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Title: (WMatsui, MaYuki, TakaYuu) Love's Handler Chapter 3 12/04/2013 UPDATE!!!
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Hello Everyone! :gmon nya:
I know I should be writing my other fanfic. :mon sweat:
But I really wanted to write this. :mon whimper:
I don't know if it'll be any good but I hope you all enjoy it! :mon inluv:
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Love's Handler
Chapter 1: Once In A Life Time Meeting

Matsui Jurina was just a normal 1st year in high school when her world was changed. Her friends Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi Yuki, Oshima Yuko, and her decided to go to a soccer game for her school.

“This is a lot of fun right Jurina-chan!” Yuki asked smiling brightly at Jurina.

“Yeah but I feel like something’s going to happen soon…”  Jurina said feeling a little on edge for once.

“Relax, Jurina-chan! Everything’s going to be fine! Hey look at that hottie over there!” Yuko said looking at a random girl with a pervy smile.

You see Jurina and her friends went to an all-girls school together. They all were in the same class and had been good friends for many years.

“Oh hush! We all know you have a not so secret attraction to Takamina, Oshiriko-chan!” Mayu responded with a slight smirk at the perverted girl who blushed a little at her friends statement.

“I do not have feelings for that short Bakamina!” Yuko said turning away while still blushing not noticing that the person she was speaking off was right behind her.

“Who are you calling a short idiot?” Takamina spoke up shocking Yuko who jumped slightly before regaining her composure.

“You of course!” Yuko said smirking at the smaller girl who began to get angry.

The two continued to argue until Yuki stopped them as the game began. Everything was normal until Jurina suddenly felt cold and heard a small voice.

‘Please help me… My guard…’ The voice said in a very soft tone. It shocked Jurina and so she looked around when suddenly she heard shouting.

“Look out! Everyone get inside the school!” A teacher yelled causing Jurina to look at what everyone one was running from. It turns out that meteors were falling from the sky and hitting the ground. Jurina noticed in the major panic that her friends were already gone probably pushed on by the crowd.

Jurina began running to the school when a little meteor fell hitting the ground in front of her it seemed to be the last one and no one was around anymore. She was shocked but something drew her closer to check it out.

As she got closer she noticed something shining a little she reached out and picked up the object. Upon closer inspection it seemed like a key. It was gold with red, blue and yellow jewels on it.

‘Where did this come from?’ Jurina wondered having no idea why she was so drawn to it like she was.

‘Come help me, Jurina…’ The mystery voice spoke again with a sense of urgency. Jurina got up and went to where she thought the voice sounded like it was coming from. She ended up in the school and looked down noticing a trail of blood she followed it quickly. It turned out to end at an old classroom that no one used anymore.

Jurina opened the door slowly before walking in on her own cautiously. “Is anyone in here?” She asked caution clear in her voice.

“Ugh…” A voice groaned painfully. Jurina went to where she heard it coming from. She found a girl with very pale skin and dark black hair bleeding.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” Jurina shouted as she ran to the girl’s side worried.

“You have to help me… You’re the only one who can…” The girl said as she took Jurina’s hand and placed it on her wound.

Before Jurina could do anything the girl’s wound healed completely much to Jurina’s surprise. “Thank you so much.” The mystery girl said with a bright smile passing out before Jurina could do anything.

‘What should I do with her? I can’t just leave her here…’ Jurina thought before she decided to take the poor girl to her house.

Lucky for Jurina, she lived by herself so she didn’t have to worry about anyone questioning her for the time being.

After the two got to her house, Jurina laid the girl on her couch. The mystery girl woke up and looked around to notice that she wasn’t in the abandon classroom anymore and saw Jurina, who noticed and felt the need to introduce herself.

“Hey, it’s good to see you awake. My name’s Matsui Jurina and this is my house. In case you’re wondering why I brought you here it’s because you sort of passed out after I saw you and you heal.” Jurina said smiling at the girl she just met.

“Oh, thank you for helping me. My name is Rena and I’m sure you noticed this already but I’m not human.” The girl Jurina helped said as she sat up.

