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Title: Kate's OS Box ~ Untitled [SayaMilky] - Update (15/5/16)
Post by: katekyohit on July 15, 2013, 10:04:58 AM
Note to readers! I decided to make this for my OS compilation, it might make it easier to track down all my OS fanfics if I put it all in one together! I hope to expand my writing skills as well as the pairings! For request options, scroll down and you shall see the Request Board I made!


~Mutli-Pairing One-Shot List~
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REQUESTED BY jell_o_jello
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~FuruYanagi One-Shot List~
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You're welcome to request for your favorite pairings and genre and any kind of ideas you want to put it.
Unfortunately, likely I will write OS for requests only.  :bow: (Gommen for that part)
If you request anything, it should appear on this list.
If your request is not showed up or if there's any mistake I make upon your request (accidents can happen!)
If you don't want your name to be mentioned and rather keep it private, do PM asap and I'll make the changes.
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

Little Notice:
1. I'm a type of writer that doesn't have a standard pace. Your request could ended take only 1 day to be done, or VERY long...I can't guarantee the time period.
2. Making things fair, I'll go in order of requests I received from posting the comment in here or PM me (I'll check the time you requested me)
3. Can't guarantee when it will be done (Refer back to #1) But I will do my best to fit to your preference!  :deco:

1. Requester: olive29
Pairing: Atsumina + MaYuki
Idea: Playgirls falling in love...and slowly started to change

2. Requester: mo-chan
Pairing: MaYuki
Idea: Hate each other, then obliged to be together
Genre: Comedy + Love

3. Requester: kevinwkl
Pairing: WMatsui + Furuyanagi
Idea: At first its Renairin and JuriChuri...
Genre: AS fluffy AS possible

4. Requester: honjouta
Pairing: YuiParu + ManaChuri
Idea: Living in one house

5. Requester: Sherin
Pairing: wMatsui
Idea: Jurina a highschool girl in day and a man host at night...and she meets Rena at the host club.

6. Requester: Minamiyuki
Pairing: KumiYuri + MaYuki + wMatsui + Atsumina + Kojiyuu + TomoTomo (GOD DAMNNNNNNNNNN!  :shocked :shocked :shocked)
Idea: Fallen-Angel love story (love with a mortal)
Genre: Sorrowful + Romantic

7. Requester: Imteedee
Pairing: MaYuki
Genre: Fluffy~ (BUT CAN BE ANGST AT THE END~  :twisted:)

8. Requester: sakura_drop_
Pairing: GekiBlack + GakuranShaku
Idea: Halloween theme~

(Sorry, got tooo much request in hand already ^^")

My first time writing OS, I hope you guys enjoy it! It's quite fun to write OS now...hehe, I guess I'll write more later~  :deco: with more pairings? I guess I should start writing more pairings since I only do WMatsui and MaYuki...If you guys have suggestions please don't hesitate to request it!  :bow:

We will meet again…
~Pairing: WMatsui + MaYuki~

A/N: I wrote this back when I’m too stressed out from my exams. I’m not good with one-shot stories but I hope you all enjoy it. Those who read this before on AKBlasphemy or Tumblr, I did add a little more at the end, not much, because you might recognize it.


“…Mayu! Oi Mayu!”

“Sigh…What?” The girl focused on reading her comic book instead of the tomboyish looking girl in front of her. They were both sitting in the café near their school, and the tomboy girl was just yelling loudly at her without concerning that the people might look at them.

“So mean…aren’t you listening to me at all?”

“...Jurina, this probably the 10th time you’re whining already.” She accidently made an eye contact with her friend and sighed. Mayu couldn’t get the courage to push aside those pleading puppy eyes.“ Fine…I’ll hear it one last time and stop repeating it would you?”

“Yay! This time its different from the other stories I told you.” Jurina spoke firmly and begun her long detailed explanation about her girlfriend, Matsui Rena.

Jurina started off with what happened few days: After since they came back from their last date. Rena never had spoken a word with her at all. She tried to talk to Rena at school but she would fail. It made Jurina worried what she had done wrong during their last date but she couldn’t recall anything bad that happened.  They were both happy and they even kissed each other too…

Especially yesterday, Jurina tried much harder to confront Rena but failed again. It made Jurina’s heart crushed but what made her worried more is that her beloved girlfriend had this sorrowful face all the time. Did her uncle beat her up again? Jurina wanted Rena to consult and tell the problems to her. To Jurina, Rena’s happiness is her priority.

 “I see…Rena didn’t talk to you after that at all huh…?” Mayu stirred her drink with the straw. This time, she actually listened to what Jurina said.

“So I need your help!” Jurina pleaded her friend. “Can you talk to Rena for me?”

She sighed and checked her cellphone. “…It’s this Sunday huh?” Mayu turned to Jurina and decided to at least help her friend out, for once, and for one last time. “Fine, I’ll help you out, I have a plan…and just follow Rena quietly. DON’T say a word.”

“A-Alright! Deal!” Jurina nodded like an obedient puppy. However, Mayu somehow seemed to be exhausted or either listless…


On that weekend, Mayu called Rena out to meet at the café before she had to go out somewhere else. While she was waiting at the front of the café…a tall longhaired woman came up to her. “It’s been a while Rena.”

“Yeah…how are you Mayu?” Rena’s voice was weak and soft. It sounded like someone that didn’t have enough sleep. “Even though we’re in the same school we barely meet.”

“True that…shall we have a cup of tea first?”

“…I don’t mind that.”

They both sat down at the table while Jurina, who was waiting, was sitting behind Rena’s table. Mayu purposely picked that table for the sake of Jurina eavesdropping their conversation.

“How’s Yukirin doing?” Rena questioned since Yuki was in another school. “I hope she’s doing good now.”

“She’s busy with her exams right now, aside from that she’s doing great.” Mayu smiled and had a look at Rena’s face for quite a while. “…You really looked pale from the last time I met you.”

“…I see.” Rena didn’t deny that fact, but also she didn’t plan to explain anything to Mayu as well. “I think I have to go now.”

“Yukirin will be here in 10 minutes. She really wanted to meet with you though.” Mayu convinced Rena to stay but she refused. Rena shook her head softly and used her silence as a reply. It seemed Rena didn’t want Yuki to see her condition right now, since it would make her over worried again. “I see…Take care, and I’ll pay the tea this time. Since I asked you to come out early today.”

“…Thank you Mayu, and please give my apology to Yukirin. I’m just not ready to face her like this yet…I don’t want her make her worry.”

“Alright. I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah…Take care too.” Rena had left the café, and it’s about time Jurina went after her, but then Mayu grabbed onto her first. It made Jurina surprised and turned her attention towards Mayu instead.

“What is it Mayu? I have to follow Rena-chan before I lost track of her.”

“You have to remember it, Jurina.” Mayu looked into Jurina’s eyes before let go of her friend’s hand. Leaving Jurina dumbfounded Mayu looked much more peaceful and relaxed than the last time Jurina saw her. As if she had taken off some burden from her shoulders. “Rena would be heading towards the train station at the corner. Follow her.”


Jurina rushed out from the café immediately and without realizing it. She accidently crossed paths with Yuki right at the entrance of the café. The girl was surprised and turned back to look at Jurina that ran passed her. However, she didn’t pay attention to that and went inside the cafe to meet with Mayu.

“Sorry did I make you wait?”

“Nope.” Mayu got up from her chair to pay for the cup of teas. “There is a place I want to go, can you come with me?”

Yuki didn’t have much clue what’s going on but she followed the flow of her friend, for now. “Ah…sure.”


Jurina had walked after Rena without her catching her. Rena bought a flower and held it delicately. It made Jurina wondered what’s Rena going to do with it. Finally, Rena had arrived at her destination. It made Jurina surprised and wondered what business Rena had here…at the graveyard.

“Why is Rena-chan here at the graveyard?” She mumbled to herself. “Ah! I better catch up with her before I lost her!”

She rushed up the stairs after Rena and turned at the corner. She stopped in front of one tombstone. Jurina wondered who died; it might be one of Rena’s relatives. Rena crouched down beside the tombstone with this weak smile on her face. She looked happy yet filled with despair at the same time.

“Rena-chan…” Jurina walked in closer to Rena but before she could say anything else…

“It’s been a year isn’t…?” Rena muttered and tears started to form in her beautiful eyes. “…I miss you.”

Jurina walked in closer to see the name on the tombstone and it’s the name she never expected to see.


“I-It’s my…!” She froze and backed away. “No it can’t be…!”

Jurina jumped in and raised her voice as highest as she could to grab Rena’s attention. “Rena-chan! Do you hear me? It’s me! Jurina! I’m here right now!”

Rena cried. She heard nothing that Jurina said. Everything started to become much more clear than before. Rena didn’t ignore Jurina because she was angry; it was because Rena didn’t see her. “T-Then it means I-I’m…”

“…So Mayu knew it…she knew that I’m…” Jurina clutched onto her shirt. She had completely forgot that her best friend, Mayu, had 6th sense: she could see, talk, and touch spirits. That’s why Mayu was the only one that actually responded to Jurina, while none did at all. “B-But how did I die…?”

“You have to remember it, Jurina.”
Mayu looked into Jurina’s eyes before let go of her friend’s hand.

Jurina recalled Mayu’s words before she left the café. “So that’s what she meant…”

“Jurina…I’m so sorry…”

Rena muttered, while crying. “Its all my fault…that you died…it’s all because of me…I’m so sorry.”

“Rena…! No please don’t blame yourself…” Jurina pleaded, only but hope her words reached Rena, but it didn't. Right now, she wanted to throw her arms around Rena and embraced her girlfriend in her arms tightly. Despite she realized that she’s no longer alive, she tried embracing Rena, but her arms went through her immediately. It’s just proving more that Jurina’s dead. Now that Jurina had started to calm down, she tried to remember what happened to her. She couldn’t remember how did she die… she forced herself to think and remember the last image she saw… Suddenly, an image of a truck flashed into her mind. The next thing she remembered was that everything was covered with black and red…Jurina felt like puking. Her head was burning and spinning like a storm.




It was the day of their last date together. I went on a date with Rena-chan, it’s on her 17th birthday, and we went to the amusement park and enjoyed our times together. Right…I remember, we shared our kiss on the Ferris wheel too…

“Did you have fun today?” I gave a puppy smile to my lovely girlfriend as I held her hand tightly in mine.

“Of course silly.” Rena’s angelic smile always made me happy. It’s a smile I missed for so long. “I like being with you…”

“Me too!” I snuggled on her shoulder and felt like I’m in heaven. As long as I’m with Rena she satisfied with life. “…I love you Rena-chan.”

It made Rena blushed badly and looked away from me. She’s so adorable! That’s what I love about Rena too. “…Me too.”


However, it wasn’t a happy ending as I thought it would be. I heard a loud yell from behind and saw a man escaping from a group of police. He’s heading towards our direction, towards Rena’s direction…He’s not planning to stop and it doesn’t seem he saw Rena and I.

“Rena!” I pushed her away and got crashed by the robber instead. We fell onto the middle of the road. I heard the police officers yelled at me to run but the robber grabbed me and used me as his hostage. “U-Ugh…!”

“J-Jurina…” Rena looked paled immediately with worries. I will be alright…That’s what I thought…but then…


The robber forgot we’re in the middle of the road. I turned and what I saw was a truck coming towards us.


That’s the last thing I heard…Rena’s voice calling me…before everything faded away with mix of red and black…


“…!” Finally, she had finally remembered what happened on that day….

She died together with the robber, by that traffic accident. She couldn’t say anything except for just standing behind Rena, watching her crying all alone. The reason Rena looked really pale and filled with sorrow was because of Jurina’s death. It made her felt much more sadder to learn that she’s the cause of Rena’s pain for this long…

“I’m so sorry Jurina…I’m so sorry…” Rena kept weeping. The young spirit crouched down beside her lover and slowly moved her hand on top of Rena’s head.

“I’m the one that have to say sorry…even though I promised that I will never leave you…” As soon as Jurina touched Rena’s head, she turned immediately towards her direction and made Jurina surprised. She thought that Rena felt her, but it seemed something behind her caught Rena’s attention by coincidence.

“…Yukirin…Mayu?” Rena muttered with surprise.

Jurina flinched and turned around immediately. That’s when she saw her best friend, Mayu. Judging from Mayu’s look, she could see Jurina. Yuki rushed to Rena’s side and lent her a handkerchief.

They changed spots and sat at the bench instead. Yuki was really worried and became overprotective on Rena after since Jurina’s death. The two girls decided to have this private talk with each other while Mayu waited for them alone under the tree. Jurina slowly approached Mayu with the painful expression on her, after she had remembered the truth of her death. “Mayu…”

“…So it seems you remember already…yes, you’re no longer alive in this world already. You didn’t survive through the night of accident at the hospital.” She looked very painful when she had to speak the truth right in front of Jurina’s face. “I’m sorry…that I couldn’t bring myself to tell you the truth directly.”

“It’s alright…thank you for helping me out, but…” Jurina looked indecisive before she continued to talk. “Is there a way for me to talk with Rena again? At least…for very one last birthday present for her.”

Today, was an anniversary for Jurina’s death, as well as Rena’s birthday. Jurina remembered it and Mayu could tell it from her eyes. “…Talk to her when she’s sleeping, and she will talk to you.”

“…Thank you so much Mayu, and thank you for everything. You’re my best friend.” Jurina gave Mayu a hug and she’s able to touch her due Mayu’s special ability. “I guess it would be the last time we meet…”

“Yeah…I hope the best of luck for you, Jurina.” The young spirit pushed away from her friend with a smile but before she could have gone away to do her last mission, Mayu told her a pleasant fact as her farewell gift. “…You died, with Rena right beside you, holding your hand until the very end of your life…you should be happy for that.”

Jurina was slightly surprised and had this wide childish grin across her face. It’s filled with happiness. “I see…I’m glad to know that! Also, isn’t it about time you should ask Yukirin out?”

“M-Mind your own business!”

Mayu gave a punch on Jurina’s shoulder as her face started to blush harder. Since she had this crush on Yukirin since two years ago and didn’t ask her out yet.

“Believe me, you just have to take the risk if you want her!”

“You know I hate taking risks…” Mayu sighed and Jurina seemed to enjoy teasing her friend. Unfortunately it was about time that they actually had to say a real farewell. “But I’ll consider that…and good bye, idiot.”

“Good bye to you too. Give my wishes to Yukirin too! I hope we meet again.”

She walked away, heading off to accomplish her final objective before she wouldn’t have the chance anymore. Mayu couldn’t help but to be glad to talk to her best friend again and it was just about time Yuki had returned back. It seemed Rena had decided to head back home due to her weak physical condition at the moment, so Yuki did took her time to drop Rena off at the entrance of the cemetery.

“Just now…I heard you talking to someone?” Yuki asked back to her. Due to many complications, aside from Jurina, she knew about Mayu’s 6th sense abilities as well.

“…Jurina told me to give her wishes to you.” Mayu grinned before she turned to make an eye contact with the taller girl who seemed to be shocked with her words. 

Her eyes were about to gush out with shock, confusion, and surprise. As usual, Mayu enjoyed Yukirin’s dramatic reaction. “S-So just now was…Jurina?? Is she…okay?”

Mayu could tell much of a sense what Yuki was attempting to ask. Yuki was also hurt after Jurina died. Everyone was. It’s normal if Yuki would worry about Jurina despite she’s in her afterlife now. “Don’t worry, she’s smiling and happy like always. Right now, she’s going to meet who she’s supposed to meet.”

“I see…so my feelings didn’t play with my mind after all.” Yuki sighed with relief. She recalled remembering Jurina instantly out of blue at the café. It was the moment Jurina ran passed her (obviously she couldn’t see her), however at that instant, it seemed a coincidence happened that Yukirin felt Jurina’s presence. “I did felt Jurina back at the café…so it must be her…isn’t?”

Mayu nodded, and made Yuki smiled. Even she wasn’t able to communicate with Jurina, she’s happy that Jurina, after many things had happened. It was about time they decided to head out from the cemetery and turned to the train station. Yuki seemed to have to go back home to study for her exams. Mayu knew that they would separate again, and she didn’t want that to happen. Suddenly, out of blue, she just recalled what Jurina told her about taking risk…

“Believe me, you just have to take the risk if you want her!”

“You know I hate taking risks…” Mayu sighed and Jurina seemed to enjoy teasing her friend. Unfortunately it was about time that they actually had to say a real farewell. “But I’ll consider that…and good bye, idiot.”

She gulped and tightened her fist. “…Yuki!”

“Yes?” Calling out for her love, Yuki turned around with slight surprise because Mayu rarely called her by her name like that. She did sure take her time before she grasped the courage to confess. Taking a risk was not her style, but if she wanted Yuki as her own, she had to do so.

“I…I love you Yuki. Will you be my girlfriend?”

Yuki was dumbfounded and gawked with shock. Mayu’s blunt confession made her blushed badly. She looked around and hoped no one heard them. Gratefully, none heard since everyone was paying more attention to what they were doing.  Yuki immediately grabbed Mayu’s hand and turned at the corner to be away from the huge crowd.

Yuki grasped her breath before she turned to Mayu with a reddened face. “M-Mayu…that’s so embarrassing saying in the middle of the crowd like that…!”

“Hehe, I guess I am this time…just for once.”

Mayu shrugged her shoulders. She never thought that confessing her love would make her felt this relaxed. “So…your answer?”

“I…I’m gladly to.”

Yuki smiled with relief. It seemed she had love interest for Mayu as well. The 6th sense girl couldn’t help but to be so grateful she confessed her love. Taking a risk wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. “I like you too…Mayu.”

“I’m so glad~” Mayu walked in and hugged Yuki tightly in her arms, embracing her girlfriend. Deep down in her mind, she thanked Jurina for giving her the courage to take risk; as a result, she finally Yuki had became hers. She couldn’t be more grateful that her 6th sense allowed her to meet with her best friend again… to receive that courage for one last time.


In Matsui’s residence: in Rena’s room.

As soon as she returned, she locked herself up in her room. She closed all the curtains and only hoped for today to pass by quickly. Her birthday became a day she despise the most, since it’s the day that her loved one died because of her. Rena eventually fell asleep on her bed while curling herself against the wall.

Time flies and it’s finally midnight…

Jurina had finally come into Rena’s room and saw her lover sleeping in an unrelaxed position. She’s still curled up like a worm and with trailed of tears all over her cheeks. Rena must have been crying since she got back into her room. Jurina sat on the bed and stared at Rena. She remembered what Mayu told her and decided to try it…. In order for her words to reach Rena, she had to talk to her while she’s sleeping.

“Rena-chan…can you hear me?”


Rena mumbled and there was a reaction coming from her. Tears started to run down her cheeks. “Jurina…”

“Please don’t cry…I’m here.” She wiped the tears out from Rena’s cheeks and touched it gently. This time, it seemed Jurina could touch her much more than this afternoon. Maybe it’s because Rena’s sleeping, she’s able to reach Rena. “I’m really sorry for leaving you…I miss you Rena.”

“I miss you too…I’m so sorry…It’s all my fault.”

“It’s not…stop blaming yourself on things that isn’t your fault…I never think that its your fault.” Jurina moved in closer and held Rena’s hand gently. “I want Rena to smile and be happy, even though I’m not around, I’ll always love you.”

“Jurina…I love you…love you…”

Jurina was blushed. Even though she’s in a relationship with Rena for 3 months back when she’s alive, she could count how many times Rena said she loved her directly like this. She couldn’t but to be really happy.  “I know, I love you too…Rena.” Jurina kissed Rena’s forehead and slowly placed her lover down on the bed for her to sleep properly.

“No…please don’t leave me again…”

“…” Jurina knew that she couldn’t do such things like that. She’ll have to be gone soon, no matter what. “I’m sorry Rena-chan…I can’t do that.”


“Please Rena…smile for me. For one last thing I would want to see is your smile…” Jurina pleaded and she saw tears flowing down Rena’s cheeks, her grip became tighter, as she smiled. Rena smiled painfully because she didn’t want Jurina to leave her, but at the same time, she couldn’t express how happy she was that she’s able to talk to Jurina again.

“Jurina…kiss me…”

She bent down to give a last kiss on Rena’s soft lips, their last final kiss. “I’ll definitely find Rena-chan again, no matter please, smile, and be happy. Also…”

The spirit smiled brightly from the bottom of her heart for her lover. “…Happy 18th birthday Rena-chan!” Jurina stepped back and then vanished into the darkness of the room, and that was the last time everyone seen or heard of Jurina Matsui…


“Nngh…” Rena slowly regained her conscious and woke up from her vivid dream. “…Is that a dream?”

She remembered so clearly she had a conversation with Jurina clearly like it actually happened. Then she had realized she’s lying on the bed and with a blanket on top of her body tidily as if someone put it for her. In the dream, it was Jurina that put the blanket on her. She could still feel the tinge feeling on her lips, she remembered that Jurina kissed her before she disappeared.

“I-It’s not a dream…”

She cried again, but this time with utmost content. She could feel Jurina’s presence in her heart and ever since that day, never she felt alone anymore. Her birthday was no longer the worse day anymore…It would always be the day that reminded her of Jurina’s final smile. It’s carved right down onto her heart ever since and it would become an everlasting memory for her…


For certain, Rena knew one thing…Jurina came back and gave her courage the courage to move on. She wiped her tears away, and decided to move on with this determination in her heart. Finally, she revealed out a smile that she never had after since the incident.

Without any clouds of doubt in her heart, she’s ready to move on with the strength and love Jurina gave her…

HOPE had bloomed out from the seed of DESPAIR.




A/N: There will be epilogue after this one-shot, just feel that this is not quite complete yet! ><” (Being a little weird here) I’m still wondering how to finish it so it will take quite a while.
Title: Re: We will meet again… [ONE-SHOT] ~ WMatsui + MaYuki
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ahhhhhhh I'm still crying  :cry:
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That was really good.  Mayu is a middle person in this situation with connecting Rena to the death of Jurina and Yuki accepting her proposal
Title: Re: We will meet again… [ONE-SHOT] ~ WMatsui + MaYuki
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Ah... that was sad  :cry:

i'll be waiting the epilogue.  :cry:

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I read it on AKBlasphemy and I enjoyed reading it once again, I like it being slightly altered and I am waiting for the epilogue!!!
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wahhhh!!!!!!!!!!! this so sad but so sweet :on speedy: :luvluv1:
thanx for this :cow: :bow:
Title: Re: We will meet again… [ONE-SHOT] ~ WMatsui + MaYuki
Post by: katekyohit on July 16, 2013, 08:11:33 AM
Koneki: Wow, ><" gommen? I never though I could write a fanfic that could make someone cry!
kurosawa87: yup! Mayu connects both of them together, glad you like it!
rise: Aw yes, about to upload it now~
sakura_drop_: I guess altering it a little at the end makes it end better! Glad you enjoy reading it again >< I do too~
mayuki_daisuki: Sad and sweet~ >w< glad you like it!

A/N: In the end...I felt like doing an epilogue for WMatsui and MaYuki version...So for this one, it's WMatsui version! So please enjoy it!

We will meet again…
[Epilogue ~ WMatsui ver.]


Konichiwa…This is Matsui Rena.

Before I realized it again, it has been 10 years since the last time I met Jurina. But it felt like yesterday…that last kiss we shared…that last smile of hers. Those memories were still fresh in my heart. To be honest, I remembered Jurina’s last words clearly.

That she said…she would find me no matter what. I don’t how but…deep down, I hoped that she would find me again…like how she did back then.

She saved me from despair…gave me hope…and taught me about love. I wanted to teach the kindness that Jurina taught me, maybe because of that; I decided to become a schoolteacher. I’m currently kindergarten teacher in a small school back in my hometown.

“Matsui-sensei! The principal called you.”

Another teacher called Rena, she’s her colleague, Akane-sensei. Rena nodded before she turned to her students with a lively smile. “Everyone, be a good kid and sensei will be back.”

“Hai~” Everyone replied in unison. All of Rena’s students loved her, including the student’s parents. She’s well known to be a great teacher and built reputation to this kindergarten school. As Rena left, Akane would look after the classroom at her place until she return.

“I leave the kids with you.” Rena bowed slightly as another teacher smiled with thumbs up.

“No problem~ You don’t have to be so humble Matsui-sensei!”

“Hehe, alright.” Rena giggled before she left the classroom and headed to the principal’s office.



“It’s Matsui Rena.”

“Come in.”

The woman inside the room replied and I entered. She’s waiting for me and I sat down at the couch. “Sorry to call you out during your class.”

“Not at all. Is there something a matter?”

I asked and she seemed to be a little worried. She explained me the issue we’ve been having recently… the kindergarten school at Rena worked in had this orphanage center as well. It seemed some adults used that as a place of opportunity to leave their child. Since there were lots of kids in the kindergarten school as well, before the teachers and staffs realized it again they were already left here. Polices were trying to track down the parents. Sometimes they found the parents, sometimes they failed…as a result, the number of children left at the daycare increased and it seemed we’re reaching the limits of taking any children right now. So they’re sending children to the bigger orphanage instead.

“Ah I see…that’s really a bothersome, but I don’t see any problems in it?”

“Well you see, the problem is something that I wanted to ask you.”

She sighed softly before she made an eye contact with me again. “No matter what Yagami-sensei or I said, this child wouldn’t leave here no matter what. So I wanted to ask for your assist.”

Rena seemed confused, but she accepted the task. The principal felt relieved and told that the child was at the orphanage section under Kumi’s care. As it was decided, she headed to the orphanage center to meet with the problematic child that Rena had to deal with.

“Oh! Rena-san, finally you’re here!”

Kumi exclaimed with excitement before she hopped to Rena’s side and spoke softly instead. “I leave the boy in your care…he’s over there.”

She pointed towards the corner of the room where there’s a young boy sitting alone coloring the picture book with color pencils. She never recognized this boy, but it wasn’t that surprising. Since she didn’t work in this section for almost three years already. “Ah…so it’s that boy?”

“Yup, Rena-san you’re sure popular...”

Kumi’s words made Rena confused and she asked for clarification. “Oh? The principal didn’t explain? The reason the boy wouldn’t leave is because he said that he didn’t want to be separated from you.”

“Eh? Really?”

Rena was surprised and sounded misbelief with what Kumi said. She didn’t remember this kid at all. Now she’s starting to feel a little guilty for not remembering this boy that was fond with her so much.

“Yes! I guess he’s fond to you? You only come occasionally to this section after you moved to primary section…which doesn’t make sense somehow.” Kumi shrugged her shoulders but then Rena’s attention seemed to be on the boy. Since she gave her words to her principal, she decided to talk to this boy in order to understand why he wouldn’t move out. She might be able to convince him. But something about this boy was…attracting her somehow.

Matsui-sensei approached the boy and crouched beside him slowly in order to not make him scared. He seemed to be caught up with coloring the book so he didn’t realize Rena’s presence close by.

“Hello, what are you doing?”


He turned around and their eyes met. Those innocent eyes of the boy captivated Rena instantly. At that instance, she felt an immediate connection with him. It’s like a storm tackled her right in the face. He was surprised to see Rena there, since she was the reason that he didn’t want to move out from this orphanage.


“How are you?” Rena began with an easygoing conversation in order to make the tensed boy calm down before she started to negotiate with him.

“I-I’m good thank you…and sensei?”

“Yes, thank you to you too.” Rena smiled and she felt awkward that the boy knew her name, yet she didn’t know his name. It’s been few years since she worked at the orphanage section as Kumi’s assistant. Maybe he came after she had left.

“Rena-sensei…you don’t normally come here…are you here to convince me?”

Bull’s eye! This boy knew Rena’s objective here. It made her slightly at guilt since the boy caught her. However she couldn’t back down just yet. Rena sighed softly and then tried to continue the conversation, that was the least she could do now. “I’m sorry I don’t recognize you…what is your name?”

“It’s alright, I don’t think sensei ever met me before…”

He stopped coloring the book and turned to Rena to make a full eye contact. “My name is Jun…Nakajima Jun, 9 years old. I’m glad I finally get to talk with sensei~”

“I see. I’m glad to talk to you too Jun-kun.”

Rena finally made Jun relaxed and thought that it’s about time to start talking about real business with him. “Just as you know…I’m here because principal and Kumi-sensei told me that you don’t want to move is it?”

“Yes. I don’t want to move out from here.” He spoke firmly. “I want to be where Rena-sensei is. I’ll not move out no matter what!”

He’s really persisted and Rena was slightly surprised. Since he’s still a child, she believed she would have to continue negotiate with him in order to make him convinced enough to move to the bigger orphanage, for his own benefit.

“If you move to the bigger orphanage, you’ll get to meet more friends there and able to do much more things than here. Don’t you think that’s good?” Rena asked and it made the boy felt really uneasy. Likely he’s debating in his head, he gripped his shirt tightly and looked like he’s about to cry.

“N-No…I don’t want anything…because…I finally met you.”

He started to cry but what surprised Rena was is words. But not just his words, his aura, his eyes, and the way he cried…it’s reminding Rena of someone important to her that was no longer alive anymore…

“When I saw sensei for the first time…I feel like I knew you.”

Jun was still crying and forced himself to continue to talk to his teacher. “I-I don’t understand this feeling at all but, it felt like I’ve been waiting for so long to see sensei…always…for so long…”

Rena listened to Jun’s word by word and couldn’t help but to be stunned. The flames in her heart that longed extinguished started to burn up again. She remembered, this feeling…the nostalgic and longing feeling she lost…Rena started to remember this familiar feeling once again, it’s been 10 years since she felt like this again. This feeling happened when she was with her girlfriend back in high school…when she was with Matsui Jurina.

“Sensei…why are you crying?”


Rena didn’t realize the tears flowing down her cheeks, she wasn’t sad. But she couldn't stop those tears. “I…why am I…?”

“Please don’t cry…” The boy grabbed Rena’s hand and tried to cheer the teacher up. He grabbed his handkerchief and wiped the tears out from Rena’s eyes. It caught the teacher off-guard as she saw an overlapped image of her lover on top of Jun. She couldn’t believe her eyes and how senses making her hallucinating.


“Huh? Sensei, I’m Jun…not Jurina?” The boy corrected her but Rena was still too shocked to respond to the boy. She finally broke into tears and touched the boy’s cheek. “Rena-sensei?”

“…” She didn’t speak a word and suddenly embraced Jun tightly in her arms. She couldn’t help but to feel this utter happiness blooming inside her chest. For all these years that passed by, Jurina did kept her promise…that she would come back and find Rena no matter what…

…And she did kept her promise, Jurina found her way back to Rena once again. After Rena realized that, she could hold back her tears anymore and let it all out.

Rena swore with her life this time that she wouldn’t commit the same mistake again. They won’t be apart anymore, and this time, she will be certain that she will protect Jun no matter what even it costs her own life. It’s the time she would repay her debts for Jurina. Her girlfriend taught her happiness and love, she would do the same and give it to this young boy in her arms. 

No matter how many years went by,
…Jurina will always be in her heart…


Yahoo! I’m Matsui Jun! 10 years old desu~

It’s already a year that Rena-chan adopted me, that’s why I changed my surname to Matsui instead. On the very first day I talked with Rena-chan…she seemed to have this confusing and complicated conversation with the principal. I don’t know what they’re saying but in the end, I was asked whether I wanted to be adopted by Rena-chan instead…

…And who doesn’t want that!? I wanted to always be with Rena-chan. It has already been 2 years since I live under the same roof as the prettiest mother in the world. I’ll make sure no man comes close to my mother! Well…it’s because I secretly like her though, despite she’s SO much older than me~ Age is just a number! At least my feelings are real~

But sometimes I wondered whether this feeling is mine or not. I occasionally had a dream about when Rena-chan was in a high schooler uniform. She looked really young back then, but I’m pretty sure I never see Rena-chan as a student before…why I have a dream like that? Also…since I was a boy, I always would go run outside alone around the village as if looking for my long lost treasure. Hehe, it hit the point that my biological parents thought I’m insane.  Too bad I’m not!

But right now…I felt like my goal in life is fulfilled, felt rather complete after Rena-chan decided to adopt me. I never felt this happy before in my life, and I’m glad that I accepted Rena-chan’s offer.

“Jun-kun! Breakfast is ready.”

I heard Rena-chan’s call and tried to finish my diary before I leave me room. “I’m going down!”

Oh right, also, she doesn’t allow me to call her ‘Rena-chan’, but I always do~ She’s about like 20 years older than me. I’m still 10 and now she’s 30! Since she’s officially my mom now, but I always like to tease her by calling her Rena-chan~! I can’t resist that temptation. I love her reaction so much! <3

Before I left my room, I kept my diary in a safe place where Rena-chan wouldn’t find it. I grabbed my school bag before I rushed downstairs for breakfast. At the kitchen, that’s where I saw my beautiful mom in a blue apron. “Good morning Jun-kun, did you have a good sleep?”

“Good morning~ Yes I always do! I’m starving now.” I sat at the table and ate my breakfast that Rena-chan prepared. Ah! It’s so tasty~ Rena-chan’s cooking is always good.

“Hehe, you don’t have to rush that fast! The food isn’t going anywhere.”

She laughed at me and I loved her laugh too. She’s like an angel~ “But you better not be too slow that you don’t make it for your school!”

Now she’s rushing me, but well I usually eat fast anyways! I finished the food and went to wear my shoes while waiting for Rena-chan to clean up the dishes. She would drive me to school every morning before she headed off to work at the kindergarten school. Good think that my school is close to the place she worked, makes things easier isn’t?

“I’m done Rena-chan!”

“I’ll be there in a second, and Jun-kun! I told you not to call me like that!”

Hehe, that’s the reaction I meant! Isn’t she cute? She didn’t take that long to finish and then Rena-chan dropped me off at the entrance of the school. “I’ll come pick you up at the usual time.”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Be a good boy and study hard okay?”


“Alright,” Rena-chan moved in closer to me and kissed my forehead gently. Wah, it made me blushed a little. “I love you, Jun-kun.”

“I know~” She always said it every single day, but I loved it so much. I got out from the car and waved at her. Some other adults would feel pity for me that I don’t have a dad…but Rena-chan gave me everything that I wanted in my life already. I don’t need anything more than this, I’m already so happy just to live with Rena-chan for the rest of my life.

“I’m heading off now~ and I love you too mom!”


She’s my mom…my savior…my angel…my light…
…and I’m in love with Rena-chan.
I’ll grow up and become an adult, so I can protect her
It’s the boy’s job to protect the girls after all~!
Eh…even with 20 years apart, I wonder I can make her fall in love with me or not~
MEH! Bad idea, if she knows she will kill me for sure!
Better go now~



A/N: Took me quite some time to figure this out. Hope it’s a good epilogue, and thank you for your patience with this update~

I would like to ask everyone's opinion whether I should write epilogue MaYuki version or just leave it there? I don't mind writing it out in case people want to read MaYuki moments (consider as fanservice?) If you have any comments feel free to say~ if there's going to be an epilogue for MaYuki version, it will be in during the same time as WMatsui one (10 years later).
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Nice epilogue for the WMatsui.

As for the other one,  if it seems suited to you...
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A/N: Finally it's here!! It took me quite some time to figure this out. It felt more of I’m actually writing another one-shot of MaYuki instead. But well, guess it works in some ways? It’s MaYuki moments after all! Hope you all enjoy and find pleasure reading this!

We will meet again…
[Epilogue ~ MaYuki ver.]


Konichiwa…This is Watanabe Mayu.

Ah…time flies by so fast. 10 years already? I couldn’t believe that…it had been years since I broke up with Yukirin…but it felt like it’s just yesterday.

Many things happened…and we broke up. I didn’t have a choice to decide, or even tell Yukirin the story behind all. It’s for her sake…without having her know is to protect her.

Now, I wondered what’s Yukirin doing? She must have a normal life with an ordinary man already. I want her to be happy…and that’s probably the best option for her. At first, I thought my love for her wouldn’t last long after we broke up…but ended up that I loved and yearned for her even more.

That’s the worse. The pain in my chest is killing me…


“Hm? Someone’s here this late?”

Jun jumped off the couch he was sitting and went to the door. He looked through the hole to see who came to visit Matsui’s residence this late and it’s someone he’s familiar with. He opened the door without hesitation and with excitement for the mysterious guest. “Ohh~!”

“Jun-kun!? I told you to not open the door until you know who it is!” Rena yelled from the kitchen but then Jun ignored her scold instead.

“Mom~ It’s Mayu-san!”

Right after Jun told her mother the guest’s name, Rena immediately dropped all what she’s doing and jerked her head out to see Mayu. Her eyes stared upon her very friend, who had this pale expression on her. Rena didn’t felt good about this. After she had done putting the laundry in the machine, they sat down at the living together without Jun bothering their private conversation. Mayu’s appearance had so much. She let her hair down and didn’t look like a kid like she used to be anymore. It’s due to her current job that shaped up into a mature aura; she’s working as a lawyer since it’s due to her father’s demand. Her father was one of the Supreme Court judge himself. They had to admit that they became quite close with each other right after Mayu broke up with Yuki. They occasionally met and talked with each other through out the past years already.

“Mayu, what happen?”

“…You see…”

Rena listened to Mayu’s story and was in complete shock. It was just this early evening that Mayu received an wedding invitation from her father and she’s forced to attend since it was her cousin’s wedding. However, what made everything much more badly was that the bride was no other than Kashiwagi Yuki, her love. Mayu didn’t know how to deal with this stress, so she decided to come straight to Rena’s place right after she received the news from her father.  Rena couldn’t believe it and suddenly went out from the room. Then she came back with same wedding invitation card that Mayu received from her father. So it seemed she also received an invitation from the wedding as well but she still couldn’t believe it until Mayu came here. “I just got it today, probably it’s from Yukirin too…”

“I knew that this day would come…I never knew that it could be this painful.” Mayu sighed and stared down onto the ground with that hopelessness in her eyes. “I guess that’s how things goes…”

“Hey don’t give up so easily like that!”

Rena stood up and yelled out loud to her. It made Mayu stunned. She never thought the Rena would raise her voice like that at her. She believed that Rena knew the answer to begin with yet she asked.

“Hey…Do you actually love Yukirin?”

That question struck at her heart, she rose up and raised her voice up at Rena. Mixed of sadness and anger rushed up to her face. She couldn’t believe that her friend would even ask her this. Rena was the only one that knew so well how much Mayu loved and cared Yukirin. “Of course I do! She’s everything to me! I love her…”

Mayu’s voice got softened down and Rena could see her friend’s body trembling. She could tell that Mayu was afraid, but then she grabbed onto her shoulder tightly. She looked up to make eye contact with Rena quietly.  “Then you have to take that risk! You can’t get anything if you never risk for it…you have to if you want Yukirin back.”


The young lawyer was completely dumbfounded as she saw the image of Jurina overlapping of Rena. The image of her best friend had made her mind blown away. However, before she could’ve said anything further, Rena continued where she left off. “I know how it feels to risk…It’s painful isn’t?” She embraced her friend and stroked her head gently with worries.

“No matter what, have faith in yourself and your love for Yukirin. Tell her what you felt with no regrets…neh?”

Many things ran through her thoughts. She remembered Jurina’s words that she had long forgotten. That was Jurina’s final courage that was given to her on the day she asked Yuki to be her girlfriend. It made her wondered why did she forgot about this…something had started to bloom from inside her heart. She hugged Rena back and let out a soft smile with relief. It seemed Mayu had made some decision inside her head. Her face clearly that she had finally carried a resolution in her already. “…Rena, thank you. You really did change after all.”

“Did I?”

“…That feels great. It felt as if I was lectured by Jurina again.”

Mayu giggled with relief. Rena’s glad that she could make her friend smile right now, but that’s not the end of it yet. Fortunately, before she could say anything Mayu had a request to ask her first. “…Rena, I want you to watch me and witness the ‘risk’ I’m deciding to take.”

“You don’t have to ask me, I’ll definitely be there to see for sure.”

They both giggled before they exchanged handshakes firmly. Mayu had decided to return back home even though Rena offered Mayu to stay at her place for tonight. However, she didn’t want to bother Matsui-sensei further. She had to make some plans and make up her mind before the wedding night. No one knew what’s the risk that Mayu decided to take and only Rena could do was wait until that day to come.


It’s the night of Yuki’s wedding event. Both relatives from Kashiwagi and Watanabe side came to congratulate both the groom and the bride of the event. Yuki had grown up to become a beautiful woman. She was in her pure white wedding dress and greeted the guest that came to her wedding, however she also wandered her eyes around to find her best friend through the huge crowd of guests. Spotting a very familiar figure, her eyes grew wide and a smile stretched across her face. “Ah…Rena-chan!”

“Yukirin!” Rena was in a black dress and it made her looked extremely elegant. “You looked really pretty tonight.”

“Thank you Rena-chan…you too.” They both stood with each other and had a quick chat before her to-be-husband called her over. There were still guests that they had to go greet, but before she left Rena she made sure to ask a question first. “By chance…did you see Mayu today?”

“I didn’t see her yet. But I heard from her that she’s coming.”

“I see…”

Yuki sighed softly hopefully no one caught that from her. But Rena was a teacher; she could catch that slightest change in Yuki’s expression. She looked sad despite today being the best day that all women wished for. She had this forced smile on her face before she left. “Thank you so much for coming, I’ll come back to you as soon as I can.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll see you around.”

Rena immediately knew what occupied Yuki’s thoughts from her expression. Also, she knew Yuki long enough that they shared secrets with each other, that’s how Rena knew that Yuki had to marry with this man she didn’t love due to family’s businesses. Now that she had thought about Mayu, she wondered what her friend was plotting for this wedding. She couldn’t do anything only but watch everything until the end as Mayu requested her to do so.


…The wedding ceremony was about to begin.

Rena started to be impatient and wondered where could her friend be and what’s she planning to do right now. She could see that Yuki’s face was completely lifeless. The bride had no desire to marry but she’s forced for her family’s sake. They’re doing an official marriage ceremony here in this grand hotel. They even invited a priest to conduct the wedding ceremony for both the groom and bride. Rena could tell from Yuki’s expression that she’s simply counting down to eternal despair…there’s nothing she’s looking forward to at all. Her life would be under this man’s control forever. She didn’t have a choice to decide whom to marry. 

“Watanabe Satoshi, will you take Kashiwagi Yuki as your wife?” The priest asked and the man nodded.

“Kashiwagi Yuki, will you take Watanabe Satoshi as your husband?” He turned to the listless bride and the woman forcefully nodded.

“…I will.”

“Well then, you may kiss the bride---” Right before the priest could finish his words, a yell interrupted him out of nowhere.


It had caught everyone’s attention to the person standing alone in the middle. The moment the bride had her eyes met with that person, she couldn’t hold back her dramatic reaction. She’s a woman, not in a dress, but a pair of jeans and casual clothing of hers. Yuki was emotionally impacted, as she hadn’t seen her ex-girlfriend’s face ever since they broke up. Mayu never showed up ever again, it had been years since she saw her.

“M-Mayu…!?” The bride’s voice quivered as she uttered her girlfriend’s name.
“Sorry, I got objection with the marriage.”

Mayu actually smiled, and that made Rena stumbled. The teacher didn’t expected reckless thing like this to happen, especially by her all-time-cautious friend. Suddenly, Mayu’s father stood up and everyone could tell that he’s completely furious with his daughter’s outrageous actions.

“Why are you in that clothing? Where are your manners Mayu!?”

His roar echoed loudly. Everyone remained in deep silence, however it didn’t have any effect on Mayu at the slightest. She turned to him and gave that eyes of rebellion back at him. It’s a rare sight to see Mayu glared back at her father. It really did have on his nerves and made him even angrier than he was at the moment. “How dare you even look at me with those eyes…?!”

She tightened her fist and yelled back at him immediately after a short pause of silence. “I had enough with your control now. At this moment, I’ll do what ever I wanted.” She walked up without hesitation towards the bride and grabbed her hand tightly. It caused both Mayu and Yuki to make eye contact with one another at that second, but she didn’t utter a single word to the bride. “…”

Yuki wondered but then Mayu diverted her gaze away and turned towards the groom instead.

“I’m sorry Satoshi, but I can’t let you have Yuki as your wife.”

Mayu grinned widely, which was completely contradicting with that serious face she had a second ago. Now, the commotion was escalating among the guests in the event and it’s especially getting on her father’s nerves.

“I hope you didn’t forget the deal! You insolent child…!”

He grumbled and threatened Mayu, but this time she chose not to be affected by it like how it happened in the past again. She gulped softly and decided that this would be the change for everything, including the change for herself as well.

“You’ll regret this!”

“Too bad, I won’t regret what I’ve done now.”

She declared out to the guests and everyone in the room. “Only thing I regret is to abandon Yuki like a coward because of you, and I won’t make that mistake again!!”


Out of a sudden, the light went out and caused a huge commotion and shock in the room. Rena immediately realized that the timing was too perfect to be a coincidence. It must have been Mayu’s plan, that’s what she thought. It took quite a while for the lights to turn back on but when it did, Mayu and the bride had already disappeared from the room. Her father immediately knew that it was all according to his daughter’s scheme. Everyone in the room got panicked with the disappearance of the bride and Rena was left gawked at where she was sitting. But at the same time, she couldn’t hide her laugh from what she’s witnessing with both her eyes. Everything happened so fast and with a perfect timing, everything was calculated perfectly just like how typical Mayu would be. However, what was different this time was that she’s taking such a huge risk by kidnapping the bride right in the middle of the ceremony like that.


It’s a starry sky. Also, a full moon too.

Mayu had brought Yuki up to roof deck as they were running all the way. Gratefully, the room where the wedding was hosted was just few floors below from here. She only could hope that no one would catch them here. She took a deep breath of the fresh air and enjoyed the moment of her success with the kidnapping plan. The sky was clear and they could see the stars so clearly.

“Ah~ the air is just so fresh.”


 Yuki fidget uneasily and felt quite awkward right now. However, before she could even think of anything, she couldn’t help but to ask Mayu a question. “Why are you doing this…?”

“Well, you see…” Mayu rubbed her head and left a gap of silence. She didn’t know where to start much but decided to start somewhere or else the conversation wouldn’t be going anywhere. “I don’t want to make the same mistake again…and I don’t want you to marry him.”


“The mistake that I left you.”

She approached Yuki and held her hand tightly. It had caught Yuki’s attention to her. “…Many things happened and forced me to give up on you, and I decided not to tell you why. However, I didn’t know it’s the worse decision ever. After since you’re gone, I couldn’t help but to think more of you, and love you even more than before.”

They made an eye contact with each other and the bride didn’t know why she couldn’t let her eyes away from Mayu’s at all. She felt totally captivated by the liveliness and passion in her eyes. She decided to tell Yuki everything that happened. Yes…it’s the story after since her father found out about their relationship, everything flipped over like a hurricane just went through. Her father threatened her to break up with Yuki since by coincidence; Yuki’s father was one of her father’s subordinates in the court. Her father wouldn’t care to fire Yuki’s father from work. Also, he’s having Mayu engaged with this man he chose for her. What kind of face could she have to face Yuki again after those things had happened? She didn’t have the courage to even confront Yuki anymore…she felt so ashamed of herself. She thought that breaking up with Yuki was the best choice to protect Yuki and her family, but now she had regretted it so much.

“…It’s been so long since we broke up, but…I love you. I don’t want us to be just friends, or couples. You’re my everything in my life.” Yuki was too stunned to even say any word and it was about time Mayu finished where she left off…once and for all.

“Yuki, allow me to take my cousin’s place in the ceremony instead? I want to be the one that will be by your side for the rest of your life.”

It was the sweetest smile Yuki ever seen from her and the bride blushed badly. As for Mayu, she could felt the huge burden lifted out from her chest after she said what she had wanted to say for so long. “This is my resolution. You might not forgive me for what I’ve done, you might not love me anymore…but I’m willing to risk it if it’s for the sake of being with you again.”

“…” Yuki remained in silence and couldn't help but to cry silently. Those tears made Mayu stunned and worried about the bride immediately. She wondered she might have said something wrong or not to upset Yuki.

“A-Ah…” Mayu’s voice was shaking but then she felt a strong embrace from the bride immediately. She could hear Yuki crying on her shoulders silently and she gently embraced the bride back. “Yukirin…?”

“Idiot…you idiot…”

She pushed away and wiped the tears from her eyes. “I never wanted to marry that man, the only person I wanted to be with is you since the beginning! After since we broke up…I couldn’t forget about you, every single day…”

After hearing those words Mayu couldn’t help but to blush with utmost contentment and kissed her lover immediately. Yuki wasn’t prepared for that forceful kiss but then she did kissed her back. She longed for the kiss for so long and she couldn’t hope for more than that. She wrapped her arms around Mayu’s neck to bring her closer to her body and deepen the kiss. Eventually, they had to broke that passion kiss because they need to inhale more air. Yuki eventually released Mayu and crouched down on the floor in order to hide her embarrassment. “Ah…this is so embarrassing! You’re just too daring…”

“Hehe~ because I want you as my own.” Mayu crouched down as well and stroked the bride’s head. Before Yuki could say anything, Mayu pulled out a ring from her pocket and held her hand right in front. “Allow me to ask again…Yuki, will you marry me?”

“…Of course, you idiot.”

Finally, Yuki had revealed her smile of utmost content. Mayu had put the ring on her bride, right at that second Yuki started to cry again. She couldn’t describe how happy she was at that moment at all. “I-I never thought that this would ever actually happen…!”

“You’re such a crybaby.”

“I’m just too happy right now…let me cry.” Yuki couldn’t force herself to hold her tears but the same applied to Mayu as well. She could feel her own tears running down her pink cheeks. She’s just too happy that Yuki accepted her proposal. Mayu caressed Yuki’s cheeks up so that they could make an eye contact with each other. Yuki smiled from the bottom of her heart, it’s an expression that she never had after since they broke up. “Mayu…I love you, even more than before.”

“Me too, this time I’ll protect you at all cost. No matter what happen, I’ll never regret what I’ve done.” Mayu smiled and kissed her lover’s forehead gently. It made Yuki felt ticklish and giggled.

“With you by my side, I had nothing to fear. I believe we can go through this together…” Yuki replied and received another gentle peck on the corner of her eye. She couldn’t hope for more, this was the best moment of her life as she’s able to be with the person she loved once again.

“Please don’t leave me again…”

“Never it will happen again, I swear.”

Mayu’s strong reply made Yuki’s heart skipped a beat. They made eye contact again and slowly Mayu’s lips touched with the bride’s once again. Slowly and passionately it developed into a romantic kiss. Mayu snaked her hand through Yuki’s hair and slowly pulled her head in closer to her in order to tighten the kiss. As the bride hugged and kissed her lover back with yearning for Mayu. They want this moment to last forever…


“M-Mayu…do you think that is a good idea?”

Yuki asked with worries as both of them were walking down the corridor of the hotel, holding each other’s hand. Mayu didn’t tell her anything in much detail yet but she said she would go meet with Yuki’s parents, who were in the wedding event as well.

“I don’t know too, I hope it works. Just have to place a bet on it.” Mayu wasn’t like her usual at all. She didn’t panic or worried about the consequences. Surprisingly she looked excited about what she’s planning to do right now.

“I want us to be together again, and I’ll do anything to make it happen.”

Yuki blushed with Mayu’s strong passion words, and she’s really happy to hear that from her lover. She felt the same as well and believed that they could go through this together, no matter what happened. “…Me too!”


They had finally arrived back to the room. It was as both expected, the room was a complete chaotic after they returned. There was a huge uproar of argument between Mayu and her father in the room. No matter what her father said, her mind was not wavered. What surprised everyone the most was that Mayu kneed down in front of Yuki’s parents and begged them to allow Yuki to be with her. No one could ever expect to see that from Mayu, especially Rena and Yuki who knew her for a very long time already. With her constant persistence, the Mayu’s mother came to side with her as well as Satoshi, her cousin. He didn’t have interest in Yuki as much as how the bride had no interest in him.

Yuki didn’t expect that coming but her fiancé was amazingly flexible and generous to both of them. He was surprised to see Mayu this serious and knew immediately that her love for Yuki was real. Therefore, he didn’t want to interfere with his beloved cousin’s love….Yuki felt as if she was witnessing a miracle before her eyes, one by one was persuaded and accepted their relationship due to Mayu’s strong determination.

…As everyone could’ve expected, the wedding event was completely a mess. On another day, Yuki’s parents called Mayu over for further conversation between her relationships with their daughter. Surprisingly, both of them were strongly convinced by Mayu’s determination back on that night. They could tell that Mayu was being honest with them through her eyes and words.

“Can I trust you that you won’t make her cry again?”

“I swear with my life on it!” She declared while she held Yuki’s hand tightly. “I’ll make sure she’s the happiest woman ever.”

The father remained in silence and had this soft smile across his face. “Well then, I guess I don’t have anything to worry now. I had witnessed your sincerity…I’ll leave my dear daughter in your care.”

They received approve from Yuki’s father, as well as her mother. Yuki let out a cry with utmost content. She couldn’t believe that miracle was happening. She’s able to be with Mayu again and her parents approved them. The smile he saw from Yuki was a smile hadn’t seen for so long…her father didn’t regret his decision at the slightest. To him, Yuki’s happiness was the priority. However it didn’t went smoothly on Mayu’s side…

The dispute between Mayu and her father never came to an end and it seemed her cut tied with her. However, Mayu’s mother acknowledged their relationship, it made Mayu felt happier than ever. She knew well that her father would definitely cut ties with her and banned her from her career. It’s the risk she decided to bet on and in the end, her father still didn’t understand his very own daughter until the very end…


…It’s been months since that incident. They both were currently living in a small house that Mayu bought from the money she saved up from her career. Mayu had to get a new job and Rena introduced her a position in the university. She might not be able to go back to become a lawyer, but she could become a professor and teach in universities. They needed professors that could teach law, which fitted perfectly into Mayu’s field. Also, today Rena had decided to pay a visit along with her son, Jun.

“It’s great to see that you’re doing good now.”

Rena had a sip of tea that Mayu prepared for her. “I’m sorry that Jun’s might be bothering you and Yukirin now.”

“Don’t worry. Yukirin seemed to enjoy herself as well.” She glanced towards Yuki who was playing with Jun at the little lawn outside the house. Mayu turned back to her friend to continue the conversation where they left off.

“I heard the story from Yukirin…I’m really in debt with you.”

“Don’t say like that! I want you two to be happy.”

For few days ago, Yuki had shared her story to Mayu about how she actually did asked Rena for advice after they broke up as well. Rena was the one that told her not to give up on Mayu and believe in her. That’s the reason why Yuki deeply still have faith in Mayu until now and she never regretted it at all. How coincidently it also matched up with Mayu’s side as well. Rena knew the story from both sides and knew all along that they loved each other since the beginning.

“Back then…if it wasn’t for you that help us, I won’t be able to meet Jurina again.” Rena turned to look at Jun with those caring eyes. She recalled the memories when she last met Jurina and because she had faith until now, she had finally met with Jun. Rena knew all about this because she once had this discussion with Yuki before. However she had no chance to actually thanked Mayu for it and this is the moment for it.

“I should’ve thank you for that time too.”

“Heh…I guess its bygones then?”

“We can put it at that!” They giggled and then Rena had spotted the ring on Mayu’s left hand. She let out a smile and wanted to tease her friend about it. “How does it feel to be newly-wed couple?”

“W-Well, y-you see…” Mayu blushed badly and Rena couldn’t help to laugh at her friend’s childish respond. “D-Don’t laugh at me!”

“You’re just downright adorable!”

Rena enjoyed teasing Mayu so much. Then they had spent their lunch together and it wasn’t that long that the Matsui family had to leave the newly wed couple alone. “Well then, I’ll see you around.”

“Thank you for coming Rena-chan!” Yuki turned to Jun and patted his head energetically. “Let’s play again sometimes okay?”

“Yes! I’ll look forward to it!” He replied back lively and finally had left.

Right now, only Mayu and Yuki were alone in the house. Out of surprise, she felt her hand being held by Yuki gently. She turned and eventually made eye contact with Yuki, but it made Mayu wondered what her lover was thinking. However, she didn’t wait and suddenly kissed Yuki’s ear softly to tease her. Yuki jerked back and blushed badly at the same time. “W-What are you…doing?!”

“Eh? Isn’t that what you wanted?” She giggled before she moved in closer to Yuki. Their face was just few inches away from each other.

“So…last night wasn’t good enough?”

“I-Idiot! I didn’t meant like that!”

Yuki pushed herself away and covered her blushing face. She knew that Mayu was teasing her and then she felt a hug from behind. This time, it was gentle and it calmed Yuki down. “…What is it this time?”

“Neh, can we do it tonight?” She whispered with a low sexy voice and made Yuki fidgeted. She hoped that her lover wouldn’t push her away again this time. “Please?”

“M-Mou…do you really have to ask that?” Yuki got out from the hug and turned around to make eye contact with Mayu. “Isn’t the answer…obvious?”

“You’re just so cute Yuki~”

She threw her arms around her lover and enclosed her lips with Yuki’s. Even though it’s a short romantic kiss, it was good enough to turn Yuki on slightly. After they broke the kiss, Mayu whispered softly into her ears. “…I’ll make sure you don’t sleep tonight.”

“I wonder I’ll regret this now…” She sighed softly.

“Don’t worry! I won’t let you escape~” She hugged and snuggled Yuki tightly. Even though she wanted to push her perverted lover away, but Mayu acting like this was just too adorable for her to do something so mean like that. Only she could follow with the flow and let Mayu do what she wanted to.

…She thought back to few months ago when she was right about to marry a man she didn’t love. It just felt like a dream to Yuki. Despite all the pain and conflicts they both went through for years…in the end, there’s an actual happy ending after all.


Everything felt like a miracle…
I’m living with Mayu for the rest of my life…
I couldn’t hope for anything more than this…there’s nothing we’ll regret.
What future awaits us is not worth to be afraid of…
We’ll always be together until the very end…until death do us part.


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Happily ever after! SWEEEEEET~! :wub: :wub: :wub:

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omg! I barf rainbow after i read this!
Mayuki~ so sweet!i think i have a cavities now XD

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Incredibly cool ending for them :thumbsup

Mayu knew the risks and went with it anyway :)
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Wow.... so great....
the actual thing: teary... Jurina dead... Mayuyu finally confessed to Yuki smiles... Sayonara type message through dreams...
WMatsui Ep: Oh... nod nod, Akane and Yagami, smiles.... despite being like cameo.... Jun = Jurina reborn!! type of feeling
Mayuki Ep: Crash the wedding!! Yay!!! Boo Dad guy.... hooray, Mayuki~~
Your writing is great... so nice...
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Hi there! I've been reading your fic since when you posted it on tumblr. Your fics are really cool and great, I love them all XD (I love both Amnesia and Love Capture)
Anyway, thanks for making a Mayuki ver. epilogue XD I love it, so sweet!
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YAY~ I'm glad everything worked out pretty well! XD I guess I'll use this post to post more OS fanfics if I'm going to write more...and definitely would do, hehe~ If you have any request for pairings or anything, feel free to suggest! It would give me more weird ideas to write XD  :fap :bow:

A WMatsui without a painful end ;O; xDDD  ... but really, your stories are awesome :O I don't have words
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truly amazing, i felt like i just watched a series and i didnt want it to end  :wigglypanda:

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:heart:We Will Meet Again :heart:

[MaYuki Version]

~Wow! Thanks for making a MaYuki version of it!

~It’s a good ending  :deco:

~Please make more! :otomerika:

~I really like all of your fanfics

~Thanks~  :wub:
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Sakura Princess
~Pairing: MaYuki~

This is just another one plain ordinary school of a boring student like me. I’m really good with my academics…but in return I didn’t get to have much experience like my friends do. What I’m referring is to love experience!!

I, Watanabe Mayu, never have a boyfriend, or girlfriend, or ever experience what is called LOVE. Look at all my friends who were in love: Yuko is dating with Haruna, while Jurina is being so lovey-dovey with Rena-senpai…I had nobody at all. I wondered why I’m the only one that never experiences such things like that at all. So every time I felt so lonely, I got to this place, which is at the back of school building. I have to go up the hill for a little bit and then I will arrive at this beautiful spot that you could see the entire school’s track field. What’s best…is this beautiful sakura tree up here.

“The weather is great today.”

I stretched my arms and walked towards my favorite sakura tree. I could see all members from track club practicing for their upcoming tournaments. But this view is just too beautiful to just watch online…I touched the sakura tree and muttered to myself softly. “…I wonder how it feels to be in love and have someone shared that same feeling as yours.”

 For me to be in love? I doubt I could imagine that happen! But…I want to know it feels to love too…I could be alone, but I don’t like it at all.

“I want to know, how it feels to love…”

Suddenly, I got a text from my father; he was working abroad right now so he was a day ahead of Japan. He sent a happy birthday message to me, ah right I just remembered that my birthday was tomorrow…my 16th birthday.


Few days had passed by without me realizing it. It’s just a plain ordinary day as usual, so boring that I didn’t really pay much attention to it at all. While I was daydreaming at my seat, Yuko and Jurina came up to me.

“Mayu…are you okay? You looked down.” Jurina looked at me with those eyes filled with worries and concern.

“Nothing really.” I shrugged my shoulder. “I just felt…tired.”

“Oh okay, make sure you have a good rest okay?” Yuko spoke up and it made me felt slightly relieved that they cared me. She brought me a red bean bun from the cafeteria and cola drink for me. “Eat this! It will help refresh you up.”

“Thanks Yuko…”

The teacher came in and told all students to go back to their seat, but it also seemed she had some news for us as well. “We’re having a new student transferring into our class today.”

That’s odd. There’s not much of students transferring halfway of the semester at all. Students started whispering and wondering how would the new student was like. Then Mariko-sensei silenced everyone once again before she invited this new student into our class. “Please come in.”


A female student with a long black hair and beautiful alluring eyes…it captivated my mind and I didn’t expected such a beautiful student like her to be transferred to my class at all. I could feel this attractive aura from her; she would definitely become popular in our school for sure. Sigh…I don’t really go along with those types of people at all.

“My name is Kashiwagi Yuki, nice to meet you.”

She bowed with a princess smile across her face and immediately left a great impression on everyone in this room, maybe aside from me…who didn’t feel anything much from it. Suddenly, Mariko-sensei pointed to one of the seat right beside me that was available. “Kashiwagi-san, your seat will be right beside Watanabe-san.”

“Hai.” She replied as she walked to sit at the seat beside mine. I got to see her in a closer view and wow…she’s really pretty. Then she turned to me and gave me a smile.

“Nice to meet you, Watanabe-san.”

“Nice to meet you too…Kashiwagi-san.”

I replied back and then our first class started. It wasn’t really anything much for me but I guess it’s going to be tough for her. After the class was over, Mariko-sensei assigned me to look after the new transferred student with things around in campus. It’s quite bothersome for me…why couldn’t it be the class rep? Well, there’s nothing I could do after Mariko-sensei gave me this job…it’s not like I could change her mind or anything.

So I took Kashiwagi-san around as a tour in the campus and told her places that she should know, such as library, computer room, cafeteria, and the student office. “So…do you have any questions?”

“Not at all, thank you so much Watanabe-san.” Yuki smiled and replied formally, but it made me quite uneasy with that behavior of hers.

“You can just call me Mayu.” I tried to be friendly with her since this was her first day here. Then I saw a delightful smile across her face, I guess I made a right decision to make her felt comfortable to this new school.

“Okay! You can just call me Yuki too, or Yukirin if you want. It’s my nickname from my friends.” She giggled with that bright happy smile from hers. “I hope we get along well, Mayu.”

“…Me too.”

She’s a good person. I felt relaxed being around her. Only I could hope was that we could get along well with each other. But I wondered how long we would go along well, since she seemed to be a popular-type person, while I doubt everyone in my year actually know I exist…


“This is a new student to our class, do welcome her.”

It's the last subject of the day. My science teacher, everyone called her Takamina-sensei, introduced Yukirin to our class. I was shocked; I could never have expected Yukirin to be in the same science class as I do. “Let’s see…there’s a spot beside Watanabe-san over there, you can have that. ”

“Oh? Mayu~ I didn’t know we’re in the same class!” She skipped towards me and I was equally dumbfounded like her. She sat beside me and I could tell from her reaction that she’s really…excited and lively.

Now that the class started, she introduced us a group project on this biology chapter we’re on right now. We had to work in pairs. For me, I don’t have many friends anyways, people would like to pair up with me for good grades and before those parasites would be able to jump on me, Takamina-sensei said that she already paired everyone up so no one would have an excuse…how coincidence, I’m paired up with Yukirin.

“Ah~ We’re paired up! How coincidence.”

“Yeah, I know right?”

I shrugged my shoulders, as I couldn’t help but to agree to Yukirin. It was like pure coincidence that it felt like we’re forced to be together through out the entire day today. So as we worked together, apparently Yukirin wasn’t as strong in science as I do. But I didn’t mind helping her out since she just transferred, there would be so many things to catch up…


After the bell rang everyone started packing up their stuffs but before Yukirin and I could leave, Takamina-sensei came up to us at our table.

“Watanabe-san, Kashiwagi-san, do you have a minute?”

“Yes sensei?” I replied back to her.

“Since we’re on this hard chapter of the year, it would be horrendous for you to catch up without help…since Watanabe-san was our science honor student, do you mind help Kashiwagi-san catch up with the studies?” Takamina-sensei asked me for assistance and I didn’t mind helping Yukirin out at all. Somehow my guts told me that she was different from those parasites that tried to harvest good scores from me.

“I’m gladly to help Yukirin out.”

“I’m glad! Kashiwagi-san, if you need any help please feel free to ask me.” Takamina-sensei handed a pile of paper files that were from the previous classes that Yukirin missed. It was quite some huge pile she got there, I felt bad for Yukirin that she had to catch up with that immense work… “Please take care of Kashiwagi-san okay?”

“I will.”

Then our science teacher walked away, then Yukirin turned to me with a relief smile on her beautiful smooth face. “Thank you so much Mayu…I don’t know how would I manage this without you, and you’re so good in science!”

“Haha…not really. I just tend to study more than socializing with others.” I packed up my stuffs and then we walked out from the classroom to the front gate of the school. Yukirin was a good talker and she always kept the conversation going on between us. I’m quite socially awkward, and I wondered how long she would be with me…I’m not a fun person to be with at all.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow Mayu!”

Yukirin waved at me before she hopped onto this black car. I waved back to her as well and then I rode the bicycle back home. I wondered how long she would be clinging onto me…since I’m a boring person.


“Yukirin~! I heard there’s a new cake shop open down at this street! We should go there today!”

One of the popular girls clung onto her and showed Yukirin the magazine about this new cake shop down the road. Just two weeks and now she’s surrounded with popular girls from my year. As I expected, Yukirin’s a popular-type after all.

“We should also go karaoke afterwards too! I’ll invite the guys as well.” Another girl spoke up as she scrolled down her cellphone to send invitations to other boys they knew.

It would be much better if conversation like this didn’t happen in my classroom. It was so annoying to hear this every single day. Well, I guess I’m destined to be alone and not experienced love to begin with…by the end of this boring day, I went to the back of the school’s building, to my peaceful spot, the sakura tree on top of the hill.

“Weather is great…a nice day to come here.”

I stretched my arms and then went to sit under the tree reading a book. I don’t mind being alone as long as I’m here.


I flinched and looked back immediately. I didn’t expect someone to be up here and what surprised me even more was that it was Yukirin herself. How did she know about this place and she was alone too? Seeing the popular princess Yukirin to be alone? That’s really odd.

“Y-Yukirin? How did you know about this place?”

“Hehe, I actually stalked you…I was wondering why you’re using the back door of the building so I decided to follow you.” Yukirin walked up towards me and looked at the sakura tree with that huge content smile across her face.

“Sugoi…the sakura tree up here? It’s so beautiful!”

“It is right? It’s my favorite spot here…whenever I felt lonely, I come here.”

“I see…” Yukirin approached and sat beside me while looking at me with those innocent black orbs. “…I’m sorry Mayu.”

“Huh? Why are you apologizing for?”

“I…I wanted to spend more time with you. But I barely could break myself out from everyone.” She replied back to me, normally I would think she would be lying but the honesty in her tone made me doubt that. It was one of the first times I actually felt that I could trust her. “OH! I have an idea…”


“Will you be here every afterschool?”

“Usually, yes, why is it?”

“If days I don’t have plans…no, for every other day, on afterschool, I’ll come here to be with you!” Yukirin’s smile made me froze with shock. She’s willingly to go that far just to be with me? That’s just so weird, she’s so weird. “I want to spend time with Mayu too…you’re my first friend, and I really like being with you!”

“I-I see…”

“Will it bother you?”

“No…not at all. I’m happy that I could talk to you again.”

I didn’t lie to her. That’s really how I felt. I wanted to talk to Yukirin but those groups of popular girls around her would always interrupt me all the time. “You’re okay to be here now? I thought you have plans with your friends to the cake shop thing…”

“Eh? How did you know? And I decline the offer already.”

“I overheard your conversation with them and huh!? You decline them?” I asked back for another confirmation, and she nodded, confirming back with me. I couldn’t believe Yukirin declined the offer. It made me wondered why and I just felt like I had to ask her. “Why?”

“Eh…because I want to talk to you today.”

“…That’s it?”


“Pft…!” I couldn’t hold back my laugh and it made her blushed badly. She pouted and started hitting me roughly with embarrassment. “H-Hey! Don’t hit me!”

“W-What are you laughing at! You’re so mean! I’m worried about you and you’re laughing at me!”

“Aw…I’m sorry.” I tried to calm down my laugh and caressed her head gently. “I’m happy that you’re doing something like this for me…thank you Yukirin.”

“Hehe~ isn’t it obvious? We’re friends!”

She smiled back and then I nodded silently. That day, we spent time talking under the sakura tree and she complained to me how it’s annoying to be popular among girls and boys. She wanted to be just an ordinary student, and she would always felt like it when she’s with me. Well, I guess it applies to me too. When it’s just the two of us…I don’t feel like I’m with this popular girl of my school, I’m just spending time with Yukirin, a simple ordinary high schooler like me.


It became a routine for our meet up since then…before I realized it again I looked forward to meet Yukirin every other day at the sakura tree. Sometimes she would bring snacks and drinks while we have a talk about our personal stuffs. Maybe it’s about our school, our Takamina-sensei, our hobbies and everything…we would always walk back home together and on the first time we did it was when I realized that Yukirin’s house was actually opposite from mine! My parents invited Yukirin for dinner multiple times, and at the same time Yukirin’s parents invited me for dinner as well. My mom was even treating her like her 2nd daughter! Yukirin had become my mom’s favorite. But some goes with me too, Yukirin’s mom was just so kind and Yukirin told me that she favored me like I’m her daughter as well. It’s like Yukirin and my family was about to become one big warm happy family. So every morning, we would go to school together. Some weekends, we would study together at Yukirin’s place, or my place, or at the café close by.

When I realize it again…Yukirin was playing a major role in my life. She’s everywhere in my life now. I guess it’s the first time I ever get this close to someone aside from Jurina and Yuko. Maybe Yukirin was actually closer to me than those two now…Sometimes, my heart would pound in a weird rhythm when I’m with her…I wondered I had some heart condition or not.

“Mayu~ what do you think we should do for the school festival?”

Yukirin asked as we’re currently sitting in one of the café close to our house. It’s our weekends and we’re studying for the upcoming math test. And yes, I’m tutoring her as usual.

“School festival? Ah right…I remember discussing in the homeroom…maybe do a café?”

“Café? That’s interesting! I heard that danso is quite popular too! Why don’t we do danso café?” Yukirin suggested the idea out. “Also, you like to do danso too didn’t you~”

“W-Whatever! It’s just a…uh…you know what I mean!”

“Aw~ Mayu you’re blushing?”



“I said I’m not! Jeez…” I looked back on my math notes while I could hear Yukirin laughing at me. I peaked at her and she was smiling, happily. Well, I guess it’s okay as long as she’s happy. Because just seeing her smiling makes me happy as well. “Right, you did this question wrong.”

“Eh!? Really? I’m really confident I did it right…” She sulked and I wanted to laugh at how adorable she was but I held back to remain my composure.

“It’s right here, just a little mistake, aside from that you’re right.”

“Oh~ thank you Mayuyu!”

That nickname Yukirin gave me made me blushed. Out of all, it’s only her that would call me Mayuyu, and I preferred that as well. Thankfully she would only call me by that nickname when we’re alone together…I wonder why I treasured that name so much.

“Not at all…”

The next day we went to school together and then got into our homeroom a little early since our class rep sent us an email to have us come earlier to discuss about the plan for school festival.

“Alright! So what do you guys think we should do?” Our class rep, Minegishi Minami, or what everyone called her Miichan stood at the front of the board while asking everyone to throw out ideas.

“Haunted house!”

“Game booths?”

“Restaurant! Some sweet cake! ”

Everyone threw ideas up on the board while I just remain in silence in my seat. I didn’t really care of what we’re going to do, I rather be the one helping behind than taking any actions. Also, its not like anyone would really care of what I think much too.

“How about a danso café?”

I flinched and threw my head towards the person who was last to talk. As expected, it was Yukirin that was speaking to everyone. “We could have another group of girls dress in maid costume while another half cross dressing as man! I believe it would attract all genders.”

“Ah~ that’s interesting and unique too!”

Miichan agreed and everyone as well. For the guys in our class, they would help managing and organizing other things instead. Everyone agreed with Yukirin’s idea, which was just so…it’s like what ever she said, everyone would follow her. I spent so much time with her that I almost forgot about the fact that she’s Ms. popular of our year…

As a result, we decided to do a danso café. However we would have to select who would be cross-dressing and wear maid outfit.  There were couple of people wanted to do danso, Jurina and Yuko were one of them.

“Mayu? You should do this too, don’t you personally like it?” Jurina whispered to me but I ignored her. But before Jurina could just suggest my name in there, someone did it instead.

“I believe Mayu would look great if she cross-dressing!” Yukirin yelled my name out and it caught everyone’s attention. Probably they never expected my name to be in there as well. I could see everyone’s eyes staring at me.

“Sure! We need people right now so anyone would work!” Miichan just agreed and wrote my name down in there. Wait! They didn’t even ask my opinion yet at all, I sighed and rested my head on the table. I could hear a soft chuckle from my side and it was from Yukirin. She looked at me and gave that naughty wink at me. She planned this all along…

After everything was settled…I would be cross dressing as a man in the café along with Jurina and Yuko, while Yukirin and Haruna would dress in a maid outfit. I bet the guys would be drooling over the two of popular girls of our grade, and then Yuko would be so jealous and pout all day long. Everyone worked hard for the school festival and on the day right before the festival, I stayed a little late to fix the costume up because there were multiple errors. Maybe it got torn during transportation. The guys didn’t really handle with care at all…

I sighed as I could see the sun was nearly setting. I bet I would be back home after sun already set. I texted my mom telling her I would be late so she wouldn’t kill me…ah, I shouldn’t distract myself from this if I want to go back early!

“Damn it…why so many torn areas!?” I cursed our loud while no one was around to hear me. “Jeez…those guys are just so careless…”

Thank god my mom taught me how to sow stuffs. So I’m able to repair the maid dress before any disaster would happen tomorrow. Eh…now I wondered whether the guys did it intentionally to see more revealing Yukirin and Haruna.

WAIT WHAT!? Are you serious!? I’m seriously going to kill them if they’re making Yukirin embarrassed! Why am I angry at this but who cares!? I seriously pissed with this! If something were to happen to make Yukirin humiliated I would seriously kill ALL the guys in my class for sure!

I’m so angry that I forgot that I’m sewing. Then suddenly the abrupt loud slam of the door made me flinched.




I fell back and dropped the needle. I accidently poked my finger and ouch…it must go in so deep.  I didn’t pay much attention to what I’m doing as my mind was just so focusing on cursing those guys for humiliating Yukirin…

“M-Mayu!?” It was Yukirin that ran to my side with those worries clouded in her eyes.

“Oh NO! You’re bleeding!?!?”

“I-It’s just bleeding! Don’t worry I’ll be fine.”

I tried to calm Yukirin down instead. She’s even more shocked and surprised than I am. It made things looked funny and that’s our Yukirin, she’s also well known for being a reaction queen too. She’s so exaggerating things especially when I got injuries from accidents…but it made me so happy that she cared for me.

“No! Let me take care.”

Suddenly, she took my hand and then she put my bleeding finger into her mouth to sterilize my wound but it made my face flushed even more. My heart beat faster as I could feel Yukirin’s tongue from my fingers…I looked away to hide my blushing face from her. She removed my finger from her mouth and put the bandage around my wound. She seemed to have bandages in her pocket, wow, she’s a very careful person after all.

“T-Thank you…Yukirin.”

“I’m so sorry…I must have startled you right?” I didn’t like it at all when Yukirin had that apologetic face on her. “I was worried that you’re still here since I got a phone call from your mom.”

Oh jeez…why does my mom have to notify or call Yukirin every time I did something?

“I’m sorry to disturb you. I must have interrupt your plan today…”

“Don’t worry about that small thing, I want you to be safe. I’ll stay here and walk back home with you okay?” Yukirin smiled and acted, as nothing was a problem at all. She wanted to help me with sowing but she couldn’t do it at all. So she stayed by my side while waiting for me to finish fixing all the maid costumes.

“Wow…Mayuyu, you’re so good, I’m so jealous!”

“Not really, my mom forced me to know how to do it.” I kept sewing while talking to Yukirin at the same time. “If you learn as well, you’ll know how to do it eventually.”

“R-Really? I’m a klutz though…hehe.”

“I’m pretty sure my mom will manage it with you.” I chuckled and turned to her. “She’s really good with sowing, apparently my grandmother was good as well.”

“Ah~ It’s in the gene. I’m jealous!” Yukirin looked at my sowing with eyes of jealousy. It made me chuckled softly as I loved seeing her acting so natural like this. “Neh, could you teach me? I want Mayuyu to teach me more.”


“S-Sure…” Wow, her pleading face made my heart skipped a beat. I’m afraid I would have a heart attack now…why I always had this disturbing feeling in the guts when Yukirin was around me? It felt like I’m being poisoned by something…

After I’m done with fixing everything, we walked back home together in the night and Yukirin was very cautious with our surroundings. Looking at her being paranoid made me chuckled at her and it caught her attention.

“What’s funny?”

“Hehe, you.” I turned to her. “You’re being so over paranoid with our surroundings.”

“B-Because it’s already dark! Also, I don’t want anything to happen to…” She paused for a minute before she continued. “…to us obviously. ”

“Yeah…I get your point. Thank you mama-rin~”

I sometimes called her mama-rin because of how she’s being overprotective on me. It’s the nickname I gave her and I’m the only one that called her like that. She didn’t mind either, so it’s the secret nickname I could call her…Ah, I feel special.


Today was the day of school festival. Yukirin came to pick me up and then we rushed to school together on my bicycle, ofcouse I’m the one peddling. We had to hurry to change our costume before the festival actually started. We arrived on time at school and headed to our class immediately.

“Mayu! Hurry! Here’s your costume.” Jurina passed me the costume as Yukirin went with Haruna to change into the maid outfit.

Wow…it’s so hectic. I changed my clothes, adjusting my hair, wore a wig, and put some little make-up on. I got out from the changing room and everyone froze as they looked at me. “Uh…what’s wrong?”

“Oh my god Mayu…I never thought you would look this handsome!” Jurina hopped onto me and snuggled on me tightly. “So ikemen~! I want to kiss you now!”

“Wow stop there, I don’t want Rena-senpai to hunt me down.”

I pushed her away and everyone seemed to be shocked with my appearance. Our two proud maids came back from the bathroom and they were…oh wow. Haruna looked really gorgeous and Yuko jumped onto her and acted so proud of her girlfriend. As for Yukirin, ah…I’m lost of words. I gulped as I stared at her without letting my eyes away. She looked just downright cute, adorable, pretty…oh she just looked perfect! Just perfect!

“That’s our two proud maids!” Miichan smirked evilly. “I didn’t expect Mayu to look this ikemen…I believe this café would succeed for sure! Let’s do this everyone!”


Everyone yelled in unison and started to prepare the props and tables before the customers would come in. Before I would go help Jurina and Yuko with preparing the tea and cakes, Yukirin came up to me and caught my attention.

“Wow Mayu…you looked so handsome~”

“T-Thanks. You looked really good in that outfit too.” I complimented her and saw her chuckled softly with those blushing pink cheeks. “I-I’ll go help Jurina and others now, I’ll catch up with you!”

“Yeah, let’s do our best!” Yukirin gave me thumbs up and walked towards Haruna to help doing the final touch before we opened the café.

Oh wow…this is a tough work.  But after we opened the café, everyone enjoyed what they’re doing. Yuko and Jurina were just as popular as usual. But after everyone that came in saw me in danso-form, I didn’t expected myself to become this popular and attractive…I was called over to the table for feeding services even more often than Yuko and Jurina!? That was just ridiculous! As time passed by, my popularity just seemed to strike above the ceiling…more people knew me. It was just like…a miracle, and I never had this experience before.

“Mayu! Can you come here?” A girl from the table asked me to go over and I did and those group of girls seemed to be so excited to just see me there. “Can you feed the cake for me?”


I did as I was asked. Well, it’s service after all. After I did, they just seemed to be screaming among themselves. “Oh, can I tell you something? It’s a little private…”


Out of curiosity, I bent down and then I felt a soft contact on my cheeks. It was her lips and then I flinched back immediately, blushing madly. D-Did she just kissed me? Kissed me!? No one ever kissed me at the cheeks before aside from my kissing-monster friend (Jurina)!

“Kyah! When you’re blushing you looked so cute!” The girls shrieked and I didn’t know that people attitude towards me would change this much with just having me cross dressing as a boy.

“Mayu, I need your help here!”

Suddenly, Yukirin called me over for some help and I had to leave the girls back. She suddenly passed me a tray of cake and tea forcefully that I thought I would’ve drop it already. I looked at her with curiosity and sensed this black aura from her…gulp, I don’t feel good, is she angry?

“T-Thanks!” I rushed away immediately to serve the orders to our customers. I wondered why Yukirin was angry. Did something happen? I might ask her later after our shift was over…


WHY!? Why isn’t our shift over!?

Miichan asked Yukirin and I to stay longer since our popularity was going through the ceiling and we’re the main attractors of this café. So we continued to work and I’m just downright exhausted…I decided to take a short break and then was watching Yukirin working so hard with that bright energetic smile of hers. It filled up everyone’s content…even mine. Right now she’s serving at the boy’s table, as expected, Yukirin was downright popular among boys.

“Thank you for your service Yukirin!” One of the boys smiled at her and then tried to flirt with her. “Is there a feeding service from maids?”

“Eh~ Apparently no, our class rep instructed us not to! I’m sorry!” Yukirin apologized to them in a way that wouldn’t hurt their feelings at all. Then suddenly, I saw this hand trying to grope her butt without her paying attention and it made me pissed. I rushed up towards that table and grabbed onto his hand before he could even touch or tainted my Yukirin. I threw his hand away before Yukirin would notice anything and it made him slightly pissed. “Eh? Oh Mayu do you need something?”

“I would need your help over there, I’m sorry guys. We got loads of customers to catch up with.” I gave that fake smile and ignored that boy’s silent glare.

I’ll make sure to send him to hell if he…wait…did I say…my Yukirin?

“Mayu? Are you okay? You looked spaced out.” Before I realized it again, Yukirin was looking at my face closely. Staring at her eyes, it made me blush and I suddenly walked away. “H-Hey! Mayu?”

She followed me and then I passed her the tray of cake and coffee. Making her surprised, I told her the table of the order and then carried another tray with me. She nodded nervously without saying anything and we continued our work. Ugh, why I felt like having this rough adrenaline rush in me. I’m so angry…wait, I am angry? Why am I angry when he’s trying to touch Yukirin…I always had this crazy uneasy feeling in my chest every time someone flirted with her…according to the manga I read…this is called…WAIT! No it’s impossible…! J-Jealousy!? I’m jealous!? I-Impossible! Why would I be jealous!? Gah…this is bad, too weird, NO!

“Mayu! Do you even hear me?” Miichan slapped my shoulder as I started to grasp my senses back. “Jeez…you’re overworking too much you started to daydreaming?”

“O-Oh I’m sorry. I’ll go back to work now--”

“You don’t have to. I don’t want to take all your precious time from the school festival work. You and Yukirin should get a rest now.” She tapped my shoulder softly with a smile. “Yuko, Jurina and Haruna would take your spots, and great job.”


She walked away as I changed my clothes back. As I washed out the make-up at the bathroom, Yukirin also just had finished changing her clothes back to her school uniform.

“Mayu, do you want to go around in the festival together?”

“Hm? I don’t mind but what about your friends?” I asked and she just shrugged her shoulder like it was nothing.

“I told them already I had a lot of work to do so they enjoyed the day without me already…and I want to be with you!” Yukirin smiled brightly again, it made my heart skipped and how could I deny her invitation? I decided to go with her and it made her looked so happy like ever. “Yatta! I’m so glad to go around with you! Let’s hurry!”


After we dropped our outfit at the café, we headed around the school festival. It seemed my name was spread across the entire school for looking extremely ikemen. Now I became utterly popular in just one day, this is just ridiculous. Yukirin and I went to eat (super) late lunch together and played many games together! We even went to the haunted house and played balloon dart game, we shared the cotton candy together and we even bought a matching cellphone strap, it’s a very cute daruma! It’s an original character and we both loved it.

“Ah~! I’m so tired! Did we go to every stores in the festival?” Yukirin questioned while she’s having a rest on the bench under the tree outside the school building. “I hope we didn’t miss anything…”

“I don’t think we do, hmm…it’s now 5.30 now. By 7pm, there would be a bonfire event. Are you staying?”

“If Mayu is staying I will~”
“Well I guess we’re staying then.” I smiled back at her and that’s just purely a beautiful smile from Yukirin.

Well, She always a beautiful smile on her…she’s always pretty to me, and I hope that this feeling I’m having is not what I expected it to be. If it is as I thought it was…I wouldn’t know how to manage with it at all.

We spent time together for a while before it’s around 6:30pm, Jurina texted me to meet up with her and Yukirin tagged along as well. We met with each other at the front of the school building, where I met with Rena-senpai, Yuko, Haruna, and Jurina. “Hey~ what took you so long?”

“Sorry, I dropped by at the bathroom before coming here.” I replied and then Jurina wrapped her arms around my neck and started telling Rena-senpai how I ikemen I looked when I cross dressing and stuffs. Then I started to feel two glares upon me…gulp, it’s creeping me out so badly…! “J-Jurina let me go!”

“Ah~ someone’s jealous?” Jurina did let go of me and then Yukirin wrapped her arms around my body from behind and it made me flushed madly.


“Jurina…you’re too creepy! You have Rena-senpai already, don’t take Mayu away.” Yukirin pouted and it made Jurina laughed wryly. She apologized and then when she turned back to Rena-senpai, she seemed to be glaring at her madly. It made Jurina broke into sweat and tried to comfort her senior before she turned into her ‘Gekikara’ mode.

Then we decided to go to the track field where the bonfire would be prepared. We sat down together waiting for the event to start but while we’re waiting, there were boys that came up to Yukirin and asked her to dance with them. “Eh…Yukirin, do you mind if we dance together during the bonfire?”

“Ah…I’m sorry, I have someone in mind already.”

“Eh!? Who could it be!?” Another boy yelped out loud with shock.

“I wanted to dance with my friend more. I’m sorry to upset you guys.”

