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Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 3 (atsumina)
Post by: blakwhite on October 05, 2013, 03:15:53 PM
well, this is will be my first series fanfic
and, my heart broken when i read article about acchan and her BF is ready to get married  :cry:
so i make this fanfic

well, enough with my nonsense
now, please enjoy
Always by your side

Chapter 1

“huee... hue...” there is a little girl crying in the park
Then there is a little boy girl come near the crying girl
“hey, why are you crying?”
“hiks.... i slipped when im running .... hiks... my knee hurts.... huee... i wanna go home ...hiks”
“ eeh? Okay then, here i give you a piggyback” the little boy girl said while smiling
“eh? But mama told me not to interact with stranger” she pouted cutely
“hmm..., well, my name is takahashi minami,yoroshiku, yours?”said the little boy girl
“my name is maeda atsuko, yoroshiku”
“so, we are not strangers anymore right?”
“i think yes”
“kay, here i give you piggyback, tell me where is your home kay?”
(end of flashback)

Maeda atsuko and takahashi minami is a childhood friend,but they got seperated because atsuko’s parent must move because of work

“minami, tommorow me and my family will move” atsuko said
“oh” minami said and looking down sadly
“minami, we will always be best friend forever right?” she said while looking at takamina’s face
“of course acchan, even we are seperate i will always send you a letter” she said while smiling
“kay then, but i will come back, promise me you will wait for me minami”
“un, i will wait for you”

(end of flashback)
After that, they are start to sending a letter to each other, but atsuko stopped sending minami a letter.

Now, minami was a 2nd year highschool student at satsuki gakuen, she is basketball captain team.
---- at classroom ------
(takamina POV)
At the classroom i go to my seat, and lay my head on the desk while sighing hard
“haaaah ~”
“oy, takamina you look so tired, what happen?”  she is my friend, oshima yuko, she is our basketball team’s  ace.
“last night im playing game, and when i see the clock its already 11pm, and then im remember if got a homework, so im doing my homework and finish at 1 am, and now i forgot to bring my homework, and now im sleepy” i said while trying not to sleep

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, bad luck takamina,you must learning from me.. im always remember everything ” she said proudly
“all you remember is only girls oshiri and boobies right?” i said
“eh.. its not like that, im remember school stuff too you know “she said while grinning widely
“so, did you bring / doing your homework?” i ask her
“eh? Homework? What homework? I dont know” she said confusedly
“oh god ...” i facepalmed
*Ring ..... Ring... Ring..*
The bell has rung
And then the homeroom teacher come to class,
“okay, before we start the class, i will tell you if we have 2 transfer student from osaka, and please come in.”
When the door is open my eyes widen, my jaw dropped
“its her...”

(end of takamina POV)

==== TBC =====

sorry if its so short, pls feel free to comment
and tell me if its intresting or not, and should i stopped this or not  :cry:
and sorry for my bad at grammar
Title: Re: Always by your side (atsumina)
Post by: olive29 on October 05, 2013, 03:22:17 PM
Where did you hear about the news??

The news about acchan..

Anyway,this story is very interesting..

Can't wait for the next chapter..

Update soon.... :bow:
Title: Re: Always by your side (atsumina)
Post by: blakwhite on October 05, 2013, 03:57:40 PM
Where did you hear about the news??

The news about acchan..

Anyway,this story is very interesting..

Can't wait for the next chapter..

Update soon.... :bow:
here, (  :cry:
Title: Re: Always by your side (atsumina)
Post by: Haruko on October 05, 2013, 05:54:43 PM
Yeaaaaaaah! atsumina!
Title: Re: Always by your side (atsumina)
Post by: RJay on October 05, 2013, 07:00:50 PM
blackwhite-san, that site is just showing rumours about their so called future marriage; obviously Acchan wouldn't dare approach a man aggressively, it's just not her; and not to mention, Onoe Matsuya-san had probably approached her in the first place. Whatever they say in there are fake; no one actually knows the true story about them but only God himself and the couple themselves.

