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Title: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (TakaYuu + Other) Chapter 21 Update! 8/17/15!
Post by: Ambenya on July 30, 2013, 01:47:36 AM
This is my first ever AKB related fanfic. I hope everyone who reads enjoys it. :hee:
 It will have multiple couples. I plan to include a lot of members.  :on GJ:
Here is the prologue I guess. Try and guess the main pairing. It will probably be easy to guess.
It was the end of the school day and time for all the students to go home. Today was one of the days when the student council didn't have a meeting so the president who had to usually stay late was super excited to have more time to herself. She was so excited she decided to go the long way though the park and started to skip or at least try to when she noticed that someone was on the top of the hill she was walking by.

'I wonder who that girl is standing up there? She looks around my age.' The small girl thought. As she looked closer she could see the other girls features better.

'Wow, she's really pretty. She looks so graceful and sweet. I bet she's really a shy person. Ah! She's smiling she has a really cute smile and dimples.' The girl thought absolutely mesmerized. Then the other girl took off. 'Oh well, I better go home before anyone gets worried.'

'Too bad I couldn't talk to her. I will probably never meet her again. Not that it really matters.' The girl continued on her way home thinking of the mystery girl she just saw. "I kinda do want to see her again though." She said smiling a little.

Little did she know she would see this girl again soon but she wasn't exactly how the teen thought she would be.
Hope you enjoyed it. Please review. Oh and if I make mistakes go ahead and tell me it helps me improve as a writer.  :)
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (Prologue)
Post by: kuro808 on July 30, 2013, 01:56:10 AM
I won't guess :P

I like the start :thumbsup
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (Prologue)
Post by: cisda83 on July 30, 2013, 10:39:18 AM
Minami and Atsuko?

Thank you

Can't wait to see your next chapter

:twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (Prologue)
Post by: Kochiki on July 30, 2013, 02:44:11 PM
Short girl...Minami and Yuko...HmHm...
-Graceful and sweet...Atsuko? Or...Somebody else?
-What i know is AtsuMina...but part of me says AtsuYuu!!~
-Garh!! Can't decide!!~ I just gonna choose AtsuMina for this~
-Hm...A mysterious girl who make the short girl wanted to see her again~
-I wonder how will this story go~ Moreover, multiple couples!!~

>Plz continue and update soon!!~ And nothing is wrong with ur grammar, i think??~ lol
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (Prologue)
Post by: AshuraX on July 31, 2013, 05:49:01 PM
TakaYuu or AtsuYuu? If yer talkin bout trying to skip, it could only be one of the AtsuMina pair. Dimples is usually Yuko. Student council president needs high leadership so I'm betting on TakaYuu. If there's multiple couple, I beg of you to please not make any of my Oshii sad... Acchan is very weak when facing a love triangle and Rena is VERY easy to get jealous... So please don't hurt them... :kneelbow:
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (UPDATE CH. 1) 8/2/13
Post by: Ambenya on August 03, 2013, 02:25:20 AM
Thank you all for the reviews, The correct pairing is.... TakaYuu.  :luvluv2:
I promise to try and not to hurt anyone's Oshii without there being a reason.
BTW Atsuko actually plays an important role in the story. She will end up with someone I made sure of that.  :hee:

Here is Chapter 1 I hope everyone enjoys it.

Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 1: Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover Even For A Second

“Minami! It’s time to get up.” An older woman yelled at a small teenager who was still sleeping in her bed.

“Ah, Mom can you let me sleep a little longer!” Takahashi Minami yelled back at her mom upset that her sleep was interrupted.

“Well I would but I don’t think the ever amazing student council president should be late for school and Atsuko-chan is already here to pick you up. So hurry up. Your breakfast and bento is on the table. I have to head off to work. ” Minami’s mother replied back.

Minami hurriedly got out of her bed, got her clothes out, and went to shower. After she was done she ran down stairs and saw Atsuko standing at the door smiling. “Sorry I got up late. I had a hard time sleeping last night I kept thinking of this one girl I saw on the way home.” Minami said while grabbing her stuff before heading out with Atsuko and locking the door.

“Has someone finally caught the great Takamina’s eye?” Atsuko said with a small smirk trying not to laugh.

“No it’s like that I just thought she seemed interesting.” The teen quickly looked away from her best friend her cheeks a light pink.

Atsuko was curious about this new girl who caught her best friend’s attention. “Well then what does she look like and where did you see her?” She asked knowing her friend wasn’t going to tell her more unless she pushed the subject more.

Takamina thought about the girl she saw standing on the hill. “Well… her hair was around shoulder length. She had a small smile that made her look sweet and showed her dimples. She looked a little like a squirrel with those dimples. She seemed to be around our age.  Also, she looked like a quiet and shy girl. She was really beautiful Acchan. I wish I could have gotten to know her a little.” Minami said with a soft smile while glancing down.

“She sounds really cute but it’s still weird this is the first time you’ve seemed this interested in someone. I hope you two will meet again. You deserve to be happy and find love.” Acchan said as they entered the school gates trying to both encourage and embarrass the short girl.

“I appreciate the kind words but the last sentence wasn’t really needed Acchan.” Takamina said a little irritated knowing her friend was just trying to annoy her.

Atsuko just smirked at her friend’s expression, “Oh I know I just like messing with you.” She said sticking out her tongue.

During their conversation they had started to make their way to their classroom, when suddenly their teacher walked up to them.

“Ah, Takahashi-san! The principle wanted to talk to you about something important as soon as you got here. She sounded serious but she said not to worry you’re not in trouble.” Their teacher said smiling at the two girls who had been talking.

“Oh, thank you for telling me Shinoda-sensei. I’ll head over there right now.” Takamina said before putting her stuff down on her desk and heading to the principle office.

As she was walking many of the other students greeted her with smiles. Takahashi Minami was the most respected student in the whole school and was well liked by everyone.

‘It really feels great being liked this much. I wonder Ohori-sensei could possibly want since she said it was important.’ Takamina thought nervously worried she was in trouble for something.

When she arrived at the office se took a deep breath before knocking. “Come in.” She heard a womanly voice say to her. The short girl opened the door to see a woman in her late twenties sitting at her desk.

“Oh, it’s you Takahashi-san.  Come here please have a seat anywhere.” Ohori said with a smile motioning to the chairs in front of her.

Minami slowly made her way to the desk and sat down in one of the chairs. “So, what did you want to talk to me about Ohori-sensei?” She said slowly her nerves showing through her voice.

“Well I’m sure you might have heard we are getting a new transfer student today.” The older woman’s face turned very serious.

‘That’s right we’re supposed to get a new girl here.’ Takamina remembered suddenly about the new girl. She had been too focused on the mystery girl from yesterday that she completely forgot about the new student. “Yes, I’ve heard about it.”

“Well, you see the girl is the daughter of a close friend of mine. She has actually gotten in trouble a lot in many of her other schools and got kicked out of many schools. So I told them about here and this place let her in. I would like you to keep her well behaved.” Ohori-sensei said with a serious face.

“Wait, what kind of trouble did she get into at her other schools? Did she get into fights before?” Minami seemed really surprised that she had to keep the new student out of trouble.

“She got into a few fights but mostly it was because she would harass the other girl students. I need you to protect your fellow classmates from her. Also, she can be really rude at times to people and is usually late. Please try to keep her in line. Honestly she is a good kid so please take good care of her” Ohori said with a smile knowing that the student council president would do what she said.

Takahashi looked at the principle very seriously. “I will do my best to make her feel welcomed at Akihabara Sakura Girls Academy. When is she supposed to be here?” A look of curiosity appeared on her face.

“Actually she should have been here by now. Seriously that girl is real pain in the butt. Being late on your first day of school is just terrible.” Ohori started to grumble to herself about the girl.

‘Wow, this girl just sounds terrible and I’m supposed to keep her out of trouble. How am I supposed to do what sounds like the impossible?!’ Takamina thought nervously about the new girl that Ohori-sensei knew.

Takamina was deep in thought when suddenly a girl busted in the room. “Ah! Sorry I’m so late Mee-tan. I had a hard time getting up and then when I got here I got distracted by all the cute girls on campus.” The mystery new girl came barging in suddenly and started calling the principle a strange name which really freaked Takamina out.

Minami turned to look at the new girl who entered the room. She was even more shocked by who the new girl was. This girl was around her height, had medium length hair, beautiful eyes and above all else had those dimples. This unruly, rude, and strange girl who was a new girl at her school was the SAME EXACT GIRL FROM YESTERDAY!!!!

Her mystery girl that she thought was sweet and graceful was really this hyper girl who had no manners. She was absolutely speechless about how things turned out.

“Oshima! When I tell you to get here on time I mean it and don’t call me Mee-tan here. It is Ohori-sensei here you should know this.” Ohori said irritated at the childish acting teen.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever Megumi-san… Say where is this amazing student council president I’ve heard so much about from everyone? She must really be something considering all the praise I’ve heard.” The girl called Oshima said looking around the room.

“Ah, that would be me. It’s very nice to meet you.” Takahashi stood up very quickly and bowed. Just because this girl was rude didn’t mean Minami had to be.

“Hah?! There is no way you are the president. You’re not cool looking or absolutely beautiful and to top it all off you’re really short.” The new girl said starting to get on Minami’s nerves with how she was acting.

“Hey! I’m not that short. Plus, like you’re really one to talk you’re not that much taller than me by the looks of it, and I’ll have you know that I am very well-liked and respected by the other students.” Takamina said getting angry at the new girl who had the nerve to make fun of her.

“I’m taller than you! How tall are you exactly, great student council president?” Oshima asked Takahashi in a teasing manner. She was really enjoying this girl’s reaction for some reason.

“I’m 148.5 cm… Not that it matters that much. What about you?” Takamina glared at the girl who was making her more and more mad by the second.

“Ha! I’m taller than you, midget. I’m 152cm tall. You lose this round.” Oshima said with a smirk wanting more reactions from Takahashi as she was enjoying it more and more every second.

“Well at least I don’t look like a squirrel!” Takamina yelled at the girl who managed to make her very angry.

“YOU TWO STOP THIS INSITENT!!!!“ Ohori yelled loudly at the two girls who were arguing like little kids. “You two apologize to each other right now.”

“I’m sorry.” They both said to each other because they were scared what Ohori-sensei would do if they didn’t.

“Now Oshima-san, Takahashi-san will be your guide and help you with whatever you need.” The older woman said to the rude teen. “You two are now excused. Yuko-chan, please be good I know you don’t mean any harm by what you do but still try not to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

“Yes ma’am.” Yuko responded obediently not wanting to be on the woman’s bad side. The two teens left and got everything Yuko needed.

They started to head to their classroom when Takamina stopped and turned to Yuko. “I guess we should properly introduce ourselves. My name is Takahashi Minami but everyone calls me Takamina. It’s nice to meet you.” She said before bowing and smiling but in reality she was still really angry at the girl.

“I’m Oshima Yuko but most people call me Yuko.” Yuko just bowed in return having a feeling like she shouldn’t say much more because she felt the other girl would yell at her.

They continued to walk down the hall until they reached the classroom. Takamina went in the classroom first telling Yuko to stay in the hall until she was told to come in because she was going to tell their teacher she was here.

I'm sorry it's not very good but please review.
I really like to hear what you all think. :kneelbow:
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (Prologue)
Post by: kuro808 on August 03, 2013, 02:35:28 AM
Interesting first meeting XD
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (Prologue)
Post by: DiVAGal2458 on August 03, 2013, 03:03:33 AM
Kwl...That was a funny chapter  :lol:
as for the Sae in this?   :inlove:
and if she is who is she paired with  :?
also i don't like the idea of her being a bad guy...
or splitting ppl up...
and i don't want her emotionally hurt in the long run...
...I'm rambling, gomen... :nervous
but still this story has piqued my interest  :twothumbs
Can't wait for the next chapter!  :panic:
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (Prologue)
Post by: cisda83 on August 03, 2013, 07:08:09 AM
Ah... Minami interested in Yuko, romantically or platonically?

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you for another interesting story

:twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (Prologue)
Post by: AshuraX on August 03, 2013, 09:42:07 AM
Good. At least my oshi  will be safe... Though I doubt that. Hope Acchan's gonna get together with NyanNyan so they they could feel each other's warmth~ And Rena would... Airin? Nah.

As for the response for the chapter, I think  you're doing okay. I'm not much of a TakaYuu shipper. Well, my avatar says it all. I wonder what sort of trouble the squirrel would bring...
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling Chapter 2 (TakaYuu + Multiple Couples)
Post by: Ambenya on August 05, 2013, 03:10:09 PM
Thank you everyone for reading my fanfic. I love reading your reviews so keep sending them.  :kneelbow:
This chapter introduces a lot of characters.  :hee:

@DiVAGal2458: Sae will be in this and I don't like how she keeps playing the bad guy in everything I read so this time I made her be a good character who is very helpful. :glasses:

@kurosawa87: Thank you I hope I can keep it interesting. :sweat:

@cisda83: Thank you. I guess you will just have to wait and see. :ding:

@AshuraX: I'm a major TakaYuu shipper but my next Yuko pairing is AtsuYuu. They are really cute together. :shy2:
I might have a few moments between them just for fun. For Rena I'm a big WMatsui so yeah. :luvluv2:

I hope you all enjoy. Please read and review! :byebye:
Here is chapter 2.
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 2: Maybe We Can Be Friends

After Takamina told Shinoda-sensei, she was told to sit down. She sat in her chair next to Acchan who noticed right away that something was bothering her friend. “What’s wrong Takamina? You look terrible.” She whispered took Takamina with a worried look on her face.

“I did get to see that girl again but turns out she is nothing like how I thought and to make it worse I have to guide her around the school at lunch.” Takamina said slamming her head on her desk.

“I’m sorry Minami-chan.” Atsuko said patting her friends back.

“Okay class! Today we have a new student here today. I want you all to treat her with kindness and try to be friends.” Shinoda-sensei said with a smile.

“Yes ma’am!” Everyone said including Takamina who looked really bored and like she didn’t mean it.

“Okay, come on in then Oshima-san.” Shinoda said to the girl standing on the other side of the door.

Yuko entered the room while bouncing up and down, and looked around the room at everyone her eyes landing on Takamina before smiling a smile that made her look like a squirrel.

“Hello everyone my name is Oshima Yuko. You can ask me any question. I hope we will all be able to get along and be friends.” Yuko said with a bright smile.

“Oshima-san, I will be your teacher for the year. My name is Shinoda Mariko.” Mariko said to the new girl. “Okay class, the rest of the hour will be study hall which I know to you all means bombard the new kid with questions.” She said knowing how they would behave.

The teacher left the girls alone trusting them to behave. Yuko looked around and noticed everyone looking at her. She started to become really nervous and had no idea what to do.

Takamina sighed seeing the girl freak out a little she had to help her. “You know we should introduce ourselves to Oshima-san. So she can at least know our names.”

Everyone agreed with Takamina and started to introduce themselves by the end of it all there were four girls left that still had to introduce themselves.

“I’m Kojima Haruna. Everyone calls me either Harunyan or Nyan-nyan. I am the secretary for the student council. It’s very nice to meet you.” A girl with long hair brown hair said with a smile. She seemed to be a natural airheaded girl.

The next girl was very boyish looking and she had a huge grin on her face. “Hello, my name is Miyazawa Sae. All my friends call me Sae-chan. I’m one of the class representatives so if you have any questions just ask me.” Sae said still grinning big at the new girl making her feel welcome.

A strong-looking girl then stood up looking seriously at her scaring Yuko a little before smiling. “Hi, I’m Akimoto Sayaka; I am the other class representative. I am always here if you need advice.” Yuko felt that she could rely on this girl for help when she needed it.

Acchan was the last girl to introduce herself. She stood up and smiled at Yuko trying to be nice to her. “My name is Maeda Atsuko but everyone calls me Acchan. I am the vice-president of the student council and you can come by anytime if you need something.” Takamina looked at Acchan with a look of shock and horror, not only did she seem to not care about what she said her friend gave this girl an open invitation to annoy her, some best friend she was.

After that the day went on as normal and before anyone knew it. It was time for lunch. Takamina really didn’t want to go and help Yuko but she knew she had to. She walked over to Yuko trying her best to not look upset.

“Hey, Yuko-san, want to sit with us for lunch.” Sae called her over she was currently eating with Sayaka, and a few girls from other classes. One of the girls seemed to have a very princess-like aura, big eyes, and black hair was reacting majorly to what the girl next to her said. The girl next to her seemed very mysterious, quiet, and emotionless.  Another girl had a kind of baby face with a little dimple on her right cheek. The fourth girl was another princess looking girl who seemed shy but was smiling happily while eating melonpan.

“Oh, I can’t today Miyazawa-san, but maybe tomorrow. Today Takahashi-san is giving me a tour of the school, but I would like to meet your friends if that’s alright.” Yuko said with a little smirk.

Takamina saw the smirk and was suddenly worried about what the girl was planning.

“Sure. Hey everyone this is the new girl in our class. Her name is Oshima Yuko.” Sae told her friends who all looked at the girl blankly except Sayaka who smiled at the girl.

“Nice to meet you, Oshima-san, I’m Kashiwagi Yuki but all my friends call me Yukirin. I’m from class 2-C and one of their class reps.” The first girl who was previously reacting big time to the other girls said.

“My name is Watanabe Mayu. A lot of my friends call me by my nickname Mayuyu. I’m from class 1-A and am the historian for the student council meaning I keep track of everything.” The mysterious girl sitting next to Yuki said.

The baby face girl was the next one to introduce herself. “Hello, my name is Ota Aika. However these guys call me Lovetan. I’m from class 1-C.” She said smiling at Yuko.

“Hi, I’m Matsui Rena, but everyone calls me Rena-chan. I’m the treasurer for the student council and am in class 2-C with Yukirin.” The girl who was previously eating melonpan said before going back to her food.

“It’s nice to meet you all I’ll try to eat with you tomorrow but for now I have to take a tour of the school. Let’s go Takahashi-san!” Yuko said before dragging Takamina along. As they were leaving Takamina could have sworn she saw Acchan smirk.

Yuko stopped in the middle of the hall and turned to Takamina. “How can you stand to be around so many cute girls all day? It is really hard to pay attention with all of them around.” She said looking exhausted.

Takamina quickly took her hand out of Yuko’s before responding to the girl. “I've been going here for a while I guess you just get used to it. How about as I give you a tour I answer your questions that way we kill two birds with one stone.” She said before walking not hearing the girls answer. She was still very mad with this new girl to care what she thought.

Yuko caught up with the short girl. ‘For a small girl she is really fast!’ She thought about her helper for some reason she herself was unable to understand she wanted to mess with girl.

“Can I call you something else other than Takahashi-san? I mean we are the same age and it’s a real pain to say it all the same. You can call me Yuko if you want.” Yuko said trying to at least get along with her, and possibly be friends, but she realizes that chance might to be late after the fight that they had earlier.

“I guess you can call me Takamina if you want.” The girl said after a moment. She didn’t really like using such formalities with the other students.

“Anyway this school includes Junior High, High School, and University. It might take the other students awhile to get use to you since we don’t usually have transfers who are second years.” Takamina said with a serious look as right now she was in her professional mode.

They went around school with Yuko asking various questions before she surprised Minami. “Do some of the girls here date one another?”

Takamina blushed a bright red but couldn’t say a word for some reason. It was a fact that many girls that went here dated other girls. “W-why do you ask?” She said the only thing she could think to say.

“Geez, are you an idiot? Couldn't you tell that I was a one of those girls who would date someone here? Maybe I’ll just call you Bakamina. You know what that’s what I’ll do from now on.” Yuko said sticking out her tongue at Minami.

“No, I could tell, but what made you ask? Oh, and to answer your question from earlier, yes, many girls here date actually. In fact some in our classmates like each other or are dating someone.” Takamina said irritated that this girl embarrassed her.

“Well I was just curious since this is an all-girls school and all. Plus that Kojima girl is really cute and so is your friend Maeda.” Yuko said with a slight perverted smile.

Takamina used this chance as revenge against the girl who managed to make her mad more than once today. “Sucks for you, because Kojima-san has had feelings for Shinoda-sensei for a while, and just so you know they are childhood friends. Acchan likes one of the students here and by the way it’s no one in our class.” She said smirking at the girl who seemed a little sad at the news.

“Oh well! There are many other cute girls that go here, so I’m sure I could get one girl. Who knows maybe we can find you a girl?” Yuko said before winking at Takamina who turned red from a mix of embarrassment and anger.

“I don’t need a girlfriend in my life right now!” Takamina shouted but for some reason she felt like she was having the most in a while with this annoying girl.

Yuko just laughed at the smaller girl's reactions to her statement. “Say Takamina, are we friends?” She asked seriously.

“I guess we are if you want to be.” Takamina replied with a shrug this girl didn't seem that annoying once you got use to her.

“I hope we can be good friends for a long time!” Yuko said before heading in the classroom. Minami stood there for a second before going in and going to her seat.

“So, how did it go with Oshima-san? I heard you two talking about friends.” Acchan asked as soon as her friend sat down.

“Yuko-san and I are friends now that is all. I just hope I will be able to keep that girl under control.” Takamina said right before she heard a click from what sounded like a camera phone. She turned her head knowing she would regret it. As soon as she did she was met with the sight of Yuko taking pictures up other girls’ skirts.

“Oshima!!!” Takamina yelled before taking the phone away from Yuko who was surprised.

“What do you think you are doing, Bakamina?!” Yuko yelled back shouting the nickname she gave Minami earlier. Everyone gaped at how the two girls acted. Almost no one yelled at Takamina like that let alone a new girl.

“Yuko-san, just because we are friends doesn't mean I will let you invade the other girls spaces. Now if you want this back you will have to promise me you will behave in class.” Takamina told Yuko who was just pouting like a kid who felt like they didn't do anything wrong.

“Fine, I will behave in class just give me my phone back.” Yuko said still pouting holding out her hand for her phone back.

Right before Minami handed her phone the phone back she erased all the pictures. “Okay, here you go.” She said before heading back to her seat.

Yuko looked at her wondering what the short girl did. As soon as she saw that all the pictures she took were gone she whined, “Bakamina, how could you?!” Takamina was just trying her best not to laugh.

Right when Yuko was about to get up and tackle Minami, Shinoda-sensei walked in and started teaching leaving Yuko to cry over her precious pictures alone. The rest of the class just sat there surprised at what happened between the girls right before their eyes.
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (TakaYuu + Multiple Couples) Chapter 2 Update!
Post by: AshuraX on August 05, 2013, 04:04:33 PM
Hm? I wonder who's the one that Acchan likes? Thank god it's not Bakamina.
Jurina's not here? Maybe she.. *GASP*
Relax, Yuko. I know how you feel... The pictures Q.Q

Oh yeah, there will be AtsuYuu moments? I LOVE YOU!!!! As a reader.
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (TakaYuu + Multiple Couples) Chapter 2 Update!
Post by: DiVAGal2458 on August 05, 2013, 06:55:35 PM
Awesome Chapter!  :twothumbs
I'm glad you feel that way about Sae  :cathappy:
It's nice to see her in this kind of role  :wub:
I wonder who Yuko was taking pictures of   :?
I'm guessing that Jurina is the year below the 1st years...maybe... :nervous
Can't wait for the next chapter!  :panic:
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (TakaYuu + Multiple Couples) Chapter 2 Update!
Post by: kuro808 on August 05, 2013, 07:20:54 PM
Takamina sets it straight but I wonder how long....
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (TakaYuu + Multiple Couples) Chapter 2 Update!
Post by: Kochiki on August 06, 2013, 03:28:53 AM
Oh~ Miss one comment...Geez, how busy i am??
-Lol anyway, sweet and graceful...Yet rude and pervert?? I guess~~
-Poor Takamina~ Oh, Acchan was her best friend?? Naruhodo ne...
-Ma..Ma...The great Takamina was annoyed by the mighty Yuko..(Made that up)
-I wonder how will this go between TakaYuu!!~
-And thank god that i'm a TakaYuu shipper too~

>Anyway, plz update soon!!~ Can't wait for it!!~ *thumbs up*
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (TakaYuu + Multiple Couples) Chapter 2 Update!
Post by: cisda83 on August 06, 2013, 04:21:26 AM
I like to see how Wmidget react to each other...

What's going to happen next?

Thank you

Can't wait

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (TakaYuu + Multiple Couples) Chapter 2 Update!
Post by: AryaMachdi on August 06, 2013, 05:52:39 AM
Wow... That was a really good start!  :twothumbs

I'm sure there will be a lot of character development, especially Yuko.  :P

I really like the story and how its going. I hope you update soon!  :)
Title: Re: Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling (TakaYuu + Multiple Couples) Chapter 2 Update!
Post by: Ambenya on August 07, 2013, 05:09:30 PM
Once again thank you for the reviews they are what keep me writing fanfics.  :hee:
The world needs more TakaYuu in my opinion.  :farofflook:
Anyway more characters appear in this chapter and I forgot to mention that the class Yuko and Takamina are in is class 2-A. :sweat:
So keep the reviews coming. They really do make me happy. :shy1:

@AshuraX: I kinda felt bad for making Yuko lose those pic but she's probably got a ton saved.  :on lol:
Yeah I'm not really an AtsuMina shipper but I love those two and think they have a great friendship.

@DiVAGal2458: I felt bad for Sae I mean she needs love to right and the girl Yuko was taking pics of is just some unknown girl. :wahaha:

@kurosawa87: Who knows but knowing Yuko she will do something perverted sooner or later. :bigdeal:

@Kochiki: Yep, Takamina was way off on how she was but I have had this idea for awhile now.  :bingo:
I think your saying summed up the beginning perfectly.  :onioncheer:
@cisda83: The relationship between the two is going to be an interesting one let's just say that. :kekeke:

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Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 3: Meeting More People and Possibly Friends

It was the end of the day and today the student council had a meeting, so Takamina was trying to pack her things up fast so she wouldn't have to deal with Yuko. However the small girl wasn't fast enough.

“Hey, Takamina, do you have a student council meeting today? If so I was wondering if I could tag along and meet some more people.” Yuko said to Takamina with a pleading look.

“Sure I guess, but there will be a lot of girls there because today all the class representatives will be there. Please don’t cause any trouble.” Takamina replied with a sigh. ‘There is really no way to get away from this girl.’

“Are you ready Takamina?” Acchan asked getting impatient with her.

“I’m ready Acchan! Yuko-san will be joining us to the meeting today.” Minami said walking over with Yuko to the impatient girl.

As they walked Takamina couldn’t help but notice Yuko was ogling a lot of the girls they passed. Takamina elbowed the girl who glared at her which Minami gladly returned.

“So, Oshima-san, what brought you to our school?” Acchan asked trying to break the tension between the two.

 “You can call me Yuko if want and you see I got in trouble a lot at my other schools and since Ohori-sensei is a friend of my parents she recommended I go here so she could keep an eye on me.” Yuko said nervously not knowing how Acchan would react.

“That makes sense I guess and you can call me Acchan if you want. I hope we can be friends.” Atsuko said smiling to the squirrel girl.

“Hey look we’re here!” Takamina said quickly as soon as they reached the room. For some reason she got an uneasy feeling from their conversation.

“Takamina-san’s here everyone!” A hyper girl that had around shoulder length hair said as soon as she saw Takamina.

“Yes, I’m here Sasshi. Okay everyone sit down the meeting will start. First of all we have a visitor today. She is a new student and my friend so no one better mess with her.” Takamina said serious. Everyone just obeyed her.

‘She really wasn’t joking when she said she was much respected.’ Yuko thought looking at everyone.

After the meeting some of the students stayed behind to introduce themselves to Yuko. A lot of the girls were suspicious of how Takamina was treating this new girl.

“So you’re a new girl. Well my name’s Minegishi Minami but you can call me Mii-chan. I’m one of the class reps for class 2-C. Since your friends with Acchan and Takamina you’re my friend too.” A girl who reminded Yuko of Gachapin said with a smile.

“Hi! I’m one class reps from 1-A. I’m Matsui Jurina but please just call me Jurina! It’s very nice to meet you.” A girl who looked boyish and seemed like she could make girls swoon over but seemed her very childish at the same time too.

