…I see. So you came to see me for?”

“Coincidently the same reason you have.”

Yuki came over in order to ask regarding Mayu’s whereabouts. She thought that I might know something because I’m getting quite close to her…but unfortunately I didn’t know anything more than her. So after we have a little chat with each other, Yuki have to go back to work again and she promised me that she will be back in few hours to take me over to Jurina’s office. It’s like I’m now counting down to go out into the battlefield. Obviously I’m nervous to meet with Jurina after since that last time we saw each other…at least, I need to apologize to her. I started to understand her position even more after I went to talk to Mayu. Just few more hours…I decided to watch the TV in my room to kill the time until Yuki comes to pick me up.


In this Japanese traditional home, the young woman in her formal light pink kimono kneeled down in front of the door before she slid it open. It was a mandatory to do so before they entered their master’s room…especially Watanabe family members. She pardoned her entry and looked into the room where she could see the young woman sitting adjacent to the opened window. She was wearing the dark navy kimono and the wind brushed her hair swiftly and elegantly. She silently enjoyed watching the garden and pond outside from her room…only the sound of the wind breeze and water was accompanying her ears.

“Mayu-sama, its about time for the meeting.”

“…Thanks Rabutan.”

She turned to look back at her childhood friend, as well as her closest servant in Watanabe headquarters. She aura just seemed to change comparing to her usual one in the hospital. At this place, she was no longer a doctor…but the heir to Watanabe group, and the one to inherit the position as the leader of Japan’s Yakuza association. Those calm gallant eyes that made anyone that stared at them stunned with surrendered to her. She was not even wearing her usual glasses as well. She got up and walked passed Aika whom was still on her knees on the wooden hallway.

“Get up Rabutan, escort me to the meeting.”

“Yes ma’am.”

The young servant followed her master after Mayu led the way. Obviously, it had been a long while Mayu had came back home, to her 2nd home, which was Watanabe’s main headquarters. Her actual home was further away and it was a place where Mayu’s parents were actually living. This place was like a working place for them and for meetings with their business partners or something like marriage meetings for her. Aika guided her to one of the meeting rooms and she kneeled down again before opening the door for Mayu. However, the master stopped her and shook her head.

“I’ll open it myself, I’ll probably need some tea and snacks after this meeting. Prepare that for me at my room.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Thanks Rabutan.”

She watched her servant left before she opened the door to join with the meeting she was asked to. It was a meeting between Watanabe and Miyazawa’s family regarding their business and marriage arrangement. Obviously, the moment she looked at the opposite side of the table where her mother was sitting…she saw Miyazawa Sae sitting and his father. They both saw each other but no words were uttered. Mayu just went straight to sit by her mother’s side and she was directly sitting opposite from Sae. Obviously he knew about this…but he was probably on the same boat as her since she recalled him saying that he just knew it on the same day as her. It was a sudden arrangement between their parents after all. They are not needed to vote on this, because this was some serious business between two families.

“This is my daughter, Watanabe Mayu. This will be the man you’re going to engage with, Miyazawa Sae, he’s just few years older than you.”


She only stared at him and bowed down her head softly before she looked up at him into his eyes. Sae could immediately tell that he got a different vibe from the usual Mayu he met in the hospital and at that park…it was different, as if she was a different person residing in Mayu. She had this gallant aura of a leader. It was as expected from the next heir of Japan’s Yakuza Association. If he let his guard down, he realized that he would be engulfed by that strong presence from Mayu.

“…Watanabe Mayu, nice to meet you Miyazawa-san.”

“Ah, nice to meet you too…Watanabe-san.”

She was completely in her composure as if she did not know Sae at all. It somehow crept him out with how much Mayu could put such an act like this. Was this the doctor he knew or the leader one that was the real Watanabe Mayu? However, before any more questions he could have. Their parents began to discuss about their businesses since they were partners ever since from her grandfather’s time. The Watanabe family believed in Miyazawa that much for to have their son engaged with the only daughter, and the heir to the leader of all yakuza groups in Japan. That was indeed a big decision that was made. After the important parts of the meeting were discussed, Kikuyo, Mayu’s mother turned to her and gave her a suggestion…but it was indirectly an order. Sae’s father also agreed with that and allowed the two to have their quality time together.

“How about you two spend some time together knowing each other? Mayu, take Sae around the garden.”

“…Yes mother. Please allow me to escort you around Miyazawa-san.”

“Please call me Sae, and if that’s alright for me to call you by your name?”

“Yes, please do.”


Mayu escorted Sae as he was in his formal black suit. They could hear the servants stared at talked about them from a far distance away. The doctor sighed before she decided to lead him to another side of the garden so no one would be making up gossips and interrupted their conversation. It seemed both of them had many things that they wanted to talk about, not just regarding their arranged marriage.

“…Fate sure plays trick on our life.”


Mayu didn’t reply anything as they were crossing the bridge, but then Sae stopped following her in order to grab her attention. Unfortunately it didn’t force her to stop at all, and it made him having to call for her name and tried to talk to that ‘Dr. Watanabe’ that he knew, instead of the ‘Mayu-sama’ of Watanabe household.

“Is Dr. Watanabe the real one? Or Mayu-sama?”


The woman in kimono stopped and turned around to look at Sae with those calm eyes. No emotions were shown through it and it crept him out slightly. She just looked too different when she was with Jurina and Yuki…compared to the Mayu that was in front of him right now. She sighed softly before she approached to the side and stared down into the pond down from the bridge.

“…Carrying the name of Watanabe on the shoulders. Trained every single day, learn every single day, in order to become a worthy leader…no choices could be done, everything is already decided and planned.”


“I ran away from this life for my whole time, sneakily study and graduate with medicine degree. Working as a doctor…escape from these burdens and live as a normal person, that’s what I always wanted.”


“I wondered the same, Sae, which is the real me…Dr. Watanabe? Or Mayu-sama?”

“I wish I can give you that answer, Mayu-sama.”

“Can you cut that out? I had enough people calling me that.”

Mayu raised her voice back and it made Sae startled. Obviously he was well prepared to call his fiancé with such honorific like this after his father lectured him for the whole car ride. Because Watanabe family was considered one of the highest classes families in Japan, they even had connections with the royal family member of Japan. It wouldn’t be surprising if other families would address a member from Watanabe as equivalent as a royal member. Sae realized that cold voice from Mayu and slowly started to understand the pressure the doctor was going through. It must be hard on her as well…and he thought that he shouldn’t push on this matter with her. But there were some few things he needed to know before any conversation would continue.

“Did Yukirin and Jurina knew about this?”

“None, no one outside knew about this… I made sure no one knew about my family and anything about my life. I expect you to keep the secret.”

“I will.”

“You have my gratitude, Sae.”

“…Aren’t you tired? Keeping up with this.”


Mayu remained in silence on only stared back at the water again, watching the carp fishes swim peacefully in that clear water…only she sighed again, and it was more than enough hint for Sae that she refused to answer his question. However, it made him move on to the next one, obviously he knew Mayu was a talented doctor…but after this family inheritance he doubt that she would be able to go back to that life again.

“What are you going to do with your career?”

“What do you think? I’ll have to give it up due to my position.”

“…I can see that. Won’t that make both of your friends have a suspicion?”

“I don’t wish to talk about them here.”

Mayu ended the conversation, expressing how she didn’t wish to talk about Jurina or Yuki at the slightest. Seeing the woman in front of him acting like this, it made Sae sighed and went to join with Mayu, staring down into the pond. He didn’t know what to talk to this woman at all…since she didn’t seem like she wanted to talk about anything at all. But suddenly, the Watanabe spoke up and caught his attention immediately.

“…What do you think of Yuki?”



Using that authority she had, Mayu forced an answer from Sae without any further explanation to why she came up with that question. If Mayu weren’t his fiancé and the daughter of Watanabe Ichiro, the head leader of Yakuza Association, he would refuse to answer. He realized he needed to go along with the flow, as his lady ordered.

“…I used to like her back when we’re engaged. She’s quite fun to tease at times…and she’s a good girl. I can tell she’s a good nurse.”


“Does it answer your point?”


Mayu didn’t answer him back and only remained in silence. Sae seemed to realize that he really got himself with this abnormal fiancé… However, he couldn’t blame her for being like this. Little by little he had more interest in Mayu, he was interested to know more about her after this talk. She had much more mysteries than he expected her to have…it already surprised her enough that to know his fiancé was Watanabe Mayu, that heart surgeon he knew, and the biggest yakuza’s only daughter. It was like destiny was having fun messing around with their lives. After their personal talk was over, Sae went straight to business and tell Mayu the cruel truth regarding their engagement.

“The official engagement will be arranged by Miyazawa group. There will be guests there as well and please feel free to invite anyone.”

“What else?”

“I’ll have to accompany you through the night, since you’re my fiancé. It will be in the 5-star hotel in the middle of the city. It will be this weekend starting at 6pm.”

“Is that it?”

“That is all. We brought invitations and information with us today. My father is likely to give it to your mother already.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“…Shall we return back?”

“Should be about time we need to.”

His fiancé sure was extremely cold to him, but it was due to her position as the leader. For just a young woman like her to become the boss like her father would force her to go through hell in order to stand right here. He sighed and went along with Mayu’s flow…he didn’t know what to say to her and just simply followed her, and it was the first time he was mentally dominated. Mayu’s superior presence was heavy and made him listen to her unconditionally. It was highly expected from the future leader after all…but that wouldn’t stop him. There were still many things he wished to obtain the answer from Watanabe.


[Rena’s POV]

“Rena-chan, are you ready?”

Yuki came knocking on my door and it caught my attention. It was about time that I would go to meet with Jurina during her free hour. I nodded firmly and got out from my seat to follow Yuki out from my room. She told me how Jurina would have a free hour, so unlikely she would go anywhere aside from her office to rest. At worse case scenario, she would be called to the ER for work. It didn’t take that long for me to arrive in front of this door that had the plate said ‘Kashiwagi Jurina’ and that was when Yuki decided to leave me alone.

“I hope things goes well between you two.”

“…Thank you. I wish too.”

“Let me tell you something at least…Jurina cares a lot of you. You’re very important to her, that’s why…she’s afraid of making a move.”


“I’ll be waiting for you over there okay? Take your time.”

“A-Ah, thank you…”

She gave me a soft pat on the head before she walked away, giving me that moment to be with Jurina alone, and to talk to her clearly. I took a deep breath before I stood firmly in front of her door and knocked strongly enough for her to hear it. I could her the sound of chair moving and my heart started to race, she was definitely inside there…and I was about to lose control of my breath. I was so nervous with this than I expected. Jurina is just right behind these doors and I just froze right in front of the door.

“Who is that?”

She responded back to the knock and I bit my lips before I replied back to her. It was the moment of now or never; I needed to do this for both her and my sake. Despite I tried to speak out, no words came out at all. I was really nervous and I tried to calm myself down…taking a deep breath again. But instead of me speaking up, I just opened the door instead. I could see her sitting at her chair with her usual glasses and paper files on the table. She stared back at me with surprise and shock. Obviously she would be since she wouldn’t expect me to come to her office room.


“Uhm…Can I come in?”


I closed the door and it was just the two of us here in this room. I just stood there and she was in silence as well, maybe she didn’t know what to say with my sudden presence here. I spoke up first and looked back at her, hoping that I wouldn’t stutter due to my nervousness.

“Can we talk? I really need to talk to you.”

“…I guess we need to. Please take a seat there, I’ll get you something.”

 She got up from her chair and went to prepare a glass of water for me while I went to sit at the couch she told me to. It was quite a comfortable couch and I wondered why she had one here in her office though. I didn’t see something like this in Mayu’s office. Jurina came back with a glass of water and passed it over to me before she sat down on one of the chairs around the table. She didn’t sit beside me…intentionally. Was she still affected from that fight we had in the cafeteria like me? However, her expression was so calm, but scary at the same time…but then it was Jurina that started the conversation first.

“Yuki brought you here right?”

“A-Ah, yes.”

“…I see, I guess I owe her for that.”


“I was planning to go talk to you after I finish my paper works, but surprisingly you came here instead.”

I was shocked to learn that Jurina felt the same way as me. She wanted to talk to me and we both knew what issue was that. However, I just acted a little earlier than her and that was why she was surprised to see me here. I’m actually glad to know she felt the same that we needed to talk things through, and so she kept on going with that vague smile across her face.

“I bet we’re here for the same reason…and before we talk any further, I want to apologize for what happen that day, I really did lose control of myself.”

“It’s okay, it's the same as for me.”

“Its not that I don’t want to tell you…but I can’t. Please give me some time before I can tell everything to you, because none of it is a pleasant memory at all.”

“About…our parents?”

“Yes, I presumed you heard a little from Dr. Furukawa.”

“But…I still want to hear from your side.”

I got Jurina’s attention and she looked back at me for a short while before she diverted her glance away again. She stared back onto her first as she had a dilemma whether to tell the story to me or not. I wanted her to tell me everything about myself, our parents, and about her too. However, if Jurina is not ready to do this, then I can’t just simply force everything on her…she carried this huge burden that no one could ever see or understand it.

“But when you’re ready to tell me everything.”


Jurina looked up at me again and she was shocked. I could tell it. I continued where I left off and told her how I felt. I knew she carried all these burdens and never shared it with anyone, and seeing her doing such a thing like this pained me. The more I got to know Jurina, the more I realized how much she had been fighting all alone…without letting anyone help her. Not even Mayu, not even Yuki, no one at all. I don’t know I’m being selfish or not, but I wanted to shoulder that burdens with her…at the very least, I’m still her younger sister. Even though I never felt that she’s my older sister…it was too late to feel that way already.

“But please don’t take too long, at least I want to hear everything from you. I realized how each day passed by I slowly start to remember more things…about our parents, and us.”


“At least…can you answer me one thing?”


“You’re…my sister right?”

Jurina realized that was coming, the biggest question of their relationship. She sighed again before she looked back at me with those sad eyes. I’m not so sure what were the emotions behind those eyes but I know she’s sad and upset. I can’t understand why could she possibly be sad about this…I’m the one who’s supposed to be sad…to learn that I’ve fallen in love with my own sister.

“Not blood-related, yes. Your parents adopted me ever since I’m a baby.”

“…Do you love them?”

“Yes I do. Even we’re not blood related…I love them as my real parents.”

“Then they are ‘our’ parents, not only mine.”

“…You’re right. They’re our parents.”

The moment of our silence again, but it seemed we talked things through with each other to a certain extent. We both exchanged glances with each other before I moved away to give some space beside me for another person to sit it…Yes, I turned to Jurina and bit my lips before I spoke up to her. It’s one of my selfish requests for her.

“Can you come closer…?”


She got up from her chair and sat down beside me. Without any words, we didn’t even look at each other at all and just felt each other’s presence beside one another. My heart starting to race as I could feel Jurina’s body warmth against me, and my breathing is shaking. Then suddenly I felt that hand patted on my head and caught my attention instantly, it was Jurina’s hand and she started up the conversation again.

“I won’t ask for your forgiveness, but I’m sorry. I’m really sorry…”

“Jurina its okay, I think I started to understand your position even more now…thanks to Mayu opening my eyes.”

“…I’m really sorry, Rena-chan.”

Her voice sounded so painful and even an amateur like me could feel that sadness coming out from her voice. It wasn’t just me that was hurt about this fight, if I were to be in Jurina’s position instead would I do the same thing as her? I wouldn’t be able to know any of that until I learn the truth from her, but before that…it will definitely be a long wait for me. That could be another issue in the future if Jurina kept running away from me like this, but right now I’m glad that things between us could settle down, at the very least. I wrapped my arms around her and moved in closer against her body. I hugged her tightly and buried my face onto her shoulder. Obviously she tensed up but then she relaxed down and turned her body to face me, allowing me to hug her properly.

“…Can we stay like this for a while?”


 I could feel her arms wrapping around and pulled me in closer to her. Then for some reason it made me remembered something so nostalgic. That warmth from her hug…it made me remember something I long forgotten…It felt that way. I don’t know what it was but before I realized it again I was crying. Tears flowed down my cheeks and I bet Jurina realized it. She just hugged me tighter and stroked my head without saying a word. She’s just so kind to me, she did everything for me and always took care of me. But I can’t be anything more than just a sister to her…even though we’re not biologically related, we’re not that different from Mayu and Yuki at all…sometimes I wondered why things had to be like this. What if I never have any sibling relationship with her…could she love me the way I love her? The more I put my thoughts into it the more I realized that life is just so horrible…I can’t never love her as my sister anymore, just as much as she couldn’t love me more than a sister…this is just painful, too painful. I allowed myself to be engulfed with that sadness and cried on her shoulders. Before I realized it again, I was crying…so hard, and for how long I was crying in Jurina’s arms. She didn’t bother asking anything, and only just hugged me closely…telling me that she’ll be right there for me. But I wondered which way is better though…I want to be with her, but at the same time I wanted to stay away from her too. Just by being with her…reminds me how my feelings for her are disgusting despite its not technically wrong since we’re not blood-related…but it’s morally wrong since we grew up as siblings.

“I’m sorry…I’m really sorry Rena-chan.”

Hearing her apologized to me non-stop felt like she was telling me that she can’t love me back the way I felt for her. But obviously she didn’t know how I felt…not yet, and glad she would never know it. It would be too awkward to know that your sister loved you in a romantic way. I didn’t want to put more burdens and pressure on her…not anymore. She’s important to me…and I wanted to help her no matter what, and if it meant that I must hide these feelings away from her, then I will do it…maybe its best for both of us.


Yuki was sitting outside waiting for Rena and Jurina to finish their moments together. It really did take 45 minutes of the time and the doctor’s break would be over soon. Then suddenly she heard the sound of the door opened and it immediately captured her attention, but it was Jurina…carrying sleeping Rena in her arms. She was quite surprised but at the same time she was grateful to realize that things might’ve went well. She got up from her seat and approached her immediately.

“Hey Yuki, I didn’t know you’re waiting…sorry to make you waste your break time like this.”

“It’s alright, but…how did it went?”

“…How about we talk while we head back to Rena-chan’s room?”

About 15 minutes left before the nurse and the doctor’s break would be over, and they used the time they had left to go back to Rena’s room to put the young patient back to her bed. While they were walking by each other’s side, Jurina told how they really had an intensive conversation with each other about their relationship as siblings, as well as many truths that were yet to be told to her. Yuki only stayed in silence and listened to what Jurina had to tell her, but somehow she managed to find out what the doctor tried to avoid telling her beloved sister.

“You didn’t tell her your feelings, didn’t you?”


“Bull’s eye. How long are you going to keep that up?”

“Maybe I won’t tell her at all. Maybe its best for both of us since I’m the only sort-of family member left for her. Her memories will return back, and my role to become her sister is inescapable. I would just give her more burdens if I tell her how I felt.”

Yuki finally realized and understood the meaning behind Jurina’s words and actions for all these times. The Rena before the accident loved and cared for her as an older sister…it was just a matter of time when she would remember everything. Despite Jurina loved her much more complicated than that, Rena couldn’t love her that way. Even though Jurina didn’t know about Rena’s current feelings…the fact that she would remember everything was inevitable, as so for her duty as the older sister. She wouldn’t want to put any more pressure on Rena that her only living family loved her in a romantic way. She had no one else to rely on…and only Jurina could take care and protect her. That’s the promise she made with her mother before she passed away. She would protect and make Rena happy no matter what. If her feelings would only bring more burden and pain to Rena…she would lock it away for eternity despite she knew that it was the most stupid act that one could do, to deny their real feeling. However, despite Yuki started to understand Jurina’s action even more…she pursued to ask her even more in order to know the truth. She wanted to solve her curiosity.

“…Why did you choose not to tell about your parents though? Shouldn’t she know what happen?”

“What kind of remorse should you have for your parents…when you remember nothing about them? You wanted to remorse for them…but at the same time you can’t truly be sincere with it, because you remember nothing.”

Jurina made her point so cleared that it made Yuki realized things to many levels. She did not tell anything to Rena not just because she knew how would she felt if she knew everything. What kind of remorse could she give to their parents when she recalled nothing about them? She wouldn’t know what to grieve about aside from their death. Memories were what made things became precious and priceless, without it, nothing can be valuable. While Yuki did took her time thinking, Jurina sighed out loud and stared forward at the corridor they were walking in.

“But I know, I should’ve at least explain things to her before she learned it in a hard way. I was too overprotective and I’m scared Rena-chan would see me as a killer that let our parents die—”

“Jurina, we talked about that already.”

“…Sorry Yukirin.”

“I believe Rena-chan will never look at you that way…so stop it. Trust her a little more.”

“Yeah…I guess so too. I really should talk to her, and tell her more about her past.”

“I agree, spend more time with her as much as you can, okay? Promise me?”

Jurina turned to look at Yuki and started to laugh at her. Obviously Yuki didn’t understand why and wondered whether she said something wrong or not…but apparently not. The doctor was slightly amazed with how motherly Yuki was and couldn’t help but to laugh out…it surprisingly suited her. She started to take a like just like her mother, Kashiwagi Saeko.

“W-What was that for!?”

“You really sounded like a mother, and I promise I’ll spend more time with her.”

“Well, as long as you keep your words I’ll let you slip away, just this once.”

“Haha, thank you.”

Despite they both broke up already, it allowed them to enhance their sisterly relationship with each other. Both of them were comfortable by each other’s presence and Yuki seemed to have overcome the unrequited love quite fast. She didn’t find a reason to be grieving over this and rather help her dense friend with her love for her unrelated sister.  However, as they were about to reach Rena’s room, they unexpected met with a man they both knew very well…it made both of them stopped with slight surprise.

“What brings you here Miyazawa-san? Surprisingly to see you here at this hour.”

“Can we have a talk afterwards? To both of you.”

He spoke up and got their attention. Both of them wouldn’t be able to imagine what would Sae wanted to talk, especially to both of them though. They told him to wait at the seating area while they dropped off Rena at her room first. They did take their time; Jurina put the young girl onto her bed, covered her with the blanket and patted her head gently before she decided to leave. However, she accidentally heard a murmur escaping from Rena’s lips.


It caught her off guard and Rena must be dreaming. She approached her again and gave her a gentle stroke before a light kiss on her head. If she had to forever play the role as the beloved older sister, she was more than willingly to do so. As long as she was able to protect Rena and give her the happiness she needed, Jurina was more than welcome to do anything for to see that smile.

“…Good night, Rena-chan.”

She left the room and Yuki was waiting for her in front of the room. They both exchanged glances with each other knowing that it was about time they go meet with Sae, which was waiting for them. They were quite surprise for him to come at this hour, and to talk to both of them at the same time too. As they arrived, they saw him stood up and slightly bowed his head down at them. Before any words could be uttered, Sae spoke up first and led the conversation.

“Thank you for giving me both of your time, I wanted to pass this invitation to you two.”

“Huh? What is it for?”

Both of them too the invitation and Yuki realized that it was similar to the one that Sae gave to her at the amusement park. However, Mayu did throw it away before she did even have the chance to read it. If she recalled it correctly it was a part for his marriage or something. So he did his job explaining the party to both of them while the looked at the content inside the card.

“It’s an engagement party, that was forced by my parents. It would be nice if you two could come.”

“Why inviting us all of the sudden though? Isn’t it a little weird for you to come this far for this?”

Jurina made the point and Sae only sighed softly before he continued where he left off. He told them that he wanted them to come but couldn’t tell the exact reason. Only one thing he said that caught their attention was that if they attended the party, it would answer some of the questions and doubts they had…and they wouldn’t regret it. They wondered what he was referring to, but someone like Sae wouldn’t spoil it up for certain even though they asked.

“It will be this weekend, so I really wish to see you two there, you can bring that young girl that’s with you just now too. You’ll all be my guest at the party.”

“That’s kind of you, Sae-san.”

Yuki replied and only he smirked to her with that usual sneaky grin. However, he didn’t have any intention to bully or tease the nurse anymore. He had quite a lot of things on his hand already, as well as many schemes in mind too. This was probably one of them as well…to have Jurina and Yuki attend his engagement party. It’s quite a closed social event; so only special ones would get this invitation. He also continued to push on so to convince both of them to go.

“You’ll find what you’ve been looking for as well…do take this seriously.”

Both of them were not so sure why Sae was convincing them this hard. Despite they didn't have good terms with him for quite a long while…they knew him quite a while enough to tell that if it wasn’t something so deadly important, he wouldn’t be convincing them like this. Just for once, Jurina nodded her head and agreed to go to his event, just for the sake of finding out what he was referring to. Yuki also agreed with her and accepted his invitation, carrying that same thought as Jurina.

“We’ll go, and I’ll ask Rena-chan about it if she wants or not.”

“I’m glad, I’ll leave another invitation here as well for her just in case. When you attend the event, please show you your invitation so to let you in. That’s all I’m here for and I need to take my leave.”

“Thanks for coming this far for this.”

“Not at all. I hope to see you there.”

He took his leave immediately without any further ado. Leaving the doctor and nurse curious about what he said. They only could hope that he was plotting something again. Jurina wouldn’t forgive him if he tried to harm Yuki in any kind of way, and she patted the nurse’s head gently.

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t hurt you.”

“Just let me handle it, I can take care of myself.”

Both of them exchanged glances with each other and Jurina was obviously surprised to hear such a strong determined voice coming from Yuki. She could see that Yuki was being serious with what she said and it made her smiled out unconsciously. It seemed the young nurse had grown up so much that she didn’t seek for Jurina’s protection anymore. It made the doctor happy of her and gave a pat on the shoulder with a smile. She no longer needed to be overprotective on Yuki anymore.