She smiled wryly and they forgave her immediately. She had this idol-figure aura from her all the time, no wonder she’s popular, also… she’s pretty. As those guys walked away with disappointment, I whispered to Yukirin softly out of curiosity. Part of me wanted to know who it was she wanted to dance around the bonfire with, but another part of me didn’t want to know because I’m too afraid to confront the truth…

“Hey, who’s the friend you wanted to dance with? I’m curious.” Finally I had asked her and only I saw that childish smile on her face.

“Of course…it’s Mayuyu.” She winked to me and made my mind went blank. I could feel my blood surged up into my face to make my cheeks flushed. Is this a dream? Is Yukirin just bullying me or something? I gawked and then it seemed I made her pouted at me. “Mou…I mean it! I’m not joking.”

“R-Really? Am I really okay…?”

“Of course silly! You’re…” She paused. I wondered why she paused. She took a deep breath and looked back into my eyes again. “You’re the one closest to me and I wanted to spend this good times with you, is it okay with you?”

“O-Of course! Why won’t I?”

I replied back immediately before Yuki would make that upset expression. But right after I did, the huge smile appeared across her face and she threw her arms around me. I could feel the warmth from her body, it was just so comforting…

“Thank you Mayuyu!”

“Mou…it’s nothing at all.” I patted her back and then we waited for the bonfire event to start along with Jurina and others…

As the bonfire started, Jurina and Yuko grabbed their respective girlfriend to dance at the bonfire together while Yukirin and I were the last pair. She grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the crowd of people. “Let’s go!”


I joined the bonfire even with Yukirin and everyone and we dance together. After all these years I’ve been in this school, this is the first time I joined the bonfire event and it was the first time I actually enjoy school festival. It’s all because of Yukirin, because she’s there for me…that’s why…I’ve learned how it feels to fall in love with someone…maybe I seriously did fell in love with Yukirin…and that’s what I hope for it not to happen, I don’t want to severe our friendship…


After the bonfire even was over, the next one would be the firework event. Which it was the first time it was introduced to our school festival and so everyone was so looking forward to it.

“Hey Mayu…let’s go.” Yukirin pulled my shirt and caught my attention, but it made me confused.

“Eh? Where?”

“Hehe~ you’ll know.”

She giggled and dragged me away into the darkness without letting anyone catch us. I wondered why she was in a hurry and then I recognized this familiar place, this is the path where we used to come up to the hill where the sakura tree was! And as we arrived on the top, it was as I expected, it’s our little secret hangout place. “I was thinking that I want to watch the fireworks with you here. Since I didn’t want anyone to interrupt us…”

“Oh, that makes sense.” The fellow boys in our grade would probably hunt Yukirin down right now. Fortunately we escaped from the track field before they had a chance to do so. I guess that’s why Yukirin was in such a hurry to come here. “Watching the fireworks from here would be the best.”

“Yup! I agree, also…I wanted to tell you something too.”

“Hm? Now you’re making me curious.” I giggled and her and she bumped into my softly as she knew that I’m trying to tease her. “Ah~? Someone’s blushing?”

“N-No I’m not! Anyways…the firework is about to start now. ”

We sat under the sakura tree at looked towards the track filed where the staffs were preparing the fireworks. I bet Jurina and others would be wonder where Yukirin and I disappeared, but I also believed they would enjoy their moments with their loved ones…just like me, but it’s one sided-love for Yukirin. But I’m satisfied. I finally knew how love felt like, and I’m glad that it was Yukirin.

“…I’m glad to meet you.”

I accidently blurted it out and it caught Yukirin’s attention. I blushed from how embarrassing it was but then I saw that soft smile from my princess. “Me too…I’m glad that you’re my---.”


Whoa!? That was loud. The sound of the firework ignited into the sky caught my attention. The sky was filled with red, green and blue sparks. It was so beautiful and I’m so happy that I got to witness this beauty with Yukirin at our little special place.
“So beautiful…”

But wait…I didn’t catch what Yukirin was saying at all, I turned back to her and I hoped that I’m not being too rude to her. "Ah, Yukirin, sorry but what were you saying---“

Her face was so close to mine and I felt that soft pink lips of hers clashed onto mine gently. Her hand caressed around my neck and pulled me in closer to deepen the kiss. My eyes grew wide with utter shock and I couldn’t formulate what’s going on at all. I-I’m kissing Yukirin!? Her lips were so soft…I felt mesmerized by it…but before I could even respond or kiss back, she broke it off and made eye contact with me with those painful look.

“Mayu…I’m so sorry to tell you this but…I’ve fallen in love with you.”

I froze with shock and was blushing, but I guess the darkness of the night didn’t make her see my tomato cheeks that clearly.

“I…I didn’t want to severe our friendship but I…I really have to tell you how I felt for you. I don’t want to hide this feeling behind you.” She looked away and I could hear the change in her tone, s-she was crying…but I didn’t even dare to move or say a word, Yukirin continued where she left off. “But I don't regret tell you anymore, I decided to tell you during the firework event today…that I love you, not as a friend, but as…a lover. I want to kiss you, touch you, and want to make you only belong to me…that’s how I felt.”


I’m so out of words and I couldn’t say a single thing aside from calling her name with a wobbly tone.

“I’m so sorry to ruin your night…and thank you for everything you’ve done to me. Every second with you…I enjoyed it beyond everything.” She stood up and she was about to leave. The fear struck me and my body was just trembling so madly.

No, Yukirin, please don’t leave me. Before she could have leave. Another firework came up and gave me light to tell where Yukirin was standing. I grabbed onto her arm and then pushed her onto the grassy floor. I fell on top of her and I could hear her uttering in pain as her but clashed the ground.


“No…please don’t cry.” I finally spoke up and locked her hand on the ground. I could see her tears running down her pink lovely cheeks. She must have hurt so much just by telling me how she felt…but from that kiss, it made my feelings solidified as well…I understand what are the feelings I had for Yukirin now. I wiped the tears from her cheeks and rested my head beside with hers.

“Yukirin…don’t cry, I hate seeing you cry.”

“Mayu…please stop it. Don’t make it harder than this for me…” She cried even more and it pained me so much.


I yelled out her name, just her name, and silenced cry with my lips instead. I poured every bits of feelings I had into that kiss, I caressed on her face to the back of her head and pulled her in closer to deepen the kiss. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and I could feel Yukirin’s tongue. Every contact I made with her made my mind went blank and lust even more for her lips. I could feel her kiss me back and it’s a very wild kiss we shared…


Another firework brightened the sky temporary and I slowly moved my lips away to catch some breath. We both panted and Yukirin looked up to me with a blushing turned-on face…her eyes were just so…seducing.


“…Ever since I could remember, I was alone. All alone…Jurina and Yuko were the closest friends I had and they both had relationships…I was left alone again.”

I told her about my story before I met with Yukirin and still pinned her down on the grass. As I keep talking, tears fell from my cheeks onto hers and it made her eyes grew widely with shock. “But after I met you…I never felt alone anymore and I learned how it feels to love someone…I love you Yukirin…ever since I realized that you’ve become a huge part of my life that I couldn’t lose.”


“Yuki…please don’t leave me alone…! I don’t want to be alone anymore! I love you! So please…don’t go--”

Yukirin jerked up and hugged me tightly in her arms, caressed my head and whispered into my ears gently to calm me down. “Never I will…I’m glad we share the same feelings for each other…”

“Me too…I love you, Yuki.” I hugged her tightly and buried my face on her shoulder.

“I love you too...Mayu.”

That is what love is. That’s how love felt like. I understood the feelings that Yuko and Jurina had with their lovers now. It felt amazing when your lover loved you back in the same way you felt for them. I loved Yuki, and she loved me too…I couldn’t hope for anything more than that already.

“…My parents aren’t home today, can you stay with me tonight?”

She whispered in a very seducing tone and made me flushed madly. D-Don’t tell me Yukirin was thinking about THAT? Just thinking about THAT made my mind went blank but…if it’s Yukirin, I think everything will be fine. I nodded softly and I could imagine her smiling right now. My love for her was just too much that…I don’t mind doing THAT with her…


I called my parents and they said it’s okay for me to stay at Yukirin’s place for tonight. So I got my clothes before I headed to stay at her place. I took a shower first and Yukirin did after me. As I was drying my hair with the towel at the edge of the bed, Yukirin finally came out in her shorts and plain pink shirt, that’s her pajama.

“Do you want me to dry your hair?” I asked and she shook her head.

“It’s fine…just the towel is enough.” She rubbed the towel roughly to dry her hair quickly and she stood right in front of me. Even though her hair was a complete mess…she looked utterly sexy with her hair wet. Oh jeez…how sexy she could go!? I’m just so mesmerized with her beauty. “…Mayu.”

Her voice captured my attention instantly as I made an eye contact with her alluring beautiful orbs. “I-Is this okay with you?”

“…Yeah.” I nodded and I could see her blushing.

“I-I wanted to touch you so much…and I guess we can’t be friends anymore right?” Yukirin asked me and I guess she’s right. If we kissed with these feelings we had, we’re no longer friends, we would become…lovers. “Are you okay with it?”

“Stop asking…I love you more than anything else.”

I silenced her and placed her hand on top of my chest to feel my heart beating spontaneously. “…But the same goes to you, are you okay if it’s me, someone boring like me?”

“You’re not boring! I love you Mayu…” She replied immediately and then I smiled back to her with relief; it did calm her expression down.

“So…please only belong to me.”

I begged her softly and I could see her blushing so hard. She gulped and then bent down to kiss the corner of my eye gently. “…Yuki, make me yours.”

“…I will.”

She kissed me and pushed me down onto the bed. Our kiss became bolder and deeper than the last time. We couldn’t be friends anymore after this kiss…I loved her too much to just ended up as friends. I believe Yukirin felt the same too. I could feel her icy touch caressed all over my sensitive body. Every touch from her reminded me how much I loved her and how much love she had for me. Her breath, her sexy voice calling my name…it turned me on so much. I screamed out her name loudly and it gratefully no one was in the house…only the two of us were there, no one will interrupt our eternal night together…



 My eyes suddenly wide open. The sound of the alarm clock in my room interrupted my slumber. I sat up from bed and broke into sweat. Sounds of birds tweeting right outside from my window…the lights shone through the gap of my curtains.

“Wait…I was with Yukirin and…!”

I sprung up and I couldn’t believe what I was thinking. I looked at my cellphone and it was March 26…it was on my birthday. Impossible…the school festival was like on May 30th. Don’t tell me…all of that was a dream!? I remembered I used the daruma cellphone strap I bought it with Yukirin, but it wasn’t there. It was still my old strawberry cellphone strap.

“No…it’s impossible…”

I ran downstairs with my pajama on and then I saw my mom, I rushed to her immediately and made her surprised. “Mayu! What’s wrong?”

“Mom…where’s Yukirin??”

“Yukirin? I never heard of that name before.”

My mom didn’t seem like she’s lying. Suddenly I broke into tears and I made my mom shocked along with me as well. I collapsed onto the ground and then she tried to comfort me. “Mayu dear! Are you alright…what happen…?”

“N-No…is it all just a dream?”

I imagined Yukirin’s face and smile. Why did this happen to me? I couldn’t admit that Yukirin was just a dream to me! I loved her so much…the world without Yukirin was just a dead monochrome world to me…


Mom told me I didn’t have to go to school so I didn’t. I stayed in my room, crying and weeping as I reminded myself every bit of memories I shared with Yukirin. It just felt too real… She might just be an illusion in my dream, due to my obsession of wanting to have a relationship with someone but…this is just too much. Even though the dream might have ended…my love for Yukirin was still there. I miss her voice, her touch, her smile…I missed everything of her…


I missed her calling my name, my nickname she gave to me. I wanted to hear her say she loved me again. I wanted her to touch me again…why does this have to happen with me? Why? I never knew that to love someone could be this painful…!

“I love you…Mayu.”

I cried even harder. I missed her so much…This is just painful, to live in the world without Yukirin, she’s my everything…my everything…just thought that she’s just an imaginary character from my dream, it felt like I sliced half of my heart away. To me, Yukirin was real…my love for her lived within my heart. I couldn’t deny the fact that she’s a mere illusion. 

“…Yukirin…Yukirin…I miss you…I love you.”


Few days later, I decided to go to school since Jurina was so worried about me absent for the past few days. I got to my room, sat at my table but this place reminded me so much of Yukirin. She used to sit beside me in the dream…but now, no one was there, and no would would know who was Kashiwagi Yuki either…

While I was daydreaming at my seat about my love, Yukirin…Yuko and Jurina came up to me. Right it just reminded me I didn’t talk to them ever since I woke up from my horrendous dream.

“Mayu…are you okay? You looked down.” Jurina looked at me with those eyes filled with worries and concern. I guess she would be worry about me since I didn’t come to school for few days and didn’t even reply her texts at all.

“Nothing really.” I shrugged my shoulder. “I just felt…tired.”

“Oh okay, make sure you have a good rest okay?” Yuko spoke up and it made me felt slightly relieved that they cared me. At least…I still have them with me. She brought me a red bean bun from the cafeteria and cola drink for me. “Eat this! It will help refresh you up.”

“Thanks Yuko…” As I was about to grab the drink I froze. I tried to think back again, I felt familiar with this scene. “Wait…”

“Is there something wrong?” Yuko questioned but I ignored her for that second to think of this scenery. It happened before…YES! It’s a déjà vu! Their speech even matched with what they said in my dream…are you telling me this is not a dream? I was dreaming…about the future? If I was dreaming about the future then Yukirin--!


A female student with a long black hair and beautiful alluring eyes…it’s her…

I stood up immediately and caught everyone’s attention. Everyone looked at her and wondered who she was. She was panting hard as if she was running all the way here without taking a break. I tried to pinch myself and it hurts! I looked at her again and it wasn’t a dream…before I realized again, she had this huge delightful smile across her face, and tears running down her cheeks.


She called my name loudly and clearly. After that, I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer. She ran in towards me and embraced me tightly in her arms. She called my name many times, and her voice echoed in my eardrums “Mayu…Mayu…”

“Yu…kirin…!” I hugged her back as if there’s no tomorrow.  I remembered this touch, this voice, this embrace…it’s Yukirin. She’s real…Yukirin is real! My mind was screaming hysterically with ecstasy.

“Yuki…YUKI!!” I screamed out her name and it made Yuki hugged me even tighter as if she never planned to let me go again.

“I’m really sorry I left you…but I’m here now.” Yukirin patted my head and then we both looked at each other in the eyes. I remembered those round black orbs that stared deep through into my heart. Those eyes that made my mind went wild and crazy with love. She wiped tears out from my eyes and muttered with a very gentle tone. “Let’s go.”


“You’ll see.”

She grabbed my hand and dragged me out from the room. I could hear Jurina and Yuko’s voice calling from behind. But I didn’t care anymore. Yuki took me out from the back of the building, up the hill…towards our secret place where we confessed our love, at the sakura tree. “Here we are.”

“The sakura tree…it’s blooming?” I stared at the sakura tree and it was blooming beautifully than usual. I never seen it bloomed so prettily like this before.

“This sakura tree…she heard your wish, and mine…” Yukirin held my hand tightly as she’s gazing at the beautiful sakura tree with me. “…And guided us to meet each other. That dream, was the evidence.”

“I want to know, how it feels to love…”

I remembered the wish I asked from the sakura tree. I wanted to know how it feels to love someone, right after that…I had this long dream about my adventure with Yukirin. So this tree granted my wish?

“Yukirin…what’s your wish?”

“…Well, I want to meet with my true love.”

She spoke up as she turned and stared with those loving eyes that made me blushed instantly. Her giggle rung my eardrums as she kissed my forehead gently. “…And I was guided to you, my Mayuyu.”

Suddenly, the wind blew strongly and the sakura pedals were everywhere around us.  The power from the sakura tree granted Mayu and Yuki’s wish and then Mayu heard a voice that echoed in her conscious.

If your love wasn’t strong enough…
Never you would remember who she is…
…But your love was real and pure…
Finally…you have come to understand what love is…
…I pray for your eternal happiness.
...I’m always enjoy your accompany every single day…

The voice disappeared and made me stumbled. That voice, was it from the sakura tree? When I realized it again, tears ran down my cheeks as I had received blessings from the sakura tree. It was her best birthday gift ever she would remember for the rest of her life.

“When I woke up and realized everything was a dream…I cried so badly…it was horrendous and then I went to the sakura tree close to my place to remind myself about you…it told me, to not lose hope.” Yukirin continued the talk while I stood there listening to her. “Then my parents told me that I’ll be moving to your our school on the next day, that’s when I knew that the dream is not just a dream after all.”

She hugged me tightly in her arms and I could feel her breath against my neck. “Mayu…I love you so much, I’ll never leave your side again.”

“I know you’ll never do so…and I love you, my Yuki.” I pushed away and then we stared passionately into each other’s eyes before we enclosed out lips together.

Those sweet pink lips of hers aroused my senses. My instinct took over me and I embraced my lover tightly while I felt Yukirin’s icy hand pulled my head in closer to hers to deepen the kiss even more.  Slowly we broke the kiss to catch a breath before we would get dizzy from low oxygen.

I rested my forehead on hers and I’m glad that the miracle of the sakura tree happened upon us…and guided me to my princess, to my Yukirin…to my sakura princess.



“Shall we continue from where the dream left off?”

She giggled and it made me reminded myself where the dream left off. Before the dream cut off, it was the scene that Yukirin and I were…I JUST FELT LIKE MY HEAD JUST EXPLODED! She laughed at my over-blushing reaction and teasingly kissed my nose. “Aw Mayu…you’re just so cute.”

“Y-You pervert!”

“C’mon…I love you though, and your scream really tells me you enjoy it too…”

“S-Stop!!” I yelled and pushed Yukirin away as to tell her to stop continue what she’s trying to say. I heard her laughed at me again and gave me a quick soft peck on my lips. “Mou…you’re so mean…”

“But…I do mean it. I want to finish were we left off…in reality this time.” Her serious voice and eyes just really turned me on. I looked away and slowly turned my eyes back to her again. “So…?”

“…Okay.” I admitted it. Yukirin’s happy smile made my heart brightened up and she held my hand gently while we made a passionate eye contact with each other, but her sudden surprise face broke the tension immediately. 

“Oh right!”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Hehe~ before I forgot to say it…” Yuki gave me the daruma cellphone strap, which was the identical one we bought back from school festival in the dream. She showed me her cellphone and she had the same identical one as the one she gave to me. “…Happy birthday, Mayu~”

Don’t tell me she tried to find this for me? She remembered my birthday and I couldn’t help but to let out a smile from the deepest of my heart’s content. It’s indeed the best birthday ever.

“Thank you…Yuki.”



It's exactly 10000 words!! (Including the THE END part) Wow, never write something like this and I couldn't stop it! the MaYuki feels surges up...Hehe, It's really long, ONE SHOT! I hope everyone + MaYuki shippers enjoy it!
Title: Re: Katekyohit's OS Compilation ~ Sakura Princess [MaYuki] - Update (21/7/13)
Post by: kenjoy12 on July 21, 2013, 02:16:48 PM
OH MY GOSH~! Kanpeki! :twothumbs

Sasuga from Kate! :fap

Fate brought them together.. :wub: :wub: :wub:

Thank you for the wonderful OS you shared :bow: :twothumbs

Looking forward for more stories from you! :fap
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Post by: kuro808 on July 21, 2013, 02:41:21 PM
Incredible one shot

The dream fated for the two of them
Title: Re: Katekyohit's OS Compilation ~ Sakura Princess [MaYuki] - Update (21/7/13)
Post by: Chanaline on July 21, 2013, 02:51:07 PM
Nooooooo! :) It was so good!!

I love this story! So beautiful and cute!!!  :wub:

Yaaaaaa! It was totally perfect! Thank you for this incredible OS :twothumbs
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one word......

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Super long oneshot...and it's SUPER GOOD AND SWEET!!! XD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH XD
You're really good at writing, your fanfics are so great!!
And when reading this OS, I just go up (when they love each other) and down (when they realize it was only a dream) and up again (when they meet each other again) :P
Wanna re-read it forever :P
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Awesome! It just awesome i can't said anything than awesome
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Such a long and awesome oneshot :mon lovelaff:
I love you, katekyohit-san :mon love:
You light up my night again :mon angel:
Mayuki is so sweet~~~~ :mon crazyinlove: I'm so happy now!!! :mon money:
I felt down when all of those were just dream but after all, a Happy Ending :mon santa3:
I'm look forward to your another Mayuki oneshot and aslo "Amnesia" fic :mon inluv:
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Awesome! It just awesome i can't said anything than awesome

lost of words... im totally agree with this ^ XD
i cant wait to read more :on gay:
thank u for the very long os..  :farofflook:
i really enjoy it  :wub:
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Post by: Seigus on July 21, 2013, 03:51:05 PM
In reality, Sakura Princess is long but it didn't feel that way when I read it because your writing is clear and straightforward. By telling the story from Mayu's POV, you allow readers to follow her thoughts easily and watch how her feelings for Yuki gradually evolve from slight skepticism to friendship to love. The pace of the story is just right as the numerous scenes showing different stages of their relationship are necessary to substantiate their growing feelings for each other. Cutting any scene out would make the story feel rushed and their relationship underdeveloped.

I'm going to admit that my heart clenched for a moment there when Mayu woke up from her dream - partly because of the fear that she would never meet Yuki for real; another part because I always find it hard to appreciate the-waking-up-to-reality device used in stories as I feel that all the emotions I've invested in the characters were for naught. The moment Yuki entered the classroom, I was expecting her not to have any memories of Mayu and everything was just going to start all over again. To my surprise, Yuki actually experienced the same dream on her end. That was a simply wonderful and magical moment - a pleasant turn of events that had me smiling before the computer.

Thank you for sharing this one-shot with us. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work! And I know I'm late but still, welcome to JPH!P, katekyohit! :jphip:
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Wow, this is one hell of a MaYuki OS.
It's EPIC. You almost killed me with the twist just before it ends. I'm glad you're not mean, Katekyohit.
Yuki is so cute here and Mayu's so clueless when it comes to love. I like it :wub:

MaYuki is best when they're fluffy and you did it so so well. One of the best I've read so far and really, my fav among recent MaYuki fics.

I hope you write more MaYuki and maybe angsty JuriMayu too if it's not too much to ask. I'm greedy :inlove:
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Post by: Sherin on July 21, 2013, 04:22:25 PM

Write a long WMatsui one too! XD JK.

Anyway I'm glad, Mayuki actually remember each other at the end or else it will be hectic. XD
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Okay. Why did I not notice that you had made this thread? Agh, I really need to pay more attention. :doh: Gomenasai on not commenting on your previous OS. :sweatdrop:

10,000 words exactly? Wow. That's one, a long OS and two, it's a perfect number! XD Okay, aside from the random statement I had just uttered there, I love it! Reading this OS, "Sakura Princess" made me ship the two girls so much more right now. :cathappy: While reading the story, it drove my shipping heart crazy! And when Mayu realized that it was all a dream, I nearly wanted to cry out with anger and disbelief. :shocked: But when the entire situation replayed out as it was in her dream, then she immediately knew that Yukirin was going to enter in her life not too long after she woke up from the dream. My heart just went doki doki seeing their reunion! :inlove:

For the minor couples, danso Yuko and Jurina must look awesome! And Jurina being flirty as always, haha! I bet her own girlfriend is always having to deal with the flirting puppy every now and then. :sweatdrop: But I'm sure Jurina is loyal to Rena~ :cathappy:

Honestly this fiction cheered me up today, haha. I'm now like a big fan of all your work and one of a few favorite writers I love. :wub: Looking forward to more of your work~ :deco:
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Post by: katekyohit on July 21, 2013, 04:32:13 PM
kenjoy12: XD hahahaha, I'm glad you enjoy it! That's sure one tough OS to write :D (10,000 words after all~)

kurosawa87: Glad you enjoy it!

Chanaline: Yay! I'm grateful it turned out to work well!

smarty0821: YAY! I did put a lot of effort (I think) into this~ :D I'm actually quite proud with this fanfic~

clubhappy: Oh wow >< I even re-read it too~ Had to admit that, when I realize it again, i just finished re-reading again already  :lol:

kurogumi: Aw, haha! Glad you like it!

leEwẬy: AW! I'm glad to light up your day with my fanfic! XD next in line I'll be finishing up is Amnesia Ch07~ XD

Chichay12: I'm glad you enjoy it! If I get more ideas I'll definitely write more for sure XD

seigus: Oh wow... >< I'm so flattered with your compliments! To get a compliment from you makes my day now~ XD  :w00t: I'm still a noob in writing fanfics! I still have loads of flaws to fill in. I'm really glad that you enjoy my fanfic! and thank you for a warm welcome seigus-san!

jell_o_jello: Yup one hell (LONG) MaYuki OS. Oh wow, I'm glad I made their moments 'fluffy' XD oh wow...I'm flattered that this is one of your favorite fanfics!! I'll definitely write more when I have more ideas XD Eh~ Angsty JuriMayu? Not bad!! I'll put that in my list and see what ideas I can come up with it! Don't worry, just request as much as you want~ (Couldn't guarantee I could do it or not) But obviously I'll do my best to write it out!

Sherin: I won't be that mean to not let them remember each other >< I don't want to hurt Mayu and Yukirin~ LONG WMatsui fanfic? Eh! MIght be interesting! Depends on the story too~ the MaYuki ended up long is just because I keep on writing...didn't really expected it to hit 10,000 word count ><! Glad you enjoy it!

LoyalFlutist: About not commenting on previous OS, don't worry about it! XD Yup exactly 10,000 words, I was surprised as well :D and it's indeed a perfect number! Oh yay! Glad to make you ship MaYuki even more! (Your fanfic even made me ship them even more too!!) Their reunion is the best part ne~ It's hard to write it out, but I believe that it worked out really well! Of course~ Jurina will always be loyal to Rena! :D Glad that this fanfic cheered you up today! I'm also a big fan of your work and I looked forward to it too!  :w00t:

Minna-san~ Wow I'm so flattered with all your lovely comments for "Sakura Princess" OS! XD I'm quite proud of it (because I put a lot of effort in it!) I felt that this OS is a success!  :bow: Thank you for all your lovely comments!

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Post by: -gibson-mayulover on July 21, 2013, 04:38:23 PM
OMG!! This os is sooo freaking amazing
I love you for making this
You make my Mayuki heart screaming with joy

I can't stop smiling while reading this
But when Mayu wake up from her dreams it makes my heart ache
But then you still give us readers a wonderful story and a happy ending
This is now one of my favorite mayuki os
This is great
I love it

Thank you for this
And looking forward some you're story in the future.
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Post by: WotaOtaku~ on July 21, 2013, 06:43:28 PM
While reading the whole story, this is what happened to me:

Awww, Mayu's alone again, this happens in 80% of the fanfics/one-shots I read *cries*

Oh gawd, Yuki looking flawless as always.Give me a moments please...I need to spazz *spazzes*

Awww, Mayuyu and Yukirin became bestfriends! YEEEY! *jumpes up and down while looking like a crazy idiot*

IKEMEN MAYUYU AND IKEMEN YUU-CHAN AND IKEMEN JUJUBB!!!! HORRAY FOR MY LIFE! THIS FIC IS AWESOME WOHOOOOO!! *imaging Nyaro and Yukirin in a sexy maid costume* KYAAAAAAAAA *nosebleed (I seriously felt something rush down my nose..)*

Mayuki kiss.......OH FREAKING GAWD, I'LL DIE HAPPY.Nice move Kirin! :DDDDD
Aww baby, dun cry.Mayuyu loved you toooo T^T

Le Mayuyu and Kirin having that......uhh......*gulps*!

All of it was a dream....


Le wild Yuki appears in Mayu's class........




Me4:*throws party* GO YUKI,GO YUKI!!! *dances*

Le everything becomes real.....





Sorry for the spazzing moments....but that was me while reading this awesome one-shot, I think I may read this again xD

Thank you for writing this :) Can't wait til your next fic/OS if there is one ^^ *fades ninja-style*
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Post by: mayuki_daisuki on July 21, 2013, 11:51:00 PM
omg :shocked this so good!!!!!!!!! :cathappy: :deco:
when i read it was dream i nearly cried :cry:
but mayuki are together!!!!!!! XD
hehe yukirin so naughty wanting to continue where she and mayu left of... :twisted: :inlove:
thanx for this :cow: :bow:
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OMG its Beautiful! hermoso!!

wow really is wooow

i had no words...

thanks so much!
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Post by: Shinoki on July 22, 2013, 03:22:15 AM
A bit teary because it was so great....
it was like... hrm... ah... mayuki builds up~~ <3
wha!!? it was all a dream?
Yukirin~~~ transferred in... Mayuki is together in real life...
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Post by: katekyohit on July 22, 2013, 04:56:53 AM
-gibson-mayulover: Yatta~ I'm glad you enjoy it! One intense OS XD

WotaOtaku~: Oh wow I enjoyed your reaction so much!! XD I felt like my effort is paid off~ I don't know my other fanfic suits your style or not but you can try check it out if you want XD if you didn't read it yet?
So far: Amnesia (WMatsui + MaYuki) (, Love Capture (MaYuki + maybe other pairings?) (, Book of Transcendence (

mayuki_daisuki: glad you enjoy it! XD oh wow, almost made you cry eh~? ><"

Archer1992: glad you enjoy it! :)

Shinoki: Hehe, glad you enjoy it! Oh wow I'm flattered that this fic made you moved XD
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wow... just wow...  :shocked
I like it! No! I LOVE IT!!!  :w00t:
I like all the events and I was really happy when I was reading it  :wub:
But your FanFic played with my feelings I was shocked when I knew it was a dream  :shocked
I was thinking too much  :panic: I was saying to myself maybe Yukirin was not real or worse that Yukirin won't remember Mayu  :catglare:
But I'm glad that then end was like that the are together happy end~  :deco:
Thanks for this lovely update  :jphip: and write more Mayuki please 
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Post by: K-popJ-popAWESOMENESS on July 24, 2013, 03:00:42 PM
Author-san, can I request for a Furuyanagi fanfic? And if you're going to write it then please make it a happy one xD

Furuyanagi = SKE's Takayanagi Akane aka Churi x Furukawa Airi aka Airin(just in case you didn't know them^^
I'm ok with it if you don't want to :)

Update soon:D
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Post by: katekyohit on July 24, 2013, 06:01:59 PM
mo-chan: awesome! glad you enjoy it! I know it's quite a nerve wreck when it's revealed it's just all a dream. XD I know how that feels~

K-popJ-popAWESOMENESS: Ohh~ Sure! I'll do my best! (I had added on my list now) If I can come up with some ideas, I'll write it! XD Gonna be an OS though~ Will try my best then! Going to be the first time writing that pairing too.  :fap
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Post by: WotaOtaku~ on July 24, 2013, 07:11:19 PM
Author-san, I was about to comment when I saw your reply to my nee-chan (K-popJ-pop) and I almost jumped in joy (if only the laptop wasn't on my lap -___-

Ah well I can't wait til whatever you're going to update soon (^w^)v *hugs and kisses then fades ninja style*
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Post by: kurumi on July 24, 2013, 07:18:04 PM
This was such a good OS! Thank you! I really look forward to your next work :D
Title: Re: Katekyohit's OS Compilation ~ Little Secret [Rena X Yuki]
Post by: katekyohit on July 25, 2013, 02:24:14 PM
Little Secret
~Pairing: RenaYuki~

“Kyahh!!!” The crowd of fans screamed as the princess of AKB48 and SKE48 appeared on the stage and sang Temodemo no Namida together and their choreography, tempo, and pitch were perfectly matched with each other.

They both had the princess aura from them and became extremely well known among fans as WPrincess of 48Group. They had appeared on many TV shows and was interviewed together as pairs.

“Finally it’s done!” Yuki stretched her arms up high into the air after they finished her duo song with Rena for the closing song of the concert. “I’m so hungry…Rena-chan are you?”

“I’m hungry too.” The princess of SKE48, Matsui Rena replied back as she’s walking side by side with Yuki, the princess of AKB48. “Do you want to have the usual or something new this time?”

“Eh~ I guess we should try something new this time.” She replied back.

They often went to this studio for an interview in many TV programs, and every time they had to go there they would always drop by at this small restaurant before and after the interview. As they were walking back and entered the changing room there were the other two members that planned to surprise them…


“Rena-chan!” / “Yukirin!”

The little puppy and mouse girl leaped onto the princesses from behind after they passed through the door. Each of the little girls separated them from each other.

“Oh hey Jurina!” Rena knew immediately who was the one that tried to surprise her, there would always be only one who would do so. “How are you?”


She suddenly sulked and buried her face on the older girl’s shoulder. But Rena had no clue what was Jurina trying to tell her. “What is it?” She asked again, but Jurina refused to answer anything but cuddling her.

As for Mayu, she hugged her mama-rin in her arms and rested her chin on her shoulder. “I miss you~”

“Aw, I miss you too Mayuyu!” Yuki giggled at how her friend was being a little child again. But the cyborg girl puffed her cheeks as if she’s pouting. “Hm?”

“We rarely get to be together…” The girl grumbled as she hugged Yuki tighter. “You’re being with Rena all the time! I’m jealous…”

“Yeah!!! Rena-chan we rarely be together…I’m sad!”

Jurina added and it made Rena chuckled softly before she patted the little puppy’s head. “I miss you so much, stop being with Yuki-chan all the time!!”

“Aw, but we have a lot of work together, there’s not much of a choice, right?” Rena turned to Yuki and she nodded after their short eye contact. But still the two little girls didn’t let go of their princess.  Both Yuki and Rena glanced at the clock and they had to hurry out to another studio for interview before they would be late. “I’m sorry Jurina but I got to go now, I promise we’ll spent a lot more time together back at Nagoya okay?”

“Sure? Promise?”

“Yup!” Rena ruffled Jurina’s head before the little puppy let go of her master.

“Yukirin…” Mayu uttered in a soft pleading tone and it made Yuki turned her head to kiss the little cyborg girl at her forehead. It caught the girl off guard and then she slowly freed the princess. “M-Mou! I’m not a kid…”

“But you acted like one.” She teased the nezumi girl. “This weekend, I’ll make up the time with you, okay?”

“Okay mama-rin~” Finally Mayu had let go of Yuki. The two princesses changed their clothes and hurried to the parking lot where there was a van that would head straight to the studio for their interview.

It was one crazy day for them as usual. But it seemed they started to get used to working intensively as well as working together. As they were sitting at the back seat, Rena was staring out of the window and it made Yuki curious what her friend was thinking.


Princess of Nagoya didn’t responded to her. It made Yuki even more curious and started to move in closer to Rena. However, there was a respond from her, Rena moved away slightly and it caught Yuki’s attention immediately. Normally Rena wouldn’t act like this; they would always talk on their way to the studio but not this time. “Rena-chan is there something wrong?”


“Then…why won’t Rena-chan talk to me?”

“I’m just thinking of things.” Rena replied with a monotone in her voice. However Yuki wasn’t upset with how Rena was treating coldly with her like this, she seemed to know why the SKE48 princess was acting like this.

“Neh…” Yuki whispered softly with a teasing tone. “You’re jealous that I kissed Mayu?”

Rena flinched and threw her glance towards Yuki immediately. “N-No!” She was actually blushing and it made Yuki giggled, it was exactly what the Black princess thought. “Why would I?”

“Then…tell me why you’re acting so cold to me. It makes me sad you know?”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you Kashiwagi-san, I…I’m just thinking of things.” Rena looked away and then Yuki took her hand and held it tightly in the darkness. The driver couldn’t see what they were doing, so it’s just the two of them. “Uh, Kashiwagi-san?”

“I have something for you, can you close your eyes?”


As soon as Rena closed her eyes, she could feel a soft contact with her cheek. She opened her eyes with surprise and realized that Yuki moved in to kiss her. Rena couldn’t hide her blush and stared back at her friend without uttering a word. “K-Kashiwagi-san…”

“Does that feel better?”

“…Y-Yeah.” Rena looked away but she could hear Yuki giggling at her.

“But you make me jealous too you know? Saying that you’ll spend time with Jurina at Nagoya…” Yuki wrapped her arms around Rena and leaned in to whisper closely to Rena’s ears. “…Don’t cheat on me, neh?”

“…I won’t.” Rena declared with a strong tone and she saw Yuki’s smile across her face. She really loved teasing Rena and she leaned to rest her head Rena’s shoulder.

“Don’t be so formal when you’re only with me…Re-Na.” Yuki pronounced Rena’s name clearly and cuddled her partner closely. She would only just call Rena by her name when they’re alone, usually she would call her Rena-chan. She knew that she’s making the Nagoya princess blushing and she’s going in aggressive mode and pushing hard.

“Hug me Rena.”

“Hai hai…” Rena sighed softly and shifted herself into a comfortable position before she embraced Yuki in her arms gently. She rested her head on the Nagoya girl’s shoulder, which was substituting as her pillow. Rena didn’t mind Yuki being demanding on her, personally, she actually loved it.

“Is it good enough?”

“Rena is so warm…”

Yuki didn’t plan to let go of the hug and Rena expected that happening, because it always did. “Also you’re so cute when you’re jealous~”

“Mou! Stop teasing me…”

She sighed, she seemed to actually been thinking of something ever since they got in the van. “But…I wondered how long we tend to keep our secret from them? Everyone’s starting to wonder about us two…”

Yuki finally knew what Rena was thinking on the van ride; it was about their relationship that they kept hidden from everyone even from their closest friends. She knew it was normal for Rena to worry about this; it’s her character after all.

“Hmm, I don’t know too, but…” Yuki paused for a minute to muse, and slow back before she placed her finger right on top of Rena’s lips. That playful smile across Yuki’s face told Rena how her partner was enjoying this.

“Don’t you think it’s fun to keep it as our little secret?”

After they had been working together for quite a while, Rena knew Yuki long enough that she’s actually enjoying this. That’s her black character, and there’s nothing Rena could really do but to go with the flow of her girlfriend.

“Hai…if you say so.”
“Thank you Rena~ this is your reward.”

Yuki moved up and pecked on Rena’s lips softly. It wasn’t their first time kissing ever since they met each other. But still, the Nagoya girl still blushed every time she received a kiss from her pushy girlfriend. Even though Rena received a reward already, she wanted to get more than that…

She stared into Yuki’s eyes and it’s like they’re communicating via eye contact. As Rena kept staring at her princess, everything started to go with the flow of the atmosphere. Rena moved in closer without Yuki resisting anything until their lips met again. Thank god that it’s dark outside already, and the van had screens on so no one from outside could see. Rena enjoyed every millisecond her lips were intact with Yuki’s, and suddenly the black princess threw her arms around Rena’s neck and pulled herself in closer. It caught the Nagoya princess off guard but then she returned Yuki the kiss more aggressively. It seemed it wasn’t only Rena that wanted to kiss again after all.

“You’re mine…Rena.”

Yuki whispered against Rena’s lips as her black character came out and became over-possessive on her girlfriend, but then she was caught off guard with Rena’s sudden bold kiss. This time, she broke off and whispered softly against Yuki’s lips.

“Yuki, don’t you know that you shouldn’t play around with…spicy things?” Rena replied with her seductive voice and it satisfied Yuki’s needs. She loved it when her girlfriend especially when she turned into her gekikara mode.

“Don’t worry…I’m madly in love gekikara flavour.”

Yuki responded back before she deepened the kiss with Rena. Their relationship, their kiss, kept it hidden from everyone…that’s their little secret.


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Uwaaaa~ :w00t: RenaYuki :fap

That just sooo haaawwt~! So much for SPICY in the air! :w00t:

RenaYuki moments are just so fluffy~! :wub: :wub: :wub:

Oooohh~ Little secret neh.. Insane and risky! Love it~! :thumbsup

Looking forward for more :fap

Thank you for the Little Secret you shared :bow: :twothumbs
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i love it! So much~
RenaYuki hot kissu :wub: :wub:
I want More :on gay:
Thank you for the os XD
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Wow, I love it. That for a long time I read one fic about YukiRena.
Please write more fic about RenaYuki :D
Can I trans your fic?
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YukiRena OS! I really love it! :deco: :deco: :deco:

When Rena got jealous and gave the silent treatment to Yukirin, I couldn't help but fangirl at how adorable that is! And when they kissed together, my heart instantly went *KABOOM!!!* XD I feel so fuzzy and fluffy after reading the OS, LOL~

Looking forward to more OS from you! :deco:
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That was a really good OS

Great job and that flavor gotta get Yuki melting
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I like it~  :inlove:
a secret you say wow  :w00t:
at first I thought that they are cheating  :P But if If they were cheating  :lol: It would be more intersting  XD
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 This is great i love it. Thank you for making renayuki :thumbsup
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kenjoy12: glad you enjoy the SPICINESS in this fanfic XD

Chichay12: There shall be more YukiRena fanfic coming~

noel nguyen: Definitely will write more! About fic translation, I did replied your message already so if you didn't see it yet, check it out. :)

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~Little Secret~ [RenaYuki]  :deco:

~Hi! This is a good one-shot!  :onioncheer:

~I Love  it (Yuki is so sadistic to Rena) (hehe)
 :wub: :inlove:

~I also like how you describe  Jurina and Mayu (A puppy and A mouse) *Giggle

~I hope you  make more!



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Sweet Silence
~Pairing: WMatsui~


A shy looking girl was sitting under the tree reading a novel quietly. The breeze of the win was like a friend of hers. She was sitting in this isolated place behind the building where no one could expected her to be here…


The sound of a woodwind instrument caught her attention. She closed her book and then followed where the sound came from. She turned at the corner and stumbled at this opened window of the music room. She approached in closer and then had her eyes set upon this shoulder length haired girl who was playing saxophone all alone in the room. She could hear the sorrowful tone from the melody of the instrument, and it completely caught her attention. It was a beautiful melody, yet… sad and lonely.



A sudden gust tackled from behind the long black haired girl and went through into the music room. It made the saxophonist paused and coincidently turned towards the window. Her eyes met with the surprised looking girl. Mix of emotions between surprise and fascination…as if both of them were drifted into their own little world…


Ohayou~ This is Matsui Jurina! I’m currently a student in this well-known science school in Tokyo! Right now I’m studying in psychology back in Japan after I went to study abroad since I was little with my father. But was it so weird when I got back…in this school, everyone treated me like some special person. Maybe, it’s because I came from a prestigious school back in United Kingdom. It made me annoyed sometimes when people tried to stick to you just for the sake of my brain. That’s how I became popular, since I aced all of the tests so far after I transferred here. Everyone would always ask me to tutor them for tests and help with assignments.

“Jurina~ could you help me with this part?”

One of my classmates came up to her to ask for my help. She was never a friend in my eyes; she’s just simply using me in order to get higher grades. “I’m so confused with this…”

“It’s like this, and then this.”

“Oh! Thank you so much Jurina!” Then she walked away after she got her answer.

It’s quite a boring life here. I wondered why my mother dragged me back to Japan when I could just keep studying at UK. Well whatever, it’s not like I could do anything with it.

“Hmm, great! No one’s around.”

During lunchtime, I would sneak out to the music room, which was located on another building connected to the science building. I always left my saxophone there so I don’t have to carry it everywhere with me. I preferred being alone than having those parasites sticking on me all the time. They’re so annoying!


I opened the door and then walked into the quiet music room, no one was here as usual.  I checked the timetable in front of the door and always made sure that this room would be free when I came by.

“Yatta! No one is here~” I grabbed my saxophone from the shelf and started connecting all pieces together. I’ve been playing in a jazz band back in my old school before I moved back here. Unfortunately they don’t have jazz band in this school, so I sort of practice alone nowadays.

“What a good day to play my favorite song~” I chuckled and then rested the mouthpiece of the saxophone on my lips before I started to blow it out.


I always find peace while I play saxophone. Its sound always managed to calm me down whenever I’m angry at those classmates of mine. I don’t call them my friends, they’re not friends, they’re just parasites that which to get benefits from me only. The only friend I had here is my saxophone…and my music.


It’s sad to be alone, it’s lonely. I do felt lonely ever since I moved here. I wanted to go back to UK, I miss all my friends…every note in my music responded to my feelings. Maybe I want just one friend here…just one that would understand me, and see me as a friend. Ever since I moved here for almost a year already? I haven’t have a single friend yet…it’s hard to make a good friend sometimes, isn’t?


I stumbled as the wind gushed through the window I forgot to close. I lowered my saxophone down and then turned to the window. However I didn’t expect someone to be there. Her light brown eyes reflected in the sunlight, her long black hair flushed in the air. Our eyes met and my mind was totally captivated by the beauty of her orbs…who is she?

She suddenly waved at me and had a vague gentle smile across her face. It made me flinched back slightly and then I think I should greet her.


She nodded without saying a word. She tried to move her hand around into some signs and then it made me shocked. I recognized that very well, it’s a sign language. Oh thank god my mom taught me sign language! Or else I would never understand what she was trying to say to me.

“Eh…That. Was. Really. Nice…oh! Thank you.”

At that moment, I swore that I could see her flinched with shock. Maybe it was because I could understand sign language. Also, due to so much volunteer work in the disability hospital that my mom worked in, I could read understand and use sign languages fluently. “Did I startle you? I learned sign language from my mom…she’s a doctor dealing with disability children.”

As I explained myself she nodded softly, it seemed she understood me and then she moved her hands around again.

[Do you mind I come in?]

“Oh, no problem. I guess you can come through the back door to the right from here.” I told her the direction and she nodded with that cute smile. Just less than a minute, she arrived at the front door of the music room. I looked at her head to toe and she’s definitely a student here.

“Ah…I never seen you around at all, what year are you?” I asked her as she looked back at me. She walked to one of the tables. She put her bag down and pulled out a notebook from her bag. I watched her scribbling onto the paper before she turned to me.

[I’m in the 11th year, we’re in same Biology class.]

“W-Whoa…I’m sorry! I didn’t recognize you at all…”

Now I felt really guilty for not recognizing her despite being in the same classroom as me. But then she shook her head before she started scribbling on the new page again.

[I hope you don’t mind me communicating to you like this…some people don’t like it when I talk like this]

“Hey, don’t include me with one of those stereotypes.” I sighed and grumbled back unintentionally. It just made me gone into that mood. “I hate those type of people to the guts…” She looked slightly surprised with my expression and slowly a soft smile appeared. I guess it was something to do with my words just now.

“By the way, I think using sign language is easier than writing out on the paper, don’t you think?”

I asked her and suddenly she goggled at me with shock. Probably she never met anyone who said that to her like that. For a short pause, she giggled at me, but there was no voice from her at all. After from all the experience I got from helping my mother with her job…I bet she’s mute. Basically, she couldn’t talk due to problems with the vocal cord, no voice would be made if she cry or laugh…completely mute.

I saw her put the notebook and pen down on the table and turned to me, communicating with me via sign language.

[Thank you so much, Jurina-san.]

“Ah, you knew my name…oh right, we’re in the same class.”

I remembered the guilt that I didn’t recognize this girl in my class. Even though it’s a bit awkward, I think a good self-introduction would be appropriate. “I guess I should introduce myself more properly, I’m Matsui Jurina, just call me Jurina, nice to meet you.”

She smiled to me with a simple soft nodding.

[My name is Matsui Rena, nice to meet you, Jurina-san.]

Rena-chan walked up towards me and extended her right hand out. I knew immediately what she’s trying to tell me and I held her hand. We had a firm handshake as out first greeting. How surprising we shared the same last name though, how coincidence was that? “

I believe we will get along.”

She nodded and I knew that she agreed with me. I wouldn’t have expected to meet a mute student here in this school. I was a little surprised we shared the same last name, she looked really pretty too…I felt bad for her that she’s mute.


The next day at school, I headed towards the cafeteria earlier than usual today. That was where I met with Rena-chan on my way at the front of the coffee shop I always dropped by.

“Oh? Rena-chan?” As I called her, she turned to me with slight surprise and she bowed her head down softly.

[Good morning Jurina-san. Coming for some coffee?]

She’s quite fluent with sign language; she could even communicate naturally with just one hand, while another hand was holding a coffee.

“Yeah, it’s my daily morning but I decided to come early today. I didn’t know you’re into coffee as well~” I smiled as I made an order. The coffee guy remembered my usual one so I didn’t really have to tell him my order. “Right, we have the same first class together right?”

She nodded back. Since Rena-chan told me that she’s in the same biology class as me, and I’m having it today morning. After I had my order I turned to her. “Do you want to class together? Or your have friends you’re going with?”

I asked her and then I suddenly saw a slight painful smile across her face. Uh-oh, I hope I didn’t say something wrong.

[I don’t have friends. I’ll go with you if you don’t mind.]


I wanted to hit myself as I did spoke something that was a taboo for her. I guess the reason many people didn’t want to be friends with her was due to her disability to speak. As we arrived there, those parasites that always tried to stick on me immediately called me over to sit with them at the middle row.

“Jurina~ Come sit with us!”

I don’t even want to bother at all. Suddenly, Rena-chan just walked into the room and sat that the furthest seat from the board. No wonder I don’t usually see her, she always sat alone at the back row all the time.

“Jurina? Is something a matter?”

Those girls called me again as I snapped. I didn’t realize I was staring at Rena-chan while they were trying to talk to me. “C’mon~ I saved a seat for you here!”

“Sorry, I’m sitting with someone else today.”

I declined their offer and went to sit beside Rena-chan. As I put my stuffs down, I could see people looking at me from every direction, including Rena-chan as well. Those girls probably were shocked that I’m sitting with the quietest person that even them might not ever realize her presence, just like I did. Then I felt a soft tap on my shoulder from Rena’s side, and I turned to her.

[Jurina-san, why are you sitting with me?]

“That’s a little obvious?” I sighed softly and I could see that she’s completely confused. “…I want to be you friend, Rena-chan.”


She froze, and I could tell her from her face that she couldn’t believe what I said to her a second ago.

“I’m serious, I want to be your friend.” I repeated myself and then she flinched. It made me wondered how long she haven’t have friends…

“Do you mind?”

She shook her head immediately.

[No! I’m just so flattered. Is this really okay with you? I’m a boring person.]

“Of course I don’t mind. Rather, I think I enjoy your accompany more than other classmates here.” I smiled back to her and that was when I saw this beautiful smile from Rena-chan.

It was so…I couldn’t describe how beautiful it was. However before we could talk anything further, the class had started. Rena-chan and I worked together on the assignments and it was the first time ever since I moved here, I’m willingly to help someone with their studies. I helped her with parts she didn’t understand and I could see she was trying her best to understand the concept we’re studying. She’s such a hardworking person.


After the class was over, as Rena-chan and I were packing up the hoards of parasites came up to my table. I looked up at them and they seemed to be a little unsatisfied.

“What is it?” I asked them.

“Uh Jurina, why are you with her?” They asked and it made me pissed. They’re saying this right in front of Rena-chan’s face? Are you kidding me?

“What’s wrong with that?” My tone changed slightly, but it seemed they didn’t realize it.

“Well…she’s really quiet and didn’t even bother to talk anything. She probably don’t want to bother with anyone.”

Those bloody parasites just assumed Rena-chan didn’t want to talk? Oh wow, my limit broke off and then I could see Rena-chan took all her stuffs and left immediately. I couldn’t believe what she’s doing, why she’s running away like that? “See? She even ditched you without saying anything…I suggest you don’t bother with her.”


I slammed the table so hard that it made everyone in the entire room startled. Those girls frowned at me with shock, as I couldn’t hold back my anger towards them. “You know what, don’t judge her until you actually know what’s wrong with Rena-chan. Someone like you is not worth to even understand the position she’s in!”

I grabbed my stuffs, and slammed the door really hard, and left the room. Right now my mind was so focused to find Rena-chan no matter what. It’s break time, and I wondered where could I find her.

“Oh damn…Rena-chan, where are you?”

I literally ran around the building to look for Rena-chan. Where could she be? Definitely not at crowded places but isolated places…That was when I decided to go look outside the building around the isolated bushes that would be a good spot to hide.

I’m pretty good with this you know? I’ve always find my way around this place in order to keep myself away from all my annoying classmates. As I went through another bush ahead of me, I stumbled with this familiar student with long black hair. I recognized her hair and face immediately.


She stumbled as she turned to me immediately; she looked really shocked to see me there. I could see her eating her bread under the shade alone as usual.

“Oh jeez, I’ve been looking for you around the building! I’m glad I found you.”

[Jurina-san, why are you here?]

“Of course I was look for you.”

I sat down beside her immediately but that didn’t end our conversation just yet. “Didn’t I tell you I want to be your friend?”

[But if you’re with me you won’t have any friends---]

“Rena-chan, they’re not my friends. I don’t have ANY friend here as well…”

I admitted the truth and it made Rena-chan looked surprise. I started telling her that I’m just popular because I aced all my tests and people wanted me to help tutor them. But they’re not my friends at all; they just wanted to make use of my brain to make them get better numbers on their crappy paper. “That’s why, I understand how it feels to not have a friend…it does felt lonely sometimes, right?”

Rena-chan was deeply engulfed with my story and then she nodded softly. She started to open herself with me a little more and I’m so glad she did. I didn’t know why but I wanted to know more about her.


“Yes…it’s really lonely.” I hugged her and it made her shocked. I caressed her head. “I want to be your friend, and I want you to be my friend too…If you don't mind it.”

It was a silence between us, obviously Rena-chan couldn’t reply me but then I felt a hug back from her, I take her answer as a yes. She rested her head on my shoulder and our silence did all the communication. I understood her loneliness well, I guess because we’re lonely; we managed to find our way to each other…


After that, we didn’t have a class with each other. But then I told her I would be at the music room during lunchtime and I would be waiting for her there. I actually got out from my psychology class quite late since I had to talk to my professor regarding the project.

“Oh no I hope I didn’t make Rena-chan wait…!”

I turned at the corner and barged into the room, that was where I saw Rena-chan sitting at the table scribbling something on her notebook. “Rena-chan I’m so sorry I’m late! I was talking to my professor about my psychology project…”

She shook her head and closed the notebook in front of her.

[I just got here. Don’t worry.]

“Thank god…” I sighed out. “Did you have lunch yet? Shall we have it together?”

She nodded and then we took out our lunchbox. We enjoyed it together on the floor, in the middle of the music room. “It’s been so long since I had lunch with someone.”

Rena-chan looked surprised as she turned to me.

[Me too, ever since I moved here, I always have lunch alone.]

“I guess that makes us even~”

I could see her smiling and it made my heart felt delightful. We enjoyed our lunch together and we also shared with each other. Rena-chan’s lunchbox taste so great, I’m so jealous that she’s having such a decent meal every single day! “Oh wow, your lunch taste so good! Your mom made it?”

[I made it.]

“Really!? Sugoi! Rena-chan, that’s so awesome!”

 I was shocked that she did it herself, comparing to mine, it taste so much different, I’m not that good of a cooker. It’s only edible. “You’re so good…I’m so jealous!”

[My mom taught me how to do it, and I like cooking too.]

“Ah~ No wonder, I’m a bad cooker, I only make things as long as it’s edible. I guess my lunchbox taste really bad comparing to yours.”

[No, I like it.]

“Aw Rena-chan, you’re making me feel a little better.” I chuckled and suddenly Rena took another piece of my sweet egg and ate it with a huge smile across her face. “W-Whoa? Rena-chan?”

[Oishi! I love it.]


I couldn’t believe this girl at all. She’s just so innocent and genuinely honest. I could tell from her actions and emotions. They were real. I don’t need any words from her to tell whether she’s a liar or not. I could tell that Rena-chan was really honest. I really did enjoy her accompany.


After since then, I would always be with Rena-chan lunchtime at this music room everyday. Sometimes I would bring board games to play with her, showed her pictures from UK, and told her many stories about UK…

[Do you miss being at UK?]

She asked me and it actually made me wondered for a little while. “I used to…but right now, I’m having a lot of fun being with Rena-chan.”

She flinched and seemed to blush quietly.

[You flattered me too much. I have a lot of fun being with you too.]

“Oh yeah! We have the group work to do…I guess we have to meet up somehow during weekends…” I sighed softly as I didn’t have much of a problem with going out to work on weekends, but I wondered what ways would Rena-chan preferred. So I sat there staring at her, while wondering what would she say back to me.

[You can come to my place. My mother wants to meet you.]

“Your mom?” It made me surprised, as I didn’t expected that her mom would want to meet me. But wait, how did her mom know about me to begin with? Maybe Rena-chan did tell her about me.

[This Saturday, at 10am?]

“Sounds great with me. Where’s your house address?” I asked as she grabbed a piece of paper and wrote her address neatly and tidily. “Thanks, I’ll text you if I’m lost.”

She nodded back at me and that’s our plan. This weekend eh? It’s going to be interesting to actually visit Rena-chan’s house for the very first time. I personally looked forward to the weekend already! I’m actually curious what kind of person was Rena-chan’s mother too…


“Hmm…I guess I’m at the right place?”

I walked down the streets while holding the paper that Rena-chan wrote for me. I turned at the corner and saw this house that fits the description she gave me: a blue roof, cream wall, and dark green fence… I saw the nametag on the front of the house and its written ‘MATSUI’ on it. I bet this was her house. I’ll give it a shot and press on the bell…


“W-Whoa!?” I yelped out badly as there was a little dog barking at me from inside the fence. I didn’t know Rena-chan had a dog. But because her dog was barking so loud, I could see Rena-chan coming out from the front door. Also, another woman behind her, I presumed that person was…Rena-chan’s mom.

“Hey, I managed to find your house after all…” I chuckled wryly towards Rena-chan.

“Ah! So you must be Jurina-chan!”

The older woman smiled towards me. “Rena-chan, go carry Ruby for now.” She talked to Rena-chan before she ran to her dog to carry it in her arms. Her mom came to open the door for me and welcomed me to the house.

Her mom took me to the living room while Rena-chan was busy dealing with her pet at the moment. I threw my eyes around and the house was filled with flower pictures. Also, I spotted a photo of Rena-chan’s family. She was smiling vaguely, but I wondered why I had a feeling she was having a fake smile like that…

“Jurina-chan, do you want tea or water?”

“I-I’ll have water please, and thank you.” I was caught off guard a little as Rena-chan’s mom talked to me; I wasn’t prepared for that coming since my mind was so focused on the picture.

Rena-chan finally came into the living room and I could see her stuffs were piling up at the living room table. She seemed to be working even before I came here. Wow…she’s such a hardworking person. “I’m sorry to make you work first.”

[Not at all, I want to do it.]

“Ah, alright. I’ll help make up for the time I missed then.” I sat down beside her and then her mom brought a glass of water and snacks. It was a pile of melon pan and spicy senbei (Japanese crackers). 

“Please do enjoy the snacks! I’m sorry, we only have Rena-chan’s favorite snacks…” Rena-chan’s mom smiled gently and it made me felt so welcomed here.

“Thank you Matsui-san.” I thanked her back and she patted my head gently.

“I’ll make curry today for lunch~ I hope you’ll like it.”

“I really love curry!” I replied back to her and I saw a huge smile across her face.

“I see, I’m glad!” She left back to the kitchen, and left Rena-chan and I in the living room.

Well, it was about time we started our group project and we had a lot of discussions going on. I bet if others heard our conversation it would be really weird! It sounded like…I’m the one talking to myself. But for me I felt normal, because Rena-chan always replied to me…I felt our conversation was just like any other conversation I would have with a normal person. I just felt like our conversation was just really natural.

I kept on searching for information on the Internet in order to support our project. I wore my glasses as it helped me to focus on my work. I guess it sounds weird but it really worked for me. I don’t get that distracted when I wore glasses.


I felt a tap on my shoulder and I snapped out from my concentration immediately. I knew who it was immediately and I turned to her.

[Lunch is ready. Do you want to eat?]

“Ah…” I glanced at the watch and it’s already late 12pm. It was about lunchtime and I could feel my stomach grumbled softly. “Yeah…I’m a little hungry now”

[You were so focused on the work.]

“It happens sometimes when I wore my working glasses. Weird isn’t?”

[No, you looked really cool.]

I believed it was the first time someone complimented me on some matter I wasn’t proud at. I often got told that I neglected my surroundings too much when I focused with my work. It made me blushed softly and then she took my hand. 

[Mom is waiting for you.]

“Oh, okay.”

I put down all my stuffs and then I headed to the kitchen room where I could smell the curry so clearly. It smell really good and it’s now making my stomach growling. “Rena-chan! Could you go feed Ruby now?”

She nodded and left the kitchen. I just went to sit at the dining table and didn’t know what to say much. “Eh…could I help you?”

“Don’t worry about that.” She replied, while stirring the curry in the pot. “I heard a lot of stories about you from Rena-chan.”

“Oh? I see…” I was a little surprised but I guess at this point there was nothing to be that surprising anymore actually. I could tell from Rena’s words that her mother knew about me already.

“It was the very first time I saw Rena-chan’s smile again.”

She grabbed the plates and started to distribute on the table. “The way you talk to Rena-chan…it’s so natural, I’m really amazed.”

I chuckled wryly. “It’s just my mother was a doctor in a disability hospital, so I managed to pick some few things from her…”

She giggled softly as she grabbed the utensils and put it on the table. “Eh…could I help you?” I asked again but she refused to take it and told me to just sit there instead since she wanted to talk to me more, eh, I wondered.

“…Talk to me?”


She smiled and then started to make sure that the rice and the curry were ready to be served. “I might not be in the position to ask, but that child went through so much pain…please do look after Rena-chan, will you?”

“I will.” I replied firmly and I believe she could see my decisiveness in my eyes. It made her smiled with relief.

“I’m glad~ I can tell she really likes you a lot! I leave Rena-chan in your care.”


At that moment I was stumbled but before I could ask Rena-chan’s mom any further, she had came back from feeding her pet dog…W-Wait! What was I thinking! She might referred to Rena-chan liking me as a friend…why did I have to get nervous like that…


After we had our lunch already, Rena-chan’s mom told us to go play with Ruby, Rena-chan’s dog since we should take a break from our work aside from having lunch. So I followed Rena-chan out to the lawn.


Ruby barked at me and then leaped onto me. She began to lick my hands. “Ah, I guess you like me now eh?” I patted the dog’s head while Rena-chan was sitting beside me. 

[I’m glad she likes you]

“Me too~ I really love dogs, I would be sad if Ruby doesn’t like me.”

[You like dogs too?]

“Yep! But we can’t really have pets, because my parents are really busy with their job…” I smiled wryly as I scratched Ruby’s back and she really loved it. It feels so great to be around animals, it made me felt so relaxed. “So in the future when I’ve become an adult, I’ll raise a dog.”

[That’s so lovely.]

“Hehe, thanks Rena-chan.”

[Then, you should come here more often to play with Ruby.]

I froze with shock. I had to process what Rena-chan was saying to me. I looked back at her with confusion and then she continued communicating with me with her sign language.

[Ruby would love for you to come again…will you?]

She asked me with those innocent gentle eyes. Obviously I’m so happy that she offered me to come again to play with her dog. “I’m so happy! You don’t mind that?”

[Of course I don’t. I always love for you to come too.]

That moment, my heart just skipped a beat and I could feel my face getting hotter. What was this disturbing feeling in my guts? I took a deep breath before I could even reply to her. “I-I see! Then I’ll make sure to come by more often.”

[I’m so glad~]

Her smile was so angelic and radiant. At that moment, I wanted to see that smile even more…my heart was beating in a very odd pattern. I remembered this disturbing feeling in the guts…but a part of me couldn’t believe it myself that I’m having these feelings…especially with Rena-chan.

“I can tell she really likes you a lot! I leave Rena-chan in your care.”

Rena-chan’s mom’s words repeated in my head and it made me blushed even more and it seemed it had caught Rena-chan’s attention. She placed her hand on my forehead and stared at me closely. She slowly moved away and used both hands to communicate.

[Your face is hot, are you okay?]

“Y-Yeah! I guess I should go inside the house now…”

[Yeah, I’ll get you water at the living room.]

She held my hand and pulled me up on my feet. Her hand was so soft and her smile was just downright beautiful. She smiled to me before she went into the house to get me water. But I couldn’t help but to blush madly as I stared at her from behind…

This isn’t good at all…I’m falling in love…with Rena-chan.


Days flew by like it was nothing. We spent much more time together after since that partner project at her house. Some weekends I would be visiting Rena-chan’s house to do homework and play with Ruby. Also, I would bring my saxophone there as Rena-chan requested and played loads of songs. She really loved the sound of the saxophone, and it always made me happy to see her smile every time I played a piece of her favorite music.

In school, it seemed not everyone was bad after all. We actually met nice people, like Yuki, Mayu, and Yuko; we started sticking around with each other. Rena-chan and I made more friends and even it’s a little tough for them to understand sign languages, they really tried hard to adapt with her. I’m really glad Rena-chan’s able to get more friends… Out of my friends right now…Only Mayu knew that I have…yeah, I have a crush on Rena-chan.

“Ju~ rina!” Yuko tackled me and wrapped her arms around my shoulder. “Did you heard about the instrumental music festival going on!?”

“Oh, yeah I heard about that?” I wondered why Yuko mentioned it, since she never had interest in instrumental music.

“You should participate.”

…Wait, how did she know I play an instrument? I turned my eyes with confusion to Yuko and I couldn’t help but to ask her. “Wait…how did you know I play instruments?”

“Rena-chan said that you’re good at it, so I want to hear you play something!”

At that moment I diverted my glance to Rena-chan, and she was giggling at me. Seeing her smiling like that, I couldn't afford myself to be angry with her at all. I sighed softly and I didn’t think I have a chance to avoid this topic, especially from Yuko. “Okay…I’ll participate then.”

“I never knew you could play!” Yuki exclaimed with excitement. “What instrument do you play?”

“I…play saxophone, usually jazz or classic music.”

“Wow, I do like jazz music, you better let me hear sometimes.” Mayu nudged my shoulder softly and then our group conversation started to be about this music. I never knew I would meet with these people here in this school, I’m really grateful that Rena-chan and I met them.

I slowly diverted my eyes to Rena-chan, and by coincidence she was looking at me too. Our eyes met and then we giggled out softly, then I saw her moving her hands to do sign language. It was actually the first time I felt grateful that I’m the only one that could understand it…it makes only me the person that understood Rena-chan in a very natural way comparing to others.

[Sorry that I told Yuko. But you’re so good that I wanted everyone to know it too.]

I smiled at how innocent she was and since I didn’t want to spoil our conversation with others right now, I would use sign language occasionally with Rena-chan. Hehe, it’s like our secret language.

{Don’t worry about that, I planned to tell them soon anyways}

[I see, thank goodness!]

“Oi! That’s too sneaky of you Jurina!”

Yuko saw Rena-chan and I communicating silently using sign language. It made her grumbled and punched my shoulder roughly. But I knew what she meant. Rena-chan and I made an eye contact with each other and we both laughed, even though there’s only my laughing sound that could be heard.

Right…I haven’t talk about Rena-chan’s condition yet. Her mom told me and I was actually a little surprised to know about her story. It wasn’t that secret or anything, Rena-chan was there with me when her mom was telling me about her condition.  Ten years ago, back when Rena-chan was still 7 years, she got into a car accident and it severed her vocal cord. She used to be an ordinary child that can talk and laugh…but her life changed so much after that incident. I couldn’t help but to feel so bad for her, out of all the injuries she could’ve got…it was her vocal cord. The technology at the moment in japan couldn’t recover her vocal cord back…it’s a sad tragedy. 


I had advanced mathematics with Mayu after lunch. That was actually how I met with Mayu for the first time too…well, stories about that aside, its nearly final exam now. I’m getting a little frustrated with it since I barely had enough time to study nowadays…I sighed as I realized that I really had to catch up with the lectures quickly before I would actually fail the exam.

“When are you going to confess to Rena?”

I was stunned with that bold question that Mayu threw at me. I glared back at her but she just shrugged it off. “What? I’m serious, when will you tell your feelings to her?”

“S-Shut up…” I tried to hide my blush, but it was futile when it’s in front of Mayu.

“Who knows? I think she likes you too though.”

“I don’t think so.” I sighed softly as I kept taking down notes from the blackboard.

“Why?” Mayu asked as she was jotting down the notes onto her notebook.

That’s how we actually talked in our mathematics class, we talked and wrote notes down simultaneously. I didn’t even want to bother to continue the conversation but I knew Mayu wouldn’t stop if she weren’t satisfied with the answer I gave her. “It’s almost the end of the year, confess to her on Christmas.”

“Now you’re planning for me to make a confession without even asking for my opinion.” I sighed again as I tried not to be too distracted by Mayu. “I don’t have time to think of that kind of stuffs…plus, the feelings I had might just be sympathy for her.”

This time, I was expecting Mayu to say something back, but she didn’t. Then suddenly, I got smacked at the head with a notebook and it made me lost my concentration with the ongoing lecture right now. I wanted to yell at her but then I rather not do it to bring more attention.  I glared and hissed back at her.

“What the hell was that for!?”

“For you being too dense.” Mayu shrugged her shoulders and continued writing own her notes.

This time, she’s ignoring me. Sometimes it was hard to catch up with Mayu’s pace, I wondered how did Yukirin managed to deal with her so easily…I’m so tired right now, I had so many things to do these days…


I excused myself from everyone to study alone quietly at the cafeteria during lunchtime. I had so much to do and catch up with my studies. While I was taking a short little break from my intensive studies, I scribbled pictures on my sketchbook. I drew flowers…actually not just an ordinary flower, I’m trying to draw an accessory, specifically a pendant.

“Christmas huh…?”

Mayu’s words just rang into my head about confessing to Rena on Christmas…I don’t admit that! This is just a Christmas present for Rena-chan! I often did this for my friends back at UK! It’s something normal! It’s not something unusual… I better get a grip of myself and not let Mayu’s words reached me like this. As I was scribbling pictures, Mayu suddenly came up to my side and she REALLY did gave me a heart attack there!


“Hm…” She looked at the pictures I was drawing and then tossed a business card onto the table. “It will come in handy for you.”

Then she just left. Is she a ninja or something? She just came out of nowhere and disappeared out of blue…hm? I picked up the card and it’s a business card from this shop that specifically made custom accessories according to the customers’ design. This was the thing I was looking for the past few days! But how the hell did Mayu know that? I’m pretty sure I didn’t share this with anyone… Then I realized something, I flipped the card and saw Mayu’s note scribbled on it.

[Quite romantic, you should be more honest though] - Mayu

“…Is she a stalker or something?”

I sighed but then I couldn’t help but to be thankful that she helped me get this information. Despite I did all these things without even having a second thought of it…I didn’t even know I would even had the guts to tell Rena-chan or not though.

I didn’t want to break the promise I made with Rena-chan’s mom. I promised I would look after her…but in the end, I still didn’t want to believe that I had feelings for Rena-chan. Even until now, I didn’t want to admit that, and I believed that this feelings I had for her…isn’t love. Rena-chan…is my friend.


Right after school, I decided to call the shop that took requests for making custom accessories and they said they’re free today in the early evening. So I decided to drop by there immediately, but I had met with Rena-chan on my way.

“Rena-chan! Are you going back home?”

[Yes, and you?]

“I have few things I have to do…something my mom asked me to!” I lied to her and really did felt bad. But at least it worked since she believed what I said.

[I see. You looked really busy these days.]

“Yeah…I guess because exams are coming up soon.”

[I wanted to ask whether you want to study together this weekend or not?]

She smiled and obviously…how am I supposed to refuse that smile? “Why not? I’m in.” I nodded and decided to study with her this weekend.

I could see a huge delightful smile across her face and then she threw her arms around my neck. My mind went blank instantly as I could feel her warmth against my body…it’s making me blushing even badly… Then she pushed away to continue the conversation with me.

[I’m so glad! We rarely have time to be together, I’m so happy!]

If she could giggle, I believed I would hear her. But just by looking at her, I could tell that she’s giggling with excitement. Rena-chan looked really adorable when she acted like a child, her expression was always genuine and innocent.

“W-Well then! I’ll see you this weekend then!” I rushed off and took the bus into the city in order to go to meet with the owner of the shop.


Gratefully I found the shop without getting lost! I showed her my drawing and she seemed to be really amused with my drawing. She really took a like of it and she gladly took my request.

“I’m really keen to see the finishing product! You really do have talents in art!”

“I-It’s really nothing! You’re flattering me too much…”

“Your friend must be a really lucky person to get someone beautiful like this.” She smiled before she ruffled my head gently. The shop owner was a friend of Mayu, and it seemed she even called her that I would be coming here. That stalker monster could be really scary…but I guess it’s all thanks to her. Everything managed to go so much smoothly than I expected it to be. She told me it should be done before Christmas Eve. I hoped Rena-chan likes this though…

“I’ll give you discounts too! Tell Mayu-chan for me that she should drop by to visit me as well.”

“Thank you so much! I’ll pass your words to her.” I bowed softly before I left the shop.

Before I’m about to head home. I accidently came across with this group of people distributing pamphlets around. I took one and it’s about the instrumental music festival that would be holding on early evening of December 23rd, the night before Christmas Eve. Talking about registration, I haven’t registered myself as I promised with Yuko. Apparently the winner would get some decent prize as well. But…I didn’t know what song to play. So I didn’t actually register at the counter yet, but returned back home instead…


Time flew by so fast, and I’ve come to Rena-chan’s house to study together on the weekend. I could see how much she had improved herself; she must’ve been trying so hard with her studies. I really did give all my best for this study and then my bad habit got into me again. I got so focused with my studies that I forgot about my surroundings. After I had finished the last chapter of my psychology notes, I decided to take a break. I took my glasses of and put it on the table.

“Phew…I wonder how’s Rena-chan doing?”

I turned and saw her sleeping soundly with her head on the couch. She still had her notebook in her hands and the textbook on her lap. I decided not to interrupt her sleep and removed the books away. I quietly enjoyed watching her sleeping face beside her closely. I could feel my heart pounding strongly the longer I stared at her. Her hair dropped down to cover her face and then I gently brushed it away. She looked like an angel descended from heaven…I could stay like this forever…


I snapped instantly as I heard Rena-chan’s mom called me. I almost accidently woke her up and I’m glad I didn’t. I turned towards the origin of the sound and I saw Rena-chan’s mom standing there smiling at me. “Do you mind we have a little talk for a minute?”

“Y-Yes…” I don’t really have a good feeling about this.


Rena-chan’s mom and I sat at another living room and let Rena-chan sleep while we had a talk. I felt a little uneasy and it seemed she could tell that. It made her giggled and strokes my head gently. “Hehe, relax yourself down a little.”

“Y-Yes.” I nodded and took a deep breath to calm myself down.

“So…do you like Rena-chan?” She asked such a bold question that it made me flinched back.

I couldn’t hold back my blushing face and then she laughed at me. Many questions rushed into my head, how did she know? Was it really that obvious?

“Hehe! I guess you’re surprised that I know right?”

She smiled before she patted my head again. “I could tell from the way you look at her…I’m not a school psychologist for nothing~”

“I-I see…”

Rena-chan’s mom saw through it clearly. Even though I did my best to hide this and kept lying to myself about it.She told me she learned sign language as well so she’s able to communicate with Rena-chan. “I’m glad that its you, Jurina-chan. I wouldn’t be able to leave Rena-chan in anyone’s care…except you.”

“Matsui-san…I’m sorry, that I couldn’t keep my promise to look after her…”

“What are you saying? You did more than I had asked you too!” She chuckled softly. “I never seen Rena-chan this happy before after since she lost her voice, it’s all thanks to you.”

“…” I was speechless, I lost my words and I didn’t know what to say. But even before I could say anything, Rena-chan’s mom spoke first.

“I haven’t had a chance to say yet so…thank you for bringing Rena-chan’s smile back, Jurina-chan.”

Her thanks had made me shocked. I didn’t know how to respond to it at all. I didn’t know I should be happy or sad with it. Because she thanked me this much? Because she knew I had feelings for Rena-chan? It’s so confusing; I don’t even understand my own feelings.

“I…I always never believe that I had feelings for her, I tried to believe that it’s just sympathy I had for her…it’s just a feeling I saw her as my younger sister…”

“But you couldn’t lie to your feelings, am I right?”

She asked me even before I could finish my sentence. Rena-chan’s mom knew it all along? I looked up to her and it seemed my eyes told her everything she needed to know. “It’s obvious Jurina-chan…when your love is real, nothing can change one’s love for another that easily.”

“…I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize. I believe Rena-chan will reply your love back.”

She giggled and it made me confused. “As I told you, I never seen Rena-chan this happy before in my life, especially when your name was mentioned. Rena-chan is innocent, it’s really easy to tell when she’s in love…”

I couldn’t hold back my blushing face and I buried my face into my hands quietly. I guess what Rena-chan’s mom said was true. I couldn’t lie to my feelings for Rena-chan even I tried so hard to do so…all my efforts went in vain. It just what she said, nothing really could change my love for her…


“Matsui Jurina, it’s almost your turn.”

The staff called my name from the room as I stood up in a pink-laced dress along with my saxophone. “Please go standby.”

“Yes.” I nodded and walked out from the crowded changing room.

It’s about to be my turn in the instrumental music festival. In the end, I did registered right on time; it took me quite a while to know which song to play for this festival. Rena-chan and others also did come to watch. I tried to calm myself down and then try to focus on myself.

Right after the girl finished playing her violin, the staff gave me a nudge. “It’s your turn now.”

“Thank you.”

I walked up onto the stage and it just brought me back old memories when I used to be in the jazz band. It gave me a very nostalgic feeling.

“Number 48, Matsui Jurina, will be playing a song named Nothing is going to change my love for you.”

TK小林香織 Kaori Kobayashi Saxophone-Nothing gonna change my love for you [url=] ([/url]
(The saxophone song that I had in mind, I hope you guys like it too!)


I blew the first note and the sound echoed in my ears, and my heart. I was able to pick the song because of the conversation I had with Rena-chan’s mom. It reminded me of this song my father loved to listen so much back when I was a kid. Also…it truly was represented my feelings right now.


My mind was filled with moments with Rena-chan, and I blew my instrument with all those emotions I had for her. Actually this song…was the song I was playing when I first met Rena-chan at the music room. Since this was my favorite song after all, but it seemed…it really felt like its destiny that I met with her.


 I forgot about the time on the stage…I poured everything into this music and maybe deep down inside me wished to convey my feelings to her through this song…until the very last note of the song.


I could hear loud round of applause from the audience and I felt really relieved. As if a huge weight was lifted from my chest. I didn’t expect for the prize, I didn’t care if I won or not. I’m already satisfied with that I’ve did…


“Jurina! Over here!” Yuko called loudly and grabbed my attention. I turned and then saw everyone there. She ran in to me and threw her arms around my neck, sort of choking me. “THAT WAS JUST TOO AWESOME!”

“Y-Yuko! I’m choking!”

“That was just so melodious Jurina-chan!” Yuki clapped her hands with excitement.

“You even got the prize, that was just so awesome.” Mayu came to me side and gave a soft nudge.

As she said, I actually got the prize of the night; I didn’t expect myself to be chosen as the winner. The prize that I got was a ticket to Hokkaido for 3 days and 2 nights for 3 family members on the last week of December. I guess it was a nice gift? The judges told me that I’m not just playing a song from a music sheet, but playing a song from the soul. That was the reason why the judges chose me without second doubt. I guess they were right? I played while I was thinking about Rena, I disregarded about wishing to be the winner. I just wanted to convey my feelings indirectly to her…then I saw Rena-chan with her mom coming towards me.

[I remember that song; it was the first time we met.]

“You really did?” I was amazed…. I’m totally speechless now

Rena-chan remembered this song on the first time we met. No one understood what Rena-chan said aside from her mom and me. I couldn’t hold back my utmost content, so it wasn’t only me that remembered this song after all. “I’m so happy you remembered it…”

[Of course silly!]

She giggled before she walked in and threw her arms around me, hugging me tightly. I could smell her hair and it smell so good. I felt relaxed and hugged her back. Slowly, she pushed herself back away and moved her hands around again.

[Congratulations for the prize! You deserve it]

“Thank you Rena-chan.”

“What are you guys saying this time?” Yuko nudged me and it made me giggled at her.

“She congratulate me for getting the prize.”

“But what about before that?” Mayu asked but then I decided to tease them by not telling them instead.

“It’s our secret, right Rena-chan?” I turned to her and she nodded with that huge bright smile. It made everyone jealous and started to nag me to tell them.

“Jurina~! Tell us!” Yukirin nudged me but I ran away from her. “Mou…so two are too suspicious!”

We both exchanged glances before we giggled out softly. My parents came out and then congratulate me, it was the first time everyone met with my parents. I told them to go home first since I’ll be sleeping over at Rena-chan’s place tonight for from tonight until Christmas, it’s going to be one long sleepover!

Why? Actually…Rena-chan was going to America for her vocal cord surgery by the end of this year. There were cases that the patient’s voice successfully recovered, while some didn’t. It was a 50-50 chance that Rena-chan would recover her voice…but we didn’t know how long it would take her. Might just be few months…or years… To be honest, I’m really sad she was moving as well. But I had to send her off with a smile so I wouldn’t make things too rough for her…including for myself too.

My parents took my stuffs and my saxophone so I don’t have to carry it all over the place. That evening, Rena-chan’s mom drove us back to our respective home. But I was actually the first to be dropped off since I had to go pick up the custom necklace…it was ready for tonight.

“I’ll catch up with you at your house okay?”

I spoke to Rena-chan and she seemed to have a little worried expression. “Don’t worry~ I’ll catch a taxi to your place, okay?”

She nodded softly and then I left the car, that’s when I glanced at the watch, it’s now 9pm, I had to sprint to the shop to get the necklace and headed back to Rena-chan’s house before it’s midnight!


The bell on the door rang as I entered the shop. The owner was waiting for me there and I was so excited to see the end product of the pendant I designed.

“I-It’s done right?”

“Yes! Here it is~ I’m really proud of this piece.”

She handed over me the pendant and it was so beautiful. It was made from silver and had a shiny amethyst gemstone on the middle. I couldn’t believe that my drawing could become something so beautiful like this. “I gave you free necklace and this is my little gift for you!”

She handed another bag to me and then it was another identical necklace that had my name carved at the back, and it made me confuse. “It was for you~” She smiled and seemed to enjoy watching my shocking expression.


“It’s your Christmas gift.” She passed me a little card. “Someone paid that for you already, so don’t worry about it.”

I opened the card and then I was shocked to realize that it was from Mayu.

[My gift for you, then again, Merry Christmas, Baka-Juri] –Mayu

“T-That stalker…” I couldn’t hold back my laugh and then held the card and the necklace close to my heart. I wondered how much she knew all my movements. It could be too creepy sometimes, but if you didn’t look at her as a stalker, she’s a very lovely friend that you wanted to have.

“Thank you Takamina-san.” I thanked the shop owner and then left immediately. But before I that, I turned back to her first. “…Oh, and early Merry Christmas eve.”

“You too! Early Merry Christmas eve, Jurina.” She waved back at me.


Finally, I got the necklace I needed. Even more, I got another one for myself as a Christmas Eve present from Mayu. I couldn’t help but to be so happy with it and then I had to cross this street first before I could catch a taxi…

“Hm…so many people here.” 

I threw my glance around; the city was filled with lights and people. It’s snowing too! Wow, it’s getting much colder than when I arrived here. I heard that it would be a little freezing tonight. Right now I couldn’t wait to get back to Rena-chan’s place and give this to her, I wondered what would her reaction be like.


Whoa!? I got pushed from behind as the people were getting more crowded and eager to cross the street. Oh wow they almost pushed me out into the middle of the street! That was scary…but when I turned to look at the front, I saw this middle-aged man who seemed to get bumped like me fell out into the street.


I just swore inside my head and then without realizing it, I grabbed the man and managed to throw him back to the sidewalk. I guess that’s one of the things I hate about myself…I could become too selfless by accident and neglected the situation I’m in at the moment and right now…this is not going to go that smoothly…



Title: Re: Katekyohit's OS Compilation ~ Sweet Silence [WMatsui] - Update (02/8/13)
Post by: katekyohit on August 02, 2013, 02:04:49 AM
It's suppose to be in one post but for some reason, it wouldn't allow me to post it so I have to separate it into two. Sorry for the invconvenience, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Sweet Silence
~Pairing: WMatsui~

Huh…where am I?

Oh yeah… a car hit me when I was saving someone. Damn, I always acted like this without realizing it. That’s always one of my bad habits…

Ugh…it hurts. Am I dead? I hope not.

…What’s that warmth? My hand, felt so warm. Someone’s holding my hand. I felt so weak…my eyelids were closing; I should try…opening my eyes.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw the white ceiling of this familiar room. I started to look around myself; I saw my mom and dad there beside my bed. They seemed to see me having my conscious back, they looked extremely delightful.

“Jurina!” My mom exclaimed my name loudly with a huge smile and I smiled back to her.

“Hey mom…dad…sorry to make you worry…” I replied weakly. I guess I’m still recovering from the accident. “Is anything…wrong with me?”

“Hmph, if you could ask something like that, I guess nothing’s wrong with you.”

My dad threw in a joke and it made me laughed at him. That’s his way of breaking the tension in the atmosphere, and I really did love it when he did like that. “I’m glad you’re alright…”

“I really need to fix my habit before it would really kill me for real…”

“I really agree with you, Jurina.” My mom ruffled my head gently and grabbed a glass of water for me. “Are you thirsty? You passed out for the entire night here.”

“Entire night…wait…w-what about Rena-chan…?” I just remembered that I’m supposed to go to her place after I got the pendant…Now I had another issue to worry, where is my necklaces!? “Mom…where are my necklaces I had in my bag? Is it…still there?”

“You mean this?” My mom pointed to the box on the table, I sighed with relief, it seemed it was not damaged by the accident. Then I took the water from her and had a sip…ah, I felt so thirsty, I must’ve fell asleep for really long. “Rena-chan looked after you for whole night yesterday…she just left few hour ago.”

“W-What time is it…?”

“It’s currently 12pm to be exact.” She glanced at her watch before she turned back to me.

I guess I really did made her worry…did that mean she stayed up the whole night to look after me? That was just…crazy. Now I felt so bad making her look after me. “I-Is…Rena-chan okay?”

“Don’t worry, she’s fine. The doctor still has to do more check ups to see whether there’s nothing wrong or not.” My mom called the nurse and then my doctor arranged an appointment with me today.

I had to do normal check ups for any brain or spine injury. It was a very simple but it could get very long too…finally when I’m done, the results were really great! I’m completely healthy like a horse. I was escorted back to my room and met with my mom waiting for me there. She was just on a phone for the second I entered, she told me she called Rena-chan’s mom and then they would come see me today evening…

“Ah right…today’s Christmas eve.”

“Yes it is.” My mom smiled softly with a sigh underneath. “What an unfortunate Christmas eve for you, Jurina.”

“Uh, I guess it is.”

 I ruffled my head as I got back on my bed and decided to take more naps until Rena-chan would come. I glanced at the clock and it’s already 4pm…I wondered when would she come though. “Can you wake me up when they come?”

“Sure, have as much rest you can. I’ll cook pasta for you when you get back.”

“Yatta~ your pasta is the best!” I giggled, as I couldn’t wait to go back.

I’m started to get a little sleepier due to the side effects of the pills I took. Slowly…I drifted into my exhausting sleep.


“Hm…” I had wake up already, it’s about 8pm.

Rena-chan weren’t here yet. Even though the doctors suggested me to sleep more. Too bad I had more than enough already, maybe I was excited to meet with Rena-chan after all of this happened…there were so many things…I want to tell her.


I sighed out while calling her name softly to myself. It was so quiet in the room; my parents were talking outside with someone, probably with the doctors…


“Jurina, Rena-chan is here.” My mom peaked in and she saw me awake. “Ah, good that you’re awake now! Go on in Rena-chan.”