“Sup, the name’s Itano Tomomi but you can call me Tomochin since everyone else does. I’m a class rep for 2-B and this girl next to me is Chiyuu.” A girl who seemed like she could careless said.

“Hello, my name is actually Kansai Tomomi but everyone either calls me Chiyuu or Tomo~mi, chiyuu. I’m a class rep for 2-B along with my Tomochin, chiyuu.” A girl with drooping eyes said hugging on to Tomochin.

“Hey! I’m not yours!” Tomochin yelled pushing the girl away.

“But Chiyuu loves Tomochin and Tomochin loves Chiyuu so you are Chiyuu’s just like Chiyuu is Tomochin’s.” Tomo~mi said hugging Tomochin closer who just sighed and gave up.

Everyone watched the two girl’s interactions. They were so strange but still they seemed fit for each other.

“Hey, I want to introduce myself too!” The girl Yuko heard Takamina call Sasshi earlier said jumping up and down.

“My name Sashihara Rino but everyone calls me Sasshi. I’m the student council social chairperson and am in class 2-D. I hope we can get along really well.” Sasshi said as she took Yuko’s hands in hers and grinned.

Yuko stood frozen for a second before she responded to Sasshi. “I hope so too. You all can call me Yuko if you want.”

“It’s time to head home everyone. I hope you all have a safe trip.” Takamina said before walking off with Acchan following her.

“Um… Takamina and Acchan, can I walk home with you guys?” Yuko said becoming a tiny bit shy because she really didn’t want to seem too clingy since she never really had friends.

“Sure! I don’t see what’s wrong with it.” Acchan said smiling making her feel better.

“Well you see I’ve never really had friends before because of other things that happened so I didn’t want to seem too clingy.” Yuko said her head down not knowing what the other girls would think.

This time Takamina spoke to the squirrel like girl showing her soft side to comfort the poor girl. “It is fine but I will admit that when we first you annoyed me so much I felt like hitting you. Acchan and I will tell you if you do something stupid to make us mad, so don’t worry.”

When Takamina said those words to Yuko the squirrel girl couldn’t help but blush a little at what she said. For some reason she felt better now. “Thank you, Takamina you’re the best.” She said before giving her a hug.

Acchan watched the two intently she was already planning something. In her eyes the two seemed perfect but she knew her friend more than anyone so she decided to slowly start giving them a push but she would need help with it.

The girls started walking again. They reached the point they split up. “Well this is where we split; I can’t believe you live this close to us Yuko. I’m heading that way, which way are you going?” Acchan asked with a suspicious smile.

“Oh, my house is that way.” Yuko said pointing to the direction to her home.

“Eh?! No way! My house is that way too!” Takamina said very surprised that they lived near each other.

“Really? That’s very surprising I wonder how close our houses are to one another.” Yuko said smiling thinking about it.

‘Huh, maybe these two are meant for each other I guess I will have to wait and see but I’m definitely going to have to tell our friends they will want to know.’ Acchan thought to herself before saying bye and walking the rest of the way home alone.

“So, Yuko have you found a girl that you want to keep tabs on?” Takamina asked Yuko remembering their conversation during lunch.

“Yeah, I have a few but I’m not telling you. Also, I know I probably have bothered you a lot today but thank you for showing me around the school and introducing me to some of the other students. I’ll try my best not to annoy you too much.” Yuko said smiling a content smile that made the shorter girl blush a little. No matter how annoying this squirrel was she couldn’t but want to get to know her.

“It’s no problem. How did you like your first day?” Takamina asked curious since she was with her most of the day but didn’t know how she felt about everything.

“Well to be honest I originally didn’t want to go because I thought it would be a lot of stuck up kids. However, today I met more wonderful personalities than in any of my other schools. So I honestly think this was the best first day at a new school ever for me. Can I ask you a question?” Yuko asked very curious about something.

Takamina looked at Yuko confused. “Why even ask if can? You can ask anything it’s just to me whether or not I want answer you.”

Yuko laughed at the way Takamina put it. “I guess you’re right. So, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want, but are there any girls you like or are keeping tabs on? Also, are those Chiyuu girl and Tomochin girl dating each other?” Yuko said looking at the short girl intently.

“Geez, the first day we meet each other and you want to know about my love life. If you must know no there is not any girl I like in a romantic sense yet, but there is a girl that has caught my interest, and as far as I know those two aren’t dating but Chiyuu has never once hid her feelings while Tomochin seems to be denying hers.” Takamina answered before sighing being around this girl was really exhausting for her.

“Aw, that’s a shame they seemed cute together. Well, who is this girl that has your interest? Have I met her yet?” Yuko asked suddenly very interested for a reason she didn’t know.

“Well, that I plan to keep a secret a little long.” Takamina said before stopping. Yuko turned and looked at her pouting a little sad that she wouldn’t tell her.

“Why did you stop?” Yuko asked worried the small girl was mad at her.

“Oh, this is my house.” Minami said it like it was obvious. Yuko looked around and noticed the house and recognized it immediately.

“No way, you live here! My house is just four houses down. Haha, that is a huge coincidence don’t you think.” The squirrel girl started laughing thinking about how things went during the day.

“Well, I guess if one of us doesn’t wake up the other will wake them since the distance isn’t that far.” Takamina said grinning knowing the girl apparently had hard time getting up in the mornings.

“Yeah that’s a good plan! Anyway I have to go but first let’s exchange numbers.” Yuko responded before they exchanged numbers and parted ways.

Both of the girls nights went by uneventfully but Yuko couldn’t get the thought of who the girl Minami was interested in out of her head.

‘Maybe I’m the girl she’s interested in. Probably not I’m just an annoying and rude squirrel girl. Why do I care anyway she’s just an idiot midget. I don’t know why but I want to know more about her. I can’t help but want her to be interest in me too even if it’s just a little.’ Those were Yuko’s thoughts right as she started to drift off to sleep. She couldn’t wait for the next day so she could spend more time together with her new friends.
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Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 4: What Is Going On With Me?

The next day Yuko got up early because for the first time in her life she was actually excited to go to school. She walked out the front door after getting ready saying bye to her parents before leaving. She noticed that Takamina and Acchan were in front of her house with Takamina looking embarrassed and Acchan smirking.

“Good morning, Yuko-san. Takamina here told me you lived near her so I recommended we come and pick you.” Acchan said as Takamina there redder before she turned away.

‘Why must she always embarrass me? Well at least she didn’t tell Yuko I was the one who actually wanted to pick her up and that she’s the one I’m interested in.’ Takamina thought as she tried to calm herself down.

“Good morning to you too Acchan, I guess we had better go we don’t want be late.” Yuko said smiling like a squirrel.

The three girls walked to school and were halfway there before Yuko asked her two new friends an interesting question. “So, how long have you two known each other and when did you start going to this school?”

“We’ve been friends since kindergarten and have been in every school together since. We started going here in our first year of Junior High.” Acchan said before the short girl could reply making her a little irritated for some unknown reason.

“Wow you two must be the best of friends. I bet it’s nice to have someone that close.” Yuko said with a sad smile feeling a little lonely.

“It’s nice but at the same time it’s a real pain.” Takamina said glaring at Acchan who just looked away all innocent.

They continued with their conversation until they reached the school gates. Yuko was surprised to hear many of the students say stuff like how AtsuMina arrived at school together again.

“Um… by AtsuMina these girls mean you two right but you guys aren’t going out right because I wouldn’t want to bother you guys when you want to have alone time.” Yuko said feeling a little self-conscious about bother her friends and yet she was also really irritated by the possibility of it.

“No, Yuko-chan we’re not together like that it’s just some delusion some of the girls have. I guess to them we are perfect together but dating Acchan would be like dating my sister to me. They mean no harm by it but they can get a little frustrating from time to time.” Takamina said feeling the need to vent while letting out a big sigh.

“Yeah, I like my girls taller and with a little less fail.” Acchan said with a laugh before her eyes fell on their other friend Miichan.

“Good morning you guys; you two complaining about your fans to the new girl.” She said smirking as Acchan looked away.

Yuko couldn’t help but notice the faint blush on her face. ‘Ah, so this is the girl that Takamina was talking about when she said Acchan liked someone.’ Takamina noticed that Yuko had figure about how Acchan felt towards this girl and smiled at her while Yuko smiled back.

Miichan noticed the exchange between the two small girls and automatically went to tease them. “Well, well, well, what do we have here? It seems like Takamina has a soft spot for the new girl, that’s quite a surprise if you ask me.” Miichan said as she started to grin big while looking at the two girls who blushed.

“It’s not like that at all! Ohori-sensei just asked me to keep Yuko-chan out of trouble while she’s here.” Takamina replied clearly embarrassed at her close friend’s accusations.

“Well you seem very chummy for a girl you’re just supposed to keep out of trouble.” She kept pushing the short girl trying to mess with her.

“We are just friends nothing more so don’t go spreading rumors around about us.” Yuko said getting irritated at this girl’s persistence before leaving. As she started to walk away the squirrel girl ran her hand up a random girl’s leg causing Takamina to follow her yelling something to Yuko about not being able to leave her alone for a second.

“You were definitely right Acchan those two were meant for each other, and you said the first time Takamina saw her was on her way home by chance and somehow she got her personality all wrong.” Miichan asked Acchan who nodded back with a smirk.

“So, I was thinking that we could all try and get those two together. Who knows I’m sure Shinoda-sensei would love to help.” Atsuko said since the main teacher who helped them was Mariko because of somehow Harunyan convincing her to.

“Yeah, I’d be totally willing to help and I am certain the others would be willing. Well, we had better go to class I’ll come by and have lunch with you guys.” Miichan said before running off.

‘I hope that by helping these Takamina and Yuko that I can get along further in my relationship with Miichan.’ Acchan thought to herself as she smiled a small smile before walking to class.

While Acchan and Miichan were having their conversation something was going on with Yuko at the same time.

‘Why did I feel so relieved when that midget said her and Acchan were just friends?’ She couldn’t understand what was happening to her. Just then Yuko walked by Sae who greeted her with an energetic smile.

“Sup Oshima-san! Are you still eating with us today? I’m sure the others would like to get to know you more.” Sae said with a huge grin on her face.

“Oh, hey Miyazawa-san, yeah I plan on eating with you guys today and please call me Yuko.” Yuko said smiling back feeling better than earlier after meeting Sae.

“I’ll call you that only if you call me Sae!” The energetic girl said as her grin widened.

“Sae, are you flirting with the new girl already? You better not let Sayaka know.” Mayu said smirking with Jurina standing next to her grinning.

“I’m sure the president wouldn’t be too happy either.” Jurina chimed in grinning like mad.

“That’s not it at all you two. Please don’t tell Sayaka or Takamina that is was flirting with Yuko-chan.” Sae pleaded while pouting at the two girls.

“Well, at least you’re not a pervert like Jurina is, right Sae?” Mayu said now looking at Jurina who looked offended.

“At least I don’t talk about oshiris all the time like you!” Jurina yelled at Mayu who just looked unfazed by the words.

Yuko tried her hardest not laughed at the girls before Mayu startled her by talking. “I heard a few rumors around that you’re just as perverted if not more than us, Yuko-sempai.”

“Well you heard right Mayu-san. I actually got kicked out of schools for harassment before coming here. I love oshiris probably as much as you too.” Yuko said laughing at how smart this girl was.

“I guess we’re sisters then.” Mayu said smiling and holding out her hand.

“Yeah, I guess we’re Oshiri sister then.” Yuko said as she grinned while shaking Mayu’s hand happy to make another friend.

“There you are you damned squirrel! You had better not be teaching your kohais anything perverted!” Takamina yelled at Yuko before going up and grabbing her hand out of Mayu’s while the girls looked at the two midgets amused.

Yuko glared at the shorter girl. “What is your problem, Bakamina?! Am I not allowed to talk anyone here without being watch?!” She yelled loudly getting angry at this girl that seemed to be treating her as a child.

Minami glared back at the girl that kept somehow sneaking into her mind. “Well, we wouldn’t have a problem if you just behave yourself instead of ogling every single girl you see and also learn keep your hands to yourself!” She yelled back and by this time many students gathered as they watched their president get mad for the first time in most of their lives.

“In case you haven’t noticed I haven’t really done anything pervy lately or maybe you’ve distracted lately yourself.” Yuko said as she took her hand out of Minami’s laying it on her shoulder and looking in her eyes concerned.

“I’ve just had a lot on my mind lately, Yuuchan. I don’t mean to seem protective or mean but I just don’t want you to be kicked out. Please don’t be mad at me.” Takamina said looking like a sad dog who got scolded. Only a few people saw the short girl act like this before.

“You don’t have to worry about that I will continue to be on my best behavior cause this is the best school ever.” The squirrel-like girl said while smiling cutely causing Takamina to start blushing.

“Hey…um…I’m sorry to interrupt your little moment did anyone else notice that Takamina called Yuko-chan, Yuuchan?” Sae said breaking the moment before getting hit in the head by none other than Sayaka.

“Are you an idiot can’t you tell when you’re not supposed to do anything?” Sayaka yelled fuming at the way Sae acted.

“It was like a scene from an anime.” Mayu said quietly to herself as the crowd dispersed leaving just Sae, Sayaka, Mayu and Jurina.

Yuko quickly moved away from Takamina blushing. ‘Why the heck did she call me that? It’s not like I hate but it was just so sudden.’ She looked to her side at the smaller girl who looked deep in thought and was blushing. ‘She looks kinda cute like that. Wait! What the hell am I even thinking?’ Yuko thought before shaking her head.

While Yuko was trying to clear her head Takamina was thinking along the same lines. ‘What was I thinking calling her that in public?! What was I even thinking calling her that in the first place?! But having her so close to me she looks so pretty up close. I can’t understand this girl at all; one minute she’s making me so mad and the next she’s making my heart race.’ Takamina’s mind was racing so fast she had no idea what was going on with her.

Just then the bell rang informing everyone to get to class. “Well let’s go to class everyone and you two get to your class right now.” Sayaka told everyone with serious look but she mostly just told Jurina and Mayu who listened and went to class.

“Come on, Takamina let’s go. Oh, and it is okay if you call me Yuuchan.” Yuko said smiling before going to class leaving Takamina alone.

‘This cutely dimpled squirrel girl is really going to be the death of me…’ Takamina thought before running off to catch up with Yuko and going to class together.
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Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 5: Lunch With The Others Outside

Morning classes were finally over and it was lunch time which Yuko was glad about since class seemed so boring to her and she wanted to spend time with her new friends.

Yuko walked over to Sae who was once again joined by Sayaka, Yuki, Rena, and Aika but this time Jurina, Rino, and Haruna had joined them too.

“You know since it’s such a nice day, how about we eat on the roof today? I mean no one ever goes up there and we have so many people.” Sae suggested to the others around her. Everyone agreed since they didn’t want to crowd the classroom.

Yuko turned to Acchan, Takamina and Miichan with an apologetic look on her face. “Are you sure it’s okay with you guys if I eat with them?” She said with a concerned look.

“Well, you do know they could eat with us right?” Sayaka said with smile to the squirrel girl.

“Then do you all want eat with us? We’re going to eat on the roof together.” Yuko said grinning at her friends hoping they would say yes.

“Sure but Tomochin and Tomo~mi were going to eat with us too if that’s okay.” Acchan said with a smile that made all the girls say okay.

“Yay, you are the best friends anyone could ask for!” Yuko shouted, hugging and kissing Acchan and Takamina on the cheek and running off to the other girls who looked surprised.

The girls started to walk off heading off to the roof top while Takamina just stood there shocked at what happened. ‘D-d-did s-she just k-ki-kiss my cheek? Why did she do that? Could she like me like that? No she did it to Acchan too she was probably just happy and it was an expression of friendship to her.’ Takamina thought as she was unable to move.

“Hey Takamina, are you going to join us or stand there all lunch break?” Acchan said snapping her friend out of her state of shock.

“Huh! Oh, I’m coming with you guys.” Takamina said as her mind calmed down a little before heading out with the others.

While Acchan and Takamina were talking one another as they all ate Miichan turned to Yuko who was watching everyone. They’re eyes locked for a second before Miichan leaned into Yuko’s ear to whisper something.

“If I see you flirting with Acchan ever again I will hunt you down. She is mine!” She whispered before pulling away and smiling like nothing happened.

Yuko however clung to the nearest person and hid but when she went to hide she automatically hide in the girl who she was sitting next to her chest.

The owner of the hiding spot however did not approve and smacked her. When Yuko looked up it was none other than Kojima Haruna.

Takamina had just looked that way at that time and saw what Yuko had done to the taller girl and started fuming. “OSHIMA!!! What do you think you are doing to Harunyan!?!?!” Takamina shouted loudly before walking over to the girl and dragging her away. When they were gone the others turned to Harunyan.

“Are you okay, Harunyan? I’m sure Yuko-chan didn’t mean to touch you there.” Acchan said with an apologetic smile.

“I’m fine. I guess I kind of overreacted but nothing’s wrong.” Haruna responded with an airheaded like smile.

“Are going to tell Shinoda-sensei?” Sae asked very curious about what the other girl was going to do.

“Well of course I am! She’s my best friend and I tell her everything.” Kojiharu said with a bright smile across her face.

“Except that you love her, right?” This time it was Rena who chimed in.

“I will tell her one day but I’m sure she already knows of my love for her.” Harunyan said with a happy and airheaded smile.

Everyone just gave up with it and went on to another conversation. Acchan leaned over to Miichan asking her a shocking question.

“What did you tell Yuko-chan to scare her so much?” Acchan asked with a very serious look on her face the last thing she wanted was her friends to hate each other.

Miichan thought about telling the girl she secretly had feelings for what she said. “How about I tell you later today, is that okay?” Miichan said after some thought about it.

“Sure and you better tell the truth or I will find out on my own.” Atsuko said as she looked Miichan in the so she would see how serious she was before she joined the conversation the others were having.

As everyone was continuing with their lunch Takamina was talking to Yuko in the building.

“So, are you going to answer my question about why you practically groped Harunyan back there?” Takamina said while glaring at Yuko who looked away.

‘Damn! I think this is the first time my heart has beat this fast in my chest. I have a feeling that I might die today. I guess I will just tell the truth…’ Yuko thought before turning back to look Takamina in the eyes.

“Well I guess Minegishi-san was upset when I gave you and Acchan a kiss on the cheek cause at lunch she threatened me saying not to flirt with Acchan or I’m dead pretty much.” Yuko said with a small smile that made Minami want to help her.

“So, why did you jump on Harunyan?” Takamina said a little confused about how the incidences were connected.

Yuko looked down trying her best not to blush about what happened earlier that was making her embarrassed. “Minegishi-san’s threat scared me so much that I just clung to the nearest person. I noticed the part I hid in was very soft and I knew in that moment I would be hit but I was surprised to see that the girl I clanged to was to be Kojima-san. I feel bad for what I did so I would like to apologize to her later when I have the chance.” The squirrel girl said in a rush to explain before bowing her head.

“Okay that makes since but when you’re scared I would just get behind someone from now on. At least now we know Miichan likes Acchan too.” Takamina said grinning while patting Yuko on the head.

“That’s true and will you please stop patting my head like a little kid.” Yuko said getting irritated at the action.

“Fine, let’s get back to the others then before they get suspicious.” The smaller girl said before heading back to her other friends with the squirrel girl following.

When they got back everyone looked at them like they were planning something. The two went back to their spots with smiles on their faces.

“Hey, Kojima-san, I’m sorry for what happened before. I just got a little freaked out by something and clung on to the nearest person.” Yuko said with an apologetic smile to the girl she accidently groped.

“It’s fine and we all agreed you are now our friend so you can call us all by our nicknames and we will all call you by your name.”  Harunyan said with a smile that made Yuko feel a lot better.

They all continued to eat and before they knew it lunch was over.

“Today was a lot of fun! We should do this again tomorrow.” Sae said with a huge grin on her face.

Everyone agreed to eat on the roof together and maybe bring some of their other friends too. They all headed back to their classes.

“What is our next class, Takamina?” Yuko asked as they got to the classroom.

“We have PE next so I hope you’re athletic.” Takamina said with a smirk.

“PE! Takamina you can’t expect me to behave myself.” Yuko whispered the last part to Takamina.

“Well then how about this I will stay by your side just so you don’t do something stupid.” The smaller girl said with a smile thinking of a solution so the other wouldn’t worry too much but also so she could be close to her. She had finally come to the conclusion she liked being around Yuko she just made everything interesting.

“I like that plan! You truly are a good person.” Yuko said while looking at Takamina with a soft expression causing the latter to blush.

“Thank you it means a lot to me that you think that Yuuchan.” Now it was Yuko’s turn to blush at the other girls words.

This was the first time ever Yuko started to feel this way. Why was it that a midget girl made her feel this way? ‘C-could this be what first love feels like?!’ Yuko’s mind finally clicked! She was in love with Takamina. Everything made sense but she wanted to ask someone first to confirm her feelings for the midget.

‘That’s what I’ll do I will ask the others about these feelings and maybe they could help me.’ Yuko thought to herself while nodding her head.

“Yuuchan!” Takamina yelled at the girl that seemed really spaced out.

The girl who just got yelled at snapped out of her thoughts and looked at the person that yelled at her.

“Are you going to come? We have to get changed now, so let’s go.” Takamina said grabbing Yuko’s hand and dragging her up to her.

Yuko’s hand dropped out of the other girl’s when she went to get her stuff. “Yeah, don’t worry I’m coming with you.” She said as she followed Takamina and the rest of the class.

When they got to the locker room all the girls started changing and Yuko was having a problem keep control around the others and so she kept her eyes down so she wouldn’t look. She was one of the first done and walked out right away. She waited until Takamina and Acchan were done and followed them to gym.

Yuko leaned in so she could whisper in Takamina’s ear, “Next time we go to change can we try and get there first so I don’t have a risk of dying from blood loss.” Takamina nodded showing that she would try her best to help her friend.

“Okay everyone cut the chit-chat. So, today I’ve decided that we are going to play dodge ball. I hope everyone is prepared for some exercise.” The coach yelled as the students started to groan except Yuko who was determined to win already.
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Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 6: Discovering New Feelings

The class was split into two teams for dodge ball. The first team had Atsuko, Haruna, and Sayaka on their side while the second had Yuko, Takamina, and Sae on their side.

“Okay, no head shots. You all know how to play but in case you forgot the rules are simple; if you get hit then you’re out but if you manage to catch the ball then the person who threw it is out and a player from your team may return. The team with no players left is the loser. Everyone understands right?” The coach explained to the students who all replied that they understood.

“Then let’s start!” Their coach said as everyone went to their respective sides.

“I’m not going to lose to you, Sayaka!” Sae yelled loudly at her close friend with a look of determination.

Sayaka looked at Sae with the same look and yelled, “Well I don’t plan on losing to you either!”

“Are they always like this?” Yuko asked Takamina as they watched Sae and Sayaka look at one another with fire in their eyes.

“Yeah this is pretty common since they’re both athletic and competitive but at the same time that’s why they are so good for each other since they push one another to do their best.” Takamina said everyone got into their starting position.

“Wait, are those two dating?” Yuko asked curious about the two girls’ relationship.

“Yeah, those two are one of the most famous couples at the school. I’m kind of surprised this is the first you have heard about them.” The midget responded with a look of confusion.

Yuko looked away her cheeks turning a little pink. ‘Damn, why does she have to look so cute? Why didn’t I ever notice before?’ Yuko thought to herself before answering.

“I usually ignore the other girls’ gossip and stuff like that, but now that I think about it, it makes sense.” She said with her squirrel smile causing Takamina to turn pink and smile back.

“Okay everyone ready… and GO!” The coach yelled loudly as the game started.

Since Yuko was the new student many of the others aimed at her but she managed to avoid all of the ones thrown at her and even caught a few.

“Whoa, Yuko-chan you’re good at this!” Sae shouted grinning at the girl. So far the only ones left are Yuko, Sae and a few other classmates of theirs on the second team while the first team still had Sayaka and some other athletic girls.

Sayaka noticed Sae was distracted for a second and used that opportunity to hit her. Yuko watched it happened and tried not to laugh as Sae proceeded to fall over dramatically but a few giggles slipped. “Hehe… Thanks for the compliment but next time try to concentrate on the game.”  She said as she helped Sae up who was complaining about losing.

The game continued until only two stood. It was Yuko verses Sayaka who seemed even more determined than before making the squirrel a little nervous. The continued to be back and forth between the two until Yuko got distracted by Takamina for a split second who was looking at her with expression she couldn’t understand and then before she knew it she got hit.

“Yeah, we win!” Sayaka yelled loudly as everyone on her team gathered and cheered before everyone surrounded Yuko and started shouting.

“Oshima-san was so cool!” One girl shouted at her.

“Yeah, Oshima-san is amazing. I’m definitely your fan now!” Another said with sparkly eyes.

“Me too, Oshima-san is the best.” A third girl said smiling sweetly.

“Hey, you’re still PE you know.” The coach said causing everyone to calm down and pay attention to what she had to say.

“You all were good and worked hard. I would like to see more team work like this from now on, do you all agree?” The coach asked her student who all said yes.

“Well then everyone go hit the showers since I’m sure you want to.” As soon as the coach said this Yuko headed to the locker room and got ready to shower before someone’s voice surprised her.

“Well, you sure were in a hurry. You even forgot that I’m supposed to stay by your side as promised.” The person was none other than Takamina who was about to take a shower herself.

Yuko felt very strong urge to turn around and look at Takamina. This was the first time Yuko felt this huge of an urge. Yes, she was a pervert and loved to peep on girls but this was different for some reason.

She quickly washed off and changed before speaking. “I’m going to wait outside for you, okay Takamina?” Yuko asked as more girls filled the room.

“Yeah, that’s just fine. I shouldn’t be too long.” Takamina replied before Yuko walked out.

‘She’s not a bad person and just from the small glance I got she’s got a great body. WAIT! What did I just think? I think she might be rubbing off on me.’ Takamina thought as her cheeks grew red before she shook head and continued washing off.

Yuko on the other was very red in the face so much it caught someone’s attention. “Whoa! Your face is red, are you feeling alright?” Haruna asked when she saw Yuko who looked back at her.

“Actually, Harunyan I have a question and it’s kind of important. I was hoping you could help since you might know.”

“Well go ahead, ask, and maybe I can help answer it.” Haruna said with a kind smile making Yuko relax.

“Okay then, my question is how do you know when you are in love?” Yuko asked as her cheeks grew darker.

Kojima was taken back a little by the question but quickly smiled. “Well for me it’s easy to tell. Your heart beats fast when you think of them or are around them. Just thought of them can make your whole day better, and you want to be with them no matter what the odds are. I hope that answer works.” Haruna said with a soft smile making Yuko understand.

“That was the exact answer I needed! Thank you so much, Nyan-Nyan! You know I feel like we got a little closer. I hope we can become really good friends.” Yuko said hugging Harunyan and pulled away smiling.

“I’m glad I could help, but why did you want to know?” Haruna asked with a confused face as she returned to being her usual airheaded self.

Yuko’s face turned red again as she looked down. “I’m in love with Takamina…” Those words alone made her become a scarlet red.

“Ah, so you finely noticed I was wondering how long it would take.” Harunyan said with a bright smile on her face.

“Wait! How did you know?” Yuko asked very surprised that Haruna would know.

“Well for starters by the way you look at her and how you two interact is kind of like a couple. Anyway we can talk later. I need to go take a shower, see you later!” Haruna said still wearing the same smile as she walked into the locker room.

As Haruna went in to the locker room Takamina walked out and noticed that Yuko was quiet. “Are you okay? If you don’t feel well maybe you should go to the infirmary?” Takamina asked her voice and eyes full of concern.

“Huh? No, I’m just fine in fact I have never felt better.” Yuko replied with huge squirrel smile showing she was perfectly fine.

“That’s good, and you should be proud you have fan club in the makings you know. I’m sure any of them would be willing to date you.” Takamina grinned at her friend but somehow the thought of her dating someone made her sad.