In my opinion, the site that is closest to the truth or about, is somewhere in

I'm not trying to make it sound rude, but it was just my instincts to correct the misunderstanding in that site; besides, they make it sound like the opposite of the close try story itself. I'm not against their relationship or anything; we just have to support them. Plus I'm a little worried about Acchan since she's still innocent and still new about the whole relationship thing we don't know exactly what are her current boyfriend's intentions, so I hope she chooses her partner very wisely before actually getting married.

By the way, sorry for rambling about my thoughts here; I just couldn't stand what those people were saying in that site you requested to find the story of Acchan's relationship. It's not my intention to talk so much about it.

Anyway, please continue that fic of yours, it sounds really interesting.
Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 2 (atsumina)
Post by: blakwhite on October 05, 2013, 08:45:01 PM
@ryuuka : i hope so
@RJay : thank you for comment, u make me feel good right now :3

so here is chap 2
                                                                               Always by your side

Chapter 2

(takamina POV)
When the door is open my eyes widen, my jaw dropped
“its her...”

“okay, now please introduce yourself” my homeroom teacher said
“hai, ohayou gozaimasu, my name is maeda atsuko, im transfer student from kyoto gakuen, yoroshiku.”
‘yes, its her !! its her !, she is my acchan !!, but i think she is changed now’
“wahh kirei” some girls said
“whoa, its so rare we have girl like her in our class” some boys said

“and you, pls introduce yourself” homeroom teacher said
“ah, hai, ohayou gozaimasu, my name is Koji-“ before she said anything yuko shouted
“BOOBIEEEEESSSS ~ !!!” yuko shouted while standing up
“OSHIMA YUKO, STANDING OUTSIDE CLASS ! NOW!” homeroom teacher said madly
“h-h-hai” yuko said while walking outside
“pls continue”
“h-hai, ohayou gozaimasu, my name is kojima haruna, transfer student from gifu gakuen, yoroshiku”
“maeda- san,kojima-san please sit on the empty sear,”
“hai!” both of them said
Im just looking at her when she sit, and then
‘oh shit.. oh shit.. oh shit’
“ah, s-s-sorry sensei” i said while stand up
“ and where is your homework takahashi?”
‘im dead’
“ah, im forgot, sorry sensei” i said while looking down

----- Lunch Break -----
Im going back to class to grab my manga
‘eh? Where is acchan?’
I grab my manga and go to my favorite place, rooftop.

---- rooftop ----
When i open the rooftop door, i see acchan standing on the fence and staring at the blue sky
I tried to approach her, its long time i dont see her, she was really beautiful
“Acchaaaan ~ i miss you~” i said while running to her, trying to hug her, she turn around and said
“hm? Who are you?” i stopped, what she said just now still ringing on my head, i dont know why, but my heart feel hurt
‘eh? You dont know me? Acchan, im minami, your childhood friend’ i said in my mind
“ah, sorry, do you really dont know about minami from your childhood?”
“hm? I dont know, i think i dont have any childhood friends before”
*deg* my heart really hurt, i feel lke i want to cry now
“ah, sou desuka? Uhm, well, ah, then i will introduce myself, my name is takahashi minami,and you can call me takamina, lets be friend” im smiling to her even my heart is so hurt right now
“un, yoroshiku  takamina”.
(end of takamina POV)

---- 1 month later -----
And  since then they become a best friend along with yuko and haruna. And takamina’s love to acchan is more deeper
---- at the classroom -----
(takamina POV)
Class has started and yuko in front of me whispering to me
 “oi takamina, you know, our basketball team will have a match with basketball team from all – boys high school”
“eh? Really? Whoa great! Lets show them who we are” i said excitedly
“ah, and dont forgot to go to gym afterschool”