Finally…the person I waited for had came. My mom decided to leave us alone to have a private talk with each other. She stared at me and I smiled back to her. I only could hope that it would reduce the awkwardness between us right now. At least with my smile, I could indirectly tell her that I’m fine now.

“Hey Rena-chan…I’m glad to see you.”

I was the first to spoke up and then I started to see her broke into tears instantly. I was shocked to see her cry, I believed it was also the first time I saw her crying. Before I could’ve react to anything, she ran in and threw her arms around me tightly. She sobbed on my shoulders quietly…I guess I really did made her worried.

“I’m sorry to make you worry…”

She hugged me even tighter and shook her head vigorously. She sobbed harder as I could feel my shoulders started to get wet. She’s really crying so hard.

“Rena-chan, I’m fine. I’m not dead yet!” I tried to break the tension of the atmosphere between us but then it didn’t make any difference at all. I sighed softly and pushed myself back from her.

“Rena-chan…talk to me.”

I made an eye contact with her. I could see her eyes were completely red, and there was also a darken color underneath her eyes…she didn’t have enough sleep. I started to wonder what actually happened when I was sleeping.

[I’m so scared that you will die.]

Finally, she communicated with me. Her movements were even weak and slow. It really showed me that she was still exhausted, yet she came to visit me no matter what. She’s still sobbing and continued to move her hands around.

[I’m so scared that I won’t be able to talk to you again.]


[I wouldn’t know…]

She started to cry again and forced herself to continue where she left off.

[…what to do if something happens to you.]

I understood her feelings. I tried imagining myself in Rena-chan’s position. I would definitely be so devastated if something were to happen to Rena-chan. My heart would shatter and fell deep down into the bottomless pit of despair. She couldn’t stop crying and it made me really sad too. I hate seeing her crying like that…

“Rena-chan…I have something to tell you.”

I bid my lips and decided to make a move. She looked up at me with silence, while she was waiting for me to speak. I took another deep breath before I continued where I left off…to finish this once and for all.

“…I love you.”

I could see her eyes grew wide with shock, but that was as I expected from her. I sighed softly with a smile underneath. It did felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Finally, I got to tell her how I felt.

“The moment I got hit by a car… and when I realized I was so close to death…I immediately realized that there were so many things I would regret if I hadn’t tell you my feelings…” I looked down on my injured arm. I’m just basically avoiding eye contact with Rena-chan. It wouldn’t be able to continue if I kept looking at her. “I thought more than just a friend, I looked at you with romantic interest. I always wanted to tell you, but I didn’t want to ruin our friendship…I’m really sorry--”

She leaped in towards me and silenced me instantly with her lips. Her soft pink lips crashed with mine. Then I could feel her hands grabbed onto my shoulder a pulling me in closer to her. I eventually went along with the flow and kissed her back. If I would’ve say, this was the best moments of my life…I was kissing…with Rena-chan, whom I’m in love with. The kiss got even deeper as I could feel Rena-chan’s arm snaked around my neck and pulled me in closer to her. I titled my head a little to even deepen the kiss. My body reacted to its own; my hand slowly caressed her cheeks and helped pulling her closer to me. Eventually we had to break apart since we both needed to catch a breath. That was when our eyes met with each other and our faces were completely flushing red…


This time, Rena lowered her hand down and held my hand tightly. She moved her lips, and exaggerating each word carefully. I read her lips, and it felt as if her words were echoing in my heart.

(I love you…)

Then she started repeated it again, and again, and again…

(…I love you…I love you…I love you…I love you…)

She repeated countless times as tears streamed down her cheeks again. I couldn’t hold back my feelings anymore and I could feel a drop of tear ran down my cheek. She held my hand against to her chest, and I could even feel her heartbeat so clearly…

(Jurina…I love you too.)


I couldn’t stop my tears any longer. I couldn’t stop this surge of feelings inside my heart. I was so fluttered with utmost happiness that she responded to my feelings…and that we shared the same feelings for one another.

(Jurina…Jurina…I love you. I love you…!)

She was so desperate to say those words despite the fact I could read her lips clearly. But I could see that painful look on her, it seemed she kept repeating it desperately until a voice would come out. It even hit the verge she looked as if she was shouting out.

(I love you! …I love you!)

“Rena, stop it.”

I grabbed onto her shoulder tightly and made her flinched. She looked back at me with a surprised look and I gave her a soft peck on her eye. “Your words reached me…I love you too. I really do.”

She nodded softly and started crying again. She’s such a crybaby, and I couldn’t help but to giggled inwardly to myself. “Don’t cry…but I guess if it’s tears of happiness, then it’s fine.”

She nodded again and held onto my shirt tightly.

“Rena…can we kiss again?” I asked her and she nodded without a second thought of it.

She moved in closer while we still kept our eye contact with another. Eventually our lips met and slowly deepened into a romantic kiss. I never though a kiss would felt this good at all… Finally, after we seemed to be satisfied with the kiss. Rena-chan eventually backed off a little and we both had an eye contact silently before we smiled back at each other. Ah right…I just remembered something, I glanced at the watch and there’s still a little time left before it was midnight. 

“Ah…could you grab that bag for a second?” I asked her and she seemed to be a little confused.

I grabbed a small box from inside and then opened it up to show it to her. I could see a shocking all over her face and I was expecting that coming. “Merry Christmas eve, Rena.”

She stared at the necklace in the box and took it from my hand. I swore that was the most beautiful smile I ever witnessed in my life. Even though she seemed to be crying again, she was smiling so beautifully.

[It is so pretty…I never seen this kind of design before.]

“I actually designed it myself.” I replied and it even made her shocked even more. “I have one of the shops to make it and it came out to be much more prettier than I expected…”

[…Thank you so much. I love it so badly.]

“I’m glad you like it~”

This huge surge of contentment in my chest forced me to give a huge smile out. I was just beyond so happy that Rena loved it. “I wanted to put it on you, but too bad I got only one arm right now.”

She shook her head lightly before she placed the box back on my hand.

[I’ll wait for you to put it on me]

“M-My arms won’t heal fast enough before you leave to America--”

[I will wait for you.]


[I will come back. I promise. I will come back to you.]

I could see strong determination in her eyes and I believed in it. Rena was so strong. She could make such tough decisions like this, and even going to America for the surgery with a chance that the surgery would fail…yet, she didn’t lose hope at all.

“Rena, you’re so strong…you’re able to make such decisions like that with those eyes…”

She shook her head, denying what I said.

[It’s because Jurina taught me to fight until very end without losing hope. With your smile, I felt nothing is impossible.]

That made me blushed to realize Rena felt that way towards me. I never thought that I could give hope to someone before…but her words did give me courage. I tightened my fist and then put the box into Rena’s hands again.

“Please…keep it with you.” I took another deep breath before I continue. “When you get back…Can I ask you for a relationship?”

I stumbled back slightly but I’m not giving up. I gulped while I still looked at her, hoping she wouldn’t refuse me down. But then she revealed a smile and nodded firmly. It gave me a huge relief in my chest…

[I will reply you…and tell you my feelings, with my voice next time.]

“I’ll wait for you…no matter how long it’s going to take.” I stroke her head and moved down to caress her cheeks gently. “I’ll wait for your return here.”

She smiled and placed her hand on top of my hand. From her emotions, she seemed to be rather calmed than a minute ago when she was crying so hard about me dying in the accident.

We had our silent moments with each other. Our eyes met one another. With no words conveyed, we closed the gap between the two of us and then our lips met.  It was the last kiss I had with Rena before she left…unfortunately, the doctor didn’t allow me to leave, but then she texted me instead. I wasn’t upset or sad that I didn’t have a chance to meet her on the day she left. I held another identical necklace that Rena had in my hands. I wouldn’t know how long would it take but…I’ll can only just wait for Rena’s return…


“Jurina~! Jurina over here!”

Yuko jumped in the air and rose up her arm as high as she could to grab my attention. Mayu and Yukirin were there with her. I ran towards them as I was in my school uniform with a flower clipped on my outer jacket. Obviously I’m fully recovered from the accident already! I’m as healthy as a wild horse now.

“Sorry! I went to the bathroom.”

“The graduation is about to start, let’s go.” Mayu spoke up and tapped my shoulder.

Right…it had been one year since Rena went to America. I hadn’t heard anything from her side. I wondered every day whether the surgery went well or not. Would she be okay? Did her voice returned? What’s she doing right now? Did she…forget about me yet? I sighed and looked up in the sky. I was wearing the flower necklace, which was identical to the one that Rena had…Every time I looked at the necklace in the mirror every morning, I always thought of Rena, every single day, until now…


I was about to leave right after the graduation ended. However before I had the chance to do so, Mayu came up to me.

“Jurina! Wait.” She called me and I stopped.

“What is it?” I replied back to her.

“…Have you heard anything from Rena?”

She finally asked me a taboo question. I remained in silence and sighed softly. It seemed Mayu knew the answer from my reaction, it’s my usual answer…there was no news from Rena at all. “I see…I guess you’re not coming with us to hangout.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about that. Also, I hate it when you’re depressing like that.” She glared at me as she punched my shoulder softly. “Call us if you need accompany, we’re here for you too.”


Then I decided to leave the place before I would get call by someone else. I don’t really have a mood for anything. Am I depressed? Maybe I am…only thing I could think of was Rena. The more I thought and missed her…the more I realized I loved her even more than before…


“Sigh…that was tiring.”

I sighed as I got in the car with my dad. Mom went back home earlier because something urgent came up. I didn’t actually go out to party with everyone else. I was too tired to do it.

“Don’t you want to hangout with Yuko and others?” My dad asked but I shook my head.

“No…not really in a mood, it’s just a graduation.” I looked out the window and he decided not to speak anything further.

As soon as we arrived at home, I saw another car parked in front of my house. Who came today? So after I got out from my car, I went into the house and it seemed my mom had a guest…

“I’m back.”

I decided to walk pass the living room without bothering my parents but then my mom just called me over.  “Jurina! Come see who’s here!”

I turned with a sigh but then my eyes sudden grew wide with shock. It’s like my eyeballs were about to pop out. There were three people there. They were Rena’s mom and dad…and that girl with a shoulder-length hair sitting at the couch looking at me…I couldn’t believe my eyes. I gawked while I saw a huge smile appeared on her face. She sprung up towards me and then threw her arms around me.


She shut me up with a kiss, and even worse, right in front of our parents. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself in closer for a deeper kiss. I froze there instantly and I could hear my mom whistled clearly. It seemed our parents knew about this all along and accepted it…but it seemed my parents had a new topic to tease me now.

“Jurina~ why don’t you two have your own private time for a meanwhile?” My mom spoke up as she slowly backed away to break the kiss. “Take your time though! And don’t be too loud.”

“M-Mom!?” I yelled back at her, as it was so embarrassing for her to tease me like that. But I guess she was right for one thing…I needed to have my own private time with her…with Rena…


We went to my room instead and as I closed the door, now it’s only the two of us in the room. I turned back to look at her as she was sitting on the edge of my bed. She did cut her hair and her overall appearance changed…just a little. But, she looked much prettier than the last time I met her.

“I-I didn’t know you’re back…how have you’ve been?”

She didn’t say a word and it made me worried did the surgery failed? She didn’t even utter a word since I saw her yet. I gulped and then asked her again. “Is everything…alright?”

She nodded as her reply. She walked up towards me and pulled me over to the bed. I was wondering what she was planning to do and then she put something in my hand. I took a look and it was…that necklace I gave to her.

“I came here…as I promise. I’m sorry to take so long to come back.”

My eyes grew wide with shock. That sweet lovely unfamiliar voice came out from Rena. I looked back up at her immediately and I could see that huge delightful smile across her face.

“D-Did you just…”

“I desperately waited for this day…my feelings have changed, as I loved you even more than before.”

Rena spoke back to me and I couldn’t hold back my tears. Her voice was just so lovely and it echoed into my eardrums clearly. She looked at my necklace and touched it gently. “Finally, I got the chance to tell you my feelings I couldn’t say to you back then…”

She moved her hands to my cheeks and pulled me down for a kiss…even it was short. She seemed to enjoy teasing me after she got back. My mind was completely blown away and I didn't know how to react with the situation at all! R-Rena could the surgery was a success! She came back, the first thing she did was kissing me. I couldn't arrange the words in my head properly

“I miss you so much… I love you.”

She spoke clearly right towards me and held my hand. “I love you so much, even until now…I love you. I really love you.”

“…Me too.” Finally I could reply her as I sat on the bed and we faced each other. “I miss you so much…and I love you even far more than before.”

I looked back at the necklace in my hand and I remembered the promise we made on the night of Christmas Eve. I unhooked the necklace and Rena definitely knew what I was about to do next. She lifted her hair up and then I finally had put the necklace on her. Finally…Rena was wearing the necklace I gave her.

“Rena…will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, I’m gladly to be your girlfriend…more than anything else.”

She replied with her brightest smile with slight watery tears. I couldn’t hold back my smile and rested my head against hers. “I’m so happy…you’re back.” I whispered back to her and made her smile even more.

“I’m glad I’m back again…back to you again.”

We made an eye contact with each other silently; I could just stare at Rena forever like this. She’s just so beautiful like an angel. Slowly, I moved in this time and I pecked her lips gently. It was our first kiss as an official lover…

Then our lips met softly and moved apart again…

Then again…


And again…

I appreciated every second I made contact with her soft sweet lips…until before Rena decided to wrap her arms around my head to pull me down onto the bed with her and have a deep passionate kiss. She played with my tongue inside my mouth and I allowed her to play the dominant role…for now. I tangled my fingers in her silky hair. She suddenly pushed me away, kissed my forehead with that childish smile across her face, and pulled in to hug me tightly in her arms.

"Whoa!?" I yelped with surprise. I didn't expected that coming and I could hear Rena laughing at me.

“Jurina~ I love you!”

She finally called my name. I could feel the blood rushed up my face. My heart started to beat faster and then I hugged her back while i buried my face on her shoulder. She called my name again and again.

"Jurina, Jurina, Jurina! I'm so happy I'm able to call your name. Jurina is such a beautiful name."

"Hm...I don't think so. Rena is much beautiful than mine." I disagreed with her but then it made her slapped on my back.

"No! Jurina is better!" She argued back.

"...Fine, if you said so." I gave up and it made Rena happy about it. Even though I just went along with the flow, and didn't actually admit that fact, she seemed really happy...I'm happy that she is. If it's for her smile, I'm happily to go along with her flow.

"Hehe~ Jurina, I love you!"

" call my name too often now...It's a little embarrassing you know?" I had to admit that having Rena calling my name too many times was making me blushing too much already. It felt...too good. Rena's voice was just so cute and hearing her calling my name countless times is just...yeah.

"But I want to make up for the time I couldn't call your name..." She ruffled my head gently and hugged me even tighter. "I miss you!"

"Hai hai...I miss you too." I pushed back away and stared into her eyes.

It was a silence eye contact with each other, and it seemed we knew what each of us thought. She slowly moved it as she closed her eyes. I stared at her for few seconds, looking at how adorable she was before I decided to not make her wait any longer...


Both of us flinched badly and we immediately blushed so badly. We were badly interrupted by a sudden knock on my door.

“Jurina! We’re heading out for early dinner together now, hurry up and come down with Rena-chan!”

That was definitely my mom’s voice. That was really awkward that she broke out romantic tension away instantly. But then it made Rena laughed, and it was the first time I heard her laugh. I was surprised, and was so glad that the surgery went well…Rena was given a normal life once again.

“I guess we shouldn’t keep our parents waiting.” Rena spoke up and I nodded while she fixed her shirt properly.

“You’re right…Oh!”

As soon as I got up from bed, I just remembered another thing I didn’t say to her yet. It caught her attention and I patted her head gently. “Congratulations for the surgery…and welcome back home.”

She smiled and giggled back at me. “Congratulations for your graduation today too! Sorry that I couldn’t make today since I wanted to surprise you at your house…”

“Not at all, as long as I meet you…I’m great with everything.”

“Aw! I have a graduation present for you though~”

She gave a cheesy grin and it made me curious what graduation present would I get from her but then she just walked passed me to the door. I was confused until she turned back to me. “Today I’ll be sleeping over at your place! Our parents knew and talked about it right before you arrived back…so you can get your present tonight~”

She placed her finger on top of her lips and gave such a lustful smirk back at me. “…I'll make sure to make up for the time I'm gone!”

That moment, Rena's expression was really bright and lively. I haven't seen that expression before from her ever since I met her. It seemed, after she regained her voice back, the invisible chain that restrained her for so long had disappeared. The real lively Rena had surfaced herself out from her comfort zone. I smiled softly as she grabbed my hand.

“Jurina, let’s go.”

“…Yeah.” I nodded and then we went downstairs to meet with our parents who were waiting for us.

The necklace we both wear showed our everlasting connection. It’s a symbol of our unwavering devotion for one another. It was also a proof that…nothing could change our love for each other. I fell in love with Rena without her saying a single word…love could be complicated and beautiful. Even with her problem to speak, it didn’t stop us from caring and loving each other.

It was our sweet silence.


Word count for this? Don't even want to bother...The number is too scary (which means it's more than the insane long MaYuki one shot...) Since it's quite hard to write the story out like this! Probably I did put a lot of words in I hope you do enjoy! Leave some comments or anything if you feel great about it :)
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Ok.... I need to say this........


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Beautiful one shot

Speechless to the whole thing
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only one word to describe this fic: EPIC  :thumbsup

sweet sweet WMatsui moment...  :inlove:  :wub:
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it's so sweet~
i love this story to much
i even cried myself out :cry:
nice work
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Koneki: Uwah! Y-Your reaction is just wow....I'm glad you enjoy it!! (I even love reading it over and over again). I did took a lot of my time to write this since it's really hard to write due to the fact Rena in the story couldn't speak. It makes things so much more complicated to write! But I'm glad it paid off~ WOW! Printing it out!?  :shy1: It was that amazing!? Wah~ ureshii!  :deco:

kurosawa87: Speechless? LOL! I get what you mean, glad you enjoy it! XD

olive29: thank you~ glad that you enjoy it!   :D

Rena-chan Daisuki: Hehe, thank you! Ah don't cry! >< But if I'm a reader myself...I might as well XD glad that you enjoy it!

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Or maybe i do....will you let me worship you? of the most beautiful WMatsui fic I've ever read...WMatsui is my life, you know...

Please Please let me worship you!!!  :bow:

PS: I felt butterflies my stomach when I was reading it. It was truly giving me a lot of feel.

PSS: After you rest (you deserve it), check the typo. If you need assistance, just said so.

PSSS: I need to copy this fic to my phone notepad for tomorrow flight.
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Hi Sherin! Whoa!? Worship me? XD I won't stop you~! :P Oh wow, I'm flattered that you really enjoy it!!!  :nya: Now that made me feel that my effort didn't go in vain~ Hehe. I like this fic myself too~ Quite cute don't you think XD   :deco:

Oh, typo? Ah I believe there's somewhere in there that I failed to spot it for sure...this fic is +10,000 words and I have a bad habit of writing it without editing it again. :P (Bad-example)
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I'm seriously feel like crying. T v T

It was more than cute. T v T It was....I can't find the perfect word the describe it.

Lol, not just once, but alot of typo...well alot of missing words to be exact.

This is sooo much better than the Mayuki OS, and I'm saying this not just because I love WMatsui more.
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your awesome,
author-san you never fails to amazed me 
I really love all of you're fanfics and looking for more in future....

Once again Thank you for such wonderful fiction.....
Your stories are really wonderful..
Keep up the good work
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Koneki: Uwah! Y-Your reaction is just wow....I'm glad you enjoy it!! (I even love reading it over and over again). I did took a lot of my time to write this since it's really hard to write due to the fact Rena in the story couldn't speak. It makes things so much more complicated to write! But I'm glad it paid off~ WOW! Printing it out!?  :shy1: It was that amazing!? Wah~ ureshii!  :deco:

I appreciate all your effort ;A;  :heart:  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

ahhh beautiful, perfect!! the best fanfic >.<


PS: u need to write a book or something(?) XD rlly i love your stories
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I appreciate all your effort ;A;  :heart:  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

ahhh beautiful, perfect!! the best fanfic >.<


PS: u need to write a book or something(?) XD rlly i love your stories

LOL! I actually consider writing a book in the future, as a hobby, hope to get extra cash aside from my main career~? XD Actually "Sweet Silence" is based according to one of the idea list I had for my fictions (and I didn't continue it), so I think it would be a good idea to put it with WMatsui since quite some readers wanted a sweet WMatsui OS  :deco:

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Kyaa WMatsui is so kawaiiiiiii!!!!!
I love this fic and can't wait for your next one ^^
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Sherin: Missing words eh? Maybe I saw that there's TOO many words in this I did try to cut some words out. Thanks for telling me! XD I'll reread again and edit :D Feel free to help point out my grammar or anything, english is my 2nd language and I wanted to improve it.

-gibson-mayulover: thank you~ You don't have to be formal, you can just call me Kate in short. :D Glad you enjoy my fanfics! XD thanks for your support~

roto_131197: They're cute right!?  :fap XD Glad you enjoy it and thanks for your support!
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WOW!!!!!!!!! THIS OS IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!! Still prefer Mayuki one :P but still IT'S GOOODDDDDDD!!!
WMatsui is so sweet in here, I'm glad that Rena's able to get her voice back.
Thank you so much for this OS. I must say this once again, you're really a good writer. Or are you already one in real life?? XD
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WOW!!!!!!!!! THIS OS IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!! Still prefer Mayuki one :P but still IT'S GOOODDDDDDD!!!
WMatsui is so sweet in here, I'm glad that Rena's able to get her voice back.
Thank you so much for this OS. I must say this once again, you're really a good writer. Or are you already one in real life?? XD

Not yet a writer~ I hope to become one in the future though! XD and thank you!! I hope to write even better (+ better grammar too). AW~ Don't worry about preferring MaYuki more~ I love both MaYuki and WMatsui OS~! (Well, obviously because I wrote it myself  :nervous)


Minna-san~ I had add request OS board on the very first post. In case anyone wants to request any OS (might take quite a while though)!
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Wow... this has got to be the best wmatsui fic I've ever read.. :on gay:

I don't even know what to say... The feels... :ptam-cry: :ptam-cry: :ptam-cry:

Good job on this super duper long chapter.. You're really a good writer :on GJ:
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I really love this wmatsui fanfic  :heart:  :love:
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I'm so speechless

this is the best wmatsui os I've ever read!


the mayuki and wmatsui os are perfect.

please continue! i love this ~

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wow...Perfect..AWESOME!!!  :farofflook: What an amazing way to write :shy2:
OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! I love this story so much!!!  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:
it's been a long time since I have not read a Fanfics as touching as this one :farofflook:
Your stories are really wonderful like always kate-chan~  :mon cry:
I feel that I reread again and again Sweet Silence I'll never get bored from reading it  :mon cute: :mon cute: :mon innocent: :mon innocent:
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kevinwkl: Best one?  :shy2: you flattered me too much! Glad you enjoy it! I understand "THAT" feel you have...XD I kinda felt it when I was writing this~ Thank you! You're a great writer too!  :on GJ:

mysterious022: Glad you like it!

ryeangryu: Aw...I felt so flattered! I'm glad you enjoy it! XD Will continue obviously~!  :on GJ:

mo-chan: Hehe, thank you~ Glad you enjoy it! AW! My stories are okay! (Maybe I'll take as good) but thank you~! It made me flattered that you say it's wonderful! I know right!? I can reread "Sakura Princess" and "Sweet Silence" many times without getting bored at all~ When I was reading to check for grammar sometimes, I ended up just read and enjoy it...before I realize it again, I forgot to edit.
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That was wonderful...
my eyes were glued to the text the whole time...
Rena-chan.... mute...
Jurina... (too selfless... luckily, car accident didn't kill you...)
happy ending? Yay!!!
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I really felt in love with this story.
Everything is perfect in my live now. :ptam-kiss:
Good happy ending. :on slopkiss:
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Oh my god this story is really really really beautiful, i'm speechless
it was perfect! Awhhhh my feeling lol, i'm too happy after read this story
i love wmatsui and i think i love you too lolol xD
thank you so much for writing and share this story
And ganbatte for you to reach your dream (to become a writer) hehe :)
can't wait for your another story :peace:
once again thank you :)
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one word
Omg i love this!so much!
Thank you for the os :on gay:
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You're writing skills are awesome.

Aside from a few errors, that wmatsui os is so great I wouldn't mind reading it again and again. I could easily imagine what goes on the story.

And it's more interesting to read because it's not your typical romantic story. With rena's disability to speak, it added a unique concept to it. Although I would have preferred if jurina started learning sign language because she met rena. I understand it might take even longer for you to write.

Thank you for writing such a wonderful story. Looking forward to your other works. :)
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Shinoki: Aw glad you enjoy it much much!  :deco:

Zita: Glad you enjoy it!  :fap

reikoshi: Hehe, I love WMatsui too~ Rena is one of my kami-oshi(s) glad you enjoy it and thank you!!

Chichay12: glad you enjoy it! XD

qr.rima: Thank you! Glad you enjoy the story! Hahaha, i understand what you mean. If Jurina just started learning the language, it would make the story more longer. Since it's an OS, it might get too long. And thank you again!
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I came here after receiving a recommendation from Seigus-san, and loved your WMatsui OS! :heart:

Your story was so well planned out, and flowed so smoothly. This is probably the BEST WMatsui fic I've read to date.

Please continue to write more! Meanwhile, I will also go check out your other works. :D
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Alright, I finally had gotten the chance to read this incredibly long OS! (And DAMN GIRL, IT IS FREAKIN' LONG XD)

Did not regret a single thing about reading it. I might just have to read it twice or even thrice-haha, I meant, more times than twice! :cathappy:

wMatsui OS~ So when I first started reading it, I was immediately struck with joy when Jurina could play with the saxophone. As a saxophone player for about four full years and was once a part of my middle school/high school jazz band program, it brings happiness to me when a character within a series/story knows how to play an instrument that isn't technically a piano all the time. (Piano's are alright, but they're just a little overrated) I can easily imagine Jurina snapping on the pieces of the sax together and-GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :cathappy: (musical lunatic here, LOL)

When Rena and Jurina met, my heart instantly went 'doki doki!' Though it was really depressing and sad when Rena was unable to speak to the other girl. Rather they had to exchange each other with either sign language or writing the message down on paper. Thank the Lord Jurina knows how to converse with the other girl. :cathappy: When time passes by for the two of them, it's not too surprising that their relationship between the two girls are much deeper than what they had expected. Much deeper to the point that even their parents accepted it, LOL. :rofl: Not to mention that Mayu, the 'stalker' has to help Jurina confess to Rena and realize their feelings for each other. The opinions and status that Mayu now received from the other girl was truly amusing. :rofl:

Jurina in a car accident = Oh My GOD. I mentally screamed, "KATE! Y U KILL JURI-Oh. Nevermind~" I swear to god that I'll seriously throw freakin' leeks at you if you make Jurina die. (Such a hypocrite I am when I'm the one making my characters suffer like hell) :panic: I realized that there was another part of the OS, so I happily read it and am relieved that the puppy isn't dead. :bow: And when Rena is crying, my heart shattered! :cry: But I'm glad that at that moment, they got their feelings expressed! However, when Rena has to transfer over to America for her vocal chord surgery, it must've taken Jurina quite a lot of patience and stress to wait for her lover to return.

Then Rena returned and spoke to Jurina, I instantly fangirled. wMatsui! Including their short, but smexy scene? Pure gold clearly shown from the story~ Love it and great conclusion to the OS!

I'm glad I've finally gotten the chance to read and comment on this amazing-no... What's a word better than amazing? Spectacular? Awesome? Incredible? Okay, it sounds like I'm exaggerating but I'm really not. I've never and when I say never, I really mean never, NEVER commented on someone's fiction at this length. But I'm happy to reply with such long message. :deco: And when you stated that this OS is longer than the Mayuki OS, I didn't want to even think the number of words you inputted in the story. XD Now my night that is soon going to turn into a tomorrow within half an hour has been made. Thank you so much for the OS and looking forward to more of your work, Kate! :deco:
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Finally, able to read your OS Sweet Silence..

Ohmygosh! KATE-san AWESOMENESS :twothumbs :twothumbs

Since from the start Jurina already fall for Rena.. And it's so obvious.. Love in your eyes :wub: :wub:
Mayu, you stalker.. Thank you for helping Jurina.. :fap

You nearly gave me an heart attacked when Jurina got into accident..

Phew.. She's alright..

Uwaaaaa~ Rena got her voice back and she able to convey her feelings through her own words and voice.

Ahhhh.. So lovely.. :wub: :wub: :wub:

KATE, YOU ROCK~ \m/(^o^)\m/

A W E S O M E ~

Thank you for the Sweet Silence.. :bow: :twothumbs

Hope to see more awesome stories from you! :thumbsup

Thank you for your hard work..

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sharlatan: Glad you enjoy it! XD Oh wow, thank you! That's a really sweet compliment! I hope you find joy and entertainment in other of my fics!

LoyalFlutist: Oh wow, your comments are long as usual! I agree that this is frigging long! XD Saxophone player~! I played saxophone too but not as long as you! I'm just in a normal school band, and I really enjoy it! It's a romantic instrument so I want to put it in here, with Jurina's character, it suits her more than piano or other instruments to me. (Maybe trumpet might work, but giving more of a romantic atmosphere, Saxophone is better!) NO WAY I'll make Jurina die! It's a sweet/cute WMatsui OS~ Unless anyone wants it to be angst...maybe :P Oh wow, I'm flattered that you never comment this long before!  :deco: glad you enjoy and thanks for your support~!  :fap

kenjoy12: Hehe, glad you enjoy it! XD Definitely will be more coming, :D Currently working on the ideas of the requested OS from others XD hoping ot turns our to be good~

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Requested fanfic from: jell_o_jello-san

Crossed Path Once Again
~Pairing: JuriMayu~


After Jurina had graduated, she had started to work at this restaurant she often visited back during her school life. She was a favorite customer of the shop and then the owner hired her to support her financial problems. She didn’t continue further studying in university like any other of her friends did. She was saving as much money as she could since her old man died, actually no…he was killed.

It was one of the days back when she’s a senior. It was just one normal day to Jurina as she stayed up late in the library studying; she would always tried to avoid coming home as early as possible. Her old man would always beat her as his sandbag. But when she got back home…she only found police officers everywhere around her place and that’s when she knew that her old man got shot and died instantly inside the house. Even until now, the police couldn’t catch who killed Matsui Shinji until now.

At least, Jurina had a small portion of money that belonged to him but it wasn’t be enough to support her academic studies and her daily life at the same time. So she had to throw away her dreams and focused on her job in order to live. About Jurina’s mother? She had left her child ever since the girl was just a middle schooler…she left Jurina with her brutal violent father. Any relatives? She had none, or it’s more of that they all cut ties with her because of Jurina’s old man.

“Jurina! Take the order at table 5.”

The old man of the ramen shop called over the waitress and the girl rushed over to take the order immediately. She worked actively and hard every single day to earn every single yen in order to live. The owner had let Jurina lived in with him and his wife. They had no child so they really cared for the puppy girl like their very own daughter. She also worked for them in this small ramen shop to get some income. What happened to her house? She didn’t do anything with it and left it there. The house seemed to be somewhat big for just Jurina to live all alone…

She worked for the whole day since 6am until late 9pm every single day. It was exhausting for her, but there’s nothing she could do in order to live in this cruel world…Luckily, today the puppy girl finally got to take a break at 3pm, as another co-worker offered to take her shift today.

“Thanks Airi…I’m in debt with you.”

“Don’t worry! Leave it to me. This weekend is your day so I decided to take your shift from now until that day~” Airi approached and ruffled Jurina’s head. She was like an older sister to Jurina since she saw the girl was still a student. “You should enjoy your last moments as an 19 year old girl.”

“…Hai.” She replied as Airi went to work before the owner would scold her.

Jurina was left in the staff room. She glanced at the calendar and just realized that…in 3 days, it would be her 20th birthday. However, she wasn’t that happy about it. It just reminded her of the past that she wanted to forget…it was actually the same day that her old man got killed, and the same day that she broke up with her best friend…Watanabe Mayu.

It had been 2 years…since then.

She got into her casual clothing and was told by old woman to go out and enjoy her days. Since she had never ever socialize with anyone, including her friends in high school ever since she worked fulltime.  She walked down the streets and looked around the city, it had changed so much from the last time she came out…with Mayu. Every step in the populated district of the city just reminded her every moment she had together with Mayu before they were no longer friends…

“…it’s 2 years since then…Mayu…”

She mumbled to herself as she kept walking through the crowd aimlessly…while recalling the past right when Mayu broke their friendship…


“E-Eh…? W-What did you mean…? I don’t get it!”

Jurina yelled back and grabbed Mayu’s shoulder. She tightened her grip on the shorter girl’s shoulder and then it made her best friend shoved Jurina away from her. The puppy’s face was filled with misbelief and shock. “M-Mayu!?”

“Our friendship doesn’t work…our way of living is just…too different.”

Mayu stared at Jurina with those coldhearted eyes. She was serious with what she was saying to her friend despite they had been together for almost 4 years. “I don’t think…our friendship would work.”

“M-Mayu, please don’t say like that…! W-What’s all of the sudden??”

“…I just realize that we can’t get along together. We’re just…too different.”

“You’re not acting like your usual self at all…is it something about your old man?” Jurina approached Mayu again and gripped onto her shoulder tightly. “Normally you wouldn’t say something like this…something’s wrong! R-Right?”

Mayu brushed away her hand and took a step back from her. “…Unfortunately, nothing happened. Don’t let me repeat myself again Jurina.”

“…W-Why? I don’t understand.”

“Basically in short, we can’t be friends anymore.”

Mayu replied coldly and then walked away from the scene. She left the puppy girl broke into tears silently. Mayu didn’t even bother to turn back and look at Jurina. She simply walked away and it was the last time Jurina had seen Mayu…The reason the pain inside Jurina’s chest was just as worse like her heart was ripped into pieces was that she was secretly in love with her bestfriend…Mayu.


Jurina kept walking while she placed her hand on top of her heart. She could feel every heartbeat and it seemed the wound from the day Mayu broke their friendship was still there…and the affection she had for her friend didn’t disappear along as well.

“Why can’t I stop thinking you?” Jurina sighed and kept walking aimlessly. “For all these years…why do I have to fall in love with you?”

Jurina knew it’s pointless to just ask it because she never got an answer after asking herself for whole two years. Then suddenly, she stumbled at this café, it was Mayu’s favorite café. This would be the place that Mayu would always drag her here every Friday when their class was over. She went inside and decided to order her favorite drink. While she was waiting at the counter, her eyes glanced around the café and remembering the nostalgic moments she used to be here.

“It didn’t change much at all.”

Her eyes kept diverting as it stopped at this table that Mayu would always love to sit. Someone was sitting there and when Jurina realized it again, her eyes grew wide with shock. At first she didn’t realize it was her since she didn’t put her twin tails on anymore. She let her hair down and she really did looked much more mature. She looked really relaxed as she was enjoying her coffee with another friend of hers.

(Jurina: M-Ma…yu?)

She turned away and hoped that Mayu didn’t see her. When Jurina realized it again, she wondered why was she hiding from Mayu. The poor puppy still remembered that Mayu broke up with her and it kept haunting her until now. Maybe Mayu could forget about Jurina, but she couldn’t forget about Mayu at all, because she loved Mayu. After she got her order, she walked out from the café immediately and sighed loudly. She thought her heart would gush out onto the floor inside the café already. After she had saw how Mayu looked much prettier than the last time she saw, the love she had for Mayu started to lit up once again. The sensation she wanted to forget so badly had been was revived in a blink of a second her eyes laid on Mayu.

“Why…why does it always have to be like this!” She wanted to cry but she held back her tears. She decided to leave the café immediately before she would remember anything more about Mayu.

Ever since they broke up, Jurina did everything she could to erase Mayu’s existence out from her life. All the photos and everything related to her best friend was trashed and burned. She wanted her heart to forget about Mayu, but it seemed for the past 2 years she tried to do so…it all went in vain after that one second she saw Mayu in the café.

“Is it really impossible for me to stop loving you?”


She went straight back to the ramen shop she lived in. She wanted to get distracted as much as possible in order to prevent her from thinking about Mayu at all cost.

“Jurina? You’re back already?” Airi was completely dumbfounded to see Jurina behind in her the working outfit. But then the girl just walked passed Airi without saying anything and it started to make the older girl worried. However she decided to wait until their shift was over for the day instead…


At the staff room, Jurina was changing into her casual clothes quietly without saying a word when Airi approached her with worries. “Jurina, what’s wrong? What happened?”

“Nothing happened.”

“Liar. You haven’t utter a single word to me ever since you got back.” Airi pressured the younger girl but then it made Jurina remained in silence even more. “Jurina, what happen when you went out there?”



Airi held Jurina’s hand tightly and it made the puppy face girl looked up to her friend. She could tell that Airi was really worried about her and it seemed to open her heart a little. “I’m always here for you, so you don’t have to hold back…okay?”

“Airin…” Finally, a word came out from Jurina’s lips and then the girl started to break into tears silently.

It did make Airi shocked but before she could even get frustrated with the situation the puppy girl threw herself into Airi’s arms. She started to cry as the older girl slowly wrapped her arms around Jurina.

“I saw Mayu…at the café we used to be together.”

The girl continued to sob and Airi immediately knew the reason what was going on right now. She was actually a senior in Jurina’s high school. So she knew how much Jurina was very close to Mayu, and how much Jurina loved Mayu.

“Oh Jurina…” Airi stroked her junior’s head as she only could wait for Jurina to calm herself down first. It was a tough thing for Jurina to deal with her feelings. It made the senior knew that no matter what, the puppy’s love for Mayu was everlasting, and unrequited.

After Jurina had been crying for a long while in Airi’s arms, she slowly pushed away and rubbed her eyes.

“I want to be alone…can I?”

“If you wish. But if you need anything, just text me okay?” Airi had took her bag left the staff room.

She didn’t want to leave Jurina but since she had sincerely requested to be alone there wasn’t a choice but to do as she asked. The senior sighed softly and then walked out from the shop with worries inside her stomach. Only she could do was hoping that Jurina would be okay.


Next day…

And the next day…

And the next next day….

It was the longest moment of Jurina’s life. She felt like each day took like forever to end. It was because she couldn’t get the thought about Mayu out from her. No matter how much effort she put to forget about her best friend, it was impossible to forget about her love.


The old man called her and it snapped her back to reality. She rushed to him immediately realizing that she wasn’t doing her job at her best potential. She knew the scolding was coming and she was right.

“What are you doing!? You’re being so slow today.”

“I’m sorry…”

“Just get out from here, you don't have to work today.”

Jurina was stunned, she didn’t expect that coming. She looked up at the old man’s face and saw a vague smile. He stroked her head roughly and pushed her towards the back of the shop. “Go! You’ll only be in Airi’s way. Go refresh yourself and come back.”

The owner drove Jurina out from the restaurant and she had no choice but to go outside. The old woman knew that her husband was doing it for Jurina’s sake but he wasn’t just as direct as he’s supposed to be. The woman stroked Jurina’s head gently and gave a soft push.

“Jurina-chan, I don’t know what’s bothering you, but do know that you’re like our daughter. This is your home, okay?”

“…hai.” Jurina smiled back before she left the restaurant in her casual clothing. She had no choice but to leave into the city again.

Without knowing where to go, she kept wandering around aimlessly. While she was walking down the streets, she heard a very familiar voice from a distance away. She turned around with instinct and then it seemed like fate was bullying her. Mayu was talking to her friend with a smile across her face. It pained Jurina so much to see her best friend smiling like that, because she knew that Mayu would never smile like that to her ever again…

(Jurina: Mayu…)

“I got to leave for class now! I’ll see you tomorrow!” The taller girl rushed and waved back at Mayu before she disappeared into the crowd.

As Mayu was standing alone, she glanced at her watch and started walking somewhere. It caught Jurina’s attention and then for some reason the girl just started following Mayu. She wondered why she was stalking her best friend like this but…she felt amazingly calmed down by just looking at Mayu. She didn’t know that Mayu was in this area at all despite Jurina being around here for two years. Maybe it was because Jurina kept herself occupied with her job and totally neglected any kind of social life.

Then somehow, she realized someone was also following Mayu. This group of men was sneakily following her and it made Jurina started to worry. She didn’t felt good about this and decided to follow Mayu and that group of suspicious men secretly. As the girl was turning at the corner of the street, someone whom was hiding behind the corner suddenly caught her. The guys behind her rushed up to follow with their friend and that was when Jurina realized that Mayu was in danger.

“M-Mayu!” Jurina sprinted after them immediately and without thinking anything, she just hoped that she would catch up before she lost track of them…



Mayu grumbled softly as her hands behind her back. She was thrown forcefully onto the ground in the dark corner of the alley.

“So she’s the daughter of Watanabe Toshiro right?” The man spoke up, asking his friend.

“Yeah, it’s her.” The man was holding a picture of Mayu in the newspaper. She was also standing beside her politician father, Watanabe Toshiro. “We can use her for a decent amount of money!”

“That politician is too rich…he could afford to pay for his lovely daughter for sure.”

“How much you guys have in mind?”

“How about 10 million yen?”

“Not bad!” They seemed to be excited for the amount of money they would demand from Watanabe Toshiro to pay in order to get his daughter back, but then it seemed Mayu had no fear for the situation at all.

“…It’s useless.”

Mayu broke the tension with her dead tone. Her glare made them stumbled slightly. “That old man…he doesn’t care about me. It’s pointless to kidnap me for that purpose.”

“We’ll see about that!” The man was about to grab onto Mayu but before he could do, a punch at his cheek interrupted him. He was sent lying across the alley.

Mayu was shocked and shot her eyes towards the person that sent the man away. She couldn't believe her eyes what she was seeing. She remembered that hair, face, and those eyes very well…it was Jurina.

“W-Who the fuck is this bitch? How did she know we’re here!?” The man yelled at his friend and then realized again that Jurina was glaring at him.

“What are you doing to Mayu!?”

Jurina roared loudly and her murderous intent had seemed to successfully intimidate all the tough-looking men that kidnapped Mayu.

“Beat her! Even it kills her!”

“RUN you idiot!”

Mayu yelled at Jurina. It was the first time she said a word to her again. But then Jurina neglected it and ran in towards the group of men that were coming in towards her. The kidnapped girl witnessed the entire scene. Jurina actually had beaten each man one by one with her pure strength. Then there it was this only man left but he had a gun pointed at Jurina.


Mayu ran in and tackled the man before he could shoot Jurina from behind. It made the puppy alert and turned around immediately. That was when she saw Mayu tackled the kidnapper but then the girl got punched at the face and flew across the floor. “You annoying bitch--!”

He pointed the gun towards Mayu due to anger but then Jurina used that chance and threw in an uppercut right into the man’s jaw. It sent up flew up in midair before she knocked back onto the ground unconsciously.


Jurina sighed as she finally got to catch some breath after a constant fight. Mayu was staring at the back of the girl that came to save her and there were so many things that were rushing into her head. First, she didn’t expected to meet with Jurina at this timing, and also be saved by her…by a friend she cut ties with.



Before Mayu could finish her word, she heard the siren of the police car. She couldn’t believe that everything was too perfect. It was more like someone called the police. She looked at Jurina and she seemed to be amazingly calm at this kind of situation, that was when she realized that it was Jurina that called the police.  The officers helped untie Mayu’s hand and another went to Jurina’s side and thanked her.

“Thank you for your call, we indeed appreciate your assist.”

“Not at all…you guys made it on time.” She smiled back to the officer.

“But please wait for officers to arrive before you do something reckless like that. You’re still young, let us officers deal with that kind of risk.” He patted Jurina’s head with worries and the girl smiled back to him with a silent nod.

The officers captured the kidnappers while the two girls walked towards the officer car. Jurina had no intention to stay back or even talk to Mayu, her job was done and she had not need to stay at the scene anymore.


The girl froze instantly as she heard her name being called by that lovely familiar voice. Jurina turned around and made an eye contact with Mayu. She didn’t utter any word, only but stare at the girl.

“I…thank you for saving me.”

“…not at all.”

“It’s been a while isn’t? How…have you been doing?” Mayu kept asking and Jurina just wanted to escape from there. She didn’t want to reply as each word she exchanged with Mayu just kept reminding her of the day they broke up.

“…I’m fi—”


A sound of the gun interrupted them and it made Mayu flinched badly. She turned around and saw another man pointing the gun towards her. He seemed to be hiding for this and decided to use this chance to pull the trigger. But didn’t felt any pain at all, did the man missed the shot?


Mayu heard the sound of something collapsed onto the ground. She turned back again and saw Jurina lying on the ground. She was lifeless as the pool of blood started to form underneath her. The girl couldn’t hold back her panicking expression as she immediately crouched down and shook Jurina immediately.

“J-Jurina! JURINA! Say something!”

The officers hurried to help Jurina and seized the man that shot her immediately. They called the ambulance immediately while they tried to stop her bleeding until then. Mayu was sitting beside Jurina and held the girl’s hand tightly as if there’s no tomorrow.

“Jurina…! You IDIOT just reply a damn word!! Tell me that you’re alright!!”

There was no respond from Jurina. Her eyelids were closed and her body was completely lifeless. The officer could feel her pulse but it’s getting weaker and weaker. It made Mayu’s heart sank and then a tear had ran down her cheek…



Jurina was resting in her room after the doctor had treated her. Mayu was sitting beside the unconscious girl and just staring at Jurina. She had done nothing other than looking at Jurina and prayed for her to wake up.

A tall girl entered the room and apparently she was Mayu’s friend. The girl told her that she would be here with Jurina. “Mayu, how long have you been sitting here already?”

She asked, but Mayu didn’t respond. It made her sighed and then she tapped the girl’s shoulder again. She felt like it was the time she should say this. “Mayuyu…how long are you going to make yourself suffer?”


It caught the girl’s attention but then it didn’t stop her from continuing to push Mayu. The silent girl turned up to look at her friend behind. “…I don't understand what you’re saying Yukirin.”

“Why do you have to keep…pushing Jurina away from your life?”

Yuki stared into Mayu’s eyes. They made a long silent eye contact before the shorter girl decided to step out from the room to continue the conversation with her friend. As they stood in the middle of the hallway, Yuki continued where she left off. “That’s enough. You should stop torturing yourself this long.”

“…She’s, just an ex-friend, nothing more than that.” Mayu argued back but Yuki was not buying that at the slightest.

“By staying by her side for 3 days and 3 night?!”

Mayu was shocked that Yuki knew about that. She shot her eyes towards the taller girl with surprise and confusion. “H-How did you…”

“I heard from the nurses before I came here…the friend who watched over the patient for over 3 whole days paid and all of her medical fees.” Yuki kept the eye contact with Mayu. “They said, if it wasn’t for that money…Jurina would’ve be dead from that fatal wound.”


“Is she just an ex-friend? Don’t you dare lie to your childhood friend.” She declared with her dark angered eyes, which made Mayu froze instantly. Mayu gripped her fist tighter and broke eye contact with her friend. Her hands were trembling with mixed feelings.

“But you know…I can’t go back to her with my hands like this…since I’m the one that killed her old man.”

Mayu recalled that last moments of Matsui Shinji. His face was covered with fear and begged for Mayu to not kill him. His plead echoed in her ears, yet it didn’t seem to get through her. The anger and hatred inside her heart blinded her from the old man’s plead. She was the one that pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger inside Jurina’s house. Blood spattered on her clothes and face. His blood tainted her school uniform. She couldn’t possibly held herself back after this man had been abused Jurina for years ever since her mother left her. It even hit the point that the puppy girl came with a fractured arm, yet she didn’t go to the infirmary or hospital. Her heart was filled with hatred for that man that hurt her best friend. That was why; she decided to commit a crime that couldn’t be reverted back. She decided to take all the risk, and pulled the trigger. Obviously due to her father’s power, she could easily escaped from being caught for murdering. Watanabe Toshiro had connections with police officers, that’s why the murderer was announced to never been caught. 

That was why Mayu broke her friendship with Jurina. She couldn’t possibly be able to smile to her best friend after she had killed her old man with her hands. What if Jurina knew that Mayu killed her old man? Mayu couldn’t possibly handle with that fear, so she decided to push the puppy away from her…from her bloodstained hands.

“If I were you…I would do the same.”

“No you won’t. Yukirin, you’re a very kind person and you won’t do something filthy as I did.” Mayu disagreed with her friend and it made Yuki speechless. She wanted to say something to her shorter friend but she was out of words. “That’s why, Jurina doesn’t deserve to be with me. I’m the murderer after all…”

It was a huge silence between both Mayu and Yuki. The childhood friend knew that very well that Mayu was terribly haunted by the day she pulled the trigger. She killed a human being. After what she had done, Mayu had constantly been thinking what she had done was right or not.


A weak voice broke the silence and Mayu turned to the origin voice behind her. Who she saw was Jurina leaning against the wall, holding her stomach where the gunshot was located. The girl tried to approach closer to Mayu but then the pain made her flinch and collapsed onto the ground. “U-Ugh…”


Mayu rushed to her side immediately and could see small pool of bloodstain on Jurina’s clothes. Her wound had reopened after she had forced herself out from bed and walked in the hallway.

“Are you an idiot!? Why are you even here?”

“I-Is…it true?” Jurina ignored the girl and grabbed onto Mayu’s shirt tightly. “That my old man…”

“…” Mayu froze instantly as she realized that Jurina overheard the conversation she had with Yuki. Her mind was complete blank and didn’t know how to respond to her friend. But then Yuki had given a push for her.

“Tell her the truth.” Yuki suggested and then Jurina gripping onto her clothes even harder. That was when she realized that she couldn’t escape from here until she told Jurina the truth behind her crime.


“Mayu…please…tell me the truth.” Jurina pleaded with a very soft voice. Despite the pain from the wound was killing her, she was too focused in knowing the truth about her old man’s death.

The girl sighed before she stared onto the ground. She wouldn't want to make an eye contact with Jurina at this moment. Her heart would shatter if she look at the person she loved had that dreadful emotion. “Yes, it’s the truth. I shot him, I killed him with my hands.”

“…I see.”

Surprisingly Jurina wasn’t panicking or shocked to learn the truth at all. But then Mayu kept going on and confessed her feelings to Jurina. “I don’t care you will hate me or not, but I couldn’t stand him hurting you any further that’s why I—”

She was silenced by a hug Jurina threw around her. The injured girl used all her energy that was left to embrace Mayu tightly in her arms as if there was no tomorrow. As Yuki was looking at them from behind, she realized that she should leave the two of them alone since they needed their private time right now.

Mayu didn’t know what was going on and couldn't believe that Jurina was hugging her right now. It just felt too weird for her. After she just confessed that she murdered Jurina’s father, she just hugged her tightly.


“I’m sorry, to make your hands…tainted with blood when you don’t have to at all…!” Jurina’s voice cracked. She wept on Mayu’s shoulder while hugging her tightly. It made Mayu speechless. It was her that wanted to cry and she hated so much to see Jurina crying like this. “I’m so sorry that I brought so much pain to you…I’m so…sorry.”

“N-No…please don’t apologize to me. I’m the one who should say it!” Mayu rested her head onto Jurina’s shoulder. “I hurt you. I severed our bond because I’m scared you will know the truth and hate me.”

Jurina shook her head vigorously denying what Mayu was saying. “I won’t hate you! I couldn’t hate you…because I love you…”

The girl froze instantly as she received the sudden confession from Jurina. She blushed madly as her cyborg expression shattered. She couldn’t hold back her tears and then Jurina slowly pushed herself away in order for them to make eye contact. Both pair of watery eyes stared with each other. A smile of relief appeared across Jurina’s face.

“I never had a chance to tell you at all…that I love you.” Jurina felt a huge relief from her chest. She grabbed Mayu’s hand and continued where she left off.

“I didn’t leave my old man because I had no one beside me. My mom left me…in this pain…even though how much I got beaten up by him…I rather felt pain than being all alone…but now he’s gone…and you left me…my life is nothing but emptiness.”

Jurina felt that she was about to faint from blood loss but she had to finish what she wanted to tell Mayu before she wouldn’t have the courage to speak of it again. She had to tell her feelings to Mayu…without leaving any regrets behind.

“I love you…please…don’t leave me…a…lone…”

The wounded girl fell into Mayu’s arms unconsciously. At the least, she managed to convey her feelings to her best friend. Mayu was stunned and she was snapped when she felt a warm liquid on her palm, and it was Jurina’s blood. She immediately screamed for the nurses to help Jurina immediately. The poor girl had to watch Jurina disappeared from the corner of her eyes as she started to break into tears. The pain of regret accumulated inside her guts instantly after she heard Jurina’s story and her feelings before she fell unconscious. It made Mayu regretted so much that she left Jurina alone for these past years. She had thought that she was doing this for Jurina’s sake but she ended up hurting her even more. It pained Mayu even more as it wasn’t only Jurina that was in love…she loved Jurina as well. She loved Jurina so much that it’s enough to kill her abusive father to protect her even though it’s an unrequited love she had…but she was wrong. Mayu couldn't believe that Jurina had shared the same feelings as her and it made her regret that she let go of Jurina back then…




Mayu was sitting on the chair beside Jurina’s bed. The injured girl was sleeping soundly and peacefully. Her condition was now stable as long as she didn’t reopen her wound again. She didn’t leave Jurina’s side and neglected her university classes. Even though she went to her classes she wouldn’t be able to focus because her thoughts could only think about Jurina.

“Jurina…I’m sorry.”

She held the sleeping girl’s hand and clutched tightly. “Why…why did I left you?” She broke into tears silently and couldn't forgive what she had done to the person she loved. “I haven’t told you how I felt as well, didn’t I?”

Mayu chuckled to herself as she decided to tell how she felt despite Jurina being asleep. “I love you too…I couldn’t tolerate seeing you being hurt anymore so I… killed your old man. I’m too insanely in love with you.”

She felt much more relieved after she finally said those words that kept aching inside her chest. Even though Jurina was asleep and didn’t hear what she said, but it seemed she made a mistake with that.


Mayu flinched as she saw Jurina awake looking at her. She couldn’t hide her blush as she realized that her friend heard her love confession to her. “S-Since when you’re awake?”

“Mayu, did you mean it…?”

She froze and took her time to catch a deep breath. She sighed before she replied back to Jurina. “D-Don’t let me repeat myself…you heard it, didn’t you?”

“Hehe, you didn’t change at all…”

“Even you, being ultimately reckless like that.” Mayu replied and it seemed to reduce the tension between them.

“Then does it mean, we can be…together again?” Jurina asked and it made her friend nodded immediately. Mayu held her hand even tighter.

“…If you don’t mind a murderer like me.”

“Of course I won’t mind!!” Jurina yelled with anger back and tears ran down her puffed cheeks. “Stop saying like that, you’re not a murderer!! If it weren’t for you I would probably end my miserable life already… If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t want to live in this world! Please…don’t leave me…!”

Mayu watched Jurina crying again, and it made her heart pained so much. She hate seeing her loved one crying like this. She moved in and embraced Jurina in her arms gently in order to not reopen her wounds. Then she whispered softly into the puppy girl’s ears. “I won’t ever again…even with my hands tainted with blood…I can still embrace you, can I?”

“Of course…” Jurina buried her face on Mayu’s shoulder for a short while before the cyborg girl pushed her away. It made Jurina confused but then her mind went blank immediately as Mayu sealed her lips gently. She didn’t resist it and then held Mayu’s hand. Tears streamed down Jurina’s cheek even more as she felt like this was a dream that she’s kissing Mayu. It was a very gentle kiss that melted Jurina’s heart. Mayu slowly pulled back and then made an eye contact with the injured girl. 

“Even though I killed your old man…can I still kiss you, and love you?”

“…yes.” She nodded and it made Mayu felt relieved immediately.

She couldn’t hold back this happiness and burst into tears. Jurina caressed both Mayu’s cheeks with her hands and pulled her in for a soft peck at the corner of her eye. “Please love me, I don’t want to be alone again…”

“Never I would ever leave you again. I promise. I’ll always be with you, I will always love you…” Mayu swore with her life and pledged her love for Jurina.

In that silence, the cyborg girl brushed Jurina’s lips before she moved in closer for another soft passionate kiss. The puppy let Mayu being the one dominating the kiss and allowed her tongue to invade passed her lips. She didn’t resist and held Mayu’s hand tightly. It felt like a dream to her that finally she would be with the one she loved again…but likely not as a friend anymore. After both were satisfied with the kiss, Mayu rested her forehead against Jurina and they both felt each other’s warm breath.

“I promise you’ll never be alone again. I’ll protect you. I’ll hold you close. I’ll love you…” She spoke with sincere and love in her heart. “I’m sorry for leaving you this long.”

“Nn…” Jurina smiled gently and brought Mayu’s hand up to kiss it. It was the hand that Mayu pulled the trigger on her father, yet she loved that hand so much. It was the hand that always protected her and held her with love. “I don’t really care what happened in the past. I only care about us…”

“If you say so…thank you for forgiving me.”

“There’s nothing you’ve done wrong. Also, this hand…”

Jurina placed Mayu’s hand on her cheeks. She could felt the warmth from it and it made her heart beat even faster with happiness. “…it’s the hand that taught me what love is. That’s why, no matter what you’ve done, my feelings won’t change.”


“Thank you for giving me life…and taught me what love is.”

“You too…thank you for letting me being by your side.”

Mayu embraced Jurina into her arms and the puppy girl rested her forehead on her lover’s shoulder. Finally their feelings reached each other after. Even though Jurina had burned everything related to Mayu…this kiss and vow they had for one another would be the new beginning of their life.


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Oh it's JuriMayu this time XD The story is sad at first, but turns out to have a happy ending.
Poor Mayu, she just wants to save Jurina from her father.
Thanks for this OS, it's very great  XD
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Ahhhh, you really wrote this!!! Thank you for taking my request.
It started out a little angsty but ended up quite sweet. Jurina's had a tough life :cry:
Their moment at the end is really cute and hot at the same time. :wub:

Again, thank you so much! I'm looking forward to your next OS/update of the long fics.
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Emm... Can i request for an OS?

Pairings will start with Renairin & JuriChuri ---------> Wmatsui & Furuyanagi in the end?

Genre : Just be as FLUFFY as possible~

Maybe i asked for too much.. Do you think it is possible? :mon sweat: :mon sweat: :mon sweat:
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clubhappy: glad you enjoy it! XD

jell_o_jello: glad you enjoy it! I was wondering it would be enjoyable or not and it seemed it worked out well~  :deco:

kevinwkl: Request accepted  :cow: Definitely possible~ I think XD I would find a way to make it work out~ I like challenges XD
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Nice story...  :twothumbs

Can't wait for the next OS
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5. Requester: kewinkwi
Pairing: WMatsui + Furuyanagi
Idea: At first its Renairin and JuriChuri...
Genre: AS fluffy AS possible

Emm.... sorry but my name is kevinwkl.. not kewinkwi.. :nervous
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5. Requester: kewinkwi
Pairing: WMatsui + Furuyanagi
Idea: At first its Renairin and JuriChuri...
Genre: AS fluffy AS possible

Emm.... sorry but my name is kevinwkl.. not kewinkwi.. :nervous

LOL gommen for typo~ XD
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Oh my goodness!  :O

I thought i'm going to cry through out the story.. Heehee :oops:

Naruhodo ne.. Mayu saved Jurina from her abusive father.. I guess if i'm in same position with Mayu..
I'm going to do something to save my friends or family or lover from any danger there in.. Of course not going to take a life :oops: :lol: LOLZ

A wonderful OS.. JuriMayu feels.. Hehehe :))

Thank you for your hard work and OS you shared.. :kneelbow: :twothumbs

More OS to come, right? HAhaha :fap  :twothumbs
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That was awesome...
A bit dark and sad at first...
And then...
yeah... awesomely wonderful~
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Once again, I enjoyed this fic! You have a really vivid imagination, and I wish I had half of your creativity. XD

Why are there so many abusive parents in this forum?! That angers me! :angry:

Am looking forward to your next story. :)
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Interesting os there between Mayu and juri...

So touching somewhat...

Thank you for the OS

Can't wait to see the next OS

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your're a very good writer :twothumbs your story is amazing, you have wide imagination :rockon:

can i request JurinaxYuria? this two is a super rare pair
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Dedicated to Sherin-san's birthday~ Finally that I'm done writing this OS! I hope all wmatsui shippers also have fun and enjoy the story~!  :cathappy:


~Unbreakable Love~
~Pairing: WMatsui~

“Jurina, hurry up!”

Yuko called the handsome girl over to her side as they were rushing to the next class. The surprised puppy ran over to her friend immediately before they would be late for their class. “G-Gommen!”
“Stop daydream and get your ass moving before Mariko-sensei will kill us!”

“I-I know! I’m sorry!”

She was too busy daydreaming of her best friend from her old school. Apparently her best friend shared the same surname as her: Her name is Matsui Rena.


Both Matsui were best friends from junior high until last year when Jurina had to move to Akiba high school due to several complications in her family. She had to separate from her other close friends including Airin, Churi, and Kuumin. Both of them didn’t expected such sudden separations like this but at least they had a proper farewell at Sakae High school… Despite them being in a different school, they didn’t fail to keep contact with one another but recently Jurina had came to stop exchanging messages with Rena. It was the period of time that seniors would be really busy with applying into their ideal universities. The puppy didn’t want to bother her raven friend with her stupid and spoiled messages. She felt like she should grow up and stop bothering with Rena.

Time flew by so fast as Jurina was daydreaming in her classroom, and finally it was afterschool. She headed to the library with Yuko to do her assignments and studies.

“Jurina, did you do the assignment?”

“Yeah, I finished it already.”

“Do you mind I check some few answers?”


Jurina passed the assignment to Yuko and continued studying for her entrance exams. She tried to finish as much work as possible but then her mind seemed to be distracted by many things… While working, Yuko could pick up on that and decided to stop doing her work. She diverted her attention to focus on her dazed-off friend instead.

“Jurina, what’s on your mind?”


“Sure something happen. You’re not focusing on your you want to share?”

“…Well.” She sighed and put her pencil down.

Slowly rearranging her words she begun to tell what actually happened to her few days ago back at her old school to Yuko. It was a holiday for their school but not on Rena’s side so she decided to pay a visit to Sakae High school.


“Jurina! How have you been doing!?”

Churi ran in and threw her arms around her puppy friend. She was so happy that their lovely friend came to visit them at their Sakae high school despite it being ridiculously far from her house. Jurina chuckled with her friend’s reaction of her visit and hugged Churi back with happiness.

“Hey~ It’s been a while isn’t!?”

“Oh yeah it is!” Churi pulled her friend with burning excitement. “Rena-chan is over at the cafeteria, let’s go!”

“I see, thanks!”

Jurina headed to the cafeteria together with Airin and Churi. She threw her glance around and there were loads of many new faces that she didn’t recognize. After getting too caught up wandering her eyes around Churi grabbed her and dragged to one of the tables. The puppy’s eyes met with the raven’s one and then their eyes grew wide with surprise. A smile slowly became clearly visible as Jurina launched herself in to hug Rena tightly.

“Rena-chan! It’s been a while isn’t!?”

“Jurina…stop it! I’m tired.” Rena pried Jurina away from her and it made the puppy girl slightly sad yet confuse.

Then Jurina saw the other two new girls that were sitting with her raven friend. Apparently they had joined with Rena’s group after the puppy had left so they didn’t know her. So the raven girl decided to introduce her to the newcomers of the group. “Ah right! You guys never met Jurina before right?”

“Hm? New people?” Jurina asked with curiosity.

 “Yup, this is Kanon-chan and Yuria-chan!”

“I heard a lot about you from Churi and Airin, nice to meet you in person Jurina-chan!” Yuria gave a friendly smile to her, as well as Kanon.

“Nice to meet you too!”

However, Jurina seemed to sense something odd coming from Yuria and Kanon. They apparently were looking at her and Rena, and then exchanged glances with each other. They whispered softly but Jurina didn’t catch what they were saying…obviously she didn’t feel that good about it.


After that Rena seemed to be a little busy with her assignments and upcoming tests. Jurina didn’t wanted to bother her at all and decided to walk around with Churi, who seemed to be free, to greet all her fellow teachers. They visited one by one and Jurina enjoyed coming to visit her old school. She missed this place. It’s the place she grew up together with Rena since junior high until she transferred out. While she decided to use the bathroom, she overheard a conversation that seemed to be about Jurina and Rena…

“Hey, did you see Jurina today?”

“Yeah I did! I was so surprise!” Another girl responded with a surprising tone. “I bet she’s here to see Rena.”

“Aren’t they together or something?”

“No way! You’re joking?” Another girl could believe what her friend was saying but she seemed to get more excited with the situation they didn’t even know it’s true or not.

“I don’t know, since Jurina’s always cuddling on Rena…they sure look suspicious don’t you think?” She asked back.

“Hm I guess you’re right! Eh…I never thought that Rena would be into that kind of relationship.”

“Me either! So scary~”

“It’s more of disgusting~”

Jurina didn’t come out from the bathroom and just waited for those girls to walk out. Finally she came out, and sighed while washing her hand. Normally she wasn’t a type of person who would bother to even care what her ex-classmates gossiping about her but she couldn’t make herself forget about it. She felt as if her visiting presence caused more problems to Rena.

(Those rumors…it’s still here even I’m gone for 8 months already?)

“Hey, why you’re taking so long? Is there something a matter?” At that perfect moment Churi came into the bathroom to check on Jurina since the girl took quite a long while.

“…Hey Churi.” Jurina turned to her. “Maybe I shouldn’t have come back here eh?”

“H-Huh? What the hell did you meant by that!?” Churi suddenly raged at her and grabbed onto Jurina’s shoulders tightly. She couldn’t believe that Jurina actually said that.

“Even until now everyone thought that Rena-chan and I were in a relationship right?”

“A-Ah…” Churi suddenly froze and lightened up her grip immediately. It made Jurina realized that she was speaking right on the bull’s eye.

“So you knew it as well.” The puppy girl sighed. “In the end, I’m nothing but causing more problems to Rena-chan.”

“Please don’t say like that! It’s not your fault! It’s THOSE bitches---”

“Whoa! Calm down Churi, hold your words!” Jurina interrupted before Churi could literally insulted her own classmates in the middle of the bathroom. But a part of Jurina felt grateful that Churi cared for her. “But thanks though…I really appreciate your kindness.”

“You and Rena-chan are friends, that fact doesn’t change and what’s wrong with visiting your own friend? Got that!?”

“Hai hai. So…I guess I still have a little time left. I might as well meet with Rena-chan and Airin before I leave.”

“Sure, I’ll call Airin asking where she is…” Churi grabbed her cellphone and dialed her friend.

Jurina was waiting for the call to end, and apparently both of them were still at the cafeteria working. So they walked back there and met with them again. However, Rena seemed to look even busier while Yuria and Kanon were working as well. Airin spotted the two of them and waved at them immediately from a far distance.

“Hey! You guys are done visiting others already?”

“Yup!” Churi replied with smile acting as if nothing happened. She didn’t want to make Airin suspect her odd actions as well as not making Jurina worried more than she was right now. “When are you leaving though?”

“Hm…” Jurina looked at her watch. She actually planned to leave at late 5pm. It’s 2pm right now…she took her time to think and then decided to lie to them instead.

“I’ll have to go in few minutes now. Sorry that I couldn’t stay that long though.”

“I see…that’s sad!!” Airin sulked and then it caught Rena’s attention. Finally, she looked up to the ex-student while she took her reading glasses off.

“Ah…you’re leaving already?” Rena seemed to be surprise but there’s a slight hint of sadness on her.

“Yes.” Jurina didn’t add anything more than that. Only but a fake lively smile was on her face. She didn’t want to bother Rena with her sadness. Since Jurina really wanted to spend as much time as she could with Rena but she chose to suppress that feeling.

“I guess I’ll see you later, I came to say good bye to you guys.”

“Alright, but I’m glad you came to see us!” Churi smiled and suddenly came up with an insane idea. “Hey Rena-chan, you should at least go send Jurina at the parking lot!”

“Huh? It’s fine though. Rena-chan is busy with her work--”

“I guess a little won’t be a problem. I might as well take a break from my studies.”

Rena interrupted Jruina with a smile and got up from her seat. At that moment Jurina exchanged glances with Churi and realized that it was her friend’s scheme to at least make both Matsui friends have their own time together. But it made Jurina doubt whether she would be happy about that or not…


“So…how’s life treating you? Busy as usual eh?” Jurina asked casually and Rena nodded.

“Yeah, it’s quite hectic as I’m planning to apply to England…it’s going to be really tough but I’ll do my best.”

“I see! I hope you best of luck though!”

“Thank you Jurina…I’m sorry that I couldn’t spend time with you today.” Rena gave an apologetic smile. “Something sudden came up so yeah…”

“Don’t worry about that.”

“Still, I’m really sorry. I’ll definitely make up for it.”

“Oh hey don’t take it seriously!”

Jurina put a fake smile and played around in order to loosen the tension. She tapped Rena’s back friendly and gave a short chuckle. “It’s really usual for us seniors to be busy. Forget about us being free.”

“…Thank you Jurina, you’re probably the one that understands me the most.”

“No problem, we’re friends.” Jurina put a lot of her acting skills together while her hand gripped tightly because to her Rena was not just a friend. She thought of Rena more than that. Jurina actually had feelings for her best friend, Rena.

Then the moment Jurina didn’t want it to end had came, they arrived at the parking lot and it’s the time the ex-student had to leave her precious school. This place was crowded with students who wanted to leave school as soon as possible. It was the busiest moment of each day in school.

“I guess we’re talk some other time in the phone or messages.”

“Sure if you’re up to it, but don’t force yourself for it since we’re busy with many college applications and everything.” Jurina gave a soft shrug and it made Rena sighed softly.

“Alright…I’ll see you later Jurina.”

“…Yeah.” Jurina nodded but something seemed to catch her. Rena didn’t look as enthusiastic and bright as before. Did something happen? It made Jurina wondered and she just felt like she had to ask her. “Neh…you don’t seem to be like before… you’re not as enthusiastic anymore, did something happen?”

“Huh?” Rena flinched but then it seemed to turn into eyes of displease instead. “I think that’s normal. I’m busy my ass off right now and obviously why would I be enthusiastic with it?”

The puppy flinched slightly thinking that she shouldn’t have said that at all. It seemed to snap some buttons on Rena and then she quickly apologized to the raven girl before it’s starting to get more serious.

“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t meant like that!” She bluffed immediately. “I just thought something might happen and it made you looked down…I’m sorry.”

“Ah…I’m sorry for ranting it on you. I seemed to lose a lot of my temper nowadays due to so many works to do.” Rena sighed and ruffled her hair. “This is bad…”

“Don’t worry, everyone’s like that at times.”

Jurina felt relieved that she managed to loosen up the tension before Rena actually started to get boiled. “I’ll leave now, I’ll see you later.”


Just right when Jurina was about to hug Rena as for their usual goodbye back when they’re still together. The raven girl stopped Jurina and pushed the girl softly away from her. Making Jurina confused, Rena helped clarify it for her.

“Sorry I’m not just into for a hug right now.”

“O-Oh, okay.” Jurina felt awkward as she kept her arms to her side in the crowded parking lot when everyone’s heading back home.

At the corner of her eyes she saw some of her ex-classmates looking from a distance away. That moment, a thought instantly flashed into her head. She knew Rena for a long time to know she’s very observing and smart, but not many people knew about that. It’s impossible that Rena wouldn’t know that that kind of rumors regarding their relationship wasn’t lurking around. Jurina started to have weird ideas in her head. The reason Rena avoided physical contact with her even just a friendly hug was because of the rumor? However, the puppy girl decided not to ask anything further and just backed away instead.

“Yeah…I’ll see you later. Take care.”

She walked away, without saying any word or turning around to Rena. Obviously she was hurt by Rena’s action more than anything else. She even hugged Churi, Airin, and her other friends. But she couldn’t hug her very best friend due to the stupid rumor going on in her year even though she had transferred out. Jurina couldn’t believe how much bad luck could she have…


“So have you talk to Rena after that?” Yuko asked, and Jurina just shook her head.

“No I didn’t…I heard from Churi that they’re during the moments at completing the college applications.”

Jurina always kept in touch with Churi with most of things going around in school. The puppy girl was really concerned about Rena’s schedule since she didn’t want to bother Rena when she’s really busy with her own personal studies. However something seemed to catch Yuko’s attention and started to get curious about Jurina.

“Wait…did you tell them that you got accepted to America?”


“Are you serious?! You’re leaving in like 2 weeks and you didn’t tell Rena yet!?”

Yuko exclaimed loudly with shock. She caught everyone’s attention in the library and it made Jurina felt awkward immediately. The puppy girl tried to calm down her squirrel friend and then she got dragged out from the library before any further conversation could continue. Yuko looked really mad. She was really mad at Jurina for not telling her friends about her departure from Japan. She didn’t even tell them that she got accepted to America in Video Production major. The Matsui girl wanted to become a movie director, however she would have to early graduate in order to go into the commencing month of the year. Yet such important news, she didn’t tell her friends from her Sakae High School at all.

“Jurina, what is the meaning of this? Why didn’t you tell your friends?”

“I don’t really find a proper time to tell…”

Even before Jurina could finish her sentence she suddenly got pinned against the wall of the corridor by Yuko. “H-Hey Yuko calm down.”

“How could I? Isn’t Rena important to you? Yet you didn’t tell her?”

“She’s busy. I don’t want my own matter to be a bother to her.”

“Seriously? It won’t! Rena would be even more mad if you didn’t tell her about that!” Yuko argued. “Isn’t she your friend?”

“She is…but…”

“But what?”

“You know I love her. Even I moved school for the sake of getting the rumor between my relationship and her…yet I will still be a problem to her.” Jurina looked away.

She was already in so much pain just to speak the truth out despite she knew by heart so well. It was one of the dark secrets she never told anyone aside from Yuko. The reason she actually moved school was because of the rumor between her relationship with Rena and it did made her friends and Rena got bullied to certain extent. Others even bullied her but yet she decided to do it for the sake of her friends and Rena. She lied to her friends that she transferred due to sudden family complications. She had done this for the sake of her friends and Rena.

The one who would be in the most pain right now would be Jurina. She had to be separated from all her best friends including her crush for everyone’s sake. That’s one thing Yuko knew about Jurina really well… the little puppy girl could be truly strong and could become really selfless despite having such a very sensitive fragile heart. Jurina had a very kind heart that even made Yuko slightly jealous with how Rena had someone that cared for her this much.

“Jurina…I think you should still tell her that you’re leaving in 2 weeks. You have to or else you’ll regret it.” Yuko insisted again but in a softer yet serious tone in her voice. It seemed the squirrel’s words reached her and made Jurina nodded slowly.

“…Alright, I’ll tell them.”

“Good, I guess we should go back in to study?”


Both of them walked back into the library. However this matter hadn’t settle within Jurina’s heart just yet. After it’s starting get quite late they decided to go back home and that’s when Jurina returned back to her little room. She dropped her bag onto the ground and threw herself onto the bed. It was a quiet house like usual. Her brother went out to work and would be back really late at night after she’s asleep. Her mother was busying reading her own books in her own room quietly. Her grandmother was just doing her own little things and was in her own little world, she’s really old. Her father was busy with his work and rarely came home, Jurina even barely remembered the last time she met him in this house… Right now, her dog Colon was sleeping. He seemed to be a little sick and he would get well soon in few days. Mother gave him medicine already.

“What should I do now?”

She walked to her study table and started to just stroll through the Internet for fun and then her eyes coincidently caught a glimpse of the calendar beside her table. It’s already July 25th…ah right, in two days it would be Rena’s birthday.

“Rena’s birthday huh…what should I do for her?”

While she was thinking she felt that she should make some video for her. She recalled back when she’s still in Sakae High school she was given advices from Airin, Churi and Kuumin about Rena’s birthday present. Since Jurina was really good with making videos, she should make a special one for Rena.

“I guess that works. I should do it now then…”

Without further ado, Jurina opened the moviemaker program, putting on her headphones, and started making the video for Rena’s birthday present. In her mind, she believed that this would likely to be the last birthday present for Rena.

In this video…she would confess her feelings to Rena and then by that time she would already be in America. When Jurina thought about the plan…she felt like she’s a coward running away from Rena. She just wanted to confess her feelings for the raven friend and then disappeared from her life. Jurina knew that no matter what Rena would reject her. The raven girl couldn’t even give a friendly hug when she went to visit her and others at Sakae High school. What could Jurina expected from Rena? She couldn’t expect anything but rejection…


While she was editing the video, warm tears started to run down her cheeks. She still had that poker face on her that showed no emotions or any hints of being weak. But inside her heart was shrieking in agony. The video she was making for Rena was filled with their memories together ever since Junior High…it’s like she’s making a music video of their life. Obviously she couldn’t hold back her tears. It was just too overwhelming for her. Every picture and video she looked through the picture folder brought back all her memories she had long forgot.

Jurina would always bring her dog over to play with Rena’s dog…
They went to the amusement park just the two of them before…
They went to watch movies together…
They went on a vacation to Kagoshima with their family together…
They had sleepovers at each other places…
Rena would come cheer Jurina when she had soccer competition…
They had a hangout at Rena’s place to bake a cake for Churi’s surprise birthday…
Rena fell asleep while she was studying in the library with everyone…
Jurina gave a bouquet to Rena in talent show in school for singing…
They went to prom last year and both of them were in dresses…
And even more…

Each picture Jurina went through only could bring more tears to the girl. There were too many beautiful moments she shared with Rena…


Glad that the next day is a weekend. Jurina had enough time to wrap up things with Rena’s final birthday present before she would leave to America. She did take her two whole days to do it and finally it was done. In the morning of Rena’s birthday, she decided to burn it onto the CD before she would forget to do so.

“Finally…it’s done.”

The only thing left was to give it to Rena. However, before she could come up with a way to hand it to her, apparently someone came knocking at her door.


Her mom entered with her dog in her arms. It made Jurina wondered but at the same time she had a bag feeling in her stomach. “Mom…what happen to Colon?”

“He’s…really weak now.”

“Ah…” Jurina walked up and carried her poor sick dog, Colon, in her arms. They were wondering why Colon suddenly just got really sick and didn’t really recover like he usually would. Maybe the dog could tell that Jurina would be gone from the house in few weeks. Animals could have amazing instinct that humans couldn’t understand. It made Jurina felt guilty that she might be the cause for her beloved Colon to be this terribly sick…

“Let’s go to the vet.”

“Yes, get change and we’re going.”

They headed to the closest vet clinic in order for them to treat Colon. After they got subscribed with medicine for Colon, they went home and Jurina had been carrying her puppy in her arms for the whole time even in the car. The thought that Colon might die couldn’t be shaken out from her head and she started to break down into tears silently. Her mother didn’t say a word and just kept driving. She gave Jurina her private time with Colon as much as she can get before she would leave to America. As soon as they got home, Jurina nursed Colon the whole entire time. She didn’t bother to do anything aside from being with the puppy. Colon was a part of her life. He was there with Jurina ever since she was 5 years old. She had grown up together with Colon, that’s why her puppy was a huge part of her life…if he died, Jurina would feel like something was hollow inside her heart. At most she opened her laptop and played music. Other than that she just sat there silently in the living room with Colon in her arms.

“Ah…it’s Rena-chan’s birthday. I should send her a text.”

Jurina sent a text to congratulate Rena for her birthday. For quite a while later she received a reply, but then she just read it without replying back. Her mind was just too occupied with many things…she can’t be bothered right now. If she continued, she would want to plead Rena to come help her. Also, this was the first time Jurina didn’t go celebrate Rena’s birthday…

…But something seemed to catch her attention. She realized that after they got home, her mother went up to her room immediately. It made her worry and Jurina decided to go up to check on her mom. Apparently, she was sleeping but that a very painful expression across her face.

“M-Mom…are you okay?”

“I’m not doing well Jurina…I felt really tired. I guess I need some rest. Don’t worry.”

“Can I do anything?”

“Just take care of Colon. Let your mom take a rest.”

“Okay…if you need anything please call me.” Jurina went to put her mother’s cellphone beside the bed before she walked out from the room with Colon still in her arms.

That whole day…it didn’t seem that it’s Colon that she had to take care of. The next day Jurina decided to skip school since her mother was sick. She looked even worse than yesterday. Jurina prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for her mother alone and made sure she fed Colon every now and then to keep her pet hydrated and full. It was a very tough moment of her life right before she’s about to fly to America. Her thoughts were even occupied about Rena as well. She wanted to cry so badly but she couldn't…she had to stay strong for Colon and her mother right now. She’s forced to stay strong.


The next day, Colon got a little better but her mother got even worse…she looked like she’s at the verge of death. It made Jurina insisted her mother to go to hospital. Right before her brother went off to work in the morning he helped with the convincing as well. But it failed; Jurina’s mother didn’t want to go to the hospital. Only thing Jurina could do was to keep looking after her and made sure to bring healthy food for her mother. She made sure she filled the bottle with hot water every now and then. Jurina literally checked on her mother every hour for the whole entire day.

That night was the worse…when she went to check on her mother around 7pm, she saw her lying on the floor in front of the bathroom. She didn’t even want to move because her stomach was terribly killing her. Jurina’s heart sank but eventhough she wanted to cry, she held back her tears to be strong.

“Mom please…you have to go hospital.”

“Yeah…I’ll do that later.”

“You BETTER be.” Jurina was terribly worried about her mother. “I get a blanket and pillow for you.”

“Thank you Jurina…”

Her mother just slept there on the floor as her body felt too weak to even move to the bed. Jurina couldn’t stop worrying about her mother at all…that night, she cried while sleeping beside Colon.

“Rena…please, help me…”

She cried for help, and always…Rena would always be there for her. However this time she won’t. Jurina recalled the image that Rena refused to even embrace her. Just thinking about that shattered her heart badly.

“Rena…Rena…I need you. Please don’t leave me…please…!”

She kept crying alone in her room, within the darkness. No one would come to her. She could only hope for a miracle, and just pray for the impossible. The next morning…this pain would end, and she had to face the truth. She couldn’t collapse right now; her mother and Colon needed her. She had to be strong for them or else no one would be able to take care of them…


The next day Jurina woke up she went to see her mother but she wasn’t at her room. It was really weird. It made Jurina really worry. She changed from her school uniform into her casual clothes and started looking for her mother in the entire house while carrying Colon in her arms.

“Mom! Mom! Where are you!?”

“Oh, Jurina you’re awake?”

The girl turned around and saw her grandmother there. The teenage girl looked panicked and asked her grandmother about her mother’s whereabouts. “Grandma, where’s mom?”

“She went to hospital last night.”


Jurina’s heart sank immediately. She couldn’t process anything at all. Her mother went to hospital last night? How did it happen? Just before Jurina went to sleep her mother said that she’s fine. Many questions ran through her mind. Who went to send her mother in the middle of the night? What’s her condition right now? Where is she?

“So she’s at hospital right now?? Since when?”

“Yes she’s at hospital right now, she asked me to tell you.” Her grandmother replied. “She went out like…3am in this morning. I called the taxi for her.”

Jurina’s mother went to hospital in the middle of the night. The girl went to grab her cellphone immediately and dialed to her mom. Waiting for the call…her mom didn’t pick it up. She called again…her mom didn’t pick it up again.

(Oh please mom…please pick it up!)

This time, the call got picked and it was her mother’s voice. It made Jurina’s heart filled with relief that her mother replied her but her voice was very weak.

“Mom, are you okay?? I heard you went to hospital!”

[Yes I’m okay…just got some mineral water and still have to rest at the hospital though. If mom didn’t come to hospital last night…I might be dead at the bed. The doctor would let mom out tomorrow in the afternoon, I’ll call you again to tell you.]

She giggled and then tried to make a joke out of the serious situation she’s in right now.

[I didn’t come with any bra and underwear at all. So when you come pick mom up please bring it too neh~?]

“Mom! That’s just so weird!”

Jurina broke into laugh and glad that her mom was stil able to throw jokes at her. It meant that her mother was fine to certain extent. “Just call me and I’ll go pick you up.”

[Alright, is Colon doing good?]

“Yes. He seemed to be a little better today.”

[I’m glad we forced him to eat his food.]

“Yeah, I’m glad too. Get well soon mom.”

[Thank you, Jurina.]

The girl dropped the call and decided to skip the school for today again. She had so many things to do. She looked after her weak beloved pet and looked after the house for the whole day. Her mind was still worrying about her mother but she couldn’t do anything but wait for tomorrow to come. Since her mother was at the hospital already she should be fine and there shouldn’t be anything to worry. However, the thing that she disliked the most was her mother had this fatal hypertension that almost killed her several times already. Yet she would bring up about her death and asked Jurina to be strong if there’s a chance she would be dead. Deeply it made Jurina really angry with her mother since she didn’t want to be alone. She couldn’t imagine a life without her mother because she’s able to have a good life like this was because of her mother always protecting her ever since she opened her eyes to this world. She didn't share it with anyone except with Yuko. She didn’t tell anyone about her pet and her mother to any of her friends at Sakae High school.

The next day, after sleeping and nursing Colon for the whole day she got a call from her mother to come pick her up in the late afternoon. She went out by taxi to go pick her mother up at the hospital. She had to leave Colon back at home though because it’s the hospital that she’s going. As soon as she arrived there, she went to clear all the payments in order for the nurses to dismiss my mom out from the hospital. She did bring the lingerie that her mother asked her to. They got back home by taxi. Her mother looked much better than few days ago.

“You better have a lot of rest mom.”

“Sure do darling. Thank you for taking care of the house. You’re such a strong girl.”

(…No, never I am strong.)

Jurina inwardly denied what her mother said but only replied inside her mind. She didn’t say it out and just gave a silent smile before walking back to the living room where Colon was sleeping.

“It’s not that I have a choice…isn’t that I’m forced to be strong?” She spoke to herself softly while picking up Colon into her arms. She wanted to cry but she held back her tears. Rena’s smile that the raven always gave her flashed into Jurina’s mind. It comforted her and gave her the strength to move on.

(Rena…I miss you.)


The next day, after things started to get better, she received a text from Rena asking to meet up right afterschool at the café close by to Sakae High school. It made Jurina curious but at the same thing she felt that it might be a good chance to give the present she prepared to the raven friend. Also, she promised Yuko to tell Rena and her friends about her departure to America by next week. Fortunately her brother took a day off from work for Jurina and her mother’s sake. So that allowed Jurina to go meet up with Rena at the appointed café.


Jurina finally arrived at the entrance and was surprised to see her friend stood there waiting for her. “Sorry to make you wait. You could’ve wait inside though.”

“…Jurina, I had some few things to talk to you.”

“Sure? Want to sit inside or…?”

“Let’s go that way.”

Rena suddenly just walked off and making the puppy friend following her from behind until they reached this small little park with sparse amount of people. The raven girl turned around and made eye contact with Jurina. However it gave a chill down the girl’s spine, she felt that something’s odd within Rena’s eyes…she looked angry.

“Jurina I don’t understand…why did I did this time to make you angry? Just because I’m not enthusiastic like before?”

The girl was caught off guard with Rena’s aggressive talk. She didn’t understand what the raven was trying to say to her. Jurina was never angry at Rena at the first place. “Hey, I don’t get what you’re trying to say. I’m not even angry at you and what’s going on?”

“You really seemed to distancing yourself so much away from me.” She sighed before she continued. “You’re being so cold…I’m sorry but I can’t always give you time okay?”

“H-Hey! I think we’re talking on two different things right here! I didn’t say anything like that!”

“But you always acted like this whenever I never have time for you!”