“Yeah I guess but I have my eyes set on someone already. Plus, I like a challenge.” Yuko said winking at Takamina before walking off.

“Are you going to tell who it is?” The small girl asked the squirrel girl very curious about.

“Nah, I’ll just keep it a secret and let you suffer not knowing.” She said as she stuck out her tongue and ran to the classroom with Takamina chasing, but little did Takamina and Yuko know they were being watched by two pairs of eyes.

“Meru-chan, I-I don’t think we should be spying on people…” A girl with short hair said to a girl with shoulder length hair.

“But Mio-chan, how else are we going to get a good story for Shimazaki-senpai and the newspaper? Speaking of that we should head back now.” Meru said as she got up from her hiding spot and walking away with Mio in tow.

They stayed quiet the whole way before getting to the clubroom and walking in. “Shimazaki-senpai we’re back and we have an interesting story for you.” Meru said jumping over to a girl with sharp eyes and a salty expression.

“It better good or I’m not going to let you help out here anymore. Also, shouldn’t you two be in class, I mean you two are in middle school and should be studying.” The salty girl said with a harsh expression to the girls.

“The teachers don’t care since Mio and I are two of the best student in our class and we always ask if we can come here. Anyways, we caught the new girl that Takahashi-senpai seems to have taking a liking to talking to Kojima-senpai in what looks like a confession.” Meru said with a grin to her senpai who just looked at the two.

“Oh, you mean that Oshima Yuko girl well if you have a picture of the moment then I guess we can print the story.” Shimazaki said with a sigh knowing the two girls were good at getting stories.

“I have the pictures of it right here senpai!” Mio said as she showed the older girl the picture that surprised her by how good it was.

“Okay, then just give the picture to Anai-chan and Kodama-chan over there.” The senpai said pointing to two girls in the corner who were going through pictures.

“Okay then. Chihiro-senpai and Haruka-senpai, here you go, anyway we have to go back since our time limit is almost up and we promised not to be late. We will be back after school.” Mio said smiling sweetly as she handed over the camera.

“You can call me Haruppi, you know. So you don’t mix up me and Paruru over there up.” Haruppi said with a kind smile.

“I will remember that from now on. I’ll see you all later.” Mio said as her and Meru started to walk out before being stopped by Paru.

“Why do you always do what Meru-chan asks of you?” The older girl asked the short haired girl.

Mio blushed a little before responding. “Because I love her and would do anything for her.”

“Well just try not to get into trouble. You two really are good kids.” Shimazaki said smiling a little.

“Thanks senpai!” Mio said before running to catch up with Meru.

“Aww, Paru’s showing her sweet side to her little kohais.” Another voice said causing the girl to turn around.

“Hey, if they get in trouble it could back fire on me, you know Yui. What do you want anyway?” Paruru told the girl who was standing next to her now.

“I was just checking on my favorite kohai. Why don’t I take you to class before I go to mine?” Yui just said with a smile to her junior.

“Sure, but you have to come to today’s meeting.” Paru said before getting her stuff and going to class with Yui leading her.

“I promise to go.” Yui said smiling as they walked off together.
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Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 7: Joining A New Club

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful except Yuko caught herself sometimes staring at Takamina at random times during the day.

“Do you have another student council meeting?” Yuko asked the small girl who was still packing her stuff.

“Yeah, are you going to stay here or head home?” Takamina said just as she finished and head for the door with Yuko next to her.

“I was going to check at some of the clubs you have here.” The squirrel girl said with a bright dimply smile.

“Okay if I’m finished before you I will wait for you at the front gate.” Takamina smiled at her friend who blushed lightly.

‘That smile makes my heart beat so fast. Her lips look so perfect and pink. I wonder how they taste…’ Yuko zoned out and a pervy smile on her face with a little bit of drool on the side.

“Um… Yuuchan? Are you okay?” Minami asked as she looked at her friend confused.

“Huh?! Oh… yeah, I’m okay.  I was just thinking about something. Anyway if I’m done before you instead I will wait for you there instead.” Yuko said as she wiped the drool off her face as her cheeks got darker.

“Well… If you’re sure then I’ll see you later!” Takamina said confused before going to the student council office.

‘Great Yuko! You made yourself look like an idiot in front on the one girl you didn’t want.’ Yuko thought sighing with her head down and walking. She had no idea where she was going when suddenly she heard yelling.

“Kya! Anya, I told you not to do that!” A girl yelled screamed loudly from a room down the hall.

“Oh, don’t pretend you hate it Haruppi.” The girl responded and from the sound eagerly.

“Murashige-chan, quit messing with Kodama. In case you don’t remember this is a club not a place of harassment.” Yuko heard a third girl say as she followed where the voice were coming from before stepping finding the door and knocking on it.

“I will answer it!” A high pitched voice said before footsteps were heard getting closer to the door before opening it.

“Ah, can I help you with something?” A girl with long hair around Takamina’s height asked with a smile.

“I was going around looking at clubs when I heard shouting and was wondering what was going on.” Yuko said smiling a squirrelly smile on her face.

“Oh pardon the yelling that was just Murashige being weird. Anyway, I guess fate brought you here, we are always looking for new members here at the newspaper club.” Paruru said with a slight smile on her face.

“Heh… I guess so, well my name Oshima Yuko but please call me Yuko. I’m a new student who recently became a part of class 2-A.” The squirrel said before bowing and smiling.

“I’m Shimazaki Haruka but everyone calls me Paruru or Paru. I’m a class rep for 1-C with Miorin.” Paru said as she bowed in return as well.

The girl who was around Takamina’s height smiled at Yuko before introducing herself. “Um… uh… My name is Ichikawa Miori but you can call me Miorin or Lemon, everyone else already does.”

“Eh? Why do they call you Lemon?” Yuko asked curious as everyone started to come up to her.

“Well, that’s because… I want to become a fresh lemon!” Miorin suddenly said with a huge smile.

“Oh, I guess that makes sense…” Yuko said having no idea how to respond to the girl.

“Hello, I’m Kodama Haruka but please call me Haruppi. I’m a class rep. for 1-D and have heard a little about you.” Kodama said with a friendly smile that made everything seem alright.

A girl came up behind Haruppi with a friendly smile too. “Hi, my name is Anai Chihiro and my nickname is Chihiron. I’m in class 2-C and Haruppi’s best friend.” She said she held out a hand for Yuko who shook it happily.

Suddenly a girl took Yuko’s hand and started to shake it too but with more force and huge grin. “Sup, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Murashige Anna but I also go by Anya. I’m in 1-D and half-Russian which explains my different appearance compared to the others.” She said as her grin widen.

“It’s a huge pleasure to meet you too.  I think you were the one that I heard was being yelled at.” Yuko replied with a small laugh and smile.

“Yeah, Anya here can be pretty annoying sometimes.” Paruru said with a tiny smile.

“Okay, it’s my turn to introduce myself! I’m Watanabe Miyuki but I’m very well known by my nickname Milky. I’m a class rep. for 1-B. You may know my cousin Watanabe Mayu.” A happy and smiley girl said to Yuko.

“I’m sure we will be good friends since I’m already friends with Mayuyu.” Yuko smiled at her Oshiri sister’s cousin who continued to smile back at her.

A girl who looked to be around Yuko’s height then smiled sweetly and introduced herself, “It’s good to meet you. My name is Kimoto Kanon but I would rather be called by Non. I’m a class rep. alongside Milky in class 1-B.”

“Hello, I’m Takayanagi Akane but pretty much everyone calls me Churi. I am well known for my love of birds. I’ve heard a lot about you from Mayu-chan and Jurina, I’m the other class rep. beside Jurina from class 1-A.” A girl with her hair up in a half-side ponytail said with a very friendly smile and bow.

“We also have two apprentices from the Junior High. You two come and introduce yourselves.” Paruru said to two girls who were secretly hiding the pictures and articles of Yuko in the background under stuff like they usually did before running over to Yuko.

“Hello, I’m Tashima Meru but you can call me Meru. I’m a third year junior high student with Mio-chan.” Meru said with a happy and innocent smile.

“Hi… My name is Tomonaga Mio but if you want you can call me Mio. Meru and I usually come here to help with everything since we are both the top of our class.” Mio said with a small shy smile as her and Meru bowed politely to Yuko.

As Paruru was explaining the club’s activities and stuff Yui suddenly walked into the room.

“Sorry I’m late but at least I’m here right Paruru?” Yui said with a grin worried about Paru’s reaction.

“That’s fine but why don’t you introduce yourself to Oshima-san here?” Paru said with a kind of salty expression to her friend.

“Oh sure I’ll introduce myself. I’m Yokoyama Yui but you can just call me Yuihan. I’m from class 2-B.” She said as she shook Yuko’s hand.

After all the introductions were done Paru explained everything before asking Yuko what she thought and if she wanted to join, “It all looks fun I would love join if it’s okay?” Yuko said with a squirrelly smile on her face.

“That’s great everyone it looks like we have a new member so let’s be kind to her. So that means no harassing her okay, Anya?” Paru said firmly and sent Anya a look at the last part who groaned at the last part before reluctantly agreeing.

The end of the meeting came and Yuko was the first to leave and go to the spot she was supposed to meet up with Takamina.

The short girl was waiting for and just then the wind blew and in Yuko’s eyes made Takamina look magnificent. She had to take a quick picture before the moment ended it was too perfect to miss.

Yuko took a quick picture before she called out to Takamina who turned around with a sweet smile.

“Hey you… So how did it go, find any good clubs to join?” Takamina asked curious about what her friend was doing.

“Yep, I am now officially a newspaper club member!” Yuko said grinning at her secret crush who congratulated her before Yuko asked her own question.

“Is Acchan not going home with us?” The squirrel girl asked looking around for their other friend that lived nearby them.

“Apparently she and Miichan had something important to talk about alone.” Takamina responded before starting to walk off with Yuko.

“Maybe one plans on confessing to the other.” Yuko said after some thought.

“Well, how about you? When do you plan on confessing to the girl like?” The small girl asked suddenly shocking the taller short girl.

“A-ah… W-we-well right now we haven’t known each other long and she might not like me because I’m weird and rude…” Yuko said with a hint of sadness.

“You shouldn’t say stuff like that! You don’t have to know one another very long before falling in love since you have no control over it and you’re not that rude and your weirdness is a charm point!” Takamina said suddenly with determination in her eyes.

“You really think like that… Well, thank you very much. You always know how to cheer me up and bring a smile back to my face.” Yuko said before hugging Takamina close who stiffened at first before returning the hug.

‘Wow, she feels so perfect in my arms… I could hug her all day. She maybe small but that doesn’t stop her from being beautiful. I wish I could touch her more and maybe make her say my name. Thinking of that I wonder how her skin feels against mine.’ Yuko’s mind started to go south and as it did she started to squeeze Takamina tighter till the girl finally said something.

“Can you let me go now; I’m kind of being crushed…” Takamina said loud enough for Yuko to hear.

She let go and apologized for it. Ever since Yuko found out her feelings her daydreams became more frequent that it was driving her insane being around Takamina. Sometimes she just thought about grabbing the short girl and kissing her but didn’t for fear of losing a friend.

They continued to walk in silence until Yuko decided to speak again. “I wonder how things are going for Acchan.”

“I don’t know hopefully well!” Takamina responded with a smile that made Yuko blush.

“Hey, I just wanted you to know I didn’t look at you when we were in gym locker rooms. I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” Yuko said quietly but the comment caused Takamina to blush.

“Well, it is okay for you to look a little you know.”  Takamina almost whispered but Yuko heard causing her eyes to widen and her to blush even darker.

‘Wait, did I just get permission from the girl I love to look at her body a little…? Dear God, thank you so much!’ Yuko thought as they arrived at Takamina’s house and departed.

When Yuko got home she went straight to her room and squealed into her pillow with joy. After dinner she finished her homework and headed to bed with her mind filled with dirty thoughts about Takamina.

While Takamina spent her time figuring out why she said what she did, ‘Maybe I want her to look at me a little like that, but why would that be?’ Those were her final thoughts before falling asleep.
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Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 7.5: The Reason I Said What I Did

Acchan and Miichan walked to the park were they would usually go their separate ways home and was they place they first met.

Miichan stopped at a bench and sat down while Acchan stood in front of her with a serious look. “What did you tell Yuko that made her so freaked out?”

Miichan’s first instinct was to hide it. “It was nothing really just a small harmless thing…”

Acchan glared at her crush knowing she wasn’t going to tell her unless she pushed. “I doubt it… I mean her reaction was a little too big for it to be something small. Now tell me what you said to her!”

Suddenly Miichan felt jealous about how protective over the new girl Acchan was. It almost seemed as if she had feelings for Yuko. “Why do you even care that I freaked her out?!” Miichan yelled as she stared at the ground.

“She’s my friend and is new I want her to feel comfortable going here, is that a bad thing?” Acchan responded still glaring a little.

“No, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore me like we aren’t friends…” Miichan said quietly shaking a little as she started to cry.

Acchan reached out and touched her crushes arm and smiled softly. “I never had the intention to ignore you and I’m sorry if it seemed like I was, but can you please tell me what you said to scare Yuko?”

Miichan raised her head and looked Atsuko in the eyes before telling her, “I told her to not flirt with you because…” Miichan mumbled the last part a little embarrassed.

“Please say that again I couldn’t here you.” Atsuko said curious to know the reason why her friend said what she did.

“I told her you were mine and to not to flirt with you…” Minegishi said while serious looking at Acchan who was blushing.

“Why did you tell her that?” Atsuko said kind of shocked and a little hopeful.

“I said it because I love you, Maeda Atsuko! I couldn’t stand seeing her flirt with you like that. I want to be the only person who can be like that to you, Acchan. It’s okay if you don’t feel the same but I couldn’t stand to hide it any longer…” Miichan suddenly felt a little better being able to confess.

“You’re really interesting you know. If you loved me you should have told me sooner then I wouldn’t have had hide my feelings for so long either.” Acchan responded with a smile causing Miichan to be confused and blush.

“What do you mean by that, Acchan?” Miichan asked looking at Atsuko really lost.

“I mean, I love you too Minegishi Minami and would love for you to be the only who can flirt with me.” Acchan said with a smirk before kissing Miichan on the lips. Miichan quickly return the kiss which was short but sweet but conveyed all their feelings for each other.

Miichan grinned at Atsuko who just looked at her with smile as well. “I guess this means we’re going out now… I can’t wait to show off my amazing girlfriend to everyone!” Minami said with a huge bright grin on her face.

“Same here but it’s getting late so we should leave. I’ll talk to you later and let’s tell the whole school tomorrow.” Acchan said giving Miichan a hug before they had to go home.

Acchan was so excited that she could hardly wait till tomorrow to spend it with her new girlfriend. She planned to tell Takamina and Yuko tomorrow morning as soon as she saw them.

Atsuko and Miichan both thought the same thing before falling asleep that night, ‘I have to remember to thank Yuko tomorrow for bringing me and her together when I get the chance.’
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Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 8: I Love You No Matter What You Say

Yuko woke up and got ready early and headed out to walk to Takamina’s. ‘That midget just won’t get out of my head and what she said yesterday really stuck in my head so much that I had pervy dreams last night.’

Yuko walked up to Takamina’s door and rang the doorbell expecting to see Takamina’s mom but instead saw Takamina herself all dressed and ready. “Ah, good morning, I came by to pick you up since you picked me up yesterday.” She said smiling her squirrel smile.

“Oh, that’s funny because I was just about to come get you…” Takamina said as her cheeks turned red.

“Well then should we go or are we waiting on Acchan?” Yuko asked as Takamina stepped out and locked the door.

“Acchan sent me a text saying that she’ll meet us at school, she also said she has some news for us.” Takamina said as they started to walk down the street.

Takamina’s mind kept wandering to the girl beside her who seemed in a happy mood. She thought about her feelings for the other girl only to realize that she was in love with her last night but she couldn’t bring herself to tell anyone how she felt.

‘I can’t believe that I’m in love with this perverted squirrel and the strange part is I kind of like her more with her being a pervert. I really am a weird girl.’ Takamina thought as she let out a sigh.

The two girls talked about many things before arriving just outside the gate and seeing Acchan and Miichan together before running up to them.

“Ohayou! So Acchan, do you want to inform us of your amazing news?” Yuko asked with a slight smirk as she nudges her friend who blushed.

“Well… Miichan here and I are now officially dating!” Acchan said with a huge smile on her face.

“Congratulations to you two! I’m happy you both got to be with the person you love.” Takamina replied with a bright smile of her own.

Acchan smirked as she suddenly started to feel an urge to mess with the two midgets. “Yep, now all we need is for you two to start dating! I mean you two just look so cute together.”

The two girls blush a bright red unable to speak when suddenly Yuko said something, “Yeah, like I would really date someone like her. I mean she’s way too short for my liking.” She said firmly but inside her head was a completely different story.

‘I would love to date her Acchan but I’m not ready to confess right now. Plus, it’s not like she feels the same as me.’ Yuko thought to herself sadly.

However, Takamina felt her heartbreak a little by the comment but decided to ignore it and walk away with Yuko following close behind and with AtsuMii following them. They were all quiet when suddenly their friends all ran over surprised.

“Have you guys seen this morning’s school newspaper? Yuko-chan’s all over it!” Yukirin said very surprised and not even hearing an answer before giving the girls a copy.

Yuko stared in shock before laughing a little nervously causing Takamina to worry. “What does it say about you, Yuuchan?” She asked as she stepped closer to look before her heart seemed to break even more.

‘Oh, so that’s the kind of girl she likes… I wish I was as pretty as Harunyan sometimes…’ Takamina said as she looked at the article closely.

“It says that I confessed my love to Kojima Haruna…” Yuko said quietly as everyone started to look closely.

“Wow… Did you really do that?” Sasshi asked Yuko wondering about what happened. While everyone else was prepared to hear the truth but Takamina couldn’t stand the thought of Yuko loving someone else and ran off.

Everyone watched and Yuko was about to follow when Atsuko stopped her and told her she would go while Yuko explains to everyone there.

Yuko sighed before answering the interested girl’s question. “No… I was asking her for advice so I could confirm……. Confirm my feeling for Takahashi Minami. What you see in this picture that looks like a confession to Harunyan was actually me telling her about my feeling for Takamina. But, it doesn’t matter anymore because I don’t think Takamina likes me anymore…” Yuko finished with a sad look on her face.

“I doubt it. You should go talk to her I’m sure she would listen to your explanation.” Sae responded with a comforting smile.

“Are you sure? It might make it worse though…” Yuko said still uncertain when Sayaka suddenly went up to her and smacked her upside the head.

“Itai! What the hell was that for?!” The squirrel girl yelled at the gorilla like girl a little irritated.

“For giving up so soon! None of us will know how she acts. We can play what if all day but that won’t solve anything! So, just go and tell her the truth about how you feel!” Sayaka said making Yuko feel better and run off to talk to Takamina.

“You just love to make speeches like that, don’t you?” Sae said as everyone watched Yuko run off.

“It’s what I do but when we told Shinoda-sensei to come up with something to help get those two together I wasn’t expecting something this elaborate.” Sayaka said a little amazed by the work of their teacher.

“That’s just the way Mari-chan is!” They heard a girl say before they all looked to see their teacher and Harunyan.

“Well if it isn’t our favorite student-teacher couple! You two really are something you know.” Miichan said with a grin on her face while nudging the two. It was common knowledge amongst their group of friends that Mariko and Haruna had been dating for a few days now but didn’t plan on going far in their relationship until Haruna was of legal age.

They all started to go about their day like normal with all of them planning on having lunch on the rooftop again.

Yuko was running trying to find her two friends. She slowed down unsure that she would find them when she heard two voices she recognized. She hid from their sight while trying to hear what they were saying.

“Why did you run away from back there, Minami?” Acchan said as she grabbed her friends arm.

“No reason, I just felt crowded.” She responded her voice holding indifference.

“That’s a lie and we both know that! You ran away because of something else, and I think it has to do with Yuko-chan.” Atsuko said her hand still holding her friends arm in her grip.

“I’m sick of everyone messing with me when it comes to Yuko. I don’t love her! In fact, I can barely stand her at times. The only reason I hang around her is because Ohori-sensei asked me to!” Takamina yelled as loud as possible shocking Yuko who came out of her hiding place and walked to the two girls.

When Yuko stepped on a stick the girls turned around and saw her standing there with tears filling hers eyes and threating to fall. “Yuuchan, when did you get here?” Takamina asked worried about what she heard.

Yuko just walked up and slapped Takamina in the face before yelling at her and running, “I never want to see your face again!”

‘She was never supposed to hear that. I just said all that stuff to get Atsuko off my back I had no intention to hurt her.’ Takamina thought while standing there not knowing what to do.

“Go after her, Minami. We both know you love her so don’t deny it and go fix you relationship before it’s too late.” Acchan said shocking Takamina out of her thoughts.

“You’re right… I’ll find her right away! Thank you, Atsuko, you’re always here to help and know just what to say.” Takamina said smiling at Acchan before running off.

“That girl can be one hell of an idiot at times…” Atsuko whispered to herself before walking off.

Takamina ran as fast as she could before she finally saw Yuko at the top of a hill just like the first time she saw her. She seemed even more beautiful than before.

“Yuuchan…” Takamina said breathless while staring at the girl who seemed to be crying and looked up at Takamina.

“What do you want to know?” Yuko asked as she looked away again.

“Why did you run away when I said those things to Acchan?” Takamina said getting straight to the point.

“Because, Takahashi Minami what you told her hurt me. I never really thought heartbreak would be this hard. I mean, do you even know what it feels like to hear the person you love say they hate you and can’t stand you?” Yuko said looking at Minami the hurt clear in her eyes.

“Wh-what do y-you mean by that?” If Takamina’s suspicions were correct then Yuko was trying to confess.

“I love you, Minami-chan. I still do despite the things you said.” Yuko said getting closer to Takamina with each word until she reached her lips kissed her. It was sweet and simple but it made the two girls hearts pound. At first Minami just stood there with her eyes wide but once her mind grasped the situation she returned the kiss.

The two short girls pulled apart and stayed silent before one finally spoke.

“You kissed me…” Takamina said in a dreamlike voice.

“And you returned it. Why is that?” Yuko asked trying not to get her hopes up.

“What I told Acchan was a lie and she knew it… I love you too, Oshima Yuko. Will you be my girlfriend?” Takamina asked as she blushed a deep red while looking down.

“You don’t have to ask, Bakamina. Oh, and just so you know the picture in newspaper was actually me admitting to Nyan Nyan that I’m in love with you, not a picture of me confessing to her.” Yuko said with a smile on her face as she wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“I’ll remember that from now on! We should head back we’re probably late as is and we don’t want to be any later.” Takamina said a huge smile on her face.

“Wait there is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.” Yuko said before pulling Takamina in for another kiss but this time with more passion. As Yuko pressed her lips harder to Minami’s she heard the short girl moan a little bit.

Yuko pulled away and smirked at Takamina who blushed again. “They’re even better then I imagined.” That was the last thing Yuko said before walking away leaving Takamina to follow after her.

‘Her lips were heavenly but her little moan is something I plan to make happen more frequently.’ Yuko thought as Takamina caught up to her and held her hand as they walked to class.
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1-A – Jurina & Churi, Mayuyu
1-B – Milky & Non, Kumin
1-C – Paruru & Miorin, Lovetan
1-D – Haruppi & Sakura, Anya
Mariko’s Class 2-A - Sae & Sayaka, Yuko, Harunyan, Takamina, Acchan
2-B – Chiyuu & Tomochin, Yuihan
2-C – Mii-chan & Yukirin, Rena, Chihiro
2-D – Sayanee & Airin, Sasshi, Minarun
Junior High - Mio, Meru

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Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 9: You're Just Too Fun Not To Tease

Just as the bell rang for class to start, Takamina and Yuko showed up with Yuko grinning like a mad woman and Takamina a deep red.

“Ah, you two made it just in time now please take your seats.” Mariko said with a smile as the two girls sat down.

“Okay everyone! I have a few things to do in the faculty room, so this hour of class will be study hall, but first, the exams are coming up next month and I expect all of you to do well. Now you can do what you want.” Mariko said before walking out and leaving her students.

Everyone started to talk and pull out books to study. Yuko looked at Takamina and took this as a chance to harass her.

“Hey there beautiful…” Yuko whispered leaning into Takamina’s ear and blowing on it causing the girl to gasp and turn a bright red.

“Yu-Yuuchan, what was that for?” Takamina asked looking at Yuko who stood next to her.

“I love the little sounds you make, also you just so cute I could eat you up. Actually I might just do that anyway…” Yuko responded licking her lips, and running her finger up Takamina’s spine.

The touch sent shivers through Takamina’s whole body causing her to let out a small moan. She quickly covered her mouth and blushed even more while the whole class stared. They all had just heard and seen the cool student council president moan and blushed for the first time ever.

Yuko smirked and took this moment to show the class her relationship with Takahashi Minami. The squirrel girl leaned in and bit the short girl’s ear before capturing her lips in a passionate kiss that the smaller girl gladly returned until she remembered they were in class.

“Yuko! The classroom is not a place to make out; it’s a place to learn.” Takamina said with a little glare.

“I know but I wanted to show all these girls that you’re with me and not anyone else. Plus, I love giving you kisses.” Yuko said with a squirrelly smile before leaning over and giving Takamina a small kiss on the cheek.

Takamina watched the other short girl and stared before sighing. There was just no way she could be mad at Yuko; she was just being who she is. “I’ll let you slip by this time but if it happens again I’ll smack you.” She said with a small smile before kissing Yuko’s cheek.

“Hey Sayaka, we’re not asleep are we?” Sae asked her girlfriend who just laughed.

“Nope, I’m pretty sure this is real. So, I take it you two finely got together?” Sayaka asked with grin on her, Sae’s, Acchan’s and Nyan Nyan’s face.

“Yep! Takamina and I are officially a couple.” Yuko said loudly with a huge smile. The other students started talking and asking questions about it; like what about the whole AtsuMina thing and other stuff.

Everyone told the two girls that they were happy for them and began to study again. They were all quietly studying until Shinoda came back and class started up again.

Yuko spent her whole morning practically staring at Takamina from behind and taking notes before lunch time finally came.

Once again everyone headed up to the roof with their lunches. Everyone sat in a circle with a few new girls joining them. It was once again Takamina, Yuko, Acchan, Miichan, Yukirin, Sae, Sayaka, Mayuyu, Jurina, Rena, Lovetan, Sasshi, Tomochin, Tomo~mi, and Harunyan with Paruru, Yuihan, Milky, Churi, and Non joining them and two other girls.

“You must be, Yuko-chan. I’ve heard about you from Rena-chan. I’m Furukawa Airi but you can call me Airin. I’m a class rep. for 2-D.” The first girl said to Yuko with a sense of cheerfulness.

“It’s nice to meet you Yuko. By the way I’m Yagami Kumi also known as Kuumin. I’m from class 1-B. I’ve heard about you from Non and Jurina.” The other girl said with a friendly smile.

“It’s good to meet you two as well.” Yuko said as she smiled at the two girls she met.

As everyone started to eat a question suddenly popped into Sae’s head. “So Yuko, are you going to be let off easy for the exams since you started here later than most of us?” She said as everyone looked at Yuko curious.

“Nope, if anything Meetan thinks I should be towards the top…” Yuko said before nervously laughing.

“Who’s Meetan?” Everyone except Takamina asked at the same time.

Yuko and Takamina looked at each other and giggled a little before Yuko said something. “Meetan is what I call Ohori Megumi-sensei. She’s a family friend so I’ve known her all my life. That’s part of the reason I got accepted here. The other being that I was always one of the top students so my grades were good enough to get me in here.” Yuko said with another nervous laugh shocking everyone.

“Wow, you’re the opposite of Takamina here. She’s really an idiot when it comes to school work that it’s a wonder how and why she’s the student council president.” Acchan said as Takamina glared at her for what she said.

“I’m more surprised that despite knowing Ohori-sensei personally you get no special treatment at all.” Miichan responded with shocked expression.