“Yeah, I noticed that but I have many questions for you. First of all, what are you and how did you heal yourself before?” Jurina asked with a very serious look.

“Well I am what you would call a Fairiela. My people have both good and bad types, which are known by humans as angels and demons. Each Fairela has what is known as a handler which is humans who have certain abilities. I can only heal fast if I have my handler which is you, Jurina-san.” Rena explained seriously as well not knowing how Jurina would react.

“If that’s true then, how do you know I’m your handler?” Jurina asked with a slight smirk on her face.

“Like I said I can only heal fast if I have my handler. If you don’t believe me about all of this I could show you I mean it.” Rena responded standing and taking a breath before her back glowed and a pair of white wings appeared.

Jurina stared in amazement at the girl who quickly went back to normal and sat down smiling at Jurina.
“Okay, well there goes any doubt I had before… Next I guess is do you have a family name?” The still shocked girl asked.

“Yes… My family name is the same as yours, Matsui and before you ask we are not related.” Rena responded quickly.

“That’s good to know so I guess I’ll just call you by your given name. Can you tell if there are any others like you around here?” Jurina now was very curious if there were others like her.

“Yes, but I can’t tell you who they are. Only they can do that but they are a few in the area.” Rena said smiling sweetly.

“How exactly do you age, I mean how old are you?” The very curious girl had many questions she wanted answered.

“I’m around the same age as you and Fairela’s age the same way humans do. Before you ask I am signed up to go to your school starting tomorrow.” Rena explained that they weren’t so different from each other.

“One last question before we go to sleep then. Where do you plan to live and sleep?” Jurina asked not knowing a thing about this girl.

“I planned to live at the school in that abandon classroom…” Rena said trying to look innocent.

“You can’t do that! You can live here I guess and I’ll help you get your clothes and everything. I have an extra bedroom you could use.” Jurina said insisting on the girl staying with her. It’s not like she had no room since her parents had a lot of money and bought this place for her to stay in while she went to school.

“Well if you are okay with it then I guess I’ll stay here!” Rena said in agreement.

Jurina let Rena take a bath first and where some of her pajamas before she took a bath herself and relaxed trying to get her mind straighten out after the crazy night. All in one night she found out about a whole new world that she couldn’t deny. At least there were others like her near but to think she was pulled in to this world was weird.

Plus the girl was very cute and seemed nice so there was really nothing she could complain about. Jurina’s father did tell her before she moved away that there was a whole world out there that she had no idea of and would one day have to be a part of. Maybe this was what he meant… Only time could tell…
Title: Re: (WMatsui, MaYuki, TakaYuu) Love's Handler Chapter 1
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KYAAAAAAAAA WMatsui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :inlove: :inlove: and Mayuki  :inlove:
 :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:

I liked a lot this 1st chapter!!
 fantasy is a great genre and the story looks like a promising!

pls continue until the end >3<
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BakaMina ~~  (Yeah I'll not play the silent reader here xD )

I like it *-* fantasy fic ~~

Rena seem to have already planned everything before coming XD
Title: Re: (WMatsui, MaYuki, TakaYuu) Love's Handler Chapter 1
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Hey everyone! :mon hi:
So I've decide that one week I'll try to post a chapter of this fanfic and the following week I'll post a chapter of my other fanfic. :mon determined:
I'm sorry for making everyone wait so long for my updates but I try my best to update fast. :mon whimper:
Thank you everyone who read, review and thanked this first chapter. :mon love:
Please review or leave a thanks! :mon dance:

@Koneki: I'm glad you liked it! :mon squee:
This is my first fantasy story I have wrote but I'm not sure how it will turn out hopefully it goes well. :mon sweat:

@Llyloo: Yay I can't wait to see what you have to say as the story continues. :mon inluv:
I'm happy you like it and yeah Rena's kinda like that I guess in this story.  :mon lol:

Anyway once again thank you for the reviews and thanks. :mon cute:
Please keep them coming! :mon pray2:
See you all next chapter! :mon bye:
Love's Handler
Chapter 2: Rena's First Day Of School

Jurina woke up and took a shower and got changed when she was done she decided to get something for breakfast. When she reached her living room a wonderful smell hit her nose. She followed the scent to the kitchen.