------ lunch break ------
When i want to go , suddenly acchan come to me
“takamina~” she said while clinging to me
“w-w-what acchan?” i said while blushing
‘why am i stuttering?!!”
“nee, takamina lets eat on  rooftop together, i make a bento today”

----- at the rooftop -----
“nee, takamina” she said while eating tomatoes on her bento
“hmm?, nani, acchan?”
“hey, soon we have an exam, dont too much playing, i know your grade is falling, you must study you know” she said while pouting cutely to me
“heee~, okay okay ~” i said while eating my bento
“dont just say okay ~, how about i teach you at your house?”
“e-e-eh? At my house? Uhm.., well, that’s okay, but i have club activity after school”
“kay then, i will watching you playing basket while waiting you”

(end of takamina POV)

------- afterschool at gym --------

They start playing, when takamina got the ball she will pass the ball to yuko and always got scoring.
And then in the middle of game, takamina seeing acchan cheering for her, she stop running and looking at acchan, her heart beat faster than usual, she keep staring at acchan, and suddenly
There is a ball toward her
“TAKAMINA WATCH OUT!” yuko shout to  takamina, meanwhile takamina keep staring at acchan, then yuko run to behind takamina to protect her.


The ball hit yuko’s head.

“eh? Yuko ? you should be careful you know, how many times i tell you to not to keep staring at haruna’s body?” takamina said

“Hah?” yuko’s jaw dropped and have disbelief face
“kay, i think that’s enough for today guys, thanks for hard work, and becareful when go home”
Then takamina goes to acchan and going to takamina’s house together

------- at takahashi residence ------
“tadaima” takamina said
“sorry for intruding” acchan said
“come acchan,my parent is out from city, wait for me at living room, i will change my clothes and go to the kitchen first”

---- 10 minutes later ----
“here is the drink, sorry if its too long”
“ah, its okay,so lets start study”
“okay, but what we study first?”
“math” acchan said while smiling

----- after 3 hours study -----
“so, that’s how you solve it, btw takamina, what time is it?” acchan said
“ah, wait... whoa its already 11 pm”
“eeh? I dont know if its already this late, can i stay over for a night?”
“sure, you can change with my clothes”

And after acchan finish changing
Takamina brought blanket and pillow from her bedroom to her living room
“eh? Takamina, where are you going?”
“hmm? I will sleep on the couch, you can sleep on my bed”
“eeh, but i dont want”
“Because im scared, please accompany me tonight” she said shyly
“w-w-well, it cant be helped then, lets go sleep” she said while blushing

“takamina?” acchan said
“can i hug you?”
“can i?”
“ah, s-s-sure” she said while let acchan sleep on her embrace
‘acchan, if you keep doing this, i dont know if i can hold this feeling anymore’ she said in her mind and start to sleep

====== TBC ======

ah btw, i forgot to tell you, i got inspired by Flean-san fanfic "baby please dont cry" :3
well, i want to make a sad story with happy ending,

but when i make this chapter im not satisfied with my work ( (

pls kill me ( (
and sorry if its too short,and my bad grammar ( (

Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 2 (atsumina)
Post by: cisda83 on October 05, 2013, 10:35:05 PM
I just came across this fic... and it's already been update to 2 chapters...

I enjoyed reading it...

Poor Minami being forgotten by Atsuko and why?

Did Atsuko have an accident or illness that made her forget her past?

Well at least they became best friend again but would they become more?

Would there be some drama in between...?

Yuko saved Minami but Minami did not acknowledge... It was a funny scene there...

Anyhow... can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Thank you for the updates

PS: Just saw the articles... Yeah... few of Atsuko and AKB scandals somehow... Hope it's not the truth... about Atsuko not being serious about her acting careers and just wanting plain roles and get married ASAP.