“Well, I’m not her favorite student here… but Tomo~mi is one of her favorites.”  Yuko said with a grin as everyone looked at Tomo~mi who just sat there looking around clueless.

Tomochin then started to frown when she heard what was said and started to eat her food a little faster.

‘Geez, I can’t believe that old hag has the nerve to like Tomo~mi! Wait it’s not like I like her like that or anything it’s just Tomo~mi’s too young for her. I’m just looking out for my friend and classmate.’ Tomochin thought as she continued to eat not noticing how everyone looked at her.

“It doesn’t matter though Tomochin is the only one Tomo likes anyway, chiyuu!” Tomo~mi said with a smile before cling onto Tomochin’s arm. However irritated by the other girl Tomochin was she was a little relived at what Tomo~mi said.

Everyone noticed their interaction but decided to have small talk amongst themselves about the exams coming up instead. “Hey, if you ever need help studying I’m right here to help. We could always make it a date and have a little fun too if you know what I mean.” Yuko whispered to Takamina before winking at her causing the smaller girl to blush again a little.

Takamina decided to take this opportunity to embarrass Yuko instead. “I might just take you up on that offer if you keep teasing me like that, Yuuchan…” She said in a voice that caused Yuko to blush and feel a little turned on.

Takamina then decided to kiss Yuko and stroke her leg a little causing the perverted squirrel to moan a little and tried to deepen the kiss before the shorter girl pulled away with a smirk on her face. The bell then rang signaling the end of lunch as everyone got ready to pack up and head back to classes. Takamina was the first one to go and told everyone she would see them later leaving Yuko dumbfounded at what just happened.

Yuko just sat there very confused before looking at the others who all just grinned and tried not to laugh at their friend’s expression.

“I think Takamina might have won this round.” Acchan said as she patted her friend’s back who looked down defeated before looking back up.

“I will definitely get her back for just leaving me hanging!” Yuko said her eyes burning with determination as she gathered up her stuff and ran after her girlfriend.

Yuko got to class and sat at her seat pouting at Takamina who just winked and sent Yuko a message.

~I just wanted to show you weren’t the only one who could drive the other crazy even with a simple touch. And admit it you liked it when I did what I did.

The message said causing Yuko to smile and blush a little. She had to admit Takamina acting like that was fairly exciting and did its job.

‘Her doing that just makes me want her more. Well, I know one person who’s not having innocent dreams tonight.’ Yuko thought before messaging Minami back.

~You know full well that I can’t deny that but I plan on getting back at you. You really are in for it you know.

Takamina looked at her message and stiffened as she read the message and looked back Yuko who looked at her with lustful eyes and licked her lips. Takamina quickly looked back up front to try and ignore Yuko but it failed as the image was already in her mind and caused her to think of the things Yuko would do to her which made her shiver slightly and turn red.

As Takamina was lost in thought about the possibilities she got another message from Yuko.

~I guess I don’t have to even lay a finger on you to turn you on. It kinda makes this more fun exciting for me.

Takamina looked at Yuko who just smiled like she was innocent and did nothing. Takamina decided to look at the clock it would still be a few minutes before Mariko showed up and class would start. Suddenly an idea popped into her head but so she got up and walked to Yuko.

“Is something wrong, Takamina?” Yuko asked looking at Takamina with her bright squirrel smile.

“Actually I wanted to ask you something… Do you want to come over for a study date just the two of us after our meetings?” Takamina asked as she leaned on Yuko desk a little.

“Yeah, I would love to come over!” Yuko said her smile turning into a grin.

“That’s great! And who knows what else could happen?” Takamina whispered before kissing Yuko on the lips and going back to her own desk.

Just at that moment Mariko walked and the lesson started at once but again Yuko barely paid any attention to what was being taught and took glances at Takamina and took notes on the lessons the whole time.

The two midgets could hardly wait for the end of the day so they could spend more time together outside of school even if it was just studying.
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They so playful with each other...

What more adventure are they going to be at...?

What would there be problem next?

Can't wait to find out

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE when Takamina acts this way and with Yuko it seems that the date is GOING TO BE INTERESTING!!!!
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LOL! with the wmidget xD the two of them are such a tesear's xD but Minami need to touch Yuko to let the squirrel feel something more interesting, Yuko just doing simple things can make Minami crazy xD

Waiting for the "Study date" hope they dont have some "gossipmonger" in their date xD
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Here is the list of classrooms and who are in it:
Bold are student council
Italicized are class reps
Strikethrough haven't been introduced yet
Underline are newspaper club members

1-A – Jurina & Churi, Mayuyu
1-B – Milky & Non, Kuumin
1-C – Paruru & Miorin, Lovetan
1-D – Haruppi & Sakura, Anya
Mariko’s Class 2-A - Sae & Sayaka, Yuko, Harunyan, Takamina, Acchan
2-B – Chiyuu & Tomochin, Yuihan
2-C – Mii-chan & Yukirin, Rena, Chihiro
2-D – Sayanee & Airin, Sasshi, Minarun
Junior High - Mio, Meru

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Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 10: Meetings And A Study Date

Yuko walked into the clubroom with a huge grin that made the other girls stare at her.

“I take it something good happened between you and Takamina-sempai.” Paruru said as she continued to work on something.

“Yep, I’m going to her house afterschool today! Anyway, why did you write that story about me this morning and how did you even get that picture?” Yuko asked changing the subject quickly.

“We wrote because it was interesting and the ones to even come up with it, was our little assistances. So, if you want to gripe at anyone it should be them.” Paruru said not looking at the squirrel girl.

“I guess your reasoning makes sense, and if it wasn’t for the story then Takamina and I wouldn’t be dating right now. So I guess it was okay!” Yuko said with a grin to Paru who just smiled and shook her head.

As the other members started to show up the place became livelier as everyone began to work. Yuko had no idea what to do before thinking a question. “What do all of you commonly report on?” She asked catching everyone’s attention.

“Well I’m kind of like the leader here, since I wanted to set the club up in the first place.” Paruru told Yuko before going back to whatever she was doing.

“I write reviews on food and restaurants, but Paru decides what I review.” Miorin said with a pout looking at Paru.

“That’s because if I were to let you decide it would always be lemon related.” Paru shot back at the tiny girl who just went on with her business grumbling.

“Well I write stories for the paper here.” Churi then responded to Yuko’s question.

“I bet they’re really interesting. I’ll be sure to read them sometime.” Yuko said to Churi with a sweet smile making the girl feel a little embarrassed.

Milky then decided to chime in, “I write about the sports events that happen here, but it’s not I’m that interested in it. I just love to go and support my lovely Yamamoto Sayaka.” She said as her eyes twinkled a little when she said that.

Yuko giggled at the girl who seemed to be very much in love before Chihiron chose to answer Yuko’s question. “I’m the main photographer here. I just love to take pictures of things.”

“I do reviews on different kinds of music. I get comments on it all the time.” Haruppi said as she came up beside Chihiro with a smile.

“Well I do reports on the weather and a Q&A to give advice on whatever everyone needs.” Non told Yuko who looked interested in what she said.

“What are the kinds of questions you get?” Yuko asked as she looked at the other girl.

“I get a lot on love advice and studying tips, but sometimes people ask what kind of things I would recommend. I guess many different things; maybe you can help me with it sometimes.” Kanon told the squirrel-like girl who nodded quickly in agreement showing she would love to give advice.

“Well I have the best job! I do reports on almost all social things that go on here at school. Anyways these are our main roles but sometimes we will stray away from it and of course everyone puts their input for the main stories we publish.”  Anya ranted as she came into the room grinning like a happy monkey jumping up and down surprising Yuko a tiny bit.

“And of course you know about our two assistants who help us with anything we need. Now the question is just; what will you do as your job?” Paruru said before pausing leaving everyone to think.

‘Hmmm… I wonder what I could do here…’ Yuko was in deep thought when suddenly Paru gasped surprising everyone.

“I’ve got it! Yuko-sempai, your job is to write about student council events and the things they plan to do!” Paruru shouted looking at Yuko intensely with a smirk.

“Why are you choosing me to do that? I mean aren’t the others better for the job.” Yuko had no idea what got into Paru suddenly.

“You’re the best choice of course. I mean you are friends with all the members and are even dating the student council president! Give me a reason I shouldn’t give you this job.” Paruru said with her arms crossed like she was challenging Yuko who just stayed quiet.

“What?! You and Takahashi-sempai are dating?!?!?” Anya yelled very surprised like the other girls around her.

“Uh… Yeah, we just started today…” Yuko said feeling cornered suddenly by the other girls.

“Well, congratulations I hope you two stay together for a long time.” Miorin said as she grabbed Yuko’s hands and smiled.

“Thank you very much Miorin; also I am okay with being the one who does reports on the councils’ stuff. I will do my best.” Yuko said with a smile to everyone in the room who just welcomed her.

Paru smiled back before dismissing everyone for the day and with that Yuko decided to see if Takamina was done with her meeting.

Shortly after Yuko knocked on the door of the student council room Takamina answered. “Hey I decided to come by since my club meeting is done.” Yuko said smiling at her girlfriend who let her in.

“That’s fine we were just discussing some small things. You can sit anywhere we are almost done here.” Takamina said as Yuko walked in and decided to sit by Rena-chan who was glad to let her.

As the meeting continued Yuko asked Rena if she could look at her notebook which the quiet girl let her. Yuko flipped through the pages before coming across a few doodles. The pictures were little hearts with ‘J+R’ in them.

Rena looked over at Yuko who just grinned at her and showed her the page causing the girl to turn red.

“So, who’s this J person you seem to like so much?” Yuko asked Rena who just looked down seeming to prepare herself.

After she seemed prepared she leaned over to Yuko and whispered the answer, “You know her, and she sits with us at lunch. It is Matsui Jurina… But she doesn’t seem to like me like that. Plus, she’s notorious for being a playboy.” Rena said her face still very red.

“Oh, so you like her… Well how about I help you two get together.” Yuko asked nudging Rena who seemed happy and quickly agreed to Yuko’s offer.

“Okay, today’s meeting is now over. I have something to do so I’ll see you all later. Come on, Yuuchan!” Takamina said waiting by the door for Yuko.

“I’m coming! Well, I’ll talk to you later Rena-chan. See you all later!” Yuko said waving good bye as her and Takamina walked out the door.

Takamina grab Yuko’s hand while blushing a little as they walked out the school and towards her home. “So, what were you talking to Rena-chan about?” She asked gripping Yuko’s hand tighter.

“Oh, I just I plan on helping her with get together with Jurina. Why do you ask?” Yuko responded looking at Takamina who just looked away.

“No reason just curious.” The smaller girl said while keeping her face down.

“I understand… You’re jealous aren’t you?” Yuko said stopping and grinning like a squirrel.

“No! Well maybe a little…” Takamina then said still not looking up until Yuko tipped her chin up.

“There is no reason for you to be jealous, Takamina. I love you and only want you.” Yuko said before giving the shorter girl a sweet little kiss on the lips which the girl gladly returned.

The two girls broke apart and smiled at each other for a little bit before Takamina spoke up, “I love you too, Yuuchan.”

“That’s great to know, now how about we get to your house. I want to see what it’s like and have so fun.” Yuko said as she took Takamina’s hand again and ran to her girlfriend’s house back to being her goofy self.

They arrived at Minami’s house breathless ready to go in and begin their study date. “So, what are your worst subjects?” Yuko asked as Takamina opened the door and they went in.

“Anything that isn’t science…” Takamina mumbled barely loud enough for Yuko to hear.

“Sooo, you’re only good at science. Well I guess I’ll be your personal tutor from now on.” Yuko said giggling as she followed Minami to her room and sat down.

“Shut up… I’m a good leader just not that good at school work.” Takamina said flustered with the fact that she didn’t get good grades.

“Fine, I won’t make fun of you, but I must say you’re cute when you’re like this.” Yuko said as she leaned over and kissed Takamina quickly before they began to study.

The two midgets studied for about an hour before deciding to take a break. With Yuko there to help it seemed like Takamina was able to figure out the answers.

“So, what do you want to do now? I mean I think we studied enough for the day.” Takamina said as she stretched her arms out.

“Well I think we should have a little fun before I have to go home.” Yuko said as she crawled over to Takamina.

“W-what do you me-mean by that?” Takamina asked as she became pinned between Yuko and her bed.

“I think you know what I mean by that…” Yuko said with a smirk before kissing Takamina passionately.

Takamina relaxed and kissed back with the same amount of passion. She threw her arms around Yuko’s neck and threaded her fingers through the squirrel girl’s hair before deciding to pull on her hair a little which made Yuko moan and pull away.

They stared at one another for a while before Minami pulled Yuko back in. The kiss started a little slow before picking up. Yuko decided to deepen the kiss and licked Minami’s lips a little asking for entrance to her mouth. Takamina accepted the request eagerly and their battle for dominance began.

As they continued Takamina felt something going up her shirt and also something at the bottom of her skirt. Yuko pulled away to catch her breath and finally get a look at her girlfriend. There sat Takamina right in front of Yuko; her skirt had rose up and one of Yuko’s hands was on Takamina’s thigh while the other was on under the same girl’s shirt on her stomach.

Takamina also took the same chance to look at Yuko. The squirrel girl’s hair was a mess and the top buttons on her shirt were undone showing some of her cleavage. Takamina’s hands were on Yuko’s collarbone and were only centimeters away from the girl’s breast.

Only when the two girls finally noticed how they looked and their positions, which were currently with Yuko straddling Takamina and the latter slightly lying on the floor, did they pull away and blush a crimson red.

Yuko looked at the time a realized that she should head home soon. ‘Wow… That was amazing! But I really do need to head home before it’s too late. That’s a bummer I really want to spend more time with Minami.’ Yuko thought to herself.

“It’s getting kind of late I probably should go home now.” Yuko said packing her stuff up.

“Yeah, do you want me to walk you home?” Takamina asked helping Yuko with her things.

“That sounds like a good idea. If you don’t think it’s too much trouble?” Yuko responded as she fixed herself up and headed down stairs with Minami following behind.

“Not at all…” Takamina said as she put her shoes on and walked out the door with Yuko.

The two stayed silent on the way to Yuko’s house. When they reached the front Takamina leaned over and kissed her lips sweetly before pulling away. “I love you, Yuko. I’m so glad that you chose me over everyone else.” She said looking down a little shy.

“I love you too, Minami. You’re probably the best thing to happen to me. Anyway, I have to go… I’ll see you tomorrow.” Yuko said giving Takamina one last kiss for the day before walking up to her door.

Takamina started to walk away before thinking of something. “Umm… Yuuchan, do you think we could do this again sometime…?” She asked as she turned around looking at Yuko who was at the door.

“Yeah… That seems like fun and maybe this time we can get farther.” Yuko said a huge pervy grin on her face.

“I-idiot! I didn’t mean it like that…” Takamina said looking down her face a slight pink.

“I know… Also, do you want to go with me on a date this weekend or something?” Yuko asked this time it was her blushing. She had an embarrassed grin on her face and her cheeks were a bright pink.

“Yeah, let’s go somewhere together just the two of us!” Takamina said as she accepted the date before going home.

The two girls were so excited and could hardly wait to see the other the next day and all the exciting things that might happen.
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Yuko moved very fast...

just get together already want to be intimate...

What's going to happen to takaYuu next?

Quite surprise to know that Takamina is not so clever in school work even if she is the president of the school council.

Like her real life huh...?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

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where will be the date? >w< I want to know, and how Yuko will help Rena with Jurina? >w<

I think that Paru is not so good, shes planing something...
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@Takaminafan49: Your welcome and here is another update. :mon cute:

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@abcari: Well to answer your questions you'll just have to read to find out. :mon misch:
Paru always looks like she planning something. :mon noprob:

Here is the list of classrooms and who are in it:
Bold are student council
Italicized are class reps
Strikethrough haven't been introduced yet
Underline are newspaper club members

1-A – Jurina & Churi, Mayuyu
1-B – Milky & Non, Kuumin
1-C – Paruru & Miorin, Lovetan
1-D – Haruppi & Sakura, Anya
Mariko’s Class 2-A - Sae & Sayaka, Yuko, Harunyan, Takamina, Acchan
2-B – Chiyuu & Tomochin, Yuihan
2-C – Mii-chan & Yukirin, Rena, Chihiro
2-D – Sayanee & Airin, Sasshi, Minarun
Junior High - Mio, Meru

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P.S. The rude girl in this chapter is one of the members who hasn't been introduced.   :mon wtf:
Can you figure out who it is?   :mon wtfmm:
Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 11: The Next Morning

It was another day and Yuko and Takamina were headed to school together once again. They were halfway to school before one of them decided to speak up.

“Hey, um… I’m sorry about yesterday. I guess I got a little carried away.” Yuko asked the short girl beside her.

“It’s fine. I didn’t hate it but maybe we should start our relationship out slowly and work our way up there, don’t you agree Yuuchan?” Takamina responded with a small smile on her face.

“Yeah that’s probably for the best. Now that that’s out of the way, where would you like to go for our date and when will it be?” Yuko asked changing the subject to something else,

“Hmm… I guess I wouldn’t care were we went. I think it would be nice if we just went walking around town together wandering until we found someplace we want to go to. You know something simple and easy…” Takamina replied with a soft smile that always caused Yuko to feel all warm inside.

“Okay then; how about I come and pick you up at your house tomorrow around 10 in the morning and we can spend the day together.” Yuko said with her smile showing her squirrel teeth like usual.

“Sounds great; so I guess this means we have a date tomorrow.” Minami said as she smiled as brightly as Yuko.

As the two had discussed their plans they reached the school holding hands and smiling at each other catching everyone’s attention.

“There’s the girl who broke up AtsuMina.” A random girl in the crowd said.

“Isn’t Kojima-san enough for her?” Another responded in a rude tone as well.

“She’s probably just dating Takamina-san because she was rejected and Takamina’s too kind to reject someone.” A third girl said in the same way as the other two girls did.

“She’s so pathetic. Plus, I heard she’s a major pervert.” The second girl said as the harsh words continued.

“Haha! She’s the worst!” The first girl finished as the three laughed harshly.

Yuko gripped Takamina’s hand tightly as she glared at the crowd who walked away pretending that nothing happened. Takamina looked at the squirrel girl worried and noticed that she was trying really hard not to go after those girls and beat them up.

“Hey! You three don’t know anything about us so I suggest you keep your snobby little comments to yourself or else I’ll report you all for bullying.” Takamina shouted loudly at the girls who looked shocked along with everyone else.

“B-but Takamina-san what about Maeda-san… We thought you loved her and was going to get together with her. That is until this squirrelly midget showed up and ruined everything!” The first girl shot back at the president who was now glaring at her.

“Like I said you don’t know anything… I’m proud to say this girl is the only person to ever make me feel the way I do, and I don’t care you have to say about it. She maybe a squirrely midget to you but to me she is most beautiful person to ever live.” The small girl said harshly making the girl a little scared however she wasn’t going to stand down.

“Well I guess you as much of an idiot as your girlfriend! No wonder you two got together.” The girl said with a smirk but that comment was the last straw.

Yuko had tried her best to not get angry but when the made fun of Minami she couldn’t stand. She could care less about what was said about her but the girl had no right to criticize Takamina like that. So Yuko let the girl feel her anger and punched her right in the face sending the girl falling and looking at her shocked. Everyone had stopped and watched the event unfold before them.

“Say what you want about me but never EVER say anything bad about Takamina or else you may see yourself in the infirmary or worse…” Yuko said as she stood there with a glare that could have frozen hell in an instant.

The girl looked at Yuko’s serious face and could tell that she meant what was said. The rude girl was scared at what Yuko had said and just nodded her head before running off with her friends following behind her.

Takamina just stood there watching Yuko with intense eyes. The other girl turned around and caught Takamina staring and thought she was mad for what had just happened.

“I’m sorry… I just couldn’t stand her saying those things about you and all.” Yuko apologized sincerely feeling bad that her emotions got the best of her.

Takamina just stayed silent and grabbed Yuko’s hand before running off to where they were yesterday when they confessed.

Yuko just looked around confused at what was happening then, “What are we doing he-?!”

That was all she got out before Takamina pinned her to a tree and kissed her as passionately as she could. The shorter girl pressed her body against the squirrel girl’s making her moan at the feel.

Takamina’s hands started to wander a little before they reached Yuko’s leg and stayed there for a tiny bit. As the kiss began to deepen some Takamina decided to rub her left hand up and down Yuko’s leg causing the girl moan louder than before. Minami decided at that moment to pull away as Yuko just stood there a little dazed.

“Not that I’m complaining but what was that for?” Yuko said as she fixed her appearance and caught her breath but if she could admit out loud the moment was amazing but it left her so incredibly turned on and not being able to do anything about it.

“I don’t know but when I saw what you did to that girl because of me I couldn’t stand how cool you looked without being able to do anything.” Takamina said as her cheeks turned red and she looked down at the ground.

‘So the look in her eyes wasn’t anger… It was lust! Wow, how could I have missed that? Hang on a minute; I remember her giving me that look before when we were playing dodgeball… Well I just figured out some ones little secret.’ Yuko thought as a perverted grin came across her face.

“What is that look for…? Wait, I don’t want to really know. Anyway, we should head to class now.” Takamina said before walking off while Yuko just followed behind.

They were walking to class when Yuko saw Rena who was reading her book intently and Jurina who was starting to walk up to the melon pan lover like a happy little puppy. Takamina saw Rena as well and was about to say something before Yuko stopped her and told her to keep quiet as she did something.

Yuko quietly snuck up behind Rena and grabbed her butt which caused her to yelp, “As I thought Rena-chan’s oshiri is amazing!” The perverted squirrel said while grinning.

“Yuko-chan! Why did you surprise me like that?” Rena said glaring at Yuko a little before she noticed Takamina looking very mad.

“Umm… I think you better run now…” Rena said as she pointed to Minami who looked like she was going to blow.

“I think you’re right. Well, see you later then and I hope you have a good day.” Yuko responded before running off with Takamina on her tail.

She turned the corner and grabbed Takamina who looked like she was going to cry. “Hey don’t cry, remember what I said yesterday? You’re the one I love so don’t worry about what I did to Rena-chan back there. I just wanted to see something.” Yuko said holding Takamina and soothing her before looking back at Rena who was now talking to Jurina.

“What did you want to see?” The smaller girl asked with a curious look.

“Well I wanted to see Jurina’s reaction to what I did. I’m trying to get the two together, remember? Plus, I wanted to see you get jealous.” Yuko said the last part playfully to Takamina who slapped her arm before looking at WMatsui with Yuko.

Jurina was talking to Rena as if nothing happened but when the quiet girl wasn’t looking the happy puppy glared in their direction looking very protective and when Rena would look back she would be back to her normal self.

“Wow, Jurina seems to really like Rena. I’ve never seen her look like that before. I guess I’ll help you get those two together but I do have a question for you, Yuuchan.” Takamina said as she got up with Yuko and they headed to their class once again.

“What’s your question?” Yuko said looking at Minami curiously as they got to their classroom.

“How much trouble do you plan to cause today?” Takamina said with a showing she was half joking.

“Hmm… I have no idea.” Yuko responded playfully with a bright grin on her face. The two talked waiting for Mariko to show up and start class.


Jurina was really excited to see Rena in the morning as usual but as she was walking up to greet the quiet melon pan lover she stopped saw what happened between Yuko and Rena. Jurina started to get angry and glared at the squirrel girl who just touched Rena in a way she could only hope to dream of.

‘What does she even think she’s doing to my Rena-chan?! Well, at least it seems like Takamina-sempai will set her straight. I should go and see if Rena-chan’s okay.’ Jurina thought before she went back to smiling and walking up to Rena.

“Rena-chan! How are you doing this lovely morning?” Jurina said as she hugged Rena grinning.

“Oh, hey Jurina-chan, I’m doing just fine. I was just reading this new manga I got yesterday. What about you?” Rena replied with a bright smile that caused Jurina to feel all warm inside.

“I’m doing great but my day is always great if I get to see you.” Jurina responded with a smirk that caused Rena to blush a little.

“Mou, Jurina-chan! How many times do I have to tell you to stop joking like that?” The shy girl said as she playfully hit the puppy girl on the arm.

Jurina just laughed apologetically and said she was sorry but was thinking something else, ‘I know she thinks I’m kidding cause of my player reputation but what I said is true… If only I could just tell you how much I loved you…’

The bell rang for the students to go to class and the two Matsui’s went to their individual classes thinking about the other. ‘I’m glad Yuko is willing to help me with my feelings for Jurina but I doubt that Jurina feels the same way about me. In the end all I’m doing is wishing for the impossible to happen.’ Rena thought to herself as class began and she started to take notes.
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Poor Wmidget... Being talk down...

Yeah... They are going on a date...

What kind of adventure are they going to get on?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

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Thats all Yuko!!! protect your midget woman!

Date~ Date~ I cant wait for that <3

jealous Minami is cute <3 and Yuko knows that xD Yuko sometimes is an "S" lol

Wmatsui stop to try to know what the other think!! Just talk and said how much love each other!

I can't wait to know the plan of Yuko, and the random bad girls will be characters with names? you know more than one apparition?

And you make me have more doubts about Paru xD
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Stupid girls....... Who the hell do you think you are??
That's it Yuko!!! Protect YOUR GIRL!!!!!
Takamina..... that's my girl, all seductive and aggressive !!!
I ca't wait for their date!!
Thank you for this update! :kneelbow:
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Mannn...How many chapter have i missed??~ Just great...
-But!!~ S-So cruel...How can they do that to the TakaYuu?!?!
-Both TakaYuu and AtsuMii is happy with each other!!~ Poor them...
-Thank god Yuko scared them away with her coolness and in return...
-She get to feel a lil bit of Takamina's lust for her...Getting awesome!!~
-Jurina!!~ Rena~ Take her word a little more serious!!~ I hope WMatsui to be happy~

>Anyway, plz update soon!!~ I can't wait for the next one!!~ Great chapter by the way!!!~
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Here is the list of classrooms and who are in it:
Bold are student council
Italicized are class reps
Strikethrough haven't been introduced yet
Underline are newspaper club members

1-A – Jurina & Churi, Mayuyu
1-B – Milky & Non, Kuumin
1-C – Paruru & Miorin, Lovetan
1-D – Haruppi & Sakura, Anya
Mariko’s Class 2-A - Sae & Sayaka, Yuko, Harunyan, Takamina, Acchan
2-B – Chiyuu & Tomochin, Yuihan
2-C – Miichan & Yukirin, Rena, Chihiro
2-D – Sayanee & Airin, Sasshi, Minarun
Junior High - Mio, Meru

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Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 12: Lunch Time and Teasing

It was lunch time again and everyone was back at the roof top just like the day before. Everyone had finally accepted Yuko into the group.

“So what are you all doing this weekend?” Sae asked as she tried to steal something from Sayaka’s lunch before getting smacked.

“I’m going to spend it at home studying with Ai-chan, Jurina-chan, Akane-chan, Kanon-chan, Kumi-chan, Paruru, and Milky. We’re going to have a sleepover at my house.” Mayuyu said with a smile while hugging Lovetan tightly.

Sasshi and Yukirin looked at the two girls jealous of their interaction with one another. Everyone noticed and looked at the two girls who caused Sasshi to look rejected and Yukirin’s black aura to show through.  The two just looked innocent but almost everyone could tell that they did what they did on purpose.

“Well, I plan to hang out with Airin.” Rena said with a smile on her face. Jurina couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of Airin.

Sae, Sayaka, Yukirin, and Yuihan all claimed to have family events to go to despite not wanting to go, while Sasshi had promised to help out some younger students with something important. Tomochin, Harunyan, and Chiyuu had nothing planned and would probably go shopping or something.  Acchan and Miichan said that they were going out of town and were sad they couldn’t go on a date then. This just left Takamina and Yuko to answer the question Sae asked.

“What about you, Yuko-chan? Anything special for you weekend.” Acchan asked with curious look on her face. The question caught Takamina off guard as she choked on her food a little.

Yuko patted Takamina’s back worried about her girlfriend who was coughing before getting a drink of water and saying she was okay.