“If you say so, don’t push yourself too hard okay?”

“Of course. Let’s go back to work now, it will be a long evening.”

“It will be.”

It was a tough day for everyone in a way. It was a big breakthrough between Rena and Jurina that made them understand each other even more. They both realized each other’s mistake in what they did and moved on from there. The doctor resumed her work in the office and had been reflecting on her actions at the same time. Wondering what she should do with her feelings for Rena at this point on…to follow her heart, or follow her conscious. Either decision she made, it would be both painful in a different way.

As for the unknown lone wolf, Watanabe Mayu, sitting in her room after she had her dinner with her parents, staring out from the window at her usual spot and stargazed peacefully in the silence. It was the only time she could let her emotions out and her eyes told how much sadness she had for to be held captive with so-called ‘destiny’. After all these years she had been trying to escape, it was inevitable in the end for her. She was eternally chained and she doubted she would be able to meet with Jurina, Rena and Yuki again. She clutched onto the giraffe keychain she got from Yuki…and that’s the only reminder that she once lived as a normal person, with all her friend, and her love one.

For the nurse, her position for the night was at usually at the Cardiac department. She just came out from the operation room and coincidently walked pass Mayu’s office. Seeing her name on that door…it made Yuki worried and wondered where that woman went. Despite Mayu was always being a pain to her and annoyed her, she had to admit that she missed her not being around. She bit her lips softly and continued her night shift for the day until it’s over.

It seemed to be a very long day…for every one of them.


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on the other side, I love the chapter! LOL Mayu the Yakuza daughter is a win win factor XD I hated the cut! I wanted to know what happens next HAHAHA such a complex story! 5 pandas for you!

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Days passed by like it was nothing. Mayu simply sat at her same spot and allowed her hair to brush by the wind that came through the window. Her eyes stared outside and recalled what day it was. The nightmare days are about to start, and the first step was this marriage with Miyazawa Sae first. According to the plan, tonight would be their engagement party night in order for the Miyazawa family to enjoy and congratulate the engaging couple before the actual formal wedding that would be organized by the Watanabe group. A traditional marriage was something that they would always remain as the tradition of the Mayu’s family. The young lady would hate it so much more than usual since she needed to wear a formal dress to attend Miyazawa’s party. While she was enjoying the silence in her room, Aika, her private servant pushed the door and came to report the news that Mayu didn’t want to hear.

“Kikuyo-sama called you over ma’am.”

“…Thanks Rabutan.”

Mayu knew that this was coming and she headed off to meet with her mother at the living room. She could see her father wearing his white shirt and a dark brown v-shaped sweater on top. He always wore that usual attire and those baggy jeans around the house when he has work. However for her mother was in her usual purple kimono and had that eagle eye on her face as usual. Mayu would vote that her mother was much more scarier than her father in many levels. She would be more suited to be the leader of Yakuza association than her father since she’s more remorseless than him.

“Take a seat Mayu.”

Her father was the kind man to her at all times. He didn’t scold Mayu when he discovered that his daughter studied medicine and was working as a cardiac surgeon. However, he only told Mayu her how unfortunate that she wouldn’t be able to escape her fate as the succeeding leader of Japan’s Yakuza Association. She sat down right opposite from her parents and realized that why was she being called over for a talk.

“I hope you behave yourself well, Mayu.”

“…I will, mother.”

“It is the time you need to do your duty as the next leader. I have your personal servant prepared the dress for tonight.”

It seemed her mother planned everything so well for her and she couldn’t escape from this duty that easily. She would need to impress people from Miyazawa group and her future husband in every kind of way. It’s an arranged marriage between her parents as well, so it was not something new. It was as if she was destined to walk down the same path as her parents no matter how much she struggled. The chains called ‘duty’ and ‘destiny’ would always tie down Mayu forever. They had talked about the party that would happen today at the hotel and what she needed to do. Mayu known all these things very well as she was taught when she was still little child. She’s more the well prepared to carry her duty as wife and to establish a new generation line after her. Then her mother seemed to add something furthermore after tonight’s party was done.

“About your job, prepare to quit it.”

“…I know.”

Mayu accepted the truth and was well aware of that happening. She looked back at her mother and had that short fierce eye contact with another. The person that could easily make Mayu surrendered and be pissed would be her one and only mother. Even though she didn’t want to quit her job and throw away her commoner’s life, she didn’t have the choice to not. It was unfortunate that she’s a single child and the only heir to Watanabe’s position.

“Can I leave now?”

“Go ahead.”

“Thank you.”

Her parents watched Mayu walked away and she would high likely return back to her room without further ado. Ichiro scratched his head as he glanced over to his wife who was being really strict to Mayu in every kind of way ever since he could remember. His wife sure was a demon on the poor little Watanabe and he wondered whether she should be a little softer to their daughter after all the things that she needed to go through.

“Hey don’t be so hard with Mayu. She really did adapt to this duty as a—”

“Ichiro, I’m not going to repeat what I said before.”

Kikuyo got up and glared back at her husband and sent chills down his spine. She looked away and walked out of the living room leaving the yakuza boss dumbfounded on his spot. No matter how high his status was, he wouldn’t be able to beat his wife in any kind of way. She was just plainly scary than anyone else he ever knew in his life. He only sighed softly to himself and ruffled his head before he decided to go back to finish his work. He needed to at least get some work down before he would be attending tonight’s event.


Mayu sat in her usual spot in her room as she was holding and playing around with that giraffe keychain she got. She bit her lips as she remembered those days she had that freedom in hospital and spent her valuable days with Jurina, Rena and Yuki. She closed her eyes and remembered about the promise she made with Yuki that she would be there for her when she needed, but it seemed she wouldn’t be able to do that anymore. She couldn’t go back to having that casual life as an ordinary person and she’s not meant to have one to begin with. However, she always strived for it…for all these years.


She only muttered her name softly and stared out from the window, remembering the day she went on a date with Yuki at the amusement park. She couldn’t help but to enjoy every second she spent with the nurse at all. The best part would be the scene that Mayu was driving Yuki back home and they had a very touching conversation. It’s about how Yuki compared Mayu to a sheep and it just made the young Watanabe giggled out to herself. She couldn’t help but to be amazed with Yuki’s randomness but it made her heart skipped a beat when she said that she felt comforted being around her. It’s only to Yuki and Jurina that would be comfortable with her, but Yuki would be the first one ever to have said that to her. Everyone always felt uncomfortable and stressed when they were around Mayu due to her superior pressuring aura, but only Yuki felt that she’s comfortable being with her.

“…I want to see you.”

She missed Yuki. She wanted to see her. The fact that she wouldn’t be able to meet her was like a biggest scar on her heart. She tried not to think about it but eventually the truth that she wouldn’t be able to meet her friends again was inescapable. She would have to confront in no matter what despite she wanted to deny it forever. Deep down she prayed that someone would save her and free her out from these cursed chains. She wondered why she couldn’t be born into a normal family and couldn’t she have an ordinary life. Why did she need to carry such a burden on her shoulders because of her yakuza family? She could hear the door to her room open and it was Aika again. She finally got up from her usual seat, as it was the time for her to get ready and change for tonight’s event. The dress was prepared for her and Aika would be doing the make-up and her hair for today. Mayu could tell it would be a long day for her…and she didn’t know what awaited for her at the party tonight.


[Rena’s POV]

“Eh? A party?”

I was slightly confuse with what Jurina is telling me about this party that Sae-san invited us…he said that I could come along too if I want to as he gave enough invitations for the three of us. Jurina don’t seem to know what was his intention and part of her she don’t want to go, but she promised him already she would attend. She’s more curious about why Sae-san is persisted to have them attend this party, I don’t understand why since I don’t know him well…but it seems to bother Jurina quite much.

“So…you’re going to the party?”

“If I want to find out what he meant, I need to go and see it myself.”

“What did he say?”

Jurina tells me his riddle. He said that they would find something they’ve looking for if they attended the party and he was actually serious when he said it. I’m still not that sure with what’s going on but I don’t mind going if Yukirin and Jurina are going. I also feel like I should be going too…I don’t know why, maybe some six senses? Maybe getting out from here would help clear up my mind…I’ve been worrying about Mayu these days since she doesn’t pick up my calls nor reply my texts at all. I turn to Jurina and tell her I’ll be going to the party with them as well.

“I’ll be going as well…if you don’t mind.”

“Of course you’re more than welcome to come with us. I just don’t want to force you to come.”

“Don’t worry, I want to go with you two.”

“Well…it will be tonight, I’ll ask Yukirin to help you out with the dress tonight. It seems it's a very formal party in this 5-star deluxe hotel in the middle of the city.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Yukirin and I will get out from work early today, we’ll come meet with you here.”

“…Thanks Jurina.”

She only smiles back to me before she strokes my head. In that blink of second I see that identical smile across a younger version of Jurina. My eyes grow wide with shock as I could feel that I’m slowly to remember things now. Maybe the truth that I know Jurina is my sister makes my memories recovered much faster. I start to remember how she looked when she was a teenage back when I’m still a child. That warm hand and smile would always comfort my fragile heart all the time. I hold onto her hand and closed my eyes…slowly move it down to my cheeks. I absorb and feel the warmth from her hands that comforted my soul. Jurina doesn’t react to anything I did and then she put another hand on my other cheek. I’m startled at first but then I’m too comforted by her warmth. My free hand places on top of her hand so she wouldn’t remove her hands away from my cheeks. Then suddenly, the silence breaks apart when Jurina speak up to me.

“You really like it when I hold your cheeks like this, ever since you’re very little.”



I only smile and accept that warmth. I couldn’t let her hands go at all. I was addicted to it. I love it; maybe it’s just like what Jurina said. It feels as if this used to happen, and it feels very nostalgic to me for some reason. Maybe this is a reason…it seems as I spend more time with Jurina, I start to remember more about myself and who I am. But still I don’t understand Jurina’s intention at all. It feels like she doesn’t want me to remember despite she’s helping me out. I couldn’t figure out the possible reason to support this. However, the warmth from Jurina’s hand seems to have distracted me from thinking such complicated things. It feels so calm and relaxing.

“…I think I remember this feeling.”

“Is that so, I’m glad…”

Jurina couldn’t stay with me any longer since she needs to go back to work. She left me alone in my room, but I don’t feel so lonely though. After I have a talk with Jurina regarding our family relationship, apparently we’re getting a little closer to each other and started to take little steps. However, I could still feel that Jurina is hiding so many things from me. This wouldn’t change unless I push on to find out the truth. To remember everything would make me find the answer I was looking for, but I’m really scared of myself. I wondered would I still be the ‘me’ when I remember everything? At times like this I want to talk to Mayu. She always manages to calm me down every single time. But, no one heard anything about Mayu at all…and it’s making me so worried about her whereabouts. It’s like she just disappeared out of blue.

“….Mayu, where are you? …I hope you’re okay.”

I decide I might be walking around in the hospital since I’m quite bored. Only I needed to wait until evening when Yukirin would come to pick me up. I wonder what the party would be like…I don’t have such a good vibe to this thing at all. I don’t know I’m just a random feeling or it’s actually my senses warning me. Oh well, I will figure it out when tonight comes.


Around early evening, Yukirin come to my room and talk to me about this night party today. Jurina and her are about to leave to return back to Yukirin’s home so they could change into their proper attire for tonight. She would be lending me her dress so I could wear something nice for tonight. I just nod and she takes me to the parking lot where Jurina is waiting for us.

“Sorry to make you wait Rena-chan.”

“It’s okay! I’m all good.”

“I guess this would be the first time you’ll be seeing my place, isn’t?”

“A-Ah, I guess so.”

This would be the first time I would be seeing Yukirin’s house too, I’m partially excited for this and I’m sitting at the back seat with Yukirin by my side accompanying me. We’re talking trivial things and fun stuffs. Yukirin keeps talking and thinking about the dress she would suit me the most too. It isn’t that long before we arrive right in front of her house. It is so huge! Despite its slightly dark, but I could see how huge and luxurious it is. As expected from the house belonged to one of the founders of the hospital. She immediately takes me to her room while Jurina with to her own room to do her preparations.

“Here we are, this is my room.”

Yukirin opens in and then I could see that the color of the walls inside the room is light pink. It is so clean and tidy, which suited her character. She goes straight to the cabinet where all her clothes are kept. I could see Yukirin was really enjoying this so much as she tries to match up a perfect dress for me as well as the accessories…and what hairstyle to do too. She did everything and was having much fun with it. 

“I’m sorry Rena-chan for dressing you around like this.”

“It’s okay, I think I did learn some few things from this.”

“Hehe, having you around feels like I have a younger sister. If I were to have one, I would love to dress her up all the time.”

Yukirin is fixing my hair and she smiled with contentment. I could feel that she cared for me and I really like Yukirin too. She’s very gentle…and I’m not surprise at all why Mayu would love her so much. That’s when I think I should give Mayu some help with this. I actually want Yukirin to like Mayu, since she’s the only one that can make Mayu smile like that… both beautiful and painful smile.

“Uhm…I have a question.”


“Well, what do you think of Mayu?”

“Ah…Mayu huh?”

Yukirin wonders for short while before she glances over to that sheep plush she got from Mayu before she disappeared. It was a toy that Mayu won from the game and she gave it to her. It is truly a memorial gift for their date together at the amusement park. It just reminds her how much fun she had and she couldn’t help but to smile out with happiness.

“She could be cold and such a big bully…but she’s very gentle and caring. She rarely smiles, but if you see one…you’ll realize that it really suits her. I wish she could smile much more often than this.”

I listen to Yukirin with slight surprise. I could see her face from the reflection in the mirror in front of me. I could see that she’s actually smiling while talking about Mayu. I don’t know Yukirin thought about her this way before and this might be her chance. I don’t know I should push on this topic but I throw back out an innocent question to find out the truth…could it be possible that Yukirin have her heart for Mayu? I want to believe in that, but she’s just recently broke up with Jurina. I don’t know what to believe right now. However, by hearing the next answer from her might make me learn something…Oh Mayu, I hope I’m doing the right thing for you here.

“So…Yukirin, do you like her?”


She pauses and I watch her with curiosity from the reflection, but I could tell that Yukirin is surprised with that question. She doesn’t know how to answer back at all. She seems to be putting quite a lot of thoughts when I asked her and then I slowly turn to Yuki with bigger curiosity. I actually wanted to know how she felt towards Mayu. I don’t want Mayu to look sad and be all alone…the only person that could help her will be Yukirin. I really wish that she would love Mayu the same way that she have for her. 

“Me…liking Mayu? I-I…I don’t know. I do care of her as my friend but…”

“…I see. I’m sorry to ask like that?”


“Are you two ready yet?”

Jurina comes knocking on the door at such a perfect timing. Yukirin hurries to open the door for her and tells her that they’re about to go down in few minutes after she’s done fixing with my hair. Yukirin curls up my hair and moves it onto left side of my shoulder. It is a simple yet classic hairstyle…she lends me her earrings, heels, and dress before we leave. I don’t bring up the topic about Mayu for the whole ride, part of it I don’t want to talk about it when Jurina is around since she is Yukirin’s ex-girlfriend. Another part is that I don’t want to confront the truth that Yukirin might only see Mayu as a friend, and anymore than that. She may probably still love Jurina after they broke up, maybe she still have some lingering feelings. But to think about it now wouldn’t help anything; I stare out from the window and have this heavy feeling inside my chest. It’s a weird feeling as if I felt like something bad is about to come up. I don’t have a good feeling about this party that Sae-san would invite us over…


Sae was already in his formal suit welcoming the guests that entered the hall at the top floor of the hotel. His family rented it for tonight’s special event…for his engagement party. Obviously it was one of the biggest successes of Miyazawa’s family to be engaged to the glorious Watanabe group whom had one of the groups that had the biggest influence in Japan. His relatives and family members came over to congratulate him. However, it seemed they constantly kept asking about his fiancé, Watanabe Mayu. Obviously they only knew her name since she was the only daughter of Watanabe Ichiro…but they never had the chance to see the actual person at all. She never makes a public appearance to any sort of meetings or conferences at all. Therefore, no one ever knows how she looked like.

“Where’s your fiancé?”

“Well…she’s yet to arrive. I think.”

“I wondered how she look like. I wondered whether she’s glorious like her mother or not.”

“…I guess she is.”

Sae only could remember Mayu as in her doctor outfit and casual attire. She looked just like any ordinary girl, but when she was in her kimono at home she was utterly gallant beyond any woman he ever met in his life. He was yet to see her in a formal dress in such an event like this. It made Sae wondered how it would turn out to be and it seemed he made his cousins got curious about his answers.

“You never saw her before? I thought you did.”

“Well I did but…there’s some complications that I don’t wish to talk here.”

“Oh well that’s alright, isn’t this her event as well? I wondered what’s keeping her away from here.”

“Pardon for my tardiness tonight.”

The strong feminine voice came from behind Sae’s cousins and when he looked up, he was shocked to see those calm eyes and that woman in her short gold dress. She had that transparent silk scarf and her curled wavy hair rested on her shoulders. That aura emitting from her grabbed everyone’s full attention and Sae couldn’t believe the woman he was seeing was actually his own fiancé, Watanabe Mayu. It was as if the Mayu at hospital and presently right here now is a different person. She walked passed his cousins and went to his side while the sound of her heels hit the floor each time she took a step. Their eyes followed Mayu at all times and it was like they completely fell for her bewitching beauty.

“The traffic had caught me late and pardon my late arrival, Sae.”

“That’s okay, I’ll take care of the things here…and this is my fellow cousins.”

Sae introduced the yakuza’s daughter to his cousins and she only smiled softly with those strong eyes filled with pride and honor. She bowed her head down a little ly before she spoke to them so formally that they tensed up under her presence. Even Sae could feel the heavy air when Mayu stepped in. Her aura was completely different from any ordinary person, it was as expected from the only daughter of the leader of all Yakuza groups in Japan.

“Thank you for attending tonight, I’m Watanabe Mayu, please make yourself comfortable.”

“T-Thank you Mayu-sama.”

“I do need to go see my parents, they are coming soon.”

“A-Ah, I see.”

“Is it alright if you take care of the things here?”

Mayu turned to her fiancé and he nodded softly. It wasn’t like he could deny his duty to serve all the guests that arrived. The young lady walked away and she left a stunning impression on Sae’s cousins. He could see that they fell for Mayu’s gallant beauty and it would also likely to be beyond their expectations.

“S-So that’s Watanabe Mayu-sama? Damn…she really does give the same vibe as from Kikuyo-sama.”

“I guess that’s what you expected from a daughter of the leader of Japan’s Yakuza association.”

They whispered to each other gossiping about Sae’s fiancé, while the man stared back at Mayu from behind with those calm eyes. It seemed the young doctor never failed to surprise her in any kind of way at all…this was the first time he saw Mayu with the make-up on and he couldn’t believe how gorgeous she had became…little by little, he felt like he’s getting closer to understand the real ‘Watanabe Mayu’. After that he had been taking care of the guests that arrived at the party and the guests that he was waiting finally arrived. It was Jurina’s group that came in with their invitation cards in their hands at the entrance while the guards checking on them. He quickly went to them and told the guard that they were his personal guests and allowed them to come in without any further ado.

“I’m glad you all came, please make yourself comfortable here. All the food and drinks are prepared over there.”

“Thank you.”

Jurina was in her black formal suit as expected, she wasn’t a big fan of wearing girly dresses like Yuki. As for nurse was in her deep blue short dress and she looked very beautiful tonight, but it didn’t make Sae felt anything at all. It was like his mind was completely blown away after he witnessed Mayu’s appearance tonight already, he couldn’t believe that she would be his fiancé. Then lastly his eyes landed over to another younger girl beside Jurina, she seemed to be shy…and she was the young girl he once met at the amusement park. She’s in a cute light pink short dress. At least he remembered who her name was and he sighed with relief. Right now, all the pieces have gathered and it was the only matter of time that he planned for Jurina and her friends to meet with Mayu in this party. He couldn’t predict what would happen tonight at all…however, it would truly be a chaos and a mess.


Mayu was sitting in Watanabe’s private waiting room waiting for her parents to arrive, as she preferred than welcoming the guests at the event. She sat silently alone in the room with the maid served her a cup of tea and sweets. She didn’t say anything to her and just waited for her parents to arrive…and it wasn’t that long that she heard the door opened and saw the two adults entering with the guards right close by to them. Her father was wearing a gallant black suit instead of his usual plain attire back at home…as well as her mother wearing a black long dress but still had that same usual hairstyle. Kikuyo still had that hair bun behind her head and never ever let her hair down, not even once in Mayu’s life time.

“Have we made you wait for long, Mayu?”

“Not at all, father.”

The young daughter only replied calmly and then her mother went in and sat down on the couch opposite to Mayu. If it weren’t because of the engagement party her mother would’ve come in her usual kimono. As they sat down, Ichiro could tell from Mayu’s expression that she wasn’t happy with any second that she was here in this event…obviously she was forced to marry someone she didn’t want to. 

“Mayu, its about time, let us go to the engagement celebration.”

Her mother, Kikuyo, spoke up and then Mayu just simply nodded in silence. The whole Yakuza family walked out from the waiting room towards the event hall that was organized by Miyazawa group. While the whole family was walking down the grand hallway, they got their top elite bodyguards of Watanabe group securing all directions. The moment they entered the hall, many eyes turned to them as they felt the heavy presence that was seeping out from their bodies. Its not just the father and the mother…especially Mayu whom inherited both her parents’ gallantness. Both adult men and women in the room couldn’t let their eyes away from both Kikuyo and Mayu. It wasn’t just their aura but their beauty instantly hooked everyone’s attention. That was when Sae walked up to them and bowed his head down with respect to their biggest guest of all in this event, the Watanabe group. 

“I’m glad to welcome you two, Mr. and Mrs. Watanabe.”

“It looks quite neat here, thanks for inviting us Sae-kun.”

Ichiro was very gentle and nice to the young man, and that’s his actual personality. He’s a laidback, friendly, and kind. It was quite a contradiction that he’s engaged to a demon lady like Kikuyo who’s heartless and as cold as absolute zero. Mayu believed she could put a poker cold face through out the whole night but then she didn’t expect a nightmare to come so soon. This was something that she wouldn’t ever expect to happen. How could she expect that for her friends to be attending such a high-class private event that’s exclusively to Watanabe and Miyazawa group? The moment she heard a familiar voice called her name from afar…her eyes grew wide with shock and slowly looked up towards the origin of the voice.


She recognized her voice and its not that difficult for Mayu to figure out who this lady in short pink dress is…she’s Matsui Rena. That moment of shock, it made Mayu felt a cold rush down her spine. She had a feeling that it wouldn’t be just Rena here, both of her friends would be here too. That young naïve girl caught Kikuyo’s attention and then she stared back at that young Rena.

“Who is she? Someone you know?”

“…Probably. I don’t know her.”

Mayu lied back to her mother that she didn’t know who’s Rena. She didn’t want this young naïve girl to be involved with her family’s business, but then it was too late to do anything when the other two quests of the party arrived to join with Rena. Their eyes met with Mayu’s and grew widely with shock. It was truly a nightmare for young Watanabe. Her eyes met with this raven-haired lady in deep blue dress…and that moment her heart sank down to the bottomless pit. As for the young man, Sae could see his fiancé was stunned with shock and fear, and that was when he realized that the true highlight of this engagement party had began.

“…Mayu? W-Wait is that really you??”

Yuki had spoken up and Mayu had bit her lips to prevent any more fear and frustration escaping from her face. She took a soft deep breath before she glared back at her friends as if they were strangers to her. It gave a chill down their spine the moment the Watanabe intimidated them and she’s completely a different Mayu that they knew. The young Watanabe diverted her eyes to Sae, as she knew immediately who was behind calling her three closest friends to this event. However, before anyone could say anything, Ichiro spoke up as he realized that his little daughter was tensing up.

“They’re your friends aren’t they? Why don’t you greet them for the time being? Your mother and I have some few things to talk to Miyazawa group before the start of the event.”

“…Very well then father.”

He gave her a pat on the shoulder before he took care of Kikuyo instead and went with Sae to have their little private discussion before the highlight of the engagement party today. They only left the girls to talk to each other, but Mayu wished that she went with her family so that she could be away from all of them. The last person that Mayu would want to meet right now would be Yuki. All the three of them stared at the young helpless Watanabe and thought that this situation was just a coincidence.

“Where have you been? We’re so worried about you during the past week! And wow…its such a rare sight seeing you in a pretty dress like this.”

In that midst of silent treatment from Mayu…Yuki was the one to approach her while extending her hand out to her, but then the cold Watanabe smacked it away. It even made Jurina and Rena flinched by that cruel treatment from their doctor friend. It was as if there’s nothing left between them and left them in a midst of confusion. 

“E-Eh?? M-Mayu…?”

“…All because of that man…he’s getting on my nerves.”

“Mayu?? Hey, what’s wrong—”

“Leave. I’m don’t have such interest to interact with you people.”

Mayu stepped back and glared at the two of them. The usual playful gentle eyes were gone…only but the cold heartless glare was left and none of them could understand what was going on at all. However, they realized that something was wrong…with the situation and with Mayu. It seemed Sae had planned everything for this to happen, for the three of them to meet with the disappearing Dr. Watanabe. However, Yuki didn’t just feel the annoyance and anger from Mayu’s eyes like how both Jurina and Rena could’ve felt from it. She felt a tinge of sadness from those eyes and it felt as if a knife stabbed through her heart. Seeing Mayu having these painful eyes was just killing her painfully…and she didn’t know what’s the cause for it. She felt completely helpless to her. Without further ado, Mayu left immediately without saying anything further to her fellow friends but that wouldn’t stop Yuki from following her.