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 2 (atsumina)
Post by: RJay on October 05, 2013, 11:19:38 PM
What? Acchan forgot about Takamina? What could have happen in the past years.
Yuko is really funny :lol:

About the comment, you're welcome.
Here's a little suggestion and advice from me, don't ever read celebrity scandals from anyone's blog; some may be fans and others haters, obviously, the haters tend to make the story upside down bringing their negative thoughts and false rumours to bring the celebrity and their fans down to a disappointment. So better read news from trustworthy sites that are very and quite close to reality like , and many more sites that give real celebrity news and relevant information. I hope this helps from false rumours in most peoples blogs.

So please update the next chapter soon, I'm really looking forward to it. XD
Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 2 (atsumina)
Post by: Archer1992 on October 05, 2013, 11:49:33 PM
its a nice story

please update soon

Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 2 (atsumina)
Post by: olive29 on October 06, 2013, 01:13:03 AM

Why did Acchan forget about Takamina??

What happen??

Can't wait for the next chapter...

Update soon,please... :bow:
Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 2 (atsumina)
Post by: blakwhite on October 06, 2013, 02:05:40 PM
@cisda : thank you for comment cisda-san, now im feeling good :3
@RJay : that's a secret ;), and thanks for advice
@archer1992 : yes, of course ;)
@olive29 : that's secret ;)

well, i got help from maeda2708 for chapter 3 :3 because i dont have any inspiration :3
so im just waiting for her :3

and thanks for comment minna  :bow:
Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 3 (atsumina) (Update)
Post by: blakwhite on October 06, 2013, 07:42:17 PM
            Always By Your Side

Chapter 3

(Atsuko POV)

When i tried to open my eyes, im looking around the room, and minami is gone. But there is a bread and a glass of milk beside her bed, and there is a little message.
“Good morning atsuko. Quickly eat your breakfast. Sorry i cant accompany you to your home. I have basketball exercise this morning. See you at school library this afternoon. Happy Sunday~

-Minami “ 
After i read the message im quickly take a bath and change to school uniform.

(End Of Atsuko POV)

-at Gym-

“Hey, Minami! Why you so excited today? Is there something that make you happy?” Ask yuko
“Hahahaha. Yes. Today is just like a dream, it feels like i meet a goddes for a night”

“Really? Tell me! Is she really that beauty?” ask yuko curiously

“She is more than beautifull. She is my Goddess” answer minami while smiling

“Hey kids! Enough for break! Go exercise again!” shouted the coach from the middle of gym.


-------- after excercise -------

“thank you for today guys.. see you all tommorow..” said minami to all member. And then she come to the coach

(Minami POV)

“thanks for today Takada-sensei”

“yes, Of course.dont just go pumped up to basketball, but you must go pumped up to chase your love one too..” said takada – sensei.

‘eh? I dont kow what is he mean.’

“oh, come on. Im already an expert  in love things. So without you tell me i already know  if you are fall in love with someone. I can see it from your expression and your excitement” said takada sensei while grinning widely, and im just looking down embarrassedly.
After that im quickly change my clothes and go to school library to finish my homework.

-at school Library-

To: minami
Im already at library. So quite in here, there is only me and a librarian, i feel scared.
After i see her e-mail, im quickly running to the library because i dont want her to waiting me for so long and feel scared.

“Sorry im late..” i said while control my breathing

“No Problem. Lets go”

Me and atsuko find the book at diffrent section, and when im already find the book i go to the seat but when i sit down i hear a scream.


Im quickly go to the source of that sound, when i got there i see atsuko grabbing her finger. And when i see her  hand, i see her finger is bleeding. Im quickly grab her finger and suck her blood. And i see atsuko freeze in her place.

“its already fine. I will find an adhesive plaster, wait for me here.”

When i want to go, atsuko grab my hand tightly

“wait minami. Its okay, why are you overreacting? Im just touch a cuttling wooden, its not that dangerous, stay calm. Im fine. Lets do our homework .”

‘Sorry atsuko. Im just worried if you got hurt. I cant let you waiting for long. I cant let you alone when you feel scared, i cant abandon you. I cant see you hurt, event it was just a little scratch. Im even worried about your health than myself. I want to always by your side even you dont need me. But i cant tell anything to you.'