“Rena-chan…I have quite many complications on my family’s side that’s why I’m really busy nowadays…Colon is really sick so I looked after him for the past days.” Jurina told half of the story. She didn’t bother to mention about her mother’s condition. It slightly ticked her nerves but she remained as composure as possible and continued where she left off.

“I know you’re busy, we’re are! Seniors obviously! So I didn’t want to bother you and think that we should talk some other time when you’re rather free. ”

“I see…I’m sorry to hear that but I never change.” Rena spoke up clearly. “I never change ever since you moved…I felt like you’re the one that change. I always discuss with Churi and Airin with you distancing yourself like this.”

Jurina flinched and got quite dumbfounded. It seemed to get onto Jurina’s nerves a little and she started to argue back at Rena. She started to slightly lose her control.

“I think it’s you that change first.”

“No I didn’t! Not even the slightest.” Rena sighed and turned away from her friend. “I’ll just stop bothering you now, bye.”

(…Are you kidding me!?)

Jurina snapped and grabbed Rena’s arm to stop the raven girl from going anywhere. That moment their eyes met, Rena realized the anger within those black orbs. “That’s what I hate the most about you. Don’t just leave without having a proper argument and I can’t tell you’re being sarcastic on me or not.”

“Jurina, in the end you don’t really understand me at all…!”

“Rena-chan, I want to solve this misunderstanding problem! You better calm down first!” Jurina tried to calm her friend down but it went in vain. She sighed and seemed to have some few thoughts in mind.

“I think we should take some break from this…”

Jurina’s words didn’t reach Rena’s head and it seemed to make the fire of anger within the raven burned even harder. She’s entering a much aggressive mode that could even become scarier than Gekikara…

“Yeah right, you better think properly about this. I don’t what do say to you anymore Jurina! This is just too much for me.”

“I don’t understand! I’m not even angry at you at all!”

“Then how did you got angry at me to begin with!?”

She ranted out and caused Jurina to flinch. She used that moment to continue ranting at the poor puppy girl without giving Jurina the time to speak at all. “If you decided like this and decided to disappear away like this then so be it! I’m too tired to deal with your selfishness and follow up with you all the time. I can’t always spoil you. It seem you would always think negative of me in the end no matter what I say…”

Rena slowly backed away and her eyes were completely covered with pure anger. Jurina was too shocked to even respond anything to the raven friend. She only stared down at the ground and listened to her loved one’s voice piercing her heart…

“From now on, I’ll just go with whatever you decide now. I don’t understand whenever you’re upset or anything it would always ended up on me! From now on I’ll just leave to let you think about this…sure I won’t stop you anymore if you want to disappear away like this!”

She just left without having Jurina say a single word. The puppy girl was stunned and collapsed onto the ground at that very spot. She cried so much in the past few days already and couldn’t let out even a single droplet to run down her cheeks at this kind of situation.


Only she could stare from behind Rena with a devastated face on her. The guilt ran rampaging inside her chest. She almost lost her pet and her mother. Right now, she’s at the verge of losing Rena as her best friend. Everything in Jurina’s life was collapsing and she just felt like wanting to die in order to end her miserable life…

“I guess I didn’t have a chance to give her the birthday present and tell her my departure…”

Jurina sighed and it made her felt like giving up on telling Rena. But then Yuko’s words flashed into her mind that she would regret if she didn’t tell her raven friend about it. “What should I do…?”


The next day, Jurina consulted Yuko for some help. The squirrel serious tried to come up with ideas to help her poor friend that went into a huge fight with the one she loved. Yuko came to meet up with her at Jurina’s place.

“If you don’t really got the guts to talk…how about a letter?”

“Oh, that doesn’t sound bad.”

“It’s quite an effective method to convey your feelings, also it should arrive in Rena’s hands before you leave.” Yuko added more. “That’s likely to be the way you prefer, right?”

“Yeah…thanks Yuko.”

“By the way, are you feeling alright?” Yuko asked with worries.

“I don’t know. I’m just…scared I guess?” Jurina sighed as she lay against the couch. She recalled the argument she had with Rena yesterday. The first fear that popped into her mind was the fact that Rena would cut friendship with her.

This wasn’t like the first time they argued. There were countless times that something like this happened and it would always be Jurina’s fault. Back then the puppy always asked for attention from her beloved Raven and would sulk whenever Rena ignored her for too long. In the end, Rena would always come to make-up with Jurina and they’re good like new again. However this time was different. It seemed Rena reached her limits and burst it all on Jurina. She seemed to be more serious than before and if it kept going on like this…they probably broke up their friendship.

Even though the puppy knew well that it’s her fault in the past, she didn’t give up on trying to change herself for Rena’s sake. She relied less on Rena and dealt with her problems alone. Since they’re in a different school it gave Jurina more excuses to not constantly keep in touch with Rena. She wanted to become strong and reliable just like her raven friend…but she didn’t understand why everything seemed to end up like this. It’s just complete misery for Jurina right now.

“Do you feel like crying?”

“I think that’s quite obvious…it really hurts Yuko.”

“If it’s me, I would be crying my ass off already.”

Yuko sighed softly and moved to sit beside Jurina. She stroked the poor girl’s head with care and worries. She wanted to indirectly tell Jurina that she would always be there for her whenever the puppy needed her. “I never meet anyone with a strong and kind heart as much as you already. Be proud of who you are okay?”

“…Yuko, thank you.”

Finally a vague smile appeared on puppy’s pained face. Yuko couldn’t do anything else aside from being beside the poor girl whenever she needed. After her friend went back, Jurina decided to stay in her room writing a letter. It would be a last letter she would write to Rena. She poured every feeling. she had in there. She was not angry at Rena at the slightest after she was deeply blamed for everything that happened.  She still loved Rena. She didn’t write anything negative in the letter. Only words filled with happiness in there. Every word she wrote down brought back a piece of memories in the past she shared with Rena. Instead, Jurina actually blamed herself for all the mistakes she had done. She felt that wasn’t worth being Rena’s friend in the end, she’s not worth being by Rena’s side…she caused too many problems and pain to her raven friend due to her selfishness already. Maybe it was the time for Jurina to end the pain for Rena. She would be the one to step out from Rena’s life…and disappear.

To Rena-chan,

   I wanted to apologize for everything I’ve done and honestly there are quite several times I’m angry at you, and might thought negative of you…but that’s even way before I transferred out.
   Maybe I did change after all. I learned so many things from having to be responsible for many more things. Maybe it’s the time I should stop relying on you every time I felt down and step up for myself. The reason I didn’t talk to you because you’re having a very busy life and I felt guilty at times when I shouldn’t have said some things to you. I wondered how to not let that happen again, so I thought the best way is to give you and myself the time and not repeating my mistakes again. But I didn’t know that it would hurt Rena-chan this much…I’m really sorry.
   Again…I’m never angry with you but instead I felt really guilty that I’m always a bother to you in many things. So I guess the only thing I could do is to wait for the day we can talk at east without having to worry about workloads.
I’m actually paranoid that you’ll forget about me…I haven’t told you since I don’t have a chance at all…I got accepted to America but I’ll have to leave in less than two weeks from now. I learned that I should trust my bonds with you instead of doubting it. I know it’s a bit late to realize this but at least it’s better than not at all right?
   Rena-chan…I didn’t want both of us to end up separate in the middle of an argument like this. I wanted to leave while seeing your smile. I love everything about you. You’re the most important person in my life do you know that? Thank you for everything you’ve given me…and I’m so sorry for every pain I’ve given to you. I’m so happy every second I spent with you throughout our times together. I don’t have any regrets for anything if we were to break up.
   I love you Rena…and I will always do. Be happy, always.



The next morning, Jurina sealed the letter in the envelope and put it into postal box before she headed to her school. About 7 days before she would leave to America and at least she decided to drop by to Sakae High school to tell Churi and others about her depature after her school day was over.

“Jurina! I’m glad you can come to school today!” Yuko was waiting for Jurina at the entrance of the Akiba High school.

“Obviously today’s my early graduation day isn’t?” Jurina giggled before she walked side with Yuko into the building. “I’m getting my graduation diploma so never I’m going to miss that!”

“Hehe~ True that!”

In the morning, there was a special assembly for Jurina. Since she had to early graduate to go continue her studies in America, the principal announced to everyone before he gave the diploma to Jurina. Everyone gave applaud to congratulate the puppy girl. Many of her friends came to congratulate her throughout the whole day in school.

“Congratulations! You better come visit Japan and us okay?” Mayu smacked Jurina’s shoulder softly. “We’ll wait for you.”

“Take care of yourself and don’t trust strangers!” Yuki acted like a mother as usual. She would always be worry about the puppy girl all the time as if Jurina was her daughter. It hit the point that everyone started to call her ‘mama-rin’ instead.

“Hai~ I’m take care of myself mama-rin.”

“Jurina! Make sure to take a lot of pictures okay?” Sae patted her head with a warm smile. “We’ll miss you!”

“We have something for you too!” Takamina brought out a small book from her bag and it was a friendship book. Every one of Jurina’s friends in Akiba High school wrote it for her before the girl would depart to America. It made Jurina’s heart moved so much that she almost shed tears. But it seemed the midget girl cried before her.

“Wah! I thought I wouldn’t cry already!”

“As expected from our crybaby Takamina~!”

Yuko spoke up and it made everyone laughed including Jurina. A part of the puppy didn’t feel like her life was filled with misery after all. She had loads of great friends in Akiba High school that cared for her. A part of her didn’t regret moving here at all even it was just 8 months.


Jurina left her school earlier and headed straight to Sakae High school. As she arrived there she contacted with Churi, Airin and Kuumin as she told them that she wanted to talk to them in privately without Rena. They met up pool area where not many people would pass by. Jurina still didn’t want anyone in school to see her fearing for the rumors between Rena and her would spread again.

“What’s a matter? This is quite a sudden visit.” Airin asked with slight curiosity.

“You see…I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you guys earlier.” Jurina bowed and it made the three of her best friends flinched with confusion. “Actually, I got accepted to America for Video Production major.”

“W-Whoa really!? Congratulations!!”

Churi screamed and threw a hug around Jurina immediately. The three of them almost shed tears as they knew really well that it was Jurina’s dream to become a movie director ever since they knew her back in junior high. “I’m SO proud of you Jurina!”

“Oh my god! You should’ve told us earlier!” Kummin shrieked as she joined the hug with Churi.

“That’s amazing and you’re heading to America too! That’s just downright beyond amazing!” Airin exaggerated her feelings but then it was the time that Jurina had to tell them the bad news. She bid her lips and slowly pushed Kummin and Churi away from her.

“But…I’ll have to leave in a week from now, to be exact I have 7 days left in Japan.”

Everyone froze with shock. Both good news and bad news were told at the same time and they didn’t know how to cope with that. Before they could say or yell at Jurina about anything, she continued where she left off first.

“I know I should’ve told you guys earlier! But…the past weeks Colon got terribly sick and my mom almost die and got admitted into hospital for few days…it’s just terribly hectic and I apologize for that.”

“J-Jurina…” Instead of them ranting at Jurina for not telling them earlier. They felt really bad and worried for their puppy friend. “Is your mom alright now??”

“She’s okay now. But…she’s still sick. I won’t ask you guys to understand my situation so…I’m sorry for not informing this earlier.”

“Are you insane?” Airin walked in and slapped Jurina’s shoulder. “Why are you apologizing on something that’s not your fault? Idiot.”


“Of course we understand! You don't have to ask at all because we will always understand you.” Kuumin smiled and held Jurina’s hand gently with care.


“Congratulations for your acceptance and you better come visit us with loads of stories from your side~”

Churi ruffled Jurina’s head and it made the puppy broke into tears of contentment. She was so happy that her friends understood her situation and cared for her despite she’s the one that supposed to be scolded. But then it had grabbed Churi’s attention on something…so she decided to ask Jurina to clarify her curiosity.

“Did you tell Rena-chan about this?”

“Actually…we recently got into some big fight. Literally a BIG one, so I didn’t have a chance to actually tell her or give her the birthday present at all…”

They all froze and could clearly tell the pain expressed through Jurina’s emotion. It also seemed that Airin knew about that as well, so she told briefly to Kuumin and Churi about what actually happened through Rena’s perspective. Obviously it was quite aggressive since Rena was really mad at that. She pretty much ranted a lot of bad things about Jurina to Airin.

“I heard it from Rena-chan but….” Airin patted Jurina’s shoulder. “After I heard the story from your side, I can’t say it’s your fault. I believe in you Jurina.”


“I wondered what got into Rena and made her that crazy…that’s not her usual self at all.” Kuumin wondered but it seemed Jurina knew the answer well. She still believed that it was her fault.

“It’s my fault. I’ve been to spoil around her…this is what I deserve after I’ve done terrible things to her.”

Jurina let out a painful smile across her face. “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I wrote a letter to her about my departure already so you guys don’t have to worry…what’s going to happen have to happen.”


“But if worse happens that Rena and I are…no longer friends. Please look after her, she might be tough but she’s really fragile at times…”

“Stop saying something like that!”


Airin yelled and literally slapped across Jurina’s face. Making the other two flinched, Jurina was too shocked to respond to that too. The puppy girl looked back at Airin with goggled eyes, but then it even made her speechless as she saw Airin’s tears streaming down her cheeks non-stop.


“Don’t just throw your damn job on us!”

Airin yelled with anger. Every single word echoed in Jurina’s head and made her ultimately speechless. She could feel the sadness from Airin’s voice as well. “Isn’t it obvious that the one that understands Rena the most is you!? The person who always stood by Rena’s side couldn’t be anyone else aside from you! Got that!?”


“Airin took all our words.” Kuumin smiled and made eye contact with Jurina. “I don’t know what you’re deciding to do but I trust you.”

“Same here. I love you both and I don’t want you two to be separated just because of this!” Churi added in.

“Whatever you’re going to do…I won’t forgive you if you make Rena-chan cry because of you disappearing! You got it? You better promise to me Jurina!”

“…I don’t want to make Rena-chan sad either.”

After Jurina got slapped across her face she started to have some little more sense of hope with Rena. She received enough trust and care from her fellow best friends that gave her hope to not give up on Rena. At least before she’s going to leave…she decided would give the birthday present along with telling her feelings directly to Rena. “…I’ll definitely come up with a best ending between the two of us.”

“Good! So are you coming to visit school again anytime?” Airin asked.

“…Yes, on the very last day that I’ll be here in Japan.”


Days flew by so fast that it’s today that Jurina would be flying off to America. She came to school early and went to visit her teachers for one last time as well as some of her close friends in Sakae High school. Only those closed to her would know she’s leaving to America today. Obviously they would be really mad at Jurina for not telling them earlier but instead of them being so mad at her…they congratulated Jurina and prayed for her to have a safe flight.

Again…Jurina felt that her life wasn’t filled with misery after all. She still had good friends that cared for her, from both Akiba and Sakae High school. However, it’s about time she had to confront with her fear. She planned to meet with Rena after lunch since she got no class after that until after school. It would be a perfect timing to have one last talk with the raven girl. 


“Ah, finally the text is here.”

Jurina received a text and believed it would be from Airin, Churi or Kuumin. Since the three of them decided to help Jurina out no matter what, they always kept inform Jurina of where Rena would be right now so the puppy girl would find the perfect timing to talk to her friend. She flipped her cellphone up and it was from Churi.

[BAD NEWS! Nishishi just told me that Rena-chan was at the infirmary after since her class after the break! Apparently she’s had a high fever and didn’t tell anyone of us!! THAT RENA!]


Jurina immediately rushed to the infirmary without any slight 2nd thought. She was extremely worried about her raven friend. As soon as she arrived she met the nurse there at the front. In order to not let Rena knew she was here she spoke softly to the nurse.

“Is Matsui Rena here?”

“Oh yes, she’s in Bed 2 right now.” The nurse pointed and before Jurina could head to Rena’s bed she added a little more. “But don’t interrupt her if she’s still sleeping.”

“I won’t. Thank you nurse.”

Jurina slowly stopped at the front of the curtain before she walked in to Rena’s bed. She saw the figure sleeping on the bed quietly. It seemed Rena didn’t realize her presence yet. She stood there for few seconds staring at her raven friend whom had her back facing Jurina.

(…I guess I couldn’t tell Rena-chan about my feelings after all.)

The puppy girl pulled out Rena’s birthday present and put it at the table beside all her stuffs. She decided to leave the raven girl sleeping even though she would regret for the rest of her life for not telling Rena about her departure today. But Jurina wrote in the letter she sent to Rena last week. It should already arrive in her hands and she should already know by now.

(I guess the letter would do okay for now…)

She stroked Rena’s hair gently and whispered softy in order not to wake her raven friend up. “Get well soon Rena-chan…thank you for everything, and I’m sorry for everything…goodbye.”


Jurina took the first step away from Rena’s bed and turned her head towards the exit behind the curtain.


(After all the things that happen…I still love you Rena.)

Taking another step…Jurina hoped that she wouldn’t regret what’s she’s doing right now. But at least, she got to meet Rena for one last time. She took another sigh, as after this next last step she wouldn’t see her beloved one ever again…


Jurina felt her hand being grabbed from behind before she could take the final step out. She turned around and caught a glimpse of the raven’s burning face immediately.


“Jurina…don’t go…”

That was the first word they exchanged words after since they had a fight. Rena’s voice was utterly weak and then Jurina never did take that final step through the curtain wall. She turned back and walked in towards Rena’s bed while the raven still holding her hand tightly as if there’s no tomorrow.

“You should lie down. You still need to rest.”

Rena ignored what Jurina said as she glanced towards the table. She saw this mysterious CD on top of her bag. “What’s that…? Its yours isn’t…?”

“Technically…it’s yours now.” Jurina turned to her sick friend. “It’s your birthday present I prepared.”


Rena’s eye grew wide with shock. She suddenly acted really desperate and grabbed for that CD. “Jurina…pass me my laptop.”

She’s going to watch it immediately and it made Jurina surprised. She obeyed what her raven friend asked and passed her laptop to Rena. The raven took it without saying a word and opened it quickly. She looked really desperate and before Jurina could’ve say anything, Rena turned to look at her.

“Jurina…please stay with me for now…please…”

The raven friend pleaded and there’s no way Jurina could get the guts to even refuse what her beloved ask her to. She nodded silently and sat on the bed beside Rena. Obviously after Rena grabbed her earphones to listen to the video inside the CD, Jurina couldn’t be bothered to watch her own video she made. She was too embarrassed, but after a short while some odd voice caught her attention.

(What’s that sound…?)

She turned and only could see tears running down Rena’s puffed cheeks. The voice that Jurina heard was Rena’s crying voice. She seemed to be crying harder every second that passed by. The raven was deeply moved by endless pictures and short video clips in the music video that Jurina made. Every moment they shared together ever since they met each other until now…No one could tell whether it was tears of happiness or tears of sadness…or mixed? Jurina couldn’t move or respond to that at all until the video actually finished…that last clip was a short video of Jurina speaking to Rena directly…Jurina blushed and trembled at the same time. She remembered this part very well as it’s the part that she confessed to Rena for her love.

[Rena, I love you ever since we’re in Junior High.
I’m so sorry with the rumors going on and it must’ve disturbed you so much…
I’m really sorry, please be happy.
I’ll be going to America in few days now.
I won’t make more problems for you any longer, I promise.
Also…Happy birthday Rena-chan!]

Jurina’s words and smile was imprinted into Rena’s mind and the video ended…she closed her laptop screen down and remained in silence. That’s when Jurina realized that Rena had heard her recorded confession in the video. She wondered whether Rena would chase her away or not but she couldn’t even move from her seat at all. But Jurina knew that it wasn’t the time to be a coward, she got out from bed and caught Rena’s attention.

“I guess you heard it…I’m really sorry for my feelings I had for you. It must’ve caused so many uneasiness for you.” Jurina painfully smiled back to Rena and tried to not to cry in front of the Raven before she had a chance to confess directly to her friend.

“I’m sorry…but I really love you Rena.”

Jurina broke that silence and a part of her felt much relieved after she confessed her love to Rena. “But I don’t need you to reply it…I don’t regret loving you and I don’t regret you not loving me back. Thank you for everything you’ve gave me and please…be happy.”

“Jurina…” Rena launched out from her bed but then she lost her balance. Jurina moved instinctively and managed to catch Rena before she could fall out from the bed.

“H-Hey! That’s dangerous…O-Oh.” Jurina realized that she was holding Rena closed to her. She pushed the raven back onto the bed. She was scared that her friend would push her away with disgust.

“I-I’m sorry…”

The moment Rena saw Jurina’s pained face; it felt like a huge lance pierced right through her chest. It wasn’t only tears of sadness and happiness…but it was also mixed with regret.


Rena grabbed Jurina’s hand and pulled the puppy girl towards her forcefully. The girl ended up in Rena’s arms. She was hugging Jurina tightly as if there’s no tomorrow. She’s buried into Rena’s sweet scene and warm hug, but before she realized it again the crying voice was echoing so clearly right beside her ear. 

“I missed all those times we had together…We’ve been fighting for so long and we should’ve spent more time together before you’re leaving. Also…I heard what happened to your mom from Airin…!”

Rena knew that Jurina’s leaving. She did read the letter Jurina wrote to her. That lovely letter that talked only about good things and clearly portrayed unconditional love that Jurina had for Rena despite everything that happened. Furthermore, it seemed Airin told Rena that Jurina’s mother got admitted into hospital back during the time before they had a fight. Jurina didn’t doubt why Airin told Rena about it, but that fact about her mother made Rena cried even harder.

“I’m so sorry…It’s my fault. You went through so much pain yet I blamed you for everything. I ignored whatever everyone said…Jurina…please…forgive me.”

Rena cried even harder and it started to make Jurina’s eyes got teary. After she heard Rena’s confession, the raven buried her face on the Jurina’s shoulder and hugged her tightly.

“I’m so sorry…I’m so sorry. Jurina I’m so sorry…!”

“Rena, I forgive you.” Jurina hugged her back.

“I’m never angry at you. I always love you…” Jurina whispered with a tender caring voice and hugged Rena back. She stroked Rena’s head gently like she was a little girl. She didn’t expect that things would come to this point but she was beyond happy that they’re able to understand each other once again. “There’s nothing for you to apologize. It’s me that should be saying that to you after I’ve caused so much trouble for you…sorry for always being an annoying asshole to you this long.”

Rena responded nothing only but a tighter hug and a heavier cry. “P-Please don’t say like that! Jurina…I love you too!”

“Thank you…I thought you hate me already since you always pushed me aside whenever I wanted to hug you.”

“NO! I…I’m scared of the rumors going on about us.”

Rena confessed and Jurina knew that well. Obviously Rena would hate that kind of rumor but that’s just only what Jurina thought. But actually, every time Rena heard about that rumor, it just always made her heart ached with mixed feelings. She didn’t know why but she got irritated every time she heard about that or when someone mentioned it…She couldn’t believe that she was constantly denying the fact she fell in love with Jurina.

“I learned so many lessons from that fight…” Rena continued while Jurina was listening to her. “After realizing that you’re gone from my side I felt so empty. I’m able to work hard this far was because I know you’re always there for me. I hate it how I realized this by having to almost lose you forever…!”

She slowly caressed Jurina’s cheek and they made a long romantic eye contact with each other. She placed Jurina’s hand on top of her chest. The puppy blushed slightly and could felt the heart beating clearly and hastily. That really gave Jurina a huge hint that Rena shared the same feeling as her. “I had this feeling for so long already yet I never realize it. You’re truly irreplaceable and without you I’m empty… I love you, Jurina. Not as a friend, but…more than that.”


Jurina blushed instantly as she didn’t expect such confession coming from her raven friend she had a crush on for so long. But it seemed Rena hadn’t finish what she wanted to say yet and Jurina just waited for her to finish her talk first.

“I’m so sorry for everything. Please forgive me…”

Rena pleaded with a weak voice due to her fever. She was really tired from the long talk already yet she wouldn’t stop. She had to tell how she felt to Jurina no matter what. It’s either now or never.

“…I’ve done so many horrible things…yet am I even worth to be loved by you?”

“Rena, that’s enough.”

Jurina interrupted as she was snapped. She moved Rena’s hand from her face to her chest as well in order for her raven friend to feel her heartbeat. They could feel each other’s heartbeat and it’s resonating with each other. Rena’s heart skipped after Jurina called her name without any honorifics.

“You will always be the one I love…no matter how imperfect are you. I will always love you.”

Jurina whispered softly as they still kept the eye contact with each other. While the puppy girl slowly moved in little by little, their eyelids slowly closed. Finally, it was their first contact with each other. The raven girl showed no sign of rejection and actually kissed Jurina as equally gently back. Tasting their sweet first kiss with each other. Slowly, it developed into a passionate kiss. The raven slowly gripped onto Jurina’s shirt tightly as the kiss slowly deepened up.

“Rena…I love you.” They broke the kiss and Jurina whispered against Rena’s lips.

“I love you too…” She whispered back while her face was flushing from the fever and from the first kiss she had with Jurina. She looked back up and made an eye contact with the puppy lover.

“I’ll come back to you, so…will you wait for me?” Jurina asked and Rena nodded her head immediately without any second decision.

“…Yes, I will always.” Rena replied with a smile of contentment before Jurina moved in to kiss her forehead.

“Take a good rest…and I’ll see you again.”



“Congratulations for your acceptance…and have a same flight.”

Jurina couldn’t cover up her happiness and had that childish energetic smile across her face. “Thank you Rena~”

This time, Jurina had taken the final step out through the curtains but without regret this time. It was like a miracle that everything ended so smoothly for both Jurina and Rena. Even more, their feelings had reached other and their first kiss was their symbol of love for one another.


It’s been 6 months ever since Jurina went to stay abroad for her study. However, today was the day that she will return back home. Her family was waiting at the airport along with Churi and Airin who wanted to come to surprise Jurina.

“She should be arriving soon now!” Airin was too excited to meet with Jurina after not seeing her for 6 months.

“Yeah! Eh…I hope she didn’t look too different or else we wouldn’t be able to find her!” Churi added but before they could say anything further a woman figure approached them with a huge luggage beside her. She had a longer hair as well as wearing sunglasses. They couldn't tell at instant meeting but then their guts could tell them that this person is…

“Oh Airin! Churi!? I didn’t know you guys would be here!”

She took off her sunglasses and she was definitely Jurina. She looked more mature than before as well. No wonder why both her friends couldn’t recognize Jurina at first glance.

“Jurina! Oh wow you’ve changed! How are you!?” Churi ran in towards her and with Airin following up from behind to join the reunion group.

“Yeah I’m good~” Jurina was still excited about the fact that her friends came to surprise her at the airport like this. “Uwah! I’m so happy to mee you guys here! Also I’m really surprise!”

“Hehe~ There would be more surprise for you!” Airin smirked and it caught Jurina’s attention.

“Hm?? What is it?” Before Jurina could ask anything further…she heard a familiar voice from behind her.


She flinched and recognized that sweet voice immediately. She turned around and saw the beautiful raven girl in front of her in a cute casual outfit. “Jurina…!”



Rena ran in and threw her arms around Jurina tightly. It made the puppy girl surprised since Rena wasn’t a type that displayed affection to public like this. But she was too happy to meet Rena to even think about that. She embraced her loved one tightly and inhaled her sweet scent.

“I’m back to you as I promise.” Jurina replied as she patted Rena’s head. “I have something for you too.”

“Hm? What is it?”

Jurina only smirked and brought out a golden bracelet from her pocket. “Maybe a ring is just too extreme so I think a bracelet would be neat.” She spoke as she showed Rena her bracelet on her left wrist. It was an identical one as Jurina’s gift to her and it made Rena realized where Jurina’s heading. She blushed instantly after the realization.

“Rena, will you be my girlfriend?”

Asking right in front of her family and friends and especially in the middle of the airport. Rena couldn’t hide her blush and wanted to even hide under the ground. However she nodded without hesitation, as she had been waiting for this for over 6 months. Her feeling hadn’t change, as well as Jurina’s feelings for her. Jurina did put the bracelet of Rena’s left wrist and finally they became official couples in front of everyone.

“Whoa! That’s unexpecting! Congrats!” Churi clapped her hands as well as Airin and even Jurina’s family. It did made both wMatsui blushed even more as it’s really grabbing a lot of attention in the airport.

“Oh this is embarrassing…” Rena tried to cover her face with her hand but it didn’t work as much as she expected.

“Hehe, I actually wanted to kiss you right now but I guess we’ll save it later on our private time neh?” Jurina replied with a smile since she knew her girlfriend well enough that Rena didn’t like to show any affection in public.


“Huh--?” Jurina was caught off-guard by Rena’s answer but what even made her mind blown was that Rena launched herself in and kissed her lips aggressively. Airin and Churi got to see the unexpected scene and it even made them blushed with excitement. It was a short yet passionate, Rena broke the kiss and Jurina was even redder than a tomato right now.


“I don’t want to hide anymore. I wanted to show everyone that who I belonged to…as I’m proud to say you’re my girlfriend.”

“Rena…” They both stared at each other passionately as they were finally lovers after so many things had happened. Before anything could precede any further, both Churi and Airin interrupted them immediately without any mercy.

“Hey you love birds! Kuumin is now reserving a spot for all of us at the restaurant! We better not make her wait.” Airin interrupted their lovey-dovey moments.

“O-Oh? I didn’t know that!”

“You were too busy kissing your girlfriend obviously~” Churi nudged Jurina’s shoulder and it made her blushed terribly. Her friend sure knew where to poke on Jurina in order to make her really embarrassed.

“Don’t bully Jurina!” Rena suddenly roared back at Churi, making others caught off guard. Even Jurina was surprised with Rena’s action as well.

“Oh wow Rena-chan is now being so protective over her girlfriend.” Airin teased but then got pinched by Rena at the arm. “Ow!”

“It should be me protecting my girlfriend!” Jurina interrupted and hugged Rena from behind. Acting so mighty possessive over her girlfriend. However she didn’t realize that she was making Rena blushed badly like a burning tomato.

“Ah~ Rena-chan! You’re blushing so much!” Churi and Airin exclaimed at the same time and made Jurina looked over Rena’s shoulder to see her girlfriend’s face. She was actually blushing and Jurina hugged Rena even tighter due to how adorable Rena appealed her.

“You’re so cute Rena-chan!”

“J-Jurina!” Rena blushed even more while she felt her lover snuggling her tightly.

“Oh jeez guys we better get moving before Kuumin kills us!”

Airin reminded again and then they decided that they should head to the restaurant now. Together with her friends, her family, her girlfriend…Jurina couldn’t hope for anything better than this already. Everything seemed too perfect. They both acted really lovey-dovey as Rena wrapped her arm around Jurina’s and rested her head on the girl’s shoulder. They were really acting like a sweet lovey dovey couple. Airin and Churi turned around and just few seconds that they let their glances away from the wMatsui couple it ended like this already.

“Quit your lovey-dovey or get a room!” Airin yelled out at Rena.

“A-Airin!” Rena roared with her face blushing like a tomato. Obviously she was so embarrassed with what Airin said to her.

“I actually agreed with Airin though.” Churi joined the conversation.

“Well, we shouldn’t make Kuumin wait any longer now!” Jurina changed the topic but Churi could catch what Jurina was thinking to do.

“Don’t change the subject yet.”


“Well~ I guess we’ll let it off this time! Since is your first day as lovers.” Airin shrugged her shoulders and turned back to look at the path ahead as she decided to ignore the lovey dovey wMatsui couple behind her.

Rena slowly took her hand and then they exchanged a short glance and smile with each other. Secretly without Airin and Churi hearing them, Rena moved her lips as if she’s speaking but without a voice.

‘I love you’

Jurina was able to read it and blushed slightly. Rena could tell from Jurina’s reaction and giggled at her softly. So this time, Jurina did the same I replied back to her girlfriend.

‘I love you too’

After many things had happened. Finally their feelings had reached each other and it’s not an unrequited love after all…despite all the things they had went through in the end it just ended up strengthening their feelings for each other.

…It’s an unbreakable love of eternity.


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Such a sweet love story of Jurina and Rena..

I like it...

Thank you

Can't wait to see more other OS

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it's so touching and sweet~
i even cried myself out again :cry:
I LOVE ur story so much!!!!!!!
can't wait to see the next one
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~Hi kate-san!  :deco:

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~I read all of your works! It's so good and fun to read..

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wMatsui fiction! It's so touching and heart-clenching that I couldn't help but get my emotions swayed by the story. :sweatdrop:

When I first read that Jurina was in a different school with Rena, I had the thought that they were still contacting each other. However, seeing that the two Matsuis are distancing themselves from each other due to their different viewpoints on the situation is- :panic: When they both argued, I couldn't help but throw my hands up in the air and internally yell at Rena to please listen to Jurina! Poor Juju has gone through a lot with her mother going to the hospital and pet dog, Colon, getting ill. So there is reason for Jurina to be unable to contact Rena and you know... She was also busy making a little birthday present for her... Such complications. :doh:

In the end though, I'm glad it all worked out. Misunderstanding and miscommunication is surely easy to earn a ticket to having a rocky relationship. But now that they're both officially girlfriends in the end, my heart screamed out in joy! wMatsui! :cathappy:

Thank you for posting this up and I'm glad to have a chance to finally read it! Looking forward to more of your work! :deco:
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Did I ever said that I love your stories so much?
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It is really pleasant that this story is so long and still I read it quickly.
Your Wmatsui stories are best.
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somehow it's touching me
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I have no words. I just love your story.
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i love your FF


so sweet and nice...

whit the just spice of drama...

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You're OS is soooooo Touched me..... Really good..!!!  :thumbsup


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So I finally got the time to review it (and it's exactly on my Birthday XD)

Alot of feels...and I see alot of stuff relating to me so it's twice the excitement when reading it. I have some problem figuring out the timing of the letter arriving to Rena and why did she not contact Jurina if she already read it, etc. But everything turned out alright at the end anyway so you're safe. And yes you should know I'm quite picky with details and stuff.  ;)

All in all, I totally love this OS and i would definitely reread this in the future. Thanks Kate.  :twothumbs
Title: Re: Kate's OS Compilation ~ My Beloved [Furuyanagi] - Update (24/9/13)
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This is the first time I write this pairing so I hope it turns out to be good!! :) :nervous

My Beloved
~Pairing: Furuyanagi~


“Churi, I’m heading off the work now.”

Airin was fixing her shoes at the entrance of the house as Churi rushed to her and gave a peck on her cheeks. Obviously it was their usual morning greeting since they had been living together for almost 3 years already.

“Have a safe day~”

“Thank you~” She kissed Churi back at the lips gently before she left the house in her black woman suit.

She worked as a scientist in the hospital as she’s doing some intensive research to formulate new drugs for hospitals. Even though she worked every day she managed to give her weekends to be lovey-dovey with her girlfriend, Churi. Meanwhile, Churi was working as an elementary teacher close by to their house. She would go out to work after Airin but today it’s a holiday at the school so she stayed back at home enjoying her sweet day-off.

“Hm~ what should I do today…Eh?”

She turned to the window and then spotted something that caught her attention. She blinked countless times and a huge smile appeared on her face…As if she came across a gold…what did she saw?



Airin finally got back from her work and she would arrive home at 7pm every day. She took off her shoes, loosened up her suit and dropped on the staircase with her bag. She turned into the living room and her eyes grew wide with surprise with what she was seeing…there’s a small parrot on top of her girlfriend’s head.

“Oh! Welcome home Airin!”

“Uh…Churi? Is that a parrot? An actual parrot??”

“Yes! It’s a parakeet to be exact. I found her injured at the garden.”

She replied as she carried the bird into her hands instead. The little yellow parrot moved around and it made Churi screamed with happiness.

“Ah kawaii~~!!!”

“Hmmmm…” Airin stared at her and then Churi threw puppy eyes at her.

“Neh Airin! Can we raise Papi-chan?”


“Her name obviously! Neh~”

Churi seemed to be drifted into her little world with her beloved Papi. Airin knew about Churi’s obsession with bird really well and she never expected something like this to happen at all…She gulped and embraced the future that waited for her. 

“Uh…Churi? I think it’s better we don’t have a pet…”

“Eh?? Why?”

“We both work and who would look after her? It’s still a young bird and her would need someone to look after her…maybe isn’t it better we find an owner that can look after her?” Airin suggested but judging from Churi’s expression…it didn’t seem her negotiation worked at all.

“But Papi-chan is too injured!”

Churi tried to negotiate with her girlfriend but Airin was trying to be as realistic as possible in order to make Churi understand their situation. Since both of them worked likely everyday and who would actually take care of the poor pet?

“Churi I know you want to raise it but…at our circumstance right now we can’t.”


“I hope you understand our situation Churi…” Airin finally succeeded in negotiating with her girlfriend. But it seemed to just be her interpretation. Suddenly, Churi suddenly yelled out loud like a kid and caused Airin to startle badly. 

“NO! I don’t want to throw Papi-chan away! Airin you meanie! You just don’t like birds as much as I do!”

“C-Churi I didn’t meant that---”

“You don’t know I always want to raise a pet but I always hold back this long! Airin baka!”

Airin could see teary eyes in Churi and suddenly the girl barged out from the house without any single word after that. Airin seemed to know that coming and likely Churi would run over to her best friend’s house. Even worse…she left Papi-chan back at home and it seemed Airin had to embrace another new task in her life. She made an eye contact with the little parakeet that was staring at her back.

“What am I doing to do with you…” She sighed.

*~Chirp~ Chirp~*

“Well…it’s not like I have a choice now.”

Airin decided to clean the mess Churi left and put the bird back into its cage. Right now she knew that she had to give time to her girlfriend and decided to give a call to Jurina about this thing tonight. Airin knew that every time if they had some sort of argument, her Churi would be heading to the wMatsui’s house.


“So…that’s what actually happen?”

Rena asked after Churi had told her the story that happened between her and Airin. Both wMatsui listened to their friend and seemed to understand the situation really well.

“I don’t think Airin meant like that.” Jurina spoke up, trying to calm Churi’s burning temper.

“But still! I know she’s always busy that’s why I never brought up about pets…”

The poor girl mumbled and both wMatsui understood her feelings as much as they understood Airin’s feelings. They knew that both of them are neither wrong but it’s more of a miscomprehension between both of them. However it seemed Airin knew how to manage with her girlfriend quite well.

“We understand how you feel…but let’s say, you should talk to Airin about it though. I believe she have her reasons why she didn’t want to raise a pet.” Rena was extremely optimistic and seemed to successfully brighten up Churi’s mood a little. Along with the younger Matsui’s help, they seemed to manage to convince Churi to go talk with Airin properly about her real feelings about raising a pet, especially birds.

“But…I feel so awkward returning after I just came out of a sudden like this.”

“Don’t worry! It’s Airin after all. I believe she’s waiting for you to return back.” Jurina smiled back and Churi nodded.

“I guess…I’ll go back to talk to her then.”

“We’ll come with you, but obviously you have to talk with Airin alone afterwards.” Rena suggested and Churi gladly accepted it. At least she would want her best friend to send her off at her house. Jurina agreed with that and then they sent Churi off at her house.

Obviously, Churi was still afraid that Airin would be mad at her after she had disappeared for 2 days. She had crashed at wMatsui’s place without any warning and as usual they both didn’t mind it at all. Jurina gave Churi a push towards her home entrance, as the guilty girl would have to confront with her girlfriend whom would likely to be waiting for her return.

“We’ll go back home and tell us how it went.”

Jurina waved at her and dragged Rena home. The older raven was still worried about her best friend but the younger Matsui told her girlfriend that she should trust Churi with dealing with her own issues. As they both went back home, Churi was standing at the front of her house and took a big sigh before she twisted the door knob of her very own house… The door was unlocked and the squeaking sound broke the dead silence inside the house. She slowly entered without trying to make any noise as possible. She closed the door behind her and took off her shoes before she slowly tiptoed into her own house.


She called her girlfriend softly but she didn’t receive a respond. As she turned at the corner at the living room, she saw her girlfriend sleeping with her head on the couch. She looked really exhausted and the table was a big mess…then suddenly she spotted the little feather creature sleeping against Airin’s face…it was the parakeet bird. She looked really fond to Airin as well. Then immediately Churi recalled how her girlfriend never have pets before so she never knew how to raise one before…that explained the mess that’s all over the dining table. Bird food and sunflower seeds scattered everywhere. The time she was gone…her lovely girlfriend looked after her Papi-chan instead of taking her to some pet store close by here. She couldn’t hold back her happiness and grabbed a clean blanket for her Airin so she wouldn’t get a cold.  Churi planted a soft kiss onto Airin’s forehead, while she was sleeping like a dead log.

“Hehe…you’re so adorable when you’re sleeping.”

Churi got up and decided to clean up the mess that was left by Airin. Also, since she had caused problems for her lovely girlfriend, she’s going to cook something nice for her tonight.


“Nn…” Airin slowly woke up from her sleep and Papi-chan beside her had disappeared. She suddenly pulled herself off from the floor and threw her glance around the whole room. “P-Papi-chan where are you!?”

“Good evening Airin~!”

A sweet voice came from the kitchen and she saw her girlfriend in the pink apron cooking dinner for them. Obviously Airin was shocked to see Churi back already and then her eyes stopped at the bird cage, Papi-chan was in there. The whole table was cleaned up as well… she believed Churi did clean it up.

“O-Oh…you’re back.”

“Yes…I’m sorry to cause you so much trouble. Let’s talk after our dinner okay?”

“…Sure.” Airin smiled and decided to go with the flow of her girlfriend instead.


After then had their dinner together, they sat down at the living room with Churi lying on Airin’s shoulder quietly. Obviously, Airin didn’t know how she’s going to respond to that with her girlfriend remaining in silence like this. Then suddenly, Churi hugged Airin around her body and caused her to be surprise.

“I’m really sorry for rushing out without talking properly to you Airin…please forgive me.”

“Don’t worry about that, I know you really want to raise a pet for so long already…it’s technically my fault for not managing with that.” Airin chuckled softly to her and Churi totally disagreed with her.

“No! It’s not your fault! I believe…you have a reason too right?”


“Please let me hear your reason…” Churi begged and then Airin finally decided to tell the reason why she didn’t want to raise a pet yet.

Since they both were working full-time and just Airin’s job couldn’t support both of them. She wanted to have a more stable job than this so that Churi wouldn’t have to work, she actually thought about…adopting a child and have pets as well. But she just felt that it’s not the time yet. Obviously after Churi heard Airin’s reasons; she couldn’t help but to blush and wanted to break into tears. Her girlfriend was really considerate for her and what made her blush was that Airin was actually planning to have a family with her. Why wouldn’t she be happy with it? But she could tell that Airin looked really uneasy.

“I-I know it sounds weird but…I want our relationship to just be more than this.”

“…Is this an indirect proposal?”


Churi could see Airin blushed badly by her question and that made her even happier as ever. Without further ado, she moved in and plated a soft kiss right onto Airin’s lips. Then both made a silence eye contact with each other… Airin was totally mesmerized by that beauty in Churi’s eyes. “Churi…”

“I want a proposal that I wouldn’t forget…okay?”

The girl gave her girlfriend a hint and obviously she could see Airin’s face blushed even worse. She felt like wanting to hide from this embarrassment but at the same time, she couldn’t hold back her smile of happiness.

“Yes, definitely I will!”

“Hehe~ I love you, Airin.”

“Me too…you’re my only one, Churi.”

They both cuddled each other as they finally had came to understand each other feelings a little more. Holding each other’s hand and feeling each other’s warmth was just comforting their hearts. What could Churi ask for more than being with the ‘destined’ one? Only Airin understood and loved her more than she could give to someone. But Churi wouldn’t want to lose to Airin either, she kissed Airin at the cheeks in order to grab her attention.

“I won’t lose to you Airin~ I’ll definitely give you much more love than what you gave me.”

“Hehe, you already did Churi…you gave me happiness.” She pecked Churi’s head and brought in her lover closer to her body. They rested their foreheads against each and held onto each other tightly. “You’re my everything…”

“Me too…you are my everything and my life.”

Both Furuyanagi enjoyed their little fluffly moments together and then the silence was broke by Airin bringing something up.

“By the way…I’m not really good with raising Papi-chan. I would need your help to teach me neh?”

“Huh?” Churi froze with confusion and eventually started to realize what Airin was referring. She couldn’t believe what she was thinking and just needed clarification from her girlfriend on this. “W-Wait do you mean…”

“Well, we can’t leave her injured right? I guess we’re going to raise it together. I’ll do the best I can~”

Airin was just so sweet to her selfish girlfriend. Churi couldn’t hold back her tears and threw her arms around her lover and buried her face onto Airin’s shoulder. She hugged her tightly as if there’s no tomorrow. She was really happy that she’s able to have a pet bird, but she’s was happier that Airin always cared for her in every circumstances even though Churi was the one being so selfish on her this time.

“Airin…thank you so much.”

“Don’t worry~ your smile is my happiness. I want you to be happy Churi.”

“Obviously I am! Because I have such…a sweet girlfriend like you.”

Without any waiting, she sealed her lips against Airin’s and tasted every sweet flavor from her lover’s lips. Oh dear. Airin was just downright shocked with Churi’s aggressive move but she totally loved it. She pushed Airin down onto the couch and lied down on top of her.

“Airin…Hug me, and let me stay like this…”


Airin nodded and hugged Churi back. They both lied down on the big couch that could fit two people sleeping at the same time. It was a deep silence between both as Churi snuggled in towards Airin and it made her giggled with how adorable Churi was. They slept in each other’s arm until morning…they wanted this time to remain for eternity…what could’ve been better with your heart become one with someone?



NEXT UPDATE: Book of Transcendence......Next: I dunno~

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kyaaaa.long time didn't read a ChurixAirin fic~~
it was lovely~~
PS: kate don't forget to update Love Capture *w*
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ah... my heart pounds from reading this...
furuyanagi!! They are a married couple basically~
hee~ Papi-chan is here!
I wonder if CHuri will get Airin to let her raise the other 3 as well... lol
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great Furuyanagi OS!
 I want moreeee  :on chew:  :on hypto:
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Awesome shot! I always love fluffy FuruYanagi fics. Hope to read more Furuyanagi fics from you!
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This Furuyanagi fic is just sooooooo beautiful... :luvluv1: :shy2: :nya: :mon lovelaff: :mon dance:

Have i ever mentioned that you're a really really really good fanfic writer? :on GJ: :on GJ:

Keep up the good work~ Stay awesome... :onioncheer: :onioncheer:

Basically i'm waiting for your book of transcendence... :whistle: :whistle:

Update quick! :mon pray2: :mon pray2: :mon pray2:

If you don't... I'll  :mon zoom: :mon zoom: :mon zoom: :mon zoom:

Nah.. Just kidding.. :on lol:
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mo-chan: Glad you enjoy this furuyanagi fic and don't worry I'm going to update Love Capture after the Book Series XD (CONFIRM!)

Shinoki: Hehe~ Glad you enjoy it! XD I bet Airin will let Churi raise her other 3~ if the story goes on!

p-o-p-e-y-oppa: I'm glad you enjoy this furuyanagi fic! It's my first try and I'm glad it worked out well~! XD

kevinwkl: hi kevin~ (can i call you like that? :P) Ahahaha! You're a good writer too! I'm flattered you say I'm a really good fanfic writer XD But still need a lot more experience~ Don't worry I'm working on Book of Transcendence right now! Will update asap~

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I could either pick of the pairings, but I don't know why, I felt like writing all three pairings for this one whole OS~ XD
This is just the information~ Hope you guys look forward to this OS as well :)

~Pairing: AtsuMina + MaYuki + wMatsui~

DECLARATION of war, FORMATION of allies…
it is something that is inevitable in this era where each respective kingdom tries to take control over the land of Akihabara.
However there’s LOVE sprouted in that chaos…
the forbidden love between enemy kingdoms…
the unfortunate love from marriage contract between allied kingdoms…
and the unrequited love that could only be just a fantasy dream…
will their love overcome the ordeal or no?

Roseus Kingdom:
Matsui Atsuko, The friendly princess (24)
Matsui Jun, The playboy prince (18)

Vitis Kingdom:
Takahashi Kai, The gentle prince (25)
Takahashi Yuki, The blunt princess (23)

Crystállum Kingdom:
Watanabe Mayu, The sarcastic prince (20)
Watanabe Rena, The shy princess (23)

PART I: AtsuMina ~ The Forbidden Love

Prince Kai and princess Atsuko are secretly lovers for many years and they keep in touch every now and then.
Both of their families know nothing about this… since both their kingdom are enemies with one another.
As their precious kingdoms are at the verge of declaring war with each other…
Will they succeed to go through this ordeal together or will they choose to give up to destiny?

>>[READ NOW] (<<

PART II: MaYuki ~ The Unfortunate Love

Both prince Mayu and princess Yuki had bad relationship with each other in the past, thus Yuki had strong dislike for the prince.
However, both of their kingdoms are in transition of forming alliances and they’re forced into marriage with each other.
How would both of them handle with this unfortunate engagement?

>>[READ NOW] (<<

PART III: wMatsui ~ The Unrequired Love

Princess Rena secretly was in love with Prince Jun for several years.
No one know why and how…
Since the prince is a real playboy and Rena’s younger brother, Mayu, couldn’t understand why Rena loved him.
However, he decided to give a hand to help Rena getting close to the young playboy prince…
would the princess successfully capture her prince’s heart or not?
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uwaaah i can't wait all of them!!!
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Waaa...I'll be waiting for the first chapter...  :grin:
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Oh dear goddess, thee by the name of Katekyohit!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:

 XD :nervous jokes aside...

I am eagerly waiting for the first chapter!!  :cow:

(joins Ryuuicchi in the perv mode  :on gay: :mon lol: :gmon twirl: )
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This is COMPLETELY different from what I thought you'd do! :shocked:

But, the good kind of different. All three look very interesting. I can't wait to see. :cathappy: :deco:
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Uwahhhhh all of this sounds interesting...
specially the part 1 *cough* atsumina bias *cough* XD

Kate im really looking forward for this...i hope ican sleep tonight.. :hiakhiakhiak:
Update soon :on gay:
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Can't wait to see all the chapters...

I like all the pairings and the plots...

Can't wait to see them

Looking forward to it...

Thank you for the lovely summary

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
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this definitely catch my attention, you are on my watch list >=]
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i don't kmow about this....

but i can't wait
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its sounds so good! :cathappy:
please update soon! :cow: :bow:
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Looking forward to all of them especially Mayuki :heart:
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I want to read that fanfiction, mainly ATSUMINA.  :twothumbs
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can I help u? *turns to TD* let's clean together

*coos gently to all the spiders*

Kate, update~
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Can I have a request???  :) :) :)

I want a Kumiyuri + Mayuki + Wmatsui + Atsumina + Kojiyuu + Tomotomo and the genre is sorrowful + romantic genre...  :) :) :)

And it should be a fallen-angel love story (kinda a fallen angel is in love with a mortal)....  :) :) :)

Waiting for that request to be updated...  :) :) :)
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Hi Kate! you shall pay me for my service you know  XD

Anyway, my request is just simple and obvious as what I've said...

MaYuki riding unicorns,full of bunnies and rainbows all over...with a pinch of some caramel with cherry on top  8)2 oh before I forget...I'm giving you my blessing to kill them if you want LOL  :lol:

LOVE YOU KATE!!!! *not in a hurry*  :deco:

YU~ YU~ YUKIRIN!!!!!  :gmon twirl: :gmon twirl: :gmon twirl:
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I can't wait for the story about host Jurina  :grin:

Jurina will be a perfect host like Tamaki Suoh  :grin:
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I won't say I'll clean it like Tii :D
cause mine is even more dirtier than yours XD
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Terragen - Haha~ I hope it will reach your expectations~

olive29 - I hope it will be enjoyable, gonna be my first time AtsuMina :)

sakura_drop_ - Glad you're eager to read it Saku-chan~ XD That makes me happy~  :deco: 

Ruka Kikuchi - For some reason i just somehow came up with this method. I wonder why too, but i like it! XD

Chichay12 - Glad you're looking forward to this~! XD It's my first AtsuMina OS, so please be kind to me~ :D

cisda83 - I'm glad you enjoy the summary and look forward to it! XD I'm going to have a lot of fun writing it~

CrimsonGrxy - Oh? On your watch list? XD I'm flattered~

gek geki - I hope you'll enjoy it~ :)

mayuki_daisuki - Will definitely update soon! With some little complications going I would have to take a little break from fictions (not so long!) Check at the end of the message :)

Konoe - Glad you look forward to it!

Mina - LOL, Its going to be my first AtsuMina though, I hope you don't be too serious with me ><"

imteedee + Saku-chan: OI~ OwO thanks for helping me sweeping the floor~ XD

Minamiyuki: request accepted, but seriously, are you trying to kill meh? O_O 6 pairings!? Oh geez, you're such a hardcore requestor...We'll see how it comes out to be.

imteedee: request accepted, oh too TD-chan  :nervous people bully so much with requests...I'll make sure to end it angsty OwO

mo-chan: LOL, ><" Mine shall be clean after exams~ XD

KimTan: request accepted, but just so you know that there's so many ppl requested before would take quite a long while to get it to reach you. I won't guarantee when I will be done, but will definitely catch up with yours!  :deco:

1. I'm about to have midterm exams next month (which is in few days), so I won't be able to write anything during the whole month of Nov. I'll still be active with stuffs, but not writing at the moment.
2. Pardon me, I won't take request at the moment since it have reached 10 requests already O_O I still have other of my own series to write....this won't give me time to even finish it! Please have mercy with meh~! ><"


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WOI! you threatening me?! I'LL ACCEPT YER ANGSTY ENDING FULL-HEARTEDLY! KATEY  :lol: :lol:

anyway, I'm so full with fluff and unicorns right now,  :roll:
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Is it just me? I'm sensing Ryuuka's presence here....  :shocked :smhid
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Is it just me? I'm sensing Ryuuka's presence here....  :shocked :smhid
yea me too Tii I have this kind of feeling  :smoke:
and Kate good luck with your exams I already started my exams T_T   :onioncheer:
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A/N: This is a birthday OS to LoyalFlutist~ The longest MaYuki OS (Oneshot in general) I EVER WROTE IN MY LIFE. Phew, I hope it turned out to be good~ Even though its gonna be her birthday the next day, its already her birthday at my timezone! (I DUN CARE) Jya~ So I hope every MaYuki fans will enjoy this as well! =) Cheers~!

Eternal Devotion
~Pairing: Mayuki~

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A pre-wedding part was hosted in Kashiwagi shrine on the day before the wedding. Yuki’s close friend since high school, Haruna, was getting married. The lucky person that would have her as a wife was apparently younger. That person was Yuko. Since they both were good friends with Yuki, the Kashiwagi shrine offered to host the wedding ceremony for both of them. Haruna and Yuko invited their close friends from high school and college to the pre-wedding party at Yuki’s shrine. Also, it seemed Yuki got permission from her parents to go join the party with Haruna and Yuko since it was their wedding party.

“Let’s drink~!”

Yuko was drunk and she’s forcing all her friends to drink including Yuki. Oh dear, everyone’s so drunk now. Haruna giggled at how her soon-to-be husband (?) was enjoying her moments with her friends before taking another big step of life. Then she spotted this short girl with glasses sitting beside Yuko and had to take the burden of dealing with the drunken Oshima… she remembered that girl very well, she’s Watanabe Mayu. She was the honor student that went to study at a prestigious medical school in United Kingdom after high school graduation.

“Neh Yuki~rin~”

Haruna giggled and tapped Yuki, who was sitting beside her, on the shoulder. She could see that her miko friend was staring at Mayu for quite a while already ever since the party started.

“Do you still like Mayu?”

Yuki blushed instantly and stared at Haruna. Then she slowly diverted her eyes back to this calm cyborg girl. It made her heart fluttered slightly. With Yuki’s reaction, Haruna could tell that her question struck right at the bull’s eye.

“Isn’t it quite a while since we met her after we graduated from high school? You should talk to her tonight, it’s a big opportunity!”

Haruna supported her friend with her unrequited crush she had since high school. Yuki had this crush on Mayu back when they’re still students. Back then,Mayu was extremely popular as she’s a very talented kendo player as well as an honored student of the year. But that wasn’t the thing that attracted Yuki to her… there was a story behind it and she only shared it with Haruna.


It was a very simple story yet very adorable, one of the days back in school, afterschool, Yuki was trying to help this poor cat that got stuck on the tree. By chance, Mayu was there as well and she came in to help. The shorter one climbed up the tree and rescued the cat like a hero, and then they realized that the cat had an owner… there was an address behind its nametag. So they went on a journey to find the owner of the cat. It was the first time they got to walk and talk together since their status in school was just too different.

“Kashiwagi-san, are you…struggling in your classes?” Mayu asked and she hoped that the question wasn’t too offensive to the miko girl.

“A-A little, I’m not good in terms of academics that’s why…”

“I see… If so, how about we study together?”


“I would love to help you, but it’s totally up to you whether you want it or not.” Mayu smiled back to her. 

Yuki wouldn’t expect to receive such kind offer from Mayu, and she didn’t even reply to her until they took almost the whole afternoon to return the cat to its rightful owner. Even more, Mayu went to send Yuki at her shrine since it’s getting late already. Right before the shorter one would leave, the miko grasped her courage and call her out loud.



“I-If you don’t mind someone stupid like me…I would love to study together with you…”

Then she saw this big delightful smile across Mayu’s face. That gentle made her heart skipped a beat; it was the smile that she remembered even until now. She swore she never saw that beautiful smile of hers in school at all.

“Sounds great! Also, just call my Mayu. Watanabe-san sounds too formal though.”

“Then please call me Yukirin too…Kashiwagi-san indeed sounds too formal.”

“Okay, I’ll see you at school tomorrow Yukirin!”

Mayu smiled lively at her before she left. Leaving the miko’s heart racing like crazy. Yuki had fallen in love with the shorter girl ever since then… after that, they had been studying with each other secretly without anyone knowing throughout their last final year in high school. Her feelings started to develops she spent more time with Mayu and apparently until now…her feelings remained unchanged.


However, even with those irreplaceable memories she shared with Mayu. It had been years since she had talked with her again. The fear that Mayu would’ve forgotten about her constantly haunted her every time she wanted to go up to Watanabe girl.

“S-Should I…? Maybe she might’ve forgotten about me--”

“You wouldn’t know! You MUST talk to her tonight okay? At least, get her contact details and catch up with her every now and then.”


Yuki blushed, her eyes still staring at Mayu and her head was filled with dilemma about how would she approach this doctor, as Haruna demanded her to do… She was too afraid that the person she had fell in love with wouldn’t even remember her after all these years they had lost contact with each other…


“Oi~ Ma~Yu~Yu~”

“…Yuko, you’re drunk.”

Mayu sighed as Yuko threw her arms around her neck and pulled the doctor in closer. Obviously she could smell strong alcohol from Yuko’s lips. Her friend was such a hardcore drinker despite she’s got drunk easily with just one glass of weak alcohol.

“Do you still like Yukirin?”

“S-Shut up…”

Mayu blushed from under her glasses. Yuko knew how to bully her best friend very well using the name of the woman that Mayu had a crush on…but obviously she was such a tsundere that she never made a move at all throughout her last year in high school.Her feelings for the miko still remained the same, and it’s an unrequited love for her. That was the main reason she never had a boyfriend yet, it’s because she couldn’t forget about her love from high school yet.


It’s been a month ever since Yuki and Mayu secretly studied together after the school was over. However, in just one single month, they had amazingly become really close with each other. Who would’ve thought that they actually just started knowing each other last month? However…there were some few close friends of Mayu realized how the famous Watanabe and quiet Kashiwagi appeared to be quite close to each other.

One of that was Yuko. One day she accidently found Mayu and Yuki at the deepest part of the library studying while she was looking for books. Yuko swore that she never saw that kind of happy smile from Mayu before…and that’s when she was only with Yuki. The squirrel girl couldn’t hold back her curiosity and had to run up Watanabe to clarify this.

“Neh Mayu…I saw you at the library yesterday after school.”

“Y-Yeah!?” Her voice changed and seemed to tense up immediately. Maybe it was because she was caught red-handed with Yuki for the first time.

“Hey I’m really curious…since when you’re close to Yukirin?”

“W-Well…A month ago when I offered to help her with her studies…”

“Wow, that’s surprising, rarely you gave out offers like that!”

Yuko was completely dumbfounded as she listened to Mayu’s reply. Also, she realized how her friend was blushing and tensing up as the conversation kept on going. Her brilliant mind came to a conclusion and obviously, it made her gawked in silence. The Watanabe girl saw that and had to ask back with curiosity.

“What the hell was with that face Yuko?”

“Mayu…” She came in closer and whispered in order to avoid anyone hearing their conversation. “Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with Yukirin?”

Mayu was stunned and obviously jerked back with anger. “N-No way I’m in love with----!!”

She froze; she can’t complete her sentence as Yuki’s face appeared in her mind. Her face flushed like a tomato and its impossible for her to deny that claim Yuko made. The squirrel girl could tell from the cyborg’s expression that she nailed right on the bull’s eye… it apparently became their secret ever since then.


“How about this~” Yuko whispered evilly into Mayu’s ears. “I’ll make Yuki super drunk tonight and you take her out and spend time with her…neh~?”

“What is this…one of your evil schemes?”

“You better make a move or I’ll kill you~”


Mayu sighed softly but she couldn’t argue against Yuko’s plan. Deep down inside her subconscious wanted this as well. She wanted to get the opportunity to spend time with the person she had a crush since high school… What a twisted love between Mayu and Yuki, what would happen between both of them…?


“Let’s party~! Let’s play truth or dare!!”

Yuko pulled her other friends including Haruna, Yuki, and Mayu to join the circle. Oshima-sama led the game and told everyone that if they refuse to do what their mission was, they would have to drink one shot to forfeit it. Yuko rested her arms on one of her kouhai’s shoulder she got from college. Apparently they studied the same major and that’s how they met each other.

“Saku-chan~ Spin da bottle!” Yuko ordered her favorite kouhai, Watanabe Sakura.

“Haihai Yuko-senpai.” She did as her drunken senpai ordered and then the tip of the bottle ended up stopping at the poor shy miko.

“Ah-hah~ Yu~kirin~”

Yuko smirked and it made Yuki feel the chill running down her spine…she didn't feel good about this. Then suddenly, the boss of the game threw the most perverted question to her. It was her plan to make Yuki refuse to answer, and she had to drink, and that would open the opportunity for Mayu.

“What’s your favorite SEX position?”


“Y-Yuko! That’s too perverted!”

Haruna went pinched Yuko’s cheek and everyone around the circle didn’t expect Yuko to throw in such a question like that. Everyone literally almost coughed out their drinks out from their mouth. Even Yuko’s kouhai, Sakura, was blushing terribly and embarrassed with how perverted her senpai was. Obviously, Yuki was out of words, and as Yuko planned, she had to drink a whole glass of alcohol to forfeit that turn. The perverted squirrel knew that the innocent miko wouldn’t answer such perverted question like that. As for Mayu…she couldn’t believe that Yuko asked that kind of question to Yuki. It almost killed her just to imagine it…

“Ok~ next next~”

The game kept going on and Yuko kept asking perverted questions with other people, she’s literally forcing everyone to drink but the her doctor pal knew her well. Mayu answered Yuko’s perverted questions bluntly and as a result, she didn’t have to drink as much comparing to others… The person who drank the most would probably be… the Kashiwagi girl. As Mayu was watching other people started to reach their limits, on the miko girl’s side…her face was completely red and she looked really off.

(Mayu: Uh…I wonder will Yukirin be alright?)

“HAHA~ it’s you again Yukirin~”

The next turn, it ended up at Yuki again. However, she seemed to lose her conscious already and she’s in a drunken state. The perverted questions didn’t stop coming at all.

“If you have to choose who to have sex with out of people in this circle who would it be?”

As expected from the perverted squirrel…another bold question once again. Normally Yuki would refuse to answer, but since she’s drunk, she actually answered the question with such a dazed off face.

“Eh…it will be Mayu?”

She hiccupped while she replied and obviously, the doctor still had her complete sane, blushed madly. Yuko could see that and she loved how the game was proceeding right now.

“OH~ Mayuyuhm? I’m curious~! Why~?”

“B-Because…I felt rather comfortable with her…”

Yuki blushed while she was holding the glass of alcohol in her hands. Mayu’s head felt like exploding but she tried to remain her posture as much as possible so no one could see her blushing cheeks. The next round, Saku-chan spun the bottle again and it landed on Mayu this time.

“Mayuyu! If you can choose do you wanna have sex with Yukirin~?!”

(Mayu: W-Why that question!?)

Mayu stumbled for the first time in this game. Normally she would reply quickly to avoid drinking any further, however, this question was just too much for her. Yuko obviously knew her answer. The doctor diverted her eyes to the miko sitting opposite of her quickly and saw Yuki staring at her with drooling puppy eyes. No one knew whether she was still sane enough to interpret the situation or not but still… Mayu refused to answer.

“…I refuse to answer.”

“Aw damn~ Then kiss Yuki~”

“W-What!?” Mayu was shocked.

“Nnn…I don’t mind…” Drunken Yuki replied and definitely she didn’t know what she was saying at that moment.

“N-No! I won’t do it!” Mayu declared without hesitation and it made Yuki pouted like a child.

“Booo~ then you drink two glasses now you bastard~!”

Yuko teased her and the doctor couldn’t help but to sigh with how crazy her friend was. They game kept going and Mayu couldn’t help but to think of that question again and again. It was haunting her mind every time she thought of that question…her answer would always be yes. Deep inside she didn’t want to admit that she had sexual desires for Yuki at times… However, she was resisting her temptation. She believed that Yukirin wouldn’t see her anything more than just a high school friend.


Finally, the game ended because everyone was completely worn out from the intense drinking. Haruna could tell that Yuki had lost her control already and started to get a little worried of her miko friend. Yuki wasn’t a party drinker, obviously this was her first time drinking. She seemed to break over her limits already.

“Mayu do you mind give me a hand?”


“I think Yuki is too drunk already…will you take care of her?”

“S-Sure…” Mayu blushed. She didn’t expected things to fit in her way that easily.

Obviously who would refuse that? She helped supporting Yuki by wrapping her arm around the miko’s waist before they exit out from the party room. Mayu thought that sitting outside and inhaling fresh air would help Yuki felt better. As they sat down in a much quiet place, she put Yuki down and she rested her head against the wooden pole.

“Yukirin…are you okay?”

“Nnn…I’m fine…”

(Mayu: Completely not. She’s completely drunk.)

The doctor sighed as she sat beside Yuki and decided to accompany her for quite a while before deciding what to do next. Maybe she planned to wait until Yuki got her sane back, and then take her back to her room later after that. It’s been a while she got to be alone together with Yukirin. When was the last time again? It was back when they were still students in high school. No one knew about their intimate friendship aside from Yuko… it made the doctor wonder throughout these years of losing connection, would Yuki still remember their times together?

“Mayu…do you hate me?”

A sudden blunt question made Mayu froze. She turned to the drunken miko and could see her staring at the doctor with such droopy eyes. She couldn’t understand why Yuki would ask that kind of question out of blue.

“E-Eh? Why did you think like that?”

“I don’t know…you refuse to kiss…”

The doctor blushed even more and her heart was about to burst through her rib cage, but she tried to calm down as much as she could since right now. Yuki was drunk, badly. She’s not at her complete self at the moment.

“It’s not that I hate you, I have a reason…”

“What is it?”

Yuki didn’t stop questioning her. It made Mayu gave up and she decided to just tell her. Since Yuki was so drunk right now, high likely, the miko lady wouldn’t remember what happen tonight.

“…You should save your first kiss with someone you love, not to this kind of game. I don’t want to take your first kiss when you’re drunk like this.”


“I’ll escort you back to your room now, okay?”

“Wait…answer me first.”


“That question…that Yuko asked…if you can choose who will you have sex with?”

It was the same question that Yuki was asked, and her answer was Mayu. The doctor looked away, blushing badly. But when she looked back, she realized that the miko was still waiting for her answer. Her eyes were just so mesmerizing and it made Mayu gulped with frustration.

“I ah…uh…”

“I’m curious…who?”

“D-Do you really want to know?”

“Yes…please…” Yuki begged with a very seducing soft tone. Obviously it wasn’t intentionally but still it landed a critical damage to Mayu’s mental health instantly. That was sure deadly.

“…I-It’s you.”

Yuki smiled and seemed to be waiting for that answer. She held Mayu’s cheeks and pulled her closer for a kiss. It was a short kiss, yet very gentle and sweet. Despite the taste of alcohol from Yuki’s lips…it blew Mayu’s mind away as those lips were just so soft and addictive.


“My first kiss…I don’t mind if it’s you, and now…I’ve given to you.”

The doctor’s mental broke down instantly. While she was trying to recollect pieces of her mind back, Yuki dropped herself into Mayu’s arms and whispered softly without any embarrassment at the slightest.

“Neh…let’s do it.”

“H-Huh!?” Definitely, Mayu believed that she misheard what Yuki was saying, but unfortunately her ears were not deceiving her. She couldn’t believe that the miko was inviting her to make love.

“Didn’t you say you’ll pick me if you have to choose?”

“B-But that’s limited in the circle!”

Mayu argued back but then she could feel Yuki hugging her tighter. That soft round feeling that was resting against her chest and it’s making her heart race even more. With incorporation of Yuki’s tempting words…it made her mind covered with dirty thoughts. But still, she resisted that temptation.



Such a sexy voice calling Mayu’s name…She was holding herself back so much and she’s reaching her limits. The doctor bid her lips and cursed herself in her head so badly. Since she would be regretting what she’s going to do now…

“…Damn it!”

Mayu pushed Yuki away from her body and crashed her lips against the miko’s. All of the doctor’s desire to hold the woman in front of her erupted out. The kiss became bolder as Yuki’s arms wrapped around Mayu’s head, pulling her in closer to deepen their kiss. Dr. Watanabe tilted her head to the side slightly and pushed her tongue into Yuki’s mouth. Exploring and tasting the alcohol left over inside Yuki’s mouth, every contact she had made with Yuki’s tongue sent sparks into her nerve and triggered more of her desire. It was such a funny feeling with their tongue touched each other, but what Mayu knew right now was that its arousing her so badly. They’re hungered for each other, Yuki kissed as equally roughly back. However, they eventually had to break off to catch some breath.

“Let’s go to my room…” She whispered against Mayu’s lips.


Without further saying the doctor carried her in a bridal style and took Yuki back to her room. As they entered the dark silent room…Mayu didn’t care even to lock the door. She lusted too much for Yuki…She dropped her miko onto the traditional tatami bed in the middle of the room and crawled on top of her.


“Please…tonight, call me Yuki.”

Mayu gulped and whispered her name softly against her neck. “Yuki…”

She did as what her miko ordered and without further ado, she started undressing Yuki’s miko dress while they we kissing each other. She rested her arms on Mayu’s shoulder and enjoying every moment the doctor was nibbling and sucking the bottom of her lip. Even more, she couldn’t help but to yelp every time the doctor’s icy fingers brushed against her body. Mayu’s lips interrupted her moans so that no one would be hearing them…


>>> SMUT SCENE PART 1 ( <<<


The young miko slowly woke up from her slumber, she tried to move but then she felt so much pain down at her groin…after she regained her senses back, she realized that there was a warm figure beside her. Her eyes shot opened and then she saw Mayu in front of her sleeping. Her shirt was unbuttoned and she’s not wearing any pants. Another second, Yuki realized she was actually naked in Mayu’s arms and blushed instantly. She accidently shoved Mayu away from her and caused the doctor to wake up abruptly with surprise and shock.


Yuki couldn’t even call Mayu’s name properly and the doctor also had snapped back to reality. Both of their faces were blushing badly, Mayu realized her shirt was unbuttoned by Yuki last night…and she hurried and buttoned it back up. The naked Kashiwagi covered herself with her miko outfit beside her with embarrassment. She couldn’t recall what happened last night at all, and only thing she could think that happen was that…she had sex with Mayu.

“W-What happen…Why am I…n-naked?”

“…I-I’m sorry!!”

Mayu bowed her head down onto the floor and it made Yuki startled badly. “I-I was so drunk last night and I…I’m really sorry! I’m really sorry Yukirin!”

The miko was surprised to see how bluntly Mayu was apologizing to her. Mayu knew that Yuki couldn’t remember anything that happened last night due to how shocked Yuki was. The doctor couldn’t just tell her that Yuki was seducing Mayu to have sex with her… she rather lied to Yuki, and take the blame instead.

“I-It’s okay…it’s not your fault Mayu…I guess we’re both drunk and…things happened.”

Yuki forgave her and thought in an optimistic perspective instead. Then their conversation seemed to end there as Yuki glanced at the watch and realize that only one hour left before Yuko and Haruna’s wedding.

“W-We better get dressed up now!”


Both of them dressed up properly and then went out from the room, Yuki had to help her parents prepare the wedding ceremony and Mayu offered to give her a hand. As expected, they were the last to arrive among all the guests and Yuko caught them red-handed.

“You’re late! What have you guys been doing??” Yuko questioned out of curiosity.

“W-Well…Uh…” Yuki froze as she couldn’t come up with an excuse to give to Yuko, but then Mayu interrupted and gave Yuki a push at the back.

“We slept in! Sorry about that! Yukirin and I will have to go help with the preparation now, see you in a minute later Yuko.”

Mayu replied quickly and gave Yuki a push. Obviously Yuko was slightly surprised, as they seemed to be close out of the sudden. Maybe something happened last night. Oh dear, perverted thoughts ran through Yuko’s head and it made her smirked softly. She hoped what she thought was true; she would have to ask Mayu for clarification.


Finally, the time for the wedding had begun. Everything was all prepared and Yuki and Mayu came rushing from the back after she had finished her job. There were two seats left, Yuki was ahead so she sat down but when Mayu saw that last seat beside Yuki…she hesitated. The image of their lovemaking last night flashed into her head and it made her afraid. Yuki could see hesitation in Mayu’s eyes, and she knew that it must be from the last night event that she couldn’t remember.

“Mayu…sit here.”

Yuki made the first move and it caught the doctor off guard. She nodded obediently and sat down beside Yuki, as well as whispered thank you softly. They both watched the wedding proceeded, Haruna was totally gorgeous that day and the suit looked good on Yuko too. They looked very happy and they were perfect for each other. Mayu never knew that time flew by so fast, she and Yuko were close buddies back then, and now, she’s moving forward to make a family. The doctor wondered what would her love life be like…would she be able to stand there at the same spot as Yuko with the person she loved? When she thought of her true partner…Yuki’s face popped up and it made her blushed slightly.

(Mayu: Yabai! This is bad…I have to focus on Yuko’s wedding!)

As for Yuki… as she saw Haruna in the wedding dress, she wondered when would be the day she would be wearing that as well. Then suddenly, thoughts about this morning flashed back into her mind, she was lying naked in Mayu’s arms and couldn’t recall anything that happened…she had sex with the person she had a crush since high school. What could be worse than this?

(Yuki: I-I have to stop thinking about this morning! Focus… on Haruna’s wedding!)

They both watched the wedding until the end while trying not to think of what happened last night between both of them… After everything was done, everyone congratulate them and both KojiYuu decided to go back to Haruna’s place and later to Yuko’s in order to pay a big visit to her parents who couldn’t make it for the wedding. Other guests started to return back home after they enjoyed the KojiYuu wedding. However, Mayu was the last guest to leave… she got a good excuse since she stayed back to help both Mr. and Ms. Kashiwagi cleaning up everything.

“Thank you so much for your help Mayu-chan~” Ms. Kashiwagi smiled gently as she was wearing the identical miko outfit as Yuki.

“Not at all, I didn’t have anything to do after this so I should help clean up.”

“Such a gentlemen! If you’re a man, I wouldn’t mind handing over my daughter to you!” Yuki’s father teased her and it made Mayu blushed terribly. She was so scared that her father would find out that last night Yuki and her did make love with each other.

“Alright~ we’re finally done! Do you want some snacks or tea Mayu-chan?”

“E-Eh…I don’t want to be a bother after I had stayed at your place yesterday alrea---”

“Please don’t! You helped prepare and clean up the mess for us! Let me show you some gratitude okay?”

“Thank you ma’am.” Mayu nodded, as she didn’t want to refuse Yuki’s mother’s offer.

“Oh right! Can you go grab Yuki from outside while I prepare afternoon snacks for all of us.”


The doctor went out to the entrance as Yuki was cleaning the front of the shrine every day as usual. Mayu stared at the lovely miko from behind and was mesmerized with her beauty as the wind brushed her hair in midair.

(Yuki: I love you too…I love you…Mayu, I love you…!)

Kashiwagi girl’s words echoed in Mayu’s head and she wondered whether that was her true feelings. She decided to take a shot and even though it would end miserably. Once she uttered a word…it went over the point of turning back.

“Yukirin.” She called out, and the miko turned to make an eye contact with her.

“O-Oh, Mayu, is something a matter?”

“I want to ask you something, it’s about last night…”

There we go, Yuki flinched as Mayu mentioned about last night. But the miko girl waited patiently to listen the whole question from the doctor.

“You said that, you love me…did you mean it?”

For god’s sake, if Yuki had the choice to sink down into the ground and escape, she would pick that option. She couldn’t recall what she said or did last night, but it seemed her hidden feelings were exposed. She wondered whether she could still lie to Mayu that or not, but seeing from the doctor’s frustrated eyes…she couldn’t bring herself to lie. The miko was too scared to even utter a single word at Mayu, so the doctor continued where she left off. 

“There’s something I never had told you… even since back in high school, even until now…I’m still in love with you.”

Yuki was too shocked and she dropped the broom. She could see Mayu blushing while she was talking to her. It was the first time she saw her doctor friend blushing like a kid. That second, a strong wind blown passed both of them while they were making an eye contact with another.

“T-To be honest…I’m really happy you said you love me last night…I don’t want it to be a lie. I don’t know whether those words are real or not but if it is, Kashiwagi Yuki…please be my girlfriend!!”

Mayu declared out loud in front of the shrine and thank god everyone left already, so there’s no one to overhear that. Yuki’s jaws dropped and she was blushing badly like a tomato. It was like a dream to her. The person she was in love since high school confessed she shared the same feelings as her. What could be better than that already?


“…P-Please, give me your answer.”

Mayu’s voice was shaking; she then realized that Mayu was as equally scared as her. It must’ve taken a lot of courage to confess her feelings and asked Yuki to be her girlfriend. She felt that she had to be brave and speak up as well…for her sake, and for Mayu’s sake.

“I-It’s real.”


“Those words…my feelings are real.” Yuki finally confessed and she covered her tomato cheeks with her hands. “I love you too, ever since from high school…”


Mayu couldn’t hold back her smile of relief, she ran in and embraced her miko tightly in her arms and it made Yuki’s heart ran faster. It was such a warm embrace from the doctor and she eventually hugged her back.

“Please…Yuki, will you be my girlfriend?”


Yuki replied clearly and it made Mayu hugged her even tighter. They slowly pushed each other away and had this longing eye contact with each other. Little by little, their face moved in closer while their eyes slowly closed. Finally, their lips met each other and it's the most nerve-wracking moment of their life right now. Even though they kissed countless times last night, but this was their first kiss as an official couple…

“I didn’t think we would feel the same…”

“Me too. I’m so happy right now.”

Mayu smiled while she embraced her girlfriend tightly. The warmth from the doctor’s body and words comforted the miko’s heart. Her dream was granted, she was able to hold Mayu as a lover and this was the best moment of her life so far.

“O-Oh right, your mother is preparing afternoon snacks and she told me to come call you in.”

Mayu just remembered and held Yuki’s hand gently. Now it wasn’t as awkward as Yuki felt anymore, since they’re officially a couple now. Kashiwagi was able to hold her hand as a lover, not as a friend anymore.

“…Okay.” She nodded and then they walked back into the shrine together, while holding each other’s hand.


After since that day, it had been 3 months since they started dating. Mayu often come to visit Yuki every weekend at the Kashiwagi shrine and would always bring sweets along with her as her visiting gift. Obviously, Yuki’s parents didn’t know that their miko daughter was dating the doctor right now. She would often go out to on a secret date with Mayu at the park close by to spend their lovey dovey time together.

“My parents really like you, do you know that?”

“Really?” Mayu questioned with slight surprise.

“Yes! You always bring gifts every time and you helped mom and dad with the shrine work…you don’t really have to do it.” Yuki giggled softly while they were sitting on the bench at the quiet park where no one would see them together.

“My grandfather owns a shrine too…so I often help him with his shrine works, so I really have fun when I helped things out here.”

“W-Wow I didn’t know that!”

“Well~ no one really know aside from you now…let it be our secret neh?”


Yuki blushed and it’s just what Mayu wanted. She pulled her miko in closer and kissed her forehead gently. Then hugged Yuki closely to her heart. Obviously that made her girlfriend flushed even more.


“Hehe~ you’re adorable…Yuki.”

Every time Mayu called her purely by her name, she couldn't help but her heart to skip a beat every now and then. When someone special called her just ‘Yuki’, it made her shy and blushed badly.

“By the way Mayu…”


“I’m curious, what really happen that night…the pre-wedding party night.”

Yuki brought up the topic once again and it almost make Mayu choked her own saliva. The miko got even more curious even though she knew what the answer could possibly be.

“Y-You really want to know?”

“Yes! I want to know what happen…AH! So you remembered!!”

“Uh…yes I do? You were actually REALLY drunk…I didn’t expect you to remember all of that.” Mayu admitted and then Yuki slapped her shoulder softly.

“Tell me!”

“O-Okay! But you’re ready to hear it…?”


Mayu sighed softly as she looked around first before she turned to her girlfriend. She moved her head in closer and spoke as softly as she could so no one would hear her aside from Yuki.

“We…really did have sex and it’s…uh…really crazy and rough.”

Yuki remained in silence, blushing like a tomato. Despite knowing the answer already, when she confirmed her intuition was right she couldn’t help but to be so embarrassed about it. She buried her face right onto Mayu’s shoulder to hide her blushing face

“M-Mou…I knew it…I’m really sorry, t-that explained the pain after that night…I can’t remember it at all.”

“It’s okay, it’s already in the past.”

“But…” Yuki sighed again and didn’t continue. It made the doctor confused for quite a while until the miko decided to tell her. It was just too embarrassing for her to even mention that out.

“I-It’s like, my first time, our first time…and I can’t remember it.”


Mayu understood what Yuki felt right now and pulled her in closer in order for the miko to rest her head on her shoulder. However, those words just made Yuki looked extremely adorable like an innocent virgin girl.

“We can do it properly…without you being drunk this time.”

Yuki blushed and just to think about having sex with Mayu just blew her mind away already. But then she didn’t hate it… if it was her lovely girlfriend she wouldn’t mind it. Besides that, her virginity was given to Dr. Watanabe already so there’s nothing to lose as well.


Mayu didn’t expect Yuki to reply her but it just made her extremely happy. The doctor cuddled her girlfriend closely and inhaled her sweet hair scent. It smelled like strawberry to her. After their little short date in the park, Mayu went back to the shrine together with Yuki, and then saw both Mr. and Ms. Kashiwagi dressed formally as if they’re going to head out somewhere.

“Mom? Dad? Where are you guys going?”

“Oh~ we have some little appointment with your dad’s old friend. We’ll be back soon~ Oh, and Mayu-chan, please look after Yuki-chan here if you don’t mind.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll stay here accompanying her.”

Mayu smiled innocently and it made both of Yuki’s parents feel relaxed. They left by the taxi and it’s now only Mayu and Yuki at the shrine. They both exchanged glanced and it was the doctor that made the initiation first. Mayu held Yuki’s hand gently, as if she was the princess.

“Neh…how about we spend time together in your room?”

“E-Eh?? N-Now??”

“What do you mea---Oh! NO!”

Mayu blushed, as she knew what Yuki was referring to. Obviously she didn’t have those dirty thoughts in her mind. She was just thinking of private couple time. However, that just made her wanted to do something perverted with Yuki…that was just bad for the innocent miko to bring it up.

 “N-Not that one! I-I mean just normal private couple time…”


“Don’t worry about that…didn’t know you’re that perverted.”

“H-Hey! It’s not my fault!”

“Hai~” Mayu giggled as they walked back into the shrine together, while holding each other’s hand. 

They sat inside Yuki’s room and the Kashiwagi girl sat in between Mayu’s leg and leaned her back towards the doctor. Mayu wrapped her arms around Yuki’s waist and rested her head against miko’s. Good thing that Mayu was leaning against the wall so that she’s able to support Yuki’s weight. They were just cuddling each other and enjoyed every second feeling each other’s warmth.

“Yuki…I love you.”

“Aw, I love you too…so much.”

Then Yuki turned her head to face Mayu while she was leaning on her. She caressed her face to get the angle before their lips connected with each other. Mayu responded by gently kissing her back. Their tongues tangled and teased each other while the doctor rested her hands on Yuki’s slender waist. It’s a very tender soothing kiss they shared together…and Kashiwagi wanted this to last forever.


That was the sound of the doorbell interrupted them, which meant that Yuki’s parents had returned. It caught them out of surprise and their kiss broke apart. It seemed their lovely moment for the week came to an end now. They went to greet Yuki’s parents at the entrance and then there was this good-looking man that came along with them. He was staring at Yuki and winked at her.

“Ah~ glad you here now Yuki! This is Miyazawa-kun! Do you remember him?”

“O-Oh!Sae-kun!? Wow, it’s been a long while!” Yuki exclaimed with surprise and a huge smile across her face. Then the ikemen man walked in and embraced the miko girl immediately.

“It is! I miss you so much Yukirin!”

He exclaimed and while Mayu was looking, she instantly got jealous with how this man she didn’t know was embracing her girlfriend like this. But since they apparently knew each other for so long, Mayu decided to let it through.

“So the meeting you said you had today is with Sae-kun?” Yuki turned to her parents and they nodded, however it seemed there was something behind more than just a simple ‘meeting’ with Miyazawa’s parents.

“Yuki, you’re already 25 aren’t you? Don’t you think it’s the time?”

Her father asked and it made the miko woman confused. Mr. Kashiwagi continued hoping that his daughter would understand and accept his decision. “I talked with Sae-kun’s father, and we decided to have you two engaged with each other.”

Both Mayu and Yuki frowned with shock while Sae was smiling with excitement, since both Mr. and Ms. Kashiwagi didn’t know that their daughter was dating with Mayu at the moment…they had decided to have Yuki engaged with Sae, her childhood friend. Obviously Yuki wanted to speak against this but then before she could even say a word, Sae interrupted her first.

“I’ll make sure you’re the most happiest woman on earth…Yukirin.” He smiled back at her and it made Yuki froze.

The miko lady didn’t know how to deal with the situation. She was as equally pained as the doctor behind her, or either…her pain couldn’t be compared with Mayu’s right now. Dr. Watanabe simply looked down and tightened her fist tightly with sadness, and despair. No words could be uttered. Her relationship with Yuki was a secret, and high likely her parents would not approve for that… She had no choice but to remain in silence.


They were all sitting in the living room allowing Yuki and Sae to be used to each other after they haven’t met each other for almost 10 years. Yuki’s mother brought snacks and drinks for everyone. The ikemen man talked with the miko lady for the whole time and sat so closely to her. Obviously, Mayu wasn’t satisfied with this, but what could she do aside from watching her girlfriend with another man? It pained her so much. She didn’t know what to do…whether to snatch Yuki back, or give up on her. Love between girls could be utterly painful… one could say it was a forbidden love.

“Yukirin, is there anywhere you want to go in particular? I’ll take you around! I’ve inherited my father’s business so I got loads of money!”