“M-Mayu! Wait!”

Rena and Jurina were both confused with what was going on, but before the younger Matsui could take off as well the doctor stopped her. She grabbed onto Rena’s arm gently to yank her back before she could run off after Yuki. The moment she turned around to her, Jurina just shook her head. 

“Maybe…let it be just the two of them while we just wait here for Yukirin.”

“…I’m worried about Mayu. She looks… Uh, I don’t know how to explain.”

“I know what you mean. It’s not just her appearance but actions as well that’s so different…as if she’s a completely different person. But I know it’s her. She’s definitely Mayu that we all know…but at the same time, she’s not.”

Rena sighed softly while watching Yuki disappeared after Mayu. The young Matsui felt the older one put her hand onto her shoulder and pulled her in closer. She looked up to Jurina and realized that she was trying to comfort Rena indirectly. If she could say she would want to tell her that the only thing they could do right now was to wait for Yuki to come back, and to trust both of their friends regarding this unknown matter.


“W-Wait! Mayu!? Oi Mayu!! Can’t you just stop!?”


Mayu finally stopped but she didn’t turn back to look at Kashiwagi at all…she only gave her a silent glare. That moment, Yuki stopped and just stared back at her doctor friend without saying a word. She could feel so much frustration and anger inside those eyes. She knew something was definitely wrong with Dr. Watanabe. Despite she had countless questions roaming inside her head she couldn’t utter even a single word from her lips.


“I don’t want to talk to you. As a matter of fact, I don’t have any intention to see you and Jurina ever again.”

 “Huh?? W-What—”

“Get out from my sight now…before I’ll have to ask the guards to take you away.”


The Watanabe lady just glared back and Yuki’s instinct was to freeze at that instance. She didn’t know why her body was responding like that. Even she wanted to approach closer to her, but she couldn’t possibly confront against Mayu’s overwhelming aura. If felt as if her aura constantly pushed Yuki away and she couldn’t overcome this fear accumulating inside ever cell of her body. 

“You see the guards at the side? The moment I gave them a signal, they will seize over you immediately and treat you as a threat to me and this event.”


“For the best, this is your last chance. Leave now, Kashiwagi-san.”

That moment of silence between the two was just so cold and painful. Kashiwagi just looked back into her friend’s eyes and no words were uttered. She slowly tightened up her fist as she could feel how much Mayu was pushing her away heartlessly. Such a moment that the old memories she shared with doctor Watanabe started to replay inside her heart…


“Alright. I give up.” Mayu shrugged her shoulders and made Yuki confused. “Well…is ‘Yukirin’ okay?”

“…Eh?” Yuki gawked with complete confusion. She’s totally dumbfounded with what Mayu said.

“Your name. You don’t like kirin, so I’m asking if it’s fine to call you Yukirin.”


Back then; Dr. Watanabe was acting slightly shy with what she said. Despite she’s such a big bully towards Yuki, she actually cared for her. If not, she wouldn’t be concern of how she felt. She remembered how gentle Mayu’s voice was. Despite with all the tease and bully, Mayu’s smile is completely priceless to her.


However, right now, only but cold eyes were given to her. Such haughty and intimidating glare from Mayu was something she hated so much. She didn’t know why but it hurt Yuki’s heart to see that look on doctor Watanabe’s face.


“Don’t fail.”

“Oh~ who do you think am I?”

Mayu smirked and threw the first ball. She literally destroyed the entire can tower instantly. Others that saw and the shopkeeper were surprised with such a throw and she didn’t have to use the other two balls to help at all. Watanabe won the 1st prize at that instant but she allowed her friend to pick the prize instead.

“Pick what you want. There’s nothing I’m particular interested.”

“Wow really? Then…can I have that sheep?”

The shopkeeper got the cute round sheep plush for both of them. Yuki seemed to be very happy and she hugged the soft sheep in her arms. Mayu didn’t know that the nurse was a fan of sheep at all. She needed to ask in order to answer her curiosity.

“You like sheep? I didn’t know that.”

“Hehe, it looks like you.”


Another unexpected thing coming out from Kashiwagi once again, and Mayu gave her a dumbfounded glare. She couldn’t understand her relationship with a sheep that would make Yuki said that she’s like a sheep.

“W-What? I look like a sheep?? How?”

“I’m not telling~”



She remembered that they would argue over little things like this but its one of the happiest moment she shared with Mayu. It’s their daily routine to pick on each other whenever they could. Such a rash and rough way to talk yet hides so much kindness. Despite all the stupid arguments and debates they always have, she could never forget those days at the slightest…and to see Mayu right now literally killed her heart. That cold heartless voice pierced her heart.

“…Leave now, or I’ll make you.”



Yuki chuckled with a lively smile. “I’m happy that you felt better~ If there’s anything I could do for you…you must tell me okay?”

“A must?” Mayu giggled softly with surprise on how Yuki was being demanding on her. The nurse nodded back and made her sighed softly on top of that smile. “I guess I don’t have a choice huh…”

“Yup, you don’t. I said so.” Yuki declared and confirmed her previous statement.

“I see…”

 Mayu felt glad that Yuki cared for her, even though she only saw her as a friend. The unintentional smile that came out from her heart after she received a warm care from the nurse. Before she forgot, she pulled out a purse from her pocket, and it was actually Yuki’s purse.

“T-That’s my purse! You found it!?”

“Right after you called me over to go to drink with you, I tried to give to you but you kept interrupt me…”

Yuki took the purse back and sighed with relief while Mayu stared at her with those loving eyes before she uttered a word that she kept repeating inside her heart.

“Also, thank you for your help…Yuki.”


That smile and gentleness in her voice were truly from Mayu’s heart. That way she called her name so gently and tenderly just made her heart skip a beat. She could feel it that’s the real Watanabe Mayu that she was talking to. She wondered where it had disappeared since only but sadness and anger was in her eyes. Maybe only Yuki was the one that could feel that sadness through her heartless glare. All those moments she spent with Mayu sounded like a lie after she’s seeing her like this.

“Also…its not Mayu for you anymore. It is Watanabe-san. You would have my gratitude for that, Kashiwagi-san.”


Before she could’ve said anything else, Mayu had took off and left without looking back at Yuki. Despite the nurse wanted to catch up after the doctor, but maybe this wasn’t the right time to do so. She felt that Mayu had to calm down a little more before she could talk to her again. Yuki simply watched her walk away and disappeared from her sight without moving from her spot and uttered a single word at all. The silence coming from both of them told the whole story to Yuki, and that’s why she realized that silence was the only thing she could do.


“…So that’s the plan for tonight’s event. We did not make any changes from the latest schedule we’ve showed you sir.”
Miyazawa Sae had explained the schedule of this event to Mayu’s parents while they were in a special guest room that the Miyazawa group prepared for them. Grand drinks and soft snacks were prepared for them on the table as it was personally prepared by one of the finest chefs of the hotel. As they were done with their discussion, the 2nd star of this event had entered the room without saying a single word. Only but cold silence was her treatment to everyone. Her father just went straight and greeted her despite of her cold actions towards everyone around her.

“Welcome back Mayu, had you finish greeting your friends?”

“They are not my friends, just someone I used to know.”

“…Very well then. We just finished discussing the schedule for this party. Both Kikuyo and I will be greeting some few friends of ours in the party while you two spend some time together, is that good?”

“As you wish, father.”

Mayu didn’t speak her thoughts or anything. Just simply obey what her father said. She believed that there’s no point for her to speak her own thoughts. If she could, she would do so at the first place and wouldn’t be running away from her destiny like this. Both of her parents left the room and it was only Sae and Mayu left with some guards in the room. However, the man could tell why Mayu came here and what she wanted to talk so he asked all his guards to leave the room so he could have a private talk with his fiancé.

“…So now it’s just us. I believe you have some things you wish to talk. Take a seat, Mayu.”

“Why did you bring them here?”

“I believe…its going to be some long talk, please do sit down first.”

She sat down but then the anger in her eyes was still burning. Mayu glared at him with anger. It was obvious why she would be angry because he dragged her friends, and especially Yuki into this hideous mess. If she could just disappear with them unable to meet or contact her, then things would’ve end much smoother. It would be easy for Mayu to sabotage her relations with them permanently without having to meet them again, but with Sae inviting them to their engagement party, it made things much worse for Mayu.

“You sure want to get on my nerves…do you?”

“I didn’t have that intention to do so, Mayu. I could see…you’re rather annoyed and angry.”


“I see. You really didn’t want to see them, don’t you?”

“Just to prove your little curiosity? Are you happy with it now? You got your answer.”

Mayu was being bluntly rude towards him and did not show any mercy. She didn’t see a reason to be so since this man had gave her more problems in life. The worse thing she never would’ve wish for it to happen was for Yuki to be involved with her family’s business and duty as the succeeding leader. She got up from her seat and headed to the exiting door, but she threw a murderous glare towards Sae. He felt a chill down his spine and he remembered the fear that overtaken his mind in that instant. He could tell that he really did step on Mayu’s landmine.

“Don’t get in my way. Just because you’re my fiancé will not stop me from giving you some few fractures.”

“…Someone is getting physically violent.”

“You’ve broken the promise you made that will keep this a secret from them. Such a filthy act is unforgivable…but I will let it slip once. If there is next time, then I would have to clean my hands with your blood to satisfy my anger.”

She left the room with a cold heartless glare. Despite his fiancé left him alone in the room, he could still feel his heart racing like crazy. His body was pumping adrenaline constantly and his first instinct was to run away from Watanabe Mayu. He did have a feeling that he would make his fiancé this furious for bringing her friends to the party, but at least it made him realize something way more than what he expected. It was worth trading off with making Mayu pissed, but he had to admit that he was actually scared of her. That glare burned deep down into his mind and even when he closed his eyes he could still feel it staring at him murderously. 

“…She’s bloody scary, what a fiancé I got.”


Both Rena and Jurina waited patiently for Yuki to return. They wished to hear what happen with Mayu and hoped that the doctor would talk to the nurse. While both Matsui ladies were standing at the side having some few soft drinks, Rena spotted Yuki coming from a mile away with anticipation.


She saw the raven-haired lady approached them and she quickly rushed up to her without further waiting. Jurina eventually caught up with her in order to listen to what happen between Yuki and Mayu, but judging on the nurse’s face it seemed things didn’t go well at all. The young Matsui innocently asked Yuki about what happened.

“Yukirin…what’s wrong with Mayu?”

“I-I don’t know. It’s just…I don’t know how to say it.”

Jurina didn’t ask anything further but just sighed. She knew how uneasy and uncomfortable Yuki was and so she approached her to pat her on the head. It made her looked to her, and just made a short eye contact with one another.

“It’s okay. I believe she has her reasons.”


Yuki still didn’t say a word, and at this point Jurina wasn't so sure what was running inside her head at the moment. Before they could continue their conversation any further, the MC of the party spoke into the microphone to have every guest’s attention. It seemed the highlight of the event was about to begin as people started to take their seats while the three of them did at one of the far tables that Sae arranged for them. He wouldn’t want them to be surrounded by Watanabe and Miyazawa groups so its best to give them the furthest table.

[We’re grateful you’ve attend this engagement party to establish the bonds between two families. So I would like to welcome Miyazawa Sae to come speak up front to everyone.]

Jurina watched Sae came up on the stage and gave his thanks to the guests that attended his engagement party tonight. However, she could see that Yuki was not listening at all. She seemed to be off after she came back from talking to Mayu. It really did bother Yuki so much that she’s completely ignoring her surroundings. The Matsui doctor wished that she could do something for Yuki, but then she wasn’t so sure what to do. She couldn’t remember the last time that the nurse was this upset and quiet. The last time it did happen probably was when her mother, Saeko, passed away. 

[…And now, we’ll ask Sae-sama’s fiancé up to give a speech. Please welcome the heir of Watanabe group, Watanabe Mayu.]

That moment, Yuki turned her head towards the stage after heard Mayu’s name being mentioned. It’s not only the nurse, but also Jurina and Rena were both in shock as well. They couldn’t believe what they heard and just simply watched this familiar face getting onto the stage. That height, that face, and those eyes, its Watanabe Mayu that they all knew. Jurina quickly turned to Yuki and saw frustration and shock on her face. Kashiwagi didn’t let her eyes away from doctor Watanabe even for just a blink of a second. They watched Mayu slowly took the microphone from the MC as she went to stand by her fiance’s side before she greeted the guests.

[…Thank you for everyone giving his or her time to come over for this event. You have my gratitude and thank you to Miyazawa group for hosting a party as well. Please do give…my fiancé a round of applause.]

A tinge of smile filled with gallantness and sophistication appeared across her face and it was as if she was a complete different person that Yuki and others confronted. Just a minute ago her eyes were filled with anger, and hatred, but now it was so calm like a surface of a still water and stood strongly with honor and dignity. If they didn’t know Mayu was angry, then they would be deceived by that smile that she was actually satisfied or happy with this engagement party. For certain, Yuki was not bought by that calm smile on Mayu at the slightest. After that Sae had ended the announcement for official engagement and that was when he knelt down to show his fiancé a diamond ring that he wished to propose Mayu. People gave their applause and Mayu pretended to be slightly surprise for receiving a ring, but in reality she was not at all. She knew that Sae would pull this impressive act out since she was notified before it happen. It was all to buy the guests’ heart that these two are engaged with acceptance from both sides. Everyone stood up except Mayu’s friends to give the two couples a round of applause to congratulate them. However, Yuki just sat there in shock and stared at the doctor that was on the stage with her ex-fiance. Such emotional storm raging inside her heart and not even words could express her suppressed feelings…


After that Mayu went around with her family to greet the guests and listening to countless congratulations for her engagement. Miyazawa man found the time to break away to meet with Jurina’s group that was standing way at the corner of the hall. They did isolate themselves away from others, but it was understandable since they knew no one in this hall. Everyone in here came from high-class society and furthermore they were a part of Miyazawa and Watanabe’s group.  The moment he approach, he got both Rena and Jurina’s attention…but not Yuki’s. She didn’t move and still looked down onto the floor in silence.

“I guess this answers you three about Mayu…as she is my current fiancé.”


“All about family’s businesses. I didn’t expect this either…both her and I.”

“So that’s where she disappeared? But…why out of blue?”

Sae remained in silence while Rena threw in a question. He sighed softly before he turned to look at Mayu’s family that were talking to the guest before he continued talking to the three of them. He promised that he would not tell them about Mayu’s origin. Eventhough he wished to spill the beans, he couldn’t do so. However, such promises could be bent around as long as he could fufill Mayu’s biggest wish to break her relationship with all her friends.

“I guess if by telling you three…I could at least fulfill my fiancé’s biggest wish.”


“She wants you all to disappear from her life. She wants to sabotage the friendship with all of you. So after you saw this I want to ask you…will you do that for her?”

The three of them were in shock and this time it grabbed Yuki’s attention. She looked up and saw that calm vague smile across his face. He said as if it was nothing and it was such a simple request he’s making. Obviously, Jurina didn’t plan to stay still and let Sae speak like this to them. She approached closer to him and glared back.

“What the heck do you mean?? No way that Mayu would—”

“Can’t you tell how she treated you already? I’m pretty sure she darts her deadly murderous glare at you three…right?”


They didn’t refuse it since they could remember that glare of hatred that were staring at them and it felt as if a knife pierced deep into their heart. The man could already tell from their reaction that Mayu did make a solid declaration to sabotage her relationship with all of them. He sighed softly before he diverted his eyes to Yuki before he took some few steps to approach her. Jurina glared at him harder thinking that he would try to harm Yuki’s current mental stability, but then he only just stared back at her before diverted his eyes back to the helpless nurse.

“It seems you knew her for a long while?”

“We knew each other back when we’re still studying medicine together.”

Jurina answered instead and then it made Sae looked at her as if he was looking down upon her. He turned back to Yuki and seemed to show some sympathy towards Jurina and Yuki that they’re not even close to know the real Watanabe Mayu at all. It was such a big pity, and pathetic.

“It’s quite pathetic you knew her for so long, yet you guys don’t know anything about her at all.”


Doctor Matsui was pissed as the man stepped on her landmine. She approached him with anger, but then Rena grabbed onto her arm to stop her from doing anything reckless. Despite she was able to stop herself from trying to threaten him, she couldn’t stop glaring at him at all. She wasn’t just angry for herself, but for Yuki’s sake as well. The young nurse was deeply affected with what was happening today already, and now she needed to go through insults from Sae.

“But I can’t really say that, since my fiancé is just so good with hiding things. I’m pretty sure she has like a whole mountain hiding from me behind her back.”

“…So you’re here just to say this? To insult us?”

“Huh… I wonder why would Mayu want to protect you guys so much.”

“Huh? What did you say?”

Sae was speaking under his breath and the three ladies weren’t able to catch what he said. He was just venting out his own thoughts and didn’t see a reason to reply to what Jurina asked. He just gave a shrug and then decided to leave. He felt that it was rather pointless to be here and told the truth to the three of them. He wasn’t so sure they deserve to know or not.

“I guess I have to agree with Mayu sabotaging her relationship with you guys. It’s utterly pointless to continue on…you guys are too weak to do anything for her.”


“You knew… W-What’s wrong with Mayu?”

Before Jurina could finish her sentence, this raven-haired lady in deep blue dress interrupted her. Finally, Yuki spoke a word after she had confronted with Mayu about an hour ago. She slowly looked up to Sae and it seemed as if she wanted to cry but did her best to hold her tears back. However, the man could see utmost genuine sincerity from her eyes and made him stunned for a second.

“…I want to know…what the hell is wrong with Mayu? She’s never like this…this is not the real Mayu.”


“Please Sae-kun, I want to know—no…I NEED to know what’s going on.”

He sighed and ruffled his head before he continued his final hint for them. He wouldn’t want to spend too much time with the three ladies before Mayu would want to rip his head off in the middle of this engagement party.

“I don’t know whether you guys are stupid or what…”

“When are you going to stop insulting us!?”

Jurina was mad but at least Rena was there to calm her down. At least Yuki didn’t care that he was insulting her or not, if she could get a hint from him regarding Mayu then she’s willingly to go through everything that he planned to throw at her.

Watanabe Group is utterly famous, the whole country knows that name pretty well. Despite it's a common name, it’s just so easy to learn the history of that family. At least do have some common knowledge regarding your homeland.”

Sae gave his last hint before he walked away to join with his parents and Watanabe’s group. That left the three of them in silence and confusion. Obviously none of them understood what Sae was attempting to tell them at that point, but his way was so rude and rashly. Jurina swore she would never get along well with him, but Rena felt that he wasn’t such a bad person though. If he were truly bad, then he wouldn’t be giving them a last hint. While both of them were having their little discussion about Sae’s last clue, Jurina looked around and saw Mayu standing with her family greeting the guests. However, that was when she recognized this pin crest clipped on the chest part of the dress. Those two adults beside Mayu also had that golden three-spirit crest on them too. Somehow, Jurina felt that she saw that symbol somewhere and had to point it out to Yuki.

“Have you ever…seen that crest before? I felt rather so familiar.”

“What crest?”

“It’s on Mayu’s and her parents’ chest. Did you see?”

Yuki paid slightly more attention and actually did recognize that crest. However, that moment her eyes grew wide with shock as if she knew what it meant. Jurina could tell that Yuki knew it, but she wasn’t saying a single word. The nurse only stared at that crest on Mayu and just shook her head slowly with denial. It was as if she couldn’t accept the truth about that crest on Mayu. It’s not just Jurina but Rena as well that could see how pale Yuki was.

“What’s a matter Yukirin? You looked so pale…”

“N-Nothing…no…it can’t be…h-how the hell did I not—!”


Jurina stepped in and rested her hand on Yuki’s shoulder to get her attention. However, that wasn’t enough to bring the nurse’s attention back to reality. She was still in a moment of shock and just kept shaking her head with denial. That moment, Yuki slowly brushed Jurina’s hand away and took a deep breath before replying back to her friends.

“S-Sorry, I need some time alone. Give me a minute.”

“Do you want to leave? We can right now, it’s not as if we have to do anything here…we did get what we want from here.”


“Jurina, let’s go home…”

Rena spoke up instead of Yuki since the nurse chose to remain in silence. The doctor made an eye contact with her sister and then nodded before escorting Yuki out from this nightmare. As the three ladies approached the exit, Sae watched them closely and that was when Jurina turned to make a short eye contact to him. However, it was just a short one before Jurina turned back to focus on Yuki who seemed to be heavily affected about today. As for Mayu, she completely ignored her friend’s whereabouts, or it’s rather officially to say they’re her ex-friends. It took about few hours for the engagement party to end, but for Mayu it was forever.


As most of the guests started to leave, it allowed the Watanabe lady to take a rest from keeping up with her smile. The moment she felt that she could take a break, it was when Sae came up to her side to talk to her. She thought that she would have a minute of peace and get to relax, but it didn’t seem she could do that yet.

“If I didn’t know you’re mad, I would be deceived by that mask of yours.”

“…What do you want?”

“I’ll say it as a manner, thanks for going along with this party despite you hate it. You have my gratitude, Mayu.”

“A job is a job…like I do have an option.”

“Heh, you’re right. So am I.”

Sae sneered with sarcasm. He actually agreed with what his fiancé said since he was in the same shoes as her. He didn’t have a choice but to put a smile in front of everyone despite he wanted to or not. However, he’s just so used to keeping up the mask to impress people that it became a habit. He chuckled softly with how pathetic their life was and just gave Mayu a shoulder shrug.

“I offer you to escort you and your family back home.”

“…We got our own private servants, we rather trust our own than others.”

“Very well then. As you wish, my fiancé.”

He just had that sarcastic smile across his face before he went to finish other businesses to give his thanks to the guests before they leave. As for Mayu, she was annoyed with how Sae kept stating that she’s his fiancé. Despite she knew deeply well, but she couldn’t help but to be annoyed about it. Then it was about time that the Watanabe group decided to return back home in their private luxurious Mercedez-Benz. The young doctor just looked out from the window at the back seat while she was sitting beside her mother. She just stared at the lights that were brightening up the whole city in the dark and tried to enjoy its beauty. She attempted to forget about her friends, but then the image of Yuki’s painful expression while she looked back at Mayu. She couldn’t get rid of that image and it was torturing her very heart and soul.  She tightened up her fist and bit her lips with anger towards herself. Mayu really did treat Yuki horribly and coldly today…and it was just too much for her. She loved her wholeheartedly and for her to give Yuki such a sorroful look like this it felt as if a knife stabbed through her heart. It’s such an act that she couldn’t possibly forgive herself and she didn’t have the guts and courage to face Yuki anymore. Maybe, that’s the best for both of them in order to protect Yuki from her family’s threat and power.

(Mayu: Yuki…I’m so sorry…I’m really sorry.)


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>> Full Ver. ( <<



Ever since they came back home from that engagement party, Yuki haven’t left the house at all. Jurina let her father know what happened and he was okay with his daughter having a break from work. Everyday right after Jurina’s working hour was over, she would come back home with worries about Yuki. She went straight to her room to see the maid that just came to bring down today’s lunch tray. At least the nurse was eating something, but she didn’t seem to have such an appetite at all. Jurina sighed before she went to knock on her door.

“Yukirin…may I come in?”


The door wasn’t locked and so she entered without further saying. She saw Yuki sitting on her bed with the laptop on her lap. It seemed she had been doing research for the whole time and seemed to be having that upset look on her face too. It was that face of denial that never faded away ever since that night at Sae’s engagement party. Jurina wished that Yuki would open up and talk to her about this matter, despite they’re not together anymore she would still worry about her as if she was her sister. As she approached her she realized there were tons of papers on the bed, table and floor around Yuki.

“Yukirin…what are you doing??”

“…No matter how much I searched in the past few days, the results turned out to be the same…for every single one of them.”


Jurina picked up the paper and realized that golden three-spirit crest. It was big news back in IT article about a couple of years ago. They’re having a flourishing business with Miyazawa group to bring new technology era to Japan, with supports from their partnership with Watanabe group. It seemed their partnership was formed way before Sae’s engagement. Then Jurina recognized the two adults in the photo…they were both Mayu’s parents that they saw at the party on that night. They didn’t change as much so Jurina immediately recognized them.

“Watanabe group? Wait…they’re really that famous?”

“…It’s more than just famous. It’s just as Sae said…it’s just as he said…”


“Mayu, she’s…”

“Talk to me, what’s about Mayu??”

“…Watanabe group is one of the biggest and most powerful group below the Imperial House of Japan…they’re the leader of Yakuza Association of Japan.”


Jurina was not certain she heard Yuki correctly, but then the nurse passed her a paper she printed regarding the information about Watanabe group. They’re so famous that their profile is literally everywhere in the online media. That was when Yuki sighed and began to explain to Jurina that Mayu was from this powerful yet threatening Watanabe group who was the leader of all Yakuza groups in Japan. As their status and power, they’re just right below the Imperial House of Japan, so it wouldn’t be surprising that the family members of Watanabe group would be treated like a royalty. They possessed the power all Yakuza groups that are scattered across Japan and within their business aspects too. The current leader was Watanabe Ichiro whom they saw at the party and he is Mayu’s father. At first she prayed that Mayu was not his child but then she remembered that Mayu referred him as father. The truth was too hard to avoid. Therefore, it would make her the succeeding leader of Watanabe group after her father.  The sarcastic kind Mayu… is the succeeding leader of the Yakuza Association of Japan. They never realize that such a powerful person was always beside them the whole time and she was never display such a haughty character at all, as they would expect from such a class she came from. However, Mayu’s the exception. After Jurina listened to the whole thing, she was shocked to learn the truth and how much burdens would Mayu have to keep this a secret the whole time. It was never surprising that Watanabe never talked about her parents…she would always avoid the topic whenever someone mentioned it up. Then suddenly, Sae’s words he spoke at the party echoed inside her mind

“It’s quite pathetic you knew her for so long, yet you guys don’t know anything about her at all.”

