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Title: [eel_96's fanfic] ANNOUNCEMENT!!
Post by: eel_96 on July 13, 2013, 03:41:26 PM
This is my first fanfic here so i hope you will like it..  :D Just give me your thought and any suggestion..
Thank you very much...  :kneelbow:


In this world there is a very special moment which is just only few people know about it.
It all started when sun became 3 and it was just the beginning. One by one the chosen people start realizing what they have got, special powers…
This special moment called “The Battle”.
There are the Specials and the Sweepers. In every battle they fight for their lives. Hmm.. No. It’s better to be said the Specials fight for their lives.
Sweepers are just normal people who have being trained so they can surpass Specials and kill them.
In every battle Sweepers always finish their missions perfectly, but…. In the battle 3 years ago..
Something different happened….

Present time..
It’s getting dark and three students are going home.
“Whoaaa…. Look! Look! The sun..” a girl said to her friends.
“What? What is it with the sun?” the other girl look at the sky and “ What the.. 3 suns?? Am I dreaming?”
“Oh come on guys. It’s just a natural thing. Nothing wrongs with that. And don’t look at it too long if you still want to use your eyes.” the last three of them talked.
“No doubt from the genius. You really know everything, don’t you?”
“What is the use of internet? I’m sure you two just chatting or looking for useless things.” the so called genius girl mock her friends playfully and then walk ahead.
“Hiee… So mean of the cyborg girl.” the first girl complain.”Hey wait for us!”

Somewhere in Japan…
“Finally the time has come. Wait for me you monster. I’ll find you and kill you for sure.” a girl watch the sun from the peak of a high building.
She takes a photo from her pocket and look at it sadly. “I miss you…” tears start to pour.

Another part of Japan…
“Yow!! Long time no see… So what will we do now? The sign has just been seen.” A girl goes in without knocking.
“Give me some respect. I’m still your boss.”
“Ah don’t be like that… Hehehe… So what must I do now?”
“Find the person with “that power” and bring her here in “that” state.” The person so called “boss” talk seriously. “Oh and find every Specials’ data out there quickly. Tell everyone to do it. And remember..” she stop for a sec before continue, “No one left behind this time. You understand?”
“Ok ok.. I get it. Then.. See ya!!”
The “boss” walk to her window and look outside, looking at the sun. Then she smile, “Game start.”


So this is the prologue....  :mon thumb: How is it?
Please give me your comments so i can improve my writing... Thank you!!!  :kneelbow:
Must i continue this story???

Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Prologue]
Post by: Kochiki on July 13, 2013, 03:53:47 PM
Ah...No suggestion~ It's all perfect already for me~~
-And your writing, i think it's a pass~ I like your writing!!~
-Wait...3 suns?!?! That totally cool!! Oh...Cyborg Girl can only be one..Heheh~
-Specials...I wonder that is related to the 3 girls???~
-Who said "I miss you"??~ I wonder...and the girl who wanted to kill the monster??~
-Curiosity is all over my head now!!~ Interesting prologue!!~

>Plz update soon...You should continue it!!~ So many new fic!~ Like it!!~
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Prologue]
Post by: Shinoki on July 13, 2013, 09:37:59 PM
Sounds interesting...
so is this 3 yrs ago from a present tense third person?
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Prologue]
Post by: shadowstep on July 13, 2013, 10:39:12 PM
its a cool prologue

hahaha I already want chapter 1
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Prologue]
Post by: imteedee on July 14, 2013, 07:11:17 AM
Seriously?!?! ugh I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF FANFICS TODAY  :dizzy:


I'm not getting enough hours of sleep now  :on blackhole:

this fic is very promising  :prayers:
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Prologue]
Post by: gek geki on July 14, 2013, 08:51:22 AM
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Prologue]
Post by: leEwẬy on July 14, 2013, 11:31:29 AM
Oho~ Another Mayuki fic :onioncheer: *camping here*
The prologue looks awesome :on GJ:
The sun divided into three, cool~ :ding:
I'm think most of readers've already known about the first student :bigdeal:
I wonder who're those two and also the three Sweepers, especially the girl said "I miss you" :dunno:
I'm looking forward to your update :on gay:
Update ASAP, please :kneelbow:
Title: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 1]
Post by: eel_96 on July 14, 2013, 05:50:35 PM
Thank you for your replies... :kneelbow: I'm really happy you enjoy reading the prologue  :mon lovelaff:
And for more information the prologue is in present time.
The setting is in present time but there is something happened in 3 years ago which is related to present time.
So here is the chapter 1... Hope you like it..

[Chapter 1]

#rinngggg..... The bell ring indicating break time.
"Haaaa.... Finally." A girl sighing on her seat. "So boring... I want to go home." She put her head on her desk.
"Mayu chan~" suddenly the girl hear her name being called which make her startled and sit straight really quickly.
"Oh god you startle me Miyuki."
"Hahahahha... Mayu chan is so funny. Why you look so lifeless like that?" Miyuki ask her friend.
"School is my enemy. It's sooo boring. I can't bear this anymore." Mayu complain.
"Hahahha... Of course the genius girl will be bored since everything is very easy for you." Miyuki said playfully.
"Thank you for the praise. Let's go to cafetaria?"
"Of course i'm starving."
In cafetaria....
"Rabutan!" Miyuki shout at Rabutan and waving.
Rabutan come to Mayu and Miyuki. "Hey there Miyuki. Hello Mayu." But it seems like Mayu attention has completely taken for something. Being aware of something that has distract her friend making Mayuki and Rabutan smile mischievously.
"Just go to your lovely senpai Mayu chan." Rabutan sudden comment bring Mayu back to her consciousness.
"Rabutan!! Since when you join us?"
"Since you drown on your thought looking at your senpai." Rabutan tease Mayu make the girl blush and Miyuki just laughing behind.
"Seriously Mayu chan. Just go to her already and confess your feeling." Miyuki tell Mayu.
"I can't. I scared she will reject me and i don't know what must i do if that happen."
"Hah.. You really hopeless Mayu. For how many more years you will torture yourself like this?" Rabutan comment sadly.
The rest of school Mayu can't focus listening the lessons. She can't stop thinking what her friends said to her. She really want to talk to Kashiwagi Yuki, she want her senpai to know how she feel but she's just too scared what will happen after that. What if she reject her? She is not ready for that.
Yes, Kashiwagi Yuki is the girl who has taken Mayu heart away. She has loved Yuki since she came to this school.
Mayu is a transfered student. Although she moved to this school when she was in first grade of middle school but she came when the school had already started for few months because of some reason. Yuki is her senpai, she was in second year of high school at that time. And now Mayu already a freshman in high school and Yuki has already in university. It has been 3 years since she first saw this senpai.
3 years ago....
Mayu POV
"Hello everyone my name is Watanabe Mayu. Let's befriend and please help me in the future." I bowed to my new friends.
Everyone clapped their hands. After my introduction sensei told me to sit down.
"Hi Watanabe san nice to meet you. I'm Ota Aika but just call me Rabutan." She extend her hand to me.
"Hi." I take her hand. "Just call me Mayu."
Rabutan is really nice. She helped me all day. She even introduced me to her friends. Even though we just met but i had feel comfortable around her.
(Let's just skip to the end of the school :p)
"Sorry Mayu chan. I need to go home now. I have promised my mom to accompany her to mall." Rabutan tell me.
"It's okay Rabutan chan. Then i will go now too. Bye.." I waved to her as i walked to opposite direction from her.
"Bye Mayu chan."
I took train to my home. At this busy time it's always crowded but what can i do.
I went in to the train and right after i went in because my body was really small, i was being pushed to the corner and i almost couldn't breath at that time.
I was about to faint because lack of air but suddenly i didn't feel any pressure on my body and when i open my eyes i saw a girl probably older than me standing in front of me taking all the pressure from other passengers there. She was saving me. I could see she was really struggle holding many pushes to her back.
I stared at her face. She is the most beautiful girl i ever seen in my life, she had long black hair, her skin was so white and it looked so soft. Then i saw her uniform. She was from the same school as mine but she was a high school student. Rabutan had told me everything about my new school.
My new school is an all girl school which has every grades from kindergarten until university. Most of the students continue their study in this school until they're graduate from university because they want together with their friends.
Because i was too busy looking at her beauty, i didn't aware the train had stopped at the next station and the passengers went out from the train and she was going out too. Before i could thanked her she already disappeared.
The next day...
I still couldn't forget the senpai who saved me yesterday. I barely slept last night thinking bout her. I wanted to know her more.
"Mayu chan~ morning.." Rabutan greeted me from behind. I looked back at her still walking and waving at her. "Hey Rabutan!"
Suddenly i bumped someone and i fell. "Ouchh. My butt."
"Are you okay?" When i looked at the source of the voice i was really surprised. It's none other than the senpai who saved me yesterday.
"A-aaahh yeah i'm okay. Sorry i didn't pay attention at where i'm walking." I bowed to her.
"Mayu chan are you okay?" Rabutan came from behind. I just nod to her.
"Then i must go now. Bye." She said and walked again leaving me and Rabutan.
'Ah i'm forget to thanked her. Stupid Mayu.'

"Kashiwagi senpai really is a princess of this school. We're too far compared to her." Rabutan comment.
"Yo-you know her?" I asked.
"Of course Mayu. Who doesn't know her in this whole school? She is the star here. Everybody admire her."
"Really? What is her name?"
"What's for? You like her already?" Rabutan just want to tease me but she is really shock when my cheek turn red. "You really like her? Kashiwagi Yuki senpai? You has just met Mayu. For god sake."
"A-actually i have met her yesterday in train." I told her everything.
"Wow really feels like a comic book huh?" She joked and then laugh i just stared at her still quiet.
Since that day i can't take Kashiwagi senpai away from my mind. Everyday when i wake up the first thing i remember is her and when before sleep i also think bout her.
Back to present....
I am walking at a park. My mind is full of the memory 3 years ago till i don't really aware where i'm going.
Being too drown with my thought i doesn't realize there is a bicycle coming to me.
"Watch out!" I'm back to my concious and just closed my eyes when i look back. Too shock because it will hit me in no time. I just can close my eyes and wait the bicycle to hit me but after for some time i feel myself being push. When i open my eyes there again, she is saving me again for the second time.
"Ka-kashiwagi senpai."
I'm really shock when i see her under me. She is not just save me from the bicycle but she also prevent me hitting the ground.
"You're not paying attention at where you walk again." she giggle. "Are you okay?" She asked me.
"Ye-yes senpai i'm okay." Then i look at her right arm. "Senpai.. Your arm. It's bleeding. I'm sorry it's my fault for not paying attention at where i'm walking.
"No no it's okay. Don't mind it."
"Sorry girls. Are you two okay?" The driver ask.
"Yeah we're okay. Don't worry." Kashiwagi senpai said.
"I'm really sorry for troubling you two. I didn't look at the front." He bow. "Ah your arm is bleeding. Let me take you to hospital."
"No need it's okay. You must treat your wound too. I can do it by myself." She smile to the man.
"Okay then. I'm sorry once again." He bow again then leave me and Yuki senpai.
"I'm sorry senpai. And thank you for saving me." I bow to her.
"No problem hmm... Mayu right?" She ask which make me surprised. She know my name?
"Ah Mayu i will go first then."
"Wait senpai." I grab her left arm. "It's my fault your arm is hurt so for express my gratitute i must at least help you treat your wound."
"No need Mayu. It's just a little cut. I can treat it by myself." She refuse but i keep insist. "No senpai. Please?? I can't forgive myself if i let you go alone like this."
"Okay then but my home is quite far from here." She said.
"Hmm my home is near here. Let's go there." She just nod her head.
At Mayu home..
"Please sit first senpai. I'll take the first aid kit. What do you want to drink senpai?"
"Anything is fine. Thank you."
"No senpai it's me who must thanked you."
'You have saved me twice.' I said in my mind.
I let Kashiwagi senpai to sit in the living room then i take drink and first aid kit.

"Here the drink and let me see your arm."
To my surprise her wound is closing by itself untill it completely gone.
"Se-senpai.. Yo-your wound.. It's gone. Ho-how.."
She just keep silent stare at her wound shock.
I move back because i really shock at what i just saw and i hit the glass accidentally making it fall. I try to catch it then when it is about to hit the ground it stop, floating in the air. I move my hand instructing the glass to stand on the desk again.
"What the.." Yuki senpai said shock. I look at my hands. How can this happen? I can control something without touching it and Kashiwagi senpai wound healing by itself.
For some seconds we don't move still at our position digesting what just happened.
"What happen to us? How can this happen?" I said still shock breaking the silence.
"We must keep this a secret. You mustn't tell anyone. Not your friends even your parents."


How is it?
They start to get their power... :on woohoo:
This is about Mayuki and more couple soon...
Stay tune... :on asmo:

Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 1]
Post by: Terragen on July 14, 2013, 06:51:08 PM
I think it because the bycycle man
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 1]
Post by: kuro808 on July 14, 2013, 07:20:23 PM
Yuki ends up with special powers after an accident.  Interesting start!!
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 1]
Post by: kenjoy12 on July 14, 2013, 08:02:40 PM
Yuki's ability is self healing regeneration and Mayu's ability is telekinesis? :oops:

What just happened? How? When?

Interesting! :fap Looking forward for more :thumbsup

Thank you for the update :bow: :twothumbs
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 1]
Post by: imteedee on July 14, 2013, 08:40:31 PM
it's gonna be their dirty little secret  :hiakhiakhiak:
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 1]
Post by: leEwẬy on July 15, 2013, 09:43:17 AM
Ara~ Mayu's in love with Yuki :ding: How's about Yuki :on lol:
Mayu's sure clumsy, Yuki had safe her thrice times :on drink:
By the accident, they're discorved their powers :on spit:
Now, their powers are sceret but I think thanks to those they'll be more closer :wahaha:
Anyway, I'm looking forward to the others' powers
Update ASAP, please :kneelbow:
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 1]
Post by: mo-chan on July 15, 2013, 03:18:28 PM
Mayuki's 'little' secret   :rofl: :rofl:
I really like the story  XD
please update soon I love it!!  :cathappy:  :thumbsup
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 1]
Post by: DC2805 on July 15, 2013, 03:54:09 PM
"You're not paying attention at where you walk again." she giggle.

Yuki knows Mayu name and remembers her...hmm...who knows, she might be a stalker? haha. I'm sure she has some interest in Mayu.
Title: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 2]
Post by: eel_96 on July 26, 2013, 02:41:17 PM
Sorry for the late update everyone...
i was busy this past few days... so here is the second chapter...

[Chapter 2]
Somebody POV
"We must keep this a secret. You mustn't tell anyone. Not your friends even your parents."

"Why? Isn't it better if we tell someone? They can help us." Mayu ask.
"No Mayu! Let me explain to you. How can we sure this secret won't leak when we tell someone? They may forget and say about it accidentally. And you know what people will do to us when they know our secret? They will scared and when government know we may become..."
"Their experiment.." Mayu cut Yuki. She already knew what will Yuki said to her.
"Yeah you're smart. So promise me you will never tell anybody. This is our secret." Yuki take out her pinky and then they do the pinky promise. Mayu just nod her head.