“Geez, Takamina, what was that about?”  Yuko asked as she laughed relived that the smaller girl was okay.

“Sorry, I’m fine, was just a shocked is all. There’s no need to worry.” The small girl said with a sweet smile showing that what she said was true.

“Okay then, but you should be more careful. Anyway, tomorrow I’m going on my first date with Takamina here.” Yuko said as her face broke into a happy grin.

“Well that sounds like fun. I hope you two enjoy your time together. I wish I could go out on a date.” Miichan said pouting feeling envious of the two midgets.

“Why don’t you and Acchan just go on a date next weekend?” Takamina recommended as she tried to make her friend feel better.

“That’s sounds like fun… What do you think, Acchan?” Miichan asked with a pleading look in her eyes.

“Yeah, I think that would be nice.” Atsuko responded patting Miichan on the head with a smile that caused the latter to blush.

“Aww! You two are just so cute together!” Yuko said as she came up behind the two and hugged them ruining their moment.

“Mou, Yuuchan! Why did you do that?” Takamina said pouting cutely at Yuko who quickly jumped onto Takamina.

Yuko decided not to make her girlfriend feel left out and hugged her and kissed her cheek. “Oh, what’s this? Is Takamina jealous of my interactions with other girls and would rather have me all to herself?” Yuko said smirking teasing the shorter girl who just blushed.

“It’s not like that at all… I just meant you ruined their moment and that’s it.” The short girl said as she kept pouting and turned her head from Yuko’s.

“Minami-chan’s so selfish… Well, if you don’t want me I’m sure Nyan Nyan would enjoy my showing of love.” Yuko said as she let go of Takamina and got up to go to Harunyan who had her hands crossed in a X to show she didn’t want Yuko to.

As Yuko began to walk away she felt someone tug at her shirt. If anyone wasn’t paying attention before they were paying attention to the two girls now.

Yuko looked down to see Takamina staring up at her with sad pleading eyes as if asking to not be left alone.

The next few words that escaped Takamina’s mouth shocked everyone so much they stopped eating and stared, even Acchan. Takamina kept her eyes on Yuko as she spoke, “What do I have to do to make you stay here?”

Yuko thought of Takamina’s words as her face turned red and her mind wandered. ‘She’s willing to do anything to stay by my side. Oh, the things I could make her do; just thinking about it sends excitement through my body. Wait! Now is not the time to think like that but the more she looks at me like this the more I’m turned on. Hang on; I know what to do…’

Yuko leaned in and kissed Takamina tenderly before pulling away and hugging her. “You don’t have to do a thing but say that you love and are mine alone.” She said in a whisper into Takamina’s ear.

The smaller girl blushed even more and looked at Yuuchan shyly. “I love you with all my heart and am all yours.”

The way she said the words and her look was too much for Yuko who got a nosebleed and began to grin like the huge pervert she really was. Yuko quickly tried to stop the nosebleed and when she did her grin was still there just like before.

“I love you too, Minami-chan!” Yuko yelled loudly as she clung onto Takamina tightly before kissing her.

The two pulled away and giggled before everyone went back to their food happy to see the two happy. A lot of them envied the relationship Takamina and Yuko had; they seemed genuinely happy to be together.

As lunch came to a close and everyone had gone off to classes, WMidget decided to take their time since their next class was PE again. They were the last two on the roof and Yuko decided this would be perfect for some alone time.

“Hey, Takamina, I know I made you say what you did earlier but… I was just wondering if by chance you really do feel that way…” Yuko asked as she walked with Takamina behind her.

“Yes, I meant exactly what I said. I only want to be with Yuuchan!” Takamina said with a smile before she felt her body pinned between a wall and another body.

Yuko had begun to kiss Minami with a deep hunger. She felt the need to touch the shorter girl grow quickly. As their kiss continued Yuko decided to slip her tongue in Takamina mouth and fight with her tongue. The battle continued and Yuko became so caught up in the moment that she didn’t realize where her hands were as she groped and pressed harder against Minami who gasped.

Yuko quickly pulled away and took notice of a few things. First, Takamina’s hair and clothes were a little messed up but could easily be fixed and second her right hand was on the same girl’s chest.

Yuko’s face turned red and quickly let go apologizing like crazy for what happened before Takamina put a finger on the squirrel girl’s lips.

“Shh, it’s fine Yuuchan. I’m not mad at you for it but we should go to class before we become late.” Minami said showing she understood before she opened the door with Yuko starting to follow her.

“Okay… I’m glad I didn’t upset you.” Yuko said with a happy and bright smile that never failed to make Takamina’s heart race.

‘I can still feel her touch there. I wonder what it would feel like if without the clothes in the way…… Wait! What am I even thinking?! Oh God, my girlfriend has just turned me into a pervert. Well it’s not like anyone is going to know.’ Takamina thought to herself as she fixed her hair and clothes while Yuko and her walk to class.

When they walked in they went to their seats and waited for it to be PE. Acchan saw the look on Takamina’s face and became curious about what happened.

“Ah, it looks like Takamina is thinking perverted things.” Acchan said smirking at her best friend who just blushed.

The only person who knew all of Minami’s expressions was Atsuko who would always try to tease her about it.

“Shut up, Acchan… I’m just thinking about Yuko is all…” Takamina told her friend as she blushed knowing her best friend was right.

“I get it… You’re thinking of how she would look nude and how smooth her skin must be.” Acchan said slyly while smirking at her friend who turned even darker.

“N-No…” Minami responded weakly knowing she was losing their argument.

“I bet you are just imagining all the things you two could do. I mean you did say you would do anything to make her stay.” Acchan continued to tease her friend who dropped her head to her desk with a loud smack which caused their friends to come over.

“What’s going on here?” Yuko asked with Sae, Sayaka, and Harunyan next to her; all very curious.

“I have a question for you, Yuko; Cat girl Minami or Bunny girl Minami?” Acchan asked Yuko whose face turned serious. Minami looked surprised by what Acchan said and that Yuko was actually thinking serious about it.

“What about Nurse Takamina?” Sae chimed in happy to add to the conversation.

“Or Maid Takamina?” Sayaka added curious to know Yuko’s answer.

“How about we add Business Woman Takamina in?” Harunyan said in a happy and airheaded way.

“Hmmmmmm….. All seem so great that it’s really hard to choose just one. So I’ll rank them! First would be Business Woman Takamina, then Cat Girl Minami, next would be Maid Takamina, fourth would be Nurse Takamina, and last place would be Bunny Girl Minami. But Takamina would look good in all of them probably.” Yuko said with a smirk as she place a hand on her girlfriends back a rubbed it making her feel a little better.

“How about you, Minami, what would you like to see Yuko as?” Sae asked grinning like a manic at her friend.

“You all just like to see me suffer, don’t you?” Takamina said with her head back down on the desk.

“While yes we do love to torture you, I’m very curious to know the answer. So, what is it?” Acchan said learning on her friend’s desk.

“I guess I’ll tell you… First would be…Nurse Yuko. Second, I guess would be Maid Yuko. Third would have to be Business Girl Yuuchan. I guess I would put Bunny Girl Yuko at fourth. Then Cat Girl Yuko as last place… But I guess Yuko would look great in all of the choices.” Takamina said not picking her head up at all.

“Well, maybe one day you’ll find out…” Yuko said with a smirk before giving her girlfriend a kiss on the cheek and going to her seat as Mariko walked in to the room and told everyone to get read y for gym.

As everyone started to leave Yuko and Takamina held hands and left with Takamina still very red Yuko grinning like the pervert she is.

Haruna started to follow the crowd before Mariko stopped her. “I heard what you girls were talking about. So, what are your choices for me?” Mariko said with a smirk as she held on to Harunyan’s wrist tightly showing the girl that she wasn’t going to go until she answered the question.

“Well, I think I would like to see Maid Mariko the most. With Bunny Girl Mari-chan in second place and then Nurse Mariko in third. My next choice has to be Cat Girl Mariko and last would go to Business Girl Mariko.” Harunyan said in a way that seemed like she thought a lot about it before.

“Wow… I didn’t think to get an answer immediately. Well, I’ll tell you my answer later.” Mariko said giving Haruna a light kiss before heading out leaving Haruna there alone.

‘Is it that weird to think about…? Oh well, better head to gym before I’m late.’ Harunyan thought before walking out the door with a happy smile on her face.
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Co-plays huh?


Ah Takayuu are so cute and sweet together

What's going to happen in thier date next?

Can't wait

Thank you for the update

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I can relate to Yuko. If someone asked me that question I wouldn't be able to hold myself back.
TakaYuu are so cute together!!! Yuko can be really sweet.
The scene on the rooftop...... I want MORE!!!
Next is their date and next is *you know what*! (why am I so demanding for the sex scenes?! Oh... I know... because I'm even more pervert than Yuko. :D)
Thank you and update soon! :kneelbow:
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Takayuu kawaii!!!!!yuko u pervert groping takamina :thumbup :inlove: :inlove:
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Awws this chapter was funny and cute xD poor Minami, everyone torture her lol

No advance with the wmatsui ;-; but sasshi and Yukirin jealous are scary D:

So... everyone here is a pervert the difference with Yuko is that Yuko is a pervert who admit it xDD

I'm waiting to see the random (insert here bad words) girls part in the story
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-Dahaha!!~ That is the best~ *sadist on* Man~ I wish i can see more of Acchan...
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Here is the list of classrooms and who are in it:
Bold are student council
Italicized are class reps
Strikethrough haven't been introduced yet
Underline are newspaper club members

1-A – Jurina & Churi, Mayuyu, Suuchan, Annin
1-B – Milky & Non, Kumin , Harukyan, Ranran, Mariyagi
1-C – Paruru & Miorin, Lovetan, Shihorin, Juri, Ricchan
1-D – Haruppi & Sakura, Anya, Reinya, Maria
Mariko’s Class 2-A - Sae & Sayaka, Yuko, Harunyan, Takamina, Acchan
2-B – Chiyuu & Tomochin, Yuihan, Akicha, Mocchi
2-C – Miichan & Yukirin, Rena, Chihiro, KitaRie, Umechan
2-D – Sayanee & Airin, Sasshi, Minarun, Amina, Myao
Junior High – Mio, Meru

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Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 13: The End Of The Day

Everyone was in gym hanging out and happy. The coach told the students that today they were combining classes with class 2-D. Everyone was very excited as the other class showed up.

“Hey you guys!” Sasshi yelled loudly before running up to her friends with Airin following her.

“Oh! I forgot you were in this class for a second there Sasshi.” Acchan said much to Sasshi’s disappointment.

“You can’t be serious! Why does everyone pick on me?” The sad girl yelled and fell dramatically.

“Oi! You’re not the only one you know.” Takamina said as she comforted the girl before being dragged into a hug; kissing her on the cheek despite the protest.

Yuko became jealous as soon as she saw what Sasshi did. “Hey, don’t forget that her girlfriend is standing right here.” Yuko said as she glared at Sasshi intently who let go as soon as she looked at the jealous squirrel and ran behind Harunyan.

Yuko helped Takamina up who fixed her outfit before she looked at the other girls in Sasshi and Airin’s class. Her eyes stopped on three girls before she asked Sasshi a question.

“Hey Sasshi, do you know who those three girls over there are?” She asked pointing the three girls who were bulling Yuko and her earlier.

Sasshi looked over to where the short girl was pointing. “Oh! Those girls are Oba Mina, Miyazaki Miho and Sato Amina. Oba Mina goes by Minarun while Miyazaki Miho goes by Myao and Sato Amina goes by Amina. Why did you want to know?” Sasshi asked after answering the question.

“They were picking on Yuuchan and me this morning for dating. That is until Yuko punch that Oba girl in the face.” Takamina said while trying to figure out why they were doing that.

“Ah, so that’s how Minarun got that bruise… Well, that doesn’t surprise me since they always were asking me if you and Acchan were dating. For some reason they really wanted to see you to together… Anyway, there’s a girl I want you to meet Yuko.” Sasshi said before running off to a girl with short hair and bringing her over.

“Sayanee, this is Yuko. Yuko, meet Sayanee.” Sasshi said introducing the two girls.

“Hello, my name is Oshima Yuko. Please call me Yuko. I think I’ve heard you mention by Milky before.” Yuko said before bowing politely.

The other girl however froze a hearing the name Milky a look of horror came across her face before she regained her composure and introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Yamamoto Sayaka but I like to be called Sayanee. If you don’t mind me asking, how do you know Milky?” She asked very cautious.

“I’m in the newspaper club with her. Why do you ask?” Yuko responded as she heard chuckles behind her from her friends.

“She’s always at my games cheering me on loudly and clings to me when she has the chance… The first article they did on our game in the newspaper was done all by her and she wrote pretty much the whole thing about me. Because of her now I have all these fangirls who won’t leave me alone but she’s probably the worst one of all of them.” Sayanee said in such a rush of words that Yuko was lucky to catch them.

Yuko just comforted the girl who looked frustrated at the world and irritated at just the thought of Milky. As they all started to talk and everything Minarun and her friends walked up to the group.

“Hey, I know you probably don’t like me and everything but I’m sorry for what I said earlier… I thought about it and I know I was in the wrong but I really thought Atsuko-san and Takamina-san would start dating. However, we’ve decided to support you’re relationships and not try to interfere.” Minarun said before she and her friends bowed.

Yuko just looked at the girls intensely before she finally said something, “I accept your apologies and I’m sorry for punching you… But Ohori-sensei made you all do this after you went to her to tell on me right?”

“How did you know?” Myao asked kind of surprised.

“Cause I know her too well… I’m sure you’ve heard that I’ve grown up with her being like a second mom to me… Or more like a grandmother…” Yuko responded causing the girls to laugh at her words.

“I didn’t actually think that rumor was true, but I did hear you’re a major perv that got into many fight and harassed many girls at other schools before coming here.” Amina said thinking about what was said before by other students.

“While yes I am a major pervert I only harass Takamina now.” Yuko said with a grin on her face as she grabbed Takamina’s butt earning a squeak and blush from the girl before getting her hand slapped away.

“You’re alright, Oshima. I think we will all get along just fine.” Amina said grinning and throwing her arm around Yuko’s neck.

They all started to have conversations before the gym teacher finally came and class actually began. The time passed by and class was over with everyone heading to the showers.

Yuko tried her best not look at Takamina but couldn’t help but notice that they girl kept stealing glances at her which made her want to look more. After they were done they walked off to class before everyone.

“Hey just so you know Takamina as sneaky as you think you are I knew you were looking at me. You don’t have to do that you know. I’m okay if you look at my body I’m not going to stop you.” Yuko said as she turned to Minami with a smirk on her face.

Takamina blushed and kept her head down not wanting to Yuko to see her face as she spoke. “If I’m able to look at Yuuchan’s body then… Yuuchan can look at mine.”

Yuko eyes grew wide as she stopped walking. Takamina noticed this and stopped and turned around wondering what was wrong. “Yuko… Are you okay?” She asked looking at Yuko.

Yuko snapped back to reality and hugged Takamina tightly with a huge grin on her face. “You have no idea how happy you just made me!” She said before pulling back and running off to class dragging the smaller girl behind her.

The rest of the day was uneventful and it was finally the end of the day which meant time for clubs. The two girls decided that one would mail the other when they were done.

“Hey everyone! How are you all doing?” Yuko asked as she walked into the room with everyone already there.

“We’re all doing fine. Well maybe not Paruru over there… She keeps complaining about Yui’s cat.” Milky said pointing at Paruru who kept grumbling.

“I’m just saying that she spoils that cat too much… It’s not like I’m jealous that every time I go over to her house she’s paying more attention to the cat than me.” Paru said frowning and glaring out the window.

“Sure you’re not…” Milky said before turning away and back to her work.

“I SAID I’M NOT!!!” Paruru yelled loudly while glaring at Milky harshly who just turned away.

Yuko decided to look at the old articles everyone wrote before she started to go there. She found the article that Sayanee was talking about and couldn’t help but laugh as she read it.

Everyone did their thing with Yuko helping everyone out a little. They were all focused and were working hard when they suddenly heard a knock on the door.

“Come on in!” Paru yelled not feeling like getting the door.

A small and cute girl walked in with a smile on her face. “Oh, it’s you, Sakura-chan.” Paruru said looking up before going back to work.

“Hey Sakura-chan, I’ll be done second.” Anya said as she continued on her article with Yuko helping her.

Sakura walked over to where Anya and Yuko were to see what was going on. “So, what exactly are you working on here?”

“Oh, Yuko-san here and I are just going through my article for Monday’s newspaper is all.” Anya replied as she motioned to Yuko who waved at the girl.

Yuko introduced herself again like usual. ‘I think I’m getting use to this whole introducing myself thing.’

“It’s very nice to meet you, Oshima-san. I’m Miyawaki Sakura and am in class 1-D with Haruppi and Anya. I’m also the other class rep.” Sakura said as she smiled sweetly and bowed.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too. Are you in a club as well?” Yuko asked as she continued to help Anya who was almost done.

“Ah, yes I’m in the drama club.” Sakura answered her smile not leaving her face.

“She’s a really good actress! I would say she’s one of the best I’ve ever seen! Also, I’m done!” Anya said with a huge smile on her face.

“First of all, I’m not even close to being one of the best and second just because you are done does not mean that the club meeting is over with.” Sakura said scolding the hyper girl who just pouted.

“Well, actually today’s meeting is over with now so she can go ahead and go.” Paru said after being quiet for so long.

“Well if that’s the case then let’s go home together Anya!” Sakura changed her tone to a happy one as she grabbed Anya’s hand and dragged her out the door.

“Ah, those two really are children... Don’t you agree, Yuko-chan?” Paru asked after the two left.

“Yeah, they seem so carefree.” Yuko said nodding her head in agreement.

“Ah, youth…” The two said together before smiling and laughing together.

Yuko began to gather her things smiling before she headed out the door. However, when she got to the door she turned around and smiled at Paruru sincerely before saying, “I wouldn’t worry about Yuihan’s cat being in your way and if Yui won’t pay attention to you make her… I hope you have a good weekend, I have to go find my cute and fun to tease girlfriend!”

After Yuko and the others left Paru couldn’t get Yuko’s words out of her head. ‘I know exactly how I could make her jealous if I really had to…’ Paru thought to herself as she went home for that day.

Takamina got a text from Yuko saying that she was heading to the student council room and would be waiting for her outside. She then decided to check the time and decided that they had accomplished enough for the day and that they could go home.

When Yuko had finally arrived all the student council members were gone except Takamina who was waiting right at the door for her.

“Hey Takamina, are you ready to go?” Yuko asked as she approached her girlfriend who seemed really happy.

“Yeah I’m ready.” Takamina said as she walked to Yuko before giving her a little kiss.

“You’ve really become more affectionate lately.” Yuko said grinning as they left the school grounds.

“I guess it’s all your fault then. Anyway I saw how jealous you were of Sasshi earlier, so cute~!” Takamina said as she poked the squirrel girl’s arm teasingly.

“Hey! That was not my fault how was I supposed to know that would happen let alone you didn’t really try to push her away…” The taller of the two said while pouting.

“I wanted to see Yuuchan get jealous for once… You’re so amazing that I’m scared that someone’s going to come and steal you away…” Takamina said with worried look on her face.

The two stopped walking at the park they would walk through to get home. Takamina tried hard not to look too worried about it but failed. Yuko cupped the smaller girl’s cheek making said girl look at her.

“I understand… I’m scared that you’re going to leave me as well. You might not see it be you’re beautiful and amazing that the thought of you dating me before seemed so impossible that I had no idea you would ever feel the same way. I’m still in disbelief in all honesty… But I really do love you and don’t plan to leave anytime soon if ever…” Yuko said with a soft and loving look on her face before she leaned in and gave her insecure girlfriend a slow kiss which was gladly returned.

The two broke apart and caught their breath before Takamina decided to speak. “I love you too Yuuchan… I hope we will be together for a long time to come.” She said with a bright smile on her face that warmed Yuko’s heart.

The two then continued their walk home before reached Takamina’s home and said goodbye for the night both very excited to see what their date the next day would bring.
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Well Takayuu school lives going to calm down a bit...

Well only with the bully..,

What kind of co-play..hope it's takamina dress like Kai or something like that...

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A really relaxed chapter -w- I'm really happy <3

Ooh so, the bullying girls are good now, thats good, you know, they dont want more punches of Yuko, those are really hurting xD

Yuihan, you need to give more attention to Paru, I want to know how Paru will make Yuihan jealous >w<

So the next one is about the date? I'm waiting that >w< 
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Oh~ This...What a happy chapter for me~
-Geh!!~ So the girls are Minarun, Myao and Amina!!~
-I see...But glad that they're in a good terms now...Yes, yes...
-Aw~ Poor my lil' oshi, Paru~ Get her back Paru!!~ Instead of AtsuMii~
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I actually like Mina and don't want her to be a biatch... xD
And really Takamina is really affectionate I thought she is always gonna be so shy...
Can't wait for their date!!
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Here is the list of classrooms and who are in it:
Bold are student council
Italicized are class reps
Strikethrough haven't been introduced yet
Underline are newspaper club members

1-A – Jurina & Churi, Mayuyu, Suuchan, Annin
1-B – Milky & Non, Kumin , Harukyan, Ranran, Mariyagi
1-C – Paruru & Miorin, Lovetan, Shihorin, Juri, Ricchan
1-D – Haruppi & Sakura, Anya, Reinya, Maria
Mariko’s Class 2-A - Sae & Sayaka, Yuko, Harunyan, Takamina, Acchan
2-B – Chiyuu & Tomochin, Yuihan, Akicha, Mocchi
2-C – Miichan & Yukirin, Rena, Chihiro, KitaRie, Umechan
2-D – Sayanee & Airin, Sasshi, Minarun, Amina, Myao
Junior High – Mio, Meru

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Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 14: The Big First Date

The weekend had finally come and it was the day of Takamina and Yuko’s first date. The two girls had been so excited the previous night that they had barely slept.

“Ah… What time is it?” Yuko said to herself after waking up and looked at her alarm clock. It read 8:30am causing the girl to get up and get ready for her day.

‘I’m so excited to spend the whole day on a date with my wonderful Takamina. I wonder what she will wear…’ Yuko thought as went off to take a shower.

At the same time Yuko was getting ready Minami was as well. The two took their time but both were very nervous that they had to pick out there clothes the night before being able to sleep.

After the clock showed it was 5 minutes until 10 Yuko decided to head out informing her mom that she might be late and would call if she needed to.

Yuko walked up to the door wearing her casual clothes and took a deep breath before mustering a smile and rang the doorbell.

Takamina heard the doorbell ring and went to get it but before she even could her little brother had already opened it.

“Hello, is Takamina home?” Yuko asked the boy who seemed to be looking her up and down.

“Yes she is, and who might you be?” The boy said in a flirtatious tone that made Yuko feel like hitting him.

Takamina couldn’t stand seeing her brother flirt with her girlfriend so she walked up and grabbed Yuko’s hand before kissing her cheek and talking to her brother. “This is my girlfriend, Oshima Yuko. That means no flirting with her, got that?”

The boy looked between the two girls seriously before smiling and walking over to the TV leaving the two alone.

“So, are you ready to go?” Yuko asked grinning at the small girl who looked cute in her outfit.

“Yeah I’m ready. Hey Mom, I’ll be back later I’m going on my date now.” Takamina yelled back at her mom who just replied okay before the two girls left the place together.

The two stayed silent before Yuko felt the need to talk was too strong to ignore. “You look great Takamina.” She said smiling with her cheeks a slightest pink.

“Thank you, you look beautiful as well.” Takamina said returning the look happily.

They walked to the mall and decided to go to a simple clothing shop. “This looks cute don’t you think Yuko!” Takamina said while holding a pale pink skirt. Yuko imagined Minami wearing it and thought about how cute it would look on her.

“Yeah I bet you would look good in it.” Yuko said with a smirk causing the other girl to look down blushing.

“No, I’m not girly or cute enough to pull this off…” Takamina said keeping her head down and putting the skirt back.

Yuko looked at Minami and smiled before taking her chin and making her look at the sweet smile on the squirrel girl’s face. “I think you’re cute enough so if you want it just get it. Just be you…” She said before giving Takamina a kiss.

The two then decided to go look at hair things and accessories. As soon as Minami saw the ribbons and bows she walked over to them to see what they had.

“Wow, they have an amazing selection here don’t you think, Yuuchan?” Minami said very excited as continued to look.

Yuko chuckled a little at the small girl’s reaction. ‘It’s so cute how excited she gets from ribbons. She’s just cute in general; I wish she could see it…’ Yuko thought as she watched Takamina look around at the ribbons like at child in a candy store.

After they were finish shopping at the store the two went to get something to eat. Somehow Minami convinced Yuko to get her katsudon but in return the perverted squirrel got to pick the next place. As Takamina was eating Yuko was thinking of a place to go to. She thought really hard when suddenly an idea pooped in to her head she had a happy grin on her face as she looked at Takamina.

“So, have you decided where we’re going?” Takamina asked Yuko as she finished her lunch happily.

“Oh yes, I know the perfect place to go but I won’t tell you until went get there.” Yuko said getting up with Takamina after paying happily. She didn’t mind paying since she was just about to get something more than money.

The two walked to their next destination with Yuko leading and Takamina asking questions about where they happened to be going. Yuko stopped walking and before she could stop herself she began grinning.

Takamina noticed this and looked at where the taller girl was looking at. Her face changed from a look of curiosity to a look of shock. “Why did you choose here?” She asked her face turning red.

“Well you said I could choose where we go next.” Yuko said turning to Takamina a grin very much on her face.

“But why here couldn’t we go anywhere but here…” Takamina said while pouting in response.

“Would you rather we go to a love hotel?” Yuko asked with questioning but perverted look.

“No… Fine, let’s just go in and get this over with.” Minami said as she took the squirrel-like girl’s hand and walked in the store with a look of both embarrassment and slight anger.

The store in question that the perverted squirrel chose was none other than a lingerie store much to the short girl’s displeasure.

“Yuko, will you at least tell why we’re here?” The shorter midget asked the taller one trying hard to hide her discomfort and failing.

Yuko smirked before winking at her girlfriend who blushed and looked away. “I want to pick out some cute and sexy lingerie I approve of for my girlfriend.” She said like it was the most normal thing in the world to say.

Takamina hit Yuko upside the head as her anger rose higher. “There is nothing wrong with my underwear I have now.” She said glaring at Yuko.

“Really now… I bet it’s all plain white or has little cute characters and hearts on them.” Yuko said messing with Takamina who just blushed in response.

Yuko noticed her reaction and couldn’t help but laugh at the poor shorter girl who continued to turn red. “You’ve got to be kidding me! I’m definitely buying you some now and if it makes you feel better you can buy me some.”

Takamina’s face was as red as a tomato as Yuko took her hand and began dragging her off somewhere. “I swear you will never choose the place we go to ever again.”

As Yuko began looking around trying to find something for Minami the latter was barely looking for something for her perverted squirrel of a girlfriend.

“I want to see this on you and maybe this one too!” Yuko said as she held a pink and black lace combo bra and panties and a dark purple combo up to Takamina.

“You’re enjoying this way too much you know…” Minami said as she continued to search ignoring Yuko.

“Yeah I know! Anyways, I’ve decided I’ll get you both!” Yuko said with another perverted grin on her face.

Takamina picked out a red and black combo one and a simple light blue combo for Yuko. The next place they went to was an anime store and looked around. Afterwards they were both very tired of walking and decided to go see a movie.

After the movie they went for a walk in the park and sat down at a bench by the hill Takamina first saw Yuko at. “Hey Yuuchan, did you know that I saw you for the first time on that hill over there?” Takamina said as she laid her head on Yuko’s shoulder with a small smile.

“No I didn’t… I usually go there when I need to clear my head. I’m glad to have met you.” Yuko responded as she held Takamina’s hand and closed her eyes. They sat there quiet for a long while just basking in the comfort of the other.

“I love you, Yuuchan.” Takamina said as she turned her head to look Yuko in the eyes.

They leaned in closer and when they were just centimeters apart Yuko responded back in a whisper, “I love you too, Takamina.”