What he said was right and Jurina hate to admit it. Mayu managed to hide this from them for over five years and never once they doubt about the status she came from. She finally sat down beside Yuki and watched her closing down her laptop before turning to her with those black shades under her eyes. The doctor could tell that Yuki barely slept as she did an intense research on Mayu to uncover the truth. She still shook her head with denial and couldn’t hold back her tears. There were no words spoken between them but Jurina understood Yuki’s silent pain. She was not hurt by the fact Mayu never told them the truth or that she’s came from a fearful Yakuza family. It was fact that Mayu had to carry so many burdens until now with without being able to receive any help from them. To be able to get away from her duty as well as having a professional full-time job wouldn’t be such an easy thing for her at all. For all these years she couldn’t do anything to help ease Mayu at all. All those gentle smiles and laughs that she had come along with the burdens she shouldered.

Mayu would always try to cheer up Yuki, when she’s the one that deserved the help more than anyone else. The more the nurse put her thoughts into it the more she cried. Mayu probably had tried to hint out to them but they never notice anything at all, and then now she probably gave up with them. She probably hated them already for being helpless to her. Jurina could only hug her and remain in silence. She’s sad and angry about how helpless she was to Mayu. For all these years, she couldn’t do anything to reduce the load on her shoulders at all. 

“…Just cry it all out Yukirin, I’ll be here.”

“I-I…why can’t I do anything for her…she must’ve hate me so much—”

“No, she never ever will hate you…I swear she isn’t.”


“Yukirin, she…. Mayu really cares a lot about you. So never ever she will hate you. If there’s someone to hate, it will be me.”

Jurina confirmed seriously to the nurse and caught her attention. However, she wasn’t so convinced with it yet. Yuki always blamed herself if her friend was suffering while she’s unable to do anything for her. The doctor knew how gentle she was, as well as realized how important Watanabe is important to her. She patted Yuki’s head and collected all the papers to pile it all on the table. Since the nurse already pressured herself enough already and she needed to have some good sleep to refresh her mind.

“C’mon Yukirin, have some sleep…and we’ll figure what we can do okay? There’s nothing we can do right now, and its best for us to not be brought down by this. We’re in this together, we’re her best friends, and so we’ll do this together.”

“Thank you…Jurina.”

“I’ll let Azuma-san know that your day off is still on—”

“It’s alright, I’ll go work tomorrow. I can’t just keep staying in my room like this…if Mayu is still here, she would scold me to get my ass out from my room.”


Jurina was relieved that Yuki had a smile at last before she tugged her in bed. She closed the lights and left the nurse’s bedroom. She recalled Yuki’s words and image inside her head and she couldn’t believe how devastated she had become right after that engagement party. She couldn’t remember when was the last time Yuki was this messed up. However, from this drama she realized something that the nurse might not even realize it yet. She sighed before she opened her eyes again with such determination. No one knew what she had in mind and Jurina returned back to her room with some plan or thoughts in her.   


It had been few days after since that engagement party night. Mayu sat at her usual spot adjacent to the window in her room while holding that giraffe keychain in her hand. She played with her fingers and just sighed out softly. She wasn’t wearing the diamond ring that Sae gave to her. The young Watanabe actually threw it onto the floor as soon as she got back into her room. It showed how much she hated this marriage. At least in her private moment time reminiscing about Yuki, she wanted to forget the reality that she’s engaged to Miyazawa. But then the knock on her door broke the peaceful silence in her room.


“It’s me Mayu-sama, I came here to pass some files…”

“…Come in Rabutan.”

Her servant friend slid the door and slowly came with that brown file in her hands. Before Mayu could’ve ask what it was, she had told her that it was the resignation papers that Kikuyo prepared for her. It seemed Mayu couldn’t underestimate her mother’s intelligence and power. She was able to corner Mayu in every kind of way ever since she came back to Watanabe household. Sometimes she felt that she was able to live outside due to her mother’s mercy, she was far from being strong enough to escape her destiny.

 “Just leave it there on the table, I’ll read it.”

“Yes ma’am…and Kikuyo-sama left a message for you.”

“Something about getting all the resignation stuffs done today right?”


Mayu sighed and just gave her a shoulder shrug. She slowly watched her friend Aika left the room, but then she just went to get a tray of sweets and hot tea for her. She obviously knew that these were Mayu’s favorites and so it could help brighten up her master’s day. That moment, the young Watanabe smiled softly and told her to leave it at the table. They exchanged a smile for a short moment and then Aika bowed to her before she left Mayu alone in her room to have some privacy.


She went to the table and had a sip of the brown rice green tea. It had a great scent and it’s her favorite tea at all times. Mayu smiled with comfort that she still have her servant friend that never left her side. However, it was time to confront with reality. She opened the brown file that her mother gave to her and it contained a resignation form that was officially signed by the Watanabe group. She skimmed through while having the sweets that Aika prepared for her. The hospital wouldn’t have a chance against the Yakuza group anyway and so Mayu ensured that she would no longer be employed by the end of today.

“…I guess it's about time I should go to the hospital to hand in these. Hope I wouldn’t encounter her…or else it would be a problem.”

Mayu got up and decided to change into her casual attire back at home. She wore similar clothing to her father, a plain white t-shirt and brown V-necked sleeveless sweater. Right after she wore her favorite black jeans, she grabbed the file and the table. However, she paused for a second before she turned to that sparkling object on the floor. It was the diamond ring that she threw away. She sighed before she picked it up…and put it onto her ring finger once again. The moment she stepped out from this room she would be engaged lady…but inside her room she would always remain loyal to one and only love in her heart. However, she wondered how long would she be running away from this reality.


Mayu drove her own car to the hospital to drop by her resignation paper. She actually called Kashiwagi Azuma to fax the documents instead but he insisted to meet with her directly. He isn’t just her boss but also was her teacher in university when she was a medical student. Most of the time she would always referred him as her teacher than her boss. He seemed he wanted to exchange some few words with a talented heart surgeon before he lost that chance. The moment she parked her car in the shaded employee’s parking lot before she grabbed her sunglasses. She didn’t want anyone to notice her and so she tied her hair up to give out a different appearance than her usual one in hospital. Without further ado she entered the hospital and headed up directly to the director’s office to meet with her boss. She did made an appointment with him and so his assistant helped guided Mayu to his office on the top floor.

“Kashiwagi-sensei is waiting for you Watanabe-sensei.”


She turned the doorknob and entered without any hesitation. Mayu met with her boss whom was waiting for her to arrive since she called him. She sat down on the seat opposite from him before she passed the brown file to him. He just looked at Mayu and sighed softly before he opened it up.

“Hmm, this is quite out of blue isn’t?”

“…I’m sorry Kashiwagi-sensei, but I do have some family complications.”

“I know what you mean. It must be hard for you isn’t?”

Mayu was surprise slightly as the moment she looked into her teacher’s eyes and was certain that he knew about Mayu’s origin. He seemed to know what was the reason she had to leave out of a sudden like this, and the young doctor couldn’t help but to ask him out of curiosity.

“Y-You…you knew about…my background?”

“I did some research on my employee to make sure that there’s no complications that could possibly happen. However, I’m surprised you manage to juggle these things…and still make everything work well.”

“…I’m sorry sensei.”

“That’s alright. It’s not something you and I could do anything.”

Mayu couldn’t reply anything back to him but then she could see that her teacher only smiled softly. He didn’t have to read the documents precisely since he realized no matter what he would need to let Mayu resigned from her job. Then suddenly, Mayu couldn’t help but to ask about one thing. Ever since the last time she met her…she had always been worried about Yuki’s whereabouts and health.

“Sensei…how’s…your daughter?”

“She had not come to work for a few days already after she went to Miyazawa-kun’s engagement party…your engagement party.”

“…News sure travels fast.”

“Our hospital do have connections with Miyazawa group and I was invited to the engagement party as well. The moment I saw your family’s name I knew that it would be you. Actually the hospital was in a middle of receiving research funds from Watanabe group to help researchers pursue further researches.”

Mayu wasn’t aware of that and it made her slightly surprise. She wondered whether her parents knew about it or not but she hated to think that what her parents were doing would be her future job instead. Her family’s connection kept spreading their powers kept increasing endlessly. She sighed and decided to leave after all the business was done.



 “If by chance a miracle happens, you’re more than welcome to come back to this place. The hospital will always welcome you back.”

“…Sensei, I guess its we could just wish for it but we both know it’s never going to happen.”

“Who knows, maybe it could happen.”

“…At least, I’m glad that I’m able to have a chat with you, Kashiwagi-sensei.”

“Same here as well, Watanabe-sensei.”

Mayu chuckled sarcastically as she felt weird that her professor was calling her a teacher as well. Despite she knew that he called out of formality that she’s a doctor, but she couldn’t erase the fact that he used to call her by her name because she was just a student.

“…Jeez sensei, it feels weird that you called me a sensei too.”

“Technically you are. A truly talented heart surgeon like you deserves an acknowledgement.”

“…I’m grateful, thank you for everything sensei…but I do have a last favor.”


“Please don’t mention anything about me to Yuki. I don’t want her to get involve with me due to my family’s status. I…want to protect her from my family’s influence, even in the future too.”

“…You have my word.”

Azuma understood what Mayu tried to convey to him and he nodded his head. If he were to be in Mayu’s position he would’ve done the same thing she did. She took her leave and Yuki’s father sighed softly before he started to read the details on the file. It was officially signed and stamped by the famous Watanabe group as he expected. However, he could see tinge of sadness in her eyes. It was obvious that she wouldn’t be smiling after all these things happened to her and he didn’t know what he could possibly do for her.


 “Ah Yukirin! Are you okay? I heard from Jurina-sensei that you’re sick.”

Her colleagues were worried about Yuki’s whereabouts and had to go ask Jurina about her. Obviously she lied in the nurse’s place so that they wouldn’t be worrying too much of where she was. However she acted as if nothing was wrong and stayed strong. She wouldn’t want to spend all her time dwelling and crying in her room…if Mayu were to be here with her she would’ve scold her to tough up. Her doctor friend didn't have a chance to complain a single thing about her life, and that gave Yuki the strength to keep moving on despite she still carried that confusion and devastation in her heart.

“I better get going to check on the patients. I’m sorry that I left without saying a word.”

“Don’t worry, as long as you’re healthy and good we’re all happy!”

Yuki grabbed the patient’s file before she took off with a smile. She was glad that she had colleagues that cared for her. After she had a good sleep she felt refreshed and started the day with a big smile across her face. It was as Jurina said that there’s nothing they could do at the moment and they’ll try to figure out what they could do. Despite Sae said Mayu wanted to sabotage their friendship, it wouldn’t stop her from trying to approach her again and hearing her best friend’s hidden feelings. She realized that she’s still far from being strong and always needed support every now and then. If she wanted to give her shoulder for Mayu to lean on, then she needed to stand on her ground and become stronger than this.

“Kashiwagi-san, prepare the meds for this patient will you?”

“Yes doctor!”

She worked with utmost passion and gave them gentle smiles to warm their heart. Yuki was known to be patient’s favorite nurse of all times because of her kindness and warmth. She was so motivated to work and didn't expect such a nightmare on such a bright day like this. After she was done checking up with her patient, she headed to the next room to check the next one on the list. As she rushed through the hallway she suddenly felt such familiar feelings from this person walking on another pathway to the elevator. She suddenly turned her head and watched that person’s back. Even she might’ve done a different hairstyle and wore those dark sunglasses to hide her eyes…but Yuki could recognize her instantly and her mind just went blank.


She rushed to that adult without further ado and with this racing heart that was about to burst through her chest. As she was running towards this individual, she saw how the adult woman was approaching the elevator. She called out for her name even though she didn’t have the chance to confirm that person’s identity yet. She went with her guts and she was right to trust it. She actually knew whom that person was…



The woman flinched and turned back…despite through those thick black sunglasses, Yuki felt that she was confronting with Mayu once again. It’s like a moment you met your soul mate…she knew that instant that it was Mayu without any question at all. She came back to the hospital and she couldn’t believe how delightful Yuki was. Her guts were right and it was definitely Mayu that she caught up with. Yuki panted hard after she did some heck of a sprint in heels towards her, however the ex-doctor didn’t have such a happy expression across her face at all.

“…What do you want, Kashiwagi-san.”

“Mayu…I need to talk to you, please.”

“There’s nothing left to talk—”

“There is!! Please!”

Kashiwagi approached her and grabbed Mayu’s wrist, but then she flicked it away without any mercy. She removed her sunglasses to show her angry eyes glaring back at the nurse. She believed that this would be the way to chase away the nurse like how she did last time, but Mayu was wrong. The trick wouldn’t work on Yuki twice.

“Mayu…are you coming back to work? Everyone misses you.”

“…I came to give in my resignation form already. I’m no longer a doctor.”

“W-What? What did you mean—”

“It’s none of your business.”

Mayu was about to leave again but then Yuki ran in between her and the elevator button so that the ex-doctor wouldn’t have the chance to run away from her. It caught her off guard and she retracted her hand back. It seemed Mayu didn’t want to have any kind of contact with the nurse at all…she stepped back and kept her hands close to her body with silence.

“Mayu, before you start go trashing me away…I want to tell you I’m really sorry that I can’t help anything at all…”


“I’m really sorry I’m helpless…that I’m pathetically weak…only thing I could do is relying on you the whole time when you’re the one that—”

“Is that all you want to say? Can I leave now?”

Mayu cut it short and made Yuki flinched slightly. The ex-doctor glared at her coldly and she was actually trembling by it. However, she tightened up her fist and stood on her ground. She felt that if she lost to this pressure she would never ever reach Mayu’s heart…and she would lose her forever. She bit her lips to give herself pain before she glared back at her Watanabe friend with her heart.

“…That’s not what you want, isn’t?”

“Quit with the blabbering alrea—”

“I know you for so long already! I know those smiles you have are not fakes!! You didn’t want this to happen either, right?”

“…How pathetic, you still believe that I see you as a friend.”

Mayu replied coldly and heartlessly back to her. Despite it could even shatter Yuki’s heart into thousands of pieces. The feeling of being backstabbed was painful beyond imagination. However…somehow, those words didn’t even manage to leave a wound on her fragile heart. Instead it gave Yuki more reasons to extend her hand to Mayu. As her experience as a nurse she had to deal with countless scolds and heartless insults from the patient, but it was because they’re wounded. It’s their instinct to bite everything that came close to them despite they’re his or her ally or not. Right now…Mayu was no different from a wounded animal that pushes everything away from her. The nurse felt so stupid she never realized that at all and deserved to be hated by Mayu at this point. She failed to understand her dearest friend for all these years, but it wouldn’t stop her from not leaving Mayu’s side. She didn’t want to make that mistake here.

“I’m sorry I’m so stupid and weak to realize this…I’m sorry, Mayu. I won’t leave you. I promise…I will never leave you alone even you try to shatter or destroy me.”


“Let me help you, even though I’m not as strong as Jurina or you. I’ll do whatever it takes to carry those burdens with you. Please!!”

“…Why are you giving so much importance to me, when I’m just a friend.”

“Because you’re more than just a friend to me. You’re…really important to me. Both you and Jurina are. I can’t afford to lose anyone of you.”


Mayu actually had that flash of a moment she’s delighted, but then it went down again when Yuki mentioned Jurina’s name along with hers. She’s just an important person to her just like her ex-girlfriend. In usual cases she would be happy about it but deep down she didn’t just want to be friends with Yuki. She wanted to have a much deeper and intimate relationship with her…like lovers would do. Mayu slowly stepped away and looked back with those eyes of hatred tinge with sadness. She wondered why Yuki would be so persisted like this and she’s reaching her limits of pushing her away. It’s obvious that Mayu hated to do this to her, because she loves Yuki so much.

“There’s nothing you could do. Not even Jurina, you, and I. It is my destiny that I shall disappear from your lives and move on.”

“Screw the damn destiny! Mayu!? Aren’t you the one that always tell me to be myself and stand on my own belief!?”

The nurse raised her voice and she didn’t care other patients or staffs would hear her or not. The only thing she could’ve care about was this precious friend of hers in front of her. Mayu was even caught off guard by that. No one would expect a delicate nurse like Kashiwagi would be yelling out loud like this.

“Whenever I’m so scared to do anything and move on, you’re always there to throw lame annoying jokes at me and I never forget what you always teach me…”


“You told me…that you can’t choose where and who to be born from, but you could choose what to become and what to do. So Mayu…please tell me what you really want, and I’ll do everything it takes to help you make it happen.”


“M-Mayu, please!”

“I had enough of this…stop it.”

Mayu was reaching her limits and she couldn’t hide that painful expression on her face. Yuki could tell instantly that she’s suffering…she was in terrible pain that couldn’t be expressed into words. Only the eyes told the whole story. It was as if Yuki was conversing with the old Mayu again…but a broken Watanabe. She was actually pleading the nurse to stop trying to break through her barrier and reach down to her heart.


“It’s pointless. Stop it already…if I could run away, then I would to begin with. I’m so done with it…I’m tired already. For some destinies…you don’t have a choice to run away. One day, it will come back to you.”


“So, just stop it. You’re making it so hard for me already. Please…I beg you…just leave me alone. Stop all these nonsense…and forget about me.”

The moment Yuki made that eye contact with Mayu. Her heart sank with pain…it was as if she made an eye contact with the real Watanabe Mayu. It’s the broken wounded girl that was left all alone for all these years. She could only see and feel the sadness from her eyes and it looked as if she wanted to cry. However, Mayu ran away before Yuki could’ve do or say anything to her. She came to realize all of Mayu’s pain and suffer that was expressed in that blink a second as their eyes met. It burned right into Yuki’s heart and never ever she felt this devastated before in her life. It was as painful as when she lost her mother…and this was the pain of losing Mayu. Without realizing it, tears ran down her cheeks and it made her heart trembled in pain. It was as if she felt Mayu’s pain and it just made her tear up at that spot.



The former doctor ran away from the nurse and headed back to her car. She entered without further ado and just sat on her seat without doing anything.  She knew that if she came to the hospital she would’ve encounter with Yuki, but then she still came anyway. She could’ve convince Kashwagi-sensei that she didn’t want to come back to the hospital but…Mayu still came anyway. Maybe deep down inside her heart she wanted to meet the love of her life. Even for just one more time, without seeing each other, it would be enough for her. She felt that it would be worth the sacrifice she made to protect Yuki. However, this was one of the things she feared the most…that she would broke into tears in front of her. She couldn’t hold back her tears, and she bit her lips. Such caring and tender words that Yuki spoke to her…to be someone important to the nurse is something she always wished for.  If she could respond to her innermost desires…she would beg Yuki to save her. To take her out from this cursed destiny. She wished that she could ask for help, but she could never do that. The only way to protect all her friends and especially Yuki was to live in a separate world than them. She couldn’t possibly put her friends and love one at risk, and this would be the best choice that could be done.

“Yuki…I wish I could go back to your side…I really do…I’m so sorry…I’m really sorry…”

She wished she could hold back her tears and became heartless like her mother. However, by falling in love with Yuki for over many years had softened her down so much. She couldn’t act as heartless as before when it comes to Yuki. She missed those days that she get to hangout and spend time alone with her. She was so happy to see the smiles on her face. She couldn’t describe how happy she was as she’s able to bring that radiant angelic smile again. For all these years, it wasn’t just Yuki that kept relying on Mayu…but the doctor always emotionally relied on her too. If she wasn’t there, Mayu wondered whether she would still be sane until now or not. She wondered she would still be sane or not. She probably would give up on life, but she didn’t after all…because she has someone to protect with her whole life.


[Rena’s POV]

Another day again that Jurina sits with me during her break. During these past days Yukirin hasn’t come back to work yet and it makes me worried about her. I do ask Jurina about her whereabouts and it seems today Yukirin came to work. I’m really keen to see her today but her break wouldn’t start in an hour or so. These past few days…Jurina and I have been talking a lot of each other about us…our past and childhood that I long forgotten. She did tell me about many things that happen back at Nagoya, especially with our pet dog, Ruby. Jurina told me how I’m the one that picked up that stray puppy into our home. I’m the one that named her Ruby. Jurina even has pictures on her phone and she showed it to me. We spend so much time together but it makes me curious about her so much…I couldn’t help but to wonder why Jurina is doing this. Doesn’t it seem like an irony? She helps me regaining my memories…but it looks like she doesn’t want me to remember any of it.

“You don’t like when I called you oneechan or something?”

“Huh? Well…”

Jurina seems to be hesitating to tell what she really feels to me, and I just keep asking more questions…regarding Jurina’s thoughts and feelings. I want to hear her thoughts…and what she’s actually thinking underneath that poker face.

“Do you…want me to remember? Everything?”



“One day you’ll remember, sooner or later…it won’t make any difference.”

Her voice sounds so sad, but it made me felt like I’m one more step closer to her. Sooner or later, I would probably remember everything again…I guess Jurina knew that it is inevitable to prevent me from remembering the past we shared together. However I still have a feeling that Jurina hesitated to tell me that she didn’t want me to remember, her actions do all the talk instead. I wondered why is she bothered like that.

“…Do you want the old Rena to be back?”


I don’t know why I said something like that out, but I did. I could see her shocking expression and I have her full attention. I still look down onto my lap, at my hand, while continuing where I left off. I can’t help but wondering whether Jurina wants the old Rena back or not…If she wants her back then Jurina would support me with regaining my memories…but she didn’t. Sometimes, she could just be too complicated for me to even understand. I remembered Yukirin told me before about it…that even though she have been with Jurina for many years…she still find it rather difficult at times to understand what she is thinking.

“The old Rena before she lost her memories…I just couldn’t help but to wonder that do you want her back—”

“Stop it Rena-chan.”


“No matter what…you’re still Rena to me. Old or not, doesn’t matter…you’ll still be Rena to me.”

Those words comfort my heart. Its so touching and sweet of hers…Jurina is just being so nice to me that I don’t really know what to do at all. The more she’s being nice like this the more I fall in love with her. She’s just…I don't know how to rephrase it properly at all. I just lean onto her shoulder and close my eyes, and feel that silence between the two of us…I wonder, no matter what, Jurina would only see me as her younger sister? I wonder…such miracle would happen.

“Can we be like this for a little while…?”

“Of course. As long as you needed to.”

I lean in closer to her and I could hear that subtle heartbeat. It’s that soothing heartbeat…that calms my mind while I listen to it in the midst of silence.  I wrap and hold onto her arm tighter and I could feel Jurina put her hand on top of mine. It makes my heart skip when I feel that sweet gentle warmth from her hand. As we spend more time talking about things in the past…and just things about us, I could feel this mysterious connection towards her. We’re getting closer and closer as we spend more time together, till the point that Jurina actually share her worries and troubles in work with me. I listen to her, and give my encouragement to her every single time. Just to see that smile of relief on her face and hear her voice speaking to me makes me feel that at least I accomplish something. However, I couldn’t help but to worry each time about how would this lead us to…the ending to this complicated relationship we’re developing.


Jurina just sat there and watched Rena fell asleep on her shoulder. She only could smile softly before she stroked the little raven-head’s with that smile that contained a tinge of sadness in it. She carried her up gently without trying to wake Rena up and put her on the bed before she decided to leave her.


It made the doctor froze and turned around; apparently it’s just a sleep talk. She sighed softly before she left the room…without realizing what Rena was going through at the moment. She was having a nightmare, a terrible one…she’s being haunted by the old Rena.


Words…it keep echoing inside my head, and its controlling my actions and my thoughts. This strong urge and desires…I couldn’t resist to it at all. It felt like these words echoing in my head are manipulating me right now. It felt like I’m just there…watching…I’m not exactly the owner of the body. I’m just seeing through…Rena’s eyes?

(I won’t forgive any one of you… no one…)

I go into some room…and grabb a bottle of pills on this shelf. I wonder what is this, I see the name of it but it’s in some difficult medical terms that I couldn’t understand. I’m holding it in my hand…and take it with me.

(I won’t let anyone get in my way… not even mom… or dad, none of them will change my mind.)

The next thing I see is Jurina, the young Jurina…and I’m sitting on top of her. She’s unconscious though. She is sleeping? I have no clue but…I’m extending my hand to her neck. It’s as if…I’m going to strangle her? W-What? What is going on?? I tried to pull it back but I can’t control it…I’m about to strangle Jurina in her sleep. I scream inside my head, begging for myself to stop and I shut my eyes tightly…wishing to not see anything further. That instant, everything white out and I appeared at the living room at my home in Nagoya.  I see another person…who looks perfectly identical to me, but the glare in her eyes are…very scary. She’s really scary…I’m even terrified just to look at her. Those eyes are filled with pain, anger, sadness…and many more emotions I couldn’t describe.

(I told you…didn’t I? Think wisely before you choose this path of uncovering the truth…?)


(If you still wish to know…then I’ll show you what truly happen, and all the disgusting truths that you wish you will never remember.)


(You forget all of it for a reason… do not forget that.)

“What the hell…did you do to Jurina!?”


“W-What did you do to her?? Did you try to—”

(It is you who did that…or I shall say, us?)

“N-No…I will never—”

(Truth is hideous…that’s why ‘we’ desire to forget all about it, and start a whole new book.)


(You’re afraid of knowing the truth now…Haha…Hahahahahahahhaha!!!!)