"Okay then i think it's time for me to go home. Then i will go. Bye Mayu and thanks for the invitation." Yuki said break the silence after their punky promise.
"No senpai. It's me who has to thanked you. Thank you again for today." Mayu bow.
"Ah don't mind it. Bye." Yuki wave her hand and go to the front door.
"A-ah wait senpai.. It has become dark. I think it's dangerous if you go at this hour. Just sleep over here tonight." Mayu stop Yuki. She surely worry for her senpai but in fact she also doesn't want to separated from her beloved senpai this fast.
"Hmmm... You got the point, Mayuyu." Yuki said smiling while come closer to Mayu.
"Mayuyu?" Mayu asked surprised, just one person called her with that name. It's her sister who suddenly missing 3 years ago.
"Yes.. I like that nickname and from now on just call me Yukirin okay? Yuki senpai kind of awkward for me... hehehehe..." Yuki giggle.
"Okay then.. Yu-yukirin. So will you stay for tonight?" Mayu said blushing really hard and then look to side to hide her red cheeks.
"Hmm.. Of course i would glad to stay here with you. Thank you Mayuyu for the invitation." Yuki grin which make Mayu blush more till like a ripe tomatoes.

Few days later... Morning at school gate....
Mayu POV
'Okay this is pretty awkward. I walk together with the school's princess. And she is my senpai too.'

"Hey hey... Look! It's Kashiwagi Yuki, who the hell she is walking with? I never see her and it's look like she is a high school student."
"Oh my god!! Yuki sama walk with someone we never know. I can't accept this."
"We even never she her how could she has courage to walk with Yuki sama."

I hear everyone whisper to their friends. It feels really hurt. Am i really doesn't the right to just walk with her?

Flashback this morning...
It has been a day since the last i met her on Friday when we got this powers.
We have become much closer after the sleep over at my house 2 days ago. Although we have just met but she is really kind to me. I'm not wrong have always liked her until now.
Now was Monday morning and i was getting ready to go to school. My parents have gone to work since really early in the morning. I almost never meet them. But I've used to it. At first i felt really lonely but now i'm not really care anymore.
Actually my parents were not like that before but after my sister suddenly missing they began to be like this, work everytime. Maybe this is their way to relieve their stress.
She is not my biological sister but i love her very much like my own sister.

#knock voice....
"Mayu... Mayuyu chan..." I was eating my breakfast when i heard someone knocked my front door and called my name.
"I think i know this voice." I talked to myself. Then i went to open the door.
"Yukirin!! What are you doing here?" I asked surprised.
"I come to fetch you. I want to walk together with you." Yuki said grinning really wide. Oh god she is so cute.
"O-owh... Wait a minute i just need to take my bag. Ehmmm just wait inside first." I let her come in and did whatever she wanted.
"Wow Mayu is really cute when she was a kid. I want you to be my little sister." She said while looking at my family photos in the living room. Those photos always make me sad because they always remind me of my missing sister. I don't know why she didn't ask me who the girl beside me on the photos since it must made her curious. But i just let it be.
"Go now?" I asked to the amazed girl who looked at photos one by one excitedly.
"Un.." she nod cutely.
End of flashback...

I really drown to my thought untill i really surprised when she suddenly grab my hand. "Let's go! Don't hear their comments. We are friends right? Of course we can walk together." She smile to me make me calm down. I smile back her and grab her hand tighter.

After some scandalous walk in the morning at school we go separate to our own classes.

"Seems like the hot topic girl has something to be told for us." Miyuki said without evan greet me first.
"What do you mean?" I ask as if i don't understand what she mean.
"Don't pretend like you don't understand Mayu chan. Tell me what happen between you and Kashiwagi senpai. How come you walk together with her this morning?" Rabutan ask like she is interogating me.
"Okay kay.. I'll tell you guys what happened." I tell them everything except the super power part like my promise to Yuki.

"Wow... You're so lucky Mayu chan.. I'm really envy you." Miyuki said and then pouting cutely.
"I'm happy for you Mayu.. Finally you did it after 3 years pass." Rabutan pat my head.

After that the teacher come in and we study like usual. But because i feel really bored i make entertain myself and maybe some of my classmates a little. I just make the teacher to close the again and again because i open the door non stop with my power and then when my teacher is going to take a chalk i make it roll so she can't take it. I just giggle at what i did.
'This power is fun.' I said to myself.

"Really? But maybe you will regret get this power in the future."

"Eh??" I stand from my seat.
"Is there a problem Watanabe san?" Sensei ask me.
"A-ahh nothing sensei. I'm sorry.." I bow then sit again. "What was that? It felt like someone whispered right beside my ear." I whisper to myself and rub the back of my neck but without i know Miyuki hear it and watch me worriedly.

Right after the class end i go to Yuki.
"Mayu where are you going?" Miyuki ask but i just ignore it and keep walking.

Then i spot Yuki is walking with someone to the school gate.
"Yuki!!" I shout. She look back and smile. "Hey! What's up?"
"I have something to tell you. This is important." Then i look at the girl beside her.
"Ah this is my friend. Let me introduce you two. Mayuyu this is Miyazawa Sae and Sae chan this is Watanabe Mayu who i have told you before."
"Nice to meet you Watanabe san. Yuki has talked a lot about you."
"Nice to meet you too Miyazawa senpai."
We both shake hands and right after our hands meet i get a really bad feeling about this senpai.
She smile to me and I return her smile awkwardly.

"Yuki.. Can i talk to you? Just two of us?" I look at Yuki again. I think she is understand what i will say to her.
"Of course Mayu. Ehh Sae chan can i go with her? I will text you when i get home." Yuki said to Sae senpai.
"Okay.. Just go. I won't disturb your date." Sae senpai tease us. I blush and i think i see Yukirin blush too but it's impossible.

After that Sae senpai walk leaving me and Yuki alone. We see her dissapear from our sight.
"Yuki i don't know but when i shake my hand with Miyazawa senpai i got a really bad feeling. It feels like something bad will happen to us." I talk honestly to her.
"Nothing bad will happen Mayu. Believe me. She is my best friend. So calm down okay?" She grab my shoulder really gentle which make me calm immediately.
"Okay back to the actual topic. This morning when i was in class suddenly i hear a girl voice it felt like she whispered right beside my ear. She said that i will regret i get this power in the future. I'm scared Yuki." I tell her everything. Yuki take me to her arm. I really enjoy her hug.
"Believe me Mayuyu i will protect you no matter what so don't be scared okay?" Once again she calm me down with her soothing voice.

Someone POV
"Boss.. I have a good news!! I got chance to be near the girl. I have tried to release the seal and she felt it all. She is amazing like you said before. I will begin my plan soon. Just wait her at your place." a girl talk on her phone watching Mayu and Yuki secretly.
"Good job Sae. I don't tolerate even just a little mistake from you."
"Okay! I won't disappoint you. This Miyazawa Sae is too amazing to make any mistake." Sae talk to her "boss" on the phone. After some chat she hang up.
"Hmm interesting.. Really an intersting girl. I'll get you Watanabe Mayu, the new sweeper's assassin." Sae chuckle.

What?!? Mayu is an assassin?? if you want to know what's the meaning read the next chapter  :wahaha:
Sae is really suspicious right? Who actually Sae is and who she is talking with on the phone??
Why Yuki didn't ask anything about Mayu's sister? And what happen to Mayu's sister and who she is?
Please keep support this story ^^   
Stay tune.....

Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 2]
Post by: Zita on July 26, 2013, 03:45:56 PM
I just found this story.
And it is pretty good. :grin:
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 2]
Post by: kenjoy12 on July 26, 2013, 04:47:06 PM
Hope you update soon~! :fap

Thank you for the update :bow: :twothumbs
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 2]
Post by: DiVAGal2458 on July 27, 2013, 12:10:33 AM
Why?!?!?!  :shocked
Why is Sae a Bad Guy?  :?
at least that's how it appears...she's always the bad guy in Mayuki stories and i don't like it!  :angry:
the story itself is good though  :twothumbs
If Sae is a good guy please pair her with Sayaka...I like all Sae Pairings the most  :cathappy:
Looking forward to the next Chapter :panic:
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 2]
Post by: imteedee on July 27, 2013, 12:42:22 AM
Why?!?!?!  :shocked
Why is Sae a Bad Guy?  :?
at least that's how it appears...she's always the bad guy in Mayuki stories and i don't like it!  :angry:

I was about to say this too,   :kekeke: I'm loyal with my oh so precious MaYuki but fairly speaking but oh well haha poor Sae, somehow her character fits to be the Villain more like she's versatile in every way so that means she's that good to play every character these awesome authors create, oh I love Sae too  :mon dance:, just don't get in the way of MaYuki please?  :mon hanky:

yeah! Yuki protect Mayuyu all the way! stay overnight EVERYDAY!!!  :mon determined:

 :mon misch:
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 2]
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The ending is interesting for this chapter :thumbsup
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 2]
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very interesting ¬3¬

thanks and Update Soon

Please ^_^
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What the... Why Mayu's the new swewper's assassin :mon runcry:
Your questions at the of the fic are just exactly what I thought when I finsished reading :mon thumb:
Sae's a bad guy again :mon noprob: Feel sorry for her :mon hanky:
But it's neccessary for the fic :mon ignore:
Mayuki's so sweet, to me :mon lovelaff:
Anyway, update soon, please :mon pray2:
Title: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 3]
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I'm back!  :on gay:
Sorry for the late update...  :kneelbow:
Sorry too for making Sae a bad guy but i can't find anyone better than her for this character so... hehehe
and here the third chapter
Enjoy!!  :on GJ:

[Chapter 3]
Few days later...
Mayu hears the whispers more often now. She always tells Yuki about that but what can Yuki do? In the end Yuki just calm Mayu down, reassure her everything gonna be okay.
Sometimes Yuki has lunch together with Mayu, Rabutan and Miyuki. She worry so much because Mayu alwalys looks uneasy since she first heard the whispers.
Sometimes Sae also join them. But don't know why Mayu still can trust Sae. She feels like Sae is planning something bad to her. The more Mayu see Sae, the more she feel uneasy.
Mayu often choose to go far from Sae everytime she comes with Yuki.

Mayu POV
I hear this whisper again. I can't take this anymore. I touch my fore head and close my eyes.
"Mayu are you okay?" Miyuki asked. "You look not healthy."
"I'm okay Miyuki. Just a little headache." I said still touch my head. I lie to her. What's wrong with me? I hear it more often now.

To clear my mind i go to the school garden alone. I sit under a big tree and close my eyes.
"It has been a week since i first heard that voice.. What is that? What happen to me?" I talked to myself then play with my phone making it flying with my telekinesis power. I have quite master this power now. It's all thanks to Yuki. She helps me a lot.

"There you are." I open my eyes quickly and see Sae is standing in front of me.
"What do you need?" I asked coldly.
She chuckle "Don't be that cold Mayu. We are friends right?" I don't know why but i can't trust her even just a little.
"I know what has happened to you. That whispers. I can help you." She said still smiling to me.
"Ho-how do you know? What do you mean you can help me?" I asked her confused.
She come closer to me. I know she is planning something bad. I start to run away from her. I make everything i see flying straight to Sae with my power to stop her from getting close to me. But it doesn't make any damages for her she can stop all objects that flying toward her and then make them explode.
I run as fast as i can but suddenly she is in front of me. I can't run from her she is too fast. I run again from her.
"It's useless Mayu. You can't run from me." Sae said.
In the end she cornered me and i'm too exhausted to run again. "How can you have so many powers? Who are you? What do you want from me?" I asked her.
"I'm a Sweeper and you are too. It's not exactly you but another person inside you. And i need to wake that person up. And for my powers, usually Sweepers don't have super powers but i'm a special case so here i am and for your information my power is taking other Specials' powers. I can take your power too." Sae explain to me and then she push my body to the wall behind me without touch me. She can use my power but she is much better than me, she can control people. I haven't gone to that stage.
Although she told me so many things but i can't understand even just one word she just said.
"Huh? What is Sweeper and Specials? I can understand anything. And what did you mean there is other person inside me? You mean i have two personalities? What the heck?!" I stare at her.
"You will understand when the time comes. For now just shut up and let me finish my job." Everything become black after she talk to me and the last thing i remember i hear her mumbling something then i lose my concious.

Few minutes later...
Somebody POV
"Welcome back Mayu." Sae said to Mayu.
"I'm not Mayu. I'm Nezumi. What take you so long to get me out from that disgusting place?" Nezumi said annoyed.
"Ah right just in case i have failed to wake you up. I'm sorry Nezumi. I need to do this carefully. I can't open my disguise. Beside after this i still need to erase Mayu's memory about our meeting before. I still need her to see me as her friend. Although she is not really trust me." Sae complained.
"Okay okay. I don't care your problems. Just bring me to that woman now." Nezumi said.
"Aahhh.. So full of herself. I prefer the previous you although it's much scarier and so crazy. Luckily i don't need to be your partner." Sae mumbling to herself while walking behind Nezumi.
"I hear everything you said. I don't need a weak person like you too Sae. And you need to know, the present me is much stronger than before. i can kill you in one blow." Nezumi said without looking at Sae which really pissed her.
"What an arrogant girl. If boss doesn't need you i would never want to even see your face."

Somewhere outside Tokyo..
"Boss!! She is here." Sae said proudly.
"Good job Sae. I know you won't disappoint me. Come in Nezumi. Ehh Sae can you let me talk with her?"
"Okay." Then Sae excuse herself out from the room.
"Long time no see Haruna. How are you? You still seem stress because of 3 years ago failure." Nezumi mocked.
"Shut up! You better shut your mouth or i will lock you up again and you will never see this world again." Haruna threaten.
"Yeah yeah. I'm sorry. So what must i do now? Have you gather all the Specials' datas? I'll finish them all."
"Before that i have something for you. Here." Haruna give Nezumi papers. "Consider this as my welcoming present. She is really strong."
"Ah Matsui Jurina. Matsui Rena best friend.. She is a Special now? Oohhh wind controler. Hmmm... But i don't need partner." Nezumi said.
"Haruna san?" Suddenly a girl interupt them and come to Haruna.
"Ah Rena. What's wrong? Ah right Rena this is Nezumi." Haruna introduced Nezumi.
"Nice to meet you Nezumi san. I'm Matsui Rena." Rena bow and Nezumi just smile to her.
"Rena chan can we talk later? I need to talk with Nezumi now." Haruna said.
"Aaahhh.. Okay then i'll go now. Bye Haruna san. Bye Nezumi san." Rena said disappointed then leave the room.

After Rena get out from the room they continue their conversation.
"You still let her alive huh?" Nezumi asked.
"Of course. She might be useful in the future. Beside she lost her memories after when you were still Gekikara got out from her body 3 years ago so i can make her do anything i want. I just need to act nice to her." Haruna explained.
"You are so cruel Haruna chan. Using a clueless person. But i like that. That's why i like to work with you." Nezumi said.
"So you will take Jurina or not? If you don't want her i still will force her to become a Sweeper and work under me." Haruna ask again.
"How can you force her? She is a Special. She won't kill them." Nezumi asked.
"Sometimes a genius like you can become a really idiot person. That's why i said Rena is useful." Haruna facepalm herself.
"Ah right!! I'll take her. Beside i don't want make my hand dirty by killing those useless Specials. I'll let her do the killing parts."
"What's wrong with you? You used to love violence 3 years ago." Haruna asked then smirk.
"That's Gekikara. I'm Nezumi now. I like using brain better than violence now." Nezumi tell Haruna.
"Hahaha.. Right right.. I give Jurina for you. Just do whatever you want to her."
"Okay.. I go now then. Thanks for the gift. Bye." After that Nezumi get out from the room.