The kiss was sweet and short, as the two pulled apart and looked at each other they both moved in for another kiss this time with more passion as all their love was poured into it.

Yuko resisted the urge to grope Minami as they were in public and she didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. However the smaller girl didn’t seem to care and her hand was on the other girl’s thigh as she squeezed it a little.

“Ah, well it seems that someone is a little excited…” Yuko said as she pulled away with a smirk before she started to kiss Minami’s neck.

Minami turned red for like the millionth time that day. She pressed her body close to Yuko’s as the taller girl bit her neck a little causing her to moan.

Yuko’s hands were around Takamina’s waist as the other had her arms around the taller girl’s neck. They held each other really close afterwards.

“This was really a wonderful first date…” Takamina said with a happy and content smile.

“Yeah… Hey, I have something I want you to do.” Yuko said as she looked at Minami with a little smirk.

“What is it? I’ll decide to do it or not after you tell me.” Minami said being cautious as she got up from her spot and stretched.

The taller of the two pulled the shorter one into her lap before whispering softly, “When we decide to take our relationship to the next step, will you wear one of the lingerie I bought you?” Yuko then bit the poor girl’s neck and kissed it a little bit.

Takamina shivered before leaning into Yuko as she thought about it for a while. “Fine… but don’t you dare tell anyone about this.”

“Of course not… it’s our little secret! You are so cute and comfortable.” Yuko said in response to Minami as she pulled her in closer snuggling into the other girl’s neck happily.

“We should go I mean it’s getting late and I don’t want to worry my mom.” Takamina said while getting up and pulling Yuko with her.

“I guess you’re right but I don’t want Monday to come since everyone will just ask questions.”  Yuko said as she took Takamina’s hand and they started back home.

“Yeah… Acchan’s going to be on interrogation with Miichan pestering us about everything.” Takamina said in response with a small giggle as they walked home happily.
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Perverted squirrel strikes again..  :lol:

Choosing lingerie for Takamina...  :lol:

Can't wait for the next chapter...
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Yuko is a pervert xDDD

omg this was awesome lol

I want to know about Yuko past, I think that you have something there~
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Once a pervert always a pervert.. xD
Choosing lingerie for your girlfriend on you first date.. nice Yuko... nice
I love the make out scene like always!
Thank you for this update! :kneelbow:
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Lovely and sweet date they were having

Yuko such a perv... And a teaser...

Minami was so cute getting excite over small things...

Well the next part is going to be the festival right?

May be after Atsuko and Miichan interrogate them?

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to see what you are going to make for the festival

Thank you for the update

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Aw...What a fun, sweet, relaxing and funny chapter~
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Ahh! The fluff, the cuteness, the pervy-ness! /slap  :lol:

I really love where this is going! Please take your time on making the fanfic, it's really amazing! Can't wait for the next update! :)

I wonder if Takamina will ever wear the lingerie set Yuko bought for her... We'll see... *evil laugh*

Anyways, great chapter! Take your time on updating the next one! :)
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Takamina!dun ever think u are not cute! :O2 because u are...
Yuko u perv choosing lingere for takamina :drool: :drool: :heart: :hip smile:
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Here is the list of classrooms and who are in it:
Bold are student council
Italicized are class reps
Strikethrough haven't been introduced yet
Underline are newspaper club members

1-A – Jurina & Churi, Mayuyu, Suuchan, Annin
1-B – Milky & Non, Kumin , Harukyan, Ranran, Mariyagi
1-C – Paruru & Miorin, Lovetan, Shihorin, Juri, Ricchan
1-D – Haruppi & Sakura, Anya, Reinya, Maria
Mariko’s Class 2-A - Sae & Sayaka, Yuko, Harunyan, Takamina, Acchan
2-B – Chiyuu & Tomochin, Yuihan, Akicha, Mocchi
2-C – Miichan & Yukirin, Rena, Chihiro, KitaRie, Umechan
2-D – Sayanee & Airin, Sasshi, Minarun, Amina, Myao
Junior High – Mio, Meru

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Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 15: Yuko's Old Friend

It has been a few weeks since Takamina and Yuko’s first date. Everything was calm and everyone got along very well. But sadly the calm wouldn’t last that long since it was a week before the first trimester exams which meant no club meetings for a whole week.

Takamina was currently in the classroom with the others studying hard but her mind kept wandering like crazy throwing her thought process off completely. No matter what her mind kept going to her squirrel-like girlfriend causing her to sigh for the millionth time that day.

‘Why does she have to be so cute? She always knows how to get me without knowing she’s even got me. I just can’t wait to feel her lips on mine again or her hands on my body…’ Takamina thought to herself as she zoned out not noticing Yuko sneaking up on her.

“Hey, my lovely little midget, do you need any help on studying again?” Yuko asked as she threw her arms around Minami nuzzling into her neck.

Takamina relaxed as soon as she heard Yuko’s voice, “You’re not much taller than me, you know… But yeah, I’m having a hard time studying and there are only three more days not counting the weekend before finals. However, when you’re around I seem to be able to study more…” She said blushing and leaning into Yuko’s hold.

“Well, how about we study together these last few days together since it’ll be easier than for you. Also, if you do well on the exams I’ll take you on a date wherever you want to go.” Yuko said as she let go of Takamina grabbed a chair to sit next to her.

“That sounds great but I always get so nervous during the test…” Minami said remembering her nerves during test.

“Well, it seems that when around me you relax and do very well… Maybe when you feel your nerves starting to get to you, you could imagine me cheering you on!” Yuko said before kissing Takamina’s red cheek.

“I guess I could try if I needed to…” The smaller off the two said turning away blushing even more causing Yuko to cling onto her happily.

The bell suddenly rang signifying the end of class and start of lunch much to most of the students’ relief. The group started to walk to their spot when suddenly they heard something.

“Yuko-chan~!” A random girl shouted before pouncing on the poor perverted squirrel girl and biting her ear.

Yuko quickly pushed the girl off and got up with the help of Takamina who held her protectively while girl at the mystery girl.

“What the heck was that for?!” Yuko yelled before looking clearly at the girl who ambushed and running and hugging the girl happily.

“You’re still very strong Yuko!” The attacker said with a smile as they pulled away.

“And you still have an ear fetish…” Yuko said in response to the girl who tried to look all innocent.

“Um… Yuko, could you introduce us to your friend here before Takamina decides to go on a killing spree?” Acchan said with a concerned look at her friend who looked like she was out for blood.

“Hm? Oh yeah, sorry you all… I got caught up in the moment of seeing my old friend here. Anyways, this is my old friend who went to one of my old schools before we both got kicked out for harassing the other students.” Yuko said as she introduced the girl who had attacked her earlier.

“Hi, sorry if I freaked you all out… It’s just I missed Yuko so much! Anyway my name is Kuramochi Asuka but you can call me Mocchi if you want and I’m in class 2-B! It’s nice to meet you all!” The girl said with a sweet smile before bowing politely.

Everyone introduced themselves before it got to Takamina who tried her best not to kill this girl. “I’m sure you know me since I’m the student council president but I will go ahead and introduce myself. I’m Takahashi Minami but almost everyone calls me Takamina. I’m in class 2-A with Yuko and am also her girlfriend.” She said before pulling Yuko close and holding her possessively.

“Don’t worry Takamina-san; I don’t plan to steal her from you… In fact I have no idea how you can deal with her and all her perversions.” Kuramochi said giggling at how the girl was acting.

“I don’t know how I do either but you know, Yuuchan not being a pervert isn’t Yuuchan at all… I think I love her just the way she is!” Takamina said with a smile as she hugged Yuko who blushed for some reason.

Asuka, Miichan and Acchan noticed this and decided to tease the two girls while they had the chance.

“Awww! I’ve never seen Yuko blush like that before in my life! I feel like a proud parent watching her child grow.” Mocchi said while wiping fake tears away from her eyes with AtsuMii joining in.

“I know the feeling… Miichan, when did our sweet Takamina grow up so much?” Atsuko asked as she held Miichan crying dramatically.

“I don’t know but we must let our Takamina continue to grow up! Yuko-san, you have to promise to take care of Takamina for us from now on!” Miichan said turning to Yuko while still holding Acchan as she joined her in tears.

“I will do my very best!” Yuko said in response grinning as she noticed Takamina getting irritated while she ignored Mocchi’s comment.

“You two stop acting like my parents! Anyway, why don’t you just join us for lunch Kuramochi-chan?” Takamina asked Yuko’s friend wanting to get to know her more.

“Sure, that sounds like fun!” Mocchi said smiling before following the group to their spot.

Up on the roof top the group was doing what they usually did. Yukirin was spoiling Mayuyu, Jurina was flirting with Rena who just acted like it was nothing, Lovetan seemed a little sad about something and there was an awkward air around her and Sasshi, Paruru was pouting as Yuihan began telling Milky and her about what her cat did, Airin was drawing a picture of everyone with Churi watching her, Kumin and Non were acting all lovey-dovey with one another as were Sae and Sayaka, Tomochin, Chiyuu, and Harunyan were all discussing about the latest fashions, while Takamina, Acchan, and Miichan, were listening to Mocchi’s stories about Yuko.

Yuko trying to ignore Mocchi decided to ask Sasshi and Aika what was wrong. They just looked at each other for a moment before becoming quiet. Yuko thought that she probably wasn’t going to get an answer and was going to talk with the others before she heard Sasshi speak, “We broke up…”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the two who were acting withdrawn. “When did that happen?” Mayuyu asked concerned about her best friend.

“Yesterday… We both agreed to go our separate ways but stay friends, right Sasshi?” Lovetan said with a small smile.

“Yeah… We will still be friends. I mean it’s not like we hate each other we just want to be friends at the moment.” Sasshi said smiling a sad smile trying her best not to cry.

Yuko decided to talk to Sasshi alone for a little while in hopes to make her feel better. “Sashihara-chan, I want you to answer honestly, kay? Did you break up with Lovetan or was it the other way around?” Yuko asked seriously with concern in her voice.

“She broke up with me… She said that there was someone else she had feelings for… But she told me she would love to stay friends and so I agreed. Yuko-san why is heartbreak so hard?” Rino asked before she broke into tears and hugged Yuko who returned it.

After a little while Sasshi calmed down and the two went back to the others. Everything had been worked out and lunch went back to normal.

“So Mocchi, how old were you and Yuko when you two met?” Acchan ask as she continued to eat her lunch focusing more on that than the actual question asked.

“We met in our first year as Junior High students! Also despite how she acts now Yuko was a kind of quiet girl until we were in the middle of our second year… I don’t know what caused her to start acting like that but she said it had to do with a new friend she met.” Asuka said with a content smile as she remembered how they met.

“Stop staring off like that… It looks creepy and makes you look old.” Yuko said pushing her old friend playfully.

“But it seems you’ve come a long way since we were in junior high… I’m glad you’ve made some friends here.” Mocchi said as she ruffled Yuko’s hair a little before she began talking to the other girls.

‘I’m so happy you’ve found someone you love like how I once loved you…’ Mocchi thought with a small smile at Yuko and Takamina before she turned back to the others.

Yuko noticed that Takamina was quiet and seemed to have something on her mind that was bothering her. “Are you okay, Takamina?” Yuko asked with a concerned tone as she held Takamina’s hand.

“Yeah, I was just thinking…” Takamina said in a small voice keeping her head down.

“Do you want to tell me what it was about?” Yuko asked as she squeezed her girlfriend’s hand hoping to reassure her.

“I’ll tell later on the way home.” The smaller girl responded before kissing Yuko’s cheek and lunch ended.

‘I know that I shouldn’t worry about Yuko and that Mocchi girl but I didn’t really think that Yuko was really close to anyone before we met… I just don’t want to lose her.’ Takamina thought as she walked to class with Yuko next to her.

The day ended fast and the two girls went over to Takamina’s house for their study date. Yuko was still curious about what the smaller girl was worried about when she finally decided to ask her when they were done studying. “Hey Minami, you said you would tell me what was wrong earlier.” Yuko said as she looked at Takamina intensely.

“I guess I’m just a little worried that you’ll leave me for Kuramochi-san… Also, the stress from all the studying and testing coming up might be bothering me.” Takamina said with a sigh feeling a little better talking to Yuko about what was wrong.

“You don’t have to worry about Mocchi! There was a time when we were younger and she asked me out but I turned her down. I really love you, Minami. What do I have to do to prove it to you?” Yuko asked as she got close and cupped Takamina’s cheek.

Takamina blushed and suddenly felt loved and like Yuko would never betray her. “You don’t have to do a thing.” She said before she leaned in and kissed Yuko passionately.

Takamina pushed Yuko to the floor and started to run her fingers over Yuko’s body causing the girl to shudder a little. Yuko felt something go up her shirt and decided to pull away to catch her breath and to look at Takamina.

Takamina got worried that Yuko didn’t want her to continue and so she stopped her hand which was lying on Yuko’s bare stomach. “Do you want me to stop, Yuko?” She asked concerned that she stepped over a line.

“N-no… I-it’s fine. You just shocked me a little.” Yuko said before wrapping her arms around Minami’s neck and pulling her in for another kiss.

Yuko felt Takamina’s hand travel up slowly before she finally reached the squirrel-like girl’s right breast and groped her. Yuko gasped and pulled away but held Takamina against her. She bit her lip trying her best not to moan when suddenly she felt pleasure flowing from her neck to the rest of her body. Yuko moaned slightly and realized right then that Takamina had bit her neck.

After a few more kisses and touching Yuko had to go home but they made a promise to study together the next day. ‘I hope Minami’s won’t think I’ll leave her anytime soon… I really do love her she just makes me feel so loved and cherished.’ Yuko thought right before falling asleep.

‘Yuko’s right I shouldn’t worry about her and Kuramochi’s relationship. Hmmm…. Mom and little bro are going to be at Grandma’s next weekend maybe Yuko would want to come over and stayed the night… I’ll ask her when I have the chance.’ Takamina thought to herself before falling asleep as well.
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Here is the list of classrooms and who are in it:
Bold are student council
Italicized are class reps
Strikethrough haven't been introduced yet
Underline are newspaper club members

1-A – Jurina & Churi, Mayuyu, Suuchan, Annin, Yukarun
1-B – Milky & Non, Kumin, Harukyan, Ranran, Mariyagi
1-C – Paruru & Miorin, Lovetan, Shihorin, Juri, Ricchan
1-D – Haruppi & Sakura, Anya, Reinya, Maria, Hillary
Mariko’s Class 2-A - Sae & Sayaka, Yuko, Harunyan, Takamina, Acchan
2-B – Chiyuu & Tomochin, Yuihan, Akicha, Mocchi
2-C – Miichan & Yukirin, Rena, Chihiro, KitaRie, Umechan
2-D – Sayanee & Airin, Sasshi, Minarun, Amina, Myao
Junior High – Mio, Meru

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Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 16: Oblivious Love

The next day nothing really happened until lunch time. Minarun, Myao, and Amina asked to join the group for lunch as did Miorin, Sayanee, and Mocchi. The group was now up to 28 members they decided the seemed more like a club then a small group of friends.

“We should give ourselves a club name besides it’s not like we’re an official club.” Atsuko said with a smile hoping the others would agree with her.

“I think that’s a good idea! We should call it the Roof Top Lunch Club!” Yuko said chiming in happily with a smile.

Everyone happily agreed but now the question amongst them was who would be the leader. Everyone put some thought in to it but almost all of them wanted to be it.

“I believe Yuuchan should be the leader.” Takamina said suddenly catching everyone off guard a little.

“Why do you think I should be it?” Yuko asked being the only one who would challenge her.

“Well let’s face it most of us wouldn’t have hung out or even talked to each other if you hadn’t come to this school. You somehow brought this huge and unlikely group of people together. Seriously, I doubt any of us thought we would see Milky and Sayanee eating in the same group!” Takamina said as she pointed to Sayanee who was sitting next to Milky looking away.

“Yeah I agree with Takamina! Yuko should be our leader.” Mocchi said in agreement smiling happily. Everyone thought it over and after what Takamina said they all agreed thinking it was the best choice.

“That settles it Yuuchan is now our leader.” Takamina said clapping before she began eating.

“So Sayanee, why did you decide to join us today anyway?” Atsuko asked the short-haired girl trying to start a conversation.

“I just felt like it today…” She responded quietly with a small smile which caused Milky to squeal loudly.

Sayanee glared at Milky before the latter spoke, “I’m so happy that the amazing Sayanee is eating lunch with me! I hope we can get along well!” Milky said before she smiled and clung to Sayaka.

Sayanee couldn’t help but blush a little for some reason. ‘I guess she’s cute sometimes… Wait! What could I possibly be thinking!? She’s just some obsessed fan. Nothing more…’ She thought before shrugging off the cute girl.

As everyone was sitting around in a circle that goes Miorin, Minarun, Paruru, Yuihan, Sasshi, Amina, Myao, Sayanee, Milky, Mayuyu, Yukirin, Sayaka, Sae, Miichan, Acchan, Takamina, Yuko, Mocchi, Harunyan, Tomochin, Chiyuu, Rena, Jurina, Churi, Airin, Kumin, and Non; they began having conversations.

Sasshi looked at Lovetan who was laughing and blushing at something Myao said and suddenly she understood, ‘So, Myao is the one you fell for… Well I wish the best for you Ai-chan…’

Yuko noticed Sasshi’s look and sent her a reassuring smile. Amina also noticed and slightly patted her back.

Yuko also looked at Miorin and Minarun who looked happy with Miorin stuttering all over the place seemingly embarrassed. Minarun seemed frustrated by how the lemon girl was acting and just decided to pull her into a small kiss on the lips before pulling away and looking at a now silent Miorin who was blushing. “Miori, you really have to learn when to be quiet.” Minarun said with a sweet smile to the lemon girl.

“Ehhh?! Wait! Since when have you two been dating?” Yuko said surprised at how Minarun and Miorin were behaving.

“Oh yeah we’ve been dating for over a year now!” Minarun said with a happy and cheerful smile.

“I never would have thought that you two would be a couple… How did that even happen?” Takamina decided to say joining the two girls.

“Miorin confessed to me suddenly and I said yes. We were friends for a while but when she confessed her stuttering was so cute I just couldn’t bring myself to reject her.” Minarun said as she reminisced about the past.

Takamina and Yuko just looked the two girls who were acting cute together. They looked at the others and noticed Acchan cuddling with Miichan, Jurina kissing Mayuyu on the cheek with a very jealous Rena and Yukirin watching with Sae and Sayaka laughing at the event.

“I don’t see why they just don’t tell each other how they feel…” Yuko said to Takamina with a smile just shaking her head at poor Yuki and Rena.

“Sometimes I feel like they’re more oblivious than they act like we are.” Takamina said smiling at the group of girls too.

The bell rang for the end of lunch and everyone left for the most part happy. Before Yuko could walk off Takamina stopped her and waited for everyone to leave. “Is something wrong, Takamina?” Yuko asked tilting her head to the side cutely.

“No I just have a question for you… You see… Next weekend my mom and little brother are going to be out of town and I was wondering if you’d…” Takamina said trailing off blushing.

“What was that?” Yuko asked getting closer to the smaller girl who looked to the floor.

“I was wondering if you would like to spend the night at my house since my mom and younger brother will be out of town. I already asked my mom and she already said it would be okay…” Takamina said keeping her head down and looking up at Yuko shyly.

Yuko’s eyes grew wide as her thoughts wander to all the possibilities of things that could happen while there. After thinking about it Yuko’s grinned widen and without her realizing it she was drooling and giggling like a crazy person.

“Are you okay there, Yuuchan?” Takamina asked looking at Yuko cutely before being dragged into her arms.

“I’m just fine, Minami. I would love to spend the night at your house next week but I hope you know that if I do so I might not be able to control myself.” Yuko said very serious warning Takamina.

“I know that, Yuuchan. I-I d-don’t mind…” Takamina said before gently kissing Yuko on the lips shortly.

They went back to class happy excited for the next weekend. During the break, Rena asked to speak to Yuko alone about something important.

“What is it that you need, Rena-chan?” Yuko asked smiling as she noticed Rena’s nervous look.

 “I can’t stand it anymore! I want to confess but I have no idea how to…” Rena said trying to keep from crying as she felt hopeless.

Yuko patted to shy girl on the back trying to comfort her, “Just tell her how you honestly feel! I’m sure she will understand and who knows maybe she likes you too! But you can’t keep hiding it. If it will make you feel better Takamina and I can watch you.”

Rena smiled sweetly thinking of Yuko’s words. “I think you’re right! Do you think Takamina would be okay with you two watching over me during?” Rena asked as she blushed a little.

“Sure, I’ll ask her if you want me to!” Yuko said grinning as Rena turned redder.

“I already heard it all and I’d be happy to help.” Takamina said as she popped up from behind Yuko surprising the two girls.

After she got over the shock Rena quickly agreed and sent Jurina a mail asking if they could meet after school to which she got a quick reply saying yes. They agreed to meet somewhere away from everyone.

Rena ran off to her class feeling very grateful to have Yuko and Takamina as friends. They were encouraging and always knew how to help her.

The day finished before anyone knew it so Yuko and Takamina went to their spots before Rena and Jurina arrived. Yuko got bored and decided to tease Takamina about things but mostly about her wanting Yuko to stay over at her place.

“Yuko, if you don’t shut it soon I won’t let you come over! Besides who said we would do anything else besides cuddling…” Takamina said getting irritated as her face turned red from embarrassment.

“You know you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed~!” Yuko said hugging Takamina close to her as she put her head in Minami’s neck.

“Shh! Look there they are…” Takamina said as she pointed to Jurina and Rena who were approaching.

“So, what was it you needed to see me about Rena-chan? I know something has been bothering you lately you know you can tell me anything.” Jurina said taking Rena’s hand into hers.

“Well… I know you might hate me because of this and that you have rejected many girls before me but I can’t stand to keep it from you any longer. Jurina, you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever known both inside and out. I like how you can be serious but no matter what you always keep your childish side there in you. You are the most fun person I have been around. What I’m saying trying to tell you is… Matsui Jurina, I love you!” Rena said blushing but feeling like the freest person in the world at that moment not caring about what would happen next. Not that she really had the time to think of it.

Jurina pulled Rena to her and kissed the shy girl right on the lips who gladly returned it. They stayed like that for a minute before Jurina pulled away grinning her infamous cat grin. “Rena-chan, I love you too. More than anything! I know I flirt with many girl and stuff but that was just me trying to make you jealous. I never accepted those other girls because I never loved them by the time they confessed I had already loved you and only ever wanted to be with you.”

Rena hadn’t even thought that Jurina could ever feel the same way began to cry and hugged Jurina while in tears. As Takamina and Yuko watched the scene before them Takamina began crying and looked at Yuko cutely.

“What are you crying about, Takamina?” Yuko asked laughing at the poor girl who was pouting.

“I’m so happy for them~ I hope they live a long and happy life together!” Takamina said smiling while still crying loudly.

“Bakamina don’t be so loud! You sound like an old lady when you act like this.” Yuko said trying to find a way to get Takamina to be quiet while being just as loud. Yuko decided to do the one thing she could think of.

Jurina and Rena heard the two girls who were very loud before becoming extremely quiet. They walked over to where Yuko and Takamina were sitting behind a bush and decided to sneak up on the two.

Jurina was right behind them with Rena by her side when she popped up above the bush and saw something she didn’t really expect to see. Yuko had her hands on Takamina’s cheeks wiping away tears that were on her face as she kissed the girl.

They pulled away to look at Jurina and Rena who were embarrassed for being caught looking. Yuko just turned to Minami glaring before saying; “I told you that you were too loud.”

Takamina frowned and hit Yuko’s arm as she responded, “You were being loud too! Don’t put all the blame on me…”

Rena and Jurina laughed at the two midgets who were now arguing at whose fault it was. They decided to leave not wanting to ruin the moment. “We’ll just leave them to argue like an old married couple, okay Rena-chan?” Jurina asked as she winked at Rena who playfully smacked her and ran away.

As the two ran off together Yuko and Takamina looked at each other. “Do we really argue like an old married couple?” Takamina asked her tears now gone as she got up.

“I guess we do but I think it makes things fun for us, right?” Yuko said as she got up and got close to Takamina.

“Yeah that’s true…” Takamina responded smiling at her perverted girlfriend.

“And Takamina…?” Yuko said as she whispered in to Minami’s ear.

“Hmm?” was Takamina’s response.

“Pink hearts really?” Yuko said as she squeezed Takamina’s butt slightly causing the girl to blush before running away.

“Yuko!!!” Takamina shouted as she chased after her extremely pervy girlfriend who just laughed happily excited to see what waited for them in the future.
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Ah... Wmatsui get together...

Yuko is going to stay with Minami without supervisor...

What's going to happen there?

Yeah... I agreed that Yuko should be the leader...

Anyhow... can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Thank you for the update

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finally wmatsui together!! was so cute!

Yuko make everyone friends! >w< now its a really big group xD

Yuko is a pervert!!! I laugh a lot with the last part xD

The next one would be about the date in the home of Minami?... I want to know what will  happen *A*

Good luck in your trip!! *hug*
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Wohoo!!~ The WMatsui is now together!!~ So happy~
-My my, what's that??~ Takamina's mom and bro...
-Yeah, wow...Pls, don't ever control yourselves Yuko...
-Cuz' we were expecting 'that' to happen but meh...
-Let it be an innocent one~ No need to be like that~
-I'm just pretty curious about it and...Was crazy about the sleepover...

>So yeah, pls update it soon!!~ i really really can't wait about this!!~
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Thank you~~ ^_^
Wmatsui was so adorable~
But I just the TakaYuu moments just get to me. :3
Thanks for the update~!
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I read the whole thing none stop...well only during my free time :lol: :P hehehe.
Very cute and adorable story; can't help but feel giddy with every chapter. :wub:
Just really imagining those two together is very very cute.

Please update the next chapter, I am really looking forward to it. XD
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@diamond kirara: Aww I love you too! :mon love:
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Also I had a great time on my trip thank you. :monk gboy:

@Kochiki: Yep who knows how the sleepover will go I guess you will just have to wait and see.  :mon noprob:
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Here is the list of classrooms and who are in it:
Bold are student council
Italicized are class reps
Strikethrough haven't been introduced yet
Underline are newspaper club members

1-A – Jurina & Churi, Mayuyu, Suuchan, Annin, Yukarun
1-B – Milky & Non, Kumin, Harukyan, Ranran, Mariyagi
1-C – Paruru & Miorin, Lovetan, Shihorin, Juri, Ricchan
1-D – Haruppi & Sakura, Anya, Reinya, Maria, Hillary
Mariko’s Class 2-A - Sae & Sayaka, Yuko, Harunyan, Takamina, Acchan
2-B – Chiyuu & Tomochin, Yuihan, Akicha, Mocchi
2-C – Miichan & Yukirin, Rena, Chihiro, KitaRie, Umechan
2-D – Sayanee & Airin, Sasshi, Minarun, Amina, Myao
Junior High – Mio, Meru

Thank you everyone for reading, reviewing, and thanking. :mon firecrack:
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Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 17: Becoming A Tutor

It was after the finals and the listing were up on the main board outside. Everyone went to see how they did. Yuko was on the upper half off the list surprising everyone. Takamina became really nervous taking a deep breath before looking. Her eyes skimmed before they landed on her name. Close to the middle where she wouldn’t have to worry about taking make up exams.

“Yuuchan, look I don’t have to take make up exams! It’s all thanks to you!” Takamina said as she hugged Yuko so happy that she did well that she didn’t care what everyone around her thought.

“Not really I just helped a little… You did most of the work.” Yuko said smiling at Takamina with gentle and loving eyes causing Takamina to blush.

“Good morning, you two lovebirds. Hey Yuko, Ohori-sensei says she needs you for something. She said she wanted to speak to you as soon as possible.” Acchan said smiling happily.

“Okay then! I’ll be right back Takamina. Congrats on your school rank by the way.” Yuko said before running off to Meetan’s office.

She knocked on the door before being called in by the older woman. “Good morning, Yuko-chan. I’m sure you are wondering why I asked you here. Well I heard you were tutoring Takamina a little and now she has made huge improvement.” Meetan said looking at Yuko seriously.