Her laugh is just hideous and terrifying. It is as if I’m hearing a psychopath laughing hysterically. I couldn’t believe this is a part of me…that is forgotten. I don’t know what I should do or feel anymore…after I have a touch with that terrifying moment…I don’t want to know what have I done to Jurina. I don’t want to know…I-I’m scared to know the truth…



I wake up from my nightmare and I’m terrified with what actually happen. I see myself…trying to hurt…trying to kill Jurina. I can’t believe it at all. I don’t know what to think or do anymore. This is not just remembering about a normal past…but my past…contains a secret…that I wish to forget. That’s why I forgot everything right up until the accident.

“R-Rena-chan!? Are you okay??”

Yukirin comes to my side with worries since I just woke up from my nightmare. I probably startle her so badly. I tell her that I’m okay because I’m just having a very bad dream, but obviously I can’t hide all my worries at all. Even though it is Yukirin…I doubt I’ll be comfortable to share this with her…that I attempt to kill her ex-girlfriend in the past? That’s just messed up. At very least, Yukirin doesn’t ask anything much from me and just stay by my side until I calm down. She’s just so nice…she’s just like an older sister to me. I’m very grateful that it’s Yukirin that’s here with me right now, but that makes me wonder about Mayu…it’s been quite a while since we last saw her at…Sae’s engagement party.

“…I wonder what’s going on with Mayu though.”


Yukirin is in silent as well, I guess both of us don’t have an answer to that and couldn’t help but to worry about her even until now. Mayu is actually…the closest friend I have ever since I woke up from my amnesia. It is obvious I will be worried about her, right? I wonder what could we do to find the truth behind all of this, just by doing nothing and being in silence like this… I doubt it will take us anywhere closer to the answer. Unfortunately Yukirin couldn’t stay that long with me since she has to go see other patients. Now that it’s just me in the room…it’s quite lonely without Mayu bothering and annoying me when Jurina and Yukirin are busy with their work. Now that she’s gone…and have that coldblooded attitude towards us…I wonder what is really going on right now. I don’t have such a good feeling about it at all.


Yuki continued with her shift until her day was over, but the fact regarding Mayu was still bugging her horribly. She kept having flashbacks of her happy moments she had with Dr. Watanabe…that evil grin and happy laugh of hers…as well as those heartbreaking moments that Mayu treated them like they meant nothing to her at all.  She had no clue what to do what how could she approach Mayu after all of this, furthermore she didn’t have any connections to reach her too. She kept thinking of ways and suddenly…she actually did have one thing left that she could do. It’s just one little hope left. She picked up her cellphone and called someone that was in her contact list, she prayed for the person to pick up her call and hoped that at least she would get something out of this person. The moment the end of the line picked up her call, she immediately cut in and made sure the person wouldn’t hang up on her.

“Please don’t hang up! I really need to talk about something! It’s serious!”

[…Can you not yell?]

“S-Sorry, but really…I need you to hear me out.”

[…I can guess what you want to talk about. How about at the café in front of Tokyo station?]

“Right now…?”

[Isn’t that what you want? I’ll meet you in 30 minutes.]

The person hung up and obviously Yuki wasn’t expecting that. She went to the staff room to get change before she rushed out without even telling Jurina where she was going. Her mind was just too occupied with getting there on time right now. She hopped onto the taxi and headed there without further ado. Yuki was actually quite surprise that everything went too smoothly…but she couldn’t let her guard down though, because this man was her ex-fiancé after all.


She arrived at the café and glanced around looking for him, and that moment she saw this manly figure approaching her in his black suit. It looked as if he just came from some formal event or meeting.

“Follow me.”


“Second floor, it's a private room. We’ll have our discussion there.”

Sae had a small chat with the staff before she passed him the key to one of the private rooms on the second floor. It only belonged to the VIP customers, such as Miyazawa group, since Miyazawa’s group owned this café after all. They entered this big room that was decorated in a vintage style, suited to welcome important guests or for special meet ups. He told her to sit down and the staff served them a cup of hot tea and biscuits.

“Hope you like English Breakfast, its one of the best teas here.”


Yuki had a sip and was surprised with how amazing it was, but she didn’t let that made her distracted from her intention of being here at the first place. She watched her ex-fiance sat down opposite from her while he had his hot tea peacefully and quietly.

“What do you want to know, Kashiwagi Yuki?”

“…You know what I’m here for.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier if you ask me than to make me explain everything?”

“…You’re right.”

Sae was slightly caught offguard that Yuki became a little more…mature than before. Usually she would show signs of irritation and frustration back at him, but this time she was calm and collected. Also, had that slight gallant air around her, it seemed Yuki was actually serious with the reason she was here after all. It made Sae put down his teacup and gave his full attention to her. In respect for Yuki’s determination here, he felt like at least he should give a good response back instead of being ridiculously sarcastic.

“I’m certain you know about the Watanabe Group am I right?”

“…Yes. It’s the most powerful family underneath the Imperial House of Japan…Watanabe group, the leader of Yakuza Association of Japan. ”

“You got it. Miyazawa group is part of the branch, despite we’re a yakuza group as well, we don’t get involved with power. We’re just the passive quiet ones…ready to take orders from Watanabe group.”


“We, excel in business, and so Watanabe and Miyazawa Group are trying to form an alliance with each other. That’s why…Mayu and I are engaged, in terms of our business.”

“…But, isn’t it possible to bail out?”

“Don’t you get it at all? Watanabe Mayu… she’s the succeeding leader of Yakuza Association, she is the future leader of all yakuza families over Japan.”


“Now that you know the story behind it, what do you want to ask now?”

Yuki remained in silence; she was speechless after hearing everything. It felt like a dream when she remembered the times she spent with Mayu…when she’s just an ordinary girl just like her. It just felt so normal, but after learning her heritage and bloodline…she couldn’t believe it at all. With all that pressure that Mayu had to carry all these years while comforting Yuki every single time when she’s down. Just thinking of those thoughts, she felt a tear ran down her cheek and Sae was shocked too. He didn’t expect her to cry at all…but when he saw that tear, he was touched for some reason. He could tell that nurse Kashiwagi shed her tears for Mayu. He the future head of Miyazawa group…even it wasn’t as much burden to

“S-Sorry, I guess I should be crying like a crybaby like thi—”

“Take this.”

Sae passed her a box of tissue and she took it with surprise. She was obviously dumbfounded and didn’t know why he wasn’t being all sarcastic and mean on her today. She felt that little kindness from him and then he finally spoke up to her after she wiped off her tears.

“…I won’t guarantee your life though.”


“To confront with a yakuza group like Watanabe, even I feared for that myself. Yet, you still plan to get involved? I suggest you don’t get out from Mayu’s life for your best safety…but if you did think about that you wouldn’t be here to begin with.”


“Don’t get me wrong, I still disagree with you trying to get involve in this mess. Once you’re in…there’s no way out. Our world is just too different from your world.”


“My one and last favor I will do for you, since you’re my ex-fiance, and I actually did have moments I like you before.”


“Heh, so, what is your answer?”


Yuki had a long pause to think about a lot of things that Sae said to her. He warned her and if she still wanted to go on he wouldn’t stop her…as much as he wouldn’t guarantee her safety and life. She realized it already after she knew Mayu was from a yakuza family. However, it didn’t seem to stop her from pursuing her at all…this was actually the first time she felt really empty and frustrated. She never felt like this before in her life. She never had this kind of feelings towards Jurina at all, but she couldn’t help but to wonder why she felt like this to only that sarcastic big bully.  That doctor who always tried to annoy and piss her off every single day.

“…I really…want to talk to her again.”


“I want to meet her…I want to meet Mayu again.”

“So…what do you want me to do?”

“…Please take me to her.”

Sae only remained in silence before he picked up his cup of tea and had his one last sip. He got out from his chair and headed towards the door without any single word to her at all. That moment, Yuki felt that Sae was rejecting her offer but the moment he turned around to her, he finally speak out his response to her plead.

“We’re going to get you dressed up formally first.”

“…H-Huh?? What for?”

“I can’t let you enter Watanabe household with that hideous clothing. We’ll drop by the shop and buy you a formal black suit and skirt.”

Yuki was lost with what Sae was saying since he just talked about getting her fixed up and everything, but the word ‘Watanabe household’ caught her ears though. She blinked with confusion and then Sae sighed with tiredness before he decided to talk in a simpler way because Yuki was just too slow to understand his way of talking.

“I have a meeting right now at Watanabe Household…Mayu should be there. You’ll be my temporary secretary because she has fallen sick. Do you understand?”


“You’ll obey what I say.”


“But don’t get me wrong, Kashiwagi Yuki. At the very least I will make you experience that pressure and burden of the yakuza…and then I suggest you think wisely after that.”

“…I think we should get going for the meeting?”

“I think I never have seen you this serious before.”

“E-Eh? Really?”

“You really do love Mayu, don’t you?”


“Time to go… follow me.”

In the end, the man teased the raven-haired nurse again, but it wasn’t actually a tease though. Sae actually realized how serious she was when it was about Mayu…she was never like this when it’s about Jurina. He actually realized about her feelings but it seemed Yuki was just too naïve to realize her true feelings after all. Yuki followed him out from the café and they headed off to prepare Yuki to attend the meeting at Watanabe household. This was one insane thing she was doing, but it didn’t see she was hesitating at all…there wasn’t such a moment for it at all. After Yuki got all dressed up and she adjusted her hair to look formal, she was sitting beside Sae in the car while they were heading to the Watanabe household…where Mayu would be there. However, she gave her words to listen and obey what Sae said, and what he kept telling her in the car before they stepped out was that…

“Do not talk back to Lady Kikuyo, no matter what.”

She was the one that was in charge with everything before it reached the leader of Yakuza association, Mayu’s father. Due to how intimidating she was, she was known to be the ‘The Lion of Watanabe’. Everyone feared her, and even Mayu’s father himself. At least Yuki met her one time at the engagement party…that woman that was standing beside Mayu. When they were confronting with each other she didn’t bother turn around to pay attention to Mayu and them at all. She wondered whom lady Kikuyo was like…she was slightly scared but she didn’t let that intimidating get to her. What made it even worse…she is Mayu’s mother. The car finally parked in front of this wooden traditional gate…and that was when Sae turned to her with that calm cold expression.

“Keep on that poker face, take notes of all matters discussed, you are my secretary today. Do you understand?”

“…I understand, Sae-sama.”

She needed to refer him as –sama too because in terms of their status, he would be her leader or boss. They got out from the car and the gate finally opened…Yuki was shocked to see how luxurious the garden was inside, it was all decorated in a traditional Japanese style as expected from yakuza’s home. They were finally escorted inside and Yuki couldn’t stop thinking about her friend at all…because she knew that Mayu is somewhere, in this house.


The maids of Watanabe household escorted them all to the meeting room. There were Miyazawa guards walked by both Yuki and Sae’s side until they finally arrived at the room. They were told to wait until lady Kikuyo would come meet with them. The moment Yuki had stepped in the house…she couldn't believe this amount of pressure that was in this place. The air…was really heavy that even someone insensitive like Yuki could even felt it.

“…Remember what I told you, got that?”


Yuki remembered what Sae always told her in the car about lady Kikuyo. The maids served hot green tea for them and finally…the Lion of Watanabe had arrived, Watanabe Kikuyo. The moment Yuki turned her eyes and meet with Mayu’s mother, she could feel that immense pressure coming out from her. She was overwhelmed by Kikuyo’s presence. She couldn’t believe that this person is actually Mayu’s mother at all… the moment she sat down, she started with her formality greeting to Sae and Yuki. However, she’s very smart…she never met Yuki before and could tell immediately that she’s an odd member to be here.

“Who is she? I’m certain I never met her among your people before. I believe your secretary is Akimoto-san?”

“My secretary fell sick and so her trainer came to replace her for today.”

“I see, pass her my wish for her recovery.”

“Thank you for your kindness, lady Kikuyo.”

Kikuyo looked towards Yuki one last time and she could feel as if she saw through into Yuki’s heart. She bit her lips, and maintained her composure under that heavy presence and it made Kikuyo turned back to Sae.

“Not bad, but overall, still not worth to be here.”

“…My apologize, lady Kikuyo.”

She was bluntly harsh and was judgmental on Yuki. She literally graded her due to her reaction and appearance, but despite Sae kept telling her not to talk back…she didn’t even have the courage to do that at all. Her instinct was telling her that this woman was a terrifying person. They began the meeting and talked about many things involving with Sae’s marriage to her daughter, as well as partnership in businesses that they’re establishing right now with Kashiwagi hospital. Obviously Yuki didn’t expect her father’s hospital to be mentioned, and she didn’t know this was happening at all. She remained in silence, and take down notes of the meeting. Even for just few minutes, it felt like ages. She could feel her hands sweating and she had to bit her lips to make sure she didn’t get distracted.

“For the formal wedding, that will be in two weeks here. Watanabe group will financially organize it.”

“I see, thank you for your utmost kindness for us.”

“Very well then, I believe that is the end to our meeting today. Thank you for coming, Miyazawa Sae.”

“My pleasure, lady Kikuyo.”

Yuki felt so relieved that it ended. At first she didn’t believe Sae how much it could be…and once she experienced it, it felt like being a whole new world that was different from hers. This was actually the world that Mayu was living in…and would be in for eternity. The more she thought about that the more it pained her. One of the bodyguards came in to escort Kikuyo to the next destination as she had another meeting to attend aside from this one. As that man looked up, he saw Yuki sitting beside Sae and actually recognized her…he remembered he saw her at the hospital as well as the amusement park. He was on his duty spying on Watanabe Mayu under Kikuyo’s order. He turned to her and grabbed everyone’s attention to let it direct over to Yuki without any form of mercy.

“…My lady, that woman…she is young master’s friend.”


Both Sae and Yuki were shocked, right the moment they were about to leave…this man exposed Yuki’s identity in front of lady Kikuyo without any mercy. How unfortunate that he was Kikuyo’s and Mayu’s personal bodyguard, so he actually recognized Yuki. That moment…the coldblooded woman turned to her and it made the raven-haired girl’s heart stopped for a minute. Her instinct literally told her to run as she saw that cold heartless glare staring at her in that midst of silence.

“Mayu’s friend huh…?”


“Why are you here? This place does not welcome you.”



Yuki was pushed to reply back to Kikuyo, despite she’s shaking terribly. She bit her lips, grabbed some courage and stood up from her seat. She took a deep breath and sighed out once again before she looked back at Kikuyo with fear and frustration. Despite that, she didn’t let it get in her way of speaking out…this might be her one chance to do something for Mayu.

“…I’m here to see Mayu.”

“She does not want to see you. Leave.”


Yuki backed away slightly but she stood on her ground and actually confronted back to Kikuyo after all the fear she had for her. For some reason…when she believed that this was all for Mayu’s sake…it gave her such courage and strength to confront with this scariest person she ever meet in her life.

“…I’m here to meet with Mayu.”

“Didn’t you hear what I just say, leave now.”

“Yuki, stop.”

Sae ordered her and she knew why he did that…he was trying to protect her, but for some reason, she was being really carless and reckless right now. She didn’t care about her life at all…because the only thing she thought about was only Mayu, and just about Mayu.

“I know her well…I know her well enough…! I know she doesn’t want this.”


Kikuyo’s bodyguard was about to take their action to capture Yuki so she would not be able to rebel towards their boss, but then Kikuyo blocked them with her arm and allowed Yuki to continue her talking…no one really know what Kikuyo was thinking, her facial expression was just cold and silent that it could be really creepy and terrifying.

“So…child, what are you going to do? Fight against all the yakuza of Watanabe and take her out? How imbecilic.”

“I guess I am that’s why I’m here…Mayu hates this place, I know she does, you’re her mother, you should know that too! Please…don’t do this to her.”

Sae was beyond shock and he tried to remain in silence without doing anything, but what Yuki was saying was basically no different from declaring a war against Watanabe and Miyazawa group. It’s no different from Yuki asking Kikuyo to cancel the engagement between Mayu and Sae, and obviously it wouldn’t happen. She just remained in silence before she stepped forward towards her and that she was right in front of her.

“I give you for the courage to speak, however…someone weakling like you, will be able to do nothing. What can you do?”


“As for my favor, your last call, leave now before there is no mercy.”

“…Leave, right now.”

Sae spoke up and asked her to leave, but she couldn’t. She came this far already and she couldn’t just leave. She’s grateful for his kindness but she didn’t want to drag him into more mess than this…he probably had to take a lot of punishment and blame for bring her into Watanabe’s household.

“…It’s alright, it’s all my responsibility now… lady Kikuyo, it’s Mayu’s life…isn’t she supposed to be the one that decides that!?”



Yuki’s face turned and then she fell back onto the floor from that slap across her face. The hairpin that locked her hair fell off and she was shocked from being slapped by lady Kikuyo. The old woman glared at her mercilessly and didn’t show any form of mercy, she actually hit Yuki really hard.

“You need to learn how to shut up, child, or else your mouth will only bring death to you.”


“Boys, seize her.”

“Yes ma’am.”

The two bodyguards obeyed to her command, and they went to grab Yuki at both arms and locked it behind her back. She was forced to get up and her hair was disheveled. She made an eye contact with Kikuyo again and that instant…the lady was shocked to see her face. Yuki was caught off guard and saw a new expression on her face…it was a face of misbelief, as if she just saw something she couldn’t believe.



“Lady Kikuyo, I must confess.”

Sae stood up and then he told Kikuyo that Yuki was actually the daughter of the hospital owner that they’re making a partnership with. It would ruin and break the partnership if they knew that Miyazawa and Watanabe harmed Yuki. It did make Kikuyo think, but there was sign of disapproval from her…she hated unexpectedness like this and told Sae that if there were to be a second time to this he would be severely punished under the law of yakuza. He accepted it, and it made Yuki felt really bad…because it was her fault that put him through this with her. After their talk, Kikuyo turned to Yuki once again and asked her one last question.

“…Why do you come here?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Mayu is my friend…”



“That is not your real reason here, tell me the truth, and I may spare your life.”

Yuki felt a dead serious atmosphere as Kikuyo pulled out that gun from her obi. Sae and her were left in shock and it was a real gun…she would shoot her if Yuki didn’t tell the truth that would impress Kikuyo enough. Sae brought about the partnership again, but Kikuyo did not care. Just one partnership with a hospital wouldn’t destroy their branch and connections, what mattered more were the wellbeing of the next successor of Watanabe, Mayu. At this moment of silence, it made the young raven-haired girl thought quietly…before she answered back to Mayu’s mother.

“…She… for all those years I know her, M-Mayu…became someone very important to me. She is irreplaceable to me…enough that allowed me to stand here. At the very least, I want her to be happy and smile again.”


“Please…give her back her freedom, give it back to her…!

Yuki broke into tears, as she was seriously pleading Kikuyo to return Mayu’s freedom back to her. However, the woman didn’t respond anything back to her and just lowered her gun down before she approached Yuki silently. The young raven-haired girl bit her lips and tried to not to make any crying noises, while they still had that short eye contact with each other.

“P-Please, lady Kiku—!”


“G-Guh…! Agh…”

A punch right in her solar plexus made her stunned and her conscious began to drift away. That was one ridiculous strength for a mother-aged woman to knock a young adult in one single blow. It was inevitable that she would faint after receiving Kikuyo’s punch and in few seconds her vision black out and she could no longer argue back to Kikuyo anymore.

“…Hey you.”

“Yes my lady.”

Kikuyo turned to one of the bodyguards that recognized Yuki and asked about her details in terms of her relationship with Mayu. It seemed they were fairly close to each other since he spotted them going out to the amusement park together. She didn’t show any kinds of expression aside from that cold stare while listening to all the details she needed. Finally, she had spoken up again after she had made her decision. Sae was actually panicking and worried about the situation, and he had no clue how much could he convince the heartless woman in front of him.

“Keep her in custody, I’ll decide her punishment.”

“L-Lady Kikuyo—”

“Silence, I heard what you have to say. I will decide on that.”

“At least…please so spare her.”

“I don’t intend to create unnecessary bloodshed, if this girl does not force me to.”

Kikuyo turned back to look at that unconscious girl and for some reason, she looked rather annoyed than usual. It was something about Yuki that made her remember something that she wished she could forget…despite that turmoil inside her mind; she still kept that poker face on.

“Lock her one of the guest rooms, make sure no one lets her out and that she is alive and well. Treat her as a guest. We’re no barbarians.”

“Yes ma’am!!”

That was the most Sae could do to help Yuki, at the very least she had that mercy from heartless lady Kikuyo after all. She was given a place to stay and she wouldn’t be starved…the only thing was that she wouldn’t be able to leave until Kikuyo gave her next order to her boys. He was asked to leave after the meeting was over, and Sae had no choice but to obey. As the men and the maids took unconscious Yuki to one of the guest rooms so to make her temporary prison, Kikuyo walked back to her room and had that image of Yuki’s face again…it reminded her so much of the past she didn’t want to relive it. The way she talked, the way she recklessly act, the way she looks…it reminded her of someone she knew long in the past, who did the exact same thing as what Yuki had done today.

“…Give her back her freedom, give it back to me!! She's not yours! It's her life!!”

A flashback of her past, it seemed it wasn't the first time someone came up against Watanabe group and did the same exact thing that Yuki had done was a déjà vu, and a tragic memory that she find it rather disturbing.

“…Until now, you’re still haunting me huh? It is a curse that never fades away…”


It’s already 4pm and Dr. Kashiwagi finally finished with her shift. She went to the nurse ward to ask for Yuki’s whereabouts but it seemed she left already. Jurina checked her cellphone and she didn’t receive any messages at all too. Yuki just left her without telling anything and it just made her got all confused and wondering.

“She seems to be in a rush though Jurina-san, maybe she has something urgent to do?”

“Huh…Maybe? I’ll call her later then…”


Another nurse came from behind and it seemed she had something for the doctor. Jurina turned around with curiosity and received a notice that there was someone that wanted to meet with her. She was waiting at the 2nd floor of the main lobby.

“Who is that?”

“Ah…sorry I didn’t ask her. She said that when you meet her you would know.”

“Uh, okay?”

Jurina headed to the 2nd floor lobby as the nurse escorted her, they got out from the elevator and headed to meet that mysterious guest of hers. That moment she turned around and her eyes with with Jurina’s, the doctor froze at that spot…and was speechless.

“That is her ma’am, I’ll be returning to the ward now.”

“…Thank you.”


[Rena’s POV]

I’m so bored that I start walking around the hospital to kill my boredom, as well as waiting for Jurina to finish with her work. She promised to take me out to dinner so that I wouldn’t be too bored. While I’m walking around the main lobby, I suddenly see Jurina talking to this tall pretty lady…she looks like a model. The moment I think I’ll go in to greet her, I freeze at that spot…with fear. There’s just so much…hatred and anger coming out from Jurina’s eyes. I never have seen this side of hers before…Jurina would always have that happy and energetic smile across her face, but…to see her this angry just makes me really scared. I hide at the corner so the model-looking woman and Jurina wouldn’t see me…and I couldn’t help but to overheard their conversation. She even talks in a very cold heartless voice too…I-I’m really scared…I never see Jurina this pissed before.

“…Why are you here?”

“Jurina…I understand you will be mad but…I want to apologize for everything. I realized how foolish I am back then and acting so immaturely. I heard about both Matsui-san…I’m sorry about the news.”


“But its over now, I’ve retired…nothing is tying me anymore, so please allow me to do something. At the very least…for my only—”

“After you’ve abandoned me for my entire life? I couldn’t even remember you.”

“…I’m really sorry, and I know just an apologize will never fix it.”

“The best favor that you can do for me is leave, now, Shinoda-san.”

“Jurina, please listen to me—”

“I have work to do, and please don’t return back here again.”

I couldn’t help but to be shock and worried with Jurina. It seems she knows this old woman and…they didn’t seem to be on good terms at all. After the conversation somehow died out, I try to peak out again but the next thing I see is Jurina right in front of my face. I freak out and fall back on my bum. That immediately catch her attention and it seems her expression change back to the normal Jurina I know.

“R-Rena-chan!? Are you okay? I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to freak you out.”

“I-It’s okay! I’m fine!”

“Ah right…I just finished with my work, when do you want to go out for dinner?”

“Ah…well…maybe we can talk when we get back to the room?”


Jurina extends her hand to me and I grab onto it to pull myself up from the floor. Her hand is warm…and gentle. I’m glad the normal Jurina is back here again but then I suddenly have a flashback of my forgotten memories…that I’m about to strangle her. I pull my hand back with fear and that catches Jurina’s attention.

“Are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah! I’m okay…I’m sorry that I surprise you.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

I didn’t hold her hand again, and then we head back to my room, together. In that silence I don’t know what to say actually. I’m still questioning about Jurina and that lady’s relationship…and then I have my own nightmare memories to worry about too. I wonder if I ask Jurina about that woman…would she be mad again or not. I want to know, but at the same time I don’t want to piss her off at all.



“Uhm…I don’t want to upset you or anything but…”

“Yeah? Just ask.”


I still hesitate to ask, but Jurina has that gentle smile across her face that makes me trust her. I finally ask her about her relationship with that woman she talked to at the main lobby. I think I expect to see her shocking expression, but she’s just so calm and is just slightly surprise with my question.

“Ahhhh, so you overheard us?”

“I-I’m really sorry I didn’t meant to—”

“That’s okay, don’t worry! I’m surprise that you actually heard us…maybe it's a good thing you did.”

“E-Eh…? Why?”

“It would be really hard to break it to you…I guess I rather let you know that way more.”