"Ah Nezumi! Go home now?" Sae ask Nezumi when she is walking to the front gate.
"Yes. Why?" Nezumi stop from her track.
"Remember what i said earlier? I must erase Mayu memories first. I can't let her remember our meeting before. Just take a rest now and i'll take care everything after this." Sae said explaning to Nezumi.
"Ah right. I'll go now then." Nezumi said then close her eyes.

Mayu's home...
Mayu POV
"Mayu... Are you okay?" I open my eyes and touch my head. It's hurt a bit. I see Yuki, Rabutan and Miyuki in front of me with worried faces.
"Where am i? What happened to me?" I asked them.
I don't know why but i can't remember what happened today. The last thing i remember i was sitting under a tree at school and then everything is a mess. I don't know what happen next.
"Sae senpai found you unconcious at the school garden this afternoon. She took care of you and then brought you here and called us so we come here." Rabutan said.
"Where is she now?" I ask since i can't find Sae here.
"She must go home first because she need to meet someone." Yuki answer me.
"What have happened Mayu? How can you unconcious? You're not feeling well since morning. I know it. And you acted really strange this past a week after you suddenly stand up in the middle of the class. You always look like scared of something." Miyuki join the conversation.
"Yeah Miyuki is right. Don't think we're not know since we don't ask anything Mayu. I know you two hide something from us here. Am i right?" Rabutan said pointing at me and Yuki. "Now tell me what are you hiding."
"What are you saying Rabutan, Miyuki? We don't hide anything. Right Yuki?" I avoid eye contact with them.
"I think it's okay Mayu chan. Let's just tell them. They won't tell anybody i think." Yuki said then take a knife and cut her wrist.
"Yuki senpai what are you doing?!" Miyuki ask shouting and shocked.
"It's okay. Calm down. Look.." Yuki show her wrist, it is healing by itself again. I see Rabutan and Miyuki still shock after saw Yuki power.
"And i can do this." I make the sofa in front of me flying and then put it down again.
"Sorry i hide this all from you guys." I look down feeling guilty.
"Hmm actually i can do something like that too." Miyuki said out of the blue. "I can..." Suddenly she is missing. "Make myself invicible."
I'm shocked till my mouth hung opened after i get my mind again I look at Rabutan. "Don't say you have power too." I said to Rabutan threatening.
"Erhmm.. I have one too." She said and then scratch her head. "I can transform my body become anything or anyone i want."
"Oh jeez... Why things turn out like this." Yuki facepalmed herself and then sit on the sofa behind her.


So the boss is Haruna...
And yeah the two girls in prologue who converse on the last part are Sae and Haruna..
So in prologue, the first part are Mayu, Rabutan and Miyuki, the last part are Sae and Haruna, and who is the girl in the second part who is crying and who is the girl in the photo and who is she want to kill??
Try to guess it..  :hiakhiakhiak:
What exactly the reason Sae and Haruna become Sweepers?
In the next chapter there will be a little explaination about Nezumi, Gekikara and Rena's past..
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Mayu has one of those things that she is suffering from an identity crisis :nervous
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At first it's kinda confused but after all, it's getting more and more interesting :ding:
Nezumi appeared and she's on the Sweeper side :on woohoo:
Haruna's the Boss :stoned: How can she ? :shock:
Rabutan and Milky also have powers :hehehe:
Jurina's in dangerous :scared:
Gekikara's, Sae's and Nezumi's past is gonna on next chapter :on drink:
Update soon, please :kneelbow:
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This is going to be interesting.  XD
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[Chapter 4]

Few days later...
Sombody POV
A girl is sitting at her terrace and looking at the stars alone. Seems like she is thinking something seriously.
"Jurina.." Another girl come and disturb her thought.
"Ah Churi.. What's up?" Jurina ask.
"Hmm.. Are you sure you will go?"
"Of course. I can't waste any chances to find Rena chan." Jurina said with optimism.
"You believe that Nezumi said to you? She might just lied to you. How can you trust her, you never met her before. What if something bad happen to you? What if she just deceived you to do something bad to you?" Churi's eyes start watery.
"I can't believe her either Churi. But what if she is not lying? i will regret it if she really know where is Rena chan."
"Just stop this already Jurina!! It's been 3 years! I can't take it anymore seeing my best friend suffer like this. Move on Jurina!!" Churi shouting at Jurina and end up crying.
"I'm sorry Akane. I can't do that. I need to know where is Rena this past 3 years. It's just she is too precious for me." Jurina hug Churi and pat Churi's back to calm her down.

Flashback 2 days ago...
"Matsui Jurina san?"
Jurina stopped from her walk and looked at the source of the voice. A girl maybe around her age came closer and stopped. She is shorter than Jurina, wearing a pink hoodie covering half of her face and brought a backpack behind her.
"Yes? Can i help you?" Jurina asked politely.
"My name is Nezumi. Hmm.. Let me just talk to the point. Do you want to meet Matsui Rena again?"
Jurina shocked after she heard what Nezumi said. "Who are you? What is your relationship with Rena chan?"
Nezumi didn't answer Jurina question. "If you want to meet Matsui Rena go to this place. I'll wait you there with her." Nezumi gave Jurina a paper.
"How can i believe you?" Jurina asked doubting Nezumi.
"It's all up to you whether you want to believe me or not. I just want to help you." Nezumi shrugged.
Jurina thought for some time then "Okay i will go." she said still doubting Nezumi but she can't reject this chance. maybe Nezumi really know where is Rena.
"Good.. See you there then." After that Nezumi left and dissapeared.
End of flashback..

Present time..
Jurina POV
I stand in front of the meeting place, outside Nagoya a little. This place looks like a really fancy mansion which just really rich people can live there.
I press the bell and talk to the intercom. "My name is Matsui Jurina. I'm looking for Nezumi. She told me to come here."
Suddenly the gate opened by itself and a middle age woman who looks like a maid come out. "Please follow me."

The mansion really is big. I surely will lost if i walk by myself.
"Please wait here Matsui san." The maid tell me to come inside a room.
"O-okay.. Thank you.." I bow then she leave me here alone.

After some time i hear someone is coming. "Ah Matsui san. Welcome." Nezumi said to me.
"Where is Rena chan?" I said don't care her welcoming. I still can't believe her.
Nezumi just smile and look at me, somehow i hate the way she is smiling. "Come in Rena."

I can't believe it. After 3 years i search for her now she is standing in front of me. "Rena chan!! I miss you!" i run and hug Rena tightly. "Where have you been? Why you never contact me?" There is something wrong with her.
"Who are you? Are we know each other? Nezumi san who is she?"
Impossible... How can she forget me? We grew up together since we were a kid.
"Rena chan it's me Jurina. We grew up together. Can't you remember it?" i said trying not to cry.
"I'm sorry i can't remember you."

"She lost her memories Matsui san." Nezumi cut my conversation with Rena chan.
I know it!! Since the beginning she is really suspicious. "What did you do to Rena chan?!" i grab her shirt collar hard.
"No need violence. I'll explain." She push my hands away.
"But first i want you to do what i say or else..." she come closer to my ear. "Matsui Rena will die." she whisper and smirk.
"Don't mess with me!!" i'm about to punch Nezumi but suddenly Rena scream and looks like her head is hurt. She kneel and grab her head.
"Rena chan!! What's wrong?!" I come near her and check on her.
"You still don't want to listen to me?" Nezumi ask.
"Stop it!! I will do it! I do everything you say! Please just let her go!" I shout at Nezumi.
"Okay then.. Good decision." She said then Rena stop screaming and falling. After that the maid come again and bring Rena out from the room. "Let her rest for a little." Nezumi said. I just stare at her mad.
"What exactly you want from me?" I ask look straight at Nezumi's eyes full of hate.
"Become a Sweeper and kill every Specials till there's no one left." Nezumi smile. Her smile make me shiver.
"What?! No way! I won't kill anybody! And what is Specials and Sweepers?" I refuse, of course! Who won't when they are told to kill? Just insane people do it sincerely.
"Let me tell you. You are a Special so am i and Matsui Rena was a Special too. I am a Sweeper and Rena was a Sweeper too. And you are a Sweeper too now." Nezumi point at me.
"Specials are super powered people and Sweepers are there to eliminate every Specials from this world. And for your information Rena killed Specials too 3 years ago." Nezumi shrug.
"What do you mean? Impossible Rena chan did that. She won't hurt anybody she even doesn't dare to hurt ants." I surprised heard what she just told me.
"Ah i must tell a long story for you then." Nezumi said.
"3 years ago Rena got her power, just like this girl, a telekinesis." Nezumi point herself, start explaining.
"Wait wait wait.. You mean 3 years ago there are people who got powers too?"
"Yes of course. This has been happening for maybe hundred years? And the last time before now is 3 years ago. And Rena took part too. The question is how can a really kind person like Rena killed so many people? It's simple. Everyone who gets telekinesis will also gets me. I was the one who killed Specials 3 years ago. Rena didn't know anything even until now. It's always me who kills Specials."
"What do you mean? I don't get it." I ask confused.
"Two personality. For this girl, Watanabe Mayu." Nezumi point herself. "Is me, Nezumi. And for Rena was Gekikara. Everytime i go to someone body my personality change too. Gekikara was a crazy type who liked violence and killing people and Nezumi prefer thinking to fighting. That's why i need you to do the killing part instead. Of course both Rena and Mayu don't know they have two personality and also won't remember anything when i take control." Nezumi said and smirk. I hate that smirk!
"It's not fair!" I shout.
"Life is unfair little kid." Nezumi said calmly. "So you will accept my offer? Or let your beloved Rena suffer and die?"
"You bastard! You really are a sly mice." I point my hand to her eyes. She just smirk again.
#sigh I lower my hand and look down. "What can i do? I don't have other choices after all, right? Just promise me you won't hurt Rena."
"Okay i get it. Good choice kid. You're mine now. Just listen to my order and Rena will be save." Nezumi pat my head. I hate it for sure so i push her hand away from my head. Am i her pet or what?
"Tch.. I hate you. I make sure you will regret this in the future." I said to myself.
"Hate me as you like. Oh and see you at school.. I have taken care for the documents so you can come to your new school on Monday." Nezumi said.
"Huh? Wait! What new school?" I ask her.
"We will go to same school of course. It will be hard if you live far away from me. I can't watch you." And now she ruffled my hair.
"Just stop touching my head!" I lost my temper.
"Whoaa whoaa.. Don't be that mad. I just like to do this.." she ruffled again my head. "and see your annoyed expression. My own entertainment." Nezumi answer mockingly and now she walk to the door and open it. "You can leave now. Just rest a bit before you kill the Specials." I walk to the door. Before i go out from the room, "Ah Jurina chan." i stop and look back. "We never meet here. School will be our first meeting. You tell anybody about this, you'll die and after that Rena will die too. Slowly~" She really threaten me and i can't do anything. Shit! Just wait my revenge Nezumi.
"Bye!" She wave at me i just look at her and walk again.

Nobody POV
"Just get out from your hiding place. I know you are there since the beginning."
"You've gone too far Nezumi chan~" a voice come from behind a curtain. Seems she stand there all the time and overhear the conversation before.
"Hahahaha.. You can say that to me now Haruna. But remember what you did to Sae 3 years ago?" Nezumi said doesn't look back to Haruna. "For me it even more cruel. In the end you felt the same just like her. Separated from the girl you love. Love life really is hard huh?"
"Just shut up Nezumi! Don't you dare to talk about her again!" Haruna shout and go out the room angrily.
"Hmmpp she still can't forget that time controler girl. I wonder where she is now."


Finally an update!!
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Poor Jurina  :( And Nezumi is sure tricky.
I'm just worried about Mayu, since Nezumi met Jurina in Mayu's body, so when they meet again at school Jurina would have some hatred towards Mayu.
And the ending makes me more curious about what Nezumi, Haruna and Sae's pasts  :P
Thanks for this update.  XD
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Nezumi is cool and tricky as always :on gay:
So all the person, who have telekinesis power, all have two personalities :ding:
Now, Jurina's under controll of Mayu just because she want to protect Rena :err:
Jurina's hatred toward Mayu is increased gradually :fainted:
Too curious about Haruna's, Mayu's and Sae's past :dunno:
Who's the cotroller girl ? Yuko ?  :wahaha:
Anyway, update soon, please :kneelbow:
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Jurina forced into action to save Rena.  Total identity crisis
Title: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 5]
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Finally update!!!
I've just back from my trip so sorry for the late update!!
Here's the chapter 5...
Oh and i update from my phone so sorry if there is some mistakes  :)

[Chapter 5]
#drap drap drap
"Help!!" A girl running away scared.
"No one will hear you." There is another girl chasing after her.
#duk Unfortunately the girl is tripped and fall. She look behind and see the other girl has stand in front of her pointing a transparent blade made of air to the girl neck.
"Please don't kill me!" the girl said trembling.
"I'm sorry. But i must do this. I don't have other choice." The other girl said coldly.
"Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?"
"I'm Center. I don't want to kill you either but if i don't kill you Rena will die. I'm sorry." With one swing Center cut the trembling girl neck. After some time Center doesn't move and just look at the death body with blank mind.

"Good job Center." A hoodied girl come from the dark and clap her hand.
"Nezumi..." Center said then she make her transparent blade dissapear and look at the girl she just killed again. "She just a kid. She doesn't know anything. Why must we kill an innocent girl like her?"
"Tashima Meru, 13 years old, nuclear explosion." Nezumi read the profile from her gadget. "Do you think she can control her power? Her power is too much for her. If she lost control she can blow up this world." Nezumi explain coldly.
"You got the point. But.. If this power is too much for her why she must get this power in the first place?" Center put her hand on her forehead frustrated.
"Let's go.." Nezumi walk away from her place.

Almost every night Jurina do her job, killing every Specials she is told to kill. It has become like normal for Jurina, covered with her victims' blood.

Next day..
Lunch time at school...
Everyone in class are chatting with their friends or eat their lunch except one girl who is sleeping soundly. Even noisy class won't wake her up from her slumber.

"Mayu chan let's go.. I'm hungry." Miyuki pull Mayu's arm to wake her up.
"Ughh 1 more minute Miyuki. I'm sleepy." Mayu turn her head to avoid Miyuki.
"What were you doing last night until you become this lifeless. It's not like you were running all night long right? You have been sleeping since the first lesson." Miyuki pull Mayu's body this time and make her sit.
"Ermm.. I don't know.. " Mayu yawn and rub her eyes. "I just really tired today. I don't remember anything what i have done last night." Mayu open her eyes lazily.
"Come on Mayu or else we can't eat till the school end." Miyuki whine.
"Alright alright.." In the end Mayu give up and being dragged by Miyuki to the cafetaria.

"Hello everyone! What's up.." Miyuki greet her friends.
"What take you this long to come here?" Rabutan complain.
"This sleepy head almost won't wake up if i didn't whine annoyingly and drag her here." Miyuki said point at Mayu playfully. Mayu just yawn for the respon.
Suddenly a girl who is next to Rabutan stand up. "I need to go. I have something else to do. Bye everyone."
It's no other than Matsui Jurina. She has been transfered here for some weeks. She is in the same class with Rabutan. Although she prefers hanging out with Kimoto Kanon but because Kanon likes to hang out with Mayu, Miyuki and Rabutan so they often hang out together too.