“T-Thanks for your offer Sae-kun, but I don’t have anywhere in particular I want to go…”

“Hmm…Ah! By the way Watanabe-san?” Sae turned to the doctor and it caught her off guard. “You’re a doctor aren’t you?”

“Yes I am, I’m a pediatrician.”

“Ah~ that’s awesome! Could I ask you a favor?”

He questioned with an innocent smile that it crept Mayu out somehow. The doctor felt the chill down her spine when she saw that cheshire smile from Yuki’s fiancé. She wondered why she felt insecure like this.

“It would be nice if you can be our doctor when Yuki and I are married. ”

That moment, Mayu swore that her heart almost stopped. Did that man asked her to be their personal doctor when Yuki had a child with him? The doctor glanced over at Yuki for a short while and could see that uneasiness in those beautiful eyes. She forced smiled out back at Sae and nodded as her reply.

“It’s my job, I’m grateful to help you and Yukirin.”

“I see~ Thank you Watanabe-san!” He giggled with happiness.

However, this was one huge ordeal for both Mayu and Yuki. No one would know what would happen to this couple anymore… After Sae stayed for a dinner with Kashiwagi family and Dr. Watanabe, he returned back home. Also, it was about time Mayu would have to leave as well. She wasn’t supposed to stay this late since she had night shifts today but she couldn’t leave the shrine with such uneasiness like this.


Yuki called her from behind while the doctor was about to take her leave. They made an eye contact with each other and obviously, it was about the engagement that bothered them so badly. However, Mayu was forced to smile in order to not make Yuki felt any more pressure putting onto her.

“It’s alright Yukirin. We don’t know this is going to happen, it’s not your fault.”

“Mayu I…I’m sorry.”

Mayu hated it when Yuki apologized to her like this when it wasn’t her fault. The doctor approached her girlfriend and hugged her gently. That instance, Yuki couldn’t hold back her feelings and threw her arms around Mayu and buried her face onto her shoulders with sadness.

“No matter what happens, I’ll always be by your side, even just a friend…neh?”


The miko lady could sense pain through Mayu’s voice and she hated that so much. She grabbed onto Mayu’s cheeks and pulled her in for a longing kiss. That caught the doctor off guard but then she eventually kissed her back. It was a short kiss, since they wouldn’t want to be caught by Yuki’s parents at the front entrance of the house.

“I only love you…please don’t forget that.”

“I love you too Yuki, just only you.”

The doctor smiled with relief before she left Yuki’s shrine. The poor miko watched her girlfriend’s back as she disappeared into the dark night. She gripped onto her red hakama tightly and decided to have a talk with her parents about this…that’s the least she could do.


The next weekend, on the usual days that Mayu would come visit Yuki… Sae was there as well. It seemed Yuki’s parents told how the doctor would come visit the miko lady every week, and they invited him to come along as well. It was a big unfortunate for both Mayu and Yuki, the time they get to spend as a couple decreased instantly. Yuki had tried to talk to her parents, but she failed miserably. The reason behind the marriage was that the Kashiwagi family needed new generations to inherit the shrine. The main problem was that Yuki was the only child. Basically, they wanted Yuki to have a child soon. At least they didn’t want Yuki to marry at such an early age, but they wanted to make sure that their daughter would 100% married to a man.

Sae would always stick with Yuki and held her close to him. Mayu could only watch them…while keeping the pain inside her. She had to hold herself back when this man was trying to embrace and kiss her girlfriend. If Mayu could, she wanted to go in and yell at Sae’s face that Yuki was her girlfriend. The doctor would’ve come on other days already if she could; her schedule at the hospital was no flexible at all. She barely she could even excuse herself to come out every now and then already. This happened the week after, and again, and again, and again… so it seemed the doctor reached her limits.


That day, it was the day that Sae would be sleeping over at Yuki’s place since he had to discuss some business with Mr. Kashiwagi. As Mayu was about to take her leave, Yuki went to send her off and literally that was the only time they were together.

“Well…good night Mayu.”

Yuki replied those same words as usual. But then this time, the doctor didn’t respond to her and it’s making the miko lady slightly confused. Her girlfriend seemed to be oddly quiet and unresponsive today.


“Yuki…I think we should stop seeing each other.”

Kashiwagi girl froze instantly and her eyes grew wide with fear. A part of her knew that this was coming but another part of her begged for this day not to come. She could see the pain in Mayu’s eyes. She could feel that Mayu also went through a lot of pain by seeing her being with another man, while the doctor couldn’t do a single thing.

“I think that’s best for both of us…”

Mayu added on and it pained Yuki so much. But what could she say? She’s engaged to Sae right now. Even she didn’t want to break up with Mayu…what could they do after that? She wouldn’t only be forcing Mayu to carry more pain.

“…I understand. I’m really sorry for hurting you so much.”

Yuki finally replied but then she moved in closer to Mayu and their face was few inched away from each other. For the very last moment of her bitter sweet love, this was her very last chance to kiss her beloved doctor.

“But please…just one last kiss…”


The doctor didn’t reply anything. She just cupped Yuki’s cheeks and rested her lips against miko’s. It was a gentle sweet, but yet bitter sweettragic kiss. Every millisecond their lips were resting on each other meant a lot to both of them and neither wanted this to end. However, Mayu was the first one to push Yuki away from her to break the kiss.

“Good night Yuki…and good bye.”


Yuki couldn’t bring out any courage to utter a single word back to Mayu, even it would be her last words for the doctor. She just watched Mayu walked through the door and disappeared, forever from her life. If she would let herself say something, she would scream to stop her girlfriend from leaving her. Those months together with Dr. Watanabe had proved that her heart truly and only belonged to Mayu ever since high school.



She flinched and turned out immediately, that’s when she saw Sae standing there with such a scary face. So it seemed, Yuki was caught red-handed when she was kissing Mayu just now.


“…I guess let’s talk at your room.”

He walked upstairs ahead of Yuki as the miko girl realized that she’s doomed. She had no choice but to follow Sae and he was there waiting at the front of her room. As they entered, and shut the door tightly, their heated conversation had begun.

“Yukirin…what is the meaning of this? Why are you kissing Watanabe-san?”

The miko bid her lips and realized that there was no turning back, at least she should tell Sae the truth that no one knew, even her own parents.

“Sae-kun, actually, before our engagement…I was dating with Mayu for a while already.”

After she confessed, the man froze with shock. He couldn’t believe what he just heard and it just felt like Yuki betrayed him in a way. He wouldn’t think that Yuki would actually swung towards that direction in terms of relationship. But somehow, it made his stomach felt really uneasy. He was totally unsatisfied and mad with this.

“Do you parents know about this?”

“N-No they don't…but it doesn’t really matter anymore, she broke up with me already.”

“I see…” He replied as she slowly moved in closer.

He wrapped his arm around Yuki’s waist, pulling her in and their lips were an inch away before touching each other. But that made Yuki surprised and she automatically shoved Sae away from her before he would even kiss her. Yuki realized that it’s something she shouldn’t have done and saw anger and unsatisfactoriness in her fiancé’s eyes.

“How ironic…I’m your fiancé, yet, you won’t let me kiss you.”

Yuki couldn’t reply what him. What he said was true, how ironic was that? To her, Mayu was the only person she would allow to capture her lips. Her heart only belonged to Mayu and she couldn’t bring herself to love other people except her sweet gentle Dr. Watanabe.

“I always love you, do you know that?”


“Since we’re kids…I always watch you, I always like you since then. Until now…you still can’t see me?”


“What have you done with Watanabe-san aside from that kiss?”

He asked and it suddenly made Yuki blushed. She recalled the pre-wedding night she slept with Mayu despite she couldn’t remember anything. The truth remained that she had lost her virginity to Mayu already. Judging on Yuki’s expression, Sae realized that there was something more than just a kiss between both the doctor and the miko.

“You slept with her didn’t you?”

Hitting at the bull’s eye. Yuki couldn’t utter a single word at all. Obviously he really angry right now, he couldn’t believe that the woman he loved since childhood had already slept with someone already, and especially, with another woman. He suddenly turned his back away from the miko and walked towards the door.

“W-Wait! Where are you going??”

“To tell your parents about what you’ve done. About your disgusting relationship with that woma---”

“Don’t call Mayu disgusting!!”

It was the first time Yuki raised her voice against Sae. It made the man even angrier to see Yuki trying to protect Mayu despite she already said that they broke up already. Even though it might be true, Yuki’s heart still belonged to Mayu and the fiancé could tell that.

“So you really do love Watanabe-san huh…?”


Yuki suddenly felt a strong push on her shoulders as she fell roughly onto the tatami floor. She resisted with all her might but there’s no way she could win a man in terms of strength.

“When I waited so long to have you…yet I’m still not worth in your eyes. Why is it? Why…? What did Watanabe-san had that I didn’t have?”

“S-Sae-kun! Let me go.”

“…If I can’t have your heart. Then I’ll defile you so that you wouldn’t have any face left to go back to her.”

Sae’s words replayed inside Yuki’s head. She knew that this wasn’t going to be good at all. Her fiancé kissed her neck and it made her froze with fear. She shook with all her might, using her legs and arms, her mind kept telling her to escape from this at all cost.



Sae grabbed his handkerchief and tied over Yuki’s mouth to prevent her from yelling. Then he pulled his belt out and tied around the miko’s wrists together tightly so she wouldn’t be able to hit him.


“I longed you for so long…I’ll won’t let you out from my grasp anymore, I’ll make you mine.”


Yuki shook very hard but then Sae pinned her wrists down on the floor while he whispered against the miko’s white smooth neck.

“I’ll take responsible if anything happens… Don’t worry.”


Yuki’s red hakama, Sae’s black outer coat…along with other clothings were piled on the floor beside two figures. That rough big hands touched her body. That unpleasant lips kissing and tasting her whole entire body. Lying down completely naked and helpless while the man on top of her tasted every corner of her body. She was at the verge of losing her mind. She wanted to cry out loud for help but it’s impossible. The first person that came up in her mind was Mayu. She begged for her ex-girlfriend to come save her from this nightmare. Yuki begged this endless nightmare to end…she resisted so much that her wrists were bruised by the skin belt. Tears escaped from the corner of her eyes as that unpleasant pain constantly killed her every second. It’s killing both physically and mentally. Even it might’ve ended…this terrible sting pain down at her womanhood constantly reminded her how she’s defiled by her own childhood friend.


Sae called for his fiance’s name as he finally untied the handkerchief and the belt on Yuki. But the naked miko on the floor didn’t respond anything to him, only but silent tears streamed down her cheeks. Her eyes were completely shut. Sae started to realize that he shouldn’t had done. But it was just too late to realize it now. He allowed anger and jealously to take over him and as a result, he raped his fiancé, his childhood friend, the person he loved. But what could he do now? As he touched Yuki once again, the miko flinched badly and curled up into a ball, trembling in fear. It made Sae realized he terrible he was… he disregarded Yuki’s heart and broke her into bits. He grabbed a blanket from the side and covered it over Yuki before he started dressing up properly and left the room.

“…I’m sorry.”

He had left Yuki crying all alone in the room. She could still feel the sting pain down there at her groin. It was just utterly painful, both physically and mentally. No one knew how long she had been crying, she wanted to see Mayu’s smile, she wanted Mayu to comfort her right now…but the doctor was no longer here anymore.

Mayu: Good night Yuki…and good-bye.

“Mayu…Mayu…why did you leave me…”

Yuki kept crying while she called for love’s name. Today was just too much for her to handle. First, with Mayu breaking up with her, and then Sae raped her. It hit the point she pleaded to die instead of suffering this pain like this.


It had been 3 weeks since Mayu stopped seeing Yuki. She had always tried to focus on her job but she couldn’t help to think that a month ago, it used to be the day she would be spending time with her lovely miko. But not anymore, even she tried to forget about Yuki…the more she tried, the more she fell in love with her.


Mayu picked up her phone and it was from Haruna. She wondered why would Ms. Oshima call her at this time.

“Hello? What is it Haruna?”

“Mayu, do you have some spare time to come to Kashiwagi shrine today?”

The doctor didn’t expect to hear that name again. The Kashiwagi shrine, Yuki’s house, and it Mayu was confused. She asked furthermore what happened at the shrine since Haruna’s voice seemed to be very serious in an unpleasant way.  She explained that Yuki hadn’t come out from her room for about 3 weeks already. She locked herself inside, and barely ate anything each day. Her parents couldn’t go in since she would always lock the door. Sae couldn’t even do a thing to help either. Then Yuki’s mother called Haruna over to talk to Yuki, but it failed in vain. Haruna’s words didn’t reach Yuki at all. The only last option they had was to ask for Mayu’s help. When the doctor heard that, she threw off her doctor gown and rushed out from the room while Haruna was still on the phone.

“I’m heading there right now!”

She hung up and sprinted through the corridor to her car. Her head was filled with confusion with what was going on with Yuki. She couldn’t stop worrying about her ex-girlfriend. As soon as she arrived at the shrine, she parked and hopped out from the car swiftly without wasting any slight second. She knocked at the entrance door with frustration and Haruna came opening the door for her. Ms. Kashiwagi followed up from behind her and then pleaded Mayu to help her talk to Yuki.

“Mayu-chan…we’re leaving Yuki to you. If you couldn’t do it, I don’t know who to ask anymore.”

“Leave it to me Ms. Kashiwagi, I’ll talk to her.”

Mayu promised with a vague smile before she rushed up the stairs and stopped at the front of Yuki’s room. She took a deep breath before she knocked on the door loudly and clearly. However, there was no response at the beginning until Mayu knocked louder again. She heard a voice replied but it seemed very weak somehow.

“Haruna…please, leave me alone…”

Yuki thought that it was Haruna, and then Mayu took another deep breath before she decided to speak to her ex-girlfriend.

“It’s me, Mayu.”

Obviously the doctor couldn’t see the miko lady’s reaction. But Yuki didn’t reply her after Mayu said that it’s her. No one could tell what miko Kashiwagi was thinking. How would she act when her ex-girlfriend just suddenly appeared out of blue like this?

“Talk to me, Yuki. ”

“Go away…”


“Don’t call my name…!”

She hissed back but then the doctor didn’t give up on that. Something was wrong; Mayu never heard Yuki spoke in such tone like that. She could feel hesitation and pain in her voice.


“Stop…go away…!” It sounded like Yuki was mumbling. But it made the doctor even more persisted to disobey what her girlfriend asked.

“I’m breaking through, stay away from the door.”

Without further waiting, Mayu ran and used her whole body weight to tackle the door. Since she used to train kendo and it seemed her fitness was still there. It did made some use at this situation and the door actually broke open. The light -finally entered Yuki’s dark room and she could see the long-haired raven lady sitting on the floor, looked surprised that Mayu actually broke through the door like that. 


Mayu was shocked, she could see Yuki looked extremely pale and she had huge dark circles underneath her eyes. Her hair was disheveled. Even worse, she could see dried trails of tears on both of her cheeks. She had been crying since when and for how long… no one knew. But something caught her attention even more, glad that her doctor instinct to detect the unusual things made her spot the bruised marks around Yuki’s wrist.

“Yuki, what happened to you?”

Mayu approached her with worries and before her fingers made a touch against Yuki’s icy skin, the woman withdrew away. She was trembling and the doctor realized that this behavior was a characteristic of something being traumatized by something. The first thought that ran into her head was that it must be related to Sae… but she couldn’t tell whether what she thought was right or not.It pained her even more to see Yuki in this position, she begun cursing herself for leaving her love’s side. Mayu approached again and hoped that her words would reach Yuki.

“Yuki, it’s me…Mayu.”


“Calm down, no one is going to hurt you.”

“W-Why…did you leave me alone?”

Yuki spoke up and it was like she threw a lance through Mayu’s heart. It was such a simple yet painful question. That instance, the doctor realized that she deserved to take the blame.

“I hate you…I hate you…”

Just 3 words could kill her instantly, but Mayu took that pain and then embraced her trembling girlfriend gently without being too sudden.

“Do hate me. It’s my entire fault. That’s why… none of this is your fault at all. Blame it on me…neh?”

The doctor admitted her fault, no, she took all the blame when it wasn’t hers at all. It just pained Yuki even more when Mayu took all the blame like this. The miko tried to push the doctor away, but at the same time her body wanted to rest in these warm arms. How unfortunate, the moment of coincidence happened as Sae and Yuki’s father returned back home. That instance, Mayu could feel Yuki trembling and she suddenly shoved her away.

“It’s too late…”


“We can’t be together anymore …I’m too defiled for you.”

Yuki tried to hold back her tears while she finally replied to Mayu after the long silence with the doctor. All the pain she hid poured out like a waterfall. “I did that with him…with Sae. I’m too disgusting for you to hold---!”

That instance, Mayu threw herself in again and hugged her closely to her heart. No matter what she said, no matter how many times Yuki would push her away, Dr. Watanabe swore to herself that she wouldn’t let Yuki disappear from her arms anymore. This time…she will protect Yuki with all cost.

“I love you. I still love you, Yuki…no matter what.”


 “I swear that this time, I’ll never let you go anymore. I’ll always protect you, with all cost….”

Slowly, the doctor let go of her trembling miko and smiled gently at her. She got up without saying a word and just headed downstairs immediately. The poor helpless miko was confused and the second thing she heard was her mother and Haruna yelling out loud.


She heard the sound of crashes and then she swore that she heard Haruna was yelling for Mayu to stop. That slight second, Yuki got up on her feet and headed downstairs to see what was going on and she saw Mayu punched right towards Sae, but the man dodged in right on time. Despite the doctor’s fist landed onto the wall with full force, but she felt no pain at all and kept pursing Miyazawa. 

“Mayu! Stop!!” Haruna exclaimed with worries.

She walked up to Sae and punched him again in the face, however the Miyazawa managed to catch her fist before he would have his cheeks even more bruised. He gripped onto her fist tightly as he attempted to inflict pain onto the doctor.

“If you’re a guy…I swear I’ll punch you already.”

“Do I look like I give a DAMN!?”

She threw her left fist instead and struck right in his face and caused him to flinch again. The doctor was seriously pissed and everyone could feel her dark intimidating aura releasing from her. Then this time, Sae didn’t plan to hold back either; he couldn’t just be the one receiving all the hits. As Mayu was about to throw another punch, he pushed her away with all his strength. He didn’t want to hit the doctor with his fist, and he sent Mayu slid across the floor with her back.

“What was all of this about…Watanabe-san?”

“How dare you!”

Mayu got up and the man couldn’t do realize that the doctor was moving really fast. Then suddenly, he felt a very heavy pain in his stomach, as Mayu thrust her fist straight in. “How DARE you hurt Yuki!?”

“M-Mayu! Please stop!!” Haruna yelled but again, Mayu ignored her.

“You piece of shit deserve to die. How dare you say you love her!? MY ASS! You made her cry!”

“Acting so heroine after you abandoned your girlfriend…how pitifu—UGH!!”

Then suddenly, another fist struck right in his stomach again and caused him to flinch badly. He tumbled away as he totally underestimated Mayu’s brute strength. She’s not an ex-kendo player for nothing.

“YES! I’m a failure that left my girlfriend because I lost all my confidence to give her happiness! I totally regret everything…that I decided to leave her to you!”

The doctor pushed him down and then sat on top of him in order to immobilize her target. She thrust her right fist down right onto his face and caused him the flinched. Everyone swore that they heard a sound ‘crack’ from that punch just now. Apparently, Mayu had broken his nose with that strike. However, Mayu’s knuckles were also covered in blood. That blood belonged to her. She had punched everything in her way with full strength; obviously it would’ve cracked few carpal bones of hers. But right now, Mayu felt no pain. Even if she did it couldn’t be compared with how much pain Yuki was carrying right now.


Sae cried out in pain and it seemed to grab attention of two men outside the house. They were his bodyguards and they rushed into the house immediately. As they saw Mayu beating their master, one of the tall men grabbed Mayu at her shirt’s collar and threw her away. The doctor crashed onto the floor but stood back up immediately.

“Don’t get in my way…!”

Mayu spat and run back in towards injured Sae. However, the bodyguard got in her way and without any mercy they struck a deadly blow right into her stomach. Her strength was completely out-matched by the elite trained bodyguard. Her eyes grew wide with pain and then before she realized it again, he grabbed Mayu at her shirt up. The young doctor was literally floating and then the man threw her across the ground.


The doctor couldn’t breath properly since she was punched right into her solar plexus. She almost lost her conscious but her anger prevented her to do so. Haruna went in to stop Mayu from doing anything reckless, but then she pushed the taller woman away as her eyes only focused on Sae. As if she completely ignored everything around her and the only thing that her mind was thinking was to beat Sae into pulp. Everyone could see blood running down from her right fist, her finger bones seemed to tear her blood vessels even more.

“I swear I’ll kill you…! I won’t forgive you, I won’t forgive you!!”

She got up on her feet even though she was already wounded by that one hit. She cursed herself for having such a weak body. Cursing herself that she couldn’t be a man for Yuki. Cursing herself for not being able to protect the person she loved. As Mayu was running up towards Sae again, the guards wouldn’t hold back like last time anymore…

“Mayu please!”

Another female voice came out of nowhere and hugged around Mayu’s body from behind. It was Yuki, she sobbed on Mayu’s back and caused the doctor to stop. Slowly, she had regained her complete sane back.


“Please…I don’t want to see you hurt anymore.”

She pleaded with tears and it made Mayu lowering her fist down. The miko lady successfully stopped her from raging, however things didn’t go like it should be. Mayu felt Yuki’s arms dropped and then the lady collapsed onto the ground. Everyone was stunned and the doctor immediately dropped down to her girlfriend’s side and realized she had passed out.

“Yuki-chan!” Ms. Kashiwagi exclaimed with shock as she saw her daughter collapsed before her eyes.

“Haruna! Please call the ambulance!”

Mayu ordered immediately while she checked Yuki’s pulse and breath. At the least she was still breathing, but they didn’t know why Yuki just passed out like that. Thank god that there was an ambulance close by so they arrived at Kashiwagi’s shrine in few minutes. Mayu carried Yuki in bridal style out from the house without even making an eye contact with Sae at all. She completely neglected his existence there and brought Yuki to the rescuers without further ado. Haruna and Yuki’s mother followed the doctor from behind as well.

“Is she the only one?” The man asked, as it was their usual question. Mayu shook her head and told them that there’s one injured man inside the house. She told them that his nose was fractured and got several bruises.

“Also, please make a note that the medical fees goes to Dr. Watanabe Mayu at Tokyo Hospital.”


Haruna was stunned with what she heard just now, and then she realized something. If it was just Yuki fainted, an ambulance was not needed, however she asked her to call the ambulance since she wounded Sae. “Don’t tell me you…”

“I hate him, but that doesn’t mean I will neglect him when he’s injured, especially when it’s by me.”

The doctor replied to Haruna before she turned back to the rescuers and asked them for her to tag along as well. Another rescuer went in to help Sae into the ambulance as well. Obviously the man didn’t utter a single word with Mayu at all. He only just watched the doctor sitting by Yuki’s side, holding her hand… the doctor obviously started to feel a lot of pain from her hand, but she suppressed it and her mind only focused on Yuki.


It was a real chaotic day for Kashiwagi family, as well as for Mayu and Sae. The doctor sat beside Yuki’s bed, watching and looking after her ever since they arrived at the hospital. Then suddenly, a woman in doctor gown entered the room and made Mayu surprised with her appearance.


“Now what, you really lost your nerves didn’t you?” Miyuki closed the door and came inside the room.

“Heh…pretty much.”

The doctor chuckled while remembering how much she had lost her nerves when he learned that Sae was the one that traumatized Yuki. The taller doctor grabbed a chair and sat down beside Mayu with a first aid box.


“Do you think I’m blind? Who wouldn’t tell your fingers was not messed up.”

Miyuki grabbed Mayu’s hand and it made her retreated in pain. Even though the doctor tried to hide it, it wouldn’t be able to escape her cousin’s eyes at all. She immediately treated Mayu’s hand without further waiting and after it was done, the fracture didn’t seem to be that bad, but Mayu would need a cast on few of her fingers. Dr. Miyuki arranged a personal appointment with Mayu so that they could put the cast on today.

“Thanks Miyuki.”

“I never knew that love could change you this much…”

Miyuki was one of Mayu’s cousins that she worked together in the hospital. The older Watanabe had to come to check on the younger doctor with worries, since rarely she would see Mayu being very reckless like this. If by chance Mayu lost her sane and control, it would always be something deadly serious like sending someone to hospital and broke her own bones in some ways.

“I guess love changes people.”

“Hm…so she’s your girlfriend.” Miyuki smiled lightly. “She’s cute.”

“Yes she is…the most prettiest woman I’ve met.”

“Ew, you’re being too sweet.”

“Sorry about that~ she’s the woman I love after all.”

Mayu giggled with how Miyuki’s exaggerated her reaction. She diverted her glance back to her sleeping beauty and watched her quietly with a smile. Miyuki could see how Mayu was looking at Yuki with such caring eyes, she never saw her cousin like this before. For a short while, she felt out of place and decided to leave this place to Mayu instead without even saying a word.


“Take care of yourself, Kashiwagi-san wouldn’t be impressed if you didn’t take care of yourself as well. At my office 3pm for your treatment, got that?”


She replied her younger cousin and just sat there by Yuki’s side, holding her hand and whispered to her softly.

“Yuki…I love you. I’ll never leave you again…I promise, I’ll always protect you.”

She repeated those words every single day, countless times per day. She poured her feelings down to every word she uttered. She only hoped her words would reach her sleeping beauty in some way. The only thing she looked forward each day was seeing Yuki waking up from her long slumber.



The young miko finally regained her conscious and opened her eyes. She slowly looked around and saw both her parents standing by her bed. Their faces were filled with surprise and then changed to utter happiness.


“Yuki-chan! Thank goodness you’re finally awake.”

Her mother smiled with worry and held her daughter’s hand tightly. Yuki looked around again and realized that she was in the hospital; it made her questioned how long and since when she was here. The only thing she recalled before she passed out was that she stopped the raging Mayu…

“Dad…how long I’ve been here?”

“For 3 days? The doctor said you really did had lack of sleep and nutrients to support your body.”

“I see…I’m really sorry to make you two worry.”

“You should tell that to her more.”

Mr. Kashiwagi smiled and moved away to the side. Then Yuki saw the figure sleeping on the sofa looking so peaceful. It was her ex-girlfriend. She was wearing her casual clothing and looked extremely exhausted somehow. Then Yuki’s dad told her that Dr. Watanabe used all her day-off to watch over her 24-hours a day ever since she was brought to the hospital.

“She had looked after you ever since you arrived here. Mayu-chan barely even left the room.”


Both her parents looked at how Yuki was staring at Mayu and then they both exchanged glances with each other. They turned back to Yuki and opened a more serious conversation with her. They had to clarify what was going on between Dr. Watanabe and their daughter.

“Yuki, what’s your relationship with Mayu?” Her father asked bluntly.

“…!”Obviously it made the miko startled with shock. Her mother sat down on the chair and held Yuki’s hand tightly.

“Tell us, please…”

Her mother begged and then it made Yuki mused for a second. She realized that there’s no way to hide it anymore. Since it was at this point already, Yuki decided to just spill it all out, all the hidden secrets that she had been hidden from her parents for months. As she looked back at her parents, they were both waiting for Yuki’s reply silently.

“Mayu and I…are in a relationship before the engagement with Sae-kun, but until 3 weeks ago we broke up already.”

After Yuki confessed her relationship between Mayu. She told everything that happened… About how she was in love with Dr. Watanabe back in high school, how they shared the same feelings for each other, how they got into a relationship on the same day of Haruna’s wedding, how they broke up with each other because they couldn’t be together. For some reason, as Yuki kept talking… tears streamed down her cheeks. She recalled those irreplaceable memories she shared with her beloved girlfriend. Her parents just watched Yuki silently with that face filled with guilt.

“Yuki… we’re truly sorry for everything.” Her mother apologized with pain in her eyes. She couldn’t believe that she was hurting her own daughter for this long.

“No, it’s not both your fault. It’s just…mere unfortunate.” Yuki shook her head.

“I see…I’m glad that it’s Mayu…” Her father sighed with a smile and it caught Yuki’s attention. She didn’t understand what her father meant behind those words.

“What do you mean?” She had to ask in order to clarify her doubts.

“Even you said you two broke up already, but the way you both looked at each other is just how lovers do…” Her mother replied in the father’s place. Both adults exchanged glances with each other again before they turned back to their daughter in order to tell her the most surprising news.

“Both of us and Sae-kun came to an agreement that we’re going to cancel both of your engagement.”

“S-Sae-kun did!?” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Both your mother and I agreed that if it is Mayu…we’re willing to give our precious daughter to her.”

Those kind words from her father made Yuki burst into tears even more. Everything sounded like a miracle to her. The whole world had brightened up instantly when she woke up from the long sleep. Her marriage with Sae was cancelled and her parents approved her relationship with Mayu. It was those arms that saved her… Mayu brought light back into her life and gave her happiness once again. She cried in her mother’s arms and thanked them countless times. She kept repeating those words and it made her parents happy that now they had made a best decision for their daughter. They apologized to her that they forced marriage onto her when she didn’t have any feelings for Sae at all, however Yuki forgave them. She’s too happy right now. She’s given back the life she wanted…


Few days later, Yuki was admitted out from the hospital and both Ms. Oshima came to visit her on the last day.

“Yukirin~ I’m glad you’re healthy now!” Yuko smirked while she embraced her miko friend tightly.

“Thank you Yuko.”

“Oh right, there’s someone that wants to talk to you.” Haruna smiled and then stepped out to the side. Yuki’s eyes met with the man that was standing behind Haruna and that was her ex-fiance.


“Yukirin, I’m really sorry for everything. I’ve done nothing but bring pain to you…I won’t ask you to forgive me, I’m really sorry!!”

He bowed down 90° at Yuki and it made the miko slightly startled, but then a smile of relief appeared on her face. She walked in closer and tapped his shoulder lightly.

“I have to say thank you to you…I heard from mom that you cancelled our marriage.”

“…It’s something I have to do, because the person that deserves you the most is Watanabe-san.”

He backed away slightly and told her how he realized that Mayu was the person that loves Yuki the most. He had to admit that his love for Yuki couldn’t even match up with the doctor at all. He didn’t deserve to hold Yuki after what he had done to her. He apologized again and decided to leave the room.

“Sae-kun.” Yuki called him back and made him halted at the front of the door.  “Feel free to come visit at the shrine like back then when we’re kids, neh?”

The man was shocked that the woman forgave him and his eyes started to become teary. He tried to hold back his tears, he couldn’t be afforded to cry right here in front of Yuki. He just simply nodded and walked out from the room. Everything went very well like it’s a miracle. As Yuki and others were at the exit, there were two doctors standing there waiting for them. They were the Watanabe doctors…


“Congratulations that you’re admitted out. I’m glad to see you back into shape again.” She smiled at her and Yuki nodded in return with a smile. Both Watanabe came to send Kashiwagi family off at the entrance. Just right when the Yuki was about to leave, Mayu called her love’s name out clearly and loudly.


It made the miko turned immediately, and their eyes met with each other. The only thing that captured her attention was that usual gentle smile of the doctor’s. It was the same smile that gave her light and hope.

“This weekend, at usual time, I’ll be there.”

As if it was some sort of code between them. Mayu was indirectly telling that she would be going to the shrine this weekend like usual, like how she did in the past when she’s in a relationship with Yuki. Miko’s eyes grew wide with surprise and a huge smile appeared across her face.

“I’ll wait for you…always will.”

Both Mayu and Yuki had a long passionate eye contact with each other but Yuki’s father interrupted them out of blue.

“Why wait? Mayu, come with us now.”

“…E-Eh?” Both Yuki and Mayu exclaimed at the same time. The only person that seemed to understand Mr. Kashiwagi’s words was his wife.

“We want to talk to you, come with us now.”

He chuckled and it completely threw Mayu off guard completely. Then suddenly, she felt the strong push from behind and it was by her cousin.


“Why are you waiting? GO! I already take your shift, so you better pay me back later.”

It seemed Miyuki knew what Yuki’s father’s plan as well. The older Watanabe had taken Mayu’s shift away in order for the doctor to go back to Kashiwagi shrine together with Yuki. Mayu didn’t see that coming and had no choice to go with them…


As they sat down together at the living room, both Yuki’s parents sat opposite from Mayu and Yuki. The doctor obviously felt tensed just as much as her lover beside her. They obviously didn’t know what’s going to happen right now.

“Mayu, I want to ask…do you love Yuki? Will you make her happy?”

The doctor remained in silence for a short while… Also, it seemed she managed to calm down completely by that serious question thrown at her. She looked back at both adults in front of her with eyes had no slight hesitation. She replied with a strong determined voice back to them.

“She’s everything to me. I swear with my life I will make her happy…I love Yuki, please, allow me to have a relationship with her!”


“I won’t repeat that mistake anymore. This time, even it kills me, I won’t let my hand off from you…”

The doctor still kept her eye contact with both adults while she held Yuki’s hand tightly. Obviously Dr. Watanabe was extremely nervous but her love for Yuki had overcome that stress. It seemed her feelings were conveyed to both adults and a smile appeared across their faces.

“I love your determination. If it’s you…I won’t have to worry anything about Yuki anymore.” Yuki’s father giggled and then Mayu’s eyes grew wide with surprise.

“Then that means…”

“But you better not make her cry.”

“Yes!! I promise!”

“Good~ I love that spirit.”

He smiled as both Yuki’s parents approved their relationship. They wouldn’t have to hide it anymore and they made an eye contact with each other. Obviously they couldn’t hide their smile, they were beyond being so happy right now. They finally got to be with the one they truly love…


That same day, Yuki asked Mayu to stay overnight today and obviously the doctor couldn’t refuse her beautiful girlfriend. Since Miyuki took her shift for the day, she decided to take that for granted. She would be sleeping in Yuki’s room and they were sitting beside each other silently in the darkness.



“I miss you.”

She finally spoke those words that were carved onto her heart right after they broke up. She grabbed onto Mayu’s shirt and moved in closer to her body. Yuki yearned for Dr. Watanabe’s presence and touch.

“…I miss you so much.”

“Me too.”

Mayu stroked her cheek and then kissed her girlfriend’s forehead gently before their foreheads were resting against each other. Their lips were just few inches apart and they could feel each other’s breath. “I love you…”

“I love you too, I’m so happy we can be together, without it being a secret anymore.”

“This is the most happiest moment of my life…to be by your side again.”


Yuki closed her eyes and could feel Mayu’s body warmth. It’s comforting both her body and her heart. Then she tightened her grip on Mayu’s shirt and whispered softly to her.

“…Please, take me tonight.”


Mayu blushed instantly and she could see Yuki was avoiding eye contact with her. She hoped that she wasn’t mishearing things since the miko lady wasn’t drunk like last time, she had her complete sane today.


“Mou…don’t let me repeat it again.” The shy miko looked back into her girlfriend’s eyes with such tempting eyes. It made the doctor gulped and her heart begun racing like crazy.

“Y-You sure…?”

“Please…I want you…”

The doctor couldn’t resist Yuki’s plead and she nodded silently in return. As they were staring to each other eyes passionately, both of their face flushed madly. Mayu slowly moved in and capture those pink beautiful lips of the miko. It’s such a sweet gentle kiss. Mayu wrapped her arm around Yuki to support her weight to gently put her angel down onto the bed. As she felt those hands caressed over her skin, the horror replayed in her mind. At such a bad timing, she recalled the time that Sae defiled her, in this room…on this same exact spot…


 Yuki pulled back and trembled with fear. It made Mayu surprised, but the doctor seemed to realize that Yuki was still traumatized by that nightmare. Obviously, the miko lady realized that her actions were hurting her girlfriend’s feelings.

“I-I’m sorry…!”

Mayu understood it really well and she shook her head. “…It must be really scary, isn’t it?”


The doctor gently kissed the top of Yuki’s eyelid and whispered kindly into her ears. “Just think of me. Remember my touch and my kiss…please trust me.”


“We’ll go through this together, I’ll carry your pain as well…”

She caressed Yuki’s cheek once again and tenderly tasted her girlfriend’s lips. Pushing her tongue into Yuki’s mouth, exploring around and gently sucked her tongue. Moans escaped through her mouth as Mayu slowly undressed her in the darkness…


>>> SMUT SCENE PART 2 ( <<<


It’s been a month and a half since they had come back together… Every week since then, Mayu would always come visit her girlfriend and spent her time with her. Both Mr. and Ms. Kashiwagi could see how their daughter was utterly happy to be with the person she loved. Also, Mayu would help with the shrine works together with Yuki so she had to wear the miko outfit as well. Ms. Kashiwagi made one especially for Dr. Watanabe and it matched with Yuki’s.The miko’s girlfriend was actually amazed with how Mayu even looked so pretty in that outfit. Those happy days continued with Mayu always beside her…but something was disturbing her lately…

“I-I’ll be back!”

“Oh, okay?”

Yuki ran into the house and left Mayu slightly confused while she was help arranging few things outside the shrine. The Kashiwagi girl went into the bathroom and she threw up again. She didn’t know what’s wrong with her, since she didn’t eat anything weird today.

“What’s wrong with my body…”

The woman seemed to lose her usual appetite as well. She felt really tired recently and Mayu realized that her girlfriend was sighing much more often than before. She only observed Yuki silently and no one knew what she was thinking inside her head at all…Few days later, Mayu suggested that Yuki should do some health checkup since she looked really exhausted nowadays. Her miko girlfriend agreed since she wanted to know what’s wrong with her body. As they headed to the hospital together, and Mayu suggested to go to see her friend, Dr. Matsui Rena for advice.


During the check-up, Dr. Matsui asked several questions and did some health check-up on Yuki. Mayu just sat outside and waited for her instead of coming in to listen at the results. Dr. Watanabe told her girlfriend that it was inappropriate in a way to listen to other people’s health results. The only thing that Yuki had to do was to wait for her results and as soon as the nurse gave the results to Dr. Rena, she was eager to hear what’s wrong with her body.

“M-Matsui-sensei, is there something wrong with my body?”

“…Apparently yes, congratulations Kashiwagi-san. The pregnancy test came out to be positive.”

Yuki froze instantly and she’s lost of words. The doctor right before her was telling her that she was pregnant. Dr. Matsui explained everything slowly and clearly to Kashiwagi that all the symptoms she stated was a symptom of early pregnancy and as they tested that, its resulted showed to be positive.Then it’s about time Rena begun telling Yuki the complete results she received from the lab. Apparently, Kashiwagi was already 6 weeks pregnant and Rena advised her to talk care of her health carefully because it could affect the development of the baby inside her. While Yuki was embracing this shocking truth, she couldn’t believe that she’s going tobecome a mother. After Rena told her all the information, she just suddenly brought up a personal matter regarding about Mayu.

“Dr. Watanabe is a talented pediatrician. She contacted me beforehand and definitely…she probably could tell you’re pregnant.”


“Kashiwagi-san, do you know why Dr. Watanabe wouldn’t come in the first place?” Rena asked but Yuki didn’t know the true reason why. She told Rena that Watanabe found it inappropriate to listen to her private results. Dr. Matsui agreed that it was true as well, but that was as a doctor, not as Yuki’s girlfriend. Therefore, Rena decided to make clarification on it.

“She wished to respect your decision and feelings. So please don’t take her wrong…she really tried to find a way to tell you about this.”

Yuki was slightly surprised that Dr. Matsui seemed to know her Mayu so well, and seemed to trust her a lot too. After their little talk, apparently both Rena and Mayu often worked together as their specialty was pretty related to one another. They were real good friends and that was why Mayu sent Yuki to meet with Rena at the first place.

“Thank you for everything, Dr. Matsui.”

“No worries, I’ll be your doctor during your pregnancy duration so feel free to make any further appointments with me.”

Yuki felt really comfortable talking to Rena and before she left the room, Rena told her one more thing about Mayu. Apparently, her girlfriend didn’t know that Yuki’s pregnancy was confirmed, but high likely she could guess. Rena believed that Mayu planned to hear it the results from Yuki’s lips herself instead. Kashiwagi thanked Rena once again and left the room. Yuki could see her girlfriend waiting for her at the front of the room. Mayu got up from her seat after the long wait and extended her hand to Yuki.

“Jya…shall we go back home?”


Yuki took that hand and they walked through the hospital while they were holding each other’s hand. Kashiwagi could feel that Mayu’s silence was somehow comforting in a way. The doctor didn’t ask anything about what’s going on inside the room between her and Dr. Matsui. As soon as they got into the car, it was a big silence between both of them until they reached the shrine. As they parked the car and heading back into the shrine, Yuki grabbed onto her hand tightly. It captured her girlfriend’s attention to her immediately.

“What’s the matter Yuki?”

“…Mayu, I have something to tell you.”



Yuki tried to finish her sentence, but she was scared. She’s scared that she would hurt Mayu’s heart again. She knew who was she pregnant with, and it’s just scaring her so much just to think about it. Before she could say anything, the doctor interrupted her first.

“Yuki, whenever you’re ready…I’ll wait for you to tell me.”

“…!” The miko froze as Mayu came in to stroke her head gently.

“Don’t push yourself. I’ll wait for you, always, so whenever you’re ready I’ll be there to hear it.”

The miko froze and didn’t know what to say with those kind words from her girlfriend. Mayu held her hand and they walked back into the house without saying a word to one another. But obviously, as days passed by, Yuki apparently had morning sickness every day. Dr. Watanabe was by her side taking care of her every single time without fail, even worse, without asking anything about the pregnancy results from Yuki.


Time flew by like it was nothing; it had been a month since she knew she was pregnant. The miko had knew that there’s another living being growing inside her…but what should she do? It was a child born without love. She went to talk to Dr. Matsui together with Haruna this time… miko had told her results to her friend. She already had told her friend a month ago, and it’s only her that knew it aside from Dr. Matsui.

“Kashiwagi-san, if you wish to do abortion, it has to be within 3 weeks from now.”

“I see…thank you Matsui-sensei.”

“No worries, please do take your time.”

Both Yuki and Haruna left the room. The taller woman could tell the dreadful and stressed out expression on the miko’s face. Part of her disagreed with Yuki doing abortion, but at the same time she couldn’t make that decision for her. Kashiwagi was the one that was suffering the most right now.

“Yukirin…what are you going to do?”

“…I don’t know, what should I do Haruna?”

Yuki shook her head and avoided eye contact with Haruna. Obviously, the miko couldn’t make this decision at all. She hadn’t told Mayu or even discussed with her about this. She was very scared to mention about the baby growing inside her to Dr. Watanabe.

“Yukirin, you have to talk with Mayu about this.”

“…Do I really have to?”

“Yes! She’s your girlfriend! How long are you going to keep her waiting? Isn’t she waiting for you?”

That made Yuki’s mind froze. That’s right, Mayu told her she would be waiting for the day that she was ready to tell her. Many obvious symptoms happened through out the whole month together with the doctor, yet she didn’t ask any single word at all. She started to realize how gentle was Mayu’s silence, and how much trust she had for her.

“I believe Mayu is also suffering this as well…she just never choose to talk it out.”


“You have to talk to her, okay?”

Yuki finally nodded and it made Haruna feel more relieved. Ms. Oshima dropped her at the shrine and as Yuki entered the house, she saw Mayu in the living room cleaning the table in her casual clothing. That was utterly surprising since Mayu would usually be working right now. She couldn’t help but to ask her girlfriend about her presence here.

“Mayu? Don’t you have work to do?”

“I got a day-off today. So I decided to stay around helping Kashiwagi-san with the shrine works.”

“I-I see…”

“Neh, Yuki.”


“Can we spend time together in your room?”

Mayu smiled like a little child. That innocent smile made Yuki’s heart flutter with contentment, but at the same time, Haruna’s words were haunting her. Yuki nodded in reply and a big smile of relief appeared across Mayu’s face.

“Yay~ I’ll be done in a second!”

“Hehe, you don’t have to rush. We have our day today.”


As they were in the miko’s room, Yuki was sitting in between Mayu’s legs and leaned against her chest. Mayu, her girlfriend closely to her body while feeling each other’s warmth. The miko felt that this was the perfect timing to tell Mayu the truth about her pregnancy and her thoughts regarding abortion…

“Mayu, I had something to tell you.”


“I went to see Dr. Matsui today.”



There was still hesitation in Yuki’s voice and obviously the doctor could tell. Mayu held Yuki’s hand tightly and pulled her in for a closer hug.


Mayu interrupted her and whispered against Yuki’s ear. “I told you, I’ll wait for you. Just please know…no matter what happen, my love will never change.”


“I swear with my life I will never leave you again…I love you. I will, always.”

Yuki was lost of words and only she could do was having teary eyes in Mayu’s embrace. Those words always melted her pain away. The doctor had faith in her so much that she didn’t ask for Yuki to tell her anything. Mayu trust Yuki to the deepest part of her heart and the miko could feel it through her girlfriend’s touch… that was the meaning behind those teary eyes of hers. A smile of true contentment appeared across the miko’s face while she leaned her head onto her lover. Maybe Yuki had finally found an answer to her…?


A week later, Yuki went back to see Dr. Matsui with Haruna with a solid answer in her heart. She chose not to abort and have the baby instead. A part of her wanted to abort because she was scared Mayu would leave her behind… but at the same time, she couldn’t afford to kill this innocent being that was growing inside her.Even more, she wished to trust her girlfriend that she would accept her decision for this. Even though this decision would definitely change her life forever, but for right now, Yuki had no regrets with it.

“I see… I’ll prepare further preparations for your pregnancy. I hope to see you again Kashiwagi-san.” Rena smiled with relief.

After their long discussion, they left the room. Haruna didn’t know what happen between Yuki and Mayu, but she could see a lightened up mood on her friend’s face. Just when Haruna decided not to enquire anything further, Yuki just spilled it out to her.

“Sorry Haruna, I didn’t tell Mayu about my pregnancy yet.”


“But today I’ve decided, I will tell her. She said she’s picking me up today because she had to go grab something in the city.”

“I see, good luck Yukirin!”

“Thank you Haruna.” They both exchanged hugs before the taller woman left for work first.

The miko waited for her girlfriend to come pick her up and it didn’t take that long at all. Surprisingly, for someone who just went in and came out from the city at this hour of the day, this was really fast. The car stopped at the entrance of the hospital and the miko hopped on immediately.

“Did I make you wait?” Mayu asked as soon as Yuki got into the car.

“Not at all, you’re surprisingly early than I thought…”

“Oh? Haha, really?”

For some reason, Mayu seemed to be tensed. Yuki wondered, did something happen to her? However the miko didn’t inquire anything further since her thoughts were already busy planning with how she would tell Mayu about her pregnancy… and her decision to keep the baby. As soon as they got out from the car and were walking back into the shrine…this was Yuki’s only chance. She grabbed Mayu’s hand and diverted her attention to her.

“Hm? What’s a matter?”

“I have something to tell you…and I must tell you today.”

Mayu looked at me silently before she turned her body towards Yuki. She gave her full attention to her girlfriend. “…Yes?”

Yuki gulped and only held Mayu’s hand tightly. She took another deep breath and finally spoke those words that were ringing inside her chest for so long already. This was the moment of now or never.

“The day you brought me to hospital… Dr. Matsui told me, I’m pregnant.”

Finally she uttered that truth and amazingly it made her heart felt so relieved. Words started to come out much easier than the first time. She wondered why she felt so relieved like this. Maybe it was because she finally had shared the truth with her beloved girlfriend?

“Then for so many days, I’ve been thinking of aborting the baby. But in the end, I couldn’t do it…I couldn’t kill this baby growing inside me.”

She confessed her decision and gripped tightly onto Mayu’s hands. However, she avoided any kind of eye contact with her. She shut her eyes tightly and just allowed her heart to speak instead of her brain.

“My life is going to change so much…I will bring you so much burden because of my decision. I’m really sorry Mayu…”


It was one heck of a silence between them. Slowly, Yuki felt her girlfriend holding her hand back tightly. She looked up and finally made an eye contact with the doctor. Mayu’s expression was utterly calm and what surprised the miko the most was that she was smiling to her. Watanabe simply just nodded back at her as her reply. She held both Yuki’s hands and gently kissed her forehead.

“Yuki, do you remember this spot?”


Mayu’s random question just suddenly popped up. Yuki couldn’t catch up with her girlfriend’s pace. When she looked around she felt this scene was very familiar. They were standing in front of the shrine…yes, it was the same exact spot that Mayu asked Yuki to be her girlfriend right after Yuko and Haruna’s wedding. She remembered it and as they made an eye contact, it’s like they could tell what each other was thinking. Mayu knew from her eyes that Yuki remembered it.

“I don’t know I’ll be able to do my job well or not, but this baby…she’s your baby. I’ll give my love and devote my whole life to this child.”


“I’ll always be there and go through everything together with you.”

Mayu brought something out from her pocket and put something into Yuki’s ring finger…it was a diamond ring. It made Kashiwagi froze with shock and her eyes became teary immediately. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and thinking right now, it was just too much for her brain to even process. Her mind was completely blown away. It’s just beyond comprehensible.

“You’re the only woman I would want to live with for the rest of my life. I want to raise…our child together, will you be okay to be with me forever?”

Yuki just broke into tears and just cried it all out. Her love had proposed to her and it just felt like a miracle bestowed right in front of her. The doctor couldn’t help but to laugh at her girlfriend and it made Yuki blushed while yelling back at her lover.

“Baka! Baka…! D-Don’t laugh at me!”

“But you’re so cute.”

She kissed Yuki’s head again before she could say anything further. The doctor was enjoying teasing her lover and even though Yuki didn’t even reply her proposal yet, she seemed to know the answer already.

“So, your answer?”

“Baka…this too much. You don’t know how much I’m happy right now.”

Yuki grasped onto Mayu’s shirt and buried her face onto her shoulder. She tried to hide her blushing face but it’s making Mayu giggling at her even more. Kashiwagi was just downright adorable especially when she’s blushing. She cried heavier with happiness as Mayu embraced her closely.

“C-Can we really be together forever… Am I really okay for you?” Yuki asked when her voice was still shaking from crying so heavily. 

“Yes, we will always be together forever, from now on…together with our baby.”

The shorter girl replied sincerely with such gentle voice. She was saying ‘our’ baby instead of Yuki’s baby. Those words gave so much hope and happiness to Yuki. Mayu gently pushed her miko away and had a childish smirk across her face. Obviously, the doctor was just as happy as Yuki was right now since she would always be together with her lover forever.

“Can I kiss my wife now?”

“B-Baka…What are you waiting for?”

Yuki giggled with the most beautiful smile Mayu ever witnessed. Right at this spot, they had shared their first kiss as a couple and this time…it would be their first kiss as eternal lovers. Watanabe didn’t wait and enclosed her lips with her love partner. Every second their lips rested on each other made tears escaped from the corner of Yuki’s closed eyes. She could feel Mayu’s arms wrapped around her body with affection. She clutched onto the her lover’s body tightly while they deepened the kiss… Mayu was indeed Yuki’s light and happiness. She couldn’t ask for anything more than to be with Mayu for the rest of her life…


[One year passed by…]



The doctor huffed as her lover kissed her at her neck. The miko gently sucked and intentionally left a mark of ownership on Mayu right in the morning after they spent their passionate love making session last night. Watanabe struggled and she could see the alarm on her cellphone was beeping again. She had to get up before she would be late for work.

“Yuki I have to go work now...N-nngh~!” The doctor moaned as her wife just bid her collarbone in a teasing way that it made her ticklish.

“Just a little bit longer…”

Yuki asked and then closed her lips against hers. Their tongues invaded each other’s mouth and tangled up. Even they had officially been together for a year, it seemed their passion for each other had flared up even more than before.


Finally, the doctor got the chance to get change but there was this clear kissing mark on her neck. She had to use a band-aid to hide that mark or else Miyuki and others would tease her forever at work.  She was running a little late though she was able to grab some fruits at the table before she headed off to the hospital.


Yuki called her love and it made the doctor stopped. Watanabe turned back to see her beloved wife and also…her lovely child in Yuki’s arms. “Have a safe day.”

“I will.”

Before she left, Mayu kissed Yuki and the baby boy’s forehead. Kashiwagi stared at the doctor’s back with a smile before she would be busy keeping her little boy accompanied as usual.

It has been a year since Mayu and Yuki swore love upon each other. Many things had happened since then. Obviously they didn’t spread much of their relationship and just had a small marriage at the shrine with only few close friends. The fact about Yuki’s pregnancy spread all over among her friends and it reached Sae as well. Obviously he felt really guilty for that and promised Yuki that he would financially support the boy as long as he’s still alive. Yuki really appreciated Sae’s kindness and the man had finally found his true girl for him. Her name was Sayaka, and they’re marrying at the end of this year. Both Mayu and Yuki felt good for him, as he could move on forward with his true love. The doctor had moved in to live with Yuki’s family since she wanted to always stay close to her wife and their son, Kashiwagi Koichi. Ever since then, the Kashiwagi shrine had became much livelier than before.



Today, one couple came ringing at the front of Kashiwagi shrine and then Yuki’s mother came to open the door for them. Both Yuko and Haruna decided to come visit their miko friend at the shrine after they finished their work early today.

“Good afternoon Yuko-chan, Haruna-chan! Please come in.”

“Thank you Kashiwagi-san~”

Yuko skipped into the house as both Oshima had come to visit Yuki. They went to the living room and then they had met with their raven-haired friend holding this little baby in her arms. Both Yuko and Haruna were so excited and they quickly ran into Yuki immediately as if they saw a golden treasure.

“Wah~ he’s so adorable!” Yuko tickled the baby and she made him laughed.

“Koichi-kun really grew up from the last time we came.” Haruna stared at him and smiled with excitement.

“Yes he is! He’s really growing so fast.” Yuki giggled.

Finally, they sat down and had their conversation with how things went for each of them. Yuko inherited her parent’s business and indeed had a stable job. As for Haruna, she still worked as a model and it’s a successful career for her. For Yuki, she would be inheriting her parent’s shrine later on, her lover told her not to work because there must be someone raising Koichi. Yuko often teased both MaYuki and that Mayu acted so much like an actual husband. 

“Hm~ Haruna, don’t you think Yukirin looked prettier than last time?” Yuko asked and it made Kashiwagi eyes grew wide with confusion.

“Now that you mentioned it…” Haruna stared at the miko and realized how Yuki seemed to look prettier in a way.

“Hah~ Sex can really make people prettier. I guess Mayu’s skilled with it~!”

Yuko laughed out loud and Yuki just literally felt her head just exploded that second. The squirrel girl would always use perverted blunt jokes with Yuki every now and then. Haruna pinched her lover’s cheeks to tell her to stop teasing Yuki every time they came to visit her. Yuki was utterly happy that Haruna was here to help her out or else she wouldn’t know how to escape from the squirrel’s pervertness.

“I brought snacks and drinks~”

Yuki’s mother came with tea and crackers for Yuki’s guests. After both Yuko and Haruna enjoyed their snacks and tea, Haruna brought up another topic instead so Yuko would stop teasing the miko. It was something that the taller woman was curious about it herself.

“Neh Yukirin…how does it feel to be a mother?”

“E-Eh…it’s really crazy at the beginning.”

Yuki recalled many things that happened within that one year ever since Mayu proposed her. Watanabe had always stayed by Yuki’s side for the whole time. She would always rush back home to be by her wife’s side and looked after her until morning. It happened every single day during Yuki’s pregnancy period. As time passed by, Yuki realized that she was wrong. This child inside her will be born with love from her and Mayu. It was a whole new phase of life when the baby boy was born to this world.

Oh dear it was just so crazy; he would often wake Mayu and her up in the middle of the night because he’s hungry. Everything was such a new experience to Yuki and Mayu had to teach all of it to her. Even though the doctor was already tired from her work, she would always help Yuki whenever she came back home. Mayu would always look after the baby in the middle of the night sometimes in order to give Yuki enough rest. They would always try to calm the crying baby and but in the end both parents ended up falling asleep on the bed with the baby. It’s such a tiring job to do…but still, Mayu and Koichi presence would always give her so much happiness and thestrength to move on. It was such a priceless experience for her and it made Haruna jealous of her.

“So…it’s something like that?”

“Wah~ our innocent Yukirin had became a matured mother!”

Haruna smiled and it made Yuki blushed slightly. Unfortunately, Mayu couldn’t join today since she had to work until evening. So after they Yuko and Haruna had dinner at Yuki’s place, they returned back home. Both Mayuki and Kojiyuu had a plan to go have a vacation at Hokkaido during the end of this year and they looked forward to it. Since Dr. Watanabe rarely could excuse herself out, this holiday would be a great moment for her to spent time with her lovely wife and son for 24 hours a day…


“Jyah…how’s Yuko and Haruna?”

Mayu finally had come back home and she was drying her hair after she had a good hot bath. Yuki was kneeling on the floor watching her Koichi sleeping on his baby bed.

“He’s sleeping already?”

“Yes…he had a lot of fun playing with Yuko and Haruna today.”

“I’m glad~”

Mayu chuckled and suddenly she felt a hand caressed her cheek. It caught her off guard as Yuki’s icy hands pulled her down for a short kiss. Oh dear, the doctor wasn’t expecting that coming and her face had the same color as a tomato.


“Mayu…I miss you.”

She rested her head on her lover’s shoulder while whispering in such seductive tone. It made Mayu’s heart race even faster but at the same time, she loved how her wife was just so adorable like this. They looked into each other’s eyes again before their lips met one another. They tried to not be too loud to wake up their little boy, but it seemed the kiss became bolder and bolder as they kept on going…

“Yuki, it seemed you became horny and bolder after you gave birth to Koichi.”

“I-I don’t care… I want you.”

Yuki groaned back and pulled Mayu in for a hug. Obviously the doctor was blushing so badly and thought how their relationship used to be in another direction that what it was right now. In the past, Mayu would be the aggressive one but now…it was her wife playing the hardcore role, and it seemed it became more frequent during their private night session. 

“Maybe some other time when Koichi is not around…neh?”

“Okay…carry me please?”

Oh dear, her princess was being so spoiled today and Mayu didn’t have the choice to carry Yuki in a bridal style to their bed. As she gently put Yuki down onto the bed, miko pulled Mayu down on top of her and hugged her tightly.

“Please hug me tonight…”

“Hai hai~ Yuki-sama.”

Mayu did as Yuki ordered and embraced her lover on the bed. As always, every single day, Yuki slept in her Watanabe’s arms. It was the sweetest dream of the miko’s life. Even there was many pain through her life journey before she reached here…Yuki didn’t regret those things happening at all. All of it together leaded to this future, and she was utterly happy and satisfied with it more than anything else. It was Mayu that stood by her side, holding her hand, and went through life burdens with her. This diamond ring on Mayu’s and her finger constantly reminded how they vowed to go through pain and happiness together forever.

It’s the symbol of their Eternal Devotion.


Title: Re: Kate's OS Box ~ AKB:Kingdom Intro - [MultiPairing] - Update (4/10/13)
Post by: imteedee on November 05, 2013, 05:16:53 PM
 I’m telling you scroll back up!! NOW.

First of all...

(I know it's crappy~ at least I made it  XD)

Here's my present for you  :D


Have a blast angsty LF  :deco:

So, you know very well that I was just supposed to comment a ‘four-word-statement’ here but it seems so this OS deserved more so here I am typing this beforehand prepared script in the middle of the night..No, it’s actually 3.57 in the morning here…

Fact 1: It’s freezing cold outta here
Fact 2: I can’t sleep with just a pillow…
Fact 3: I’m starving right now

So pardon this humble review of mine if it turns out bad, BEAR WITH IT! LOL

First, I want you to know that this is the very first OS that actually required me have moments of sighing and mini walking in the middle or reading…WHY? Cause dem unicorns and rainbows!! It took me days to actually come up with a decent intro with what to say or what to comment on this but it seems so I failed on this part. Up until now, I’m still lacking words that would actually suffice what I felt upon reading the story.

1.   PLOT is simple and yet so complete – from their history up to their FLUFFY ending
2.   Dem It’s MAYUKI not to mention it’s my favourite doctor and my lovely miko
3.   Mayu is a girl, thanks for not doing GB here
4.   3 smuts in one OS, a marathon indeed!
5.   I never skimmed on this one, even when I read it the 4th, 5th, 6th or even at 7th time I NEVER SKIMMED.
6.   And dem 22k word-count? LOL what have you eaten Kate?

And the hell that SMUT while doing FLUFF! That actually sent me to heavens. I didn’t get angry with Sae here though, can’t blame him for raping that ‘Kashiwagi girl’ LOL. Guess he’s the one who turned ‘Black’ in here. I dunno what to say anymore.
 This is my top OS as of now surpassing Sakura Princess which is actually yours as well. Like as kevinwkl said before, It was such a ‘no-no’ to read a fic of yours if we’re planning to write later on cause we’ll definitely just flip ourselves and end-up sulking at the corner… the delivery of the story was so good to the point that I actually am having some troubles right now continuing my stories… it’s so distracting that I stop writing and instead…read yours all over again (seriously). The simplicity of the words you have used is handy as well, it made me easily understand and engage to the ‘feels’ of the story.

And SMUTsssss, no further explanation needed I guess.

Now let me retire as a writer and sit-back while waiting for your future works.


In the name of unicorns, alpacas and cotton candies,

I’m entrusting you my MaYuki heart, take good care of it :D


Fact 4: I’m feeling  :on gay: now -Tii

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GOD!! you know?
when I saw you posted this on tumblr I thought: MAYUKI. SMUT. BY KATE = MASTERPIECE!
I sacrificed my lunch and half hour of biology class to read this

AND I WASN'T  WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I passed for a lot of emotions
And the heck.. I'm still affected for read yuki being raped by sae (THE HECK, I WANNA KILL SAE   :angry:  :angry: :angry: :angry:)

I won't say more because it would be things like: YOU ARE THE BEST, GREAT FANFIC, MAYUKI SO CUTE AND HOOOOOOOOOOOOOT, ETC XDDD

and that :3

See ya!!  :P

BEAUTIFUL <33333333


I'M WAITING FOR A WMATSUI SMUT  8) ddewdewdewq  :heart:
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As you can see in the table of content...there's Omakes for Eternal Devotion going on... XD
ONE will be uploaded per day :D
As a writer I even squealed over my own writing, and just felt like write more.... <3
Hope you guys look forward to it~

Imteedee: Reading 9 times is a lot~! I appreciate and enjoy so much that you love this fic~!  :deco: I dunno my fic can create such an impact like that on you. XD I'll definitely keep on writing MaYuki~ Also~ Hoping to improve it better and better too~

Koneki: Your comments always amazed me! XDDD I laughed at how you processed "Mayuki + Smut + by Kate = MASTERPIECE!" and WOW, O_O your whole lunch and half of your bio class!? O_O Oh wow got no comments on it.... ><" It really have that much impact? >< Glad you enjoy it especially with 2 sexy mayuki smut scenes~ and HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wmatsui smut!!!! I'll keep that in mind~ XDDDDD  :deco: :deco: :cathappy:

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I don't know what to write, even don't know why I'm write that I don't know what to write... I'm still confused, still in the MaYuki world, madly in love with Dr. Watanabe. I'm just sitting here and smile like an idiot.
I guess I should stop communicate with any form for a while, I can not put together a sentence. Rather, I reading this again. (And again, and again...)
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Kate-san I want to kill Sae... :yawn:

Otherwise... It was the best OS I read even if when that "unreadable part" comes. (I wanted to stop reading xD) but with some nice memories it vanish lolololololol :lol:

Oiuahhhhhh Omakes yeahhhhhh :twothumbs

I want a Mayu!
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First of all, let me say this. I am so freaking happy that I was able to read this first!! It was still fresh, not fixed and really authentic~ (you have to agree with me that once a proofreader fixes the mistakes the story slightly loses the authenticity, but I honestly don't think it's a bad thing for one to improve with the help from others)

I don't have much to say though because it was so hella good that all my head was producing while/after reading it was something like this (oredi sorry for the upcoming nonsense):


Yuko-sama!!!!  :wriggly: :nya: :shy1: :shy2:

MaYuki!!!  :farofflook: :luvluv1: :on bleed: :on GJ:

Sae!!!  :on yellcard: :on redcard: :on blackhole: :tantrum: :temper: :grr: :on voodoo:

MaYuki!!!  :mon inluv: :mon lol: :mon star: :mon blood: :mon lovelaff:

Rena-sama!!!  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff: :mon love: :mon love: :mon love: :mon trannie: :mon crazyinlove:

Yuko-sama!!!  :gmon heartu: :gmon sing: :gmon twirl: :gmon nya: :gmon flowers: :gmon shy:

MaYuki~  :hee: :luvluv2: :on woohoo:


Though I don't think it is a very proper way to comment, especially on such an epic fic as yours... Le smut parts... *dies from too much blood loss*

Anyway, another thing I wanted to say is that I have a tiny list in my head of fics I find simply stunningly superb. So if No.1 is R I V E R and No.2 is Chinmoku, you pushed out another fic from the third spot and No.3 now is Eternal Devotion while No.4 is Doctor Watanabe and Nurse Kashiwagi series and No.5 is Human vs Vampire

Can I kill Sae? ugh, that was so random :DDD

Lemme say another random (not so actually) thing  XD


Not only my cameo in this was in the same room with many 48Family members, but also I am Yuko-sama's kouhai in this!!!!! OH THE FEELS!!!  :farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook: :kneelbow:

I'll retreat for now so I can properly congratulate LF on his bday tomorrow (and goddamnit, I am so waiting for those omakes!! I wanted to say something else but lost the train of thoughts...)

EDIT. Ah, I read this fic 15 times, if anyone cares :nervous
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I can´t read the smht part can you give me a link?
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IT SO ROMANCE OMG  :wub: :wub:

Title: Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Eternal Devotion [MaYuki] - Update (6/11/13)
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I was so close to just sending you a word document of my 'essay' in response to this fiction. But what the hell. I just noticed it was here all along. Well, at least it makes me comment a bit easier and this time, with the usage of emoticons and smiley face to help!

Now before I get onto my usual long comments, I want to say first of all, thank you very much Kate for this birthday present. To be honest, I might as well consider today-er, I mean, tomorrow (LOL, in my area, my birthday is technically tomorrow) birthday day as one of the best in a long time. Birthdays that I've celebrated in the past consist of cake, 10 minutes of singing and cutting them up, then returning back to normal as if it was the usual normal day. Last time I had something occur was back in my 9th grade year three-four years ago. I had a marching band competition since it was on a Saturday. And funny enough, my birthday was on that very same day. It was a pain in the butt to wake up at five and get to the bandroom at that time in order to pack ourselves into the school bus. Spend my time out in the cold with the icy wind at my face while I play an almost 10-11 minute band performance half-time show... Freezing my butts off at ten at night to the point one can see their own misty breath in the night atmosphere... And at that time, I had to come home at midnight, delayed my cake for two weeks... At least I got a live rose, cupcake and a balloon on that day, LOL. And hanging out with my bandmates wasn't too bad either.

But anyway, ignoring that chunk up there that you probably won't care, seriously. Thank you. :deco: The words 'Thank You' won't exactly portray my gratefulness alone. I wish I could use more words to state that, but as Sae has said... Don't have much range of a vocabulary. Please excuse me for that. :sweatdrop:

And of course, time for me to reply to the two individuals up above for a moment.

Especially you there, imteedee. First of all, I LOVE the cute banner/edited image of Mayuyu with the birthday message on it! Very cute and adorable, haha! Now right below it.... WHAT THE HEAVEN GIRL. WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME THAT SCARY EMOTICON AGAIN. Just... NOPE NOPE NOPE. :shocked: But jokes aside, thanks for the wishes Tii! I'll definitely have a blast on my birthday, LOL. (And is that a label I'm forever stuck with as? XD 'Angst LoyalFlutist'?)

Now, Sakura, this is a quick comment I had to make on your post, but-

I'll retreat for now so I can properly congratulate LF on his bday tomorrow (and goddamnit, I am so waiting for those omakes!! I wanted to say something else but lost the train of thoughts...)

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I'm so sorry. I thought it was pretty funny with that typo haha. :nervous

Anyway, time to give out my opinions and such as usual. :)

SO....... We start off with Kojiyuu getting married. And it takes place a day before the wedding. (Secretly and internally yelling congratulations to the squirrel and her lover.) Has a very fluffy, lovey-dovey atmosphere right off the bat. I like that. And of course... Since this is Yuko we're also dealing with here, there soon comes the time where the alcohols and drinks come out for the night. Whoop-de-do. Stuffs about to get serious yo. :panic:

Since this is Mayuki, it is no surprise that we have little miss miko Yukirin here stare at Mayu. Don't worry Yukirin. I'm sure many of us Mayu's fans would do the same exact thing too, LOL. Even Haruna took notice! The moment our soon-to-be wife of Yuko asked a question pertaining to her still liking the doctor, it's cute to see how Yukirin blushes. Adorable. Simply adorable and well, I could just imagine the girl staring at Haruna like she's crazy with one of her many infamous reactions. :rofl:

Flashback of the two girls were very cute! That's how they met... Secretly I hope my lover would be someone that I would met in that sort of situation. Okay, one of the few sort of situations I meant. :sweatdrop: But to see how they've opened up to each other... Friendship is seen to be blooming~ And maybe even in a romantic direction!? :cathappy:

Now that we're flashing back into the present, dawwwww, you go tell Yukirin, Nyan Nyan! Tell her to get close to Mayu and keep talking to the younger girl. :cathappy: Then we all know what happens after getting a ton of alcoholic beverage, yes? Ah, the drunk individuals that we see here and there... Especially Yuko. And knowing that Mayu still likes Yukirin, oh my God, they're going to play the drinking game where if one does not offer to answer the question, they drink. Doesn't help for a fact that Yuko starts throwing out the most perverted questions that would make anyone's head boil with high temperature from such statement! Seriously? Forcing Mayu to bluntly kiss Yuki without much preparation... Yikes. (Though I personally did go a little 'oi! Baka Mayu! Kissu her!' on the inside.) Boy... After seeing the girls into action here, I mentally here am wishing that I won't have to play such a fun, yet at the same time, cruel game with my friends in the near future. XD I really wouldn't want to know what my state is when being drunk... Hopefully it's more of a sleepy, lazy kind of state rather than seductive or raging with anger. :sweatdrop:

Oh boy. The smut part right after Mayu took Yuki to a more quieter and safer place from the drunk group is, well........................ I don't have much to say. My face was literally heating up. I'm surprised I didn't bleed from my nose... I was light-headed though, LOL. It's.... intense. Wow. Um.... Ha... ha... God, I'll just move onward to the next section. (.///.")

Right. When Yuki woke up, no surprise that she would flip out when Mayu is, well... naked right next to her. And oh, the entire... intercourse last night really didn't stick to her mind during her drunken state? That's somewhat of a shame but it seems that she knew what had happened that night. Okay, somewhat made assumptions and used physical and visible hints to make some sort of conclusion to her current situation. Fun, I must say. :nervous And haha, oh Yuko. Mayu had to lie straight through her teeth in order to avoid having the shorter girl tease them. I would've done the same thing if I were in Mayu's position. So when they finally got out and were fully dressed, even during the wedding of Kojiyuu, it was still difficult for them to concentrate on the two girls. Rather their mind was far too occupied on each other. Specifically that cyborg doctor. Oh boy... Last night must've been quite an adventure since your mind keeps showing you Yuki's face in flashes. :rofl:

Okay, this was when I started knowing things went... downhill. The moment Sae named popped up in the fiction, I knew there would either be some sort of rivalry or jealous love towards Yuki. I can't blame much though since Sae is a dude and he didn't really think Yuki was in love with Mayu... Not to mention another girl for crying out loud! To see the two girls drift apart made my heart cringe. I felt Mayu's and Yuki's pain... Mostly with Mayu. You poor thing. :cry: I just want to give her a hug and tell her that she'll still be able to get Yukirin! And my mind just blew up when Sae knew Yuki's relationship with Mayu. Threatening to tell Yuki's parents... ESPECIALLY WHEN SAE FORCED YUKI TO.... DO STUFF. :shocked: God dammit, I just raged and nearly flipped tables. :angry: I really love you Sae. I do. I'm not a fan nor an oshimen of mine but I still like you. But in this fiction... Dammit, even I earned myself a headache just thinking about it right now literally. :catglare: Makes me wonder about the relationship that some people face in reality here... Is it that tough and rough too? Loving someone yet forced to love another... Doesn't help for a fact that the person you truly love breaks away due to feeling shame and guilt. Sigh. :(

Thank the Lord Mayu found Yuki... (After three freakin' weeks though? GAH :banghead:) That poor girl! I was honestly satisfied when Mayu got really ticked off. If I ever had my lover in that sort of state, I will definitely go batshit crazy and unleash my violent personality. Not afraid to hold back no matter what pleas nor words they throw out. :angry: (I'm a very unforgiving person as many can tell from my words, LOL) Mayu! Let me help you beat up Sae! No one dares defile Yukirin when she doesn't want to! That's just plain rude, mean, cruel and overall, sick. :angry:

Aiya... Then Yuki stopped Mayu and fainted. And Mayu was at least formal enough to send Sae also to the hospital and pay the bills. Good grief, the drama in this fiction. But I'm glad at the very end, they were able to be together. Though I'm honestly... still confused as to how... Yuki would easily forgive Sae... Then again, that's just me. As I had stated from the above, I am a very heartless person when someone has done wrong to me more than once. I give you one to two more chance, I expect you to learn it well with that ticket. Anymore and strike! You're out! :smhid (Despite using a random baseball humor that technically isn't working well...) But anyway! Yuki's parents acknowledged her love towards Mayu and vice versa... And they agreed to it. So glad they were able to be together~ :deco: Mayuki Mayuki~ :deco:

It's quite fluffy afterward and such. Again, another smut but I won't say much since words alone can't really explain how I felt for it merely contains lots of blushing and rainbows puked out of my infamous pac-man mouth. :v Now when Yuki had the kid, I'm glad she decided to keep the baby boy. Papa Mayuyu is doing a good job into caring for the kid along with Mama Yukirin. That boy is going to grow up and be a fine individual.

GAH, the emotional roller coaster I'm more than glad to sit through! I wish I could express physically to you how much this fiction really makes me feel happy. And sad. And happy again. :lol: I wish to write fluff on this sort of level, LOL. Tension and dialogues flow smoothly between each and every character. The angry tone behind Yuki's words could be felt when she saw her ex-girlfriend once again after three long weeks... The nervousness she felt when she was going to confess about being pregnant with Mayu... Mayu's guilty anguish and raging fire of wanting to brutally, and near literally, kill Sae for performing such foul acts on Yukirin... Brilliant! Smut on the other hand... That's a whole different topic that like I said, words alone can't express. :panic:

I'm happy to have this fiction as my birthday gift, so thank you very much for the third... or fourth time...? Whatever number it may be, LOL.

I look forward to more of your work and updates as usual!

:deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco: :deco:
P.S.: Continue to be my senpai please! :cathappy:

P.S.S.: Was this really like an essay in regard to my comments? It doesn't really feel like it though... More like my blabbers as usual... Whatever.
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WHAT THE HEAVEN GIRL. WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME THAT SCARY EMOTICON AGAIN. Just... NOPE NOPE NOPE. :shocked: But jokes aside, thanks for the wishes Tii! I'll definitely have a blast on my birthday, LOL. (And is that a label I'm forever stuck with as? XD 'Angst LoyalFlutist'?)

Now, Sakura, this is a quick comment I had to make on your post, but-

I'll retreat for now so I can properly congratulate LF on his bday tomorrow (and goddamnit, I am so waiting for those omakes!! I wanted to say something else but lost the train of thoughts...)

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I'm so sorry. I thought it was pretty funny with that typo haha. :nervous

that smiley is so cute, I dun get it why you find it so scary  XD

it was trolling, not a typo~  :grin:

and that label is going to be stuck on you for long, Ly-chan~  :P
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First of all, Happy Birthday LoyalFlutist!!!
It was because of your special day that we got to read this awesome fic :cow:
(and yes, your fics are amazing themselves, I'm discreetly, silently waiting for the next updates -cough- more MayuJuriYukiRena in The Virus please -cough-  :bow:)

Now onto this OS, it was one epic fic. There's so much MaYuki here I don't know how to deal (that's a good thing, it's an awesome thing).
Despite some dark developments, I'm glad it wasn't too dark and didn't turn out depressing.
And oh the smut. You really went all out this time  XD

I don't know how long you spent on this, but it must have been a lot of time. Thank you for writing this fic and for sharing, Kate-san.

Always a fan of your work (and thanks again for taking my OS request some time ago, I really can't thank you enough) :wub:

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You came back from your exams with a BIG BLAST.

Oh God! Good thing I was reading it alone or else I will receive stares from my friends. I made a lot of face expression while reading this OS from grinning to perverted to happy to sad to angry to touched to perverted to satisfied.

Really YOU ARE THE BEST!!! :on GJ: This OS is too awesome, cute, great, nice and all of the positive adjectives out there. You even decided to make 10 omake and will be updated everyday! Now that makes me look forward for a new day!

Thank you :heart:
Aishiteru :heart:
I Love You :heart:
Bonjour Je t'Aime :heart:
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 :farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook:
:farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook: :farofflook:

 I love YOU! XD XD XD


I don't know what to say. I was lost of words.

My one and a half hours of reading totally worth it!!   :on GJ: :on GJ: :on GJ:
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Sorry for the late comment..

First of all, Happy birthday LoyalFlutist-san..
Wish you all the best..  :grin:

This OS is EPIC

I really love this OS..
Sweet Mayuki moment..
And I want to kill Sae.. :angry: :angry:
How dare he hurt Yuki !!!  :angry: :angry: :angry:

Can't wait for the omake..  :grin:
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i can't read the smut part  :cry: can you give me another link ? :pleeease:
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This story was sooooooooo good you should post it on akblasphemy48 too.
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Minna~ I would love to reply every comments you made right now, but exams are not over yet XDDDD I'll edit this and add my response to you guys~

Jya....Please do enjoy the 1st Omake~!  :fap :fap :fap It's short because there' you see.... 10 Omakes XD  :deco:

Eternal Devotion Scene #1: Yuki’s Random Wanted List

 “I’m back!”

The doctor arrived back home early today since Miyuki took her shift today. Rather, it was more of Mayu pleaded her cousin to take her shift so she could come back to home to take care of her 5-months pregnant wife. Her stomach was getting bigger as time passes by.

“Ah~ Mayu-chan is back now.”

It was Yuki’s mother who replied, she was talking to the doctor’s wife. She rushed into the living room and saw Yuki watching TV with her mother. Dr. Watanabe took off her coat and sat down by her woman. Obviously she couldn’t forget to give her wife a kiss whenever she returned back home.

“I’m back Yuki.”


“Ah, I have to go shopping now, I’ll leave you two together~” Yuki’s mother left both lovey dovey couples at the living room. They watched TV together and then Yuki leaned onto Mayu’s shoulder before the doctor wrapped her arm around her.



“I’m hungry.”

“What do you want to eat?”


“I’ll go make some lemonade!”

Mayu smiled and rushed into the kitchen, came out with lemonade. She made sure that it wasn’t too sour and perfectly fit with Yuki’s taste preference. After she had a sip of lemonade she seemed to feel much better.

“Do you want anything else?”

“Okay I’ll be back!” Mayu ran into the kitchen again and cut the apple into bite-size pieces in order for Yuki to have an easier appetite. She fed her beloved wife and looked at her with a warm smile across her face. “Do you feel better?”

“Yes…but I feel like having salad now…”

“I’ll be back!”

Mayu ran into the kitchen again and made sure to pick Yuki’s favorite vegetables and used her favorite salad dressing as well. The doctor obeyed her demanding wife for every word without feeling tired at the slightest. She remembered that Yuki’s mother told her how she would encounter such things like these when she was pregnant with Yuki…this random list of demands of a pregnant woman. At least the doctor was well prepared with that and she returned to the living room with a small bowl of salad.

“I brought it~ here!” She fed her woman, and she finished the whole thing.

After the bowl was finished, she put it onto the table and before she could do anything she felt Yuki pulling her shirt. “Mayu…”

“Yes?” The doctor embraced the fact that there would be another demand from her princess, however it seemed it wasn’t as she expected much.

“I want you to stay beside me...”

“O-Okay.” Mayu sat down beside Yuki, while the woman leaned onto her chest. The doctor hugged her wife closely to her chest and they could feel each other’s warmth.

“I want to sleep…”

“I’ll go get the pillow and blanket for you---”

“No…I want to sleep in your arms.”


Dr. Watanabe blushed while they both adjusted their position so that Yuki was positioning in between Mayu’s legs and had her head leaned onto her lover’s chest. She seemed to be so comfortable in the shorter girl’s arms. Mayu wasn’t sure she was used to this randomness from her wife or not…but apparently, she was in Yuki’s ‘wanted’ list as well. Before Mayu realized again, Yuki had already fallen asleep in her arms. She wouldn’t want to wake up her princess so she had drifted to sleep as well while embracing her Yuki.

 “I guess I should take a nap…”


“I’m back.” Yuki’s mother came back but she heard no reply. She wondered and walked into the living room and saw both Mayu and Yuki sleeping on the couch. They were both sleeping soundly, especially the pregnant one. The older woman chuckled softly with the adorable scene she was witnessing and got a blanket for them.

“Hm~ I guess one blanket is enough?” She used one blanket both Mayu and Yuki. She smiled once again silently before she wanted into the kitchen to prepare dinner for tonight.

 “They both suited so much for each other~”

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whoaa 10 omake yay thank can't wait the others omake~
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All i can see is mayuki rainbows!!!
Omg this is f*ucking awesome....
The mayuki feels after iread this is so jhsisogjf i cant find the right word to describe it on the bus on the way to school while im reading ur smexy part and i cant help to grin..oh my god i look like a pervert,smiling like crazy!
And one more thing i miss my first subject because im so hook reading this, i miss my bus stop XD oh well but its worth it XD
Kate thank u for this :on gay:
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sooooooooooooooooooo sweet they're too cute~~~~
And the smut part is soooooo hot :on bleed: i think i need to go to the hospital now  :imdead:
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OMG so cute XD XD XD

I haven't commented anything about the OS here so I think I should now.
This OS is definitely the CUTEST and the LONGEST OS I've ever read (and you've ever written until now). I won't say it's the best, because I know your next OSs and fanfic updates will be much better than this :P I love all your fics!!!!!!!!!!!

And somehow I'm glad that you posted this when I am about to finish my exam week (i only have four subjects left when you posted this ysterday). If you posted this right before my exams then I wouldn't be able to focus on studying because my head would be all filled with the smut scenes your OS XD !

Thank you so much for this OS and omake!!!!!!!!!! I'll wait for the other 9 omakes.
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Ohoho. :hehehe: Mayuyu as the perfect "husband".

Yukirin is so lucky. :heart: :heart: :heart:
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wow so cute!! mayuyu is so perfect!!! lucky yuki!!!! :)
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Post by: imteedee on November 07, 2013, 07:16:50 PM

PRAYING LIKE A BOSS for an update

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I want a Mayu! (Is it really possible?)
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BEST FANFIC I EVER READ  :thumbsup :drool:


I"M MORE OF THEM  :w00t :drool:

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Scene #2: Hardworking Husband(?)


Mayu was lying sick on bed while Yuki was squeezing the cold towel to put onto the doctor’s forehead. Her face was completely red by the fever, and her eyes expressed how tired and weak she was right now. She had to take a day-off since she couldn’t go to work at this condition.

“I’m sorry Yuki…”

“Stop it Mayu, just relax…okay?”


“You’re such a naughty doctor…it’s because you worked too much!”

“I’m sorry…”

Mayu had been working at 5:30am and ended at 11:30pm. By the time she would get back home would be around 12:30am already…she had 4 hours of sleep every day at most. Apparently her wife knew her hectic schedule and realized how Mayu looked more exhausted as each day passed by. This kept going on for 2 months already ever since Mayu moved into to live with Yuki.

“Here, I brought you porridge.”

“Thank you…”

Mayu slowly sat up while her wife blew the hot porridge in the spoon before feeding her. The doctor kept eating until she finished the whole bowl. She lied down on the bed once again after she took the pills for the afternoon. Mayu felt much better after having her meal cooked by her beloved miko.



“I heard from Miyuki… Why do you have to work over time? ”


It was something that Mayu didn’t plan to tell Yuki just yet, but it seemed her cousin spilled everything to her wife. But she couldn’t blame Miyuki for that since she’s making her worry as well. Mayu fidgeted and didn’t felt like telling her wife just yet, but Yuki stoked her warm face with those icy fingers. Those black orbs were pleading Mayu to tell the truth.

“Please Mayu, I’m worry about you…”

Dr. Watanabe hated to make her miko looked sad like this. She gave up and had a big sigh before she sat up, holding Yuki’s hand tightly. Even though she seemed to be shy and blushing, but her burning fever was making her face so red already.

“I… I’m trying to buy a house.”

“A house?”

“For us and Koichi…”

Mayu looked away and seemed to be embarrassed with what she was trying to convey to her lover. However, she couldn’t back down now and decided to just spill the reason behind her selfless act in work. She wanted to buy a house for them and the baby, because she wanted to seriously live as a family with Yuki. But she didn’t want to force her wife to do as she wanted, if Yuki still wanted to live with her parents at the shrine she would gladly accepted it without any feelings against it. Furthermore, if Mayu were going to buy a house, she would pick somewhere really close by to the shrine so at least Yuki wouldn’t be far away from her parents.

“I-It’s a really selfish thought of mine…so I didn’t really want to make it bother you and your parents.”

“M-Mayu…” Yuki was blushing after she listened to her lover’s confession. It’s just making Dr. Watanabe looked more adorable to her even more.

“If we’re not buying a house…at least this money will be for our son.”

Mayu smiled while she gently touched Yuki’s growing stomach with love. Every touch of hers showed how much love she had for this baby inside her wife’s womb. Then suddenly, Yuki threw her arms around Mayu and buried her face onto the doctor’s shoulder.


“You idiot…you don’t have to exhaust yourself this much for us. We can just take things slowly…together, with our son.”


“We can move out and live together when we’re ready. I’ll always wait for you…just please don’t overdo yourself like this again, promise me.”

Mayu’s eyes grew wide with shock; she wondered she heard things properly or not. Did Yuki just approve her idea of moving out to live together? But before she could say a world, Yuki enclosed her lips against hers. It was soft quick kiss before Yuki broke off.

“Promise me…okay?”

“Okay…I promise, I won’t overdo things anymore, and take things slowly, together with you…and our son.”

They rested their forehead on each other while holding hands and had their eyes closed. Feeling each other’s warmth, a smile appeared on both of their faces.

“Neh Yuki…”


“Can sleep on your lap?”

“Such a spoiled sick doctor…”

Yuki chuckled before the doctor placed her head onto her lover’s lap. With a big smile across Mayu’s face, she held Yuki’s hand gently while looking up into those beautiful eyes.

“I hope the boy will have your eyes…. It’s the most beautiful eye I ever seen.”


The pregnant miko blushed and gently stroked Mayu’s head. Letting the sick patient slowly drifted off to her peaceful slumber. It didn’t take that long at all until Mayu snoozed out. It was such a childish sleeping face Yuki was witnessing, so it seemed Mayu was extremely tired and this was the first time she got to have an actual rest from her job. She bent down to kiss her love’s forehead with a contentment smile across her face.

“I hope our son will have your gentleness…sweet dreams, my dear Mayu.”