Jurina have that soft smile, but tinge of sadness on it. It feels like…I’m one more step of knowing more about Jurina. I grab onto her white coat and then she pats my head with that comforting smile again, it feels as if she knows that I’m sad, worrying, or frustrated. I wait patiently for Jurina’s response and she did take her time to phrase her words carefully.

“That person is Shinoda Mariko, an ex-model.”

“I think I saw her on a magazine before…I read her news about her retirement few weeks ago.”

“…That person… is my biological mother, that abandoned me when I was a baby.”

That shuts me up immediately. I look at her with surprise and I finally realize…that resemblance she shared with Shinoda-san. I have a feeling that today will be a long night… a very long night between the two of us. I learn more about her past, and learn about the burdens she carried…it makes me realize that…Jurina is not that different from Yuki, Mayu, or I. No matter how strong we are…at times, we need someone to rely on too. We want someone that can support our back at times we’re exhausted from all the burdens we carry…I want to be that person for her. At the very least…I want to be able to ease her burdens. I wonder I’m capable for such a thing like that or not, but…I want to be there for her.


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>> Full Ver. ( <<



It’s been a day since Yuki was locked in this room. However, she wasn’t being treated like a prisoner or anything. The maids actually took care of her by providing new clothes and meals for her. She was scared that she would be poisoned but the maids ate a piece of it in front of her to prove that they’re not trying to harm her. The Watanabe maids were actually very nice and sweet to Yuki in a way that she couldn’t believe that they’re working in a famous yakuza family. The maids would come visit her ever hour to make sure she didn’t escape and whether she needed anything. She wore this plain pink yukata that was given to her and she just sat by the window having a view of the garden outside while having the sweets she was provided. Suddenly, the door opened again and an unfamiliar maid entered the room to see her.


“…You’re Yuki-san, is it?”


“Ah I see! I’m glad to meet you.”

She bowed her head to her and obviously Yuki was in shocked. It seemed this maid knew about Yuki, but the nurse didn’t know anything about her. The maid must’ve heard it from someone all the time and that made her remember about the nurse clearly.

“We’re sorry to keep you here, but we can’t let you go until we receive lady Kikuyo’s order to release you.”


It made Yuki remember what happened yesterday when she came to Watanabe’s headquarters to convince Mayu’s mother to set her daughter free…however it was indeed a reckless decision she had made. She believed that there would be a better approach than this, and she started to regret what she had done. However, nothing could be done more than that so she simply scratched her head without able to reply back to this maid in front of her.

“Does the yukata fit you?”

“It does thank you…”

“Hehe! I’m glad. That is meant to be for Mayu-sama. However she doesn’t like pink so she never wears it.”

“E-Eh? But…isn’t this a bit long for her?”

“We always modified it to fit her height, but since she hates the color it is unnecessary to modify it.”

The young maid explained to Yuki with a smile. The nurse looked at the yukata she was wearing again and reminded her more about Mayu. Her heart suddenly skipped a beat and her body started to get a little hotter than usual, especially her chest. Before the maid began asking Yuki several questions to answer her curiosity, she introduced herself to the nurse with a smile across her face.

“My name is Ota Aika, please to meet you Yuki-san.”

“Ah, nice to meet you too Ota-san.”   

“To be honest Yuki-san, I truly admire your courage to face lady Kikuyo regarding Mayu. However…”

Yuki suddenly felt the cold air and that calm expression across Aika’s face. It felt as if she was a different person when she started to interrogate Yuki the information she needed to answer her doubts regarding the nurse. Kashiwagi’s first instinct was to make sure to answer the question carefully and honestly without giving out any stupid answers.

“…How reckless is it to do that by placing your life on the line? Why do you risk your life this much for Mayu-sama? …What is she to you?”


Yuki didn’t know how to answer but she felt the uneasiness in her heart. She bit her lips and clutched right on top of her chest. She did take her time before she reply back to the maid, Ota Aika, who seemed to have connections with Mayu. She realized that she had only one chance to answer it, and she can’t make a mistake. This maid in front of her could possibly be the only lead to reach Mayu.

“…I still don’t understand this feeling but I know for certain that Mayu is very important to me. I…want to see her smile.”

“You’re willingly to risk it with your life? I assume you should know by now that Mayu-sama is the succeeding heir of Watanabe group. ”

“I actually didn’t thought about it at all…regarding how reckless I was yesterday. However, I didn’t regret what I did.”

Aika flinched slightly as she could feel Yuki’s unwavering determination in her eyes. She was actually overwhelmed by that pressure emitting from Yuki. It seemed the nurse didn’t realize it but her dedication towards Mayu was formidable. It made the maid smiled softly before she approach Yuki once again with a slight bow towards her.

“E-Eh? Ota-san?”

“I admire your formidable determination, and I hope it doesn’t waver.”

“…It won’t. I want to save Mayu…I want to see her smile again, it's the most beautiful thing I ever had seen from her.”

“She saw her smile?”

“…Yes? Is it something wrong?”

Suddenly, the maid laughed softly and caught Yuki’s attention. However she didn’t understand the reason behind that smile and laugh at all. The nurse wondered what was wrong with her reply but then Aika smiled back to her with relief. She always had an image of her master as a coldhearted child that would never allow her emotions to surface out.

“So Mayu-sama smiled in the outside world…I’m so happy.”


“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Mayu-sama’s personal maid ever since she’s three. However, she rarely smiled at home. Once in a blue one I would witness it…so I’m so glad for her that she’s happy in the outside world.”


Unfortunately, it was about time the maid had to leave for her duty to accompany her young master. But before she left, she passed her Yuki the funny looking giraffe keychain to her. She was in shock that the maid had the keychain that she gave to Mayu on the day they went out for amusement park date. She looked back at her with misbelief and Aika just sighed softly.

“Lady Kikuyo took it away from Mayu-sama…in order for her to forget all relations in the outside world. However I was able to take it back and I think you should hold onto it since you’re the one that gave her after all.”

“T-This…How did you know that I…”

“Mayu-sama called your name while she holding onto it. I could tell it is very important to her. It was one of the very rare times I saw her cried….”


Yuki could feel her heart beating faster and her chest felt very tight. She finally learned that Mayu cherished that cheap funny giraffe keychain that Yuki bought for her, and she was never this happy before. She thought that doctor Watanabe wouldn’t give much value to it since it's a keychain from a souvenir shop, however it actually the most important thing to Mayu ever held onto. The last words that Aika told her was to hold onto it for Mayu’s sake, and its better that she had it with her than letting it be in Watanabe group’s hands.

“O-Ota-san! I want to ask something…”


“Is Mayu…okay?”

“…Actually, I was wondering the same too. Mayu-sama always hides her expressions behind her protective mask. She’s becoming very unresponsive and emotionless nowadays.”

“I-I see…”

“I must leave, we might meet again Yuki-san.”

“Thank you for everything Ota-san, please look after Mayu for me.”

She nodded softly before she left the room. However, she knew she couldn’t meet up to Yuki’s expectations though. If she could look after Mayu she would’ve done already. It was because no one could reach Mayu’s heart, even her own personal maid. Aika actually had faith that Yuki would be the one that can open her young master’s heart and saved her from this despair. She wished she could help Mayu and Yuki, but she couldn’t possibly refuse lady Kikuyo’s orders. Just giving the keychain to Yuki was the most she could do already. If she were to be caught, Ota would be in deep trouble. She actually prayed for the first time for a miracle to happen for her young master…but if it would happen. She wondered whether she should tell her master or not regarding Yuki’s presence at their household, however she only sighed while shaking her head sideways.

“If Mayu-sama knew that Yuki-san is held hostage here…I don’t know how would she respond to that. Sigh…I’m sorry but I too care about Mayu-sama’s wellbeing than anyone else, that's why...I'm obligated to not help you… Yuki-san.”


…This morning, Jurina came to see Rena and asked her about Yuki’s whereabouts. Apparently she didn’t come back home last night and she had to lie to Yuki’s father so that he wouldn’t be worried about her. He was currently in a process of forming an important partnership for the sake of hospital’s businesses and Jurina didn’t want to bring up worrisome news to him. Furthermore, she even tried to contact Mayu but it wasn’t working too… she didn’t bother to pick any phone calls at all. Rena also tried to call Yuki and Mayu, but the results were the same. Jurina told her that she would come during break time to ask for any updates from Rena, but what waited for her was nothing.

“Its just so odd Yukirin just disappeared without telling anyone…I’m so worried about her.”

“Yeah, she never have went anywhere on her own without telling anyone. I’m not having such a good feeling about this…”

“Mayu is not picking up the call either, I’m sorry I can’t be any help to you.”

“That’s okay Rena-chan…I’m just wondering who can we contact that would know about Yuki’s whereabouts…A-Ah—!”


The doctor picked up her cellphone and dialed without further ado. The moment the other side of the line picked her call, Jurina couldn’t hold back her horses and bluntly interrupted him so he wouldn’t have the opportunity to utter anything yet.

“I know you know where she is. Where the hell is Yukirin?”

[…Sigh, you’re as rude as always, Jurina. Do you think I’m a mother goose? How certain are you that I will know everything about Yuki’s actions?]

“Answer me already.”

[Jeez…that’s why I don’t like associate with people like you.]

“…Please, just tell already.”


The man at the end of the line sighed and remained in deep silence before he would tell Jurina the truth. He could tell from her voice that she was frustrated…and anxious. However, he knew that they would feel even worse than this when they learned that Yuki was currently under Kikuyo’s custody at the moment, and no one would be able to reach her unless Lady Kikuyo herself permitted so.

[I’m close by to the hospital, how about we meet at the roof deck and have a little chat? With both you and that patient girl.]

“Rena-chan as well?”

[I rather not repeat the story twice; also I don’t trust your information transferring skills. I will be there in about 20 minutes.]

“…Tch, very well then.”

After Jurina hung up, Rena asked her whom did she called and it was Sae as she somewhat expected. He would be the only man that would know where did Yuki disappear off. That was the longest 20 minutes that Jurina had ever waited…thankfully she was still on her break so she was able to wait up at the roof deck along side with Rena. The doctor didn’t say a word and Rena could see that Jurina was nervous…and anxious regarding Yuki’s whereabouts. She approached her and held her hand tightly to let Jurina know that she was still here to support her.

“I’m here with you, it will be okay.”


“Trust me, it will be okay.”

Rena held tighter and Jurina couldn’t help but to smile out with slight relief across her face. She felt that immense kindness and comfort from her stepsister and Jurina held her hand back gently as her indirect signal to her. However, the anonymous guest finally arrived and interrupted the moment between the two siblings that were on the top of the hospital.

“Good afternoon, Dr. Jurina, Matsui-san, did I keep you waiting for too long?”

“Sae, where is Yukirin?”

“Cut short without any greetings at all? How rude, doctor.”

“You know I don’t have much tolerance, especially when it comes down to family. Tell me everything you know, where is she??”

Jurina approached him and grabbed onto his collar to make sure he was in her grasp. However, the man didn’t flinch but sighed with how childish Jurina was acting right now. In that midst of silence, Rena ran up to the doctor and placed her hands on the same arm that was clutching onto Sae. She simply shook her head and then it made Jurina grumbled before letting the man go.

“I appreciate for letting me go. Thank you Rena-san.”

“That’s alright…but please, tell us what you know about Yukirin…we’re very worried about her.”

“Actually, we’re technically on the same boat. Come with me to the meeting, and you’ll know everything you want to.”

“Meeting with who?”

“Kashiwagi Azuma, the director of this hospital. I don’t want to keep my business partner waiting, so let us go.”

Sae just told the two of them that if they followed him to his meeting with Yuki’s father, then they would know about their friend’s whereabouts. They weren’t sure what was happening and what was the connection between Sae and Yuki’s disappearance…but they didn’t have a choice but to follow him to acquire any little hints to find out where their friend was. They simply followed him into director’s office on the next floor below the roof deck. As they entered Azuma’s office, he was waiting for Sae to arrive but had a little surprise that he got the other two girls with him as well. Furthermore, he knew the two of them as well.

“Oh? What does this mean Miyazawa-kun? I thought it’s supposed to be a private business meeting?”

“Sorry sir, but its easier this way. The reason I requested for a meeting with you is to pass Lady Kikuyo’s words to you.”


The director of the hospital had a little moment of startle when he heard that name. Obviously no one would not know that name since was like the face of the prestigious Watanabe group…and Kashiwagi Azuma knew how powerful and influential that woman is. If she wanted and was serious she could demolish an entire business down in a blink of a second. She was famous for having an unshakable mind and aggression. Sae sighed softly before he looked towards Yuki’s father as he was absolutely bothered to tell him the truth that happen at Watanabe household yesterday…

Kashiwagi Yuki…she caused a ruckus in the meeting between Miyazawa and Watanabe. As a result she infuriated Lady Kikuyo and she’s currently holding her in custody at Watanabe headquarters.”


Jurina ended up being the one in huge shock, followed by Rena but she was too stunned to say anything. Surprisingly Yuki’s father was very calm and in deep silence before he sighed out with worries for his daughter. Any father would be worried if their daughter were to get herself into deep trouble. However, Sae followed up with slight good news that lady Kikuyo didn’t have any plans to hurt her and was just merely keeping her in custody until lady Kikuyo wished to release her.

“From what I heard she was given care 24/7 and ensured that she is healthy, alive, and safe no matter what. At very least, she has lady Kikuyo’s pity. She doesn’t want to cause unnecessary bloodshed and hoped you will come to understand that as well.”

“…I’m glad to hear that. Can you check on her every now and then for me?”

“I will sir. I’ll make sure to keep you update with Yuki’s situation. I’ll inform. your answer back to her lady”

It was indeed a short meeting, but right after Sae finished his talking he approached Azuma with a brown folder that he took out from his pocket. Despite today’s meeting was about Sae reporting about Yuki’s current situation, he had some few documents to handover to him as well. However, before young Miyazawa could leave, Jurina stopped him to interrogate for more information about her ex-girlfriend. Obviously she would be demanding for every single detail that Sae knew because Jurina was extremely worried and anxious about Yuki.

“Just that? Azuma-san are you not going to do anything!? Can’t we just go ask this lady Kikuyo to let Yuki go??”

“Did you realize that the person you’re talking about is likely one of the most powerful person in Japan? She’s the one that maneuvers all movements of Watanabe’s business… and do you think just a plain emotional request will allow you to get what you want? Instead, you might just worsen the situation.”


“You’re not going to suffer the consequence of your stupidity, Yuki is.”

Jurina didn’t know what to exactly reply back to him, but at very least he understood what she was going through. He actually wished that he could help her out but unfortunately that person was lady Kikuyo. The doctor simply clutched her fist and lowered her head down to stare at the floor angrily with hopelessness. At the very least, he hoped that his words would be able to heal her heart, or rather it was more of redirecting Jurina’s frustration towards him instead to ease her pain.

“We can only wait, Dr. Jurina. I will let you know when Yuki is released… since I’m responsible for bring her to Watanabe headquarters.”

Sae confessed the truth that he was the one that took Yuki to his meeting, and he failed to control the young girl. As a result of his failure, Yuki was held in custody by one of the most powerful figure in Japan, lady Kikuyo. Obviously nothing could be done and all they could do was waiting. However, that fact made Jurina pissed and grabbed onto his collar again. Successfully as he inteded, her frustration was directed to him and blamed him for putting Yuki into danger.

“You knew that Watanabe group is a damn yakuza group… Yet why did you bring her into the picture!?”

“I warned her, she came anyway.”


“She is not a child, Dr. Jurina. Furthermore, I warned her, but nothing changed her determination to see Mayu again.”

“M-Mayu?? Wait—what?”

Rena blurted out this time and caught his attention. Only she didn’t know about Mayu’s real background…and so she was completely confused with how Yuki’s and Mayu’s situation are connected. Sae felt like might as well tell them everything since he knew they wouldn’t be capable to do anything afterwards anyway. Sometimes, knowing the truth could put on such a heavier burden than not knowing at all. One of the worse pains one could receive was to be helpless for the one they cherished or cared for. She finally told them that Mayu simply returned back to her family to continue her responsibilities as a succeeding heir to Watanabe group. All the hidden secrets that Mayu had been hiding for years were out and all of them were listening in silence. It was as Sae expected, the two ladies didn’t know how to react to this excess information that was going on in this room at once, but he needed to leave right now due to business meetings he had.

“I will contact you again Kashiwagi-san.”

“Thank you for your effort, Miyazawa-kun.”

He left without further ado and left every one of them behind. This time, Jurina didn’t bother to stop him while she was busy losing rational senses. As Rena glanced over to her…she couldn’t help but to worry about Jurina. The doctor was indeed putting such a heavy painful expression across her face. Not before long… she slowly take her approach towards the comfortable sofa and finally had a seat.  She rested her forehead against her hands that joined tightly into a single big fist. Rena was extremely worried when Jurina went into that awkward silence and she went to her side to give her emotional support.

 “What the hell is going on? This is messed up…with both Mayu and Yukirin…Azuma-san, what is going on?”

“…It is as you heard from Miyazawa-kun.”

Azuma basically rephrased what Sae reported regarding Mayu’s return to her family. She officially resigned from the hospital and was no longer a doctor anymore. Aside from that he did not hear anything or know about her whereabouts. He simply respected Dr. Watanabe’s decision to return back to her family to face her destiny as the future boss of Watanabe group. As for Yuki, he was as surprised as Jurina and Rena, but he just didn’t express his emotions out like how Dr. Jurina did. At very least he could do was to calm his adoptive daughter from any more stress.

“Only thing we can do is just wait…and everything will be okay.”

“But what if that whatever lady that Sae mentioned will hurt Yuki—”

“Lady Kikuyo isn’t that kind of person. Despite of her infamous heartlessness… she is not a big fan of unnecessary bloodshed. As long as we don’t do anything to provoke the situation, Yuki will be safe.”


Jurina slammed her fist onto the table and made Rena stunned. Both Azuma and Rena could feel the doctor’s anger and frustration from her voice and action. In that moment of silence…Rena bit her lips softly before she grabbed Jurina’s head and pulled her into her chest to calm her down. She wasn’t sure what she was doing was right or not but she wanted to comfort and calm Jurina down. The young doctor wasn’t expecting this and her eyes grew wide with utter surprise.


“You have to calm down Jurina…I know it sucks to wait like this…I don’t like it either! What Kashiwagi-san said is right… and the only thing we can do is to wait.”


The young doctor sighed and nodded softly against Rena’s chest. She could hear young Matsui’s heart racing and pounding against her chest. She was probably anxious and frustrated like how Jurina was feeling right now, which led to adrenaline rush through her body system. At least the young doctor calmed down after being comforted, and nothing could be done…only but wait.


It was a week since Yuki was still held a hostage at Watanabe headquarters. Sae tried to get any updates regarding the nurse’s status from the maids and they told him she’s doing well. They were actually take care of her as if she was a VIP guest entering a 5-star hotel. Today, the young representative of Miyazawa group came out and joined with his men that waited for him. It was quite some intense meeting since it was with all representatives from different yakuza groups that were alliances with Watanabe group. Some were even eternal rivals, but they had to push their differences aside for today. However, that was where he coincidently saw Mayu’s personal maid walking in a distance away. Without further ado he went up to her in order to get updates regarding Mayu’s whereabouts in the headquarters. Technically, she is still his fiancé.

“Ota-san, how’s Mayu-san nowadays?”

“She is same as usual. She has been working on a lot of paper files.”

“I see…is it possible that I could give her a visit?”

“Why so?”

“Can’t I drop by and pay my fiancé a visit?”

Ota somewhat seemed to be annoyed with how Sae talked, but she didn’t have the right to refuse it. If he were to marry to Mayu then he would technically be a part of Watanabe’s lineage. She didn’t have a choice but to allow his visit, despite how she was not pleased about her master’s engagement with Miyazawa.

“…Very well then, at the moment lady Kikuyo allows only 15-minute visit. If you wish to stay longer then you must personally request her.”

“That is more than enough, thank you.”

“Please follow me, but your guards have to wait at the entrance hall. I will escort you in and out personally.”

Miyazawa’s men had a reaction against Aika’s call. However, Sae stopped them from showing any signs of disapproval or rebellion. He nodded with a calm expression to accept her condition. He ordered his men to wait for him at the entrance hall while he went to visit Mayu. The maid led her way for man and as he walked through countless corridors until the point he seemed to lose his sense of direction. He never have been this deep before and started to wonder how big Watanabe headquarters could be. It already appeared to be immensely humongous, but it seemed there was more than what he expected. Finally, they turned at the corner where there were two men in black suit standing and they gave a death glare towards him…he realized that the two of them were directly glaring at him.

“He is Miyazawa Sae, Mayu-sama’s fiancé. He will have only 15 minutes to visit her.”

“Very well, visit approved.”

One replied, while another one nodded. Ota turned to Sae and told him that he had the permission, but he would be asked to leave after 15 minutes had gone by. As the guards moved away, the young maid approached and stood right in front of the entrance to converse with her master inside the room.

“Mayu-sama, you have a visit.”


“It is your fiancé, Miyazawa Sae.”

“…Fine, let him in.”

Mayu approved his visit, and Ota moved out of the way to let Sae go in to meet with his fiancé…as she was sitting at her working table working on a pile of paper files. This was the second time he saw her in that elegant yukata and it never fail to amaze him at all. He entered and closed the sliding door behind him in order to have that private moment with Mayu…but she seemed to be glaring at him with such cold eyes.

“…What do you want?”

“I wondered how are you doing. It’s been a while since I last saw you.”

“If your intention is to have a pointless casual talk, I would ask you to leave.”

“I believe it wouldn’t be such a good approach to jump to the point due to the intensity of the topic. I would like to have a soft start first before we get to the point.”

“…Now, or leave.”

“Wow, you can be ultimately stubborn, don’t you?”

Mayu only glared at him before she went back to work again. She completely ignored his presence and wouldn’t say a word until the man told his reason for his visit. He tried to break the awkward atmosphere, but Mayu simply didn’t have any intention to reply back to him. It arrived at the point that Sae felt like his young fiancé was dominating the entire conversation.

“You’re planning to ignore me the whole way, don’t you?”


Mayu didn’t say a word and it didn’t leave Sae any choice but to use his hidden trump card. He knew the only way to grab her attention was to poke on her weakness, which he realized after processing Mayu’s reaction and speech up to the last time he met her. Despite it was just a hypothesis, he had a gut feeling that the woman named Kashiwagi Yuki was the key to open the entrance door to Watanabe Mayu. 



She swiftly shot her eyes towards him and he successfully had 100% of her attention. However, she seemed to be very displeased with him mentioning her name in such a place like this. Mayu had been trying to forget about Yuki so that she wouldn’t need to be carrying such unbearable pain like this. However…with Sae mentioning her up again recalled Mayu’s feelings towards the raven-haired nurse. Before young Watanabe could say anything to threaten him, he interrupted her and gave her a head start with the reason he was here today.

“It is about Yuki. That’s why I’m here to visit you.”

“…What is wrong with her? Didn’t I tell you to look after her.”

“I did, however she’s very…stubborn and insane just like you. I wasn’t able to hold her down.”

“What the hell are you trying to say? Stop hitting around the bushes. I DEMAND you to speak, now.

Mayu was not pleased and used her absolute authority as a Watanabe to order him to speak the entire story to her. He sighed softly before he finally responded back to her to satisfy Mayu’s demand for the answer. He finally allowed his lips to move freely and elaborated the entire situation in detail that it eventually made Mayu’s expressed changed drastically. Her face went pale and her eyes were dilating widely. Her heart began racing and she found it difficult to even breath properly without puffing subtly. His words were like needles piercing her heart…and this was the first time she was desperately praying that this was merely a dream…


Rena was watching the sunset through window in her room…and she was oddly quiet as if she was waiting for someone to arrive. While the silence in her room echoed…she felt like she sensed another presence aside from her. In that vague reflection on the glass window, she saw that dark shadow behind her…her hallucination is back again. Was that something Rena was waiting for?


“You’re here again.”

(Of course! I’m you…and you’re me.)

“Why are you so persistent like this? Since that nightmare…I’ve start to see you every single day. Why the hell are you here…? Can’t you leave me alone?”

(Ah? Aren’t you the one that always call for me?)

“No I didn’t.”

(Ah you lied again. Don’t think that you can hide anything from me…my other me.)


(Ah~ You’re scared…but its understandable. I told you before didn’t I? Truth is hideous. However your desire to know keep calls for me to come out…and its getting stronger each day too.)

“…I feel like a freak talking to myself like this.”

(Maybe we are freaks? The day that there will be only ONE Matsui Rena will come much sooner than I thought.)

“W-What are you talking about?”

(You know what I meant, you’re clever and smart…you always are.)

“…Seriously, for some reason why do I despise you this much? This anger...hatred…it’s just overwhelming. I really hate you even though I don’t know why.”

(It’s obvious; because I hate myself and you hate yourself… we both hate each other passionately.)

“…Hate myself huh…is it because what I saw that day?”



(Hehehehehe…Fufufu…we’re connected ever since you start to show desires to remember the past…my memories are already yours. Once you’re not afraid to face me…)

That shadow suddenly disappeared and left Rena hanging. That shadow self of hers didn’t finish what she was saying and forced the raven-haired girl to turn around. That instant, those hollow black eyes stared back at her with that ridiculous malicious grin. She felt the chill run down her spine and instinctively backed away from that ghost-like face…and her reflex satisfied her shadow self, and it began giggling once again.

(…Then you will learn everything…EVERYTHING that you seek for…)

“You bastard…!”