Mayu POV
'Why i feel like she is avoiding me? She always goes somewhere else if i come. She even never says hi to me although we often sit together on lunch time.'
"She really always go away when i come." I said to myself outloud still looking at Jurina back.
"Who? Jurina chan?" Kanon asked me and i nod to her.
"You think like... She is avoiding you?" Kanon asked again.
I just shrug. "Yeah something like that i think. I don't know what have i done to her. She really hates me that much. I even never met her before."
"Don't think about this too much Mayu. Maybe it just she really need to go. Just ask her directly if you really want to know." Miyuki suggest.
"Actually i have asked her once and..." I said hesitantly.
"And??" Everyone ask in unison.
"She said she hates me really much and ask me to just leave her alone and when i asked what is the reason she just run away and i can't caught her up. You know i'm bad at running." I tell everyone sad.
"Ookay.. She had said that so this really a problem. Just try to always be nice to her Mayu. Maybe it will be helped. Just hope she will be opened to you more." Rabutan convince me. I nod to her, maybe she is right. I'll try it.
After that we just talk other things until the lunch time finish.

End of school...
I walk home alone because all my friends have their own business today. And Yukirin has to study more because she is about to have mid test.
"Finally i find one Special here." Suddenly a man stand in front of me. His smile somehow make me scared and i know i'm in danger now.
"Who are you? What do you want?" I ask coldly with my cyborg face although i really scared right now.
"I'm a Sweeper. Of course to kill you stupid.. My job is to clean mess like you from this world. Powered people are useless and just make a lot of troubles." He said start to take out her weapon. His weapon is a sickle with a long chain on it so it can become a long distance weapon too.
"You said powered people will be... killed? There are others not just me and my friends?" I ask can believe it. My live, my friends lives are in danger.
I must run now if i want to live, i must tell them about this.
I run from my place as quickly as i can. I make every object around me flying dangerously to that man's direction. Somehow it feels like deja vu. When did i run to this situation before?

Arhgg!! It's not time to waste time. Yuki!! I take my phone an press the speed dial.
"Yukirin help!! Someone is going to kill me." I scream to her by phone.
"Wait Mayu! What are you saying? Where are you now? I'll go there as fast as i can."
"I'm at the park we usually go together." After that she hang up and here i am still being chased to be killed by unknown man.

"Enough playing around." He trip me with his chain. I fall and when i realize he is already in front of me with her sickle.
"I'm sorry pretty girl. I must kill you." I close my eyes ready to feel unbearable pain over my body but it doesn't come.

"Don't you dare to touch her! Go to hell you murderer!"
I saw it for the first time. Someone being killed in front of my very eyes. My mind go blank. I can't think anything. This is too shocking for me. And you know what makes me more shocked?

"Yuko-nee chan..." My lost sister stand in front of me and killed a man who was going to kill me before. Somehow her expression is really scary, so cold and full of hatred. Is she really my sister?
She change her face become the usual Yuko-nee chan i knew back then. "Long time no see Mayuyu." I still can't think straight and too shock to move my body.
"Mayuyu?" She wave her hand in front of my face make me back to this world.
"Nee chan!! Where have you been?! Why you never call me? I thought you have abandoned me." I jump to her and hug her really tightly while crying like a baby.
"I'm sorry Mayuyu for making you sad. I have something important to do." Yuko said soothing me stroke my head gently.
"Actually why did that man chasing you before? He is a Sweeper." there is pause for a moment. "Don't tell me.. You are one of... Us? Do you have... Any power?" Nee chan asked me hesitantly. She is like wishing i don't have any power but unfortunately i actually have.
"Sorry nee chan.. But i have. I can move objects without touching them." I look down feel a little guilty because i think i have dissapointing although it is not really my fault. I don't wish for this power too.

"Mayuyu!!" I hear Yukirin voice. "What happen? Are you okay?" Yuki rush to me and asking me too fast make me hard to answer.
"Calm down Yuki. I'm fine. See? I'm perfectly okay. Luckily nee chan came on the right time and saved me." I hug nee chan. She still lost in her thought but come back to her concious when i hug her and she pat my head.
"Ah really? So Yuko saved you.." Then there is a pause for a moment. "YUKO?!?" Yuki shout surprised with her big reaction like usual.
"Hi Yuki... What's up?" Nee chan smile innocently and wave at Yuki.

"You two know each other?" I ask confused. I never know Yuko nee chan knows Yukirin.
"Ah right i never told you. She is my childhood friend when i lived in Kagoshima. I've told you right that i lived there before our parents married?" Nee chan said.
"Yeah we are best friend until i moved here when i graduated from elementary school because my dad must work here. You were crying like a baby when i told you that remember?" Yuki mock nee chan.
"Hey you cried too Yuki." I smiled at how close they are.
"We always email or phone each other, she even came fetch me when i first arrived here. You couldn't go because you were at school right?" Nee chan continue her explaination. "Ah right." I remember that.
'If i have gone that time i would have met Yukirin earlier. But at least i close to her now.' I smile to myself.
"Yuko always tells me about you Mayuyu. She really loves you. She even gave me looked at your photo. And when you decide to go to my school she asked me to watch you as soon as she knew it." This statement make nee chan blush, i didn't know she cares for me that much.
"Sssttt... Don't tell Mayuyu Yuki. You make me embarrassed." Nee chan put her finger in front of her mouth signaling Yuki to stop.
"Wait wait wait.. If nee chan had told you about me then you have known me even before i met you?" I realize it a little late.
"Yeah kind like that. Remember on your first day of school? Right after i saw your small body i thought i must protect you not just because Yuko asked me to but i really wanted to do it. I scared something bad would happen since you went by train at busy hour. That's why i follow you to train and like i had thought. You might faint if i didn't there."
'She remembers that day..'
"Aww.. Really.. Thank you so much Yuki for watching my sister. You are the best of my bestfriend." Nee chan hug Yukirin.
"No prob Yuko. I have thought her as my little sister." Yuki answer which make my heart shattered, all this time she just think me as her little sister? I want more than that.
Without notice my tears come out and i run away from that place.
"Mayu!!" They called me but i just continue running without look back.


I feel sorry make Meru die right after she just come out but i can't think anyone other than her..
How is it? Interesting? Or lame and boring?
Feel free to tell me anything you want..
Thanks for reading....  :D
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Does Yuko has a power too??

What is her power??

I think Mayu/Nezumi is a sweeper too? Why another sweeper want to kill her??

Can't wait for the next chapter...

Update soon, please.. :bow:
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Yuko appeared~~~ Oshiri Sisters :onioncheer:
Yuko knew about those things :shock: She must be a Special :mon fan: Wonder what's her power :mon huh2:
That old man is a Sweeper and tried to kill Mayu but why he didn't know that Mayu/Nezumi is also a Sweeper :dunno:
I think there're some mysterious behind this :kekeke:
Mayu, you felt sleepy because you're always going outside at night :wahaha:
Yuki and Yuko are childhood friends :mon fan: Yuki just saw Mayu as her little sis :stoned:
Why!?!?! :pleeease: Mayu must be felt very hurt :fainted:
Anyway, update ASAP, please :kneelbow:
Title: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 6]
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Hey!! From the comments you asked why Mayu was about to be killed by Sweeper but she is also a Sweeper right? In this chapter your questions will be answered... And actually Mayu isn't a Sweeper, Nezumi is.. Mayu never knows she has 2 personalities...

[Chapter 6]
Mayu POV
It's been a week since i last talk with Yukirin. Since the day she said i'm just like a sister for her i don't know how to face her. It just make my feeling worse. Everytime she come closer to me at school i will go as far as i can and hide myself from her.

I check my phone.. It's her again.. She has been calling me continuously since last week. I reject the call and put my phone in my pocket again.

#beep beep
From: Yukirin
Mayu please don't avoid me like this.. Tell me.. What have i done wrong? Please Mayuyu.. At least reply this message. Don't make me confused like this...

Okay now she start to text me. Sorry Yuki. I can't see you right now. Please let me be alone for just a little while.

Normal POV
"She really avoid me Yuko. She even reject my calls and doesn't reply my messages. What exactly i have done wrong?" Yuki sigh loudly still looking at her phone.
"You need to find the reason yourself Yuki. I can't help you. Just go to her and ask her." Yuko said after sip her coffee.
After the incident Yuki said Mayu just like a sister for her Yuko knows Mayu has crush for Yuki since she first saw Yuki, but Yuko wants Yuki to know this by herself from Mayu not from her. She doesn't want to interfere although this is about her sister.
"I have. But she always runs away and avoid me. Maybe i must force her to talk to me. I can't let this happen anymore." Yuki said.
"That's it! Why don't you do it earlier Yuki? Always late to get solutions. Haven't changed even after i go for years. Hahahaha~" Yuko said playfully.
"Mou... Don't be like that Yuko. I much better now." Yuki complain and pout. "Ah right Yuko if you don't mind... Where have you been this past 3 years? Is it about special power things?" Yuko surprised hear this sudden question from her bestfriend.
"Eehhh.." There is pause for a moment till Yuki break the silence. "It's okay if you can't tell me what really happen."
"No no.. I'll tell you what happen. Beside you are a Special too now.. You may need this in the future." Yuko said and sip her coffee again.
"Okay let start from when i get my power. It all started when i was at train station to meet you. When i told you Mayu would attend the same school with you, we went have lunch together. I would have been late for hours but thanks to my power i made it although i still late a little. Heehehee~"

3 years ago...
"Yuko where are you?" Yuki talked on her phone.
"Gomen gomen... I'll be there in no time. I have some trouble at school so i must fix it first." Yuko answer while running to the busy train station.
"It's okay Yuko.. Then see you.. I'll wait here.."
"Okay thanks Yuki.. I'll come in 10 minutes. See ya." After that Yuko hung up and put her phone back to her pocket.
"Oh my god!! This place is so packed. How can i make it on time?"
Yuko walked hurriedly to the train but to her dismay she almost tripped few times because there are so many people there.
"Yuki can mad at me if i come more than 10 minutes. She has waited for an hour. Arrggh!! It would be so good if i can stop the time. Just think straight Yuko. How can time stopped??" Yuko talked to herself frustrated.
"Ouchh!" She rub her head. "Hey! Don't stop so suddenly like this. My head is hurt you know!"
The man in front of her didn't say sorry to her that made Yuko more angry.
"Hey! At least say sorry to me!" She shout while go to face the man and what made her surprised was the man didn't move at all. And when she looked at her surounding she had just realized that everything was stopped.
There was a man whose coffee was spilled to the floor and stopped in the middle of the progress. There also a little girl who was about to fall so she helped the girl to stand straight again.
Yuko looked at her watch and every watch she saw there and you know what? Every watch here are stopped.. That mean...
"I.. I have stopped... I HAVE STOPPED THE TIME! Woohooo!!!" Yuko sreamed excitedly. This was unbelieveable fun have something that other people don't. You feel like special.
Yuko went to Yuki still made the time stopped. And when she arrived there she made the time ran again.
"Yuki! See? I come even before 10 minutes..." Yuko said while sitting in front of Yuki.
"How can you come so fast? Didn't you were still at station when you called me 2 minutes ago?" Yuki looked at her watch and Yuko confused.
'Of course you feel it's just 2 minutes because i stopped the time.. But i think i will keep this a secret for now. Sorry Yuki i don't tell you about this.' Yuko said to herself.
"Ah don't think too much about it. Let just enjoy our time now.."
"Ah okay okay."
After that they spent their time together till night.

Present time...
"Aahhh that's answer my question.. I really can't understand how could you come that fast? At least you need 10 minutes from station to the cafe.." Yuki said.
"Sorry Yuki i keep this a secret this past years. I had to go when i was about to tell you. I don't want my friend or my family become the victim of my power."
"It's okay Yuko. I know how you felt. At least we can meet again now. I'm really happy with that." Yuki reassure and pat Yuko shoulder.
"Okay now back to topic."

"After i got my power my life is completely changed. Every single day my life is in danger because there is group of people called themselves as Sweeper."
"Same like the man who tried to kill Mayu last week?" Yuki ask.
"Yes you're right. And he is just a normal soldier. That's why i could kill him that easy." Yuko explain. "In their organisation there are some ranks, normal soldiers, trained soldiers, special soldiers and above everyone is the boss. I heard she is just a girl but no one know, just special soldiers knows and there are just about 5 people can become a special soldiers. Not just that, i heard special soldiers are misterious too. Everytime this event happens Special soldiers change too. Normal soldiers and trained soldiers never know them."
"Wow.. You really know a lot Yuko." Yuki's jaw drop hear Yuko explaination. It's too much for her.
"I've collected many information about them. So yeah.." Yuko shrug.
"Beside that I learned that there are many people who got super power like me. And Yuki you must know this.. Your power is healing right?" Yuki nod.
"If you keep train your power you can heal other people too. Like me.. At first i just can stop time but after i train my power, now i can go through time, to the past, but i don't want go to the future. I prefer let the future become a mistery." Yuko said proud to herself.
"Ouuu.. So wise of you." Yuki said teasing.
"Our life isn't that simple Yuki. One by one of us, Specials, that's how people like us are called by Sweepers, were being hunted and killed. A lot of my friend were killed back then. And you know what? Most of us were killed just by one crazy girl. She is one of the special soldier."
"What?! How could a girl killed so many people? Who is that girl?" Yuki said surprised with her big reaction.
"Reaction queen like usual. I don't know her real name but she is called Gekikara. She wasn't a normal girl. She is insane. Actually she was a Special too. At first i don't understand why she must betrayed us but after i went to the past, i finally understand."
"Wait.." Yuki cut Yuko. "This past 3 years you go to the past and back to present?" Yuko just nod while smile awkwardly.
"Amazing... Okay continue.." Yuki shook her head.
"Since the begining this all started there's always one Special who becomes a Sweeper to match our power, Sweepers themselves just normal humans who trained hard to surpass us but still that's not enough."
"You mean everytime this event happen there always a betrayer between us?" Yuki ask scared and Yuko nod to her. "Yes and a betrayer like her always become a special soldier."
"Do you know who is it now?" Yuki ask hoping Yuko knows.
"No.. I haven't found her this time. But betrayers always have one same thing..." Yuko sip her coffee again but nothing come in to her mouth. "Ahh i'm run out of coffee."
"Hey hey hey! We're talking about something serious.." Yuki protest.
"Gomen.. I talk non stop.. My mouth is dry now.."
"Okay.. So what is their similarity?" Yuki ask.
Their power... It's always telekinesis." Yuki just stay silent for a moment. "It can't be."
"What? You know who? Tell me. Is it someone you know?" Yuko ask then Yuki nod still shock.
"It's Mayuyu... Yuko."
For few minutes they don't talk. They don't know what to say or what to do.

So here is the chapter 6...
Please tell me your thoughtabout this fanfic..
Thank you very much..  :kneelbow:
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Thanks for the update..

I understand the other soldiers don't know about special soldiers.

Mayuyu is a sweeper. What will yuko do now?