“Yeah, I’ve been helping her but what does that have to do with anything?” Yuko asked a little lost clueless about what Ohori wanted.

“Well she was one of the worse students here so I was wondering if you would help the worst student in our school.” Meetan said smiling at how Yuko became surprised.

“Wow, if you really think I can then I would be glad to help but who is this girl anyway?” Yuko asked not knowing a thing.

“Her name is Kawaei Rina and she’s in class 1-C. Come by later and I will introduce you two.” The older woman responded smiling at the student.

“Okay I’ll come by around lunch time. See you later, Meetan.” Yuko said as she got up and headed to the door with Ohori behind.

“Oh! And Yuko-chan, be safe when you go over to Minami-chan’s this weekend.” Meetan said with a wink before closing the door on a wide eyed blushing Yuko.

‘How the hell did Meetan find out that I was staying over at Takamina’s? I never know with that woman…’ Yuko said before walking to class. It turns out that the teacher decided to let the students have a free hour.

“Hey Yuko, what did Ohori-sensei want to talk to you about?” Takamina asked after walking up to Yuko.

“Apparently, since you did so well with my help that she wants me to tutor the worst student here.” Yuko responded as she walked and set her stuff on her desk.

“Oh, you mean Kawaei Rina right? She’s a good girl but I think sometimes common sense eludes her.” Takamina said in response as she followed Yuko.

“Hmm well I’m meeting her during lunch in Meetan’s office. While I’m doing that you can decide what we do for your reward date and what we’re going to be doing this weekend.” Yuko said as she kissed Takamina’s reddening cheeks.

“Oh what are you two doing this weekend?” Acchan asked as she appeared randomly next to the two girls.

“Nothing Acchan… We’re just hanging out is all.” Yuko said as she swung her arm around Takamina and winked at Acchan grinning.

Acchan understood what Yuko was talking about and just smirked and nodded. “Ah, so that’s it. Well I hope you guys don’t have too much fun.” She said winking back.

“We’ll try not to.” Yuko responded with a laugh.

Takamina didn’t say anything as her face was a bright red from the two girl’s conversation. She decided to walk away from the two and talk to Harunyan.

“Hey Nyannyan, how are you doing today?” Takamina asked her friend who seemed to be thinking of something.

“Hmm? Oh hey Takamina, I’m doing fine. It’s just yesterday I was given the offer to be a model for this major company and I want to accept but then I wouldn’t be able to spend as much time with everyone… and I don’t want to worry Mari-chan so I haven’t told her yet. What do you think I should do?” Harunyan said concern showing though her voice.

“Well, you’ve talked about becoming a model for years now so I think you should follow your dreams and don’t worry about Shinoda-sensei I’m sure if you told her she would be very supportive no matter what.” Minami said as she gave her friend a reassuring hug and smile.

“Thank you. I think I’ll accept the offer but first I’m going to see what Mari-chan thinks.” The now happy girl said before running off to find her teacher and girlfriend.

‘She at least could have waited till after class…’ Takamina thought to herself before going back to her best friend and girlfriend.

The day went on like normal and before anyone could tell it was already time for lunch and also time for Yuko to meet the student she would be tutoring.

“I have something to do really quick so I’ll be a little on having lunch with you guys but don’t worry. I’ll be back soon.” Yuko said before giving Takamina a hug and then running off to Meetan’s office.

She was let into the room were Meetan stood with a girl around Yuko’s height. ‘That must be Kawaei Rina.’

“Glad to see you made it, Yuko-chan. Anyway this is Kawaei-chan; she is the girl you will be tutoring.” Ohori-sensei said smiling at the two girls standing before her.

The two girls introduced themselves to one another. They decided to have their first tutoring session later that day since it seemed like they would both be free that day.

“Well then I will see you later Kawaei-chan! Be prepared for later today okay? Hope you have a good rest of the day.” Yuko said as she parted with Kawaei.

“Please call me Ricchan and I will do my best. I hope you have a good day too.” Rina said before running off happily.

Yuko went up to the roof for lunch with the others to see everything going well she noticed Takamina eating her while talking to Acchan and Miichan. She decided to sneak up behind her shushing everyone who saw her.

“Who is it~?” Yuko asked cutely covering Takamina’s eyes.

“Hmm, I wonder… Yuuchan?” Takamina replied before eyes became uncovered and she saw her squirrel-like girlfriend standing over her grinning.

“Good job! Here’s your reward.” Yuko said before she leaned down and kissed Takamina on the lips.

They pulled away and Takamina pulled Yuko to sit next to her as they all finished their lunches. Some of the girls told Yuko more about Ricchan.

Yuko decided for some reason was in a grabby mood that and decided to grab Takamina’s butt slyly. “Yuko, what are you doing?” Takamina asked Yuko who tried to look innocent.

“Takamina, you can’t expect her not to when she is a very well-known pervert.” Miichan said defending Yuko.

“I guess Takamina just loves perverts.” Sae said grinning joining in on the conversation.

“Actually I think Takamina might be a pervert herself.” Acchan said patting the small girl’s head.

“I am not!” Takamina denied immediately and scooted closer to Yuko.

“Ah! She’s in denial!” Harunyan shouted and pointed causing everyone except Takamina who was pouting to laugh.

Yuko noticed Takamina’s pout and hugged her before trying to comfort her by saying, “Don’t worry Takamina even if you are a perv you’re my perv.”

“Thanks Yuko that really helped.” The short girl said in a sarcastic tone glaring at Yuko.

Lunch ended and everyone went their separate way and as they were leaving Yuko couldn’t help but notice that Sayanee was smiling at something Milky had said.

The final two left were Yuko and Takamina, who was beginning to head out the door. Yuko quickly wrapped her arms around Minami’s waist and buried her face in the smaller girl’s neck.

“Yuko, why are you so touchy feely today?” Takamina asked as she touched the squirrel like girl’s hands.

“Well it’s been awhile since we’ve been away from everyone…” Yuko said squeezing Takamina closer to her.

“It’s only been about a week Yuko…” Minami responded but didn’t make a move to leave feeling the same as Yuko.

“Still too long to me! I just want to spend my time with you for a while.” Yuko said as she turned Takamina around and gave her a gentle kiss.

“Same here… I guess we can have a little fun before going back to class.” Takamina said with her arms around Yuko’s neck after the two pulled away.

Yuko pushed Takamina against the wall and started to leave kisses on her neck leaving a few bites here and there enjoying the little sounds the smaller girl would make.

Takamina tried to hold Yuko closer who hands made their way to the smaller girl’s breast and groped her though her shirt. “Ah, Yuko! P-please remember we’re in school…” Minami said as she felt Yuko’s mouth go lower.

“But I want to feel you now, Takamina… I want you now.” Yuko whispers into her ear as she pulls away.

“Yuko control yourself for a little while longer at least until this weekend…” Takamina said smiling stroking Yuko’s cheek.

Yuko looked into Takamina’s caring and loving eyes before returning the gazing and giving Takamina a short and sweet kiss which she gladly returned as usual before pulling away. “Of course I can wait Takamina but have you decided what we are doing for our date to celebrate your good test score.” Yuko said grinning happily at her cute girlfriend.

“I think I want to go to an amusement park together!” Minami said like an excited little kid.

“Okay then and Takamina?” Yuko asked looking at Minami with very serious eyes.

“Yes Yuuchan?” Takamina responded with a curious look.

Yuko’s eyes softened into gentle and loving eyes as she kissed the shorter girl’s cheek. “I love you so much!” She said smiling as she took Minami’s hand in hers.

“I love you too, Yuuchan!” Takamina responded with the same look as Yuko’s before they ran off to class calling it close.

It was afterschool and Takamina’s student council activities started up again apparently the meeting was something about the high school field trip. So Yuko went to the library to find Ricchan there ready for tutoring.

They spent the whole time going over her test results and decided slowly work on each subject and quiz over it daily. Time moved fast and Kawaei was slowly getting it but for they knew it the session was over and Ricchan asked Yuko if they could study during the weekend to which she replied, “I’m sorry Ricchan I can’t this weekend I have a hot date with my girlfriend.” With a wink and a grin Yuko said a goodbye before running off to find Takamina and walk home together like always but more excited than ever before for their fun date and sleepover that weekend.
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Your Back!!! :DDDDDDD good to know that your trip was good C:

Now about the fic xD

Minami is now an intelligent girl haahahahaha xD but Yuko more *A*

So now we have Kawaei in the fic, she will be a nuisance to wmiget pair? ewe

Sayamilky moment <3

Wmidgets lovely time together <3 and a hot moment >:D... I want hot moments in the date *A*

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Oh you re back!!!!
I hope nothing happens between Yuko and Riichan.
Yuko and Takamina are in such a good place, I envy them!!
The scene between TakaYuu was so good!!
Can't wait for their date and the stay over!!
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Takamina was placed nicely on her exam

And now Yuko need to tutor Kawaei Rina

Ah... a date to amusement park...

And ending with what?

Alone together in one of their houses?

Can't wait to see the date

Thank you for the update

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Hey! You update it! XD

As usual, really cute interaction as always. A bit short however, I still enjoyed it till the end of the chapter. :P
Tsk tsk tsk, Yuko is starting to become a little impatient now; yet still willing to wait for her girlfriend.
Ah~! Yuko is such a sweet and nice girlfriend to Takamina. :wub:

Please update as soon as you can; no pressure. Will be waiting for it patiently and not to forget, I'm looking forward for the next chapter. XD
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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in a while.  I promise that I'll update soon and this next chapter will be the long awaited date chapter and have TWO parts. I would have worked on it this weekend but we're at Oregon again this time for my little nephew's birthday party. I'll update as soon as possible with a new chapter and responses. Thank you for all the reviews and patience. See you soon! :D
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Don't worry there will be plenty hot moments mostly in the second part. :mon misch:

@TakaminaBG: There is no telling how things with Ricchan will go. :mon evillaff:
Yep Takamina and Yuko are very good right now but how long will that last. :mon noprob:
And the wait for the date is over! I hope you enjoy it. :mon innocent:

@cisda83: Yep Takamina placed well and Yuko has to help another person. :mon dance:
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Yuko really is a good girlfriend isn't she.  :mon lol:
I hope you like this chapter sorry for making you wait so long. :gmon tears:

Here is the list of classrooms and who are in it:
Bold are student council
Italicized are class reps
Strikethrough haven't been introduced yet
Underline are newspaper club members

1-A – Jurina & Churi, Mayuyu, Suuchan, Annin, Yukarun
1-B – Milky & Non, Kumin, Harukyan, Ranran, Mariyagi
1-C – Paruru & Miorin, Lovetan, Karen, Juri, Ricchan
1-D – Haruppi & Sakura, Anya, Reinya, Maria, Hillary
Mariko’s Class 2-A - Sae & Sayaka, Yuko, Harunyan, Takamina, Acchan
2-B – Chiyuu & Tomochin, Yuihan, Akicha, Mocchi
2-C – Miichan & Yukirin, Rena, Chihiro, KitaRie, Umechan
2-D – Sayanee & Airin, Sasshi, Minarun, Amina, Myao
Junior High – Mio, Meru

Thank you guys for all thanks, reviews, and reads. :mon lovelaff:
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Hope you all enjoy it and see you next update! :mon bye:
Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 18 Part 1: Amusement Park Fun

It was the weekend that Takamina and Yuko had been waiting for. First they would go for lunch and then spend the day at the amusement park and finally Yuko would go over to Takamina’s and stay the night.

Yuko made her way to Takamina’s place with her bag of clothes in hand grinning like a crazy person. She arrived at Takamina’s place at 10. She felt nervous but knocked on the door anyway and waited for someone to answer.

Takamina heard someone at the door and ran for it only to slip and hit her face on the floor. “Ouch…” She said before getting up and opening the door.

“Hey are you okay? I heard a crash in there.” Yuko said concerned with a small giggle.

“Yeah I’m fine I just slipped… Anyway I’m glad you here my mom and brother left already.” Takamina said smiling as she let Yuko into the house.

“Well I guess I should go put my bag up and then we can head out. By the way you look cute today.” Yuko said smirking as Takamina’s cheeks turned red.

“You can just leave your bag in here and we will just move it to my room when we get back.” Takamina said as she took the bag from Yuko and putting it on the couch and dragging Yuko out the door.

“Okay then I guess we better get lunch.” Yuko said as the left the house and Takamina locked the door.

“Sounds good to me but what do you plan on getting for lunch.” Minami asked as they began walking to the restaurant together.

“Well I remember how you told me that you loved katsudon so I thought that sounded good.” Yuko said smirking looking at Takamina as her face lit up.

Takamina squealed loudly before hugging Yuko tightly grinning happily. “I would love to get some with you.”

“Well I guess we better go now.” Yuko said as she resumed the walk.

When they got to the restaurant Minami was so excited and wanted to be seated fast. She got her wish and the two short girls sat down together and order their food.

“So what do you think you want to do at the amusement park first?” Yuko asked as they waited for their food.

“I was thinking we could play a few games before going to on any rides. You know, just in case one of us gets sick after the ride from getting on with a full stomach.” Takamina said after a small pause with a smile.

“That’s a good idea so first we’ll go play games and then we will go ride some rides.” Yuko agreed as their food arrived.

The two ate their lunch quickly talking about their friends and everything that has happened. Yuko talked about her club and how tutoring with Ricchan was going. “Ricchan’s a sweet girl. A little weird but somehow still a cute and sweet girl.” Yuko said thinking about the girl she was tutoring.

“Yeah, I heard from others that she was interesting. I wouldn’t mind getting to know her a little more as well…” Takamina thought about how Kawaei was a good student.

The two finished their food and paid the bill before they began their way to the amusement park.  Once they reached there they paid for their tickets and began walking around.

“Hey look over there! I want to play that shooting game.” Takamina said tugging on Yuko’s shirt pointing at a booth.

“Okay let’s go play then!” Yuko said as she started walking over to play the game.

Takamina saw a cute stuffed bear that she wanted and decided to try and get. She kept missing much to her dismay and Yuko’s entertainment. After the third try to get win the smaller girl turned to the squirrel girl with a pout on her face. “Yuuchan… Can you get me that bear?” She said tilting her head to the side.

Yuko blushed at the cute look on Takamina’s face and couldn’t help but grin at the poor girl. “Fine I’ll try my best.” She said determined to win the thing her girlfriend wanted.

Yuko aimed the gun right where she needed to get the prize and shot. On her first try she won the prize for Minami who was joyous to get what she wanted.

As Yuko handed the little stuffed animal to Takamina she smiled sweetly her cheeks a little pink. The short girl smiled back and kissed Yuko’s cheek as thanks. The two played a few more games before the decided they wanted to try the rides.

“Why don’t we go ride that roller coaster?” Yuko said looking at the nearest roller coaster.

“I-I guess we could…” Minami said getting a little scared.

“Then let’s go!” Yuko said before dragging off Takamina to stand in line for the ride.

After a few minutes Yuko and Takamina were up at the front of the line waiting their turn excitement flowing through Yuko. It was finally their turn on the coaster and they were quickly in their seats Takamina still feeling unsure of riding the ride.

“Hey, it’ll be fine Minami. If you get scared just hold my hand and it’ll help.” Yuko said trying to reassure her girlfriend.

“Okay.” Takamina said as she held Yuko’s hand tightly as soon as the ride took off at full speed.

“KYAA!!!” The shorter of the two screamed loudly as the taller just laughed the whole time.

When the ride came to a stop Takamina was crying hysterically while gripping Yuko’s hand tight who just laughed at the poor girl.

After help from Yuko, Takamina got down from her spot and was now calm. “I hope your calm now because we are going to go on a lot more rides.” Yuko said with a smirk.

“I’m prepared for any ride you throw at me!” Takamina said as she grabs the squirrel-like girl’s hand and ran off. The first ride they came to was a giant swing.

They rode it and quickly went to the next ride which was a merry-go-round. They rode a few more rides before taking a rest.

“There is a purikura booth over there. Let’s go take some pictures.” Yuko said as she started to walk off with a happy smile on her face.

The two girls went in to take pictures together giggling like crazy. They decided to take five pictures. The first they did their best cute faces. In the second they tried to be sexy for laughs, while the third they did silly faces.

Yuko then decided to take this chance to do something. For the fourth picture Yuko hugged Takamina from behind lovingly. Before the fifth picture Takamina turned to look at Yuko only to receive a soft and sweet kiss. As Takamina melted into the kiss, the moment between them was captured by the camera. They pulled apart and designed each picture with something silly, cute, or sweet.

They both got the pictures and left the booth happy with the memory.  After that they decided to go to the haunted house.

Yuko this time was a little worried about going in so Takamina decided to help her. “It’ll be okay Yuuchan. Just hold my hand and we’ll make it.”

Yuko smiled taking Minami’s hand before they ventured in the haunted house. “Well let’s hurry this up.” Yuko said as soon as they stepped in the area.

The two clung together scared as many things popped up. “Let me out…” The two heard causing them to be unsettled about the whole thing.

“What was that?” Yuko said looking around nervous trying to see who made the sound.

“I-I don’t kn-know…”Takamina responded before the two were startled by a banging sound.

The two quickly picked up their pace wanting to leave as soon as they could. “Help meee…” Another voice said freaking the girls out more as they quickly tried to make it to the exit.

“Will you girls help me find my arm?” A voice said sounding like it came from directly behind them. The two turned around to see a ghost right behind them.

“KYAAA!!!!” The two girls screamed running off to the exit together. The two made it all freaking out about what had happened.

After catching their breath Yuko looked at Minami and busted out laughing as hard as she could. Takamina stood there for a second looking serious before she too busted out laughing.

“Y-you sh-should have seen your face!” Yuko said trying hard to catch her breath again.

“You’re one to talk! You were more scared then me!” Takamina retorted with a smirk on her face.

“S-so… That doesn’t mean a thing.” The squirrel girl turned away pouting and blushing.

Takamina couldn’t help but think of how cute Yuko was especially when pouting. She went up behind and hugged her before kissing her cheek not caring if they were in public.

“Don’t worry Yuuchan… You don’t have to worry about acting tough around me. I love you no matter what!” The shorter girl said with a happy and comforting smile.

“I know you do… Now since it’s getting late I think we should go on our last ride.” Yuko said smiling back at her girlfriend.

“I want to ride the Ferris wheel then!” Takamina said enthusiastically, her eyes shining brightly.

“Same here! Well we better head over there before the line gets too long.” Yuko said running off leaving Takamina behind who just ran after her.

After getting in line and standing there for a while it was finally their turn to go on the Ferris wheel. The two went in together giggling.

Shortly after they got on the ride started and the two looked out toward the city and all its sparkling beauty. Takamina couldn’t help but be excited with being up there. “Yuko, this has been one of the best dates ever.” Takamina said turning to Yuko and smiling.

“Yeah it has, but remember the night doesn’t stop here…” Yuko said getting close to Minami and whispering in her ear softly.

Takamina blush at the thought of what would happen later between the two. Yuko pulled Takamina in for a sweet kiss on the lips that was happily returned. As they pulled apart they had stopped at the top and looked out holding each other.

“I love you, Yuko.” Minami said in a loving voice and with a loving glance at Yuko.

“I love you too, Minami.” Yuko said back in the same way as she held the smaller girl closer to her body.

As soon as the ride had started it ended and the two got off. They decided to get some take out and go back to Takamina’s house and watch a movie or something.

The two ate in a comfortable silence and finished quickly and sat at the couch cuddling together. Yuko suddenly surprised Minami who sat beside her by biting her neck suddenly.

“Y-Yuko…!” Takamina gasped out from the sudden sensation on her neck.

“Did you like that?” Yuko asked as her hands traveled around the small girl’s waist playing at the end of her shirt.

“Do you even have to ask?” Minami said as she rolled over to give the taller one a kiss.

“No… I didn’t but I would like to hear you say it.” Yuko whispered as she caressed Takamina’s cheek.

“Well… If that the case then yes I liked very much.” Takamina responded as her fingers glided over Yuko’s top.

“How about we continue this elsewhere?” Yuko asked in a suggestive tone.

“I know exactly where we can go.” Takamina said leading Yuko upstairs to her room to continue what they were doing.
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1-B – Milky & Non, Kumin, Ranran, Mariyagi, Tano
1-C – Paruru & Miorin, Lovetan, Karen, Juri, Ricchan
1-D – Haruppi & Sakura, Anya, Reinya, Maria, Hirari
Mariko’s Class 2-A - SaeSayaka, Yuko, Harunyan, Takamina, Acchan
2-B – Chiyuu & Tomochin, Yuihan, Akicha, Mocchi
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Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 19: Group Fun

It was the following week after Yuko’s and Takamina’s date and sleepover and the two were happy as can be. Their relationship was envied by everyone at the school. To everyone their relationship was perfect.

It was about a week before summer vacation and the high school was going to go on an overnight vacation for a few days. Since Takamina was busy with the student council Yuko decided to see how the newspaper club was doing.

“Hey everyone! What’cha all doing today?” Yuko said walking into the clubroom grinning.

“Hey Oshima-sempai, it’s been a while. I heard you and Takahashi-sempai are still going strong.” Anna said hugging Yuko.

“Yep! We’re still doing well.” Yuko said hugging her junior back.

“I wish Sayanee and I could have that relationship…” Milky stated sighing to herself.

“What relationship? She’s just now starting to hang out with you and not avoid you.” Paruru said with a cold voice.

“You’re just jealous cause I’m making progress with my love while you’re still being ignored in favor of a cat.” Milky shot back in a cold voice.

“Wait is Yui-san still ignoring you for a cat? When do you plan to do something?” Yuko asked curious about what was stopping Paru.

“In a few days if she keeps it up…” Paruru said looking out toward the window.

“Well how about you Akane-chan? How have you been?” Yuko asked the bird-loving girl who was smiling like crazy.

“I’ve been wonderful especially since Airin just asked me out.” Churi said cheerfully as she hugged Airin close who was blushing.

“Really? Well congrats to you two! Do Rena-chan and Jurina know yet?” Yuko asked interested in the two girl’s new found relationship.

“Yeah it seems we were consulting them about the same problem and so they were just waiting for us to date.” Airin responded with a laugh remembering how the girls just looked the new couple like it was about damn time.

“Those two are honestly good people. Anyway I’m happy for you two! So all of you have been well?” Yuko asked everyone with a smile.

Everyone said that they were fine except the two assistants from the junior high, Mio and Meru, who looked a little sad.

“What’s wrong with you two?” Yuko asked the younger girls who were pouting.

“Well it’s not fair!” Meru said pouting more.

“What’s not?” Milky decided to ask curious as well.

“You all are going on that field trip and we want to go too…” Mio said sadly envy clear in her voice.

“But since we’re junior high we will have to stay here bored out of our minds.” Meru added dramatically irritated that she was still a junior high student.

“Aww, don’t worry one day you’ll be able to go with us and maybe we could arrange a meeting during vacation and all hang out.” Yuko said smiling trying to cheer up the girls.

“Yeah I like that idea too.” Paruru agreed liking the idea a lot since she liked spending time with the others.

“Really we can do that?” Meru asked as her eyes sparkled.

“Sure why not? We will meet two weekends after the trip and go someplace fun together.” Paru decided which everyone agreed with.

The meeting continued like this as Mio and Meru cheered up. The meeting ended early and so Yuko went to the student council to possibly get something to write for the newspaper.

“Hey girls!” Yuko greeted the student council members cheerfully.

“Sup Yuko! We were just talking about you.” Acchan said waving Yuko over to her.

“Do I even want to ask what about?” Yuko asked as she walked over to the other girl noticing that Takamina wasn’t in the room.

“We were just saying how quick you were to fit in here at this school.” Harunyan said smiling.

“Yeah but if it wasn’t for Takamina I probably would have gotten kicked out by now. Speaking of the midget, where is she?” Yuko asked looking around the room.

“Oh she had to get something. She said she’ll be right back.” Rena answered looking up from her book she was reading.

“Okay I came here to see if there are any announcements I could write about.” Yuko said as she sat down with the others.

“Takamina said that she will make an announcement when she gets back so you can just wait here and write what she says in the announcement down.” Mayuyu chimed in with a smile.

“Hmm… I wonder what the announcement could be.” Yuko thought out loud about it.

“Well none of us really know what it is.” Acchan said thinking about it as well with the others joining in.

Before anyone else could say anything Takamina came in a little out of breath. “Sorry it took me so long. Oh, Yuko, what are you doing here?” She asked after noticing Yuko talking to the other members.

“I was wondering if you guys were going to make any announcements so I came to ask see you guys. Is it so wrong to come and visit my girlfriend anyway?” Yuko asked pouting at the smaller girl.

“No, you can visit anytime I just wasn’t prepared. Anyway someone here has a very important announcement to make today. Haruna-chan please come up here.” Takamina said with a serious look on her face.

“I’m sure you have all heard about how I have been offered a modeling career. Well to focus on all becoming a model I decided to quit the student council.” Nyannyan said with a small smile on her face as she looked at the other girls.

Everyone just sat there shocked except for Takamina and Acchan who Haruna had told before the others.

“We plan to make this announcement at the schools assembly on Friday and we already have an idea for who will take over for Nyannyan that is if the person accepts.” Takamina said with serious face as Yuko wrote down what was said.

After that Yuko and Takamina began to walk home quiet before Yuko finally decided to speak up. “So Harunyan is quitting, huh?”

“Yep and it was completely her decision so I can’t help but respect it.” Takamina responded with a sad smile.

Yuko hugged Minami close and kissed her cheek blushing. “Don’t worry about her. Nyannyan seems like a strong person and can handle herself. Anyway who is the girl you guys are thinking of recruiting in her place?” The squirrel girl asked wondering about who it could be.

“Oh I don’t think you know her yet but she is one of the smartest girl’s in the school if not the smartest. Her name is Iriyama Anna from class 1-A she seems to get along with many people.” Minami stated to her perverted girlfriend.

“Well she sounds like a good person to add in. I hope she accepts the chance to join.” Yuko said with a happy smile on her face.

The week went by uneventfully except for the rumors of what the announcement the student council was going to make. Everyone but the ones at the meeting had no idea what the announcement could be.

It was finally Friday and time for the assembly and everyone was super excited about what was going to be said.

“Good morning everyone! As you all know I am the student council president Takahashi Minami. I hope all of you had a wonderful first half of the year. A whole lot has happened and a whole lot will happen in the course of the rest of the year. Now as all of you know today we have promised to make a very important announcement. Our secretary, Kojima Haruna, will be resigning from the student council effective immediately. Mind you all that this was completely her choice and we have discussed it with the school staff. Now we like you all to meet and welcome our new secretary, Iriyama Anna. Please everyone be kind to her! Thank you and I can’t wait to see you all for the overnight trip two weeks from now.” Takamina said with a firm smile and bow to the other students.

After the assembly was done the students began discussing what was just announced. Everyone was shocked about it and a few people started to bug Yuko about it.

“Oshima-san, did you know about this?” One small girl asked in a curious tone.

“I bet you knew before anyone else outside the student council.” Another girl commented with a smirk on her face.

“You probably were hoping that they would give Kojima-san’s place to you.” A third taller girl with short hair accused Yuko.

Yuko kept getting bombard with questions and being accused of stuff she didn’t do. No matter what Yuko couldn’t get a word in all the commotion. It was starting to get to her to the point that she was about to flip out over it until someone came to the squirrel girl’s rescue.

“Yuuchan! Here’s where you were. Sorry ladies but I’ll be taking Yuko back now. Hope you all have a wonderful day.” Takamina said taking Yuko’s arm and dragging the poor girl away with a smile to the crowd leaving them all speechless.

After the two were far enough away Takamina gave Yuko a reassuring smile. “I hope that group didn’t bother you too much. I think they were just in shock and ever since you came here many things have changed and I guess they might think you have some sort of pull with the school since you know Ohori-sensei personally.” Takamina explained with an apologetic look on her face.