(The fact that you have so much hatred towards me is a sign that our feelings are starting to connect…Fufufu…I look forward to talk to you again…my other me.)

Rena suddenly felt a surge or anger and hatred even more…she hated that shadow in front of her so much that she wished she could kill it. However, now that the shadow Rena told her that their feelings are connected…this weren’t her feelings…these emotions belonged to the real Matsui Rena. Somewhat, she carried immense hatred towards herself… but Rena didn’t know what could be the possible reason for that.



“Rena-chan, sorry I took my time. I need to clear some files before I can come over.”


She flinched, while not expecting the doctor to come in such a perfect timing when her shadow disappeared…she was trying to recover her mind back after her conversation with her shadow, but then Jurina’s worried expression caught her attention though. She was staring at Rena…and there was no single word uttered from her lips.

“Is there something on my face?”

“No…nothing. It’s just that…”

Jurina hesitated to continue but then she just shrugged it off. She changed the topic smoothly and asked Rena out for dinner tonight. The young raven-haired patient just nodded back despite the curiosity in her mind. Without further ado they went out to a ramen shop close by and ordered their own noodle bowl. They had a very enjoyable casual time with each other, but Rena could see a tinge of sadness hidden in Jurina’s eyes…something surely was bothering her. Probably it was about Yuki’s situation…and Rena tried her best to occupy Jurina’s mind with things so she wouldn’t be all depressed like this.

“Jurina! Let’s go to the arcade after this.”

“E-Eh? Arcade?”

“Yup, I want to play something like those game stalls at the park (Chapter 2). Being in hospital is quite boring in a way.”

“Hehe, sure. Let’s go after this.”

After they finished with dinner, they headed out to the game center and it was loud and lively. Colorful lights lightened up the entire center and it didn’t give a feeling that it’s evening already. Rena was so curious with everything and asked Jurina to teach her how to play. God knows how long they spent in the game center but it felt like it was a timeless moment between the two of them. Jurina teaching her sister how to play while watching Rena having cute funny ‘fail’ moments. Also, the doctor had some fun and was able to win some prizes along the way. Since the game center opens 24/7, they didn’t realize that it was already late 11pm. Both of them were surprised and left without further ado with a smile of satisfaction across their faces.

“That was fun! Thank you so much for teaching me how to play it.”

“Haha, don’t worry. I had fun too. Thanks Rena-chan.”

Both of them smiled and as Jurina looked up into the sky…her mind somewhat drifted off for a few seconds before Rena stared at her with wonder. Jurina kept glancing at her watch and the sky as if she was trying to come up with a decision for something…and she didn’t even bother to say it out. Rena eventually hit the point that she just had to ask her anyway.

“What’s wrong?”

“It's a clear sky today, do you want to stargazing before going back to the hospital?”

“T-That sounds so cool! Let’s go.”

“Haha! Sure, I know a good place to have a best view of the stars.”

It wasn’t that far as it took about 10 minutes driving from where the game center was located. She droved up the hill to go up above the city area…and she parked at this dark dimmed secluded parking area. Obviously Rena couldn’t tell where they were but she trusts Jurina enough to follow her without any questions.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll know, it’s just over there.”

Jurina literally headed towards the direction they drove up…and it was just a plain road used by drivers to get up and down the hill. However, when she managed to catch up with Jurina who was at the edge of the road, she didn’t realize that they could see the city easily along with the vast starry night sky from here. Nothing was blocking their view and Rena could see countless of stars shimmering in the black sky. She goggled with amazement and couldn’t hold back her excitement at all.

“T-This is so pretty…this is amazing!”

“I know right? On a pretty night or when I’m having a bad day, I would come here to watch the stars and the city at night. It does look like a gem, isn't?”

“Yeah, but you come here alone?”

“Usually with Yukirin. It would be dangerous to come alone at night and the fact that I’m a woman too. ”

“Ah I see…”

Rena felt awkward that she reminded Jurina about Yuki again…and she went in to hold her doctor’s hand tightly to grab her attention. They just exchanged glances with one another and no words were uttered. Somewhat Rena’s silence managed to convey its message to Jurina and she smiled back to her.

“I’m fine don’t worry. I’m just worried about Yukirin…she’s my best friend and is like a younger sister to me.”

“...What about me?”


Rena was equally shocked as Jurina…since she didn’t expect herself to blurt that out, or was that actually Rena who said it? The young raven-haired girl covered her mouth in an instant, but unfortunately Jurina heard her question already.

“…Of course, you’re like my younger sister too. We grew up together.”


“You’re my only family left, and I’ll do anything to protect you. It's a promise I made with…our mother.”

She didn’t say a word only but bit her lips softly. Despite Jurina was smiling, she could feel and see her carrying such a heavy burden on herself. In that smile of happiness hid sadness underneath. Rena just felt so helpless that she couldn’t help Jurina at all…and she wondered what is she capable of anyway. She really wished that the doctor would share those burdens with her…she wanted to carry it along with Jurina, and hoped to lessen the stress on the young doctor.

“You always make that sad face when we talk. Can’t you share your burdens with me?”

“Aw Rena-chan…I appreciate your kindness but its okay. Your older sister will take care of you so—”

“If being siblings make you hold back and making me a burden… then I don’t want us to be sisters!

Very subtly, there were two different tones talking in that same statement. The frustration from Rena’s dark side was leaking out and it’s starting to have effect on her right now. Jurina had a moment of startle and as she turned to look at Rena…she felt something coming closer to her face and sealed her lips before she could utter anything. Doctor’s eyes widened up while she felt those soft smooth hands cupped her cheeks. Thanks to the darkness, Jurina’s vision wasn’t exactly perfect and she couldn’t see Rena’s face…but she felt her lips. Her body and mind completely shut itself down and wasn’t able to respond to this at all. Few seconds later, she was able to breath through her lips as that soft press against her lips detached itself out.

If it means to shoulder your pain with you…then I don’t want us to be sisters. Please…


Jurina, I love you, not as an older sister but as—


That startled her and Rena snapped her senses back. It wasn’t her doing and she didn’t have complete control of the chaos…however, she remembered everything in detail of what exactly happened. There was something inside her that triggered her love for Jurina to be released out expressively. It’s making Rena losing control of her emotions and it ran wild…when she realized that it was too late. She already had committed a crime…she already had kissed Jurina. It was thanks to the doctor, it made Rena regained her control back once again. She apologized with utmost guilt and embarrassment and her voice was shaking so badly.

“I-I'm so sorry I didn’t meant to— I-I’m really sorry!”


“Just ignore what happened! Please…just…”

“I think I understand your feelings towards me but…it won’t work. Things between us won’t work… You know what I mean?”


“If you remember everything, that feeling of being siblings will return to you…and it would make you feel even worse than what it is right now. I don’t want you to go through that pain…”

Jurina spoke up her feelings and Rena understood what she meant. The real Rena probably loved and saw Jurina as her sister…not as a lover. When the current Matsui regained her lost memories, those feelings might return and it would be extremely awkward for her to be in love with someone she looked up to as her very own sister. Despite the young raven-haired girl understood what Jurina meant…she couldn’t deny this pain of rejection anyway. She already fell in love with her and there’s nothing she could do to fix it. She just nodded gently but tears started running down her cheeks and made her voice cracked. That instant, Jurina could tell that she was crying…and no one could understand the pain of rejection as well as the young doctor. She’s been living and was cursed with it ever since she had feelings for Rena back then. She didn’t know what she could do…honestly the doctor was happy that Rena actually loved her the same she do towards her. However…if they accepted this, later they would crash hard. Jurina still had that fear about Rena’s memories returning…that’s why, she can’t accept this current truth right now. It’s the best for both of them.

“…Rejection always hurts, I understand how you feel.”

“M-Mmm… but it's the truth…either way…w-we can’t escape it.”

She sounded as if she was shivering from the cold, but it was all because of her crying and caused her voice to break. Just watching Rena crying like this felt like a knife stabbed through Jurina’s heart…Despite she kept reiterating that it was the best for both of them in her mind…but still she’s couldn’t refuse this inner selfishness…

“…How about just one last one?”

“Eh? Last one…?”

“What we did just now…I don’t mind if we do it again…”

“W-What…? Jurina t-that’s—”

“Insane…yes I know. That’s why…its just one last time.”

“…You don’t have to do this out of sympathy for me. Please…it would hurt me—”

Jurina cupped Rena’s cheek and turned over to her so they could look into each other’s eyes passionately…the younger Matsui wasn’t expecting that coming and despite she couldn't see the doctor’s face clearly in the darkness…she knew it was there, very close to hers. She expected her heart to pound crazily, but this time it was so peaceful. Each heartbeat felt so calm and filled with happiness of satisfaction. Is this something Rena wanted as well? Despite it is so wrong to do this? However, Jurina offered it, just tonight, they’ll be lovers. She didn’t want to take advantage of Jurina’s kindness… but she’s couldn’t refuse this inner selfishness…she wanted this.

“Just…think of it as fulfilling your satisfaction. Pour everything into this one last kiss…I’ll take it, and accept it. That’s the best I could do for you.”


That instant she accepted the existence of her selfishness, she felt this mysterious heavy feeling inside her chest again. It was responding to her selfish desires and it multiplied it up to the point she could lose her control again…however, Rena let it loose, and allowed those emotions to run wild again.


Slowly and steadily…it was as if their hearts were in sync. The young one snaked her arms around her neck and moved her face in to satisfy her lust and love for Jurina. The doctor simply didn’t reject it…and kiss her back gently while refraining herself from doing anything. As Rena desired for more and shoved in closer to feel Jurina’s body warmth…the doctor responded by embracing her in tightly into her warm arms. From just a normal rest against each other’s lips, gradually became an intimate kiss of no return…Rena wasn’t able to and chose not to control herself back for this one. Her lustful desires for Jurina unleashed out in this one kiss…and she’s taking it for granted. Deep down inside her heart she knew this is horrible, but she can’t help it. If Jurina didn’t tempt her with one last kiss then she probably would be able to hold back…it’s Jurina’s fault for making Rena fell into abyss of temptation. Along side with her burning feeling for Jurina…she felt another emotion along with it. A ‘yearning’ emotion, as if…she yearned for this moment to happen for so long and finally her wishes came true.


Even though it was yesterday, Rena felt like it’s eternal. She wished that it could become reality…but it never would. Jurina rejected her feelings in the end and starting today from now on they would remain as friends/siblings. At least, that last kiss she shared with Jurina satisfied and soothed her heart from having a permanent scar on it. The doctor was way too kind to Rena and it felt like the younger one was taking for granted as well…

(Hehehe…wise choice letting your emotion run wild)

“…It’s you, isn't? You made me lose control.”

(I’m doing it a favor for you. Why are you angry with me? Ah right I forgot…we hate each other.)

“I’m not angry at you, it’s more of I want to thank you for that.”


“If it wasn’t for you, then I wouldn’t be satisfied, complete and relieved like this.”

(…Fufu…you don’t hate me anymore?)

“I still do hate you, but at the same time I don’t…our feelings are just messed up.”

(Fufu…yes yes…because we’re like two opposite sides of the same coin…)

The dark shadowed smiled suspiciously before it faded away again. Each day wasn’t as boring anymore since she had this shadow that constantly popped up…but the more she interacted with it the more Rena’s changing. She started to realize the way she thinks and how she talks…it was as if she’s regaining it back more than developing it. She’s getting more synchronized with her other self and…she’s starting to change. She couldn't help but to wonder that did Jurina recognized that in her or not…


“Jurina-sensei, all the cases are done and went up to ICU. Please take a break if you need it.”


The ER nurse went up to the doctor after she finished treating her patient. It was just a mild accident and the man needed a cast for his fractured leg. Without further ado Jurina went straight to the lounge room for doctors to rest during their shift. She didn’t have her daily morning coffee yet since she woke up a bit late and decided to use this valuable time to have her daily dosage. While thinking about yesterday…and surprisingly it wasn’t about the kiss…it was about Rena. She remembered that moment she came to meet with Rena after her shift was over like it was happening few seconds ago. What she saw at that moment…those eyes, air, and even speech pattern…it was very identical to Matsui Rena…the real Rena she grew up with at their home. She literally felt that chill running down her spine when they made eye contact with one another. It gave her a big shock was as if she was facing with little Rena she grew up with. She couldn’t believe her eyes that this was actually happening…but she’s obligated to accept the truth. The current dorky Rena-chan is gradually becoming how she used to be, prior to the accident Obviously the doctor wasn’t sure Rena even realized that herself or not…but this isn’t something she's looking forward to at all…

If god could fulfill her selfish request, she wanted the current Rena to stay… because they both had feelings for each other in the same way. However, if those lost memories and feelings finally returned back to Rena…then she’s obligated to give up on these feelings and become Rena’s older sister forever. She would definitely need Jurina no matter what because she’s the only family member left that Rena have. Now that Jurina though about it she might be able to give up… not only Rena was satisfied and relieved from that last kiss... Jurina felt the same too. She felt oddly calm and complete after that night with Rena, and never felt like this before in her life. Maybe after she fulfilled her desires…she was able to move on and be fully-pledge to her job as Rena’s older sister.


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>> Full Ver. ( <<



“…That concludes it all.”

Sae finally finished what he wanted to say, and realized that Mayu was remaining in silence with her eye closed. She stood up from her seat and rested both her palms against the table while keeping her eyes down onto the table without any respond.  She tried to maintain her composure as much as she could before she finally utter the first word after Sae gave her the whole explanation about Yuki’s situation.

“…You’re lying.”

“I’m sorry, I wish this is a big fat lie. The best I could do is to stop lady Kikuyo from pulling that trigger. I might be the next leader of Miyazawa group engaged to you but I do not have that authority to match up against your mother.”

“Tell me that this is one of your foolish lie—”

“I wish it is. It is my fault, I’m the one to be blamed for putting Yuki in a vulnerable and difficult situation like this.”

“It doesn’t sound to me that you’re guilty about it.”

Mayu retorted back while she approached him to grab tightly onto his shirt collar. Usually she would maintain her composure, but not this time. She expressed her dissatisfaction and anger towards him and somewhat was unconsciously blaming Sae for putting Yuki into danger.

“I asked you to take care of her properly, if you did… this wouldn't have happened.”

“Feel free to blame me as much as you want. However, you should know her well. She simply wouldn’t back down when she made her final decision.”

“…Quit with the excuses already.”

“You know that woman more than I do. I threatened and warned her how dangerous this could be, and yet she still persist to go through all of this JUST for the sake of seeing you. Instead of you wasting your energy to blame me, just leave it for a while and lady Kikuyo will let Yuki go. She simply just wants to teach her a lesson to not interfere with the yakuza group recklessly like this.”


Mayu sighed and tried to catch her breath after her heart had been racing nonstop ever since she learned about Yuki’s whereabouts. She was obviously panicking…but she was doing her best to hide it from Sae. However, the man was smart enough to even feel the slight tremble coming from Mayu’s clutch. Her fiancé could tell that Mayu was definitely emotionally affected with what was happening with Yuki. It became much more clearer that this composed doctor easily lost her touch when it comes to nurse Kashiwagi… and Mayu’s reaction gave more than enough prove to him. He sighed and gripped onto her hands before giving a slight nudge to give her a sign that he could see through her mask. At situations like this, the young Watanabe couldn’t completely hide her emotions behind usual poker face.

“I know you’re frustrated. It seems when it comes to Yuki you’re…become more like a human being. Comparing to that cold heartless yakuza I met few days ago…it is as if I’m confronting a two different people, sharing a same body. I wonder which is the real Watanabe Mayu?”


“You love her…don’t you?”


Mayu glared back without uttering a single word, and her eyes did all the talking instead. Sae had more than enough hints to know his fiance’s feelings towards the young nurse she worked with at the hospital. Somewhat he wasn’t surprised with it and remained in silence to give Mayu to time to at least calm down a little bit more before they continued the conversation.

“I admit, she’s very attractive…but I believe that’s all my male hormones doing the talking.”

“…You’re right. There’s no point to deny it anymore once its out.”

Mayu sighed and slowly took a few steps back before leaning against the working table behind her. Instead of raging or denying that fact, she accepted it calmly that it was already out there. She only kept her eyes down without giving any single reaction aside from pure sorrow. If they weren’t in such a difficult situation like this, Sae would like to use this to attack Mayu…but he had enough humane heart to not do that to her at this state. He actually sympathized for her. Mayu began shaking her head and mumbling things under her breath and only Sae could hear it. Presumably she didn’t want the guards outside the door to hear their conversation, one of them could be lady Kikuyo’s spy after all.

“Mom is holding her a hostage…no…a week? Seven days…this is not good…this is…no…this is bad…”

“Mayu, get a grip. If you start to chicken out right now then who the hell will help Yuki out?”


“I’m really not in a position to give any advice or suggestions, but do whatever you feel its right to do. I know the advice is shitty lame, but pretty much I don’t know what to say right now. That’s the best advice that could be said at this situation”


She couldn’t hold back her chuckle anymore and had to agree with Sae’s statement. His advice was ridiculously lame and obviously everyone would know that…however, it was actually something that she needed to hear. She was being very rational and realistic…but sometimes she needs to cast that aside and follows what she believe is right. However, she wondered what would be the consequence of what she wished to do right now.

“I wish, but things will go down if I do those crazy things—”

“Heh, since when we give a crap with this life and have anything to lose anyway?”


Mayu cracked up and she couldn’t hold back her laugh anymore. Her stomach was cramping up and she had to take a number of deep breaths before she could give her response back to him. Miyazawa made a big point and she couldn’t help but to agree with it. Both of them are actually very similar in many ways. They are bound to their family’s responsibility…and their life have been decided ever since they’re born into the family. They never have a choice to live a life they truly wanted… In a way, Mayu might actually agree that Sae could pass as a male counterpart of her.

“You’re right…since when we give a crap of this life? Why didn’t I realize this at all…? My fear towards my mother is really affecting me. It’s been haunting me ever since I could even remember.”

“I got nothing to say about that. I feel you.” 

In the midst of silence, no words were exchanged between the two. They made an eye contact with each other followed by a vague smile across their face. At least their conversation seemed to lighten up whatever burdens they both carried in their hearts. Despite they don’t seem to get along well at the beginning, they were able to have a good talk with each other.

“…If we didn’t meet in this sort of situation, I think we can be good friends.”

“We’re too alike in different ways that it creeps me out, Mayu-sama.”

“Cut with that crap, will you?”

“Technically you’re my boss, and despite we’re engaged for a while…I thought I would fall in love with you due to how intellectual you are.”

“You thought huh?”

He smiled before he continued where he left off. He told her that he was actually attracted to her right on the first day they met at the hospital and exchanged words with one another. It was the first time he was able to debate with someone intensively and excitingly like this. He felt like something kept pulling him to Watanabe Mayu, and felt like this woman would be someone that he could potentially have romantic feelings for. However, it didn’t happen at the slightest even though he tried to fall in love with Mayu, his fiancé. He felt something was more than just a romantic feeling…a rivalry feeling? Friendship? Something other than that? Sae couldn't answer it either, and despite he had no words to explain but the message reached the young lady.

“…I know what you mean. I guess we both are just too similar to each other. It's the same feeling I have towards Jurina, we’re very close yet we shared no intimate feelings for one another. She’s someone I can trust my back to.”

“I see, I guess we can be good friends then.”

“Hmph, perhaps so, Sae.”

“As I expected…it’s pleasant talking to you, Mayu.”

“Despite we have a wrong start, it will be unfortunate to waste such an opportunity like this…”

Mayu muttered softly before she extended her hand towards him as her offer for a handshake. He was slightly amazed with her reaction and couldn’t help but to have more interest in this young lady. He could see such a strong heart filled with confidence through her eyes. That frustrated young girl somewhat disappeared from his sight, and only the young lady was in front of him. She had such an unwavering heart that it cleared all of the doubts in Sae’s mind.

“I’m not interested to marry you even though our families forces us to do so. I’m interested to get to know more about you…as a friend.”


“So, what do you say?”

“…Heh, I look forward to see what kind of future will you create and change. Besides that, wouldn’t be interesting to be a friend of the future boss of Yakuza group?”

Without hesitation, Sae grabbed her hand and they both had a firm handshake. Mayu had made Sae interested in her than before and he was actually looking forward to see what kind of future would this young lady create within the world of yakuza. He had a feeling, Mayu would be able to make life much more interesting and exciting than his current life. Due to Mayu’s unwavering heart, it made Sae decided to take the risk of siding with her just for the sake of watching what the his future leader would do in the near future.

“Unfortunately I must leave for a meeting with other representatives from other yakuza groups. Good luck to whatever you’re going to do, I look forward to see what kind of insanity you’re planning to pull.”

“That’s such a nice encouragement of you. There’s nothing much but catastrophe up ahead of me.”

“…But something about your catastrophe makes it so intriguing and appealing. Someone insane like you is capable of creating miracle. If you may excuse my leave, boss.”

Sae only smirked with joy as he made one great friend today. Before he could leave, Mayu only stared at him from behind and called his name calmly to catch his attention. Once he turned around the young lady thrust her fist forward towards him and it seemed she had something to give to him. Without any words, Sae extended his hand forward with curiosity and that was when young Watanabe dropped her engagement ring into his hand. It seemed after their talk, she didn’t need this anymore.

“That’s yours after all, I don’t need it anymore.”

“…Very well then, if you don’t mind if I use this for my next engagement.”

“Go nuts, do whatever you want with that thing. I don’t give a crap of it. Like I said, I don’t need it anymore.”

Sae smirked softly to himself and willingly accepted the engagement ring back. He could see from her eyes and her voice that Mayu had no longer have hesitations anymore. It seemed their friendly talk just now allowed her to follow what she believed without being restrained by fear. He couldn’t help but to extend another hand and ruffled her head like a little girl. At least, Mayu was a few years younger than him. Few seconds that young Watanabe was caught off guard, she brushed his hand away and had a puzzled look.

“What the hell was that for?”

“…I like your guts, Mayu.”


“See you around, I’ll make sure to stay up to date with the results of your insanity.”

“…Hmph, just go away.”

“Very well then, boss.”

Sae left her without further ado and he actually supported his young friend to do the most insanity choice she could think of. However, Mayu felt like she was actually receiving support from him in an indirect way. She placed her hand on top of her heart and felt every heartbeat against her ribs. She allowed fear for her mother to overwhelm her and thus she wasn’t acting like how the usual ‘Watanabe Mayu’ would act. If she didn’t let that fear take part in her life any longer…then there’s nothing that would stop her anymore.

“Thanks Sae…you made me realized so many things, and understanding myself even more…I’ve always been a slave to fear without realizing it like a moron. However right now I’m…”


Rabutan heard a weird voice inside and entered the room without permission, and that was when she saw a trail of blood running down the corner of her mouth. It seemed the young reckless Watanabe punched herself too hard that she accidentally cut the corner of her lips. The young maid had a shock of her life and rushed to her master’s side with frustration without further ado.

“Mayu-sama! Are you okay??”

“Heh, just did a little too hard on myself, but that’s refreshing.”

She wiped her blood from the corner of her lips before she let out such a big energetic smile. Rabutan couldn’t believe her eyes and had a moment of speechlessness, as she couldn’t remember the last time she saw that bright smile from her master. The chains that shackled her disappeared and there was such a strong resolved portrayed through her eyes.


“Rabutan, do you know where Yuki is?”

“Ah… yes, she’s actually at the office sector.”

“Mom is there too right?”

“…Unfortunately, yes. She haven’t left the office sector for few days already.”

“Well, that makes it easier.”

Mayu walked out from the room without further ado and the guards in front of the door were not expecting this. They rushed passed her to block the path as it was their duty to prevent Mayu from escaping at all cost. However, their actions didn’t make the young Watanabe wavered at the slightest. Rabutan ran out from the room to catch up with her master who approached the guards without fear.

“Mayu-sama, please return back to your room.”

“What if I choose not to?”

“…Then we don’t have a choice but to resolve with force. We cannot let you leave here without lady Kikuyo’s order.”

“Sorry, but I’m at the point of not giving a crap of anything right now. If you want to stop me much, then bring it on.”

The two guards froze on the spot as they felt Mayu’s heavy and yet intimidating aura. They could easily feel such overwhelming determination coming showing through her eyes and they unconsciously surrender to young Watanabe’s presence. Mayu simply walked passed them effortlessly and proceeded on. Rabutan was in a moment of awe just like the other two guards and when she finally snapped back, she rushed after her master immediately.


“What’s with the commotion?”

An old man came out from the room into the hallway where Mayu was walking through. Howver, she froze on the spot with surprise and then they made a silent eye contact with each other. As Rabutan finally caught up with her master, she had a chill down her spine the moment she met with this old man…the current leader of Watanabe Group, Watanabe Ichiro.


“Ah, I knew it that it would be you that made those noises outside.”


“So, you’re planning to stand up against your mom?”

Mayu remained in silence as her dad threw her a question. Her actions obviously spoke for itself that she’s going to be standing up against her mother, and Ichiro was wondering whether his daughter was well prepared for it or not. That instant the young lady made an eye contact with her father, he was quite surprised by it. The life and burning passion her Mayu’s eyes showed how determined she was to move on…and there’s no such thing as regret hinted in her eyes at all.

“I don’t have anything to lose to you, mom or Watanabe group…except for one thing.”


Her safety. No matter what it takes, even if it costs my life…I’ll use it to protect her from anything that will to harm her. Her wellbeing and safety means everything to me now.”

“…I see, who is this lucky lady that have my daughter’s love?”

“You wouldn’t know her, dad.”

“That’s why I want to know who is this young lady.”