Update soon..
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Wow, I love Yuko's power :luvluv1:
I wish I could have it :wahaha:
Mayu's actually a Sweeper :scared: Why she has to be a bad guy and why she has to have telekinesis power :mon headbang:
But I curious how'll Yuko, Yuki and Mayu do now :mon evillaff:
I think Mau will not only has a broken-hearted but also has some terrible feelings :mon huh2:
Anyway, update soon, please :kneelbow:
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So we could said jurina is telekinesis?
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wow yeah mayu is telekinesis and it proven with nezumi...uh so mayu killed people,she dangerous

what will yuko and yuki do
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] Life is Unfair (Mayuki and other couples) [Chapter 7]
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Finally update!!! XD
Sorry for a really really late update... Hehehehe..

[Chapter 7]

Yuko POV
'It's Mayuyu... Yuko.'
That words always come up to my mind these past few days since my meeting with Yuki. I can't think properly now. Why it must be Mayu. My most precious sister.
I had vowed to myself that i will kill the betrayer this time but how can i kill Mayuyu?
"Can it be that this time is different? The betrayer is not a telekinesis? Mayuyu will never kill anyone. She is too kind." Yuko talked to herself. "I must find out as soon as possible."

Normal POV
Suddenly someone grabbed Mayu and pulled her forcefully from behind. Mayu was about to kick that person until she saw the person's face.
"Oh my god.. Yuki! You scared me you know. I thought you were some scary pervert." Mayu said a little bit shouting because of shock.
"Gomen.. It's your own fault. You never answer my calls or reply my texts. You even avoid me at school. What happened Mayuyu? What have i done wrong? Please tell me.." Yuki asked Mayu with sad face.
"You did nothing wrong Yuki.. I just can face you right now. It's complicated.. Just leave me alone for now okay? Sorry.." Mayu said avoiding eye contact with Yuki.
"Then what is it Mayu? Why are you avoiding me?"
"It's not your business Yuki.. It's my own problem." Mayu tried to walked away but Yuki grabbed Mayums arm.
'I can't tell you i like you but you just see me as your sister. It's hurt just by seeing you Yuki. I must get out from this interrogation quickly.' Mayu said to herself.
"Is it have connection with your power Mayu?" Yuki started to ask about what she talked with Yuko.
"Of course n..."
'Wait.. Maybe she will stop bothering me..'
"Ehhm.. Yes.. That's why you don't need to interfere Yuki. It's dangerous." Mayu lied but unfortunately this made Yuki thought what she scared is true. About Mayu really is the betrayer.
Seeing Yuki drown to her own thought Mayu took her chance to run away from Yuki. She yanked her arm from Yuki grip.

"So it really because of her power.. What is she hiding? What is complicated? I don't understand.. Please don't make me think you really is the betrayer Mayu.." Yuki talked to herself sadly.
"I must tell Yuko about this. But where is she? I haven't seen her since our last meeting. Is she go to the past again?" Yuki tried to call Yuko but she couldn't reach the time controler girl.

Next day..
'I think i need to clear my mind by hanging out with my friends more. Maybe they can help me forget what Yuki said. I feel guilty had to lie to Yuki like that.' Mayu said in her mind spacing out in the middle of the class.
"...Yu chan... Mayu!!"
"Ah yes what?! What's wrong?" Mayu startled by the sudden yell.
"Mou.. You startled me Rabutan." Mayu complained.
"I and Milky have calling you many times but you seems really into your own world." Rabutan said mockingly. "You have been spacing out all day Mayu.. Look... It's already the end of today lessons."
"Do you have any problem that bother you Mayu?" Milky asked with lot of concern. "Is it about.. Kashiwagi senpai?"
Mayu eyes about to go out from its' place because of shock. "How do you know Milky?"
"We are your bestfriend remember? Of course we know.." Rabutan joined them again.
"Are you sure your power is not reading others' mind?"
"Baka.." Rabutan slapped Mayu's head playfully made the three of them laughing.
"So.. Tell us what's up?" Milky said after she recovered from her laugh.
"Okay.." Then Mayu told her bestfriends every details about what had happened between her and Yuki.
"Oh god Mayu... You really made her worried if you lied like that." Rabutan said to Mayu.
"Yeah i know it.. But i can't help it. Everytime i see Yuki it makes me heartbroken. I need to go away from here for a while and that's the only thing i can think of." Mayu explained to her friends.
"Just my advice Mayu.. Tell her the truth. Tell her you like her.. It's not that bad. You can still befriend with her even if she reject you. It's better than lying to her." Miyuki told Mayu.
"I'll think about it again. But i need time for now.. Soo.. Let's go now?" Mayu tried to change the subject.
Mayu stood up and walked without looked at her way.
"Upss... Sorry.. I didn't see where i walked. You okay?" Mayu extended her hand to help the girl who fell because of her.
When the girl looked up the girl slapped Mayu's hand. "Get out of my way! I don't need your help!" Then she stood up and walked away but Mayu grabbed the girl's hand on time before she left.
"Matsui san why do you hate me so much? What have i done?" Mayu asked. This has been bothering her since the beginning.
"Although it's not completely your fault but just by seeing your face it makes me hate myself more..." Jurina said. Somehow Mayu can sense how big Jurina's sadness is and it made her wanted to help.
"What are you saying? I don't understand.." Mayu asked again.
"You won't understand now Watanabe san.. Not in your current condition." After that Jurina ran away and left Mayu confused by what she just said.

"What is that mean?" Rabutan said out of sudden made Mayu came back to her sense.
"You understand what she said Mayu chan?" Miyuki asked Mayu.
Mayu just shook her head.
"Let's go.." Mayu talked to her friends and walked ahead but accidentally she tripped and fell. Her head landed first on the floor.
"Mayu! You okay?" Rabutan and Miyuki came to her panic.
"Yes i'm okay.."
"Mayu?" Miyuki felt something was wrong with her friend like it's not Mayu who was in front of her.
Mayu walked without even said any word to Rabutan and Miyuki.
"What's wrong with her?" Rabutan asked to Miyuki.
Miyuki just kept silent. Somehow she felt something bad will happen and her feeling usually right.

Jurina still running away although she has already far from where she was before.
'I'm sorry Watanabe san. I knew you never did anything bad to me. I knew it's not you but Nezumi did it but it just so hard for me to acted like nothings happened since Nezumi used your body everytime she did her crimes.'
After some times past and she was exhausted she stopped at the back of the gym and sat under her favorite tree. That place always made her relaxed.
Suddenly someone kicked her and beat her up. "How dare you talk about that to Watanabe Mayu huh?"
"Arghh.. Ughh..." Jurina tried to protect herself. She didn't bother to make the person stopped beating her up since she know that person has her weakness.
"You want to tell her she has me inside her body? You have guts Jurina.. Remember what will be gone if you dare to make me angry."
Hearing the last sentence made Jurina stopped the kicks she received. "Nezumi..."
"Owh so you really dare to against me huh?"
"Don't you ever think you can hurt Rena chan as long as i live." Jurina threw Mayu away with all of her strength.
"Hmph.. Hahahahaha... Interesting. I'll take that as a challenge. Let's see if you can protect your friend."
Jurina was ready to punch Nezumi when Nezumi's phone rang.
"Hello? Hmm.. Alright.." After she hang up she placed her phone to her jacket pocket again.
"Let's go.. We have job right now." Nezumi walked ahead but Jurina still couldn't calm down and didn't move from her spot.
"Hey.. Come on.. We don't have much time. Rena's life is at stake." Nezumi smirked.
"Tch.. I won't follow you if it's not for Rena." That night Jurina stained her hands with a lot of blood again.


Please your comments to help me improving.. Thank you..:D
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Everything begins to complicate :on gay:
Poor Jurina :mon waterworks: Has to tolerate with all kind of bad things Nezumi did :mon ghost:
Just because Nezumi had Rena :on speedy:
At the same time, I feel sad for Mayuki couple :gyaaah:
Wonder when'll everything gets better :mon speechless:
Update ASAP, please :mon runcry:
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Post by: Kirozoro on February 15, 2014, 12:31:10 AM
Why u make everything is o complicated

Poor Jurina...she finally found Rena but she lost her memorie

Hope Yuki not think thst Mayu is not betrayter

Please update soon
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Although mw previous fanfic is still far from finish but this story suddenly came to my mind and i really want to writ this one sooo....
I will update this fanfic more frequently and i will make this one a short one maybe not more than 10 chapters..
I hope you can enjoy and like my story..
Please tell me anything you want about this fanfic so i can make it better..  :kneelbow:
Thank you and enjoy!!! :D

"Oh no it's raining again... Fotunately i remember to bring my umbrella."
A girl who seem had just finished her works walk out from the building.
"Good afternoon sensei. I'm going first. Be careful on your way." A boy greeted her.
"Ah yes thank you.. You too be careful." She smiled kindly.
Yes she is a teacher in a well known high school in that area.
She loves teaching since she was just a kid so in the end she chose it as her job.

"Although this road is a little bit scary but i think it's okay if i walk fast." She said to herself.
This road in front of her is narrow and empty but it will make her arrives faster to her home. Since she is already tired and want to sleep so she decide to walked past the road. But something weird makes her stopped on her way.

"Eeh? What is in that box? It's moving.." She went closer and surprised by what inside the box.
"What are you doing here little kid?"
He looked like really startled and scared. He just looked at her shocked.
"How can you alone in this cold weather? What's your name?"
"Ma-matsui Jun"
"You look so young. How old are you?"
'He still so young. How can he is alone here?'
"Hmm.. Okay Jun-kun where is your home?"
"....." He looked down sad not answering.
"Ehmm.. I think you want to be alone. Then.."
"Wait! Please help me.. I don't have anywhere to go. Please let me live with you."
'What must i do? It's impossible if i bring him home. What will others say if they know i live with a boy and he is 6 years younger than me! But i can't reject him bluntly. That's too mean. Ah! I have an idea. It's a little crazy but maybe i can make him discouraged to live with me. Sometimes i hate myself who can't talk bluntly.'
"Okay Jun if you want to live with me i have one condition for you.."
"What is it? I'll do anything. I can't stay here." Jun said desperately.
"Okay... You must become my pet."
Jun looked surprised hear that crazy idea from her. "Are you serious?"
"Of course i am. I never take back my words. If you don't want then i'll go now. Bye." She smiled inside since she knows he won't want to do that and she can get out from this situation.
"Okay! I accept that! It's okay as long i'm with y... Eh i mean i have a place to live."
She surprised by the boy statement. She didn't think he would accept that crazy idea.
"I'll be your pet. So i really can live with you right? You said you never take back your words."
'This boy is crazy. I can't take my word back again.'
#sigh "Ah right. I lose. Come with me." She said and then walked away.
"Okay master!" He said while ran toward her.
"You really into this don't you?"
"Of course since it's my promise. Or you want me to be your boyfriend instead?" Jun said teasingly.
"Of course no!! Remember your status in my house!" Rena blushed by his words and then walked ahead to hide her red cheeks.
"Master wait.." Jun ran.
"By the way what's your name master?" He walked happily.
"Matsui Rena."
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Jun aways crazy xD

Update soon
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This is interesting  :deco:
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Wow! Jun as Rena's pet! :wahaha: :mon beam:
Haha~ Rena tried to trick Jun, but apparently it went the other way around :mon noprob: :mon evillaff:
This sounds interesting ~ :mon XD: :on GJ:
"Okay! I accept that! It's okay as long i'm with y... Eh i mean i have a place to live."
Hehe~ I see what your doing Jun, you were about to say something else :whistle: :on lol: :mon mischief:
Why is Jun all alone ?:pig huh: :mon huh: :tama-uhh:
Update soon ~  :byebye:
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Its sounds like the dorama "kimi wa petto"... I prefer that Jun gonna be jurina.. could be interesting... and maybe more older..
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Thanks for the reply...
Anyway i'm really inspired by kimi wa petto to write this.. I don't know the storyline but i hope it's different..
And here's chapter 1....

"Woahh.. Your house is amazing."
"Don't exaggerate it. This is just a normal house. Just clean your body first. I'll find you something to wear now."
"Thank you master!" Jun hugged Rena tightly. Rena shocked with the action, her face was as hot as boiled water. After came back to her sense she quickly pushed Jun.
"Hmm yeah yeah.." Rena smiled awkwardly and patted his head.
"Just call me Rena no need to call me master Jun."
"No.. Since i'm your pet so you're my master." Jun said happily. Again.
"Why are you really happy to be a pet? Weird kid." Rena shook her head. "Now go clean yourself."
"Haaiii~" Jun answered with his cutest smile.

Days past since the day Rena found Jun on the way to her home. They live together and luckly no one know about it until now.

"Hahahaha... Wow!!! Yeayy!!" Jun shouted happily while running around the house non stop.
"Jun are you not tired? You have been running and screaming like a crazy kid since morning.. It's been hours you know.. Beside you are 16 but you are still playing like a 5 years old kid." Rena asked frustratedly as she is annoyed but she can't stop him.
"Why i must be tired? It's fun! Age is just numbers. You can join me too if you want." Jun smiled cutely and started running again.
"No thanks.. Oh god i can't take it anymore. I must make him stop." Rena face palmed herself.
"Hahahaha this is amazing!" No response from the boy.
Still no response from him.
"Jun!!" In the end Rena shouted.
"Ah yes master?" Finally Jun stopped.
"Please take a rest and just be quiet for now. I need peace." Rena calmed herself.
"But master... I will be bored if i just sit down quietly." Jun pouted cutely. "Let me play for a little more okay?" Jun was about to move again but Rena grasped his hand.
"Jun you always consider yourself as my pet right? Then as your master i want you to stop. You have had fun since morning so now is my turn okay?"
#sigh "Hai hai.." Jun looked down dissapointed and sat beside Rena then laid his head on her lap.
"Okay.. Now what are you doing?" Rena asked.
"What? I'm your pet.. Puppies like to sleep on their master embrace. So am i.." Jun said proudly and continued snuggling to Rena.
"So now you claim yourself as my puppy. So weird of you. Ah but whatever. At least i have my quiet time watching TV."
In the end Rena let Jun slept on her lap and just watched her show.
Once in a while Jun tighten his hug to Rena's waist.

After a while Rena took a look at Jun. 'He is pretty cute too if he is sleeping like this.. And actually he really looks like a real puppy too. What a coincidence...' Rena patted Jun's head gently made him snuggled to Rena more tightly.

Didn't know when but Rena finally fell asleep too. In the end they sleep like that till morning.

Next morning..
Jun woke up from his long slumber and found Rena was not there.
"Where is she? Hmm.. Maybe she is in her room. I'll just take a bath first then."

Jun had just finished taking a bath but he still hasn't seen Rena anywhere.
"Master what are you doing?" Jun came into Rena's room and found her sitting down on her bed in front of her laptop.
"Ah Jun you're awake. I'm working. What's wrong Jun?" She said still her eyes glued on her laptop.
"Nothing i just want to see my master." Jun stayed obediently beside Rena watching her working.
"Nee master let's play something."
"I'm working Jun. Just find something else to do."
"Oh come on master. Pleasee..." Jun put her head in front of the laptop facing Rena really close to her face showed his puppy eyes.
Rena shocked and in the end she hit her own head accidentally to the wall behind her.
"Ah are you okay master?" Jun came closer to check if Rena is okay.
"You! Wear your cloth first! Are you crazy walk around a girl house topless?" Rena hit his head.
"I've just finished taking a bath." Jun said while rubbing his head.
"Ahh it's hurt. Get out from here.."
"Get out from here!!"
Jun ran out quickly from the room.
After that Rena continued her work again while still annoyed by Jun behavior. "Hah.. That kid.."