“Oh, I see you awake now Jurina-chan. I decided to make breakfast as a thank you for helping me.” Rena said with a bright and sweet smile.

“Well thank you Rena-chan. I guess we should come up with an excuse with how we know each other.” Jurina said as she started to eat her breakfast.

“I was thinking that our parents are friends and I wanted to go to this school and since you were already going here they decided to just let me stay here as I go to school with you.” Rena said as she sat down and ate her breakfast as well.

They agreed on the story and decided to head to school together. Rena had to check in at the office before class and so that left Jurina alone for the time being. She went to her classroom only to be grabbed by Yuko and used as a human shield.

“Yuko, what are you doing?” She asked confused at what the perverted girl was doing.

“I’m hiding from Takamina.” Yuko said looking at Jurina grinning.

“What did you do to her this time?” The puppy like girl asked suddenly getting a bad feeling.

But before Yuko could respond to Jurina Takamina showed up red in the face, “Yuko!!!! I’m going to kill you!!!!” Minami yelled as loud as she could.

“Oops, gotta run! See you later Jurina.” Yuko said before running off somewhere.

“Hey Takamina, what did Yuko do to upset you this badly?” Jurina asked her annoyed looking friend.

“She snuck into the bathroom this morning while I was in the bath and took pictures of me. Then she stole my clothes before I could do anything. Lucky for me I had an extra uniform lying around. She is such a pain in the ass to live with! Now if you excuse me I still have a midget to kill.” Takamina explained before running off after Yuko.

‘Those two are so weird but they are really good friends plus a good source for comedy.’ Jurina thought as she began walking to class.

The relationship between Yuko and Takamina was a weird one to Jurina. They were like the best of friends and lived together but one second they got along so well that they were almost like a couple and the next they seemed to hate each other’s guts. It left many people confused but what made it so strange to Jurina was the two girls actually loved one another but were both too stubborn to admit it.

Everyone was in class on time and the homeroom teacher made an announcement and then Rena entered the room.

“Okay Rena-san  you can sit by Jurina-san.” The teacher said pointing to Jurina who smiled and waved her hand.

Class continued until lunch time and everyone swarmed Rena with questions. Namely where she came from and why she transfer. She stuck to the story her and Jurina came up with.

“Hey Rena-chan, do you want to have lunch with my friends and I?” Jurina asked looking at Rena as her friends sat down around her desk smiling.

“Sure I’d like to join you. Who are your friends?” Rena asked looking at the group getting a weird feeling from Mayuyu and Yuko.

‘Ah, so those two must be Fairielas like me…’ Rena thought to herself smiling.

“My name is Oshima Yuko but you can just call me Yuko. You’re really pretty you know.” Yuko said grinning as she checked Rena out.

“I’m Takahashi Minami but everyone calls me Takamina. I’m sorry if Yuko makes you uncomfortable she’s just a weird pervert.” Minami said pushing Yuko out of the way and smiling at Rena who just giggled as the two began to argue.

“Just ignore those two they have issues that their working through. Anyway, I’m Kashiwagi Yuki but please call me Yukirin.” Yuki chimed in as she ignored the two midgets and smiled at Rena.

“Yeah those two are weird but you’ll get use to them soon. So, my name is Watanabe Mayu but all my friends call Mayuyu. I’m curious but how do you know Jurina-chan?” Mayu asked after introducing herself.

“Oh our parents are old friends and since I wanted to go here my parents decided I should move in with Jurina and go to school with her. I hope I can be friends with you all as well.” Rena said with a small and shy smile.

Yuko and Mayu quickly exchanged looks which caught the attention of Yuki and Minami who looked at each other worried. “Well any friend of Jurina is my friend as well!” Yuko said with a cheerful  grin on her face as the others agreed with her statement.