“do your homework firs. If you done i will see it. You can see my notebook if you dont understand.” She said while smiling at me.

------ 2 hours later -----

“kay minami, our homework is done. Lets go home and take a rest” she said while put her hand in the air

“Of course. I will accompany you to go home”

“im not troubling you?”

“of course not. Just assume this as my apology because i leave you this morning, hehe”

“okay if you insist”

On the way home i heard her phone ringing.


“ah yes. Of course that’s not a problem for me. I will waiting for you at bus stop around the school”

“minami, i think you dont have to accompany me, because i will wait for someone to pick me up”

“oh okay then, i will accompany you until she/he come to pick you up”

“no need minami. I can wait for him here alone. Its still evening. Look there is a football team still do club activity.”


“calm down minami. Why are you so worried about me?”

“Uuum... that’s because.... because.... because I -“

*tin tin tin*
Suddenly there is a car come .

“ah. There heis! Thank you minami for let me stay overnight at your house. And please study more hard. Goodbye..” she said while get into the car and waving her hand to me.

‘that’s because i love you atsuko..’ i said in my mind while looking at the moving car

(end of takamina POV)

====== TBC =======

So there is for chapter 3, thank you maeda2708 - san to help me  :thumbsup

i will go sleep now, byeee~  :lol:
Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 3 (atsumina) (Update)
Post by: cisda83 on October 06, 2013, 10:58:30 PM
Interesting... Though you still wrote some Indonesian there...

Great development of Minami...

She's not slow to recognise her feeling for Atsuko

But how about Atsuko...?

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 3 (atsumina) (Update)
Post by: maeda2708 on October 07, 2013, 08:30:34 AM
You must fix your ff at this part --> “Ah. Dia sudah datang! Terimakasih banyak Minami atas tumpangan menginap semalam. Belajarlah" :)))
Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 3 (atsumina) (Update)
Post by: blakwhite on October 07, 2013, 08:59:29 AM
@cisda83 and maeda2708 : thank you for remind me  :D, that's because im sleepy lol  :lol:
Title: Re: Re: Always by your side chapter 3 (atsumina) (Update)
Post by: kahem on October 10, 2013, 07:03:49 AM
I like it! I just hope Acchan won't break Takamina's heart
Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 3 (atsumina) (Update)
Post by: noah minami on October 10, 2013, 04:11:54 PM
I want an update ^-^
Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 3 (atsumina)
Post by: blakwhite on October 10, 2013, 04:29:19 PM
@teluwaih_jinih : hehe, thank you for commenting  :grin:
@kahem : hmm, i dont know, because i want to make this sad story with happy ending  :grin:
@noah minami : hmm, sorry, im lack of inspiration for this FF, but i will try to think  :grin: thanks for commenting  :thumbsup
Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 3 (atsumina)
Post by: noah minami on October 12, 2013, 09:15:55 PM
@teluwaih_jinih : hehe, thank you for commenting  :grin:
@kahem : hmm, i dont know, because i want to make this sad story with happy ending  :grin:
@noah minami : hmm, sorry, im lack of inspiration for this FF, but i will try to think  :grin: thanks for commenting  :thumbsup

Your welcome. . I know lately atsumina inspiration from myself also been slowly fade away. But my love n support towards them make me demand more. Haha. Thanks for ur consideration. . :D
Title: Re: Always by your side chapter 3 (atsumina)
Post by: ezha on October 13, 2013, 05:52:36 AM
it's so mysterious (ending chapter 3) ~~~ Who is that ?arghhhh please dont atsuko boyfriend !!!! hehe kidding
Title: Re: Re: Always by your side chapter 3 (atsumina)
Post by: Archer1992 on October 14, 2013, 04:11:46 AM
waaa its a sad ending

or a happy one

continue soon ok?