Yuki just keep watching her lover sleeping on her lap without getting bored. Every second spent by Mayu’s side was just truly priceless to her…



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Sweet overload!! Awww

They never argue?
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Scene #3: “Kashiwagi Koichi”


Mayu grumbled as she was walking out at the hallway after she woke up. Actually, Dr. Watanabe fainted instantly in the operating room and the nurse had to drag her out, in the middle of Yuki giving birth. Even the famous Dr. Watanabe lost her conscious when it comes to her precious wife. 

“Mayu! Calm down!” Haruna and Yuko were also there and they were trying to calm the doctor down from fainting again.


“Oi~ aren’t you a doctor? Isn’t it something you’re used to?”

“N-Not when it comes to Yuki!”

Obviously, the first time giving birth would take the longest…and it was the longest moment of Mayu’s life. She was just panicking every second while Yuki was in the operating room. For how many hours she had been waiting… she prayed for everything to go well and just sat there waiting for the entire thing to be done… Yuko went to buy food and drinks for Haruna and Mayu while they were waiting at the front of the door with Yuki’s parents.

“How many hours is it already?”

“Uh…7 hours? That’s the usual time for the first time.”

Mayu replied while she sighed again while drinking the whole bottle of water. She was just so frustrating with this so much. Even though not genetically related, but he would be her son. Mayu never knew that waiting could be this painful.


The sound of the baby crying, it made everyone stunned and looked at each other. It seemed the wait had came to an end and a huge smile of relief appeared across Mayu’s face. Dr. Matsui came out from the operation room to have Mayu come in first in order to witness the healthy boy in the nurse arm.

“Congratulations Dr. Watanabe! He’s a strong healthy boy.”

Mayu received the baby from the nurse’s arm and she couldn’t help but to be blushing and staring at the boy in her arms. She walked to Yuki’s side immediately and showed the baby boy to her.

“There there…here’s your mommy.”


Yuki stared at the baby and slowly moved her hand towards him. The baby gripped onto her fingers and she couldn’t hold back her tears. She cried with a huge smile of contentment across her face. Mayu passed the baby to have Yuki carry it and the miko rest her cheek on the baby’s head gently.

“He’s so adorable…”

“Yes…just like you.”

Mayu couldn’t hold back her happiness and wrapped her arms around her wife and her son before she kissed Yuki’s forehead. Then it seemed the baby was starving, so Yuki had to give breastfeeding for him before the nurse could bathe him. The new story of Mayu and Yuki’s life opened as the baby was born to this world. Yuki couldn’t describe such feelings she was having right now…


After the baby had his meal, they had to move room up to the ward. The nurse was done with bathing the baby and brought it up to Yuki’s room to let the parents enjoyed their moments with their newborn son.

“Ah~ he’s so adorable.” Haruna stared at him while she was standing beside Yuki, whom was carrying the baby in her arms. “Ehh, did you come up with a name for him yet?”

“Yeah, it’s Koichi. Mayu gave him that name.”

“Oh~ I didn’t know you have such taste to give names!” Yuko teased her friend and its making Mayu blushing.


“Ah, how cute Koichi-kun.” Haruna poked the boy and it made him fidget slightly.

After everyone had appreciated with the newborn baby, everyone slowly started to leave back home and its only Mayu there with Yuki. Since she’s a doctor, she could stay by Yuki’s side even though the visitor time was over. The miko wouldn’t be able to leave in few days in order for her body to recover fully. So after Mayu had finish with her routine for the day, she stayed at Yuki’s room for the whole time. It is already midnight when Mayu checked her watch again.

“I guess being a doctor sure benefits in a way.”

“Hehe…neh Mayu.”


“I really hope I can give him happiness that he needs…”

Yuki was carrying the boy in her arms and before she could realize it again, Mayu was already so close to her and she kissed her lips swiftly. Yuki’s eyes grew wide but then she slowly accepted and kissed her lover back.

“You will, no… we will, together.”

Mayu sat on the edge of the bed while she wrapped her arm around her wife’s body. Another hand of hers caressed the baby boy’s head gently with love.

“I will give everything he needs…to Kashiwagi Koichi.”


“I want him to carry your name. He’s your child after all.”

“But…he’s your child too, I want him to carry your name.”

“Yuki…” Mayu smiled back and kissed Yuki’s forehead. “Until he’s old enough, let him decide whether we wants to be Watanabe or not, okay?”


Yuki smile as she kissed Mayu back on the cheeks and caught Mayu off guard. “…I love you.”

“Me too~ I hope Koichi doesn’t steal all the love away from me.”

“Aw, are you jealous of our child?”

“Hm…Can I just a little bit?” Mayu giggled as she pulled Yuki in closer to her body.

“Aw~ you’re so adorable!”

Yuki snuggled onto Mayu’s neck while she held her baby closed to her body. With a huge smile across her face, she spoke up once again. 

“Don’t worry…my soul, heart, and body belongs to you…only to you.”

Mayu blushed with how bold her wife was and just hugged her back gently. Both Kashiwagi and Watanabe looked at their newborn son. A door to a new beginning had opened for them…


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The omakes are too sweet and full of love!  :nya:
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Awwwwwwwww~~~~~~~ :cathappy: XD they're too cute
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HMMM....I think there's an episode that needs to be prioritized....




oh! misplaced my tatami bed....where was it again?  :doh:
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I get diabetes everytime I read one  :cathappy:
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It's so sweet  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

More...I want more !!!
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wahhhh dentist dentist!!!bring me to dentist!!!
to much sweetness is bad  :luvluv1: :luvluv2:

more please :on gay:
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ahh subarashi kore~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!
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First of all, I want to tell you I really like your OS, dear author. They are very cheesy and I love cheese! lol
And OMG!!!!!! Your last os made me cry!!!!!! Seriously!!!! Usualy I don't cry while reading but the last Os was really something! If I was Mayu I don't I would let Sae live though. I hope you will continue to write awesome OS because you are awesome!
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Scene #4: Mayu’s Birthday Surprise

Tomorrow would be Mayu’s birthday and she actually got a holiday today and for tomorrow as well. Since the doctor was very dedicated to her work every single day without having a break, her friends and Miyuki forced her to take a day off and enjoy her moments with her family instead. Also, finally Mayu could afford a small house close by to the shrine where she lived together with Yuki and Koichi.

“Mamayu! Let’s play games!”


Time flew by so fast and the boy was already 5 years old. How coincident that Koichi was born on the day right before Mayu’s birthday. So technically, today was the boy’s 5th birthday and he’s enjoying playing games with her mother.

“Koichi-kun, Mayu, what do you two want each for lunch?”

The longhaired raven woman walked into the living room with a ponytail and in her white apron. She came out to ask her love ones about the lunch for the day. Glad that Yuki had already learned went through intensive cooking lesson with her mother properly in order not to burn down the kitchen. 

“Kaarage chicken~!”

The boy replied and it seemed Dr. Watanabe didn’t have to say what she wanted to eat. Even Koichi was Yuki’s child; he seemed to absorb a lot of Mayu’s personality, as well as picking up her favorite food.

“Okay~ I’ll make sure to make it a lot.”


Even the boy was just 5 years old, he apparently seemed to be prefer to stay with his parents at home more rather than going outside to some amusement parks or department stores to buy favorite toys like other boys would want. Koichi really cherished his time to spend with Dr. Watanabe. Obviously, it was so rare for Mayu to stay back home during the daytime with Yuki and him.

“Koichi, do you want to go to the park nearby?”

“Oh! The park! Yes!”

He exclaimed with excitement while he still had the chicken and rice in his mouth. Usually Yuki would lecture him, but not today. Since it's a special day for the little boy. After they spent half of their day outside, the boy was completely exhausted from his day and went to sleep early in the day. Yuki’s parents offered to take care of him for tonight so Mayu could relax since it would be her birthday tomorrow. Yuki seemed to be busy doing something so Mayu came back home to take a shower first. It’s been a long day and finally she could get to sleep in tonight for once. She couldn’t remember the last time she did sleep in at all.

“Nngaaah~ after a hot bath there should be a cold milk.”

The doctor ruffled her hair with her towel as she’s in shorts and a baggy white shirt. She walked into the kitchen to grab a bottle of cold milk in the fridge. She glanced at the watch and it was already 10pm. It made her wonder what Yuki was doing this late. Before she could call her wife to ask about her whereabouts, she saw those pair of familiar eyes peeking at the edge of the wall.

“Yuki? What are you doing?”

“Neh Mayu…I-I have something for you.”


“Don’t move okay!?”

Her wife demanded and she hid back behind the wall. Mayu couldn’t help but to wonder and suddenly; Yuki came out with those fox ears and tail attached onto her. That instant, Mayu almost coughed the drink out and choked on it. Her face flushed instantly as she stared at Yuki wearing the fox ear and tail… It just looked… too perfect on her.

“W-Whaa…!? Y-Yuki???”

“I-I heard from Yuko that you have obsession with fox-like stuffs…so she bought it for me.”

Yuki seemed to be embarrassed wearing that as well. Even worse, she was in her shorts and sleeveless shirt. Oh dear, Mayu was blushing so badly like a tomato. She couldn’t elaborate what she was witnessing in front of her. Yuki just looked so adorable already and with addition of her obsession with fox just multiplied it even more. The doctor felt her pressure increasing that it could literally make her nosebleed now…

“A-Ah…U-Uh…Yuki! W-What is this for…?”

“Mou…tomorrow is your birthday! In the past years…I didn’t get to give you anything properly at all.”

“A-Ah…” Mayu couldn’t control herself and she tried to cover her sight from this sexy lovely fox in front of her.

“Do you like it?”

“I-It’s beyond…uh, c-comprehension!”

Both married couples were blushing and before Mayu could even react, Yuki approached her and embraced her doctor tightly.

“I love you Mayu… thank you for bringing me happiness and hope. You’re everything to me…please remember that.”


Mayu blushed terribly and she pushed her miko away and then closed her lips against hers. Yuki was caught off guard instantly with the sudden move and was completely dominated by Dr. Watanabe’s forceful kiss. Mayu’s tongue invaded her lips and tangled with hers, it made Yuki’s leg felt weak instantly and she clutched onto Dr. Watanabe’s shirt tightly. They kissed long enough that they had to break apart to gasp for more air.


“You’re so mean teasing me like this…I can’t hold back anymore!”

“It’s okay, it’s our night today…I’m yours.”


Mayu carried her wife in a bridal style and caused Yuki off guard. She kissed her miko’s forehead and gently whispered into her ears.

“It’s the best birthday surprise ever…so it seems I wouldn’t get to sleep in tonight as I thought.”

“Then…do you want to stop?”

“No way, I would never miss a chance to ‘unwrap’ my present.”

Yuki blushed instantly and she couldn't find words to elaborate how she felt at that moment. Then Mayu interrupted her with a kiss before Yuki could even think of a reply to say back. She wrapped her arms around the doctor’s neck while she was carried back into their room… So it seemed, Mayu enjoyed her birthday present this year so much…



Yuki was the first to wake up, in Mayu’s arms, naked. The doctor seemed to be sleeping so peacefully that she didn’t want to interrupt her slumber. Last night was sure to be one intense night for both of them, since they haven’t been able to spend their private time with each other after Koichi was born. She brushed the front of Mayu’s hair and kissed her forehead while she stroked her head tenderly with affection.

“Happy birthday…Mayu. Thank you for everything.”


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Ehehe. Yuki in a fox ears and tail. I usually thought of cute when someone wears those kinds of stuff but the way you wrote it made me think :mon mischief:

And to the latter :on bleed:
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The story are so touch, i'm crying in joyful while reading  :bleed eyes: :wub: :inlove:

Please continue writing more Omake and story  :cow: :bow:
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i want it tooooooooo birthday present from yuki chan!!! mwehehehehehehe
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Mayu is not impressed.

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Hi, Katekyohit-san, I'm one of your silent-reader :"
Now, I brave enough to give you a comment~ Hahaha  :nervous
Your fic was just too much for me.  :inlove:
And, that is a MaYuki, that i love sooo much.  :wub: :inlove: :wub:

I'm waiting your omakesss! And please, create the one with holiday in Hokkaido.
You mention it on your fic but i didn't see the story. I think you make that into your omake, or you don't? :"

Sorry for troubling you with such question.  :banghead:

I'm waiting you.  :twothumbs
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ i knew it but i loved this OMAKE


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Kate..... Kate!!!!!! Y-your omake......  :farofflook:

#1: Yuki’s Random Wanted List

After I read your first omake.... I really wanna become Mayu's wife.  :lol:
Such a care, gentle, and understanding husband.  XD

#2: Hardworking Husband(?)
My heart.... melting.
A house?! It's a very sweet reason.
Is there a 'real' Dr. Watanabe in this world?  :drool:

#3: “Kashiwagi Koichi”
Mayu.... fainted?!  :lol:
I mean... she's a doctor!  :P
Cuttie Mayu.
I could imagine how happy Mayu when she saw their first child.

#4: Mayu’s Birthday Surprise
There was something missing in your fic. Where's the smut scene?  :lol: joking.
Such a happy family.... Yuki must be so thankful to have a perfect husband like Mayu.
Koichi... He's cute.

I can't wait for your 5th omake.  :twothumbs
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OMG, HERE WE GO... now that i decided to reply everyone's lovely comments regarding the fic and omake... LOL ITS GONNA TAKE SO LONG!!!

Kiri-el: LOL, i'm glad you enjoy it! XD Even as a writer myself I ended up reading this OS again and again when I just start reading it...I ended up finishing the whole story again. O_O

Chanaline: HAHA! Don't kill Sae~! >_< At least he was a good person in the end! Glad you enjoy it and Mayu is pretty cool eh? XD I would like to have a boyfriend like that~  :heart:

sakura_drop_: First, Thank you for reading my OS and give comments to me! :) I really appreciate it despite you're busying with your life. I really like how to comment it! XDDD I enjoyed it~ Just few words of appreciation brights up my day :) Glad you like the smut~   :thumbup It too me quite some effort to write it, you's a smut after all! Time consuming heh~ and please don't kill sae! OwO At least he's a good person in the end of cancel the engagement! LOL! Glad you enjoy the cameo being Yuko-sama's kouhai! I planned to put more it but it seems I changed many things >< and...OMG, 15 times!? I don't know how much i read it... (maybe more because I had to edit over again several times), but THATS A LOT. O_O Omg... >< that made me so flattered!  :deco: :deco: :deco:

Kirozoro: I think you mean "Mayuki" right? XD I was confused when i read that comment~ I'm glad you like my fanfic and enjoyed it so far! XD Want to see Wmatsui and AtsuMina smut? OwO Hmmmmmmmmm....XD I'll think about it when my exams are over~

LoyalFlutist: ....Ly-chan, I'll comment back to you again, you'll take too much of my break time (from studying my next exam) :P

jell_o_jello: for smut, LOL, it's for LoyalFlutist especially, I'm just fulfilling her darkest wish :P It took me quite a while! To write the whole +2K words in 3 days is not that easy, including smut OwO, but the editing time is just...WOW, takes so long XD Glad you enjoy and have fun with my works! About the request OS, don't worry about that~ :) I had fun writing it!

imteedee: SO MUCH TROLL! I'll comment on you later (you'll take too much time of my exam studies)

Konoe: LOL! My exams didn't end yet~ It's just that I wrote it before my exam starts OwO. LOL! Saying that I'm the best makes me so happy! XD But obviously~ There's still many writers that are far better than me XD Glad you enjoy and have a lot of fun with this OS! I hope the further omake will make you have fun while reading it!

leipyon: LOL. That's just so sweet!  :cathappy: :deco: I'm so flattered you find this really good! :) Glad you had fun reading it! ^^

olive29: Hehe~ Glad you enjoy it so far~ and I hope the further omake will make you enjoy it as well~!

Tam_atsu: OwO Thank you!! I'm glad you have a lot of fun reading it! >< Kojiyuu is starting to become one of the pairings I would like to write in the future now ^^, it looks fun~ 

soraheartAKB48: I'll post it on akblasphemy48, but since I'm in the middle of exams and my internet is REALLY CRAPPY, it loads so slow on that site (unlike here), so I updated on her most of the time. Glad you enjoy it!!

gek geki: Yup! 10 omake ^^ I hope you look forward to it and enjoying it as well~

Chichay12: LOL! RAINBOWS!!!! Glad you enjoy it especially smut scene? :P OH DAMN, you missed the bus stop!? XD ouch! the smut scenes must've sink a lot into you~  :cat happy:

clubhappy: CUTE RIGHT!  :thumbup AW!! That's so sweet! XD I'll do my best to improve so that the next OS for MaYuki will be even better! OwO I like writing this couple~! LOL! Now I still have to wait for my exams to be over >< Hope you have fun reading the upcoming omakes~

mikaellitsa: Mayuyu is definitely cute in here! Yuki is such a lucky woman XD I would want a boyfriend like mayuyu~

Terragen: Now that you mentioned that they never argue... :P the 5th omake will be dedicated to that idea! XD

Koneki: Diabetes?! XDDDDD I want this couple to be FLUFF ALL THE WAY UNTIL THE END!!!!! XD

MayuxMatsuixMusic: Glad you enjoy and like it! XD

kahem: O_O wow, you cried? >///< didn't expected coming but it means that you really sink deep into the story! I'm glad you enjoy it!! I really appreciate to know that and will attempt to write better in the next OS :3

Jessye: Hi~ You can just call me Kate if its easier XD I'm glad you enjoy it so far~ Oh right~ Now that you mentioned about hokkaido XD, I completely forgot about it! Maybe I might write it if many readers wanted it :D Don't worry about asking any questions! Feel free! Also~ I've been a silent reader for half a year, soo~ I'm glad that you decided to comment! ^^  :deco:

anakpanti: hahahah~ Glad you enjoy it! the OS as well as the omakes~ :3 I hope you will look forward to future upcoming omakes~

OMG FINALLY I'M DONE WRITING REPLIES BACK! OwO That's one heck loads of people reading this....I just realised that. OMG, thank you so much everyone for giving such lovely comments on this ridiculous long MaYuki OS! :) I put a lot of effort into it and it makes me so happy that everyone is having fun and enjoying this OS as much as I do! Even I'm a writer, I can't stop myself from reading the whole OS again when I felt like it. (I even did it today before going to my exam) LOL~

Anyways~ A little announcement with the 5th Omake, since I'm making some little changes, I didn't have much time to edit it yet, so it might be up today (very LATE) or tomorrow~ Just so you guys know~ I'm still in the middle of exam period~ XD 3 more to go~!

with love,
Kate  :deco:

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a little change??? then if that little change never happen,it should be already posted now!

i read it, it's terra-chan fault...let me PM-ing her/him i will give her/him a 'little' lesson KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE

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been silently reading your fanfic lately~ and so far.. this is the best MaYuki fanfic I've ever read. and I'm also new here~ made an account here because of your fanfic~ looking forward for updates from your fanfics! Keep it up~ :tama-lotsaluv:
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gek geki: Maybe Terragan actually made this omake much more adorable and fluff? XDDD

Ceej!~: Oh wow welcome!!!!! :D Glad you enjoy the MaYuki OS~ Oh wow I'm so flattered you made an account here because of my fic! OwO  :cathappy: It seems you're a resident of Yukirin World too? We will be GREAT allies for sure~! XDDD my heart beats for Yukirin only  :heart: :heart:

Scene #5: Pocky Day

After the doctor had done with her appointment with her patient, she was so exhausted. She barely had enough sleep these days due to few doctors in her department had to take a leave due to unknown flu going on. Most of the pressure ended up on Dr. Watanabe and she could barely keep her eyes open now.

“Dr. Mayu, here’s you coffee.” Jurina came in and put a cup of coffee on the table. Mayu sighed with relief and smiled to her nuse.

“Thanks Jurina…I would really need it.”

She glanced at the clock in her room, it was already 5pm and her day would end like 10pm. She couldn’t wait for the time to go back home. “Ugh… It’s still 5…”

“5pm…Wait a minute, Dr. Mayu, don’t you need to pick up Koichi-kun today at school?”

A moment of awkward silence, the doctor froze and them her eyes sudden grew wide with shock. She completely forgot about that. No wonder she felt like she had forgotten something.

“RIGHT! Oh no I forgot! W-What am I going to do now??”

“I-I’ll ask Dr. Watanabe and Dr. Matsui now---”

“Please! I HAVE to go now! I’m sorry!”

Mayu took her bag and rushed out from the room immediately. Leaving Jurina mind blown and helpless, she had no choice but to contact Miyuki and Rena about this. Obviously, Miyuki was annoyed by it but she didn’t mind to come substitute Mayu’s spot for today, since she knew that the doctor would have to embrace her wife’s wrath today…


Mayu finally got back home and there was Yuki standing at the entrance of the house waiting for her with Koichi beside her.

“Welcome home Mamayu.”

He smiled to his mother but it seemed his mamarin wasn’t happy about it at all. If the boy didn’t ask help from the school to call Yuki to pick him up, he would’ve been stuck in the campus already. Even worse, it wasn’t the first time that this happened…it was several times already and Yuki had reached her limits.

“Mayu, how did you forget to pick Koichi-kun up?”

“I-I’m sorry.”

“If you couldn’t do it today you should’ve called me to pick him up instead! He had to stay back at school for almost 3 hours!”


“Mamarin…it’s fine--” Koichi tried to speak up but his mother wouldn’t let him.

“Do you know how dangerous it is for him to be alone??” Yuki raised her voice even more. She was not just angry…she was actually pissed.

“I-I’m sorry it’s my fault…”

“Do you think just saying sorry will clear this if anything actually happened to Koichi-kun!? Mayu, I’m serious here! There must be a limit here.”

“I know! That’s why I’m saying it’s my fault here…”

“Why don’t you go back to do your work as you wish!?”

Yuki literally shoved Mayu out from the house and shut the door. The doctor froze with shock and was completely dumbfounded. Her wife was sure really scary and obviously she couldn’t even finish where she left off. She sighed softly and ruffled her head. It was her fault that it happened so she took all the blame willingly. Then suddenly, Koichi came to open the door and peaked at her.

“Mamayu…I know it’s not your fault. I know you work so hard for us…and I really love mamayu too…”

“Thank you Koichi…” Mayu smiled at him. “You should go before mamarin will come get you.”

“But what about mamayu…”

“Don’t worry~ Mamayu will sort things out with mamarin later.”

She smiled in order to not make her boy worry, but deep down she was completely worried about it. She saw Yuki in her Black-Mode several times and… she wouldn’t want to recall those memories back at all.


“…So now you’re staying here?”

Miyuki asked and Mayu just nodded silently. She sighed and knew that this was coming. The doctor had returned back to the hospital and it’s likely she would have to stay overnight at the hospital today.

“Jeez…well anyways, the nightshift ones here includes nurse Tii. I hope things get better for you soon.”

“Haha…I hope so too.”

Mayu chuckled wryly and it was about time Miyuki had left. It was already 11pm and barely there would be people around. Only few doctors and nurses would be seen. Nurse Tii came to her side with slight worries in her eyes.

“Dr. Watanabe, did something happen?”

“Well… A little between Yuki and I. ”

“Ah… lover’s quarrel.”

“Haha, you can say so.”

“Do you want to share it out?”

“It’s just a small little thing, I forgot to go pick my son up at the school today… Then Yuki kicked me out.”

“Ouch…” Nurse Tii wouldn’t want that to happen to her. “I guess…give Yuki-san some time too, doctor’s life is not that easy to understand if you’re not in the same field as them.”

“Thank you Tii, I felt much better.” Mayu smiled with relief. At the least, she wasn’t as stressed as before now. She wondered how things would end between her and Yuki, only time could decide that.


Glad that at night there weren’t so many people coming, she slept in at her office room. If there would be a patient coming, nurse Tii would come waking her up. As she was sleeping, she heard the sound of the door open, but she couldn’t bother to open her eyes right now. She’s just too tired from constant lack of sleep these past days.

“Nurse Tii is there a patient…?” She mumbled back as she believed the person that entered was the nurse, unfortunately, it’s not.

“…Mayu, it’s me.”

Her eyes shot open due to that familiar voice ringing in her ears. It was someone she didn’t expected it to be at this time, in the middle of the night at the hospital. It was her wife, but then she believed that it would be a dream to her.

“I thought about Yuki so much that I dreamt about her now? Oh dear…”


“Yuki…I’m really sorry.” Mayu apologized sincerely as she tried to focus her attention to her lover who stood beside her right now. “I don’t have any excuse, I really sorry and it’s my fault for forgetting something this important.”

“…It’s fine.”

Yuki threw her arms in and rested her chin on Mayu’s shoulder. She hugged the doctor closely to her and finally, Mayu woke up. She felt the warmth from miko’s body and realized that this wasn’t a dream. This was reality.

“Y-Y-Yuki?!? So this isn’t a dream?”

“It’s not silly…”

“E-Eh…U-Uh, what are you doing here?”

“I came to apologize to you…I’m sorry for being so rash on you.” She replied in a slight guilt tone in her voice. She buried her face onto Mayu’s shoulder and hugged her even tighter.

“I’m sorry. You worked so hard for us… I should’ve understand your position and how busy you are more than anyone else yet I… I’m really sorry.”

“It’s alright. It’s my fault to forget what I should’ve done.” Mayu patted her head and then Yuki was the one that pushed off first. Her face seemed to be flushing before she made an eye contact with Mayu.

“Today…it’s a pocky day.”

“…Oh right, not that you mentioned that.”

“Nurse Tii gave me this…”

Yuki showed the chocolate pocky stick in her hand and it seemed the doctor knew what her lover was indirectly telling her. Mayu could see that Yuki was blushing from trying to say it directly to her.

“T-Take it as my apology…”


Yuki put one end of the pocky into her mouth and moved in closer to the doctor. Mayu took the other tip of the pocky into her mouth. Slowly, little by little, both of them nibbled their sides, getting closer and closer. Finally, their lips met gently and it just tasted like chocolate. Yuki just missed her kiss with Mayu so much that their kiss started to become bolder. While their lips were intact, the doctor got up from her chair and then cornered Yuki against her table. They kept kissing and licked each other’s lips and tongue until the trace of chocolate flavor disappeared. They slowly broke the kiss and both of their faces were flushing so much.

“Will you forgive me?” Yuki whispered against Mayu’s lips and the doctor nodded.

“I’m the one that have to ask that…will you forgive me, Yuki?”


The miko pulled Mayu in and hugged her closely to her body as she whispered into the doctor’s ears. “Let’s go home…Koichi-kun would want to see you there in the morning.”

“…Sure, let’s go back home.”

They both went back home together and nurse Tii watching those that lovely couple walking out with a smile on their face. She’s glad that the pocky snack she brought with her tonight actually did come in handy this time.



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To MaYuki whom I shall Eternally Devote my Heart




so guys, let me give you a clear situation on how this fic affects me... I was actually trying to open some account earlier after reading the story and so I had to type my password so whilst typing my 'PW' which apparently would show as '******' I was so frustrated since I was very sure of I'm typing the 'right' password...a minute or two have passed...


I just realized I was typing 'MAYUKI' and not my 'real password'  :shocked

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Koichi is a good son. Mayuki is lucky to have such an understanding son like him. He is raised with love afterall.
Pocky game~ These two  :luvluv1:

Nurse Tii :on spit:  That surprised me. XD
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imteedee: LOL!!!! Mayuki seeps into your head tooooo much! XD

Konoe: yup~ the boy is raised with mayuki love~ ^^ I used the opportunity of pocky day for this OS~ it makes them look cute even they're adults already :P
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I LOVE POCKY :on gay:

First i need a dentist, i wonder whats next? XD
kate i really enjoy reading ur fic  :D
Thank u for making me smile after i read it *teehee*
Ps.i know u been busy with this fic eto,pls update ur amnesia fic too *onegai*  :nervous
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Post by: katekyohit on November 12, 2013, 04:25:52 AM
Chichay12: I like pocky~ glad you enjoy it~ Hope you book a dentist soon :P Don't worry I'll update every single ongoing fic when I'm done with exams (next week), its just i wrote out the omakes and the ridiculous long OS before my exam period starts. OwO

Scene #6: Yuki’s Birthday

“Jya…I have to go now.”

Mayu had a travelling bag with her as she was somehow prepared to go off on some trip or something. She patted Koichi’s head and kissed his forehead.

“Take care of mamarin when I’m away okay?”

“I will!”

“I’m sorry Yuki…I’ll have to be away for quite a while.”

Mayu apologized but then Yuki simply shook her head. She understood her lover’s position as a doctor very well and she must attend this medical convention at Osaka. However that wasn’t a reason why Mayu apologized to her wife, it was because the convention would end on the same day as Yuki’s birthday, so she couldn’t be here to celebrate for her birthday.

“Don’t worry about it, have a safe trip.”

“I will.” She smiled before she left the house and onto the taxi, heading off to meet wither fellow colleagues first before heading over to the medical convention at Osaka.


Through out the whole week, both Koichi and Yuki stayed at the shrine instead so the little boy wouldn’t be too lonely or bored with Mayu’s absences. He enjoyed talking and playing with his grandparents while Yuki just seemed to daze off and stared out from the window of the shrine. Both of them didn’t expect the medical convention to be during Yuki’s birthday. Yuki would be lying that she didn’t felt sad by it, but she wouldn’t want to add more pressure on her lover. So she decided to carry the pain alone.

“Isn’t it tomorrow your birthday Yuki?”


Yuki’s mother came to her side and sat down beside her. She knew about the unfortunate that Mayu had to be away due to her working plan. But obviously the mother could see through the miko’s tinge of sadness hinted in her eyes.

“Take it easy Yuki, it’s just pure unfortunate, neh?”

Her mother saw through her completely. She had not need to say a word further; she just simply nodded back. She return to Koichi’s side together with her mother before the boy would ask about her whereabouts. A week with Mayu gone from the house was sure very lonely for her…


It was already her birthday and it’s just any other days to her. They came back home today since Mayu would be back by tomorrow according to her schedule. Yuki made sure her boy took a shower and brushed his teeth before going to bed.



“Happy birthday~”

“Thank you Koichi-kun~ I love you.”

Yuki smiled with contentment before she kissed the boy’s forehead. She left the room in order for him to go to sleep. Yuki sighed and went to sit alone in the living room while watching some random channel she just opened. Then she realized that during the week Mayu was gone… the doctor was always beside her, all the time. Even though she was already tired from her job, she would always smile and bring happiness to Koichi and herself. Yuki sighed and leaned back against the sofa with her face facing up at the ceiling. Glancing at the clock…it’s almost midnight. Her birthday was about to end…

“Mayu…I miss you.”


Yuki was surprised to hear the sound of the doorbell. She glanced at the room’s clock at its already 11:45pm. She wondered who would be coming this late. She went to the door, but then it opened itself. Her eyes grew wide with shock to see that familiar person in front of the door with a huge smile across her face. She was in her black formal suit as if she just rushed out from the conference.


“I’m back~”

“Wait, I thought you said you’ll be back tomorrow!”

“Actually yes, but I can’t wait, and I’m glad that I made it on time…”

She giggled before she brought out something that she was hiding behind her back. It was a small pink rose bouquet, and a black box. She opened it to reveal the small pink rose necklace inside. Yuki was already surprised that Mayu came back at the middle of the night, and she hadn’t expected for her lover to give anything to her… That genuine smile across Mayu’s face just felt so warm and comforting.

“Yuki, happy birthday!”


Yuki was deeply touched by Mayu’s effort to come back home from Osaka straight after her convention without taking a break. In the end, Mayu created a miracle herself in order to give Yuki happiness. Her eyes became teary and then she threw her arms around the doctor.

“Welcome back home…”

“I’m back, I’m sorry to make you wait. I miss you.”

“…I miss you too.”

The doctor closed the door behind her and without further ado; Yuki asked her doctor to put the necklace for her. It was a gift she bought at Osaka while she had a chance just for the sake of Yuki’s birthday. She already planned to come back home as soon as the convention was over. In that silence, they stared into each other’s eyes and then their lips met with each other with feels of yearning. Mayu didn’t wait and immediately snaked her tongue to invade Yuki’s lips. Their kiss became bolder and bolder every second that went by, but they had to break out for a second before Mayu could continue where she left off.

“I’ll make up for the time I’m gone. Command what you want…Yuki.”

“…Kiss me, and hug me tightly.”

“Yes, I will…forever.”

Their lips enclosed each other once again while Mayu hugged her wife tightly and closely to her body. Feeling each other’s warmth, their face started to blush even more. Yuki missed her kiss, her hug, her touch, and her voice. She gripped tightly onto Mayu’s shirt without caring she would make a mess or not. It’s her birthday today after all… it’s the day she allowed herself to be completely spoiled by her beloved lover.


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OH Nurse Jurina is happy with the update as well!  :shocked


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Mayuki's house must be filled with ants.

They are always so sweet to each other! :deco:
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Poor Mayu, she work hard fir the family

But they work out

I love pocky day

Please update :bow:
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now it's already 6 then 7,8,9,and 10 finish! i start to feel sad~ haha this family really warmed my heart
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Scene #7: Trick or Treat!?

“Hm, and here comes the moment of the year…”

Mayu walked at the counter of her department and picked a lollipop from the basket. Apparently some nurses were bored so they decided to do some Halloween decoration in the pediatric department.

“Dr. Watanabe! Don’t steal the kids’ sweets.”

“Just one, don’t be so bossy, Jurina.”

“But this is quite unexpected, I thought you will take a holiday today.”

Nurse Jurina replied with a big smile and Mayu just shrugged her shoulder. She wondered why as well. Usually she would in order to be with Koichi, but it seemed not today.

“Well, if I want to have a day off for Christmas…I have to work a lot more to make up for it.”

“Ah, that makes sense. Hm~ I’m so jealous of Yuki-san~”

Mayu raised her eyebrow and wondered why would the nurse felt jealous of her own wife… when Jurina herself had her eyes on someone already.

“Oi~ Then you should ask for more attention from Rena. Didn’t you like her?”

“H-Hey!” Jurina blushed instantly and it made Mayu giggled.

“It should be really quiet today, so why don’t you drop by to see her?”


Jurina puffed her cheeks as Dr. Watanabe enjoyed teasing her. Later in that day, Mayu just sat in her room and read a book quietly. Since today was Halloween, not many children would be coming today anyways. Then suddenly, the door slid open and she saw Jurina head peaking in.

“Dr. Watanabe~ you got a patient.”

“Hm? Okay.”

Jurina opened the door wide and it literally caught Mayu off-guard when she saw her wife and her child there.

“Mamayu~ trick or treat!”

“Y-Yuki? Koichi??” Mayu got up from her chair with surprise

“Hehe~ Is mamayu surprised?” Koichi ran to her side and threw a hug around her.

“W-Wow, yes I am!”

Then Koichi handed Mayu a pumpkin-shaped lollipop to her with a huge smile across his face. “Trick or treat~”

“Aw, thank you Koichi…”

“Alright~ Koichi-kun, let’s get outside and wait until mamarin give mamayu a surprise trick or treat?” Jurina suggested up and the boy nodded. He ran to the nurse and went outside of Mayu’s office. Only Yuki and Mayu were inside and then the miko walked up to her.

“I didn’t expected you and Koichi to come here…” Mayu spoke up and it made Yuki smiled.

“He missed you, so we decided to come surprise you.”

“I see, you don’t miss me too?”

“Baka…do you even have to ask.”

Yuki smiled with a blushing face, and it also made Mayu’s face reddened up. Then her wife handed over a piece of candy to her. The doctor was confused with that candy, she grasped for it but Yuki pulled it away.

“Nope, I’m not letting you taking it just like that.”


Yuki unwrapped it and fed the doctor instead. Mayu was slightly surprised and then opened her mouth for Yuki to feed her. As the candy went inside her mouth, it was a soft caramel candy.

“It taste great.”

“Really? Let me try.”


Without further ado, Mayu was completely caught off guard by her wife. Yuki’s lips met with hers and she could feel Yuki making such an aggressive move on her. She snaked her tongue inside her mouth and taste the leftover caramel inside her mouth. The doctor was completely dominated by her wife and her face flushed so badly after Yuki licked her lips.

“It really is sweet.”


“Hehe~ Happy Halloween, darling.”

Rarely Yuki would call Mayu by ‘darling’ and it obviously Mayu never blushed this badly before.  Kashiwagi really did played her move well and successfully bullied Mayu. It seemed Yuki utilized this chance to have a little payback on her lover.

“We shouldn’t keep Koichi from waiting, let’s go.”


Mayu was still mindblowned by what Yuki addressed her. The priestess grabbed her hand and guided her out from the room. That was sure one sure one surprising Halloween for the year. As they went out, they met with Koichi and Jurina at the toy area.

“Mamarin! Did you surprise mamayu?”

“Yes~ I’m pretty sure mamayu is surprised, right?” Yuki grinned at the doctor who seemed to still be blushing.

“Y-Yeah. Mamarin totally caught me off guard…”

“Yay! We both surprise mamayu~”

Koichi was so excited and hugged his raven-haired mother. The doctor was still trying to gather her sane back after the surprise from her wife. Yuki completely caught her off guard and being spoiled by Yuki was just too much for her to handle. Mayu turned to Yuki, and their eyes accidently met… that’s when her wife gave her a cute wink and caused the doctor to have a heart attack.

(Mayu: U-Ugh…she totally got me this time -///- …)


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I should learn from her (?)
asdasdasd~~ <33

Ahh a little of wmatsui (lol)  :cathappy:
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KOICHI AND MAMAYU aren't real....



You are welcome, Sire.  O0
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sweet hallowen >.<

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Way to go Yuki! Nice attack. :on GJ:
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KITTA~!!! THE KILLER WINK!!!!  :wub: :inlove:
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Scene #8: MaYuki Family’s Christmas Eve Night~

“Mamayu! Let’s go over there!”

The little boy pleaded his parents and obviously the doctor nodded at his request. A huge smile appeared across his face. As expected, Dr. Watanabe took a day-off from her work on this special day for the sake of her family. They were dressed up properly so they would be warm when the sunset down. The doctor wore her long black coat and a red scarf, while her wife wore her clean white jacket and a fluffy hat. Koichi put on a lot of warm clothes today since Ms. paranoid Kashiwagi wouldn’t want her son to be sick.

The three of them went into the city together and spent their precious family moments together. Yuki had gone to the bathroom and both Mayu and Koichi waited at the front of this café for her.

“Mamayu, mamayu, I want to ask something.” Koichi pulled onto Mayu’s shirt and caught the doctor’s attention.


“Eh, you see…”


As Yuki came back, they continued going all over the places, there let Koichi do anything he wanted to do and he literally ate a lot of sweets and food today. He seemed to enjoy himself as well. Yuki kept asked her son what he wanted for Christmas but he said he didn’t want anything in particular. He just wanted to enjoy as much sweets as possible when he got the chance to.

“It taste so good~”

“Don’t eat too much Koichi-kun you’ll get sick.” Yuki warned her son with worries.

“It’s just today, let him for once Yuki.”

Mayu sided with her son and it made the boy loved it. However, Kashiwagi sighed with how her lover was siding with Koichi most of the time. After they enjoyed their day, Koichi seemed to saw something that caught his eyes, and it was the jewelry shop. His eyes stared at this pair of earrings and he didn’t even think of blinking at all. Dr. Watanabe observed her son and had that kind gentle smile appeared on her face.

“Do you want that one?”


“T-That’s really expensive!”

Yuki exclaimed and totally disagreed with Mayu buying it for Koichi. He was still 5 years old and there’s no way any parent would buy a female jewelry for their son! However, the doctor completely ignored her wife and went along with the flow of her son.

“Let’s get this, okay?”


“Mayu are you even listening to me?”

“Hai~ Just trust me…neh?”

Mayu turned to her wife and gave a wink. It worked every single time on Kashiwagi. She stumbled and blushed by that kiddy wink from her lover. Every time Dr. Watanabe asked her to trust her… she would always fell for it. She sighed and was completely hopeless of stopping Mayu.


They came out from the store and Koichi was carrying the paper bag in his hand. He was smiling with excitement and leaned his body to stick onto Mayu closely. The sun had disappeared and the beauty of the night starry sky took over, as it was already 8pm. They had been outside for the whole day and it was snowing as well. Giving out such a romantic feeling of the Christmas Eve night…. the lights of the stores gave out such a beautiful effect in this romantic scenery. 

“Thank you mamayu~!”

“No problem~ Mamayu also love it too.”

“Jya…where are we going now?”

Yuki spoke up and then the doctor pointed towards the huge Christmas tree decorated at the middle of the plaza, which wasn’t that far away from where they were standing.

“Is there something over there?”

“We’ll see~”

Mayu teased her again and it started to make her curious with what the doctor was planning this time… As they arrived at the wide plaza, looking for the perfect timing, Mayu and Koichi exchanged glances with each other before the boy ran up to his mom.

“Mamarin~ Merry christmas~!”

He handed over the box to Yuki and caught her off guard. She looked back up at Mayu with such dramatic expression and it made the doctor smiled. She walked to Koichi’s side and crouched down beside him.

“I hope mamarin likes it…and mamarin asked what I want for Christmas right?” He smiled and then held Yuki’s hand tightly. “I want to make mamarin to be happy just as much as mamarin makes me happy~ I love you so much mamarin!”

Yuki was completely shocked and she crouched down in front of both Koichi and Mayu. She was deeply touched by her son’s words and then she exchanged glances with Dr. Watanabe. She immediately knew that her lover knew about it.

“Mayu so you knew…”

“He wanted to get you something. This is his present for you neh~”

“Mamarin…do you like it?” The boy spoke up with slight hint of worries in his voice.

“Of course I do! It’s the best Christmas present ever… Thank you so much Koichi-kun.”

Yuki smiled with slight teary eyes, but she wouldn’t want to breakdown right here in the middle of the plaza. The miko couldn’t help but to think but thinking how her son learned to be so sweet and gentle like this. He must have absorbed a lot of things from the doctor after all. Mayu put on the earrings for her wife and it perfectly matched with Yuki. It was a silver chain earring with purple amethyst at the end tail; it looked completely stunning on Ms. Kashiwagi.

“Mamarin looked so pretty!”

“It’s because Koichi-kun picked a good one~”

Yuki embraced her son tightly and it made him chuckled with excitement. They headed back home together while holding hands. As soon as they got back home, the three of them sat at the living room as Koichi requested.

“Can we hug until its Christmas? Pretty please~?”

“Of course.”

Mayu replied and then Koichi pulled her over onto the sofa to sit. As the doctor sat, the boy jumped onto her side and cuddled around the doctor’s warm body.

“Thank you so much mamayu!”

“Hehe, it’s totally nothing at all.”

“Don’t say it’s nothing.” Yuki sat down beside Mayu on another available side, and leaned onto the doctor’s body. “You did so much…for me, and Koichi-kun.”

“It’s what I want to do…I guess its my job as a husband?”

Mayu teased her lover with a chuckle, but she wasn’t expected Yuki to respond with such an adorable irresistible smile like that. It made her blushed and then the miko pecked her cheek before she would speak up.

“Thank you Mayu…for everything.”

“When I grow up I wanna be super cool like mamayu!” Koichi smiled and hugged Mayu even closer.

“You will, because she is Koichi-kun’s mamayu after all.”

Yuki smiled while she rested her head closely to the doctor’s neck. A smile slowly appeared across Mayu’s face as she wrapped her arms around both Koichi and Yuki. Resting her head on top of Yuki’s, she closed her eyes with utmost contentment. It was true peace within MaYuki family. She wanted this moment to last forever… with these hands of hers, as long as she was still living, she swore she will not fail to protect and give happiness to both Yuki and Koichi.

“I love both of you too… I really do.”


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Koichi is sooo KAWAII!!! :nya:

It's not obvious that his real father is Sae. :lol:

Mayu's influence to the kid is really strong.
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you must have waited for seconds... :V
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so sweet~~
will koichi change when he'll become teenagers D:
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I really wonder if kids like him exists in this world  XD
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I love Christmas

Aww.. Koichi-kun is so sweet just like Mayu

The story is so touch  :shy1: :luvluv1: :luvluv2:
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My apologize for delay, my last exam is tomorrow now, and since I'm taking a break from study, I decided to finish the 9th omake! Please enjoy it!

Scene #9: Valentine’s Day <3

“Dr. Watanabe! You have another appointment in 10 minutes, please be ready.”

Jurina came to remind the doctor of her job at the staff’s resting room. The doctor nodded and returned back to work. This was sure a tough day… so many appointments today when it was a special day she wanted to stay with Yuki the most, the lover’s day, Valentine’s Day. As the doctor worked hard and at the same time keep glancing at the clock with a sigh, even Jurina could see that.

“Poor Mayu…out of all the days, she can’t take a day-off today.” Jurina sighed as Rena was standing by her side thinking the same thing.

“True, it’s something expected from a married doctor.” Rena added.

“Huh…she looks sad too, what can we do for her?”

“Hmm…Oh! I think there is.”

“Eh?” Jurina looked up to Rena out of curiosity…


Time flew by so slow that it was gradually killing her. Right after she had finished her work, it was already late 8pm. It would be just 4 more hours before Valentine’s Day would be over. She didn’t even have the time to go buy chocolate or roses. However, as she back into the staff room to get a card she had wrote today through out the whole day. She found a bouquet of red rose and a big packet of chocolate; furthermore it was addressing it to her.

“Eh? To me??”

She checked it, and it was from both Rena and Jurina. They felt pity that Mayu had to work whole day today, so they decided to give her a hand and bought the things she needed for her precious lover at home. The doctor smiled with content with how caring her friends were, and without further ado, she rushed back home immediately.


“I-I’m back home!”

As Mayu returned home, Yuki was about to take Koichi up to sleep at his room. It’s already the time for the boy to sleep. However, when he saw his mamayu, a huge smile appeared across his face and he ran up towards her. Mayu crouched down and let the energetic boy threw his arms around her neck.

“Mamayu! You made it!”

“Haha…I’m really sorry. I just finished my work just now…”

“Welcome home Mayu.” Yuki walked up to her with that warm welcoming smile as usual. Every time the doctor saw that smile from her lover, it made her heart rest at ease and all the tiredness from her job vanished instantly.

“Oh! I have something for mamayu! Please wait here~”

Koichi ran into the kitchen and came back with a cute heart chocolate for her mother. He gave it to the doctor and peck on the kiss. That made Mayu surprised and blushed, he giggled from seeing his mamayu’s reaction.

“Happy valentine’s day~”

“Thank you Koichi-kun~ But since it’s already late, I’ll give you chocolate tomorrow okay?”

“Hai~ I’ll go to sleep now, good night mamayu!”

“Good night~”


Yuki told her to go take a shower and meet at the living room since she wanted to talk about something. It was quite obvious to the doctor since this was Valentine’s day, and this could only be the time they could spend together as lovers. After Mayu was done with showering, she came out she saw Yuki sitting at the couch watching TV.

“Sorry to make you wait.”

“Don’t worry about it…sit down.”

The doctor obeyed her girl and sat right beside her. The miko leaned onto Mayu’s shoulder and whispered softly. “You must be tired from your work today… you really looked exhausted.”

“A little…so many appointments going on today that I barely get to take a break. I doubt I even eat any lunch.”

“Do you want me to cook for you?”

“It’s fine…it’s quite late for a meal now.” Mayu glanced at the clock at it was already 10pm. She didn’t want to have a bad habit of eating late at night since it would be unhealthy for her.

“How about…some chocolate?” Yuki asked and pulled the table closer to the couch, there was a box of chocolate that Mayu received from Rena and Jurina. “May I open it?”

“Sure, it’s yours.”

Mayu smiled and Yuki unwrapped it. The chocolate box was elegantly wrapped and it seemed to be from some decent shop that both wMatsui bought for Mayu. The doctor picked a piece and put it on top of Yuki’s lips softly.

“Neh Yuki…can I be spoiled by you tonight?”

The miko knew what the doctor was referring to. She sighed softly and took the chocolate from Mayu’s hand. “…You deserve it.”

She put the first piece of chocolate into her mouth and moved in to kiss her doctor. Their body slowly fell onto the couch and the melting chocolate from Yuki’s mouth slowly transferred to Mayu while they were having an intense kissing session. Yuki’s tongue invaded the doctor’s lips and tangled with her tongue. The doctor could taste chocolate from Yuki’s tongue and lips, it’s just making her hunger for more. Finally, as the taste of the chocolate disappeared, their lips broke apart… Their face was blushing badly and they were panting from the intense kiss.


“I love you Mayu, with my whole life… let me spoil you tonight.”

Yuki picked another chocolate, put into her mouth, and she kissed Mayu again. The whole cycle of passionate chocolate kissing repeated again, again, again, and again. As each time passed by, Mayu couldn’t help but to blush and being spoiled by her miko. They both intertwined their fingers tightly while they were eating and tasting the chocolate together.


It seemed both of them had lost count how many chocolate they had eaten together already, but Yuki didn’t care. She picked another one and fed her Mayu once again. The doctor caught her breath between the kiss and moaned out softly.


They totally forgot the time and likely Valentine’s day had already ended, but it seemed their Valentine moment would never end that easily. When Yuki was about to pick another chocolate, Mayu stopped her and pulled Yuki’s face in to kiss her lips.

“I want to kiss you…”

“…Me too.”

They had enough of chocolate, and now they had another passionate kissing session on the couch. Mayu couldn’t help but to moan and be dominated by her lover tonight. It really did turn her on sometimes when Yuki was being the aggressive one during the kiss. Also, she loved that wild side of her wife.


“I won’t stop…I can’t stop now.”

Yuki whispered against Mayu’s lips and it made the doctor smiled back at her.

“Please don’t…I don’t want it to end…just yet.”

Mayu pulled her in and their lips met again, this time, she wrapped her arms around Yuki’s body to pull her wife’s body closer in order to deepen up the kiss. As for the miko, she placed both of her hands on Mayu’s cheeks in order to get a proper angle to kiss. As they go take a short session to catch their breath, they stared into each other’s eyes passionately; it was just too irresistible for them that they hungered for each other lips again. Mayu completely let herself being spoiled by her wife, what she loved as much as making Yuki belonged to her is… to be Yuki’s possession forever.


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OMG my heart  XD too bad I can't troll now, let me troll later! dem. Always kissing and all, DIABETES MELLITUS  :inlove:
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 :tama-music: I feel like singing

 :note: CHOKOREETO kuchi utsushi shite
itsumo no KISU ja tsumannai yo
gouin ni nejikonde...
CHOKOREETO shita de tokashite
anata no ai wo nametai no
kuchibiru wo hamidashite...
YARASHII oto wo tateru

~again and again :note:
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Omg Mayuki is so sweet  :bleed eyes:

Valentine days.. Ahhh Mayuki

I can die anytime now
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I wanna see Jurina in nurse outfit  :inlove:

Thanks kate-san, too much fluffinesss :wub:
 and more Wmatsui pleasee  XD
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Aw......So cute~!!!  :D
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Before you read Omake #10... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STAYING UP TO DATE WITH THIS!  :bow: :bow: :bow:
I hope you guys enjoy so far, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sticking to this long ridiculous story!
Finally! This STORY is coming to an end!!
I will definitely write more MaYuki stories, and hope to improve even more!  :cathappy:
I have been super frustrated with my exams ever since I posted the one-shot until today (my last exam)!!! All these lovely comments from everyone makes me happy and cheered me up! ^^ So I hope this LAST omake will leave you guys a great impression~!
I'll reply everyone's comment so far after this post! I didn't have a chance to reply because of my studies for exams!  :bow:

:deco: ENJOY! AND HAVE FUN! :deco:

Scene #10: “Eternal Devotion”

…In just few days, it would be Mayu and Yuki’s (secret) wedding at Kashiwagi shrine. However before that, they were both sitting on the train heading to Saitama. They were heading to Mayu’s hometown today. They both sat beside each other and didn’t utter a word. Mayu just stared out from the window of the train while holding Yuki’s hand. The miko had no clue… why they’re coming to Saitama together.

“Mayu, uh…where are we going?”

“I want to introduce you to my parents.”


Yuki was not even mentally prepared at all. She dressed so casually that she’s afraid that she would make a bad impression with Mayu’s parents today. The doctor could immediately tell from her lover’s reaction and she couldn’t help but to laugh at Yuki.


“Haha! I’m sorry…don’t worry about it. They would not mind anything.”

Mayu gently kissed Yuki’s forehead before she smirked at her playfully. “Sometimes some things are better to be seen than mentioned…I’ll explain everything to you when we arrive there okay?”

“Okay…?” Yuki wasn’t sure she understood what Mayu was saying…but she decided to wait until her lover will explain everything to her.


As soon as they arrived at Saitama train station, they got onto the taxi and headed to this unknown destination. At least, Mayu seemed to know where she was going. While Yuki looked out from the window, they stopped at this shrine… she read the sign, and it said ‘Watanabe Shrine’.

“Watanabe Shrine…?”

“We’re here.”

Mayu got out from the taxi and opened the door for Yuki. Obviously, it surprised Yuki quite much. The doctor once told her before that her grandfather owned a shrine, and it was actually true. Before Yuki could have more time to daydream, the doctor grabbed her hand to catch her attention.

“Let’s go.”


Yuki was nervous, but then as they entered the shrine. Mayu went to buy the flower from stall inside the shrine area, and the older woman in miko recognized her immediately.

“Mayu-chan~! You seemed to arrive early today.”

“It’s been a while grandma~” Mayu smiled and greeted her grandmother.

Yuki was there beside her and bowed immediately to properly greet Mayu’s grandparent. “N-Nice to meet you, I’m Kashiwagi Yuki.”

“Ah yes…Yuki-chan, I heard about you from Mayu-chan already~ You’re much more adorable than in the pictures.”

Her grandmother smiled and passed the small bouquet flower towards the doctor. “So, your mom and grandpa are inside the shrine already. Come whenever you’re ready Mayu-chan. ”

“Yes…thank you.”

Both of them walked towards this path that was close by to the entrance of the shrine. They had turned at this corner that had the sign said ‘graveyard’. That instance, Yuki gulped and couldn’t utter a single word. She just walked quietly, while holding Mayu’s hand tightly. As they arrived at the graveyard zone that belonged to the shrine, they stopped at the front of one of the tombstone that said…’Watanabe Yuichi’.  Mayu put the flower down in front of the grave and clasped her hand together.

“I’m back home, dad.”

Yuki didn’t know that Mayu had lost her father already. Since when? What happen? It worried her how she knew nothing about this at all. She didn’t want to say a word; her mind was completely blank by the scene she was witnessing. But not long, she saw Mayu sat down on the floor in front of her father’s grave, and seemed to be talking to him as well.

“So many things happen the last time I came back to Saitama. Do you remember this person I always told you I had a crush back in high school?”

Mayu giggled as she continued telling the whole story that happened when she was working in Tokyo. She attended her best friend’s wedding at her crush’s shrine. It was like faith; she never thought that she would be able to close the gap between herself and her crush after they haven’t talk for years…

“But it seem, it’s not one-sided as I thought after all. She… loves me too.”

Yuki blushed as she knew whom was Mayu referring to. It was her. She was the one that Mayu had a crush on since high school, and the person that… loved Mayu.

“But so many things happen…that came in between me and her. So many things that it sounds like a real-life drama…”

Mayu told her father what happened between her and Yuki. About how they had to hide their relationship from Yuki’s parents, about how Yuki was engaged with Sae, how they both reunited back together with Yuki’s parent’s acknowledgement… and about how Yuki was pregnant.

“In few days… back in Tokyo, I’ll be vowing my love and eternity with Yuki. I used your ring to propose her too. Finally, I had a chance to bring her to introduce to you…”

Mayu stood up and turned to Yuki. It was a very calm gentle smile from the doctor that it made miko’s mind calm down. She felt much more relaxed as Mayu pulled her in closer.

“Sorry for a very late introduction… dad, this is Yuki that I always told you. The person I love and will be with forever.”


“I believe you have so many questions to ask me, right?”

Mayu turned to her girlfriend and held her hand tightly. She began to tell what actually happened to her father. It was back when Mayu was about to graduate from high school… her father died from cancerous brain tumor.  She heard the news right before she would even fly off to UK to pursue further studies. As Yuki listened to Mayu’s story, she could feel how much pain Mayu had went through. She could tell from how Mayu was telling about her father… that the doctor really loved him. He was her dream and hero. Also, Yuki could tell that she missed him so much too.

“Mayu…about this ring…”

Yuki was referring to the ring on her left ring finger, and then Mayu clarified it for her once again. 

“It’s the ring that my dad used to propose my mom.”

“T-Then isn’t this so important to you??”

“Yes it is, that’s why…I can only give it to you.”

Mayu brought Yuki’s hand closer and she kissed the ring on Kashiwagi’s finger. It made the miko blushed badly by Mayu’s sweetness. “Because you’re everything to me…. my life and future. You’re the only one I wish to be with forever.”


“I love you Yuki, with my whole heart.”

“…Me too.”

Yuki smiled and pulled her hand back to take out the necklace she was wearing. Mayu didn’t know what was going on until she saw that it was a gold white sapphire ring that Yuki was wearing for all along. She took the ring out and put onto Mayu’s hand.

“This is…?”

“It's the ring that is passed through generations in Kashiwagi family. We’re not rich, so this is not actually a diamond. My mom gave it to me a month ago, since she realize that you don’t have a ring…”

Mayu was surprised, she didn’t think anyone would realize that, but unfortunately Yuki’s mother did. A month before their wedding plan, she gave it to Yuki so she could give it to Mayu on their wedding. However, Yuki felt that this was the proper time to give it to her lover.

“This ring meant a lot to me…it's the ring that my grandfather proposed my grandmother… the ring that my father proposed my mother… and I want to give this ring to you, only to you.”


“You’re my whole world Mayu, you’re the light that came into my life and embrace me tightly… I don’t want to be with anyone aside from you. You deserve to have this more than anyone else.”

“Jeez…” Mayu kissed Yuki’s forehead and had to ask her again. “Is it really okay for me to have this?”

“Isn’t that what I’m suppose to ask you?”

Yuki teased her and it made the doctor laughed. Mayu gave her parent’s ring to Yuki, just like how Yuki gave her family’s ring to her.  So it seemed, Mayu couldn’t deny that ring from her fiancé.

“Hehe~ You’re right…”

Mayu smiled and gladly to accept the ring along with Yuki’s feelings. It was Kashiwagi that put on the ring on the doctor’s finger, as they stared into each other’s eyes. Holding each other’s hand tightly, they rested their forehead against each other with their happiest smile across their face.

“Let this ring be the symbol of my eternal devotion, and that I belong to you.”

Mayu whispered softly and Yuki did the same back to her.

“I belong to you as much as you belong to me. My prove is within that ring on your finger… symbol of my eternal devotion for you.”

In the middle of their serious confession, Mayu just suddenly laughed out and caught Yuki off guard immediately. Watanabe could see her miko blinked with dumbfoundedness at her.

“S-Sorry, I just find it funny we’re talking like this in the middle of the graveyard…” Mayu made it as a joke, but then Yuki just shook her head.

“I don’t care where we do this. What meant a lot to me more is that…” Kashiwagi turned to glance at Mayu’s father’s grave and smile calmly. “… I can swore my love for you in front of your father.”


“I’ll give you everything I have, in order to make you happy.” Yuki promised to her lover, and it made Mayu smiled with utmost contentment.

“I know you will…and I promise, I’ll make you happy too.”

“Hehe, you already did it… and I know you always will.”

They stared into each other’s eyes and allowed their lips to meet with each other. It was just a short kiss, but it was enough to make both sides have blushing cheeks. The sweet silence between them utterly made both sides relaxed and happy that they spoke up their true feelings.

“Let’s go, shall we?”


Yuki nodded while she held Mayu’s hand. They walked out from the graveyard after they had finished greeting the doctor’s father. At the front of the actual shrine, just before they would enter, Yuki had stopped Mayu.



“Nervous?” Mayu teased as she giggled at her fiancé. Obviously it made Yuki mad and she slapped across the doctor’s shoulder playfully.


“Mou! I am! It's the first time I meet with your family…”

“Don’t worry, they do know a lot about you.”

“I see---Eh?”

Yuki blinked repetitively before she stared back at her lover. She could see that plain simple smile across Mayu’s face and she had countless questions running through her head.

“They know a lot about you than what you expected~”

“Wait, how??”

“If my dad knows a lot about you, then my mom knows too much about you~”

Mayu enjoyed teasing her fiancé so much that its making Yuki even more frustrated and panicking. However, the doctor knew how to calm her adorable girlfriend instantly. She pecked on Yuki’s lips and caught her full attention in that instance.

“I’m here with you…don’t worry, neh? I’m sure they will like you.”


“Let’s not keep them waiting.”

Mayu held her hand tightly, and it made Yuki felt secure. That playful smile across her lover’s face made miko smiled with relief as well. They went inside the shrine together to meet with Mayu’s family. There was nothing for Yuki to be afraid, as long as they were holding each other’s hand like this… everything seemed possible in Kashiwagi’s eyes.

Their eternal devotion…is everlasting.


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AKB:Kingdom ~ PART I




The short blonde haired man flinched as he was called by a familiar voice. He turned around and saw his taller younger sister staring at him. She was a very elegant princess with a very long beautiful raven hair just like the Queen, which was completely opposite from him.

“You got a letter, it’s with Miichan.”

“Ah! Thank you Yukirin.”

He smiled to his sister before he decided to return back to his room. Miichan was his special attendant and messenger. She was the one that sent personal letters for Kai, and she was the only one that knew his darkest secret as well… As soon as he arrived back at his room, Miichan was already waiting for him at the front of his room with a smile across her face.

“It is a good day, Kai-sama.”

“I heard from Yukirin that you have something for me…right?”

“Indeed sir.”

Miichan took out a letter from her pocket and handed over to Kai. It was as he expected. He remembered this scent and the handwriting on the letter. He smiled with relief that he received another letter from his lover successfully once again.

“Please come back at the usual time tomorrow.”

“Yes, your highness.”

Miichan bowed before she left. She had accomplished her mission as Kai’s personal messenger. The prince walked back into his room and made sure to lock the door in case anyone would come in. He sat down at his study table and unsealed the letter neatly. He unfolded it and slowly read word by word on the letter that addressed to him… it was from Matsui Atsuko, the princess of Roseus Kingdom that was about to declare war against his Vitis Kingdom.

It was another lovely letter from his beloved lover. It’s filled with happiness despite that their country was about to wage a war against each other. It was Atsuko’s letter that made Kai’s heart rest at ease. The moment he finished reading the letter he couldn’t stop smiling at all. He missed her so much. It’s been so long since they had met with each other…and the last time would be 2 years ago. It was right before the declaration of war between Roseus and Vitis Kingdom. Both of their family had no slightest hint about their relationship at all; they were forced to keep it a secret. At first, they had a feeling that their feelings would slowly disappeared as they distanced themselves away…but it ended up being the opposite. The more they’re separated the more their love grew.


“A-Ah, excuse me! I think you dropped this…”

Kai turned around, as he believed someone called him. His eyes met with this beautiful woman with those attractive brunette eyes. She was wearing a white dress and seemed to be one of the royal family members from the banquet in his castle.  She was holding his handkerchief and it made him surprised. He walked up towards her with a smile filled with thankfulness.

“Ah, thank you so much. This is very precious to me…”

“Not at all, prince Kai.”

He wasn’t that surprised that the woman in front of him knew his name. He was the eldest child and the succeeding King of Vitis in the future. It was his nature to treat everyone kindly despite he was a spoiled prince. He was well taught by his mother to be a gentleman to anyone despite his or her status.

“P-Prince Kai! It’s about time you have to return to the banquet hall.”

It was Miichan that came out to look for the prince. He was summoned back into the hall once again since it was a party to welcome the royal members from other kingdom. He hadn’t met with any princesses and princes so far yet. Despite it was his job to talk to everyone, he disliked crowds of people.

“I suppose we should return to the banquet hall…”

“Yes, I suppose so. It’s nice to meet you.”

She smiled back to him before she returned to the hall with him. Kai didn’t think about anything else afterwards as he tried to ignore Miichan’s complain about him escaping from the banquet hall. As he was holding the handkerchief he couldn’t shake off the face of that woman he met. She was truly elegant and pretty, maybe even prettier than his younger sister. He didn’t know her name and a tinge of feeling inside him hoped to meet her again…


“Now then…I want to start the welcoming for Roseus and Crystállum Kingdom for joining us tonight.”

The king of Vitis welcomed the royal family guests. The king and queen of the kingdoms didn’t actually come, but they sent their prince and princess to join instead. Kai was standing with his younger sister, Yuki, while their father welcomed their important guest onto the stage. His eyes suddenly grew wide with shock as she saw that same woman he met earlier walked up the stage with another playful boy. He seemed to be younger than her, as it was her younger brother.

“Thank you for inviting us to the banquet tonight, King of Vitis.”

“I’m glad you’re both are able to attend, I hereby welcome the prince Jun and princess Atsuko from the Roseus Kingdom.”

Everyone clapped his or her hands to welcome the two royal members from the Roseus kingdom. As for Kai, he was too shocked to even think about anything, as he was stunned to learn that the woman he met was the princess Atsuko of Roseus. It was no longer surprising that she knew him at all… but the more he stared at her, the more he felt so attracted to her. He didn’t pay attention to the welcoming ceremony afterwards at all, he just waited for the whole welcoming thing to end before he could’ve approach the princess of Roseus once again.

“P-Princess Atsuko?”

“Yes that is me.”

“I didn’t know you’re the princess of Roseus…I’m sorry for my rudeness.”

“Hehe, you’re not rude at all.” She giggled at him and it made his heart skipped a beat. She looked really adorable when she was laughing. Now it made Kai wondered why the more he looked at Atsuko, the more she became adorable to him.

“Princess Atsuko, thank you for earlier.”

“Not at all, prince Kai. It is something that everyone would do.”

“I see…”

He smiled back to her and it caught the princess’s attention. It was a very gentle smile from the prince. She didn’t understand why her head felt a little blank, but she wanted to see more of Kai’s smile. They both spent their time talking about many things during the banquet hall, as it was Kai’s job to accompany the royal family members from another kingdom. While they were having a drink at the side of the hall, Kai spotted Atsuko’s younger brother flirting with other high-class family members within Vitis.

“Ugh…not again?”

“Your brother sure likes to flirt…”

“He’s too much of a playboy!”

Atsuko sighed while watching her brother flirting with other girls. He would always do like that even under the presence of their parents. However, the princess didn’t know how to deal with her playboy brother any longer.

“Jeez…I hope someone can fix him.”

“I heard that love really changed people…what do you think?”

“I do agree, what about you?”

Atsuko asked him back and it made him flinched slightly. He looked at the drink in his hand and giggled softly. He never fell in love before, so he didn’t have a proper answer he could give to princess Atsuko.

“I wish to know whether its true or not…I never have fallen in love before.”

“Ah…so I believe we’re the same.”


“I never have fallen in love before too, and I’m already 24. My father was nagging me to find the great man that can support Roseus…it will be Jun that will succeed the throne.”

“I see…”

Kai didn’t ask anything further as he knew about the royal rules very well. Only male can succeed the throne despite the princess was the eldest child. Since he was the eldest child himself that would become the next King, he wasn’t in a position to say anything much at all.

“…I believe you will become a successful King.”

Atsuko spoke up and it caught Kai off guard. He turned to her and then their eyes met with one another. That’s when he felt his heart beating faster once again. It was a very funny and weird feeling. No one ever made him felt this way, but only Atsuko could do so.

“I can tell, you’re a very nice man…and a great leader too.”

“I’m not that great as you think. Sometimes, I want to be born as an ordinary man and live an ordinary life…”

“Me too, I wondered how does it feel to live an ordinary life…”

They both shared same feelings and thoughts. It was the first time Kai and Atsuko felt so much opened up to someone and they were willing to tell each other about their thoughts and feelings. Atsuko thought that it was the effect of the alcohol that she had that made her had this funny feeling when she’s beside Kai right now.

“Also, my family and brother always call me Acchan…you can call me that.”



Atsuko giggled when the prince called her name with such a wobbly tone. She could tell that he was nervous and it made Kai looked so adorable to her. As for Kai himself, that nickname was just so cute for him to even say that it made him so nervous. He gulped and turned away, blushing like a shy boy.

“My name is already short…so it’s just Kai. Since you allowed me to call only by your name.”


His face flushed so badly when the princess called his name. He felt tons of butterflies in his stomach and it’s driving his mind crazy. The princess giggled at Kai’s blushing expression and it seemed their relationship was going on very smoothly… since the royal guests would be staying at Vitis palace for 3 days, Atsuko and Kai got to spend more time together. He would escort her around the garden and showed her his personal horse.

“Do you want to try to ride him?”

“I never ride a horse before…”

“Don’t worry, I’m here with you. I believe you will love it.”

Kai extended his hand for the princess to take. He helped the princess to get up and he sat behind her. He controlled the horse to go around the fields within the castle. Atsuko’s eyes grew wide with surprise and a huge smile appeared across her face. She was truly enjoying the breeze and the scenery so much. Vitis was famous for having beautiful flowers all over the country. It made her enjoyed Vitis kingdom so much but what’s even more was that she enjoyed the presence of prince Kai beside her. She was able to enjoy everything in Vitis because of Kai’s presence…

“Do you like it?”

“Yes…I truly love it.”

“Thank goodness you love it~”

“Neh, Kai?”


“Can we look at the flowers? There’s so many kinds of flowers I never seen in Roseus at all.”

“Yes, I shall escort you for as long as you need, Acchan.”

Her heart skipped a beat by Kai’s gentle and sincere words. They finally got down from the horse and walked around the garden as Atsuko requested the prince. He seemed to have a lot of knowledge on flowers as well since the queen would often tell him about it. The princess enjoyed listen to Kai explaining about the flowers in Vitis. The time she spent with Kai felt like eternity. Every single second that passed by brought so much happiness to her, yet she still had to realize her feelings for him…


The next morning, it was the time for Roseus members to leave Vitis kingdom. Atsuko stayed at her room and was partially upset that she would not meet with Kai again. No one knew when will they meet again. As she was staring out from the window, someone came knocking at her door in the middle of the night.

“Acchan…it’s me.”


She hurried to open the door and it was the prince as she expected. However, the princess was still confusing why the prince came to her room in the middle of the night like this. He told her to follow him since he wanted to show one last thing to Atsuko before she would leave tomorrow. He was actually holding her hand and it’s making her heart beating like crazy. Then she realized they were getting out from the castle into the gardens…

“K-Kai…where are we going?”

“You’ll see, close your eyes.”

She did as he said. While Kai out accompanied her into the garden, she felt the breeze against her skin and she could smell the scent of the flowers around her.

“Look up.”

Slowly, Atsuko opened her eyes and she was amazed with the sky above her. There were no signs of clouds at all; therefore it’s filled with stars. It looked like a milky way to her and it's scenery she wouldn’t be able to see in Roseus. It was just so beautiful that she couldn’t describe into words at all.

“It’s really nice, isn’t? Stargazing is one of the things I do in order to relax myself from having a royal life.”

“Yes…I love it. It’s so pretty.”

Atsuko kept staring up in the sky and didn’t realize the prince was staring at her. He gulped before he held Atsuko’s hand once again and caught her attention. Their eyes met but no words were uttered. They stared into each other’s eyes and it felt like the time around them had stopped.


“Acchan…I think I understand now.


“Love can really change someone. A-Acchan I…”

He took another deep breath before he could’ve continued where he left off. His hand was shaking and Atsuko could feel it. The princess was wondering why he was shaking, but she decided to wait until he would say it instead of her asking for the answer.

“I might sound like lying, since it sounds so unbelievable but for the time we spent together, even just three days…I think my heart is completely captured by you.”

It was an indirect confession from the shy prince. However, Atsuko understood it very well and tears streamed down her cheeks. Kai was shocked and he thought that it made Atsuko upset. It made him panicked even more but then the princess held his hand back tightly and pulled it closer to her heart.

“Kai…it’s because of you, I believe in love at first sight.”


“It’s not only you that felt that way.”

They stared into each other’s eyes and they could feel each other’s body close to one another. It seemed no words needed to be conveying at all. He gently stroked Atsuko’s cheek and tilted up slowly. She did not resist as she saw Kai’s face slowly moving in closer to hers. They gradually closed their eyes and moved in a little closer for their lips to make a soft contact. They could feel each other’s lips against one another. It was so soft and sweet. It was their first kiss that they had for one another. They slowly pulled back at stared at each other again…but it seemed they didn’t have enough of it yet. Kai caressed Atsuko’s body and slowly moved to the dark shade of the tall tree close by. He pinned his princess against the tree and crashed his lips against hers. As for Atsuko, she snaked her arms around Kai’s neck and pulled him closer. She opened her lips in order for her prince to snake his tongue in to make a contact with hers. It sent countless sparks up her brain as she had this funny yet addictive feeling. The more and longer they kissed, the more she desired for Kai. They slowly broke the kiss and breath heavily against each other’s lips.


“…I love you, Acchan.”

Finally he confessed his feelings to her and she nodded with a smile of utmost contentment. It was the most beautiful smile he ever seen from the princess of Roseus. It was a smile that completely stole his heart for eternity.

“Me too…I love you, Kai.”

She confessed her feelings back as well and they didn’t wait to kiss one another again. They shared same mutual feelings for one another and there was nothing to stop them from loving each other. Under the dark sky that no one would see them, only the stars were witnessing their love for each other. Before Atsuko would leave, Kai gave her a ring to prove for his eternal love for the princess. It was the only memento that the princess had from her prince. After that, they had met each other several occasions in royal meetings at Roseus and Crystállum banquet event just like how they met each other at Vitis kingdom.

However…it wasn’t that long until the Roseus declared war against Vitis Kingdom. No one knew about their relationship until now and as there would be a war between their countries…their love became forbidden. They’re not able to meet each other again and the only thing they could convey their feelings for one another was…through the letter.


The next day, Miichan came to Kai’s room in the middle of the night to pick up the letter that was Kai’s reply to Acchan’s letter. She took it and kept inside her coat safely.

“I owe you so much Miichan…thank you for everything.”

“Not at all, Kai-sama. I’m grateful to help you.”

She left and headed to send the letter to princess of Roseus immediately. She had connections with people at Roseus kingdom; so she was able to manage to send the letters to Acchan, as well as bringing it back to Kai. It’s been 2 years since they exchanged letters, however they had no clue how long would this last.


Haruna received the letter from Miichan at the outskirt of Roseus kingdom. She was Atsuko’s personal attendant, just like Miichan was Kai’s personal attendant. As she handed over the letter to Haruna, it was the time she had to leave and come back again next week, at the same spot, at the same time.

“I will meet you again.”

“Yes, we will, Haruna-san.”

Miichan left before the guards of Roseus would catch her lurking around here. It was Haruna’s turn to pass the letter to princess Atsuko safely. As she was returning back to the castle, she went straight up to Atsuko’s room immediately. However on her way there, she accidently bumped into one of the maids at the corner of the corridor. She fell back on her butt due to the sudden bump.

“W-Whoa! Oh, Haruna-chan? I’m sorry I didn’t see you there.”

“N-No it’s my fault! I’m really sorry I’m in a hurry now! Please excuse me!”

Haruna ran off and the maid was confused. However, she saw the letter on the floor and picked it up with curiosity. It was addressing to princess of Roseus, and Kai’s name was on it. The maid was shocked that the prince from the enemy’s kingdom sent a letter to the princess. She immediately put into her pocket and rushed through the corridor immediately in order to give this letter to the king…


“W-Where is the letter???”

Haruna searched for Kai’s letter but she didn’t find it. It made her panicked so much where she could’ve dropped it. She must find it before princess Atsuko would learn that she had lost the letter. It she had lost it inside the castle, it would be a huge problem…

“N-No…where did it go!?”

“Haruna? Did you lose something?”

The attendant turned around and it was the princess herself. She didn’t know that she just lost prince Kai’s letter but it made her felt even worse. She couldn’t tell Atsuko the truth, she would severely felt guilty if she couldn’t find it.


“Princess Atsuko, the King has summoned you to the throne hall.”

One of the soldiers came to tell the princess to go to the throne hall. He also told Haruna to come as well and it didn’t make the attendant felt that well at all. She had a very bad feeling about this. They were heading there and Atsuko had no clue what was going on, when they entered the throne hall she could see dissatisfaction on his face.

“Father…is something a matter?”

“What is the meaning of this Atsuko?”

He swung the letter in his hand and it made Haruna shocked. However, the princess didn’t get it much yet and it made the king crumbled it in his hand instead. “What is your connection with prince Kai of Vitis?”


“What is going on between you two that I didn’t know!?”


“How dare you have this disgusting relationship with the enemies?!”

“Kai is different! He’s not a bad person!”

“Say no more Atsuko. You shall be confined…guards!!”

The king ordered the guards to confine the princess. Even though they didn’t wish to do so they could not disobey the King’s order. They kindly escorted the princess to the special detention room, which was located in another tower. Only bed, chair and table were inside the small square room. It was the room that will be used to confine and interrogate suspicious people within the castle.

“It’s all my fault…I’m really sorry Atsuko-sama.”

“It’s alright Haruna, I knew that one day this will happen…please let Kai know about this.”

“I’ll definitely pass your words to him.”

Haruna bowed and left the room. Atsuko could hear the door locked by the guards since she wasn’t able to leave. The only view she had was through the top of the tower. She sighed and stared in the blue sky while thinking about her beloved prince.



Miichan was running through the corridor. She was panting quickly with exhaustion but it didn’t make her stop running at all. She finally reached the prince’s room and knocked on his door immediately.


The door opened immediately and Kai was surprised to see his personal attendant panted roughly. He didn’t understand why Miichan was in a hurry like this.

“What's a matter Miichan?”


She passed the letter to him and he didn’t wait to open it immediately. It was from Haruna addressing to him. As he read, his eyes grew wide with shock as he learned how the king of Roseus found out about his relationship with Atsuko. Right now, his beloved princess was confined in the tower.


“Please don’t blame Haruna-san about this…I begged you Kai-sama!”

“Don’t worry about it. I knew that one day this would happen…”

Kai smiled back to his attendant before he closed his eyes to make up his mind. He took a deep breath before he decided to make this decision that could change his whole life.

“Please wait a minute. I need you to send me one last letter.”


 Kai walked back into his room to write another letter. It was the letter that would decide his whole life. He wrote and stated it shortly before he sealed the envelop with his royal seal. Kai came out from his room and passed the letter to his messenger. As Miichan glanced her eyes on the name that the prince was addressing to, it made her shocked and looked back up to him.

“T-This is…”

“Do make it quick. I leave it in your hands.”

“Y-Yes sir!”

Miichan ran off to pass this important letter to Roseus kingdom. It was the letter that prince Kai addressed to the King of Roseus…to Atsuko’s father, regarding his attendance in three days.


“The guest had arrived sir.”

The guard opened the door to let the blonde haired prince entered along with his personal attendant. Miichan was obvious scared and couldn’t control her frustration in the presence of the royal guards and the King of Roseus. Unlike Kai, he remained amazingly calm and collected.

“Thank you for accepting my offer…King of Roseus.”

Kai kneeled down along with his attendant in the presence of the king. However, the king himself did not understand why the prince of the enemy’s kingdom would want to request his attendance to meet with him.

“How foolish are you, prince of Vitis. You came here unguarded into the enemy’s kingdom like this…what is it that you want to speak?”

“…Please allow me to propose princess Atsuko.”

All the guards were shocked that the prince went straight to the point and it made the king furious than ever. He tightened his grip but at the same time remained as calmed as possible. Obviously, he wouldn’t tolerate such a thing like this, especially for the prince from the enemy’s kingdom to marry his daughter.

“Do you think I will come to agree with this? Did the King of Vitis made you come this far to say this foolish thing?”

“I understand very well. This is at my own will. I’m here to prove my seriousness for Atsuko.”

He looked up to make an eye contact with the king. The seriousness in his eyes made the King startled slightly. He wouldn’t expect such a young prince like Kai to have such an eye of a king that went through countless hardships. It gave him a slight chill down his spine as he realized that prince Kai was a natural talented king.

“…Bring Atsuko here.”

“Yes your majesty.”

The king ordered his men to bring the princess to the throne room. At first he would decline Kai’s proposal and kindly kicked him out from Roseus kingdom. However after he saw that seriousness in his eyes, it seemed to grab his interest slightly.


As day passed by, Atsuko still remained confined in the brick-walled room. She sighed as she stared out from the window aimlessly without knowing anything regarding Roseus and Vitis’s war. She had learned no news about anything. Her personal attendant was not allowed to even come close to the tower. The only time the door would be open was when the guards brought her food. However it was different today, someone came knocking on the door of her room.

“Princess, you’re summoned to the throne hall.”


The door opened as the royal guards escorted her out. She did not know what was going on but she didn’t have such a good feeling about this. As soon as the door to the throne hall opened… she saw the familiar blonde haired man kneeling in front of the king. Even just staring at the back she could tell immediately that it was her beloved prince Kai.



The prince was shocked to see his beloved princess once again. A smile appeared across his face, as he was relieved to see his Atsuko safe and sound. He was worried sick after he heard that his lover was confined in the separate tower of Roseus palace.

“Then I shall give you a trial…prince Kai.”

The king gave a sly grin but Kai’s spirit remained strong. He accepted the challenge from the king in order to officially propose his lover. He was blindfolded by the guards and was escorted to somewhere he didn’t know. The princess and others were taken to the banquet hall and the king made the whole hall filled with ladies in identical clothes, hairstyle, and mask. Miichan was standing at the side of the banquet with prince Jun, who came to watch prince Kai’s trial.

“I wonder will prince Kai find neechan.”


“Well well~ aren’t you a pretty attendant? I’m so jealous of prince Kai.”

“I must decline your offer.”

“Eh? I didn’t even say anything.”

“I heard more than enough about you…the young playboy prince of Roseus.”

“Ah~ I’m glad such a pretty lady like you remember me.”

“Jun, behave yourself.”

The king silenced his son with a cold stare. It made Jun shrugged it off and remained quiet as he supposed to be. As it was about time, the king summoned the blindfolded prince into the banquet hall immediately. As he finally opened his eyes, he saw the same identical woman everywhere in the hall. The king explained that prince Kai had only one chance, and he must find Atsuko from this crowd of ladies. There could be a high possible chance there was no princess in the crowd at all, however, it wouldn’t stop Kai from risking. He nodded firmly before he slowly moved through the crowd.

“Zutto zutto… soba ni ita kara…
hanarebanare nante… souzou dekinai”

(Because you were always by my side…
Being apart from you is something I can’t even imagine)

Kai began singing a song as he walked through the crowd of ladies. His voice captured everyone’s mind including prince Jun and the king. He truly had a charming voice that made them forgot about the trial in a blink of second. He kept on singing as he slowly find his way to his only beloved princess. It had been 2 years since he met Atsuko and his heart still fully believed that his guts would lead him to her no matter what.

“Kaaten wo hiitara sore ga aizu no you ni…
shiranda asa no hi ga waki kara shizuka ni…afureru”

(If you open the curtains, just like a sign…
The bright morning sun quietly overflows)

He finally came to stop in front of this woman that was staring at him. He could not see her eyes as it was completely covered by the mask, however he was so certain that this was the woman he was searching. She was the woman that meant more than his life. He extended his hand towards her and sang the last part of the song…

“Mirai wa itsudatte shiranu ma ni chikazuki
taisetsu na ima sae kako ni kaeta shimau naze?
Datte datte…saigo kurai wa iitakatta watashi…arigatou tte…”

(Before we realized it, the future has approached
Even our precious time right now will turn into the past
Because at the end…
I want to tell you…Thank you)

Even though the song didn’t end it that way, he made sure he finished it properly. He held and kissed her backhand gently with a smile filled with happiness. He pulled her in and embraced her tightly in his arms. It had been 2 years since he finally get to embrace his lover once again. This time, he swore he wouldn’t let go of her again.

“Acchan…I love you.”


The woman responded as the prince took the mask off from her. She revealed her glimmering brunette eyes to him. It was the pair of eyes that belonged to only princess Atsuko of Roseus. In the first and only one chance he managed to find his lover in the middle of the whole crowd. The king couldn’t believe his eyes but he finally had witnessed Kai’s seriousness for his beloved daughter. As he watched Atsuko smiling in the prince’s arms, it made him realize how he never saw his daughter smile like that ever since the preceding queen that Atsuko dearly loved passed away.

“…Very well then. I had witnessed your love for one another.”

“Father…” Atsuko turned to her king with eyes with slight nervousness, as she still wasn’t sure that he approved about their relationship or not.

“Atsuko, do you love him?”

“…Yes.” The princess confirmed while she held Kai’s hand tightly. “He is everything to me…please father.”

The king sighed softly as he saw both Kai and Atsuko staring with eyes of plead. They wished for the king to accept their relationship and their devotion for one another. Fortunately, it seemed their seriousness had reached the King of Roseus and changed his decision. He turned to his personal attendant and gave an order to him.

“Write a letter to King of Vitis. We’re arranging an negociation for alliance contract.”

Everyone in the whole hall was shocked, including prince Jun and Miichan. Atsuko’s eyes grew wide with shock, as she couldn’t believe her stubborn father just changed his mind and decided to form an alliance with Vitis instead.


“Do not get me wrong. No one knows how well the negotiation will proceed. If not, the Vitis shall remain as our enemy, and you two shall never meet again.”

“I promise, King of Roseus…I’ll do what ever I can to assist in the conference.”

The king did not reply after he heard Kai’s promise, however he did seem to believe the prince’s words somehow. The king and his guards left to prepare the conference with Vitis Kingdom for one last time before official war declaration. Both prince and princess were too happy that the king of Roseus opened his heart after witnessing their seriousness for one another. They embraced each other tightly after they had been separated for 2 years. They missed each other’s warmth and presence so much…they did not care who would be watching them at all.

“Kai…I missed you.”

“Me too. I won’t let us be separated again.”

“But we don’t know that--”

“We will make it happen, trust me.” Kai stroked his lover’s head and kissed her forehead tenderly. It made Atsuko blushed and he missed seeing that expression from her. “…Nothing will change my love for you.”

“…Me too.”

What would happen in the future would have to happen. However right now, they were able to embrace each other once again. Even just a slightest, the moment they’re able to be together was just too priceless. They might be separated in the future. Right now, they only cared about the present. To by someone they loved was the only thing they would want to ask above anything else. Embracing each other tightly, Jun and Miichan were watching them from a distance away.

“I’m so happy for Kai-sama…!”

Jun had not uttered a word but he could see a huge happiness across his sister’s face. It made his heart felt relieved but at the same time, he didn’t know that love could change Atsuko this much. Even he was a playboy, he never seriously fallen in love with anyone before. He wondered how would it feel… He sighed once again and left the hall without speaking a single word to anyone. Miichan didn’t say a word and just watched him walked away in the middle of the romance. She turned to watch her prince having the most beautiful smile ever while embracing his lover. Then suddenly, one of the ladies walked up to her and took the mask off, it was Haruna.


“I’m glad they’re able to be together again…”


Both attendants watched both prince Kai and princess Atsuko enjoying their moments in each other’s arms. They only could pray and hope that the negotiation between Roseus and Vitis would go smoothly for the sake of the couple’s love. Even the future was still unknown to them, they chose to believe that their love would overcoming anything in their way, just like how Kai proved his love to the king. Atsuko chose to believe in her lover full-heartedly and knew that everything will pass by smoothly…as long as they were holding each other’s hands.