Lunch passed by quickly and before anyone knew it; it was time for PE. As Rena was one of the last girls to leave the classroom she was also the last one to get ready for PE.

“Hey can we talk to you about something, Rena-chan?” Yuko asked with Mayu by her side in the locker room with only the three girls left both girls having a serious look on their face.

 “Umm sure…” Rena responded cautiously as she began changing into her gym clothes.

“We know you’re a Fairiela. Now why have you come here and what does Jurina have to do with it?” Mayuyu asked her eyes cold as ice.

“I mean no harm and I’ve been placed here for certain reasons. Jurina has a lot to do with this because she’s my handler and I plan to train her. I’m a good Fairela but what about you two?” Rena asked becoming serious as well.

“Well I guess we are all on the same page. We’re both good and you have already met our handlers. We just never thought Jurina would ever get pulled into our world as she never really showed that she was any different than any other human.” Yuko said with a sigh and an apologetic look.

“It’s fine but Jurina is far from a normal human more so than even she knows. She just needs time to find her strength and then master it.”  Rena said with a confident smile as she finished changing.

The girls all agreed and walked out quickly joining their group of friends. Jurina smiled at Rena who smiled happily back however she suddenly felt some of the other girls glare at her.

“Okay so today we are going to test our physical fitness.” The teacher said before instructing the students to do various exercises.

Class ended fast and despite her frail appearance and the fact that she was still recovering from the wound she got the previous night Rena did pretty well.

The day ended smoothly and all throughout the day more and more questions rose up inside of Jurina about who Rena was. So she decided to walk home with her to know more.

“So Rena-chan, how was your first day of school?” Jurina asked as they walked home.

“It was good. I really like your friends there’s just something about them…” Rena said remembering how Mayu and Yuko were just like her.

“Yeah they have always made me feel protected and treated me well. They’re weird but honestly they are the best people I have ever known.” Jurina said with a soft smile thinking of how much her friends did for her.

“I can tell they are good people. Anyway, Jurina-san I think we should discuss training for you soon since unlike me you haven’t been training for this your whole life.” Rena said smiling brightly at Jurina who smiled back softly at the girl.

“I would think that’s a good idea. So when do you think we should start?” Jurina responded tilting her head to the side cutely.

“As soon as we get home we can began!” Rena said much to the other Matsui’s surprise before running off.

‘Geez I wonder how well I will do as a handler… I guess we will see what happens.’ Jurina thought to herself before following Rena.
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Hahaha yuko nice move  :lol: taking pictures of a bathing takamina and stealing her clothes :twothumbs :inlove: :heart: thanks for the update^^ love you~ :heart:
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AHAHAH XD Yuko. Poor Takamina. But I wonder where are the pic now, still on her phone 8D ?

Yuko and Takamina are funny. And the Oshiri Sisters are worried about Rena in Jurina's life, it's cute *-*.
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Hey everyone! :mon hi:
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I love you too~  :gmon sweet:

@Llyloo: Yeah poor Takamina and who knows where the pics are now knowing Yuko. :mon noprob:
TakaYuu are hilarious together.  :mon fyeah:
And yeah the Oshiri sisters are really caring aren't they especially when it comes to their friends. :gmon sing:
I know you'll like this chapter. :gmon hot:

I hope you all enjoy this chapter. :mon dance:
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Love's Handler
Chapter 3: First Day Of Training

Jurina and Rena made it home and began to discuss the plan to train soon. “We could train in this deserted area at the park no one but my friend’s go to.” Jurina said as she worked on her homework.

“Hmm… That sounds like a good idea but we will only train at certain times so no one will catch us.” Rena said after some thought about the plan.

“Okay if you want we can start as soon as we finish our homework.” Jurina said looking up and smiling a charming smile.

“Sounds good to me…” Rena replied as they continued to work on their homework to finish it quickly.

They both finished fast and got changed in to something that they could easily move in for training. Jurina and Rena walked to the spot that Jurina talked about and made sure no one was around. Once they were sure Rena relaxed and let her true form show.