Her father had such a calm aura but so calm that it became frightening. He had an opposite aura from Mayu’s mother, but his tranquil presence was as heavy as Kikuyo’s…or maybe even more than that. Whilst lady Kikuyo was the fierce wild beast, Ichiro would be the gallant peaceful one. Even though Mayu was someone that’s very skilled in reading human’s reactions and emotions…but she couldn’t predict a single thing that was going on in the back of her father’s mind. His peaceful smile was just so soothing, but yet terrifying to Mayu.

“…Her name is Kashiwagi Yuki. Right now, mom is holding her custody due to her stupidity to speak up against her in one of her meetings.”

Mayu was very blunt and just stated how Yuki was being stupid with her actions; it seemed in such a tough frustrated situation like this, her sarcasm is still active. However, Yuki’s name caught her father’s attention and he had a moment of trance as he felt so familiar with that name.

“Kashiwagi…that name…”

“Dad? What’s wrong?”

“Correct me if I’m wrong…Is her father Kashiwagi Azuma?”

“H-How did you know that?? He’s the one of the directors of the hospital I work—I mean…the hospital I used to work at.”

“Ah I see…that’s why…hmph.”

He only smiled softly to himself and seemed to be having some thoughts behind his peaceful mask. Obviously it made young Watanabe curious and wondered how did her father knew about the head director of the hospital. She thought about countless possibilities that her father might possibly know Yuki, or not. However, her father’s expression was too calm that she couldn’t possibly predict anything at all.

“Normally I would’ve to stop you, but if you have decided to go…then I don’t see the point of stopping you.”



“However, the person you’re confronting no other than your mother, who’s probably the most scariest person of Watanabe Group. She’s far wiser and has more experience than you in everything. To confront Kikuyo is the very last thing anyone wants. Despite you know that well, are you ready to challenge and confront against her?”

“Like I said, I don’t have anything to lose! With everything I have left, I’ll use it to protect her…to protect Yuki from Watanabe group and mom!!”

The young daughter declared loudly of her resolution in her actions. That heat of moment, Ichiro saw a reflection of another young woman behind Mayu and couldn’t hold back his smile of relief at all. It seemed he met someone that had the same exact eye as Mayu in the past, which made him beamed a nostalgic smile out. He walked up to her and gave her a warm pat on the head. His gentle actions caught her off guard and stared back at her father with awe.


“What is it that you’re willingly to pay to get out from here without being stopped?”


“You must be very familiar with our golden rule. You must pay equivalently to what you wish to have. I’ll give you the authority to leave here without being interfered, but what is it that you will pay for it?”

 Her father spoke up the golden rule of Watanabe group…and it was one of the things she was forced to remember ever since she could read and write. The young girl nodded and glared back at her father without any tinge of hesitation or fear in her eyes. She was more than prepared for this ever since she could remember.

“My life. I’ll do everything…and I’ll fulfill my duty as the succeeding leader of Watanabe Group.”

“…Very well then. By this year, you’ll need to bear a child. If you accept the deal, you’re more than free to go and do anything as you please. I’ll grant you the authority to be the Leader of Watanabe Group temporarily.”


“That’s my deal, what do you say?”


Rabutan was standing on the spot and worried about her master…basically what Ichiro was saying was for Mayu to trade her life’s freedom for the sake of saving this one girl that she loved. Obviously the young servant wouldn’t agree for such a thing…she was Mayu’s retainer ever since they’re just little kids until now, and it’s obvious that she deeply cared for Mayu more than just a servant-master relationship. She wished that her stubborn master wouldn't do something stupid like that…but at the same time she knew the answer already. Her master, Watanabe Mayu, was more than ready to sacrifice anything for Kashiwagi Yuki. Meanwhile, young Watanabe remained in silence and made an eye contact back to her father…and her eyes had no tinge of hesitation in it.

“…Thank you, dad.”

Mayu bowed her head down slightly before she walked passed him without any single word. With her actions, she accepted her father’s condition and she couldn’t explain how relief she was right now. Without any more hesitation in her heart, Mayu’s one and only destination is Watanabe Office Sector…where her mother held Yuki in custody. As for Rabutan, she was completely lost and had no clue what to do at that point. She wondered she should follow Mayu or not…but that would mean she’s a traitor to Watanabe group. At that midst of moment she’s pondering anxiously, Ichiro approached her and gave her a soft tap on the shoulder to catch her attention.

“Go with her if you wish so, don’t worry, only Mayu will be the one that receives the consequences.”


“Do what is right, after all…right now, Watanabe Mayu is the current Leader of Watanabe Group, not me. Besides that, she is your master after all.”

His words made her remembered the first day she pledge her eternal loyalty to Mayu…and ever since then, the young Watanabe has always be her one and only master. The current leader gave the young maid a nudge forward once again and no words were exchanged between the two. She had a deep breath before she turned back to him and gave a 90° bow as her gratitude to his kindness.

“Thank you, Ichiro-sama. Excuse my leave.”

Rabutan ran after Mayu to catch up with her and the old man just simply stay back and watch the new young generations stepped up their game in this old-fashioned society they’re in. Ichiro could remembered his daughter’s eyes so clearly and couldn’t help but to remind him of this young lady who had the exact same burning passion in her eyes like Mayu. It made him wonder how far would the young Watanabe’s determination would take her…and what future would be waiting for her.



Rabutan finally catch up with her master and stood in her way. She was puffing while their eyes met…and Mayu chose not to say a word and just moved to the side to proceed on. She bit her lips and grabbed her master’s arm to pull her attention towards her completely.

“MAYU!! Listen to ME!”


That instant, the young servant threw the honorific away and caught Mayu’s attention in an instant. The young master was surely surprise that her servant raised her voice up like that, and before she could say anything else, Rabutan interrupted her and spoke her heart out.

“You’re reckless, too straightforward, and a moron. You always like to hide everything in your heart and never rely on anyone for help no matter what…and that really does hurts and pisses me off. Despite I’m just a servant, it feels like crap when I can’t do anything to help you…as a friend.”


“No matter how hard and many obstacles are in the path you choose…I’ll walk with you, and fight with you.”

“I don’t want you to risk your life for my reckless—”

“Stop thinking you’re alone already!”

Mayu was interrupted and flinched back after her retainer rose up her voice against her. That was when another individual entered the conversation. One of them was applauding Aika’s speech towards her master and both herself and Mayu turned around to meet with unexpected guest.

“Finally someone said something. You would look ridiculously weird if you run in to save your princess with that outfit, Mayu-chan.”

She threw a bag towards her and Mayu caught it instinctively. That was when she realized that her casual clothes were packed inside it neatly. Slowly looking up towards another alluring lady, she walked up to her and gave Mayu a nudge right in the middle of her sternum.

“I agree with Rabutan, you’re such a troublesome master.”


“Sorry for being very late to help you out, I just got back today from Hokkaido meeting with Yamamoto group. After I heard that you got into deep trouble with Kikuyo-sama, ”

Miyuki beamed her friendly smile to both Mayu and Rabutan and she continued from where Mayu’s young servant spoke. She flicked her finger right onto young Watanabe’s forehead and that made caught her off guard in an instant. Futhermore, Miyuki had no guilty conscious or what she did and only smiled with enjoyment. It seemed both Miyuki and Mayu are quite close to each other that she didn’t care Mayu is the succeeding leader of Watanabe group.

“Ow! Miyuki that actually hurts!! What was that for??”

“That’s your fault for being so reckless and such a troublesome.”

She pouted softly and Miyuki walked to Rabutan’s side before she turned back to make an eye contact with Mayu. Both retainers smiled and hoped that their message would reach their master. Meanwhile, the young Watanabe was anxious with what to do with the two of them and she couldn't help but stare back at Miyuki, because she’s not currently Mayu’s servant like Rabutan.

“Miyuki…you’re not my retainer, so why are you—”

“Just shut up, you idiot~ I’m coming with you, so just suck it up.”

“To argue with you is the worse thing I could ever want…”

Mayu couldn’t be bothered arguing with Miyuki, because she would be able to make her lose utterly. The young master looked back at her two friends, and realized that they don’t have any intention to move out of the way until Mayu accepted them to join the path she’s walking down. She sighed once again and ruffled her hair as a sign of giving up.

“…You guys keep calling me stubborn and reckless, aren’t you two too?”

“Just like you.”

They responded with unison back to her and it made Mayu sighed once again. However, she let out a smile of relief that she had such a great friend that would walk down the path she chose no matter what. Without further ado, she removed her kimono out and get into her casual clothing. It seemed Miyuki brought her favorite blue parka and she wore it with nostalgic feelings. Once she came out from the room where she was changing her clothes, she saw her two friends waiting for her with a welcoming smile. It seemed Miyuki picked the right clothes for Mayu after all. She felt very comfortable in this outfit of hers: favorite blue parka and long indigo jeans.

“…Miyuki, I’ll need your assistance to infiltrate the office sector.”

“Hehe, this sounds like Mission Impossible! Leave it to me, I know all the secret passages and places to infiltrate without being caught~ Even it is lady Kikuyo!”

“Thanks, I’ll leave that to you…let’s go now.”

“Yes ma’am!”


It has been few days since that day they went on a date. Ever since then, the two of them have been acting very normal with each other, and somewhat pretended that the kiss they shared didn’t exist or never happen. Like any other days once again...that another 'RENA' appeared and talked to her again...and it seemed she started to appear much more frequently than before.

(Another lunch with Jurina eh?)

“…So what if I am?”

(How interesting to see how far can you pretend with those feelings?)

“You…should learn to shut up once in a while”

(You’re telling ME to shut up? Hehehehehe! You’re just funny…Rena-chan)

“Shut UP—!!”


In the midst of Rena and dark Rena’s conversation, a knock interrupted them. She awkwardly walked up to the door to see who it was and it turned out to be Dr. Airin, who came to pay her a visit. The young raven-haired girl had a moment of surprise when she saw him, but eventually a warm smile appeared across her face. Both Yuki and Mayu are not around and with the awkward situation between her and Jurina made Rena had no one to go to for comfort or even have some peace.


“Sorry I came without giving you a heads up. I didn’t expect I would have a long break today so…yeah, I thought of paying you a visit. Are you busy or anything?”

“Not at all! I’m just relaxing, and being bored in my room like usual.”

“How’s your therapy going? Are you starting to remembering things?”

“Little by little. Things started to come back to me…but I’m still missing the big piece of the picture. All the memories…are all scattered and not connecting with each other.”

“I see, don’t worry about it. I know everything will be fine.”

He gave her a pat along with a gentle smile for her. In such a tough situation like this, Dr. Airi would be the one and only person that Rena could go to for consultation or even a friendly talk. Jurina used to always be that person to her but…after that night, everything changed. Rena could even tell that Jurina was emotionally pushing herself away from her to create a border between the two: that border that must not be crossed. However it was not just Jurina who was pushing away…Rena was doing the same thing too. The younger Matsui was consciously refusing to allow her feelings for Jurina to grow.

“Rena-chan, do you want to go have a walk? It might be a bit boring since you know the whole interior of the hospital already, but it’s more fun than being inside the room the whole day.”

“I would love to, Airin-san.”

They both left the room and then the male doctor accompanied Rena while they have a wander around the hospital. They watched the same old view that they likely saw every single day, but with a friend it makes things livelier. They went to the cafeteria to buy a cup of coffee and went into the convenience store to buy snacks or drinks for Rena to store in her room.

“The hospital just recently renovated the park area, are you interested to come with me to check it out?”

“Ah yes, I heard about that from Jurina, and we should!”

Being with this doctor who was much older than her made her felt at ease…similar to how she felt when she was with Jurina, Yuki, or Mayu. It was that gentle aura radiating out from them that made her able to find a peace in her mind by just being around them. She could see that Airi looked more relaxed than the last time she met him, and she was glad that he doesn’t look as anxious anymore. In their last meeting, Airi told her that he was going through some tough things and it was probably making him anxious.

“Airin-san, is your problem solved?”


“You seemed to look more relaxed than the last time we met. I like it more when you smile, and not doing that worried face.”


“O-Oh, sorry for being nosy! I’m saying stuffs without thinking again…I’m so—”

“No, not at all…I should say, thank you Rena-chan. It feels nice to have someone to worry about you when you’re down.”

“U-Uhm…you don’t have friends?”

“Well…a few, but most of them are VERY busy like I am. Even though we have things that are bothered in our minds, we don’t exactly share family matters with one another.”

“How about your family?”

“My parents are always busy. I doubt they even know I’m actually anxious with a lot of things.”


Rena was running out of what to say and she was simply narrowing things down in order to extend the conversation for a little longer. At least, she hoped that she could pick up some few words Airi spoke up and continued it from there. But so far, his answers were not exactly making the conversation going anywhere. The more they talked about his worries the more Rena could feel a tinge of melancholy on his face.

“I actually have one younger sister, she’s a couple years older than you and she’s actually studying abroad right now. She’s extremely busy and studious.”

“Wow…that sounds amazing.”

“So yeah, even my family is too busy to hear or understand how I’m feeling. However, that’s part of being an adult, to just tough up and deal with it. I’m used to it and have been dealing with a lot of things throughout my life like that.”

“But I think we always need someone, once in a while. Sometimes…we can’t handle everything all alone.”

Rena somewhat disagreed with what Airi said. In some ways…she felt like Airi shared the same vibe as Jurina in a way. Both of them carried the burdens and bottle up their emotions to themselves without any intention to rely on others. How ironic, that it was something that both Mayu and Jurina taught her…but then her sister doesn’t exactly do what she said. Her words seemed to make Airi have a speechless moment. Young Matsui hoped her words reached the doctor and it took him quite a while before he could reply back to her.

“Wow, that was deep, and thanks Rena-chan. I need that slap in the face.”

“I-I didn’t mean to do that! I-I’m so sorry Airin-san!”

“Hey don’t worry! You’re actually right. No matter how strong the person is, you will need a person to lean on at times. Thank you, Rena-chan.”

Airi let out a smile of relief after he received Rena’s wise words. Despite he knew that fact very well, it felt different when someone said that to him. That was when he began telling what was bothering him for years…and even until now it’s still making him anxious and frustrated. Furukawa family was filled with medical professions, literally. His grandparents were doctors, his father is a doctor whilst his mother is a medical laboratory scientist. His uncle and aunts are doctors, pharmacologists, pharmacists, chiropractors, or any medical professions out there. Therefore, it would be obvious that his cousins would be in the medical profession too, just like him. He had a cousin that was more talented and highly likely a genius too…and Airi felt that his father and other family members obviously compared him to his cousin. They’re both doctors, and also in the same specialty too. Despite his cousin is a nice person…he couldn’t help but to harbor anger and grudge towards that relative of his that did nothing wrong to him at all. Airi started to hate himself for being immature and directed his frustration to his cousin like a jealous child.

“Even though everyone says that my father is not comparing me to my cousin…but I’m sure deep down he does. We both are just too alike to not be compared. There will always be a ‘better’ doctor between the two of us.”


“Sorry to make you hear all of this Rena-chan, I’m quite immature, aren’t I?”

“No, not at all! Isn’t that just normal for all of us…? We do have feelings, and its normal for us to feel like that. Even you’re a great doctor, we’re both are just humans that can be happy…and angry.”


“Airin-san, I think I can relate to how you feel…I’m currently going through a lot of conflicting emotions and accepting things I wished I can deny, but it’s still me anyway. I’m not a nice girl like what you and everyone sees…I’m pretty sure I’m a selfish brat too.”


“I guess that makes us the same! So yeah…I understand your burdens and the pain, and it does feel nice when you say it, isn’t?”

Rena’s innocent smile made Airi’s day. He blushed slightly with how radiant this girl next to him could smile after hearing his dark confession. This young Matsui was like an angel that came to help him and he unconsciously let out a gentle smile across his face. Airi’s smile was just so sincere and pure that it caught Rena’s attention in an instant, and that was more than enough to tell her that the troubled doctor felt slightly better in some ways. He paused for a moment before looking up into the deep blue sky silently while allowing himself to calm down. Rena just stood there with him without saying a word, and hoped that she was able to help this poor doctor go through his tough times. It didn’t take him that long before he looked back down to make an eye contact with Rena before beaming out a smile of relief.

“Thank you, Rena-chan. I’m glad that it’s you hearing me out.”

“I’m glad that I’m capable of helping you out, even just a little!”

“You did more than just little…you listened to what I had to say to make myself feel slightly better, thank you.”

“I guess that’s what friends are for, isn’t?”

“Hehe, yeah…you’re right.”

For some reason, Rena realized that Airi had a moment before he replied back to her but she didn’t pay much attention to it. They continued walking around the garden and realized how much change was made. More flowers were planted, and the old pathway was renovated as well. They actually have a playground corner for kids as well, and overall there were a few additional things added. After they completed one little detour round, Airi checked his watch and realized that he needed to return back to his duty once again.

“I have to return back in 10 minutes, sorry that this is over for today.”

“That’s okay! I enjoyed talking around like this, and we did have a great talk.”

“Yeah we did, I’ll escort you back to your room.”

“If you’re in a rush, that’s fine! I don’t want you to be late.”

“It’s all good, plus…I have something I want to talk to you about.”

As they were walking back, Airi seemed to be slightly nervous and have been taking been breaths every now and then. Obviously, it made Rena wondered but all she could do was waiting for him to be ready to speak to her. Maybe he had something very important he wanted to say and that’s why he was taking his time to prepare himself? Rena had such an innocent thought and just simply wait for him to be ready to speak up, but he was surely taking too long being in silence like this.

“Uhm…you don’t have to tell me now, there’s no rush! We can always talk, and we can always do it next time!”

“…No, it has to be now. Sorry that I’m a little nervous, because this is going to be my first time doing something like this.”


“Rena-chan…I…think I really do like you.”


Being held captive in this place for days and Yuki didn’t know what to do aside from staying still in the room. The maids and others didn’t bother to speak to her and they simply did their job --- keeping her alive and captive. Ever since that day, Mayu’s maid named Aika never came back to visit her again and she wondered how was the situation outside right now. No one knew about her coming to Watanabe’s household aside from Sae, who helped her in. Obviously others outside would be worried about her and she slowly walked towards the window into the gardens. At least eh beautiful scenery of the garden kept her entertained in this endless boredom. She wondered how long she would have to be here…and constantly reminded herself how useless she is to Mayu. In the end, she couldn’t do anything for her at all after all the things Dr. Watanabe had done for her. She sighed and rested her against the window frame that was in between her and the outside world. Yuki actually started to wonder whether Mayu’s world and her world is just too different from each other…and that there’s nothing she could do. At times like this that she needed advice…the only person she could think of is Mayu. The sarcastic doctor had been by her side the entire time without fail…ever since she knew Mayu. The time she’s been locked up in this room gave her time to reflect so many things that she didn’t see for all these years they’ve known each other.


She closed her eyes and reminisced about her past that she went through tough life moments…with Mayu by her side. It was when she was still traumatized by her mother’s death…and Jurina didn’t exactly know what to do aside from being by Yuki’s side…but that didn’t exactly help the poor girl overcome the grief. That was when Jurina asked Mayu for help…


“Yukirin, I heard everything from Jurina.”


“It’s been like what, 2 weeks already? Jurina was hopeless with helping you feeling better so she called me over.”


“Oi, reply me, will ya?”



Mayu pinched both her cheeks and stretched as much as Yuki’s cheeks could possibly go and that gave the grieving girl a huge shock of her life. Kashiwagi screamed and then smacked Mayu’s hands away from her face with anger. She was already sad with her mother’s death and now she had to deal with this sarcastic son of a bitch that’s annoying her right now.

“Just get the fuck out Mayu! You don’t understand how I’m feeling!!”

“DUH! I won’t! My mom didn’t die, she’s alive, and crazily scarier than a demon.”

“…Just get out, leave me alone.”

“It took me bloody 2 hours to get here, I’m not leaving here.”

“Then just get the hell out from my room.”

“Hell no. Since when you could order me around like that? Have respects for someone older than you, kid.”

That instant, Yuki was snapped and slapped Mayu right across her face with all the strength she had. It was a very loud slap that even Jurina who was standing outside could hear it. Young Jurina flinched with surprise…but she knew that she could trust Mayu for whatever she was doing…she knew that Mayu knew what Yuki needed the most right now. As for the grieving girl, Mayu could see so much anger and hatred in her eyes towards her…and that slap actually hurt a lot more than she anticipated.

“You’re not acting like one, and you DON’T DESERVE IT!!! Just get the FUCK out of here MAYU!!! You’re making it worse! You don’t understand! My mom died! RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! She died right there and I…I-I can’t do anything but just watch her die…!”

Yuki broke down into tears and let those feelings run out…and that was when she felt a warm big hug from Mayu. She didn’t say a word, just hugged Yuki, tightly, and granted her security… this crazy sarcastic friend intentionally provoked Yuki to let her burst out her emotions that was bottling up inside her out…Mayu took all the insults and curses just for Yuki’s sake. Young Kashiwagi cried out loud with all her heart out while holding onto Mayu tightly…and Watanabe hugged her tightly without any intention of letting her go at all. After she let her tears out for about 30 minutes…Yuki never felt this much relieved ever since the day her mother passed away. Mayu just sat down right in front of her and held her hand tightly without saying a word to her until she could see that Yuki was ready to talk with her.

“…Mayu, I—”

“Humans always feel better after they let out their emotions that are bottled up inside them, so…you feeling better now?”


“Good~ that’s all that matters.”

Yuki’s eyes grew wide with surprise…and that was when she realized Mayu did that intentionally to let Yuki express her emotions out instead of holding back inside her fragile heart. While she was making eye contact with Mayu, she could see a tiny bruise on her friend’s cheek…and that reminded her she actually slapped Mayu with full strength without any intention of holding back. She instantly felt guilty and extended her hand forward to cup her cheek. The moment her smooth cold hands touched Mayu’s cheek, she flinched back slightly with pain, and that was when Yuki felt even worse with what she did to her.

“I-I’m really sorry Mayu…I really did hit you…really hard.”

“I know that, you nasty bakarin…you hit me without any hesitation.”

“Hey! You don’t have to make me feel any worse than th—”

“But you feel much better than ever right?”


“Like I said, that’s all that matters right now. If you feel better, then the 2-hrs of traveling here is worthwhile.”

There’s no encouragement or anything…only but simple indirect kindness from Watanabe. She patted Yuki’s head and the young girl began to cry again, but not of sadness anymore. She dove right into Mayu’s arms and then they both fell onto the floor…Mayu was startled that this crybaby broke down into tears again on top of her and she sighed once again.

“Crying AGAIN??? Jeez, give me a break. Aren’t you such a crybaby?”

“S-Shut up! Just let me cry you idiot!”

“Yah yah, whatever…”

Mayu just let herself relax on the floor while Yuki cried on top of her like a spoiled child. Both of them didn’t think about how long had Yuki been crying with Mayu around her. That sarcastic asshole friend just remained in silence…and stayed by Yuki’s side without any intention of leaving her at all. The force and warmth from Mayu’s hand comforted Yuki’s fragile heart…and gave her the strength to stand up and move on.

…That wasn’t just the only one case that Mayu was with her. That sarcastic pain in the ass friend of hers was always there…and she was the best with helping Yuki stand up with her own strength. Despite Mayu could be such an asshole to her…Kashiwagi honestly knew that she would always give a best advice for her. She remembered the first started working in the hospital and her first operation room experience was with Mayu, the talented heart surgeon. She was renowned to be the worse doctor to work it because of how talented she was…and Yuki experienced it the HARD way. She passed the wrong tool to Mayu and that was when the doctor threw it across the room and yelled at her.

“What ARE you doing!? Are you STUPID!?”


“Pass me the SCAPEL.”




“SUCTION TU--Does this look like a suction tube to you!?”


Mayu was being very harsh to Yuki and obviously she was very frustrated the entire time…but at least the operation went well. After everything was over, everyone left one by one and Yuki was 2nd last one whilst Mayu was still doing some few things in the operation room. This was the first time Yuki was working as Dr. Watanabe’s nurse partner…as she made her previous partner quit the O.R. (operation room) job. Other staff came up to Yuki and comforted her after she had to go through all the yelling and scolding from Mayu. They suggested her to ignore what Mayu had to say because she’s just too harsh to everyone that she worked with due to how talented she was…no one could keep up with her. They invited her to come join their tea break, but then Yuki declined politely because she needed to do some few things. She looked for the doctor and asked the cleaners around the CCU (Coronary Care Unit) about Mayu’s whereabouts. She probably had left the operation room already.

“Uhm, do you know where did Dr. Watanabe go?”

“She’s still in the O.R. as usual.”

“Eh?? She’s still there?? Why…?”

“Fufu, you should see it for yourself.”

The cleaning lady smiled while making Yuki purely curious with it. She returned back to the room where they operation ended and saw Mayu checking the equipment and the counting the number of tools on the table to make sure nothing was missing. She entered innocently and it caught Mayu’s attention immediately.

“You’re still here? The operation is done, go take a break.”

“What are you doing?”

“Checking that no tools are missing.”

“Wait…isn’t that the nurse’s job?”

“They did, but there’s nothing wrong to do a triple check just in case something went wrong…what is actually being gambled is not my life, but our patient’s life. Don’t forget that, okay?”


“So, get lost, why are you still here for?”

“Just don’t mind me, I just want to watch and wait for you.”

“Huh? Do whatever you want then.”

Mayu said straightforwardly to nurse Kashiwagi and that was when she was caught completely off-guard with her answer. This was actually what the cleaning lady meant…the side that no one bothered to see --- Mayu’s dedication to her work.  She was being nasty and insanely cruel to her teammates was because for the patient’s sake. She didn’t t