Few hours later...
"Ah it's already dark outside and it's raining again. I wonder what is Jun doing. I shouted a little to much to him before."
But when she went out from her room she couldn't find Jun anywhere. She had checked every rooms in her house but he was no where to be found.
"Can it be.. He thinks i told him to get out from this house when i shouted to him to get out before? That stupid kid. I just told him to get out from my room."
Rena quickly getting ready to go out searched for Jun.
When she opened her front door she found Jun was there shivering drenched by the rain. "Jun! What are you doing here? You can be sick."
"You told me to get out but i don't know where to go so i stay here."
"Baka! I told you to get out from my room not my house. Let's go inside."

As soon as they were inside Jun hugged Rena tightly. "I thought you have dumped me. I'm so scared."
"Of course no you stupid kid. I'm not that cold hearted. Look at you drenched by rain like this. Go dry yourself before you get a cold i will cook you something to warm your body."

"Thanks for the meal.." Jun finished his food really fast.
"Hmm Jun.."
"Yeah? What's up master?"
"How about we go tomorrow? You know.. You still need more clothes and i must buy some food since you eat so many."
"Of course i want to!! A date just for the two of us!" Jun shouted happily.
"It's not a date!" Rena shouted too. Her face was redden.
"Wohoo!!! I can't wait for tomorrow.." After that Jun dashed out to his own room.
"Ah God.. That kid really likes to make his own conclusion." Rena shook her head.
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Yay!! :onioncheer: Date! Date! :mon XD: :mon crazyinlove:
Kyah~ Just imagining Jun snuggling with Rena makes me start blushing! :mon lovelaff:
Haha~ Jun got scolded by Rena for being too loud and noisy  :mon evillaff:
Can't wait for the next chapter!  :mon mischief:
Update soon ~ :k-thrilled:
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Thanks For This~  :heart:  I Have New FanFic To Read~  :cow:   :cow:   :cow:
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Awwww Jun is so cute...Rena is so cute when she embarrassment

Update soon...cant wait to see their 'date'
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T-t-topless Jun O///O
Well, Jun really looks like a 5 than 16, I wonder about his real background :/
Next ! (∩_∩)
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I love this! i love this! i love this! XD
Jun was very cute~ :wub:
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Sorry for the late update..  :kneelbow:
I'm just go back from a trip.. Hehehe
Actually i'm also pretty troubled by 'date' part.. So it took me pretty long time to finish this chapter too  :wahaha:
But finally it's finish so here's chapter 2...
Please enjoy and comment...  :on woohoo:

"Come on master.. Let's go! Quickly!!" Jun pulled Rena.
"Alright alright.. Be patient Jun.. I must lock the door first."
"Okay finish let's go master.." Jun pulled Rena again.
"Ah wait Jun.."
"Don't be too hyper active okay? Behave yourself."
"Haii.." Jun nodded his head like a little kid.
"Good.." Rena patted Jun's head.

"Look look.. This is cute.." Jun brought Rena to see a cute hoddie with bunny ears on the head.
"Are you serious Jun? It doesn't match with your age. Just look for another one.. I'll search there.." Rena walked away and searched at other side of the shop.
"But it's really cute.." Jun answered sadly.

"Good morning kid.." Suddenly a middle age woman come approach Jun.
"Oh hi good morning too." Jun bowed to her.
"Hmm.. I see you're with Matsui Rena. Are you living with her? I saw you two go out together this morning."
"Ah you're right.. I live with her now.."
"Oh really.. Are you her brother?" The middle age woman looks like she is interrogating Jun.
"No... I'm not her brother."
"Then you are... her boyfriend?"
Being so childish Jun doesn't realize it at all.
"Oh no no no.. I'm not her boyfriend.. I'm her pe.."
Before Jun finish his words Rena butts in. "He is my relative.. His parents need to work outside Japan so they asked me to take care of him.."
"Oh really?" Seemed like the middle age woman still can't believe at Rena statement.
"Yes.. Even our surename are same. Have you introduce yourself properly Jun?" Rena said a little bit nervous.
"Ah right i'm forget.. I'm sorry.. My name is Matsui Jun. Nice to meet you." Jun bowed again to her.
"Hmm.. I see.. Then i'll go first.. Bye" After that she walked away.

"Aahhh.. So frustrating.." Rena sighed. "Jun.. Don't be too honest when people ask you. You were about to make me jailed."
"Eehh?? Why? I never want you to be jailed."
"Sssttt.. Don't be too loud."
"Sorry.. So why you can be jailed?"
"Of course because i look like manipulated you little kid.. You are about to said you are my pet. And if you didn't say about pet things they might think you are my boyfriend and you are still underage. It's against rule you know.."
"Ehh?? I don't know that.. I'm sorry master.."
"Right right.. It's okay just remember to be more careful." Rena patted his head which made him over excited.
"Okay!!" Jun hugged Rena thightly.
"Ah.. By the way to make the mood up again why don't we go to maybe amusement park.. We can buy ice cream, cotton candy, riding exciting ride and many other things awaiting us." Jun suggested jumping excitedly.
"Ehmm.. I don't think that's a good idea. Let's just go home okay?" Rena said hesitantly.
"Oh come on.. It will be fun.. Pleasee...." Jun asked cutely. Still no answer from Rena.
"Pweasee.." Jun gave his best puppy eyes which no one can resist.
And that's work. "Alright alright.. You win. Let's go now or never."
"Yatta!!!" Jun ran dragging Rena along.
"Calm down Jun. No running!"

"Finally!! It's been like years the last time i went here." Jun said.
"Really? Where have you been?" Rena said amused.
"Long story.. Look look... That's an ice cream parlor." Jun dragged Rena again.

"Welcome.. Which flavor do you want? We have many sweet flavors here.. Even sweeter than you." The man wearing uniform talked to Rena flirtly.
Jun felt disgusted by the man's word and so by reflect he circled his hand around Rena's arm.
"A-ahh.. Thanks." Rena said awkward but Jun coule see a little blush on her face.
After few seconds blushing she then looked to Jun.
"Which one do you want Jun?" Rena asked to Jun.
"Hhmmm... Wait." Jun put his hand under his chin so he looked like he was thinking hard. Just for ice cream?
Still not finished choosing.
"Don't think too long Jun." Rena said annoyed.
"It's okay.. No need to rush." The man said.
"By the way are you two... A couple?" The man asked.
"Ah no no we're not." Rena answered made Jun disapointed.
"Then how about going out with me?" The man touched Rena's face which made Jun angry.
"Eh?" Is all Rena could say.
Without anyone knew the man had already fallen to the ground cause of Jun's deadly punch.
"Eat that sucker! Don't you ever dare to go near Rena again.." Jun shouted angrily.
"You!!" The man was about to punch Jun too but after he saw his face closely he stoped.
"Ma-matsui Jun.. You are.."
Before the man could finish his words Jun punched him again till he knocked down.
"Let's go from here Rena.." Jun grabbed Rena's hand and dragged her out from the shop.

Outside the shop Rena stopped Jun and yanked her arm from Jun's grip.
"You know him? He looked like he know you." Rena asked.
"Hmm no.. I don't know him."
"Really.." Rena still thinking about the moment before.
"Anyway let's go play for now. I don't want to eat anything right now." Jun dragged Rena again.
Today Rena felt like she was being dragged all the time by Jun.

"Seriously Jun.. You want to ride this?" Rena tried to hide her nervous face.
"Why? Are you scared?" Jun teased her.
"Wha-What? Of c-course not. It just i'm not in the mood." Rena didn't dare to look at Jun's eyes.
"My master is a coward.. I can't believe it. Poor me.." Jun shook his head.
"What did you say? Coward?? Let's go." Being mocked like that Rena dragged Jun to the ride. Without her knowing Jun smiled cunningly behind her.

Few minutes later...
"Are you okay?" Jun patted Rena's back who looked like she's about to throw up.
"Can't you see yourself. It's your faul.. Ughh.." Rena stopped, she really wanted to throw up now.
"I'm sorry.. Let's just go home."
In reply Rena just could nod her head.
She really always not the type who could do things with adrenalin.

Next morning...
"Morning master.." Jun greeted Rena who is busy with her laptop.
"Hey morning Jun. Here is your breakfast." Rena gave Jun a sandwich still focusing on ger laptop.
"What are you doing master? Is that really important?"
"Hmmm right.. It's your school application."
"Owh my school application..." Jun said while munching his sandwich.
"What?!? My school application?? I will be going to school? Seriously?" Jun shouting almost choked by the sandwich in his mouth.
"Of course it's yours Jun.. I don't need to go to school anymore.. I've graduated few years ago." Rena shrugged.
"But why?" Jun still can't accepted it.
"Just for hiding who you are Jun.. You're still in student age and if you're not go to school it just makes other people think there is something wrong with us living together.. And that's dangerous." Rena explained.
"Okay.. So when i will start?" Jun asked still shock.
"Next Monday.." Jun looked like he's in troubles.
"Relax Jun i'm teacher there so just find me if you have any trouble.. Okay?" Jun nodded.
"Believe me you will be okay.." Rena patted Jun's head. "Beside you won't be bored anymore and maybe you will find some good friends there."
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Yay~ Update  :onioncheer:
"Look look.. This is cute.." Jun brought Rena to see a cute hoddie with bunny ears on the head.
Aw~ Come on Rena couldn't you have let Jun buy it  :depressed:
Jun is acting like a little kid, so hyper :on lol:
Without anyone knew the man had already fallen to the ground cause of Jun's deadly punch.
Yes! :mon XD: I was so happy when Jun punched that man! He deserved that! :mon squee:
But, Jun was really jealous after seeing Rena blush :mon sweat:
"Ma-matsui Jun.. You are.."
Eh ~ Does the man know Jun? What was he going to say? :mon huh:
It's your school application."
Woo! Jun's going to school!  :tama-apeshit:
But for some reason I feel like he will be popular :mon noprob: or he can cause some trouble for Rena :kekeke:
Can't wait for the next chapter ~ :tama-bye:
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Jun is go to school~
E- eh... how can the man know Jun?
Does Jun in danger? OuO

I hope no UwU

Please update it quickly~
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Jun going to school next monday

Cant wait to see

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Here's the third chapter... :)
Hope you like it..
Feel free to give your opinion about this story.. :)

Monday morning...
"Yosh!! I can do this.. This uniform suits me pretty well." Jun talked to himself in front of the mirror.
"Junn!! Come on we will be late.. You won't want to be late on your first day.." Rena shouted from outside.
"I'll be there in a minute master!!" Jun shouted back. "Okay! Let's do this!"

"Let's go master.. I'm ready.."
When Jun is about to walk out from the house Rena grab him. "Wait.."
"Hmm? What is it master?"
"Jun.. Don't call me master when we are outside.. Remember that.."
"Ehh? Why? I like calling you master..."
'Although i've had called you Rena once and i like it.'Jun smiled secretly.
"Look.. It really strange if you call me like that.. People will ask us about that and you will put us especially me in trouble.. So.. Just call me anything but don't call me master. Understand?" Rena told Jun again.
"Alright.. Alright.. I'll keep that in my mind."
"Good.. Now let's go!!"

At school...
"Why i'm not in your class master?" Jun whispered to Rena after they met the principal.
"Of course they won't do that since you are my relative. I told them that. Believe me your homeroom teacher is really nice. She is my bestfriend. So no need to worry.. I must go now. Just go to your class now okay? Remember don't call me master Jun.."
"Oh right.. Hai hai..."

"Morning everyone... Today we have new transfered student here." The teacher said to the class.
"Huh? It's so rare." One of the student said.
"Why so sudden?" Other student asked.
"Please come in Matsui san.." The teacher let Jun to come in.
"Errm... Hi everyone.. My name is Matsui Jun.. I'm from Nagoya and from now on i will study here. So please take care of me." Jun scratched his head nervously.

"Aahhh!!! Kawaii!! He is so cute!" One of the girls shouted which got agree scream for the rest of the girls.
"Please become my boyfriend!"
"No he's mine!!"
And so the girls are fighting for Jun..
On the other side..
"Why did you come here?"
"Just return to your hometown! We don't need you!"
The boys were shooing Jun.
On the front of the class Jun just could laugh bitterly after saw the amazing sight.

"Class! Calm down please! Okay Matsui san.. You can sit there on the empty seat at the back.."
"A-ahh.. Hai.." Jun walked to the pointed place.

"Hello new friend.. Nice to meet you. Calm down i'm not like the others. Of course i don't mind you are here. Ah by the way i'm Watanabe Mayu." He extended his hand.
Jun hold his hand. "Nice to meet you too. Matsui Jun. Just call me Jun."
"Okay then Jun. You can call me just Mayu too."

"Matsui san can you sit down now? And Watanabe san don't you dare to make any troubles or make Matsui san got into troubles with you."
"Hai hai sensei.. I always listen to you remember? How can i don't listen to you? I love you so much Yukirin.." Mayu said teasingly and then smirked at Yuki make everyone in the class laughing.
"Ugh that kid.. Silence class!! Now continue our lesson." Yuki continued writing on the board again.

"Aahhh.. Yukirin is sooo beautiful... Even when she is angry. She is the goddess. I'm so lucky to be in her class." Mayu said out of sudden.
"Hmphh.. You really can make that sensei can do nothing.." Jun talked to Mayu.
"Of course.. I know everything about her. She will never win against me." Mayu said confidently.
"Owh you have that much confindent in you.."

"Watanabe san, Matsui san. Can you two please be quiet and focus to my lesson?"
"I'm sorry sensei.." Jun said to her.
"Here comes another troubles.." Yuki said to herself.

Lunch break..
Jun was walking around trying to find his master but it seemed pretty hard since this place is new for him.
On the back the girls were following him, squealing excitedly and giggling saw how cute and handsome the transfered student was. This made all the boys envied him.
Not really minded being followed Jun just kept walking liked nothing happened.
'I'm hungry.. Where is she? I think i'll go to canteen first. But where is it? Let's just ask the girls.'
"Uhm excuse me. Can you tell me where is the canteen? I'm kinda lost now." Jun asked to the girls.
"We will lead you there!" All of the girls pushed him down to the canteen.

In canteen...
"What is that commotion? So noisy out there.." Rena asked to Yuki.
Then the door opened made a really loud sound.
"We're here Matsui sama!" Amazingly they all said in unison.
"Thank you everyone! Let's walk and talk together again some other times.." Jun shouted cutely which got squeals from the girls.

'Huh? Isn't that master? She is eating with Kashiwagi sensei.. No doubt i can't find her anywhere..'