“Okay Jurina-chan, first you should know that you have certain abilities and it might take a while before you can really use them. One of your abilities is you can summon a weapon. Now this weapon will be your main thing to use in battle. I want you to try to summon it. Don’t worry if you can’t do it at first.” Rena said looking at the girl who continued to stare at her still not use to her true look.

“Okay but how am I supposed to do that?” Jurina asked confused at what she was supposed to do.

“Just concentrate and it should come to you.” Rena responded smiling.

“So just concentrate… Okay I can do that.” Jurina said before closing her eyes and focusing on summoning her weapon. After sometime she opened her eyes noticing her hands were getting warm.

Jurina looked down and saw that something was forming in them. After sometime a katana appeared glowing brightly. Jurina stared in awe at the sword in front of her not sure what to do.

“Well don’t just stand there do something.” Rena said with a giggle at Jurina who blushed.

Jurina held the katana in her hand looking at it more closely in disbelief that she summoned the weapon her. “So what am I supposed to do? I’m kinda new at this.” Jurina said as she looked at Rena with a child-like curiosity.

“Well then I’m going to show you how to fight.” Rena said with a smile as she summoned her own sword.

Rena quickly charged at Jurina and the two began to fight with Rena easily beating Jurina. “Well you’re doing pretty well for a person with no experience. Next I want you to try avoiding and blocking the blast I shoot at you.”

“Okay then…” Jurina said as she held up her sword liking the feel of it in her hands.

Rena began to shoot at Jurina noticing that she was getting hang of things quickly. It became increasingly obvious that she was going better at fighting than Rena.

The two were taking a short rest as they recharged catching their breath and talking about things. “This thing isn’t that bad you know. I think this might be in my blood.” Jurina said with a smirk on her face.

“It seems like it doesn’t it… You are going to be a great handler!” Rena said with a sweet smile causing Jurina to blush a little.

Before either could say something else they heard a big sound as a monster appeared in front of them. “Damn!” Rena said as she saw the monster that was as tall as the trees around them.

‘Jurina’s not ready to fight someone yet. I hope someone appears soon to help.’ Rena thought as she grabbed Jurina’s hand and began running.

The two ran until Rena tripped and got caught on a bush unable to break free. Jurina tired helping Rena but couldn’t as the monster began to approach them not knowing what to do Jurina held Rena to protect her.

They were prepared to be hit by it but before they were someone hit the monster away. “Hey are you two okay?” Another person said smiling brightly as she helped them up with the help of another girl.

“Yeah we are thank you. Wait, Takamina is that you and Yukirin?” Jurina asked catching a glimpse at the helper’s face.

“Yep now you two stay here with Yuki I have to help Yuko and Mayu.” Takamina said as she summoned a pair of guns and ran off to fight.

“What’s going on here? Why are you all here?” Jurina asked confused as she watched Yuko, Takamina, and Mayu fight.

“We’ll explain more later, but pretty much Takamina and I are like you and Yuko and Mayuyu are like Rena-chan over there.” Yuki said smiling at the poor confused girl.

“Rena-chan, can you help us here?” Yuko asked as her and Mayu were having a hard time defeating the beast that was huge.

“Sure what do you need?” Rena said as flew to the two girl’s side.

“We need you to purify it if you can as we hold it down.” Mayu said in response thinking this would work.

“Sure I can do that.” Rena said in agreement and so as Yuko hit the monster with a fire ball to get its attention Mayu froze it in place when she was able to.

Takamina ran over to Jurina and Yuki out of the way as they watched Rena. “I command you to return to where you came from. I, Matsui Rena, purify your soul.” Rena said as she let out a blast of light causing the monster to disappear leaving nothing but a little jewel.

“Wow… That was amazing!” Jurina shouted as the three girls landed back on the ground and turned back to normal.

“Thanks Jurina. Are you okay?” Rena said as the girls came together.

“Yeah I’m just fine. So you guys going to explain to me about all this?” Jurina asked her friends seriously who all laughed nervously.