~THE END: [PART I]: AtsuMina ~ The Forbidden Love
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Kyaa I absolutely loved reading this. :cathappy:

It was sweet and dramatic and everything a love story can be. :heart:

I can't wait for the next two parts! :twothumbs
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Yay i been waiting for this story to start

Hope that both side never go back as enemy

Cant wait for the next ch

Thx for the update
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ww this story, I been waiting for this too
I really enjoy reading it, thanks o/

waitning for the next chapters/parts  :thumbup
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I apologize for the extremely delayed reply that I had promised to you, Kate, but leave this little post for me to edit most likely tomorrow hopefully if I'm not swarmed with my life. :sweatdrop:

[Will be edited]

Okay, I swear to God with my life that I have typed more than half of my comments, opinions and reaction in regard to the ten omake. And one beautiful, silly little day while I typed away, my dear Firefox internet decided to close the one and only website I was working on. Thus it created another long delay for a proper response to this fiction. I apologize about giving you such late comment for the Eternal Devotion's Omake. But now that midterm exams are over today, I finally have a chance to retype this all down. (And yes, love me just because I decided to actually put in effort once more for the sake of properly commenting. You don't know how close I was to giving up and just giving you a simple, three paragraph response.)

I also would like to give you, for the nth time, thank you for writing such marvelous piece of work. Eternal Devotion truly is great and due to my lack of vocabularies, I shall shut my mouth and stop praising it because it'll end up sounding ridiculous. :nervous But seriously. Thanks for taking the time to write not just one or even five, but TEN omake! Kudos and many hugs be sent flying in your direction for putting in the effort to type these to us readers. :deco:

Alright, time to start on the ten omake. This is going to take a while, but what the hell. Doesn't hurt to make the post nice and organized.

Scene #1: Yuki’s Random Wanted List

Ah, the time of the year where... a woman becomes pregnant and thus... demands for quite a lot of things. Literally. And when they do, they're usually one of the most random things that you can ever ask for. Especially when it comes with food. We all know that Yuki likes food (healthy foods to be precise, haha) and a combination of keeping a baby inside of her stomach equals... random lists of food to intake. :nervous

But Mayu truly is a kind husband (or wife... okay, let's just say husband for the time-being). She doesn't complain and continues to take care of Yuki no matter what she asks from her. Whether it's shifting from a sip of the lemonade to a slice of apple to some salad, Watanabe is there to tend to her. Really shows that she truly cares for her wife deeply.

By the time Yuki is done taking in some of the food, she wants to sleep with Mayu. That's just plain adorable and cute. When Yuki snuggles and sleeps on Mayu's arm, my heart went 'doki doki!' :wub: And not surprised that it didn't take long for the married couple to go to sleep.

By the time Yuki's mother came home, when she stated:

“Hm~ I guess one blanket is enough?” She used one blanket both Mayu and Yuki. She smiled once again silently before she wanted into the kitchen to prepare dinner for tonight.

 “They both suited so much for each other~”

Dawwwww, even she agrees they look cute together! If I were there with her, I would give her a high five in agreement.. :lol:


Scene #2: Hardworking Husband(?)

Oh boy... Looks like we got Mayuyu overworking herself and falling ill. Dear cyborg girl, you got to know your limits! (And of course, I'm being a complete hypocrite here) :sweatdrop: Glad to see that Yuki is taking care of her husband at least. Guess that's one positive aspect of being a shrine maiden and play the role of a 'stay at home mom'. :nervous

Mayu had been working at 5:30am and ended at 11:30pm. By the time she would get back home would be around 12:30am already…she had 4 hours of sleep every day at most. Apparently her wife knew her hectic schedule and realized how Mayu looked more exhausted as each day passed by. This kept going on for 2 months already ever since Mayu moved into to live with Yuki.

Good grief, only four hours of sleep at the most a day for two months!? I'm surprised Mayu hasn't fallen severely ill to the point she would be sent to the hospital. A lucky girl who merely caught a bad fever and fatigue effects. But at least she's getting better with the miko girl taking care of her. :)

However, it seems that Yuki has heard something from Miyuki about Mayu's reasons for working so much lately. And alas, it looks like Mayu wanted to buy a house for them including the baby. Now that's more than just sweet. That's some hardcore dedication. But Yuki's right though about her opinion in regard to the situation at hand. This future and goal can be obtained, but it's not going to happen overnight. Simply rushing through it won't lead us anywhere and even if it did, it would cause consequences of some sort behind its trail (i.e. falling ill, overworking, spending less time together). Not only that but we can apply that to ourselves. Obviously there are going to be most of us that won't fall in love with a miko/doctor and have this sort of situation occur. But let's think about it. There's always that saying of taking life slowly and easily. Though it's to our best of interest to take ahold of the steering wheel, sometimes we have to ride it out and take our time. :sweatdrop:

But I'm glad to see that the two are happy with the idea. And having Mayuyu sick gives her an excuse to be spoiled by Yuki. So adorable and cute~ :deco:


Scene #3: “Kashiwagi Koichi”

Oh fun. Doctor Watanabe here passed out during the time Yuki was giving birth to their son. I... can't really blame her. I think most of us would flip out if our wife gives birth and you know... It's somewhat of a long process. :nervous

At least there's the Kojiyuu couple to calm the girl down. I couldn't help but chuckle along the statement when Yuko made about Mayu being used to these sort of situation. Apparently when it's with Yuki, she just becomes an ordinary person and starts flipping out. Again, showing how much she cares for her wife. But after a long wait (including the time that she had fainted), Mayu was able to hear the sound of their baby crying out. Personally for me, I've been smiling the entire time like a doofus when you described and wrote the scenario of the baby's interaction with both Mayu and Yuki. Reminds me so much about my two younger sisters being born and when they were babies. :deco:

Yuki stared at the baby and slowly moved her hand towards him. The baby gripped onto her fingers and she couldn’t hold back her tears. She cried with a huge smile of contentment across her face. Mayu passed the baby to have Yuki carry it and the miko rest her cheek on the baby’s head gently.

“He’s so adorable…”

“Yes…just like you.”

CUTE. ADORABLE. FLUFF. Those are the only words I could make out as I read that section. One of the many joyful moments of their life: Having a kid and becoming parents. I'm sure both Mayu and Yuki will take care of Kashiwagi Koichi very well. And I see that Mayu explained to Yuki why she wanted to keep the son's last name with Yuki's rather than hers. Good decision there Mayu. Giving Koichi a chance to state whether he wants to change or keep it is an excellent idea. :thumbup

Love the little teasing and joking end about the three of them together. Mayu feeling a little jealous in a cute fashion for Koichi being pampered and cared by Yukirin... Adorable. :wub:


Scene #4: Mayu’s Birthday Surprise

Oho~ From the title of this fourth omake itself, it shows that Mayu is going to have a birthday surprise. Those kind of surprises are the best overall, haha. :cathappy:

So it starts off with Koichi actually having his birthday first! A day right before Mayu's... I wonder if it truly was a coincident as stated in the fiction haha. But I'm glad to see that the boy has grown to be a healthy, five year old boy who enjoys spending time with his parents. Truly a kid that anyone would want to have. :wub: Glad he sees the importance of spending time with family. Family is the most important and the highest in the book for me at least and they deserve to be there. No matter how bad or good, they're always there for you. Without them, you won't even be here anyway, LOL. But anyway, I just felt this sort of connection with Koichi there with my sisters and parents. Such a good boy he is. :cathappy:

Now when Mayu went to the kitchen to get herself a drink in the night, looks like Yuki really did throw the girl a surprise. And a surprise indeed.

“I-I heard from Yuko that you have obsession with fox-like stuffs…so she bought it for me.”

Yuki seemed to be embarrassed wearing that as well. Even worse, she was in her shorts and sleeveless shirt. Oh dear, Mayu was blushing so badly like a tomato. She couldn’t elaborate what she was witnessing in front of her. Yuki just looked so adorable already and with addition of her obsession with fox just multiplied it even more. The doctor felt her pressure increasing that it could literally make her nosebleed now…

GRAH. I would've nosebled too Mayuyu... (Although it would be over white tigers more like it since I have an unhealthy obsession over those majestic creatures despite how they were created.) But wow. Great idea Yuki for giving yourself as Mayu's gift. :thumbup You're playing the cards right and placing the pawns in an appropriate position where the Queen, in one move thanks to checkmate, will catch the King off guard. Good. Job. And it seems that they have finally gotten some decent smexy time together. Guess when you have kids, you don't exactly have time to be doing Rated 18+ content-related actions around the house. :sweatdrop:


Scene #5: Pocky Day

Pocky Day... The day where only those in Japan and certain part in Asia celebrates... As here in the United States its nonexistent, LOL.

Anyway, OUCH. Guess when you're into your work so much... You sorta end up forgetting the little things that matter. Like... picking up Koichi. :sweatdrop: Poor Mayuyu. Having to deal with the wrath of Yukirin's anger. Looks like she's going to have to do a lot more than just apologize in order to earn her wife's forgiveness over this matter. At least in their son's eyes, he doesn't see that it was Mayu's fault. Can I just hug you, son? I mean... You have a mind of a kid that truly is mature and makes me want to smile like an idiot because of your personality. GAHHHHH, DAMMIT, why do I find you so much cuter than Mayuki-I mean................ Nobody heard that from me. :sweatdrop: (But seriously though. I like little kids and don't mind handling them... as long as they don't dare give me the death glares.)

Back to Mayu, looks like she'll be working during the night shift. At least we have the guest of Mama Tii-I mean, imteedee presented in the story! :thumbup Nurse Tii to the rescue with some words with Mayu! I think! I don't know!.... Okay, on a serious note, while Mayu's sleeping in her office, Yuki decided to come and visit her husband. It seems under the circumstances and the ordeal that Yuki is willing to forgive Mayu. And oh my, pocky as a way to apologize? OKAY THEN, LOL. Guess that's one way to not only show an apology but also in a more romantic sense. :inlove:

Then I couldn't help but laugh at the part that stated Tii was the one who gave the pocky to Mayu. Oh you Nurse Tii. :rofl: But there was something that made me reread the last two sentences.

They both went back home together and nurse Tii watching those that lovely couple walking out with a smile on their face. She’s glad that the pocky snack she brought with her tonight actually did come in handy this time.

'This time'? THIS TIME? Gurl, have you been carrying a ton of pocky with you every single day!? Either you have quite an obsession over eating the delicious treat or you merely like to ship individuals after individuals together with the help of the magical chocolatey (or strawberry, etc. depending on the flavor) treat? A wonder I must say. :lol:


Scene #6: Yuki’s Birthday

Now this time it's Yuki's birthday! I wonder what Mayu is going to do or get for her this time? :wub:

Ah, WAIT A MINUTE. Mayu has to go to work during the time of Yuki's birthday!? Insane! Life of a doctor can really be hectic and thus interfere with holidays, days-off and family quality time. :bleed eyes: Though it was cute and adorable for Koichi to wish his mother happy birthday, it still saddens me to see that Yuki still misses Mayu. Coming from the person you love, I'm sure you would want more than anything to spend time with that one special person also.

But alas, just because Doctor Watanabe Mayu is Doctor Watanabe Mayu, she definitely came home with gifts and wishing her wife a happy birthday. So sweet! And it's so sweet that chocolate-I mean, strawberry!... Whatever sweet food it shall be is no sweeter that this moment between the two of them. Another example showing and expressing that dammit, Mayuyu cares for the older girl. Coming home from Osaka and being on time to greet her wife... Amazing really. Thinking about that in real life... Are we willing to drop anything in order to come, visit and do what our loved ones would most likely want? (Reminds me of an article with Eminem and his daughter when she won homecoming queen in her high school.) And that kiss! :inlove: Looks like Yuki and Mayu are most likely going to have a heated night if they so wish for it to be that way by Yuki herself haha. :deco:


Scene #7: Trick or Treat!?

Halloween... The day where I get to have the luxury to sit outside if I do so wish and pass the candies out to the little kids (and creepy teenagers if they ever pass by). But I see that Mayuyu here doesn't want to take holiday off on this occasion. She really wants to earn a day off on Christmas, so she is right about working for hard in order to gain the day she so chooses to take off. While Mayu works in the hospital and seeing that it's quite peaceful in the hospital setting, it's surprising to see that her son came by to visit.

Jurina opened the door wide and it literally caught Mayu off-guard when she saw her wife and her child there.

“Mamayu~ trick or treat!”

“Y-Yuki? Koichi??” Mayu got up from her chair with surprise

“Hehe~ Is mamayu surprised?” Koichi ran to her side and threw a hug around her.

“W-Wow, yes I am!”

Then Koichi handed Mayu a pumpkin-shaped lollipop to her with a huge smile across his face. “Trick or treat~”

SO CUTE. I want to hug him so badly~ To visit his Papa Mayu is just so sweet. Then there's that little moment with Yuki and Mayu. Oho, looks like she really did catch the doctor off guard. Good job Yukirin! :thumbup Anyway, to see that the two of them would visit Mayu... Seeing over the course of the previous omake so far, they really are close to each other. A close, tightly knitted family... That's the kind of family image most would love to achieve yet it's difficult to obtain due to circumstances, trust issues, etc. But ah, what can I say? This is fiction and there are some few occasions such scene like this is a reality to the ones that attempt to create this scenario.

Either way, it's nice that they stopped by to see Mayu. Hoping that they come back the second round and this time Mayu herself will be more prepared at what's thrown in her direction from her wife? :lol:


Scene #8: MaYuki Family’s Christmas Eve Night~

Christmas... I won't ramble too much about this season's holiday just because I don't want to and won't bother to, but it's at least a time where you enjoy spending time with others. And no, let's not try to remember it as a season where you give and take, LOL. (At least typically here in the United States.)

So it seems that Mayu is allowing Koichi to do whatever he wants. Despite Yuki scolding and warning, Mayu leaned her side of the argument towards their son and away from her wife. And oh boy... This causes quite a confusion for the poor girl. Poor Yukirin... Unsure of what overcame Mayu and why she was spoiling Koichi, ignoring the other girl. It's not surprising to see her naturally react with irritation about the situation at hand. She wasn't explained why they were acting like that, so Yuki did have the right to become a little angry towards the two.

Of course, the two seem to have something for Yukirin:

“I hope mamarin likes it…and mamarin asked what I want for Christmas right?” He smiled and then held Yuki’s hand tightly. “I want to make mamarin to be happy just as much as mamarin makes me happy~ I love you so much mamarin!”

Okay okay... okay. Kate, are you trying to make me love this little boy? BECAUSE IT'S WORKING. God, he's so adorable and loveable. He chose the gift for Yukirin and Mayu fully supported his decision. Good job son! :thumbup Proud of you! Then there's Mayu expressing her love towards Yuki and awwww, 'swore she will not fail to protect and give happiness to both Yuki and Koichi.' Mayu, you are so sweet and loyal~ :deco:


Scene #9: Valentine’s Day <3

The lovey dovey season where those who don't have lovers consider it a 'Forever Alone' day, Sathday (if it's on a Thursday) and a day to spend time with the person they truly love. Like our fellow Watanabe Mayu and Kashiwagi Yuki here. :cathappy:

Now, it looks like poor Mayuyu is busy at the hospital. And so busy that she didn't have time to buy chocolates or even flowers to Yukirin. But thanks to the wMatsui duo, they managed to give her the preparation that she needed in order to make her wife smiling with content and joy. In the meantime, I wonder what the wMatsui themselves are doing for this day? Maybe go out on a private date with just the two of them... Spending quality time with each other... Chocolates... and more chocolates... with a hint of flowers here and there... :rofl:

Anyway, glad to see that Mayu arrived home just in time to see Koichi just about to head to bed.

“Happy valentine’s day~”

“Thank you Koichi-kun~ But since it’s already late, I’ll give you chocolate tomorrow okay?”

“Hai~ I’ll go to sleep now, good night mamayu!”

“Good night~”

Giving his papa a big hug and wishing her a happy Valentine's day is sweet. While he ran off to bed and settled in for the night. looks like we got some chocolate action combined with the Mayuki couple. A pairing plus chocolate equals a scene that involves lots of kissing and hotness, haha. :inlove: And to know for a fact that they are going to do 'it' again is... :inlove:


Scene #10: “Eternal Devotion”

Honestly can't believe this is the last omake. Although I personally am glad it ended since anymore and I will go insane with the ridiculous amount of commenting I'm doing, LOL, it would be nice to see more of these cute fluffy moments of Mayuki. Then again, every story must come to a conclusion. Anymore and both questions and doubts will be flying all over the place. At least for me, that is. :nervous

Okay, first of all... Although they're having their wedding... MY HEART. Angst. Even though it's just a little bit, my heart. Angst. Mayu's father... :cry: He must be proud of his girl though. I would be if I had a kid like that. :yep: But I am on the same page as Yuki. I too am surprised to know that Mayu has lost her father. (Oh what a sensitive girl I am on the inside.) Hm... No matter how close, even the silence and suppression of those certain topics cause others to become oblivious to it... I'm sure every single one of us are like that. Hiding our problems, ordeals, past, and other specific events that occurred in our life away from the public. But at least Mayu is chatting with her father in regard to Yuki and opening up enough to allow her wife to see her father despite being deceased.

And that ring she was going to put on Yuki... The ring her father used to propose to her mom... Wow. That's very deep and... special. There goes a saying that when an individual gives a ring or some sort of special possession from their other family member, it truly means they're serious and really care for the other person.

“Let this ring be the symbol of my eternal devotion, and that I belong to you.”

The sweetest statement that ties in with the title of 'Eternal Devotion.' I believe that as long as these two girls continue to fully trust each other and be strong for each other, then I am sure they'll truly go through a devotion that will last an eternity. And these sort of love are rare to find these days... But if we look closer, I'm sure we are able to find it.



I am going to pass out from writing this much. Spent a decent two hours writing this reply. Sorry I can't add much as an aftermath with my own opinion but I can say that overall, the ten omake tied together shows that no matter what, love and joy can be found in every part of our life if we look hard enough. The little minor moments are sometimes the most important aspect of our life. The little actions we do can create such joy... It's a wonder really. But anyway, fifty million... okay, I lied. An infinite amount of thank yous are thrown at your direction in regard to this fiction. Love it so much and look forward to your work as always. Take your time and I'll always be following your work. :deco:
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ATSUMINA!!! I'm so happy! You finally started writing these OSs.

They are so sweet. Kai is very admirable. :luvluv2:

Good thing Acchan's father saw their deep love for one another.

Yey! Next is Mayuki~
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I can't read Kate.... I'll pass and will not follow this thread for the moment  XD I'm still thinking of the other fic! you know what it is...I need to contemplate for my pointless life now, I'll see you very soon mah comrade CHU~!  :love:
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AKB kingdom is here.... I have been waiting for this story for a while now...

Very nice and interesting story indeed... Enjoy reading it...

How is the negotionation going to go?

Would both kingdom be signing the treaty?

Jun seems to wonder about love now...

Would he see his future lover soon enough?

Would Haruna and Miichan be getting any lover here?

Of coz' Yuki... where and when is she going to see her lover too?

Can't wait to find out about Kai and Atsuko happy ending and also Part 2 & 3

Thank you for the story

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atsumina!!! woohooooooooooooooo~

part II is mayuki right? can't wait it's funny too seeing on the prologue that they don't like each other or should i said it's yuki the one who doesn't like prince mayu~

kate make it good as you usually do for mayuki..
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thank u for the wonderfull fic kate :D

and please..update soon :on gay:
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Ruka Kikuchi: Glad you enjoy it! XD It's my first time writing AtsuMina so it made me worry whether it would turn out to be good or not.

Kirozoro: Glad you enjoy it! I hope you would do the same for the next 2 parts XD

Beel: Glad you had fun reading it! I hope the other 2 parts will be as great as Part 1~

LoyalFlutist: EDIT IT and gimme comments before I will comment you

Konoe: Yes yes! Next chapter Mayuki~!!! It's gonna be so fun for me to write

imteedee: You're still a citizen of E.D. world? XD Then eat this Mayuki OS!!! :P

cisda83:A lot of questions should be answered in Part 2 and 3! Glad you enjoy the Atsumina and hope you do for the other 2 parts as well~ I think there should be more drama going on...I think XD

gek geki: LOL! Good pieces takes time~ XD BUt for now enjoy this MaYuki OS~

Terragen: Don't worry, the MaYuki in Part 2 will be fun~ I will definitely enjoy it :D

Chichay12: Glad you enjoy it! XD It's my first time writing AtsuMina, so I'm glad you like it! XD

A/N: I'm just so bored that I feel like writing this kind of story out. OwO. I hope you guys enjoy this OS~ Thank you Saku-chan for help reading this before I put it up.

~Pairing: MaYuki~


“Ah, kitsune-chan! You seemed to always following me, huh?”

The woman wearing a brown cloak crouched down to play with this little orange red fox that followed her when she was travelling with her band group. They were in the middle of their schedule to travel all over the abandoned cities to sing a song for them. The longhaired raven girl took out her scarf and wrapped around the little fox in front of her.

“There~ there~ I hope this will keep you warm.”


“Yukirin! We have to get moving now!”

One of her team members called the woman over in order to regroup and continue the travelling.  She rushed back to her friend and then the fox simply ran after her. They left their footsteps on the thick heavy snow below them. Every member made sure they were wearing warm clothes so they wouldn’t catch a cold. The red fox seemed to only be attached to the raven-haired girl only and it had been following Yuki ever since she helped treating its wounds.

“That kitsune is still following you?”

“Yeah, can we let it come with us?” Yuki asked her shorthaired friend and it made the tall girl sighed.

“Well…I guess it’s fine? What do you think Takamina?”

Sae turned to the shorter girl who was the general manager of the AKB48. She was the one that took care of every member during her road trip around Japan. So many things had happened to Japan and any form of encouragement was needed everywhere.

“Well, as long as you take care of it well Yukirin.”

“Thank you Takamina! Aren’t you glad to hear that?”

Yuki turned to the little fox and it growled back as its response. It jumped onto the raven-haired girl’s shoulder and snuggled at her neck. She felt so ticklish by the fur of the little fox brushing against her skin.

“Ahaha! That’s ticklish!”

“Let’s go everyone! Time to get moving!!”

Takamina ordered everyone to gather and be ready for the travel. They were heading towards another town that was covered in snow. Actually, the whole Japan was covered with snow right now. It all happened 2 years ago and the snow did not perish according to the season. It was a mysterious phenomenon that it’s winter all year long in Japan. Many problems rose up and the girl group AKB48 decided to establish concerts all over the towns that weren’t able to receive any help yet. Only few members could go due to limited spots. Yuki, Sae and Takamina were one of. They had been travelling through several towns already and it would definitely be a long journey before they would return home. As they were sitting inside this special bus, they continued their journey and hoped that they would reach their destination by tonight. Yuki was sitting at the back seat of the bus while holding her fox in her arms.


“I’ve been wondering, where are your parents?”


“Hm, are you lost from them?”


The fox just snuggled in Yuki’s arms and it seemed to be deeply attached to the girl. Kashiwagi did not bother to say anything else and hugged the fox closely to her body. She hoped that she could give enough warmth to this poor little fox that could be lost from its parents. However she was yet to understand why it was so attached to her.


As they travelled along each town, they sang a song in order for the townspeople to not give up on hope. The government of Japan was doing their best to send troops to help each town all over Japan. Yuki sang at her best to express her sincerity to everyone. She wished that her voice would reach everyone’s heart and give him or her hope, even just a little bit.


The fox watched its master singing at her best in the middle of the cold. It could see exhaustion and pain in other members’ face, as they had been constantly singing in the snow every single day. However, the spirit in Yuki’s eyes burned even more. She poured all she got into each song she sang. Her smile was the thing that brought happiness and hope to everyone. After the concert had ended, the fox jumped out from the backstage into Yuki’s arms.


“K-Kitsune-chan, don’t come out like that!”

“Ah! It’s a red fox!”

The kids came up to Yuki and stared at the fox in her arms, since a red fox was a rare breed to be seen. It made everyone surprised and gathered around idol Kashiwagi. The fox snuggled in her arms even more and it made the kids loved watching its adorableness.

“Ah! Kawaii~!!”

“Isn’t she? Kitsune-chan had been coming with us for quite a while already.”

Kashiwagi could tell that the kids really loved the fox. As every member enjoyed their night at the town, time flew by so fast and it was already late night. Yuki was resting at the main hall building that had heater on. One of the elders came up to Yuki to talk about something important regarding the red fox that she had.

“Kashiwagi-san…how did you find the red fox?”

“While we’re travelling, it was injured so I treated its wounds.” She replied while she was petting her fox that was sleeping in her arms. It had been very tired from all the playing with the kids today. She told the story of how she found the fox a week ago…



Yuki heard some vague voice from a distance away. Something seemed to catch her attention. Since they were taking a break from their travelling halfway to their destination, Kashiwagi decided to walk away from her group to find the origin of this voice.



She heard a growl and diverted her eyes around. Then she had found this little red fox on the snow. It made her afraid as she was warned to be careful of creatures in the mountains, however, she could see that it was injured. The little kitsune was groaning in pain. As Yuki slowly approached the little fox, she could see blood and oozing wound on its head and body.


“A-Ah, you’re injured…”

Yuki didn’t hesitate to approach the little creature at the slightest after seeing it injured badly. She crouched down beside it and used her handkerchief to clean the fox’s wound. Even though it was a wild animal, it didn’t resist when Yuki tried to approach it. The fox allowed the idol to carry it into her arms.

“I won’t hurt you, don’t worry…I’ll help you.”


Kashiwagi arrived back to her group and asked for help from the staffs. Despite they didn’t want to lend a hand to treat this wild fox, Yuki was still persistent to treat it. She took the first aid kit and tried her best to treat the little kitsune’s wounds based on her rudimentary knowledge she learned from her mother. Other members couldn’t stop Yuki and just simply watched her treating the little fox for the whole time. She continued to pamper the little fox until it was strong enough to eat food.


The fox ate the chicken that Yuki gave it after it had been sleeping for the whole day. The idol also prepared a bowl of water and with a smile watched the little fox eating peacefully with a smile.

“Ah~ Glad you’re getting better now!”

“Yuki…you can’t just let it travel with us.” Sae sighed with worries, as she didn’t wish to trust this wild fox that Kashiwagi saved. Even it’s a young baby animal, it’s still a wild animal that could bring harm and threat to everyone in the team.

“I know, I’ll let it go after it recovers.”


However, even it got better and Yuki left it, the fox still followed her ever since then. She even tried to leave it behind; when she arrived at her next destination she would meet with this fox again. It waited for her arrival and only approached Yuki. Other staffs presumed that the fox was deeply attached to Yuki who saved it. It made others scold her but then the idol didn’t think she had done anything wrong. It reached the point that others gave up persuading Yuki to leave the fox and allowed it to travel with idol Kashiwagi and the rest of AKB48 members.


“…But I had no clue where it’s from.” Yuki replied to the elder and he mused silently.

“I see…it’s such a rare sight so see a red fox here. There’s a legend around the area here that the red fox is the avatar of the mountain’s guardian.”


“Indeed, our ancestors would imply the holy guardians to foretell the future of natural disasters around the area. However, as many hunters loved hunting red foxes for their fur…they started to perish.”

“I see…”

“This child’s parents might’ve been gone already…please take care of it.”

“I will. She’s a good girl.”

Yuki smiled back while she embraced her little fox closely to her chest. It made the elder smile with relief before he left Kashiwagi. The idol would need to have a good rest before the next travel. The idol had taken the fox with her wherever she went. It was like the fox was a good luck charm to AKB48. Many smiles were brought to every town they visited also due to the presence of Yuki’s little kitsune.


As they arrived at another town, everyone did their best to encourage the townspeople with their songs. The little kitsune would always watch its master quietly at the backstage. After the concert was over, the fans came to shake their hands with the AKB48 members. Everyone was so excited and before they realized it again, it’s already early evening. They would be resting at the main hall of the town but Yuki was still playing with the kids. She glanced at her watch and realized that it was the time for her to return back before others started to get worry about her.

“I have to return back now~ I’m glad we get to play!”

“Okay~! Thank you for everything Kashiwagi-san!”

The kids gave her flowers as their thanks. It made Yuki smile with utmost content. As she was heading back to the main hall, she did not realize that someone was following her… With the darkness around her, before she realized it she felt something covering her mouth.



The fox got up from its little bed that its master made for her. She looked out from the window and ran out towards the entrance. However, the door was locked and it started to growl out loud to call people’s attention.


“Yukirin is coming back, just wait.”

Takamina went to meet the fox but it still growl and scratched the door. The manager sighed, as she didn’t know whether she should open the door for the fox or not. However, the fox was so restless that it made the short member decide on opening the door for it.

“Well…you better be back or else Yukirin will kill me.”


The fox seemed to know what Takamina was saying but then it pulled on her pants. Without any words, the midget manager felt that the fox wanted her to follow her. She didn’t know why but she just felt that she had to follow this little kitsune.

“You want me to go with you?”


“…Alright. Then I could make sure that Yukirin wouldn’t hunt me later.”

As they walked out, the fox kept running along the path and it made Takamina had to run after her. She didn’t understand why she had to follow this fox aimlessly like this but her instinct told her to follow this kitsune.

“W-Where are you going??”


The fox stopped in front of this warehouse and then crashed against the door. It broke in and then leaped towards this mysterious man without hesitation. It pushed the human figure down onto the floor and hissed angrily at him.



Takamina ran into the warehouse and then she had met with idol Kashiwagi being tied on the chair. She ran up to help untie her friend immediately, but then Yuki went into the mysterious man to help him instead.

“K-Kitsune-chan, he’s not a bad guy!”


“I-I’m sorry! Please don’t hurt me!”

The mysterious man seemed to be a young teenage boy. He was covering his face with his hands with fear. He was truly afraid of the intimidating kitsune and eventually it slowly leaped out from the boy. Yuki helped the boy sit up but then Takamina didn’t understand why he would tie the idol against the chair. Then Yuki had explained what was going on as the boy wanted to ask for a personal request from Yuki. He had a younger sister that had a terminal disease and she wasn’t able to even get out from the bed. She was always a big fan of Kashiwagi Yuki and he wanted her to see his sister at least once before she wouldn’t have a chance anymore.

“Then you shouldn’t tie Yukirin up like that!” Takamina still scolded the boy and it made him felt even guiltier. However, Yuki didn’t mind that and agreed to go meet with his sister.

“Let’s go, shall we?”


The boy nodded and then got up on his feet. As both AKB48 members followed the little boy with their fox companion, they arrived at this old little house. He welcomed them into the house and leaded them to his little sister’s room. They saw the little girl sleeping on the bed peacefully and she turned to the door after hearing her brother’s voice.

“Niichan… I-Is that…”

“Didn’t I promise you that I will bring Kashiwagi-san here?”

The boy went to his sister’s side and then Yuki followed from behind. She crouched down by the bed and held the girl’s hand gently. With her angelic smile, it made her little fan broke into tears.

“I’m glad to meet you…Saya-chan.”


“I heard a lot about you from your brother. I’m really sorry to make you wait.”

“N-Not at all…I’m glad…that I’m able to see you…”

“Let’s see…how about you request a song? I’ll sing it for you!”

“Really!?” Even the boy was surprised and Yuki nodded firmly.

It made the little girl let out a smile from her heart and it’s like a dream to her. She requested her most favorite song that always brought hope to her. She sang ‘Ashita mo Waraou’ for the girl. It was one of the solo songs she wrote. Yuki didn’t make her fan wait at all and begun singing the song. It was a special concert for her little fan on the bed and others just stood there listening to Yuki singing from her heart’s content. The kitsune sat on the floor and watched its master spreading hope to the listeners. The fox loved Yuki’s voice so much and whenever it’s listening it would always sat down peacefully.

“Kashiwagi-san…thank you…”

“Don’t worry, I believe it’s so late already! Before we have to leave why don’t we take a picture?”

“I-Is it really…okay?”

“Yes! Do you have a camera?” Yuki turned to the brother boy and he nodded immediately.

“Yes I’ll be back!”

He went to get the camera and then took a photo of his sister and Kashiwagi. However, the fox jumped onto the bed and licked the girl’s cheek. It made Yuki smile with relief that her little pet fox liked the girl. They took several photos together before they had to return back to the main hall. While they were walking, Yuki held the fox in her arms and finally had the chance to talk to Takamina.

“By the way…how did you know I was there in the warehouse?”

“Your fox dragged me out and led me there.”

“Kitsune-chan did??”


“Well…that little fox is sure your guardian after all.”

Takamina smiled and patted the kitsune’s head. After this incident, it seemed she had opened herself to the fox a little more. As they had been travelling in this area, they seemed to hear a lot about red foxes, and about the guardian of the mountains. No one could tell how did the kitsune knew where Yuki was located, and the only thing she could think was that this little fox was no ordinary fox. 

“Thank you for saving me…kitsune-chan.”

Yuki hugged the fox closely to her body and felt its warm fur against her cheeks. It growled softly before it jumped onto her shoulders and snuggled around her neck. As the morning welcomed them once again, it’s about time they had to resume their journey. Every single day, Yuki would always put a blanket for the little fox whenever they sleep. She would always have the kitsune in her arms every night. They would always go everywhere together. They would play with each other whenever they had their own free time. The fox would always love to snuggle in Yuki’s arms or around her neck. As time passed by, as they spent more time together… Kashiwagi had grown fond to her little kitsune. As she kept travelling, she had discovered many stories regarding the guardians of the mountains, and the red foxes from the elders at each town they visited.

“They are avatars of the guardians…they are the ones that protected everyone from the natural disasters. However, the young generations hunt them for fur…that’s why, they had eventually disappeared.”

“I guess it explained why I found it injured at the first place…”

“If I recall, only a few are alive in this land right now.”


Yuki was surprised to hear such stories like that. She patted her pet fox as it was sleeping on her lap peacefully. The elder said that she was a lucky person to have this kitsune protecting and following her everywhere. However, Yuki realized that ever since this fox came into her life, it’s became much better and it’s filled with happiness. She wondered why she felt so happy to even be alive. It’s as if she learned many things from living together with her little kitsune.


“You can keep sleeping, don’t worry neh?”


The little fox went back to sleep again and she simply remained in silence and watched her pet. As they kept travelling together ever since Yuki saved her, it had been 6 months that they were together… it’s almost the end of their journey already. This was the 2nd to last town of their schedule already. The next time, would be the last day of their concert.


“The next concert will be the last one before we return back to Tokyo…everyone, please rest well and do your best!”


Takamina built up the spirit in everyone and it’s about time everyone would have their free time to do anything. As Yuki was busy staying with her little fox, as usual, loads of kids came up to her in order to play with her fox. Yuki seemed to be popular among young kids because of her fox pet. However, as time passed by and it’s almost the time that they would have dinner at the main hall of the town, one of the kids came up to her with slight worries in his tone.

“K-Kashiwagi-san…we can’t find Mei-chan…”

“Mei-chan? Where did she go off?”

“We don’t know…but she just disappeared! It’s almost late and it would get colder too…please help!”

“Alright, don’t worry I’ll find her, come with me Kitsune-chan.”


The fox ran after its master and out from the border of the town. Other kids followed her as well in order to help find their own friend. It wasn’t such a safe area at night because there would be a snowstorm every now and then. Also, for Yuki to go out alone but with kitsune by her side she felt safer than usual. As she tried to look for the lost girl and the sun was nearly setting, Yuki was worried for other kids that came out with her and told them to return back first while she looked for Mei.


“Don’t worry, leave it to me and kitsune-chan!”


The kids replied in unison before they returned back to the village before it would be too late. Yuki kept looking for the lost girl while she felt the air was getting colder and colder. She searched for the girl with great perseverance, as she knew that Mei would be suffering more than her. Her effort paid off as she found this small figure lying on the floor. She rushed over immediately and pulled the girl out from the snow that’s covering on top of her body.


“You’re Mei-chan right!? Are you okay!?”


“Thank goodness! I’m so glad I found you---”

The idol felt the ground was unstable for her to stand. Then suddenly, the ground below her collapsed down and it made her heart sink. She embraced the girl in her arms tightly as she fell down to this pitch-black place below her…


“Purrr!!! Purrr!!!”

The fox managed to dodge the breaking ground on time, but not her master and the child. The idol could feel her body falling down and it wasn’t that long that she collided with a thick pile of snow below her. It was a good cushion for her but they fell from enough height to make Yuki very blur and dizzy. She felt like fainting in this tormented breeze.

“N-No…I must not…fall asleep…”

She shivered badly as she could feel her body aching from the fall. She tried to breathe but she couldn’t do it properly as the air was very thin in this area. She felt like losing so much hope. The kid in her arms was also shivering. She didn’t know what to say to Mei at all as she couldn’t even move her body at all.

At the verge of losing her mind, she heard footsteps coming towards her. She tried to open her eyes but her vision was just so blurred by the darkness and the snowstorm. She saw a red hair and brown eyes figure and it crouched in front of her. Eventually she felt a hand touching her forehead and it made her whole body warmed up instantly. It made her mind rest at ease and slowly drifted her to peaceful sleep. The black haired figure in tribeswoman clothes carried Yuki and Mei in a bridal style and took them out from the bottom of this cliff. It jumped onto the wall and leaped out from the darkness. The woman figure didn’t glance at the idol at the slightest but only just walked through the woods towards the town…


“Yukirin! Yukirin where are you!?”

Takamina and others were looking for their team member as they received the news from the kids that their stubborn friend went to search for the missing girl in the middle of the snowstorm. However they were prohibited to exit out from the border of the town for the sake of their own safety. Sae and Tomomi ran back to Takamina who was standing with the elder of the town.

“D-Did you find her?”


Tomomi shook her head and it didn’t make anything better at all. As they kept searching, one of the men ran up to them to tell that they found them at the entrance of the town. Every member ran there immediately with worries and found the missing girl, Yuki, and the little kitsune howling loudly to call for her.


Sae rushed in and hugged her friend immediately with worries. Both Yuki and the girl were finally awake but they had not recalled anything that happened to them after they fell off the cliff. The only thing Yuki remembered was that she saw this red haired person with brown eyes, but other than that she did not recall anything.

“I-It’s the guardian of the mountains! I saw it…she saved us…!”

The girl clasped her hands together and prayed to thank the guardian of the mountains that saved them from the fall. Yuki wasn’t sure she truly understood what’s going on but she recalled that the elder of once village told her about this before. There were several towns that still maintained their culture to worship the guardian of the mountain. The kid said she saw this short thin woman carried both Yuki and Mei to the entrance of the town. Her eyes were cold like cyborg and she did not show any slight emotions at all. However, before she would leave into the darkness of the mountains, a smile was given to Mei before the guardian disappeared.


The fox howled and jumped into Yuki’s arms once again. It snuggled her with worries and it made the idol smiled with relief. The little fox went to find the townspeople in order to bring them to both Yuki and the girl at the entrance.

“I guess you’re really the avatar of the guardian of the mountains…thank you for saving me, kitsune-chan.”


Yuki wondered what really saved her back there. However, all she could’ve think was that her little fox was her lucky charm that saved her and Mei. She returned back to the main hall to rest due to Takamina’s absolute order. As she was sleeping with her fox, Yuki didn’t understand why her body felt so warm after she had been in the snow for so long. It’s the warmth that rose up when that mysterious savior touched her forehead. However, it wasn’t the time to think anymore, as next one would be her last concert. She needed to rest properly or else she would make everyone worry about her…


It would take another day for AKB48 to reach the last town. However, it was the day that Takamina also decided to talk to Yuki to leave her fox behind. The red fox couldn’t be taken back to Tokyo and she needed to make her mind for this. Yuki knew that this day would come but she didn’t wish for it to be this soon. As they took a break from travel, it was the best time for Yuki to bid farewell with her little friend before she reached the last town to do her final concert.


“Kitsune-chan…I know it’s sad, it’s been so long we’ve travelled together but today is our farewell. Tomorrow will be my last concert. Please understand me…”


“Please don’t be sad. I’m about to cry already…”


“Please, take care and I-I have to leave now!”

Yuki ran away from her fox and left it behind. She couldn’t hold back her tears and ran back to her bus. As she looked back a little, she did not see the fox anymore, it had disappeared. It made her heart sank, as she wouldn’t feel that presence of her little kitsune by her side anymore. For some reason, she felt so empty that it was truly disturbing her. She tried to sleep in order to focus about her arrival at the last town…


“AKB48 will arrive soon now! I can’t wait!” One of the boys yelped out with excitement.

“We’ve been waiting for so long! For 6 months!” The girl responded.

“Yes!” Another boy replied.

The group of kids was getting so excited for AKB48’s arrival. However, there was one girl that wasn’t as thrilled as them. She was wearing a shredded cloak and her left eye was covered with bandages, as if she went through some horrid accident. Those kids pretty much ignored the girl’s existence and she just only sat on top of the brick wall staring at the entrance.

“Mayu, are you excited for AKB48 to arrive?”

The older man came from behind and tapped at the brunette girl’s shoulder. However she wasn’t responding and only turned back to look at the man before she looked back at the entrance.


“I believe their concert will bring up everyone’s smile again. Including yours, everyone is worried about you after you didn’t show up in the town for so long. We thought something bad happened to you…”


The old man walked away as usual. He knew that no matter what he tried to talk to the young girl, she wouldn’t respond to him. As the kids and Mayu kept staring at the entrance, the bus finally arrived with AKB48 members. They were people that would bring hope to everyone in the town.

“Y-yay! They’re here!!”

“Wow, the kids came out to see us! So cute!” Yuko ran out from the bus and went to talk to the kids that waited for their arrival. They were so excited to see other members coming out from the van. As Mayu was staring at each member, as her eyes finally met with this raven-haired girl that came out last…her eyes grew wide and caught her attention.

“I can’t believe this will be our last concert.” Yuki spoke up to her friend, Sae.

“I know, let’s do our best!”

The adults and children came to welcome the AKB48 members while Mayu was sitting with a distance away from everyone else. However, Yuki spotted her and walked up to the child. It made Mayu froze with shock and she didn’t utter a single word to the idol.

“Why are you sitting all alone here?”


“I’m sorry we made you wait…please come and listen to our singing.”

Kashiwagi smiled and patted the younger girl’s head with caring. However, Yuki somewhat felt familiar with this kid in a way but she couldn’t figure it out. Then she could see that the kid’s left eye was injured. It must be a painful wound.

“…Does it hurt?”


“I see, I hope it gets well soon.”


Yuki smiled and before she walked away. Mayu looked up to her and grabbed her hand tightly.

“…It hurts.”

Kashiwagi froze as she finally heard a word from the younger timid girl. She crouched down and embraced Mayu into her arms gently. It caused the girl’s eyes to grow wide with shock. She never had experienced such a loving feeling like this before, or it was too long that she had forgotten about it.

“My name is Yuki, and you?”


“I see, it’s such a pretty name! I look forward to seeing you at the concert Mayu~”

Before Yuki could say anything further, she was called by Takamina to help with the stage preparations. The young girl just watched Yuki from behind as she recalled the warm hug that the older girl had gave her.



The boyish girl jumped onto the girl and wrapped her arms around Mayu. However, the cyborg girl seemed to be slightly annoyed, or she was just being too tsundere with her childhood friend. The trait that separated them between ordinary humans was their red fox ears and tail.

“S-Stop it Jurina!”

“Aw~ I like teasing you the most! You’re always like this.”

“I don’t want Rena to be jealous of me okay?”

Mayu tried to push her friend away and then the tall raven-haired woman had arrived. She had came back after her meeting with the elders of the tribe, who were the cyborg girl’s parents. “Ah, here she is.”

“Ah~ Rena-chan~!”

Jurina went to jump onto her woman instead and it made Rena chuckled wryly. She knew that this was coming and then hugged the little fox girl back.

“Sorry to make you wait Jurina, the elders had many things to talk to me.”

“About you becoming the next leader?”


“Wow! Congrats Rena-chan!!”

Jurina jumped all over the place with excitement. She was just so happy for her beloved girlfriend as she was chosen to become the next tribe leader after Mayu’s parents. They were the guardians of the mountains after all. They protected the mountain and townspeople that lived in this area. Since the cyborg fox girl was still young to become a leader, the most suitable and oldest one was chosen. However, it seemed things weren’t as smooth as they would think… Mayu could sense danger and smelled something unfamiliar…it was a scent of gunpowder.

“This smell…”

She looked up into the sky and saw black smoke. It didn’t give her such a good feeling at all, and no one knew that the catastrophe was approaching the red fox tribe of the mountains…


As everyone was about to be done with the preparation, Yuki didn’t feel that easy at all. She wondered if it was because her kitsune wasn’t with her today or she’s having a sense of bad luck. However, Takamina’s call snapped her back to reality and she went up on the stage with everyone else. Mayu and others came to watch as well and the young injured girl couldn’t let her eyes off from the raven-haired idol at all. They introduced themselves and told how this would be their last concert for their long road trip and they’re glad to be able to come. It’s the last concert and they wanted to enjoy it as much as they could with everyone here. As Mayu kept watching Yuki dancing and singing, she realized how much the idol was shining so much on the stage. She couldn’t move her eyes off from the raven-haired idol at all. She kept staring at her until the whole concert ended.

“Thank you so much for AKB48 members to come to visit our town…please make yourself at ease tonight!”

“Thank you very much.”

As their final concert ended, everyone dispersed out to do things they wanted to do. As Mayu only watched Yuki from a distance away, she was playing around with the kids as usual. As the little wounded girl was watching the idol from a distance, it caught her off guard that her eyes accidently met with Yuki’s. The idol walked up and crouched right in front of her.

“Mayu-chan! You came!”


“I’m glad~ did you enjoy the concert?”

She simply nodded softly but other kids didn’t dare to approach Yuki. It made Kashiwagi confused and then the girl simply clarified it for her. She told the idol that she was born not in this town and her wounds were so hideous that everyone was scared of her. Then it made Yuki realize that it’s the reason why there was a bandage covering Mayu’s left eye.

“…Please go back to others, I’m fine.”

“Really? But you looked really sad…”



“Father! Mother! Let me fight too!”

Mayu yelled at her parents but then they pushed her away along with the younger foxes. Rena was there as well and she was told to look after everyone while the adults would go protect the mountains and the tribe. It was the humans that invaded them. They wanted to hunt them for pleasure, despite they were avatars of the guardian spirits, and they were still mortal red foxes.

“N-No! Let me go!”

“You can’t Mayu! We won’t be able to do anything!”

“We can at least do something---!”

Rena punched right into Mayu’s stomach and caused her to fall unconscious. Jurina didn’t understand why her girlfriend had to do something forcefully like that but then she couldn’t help but to agree with Rena’s method. As they carried Mayu on their shoulders, they evacuated with other young foxes to somewhere far in order to escape the hunt…



Mayu slowly regained her conscious back, and realized that Rena knocked her out. She sat up immediately and realized that she was left at this cave.  She didn’t know what happened between that but she could smell blood and smoke everywhere. She rushed out from the cave immediately and could saw a huge smoke coming from her own village.

“N-No…Rena! Jurina! Where are you!? Everyone!?”

She ran back to her village quickly in her fox form but it was too late. Everyone was annihilated and she could see humans collecting her comrades’ bodies into the van. They were either unconscious or dead. However, she had enough spiritual powers to tell that all of them were no longer alive. Her eyes grew wide with shock as she could see the other two foxes struggling to fight against the humans, that were armed with guns and clubs. Mayu immediately recognized those survived foxes immediately, which were Rena and Jurina.

(Mayu: No!!)

Mayu ran in and didn’t hesitate to tackle the man away from approaching her friends. It caused both Rena and Jurina stare in shock but then Mayu was unaware of another enemy coming from behind. Before she realized again, she was slashed at the left side of her face with an army knife. It caused her to howl in pain and fell onto the ground helplessly.

(Jurina: Mayu!!)

(Rena: Jurina, take Mayu away! Now!)

(Jurina: B-But--!)

(Rena: Just listen to me! Just DO WHAT I SAID!!)

Jurina shook her head and forced herself to do as she was ordered. She snuggled under Mayu’s body and carried the injured fox on her back before she started running away. However, they didn’t have a chance to run away that far, hunting guns was shooting them down. The bullets struck both Mayu and Jurina instantly. Fortunately, it didn’t hit any fatal spots on Mayu’s body, but not Jurina’s. She got shot in the stomach and it’s making her unable to move.

(Rena: Jurina!!)

(Mayu: N-Nngh…U-Ugh…!)

(Jurina: Run…you need to run…!)

(Mayu: B-But…)

(Jurina: You need to live! Only just one of us…must…live!)

Rena ferociously bid the man’s neck and caused him to bleed heavily. She released her anger and her dark side after witnessing her girlfriend being shot. Her eyes glowed brightly in red and then decided to fight off against the humans until the very end of her life.

(Rena: Leave Mayu, keep running, don’t stop.)

(Mayu: R-Rena…)

(Rena: DO AS I SAY!)

The ferocious fox dodged the knife and then bid another man’s throat and ripped it off immediately. As for Mayu, she ran even with the gunshot and knife wound on her body. She rolled over the snow and kept on running despite she was leaving her blood trails behind. She couldn’t stop running. She didn’t stop despite it was already nighttime. She arrived at this town and disguised as a human child in order to camouflage into the society.

However…for some reason, the wound on the left side of her face did not recover. It was still oozing and the pain was still there as if it was constantly reminding her of how the humans annihilated and killed everyone in her tribe. She had no clue whether Rena and Jurina were alive after that or not. She had been living in a form of a 6 years old child due to her weak body. She had to cover herself with the old cloak and the bandage that needed to cover her oozing wound. She had been living at the village as a child for over several years before kids starting to realize how Mayu’s body did not grow.


She mumbled their name after she had not managed to find them for over 5 years. As the red foxes were annihilated, no one was able to stop the whole yearlong winter phenomenon. It was something that the red foxes knew that it would be coming, but the humans killed them off before they would be able to stop it from happening. As whole Japan was covered with winter, it constantly reminded Mayu of her family and her home. She decided to go out to look for anyone that might possibly be alive. She travelled in her fox form through the snowstorm and slept in whichever caves she came across.

Then she felt like dying…she wanted to die. She collapsed on the snow and prayed for her life to end. She had lived long enough after she had lost everything already…she didn’t want to live anymore…but the heavens still tormented her. They brought a mortal angel to Mayu and made her save her life.

That was the day…she had met with the angel with such a gentle voice…the day she had met with Kashiwagi Yuki…ever since that angel treated her wounds…she had fully recovered and her powers had returned back to how it used to be 5 years ago.


“Are you Kashiwagi Yuki?”

Suddenly, the man came up to the idol and made her confused. He was smiling at her but the young cyborg girl didn't have such a good feeling from him at all. She could smell blood from him.

“I’m Ryou, nice to meet you, I have several things to inquire about you right now.”

“Alright.” Yuki turned to the girl and patted her head. “I’ll be back, please wait for me.”


The idol didn’t hear Mayu’s words and got up after the man. The wounded girl only could watch Yuki walking away from her. They went to talk at somewhere away from the crowd. However, with Mayu’s ears she could hear the conversation clearly as if she was right by Yuki’s side.

“I heard that you travelled with a red fox before…do you know where it is?”

“Not anymore, I had abandoned it in the woods yesterday. I did not see it so far ever since then…”

“Ah I see, is there only one or more?”

“Uh…why do you want to know about it?”

Yuki asked back out of curiosity. However the man decided to not answer her question. He simply walked away with a sly grin across his face. It made Kashiwagi feel the chill run down her spine but she decided not to think about it afterwards. As Mayu heard the conversation, it made her realize that it was about her.  Yuki walked back to her and continued their conversation. Even though Mayu didn’t say anything, the idol would always hold her hand gently and it made the girl’s heart beat quickly. However, those precious times couldn’t last that long as she wanted, Yuki had to return back to her group and prepare for her full departure back to Tokyo…


Mayu mumbled her name and placed her hands on top of her heart. Then suddenly, she had images flashing into her head. She felt so much pain as she saw Yuki’s picture in her head, as well as an image of her death. That instant, Mayu froze with fear and confusion. Due to her spiritual powers, she foretold the future of Yuki’s death. She tried to see more images again, and realized the person who shot her…it was the same man that called himself ‘Ryou’. She broke into sweat after she saw that future, but for some reason, her eyes were utterly calm and peaceful. No one knew what was going on inside Mayu’s mind…


As the AKB48 members were ready to go to the main hall of the town to have one final sleep before returning to Tokyo, the man named Ryou came up to her to talk to Yuki again.

“Kashiwagi-san, do you mind doing a favor for me?”


He took out a gun and made everyone froze. His sly grin didn’t make Yuki feel comfortable at all and he was pointing the gun towards her. Others started to panic and the adults glared at him immediately.

“Ryou! What are you doing!?”

“Just something simple…I want you to call the fox out.”

“Yukirin left it behind already! There’s no way we will know where it is!”

Takamina answered but that didn’t satisfy the man at all. If the rumors were real regarding what he heard so far, that fox was deeply attached to Yuki and will definitely come out to save her. The red foxes were known to be guardians of the mountains. He didn’t find a reason why it would not protect and come out to save Yuki at times like this.

“Stop this nonsense Ryou! Do you know what you are doing here!?”

“Why wouldn’t I not know!? I’m going to make sure all those crap foxes die…because of it…I had suffered for many years!”

He pulled out his scarf and revealed a huge hideous scar on his neck. It brought back memories to Mayu, she recalled that man’s face very well as he was the one that shot Jurina down. He was the person that Rena ripped off his throat while she was fighting to buy time for Mayu to escape. He was one of the foxhunters, but his purpose this time was to make sure he killed every living foxes.

“T-That wound…”

“It’s because of those hideous foxes…now, tell me, where is it!?”

“…Even if I know, I wouldn’t tell you.”

“Huh…” Ryou wasn’t satisfied with Yuki’s answer and it made Mayu tremble even more. The idol was arguing to protect her little kitsune, however Mayu didn’t want that at all. She’d rather had Kashiwagi sold her off in order to ensure Yuki’s own safety.

“Then I guess I have to shoot you to call it out.”

“Stop it Ryou!” The elder was about to come in but then Ryou shot at the floor, close to the adult’s feet to stop him. Then he turned his gun to Yuki once again.

“Even if I let you live, it won’t make a difference, if it didn’t come out to save you I would rather torment that fox’s little master…”

“Please don’t!” Takamina was about to run in to take the bullet, but it was too late. She wasn’t fast enough and the man already pulled the trigger.

Yuki wasn’t able to dodge the bullet on time. Everything was just too fast for her and she was ready to embrace the pain. However, she suddenly saw the girl jumped in and took the bullet instead of her. It was the same injured girl she went to talk to. She fell into Yuki’s arms and made the whole scene remained in silence. The man didn’t expect for a child to come to take the bullet instead, he expected a fox to appear. The adults came in and took the gun away from him before he could’ve done anything more reckless.



She trembled as the bullet actually hit into her vital spot. She began bleeding nonstop while the idol was holding her in her arms.

“Mayu-chan! W-Why did you…”

“I…don’t…want you to die…Yuki…”

The girl groaned in pain as the hood that covered her head fell off, the bandage loosened up and revealed the huge cut above Mayu’s left eye. As Yuki witnessed the wound, it recalled her the wound that her little kitsune had. She couldn’t still believe her senses. When the girl smiled and touched her cheeks…something ran into her head. It was memories of the fox before she had met with her mortal angel. The memories and feelings of the little kitsune when she was living together with her energetic and lively master, it all flowed into Yuki’s heart. It was filled with utmost happiness and love. The person that saved her and Mei from the bottom of the cliff was also the kitsune as well. For all this time… Mayu had been protecting Yuki for the whole time.


“Where there’s death…will…be death…U-Uagh!”

Mayu coughed out blood as she was nearly close to dying from the gunshot wound. Without needing words to convey anything, Mayu’s thoughts and feelings ran into Yuki via their touch. Yuki saw an image of Mayu losing everyone to the hunters and escaped through the snowstorm. She couldn’t hold back her tears and held onto Mayu’s body tightly.

“W-Why…for all this time I-I…”

“You’re…a gentle person…I like…everything…about you…”

“Please stop it! Don’t say it anymore!”

“No! Mayu please…you need to live! I need you! I didn’t have any chance to tell you anything at all…! Don’t die on me like this!”

Mayu only smiled and leaned against Yuki’s body before muscles were no longer controlled. Her head felt downward slightly and her arms fell onto the floor. That was when Yuki realized that Mayu’s body was still and listless. That instance… her body was covered with light and turned into the red fox form. She had reverted back to her original form and that was when everyone gawked in silence. It seemed…the legend that the red foxes were guardians of the mountains were actually real after all. The townspeople and the members had witnessed it with their own eyes…and learned it in a hard way.

“N-No…Mayu! Mayu!!”

Yuki hugged the fox in her arms tightly and broke into tears. She cried out loud with pain after she saw so many memories that belonged to Mayu. She inherited the fox’s feelings, no one knew what Yuki saw and she was not in a state to share anything to anyone as well.

That night, Yuki asked to sleep in the van alone since she wanted to have her own time to think. As she slept on the bed, it reminded her of the times she had travelled with the little fox. What replayed in her head weren’t only her memories, but also Mayu’s. As if she was living within Yuki as well. The idol cried even harder and didn’t realize when she had fallen asleep…



The tall raven haired girl turned and her eyes met with the cyborg girl with fox ears. She recognized those eyes very well and immediately ran in to throw her arms around Mayu’s body.

“Mayu! Mayu…!”

“Yes…I’m here.”

The tall idol kept crying in the fox girl’s arms and she knew immediately that she was dreaming. However, she wanted this dream to last as long as she needed in order to tell her feelings to Mayu.

“I’m so sorry…I’m really sor—”

“It’s alright, Yuki, as long as you’re alive…that’s more than enough for me.”


“I love it when you smile. So please…keep smiling, keep singing. Because your voice brings hope to everyone.”

Mayu kissed Yuki’s forehead and stroked her head with love and care. As they stared into each other’s eyes, the idol could tell how much the fox cared for her. She wasn’t being narcissist, just by staring to each other’s eyes it was like their feelings reached each other.

“…Your voice gave me hope to live, I’m so happy that you found me that day. Thank you for everything, Yuki.”

“Me too…you don’t know how much your presence meant to me. You’re really important to me! I really love you…I really do.”

“Hehe~ I love you too, I will always protect you…Yuki. Ever since we met, and forever…”

That was the last smile that Yuki saw from Mayu. When she realized it again, she had slowly woke up from her realistic dream…


As Yuki slowly opened her eyes, she was sleeping on the bed with the blanket put on her properly. She was certain that she told no one to come in to disturb her. Also, she felt something hard in her hand. She was surprised to see a white crystal in her hand. She never saw such a beautiful crystal like this before and it reminded her of Mayu. It reminded her of the fox’s vow to always protect her forever. It made Yuki believe in miracles and supernatural things. She believed that Mayu came to see her one last time and left this with her. She held the crystal closely to her chest and she could felt the warmth from it. Tears flowed down her cheeks, as this was the life that Mayu gave her. Her whole concert journey had changed her so much…she had grown up and worked at her best in everything. She kept singing as Mayu pleaded her to do so…she wanted to spread hope and happiness via her songs.

Even though the time she had with Mayu was short and they weren’t able to talk to each other straightly at all… she did not regret any moment at all. It’s so short, that’s why it’s so precious to her, Mayu had taught her and she would never forget about it… that things are precious, because they don’t last.


Title: Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Precious [MaYuki] - Update (04/12/13)
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Hi.  :)

Even though I'm so sad because of Mayu's death but I really-really-really enjoying this OS..  XD
TD will sad because she will read her kami oshi die..... again.  :P
Mayu often become the one who have a bad luck in many fanfics.
And... my WMatsui died too.  :cry:

The fox is very cute, she really know how to make Yuki comfortable around her.

Thank you for your awesome OS.
Honestly... I love your long OS.  XD
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She, her, Mayu, Yuki, Me, Fox, Guardians, Tears, Jurina, Rena, Snow, Death, Man  bwhdwebdjhwbdehwdewdew :cry:

Though is sad in a way ,, I really liked it and at the very end I felt very happy
It's such a beautiful and DEEP story
As I expected from you Kate  8)

You teach me something with this fanfic, you really did (lol)

Nice Work  :twothumbs :twothumbs

PS: *forever waiting a Wmatsui fanfic*
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Nooo...why Mayuyu...

Poor Mayuyu... :cry:
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someone killed Mayu again..  :mon wind:
nee kate should I kill Yukirin in my next fic  :mon worklate:
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I was summoned...feels like everyone is curious with my comment, don't expect praises and ovations from me.  :catglare: and yes Dear Kate, I AM still a resident of that friggin' world.

and so, I give you my initial reaction...


oh I see Mayuyu, and death....that's amazing!

Mayu only smiled and leaned against Yuki’s body before muscles were no longer controlled. Her head felt downward slightly and her arms fell onto the floor. That was when Yuki realized that Mayu’s body was still and listless.

Amusing death yet again~

first of all, I was actually spoilt with the OS, I was foretold for an impending death of my Kami-oshi (How cool is that? :V) but anyway, has been worth sparing time for Kate's OSs...

Let me tell you this,  I share the same opinion with the people above, the story is overloaded with cuteness and stuff thanks to our little kitsune-baby here which is apparently my baby Mayuyu, but no I actually had a hunch she's Mayuyu since the start, HELL YEAH THAT CONNECTION~!  :P It was cute and very touching since I'm an animal lover (and oh red-foxes are awesome!).

and so moving on, wMatsui's deaths are so heartbreaking since I'm starting to like them almost on my top3 pairs already. I'm thanking the SUPERNATURAL GODS for saving my baby Mayuyu :bow:. I shared the same pain with Mayu's character. It's really scary being left alone knowing there isn't anyone to save you, and here comes a savior, an unexpected heavenly sent one to come running at you. It's sweet. The emotions are really there.

But in the end, Mayuyu had to save Yuki. (hey it's not like I wanted Yuki to die, but DEAR WRITERS, Y U ALWAYS LET MAYU DIE? :V explain!) though, it's really a bittersweet ending for my MaYuki.


I really felt your adoration with Yuki here  :lol:, her role was portrayed with the 'usual Yukirin', the 'let's spread the idol love' personality. That's one thing I love about this idol actually.

And what's with Mayuyu wearing foxy-ears?  :inlove: :wub: :oops:


Thank you anakpanti for honoring my mayu-heart but it seems I'm starting to get numb at this, my immunity is getting stronger. And mo-chan, I would love to see that fiction, anyhow, I doubt Kate would react on her death.  :nervous

BTW, MY BIAS RANK IS ONE STAR! yes one star for killing mayuyu AGAIN! XD
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Mayu suffering is now an instinct and is becoming a rule to Mayuki writers! :dizzy:

Somebody should diminish this and hurt Yuki as a payback for the Mayuyu oshis. Mo-chan GOOOOOOOO!!!!!  :mon blowhorn:

 :nervous Anyway... Mayu's kind tried their best to save her from the massacre that happen to them but Mayu risked her life and died to save Yuki. Mayu is so loyal and she is always loyal and fragile in fanfics but because of that she always suffers. :cry: Even though I am sad because of the ending, I still love this OS because Mayu was too adorable as a fox and Yuki's attention has always been focused on Mayu. Be it the cute fox or the broken girl. I hope you will erase this sadness I'm feeling by updating the Part II of AKB Kingdoms sooner. :lol:
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Wahh...your story is so touch :cry:

Damn that fox hunter guy :angry:

Please continue write
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~Eternal Devotion~

~Hi… (:
~Sorry for very late comment….
~I love this “Eternal Devotion” fan fiction of yours
~It’s romantic, angst, thrilling? I guess? But overall, it’s a great One-Shot….
~I also like the Omake #1-#10
~Mayu is a loving, patience “husband” to Yuki and Koichi
~I hope there’s a 2nd season, if you don’t mind…
~Thank You

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Kate-chan!! this fic is so sweet and so good!!   :love: :heart: :yep: :cathappy:
so practically I agree with everything TD onee-sama said :P
so the only thing i can say left.. is I LOVE THIS FIC!! it also made me tear up when mayuyu smiled one last time to yuki.. :cry: :cry:
so thank you for the update and sorry for the late reply :cow: :bow:
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Mayuki this day...

But its sweet

I hnpe part 2 the unfortunated love will be uh at least no one death from the couple
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Hi Kate-san, :)
I think this is my first time commenting on your OS box.
hehe I have spend some times at work reading your masterpieces.
being honest, I only read Mayuki and Wmatsui os, oh and.. atsumina one.. my heart goes to Mayuki n Wmatsui currently~ ♥  :hip smile:
for JuriMayu, I will definitely read it...later~ :D
I will be waiting for your upcoming OS...
thank you so much for all the feelings you gave to the readers~
I feel like it was boosting my shippers heart~ ♥
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miss kate
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Thank you for your awesome OS.
Honestly... I love your long OS.  XD
LOL, glad you enjoy it! Long OS can be annoying to readers because it's long!!! ><" But i'm flattered that you love and enjoy it! :D

She, her, Mayu, Yuki, Me, Fox, Guardians, Tears, Jurina, Rena, Snow, Death, Man  bwhdwebdjhwbdehwdewdew :cry:
You teach me something with this fanfic, you really did (lol)
PS: *forever waiting a Wmatsui fanfic*
LOLOLOL!!!! Your reaction is always funny!!!! XD I always enjoy your comment so much Koneki-san~!
Wow really? >///< Part of me I'm curious what did you learn from this fanfic! I tried to include some interesting thoughts in most of my fics so yeah~  :deco:
Don't worry I'm still writing it, it's going to be super duper long wMatsui OS! (Looooooong OS is something expected from me...XD)

Nooo...why Mayuyu...Poor Mayuyu... :cry:
LOL, >< gommen~ Mayu is sure a poor character here sacrificing herself for the one she loved ><

someone killed Mayu again..  :mon wind:
nee kate should I kill Yukirin in my next fic  :mon worklate:
OKAY CALM DOWN GIRL~ XD Okay~ I'll make sure to torment Yuki so badly then.

and so moving on, wMatsui's deaths are so heartbreaking since I'm starting to like them almost on my top3 pairs already. I'm thanking the SUPERNATURAL GODS for saving my baby Mayuyu :bow:. I shared the same pain with Mayu's character. It's really scary being left alone knowing there isn't anyone to save you, and here comes a savior, an unexpected heavenly sent one to come running at you. It's sweet. The emotions are really there.
But in the end, Mayuyu had to save Yuki. (hey it's not like I wanted Yuki to die, but DEAR WRITERS, Y U ALWAYS LET MAYU DIE? :V explain!) though, it's really a bittersweet ending for my MaYuki.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! poor wMatsui~ But too bad....but I didn't say anything that they're dead yet! Who knows? They might be alive, or not. The reason Mayu dies often in fic because her character fits!!!! XD

I really felt your adoration with Yuki here  :lol:, her role was portrayed with the 'usual Yukirin', the 'let's spread the idol love' personality. That's one thing I love about this idol actually.
And what's with Mayuyu wearing foxy-ears?  :inlove: :wub: :oops:
Aw~ Yup! I did put a lot of my love for Yukirin in this fic! :D And Mayu in fox ears would look cute too. XD

Mayu suffering is now an instinct and is becoming a rule to Mayuki writers! :dizzy:
Somebody should diminish this and hurt Yuki as a payback for the Mayuyu oshis. Mo-chan GOOOOOOOO!!!!!  :mon blowhorn:
 :nervous Anyway... Mayu's kind tried their best to save her from the massacre that happen to them but Mayu risked her life and died to save Yuki. Mayu is so loyal and she is always loyal and fragile in fanfics but because of that she always suffers. :cry: Even though I am sad because of the ending, I still love this OS because Mayu was too adorable as a fox and Yuki's attention has always been focused on Mayu. Be it the cute fox or the broken girl. I hope you will erase this sadness I'm feeling by updating the Part II of AKB Kingdoms sooner. :lol:
Aw~ Everyone's sad with Mayu dying XD and yes! It's so cute when Yuki is always taking care of her little fox (Mayu) with love and attention. LOL Well then...I hope I can ease your pain with Part II of AKB Kingdom! But for now...another short MaYuki OS i wrote in an hour. XD

Wahh...your story is so touch :cry: Damn that fox hunter guy :angry: Please continue write
Glad you enjoy and felt touched by it! And definitely I will continue to write it! XD I hope you will enjoy and have fun reading it as well~!

~Eternal Devotion~
~Hi… (:
~Sorry for very late comment….
~I love this “Eternal Devotion” fan fiction of yours
~It’s romantic, angst, thrilling? I guess? But overall, it’s a great One-Shot….
~I also like the Omake #1-#10
~Mayu is a loving, patience “husband” to Yuki and Koichi
~I hope there’s a 2nd season, if you don’t mind…
~Thank You
Glad you enjoy Eternal Devotion and 10 of its omake! It's really long! But I'm glad you have fun reading it! Oh? Season 2? Well then? I'll keep that in mind and take it under consideration!! XD We will see~ Maybe for LoyalFlutist's next birthday might be Eternal Devotion Season 2? :P

Kate-chan!! this fic is so sweet and so good!!   :love: :heart: :yep: :cathappy:
so practically I agree with everything TD onee-sama said :P
so the only thing i can say left.. is I LOVE THIS FIC!! it also made me tear up when mayuyu smiled one last time to yuki.. :cry: :cry:
so thank you for the update and sorry for the late reply :cow: :bow:
Heyo~ Glad you enjoy and have fun reading the OS~ >< That scene that Mayu smiled for one last time to Yuki is sure touching! I even like it. Don't worry about the late reply! To get to know that you really do enjoy reading this makes me happy already! Doesn't matter how fast or slow you will be commenting ^^

Mayuki this day...
But its sweet
I hope part 2 the unfortunated love will be uh at least no one death from the couple
Don't worry, Part 2 The Unfortunate Love won't have anyone dead! >< Rest assure~

Hi Kate-san, :)
I think this is my first time commenting on your OS box.
hehe I have spend some times at work reading your masterpieces.
being honest, I only read Mayuki and Wmatsui os, oh and.. atsumina one.. my heart goes to Mayuki n Wmatsui currently~ ♥  :hip smile:
for JuriMayu, I will definitely read it...later~ :D
I will be waiting for your upcoming OS...
thank you so much for all the feelings you gave to the readers~
I feel like it was boosting my shippers heart~ ♥ :twothumbs
LOL Glad you enjoy the OSs so far! ^^ Mayuki and wMatsui is my favorite couple so most of the time I will only write these couples if I'm not requested to write any other pairings. So I understand the feeling of you only reading Mayuki and wmatsui~ Glad that its boosting your shippers heart! XD

miss kate
LOL, sorry for being a little inactive. I'm worked up on wmatsui LOOOOOOOONG oneshot right now for kevinwkl's belated OS birthday! :) Somehow as long like Eternal Devotion.

This random OS was inspired by the song "and I'm Home" from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This story is based from those lyrics and I just want to write it in a different way than how I usually write it too. Hope it turns out to be good! :) Hope you guys enjoy it.


I'm Home
~Pairing: MaYuki~

“In this soundless world…my heart rusting ever since then. Can you tell me what do you see?”

"I see you…and my heart is rusting along with yours."

“I’ve been searching for that smile, which will say those sweet words to me.”

"I’ve wanted to say it to you…I want to see your smile too"

“…I’ve been looking for it, everyday…endlessly.”

"Can’t you see? This figure crying alone behind you…"

“The world is such a rough place isn’t?”

"…It’s also a lonely one too."

“No matter how many times I hate about it…it will always be warm here.”

"It might be a mistake, but I don’t care and have no regrets…I will always be by your side."

“Those happy and amusing life…I want to see it so badly…”

"…I want to see it too…I want to see that future, as we hold each other’s hand."

“We can hold each other’s hand and go through this…”

"…My vision and dream ends when the bluff of false courage falters in me. I just only cry to myself while holding tight against my knees right here."

“Even we chose the furthest and toughest future…I never regret it.”

"…We still have hope in it. I wish we can smile and watch each other."

“This is where it reminds of reality yet it feels so gentle. I guess you would tell me to… ‘Suck it up and get over with it!’…Am I right?”

"I will keep calling your name, no matter how many times and how long it is…even our future is surely uncertain…"

“I guess… saying goodbye is truly hard as many people said. It hurts me every time…when I think about you. ”

"I’m right here…I’m always right here. Can’t you see me?"

“…Please come back, and be with me.”

"Reality won’t ever change, that’s why… this is such a soundless world to us."

“I guess nothing will change, just like those emotions and feelings I had back then…it won’t ever change for you and I.”

Footsteps were heard from behind and that’s when the lady turned around. Her eyes met with this younger girl that looked like a handsome boy. Their eyes met and only a vague smile was their communication. She gave a flower bouquet to the woman as she asked the handsome girl to go get for her. It was all pink roses in a white wrap and tied with a red ribbon.

“Thank you, sorry for you to do the work.”

“No worries…I’ll go wait over there okay?”

“I won’t take that long, thanks.”

She placed the flower in front of the tombstone and prayed for the deceased one she came to visit. She slowly got up and smiled gently towards the death one. She already lost count of how long it had been since her world became soundless after her beloved one was gone into the darkness. It was her lover’s favorite color and flower. For her…she would always be alive in her heart until now. Her lover’s greeting replayed in her head again and again… she always missed it. Those words always brought her so many happiness and smile, and she would never hear it again…

(Hehe~ Welcome home Mayu~!)

“…I’m home, Yuki.”

That’s it…that was the reply she could never tell her Yuki anymore. Those were her last words before she left the cemetery.



Also, for readers:
I HAVE A FAVOR TO ASK!!! I want you to tell me several things after reading this fic~ I'm trying few things out and your response will be essential and helpful for me in the rear future! Onegaishimasu~
1. What's your first impression after reading through the 1st time? Like....did you have to reread it again to understand it?
2. What's your thought after you understand the whole thing? (If you didn't manage to get it in first go XD)
3. How did Yuki die? (whatever thoughts you have~)
Title: Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
Post by: imteedee on December 25, 2013, 02:11:16 PM
STATUS: T is sad. ._. just wait for my violent reactions after I finish this OS I'm making, just you wait Kate (oh~! it rhymes XD )


OH HOLY TURTLE!!!! ETERNAL DEVOTION SEASON 2!!!!!!!! my heart exploded in happiness T____T I wanna cry. I'm announcing my retirement here. Goodbye! .______. 2014 so long!!!
Title: Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
Post by: anakpanti on December 25, 2013, 03:06:04 PM
Seriously, Kate..... please stop killing someone in your fanfics!!!  :OMG:

Finally... you killed Yuki in your own fics. You're completely a demon. :mon psst:
It seems you have been contaminated too much by LF.. influenced by with her angst aura. :lol:

Those conversation... it's so romantic at first but... after that, it became so sad at the same time.  :cry:

You've tricked me... "I'm home"... I read your title and I expected the happy ending, but no... You bring the sadness to MaYuki on Christmas Day :badluck:
Title: Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
Post by: katekyohit on December 25, 2013, 03:39:34 PM
OH HOLY TURTLE!!!! ETERNAL DEVOTION SEASON 2!!!!!!!! my heart exploded in happiness T____T I wanna cry. I'm announcing my retirement here. Goodbye! .______. 2014 so long!!!
What are you talking about~ It's going to be in approximate 11 months from now~ XDDDD

Seriously, Kate..... please stop killing someone in your fanfics!!!  :OMG:
Finally... you killed Yuki in your own fics. You're completely a demon. :mon psst:
It seems you have been contaminated too much by LF.. influenced by with her angst aura. :lol:
Those conversation... it's so romantic at first but... after that, it became so sad at the same time.  :cry:
You've tricked me... "I'm home"... I read your title and I expected the happy ending, but no... You bring the sadness to MaYuki on Christmas Day :badluck:
LOLOLOLOL!!!! It's just an idea running through my head after I listened to the song "and I'm Home"~
Title: Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
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Also, for readers:
If possible I want to ask for your first impression when you first read through it.

It's all started by some conversation, only conversation without any detail of the speaker... I'm surprised because it's not like your usual fanfics.
I thought the conversation is someone's monologue or someone's flashback.
I tried to figure it out with my weak brain. But I'm failed.. I guess. :P

In my imagination the first talker (odd number) is the one who's died, the second talker (even number) is her 'live' lover.
Maybe it's wrong.  XD

At the first place, I thought Mayu is the one who died in this fics... because of this:
“…I’m home, Yuki.”
That’s it…that was the reply she could never tell her Yuki anymore. Those were her last words before she left the cemetery.
But I'm wrong, it's Yuki... I didn't figure it out until I asked you by myself (I'm quite aggresive to some authors lately. :lol:)

How I wish you'll kindly tell me or make the clearer version for me... especially for the dialogue.  :P
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1.another sad story

2.why do you always make them break >_<

well thats my answer^^

haha i want happy ending of mayuki :bow: :bow: :bow:
Title: Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
Post by: Koneki on December 25, 2013, 05:59:45 PM
1. What's your first impression after reading through the 1st time?
Waaaaaaaaaah Mayu is suffering a lot  :cry: I hate you Kate >_<

2. What's your thought after you understand the whole thing? (If you didn't manage to get it in first go XD)
If mayu is still alive...that means that humans can pass through the hardest things and continue living :'D
how? I dunno  :bleed eyes:

3. How did Yuki die? (whatever thoughts you have~)
IS YOUR OSHIMEN!!!!!!!!  :angry:
 HOW DARE YOU!!!!! ( (?

ahh~ well I don't know..maybe an accident or she was sick  :bleed eyes:

She, her, Mayu, Yuki, Me, Fox, Guardians, Tears, Jurina, Rena, Snow, Death, Man  bwhdwebdjhwbdehwdewdew :cry:
You teach me something with this fanfic, you really did (lol)
PS: *forever waiting a Wmatsui fanfic*
LOLOLOL!!!! Your reaction is always funny!!!! XD I always enjoy your comment so much Koneki-san~!
Wow really? >///< Part of me I'm curious what did you learn from this fanfic! I tried to include some interesting thoughts in most of my fics so yeah~  :deco:
Don't worry I'm still writing it, it's going to be super duper long wMatsui OS! (Looooooong OS is something expected from me...XD)

It's that true? (

Kyaaaaaaaaa ( I'm so happy and gay  (
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Kate-chan~ :cathappy:
You made another beautiful OS :deco:
how do you write so beautifully?! teach me! pwease! T^T
demo Yukirin..  :cry: Mayuyu wil always love you Yukirin, even if your gone!  :cry:
oh how I love dramatic fics~ :P
thanx for this  :cow: :bow:

Title: Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
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Omg u trick me.. U suck a troll person

And why u have to kill someone in ur fanfic

And i don't have to reread the story to under

2: i hope that Mayu and Yuki can be together again

3: Maybe Yuki is sick or she have accident... I hope it was sick

Title: Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
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1. Do not understand at first.  It is because my English is not good.

2. why mayu have to die again...  :cry:
Title: Re: Kate's OS Box ~ I'm Home [MaYuki] - Update (25/12/13)
Post by: clubhappy on December 26, 2013, 05:03:47 AM
1. What's your first impression after reading through the 1st time? Like....did you have to reread it again to understand it?
I kinda understand it with my first read, but I need to read it second time to have a clearer image of it.

2. What's your thought after you understand the whole thing? (If you didn't manage to get it in first go XD)
At least Yuki is the one who died now, I think Mayu suffers a lot in Mayuki fanfiction, really :lol: "Young girl that looks like a handsome boy" = Jurina, right?
A good but sad fic  :( But having happy endings isn't always good, so glad that you make this a sad OS  :P

3. How did Yuki die? (whatever thoughts you have~)
I think she just had some car accidents and then died :P
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You showered us with many updates this Christmas Kate-sama. Thank you. :farofflook:

My answers:
1. At first, I can tell that Mayuki is separated and I thought that it's a forbidden long distance relationship. I guess it's not after re-reading it. :nervous I'm a little happy that its Yuki's time to die in fics. :nervous

2. Mayuki had faced lots of obstacles but stayed strong together until something happened to Yuki.

3. Many things could cause Yuki's death but it's probably an accident.

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Post by: gek geki on January 13, 2014, 05:02:49 AM
Title: Re: Kate's OS Box ~ Mirai [wMatsui] - Update (14/01/14)
Post by: katekyohit on January 13, 2014, 06:48:12 PM
To everyone: thanks for your comments! I did learn something from it and I truly appreciate it!   :fap Sorry for being a little inactive at the moment! I hope this wMatsui OS I wrote for kevinwkl's belated birthday (OCT 28) will answer why I'm being quite slow with updating! ><

My next in-line will be AMNESIA!!  :thumbsup

Now then...I hope you guys enjoy this LONGG wMatsui OS~ It's consist of 4 parts....But I put it as one XD It's just easy for me to write, but it's one whole story. So~ enjoy~! :cheers

~Pairing: WMatsui~

~Part One: Encounter~

“Rena-chan! Over here~”

The young energetic girl called the timid girl over to her. As Rena walked up towards her, the lively one grabbed her hand and dragged her over to the playground.

“Hehe~ Let’s play!”


Rena nodded firmly and ran after the lively friend of hers. Those sparkling dark orbs eyes was something that she never had forgotten until now. No matter how long time passed by, she never forgot those eyes that stared into hers…


Waking up on an early morning was not something easy for a sleepyhead girl. The longhaired girl slowly got up from her bed and checked the time to know that she wasn’t late for school. As she got up from bed, it was about time her mother came to call her at the front of her door.

“Rena-chan! Time to go to school!”


Her mother called and she responded back with a lazy tone. She took a shower and changed into her school uniform before she went downstairs to have her breakfast. She sat down at the dining table while her father was eating his food while reading the newspaper.

“How’s school right now?”

The older man asked while he still had his eyes on the news. Rena simply told him about her usual life in school and there would be a school fieldtrip soon to Nagoya. She looked forward to it since it would be an overnight trip as well. After she finished her bread and omelets, she went to give her father a hug before she left her house with her bicycle.

“I’m leaving now.”

“Have a safe day Rena-chan~”


Her mother came to send her off at the front of Matsui’s Residence. The raven-haired girl kept cycling until she reached her school. She greeted her friends and acquaintances as she rode passed them. Rena parked her bicycle at the parking lot before she entered the school’s building. While she was changing her shoes, her friends came up to greet her.

“Good morning Rena-chan!”

“Oh, good morning!”

Rena turned around and met with two of her closest friends in Tokyo High school, she called them Airin and Churi, by their nickname. They walked up to their homeroom together and then it seemed Airi had an interesting topic to talk today. There was a rumor that there would be a transfer student that would enter their class today. They were so excited to know who would it be, but Rena just felt so normal with it. However, it made her slightly curious since rarely there would be a student that would be transfer in the middle of the semester. As they arrived at their homeroom, it wasn’t that long that the teacher entered and told the students to sit down.

“Alright! Good news. We will have a friend that will join our class from now on.”

It was as Airi said and everyone started whispering to each other and wondering whether it would be a boy or a girl. Obviously, most of the girls would hope for a boy to be transferred into their class. However, Rena didn’t really care what gender would the student be. The teacher asked the transferred student to enter the room and everyone’s eyes stared at the opening door. A tall female student entered. She had a shoulder hair length and looked quite boyish. People could actually see her as a pretty cute boy, or a handsome girl.

“Please introduce yourself.”

“Yes.” She nodded and wrote her name on the board. “My name is Watanabe Jurina, nice to meet you all!”

Her energetic smile had created a good impression with everyone in the classroom. As for Rena, she felt like she heard this last name before and before she could’ve figured it out one of the students brought it up.

“Eh, Watanabe-san? Are you related to Mayu-senpai and Miyuki-senpai?”

“They’re my sisters, so I bet its better everyone call me Jurina instead~”

“W-Wow! That’s amazing!!”

There would be no one in the school that wouldn’t know Mayu and Miyuki. If there were a popular-category among students, they would be known to be the legendary ones. They were called wWatanabe, or the Watanabe twins. Mayu was dexterous in academics while Miyuki was in sports, and even more, both of them were extremely beautiful. Their aura and beauty would always capture both girls and boys’ heart. However, no one actually knew that the Watanabe twins had a younger sister as well.

“Matsui-san? I would leave Watanabe-san in your care, okay?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Rena was the class representative, therefore it was her job to take care or guide any transferred students that joined in their class. As she had made an eye contact with Jurina, she realized how she had such beautiful brunette orbs.  She smiled back to Rena and it made her slightly surprised. For some reason, the class rep felt some connection with Jurina that instant, but she didn’t understand why she had such a feeling…


After the morning class ended and its break time, tons of students came up to Jurina to ask countless things about her and about Mayu and Miyuki too. It didn’t seem surprising to the transferred student at all since her sisters were popular after all. Airi and Akane were sitting with Rena while feeling pity for Jurina being surrounded by students with endless questions.

“I feel bad for her. Those people just wanted to make use of Jurina-chan to get closer to Mayu-senpai and Miyuki-senpai…”

Airi sighed and Akane couldn’t help but to agree. As Rena kept watching Jurina listening to countless questions roaming at her, the transferred student suddenly stood up and made everyone stopped. She walked up to Rena’s table with a smile across her face.

“Matsui-san, would you mind help take me to infirmary?”


“Thank you~” She smiled before she turned back to everyone else and apologized to them. She just remembered she had an appointment with the nurse so she wasn’t able to answer everyone’s questions right now. They forgave her and told Jurina to take it easy, obviously they were quite humble to the younger sister of the famous twins. It seemed the transferred student knew how to deal with the situation really well. As Rena leaded the way out from the classroom and down the corridor, Jurina simply looked around with eyes filled with thrill and energy. They didn’t say a single word until they reached the infirmary room.

“Oh, Rena-chan! Good morning. What brings you here?”

The nurse greeted the class rep as she was working on several documents at her table. The transferred student showed herself from behind Rena with a smile. The nurse’s attention turned to Jurina immediately, as if they knew each other beforehand. 

“Shinoda-sensei, I came to get the medicines~”

“Ah, please wait a minute.”

The nurse went to get a prepared bag of meds from the shelf before she handed it over to Jurina. As for the raven-haired girl, she didn’t know what was going on but she presumed that Jurina was sick or something? The medicines were even prepared beforehand for her. It made Rena wondered whether Jurina would be okay or not. The transferred student stared at her class rep and knew that Rena was starting to overthink of things. She smiled before she spoke up to her.

“It’s really nothing. I just have this chronic condition that need meds to suppress it from appearing. It’s nothing fatal.”

“O-Oh…I see.”

Rena was surprised that Jurina seemed to read through her thoughts. But when she thought about it again, maybe the transferred student encountered situations like this so often enough that she knew what people would think of her at first time.

“Thank you for taking me around~ Do you mind if I ask you again?”

“Not at all! If you want…you’re more than welcome to join us for lunch. It’s only me, Churi and Airin though.”

“Really? Hehe~ I would love to! I’m not a big fan of crowds.”

Jurina giggled lively and they seemed to share something in common. Rena didn’t like crowded places as well. As they walked back to their class, Rena went to tell her two close friends that Jurina would join lunch with them. They were actually surprised but at the same time they’re more than welcome for Jurina to join. Even just a little, they also wanted to know more about this transferred student while they had the chance.


During the lunch break, every one of them brought their own lunchbox so they went straight up to the roof deck immediately after the bell rang. Jurina was like a young kid that seemed to be excited with everything in this school. The weather was great and it’s not too sunny or hot. They sat under the deep blue sky and enjoyed their lunch together.

“So, where did you learn before you moved here?”

“I’m in Nagoya before I recently moved to Tokyo to live with my family.”

“Oh? You didn’t live with your parents at the beginning?”

“Let’s say I received financial aid from my parents while I’m living there, but then they wanted me to continue my studies in Tokyo with my sisters, so I transferred here.”

“I see.”

Rena simply just sat there in silence, listening to the conversation between Akane, Airi and Jurina. The transferred girl didn’t seem to be bothered by the questions from the other two girls. She was actually glad to answer their doubts instead. The conversation kept going on and they brought up about school’s clubs. Jurina would have to pick a club to join and she decided to ask for some information and advices from them.