"Rena chaannn~" Jun shouted from a far calling for his master.
The girls' squel now changed by curious whisper everywhere.
"Re-rena chan??" Rena asked confused.
"Hmphh.. You two seems really close huh?" Yuki commented then continued to eat again.
"I have been searching for you. This school really is big~" Jun said all excited while hugging and snuggling to Rena.
"Since when i let you call me Rena chan?" Rena finally came to her sense.
"You told me to call you whatever i want remember?" Jun answered and then looked at Rena's hand.
"You eat melonpan again? Not just at home but in school too.. You need to eat proper food Rena chan.." Jun lectured Rena cutely.
"Hah you said that like you really live with her Jun." Suddenly another person butt in.
"Mayu! Since when you sit beside me?" Yuki jumped surprised by Mayu presence.
"Yukirin!!" Mayu hug Yuki made her couldn't eat her lunch. "I miss you so much..."
"Oh god Mayu!! This is in school! You will got me troubles plus i can't eat now.."
"I don't care.. Nothing can go against my love for you.. Beside look at them we are no different." Mayu pointed at Jun who was still hugging Rena.
"Ahh just do anything you like but please let me eat.." Yuki surrendered made Mayu smiled in victory and loosen his grip a bit still didn't bother to let her go.
"So are you two really live together?" Mayu asked again.
"Just for your information Mayu this two really live together.." Yuki told Mayu and Rena just nodded agreeing.
"What?!? You really live with you teacher? You have an affair with your student Matsui sensei?? Wow!! I never think you would be like that sensei.." Mayu said non stop looking at the two continuously.
Rena who is eating her melonpan choked hearing all Mayu said.
"Then Yukirin we can become a couple too. They even live together but still haven't kicked out from this school. Please be my girlfri... Ouchh itai!!"
"Baka.. He is just her relative. Since his parents need to go abroad they asked Rena to take care of him. Right Rena?" Yuki said after chopped Mayu's head.
"Ye-Yes! O-Of course it is like that. He is my relative Watanabe san." Rena said nervously.
Jun just laughing on the side.
"Aahhh it's not interesting.. I thought you really is her boyfriend. It will be a big scandal here if it happened. We still can't become couple then Yukirin." Mayu said sadly. "But i won't give up!! Just wait for me. I'll get you no matter what. Hahahha!!" After that Mayu run and lost from their sight.
"That crazy kid.." Yuki talked to herself.

"Mayu really is funny.. Kashiwagi sensei never wins against him.." Jun said laughing on the way home with Rena.
"Don't get to close to him Jun. He is completely a troublemaker. Yuki really has a hard time dealing with him." Rena gave Jun an advice.
"But they seem really close though."
"They have been friends since they were a kid although Yuki much older than Mayu. They always together even after Yuki has become a teacher Mayu begged his parents to live alone here in Tokyo so he can still with Yuki. They originally not from Tokyo." Rena told Jun a little about her bestfriend.
"Wow.. Mayu must like Kashiwagi sensei very much then."

"Oh right Jun.. There's something bothering me since i first saw you.." Rena opened up conversation again.
"Hmm?? What is it?"
"Actually where are you from? And why were you there on that day?" Rena asked.
Jun stopped after he heard Rena questions. His inner was debating if he had to tell Rena now or not.
Rena stopped too and looked at Jun, see if Jun will answer her or not.
For some seconds the two of them didn't talk. Rena waited for the answer which she thought she wouldn't get and Jun seemed deep in her thought didn't bother to answer Rena's question.
Feeling awkward Rena decided to start talking again. "It's okay if you haven't ready to tell me Jun."
"Sorry..." Jun looked down.
"Just tell me when you ready. I will wait." Rena patted Jun's head.
"Un.. I promise i will tell you when the time is right."
"Ah look! Ice cream.. Do you want some? Last time we wanted to get some you knocked that man down." Rena teased.
"But he flirted with you. It's not my fault." Jun looked away.
"Oh someone was jealous..." Rena teased again.
"Shut up!" Jun grabbed Rena's wrist and dragged her to the ice cream shop.
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They are so cuuutttteeeeeee  :on lol:
i need moooreeee :on study:
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Jun's real identity is still a mystery, is he some kind of yakuza? Royal family? What? Щ(ºДºщ)

Update soon! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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Mayuki Wmatsui they so cute...Mayu don't give up

I wonder about Jun pass...the guy who flirt with Rena seem to scare of Jun

Update soon
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YAY! MaYuki is here too! :onioncheer:
Wah~ As expected from Jun, getting popular with the girls already! :mon misch: :hehehe:
Haha ~ MaYuki and Wmatsui are so  cute! :mon lovelaff:
Poor Yukirin, she can't win against Mayu :whistle:
Where does Jun come from? :dunno:
Eh ~ Their going to the ice cream shop again :glasses:
Didn't that ice-cream man know Jun or something, since he know's Jun's name? :mon dunno:
Wonder what will happen next ~ :mon huh:
Update soon ~ :k-great: :tama-bye:
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Sorry for a really late update...
Thanks for the comments and i will reveal Jun's pass soon..
Please be patient a little bit.. :)
So here chapter 4...

"Come on Rena chan.. We're almost late." Jun pulled Rena's arm who was preparing her needs for today class.
"Calm down Jun.. We still have lot of times." Rena stopped him annoyed.
"I had promised Mayuyu to meet him before class start." Jun said again.
"I see you two seem close these days."
"Yeah you can say that. He is fun and i just feel we have many common things." Jun shrugged.
"..." Rena just kept silent.
"Do you not like me hanging out with him?" Jun asked.
"A little bit.. He's a troublemaker Jun. I'm afraid you'll become one too if you play with him too much." Rena said worriedly.
"I won't Rena chan.. Calm down. Don't be worry again okay?" Jun reassured.
"Okay. I believe you." Rena smiled.

"Alright finish... Let's go Jun." Rena dragged Jun went out from their house.
"Aahhh wait my bag." In the end they went inside again to take Jun's bag.
"Ahh right i forgot. Hehehe.." Rena laughed embarassed.

Today they went to school by foot since Jun insisted that Rena needed more excercises.
Usually they went by Rena's car even though actually their house wasn't really far from school.
Of course Jun used his puppy eyes to lure Rena. She still couldn't resist that deadly eyes.

"Don't walk too fast Jun.. I need to breath." Rena talked run out of breath.
"Oh come on Rena chan.. You can do this." Jun dragged Rena.
"I'm not athletic like you. Just give me a sec okay?" Rena pulled Jun to stopped him.
"This is why Rena chan you must do more excercises. Look at you we have just walked this far but you have already like this." Jun complained.
"I'm sorry i just hate excercising. I don't like it when i'm all sweaty. It's gross." Rena said in a middle of taking her breath.
Jun sighed and then squated. "Get on."
"What?" Rena asked confused.
"Get on." Jun repeated still squating.
"No! It's embarassing."
"Quickly. Or i'll drag you running till we arrive to school." Jun insisted.
"Besides i'm the one who makes you exhausted like this." Jun whispered but Rena still could hear him.
"Okay." Rena blushed. "But put me down before we reach school!"
"Roger that!"

After some minutes walking finally they reached their destination with sweaty Jun. Of course they had walked side by side now.
"I'm sorry because of me you are sweaty now." Rena said guilty.
"No problem." Jun smiled. "Then.. I'll go first?"
"Okay then. Let's meet at the gate after school."
"Un.. Bye Rena chan."
They walked separated way to their own destination.

"Hey Jun!" Mayu clung himself to Jun.
"Hey whassup!"
"What happened to you? You are all wet."
"It's a long story." Jun didn't have intention to tell Mayu.
"But Jun i think your wet look has made all the girls squealing like no end."
Around them were the girls squealing excitedly looking at their two princes expecially the sweaty Jun today.
This thing was just usual for them but today was the most noisy morning.
"Hey hey Jun try to wink at them. I bet they will faint on their place." Mayu whispered.
"Hahaha.. Let's try that."
Jun winked to the girls behind them made them held their breath and fell to the ground. After their sense back they screamed and squealed again.
"See.." Mayu smirked to Jun.

All the boys who saw that time just could sigh and accepted the two really could make all girls high over heels to them.

"Ok it's enough.. Let's go to class.. I don't want to be late to Yukirin's class." Mayu said.
"Yeah yeah.."

Few hours later...
"Oh god why can't Yukirin become our teacher from morning till classes end everyday?" Mayu complained after the last hours Yuki teached in their class.
"You wish.. Why does Rena chan never teach our class?" Jun complained too.
"For a cousin you really like her a lot huh?" Mayu asked just for teasing Jun.
"Eh! Ah! I don't like her! I just.. I just think it will be fun!" Jun became panic after Mayu said he liked Rena.
"Relax dude.. I know.. I know.. I was just teasing you." Mayu hit Jun's back playfully.
"Aha-ahahaha... Ri-right.. Of course no way i will like my own cousin.." Jun said awkwardly.
After that they went silent and wait for the next teacher.

"Hey Jun.." Mayu called Jun made Jun looked at him. "Let's skip classes.."
"What? No! Rena chan will kill me.." Jun refused.
"Oh come on Jun.. It will be fun. Let's watch Rena sensei teaching first before we go. How's that?" Mayu really knew how to lure Jun.
"Why i will agree because we see Rena chan first?" Jun started to panic again. 'Is he know we are not family?'
"It okay Jun.. Just by seeing your gestures i know you like your own cousin. Hahaha..." Mayu laughed.
"Wha-what? I-i'm not.. Of c-course.." Jun stuttered.
"See? You stutter too much." Mayu kept teasing Jun.
"Oh shut up Mayu! Don't you dare tell anyone!" Jun finally surendered accept what Mayu said.
"So? Want to go now? Let's see your Rena.." Mayu asked again.
"Alright alright... I'm in. I've never seen Rena teaching before."

They snucked out together. Luckily because the next teacher still not coming, they said he got traffic jam, so Mayu and Jun could easily go to Rena class. Jun almost remembered all of Rena class. When and where she must teach everyday.

"Oh god Rena is really amazing when she is teaching. She really is calm but a little bit scary right?" Jun said to Mayu.
"Yeah.. It feels like you will be eaten if you don't listen to the subject." Mayu agreed.
"Let stay here for more 3 minutes." Jun suggested.
"Okay.. As you wish."

"Hey let's go now Jun. we will be caught if we're not go now." Mayu wake Jun up from his loveland.
"Okay okay." Jun a little bit irritated.
They walked below the windows so Rena wouldn't notice them there.
Unfortunately Rena heard a little bit noisy from outside and so she went out to check.

"Jun, Mayu? What are you doing here?"
The two stood up and faced Rena. All of the girls in that class started to whisper and giggle to each other. They knew the two prince of school had just been caught skipping class.
"Ehm.. Nothing.. We're just.." Jun looked at Mayu for help.
"We're going to toilet."
"Yes toilet."
"But toilet is over there." Rena pointed to the opposite direction from Jun and Mayu's.
They looked at each other and then nodded.
"Run!" The two of them shouted and ran away from Rena.
Luck not on their side, they bumped to someone and fell.
Seeing that scene Rena ran to them. "Yuki! Catch them! They are skipping class." Rena shouted.
"Yuki?" Mayu confused and looked at his side. "Yu-yukirin.. Hi.."
Yuki stood up with angry face and lifted Mayu by his rear collar, followed by Rena who was just arrived and lifted Jun too by his rear collar.
Like scared puppies Jun and Mayu just shut their mouthes up and looked down.
They were brought to the principal room and the principal lectured them there. Rena and Yuki waited there too listening all of the principle said to their students. For the punishment they must clean every toilets in the school.
After one hour finally the principle dismissed them all. Outside the room Jun and Mayu could see how mad the two teachers were.
"I'm sorry Yuki." Mayu said guilty.
"How many times i must tell you? Why are you always become a troblemaker like this? Stop already! I'm tired Mayu!" Yuki shouted mad at Mayu and then walked away.
"Yuki.. Wait!" Mayu ran chasing Yuki pleading for forgiveness.

Jun and Rena just kept silent saw all the things happened.
"Re..." Not even finished called her name Rena just walked away left Jun behind didn't even want to say anything.
"Rena please.. I'm sorry.." Jun tried to talk to her.
"Just do your punishment first." Rena said still not looking back at Jun.
"Okay.." Jun stopped walking. He knew Rena wouldn't talk to him for now no matter how hard he tried.
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poor Jun...

Rena is so cooooooooooold!
but I like it  :cathappy:
\( ´ω` )/

Conti soon pls!
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Poor Mayu and Jun :depressed:, but they deserved it for skipping classes :wahaha:
Ah~ The two princes starting to cause trouble  :mon exhaust:
Rena needs to be less cold and tsundere around Jun :mon sweat:
"Besides i'm the one who makes you exhausted like this." Jun whispered but Rena still could hear him.
"Okay." Rena blushed. "But put me down before we reach school!"
Really these two are just so cute! :luvluv1: :wriggly:
"It okay Jun.. Just by seeing your gestures i know you like your own cousin. Hahaha..." Mayu laughed.
Jun is really easy to see through, even Mayu can tell :mon lol: :mon determined:
Can't wait to see what happens next ~ :tama-bye:
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An all-sweaty winking Jun *_*
What can be better than that ?!
Jun, just give Rena a kiss and she'll forgive you XD
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what a troublemaker!! remind me of my school day!  :lol:
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An all-sweaty winking Jun *_*
What can be better than that ?!
Jun, just give Rena a kiss and she'll forgive you XD

I agree with you XD
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xD Jun first trouble...oh dear the two teachers is mad, run for ur lives XD

Update soon
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Jun's past is revealed. Not all just a little bit.. :P
And there will be confessions..
Here you go!!

After school..
Jun and Mayu had finished their punishment. It took a whole school day to finish it. This school really had a lot of toilets.
"Oi Jun... Do you think they still angry?" Mayu suddenly asked then sipping his cola.
"I think yes.. I bet Rena chan won't talk to me today." Jun answered while drank his cola too.
"What must we do? I never can stand it when Yuki mad at me." Mayu really looked down since Jun met him again.
"Cheer up Mayu! Just say sorry and promise you will never do that again." Jun gave suggestion.
"I have done that before."
"And now you still doing this again? No doubt she is really angry right now." Jun smirked.
"You're not helping Jun." Mayu hit Jun's arm.
"Ouch.. Sorry... But i have my own problem too." Jun said and rubbed his arm.
"I'll go home first Jun. I'll go to Yukirin's house tonight." Mayu said.
"Good luck buddy.. I hope Rena chan not angry anymore."
The two of them walked separately. Jun went to teachers' room to find Rena while Mayu walked to the school gate and went home.

Jun walked to teachers' room to find Rena. He thought maybe Rena had cooled down a little now.
He opened the door and found Rena was sitting doing her works. She didn't notice Jun came to her direction.
"Rena." Jun called her.
"Oh my god Jun. you startled me. What do you want?" Rena said still a little bit cold but not that scary as before.
"Nothing.. I just want to go home with you. Hmm... And i'm sorry for today." Jun rubbed his nape not looking at Rena.
Rena stopped her works and looked at Jun.
"It's okay. Just promise me you will never do that again." Rena lectured Jun.
"Okay i'm promise. You're not angry anymore right?"
Rena shook her head. "But if you do that again i won't talk to you ever again."
"No! Don't do that!" Jun panicked.
Rena laughed. "Actually when i was student back then sometimes i skip classes too. But if i think again now it really useless."
"You skipped classes too? Wow i never imagine it before.. You look like a role model student."
"Oh shut up.. I was just an ordinary student. Anyway.. Why did you skip class today?" Rena asked curious.
Jun shocked heard the question. "Hmm nothing.. I was just bored. That's all."
"Really? I don't think that just the only reason. Your face said other things." Rena interrogated Jun.
"Really nothing.." Jun still didn't want to say the truth.
"Oh come on Jun. Did you miss me so much so you went to peek from my class's window?" Rena teased.
"Wha!! No!" Jun blushed.
"Hahahahaha.. You are blushing! Am i guessing right?" Rena amused.
"Stop it.. I just want to know how you teach. You really scary.."
"If you tease me i mad again then." Rena pretended she was angry.
"Sorry.." Jun gave her his puppy eyes again. He really know how to lure Rena. "Ugh i hate that eyes."
"Hehehe you still can't resist my cuteness. Let's go home.."
"Okay okay.. Let me tidy up my desk first."