“Well you see I’m a Fairela like Rena-chan and Takamina is my handler. My powers are fire and lightning.” Yuko said as she began explaining.

“I’m a Fairela as well but Yukirin is my handler and my powers are water and ice.” Mayuyu chimed in explaining her part.

“I have the ability to summon knives and a high ability to heal people.” Yuki then said sweetly.

“I am able to summon guns and can tell what the enemy is thinking.” Takamina said grinning proudly.

“Wait! So you guys are saying that all these years I’ve known you guys you have kept this a secret. I can’t believe you all never told me.” Jurina said not knowing how to react.

“We’re sorry Jurina… We were just trying to protect you.” Takamina apologized not wanting Jurina to be mad at them.

“I know but you know I don’t really need to be protected. I’m fine but I know you guys were just being good friends.” Jurina said smiling before she pulled her friends into a group hug.

Rena stood there smiling at the group of friends feeling a little lonely. “Hey Rena-chan come here you’re a part of our group of friends now too.” Jurina called over as they pulled the shy girl in.

They stood there hugging until Jurina remember another question she had. “Um… I know this may seem random but… how did you and Mayuyu know Rena-chan was a Fairela, Yuko?” Jurina asked noticing the two girls pale.

“W-well you see we kinda asked her about it earlier. Just to make sure she wouldn’t hurt you.” Yuko said as she laughed nervously.

“Of course you did… That’s just how you are. Well since now I know that you guys are like me, how about you train me?” Jurina asked grinning widely.

“Hmm I guess we could but how about tomorrow since it is pretty late?” Mayu asked yawning leaning on Yukirin.

“Okay I guess we will continue this discussion tomorrow. See you guys later.” Jurina said as the girls began to part from each other.

Once Jurina and Rena got home they changed and Rena made dinner for them. “You know that your friends are some of the best people I have ever met. They really care about you.” Rena said as Jurina walked into the kitchen to get a drink.

“Yeah they told me that I’m like their little pet. But Takamina and Yuko hang out a lot together as do Yuki and Mayu that sometimes I would get lonely. I always felt like they were hiding something from me and I guess I was right.” Jurina confessed a sad look in her eyes.

“Well don’t worry Jurina-chan I’m here now. So you won’t be lonely anymore.” Rena said with a sweet and caring smile causing Jurina to blush lightly at the words.

“You’re such a sweet heart you know that…” Jurina responded shyly.

“Yeah I’ve been told that.” Rena responded as she set the table.

“I bet… Hey what is your power I mean you know like how Yuko has lightning and fire and Mayuyu has water and ice?” Jurina asked as she got her food.

“Mine is light and dark as one can’t exist without the other.” Rena responded with a serious look that sent chills down Jurina’s back.

The two finished their dinner, took their showers, and went to bed ready for whatever tomorrow might bring not knowing that they were being watched by two figures.

“Sayanee are you sure it’s her?” A girl with chubby cheeks and her hair in a side ponytail asked a short-haired girl.

“Yes that is definitely Rena-sama. It seems she’s found her handler too Maachun.”The girl called Sayanee said.

“Well what are we supposed to do we can’t go back unless we bring her with us.” Maachun said with a cute pout.

“We’re going to do just that. I hope you’re prepared to go to school tomorrow Maachun.” Sayanee said with a smirk.

“Aww, do I have to?!” Maachun complained loudly.

“Yes you do I already signed you up to go with me.” Sayanee continued her smirk expanding.

“You really are a demon…” Maachun said continuing to pout.

“I know I am. Now let’s get home we have school tomorrow.” Sayanee said as a pair of devil wings appeared on her back before the two girls disappeared into the night.
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-roll- Nyaaah.Nyaaah. I'm happy. I'm happy. Love you. Love youuuuu ~ -smiling like crazy since few minutes-

So. They're a really great group of friend *-* I want the same *-* they're so cute !


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please... I beg of you... grant us AtsuHaru....
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So they likely Aliens

Interesting, i wonder who is Macchun and Sayanee, are they on the bad side?

What they want from Rena?