“Yeah I don’t think most of them meant any harm by it except one girl’s comment got to me… But I’m fine thanks for saving me. You’re like my little prince.” Yuko said giving Takamina a sweet kiss on the cheek to show her appreciation to her girlfriend.

“Hehe… then you’re my perverted princess!” Minami said with a smirk to her pervy girlfriend.

“Oh you know you like it…” Yuko said as she began to lean on Takamina rubbing the smaller girl’s leg.

“Yuuchan not here…” Takamina said giving Yuko a short but passionate kiss.

“If you say so but maybe later we can continue…” The taller of the two whispered into the other’s ear who just blushed as Yuko walked away with a smirk.

“Yuko, why must you always tease me?” Takamina said to herself as she ran to catch up with Yuko.

The day ended well since no one seemed to mess with Yuko the rest of the day after Takamina showed up to help her earlier. A few of their friends decided to get together after school to give Harunyan a going away party from the student council even though it seemed more like an outing.

The ones who went were Yuko, Takamina, Acchan, Rena, Mayuyu, Sasshi, Yukirin, Miichan, Jurina, Tomochin, Tomo~mi, Sae, Sayaka, Yui, Paru, Sayanee, Milky and of course Harunyan herself. The others in there group could not make it but that didn’t bother Nyannyan that much.

“So since this is for you, Harunyan, what would you like to do?” Yuko asked the taller girl who began to think.

“Ummmm… I want to go to karaoke together with everyone!” She said with a bright smile on her face.

“Okay then it’s settled we are going to karaoke! Everyone good with that?” Atsuko asked looking around at the others.

“Yay! Let’s go!” Yuko said pumping her fist in the air really excited.

“Haha, Yuko you are just silly you know that?” Miichan said with a laugh as she swung her arm around Yuko’s shoulder.

The whole group busted out laughing at the two girls who were acting like idiots. “Anyway we better head out now. Also we will all pay for our own way in and things. Sound like a deal to everyone?” Takamina asked the group who all agreed to the terms and began walking.

“So any songs you all want to do?” Yuko asked to everyone around.

“I want to do Oogoe Diamond by AKB48.” Jurina shouted out suddenly.

“I plan to sing Moment by SPEED.” Tomochin said in a cool tone with a smile.

“Any song by Ikimonogakari is what I want to do.” Yuihan respond with a smile.

“Wow I’m surprised it’s not something cat related. Anyway I want to sing River by AKB48.” Paruru said the first part in a salty tone before adding in her input.

“I’m going to sing KISS or KISS by Kitade Nana.” Mayuyu answered next to keep Paru and Yui from arguing.

“Aoi Usagi by Sakai Noriko is what I plan to sing.” Yukirin smiled happily when she said that.

“I’m going to sing Yeah Meccha Holiday by Matsuura Aya!” Sasshi said jumping up and down.

“The song Will by Hamasaki Ayumi is what I plan to sing.” Takamina said with a grin that Yuko found incredibly adorable.

“I want to sing Love Machine by Morning Musume with everyone!” Nyannyan said smiling at everyone who all agreed that would be fun.

Once they got there they all paid and went inside to the area they got for the day. They sang the songs they wanted to sing the most first.

“Hey Mayuyu, where is Lovetan?” Yuko asked about Mayu’s best friend who was there at the moment as Sasshi sang.

“Oh, she’s on a date with Myao right now they started dating yesterday. Didn’t you hear about that?” Mayu said with a questioning look on her face.

“No I didn’t well congrats for them!” Yuko answered with a smile on her face but she couldn’t help but look Sasshi worried who had a look of hurt in her eyes.

After everyone got a chance to a song solo they began to sing in pairs and groups. Miichan and Acchan sang a happy love song together. Yuko convinced Takamina to sing a song about forbidden love between two girls.

“Hey Miichan and Takamina, why don’t we sing that song we performed at last year’s school festival? You know the one where Acchan and Sasshi somehow convinced us to perform as ikemen.” Harunyan asked with a sweet smile on her face as she remembered the day.

“Oh you mean 3seconds! That was so much fun to perform!” Miichan shouted as she jumped up.

“I’m okay with performing the song just as long as I don’t have to dress up for it again! Those girls were so annoying to deal with!” Takamina said with a frustrated sigh at the memory.

“Huh? What girls? What happened?” Yuko asked looking at her short girlfriend worried.

“Well you see Yuko, despite her height Takamina is actually really popular with the ladies. We performed a song at last year’s school festival dressed as ikemen. We were really popular and the ladies were all over us. Takamina actually had the most fans and was bombard by people but after a while she broke free of the crowd that had surrounded her. They weren’t that bad to be honest but you know how Takamina is.” Miichan explained it all with a shrug of the shoulders.

 “Not that bad?! Some of them tried to strip me! After that I got a fanclub that would not leave me alone until about a month before Yuko joined lucky for me they stopped.” Takamina grumbled as she slumped in her seat.

“Well if they bother you again just come and tell me. I love you Takamina.” Yuko said in a loving tone giving the smaller girl a kiss.

“Thanks and I love you too, Yuuchan.” The small girl responded with a loving look and a blush.

“Now how about you perform that song for me!” Yuko said grinning at the poor girl who was prepared to hear that.

“Fine but like I said I’m not dressing up. Come on Nyannyan and Miichan let’s see if we still know it well enough.” Takamina said getting up and going to the stage with the other two girls.

The three girls performed the song like it was in their blood to know how the song was done. Yuko stared in awe at her lover. It was no wonder why she had a fanclub. ‘I really have to keep those fans away from my Minami. She just too amazing not to love.’ Yuko thought to herself about Takamina.

After a few more songs they decided that it was getting late and it was time to go home. Everything seemed perfect in Yuko and Takamina’s relationship but little did they know they were about to hit a huge obstacle in their relationship during the upcoming school trip.
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Here is the list of classrooms and who are in it:
Bold are student council
Italicized are class reps
Strikethrough haven't been introduced yet
Underline are newspaper club members

1-A – Jurina & Churi, Mayuyu, Suuchan, Annin
1-B – Milky & Non, Kumin, Ranran, Mariyagi, Tano
1-C – Paruru & Miorin, Lovetan, Karen, Juri, Ricchan
1-D – Haruppi & Sakura, Anya, Reinya, Maria, Hirari
Mariko’s Class 2-A - SaeSayaka, Yuko, Harunyan, Takamina, Acchan
2-B – Chiyuu & Tomochin, Yuihan, Akicha, Mocchi
2-C – Miichan & Yukirin, Rena, Chihiro, KitaRie
2-D – Sayanee & Airin, Sasshi, Minarun, Amina, Myao
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Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 20: School Trip Part 1

It was the time that everyone in the school was waiting for. It was time for the school overnight trip and everyone was excited since they would be gone for 4 days and 3 nights.

“Okay everyone we decided to let you all choose who you are going to sit by and share rooms with.” Ohori-sensei said with a smile on her face.

“But you must remember to behave during this trip, okay?” She said looking around at everyone but sending a firm look at Yuko who just smiled.

“Yes ma’am!” Everyone responded respectfully to Megumi.

After everything was explained they loaded up their luggage and all found their seats on the bus. Takamina and Yuko sat by each other with Atsuko and Miichan in front and Nyannyan and Sasshi behind them. Yuihan and Paruru sat in the seats across from them.

“I can’t wait to see how everything goes on this trip!” Miichan said with a huge grin on her face.

“Yeah same here, I hope we all get to have some free time at some point.” Takamina responded to the other Minami.

“I’m sure they will give us time to explore.” Acchan chimed in response to the small girl.

“Yeah Acchan’s right! Meetan is not evil enough to not give us any time to ourselves. Well she might not give me a break but she will definitely give you all one.” Yuko said grinning as she looked over at Meetan who obviously heard her.

“Hey! I won’t give you any free time Yuko if you keep picking on me in front of my students.” Meetan said to Yuko who just smiled trying to look innocent.

“Okay!” Yuko laughed out at the older woman.

The first day of the trip they were going to a hotel to put their stuff and look around the area. Everything was planned out for them but they were told that on the third day they could go on their own for the day.

They made it to the hotel which had a spa with it, the time was about 2:00 pm and everyone was sick of sitting down glad to be able to walk around.

“At least we get one day to go on our own.” Tomochin said as she joined Takamina, Yuko, Acchan, Miichan, Nyannyan, Sasshi, Yuihan, and Paru with Chiyuu, Jurina, Yukirin, Rena, and Mayu by her side.

“Yeah I’m so glad about that!” Takamina shouted out hugging her friend who blushed lightly but didn’t pull away.

Yuko and Tomo~mi became visibly jealous at the way the two were acting. “Mou, it’s not fair! Tomo wants to hug Tomochin like that, chiyuu…” Tomo~mi pouted as she crossed her arms and scowled at the two friends.

“Yeah and Takamina’s mine! Not yours Tomochin!” Yuko said glaring at the stylish girl.

“Hehe, don’t worry Yuko. Takamina is all yours. She’s not my type anyway…” Tomochin respond with a small smile.

“Oh and what is your type?” Acchan asked as Takamina looked at her wondering the same thing as she continued to hug the girl.

“Well someone who is cute but can be sexy at the same time. With droopy eyes and a cute voice that always speaks in third person, and I should note that she looks very cute pouting right now.” Tomochin said with a smirk looking at Tomo~mi with a wink.

“Mou… Tomochin stop teasing me already!” Tomo~mi said turning and walking away from the group.

“If only she knew how serious I am when I say that.” Tomochin said with a sigh as she pulled away finally from Takamina’s hug.

“Maybe if you were more honest with her all the time and weren’t such a tsundere then maybe she wouldn’t think you were just teasing her.” Acchan said with a grin to the fashionable girl who glared at her.

“Yeah when do you plan to ask her out anyway?” Yuko asked as she took Takamina’s hand into her own in a protective way.

“I think I’ll ask her out during this trip but I’m not sure… You all know how hard it is for me to admit my feelings…” Tomochin sighed again looking frustrated.

“Yeah but all you need to do is be honest and everything will work!” Miichan shouted as she patted the tsundere’s back who just glared at her.

After they all talked they found out where everyone was staying. Takamina, Yuko, Acchan, and Miichan were all in the same room. Sae, Sayaka, and Haruna were sharing a room. Yui, Paru, Tomochin, and Tomo~mi all were in a room together. While Jurina, Rena, Mayu, and Yuki all chose to share a room together. Sasshi decided to share a room with Mocchi, Amina and another girl that was Mocchi’s friend.

“Well this is the room!” Miichan said as she put her bags on the floor and laid on one of the beds.

There were only two beds and Yuko and Takamina took one while Miichan and Atsuko shared the other. “So what do you all want to do now?” Takamina asked everyone as she sat on the other bed.

“Well I’m going to go down to the lobby to get something to drink.” Acchan said putting her stuff down and heading to the door.

“Wait, I’ll go with you!” Miichan said as she ran after her girlfriend with the closing as soon as she left.

“So, what do we do?” Takamina asked Yuko who began to slowly approach her with a smirk.

“Well I say we have some fun.” Yuko said as she pushed Takamina down on the bed kissing her.

The kiss quickly grew passionate as Takamina didn’t pull away and just returned the kiss with equal passion. Yuko groped Takamina through her shirt causing the smaller girl to moan out a little. Yuko decided to add her tongue into the kiss. Takamina’s head began to get fuzzy and so she pulled away to catch her breath.

Takamina noticed movement by the door and looked to see what is only to find, much to her embarrassment, Acchan and Miichan standing at the door with smirks. Suddenly Miichan started to clap slowly before saying, “Do it again. Don’t let us stop you.”

Yuko got up quickly to close the door and smirked at Takamina, who quickly got up and opened the door up letting in her friends.

“Why did you two have to show up? It was getting fun!” The squirrel-like said with a pout that the smaller girl found really cute.

“It seemed like it was. Sorry we showed up to ruin your fun but we brought you two drinks.” Acchan said with a laugh before handing the girls their drinks.

“It’s fine… But thanks for the drinks…” Takamina said with a blush across her cheeks as she accepted the drink that was handed to her.

After a few minutes, it was time for everyone to gather and go to the lobby to find out what the schedule for the trip was. The class for the first day would do some sight seeing for a few hours before going back to the hotel at 5 pm and dinner would be at 6pm and the bath would be open from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm and the students were to be in their rooms at 9 pm while lights out would be at 9:30 pm.

Everyone was split into groups with their classmates and they each had to be in a group of five or six. Yuko's group consisted of Takamina, Atsuko, Haruna, Sayaka, and Sae much to the sadness of Mii-chan because she was in a different class she had to be in a different group.

“It's no fair you all are ditching me!” Mii-chan said whining with a pout on her face making everyone giggle at her.

“It'll be fine, sweetie. Who is in your group anyway?” Acchan asked her pouting girlfriend with a sweet smile that made Mii-chan's heart melt.

Before Mii-chan could answer her girlfriend, her group came up to her “Well here they are now.” Mii-chan responded with a smile going over to her group which consisted of Yukirin, Rena-chan, Chihiro and one girl that Yuko didn't recognize.

Noticing that Yuko was looking at her with a confused the mysterious girl walked up to where Yuko was standing next to Takamina. “Hello my name is Kitahara Rie but everyone just calls me KitaRie. You must be Oshima Yuko. I've heard a lot about you. It's very nice to finally meet you.” The girl said with a sweet smile.

“Yeah, I'm Yuko. It's nice to meet you too Kitahara-san.” Yuko responded with a smile on her face.

“Oh please call me KitaRie. Like I said everyone calls me that.” Rie said sticking her hand out for Yuko to shake.

Yuko took her hand and shook it as she responded. “Okay then please call me Yuko.” After that the teachers called for their students to meet up.

“Well we have to go. We just came over here to get Mii-chan since she was being whiny about having to hang around us pretty much all during the trip and not her, oh so beautiful, girlfriend. I hope we can talk again sometime Yuko-chan.” KitaRie said as she grabbed Mii-chan and started dragging her away from the group and followed her own group back to their class.

“No! I want to stay with Acchan!” Yuko and the others hear Mii-chan cry while be dragged away. They couldn't help but laugh at the girl who was still flailing around.

“Well she seems like a nice person.” Yuko said as she took Takamina's hand into her's and smiled at the shorter girl.

“Yeah she's a good friend. She's really helpful too.” Takamina said as she looked at Yuko with a cute smile.

Suddenly Takamina leaned up and gave Yuko a kiss on the cheek leaving her girlfriend embarrassed and blushing.

“What was that for?” Yuko asked looking down to hide her blush.

“I just felt like it. But I guess you could say it was a reward for being so nice to her.” Takamina said with smirk on her face as she took the squirrel-like girl's hand and headed over to the rest of their group.

Little did they know that someone was planning something that would test the sweet relationship that the two short girls shared.
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Ah... Takamina and Yuko situation is getting hotter and hotter

What's going to happen next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Here is the list of classrooms and who are in it:
Bold are student council
Italicized are class reps
Strikethrough haven't been introduced yet
Underline are newspaper club members

1-A – Jurina & Churi, Mayuyu, Suuchan, Annin
1-B – Milky & Non, Kumin, Ranran, Mariyagi, Tano
1-C – Paruru & Miorin, Lovetan, Karen, Juri, Ricchan
1-D – Haruppi & Sakura, Anya, Reinya, Maria, Hirari
Mariko’s Class 2-A - SaeSayaka, Yuko, Harunyan, Takamina, Acchan
2-B – Chiyuu & Tomochin, Yuihan, Akicha, Mocchi
2-C – Miichan & Yukirin, Rena, Chihiro, KitaRie
2-D – Sayanee & Airin, Sasshi, Minarun, Amina, Myao
Junior High – Mio, Meru

Thank you all for all the reads, thanks, and reviews. :mon innocent:
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Poster by ByuTaeReinA/nouke1995
Love Can Be A Complicated Feeling
Chapter 21: School Trip Part 2

As the class was taking a break from the tour Yuko's group decided to go to a nearby store to get some drinks since they were thirsty.

“Shinoda-sensei, can we go get some drinks from that store over there?” Takamina asked Mariko while pointing at the store right across the street.

“Hmm... Okay but you have to be back within ten minutes.” Mariko said after a little thought with a smile on her face.

“Don't worry, Mari-chan. We'll be back in time.” Haruna said with before giving Mariko a hug and then walking away with everyone in the group following afterwords.

“You better! I don't think you want to know what I would do to you and the other girls if you don't.” Mariko shouted after the bunch of girls who began to walk a little faster.

“Come on. She can get scary if we don't listen.” Takamina said taking Yuko's hand as they walked to the store.

“Oh really? What has she done before?” Yuko asked curious since the others seemed a little scared about what their teacher would do.

“Well she really likes to prank her students. Like this one time she decided to tell us she was pregnant and getting married, and so she told us she was quitting being a teacher. Needless to say Haruna was upset and freaked out on her until she admitted she was just messing with us.” The smaller girl said with a sigh as she remembered the whole incident. It took Haruna three days to forgive their teacher and talk to her again.

“Hey! I was just mad because she didn't tell me anything about it before hand. I'm her best friend from when we were kids. We tell each other everything but she didn't even drop a single hint. It's not like I was jealous that she was with someone else or anything.” Nyannyan said with a pout on her face remembering what happened.

“Nyannyan quit being a tsundere. You were jealous whether you want to admit it or not.” Acchan said with a little laugh.

“Hmph!” Haruna said as she walked through the doors to the store that they arrived at ignoring everyone.

“Yep definitely a tsundere.” Sae said nodding her head with everyone else who just agreed with her and Acchan about the cat-like girl.

“Well let's hurry so we can avoid another moment like that then. Right, Minami?” Yuko said with a smile causing her girlfriend to blush as she dragged her shorter girlfriend by the hand into the store.

The girls hurried up and bought their drinks before heading back to where their class was just in time. Mariko noticed them and told the class that break was over and they all continued on their way.

“Hmm...” Yuko hummed as she stared at the souvenirs at the place they stopped at for everyone to look  around.

“What are you looking at Yuuchan?” Takamina asked as she noticed her girlfriend's intense stare at a shelf of cute stuffed animals.

“Well... I was just thinking if Mio-chan and Meru-chan would like these as a souvenirs? I mean I feel bad because they really wanted to come but they couldn't.” The squirrel-like girl said with an exhausted look on her face from thinking about it.

“Aww, you're such a caring senpai.” Takamina said teasing her girlfriend with a smirk and getting up close to her.

“W-well, it's only right to get them something. Right?” Yuko said turning away with her cheeks red from both Takamina being so close and also from embarrassment from being called a caring senpai.

Seeing how her slightly taller girlfriend reacted, Takamina hugged and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I think they would be happy with whatever you give them. They will know that you thought of them.” Takamina said as put a hand on Yuko's cheek to make her look at her and gave her a loving smile.

Yuko looked into Minami's eye and smiled back before giving her a quick kiss on the lips embarrassing the smaller girl. “Thanks, Minami. That really helped.” The two just stared lovingly into one another's eyes.

“Aww! Wasn't that just so sweet, Sayaka?” They suddenly hear someone shout and quickly pull apart to look at where the voice came from only to see Sayaka, Haruna, and Atsuko behind a corner, all glaring at Sae who was just grinning widely.

“What have I told you about ruining moments?” Sayaka said with an irritated smile on her face as she looked at her girlfriend.

“Hehe... Sorry sweetie, they were just so cute I couldn't keep it in any longer...” Sae said laughing and looking away nervously.

Before the three girls who were spying could kill Sae, Takamina decided to speak up while trying to ignore her red cheeks caused by embarrassment from getting caught having a moment with her girlfriend. “What are you guys doing?”

The four looked at the couple they had just been spying on sheepishly. “Umm... well we were just wondering where you two were since you weren't with us and when we found you two, you seemed kind of busy and we didn't want interrupt.” Atsuko said with an innocent smile on her face acting like they weren't just caught spying on the couple.

“Uh huh... So you guys weren't spying on us?” Takamina said stepping closer to the four girls who began to cower from the smaller girl who seemed to have an evil aura around her.

“N-no... we weren't spying on the sweet moment you two were sharing...” Kojiharu said giving away the truth much to everyone else's irritation since they weren't sure whether she did it on purpose or not.

Takamina's aura just got more scary at this statement making the four even more worried since a mad Takamina was a very scary. However before Minami could do anything to the girls she was stopped by Yuko who touched her shoulder and smiled at her.

“Yuuchan?” Minami said looking at the slightly taller girl confused as to why Yuko stopped her.

“Don't worry Minami, I will handle this.” Yuko said with her signature squirrel-like smile before going up to the girls.

With an evil glint in her eyes Yuko grinned down at the girls mischievously before raising her hands up and made a groping motion. “Now, how about I teach you all a lesson about spying?” She said before she jumped toward the girls who quickly ran off from the couple.

Unable to keep from it the two small girls busted out laughing at their friends reactions.

“Hahahaha! Oh my god! Did you see their faces? They were so scared!” Yuko said point at the direction the girls ran holding her stomach.

“Haha! I know right? They looked like they were going to die or something. Come on, let's go find them before they cause any damage.” Takamina said giggling as their laughter died down some and held out her hand for Yuko to take.

“Hang on, I think I'm going to buy one of those stuffed animals for Mio and one for Meru.” Yuko said before going back to where they were before when they were having a moment.

After quickly picking out two bears that matched, one being pink and one being blue, Yuko went and bought them before returning to Minami and taking her hand.

“Okay let's go find those four.” Yuko said smiling with a bag in one hand and her girlfriend's hand in the other.

The two walked around and manage to find the four trying to catch their breaths clearly tired from running. When the four looked up they saw the two looked scared of the couple.

“Hey you guys. Don't worry, we aren't mad. We were just messing with you.” Takamina said with a smile while still holding Yuko's hand.

“Really? Oh thank goodness, I really didn't want to deal with a scary Takamina.” Acchan said with a sigh of relief with the other girls.

“Well, let's get back to Shinoda-sensei then.” Sayaka said as she began walking away with everyone following along.

After a few more hours of sightseeing the class headed back to the hotel. When they got back the first thing they heard was a loud and happy voice yell.

“Acchaaaan! I've missed you!” The next thing they know they see Acchan suddenly on the ground with Miichan on top of her hugging her tightly.

“I missed you too. But can you calm down and let me up please.” Atsuko said with her cheeks red from the embarrassment of everyone staring at her and her over dramatic girlfriend.

“Oh sorry I just missed being with you...” Miichan said getting up while taking her girlfriend's hand and helping her up too.

“I missed you too, sweetheart.” Acchan said giving her a kiss on the lips causing Miichan blush.

“Hey Yuko, why don't we go up to our room so we can put your bag away?” Takamina said as she pointed to bag that contained Mio and Meru's bears.

“Sure, let's leave these two love birds to catch up.” The squirrel-like girl said nodding her head over to the two girls who were in their own little world.

“Yeah.” Minami responded with a giggle before walking off with Yuko to their hotel room.

After putting her bag with all her other stuff Yuko laid down on the bed. “Hey Takamina, come here.” Yuko called over to her short girlfriend.

“Yes Yuko?” The short girl said as she laid down next to Yuko with a loving smile.

Not saying anything Yuko rolled over and caressed her smaller girlfriend's cheek before giving her a long loving kiss surprising Takamina before pulling away.

“Yuko, why you do that?” The smaller of the two asked blushing brightly.

“I just felt like it, baby. I love you.” Yuko said holding Takamina close to her.

“I love you too, Yuuchan.” Takamina said before leaning up and giving Yuko a kiss. The two stayed there cuddling and just laying there relaxing.

The two suddenly look into one another's eyes at the same time and suddenly feeling confident Takamina decided to kiss Yuko who happily returned it. Takamina decided to straddle Yuko as they continued to kiss which was beginning to get more heated. Swiping her tongue across Yuko's lips the kiss became deeper.

“Mmm...” Yuko moaned into the kiss as she pushed her body closer to Takamina.

Feeling bold and encouraged by the sounds Yuko was making Takamina pulled away and started to leave kisses down the taller girl's neck causing Yuko to squirm as she was becoming more and more turned on.

Feeling Takamina's hand going up her shirt slowly she was anticipating what would happen next feeling more and more excited as she felt Takamina get closer to her breast.

Suddenly Yuko's phone went off making the two lovers jump and snap out of the moment.

“I should probably get that...” Yuko said panting and feeling too comfortable to move and check the message she just got.

“Yeah... It might be important...” Takamina responded before getting off of Yuko and handing the squirrel-like girl her phone while blushing at the thought of how into the moment they were.

“Oh it's from Paru...” Yuko said glaring at her phone and cursing Paruru in her mind for ruining her moment with her cute girlfriend.

~Hey, I need to talk to you about something important. Please meet me in the hotel courtyard in 5 mins. The text message from Paru said sounding urgent.

'I wonder what she wants to talk about... Probably something to do with Yuihan...' Yuko thought curious about what was so important.

“So what does it say, Yuuchan?”  Takamina asked as she hugged Yuko from behind and laid her head on the squirrel-like girl's shoulder..

“She says she has to talk to me about something important is all...” Yuko said as she relaxed into Takamina's embrace.

“Oh, do you want me to come with you?” Takamina said with a concerned look on her face.

Turning her head slightly, Yuko captured Takamina's lips with her own in a quick kiss before letting go and replying. “No, it's fine you can stay here. I'm sure it will be fast and I will be back before you know it.”

“Okay then, stay safe and don't do anything reckless.” Takamina responded giving Yuko a kiss on the cheek as the squirrel-like girl straightened her clothes.

“Nothing bad is going to happen so don't worry. Well, I'll be back as soon as I can. I love you.” Yuko said with a smile to her girlfriend before opening the door.

“I love you too.” Takamina said before Yuko left the room. For some reason, Takamina just couldn't get rid of the feeling that something bad was going to happen.

After a little bit Yuko arrived at the hotel courtyard and spotted Paru sitting on a bench not far away.

“Hey Paruru, so what was it you need to talk to me about?” Yuko asked as she sat down on the bench with the salty girl.

“I needed someone to talk to about Yui.” The girl with the salty expression said looking at Yuko.

“Well then, I'm here to listen to what's wrong.” Yuko said smiling at the girl who was having a hard time with the girl she liked.

“She's still goes on a lot about her cat. She barely pays attention to me when I go over to her house.” Paru said pouting while very irritated at everything.

“Well, did you try make her jealous like said before?” Yuko said seriously looking at the girl as she tried to help her.

“Not yet but I have an idea how to make her jealous and get her to notice me...” As Paru was talking she was texting someone setting her plan in motion.

While Yuko was talking to Paruru, Takamina was in the hotel room watching TV when she heard a knock on the door.

When she opened the door she saw a worried Yuihan looking at her. “Yuihan? What's wrong?” Takamina asked looking at how worried the girl seemed.

“I just got a message from Paru saying to get you and to come to the courtyard immediately. She said it was really important.” Yui said fidgeting a little from worrying about what was wrong.

“Well then let's hurry up.” Takamina said putting her shoes on that she had taken off and followed Yuihan to the courtyard.

When they got there they saw Yuko and Paru talking seriously about something they couldn't hear.

Paru saw the two girls approaching her and Yuko and decided then to put her plan into action. She faintly heard Yuko ask what her plan was.

Right when Takamina and Yui were in a good enough distance to see clearly was happening Paru did something that shocked all three of the people she called there.

Shimazaki Haruka kissed Oshima Yuko right in front of Minami and Yui.
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WHAAAAAAAT?! I imagine that this would happen LOL! but still is surprising!! What the hell with Paru? now Yuko will be in problems with Minami -_- that jerk (still I love her orz)
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But I wonder what will happen though  XD XD
Thanks for the update!
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Wait wait....

I understand that Paruru wanted to make Yui jealous but by KISSING Yuko...

Is she trying to start a war?

Now it would not be Yui only that's jealous....

She could ripped Yuko and Minami's relationship...

What's going to happen?

Would Takamina be understanding and not jump into conclusion that Paruru or Yuko have something going on?

Ah... what about Yuko's reaction from the kiss?

Also Yui?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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!!! You updated pretty quickly!  :gmon shy:

But will TakaYuu be okay?! I hope they won't have any misunderstanding ; - ;

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