“Airin is in Anime Club, and I’m in Archery Club.” Akane replied and then Jurina turned to the raven-haired girl.

“What about Matsui-san?”

“I’m in Drama Club…I like watching dramas and do acting as my hobby.”

“Wow! That’s amazing!!”

Jurina smiled with excitement and told them that she loved doing that as well. However, back in her old school there wasn’t a drama club and none of her friends like acting. Right now, she was so happy that she finally got to meet someone who had the same hobby as her. Jurina threw tons of questions to Rena regarding how to join the Drama Club. Obviously, Rena didn’t expect something like that coming as much as Akane and Airi. In the end, the class rep decided to take Jurina to the Drama Club today in order to talk to the president about the transferred girl joining. Right after the school was over, Jurina was already prepared to leave any second and simply waited for Rena to finish packing up her stuffs. At least they had the same subject for the last class of the day so they wouldn’t have to meet anywhere far. Jurina just transferred and she’s still new to the locations within the school.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Not at all~ Thank you so much for helping me out with this.”

“No worries, I’m glad that we’ll have someone energetic like you to join us!”

Rena smiled back before they walked together to the Literature Building, which wasn’t that far from the building they were in. Also, they didn’t realize that there were several students staring at both Rena and Jurina while they walked out from the classroom together. They arrived at the room that was used for Drama Club and Jurina was getting so tensed up and nervous. It made Rena chuckle with how innocent and pure the girl was.

“Relax Jurina, I believe they will like you. Also, the president is a very kind person.”


Jurina’s voice was actually shaking, but Rena found it rather adorable. She patted her shoulder before they entered the room. Everyone was reading their script and practicing their roles. They were all too focused to realize the sound of the door opened. As Rena entered, they diverted their attention to her and greeted her as usual. They both approached the midget senior who was helping the younger members with understanding their script.

“Takamina-senpai, I brought someone who’s interested to join the Drama club.”

“Oh? Sure, give me a second.”

She quickly explained other members about their role and asked another short senior to lead the warm up first while Takamina would have to talk to Rena. She turned to them and her eyes met with the young transferred student. 

“Oh, I heard about you… you’re Mayu and Miyuki’s sister right?”

“Ah, yes.”

“I see~ Well then, do you like acting?”

“I love it! I’ve always want to join the drama club for once!”

Jurina replied firmly with the passion in her eyes. It made Takamina smile and showed sign of interest in her. She did not hesitate for the transferred girl to join at all. She just asked simple questions regarding Jurina’s experiences in acting., but unfortunately she didn’t have much since there was no drama club at her preceding school. Therefore Takamina decided to assign Jurina under Rena’s care for the time being until one of their plays would be done. They couldn’t add another actress into the drama after it’s all planned out already.

However, Takamina said she would give Jurina the time to practice and study drama until the next upcoming one that they would have during Christmas. She looked forward to have Jurina participate and it made the girl very pumped. They both went to join the warm-up immediately and after that everyone was busy with practicing their roles while Rena taught Jurina the basics of acting. The raven-haired girl borrowed the training book from Takamina and obvious it was her first time to teach someone like this. It was even making her nervous as well.

“Let’s see… let’s do exercise #1. I’ll be sister A while you be sister B. The information regarding the character is written below, do your best to act the character out.”


Jurina read the script carefully word by word and Rena could see her motivation. She was even enjoying watching Jurina studying drama seriously. She had a feeling that she would be going along with the quiet Matsui. As they practice the lines and acting, Takamina watched them from a distance away and saw that things were going smoothly for both of them. She came to check on the girls occasionally and it made Jurina felt very comfortable for being in this club. After the training, everyone came to welcome Jurina properly and they were all friendly with her. After the meeting was over, everyone dispersed out and both girls walked out towards the entrance.

“How are you going home?”

Rena asked and Jurina told her that she came with a bicycle. Unexpectedly, the class rep came with it as well. Both of them were surprised that they shared so many similar things in common despite today was the first time they met. Yet, they felt as if they knew each other for quite a while. They went to the parking lot they parked their bikes, and then Rena asked again where her home was.

“Which direction you’re going?”

“Hmm…I have to pass by the cake café and just few more blocks to the right. It’s not that far though.”

“W-Wow…that’s the direction to my house too, but I have to turn left instead.”

“I see~ Glad that we can accompany each other back home!”

“Yeah, since it’s late every time we have practice, my parents are worried about me going back home alone.”

“I believe same applies to me too~”

They rode their bicycle back home and down the streets together. They exchanged so many thoughts with each other despite it was Jurina’s first day of school. A part of Rena couldn’t believe that all of this happened in one single day. She felt quite comfortable being around Jurina despite she was an introvert person and could hardly get along with strangers at first meeting. Rena wondered why she could talk about many things to Jurina, when she never shared to her close friends at all. She talked about her stress about being the class rep and Jurina listened to it carefully word by word that was uttered from her lips.

“Its not that I want to be… but because everyone in the class including the teacher wanted me to be.”

“I see… Matsui-san, you should tell everyone that you don’t want to be. I believe they will understand you even more.”

“I guess so, mother always told me that I have to express my feelings more.”

Rena sighed softly and the transferred student just smiled silently. However, it seemed it reached the point that the raven-haired girl felt that her transferred friend should stop addressing her formally.

“Since I’ve been calling you Jurina, you can address by my name.”

“Ah I see, can I call you Rena-chan?”


She smiled back to the energetic girl. That instance, Rena could see such a beautiful bright smile from Jurina. It made her heart rest at ease and for some reason she felt rather sentimental about it.

“Thank you Rena-chan~ I’m really happy to meet you on my first day!”

The class rep blushed slightly as her name was called by that cute voice. She didn’t understand why she had to feel nervous when Jurina called her by her name. However, it wasn’t that long that they had to separate at the fork road. Before Rena could’ve left, Jurina wanted to exchange numbers with her first and Rena willingly gave it to her.

“I’ll text you tonight.”

“Okay, I’ll wait.”

She did not hesitate nor felt awkward that Jurina said that when normally she would feel rather awkward if a stranger tried to approach her. Rena had returned back home and rushed up to her room immediately. She went to take a shower and then had her dinner with her family at the dining table. Her parents would ask her how was her school today and she told about Jurina to them. She told them how she met with this transferred student, how she joined the Drama Club today, and how her house was close by too.

“So I will be coming back with her every time we have practicing. So please you don’t have to worry about me.”

“Ah, I’m glad you found a great friend.”

Her mother smiled and had a sip of the miso soup. As she finished her meal and went up to her room to do her homework, her cellphone rang as she received a mysterious text from an unknown number. Out of curiosity, she opened it and it was from Jurina.

[Jurina: Rena-chan~ It’s me, Jurina! This is my number. Did you have dinner yet?]

The raven-haired girl didn't expected to receive a text this early and she replied back immediately with slight excitement. She told how she was surprised that Jurina sent her a text so early and asked back whether Jurina had her dinner yet as well. Right after she pressed sent, in few seconds she received another message again.

[Jurina: Thank goodness! I thought I might’ve sent a message to a wrong number. I had my dinner already and I’m about to start doing the homework.]

[Rena: If you need any help with the homework, feel free to ask me. Since you just transferred you’re likely to have so many things to catch up.]

[Jurina: Yup, thank you for your offer! I’ll definitely ask when I’m stuck. Are you free late evening?]

[Rena: I don’t have a lot of homework to do. Is something a matter?]

[Jurina: Nothing special…I just want to talk to you again tonight. Do you mind?]

The girl blinked with awe as she reread Jurina’s text again. In ordinary cases, Rena would decline, as she didn’t like talking to people especially someone whom she just met today. However, she actually felt the same towards Jurina. She wanted to talk to the transferred student…and she couldn’t wait until tomorrow to talk again. Maybe if Jurina didn’t ask her, she would’ve texted back to the girl in order to talk to her in some ways. Rena didn’t hesitate to reply the text back to Jurina.

[Rena: Sure! I would love to, how about around 11pm?]

[Jurina: Sounds great! I’ll call you~]

The class rep went to do her assignments before she would run out of time. This was the first time she felt so motivated to finish all her assignments tonight. She was actually excited to talk to Jurina again. She was so focused on her studies and just when she finished everything it was already 10:45pm. She sighed with relief as she managed to finish her homework before Jurina would call her. She decided to grab some melon pan as her late snack before the transferred student would call her.

“Oh, Rena-chan, you’re staying up late tonight?”

“A little.”

She didn’t tell exactly why she was staying up late tonight. She grabbed her melon pan and went back up to her room again. However as she opened the door, she heard her cellphone ringing and died out in few seconds. It made Rena surprise and she rushed to check whether who called her. As she was expecting, it was from Jurina.

“Ah damn…very bad timing.”

Rena dialed back and hoped that Jurina would pick it up. As she waited impatiently, the call was picked up and before anything could be said, she apologized to Jurina immediately.

“I’m sorry! I went downstairs to get melon pan…so I didn’t pick up your call.”

(Don’t worry about it! Ah…phew! Am I disturbing you?)

“Oh no not at all. I’m already done with my homework, and you?”

(Yup~ same here. It wasn’t as hard as I thought~)

 Rena lied down on her bed and then they seemed to be remaining in silence. The raven-haired girl wasn’t sure what to talk at all. Apparently it was her first time she would talk to anyone on the phone aside from Akane and Airi.

“Hehe, this is a little awkward…?”

(Yeah, oh right…did you just mentioned melon pan?)

“Yup, it’s always and forever favorite food. Melon pan is like my life!”

(Haha! You’re so funny Rena-chan! I just had melon pan today when I got back, but I’m sure that I’m not that crazy as you.)

“Melon pans are amazing!”

(Yup~ It’s my favorite sweets of all time.)

Both of them kept talking about melon pan and other of their nonsense stuffs. They did not talk about anything related to friends or school. The only thing they talked about was regarding each other. Time flew by so fast that before they realized it again it was already 1am. They had been talking for two hours straight without stopping. This was probably the first time in her life that Rena had been on the phone this long, especially with someone she just met today.

“I think we should go sleep now or else we’ll be too tired.”

(Agree. I had a lot of fun talking to you! How about we meet at the front of the café at 7am? We can go to school together.)

“Sure! I’ll text you when I get there. Good night Jurina.”

(Good night to you too, Rena-chan.)

She hung up the call and closed the lights immediately. She didn’t want her parents to catch her for staying on the phone this late. As she tried to fall asleep, Rena was already excited to meet with Jurina tomorrow morning again. She never felt this way towards a friend before in her life. When was the last time she was so excited to be with someone? It was so long…long time ago…


“Rena-chan! Rena-chan!”

A girl called her name and jumped through the window into the classroom. It was during free time and everyone was playing with each other. The girl rushed to Rena’s side and sat down by her side.

“Is it fun?”


“I see, can I join too~?”

She smiled widely at her. Even though Rena was just playing with dolls, the girl still wanted to have fun with her. Then suddenly, Rena could hear others gossiping about her friend was forced to play with her. Obviously, it hurt her feelings and it made her feel guiltier. However, before Rena could say anything, the shorthaired friend of hers spoke up.

“I like playing and being with Rena the most. She’s not forcing me, I’m the one that wanted to play with her~”


Rena was so shocked and then her eyes met with the girl once again. Those pure brunette eyes stared into hers. “Does Rena-chan like playing with me too?”

“O-Of course! I like being with Ju-chan the most…”

“Me too~ I like Rena-chan~!”

That smile made Rena’s heart rest at ease. They played and talked together as if they were the only ones in the world right now. Rena never heard or completely ignored the gossips between her and Ju-chan. To be together with Ju-chan was the only thing that she cared. She was someone truly special to Rena, and she’s the only person that Rena could only think about. She wanted to always see that bright smile on Ju-chan’s face. 

“I-I like Ju-chan too…”

That was her true feelings. No one knew what kind of feelings that Rena had for her friend named Ju-chan, however all that Rena knew was that Ju-chan was as equally important to her life…


Rena woke up early after she had a dream about her past. It was a sentimental dream that made her heart felt utterly calm. It made her wonder how was Ju-chan doing right now after they never had met each other since then. She must be alive somewhere out there…it had been 12 years already. She got up, changed her clothes, and hurried to finish her breakfast before she rushed out before she would be late to meet up with Jurina. As she rushed over to the café, she saw the familiar girl waiting for her on the bicycle.

“J-Jurina! I’m sorry I’m late!”

“Oh, not at all! I just got here.”

Jurina gave her a warm welcome smile. Soon after that, they rode to school together. As other students saw Rena with the new student, it made them slightly surprise but they didn’t think about it much yet. Both girls went to park their bikes before they went to change their shoes at the entrance hall.

“Oh? Didn’t expect to see you two together in the morning! You guys came together?”

Rena and Jurina turned around and met with Airi and Akane. Rena wondered why she felt nervous and panicking like this, it’s unlike her usual self. But before she had to answer her friends, Jurina spoke up and explained it instead.

“We just knew that we actually live close by to each other, so we decided to come to school together today.”
“Oh really? Lucky Rena to live close by to the famous Watanabe siblings!”

Rena just went along with her friend’s flow. As she turned to Jurina, she was also looking at her and gave a warm smile. Without realizing it, Rena was actually smiling back to her as well. All four of them went up to their homeroom before they would be marked as tardy for homeroom. Usually it would be like any other ordinary days for Rena, but it was a little different this time. Jurina was in most of her classes and she would always sit with Rena. Her liveliness brought some colors into the introvert raven haired girl’s life. When a group work was assigned, Jurina would always come to pair up with Rena before anyone else would make a move. The new student didn’t care how other students might want to pair with her. The only thing that Jurina thought was that she wanted to work with Rena. On the days they had drama club, they would always go home together, even on every other day too. Sometimes they would even stop by at the café and chill out until the sky turned brightly scarlet. If anyone were to ask what they were talking, it would be something really nonsense and random. As for today, Jurina wanted to try out the new cake at the café together with Rena. Since they had no club meetings today, they went straight to the café right after the school was over.

“Ah~ Oishii! Rena-chan you should try it!”


She thought she would use another fork, but then Jurina actually decided to feed her instead. Her face flushed immediately after realizing it and seemed to be hesitating to eat it.

“C’mon, ah~”


Rena was forced to open her mouth and took the bite in public. She was so embarrassed that anyone would see her doing like this. However, the sweet taste of the cake made her forgot about the frustration she had a second ago.

“I-It’s great.”

“I told you! Hehe~”

That bright energetic smile from her cute friend made her heart fluttered. Rena didn’t understand why she was so attracted to that smile at all, but the more she saw the more she felt so happy. She wanted to do anything in order to see that pure smile again, again…and again.

“Rena-chan, what’s that drink?”

“Oh, it’s melon soda float.”

“Ah, can I try it?”


She passed her drink to Jurina and she had a sip of it. Jurina seemed to be amazed by its taste and really loved it. She planned to order it next time when they come over again. It was like their goal at the café was to try every on the menu at least once. It’s quite a nonsense random goal, but Rena actually enjoyed it together with Jurina. The more time they spent together the more the class rep felt connected to her. As Rena had a sip of her own drink, it just reminded her the fact about indirect kisses. She recalled the image that Jurina drank from her straw and it made her mind exploded into pieces. Rena already had her lips on the straw already and it meant that she had an indirect kiss with Jurina.

“Rena-chan? Are you okay? Your face is red…”

“E-Eh!? U-Uh—n-nothing!”


The raven-haired girl tried to calm down after making too much of a fuzz about indirect kiss. She never had done something like this with anyone before. As they stayed at the café to the evening, it was about time they headed back home. However, it’s getting quite late than usual and so Jurina decided to send Rena at her house instead of them separating at the usual fork road. 

“It’s okay Jurina, I can go back ho—”

“Nope! Your parents would be worried about you!”

“But what about your pare—”

“They would be back late today, so they won’t know anything about it~”

Rena didn’t even have a chance to argue anything to her at all. Jurina accompanied her friend until they reached the front of Matsui’s Residence. The older woman came out after she heard the gate bell ringing.

“Rena-chan! What took you so long today??”

“I’m sorry mom.”

“It’s my fault, I made her stay with me at the café until this late.” Jurina apologized instead and the woman seemed to be surprised. The worries and anger on her face disappeared immediately and it made Rena feel a big relief that she wouldn’t need to listen to any lectures from her. 

“Ah, so you’re Jurina-chan that Rena-chan kept talking about!”


“Hehe, I hope that’s me?”

Jurina giggled and then the mother came to open the gate for Rena to enter. Her mother invited Jurina for the dinner, but then she had to decline since she had to return back home now. It seemed Rena’s mother had quite some interest in Jurina, and so she wished for her to join the dinner with them someday.

“Its quite late already…do you need an escort back home?” Ms. Matsui asked with worries for the younger Watanabe.

“No worries~ I’m great! If I need any help I can call my sisters. I’ll see you tomorrow Rena-chan.”

Jurina left and rode her bicycle into the darkness of the street. As Rena watched her slowly disappearing, she was still worried about making Jurina returning back home late because she came to send her off. Both mother and daughter went back into the house to have dinner, and then Rena’s mother brought up the topic regarding Jurina.

“So that’s Jurina-chan, I’m glad you found a great friend.”


“Fufu~ did you realize that you’ve become livelier than before ever since you met Jurina-chan?”

Rena was dumbfounded. She didn’t realize that she changed at the beginning, but when she thought about it again there were several things that changed. She never talked on the phone this long before, she don’t usually hangout with others after school was over. She actually did have something to look forward to aside from studies and grades in school. Little by little, Rena was actually changing due to Jurina’s existence in her life.

“I…I didn’t realize that.”

“Well, I’m glad you met a friend who can give you a good influence.”

Her mother didn't explain anything further. Rena was still curious, but it would be pointless to ask because her mother wouldn’t bother explaining what she meant. The Matsui girl went back to her room to do her homework while wondering what’s Jurina doing right now…


“I’m back home.”

Jurina opened the door with her keys and then a teenage girl came to see her. She was shorter than Jurina, and she also had bangs. She was wearing a white baggy shirt, plain black shorts, and red glasses. Her eyes were amazingly calm enough that Jurina couldn’t tell what she was thinking. 

“What took you so long Jurina?”

“Sorry, I went to send my friend at her house before I come back.”

“Mom and dad are worry about you. If you’re going to be late again you should tell us before hand.”

“I’m sorry Mayu-san.”

“…Anyways, dinner is about to start. Glad you make it back on time.”

Mayu sighed softly as she wasn’t happy to hear Jurina’s reply. However, there was nothing she could do and there was a tinge of sadness in her eyes. It seemed the young sibling saw that and knew the possible reason behind that sadness.


Jurina followed her sister into the living room where Miyuki and her parents were already at the dining table. They were worried about Jurina and the girl apologized to them for not telling that she would be late. She told them how she didn’t want to leave Rena walking back home alone so she decided to accompany her home.

“You’re a girl too Jurina, you should worry about yourself too.”

“Don’t worry, I’m tough.”

“Still, you’re our daughter as well. We’re worry about you.”

Her father spoke up and it made Jurina’s expression became a little less playful. She smiled softly and bowed her head to her parents. It was her way to express her honest gratitude to those she was truly in debt with.

“…Thank you.”

Without further ado, they had their dinner together before Jurina went back to her room to work. However her mother stopped Jurina, while others were busy watching TV with the father. The mother made sure she didn’t speak too loud that everyone would hear the conversation

“Jurina…I know it’s still hard, but at least give Mayu and Miyuki the chance to be your sister…please know that they’re trying really hard.”

The girl nodded silently with a vague smile. She knew what her mother was trying to say as well as knew that both Watanabe twins were doing their bet to be her sister. After all, they were not blood-related.

“…I know. I truly appreciate their kindness, but I think I need a little more time.”

“I see. Don’t push yourself too hard okay? We’re here for you.”

“Thank you, mom. Good night.”

“Good night sweetie.”

Jurina went up the stairs to her room while her mother was watching her from behind. She closed the door and threw herself onto her bed immediately without waiting. When she made her mind go blank, the first person she thought of was Rena. She sighed once again and then her mother’s words repeated in her head again. She knew that Mayu and Miyuki accepted who she was and wanted to be close to her as sisters. However, maybe Jurina’s mind was not ready for the change and the warm welcome just yet.


“Rena-chan~ are you hungry? Let’s go eat!”


They held each other’s hand and it was Ju-chan that dragged Rena down the corridor to the cafeteria. The lively ikemen girl rushed to talk to one of the old woman staff before she gave them two small pack of bread.

“Hehe~ Thank you obaasan!”

“Hehe, don’t worry about it. Make sure to keep it secret from the teachers~”

Ju-chan ran back and handed Rena a melon pan. This was something that they wouldn’t get to eat within the orphanage. Ju-chan had requested for one of the staffs she knew to buy more ever since she received a free one from obaasan. It made her love melon pan ever since then.

“Try it! It tastes amazing!”


Rena had a bite and she couldn’t believe the sensation within her mouth. It taste utterly amazing and it’s like an addiction. Rena finished the whole thing and she just loved it so much.

“It’s great right!?”

“I-It is! It’s so amazing! Melon pan is the best!”

“Yeah it is~ Glad that Rena-chan loves it! I’ll ask obaasan to buy more for us~”

“Is that really okay?”



That was the first time Rena was exposed to the existence of melon pan and the person that introduced it to her was Ju-chan. Ever since then, melon pan was her life and her addiction. Even until now, she was still obsessed with melon pan due to its taste and also it reminded her of her childhood. Every time she had melon pan, Rena would always remember her times with Ju-chan at the orphanage.

After they enjoyed their food, they would go out to the playground and walk around. Ju-chan loved to explore everywhere that’s new and mysterious. Rena would always go with her and enjoyed following the energetic one.

“Make sure you don’t get lost~”

“Um! I won’t!”

Ju-chan extended her hand to Rena to hold onto. The shy girl slowly took it and they held each other’s hand tightly. The boyish girl would always hold Rena’s hand to make sure that the timid girl wouldn’t stray away from her. Every time Ju-chan held Rena’s hand…she felt her heart rest at ease.


As time passed by, Jurina was now used to reading and acting according to the script. Takamina could see and was impressed with her steady improvements. There would be a drama show in few days and both Jurina and Rena had got a free ticket since they were members of the drama club.

“I can’t wait to watch the show! Everyone worked so hard for it.”

Jurina spoke up as she bought some bread at the cafeteria before heading up to the roof deck with Rena since she forgot to bring her lunchbox today. However, it seemed something made Jurina curious and she turned to her raven-haired friend.

“Rena-chan…if you don’t mind me asking, why aren’t you part of the drama?”

Jurina was looking at Rena with eyes clouded with worries. Obviously, it made her laughed at how her friend was exaggerating things. The reason she didn’t join the drama was just too simple beyond Jurina’s expectations.

“It’s just I have many assignments and tests going on. Its something quite usual within the drama club, usually there would be several people that didn’t join…but it’s only me this time.”

“Ah~ I see!”

Jurina sighed with relief and made Rena chuckle softly. Her friend was just worrying her too much, but it made her feel relieved to have Jurina cared for her this much. Rarely one would meet someone innocent and pure like her, but she was actually mature and independent more than many people that Rena knew.  They went up to the roof deck hoping that they didn’t make Akane and Airi waited too long.

“Oi~ you lovebirds! Why taking so long!?”

Akane teased both of them and Rena couldn’t help but to flush immediately. Jurina just laughed and then threw her arms around Rena’s waist. She actually played along with Akane and teased her class rep.

“Because we’re having our private moments…right, Re-na-chan~?”


“Oh ho ho~ Things sure escalate fast.”

“You two, cut it out! Mou…!”

Everyone laughed at the bullied class rep. Rena’s heart pounded spontaneously as she felt Jurina’s body close to her. For some reason, it reminded her of her childhood friend, Ju-chan. It started to make her confuse with many things and she gently pushed Jurina away from her.

“Stop teasing me guys!”

“Aw, gommen~”

Jurina laughed and apologized childishly to her. The energetic one snuggled the shy raven-haired girl as she was enjoying teasing her. However, it made Rena blushed with embarrassment even more. It was Jurina’s nature to cuddle and hug other people, especially with Rena. Every time Jurina hugged her, she would try to avoid it since she didn’t want others to see and misunderstood it. She felt embarrassed and nervous for some reason…she couldn’t explain this feeling inside her stomach. During the whole lunch break, Jurina invited Akane and Airi to go to watch the drama show that would be in few days. They seemed to be interested and Jurina hoped to see them there.


On the day there was a drama show after school, Rena was running a bit late because the teacher called her to talk about class rep duties. As she checked her wristwatch, she had only few minutes before the drama show would start. At least she texted Jurina to tell her to go first, but when she arrived at her classroom to grab her bag she saw her puppy friend sitting on her table waiting for someone.

“Ah, Rena-chan~ hello~”

“J-Jurina? Why are you still here?”

“Obviously, I was waiting for you.”

“Eh?? Didn’t I tell you to go first?”

“Yup you did, but I don’t want to let you go alone.”

Jurina jumped out from her table and giggled childishly at her. She told her that she just wanted to go together with Rena despite they would be late for the show. The class rep’s heart skipped slightly with how caring and sincere Jurina had for her. She was touched by her kindness and then they hurried to the theater to watch the drama. That instance for some reason, Rena thought what would Ju-chan say if she was to be in her position. She decided to step out from her comfort zone and express herself to Jurina a little bit more. She grabbed Jurina’s hand and it made the girl confused.

“Let’s run, we don’t want to miss the fun right?”

Jurina was surprised but then a huge smile appeared across her face. She giggled and held Rena’s hand back tightly. “Sure! Make sure you catch up with my pace.”

“Challenge accepted.”

Holding each other’s hand firmly, they ran towards the theater as quickly as they could. Obviously, Jurina would run much faster than Rena but she wouldn’t want to outrun her friend. She made sure she ran at the same pace as her class rep. Jurina still wanted their hands to be connected to each other until the very end they arrived the theater. They entered the dark hall and glad that they made it right on time before the important scene would start. It was so filled up and they had to sit down on the stairs in the darkness instead.

“This seat isn’t that bad~ I like it more than chairs.”

“Hehe, you’re weird Jurina.”

“Really? It’s called unique~”

“Okay~ if you say so.”

“Also… I get to cuddle you without anyone seeing us~”

Jurina wrapped her arms around Rena’s arm and leaned onto her shoulder. Her cute friend was acting spoiled again. She would only behave like this when she was alone with Rena. Even though the class rep wanted to resist, she couldn’t fight back against those pleading puppy eyes at the slightest.

“Okay…just this once.”


They watched the drama together while Jurina snuggled her tightly. Rena could feel her heart beating faster as she thought about her childish friend was cuddling her so closely. Even though she tried to focus on the drama show, she was so distracted by Jurina holding tightly on her so badly.


“Ah! It’s so fun! Everyone is so good!”

Jurina stretched her arms up high while they were walking to the entrance to the parking lot to get their bicycles. At least Rena was able to focus on the main theme of the story despite the worse distraction she could ever ask for.

“Yup, it’s really good.”

After the show was over, it was about time they head back home but then it was different from usual. However, before they would leave the school, Rena spoke up and caught Jurina’s attention.

“…Neh, Jurina.”


“Do you want to go to the café together?”

She was the one that invited Jurina to the café and obviously the Watanabe girl did not refuse. It made Rena sigh with relief and then they headed to the café together. They made an order and Jurina was curious why her shy friend asked to come here this late. She got a feeling that Rena wanted so talk about something.

“Rena-chan…is something bothering you?”

“N-Not really. I just felt like wanting to share you about something.”

“Oh? Yes?”

“It’s…probably its about my first love.”

“Hm? Why probably?”

“W-Well, I’m not sure that I actually like her or not…”

Rena actually told Jurina about her dear childhood friend named Ju-chan. It wasn’t her full name but that’s the nickname she called her. She talked about her feelings she had for Ju-chan and how she felt that Jurina was very similar to her so much. It made her confuse with her feelings for the Jurina. She didn’t even understand why she was telling this secret to Jurina at all. However, the young Watanabe listened to her talked about her childhood silently with a vague smile across her face. Rena kept telling her the story and told how she was actually an orphan and that it was Ju-chan that was supposed to be adopted by the Matsui couple…


While the two girls were walking around the building on one ordinary day, they accidently stumbled at the teacher’s office. They mentioned Ju-chan’s name and it caught their attention immediately. So they decided to eavesdrop the conversation.

“She’s a very lively girl and I believe you would love Ju-chan.”

The teacher was speaking to the couple that came to adopt a child. They both seemed to like this girl that the teacher was talking about and came to an agreement to adopt this girl.

“However, we would like to talk to her about this first…we would want it to be something both sides agree with…”

Ju-chan and Rena heard the whole conversation and then the shy one felt her hand being held tightly. They left before they would be caught and Rena congratulated her for being chosen out of all the kids.

“Ju-chan! Congratulations…finally you’re able to get out from here.”


However, Ju-chan wasn’t as happy as Rena would expect. Next few days, the Matsui couple would come to the orphanage again to talk with Jurina but then something unexpected had happened. In the morning, Ju-chan got into a fight with one of the boys and she had bruises and cuts on her face. She pretty much beat him up into pulp. The teacher apologized to the couple that they allowed this to happen. Rena was extremely worried and then rushed to Ju-chan’s side but that was a huge mistake within Rena’s life…

“Rena-chan is a good girl. She’s kind, and very smart. Take her instead.”


“What are you sayi—” Before the teacher could finish her sentence, Ju-chan interrupted her and directed her speech to the Matsui couple.

“I’m not such a good girl as you guys think. Rena-chan fits much better than me.”

“I don’t get it…why are you saying like this Ju-chan??”

“…She deserve to go out more than I do. So please, take Rena-chan instead!”

Ju-chan pleaded the Matsui couple to reconsider their decision. They were utterly moved by the young girl’s sincerity. With the injured girl’s speech they indirectly knew that Ju-chan got into a fight on purpose in order to make them take Rena instead. They agreed with it, but it made Rena cried so badly. While the adults had to discuss about the documents, Ju-chan wished to bid farewell with Rena first.

“Please do what you need to do.”

“Thank you…Matsui-san.”

Ju-chan thanked both adults before they left to the office. It’s only both of them alone in the room and she tried to calm Rena down. “Rena-chan…don’t cry.”

“B-But…Ju-chan I—!”

“I’ll get out from here, don’t worry. I promise I will find you.” Ju-chan held Rena’s hand tightly and spoke directly into her eyes. “Stay strong, and believe me. We will meet again.”


“I like you Rena-chan, I had a lot of fun being with you…”

“Me too…I like you Ju-chan! I like you a lot! But I don’t want to be separated from you at all!”

“It’s something that can’t be helped. I promise…I’ll find you no matter how long it will take.”

Ju-chan kissed Rena’s forehead and patted her head gently. She brought Rena’s hand up to lift up the right side of her bangs to reveal a visible line on her smooth skin. It was a distinct scar that she received from an accident that meant so much to Rena.

“Just remember this scar I have.... you’ll definitely recognize me. We will find our way to each other again.”

Rena threw her arms around her friend she had feelings for. She cried in her arms for one last time before the Matsui couple took her out from the orphanage. She wished for the day to meet with Ju-chan out in this wide world once again even there was a dim change that she could’ve forgotten about Rena. It’s just a childish dream that the she still clung onto until now. She still believed that Ju-chan was looking for her…just as much as she was looking for Ju-chan as well.


“I’m sorry to make you listen to all of this…Jurina.”

“Don’t worry about it. She must be really lucky to have someone like you cared for her this much. Hehe~ I’m jealous…I can tell you really love her.”

Jurina smiled widely and it made Rena feel relieved. It was as Rena expected, she wasn’t Ju-chan that she was looking for. A part of her felt sad about it, but a part of her also felt relieved about it. It’s impossible that Ju-chan would be Jurina, despite they were alike in many ways. If she were real, she would’ve revealed her identity to her for a long ago.

“Talking about scar huh…I do have one on my stomach.”

“E-Eh? On your stomach?”

“I got into an accident and got this distinct scar. It didn’t look that nice though.”

“I see…”

Rena sighed out softly as she felt real relieved after telling her story to her friend. As for Jurina, she was flattered that Rena told this precious story of hers to her. She wished to help her find Ju-chan and if she found anyone with a scar on her head she would tell Rena immediately.

“It’s going to be hard to find her without knowing her full name…but let’s do our best. We will definitely find her, you got me here~”

“T-Thank you Jurina! I’m so happy to talk about this to you.”

“Not at all~ shall we head back home?”

“Yeah, it’s getting late now.”

As usual, Jurina would escort Rena back home. They were walking down the streets quietly. Matsui felt quite awkward but before she could speak up, Jurina interrupted her first with her childhood story.

“I’m an orphan too. I’m actually adopted by Watanabe-san about 3 years ago, that’s the reason why I moved from Nagoya to Tokyo to live with them.”

Rena’s eyes grew wide with shock after she learned that Jurina was also an orphan like her. The young Watanabe stopped her bike as they were in front of Rena’s house. However, she looked into the raven-haired girl’s eyes and grasped for her hand gently.

“That’s why, I think I understand your feelings…I promise, I’ll help you find Ju-chan no matter what.”


“I have to go now, the next time we have time together…it’s my turn to tell about myself too~”

The young Watanabe had left with a smile. However, as Rena watched her going away in a distance she called her name loudly and made Jurina flinched. As their eyes met again, Rena seemed to be arranging her words before she spoke out clearly.

“The dinner…do you want to come for a dinner at my house this weekend? My mom wanted me to introduce you to them properly.”

“…Sure! I’m free this weekend!”

“T-Thank goodness. I’ll see you tomorrow at the usual spot.”

“Yup~ See you tomorrow.”

Their usual spot would be at the café. They would always meet with each other there in the morning before they went to school. It became their usual routine and their relationship slowly developed even more. That late evening, Rena was lying down on her bed cuddling her own pillow as she replayed Jurina’s smile in her head. It made her wonder whether these butterfly feelings she had was because Jurina was very similar to her Ju-chan…or it was because she actually had feelings for the young Watanabe.

“Ah! This is so confusing! Ugh! I should go slee—”


Rena’s cellphone alerted out loud as she received a message. She checked it and it was from Jurina.

[Jurina: About today, I had a lot of fun. I’m really happy to listen to your story and I promise I will definitely share mine as well. I’ll be sleeping now, so goodnight~ I look forward to the dinner this weekend!]


Rena sent a message back before she put it on silence. She wouldn’t want it to wake her up in the middle of the night. She closed the lights and drifted to sleep. As she slowly drifted to slumber, she had another dream about her childhood once again…



Rena was pushed against the wall and was surrounded by other boys. They would gang up and picked on those weaker than them. Being in an orphanage didn’t make things easier for anyone at all. Since Rena was a quiet introvert girl, she was usually targeted for bullies.

“You’re not with that tomboy girl today?”


“Why don’t you call for help?”


“Oi, say something!” One of the boys grabbed Rena’s hair and pulled it forcefully. It made her yelped in pain but still she chose not to answer anything.


“Now what should we play? How about you be the horse for us?”


“You should know your place and listen to us. If you don’t want to get hurt.”


“Oi! Say something already!”

The boy smacked across Rena’s face and caused the girl to fall back. Then suddenly, Rena could hear footsteps getting louder and then she saw the boy in front of her got kicked away by Ju-chan. She sent him fly across the floor.


“What did you do to Rena-chan!? Don’t you dare touch her!”


“Here she comes again!”

Another boy exclaimed with annoyance and then they surrounded both Ju-chan and Rena. The boyish girl stood firm to protect her friend who was being bullied again. She was mad than ever in her life after she saw her dear friend got hit helplessly like this.

“You think you can beat us with only yourself? We won’t let you get away this time!”

“If you can!”

Ju-chan declared and then she ran in towards the group of boys. She was very tough and fought them seriously. Even some boys couldn’t match up against her will power at all. She was like a crazy monster when it comes to something regarding Rena’s safety. She kicked another boy in the stomach and sent him knocked onto the floor.


The boy she kicked at first got up and grabbed a branch from a tree that was beside him. With anger, he got up and ran into Ju-chan from the blind spot. That instance, Rena yelled out loud to warn her, however…

“Ju-chan! Behind you!!”


It was too late. The thick branch at the head struck her. The boy hit her so hard that the branch broke in one single swing. Ju-chan flinched and then she fell on her knees. She felt utterly dizzy and the oozing warm fluid running down from the right side of her head. She could probably realize that she was bleeding from this pain on the corner of her head, it was probably a deep huge cut.

“S-She’s bleeding…! Isn’t this too much??”


The boy’s senses returned and he realized that he overdid things. Everyone was shocked just as much as Rena, but then Ju-chan used that chance and pushed him away to break out from the center. She rushed back to Rena’s side and turned back to glare at them. No one would expect for a kid to have such a serious murderous glare like that. Despite she was injured; her will power was beyond extraordinary. Rena was scared to move. She was scared that Ju-chan was injured…she didn’t know how to react with the situation at all.

“I won’t let you touch Rena-chan…!”


“What are you kids doing!?”

Finally the teacher had arrived. It seemed to be as Ju-chan expected and the boys ran away with fear and frustration. The teacher immediately approached the injured girl as half of her face was covered with blood.

“Ju-chan, what happen??”

“It’s a bit of along story sensei…”

“Anyways, let’s go to the clinic now.”

The teacher was about to carry her but she refused. She turned to Rena who was trembling with fear. It made Ju-chan worry about her and then she held her hand gently. She called Rena’s name to grab her attention and then their eyes met. The lively one smiled to her to indirectly tell Rena that she was okay.

“It doesn’t hurt, don’t worry~ I’m tough after all!”


Rena broke into tears and sobbed silently. She held Ju-chan’s hand back tightly and they walked to the infirmary together. While the nurse was treating her wounds, Rena held her hand tightly to make sure she wasn’t far apart from Ju-chan. The nurse cleaned the wound and disinfected it before she wrapped the bandage around Ju-chan’s head.

“It might leave a clear scar…you should stop being reckless if you want to be pretty, Ju-chan.”

The nursed sighed as if this happened countless times already. The young lively one often got into accidents, as she was being too hyperactive. Every time she got a bad cut she would usually get a distinct scar. It seemed her body could easily get scars from simple cuts that normal people wouldn’t get one from it. However, this wound she got would leave a big scar on her head, it’s no simple cut at all.

“Ju-chan…I’m really sorry…”

“It’s not Rena-chan’s fault. Didn’t I promise you that I would protect you?”


“C’mon~ It’s just a little scratch!”

She laughed energetically to show Rena that she was in a great condition like a horse. Ju-chan wouldn’t want her dear friend to be too worried about her. The crybaby Rena broke into tears once again and threw her arms around Ju-chan tightly. She sobbed on her shoulders and the injured girl smiled silently.

“Aw, you’re such a crybaby Rena-chan…but, thank you.”

Rena remembered the warmth from Ju-chan’s body very well. It’s the warmth that always protected her from the bullies. It’s the warmth that gave her comfort and happiness. Even until now, her heart still remembered that feeling. It was because of that past, Rena gradually changed and stood up for herself. She knew that she couldn’t always rely on Ju-chan all the time. She had to be strong…in order to find Ju-chan.


~Part One: Encounter~

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~Part Two: Bloom~

Both Jurina and Rena hung out as usual right after school but this time they went to this park close by. It seemed they wanted to change some atmosphere aside from going to café every single day. They bought some snacks from the convenience store they passed by and spent time at the park together when they just wanted to relax in such a good weather. Winter was approaching and it’s getting less hot as time passed by. Both of them were sitting on the swings while the young Watanabe was munching her snacks hungrily.

“Glad that we come to the park! The weather is great for us to be out today.”

“I agree, do you want some snacks?” Jurina agreed and passed the back of snacks to her dear friend.


Rena took a piece and munched as well. She bought melon pan from the store as well but she was saving that for later tonight. As they kept talking about random stuffs and school-related stories, Jurina had recalled about the dinner this weekend at Matsui’s place. She believed that it was a perfect chance to tell about her past to Rena.

“Tomorrow night I would want to share about my story to you too.”

“Ah…okay. I look forward to it?”


Jurina’s smile was always bright and radiant. Rena could never be bored to watch her smile forever. After they had relaxed for a while it was about time they have to return back home before it would be too dark. They would want to go back home earlier than usual because tomorrow would be their special day together after all. As usual, the puppy face girl went to send Rena off at her house.

“Jya, what time do you want me to come over?”

“Well, anytime you’re good with.”

“Hm, how about 10am? I got nothing to do for the whole day, besides that I want to spend time with you~”


Rena’s heart skipped a beat and it even made her voice shook. The young Watanabe was extremely happy and it could be seen clearly on her face. She left immediately with excitement and left Rena nervous alone in front of her house. Late evening that day, she tried to go to sleep but she couldn’t. She was too excited and nervous about tomorrow’s day with Jurina at her place. As she closed her eyes to drift to sleep…she had another dream again.


“This is Rena-chan, please treat her well.”

The teacher introduced the timid girl to everyone in the room. It was the first day she came to this orphanage. Her parents left her at the daycare and never came back to take her, she was still 3 back then. As a result, she was sent to the orphanage close by to take care of her instead. She was hugging the bunny doll in her arms tightly with fear and frustration. After the introduction, everyone came running in to talk to the newcomer immediately.

However as time passed by, no one could really cope with Rena’s silence and cheerless atmosphere. Little by little, other kids started to drift away from her and she had been alone since then…

“Hello! You’re the newcomer right!?”


“Ju-chan, I told you don’t get close to her…” Another kid spoke up but then the young lively one ignored the warning.

“Hello! What’s your name?”


“Oh right I haven’t told you my name yet, everyone calls me Ju-chan here!”

She extended and grabbed onto Rena’s hand tightly without any slight hint of hesitation. It made her eyes grow wide with surprise and made an eye contact with those lively brown orbs.

“…and your name?”


“Rena-chan? That’s a cute name! Nice to meet you Rena-chan~”


The shy one nodded softly as they still made an eye contact with one another. Those brown lively orbs completely mesmerized Rena and that was the first time they both met. Ever since then, Ju-chan had been holding her hand tightly like this until the very last day they were separated… Rena missed the warmth of that hand.


She was too excited that she woke up early. Rena had notified her parents about Jurina’s visit and they were eager to meet her too. As it was about 15 minutes until it reached 10, she heard the doorbell and rushed out immediately. She opened the door and saw a familiar face wearing glasses and in her comfortable clothing. Their eyes met and she smiled back to Rena.

“Good morning, I brought some snacks with me too~”

Jurina looked completely different than usual. Rena never saw her wearing glasses before. Despite she was wearing a simple shirt and navy jeans, she looked decently attractive to Rena.


Matsui welcomed the guest into the house and took her to the living room. The older woman came to serve water to the guest and made Jurina bowed her head down slightly.

“T-Thank you ma’am.”

“You don’t have to act so formal, I heard a lot about you from Rena-chan.”

Ms. Matsui smiled back and it made Jurina realize that she was actually Rena’s mother. She told her that she brought snacks and drinks before she came here since she didn’t want to come over empty-handed.

“Make yourself at home!”

“Thank you Matsui-san.”

“Rena-chan! Why don’t you take your friend to your room instead?”

The mother suggested to her daughter and the raven-haired girl was a little embarrassed with the idea. She just didn’t want to admit that she preferred that way more. It seemed her mother knew her well enough to know what Rena actually wanted too.


They went upstairs and it was the first time Jurina entered Rena’s room. It was very clean and tidy as expected from the class rep. They sat on the carpet floor and placed the snacks on the table. It was an awkward silence between both of them while they were staring at each other.

“Did you have a good sleep?”

Jurina was the first to break the tension of the atmosphere. Rena wasn’t able to answer properly because she didn’t know she should tell the truth or not. However, before she could’ve answer, Jurina continued where she left off.

“I barely have any sleep, I know its weird but I’m just really excited to come over to your place.”

Rena’s eyes grew wide with surprise. It seemed it wasn’t only her that was actually nervous and excited about the weekend after all. After she heard her friend’s thoughts, she decided to tell the truth as well.

“Me too…this is the first time that a friend came over aside from group projects.”

“So I’m the first?”


“Ah~ that makes me feel so special!”

She finally let out a laugh and the awkward atmosphere started to disappear. They’re now relaxed and then Rena brought up the topic that she was curious about her friend. It was about those black frame glasses…

“I didn’t know you wear glasses.”

“It's a reading glasses. I only wear it when I’m at home or reading books.”

“I see. It gives me a different feeling from you.”

“How so?”

“Well…more ikemen?”

Jurina didn’t know Rena thought about her that way and it made her blushed slightly. Her heart skipped a beat as Rena complimenting her. She rubbed her head and avoided eye contact with her.

“O-Oh…I didn’t know that! You’ll look great with glasses too.”

“Nah, I would look like a bookworm.”

“Well, a little I guess? But you’ll look really cute!”

“A-Ah, oh, o-okay…”

Rena gulped when her heart started to pound against her ribs harder and faster. With that suggestion from Jurina made her wanting to wear glasses as well. As they didn’t know what to talk about, Jurina moved in closer and leaned onto Rena’s shoulder. The class rep didn’t move and sat very still, she didn’t know what was Jurina planning to do but before she could’ve asked she was interrupted.

“Watanabe is the 2nd family that adopted me a year ago, its because the owner of the orphan was close friends with Watanabe-san so they decided to take me in.”

“What happen to the first…?”

“…Mom and I got into an unfortunate accident. I’m the only one that’s barely alive, and I almost die when I arrived at the hospital.”


Rena’s eyes remained wide with shock. As she listened to the tragic story that happened to Jurina, she realized how much she didn’t know what Jurina had been through. After she was the sole survivor of the family. She had remained in the hospital, as she had to go through rehabilitation to recover for quite a while. Watanabe family was actually neighborhoods with Jurina’s family until they moved out 5 years before this incident. They often came to visit her and decided to adopt her into the family, as a result Jurina moved to Tokyo after her rehab treatment was over. While she was telling her life story to Rena, they were holding each other’s hand tightly. Even just a little, the raven-haired girl could feel a tinge of sadness from Jurina’s voice. It must’ve been so rough for her in these past years.

“I’m sorry to hear about your family…Jurina is so strong to go through that.”

“Not really, it’s just…” The girl paused while their eyes met with each other. However, it seemed she decided not to continue where she left off.


“...I don’t know too, I felt like I had something I hold onto that made me able to survive through all this mess.”

“I see.”

Rena wasn’t sure she understood it or not. However, it seemed Jurina held so many secrets from everyone. She wondered aside from herself, who knew about this already. Likely the Watanabe family would knew what happened in Jurina’s life before they decided to adopt her in. She shouldn’t meddle into other people’s business. 

“I never shared this with anyone before…you’re the first one.”

“W-Wow…I feel so flattered.” Rena was surprised that Jurina actually answered her curiosity as if she could read her mind. She was internally blushing when she’s the first to know about Jurina’s tragic secret.

“Hehe, you should!”

Today, Rena learned so many things about the young Watanabe. It felt as if she’s was one more step closer to her. Despite Jurina being such a lively girl, yet she hid so many secrets. No one could tell that she had gone through such a tragic past before. Jurina just looked so pure and innocent to her.


They spent most of their time talking about many random things together until Rena’s mother called them down to eat lunch. She went out to buy bento boxes so the little kids wouldn’t starve themselves to death. As they were eating in the living room together, Jurina spotted this brown little dog that came up to her.

“Ah! Kawaii!! What’s her name?”

“It’s Ruby.”

“Ah~ such a cute name.”

After they’re done eating, Jurina played with the little puppy together with Rena in the living room. As Ms. Matsui was preparing the ingredients for the dinner tonight, she asked Rena to help out later. As Jurina offered to help, she was rejected at first, but then the young Watanabe still insisted. After they had relaxed for a while, they girls decided to lend Rena’s mother a hand. Surprisingly, Jurina wasn’t that bad with cooking at all. They helped cutting the ingredients and as well as chit chatting with each other. Even it was during weekends, Jurina couldn’t help but to tease her shy friend again.

“You’re so good with cutting! You’ll become a great girlfriend and wife~”


“Hehe~ Now I hope I can be a boy, so you can have a pretty wife cook for me~”


“H-Hey! Don’t swing around with that knife in your hands!”

The mother watched Rena scolding back at Jurina and made her revealed a smile of relief. She knew the change within her daughter and she was right. The main cause that made Rena became livelier than before was because of Jurina. She was utterly grateful that her daughter finally found someone that could bring that beautiful smile to Rena. She decided to enjoy and watch those two girls silently while she prepared other ingredients. The dinner today would be pasta and other side dishes.


While they were setting up the table, the doorbell rang out of blue. It was around this time that Rena’s father would return back home from work. The young Matsui went to open the door to welcome her father in. It was the first time that he saw Jurina and he was grateful that she came to have a dinner with them tonight. They all sat down at the table and was about to start the dinner all together.


Everyone said in unison as started the meal. Jurina’s eyes grew wide as the food taste truly delicious. She complimented on it immediately and was really surprised with Rena’s mother’s skills.

“Woah! It’s just so amazing!! Matsui-san, this is so delicious.”

“Ah~ Thank you Jurina-chan! Eat as much as you need we have spares.”

“Yes, thank you!”

The puppy girl continued to eat the delicious food in front of her. As Rena watched from the corner of her eye, she let out a soft smile while watching her friend happily eating the pasta. It seemed her mother saw that and coughed softly in order to grab her daughter’s attention.

“Rena-chan, start eating or else the food will get cold.”


Rena was just embarrassed that her mother caught her being distracted. She ate her food quietly and it was about time that her parents would be storming questions at the poor Watanabe. They asked so many things about her, only just simple things. But the adults seemed to ask about things that were related to Rena in a way as well.

“So how was Rena-chan at school?” The older woman asked and Jurina was more than welcome to tell everything about Rena at school to her.

“She’s a serious class rep but she’s just so tsundere and cute!”


“Rena-chan is my senpai in drama class, she’s the best~ I’m able to take the main role because of her guidance!”


Rena didn’t know that Jurina thought of her that way. She remained in silence and listened to her friend doing all the talk instead. Jurina kept talking about good and happy things she had with Rena all the time at the table. Her heart beat wildly as Jurina kept saying those sweet things about her, she bit her lips and clutched tightly onto her shorts as she was trying to hide her embarrassment. But at the same time, Jurina realized her blushing friend and couldn’t stop teasing her by poking her puffed cheeks.


Time flew by so fast before they could realize it. It was getting late and about it was time that she had to return back home. But before that she decided to help cleaning the plates with Rena but then she tried to chase her away.

“No! You’re the guest!”

“But I want to help!”



Rena sighed, not those puppy eyes again. She gave up and let Jurina do what she wanted. The young Watanabe smiled with contentment as she won the argument. As they helped each other cleaning up the plates, Rena would pass the plate for her to wash and put onto the dish rack. It wasn’t that long until they’re done since they helped each other out, but it was the time that Jurina would have to return back home before her parents would be too worried.

“I have to go now.”

“Okay…I’ll see you at school on Monday.”

“Yup~ Good night.”

Rena didn’t want Jurina to leave at all. Even though the girl stayed at her house for the whole day, she didn’t want this to end yet. Jurina could see a slight hint of sadness and it made her want to tease Rena for one last time of the day.

“Neh…Rena-chan. I want to tell you something…”


“Come close.”

Rena moved in and leaned her ears closer to Jurina, but that was when the young Watanabe planted a soft kiss onto her cheeks. It made Rena jerk back immediately and covered her cheek with her hand. It was a reaction that Jurina expected to see from her and that’s when she decided to leave.

“That’s my thanks for today, I had a lot of fun today~”

The door closed and her friend finally left. However, Rena was still shocked and having a side effect from the kiss. Her mind went blank for a long while even after she took a shower and went to bed. She couldn’t fall asleep as the scene kept repeating in her head. The feeling that Jurina’s lips touched her cheek made her face burned instantly. It’s making her heart beating off the pattern and she probably couldn’t sleep for the night today.

“Ah! I can’t sleep…!”

The kissing scene repeated again and Rena’s face blushed even more. She looked up at the ceiling and sighed loudly. She didn’t want to admit that she was feeling nervous when she thought about Jurina. She didn’t want to admit that she couldn’t stop thinking about Jurina every now and then. She didn’t want to admit that she could’ve fallen in love with her…


Few days later at school, the teacher talked about the school field trip that would be in a month from now. It would be an overnight fieldtrip and it would be a room of 4 people. As the teacher allowed everyone to make their own sleeping arrangements, the answer was obvious that Jurina would be rooming with Rena, Akane and Airi. They went to notify their teacher about the room arrangement and got it settled down ahead of time. The school day passed by like any other usual days and it was lunch break.

“Alright! I look forward to the trip~”

Akane exclaimed loudly as she ate her sandwich. They sat at the roof deck as usual to have lunch together. They checked the information papers regarding the cost of the trip and the schedule at their destination. Their destination was at Nagoya, the girls were quite eager to visit many places during their free time session. It’s been a while that Rena had been back to Nagoya ever since generous Matsui couple adopted her. She was originally from Nagoya and she planned to visit the orphanage she came from if it’s still at the same place it used to be. However, she was wondering whether she should go alone or not.


As the school ended, Rena was packing up her stuffs while Jurina came up to invite her over to the cake café as usual. She simply nodded with her cheeks blushing slightly as that kissing scene was still replaying in her mind. However, she tried to suppress those thoughts replaying again. They walked out from the classroom without realizing that there were other students looking at both of them at all…


As their walking to the entrance of the school, they accidently came across with a senior of the school. Her eyes accidently met with both girls and she approached towards Jurina quickly. It was actually one of the famous Watanabe twins of Tokyo High, Watanabe Miyuki. She approached with a bewitching smile and playfulness in her voice.

“Jurina~ are you coming straight home afterwards?”

“Not really, I’m going to go to the café with Rena-chan first and go back home around the same usual time.”

“Okay! Make sure you come back home early. Mom will your cook meatball pasta today for dinner.”


Jurina’s attention turned to the plan about her dinner tonight. Her favorite of all time dishes was meatball pasta. It made her more enthusiastic to look forward to it. Obviously, Miyuki could tell from those eyes that she was excited for tonight’s dinner.

“Yes! I’ll see you later~ Please take care of Jurina for me, Rena-chan.”

“I-I will!”


“I’m your sister neh, don’t forget to call me like that.”

Miyuki patted the younger Watanabe’s head gently and Rena could see slight blush and uneasiness in Jurina’s eyes. It made her remembered that the young Watanabe was not blood related with the twins. She was an orphan so she understood that feeling well, but she could also tell from Miyuki’s eyes that she really cared for Jurina.

“I-I will…”

“I’ll see you back at home~ also, you should invite Rena for a dinner at our place sometimes soon.”

Miyuki left before anyone of them could’ve speak.  They both headed to the park again and had a relaxing time after school was over. As they were talking on many random topics about their favorite songs and movies, it seemed Rena was curious about several things regarding Jurina.

“Miyuki-senpai is so kind and sweet to you.”

“Isn’t she like that with everyone?” Jurina questioned but then Rena shook her head.

“No, I could tell she treats you different from others. Hehe, I guess its obviously because you’re her sister.”

“Hmm…I guess so.”

“I’m jealous of you Jurina…”

Rena smiled with slight hint of sadness in her voice. The young Watanabe turned to her immediately and stared at her class rep quietly until Rena turned so their eyes met with each other. 

“I’m the only child, so I envy those with siblings sometimes.”

“…I see, I’m sorry Rena-chan.”

“Hey! There’s nothing to be sorry for! …It’s just I’m a little jealous.”

“Don’t worry, I’m here for you neh~?”

The young Matsui blushed silently by Jurina’s sweet words. She laughed at how Rena responded with a shy reaction and stared at her with a smile. Jurina couldn’t help but to agree with her feelings that Rena looked adorable when she was actually blushing. After it’s getting a little late, they both returned back home and another simple day came to an end.


The pain of being smacked by a long wooden stick still haunted her until now. The bruises and splinters were all over her limbs. The horror repeated again endlessly and the young girl wondered when would it stop.

“How dare you look at me like that!? You cursed monster…!”

The old woman glared back at the injured girl with hatred from the deepest part of her heart. She brutally continued to hit the poor girl until she was tired and satisfied with today. There was blood stained and traces of splattered blood on the wooden stick. She walked away and left the poor girl leaning against the wall listlessly. She slowly got up and went back to her room to treat her wounds. She pulled the splinters out from her skin and disinfected her bleeding injuries. She had a black shoulder hair length and brunette eyes…what a waste of her beauty to receive such injures like that. She sighed while staring at the mirror, knowing that she would get another scar from this.

“…When will I die? Why didn’t I die instead of dad?”

The young girl closed her eyes recalling the face of the kind gentle dad that adopted her. His smile was utterly gentle to her all the time ever since she’s adopted. He saved her from the car accident back when she was 7 years old. However, he didn’t survive through that fatal injury when he arrived at the hospital. That was when Jurina’s kind mother changed drastically as if a demon possessed her. She blamed for her husband’s death onto Jurina and it had been 2 and a half years of she went through abuse…


The young girl walked towards the window after she had treated her wounds. She could predict that she would get a new scar across her thigh and just only could hope that it would be that distinct to be ugly. She saw was the pouring rain on the other side of the window, as she touched the cold glass she could see a reflection of herself. The scar on the corner of her right forehead could be seen in the reflection and it constantly reminded her of the past.


It seemed the reason she was able to go through constant abuse without attempting to suicide yet was because she wanted to meet with Rena again. She prayed every night for the day to meet her. She promised to her that she would find Rena no matter what. In order to fulfill her words she couldn’t die yet. That was the only sole reason she’s alive until now… She only wished to die, but before she would die with satisfaction…she wanted to see Rena one last time.



Jurina woke up early due to the nightmare she had.  She kept having that dream every now and then. She looked at her thigh and saw a light scar on her skin. It came from her mother constantly beating her up with a wooden stick filled with splinters. The pain still haunted her subconscious until now. Jurina didn’t actually remember everything in detail after she survived through the tragic car accident, she only knew that she had someone she held onto which made her survive through the tragic…but she can’t remember what it was.

She just sat there on her bed and stared out from the window since she still had time before she could get off from bed. But before she realized again, a heavy pain in her head attacked her. It just reminded her she forgot to take the morning meds for today.


She slowly walked to the table and grabbed three pills from the plastic bag. She swallowed it with water and went to lie down on the bed. She had to wait for a little until the throbbing pain inside her head would settle down. She wiped her nose to check whether for any traces of blood. Luckily there was none since she took the med right on time. If she didn’t take the meds to maintain her blood pressure she could have a bad nosebleed and fainted as a result. She hid it well from her friends, especially from Rena.

After the pain slowly decreased, she decided to change into her school uniform. However as she was doing her hair, she saw this scar on her right forehead, which was hid, under her bangs.  She touched it and recalled the story that Rena told her about her orphan best friend that was separated from her. Jurina didn’t understand why she had a scar on the same spot that Rena mentioned… she actually had to lie to Rena back then because she wasn’t certain she actually met the class rep in the past or not. She barely could remember many things back when she was a child. She could only remember things until the day she survived the tragic accident that killed her father. Her memories actually regained back a little after her 3 years of rehabilitation. Jurina remembered some sweet gentle memories she shared with her first foster family before the whole horror arrived. Part of Jurina believed that she couldn’t possibly be Rena’s best friend from childhood. There were many orphans and orphanages around Nagoya. They couldn’t end up coming from the same place and there were plenty of girls that could have their names begin with ‘Ju’ just like hers. No matter what, Jurina didn’t want to believe she was this person Rena was finding until she was certain on many things first… After she was done changing, she grabbed her school bag and headed downstairs to have her breakfast.


“Good morning Jurina!”

“Good morning.”

She greeted her mother whom was preparing breakfast at the table. As she checked her watch she had about 10 minutes to eat before she had to leave her home. She wouldn’t want to be late with her morning meeting with Rena. While she was eating her omelets and toasted bread, her mother spoke up as she handed a mug of warm milk to Jurina.

“Jurina, when would you introduce Rena-chan to the family? Maybe invite her for a dinner at our house?”

“I’ll bring her over someday, I don’t know when though. You said the same thing as Miyuki-neechan.”

“Oh? Well~ you’ve become much brighter ever since you moved to Tokyo. I heard she’s the first friend you made on the first day isn’t she?”

“Y-Yeah…she’s the first one.”

“I see~ I’m glad you meet such a great friend! You better get going or else you’ll make her wait too long.”

Jurina glanced at the clock and realized that she had to get moving or else she would be late with her usual meet up with her friend. She rushed out from the house and grabbed her bicycle. Her mother came out to wave at her before Jurina took off.

“I’ll be back home at the usual time!”

“Have a safe day!”

“I will!”

She took off and rode towards the café immediately. Jurina could see the familiar figure from a distance away waiting in front of the café. It was someone that she expected to be. As their eyes met, Jurina could feel her heart beating faster as she witnessed the beauty of Rena’s eyes. The surge of happiness came out and she couldn’t hold back her smile. Every single time she saw her, she would always smile from her heart’s content.

“Good morning Jurina.”

“Good morning!”

Despite Jurina was utterly disturbed by the nightmare that was haunting her until now, it seemed Rena’s smile always made her forget about it every single time without fail. They went to school together and simply enjoying their moments together every single day. However, it seemed the topic this morning was about Rena’s dream last night. She had a dream about her childhood, and about her Ju-chan again.

“I dream about her again…I wondered why I’m having such frequent dreams about Ju-chan these days.”

“Hmm, who knows? Maybe it's a good sign we might find her.”

“I hope so too…I’ve been waiting to see her, for 12 years already.”

“I believe she’s looking for you too.”

“Thank you Jurina, your words meant so much to me!”

It was a very pretty smile from the longhaired girl beside Jurina. It was a smile that she wanted to protect it. Even just a little, she wished to do all she had to make Rena smiled happily like that again. Before the young Watanabe realized, they already reached school and it’s about time they headed to their homeroom. School began like any other normal days, but today was a little different… Jurina realized some gossips going around the classroom regarding her and Rena. A group of girls were gossiping about their class rep.

“Tsk…isn’t Rena clinging onto Jurina? I bet she wants to get close to Mayu-senpai and Miyuki-senpai.”

“I bet she’s using Jurina…such a cunning class rep.”

“Doesn’t Rena admire Mayu-senpai so much?”

“I heard about that before! I bet she’s doing whatever she can to get close to her admirable senpai…”

Jurina bit her lips as she could hear those rumors going behind her clearly during class time. She diverted her glance towards Rena but she was focusing on the teacher. She probably could hear it as well but she chose to ignore it. Jurina knew that those were all lies. There was never a single time that Rena mentioned about Jurina’s sisters ever since they were together. Every thing they talked and done together was only about themselves. It made Jurina felt so irritated when hearing others talking behind Rena’s back when its not the truth at all. It was break time when the class was over, Jurina walked up to her class rep and before she could utter a word, Rena interrupted her first.

“…Thank you Jurina.”

“H-Huh? What’s this about??”

“For holding your temper back then, those rumors had been going around for quite some time already.”

The young Watanabe couldn’t believe that Rena knew it before her yet she didn’t say it. She felt more helpless to help her dear friend. Akane and Airi came up to them and told Jurina to calm down as they rumor would slowly disappear itself. But she didn’t know whether to trust them on that matter or not since the twin Watanabe’s were very popular after all.


After both Jurina and Rena had finished with their rehearsal at the drama club and were heading back home. Jurina was still concerned about the rumors that were going on until now. As for the class rep, she could see how her friend was being quiet today and seemed to know what her friend was thinking.

“Jurina, you did really great today! Let’s continue to do our best.”

“A-Ah, you too. I’m completely engulfed by your acting that’s why I’m able to follow up with you.”

“You flattered me too much!”

“No! I’m saying the truth! Rena-chan’s acting is the best!!”

“Aw, thank you Jurina~”

The young Watanabe sent her friend off like usual before she head home. As before Rena was about to go back into her house, she poked Jurina’s forehead when she had a chance to. It completely caught her off guard.


“You’re thinking too much Jurina, it’s just a rumor.”


“I can tell what you’re thinking. Don’t worry about it okay?”

“Okay…if you say so Rena-chan.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”



It was about time Jurina had returned back home after she sent off her princess. After Jurina had been discussing about her issues with getting close to her sisters with Rena, she realized she needed to express herself to them as much as they gave to her. It did took her quite a while to get used to calling them ‘neechan’, but it wasn’t as long as she thought after she could see happiness from both Mayu and Miyuki’s expression. Jurina was indeed happy that she made her sisters smiled as well. Ever since then…she called them neechan all the time. She entered her home and took off her shoes immediately. As usual, she saw her cyborg sister came to welcome her and then Jurina went in to give her a big hug.

“I’m back home Mayu-neechan.”

“Welcome back Jurina. Taking your time to send your princess?”


“Heh, I heard it from Miyuki. It seemed you’ve found someone special to you.”

“M-Mayu-neechan! It’s not like that!”

“Huh, I don’t buy that.” The cyborg ruffled the puppy girl’s head before she gave her a soft push towards the stairs. “Go take a shower, dinner’s almost ready.”

“I-It’s not like what Miyuki-neechan said! We’re just friends!”

“Yeah yeah whatever, get going now!”


It didn’t seem Mayu was that convinced with Jurina’s words. After they had their warm family dinner together, the twins invited Jurina to hangout together in the living room for tonight. While they were watching TV together, the youngest one was sitting in the middle with Miyuki cuddling her closely. Jurina was slightly blushing slightly, as she wasn’t used to this kind of things with her sister.

“Aren’t you hugging her too much Miyuki?”

“What? You’re jealous Mayu-chan?” Miyuki teased her twin and stuck her tongue out at her while holding Jurina tightly to herself. “Bleh~”

“I’m. Not. Jealous. = =”

“Aw~ Are you sure~?”

Jurina had a playful and tsundere sister. But despite they had opposite personalities in a way, they both cared and loved her. As kept debating back and forth endlessly, Jurina couldn’t help but to laugh at her twin sisters out of blue.

“H-Hey! Don’t laugh!”

Mayu pinched Jurina’s cheek lightly to not hurt her but then Miyuki pulled the young one away from the tsundere sister. She still stuck her tongue out at Mayu and didn’t allow her to even touch or come close to Jurina. Mayu only glared back at Miyuki with dissatisfaction and it made her even enjoyed this more, she knew how to bully her cyborg twin very well. They enjoyed their sibling time until their mom ordered the youngest one to go to sleep. Glad that Jurina didn’t have lot of assignments to do so she just went straight to bed immediately…





The young Rena gave her a rose and it made Jurina surprised. She didn’t expected to receive a rose from her friend and she could see the shy girl fidgeting with embarrassment. She avoided eye contact with Jurina and then tried to look back into her eyes.

“I-It’s valentine’s day so…”

“Ah…thank you~ Rena-chan! I love it!”

“Ah, thank goodness…”

She sighed with a huge smile across her face. It was truly Jurina’s happiness to see Rena’s smile. She wished to always protect that smile as long as she’s still remaining by her princess’s side. However, she couldn’t get rid of her playfulness side and decided to tell her friend to close her eyes.

“I have something for you too, close your eyes Rena-chan.”


As she did, Jurina moved in to kiss her cheek quickly and it made Rena’s eyes grow wide with shock. She was blushing mad while holding onto the cheek that she was kissed. It made Jurina laughed out loud by Rena’s shy reaction.


“Gommen~ But Rena-chan is so cute.”

She held her hand tightly and smiled back to her. Rena was such a kind girl to always forgive Jurina for whatever she done to her. Even though she bullied with a kiss…the shy girl would always forgive her every time. Rena was so kind to Jurina that she became a part of her heart. It was her gentle smile that would always heal Jurina’s heart. It was a smile…she wanted to protect forever.

“I love you Rena-chan~”

“U-Un…I love you too…”

Those magical words meant a lot to her. Even though Rena wouldn’t felt the same way that Jurina had for her. Those words were more than enough to make her live on in this cruel world. As long as she was holding onto Rena’s hand like this, she felt like she would have the strength to overcome everything in their way. She would always…be a part of Jurina’s heart.


Every time Jurina had a dream about her childhood times, she couldn’t seem to remember it clearly. Even though she couldn’t remember who she was talking to in the dream…her heart seemed to remember this happy feelings she had back then. It was nostalgic to her, but she couldn’t remember who was this person that brought so much happiness to her heart…

Time flew by so fast and it would be only few days before the fieldtrip to Nagoya. Everyone was getting so excited as well as Rena’s group too. Churi and Airin were having so many plans during the free day in Nagoya. Rena and Jurina still had to think about what to do during the free time. As before the morning class would start, Jurina was called over by the nurse to the infirmary. She went to take the new set of pills that were prepared by nurse Shinoda.

“It must be painful to you…isn’t?”

“Not really, I’m getting used to it.”

“Did the doctor tell you when would you stop taking meds?”

“…I wonder too.”

“If its not necessary don’t take the meds, just only when you have the symptoms alright?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Jurina finally left and put the little container of pills in her pocket before she went back to her classroom. The morning class was over already and it’s break time, however she didn’t see her class rep at all. She wandered around and looked for Rena. She finally turned at the corner of the corridor and accidently met with one of her classmates. They accidently bumped into each other, as this girl seemed as if she was in a huge rush. Jurina wondered why but her attention was more focused on looking for Rena.

“Did you see Rena-chan?”


Her kind honest classmate told Jurina that she overheard the conversation at the girl’s bathroom. There were group of girls in the same year as them were angry at how Rena was trying to get closer to the famous Watanabe twins through Jurina. They seemed to be one of the Watanabe fans. Right after Jurina heard that, she sprinted across the corridor to the bathroom on that floor and she looked inside immediately. She saw around 4-5 girls surrounding this one single person. She was on the floor being threatened by heartless girls.


“Glad that you’re here, Jurina-san. We have things to tell you.”

One of the girls walked up to her and showed the picture that Rena was talking with Mayu intimately behind the school’s building. It was picture that no one would’ve expected it to be taken but it did. “I bet your fake friend is trying to use you to get closer to your sister. We’re trying to protect you and Mayu-sama.”

“Yes! From this cunning witch!”

Jurina ignored everything around her and she could see the red bruise on Rena’s cheek. That made her reaching her limits and she was at the verge to exploding any second right now.

“Just leave this to us, we’ll make sure she’ll never get close to you aga—”

“What DID you do to RENA!?”

Jurina roared loudly and even made the hallway echoed. She took the picture and shredded it into pieces before she walked up to her dear friend. Rena could hear her name loudly and clearly. It made her face flush after hearing Jurina calling her name without any honorific followed up. The young Watanabe walk towards and crouched in front of Rena before she stroked her cheek gently with eyes clouded with worries.

“Does it hurt? I’m really sorry….”

“No it’s fine. I’m used to this already.”

It pained Jurina even more to hear that. She knew why Rena was used to being bullied. For some reason, when she heard that it felt as if the old scar within her heart had reopened again. She bit her lips and pulled Rena up on her feet and held her hand tightly.

“…Let’s go.”

She tried to suppress her anger as much as she could for Rena’s sake. She knew that Rena wouldn’t want her to use physical force to solve problems. Jurina took Rena out from the bathroom but before she did, the group of girls stood in their way to stop them.

“Why are you saving her? I don’t understand.”

“She’s using you! We’re trying to save you here.”

“Believe us, we know that witch’s true self--”

“SHUT UP!!!”

It made everyone stunned. To be honest, it was also Rena’s first time to hear Jurina raised her voice up like that. She was utterly scary. Even she didn’t see her friend’s eyes, she could tell the aura unleashed from her even made her scared too. Jurina’s glare penetrated through their hearts and sent chills down their spine. They couldn’t move at the slightest…

“Know this, there is never a single time Rena ever mentioned my sister’s name. I don’t care she’s using me or not, I trust her, and if you dare touch her…go over my dead body first!”


“Let’s go Rena.”

Jurina dragged her dear friend out from the bathroom after she caused a huge commotion. Everyone gathered around to see what was going on but it was already too late. The young Watanabe really did declared loud and clear and she was obviously expecting that the rumors regarding Rena would disappear. However, she was curious with that photo. She didn’t know that Mayu and Rena were actually close with each other, she felt like she had to ask. The class rep didn’t say anything while Jurina was holding onto her hand. They went up the stairs to escape from everyone and arrived at the roof deck. It seemed they would be skipping class until lunch somehow.

“Jurina I—”

“Rena-chan, don’t worry about it.”

“…Just listen to me. I have to tell you about that photo before it becomes a misunderstanding.”

Rena looked into her eyes with full seriousness. It made Jurina pause for a second as she finally decided to hear what her class rep had to say. She didn’t want to admit that she’s slightly jealous to see Rena and her sister’s photo together at such an excluded place in school.


“If I recall it correctly, that was also the first time I actually talked to Mayu-senpai…”

Rena began to explain her situation that she had lost her important keychain after one of Watanabe’s fanclub threw it out from the window into bushes of wild trees. The young Matsui sighed and that was when Mayu came in to ask what she was doing. Obviously Mayu was annoyed and angry about how others treated Rena like that. It all started just with the young Matsui came to give some paper files to Mayu at her classroom as the teacher requested. As a result, the cyborg Watanabe helped the class rep find her keychain until the end…

“Did you find it?”

“Yes I did, all thanks to Mayu-senpai.”

“Thank goodness…jeez, those fans are sure scary.”

“Hehe, surely they are.”

Rena giggled about it and it didn’t seem to make Jurina that happy. The young Watanabe was surely worried about her friend and only stared back with dissatisfaction.

“If they come to bully you again, do tell me and I’ll go teach them a lesson!”

“You don’t have to do that! They’ll end up turning against you instead.”

“They won’t do anything to me. I hate using my sisters’ name to solve the problem, but if I have to I will.”


Matsui only stared into Jurina’s strong eyes and she felt utterly touched by that kindness. Her heart began to beat faster and her face burned hotter. The more Jurina treated her with care, the more she felt the butterflies in her stomach. She distracted herself with other thoughts and giggled softly to herself. It did caught Jurina’s attention immediately.

“Hm? What is it?”

“Hehe, I don’t think you even have to do that. They would be so afraid to mess with the Watanabe Jurina after all.”


“You bullied be so much that now it’s my turn to tease you~”

The tension of the atmosphere between the two disappeared. A huge smile appeared on both their faces as they decided they would just skip until lunch break. Both of them just talked about random things again as always. Then they talked about their fieldtrip to Nagoya, it seemed Rena had something she wanted to ask Jurina after all.

“Eh…do you have any plans during the free day?”

“Well…yeah I do, is something a matter?”

“O-Oh I see…where are you planning to go?”

Rena wanted to ask Jurina to go to the orphanage with her. It was the place she came from and she hoped that she would get some clues regarding Ju-chan from the teachers there. However, she just felt like she had to ask about Jurina’s plan first. As the young Watanabe looked at her friend, she could see some slight hint of sadness from Rena’s facial expression. She knew what Rena was thinking and feeling instantly.

“It’s not that I didn’t invite you means I don’t want to be with you…the place I’m planning to go is the graveyard, to visit my dad.”

“A-Ah! I’m sorry…”

“Hey! It’s nothing~ I don’t know its even a pleasant place for you to come with me or not…so I didn’t think of asking you.”

“I don’t mind going with you. It’s not like I have anything to do anyways. I bet Churi and Airin will have her lovey dovey date so I guess I’ll stick with you…”

“I see…if you don’t mind, I’m more than grateful to have you come along.”

“More than pleasure to do so.”

They exchanged smiles with each other and spent their time together skipping class. It was likely to be the first time the class rep did something like this, yet she didn’t feel guilty at all. For some reason it made her felt more refreshed in a way instead. They had to go back to get their lunchbox before they could meet up with their two other friends. It was sure a long day for the two…


Few days later, the rumors regarding Rena had disappeared instantly. The misunderstandings had disappeared and everyone seemed to be acting normally once again. The ones that picked on the Jurina’s princess no longer even showed up in front of them again. Akane and Airi heard the whole story from the young Watanabe and they were amazed by her actions. It was about time for them to have lunch but then when the young Watanabe checked her bag she seemed to have forgotten her lunchbox.

“Ugh…I forgot my food at home?”

“Do you want to go to the cafeteria to buy something?” Rena offered to accompany her friend to the cafeteria but then Jurina refused it.

“I’m not that hungry, I’ll be good~”

“Are you sure?” Rena asked again with worries and offered some of her food to Jurina. She wouldn’t want her friend to be starving herself until late afternoon. “You can eat with me, my mom made quite a lot today.”

“I’m great~ don’t worry!”

“Kyahh~! Mayu-sama!”

Everyone heard a sudden scream from the hallway. There were girls and boys rushed out to the window to see the famous senior walking through the hallway. Jurina was surprised to hear her sister’s name and then she saw the familiar figure at the door.


“Jurina, mom called me and said you forgot your lunchbox.”

The cyborg Watanabe walked up to Jurina’s table and handed over the lunchbox before she ruffled the younger one’s head. Also, she put the plastic bag onto the table as it contained several snack bags and Jurina’s favorite drink. It seemed the older sister had bought some extra food on her way to Jurina’s homeroom.

“If you didn’t rush out to meet with Rena you wouldn’t forget it.”


Rena didn’t know why she felt her face burning up a little, but she was actually happy to hear that cute fact regarding her puppy face friend. However, it made Akane and Airi teased her even more with how intimate both of them were. 

“But if you forget it again, just call me or Miyuki. We wouldn’t want you to starve yourself okay?”

“Okay… Thank you, neechan.”

Jurina smiled with contentment and it made the older one responded with a smile as well. It seemed Mayu is satisfied with the answer and it was the time she had to leave before there would be too much juniors surrounding all the exits. Akane and Airi were so surprised and excited to see the sisterly side of the famous Watanabe Mayu. She was amazingly gentle and kind unlike what she imagined, they were actually jealous that Jurina had such a perfect sister that looked after her. 

“I wish I can have a sister like Mayu-senpai!”

“Yeah~ I would be so happy about it!” Airi replied back.

They all went up to the roof deck together to spend their lunchtime together as usual. However, as Jurina opened her lunchbox she realized something was different than usual. There was a lot of kaarage chicken in her meal today and it looked more like Mayu’s lunchbox. It made the young Watanabe finally realized that the lunchbox that she received from her was actually…


In the middle of the night, someone came to knock on Mayu’s door and disturbed her study time. She had to put her pen down and turned towards the door.

“Who is it?”

“…It’s me.”

Mayu recognize Jurina’s voice immediately and told her to enter the room. The younger one slowly opened and walked into the room while the older one was staring at her. The cyborg Watanabe wondered what would bring Jurina over to her room in the middle of the night like this.

“What’s a matter? Isn’t it your fieldtrip tomorrow already? You should go to sleep now.”

“About the lunchbox---”

“Did you like it? Did it taste good?”

“Y-Yes…I really like it. Mom’s kaarage is really great…”

“Glad to hear that.”

The cyborg revealed her smile with relief and made the younger one felt utterly flattered. She never knew that her sister would actually care for her this much. Jurina fidgeted as if she wanted to say something and the older one could spot it.

“You looked like you have something you want to tell me.”


“…Just say it, so it wouldn’t be disturbing your mind.”



“Can I…is it okay if I sleep here with you?”

Mayu was caught off guard when Jurina was making a childish request with her. However, she didn’t say a word and only nodded with a smile. She thought that there was no reason to ask why the young one would want to sleep with her tonight. She took her glasses off and closed the desk lamp.

“Sure, I’m actually quite sleepy now…let’s go to sleep.”

The older one closed the light and went to her bed. Thankfully it was big enough for Jurina to also sleep on the same bed as her. In the darkness of the night, Jurina fidget and moved in closer towards the calm cyborg sister.

“…Thank you, neechan.”

Mayu only smiled to herself and patted Jurina’s head while she closed her eyes. “It’s alright, let’s sleep now.”

Without any words, both siblings drifted to sleep and it was the night that Jurina did not have any kind of nightmares. Jurina couldn’t remember the last time she had such a peaceful and a dreamless sleep like this. She would either dream about her sweet childhood or having a nightmare about her past. It was just so quiet…and peaceful.


Early in the morning, Jurina’s mother helped checking the essential things that needed to be taken to the fieldtrip. She wouldn’t want Jurina to miss anything while she was there at Nagoya. As the girl brought a big bag to school she couldn’t go with her bicycle, so her father would be sending her off at school in the early morning. He wished for his youngest daughter to have a safe trip with her fellow friends at Nagoya, but a part of him was also worried about her.

“Don’t worry dad, I’ll be fine.”

“I see, have a safe trip.”

“I will!”

The young Watanabe headed towards the building to join with her fellow excited friends. She couldn’t wait to have fun in Nagoya with her friends, as well as feeling sentimental about returning back home. There were too many memories and feelings back at Nagoya, both happiness and sadness…


In the train, everyone could sit wherever they want but in pairs. So it’s automatically Akane with Airi and Jurina with Rena. As the class rep chose to sit by the window, she looked out to the scenery and it made Jurina curious.

“You’re excited to return back home?”

“Ah…yes, a little.” Rena turned to respond to her friend’s question. “How about you?”

“…I would be lying if I say no.”

“Let’s have load of fun together.”

“Yup~ we will.”

They had their fun talk together with Furuyanagi who were sitting in front of them. They played wording games that were simple and easy enough to play on the whole train ride. It took quite a while for them to finally arrive at the hotel they would be staying at. It was a traditional hotel they were staying in. As they went to keep their stuffs in their assigned room, they still have about half a day before dinner. The four of them walked and explored the area around the hotel as well as relaxing.

“Hey! Why don’t we go into that market! It looks interesting.”

Airi pointed over the entrance of this small market that seemed to be quite attracting. However, as Jurina’s eyes gazed upon the name of the market she had froze in shock. As everyone seemed to agree about going to explore the market, Jurina didn’t seem to feel that well and refused to join with them.

“I forgot to take my medicine! I’ll be heading back to the hotel first.”

“I’ll come with you.”

Rena offered but Jurina declined. She told the class rep that she should enjoy Nagoya when they’re here. The young Watanabe told them that she had been here already so they don’t have to worry about her. Jurina left immediately before she any of her friends could say anything. It made Rena and others worry about her and hoped to check on her after they had their tour in the market.


Jurina tried to stay away from the market as far as she could. She took a deep breath after she believed she had a distance away from her friends. She lied to them about going to get her medicine at the hotel, and so she decided to just stay somewhere close by to the hotel to be safe. As she was walking back to the hotel, she wondered how far she could hide her secrets from her friends within Nagoya, her hometown…
“Eh?? Is that Jurina-chan!?”

The young Watanabe flinched and turned around. Her eyes met with this old woman who had the same shocking expression as her. She was pointing towards Jurina with shock and slowly approached her as she was trying to clarify her doubts. The young girl tried to recall who that old woman was and then the name flashed into her head…

“Is that…aunty Tomoko?”

“Yes that’s me! So you’re really Jurina-chan~”

She approached the younger one and patted her head gently. She seemed to realize how much Jurina had grew up from the last time she met her. She was taller, prettier, and looked much brighter than before.

“It’s been 3 years isn’t? When we heard that you’re admitted into hospital, everyone is worried about you!”

“Ah…I’m sorry to make you all worry.”

“So how are you now? We didn’t hear anything from you at all ever since…is that your new school uniform?”

“Yes, I moved to Tokyo as Watanabe-san adopted me. I’m came here on a fieldtrip with my class.”

“Ah~ Watanabe-san…it’s been a long while since they moved away…I’m glad you’re doing alright!”

The old woman smiled with relief while she was holding Jurina’s hand. It seem they knew each other quite well when the young girl was still in Nagoya. Jurina was surprised and happy to meet with the old woman here.

“Oh right! Why don’t you go visit everybody else in the market? I believe everyone wants to see you!”

The old woman pointed towards the market that Rena and others went in. Obviously, Jurina was purposely avoiding going in there. She wanted to meet with people she knew but not with her Tokyo friends. The young girl declined the offer and told her reasons she didn’t want her friends to know anything about her past in Nagoya that other adults knew…

“Well…maybe tomorrow? I don’t want my friends to be there to hear it.”

“Ah I see. No worries about that! Everyone will be utterly happy to meet you!”

“I’m happy to meet them too.”

The old woman had to leave since she left her shop with her son right now. She was one of the shopkeepers in the market that knew Jurina very well when she was still living with her foster parents in Nagoya.  The young Watanabe rushed back to her hotel immediately to take a mental break. She’s getting anxious the longer she stayed, especially when she accidently met someone she knew. She still has 3 more days to be in Nagoya and she wondered how long she could keep this a secret from Rena and others…


The three of them came back from their long exploration and met Jurina in front of the souvenir shop of the hotel. They seemed to have bought several things from the market they went in as well.

“Oh hey, how’s your exploring?”

“It’s great! We bought lots of things~” Akane replied with a huge smile across her face.

“That’s good to hear!”

Jurina smiled back and then they started talking about how they wanted to explore things around their hotel even more on their free day. The young Watanabe just listened to the conversation while Rena came to her side with slight worries.

“Jurina…are you okay right?”

“Don’t worry, I did take the meds already.”

Even though the young girl smiled to her class rep, she couldn’t shake out her worries towards Jurina. It made her realize that the only thing she knew about Jurina was that she had to take meds because she was sick. The young Watanabe didn’t explain anything much to her and only told her that it's something she got from the car accident. After their talk, they decided to drop their stuffs at the room before they went for dinner at the main hall. Everyone went there and enjoyed the traditional meal that was served to them. Jurina and her friends discussed about going to the hot spring after their dinner. However, Jurina had actually declined that offer…

“I’m sorry…my body couldn’t take hot baths so I have to decline this…”

“Aw that sucks! Hot springs are great!”

Akane groaned with slight dissatisfaction. The young Watanabe only chuckled wryly to herself, as she didn’t actually want to decline that offer. She had certain reasons she couldn't join the hot spring with them… Jurina didn’t want Rena to discover the scar underneath her bangs yet.  After the dinner she decided to grab some snacks at the convenient store right beside the hotel while her other friends returned back to their room to be ready to go to the hot spring. As Jurina was buying some snacks and drinks, someone suddenly came to tap on her shoulder.


“Shhh. It’s me.”

Jurina was shocked and when she turned around, it was actually Rena. She was surprised to see her here since Jurina thought she went back to the room with Akane and Airi already.

“Eh, I thought you would go to the hot spring with them.”

“Well initially yes, but not anymore.”


“I don’t want to leave you alone again and I had enough at the market already.”

Rena smiled kindly back to the young Watanabe. Obviously, it made Jurina’s heart skip a beat when her class rep cared for her. Matsui girl actually followed Jurina out from the hotel to this convenient store. They bought snacks they wanted to eat and started to head back to their hotel.

“…I’ll be heading to the cemetery tomorrow, its up to you if you want to come or not though.” Jurina was the one to speak up first. The class rep recalled the last time they talked about what they were going to do on their free day. Obviously, the young Watanabe wanted to visit her father that passed away. Rena simple nodded firmly to confirm her answer.

“I’ll be going to. I don’t have anything to do anyways.”

“I see…sorry about that. It’s sure not a pleasant place to go on our fieldtrip.”

“Don’t worry about that! Nagoya is my home, and I came here several times with my parents already.”

“I see…thank you Rena-chan.”

Finally both of them arrived at their hotel and relaxed in their room while Akane and Airi were having fun at the hot spring. However as soon as they dropped their snacks onto the table, Jurina went to her bag to grab a bottle of pills. It was the time for her to take the med