"Let's go now?" Rena said.

Today's walk seemed really quick. They didn't realize they had already arrived at their home. But...
"Who are those men in front of my house?" Rena talked again after the long silence.
Jun looked at the men. They saw Jun too and ran after Jun and Rena as soon as they saw him.
Jun pulled Rena and ran away from the men.
"Waa... What's wrong Jun?" Rena asked while being dragged.
"I will explain to you when we are away from them."

It's not easy to run away from trained men. They are fast and not easy to lose. There are some times Jun and Rena were about to get caught but fortunately they still could manage to escape.

Finally after a long journey of running Jun and Rena could get away from those misterious men. They walked to get some air after the tiring escape.
No one talked when they were walking. Rena was afraid to start asking so she waited for Jun to talked. After few minutes of walking they finally stopped at the nearby park. Jun still kept silent and calmed himself down.

"I need to tell you something.." Suddenly Jun started talking. "I'm sorry i dragged you to my problems."
"Who are they Jun? Why are they casing after you?" Rena asked hesitately. "And.. Who are you?"
"Okay first.. Do you know Matsui clan?"
"If i'm not wrong.. That's the most feared yakuza family right? They are pretty famous around here.."
"Yes you're right, and that's me. My dad was the leader.."
"What?!" Rena shocked.
"He was.. Until he..." Jun's voice was decreasing till he stopped and looked really sad.
"He what?" Rena asked full concern.
"...he was killed."
Rena shocked hearing what Jun had told her.
"At first i thought he had heart attack. Everyone think so but in the end i found out that's not the case. My father's friend... He is the killer. He made it like he had a heart attack. And now when he know i have found out he chase me down to take my life. He's already like my uncle though."
"He want to do that so he can take over the clan?"
"Yes you're right.."
"This is too complicated..."
"I'm sorry Rena san. I don't want to drag you to my problem but.."
"What's wrong Jun?"
"I like you.. I can't let you go.. I feel like i forget all my problems when i'm with you. Everytime i wanted to go in the end i always came back to you.. Sorry.." Jun looked away.
Rena blushed madly hearing Jun's confession. She couldn't said anything so she just waited Jun to continue.
"I like you since the first time i saw you. I went to your school everyday because i want to see you."
"I never knew it.. You stalked me??" Rena asked.
"Of course no!!" Jun replied panic looking at Rena. "Ehmm.. Okay yes i stalked you.. Sorry.."
"It's okay.. I don't mind as long as you don't bother me."
"I never thought you would find me in that empty street. That place is kind of... creepy. When i heard footsteps i thought i would die soon."
"But that footsteps is mine.."
"Yeah... At first i didn't want to bother you but after you talked to me for the first time i lost my mind and i couldn't just let my chance to be near you go no matter what."
Rena just kept quiet didn't say anything.
"I'm sorry.. Because of my ego i drag you to danger." Jun just looked down. "I should have let you go that day. I will go from your house today and i won't bother you anymore.. Thank you for everything." Jun bowed and walked away.
But before he left suddenly he felt weight on his shoulders.
"Wait.. You know i never take back my words. You will stay at my house. I don't mind helping you. I helped you that day so i won't stop just because i know who you are.." Rena closed her gap with Jun and then hug him. "Just tell me anytime when you need my help okay? Never think i won't help you.."
Jun nodded his head. "Thank you.. Rena chan..."

That night Mayu went to Yuki's house. He rang the bell. Not long after that Yuki opened the door. As soon as she saw Mayu she closed the door again.
"Yukirin! Wait! I need to talk." Mayu banged the door.
"What else do you want to say Mayu?" Yuki said from behind the door.
"I'm sorry. Please.." Mayu said still banging the door.
"Stop it already Mayu! I'm tired! Go home!" Yuki said coldy.
"I know i already promised you.. Please give me a chance. I won't make troubles again."
"How can i believe you Mayu? You said this last time but see what you did today." Yuki still answered coldly.
Mayu started to get teary. "Please don't be mad at me like this."
Heard Mayu crying Yuki couldn't help herself she opened the door and let Mayu went in.
Yuki sighed then patted Mayu's head gently. "Stop crying okay? You are still a crybaby although in school you are such a troublemaker." Yuki giggled.
"Shut up!" Mayu said embarassed still crying a little.

"I'm sorry Yuki i didn't mean to disappoint you." Mayu said after he was a little bit calmer.
"Why do you always like to make troubles Mayu? You are not like this before."
Mayu diverted his eyes from Yuki. Then he started to talk again still not looking at Yuki.
"When you went to university we rarely met and slowly when i realize we are not as close as we were before. So when you graduated and decided to move to Tokyo i said i would come with you. I thought i could get closer to you. But.. When school started i realize it's useless. You always distracted by other things. And then i think if i make troubles you will see me for sure..." Mayu looked at Yuki. "I just want you care for me like when we were kids Yuki! Why can't you understand that?" Mayu said half shouted.
Yuki surprised by what Mayu just said. She never thought all of this. She never understand why Mayu became like this before.
"I'm sorry Mayu. I never think how you feel." Yuki hugged Mayu tightly.
"I like you Yuki. Ever since we were just a kid, i like you. I always like you." Mayu confessed still hugging Yuki.
"You know what? The reason why i make gap between us is because i like you too Mayu. But I'm scared if we still as close as we were in the past i will fall for you harder." Yuki admitted.
"Why must you scared?" Mayu asked.
"Our age gap is too far Mayu. People won't accept us. And now i'm your teacher. It's impossible." Yuki explained.
"I don't care what others say as long as i'm with you. We won't in trouble if no one know about us."
"But..." Before Yuki could finish talking Mayu kissed Yuki. At first Yuki resisted but in the end she kissed Mayu too. After the two of them ran out of air they stopped still hugged each other.
"Please believe me. I won't let you in trouble. Do you want to be my girlfriend Yuki?"
"Okay.. But no lovey dovey at school." Yuki smiled and kissed Mayu again.
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Wow! :mon spit: Two confessions! :mon lol:
MaYuki became official lovers ~ :mon XD:
I did not expect for Jun to be the son of the former Yakuza leader! :mon sweat:
"Okay.. But no lovey dovey at school." Yuki smiled and kissed Mayu again.
Oh~ Yukirin I'm sure Mayu will act lovey dovey in school :mon lol:
I hope Jun and Rena will be okay ~ :mon pray2:
But how will they get home if the Yakuza already knows Rena's house? :mon huh:
Can't wait for next chapter ~ :k-great:
Wonder how MaYuki will progress :mon squee:, and how Wmatsui will be safe from the Yakuza? :depressed:
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Aww Mayuki is so cute  :wub:

Jun is a yankee son  :shocked

Rena take good care of Jun okay  :thumbsup

Can't wait for the next chapter  :doh:
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Two confession...BANZAI!!!

Jun is yakuza son oh my *shock*

Rena take cares of Jun

Mayuki Yay!!!
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Two confessions  :nya:

Oh no, Jun is on danger :scared:

Rena, Mayu and Yuki must save him :scared:
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Sorry for a really late update...
I hope this chapter not disappointing you..
No further talking please enjoy... :)

Weeks has passed since Rena found out about Jun's real identity. Nothing changed actually. They go to school. Hang out together with Mayu and Yuki after school. Sometimes they also went just the two of them. Maybe because Jun didn't want their relationship became awkward so he pretended like nothing had happened and Rena played well together too. They never mention about those things.

Mayu and Yuki had become official now. Although Yuki had said no lovey dovey at school but Mayu never care about it he just told Yuki that his friends especially his fans were okay with them did those couple things. They even thought Mayu and Yuki were cute together. Of course no one knew that they were really together.

Today Rena and Jun went to school together liked usual. They didn't talk anything and just enjoying their surrounding.
"Oh right Rena chan today you can go home without me." Jun broke the comfortable silence.
"Owh.. Okay.. Where are you going?"
"Ehmm.. I.. I go with Mayu.." Jun answered hesitantly but Rena didn't notice it.
"I see.. Don't go home too late okay?"
"Okay.. I'll go home as soon as i'm finish. Oh and be careful okay? If you see any suspicious men just ran away and call me okay?" Jun said.
"Okay Jun.. I'll go to Yuki's house if anything happen." Rena patted Jun's back.

After school at school gate...
"Oh Mayu?" Rena called the boy who is standing at the gate alone.
"Ah Matsui sensei. Where is Yukirin?"
"Ah.. She has some paperworks which haven't finished. What are you doing here? Aren't you going with Jun?"
"Jun? No.. We don't go together anywhere today. He said he has something important to do." Mayu said a little bit confused.
"Really? He said he will go with you today.. This is a little weird.. Where is he going actually?" Rena asked herself.
"Want me to call him?" Mayu asked.
"No no it's okay. I'll call him later."
"Okay then.. I'm going in again to meet Yukirin.. Take care.."
"Ah yes.. Don't troubled Yuki again Mayu.."
"Hehehee~ hai hai sensei~"

"Okay.. It's already dark now.. I must find some evidences about that bastard really killed dad.." Jun climbed the wall then sneaked to his house. Fortunately his past dad's office was empty. When he entered that room he saw that the room had been taken and had become his dad killer's office now.
"How dare he takes father's room. I'll take it again no matter what." Jun said angrily.
He searched everywhere in that room.
"He really good at hiding important things."
When he found the hiding place and opened it he found a document.
"Hmm.. Let's see what i get.."
He surprised by what he saw. "What is this?"
"Eh? I.. I have.. A sister??"

"Have you find Jun?"
This voice. Jun knew this voice. Uncle Makoto's voice, the man who had killed his father. He would be in trouble if he was found. Jun made everything looked like before and then hid behind a curtain.

"Yes sir! He is living with a woman now. She is a teacher in Higashi High." The man reported his job.
"Have you find out who is that woman?"
"Not yet sir. We are in the middle of investigation."
"Do it fast. Maybe we can use her to get Jun. Oh and keep an eye on them. Maybe they will move somewhere else. No need to do anything for now."
"Yes sir."
"Okay you're dismissed now."
The man bowed and then left the room.
Jun had refrained himself not to kill Uncle Makoto. He still needed more information from him.
Suddenly someone knocked the door.
"Come in."
'Uncle Ryusei? What is he doing here?' Jun asked himself.
Uncle Ryusei was hid family's laywer. He always had his father trust the most. Why was he here now with his father's killer.
"Oh Ryusei.. You are here."
"Yes. So what do you want to ask?" Uncle Ryusei asked.
"Oh you really straight to the point. Then where is the daughter?"

'They are talking about my sister. So everyone know about this but why no one told me?'

"What are you saying Makoto? She is dead. We all know about this." Uncle Ryusei surprised by the question.
"No Ryusei, i'm not that stupid. I know she is still alive. And i'm sure you know about this. Shinji always told you everything."
"It's up to you if you think she is alive but she is dead."
"Okay then if you don't want to say it. I'll find her myself."
"If that's all what you want to ask then i leave now. I can't stand be near a betrayer." Uncle Ryusei said.
Uncle Makoto chuckled. "You don't have any evidence Ryusei."
Then Uncle Ryusei went out from the room.

Jun waited there for am hour until Uncle Makoto finally went out from the room. He quickly ran away from there before he was caught.

"I can't believe it! How can no one tell me i have a sister? If i really have, where is she? Why dad never told me before?" Jun thought while walking home.
Without he realised he had already arrived at Rena's house.
"Jun!" He came back to his sense. "Where have you been? Why did you lie to me?" Rena run to Jun.
Jun looked surprised. "You didn't go with Mayu right? I met him and he said you went alone.. Where did you go?"
"I.. I went to my house.." Jun looked aside.
"What?! It's too dangerous Jun! What if they caught you! Oh god.. At least tell me first." Rena said a little bit shouting.
"You won't let me go if i tell you."
"Of course! Who will let you go!" Rena shouted to him.
"But i'm fine right?"
"Okay but next time don't ever do that again okay?"
"Okay i won't."
"So what did you get?"
"I heard my uncles said that I have a sister. No one ever told me. Uncle Ryusei said that she is dead but i'm sure she is alive by the way Uncle Makoto talked."
"Wha.. No one told you? Even your dad?" Jun shook his head.
"Do you know who she is?"
Jun shook his head again.
"It feels like my dad and Uncle Ryusei want to hide her. I wonder if she really is alive where is she now?"
"We better ask Uncle Ryusei if you think he know something. You believe he is a good man right?"
"Yes he's like my second dad. I hope he will help us."
"You will find her. I'll help you to find her." Rena patted Jun's head.
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rena is jun sister??
Incest??  :lol: interesting!
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Thanks for the update ~ :onioncheer:
Haha~ Mayu is so mischievous when it comes to Yuki :wahaha:
"We better ask Uncle Ryusei if you think he know something. You believe he is a good man right?"
"Yes he's like my second dad. I hope he will help us."
I think Ryusei is a good man and will help Jun and Rena :pig madder:. After all he did call Makoto a betrayer, which means he is angry at Makoto :mon noprob:
I have such a huge feeling that Rena is Jun's sister, then again its just a guess. :mon sweat:
I'm excited to see what happens next ~ :k-great: :tama-laff:
Can't wait for next chapter~ :tama-bye:
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Uncle Ryusei! You must have help Jun and Rena! :on lol:
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Omg Jun have a sister...dont tell me is Rena

Noooo then they cant lover nooooo

Update soon
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Jun has a sister  :? wonder who it is  :huhuh

Can't be Rena right  :panic:

Hope uncle Ryusei help Jun and Rena  :sweatdrop:

That uncle Mokoto  :angry:  :lol:
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Jun has a sister  :? wonder who it is  :huhuh

Can't be Rena right  :panic:

Hope uncle Ryusei help Jun and Rena  :sweatdrop:

That uncle Mokoto  :angry:  :lol:

Waiting for update..
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Pleasee continueee
Post by: eel_96 on May 07, 2015, 05:41:04 PM
Long time not posting...  :P

I've decided to continue the two stories but i'll finish it one by one...
Because 'Life is Unfair' is my first story i want to finish that one first.. That's mean 'My Puppy is a WHAATT?' Will be on hiatus until 'Life is Unfair' is finish.

One more thing..
Due to long time not continueing the story, i kind of forget how this will go next  :D so i rewrite 'Life is Unfair'...
The storyline is still the same just a little change here and there... Of course i make it more exciting.. Or i thought so.. Hehehehe..
I hope you guys still willing to read this story...

That's all for the announcement...
Please enjoy my stories and feel free to voice your thought about them.. :)
Thank you very much all!!  :D
Title: Re: [eel_96's fanfic] ANNOUNCEMENT!!
Post by: purnamazaki on May 20, 2015, 05:48:58 AM
I will wait until author-san continue this fic . Thank you